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The Prospector Jun 7, 1913

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Array Provincial   I •glvlativa AsfteirMr
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We Test Eyea
Grind Oar Own Learn and
Guarantee Yon a Fit
fl)* ff*$ptftxtf.
I      CL
•■] ,,The Leading Newspaper
jff" the
$2.00 Per Year
JUNE   7th,   1913.
NUMBBP.   23.
Demand More Ships
Action of Canadian Senate Arouses Britsh Papers-
Ask More Ships of Churchill
London.—Commenting on the decision ol te senate in rejecting the
naval b.ll, the Moraine Poat declare*
lt .annot but be viewed wltb gia e
concern by everyone converenut witb
wltb tbs gravity ol the problem, ol
Imperial defence' It means both a
moral and material lose to tbe naval atrengtb ol tbe empire.
"lbs action ol tbe Canadian govern _ nt   in   proponing   to pio'ide
thro* tret clans battleships to re-in-
loree tbe Britiah fleet, made n profound Impression In tba world. Now
tbat elect   will largely be undone.
Foreign natlona will not study tbe
detain ot   the controversy between
tbe two pa. tics In Cinidn. lh y will
probably pay little attention to the
Ubeial plan lor creating lleet units.
Wbat will Impress them will be tbe
apparent refusal ol tbe Canadian legislature to sanction the proposal lor
hei Ing to strengthen tbe naval re-
sour _a of the em ire.    By Britain's
rivals and enemies the decision wll.
be ta;erly wtlcomed, by her Mends
lt will be regaided aa ominous.
"The Impression must thus be In
a l.ably created tbat the solidarity
of the enjiite   s but a my.h; tbat
the sea-powers which would llie' to
aee the overthrow of the British na
val supremacy need not be dlscour
aged by tbe thought tbat their cbal
tengj would be mat by tbe united resources ol the   mother country -.nd
daughter states.    Such an Impress*
aion, too, must be heightened by tbe
doet'.ne advanced by tbe opposition
to lastly tbelr   refusal to provide
three battleships   tor tbe imperial
Ueet. i
"Thi naval atrengtb ol tbe empire
muat, howevor, be maintained at all
eoata. II the Canadian government
lor lbs moment Is unable to pro.ide
ahl.a tka fo.amment ol tbe united
.Ing om most act In Ita place. Mr.
Churchill baa aald tbat whatever decision Is mads by Canada, Oreat Britain wtll njt under in/ circun a an
eta fa 1 .n ber duty to the overseaa
"It la now Incumbent nron blm to
make -.ood bla aaau ance."
Tbe Daily Chroniile upbolda the
actun of tbe Can dian aena oa aa
b Id entirely cons ltutlocal and
pontj out tbit Premier Borden won
tba 1 at election largely on tbe red-
fjc.ty issue.    He his since brought
rward a lar-ieaciitg propose! on
l entirely disconnected usue,   en
a forced bis bill through tb: do
nlon house ol commons by aid ol
ata   party   ma.orlty.    The    senate
legitimately refuses to pass tbe bill
nt.l tbe country has been canvaased.
hy Premier Borden refuses to con
suit the country by means (if a refer
ndum In   not easy to understand.
here ls no doubt, bowe.er, tbat
.'rom point of efllclcncy the Laurier
arty Is entirely wrong, hut lt Is lm-
/osslhle to neglect the sentiment and
..de which these young nations led
n tbeir growing greatness and yet it
,,re<.tiy to be regretted that   Mi
burcbill intervened In this Canadian
political dispute by presenting   tb.
idmlralty p. 1 it of view wiih lnjudic
ous emphasis."
"Ibe delay may prove a blesain
n dlaguke if lt results ln a more
.a„hatlc deel ration ol the determination of tbe Cnnadlan people to
.ear their own share In the naval defence."
■ n.s ls the hopeful view of the Ob-
..r/er, in connection with the action
.it the Canadian senate with regard
,'v Via _>!_*. "ival bill. The 0|>-
.erver retrains from offering a worn
ol criticism ot the senators' action.
The paper thinks that it would be
■veil ln Canada, as well as In the
aomeland to leave tne queation of Imperial defence out of party politics
"Tbe senators have acted according to tbelr own conception ol tbelr
duty," pursues the Observer, but in
lace of thla decision, the paper cells
upon Right Hon. Winston Obureblll
.o go ahead wtth the laying down
of tbree battleships so they mny be
completed by 1915. II Premier Borden eventually succeeds In his purpose, lt will then bo possible lor him
take over the ships on account ol
Janada, at -whatever stage tbey have
•"Should he fall, however, tt wlll
ue a matter lor negotiation between
bla successor and the admiralty
whether they are retained aa cults
ln tbe royal navy or purchased by
Canada aa tba nucleus ol ber tuton
odious fleet. Nothing wtll have been
compromised or even very seriously
delayed, II tbe first lord ol tb: admiralty will simply steel himself to
do bis plain duty."
Forestry Convention
Attendance Promises to be Large—Some of Canada's
Most Urgent Needs
High School Exams
Many Children Having Finished the Coursed in the
Grades are Now Up for Examination
Following ia a Ust ol tbe pupils
that w 11 try tbelr examinations lor
for tba b .h aemol next week.
Oracle Hlgglns.
Frances Drummond.
Jessie Hunter.
Edith McDon Id.
Mar on Holer son.
Haiti Taylor.
Dorothy MacKay.
Marlon Lel.ch.
Delia Orea.es.
Gladys Hlckinlotbam.
Vincent Fink,
John Pye.
Robert Pye,
William Leaman,
Gilford McNabb.
Frane Bamlord.
Medal Contest
Juniors and Cradle Roll Compete for W. C. T. U.
The Fifteenth Convention of the
Canidlcn Forestry Aesocla.ion lor
ths presentation ol addresses and papers, and tbe discussion ot forestry
questions, wlll be held ln Winnipeg,
July 7, 8 and 9, 191S. While spec
lal attention will be given to prairie
conditions, the program will leir
testimony to the national character
ol the work iu tbat tbe problena
now pressing for solution n both
East and West will be carefully considered.
Assurances have been received from
the Dominion and nearly all the Pro
vlnces, that they will be oUclolly
represented. Many Crnadlrn authorities on lorestry and related problems will be present, and a numbei
ol men in the United Stat s, bin
UMallHed to give assistance in regard
to our conditions have already sign!
.led their intention ol attending.
While the details ol the program
cannot yet be given, it ls expected
that the proceedings will be opened
by His Honor the Lieutenant Gov-
ernos, on Monday evening, July T,
at an official reception in which thi
delegates wlll bo welcomed by tbe
representatives ol the Government oi
Manitoba, City ol Winnipeg, etc.
The lollowlng two days wlll be devoted to the work of the Convention,
alone with such entertainment lea
tures at: Bhall be ...lunged.
The public sessions will be held ln
one ot the halls cl tha Winnipeg In
d it-trial Bureau, which ls well adapted to nanu.'.*!.-*. con.en l„solali
inds. It Is centrally Vo*8tod at tb
corner ol Main and Water Sts., an
has tbe necessary odlces, committee
rooms, etc.
Owing to the Inct that the Genu
dian Forestry Aeioclaticn has never
met belore In Winnlueg, thore will he
brought up lor the Ilrst time, a number ol problems which relate to th
great central part ol Canada. These
wlll include that of the protection
and perpetuation of the forosta ol
■Vestern Ontario, end ol northern
Manitobn..Saskatchewan and Alber
ta; the beat methods of handling
prairie forest reserves, and tbe possibilities of tho same in supplying
timber, fence posts, poles and cord-
wood lor tbe settlers; tbe need o
getting under timber the sand lands
whlcb wtll never produce any otber
profitable cropj but troea, and the
rate of growth ln the central parts
dl Canada as _ basis for decid n i tbe
possibility of economical lorestry,
under these conditions. Along wit,
all theae will go the dlscusiion of lb
value ol forests as windbreaks, sou
cea ol stream supply, and as co er
lor Insectivorous birds. Farm fores
try, shelter belts to protect burnings
ind orchards, and use ot beiges wi'l
bo discussed, as will also tbe donjers
Irom Insects and how these may be
Throughout the whole Convention
the aim will be to have all papers
and discussions as practical as possible. Representative lumbermen, agriculturists, railway offlcla'a, business men aud Icresters will show
how vitally interested the whole
community la ln the hand Ing of o ir
lorsst resources In a rational way,
wnlch will permit their beat uae not
only tor the present, but for all time
to come.
The proper handling ol our lorests
is ol vital Interest to every Canadian, and to this Convention are invited all patriotic citizens who des
Ire to do what they can to have
Canada's niturali direst resources
conserved by wise use, both lor tbe
present nnd lor coming generations.
Cannda's torest urea In about BOO,
000,000 acres.
Canada possesses some six hun-trr
b 1 Ion board leet ol mercantile tlm
ber, worth perhaps   tin billion dol
Canadians art cutting ofl this tl
her at the rate of about   100 loir
e-t ier acre, or eight billion boar,
feet a year.
The Sre lo a is estimated to be .60
board leet per acre per tnnim.
We are allowing Irom lllty million
to two hundred million dollars worth
of tbls timber to bum up every
Wo™ than that, we are burnln*
young growth, lorest litter and sol
fertility cn hundreds of thousands of
acres. That means no timber in
tbe Iuture lor our children and cbll
dren'a cbldren. Forest Area, con
tlnued, ma's deserts.
With tbe trees and young growth
go to the roots end so 1 co er, wit
their undoubted powers ol boldln
water and (ill toge bor. Floods
come from districts where the trece
have been removed.
Fifty per cent ol Canada is capabl
ol growing tree crops and nothing
Only a traction of tbis absolute
lorest area la g. owing tress aa it
might. Tbe rest is comparatively
We een not live without wood. Everything Irom tbo bouaes we live in
to the boots wo read is made ol the
uroduct ot the lorest. We must ha.e
To keep us In timber, pulp, an e i
liable water supply, fish and game,
wo must have trees.
On the prairie,    shelter belts an
„t,'dl"tH are protecting crops, nto.
nd houses iiuZ. the e.trem.s ol climate, and are pro aiding tuu ■"■"mors
a ith lence posts and etrlngors.
Tbe Dominion Gove n nent bas sup
plied twenty-live million seedlings te
Millions at* being aent out annually by nutejry companies.
There la a den_ni for millions
'ihe experience of tree planters and
far-seeing fanners, Indicates tbat
there wll ba . demand for tens of
millions more.
We muat have trees, in tho torest,
on the prairie, on sandy landa, 'in
toans and cities.
It takes yeara to grow trees—not
hours or days.
lf we want our trees protected wt
must care for them now. Today ls
Utty years '■'ago" Irom tbe year 1961
—and tbat ia not very lar away.
All Canada a modern development,
—Confederation, tbe great railways,
tbe growth ol tha West, moat great
machines—have come in the hut fifty
The seedlings ol tbat day are
scarcely moro tban tie timber now.
Filty yeara is a very short time
in tbo 11 e elf a lorest. most ol tha
timber being cut ln British Columbia today la over two hundred years
old-eome ol lt ls over eight hundred.
There is a crisis coming—when tbe
lorests whlcb lor a century men have
thought '''Inexhaustible" are going
go'.ng to he greatly depleted.
We must prepare for that contingency.
Stop the fires.
Stop the waate ln logging, milling
and utilisation.
Stop the Insect and lungus depred-
Cut timber only wben it is "ripe"
when It wlll produce aa much value
aa possible in useful teas to mon.
Plant up thi waste places.
Plant the needed shelter beltu.
These tale time, they take men,
thoy take money, but tbey are wo.'th
France   bas   spent   115,000,000  ln
denting trees on watersheds.
Germany spends up to US per acre
er annum on tome lorests, and gets
Women's Institute Meeting
Mrs. Doran acts as Demonstrator—Many  Valuable
Receipes Given.
gross returns up to lie per acre, thu.
yleld.ng net profits up to IU per
acre every year.
As a whole, German loresta pro
duce about S2.00 net per acre annual-
Canada spends much leas tban one
?ent psr acre per annum on tbe lorest land- under management.
II we set the Sro loaa against the
timber product, Canada's lorest bai
._ abeet shows an enormoua den*
How can Canadians atop ths loa.ee,
arrest tbe waste?
There ia but one anawer.
Publie opinion, public Interest, public conscience   are tbe cn.y  lorccu
that will ever make lor progress.
The Canadian Forestry Association
was founded ,n 1900 to ta.len the
solution of thiB great economic prob
Its mission is to organize the Ideas
..nd ctloits ol those who aee the nee-
canity lor action, anl to stimulate
those with whjm tbe issue i« no.
-et a burning one.
It publishes tho Canadian Forestry
Journal, an illustrated monthly devoted to tho interests ol lo.est con
It puts Inquirers in touch with the
best sources ol information.
It d.hvers illustrated lectures.
It holds conventions tor the Inter
change ol the latest and b.st Ideas,
among lorestry experts.
The resolutions adopted at Ita
meetings aie rigarded as an indica
Uon of the desliea ol the Canadian
:eople with regard to lorest conser-
Not a IW "*. 'be ud.ninlstra.tlvc re
forms of the past tew years are lot
telly traceable to the Acumen lun t,
At tbe present time it in  urgin,,
upon the varioja Governo.uta, tlm
ner o-nera and tbe publl.
(1) Tbe prevtnt.on ot a .uatting oi
settlement on l„nds cbleily valnabl.
lor timber.
(!) Tbo placing ot the employees ol
all lorest   departments    under cltl.
service regulations, by which all ap-
tio.ntmenta and promotions will   bc
upon merit.
,(3) Iha formation ol co-operative
lire pi o tec tive associations.
(4) Tbe adoption ol eflecl.e mean-
of disposal ol logging debris.
(5) A revisit n ol the Sre acta ot
Manitoba, baatatchewan and Alber
In brief, It etandB lor a so'.ld, pro.
gressl.e. stl.ntlfic, bualnes; li..e
handling ol all the nation a lo.est
It wonts virile, business-like, lar
seeing patriotic Canadians to Join la
ihe great work.
Members get tbe Canadian Fores
try Journal every month, and tbe
annual report containing lu lull the
uddnesses at the Aa.oolation Con
veueions, and are entitled also to al.
tho privileges of delegates at aucL
A uoo.nn.1 lee ol One Dollar la
charged. Such membership leea pay
less than one hall ol tbe Association's annual expenses.
Tbe Asto.latum wants your mem-
herthlp, your participation ln this
work ol laying sure the baals ot na
tlonal prosperity.
It is laying it sure— aa much as
any individual cltisenc can.
There ia an opportunity, even a
responsibility belore you.
Those Interested ln lorestry mat
ters should get in touch with the
Assoc'atlon now.
James Lawler, Secretary,
Iiiiiiu.II in Forestry Auioclatioo,
Canadian building Ottawa, Ont
A meeting ol tb* Women's Institute
was held in the Carmen s Hell on
Tuesday afternoon when a targe attendance of members were present together with several visitors interested in the nor;; ol the Institute.
The meeting was one which held a
double interest to the members, tlrst
on account ol tbe Interesting demon-
.tratlon to be given by Mrs. W. Dor-
un, and second, by tbe lact that lt
would be the 1 mt. time tor some
three or lour men hs that Mrs. Doran would be able to attend, as she
was leaving tbe next day lor un extended tour in tbe east and it viait
to ber home in the States.
Alter the usual busimss had been
attended to, Mrs- Doran was called
upon to give her demonstration on
salad making. Alter explanlng the
arinclples ol salad making Mrs. Dor-
_ went on to say:
Salads bave nil searons, and no ab-
eo.ute rule cun be l.id down tor tb
malting ot sal da. Tbe one rule applying to all ail do is to have ev-
eryth.ng l.esb and to keep them cold.
The colder th ebetter. The cold
crisp snlada are invaluable, especial
ly this time of the year. Salads can
be made ot left-overs, tuch ta co.d
.otatoes, carrots, beets, peas, I e.
chicken, veal and hsh, otber tlilnge
oo numerous to mention.
Salad dree ing are Ol threo Hide,
recipes lor which lollow: Fren
salad dressing—Measure into a bowl
live tables; o mtul olive oil, two ol
vinegar, one ol salt, ono oi pe.iper,
Mix theso well and chill before iiuur-
n.; over salad.
(.'mm Sal.ad Dreosln ; Mix yd;
o: two eggs, ono te Bpoo.iful sugur,
l*o of cornstarch, wet ln old wat ;i
ouo teasi'-wnlnl *alt, one n' raus-
tard, one ol butter, and ' cayenne
pepper, over thia mixture pour gradually heated vinegar ind water, ,
cup ot each.    Place in double boiler
At the Baptist Church a medal contest under the auspices ol ths W. 0.
T. U. waa held laat Monday evening
lor tha cradle roll an I the Juniors,
The children have been trained by
Mra. W. B. MacFarlane and their
a,.lend:d pei fir trance ah j wed the result ol careful training.
Captain Carruthers, ol tha Salvation Army officiated aa chairman ol
the evening.
The meeting opened with a prayer,
by Lieut. Co riper, ol the Salvation
Army.       '
The lollowlng programme waa then
Eonj Cborua by Junior Girls
.. Messrs. Caneroa and Hougham
Cr-idle Roll- Co-it*et-RaciLntlons by
Wllma McNabb, Bessie Woo.mnn,
Doaaa Argue, Meryl Bennett, Mur
ray McFarlano, Irina Ward,
Song Mrs. Chapman
Cborua Cradle Roll
Junior Contest—Hesitations hy Flo
rsnee Rutledge,   Qrace   McFarlane,
Hllna   Hood,     Bertha   Gill   an,
Wlnnlfred Webb,
Rev, W, . Dunham   than gave   a
demonstration  ol the eltecte ol al
cobol on tbe human ayatom.
.. Mesara. Cameron md Hougham
Recitation Orira McNabb
Medals were tken awaidod to Bcs
ale Woodman, wlunor 'or tba cradlo
roll and to Hilda Hood, wl mr ol
tbe Juniors.
Tba Judges were: R. D. Cameron,
Lieut. Cooper and Mrs. O. K. Ken
Twilightjf Life
London.—Sir Obarlea Timper the
last ol tbe "Fathers ol Confederation," aa tbe framere ol t>'» .-.nat'tll.
tlon of Canada ars called, has arrived at Bexloy Heath, Kent, where
he will spend his declining days In
tho company ol bis datightsr, the
wile of Major Gene al Cameio*. Br
Oharlea Tupper ls 91 years old, and
waa the conservative prime minister
ol Canada belore Sir Wilfrid Laurier
assumed that ofllce.
A lind old mnn wltb a strong, In
tellsctual fuc\ anl keen, ptnHratln^
eyes that have int lo t their luster.
Sir Charles renia'ns „ close o' a rvcr
ol the things tbat matter In the
world.   Ile has tbs wisdim, wlthou'
ho preh'dlrs, <t th* oil. He smiled
ind shook his hsnd whrn as'rd II he
agreed with Lord Alverstme that
o'd mm i'ale tho best Jiid-es. "I do
not think," bo aald, "that alter a
■nan bis ree rd 70 ho crows wlw
and more caa'ile or that his enpn-
fity lor wor't Is In-rea'cl," Btretcn-
n- a thiu white b nd io the nre, h
added, "The twilight ot life Is th
time lor rest; labor and Ita achieve
ments belong to tbe young and vigorous.
"Many changes, some swl't, some
slo-i, have come within recent years.
Ideas slow to germinate are belli
developed with breatb'ess rapidity.
Loo't at the astounl'ng progress
made ln Hying, the pcrlecllon
ol wireless telegraphy, tbe many
wonderful Invcntlona that bave ceased to ho remarkable. And what ol
the Iuture? Wlll not th* I Irth ol new
Ideas produce even greater depelop-
ments, more wonderful Inventions?"
in politics Sir Cburlea ol nerved thc
same Inlluence ol compelling chati ;e.
"It would seem," he snld, "that
new lorces are growing within the
old parlies. Tbe old pnrty i.uines mo
merely nam s. In the fut in* they
may cease even to bo names,"
"Thoro are the eu1ra"etti o -there
Is a dramatic Instance of political
chhnge. I think th-y wlll got tho
voti, (hough their unla«l»l i nl vio
lent tactics prove tblt they are In
capable ol I'a'ntr rlgb.ly the power
tht vote conlera."
and coo'i until it begins to thicken,
stirring; constantly- When cold fold
in whltea of eggs beat'n to stld
froth. Thin wltb cream just before
Mayonnaise Dreseln;—Upon a deep
plate which has be.n ch lied, drop
yolks of two iggi. Vi'th a si,-or
fork Btir drop by drop into the eg;
two cupluls of olive oil; season with
two teuaiojulula of lemon .ulc, '
o' pepper, ' ol suit; thin with cream
to desired consistency. It ls linpnr-
innt thnt the materials be kept cold
wh le mixing.
Potato Salad, No. 1—Six cups ol
potatocB, diced, Icool'.ed,) cna email
onion, \ tenspooniul salt,   \ pepper.
Serve   on   lettnce   leaves,   and  cover
with cream dreBBlng.
Potato Salad, No. 2-Slx cups ot
potatoes, diced. One small onion
diced, three stilVsot celery, three
hard boiled eg ;b. Serve cn lettuce
and cover witb dressing.
Beet Salad—i dozen medium dited
beets, cne cucumber, two stiJ.ks ot
celery and parsley. Chop all fine.
Serve with dressing.
(a'ba.o Salad—| bead cabbage.
Add a few nuts and a little col ry.
Chop the <abla,e, nuta and c.lery
line; salt and pepper to taste. Serve
on lettuce wiih dre.alng.
Vegetable Hash Salad—Po atoes
carrots, peat, b:ana, celery, beets.
Dice all tne and heap them upon a
bed ol lettuce. Serve wltb dressing.
Tbis la a good way to uae up leftovers'
Mrs. Corun wlll be missed Irom tho
Tlr."Jft ol. tho Women's Institute ae
all times she bos ove. ',;.:_ *'..Hng
to assitt ln tbe ."irk tnd ls at all
times willing to fill in with demon
strat ons ol ono kind or another; being well vend in the culintry art,
her tulles, etc., are a very val. able
adjunct to the moetings.
Carl Johnson Killed
Was Thrown from his Motorcycle Monday Evening
at the Bridge East of Town
A latal accident occurred on Mon
day evening, wben Carl Johnson was
thrown Irom hia motor cycle, at the
bridge eaat ol town on Cranbrook
Mr, Jobnaon was local agent lor
tho makers ot tbe motor, and during
the day, accompanied by W. F. John-
eon, had visited Marysville, Waaa
and otber points ln tbe dlatrlct, re
turning about 7 p.m. Leaving bis
companion at the corner ol Bater
and Crnnbroot atreet, the deceased
having aome time to spare, bef-ire
attending to bis d..t.es at tbe Rei
Theatre, started down Crnn roo
street lor a s In over tbe prairie,
s on as ho reached the school bouse
be opened out his n.otor and was
runn.ng a Ii ty mllo clip wben be
struck tlu bridge just ea t of Harold str.et; thore was a small rise
at the approach ol the bridge, I ami
tbe Impact caused bim to bo thrown
up Irom bis seat, be lost bis balance
and in some way his feet struct the
Amongthe Craft
A regular monthly asa-mMy ol
Selkirk preceptory was held In tbe
thu;.ter room ol the Muatn c Temple
on Monday nlgbt, Tbo principle Ira-
ture ol tha evening waa tbo annual
visit ol the Orand Provincial prior,
Ili.;lit Em nent Sir Knight J. Miller,
ol Vancouver, alao tbe Install .tlon
ol offleers.
There was a tali ly good attendance
ol Sir Klilghts, aad tbs lo losing
"fitters were Installed —
Prealdlng Preceptor, Sir Knight W.
II. Wilson.
Conatable, Sir Knight James II.
Henderson. —
Marshal, Sir Knight A. Shankland.
Chaplain, W. 8. Santo.
Registrar, F. A. Dunn.
A candidate being present, the Ited
Cross dsine was etomplllled. After
tho wort ol the evening waa concluded, visitors and members sat i.o.m
to a light collation which had been
prepared In the spacious dining room
ot tba Temple,
Gun Club Shoot
The Crnnbroot Rod und Gun Club
held it very successful aboot on Wed
n sdiy afternoon, 'lh re was a large
shooting  dono.
UOOUaSpiU   Ot,)    III   1U.IA0   |1ld|aU| 111   *i  _
attendance, and soma fairly (,i»>1
was tho handicap for tbo C. O. Sta
pies trophy, whith Is a solid silver
shield, to be won Ave times, belore
it becomia lbs property of the shoot
er.    Following is the score:—
Mrs.  Doctor Green      17\
Doctor  Oroen '    J6
emergency brake, suddenly stopping
the n o ir, throwing Mr. Johnson
some 20 leet Irom tho motor, ho
landing on his head.
Doctors Green and King were immediately Humn.oned, and wben tbo deceased was picked up be was unconscious, his s .ull ira tured, with a
large bole in the top ot b s need.
The d.ceased wis ai.out 27 years
of age, a painter by trade, and was
interested wllb his brothers ln the
Rex Theatre. He leavea a wife an i
cne child, and two brothers, A.
John on, and* A. E. Johnson, to
mourn bis loss.
L'nd rtaker F. M. Nue.-hers n took
charge ol the rem. ins, and the fun-
em! aervlies were held Irom tho
Riptlst church, Rev. O. K. Kendl
otllclatin-, and Thuraday afternoon
the remains were .hipped to Aberdeen, Waahlngton, for Interment, Mr,
A. E. Johnson, the widow and child
dt the dec used accompanying tbe
urd.ty,  June   7th,  when the l'on:n
ion   Cartridge   Co.    trophy,
ease wlll he shot lor.
D. D. McLaws
C. O. Staples .
J. T. Laldliw .
W. L. Nicola , .
Dr. J. H. King
O.  Stevenson   .
O.  D.  Staples    11
C.   H.   Pollen       12
Messrs. Green, O. O. Hln,des, nud
Nichols tied on 15 birds, nnd will
shoot off the tie thle afternoon, Sat-
Ball Gamajt^ Wardner
The Cran root ball team motored
to Wardner on Sunday last to cross
l.sts wllh a team In thit town. The
game wns flrst clues lor amateurs
nnd would huve done credit to much
larger cities. Few errors were made,
nnd nt times thc game wna "idling.
The Cranbrook tenm composed of the
fi'llowlng pkoye.o— Messrs. Galvln,
Stinson, iindili.iiii, Crowe, Burr,
Adams, n, McNabb, Green and Sims.
