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The Prospector Aug 17, 1912

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Array ■■■^■■srn~_w_
If Your
Eyes Trouble
You See
The Optician
Xyt 1jjfc0§yt£Ut
 !j/     [:f
|       TRW  tit]   ,a„
The  LeadLng xNeyspaper' "  '"(V
in thS^J'f--
Kootenays?>>^§j(ji'£i j-j. £
The ""'
$2.00 Per Year
Death of Ot^s Staples
Meningitis,   developing   from   acute
blood poisoning, subsequent to the to
movat of un oyo thnt wuh pierced l-y
a IIhIi hook caused  the death Ol ui te
staples  ut  thc  DimcntmHH  Hospital,
nt Spokane on  Friday  n.^ht  Itiut nt
IU p.m.
A special train, in record-breaking
time from Kingsgute tn Spokane, enabled  Iliiyurd   HtupluH  to  be  ut  his
father's bodHldc when the end came,
Klmere und Chester, sons of the injured mnn, wore there also.
Mr.   Staples  wnn  the   victim  ul  a
peculiar accident thut took place during a fishing trip to St. Mary'a l.ake
On  a   back   cunt   the   hnrbed   hook
struck hln eye and pierced his eyeball
Aa no medical aid wuh nt band Mr.
Staples walked two miles to IiIh auto
mobile, then drove the cur to Marysville,   where   he   telephoned to Dm.
King and Green ot Cranbrook to meet
him at WyclitTe.    On his arrival  at
Wycllfle  thc hook  was  removed,  and
on Monday Mr.  Staples wus hurried
to  Hpoknne.  and   at   the   Deaconess
Hospital Dr. 0. A. Veasey found that
infection had set in and that the eye
must be removed.
Other complications occurring, Drs.
W. W. Mackenzie and J. M. Neil were
called  Into   consultation   and   Thurs*
duyit wus seen that the new ailment
was meningitis.
Otis  Staples  was  born  at  Douglas
Parish,   York  County,   N.B.,   October
27th,  1847.    In the year 1869 he left
home and went into the United State
and settled at Stillwater, Minnesota,
where he lived until eight years ngo
he came to British Columbia nnd pro
moted the company that bears hia
name. In Stillwater, Mr. Staple's
activities were largely in the pine for
ests of the Crnix River, his skill nud
his (indomitable spirit at once made
him a leader among his associates,
Por years he operated on the St,
Croli River, until the fast disappearing forests admonished him that he
mUBj, seek other fields for his endeavors. He associated witli* several
parties in Stillwater and became
largely interested in the Johnson,
Wentworth Co. He was u stockholder and director of the Northwest
Thresher Co., a stockholder in the
First National Bank of Stillwater,
and hnd other and various interests
In and near the city on the St- Croix
at the time of his removal to Canada.      How    successful   his work has
been ln East Kootenny is attested by \ Bayard Staples. Dr. Orecn and wife,
the magnificent property he hns there j Mr. and Mrs. Rlinore Staples nnd Mr.
built,      developed    nnd    maintained,: and Mrs. Chester Stnples.
those \ conditions. For mnny yenrs
he stvdied world conditions and
world i. .linen, reading vnlumlnlously,
not only the histories of the world,
but a» Well that written contemporaneously His mind was a store
house \ ut knowledge, gleaned
from thei writings of all times. Obstacles ("■ him were but obstructions
along the, pathway of life to he overcome Hi met Death and looked him
lu the H co without a tremor. A
Hood of nessagts of condolence to
the family' *rom his old home In the
states attest the esteem In which he
was held jvhere be was best known,
and many in sorrowing heart thero
will be abating those who mourn tbe
death ut tn Is brave devoted, this
splendid mnk
On Saturday night the remains of
Otis Staples, accompanied by Bayard
Staples, Rl.nere Staples, Chester
Staples, two i daughters, Dr. und Mrs.
F, W. Greer passed through Cranhrook eriroine to Stillwater, where
the funeral to, >k ploce on Tuesday.
A large number of the members of
Selkirk Prcce||>tory, K. T., and the
Mountain Lii nhermens Association
were at the dtjpot on Saturday night
giving expressions of sorrow und respect at the untimely death of tho
late Otis- Staples.
The late Otft Staples was a member of Selkirk Preceptory, K. T., of
Crnnhrook. At one time he was
State Commander of Knight Templars of Minnesota. Selkirk Preceptory telegraphed Stillwater Conunan-
dery to providf* r wreath of flowers,
ns n token of love and comradship,
from Sir Knights of Selkirk Preceptory.
The members ()f the Mountain
I lumbermen's Association have instructed Secretary Austie to wire
Stillwater and provide a funeral
AUGUST Uth, 1910
The members of the Staples family who came from Wycliffe and Cran
hrook, B.C. to attend the funeral of
the lute Otis Staples, arrived at St.
Paul at 5:30 p.n. Mommy, and were
met hy a perty of Stillwater friends
with automobile., and brought to this
city. They were nccompanled by W.
C. Masterman who was culled to Spo
knne hy the fat.-il accident to Mr. Otis
Staples. The party eonsisted of Miss
Lillian M.  Staples,  Sterling Staples,
No: 33
Polls Close Tonight at Nine
This is the Last Day of the Great Subscription campaign so vote often.
