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The Prospector Sep 27, 1913

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Array P rovi
nclal   WBWatlve Assembly
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lentet and*
Guarantee ,You * aJFit
The  Leading Newspaper
in the
$2.00 Per Yew
No 19.
Official   Fall   Fair   Prize   List   of   Winners
Wedding Balls
Several very interesting events during the past week
A very Interesting wedding ceremony wns performed at lho Presbyterian manse on Wenneaday. September 24th. Rov. W. K. Tbomtleon oM-
ciatin.. Misa Annie Hoe waa joined
in holy wedlock to David' H. McKay
After tbe ceremony the* happy couple held n reception' at the li.inie c'i
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall,   where   ii|Stnnd
considerable number of guests had already found their seats.
The bride looked well in n dress oi
cadet blue brocaded silk, trimmed
wllh white and gcl.d lace; hor sister
Sarab, was bridesmaid and wore a
silk oress di pale blue.
The happy couple aro vory well
known In Cranbrook and have _ con
and Mrs, Fd. lsmay, electric toaster;
Mr. p. and I). Weatberall, cut glats
utiiblors; Mr. and Mrs. T. B. South,
cut glass fruit bowl; Mr. McQuarrle,
cut glass salad bowl; Miss M. McCowan, handaome Battenburg table
rover; Mr. Banfleld, set of cutlery,
Mr. Swotman, dinner service; Mr. W.
II. McFarlane, caserole bowl and
cuatnrd set; A. Raworth, brass too'i
A quiet wedding took place at th;
residence of Mrs. E. Bent on Saturday, whon her daughter Ethel was u-
nited in marriage to Harry Knight
Clayton,   tho Rov. W. K.   Thomson
s.d,raale number of friends who wish officiating
them well on their journey together
ehro. g,i life.
Those present at the ceremony
were: Mr. and Mrs. John Leask, Mr,
and Mrs. H. Gridley, Mr, and Mrs.
H. Ho.vlett, Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
ehris.ian, Mr. aud Mrs. J. Beech,Mr.
aaa' ft,rs. '1'. _. bouth, Mr. and Mrs.
J. hi. Tanner, Percy Weathenll, Mr.
Swetm.n, Misses Lillian and May
A cons.d.raule number ot valuable
presents were rejcl/ed ftoui then- numerous triends, a list ot part ur..
he-re  incLd.d.
Mr. John Hoc,- silver eases; Miss
S. Hoe-, china tea set; Miss M. Koo,
silver ca, e kn'.e and needle work;
Mr. and Mrs. Ai,is..n, guest towels
and covers; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jacie-
Bon, sil.cr ten service; Mr. and Mrs.
F. M. Chsistiun, cut glass cream' jug
and    s,-g.>r   bowl; Mr. and Mrs.  W.j
Only close frlenda of the bride and
groom were present; otter the cere-
rrony all partook of the hearty lunch
which had* been prepared.
The bride looked very pretty in a
dress of white embroidered marquesette, while her sister Elsie,, who acted as bridesmaid, was also in white.
Mr. W. Harrison acted as best man.
Tho happy couple left cn the flyer
for. a si-weeks honeymoon visiting
Calgary, Band, Spokane, etc.,, and
their many frlenda In Cranbrook wish
them every happiness: and success.
Marshall,   satin   eidcidown; Mr. end   only
Mrs. It. Marshall of Vaueouver, hand friends
On Tuesday,. at the home of Mr.
and Mts, Geo. Huscrofe of Creston,
B.C., their daughter was united ln
marriage to George Lloca Faulkner
ol Fort Steele.
The wedding was a quiet one and
few   oh their moat Intimate
were   present.     Her   slater
aome cnsbio.t co.er; Mr. and Mrs. H.
Howlett, eh.ua salad bowl and servers; Mr. and Mrs. H. Gridley, china
berry set; Mr. and Mrs. J. Leask
Uattenmi-g bullet covers; Mr. and
Mra. Turner,   glass   berry   set;   Mr.
Maude waa bridesmaid and ths groom
was at'*en led by Thomas Ross. Rev,
F. W. Blake performed the ceremony.
The happy couple Wit on the noon
train lor Cranbrook where thoy intend to reside.
Harold Jarvis coming
Passed Worthless
At the Gyn natium, on October 15,
under   tbe   auspices   of   the   Young
Men's   Club,    Mr. Harold Jarvis, of j    T. R. Lumsden,  wbo was arretted
Detiolt,   Mich., wlll be present. at Wardner  by  provincial  conatable
Mr.   Jarvis,   the  renowned   tenor  Ardcn,   was   charged   with   passing
singer, will   bo   accompanied at this   worthless chec'ia drawn on the Royal
ent.rtalntiient   by    Miss Mary Lyon,   Bank ot this city.
Header   and   Pianist ol no Httle ro i    Accord ng to the complaint, Lucas-
pute. den was very busy last Saturday and
This attraction, which the Young Monday getting some easy menay
Men's Club hus been fortunate from thi hotel men and merchanta
enough to obtain, Is one of a series oy asking them to cash checks d.*av>n
that   will be cond ictcd   n th, Gym- j on the Royal L'ank in which he rep-
naaium during thc winter months.
The talent Is excellent and sho ild
be tha moans1 of drawing a very
large attendance of music lovcra.
"St. Andrew's Annual Coucert
last evening wae the moat succeaslul
the society has ever held. Mansoy
Hall bod a capacity audience. So
well   n.wn   Is    Mr.    llarod Jarvis,
resented that he had funds,
Lumfd.n was arrested at Wardner
on iifoi-mution sent to* Ccn.table Ar
,l.n from this city. Lnt r on Con
stablo C. Castor wont to Waidner,
eocured his man and returned with
blm to Ctanbrook.
On Tuesday, Lumsden was up for
a hearing   beHore   the   police magls-
tluit comment is unnecessary further 'rato charged with Issuing Iraudul nt
than to any he was up to tho cx-
pecta Ions and succeeded nne, is
Ing tho nudlenco to thc highest enthusiasm by bis Kplinliil interpretation o! his songs. It would he dlf-
lor „ Scottish concert."—Toronto
Boy Shoots Little
A sad acrid nt occurred on
Monday even ng at Wilmer, B.C.,
vh ii ma llttlo 9 yenr old son of Mr.
Patterson,, wbo la schoolmaster at
Athalmer, shot his sister ol 5 yeurs
thioiigh tbe brain.
The boy, lb appears, had been out
shooting with n smnll ride and came
home with lt loaded, where lt wns
acddently dlsohargod and the bullet
passed through the forehand of hla i
llttlo sister.
The latest newt received of tho llttlo i-bilda condition Is thit she still
lives, but that there' ls not much
hope Ior her rocovery. I
Mr. I'atrrson Is practically a new
roner In the dlatrlct, having only ar
lived from Scotland thla spring,
Overseas Club
checks. Iha evidence showed tbat be
had presented and cashed „ chock
drawn (or Sir, to the proprietor ol
thc Cosmopolitan Hotel, which when
presented at tho bank wns marked
(N.F.)no funds. On learning that
aome six or ei, ht other chocks* were
in circulation a warrant was issued
for his arrest.
The prlaoner wns sent up for trial
to a court of competent JiuI,diction
ami is nov* In jail awaiting a sitting
o' tho court.
A Nuisance
Charged with Wilful Murder
Bruno Cutri Given Preliminary Examination on
Charge of Shooting Felice Zappia
—Bound Over
Boxing Contest
Uvanni given decision over Marshall on a foul in the
eleventh round.   Good Preliminaries
Bruno Cutrl, the Italian who
killed Felice Zappia at Rampart
last week, was arrested at WhiteHsh,
Mont., on Monday. m
Atter tho shooting at Rampart,
Cutrl made his get-away i nto tha
brush and nothing was heard of him
until hia arrest at Wbitefish. It wes
learned, that shortly before the
trouble, Cutrl had! secured tic'tets
tor himse'f ond the women for Whlte-
ftsh, where he had friends. **._ le
otber couataldea were aearehing tbi
district, Constable Collins, acting
upon in'ormatlon received, went to
Wbitefish and thero awaited the arrival of his man. While waiting he
secured tha services ol the Montana
Cutri,     on     being   arrested,   was
placed    in an aito-i obile and taken
to   the   lnternat'onal   boundary   at
Gateway and alter cro islng the line,! second,
was   rearrested   by   Constable Col- Witness
Chief Dow about arrest a; Cutrl or
not. Don t remember seeing Barrister Wilson. Don't remember go.ng
to J. Murl,.oda's. Got on the train
as it pulled out with Zappla, thi
reason 'he went was because Zapp.a
as.-ed him to go and have _ rido.
_ap_ ia said no.h n^ abo.it cutri or
the woman. Got o.i at ilampart
because they aaw Cutri and the worn
an on the platform. Got oil because Zappia got oft. Tbe woman
and Cutri were Btunuing iu iron* ot
the station. Zapp.a s.opped the woman trom gutting, on the tra.n. tie
told ,ha woman not to get on with
Cutrl. Cutri did uot go because th
woman did not to. Zappia was uot
married to the woman but his brother vas. Ion t i,now if they were
married. The train went lu leaving
them on the platform, sltt.ng in a
row. The witness nrst, tue woman
th.n Zappia eai Cutri.
waa   about   ten    toot from
Hns who took him to Waldo and _ap_ia and did not hear what they
locked him up, and on Tuesday ha were saying. Cutri called Zappla
wna bro-ight to Cranbrook for a pro- aside and thoy talied about ten
liminary hearing, | ni,nates,   then   came   back   Bnd   sat
Thuradav Cutrl was brought before■*•■»••   loga_„.     Cut,,.' agu.n called
Police Magistrate Jos. Ryan for hit ■*■.•_■■■■     They   wal.ed    down    tha
hearing   on a charge of I™**-*    bJ..-a-mile.    WitnaBB   waited
wilful murder.
Barrister H. Herthner, of Fernie,
appeared for the Crown and Barrister P. Wilson, of Cranbiook, was engaged for the defense. Mr. Louis
Castella was sworn in at interpreter
and Miss Elsio Van filylie as court
Cutrl   was   thtn officially notified
waited Ave or six minutes, tho.i
the woman end "Let s go donnl he
(Cutri) wants to shoot hon i_up-
pia)." Witness was with them all
the time at thc station, th.re vas
apiar_tly no trpuhlt. ih-y were
eery quiet. Wo i._e Ine ng them _
tbey walked do#n the trace. Ihey
wai cd close together. We saw
them all tbe time.   Thoy had' passed
tbat bo was chargod with the wlHul the   tool   house  before   we atarttd.
murder    of    Felled   Zappla.      And
all wltneasea were excluded Irom tha
court room until called.
Salpatore Ilarl-.ro' was then sworn
—Resides ln Cranbrook, knows Cutri
knew Zappia, saw Zappia at the station at Cranbroo.! at 4 p.m.. and
w,n. with him to Rampart, t-'aw
Cutri at lia.npnrt on September 16.
Zappia and ho (witnesa) got ofl
tha tialn at Rampart Cutri waa
then on the platform wl.h tbe vo
man. Dont know her name, 'ihj
woman waa Indentlfled aa Marie An.
We wul .ed slov.Ly to. call tbem bud.
We were just clear ol the platform
when we called. Their actions indicated trouble. But whon tbey reached
tht switch, Cutrl shot Zappla, At
this timo we were wal.v.u.4 towards
tbem. Zappia and Cutrl going alow-
IJ. They were stund,ng at tho
swit.h wh.n the shots were fired.
Uu.n waa manning in iha middle ol
tha trace an .1 Zapp.a on the slope,
lhe aho.s were llred quicly—one,
two, three, 'ihey hud no t_w*,li
words   or  trouble   belore   tha shots
tonlo Pescinnerce. Had no. conver- »<"■* nttd. No trouble between,them
nation with Felice Za.ip.a. Don t •*,ou- *-•"- w0"'*"** z**l",la «-*•• •"*•-
..now   why   he   wen.'  to Rampart.
said in front, ot tbe station. Cutrl
,b.n Bald "you had better give me
my money buck, as I don t, want to
loose my money as well as go to
.an."'* They started walsing ilo.m
tho trace, Cutri and Zappia, witness went a little way wben Bar-
„o.o aud ahe sat do„n. (JUirl was
ih.n as...ng zappia tot lot the woman
go with him (Cutri,.Then they all
went back to the station and sat
.town. After a lew momenta Cutrl
Called Znppja to take a walk, wben
u tho.i. distance away wltneas culled
_at,,,iu to come back, _ne knew
theie would bo trouble because at
tbe atatloni Cutnhad told Zappia
tnat "Ho would shoot him." Witness d.d not see the gun. bha aud
. ur.ier. then lol.owed, calling thein
ba.:... Zappia tuined Bajin- "I
w.ll be back in a little while."
ihen witness saw Cutrl1 shoot Pupils. 'ih.ee thott were Bred. Cutri
suot Zappla with* a revolver. Tha
shooting took place at the switch.
Aftor the nrst shot Zappla started
eo eun; at tbe last shot Zappia fell;
got up and fell again. Thoy were
standing together when th.. tirst
Bhot was fired, witness then ran towards Zapp.a and when she reached
bim, he put his arms aroun I. her
njCA, and said that Cutrl had shot
mm and thao Cutri had also got tbe
money. He sa.d he waa killed, und
that Cutri had got the (100 as wall.
Zappla sa.d bo had oJored Cutrl
.lit, £11. cayjng that he would keep
thc woman. Thon be said "Goodbye, I in dying." Witness thtn telegraphed 'ior a t'.o.tor. Zappla walked about 15 pacoB with his arms
about witnets nack, then d.o,ipe_.
Witnass did not see him in the hospital thoy would not let hor ln.
('rose' examination.
Heard Fe.lce Zappia say to Cutri
that be should not h ive ta en' tha
woman away, Cutrl and Zappia
were    talking together,  be (wi.n.S'j
and tha woman sitting on the plat- ^^^^^^^^^^^
lorm. Saw tha station agent at iter the shooting, he ran right nwny.
. am, art. Had no taU with cutrl I He-direct examination
wh.le Bitting on thel plat.o.m. Cutrl eull d to iappia aaylng "I want
to ia ,. with you." They wen. bull-a
a.ile weet of ha apart cn iho track,
The woman to,d him (Witness, to
call Zapiia tact aa ahe wua afraid
Cutrl would i.bo.t za,.| la. Wi.no.is
end the wouu.n walked towards
them. Tbey were nt tbe awltch 20
feet away. It waa pott five) o'clock,
Cutri   tnd   Zappia   wat ntti at tha
Zappla caught witnass by thc arm
at   the depot  saying   to  Cutrl    "I
did not tb n.i you would do tbat to
mo."     Cutri   replied   tbat   he   was
forced   to   by   Cantellla,   he wnnud
thc   wo.nun.     Witness did not- kno*
wbare Cantellla was, but be bad boen
In   Cranhrook   and Cutrl wns taking
her to him.    All were sitting on the
platform,    talking quietly about Iha
.100.     Zappla   wanted   to take bar
nets   five   »20   bi.ls   and ns.ed haw luck and said; "II you want her you
much there was.   Witness sa.d »lou.  will have to give me $30 more or I
lhis   was at Rampart, nothing wns will   take   her to Cra.ihroo»." Zap-
said   about! paying $100 for the wo-  pin   had   sent   telegrams from Knii.
man.   Zappla   got   no   money   Iron part   and   Cutrl sa.d that If Zappia
Cutri.    Cutri ran into the brutta at- would   stop   the   police,   he   (Cutrl,
Witness did not see tho gun. Zappla anl the womun. siayoil in th;
same   place    wh ro Zappta Iel. after
would give blm tho $100. The telegram, was sent long be ore the money was paid. Cutri said be had giv-
i n Zappia $ff00 and that Zappia. hud
tent a t-.lt .rum. stopping the police.
The   telegram   was   written   by tho
he wus shot until Constable Karris station   agent.     Zappla   pa/In,, lor
came.     It  waB about 7 o'clock wben  sending it.   Witness was wleh Zappla
The boxing contest w-hi. h took
place In tbe Auditorium on Friday
a ght liast, between Joe Uvanne of
Oreat Palls, Mont., and luck Marshall of Feinle, resulted in the win
being given to Uvanni on -  foul.
The event was opened with a three
round preliminary between Vounit
Kay and Scotty Thompson of thla
city. The boys showed considerable
knowledge of the art, and although
tlic decision wns given by the referee
as being u draw, many of tho spectators were of the opinion that
Young Kay obtained the best e_. the
Ihe second preliminary was between Edifi. Handley of Murysville,
and N. Bnmliardt of Cranbrook. The
youngsters were very evenly matched
and the decision given by thc referee
of a draw gave perfect satisfaction.
Jn the main event Lindsay of Cranbrook, as master of ceremonies announced that tho Marquis ol yueens-
bury rules would govern the contest
with a clean, break.
