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The Prospector May 18, 1912

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 t Ibrary Leg. Assem.   Rort. 5.-13.
For  Perfect
You Should See
> /■•
The   Leading" Newspaper
: 19/o in tha
p. cThe
$2.0(1 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: 20
Cranbrook's Rising Citizens
Who will ride to the  Fair Grounds in  Automobiles on   Empire Day
R.  F.   Green   Conservative  Standard-Bearer
Gets Nomination on First
True   to   Their  Principles   the   Other  Candidates
Make the Selection   Unanimous
Receiving a majority at the Brat
ballot Robert P. Green vas yesterday
chosen Conservative candidate ln the
forthcoming Kootenay bye election by
one ot the largest and most represent
atlve conventions ever held in the rid
log. Dr. Bonnell ol Fernie and C. R.
Hamilton, K.O., of Nelson, were also
placed In nomtugtion.
Rising to its feet the convention
showed its enthusiasm by giving tare
rousing cheers lor Mr.Oreen when tho
result-van announced and (ollowed It
with another standing cheer lor Mr.
Hamilton and Dr. Donnell when the
lormer In a graceful speech Uvlurod
tbat he would vote lor Mr.Oreen aid,
il be wished it,work lor him and then
moved that the nomination be made
unanimous. Dr. Bonnell expressed
similar sentiments in a telegram read
at the convention.
Of the 135 possible delegates Us
were present, the balance being represented by proiy. Mayor Aunnblc
president ol the Kootenay District
Conservative association, was In the
In opening the meeting Mnyor An-
nable eipressed his pleasure at seeing
such a large and representative at tun
dance. The delegates present he said
were the leading Conservatives ol
Kootenay and the laces that he saw
before him augured well (or the lu-
ture ol the party in this electoral
Blnce the convention which nominated A. H. Ooodeve last August an
election had been held, the result ol
which must have been highly satisfactory to all Conservatives.to whom
September 21, 1911, would be n date
never to be forgotten.
A provincial election bad also been
lougbt with the result that British
Columbia now held the unique position among the provinces ol Canada;
in neither tbe provincial nor Dominion parliaments had British Columbia
a Liberal representative. II the members ol the party continued to work
together he loresaw a long continued
success belore the Conservative party
in tbe province.
Aa mnyor ol Nelson he extended to
the delegates on behalf ol the cltlaena
a hearty welcome to the city and expressed the hope that every delegate
would go away Irom the convention
with pleasant memorlos ol having
spent a very enjoyan    " '"■
Committees appointed were.
Credentials -A. It. Babblnirtrn,
Ymir; J. P. Kink, Crnnbrook; Fred
C.  Moflatt,  Nelson;    S. W.  Barclay,
Fernle; J. W. Cockle, Kaslo; J.W.M.
Tingling, Slocan; T.H.Wadinan, ltev.
clstoke; William Reese, Rossland; A.
M. Chisbolm, Columbia.
Resolutions—A. B. Grace, Craabrook; James Anderson, Kaslo; CR. i
Hamilton, K.C., Nelson. . i
In placing the name of Mr, Creen 1
liefore the convention Harold BeloUB j
ol Nelson referred to the liiirli regard
with which  the people of  Kootenay j
regarded the lute member.   When he I
had heard ol his resignation he had
realized that lt would be dllllcult to;
find a man who could eqlinl .Mr. Clood
eve as a representative nt Ottawa for
Kootenny and ho felt confident that
Mr,  tlreen,   il elected,  would be en-
tlrely capable gnd titled to llll the
position vacated  hy the new railway
' commissioner.
1    He, the speaker, considered  himself
] un oldtinier; ho had come to Kootenny lu 188°, tint when ho came down
the  Columbia  river  he found  Green
I brothers doing business in the conn
! try. And before they had been on
the main line.     Mr.  Heloiis referred
! to Mr. Green's residence nt AihBworth
I and Kaslo and to his good work us
provincial member for the main lake
Ills record as minister of lands and
works was familiar to all, tint there
was one thing he would like to recall
Everyone in Kootonny was very in
terested in the lumber industry  and
I its prosperity und it was Mr. tlreen
Hint the lumbermen, ami everyone in
Kootonny, hud to credit, with the introduction ol legislation which hud
removed many of the difficulties
which at tho time confronted the him
hermen and placed the industry on n
basis of permanency.
In 1906 Mr. tlreen had taken up his
residence at Victoria, continued Mr.
Helotis, but hn would maintain that
he not only hnd been for many years
a local man but was still a local mnn
in all parts of the provlncnon account of the prominent part ho had
taken for many yenrs in contributing
to the success of Conservative principles In British Columbia.
In conclusion Mr. Melons ropoalod
that as Kootenay bail been so fortunate In Mr. Goodeve it was neces-
riiry for a selection to ho made of
sonic man fitted to llll his place."Mr,
Green Is a man ol lorce, strength nnd
character, who will preserve the pres
tige Mr. Guodove gave to Kootonny
at Ottawa and continue lor Kootenny
try lu Canada thnt a protective duty
should be placed   on   rough   lumber
coming into Canada.
4.   That this Convention approves
the   policy ol the present Dominion
Government under tbe leadership ot
the Hon. R. L. Borden.
.   That this C.-uivrntlon  approves
the policy ol the present Provincial
Government under the leadership  ol
Hon. Richard McBrlde.
6.   That   this   Convention    thanks
the    Nelson    District Assaciation lor
their hospitality.
A. B. Grace, Chairman
.lames Anderson
C. R.  Hnmlltoo,  K.C.
W. M. Tinlin
R. Vipond
J. Edwards
B. Webster
A. Burton
G. Fauquier
W. Timms
W. Pretty
E. plewmun
R. Braden
W. Loughoed
W. Dunn
B. Chaadler
D. McDonald
t.he    glorious   heritage   Mr. Goodeve
has handed down," he said.
Seconding the nomination, John
Lyon of Revelstove snld that Kootenay wat) a big riding and needed a big
man an its representative at Ottawa.
Mr. Green, he considered, was the
nian to till the position.
Archibald Leitch, u Kernie delegate
nominated Dr. Honnell, who, he said,
was nn oldtinier and prominent iu
public life and as a member of the
Conservative party in Must Kootenay
(ieorge Pedler seconded and made a
plea to the convention to select an
Kast Kootenay man. The eastern
portion of the riding had never yet
heen the residence of the member at
Ottawa and although thnt district
had not tost anything by it and had
always been given a square deal he
suggested that It was1 Kast Kootenay
turn. Hu explained that Dr. Donnell
was unable to be present on account
of his duties as a member of the British Columbia medical council. He
read a telegram from Dr. Bonnell say
mi' that he would accept the nomination if offered and pledging himself
Lo support the choice of the convention.
A. 8. Horswell nominated Mr. Ham
[lion and after paying a tribute to |
Mr. Goodeve referred to the Stirling
■nullities and character of his choice.
in seconding the nomination Dr. Chn
ndler of Rossland referred to Mr.
Hamilton as just the type of mnn
thnt Kootonny wanted at Ottawa.
H. T. Goodeve acted as returning
ollleer and W. 0, Robh, J. A. Irving
nnd .1.   A   Mroley ns scrutineers.
Your      Committee    presents     the
following  resolutions for the considerations of this convention:
1. That the executive of this Association reconsider the representation
of each riding at election convention
Including the principle upon which
such representation is based giving
some consideration to representation
on the basis of the number of Conservative votes cast in the previous)
election as well as the geographical '
limitations of this Constituency.
2. That all matters aflecting the
Interest of the Kootenay riding which
ure to I'm submitted to tlio Federal ;
Government, through the member of,
the Hiding shall qe endorsed by the *
District Executive or each provincial
riding and by them submitted to the
It, That the present situation demands in the internets of this Indus
Ihe Next Member for Kootenay at Ottawa
1st Resolution nn representation
was laid over to Council Meeting ol
2nd Resolution wns voted down.
ind Resolution of Motion ol Arch.
l.eiii'li. seconded by Hurry Parsons,
was unanimously adopted,
As were the Resolutions referring to
Mr. Borden nml Premier Mellrido ami
Nelson District.
DeloKittes present were
W   II. Will
0. Hrliiiitzonuur
Alee stownrl
A. Madden
I).   A.  Miickonzlo
(loriloii  Hamilton
Allen Taylor
W. Ileese
.1. CoeviiiK
II. ll. Oliver
II. T. (1 love
R. T. MviiiiH
W.   II    Mneli'iiii,   M.I'.P.
(1. Kori'iitiiini!
Pllll Wade
.1. 15. Annnhlc.
0. ll. Hamilton, K.0,
l)r   Hiirlln
II.  II. Pitts
Marry Wrlnlii
III'. Borden
■I. A. Irvlnr;
lliirolil Helium
11. Koefo
Kit   Kerr
V   0, Mollutt
W. O.  Robb
S. H. Creon
James Anderson
H. M. Power
W. H. Hurgess
J. W. Cocvle
John lliddell
William Hklnner
A. Craig
J. C.  Murrity
William Himpaon
A. Luther
.1. II. Hoyll
M. J. Harrison
E, Mobbs
William C.  Leurey
A. K. Leltcb
K   J. Hums
It. Fnlrelouifh
0. II. Htedmnn
fl. P.  Wallace
George Pedler
.1.  II. Marshall
s. Graham
J. A. Rrolcy
P. 1'itrasollii
J. w. Barclay
T. ll. f'uven. M.P.P.
II   .1.  Klmer
.1. P. Pink
A. II. Grace
.I.HI ltd us
1'. P. Johnston
II.  .1. Johnson
J. II. Manning
T. T. McVittie
W.  A.  Rollins
0. P. Btephens
H. I,. Sawyer
Otis Staples
H. G. Parson
1. lt. McLennan
('. J. Rickerton
A. M. Chisbolm
1). Mcintosh
W. A. Held
W.  A. Poote
A.J. McDonnell
Kdward Hlllmun
T. J. Wadnian
II. J. McSorley
Charles Glllan
0, 11. Hume
Frank McCarty
S. Sutherland
William Boyd
John Lyons
.lames  Johnstone
A. H. Horswlll
A. R. Babblngton
H. M. Perdue
J. H, Hchofleld, M.P.P.
H. J. Ciimmlngs
.lames Compton
Charles O.  Rogers
R. II. Hell
II. K. It. Bedford
L. 0, Morrison
T. Wiieililon
II   T   M. Power
Not Seeking the Toga
R.K.Green bnev from   Los   rVnKeJes-
Nomination   Nut   Htepplngstniie
to Bon nto
ll. K. Oroon- whose name has boon
SO prominently mentioned as a lively
choice of tbe Oonsorvntlvos of Kooton
ity in the bye election render*! necett-
sary   hy   Mr.   Ooodcve's   retirement,
has returned from Los Angeles, where
he went tn nttend the ShrineW convention. .
In reference to a Htory to the effect
that he was Reeking the nominatian
in Kootenay as a stepping stone to a
seut in the senate when the first British Columbia vacnncy occurs, he said
when -wen, that he had no such object
in mind. If he were the choice of
the convention he would accept and
his future as far as the representation
of Kootenay was concerned would be
in the bands of the people of the con
Dear Hir:-
At a joint meeting of Committee*
from the Hoard of Trade, the Cranhrook Agricultural Association, and
the Automobile Association held Monday evening, it was decided that we
take advantage of the great opportunity offered us to advertise our dls
trict at the International Dry-Farm-
ing Congress which will he held In
Lethbrldge, Alberta, nri October 2Iet
to the 2Gth.
To make our exhibit a succetw we
must have the co-operation of all the
farmers and ranchers in tbe district
ami we feel sure that you will he only
too glad to do anything in your pow
er to help.
The exhibit will contain every vlnd
of threshed grain, every kind ol sheaf
grain, all kinds of vegetables, Fruits,
Alfalfa, Clovers, (brasses and Forage
crops, grown upon land which baa ob
turned no moisture from irrigation.
Exhibits must be the products of the
Harvest of 1912,
You may possibly wish to exhibit
some products that you make a .specialty of. If so, kindly advise me so
that we will know what to expect
and not have too many exhibits ot
one class.
This comm.ttce will supply means
<<f preserving the exhibits. It Is also
our intention to hnve the exhibits dla
played at nur local fair and nfter-
warils take them  tn  l,*thhridge.
Thanking  you  in  advance tor anything yon may be able to do, I am,
Yours very truly,
D. tl. McLaws
Heoretary Exhibition Committee
A  Scientific  Gamble
All night and throughout the burn-
fug sun of the forenoon more than a
thous'ind men and women lined eight
lilorks from the place on Third street •
where the drawing was to take place
for  the  snle   of   lots   in   the   Hudson
( Hay  reserve  on Tuesday.   More than
| a dozen policemen kept order and saw
that all maintained their position.
i    At  two o'clock   the drawing began
It  was nearly an hour before number
lone was choson by  .las.  Walsh, a lo
leal  real  estate  dealer,   He  hns been
Oflerod 115,000 for his ticket but has
'■ refused   to  sell.   For  more  than  two
hours    the    drawing    proceeded    and
some   near   the   end   of   the  tine  got
the  highest,  numbers,     (ireat excitement prevails in the city and all real
estate dealers are quoting ticket* for
sale at prices ranging from live thou*
•and to a hundred dollars. i'HK i'RosPKCTOR. CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
WANTED:   10 Experienced Salesmen.   Apply at once to A. C. Pye.
The Entire Stock of A. C. Pye,  of Cranbrook,  is to be Completely Adjusted
The Clothing and Furnishings Must Be Closed Out Entirely
Regardless  of Cost  or   Loss
Forced To Raise $15000 Quick
We are nut going out of the Shoe business, but our entire SHOE
STUCK will he offered during this Adjustment and Money SAVING
SALE at phenomenal price reductions. Van can't realize the Irapor
tance of these prices to you until yuu see the Shoes.
150 pairs Ladies'  Oxfords, sizes
mostly  2  to 4,  in tan   patent
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to 15.00.   SALE PRICE $1.15
50 puirs Ladies'  Slippers.    Patent   and   V lei.—regular   $3.50
TU ('LEAH FOR y5c.
287   pairs  of   Ladies'   Oxfords.
American    make,    in    patent
gun metal and velvet.    These
are all  splendid Bhapes.    Regular $5.00 shoes.    SALE $3.95
54 pairs Women's Patent His-rh
Shoes,    every    pair    a    J5.00
shoe.        CLEARING  at $1.95
loo pairs Children's Oxfords,
tan, patent, and vici, sizes ;>
to l regular J'i.oo. ... sale
TO     CLEAR          95c
Child's   School   Shoes   in   box
calf  and  vici,  sizes 5  to "i-
Girls' School Shoes in bos call
and   vici.   Sizes   8   and   LQ|
3ALE   PRICE  $1 15
Vfissefi    School   Shoes,   ;n   boi
calf and   vici,   sizes   11   to -
131 pairs   Ladies'    Vici,    Oo*
year Welts and Turns.—regular -S3.50 to $5.00.   Sule $2.15
To accomplish this in the short time
forced upon us
the prices must be so extraordinarily low that poople will como from far
and iieai   and buy liberally and fust   so WE HAVE MADR THH
Prices So Low
thai there will be  no  chance  lor doubt that this is the
Ever held in this parr of the country
It will be a long time before equal prices will be oiTered again—it may
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ing opportunities oa
Everything Men and Boys Wear from
Hats to Shoes
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stock of Working Shoes in town
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95 pairs Boys' Shoes, sizes up
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If your boys wear shoes and
can wear anything smaller than
l's, be wise nnd stock up.
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The Crowd
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Going Out of the Clothing
TIuh store is coinp out of the clothing bueiness for ever—Hoc announce
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Fit-Rite  make.   Regular $18.00
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PleSslaville, Que
"I Buffered rrom Kidney Trouble
for several years, and tried numerous remedieu and doctors' prescriptions without permaueut relief, my
case being chronic. ACter seeing
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ism, Try them before you buy them.
Write National Drutj ft Chemical Co.
of Canada Limited, Dept. N.U. Toronto for freo sample. Then get
the regular 8l2e boxes nt your dealer's— 00c. a box, ti for $2 ft".
Cited an Exception.
A roUstouo worker, whllo visiting
A western town, gave a "Talk to
men," during the course of which ho
expressed his conviction that no
young man should visit :i,ny place to
which be would not feel Justified iu
talcing his own sister,
"Is there any young man present
who thinks one mny safely disregard
this  rule?" asked  the speaker.
Whereupon a youth in the rear ot
the halt rose and shouted In stentorian tone:
"Yes, sir.  i do"
"And whn sir" demanded the angry and surprised speaker, "Is the
place which you yourself would think
of visiting to which one could not
take your sister?"
"Tho barber shop!" replied the
youth.—Ht. Paul Dispatch.
"There's a proverb that fits every
"What one fits me?"
"To whom God Hives office, he also
gives brains."
"But 1 hnve no office."
"Weil?"—Cleveland Leader.
Protect the child from Ihe ravages
Of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard remedy, find years of use have
enhanced its reputation.
Her Best Foot Foremost.
MlBtresR-*-\Ve are going to have a
dance next week, and you will have
to show whn' you can do.
New Cook—Sure, ma'am, I can only
dance thf polka and the Scottish
reel, but I'll do the best I can.
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
Never Can Tell.
Dolly—She married a very old man,
•didn't she? 1 understand he had one
foot in tho grave.
Polly—That's what she thought,
too; but he still continues to buy his
boots by the pair.—Puck.
When a man is completely wrapped up in himself the package is apt
to he small.
A motor plow for throwing up
trenches ou a battlefield to afford
protection to soldiers ls one of tne
latest Inventions.
Polly—Miss Vellowleaf Bays she al*
toys tries to get her beauty sleep.
Dolly—Well, all I can say is she
must suffer frightfully from Insomnia.—Woman's Home Companion.
How They  Ran.
A lawyer was cross-examining au
Old German about the position of the
doors, windows, and so forth In a
house In which a certain transaction
"And now, my good man." said the
lawyer, "will yoi* be good enough to
tell tho court how the stairs run in
the house."
The German looked dazed and unsettled for a moment.
"How do the stair-; run?" be queried.
"Yes. how do the stairs run?"
"Wl," continued tbe witness, after
a moment's thom-ht, "veil 1 mn oop-
BtalrB (ley run down, and ven I am
downstairs dev run oop,"
Baby Dreadful Sufferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and He Is Well,
" Enclosed iln*l my iwn'i plwio and T f""l
by writing li«fl few llnu to you 1 uu only
dolni* iny duty, lm my hud wih a iii.'-niful
stmoror front ocxomsi At
thu at;if ot iwit weeks lis
IiobmIo got covend with
ml Kpulu ou hi*. Ii'xh snd
grbli *•,   which   mother
thmii-ht wat retl Runt ur
UiiihIi; but duy by iluy
^*\ It (-row worm; mil II ovory
jdiiit and crevice woro
affected snd baby started
screatplng for hours day
\l\ X ami night, such a thing
Mc-? in Bleep ww oul of tho
~*J«r^  'juration.   I took him to
two of Svrlney'B loading doctoral one aald It
wn one of tho worst cues lie hod mm lho
othor did not think it nu aerloiw: one ordered
elntmi'iit for riihbhir ill, tbe ottn-r n (lintini?
powder. I followed their prra-c-rlpUom for
over four months ini.l Mil! Imliy k.-j>. wttinjr
wiiiHf!. I could not deep him Irom ticru telling
io groat wo his agony,
"Whon lm wan I]vi--ninntli<t old T trb-d tlio
Piittciira Iti'nii-dl'vH und I nlit very itmiiklitl to
nay mv baby Is to-ilav free from all hi-t niiit-t-
Ing- Ills groins m-i" blinding when 1 Him tnl
and other parts alTei-lnl with tlm lower part
of Ids body, under tlm knm-J, armt, In arm
JnlntH, evimtWH nnd ntfk; but after Uko
nting (,'iittcura Ointment I begun to jm a
ilirferi'iiin and by lite timo I had lined win
tin, along with thn bathing with t'uttcura
fioin, baby was nearly cured. ! Mill kept on
tiling tlm Ctitlrma Hoan and Ointment, ami
n»w, thank gowlniw, lm li imlii; wrtl and.
Slthongh lm Th now ten montliB.Old, ha-; not
ad any further return of tlm WWW]
(Mmedf MM. P. Martin. 2 Kiilghi HI.,
trsklnevlllR, Hydney. N.H.W.. Mar, 31, 1911.
Cuticura BOip and Ointment IN fobl
Itirniif-limit ttm worlil but a liberal samplii of
each, with aHtt.paipbook on thecal*end
treatment of the »kln and Imlr wilt \n sent
Irei- tn npllOtlIon to Potter DniK ft I'lu-ui.
OurpHlfOCoiuuihusAve,. lio-ituu, UJl.A.
As Good as His Word.
After having been buried for seven
years in the desert, the body of a
German trooper named Rogge has
been round hy a flying patrol In a
shifting sand dune near KolmansUop,
Gorman Bouth*Wost Africa. The unfortunate trooper hnd beeu sent to
convey tho mails from Uideritlbuoht
to some remote Inland stations. He
never arrived.
Mis route lay via the Ukama
Springs, a small oasis, and from
notes round in a pocketboolc on the
body It appears that he IobI his bearings, owing to desert, mirages, and
failed to mule tho Ukama Springs,
lie wandered about aimlessly for
days, without finding his way.
Ills laat nolo was to Ihe efTeet. that
ha was suffering fearful torments
rrom thirst, nud that he Intended to
blow out iils brains before his reason
gave wny completely. The body was
found with a bullet hole in tiie temple, and lho packet of letters lay beside it intact.
Increased Cost of Bullets.
The cost of killing a aoli'lo-- In buttle is going to lie appreciably la*
creased by iho Use in thu market
price of lead.
The cnitridgo manufacturers who
fulill tho British War OJhce contracts
nre at present, supplying huge orders
placed Homo months ago at old prices, but the new contracts wll bo re
\lsod in connection with the prlci
of lead, which has largely increased
during ihe last six. months.
"Not only the lend but the nickel
easing to put IL in und the brass fori
the curiridgc case have also Increased In price. In fact nearly nil the
haso metals have gone up," suld the <
Loudon manager of a well known |
manufacturing house.
"The rise In lead hns also lncreas*
ed tho price/ of sporting cartridges j
from 5 to 7 1*2 per cent., so that.
shooting partridge and pheasant will
cost you more."—Loudon Mirror,
Ruining the Fishing.
Federal inlerferenca hns nearly de*
st roved Ontario's fisheries, according
tn Edwin Tiualey, Superintendent of
Fish and Game for the province.
"There is urgent necessity," he
says in his report, "if tlio fisheries of
the province are to bo perpetuated,
lor the removal nt onco and for nil
time of all interference during the
clo.se spusoiis wilh nature's per teet
p'an of reproduction. Close season
should he. applicable to the whole
province, nnd no conditions or exigency should be an excuse for en-
cronohing on the Inadequate close
seasons provided for by present regulations."
Tlic superintendent calls attention
to the wisdom of allowing only one
doer instead of two to ho killed by a
hunter. Express companies In JAM
carried 3,023 deer and in 1010 only
2.408. a decrease of 1445.
Lakes nnd streams are ?o polluted
that it is pure waste, lie says, to
dump spawn into such waters and
expect those waters to be re-stocked,
ln fnrt a very small percentage of the
fry from tlm hatcheries become
mature tish.
The Dead Sea
In shape the dead sea resembles
an elongated oval, some forty-seven
miles long, and about, ten miles wide
at its greatest breadth. One of the
most remarkable facts about it Is
thnt its surface lies 1,300 feet deep
iu places, it means that Us greatest depth reaches a point, no less than
2,(100 feet, below the waters of the
Mediterauean. It is famed for the
saltneSs and bitterness of its wafers,
which are extremely dense, containing
U.J per cent of solid matter and being
bulk for hulk, heavier than the human body. How dense the water is
may be realized from the following
facts: In a ton of water from the
Caspian sea there are eleven pounds
of salt; in the Baltic, eighteen
pounds; in the Black sea, twenty-six
pounds; in the Atlantic, thirty-one
pounds; in the English Channel, se*
veuly-two pounds: in the Red sea.
ninety-three pounds; and iu the Dead
sea, 187 pounds.—Wide World Ma*
Herb  Lennox's Joke.
At two o'clock tho other morning
thero was ^reat excitement In tlio Ontario Legislature. Herb. Lennox was
Ihe cause of it all. Tlio budget debate
was in progress, and Mr. Lennox sent
a note to some of tho members that
there wns going to be a division. As
most of the members liad gone to
their boarding houses, there was grent
excitement. Telephone calls were has*
tlly put in. and in about fifteen minutes members commenced to arrive in
all haste, Some camo in taxicabs,
some in cabs, some on font and others
on night cars ami dressed on the way.
Many of the members rushed into
the lloufio minus collars and ties, one
came with only an undershirt, and
all were anxious to be on hand when
the division was called. Hut there
was no division. At two o'clock Mr.
Mageau of Sturgeon Falls was still
talking, Herb. Lennox had disappeared, and the members who hnd been
wakened Irom sleep were searching lor
Ilie man who had caused so much
../ Company
There Is WEALTH  In your toll.
<;et it out ;
"Thinking" Horses Now
"Clever Hans," the German calculating horse of lflOO, nnd "Don," the
talking dog of lull,  hove two promising BUcessors   In Klberfeld, Cen
tral Prussia, in tho form of a pair Chamber
of "thinking horses," Arabian by | museum,
birth, and named Zarlf and Muhamed.
They nro tho property and "pupils"
of a teacher named Karl Krall.
Certain German journalists who have
examined Zartff and Muhamed declare that the animals can road and
understand both German ami French,
when spoken or written, and can
perform prodigious, feats in arithmetic, Answers to questions In subtraction, addition, multiplication and
division are stamped out by their
forefeet, with accuracy and quickness,
Scotland  Yard  Chamber of  Horrors
Into one room in Scotland Yard,)
which Is only unlocked ou certain af*
tcruoons, no stranger may go with* |
out    special    permission.   It   is   the j
Masterpiece Gone to Waste.        |
Tbe very seedy-looking young man
made his  way with difficulty down
the corridor ou the ninth floor of one I
of the best hotels and kffoeked loud-j
ly at his friend's door.   Anguish was
written on his face and wrinkle; on
his clothes.   He was a walking sign j
of what  it means to spend a  hard !
"What's the matter?" called out the
sleepy friend.
"Matter? It's tragedy, a death, the;
end-  of   ail   things—ruination    and
"Well, what is it?" lazily enquired
the drowsy man, without opening the
Whereupon the seedy-looking young
man, leaning against the door and
lifting his voice to a howl, replied:— '
"I called up my wife on the long-'
distance telephone last night and told
her  why I had not  returned.    And ;
now 1 can't remember what it was
Parliamentary Perquisites.
The custom of presenting a leather
trunk to each member at the initial
session of every Parliament has been
The internal economy committee of
tho last House composed of three
Cabinet Ministers and Speaker Marc"
passed a resolution suspending the
custo.ni after the trunks for the 11)08
Parliament had been distributed.
This year's internal economy committee sanctioned a recommendation
by' the printing' committee for going
back to the old system, ar.d within
the past few days M.P.'s have been
making their selection, several alternatives beside trunks being exhibited
For two sessions there have been
no stationery trunks, but it is rumored lhat the supplementary estimates
may provide for them also. From the
earliest days, these perquisites have
been attached to Parliament.
BUT      DODD'S       KIDNEY      PILLS
Mr.    Hugh    Martin,   Suffering   From
Kidney    Disease    for   Two   Years,
Tells How he Got Back His Health.
St. Hippolyle   do   Kilkenny,  Lake
L'Achigaii,    Terrebonne    Co.,    Que.,
(Special).—Again tho people of this
neighborhood  aro  talking of a complete cure of kidney    disease.    Mr.
Hugh Martin, Jr., a well-known young
farmer, it; the person cured, and he
gives all the credit to Dodd's Kidney
"My trouble was caused by a cold,"
Mr. Martin savs, In an interview,
"and I Buffered for two years. My
head would ache a*nd I had pains in
the back as well. 1 felt heavy and
sleepy after meals. I was often dizzy,
my memory was failing and I found
It difficult to collect my thoughts. ]
was ftlio nervous while heart flutter*
ings added to my anxiety.
"I was a sick man indeed when I
started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills,
but by the time I had taken two boxes I was r. changed man. Are you
surprised that 1 think Dodd's Kidney
Pills a wonderful remedy?"
If you have two or more of Mr.
Martin's symptoms your kidneys are
diseased. Dodd's Kidney Pills are
the sure cure.
of Horrors, otherwise the |
Hero   one   may    see    De-
vereux'a  trunk aud  Crlppen's  spade,
the false arm of Charles Peace, and
Here also Is the lantern that was
so important a clue In th0 Muswc.ll
Hill murder, an.l the rone that handed Fowler, There are knivees and lire-
arms, ancient aid modern, and each
with its own grim story. There are.
bogus bank-notes, cases full of false
coins aiid coining plant, and the latest things in scientific safe-boring appliances.
Louise Massct'e boa and Biinkley's
stout bottle recall callous murders
thnt once thrilled Ihe public.
Two glass cases are full of bombs
—one diabolically dlflguleoil  as a cl-
, gar.   This was handed to an englno*
. driver.    With     it   was  a   real  Cigar
■ much lighter,
i    Fortunately th * man discerned the
i difference  In  weight,  and  that  providential piece of observation saved
: hlu life and the train.
Thoy contain Niinirc's own remedie
depreision -.ml ilarl Hicm again >•■
• bi-x or mailed direct by
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
ll i.« tlifir way of calling yenr nt Inn-inn tn thf* fai '
that they nre not in perfect condition. Man) ;•" ■; a
who porsiatendy ignored repeated warningi givci
by ilu- kidneys are now chronic luffercn from kidney
and bladder com plain la which will staj will, !!i"in
until tbey die. and perbapi baaten the end,
How much better to help the kidneys thr n omonl
tlirv show signs of needing :■ little ■wUtann1!    Take
hey lift Iho kidneys oul of their lemporan
ial activity,   Sold everywhere :.'. aft}
Harness Oil
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere
j Away With Depression and Melan-
! choly.—These two evils aro lho ac-
j uompanlment of a disordered stomach :
and torpid liver and mean wretched-,
! ness lo all whom they visit, Tho
: surest and Bpeedlest way to coinhnl :
j thom is with Parmalee'a Vegetable
i Pills, which will restore the healthful
action of the stomach and bring re*
j lief. They have proved their usefulness In-^thousands of cases and will
| continue' to give relief to the suffer*
J lus who aro wise enough to uso
i them.
A   Ch.
3  acr
i   i.i   10.2
area  of.
e yards.
Keeping Out The Wind.
Willie was a smart hoy, and am hi*
lions. Ilia lire I job was a post in a
loeal hank.
"Well, Willie." asked his uncle ono
day!   "How are   you    Betting on In'
business?    I suppose you  will soon
lie manager."
"Yos,   uncle,   Willie  replied;
already a draught clerk."
"A draught clork!  flood  bo
what are yonr duties?'
"I open aud shut the windows ae- j
cord In' to orders" said Willie, "and
close the doors   after   people    that*
leave 'em open."*-'Ideas.
W. N. U. No. 893.
The Laws of Life.
Suppose  it  were  perfeetly  certain
that, the HTe anil  fortune of oue of
ns would, one day or other, depend
upon his winning or losing a game of I
chose.     Don't   you   ihink   we' should
all consider il. to he a primary duly
to learn, at least, the names and Ihe ;
moves of thn* pieces?   Do you not
think that we should look wilh a ills-
approbation amounting io scorn up-}
on  (he  father who allowed  his son.j
or the state which allowed Its mom-'
hers, to grow up without knowing a
pawn from a Kiiir.iii V
Vet il Ik a very plain and elementary truth ihai tin* 4ife, tlio fortune,
aud tin* happiness of everyone of ns,
and more or less of those who are
COIineoted with us, to depend iipeii
our knowing Bomothing of the rules
of a game Infinitely more difficult
and  complicated  than chess.
lt Is a game Unit lias been played j
for untold ages, every man aud wo-
man of us being one of the two players iu a game of his or her own. The
chess board In the world, (he pieces
are the phenomena of the 1'niverne,
tho rules of the game are whal we
call tho laws of nature, The player
on Iho other side Is hidden from us.
We know lhat his play is always fair,
Just and patient,
lint also we know lo our cost that
he never overlooks a mistake or makes Ihe smallest allowance for ignorance. To the man who plays well
the highest slakes'tire paid, wllh lhat.
sort Of overflowing generosity which
with the Strong shows delight In
strength. And one who plays III Is
checkmated--without haste, bul without remorse.-dluxley.