A return game wlll bo played at
Cranbrook next week. The score was
7 to  1 In lavor ol Cranbrook,
Ore Shipments
Ore shipments from mines ln tbe
Cranbrook district lor the rait week
nnd year to dute were as tol.ows:—
Sullivan     MS   1..IM
Other Mines  «M
How it Will Increase the Car
From tlino ta lime Uie grain growers of Western Canada are faced with
problems affecting Uie disposal uf the
producta of   their   labor;    questions
that require the most careful consideration.     To mme tp a satisfactory
conclusion on these vexing problems
demands a thorough investigation ofl
all th'   possible results which would!
arise from the adoption of the pro-!
posala mado.      To often the    actual;
results of the operation of the pro-j
posed schemes are obsured by parties I re;-0Iit|
interested  In securing  pecuniary ad-
Such a scheme Is the one now before tbo Weatern grain growers, in
which an effort is being made to establish a sample market tor the
handling at grain. I'he Imaginary
benefits or such a market are extolled
while lho Injuries that would result
from It are utterly Ignored, chief
among the faults thai may be found
with the proposed scheme Ifl the
greater length of thnn which would
bo cousumed In conveying the grains
from the point of shipment to the lake
Kvery farmer knows  the value of (undergone an"operation  which  must J
the rapid transit of grain from the  have been performed with a sumo Im-
PrttUtoric Skulls Shaw
dsnco» or Trepanning
i" Is no doubt that some rough
form of surgery must have existed
from-very ancient times, but it is
strauge to find Unit, so complex and
delicate an operation as trepanning
Is one o: the oldest.
So far as actual report go, Hippocrates give:; the earliest account, lle
wrote treatises ou fractures, dislocations, and wounds of the head, In
Which be described the method of pro*
C 3d ure to be followed In ease of a
fractured skull. His direction was
to cut away « piece of bone, so that
pressure on tho brain  might be
There are also records about this
time aud Unci- of a tile being used for
this purpose, which at a lime wheu)
anaesthetics were undreamed of, must
have been, to say tht1 least, painful.
According to Dr. T. Rice Holmes,
the opera tic n of removing the pieces
of bone was performed long before
historic times. Tin* effects on the
skull -re easily seen after death, and
are visible su long as the bones are
l-'rom Inspection of certain skulls
of the later stone awe in ancient
Britain. Dr   Holmes has come to the
notation  that   bo tne  of  these  had
farm to the market. The present pi,.*,-,.--!. -|.(liul
cry from one end of the country to
the other Is thnt the railways nre too
slow U moving tho crop. There are
uut tos cars und insufficient motive
power. And yel tho establishment
of a sample market would further
lengthi u the time at transit aud lessen the abilities of the railways to! and worms have eaten them, but not
handle lho crop. [for love."      Someone else says,  very
Next fall, one of the railways will i few men die of age.     Death is tbi
bo hauling into Winnipeg at least 500 l s,l!r     of
carloads of grain every day.
Some   Reasons   Why   Most   Men
Before Their Time
i     Shakespeare says:  "Men have
(.  of    disappointment,    personal,
Should | Mental or bodily toll or accident. We
hon thp i often see the Btrong man cut down
grain would be sold by separate car-1 suddenly and the invalid living tor
londs cn sample, and ordered out on tour-score years and ten. rhe lower
time, tlio whole railway yard can- "-.mala "'■>■•" ■•*-'• temperate lives
not bc switched to pick out a panic- hav* prescribed terms ol years, rhe
iilar car as each order l-i received, so' hops« »T« tweoty-flve years, the o\
tbat there will have to be u rule to ,ift'lpi- nr •**"•) 'h<' hoS l"> _r
Mart switching cars every night after twelve, the rabbit elghl nit - a
live o'clock. Tbis means, therefore, guinea-pig mx or -ven The number
that a car of grain reaching Winnipeg; all bear propc
after     eleven   o'clock   on   Saturday
The* Dancing Eart
The you r.i luan, well known as the
Karl of Yarmouth, who a llttlo timo
hack succeeded to the Hertford peerage on tie- death of tho sixth Marquis, is one of iho most versatile
young men in the English Peerage,
lie has figured as a dttUCer—lu feminine alt in -and has been an actor
and a plnywrtter, a producer, olllccr
In the Black Watch, and sheep tanner. The uew Marquis Is forty years
of age. He start eil following bis
father's footsteps by becoming a lieutenant In the army, but soldiering
did not pi ove to be much to bis
taste, nnd at twenty-five he was
sheep fanning lu Australia,
llo earned tho sobriquet of "the
Dancing Karl" by a little feat be performed In Perth twenty years ago-
A young lady who had arranged to
appear failed to turn up at an entertainment, and the young Marl took
ou her turn ami her clothes and executed a sklit whirl that brought tho
house down.
The Hertford family fortune is re-1
p 1  not   t.i  he very large.      A  few '
yi irs ago the late Marquis left Rag-
ley Hull because of increasing liabilities and decreasing revenue. The
n 1. inn as a matter ot fact, come heir
to a large part of their posBosstons.
The fourth Marquis who died In
ism, left aim .si the entire famllj
property to sir Richard Wallace, and
his widow lefl the famous Wallace
collect inn, which would perhaps be
better named the Hertford collection
for public purposes
An Exception
Always mind your nwn business,
said tho Sage, ll doesn't un. to gol
mixed up in other people's quarrels.
Oh, I don'l kuow, replied lho young
man, I'm a lawyer, Cincinnati Enquirer.
morning would nol start to be -twitched until after Ave o'clock on Monday
evening, as Ihe grain would not be
disposed of a' the main exchange before Monday.
Cars that reached Winnipeg before
eleven o'clock Saturday morning and
wer* switched Saturday evening
would be shipped on /Sunday But
on Moi.day there would be no grain
moving out or Winnipeg, That means
that practically no grain would he
"hipped out of Winnipeg for twenty-
four hours each week. The seme
fiing would occur on Thanksgiving i
Day and the other holidays.
Making   tllO   very   best    allowances I
.1 means thill one day in every seven'
w.itild lie lout, and ns lliere are only
mVOnty-HOVon day  In   which  the crop
moves,  which  would  include    eleven
Sundays and at  least one holiday, It
means  that   lhe  ability   or  Hie   railways to move Hie crop would be Ies-'
M'lied by twelve days out of seventy-j
H'von, in* roughl.
1 ' ■,*..*■. iucllll.li
the 'Northwest would be cut down by
Pt  least   Blxtecll   per cell!
Then, taking Inlo cnlishlerntlon the
glut thai would take place at the Ink
ma I taki to grow Its full si
.Man Is The only animal that sel-j
dom lives up to the average He
ought to live "no hundred years according to ihe physiological law. for
five times twenty are a hundred, but
he  scarcely   reaches  an  average  of
four times the growlug per;...! To
sum ft all tip. man is the most hardworking and laborious of animals, also the most Irregular and Intemperate. He is Irritable and often wear-
out, nnd i-i consumed by th ■ lire of
his own reflections.
The First Chance
Has your afternoou card dub nd*
Journed for the season"
No, we have one more meeting
But I thought your president had
left town
So Bhe has Thai s why we're bnv-
lug another meeting, She's Ihe only
one wc havea'l had a chance t.i discuss since she was elected to office
Detroit Free Press
Big Game
A military aviator. Corporal Gilbert, i
hid a- exciting experience recently,
while flying over I.ePuy. The curious'
thing about tbe experience was that!
althoiu h the airman was In danger, he •
knew nothing of H until be grounded
0libel was Hying fairly low over some '■
fields, when it farmer, taki.y-' _-»ir ma*I
chine for a h_f ..ml ran for his gun.!
w.l'il-d was hanging mi the branch of
Wig. the'trans-ta ■■'■'■'■ til"1 '■■'r'- three times at the'
be railways of  neroptane.
The farmer had mistaken the aeroplane for a species of eagle about
Which there Is a superstition In that
pan of the country that It ruins tb
The  Picnic Girl
She's gold of hair and blue of eye,
She never keeps her hat on.
And always puts the custard pie
Jusl wliere it will be sat ou.--Judge.
Choked for Air Some HtUe irritant becomes lodged in the bronchial
tubes, others gather, and the awful
Choklttg Of asthma results Nothing
offers quite such quick and positive
relief as Dr. .1 n Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. The healing, soothing
smoke or vapor penetrates, clears the
passages and gives untold relief. Usually    lt    Completely   cures |l    has
b*-hind it yeara of Biiccess.     It is the
sure remedy for every BUlTerur,
Ue ,Vu   still
fronl llirougli lhe rush of grain there   oroft lf " '■ ■•eB to "•*' m Holy VVeek
In the ii.si   part nf the week owing■ftmi ,a m,t Kllt>t'
to the hold up iii Winnipeg; ovor Suit'
tiny, It la mil an exaggeration to say
thai Dm power of Hie railways to
move the crop would be reduced by
twenty fire per cent.
The agitators for a sample uuirl.ot
nro saving that the railways should
H-M  to rheir  rolling  Block  und yard
facilities.       lllll  every  nun   WHO oxer*
ctnflH coin mon houso knows lhal notwithstanding Ihelr heavy expenditures ii (ifl nvorv effort Ihey were able
lo in.ike Un- railways have been barely
able 1.1 keen up wllh the large Increase • Im Ibe crops produced in lhe
West II I** apparenl. therefore, Hint
tt the railwiivs are hnmpci'Pd in Ihelr
movement oT the crop In the extent
nr twenty <>r Iwenty Ave per rent, thnl
the grain blockade will be worse Hum
ever beforo.
The western  Tinner Is well awnre
that 11 grain Ulockad" always works
to the detriment   of those   who raise
the  grain  mid   lo  ihe   ml vantage  of |
those win* buy grain nml hold ■■ in
tb'dr oh'valors. The results uf Hi"
grain blnnkffn> of In it Tall are slltl I
fell In the West l>l lhe farmers
con shier the results or n blockade
twent>flve ner eclil worse than the I
last one before thev eminent to the |
establishment of n sample market ami !
Its attondnnl evils.
Corporal Gilbert who bad heard th
shots and   seen   the  smoke,  thought
n salute was being fired in his honor,
and  dropped  S   handful of pamphlets
asiiiug for subscriptions for ormy
aeroplanes. The old fanner was
convinced that, although he did not
kill Hu* bird he shot some feathers
from its tail.
your dog?
Hooper    Yes.
Hooper—Why don'l
in the pa ier?
Cooper -What'.-!  th
can't read.
When He Removes His Wig
Olbhs—Tn a  way I've as muc
John D.
Dlbbs—Nonsense!     Why Tlockefel-1
ler  has a   dollar  for ever
vour head.
Qlbbs   Well,  I'll  bet  T'v
for every linlr on his head
Mnurd's  Liniment  Curei Colds,  Etc
In Queer Street
The following quaintly-worded descriptive statements suggest some
ro nn for Improvement.
Advertisement -Wanted, n white
girl to cook.
Doctor's Stun Specialist—all diseases.
Seen In Vancouver "Afternoon tea
served at all hours.
Card nt pay desk In a Cafe -Vour
face is gnod, bul   i'   .Mint  go iu the
cash   register.
Says a   Western   paper    Miss Zelle
Hock Is   tattling strength slowly, for
which her friends feel verv thankful,
Advertisement      Comfortable   bed-
I rooms, use of sic ing room und break-
fa si.
Flrgt Thimble
11 n tradition thai a Hutch
silversmith pondered over a certain
notion wllli h he had cherished long
nml silently In Hip slow worl.Ing
senses which Iip deemed bu bra 111
a nol Ion for a trinket, a fall.il, fur a
dUnifi-d Indy of Holland ll musl
be a useful itiiiiie'. iiiheit a costly one,
tn -et for so good ■'
Dame Allxe W non-t
the notion 'o<ik ileflnl
thing was quickly wi
fun metal t»-  Angers
To  Remove  Dust From the  Eyei
Small substances like cinder dint,
-.mall chips of stone or metal can usually be removed from the eye by
simple methods, If the common
wuj of cu telling the upper Ild by the
lashes and pulling it nway from tbe
eye bul I and down o.er the lower lid
does noi resuli In dislodging the par-
Hide. 1*7 this:
Mai.' n loop of horsehair and pais
it under the |;,| Swe >p from the
oil til on ii Tbi 1 wjtl nsuall) clean the
H it  does  not.  Die  upper  Ild
Another View or It.
Little Florence had 11 very bad
toothache and was crying softly to
herself Her mint wbo -ahs n believer In Christian science, went
over tn the little girl uud said: "If
you had any faith, dear, you would
have no tocthnciie." Ploronoe continued to Hob. and between Hie sobs
she replied: "Well. Aunt Grace, ir
you bad my toothache, you wouldn't
have .ny faith.—sludge,
Painful Proofs
What are you crying about, Willie.
One of the buys called nm 'teacher'
er's pet/ and I went an1 told ber and
she III ked ine to prove I wasn't --
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Looking     to       Modern       Agricultural
Methods  to  Cheapen  the  Cost  of
I The invitations which the Dominion
Qovernmeut of Canada, llirougli the
Secretary    of   state,    Hon.    Wiliam
1 .lames   Roche.   Imve   extended   to   ..
, nations, liavo carried  wllh ihem tho
I special cards of the minister of agrl-
! culture of the  province    of Alberta.
, Hon. Duncan .Marshall, aud the Inter-
national Presldenl of the Dry-Farming Congress, Dr. Johu A. WIdtsbe, of
■ Logan, Utah. These invitations request the attendance of at least two
'delegates, with full power to act for
: eacb government at the big agricultural convention  In  Lethbrldge, Oct,
! 21*26 next.
In mail)' cases the acceptances are
j already assured, us the correspondence with the iuternailoual Becretar-
; ies of the organization has Indicated
: the intent of Hiese gov en 11 lie ty-? t\n
•sond delegations,  not  ".'one for the l
| purpose or ."..viVcipating In the move*
.'.W.i. but to make the extended study
or dry-farming methods lu the United
States nml Canada, and to get physical illustrations of the success of
uoklug for' those methods with the view of their1
further Introduction Into their cotin-!
J try.    Ii is supposed these official del-
put an ad.! '-gates wlll tour the    western    prov-
| luces of Canada and    many   of   the
—The dog  states, devoting several months to a
thorough Investigation of the methods
j of farming, which an* proving so sue-
I cessful, and upon which to h large ex*
as Item.  tVpenda  cheaper  living  iu the
| future.
Several Of these countries will also
send delegates to the International
Congress of Kami Women, the mix-
Mary <-f the Congress, whose aim Is tu
uplift Hu- rural homes, to Improve
tie- sanitary and hygienic conditions
of the Tarn- homes, mid to conserve
the enorgy or the housewife to the
everlasti-.g benefit of no Bier Ity.
The governments Invited are; India, Australia. New Zealand, Belgium,
Bolivia, Santo Domingo. Bquador,
Kgypt, Sudan, Indo-Chlna, Algeria,
Tunis, Bavaria, Saxony, Greece; Guatemala, Haiti. Honduras, Liberia, Montenegro, .Morocco, Holland, Nicaragua,
Norway, Panama, Portugal, Persia,
RotimailiO, Salvador, Servhi, Sweden,
final Britain, South Africa, United
States, Germ nny, China, Japan. Bus-
sin Turkey, Italy, Paraguay. l:rugiiay,
Argentina, Brazil, chile, Peru, Venezuela, Fiance, Mexico, Austria-Hungary, Spain and Switzerland.
HU First   Move
It was a shy young man who was
onoe asked to take a class of girls
about 15 or 16, which had formerly
been taken by a woman. The young
11 Tgynum consented, says London
Tit-Bits, but Insisted upon being properly Introduced to the class. The
superintendent accordingly took him
to the class for this purpose aud
Young Indies, T introduce to you
Mr. Chlra, who will In future be your
teacher I would like you to tell him
what your fanner teacher did ao that
he can go on ln the same way.
A miss of 16 rose aud said:
The tirst thing teacher did was to
kiss us ull around.
hril'i   was  sin-*.
seamstress   tis  musl  bn
lehier When      ■;! IJ    lO
e   shati"    the  cnn h    ■■
Mlghl   i'i  prec   .i Bofi bandken hlef or pi
as deft as thai ,	
turned  Inside out. wlileli  Is
I'i,  and   the   pur th Ifl    » lib h
noved with
• 'if col Lou
To a Finish
Po.-t   (to his wife)    Now let's hnve
a   race  und   see  whether  you   lln ish
your  cuke   Ilrst,  or  I   my  sonnet. —
Plteng -tele Blatter.
Pleasant  for   Borelelgh
liorellegh - 1 hope my rail has uot
tired you.
Miss  Keen   Oli. no.   I    Inherit    a
wonderfully  si rung constitution'
Won by Oegrees
Judge li.isbltiglou seem.-, to have
Rtiellj mndi a oonnr.esI of that Si.ui-
mote girl. Wonder hon ll all cuttle
■ Iiinii "
Tllfl ilrst lime she SBW lilm she gave
lilm   her  eye.   Hie   next   llm-  lliey   met
iave Iiim lier arm. It wasn't long
before he was holding bolh   of   hei*
A Snappy Age
The young man breezed into the
old man's library.
I met your daughter for announced,
at n Fifth •*- enue reception. I want
•V.r.a-V.-y her nexl Friday afternoon at
3.30.     She's willing.
The old man turned to his card
Which daughter? he asked.
It's Miss Ethel.
All right, said tbe ohl man. Make
it 4.30 and I'll attend the wedding. I
have an engagement ut. thc other
It wrs so ordered. This Is a snappy age.—Pittsburg Post.
As a vermicide there Is no preparation tbat equals Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It has saved
the lives of countless children.
The best  Mnn    (making   arrangements)—And—er—II Is kisstomary to
cuss thi bride? -Sketch.
pos i
iwlf.i proudly
thimble   Iml
• tetl   by   :ui>
ml Hi.* Industrious
wore nol onli tbe
Hie first IhlmblO
Dmeli   fian
111  Hie I
day;  M
Keeping Out Hie Wind
ns a   smart   boy,  and  am-
III*,   flrsi   Job   was   a   post .
-ai bank
Willie, asked  bU uncle one
w nre you going ou lu Imi a I-
■ ?      I   suppose   you   will   soon   be
Ves,   uncle,   Willie   replied
ready  ■ draughi cl^rk.
A draught clerk! Oood   bt
what . re your duties?
I   open   Etlld   shut    Hi*   WindOWS   ae-
mmllng  to  Orders,  said   Willie,   ami-
close ih ' doors after people tint I
'qui open.
I'm    aland
3o  She  Bliewsd    Him
I want •omrbod) to ilio** me where
' i   unload   Hilt  n ii    -nl   [he  gi Imy
looking tu.ui a' Hi*> mn ii« i door
Vou i) In i ask ui'- aboul Ibat, ro-
i.n led iho young woman. I don i in- <■
uny thing to do with unloading coal;
I in  the  kitchen  lad)
i ran i Ih !p that, ho rejoined f m
the eoal genii* man and tli • father of
three kitchen   ladies,   nm-   laundry
lady, ml eii>* ' hamtier lad , aud it
j-iu uon'I show me where 'o pul ibis
eoal l ii call thi woman ol Ihu huu t.
Ill show you nlr, she liumbl) re
piled, ..n i led ih wa) to llie «oul
Sewing Machine Needle
Ellas Howe spent nearly all his
money In experiments before he discovered where tbe eye of the lieedlc
or a sewing machine should be located.
Ill--* original Idea was lo follow lhe
model of nu ordinary needle, ami have
the eye at the heel. Il never occurred to hliu that It * lm 111,| he placed
near Hie point, and he mlghl have
failed altogether If he had nol dreamt
he uas making a sewing machine fur
a BAVitgu Win; lu a strange country,
.lust lhe same as when he was awake,
he fell lhal the needle's eve wuh the
chief I'lllleully.
lie thoughi ihe king gave him 24
hours lo complete the machine and
make li sew, If H was not Unlabel! lu l'l hours, he was lo be pul lo
death. Howe worked and worked,
ami IMI Hied and puttied, and llually
rovo it up Then be thoughi thoy
,       , ,     , wero leading hliu m the plain whore
"■'    '•'"■! '"■" '"'  "" li';:;;( n,ton"■■-.■■■i.i..,i.  n<.h..*......
Heed Hun ihe warriors carried spoon
What She Will Sometimes Admit
Does your wife ever admit that she
is wrong In an argument.
No, the nearest she ever comes to
It is to sny that I'm nut as big a
chump as 1 look.—Detroit Free Press.
Alice—I like this style of coiffure.
Vou see my hair has n natural part
Tom—Vou don't mean lo tell me
lhat tome of ll is false.
Mrs. John C. Lepage, Itluiouskl.
Que., writes: "Vour Baby's Own Tub-
lets are un excellent remedy for Utile ones and I BI way J keep them lu
the house" Thousands of othor
mothers say Ihe same Ihlng. The
Tablets at ways do good they cannot
possibly do harm. They are the only
medicine fur children sold under Hie
absolute guarantee of a government
nalysl to contain no opiates or harm-
f'll drugs. They sweeten the slum-
ach; regillato worms; cure Indigestion and promote healthful sleep. Tbe
TabletL are sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 2o cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co,,
Ihoekvllle, Out.
i si
he.nt and llie lost  Iter ileal and g.iv
It *. *eir to iim completely.
Poirj-H and Pointless
Thomas     snld    mother     i rely
somen no has taken a  bit;  plroo of
gingerbread out of Hie pantry
Oh. Thomas, at -.Hai <|. I tlldll'l
think il  WSS In ynu
n ,iiu'i till replied Tommy, .pari of
it'a in   .ihIm
Savr  Romrthinp
Thin  In i*  dreadful  downpour
Ves and my umbrella I ■■ fnr lou
smnll to Shelter your picture but.
Well, try to buhl ll over Hml velvet
bow, anyhow.    Kansas  Clly  journal
A Changed Man
Mrn   Kuurh    Vou  were
man when I iiiuirleil ymi,
Mr.  Killing   I  sincerely  hopo so,
for turn I wus a fool.   Huston Trim
I idles! at
i ikes'   .•
-« fakes!
'Ae||'   loi
ie medium ■ - * t leffi
serl nl Helei    Mitellei
Ho  ywi    .mi   t'.i   'ii,
Umi d mi dem im- f'-mai
demanded Mueler
Why    tvore you stung?
Audi don'd no stungl     1
'in *      I miw  le r,   sue ud I pi I mo
What   did   hfi-   lell   ■,.,,, '
she nayeii, "Vol's yer name?" ami
I snyed Mueller, and den slin v. m in
a irons! iietoii- sh<! romo to, she
says, "Vou mis horn in f'holmau) I"
And I RllU OUl fclfed 'bad' lion
coiihll she |e||? I'y gnlly, she was
Baby Weighs i?? Pounds
The blggesl hah. in lhe world lives
on a fnrm near Ottawa ll Is » buy
ivolgbl.ig 127 pounds nl M tuonths,
with a chest ineasurntnenl of t'f I dell'
*•■*. Ills appetite and ililrsl tire hi
propOrUoil   tO   Ills   llze,   ami   lhe   par
cuts u,e doubtful if tbey cuu sffariJ to
raise  t la*.
Will  Keep it Up
I  understand  your husband  l-t a
 inline i nice, said a suffragette
oul  wt ti lo her sister In the cause,
Are you going io support him?
• Hi, I suppose Hi', answered ihe his
ii r,   SO me wll a I    wearily.       I've   been
-uppoiih", blm for the pa I ten )'■ ars.
ilcago llocord llernld
'i hen- was ii young lady of Rlnm
w Imi satd io 't.-r fond lover, Ktam:
l reruso io he kissed,
ihu it you Insist,
| Ies Von ' now i you am strongor than
I     Mil
Hard to Fi>ryrt Qomstlmel
I iiiways in.iff it  i pracllce t.i lot
to imi row lake * nre of Itself,
'i hat's easy enough, hut H's forget-
ling yosti-i'day thai causes I rouble for
no many ur us
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
ir« msile AGeonJIng to A fnrmitl* In
tiw ii.Mily a COIIlliry IRQ ,in.niit; ili*.
1,1 lun., .nil iiMiiiiil irom limit i.y
Iir. Morw,   'l iiiiiiuli n'|»',iii'il »i
tBmpIS ll.iv*. Ic'PIl 111.llr,  Uv   pliyij.
.:i,m,nu I < licinlsts, li Im,been li.im.l
Imn-iullitfl lo liiHirovQ die lormuU nr
ilie pills.   Dr. M.ii',1''. Inillan limit
Till,,11r.llloii.elliil.lt>- ly llii,niKli.
(.1,1     III'*    .A ... 1,1    I'll    t 'ill. ,11,1*111(111    a,„|
nil Kidlloy Olid Liver IiiiiiIiIi... ||i,y
•i I |ii,iiii|illy anil erte, livi'ly, anil
Cloanie th* System
wtiloli .ii'' ploroer] noar Ills lieail In
suiiitl- ilio iiivQiitur Hn,. iin* solution
nr iii" illHlcnli)', mnl villi., in- »uh asking III,' Ilini. lie lit,.lit...
it wn. ruin- o'clock in iiii- niornlngi
II.' Jumped mil nl boil, run In liln
K'or-kibop, .imi beforo lilno lm lisil
ninil.'lli'il ii noodle wiih ilio oyo hi
Hi., point. After tbls everylblng wnn
oasy, nnd Howe mitm oouiplolod IiIh
wondoiful liivoiitloii,
It  Pleased Mary
linii'l Inlk I,, mi', my d'-nr, mild
Mr. Siiiniii, firmly. I say li u n very
gnod iiiiiiu for servauls in nn in tbo
ibentro loniotltiios it iiiii|.,.k tbom
return moro impplly io tbolr work.
It i.ls,, tonobofl tbem Imw lo oondiicl
. *...... mi Ives,
Mury, in' nnl.i I'. Hi., bntiscmald,
boro l*. ti llokol fm- Ibo Ibenlre lo.
nlgbt, Vou iiiu-ii nn und unjoy your-
li wiih lovely, Hitiii Mmy nexl morning wlti'ii tii.'y t'uestloood ber una bor
evening mil.
niil you i.'iilly enjoy li. Inquired
Mr. Siiliub, Biiilllng triuilipbunlly ni
Itl i wlfo,
l iiiii, Indeed, sir.    li »uh aplomlld,
VOU llltnllld Iiiivi* ]i,-ni<l Hull lllfl'- Her
viiiii girl in Hi'' iiin.i Hiiiin. bor itti'i
When It Poppsd
Mr. Illlloii lluv.. ynu opened Mint
Imlll.' nr i'i pagnoi Mrldiit'lV
llrlilii"! Knlilt I iilurlrd in open ll
nu' ii begun lo open im-lf    Kur.-. ibo
mnn llml lllli'd llml Imllln um.u 'av'
imi In Iwo quirts limii'm! nt win,—
!• iilliid..It 'lii i Hi iiiiiI.
Not a Welcome  Legacy
Wlmt mnkos l-'lyinuun Innk tin ut).
iii- .'ii inln ft piece nf propbrty.
i Hitniiid iiiink thai would make
hint Innk happy'
Would ynu? Well, this didn't Imp.
pon in lm Iils property, nml ho full
llltn II   from  IiIh  lil'il.llin mul  IwIhIuiI
IiIh Inli'll       JudgO,
Loans on    Honor
Prauoe has nu naaoolallnn wblcb ad-
vntii'i'H loans nn word uf honor uf iih
t'liHiuuii'i'H. 'I'll" fai'i Mini iiiiihi uf
iliu itmiiH aro |irniti|itly repaid u evi-
deuoe Umi hiiiiii' |h.iiiiIi.'h worda nr,.
mill in-. Kuiui un tholr bonds,
My wife is   trying   in got  all tho
siiTi.ii.Isih tn como "in und parade in
SHO, Iii.Ih. •
wiint'H ber Idea?