Jim Burrows of Fernie, being presented challenged Uvanne for the
middle-weight championship of Can
E.  McMahcn acted  as  referee,   and
the contest was nnnounced to be for
If, rounds
During: the light Uvanne drew)a con
eiderablo amount t* blood from Mar
shall be Un- eflecta ol bis b'owa. T_e
fight lusted 11 rounds, and during
the eleventh Marshall was told to go
to in., corner and Uvanne was given
the veldict, oil u foul.
lt is uiurally to be expected that
Marshall's supporters were wild at
; tin- decision, lor they crowded' Into
lln- uui: to further ImprsBs upon tho
re'i'-ri. their views. The referee, how
ever, hml repeatedly cautioned Marshal I on making theae foals and his
I decision  must   abide.
Rifle Association
A general meeting ol all membera
of the C'l'snlirook Rifle Assoc atlon
w.ll be held in tho City Hall on Wed
nosday,October 1st, at 8.00 p.m. Tht
Rifles ,t.i<l Ammunition arrived' here
this week. This meeting is called
principally to decide on the rulet
uud regulations for shooting.
Mr. Morris and tho doctor arrived.
Marie .lu.on.o Poscianerce aworu:
Hna a husband, Orturo Bruno. Don't
I now  whera he Uvea.    Witneas lived
few daya in Paashurg then came to
awltib   when   Cutrl ihot Zappla, fir-1Oranbrook,    Knew Bruno Cutrl.    Al-
Ing     three    thott.        Wltnata   aaw jf0   Pel co Zappla.   Saw the accused
three   shots   fired   aa  he waa going
towa.da them.    Zuppla lell towards
On Thursdny, Oct., 2nd, at 8:30 p.
m., the rjveraras 0ltth will rive a
Whist Drive tnd a short programme
ol Readings, Hongs, etc., In thi Carmen's Hall lor members only.
Refreshments  wlll  be served and a
good   time   Is   assured.   It! Is haned
that all members possible will turn | neighborhood
Attention was drawn thit week to
n member ol tbe "Prospec o■•' • itnfl,
r.sorctln" tho condition of the water
wblch lays stagnant alongside* the
r- nd between tho Hospital ami Blater
On mnk lnt careful no'e of this we
saw do"-! ch'c*.,n8, cats, beasts h-nds
an*! nT k'nda of tin c* ni, and old
r tbbah whlrh ba-li been thrown Into
iha water, causln. nn nwful atench
to r'sr. ns tho sun poured Ita heat
ii on lt.
We nre I. on to fndratand that
attention hnd already been drawn to
ths condition , but ns yet no h ng
lat been done to hnvn It cleared a-
wnv. nnd, this dincoroun method of
dumping refuse here tto ped,
It. la honed! hv the residentt of that
d'Btrlcl' that romothlng will be dino
very oillcMy, nt there Is a great pon- 	
slblllty   of   dlaonae being contracted at   t'tt n' ri-o'e
by1 tbo children wh _ playing In the did   not  tilk
th- wag.n road saying "He bas
k.lled me—Virgin Mary, I'm dead."
The woman walked up to Zappia,
putt ng Zappla'a had in htr lap,
and her arms around Zappla'a neck,
Zappla said "I'm dead." ffltn.-ss
than wen.
on September lt'h In Crnnbrook.
Loft with bim in nn ntito i o ,1 e nnd
went to Rampart. Saw Felice Zap-
I lie at Rampart. Zappla camo o.i
tho train. Halt'atorie llni-l.ei-, win
with him. WH.ni.ia nnd Cutrl were
at Il.imiart he'o'e the train arrived.
Zappia and Hurl,cro came on train
to station to telegraph at 4 40, Zappla and Cutri tal ed en
returning    to   Zappla. the   atatloii   plnllorin.   Zappla   aald
Alter thnt the doctor, and Conatable be did not think Cutrl would have
Moi-rlB came. Tho doctor examined taken witness away from- him (Znp-
Za.i, li and placed him In an auto-lpla). Cutrl rei Hod (but he (Zap-
mobile, and nfter having our names | ia) knew thnt Cutrl bud to take the
taken, we went In the automoblo to woman down to Cantellla. Zappla
tha bus Hul ut Cranbrook. Saw said "If you want tbe woman give
Zap la    |n   the his.iltal, a'tcrwnrd. | mc $100 and you cnn huve her, Ih.n
when tlrst telegram was sent and all
lour when the second telegram was
sent. All then went outside and sat
down, Cutrl saying to witness,
'■ laat; your satch i and yau cun go,
but Zappla cant go wltb you."
iMtuesB was le-nving Zappla'a bro-
ther becnuao shu waa go.ng to get
mu.i.id. 'Ihen Cutrl said "KHh-r
give me tho $100 on tbe woman, or I
wlll go back to Cinahroo.," 'lhis
waa said an the* statu,i.' platform,
Witness wua not nfruid uf trouble
liccnuau Cutrl Ind aald that be
would do iiotli.ii; to Zsppin. After /„;'plie was allot bo gave a revol
ver and wietcb to barbero. 'I'he gun
was in tbo hip pocket ol his trousers
Uarbtro and thn witness were together when the wltn S. saw tba
i.nsh ol tbe Ilrst shot. Wltuess went
to Zappia and liar-hero ran towards
I'ul.i.i. This wus utter thine shots
wore fired.
wound in hiB right leg and. another
on the left side nt. tho ninth rib, the
course oi the latter being somew-nat
downward. Witness did not think
the wo. nds wore caused by soft-
nosed bullets. The opening on the
1 -ft side was small Is'iiu- sli-lilly
larger at tht* exit. It made an opening in the intestines in three places,
touched u kidney and penetiatcd lh:
din. h ag. Zappla died on September 18th. Tho cause of d.atli being
ebock from u bullet wouud and loss
of blood. At at post-mortem examination lt was hald that death wus
..oni a bullet wound.
Annlbale Piigura swo*n:
Witness lives at Itumpurt uud is
employed by tho C.P.R, Wns coming homo Irom work with ihree other
men nt about six o'eock when he
saw a woman ahead <'. him on tha
track, she was beckoning to two
mi ii Witness then slew one of tha
men shoot. The man tired throe
(hits. Witness saw the mnn shot nt
fall back when the tirst shot was
tired; at the second shot h. wna at
the hent; nnd nt the third ha fell ln
the dump. The man who tired tbe
eh ,ta then ran uw-ay Witness thin
went to aee the mun who was shot.
Saw b.ood on him. The woman '-nl
another man waa with lilm. Witncaa
could uot recognize the man who did
tbe shooting.
Cross examination.
Witness wus coming home to tha
section house. He saw the woman
flrBt then the men. They were walk-
ing u * the track. They did not seem
to have any trouble. WitneBs was
three telegraphs poles away whn
the shooting commenced. Was taking
the hand-car frum the track.
aaw tbe deceased at tho undertaker's
Nolhlng was tn'tin Irom his parson,
n i money, nothing.
nroM ommlncd by Wilion. *mv B„     „Vnii    m|| ff0 hnw „   ,ih,y
Went, to Rampart nt 4 p.m. /an-' M'wl witncBH it tliu wniu.--l tn no
I la ind he were worMD*. toucthar, *«d wilnemi repllwl Mint; "; hi WO'J'd
and wltncea went with him. Did P0 With tbe ono thut pnld tho inonny
not uon the poUrc before (coin*. h*'d Th • Cutrl entil "IC you wimi. thi
no tnft with them, flaw Chh. o' womnn back to ('ranbruol. «W« mo
Poller- Tow on tho stat'on platform back my money." Zappla wild "I
b-fo-e K'iiR. D6tf *-M B-Vn y°n tho womnn VI you nl"
with   witn._t.   Don't, |"-0
Cutrl   M'd    "I will kIvo you $10(1 if K.-dlrr-i-t examination,
you   wlll    lot mc j.o In ponce."   Cu-      mimm   W)W   /|1((()|ft   _..,_ Hj(r|j_ro
trl   then   nave witnem. tho 1100 nnd ihj w..tch ^ roVo|V(jr    „.„„,,,. t(,,,k
ttltnOBI Kftvo earn., to Zftppta, Zappla ,ll0 ruVOlvor from bin hip in.k-H. Did
f30    more.'
not   !<<_  tlm   revolve,    n   zapi i .'.»
.Hindu   but   ho    hud   bio hand In bin
i "■'i.'-t all tbo Ume.
Dr. Geo, *K. McKinnon eworn:
Wm called to attend Felice Zappia
nt   tho Ht. Kui-Tiii' hORpltal on Hep
lember ic,   He wan Buffering Irom n
cutri replied'that gun-efcot wound, on   examination it
Inow   whether   ZaPPln   tnlt*_d   with'be   would   onlv pav $100.   This WM   was found tbat Zappia hnd a bullet
LUgl Torigt.BH7, sworn
Witn.us was at linminrt, wo-kins
for Ihu O.P.R. ny Hepieniber 16, At
a! nit six o'clock v.imi (sa saw a man
and n women on. the trnck. Two
telegraph polei further on were two
more men. Witn-si. snw three bred,
ono man fell aown nud at! the thin)
t-.h'it tbe H.imc man fell Into thn
dump. After that ili ■ witness went
down to look at the man wbo was
Hhot, The one who did the hIm Otlng
run down the track, a man and' woman waa wltb the wounded man,
WltnOfli. did no!* hear the man say
anything, After the doctor came,
witness helpial put (lie woimdrd umi.
In the nutomoljllo.
Crolfl examination,
When the Ilrst shot was llred, wit
n-i<n thought It was a torpedo. At
tb' BOCond shot bu saw the man keel
over Mil fall down.. Could t nny
thnt. the wounded man wnn rinnni
away, only, «aw tho man fall at the
th id shot—down thfl dump. Tho women ami the man, Dnrbeio, wcm. the
flret at the side of tbe wouiuP'd man.
The mnn waa lying down whin wit-
neil got there. When WltnOfli saw
him, tho wounded man was In thiamin uf thc woman, bn wh. complain
ing of pain, Witii*h*; was beside the
wounded man while Uarbcro went to
ih\ stntl'-n. Barbero was away a-
bout ten or twenty minutea. Tho
wounded man did not speak. Wlt-
ncfl.. went Lack aga.n before the
doctor came aud the wounded mau
wuh Htill lying down.
Constable A. W. Collins sworn:
is a provincial constable stationed
at Waldo. Located Cutrl at White-
fi.h, Mont, .'.aw blm got od tlu
train ftt 10 p.m. Was not sure that
he was the mnn. Next morning saw
bim walking the street and wae then
satislied that tie, was the man he
wanted. The Chief of Poliice oi
Whitetitfh made the arrest. Cutri
gave bis name as Joe ltoztaaaa.
Upon search, a .32 callher automatic
pistol was found on Cutri. Wltneas
Ind.ntified weapon. The gun was
loaded i.n I hnd a complete slip ol
cartrUges. Cutrl alao bad another
clip of cartridges in his possession.
rl bc g n h id a t-be.l in the barrel,
nnd the magazine was full. Wltneas
also found live ff20 bills, tbree $10
bills and n small purse with 16 In
American money In It and some
.mn. change, Witnessed asked the
man if he bad ever been in Canada.
Cutri replied that he did not come
from Canada but came from Spokane
He claimed to havo gotten the Canadian 1.1:1s In Vancouver. Said bin
name was n it Bruno Cutri but Joe
Rostenana, Cutri told thc interpreter
that he would come back to Canada
if his fare waa paid. Th.. next day
Cutri said' thnt be was willing to go
back to Canada on a guaiantte of
having bis fare naid. Tbe chief ot
I o i«e at Whitensh too'. Cutri ln an
atitomol.il'! ucrotis the line at Gateway, after crossing the hue witnese
tooa him in charge n d placed him
n goal at Waldo.
Conetnble Morris sworn'
as present when the dying declaration of Police Zuppla was taken bjr
Police Magistrate Kyun, on September 19, at the St. EOugene hospital.
!■*  proveznno sworn;
Is an Italian living n Crnnbrook,
Was called in to Interpret the dedar-
ntton of a n.au named Zuppia, wbo
wnn in a dying condition at thc St.
Eugene hospital. There were present
Judge Rynn, Constable Morria and
himself. The document ei-0-.alus all
statements   made   by   tho   deceased.
Sglvatore  Barbero recalled;
Wit ne. s stated thut tho deceased
Zappla gave him a gun aud watch.
Zappla took the gun from his b p
pocket,   'I'lii' watch wiih hanging from
ESnppln's clothing oe tbo right side.
Wil ilea i cannol say whether tho re-
volvor wuh loaded or not.
Tho formal charge of wilful murdei wai* tlnn read to Cuttl by'tbe in
torprotor ant tha magistrate commit-
t'd him for trial at a court of compel'nt jurisdiction on the charge of
wilful murder.
I Hulvatore Barbero nnd the woman
Marie Antonio l-i'H.-lttnerce were
placet) under I. ,000 br n is to appear
at    trial,   and in default, they were
j locked up in the County Jal. TIIE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
iiriiili! Cattle
i'Ibs 12, Judge Gibson.
1.   Hrat   two   typical   grade   dairy
rows in uiilk,    .1.  A.  Pringle.
;i.   Beit two   yoar old grade belter.
.1. A. Pringle, W. B. Iiurdgett.
4.   Rest   one   year old grade heller.
.1, Brennan,
ti.   Best   cow    in    milk, confined to
owner."   of    n,il    more than two
i*i,w„.   i). Mooro, 11. Doris,
Beat   Dairy   Cow   anl   Colt,   J, A.
Obampion Bull,   T. Austin,
I Champion ('nil.    ,1. A,, Pringle,
Ohamplon Hairy ("ow.   J. A. Pringle
Champion,  Ayreehlre   Cow     J,   A.
Best Registered Bull.   ,T. Austin,
Class ao, Judge J. T, Pargeter
Mrs. .1
Several of our most attractive
Fall Styles are J^orfolks.
Tlit* "Norfolk" Suit has been accepted by the best
dressed men of the country, for business as well as
for outdoor sport**, and motoring.
We are showing several distinct fall styles in Norfolk
Suits-in new Tweed mixtures and basket weaves.
Com*-* in and see all our attractive fall styles in Suits
and Overcoats.   $18.50, $20.00, $22.50 up.
McCreery Bros.
C -ant-rook, B. C.
1 St..
i    Registered Collie Dog
A. Tanner.
:i.   Collie   Dog,   open olaea.   W, P.
Smith, v. Qoderla,
i    Collies, bitch, ..pen clnaa,    .. M,!
-    I-', \   Terrlerti   opeu   dnss dog,
r. li. O'Connell, Mny Brake.
s.   Fox Terriers,   open cl aat, Pitch
Bdwin   Malcolm,   Grace   Mo.ar-
McFarlane, i'   Burton,
-.i   Settert, dog.    .1. Brooke.
in    Setters, bitch     .1   Smotce
1'    a cker    Spaniel,   dog,     1.     P.
11    Cocker   Spaniel,   bitch,     11.   a. -
1:,    irirtb Water Spaniel, dog.    John 1
Black. Walter Laurie.
ii.    Irish   Water Spaniel, hitch     it
T.  Williams,   il.  11.  WIHIs.
17. imli Terrier, dog.   Jake Brooke.
18. Hull Tori-tor, bitch. Mis. P.
19. Hull Dog, dog.   it. A. pye.
81 St. Bernard, dog V. M Christum.
•a. St. Bernard, bitch, s. Macdonald.
clnss .1, Jiiilue ,1. T. Pargeter
1.   Beat   Cat    on   eihibition.    Mrs,
Maatrey, Mrs. J, Brennan,
®he llvo*pectot*, ©vaubvooW, i§. C_J
B«I'*.BI,I8H«D    1191
ra___d Kv.r. Saturday   Mornln§ st Orasbmek, B.O.
T.  M. Christian,  Manager.
Pottage to Amerloan, European ,.u»  otller foreign countrltt,    51) c—ta   ,
year  aitra.
ADVERTlSEUEVi s Advertising ratea furnished on applicatloa. No
advertisements but those "I a i.pntal'le character w.ll be accepted lor
publication. ,      -
ADVERTISERS ami SUBSCRIBERS—Onlett nutice to the contrary
Is given to local manuger advertl ttmentt am! tubtcrlptlona will ba kept
runalng aa.l charged up agalnat tbeir account.
Judge Gibson.
| Sec.
i   1.   Team in harness.   W. E. Worden
.1. Hied,
i   2.   Mnre anil   foa'„  both competing,
F. Clifloed, J. I-:. Kennedy.
I   4.   One year old Colt, inure or geld-
m ..    It. K. Futa.
Class :i. Judge Gibson
i Sec.
'   1.   Stallion, any) age.    A. Doyle.
19th YEAH
Tb.* lOtmi K.„,iiimi Pull Fair
held in Ornnbrook Iimt week m now u
thin,; .,1 Uu- past. Many lessons
were taught mul Icnrnctl bs Uu* ox
hlhlts i-h iwn, umi coimlileruhlo In
eight, by lln- .ui/ui'i ,u t'rt.nbrook
unil dlatrlct, wna pun,.,I ,,i ihe pro
ducto which im- produced in Uii*
vory pleased tn award bim many nl
tin* prizes he Inn! received.