Read  the  Closing   Rules  Carefully Candidates—The work you do today wil
Determine your Success -Don't Overlook a Single Opportunity
to get Subscriptions for you may regret
it, if you do,
Council Meeting
where u few years ago was but a
wilderness, today is a thriving community, comfortable homes. and
broad acres covered with all sorts of
The funeral  of  the late Otis  Staples  was  held  from  the  residence  of
W, C. Masterman. South Second St.,
produce of the farm stretch away be-[at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the
yond   the   vlBion where recently was | Rev.  John McCoy officiating at the
barren waste. And all this in a
few short years. But time was precious to him and he made the most
of every moment of his active career.
Of the man himself, his character,
his indomitable energy, his brave
heart and his unfailing charity, much
might he said, firm and resolute,
uncompromisingly honest in his dealings with his fellow men, a determination to accomplish, a bend thnt
never failed bim. He succeeded
where more timid souls fell by the
wayside. Mr. Staples had unbounded faith in human nature; he loved
his fellow men, and he loved to do
all he could for tbem; his charity
helped others to help themselves.
Mr. Staples was n self educated man.
His vision wns not circumscribed by
the boundaries of his environment
and he saw and knew, not only conditions,   hut the causes that lead to
house. At the Fairvlew cemetery the
services were conducted by St. John's
lodge No. 1, A.F. & A.M. There was
an escort of twenty members of
Knights Templar, of which order he
was a past-eminent commander. Also
former officer of the grand command*
The pall bearers were all Masons
and were intimate friends ot the de-
censed: R. H. BronBon, R. S. Davis,
W. L. Prince, Henry Wolfer, Oeorge
Wilson, Dr. T. C. Clark.
A   lofty   tree   has  fallen   among   the
Nor Time, nor Fnte, cun dim the hon
or of his name;
Rare   courage   and   tenderness,    his
parted life combines.
Sought not to write his name on the
roll of fame.
The  nobler zest was bis to help his
fellow man.
Among Jthe Craft
A regular convocation ot Crnnbrook
Lodge A.F. & VM. wuh hold In tho
Masonic Temple on Thursday night.
The apeclnl htiHini-RH ol Uir meeting
wna thn oltlrinl visit ol llro. I). Cor-
sun, District (Irnnd Deputy for Bast i
Kootenny. nnd the installation of W.
Dro. W. K. Attrldge as Grand Btan-.
dard Hearer.
There wnn n large nttendimce, with
mnny visiting brethren from nil parts
Ol the district.
New Department
In order to cope with thu increase*
ing work of the department of lands,
Hon. W. R. Ross has decided to create a new branch, to he known as the
inspection branch, Henry Cathcart,
Jnr., who has hitherto heen chief
clerk of the department, has been pro
moted to the head of the new branch
and will ho known as the superintendent of agencies. The superintendent
will give general attention to the o-
peratlon of the pre- emptlon Inw nnd
have charge of the inspection of home
steads, a number of Inspectors report
Ing to him. He also investigates disputes or conflicts that mny arise under the administration of the Land
Act. Another important phrase of
the superintendent's work win he in
connection with such business as a-
risen regarding the province's interest ln various townsltcs throughout
British Columbia. This will Include
the   original   selection   of   the   lota
which constitute the province's onc-
fourth interest in all townsites nnd
also the making of arrangements for
the sale of government townsite lots.
He Is to eiercise supervision of loans
held from the crown hy tense, except
conl and timber lands. The collection
of all royalties due the crown under
the sand and gravel leases will fall
under his care.
To Visit Germany
The announcement is made that
Right Hon. R. L. Borden, thu premier of Canada, will likely visit Germany and spend there the last week
of his time before he sails for home
on the steamship Victorian on August .'10. By present arrangements be
will return from Scotland on the 19.
Mrs. Borden will participate in the
ceremonies at the launching of the
Canada-Australian liner Niagara at
The premier's arrangements lor the
time between this and his sailing date
were not made public. It is not stated
however, that it is his intention to
visit. Germany iu a private capacity.
There is no doubt here that ho will
meet a warm reception, Mr. Hetde-
man, secretary to Mr. |Ia*/en, wbo is
now In Berlin, speaks German and
will accompany Mr. Borden, It is believed many Germans are pleased that
the premier should visit their country
after his Visit to France. The British public places great faith in Mr.
Borden. His solid sense appeals to
The great voting contest will end tonight at 9 o'clock.
The mammoth subscription campaign which has occupied the attention
of the candidates and public in general for the last seven weeks will he all
over in n few hours and many ambitious and enthusiastic candidate will
be made happy through the distribution of $2,001) worth of prlv.es.
Who is going to win the automobile?
The candidates are running so close that it is impossible to predict
who will win. There is considerable conjecture ns to who will capture thu
capital prize; but the Prospector cannot even guess who will hold top
position when the count is all over. The finish promises to he very excit
ing and. without a doubt, it will he one of the cloest finishes in the history of voting contests.
Are YOU going to win?  That ie the question.
You had better make up your mind to win. Yon cnn if yon will. Get
the votes—the most votes—that's all, ■
During the day, the work done by the different candidates will determine their success to-night. Candidates should bear in mind the OOMBIN
ATION SCHEDULE, which will be to their advantage to use as much as
possible, as they are receiving the maximum amount of votes Ninety
thousand votes for a ten year subscription.   1)0 IT NOW.
VOTE NOW OR NEVER.    After to-day your opportunity will be gone.
Candidates must place all subscription slips and money in sealed envelopes. Do not use personal checks. Use cash, drafts or money orders
on the last night. And he sure to have your business in the ballot box by
nine o'clock.
Promptly at nine o'clock to-night the following named well
known gentlemen, will meet at the Contest Office to audit tbe
votes in tbe Prospector's prize distribution campaign. These
names are sufficient guarantee to the candidates and citizens
of the justice of the awards which will be made.