Tlu'ii Hlti.'ll appear In u $.*.') con'
r-.'-t tun. — Loulavlllo Coiirlor-Joiirnpli
Beyond his Ken
I'ownloy How's tlm now cook got
ting uu?
■luliliiilii    I  ilnll'l   kilnw.      Hli"  illil
n't li'itvu imi- address
Mew Vi.i-i-.'i- (ni oaunlry hotol)'
Anybody horn Hint plays pokerV
'link Plenty ol dm- If ynu dmi'i
mind londlng Vm a ilnllur ur Iwu In
■ii.ni wllli    l.lfu.
Back to the Club
i itnn'i know wbat Iboao miffi-i
geltea want
'lli.'y wnul llm liallol.
I nay wutiinu li,i*i uu liusltiiw iiinii
keying wllh polllloa, Woman'! place
l, llm iMhli;,. olub.- I'HiHliuii: I'uhI.
Tho hum., llml Ih all thn lime be
Inu luppeJ wlllt tin' whip iii'vit kiinwa
Whnt IiIh iniiHti'i' means liy It. anil
mini's in tliluk he means Just uu
When You Buy Matches,
•-4 Ask for '"*
They have a true safety  base
'•f   head,   wito silent    tip.    Wi!]
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's Matolies havo satlsUed Can-
adlaniLSlncs "SI—*e_r - _t v-.',tV,*i
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
A Handy Thinfl
A Yorkshire farmer was paid b.v
cheque for some catili- lu- had sold.!
II. was the first, Huu, that It had ever
What's this? he aald.
Why, money for the beasts, said
the. cattle dealer.
The farmer stared and had to bp
assured that If he took It to the bank j
they would give bim gold for It.
Well, said he, Aw'll try, but lt It's
a wrong 'Un thoU'll hear about It.
The cheque was cashed of course,:
and the farmer went home happy, mt
he could nor sleep. He had seen a
wonderful thing and It had excited
hlnl. As soon as day broke he made
for the cattle dealer's house and
woke (In.* dealer.
It's me, lie said. Where's tha ro!
thim bits of paper from? Aw could
do wl' halt a dozen myself.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Coog-n—Don't you think th' baby
looks loik.- me?
McSwegail—Vis, What makes
him?     Is ut teeth In' he Is?—Judge.
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or tar. It I.i clean,
odorless, waterproof, germ and
vermin proof and practically
Indestructible. Makes houses
draft-proof, easy to heat, end
comfortable tn an/ weather.
Ask your dealer to show you
a sample, or vrite for sample
and Booklet to the ss
S*U C-.n-._iu-, Ma-ufactunn
•I Camta, Mmlici.
H«ntre«l. Wkmlstf, Ciliary, V-ini'Mver.
man   In Ihe   packing
What experience have
We need
yuu hud?
I've taken a few lessons ln boxing
You're the man.
Cause for Worry
I'm worried about my hoy.
What's the matter wllh him?
When I left home yesterday morn-
Iiik I lold him tu clean up our lawn.
and when I got home last evening I
found   that   he  had  dune  it.-   rills*
burg Post.
Answering Her Father
Could y»u support my daughter in
the hI.vie to which Bhe has been ac
I  have ever (tied such rigid 00011*
tuny, sir.— Life,
The soles ace all worn oIT my shoes
Well, If you'd Imy ine a pair of roi-
lurjtkaten i could keep right un wear*
lm; these .ilioes.
Tho last count of lhe world's volcanoes showed a total of \tf_, of uhlch
'lln were classed as active.
Was Acquainted  In  Court
And I suppose, Hah! Miss Hushing
lou, thai while tu London you wore ut
Only mice, adtnltled Mrs, Ltishiug-
loti, blushing. Hut I wasn't guilty
and 1 got -.ff with a ivprlinnnd.-
New-foil  News.
No Weather Talk
What 1 can'l understand' about you
people, said the mau from Winnipeg
to the group lu the smokliu; car, M
the way you talk about, the weather.
You a.e at It morning, uoou uud
night, ll Is the subject of half your
Why, don't, ynu talk about. It u>
there? he asked.
In three years 1 don't think f.iavo
heard the weather spoken of (Wo
times, and then It was by au A neri*
can traveller.
Hut yuu must talk of somcthlii'!.
Oh, of course.
If not about the wenlher, what
Aboul taxes Thev are raising lis
Ti mills a year on thu valuation und
all the talk Is about it. No, sir, not
a word about the wenlher. bul Where
two people are gathered together —■
Hut  It iiniounls tu the suuie III lug.
was Interrupted.
Oh. no sir; you know you have lo
puv your taxes, while the blamed old
weather don't cost yuu a cent. Try
our wav ami take no other.- Haiti-
inure American.
A Chance
I've k"I an awfully poor memory*
remark.?.! Hoggs. I Just can't re*
member Anything ovomlght.
You haven't gut a five spot you
could spare until luitvirrow, huve
you? asked Herogtfs
Fisherman's Luck
I'p near Fliuthertoii. u Toronto traveling nmn whn was making a trip
iivi'i'liiiiil passed an old iiinii who wus
tlshiug with hook and Hue In a small
slretim. As Ihe drummer drove by
In a liumi.v the old mnn never lodk
his eyes off lhe liobh"i' In the water.
When the Iravnllnj; mnn returned
lule in the afternoon he was greatly
Hiirprhnl lo BOO lhe old man slltl In
the mi:.i" position, wllh lllu eyea
glued it.i the liolibcr.
Hello, uncle! he B.lolltod. Any
luck loday?
Without taking hli ga/.e off the
cork which rested on the sitrfiico of
thu plicld Hiram, (he old man replied:
Had a nibble 'long about noon.—
Mall uud I'.mplrf*
Hut had ii little brown mare, nntl
thev were both familiar sights lu the
town The mure was lean, Mini
end lame Hit bv dlul of much cuax-
liu: Pat Jint about managed lo keep
her to harness.
Oue dav white leading her lo water
he hnd to pass n crowd of loafers
Thinking to have some amusement
nt Pat's expense one called out:
Hullo, there's Pat! Ilow much
Is that rnare nf your's able to drnw?   .
llegrira, answered Put, I can't any
exnctlv: but she seems to be able tn
drnw the attention of Ivory foot In the
There are nineteen motor life boats
tn use on the coasts of Oreat llrlt-
1)03 J)S
■/   PILLS
A tsw doors south of C.P.R. D»pol
kits* $'..60 to 12.00 ,»r day
Cul.In. unexcsllss
Hst ails' eald watsr In svsry raors
Httrl  practically   Firapraal
All Out.lde Rooms
JiJ.:n.Wi'is..ow'!» Boctiuko BVR.r lias been
oiecl hit over MXTV VBARS hy Mil,LIONS of
MOTIUvKS (or tlielr CUlI,L)KIiN \V1UI,R
Tltl.THINO, with I-ERl'l.CT B-CCKSH, It
_OOTl[l.B the CHILD, BOFTKN3 the OUMS,
it the best remedy fnr IHAKhmi.A. It ll ah-
Mtutely timnle«<-. lie sure tend -mi. for "Mm.
Wiafclow't BnntliluK Syrup." ind tike bo other
kind.   Twenty-five centB _ bottle.
$65 to $200
A Month, r.flarn ■* *■•«'"' l-rofciBlon-
NovBti Wn*Un. wfi havelomtorlhtee
IiuuilTecl uioii he fort* May Xil.lDlS.
All grocers 25c. Ib. Tin
•.nglaoers and Boilermakers
Boilers   o(   all     kinds— Engine*,
Pumps, and Heavy Plata Work
Writ* us for Prints
14 Strschan Ave.. Toronto, Canada
i and all Metals, welded to perfection
by the Oxy-Acetylene Process
|     Rear of 253 Sherbrooke Street,
"Boswell" Tube Skates ami Handmade Hockey Sticks aro U9cd by
the champions.     Wo sell them.
Bend for Catalogue  No.  51T
The Hingiton Smith Armi Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
!,cowa oive more milk
-cattle ittako better beeN-
Hulls tit'fl n,» longer dangerous \> !;."i dehorned with the
Cuts 4 sides    nt    once -No
ITUahtllK    Ol*    I'lllt-llMf.     f.lttlO
l.alti. The only Immune
method. Write I'm- fi*oe booklet.
fl»  Robert St.   Toronto,  Ont,   Mention
Hits imper.
Always so Business-Like
llustr.css waa tho beginning and end
ol his llfo. He'd got married, hut lt
was 111 a spnre moment between or-
gnnlrlng a great bargain mile, ami
dismissing ihn errand-boy.
One day, when tho third baby was
four w^eks old, his wlfo ofttno bustling' Into his office.
Isn't It lovely, denr? she gurglotl.
Father lioa sent us live pounds for our
new baby,
llo never looliod up from tlio accounts hn wns making up.
Hlghl h"I he murmured abstracted-
ly, You wrap him up, uud post the
parcel, wlill.. I wrlto out tho receipt
fur tho money.
Knights of ths Road In Embryo
Tho ofllco boy hnd been discovered
In a llo. It wits nut one nf thn ordinary provarlcntloiiH of our ovory iluy
world, but t'ullti a Hortotll anil di'llber-
uii'ly tueiidacloiiH elforl.
Do you know, my lad asked a nrl/zly
clerk tu kind Ioiihh, whal. becomes of
boys who lull,, wllh lite I ruth V
Ay, wns tno ennfldent roply, tin'
bona sends 'hem out Unveiling when
ihey grow up.
Why do y ii put the bull' of another
woman on your head'.' lie uhkotl severely.
Why do ynu, slip roplloil sweetly,
pul the skin ot mini her calf on your
S.J1  KlONE^,
"''I III   r i '   ' ,, •
10c. 1 box or six boxoi fur 52.50,
•t «lt doilem, or Tht Dodd. Modt-
cln« oompiny, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 924
The Illusive Flame
Unliearaeil Incidents Impart a zest
to amateur drama tic lire,
At a performance tho Uoro of tho
drama protlueoil uum malting Hla escape from a burning house, Tli.*
critical moment came when tho red*
firo had to be lighted, but to the uon-
bternuUon of all It wu-jM not Ignite,
Somo outside practical Joker must
havo damped it.
I am choking, uhviel.ert the hero, Lho
(.moke In over power! tig mc, uud,
clutching wildly at hla throat, he tottered about tho tilage.
The flames--I foel them, ho cried.
Hut BiuoUf. and flames wero alike lu-
Within lho wings the olher members
of tho company wero on their kneet,
distractedly crying to blow lhe red Are
luto a blaze. Matchboxes and vesta
oases were emptied of their contents,
ladles were fanning with their petti-
coats, hut all to uo purpose—Lho red
fire was off.
Would no one save tho situation?
Tho audience began lo titter, tho hero
lost Ills Iw-ai, and still rambled nn the
lire that no ono could see, until at
last some ouo In tho gallery relieved
the tension by calling out:
Never mind tho fire, guv'nor- got
on with your Job. ,
And straightway lho actor did. He
fell to the Btago In a swoon and down
camo tho greatest friend In such an
emergency—tho curtain.
Identity Unmistakable
Dull and grey was the afternoon.
Slowly with reluctant footsteps, Walter William made his way towards the
Sunday-school, It the truth be told
In oue fell nwoop, he was not ft lover
of Sunday-school, and woro it uot for
parental compulsion, would eaBlly havo
found some other way of cougenlnlly
passing tho tt.ne,
Aa so often happens whon one Is
down in the dumps, another bitter
blow was In store for Walter William.
He had two beautiful new pennies, one
for tho Sunday-school, and its brother
for the purpose of buying swoets or
Borne similar delicacy.
Unhnpplly, ho lost ond of the bright
new coins, and in due courso roported
the event nt the maternal headquarters.
But, Walter, which of the two pennies did yoa lose?
Mack came the reply, like a rifle bullet:
Oh, the Sunday-school one, mother,
of course.
A Family Affair
Mrs. New.ywcd'8 mother was terribly perturbed. A llttlo bird, who
ought to havo known better, had whispered luto hor ear that Mr. Newly
wed was addicted to tbe awful practice of playiug cards at his club.
Yes, remarked Mrs. Newly wed to
her mother, It's quite right. Frederick
ploys overy night, but It doesn't matter, for ho Rives mo all his winnings.
But my dear Olssle—
Oh, It's all right, mother dear! Ho
nearly always plays with Mr. Next-
But what difference does tbat make?
Well, you see, explained tho young
wife, Mrs. Nextdoor makes hor husband give her all his winnings, too.
Then wo Just change over. I give
her all Frederick's winnings, and she
gives mo tUb winnings of her husband.
Ohl remarked ma, rather pained.
Thus, you see, wound up Mrs, Now-
lywed, both Mrs. Nextdoor and myself
get more out of our husbands than
wo could possibly hope tu do by any
other means.
ently the Case [
-• cu a \is.i in Liver-
u tho platform ot Lime!
Station the other day, j
■assed lit the height of
■a one, what's think
of that lad?
.liai eyed lier for a minute and then
Ay, Tom, it's bad ground that takes
so much top dressing.
Health 'Restored
Gained 29 Pounds
A Real Philosopher
In I lie evening you can aee hltn,
Features puckered lu a frown,
Juggling witli stubborn figures,
Counting up and setting down;
Til! a weary sigh escapes him.
Al a sunt beyond Ills powers,
Theso nro cares that seem to child*
Kvery whit us great as ours.
But. when shade* of night aro casting
Hound the earth a nomine band,
Climb the wooden staircase leading
Up the hill to slumberlnnd.
There a llttlo man ia sleeping—
Ono whoso gentlo breathing shows
All his troubles aro forgelten
In the rapture of veposo.
Here's a philosophic person
Whose philosophy Is such
Tha' he'll nover know Us value
Till he needs lt overmuch.
Oh, Hint fairy sprite would teach us
With thnt magic wand, and let
Wo grown-ups, llko llttlo children,
Sleep-.,nil, when wo sleep, forget!
Pott Olfice Humor
Of n rich but miserly resident ln a
Northern town a good slory Is told.
Hnvlng received n large number ot
remittances in slumps from various
sources, he took tbem to tho post of*
flea to ehniuio thom Inlo cash, Ot
courso the regular discount was demanded ftir emitting them.
This did tot suit our friend, so ho
refused, und immediately after he ask*
ed for some I'ollt Olll,'.' Havings Hank
forms. Thoso were promptly produced griilIt, according tn regulation,
on thin nur hero proceeded to paste
all his i.iami,it Into thom imlll Bovoral
woro full nnd limit calmly tendered
thai i ns a deposit ncross the counter,
Of CO 'ise, II. wiih Impossible lo dr*
cllue the deposit, And no, us soon as
liter the money wus formally nceepted
and etUored, the depositor straightway prncee led to Withdraw it ull and
walked olf wltll hln cash.
Vour ttckels wore complimentary,
were Ihey not?
Woll, replied lhe mull who had seen
a painfully amateur entertainment. 1
thought they were until I snw the
Wife—lle suro to adverllso for t'ldo
In lite morning papers,
Next day the wlfo rend tin fullows In
the newspapers:
Lost:—A nitinny lnptlog. with one
eye und no tall. Too fut to walk.
Answers to lho iiiiino of l'Tdn. It ro>
l.iirnu.1 Bluffed, three pounds reward.
Dizziness*' Sinking Spells and Excessive Weal*ness Disappear With
Nearly every woman will read with
Interest Iho letter of Mrs. Oeo. Bradshaw, quoted below. It tells of
years of grent suffering from Nervous
Hoadacho and other symptoms arising
from weak, watery hlood and a starved and exhausted condition of tho
nervous system.
Mrs. Oeorge Bradshaw, Cosy Nook,
Harlowc, Ont., writes:—"I am glud
to statu that I received benefits from
Br. Chase's Nerve Food which 1 failed to got a.iy place else. I was
troublod tor many years In fact from
my early womanhood, with weak,
watery blooj, nnd given to dropsy.
I suffered untold ngonics from nervous
sick headaches, dizziness, end sinking
spells, ln fact was a seuil-lnvnlld for
many yenrs. I tried many kinds of
pateut medh'nes, and got no help, nnd
tried every new doctor that came
along, but al! fulled to help mo. Doctors told ma I had no hlood, and that
my heart nn-1 kidneys wero diseased,
and that I had so many complaints
there was not much use In doctoring
up ono or two, Four yenrs ago I
tool; six boxes of Br. Chase's Nervo
Food, and was glad to seo I felt bettor, and then got six more, and they
have cured co of many of my complaints. When I began taking Nerve
Food I weighed UO pounds and to-day
I weigh 139, and nm 45 years old.
Dr. Chas.-'8 Nerve Food, 60c. a
box. 6 for $2.50, at all dealers or
Kdmsnson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Three Month* In Hoipltil and Came
Oul Unoured
Zam-Buk Cured Him Io Few Weeki
.Mr. Frei Mason, the weil-known
tiliholsterer and mattress manufacturer of St. Androws, N.B., says:—
"I had eczema on my knee, whloh
caused mo terrible pain and inconven*
leitco. The sore parts would Itch and
burn and tingle, and then when rub.
bed or scratched would become very
painful, When tho knoe got warm,
it burnod worse, and tho itching and
burning and smarting were almost unbearable, I tried various remedies,
but got no better, so I doclded to go
to Montreal aud tnke special treatment. I received treatment at the
Ilonl real Cleneral Hospital for thirteen
weeks, but at tbe end of that time I
was not cured, and almost gave ln. A
friend adv!s>d me to give Zam-Buk a
"Almost ub soon as applied Zam-
Bull stoppel the Itching and the Irritation. I persevered with the bairn,
and It was soon evident that It would
do me good finch day tho pain was
reduced, the i,ore spots begun to heal,
and by tho time I had used a few
boxes of /-nm-Buk I was quite cured,
"Slnco then Zam-Buk has cured
blood-poison ln my finger, and at a
timo when my finger was in such a
terrible condition that I feared It
would have to be amputated.."
For eczema, blood-poisoning, pIleB,
ulcers, sore i, chapped hands, cuts,
burns, bruises and all skin Injuries
and disease'!, Zam-Buk ls without
iOe. box ail druggists nud stores or
post freo from Zam-Bul: Co., Toronto,
for prlco.     Hefusi. Imitations.
The Artful Porter
Tho lato Sir James Allport, then
Mr. Allport, when manager of tho
Midland line, once visited a small station In the North ot Kngland, and nfter
being assiduously waited upon by the
porter on duty on alighting from the
train, offered tho attentive olllclal
51) cents.
Tho man promptly pocketed the
gratuity, whereupon tho manager Inquired.
Do you know who I nm, my man?
Certainly, sir, was tho ready reply.
Mr Allport, sir, fellow servant of tho
compauy, sir. Courso I don't take
tips from tho general public, sir.
In Europe at present there nre ovor
7,000 liylng centenarians, of whom the
great majority hail from tho Balkan
region. B ilgarla can lay claim to
nearly 4,000, Servla moro than 1,700;
but ln England according to recent
statistics, thero are fewer than a hundred and lii Denmark only two.
A druggiat can obtain nn Imitation
of MINAUD'S LINIMENT from a Toronto house at a very low price and
have it labilod his own product.
This grea.y imitation is the poorest
one wo have yet seen of the many
thn. every Tom, Dick and Harry lias
tried to Introduce. ,
A* for MINAUD'S and you will get
Fuddle—Yait know Stocks, don't
Doctor—Yes, indeed. lie Is now
a patient ot mine.
Fuddle—Bret ty wideawake man,
Isn't ho?
Doctor—I should say so. I'm treating him for 'haomnln.
Drives Asthma Before It. The
stnoko or vapor from Hr. ,T. Il, Kellogg's Aulhiiia Remedy glvefl nslhmn
no chance to linger. It eradicates
the cause. Our experience with the
rollef.glvlng remedy shows how actual
und positive ts tho succor lt gives. It
Ib tin, result, uf long study and experiment and was not. submitted to the
public until its mukers knew it would
do Its work well.
A roporter was qtico Interviewing u
famous English International football.
er, nud Rgko.1 h'.m how he liked being n
liumi'itHcl**, he replied.
Aye, but well enough to bring your
children up lo It? said the roporter, I
No, he reviled, nut well onotlgb fur
Hut why? asked Ihn reporter
29 Broadway, New Vork.
"I bought some of your OIN FIJXS
at Victoria, B.C. last September, Yonr
remedy I find, at 60 years ot age, to
give perfect relief from the Kidney and
Bladder Troublci incident to oue of my
age. I urgently recommend OIN IMI.LS
to friend.-, as being tbe one thing lhat
does me good."    I-I. O. WOODFORD.
50c. a box, 6 for J2.50, Money back
if OIN PILLS fail. Sample free if you
write National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Tovoiilo. 131
%t(mw iD'telnfi
7tu -J$Mm/tA
tu deflftit
-A*r\¥-      dt*
DYK, en* -.M buy-Why you din*'" cvc-iihite to
I*now win* KIND of llloih y*.iti;i>r,J» ■in uadt
of,-.So MltUkft ar» Imp-mi bio.
Stud (or Ir-.**- Color Card, Mior-r Booklrl, and
Boaklat giving r.tiillt uf Dylnii over nlhrr r.il.iii.
Behind His Back
Father—Tommy how mnny    times
lmvo you been whacked at Rohool today'.1
Tommy—Oh, I never take any nottca
of what Ut SiUiQ on behind my back.
Will—Tlio sight nf nn old Bohool*
mate la—er—\vell, it might bo callod
both meat and drink.
Berthn—V*?c, that's wbat ymi men
usually do In the clrcumstaucos.
Meet and drink.
Oounttnjtlni tht Amtrloan \*\t$
to __• suitor,
I Aotloifc aooordiai to your oorrtt-
Spndeaoi column* that tat Ovtntu
Club, ot London, tad tht Brltlifc Bm-
pirt li taking more than ordinary Interest in tht moving ploture world,
aad that Viere hat heen going the
round of   almost   evorr   newspaper
throughout Canada and England, a
letter complaining ot the absenco ot
the British flag la tho Alms of the
thousands of moving picture shows,
not  only    throughout    Canada  but
throughout   the whole   of   the British Empire, while in tho United States
the poople appear to be so blgotted ln
their Ideas  if patriotism and loyalty
and obedience to their own flag that
they dlscry and abominate any other,
and thla ls (t which prompts this letter.     It Is deplorable that bo strong
a   feeling   prevails ovory   time   tho
British flag Is exhibited, although It
Is bo seldom   that   the   number   ot
times ran be counted on one hand,
while most pictures contain the American. But tlio time Is coming when all
will be changed.     Picture halls will
have tho opportunity of not only exhibiting the   British   and   Canadian
flags, but of other Empire pictures on
a large seal.-).     Montreal la to bo tho
city  wliere  the  transformation will
emanate from, and nlrrarty considerable interest is helng evinced In the
British     American   Film   Company
which bas recently bcen established
with Canadian capital and hoad oflices
In Montreal, nnd already a very large
sum 1ms been spent in productions, I
Itecently a valuable property 1ms been |
acquired ln a suitable- seotlon of tho
city to l)o transformed Into n town
studio, and fitted up with all Ilio latest
appliances for producing moving picture films.    Historic   scones   which
Eire dear to tbo heart of all real Canadians, and even   tho most   modern
Englishman nave already been depleted,  Including the groat and  famous
battle of the Long Sault, which will
shortly be ready, whllo otliers which
will  bo taken    during    the    winter
months, with the snow lying deep on
the ground, will bo many of the world
famous romances of the Hudson's Bay
Company at lho various posts throughout tho Northwest.      Attention will
bo turned to the Inndjng of Champ-
lain, the battle of the Plains nf Abraham, and tho Interesting and exciting
episodes   which   wero   the   stirring
events In the early days of the founding of this great Dominion, which has
become one of tiie greatest the world
bas ever known.     This company Is
the only onn of its hind operating hi
Canada and cue of the very few producing scenic pictures entirely of a
British Empire character. The Canadian  public  bus  undoubtedly  been
surfeited In the past by tho goods of
tho American producer, nnd in view
of the   considerable   correspondence
that is constantly appearing   In   tho
newspapers rrom timo to time on this
particular subject It Is only fulr that
tho public should know what, efforts of
a national character are being mado to
counteract, lhe present movement of
circulating '.ho Alms which mako such
a vivid display of tho Amorlcan Hag.
I nm sure 'hat the Overseas Club of
London, England, who have been responsible for drawing attention to tho
absence of -.in-li companies nt* lho British American Film Company, will bo
pleased to know that an effort, nud a
strong ono too, Is being made by Canadians themselves t" fight   this   battle.    Apologizing for taking so much
of your space,
I remain, vour fui th fully,
100 ftocklund Ave., Montreal, Canada.
Tho Fraser Valley
Mr. CJ. fi. McDonnell, a prospector
of western imputation has just returned to Ednio.'itbn from British Columbia where he wus gout by an English*!
syndicate tj report, upon tho mining
pos-ibllitlos at the new country opened up by tbe progress of bo Urand
Truck Pacific Hallwny, lie walked
from Mile IVJ t«> Mile 53 over the
grado of thy main line ami roported
that silver and lead are plentiful, also
that copper showed strong out-crop*
pings and thai gold had been heurd of.
He further muted ti*ir. between 4,000
and 5,000 mon were working in the
FroEor Vall.-y on tho new lino,
"The Fraser Valley," Mr. McDonnell observe 1, "Is the most beautiful
and hiteret-'ing of the two routes
through th.. Canadian UouklOB,      it
jyjANY brands of Baking Powder contain alum,
which is an injurious acid. The ingredients of
alum baking powder are never printed on the label.
Sjkitkt 1
Magic Baking Powder
contains no alum and is tho
only baking powder mada
in Canada that has all the
ingredients plainly printed
on the label.
A Silks', BarQal'i
First Duko—Well, <lo >ou think Miss
Van Hulllnn Intends tu buy yen'.'
Second Ditkc—My 'lear liny, I don't
know; BomelimeB 1 think t*_ does, nt
other nines I fear nho la merely Bhop*
A camel, when burdened, enn travel
miles n iliiyj when unburdened, to
many as (10, 01* even !K> miles.
Hfl  1
Harold, wl.en wo *r ■
nniEt slay ut honi". t
play to you, Instei d
VeB, .laillmi.     Yen len, "-    I
eared mueh to:- pleasure, any.'.
Ireland wna flrst doscrlbi il na It
Emoreld 1- ■. In tbo p .em i nil ,i _rl
l.v Iir. Dren'.in. wh'. died In Ht'.'0
Your Price Will Buy a
Some business men have a mistaken idea
that till Burroughs Bookkeeping Machines
are costly. Far from it. We make Burroughs machines at from $200 to $1000*
Burrou£-ii michinei range from a plain 6- column
machine, adapted to the busincn that employe but
one clerk, to our bid 17*colii.un Electric Duplex
machine, tho lur£cit, moit complete, tidd'mg ma*
chine ever built.
Tiie man who buyi thr S-0A
Buiroiifih*. due* lu bcCOUOO
that m ail line will meet ull llie
requIrenienlH ol his lniilnriti,
It proilucci fur lilm etacily
llie lima rcmlli us lho .USO
lunch.ne pro-lui-ei Jor ilia
man whose huii.ieit nttds
•ic that tnutb (rente..