Mi. .1. T. Pargeter, nf Nanairoo,
who lin.l ib- Judging ul the poultry
wus im-.Iiiy delighted with the quality nl the lurils nml remarked cn the
possibilities nf this Industry m tbia
district. 'Up- number shown waa
considerably  ubove tlml oi  previous
In mulling n review ..I tie- l-'nu nl yenra mul u evidently wtnt to
this Hm.- wi- mlghl particularly Prove thn! the Induntry in tins, dls-1
mention tho lad thai the itulgea up :llil'* ••"« " growing one
pointed passed up .ili now-n ilu- ni i Both ,,i tb- Judgea
terinr. and ilu- const cltlca of the| lookol forward t
Province, ond In paaaiuo  rcnuirka   ui1
on tin- eiliil.it.- thoy It rn- i ii called
upon     tu    Judge,    particularly    tin
poultry mnl Block, Ihe-   i
to   suy    tlmt   tlu- exhibit
■aid    thoy
another > isit ut
me   future    time ,*h n tbey would
able to* see even fur lnrgcr exhlb-
i in the poultr*   nml stuck sections
•il! tb.m  ilu". hud wltn'ssed   this year,
vn iu '    In  tlu-  haxhlbftlon  Hall,  where the
Cranbrook con compare very favor J fruit oxhlbita were placod, it wuh
ably with mn other they lave setti observul by the vlaltora thnl the
dunni* then- travels i. the various larger amount sliov.n wort'exhibits
(nil fairs nf tin   Interior. received   from   Creatt n      while tbia
The quality and quantity of the wna un nnlehlnble (act, the exhibit
stock Bhown -.in" much above tb»- j ot-s from the St Biugsne .Mission
nveragt. Tbe Bnmc might also be Woi.tshtirg Wyclllle and otber places
Bald ol the numerous BXhlblta In tbe   m    thla    -listr.'-t were too busy get
Class 4,   Judge Gibson.
1.   Stallion   any age.    P. Matheson.
ClasR r>.    Judge Gibson,
li.   Mares,    under   15    hands,   with
I'oal at. foot.    J. Reld.
3. Two   yeur   old   lilly ur gelding,
w. p. Doran.
4. Ono   year   old   lilly   nr   gelding.
H. Hollander,
a.   Foalol 1918.    J. Reld.
7.   Sin. 1- driver in harness,    W. F.
llornn, Dickinson _  McTavlsh.
Clnss c,    Judgo Gibson,
Gentleman's   Baddlc   horse,   151
lunula* or over,     I-'. Cllflnrd,    R.
K. Futa.
Ladles'   saddle   bus-.     A.   H.
Boys'   and   Girls' saddle coney
14 J hands nr   under.    Elsie Tay
lor,   May   Pattinsoti.
poultry  section
Mr. Hi! Bon, Iin r ■ thc atock,
remarked upon th" possibilities thin
lay uh'-u.i ..I th     dl trie!     i   ,   itock
tin- :n   'ii—, harvest,   s<»  they  were
rial '■ to prepare theli  exhibits this
a- .!-     ii    previous   years.     This
i-i i. .,s -, j.   - nth  t,   '... regretted
producer   mi.1,  particulate    Irew   ut as tne exhibit*, usually received from
tentlon t., tt ihlhits shown by  ■'    ,_, •< irters   ur"   "I   such an ad-
A.  Pringle,    ol    the    Hills de    Imi-. •■ Iruhh   quality
.avin;       tint     conaldernbh       redll owing    to    th.-   lad  tlm*  tin- pru.- i
should be given I        no  '   Ll_>1    hnd   not    I n   made up In lull
lay ..ut hla ii'-"1'-  In "ich   ,   «   •  a" „■  ,h   nolH  ,,, publication lust  week
tn   bi n-   in   only    rem '":"1 stock   wt      ,.r ialle   tu produce it, we
snd   Hint    "'. '!'■ i    ii   l ih'i "'',', nn  howovir, giving th,. same In tins
Such   ,,    -vim   ''■             hi M    ■ ... .      ,   .... benefit ,,. ,!„. ,„■,,,. wi„
"'.III         '..     "1         ll        *<   ""'1     "' new   il". I   '..I    leaders
reive    .ill   th     • ii   '   i       ■   —I  irei -|-|... prize i ones   will I... given ou'
in    lurth.-i i'.-              ■■'  •      'U' to all prl-e winners   neit  Saturday,
* 1,1 a lm-    'll"   \"■■ I'  Oi toi,-!  Ith   ,- il,"    fBce . • tl,"  Min
Mr. Pm ,',..■ h ■■■•-   in        '  al   el cultural     Vatoclatlon,    between    tho
ceptlonallj   I   innllt)     .- mt hn-tts   ,,. . ,"i and  Iim ;n the afternoon    ami    7 'iti .tnd II Uu in th. even*
•^1 -
\ _jy
/     HFTak "_m
■     ____%' \
ct i
''lass 7,  .ludg" Qlbtl ti.
I    Bingle   delivery   horso   mil rig,
P. Hums _ Co., Ira Manning,
2.   Bingle heavy dray horse mull rig.
''ran',rook  Jobbers,   W,   E.  Wot-
l<    don,
il.   Hrny- team and rig.    w   E. Warden Mr. t nn' second,
' bampion Mare    P. Clifford,
I h implon   Two    .ear   uld      W. p.
Foal ol 1918.    Vi. E. Worden.
11.-st Team,   suitable for lumborn.cn,
Creslirook  Sush „ Iloor fn.
' h-,in] Ion    registered    stiilliun        \.
Besl     Inal     r,|   [9_   ; hown   111   general
purpose class.    J.  IC. Kennedy.
1913 Fall Fair, held in
lUIAPT houses
uss i,   .it.tit.. Gibson
, He
"I've been wai tlm here (or
tucar ptople and 1 don'l *•*' them
«.  t_"
"tkty tsmj btvt eats jwuT
1, Htallinn, anv age, reglttored.
tibia!"  Entile,",,   St.  KiiKiine  Mia
slon, A. Doylo,
2, Stnlll'.ti    anv  aire  or   grnde.    J
2,    BrOOd  Mai'-,    tnlilvllt    lout.     W.
E.  Wnt-lei).
i,.    Fnsl ol 191.1.    W.  E.   Worden.
H.   Lumberman's Tanm.    Cranbrook I Sec
clnss t,   Judge Ollwon,
Reglstrret*  Bull   any   am
Donald Bros,
• in,.. ii,   Judgo cu,",n
Itei'iiitete.l     It., T.     ■[     Aim
v   Pringle
Register-*! Gow,    J, A   I
llrsi., second mid  third.
Registered Holler,   one  i.
under   two   yenis     w   p
Dairy Mi irtho in
cinis in,    Judgo Gibson
Hash nnd Poor Co.
1     n.i'giBleri.,1  Hull      V,    fl    lln r.icot t 1
:.i-.   13    Judge GibBon
1. Broud sow with litter. J. Brennan, M. Troop.
2. Champion, Brood sow. J. Brennan.
3. Two butcher boits. Hurry Poria
M. Troop.
Class an,  Juilg. II. II. Willis
1.   Asters.     Mrs.   E.   H.   Sinter,   W.
M,  Harris.
i.   Panaics.    Mrs. .1. A. Murray, W.
M.  Harris.
4. Sweet  peas,    !,.  p.  Sullivan.
6. Best General Exhibit. Mrs. H.
E.  Blater,  Hei tba  Hickenbotham
7. Geranium, John Mitchell, Mrs.
w. Hayward.
v. i .her variety flower plants. Mrs
I*'.  Pc-all,  .Mrs.  E.  H.  Slater:
9,   Ferns.      Mrs.    A.  A.  McKinnon,
Mrs.  E.  H.  Sinter,
ll).   Foliage    Plant.    Mrs. H.  White,
Mrs. W. Huywnrd.
11. Best General .Exhibit foliage
and floworlng hoiiBit plant. Mrs.
E. H.  Slater, J. Mitchell.
12. Bouquet, cut llowers. Mrs K.- H.
Slater. L. P. Sullivan.
13. Bouquet, wild llowers nndi foli-
a«e. Mrs. J. F. Smith, Miair A.
14. School (h'dren'a Collection of
Fresh Wild llowers and plants.
Annie   Johnson,  Ellen  Johnson.
15. School Children's Collection ol
Pressed Wild flowera nud planta.
Nettle  Johnson, Ellen Johnson.
Queen Quality
Shoes for Women
Class 31
.lude-cs   Messrs. O'Hara nnd De Wolf
2.   Pupils   tinder   9 yeurs.     Ijiwson
Clwillinn, Margaret Lacy.
■I.   Pupils under 11 yeara.   Ella Fenwick, Isa Cameron.
4. Pupils    undor   13   years.    Orvnl
Thompson,   Itoae Fenwick.
5. Pupil,  under  10 years.     Francis
Priimmond, Bay Gould.
ii    Pupils under 13 yeai..     Margaret Davis.
S.   Olive White,  Robo Fenwick.
'>■   Pupils under 12 years.   Isn Cameron, Hob," Fenwick.
10. Puutls   undor   14   yenrB.    Albert
Laurie,  Lewis Wllllcombe.
II. Pupils under 17 ueara.     Gordon
Wallinger,  Dorothy  McKay.
12.   Pin.,1s    under   9 vents.    Nortnnn
Doaeh, Gordon Woodman.
PI.   Pupils' under   11    years.      Jake
Wise,  Ed.   Bnrnhardt.
11. Pui lis iiiulei' 13 years.   Hose Fen
wick, George Faro.
15.   Pupils    under    17   years.     Vigil
Santo,  Ilrst and aeeond.
"1 no, n tclf-mide man, I'd navt
you kivw, niv dear"
"l hope so. For heaven's suae
don't go around telling v-ople t
made you whal you are.'
We have secured  the   agency  for  this
well known shoe and we will soon have
a full range of styles and sizes.
The prices will be about the  same as the large
departmental stores of Toronto charge, but when
you buy them you take no chance, because you get
your proper size and the style you like.
Pupils    under    13  yearB.
line Ito. Rose Fenwick.
Pupils   under   17   yenrs.
Webb, Edith' Macdonald.
D. M.
IS.   Pupils under 13 yenrs.    Ing Wai
Hoy, Willie Daniels.
19. Pupils under ir, years.    Dorothy
McKay. Beatrix Harris.
20. Pupils    under    10    years.      Joe
Frost, Norman Beach.       ;
21. Pupils under 12 years.    Moh On.
22. Pupils* under   10   years.   Muriel
Baiter, Doris Sainsbury.
23. Pupils   under   12   yeara.     Irene
Beacha Florence Rutledge.
25. Pupils   under   12   yearB.    Harry
Webb, Alen* Mennie.
26. Puplla under 14 yeara.     Vincent
Fink.    Edwin Malcolm.
27. Pupils   under   10   yeara.    Roto
Johnston, Gordon Walllngtr.
WOODWORK MODELS,  (with Joints)
28. Puplla under 12f>cnra.    Alei Men-
30.   Puplla  under   17 yeara.   I'nrdu.i
Walllnger, Jack Wilton.
32. Pupil .  under   17 years,    Wilfred
Pallas,  A.  Powers,
33. Ilcrthn Olll, Dora Pye.
34. Pupils   under    7   y*ara.     Alice
3!i.   Pupils     under    1    years.     Tom
Reekie, Muck Kirkland.
3C.   Puplla   under   11    yenrs    Bruce
Laurie, Ellen Johnson,
37.   Puplla   under   13   yenrs.   Annie
Orr,  Jack' Kirkland.
(In Cluv( or riasticene)
35. Puplla   under   8   yeart.    Violet
Jonca, E, chapman.
41. Kooteaty Wild Flowera.    E. Mac
donnld, Dorothy Webb.
42. Kootenav- Orators.    E.   Macdonald, Dorothy Well,.
4r,. Sthoul Room doing the heat In
Botanical Collections for shield
given by T. H. Gill. Won by B.
Macdonald snd Dorothy Webb
for Room One, Crnnhrook Publle
10. Mechanical Drawings, geometry,
scale drawings etc. Wlllred Dallas, Mali Bing.
12. Beat hull dozen plates. Mrs) J.
A. Tanner.
13. Ornamental Piece. Misa Cartwright, Mrs, J.  A. Tanner.
15. Burnt Wood.    Mrs.  Storey.
16. Carved Wood. Mra. .1. S. Brake
D. Moore.
17. StenclUing. Mrs. E. M. Harrison,. Yahk, B.C., Misa H. M.
18. Brass and Copper Work. Miss
Elsie Van Slype.
20. Four Pictures to iUuBtrate the
Pour Seasons as they obtain in
the   Kootenays.     Mrs. H. A. Mc
21. Sli best photos on velox paper.
Miss A. M. Cartwright, H.
22. su best photos on tollo paper.
Mrs. H. A. McKowan.
Class 32
.liid|/ea, A. . nlrbalrn and Mra. R. M.
2. Animals Irom ill* .In oil nnd water colors. Miss Vigil Santo,
Clara Whitehead.
a l.imdsmpi'H „r aeuacapos, oil
ami waler crjlora, Mra Byrne,
I'lnr,, Whitehead.
4. Btlll Llle, Irulla llowera, <-tc.,i In
oil nntl wnter colore. Mm. II.
While, Vigil Hnnto.
li, Piilntliii-B on silk, satin or aim-
Hln, material. Mrs. ,1. F, Lower, Miss J. M.Horkena.
ti    Portralti or   ngure.,   Mist Annlt
H.   Leudscapea ant" seascapes
Annie Ryckman.
Class .13, Judge L. T. Gardner
1. Print Butter, in lit, prints, no
less than tbree pounds. Mrs. Entla McPbec, Mra. A. C. Marrlaon
2. Solid l'ucted Butter, not lets
than it 111. Mrs. II. H. McClure,
Mrs. A. O. Morrison.
3. Best Plsplav ofliltrtter In crocka,
bricks or prints, not leaa than
Sth. Mra. Kudu McPhee, Mm. II.
H, McClure.
Best Cation ol Milk* exhibited in
bottlea (Judge, Dr. Ilcll.ll W. E
Worden inn points, Mrs. Enlu
Mcl'lute  82   points
Claii'l 35
Judges.   Mra.   R. Klmuton and' Mrs.
W. R. Marshall.
1. White Bread, two lonvea. Mrs.
11. B. McNeil, Mra.  J. Levett.
2. Bread, Graham os Brown, two
loavcB. Mrs. Haalam, Mist
3. Cake, glrla nnd-r 15. Hilda
Hood, Malilo Brown.
4. Biscuits, girls under 15. Maple
Brown,  Edith  McDonald.
!>.   Candy,    lib,    girls under   15,
Wtnda Ormn McNabb, Dora Pye.
6. Cake Layer, iced. Mrs D.
Moore, Mrs. Pyman.
6n. Cake, lo'il. Mlaa H. M. Col-
llngt, Mra. D. Moore.
7. Cake, fruit., Mrs. II. White,
Mrs. G. P. Tlsdale.
8. Pie, Apple. Mrs. O. B. Willis,
Mrs. Pye.
$. Pie, Lemon. Mrs. Pye, Mrs O.
B. Willis.
10. Pie."   Pumpkin.     No Ilrst.   Mrs.
J. Mitchell.
11. Doughnuts or File. Cakes. Mrs
A. Hrui-an, Dorothy Webb.
12. Cookies.    Mrs Page,  Mrs Pye.
13. TnrtH. Mm. J. Shaw, Mrs. H.
10. II. Lciuiinii.
14. 14. ErhlbllH ol  preserved Fruits.
Mrs. Webb, Mrs. R. llrown.
III.   Wrhlbll. of  Spiced  Fruits.    Mrs.
.1   Murray,
Ijiyer Cake.   MrB, Robert llrown.
Hli Tarts.   Mrs.  J,  Shaw. Mrs. O.
B   Willis,
Two Pies.    Mrs. Lyuiuun.
Fruit ln Economy Jars,    Mrs Brown
Display ol Vegetables In Economy
Jars.    Mrs. R.  Brown.
Display of Meat* and (ish in Economy J ara.    Mrs. R. Brown.
Two loaves ol Bread—Special br.
Cranurook Trading Co.—Mra. u.
S. McNeil, Mrs. F. Dezall.
Two loaves ol Bread—Ogilv ies' flour.
MrB. Jas. Page, Mra. R. S. Mc
Nell, Mrs. Pye.
Class 36.
Judge Ira Manning
1. Honey Comb, in' sections containing not less thaa jib, per
section.   Robert Sainsbury.
2. Extracted Honey, not leas tban
15 pounds.    Hobert* Sainsbury.
. Class 37
Judges Mist Jessie McLeay and Mrs.
R. H. Webb,
1. Embroidering wltb Silk on Linen. Mrs., G. M. Barney, Mies
Elsie Van Slyke.
2. Embroidering with. Bilk on
Crash. Mrs. E. Harrison, Ft.
Steele, B.C., Mis. H. M. Colling*.
3. Embroidering, . punch work.
Mias Klaie Van HI yee, Ilrst and
second prltea,
4. Embroidering, shadow work.
No llmt, Mias, Alice I.e.
5. Embroidering eyelet work.
Alice Pye, Mm.  Liddlcoat.