Proper   Treatment   of   Customers   a
Fine Asset for All Dealers.
"A true capacity of courtesy is a
nigh gift." said a dry goods merchant who Is the proprietor of a modest country store. "Courtesy is an
important business detail, a great asset hi getting under the buyer's skin.
To my mind, amiability and a line
discernment of the wishes of the individual customer are the only real
wenpons with which the small business man cap hope to beat his big-
Eer competitor. Courtesy goeH farther and does more to hold the buyer
than bargain sales. I find that people would rather deal with a small
but amiable, accommodlallng trader
than with some of the bureaucratic
machines  nf a   vast  establishment."
Iu the great laboratory of human
psychology there is no agent so effective in the struggle for commercial supremacy as kind and obliging
There are various instances of the
practicability of courtesy in business.
Thu spirit of courtesy is embodied
iu the rest rooms for woman shoppers
in the department stores, tho reading
rooms in some stons, and the provision made in other stores for the care
of habiea while the mothers are shopping. Olie department store In the
West has recently established a
smoking room in connection with Its
tobacco suction. Here the devotees
of the weed and pipe are invited lo
recline lu easy chairs aud rockers
aud smoke to their hearts' content,
Magazines and newspapers are on file
in this room, and every effort is put
forth to make Ihe man patrons of the
Btore comfortable.
Courtesy as au assel In Ihe success
of n business man cannot he under*
estimated, It makes for loyalty among employes. It. attracts trade, It
generates respect, ami good-will. It
Ik one ot the principles of scientific
managomeilt in shop, factory or store,
and the liir,li--r the quality or courtesy extended the greater will be the
reward from those who are (he recipients of It— Business,
A farmer hoy and his best girl were
seated In a buggy one evening in
town, watching the peiple pass.
Near by was n popcorn vendor's
Presently    the   lady    remarked: —
"My!  that, popcorn smells good!"
, "That's right,"  said    the    gallant.
"I'll drive up, a llttlo closer so you
can smell it better.*'
1 was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Hay of Islands
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Sprlnghlll, N.S.
1  was cured of Chronic    Rheumatism by MINAUD'S LINIMENT.
Albert Co., W.B.
*ls;^-i   Kvery Eddy Match is a Sure, Safe  Light   " "
WHEN you strike an Eddy Match It always lights easily
and   burns   smoothly, with a steady even flame.
THESE perfect matches come from first clas« materials
■nJ   mechanically  perfect   machine*—under   the  auperv).
elon of .skilled workmen.
EDDY'S Matches are always full M.M. count—for sale by
all good  dealers everywhere,
HULL, CANADA. Make™ also ef Wooden
Palls, Tubs, etc.
Our  New  Wheat.
It is not generally known says n
Dominion report, that   tlu   thousand
dollar prize   awarded    in    New  Vork
City recently U.v the best wheat grown
on   the   Nortii   American   Continent,
which wus secured hy n Saskatchewan
farm -r, waa won by Marquis wheat
Marquis wheatMs one of o number
varieties which has lioon produced at |
the Government experimental farm ut j
Ottawa by ii crossing of Ked .'if'' with i
various   imported   wheati   of   < arly
ripening habit.   The   early muturing
purent of Murqu
When Trouble visits a house where
the man has vim and the woman has
vivacity, he picks up his moccasins
and hikes!
At  London auction room.*, a Lou la
XV. writing table, six feet  in  length
i | wltb three drawers has been gold for
South American Wildcat Skins.
An Importing firm recently received a shipment ot tiger cat skins from
Paraguay and tho Argentine Republic
and placed alongside u lot of North
American wildcat skins the difference in color and marking was very
noticeable. Both animals arc about
the same size, but. the South American cat Is covered with round black
spots much like those of the leopard
hut smaller iu size- jollier European cities also.
These spots contrast strongly   with	
the surrounding fur, which is ot a
greyish white color, very different
from the reddish color of the North
American wildcat. The fur of Ihe
South American wildcat is not so
thick as lhat of his North American
cousin, but tho skins are said lo
dress well and maue good robes and
rugs.—Fur News.
Hard Red Cal-
utta, obtained froip India. It was '
3olnted by Dr. Saunders, the Dentin*
ion cerealist, by selection, in 1003. j
After being grown for throe yeara at |
Ottawa, baking testa wera made Irom |
tie- crop ol 1000, which showed that
,   ,, .   . I Marquis stands in the l'n-.t rank for
: and it women had , kiJ riMI|gthi Tlr, wheat waa
n suffragettes would tho„ tmnsfcrrocJ to the experimental
| farm at Indian Mead (or test under
prairie condition.1*, where from larger
tes i in the field Marquis gave 4*J
bushels per acre, while in 1009 and
imi) live-acre lot* at Indian Head
yielded moj'e than b'.i bushels an bore.
Well, Well!
Sir, are you opposed  to votes for
women ?
Certainly not
tho ballot,    then   suffragettes would
want it too,
Sulckly atop* coudbs. cures colds,  l-tals
i« utroal a id I unit*
The Vienna electric plant Is making
arrangements with the baker's syndicate to have electric ovens adopted
widely throughout Ihe city and to
supply the current at special reduced rates. Use of electric ovens for
bread  making is being  promoted  in ! to Town.
; laud my
Here  Is
brunch b
Canada r>
Der .Sir.
ti-mmi  ti
Simplified Spelling.
, a copy of ti loiter which a
If one he troubled with corns and
warts, lie will tind in Hollo way's Corn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering.
Never mind the clouds. Remember, the sunbeams always filter
through them.
An English typist, who stated her
earnings and expenditures, in answer to the London Hoard of Trade's
circular, spenc $2 for eight volumes
of (.rote's "History or Greeco." Her
weekly wage was $0.25. During a
year sh" spent $5.50 on eleven birthday presents. A girl who earned
$4.25 a week bought pamphlets describing the   English   poor laws and
The chances of success are estimated to he just, twice as great for the I poor .:\w commission.
silent as for the talkative.        ,
»eently rec dved
—I am Lead up with Rtimn* .
ees Winter and can not go I
Can you   and Wll   you ax- ,
Loan an er before 4 Monts '
have litiuld onley 4. load ol
WllOtc and have not  gol  anof oute ol
it, tu pay my Traslng bill,   I sendt
in  Application   U.f   Patent,   on   my \
Hem-state the Z-2 of .lanuer toguther
with my Ciltuen Puppcrs and hop tu
get   Rccotnandtiou   for   l'n pent  son,
and  1   Will  then get  a  lone en my
land and pay you up.   I hereby send ]
you the  Hue It treat,    If you vont a I
new Not piece make out one ami Rend j
nt.- for Signature and I will send it
buk at mice.
Hoping tn gel n 1 berubill here from
you I Is  cia ever
You tes Tn.uley,
. can use
dyed ALL thes*
of Goods
•ith the SAME Ok*.
I used
OLEAN and SIMPLE to Us*.
KO riMRM <fMtactt*« WRONG Dra tor tke r.t-4*
on.hMtOCnlttf.    All 1'iliiti lr',n» *.,«ir 0«i|-|i.l n
Orator.    FSI-K C, >l.„ < irtUnd §TOHY lfcmkl-tl
IU* Jo,
|-Hubu4a<-B Co. ' Aaulatl. M.-ult  *!,
"*•»--- «—
"I pee you have a new motor car."
"No." replied Mr. Dustln Stas;
"mother and the girls have the car,
subject to the authority of our chauffeur. The only interest in the trans*
dot ion that. I can positively call my
O'tvn is » stub away hack in my check
book.' —Washington Star.
Entries Fiom Every County.
Borne artistic -oul has been at-
tempting to pick i-ut tho twelve moat
beautiful women in tho world. We
refuse to uocept the authority ol any
foreign artist oil this question. Huh!
Tin-re ure half a dozen just as handsome women In—woll, say Markdule
- -aa uny lie bus named. Fl" hasn't
peon ih-.a all, anyway.—Fleiherton
might   be  a  demand   Just  now.   wa.;   Advance.
MhB.W|KSM)W'I SooTIIINfl Svki i' tta* Ik**>«
•inril (or over slXTV VUAUSliy MILLIONS of
MOTHUKH lor tlieir UHI..UH1-.N Willi.B
is lite best tmiic-1-* fnr UIAKKUIKA, Ii II ■':
iolr,lrlv hirnilens. t*r mire ind a*k for ' Mrn,
Wm-.low's s-Mihing Svrup," and take io tlbcr
Innd.   Tweuly-ifccMU* btttle.
Tske LAXAT1VJB BBOMO quinine Tab-
ten.    Lautiuists it-luml  money if it fall
to cure.   £. W. UKUVU's ilfintlUi** Is ja
each  box.    Hie.
Secret of  Unbreakable  Glass
Unbreakable wlasK. for which there
I     Sixty-Six   shillings   can   he
'from   •">• «f sl-ver,
invented  nearly  2,000
[cording to  Petronlus and Dion Cue
,..,,■ kills,  tnoilgh   Pliny  easts  a  doubt  oo
the story.   An artist appeared before
Tiberius with a cup of glass which
Ilie dashed  violently  on  the gorund-
shows an Increase It  was neither broken nor   cracked,
A 7°/0 Safe Investment I
7 por utnt. guaranteed and ;i -*i.a.*i
in further profits.
Tho above security in the ii--*-t .»-
Austria) ever offered in num-iii.
Writ.* nt ot.ee for partlculurs.
National   Securities   Corporation,   Ltd.
Confederation Life Bids,        Toroi
The boaster is ever too blind to see
the ctvert smile!
of $160,000  in  its Customs revenue but   merely  dented,  like
for the last six months.
Nat   Affinities:
Mistress—"And why did you leave
our last place?"  >
Maid—"Me and the missis was not
tongeulal."—Harper's Bazaar.
"I beg pardon.' said Ilie reporter,
"hut are you .Mr. Spudde, lho potato
"Ves, hu'. I don't like that term,"
replied the murphy magnate testily.
"Oil kings aud cattle kings aud the
like are so common, Call ine a pola-
tentate,"—I Iarpe'''M  Magazine.
GlbUB—Isn't It aggravating to hnve
your wife late when you're going to
the theatre'.'
DlbbB—Mine never Is. I always
net the eloel an hour ahead.-— Boston
.Petal, Then the mau produced k
mallet aud hammered the cup bach
Into its proper shape. Tiberius,
however, asked whether anybody ols*i     ,   ,    _ „,. , .,
knew the secret, ami tvn.i, the iirilj' ! , If** Buyer-What   are the oolor
proudly anawcred "No."  had  lilm .n-1 designs for auto dresses this year.'
atantly    beheaded,      The    Kmperu
reared that auch ftlaaa would terribly
Idoproclnle the value of the preclot
Saleslady   Rubricating    oil    brown '
and faaollne gray.
Whin Your Eyes Need Care
1TJ Murine Kvr. ll.>tiir*v. No smaHliic—.>.'.
Hue—Aut. Qulahly. Trj It fur l..'.l. ttv»a,
*vjn." v Ej"H ami t1r.nul.tefl ByelW* niu.
I" I   Il'tuk   in  .n.-li   l'.fl..*ir"      Murine   fat
. ..nil ..uml.'d bf nnr Oettllatl- no' a 'Tamiil Me*
|.-lni."-but ll,ed In an.'..'..ml rii,.i.Un.' I'R.
[fee fur man. year.. Now ilrjl.-at.il "i the t*n.-
II.- nnd ...iii b, Lfrni.lata.1 w.i and KMjit mmm
Murine  K>. feul.eln A."|i'l>: Tubaa, ».: ,M ata.
Murine) ly* Remedy Co., Chloege)
Scared Into It.
Maud—But how on cui'tli .Mil you
got. lilm Id :iio|)uho?
Ktbel—Oh, ciiBlly enough.   1 loltl
hliu you wero rrii/y about llllll llllll
ri'iiilnili'd lilm thin IIiIh hub lent)
yenr.—Hoalo i Tniimcrlpt.
tt Ik but poor oloqiiencii which only
binnv.s tbnt Ilio ornl-ir cnn talk.
Ainoni! FooiIb, rnlHhm, dnlo« nml
llpn urn about ciimil na energy pro
Conatipa'ion i. the
root of many forms of
tickneit and of an
endless amount of
human misery.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
thoroughly tested by
over fifty years of use,
have been proved a
safe and certain cure
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. «
25c. a box.
    I.iiiMiuii  Chronicle
Slam'. Guard of Amazon..
slam Is ouo of the low countries
whlcb  boiiBlB of u corns of women
nolle.    Tlio members of ttiiB Amazon     "What's that long, snake HiIuk n<
guard nro nil old and ugly.   Thoy swings around Ir. front of him?" Bho  might have to wall a yenr or iwo
wear a uniform, though thoy are not wanted to know. Ally Blopor'a Half-Holiday
armed,   Their -••'■■; ■'•■•■■ ■ ■ ■    ■■_■■■
rime wns made for Hia\eB, tmih
Jumbo'e Baggage.
"What's that Ioiik. snake
No  Bet Overlooked
llo—If   iiii   olii   millionaire   mi   il,,'
verge of the itrnve wanted to marry
you, would you Ihrow tn. ovor'.'
She—Not   n Bsarlly.     still, you
hlef duly Is to net
lis gule-honpors of llle Inner, or Wn-
men's. Palace at Bangkok. They follow nny stranger who ontera the palace nnd remain with him until he
Hikes his departure, Thoy boo that
thero Is no mlBOhiof done, ami Hint
uo one makes love to Ihe royal wives
nml Court laiiies    The   palace has
some difficulty    In    i ruliliiK thpso
guardSi us the work Is liurd nml iho
pay poor.
Tho Delights of Motoring
Spoedo—"I tan over a chicken In-
last week."
DcMole    "Alld whal of II,"
Spoedo-■'Thoy tried  to  mako i:
pay ostl'loll pi Ices for It,"
The annexation or choson (Korea)
by japan Iiiih mado tho '"urnon-UIn
Itlvor a boundary   between   Russia
ami Japan, Ah Ihe IIhIiIuk ,-JkIiIh III
the wulers or thle river were not covered hy lb" HusHo.lnpaiioHc convention or hm.17, ii Ih reported that both
Governments are now collecting data
regarding those Ashing grounds.
I her
That's his trunk,"    explain
"Then 1 s'poso thai little our
liin.i him I. his Bullouse."
Mule Margnri I was wntohlng ih-
elephiini iii. the soo.—Woman's Home
Old Bor*.. Lump.
ioBr.-.l, Orowtti.
r.i.icv.4 .nut tie.l.
ed l / aalmpla
Home Tr.ataa.at
No pain.    Deacrtu. It., trouble, wa will a.n4
boo* and t.attmeni.l. f ...
10 Churceill Ave.. Terauta.
Helen's Mamma:  "Edgar
can you
a   wise ami
lhal  you ar
siivliii! young man?"
Hdgar: "Yos'm Calling on llclon
shown Hint I'm wise ami having II
nickel led to rlile home on sIiowb
iliiii. I'm sm Ing."
"All," eiled tho ooillit, gallantly, ns
he beni low before tlio American
heiiuly. "I would I wua lis glove upon
your haiiil."
"Vou may ncl In Hint capacity,
tiounl," she roplled,   graclouBly.   "I
never   Weill' a   glOVe   more tllllll once.
and thon I give It lo my maid."—
Hsrper'S Weekly.
made tm- everybody.
"The anaeathotlo don't Boom lo have I
*!iny  efTeet  on  old   I'allerby,  sir.    lie
won't drop off,"
"Hum.   All, I have ll.   Heinl for his
pastor ami his bnrbor.   Botwoon Ihem
they   OUghl   to   pul   llllll   to   BlOOp,"   *
Clavoland Plain Donlor,
h, on,. 1111,11111 the ylold or gold in
Hoiithclll     UIioiIohIii     eXOOOdOll     lift}
ihi.iinui'i   ounces, valued ut $1,000,-
1)11   l-KAN*.
The Queen of Bulgaria linn n medical degree, nml tho young ("neon of
Belgium Is biiU to bo lho only ocoullst
of royul blood In the world.
DIXIE tobacco
I     Ovor  170,000,000 Pis   ol leu nro es
porieii annually   from India to lho
i t'nltod Kingdom.
The Big Show.
Post! Thinks he's tho whole tiling,
I Ones he?
'. Bnrkol'! Well, I'd hardly go OB far
'as thai; bul he i-eiialiily eoimlilers
i liltnselr it iiuoriim.   Sinail  Set.
Musical Value. look belter, ni belter, ".ear ImiK-r. n.nl
|     The Healer of Ihe Mass llill.n      l'n-   •«*["!;ifflo.ffi of'ft »Iw Moffi
Important Instrumonl? Illmmoll Ven niulnioil knowlodge   nnd   enporltno, in
„ violin mains,, mladnlg, who ■"''*",';'• it,,^,A'.!if:..,",'vt'i.Mo-,!^ dBi Everywhere
llm, von dn pig drum niiilKs a lldilli  |n","„,„,"„ '
niisdain. oforybodj knowsl'—Century   the John Mcpherson co, lto^
Haga'.iue. ' Hamilton, Ont,
The City health ofllcet reported
that the aewornge ilisposnl works wns
In condition nnd that n number ot
hutilB nnd cottages were desirous of
mnktng the ne'.-easary connections,
Moved by Aldermen Oampbell nnd
.nhiia.in that n chciiie amounting t.i
15.00 he issued to   the   Mnyor   ror
ii expenses in  connection  with  the
I     of   the   Bowerago   debentures
till r ' en Campbell want d to know
vhy   the  stre ts   and   sldcwilka are
.- cle metl -is nrdored by the council
i its lest meet Ine,
On motion of Aldermen Caircron .■.
■hns in the Onuna'l ndlournod.
Central Meat Market
A.  JOLLIFFE,  Proprrietor
Council Meeting
A regular meeting of the City Conn
eil waB held in the Council chambers
on Monday afternoon,
There were preseot -Mayor Bowness,
Aldermen Brickson, Atchison, Clapp,
Campbell,   Johnson  and  Cameron.
Records of the last regular meeting
was read and on the motion ot Aid.
Oampbell and Clapp were adopted as
Moved by Aldermen Campbell and
Cameron that Messrs. Paterson and
Matheson be heard—carried.
Mr. Matheson stated that a number of new cottages were being constructed just outside the city limits,
and that the owners desired that the
sewerage system be extended to these
buildings. ' On motion ot Aldermen
Campbell and Cameron the matter
waB referred to the sewerage committee. It is understood that this will
he constructed at the expense of thi
Property owners.
Manager Paterson, representing the
J. U. McBrlde Company, referred tc
the connecting of the Hnneon Block
and several cottages. That plumbers
without securing u license wore doing
the work, that tlic bylaw provided
that a license fee of $25.00 should he
W. K. Johnson also addressed the
council i n reterrence to the same
It was moved hy Aldermen Brlckflon
and Atchison that the question of
sewerage Inspection he roforred to the
sewerage committee -carried.
A communication from the Trades
and Labor Council, regarding an
eight hour daj ' r all employees ol
the city ami a .* -'■- 'I (3.00 per day
Moved by Aldermen Johnson and
| ( lapp that tne letter from the Trade
und Labor Council be received and,
A communication from R. p. Mortal.
regarding telephone poles was receiv;i
ed and on motion of Aldermen Camp
bell and Clapp that the city clerk be!
Instructed to write tbe Kootenay Tel
ephone Co., that certain poles on i
Baker street be removed inside of 30 '
A communication from the School
Trustees, regarding the proposed by
law tor raising a cert tin sum be delayed, wns on motion received and
A communication from the St Eugene Hospital regarding certain tools
for the construction of the sewer,
now owned liy the city be loaned to
the hospital for the const ruction of
the extension of the hospital connection.
It was moved bj Aldermen Rrick-
aon and Johnson that the use of the
sewerage equipment, with the exception of picks and shovels, if approved
j of by the engineers in charge be
j granted.—carried,
The   Finance   committee   then   presented  their  regular   monthly   report
and  recommended that the  accounts
amounting to (17,520,47 be paid.
I    Aldermen Oampbell and clapp mov
ed that the account*; na presented by
'the Finance committee, with the exception of those otherwise providad
for be paid.—carried.
The uccouuts  as  presented  were  as
School  Board Orders   $1162.25
Salaries      345.00
Police   Pay-Roll    4S0.W
Fire Department  Pay-Roll ... 250.00
City  Engineers  Pay-Roll   ... 878.40
I Ity Cierk's Sundries       . y3.4S
Ward & Harris   2.65
Patmore  Bros  11.25
T.   N.   Parrett  11.50
F. Parks A Co  59.ti?
Geo.  It.  Leask   4.50
S    MacDonald    61.00
.'mnbrook  Cartage A, Trans
Company    9.00
Frank  Dezall    37.65
McCreery  Bros  4.75
J.  D. McBride   30.71
Craabrook Foundry   60.25
Pittsburgh Meter Co  20.00
W. B. Worden   22.00
Cranbrook Sash & Door   91.41
Cranbrook Trading Co  83.51
DaviB Bros  95.25
R.  Findlay    95.75
Q, T. McGregor   20.70
N. Mclnnes   9.00
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd     15.20
T.  N. Pnrrett   3.00
Frank Parks & Co  20.25
Cranbrook Garage  Co.,  Ltd. 5.70
W. 13. Worden   28.32
Prospector Publishing Co. ... 7.0u
Herald Publishing Co  8.00
Kast Kootenay Mercantile ... 111.90
V. Hyde Baker  681.00
A. JollitTe   2.81"
F. Kuminer   22.lt
Northern Klectric Co  41.69
Ward & Harris   10.60
Quain Klectrlc Co.  .Ltd  3.95
W. K. Worden   4.47
Cranbrook Sash & Door   15.97
King Lumber Mills, Ltd  120.19
Kootenay Telephone Lines ... 30.20
Pink Mercantile Co., Ltd  112.00
Fin!-:  Mercantile Co.,   Ltd.   ... 70.2:
Burroughs    Adding   Machine
Company   100.00
Vancouver Rubber Co., Ltd.. 25.50
James  T.   Laidlaw    50.00
V. Hyde Baker   22O.f,0
St.  Kugene Hospltnl   500.00
Cranbrook Electric Light co. 11.IS
Sewerage pay-roll   5823.01
Beattie Murphy  Co.    l.on
Cranbrook Snsh ■■> Do r   201.22
Cranbrook Rlpctrfc Light Co 4.57
Crnnbrook Exchange   4.64
Davis Bros  19.45
■••ink Mercantile Co  10,00
braid   Publishing   Co  18.50
"ing Lumber Mills,  Ltd  33.83
'{ootenay Telephone Co  10.OR
Mussena Li nltcd  „  192.00
'{   McNellle   31,85
McBride    354.57
J     V  Macdonald    18.00
ran brook Foundry   o.'-'r
otters on Bros  16,70
r    V   Parrett     3.0(1
Frank PnrkB & Co  305.20
Cranhrook cartage Co  34.05
W   K   Worden   311.70
Washington    Brick,    Um*   &
Sewerage PIjh  Company 3957.32
D.  McBride   2.51
Total  517,520.67
K    Worden
Ih,   f,n  cents
received (rom Mr.
for watering the
per  hour,   or  $2.10
Sold liy
The Fink Mercantile Co., Limited
par day
W n.noattlo Ront In an application
for n io funt sidewalk on Ken -a Irk
Vvenitfi the mutter was referred to
the Board ol Works.
The lire chief reported that several
fiydrnuntfl were out uf order. It. was
moved by Aldermen Campbell and
Eriekaon that tho city Engineer he
Instructed to have these hydruiiuts re
inlrod  hi 'iuifi*iy ns possible
An account of the mice trie Light
Co,   was  referred   to  a   apoclnl   OOtn
i'tee   with power   to   not.- carried.
Tho BQWOrngfl Committee presented
tholr weekly report,
it waa movod by Mdormon Camp
bell (ind Johnson that the report of
the John Gull Kurlueeilng Co., he
accepted, that tholr account of $1,204
im paid,  carried,
It was moved that chOrjUO be drawn
in favor of Chna, Mackle for 125.00.
( vers* a>  ( lub
\t n general meeting of the above
'ub held in the Gormen's Hall, Tuea
iy mi, further developments lu cou
ictlon with the children's sports on
.tnplre Day were made.
The following members will have
barge ol tbe Sports and supervise
he children at the Agricultural Aaao
latum Grounds. Messrs. N, A. Wai
linger, C. A Cook, K H. Lonmnn, W.
h. Qlbbs, Il iv Tooth and W, 0.
Crebbln as already announced the
children will be conveyed to the
grounds in Automobiles and ou arrival at the grounds will then be takeu
care of by the above committee.
It ia hoped that all the members of
the club Will make an effort to turn
out and assist to make this event a
Money and prises have already beeu
glveu by several citizens aod it is
hoped that all those who are inter
ested in seeing the children have a
good time on that day, will generous
ly support the officers and members
of the club who are working hard to
••ee that Empire Day will be a real
children's Day.
The club, at their own expense, are
arranging to provide the youngsters
with refreshments during the afternoon.
It is for this reason tbat they appeal again to the citizens of Cran
brook to support them iu their under
taking and they feel confident tbat it
will not he in vain.
The financial committee composed
composed of the following gentlemen
N. A. Wallinger, C. A. Cock, L. Pear
ron, J. S. Brake, W. R. Gibbs and W
J. Reader will canvass the city this
week for tangible support.
Final arrangements will be made at
1 special meeting to be held at tbe
Y.M.C.A. on Monday next at 8 p.m
when all the committee men are specially requested to attend.
On the night of Empire Day, there
will he a Grand Rail at the Opera
House after the usual Picture Show,
The Bnll wilt commence at 10 p.m.,
>tnd will be given under tho auspices
of the Club. It is arranged that 40
per cent of the profits of the evening
will go to the Children's Home in
Vancouver. Those wishing to help
the cause can procure tickets from
\uy af the following: Messrs. E. Y
Brake, L. Pearron, J. 8. Brake, W
O. Crebbin. and at the Auditorium.
Aviation Casualities
Victor Louis Mason of Passaic, N.
L, identified with extensive mining
interests and at one time private secretary to General R. A. Alger, American secretary of war, was killed today while making a Might at Brook-
'tinds, with the English aviator, B.
V. Fisher, Fisher also wns killed
y being pitched from the machine
wben at a height of 150 feet.
Fisher was about to give nn ei
hlbltlon and picked Mr. Mason as a
;aissenger from among the spectators
Nifty circled the track once, when nn
e>e-witncss say that the machine,
which was a monoplane, made an abrupt turn. It wavered a moment
md then fell straight to the earth
The sudden stoppage in the air
threw Fisher headlong from his seat
Mason wns- pinned beneath the wreck
Age, which caught fire and he was
badly burned before being extricated.
'hyslclaus say both men died almost
m mediately,
It is surmised some fault developed
11 the engine which caused the acei
lent, as the weather conditions were
Victor Louis Meson, who has heen
llled   at   ItrooMands, near London,
' "Liy, in an aeroplane Might, had in
tonded returning home on the Titan,c
but   was   delayed   by   business.     He
bad disposed of 125,000,000 of bonds
of a construction company of which
he was president.     Mr.   Mason  was
tesident   of   the   Passaic   Hoard   of
Hay Wheeler, amateur aviator, wus
■.tiled and Pete Glasser, a companion
wuh Injured, probably fatally killed,
tonight, mi the result of a plunge
nto a telegraph pole at Klntock park
The accident occurred when the
aeroplane was caught In a whirlwind
101) bet. above the earth. The force
• d the wind do Shod the machine a*
"long tho laden ami Wires before Clan
nor, who wna guiding, had time to
the machine out of dangor.
Wheeler ami Glasser were thrown
10 fool from the machine. The gaso-
Una tank exploded and set lire to the
w reek.
Wheeler''i nit nl 1 wns crushed, his
light  leg broken  lu thn* places and
his right arm fractured.
Aviator   finlpll   MeMlllen   waa seriously injured in an exhibition flight
bare tonight      When more tban 100
Where to Obtain the Staff of Life
CRANBROOK  BAKERY-F. W. Rummer, Proprietor
llllM>iJllt.llMlnl,.l,ll.ll I I lit ll      I I      t     ,1     _____    t   .|..|..t..|
1   ..t..ta.ll.Iarlialarl.rtirl-a.il   I   ll.rlltll.larlnl I   *     *    *    '      .
How   Would   You   Like to   Own
Stock Paying 42 fit
THK DOMINION M*ATCH COMPANY, LTD., now owns and linn the exclusive right of use tor the
Dominion of Canada of a new process of manufacturing matches, known as the Parker Continuous
Process, hy the use of which a wide variety of cheap raw material, auch as alder, hemlock, cotton-
wood, fir and spruce, which is found in great abundance, is now being made available for manufacturing match sticks; materials which can he obtained for the mere fraction of the cost of white pine,
now being used by the old Die methods; and by the use of these cheap raw materials, and the labor
saving features of the process, the cost of manufacturing safeties, parlors, and double-tipped matches
is reduced,  approximately, 50 per cent.
Comparative cost of manufacturing matches under the Parker's Continuous Process nnd otber
methods, per case of 144 boxes, containing 500 matches each, which wholesale for $4.50 per case.
Parker's Die
Continuous  Process Process
Wood cases  -      I .10* ' .164.
Wood  14) 1.30
Chemicals  55 .66
Parafine  l'H .ia|
Cardboard for trays and covers          .374 .37)
Printing, wrapping, glue, ink & Band        .08} .08}
Labor and repairs, from            271 .62}
11.67} 13.22}
Which, deducted from the the jobbing cost of $4.50,leaves a gross profit of 12.83 per case. On a basis
of a carload a day of 500 cases, there would be a profit of $1,415.00. Kstiniating three hundred work
Ing days, there would be a gross profit ot $424,500.00, or 42 per cent on the entire capital stock. In
addition to the profits to lie derived from the operation ot the parent company, stockholders will also participate in the earnings of subsidiary plants, which conservatively estimated should aggregate
one million dollars per annum.   These subsidiary plants will be established in the eastern provinces.
This is an opportunity of availing yourself of an investment that only comes once In a lifetime.
Are you going to let thlB opportunity pasa, or are you going to be one of the wise ones? If ao, act
today, because this stock is being rapidly taken and an advance in price will be made without notice
Favorable terms arranged li desired.
Our object in offering a limited amount of thia stock to the citizens of Cranhrook Is for the purpose ot creating a market for the matches, as every stocknolder will be a booster.
11 '      |   |      'l'l        ALKRED   E.   WHITE,   President.
President Board of Trade and Alderman. New Westminster, B.C. nnd of firm of Whlto-Shlles and Co.
Retired Grocer, Kamloops, B. C.
J. B. RAYMOND, Director,
Steamship Owner, Vancouver, B.C
Vnncouver, B.C.
JOHN A. LEE, Director,
Mnyor of New Westminster, B.C.
This new invention Is on exhibition nt the Robinson Real Estate Office and the public are Invited to
to call and see It actually niakng matches.
; ',***** i n 11111111111111 hi i ti 11 nu m 11111 n 11111 ii mill hi *****''
feet In the air the engine of his biplane went dead and MeMlllen attempted to glide to the earth, but
was unable to control the machine
and It turned almost completely over
and tell into a creek. He suffered
broken legs, A broken shoulder bone
nd numerous other injuries.
Harry Williams who accompanied
htm, was badly bruised, but not seriously hurt.
To the Editor of the Prospector;'
Dear Blr:
I notice ln yonr paper an article on
How to support your own town" by
buying ns often and na much aa possible from peddlers, Bending away lor
your goods and  advertising  in  out-
aide papers, etc.
There la one other aupurlflliig thing
how long some of the merchants and
some business men can do without
certain work they need done—some
tlniea for years; while there arc men
several ot them competent to do thut
work who are dealing with them evci
ilny, living and making tholr homes
in the same town, hut the first trnnip
mechanic that comes along gets the
Job, pockets tho money, and gooa on
his way.
YourB truly.
Southerly direction along Lot 632 and
emptiea into Kootenay ftivor near
Kort Steele.
The water will bo diverted at a
point near where Creek crosses Lot
-.1804 and will ho used lor Irrigation
purposos on the Innd described ub Lot
This    notice   was   posted   on   tho
ground on the loth day of May, 1912.
The  application  will  be llled  In  the
Office of the Water Recorder at Crnu-
Objections may be llled with the
said Water Recorder or with tho
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Uuil.linns,  Victoria,  B.C.