The prlca of every Bur*
roufha la baaed entire.).- upon
•wtafil tt will -/a—the only fair
way. became value alwayi
hn and ilwaya will deter-
mine price,
A Burroulhs at 3200 ia not
a "cheap" machine, nor It tho
$1000 model an espentive machine. The price ol lhe int -
mer ia low only became of the
•copoot Itl adaptability—and
the coat of manufacture—are
leaa tliao thc more complete
The Quality of material that
goei Into the low and the hittli*
priced Burroudhtiaciactly iha
. /  The aime entflnaerlwC aklU
rfetijna them both.
The aume slrillcd laborPUIB
ibiTin li.fci'tii. ;.
And tho Gamn -fuarantee ol
continuumaervic--* -.un-lt. back
of litem —a ii.ai-.nt"-: that it oa
fc-i'iil aa tt bond, lu'. .n.- it is
backed by twenty ycari of
promises itpt.
The value ol ■ Bur mucin In
your buil&eu lies in what it
itivei for you. The price and
tin* terms on which you buy,
■re lor yte to decide.
Tett na tn what 1ar|e ways
you uae titnr-** in yourbmlnesa
■nd name the price you would *
be willtnl to pay to handle
them In hall thc time nt bait
the cost—neatly—no errors.
'l'tii-n wu will send to your
ot.i''<* the machine that meeta
t!) it price ind demonstrate hi
pouibUitlttooyour Individual
work, ell without coil or obll*
iation. But remember thia.
Prtet needn't keep you from
owtiinl the beat built and iha
irc-itcatlabor-aarinl device
In office work—tha""
A-idio. Machine.
81  Burroughs Block, Detroit, Mich.
! 'uVa..'):.-
A* the Lecture
1'Iu* loctiii'o nroBO ninl suld Impress*
ly: lOvoi'y tliui' I sec a j'OHfi man
coming out i.i' a saloon, I want iu ki,
light up to tl'.at young man, uuil sny,
'run right a'ounil, young man; you're
gnliiK llm wrong way.
I Pedagogue and Pur I
Do you understand mo now
d.'i't'il  an  'iiigry Bolioplmnstpr in an
urchin at whoso head ho luul thrown
tn Ink-mini.
I've  goi   ..ii  Inkling ot what ycu
I mean, replica the hoy.
Mr. *... Cl llrayot Pullman, Wash.,
n recognized stock breeder of the
Paclllc State:: and nn authority upon
horses, HtntiM u westarn despatch, nn*
purchased u tract of laud with a front-
agu of 5 miles on the Prasor Itlver
aud of H"i 'idles upon the llttlo Salmon Itlver which ls sorvod upon Hh
custom frontage by tlio O.'l'.l*. where
ho means to establish un lintnonso
breeding furm.
The ofllco of tho Heme Secretary
was evented 'n 1782. Ho ls the medium through which tho Sovereign communicates wth his suliject'j, and vice
1 wondor what thut num Is doing up
I thai tolograph-pole'l said Mrs, Mauhy,
Why be ni.ist be nfter fruit, replied ,
her husband
Itut what kind of fruit enn lie gel
I up lliere?
IStuetrl-a currents, ef course.
ls wider and more oxnanilvo than tho	
imnnrnuui In the Kicking t.orse Pass. ui- a*_,iai.u
On the souf-crn sldo ot tho rlvor tho      .,, HI. Spec ally
mountains iwo son,,, dlBtunco off, tholr!, ll10,.-?* „M™ ° . J'"'1*'' 1";';,fl"',ll'r>'
snow-elud peaks Bllhnottlng tho »|(y. I"> N'otUngham saltt to on* of the toro
lino and shutting out Uio Cariboo conn- 'no!,i ' ,:,t I""" ',""" of -""*" "™"
try beyond     On the otlu.r sldo of tho \ '",!"> !l 1""''1 *01rkofcrJ ,
1     * ■ *d the r.eera.in, that I
stream horo and there threatened by
the tumbling river of many rapids
which Bitdda-i ly divert. Its bonding way
for -U or "10 miles to the northward,
are exv-'iS'". of timber all billowing
aud surging up from the CO hy r,u tulle
plains until thoy reach the railway
grade, jump it, and cltiidi the mountains ln th dr course until they recede lino tho barrenness beyond lhe
timber line-:." .
liccuuse Hioy'ro
will, lulld* la.lghler
Ihskcs,   suld   he
Miss Whltehnl—Vour cute lillle son
told ino I was pretty,
Mrs. lllaciihal -llo did? I must
take hliu to un oculist.
A  Mission-worker In Now Orleans
was visiting a reformatory near thai
city not Imi,.. ago when sho observed
mining Ihn Inmates nn old acquaint'
mice, n negro hul long thought tu he
a modol of Integrity,
,11m! OXoltilinod the iiiIshIoii worker.
Is It possible I lind you here?
YusHiim, blithely responded lhe
backslider. I'm,, charged with ulealln'
11 barrel 0' sweet pcrluters,
The vlsli.it sighed.
You, Jim, :.he repealed. I am mir-
pi'v.eil I
Ynssnm, laid Jim. So was I, or 1
wouldn't bo horo.
According to tho last census, only
nine ot the twenty-eight Metropolitan
liiiriiiighii ln lirlialn showod an Increase In population.
Waltor—Hero is our bill ot faro,
Partner Jones (in from the country): Now, I ain't going to pay no bill
o' faro llll I'vo bad something lo oat,
Tullicr (Impressively) SuppoBO 1
should be tiikt'ti away suddenly, what
would bietitne of yuu, my boy?
Irreverent Hon I'd slay here. 'I'he
question Is, whut would bcconio uf
To have Ih. children sound and
healthy Is tlm Ilrst cure of u mnlhcr.
They calm it be lieullhy If troublod
wllh worn*'. Uso Mother Clravoi1
Woiin I'latci.tiluiitor,
What's lln gloaming, ITnelo Tom?
Well, before a man ls nuirrlod II Is
lhe Hum lo lake a walk wllli tllO girl
lie Lives; but after ho Is married It In
lhe timo he fulls over rocklng-horues
nnd building blocks on the purlor floor.
Landlady- -You bellovo In milliard
piaster!, doctor?
M.li —Itu'berl I always order them
fur patients who cull mo out ln tho
middle of tho night when th-"»'s nothing tho mutter with 'em.
Bits of
Toasted to
A delicate
Light Brown
To lie catcti wltll crenm
and siiKur, or Berved with
canned fruit poured over
-either way insures' a most
"The Memory Lint/en"
Canadian  Postum  Cereal  <'<*..
Ltd.. Windsor, Ontario,
itsuly Valuable
Bxollod Individual—Guard I'vo been
robbed. I lelt a imper parcel containing live noouifl ou thut s.at ami 'now
It's gone.
Guard—Well you can wrllo 'om
nvar again, aou'B you?
ISxcttod Individual—Yes, but there
wus :i aondwlali iu tho parool, tool'
Yes, answers
his specialty.
No, secmli-g to.
Ethel- -Jack Iluggard told mo n loug
slory last night
Klitv--Ih no an Interesting  story,
Ethel—1 should sny so.     II
his audience from start to tlnlsl:
Private Jtmson was rotating his ox.
periencs of the ltncr Wnr. He said
he wm once taken prisoner, and tlm
Doers stripped him of llll Ills clothing,
Did you feel thu cold much? asked
a pal.
No, replied Jlinseu, not ai all. You
see, they carefully covered me with
their rifles.
The ilrst passenger train   on   |hoj
Orand Trunk Paclllu main line was
recently run over the lunvly luhl trneks j
west to Prince Ittiuort, Passengers on
ibis train which was n special, wore I
Chief biiiglh'.or Killiilicr. suid, Itnglli*
cer Von Arsdol, and tin* oontraetors,
Mosflt'S, Stewart ntid Welch.
His Wife Saw to That
■farmer Tui'mut had had u good day
ut mint,il. Ills cattle lunl latched
guiul prices, and, fi cling flush, ho
Bought a nlie piece of cloth tu have
mado Into a stilt uf clothes.
Hul, nltts ..ii his hoiue'.viii'd wny he
list it. a happening whloh muioyod
Mrs, Tiirniuf very much.
Full of tin* grleviuice, she lold lho
vloar aboul it noxl dny, blntnlng hor
husband's ctiroiesBuosfl for tin. hem.
\ wuh later He vicar mot Tnr
lined lum .i'lll*' Mr. Turiinit, mild lhe
gnoil mnu. Ilave you hoard nn.MliIng
uhoiit your eliilii?
Ttirmut. .milled indly,
Yd, ho said solemnly nnd mourn,
fully, yet, philosophically, I liavo- ■
molding, nooll ami night!
My dear, said the young husband,
illil you up-uk to th llkinnii aboul
lliere helng no cn um on ihe milk.
Yes. I told blm aboul It this
morning, uu.l be hus explained It satisfactorily! I think II l« quite n creillt
to him, too.
What did ho suy?
He said lhat he always (llled lhe Jugs
so full that Ibere Is 00 loom on Iho
top for the cream,
What (he Chief Gunner Sayi:
"There are twet occa-
■ions when a Runner
feels perfectly happy.
—one is when his shot hits
thc target and the other Is
he can enjoy a chew of Empire
Plug Chewing Tobacco.' THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
®he prospector, ©ranbrook, §* <£♦
Pttb__h»_ Hv«ry Haturflay    Morning _t Oraabrook, B.O.
r. M. Ohristiac, Manager,
ptwiagt iu A.mtrio_n. European Mid otber foreign countriw,   50 eente   a
year extra.
AiiVERTiSKaMKN'TS Aiivaniaing rates lurniabed oa appticatioa. No
ftdv«rtlsements but those of a reputable character vill be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUB3CRIBKRS-_nlei» notice to Uie contrary
la given to local manager advertisements and subscription*! wiil be kept
riraaing and charged up againBt their account.
19th YEAR
The Senate has killed the nival|
i,ill, and we now wait Kpr Mr. fi0""- j
den to make bis next move. The j
outcome of the a.air is tbat prac- j
tical action will probably h._ delayed
until th<- next Bitting of the Com- i
mons, an.l the a-tectl.e aid to thc
imperial navy cannot be gi>tn by
Ci.iia-a   a.--   i* ion   aa   wan  cousidereu
• •   *   *
It was in ths month of June, to be
exuet, ihe 1st. of june of Ue year
\ws, tlut Sir Rithiiid Mutirme ursi
to tu tne posl-ion of Premier io; British la.oliitiii i.. brom ihu time un
until this luci, the t-rovince, unu«r
his careful guidance, h^s teen _o.uft
forward until from what w..b un.e
the most o.-scu.e of Pro.ln,t3„ BU
tish Oolumiuia stands first oi all -.h..-
great Pioviucc.-. of the Do utn.*.n of
Canada today, 'ihe credit for the
incrtase ot standing and pr-8,ericy
must be uccred.-.ed io the Prem.,*r,
who has, ihr,u,h it all, e-.er-.lsjd
the most careful Judgment and tba
greatest cailt on In all matter, of
state, keeping in mind not the immediate meteoric growth of the province, but the purpose of mfl-ing the
administration of ...flairs m tbur effect n permanent Institution,
•   •   •   •
Thi parcel post hill has been postponed, owing to tbe opposition of
Liberals. The general Impression is
that thfl hi li is nut li> fly to he
again taken up at this session. As
obstructionists, the Liberals seem to
be getting in their wor*, end the
time o.' the House wasted, if the
naval hill hud been passed, the financial situation in Canada would
hnve be.n settled to a large extent.
The d<J/eat uf a number oi Important
measures hy the Senate is not financially favorable to the clcvolopmcii
nf the Dnminion.
• •   •   *
The government bridge at Waldo
was wath:d out on Sunday last. The
Pier was Washed away, nnd thi Whole
span followed. Rivers in the Us
trict are rapidly rising nnd many 0
thi bridges throughout thc district
are considered in dinger. Co/en-
nent officials arc  doinj everything
1 Oisible to save them. Watchmen are
stationed at danger points to prevent drifts (rom accumulating nrou.nl
the piers and abuttimuts.
The LateMr. Barr
We regret to announce the death of
Mr. .a.r, . r,, .lo l ibe. uf our
friend, Mr. Thomas Barr o( Athalmer.
Mr. Barr had been ul invalid for
some Ume, both in bis sou -* nouse
and at the Wilmer Hospital where
he died.
The "Echo" oflers its slnc«re*.t,condolences to Mr. aud Mrs. Burr lu
their  loss.
Puts Up Bars
No more Ital-.-.n, Russian, Green
Pol.sh, Austrian. Bul-<arijn, or N-o.i-
■.ene6r.n la o.ers will be admitted ...-
LO Canada from Spokane o; othdi
i-oin.fl in wasnington un ess the.,
-o.ue direct f-o.n tOe old country „n
destined to a (.oint in Can.cn with
out delay. -\ ruling to this e_ec*.
bas just been received by City Labo.
Agent, J. T. Pierce (.oni the Lniii
dn.n imir.igrati.u servi.e and n«t.c^
of its Import has been cou.eyed to
all employment agencies eugagtd in
shipping labor Into Bn..-..-. Colum
bia, Aloerta or otber pro.inces.
Lajurers irom countries in the
north of Europe or any British pes
sessions will lie admitted pro .idja
they can show by medical test that
they are in good health, that they
are healed toward delinlti employ
ment, have prepaid ttausportatlon
and are not of Asiatic o.igin
Singing Revivalists
Brigadier and Mm. tlreen. Divisional commanders ol the Pacific Province will viHit. Cranbrook on rtutur
iluy i,n,l Sunday, .tune 14, nnd   15.
They will conduct special services
in th** Salvation Army Hell, Hanson
Ave., nt S p.in. Hnturdoy and 11
a.m. 3. and s p.m. on Sunday,
Come nnd hear them prencli, sing
and piny. All are especially .nvite.l
to a'Un I th,Ir services,
liS_IlliMIIII«niiI«l-||i>!-il-il-i|*|i||iir-i|-i   Al«JiIP____l__i
P. 0. BOX 904
Plumbing,    Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swiuton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works  Edward Street.,        -       Cranbrook
IH_1_______—_—_________! i
Cranbrook and Fernie Water
Before the Board of Investigation
NOTIOH IH IIKKI'.liY n.VBN that the claims to water rlKliiH in the
Oranbrook and Pernio Water Districts und objections tu the said claim.
will he heard and determined at tha places hereinafter mentioned, vis;
At  the Court   Holme, Cranbrook   on   the    thth   and    17th   daye-  ot
June,    t'Jltt, nt. nine o'clock in tie forenoon  local time, tor all elnliiiH
to water (lowing Irom the Went Into the Kootenny Itlver und Its western iiiliutaiieH, Including the Moyie Rlvor and its trlbutarlei.
At. the Court It io In for  on the   Mill day ol .tune,   1113, at
nine o'clock in the [oronoon local timo, tor nil claims to water (low
ini,' int., the Blk it,ver ami its tributaries above the Canadian Paelflo
Railway Dridgo ova tho said Blk Itlver. At the Lock-up In Kik., on
the 10th day ol .tun", I'll;, ui nin" o'clock In tho forenoon local time
to, nil claims to wators (lowing Irom the Kaat. Into the Kootenny
Rlvoi umi ita tributaries between Oanadlan Purine ttuiiwny Dridgo nt
Wiu'iiiei  mnl the International Houndnry.
At the Court House In l'*oit. Steolo on the .Oth day ol .lunn, 1)11,
nt ten o'clock in th'' forenoon for all claims to WntOI Howlne, (i,,in the
KuMt into the Kootonny Rtvor an d Its tributaries botwoen tbo Canadian
Pacific Railway under nl Wardnor and tho Southern boundary ot the
liolili'i   Water   I i l.f
III   Hide,   ,,|   lhe  llonrd,
.1    K.  ARMSTRONO,
Victoria,   II     0, l'linil man
ii "The Peer of Them All'
11111111111 -M ii ■ ■ ■ i ■ i ii ■ i ■ ■ ■ 1111111IIIIIIIII-II11II1IIIUIIIIIUIU llllll 111II11IJ-HW-H.-!-*^^
*iniiiiiiii*********^ iii*iiii*»i''"i»*»"»»"»»*' - *''"*'*■*■'"«''' *■'*'- • ''''***** »""""""• »*1T
+ ■*■■'
"The Girl
___ Panama"
1 C   Musical   1 C
-I- *0 Nnmhprs A *0
Change of Bill Nightly
GeaBurton ^§mm)rBp&
>v^% prank ^ckCo^
V____t 50c& 75
Reserved Seats
Now on Sale
At Drug Store
Tn ii ii mi ii i iiiiiiu i n 11nn11nnn11111111*ttti-tttl'-! 111! 1111'.'. ???'?!??-'.'M??1iii-tttttI
iiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiif ■■ft imi ********** ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ imiiiit unit tut hi hiuhih ****** f
mu, May.    I'M :
20 .'it
Additional^ Locals
The Cranbroo-* uiiii Clut und.rthj
residency cf Dr. W. V. lire u, hn I
r.niucrt n viry In e.iattnu se.sons
into , to tin.,'  i lace on the range,
h ch   Is   sit ated on   the   Wycllft.
ro d.  (iu Saturday tbi eliin is th lot
ni; ths first round for the Dominion
Cartridge Co.'s Tro hy,  wh ,h will
he a gun case.   Next. Wltln Hduy wi.l
ue fjr a meJal «ivcn by thi J. Stern i AnnB Co; and on neit Satur-
ay  will  he the  Iml  ol ft e shoot.
or   a  n.ed .1  glvin   hy  the  Dupt.nt
I'owdnr    00.    Trjjihy.    '. hBie   \ar
l^ius    matclics   ure being    airani;ed
o a a .e them us ini ere tin : as toi
Ible to the sho liln ; lruti.rn.ty ot thc
Ultrlct, i.n one intirejt.it art. In.i-
e.t to attend.
"BOB'8   PI.ACB" (or 01QAR8
There will he a meuttni* of the Kar-
ner'K lilntltllte on Friday evening,
Jim j 13th at h p.m., In tbe old gymnasium back ot the Method! it
jlmrcti, The Institute are to enjoy
a vu.lt from if. Ripe ot Victoria,
■vlii, will lecture on "Live Htoci,
Dairying, and Swine," H. 1*1. Upton, of Victoria, who Ih ai'i'oiuliaiiy-
Ing bim on thin tour through tliu
llltrlot wtll lecture on joiltry. The
mooting li. free to ull tlioBo IntoroBte
i'd, win, should   iiiio- advantage ot
theee  mCOtlngK,     Thene  mii'tinun ul'i.
iidiig held liy l.overii.ncnt lecturer*
twice a year the apoakorfl bolng thu
best the (iovernineiil ean got, all ol
them tii'in * expert uud practical In
the siihlccts hiiinllr.l     ICvnyl.ody   ii
welrome.- H.   Mneitoniild.   Ht'i'retary.
J, IU. Di.dey, ol Montreal, Inte.-
aat.cual i.all„ay Sccratary of tht
If, M. C. A. v.sited Cian.roi* In...
..ttiuad y o..d s a..d over Uat.l Tues-
d .y wain he ul. lor the mast. Mr.
_.<l,c/ ivlatcd li .art. some of ih
, x, enenc.H ha had h.t'ii .njoytug ln
ncvo.sto.e, Tne Y. M. 0. A. 1..
.hut iiiy had an old debt of »S,0.U
to dear off, and owm. to tbe |.opul-
.irlty of the wore. In that cty It re-
.|..lit'il vi ry llt.le H|ia'i..l e.iort tu
collect the whole of tbe (5000- Mr,
Dudley commented Mr. Cameron,
i'mul.look's s cret.ry, on the v>o.'
nun I'oulltlon of the Y. M, C. A.
h re, saying th it in general through
o.it Un I n{th and lire dth ol tbe
coi.n ry the society Ib mailng l.u.n*
in i.s prog.ejs.
Km n/ l'n rott, (our old year so.i
ot o. N, Panott, met with a ralnfil
accident on Mon lay nlgbt wblle hj
und other ch idi'iu were playing with
a lawn mower on the m-n tieion^iu;
to Mr. R. H. Oairctk, The chi'drtin
lunl gono In to the garden and obtained the mower wheu no one wan
looittllg i.nd begun wheel n , It uv and
down the grass, whin tlm little fellow, too young to realise tha d iur
laid on the grnsH and waited, lor tlio
mowor to he pu.h.il up to him, the
mown' to tin pushed up to blm, Ihi
mower went on to the band, almost
savoring the thumb, As one of the
uiUtIoh was still Intact the do.:tor
Is In go d liopcs ol saving tho
thumb. I'he little fellow wns very
much frightened nt the time, hut we
aro glftd to sny he Is progressing
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. ■— Nl ONakfMk, B.O,
What the Papers Say
The Yankee  Robinson Circus Makes a Great Hit
in the City of Butte
The dally Butte Miner of May 24th
A circus, s ns contl 'euee men,
t: lis iho.-t change artls'.s, und aim,
without gratters. This is tho Yi.n
Loe Ro iu. n ibiw, a throe-r.ng en
tert iiinii. lit whlcb pleusel twoiplon
did crowds n l.utte yist.rday ai.d
kit wltb unanimous leave to come
Th, Yan'ee Iio-tiison com'Inal Ion
Is on' th it o en.' i*i od, clean amusement ot that hind tat d.lUh-o the
kiddles und re Indies memories c
circus day In tbo grown tips, lt ha*
novelty to be sur,, bu. lt haa not deviated trom that path, which the
public ileiiumlH the popular show
of the kind shall conslsten ly lo.
The linn, uck riders with their
spuiikIcs, the funny rlo-ns, a toon
of them it seems, trapeilsts, e,ui.ib-
rlsts and tumlilers continue to nmiis
and thrill ns In daya ol yore. Antic.
ol tha clown, ure probably mor*
amusing and tbe stunts of those who
ltw.ee u day risk llle and limb on tho
hack of a prancing stud and tick
tent t,,p nre more thrill ng, but the
point Is that tb* Yankee HoMuboii
•how has lost none ot Iht oldtlme
circus eliarm and popularity.
A ml al of thi early west lit"
bcen Inject.d into tlm circus. It sort
ul «i"i ons It nn I Ih .ire ia Just enough
to satisfy.
It la nit difficult to plc'i out the
big tcaturis ol the circus. The Toklo
troupe ot Japanese equilibria!-, J'Ug-
gl rs, tiiiiibleis and traps lets nnd
Prof. Treats trained seas i e
perioral nee, tbe memory of whlih
patrons carry home wl.h them.
Tbe Japanese troupe Harvey H li
brought over Irom tbe Crystal palace
In Luidon and Treat's amis are la
ino is In tbo circus world.
It is itl om hat Jnpin-se go In
for trapeie won and tumbling, pro-
(irrlng to ibine in (eats il In lane
ing, Juggling and the 11 e, but thc
To io truope numbers nth e es, but
daring trapeslsta as well. No c n
>ent on I lent ol the clrcuu or v ml,
vill,. is Impossible to them and t'loj
Introduce many new stunts. Tholr
perfo mniice ,'b hi Untie and fin 'shed
In that degree wbl b II ds gen in'
The clown Interltid s are well
timed nnd ol a dive a I. In„. nature.
Cowboy und cow Irl r c s nnd a revival ol exciting scenes of frontier
It e are lest res ot the hl.ipodrome
oderlngs which close tbe allow.
London.—tirnvi news concerning tbe
.teaiiier Impcra'or, which Is now ly-
ng neur t'liibmen, has rcu bed thi
north coast through the tl rmoii
.hiiuuasters. Apparently strong ef
iorts a.e bilng made to prevent in-
. or mu tion regarding the real state ol
iiflnlrs helag a nt tbr.iui,h tbe cus-
aiy ih inn ds, but II the s utemmis V
republ.c. n m istera ol Cierniun trad*
i.ig ships a o to be accepted, Irreparable damage has been viciously per-
. i tr .ud a oard .his magnll.cent ves-
S ate n.ii s have bcen  deliberately
ade uy te erul bl. mas.era to th.lr
brokers in this eoantry, that pictures
al llimit irlcele.s woitb, and other
IdrnlBhlngs ol great cost ha s been
wan o ly cut and slashed to such «d
extent as to utterly ruin them, and
t':at ib*y were throvn Into thi wa
tor aid al'o.'.sl to aim.
This ntamous work Is believed to
be the r suit ol a' plot to destroy the
Impels or s fins Internal equi ment.
It Is mo n that the kaiar will not
uow go on tbe vessel on her mnld.n
voyage, which hns le.n Inle nltely
poit.ion <1. Iho shipmasters advance
a alntular explanation lor thi wor<
ol wanton hi o lal lun. Tbe Impera-
tor, they say, was taken to a com-
paia I oly desolate pnrt ol, hi coast
m ,hi n 1 hborliood ol Ouxhaven, alter grounding In h) Elbe nnl among
tho 2,000 wor men aboard were sums
who we e angered at being cut ol
Irom their ordln ry pleasures, Tn a
spirit o -".ven*- t ts aup**rsod thoy
I nriid nnd carried out th ao extraordinary crimes.
Scores ol seoret agents an now
now aboard the ship endeavo Inj to
d.scaver tbe delinquents.
j. mi ****** hh i ii i»it. 11 i-ii-iii i-i 11 i-i* ii < -i-i*
Professional   Carbs
Cobge   Notices
*** i ii i * n ni 1.111.| inti i .i i *** n ii i i-i i n 111111. !■ j
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
Ith Thursday ot each month.
Louis Pearson, See., P.O. Box Oil.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets ln Carmen's Hall 1st and
3id    hurfda s   in e er' mon h   a*
I p.m.  Membership open to British
B. Y. Brake, Pres.
_ Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
P.L.8.   ft. O.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   f.  OURD
Barrister, Solicitor, ete.
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
A. F. It A. M.
Regular  meetings  on the
third   Thuraday   ol   every
.  month.
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Soc.
No. US, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—Ind Tuesday tn
ench month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   an   cordially invited.
Bx. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 81
Meets every Tuesday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, C. 0.
F. M. Christian, K ol R. ft S.
B. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Bew   Fraternity  Hall.
Sojourning Oddlellowa cordially invited.
J. Turnley, W, M. Harris,
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  183
Oompanlona ol the Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall, Second aad
Fourth Thuriday ol each Month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, 0. 0.
Mre. A. B. Shaw, Bee.
Visiting  Companions  aordlally  welcome. Mtl
Cranbrook     Lodge
No. 1049
Meeta every Wednesday at 8 p. m.,
In Royal Blaok
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. B. Garrett, Bec'y
Meete in Royal Blaek Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets every 3nd and 4th Thursday
ol eaoh month at * p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Haywanl, Ree. Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, eblel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
President—O. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening ol each month.
Intormatlon on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 98!, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orai.fi
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday ln
Royal Blaek
Knights ol Ireland .lull at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitors
Fred W. Swa'n, W.M.
S. L. Williams. Secy.
Scobell _ Liquor, Tobacco
•nd Drujc Cure t^OTSiiZ
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    -    Britiah Oolumbla
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining. Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236        Phone 121
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Ore.   KINO  ft  QREEN
Phyalclane and Surgeons
OIBce at Residence, Armstrong Avs.
Oltlce Hours:—
Forenoons ■ - 9.00 to 10.00
Atternoona • - 2.00 to   4.00
Bvenlngs - - - 7.30 to  1.10
Sundays 1.30 to  4.80
Oranbrook. B.O.