7. Embroidering    HnndKerch oft   3
initials.    No. flrat,   Berthn Hickenbotham.
8. Embroidering 5 o'clock ten
tlloth. Mrs. W. II. Davis, Wyclllle, B.C., Mra. S. Taylor.
t).   Center    piece     embroidered    In
white   silk   or linen.   Mia. Haalam, Mrt. I..  Loveck.
10. Center piece erobroideredl In
white. Miss Elsie Van Slyke,
Mrs. P. Tlsdale.
11. Trav cloth, embroidered, Mrs,
L. Loveck, Mrs,, Haslam,
12. Table dollies. Mra. Haslam,
Mrs. I.. Loveck.
13. Tray Cloth, anv othor kind.
Mrs. G. Tlsdale, Mrs.  J.  Shaw.
14. Sideboard Cloth, embroidered.
No Hrat. Mra. Morrison,,Yahk,
15. Pillow Shams, embroider, d. No
first.    Mra. Tlsdalt.
______» W«lfT.
~2S-C&£J 111111 111 111111 111 1II HH-.* III1111111II1 *****
Professional   Carbs
-an. -
£ob$e   iHotices
***** iiiii nn "i 11 n i "i'-H ni hi 11111111111111.
Court Oranbrook No. 8948.
Meet tn Carmen't Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thuraday ol each montb.
Louis Pearson, Sac, P.O. Boi 911
Vlaltlng Brothert Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets  ln  Curium's  Hall  lat  and
3rd Thursdayt   ln overy  month,  at.
I p.m.   Membership open to Brltlab
fi. T. Brakt, Pret.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Vlaltlng member, cordially welcome
A. F. _ _. M.
Regular   meeting!   on  tht
third   Thuriday   ol   tvery
Vlaltlng brethren wtlcomt.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Let Cranston, Acting Sec.
F.L.8.   _. O.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at etght o'clock,
Sojourning   Companion!   art   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, _
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. II
Meeta tvery Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft 8.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Etw   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invlttd.
. Turnley, W. M. Hnrrla,
N. a. Sec'y
Circle No.  IU
Companlont ol tht Forett
Mtett in Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday ol each month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mra. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Bee.
Visiting   Companion!   cordially  wtlcomt. >6tf
Oranbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meeta eery ini nn
lib Wednesday at 8
p.m., in itoyal Blue
Knight's    Hai    on
Ha' or Street.
W. M.  Erler, Dictator.
R. 8. Garrett, Sec'y
Moots in Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Moots every 2nd and 4th Thuraday
ot each month at 8* p.m. tharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, Roc. Bee.
Oeo. Ludda, chlel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
President-0. R. Shtppard
MeeU regularly on tht Flrat Friday
evmlng ol tach month,
Information on Poultry matttrt
Addreii tht Secretary—A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 851, Cranhrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursdny In
Roynl Blaek
Knlghta ol Ireland .,all at 8 p.m. tharp. Visitors
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. WUliamt, Secy.
Scobell. Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure B__&jt
Alcohol, Tobacco and Druga. It counteract! the
afltcla almolt In.tBntly-rnmove. ll! cravlafl,
Altar taking Iha treatment there wlll neve, ba any
■aad toWduk latoilcanti or uae drug, again, Cu
be ilvea secretly. We h.ve yat to hear of ona
Ullme. Mailed under .ep.r.te cover lo >„_■«•
__. .Plica II.Ml box, o, a Imiea ler tlCN). Ties
ttrt.ll Mh Co., lit. tlmt*.aslata. Oat.
Barrltttri, Solicitor! and Notarlta
Monty to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    Brtttih Oolumbla
Civil   and   Mining Engineers-British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 236
Phont 221
...    B.O.
Dn.   KINO   ft   ORB EN
Phyiician! and Surgtont
Office at Residence, Armatrong ATI.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons ■ • 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoon! • • 2.00 to   4.00
Evenlngi • • - 7.80 to   I.!0
Sunday* 1.20 to   4.10
Oranbrook,     -    .    •    •    •    B.O,
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Aveaua Ne«t lo City Hall
Opaa Day aad Night PboieUl
Funeral Dtreotor,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers fie Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Coat.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Notice Is hereby given that on tht
16th day of Sept., 1212.
Oeorge H. Thompson, Esq., Judge! of
the County Court of East Kootenay,
that .linnet A.Arnold,Olllclal Admlnls
trator for thnt portion of the County
of Kootenay Included In tbe Electoral District of Cranbrook bt Ad
iiiiiilslrutur ol all and singulur tht
rotate of Francis Duncan Cameron de
ceased Intestate.
Every person Indebted to the laid
deceased Is required to make payment forthwith to the muleialgned.
Every perton having In posteealon
tflects belonging to the decanted It
required forthwith to notify tht
Every creditor or other ptrton
bavlng any claim upon or Interest
in tht dlttrlbutlon of tbt otlnte of
tht laid dictated It rtqtilrcd to een.!
before tbe 28th day of October 1913,
next, by regltttrtd mall addrteasu
to tht undertlgntd, bit nnmt and
addrtta and tbt full partlculati ot
hit claim or interest, and a statement of bis account and tba naturt
of tha security (If nny) btld by him.
After tbe tnld lust mentioned dute
the Administrator will proceed with
tho distribution of the estate having
regard to thott clalma only of which
ho slinll have had notice.
Dated nt Cranhrook this 23rd day
of Stptemhtr, 1913.
.1. A. ARNOLD,
M "t. Olllclal Administrator.
EPectrlc Restorer for Mer
Ph OlDhODol reetoree eve, j ne, va In the, ts..
ggaigg la III prove, tenil.m I reel _,.
vln, aad vitality. Fraoiatuie decay and all aernia
nakna-a averted ll •net.    Plwapbaael wll.
make you ana* man.  Pilce lie boa-oi two Ini
Ooal mining rlghta of tht Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tht Yukon Territory, the North
wttt Ttrritorlet and in a portion of
tht Province of Britlth Oolumbla,
may bt leated for a term of twiat-r-
ont yean at an annual rental ol |1
an acrt. Not more than 2,(60 acret
will bt leaied to ont applicant.
Application for a ltaae muat ht
madi by tht applicant ln ptrton to
tht Agent or Sub-Agent of the dlitrlct in which tht rlghtt applltd for
art tituated.
In surveyed territory tht land mutt
bt described by tectlont, or legal tub*
dlvlilont ot tectlona, and ln untur-
vtytd territory the tract applied for
•hall bt ttaktd out by tht applicant
Bach application mutt bt accompanied by a fee of IB whlcb wlll ha
refunded lf the right! applied for are
not available, but not othtrwttt. A
royalty shall bt paid on tht merchantable output of tbe mint at tht
rate of Svt cents per ton.
The pereon operating the mine thall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon. II tbe coal mining
rlghtt art not btlng operated, tueb
return! ahould bt furnlshsd at lust
onct a ytar.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but tbe lessee may
bt permitted to purchase whatever
available turfact rlghta may bt con-
tidered neceaeary for the working ol
the mine at the rate of 110.1. an acre
For full information application
ihould bt madt to tbe Secretary ol
the Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Landa.
W.   W.   OORY,
Dtputy Minister of the Interior
N.B,—Unauthorized publication of
tblt advertisement will not bt paid
for. j_,. «th-_
8EALED. TENDERS addressed to tbe
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Kaslo, B.C.," will be
received at this1 ofllco until 4:00 p.m.
on Tuesday, October 7, 1918 for tho
construction of _, Pile Bent and Timber DecKlng Wharf at Kaslo, District of Kootenay, B.C.
Plans, specidcation and form of
contract can be seen and forme of
tender obtained at this Department
and at ths offices of J. p. Fordo,
Esq., District Engineer, Revelstoke,
B.C.; O. C. Worsfold, E8i., District
Engineer, Now Westminster, B. 0„
and on application to the Postmaster Kaslo, B.C.
Persons tendering ore notified that
tenders, will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed' with their actual signatures, stating tholr occupations and
places of residence. In the catt dl
Arms* the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a- chartered hank, payable to tbe order ol
the Honorable, tbe Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per cent (,10
P.c.) of the amount ot the tender,
whlcb will be forfeited if the perton
tendering decline to enter into a
contract wben called upon to- do to,
or fall to complete tbe work contracted for. If the tender be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
Tbe Department doea not bind itself to accept tho lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public! Works,
Ottawa, September 8, 1918.
Newspapers will not be paid, for
this advertisement If they Insert lt
without authority from the Department—.7276. S.-2t
Diatrict of South-Eaat Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I, Thomas
Christian, Contractor, Intend thirty
days alter data to apply to tho Minister of Lands lor permission to purchase the following described land -
Commencing at a post planted on
tbe EaBt Don'i of the Moyle Rlvor,
near the southeast corner of Lot
10106, tbence east ~20 chains, thence
south 40 chuiuu, thence wost 20
chains, thonce north 40 chains to tbe
point of commencement.
Dat.d August 18th,  1913.
•4-'Jt A. B. Qrace, Agent
District of Hoiitli- Kast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that 1, Philemon
JameB Ooiigeou ol Cranbrook B.C.,
occupation trainman, Intend to apply for permission to purchase* the
lollowlng described lnnds:—
Commencing at) a pott planted at
the north-east corner dl Lot 9209,
theme north 40 chains, tbence weBt
20 cbalna, tbence soutb 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, to point ot
commencement and contalningi 80
acros more or leet.
Dated September 21st., 1913.
Philemon Jnmrs Oougeon,
Alexander Lewis St.Elol
39-9t. Agent,
Dlatrlct of South Kant Kootenay
TAKB NOTICK Hint I, Barney Mc
Ooiildric, of Cranbrook, li.c, occupn
tlon locomotive tngingoor, Intenda to
apply lor pernilaalon to purchase the
lollowlng described landa:—
Commencing at a post planted at
Iho north-writ corner ill l„,t 9211,
thenc north 40 chnins, thence eaat
20 rli-iin-i, tbence south 40 cbalns,
Ihence west 20 chnins to place ol
commen-enunt, nnd containing 80
ncres more or lettt
Dateil September 21st., 1913.
Barney McOouldrlc
Alexander Lcwli, St.Elol
19-U. Agent.
T. F. Green  is opening a
shop for the repair of
Guns, Bicycles
Motor Bicycles,
Cash Registers
and opening safes and vault
Mr. Green has fitted up
the old Land Investment
Co. 's office for this purpose.
Have for sale some
very choice residential
and business lots in
different parts of the
City; also small tracts
varying from one to
five  acres   in   extent.
Call and see them now
before the rush comes.
:* ********* Illinium-111111 III "HHII HI 111
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
ii Phone 177
P.O. Box 264 ::
♦■MM .Ml I llllll Ilim-HIIIIIII 11| H 111111». i
Note thi dressy appearance of
these Penman Sweater Coats
Tliey drape thc figure as  gracefully as a
custom tailored garment because knit-to-form
—knit with exacting care to fit the varying
physical types of men, women and children.
Penmans Sweater Coats retain their marvelous and
pleasing shapeliness—because made from the best
selected wool.   You know you need a sweater
coat—there are scorcsof occasions when it is
decidedly the vogue.   Ask for a Penman
Look Jor the trademark.
Penmans United, Paris, Canada
Sweaters   Underwear   Hoeitrt
Sweater Coats
Dletrlct nl Houth Bail  Kootonny
TAKl" NOTIOB tlml I, Patrick ('.
l.en'iy nl Crnnlirook, n.c, occupation Locomotive lSnitinwi', intend to
npi'lji f,,r pcrmlmlon tu purchnto (lie
Inl'nwlin* OMorlbtd InnilH-
Oomnunelng ,,t ,, potl planted 40
clinlnN north Irom tlio north went
rom-r ol lot U210, thenoo north 4n
clmln., thence, enttt 20 c.hiilii", thenco
O'Hith 40 rtmlnn, thence wont 20
ch-ln, to point ol conitiicncment,
contnlnlnn So ncrot inorc" nr lew*.
Iiiit.il September .Int., 1913.
Patrick 0, l.cahy,
Alu-nndor l.e«in Bt.BlOl
8't-91. Agent,
Dlitrlct nl Hont'i Bant Kootonny
TAKK NOTICB tlmt I, Harry
James Red ol Cranbrook. ii.c., nc-
nu nt .on  dork,  intond nl ni>i>lv lor
I'l'fuii.linn to piiroliatt tin. full,,min:
ihiKcrlhoil, l„ndn:—
('oinmnni'ltii: nt n |ioHt [limited nl
the north wet corner of l.ot 0101,
Ounce north 4ii Chains, th'tico ciihI
20 chains, th no ,, ,o11, in rhnii,.,,
Ihcn-'o wenl 'in rtinliiH, t,, point oi
commencement um! contain.n? no
acres more or 1,<hs.
Dateil Beptembor 2i«t., ml.,.
Harry James Heed,
Aliiaillift"!   Lewlf  HI.Hlnl
*!i.t. Agent.
The photographer caught In the picture thn act that net the wfcole world,
Including Harry K. Thaw, snlckerlng-the arrest of. William Traven, Jerome
attorney for New Tork In the Thaw caie, for gambling at loatfcook.
Information For Fruit
List of Varieties for Commercial and Home Planting
Instructions for Cranbrook District
Thc department of agriculture him
recently issued another bulletin containing information for fruit* growers with a list of varieties for commercial am! home planting, edited by
by It. M. Winslow, U.S.A., Provincial Horticulturist.
The book referred to is known in
the Ciovemment archives' as bulletin
No 51. The information iB of value
not only to practlcnl fruit growers,
but also suggestive lu its methods of
cultivating th. soil,-' anil showing
th_ right varieies for th1 diilerene
districts tn which' each city is located. I
We are giving an extract from) this
publication whlcb has direct reference to Bast Kootenay, and particularly to*kJhe Crnnhrook district. Tho
difficulty of choosing rightly the
kin 1 dl fruit in this district to withstand   tho   varied   temperatures   hus
the more arid parts of the Upper Columbia District, and settlement ls
proceeding most rapidly ln these a-
Up to a fe.\i years ago, the district was largely use* as range land
by a tew large cattle ranches, and
thousands of cnttle were exported
yearly over thc Crow's Nest linet of
the O.P.R. main line. With the development of mining in th'-* Crow's
Nest, and lumbering throughout th-j
territory wherever railway facilities
were sulllcicnt, a local market has
been gradually created for practically everything that is produced. The
district has not been developed lar
enough to undertake looking after
outside markets in any lines. There
is no doubt that small fruits
from the upper part oP the district
1 will he marketed In the* Prairies in
a few  years, and should bring  very
been a Puzzle-   to many in the past   -o0:i    prjCPH>     AlfaHa U doing well
and th ■ following, reproduction will
greatly assist in removing this dif
Acuity to a considerable extent.
This territory includes tbo valleys
of tbe Upper Columbia und the Upper Kootenay, embracing a large
area of agricultural1 land estimated
at approximately 1,OUO,000 acres,
most ol which Ik available for mixed
forming, by dry-farming methods
without Irrigation, The territory
stretches from the International
boundary north west through thfl
Cranbrook and Windermere country,
up to and' including the Oolden section.
Tbe climate i>S the district is senii-
h J raid in character, the total annual precipitation averaging about 16
to 19 inches, of which u considerable
proportion (falls', in the second quarter of the year, at least in the sou
thern half of the district. The record for Golden, Cranbroo't , and
Winner indicate a growing season of
between 175 uud 90 days, the most
favorable records t»«un_; from, tbe
Windermere country. Tho nuniuer of
heat units' runs from 9,250 at do,
den, to 10,000 at Cranbroolt, 10,750
at Wilmer, and 10,750 at Tobacco
Plains, in tho Blko District. Similarly, the moan temperature of the
six hottest weeks iS| f.0.1 degrees at
Golden, 62.2 degrees at Oranbrook,
63.8 degrees at' Wilmer ond 63.9 nt
Tobacco Plains. Tho growing sear-on is therefore* short nnd cool, and
this, by diminishing' the amount ol
evaporation, helps to make moro use
fui tlm amount, of precipitation re*
ceiped. Dry-farming methods are
producing very sntlsfa'-to?y crops of
potatoes1 in the Ht. Mary's District,
rear Crnnbrook, while alfalfa Ih being produced, ma'nly with' supplementary Irrigation, throughout the
entire territory in Htntfl areas at
the present time. Winter tempera-
iin-H run sufficiently low to make
the growing ol most varieties of apples more or loss satisfactory, and
only the ha"dy varieties, which J*
should do .p'-Ht in ihiR district, are
recommended by' the Department.
Th- DlRtrlct is one which will
eventually support „ Iar;c population, based on mixed funning
fruit-growing more or less of. a side
line, an tho possibilities became dem
i net rated. There1 ih no reason why
small Iruit culture shduld not ob'
lain  considerable  success,
Tho soils are variable, but tlm
precipitation being light, Ihey have
not beiii limrh'd of their valuable
plant   food.     The   Analyse, made at
the    Central    fflxporimontal   Farm,
confirmed    hv    prartlntl  fatinlng^i-
perlonco in tba district, show pi very
satisfactory    nupidv    of    potush and
lime, with variable amounts of phon
phorif arid and,  iim in usiinl   In  dry
boll soli, ii low content of nitrogen,
In however,, a very available form.