T. B. O'CONNELL, manager of tbe Royal Bank.
.IAS.   DAVIES,  manager 41 Meat Market.
Rev. R. DUNHAM, Pastor of the Methodist Church.
Chicago Terminal
The Canadian Pseitic railway has
great interests in Chicago as a result
ot acquiring the Wisconsin Central
and other American lines, is planning
big terminal developments in that
city. It is announced today that the
Central Terminals company ol Chicago, which is a subsidiary of the
Canadian Pacific railway, has purchased 12 additional parcels of land
tanking a total of 20s parcels that
have been acquired for the big railway yards to he provided in the vicinity of Harvard street Irom Forty-
eighth street to south 150th street.
The total amount involved is $1,179,-
Holds Annual Meeting
The annual nieeting of the Central
Conservative Association of the Colombia riding was held at Windermere
on Snturdny Inst, at which every local association in the riding was represented. Unanimity marked the
meeting's deliberations nnd much enthusiasm was displayed, augcring
bright prospects for the party in the
A. M. Chlsholm of Windermere wns
tn the chair, with P. Richardson act
Ing as Secretary pro-tern.
The following resolution was unanimously adopted:
Resolved, that the Central Conservative Association of Columbia riding
express its satisfaction at the result
of tbe Dominion election last Septem
bor nnd its continued confidence in
the government of Hon. R. L. Borden
nnd in R. V. flrern, member for Kootenny.
Resolved, that the Central Conser
vatlve Association of Columbia riding
place on record at this annual meet-
lug its continued nnd unabated confidence |n H. 0, Parson nnd express
the desire that he be fully recognized
by the government and the British
Columbia Provincial Association as
the official representative of the pnrty in tbls riding."
The following resolution from the
British Columbia Provincial Association was received:
And this the British Columbia
Provincial Association freely goes on
record ns supporting the choice of the
regular Conservative Associations of
this province, both before and after
tbe elections, and that n copy of this
resolution he sent to the Provincial
Government and to the local Assocln
tions throughout the Province."
Smash Up
Two automobiles had a heart-nn col
Ision on the Wyclifle rond on Thursday night, about 9 p.m., resulting in
considerable damage to both autos.
The accident happened while rounding a curve in the road. Both autos
were taken to a garage hospital nnd
several weeks will be spent in repairing thc machines.
Quarrel Over Hay
A dispute over the rights to cut
hay on the flat lands, between the
Indians nnd the white men which
easily have resulted tn bloodshed, was
settled on Wednesday by W. F. Teet-
?.el, government agent of Nelson who
told both Indians and whites that if
violence Is done no one would be al*
lowed to cut tbe hay on the government land, says the Creston Review.
Although there'' are hundreds of
acres of hay land that have uot heen
touched the Indians who naturally
resent whut they believe to be the
Intrusion of the white people claiming all the land as their own by right
of priority in tbe valley, make trouble for the white hay cutters at every
Tbe principle trouble this year occurred when some Indians threatened
Prank Lewis and drove him from the
hay he had already cut. The Indians
claim they have cut their hay at this
particular place for years while the
old time ranchers say hay has never
before been cut there. Mr. Lewis
complained to Constable Gunn, who,
as the definite boundary of the Indian
reservation is not known was at a
loss what to do because no violence
was committed whereby he could act.
He at once wired R. L. T. Oalbralth,
Indian Agent and W. K. Teetzel, government agent, to come and assist in
settling matters.
Mr. Teetzel arrived from Nelson on
Wednesday and in conference with
Chief Alexander, got bim to promise
to see Mr. I*ewis got his hay and nl
Lumberman Protest
The attitude of the Government in
refusing to collect duty on sized lumber entering the prairie provinces,
which the exchequer court has decided is dutiable, until the appeal to
the supreme court is heard, has
brought forth a vigorous protest
from the British Columbia lumber
interests. Oeorge H. Cowan, ex-M.
P., counsel for the lumbermen, was
in Ottawa today, and protested to
Hon. J. D. Reld and to the acting
premier, Hon. Oeorge H. Perley. a-
gainst the customs department not
collecting duty until the appeal is
It is understood the government
has refused to change its stand and
will continue to allow lumber to enter free until after the appeal Is
"Tbe stand of the commissioner of
customs," said Mr. Cowan, "Is that
there is no law to administer, he-
cause the notice of appeal suspends
the Inw, nnd no action can he taken
until the supreme court case is heard
Mr. Cowan disputes the stand, and
claims that duty should have been
collected as soon as the exchequer
court decision was given.
The Lacrosse team nre desirous of
doing tbe best they possibly can for
the rest of the season and of getting
Into their best form so ns to be able
warned him to keep the Indians ' to hest all comers. The manager de*
from violence under penalty of losing sires us to ask through the medium
the right of cutting hny on the flats, of our columns that each player
This warning he also gave to the makes a determined effort to be out
whito men. and practice on every Monday, Wed
This is only one of the cases occur-   nesday and Friday ot each week.
ring   this   year.   One   farmer   whoso ,    .
place is located near the reservation
has been continually bothered by the
Indians cutting his fences and turn
ing  their cattle  In
Mr.   Gnlhralth,   who   wns  away   at
The    Lacrosse   team  will close the
Championship    series with Nelson at
to  graze  on   his   Spokane during Fair week.   Kveryone
who can nre nsked to glvo the local
boys    all    the assistance possible so
the time telegraphed for will probab- «■»■•  «■«■   "»*  »•■  «•« more Credit*
ly arrive In Creston next week and go My represent Cranbrook,    Thia ia an
into the matter thoroughly as the In opportunity for some big advertising
dians. though unleted for a time are wlft boyH  ftn(, t||(, Rlory WlM ,,„ ymirH
are In no pleasant mood. . ■
C.P.R. Dividends     Co1- ^^ vlsit
—— ,        Colonel llnskln, chief Secretary  of
Montreal,—The directors of ths Cnn ; t||(,   Bnlvntton   Army   operations   in
adlan Pacific Railway have rteclared I Weatern   Canada,    will   be   visiting
a seml-annunl dividend ot 2 per cent i 0-ani,-00|, ,,,, Tuesday, August 20tli
on  prelorred  stock   and  a quarterly
Council Meeting.