20-5t Applicant
Kor a licence to take and use water
Notice Is hereby riven thnt Joseph
TnenhHiiaer ol Kort Steele, 11,0. will
apply for a licence to tnko and use
one cubic foot  ot water  out. of  tho
Wild Horse Creek, wblcb flows lu a
Kor n licence to take and uae water
Notice ia hereby given that Wm.
Urldges of Moyie, will apply for a
licence to take and use oue cubic foot
of water out of an unnamed crook
rising on Lot ;I247 and sinking on
same Lot. The water will be diverted
at a point about 3 chains In n south
enatcrly direction from the North-
weat corner ol Lot U247 and will bo
used tor irrigation purposes on tho
land described as Lot 9247, Group I,
Kootenay District.
Thin notice was posti'd on tho
ground on the 16th day of May, 1912.
Tho application will bo filed In the
office ol the Water Recorder, at Cran
Objections may he llled with the
B'tld Water Recorder or with the
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The Deacon's Sins Find Him Out
at Last.
Mra. Dolby's Anguith it tht Discovery
Impels Her to Suicide, but tho Dea*
con It Impenitent In tho Fact of Re*
■•roaches. . „<
■y M. QUAD.
(Copyright,  1918.  by tho Associated Lit*
ofary Press, j
AFTETt supper Deacon Dolbj re-
/% marked llmt the potatoes la
^*^ the bin down cellar hod begun
tu rut tind lie would so down
nnd sort them over. Mrs. Dolby replied Hint (hla wiih tt world iu which
everything decayed sooner or later,
nnd tho deacon lighted a candle uud
Yea, u lot of the potatoes Imd be*
(run to specie, nnd his task was to nep-
ii nit a I hem from the unblemished. He
bad beeu at work for an hour and the
hist potato' was In bis baud when
Mrs. Dolby camo down the stairs. Sbo
cnuid softly aud without greet in t?. She
unified as she came, aud as tlie Deacon
lug to shear him, but bad been shorn.
"Married to you for thirty-Ave years,
and yet I never suspected you knew a
■ thing about poker!" wailed Mrs. Dolby.
"I knowed you  played checkers aud
foi and geese, but you kept still about
tbe rest.   You were looking as Inno-
""""      " cent as a lamb all Hie time I  was
THAT CORNFIELD POKER GAME s«archlD*follhe ,0f!t !'ilL A,ud» haa
sll coran out ut lust. Instead ot being
a uood man you are a pirate! What
have you got to suy for yourself before 1 go up nnd jump down the well?"
Kotlitng-not n word. Of wbnt use?
Neither Mrs. Dolby nor Mrs. Thompson nor any other Mrs. ln the Tillage
could be niude'to understand tbnt it
isn't the playing of poker that constitutes tbe crime. It's (lie cussing of
Ihe oilier feller for not having n full
house to bet on when you bold fours.
"No, you have nothing to say, sud It
Is jest as well.   Samuel, If you tliinU It
will spoil the drinking water If I drown
my self In lhe well I'll walk lo the river.
'J'hiit's four miles sway, however, and I
s'posc yon are In a hurry to see me
dead.   1 have been terribly used, but 1
shan't bold It up agin you at the lur.t.
When I get to heiivcn lllld um asked l(
1 wus mud nt any one on earth when I
died I want lo Iio ublc to say no.   Ami
about the funeral,   Samuel, don't go to I
nny trouble, over il.   When you have
moked down the well sud minis sure
I'm drowned Jest lill It up and let It be I
my tomb.   Vou won't want lo use Ibe !
well ug'ln anyway,   .lest as soon as It |
gets out Hint I committed suicide bemuse you ployed poker you'll have to .
iiiuvc uwuy.   Are ynu sorry'.'" |
No Repent.nee.
No. Ilio deacon couldn't suy even to '
himself that ho was—that Is, lie was t
sorry he hadn't bad the luck to skin
Iho peddler instead of being skun. but
I here wns nothing else to call for regrets.
"I promised Mrs. Thompson Unit If |
you got dowu on your knees tind snld j
you wero sorry and would never do It
tgnlu I'd maybe live ou, aud so I'm
giving you a chance."
It wns such a chance ns no one husband In a hundred ever hns, but tbe
deacon didn't Inke advantage ot it. lu
fact, at Ihnt very moment he wns hoping lo himself thnt the peddler would
show up ngnin some dny aud not have
bis rabbit's foot with him.
"I hnve spoke. Samuel, and It lias
done uo good," said Mrs. Dolby as she
turned away. "You won't beg my pardon, nnd you hain't sorry. It's too
much to expect Ihnt a pirnte would he.
Nothing remains but to say farewell.
I go up to jump down the well!"
Suicide Postponed.
She didn't start thut lime, however.
After Inking two steps up tbe stuirs
she backed down to ask:
"Samuel, do you think there'll be any
Ice down there?"
The deacon sat tight.
"Aud will the wnler be very cold?  If
ron think so 1 might bent a b'ilcr full
of water on the stove nnd then bold I
my head In It until death came."
The deacon snt tighter.
"Very well, Samuel. I said the well,
nnd It shall be lho well,   (*-o o-d b-y!"
Wllh Ihnt Mrs. Dolby ran upstairs, |
and he beard ber open nud closo tbo
kitchen door, lt was half nn hour later
wheu he went up, and she sat by the
stove with her feet in the ovcu. He
may bave raised one eyebrow question-
ingly, for she sold:
"1 hnve decided lo wnit until tomorrow und then take laudanum. Do you
want me to cut your toe nulls tonight?"
raugbt the sound n shudow crossed his
face. He realized that he wus iu for
"Samuel," came h ghostly voice at
bis elbow, "do you realize that within
an hour from this you will be a widower?"
Th. Deacon I. Calm.
It was a startling declaration, but
It- didn't affect tbe deacon much. He
tossed a potato from one bund to the
other nud wondered what neighbor
bad dropped In aud gossiped while he
had beeu dowti there. Mrs. Dolby took
a scat on nn empty crock that hud been
turned bottom up and continued:
"Yes, Samuel, within an hour! Then
I shall be gone, and you can cut up us
much ns you please."
So be bad been cutting up again, nnd
somebody hnd given hlra nway. He
run oyer tho events of tbe Inst three
months in his mind, but couldn't llml
himself guilty. However, Mrs. Dolby
bad the cinch on biiu and was ready
to slate It.
"Last night t dreamed thnt I was
trying to climb a sleep, high bill. I
had a tin pan ln my hand, and oue ot
iny shoes was off. As I wns almost at
tho (op of tbe bill a goose fiew at me
and rolled me back, and ns I went rolling I screamed out and woke myself
up. I knew then that trouble was coming. All dny long I bare eipected
something lo happen. Well, it ls here
at Inst.'1
Some Curious Things Happen at Ihe
Big Gun Nflv.il Practices.
That  hoary   old   saw,   "Yen   can't
pleaso  everybody,"  is curiously  de* I
moi.straled in big-gun living practice. j
Wben for any reason it is suspended,
the experts dec lure that Un country is j
going to lho bow-wows; when it takes
place, complaints pour into Whitehall
by the ton.
Many of these are iu consequence of
damage done to property, which always suffer.- more or loss through concussion wave?. After the trial" of the
38-ton guns on Seaforth Battery there
was an enormous destruction of glass
on the other Hide of the river, and
the local glaziers had the time of
their lives.
Still greater damage wiu done at
Dover hy tho firing of the ii„'( guns.
The vibrations were so great that in
the neighborhood of Shakespeare's
Co" windows were broken, ceilings
brought down, and pictures and ornaments shaken off walls, while at the
Coastguard Station practically every
lumso was damaged,
Shoe moss, again, had a terrific
shaking the last time tlic lug guns iu
the Ravelin Battery wore fired.
Though the wind was blowing seaward at thn time, the concussion
waves shattered some of thn plate-
glass windows of business promises
and drove in several wi lid 0W* panes
in tbe public school.. In a few private houses, too, ceilings felt with an
alarming crash.
For much of the breakage of glass,
however, the public havo only themselves to blame. Though lho authorities give notice ol firing practice, and
suggest thnt windows be opened,
many householders will not take this
simple precaution, with the result
that they have lo call in the glazier.
At Portsmouth thoy know better.
Along tha front at Southsea windows
are always opened during big-gun
When gun-firing practice takes place
round the coast farmer.-- have a grievance, It brings on. they contend,
heavy ruin, which falls ju^t when they
iio not want it—at harvc3j time. Ou
their behalf au effort was recently
made to get the practice carried nut
in winter, but the Admiralty declined
to make any alteration in lhe usual
Tile erratic behavior of projectiles
also gives rise to complaints, sonic
of which are uf h Very serious character. A yenr or two ago a shot from
Shoebury Battery struck the water not
more than twenty yards from a small
boat containing nine persons. No reason could be discovered for tiie abnormal conduct of the shell, but it was
conjectured that it ricocheted from
some limiting substances.
A more remarkable incident happened off Dungeness. The crew ot an
Antwerp vessel went ashore, and on
walking across the beach discovered
a large shell. Thinking it would make
an interesting memento, tbey look it
to the boat, and conveyed it to their
ship. A day or two later they began
cleaning it, whereupon it exploded,
blowing a man to pieces and badly
injuring three others, one of them ao
seriously that lie subsequently died
Humor and
Philosophy I
I'D like to eo
To Mexico
Anil llvo a life screiu- and eIow;
But, oh,
Tliey have lhe revolution habit.
And I am timid aa a rabbit!
Bo I win hardly southward flit
Until they calm themselves a bit
And learn to quit
Their reckless shooting
And highly seasoned involuting.
My tender skin
Is far too thin
To net as backstop for n ball
That makes nn uninvited call. " ,
I do not care to be a, marie
Vor reckless soldiers on n. lark
Or como home dead or scared to death
When I go out lo take a. breath
Of nir or pick in childish glee
Ita nanus from a friendly tree.
Thoy ought to learn In Mexico
To run a more enlightened show,
To llvo by rules so highly prized
in countries tii-.it arc civilised,
To do tho work by conversation
When there's a call to savo lho nation,
To form a trust nnd bust tho sniiit
According to the modern game,
Or liuld elections when they feel
ThOV ought to have another deal,
And thus give vent,
To Sullit! DXtOIlt,
To feelings that nre now expressed
liy shooting natives galley west.
ir thoy could coll
A brother all
The names  to which  they could  give
Pny he has been loo Ions unhung.
That ought to be a better way
Than involuting night and day.
]f they will live In soma such stylo
1 may go down aud stay awhile,
But uuiil then excuse mo, please.
I'd rather stay up north and frcczo.
"You have heard
of tho man  wilh
tbe hoe?"
"Why, yes."
"Well, he turned
out to be a rake."
Tht Islanders Give a Warm Welcomi
to Millionaire Candidates.
The Island of Corsica, although a
part of tbo republic of Franco, Ir
qillto different In its customs from the
republic and never ceases lo furnish
reading matter out of the ordinary
for the Parlslau journals. The Corah
cans bate, It appears, a decided penchant for millionaire candidates fot
tbe chamber of deputies and are always on the lookout for this admirable material. Yet there is between
them and the millionaires a singular
misapprehension. The Islanders desire that millionaires he candidates
because of tbe manna that falls upon
their country during an electoral cam-
palgu, hut they do not desire to elect
them. As for the millionaires, they
nre perfectly willing to spread the
manna, but they also wish to be
"Recently," says n Paris Journal,
"ouo of our most successful money
makers went to Corsica to v^slt bis
future department. At hln debarkation several dozens of Corsleans received him wltb 'bourrahs,' and guns
were fired, which down there la the
last word of enthusiasm, lie undertook a tout1 of the country. At each
village Corsica ns, magnificent fn local
color, acclaimed him and wakened the
echoes wltb gunpowder,
"At tho third village, however, he
bad something of n sensation. He,
had a visit from a farmer, who said
to him: 'We aro four brothers, all
voters, ready to vote for you. Buy
for me the meadow lhat Is on the other side"of tho village und you have
our vutes.'
"'Flow much Is this meadow?'
'"A trine, 12,000 francs.'
"After a tour of eight days the millionaire calculated that to pay for all
the votes that bad been offered lo
him would require- 0.01)0.000 or 0,000.*
000 francs. And even after that expenditure ho would not be certain ot
"He withdrew from the canvass,
but he had already expended some
hundred thousand francs, of which
bis enthusiastic wclcomers had tbelr
full share. They really would like (o
have him come again."—Indianapolis
News. |
Find   Keen  Enpyment   In Snort  That
Calls Fer  Nerves ol Steel.
Irish wunen ate reuu ue ■ for tin
fearless prowess iu ihe hunting lieli
nh re the terrible obetocli - I ■ he n
goliated call It r mrvut ■ i ■:•■ -\ an
it id neck or nothing p. tho listres
fui country,
Tbe fearsome
times overgro*
masking a broi
stoutest h?arts,
quail   at
.-tone   wai It.  some*
i     with     turf     iiiid
fln|.all  all  but tba
(-,"  and   i ven tin* most
rtsw i.n'ii,  i.-i  known  to
commencement of the
Text,   "Regard  not  your   stuff."—Gea,
hunting season, experiencing the sensation of the heart in the mouth when
called upon to face tbe still going.
Sho finds her nerve returning, however, after a day or so in tht
Kvery Irishman is a true epi
and the whole neighborhood turns out
for a meet, tlm-,' uuublo to ruise a
mount following ou foot or driving in
every sort of vehicle, some rare antediluvian specimens peeing the light of
day mi such occasions.
Tho Irish colleen will dance all
uiuht at u hunt ball i
a distant meet as fresli
out going t.. bed at all, full of lite
and spirit, with wit and repartee bubbling like h font. The wild country
brings out nil the daredevil Irish nature, and ibere la little searching for
gups aud gates whon the blood of
Irish  horso and rider  i-* up,
Ireland  Is  not overrepresi nted  In
ihi.' matter of hunting, and Irish pn.1.**
imt by any means numerous and
iiiple i
and '
may be reckoned to numbor
of   dozen.    Some  only   possi
a  restricted number of cou
hut   few   bum   four   or   five
week, though an occasional
may bring the Ipl&l up.   The Moat!.
hunts five days a  week and  Is one
ol  lho  famous  hunts  of the  United
Kingdom,   nnd   tho  County   Galway,
the Blazers, has four days :i week.
The famous happy go lui Ity hoi pi-
talily lhat marks the Irish temperament is exemplified in matters suort-
1    "Stuff" has come to menu the value.
less, the hardly worth while.   "I won't
: accept such stufT," says tbe housewife
iv- ( tu her storekeeper,   "I won't eat such
■-'■ | stiitr," sulks the spoiled child.    "Vou
can't  tell  ine su-.ii  stuff,"  says  the
knowing one.    The mother emptying
her   boy's  pockets  of string,   bits  of
glass, horse chestnut.*., nails, etc., says,
"Wby,  Tommy,  siicli  siuff."    When
\oii go to move you start a bonflre in
ill , the yard or call in the rag man. You're
turn up at l not going to move all that stuff!   Jo-
paint with-    soph Is down lu Egypt, rich, powerful,
prime minister, sits next  lo t'hnraoh
in the thrum-.   He Is going to scut) up
to Canaan for his father to coino live
nt Goshen, the rich country of Egypt
Tho king is Interest wl  mid  Rends a
■pedal  message:   "Come down  here
and live. Briny nil that is worth while,
hut   don't   hoi her   wilh   unnecessary
things; regard uot your stuff; all the
ing, ii
1 I
Toothsome Reward,
csigmition of. his War
The deacon didn't ask what It was.
C.uldn't Ui. It.
Audit (to sour faced, but rich old
ledyl-Mndam. I am soliciting funds
lo start u  benevolent enterprise for
• Ibe   poor   blacks   ot   Africa,   and   1
Sour Faced Lady-I onu*t give you
money, sir; 1 have been swindled too
I often.   All I can do Is to loud my
countenance to tbe scheme.
Ho was examining the eyes of a potato and wondering If the day would
ever come wben it could see.
"You had Bknssjy got down here
when Mra. Thompson oamo to tell me
that nutmegs bad gone up ngalu. Tbo
last time 1 bought they wero three for
30 cents. Now. tliey aro 5 cents
npleco nud nothing to brag of at that.
1 asked ber,It she hod heard any other news, aud sbo began to cry right
nil. I knew nt once that she had
beard something about you."
*■ Braced Fer th. Ord.al.
The deacon didn't even hitch around
uneasily. Iio didn't decide to Ile out
ef It. lie simply wondered why potatoes were culled Irish potatoes whon
America lllld llicm Brat and every
American cats two bnsbels to nn Irishman's one.
"Pol n long time Mrs. Thompson
wouldn't toll uie what she had heard.
1 had to Ihrcati'ii lo sit on the hot
stove and roast myself before sho
would glvo In, She warned mo uot to
gol incited, but when she got through
telling I wan (baking like n lear. Oh,
SnmuJI, bow could you do It-how
could you?"
Whal? When? Where? Tile deacon asked himself these questions aud
could llml uo answer to them.
"It happened Inst fall when you
wero putting corn for Uenry Taylor.
Yon were silting on tho fence for a
rest when a tlu peddler camo riong
nud slopped lo gossip with you. Ho
llnnlly mentioned something about
draw puller, and you snld you wero
just dying lo have a game. Think of
It, Samuel! A deacon for tho lost
thirty years and dying for a game of
Now Iho cat was out of tho bag. Ro
It was that llttlo Incident Mrs. Thompson had gut on lo and como over to
blah about?
"The peddler also said he was dying,
and ho got down, am', lie and ynu
pla.vco" joke* t».t ,*,*■ fc-W, iff bt
skinned you out of *o. Don't deny It,
Samuel. That some night you snld
you hnd somehow lost a live dollar lilll,
nnd you let me look tho bouse over for
e whole hour. Vou may deny Hint It
waa poker, Samuel, but I've got proofs,
living, breathing proofs. Young ,11m.
my b'colt crept up nnd heard all you
snld, You mny nny It was a gnrao ol
checker,'., but It would be a llo, Yon
tallied about kings nnd queens nud
lacks and lens nnd flushes nod j*"***)
of n kind, anil »•/,, mlaod the peddler
*"'\ uo raised you."
Yes, II was so. ' Tbo deacon had he-
lulled lhal peddler Into a game, llilnlc-1
Agent (sadly)-Thnt would simply
ruin It, mn'am.—Tit-Bits.
How to Collect It.
"Do world owes you a llvln'."
said TJnele Ebcu, "but you's liable to liavo to go nfter de world
wlf a hoo or au ax to make it
glvo up."-\Vashlngtoi> Star.
f3'.ii»i.'i.i'..'i.ii.i .ii.ii.ii.n.i .■i.ii.ii.ii.ii.iie.i..i>n....'0
No Fault ef Hit.
Magistrate—You are charged with
begging. Tramp—I have uever begged.
It is nut my fault If a lady let fall a
halfpenny Into lho hand whlcb I waB
holding out to sec whether It was ruin
Ing,—Loudon Telegraph.
Another Form ef Expreision.
Tommy—Pop, wbnt do iho drumnilc
rrlllcs mean by spontaneous applause?
Tommy's Pop—It Is merely another
way of saying the ushers nro earning
llielr salaries, my son.-1'bllodclphln
AM up ln astronomies,
iit-iit and clerical
Tho urbltK of tho planeti I've rtduotd
I to 11'» numerical-
: Tht paths of all iho comitfl nnd thi othar
I bodlcn ■pliark-ul.
I It'H rciilly ]imt ua flmpit an can he.
II can injure to a pnr.is-.uitf hy tntilhofli
Tha rout* of any ho-illto who litis made a
march Ki-ummntlcal
And slopped till "llo Clearchui" puiatd a
tew remarks emphatlcal-
There'* nothing any easier for mt.
But a minus logarltljin U n model of lucidity.
The nebular hypothesis a tit of mere vapidity.
Incapable of caualnc me a Jot of tho timidity
1 fool for nillwuy folders of the dny.
tuuukIi "(.entrul llm»" nnd "eastern time"
mean something undeniable,
And reading up In I'laco of down u never
And type that's hlack aad Hvh. faced ti
essentia), aim I'm Hobio
To hoard a train that goes the other way.
Aa to modern railway folders, 1 admit an
Tor grasping  why thn data which  im
(ici'Uinr. with nullity
Aro always contradicted ami rodticoo le
moro futility
By mlororicoplo footnotes dawn lielov*,
Tor "malting close conuccllu.1'*'1 I SonfMS
an **•■***Suayi
A folder's "a. nml p, rn.'a" only foster my
And. thouoh pithapfl Im laohlng In "p*
parent iiorsplcacH>'i
1 nvm limi tlm thing I wont u> Itnow,
-K u, I*, iu Century Magaslge.
Too Long About It.
A stuttering man went Into a seed
|    "U-h-ha-hn-hfiVe  yon   g-g-g-got  nny
i cl-cl-cl-clover seed?'' ho imkud.
i    "What's that';1' naked the hard heart-
J ed sinner behind the counter.
How the shell, which must have been     "M-M   sa-sa-sasaiit   hn-ha-hu-hnve
lirctl from some heavy gun, reached I yotl g-g*g-got-hn-lm*hu-liavo you g*g-g-
tho beach is still a, mystery. I got   a-aa-any   el-cl-cl-clovci*-   au-sese-
Tlie  most  serious cases  Whitehall  seed?"
has to deal with, however, are those      »We had some when you came into
hi which craft are hit or sunk.   One   ,i,c siol.0i Iiur *t is »n gfme nuvv.   why
of a curious character took place off dian*t you spcnk nhout^t soouerV
Portsmouth.   When there are private •_
reasons  -fur    getting    practice    over
quickly, some very pretty firing takes' Advice For Othen.
place, the first or second shot knock-j    "We shall have to take up n collec-
ing the target into smithereens, ami. Uou to send her to the sanitarium,"
thus making further work impossible.     "What's the matter with her?'1
On this particular occasion the men |    "Health broke down so nhe cannot
wanted to get away, and consequently , work llt *.ei. occupation."
the gun was trained very carefully.    |    „Aim w,mt is ]m. t,imngr
Unfortunately, however, the object
aimed at was not the target,  but
. "Writing health hints for the maga
fishing-boat, which, seen from the hat-1 z*-*-cs.
tery. closely resembled it.  So the shot
crashed into it, sinking it instantly
By remarkable good fortune the men
on board—who were soon picked up—
were not even scratched, but the Admiralty had to pay for a new boat in
place of that which hud been sunk.
Skeleton of an Indian Dug Up.
Tlio skeleton of an u: :nown man
was discovered at the foot ol I'arlaw
avenue, Toronto, by a Finland laborer in the employ of Jennings and i
Ross, contractors, while excavating
for tho overflow sewer which will
(train the surface water into Asli-
bridgo*-* Hay.
from the fact that the cheek bones
Wanted to Know.
"What do you think about .Tones?"
"What about hliuV
"He lets his wife take In sowing to
support him."
"The miserable dog! tins his wife
any uintnmiod sisters?"
Nothing to Hide.
"Ho tells his wife at. night everything
he haa done through the day."
"Doesn't skip an item?"
"Not ono."
"What on uneventful life bo must
Where   Its   Water   Comes    From   er
Where It Goes Is a Mystery.
One of the curiosities of lhe west Is;
the "walled  lake." something over a
hundred miles west of Dubuque, la..
This hike is from two to three feet
higher (ban the earth's surface.    In'
some places the wall Is ten feet high.
fifteen feet wide at the bottom and
five feet on top.    A  remarkable cir '
cuinstance with reference to this odd
Inke Is the size of the stones used in
Its construction. Inasmuch as the whole
of (hem varies in weight from three j
tons to 100 pound*.   There la nbuu-
dnnco of stones In Wright county, but
surrounding the lake to the extent of
five or ten miles there are none.
No one has any Idea as to the means
employed to bring these stones to the'
spot or as to who constructed this lake.
Around the entire lake Is n  belt of!
woodland half a mile in length com*
posed of oak.   Wilh this exception thej
country Is n rolling prairie.   Tho trees
must have been planted there nt the
time of the building of tho wall.    In
the spring of lhe year lSTiU there wns ;
a great storm, and the ice on the Inke
broke the wall In several places.   The,
farmers hi the vicinity wero obliged to
repair the damages to prevent Inunda
Hon.   Tho lake occupies n ground surface of 2,800 acres,   Thn dcplh of the
water Is ns great ns twenty-live feet. ;
The wnter Is clear and cold; the soil
Is snndy and loamy.   It is n singular,
fact thnt no one has been able to as i
certain where the water conies from
nor where It goes, yet It Is always !
fresh and clear.-Ncw York Tress.
living by Archdoncoh Colley ia felt by
tho clUJrtren of Stockton, Kngland, in
whom th-1 rev. gent len tan wns always intensely interested, By means
of n long lube lhe archdeacon hnd
established sonn kind if telephonic
communication between the rectory
garden and the village green, and
through this lube the children playing on lhe green would repent, in
answer to a pall from the archdeacon,
texts from the Scriptures.
Not always was the i xt correctly
rendered, but whenever T11 =? version
called through tlio pipe was sub-
flan ti ally accurate, the fortunate
child was made aware of his or her
success by the arrival of an orange or
.sour.' oilier toothsome reward by way
of the capacious "-peaking pipe." On
special occasions the oranges contained coins Insidu them, which were
drilled with holes so ihnt they could
'i; worn n-« medals round the neck,
and very proud the children of .Stockton were t.i obtain one of these.
Kor years the archdeacon bus been
a .staunch believer iu Spiritualism,
and hi* challenge, to, and litigation
with Mr. Mnskelyne will 1 i fresh in
the public memory. It is recalled
that in IUQ4 he made a will bequeathing bis body to the University ol
Birmingham for dissection—"to be
cut up in the interests of nnatom
and   surgical   science   when
good of the land «r Egypt is yours,"
Tbln KM the load of slulT Jacob would
uccumulnti* In his long Ufa—vornout
days a if-irher water hollies, old tents, thread*
''-,. ty I bnre blankets, rickety wagons, house*
hold equipment, broken down camels
and sucb things. God's ln heave*,
Full of mercy, he sends hie conveyances
and our elder brother (0 bring us to
Hie rich lands of heaven—-and, oh, the
stuff wn would take along!
Haaven't Values.
Here conns nn earth pilgrim puffing
up tin; celestial road to the goto ot
huaveu. lu his puck he has a farm,
two corner lots, sotno gilt edge slock
a 'Ine bundle of mortgages and bonds
mu! some other valuables. "Whal
stuff's thatV" says Die ongcl at the
gate. "HtulT!" gasps the astonished
pilgrim. "That's my property—what 1
wns worth when 1 died down yonder.
1 spent fifty years accumulating nit.
tbat; ninny's the sacrifice I made to
do It too." "I don't doubt thai." replies the galcmau, "but It doesn't puss
current here. 'Thnt Isn't the coin of
this realm. Here's another morfal I'm
afraid has made the same error." a
hc-coud pilgrim litis plumped down his
pack with nu air of confident assurance. "What hnve you there, friend:"
asks he of tho shining robe. "It's soma
baggage 1 thought 1 would need—my
good intentions, wy excuses for sins.
my prejudices, my theology, my big*
otry and my righteousness. I thank.
goodness 1 am not ns other men are—
this worldly fellow, for Instance, with
his vulgar material possessions." "My
good friend," replies Ihe heavenly porter, "you've liluiidei'i'd. like the Phttrb
sees of old. Your error is as grent as
your neighbor's here, lie brought material things Instead of spiritual, and
you have brought only the shadow ot
spiritual things-rather, an Imitation of
them. Tbat catechism under your arm
nud lhat church letter sticking from
have your pocket ure good tilings, of course,
but only us they stand for something
done wi.h it
On New Year's Day rhe archdeacon j real   possessed.  Just  as   your   dollar
mark stands for a dollar, but isn't ,i
dollar.   i'ou'Te   carried   up   busies-
was carried round ills chinch m a
coffin he had mad' some time ago.
clothed as lie bad expressed a wish
to be clothed after death. "I desired
to impress on my parishioners thai
death is ihe gate of lite," he snid
afterwards. "I hope aid expect lliat
after death and a spell of rest—which
may he one year m &00t1 -hall r>-
nun again lor useful work. Thnt is
th: doctrine I have taught, sud th"
doctrine 1 believe m."
Kept Awake
The l-:*irl ol Km.
birth having been
Ont., in 1852. lie
Tiii-tle. nineteenth
were   unusually   high   and   tlie   fore- j Explainod.
head sloping Mr. Jennings concluded j "What is meant by 'empty honors?* "
that the skeleton wns that uf an j "1 suppose they nre those tbnt bave
Indian. j no effect on the grocer wheu you try
Consternation   spread   among    the , to USfi tum t0 fc.L,t him to extend your    „..,.,..; suppnrt „,., (]ome .., (hu Hbrnr,
Green Granite,
|    A peculiar elm factorial 1c of the New I
j England granite veins Is the fact Ihnt j
j three distinct colors of granite tire loi
be found In ns many states, pink In
Massachusetts,   gray   ln   Connecticut.
nud green In Vermont.   Orcou granite
Is something of n curiosity because of 1
its rarity.   The largest columns of this
variety to he found anywhere are those ;
i thi
i Pillow.
ii Canndffln by
rtt in Kingston
a Knight ol tin
nrl. and twenty
if  S
I Hereditary Lord High Constabl
Hand.   This office WHS created
Excel' Baggage,
Tbe> nllroad company puts on your
ticket tlio amount of baggage you may
carry; beyond that Is "excess buggage."
Ever watch a traveling salesman
"hefting" his trunks? We humans nro
great baggage curriers. We're leaving
Sodom, of course, but loaded down with
trinkets, like Lot's wife and daughters.
Ucavcn knows we must carry burdens
enough with our responsibilities lo lho
Hate, to society, to our families. Tho
tusks of everyday life are large too.
Wheu yoo udd Blckncss and mlsfor-
tunc the load is uilghiy burdensome.
1315, ami by virtue of It he i* thn   Some smile bravely, some go
foreign   laborers when, on the  pointi-o|*cdit'
of tho pick of the Fin lander th-s
white skull came, away from its resting place, nnd practically half a
day's work was lost before tbey could
he induced to return to work. Even
then they seemed slrnngly superstitious, However, after the skeleton
had been buried nearby, they resumed work, as their ferns seemed to
have been banished.
When seen, Mr. Jennings slated
thai there wits evidence that the body
had been buried in a rough hewn
nine coffin, of which there remained
but a few pieces of rotten limber.
The skeleton was buried ill about II
feet of snnd a hundred and fifty leet
back from the present wateiliiie, ut
practically on the waterllno of 60 yenrs
Oh, art Is lon^t
But whnt of that
If It Is nlso
(Jooil nnd fat?
If you must give advice give It for n
consideration Instead of as u gratuity.
Charily covers a multitude of sins,
bul. It hardly ever smothers nny.
| of Columbia university.—Exchange.
Different Birds.
A western detective was congratulated by a reporter on the arrest of a
notorious swindler.
"Willi his absurd lottery scheme,"
said the detective, "Ilie man look In
$700 a day lu money orders. Elijah,"
he continued, "wns fed by ravens, and
nowadays if you will only turn crook
you'll be fed by gulls."—Exchange.
lose It.
find   fault,   but  just   try   to
Read   'Em?
lhe  publisher,
Some men keep Ihelr sympathies iu
iid Morn go lost they make tou
a dm III upon their pocket books.
Pence  linth  her victories, nntl  tht
Just His Size,
Mnud-I'vo Just tienrd of ■ case
where tt mnn married a Kid nn Ids
deaihlied so she collld have his millions when he was gone. Could you
love  11  ghl   like  that?    Jnck-Tbllt'l
fir-it subject ol th-' King in Scotland
He ha; don" much soldiering, rose
to the command of the Itoynl Horse
O lords, and tins been ADC. to Field
Mnrshal VUcnujil Wolscluy. He tilsc
did good service in the Boer wur in
brigudier*goncrul ■ t Imperial Yeo-
maiiiv. He is said to bu had of the
house of Hay. which settled in Scotland In ■he twelfth century, and from
which spring Ihe Mtirqulsnlc ol
Tweeddah; and Ihe Earldom of Kin-
His lordship owni th? historic
castle ol Slnlns, which has foi
centuries fronted tho North Sea from
tho coast of Aberdeenshire. Dr.