F. AI. MacPherson
Noibwy Amok. Neil te City Hill
Opts Dsy tod Nlgbt Phoae HI
.   Undertaker,
Funeral Dlreotor,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:   Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering St McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Steam Boiler,  Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished on application.
X    AMmsi P. O. Bas Ml, CaeWsak
Paper Hanging, Painting and
Before consulting otber. cell
Phone ii or 78
Beat Workmas.hip and Workman In Town
In the matter ol an application lor
the Issue ol 11 duplicate certificate ol
Title to Lot 707 Oroup One, Kim'.i n
ay District.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt It Is
my Intention 11 Issue nt the oiplra-
tluii ol ono mon h alter tbe first 111b-
1 cut Ion hjriol a duplicate ot the certificate of Title to the abo e mentioned let In the name ol (ha: I is Le
Roy Hecbtel Bechtel, wbl h certificate la dut'd the   18th April,   11.07
nd numbered  6835 A.
Dated at Nelaon, B, ().,
April  22nd,  1918.
33-*4t 8. R. ROB,
Dlatrlct Registrar
Frank Rich Company
At the Auditorium Theatre for the Week beginning
Monday, June 9th.
The lamous Frcn'c Rich Company
ot pretty girls, excel! nt music, good
comedians, staged with all the eflec-
tlvenees of tbe stellar product ons,
this company opens' a week's engagement at the Auditorium Monday
night lor one week with change ol
bill each night.
The opening bill is "The Olrl From
Fanam*>," a very scenic pro uc lo
with an abmdance ol electrical effects headed by the conedians, Oeo.
A. Brown tnd Tommy Burns, ably
supported by O. J. Post, Hi. M.
Llndley, Joseph Rhes, Doro hy P»v-
mond, Hajorle HandeviU , Bern, n
Sisters and "Ten Sunshine Girls."
The chorus Ib a large attractive
one, beautiful costumes, ha /Ing ex
cellent voices and is a chorus that
is mads up of real dancers.
"The Olrl From Panama" is one
of tbe hist musical co.ncdles entour
and with a large reperlol-, this
large musical comedy attraction
th-*i Id prove to our theatre goers th.
vveilth and splendor of talent car
rled by this compiny.
A cail sad of scenery ls carried and
the com. any comes to our m.dst well
Popular piles will prevail for th.
entire wee'*:, 50 and 75 cents. Curtain at   8.30 slurp nightly.
Dedicate Hall   '
ytblan nlghtsd eedlcate hall
The ded .aticn of the new Castle
Hall ol the Knights o' Fythlas n
Victoria was the occulon ol an lm
oelng ceren ony on North Part st.,
Victoria, wheh was p-rtormed by
Mr. _. D. H. Wynne, Grmd uhuncsl-
lor ot the Grend Domain ot Brit h
ColumHn, asiistea by the ofnceis o
he Cr nd Lod e.
Fo'loulng the dedication, between
two and thre* h ndred m°m' ers ol
the lod-es md ol   he Pytlian Ulsters' Temple aat down to a bin uet
-provided and arranged by the latter,
and at its conclusion, the chairman,
Hr. J. H. Hushes, Past Gland Chan
cill r, referred in a short, but tell n
speech, to tt-e n einer in which tbe
local lodges had achieved the hul d
n; ol this h 11, and ss a to en ol
sateen, presented Grand Chan ellor
Wynne with a wa'ch It et Ehnped
II e  a  gavel,     Orand   (h ncel o
Wynne, In returning th n «. ronrr
tulated the knights ol both ths Ion 1
lodges on their success In accumulating the   lunds to b l'ld themes! es
ench a magnlfhent new home.    Supreme Representative In Ing, ol Nelson, also added his conratAilatlim,
md th n Orand Repr s n a'lve I' n s
ot Trail, another Pest Orand Chancellor, remind*d h<s au-H'nce „.t at
ter all, lt wts only fitting that th
capital ot ths Ca'ltal Province o'
the Dominion   tnuld hae the finest
Pythian Hall la Canada.
Orand Chancellor John N. Bvrn
ol Duncan, made a at' o lg aprecl to
tl o-e rr eeot to work lor tbt eoo
ol the Order, and emV.le the mtlll n
membership nwf '• to be rased i efo-
February 19, neit. He commented
he ritual ot tbe society to hi h rr
ers, remar' ing on Its beauty end the
high thou h's It inculcated, end as
surcd tbem that no one cou'd be r
good Knight ol Pythias with ut being a better cltlien.
The Company th n adjourned to tY
main ball upet Ire, wh re 'en in-
was begun and kept trp to a late
This new home Ul the two lodges
ol the Fni hts ol Pjtblas rt pres
ent eilstlhg In Victorls, Far Wrs'
No. 1, and Vi'torla, No. 17, which
comprise betwe-n thim some 400
members, Is a ba-idso-re s ructur ,
Gseclnn In style, and Including li its
Io ir wa'ls every convenl.nce and ac
eo-nmodatlon required ty auch a
body. In the basement ia a Inrg'
banqueting hall, with ' ltchen am'
scullery on one aide, heating furnace
and atoer om, and on tbs other
aide, co nmittes rooms On the ma >
floor is the m gnl 'cent main hall
some 200 by 40 leet, with, on 'a h
ad', s-ts ol ante rooms and a am lier hall.
Upstairs are more committee
rooms, para> bernalla rooms and a
suite occupied by the Orand Keeper
ol the Records. Ihls Victoria Pythian Ces le Hall was 1 e un lait
August, and occupied Inr the first
time ln February. It has coit In
the neli'hlorhood nl 870,000, and is
fie freehold pro arty ol a company
formed cl the Knl hts themselves.
Th* Ord r was eslabll h d ln
Washington, D. C, In 1814 by a Mr,
.lustre I alhbone .nd Its Julie' will
be cilbist d on February 19, neit.
At present Its total membership Is
800,000, and It has raid avay In
benefits and rellit rtutl g its exia
t'ner, a sum ol }8,000,000. Fach
lodt*e, na a rule, admits a sister or
gnnl a'Ion rl Pythian Hi ters, Ihe
wives and rei tlo s tt mem' era, who
form a Temple of their own,
A tblrd orgrnliatlon, beating the
name ol   tbe Dramatic hnlghte  cl
Korasean, takea charge ol the enter
tatnment side ot tbe lodge lit*, t
large nimber ol memb*ra ot tbeee
\ Ictorta lodges are leaving lor Van
couver, v.h re th-y will attend a bos
s:on ol the North Vancouver Lodge
rn Wednesday moron- next.
Tbe lollowlng are the principal o*
ficers cl the lodg s tor tbe current
year: Far West, No, 1, Ghancelloi
Comm-ndar, J. B. Howes; Mce
Chancellor, W. B. Lemm. Victoria.
Ko. 17, (hinccllos Commanding, J
C. McConn 11 Vice Chancellor, H. E
Bragg, Pythian Sisters, Excellent
Chef. Mrs. Anderson, Past Chi I
Mrs. Doncaster.
The committee ot management, to
wloie enrgy anl hard wore the
success ot this c remony ol d dice
tlon and the aubae .uent leatl ltles le
due, was comros'd ol Messrs. J.
Hammond chatrmi V; J, A. Man-ell
J. Fox, W. McDonald, Oeorge Chap-
le, L. J. Sm th, C. Hoa Inge, E.
Katifm n, J. Glover and A. J. Ceo -
sley, (sccre'ary), together witb Mrs
J. L. Smith, M s. Don-ast.r an
Mrs. Mtllor.—Colonist.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Bvsnlng Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Baptist Church
Homing services at 11 a-m.
Worshii,, inj with ihe Presbyterian
Chur h.
Sunday School—3.00 p.m.
Evening services at 7.80 p.m.
Subject— Jesus is Coming—"The
Millenium Kdn i'o -."
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning Service   at   11.00   A. M.
Subject—JeauB Ib Comlrg-" **h
He w 11 do a' Hla Comine."
Sunday Sehool and Bible Class at
8 p.m.—Young people invited.
Wor h.p, ing    with    the      a   I
tbirch.    Kev. O. B. Kendall   wlll
lead the services of th* day.
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captain W. J. Carruthere
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Sunday Henries—
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
3 p.m.—Bible Olass
3 p.m.—Sunday Sehool
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
Catholic Church
Sundays-Low mass at 8:80 a.m.,
high mass, 10:80 a.m., Sunday school
Irom 2 to 3 p.m., Rosary and Bene-
fiction at 7:30 p.m.
Mondays and holy daya ol obligation—Maes at 8 a.m.
Week days-Maes at I a.m. at ths
P.PIamondem, O.M.I.
NOTIOB la hereby given tbat the
partnership between T. H. Christian
end A. B, Jonia of Crniitirootc, B.C,
who trailed under the Arm name of
Messrs. Christian ft Jones, waa dissolved on the 23rd dav Ol May, 1913,
by mutual consent.
T. H. Christian.
A, B, Jones. a»-.t.
School Report For May
J.    L.    Cranston
F. G. Dexter . .
Miss   Darkis   .   .
M'es Betchel .  .
Miss Suttaby . .
Miss   Richards   .
Ml&s   Hlscoc s   .
Miss Cartwright
Mias Faulkner . .
Miss    Macdonald
Miss Rothnie . .
452 364.03   81.25
Nelsm Shield goes to Division Five
(Miss Suttaby teacher), having   th.
higb-st percentage ol attendance.
Delia Greaves, Gladys Hickenboth
am, Oracle Higglns, Wanda Fink,
Marion Leltcti, Frances Drumironu
Dorothy Mackay, Vincent Fink.
Grace Bardgett, Harry Davis,
Anna McNabb, Roy Musser, Vigil
Saute. Merle Taylor.
Melville Dallas, Agnes Reekie, Ma;
Mabel Brown,   Allan  Lacey,   L
Line-aster,   Annie    McBirnle,    Viola
aiarvis, Bdward Turner, John Turn
er, David ll.t
Christine Carton. Trim. Jotnaon
Mary Lacey, Edltb Murgatroyd
Hugh Simpson, Freda Taylor, Ma.
Marlon Drummond, Mabel Finlay,
larold   Kummer,   Margaret   La
Alma   Sarvls,   Mary   Mann,   Pearl
Pratt, David Reekie.
Alice Brake, Gabrella Hamllto-
Jlmmie Logan, Mah On, Ituth Simp
_n, Jack Ste.ens. Jam Watsm.
Oerald Bartham, Vlvan Krununer.
I'hrera Lacey, Vera Lister, Ruby
UBter, Milton Siascn... Gordon Woodman, Don Ewin.
Henry Daniels, Hel.n Shackleton,
Raymond St. Eloi, Jamie Taylor,
rene Taylor, Katie W.itson, Arthur
Lower, Jack Ogdin, Murray McFar
ane, James Taylor, Ray 1)111, Wai
.er Freek Robert Malcolm.
Room      Roll    Percenta;e fctindlng
41 Sr.
4 Jr.
SITTINGS of the Provincial Labour Commission will be held as tor-
Golden—Friday, June ctb. 10. a.
Athalmer—Monday, June 9th, 10
Crinbrook—Tuesday, June 10th, 10
Klmberley—Wednesday, June llth,
1, p. m
Fernle—Thursday, Juno 12tb, 8 p.
Michel-Saturday, June llth, 11
Crcston—Monday, June Uth, 8 p.m.
Kaslo—Wednesday, June 18th, 1 p.
Nelson—Thursday, Juno 19th, 4 p.
The Commission ia empowered to
Inquire Into all matters adecting the
conditions of labour In British Fni-
umblu All persnna Interested are
Invited to attend and give evidence.
Secretary. 21-3t
Notice is hereby given that on ths
19th day ol May. 1911.
Oeorge H. Thompson, Esq., Judge ol
the County Court of Beat Kootenay,
that James A.Aruuld.offlctal Aikmlnla
trator lor that portion ol tho County
nt Kootenay Included In the Ulec-
toral Dlatrct of Crnnbrook lie Administrator ol all and singular the
estate nl Frederick Aaron Ogger da-
ceased Inteetate.
Bvery person Indebted tn the ssld
deceased Is required to mske payment lorthwith to the undersigned.
Bvery person hsving In possession
elects belonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to not llv the
Bvery creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
In the distribution nl tbe estate nf
the said da-teased is required to send
before tbe tth day of July, 1>U
next, hy tefle'ered   mall   »dfr*ie**e*
to tbe undersigned, bis name and
address and the full particulars of
his claim or interest, and a statement ol his account and the nature
of tbe security (i( any/ held by him.
After tbe said last mentioned date
tbe Administrator will proceed with
the distribution ol the estate bavlng
regard to those claims oul; of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook thiB 29th da;
ol Ma;,   1913.
22-4t. Oiticid.1 Administrator.
NOTICE is hereby given that slit
(60) days Irom dute I intend to i,p*
ply to the Minister ol Lands tor e
licence to prospect lor Coal and Pet-
roleum over the following descri .e.6
lands situate in l.ot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
about 20 chains liast of ithe North-
west corner ol Lot 11140 and ont
mile North of tbe International
Boundary thence South 80 chains,
.Vest 80 chains, North 80 chains nnu
East 80 etianiH to point ot commence
Located this .;ud day of March,
Richard Helme Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt slv.j
(60) days Irom dute I intend to ap
ply to the Minister ol Lands for i
licence to prospect for Coal anil t'et
roleum over the lollowlng describee.
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbln.
Commencing at a post planted at
about 20 chains EaBt ol the North
west corner nf Lnt 11140 and „n,
mile North of the International Boun
dary, thence North 80 chains, West
80 chains, Soutb 80 chains and East
80 chains to Point nf commencement.
Located thla 2ind day of March,
Edward K. McCllntock, Locator
James Fisher, Agent.
about 10 chuins, South a; out 10
chains, West about 20 chnins, South
about 2(1 chains and West about 50
ehn'ns to point of commenc?ment.
Located  this   24th  day  ol March,
T. G. Procter, locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Notice ia hereby given th_ on the
2nd day ol Mav, 1913.
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge ol
the County Court ol East Kootenay,
that James AlAraold,Official Admlnls
trator for tbat portion of the County
of Kootenay Included in the Electoral Dlstr et ot Craubrook be Administrator of all and singular the
estate ol Charles Watson, deceased
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person bavlng ln possession
effects belonging to tbe deceased ls
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or otber person
having any claim upon or Interest
in the distribution of the estate ol
the Bald deceased is required to send
before the 18th day of Jun*. 1913
next, by registered mall addressed
to tbe undersigned, his name and
address and the lull particulars ol
bis claim or Interest, aud a statement of bis account and the nature
ot the security (if any j held by him.
After tbe said last mentioned date
tbe Aduiinlstrntor will proceed with
the distribution ol the estate having
regard to those claims only ot which
he shall have had notice.
Dated nt Oranbrook Huh 2nd day ot
May,   1913.
20-5t Official Administrator.
NOTICE ls hereby given that slit.
(60) days trom date I intend tn up
ply tn the Minister of l_nl» (or i
licence to prospect for Coal and Pet
roleum over thc following descrLea
lands Bltuate In Lot 4593 Southeasi
Kcotcnay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a pnHt planted tt
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
thaiice North 40 cbalns, East aboil
70 chains, South 40 chains and West
about 70 clalns, to print ol com
Located this 24th day ot March.
T. O. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sii'*
(60) days from date I Intend to np
ply to the Minister of Lands for c
licence to prospect for Coal and Pet
roleum over tbe following descrineu
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kcotcnay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted a'
the Southeast corner ol Lot 7401,
thence about 70 chains South, East
about 70 clams, North about 70
chains and West about 60 chains t
point ot commencemene.
Located thla 24th duv of Mutch
T, G. Procter, Locator.
Jsmeo Fisher Agent.
NOTICE la hereby given that siity
(60) days Irom date I Intend to np
ply to the Minister of Lands for e
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the lollowlng described
lands situate tn Lot 4593 Southeast
Kcotcnay, BritlBh Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7307,
thence South 80 chains, East about
10 chains, North about 20 chains,
East about 50 chains, North about
60 chains, and West about 50 chain,
to point ol commencement.
Located thiB 24th day ol March, I
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE iu hereby given that bim,
(60) days Irom dute I intend to i p*
ply tn the Minister ol Ijuut*. for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the tolluwing descri.,ed
lands Hituute in Lot 4593 Southeasi
Kcotcnay, British Columhla,
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe Koutbwcst corner ol Lot 72m.
thenco 120 chains Nortli, 400 feet
West, 120 chains South and 400 fret
Eust, claiming all ground lying In*
tween lots 7286, 7285, 7137 and 7136.
Located this 22n,l dny ot March,
James FIshiT, t/>rittor
NOTICE ia hereby given that nitty
(CO) daya Irom dntn I Intend to apply to the Minister of l.niulii Inr n
licence to prospect lor Conl and Petroleum uver the following descri .rd
lands situate lu Lot 4593 Hntithenst
Kent, miy, llrltlsh Columbia,
Commencing nt a post planted ut
the Hiiiitheuit roinr of Lnt 7397,
thence Nnrth 80 chaina, East 80
cbalna, South about 20 cbelas, West
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberto, the Yukon Territory, the North
weet Territories and in a portion of
ths Province of British Columbia,
may bs leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental ot 81
an sere. Not more than 2,560 scree
will be leaeed to one applicant.
Application for a lease must bs
made by tbe applicant ln person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district ln which the rights applied lor
are alt ua tad.
In aurveyed territory the land muat
be deacribed by aectlona, or legal eub-
dlvisione ol sections, and in uneur-
veyed territory the tract applied tor
.hall be staked out by the applicant
Bach application must he accompanied by a lee ot 85 which wlll be
refunded 11 the rlghte applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tbe lull quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, sucb
returns ahould bs furnished at laaat
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but tbe lessee may
bs permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working ot
ths mine at the rate ot 810.00 an acre
For lull information application
Bhould be made to the Secretary ol
the Department ot tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ot the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
lor. Jan. 4tb-ti
Diatrict ol South-East Kootenny.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Thomas
Christian, contractor, intend, tnlity
days alter date to apply to tbe Minister ol Lands for permission to purchase tha following deecrlbed land:—
Commencing at a poat planted on
the Eaat bank of the Moyle river,
near the southeast corner ol lot
10106, thence east 20 chains; thence
south 40 chains; tbence west 10
chslns; thence north 40 chains to
point ot commencement.
A. B. GRACE, Witness.
Dated, March 29, 1913. 14-9t
District ot South-East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that John Henry
Llemer ol Cranhrook, B.C., occupation laborer, Intends to apply tor
permission to purchase the lollowlng described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9687,
Oroup 1, Kootenay Dlatrlct, thencs
weat 20 cbalna, tbence north 40
chaina, thence eaat 20 chaina, tbence
south 40 chains to the point ol
commencement and containing M
acres more or less.
Dated Mnrch 28th, 1913. 14-9t
(Section   511).
on the liltli dny of June next, application nil1 bo niiiile to the Superintendent ol Police lor the transfer of
the licence Inr tbo sale nl liquor by
wholesale In and upon tlm premises
•tnown ns tho "Moylo Brewery" situate nt Moyle, 1). C, from thn said
premises tn tho promises nn lot 29,
Croup 1, adjoining the City ol Crnn-
brnnk, II, V.
Dnted this  ICth dav ot May,   1913.
Mueller ft Hesse,
20 Dt. Holders ol the Ucencs, THE PROSPECTOR. CRAXBROOK, B. C.
nothing so rapidly restores health
nnd virjor as SCOTT'S EMULSION,
It is the essence of natural body-
now ishment, so medically perfect
that -.•attire immediately a^jiropri*
stes ai:d distributes it to every
organ, every tissue—-feeding,
nourishing r.:;d restoring''Uiem to
normal activity.
patent medicine, but is nature's
body-nourishment with curative,
upbuilding properties and without
a drop of drug or alcohol. It contains superior cod liter oil, thc
hypophosphitcs of lime and soda
with glycerine, and is fo delicately
emulsified that it enters the system
without digestive effort—builds,
tones and sustains.
After croup, whooping cough,
measles and other child ailments it
is nature's ally iu restoring health.
After grippe or pneumonia it Bles
Imparts strength and health, aud
for colds, coughs, sore, tight chests
tnd throat troubles SCOTT'S
EMULSION gives the greatest relief
scon _ Downe, Toronto, Ontario      ij-53
Dlolomatlc News
Whon the lirst Napoleon
[ng liis (stand  prison  to re
Blinking titr.uie. during the
period known us tlio   bitmli
ihnt faithful organ   known
Monltoui' wat- much porplex
Bourbon Ivtug   lunl   not yet   quitted : over
Paris, uud until lie had dono so, or | me*
until Napoleon arrived, tlio Monlteur's
oath  was sown with pitfalls.      Bht
lhe editor was eciunl to
I'.,, thus chronicled tli'
tu da* :
Tlu- l'n'...! an ogre
'llllllll!    IliS
ed   days;
lis    lined.    The
i emergency,
iwb from day
sailed from
A Pi int of Honor
power on earth shall make me
du !t!     Tlio iiir.ii spolto firmly, but
his liiiees trembled,
Sin* approached close to Iils side,
lln- eyes l.'nv.oil into hln,
Vou 'jlutll do lt, sho   snarled,   how-
much .nr.. dnad HI D'you hear
The ex-Imperial tyraut hns landed
nt Cunnes,
'I'll,' Prel 'i ler lias reached Gre-
noble, .
General Itoiiapuite lias arrived at
uii Imperial Majesty entered his
capital yesterday timid the rejoicings
j* his Ealthtul Bttbjects.
I iv'use utterly, Such action la un*
worthy of n man ot prldo and honor.
Vou refus/' Quickly sho was at
tils side ae;un; nnd though Iio drew
back from ' or ns from a whip-lush,
she gripped him like a vice.
Thon she took out a small knife —
a thin, Bharp-polnted piece ot stool.
She thrust lt Into Ms band.
Thoro! she oxclalmed. Ills obstinacy wns driving hor to desperation.
Hot volco l.ioke with passion. Wll-
Uan*. Toiiipk-nr, sho cried, unless you
obey, and peel thoso potatoes now—
at cuce—you shalt go to lied without
tiny dinner!
On tho Instalment System Suggestive
Tliey wero exports lu many things, j .in Englishman travelling ln Call-
Inn chiefly Iti tlio art of brngglug, Ami ■ fornla whs Impressed by a specimen
nt the moment they were dlSCUBBlng j 0f local humour. Ho was going
their own wonderful tents as vocalists, down a dair*-i'.-ons mountain road in a
Why, sai.l the Amorlcan, blowing coach when In, saw theso ominous
rings ot stn.'ke from hts cigar, the winds, branded In black letters upon
first time 1 sung ln public the aud- a whito board, nailed to u wayside I
I'iice  Bhowered  me  with  bouquets, | tree:   How would you llko to have
Gall Stones Cured
After 12 Years
ffaU-Btonai after mitforlnv trom tlmt
painful complaint for twelvo yean. Sh»
Ued taken many treatmonU and many
remcdloa but -.aoh and all proved fall-
utfii. until slm took flANOl*. the already
witli known remedy for Oall-stonea, Kid*
noy-stones, Oiavol, Kidney trouble, f.um-
liago and other diseases caused by uric
acid ln tlio By a tom, It wna a great
victory for SANOL, So grateful waa
tiii» imly tint alio Rent a great number
of her frlondl to ua to be tieutod and
In every one of these OBIOI the itbuUs
have been most satisfactory.
Wo nre willing nnd tmxtouq to supply
tno name of thin well-known lady,    we
have aliin reoordl ■>( cuius In ovory town
and locality (n Canada and we would be
anift to refer you to aome of your neighbors fnr nn  opinion on HANOI..
Thla remedy i*. mannfaotured only by
Street, Wlnnliifg. For wit, by must
leading drufwit- or direct from tho
maliora nt $1.50 ver bottle.
ou, there were enough to Btart
. flower shop
Faith, nu' ! can beat you, cried the
trial man. The first time I sang
vas at an open-air concert, ami be-
jorra, the udlenee were that delight*
.I !i;. y preaented mo with a house
broken naok and it dirty shirt on?
Try the Snowhite Laundry,
X. r. \\T.!ls. 'ho American writer,
W:u usually tii' Ufa o! the company
to happen. 1 fo be In. His repartee
ai Mra. Galea's dinner In Washlngti n
Ij. famous. Mrs. dales wrote 0:1 a
card to Ler n'ece nt the other end of
the table: Don't flirt so with Sat
Willis. Sjo horself was talking vivaciously to -.'. Mr. Campbell.
Willis wrjto tho niece's reply;
Tear mint, don't attempt my young
Jeollngs to trammel, nor strain at a
•Jat whllo j-ju swallow a Cnn
Pleasure Flrat
Whore do you get your pape   . I I
tie boy'.' ask?d tho benevolent old gen-
Frqpi Jimmy Wilson. Blr, ansn red
Sjo Biimll boy.
And who I* Jimmy U'i.-* 1
Oli, he's » newsboy! Ho buys 'tin
• J tho newspaper ofllco.
Ilow much do yon imy him fi r them?
A'penny oinh
And yet vou sell them for n halfpenny.     You can't mako much.
Then why do you soil them?
Oh,  juat  to got a  fair chance ot
Because they act so E=ntly (no
purging or griping) yet ao .
j are bft.t (i,r lh- children as wslt ai \
the grown-ups,    25c. a boi at
your druggist's.
N.II.UI Dill an. Ch.ml.al Ci. at Cn.Ji.tlnlli,
A lions. ! You must tie nl. four
head, Interrupted the American Boot*
t'.iigiy •
Not at all, answered Pat. I 11 ye
tliey gave me a house—hm ■. - n
brick n' a 'i Ime!
A Sailor's Lifr
A Ball r lia-i no 1* C tin
When mi :h i D P sails.
r's it 1) finds aloft to
Expi sed tc  I C gales.
And then In K C makes a - I
Or It he i' i   -   ■*-
\    .: ibl   from the   1 N shti
Is lit* last N D hi   k ow
When overboard for A l> crl. -
With N R G and vim
_ I      i_:.   ! ll tie I C tries
a    iin S A to BWtm.
, -a n ' I. P finds   ■
Nor N E way to save,
He thi ll, in ;.ii X. 8 of r- ar.
Must C K watery grave.
Old A J sail ii seldom kn
lint if old A ii gains,
il l' of baccy cures his ■   i-
And grog I. A's lii- ;    "
Wi- N* V no poor Bailor's life,
In D I) has no fun.
And, tooling P T for his wife.
Our JI T tali Is done.
\ .-mall iny wns seated In ths parlor
with hu slater's young man. Being
of aii Inquiring turn "t mind ho asked
Mr Graysmlt'ai Do you weigh verj
About lSOIbs, my little man, the
hopeful lover respi nded.
Ho yuu think BlBter would lift you?
the boy continued.
i'i: goodc 'ss, no, Bald tho young
shl.u? nt the mere thought,
do you ask?
! don't .. I'iovo Bhe can, either, but
I beard her 'til ma tbls morning that
.lie was go'nr to throv you over as
- un as she could.
V!**ard'. Liniment Cures Dlsten'p.'