The regular meeting ol the city
council was held in the council chambers on Monday alternuon. Mayor
Ilowness occdpled the chair and wns
supported by Aldermen Cameron,
Campbell, Olapp nml Atchison.
The minutes of the Inst regular
and special meeting wore rend and on
motion of Aldermen Clnpp nnd Cameron wen- adopted ns reuil
A communlcntion wns received
from Messrs. Harvey, MeOnrter Mac
donald and Nesbit re u line and costs
that had been Imposed on it titan of
the name of Cross by the police mag
Istrate. This communication, on motion of Clapp and Cameron, was re
ferred tt, the Relief Committee with
power to net.
A communication from Kred Wus-
son claiming dumnircs agntnst the
city for chunglng the grade of the
street wuh. on motion of Aldermen
Clnpp and Cameron referred to the
street Committee to report nt the
next regular meeting o! the council.
The report of the returning ofllcers
in the recent municipal election was
received and tiled.
A communication from the Bcho »1
Trustees re the sum of $3,800 legal
expenscB recovered (rom the Fernle
Construction (Jo., on nccount ol
School building, was on motion
ferred to the city solicitor and rlty
clerk for further Information from
the school board, and to report same
at next regular meeting of the council.
Mr. H. White, representing the local order of the Independent Order of
Oddfellows, addressed the coun-il te
tbe purchasing ol l,ot No. 14 III the
city cemetery for thnt order. On
motion ol Aldermen Campbell and
Clapp the question of cemetery
blocks was referred to the relief nnd
health committee.
Tbe finance.committee then present
ed their regular monthly report and
recommended accounts to the amount
ol ttO.350.0,1 to be paid. On motion
of Aldertn/tn Clnpp and Campbell
the lollowlng accounts were ordered
The   lollowlng    accounts   were presented for payment:-
City Engineer's Pay-roll
Police  Salaries
School Hoard Orders
H-ire nenartment Pay-roll
City Salaries
R. W. Henry (Bleo. by-law 109)
T. M. Roberts
City Clerk's Sundries
Cranhrook Hush ft Door Far
Herald Publishing Co.
Kast  Kootenny  Merc.  House
H. A. Stinson
Waller Archie
Crnne   *i  Ordwny  On.
J. W. Rutledge
Metals.  Ltd.,  lethbrldge
.1. I).  McBrlde
Sewerage Pay-roll 2706.56
Cranbrook   Sash   41 Door Co.      ..M
W. K. Worden 11.60
Olty Livery (J. A. Mac Donald) 32.60
.lohn Gait Eng. Co. 979.66
Kootenny Telephone Hoes Ltd    12.00
J. 1). McBrlde
T.  N.  PARltKT
K. Parks 41 Co
Patterson Bros.
Wash. U.I.   41 3.1' S. Oo.
Cranbrook Fdy 41 Mcb Shops
' 00.60
Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.,
Beattlo-Morphy Co.
Cranhrook Fdy „  Melt Shops
Canadian  Brass Co.  Ltd.
Keuftel & Ksser Co.,
Crnnbrook Cartage 41 Trans Co.
. 5.00
On motion of Alderman Atchison
and Cameron a grant of $100.00 vas
made to the King Kdwurd Sanltor-
tiim at Kamloops.
The report of the John Gait Fu-
gineering Co.. wns on motion received and filed.
It wns moved by Aldermen Campbell and Clapp that the John Gait
Knulneering Co., be notified In writing that as soon as tho disposal
worka are completed and the funds
appropriated he expended, tbnt their
services will be dispensed with. Carried.
Moved hy Aldermnn Clapp and
Cnmpbell that the request for street
improvements on Hanson avenue be
referred to the board of works.
It was moved that Ky-Law No. 113
he reconsidered and be finally pawed
and adopted. Carried.
Moved hv Aldermen Campbell ar.l
Cameron that the city engineer, be
instructed to gather up all toole
used in the construction of tbe eewer-
itKe system. 1
Council adjourned until TbufeJa*
afternoon nt 4 p.m.
Frank  IteMll 16.40
T. N. Pnrrett 66.90
A.   Jollife 6.80
Ward & Harris .11.30
F. Parka ft Co. 135.50
Crnnhrook Trading Co., 4.60
W.  J. Shelby 2.50j
Cranhrook steam Laundry 2.50
Prospector Publishing Oo. 70.80
8. R. Roc 10.00
Liddecontt  &   Waller 44.10
School    Board    Ordet 990.00
Arnold ft Roberts 2.50
Crnnbrook Elec I.t. Co. Ltd 194.00
Kootenny    Telephone Lines Ltd 32.25
Qunin Elec. Co. Ltd. 1.25
Foster. Ira A. 7.26
An adjourned meeting of the City
Council was held nn Thursday afternoon, there were present Mayor Bowness. Aldermen Campbell, Atchison,
Cameron und Clapp.
It wi,,, moved hy Aldermen Camp-
hell nnd Clnpp thnt By-law No. 109
he re-considered, und finally passed
and adopted.