•lohn.-nn stayed at 8lnltis on his fam-
nus Highland progress HO yenrs ago,
and left record thnt he was kept
awake not only by the roaring of the
wnve-* under liU window, but by "the
smell of *.■ tt-f.'uU ftiitbers" in hu
Whero   Did
SRf^SnS^'L^^iL'il   .rV/o^ !     '• "    ■■■■■   vH.Tlr    n
publlilioil Imt yenr. nl ivlili h u do-on smftoi-s net tliolr iimml i-iikooir.
peOpIO ll'lll  llllll  llllll   llll;'   ivoultl   II' Vr!
nllow it in limit lum-vs. "Tliey Ima
nil nppnrontly reinl lho linok—In tli«
llouBO cl somcboily lib'1," Kiiil Mr,
cold rIoi'iiko lout lliey iiuiUc loo ifi-cot ,11111 ilio iiiml ul n Klrl I could love.
  Wiuii's lu'i- uddromV-Hoston 'I'ron*
i ne snrewmou&e.
'I'lii' Bmallost iiiiiiiniiii] in Un* British
lrflo in tliu Bhrowtnouso. Thi-, la not
only llm Bmalloat llrltlah tnarnmal,
but, with tl»' oxooptlon nl ouo othor
ol thu 6I1IIH! uoiius, tho Bmallost In
'"unipe.   Tlm Itnrvoat mouse ls
Soiiii- mon mo tolerant from sympathy, uthers for tlm sake of tliolr Joim.
Ths Mirror Galvanem.ter.
Somo Interesting lalos aro lohl cf
Lord Kelvin's discoveries nud how fiu
Ideas of tholll en uie to Ills quleli lllllld.
For Instance, lids Is snld lo hnve heen
the wny In which lie found iho mirror
Kiilviiiinineler:  lie wus niMXlIng ovei
tllrtos thought I" ho even smiil'ler, hut  the dllllcully of poi'feotlng the ordinary
tliu length  of Its lieii'l  mul  body  i.i
often two and ono-hnll iiiclic.i, while
lhat of tlic lessor BllfOW h raicly mure
liiau two Inches.   The tail measuros
about one and one-third Inches, and
iU tooth aro ko rxtt'enii'l'/ Bniftll that
a len.« is required to detect them.
A DoclorV. Well Moaning.
,"Vou must tnlio exercise,' snld Ilu
physician, "and, hy all means, worry
i less,    I'lny golf."
) "Doctor," replied lho pnllcnt, "y»u
uieiin well, but a mini wlin plays my
kind or a golf liiime can't help worry
; lug."-
Inclciling  Iho V/etldinf|  Fee.
Mrs. Chubb (wllh iiowspaperi- I sea
' several persons nro petitioning lo have
Ihelr Mimes changed.   Whnl doea It
colli  lo Imve a  inline i Iniliged'l    Mr.
Clinlih-11 cost  i couple id' hundred
J In have yonr naincd changed to mine.-
Uoslon 'i'fnnscrlpt.
Selling Good*  In Lisbon.
Around l.lsl ru certain oiitrnncM,
generally gateways of the old *"*ll*.
.Ml persons bringing cblckons, ck'.-..
butter or any oilier product Into thu
Oily  for mile are slopped st Ilie uate
end required to pny n tm proportion'
ed lo lliu vnlue ol tbelr articles,    At
the depot all passenger* on uuburbnti
an well iis through trains liui-t hnve
their bags nml packngos onmlned and
pay fnr any wares lliey era brlm-inu
lulo the city.
eh'{;i:ed silence, some po insane, otbors
tnke their lives. Society ls busy trying
lo equalise (bo long, and—Cod forglvo
us—we frequently slum! oiT and mil
ugly nenies lo ilmse whn are trylug to
help. However, If you think your end
of the los Is tho heaviest glance toward the other follow, spcculuto as to
the si/.e. shape and quality of the burden be carries. Honestly, would you
like lo trade? lf you could you would
he bnck tomorrow asking for your
own life Igaln, (ind tits lho back lo
Ihe burden. It's the unnecessary, tho
excess load that fags us.   Society nud
self souietl s put on the straw that
breaks tke camel's hack.
Tha "Stuff* af 6in.
eV'iety women somen me* tfll nt
frankly of the unutterable weariness
of walking the villi, show, Millionaires tell us of ruined nerves nnd tbat
"millionaires don'l laugh." Mere picas-
ore seekers loll with u blnsolonooffol-
low-limn w uio'-tin- wisp. A certain am-
hiitniis kluc. cried whon there seemed
no moro worlds to conquer. And still
another who had touched the heights,
depths ami breadths o( human enjoy.
minis cried, "Vanity of vanities, all is
vanity." "Siutf." ilim't yotl ice, Of
all the unnecessary baggage we carry
the "stuff1 Of sin l< lho iiwst so und I.I
lhe heaviest. Wo vet so Utile ont of
ll here und iiolliiuj- horenftor. Adam
imd Eve were |o "he lis gods"—yotl
know die result. Ailinn hurled liii
stolen gold! Ii burled him. Oelinrl
hoped to he covered with u scarlet robe,
hot (omul leprosy Instead. .Indus received Ills thirty pieces of silver; all It
nought wns u grave,    Ananias nnd
These Faddists.
"I nin afraid Mrs. (Yapping l« a ter-
miiKani." remarked Mrs. iniciier.
"Indeed!" snid Mrn. Ilhinlslone. wilh
n Blight elevation or her eyebrows
"(-nine people lake op every new Iml
,|,„l comes .long, ■-lllri.di.gbs... Ago-, K.'t'H'" '   '"■'  "< '   ''"''       :""'
An Expensive Wedding.
"Tho bride nearly fulnled -luring Hie
ccinVinliy mul hud (n bo supported hy !
ber fni her until It whs over."
"Yos, und now I hear her father is I
supporting hoi I. of llicm."
ItnsbnesB Is lhe fnllliful but unhappy parent of mislortuiio.--fuller.
telegraphic apparatus used ou ovor
bead wires, which wns not suited Inr
tho varying current pasting ubnig cables.   Tho lagging of llm electric currents had the elicit of mulling them A Remedy,
run together Into ono holloni current,     l.odgor-l wish you would pill n hot
wilh smfiico ripples which correspond   (or ninlli'css on my bed.   I.nlldlndy-
(o lho separate signals of the message,   Bolter umllrcssV Why. Hint Is n genu- j
The  problem   wus  llOTV   to  Invent  ItilllO huh' ninllress!    l.udger-tili, Hint
moans of Interpreting clearly and call-' helng lho case, perhaps a Mllo "f Imlr
ly nil Uio dollcnto iiuciuutions.   Ono restorer is nil Hint's nocosiaryl-I.on
dny Lord Kelvin's eyegluss (ell Off nnd   doll 'I'll Wis.
swung In front of lho ningnet. rolled- —	
Ing Its movements, uud Instantly the -;\m\ death consents lo lei us live a
bleu of tha mirror suggested llseir. So , |on(! ,|lll(, |, |„|„„i successively lis boi-
ii monocle hns bad <• direct effect on („,,,,,, n\\ ||,usc vl hnve lovcd.-.Mme.
Kcieiiro. , tscker.
Lookinn Ahead.
Shu (horedi-No. Mr   l.ylely, 1 can
never love ynu.    I  honor and respect
you.   I am Hire ymi would make snnio
nlhcr wuiiuiii u good husband,   Hn—1-
| well-er-could yotl—or—give me ii let-
j tor  nt  recuininrnilnlliiii   10   my   noil
weren't even burled In It.   f.lko griib>
| bin',' for your bat when It Plows off
from your enneo,  (lur lemo of vnlue is
! wrung.
(leriild-The doctor Mid llml I wn* ■
threatened with brain fevor   (Jornldlno j
-How iniiiii did Ho charge ynu tor
flattery In III* blllV—Now York l're.-e.   \
lie who defrauds makes holes In bis
I own pockets by which he lo.es mora
, limn in- menu
His St.ilui at Homo.
j    "Yonr fnllier l ins hi ho nn Imperil,,,! member "i Ilia commiiull; "
"Guess you've only seen hltn outsldo
I of home. Mn doesn'l Ihlnk he'e such
I l win I.."- I let i oil Tree I'.css.
Precarious Enf-prlse.
"Whnl Imi i i" « nijin who '«"•
rloi wnlei on h i, h iildoi • "skofl
Uio youth wlm in lenrnliia P ■'''   ■...
"Woll." i idled hi I" opl i. i
l,„|c In '. Ui, HI 0 lUlO, 111
n .(e      ii ki ' THK  PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK,  B.C.
©he gfr00pector, Qvanbtbok, $* ©,
Published BT«r; Saturday   Morning tt Cranbrook, B.O.
P. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Grace,   Editor.
Postage to Ainerloan, European &od  otber foreign countries,    50 cents   *
year  extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS-AdvartlBiDft  rates furnished ou application.     N„
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSORIBERS-Unlesa notice to the contrary
ls given to local manager advertise men ts and subscriptions will b« kept
running and charged up against their accouot.
Uth Year
CRANBROOK, B.C.,   MAY   lf*
The suggestion that bicycle riding
might lie retculuted in the c ty as
well as automobiles is very pertinent
various   reasons   S.  13.  Kootenay   is
not  self-sup porting.   The  larger  portion of supplies tbat could lie used in
^■mmm I this district, and which could be rend
Cranbrook should plant trees. Wby|llv  pr0(|uced at  borne'are purchased
not encourage tin- planting of  tbem lu neighboring provinces
In association with the public school,     The   re*atlvel,   ■mUmltfl(,   iU,„1   (1,
whew a large area of the open-space       u>   luml   wlm,h „as     .  n,mVi.ii
is devoid of grass,   hat  simple but LfficHmt    uMWt,  fr   (1|1. ,„,,,-„
harmonious and #eflective adornment. I   mt m. rM,dentfl qJ a|i [Hil,tuin 0,
While May Mth will be observed as Kootenay has not been shown to In-
a  holiday  this  yenr,   ,t   is  official!*!   vestora.
intimated that the observance of the sPMUlut
King's birthday June 3rd, will receive
more attention In future.     For over
CO years the "Queen's Birthday
been   recognized   as   the   great   early
season event of tho year
take many yenrs to wear the youth
of tbe Dominion from the sentiment
ami pleasure associated with the anniversary of '-Victoria Day"
in  this district  tha   land
ir is conspicuous bj   his absence.      Lards are  controlled  by   tlu*
Provincial Government and the piou*
tta8|eer settlor, aud can be purchased at a
mere   nominal   rig ure.      The   departed it wiii-'nent of Agricultural has sued up conditions in the Crunbrook and arc now
advising settlers to look over and select   fruit and agricultural   lands lu
this section of Kootenay
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evenii g Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired  Mothers as  They  Join   the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pea
Cranbrook's commanding position I The Cranbrook Herald is endeavor
as a railway centre with its lumber- -"8 to create an Impression that the
ing, mining and agricultural resoui- Conservative Party ol Kootenay
ces is bringing wealth ami prosperity wou1** '"-' :1:tli to firn- un alliance
and prestage as a commercial city. *ith the Liberal party In the nonnn-
Baay gradients through the crows! '-ting of a candidate to represent
Nwt Pass and the completion of the Kootenay   Id   the   Dominion   House
Kootenay Central Railway will make lThis is nut 80 ''n<i wneD thtf Herald
a  cheap  haul   from  the   wheat   fields
of Alberta and Manitoba to the coast
and tbe advant of the Panama Canal
lit makes this allegation knows that
;it is not onlv untrue but absurd
If there is a contest in the coming
route will work out greatly
benefit of Cranbrook and Eat-
the I by-election, it will  be "tie of consid-
Coo-' erable  mud-slinglng  and  dirty  abuse
on  the part ol  the  Liberal press of
•   •   •   • Kootenay, for to strengthen its cour-
From a real estate point of view,[age and shattered forces in this con-
farm and fruit lands are considered a stftuency every conceivable stste*
good buy, nnd the value of these Innd ment—true or otherwise—that may
are not measured by this producing I help to attract the file ol the party
capacity; and the farmer or the sett , to return to their allegiance will be
ler, fruit grower or agriculturalist used. It Is the belief of the Consex-
can get them for a song. votive  Party  that the decent people
The markets are sufficient  to  take' *>f Kootenny are  tired of the record
(The following is our second contribution on tbe Ideal Home. We received many compliments on tbe first
ono published . and the following Is
certainly  equally  good.)—Editor.
The head of my "ideal home" is a
(ather possessing firmness o! character without being a tyrant. He
gives the best that he is, socially and
mentally, to his father. The mother
is patient, kind and courageous, the
children obedient. This home Is not
the home of wealth, neither is it tbe
home of poverty. Order and system
prevail in every department. The
radleuce ol truth rests on each face-
There is refinement and culture.
The mother tongue is spoken in all
Its purity .Tbls ideal home is a Christian home. The Bible is read here
and Its precepts are lived. Hooks
and papers are to bo Won everywhere. The books are selected with
care so that tbey may entertain and
instruct without corrupting the reader No profanity or slam; is heard
here. The cup that inebriates lias
never had a place in this home The
children honor their parents and the
parents respect the rights ol the
children, and life is made as bright
:»s possible (or them.   They nre early
taught to love the beautiful in ait
ts well as in nature Flowers and
music help to refine and beautify
their home This family Is taught to
deal lastly and they weigh their fellow man by what be is and not what
be has This "Ideal home" Is so attractive that the children are not
tempted to spend their evenings on
the street or In doubtful places ol
in usement.
only lawyers, editors or politicians
ever reach the top of the ladder.
Young ladies who have from youth
boon pointed to the top of the ladder
slum the dish pan and broom as they
would the cholera. The piano and
music, books to speak French correctly and waits gracefully they consider
the only stepping stones leading to
the top of the ladder. The time has
come when it is almost Impossible to
llnd a young man or young woman at
the foot of the ladder, willing to la
bor at any calling that is lioiuuable
aud earn a living by the sweat of
their brow,
There's room at the bottom, 0 men
of stations!
He   not    drawn   aside by   tlieir  trite
From the commonplace duties which
lie at tlu- bottom,
High places afe unite hard to bold
wheu you've got 'em
Multiplied scores o( young men
who are complete failures In the various professions would have successfully followed tbe plow handles, or
as engineers might now bu "holding
down" a fast mail train. Hut too
many Imagine they cannot climb tbe
ladder if their lingeis are soiled.They
forgo! that
"The  road at the top leads o'er rock
lest ledges,
Who climbs must hold on  by the rag-
gedest edges,
anv a man who has missed his
The Cranbrook  Public Schools
Where the Children  receive a First-class Education
all that can be produced on the farm.
Transportation is now assured by
railways under construction, and the
intending settler can obtain the new
lands in the province at a most reas
onable ligure.
of the Liberal party made during th.
ast I.*"- rears.
It is reported that about 150 Indus*
trial Workers of the World arc march
Ing to Vnncouver,  having been practically starved nut on  the Canadian
Though   having   some   of thf most.   Northern   Grade,   and  now  the strike
fruitful land in the province, yet, for  is practically at an end.
Many  nnd  weighty  are  the  editorials that ha\e been written on"There
Is  always  Room at  the top."     Our
greatest   writers  have   pointed   young
men to the top round of the ladder.
This is well, but it  ts time to call a
halt. There ure too many at the top
and none at the bottom.
"There's  room at  the  top  has been
j preached by our  preachers;
Hpen  sung hy our poets and  taught
by our teachers.
; t'ntil by such teaching,  grown wiser
and sadder.
\ We have almost forgotten tbe foot of
life's ladder."
Young men have a desire to enter
I some  profession.   They  imagine that
Come in and See Us and
Talk it Over
or write for our booklet.
Never before has such an opportunity been
afforded   for   the   man of small capital to j^et a
fruit  farm,   vegetable  garden or chicken  ranch
near an up-to-date and prosperous  town   as we
ate to-day offering on easy terms of
$10.00 DOWN
AND $10.00 A MONTH
for a five acre block situated from one and one-
half to two and one-half miles from the post
office in the City of Cranbrook, Kast Kootenay
District. B. C.
R. G. Thompson
mJSttSSSx Winnipeg, Man.
or J. W. Robinson
Van Horn Street
Cranbrook, B. C-
Is brought to himself by a bad dislocation."
Let us learn to tip our hats as politely to the young lady wbo sews for
a living or earns it by any honest
toil as to the one who teaches French
or chews gum in seven different languages. Let us give as warm a clasp
of the hand to the honest tiller of
the soil, the fireman or brakemnn as
we do to the lawyer or doctor. Let
us recognize honesty and industry
wherever found, and the time will
soon come -vben there will be an
army of bright, intelligent, honest
young men and women at the bottom
of the ladder, ready to labor at any
honorable calling. Let us remember
tbat the beautiful lives have bloHsom
ed in the darkest places, as pure
white lilies full of fragrance in the
slimy, stagnant waters. Wealth,
birth and officinl station may and do
secure to their possessors an extreme
superficial courtesy; but they never
did nor never can command the reverence of the heart. The most beautiful flowers are found hidden in some
shady nook; so the most beautiful
lives are found bidden in an humble
home at the loot of the ladder.
Who'll Be Nominated?
They nre having a hot old time in
the United Stntes, with a mix-up In
hoth Republican and Democratic
ranks. Grent interest is being taken
ns to who will receive the Republication nomination at Ohicago on June
Selections up to date are as follows
RooBevclt hns 253 delegates Instructed for him. President Taft has 13S
delegates. Cummins has 10 delegates
LaFollettc 36 delegates.
The total number of delegates that
co un-instructed number 100, of these
Roosevelt claims 47; Taft 75.
There arc 18S delegates thnt are
contested by the Roosevelt faction;
nnd 78 hy Taft.
The total number of delegates elect
ed to dnte nre 768.
In the Democratic race there arc
lour contestants.
Champ Clark lias 189 delegntes all
Instructed for lilm.
Wilson hns 175.
Underwood 82.
:   Marshall :io
I Two otber peoples candidates, Fosb
hns 5 instructed for him In Massachusetts; anil linrke linn 12, delegates
in pledged to him in North Dakota.
Harmon has 4 from Maine and 4
from Nebraska.
There will he n "Hot Time" In
Chicago on June 17th. when the Cro-
dentlul committee commence to solve
the contested seats.
Baptist Church
Rev. n. K. Kendall. Pastor
WI'I BBI.IBVB tli.it Qod Is no ro-
spector of persons; hut In every nation, he that feareth him nud work-
eth righteousness, Is acceptable to
In the morning the pastor, Rev. O.
10. Kendall, will continue the presentation of-'Thc second coming of
Christ. The Sunday School will meet
nt three In the afternoon.
Ill the evening service the pastor
will treat the topic "The Joy of
Salvation". Its Power. Its Loss and
Its Restoration.
"I was glad whon they snld unto
me, let us go Into the house of the
Is This the Metallic Missing
John Ooggswoll  in  Onnndn  Monthly
of May
Recently Andrew Cordon frotuh,
conducting operations near Nelson,
llrltlsh Columbia, brought to Hie attention of Hn. scientific world a new
metal, Cutiudllim,
"Its physical und chemical proper
ties are Interesting," says a chemist
You Don't Need
A Glass To See
The   Values   in    our
FURNISHINGS.   Perhaps  we  do   price  our
goods a little higher than
others   do,   but   our
reputation for selling
only RELIABLE guaranteed   MERCHANDISE
is too valuable to risk on cheap goods in order to
meet the price.   We believe most everyone prefers
dependable wares at a fair price rather than quantity
regardless of quality.
We Handle No Goods We Are Afraid Of.
who has investigated the new metal.
"It has a brilliant white lustre, does
not oxidize In tbe oxidizing llames
of the blow-pipe, melts at a little
lower temperature than silver and
gold and Is somewhat softer than
platinum. From u chemical standpoint it is electro negative to sliver,
Is precipitated from its solution by
zinc and mny be ecpnrnted from lend
by ctipellntion. lt is easily soluble
In hydrochloric by chlorihes or Iodide
lt docs not tarnish in damp nlr, sulphurated hydrogen or alkaline sulphides.
"This somewhat extraordinary com
liiiialion of properties in one that
leaves little doubt as to the genuine-
nesH of tho llml nnd raises .question*
of very great Interest as to the character and position of tbe new metal
Its solubility separates It from the
known metals which generally accompany platinum, uud Its melting point
Is nt least 500 degrees ('. below thnt
of uny of the platinum group. Sufficient data are not ut hand to locate
dcflnately among the metals, hut the
possibilities nre somewhat sensational
Royal Visit to  Aldershot
Will  Wntch Training ol Troops-
Queen  May  Revive   Afternoon
Drnwlng Rooms
After bis week with the navy the
King will proceed to Aldershot, whore
on Tuesday ho will watch tho training nf his army. The visit will, how
ever, In no way Interfere with nr Interrupt the scheme of Held training
In which the troops ure engaged. The
King, who will bo accompanied hy
the Queen, will be informed each
morning of the program of work ar
ranged for the dny anil will then decide what part of It he will seo.
The Royal pavilion nt. Aldershot ls
now In the hands of tho olllcluls ol
tho royal household, who nre prepnr-
Ing It for tho occupancy by their
majesties.     The   dining   room   bus
. ******************************* I llllll 11'|-|.
II Auditorium
TUESDAY NIGHT.  MAY 21st,   1912
Return of
Last Season's Biggest Dramatic Hit
'•'• Now in its Fifth Year of   Unparelled   Success
With a Complete Production and Ideal Cast
PRICES   $1.00   -   75c   -   SOc
Seats on Sale at Bcattse-Murphy's Drug Store
t ******** III I ***** *** 11 111 til III I HI HI I **4*
been enlarged and n grent bny window, commanding excellent views of
I the camp, hus boon added, while ctec-
I trie lights have heen installed In
place of the olil-fushlonci! lamps of
Queen  Victoria's day.     Queen  Mary
. will devote most of her time to visit
Ing tho gurrlaon schuol und Institutes
and Inspecting the hospitals, and sho
will endeavor. It In said, to got in
touch with the women In tho married
officers' quarter,
I   Muny   Bocioty  women  ure  viewing
with concern the decision of the
Queen to consider the advisability pi
adopting queen Victoria's custom
with regard fo druwlngrooms sad
holding them In the afternoons The
habit of the present King nnd Quern
nre the reverse of those of King Bt-
ward and Queen Alexandra. Tke
late King was an Inveterate night
bird, whereas King George and Queen
Mary like to retire early. In all prob
ability therefore afternoon drawing-
rooms will be revived thll ■
"Beauty is as Beauty does"—
and the Ford's a joy. It's
the one car that has stood all
the tests. And that's the reason we will make and sell this
year seventy - five thousand
Ford cars to seventy - five
thousand delighted users.
The world over there ie no other ear
like the FORD MODBL T. It's
lightest, righ test—most economical.
The two-passenger car costs but |7T5
f.o.b., Walkervllle, Ontario, complete
with all equipment,—the live passenger but 1890. Today get latest catalogue—from the FORD MOTOR 00.
of Canada, Limited, Madison and
Eleventh, or from our Walkervllle
Kootenay Garage Company
Cranbrook. B. C.
■.   W.   DUt,   VrofMrteew.!
^■M*M*H*H 111 III 1111111 **** H II1111 M 11111II ;;
Drinks   ol   all  kinds can be had at my store for
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different flavours.
Dalton's Lemonade
6? Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of Six Hundred Cases
Fremont Grape Juice.   An  unfeimented
Grape   Temperance   Wine.
A full line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars.    Bar Glasses, etc.
i: H1111M11111 ii 11 n i i"i -HI mi 11 in 1111 nn4
**+****************4******* I 11 ********* ***
PHONE 340 P. 0. BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing   and
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron  Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,  Mines,  Ventilation   Experts
Estimates Given
,   Works, Edward St. Cranbrook
***** Ml I III 11111111' **********************''
Scenic Highway An Asset
Work on BanS-Wtndermere Road Will
Be Commenced at Once—Splendid Seenery
Work on the Banff-Windermere Seen
le Highway which will when completed place Calgary's 4000 automobiles
within nine hours run of the Windermere country, is to be commenced
immediately and rushed to early com
uletlon. This will provide u scenic
routs for automobile tr.wel unsurpassed In the world and already sep-
eral ln Calgary nre planning the construction of summer home! in the upper country in anticipation nf the
consummation of this motor rond.
The decision to construct this road
was arrived ot by the provincial gov-
! eminent last year as a result of persistent overtures made by H. O. Pnr-
, son, then member of the legislature
for Columbia riding, whose recommen
dntlon met the hearty approval of
Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister ol pub
lie works, last August when tbe
"father of good roads" toured this
i district at Mr, Parson's request to
look into the feasibility of the pro-
; posed road.
In an article In a recent number of
the British Columbia Magiuine. W.W,
.Foster,   deputy    minister  of   public
' works, describes the proposed scenic
automobile highway as follows:
|   "A further   undertaking   for  which
j provision ls made ln this year's esti-
' mutes Is the construction of a motor
rond from Castle Mountain to n point
nenr Windermere,   connecting at the
one end with the Calgary-Dan" road
nnd nt the other with the eilatlng
Oolden-Crnnbrook road, thus providing a round trip, or an alternative
route to the proposed lnter-provlncinl
rond from Calgary via BanB National Park.    The coBt of building this
road, which was surveyed last summer, is jointly shared by the provincial   government   and  the   Canadian
Pacific from its summit through to
Windermere; whilst the Dominion gov
ernment  bears  the  expense  of construction within   the  national  park,
Including a bridge over Bow river.
From Castle Mountain the road
reaches the Vermillion river via the
Vermillion Pass, and following the
river runs between two ol the main
chains of tbe Rockies, in closest possible proximity to a wonderful wealth
of Alpine scenery. Coupled with the
luxurious vegetation of the valley ls
the fact that, owing to the fauna
having been so tar but Uttled dlsurb-
ed, it opens up a district for the nature lover hitherto inaccessible except
at great expense. From the point
where the Vermillion joins the Kootenay there is a wonderful beauty In
the pnrklike nature of tbe ever widen
Ing valley. At the mouth of the
Simpson river, where no doubt a cba
let will be erected at no distant date
a panorama, including the valleys ol
the Simpson and the Kootenay, with
mountain ranges beyond, is unfolded
that is probably without a peer.
"Turning south trom the Kootenay
and using the Sinclair pass to reach
the Columbia valley, the road traverses Bcenery diverse in character, but
of equal beauty. At the exact summit of the pass is to be found a
charming lake of the vivid emerald
color that is only seen in a mountain
lake at high elevation. A very remarkable feature of the lake, which
ls so tar unnamed, are Its outlets.
One stream runs east and connects
with the Kootenay and thence flows
south, while the other, the Sinclair,
flows from the opposite end of the
lake directly west to the Columbia.
The Columbia flows north, making a
detour ot hundreds of miles before Its
waters and those ol the Kootenay a-
gain intermingle in southern British
"On Sinclair Creek is a canyon ot
extraordinary character, through
which the highway will pass by suspended bridging, and sear the canyon
mouth is a hot spring of marvelous
curative powers. The efficacy ol the
spring had an added mystery to the
Indian from the prairie, who in days
gone by brought his sick to drink the
canyon rock and in fact the whole
mountain in the vicinity is a bright
brick red in color,
"Continuing down the creek practically to Its junction with the Columbia river, the existing Oolden-Cran-
brook road Is reached, traversing the
lamous Columbia Valley, about which
so much has been written.
"The totnl length of the Banff-Windermere road Is about 80 miles and it
Is noteworthy that notwithstanding
the character of the country traversed nn average maximum grade ot
two and a half per cent has been obtained.
Trade Marl
That means
Success in
The dependable
The  Squaw  Man
"The Rquuw Man" Irom all reports
easily rank as one of the mott sub
stantlal hits of the past season. It
is said to contain more generous
laughs thnn many a farce, and the
love interest ls absorbing. Tbe play
Is said to be strong, convincing and
uncommonly Interesting and proves
particularly effective as a dramatic
vehicle because it deals with a familiar subject in a most virile manner,
pumry flour
Murderers   in   Desperate
The trail ol the Indian murderers,
Splntlum and Paul, temporarily lott
at Canoe creek, SO miles northwest ot
Clinton, Is again hot. Tbe activity
of Chief Constable Fernle and hit
poise ol constables aod trackers in
shutting off communication between
the desperadoes and tbelr friends at
Canoe Creek and Dog creek has result
ed In turning the fleeing Indians back
toward Clinton. The murderers are
In desperate "traits. Both are riding one horse, though they still retain their rifles. It Is believed they
hnd very little ammunition when teen
at the head nf Canoe creek. They
bad no food. A young Indian named
Crank talked with them at this point
Friday, May 24th, 1912
Big Programme
Athletic \& Children's
On the Cranbrook Agricultural Association Grounds
$1,000 in Prizes!
Cranbrook City Band in Attendance
Commencing at 1:30 p. m. Sharp
Five-eights Mile Dash,             Purse $200
One-half Mile Dash,                      " 175
Four and one-half Furlongs             " 150
Matinee Race, Half-mile Heats       " 100
Two in Three
Pony Race, Half-mile Heats           " 85
14 1-2 Hands and under, Two in Three
Squaw Race on horseback              " 30
Indian Pony Race, Half-mile heats " 50
Two in Three, Indian Horses and Riders
One Mile Foot Race                    " 25
100 Yard Foot Race    -              " 17.50
220 Yard Foot Race                    " 17.50
1st 2nd    3rd
$120 $80   $
105    70
90    60
60    40
50     25    10
Indians Wrestling on Horseback       Prize $10
Gentlemen 50c,
Ladies 25c
Grand Ball at the Auditorium
In the Evening
J. P. Fink
D. D. McLaws
God  Save  The   King!
He was met Inter by the ofllcers, who
succeeded ln wringing the information
from him and forced him to show
the spot, where the trnckerB again
took up the trail which they ure now
lollowlng. They recognised the hoof
marks  at  tome  tbey   bad   followed
from    Jones's   ranch where u saddle
was stolen last Tuesday.
The fact that the Indians are together disposes uf the mystery whlcb
has Hiirniutiileil the tutu of Indian
Paul. The latter wore mocassins
und   had   been   careful   to   dismount
only In places where his tracks would
hardly tie discovered, while Hpintliiin
wearH heeled cowhoote, marks of
whlrh have been In evidence occasion*
ally from the sprit where Kyness was
killed. At Meadow lake, 10 miles
southeust of tbe place where tbe mur-
iIiti'im met the Indian frank, a rancher named Napolean Pigeon noticed
both mni'iiHuiti ami hoot tracks and
called the attention nl Bupt. Campbell tn them. The lutter sent for
trackers, whn Immediately reconnol-
tered them. .._ THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOF, R. C.'
of Agriculture)
Ot  Of   ru i-l In-
yenr 1012 by
, ml the Department
I Continued.)
darling, yon   art
111,"  ht  whispered  us In
drew her
hund within iils unu end led lier out
uf ;li<> room There was a handsomely furnished sitting-room attached to
Uio suite of rooms that Charles had
jusi engaged Into which he now led
Kditli. Mo mule her as comfortable
ns possible and wns turning to leave
lho room when Kdith called him bi\clt,
■| am onlj going foi a moment, darling; 1 think ii would !"• »'■!! to can
in a physician."
■■oh no, Charlie! pray don't, it Is
not that, not that at nil." Bhe said, in
it voice lhal whs per eptlbly shaky.
Then as Charles faced quli k;> aboul
ami loorit'ii Inquiringly at her, Kdith
hlil in r face lu her hands and -;' tan
.■il, Charles had rorgol Bn ■ i ul I e
li'-ier and was completely puzzled.
il.. drew a chair up beside Bdlth's
; id geutly hut firmly set ahout dls*
. ,-«ring the cause of In r strange conduct. !!■■ knew that Kdith was noi
i*l\en to affectation or hysterical behavior of on) kind, In m " there was
something much more serious than
timidity or the wcarlm ss apt to follow the fuss of ih" wedding Q< rem-
otifi s at Uie bottom of hor pr sent
\<-ry apparent agony of spirit,
"Kdie (Icar," he said slowly and
gravely, "yon have told me that you
loved me. and have made me hdppy
in giving me the right to protect you;
what distresses yon, darling?"
"Oh Charlie; you will never for-
glvo me." who groaned, "but l thought
lie wus dead, I did not know—not till
to-night," she sobbed.
"You did not know who was dead,
Kdie"'' said Charles, growing pale
witli tlm presentiment of some coming calamity. "Try and be calm, darling, and tell me everything," he aald,
raising ber hand lo his lips. "Who
did you think was dead?"
"Mr.   Hard j '  she  whlspe
■ tho hopes and  fears of those long
1 ilnvs ot waiting!
1  Bend this nolo vy a trusty ines-
songer to prepare you, darling, for
my coming Ou Friday eve, the I Bill*
jut  8  p.m.  t   will   luok   for my  little
wife nt the old  trysting place.