Mitrli of the soil in a very line,, deep,
rloh, loimy1 silt, and fhoro are ol
course, all eitremes.
Most of tho Innd carries a'small
growth of timber, which costs at
present prices ..iO to .r*0 per\A0re to
clear. Irrigation In being npplied on
several   largs   projects, especially in
and the country has all the requirements for a BUCCessfull dairying and
mixed* farming Industry. Practically tfiO fruit growing is being done
outside of a few very small orchards
here and there, principally of th.
earlier and h trdier varieties, the
fruit of which keeps exceptionally
well owing to thc short and cool -eea-
ton and is marketed at very* remunerative prices locally.
The  following  liBt  of fruits recommended* by   tho  Department   has is
view   hardlnesB   aud adaptability to
Strawberries       Bederwood,    Dunlop,
Uaspberrics:    Herbert.
Red Currants;    Victoria, Red Dutch.
Black Currants     Saunders, Victoria.
Gooseberries:   Oregon Champion.
Sour    Cherries      Early     Richmond,
Sweet    Cherries-      Heine     Horn-use.
Vline Sweet.
Plums and  Prunes:    Wolf,    Hawkeye,
Stoddard, Pe Soto, Cheney.    Also
othor American plums.    Try alt-o
Shropshire,   Damson    and    Relne
Crab    Apples:       Whitney,     Martha,
Pears: Flemish Beauty.
Apples-. Yellow Transparent, Char-
maloff, Teto'sky, Duthes., Weal-
thy, McMahon Whito, Longfteld.
Milwaukee, Northwest Greeting.
The Mcintosh Red and Scott's
Winter nre also worthy of trial.
of the
City of Cranbrook
AfttM   th;s date an.. i'een(,na depot-
It in, fliiwc, etc, in „nj Othtr place
tt ti,-. Kultanot Ground proviii*.
tl,,.* purpote will i". proBecutt..
Notice   I'oarilb   hfive   heen   erectci.
showing   direction,   dlttance nnd lo
c»tl„n .1 NuUtn-c   nround.
t*)y*\M.t City Clork.
"Ht made t bea.i of himself Iut
*Vtt? Wtll, Ut the _nt Urne**-.
Sale of .Lands for unpaid delinquent taxes in the Fort
Steele Assessment District, Province of
British Columbia
Uosb Saskatoon Lumber Ci
1 herebv give uotice that, ou Saturday, the Uth day oi Octoher, A.1 ,  ■••"•»'*« ____,*£B,°„°t\
I. the forenoon, at the Court-house, Oranbrook, H.C, I tha.. oiler ior tale   ,t.  puMIt   auction   tbelMas »     Host Saskatoon Lumber 0o„ Ltd
the list hereinafter set out, of the persons- in the .aid list hereinafter «t out for ^^JX'^
the laid person- on the 31st December, A. D„ 1912, imd lor interest, costs, an.l expeusea, mciuuiug
ot advertlting said sale if the total amount is not sooner paid.
a -
. a*
c d
i r
Brown, WtUlain F Subdivisions i and 11   of Lot
458. Gioup l.'Ue, Kootenay
Dittriot,   'iiji aortt     •» 25
..Idlaa.l, Harry  subdivision   IT   ol   Lot 45S9,
Group One, Kootenay District
576.Si acres         yi
Hugh an'   Livingston     Subdivision   i'i   ol    l.ot 'ilia,
Group tine, Koounuy Dis
trict, 320 acres       tin
Brown, WiUlam F .Subdiv,Biou    39 of    L.ot 4389,
Group une, Kootenai District 1205 acres         Ti
Downs, F., and Hoove,  Estate  Subdivision   31   of   l.ot  4689,
Group one, Kootena) Dis.
trict,    227  acrea        5
Ltacey, Williaui 0 ..ubdivisiou    a   df  Lot 4689,
Grout* une, Kootenay District, 306.12  acres       1.
Huh,  Herman  Subdivision   4u   oi    Lot 4589,
Gr^up one, Kootenay Dis
trict,   169 acres        11
Gorrle, Thomas .Subdivision    41    oi   Loi 4559,
Group une, Kootenay Dis-
trict,   li.O acres       a
Douglas, F   C Subdivision   9    oi    Lot   45a0,
Graii* une. Ko t.nuy District.    409  acres          4T,
Douglas, F. c, ii Chapman, C. A. ..Subdivision   13    of   Lot 4590,
Group    une,     Kootenay    Dis-
Heuderson, George E	
'i.wniend, J. F	
Liaa.l,   George   IL,   	
LtfaSk,  George   IL,   	
Burton D. A., K:  Harr ., 0.
Hilton, Charles 	
l_idluw, Jas. 'I'-, 	
erict,    2'o .ores          a.a.
...Subdivision 18 oi Lot 4590,
Group une, Kootenay District,    451.45  acrea        lus.«u
...Subdivision 19 of Lot 45;.,
Group cue, Kooteuuy District,   1,'U   acres          _*o
...Subdivision 15 of Lot 4591,
Group une, Kootenay District, 639.ri acres        30.Do
..Suudl vision lo ot Lot 4531,
Group Une, Kootenay District 320.24    acres         16.00
...Subdivision 19 of Lot 4591,
Group uae, Kootenay Dis
trict,    1040.26 acreB       195.60
...Subdivision 1 oi Lot 4592,
Qroup une, Koottnay District,   7.118 acres          4.0-J
...Subdivision 57 ol Lot 4532,
Gioup    UUc,     Kootenay    Dis
trict   L5B.H0 acres
Pugh anil Livingston uud the Colum-
tdn _ Koottnay. hallway _ Nav
igation i oiui'i'iiy
Subdivisions 2. a to 14, Lot
357 Group une, Kootenay
district,     157!,  il.*rel      392.80
Pugh and Livingston and ihu Colum
hia it Koottnay Itailway _ Nav
igation  ' oi nl-ni"
.Subdivisions 3, 6, 11, 12 aud
13, Lot 3ou, Group une, Koo-
i.uji.i  District,    800 acres     20480
igutlon Compnny
B_rdsley,   Gtorgt T.
Pugh aad Livingston and the Columbia _  Kootenay  itaiiivay _  Nav
 Subdlvlaiona   t ,,o.i 5   ol Lot
360, Group   i ui",    Kootenay
District,   320 acres            51.20
 Subdivis ons   7 and 8   ol Lot
300,     Group   Une,    Kootenay
Dlttriet, 322.21 acres      S.OO
Pugh and Livingston mnl llm Columbia k Kooienuy Itailway _ Navigation Company   Subdivisions   lo, 14 and 16 ol
Lot 360, Group Une,    Kootenay District, 480 acres       li. 20
Pugh and Llvlegbton und the Columhla it Koottnay Itaiiwuy _ Navigation Company   Subdivisions   1 and 8   of Lot
361, Group    one,   Kootenay
District, 320 acres           61.80
HseUel, Mis. V., and Pugh and lav
lagston Subdivisions   2   to 7  oi  l.ot
361,     Group     One, Kootenay
llislrict, 960  acres       163.60
Pugh and Livingston ami the Colum-
blk _ Koottnay Railway _ Navigation company  Subdivision    9   of    Lot    361,
Group   une,     Kootenuy    District. 160 acrct         51.20
 Subdivisions lu   U and 14   oi
Lot  361,   Group one, Kioten-
uy  District,   480    llCres            25.00
Pugh and Livingston and the Columbia tt Kooienuy llalwny ... Navigation Compnny  Subdivisions   12   and   13   of
Lot  361,   GIOUP   One,     Kooten
uy  Distrirt, .VUI nitre         76.80
Pugh and Livingston ami the Colum-
bla _ Kooiei.ay Railway _ Nr
ligation  Company   	
cbatitrton, Mrs. T.
I   ll.
. Subdivision 16 ot Lot 361,
Group un,-. Kuotenuy District, 160 acres           20.su
Subdivision 7 of Lot 354,
Group une, Koottna* District, 160 acres          19.20
. ml .isioii ll of Lot j:,4,
Group On, Kootmay District
160 acres  ,.,       64.00
..Subdivision 12 ol Lot ,i54,
Gioup One   Kootena*,  Dlttriet
ion acres     ,,4.„.j
Subdivision 1 ol Lot 355,
Group  one   Kootenay   District
160 acres       64,00
Subdivision .' ol Lot 356,
Group   Ulie   Kootenny   District
D',0 ncri't      86.30
subdivisions 12 to 14 "I l.ot
356, Oroup Une Kootenay District, 180 acres      4.',.uu
.Subdivisions 3 to 6 and 11 to
14,  Lot 366,  Group line,  I. ,„
tenay Dlttriet, i2so acres     163,60
The east hall df Lot nr,n,
Gioup un.- Koottnay Diatrict
1280   ncres        163,60
piujh and  Livingston   Slibdlvltlon    I   "I    Lot    it*;,",
Group une  Kootenay  Dlttriet
21,6.15   acres       57,20
KlUy,  Davit  I...   **_tatl ,,l     Subdivision     I    ol     Lot     3511,
Group one  Kootenay  Dlitrlct
1110 acres      19.20
.Subdivisions .',, 6, II to 16 ol
l.ot .,&'', Group im*', KoOtlDay
Dlitrlct,   12811   nries            ;iH4.flll
Pugh and   1,1.111,01 11   ...Subdivision!   7 and 8   of   l.ot
3511, Qroup une, Koottnay District, 320 acres 	
piifh tnd   Living, ton l.ot 0308. Group 'me, Kooten
av District,    lr.    acres   	
I_t. r,4tn, Gioup ons. Kooten
,,y District. 44 acre. 	
Broadwood,  L Lot   133, Group one,   Kootenay District, 250  acres       13.50
Hibiaui   Hoy   	
look,  C, W	
Hamtdaton   .lolm ...
liahl   Jotel'h	
Downs, F., and Hln
Kelly. David I...
Kelly, Divia I...  Ustate "I
Kelly, David   L„   Bltate nl
Pugh and  I. vitlgrti n
pugb and Livingston
is.! .&
5 1.:
J2.00     i 28.76
119 50
2 40
15.65       2 00
2 00
IE.38       2.0ti       223.1!
.40        200
2.00       195.53
2 On
2 00
Myers, .las. A. and 11- O,
N.iuendorp, Henry
..oss (saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...Lot 4140, Croup line, Kootenay  Diatrict,  12„ a.res        6.00
Cosa Saskatoon Lumbor Co., Ltd. ...Lot 1141, Group Ono, Koottn-
, ay   District,   47    acres        3.00
l.ltl.   ...Lot 1,261,  Gioap UUc,  Kooten
ay  Dlttriet, 273 acres 16.00
Pugh and  liviuestm  Lot   7786,   Group   in*,   Koo-
, tenay  District, 320 acres          8.00
DilBC  Mrs   .lessic anil Klslolie  John  Lot  121,   Group  I nit,   Kooleu
a>   11.st. ut.  .1 0  acres         9.00
Lot 2211, 1,roup One, Kootonny Dlttriet,   869 acres        66,00
lamb,  churl 1      l.ot 33,0, Group Out, Kooten-
.j  lii.ii.et, ii.l ncroB      iil.oo
Pugh ninl  Llvlugston  Subdivision   16   ol   Lot   319,
Group une Kootenay  Dlstrlot
160 arr.s        82.00
l'ugh ami Livingston  subillvisi, a   5   ol   l.ot    320,
Group one  Kootenay  Dlstrlot
..."  acres      960
Flost,   Vi.   M  Subdivisions  12   lo   II,   ol  1.01
■121, Group uuo, Kootenay
DiBtrlct,  46S.,'   acres        20.00
l.llblcns,  .lames I..  lot 6422, Group  One,   Kooleu
in   Dittriot,  211 acres        5.00
Gill,  M.   ,1  Lot  8744,  QrOUP  line, Kootenai   DiBtrlct,   160 acres       8.00
Macdon.ild,   Samuel   .... Lot 6168, Gioup une, Kooten
a,  Diatrict, 39,6 acres        3.00
t'arrier,  Frank      l.ot 10100,   Group   Ono,   Koo
tcnav District,  113.28 acres   „      8,00
i'assiuoic,  George   A Lot 6448, Group cue, Kootenay   DiBtrlct,   17  acres         s.oo
Dalslel,  Thomas Lot 7836, Group uue,  Kooun
a\   Dlttriet,    IS acres           2.50
Manners,  1'harles ...l.ot 8753, Group Uue, Kooten
ay    District,   226.42   uores          14.00
Mc 'lure,  11   ll     Lot 7317, Group One, Kooienuy Dittriot,   88 arret        18.00
MOClure,   11    II          lot sail. Group line,  Kootenay  District, 160 acrct      19.00
\_.le.111,  Oliver  Lot 8916, Group one, Kootenny   District,   166.88 acres         4.50
.lolllfle,   Alfred     Iol   1,437,   Group  One,   Kool.n
ay   DiBtrlct,  163 acres       7.00
Arnold, George ..  Lot 677,  Group  Ono, Kooten
ay   District,  320  acres         8.00
i*hoinas,   Alphelis  K  . 1 ot 7663, Group One,  Kootenay   District,  210  acres        25.00
Weber,  Peter  J. Lot 7032, Group ono, Kootenay  District,  4S.94 acres        4.80
Douglas. George  Lot 5806, Group Ono, Kootenay  Dt .rici.  160 acret      10.00
Douglas.  Georee  Lot 7018, Group One, Kootenay D strict, 165 acres        8.00
Cams,   A.   L Subdivision    2    of    Lot    314,
Group One Kootenay District
160  acres       64.0
Heeser, i'. _. A Subdivision   16   ol   Lot   314,
Group   Une,    Kootenny    Dist
trict,   160 acres        64.u0
Fournier,   John  l.ot 1900, Group One, Kootmay District, 240 acres 	
Fournier.   Jobn   Lot 3055, Group One,  Kootenay District, 160 ucres 	
McDonald.  A. A l.ot 2970, Group One, Kootenny District, 317 acres 	
McBean, Alexander and   lurvis J Lot 3010, Group One, Kootenay  DiBtrlct,  160 acrct 	
McDonald,   Alexander 'Lot 3063, Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres 	
Douglas,   ., 0 l.ot 3008, Group One, Kootenay District, 320 acres 	
Douglas, W. ff,  Lot 4824, Group One, Kooten-
,      ay Diltrictl 160 acrct 	
Douglas, F, 0 Lot 4825, Group one, Kootenny District, 40 acres 	
Douglas, ff. W Lot 6671, Group One, Kootenay DiBtrlct, 315 acres      25.00
Arnold,  ElL-nbrth   Lot 6204, Group One, Kootenay District] 77 acres        2.50
Hemhury,  0,  ft Subdivisions   5 and 6   ol Lot
311, Group One, Kootenay
District, 320 acres      64.00
Von (ilrttwald, liaron A Subdivision   9   ol   Lot   311,
Group One Kootenay  DiBtrlct
160 acrea      44.80
Hembury, 0. 11 Subdivision   16   ol   Lot   811,
Group une, Kootenay District
160 acret       33.00
Hemhury, C. R Subdivisions 3 to 6 and 11 ol
i.ot 312, Group Une, Kootenay District,  800 acreB     160.00
Ferguson,  J.   A Lot 2320, Group Une, Kootenay District, 110 ocres      23.20
Hluck, Alexander aid Hosmer
Lumber Company, Ltd lot 363,  Group one,  Kooten
ay District, 2090 acres       150.00
Svec,   Anton  Lot 6251, Group One, Kootenay District   221 acres      12.50
Wnrdrop, W. and Hparwood l.ura- ,
ber Compnny, Limit, u  Lot 6t'60, Group one, Kootenav Dlstr et, 60 acres       8.00
Wilson Creek Lumber Company ,
Limited    Lot 7781, Group One, hojten-
ay District, 75 acres        6.00
Fisher,  George   Lot 8529, Group Ono, Kootenny District, 160 ncres      10.50
.Miiclonil't.   James   A.   (S-owski,
lasimir, Foss, Oeorge O l.ot 1141, Group One, Kootenny  Dislllct,  320  acres        12.50 3.13
lleniburv. 0. R. and Stringer, 11. A.Subdivision    3    of    Lot    310,
Group one, Kootenay Dlatrlct
160 ocres      44.80        7.81
Robertson, J   N Subdivision 7 and 8, 1.01 310
Group One, Kootenay District
320  acres       12.50        23.60
Hembury, c. It         subdivision   1   of   1.01   340,
GlOup   UUc,     Kootenny    Dist
trict,   100 acres          64.00 4.80
Tlsdale,  G,  P Subdivisions 10, 11, 14, 16, ol
l.ot 341, Group one, Kootenay District, 640 acres      32.00       19,30
Laidlaw    I   _   II               Lot 7013, Group uue, Kootenay District, 11,0 ncres      46.00 3.70
Taylor   Lyman J Lot 8106, Qroup ono, Kootenay District, 80 acres 	
Myers, Jas, A. nud R. (' *~** i;M. m' und JS6, Oroup
One,     Kooteuny     Disirict,   824
Lot 708, Group One, Kootoo
ay DiBtrlct, 212 acres 	
MeCallum   ,1   O Lot '.1397, Group One, Kooten
ay District, 318 acres 	
Illitih   H.  f* !'"'• '16'*'   Croup One,   Kootenay Disirict,  1216 acres	
Nelson,   William   Kail    145   nores   ol l.ot 6618,
Group One, Koot-nay District  	
Grady,  J. J I-0'- 8103, Group une, Kooten
ay District, 251 acres 	
Pay .int, _, M Subdivision     '.1    of   Lot   336,
Group one, Kootenny District
160   aores     , •	
Kent.  John G Subdivision    II   ol   Int.   336,
Group une, Kootonny District.