On motion of Aldermen Campbell
and Cntneron, the City Clerk was Instructed to notify the School Trustees thnt it has been found on examination thnt the sum nf $3,800 recovered from the Fernie Construction
Company hns heen expended In law
chnrees nnd extraordinary expenses,
and to notify them to rnlse such aum
If thev consider it necessary for tbe
completion of the public school build-
mc and furnish the snme, tbey should
submit n request to the council to
place n By-law lor that purpose he-
fore the rnte-payers.
I.ltrt of Items paid ont of current
revenue to Messrs. Harvey. McCarter,
Macdonald and Nesbet:—
June    10.   1910    $400.00
March   10,   1911     6SO.00
November 30,1911  1,566.16
List of Items referring tn Completion of School Building:—
Dsvls Bros $111.50
Patmore    Bros  6J.16
Sash S Door Co  61.77
A.    Molleur    101.90
0.   R.   Uank   94.00
Patmore Bros 183.00
Moved hy Aldermen Campbell and
Atchison, that lots in the City Cemetery in quantities of not leaa than
ten be sold to the Fraternal Orders
at price ol $6 per lot lor cneh payments. ...
Council adjourned.
dividend nl 2| per cent on common.
Some of the statements made concern
Ing the llscul yenr ending June 30
Gross earnings from rnilwny and
steamship lines 3123,319,541; working
expenses (80,021,298; net revenue from
The Colonel who hus seen many
yenrs of Army life in all lands, will
lecture in the Knox Presliyterlun
Church al 8 p.m.
Major  Green,   the   divisional   com
inander of II.(V  will accompany hint,
rnilwny nnd stenniahlp lines available"""' «"" '»«*«' °" 'I'"1 "m"'1"" "I'"'
for   dividend   $32,762,764;   alter   pay  |lnl mmlc
ment, of nil dividends declared for the The loci ure of the Colonel will be
yenr the surplus Irom rnilwny and lull ol particulars regarding the work
stoamahlp lines carried forward Is ol the Army In general and more so
$17,560,119. | 'he work of the Army In 11. C.
Overseas Club
The Over-Hens Club held tt socittl on
Tuesday night taking the form of a
Bachelors' Empire night. The bachelors in charge of the arrangements
were the Secretary, Messrs. 0. A.
Cock, 0. Plant, W H. Olbbl, and G.
Sims, whn represented (Ireat Britain,
South Africa, India, Canada mid Aus
trniiasia respectively,
The gentlemen present represented a
province or state, while each lady re
presented the- rhief city of that province or state In the British Kmptre.
The member*, were tiitertnined in
the following mnnner
1. New Cnrd Oame   Ut round.
2. Humorist song, accompanied on
the banjo.   Mr  Hardy of Windermere
3. Card (lame   2nd round,
4. Short Paper on the life of tbe
great Kinpln- Builder (Vrll John
Rhodes, by the Secretnry.
ft,   Card Came  final round.
li. Violin Solo, beautifully render
ad by Mrs, N. a. Walllnger
In the card game Mi. Walltnget cat j
tied  «-l! the prl/e
The   hnrhelors   refreshed  the   guests.
With  fee f.tenni, rnke, roffer,  nnd <*lg
arettos and the ladies, chocolates.
Kor thn iliinelni' enthusiasts a
short dance closed a most pleasant
evening.    All  present   entering   Into
the spirit of the entertainment pro-
vldod '<>t tbem by their bachelor
Mr. W. R, i.tbbN acted as M.C. nnd
Mra. Kdmundson officiated at ths
piano during the evening.
To Welcome Premier
Preparations are now under way
for the holding of n big banquet tn
the Chateau Laurier in honor of Prera
ler Borden immediately on hiH return
i to Ottawa from Kngland. The date
has not been fixed pending the re-
reipt of deflnate information as to
the nrtual time of the premier's ar-
nv-ii home. All the arrsngeniMts
are being made by the Coaasrvatlvs
association of Ottawa.
New Garage
N. Ilanaon, nn Monday neit, will
rommenre the construction of n new
garflge for the Kootenay Garage Co.
The new building will he erected on
Norbury Avenue, and will be a
hrlrk structure, 12ftx,->0 feet, one story
Tbe new garage will be up-to-date In
every particular and will carry a full
line of Automobile supplies. Geo R.
U-ssk hns the contract for tbe erection of the building. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B.C.
HOTEL. g:Eb™k'
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all   go  to .
The   Wentworth
D. McDonald     -     Proprietor
h******************** *********************
■HI"I II 11 |'|"|-|-f*H"H"H"l,,i,l,'i"l"i I'M i"t"l'l4MH"$r-l-H"t-l-HH*
News from Correspondents
Wardner Notes
(From our Bpeolnl Oon-oepondont)
TllO   Misses   Hell ,
ure visiting their
\l inner.
umi Tootsie Dow
unit,    Mrs.    Otto
oman lor tho Snored Borvlcos,
There is some tnlk of a dunce al
tho Vuiik null ou Monday to in- glv
en by Mr, Taylor, bul ns yoi nil
things nre imt arranged.
by an aCOoptod oboque on a chartered     The   Department   does not bind it-
bunk   payable,   to   tho   order ot the soil to accept the lowest ur uny ton-
Honorable   the   Minister   of   Public dor.
Works, oqunl to ten per cent UUp.ci I "V order,
im Friday ovonlng thoro is i ,  ,e a
soclnl Iii the dining loom of tho wihk
.1.  P,  iliinson  wns  iii Ornnbrook 1 rjompnny.   The program is not  yet
for n few hours Inst Saturday. 1 complete.