Your  devoted   husband,
Frederick Hardy."
Charles groaned aloud as he began
lho letter,  "lll«  wife,  Oh God!"  he
mutterodt then with a face that aoem-
j i'd turned to stone he rend the letter
lover once, twice, three timet), and
| then with the loiter still lu his bands
' he turned and walked slowly up nnd
J down  the room     Kdllh  in the next
t'OOin  listened to the slow  measured
I trend, as be seemed to pass and repass  where    she    was    sitting,  nnd
prayed as she never prayed before
, that he might ge'; strength to bear
I it manfully,
■ Charles, however, was thinking not
so much of this bitter ending to his
dreams of bliss, nor oi his mother's
terrible grief when  she should learn
the disgrace and misery thai hud fallen upon her little family circle, but !   at   your   Druggist's.      Mado   by   lho
Of   Kdith   herself    pure,   high-minded,     national   Drue   and  Chemical   Co.   ot
sensitive,  married  to n  professional   cansds li-rited
Rambler,  with  the possibility  of be- '  ' 110
Ing dragged Into it was no knowing]
what abyss of Infamy,
He fold himself again and again !
that he was eutlrelj to blame for the
whole affair, Whal a blind fool he
had been, und i ow plain II all Beem
ed to him now. How oftmi be allow
ed Mr. Hardy and Kdith to go walk-!
ing and drh inu for hour;, alone thai
A bite cf this am! a lasts of lhat, al! day
long, tlulls the appetite and weakens lhe
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
after oaohmeal—andoutout the'pleolng1*
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
I  ure the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia,   ,50c. a Box
A Bad Outlook.
"No.   i can"! «et up enough rourogt
to iislc old Patterson for his daughter,"
"And why not?"
■ liceause I'm a builder of absolutely  l*UBl
mmer;   and   what  could h simple, . (.reproof buildings aud lie Is a lire In-
little  Bchol'glri;  as  Kdith  was  then,   suruuco agent/'-Cloveland IMalu Deal-
know uf this scoundrel's wiles? er.
Then I3dl h'a .range manner after
wards h#r dullness and her coldness
towards himself and bis mother, her
plalulv-expressed «Ish against accompanying them to England, hi r
coldness ou theb* return, the fainting Incident after McLean's paHy
when he assured her of Hardy's
death, then her return to her old
bright maunei so shc^iy afterwards,
Lucky R. Crusot.
Sometimes i think i tnvy
k. Crusoe, r**i i ity s..\
it" had q mat viii-* ssrvanl
wii.i couldn't gol away
■ Q iffii i News.
First of All White Races In Numbers
—Agriculture   Leading   Occupation.
We gather from tho "Russian Year
Book" that on Jan. 1. I!"0, t^io population of Itussla amounted to 1110,748,-
400, and, together with tho Finnish
provinces, tlio total population amounted to HI.i.tvk.koii people. Ill thirteen nml a half years, from the Autumn of 1887 to January, 1011, in
splto of war, cholera and famine, lho
Russian population haa inereaned by
88,180,000 souls--an annual growth of
8,732,000. ln point of numbers Kus-
Sla Is llrsl of all tho whllo races.
The vast population Is not entirely
of Russian raoo; tho empire counts
10 por cent, of Tartars, t» per cent, ol'
Poles, nnd a considerable number of
Lithuanians, LettB, Finns and Jews,
in territorial extent Russia in ihe
largO-lb country iu the world, ll in
forty four times as big nn franco-
Three i.uiirte:'s of lhe population
are, It is said, engaged in agriculture,
10 per cent, in various industries, 4.0
per cent, hi private service, !1.H per
cent, in trade, All oilier ocoupalions
do not. engage more thnn Tn per cent,
Although ii Kussi.i agriculture i«
genorolly the predominating occtlpa*
tlon, tht largest proportion or people
employed  iu  this  pursuit   Is  found  hi
Contra! Asia, about ■"i;1 por oenl : the
Becond pines is taken bj Siberia, ovor
so per conl ; followed h\ the Cow
• astis, aboul ,'!' per ccut. uud Poland,
Willi  onlj   tui.li per eelil.    On the other
hand, Industrial pursuits, mining lu
itC, are more developed lu
Poland, whlob on gage lft, i per cent
of the population employed; iheu
como i Kuroppan Russia, aboul 1" per
cent., tha laal place being taken by
tho Cnisasus aud Central Asia.—
u est tn luster Gaxette
Perfection  In  Dress.
vou  think   il   Ifl  he. 1111111,1.
■lie,"  Hhe
■ bul
Ob (,'h
burs I  of sobs,    I  meant
dear, bul whon I heard
t thought it was better t
I know yon «ill hale me
know what to do, Charl
"1 could noi  hale you
he added, again raising her hand to
Ins lips, "let ns be perfectly straightforward witli each other; what connection had you with Mr. Manly'.''"
"That will telJ you." she said, in
a low voice of shame, handing lilm
ihe letter,
Charles took the letter and went.
into the adjoining room, closing the
door alter him. lie did not want
Kdith 10 see him unmanned, and he
'pared the worst.
xnd—he stopped talking and seated   Rslts. appearing In her newest gowu
himself with a slight relaxing ol the      "Don't boi  cr about that.' Brushes ths
Btrong    expression  0   his  :.,■•    She   friend    "It is perfect   It is simply de-
couldn't have loved  hint, 1 r child
how   had   bin    :   -
marriage?   He in  si I    ■
remembi 1 ed   their   1      liar   pos i
and   felt   that   he   mus
mi as in 1 to secun om being
compromised   n an;
Sometime la er having sent urgent
1. li grams  to his-n I Judge
Demllle, to Join them  withou
and   hai Ing    altered    thol    arrangi
menta so as to set ure Edith tram in-
jurlous  coin ment.  Charles returned
II Ions    My dear, ft  makes you looli
al solute); helpless.'*—Judge's l.iltrary.
The Race.
rhous   >.-■■[.■. nto    eovo « tract
Of anger eu J regret,
Tomori >w % ilwaj» In th« race
And la; .- best bet
—Washington Stnr.    :
Taking   No   Chances.
To justify his repealed use of the
same .\lttlclmn, ns noted In throe of
his  plays, .1   M   Bnrrle says;   "We
Scots abhor waste Did yon over
hear of the aged Saunders C'arlyle,
rtho always draua his whlakoj lo tho
last drop the instant tt was poured
out tor him?
"'\\!i\ do you drink down \i.ur
liquor in thai quick, greedy way?' a
1 rangi - said to Saunders In a reproachful tone.
" i once had one knocked over,'"
the old man explained.
According lo  Precedent.
A   Philadelphia   druggist   who   ad*
ran ed a tramp 51 several years r.go
>r   hns Just inherited from that worthy
1107,000,   "D r.ditioual drug store profit'
—Buffalo Express.
Tiie letter ran as follows
"M5 dear wife
It is needless    to   overwhelm y
with apologies for my long sllenci
if your trust, hi me is as perfect
mine  iu  you,  you   will  have nlr
felt thai there could he only one reason for my slleuco,   viz,- that it was
Impossible   for   mo to communicate
with you earlier.
I'an you imagine, dearest, what
thoughts como to me as 1 start nt
this long delayed letter? Do you
think l have forgotten the picture of
my sweet girl bride, in her white
gown -pure and while as tho heart
nf her it covered—as she stood beside me tlml bcauttrul summer morning so long ago, and said the words
that  made her mine for ever'.'
1 have said 'long ago'; live years
wlili you, darling, would seem short
Indeed; bu' nwuj rrom tho light of
your eyes, from Ihe charm ol your
presenee. counting I lie days of separation, it was n century of dull groy
I need not now dwell on the events thai have kept us parted so
long- we will soon bo togother again
and willt hand to hand ami heart to
heart, how much easier lo explain
all the miserable disappointments, ull
both  of them,    How   hard   to choke
down  ih'- conflicting    feelings    that
were rending the hearts of both, and
meet again after all this and discuss
what was best to be done.
}    Cliarles learned that his conjectures were right;   that   Kdith had  been
J unsuspectingly napped into the mar*
: rlage, and  then  had  been persuaded
i into promises ot secrecy about it.
Then   Edith    told   him  that   for a
! time she thought it would be all right
l—everyone in Campden had seemed
1 to think him ho clever and  gentleman*
ly, and nil liked htm so well at home.
and he promisee,  her that  he would
j soon  come  ba< k   and   tell  her aunt
all   about   il      Bul   she   had   always
feared him more than liked blm. und
•vheii  he didn't     return    nnd  finally
stopped   writing,   she  did   not   know
what    course   she   ought to follow
When  she  had   gained   more expert
dy  once .-nd knowledge of tho world sho
began to understand his motives tor
this   private   marriage,  ami   to   look
forward  to her  future  with feelings
Too  Poor.
"Well,"  Il
■ friend said, "ho seems
io he able tt
ti-ak-" an honest living."
"Yes," she
replied,   "hut   heavens!
v ho wants
0 marry a man of that
Mmi   uowat
ays V"—Chicago    Record
She mends
"a nd
ookJ Ids iiipjI?:
from   he
*  t
iwtr ».
.us   leu mum   its
Sbe gives l
on'rage wh
»n ho feels
'i f-.e heav
• L
>t his
Just as Comfortable.
I    "Have you a spare ruom in your
i liai?"
; "No. hut I Bland In with the janitor. So when I have a guest overnight he lets me use the telephone
hoo tli."
Canada Sending Many Manufactures
and Buying Much Butter.
Imports from Citiuulii Into Now
Zealand fluking tho. year 1811 were
$108,200 in excess or those tor 11)10,
Bays sir. w A. Boililoe, Canadian
Tratlo Commissioner, writing Irom
Auckland on Fell lSlli to tliu Depart
meat of Trade und Commeree. There
may ho some variation In Iho figures,
but thoy will bo larger, not smaller,
Wheu lill relitiua are In. Articles Imported from t umulii during Ihu Inst
quarter—October, Nuveiimor and December. IHU—had a value or *4H,-
MS, anil covered W Hems, ol which
42 were entitled, to preferential treatment, As lu ihu remainder, agricultural Implomnuls ami plain and bullied wire, of which large luiantllles
were Imported, enter free. The preference lined., ilinse articles, such as
paper, fish ami furniture.
Tim feature ol the Bonson, Mr, Bod-
doe ailils, has been lhe rapid growth
ol the export of hutlor from New
Zealand in Vnuuouvor, Thle trade
has i vcecilctl the must sanguine e\
peclalliins of the incicliniiis, tliolr re-
sources having boon Inxed to lhe ui
must lo in,-i-l ilu, kiviiI demand rrom
the rumiilliiu luarlict Up In Ibis
time lull si-alum mil) L'.lir.s limes nl
hutlor bud tic,i iieiii in Vancouver,
whoreiiH ilu- total  for    ibiu aoneon
i.l.iiul.i al   ll'.ll.'ll liiixes.
When Lepioiy W,n Prevalent
Leprosy, of courao, was common In
Kuglniiil during lhe middle ages. Old
leper hospitals ami leper burial plls
existed In manj places. MusL old
ohurohos hnvo n loper'B window In
ihe chancel, a narrow unglnzod open-
ing lu tho wall through which tho
leper niiabi see the elevation of tho
On .Saturday hist the clolil of lhe
i.isiu-uiil Hoard of Guardians reported Unit be had found thnl at one
lime Ibere was n leper hospital ln
the neighboring parish or Boihvln,
and that the land belonglngto It nre
now let ('ur St. Lawrence I-'nlr, one
of Cornwall's popular annual festivities. It now appears thai the revenue of the estate of the SI. Lawrence Hospital were iiirecieil generations ago. by the Court of Chancery,
lo be paid t i the treasurer for tho
time being of the Cornwall Infirmary
at Truro lo be primarily applied to
the proper accommodation therein of
leprous persons.
Tho Income of the St. Lawrence
esiute is Bllll paid to tho Truro In-
Urinary, and the Lislieurd Guardians
havo sent, full particulars to Its authorities of Wellington's case ashing
them to take charge of It.
"■''•'-'    PACKAGE IS BLUE.
Sul.'luei-   of   Delhi.
Oni- of tin1 few survi'ors nf tha ilcM
I ol  Dollil, in  Ilu- [mrHc-ii of (.en. Hir
Al oximeter Taylor,  litis  pnsaetl  »way
in IIiii.'IimuI, nt tlic Rita <■!' eightjMftveiie
I    Ha went iu Imliii In lf*4*l an a nul>*
| ii Hi- r»t in ilio 1 Uuii,'ul l-lnglueers, took
i hart in the two Sikh warn, nod wm
I Uiq moving force ol tlio engineering
ouorntioiia  ngniimt  Delhi <lurnnc tiie
j Mnlinv of 1867.
I   Night nttor night, »liili- the batter-
■ it'.-i woro ImildhiE bororu Delhi, Taylor, who \\»s pcuuml in command  >\
tin'  Knglnoora  untier  Halrd,  stiidlod
the  ground  ninl  perfected  the  linal
I plain for the assault.   Ho virtually
' directed Dm whole ol Lhe operations
in tho Held, and Nicholson, hearing
I on Ills deathbed lhal lho orefKI win
j bolng bestowod elsewhere, is snid i:i
havo  exclaimod,  "If   I   net through
this I >liull Irl lho world know it wus
| Alex, Taylor whn took Delhi."
Lord Lawrence, who know more
than anyone ol the inner history of
lho eainp. wrote in 1869 U> Lord Dal*
housjoi "To Nioholson, Alex, Taylor ol
tho Rnglnoers, and Neville Chamberlain the real merit of our success is
During   the   street   fighting   which
followed  lho assault, Taylor showed
extraordinary rosonrco, aud whon oui
troops began to display signs <>f de>
iiinnili/.iiliiiu it wan he who suggested
I that Uie Engineers should break in-
j ternal passages from house to houso
; The  plan  succeeded,  mid  two days
! !ii!**i' Delhi wus in the hands of tht
i British.
Sugar a "cart at!muiflr*t,
Huyin hub imd Hh cliumplons us
iweii os ih uitponeniB' 't** advooates
jllivo dflfiMt'Pil that, uhIiIu from Ua
liajnitfliiiny vnluo, Li curries with it tt
I quick iiu.uuiaiiuu ibui m wiihuut perceptible iduiou.
!   "Ou Uie other aide," buys the Ba-
ker'e Weekly, "we  liuve .nnl   radical
utteraueea rouuecliug uui-ar with
, tome ui' tlio must lucurnble of organ lo
dlseasoa, um au ImikIu.1i pbyslelan
1 receiiily  coutonded  that  cauc  Biigar
Is altuobt u speeihe iu the treatment
I of oertaln  Ulr-x-uvea    of    (hu    heart.
RmpliaslB is in id upon eime sugar."
! • Dr. i\ 3. Loclto, of King's College,
Loudon, has kept tho heart o( a num.*
! ii,ul beating for    olglliy    to    ninety
hours allor death of tho auimnl simp-
! ly hy keeping the heari muiolos
| sprinkled with powdered canesuger,
rfhetto  lattor experiments- wllh  cane
sugar, obpoclally with reference fo dl
nation of tho heart muscles, show Unit
hn numerous cases eurta have   been
effected that an* of tiiree or four
1 year's standing,
His Field.
! Griggs—"A critic says that if Poe
] were living to-day no editor would
print liiH strange, weird stories."
j Brlggs—"Oh, well, he could make
j a living designing women's hate."—
; Boston Transcript
Nothing  Doing.
"Guess I'll lako a hand in llila poker same    Gimme $4 worth of chips."
"Nothing doing for you. Wall
street is the place for lhe ttniall investor."
Why persist In being Imposed «f*
on liy buying poor trashy alum baking powder when you can juat as
well buy Magic linking Powder, the
health giving "No Alum" brand at
the same prlee?   At fill Grocers.
She niaKrs his little Income serve
To Keep their home a cheerful piare.
■When fear deprives him <it Ms nerve
IU finds that hope still lichts her taco.
Ite noon would f;iil without her nid
To. keep their little bark alloat.
Dm'he ii> vary much ml raid
To liavo her trusted wllh a vote,
—Chicago Record-JJorald.
Off to a Good Start.
Hicks—I hear that Brown's speech;
at the club dinner last night was quite
funny. '
Wicks—The opening sentence was—
very, lie rose and said: "While I
was sitting; on my thoughts a chair
struck me." Bvcrybody roared.—
Boston Transcript.
Insult Added to Injury.
"I'm   ni\ hilly   sorry   It  btippontMl."
apologizes tlio nlijcft young mun allot
Ibe btolfii Llss.
"Happened!" she eselnlms. "'Ilnp-
petiedl Tlmt Is worse tlian (lie kiss,
of horror. f|,itri,.«"iHil noi. seeic"to| lf -'°" m°"n "» »"" ,0 m° "1:,t yon | popw," salil Uie Indignant man, en-
prolong the Interview—he was -uf-1 didu'l Imve ll in niinil when you asked tering the editorial Banctiim. I was
rerlng too Intonsely, and he know j rae to stroll nwny liai-U hero In this °n°. °' the "orapeUtorB nt the athletic
thai  Edith shared his misery. quiet corner or the conservatory 1 .hall  "»'?£ yf„t1t^!Ln ?t/ht»S SSS
ourse, Edle,"    said   Charles,   be offended after nlL"-Judge's Libra-  ™n* c w0" kno,ul lie,'t"eleht cl,am-
Small paper to\v»ls are sold lu Mew
York at  150 for GO cents.
An Awkward Bream
"You've    made a  mistake in yonr
with a poor attempt at a smile as lie
was  leaving the  room,  "tbo past  is]
dead,     Wo  have  only  our  cousinly |
relationship to fall back upon, but. l
will do everything;  iii  my power to:
see that  your wishes are respected,
and your safety secured, and if ever
you  want a friend,  Edle, you know
wliere to look tor one."
"IT only you believe In me, Char-
He," sho answered, with trembling
lips, "it  won't  be so hard to bear."
Charles -li<l not Lrust himself tn!
speak: be noticed lliat (he hoop of
gold that lie had himself placed ou
Ilie little hand, still remained there,
ami Once more raising her hand to I
his lips, lie abruptly left the room.
(To bo CO! *.iuue.l,
V*'   I     "Well, arent you?" said the editor.
Monster Palm Trtes I    ' ^*0, Jm m,tmnS ot t,le ■tlm*. and
•Hie,, are palm trees growing on the  ^ contou^edly^K.ard^ecause,
unuks of the  Amazon  whose leaves
are from teu to twelve feet broad and
from thirty to fifty feet long.
Soft Iron Horseshoes.
In Spain very few horseshoers havi
forges in their shop.-". They malic
their shoes without the Hid of a lire. *
possibility largely due to the pure
soft, ductile iron primarily manufap
tured with wood and charcoal.
Recall of Umpire's Decisions.
Here ii. a wily of adding to the ii^-
tractiveness of our national game.
Soma offsetting economy of time
could be had in reduction of innings
to seven. "Striker out," the umpire
declares. "Doubt It," shout the spectators. "How many challenge ihat
decision?" cries the megaphone man;
a hundred rise, as the instantaneous,
electrical tabulator reveals. A test
vote is orieretl. All in favor of the
umpire's decision stand. Counted.
Opposed stand. Counted, The decision rendered, and the game proceeds.
The umpire would still be a convenience. He could announce the uncontested things. Public sentiment
would project him in going somewhat further. , Everybody would want
to "play ball." Fanciful or captious
challenges of his decisions would become unpopular. The burden of
proof would eventually find lodgement, on the critics. Perhaps his
position would be more secure than
now. Who knows? Let us try IT!—
Boston Herald.
Larry: 1 think Professor What's-
bis-name, in Shakespeare, he brings
thinga homo to you that you never
saw hei'ore.
Harry: Huh I've got a laundryman
as good as that.
SMIohs Cure
quicLly atopfl coutfhx. cure;, cttld*., faral.i
Ihu throat and lass*
I always use
Table Salt,
2H eral ft.
roiT can't reasonably expect to make a ii--lit,
flaky pfe«cruit, it the aaii you use i
lumpy aud billcr.
In Hamburg the uaiure of the soil
is such  that  no very tall  buildings
can  be   erected,  aud  there are  few i
that have as many as ten floors.
:    The lace trade of Prance la ealtl j•^aftl^J.U^S^Tj\??S
to nfloril employment for •lOO.OOO per-   „u„'t "cake".   Equally b«4 lur the tnble, fnr
j sons. cooking ami baking,      *" 53
Pores In the SUin.
Tbe pores In Ibe human skin nunv
ber about 1,000 lo Ibe square Inch.
The Bearded Vulture.
Tbe world's Inrgost bird «f prey l»
the bearded vulture.   I'ruin Up lo lip
of wing It measures nine unci amno-
Uiiiiis teu foot.
Sleep Spectacles.
Spectacles with a white fpol in tin
centre ol n black disk on each len'.
tlm invention ol nn English dootor
are snid tn  Induce drowsiness 111  i j
wearer, curing insomnia.
Duels In France.
'  I   In Frnnco the cheapest duel cosls
Known All Over The World »'■«""'•' « ""** "•« •"v"'"'" "P t0
One of the newest musical lnalru-
ments, operated by electricity, reproduces the notes of forty-five orchestra performers.
Within tlm square mile whlob constitutes the City of London, the
yield from the Income-tax is nearly
— Known Only For The
Good It Has Done.
|250, and if a com ba tact is killed bla
adversary nnd Bocoods are liable to
penal bcnitude.
We know ot no other medicine which
has been mi successful in relieving the
suffering of women, or received ■• many
genuine testimonials, a* lias Lydia Iv
Plnkham's Vegetable Compound,
ln nearly every community you will
find women who havs li«--'ti restored to
health by this famous medicine, Almost
every woman you meet knows of the
pri-ut good it has b**en doing among suf-
ft-ring women for the past §0 years.
Fox Creek, N. B. — "I have always
had pain? In the abdomen and a weak*! pacj||
i there and often
J after meals a sore-
i ness in my .stomach.
Tbe diicnrcry or conl Is paid to bnve
been  made  by n   Belgian  tilie-ksnilth
Domed   Uullos,  who  lived In tbe village of rieoevatix, near Liege, iu lino.
At Good as His Word.
After having been buried for seven
years in the desert, the body of a
Herman trooper named Rogge lias
been found by a flying patrol In a
Bhifting sand dune near Koltnanskop,
German South-U'est Africa. The unfortunate trooper had beeu sent to
convey tbe mails from Luderitzbucht
tn sonic remote Inland stations. He
never arrived.
His route lay via the Ukama
Springs, a small oasis, and Irom
notes found ln a poeketbook on the
body it appears that he lost Bis bearings, owing lo desert mirages, and
failed to make the Ukama Springs.
Ile wandered about, aimlessly for
days, without Sliding his way.
His last note was lo tho effect that
he was suffering fearful torments
from thirst, and thnl he intended to
blow out IiIh brnlns before his reason
gave way completely, The body was
found with a bullet holo In the lorn-
pie, and Ibe packet of letters lay beside it Intact,
One pound nr good ia! has siil'l-
ibiu energy io lift a 111.111 fourteen
miles high.
The First Savings Bank.
The hundredth anniversary of lhe
founding of the first savings bank of
the modem type waa celebrated last
year. The founder was a Presbyterian village pastor. The minister of
a church at 'Ruthwell. Scotland, distressed at. seeing the wastefulness of
the laboring people In his parish, offered in the year 1810 lo pay fj pet-
cent, interest to anybody who would
leave savlrgs with lilm.
The minister, the Rev. Henry Duncan, hod the ffnaneinl genius to make
a go of his original project, and he
was able a few years later to record
iu n pamphlet on "A Parish Savings
Rank' a very remarkable betterment
of economic conditions in his neighborhood—less drinking and more
thrift. The pamphlet attracted wide
attention, the experiment was Initialed elsewhere, nnd the vast savings-
bank system of the civilized world
hns sprung from hit root. The town
of Rulhwc*) felt It owed so much to
Mr. Duncan lhat In the yenr 184(1 II
erected a public monument to his memory.
Home to Roost.
i Apple green west anil mi orange bar.
i Anil Hie crystal eye of a lone, ono star,
i And "Cltlld, tnlio the shears and cut what
you will—
i Frost tonight, so clear and dead still."
-Edllh M. Thomas In Harper's.
i Tea green piffle and orunge bunk
And the ragged rlmo of one mad or drunk,
Ynu must confess this approaches Miss
Etlllh's verse, but w. can't sell this.
-Buffalo News.
Crushed   punipldn   dawn   and   ft  lemon
Child, lend your mother outdoor to froeaft
At stuff like this we could never fall,
lint we'd never dart offer this BtuK for
l sale.
-Houston Post.
Alleo blue rhcv.n nnd a plate of tripe
And fourteen chinamen lillllni the plpft
I \erses like this mnko a busoin throli.
1 lioi,e It won't cnuso mo to loso my lob.
-Milwaukee UeiitlneL
Write for agency for our special to*
order tailoring for your town.   Thera
Is money In it.   John Dawson, l.td„
Chnrch St., Toronto.
Do    Not    Use   Harsh   Purgatives—A
Tonic Is All You Need.
Noi  exactly sick—but    not feeling
quite well     Thatt  is tho way most
people  feel  iii    the    spring.    KaBlly
African desert* are from thirty to  |ln.iK   app,tlta   flt.klPi     BOmatlmoa
forty (eet deep lu innd. i headaches, and a feeling of dopres-
African Desert.,
deserts  nro  from  thirty  to
Mtnard'e Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
From Eiffel Tower to Morocco.
Tho mllllnry wireless telegraphy
station on the Eiffel Tower, Paris,
from which communications can be
eschnnged with Morocco, Is going lo
hnve its range doubted and Its power
Increased six-fold.
Asking Too Much.
"And did they put Hie hounds on the
iceut of the escaped prisoners)*" uskctl
lhe New York police captain.
".•"ure." replied the deleellve.
"And did Ibe dogs run lliein doWuT
"Why, I thought tbey were such won.
dei'ful dogs on the sceutV"
"Well, lliey nre: but, you see. they
trailed tbe prisoners to tho subway,
and Ibere were so mnny different smells
that lhe hounds lost lhe liall."-Vuu
kers rtlalesniuii.
.Tenlis: Why or earth did yoil laugh ,
so heartily at that anolant jest ot
Wise: In self-defence.
Jenks: In self-defence?
Wise:   Yes. If I hadn't laughed so
ho  would  have  repealed  the  thin,
N.ro Derp. i pear on   tho  skin,  or there may he
The greatest ocean depth ohlclnlly  twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia.
reeorded Is .'it .Vein deep. In Ilio north
n.    Pimples o-.- eruptions may ap-  thinking I hadn't seen iho point.
Red rnlns arc very rare, bul In
volcanic melons gray rain in comparatively common. Sicily nu hnd
many showers of this shade They
are caused by the upper atmosphere.
being full of nsh colored VolCanlO dllsl
from Etna, This dust Is Inflnltoslm-
ally Hue and colors the rain us ll
An International Investigation.
"lib, yes nuiiili! belongs lu tbe lending sneliilogienl xoi'iely.''
"Hoes sbo deriilu much lime lo It'/"
"Ves, Indeed, a great deal of time.
Why, she's down lo the liiill iluw wnleh-
lug Professor ijilliny He Huu/0 dauec
Ihe lm key liot.'-l'leieliiud Plain Heub
St.  John-Liverpool.
Lake MftliHobft     ttiur... Uu.  :s
lOnipiesa uf  ll/U«}n      I'riility,  Apl.    •
Lako Cbftlnplain     Thura.,      "    11
Empress of  Ireland      Friday,      "    IS
Laku Manitoba     Thurs.,      "    .1
Summer Service.
Montreal • Quebec - Liverpool.
Enipr.ee of Billnln .. Friday. May   3
Lake Chaniplnlu   ■  ..   Thurs..  Mny    it
Knipress of Ireland  ..  Frlilny, May 17
Lake Manitoba       Thurs..  May 23
Empress of Ilrliiiln .. Friday. May 41
and weekly thereafter.
Low Rates—Superb Service,
nrservattens  anil  details  from  any
Railway Ac/ent nr write
J. S. CARTER, Qenl. Ant.
tlO  Portsne   Ave.,   Wlnnlpen.
ClMHMoVrt Northern Ste*m»liipg,
,'_'i;:i fathoms, a i: i linn hclog
ii leet.
The Potato,
I.yiJin E. Plnkham's.    f.|,|ie r.|fl;,lls tbnt tho Island of Chilne,
VegetableCompound  l)lr uie west coaat, Is lho original home
has dune me much
if Hie (inlulo, baring been cultivated
Any of these Indicate tlml the blood
Is oul of order—that the Indoor llfo
nf winter has lef lis murk upon you
mul may easily develop into inoro
serloUB I rouble.
fin  noi   dose yourself with  purgatives, mi so in.my people do, in thu
hope thai ynu can pill your blood right
Purgatives gallop through the system
nml    weaken     Insleud     of     giving
strength.    Any dootor will tell you
! this    Is    truo.     What    you  need  in
1 have      ri,. annexation ol Uboson (Korco)   spring Ih n tunic thai will make now
encouraged   many  ilV  Japan  has  made tho Tumon-Ula  blood and  build up the norvos.    Mr.
mothers of families  River a boundary    between    Russia   William's Pink I'IIIh In ilie only mod-
to take It as It is the and Japan,   As the fishing rights In   lolno lhal can do thla spoodlly, safe,
test remedy in the world.  Yuu ran pub- tho waters of thin river woro not cot    ly and   surely    Every   dose of lhis
liih this In the papers."-Mrs. William  "red by the  Ruaso-Japannso conven | medicine -makes    new    blood  which
S lloi'itiji.T FoxCrook N H             I1'"" "' |,|u7' " lH reported Hun both  clears iho ekln, strengthens ihe op-
',   ,,'   „.''.,       ,  .  ' .       ,,         aovornmento aro now colluding dnln  potlto and  makes    tired,   doprossod
In tho Plnkhom Uboratoryat l.ynn :    .    yinK lne_B llu)illi:   ..,„„,„„        ;„„.„, w„„„.„ „„,i chlldron bright, a--
Mass., are hies containing hundreds of, , _^
ffood. I am stronger,   tlieru a|,K.„ c„riy In tho llflccnlh een-
digestion  is   better  tll|.yt
and 1 cnn work with '
thousands of tetters from woman Booking health, in wblcli many openly Btata
over thcl; „„„ sifrnnini-ea thai thoyhavoi
,e|;nlneil Uiclrhealth by taking Lydia E,
plnkham's Vegetable Compound, ninny
of whuin stale thnt it haa saved tluun
from surgical operations.
W. N. U. tb en.
llvo und slriiiig.    Mrs, .Minnie flngg,
,., r„, «,„. Iliamborg, Saslt., soys:    "I can un-
«..,'i    , ,      ,i,   , he-ltallngly roc ml Dr. Wllllaino'
VMiim.  thai   man   who just  Licked , jMn„   j>Miu as  n   liloml    builder mul
  "hull' ovc "l"1 '""ow " Pack of,,„„•„..   i  »„„ u.n mu,u ,.„„ Aovln
car Is Into Lite    lii'1 place;     niijulrcd
ono waiter.
"Oh," replied ihe othor, "he's the]    gold bv all medicine doalors or by
gentlomnn who H'los to rest his nerv.   mn|| „, .-,„ ,.,.„,„ a i,ux ,„. ^^ U0X0B
 y playing solltalro."—Washington  f0r m.no from   Tlm   Dr, Wllllnnis'
B ar Medlclno Co., llrockvlllo, Out.
Attacked    by    Asthma.    The first!
fenrful    sensation  Is  of suffocnllon,
which hour by hour becomes more
dosporate nml hopeless.    To such n
case tho relief afforded by Dr. ,T, D.
Kellugg's    Asthma    Remedy    noeniB I
nothing  less  than    miraculous.    Uu
help Is quickly apparent and soon the
dreadful attach    la mastered,    The!
asthmatic who has found out the do-
peiiilablllly uf this    sterling remedy
will never be without It,   It lu sold
Petroleum fields covering a vast
nrea In Turkeslun, extending to the
Chinese frontier, hnve recently been
surveyed hy Professor lljulmer SJo-
gron, ot Stockholm.
Riisslu supplier, tlreat Britain with
Ilio greater  proportion of her poul-
try and eggs.
One day laid week two llllle girls
iu ['arsons were hurrying to Heboid
ami were afraid thoy Would be lardy
one mile girl aald:—"Lot's Imoel
riKlit down and pray that we won't
lm lardy." "Oh. tin" wild lhe ulher.
"Id's lillie in iichool ami pray while
«eie hl|i|ii',"   Parsons' (Kas.) sun.