160 acren   	
Iltcrl,ni.rlilr.i,   Annie   L"l 8118, Group one,  Kootenay llml nd   80 acres 	
Maedoiii'll, Ja« \., Gsowskl, Oaslinlr,      '
and Foss, fleorgi tl Lot 2316, Grout, une, Kooten
ay Dlstrlot, 622 ncres 	
Macdonoll, las A., Ofsowskl, t'oidintr,
and Fobs, George 11 Lot 2212, OrtiliP one,  Kootenny Dlstrlot,  416 arret      18.60
..Subdivision   10   ,,1   Lot   364,
cm ip  uii",   Kootonny   Dint
trlCl,   216,13   acres      43.20
U $  Jj
..a)        |
*u a ....
2.56       2.00
.78       300
22.91 •
32 18
23 00
District   ot   South   EaBt   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that David fflUlnm
St. Eloi of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply iur pcr-
misBlon to purchuBO the (following
described Hands:—
Commencing nt a Post plunted 160
chains north and 60 chnins west of
the north-west corner of Lot 9209
(',. 1, Kootenay District, tlun.e oast
20 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thenco west 20 chains, Ihence north
40 chains to point of commencement,
containing 80 acrea more or lets.
Date August 25th, 1913.
David Wllllnin St. Eloi.
36-9t. Applicant
District    of   Soutb    Eust   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that Hurry North-
wood of Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation
butcher, intends to apply lor permis-
tlon to purchase thc iollowinij dumbed lands:—
Commencing at a post plunted 120
chains north ot the north-west io.ni
of Lot 9209, Uroup uue, Koot. nay
District, thenco west 20 chains,
thence sutith 40 chains, thence eust
20 chains, thence north 40 chains, to
place of commeuceiueui, containing
eighty acres more or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913,
Hairy Nortbwood,
3ti-»t. Alexander Lewis St. Kloi
District    of   South    Enst   Kooienay
TAKE NOTICE that Edward A.
Hill of Cranbrook, occupation merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post (lunted 130 .
chains north of the nortn-west Oor-
ner ol Lot 9209, G. 1, Kootenny DiBtrlct, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 cha.ns, in.nee weat 20
chains, thence north 40 chuins to
point ot commencement, conttiiniug
80 acret more or less.
Date August 28th, 1913.
Bdward A. Hill,
36-»t. Alexander Lewis St. ISioi
District    ol   South   East   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that David Hopkins of Craabrook, B.C., occupation
railway Conductor, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase thc following described lands: ■ ■
Commenting at „ post planted 100
chnins north and 20 chains east of
the north-west corner of Lot 9209,
Group Cne, Kootenay District,
tbence east 20 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west 20 chuins, tbence
north 40 chnins to placo of commence
ment, containing eighty acres mon.
or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913,
David Hopkins,
36-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
District    ol   South    East   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that Ernest South
ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation barber, intends to apply (or permission
to purchase the following descri beil
Commencing at a lost planted 160
chains north uud 60 chains west ol
the nortn-west coiner of Lot 92u9,
Group One, Kootenay District, theuce
west 20 chains, th.n.e south 40
cbalns, thence east 20 chnins thenco
north 40 chains, to place ol con,
mencement, containing eighty acres,
more or lets.
Dale September 3rd, 1913.
Ernst So.itb,
36-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
District   „|   South   East   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that Harry Rabl-
cbaud of Cruanrook, B.C., occupation
ruilway conductor, interna to apply
for permission to purchase the foi
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at a Post Pianted nt
the north oust corner ol Lot 9210,
Uroup One, Kootenny District, theuce
north 40 cbu.n.i, tlun.e west 40
chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east. 40 chaina to place ol
commencement, containing one hundred and sixty acres more or less,
Dale September 3rd, 1913.
Hurry  K11i1irb11.nl,
36*9t. Alexander Lewis Ht, Eloi
District   of   South   East   Kooienay
TAKE NOTIOB that Alexander
Lewis St, Hoi, ol I'rliuuio ill, B.C.,
occupation woods foreman, intiiids
to apply for permlaslon to pun-hat..'
Ihe following described lands —
Commencing at 1, post plunted led
chains north and 40 chains west ol
thn nith-w, at corner ol Lot 9209,
G, 1, Kootenay District, thence oust
40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
tbence west 411 chulns, thtnee north
40 chains to point ol commencement,
containing 160 acres more or lest.
Bute August 25th, 1913.
36-9t. Alexander Lewlt St. Eloi
Deputy Assessor and Collector
Fort Steele Asieument District
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
afler date, I intend to apply to tho
Minister ot Lands lor a llcenco to pros
pect tor Conl nnd Petroleum over the
lollowlng lunds situate In thn District of Southeast Kontenay, British
Columbia, In Lot 4698:
Commencing at u post, planted at
or near the Southwest corner ol Lot
7282, and I elug the Southeast corner
Post ol ibirlcs H. Webb's claim,
thenoe North along tlio west lino ol
Lot 7282 to thc south line ol Lot
8732, thence West along the south line'
dl I ot 8733 to the East line „! Lot
10069, thenc,. Smith along the EnBt
line of lot 10069 and along llm Enst
line nt Lot 10071 tn thc North line
of Lot 7284, tbence East nlong the
North line of Lot 7364 to thn place
ol commencement.
Located thit 17th day ol July, 1913
The above phot, >graph of King Manuel ot Portugal and his bride ts exclusive ami the latest portrait taken of the royal couple, whose wedding took
place oa September 4 al .Slitinarlngen. This picture was taken the day before the wedding. The King's bride was Princess Augustine Victoria of Hohtn-
sollern, ouly daughter ol Prince .William, bead of the non-rebjulng line of Hobe.mullein.
Prize List—continued
16. Towels, embroidered. MrB. W.
H. Davis, Wycllfle, Mrs, Haslam,
17. Sofa Pillow, embroidered in silk
or linen. Mrs. J. A.Murray,
Mrs. A. R. Webster.
18. Tea   Cosy,    embroidered.      Mrs.
Oeo. Tlsdale, Alice Pye.
19. Pin   Cushion,,   embroidered.    No
first.    Miss Buddaby.
30.   Pin Cushion,   crochet.    No first.
Mias Maystre.
81.   Towels, crochet..   No tirst.   Mrs,
33. Embroidered Blouse. Mrs. Q. M.
Barney, Misa H. M. Colllngs.
36,   Montmellick     Work.     No   flrst.
Mrs. 8. Taylor.
28.   Hardnnjrer      embroidery.        No
first.   Mrs. Harrison, Yahk.
39.   Swedish davnin".    Mrs. Hnslam,
Miss H. W. Harrison.
30.   Macrame cod.     No   first.   Mrs.
81,   IrlshCroche. lace.    Miss  Byrnes,
Miss Mastrey.
32.   Crochet    work   in cotton.   Miss
B. J, Mills, Mrs, Sanderson.
34. Croch.t work In wool. Mrs, Le-
roy Harrison, Pt. Steele, Mrs.
Butt! Johnston.
36. Crochet Table Mats. Miss Maystre, Mrs. L. Leveck.
36. Croch~t Lace on centerpiece or
dollies. Miss Mastre, Mrs, Leveck.
37. Ra<fla work. No first. Miss
38. Drawn   work.     Mrs.   L.   Leveck,
Mrs. H. Monroe,
39. Cross etitch work, No flrst,
Mrs., J. Roberts.
40. Corcnifon Braid Work. No
first.   Miss Dewar,
41. Hemstitching. Miss Pye, MIsb
42. Darning. No first. Mrs, F.
44. Patrhworlt '.lilts. Miss Mustrc,
Mrs. 0, Moare,
46. Knltt'nr In Cotton, Mlns Mastre, Mrs, John Shnw.
46. Ifnit'iii" In Wool. Drama Jo'n
ton. Mies MnBtre.
48. Ne-d'ewor'*, gle'a under 16 vears
Edith Maodoiald, Grace McFar-
49. Needlework, girls under 111 years
no lirut, Boris Bainahury 2nd.
'50. Old Lndies' work, 60 years or
| .ver. .Mrs. Mastre, Mrs Spruggs
;27. cot of Ladiea Lnderwtar. MrB.
John Shaw, Mrs. J. P. Bmith.
Best display of l*ancy WorK. Mrs.
HaJ.am,  Mra.  J.  A.Murray.
Class 32.   Judge; Appletoa.
! Plate ol Duchess-MrB. J. Maxwell of
I        creBton.
Piate oi v»olf niver—James Cooi o.
Creston; also second and ibird,
Plate oi 22 o . I'ipp.n,—.umes Cooa
of Creston.
Plate  of  WealthieB—James  Cook   oi
; Plate   oi    IVa_n,rB— no first   James
Coo., of Creston, 2nd.
'plate of Golden uusstts—James Cook
of t.'reston: aiso' 2nd.
Plate of co.d.n Pippins—James Cook
j        oi, Crcston; also 2nd.
plate o: Northern Spies—James Cook
j        ol Crcston; also 2nd.
.Plate of Kings—James Cooi o' Cres
I       ton, also md.
iPlate  oi   Siitaeuberts— James   Coo's
ol CreBton; also 2nd.
I Plate of Hysiop Crabs— Jamesi Cook
I        Oi Crcston; also 2nd.
Plate ol Traunccndcnt Crnbs— JameB
I        Cook of Crcston; also 2nd.
Pia.e of i\.artha Crabs—James Cook
ol i resion; also 2nd.
Plate   ot   Pentn:   Beauty  Pears—
Jnmes Ceo'' of CreBton;'. also 2nd
P.ate o: Bartlett Pears—James too
of CreBton; nlso 2nd. and 3rd.
| Plate of Itatirn Prunes—Jamea Oook
ot Creston, a'so 2nd and 3rd.
Plate    of    Lomtard    Plume—Janes
Coo: ol Creston;  ol o 2nd 3rd
Box of Weal'h 7 Apple .-Jamee Cook
ot Creston; also 2nd and 3rd.
C!a_ 27.     Judge Appleton
1. :-'h'nt of Rye. P. GoddjrlsB, J.
3. . henf ol Wlieat, spring. H. H.
McClure, J. Dulmer, F. (Sodrl .
4. Sh all of Hellene Parley F. God
derlsB, II. II. McClure.
6. I h nt dl Bearded Bar ey. no 1st
J. Brennan 2nd.
7. Shenl of White Oats. C. H.
1 I etv ood, P. Goddoris, H. H.
8. Shoal, ol Field Peas.   J. Dnnnan
Grand Opening
Monday, Sept. 29th, 1913
Entertainment & Dance
Tickets $2.00
Good Time Assured
13. Rhea! of Timothy. W. B, Bargett,F.Godaerlas.
14. Hheaf ol Clover, J. Br,nnan.W,
B. Baidgett, J. Brennan.
15. AKalfa
15. . h3Bf ol Alfalfa. W. Bargett
(highly commended),   J.  Levett,
Display o'. Grains and Grasses. W.
B. Bargett, F. GoddcriBs, 0. H.
Grnin in Sheafs. W. B. Bargett, P.
Twenty* poiu.1 sack of Rye, for which
no prtze had been set, ehitvn by
J. Delmer, and was highly commended by tbe Judge.
Ll .ss ia,  uiiUae App.eton
lo.atocs, biith'l, a is" 'arl.ty.
P. i'i.* u d, ... .um.il ,n.Id, j.
Pot_to-3, collection. J. Lcve.t.
'lu.n.i,, tuole. J. Mitchell, a.
Ta.br, *>ah., B.C,
Turnip, 8„edc. J. Mitchell, Fair-
hairn Bro3. _ Tlterton.
carrots, table. P. Gouderls, H,
H. McClure.
tarro.s, stock, P. Godderls,
J. Le.ltt.i
Parin.ps. W. M. Harris, J. Lo-
Caabage, summer. P. Godderls,
also second.
la.iae, w.n.er, J. Levett, J.
Dr nn n.
( a ll otver.     Fairbaiin   Bros &
Ti.tenon, J. Levett.
Ccrn.   J. Mitchell, F. Godderls.
Diets, tab.c.    J, Levett, J. Been
1) cts, stock, J, Levett, J,
Beets, s 'liar. P. Ooddcrls, S.
Leiiuc . loose. H. H. McClure,
S.  Macdon ilil.
Squish,   winter.      Mrs.   J.   P.
I.es.le,  J. Mitchell.
Squash,   Bummer.     Mrs.   J.  P.
Leslie, J. Mitchell.
Pumpkin,    J.   Mitchell, P. Godderls.
Cucumbers. P, Godderls, Jos,
Can aloupe. No first, P. Godderls second.
t ttr n P. Godderit, J. Mitchell.
Cn ons, white. F.dna McPhee, B
Mlied tiuhl.
i nous, red. B. Macdonald, J.
On one, pic ting. Kdua McPhee,
P.  Oodderls.
Judgo.   J. T. Pa:g ter, Nanalmo
105.   Ducks, nokln, bent mat.
C. H.  Hhephnrd, Harry Dorit.
IOC.   Ducks, ne'ln, best lemale
C.  H.  Hhenbnrd,  Harry  Doris.
107.   Ducks, rai'n, best) male
P. Codderls, A. II. Plnvle
109.   Due1.a, other variety, male
Mrs. John Brennan; also 2nd.
11(1.   Pucks, othtH variety, lemale
Mrs. John Brennan; also 2nd,
Judge.   J. T. Pargeter, Nanalmo
Mounted Game Heads
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Eish and Fur
P.O. Box 133
Geese,  toulotise, male
Hlmon Tavlor.
Oense,, toulotlso,  lemiile
Hlmon Tavlor.
Turkeys, bronze, bts. mnlo
Mrs.  ,1. Ilrtnnan, H. Mncdoneltl
Ttirkevs,' bronze, ties!, female
H.  Macdonald, Mrs.   ,1, llrennnn
Pheiiii'ints,   miiie
A. M. Beattie of Wa'ilo
Phent'ttnt.s, feiniiln
A. M. Beattie of Waldo
ClasB 19.   Judys.   J. T. Pargeter
1.   Pigeons, homers.
H.  I'i Klrl.1r.ntl
4.   Pigeons, other vnrlntlen.
A. II. Webb
t.   Babbits, lirtglui! hares
Mre.   J. Brennnn,   H.  Macdonald
9.   Rabbits, nthtr variety
Mrs.  J. Brennan,  S.  Macdonald
Clais* 18.   J. T.  Pargeter,  Miaaiiuo.
o,   Heuvy BrecdH, two hens dreBBeu
ej. rt., Pitetwoou
6.   heg.y    brteda,      two    codercs.
nrassed.     _. n. tlieetwOoj
9.   bmah breeits, two coceiels,
dressed.   H.  tainsbury.
13.   lieavy  breeds, two ducas dressed
Mrs.  John Phillips
Judge rargtter
1..   Best   do.:cn   dark   eggs.   C. H.
.Ue t» to a,    j.   Le.ett,    0.    hi.
15.   Best   do/en   wb.te eggs,   R. A.
luic l,cit   i.i'ot a.'u BaCond, Mrs.
J. P., Smith,
■Class 17,     Judge Pargeter
,1, Plymouth Rooi, ba.red, coca.
A. M. nca.ii... J. p, Smith.
2. I'lyiuouth noc.,, burred, to-aer
el. Wm. Harvey second una
3. Plymouth Rock, barredi hen. No
lirst, H. Hugg.ns.
4. Plymouth loca, -barred, pullet.
No lirst, Wm hurvey, Wm Har
6, Plymouth Rock, barred, pen.
First i.n.l second prue and rio
Ion, Win. Har.cy. 'lhe riui.Oa
wa. ior tbaiuBt bild shown iu
that class.
13. wyandot.es, wb.te, best male
bir„s. W. Al, Harris a..d a ribbon, H. HiigglnB,
14. Vtaan.ott.ts, unite, cockerel. T
S. Gill, Wm. Harvey, second and
15. Wyandottes, white, hen. W. M.
Harris, C. R. bhophard, W.
IC.   Wyandottes,   white,   pullet.    T.
Gill, R. T. Williams.
17. Wynndottes,     wblte,     exhibition
pen.   W.    M.   Harris, T. B. Gill
Mr.   Harria   also gets a special
prize and ribbon.
19. Orpingtons, white, cock. 0. K,
Kendall lirst and second:
20. Orpingtons,' vbite cockerel. A.
H. Piggott, 0. E. Kendall.
21. Orpingtons, white hen. 0. E.
Kendall flrst and second.