Mrs.   (Itto  Wisner  and  nieces  spent      M,.     N,„.,„„„      [-llltolt    roOOlVOtl    It
Tuesday at Manistee. alight    injury    tu Ins loot on Thurs
Mr,  Cleo.   Wilson  and pnrty  spent  day   afternoon   but   nltoi   tnkliiB   a
Sunday at Rull River rest   resumed  work nt i o'olook tho
Alfred   Johnson  anil  Arthur   bund °      "'y'
spent lust week in tiie Wasa illstrIot,|    lllenlily  is still growing   Mr   liny
wood   was   |,resented   with   n   dlUtghtOr
work  on  their property,  8  miles  up lf   t|ll)   ,ln|(|Unl 0, thl, t(,mle[.	
tho crook from tlio old town .„,,,,.,,,., , Secretary.
..„      , M *"• ■"• -°r**"t0** ■' *■*■•* I""*"--* ****!■ Department ol Public Works,
Mr. and Mrs. Iluy hnve returned to',        decline to enter luto u eontruet i ',,,,,.„,„    *„„„„,»   mi
their   home   nt   Kniispeii, Montana  , . „ Ottawa,  August 8, Ml..
when rulli-d upon to do so. ,,r lull v.o I ,, ,, ,
Newspupers    will   not   be   pnld lot-
tills   ndvertisement   if they  Insert it
tbey   loll    11
spend   a  short
,n   Hvim   to
with   Mrs. romplote   tho   work   contracted lor,
•l'lic band boy,
of their popular dunces
Hall on Friday night.
giving another
tho Library
was   anothor   i-oclr,
parcel this week.
Mrs. It. K.  K.nbree has heen spend       W(.   m      [mM u   ^  ||m(   M,
m- the week wi.il  friends In low,,.        mtm    ,.    ,„(|k,m,   v,,,v   ,„,„,,„,,,„.,
The  Rev.  Staley  ot Qhlcago,  is n  progress   under   tho   caro "i Di   Mo
;uest of Mr. and Mrs   I,uud. Kiniion   at   the   Oranbrook Hospital
wbero bo waa removed on Monday
,n   Sunday   Inst.    Mr   .lack Tipp
nl    ol  a  slinlliu- j    Mr and    Mrs.    Stevens    nnd   Mrs,
Moll ploulokoil   at   I'erry   ,'reek   lust
week Hie   Utile   party   being   I'ivcn    II
honor  ot  ouo ol  Mr,  Btovon's llttlo
hoys   birthday        I'he   lillle   lolks   bud
a   good   (line
Dni'go. 'If tin-   t lor   hi i   nooopted tho without   authority from the Depart-
The Indians havo gono In (orco up cheque will bo roturnod, ' inont.-.»908.    fir SW-.t.
ilie  crook   io  gathor   Huokloborrlos, i
they report borrlos very plentilul,    It
is reported thai thoy are killing deer, i
if sn. it should he looked Into
HM,   Slaler   and  Ohttl'llO   l.eusk   Huh-
inn in the ,'reek ,,u Sunday last was,
sili-ecHsliil   lu   riilehlng   helween   them
in the neighborhood of 1100 bonuttlul
n,.h      The ,'renk was full of Ihem.
1 PHONE 340 I
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee   our work
nd Mrs, l.ilud mote
gd to Ma
Mr  and Mrs   Bradley motored Iron
Irnnbrook on TueBdaj The dance which wa,. given l,y   Mn.
l.ars,i„ „| the Ynhk Hotol, wtta one of
tiie  beat      Many   mends rrom   Moylo
came,  also friends Irom  Ulenlllly
Mr. i'.  M   Pennock spent tho week  Mlt8ic was providod and everyone had
end in Cranbrook. n moat enjoyable time.
Mi and Mi,. Robortaon and family
aad Mr itrii'iiy were among others
who liad a r.ood cutCll ol Unit last
week at I'erry freely. They say the
catch was aplomlld and tho llsll all
thai COUld he desired.
Mi    Davis  ill   Spokane and friends |
Z     m     «   '•    '■'         , suporlntondenl     Hl     :„„i   Mrs.   llooktn, ot Moylo,   !'"'  enmplug   nn   I'erry   Orook.    Mr.
I tne Crow'. Neat Pubs Uimbei Co1! ,„.,,„,    visited  Vnhk on  Monday and  |,"vl" IH " H"" "' Mr' "ml Mls   ','l'l
J:logging dopartmenl nnd Mr. I.titon ol  held   n very good service In tho din   "nus "' -'ranbrook, who came out to
II  the store stall were ii, Cranhrook o„   lng   ,,„,„,   ,,,   the Yahk Mill    These  rstabllBlt   Uie   young    lo  In   llieir
* \ Friday   last, fortnightly     services    ale   looked   (ol     Camp.
Mr   prentteo ol  tho   v   Macdonald  '''"',   '"   '""' P1*"°l"'e and are np      \„    Knight  ol  Spokane,   mnde   u
business  In   I"'''".ited    by a larger number ot at    visit   to   Porrj   Hrook  this  week  and
tendnnte each tune. was so delighted with tho place and
M,     ,,,,    P ,1   Ul     nasi .     W„, >' *      •*-     *   ~V«-   p-Xt,    gW.U I *~™    ' *" «   ~*"   «'"'1
in town Tuesday
u. _MLe-,rm*.'_~ ?