Somo "f iim faatoal trains In iho
world ale in be found in England and
l-'cmee.     Ilu,'mul   has  elnlil   regular
, dully trains wllh Dpoeds uf r.r.l lo 5D.8
Whon I began using tho pills, nnd nlmllun   nn   lioni',   whoso ilop-lo-ntbp
rew boves fully rostorod my lionltli."fniii8 nre from Ti to 118 B-8 mlleii in
lengiii. 'ilie rranco riiudii run four
dully iraliiH over o dlslunee of 77 II-4
lu 107 I :' iiiiiiu, ol Hpeeds from fiii.1;
to Gl.S miieii uu hour.
"■CS^'*--—^ . -—■ ' *rv"' _^|
ANTir.-.PTir. _,ra]
'   CLEAN5-"!
Tht Crookeileit Thing.
Tha crookctket thing In tlio woiM, my
Vou can fm It In ilie tl ai U.
It rrpresenlfl puwur, md It brlngn ctcul
It'i the plain old I murk.
-rindiniaii Knqulier.
In 117!> tho"Kulor.ttwr of Rhopar-
dn" appeared, Tbifl («ays a writer)
wus lho lin-i ulimiuuc pHllted In Kng-
Wo'ro alv/ayo ready lo roI n llttlo
hit down ou iho <*hiii» who romodles
hla r-uifti without ovor Baying a word
:ihout llicm!
Speed — SteacJInesi —* Splendour.
Montreal — Bristol — London.
Soiling from  Montreal.
R.M.S. Uovul Oeorge Mny Ist dayllglit
It.M.S. Uuynl Milwiiid   "   Iblli      "
R.M.S. It.iynl Geoigo   "  201 li    "
nii'i fortntghlly therenftor.
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"Iloy a I Mnp,"
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nr H. H.  Agent or Wl'ltO Ulreot tn A.
ll. Davla, aeneral Agent, :?u Main
st., Winnipeg!
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DosHlet then foot "ton itltti nelirtnlaUAl toa
HNAI' 1. tl,.i OKKI1NM. iiifl   IIKHT  MANU
*ii.f*iNI*h.   win nuaoti iihh and itilti
•tr.ll l.iMin,
Over 170,000,000 IbB. of inn urn exported tin nu ally   from imliu to the
United  Kitif.dom.
Let Hubhy Do It
"Von'd tli Ink a girl's paronU would
wanl hor to It-urn lo cook boforo nho
"Ohi  I  don't    Itnow,    Why  should
thoy ottpply "l0 |,,|w itiftlorlfll for hor
in prtict.Co on?"
o . I'* thirf'br'.t eve* mjidr^'a^d arc
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The. Arlington Co. ot Canada, Ltd.
!8 rf.urr Avf.Toinnto, Ontario^
"I'i 1
ny hat on ilrulr.lil?"
ono oyo bIiowb."—Llfo,
There   nr,<   cloven   whllo   rlvors
in Ndiih A morion*
uiiy mini nl Naivl-nfM,
ctiinot u(|ord to ills,
iiosr ot tlu-ii aollaot-
iatiH wllhnnt lliftt
obtalnlnfl our -irlcen
Heht Upon rc'im-Ht.
Remlttgnee forwarded d»y troodi rooslvea,
Kximihit und mull 0h»tgM on nlUlilpinenti
tmlil by im.   CBneHu*-. l-irint Fur Op.-mlur.
Yntir oorremmiulcnce sonclted.
John II*11 am        •        Teront* "
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». o
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j.  T.  LAIDLAW,
Mining li'iiKint-ar aud
ILU. Liiati Surveyor,
I'.u  Hun Uliti.        I'lmii. ill*.
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inu at RAtd'nc*.   ArmitroBg At*.
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by tliu num. I'eluuriitutl uIuhu un* known.
Thoy lire nnpecllic ...fiIic .iii-t.e9H.nK -liaordun
io which iliu (omnia cniTnitution Ih IIhIjIc.
1'rlcu ('! u Inix. Mo. y (much »iioiikmi), th n
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Dr. de Van's Female Pllle
A i.li.bl. French ragillatuf; never tails. Tliew
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all cheap Imilatlona. Dr. da Tea', are aula al
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ths Sestoll Drat Oo„ si. ostharlssh Ost
Scene from the
At the Auditorium Theatre,
"Squaw Man"
Tuesday. May 21st„ 1912
Bees and Fertilization
Given before the Members of the Cranbrook-Fernie
Farmers' Institute
By T. 8. aiLL
Ladles and Gentlemen:—
I prepared thia paper a lew years
ago (or this Institute, but tor some
reason It did not appear in the Department at Victoria so I hope revised and written it again tor this evening. It Is intended to show the relation ot the honey bee (apis tnt'lli-
flca or live bee) to the production ol
cropa, not particularly as a honey
producer, but a service a thousand
times more Important to the farmer
tbe gardener, and tbe fruit grower.
In the Ilrst part I shall try to show
you the scientific principle Of fertilization that the plants are dependent
upon for the life principle of the need,
thus the propagation of species. The
second part deals with the work the
honey bee performs ln helping nature
to fulfil its law of the cross polllui-
nation of flowers.
In flowers thero are parts analous
to those Indicative ot sei in the
animal kingdom, two parts arc essential to the production of the seed, the
pistils and stamens. The pistels are
composed of three parts and usually
occupy a central position in the flower. The stile is merely the long
neck that supports tbe stigma or
The ovary ls down in the centre of
the flower, inside the ovary ts the
nucleus which is filled with proto
plasm (called the mother cell). In
the nucleus ts found the emhryanal
or seed vessicle.
The stigma Ih situated on the top
of the stem and is covered with a
sticky substance. The stamens are
usually arranged around tne pistil,
often many in number; on the top of
each is a sac or little pouch inside ol
which Is formed the pollen dust.
These when ripe, burst open, either ol
themselves or by the agency of the
wind and insects, and scatter the pollen all around. The pollen sometimes called fertilization dust, con-
plats of very minute grains of nitrogenous matter of nearly the same
composition aa wheat pea or rye
flour, and vary in size from 1-200 to
1-2000 ol an Inch in diameter. Some
flowers, principally those thut depend
on the wind to distribute it, produce
pollen In large quantities und if a
haul duah Is shaven when the pollen
Is ripe the golden dust can be plainly
seen falling ln a shower.
These flowers, as they may be called
do not secrete nectar to attract insects but are furnished with little
shelves on which the pollen collects
aa the sacs burst and when stirred
by the wind the dust Is blown oil and
carried away to some distance to the
other plants of the same kind.
Now, suppose the pistils nnd stain
ens become ripe at the same time,
the pollen sacs break and scatter the
dust, a grain adheres to the sticky | ticulturlst.
surface of the stigma, absorbs mois-: Pollen is
ture and commences to grow, sen.ls
out a tiny tube which penetrates the
stigma and extends down to the
ovary through the long stem, through
this tube the fertilisation substunct
of the pollen grain Is transferred. Iti
the case af th apple and pear, which
have Ave separate   seed   vcesicles,
which brings ua to the second part.
I will not go deeply into bee culture
ln this paper, only In relation to the
distribution of pollen from flower to
A colony of bees contains the workers, the queen bee and nt some
seasons the drones or male bees. The
queen is the only perfect female in
the hive, she lays) all the eggs to produce the young, even aa many aa MOO
In a day of 24 hours in a busy season
Tbe workers arc undeveloped females
and do ull the work of the colony
feed the queen, nurse the young.build
the comb, and do all tbe house-keeping, collect and bring in the honey
and pollen from tbe fields. They are
provided with a honey sac and pouch
is on their hind legs, where they
store and carry pollen; their bodies
are also covered with hair to which
the pollen adherea.
As each egg produces a bee, worker
bees nre raised in great quantities,
the egg remains in the cell of the
comb three days before hutching,then
Is fed on it digested food from the
nurse bee for three days, the following ail days honey is added; then
sealed over the cell nnd remains in
the chrysallia state twelve days.
It then euts its way out a (nil
sized worker bee, though a little
fuzzy-looking. Bo it takes only twen
ty-one days from tbe time the egg is
laid by the queen until tbe cell If
again ready for another egg. The
worker bee remains In the hive until
about the ISth day, then makes Ita
flrst trip to the fields and continues
to gather honey and poHen until
about forty-live days old when it dies
of old nge. They live longer tn a
state of Inactivity, so in a semi-dormant state live through the winter
on the surplus honey collected in the
summer season.
Honey is 80 per cent food and 20
per cent wnter as compared to beet
iteak with 30 per cent solid food and
potatoes with 5 per cent. It ls also
a great producer of heat, which protects the bees in our cold northern
winter. The bees can be seen flying
in warm days in winter and aa they
live through the cold weather are a-
round in the spring ready tor the
Drat pollen and nectar secreted by the
Have you noticed them bringing ln
pollen from the anemone or crocus
is early aa the Ith of February ln
Jranbrook, they ar* abundant ln num
tiers for tbe fruit bloom in the spring
jn the contrary the humble bee, the
honey hornet, and waapa, all die ol
;<ceptlng the queen, so she has to
commence the new colony. Therefore
their numbers are small until the
clover; after the fruit bloom la gone
ind are ot little or no uae to the hor
farinaceous substance
ind is to the bee what the bread is
o man, and when stored In the comb
ni.ed with honey Is called bee-bread.
t is a mustle-formlng food and ia
ised by the bees In summer. The
'tee lurnne will not live over 34 hours
dthout It, so the worker-bees store
large quantities in the fall to provide
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Meat*   every   Tuesday
At I p.m. At
Frauralty Hall
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Court Cranhrook No. M4S.
Mast In Car men's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each month.
Louis Pearson, 8k., P.O. Boi ,11.
Tutting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
McClai y
guarantees the
'Kootenay' Steel Range
to be a perfect cooker
and baker as well as a
durable range. Wc
also guarantee the
'Kootenay' to be a permanent investment .Call
and see it before you
decide on the
" \.     STEEL        **r
Mn.de Especially to Burn 11. C.
I'ppairs when necessary always
iu stock at Vancouver.
separate fertilization is needed for lor early breeding in Ue spring and
each, or the seed In these parts would lor rainy days, when none Is obtain-
not lorm the fruit or would not be able.
perfect and therefor valueless for com Ou returning from tbe fields to the
mercinl purposes. •>'"* they disgorge ths honey Into a
I bave here two drawings ol apples' cell containing honey and the pollen
the one has a complete fertilization Into a cell containing pollen,
and each of the chambers contain a, Pollen of one kind Is aiwaye found
fully formed seed, the (ruit la syin-'in layers In the calls where It has
metrical ln shape; the other shows been packed by the nurse bees, which
plainly the depression where the seed Is prool that the bees gather pollen
haa not formed through incomplete Irom flowers ot one kind In a trip.
fertilization. Nuture has provided Another provision of nature to have
that tbe best cannot be produced pollen distributed to flowers ol the
Irom the above plan, (tbat le a flow. I same kind.
er to be fertilized by pollen produced The bees going Into the flowers tor
by the same flower or another flower, nectar rub against the stamens and
tbe same plant) and must be by what often the pollen sacs break scattering
la  called   cross-pollinnted - carried I the  fertile  dust   over  their  bodies;
from one plant to another of the
same kind—in the cose of Iruits to
mother of a different variety.
A great many flowers ure arranged
ho that tbeir pollen ripens at a time
when the pestlls are dead or vice
versa und again many apples, pears
and plums are utterly sterile to their
own pollen, others are provided with
pistils alone, some with stamens
nlone. Home varletien of strawberries are of these. Home with pistils and stamens separately on illfler-
rnt (lowers of the Hume plant, so arranged as not to ripen so the pollen
cannot fertilize the flowers containing the pistils. Any ol these How-
era could not be fertilized If It were
not for some carrying agents.
There nre a few ol theso and the
most Important being the honey bee
thus carrying It from flower to flower
all dny long, from break of day until
dark even sometimes not returning
until neit morning. A cool night
does not harm tbem, they may lie In
■now or cold water all night and If
picked up and warmed are full ol life
and will fly to their hives. Sometimes they may be seen suspended by
their wings at the mouth ot a flower
collecting pollen with the front feet
nnd passing It on to tbe poaches on
tbeir hind legs. Thn vibrations ot
the wines causes pollen covering the
body of the bee to be scattered over
the stigmas. I have seen bees return
ing tn the hive so covered with pollen dust as to be completely unrecognizable nnd must have at least 50.000
grains of pollen adhering to the body
You cannot calculate the amount ol
work a bee so covered will do ln help
ing nature In croas-pollonating the
flowers visited. A colony ol bees
may contain 50,000 workers, which
have been known to collect ten the.
of honey in u day. One pound of
honey   ia   equal   to 7000 bee loads.
A bee may visit from 4 to 20 flowers for one load ; so this
colony alone would visit 700.000 flowers In collecting the 10th of honey.
The bees of an apalry of titty colon-
lea could visit 35.000.000 in number.
A flower will bloom three days or
more, ao may have over fifty visits
to Itself alone, so It stands to reason
a flower so often visited by bees with
bodies covered with pollen has a very
small chance of missing polllnization
Orchards have been known to produce double the amount of fruit
when a few colonies of bees have
been placed conveniently near.
A case is cited where ten acres ot
mlied healthy trees, located such a
distance trom any wood so the chance
of being visited by wild bees was
doubtful, blosaoms were abundant
but yield of fruit was small and poor
In quality. An apiary waa stationed near to the orchard and the follow
Ing year tbe crop was so heavy tbe
limbs had to be propped to prevent
them breaking, and every subsequent
year the yield was abundant. An
experiment wns tried In nn orchard
ot pear trees, a small tree was selected all the stamens removed and the
flowers thinned to 1-6 and the tree
closely covered with cheesecloth.
Pollen waa gathered from another
variety of pear and dusted on the
atigmas with a brush and the result
wae a heavy crop, far the heavier
than any tree ol better quality alongside of It. Other eiperimenta bave
been tried and the result showed
double the crop of better fruit where
flowers have been crosa-polltnnted.
Bees are kept in green-bouses where
winter fruit and vegetables ure raised
otherwise they could not he grown.
The Squaw Man
The average play made from a successful novel or book Is a failure because the dramatist cannot consistently crowd Into the drama the host
of Interesting detsll nnd incident thnt
go to make up the value of the story.
An exception tn this rule ts the
charming drama "The Hqttaw Man"
which Kdward Milton [tnyle hns nvol
ved from his Immensely popular honk
of the same nnmn, nnd which scored
a tremendous success lor over three
hundred performances In nblcagn and
New York Inst season.
The dramatist has retained nil the
•allent points of the novel and woven
them into n drama that reveals u
pretty love storv.
This ilrainn will lie presented at the
Opera House, Crnnbrook, nu Tuesday
evening, May 21st, liy a company of
more thnn ordinary quality and with
n most handsome scenic Investiture.
The Squnw Mnn will be n money
maker for years to coma.
Seeing   by   Wire   Almost
An   Actuality
"Phos-Teleplionic"   System   Inventoil
by a Professor at St.
Though there are still many illttl-
cultlcs to be removed before siHiing on
the telephone censoH to he a problem,
the realization by nn means Beams to
be very fnr distant, says Popular Mechanics.
Professor Rotting nf the Technolog-
i leal Institute, St. Petersburg, taking
advantage of tlio liglit-lmpressitiillty
. of a photo-electric element discovered
I hy him, has Invented whnt be culls a
j"pho9-tclephnnlc" system ifrnm tho
Oreek wnrd "phon" moaning light),
which is n remiirkiilile approximation
tn the final achievement. Two other
scientists, Urn. Klster anil (leltel,
have even gone n step further, for
they have discovered an element
which, parently, Is more susceptible
to the impressions ol light thnn Dr.
Musing's "phos-eleotrlo" element.Considering tiles.- lacts, 11 la not un
reasonable tn expert the lust and
crowning success within a compara
lively short time.
I.IKKNKSS     IS    nitAWN
When a person stands before Profes
sor Roslng's instrument and opens
the circuit by taking the receiver on
the hnnk, n small luminous pencil begins to draw his likeness on a dark
screen, nnd in a twinkling o( nn eye
the wnrk is enmplete. His visible
cnunterpnrt In there, and is rapidly
transmitted tn tho sight of the person with whom he Is spenkinr;. So
it is with the persnn at tin* other end
his Image is traced on tbe screen and
Ib transmitted to another smnll
How !b this done? Two systems of
mirrors nre moving In Buch n wny ns
to cast the Imngo upon the phns-
electic element Inside the transmitter
An ingeniously made vacuum tube
sends out line rays, not seen by the
eye. These rays, (ailing on the
screen, muse n certain part of lt to
appear very bright—thnt pnrt where
the imngo in—and nn electric current
transmits the image to the screen of
the Becond person, wherever that person muy lie. He sees the sudden
lirigbtness on tbe Bcreeu, and nlso the
lifelike photograph—the miniature of
the person tn whom he is speaking.
Tbe manner in which tbe mirrors
move miiet be taken into nccount. Hy
their movement they cause the light
on the screen to accord exactly with
the light rays reflected from the
speaker's body. The image is thus
transferred by the ralrroro tn tho
phos-electric element, ln which is
thereby excited nn electric current
that carries the image to tbe screen
ot the second person. All this is
done instantaneously, and, being continuously repented, causes tho photograph to remain on the screen until
the speaker withdraws, in the sumo
wny us movibg pictures are possible
through the cinematograph.
No More Soiled or  Faded
The day of the dirty dollar It. puss
ing. The new Hunk Act will lie
brought down almost Immediately up
on tlio assemlilintr of parliament
and in it there will lie u provision un
der which II will bo the duty ol the
hanks nut to re-issue BOlled or laded
noteii. The bunks liavo already a
Hiiiiniiiii' rei|uent from the Department of Finance to return for exchange all soiled Dominion notes
which como into their possession.
The old "atllh-plnster," or twenty-
live cent note. Is likely to disappear
in u short timo, ns it is understood
tlif'MIliinliT of Finance does lint Invor
The now Dominion live dollar notes
tho ilrst of that denomination issued
by the rinverniiient of l.'nnailn, will
soon lie ready for issue by the Fiance Dopnrtmotit to tllfl public. Last
>ear, nn account of the heavy demand
upon tho note olretllntlon ol the Lorn
Inlon, It wns found nccesaary to Issue
lour dollnr bills. This note, however
hns never been popular, nnd is likely
tn be confused with notes nf other
donninlnutlnns. The Minister ol Fiance decided tn make an issue of five
dollar government 1.111b. nnd the oh-
Jortiniintile loins will thus. In time,
bo withdrawn from circulation.
There Is being prepared under the
dlrectiou of the Finance. Department
a new design for the two-dollar note,
nnd will hear upon its luce vignetted
of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke
and Duchess ol Onnnutight. This will
be the first bill tn bear tbo image ol
the now roynl novornor-General anil
his consort. Work of this kind requires extreme cure and considerable
time fnr execution by tho most expert
A big coneignment nf the new gold
coins wus sent nut this afternoon,
and the public will be able to obtain
the now coins nt once. They were issued to the bnnks nt Ottawa today.
mniueil in the air an hour, alighting
in broken water, Horace Short, Invoa
i or of the liydro-neroplnne, said that
ns a result of that test the aerial
machine will revolutionize naval warfare completely. Samson was able
to see the rocks under the water and
it, therefore, would he easy to locate
a submerged bout.
Commander Samson carried a bomb
.'i00 pounds in weight, and Mr. 8hort
pxpreBSQB confidence in his ability to
construct a hydro-aeroplane capable
of earring a liomb containing a ton
ol explosives.
George   V.  Takes    Sub-
Marine Trip
Kinc George mnde a trip today in
a submarine, which travelled two
mileH submerged. Iliu majesty wiih
accompanied by hln won, prince Albert, a student at the Dartmouth
naval college, and hy Winston Churchill. He expressed himself iih much
delighted with the i>xw- ;. nee.
Dense sea In" .H'cod the abandonment i* .iiuHt of tlio maneuver program, though there wan brief target
practice by the Neptune with 12-inch
guim. Bnttle practice with the 13.flinch guna will he held tomorrow if
tht* fog lifts.
Claude Qrahiimc White and naval
aviators carried out interesting evolutions, which included a flight from
the deck of the battleship Hihernia
hy Commander Samson.
Referring to a flight Commander
Samsou made yeHterday witli his
hydro-aeroplane, when he circled tho
fleet at a height of 1000 feet and re
Matchless Matches
A demonstration that must interest
everybody, young and uld, Lb being
made at Robinson's Keul Estate OfUc
—tlu- making of matches by the i*nr-
her Continuous Procoss. A represent*
titiv't' of the Prospector witnessed the
demonstration ycnterdny and vouches
for it as being well worth a visit.
This new process promises to reval-
Uttontue the match industry of the
I country. Two rolls of veneer strips
are fed into the machine, where it ia
cut into match sticks and delivered
again in rolls ready to be dipped.
i When dry the matches are automatically unloaded into the small card*
board boxes ready to be packed Into
the larger cases for shipment. The
little machine used in the demonstration iimki's a million matches u day,
but the Dominion of Canada consume
two thousand carloads of matches a
year, and there are thirty-sn million
to the carload,
The value of the Parker process is
In the saving ol labor and tbe fact
that tho cheapest timber in uned—al-
j der, cottonwood, nnd in fact any
wood can be made Into veneer, while
the process used by other match com
! panics requires the best grade ot cork
jpine. Tbe Dominion Match company
f will manufacture the best grade of
1 matches at one-half the cost by the
other companies,
The object of the demonstration fa
to place a few blocks of stock in
The management I***, sure that every
stock holder will innist on buying tbe
matches only manufactured by hla
own company, to this end the process has been demonstrnted In Kamloops, Revelstoke, with the best of re
suits. The original plan was to visit
Nelson and other cities in the Crow's
Nest country; but the trip has taken
longer than expected, and as this Is
more nf an advertising than a stock
selling trip, the management feel that
\\w process has- been well ndpertleed
and have ordered Mi-nnrs. Blake A
Proctor, fiscal agents with the demon
stratlon to report at the home o*ftc**.,
I Vancouver,  imt   later than May 21st.
This is unquestionably the first opportunity the people, the small Invest
or, has ever had to buy shares in
something that is already a proven
HiiccoHH, is not a gamble or speculation but a fact.
The public are cordially invited to
witness tbe demonstration at Robinson's Ileal Estate office.
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Horn*
Plant in St Louis
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Covers an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,   upon  which  are  located 110  individual  buildings.
Brewing Capacity . . . 3,500,000
Malting Capacity . . . 2,000,000
Bottling Work* . . . 1,000, JOO
Grain 8torage Elevators 1,750,000
Stockhouoos(for luuorino) 600,000
Steam Powor Plant . . 12,000
Electric PoWor Plant   . 4,000
Refrigerator Plant   .   . 4,000
I-.« Planta  1,200
Joul Used  325
barrel* per year
bushel* per year
bottles dally
horse power
horse power
tons per day
tons per day
tons per day
Inbound and Outbound
50,000 car* per year
Refrigerator freight car* .   .   . 1,500
Horses at home plant   .... 143
Wagons at home plant   .... 78
Auto Trucks at home plant  •   . 74
Horses at Branches ..... 483
Wagons at Branches  430
Auto Trucks at Branches ... 47
At St. Louis Plant
At 36 Branch**    .
6,000 peopl*
1,500 peopl*
Total Sales, 1911—1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottles
!n ii loiter it.
I'ak, Wash
ilu, Kallap
uarvcil in
Infirm in the Llm
All  her nn' !•'
Us   Ol   111.'   iv
thi>  monster in.il
roaring deathtrap
sin' knew ivi ry fl
of Uio ureal rivor.
man over uuw It she caught iisii in
tho Bcethlng rapids and paddled he
ciiniii' iiii lis broad surface
Fcllelto luul iH-on sit'k for
would i
About Ambergris,
\ press report from Victoria, B.O,
iin' other day Btulod Unit a ploco of
umhorgrlB estimated to uo wortli $150,.
umi was taken Irom a whalo klllril by
tlii' whaler Pretiiunu, which arrived
in Hml porl ri'i'i'inly.   This In snhl to
lu' mn' of tho largest pieces of ambergris ovor touiitl, I
in    Hus   canyon, |    Amborgi'ls is supposed to bi' a mor-
i umi i'lny whim bid soorotlon   ut   tho   llvor of lho
Before Iho whito spermaceti whalo, round lloatiug or
"   washed ashore.   It is a llttlo lighter
Hum watt')', nml nilnlii easily be Ink-
i'n for n pleoo of tho bark ol u tree,
Ou examination, however, li Is found
y Starvation
iss Hi.' river fro:
'ii,,, oldosl Indian i
Hoy, passed away
us iiiii lho uged im
. ui her fitlheis.
ellclto lived "ii il
i„l d'Orolllo. Proi
i ni  Albany to tl:
Writing from Poplar, U.C., Mra. C. j
IXii.Mon, proprietress of theOotnnior-1
iiii Uotol, Buysi " I Buffered foryoare|
with bleeding piles.   The pain v. a.** ■•■'•
• ■mil at limu.i that 1 could har.lly walk,*
■ Ai..! ordinary remedies isoinedutterly
Immlilti to t*iro tno any unto,    Finally
|[ decldod to undergo an operation,
land wont to the Baoted Heart Hospital
|in Spokane, Thero tliey porformedan _
Idpi-intim.. Fur a time I wnswrtfttiilyj
gbulttr, but within nvelvo moothl the'
■ [liltii booame ae painful nn arer. I
ItriiHl liniments, hot poultices, muioub
I'piloourae.'ana Indeed everything I
■OOuld thi Ilk would be likely to do nny
Itfn.xi, hut-, still I continued la luffer,
• ;iii'l ihe shooting, burning) istingini**
|iiaiii«, ttio dull, aohlng, 'fforn-oufcl
itVehtu* tint iho dUeaae cnuiei cun-a
tinued ns bad ae over. 1
'•Ono dny I read aboul Zam-Bukl
and thought I would try It. Thy first. I
ono or two boxes gave me more easel
thnn anything elso I h't-l tned, So ll
wont on wi'li the troatinenti In a*
frilini't timo I heean to f< d alt.tgctherl i walled
hoped  HiiiL  some  tlm
-cover nml do lier tharo ot the
labor o£ the tribe.
When tlio knowledge came tha
Hhe was ot no use any longer aud
had become a drag mum hor people,
l-'ellclto pulled Iter rnggod blanltei
around her spent body nud lay down
to die. Nut an ounce ot food would, um,
sho touch ami she took only onougn
water i» bo spared Uie delirium oi
for two weeks Bhe retimed noui-
iBhmeut, Her skin wrinkled like
,,.ircImv n( und she died little muri-
than a frame of hones
'in.' mosl sacred rites of Ihe tribe
WfrfQ admmlstered aud her body Hoi
on Uie bank of the rlYt r iim   I w
wa' i been hev world,
'I to he oi' it waxy nature, streaked with
may. yellow uud black and omitting
a peculiar niw/Ulc odor, it tusoa at
Mn to 160 degroes Fahronheil anil al
a higher temperatiiro gh es oul n
while smoke, which condonsen Into »
i cryatalllne fatty matter,
It  is  found  i" all  sizes,  from one
inty (tr thirty, bul oo-
lonaliy  plocea  weighing oue liuu*
J red or tw.o hundrod pounds aro found
Willing to Accommodate
A Justice got a Jolt tho other day,
nml ho ia tolling the etory of U yet,
llo mthi iimt late one afternoon ho
gave a case, to a Jury and that it was
■i.:;o uvioe.k the folowmg morning bo-
fore tho jury agreed upon a verdlot,
"I waited for tho verdict," mild the
justice, "nnd after It wnn returned 1
told the Jurors that ns it w»h possible
most of thom were married men, If
they desired ' would give lo eiteh a
certificate that, he imd boon detained
until 4,80 o'clock in iho morning on
Jury BOi'Vlco.
■Ident  Sheri  in
Vice-President   Sherman  in  un  Interview  in  Washington,  mill of  ths
'. ot a booml
"it uas a brutal sum ih    II was so
brutal, so c uel,   it   reminds tue of
Merrill a rotort,
. wlfi   at the   end ol   the
usual   breakfast-table   quarrel,   luirst
Into tears behind tho coffeo urn and
as bus Bearched for hi.'!- handkerchief,
"The Jurors consulted together fur
a few nilmili's," contlnuod the Jus-
tlco, "and thon tin1 foreman muse
umi sulci)' -'Wo Uuml! you for yuui'
I'ini.siiii'i'ii'iliiu and npproolato the
kindness ut your offer mul deslro to
Bay iliui li your Honor needs it certl-
(leato to the oftool tlml ymt were do
taiuod imlll 'l.oti o'clock iu lho moru
iuK waiting 'ur uui' vordtel wo will
gladly nu i'im'iUi.'"
^-^_ ,    Tin' Jtistloe   hastily   ii.'i'iiiii'ii this
1" wltalos, liiiml offer «uh Ihanks, aud lust as
Amoergria has   in* known train j haatlly mljotu-uea court.
hi, early period, Bomo pharinacopoolaB ( ,	
proscribing ii for fevers ami nervous
coinsl s.   li la nometli  mingled   ,  A p"""' 0"-».u,g   for   Wounde,-
wlth the luceuso burned In churches,    •> some  ttc.orlefl and workshops oar
.iii.l  ,s nlso um  In cortaln kit  ol    ' '" ]'\ >* k*>l" ""' •••* » ""J"""
. Ini i ove il." i i ' "■'■""" i'.1"1 ',"'"'"• "'',' h> "'"
Bin tho greal  mo of ambergris Is   workmen    *«* '"'""'"     «M"
In  i'i"  manufacture    of    perfumer)  h*"-u» "*}'° ,ul  '"'   ll','","!',"   Ko'w
Noi Umi us fragrance Is s r ver;   '", "'    l! '" l,isl " Wf* '" '";"""
Itowerfi ■ pleasing bui li pos    ■■    ■''"',;l'"l'' 'T,1 ";"' '"" su" ?L^n\
I [ho pooullar proper'! ol cai i    '" "?•"    """' !■ no other OH thai
lugridlenls to throv  oul    lei,  odor.   '*•■    ' """" '  ""'"l""',■
dihi muklug them hut-' iiieolfic and
durable Talk aboul lon« iilaylng," said the
in this reaper I   it  beam  n  resem    Vaiiktw u   l*ai    "\Vhy, your counlrj
Tin* MOONEY wny rto'a'na taoro biscuits, Iuks homo rooliing:
I't'i'iiisu MOONEY'S BISCUITS arofroshonough nmlapnotlistng
rin'iii'.li in take Um placo ot tlio product of your own oven.   Fop tliu tl'iily meal
I different and butter.   Well, 1 went oul
luhig Zam-Buk. and by the timo 1 lud|
uaecl nit boxes I wae delighted to find
myself entirely cured.   Thnt was three
years ago, and  there  Iim   b'-.-ii no
I return of the trouble." m
Zam-Buk U a nure cure for piles,!
eczema, ulcers, abiccascs, eruptiona,
chapped bands, varicose tores, burns,
scalds, bruises, inthimed patches, and
[all akin injuries and dist'iis-js. Druggists and stores everywhere, 60c. boi.
| or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for pia.'e.
bianco to the use ol mordants in dyeing, ft Ithoul  ft'hh u tho coloru would
fall to become permam nl    i leiico all
tho beal perfumes contain ti
which  is tin i reason of Hn
nous, and hence, also,  the fni ■  lhal
'borne  in,ni.■   cologiu.   roi   ■
of nlco
'You said, the Becond time I rn*
fused vou. that you'd rather live iu
eternal torment wltb me than in bllaa Umells onl>
bv vouiself' —fl^^H	
"■Well,  l had  my  with.'  growled B> Rail to Europe,
^  '    Sum.- projwAa, even lu tins age of      ' Vea   i havo i
1 ■   ginei  ■      at    evi ments,  ma*   fair-   olected councillor
Knew Her Place. i*   be called audacious, aud a   thesi    ■'"'- thej   want a
Ese    'What!     Vnotbei    new   none la more startling I ■■■■ 'ciipj  ll
perhaps    you    w 11 tell  me,   ftesti I building of a raihwn from Uie j    "Oh—then you
Kuropn bv  \\&\   of!tne council?"  -Si
^^^^^^^^^^^^     youi' i'ti
men wouldu'i net a looh iu with us,
l  knou   a  felloe ottlien  w ho  played I
'Beaut Iful Sltii'fl and Stripes' on the
pintie for bpi  ml hours,"
Vrraii elofj yer mouth." eald Put I
'"i ou "    •■   o be .i dinmed oi  your ,
eelf,   to  be  talking    aboul   nothing
Sure ' know an Irishman lhal played
Ireland Porover1 ou a Rule"
Tltoy'ro llm criapcat, crcarniost, roostidolicioussodn
biscuits ovor pjoducod and thoy'ro inailo in Winni-
pog.   A Wi'stt'iit biscuit fur Western people.