Overboard during thi holiday sea*
* : at Blackpool:
A little boy Bald to his father: Eh,
feyther, Isn't thoro a lot of tooak ou
th' sands this v ei'
Fat  .    -Aye. i ul   there'll be
moro on th' rocks aext week.
8hlp Yonr
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipei), Manitoba
You otinht to wear
Reliable merchants have them
in stock
Need New, Rich Blood to Restore
Them to a Healthy Condition
Actually It n-'ed of food to nourish
Bool, Free.    A ain.pl.
Ham.   Irc.tm.nl r.nwve«
liio bodv uud yet afraid to cut be-l
cause of the nuking pains that follow. Tha: is the condition of the
sufferer trom Indigestion—a choice be-l
tween starvitlon or merciless tor-;
Tin* urge', need of all dyspeptics,
of everybody whoso organs of dlges-
tlon have become unfit to perform |
their ImporUnt duty, ls for stronger
la .ores, ulc.r. and
arswlha cured.    Drac.rib.
r.tr Oc.ble ; v,. vill send book aa* lealia,*tnlala,
A Diplomatist Wasted
A famous animal painter sa>s lhat
when lie wa., a boy ho onre witnessed
a fight between two Jogs, ono of,
w Inch belonged to an Irishman who
was a retired prize-lighter. The Irish-
mar's dog was badly beaten and the
taot was a source of deep chagrin toi	
Uio owner. He was very Jealous of stomachs' that can extract nourish
ills dog's r cord, but as only be and ment (r„m tot_, r>r. Williams' l'iuk
Ilio painter Und scon tlio light, he I puis glvo **_k stomachs Just liio
nsked tho latter, in a decidedly Blgnl- strength th-'y need by enriching the
lleniit way, which ot tho dogs won.   \_\r,0it  suppli    thus  giving  tone and
Why, was Iho reply your dog won,; gtrength to the stomach and its
of course, lie was underneath the : nerves, and enabling It to do the work
otber dog nit ho was clewing the *_t.uro Intended lt to do. Thousands
llfo out ot the othor dog.all the time. I 0f casos   of   Indigestion   have   been
That's  rolfht,   said   the   Irishman,' ourer] *,v ]*r   Williams' 1'Ink Pills, of
for Automobiles
Ir. stock all sizes—Atlas, Weed and
John Milieu & Son, Mfg., Ltd.
84 Princess Street
Wholesale and ltetall, Winnipeg
you havo saved your lotto
Cleans anil disinfects everything
ln your homo iroiu the cellar to the
utile. Pul II i.u jour duster and
dust Hardwood Floors, Woodwork,
Linoleums, IMiiliett, Furniture, etc.
Makeu e'orj'thliig iimt llko new.
Money rofiinded It not satisfactory.
Mado by tho
Hamilton, Canada
All He Wanted
morning, said a man
which tho following Is but one
stance. JLss 1.. A. Brown, Port Albert, Ont., says: "For a number of
years 1 wns a terrible sufferer from
will ta I Indigestion .'iid ns a result I became
aw'vo a: completely -un down, and suffered |
from backaches and nervous troubles
as well.   I bad to force myself lo eat,
went inln  i certain harl
ohnvo mi straight   awa)
luisliin' Job on?
Hlghl. stl down, said the barber	
Uo commenced IiIh work, tailing big] but never enjoyed n meal owing to
slashes at e. time ninl eultlng tho the awful pains that followed eating.
man's face two or three times. After I Life was becoming n burden, nud as
ho laid finished shaving tbo mau ho | medicine nf*
lioes ta' want owt on?
Well,  responded the  mnn, It's all
re'.i'.ht If Hit's left ml nos
This nchool Is located In Toronto
nml does much each year to supply	
thn netive demand for Tolograph op- hoy is clear mt of sight.
Terrible Consequences
' tine year v.hen tin* harvest in Amor-
lea hml been exeeplloniillly good, one
voracious sh tet broke tlm glad news
i ns follows:
Terrible 'ir'vs comes Irom the west-
em purt of Cberokco Nation. It
seems ibat n boy climbed a cornstalk
to sie how the corn was getting along,
and now the stalk is growing up last-
er than the bay can climb down, The
Three men
medicine failed to help
mo 1 felt I was doomed to go through
life a constant sufferer. Finally a
mauled sls'er strongly urged ino to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I
havo reason to he thankful that I followed her advice, aa they have fully
restored my health, and I can now en-
Joy alt kinds of food without the least
discomfort and my friends say I am
looking better than 1 havo done for
yoars. At nil events I know I feel
like n new person, so shall always
praise Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Suld by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 00 cms a box or six boxes
for 12.50 train The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co , Brockvllle, Ont.
orators wanted by our Canadian rail, have undortakon to cut the stalk down
ways. A I'lieeiiisfui record if llftoon i with axes, and savo the boy from star-
years anil hundreds ot oillelals and vnt'.on, but it grows so fast that they
operators in active railway sorvlco to-' enn't hr.ck 'wlce In the same place,
day Is the best guarantee of the re-1 Tlio boy la living on nothing but raw
liability of thin well    known   school.] ceru, anil li.u already  thrown down
Tho hook "Guided by tiie Key" ex-'
plains tho work rully. Write for It.:
Address IV, II. Bhaw, President, To*]
four bushels of robs.
Superfluous Caution
!    The Qaellc language lias Bonn* peculiar idioms.      Kor example, when an
] English spealter would say, "Post this
letter aa sno*i as you have dined," the
(inellc rondo'lng would be:   Do   not
; post this letter before yuu have dined.
I ,ln tho goo! town of Perth N.H., a
wealthy HWhland shipowner,   using
' the ordinary language of   the   placo,
| but  nrranco,'   mostly as  If literally
Steel ou the tlraml Trunk Pacific  translated from liaelie, visited one of
main lino easl from Prince Rupert has  bis vessesl when ready to start on the
now reached Mud Creek beyond Hns-1 tide serving.
elton, nml stnsl lor tlm bridge Is dallv      Before  re irnlng to bis ofllce, bo
expected at Vancouver,     Mud Creek gave this pining instruction to tho
Wigwag—I never knew such n fellow „ Jones. Ho la always looking
for trouble.
Henpecke -Thon why doesn't lie get
If your k.f.nryi ir« not riilit, your w'jolu
body aulTr-rs. rfofleot that condition Ma
vmir Mifferi ntt-i will™ im-rcisful tenfold. Tho
beat timo to treat kidney trouble if in th*
twElnntnK. Tako Hit. OLABK'S SWEET
NITHI. TILLS nt onco, when you h«v»
lame back, headache.., tipota before tho
eyes, paini in the joint-', elo.
MoFt |i->n;ile know the vnluo of sweet
nltro fn its action on the kitlueys. FlT«
other proved apfelllna are imetl iu I>R.
cleanie, toneaud atimubte Impaired ktunuv.
fut you rlcnt and keep you right. Sold
everywhere et titty ccnti a box or mailed
direct by 40
Wlnnlpec, Canada
A Suitable Momont
Yih, my memory is   •uniting   very
bad.    riy tnii iiiuc tomorrow I shall
have forger.,cu everything I have don"
H'm ('"lill you fjblfufl nut w!;li tlm
loan ui' ii llv.-r, itid chap?
Fop Spralrn and Bruises.—There Ifl
nothing bettir for epraina and contus*
lor.s than I)i. Thomas' Electrlo 011.
It will reducn the awelllng thnt follows
a sprain, will cool tlio Inflamed flesh
and draw tin-, pain as If by magic.
It will tako tho ache out of a brulso
and prevent tho flesh from discolor*
Ing It senilis aa lf thoro waa magic
in lt, an Bps-dlly (lona tho injury disappear mule: treatment,
' ~~       " I
Who  waa  That   BOOdy  Individual
saw you k1\'-- half a crown to?
.\n old lK.-rary frtond of mine; author of "Ton Thousand Ways of Mak*
Ins Money,
bridge in on • of the larger
of it*, kind "i iho new Transcontln*
antal line and will tnko two months
or more to construct,
TheOld Reticle]
Horse Remedy
Dlnna tnk'
iii-r awa' lads, Biors Hi;,-
\W * ..Ihto'i,
r ."I a.i'l liorssmen
yM havoMvo.lmonoy
Lfl hy using Ken*
~^ dall'sSpsvlnCurs
IsrBpsvln'.Curb, Rlnebon*i, Splint, nnnf
Orowtlis ind Lsmsnoss Irom mnnyoihar
eaii-.r., rttDis mon know tlial [Cendsll's
b a moiipy 5.<vi .ml a honosavor, Wo
can prove It I./ il.ou.antlii of
Cratalul Lstlsrs From Ussrs
!,.m.ii*,u. a as., One ntii, i'iii.
"I ii.v-. larn Mo,.
iikrr of ic.ndatra Bnavi
111.I liila-lir. lui't ll"* '.
li. uk, an I .an racoi
hon. iii.n-i"
f lln,ara ailll .11, .
CUM I I'lllal M]f
.1 ,,'','...ii I",.u
iiir.,,1,,1 It to .11).
Jii'.HI'll PI'UHli.
I i',i",., I,,... Mah. Ii,.'. 1.1)1, i'lll.
"I liftv. na.'l It..ul.It. Slmwlil Im. f'lr
fl.r*T.i. i (luil ii..'ii*.nt- loi Spavin.,"
r.'ll.l.I \M I'-IIAMV.
HIM  I'   |a-t  IkiH1.-.«  Inlllu f.„   Aak
dfiiacht for IMS booli "TreatlM <>" il..
HOriS"Of WntltOSI, 73
Dr. B. J, Kon-'oll Companf
rail-, VnaM, 11. fj. A.
Teacher —1 will nl*.' twopsnen to
:l„. bo) who cuu nan..' lliree IiivIhIWi*
Tommy Smltli- I cait, Blr,
Tsncher—Oo on. thon,
Tommy Bmith—A luwn alter a
snowstorm is un invlsiMn gresn.
Toaoher—Tltst's vory good. Now
'.'.it. next.
Tommy Smith—iMiriiiK tit" rooont
burglixrles ta our neighborhood thoro
waa no polloomen about,, ThafB un
Invisible blue,
Tcaobor—Wa very wrong to say
' that. Vim Bl.ull only havo u penny
Tommy Smith Well, Ijoop tlm pen
nv lii your pockol, ami that will bo un
InvUlblo llrown.
An /-.n.llGmlCftl Fact
Doctor ii i imall boy, imeil four):
Put your tooguo out, jili'im.'.
Tho juvonlh protruded tho tip nf
hln tongue,
No, no! p'il It tlKli' ..'it.
I can't, dootor, was Hi" dlilTO'sotl
reply; It'B fnBtonsd on to thu,
While orotBlng n city strsol n
farmer wna ln.ochod down hy u motorcar, DofOl'O he COUld net nut of lho
way he was knocked down again by
a motor-cycle whloh camo mulling
along behind,
A friend i.i his nn tho pavement
yel'od to hllt.l
Why didn't ymi net oul of the wny'.'
How In t'" dickens did r know It
imd a eoit following li'.' was Um angry
lintu Pnthtr- I'll leaph jnn to hiss
my daughterl
young Mav Nol nc**o«Bnry, sir, I
havo lunl iMi-nt!
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Ae.
('.■in v
For b
on pain' my wif.-'u porlrnlt.
mako a Bpoaklng lilc'iu'Ha.
wiiii. hh Bake, don't do li, then!
w. ii   u. a_
She Mi'. Bcrapplnglon nml llla wlfo
were riding in liiolr ear yesterday,
when it iklddod and ihoy foil out,
llo—Woll, llml *vu;i n lltflo variety
[or llii'iu. I'miiilly tlielr fulling., out
take pluco at home.'
Nlnoty-olg' t oul nf overy lltotieand
womon iiiarrn-ii annually in r*ngliitid
nre widows, und yet moro iiinii r.o per
cont, of tlio women bolwecn tho agos
of I,', and Till remain unmarried,
In Iho eauaeH nt Infant mortality
cholera morbus flgurea frequently, nud
It may Iio ll lid Unit COmplallltB nf the
linwilii am is"eat doiiroyora nf child
llfn if nil mothers would avail
themBOlvOB -if ao olroottvo a roinedy
aa Hr. .1. n. Kollogg'a DyBontory
Cordial in"") a llttlo ono could bu
n.iveil. TlilH Cordial eau bo given
wiih Hafeiy 'o lho Bmallost child, os
lliere la tin injurious substance In it.
Henry l'eel: -Do you llilnli ynu cnn
iiuikii a good portrait of my wlfn?
Mr. Ilritaliiiwny My friend, I can
make It 10 llfilllie you'li Jump ovory
time yon no j her.
Nat a Complaint
Look hero ho said to tho gronin, nre
you tho man who put the saddle on
Mlaa Jeniik*'s home?
Yea, air.     Anything wrong, Blr?
It waa loo'.o—very Inoao. Hhe had
nn sooner nuiuutctl than tho saddle
slipped, anil If I hadn't caught her
alio would have been thrown to tho
I'm very sorry, sir.
Itut 1 did tatch her, went on Iho
3'oung man. meditatively, 1 caught
her In my arniB, and— lloro'a half a
orown for you, John. Do you suppose you could leave tho girth Innse
wlieii we go tiding again to-morrow.
Brio's Training
Te those who take their wifely duties just sa s matter ot course It may
come as a great surprise to know that
there exist academies solely devoted
to the training of brides-to-be,
Thla la the case, however; and such
an Inatltutlon Is St, .Martha's College
ol Housecraft, which Is situated ln
Clilchestor Street, St. George's Sonaro
8.W. Under Ita aocoimnndatlng
roof future brlilos are taught whatt to,
and what not to do. For tho assumption Is long since dead thst a
girl must neoeeaarlly be born a por-
foot wlfo and mother. Kvery experienced housewife, although never, per*
hips Inning been llirougli a courso of
hygiene or domoBtlo solonoo knows
full well how many anil hard were the
lessons she luul to learn heforo she
becamo tlio perfect homo product,
lt should „[ oourao lm wlililu the
tiienna of every woman to go through
n proper ilome.illo training, and possibly in iim u.,iir future bettor facilities
may bo afforded fnr poor women, us
woll us rich. |o train as wives.
Meanwhile, at tho bride's school In
I'lili'lii'sler Blroet tile glrlB nrn taught
die entire art of managing a house,
from malting beds to cooking evening
j dlnnors, For it Is ono of tho principal's tlioorl.ia thai even Bhould * girl
I in gftor life be fortunnlo enough to
lltoop her two or lliree Borvnnts and
| footman, hor early knowledge musl
always, prove useful.
t'nr sor vnt! la need managing, ns well
ua training, ■ mi tin young wife often
ilmls tho former tlio moro dlfllcult of
lho two. I'llllier slut Is too loulont
and liidulgi* or sho In haughty and
overbearing, Hlie Is taugiit the happy medium ul St. Martha's College.
Ufa tlier.' !, none too easy. The
laundry BtudentB, for example, rise
iu 7.;iu llie houao student nt 11 and the
cook uu Fridays (tho day for flues), at
5.31). Tho remaining giila not acting ln tho uhi ve capacities rise at 0
In lho summer and strip their beds
and open windows,
A cup of tea Is then laken, nfler
which the real work of tlte dny begins.
The girls lay and light lires nillng conl
scuttles. Bwcoplug Mul dusting rooms,
blushing down tlio steps, and polish-
in* tlio door trasses,
Then folb.vi, S o'clock breakfast
which Is prepared by the cook nn
duty. Such laska as washing up,
cleaning silver, turning out rooma,
anil cooking, for ovcryunn lasts till 1
o'clock, the l..nobeon hour.
'J'ho cpuroe 1 u six months' ono and
eacli girl studies a week In each
branch of th work. Becoming unl-
A aimsta I forma of bror-n linen, whito aprons,
mob caps mil sleeves are worn ln lhis
particular establishment,
Shopping expeditions nre nlso the
rule of the house and lectures and
practical cLaaes are given on such
subjects ns sewing, darning, patching,
mending, upholstery, cooking anil the
laws of hyg'ene In tho afternoons.
The great Idea of tho whole system
of tho Institution Is that housewifery
is a science to be tackled lu a scientific way. As Miss Foddon, tho
principal, lio-Belf puts lt, the perfect
housewife snould attack her work
scientifically, ami so get It done better
und quicker than one lacking method
and training. She would then have
time to iuto-est herself in other matters.
Which Is eminently true, ns every
housewife,, whether controlling a largo
or small house, will readily admit.
Do i'i Get Injured
I've heen thinking of lt ever slnco
I started on my presont Journey, snld
tho commorcl: l traveller thoughtfully,
and I'm bothered [f I can make up my
mind Just what sho waa aiming at.
You ace. somo time ago I realised that
travelling nbout the country ks I am
was taklnK n gnod many chances.
decided, therefore, to Insure myself.
So I said to my wife, after I had
acted upon lhe thought, I havo done i
something today that I should have
done when I flrst started on tho road, i
I havo taken out nn accldont lnsur-
ance policy on my life. If I am kill-
ed, the company pay a thousand i
pounds. If I am injured, then I get'
,i pound a week.
for how* long'.' she asked.
As long as I nm laid up.
But lt mlglt bo'only a .Week.
Yee. •   ■
And you would only get n sovereign.
That Is all.
And lf you get killed you get a
thousand pound:-.?
You would, I answered patiently.
Well, tho next morning, when I
started on my Journey she threw hor
arms round mo and cried—
Now. John, for heaven's suite whatever you do, don't get Injured.
to Old
Smokeless       *
All winter long—on the Zero days and the
windy, blustering days—the Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater gives them real solid comfort.
It saves thom many a cold and sickness for it easily
warms the rooms not reached by the ordinary heat.
The Perfection Heater is made with nickel trimmings (plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums).
Ornamental. Inexpensive. Lasts lor years. Easily
moved from place to place.
At D.mt.1. Ev.ryial.tr.
Laughed Once
A oortaln European n-Rimc.it ata-
ttoned In N.irthf-rii liiillii huu a colon-
ol who Iiiih only ouce boon •.■.■en tu
A private ■>. thla corps, whllo a prls-
mini in tlio Riiurd-room for n military
offence, bet lho sergeant of tho j-jiiavd
live rupees iii-it ho would imilco the
commanding unioor lnugh whon ho waa
talien before him.
In ilu.' oourao, aftor reading tlio
charge, tho colonel nBkod the prlHon-
liavo ynu anything to nny?
I won't say anything moro about it,
Hir, If you won't, wiih tho unexpected
Tho grim face rolaxod, hut tho Btorn
(IqqIsIou eamo ell tho aamo:—
Fourtoen daya confined to barracks,
Sht Had Such
Beautiful Rands
tlmt It wuh perfectly evident
tlmt nlie died  BNAP,   the
i-il-flnt'l    liiinU
tifiiinr, to re*
niovot lifts rln.4
(if liuiiHcwork,
lliitnl ilntnctn
by  nny  other
ii.itu-'   »l>   ""/
Htttolt n* aweeti
Avoid  i a iik
tetaeutber tin*
name 3b
Levelling It up
The proprietor of tlio bin simp on
the corner wus a cliomlst, fluiirlsliliiK
wlllial mul ''.1','iily biislneBB-llkn. Ho
wah nt tlio post ot duty nitilwny lie*
tween tho rftd nnd grocn vlula whon
tho floroo-looklni; Imly entered his pro-
lulsoH, lint It rubbed his linnds anil
groi'tod lier oordlnlly.
Good-ovon.n-;, niiuliiiii, bo whllllilod,
ln IiIb lllgll'1'ltolioil vole... Anil whnt
mny I havo tho groat plcssuio ot do.
Iiik for you?
Tho fonrx .mn Indy placed bor arms
iikltntic, and fiucl lilm siiKrtly,
The other ulRht, alio aald, In sopul-
elmil tones, you mild my hiiHliiinil n
Imlll.' of toulr nud ho Otuno homo nnd
wont for ino llko anything. Whnt yer
Ruin' tn do nbout It?
Tor a lirlof moment tlio man of niotll-
otno wus uonpliiHuod, but only for u
momont. I'hen lie turnod on IiIh
inlgllt'bo cuitonioi' IiIh SWootcit smile,
nnd suavely lomailiod:
Woll, inuir.m, buy two bottles for
yourHOlf, nnd tlion go homo und got
oven with Win!
A Generous Soul
Now, Jim, mild tlio old Imly lo hor
son, who wn about to leavo the num-
tryaldo to try Ills luck In London:
thoro'S plenty of money In that lilg
oily, fur tho utroolH nro Biild to Iio
pnved wllh ''old.
Jim, like too Boptohman, bud bin
dootsi but thoHo wore qulokly rn*
inovod, for 'ie hml barely got out of
l.m.ion Htntioii when, lo IiIh surprlso
llo oHplod, nl' ly i'o|iiinliig mi tlio koi'h
11 blight, glliioiiuit aovorolgn, Eagerly
he picked It up, and walked u llttlo
further on, whon ho eiini,* across 11
blind man who wiih bogging.
ai onco Iiii sympathetic heart wonl
out to tho iiiifortuti.'ilo iihiii, nud hh lie
put tho iioverelgit Into IiIh hand, he
uulil: ,
Tako tliln. my friend, I cuu nee 'om
thn' can't I
Quack In Country Mantel Placo
(addressing ono particular mun of tha
crowd) Will you buy tt lit" pi euugh
1071 iik.'h'.'
I luiveii't got a cough,
'Ihen buy n bottlo of soothing HJiup
tor tho bnby.
But 1 haven't nny children.
Well, como round to lho back of my
Htnll anil llg'it me, an' thojn buy somo
bloomln' stuff for black eyes.
No Christmas Catalogue This Year
It is now high time to think of Christmas and your Cbri.tm.is
seeds. A llttlo later on the malls will be so heavy that delays aro
liable lo occur; and a little later on our Mail Order Department will
be ao rushed with business that we wlll have difficulty ln giving the
attention to orders  that  we desire to do, and that we usually do.
We are not Issuing a Christmas Catalogue this year, but our regular Catalogue contains a very full list of articles suitable for Yule-
tide remembrances.
The great advantage of Including theso ln our regular Catalogue
ls that our customers can order their Christmas requirements at
thc same time as they are ordering other goods, and la this way
save considerable ln transportation,
Make your selection early, and order early, so as to have all the
advantage of aa unbroken assortment.
Ot course we have made provision for big business but It always
happens that there ls a big run on certain lines which sometimes
quickly exhausts our supply. You can avoid disappointment by
ordering early.
If you bave not had a copy of our Fall and Winter Catalogue
write Hor lt and we wlll send it to you at once It ls well worth having as It Is Uie biggest and beat we have ever Issued, while our
values too are the best we have ever offered.
If you already bare > copy ef the Catalogue test our values and.
our service with an order.   You are sure to be pleased with both.
Deop In Thought
Interested I.ady-Oh, denr, lookl
That's Mr, tlliymer, tho eelehrnted
poet. So Low his linger touches
his lip and I'ow hla lofty brow ls knit
In thought Oh, I wonder what
Bweot morsel of verso ho Is meditating'.'
Mr. Ithymor (to hlmsolf)—I have
to order sugar from tho grocer's, beef
at tho butcher'a, pay for lent weok's
bread, and bring ijomn Mouthing syrup
for the baby. I wish to goodness
Mary would nttend to ull those' things
Tommy hnd been promoted by tho
cheinlHt. .lo was now allowed to
Borvo bi'lilnl tho counter,
One morning n inldillongi'd Indy,
looking bur mil ugo, camo In.
liavo yuu got any crenm for ro-
Htorlng tho complexion? she irnktil
Tommy was a wise lad. llo oyml
her toO'Vtvi I checks wit hopon admiration,
l'nrdon tno, miiiliiin, ho Bald politely.
Don't you mean cieum for preserving
tho complexion''
And the delighted lady bought six
boxes right away.
The Wise Man and the Fool
Onco, In travelling, Dr. llledso wns
exceedingly annoyed by a pedantic
bore who fo-eed himself upon lilm and
made a great parade of his learning.
The doctor bcie It ua long an he could
and at length, looking at lilm gravely,
My friend, you and I know all tlmt
Is to bo known.
How Ih that? mild tho man, pleased
with what ho 'bought a complimentary
Why, sail tho doctor, you know
everything except thnt you are a fool,
and I know that.
A western   despatch   statoH    thai
it.'nio boineHt.-niiH of uio acres < ach,
It   tut.il   Of   I'.llll.liHIl   HITCH   Of   I   llll   '        .
strip 10T> inlloi long and II mile., wlil*
bisected by the Uninil Trunk I'uoHle'a
main Hue fiom tho Alborta-lirltlsli
Columbia border westward to I'ort
(leorgo, wlll probably bo opened h>
Iho (Invornr.eut to pre-emption m-J
Sir Walter llnlelgli, who In II,'it,
first Introduced thn politic Into ir»
bind, wan biliiiuiled on Oetober 20th,
Every Woman's Complexion
Ih lioiinil to show whether or not site is In Rood physical condition.
If the complexion Is muddy, the skin sallow j If pimples or skin
blemishes appear it is then attention must be given to tinprovo
the Iwillly condition. There is one safe nnd simple wny.
Clear thc syatem nml  tiurlfy the blood with •  few doses nf
ticcdaiiu &UU
'l'liis well known vegetable- fnmlly remedy la famous for Ha power
to improve the notion uf the organs i.l'illgcstioii and elimination.
They will regulate the bowels, utimulatc the liver, lone tlm
Hlomncli nml you will know what It is tn bc free from trouble*,
from headaches, backaches, lassitude, and extreme nervousness.
They will make you feel healthier and stronger In every way.
Hy clearing your system of poisonous waste Hecrham's I'llla
will have good effect upon your looks—theae Ihcy
Will Beautify and Improve
nt AictlMM with eeett eow et• el iptelal vdtw m_ Jtnportinci to wmbib.
SoU tvtrrwhiit,   la beiea, 25c. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B.C.
Jtfter  Five    Years    of    SufferlnQ—
Three Doctors Failed and Said
Case Was Incurable
Itching   and Burning   Was Terrible
Until Relief and Cure Was
Effected by
Psoriasis Ir another name for
Chronio eczema. It lu the worst
form of this dreadful Itching skin disease. Oneo eczema has reached
this stpge 1*. is usually considered In-
But hero Is a caso which proves
tgalu the wonderful healing power of
Dr. Chase's 01utin.nl- Not only
does relief come quickly, hut the re-
eultlug henellts are thorough aud
Mra. Nettle Massoy, Conaecon, Ont.,
Writes:—'I thought tt iny duty to
Wrlto yon telling you the great benefit I received from using Dr. Chase's
Ointment. For five yeara I suffered
With what three doctors told if any
one offered to guarantee me a cure
for $50.00 to keep my money lu my
Docket, as I could not be cured-
"The disease spread all ovor me.
even on my 'face aud head. The
Itching and burning was hard to bear.
At last my brother read In the paper
About Dr. Chase's Ointment as a healer. I used 8 boxes, and I am glad
to say I am entirely cured, not a sign
ofit-S'jre to be seen. I can hardly
praise the c hitmen! enough, aud you
are »t liberty to lire >iy testimony, as
I hope thereby to Induce other sufferers to try the same."