Statements nude by patients taking Ihe Ne*; Method Treilnenl.   They know it Cure*
, ,r- N„ Na„,«. or TailimoRial. mad without written cun.cnt
lOXSTIT-THIMI.   111,001)   Hl/iKAKK.
Poll  X„. IIIIII.    "TllO apotn M-0 llll
,.  loan ai, lee i Jill I ro.l
, I  „..,,.     I  ion  ver,   tinilelii'  lu y,ul
ullil   ,1,1,11   ll.ael    MM   Hit   flU™!'   "llU'
, i  lmvo .i.ai.' mi  ' Van enn
„,„ ,ii,   iihiii.. iii i. i mifiiR n  >
.no .uir     I ion mil
il...)   miiiti.     -riiiitiklni:   1
ele "
,•1,11,1,1   Nil,  lll'll.-,.    •'
Co.,    Ferine,    was   doing
town lust  Friday.
ext   time   it
:   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and  ::
Heating Company
VV. F. Johnson, Pi-op., P.O   Box 904
I     WORKS—Edward Street •      Cranbrook, Bt
t   ■   ■   i..«. ■   ■   ■.■■. s. s   i. ■   ■   ■   ■   ■   ■   I,.| ,|.■ ■*. ■■ *-. ■ ■■.
r*T**T*TTT PTTTTTTTrT*l**T**iT****'i**r*rvI"r*r
Automoli       will  be  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
Mra   ,'    W   Donnhoe lelt lot Mnu
Itoba ami  t!!flerent   poiuta  in   Muims
t Tui sday.
1    Mrs.  ff,   Si Hiker  was   shopping   in
Cranbrook on Tuesday
Harold   Darling  ol   Lranbrook   was:
rustling insurance in town Saturday.
Mrs,   Brogan nf Cranbrook,  on  Vied ...
,,       ,, n.t«..    i   wi     in-  with my   iiim v.
i.rs.iav. Mrs  Brogan knew nothing ol '
Mr   nnd Mrs   Buhl and Mra   Pilar    -( ,ttlil Wfia Rroatty ploasod    Tbe par
sot; drove In from tbe C I'.H   Mill in ty    vvuS   \atga,    viotln, Gramophone
■*•!«     Auto    ffednesdaj eveuing Mouth-organs, aud cards were played
Mrs.   Scarborough   and   Mra    Kun   and there was dancing. A right good
m Thurjtinw wus had and there wns no lack     8BALHD   THJNDBR8  addressed   to |
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for the Construction til u Breakwater in Victoria Harbour, B.C."
will be received at this office until
14 00 p.m., mi Thursday September 5,
, 1912, lor the construction ot a Break-
Krom our Special Correspondent,    water at Victoria Harbour, Victoria,
Plans,   specifications   and   form of
untract    can   be   seen and forms of
bnok ("im year).
Tin*, uom.n si.iMH i.iri i:i.i:nt
1'iitli'iit  N».  ir-M'M.    "I JlmVD imi  linil
flinil tin'
ml I '
. to fnu.    Yi,.; lm
ninl- wuh mo
VAH1C08H VRINf. ri'RKI>.
t.i-..- Ne, iiimhh.   Hyinptunia whon ha
Mi.Ht.'ii troatmontt—Arc Dl, Hlnitlo, In*
lUilttnil in it ml ht'l'im Hfvnml yeiint
Vnvluoio Vi'iim <ni bolh Hlrtoi -plmploii
mi nu- rni'.'. ola Aftor twn moiulm'
,,,,,1111.1,i ii,- wrllea nn rultuwai -"Vuur
WOl 10   lOtlOr   tO   ll'lll'l    ■M»l     Mil    Cl'I'J
Hln,i in nut umi I nihil. inj'Hulf onrotl,
My Vnrleaio Volna, lmvo cnmi'lvioly iUm-
niinonrod for ■*-■■■•«* n »iiii<' mi'i n ■■■oiuh
a niii'i', I v.-i-n hunter nnd reol lens
11 roil, I luivu im .l.'tu-,- for tliiit In l-lt
■VllMt'Vor nml ll  1 Mt.iy lilt.- linn,  wlil, ii
i hnvu ovory reoion in bollovo i win.
Thankina you t»\ youi1 kind attotit tc-n,''
l'n I If nt No. M.Vl!.   Thll l>
■r Sorrnua
,1  Hi \ll.il  \V>-aKi«-tiH nihl  WM
i vigor mnl vltnllly,   Atiw
I    U'.'lll Ill     III'     IVll'-IH    ,IH
■I um reeling very well, i
n pounda in ono month, aa
iivc tu cangrmuliUu yon." I
-■•I it tu imglniihiR tn fool i
nu.-  a   mnn,     I   fool   my  oonilti
gottlngNbottor uvory wook."   llla laat ro*
linil: -"Dour Dortora—,\i I fool iiim li
in.- ium mniitii'ri ti tmont iiim i w-m
linvo !'• get, I iin.iiulii ni oni' linn' I
wnnld never !»>■ ourod inn I |tut eon*
flili-ni'o in you from tho ■■'"n nnd you
Iiim' eared me."
Blink lor Homo Tivatmoot.
uf   refreshments   In the form
tul friut.