Iu air-light packages or sealed tiusi
ilr.'s^'     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
madam,  how   !   Bb« I  -■"
(,'l.v   1
Hi,' a
titroug I
lit nil \in
lie   III'   In
ul   lo
hl'lllls 111
to pay for it
Mrs.   Exe     Von   must  e\> use
I :nn youi* wife, noi
vlser."—Boston  Transcript
One American picture film-making
, firm lias 7,000 costumes of a I countries in stock as against 171 In 1900.
Astronomical observations h  i foundation rur t;:
Amundsen's Name.
Although Amundsen lias been a
famous man over since he discovered
the Northwest Passage, his name is
still pronounced wrong ns often as
right The correct pronounclatton is
with a Hlrong Btress on tho first syllable, which is made rather long—•
"Ahi-moond-sen," The "oo" is not
quiu* so close and positive as In
moon, nnd the "e" is somewhat
Blighted. The last twoi syllables, being cluttered up with consonants,
take each about the same time as tho
I wen
I B.C.
carrl k! on as far ba< - as
.. ■ ... roes Bering St
The width of the strali rrom Ihe
extremlt) of Kast Cape, ou the Asian- side, to the poiul o! Prince of
v ., lea i 'ape, on tlu* American side Ib
noi more than forty-five miles, and
within this distance, placed almosl
In a stra -. is If to supply tho
Abutments of
bi Idge,  are  the
three    Diomede Is-
Moreover, the  .\aiers oi the stran
are shallow, .ind   Ii   Is claimed  thai
,„,.  caissons for the foundation of a great
BABY'S OWN TABLETS ^e~huld b« ">a*t0 -1 ™M*»
1 The two continents are. in fact,
joined by submarine banks, and it is
known that at a former time this
connection was still closer, so that
animals and species of plants crossed
from one continent to the other. The
natives of tiie  region   still  preserve
long "ah," so that the orthm 1. much I troubio.7" Concorntag them Mrs. A..-I ^„"'a"i'io" ot thla -0"-***« "'  ""'
llhe that of "Edmonton," or "excel* I guste   Btler,     St.    Damaae,     Que., I
lent"   emphatically  spoken,    It  Is  a] writes; "Please send me another box
resonant,   spirited   name,   worthy   of j nf  j^by's Own  Tablets.    I  have al*
Baby's Own Tablets are recom-
mended by thousands of thankful
mothers who have used them for
their little ones and have found them
a safe and sure euro for constipation, indigestion, worms, simple
fevers  and  all  stomach  and  bowel,
-.u'K'i'stituuis   Natives   Kill the  Creatures Only in Spirit of Revenge
.  li is a common sight In Borneo to
see a largo crocodile sunning himself
on the muddy bank of a river.    Ho
takes no notice of Ihu natives, even
though they pass quite near him", so
common indeed is (lie sight that the
Dyaks themselves    pny    no heed to
theso dangerous reptiles: and yet It
no unusual thing in Borneo to hear
of some human life  being taken by
i a crocodile.
'    Kor mouths perhaps the crocodiles
I in a river live at peace with mankind
over 90 persons partook al Gorlos* i ftml then suddenly one of these crea-
ton of a sea pie Into the making of  turea will carry off some lad bathing
which  there entered    two    stone of hn t'ie river or even attack some ono
flour, six rabbits, six ox and sheep | paduitng along in his boat.   1 know
of h   Dyak   Klrl   who.   when   sitting
12 Tumors Removed Without An Operation
Silver Lake, Ont.. Hop
 .   „»..v, «   Kent. 10,
Penr Mrs, Ciirrah.— T am enjoying better health than I hnve for elgl
and l think I im entirely cured.   I liavo none of tlio old symptoms,   f am very
When we reach the point where
liavo asbestos lining for our pock
to keep tuone) from burning holes
'em, we'll blow it away.
One   Pie  for 6u  Persons.
in ,
so, loon.
lit year*
bbil ^^
kidneys, ^8 pounds of beefsteak, two
stone of green vegetables, half a
■stone of ontjns and two stone of
I turnips and carrots.
I The total weight of (he pie was
' over 200 pounds and it took two days
J to cook.—London  Evening Standard,
* modern  viking,—Spring fl old  Itepu-
' Deafness Cannot Sc cured
br liwil npptlcatloni,
••rri'-ii portion <•! iii" ■■■
nirn tleifnOM, nmt Mm
I'-x'n. n  H  niiI'll'iI   liy
•nuci.ii* titilnit "t the
I'.i." It Imiiiti'il y-i\i I
perfsot he*ring, and ifl
ii^n iri tim rotult, mul i
-jk-*!! mil mul llih lulu
BI,   lirttrllll*
™ 'it leu ni'i
gut  .til   Iii1i,i
hi Hn
«J  COIIllltl
llllllllll' I
w hei
•>'■   llli-
lt, Lt
f IMIlimm.i'i
,i hy
'111 ul«
ot t
.OeafneM (eaiued iiy catarrh)
kg lUti'i Catarrh Cure, h I fur clrntlH
I'. J. Cllti.VI5\ A CO
Said hv Drautatt, ibr
laku tiaii'-t i im ny I'llla fur comt(pat loi
>[ im-
u'i be
:   mm' -mm
ll   te)   llllllllllg
ia Hiirtnrea,
Dnllul- fnr nny f«M nf
Canada Needs Truck Partners
Vegetables lo lhe valiic or $1,6'
1oo were Imported by Can ad
ihe United  suites during ih
The Chukchis, who greatly resemble the Kskiiuos. and live on the
Asiatic side, relate that the land that
made the former isthmus sank Into
the water during a terrible combat
between a warrior and a great white
More than one engineer has held
that it would be practicable lo construct a bridge across this strip of
water separating America from Asia
nml the Oh] World from ihe New.
Hut a railway journey from New-
York to Paris, oven if the engineering genius of the future should make
wrote those little classics, "Hah   and   jr possible, would take a much longer
In the Dark.
Kdith--How    did    you   feel   whenj
.lack kissed you through the tunnel?
Ethel—1  felt ns If I never wanted
to see his face again.—Boston Tran*
start In all cases of n-omei!
romti,  Irregularities,  ItMicorrlioea. ot
and think Orange Lily la the greatest treatment
————— foj. women tho world knows. Ita
tiaa In my ens© caused 12 tumora
or growths of somo sort to be "ix-
peiifii. Some were as large .is a hen'a
ckk, and others sinaller, down tn
the i-ilzo of n walnut. Yon may iih*
niy east) In your udvertlcienient, fur
ft la the sutlit truth, and pon
cannot desrrllic fill ttio good It haa
dotifl for nm. Mrs, I.oulsu K, Holta-
Thia letter gives nn Indication of
tbe positive benefits thnt always
follow tbe uae of Orange Lily. It la
an upplled trcntim-m and rotttoa
In direct ront.nl Willi the sufferlnr
Di-e.ins. It producea reaulta frorri
disorders, iiuTudlng   painful   periods,   falling   of
treatment absolutely freo to an;
________ ........ 1 send me her uddresa.   alaelea* 1
•tanipa and adareia MRS. FRANCES E. CURRAH, Windaor, Ont. A
I will send a sample box containing in days' treatment absolutely freo to anr
aufforlng woman who haa not yet trl-*d it if «he will semi me ber uddresa.   alaelea* *
ready used them and have found
them an excellent remedy for little
ones. I would strongly recommend
them to all mothers." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or hy
mall at :.';» cents a box from The I)r.
Williams' .Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Rev. .1
well   li
Love's Labor Loit.
•iiii  Brown,   fahter   of   the
lived  Dr,  John  Brown,  who
"Marjorlo Fleming," was in the habit
ou festive occasions, of proposing a|
eituin young lady as his (oast
time, even on tho fastest trains, than
a  voyage across    the Atlantic on n
^^^^ swift  liner, and would probably cost
Noticing that he had abruptly nban-, very muc*, mo,.p    i, wouI(| bp u Iux.
lotted Hie practice, u curious person j U|.y  (o  m, pnj0VP,|  oniy  by  wealthy
persons who strongly    dislike ocean
mouths en ting November last
dotlblo the amount lu the same period two years before, according to
reports io lho International Dry-Far*
alug Congress at Lethbrldgo, This
is only another argument for mixed
farming  iu  western Canada.
Ited li im the reason.
"lle-iiuse," he said, sadly, "I have
from 1 toasted her for sixteen years without
sight ( being aide to  make her brown, and
or I so I've resolved to toast  he
Youth's Companion,
no hm-
Slijht Delay.
He- If au old millionaire on the
verge of tho grave wanted to marry
you, would you throw mo over?
She- -Not necessarily, still you
might Imve to wait a year or two.—
SJoper's Half-Holiday.
Qoruinny possesses 1.
picture shows, of Which
300 In Uerlln.
A   Cold  Welcome.
A clergyman in a small town was
deploring tho fact that none of the
couples thai came in from the country to lie married stopped at his house
for the purpose.
"Well, brother," said the man addressed, "what cm' you expect, with
that bl? sign on the tree there: 'Five
Dollars' Fine for Hitching Here'?"—
Youth s Companion,
John Misunderstood.
Heir Baron (finding a friend's ci£-
garetle case iu bis coat pocket)-.*-
There! I-must have pit', this in iny
pocket by mistake the other night.
John didn't you notice a strange
cigarette case iu this coat?
John—Oh, yes. sir. but I didn't say
anything to anybody about it.-Flie-
gende Blaelter.
Things   Unprintable
Willie—Mother always carves when
we have company to dinner.
Bobby—Isn't your father able to?
Willie—Yes;  but be    ain't able to
without snyiu' things.—Boston Transcript.
Cures  Hit
1,1'iuld give
nil   others,
tlic dozen.
sick ami nets us a preventative fur others,
on the  tongue.    H,,f« for brood  mares  nnd
ltt'st Kidney remedy; 50 cents a bottle; J»...0*»
.■'Id by all druggists and harness bouses.   l>la«
SPOHN   MEDICAL   CO.,   Bacteriologist*,,  GOSHEN, IND.,  U. S. A.
The Farmer's Wife.
Associating and convening aud deliberating has extended to nearly >
every conceivable human condition,
.lust recently it liar, extended to the
next*to*oldest human condition, The
First International Congress of Farm
Women was held iu Colorado Springs
aud  was attended  by delegates who)        mtm _ ^^^^^^^
were actually farm wives, from for- ■ my'husban I llrcre. Halloa! Not. there.
Mlmrd's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Attendant Was Wise.
.Tones had just run over to see if
Mr. und Mrs. Blank would go to tho
theatre with them. Mrs. Blank was
sorry, but, unfortunately. Blank was
out. I'robahly he wus at tho club.
She would telephone. The following
conversation ensued:
"Halloa! In this the club?    Iu
and paddling at the stern ot a canoe,
was knocked ove" Into the water and
carried away by a crocodile and lier
companions could do nothing to save
There poems to lie no reason why
the crocodll > should suddenly show
a man-eating propensity iu this way.
Tho Dyaks account for it by curious
superstition. They say that. If food
is offered to a person and lie refuses it nnd goes away without at
least touching il some misfortune
is sure to befall him und he will most
probably be attacked by a crocodile.
Also it is said tnat one of the ways
the god;i punish crime is by sending
a crocodile to attack the .culprit; and
1 have often heard it said by Dyaks
nf gome one whe has been killed by
a crocodile that, probably he has displeased the gods cither by paying no
heed to the warnings sent him in
dreams or by means of omen birds
or by committing some hidden crime.
The Dyaks of Borneo will not kill
a crocodile except in revenge. If tho
animal  will  live at  peace with Jiim
the Dyak has no wish to start a qunr*;       «• ■---  —■    - . -    ,     ,.     „
rel; if, however, the crocodile breaks   wearily.    "I suppose music is some-, ones elders.
I the truce and kills some one then he' thing like the drug business.   Things |    Restaurant Walter-So It* heard.
I feels justified  in retaliating.    Under j cost moro when you call  em by their
these circumstances the %yhks set to   ^ names.--Washington Stai.
work to find the culprit and go on I ■
catching and killing crocodiles until ,        *      The Pace That Kills.
they succeed in doing so.   The Dyaks |     The Army and Navy club in Wash- I
Why doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Waters
Tliey stop a headache promptly, yet do not contain any of
the dangerous drugs common In headache tablets. As!; your
Druggist about them.   25c. a box.
A Surmise. Courteous.
"That," said the   musician. "Is a      Pedantic   Old   Gentleman (to res*
Stradivari us,   It is worth thousands." ; taurant waiter)—I believe it   is im-
"H'm!" replied Mr. Cumrox, rather | proper   to   speak   disrespectfully of
Pedantic Old Gentleman — Then I
will be silent concerning this fowl
you have just brought' me.—London
generally wear brass ornaments and
by cutting open a dead crocodile
they can easily tind out if he is the.
creature tbey wish to punish.—Cham*
hers' Journal!
ire aro
l'iNh W sometime*, eolon
ni'uonic ilye, lo give ii the
of having boen BinoUoil.
■.I with    an
Tho firsi Buhniai'ino lion
vented nml Bitccesafully li
eighteenth century.
In rocont yearn tba Ben
drear   Britain  hnoh  moro
It hus eaten a^av.
1    was    li'
led in   iin-
haa given
i.i ml than
en 'i are  Hie only III
oannol iwlm,
ilmoia thai
Safer Plan.
"I  lei  my    house    furnished, and
I they've had mearles thero.  Of course,
1 we've hud tho place disinfected, so I
1 suppose It"* quite safe,    What do you
i fancy it would be all right, dear;
but I think. »perhaps, il would bo
safer to lend It t" a friend Ilrst."—
Sure'.' Well, nil right, then; hut hold
bn. How do you know? 1 haven't
even told you my name."
"There ain't nobody's husband here
—never," was the wise attendant's
reply.—San Francisco Star.
"Say, alderman, I wish
mo a job as dog catcher."
"Are you oul oi work:'
"No, but I'll quit the .vorh I'm do
Ing nov  If you'll g»'t m-- tha   Job '
"Rvt r had any experience as if
i at i her
i don    i ped anj experience    \'\
With an iron swoni, eight pen  in*"-"' "■" lucsntlve   I'm a letter carr
ches   long, beside it. u skoleton has   ■'1      ' hit-ago Tribune,
been found al  Purlou, Wiltshire
  '    We questioned tho applicant for
A Last Chance, | position as laundress,
Arc you married?'
Ign countries as well as the United
We hear nnd speak n great, deal
about the farmer. We cull hint the
foundation stoue of all Industries, the
original creator of wealth and the
backbone of the country—especially
wheu wo wish him to vole for us or
buy another threshing machine; but
the truth is. with all his merits, he Is
second fiddle to his wife. If there Is
any ono clast thnl this country should
get down on Its Knees to it's the farm
women. Whatever mnn men liavo
don-', the women have dune, and more
al.ii. Thoy haven't been heard from
very much heretofore. It is significant thai Hie presldenl of Ibis almosl
newest cf a soclnHons Is from Canada and l to- v leo-pp'shlf-uf is from
Oklahoma -The Saturday Kvenlng
Post, Philadelphia, commenting upon! _ •   _ "   ,
the International  Congren of Farm j You Can Prevent Serious Compllca*
Womon, which holds its second annual   hohMiIii   al   Lethbrldge,   AlherOi, '
October ':i-'-:. next.
A certain member of a Boston club
habitually evinces such a frigid demeanor that many of his acquaint*
anees have facetiously averred that
"it gives one a cold to shake hands
with him."
Ington Is an exclusive organization. I
The  clubhouse  is  nicely  decorated. | Mlnardg Liniment for tale everywhere.
One picture, of which the members i  -  »
are proud and which they take every * ^ Cfew
iHtt ?.%ort0a^uarp'e0-?.  J \_t_'FZJ__** »M
and-lnh drawing,obviously the ^:^^^^^]t ,„„,,,
were discussing the disposition of the
said member, when a newcomer veil-
So rare are cases of hydrophobia ! tilled this:--
now in Kuropc that during the last j    "\Vhy,    gentlemen.    I    understand
" *   that  It  Is  the custom   In  this club:
When iIum chap attends a dinner here
to lee tin* claret in order \l\ni It may |
be at  the same temperature as thu
dlnlugd'OOUl."--*-Harper's   Magaxlne.
of an amateur,   It desplcts an officer
seated before a deal table, standing
in front of which is a private soldier
at salute.   Deneuth the picture is the
following Inscription:
"Pat, I heat   that  you  have been
I drunk again."
evening a group nt  the club |    "\in, sor."
usual way.
1 was held up again last
ten years cases have only averaged
j nm> per annum.
Winter's Chill
Upset Kidneys
. Pain in Back   Tell    of   Congestion
Caused by Cold,
"Y0U> conduct Is disgraceful,
Why can'i you drink like officers and
"Faith, sor, and If Oi did Oi'il be
dead in a wake."
j    "Wby do you encourage you boy to
! take so much Interest In his studios?"
j    "Weil,"    replied    Mr.    Bllgglns, "I
< suspect I have   unconsciously    been
. selfish In the matter.    It keeps him
from coming homo and showing oft
how much more he knows about, philosophy and the higher mathematics
than I du"
"Going to Wombat's wedding?"
"Not 1.   I wis ougaged ■■> that ulrl
Wombat cut mo out "
"Well, come to the wedding    You
may g»*< a chance to biff him Ln tho
Jaw with au old shoe."
I foi n ,i   Hie  fi •
the  male  ■■.*
In the State of Ci
male vote outnumbei
over  80,1	
^^^^^^^^      ■ n-i.i'i
No sah. I'se o    ■ ddah
•■ \ii   .imi  your husband  Is dead?"
"Yassuh'   -hea hh" dald
■ Hon did be meel hir- dcatl
'Meet  it !  Laws.    man.    he   didn't
meet It' De)  bad ter cha  - him t ivo
mile f" dej  all could !.'■■' li him an'
put de rope roun' his neck,"   Life,
In a
Gl:is8  House.
Mra   Brown
Mrs. ' Jones
worst habit!
Mr. Brown
Whal Is It, (1
Mrs  Brown
She turns al
looks llllll, evi
iry timo vo |it*
si 1 eel!
Mr   Brown
llOV,      ll"      VI
ahe lines.'   ,lu
The aggregate a
ralnea nssessed tor li
United   Kingdom   Is
mini prnllr of
oie. ,,,., in tlio
.//   PILL5
,      H| = HT'S   Dl',-;.r ,,.  ,
Railway Survey by Camel..
In b very short time .1. Norton
QrllHihs, ui', will leave tor Ausira-
Ua to confer with ihe Commonwonlth
iiovenimeiii in connection wiih iho
transcontinental railway.
Tlio Burvdy ol the vast BtrOtcli ol
aonntry liolwi  nasi anil wost has
been Iho ramie or noi a llttlo anxiety.
Camels had to bo iiboiI to travorso
Hn, gronl ivatttoH and at every iiolnl
ut,. problem ot scarcity of water luul
to ba tncod and ovorcoino.
'ilie chief Biirvoyor   oxamlnod lho
country In advance and omiiloyod n i
novel uu'Hioii io mnrli hla trail lor j
Shipping r-iiMiaiiileH or nil nation Itiioio who followed,    lie fnslonod a |
nlliies last year, totalled J»s vessels, 11 vv ohsln I" his camel, ami tills
with a tonnnga ol 114,231 dragging on tho rgnd, left u plain
 . — —  [trail,     When  't   '.MIS possible ohservn
man who demands | ijons of the stars    were   lakoii at
The change of dietary that comes
wltji spring .nnl summer has lite of-
leer  in  weak  J.lonuiells of Betting  up
Inflammation, resulting in dysnntory
and cholera morbus. The abnormal
condition will cdntlnue tl noi attend*
,ri to ami will causa in, exhaustive
ilratii on the Byslom. Tho tiest avail-
able medicine is Dr, .1 li Kollogg'a
Dysentery Cordial. It clears the
Btomacb ami bowels of Irritants,
counteracts tho Inflammation and restores the organs to healthy action.
tlons by Using.
.     ,, ,     When ihr* surface of lho body Is
"' ,     .suddenly chilled Iho millions of por-
!l „„,5'   os In the shin   am   quickly closed.
pass ou ine i ,,,„,,,,. Dijiiuny olrouinstanceB lliose
p.ir.'s arc of onormous assistance to
tho kidneys lu removing poisons from
Ihn uysle.n. Their failure means
greatly Increased strain on (he kid-
iie<s anil frciiueiilly congestion,
which leads lo sarloiis disease.
This explains why kidney troubles nr'i so freiiuent at this season
ot lite year, and why you require
something to qulokon lho action of
the kidneys and keep them lu healthful working condition.
Dr, Chaso'ti Kldiiey-t,lvor Pills ore
particularly cITocllv.i under these
i'oiullllons hcctlUBo of Ihelr combined
uol loll on the kidneys, liver anil bowels. The whole filtering and oxcro-
lory systems nro Ihorouubly clonilsod
ami  Invigorated, lho poisons ur
your dnmKlHt will refund rnuney it l-AAl
OIN'I'Mtl.N I'  fall,  to   uui.   uny   i-nse  nf
Uehlnti.    Klliul.    liliTdhis or  ri'oliud'.ns
I'llca tn I', to li days.   60c.
Tbe Censorship In Russia.
it ts pliusnnt lo learn—the story Is
current In many n Itussluu household
~-lh.it the cook books which hud
been uoiulctn'icrl because it recipe
coiiliillu-d 111' words "perfeel free-
doin," words which were used In reference lo some culinary process,
have escaped furilier mutilnilou and
have been selling without hindrance,
On the other hand, Hie list of huoks
which continue io he suppressed is
lott" mid varied.—London Times.
he   In
ll   iol
handled with kid glovos
if Hurt baro-knuckle mas-
Jogs along.
VV. N   U. No. 893.
imt he like
lhe man  who lakes u ilt'iuk
rure breakfast
111'!     very  iiffcctlonale
snuggle up niongsldi
lllglil, ami provisions und water were
setil on alum seven miles ahead lor
ihe uoxl day's camp.   1'ull Mulleins''
United Bto
o allowed fl:
Scrap Iron nml useless inaoblttory
Which parsed Into lhe possession ol
llm United Stales from thn obi
French Panama* I'nual I'lnupuny have
netted the sin prising sum of $-,111',-
Tiie idle mun when be bus a cold
has ii harder than the worker. This
was one of the comforting ideas that
catne from u group of well known
doctors who conferred on colds a few
nights ago.. One of thom sahl men
who did little or nothing were the
most sensitive to poisonous germs..
Somebody else thought bacteria mattered III He Iml that helng tirorl was
really lhe prime factor In catching
cold. Double sets or underclothing
nml stockiniAs was another recommendation, Cheat, protectors wmv
pronounced excellent—for lho people
,,     ,,    ,       , , who solil Ibeni;  and thin shoes uud
vod from lhe Wood nnd you fool |-tocklffgs wei oolnfod dourost ol
all lo iim heart of ibe undertaker,
Oil tlio' whole the VlOWS of the con-
foronee are likely lo Imve little effect
upon Unit stubboii person, ihn itver-
nge man, Almost overy grown -man
has fixed notions us lo how he personally uuil individually takes cold,
and tic doclor shall ever convince
blm against bis own experience. Cor
lho rest ol the world his advice Is
Usually tlml the best way of avoiding
n colli Is not to catch It Junt an tha
surest wny to escape Illness Is to
keep well—New York Evening
World. j
Chloroform ns a substitute for the
gibbet 111 the adininistoritlg Of capital
punishment lo murderers was recommended to a Chicago newspaper hy
John Galsworthy, Kngltsh author mul
dramatist and Student ot penology,
who is a Chicago visitor, Tho lOug-
llsli novelist talked of peiuil laws nntl
ciisloins In the United Slates anil 111
'-'in-hind al length, . "Killing u man
by imaging blm by Ibe neck Is most
certaiiiiy barbaric," lie assortoil, "If
eapital punishment Is lo bo meted
out--mid I am not sure that, our present civilization demands It for a
timo longer—Why not do It by the
use  of   drugs'.'   Chloroform, for in-
Sllllice, cnlllrl lie used to end lho life
of a condemned mull ub effectively
us breaking lila neck."—New York
Would Never Agree
MrB. Flubdub—"Why shouldn't women serve on juries?"
Ml. Flubdub—"I suppose tho courts
aro nfrulrl a husband nntl wife might
bo drawn on tho sumo Jury."—Puck.
Excessive Dampness In Rooms.
A room mny be too damp for human occupancy without showing Ilio
growth of moulds or mildews, or III*
formation of crystals upon the walla.
In order to test thu liublUibllity of a
room with respect to humidity, "La-
Journal ile la Haute'' recoiiinionile
placing about two pounds of freshly
slaked lime In the room, sealing up
all doors ul .windows tightly, ami
leaving for twenlj, four hours. II
lhr< ii-i'i-cKse In wr-i.mit during this
time (absorb!ion of water) oxceeds
111 per cent of the weigh! of Ihe llmo,
lire room should uot be considered,
Very Wrong.
"Murrled only three weeks uud
want a divorce?"
".My husband deceived me shamefully."
"About, his Income?"
"Oh, no.
"Iu what way?"
"Ho led mo to believe that he play,
•d a good game of bridge."
a illlTeieiil person
Tile digest Ivo system does not
have hall a chalice when theso oilier
orguna are clogged with wasto mailer uud sluiigliili In action. Hut onco
you gal lhe live" lllld kidneys right
the iiiiiss.of food being digested
moves quickly through the nllineni-
lll-v   Clltuil,   volir   lippellle   Improves.
digosllon l« go°1' nml '""' |H vv,Mtl1
Dr. Chase's I'hlnoy-Uvoi' Pills, our-
pill ii iiose, 9SC a box, at oil dealers
or Kiliuiinson, llutes & Co., Limited,
Dr. H. V, Pierce of Buffalo, ttiihor of the Common Seme
Medical Adviser, uys " why duet not the farmer treat hit own
body •» he treats the land he cultivates. He puts back in phosphate what he takes out in crops, or the land would grow poor.
The farmer should put back into his body the vital elements
exhausted by labor, or by ill-health induced by tome chronic
disease." Further, ha says, " the (rest value of my Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is in its vittli/io| power. It jtives strenftb
to the stomach end purity to tbe blood. It is like the phosphates which, supply
nature with the substances that build up the crops.    The (ir-rrachinf action ol
Doctor Plcrvc'H (ioldcn Medical DUcovery
Is due to Its effect on the stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition.    Diseases that begin in the stomach are cured through the stomach.     A bilious apell
is simply the result of an effort made by the liver to catch up when over-worked
and exheostod.     1  have found the ' Discovery ' to be unsurpassed as a liver reg-
and _
ulator and rich blood-maker. „.»..iimft«t
\l,ss l,o,',n: Knisi-i.v of tte.KlMl.Wr-l   - iWll IftJU.^pajSSB
ef the efteillv »5of "'■''''™;,|'"^"i","^g1 ',.,„ , , ,m,'s CKldeTuklng miiiier-
time.   About one year end a hull ago I' "'"
ery,' and stter having tukpn **°***i>J
About one yeiVr'smi » half M?$j_ _f__mSSSSRS&A
•rv ■ and after having taken sever* bottles am nritrly enrol ■ <™ ""."J •f" "•*"•*■■■,
Cay,i ,S esti Wl ho, t Slstress ami have gained «k.ibonndlilu we^M.
I thank you lor your rowdy and wl«b you all succens la your geoa worn.. Tire PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
t'l I11'l'H'l*M*t-H"H"l'l'I********l******+*******i**
I The Goods
I   I IMMt--MMa«HH>aMM.Ttt»
I Hose
Screen Doors
: Freezers
Refrigerators j;
The Monarch Range
"The Best Made"
|| iPor a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Bade of Milton. Oregon, will apply for a licence to take and use one
and three-fifths cubic foot of water
out of unnamorl swamp creek rb>
Ing in a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 21907,
which Howe in a northerly direction
through Lot 6164 and empties Into
Ilooth Creek noar the north line of
Lot 1*16-1. The water will be diverted nt a point 600 yards Houth of the
Houth line of Lot 6164 and will be
used for Irrigation purposes on the
land doacrlbed as Lot 6164.
This Notice waB. posted on the
ground on the 15th day of Mny, 1912.
The application wlil be Died in the
olflce of tlio Water Recorder at Cranbrook, ll.C.
Objections may he llled with the
snid Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Vtctorin, B.C.
M, 11. KNIGHT,
so-lit Agent
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. - - Phone 5   >'
11 in 111 nin i n mi m-t umi n iiitiitiii i.i
1111 i-i iii 111111 ************ ii 1111 nn 111 in.
II    A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.    '.'
Central   Meat
Rosedale Dairy Butter
Carload of Cood Fat Steei s
from the Prairie
***** I IIIIIIU llll III r-r-H 111111 H I . IIII I ****',
♦ I-IH ll"l-H II Mill ********* I III I .■H-l l-l 11 H'l-H
"G. DOWNING, Manager i
Under New Management
WHiim 11111111 n 111 inu 11 ii in it h in hi
* 1111111II11111IIH ******** III************
The Cranbrook Exchange
W. K. DOKAN, Proprietor
We  Buy, Sell or Exchange
Goods of all Discription
III1111111111111111IIIIMIHII llllllll llll
HOTEL g™b™o»'-
It a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
For a lleeace tu take and use water
Notlco Is hereby given that Oeorge
W. Undo of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take and use one
nntl three-fifths miners feet of water
out of Ilooth Creek, which Hows in u
northerly direction through Lot 6164
and empties into St.Murys river near
Wycllfle. The water will be diverted
at a polut 375 yards Houth of the
South line of Lot 6164 In a Umber
reserve formerly covered by timber
Licence No. 21907, ond will be used
for irrigation purposes on the land
described ns Lot 6164. ,
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 15th day of May, IHI*.
The application will be tiled In the
ofllce of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook. B.O.
Objections mny be sled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water nights, Parliament Bulldlnga, Victoria, B.C.
OBonOK   W.   BADS,
20-5t Agent
Cor u License to take aud um Water
NOTICE is hereby given that Johu
Pouruler of Jaflray will apply for a
license to take and use one cubic toot
of water out of Langley Creek,which
dows in an easternly direction
through Lot HUM and empties into
Little Saad creek near .Inffray. The
water will be diverted at a point
midway on tbe Eastern Boundary ol
Lot 3055 and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described
as Lot 8055.
Thla aotlee was posted ou the
ground on the Uth dny of April 1912,
tbe application will be filled in the
ofllce of the Water Recorder at Crnnhrook
Objections   may be llled    with the
snid Water Recorder or with the Corn
ptrolier ol Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
liVSt. John Fournler, Applicant
(Southern Division Bast Kootenay)
TAKK NOTICK that Wiaslow Kay,
ot Wasa, occupation rancher, Intends
to apply far permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a Post planted at
the North Kast Comer of L. Mul,
thence aouth 16-6:1 chains;1 thence east
20 ehalna, tbence north 20 chains,
west to the Kootenay river, down
stream to point of commencement.
Datrd 21st November, 1911. 50-9t
For Protection of Forests
At an Informal conference held tbls
afternoon between tbe members of the
railway board, the railways, tba com
mission on conservation, the forestry
branch ot the interior department
and counsel for the British Columbia
government practically all of the regulations for the protectloaof forests
from the rnvages of Are drafted by
the commission of conservation were
agreed to either as drafted or in a-
mended form.
After hearing the representations of
Clive Pringle, counsel for the British
Columbia Government, it was agreed
not to bring Into effect the proposed
regulation calling upon rnilwaya oper
atlng In British Columbia to adopt
oil burning engines. Mr. Pringle represented to the conference that the
adoption of the regulation would do
great injury to the mining industries
of British Columbia. He said that
thnt several of the mines depended
entirely upon the sale of coal to the
railways snd would have to close
down if they ceased to take their
The proposed regulation which
would have prevented railways using
lignite coal in engines was not agreed
to. It was held over to give the
railways an opportunity to make further representations and also to give
tbe commission a chance to look into
the legal aspect of the matter as the
jurisdiction of tbe board was challenged by counsel for the railways.
D'Arcy Scott presided at the conference, the other commissioners pres
ent being Dr. Mills, Prof. McLean and
A. S. Goodeve. The commission o*
conservation waa represented by
James White, secretary of that body
and the forestry branch by R. H.