22. nip n-tons, wnlte-pullet, 0. E.
Kendall, first, and second.
23. Orpingtons, white, eihibition
pen. 0,,'H. Kendall tirst, second nnd tblrd.
25.   tirntrg ons,    bufl,    cock,    A.  M.
20.   nriln.'tons,   buff,    cockerel,    A.
H. Webb, A. M., Beattie.
27. Orpingtons, bull, hen. A. M.
Beattie,   A.   Playle.
28. Orpin-.*tini, bull, pullet. A. M.
Bonttle, A. H. Webb.
29. Orpluglona, bull, e blbltlon pen.
A. M. Beattie, A. II. Playle.
311. Orpingtons, best bird Bhown.
A. M. Benttio.
31. Rhode Island, Reds, fl'ngle comb
cock. L. P. Sullivan nlBo special.
33. Rhode Is'aud Reds, cockerel. IC.
II. Heed, Ilrst and' second.
33. Rhode Island Reds, bin. L.I P.
Sullivan, first nnd second,
34. Rhode Island Reds, pullet. K.
IL Reed Ilrst and second. -,
35. Rhode Island Reds, eihibition
pen.    L. P. Hiillivan.
._',. Ith., In Miinil Red.,, nln.*!" comb
best bird shown.   L. P. Biilllvsn
37. Rhode liili.nd Red,, rose comb,
cock.    Sam Mucdonald.
33. Rhode Inland RciIh, cockerel. No
Ilrst. S. Macdonald.
39. Rhode Inland Reds, hen. S.
40. Rhode Island Reds, pullet. J.
Lnvett,  N.  Walllnger.
41. Rhode Island Reds, exhibition
pen. J, I*evctt nlso special, N.
A.  Walllnger.
43. Leghorns, white, single1, comb,
cock. 10. II. Slater, A. II. Play
44. Leghorns, white cockerel, _ H.
Slater Ilrst and second,
45. Leghorns, wblte, hen. W. K.
Haynes, A. II. Playle,
46. Leghorns, white, pullet. IC H.
Slater, first end special. A. H,
47. LeghornB, white, exhibition pen.
15. H. Sinter, A., H. Plnyle. Mr,
Playle also wins the special' for
tho Sinter Silver, Cup.
48. Leghorns, wb.lte, single comb,
beBt bird, shown. E. H. Slater,
51.   Leghorns,   brown,   single comb.
hen.    8. Macdonald, W. Stevens.
53.   Leehorns,   brown,   single   comb,
exhibit on pen.   W. Stevens.
58. Wyandottea, Columbitn,, male
A.   M.   Beattie,  Waldo.
59. Wyandottes, Columbiana lemale.
A. M. Beattie first and second.
60. Wyandotte. Champion Cock.
Special Ribbon nnd $3 in cash.
H. E. Slater.
62. WvnndotteB, beet pen. E. H.
64. Orpingtons, black, male. A. H.
65. Orpingtons,! black female. A.
H. Plavle tirst und special, A.
H. Piggott.
66. Crping ons, black, beat bird
shown. A. H. Piggott first and ,
ribbon '
67. Leehorn, buf!,l male. A. M. Beat
tie lirst and second.
GR. Legho ns, buff, femeJie. A. M.
70. Lor/horns, any variety. W.t-W.
McGregor, flrBt and second.
71. 1 egho-as, nnv variety. W. W.
McGregor, tirst  and second.
73. MtnorCOS, host male.    Mr. Troop
74. Minorcas, best female. R. A.
Packlyctt, Mr. Troop.
77. . ndnli'sau hert female. Rob
ert  Sainsbury. tlrst nml* special.
79. Hamburgs, any color, male. A.
H' Beattie.
80. Ch'imit'ans, male, silver. John
Choldltch tlr«» anl second! pi he
81. Ohampians, lemale, John Choldltch flrsti nnd second prize.
85. Pit Game. male. D. Moorci
A. H.i Playle.
86. Pit Game lemnlc.    A. H. Playle
D. Moose.
88.   E.hlhltlcn Game,  male.    W.  H.
84.   f'Milb'tlon   Gnme,   female.     W.
90. Exhibition Game, best bird
Hhown,   E. H. Sinter.
91. Corn'sh, male.   W. B. Bardgett
93.   Corn'sh,    female.     W. B.  Bard-
g"tt tirst and second.
93. Brahmas, male, Mr, Haynes, A
H. Webb.
94. Brahmas, light or duk, female.
A. H. Webb first nnd ribbon,
Mr. Haynes.
96. Bantams, male, cockin. L. P.
Sullivan,  S. Macdonald.
97, Bantama, female, cochin. L. P.
Si lili vat),  S.  Macdonald.
99. Bantams, any standard, variety.
E. H. Slater.
100. Favero'le, n-ale. John Brennan
first and second.
103. Favero'le, lercale. John Brennnn first and serond.
Best Pen of OrpingtouB, Rocks
rhode Island Reds or leghorns,
Sneclal by Nelson Dally News of
$10.00 cash. E. H. Slator won with
a pen d: white Leghorns,
Judge    O. B. Appleton,   ol Proctor
This* is the first year the Directors
ol thel Pair featured the Apple Pacing Contest provided by the Provincial Government and tb--1 management express themselves us well
pleased witb it. A specially erected
platlorm wa,*scrected ,_ iront of the
(In nd Stand and" tha applos ol the
Wea.thy variety placed thereon b.
independent parties. there were
lour tontestants, all Irom Creston,
B.C., lor tbe prizes ol 315, (10 anil
.'ft given by the Governm n*. wh cb
was duplicated by the aeBociation.
The contestants were slightly handicapped by tbe Btri n ;th of the, wind
vihidh was juat strong enough to
blow their wrapping pa*,era, but
Judge Appleton expressed himself us
well pleased with tbe result,, which
were as'loliows:
1st.—J Ryckmnn; 2nd L, D. Tim-
tirt,, 3rd—O. Arrowsmlth; 4tb-E.
A. McL. Fletcher, Provincial Inspector, was presrnt overseeing tbe
100 yards race—1st M. Murray,
Jas Brechin, 3rd E. Clark.
It's not only "the Universal Car"—but
the car of universal satisfaction—universal service—universal use. Ford sales
exceed all others, by a long cry—for the
very good reason that for years the Ford
car has given unmatched service, by a
long run.
Think what these prices mean—for the car
that has stood the test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T Touring Car $650;
Model T Town Car $900-1. o. b. Walker-
ville, Ont., with all equipment. Get catalogue and lull particulars Iron,
The Hanson Garage
Complete line oi Accessories, Purttt and
Supplies—Cars and Trucks for hire —All
nuiniier of repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave.
Cranhrook, B. C.
75 yards race (boys 16 and under)—
let   H., McNeil,   2nd   M. Oarson,
3rd .1. Taylor.
Boys'   stand.ng   broad jump—lat   B.
Hnmillton, Ind J. Hysiop.
Standing high jiiiup—1st J. Brechin,
ind W. E. Clara.
Girls'    race,   60     yards—1st    Alice
Brown.   2nd    DiUa   Greaves, Did
Francis Drummond.
Little   glile'   race—iBt   Mary Mann,
2nd   Ethel    Nicholas,  3rd  Jessie
Boys'   race CO   yards—1st W. Argue,
2nd B. McGoil, 3rd Geo Orr.
Football    Tournament,     5-a-alde,    15
minutes   each   way—Won  by the
Runn.ng high Jump—1st    J. Brechin,
3nd W. E. Clark, 3rd M. Murrny
120 yard hurdle race—lBtM. E. Clark
2nd   J. Brechin, 3rd M.   Murray.
440   yards   race—lat M. Murray, 2nd
M. E. Clark, 3rd W. HarriB.
Pole   Vault—let J. Brechin, 3nd W.
E. Clark, 3id M. Murray.
Putting shot— 1st Geo. Mauuhau, 2nd
M.  Murray, 3rd C. Tyler.
Throwing the hammer—1st J. Brechin
2nd E. 0, Kuhuert, 3rd M. Murray.
Hunn,n<   broad Jump—1st J. lii-eh u,
2nd M. Murruy, 3rd W. E, Clark.
Halt mile race—1st M.  Murray, 2nd
A. Elwell, 3rd W. Harris.
Standing broad jump—lsti J. Brechin
• nd W. E. Ciark, 3rd K. O. Kuh
GDIs'  race,  under  ltf years—1st  Viola  Sawyer, 2nd Mary Mutin, 3rd
A. Parnaby.
Girls'   race,   age   12   to    16—1st M.
Ta*lor,    2nd    Margaret    St.Elol,
3rd H. Taylor.
220 yard   roce-lst   M.   Munay,   J.
Brecben, 3rd M. E. Clark.
BoyM*  Potato Race—1st Sam  Watson
John Hysiop, ...  Turner.
Running hop, atep, and jump—1st. J
Hrorb n;    2nd M. Murray; 3rd W.
E. Clark.
Relay Race—1st J. Brechen, M. Murray.
BoyM' Sack race—1st Ed Turner, 2nd
Russell  Iaatik,  3rd  Bruce  Laurie.
Girls'egg and spoon rife— lnt  Alice
Brown,   2nd   Haxel   Taylor, 3rd
J. Suvero.
Squaw     race—lat     Adelaide.       2nd
Morlneo, 3rd Lucie.
Eoya   relay   race, i mile, 4 bo>s per
team—1st H. McNeil, M. Carton.
W. Laurie and N. Drummond.
2n<1FlnniHS,    Kennedy,   Leask  and
3rd    K.   Spence,    S. Murgatroyd,
John Hysiop and M, W*,nn.
One mile rare—1st A. Elwell. 2nd D
Honeyman, :iid Alex  (Indian).
Juilccs: J. P. Pin';, Dr. Rutledge, D.
McDonald, H. Drew.
Half mio'dash—Redblrii, jockey Llv-
instono;  Happy   .lack,   Napoleon.
Sciuaw pony race—lBt Sofia; Josephine, Elizabeth, Justine.
Ha*n*Bs rnce—1st John. W; Robert.
Half mile race—1st Redbird; Idora.
Relav race--1st Simon; Francis, Lou-
Is. i
Whites Best Layers
Since the beeinnlng ol tbe International K,*g 'avine contest beld under
the superv tion of the Provincial' Department ol Agriculture at tbe Exposition Grounds, Victoria, B.C., cn
December ind 1912, there have been
nix ]>ens which bave laid over the
1000 of eg_.
Pile p,ns of white leghorns are
credited w tbi a total ol 6154 and one
o! Bull Crps with 1010. The nearest
this total In one pen Arconas which
ere creh't d w-ith 998, and one penNpl
Rhode Island Redtl w'tn 970.
The ..hltc Leehorns are In the majority ol thc liens nnd are laying o,y
fnr ,he largcBt quantity ot eggs
whlrh wil; ev.n'ual.y prove, lor lt-
selt thit the \vhite Leghorn chicken
wtll become the lowl lor tbe rtneh-
men of B.C.
District of East Kootenay
TAKE   NOTICE   tbat   William W.
Richmond,   ot   Traverse City, Mich.,
occiii „t.on   Lumberman,    intends   to
, apply tor permission to purchase tho
following described lands —
(omn,.min,; at a Post planted
twenty iham wiat and eighty chains
south***'. Mllo post No. 3 on the 50th
larullell, snld jost being the soutb-
wett corn r ol Timber Licence No.
.16843, th n e west 40 chains, thence
! south 20 chains, tbence west 10
chiins. thence north 60 chains,
th nc* east 60 ch una, thenc* : oath
40 cbalns to the place ol commencement, co itnlnlng 2.) acret,. more or
Dated August 15th, I.U.
Oeo. W. Brown, Agent
Is Your Home a
"Financial Success"
The day-by-day problem ol "living within
the income" is the despair of some housewives
—and a simple problem of good management
with others.
The amount of the income does not always
determine whether the problem shall be solved
or not—for family "needs" have a way of adjusting themselves to family resources.
It is usually a question of whether the housewife has "a head for business," or whether she
considers certain usual expenses inevitable.
It is a fortunate household whose "buyer"
makes a business mutter of it—buying wisely,
opportunely, with a real knowledge of values,
and an alert interest in the advertisements of
the stores, which afford many opportunities for
real economies.
When the buying for a household is entrusted to such a woman, that home will be "a
financial success!" THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
2 Nights-Monday _ Tuesday Sept. 29th, 1913-2 Nights
Patitages   Acts
Return of the Favorites ALISKY'S GREATER HAWAIIANS
Lata of tho S   Francisco Opera Company
Entertainers Par Excellence
Dorothy Vaughan
[Late feature ol Madam. Sherry]
Those Sweet Sillier, (font the Southern Seas
Allsky _ Greater Hawaiian**
A realistic spectacular scenic production, typical of the Islands    Native Sonus,
Dances and Inslrumentali-ations    Reproduclm ■ K1LAUHA   Itlie House
of Fitei in Eruption.   Production staged hy Carl Allsky.
PrJsi tively Last Time  Before Going to London, England
Prices  75c  Reserved Seats     50c & 25c Gallery
For goon work and
strict attention to
detail— Try    Kilby
Kilby Frames Pictures
Local  News
J.   p.   pink   it.us al iiiiii Hive:
Thursdny on business,
Mrs. W. M. _am.l)lUi Mrs. L. A.
Hutton, II. ll. Oampbell nnd C. W.
Mortnlgbt, ul McLeod* were ,Crnn
brook visitor Wednesday.
i    I. Lund mul A. Lund, ol Wandner,
t wns   in the city Wednesday.    During
tlic afternoon they motored to Marys
vllle,  returning Thursday.,
Mrs. T. Fenwick, Bister of Mrs. N.
A. Walllnger, leaves on Monday, next
for tho Old Country where she wtll
i reside in the future.
The Wife's Pride
R, _, Beattie left on Monday on n|    Dr. King loft ou Friday l_t on a
business tiiii to the prnlrle province.   Iicl.iiluy    trip   to thn Kast.    llo will
visit points in   New Brunswick,   then
Hu to N'cw Vork.
tiiu to the prnlrle province.
IllVtll llll'l'C,     WUH
(.'.   (.',    Carlson,   oi
iu town Friday.
Mr.   ami   Mrs.   Oeo
Moyle, were In the
Watson,  ,,.l Ft.
ity Thursday,
in th
M,   .1.   Bonner,
■ cltj   rhurtday.
Clark,  i,:  Wyclifle,* was
_,  _.  Jones' i i   Klmberley
tuwn Thuraday.
.1 sitaiv Parker, oli Skookumchuck, was n tuun Monday, niutw
says that chickens nro plentiful In
that vicinity
BORN- At  Oranbrook   Cottage    Hot
,.imi, ..ii ihurtday, September 18th,
t,i   Mr    and  Mrs.   F,     J,    McCartney,
oti  Vnhk, :i daughter
i\ as   in
..... .„. ,l„. ...
We have placed the Screen
Doors in cold storoge, only
carrying six over, and now
have, if we do say it out-
selves,   a  »well  display of
on our floor. We invite
vour inspection.
Mosl unt's Beech ami Bhacklttou returned Irom Spokane on Prldayi latt
.ih ire   they   havi'   won   enjoying a
M.  Otrton, ol Chicago,   was  regit   Pleasant  vacation.	
Look up youi    mining    shares   mul
U't    Heule  .i Klwell ta'Ve u>   memo of
\f a holdings us thev will tltul you-a
■ ba tei  where you might tail,
C, I-..   Ayi'f.      : Ell        .a.    lu    thi 	
Itj  Th irsdaj s,u'w fl'11 on the mountAlne In thla
  vicinity on Tuesday, night,   The hill*
.Mrs   H   W   Davis, ol Wyclifle,  km   tops wero well covered, but it is now
hopping; at   Cranbroi i Wedn ado\       ......   tiBappearlng,
j     l).      ll-    Kust.'i
! lown Thursday.
ul  Wycllfle,
is a nice act of Silverware for her
table. Good silver always makei
a fine impesiion at the dinner or
luncheon. It adds zeit to the appetite and indicates refined tattei.
We iau save yuu money in solid
silver or silver-plated ware of the
b.st quality. Then- are novelties
iu designs nml every piece is most
Hitistically finished.
Jewelers & Opticians
J.  W    .'ill's,
u   Urdu,- :;.,
F. Parks 6? Co. J
Hardware and Hoube y
Furnishings T
•i   Kerch me]   ol Pei nle, was iu the
:ity Thursday  attending court,
H.    McKenUs,   of Kimberley,    was
:i the c_tj Wednesdaj
F, H   Knight,    ol  Midway, waa) in
own Thursday  transact .-■-.-.
*     A    Be
; Friday.
Lethbridge      _  in  t ■ ■.■_.
,Innies Huchtitmn, Wm Parks and
Frank Deacon motored to the Upper
Columbia valley Thursday. Ifiey
w.i. be away for four or five days.
The Hanson Brick Co., are now en
gag d in burning a kiln of 3.-.0.000
brick, which are expected to bc 'fully burnt in, about tin days.