Dr. Chase- OinMitent 60c. a box at
all dealers or Kdmansoii, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
Not Lonp Ago a Workmen's Walk-Out
Was Treated as Conspiracy.
At oue time, not so long ago, It was
a very serious thing for a body of
British workmen to go on strike, fur
they -..variably offended the authorities and brought tbemselves within
the scope of tho criminal law.
Indeed, prior to 1875, a strike waa
generally deemed an unlawful conspiracy, and was punishable as a
Crime- lu that year an act of Parliament was passed which exacted
that uny agreement or combination
by twr or more persons (o do'or procure to b<- done any act in contemplation or furtherance of a trade dispute
between employers and workmen shall
not bu indictable us a conspiracy, If
such net commixed by one person
would nut be punishable tis a crime.
The simple effect of that act of Par-
llameut was lo prevent a body of
men being charged with conspiracy
when tliey were only doing what one
mau lould do. It did not legalize
Strikes lu any way—that la, it does
not take strikes and lockouts wlthlu
tbe protection of the law; It simply
made striker no longer criminal.
This act of Parliament led to tho
system or picketing--that abused system of using moral persuasion to get
non-strlkcrs lo stop work, and which
Ird to such remarkable scenes wheu
a slrl-'c wus on.
Trade un.oiis themselves are not by
any means modern institutions
Roughly speaking, they aro about 100
years old. They came Into existence
about the same time that machinery
became popular, one being a conse-
qtiuuce of Ihe other. Until the Trade
Union Act or 1871 trade unions were
Illegal ft.r nil purposes whatever, and'
It wus Illegal for trustees to hold property lu trust for such a union. They
'•onId uol enforce any contract In the
courts of law, and Indeed It was dlf-
tlcult for a trade union to be carried,
on at all until the act of 1871 was
Modern Version
Teaeher*—The poem wo have Jr-jt
it-ad speaks of the "buttressed wall.'-'
vtamesle, can you tell me what a
' nitres* Is?
Mameslc— Yes'm, It's a girl or Indy
lyhat butts In.
Mra. Dashaway—Ilow long had you
known your husband before you were
Mrs. Ouaggs I didn't kuow him at
ill. 1 ouly thought 1 dld.—Phlladel-
■I'lhi Itecord.
i-le-Jthy Mother* and Children Make Happy Hornet
Motherhood ia woman a highest spher*
ti life. It is lh., I'ruitinn of li.T dearest
u'les and greatest desires; yet llinu-
laii'ls of noble women tlirmii'.li seme do-
raugomont have been denied this blessing.
In many homes ones childless there nr*
imv children because of the fart that
uy,llaE. Plnkham's Vegetable Com|iound
.n.ikcswomen normal,lieallbyanilstrong. (
This is evidenced by tho following letters
which an genuine and truthful:
London, Ont-"I wish to thank you
iw the benefit I received by taking your
|fanions medicine,
■ Lydia K. I'inkham's
.Vegetable lom-
jpound. Before my
I baby was born I waa
J so ill I could not
stsnd long or walk
any distsneo. I had
ia lie down nearly
all the timo. Aftor
I took your medicine
1 felt like a new woman. I could work
from morning till night and Was happy
aad well. I certainly think it relieves
pain at childbirth and recommend it to
arery woman who is pregnant. You may
UM thll testimonial if you like, lt may
help soma other woman."-Mrs. Crank
OOR-UN, 1S2 Adelaide St, London, Ont.
Brooklyn, N.Y.-"I was ailing all tha
time and did not know what the matter
was. I wanted a baby but my health
would not permit it. I waa nervous, my
side ached and I was all mn down. I
heard that Lydia K.l'InlAam'e Vegetable
Compound was good and took the medicine, I have now a beautiful bahy and
yonr Compound has helped me in every
way."-Mil. J. J, SiKwanT, _9 Humboldt St, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Some Very Interesting Facts Disclosed by Blue-Book Statistics
Despite the fact that lhe average
Canadian considers wheat lhe great
asset of our farm lauds, and looks
to It as the .source of much ot Canada's future wealth, wheat does not
hold the flrsi place just now. Hay—
ordinary, common hay—is the most
valuable Held crop grown in Canada.
In 1911 the hay crop was worth $161.-
314,00., while wheat came second at
$186,567,000 and oats third at $126,-
In 1911 tho ncreago of hay liy Ontario was 2,301,468, as against _,204,-
021 in 1910 Ontario produced last
yeur 4.238,862 tons, or 1.28 tons per
acre; in 1910, 5,402,653 tons, or 1.71
tons per acre. This will Indicate the
extent of injury done to cropa last
summer, since, with an acreage of
116,460 more than hi 1910, the crop was
lens hy 1,254,291 tons. The market
value of the crop for 1911 has not
heen Issued yet, but officials state
lhat It will he considerably over that
of 1910, which amounted to $64,407,-
105, This means that lhe proceeds
of one-third of Canada's hay crop
goes to Ontario farmers.
While careful Inquiry has resulted
in some complaints fvcai fanners that
the persistent cold "cather has been
detrimental to the timothy hay crop,
in that it l_ not attaining full growth,
the prospects on the whole are for a
bumper crop this summer. While
considerable quantities of clover grass
were winter killed, a large percentage
of the ploughed-up grain fields was
replanted ln hay and fodder.
The chief reason wliy hay maintains its high place on the farm Is
lhat there is more money gotten out
of it for the labor put Into it than
perhaps for any other commodity,
Statistics show that the average yield
in 1910 was 171 tons per acre. At
Ihe average price for 1910 of $11 per
ton this means about $19 an acre.
Putting Ontario wheat at 90c. per-
bushel the average yield of wheat per
acre would have to be over 21 bushels
to give the Bame value in money.
The farmer well knows how much
more labor the production of wheat
involves than the production of hay.
Then again, while the value of wheat
is more of less constant, that, of hay
varies from year to year, and $11 is
a low average. The average last
years was much higher.
It would not do, however, for Ontario farmers to go into hay-raising
altogether, as lt would soon decline
in price below the proportional market value of wheat. Then, the motor
truck and motor car are helng substituted for the horse so rapidly that Us
effect will he seriously felt ere long
In the hay market Itself.
A motorcycle Is a bicycle with a
pandemonium attachment.
The motorcycle Is equipped with
a motor small enough to be put In
a large pocket and loud enough to
till a colllseum comfortably. This
motor ls connected with the rear
wheel tf the bicycle, and when it is
in the mood will revolve the wheel
with tremendous speed, thus causing the bicycle to proceed from hither to yon over buggies, pedestrians,
fences and small outbuildings.
A motorcycle Is really a miniature
automobile wftii full sized uo.lse, smell
aud dirt ouiput. it is not started by
cranking, however, hut by pedaling
the whole machine along the road until the motor emerges from Its coma
and gets ou the job. An automo*
hli ist. can he detected hy his vast
overhanging shoulders and calloused
hands. A motorcyclist, however,
may have arms like plpestems, but
his le__ are seven sizes too large lor
A motorcycle ts not as comfortable
as a camel or a lumber wagon, hut
It is very swift, and there Is nothing
that feels mm*, like flying than to
ride a large barytone motorcycle over
the country roads at fifty miles au
hour, leaping lightly from bump to
bump—except, to leave the machine
when It has struck a rock and to soar
swiftly through the unstable atmosphere until some jugged section of
thp hemisphere Interferes with further progress.
Motorcycles are very useful and
havo almos- annihilated distance and
cheap clothes. They should be ridden lu costume, except by very
wealth)' and careless men- A pair
of leather punts with asbestos lining
aud a two bushel hip pocket for tools
a padded vest, heavy gloves, a pair
of goggles and nose and shin guards
make a tasty aud useful rig for the
cyclist./ Diossed in this fashion the
enthusiast can enjoy himself to the
full as lie caroms from tree to tree
und gorges himself with dust, oil and
.Motorcycles should br- treated with
respect at. all times nnd should not be
interfered with when In a hurry.
.Marvellous records are made by Intrepid iiiiiouis wlio have driven targe
miles on a hoard track, aud most of
tho way up the golden stairs In one
hour by (lie clock. Minneapolis Journal.
All Sounded Alike
Sam Hennetl wus acting city editor
of tbe early edition of one or the New
Vojk owning papers whloh gets on
Ihe Ht mM al 9 a.m. One morning
Just before press tlm.'. a bulletin
came in saylug Charles Schwab had
JUKI been made presldenl of lho steel
trust, ai a (alary or $1,000,000 a year,
lletineit reduced It lo u paragraph,
wrote a one line head over It. and
stuck it on an Inside page When the
regular clly editor came down he almost hud a til.
Oood laud, man! he stormed. Why
didn't you swear thnl story all over
the Ilrst ptige, with a hlg head over
It? Don't you know lhat a young
man getting a salary of $l,uiM),000 u
year makes a ureal  hlg slory?
Ross, said Ham, aftef he gets above
$40 a week il all sounds alike to me.
That wai lhe wenl. Bonnotl's salary wus raised- Saturday Hi veil ing
I*  Often Happens
Ilow did you happen to lose yonr
1 enl'italii il her so lavishly while
we were engaged lhal site acquired
expensive lasles. Then she wisely
declarul lhat she would he unhappy
with itnyboily hm a millionaire, which
( wasn't. Cour lor'Journal.
Chauffeur Is there au ordinance
limiting Ihr. speed or aulos In Ihls
Native (iosh, no! Vou fellers
can't ci" through Squashvltlo any too
quick for US,—Boston Transcript.
Howell--Howell doesn't speak to his
Powell—And X van remember when
he thought It was worth $1 to suy a
few words to her by lung distance
Writt.n by  E. B.    House,    Engineer
Colorado Experiment Station,
Port Collins, Colorado.
It Is a well known fact that ground
which is kept iooso on top wtll evaporate much less water than a soil
Whloh is packed on top. The moisture which escupes Into the air Is
absolutely lost so far as the plants
growing ln that particular Held are
concerned, and If anything can be
done to hold tills moisture In the
ground so that it may reach the roots
of the growing crop, It is of course
the thing to strive for, and will prove
a benefit to the plant growing ln the
Borne years ago one of the representatives from the Agricultural College was visiting an up-to-date fanner in the country, and the farmer
showed him a field of wheat which
Illustrated this harrowing in a remarkable manner.
A storm had passed over that section of the country and nbout one und
a half Inches of rain had fallen. It
liad heen a dashing shower and hnd
packed the surface of the ground considerably. The grain was from four
to six inches high, ami Die farmer
had been advised to harrow the ground
to prevent evaporation, lle Bent his
hired man to do tho work, who hitched on to the harrow and drugged lt
illagorally across the Held of wheat,
and then around the outside of the
field some five or six times. Ho thon
became disgusted with the work because it appeared that ho was dragging out so much or the grain and reported the fact to tlio farmer who
ordered the work to he discontinued.
By he time tho grain liad headed
the marks of the burrowed sections
could be plainly seen. Tho place
where it had been drugged diagonally
across the Held produced grain at
least eight or ton Inches higher than
that on either side whloh had not
been harrowed, and along the edges
of the field the gralu was In a like
condition- The grain of tho field
that had not been touched by the
harrow was not to be compared with
the harrowed grain, cither tu appearance, size of plants or bends of grain.
The yield from the harrowed portion
was practically double that from the
unborrowed   portion.
It simply shows that the harrowing and loosening of the surface soil,
even though It did destroy some of
the plants, conserved the moisture and
benefited those plants that were left
In such a marked degree that it materially Increased the yield from that
field, and shows that this practice
could be employed to advantage by
all farmers—Dry Farming.
One on the Clerk
Captain Thomas Benet, who manages the mfle-long seine at the famous Gloucester Buch shed fisheries in
the Delaware, south of Philadelphia,
says most big Ilsh are weighed, as a
friend of his once was.
My friend, ho states, was taking
a walk one morning after a severe
illness. As he trudged along he saw
an acquaintance, a coal dealer, staud-
ing beside his scales.
Just give me my weight, will you?
asked my friend. I would like to see
how much my Illness has pulled me
Weight, Bill! called the dealer to
Ihe eli-rk  Inside.
And thee, the clerk, thinking that
a ton of coal had been carted on the
platform, sung out: Twenty-four hundred Just.—Washington Correspondence, New York World.
A  a Disadvantage
While awaiting the coming of hor
friend, the mother, a visitor to a Baltimore household, wus holding a desultory conversation with one of the
little girls in the drawing room.
Where ar" your two little sisters?
the caller asked.
Oh. they observed the little girl,"
With ni air of one upon whom the
responsibilities rest heavily—they're
out somewhere to have what, mother
culls mischief, and whatV they call
fun. i
And why didn't you go lo share Iu
the fun? asked the caller-
The child sighed. Mother trusts
me so dreadfully, she explained, thnt
I can't have much fun.—Mppincott's
Libelled the Label
Paintings were not her specialty,
hut as she gazed at a beautiful copy
of Mlilet's Gleaners, her admiration
of the work called forth enthusiastic
comment. Whut a wonderful picture,
she exclaimed. And how natural it
But what are those people doing?
she inquired, ns site bent nearer to
read the title. Oh, yea, I see. gleaning millet! Mow perfect I v fascinating!
Frost & Wood Binders
Meet  the hardest conditions of  cutting and
binding,    Do the work well.
6O.C00' Unclaimed   War Medals
In two large strong rooms at Woolwich Dockyard, Woolwich, Eng., are
stored nearly 50,000 unclaimed
South African medals. Each ls engraved with the name of tho man
to whom it was awarded. These
men are not now with the colors, but
a staff of clerks and a department
armed with medal lists and regimental records are endeavoring to trace
Many of this lost legion are Irregulars who flocked to tho British colors when war broke out, but who have
since become scattered ail over the
world. One young man, for Instance
after tho war, went prospecting In
the Interior. He turned up recently
in Capetown after an absence of nearly ten years and asked for his modal. It was given him. Similar demands from all pnris of the British
Kmpire are received nearly every
Hundreds or medals have been reposing Jn regimental safes since 1004.
At the end of ten yenrs, according
to the King's regulations, thoso still
unclaimed will be broken up and the
silver debited to tha mint, Many
men have refused tlio medal on the
ground that it is 'loo cheap-' Three-
quarters of a million of the medals
wero struck—a fact which may have
boon lightly regarded.
Bnt these South African awards are
ttot, the only medals at Woolwich
awaiting claimants. There are 4,000
medals (with names engraved) for
the Zulu campaign of 1878-79, and also
seven medals presented by tha British South African Compnny for the
Matah le campaign. Claims for the
Crimean and Indian Mutiny medals
are still made. On an average the
India o*'lce give nwny twelve Mutiny
medals a yeur, while tho wflf office
bestows one Crimean medal a year
and replaces about ten lost medals.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—This fall I got thrown
on a fence and hurt my chest very
bad, so I could not work and It. hurt
me to breathe. I tried all kinds of
Liniments and they did me no good.
One bottle of MINAUD'S LINI-
MKNT, warmed on flannels and applied en i"y breast, cured me completely.
Rossway, Dlgby Co., N.S.
Over Four Hundred Cremations at
The British Medical journal ln a recent article on the progress of cremation gives figures showing the
growth of this method of disposing
of tbe dead In Europe.
The total number of cremations In
Great Britain during 11)11 was 1,023.
which shows an increase of 177 as
compared with 1010. Since the opening of the Working Crematorium ln
1885, there have been 9,08-1 cremations in Great Britain. At tbe .present time there are 13 crematoriums
In Germany, six of which started operations laat year. A law has been
recently passed permitting cremations
iu Prussia.
In Switzerland there are now ten
crematoriums, three of which belong
to the municipalities of Basel, Geneva
and Zurich. There were 1.210 cremations In Switzerland in 1910.
There are about forty crematoriums tn the United States, twenty-
eight in Italy, five iu France, four in
Sweden and Norway, two ln Russia,
oue ln Denmark, and one hi Montreal,
The beautiful crematorium In
Mount Royal cemetery nt Montreal
was opened In 1902 aud up to the
close of 1911, 401 cremations took
place there.
No matter how deep-rooted the corn
or Wafl,rt my be. lt must yield to Hoi-
loway's Corn Cure if used as directed.
Pretty Smart Work
Residents In rival cities, .Tones and
Brown were bragging hard about the
excellences of their respective homes.
Take our fire brigade, said .Tones,
after pn liovr's heated discussion. Do
you know, th-3 other day a fire broke
oul In our town, and within three minutes tie engine came along, bnt it
was going so fast that the driver
couldn't pull up till he wus a mile
past tha burning house?
Brown Bm'led In a superior fash-
My dear fellow, that's nothing, he
said. One day two men were working on a church steeple in my city,
and suddenly one of Ihem slipped. A
terrible death would have been Ms,
only fortunately, a spectator had tbe
presence of mind to call the fire brigade on the telephone, and they came
ji-st Ir. time to catch him hi a
Contents of a Man
.An average man of 150 pounds contain*, the constituents found iu 1,200 ■
eggs. There Is enough gas in him
to fill a gasoinetre of 3,010 cubic feet.
The Iron lu him would make
four tenper.ny. nails. His fat would
make 75 caudles and a good-sized
cake of SOdp. His phosphate contents would make 8,064 boxes of
matches. There is enough hydrogen
in hln In combination to All a bat-
loon and carry htm above the clouds.
The remaining constituents would
yield six teaspoonsful of salt, a bowl
of sugar, snd ten gallons of water.
Tiie foregoing analysis Is made by
the Practical Druggist, which adds
that a mau has 500 muscle.., about
1.000,000 celts, 200 hones, 4 gallons
arteries and veins, mor'- than 25 feet
of intestine**, and millions of pores-
His heart weighs from IT to 12 ounces;
Its earaclty In from 4 to 6 ounces In
each ventricle, and Its slxe Is 5 by
3 1-2 by 2 1-2 Inches; it pumps 22
1-2 pounds of blood every minute. Hi
tons lu Bvery 24 hours, nbout 5,840
tons a year; lu a fully developed,
healthy adr.l' It beats about 72 times
a m I nute.
Extermination of Rats and Mice
if It were generally know that there
Is no trouble to rid a house, burn or
any building of rats and mice hy the
use of Olllett's Lye, It Is doubtful lf
tho article could ba made as fast as
it would be used for this purpose
alone. The process connected with
using !t ... very simple, the plan being to sprinkle a little of the article
iu aud around the holes made by
these pests In floors, partitions, etc.
In addition to this it is well to use a
thin piece of board about a foot
square, or even smaller, and make a
complete circle of tbe Lye on the
hoard about a quarter of an inch deep,
and Inside of the circle place some
meat or cheese. In endeavoring to
get af the ball the feet of the rats
aud mice will be burned and the
whole colony, whether large or smalt
will Immediately disappear from the
The plan Is worth trying, but the
good kind—Olllett's Lye—should he
procured. Refuse Ihe many cheap
imlialluis  and   substitutes.
The change of dietary that comes
with spring nnd summer bas the effect lu weak stomachs of setting up!
Inflammation, resulting In dysentery
and cholera morbus. The abnormal
condition wlll continue If not attended to and will cause an exhaustive
drain on the system. The best available medicine Is Dr. .1. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial. It clears the
stomach and bowels of Irritants,
counteract the Inftamaflon and restores the organs to healthy action.
Labor Saving  Device
Inqulsite—Say, stranger what kind
of ammunition do you use iu shooting frogs?
Andy—Pepper and salt—seasoned
when vou shoot them.
Father bought a Rubens when we
were in Europe last summer.
Really!   What  horsepower?
A Carping Friend
A college offers me a degree for
a million.
Do you want to he a college youth?
No, but I'd like a degree.
Oh, why spend all that money?
Join the Boy Scouts.—Courier-Journal.
A Bad Break
Hostess—Do have some of my cake,
Mr. Ho-Jklns. I don't believe you've
ever tasted my own make.
The Difference
Bess—What's tho difference between & birr with only one wing and
one with two?
Teas—I give it up.
Bess—Merely the difference of a
When Holidays Begin
As you pack your bag or trunk
going on a holiday keep account of
the articles you take with you When
you start for home yuu will thus know
whether or not you huve lost or mislaid anything. And should the baggage miscarry or get lost or damaged
iu any way a list of your belongings
will be most helpful lu settling matters.
Mrs. Scrapp—Whenever  my    bus*
band and I yet into an argument I
send the children out of doors
Guest (aiming to be polite)-Indeed   „,"',_' ^-'"-'nuit's  right      Fresh
,, t,'ialr I. a  good  deal   better  for  the
I have and I assure you I did not j
wish to eat anything else Tor days
after.—Boston Transcript.
Plain   Speaking
Why, it's as plain as tho nose on
your face.
Well, anyhow, It ain't as plain as
tho  face behind  your nose.—Taller.
Few and Far Between
Pa, why do they call this strawberry
Because the supply of strawberries used In it is so short.—Detroit
Free Pres3.
A man who bad ruined hi-, health
with alcohol, sat looking sadly ut his
wife to whom he hud made many
promises of reform. Jennie, lie said,
you are a good, courageous woman.
Vou should have married 0 better man
than I am. She looked at. him, stoop-
shouldered aud prematurely old, uud
answered quietly: I did, James.
children than hot air.
Bobby—This sailor must have bees
un acrobat
Bobby—Because the book eaya.
"Havlug lit his pipe, he sal down oa
hli chest"
He Was  Spurned
Relieve me. said old Qotrox, ai
though lm an old bachelor I'm sure
I eould learn to be a good husband.
Von know u man Is never too old to
Nor too old to yearn, perhaps, replied Miss PechlBI also I'm sorry to
suy you're not too old lo spurn.
The t-sser Half
Henpecked Husband—Is my wife
going out, Dora?
Dora—Yes, sir.
Henpecked Husband— Do yuu know
if I urn going with her?—Satire.
The liquids tnd the digested food* in the alimentary cantl put through the
wall of the canal into Ihe blood. Thia proeeia is called absorption and takes place
chiefly from the imall intestine. After absorption the btood carries the food
through the body, and each cell taken from the blood the food it needs. A pur*
glyceric extract made from bloodroot, mandrake) stone, quern's root end golden
seal and sold by druggists for the past forty years under the name of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, gives uniformly excellent results as a tooic to help
io the assimilation of the food and in the absorption by the blood of the food
it requires. I.radicate the poisons from the blood with thia alterative extract
which does net shrink the white blood corpuscles, because containing no alcohol or
other injurious ingredients. Thus the body can he httilt
up — strong to resist disease, lhis is a tonic takeo from
Nature's garden that builds up those weakened by disease,
Dr. Pierce, founder of the Invalids' 4Intel at Butlut-i,
IvY., has received many letters similar to the (ullowi.i,; :
Mr. Fred R. Munro. of p«i_,H_). N. 8„ writes:   "I tit.** trree%
Klenmira in wmi.n- you na i-**t-*--nl-. »iy fmn. nml iu ■.■lire.   In Srpu-ir.-
ur I was taken witli Typhoid Fever, which put ma In a dreadful condition,   | wan* wettk, run tltr-'ti.  -mti'.j.(-) unti *■'.--• r•.•*■.... •'' tu a --*.■--•-
■Ay.'.**.*-.'-.    1 kid trit-tl muat «-very!l.in*r I t-uul.l sel but nothing did ItiU
any ao-xl until, ut I...... I wan uilvm.il bu try Dr. l-inreo** < Jolileii M>*«!>■■••• I
Di-ii-.tvi-ry, ami' I'i.'anant Pellet*,' which I tllil.   Ut-fure I Im-I uiStl ■■■***'
bottlo I sitw a Kf«*»t Improvumont ami wh«» I had .i«*l thla tre»Un«tit
two muni hi. ui-ink; only a few vial* nt ' I'I.■«■_,-■ I l'elln-,,' 1 returned t->
perfw-t health.    I ranm-t llml wonU to express my thank fut ness tat
thh won-Wf-il modiclna,    I advl-ta all <ufler-.ni to write tu Ur. It. V.
F. E. UUNRO, Vint*.        rittrct-, as ha t-urra whan othera fail."
Simple English
Tbo Frenchman asked ih i American I
n|i-ir maker wbu* he waa making,
A yard, wus lho reply-
How mitcl' have ymi gol done? waa
the next question.
A yard.
Where did ynu Ret the spur from?
The yard.
Ami the Frenchman was very mueh
surprised tit the lucidity of tho answers i nit uuiii/ed nt the simplicity of
our language.—Christian Register,
Mr. and Mrs, llrown had given thulr
slx-yoar-nld son Italph a mosl caroful
home training. With great reluct'
aaee they placed lilm lii ii public
sehool. A few days later Ralph
came home wllh a out lip und swollen
His mother exclaimed, "How did
you li, 11  yourself?''
He replied—"I v.uh sliding dowu bill
at roceflS and rati Into u tree. It
hurt •pretty bad. mother, bul every
one was awfully good to me. The
hoys wero Jusl fln,'--why, mollier,
there wasn't a hoy In lhe elans who
didn't say (iosh! wheu I iau into thut
Manager Wives
A well known doctor, who clainu
that Canadian motherhood is the
highest iypp In the world, was ;-sked
If this waa not partly duo ta the unusual amount of respo.slblllty tht*
t'aiiHdiun husband ollowa his wife In
family affairs.
Quito true, the doctor replied. The
confidence her husband place;, lu her
mokes the Canadian mother capable
mid self-reliant, The mother's share
In u family's success or failure Is :i
large one-much larger* Indeed, than
most men will acknowledge.
I nee by the impels, a friend once
said to me, ths-. Footlights is traveling under his wife's management,
So do most men, I replied, but they
don't advertise It,
A gentleman who was once sloi-ped
by an old man begging, replied: Don't
you know, my mun. lhal fortune
knocks one- at every man's dour?
Yes, said lh'1 old man, he knocked
al my door once, but I was oul, and
ever kIucu Ihen hu has seal hh diiiigh*
ills daughter? ropllod ibo   gentle*
man.      What do you mean?
Wh-     Miss   Fortune.    Klashllght.
Willie, snld III" mollier sorrowfully,
every tt you are naughty I get nu*
other gray hair.
(Iee! nald Willie; you must have
been a terror. I-ook al Htandpu. -
I ..nl I s Home Journal.
Ifohson-So vou've boiiKht a piece
of property Bl Murshvllle. Ilow does
your land ll«? -   •*•"* --
Johnson—Not nearly so well as tbe
agent vjby VW & ta Wj 'U
The Wedding Gift
Tiie bachelor community or a cer-
tA-n suburb were greatly scared by
the advent amongst Ihem of a fearsome type of Ibe desperate, husband
burning spinster. After throwing
each of the bachelors luto a slate of
terror, lest ho should be lhe recipient
of her attentions, the lady finally cup-
t red the curate.
Local bachelordom was so intensely relieved at its escape that it united iu presenting the curate with a
splendid wedding present lu the
shape of a costly table-service. The'
curate was over-whelmed "Such!
a magnificent gift!" he gasped.
Wei:, you see, my boy! exclaimed!
the chief of lho local bachelors, It Is
really our thanksgiving service.
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
Will Show a full line of
Motor Cars, Delivery Waggons, and Heavy Trucks, at the Winnipeg Fair
July 10th, to July 20th.
You an-cordially invited to Inspect theae Canadian made cars If y*>u
visit .he Pair.