Campbell, A. Knetebel and James
Western Canada Wroth
"There Is a well-defined feeling In
western Canada that it would be beet
for the great wheat-growing provinces
of Alberta and Saskatchewan and the
prairie provinces to withdraw trom
the federation und organise Into a
separate crown colony," said Jesse
Dnrinnii nf Calgary, Alta., publisher
of the News Telegram, at the Spokane hotel on Monday, "and tbe liberal papers are freely commenting on
the spirit of discontent manifested.
"The defeat of reciprocity measure,
together with the fart that the banks
of Western Canada are controlled by
the financiers of the eastern provinces
who are milking the country without
contributing to its development, and
the further fact tbat the government
Is not compelling the railway companies, which nre largely financed
with public money, to provide adequate transportation facilities for the
rapidly populating prairie district*,
Is responsible for tbe unrest. Tbe
United Farmers, an organization of
the agriculturists ot the region, were
almost a unit In favor of the reciprocity measure, and It will be years
before the spirit of rebellion among
them la quieted.
Canada Is the most hopeful young
country on earth, nnd Its optimism
will lie Its salvation. In a few year
the railways will have penetrated to
Its fertile western prairies and its
rolling hunch grass plains will have
Riven wny to the tilled Held and the
bustling town nnd with this will
come forgetfulness of ths disadvantages and Injustices under which we
ere laboring.
(Southern Division Kast Kootenay)
TAKB notice that Charles Grasley
Senior, of Baker, P.O., B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at
the north east corner of Lot 6231,
thence eaat 20 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence east 60 chains; thence
south 11.91 chains, thence west
chains, thence north 51.91 chains lo
the point of commencement containing 160 acres more or less.
Oharlea Grasley, Senior.
B. G. Stahl, Agent.
Dated Feb. 24, 1912. l4-9-9t
(District ot East Kootenay.)
Take notice that I, Coutta Lindsay
Chambers, of Sheep Creek, farmer,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following lands:
Commencing at S, Wast corner   of
Lot (117, group 1, thence    west   40
chains, thence north 44 ehalna, thence
east    40   chains,   thence   south   40
chains to the place of commencement
containing 160 acres more or less.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated April 23rd. 1912 *18-9t.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tenders
for Interior Fittings, Post Office,
customs and Inland Revenue at Cranbrook, B.C.," will be received until
4.00 P.M., on Thursday, May SO, 1912
for the work mentioned.
Tenders will not be considered unless made upon forms furnished by
department, and In accordance with
conditions contained therein.
Plana and specifications to be seen
on application to Mr. W. M. Mac
Baehran, Clerk of Works, Cranbrook,
B.C., Wr. W, Henderson, Resident
Architect, Victoria, B.C., and at the
Department of Public Works.Ottawa,
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bagk, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender.
By order
Department of Public Worka,
Ottawa, May 9, 191S 20-lt
District of East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that Charles Grasley, Rr„ of Waldo, British Columbia,
Rancher, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North East corner of Lot C2J1,
Oroup I, Kootenay District; thence
Bast 20 chains; thence South 40
chains; tbence Bast 60 chains; thence
South 11.90 chains; thence West 80
chains; thence North 111.91 chains to
tbe point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more or less.
Dated this 1Mb dsy nf May, A.D.,
Located Mth of April, 1912.   20-St.
District of Kaat Kootenay
TAKK NOTICB that -Rward Gar
field Stahl, of Waldo, British Columbia, Rancher, intends tn apply fnr
permlsalon to purchase the following
described load:-
Commencing at a post planted "0
chains South of the North West eo*-
of Lot 92M, Group 1; thence South
M chains; tbence West 40 chains;
thence North M chains; thence Rust
40 chains to point of commencement,
and containing 220 acres more or lens
Dated this 10th day of May, A.D.,
Located Ith ef May, ltll.      IMt.
District. Division of South  Kast
Tnke notire that I, Robert Campbell of Moyle, H. 0, occupation Merchant, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a iiost planted near
the South West corner post 0( Lot
11802, thence North 40 chains; thence
West 20 chains; thence South 10
chains to the North West point ol Lot
2801, thence Bast 20 chains tn the
place of commencement, containing
ill* acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered hy the
Rock Hill Mineral Claim.
Robert Campboll,
Dated Kehrunry 27th 1912. is-Ot
(District of   Kast Kootenay.)
I. Frsak Henry Pearson of Kort
Steele ln the Province of British Columbia, intend to apply for perm Is
slim to purchase seventy-live acres ut
land bouuded ss follows:—
Commencing nt n post planted .in
chains east of the north east corner
of lot 125 on the east bank ol an
island; thence lollowlng the shore
down stream to Its most southerly
point; thence up stream In an easterly and northerly direction to Its
northerly eitremity; thence following
the west hank to the point of com
Dated this Uth day of March, 1912,
12-9t. F. H. PEARHON.
Provincial Elections Act
Cranbrook Electoral District
TAKE NOTICK that 1 have received objections in writing to tht
retention ol the following names on the Register of Voters for ths
Crnnbrook Electoral District on the grounds as Htateil below.
And take notice thut at a Court of Revision to lie held on the 20th
day ol May 1912, at the Court Hnu-* in Cranbrook at ten o'clock in ths
forenoon local time, 1 shall hear and determine the said objections, and
ualess such named persons, or sum. other Provincial Voter on their
lieh.ilf, satistles me that such objections nre not well founded, 1 .hall
strike such names off the said Register.
Acting Registrar <>r Voter.
Dated tin. Uth Day of April, 1912.
The follow inn persons are reported absent from the city.
Notice Is hereby given that the re-
serve Misting   over Lot 6622, Group
One, Kootenay District, formerly embraced In Timber License   No. 16727
by reason of a notice hearing date of
24th December 1907 and published in
the British Columbia Gazette ot 27th
December 1907, is cancelled in order
that a sale of the said laads may he
effected to Elizabeth Cuinraiags.
Robt. A. Fenwick
Deputy Minister of Laads,
Lands Department
Victoria, B. C.
February 8th 1912. l-SMo.
Acton, Martlu Thomas  Cranbrook
Allen, Richard      Swansea
Beach, Bertram James     Norbury    Avenue, Craabrook
Benudry,  Frank  Craahrook
lliddlecomhe, Frank   Cranhrook
Bromley, James Hay   Cranbrook
Butler, Fred. William   Crnnbrook
Clarralchnel, Wilson Crnnbrook
Cronk, Herbert   Cranbrook
Dolg, John Aletunder   Cranbrook
Kaglesomc, Kennedy    Cranbrook
Flndlay, Robert James   Cranbrook
Fnllett, Frederick   Cranbrook
Fryer, Charles  John      Wattaburg
Gllroy, Charles Henry   Cranbrook
Glanville, Robert      Wycllfle
Glavey, Thomas   rmt gt«el.
Kehoe, George   Cranbrook
Kuhn, Henry   Cranbrook
I.owery, William Lewis   Armstrong Avenue,   Cranbrook
Lumsden, William Watt    Fenwick  Avenue,   Cranhrook
Marshall, Albert p  Cranbrook
Marshall, John   Cranbrook
Muir, David   Cranbrook
Muir,  Seymour   Cranbrook
McCurdy, Charles Krvln   Cranbrook
McDonald, Duncan Grant  Cranbrook
Patton, Issue Philip  C.P.R. Boarding House,     Cranbrook
Patton, John Philip   Cranbrook
Pattoo, Sllna H  Wentworth Hotel,     Cranbrook
Sherring, Alfred Henry   Cranbrook
Sims,  James  Cranbrook
Skea, James Lemon      Royal     Hotel,     Cranbrook
Sutherland, James Gordon   Cranbrook
Whebell, Ralph Angus   Cranbrook
Wise, Otto Frederick   Cranbrook
Yeandle, Charles Heury  Cranbrook
Read "The Prospector"
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
aftor date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
tor Coul and Petroleum on the following lunds situate In the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbln, in Block 4593.
Commencing at n post planted   at
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days
after date I intend to apply to   the
Hon.   Chief Commissioner ol   Lunds I Hon,   Chief Commissioner of   Lands
and Works for a license to   proBpect' unU- Works lor u license to   prospect
for Coal and   Petroleum ou the foi-
Notice is hersby given that 30 days
after dute 1 intend to apply to   th.
for Coal and Petroleum uu the following lands situate in the District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, ill Block 4593.
Commencing at a post plunted   at
or near 2 miles    eust of the   South
or near tbe South hast corner post „,, emMt t „, 1<ot mo on tll,
of Lot 7610 and being on the east ,„t ,)0Un„Bry 0, ulock KM ano „,.
boundary of Block 1593, and being! 1I1(, lhe noI.th ,,„ cor„w po8t „, t_t
the North West corner post of U» j Roy AU,n claim, thence south >0
Roy Allen claim: Thence south *0; cUalns, tbence west 80 chains, thence
chains; thence east 80 chains; theace nortn M cmiilW| thenci! „,, ,„ cnolll,
north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains ! t0 „ polnt „, eomata_,mmt mU_g
to a polot of commencement, con-. „40 tcm „,„„ or Um
tnlning 640 ncres moro or less. , UmilrA „„,    .,4th „     „, Kel)ru„
Located thla    24th day ol February,'
Roy Allen, Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
uud Works for a license to prospect
for Coal aad Petroleum on the following laads situate ia the District
of Southeast Kootenny, British Co
lumhla, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Soutb Kast corner post
of lot 7510 and being on the eust boun
dary of Block 4693, and being the
south west corner post of the Roy Allen claim thence north 80 chains thencs
.oat 80 chains, theuce south 80 chnins
tbence west 80 chains to a point ol
commencement, making 1)40 acres
more or less.
Located this    24th day ol February,
Roy Allen, Locator,
Wltaess John Virgo,
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to ripply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for u license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the lollowlng lands situate In the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, lu Block 4593.
Commencing at s post planted at
or near 2 miles east ol the Southeast corner of Lot 7510 on the Kast
boundary ol   Block 4593 1    being
the South Bast comer post ol the
Roy Allen claim, th.nro north 80
chains; thence west Mil rhaiim, thence
south HO chalnH. thence rust »« chnins
to a point nf commencement, iniikinu
640 Hcres more or less.
Located this 24th day ol February,
Roy Allen, Locator.
WltneHH John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 16-5
Hoy Alien, Locator.
Wltuess John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days
after dute i inleud to apply to the
rtull. l.'hiel Commissioner ol Lauds
uud Works tor a license to prospect
for Coal und Petroleum ou tue loi
lowing lunds situate tn the District
ot Southeast Kootenay, Britisn Columbia, in Block 4693.
Cuiiinieaciug ut a post plunted at
or near 2 miles eust of the Southeast corner post of Lot 7510, and being on the east houudary of Blocs
11,93, and being the North West corner post ol the Hoy Allen clmui,
thence south .vi chums, thence ess.
»0 chains, thence north su chain.,,
thence west nu chains to a point ot
Commencement, making Mu sere,
.note or less.
Located this    24th day ol February,
Hoy  Allen,  Locator.
Wltuess Johu Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15.',
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
after dale 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
for Coat and Petroleum on the loi-
lowing lands situate in the District
ol Southern.! Kootenay
lumhla, in Block 4693,
Commencing nt * post planted at
or neur 2 miles east of the Southeast corner post of Lot 7610, and be-
ing on the east boundary ol Block
1593, and being the South west corner post ol the John Virgo claim,
thence north in chains, thence east
Fill chains, thence south HO chains,
thence west S'l cliniiis to a point ,rt
commencement) making 640 acres
mote or less.
Located this
lowing lands situate in the District
ol Southeast Kooteuny, British Columbia, iu Block 4593.
Commencing at a post plunted at
or near 1 mile north ol the s.Kust
corner post of Lot 7510, on the sast
boundary of Block 4693, aud beiag
tbe South west corner post of th.
Joba Virgo claim, thence north 90
chains, thence eust 80 chains, theace
south 80 chulns, thence west 80 chains
to a poiut ol commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Hoy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. IS-ii
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date 1 intend to apply to the
lion. Chief Commissioner ol Laada
and Works for a license to prospect
tor Coal and Petroleum on tbe following lands situate iu the District
ol Southeast Kootsnny, British Columbia, in Block 4593,
Commencing at a post planted at
or uear l mile north of tbe Southeast corner post of Lot 7610, and being ou the east boundary of Block
1593, nnd being the south east corner
post ot the Johu Virgo claim, theace
north to chains, thence west 80 chains
thence south 80 chains, theace east 90
chain* to a point ol commencement,
making 640 acres more or less.
Located tin. 24th dny ol February,
John Virgo Locator
Hoy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9tb. 1912. W.C.McC. 16-f,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th. 1912. W.C.McC. 11-6
Notice la hereby given that 20 days
sfter date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Loads
and Works for a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the following lands situate in the District
British Co I of Southeast Kooteuny, Brltleh Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
nt neur 1 mile north,then 1 mile east
nf the South east corper ol Lot 7610,
on the east boundary of Block 4691,
iml bring the South Weat corner
poet of the John Virgo claim,
theuce north 80 chnins, tbence east
40 chains, theuce south 80 chains.
thence west 80 chains to a point   of
commencement,    making   eto   acres
more or less.
Located this    Mth day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Potted April 9th, llll. W.O.McO. 16-4
24th day ol February TilK   PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
10c & 15c
10c & 15c
************* un****"M"i11»h*www|     Local  News
The Lund Land
:: & Development Co., Ltd. J
P. LUND,  President
See us about lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden   Tracts
Grazing   Lands
Visit mn* lixperimental Forms ni
British Columbia
J U BT    TO    RBI MIND    Y 0 '.I |
Kilby   frames   Pictures
Don't   lorget   the   Kdison   Theatre
entire cluiugo of Program tonight.
Tin-   (*ry   ol   the   Ice   Hoiiso—Boss
■ -15.-t the Hook "
Fresh Strawberries al BhiBl Kooten j
ay Mercantile House.
the loul odor ol an
........    toliiti.liiliitllll.l    III    III ifcll llllllll  it il    |n|    II ij    I    I    i    I    I    t    I'  I*  t* j- mi.
i^In^TTTXTi aiTT^TTxTXTT^ ^TTTT^rrm a i ■ ■ » • ■ e ■ ■ ■ mr
Aluminum  Cooking   Utensils
Also Note the Following Household Economics
To make biscuit** light—drench
with gasoline and Ignite he-
tore, serving.
To keep servants— chloroform
and lock in tbe celler.
To get rid of peddlers—buy All
they have.
To remove fruit stains from
linen—-use the scissors.
To keep rats out of the pantry
—put all the food in the ctillur
To entertain women visitors-
let them rend all our private
To entertain men visitors—twu
the brutes.
To keep the children at home-
lock   'ern  in tbe ([arret.
To keep hubby at home- look
up all hid clothes
To prevent accidents in the kitchen— till the kerosene cau
With water
Tu stop leaks in pipes—send »
hurry-up for the nearest plum
To economize on coal—g»t a
gas range
To test the freshness of eggs-
drop on hard surface.
To propitiate the janitor—you
can't do it.—Uppincott's
F. PARKS & Co.
•f <• |..}.."..."..f ••f»f.»|..J..|..|..|..|«(..(..f~ |a.|..|4-*f..f. -|"|"("|*.{--I**t"t'*r f-'f-'f''('"f"1 F*~f"T"*T*~*"*T'ssj
♦ III I llllllll I I H II IH ■l"l"l"l"l"t"l"l"t"l-l"l"l"l"l"l"l-l"l"l"l"l
The 41 Market Co.
This name stands for what is best in
Fresh Meats, Fish, Poultry, Etc., Etc.,
■ •    Our Solo Aim is to Glvu Satisfaction,   Tills wo can most    ■•
certainly do In tlio event of you giving us au opportunity    ',',
Try our
Brooktield Sausage & Creamery Butter
"Socrinrl   In   Null*!"
"PHONE 72"
Impure heart
'   t  T   MeVlttoe o( Port Steele wns i
,n town  Wednesday, enroute to Nelson
Fresh Strawberries al •'*■■*> Kootan
; ay Mercantile EiOUBO
Mi tini Mri l. .1 Mei'ralu.i. Ol
Nolson, were Cranbrook visitors on
Mis.   J     Walker who Ini* be«D   Visit   :
Lng   the  eaitt,   returned on Mnn.lay !
Tbe expense ot your bouse will be,
large or small, as yuu are a good «.r'
' bud housekeeper
our Summer Money Savins Bale is
Don on      Kast  Kootenaj  Mercantile
Scolding and nagging nevei innd
ed anything Thev nava ruin ■ J ine
peace ol unnumbered (amities
KUbj    Frames   Picture*
There are ■■ thousand ways •.■! making   ithei  . ■   I '■ happj. and you I ave
|< i k   ibout to And them
We have I d good authority th.it
Mike Durrick has been engaged by
Pr tessoi   Caruthers to assist bim In
_      . : •: itic  show
New shipment ol bii*h class cut
glass   it   r ink's  Pure Food Qrocery.
LOST-—Laat Thursday a pair "f
Oold Eyeglasses near centre ol
city, finder brim-ins: same to* our
ortice will receive reward
j k Armstrong of Victoria, Chief
Wnter Commissioner [ar the Province
, was in Crnnbrook on Friday on bua-
| iness.
;   Our Summer Money Saving Sale Is
i nnw  on       Kast  Kouten.iy  Mercantile
Cranbrook delegates tu tbe conven-
| tion at Nelson supported Fernip's can
'Idldate,    Or.   Bonnell,   by   an almost
: solid vote.
Mr. W Ii Bradley, Provincial An-
, sessor wltb Mr. N. A. Walllnger of
Oranbrook left yesterday for the Cro
! to look Over the land.
Seed Potatoes—four Of the best
Varieties At Fink's pure Food
ThdK. Oaven, M.P.P. arrived m
tuwn Friday last a business trip to
the co.ist. He wetit to Alberta this
week mi important business.
Satisfaction   guaranteed with
the most   troublesome
ul cases
For Sales List.
Seed Potatoes- four nf the beat
Varieties * At Fink's Pure Fuod
Miss .1, Druco, formerly Head Nurse
at the Olty Road Maternity Hospital
London, England, has taken a position, at the Cottage Hospital, Arm-
strohg Avenue, umi will assist both
In the Indoor anil outdoor work. Applications to be mnde to Mrs, Salmon
.1 (i M T     T 0     ll IC M I N It     V n II
Kllby    Frames   Pictures
Th8 cubs and lU'.lt. worn matched
togotltor m the 1st Olty League gftme,
ol the mason on Wednesday evening.
The name wnn played upon tbelr new
grounds to the east of the city, both
teams put up a good game; at tint
dose the score stood iu favor of the
rubs   11   tn  'J
Seed Potatoes four
varieties At Kink's
of    the    best
Pure     Fund
i The Cranbrook Trading  Co,
«■       P.O. BOX 4HK LIMITED PHONE 183
What about .1 nice box <>i Oranges
ONLY  $3.50
A iiinii stock Dairy Huttei in now +
+ BeginniiiK with Saturday a Price of 33c lb, +
[ This buttei in bettei ill.iii Iota ul t reamer) buttsi 1
j.«H4 11 ****************************4 i.,..,., H*H*4
ft' I I I » I I I -M-H-t-l-I ***** imUHIIIItmilllH j.
If You
desire   to  obtain   ORCHARD  LANDS   in
Vicinity of Cranbrook or —
City Property
Life Insurance
Fire Insurance
Accident Insurance—
If  there   is   anything   we   can  do for you,
»ervices are cheerfully at your disposal.
i .
JUS T    TU    It BM IN I)     Y <> U
Kilby   Frames   Pictures
A Bflblng party went to Hull Kiver
the tirnt of the week. They report
having it very nice outing but tholr
CatCh   Ul   tisl)   WILH   Hlllllll
Fresh Lettuce, ltipe Tomatoes, Celery, etc. at Kast Kooteimy Mmuutlle
| J. McTavlsb of the Wentworth
'■ Hotel, who has been making a bus!*
I neHtt trip through the States to the
j south, returned home on Bunday last
Mayor  a,  r   Boivneat returned on
Saturday   from  a   ImkIiicim   trip i«»
Montreal an.l other points in the i\ir
I Pure White Dutch Clover Seeil at
Pink's Pure Pood Grocery.
DIBD- OnSunday May 12th, 1912,
Hazel ignore, Infant daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. A 0, Plnlne of this city,
atreil  :,  weeks
.1 U S T     T Q     It R M 1 N It     V (t i:
Kllby   Prames   Picture*
a regular monthly convocation of
Rocky Mountain Chapter was held In
tbf  Chapter  mom  of  tbe  Masonic
Temple  on  Tuemlny   evening,       There
um a targe attendance.
Kk-.Ii Lettuce, Ripe Tomntoes, Cel
•tv, etc at Bast Kootenay Mercantile
, M. Philllpps of Rika wns in town
Vm-Silfiy Mr. Philllpps wuh one of
tbe early pioneers of the Kootenny,
be vas u Hudson Bay Factor on the
Tobacco Plains in lnf.o.
NOTICK  TO    PniONDS.—Blontly
of Cranbrook did    not k"   down on
Titanic,  hn  first    reported.    Has  returned and   will make his   home   In
tbls city  until further notice.
17-tf m/jNDY.
Mt   ami Mrs   I**. DcltoHier. who have
i been spending the wlntoi  in Mexico,
returned tn Oranbrook Bnturday Inst
Mi    DeRoBter  while  in   Moxlco  pur
chftsod n large tract of wheat land.
New shipment of high clnss cut
glass at Kink's pure Pood Orocory.
! You don't have to kill youi neigh
bore chickens with dynamite cleaning
up Hip l"ts thnt ynu buy from Dor's,
tbey »rn alrendy ploughed Hold on
easy terms
Heed     PotntO0B    fniu     nf     tllf     bfiSt
; varieties - At Fink's Pure Pood
FOR BALR Two pieces ol liinl each
containing tour L8*t00th acres,;
one thousand dollars each.
Malcolm Hone Laud lota No. ll
and 16, Oue half cnn It balance to
suit, b per cent deferred payment
V,    k.   Beattie, OitJ U-4t
fob BALED—Ooose Kk«« for hatching, pure bred Toulouse, geese,
.* eggs $1.00—apply to T. Houth,
Cranbrook Hotel,
FOB    SALK- White     H.l'.      Leghorn*
Wykofl Btrain .heaviest layers 11.60
(ot 15 eggs B.O. Rhode Island
Red, $1.50 for 15 eggs; Pekln:
Strain Duck Biggs, $1.50 for 12
egi-B. Ail epgH from first class'
stock. Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wattsburg,  B.O.
' 0 roomed house for sale. $1000.1)0
two lots, central, terms apply
J. Bennett, opposite Hash and
Boor factory—18-2t
I FOR    BALK— Epge     for      hn-tchin*-,
White WyandotteB. $1.50   for 13
eggH.      White    H.  0.  Leghorns,
$1.00 for 13 eggs.     J. Sanderson,  Sunnyslde Poultry Farm.  17-4t
WANTED—100 chickens. I want to
buy these at once. Write Robert    Taylor, Crnnbrook, B. C,
ctvtng      price   and       class    of
birds. W-4t
FOR BALE.—Hggs fnr hatching. Crystal White Orpingtons, special
selected breeders from strictly
first class stock. Htrong winter laying strain $3.00 per sitting of 13, fertility guaranteed,
O. K. Kendall, Cranbrook, Box
460. tf
POR SAIjB.—One Chatham Incubator
120 eggs, also black cochin bantam eggs, $2.00 per sitting. Oi
ders taken for the "Peerless1
und "Hamilton" incubators und
brooders. Apply B. Macdonald
P. O. Box 102 Cranbrook B. C.
TO RBNT— Furnished Room • with
hath, on Armstrong Avenue
Phone    100. 19-2t.
Tin1 Luild'H OrungO Lodge held Its
regular meeting on Wednesday night,
in the Carmen's Hull. There waa a
large attendance. The Lodge aro ex-
pootlng tbat sometime in .Inly an organizer will be with them to help
In building up the old bulge and endeavor to obtain unite a number of
new  members,
Mrs. John Shaw leaves for England ou Monday sailing on the Mnnt-
roHc. Mrs. Shaw's tlrst stopping
place will he Harrogate, afterward
she will visit Leeds and Bradford,
then going north to Scot land and
crossing on ber return to Ireland.
Whilst in England Mrs.' Hhaw will go
.ind visit Mrs. R. Hughes who is at
present staying  in  London.
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
Mr. and Mra. Oeo. Tlsdale entertained a large number of friends at
nn house pnrty last week. The gUeflt
came from all over the district with
and in all kinds of conveyances,automobiles, on cvcles, in buggies and on
the saddle; whilst those near at hand
went on foot, The gathering was a
successful one, everybody having a
real good time, and words can hut
poorly describe the splendid hospitality accorded and how excellent the
host and hostess took care of their
numerous guests'' Mr. Tlsdale has
recently had a new residence built, it
is the pride of tbe district.
W.    W.  KILBY,
McBride    Presented
King George
F'OH SAI.B—The IJttln Dcvonport
Itr-Httiiiriinr. Good opportunity
lor rli-rlit man. For lui'ther pur-
ticulHrn. Apply to JuniPfl I
lloyil,  :it  ri-Htirurrint'.
WANTBD—Competent nmld (or (ien-j
prill Housework. Applicant
must reside nt home. Apply tot
Mrn. <'   T.  IiiivIh, (liinlen Ave.]
KOR 8AI,K-One pnlr of ret-lBter.nl
Hrotclr I'nllle iloim; (eniiile hred|
to come in the l>.t ol July. Onej
litter will more thnn pny (or,
the prii-e of both. Ailrlrerm I'.O. j
Ho. 2.',;, Oranbrook, -it.
ll.reANKII     AND
Apply  to MrH. T. Wnlker
lliii-well Avenue
ivo  Hoi .lis, flrnnlirook, B,0.—1J,H
FOR  SAI.re   Home,   llili;i!y,   HnrneHH
I'oriiplete.  lipply 0,   II.'Ankey, elty
H. (I. Pnrnoni nl Oolden, und Mr.
riiiilicilni ,,( Wln.lereinire,, punned
through Ciiiiihmok Weriliemlny, en-
inilte tr, Nelson to iitleiul.tlii- Conner
viitlve Convention.
.1 U B T    TO    R K M I N I)     Y O I!
Kilhy    Frniiien   Picture!
T T. McVlttee ol Fort Steele nnd
II. I.. Huwyer ol Marysville were iih
town Wednesday enroute to Nelson.
nils staples ol Wyclllle wnn In town
Wednesday mi his wny to Nelson to
attend the Conservative Convention.
Pure Wlillri Ilnlrli Clover Heed at
Fluk'n Pure Fooii (lineery.
I' ir mini .lm.h in live within Mn'
moans, mul in resolute lu IiIh purpoNn
not to appear Inore than he really In,
let lilm ho iippliinile.l. There In some
tlrlrrn IniHli and rare In nueli an ui-
J ll H T    TO    II K M I N li    Y 0 I)
Kllby   Frames   Pictures
Mrn. II. II Rhorl iiri-oiiipiioleil hy
her rlirni'liler Maud, loft on Tliiimilny
lor Portland wlioro they nre "olhB '<>'
ntny lor mime timo. Mrn. Short In
liopllli; hy the entire change ot e.llm
nte to recover iiunie ol her  usually
A dispatch from London nnyn thnt
Premier McBride went yesterday to
Portland nn the quest of the first lord
ot the admiralty on hoard the H.M.
8. Enchantress. He wns entertained
cordially -and today was presented to
the KltiR. His Majesty showed Krcut
interest In and famlltnrlty with Canadian affairs and referred with much
plensure to his last visit to British
Columbia. Premier McBrlde was
shown over the principal ships nsseiii
bled off Portland (or the naval mao-
Ancient Order of Foresters
The regular meeting of the A.O.K.
wns held last Thursday, May 9th. In
the On miens Hall. One new member
was Initiated and nfter regular business wnn over, the meeting was open
to all the wives nnd lady friends ol
the members und dlsciinnion took
place regarding the formation of a
circle ol the companion ol the Forest.
The ladles were In enrncnt and unanimously voted (or the formation of
the Circle.
Pending the granting ol the charter
the following ladles were appointed
to the temporary offices--
Mrs. .1. Whlttuker, Olllel Comp.
Mrn. W. Bradley, Sub. Chief
Mrn. J. Heigh, Secretary
The prospects of the new lodge are
very bright, the ladles being very en
ihiislnstie. The Circle begin*-* with
ii membership of 211 ami Ih assured of
several more in the near future.
I,ndies wishing to beeomo members
of the Circle may apply to any of the
Sheet  Music
We now have a good s ock of new
music on hand, and will get all the
laiest as it amies out—both songs
and instrumental. Come in hear
some ol the New Songs.
This is our busy season in tins line
luit we have a large stock to select
from, and every facility for showing
ane  handling   it.    Our  Prices   are
Beattie-Murphy Co.
+ ♦.|.'l"|.|H"H-t"l"l"l"H"l"H"H*H'l"t't4"*"t-H-H
♦tin 11 in-i i iH-i-n-i-t-H- **********************
Good Opportunities
8o   Acres,   4 i-s   miles   south   ol   Caanbrook.
Price    81,600   on   terms of  $000.  cash,
balance to he arrangee.
One Acre Lot with house and  wood shed close to
Power     House.       Price    $650.      House
Plastered.   Owner Angus W, Clarke, Box
136,  Field,  B. C.
Sunnyside Addition—2 Lots- -my  Each.
'20 Acres west of Cranbrook, sb.oo per acre.
_*oo Acres. 5 miles south of Porl Steele.    * 15.00
per acre.
11II lllll I l-l III l III 1111 *** I l-l I llll II Ml I IMI;
. •     HEAD   OFFICE
CALGARY, Alt*       . •
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. !j
"Shamrock Brand"
HI I 111 I 11 H I 11111111 I l-H I I til IHI I H 111111
Molar Hairdretiing College
Ladies:—Learn the  Hairdress-
ing Art in 8 weeks.   Graduates
earn $18 to $25 a week.
Write for catalogue.
X\S SiitiiKiir Ave.     Spokane   Wanh.
Automobile   will   be   run    weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation,
N. Hanson
; \*4*4**i**i*****-*-t~*****"**t mn hi it limit;;
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
lootl litallli
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 r  O. Box 845
Makes Short Work of
Ih*'i>--,(>iit«Hl «nd apparently hopcteM rau-n of
H-'i-iiH'n, l.uinlwKo, Gout, NeuralKln and all oilur
r«rmi of Kii'-uiinliiim yield nt OtMW to Altbuti III oi.
RhOUtnillla Ki-mwly. Like an aniffl of mercy it
Iti" irivi'ti liiHliini mm lo ■let>|i.foriak(-n nulTer'Ta,
HM.-I thnn from Ixth of o«ony und for 2H ycum
h:n iMt-n rurlntr ni«n, women and chitrlreu f«r
wli .in then mt-inrd M mId, Jueta frw wttlfl
li ivf Buml ra *•* »t front M to m y-mre* iimntlnn
imd ii»l ly it niiiiiili unrluill*! en a -|ui.-k. n*tt> arid
nliMilnli'lv ri linli].. ir.--Lirn.nl for nil uric arid din*
aw*-*, wonkklilnfj-i. eto   l.<t *, dollar it..til«or
*bbo** Bro$t  Rhtumitlo Rtmjdy
ond yniir iialni ut pne«—atari your rnS today.
Bnnl I'- I liy Abbott R>ot„ 711 S. DnrioinSla.
Uliioai-o, in., If your drumiat do«>* nut Imve Ik
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug I Book Co.
A lilnrk iiiiiiu Htnry.'il into my pluc. i
on Fi'lili" nl l«»t w™», It" wolKlit I" —___
uliout Woven to Iwrlvo hunilrorl, baa
lirriwn iikhc, I'lliipiul innnc, nnd shoil ElOCtrlC RMtOrCF fOF Men
nil rotinil.   Owner cnn hnve hnrm liy Phmnhonol r.ai»r».••.ryn.rv.laili.lmd.
,„. .               1" II. Iiropar t.a.luo ; r.BlniM
piiylnK  tor this iirlvertineinent
•     —••—.—■ i ■     i    i « in ,,w |jiu|hi  ivneiua [ iei
.    .. ■'■■"    fliu and vitality.  1'ieaialuie decay anil all aaiua!
keep Ol horM.—Apply tu P, U«lAUd«r{ JSB^/2a2«a5! •prt«t— phM-    ™


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