Mr. audi Mrs, A. Roberts and Miss
Cummings, of Boston, Mass., were
registered nt thc Cranhrook Sunday
_**tvvvv vvvv-l*+ i l l l I -vv-Hr. .
Special This Week
i P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
•"t*."§"I' I"*1 #' I Hr"*""Hr**r*^*I**T**T'*"»"r*"J*"J1"J'  *|,,l"f*f"fl f'"llT'f,ll''*lf,,rT*l'"*l»',l'"e,*fr*e"T
.Mr. and Mr-   R   R, Ri_. , | Calgary
.vor. guestti at the Cranbrook Friday
W. H. Dawson
town  Friday.
Athalmer,  was i
Mrs. W,  13. McFarlane, Garden Ave.
will be at  home to   her    friends   on
Friday,  October 3rd and afterwards,
D : on the; first Friday   of   every month.
Mr.   ant    Mrs.    T.  H.    Healey,    of
Lethbridge,  were m town Tuesday.
Mrs   s. Barrlth,
a.  Cranbrook   visit
E li . nton,
,    C,    .McLean.
j town Tuesday.
if    Calgary,    was    in
+ '_ H III1 HI -H 'Hli fM.. _*. H, I H M1 M ■*■ 11M III ».;
as an investment, isn't it better
to buy the kind yoti know all
about than to purchase it because
thc price sounds cheap? Buy
your harness here where you can
see it, handle it, test it. Remember also we are right here where
you can get at us if the harness
doesn't prove just as represented.
Think that over.
i   W. M. PARK & CO.
I Phone KW  Cranbrook. B.C.  P.O. Box 443
'WWIMI'H-H.1 IM"!'l'..W It I'
ij Wah Sung Co. jj
W. A. Meachen, ol St.
was in toaD Thurtday.
Mary's Lake
tin* i
Logan,    of Hull
t«| Wednetday,
River,   wail in
J, Weare,    ,,f Spokane,    i
city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrt, P. Woods, of Cherry
Creek, were in town on Mon.lay.
R.   Hertz,   of Rlko,
laat in Oranbrook,
spent Sunday
P. ()
Merchant  Tailors
Box ii41 Cranbrook, B. C.
Excallent Patterns and the Best
Always mi Hand
Fir.t Class Cutler and Designer,
All the  Newesl  l"_*ihi.iiii .an be
Satisfaction <,'.; ara meed.
*• *************** **************
J. Jordon, of lnvermere, waB registered  at  the Cranhrook   Mi unlay.
Mr. and Mra.  J. C.  Wiley,'   of Seattle,   were   Cranbroolt. visitors Sun-
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clapp returned home from a Spokane visit.    They
report having „ very pleasant  time.
BOUN—At Oranbrook, on Monday,
.September 22nd, to Mr. an Ui MrB. *B.
w. Rycbman, „ daughter,
Blairmore tennitl players will visit
Cranbrook today. Several mntchea
will  be  plnyeti  during  tin* afternoon.
Mr. anh
Mrs.   ff.   II.    Al,! ott, ol
were Cranbrook   visitors
Mr. and Mrs. T. 11. Carter, K
Swift Current, wen* Cranbrook visitors Thursday
Mr.    nn.il   Mrs.
Victoria,    were
htvox Thursday.
H. V. Wlnleford, o
guettt nt. the Crnn
thief   of Provincial  Police   Hlnty
w.ih     n    the    ,'ity Tlllirsdnv  ,,n  le a
' • I   Mr,   and Mrs, E, A, Dennett .,( In-
erlnole were   itllests nt tin*  l'fiinl,rniik
.11 Friday,
Now „ lhe time to buy a llaiu-h
cbtaP, tall and see Beale A Klwoll,
wb. h ive the mo,t  complete listings,
Patronise Homo Industry and tlrink
only Oranbrook Booi ;.,,,l Porter.
Phono 177.
Thr Indian siiiiim-i in nl hand, anil
Wa ran CX.tOt Iiiii* .vclith", (linil now
. n i,tilil tiie end of October,
of  Wat Iiiii ,
toll    ill   I'i, I
was linns-
ironk Tnes-
'Rtyntor Mn h. can ,-•<■>■
_•#WW butfcaitd.
•Wsft MM kMd he Mi • mt
sliv -Vlt.   w
Dad   I   nlwtyi   _ild
et.; iy LcdiJ.
says he llilnka ol mc
K.   H.   Wentworlh    an,I  1
worth,   of Montreal, >.•'"■
the Crnnbtook Tuetdny,
linltN-Ai Ornnbrook, .
dny, Boptombor 2ltli, t,, M
lllrtl, ,, son.
sli, nt
i   Weilll'S-
niid Mrs
hohn—At Oranbrook, nn Saturday
Inst September 2l'lh. I.. Mr and
Mrt. A. O. Olll, a daughtor,
attn who hut two viwtsr
"WlMttobewhcn h._at
.   *A hopelew ldlotl"
lSltner Miller was united In marriage to Miss Aunle Bradley this
week at Lethbrldge. The happy cou
pie passed through Cranbrook Thurs
lay enrouto to S| okane and polats
to the south.
Th.*' Knox Church will hold their
flrst cradle role party in the school
room on Tuosday afternoon, Septem
ber 30th tronl 3 to 5 o'clock. All
mothers und thetr little ones are cor
lially invited to ut'tend.
At the Edison Theatre tonight will
be shown the following excellent line
ol films: "When the Light came Back
'Peter trys to commit Buicide; Pol-
on the Trapper; "Leo's Great Cure;
and "Clratnont's Weekly."
The Hawaiai'i singers will play at
the Auditorium on Monday and Tuesday of next week. On Wednesday and
Thursday The Pantages. These companies are well' known in Cranbrook
end are deserving of patronage.
Somelh'ng was the matter on Sunday' last, either thc weather conditions or. the mo.*n not being just
right, were the cause of a number ol
Ilshlng nnd hunting parties returning home with almost empty baak-
illness. He'* was laid to rest in tbe
Cranbrook Cemetery on Thureday,
Rov. W. K. Thomson officiating. Undertaker F. M. Mcl'b.irson; had charge
of all the funeral arrangements. Mr,
Scott ls the son of. the Rev. Scott,
ol Montreal, and well-known at being largely interested] in the Y.M.C.
A. movement.
Ib hat been officially announce-
that Hon. A. B. PhUlipt hat boon
appointed judge df the appeal court
ol British Columbia. The, elevation
ol Mr. Phillips to the bench! creates
a vacancy in the legislative assembly of tbe province, and it1 It not
yet known whether tha Liberals will
put forward a candidate. Tht probabilities is tbat thoy will not.
The now government automobile
waa working on Uur'ttreeta thla weak
the result being that the streets
have been levelled and rolled to a
degree ol nrmnest* that makes It a
pleasure to motor or drive ovtr,
Cranbrook street Is sadly in' need ot
emootbing up, and a few loads ol
line gravel and tho steam, roller will
nuke n wondtrful improvement., Why
not have It done at once?ils the
question being asked b. citltent.
The commission of conservation at
Ottawa and the department of lands
of Brltleh Columbia' have entered in*
to a co-operative arrangement for a
study of the forest conditions and resources of British Columbia. Dr. H.
H. Whltlord has been emit oyed by tbe
commission of conservation to begin the work of collecting information from, nil available sources.
The large amount ol material collected by tbe British Columbia forestry branch will be supplemented
by the information to bo secured
from, all possible tourcet, Including
tho forestry branch ol tho Canadian
Pacific railroad and the statements
by timber cruisers, limit holders,
surveyors and) others.
The auto enthusiasts tbat motored
to Spokane last week to take in the
big Interstate, Fair returned on Saturday last much pleated, with tbeir
trip. P. Matheson returns wltb' a
silver medal which was presetted' to
him while In tbe Falls City bearing
the lollowlng inscription "Presented
to Mr. Peter Matheson, by the Chief
of Police ol Spokane, for being the
most, careful driver of autos in the
British Columbia contingent." Pete
id. much pleated with hit medal, but
lf thc Chief could onlv tee Pete making a hurried! trip to Marytvillt or
Fort 'Steele, it is possible tbat he
might change his, opinion,
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook       -        B. C.
For Sale!
Away below value—82 acres
)( land, very doi,e to Fort
Steele, suitable (or . iarket
Garden or Dair-,. $35.00
per acre, Good lerni.*-. Apply to owner.
Calgary, Alta.
Gen. Del. 30-41
for Sale Rents & Wants
WANTED—A general servant.    Apply
Mrt. H. Utrlin.;. u
Mr. nnd Mrs. P. Doran, who hnve
been visiting relatives in Ireland for
tbe past f.vo' months, returned to
Cranhrook Thursday. They had a
very pleasant time.
It is requested that all members'o!
the". make _ special eflort to
he present at the Monday night/ meet
ing ns business ol importance is to
bo discussed,
the Lathes Aid of the Methodist
Church w,l.l hold their regular month
ly meeting at the homo ol Mrs. J. 41.
McNabb. Harden Avenue, on Wednetday nftcrnoon at 3 o'clock.
The regular meeting of the Poultry
Association will be bold on Friday
evening next, Octoher 3rd, Rev. W.
B, Dunham will give n demonstration
ou the dressing ol fowls.
Crnnbrook Beer and Porter is made
only from the hest malt and choiroat
Imps, therefore it is pure anil to bc
teeiiiiiinendtd. phon? ordera to **lo.
Rumblings of discontent are being
beard throughout the British Isles,
and Kngland is threatened wltb th,'
most si't ions labor strife in its his
Mrs. A, B, draco received a wire
Irom Waltbam, Mass., on Monday,
stilting that, her sister, Mrs. Sllll9
Ytlcs had passed away suddenly on
Si ndny afternoon.
II. is requested thut all members ol
tint l.t.'.O.K. make a s'loclnl effort io
ho present at. the Monday night meet
lug ns business of importance Is to
bo  discussed.
Mr. .1. Davit and Kd.nr Dnvts, who
have been at the const attending
lhe funeral ol their* father Mr, .1. -.
On via roturnod to Oranbrook Sunday
last. _ _
QtC.lt ltocso, driver nl the Kire
Wagon, Is i,t Nelson tbls woek mi 11
vacation. deorgo ban been nn the
fureo for sevoral years and this Is
hln first vacation, and he richly do-
serves it.
There Is some talk of a automobile excursion to Calgary in the near
future. Several bave expressed their
Intention dt going and would like
others to come forward and do the
same. The n*ore that goeB, the more
pleasant it' will be lor all.
V. Hyde Baker nnd E. Elwell, ol
Cranbroo';,. and Mr. French, ol Woll
Creek, were hunting in the vicinity
of Wasa, this week. The party returned very well satisfied with their
outing, bring with bhem some twenty
brace of ducks and chicken.
Mrs. Maggie Thomas ol Frank,
Alta., Bister ol Mrs. John 01|Bon,
died nt Frank 019 Sunday last and
was laid to rest in Cranbrook Com
otery on Tuesday. Rev. W. K. Thomson officiating. Undertaker MCi'her-
si n had charge ol all arrangements.
Thai Knii hts ol Pythias will bold
a Progressive Whiat Drive and Social
in tholr CaBtlc Hall on Tuesday September :10th, alter the usual general
business. Whist drive will commence
nt II o'clock. It is hoped that as
many of tbe members witb tbeir lady
friends will mako an effort, to be,l>re-
Kttit ai u good  time is assured,
Thc Hoard of Public Works have
made 11 series of changes ,,t* the Nui-
liciii Improved so tint, teams vill
have no trouble In getting to the
dumping place. Signs have l„,n
pliiceil so that tbere can be nn n.ls
take mnde ii. reaching the grounds
anil placo of dumping, Officers wlll
be stntioni d s., that if tba law is
being evaded, the culprits will be
caught ami lined.
Mr. deorge Walter Scott, ol Elko,
died at. the St. Kugene hoipltal on
Tuesday   n'itert non   nfter n lingering
He-Whnt did your-ether nj>
when you lold him wt warn **•,
She-! don't knew.   I I
P. 0. Boi 802 Cranhrook, B.C
TO RENT—Safety Do,)os t Loica' at
nom.oal prices, see liea.e _ _1-
FOR SALE—Ladies side middle, almost new, cheap, for ca°b. _u-
•iiiire at Prospector Otlice.     8'ltf,
FOR SALE—Office furniture and furnishings, including sale, cab.nets,
counters etc.—Apply to Biale et
WANTED—A small Orchard with
buildings, close to' Cranbrook..
Pltase send description with pnci
and terms to
A. Sigvardsen.
Paswegin, Susk.
FOR SALE-Light Team, Harness
and Surrey for sale. S1-J..J ea h
Also good Democrat $40.00 Apply Prospector.
Mr. H, Griffiths and Mr. Hales
Ross motored to Jaflray ou Monduy.
Rev. S. L. Cowan conducted service ln Flagstone last Sunday.
Mr. H. H. Ross went down to
Minneapolis Monday on business.
"B Uy" Allen was H Waldo visitor
on Tuesday.
Mr. Bert Hyde bas returned to
Flagstone alter tbree months stay on
the prairies.
Mite Lamont, who wat a gutst o!
Mr. and Mra, Adolph, has returned
home to Creston.
Fred Hoo hae taken over tho store
at Flagstone nnd Is doing ,, k,,ud
Tha Joyce Lumber Co., ol Flagstone, closed down tbelr mill for two
daya because of n br, ak-down.
Annie Muir hits heen brought home
Irom Ferine hospital and (eels much
bettor after ber serious illness.
Somu people grumble because a
certain bank cashes cheques lu „>certain hotel bere. It may lie legal,
butis it right.
Mr. and Mrs. Divers nnd tamly
huve moved down to their old borne
near Spokane. Mr. Divers hopes to
return) In the spring ot 1914 to tako
up his work again with tbe Ross.
Saskatoon Lumber Co.
Work will coiuniiuce on tbo now
'bridge across the Koot, any river
early neit month. It is to be hoped
that a more substantial bridge will
bo erect, il than that which lott Its
central spall on June 1st, during thc
Mr. A. M. Beattie ublbited twenty
chickens nt tbe Craubrook Fair. He
gained ifoiirlein Ilrst prises nnd two
second prises, as woll ail 11 lew specials. A s, I.,mild showing considering that aome ol his hest birds died
this year.
On Sunday, all 7:30 p.m., Mlts
Foi, nu nx missionary to India, will
address tbo Protbytctlan service on
bor work abroad. This promises to
bt vory intot'osting and a large cm
gregnllin Is expected to welcome
her. Sh' wlll diets In unlive dress
and show one or two images once
worshipped as gods In li.dla. Mill
Fox' ipeakl at 3:00 p.m. in Baynet
the same day.
FOR SALK-I.oilging House, suitable
for boarding house, located over
Manning's, store. Kor further .n-
formation enuiiire of W. M. Erler, over Mannings store.        tf.
FOR SALE—Hav.ug to go awny this
Fall, wl.1 sell nt a I argnin tho
best improved five acres ln B.C.,
for chicken ranch, 5 miuutea walk
from PoBt Oflioe, No roaso&aiile
oter refused; will accept unimproved lot Jn the city or outside
acreage at part payment, lt wonts
to bt teen to be appreciated, Geo
A. Mann. Bos 257, city.    K-ll.
English  Church
Rev. E. P. Flowelling Rector
Ho>.y Communion at 8:00 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11:00
Evening with special address 7:30
Tbe seats in Christ Church are fret
Presbyterian Church
iu». w,
Ktlman Tbonuou
Morning services at 11 a-m.
Morning Subject, "dod's Helper's"
Address by Miss Sutherland, o.. Toronto.
Solo—Mist Rutli Stephens.       ,
Viol 0 Selections .Mn-s Helen Worden und Master Vincent Fink.
Evtatng 1 rvlres al 7.30 p.m.
Evening Subject: "i hist'in tho
New Times—The onslaught of tbt
New Morality."
Anthem by ( hoir.
Everybody   Web0,110-come.
Baptist Church
O.  B.   KKNli-
Sunday morn ng service nt 11 a.m.
Sunday School at Iim noon.
Evening (inapt! service at 7:30 p.m.
Thn topic i. tbe mum ng sorvice
wlll he "Tho C, n ersl, n o! Nicode-
milt." In the evening tbe pnstor
will prcii'Ii on "Ilowatds Inr Conquerors-Author tv over tin Nations"
"Come Thon with us nnd we will
do the-, good."
Methodist Church
RtT. W. Elton Dunham
Si.nduy Strvlctt: The pattjr will
preach at 11:00 a.m. nnd 780 p.m.
Onward Bible Clnst moots tvery
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
All are cordially Invited.
People Should Guard Against
Cranhrook people who have stomach and howel trouble ahould guard
ngalnat npptndlcltts hy taking tlm-
pla buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
at compounded In Adler l-kn, the
lioiman remedy which becamo famotlt
hy curing appendicitis. A SINGLE
HOSE rtllevet tour stomach, gas on
tbo ttomnch and conutlpntlon INSTANTLY because this simple mli-
ture antlttptlciies the digestive organ! and draw* of! tht Impurltltt,
Btattlt- Murphy Oo. 43-8t


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