We want agents In all the centres of Manitoba and Alberta, that ar*
not already signed up.   For Information address
E. D. Cleghorn, Sales Manager,
Queen's Hotel, Winnipi-g
Agents lor the Province of Saskatchewan:
Minjrd'i   Liniment   Cures  Garget   In
.liilmiiy —■ OO-qoI KurllH llolibs
punch.il my mwu when I wasn't :.iok-
Hla l'n*-Whal'! Where were your
Johnny—Ho tolJ ui>* to close them
a minute,
The Northern Trusts Company
Thia company acta iu tho capacity of
umi wo .shall he ala.l to forward _py of   our   -Booklet    "Somethiuie
i.bout Trusts, Trustees' anil Truaf Companies." on request.
Why the Bulldog
Wuliali, wild Colonol clay, aa he,
Kliiiic.'il aroiinil llie liiultiK mom of tli"
hli; Intel, you "" -**■" urius ""' "
K .nliii'liy hii'iili'aal.
Ami whut la thai sir" enquired the
HrliiK me ■' nl"'**-. •' h'lll.hii! ami a
iiuiirt of bourbon whisky.
nm why iio you order a bulldog?
enquired llie waiter.
To "at ibe steak, suit, replied tlio
oolonel,' Cincinnati Hnqulrer.
The Influence o fClothes
ll.. -Illil you ever observe what n
differ.'"'.' I'loih"*    unihe    on    ono'B
inliiii''     Now, wl"'" I am In inyrldliig
Ions I'm all bora.*;  when I hav i
my  biialneaa  aull   my   nilnd'a  full  Of
liuslneBi; when I n"1 I"1 v ''Vl'"'
Ing ilr.'HH my mind lakes a purely ho-
olnl turn.
Hh And 1 Blipposo that wliefl ymi
laic, n balh your   mind's   an   lltler
bin nk?
Vou look dowi. In tin mouth. Dmi'i
nllow yoi raolf to get too much Olll up
aboul your girl throwing you over.
I'm not worrying over dial. Illil
Hlie sent me back my ongngemonl
ring marked 'Olass! Handle with
Was Jimmy Jinks angry at Ibe
result of Ills Interview with Jenny
llllnk's fallier? .....a*-*.-...
Well, be did say he felt quite put
out.   /*•
I-'or klllln.; Hies On a 11" SttllCor
mix ninety parts of water to ten i»ai:s
of formaldehyde ami two pans of
sugar. I'liicf* sponge iu middle of ao-
tutlon. Tbia mixture ailraota Hies,
which ill.* almosl Iromedliitoly upon
drinking of num". Renew mixture
every few .lays.
Good Cheer
Tii" vegetable days have come,
with gurdon ansa complete
Knalillng iih to laugh u lot
Al tlio awful prlc" or meal.
Baltimore Sun.
l-'aili.T it s vory allium", bul when
I waul you lo marry a tin.li you oh-
'out, ami whenever I forbid you to
marry u man you Itistal upon ll.
tjaugliter -v.-s Ami when wo nre
iioili agi I, Hi* man always objects,
P°* G
Tli" '.'ronoll gave up Hi" Panama
Canal b.'caus" ll wuh a "pest bole"
whore white men opuld nol llvo, Dur-
Ing his! November, oul of a while j
population uf 11,001), thero were two
deaths .rom disease—-one malnrla ami
0 •Illicer.     This result  Ih due to
killing out mnH.'llllnes tilluill'.t. drain*
llrown -So you're living In llie
country,"olll I Mtippom. you gel up
wltll the chickens'.'
tlreen -Haven't any chickens. I
get up with the therinomoter.
'Vhat He Objected To
VlHltlng Chaplain Ab. my brother,
tills world Is lull of trials
Prisoner—Oil,   dry   up,     giiv'nnr!
Think  I  iliiuno thnt?     It ain't  tlio I
trials I minus,   It'*   Ue   verdicts.—
hluo-cb. /
SEE how handy my new granary is.
You place four or five of them around
your quarter section. This saves time in
harvest hauling to stacks."
"Tlnnrnvgranareiconn in to hold jour grain from each
■tack My Rranarr keen. Rralnclean, dry and unhealed.
fto uiUatjr greln, no lo«M from rats or vermin, when
r.adyhaul direct to th* elevator froiu the granirlea."
"i make newel si tat n! thll landy granarr You can
get 151) 20.. 3'X*, 400, SOD, 600 and lOOO, full mea.-
ure'euersn-eid Imperial Uiuhel eiica (not
small U.S. bltohall) and vou net up any
l'sllar Oranary ii half a day. Remember
you can move it cailly any tlm*, My
l_:i"!Banl l..<i|ii.i; tho grain right."
"See bow the ma i at tie left can .hovel
"lain In from tii tlirra'.ilng machine,
ii it has no Ij*-spout lo deliver grain
direct throi-Rli the manhole on the roof.
Tha other man ii bagging grain, Cranorlej ore had
With door-c-ctlon or plain, a. desired My new (.raniry
I.lull right lor ravin;cos*. It Ji»y* ■<*' «_>» ■•>• >"'•
It .onus In Mctlon*~lon freight, co.t, A bey can »t
up.   Wilta for my dos-rinlivo buohlet. vou
Wril. fir n ,*l-l No. 11
' The Pedlir People U_it-d,Ostaw»,OnO
"—i-Sirta CM.O\*T   RDMONTOtl
7*.l.,„i,li.fd-.i Crown Block   ".inu rti.w.
Drawer IMI tart Wlliil'>-» * ".rvtaU        JIJ 1'ilUi fcl. S
Direct your Inquiry to the Ptdlar place nearest you.   They wlll anawar )
promptly and   eau. yau time.
•Tbt   Pedlar   Qranarv   it   fireproof,   Think what that means!" THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK, B.C.
Book News
SI.50 each
"V" vs. Eyes.   By the Author of "Queed"
"Smoke Bellew."   By Jack London.
$1.25 each
"The Mind the Paint Girl."   By Louis Tracy.
"Stella Maris"   By William Locke
"Murder Limited"   By Ranger Gull.
"Bobbie, General Manager"
"Blue Anchor Inn"
75 cts. each
"The Dop Doctor"
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
"The Wild Olive"
"The Prodigal Judge"
"His Hour"
"The Garden of Allah"
"The Shuttle"
Company, Limited
H. 1-Urvis of Vernon, waB lu town
BORN—To Mr. imd Mra. W. J. Man-
lot, of Mflclcod, Altii.. on May 28th,
a son.
Hts Royal Highness King Cleorge,
celebrated his 48th birthday on Tdta-
day, June   3rd.
A farewell luncheon was tmiteretl
to Mrs. W. F. Gurd on Wcdmsday liy
Mrs. CJ. Erickson.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kc'.thum, of
Warsaw, Wis., were registered at the
Jmnbiook Thurs'ay.
M. A. Beale, wlio has been at the
co'ist 'or the past month on biL-iness
a exotcted homo today.
Wm. Briar was at Fernle this wee'
n coinect.on with tho eBtabllshtneat
jt ii Moose Lodge In that city.
N.    H: ason    bas    ta en  over    th?
0"t nay  garajj ,   anl  hereafter    i
■ ill he known a. tb' H.usju Gitr-iKO.
James Davis, auditor uf thfl -11
Vie it MatVot waa In tovn this wr.^
iudlttu< tho books of tbe local niar-
-S[KH:inl features ut tli ■ BM BOD
Theatre all next weok, tin* most up*
t-.-dutt- iiu.vu.-y picture thi-itiri' in the
Want a Wedding Ring?
New •idewwi't)  axe l*
C.   t\   ll.   aornss   tli Ir
laid  by
right  otwa?
from Van Horn Btreet  to tb- depot
You caa get the best iu weight and
workmanship here for little money
aud any other kind of Ring* at a
considerable reduction. We have
a targt assortment of very tine
Jewelry and precious stones and
will be glad to bave you call and
inspect them at your k-isiuc, There
will be no pressure to buy unless
the goods tempt you to do so.
Jewelers ft Opticians
Ml MM llll M ■ 11 IH H IHI. M Ml 11 M 111M H
that we >**il the best harues*
made is found in the fact thai
tbe most experienced horseman
are ninoni; our best -.'Ur-tDoiei^.
They know by experience that
poor harness ls both dangerous
umi expensive, lle as viae is
ihey and come here (or hariiesi
that can be relied upon and that
\rill wear wonderfully.
W. M. PARK _ CO.  |i
Phone 109    Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443
H4W1MH 11 l"l41"l^"M»l^WMI"l4-l''l'l"l-H-t"l»l-l"l-
|      .Mr.   and     Mrs.    K.   flu-■]»,   Ol   Kil
bourne,    Wis.,    spent this  week   in
■ Oranbrook.    the guest of tii It bod,
Mr. Lester Clapp.
Mr   and Mrs.   W.   F-  Gurd  left  on
the "Flyer" Thursday (or Vancouvor,
- .*.:-? Mr Gurd wiii practice law,
u . reeMfl In the future,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry White, will
ie ive today for the coast. Mr, White
will attend the Giand Lodge of Od 1
Fellows conv?ntion at NanaLiuo.
.Mrs W. B. McFarlane win not re
:ei\e on Friday, on account ot leav-
xg the city, and due n->t.ce will be
given of funh-r rcceptio.-is on her return.
Mrs. J. Hyalop wi 1 accompany hei
U-ighter, Mrs. F. Stri ie and Jaugh-
<;r to Sjo'tane. They are proposing
caving Cranbrook on Sun lay's noon
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOR 9AlaB—Two 5 roome.l -itastereil
cottages, '800.0I) each, Terras,
Phone 818, BM. Shnekleton,
WANTED Spring Bear Hides by the
Oranhroolt Taxidermist, P. 0.
Hoi  m., Oranhroolt. 19-tit.
Full BALE -Two Peerless Brooders,
nlso 2-aa.j egg Peerloss incubators
gootl as new, J. tlurtelde, Oranbroolt, Phone Rant-h, 15-tf
! POR BALE -Cottage on Dewar Ave.
Cash or terms. Apply W. McCready.   Box   HUl, City. 20-3t
Chop Sueyl
Specially Prepared
Served Every Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
lilllil in 111111111 H M1111 I'M"! 111 III Ull I
property in this vicinity 164 acres
ol land ono mile from the city ot
Matheson, Ontario. Apply A. 0.
Plsott, P. 0. Box. 515, Cranbrook, D. C. 22-5t
Local News
Nothing uilrls to th.* appearance ol
a room like pictures, well nnd suitably framed   Kllby Erram.es picture".
J. Austin, ol Elko wus in the city j
Mi ii Iny.
Gordon Darling, ol Montreal, brother ol Harold Darling, Is spinning a
ew dayB in the City visiting his re-
.............. _i latives.    He expects to return  th.s
-1 HH || |i|H 111 | HI III " I'" H II111 llll III J | ffMk „-,
Itoad Superintenleut John Heel
motored to the Upper Kooten ly Val
ey on Tuesday, to inspe.t ro ids and
bri 'ges in that portion ol the Cran
In oo* district.
At the Edl on Thjatre tonight will
b? ttnwn tne lolloping lilms:—"Th.
Ue," a drama; "Thc Whlteman's
•irewater," and the two reel feature
entitled "The Lo.c Chase."
Mrs. W. E. Dori.n, lelt on Wedneu-
lay on a holiday trip to the (ar
last. She will visit relatives in eas
em Canada and the United States,
ud will bo away niveral months.
Tuesday being thc King's birthdaj
was   celebrated   as   usual   ill   Cran
rook, tho Government oEc-s,   Cit,
■all,     io it.    oflice.    ban s,    public
school and many s'ores wero closed.
Old Hirers a*y ihai the water 1
the rivers and streams of th5 dlB
rlct have reached the high at s age,
A sure indication that tils ls true,
b that lhe srow Ib almost gone oi
Baker Mountain.
At thc Audi-oil im tonight will be
shawn  the  exu ing  and  instructive
our   reel  feature  entitled;   "A   Tn;i
I 'o Alaska,   "Hunting the Big  Game
I of the Arctic,  "Showing how    Wild
! Same can be Roped."
' It seems that as soon as the pno
i pie nre through worrying over th
! backward summer it is time to begin
; worrying over the condition of th"
J wheat crop and the prospects of Its
being injured by frost,
Wm.  Shim of Wasa is spending i
• few days in C'runbrt o'; this week. He
j pices good reio't ot the progress of
I tho K, ('. II. and the opening up ol
hat part ili the country ns soon   as
the completion is made.
Kucky M.iimta n Chapter lt. A. M.,
will h .1.1 a regular monthly con oca-
tion  l»   the  Chapter  room  of    the
Masonic Temple on Tuesday evening
I  lext.     Vl-'lting ...iiiI-.-.U1.>ilm are cot-
t Hatty in ited to im present.
N. Hans n ictoivt'd a ia load ul
; Kord unto i o'llles this week. Mr.
i 'lunson Ih now tho Criin'iiouk alien'
1 'or the Kord Company, and It Is hi"
; n entlon to always huve „ stock of
{ theae excellent   mot. rs on hand.
Mr. nnd Mrs. K. Kuuiuier arii el
, home yest'ri'ay Irom Vnncouver,
I where they h-tve i, en attending the
'. Kn*gbts ol Pythias und I'ylhi in Sla
j    ers Convention,  to  which  they   were
j u.pointid delegates from the loea
lod-.es, They re;iort having hud u
good time.
The Hp.i' unu in'erHt'.te F *lr nr'.l-
u 'em.'nt are already Hrn ling out In
/Hull,,um    to    var'o'H   .11..I, l.-t.;   lo
ay I ham it visit ou Heptemlier 15th.
H wlll be noted lh it thn title i t this
vear'i. Kulr Ih two weeks enrllor than
'irovloini yearn and tbe date slioul I
e particularly horne In mind.
Unless thc next few il'iyii ai .i ox-
eiitloiiilly ho*, 'otll (lav lllld III IH,
'horo Is hut lltt'o d-neer Irom ilgh
vate- ii the str auiii iin.1 rivers of
h's dlatrlct, At the pi.Hiiii, time
he water Is at aliout tin, a ora"e
high water mink, nnd duneer to
to bridges and washout, it puiiaud
FOR RKNT-Nlcc live roomEd furnished ho iee. Prlrc $20.(10 pei
month.    See Boale _ Elwell.
W.   tt'.   DaVlS   ol   Wyclllle,   v
town Thursday.
Ed,   Oovell,  .1  Kingsgate   wns  in |
town  We Inesday.
.Mrs,   K.   Blroe,   ol   Nelson,   wns   in
the City Thursday.
Mrs.  H.  Uurling  will  n it   receive
any more  this season.
Allan A. Mo ue, ol Calgary, wns a
guest nt. tbe Cranbrooa Thuuday.
Mrs.   John  I'roois will  n <t  recei .*e
M.  J.  Monnir ot Moyle waB lu the
City Tuesday.
J.   Vn ng of Windermere    was I
town 'thursday.
!     1*'. ll- Am.ild, o; Vancouver, was in
! the City Thursday.
A'  0,   Bowness was at Port  Steele |
Mond ty on business.
Al.   Doyle    drove over  trom Fori !
.iteele  We Ines.lny on  buslness-
M.   B,   King,  ..I   Vancouver, spent I
several days in town this week.
Harry Mathers and Peter Boyle. I I '
. ort Steele were In town WtdneBday,
W.   I..  Iih ules,  ot Seattle was re
this month. „„r age In this season.     I S*"**""*  at  the  Craniroak Tuesday
Mrs, A I.. Mcllermo ,t will not re
cetve Thursdsy nor ai-iiin lhis n a
C Rodsers, of Crestoi. was tr-in
BaOtlng business in Cranbrook 'lhirs-
Mr. and ffrs, K. (J. Hla .let, of
Wyclllle, were in town Hnturdny
Mrs. N. .1. Lawson, of n,j eland,
wns a guest at. ihe Oranbrook Sun
day  last.
Kr. and Mrs, Geo, Watson it.' Port
Steele were Oranbrook visitors on
T. T. McVittie, of Port Steele, waR
tram*.!.-i ng business In Cranbr o'l
II. W. Supple of the fm■■erlal Hank
has return-id Irom a holiday trip to
the const.
H. Ilrnnlc'i, and II. Washburn, ul
OaHovay, spuit Tuesday last In
A. Mel-oilnb, ot Perulc. was Iran
snctlng bus.n ss m Crunhio ik Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. Burnett, ol Calgary
were Oranbrook   visitors on  Thurs
A large luroat wae burning Sun
day lasl on the mountain eust of
Dr. Rutledge left on Monday morn
lug  (t.r  Bull   Itlver   on   professions
Maple   Leal     Mine,   at   Belle', ue,   on
.lumen Finlay,   wa. do vn from the
Mr.  and  Mrs.   D.    II.  Hlc'aril,  ol.
Willow  Point,    were gueats   at th
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Ward, of Whit
Court wore Craahrook Visitors on
Sunday last.
Hnrry Edwards of Wyclllle wa-
irnui.iet.iig business at uranbrouk
ou Wednesday
FOK RENT—Rooms In mcd3rn house.
Phone 374, corn.r Edward Street
and LiiuiHiliu Avenue. 23-tf.
LOST—A post ofllce key, the flnfor
will be rewarded by leavli g srme
at the Prospector Office, (J.T.)
To-Morrow May Never
V OU MAV fully Intend to insure to-
• morrow! How do you know there
will he a tomorrow—for you? Insure
today. Don't wait because of your present Inability to carry a large
amount; a small policy Is better than
noun. Besides, while you are waiting, the cost Is Increasing! Take cait
a policy tor SOME amount In The
Mutual Life of New York now, while
you can get lt. The more convenient
season, for which so many wait, may
never come to you,
Local Agents.
Hanson Building, Oranbrook, B. 0.
P. 0. Box,   574. Telephone, 458.
H. F- Baker of Boston, Masa., was
guest at the Ornnbrook Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. McBride, ot Mnrys-
•H'e, were Cranbrook visitors on
W. J. Bell, and H. B. Logan, ol
Vancouver were registered at the
'ranbrook Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Ran'iins, ot Mon-
'real, were registered at the Cran
hrook Sunday last,
Ou Sunday last, a large hush tire
waB burning In tb* vicinity of Ihe
'tnudnrd Lumber Co.
Btitlsh Columbia Timber Holders
A wealthy eastern corpora*
lion is in the market for several well located bodies of timber
in southeastern B. C. MUST
BE NEAR railway transportation, good logging chance and
tiro risk.
Send full information of your
nU'eiing giving (|iiantitiss, de
tailed estimates, stumpage prions
and maps to Box 320. -'lit
Beattie-Murphy Oo. deserves praise
Irom Cranbrook people for Introducing here the simple buckthorn bark
nnd glycerine iniiture, known as
Adlor-1-kn. This simple Herman remedy Ilrst berame famous by curing
appendicitis and lt has now heen dls*
covered that A SINGLE DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on the
stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. It's quick action Is u big sin*,
prise to poople. 43-1
Ilu Friday, May ,10, thu Liberals
of tbls Province held u convention at
Revelstoke, and elected the tolluwln;
officers. H. C. Brewster as pro 'n
clnl lender of tbo party; M. A. Mac
don.Id of Vancouver, proildtnt; nnl
Ralph Smith it Vancouver vice pre
sldmt. Tin r tl Ing s-ciotary-tieas-
urcr wiih ie elee'ed. At the morning
s sii. n the llrlilsli Ootlih.6lap.it
form was re Indorsed with tow nlt'r
atlons, many Import nt incisures
were laid over tor another twelve
.1 nines Brown nnd tainllt left "u a
luy on an eastern visit, th.y wlll be
away for several mrn'hs.
Miss Htn-li, of Nelson has been
st ylug iu the City viol Ing at the
home of Mr. and Mis. Wats n's.
Mrs. S. L. Burgnu, and Miss R. "■
'ur,*an, of Suit I a''e City, were rendered at the Cinn'i oo i Thursday.
'UlltN-At the C.ottig" Hoi Ita' on
Mou lay, Juno 2nd, to Mr. and Mrs,
I. MiKlnley, ol Klmberley, a daughter.
0. B. Ayre, ot Fl o, a promloen'
'uiubcrituin of the dlitrlct, was traa-
s'tctliig business at Cranhrook Tins
Government Agent, A. C. Ne'sou
<ind Mrs. Nnl im returned Monday
trom a short holiday trip to Pincher
President Wilson la now a fill'
fledged   president.    Two   m n   ha"
een s*n*e**ced lor sen ling him threatening letters.
Mrs. W. U. MacFarlane Wt or
Thursday on a visit to Vancoirer
and other coast non's. She will be
away nbout two months.
Farmers and tattle mrn say tha'
crops seldom, if ever looked h-tt/T Ir
the Cran**rook dlBtrlct for this tt~»
'Ime ol the year than they do now.
It is reported that the Crow's **Vt
°a9s Lumber Company h«s lost over
UOO.OOO worth of loe-s, owln* 'oth-
e-treme high water tn the Kootena
R. L. T. QaPaal»h, Indian »"«n*,
and A. B. Fenwlc'-, ot Kort St-el*
were In town Thursday, and t-ter 1-
the diy   motored to Klmheiley o-
Six demonstration tarms In A'be-
ta have been o-erated during th*
year at a Pto'it of 189,818. TMs 1
the mos* Convincing way ot teachin
how to tarm.
A large number ot rr».*-r*-o*i: Con
servailves hive si-niPed their n'en
tlon ot attend'n • the Qreen r-ee-*t'o
at Feme, which will ha t"*ld some
'Ime during the **re-.ent month.
Arrangements have been ma'e •*.-
'he Premier anl t'*e M'ni't-r el
Lands for an e.hlb1 I n of »*rlLl'h
Columhla produ*ts at the land *ho-
to be held at Chl-ago In Ko -ember
Tha re-itau-an' which la *e'ng r"n
'n ronne-tlon vlth 'he V. M. C. '
<n Cranbrook, will he .closed on 'h«
15th of June tor several tnonf-s The
-eopenlng dite will be announced la-
The Model Variety Ptore la -en
-niv-ted this wee1', ne*» pi•-•■».•-»
windows *-ut In, and Is be'ng tlt'e'
-s a mod-*! ond un-to-da** s'ore. T
Christian has the contract tor th-
Hon. Price El'l-on, a-d Hon. W
*.. Ross, hns nec*pt»d an invitation
'o del'ver en address before th" We-,
t-rn Cfn"da 'rrl-a <-n -ssic'stln-*
at Le'hbridg., which will ta'e plac-
this summer.
Mrs. W. B. MsoFa-lem, Mra. H. V
Parker, and Miss A. Hlckenwotha-
are the anpolnted dcle-a'es to th
convention ot Rebekahs to be held <n
vaii'ino ne-t week. The party wll
leave Cranbrook today,
Celonel Roosnve1t has eome out o'
his librl suit with great credit. At
his reuuest the jury gave him no-nln-
nl damages to the amount ot si-
cents, the Colonel d-sired vindlca
tlon and nothing rise.
Sir Richard McBride, premier ot
British Colimlla and the Hoi W,
R. Ross, mi-later ot land', wi'l be
guosts at the big re*« tlon at Fernle this month In honor ol Robert F.
Oram  M. P., fnr Kootenay.
Cranbrook too'* the flrat bell gn**'e
rtf a series »l h Wardn-r, nt "Vtt
ner on Sunday last. Hard hitting
on the part ol the Cranbrook nhe
cra-a-terlied the plav'ng. The score
was-Cranbrook   7, Wardn-r   I.
Although the i a-tirrshlp recently
elating between T. Cbistlan and A.
E. Jon's hid been dlsroled by mutual content, T. Chris'ian Is still
contracting *>nd Is ever ready to undertake work lor which he Is we'l
Tho Urund Tr'phy Shield ot the
'nclent Order of Fore, ters vas won
by Court Cranhrook for the la-g'st
number ot members Initiated durln-
the past year. It Is now on exhlbl
tlon in tho window at "Bobs" place
on Baker Street.
A. II. Pliyle, of tho Bard rrocb
n nih, situated on 'h* side of Patton
' a e was In town this wee'' on bus
Incas In connection with his work.
Mr. piayln dropped Into our ofllce
nnd reported nome of the pro—ess
he wns nine in- In the chicken Industry. He Is mating sons vu'lois
Imiirovem.nts to h's ranch and n.pes
before anoth. r season Is bore to have
'be largest poultry ranch in the dls
Assets over $700,000.00
Insures Against
Accidents, Sickness
and Death
Reliable, Prompt, Safe
Hazlewood & Morrison
General Agents      •      Cranbrook, B. C.
P. O. Box 574 Hanson Building Phone 458
**** ll ** im , ll l'l 111 ***** iiiii llllll I llllll I;
i i •
Are You Going
For a Trip?
Buy your Trunks, Suitcases,
At Cost
j Cranbrook Trading Co ;
■it 1111 ii i ii 1111111 in hi 1111 ii ii n n inin.
H. Stephens and W. M. Har 1*
leave today for Ncn'mo to nto
the I, 0. 0. F, Convmtlon ub d*,e
ga'es from Ibe loe I Order of thi
same society. H. White wl'l also be
there In his capacity of Grand Warden, and it Is to be bopid that he
may succeed ln gain ng rn ev n higher posit'on In th* order for which hi*
Is ellblble.        	
The committee of the On n r o
Tinils Olub intend to hivo a f rmnl
open ng ol their new gro nds his at
ternoon at whlcb every m m*-er ls
requested to be P'ese t, and It pis
slble, to bring with th m an 'nte
int; member. It Is hoped that a lar e
gathering will le tbe resut. Tea 1'
to be served during t'-e aflernoo .
Tbe ladles comml'tee ap 0 nt d Is
Mrs. Krlckson, president* V s. * r m
n*r, Mlm Car wrlght, Mrs. Ellw 11
Miss Patt-rron, gen-iral coitum fee
Hon. President, C, Ooc"-. Preld'nt,
N. Wa'llneer*, Seeretarv-Treasurcr,
A. Kaworth; M. A. Beali, Mrs
Beale, B. T. Brymner and 0. H. Pollen. The Tennis Olub ls to I • con
gratulated upin the new groundn
tbey have obtained, esiccla'ly th*
location. It is an Idenl spot, situated to tbe cost of tbe Olty, nartl.
bordered with trees and v ith Bt.
Joseph's Oreek running alon; lie, ll.
la one whlcb commends Itself to nl1
nature lovers and wlll undoubtedly
bring [I a ure to alt tbe trequentir
ol tbe courts. The gro ndi are wel
e .ulpped, having three courts laid ii,
the most modem style and a One
fa,I Ion tn connection; soats ha/i
been provided lor apeetators and
Irlssds of tbs me_bars.
It la stat d that within 24 hours
at any time durln.* the last elg'it en
n o:iilis tbe Pi naraa canal eould hav,
been thrown open for the passage ot
esselr, in lid ng warships, if th United State. Government bad so desired. ' In tbe e ent ol trou le wl h
api.n rega.-dlng tbe all n land bill
In Oalilor ita, you nould ste fie e n-
al thro , n open a id wa sh' s p ssing
hrt.u h so fast th it it would ma a
your li ad swim," said a retiring
Men Hose
The Reliable Kind
Priced Right
We Deliver Promptly
Phone 78
F. Parks 6? Co.
CRANBROOK,     •     B. 6.


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