All lei tem from Canada mint ba •ddrctti-d to our Can*
adian Correapondcnca Dopartmont «■ follow,.:
Perry Creek Notes
Wild raspberries are going to waste ;
infant   son   ol   Mr,   and   Mrs. J fur the want of pickers on the (.'reek.
w.   K.   ffbelen  ol   ■' affray,  passed  a
.way on the Mrh Inst and waa aftei
[ ward taken to Wardner where it was
laid  tu rest on  tht-  L2th.
j    (From our Special Correspondent)
Mrs. McPaddan, uf Oranbrook, hus
j been   visiting Mrs. Brogan for a few
' | days.
|j    Mrs.     Charles    Hilton    wishes    t.i
i thank all thc friends who bo willingly helped her at the time of her hUs-
| I hands sickness.
tender    obtained at this  Department
A large party of Cranbrook's pup j (inil nt ttiC oBjceB 0| \yt Henderson, I i
ular young people Bpent Sunday at Resident Architect, Victoria, B. C. *
Perry Creek. c. 0. Worsfold, I3sq., District Blngin-
Mr McDougal has a tine force of eer< New Westminster, B.C.; J. (J.
men working on his prospects on N**p. Ksq., District Engineer, Toron-
Shorty Creek. to, Ont.;  J.   i..  Mlchaud,  Esq.,  Dis
trict Entrinenr, Montreal, Que.; A.
Ineer, tiue-
■,ion to the   X
Chicken   dinners   are   served every Decary, Bsq., District Engii
unday  at  the Berry Creek  Hotel-  heC) Q()e , anfl ()I) appllcati
Drinks   ol   all   kinds can lie liad at my store for
use during tiie coming hot weather.
Thirteen different flavours.
Dalton's Lemonade
6? Lime Juice
Hundred Cases    X
'.'.    Just   rereivt'd   a   Carload
Fremont Grape  Juice.    An   unfermented
Grape   Temperance   Wine.
I    A full line ol domestic and foreign   wines
and cigars.     Bar Glasses, etc.
Don't forget it.
Boy and Arthur Burge are doing
development work on their claim—
'The Reciprocity," the claim is show
ing tine.
The Hydraulic outfit are expected
back in n (ew days to resume work
on  their property 3 miles above the
Great credit ia due to the Ladies of   nl{1 town
Yahk fnr their energy In raising J60.     The steam Shovel Co. are busy With
n two weeks for the purchase of an  a lnrt-e force of men doing successful
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Gri.wold St.,  Detroit, Mich.
1   ill, Inrlnrti.l.i lull, t.iluliil.j t Ljtirlnjir t II tli I li t nil.   '    I utiiliilliliililii.in tnliiliiti.li ilut i I    »-*--**    *
Central  Meat jj
Postmaster at Vnncouver, B.C.
Persons tendering ure notified that
tenders will not lie considered unless
mnde on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In ttie case of
firms the actual signature, tbe nature of the occupation, nnd place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Eacb   tender   must he accompanied
If you are tired of eating salty
Hams and Bacon, try some of
the   "Mistletoe   Sugar   Cured"
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Home
Plant in St. Louis
***********_.* j..i   |    I J   J J   ■ ,J_ I ,,11,1   | Jut rj   IiiIiiIiiI    I Jul,   dh Will
**. c* v ii o* p <i   I ^C Anheuser-Busch Brewery
I**-'  vV    ▼     %X XLm V^ O T Covers an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
^—-* 4* ill iii III     r*Ar\     »      li  JJ        I     L     -IJ-
Covers an area of 140 acres of around, equal to 70 city
blocks,  upon which are  located 110  individual  buildings.
Ross, Winchester
Sporting Rifles and Carbines
Brewing Capacity . . . 2,500,000
Maltlno Capacity . . . 2,000,000
Bottlino Works . . . 1,000,000
Grain Storage Elevators 1,750,000
StocKhoujea(for layering)    600,000
Steatn PovVor Plant   ,    .
Electric Power Plant    .
Refrigerator Plant    .    .
Ice Plant	
Lioal  Ul.od	
In bound and Outbound
barrels per year
bushels per year
bottles daily
horse power
horse power
tone per day
tons per day
tons per day
50,000 cars per year
Refrigerator freight cars .   .   .1,500
Horses at home plant   .... 143
Wagons at home plant   .... 78
Auto Trucks at home plant  .   . 74
Horses at Branches  483
Wagons at Branches  430
Auto Trucks at Branches ... 47
At St. Louis Plant   .   6,000 people
At 36 Branches    .   .   1,500 people
A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.    ',',
********************** *
G. DOWNING, Miniger.
Under New Management
********}************* ** 111 M 1111 .|..|. | ■■■■.■„■.■„,,**
__l____f^' '
************ **************|*****
Total Sales, 1911—1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottles
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook,  B. C.
Invites you io ihe
Tke Hand Empires HcJidet/
/.Seven playp and! six nM/scy
education and arm/semen/ ■
Same/fund fo mfere$iesi/ery vrsifof
Redueed>Reulwait Rated
\hM \a Rob* M CoSte-ove 3ct/ fer Premium Li|t«»i
1 uvvvvv^yvv^1    4-"*-»***>***>*i**V'*A>'*Va*A»*V»*V'
Sirmoa by
Pastor Brooklyn
Syrncuio,   N.Y.,
Scriptures Are More Logical Than the Trinity of
the Creeds.   t
i *,e.\m,   it, ii.- sinte-7 ny gome uu
-Pnilot| persons, 'i'licro i' one God i» 111
————— ——————
'•ginning fin WHO nnvre --'i diner creations «'Uect«il tlir.niph Him; but by
Uiin Inst exallBtinn We attained, in
His resurrection   from   the   deaf), a J .
place far and nwav at.ive nil other*— I _,,_, .,_._„,__
next In  tho   PnHier-at  God's right  IT PROMISES TO REVOLUTIONIZE
m w.     nrlnf.l     f .-.11 ,1.1     u    yl a 1ft It
lieud, whero He »I call ever remain
without a peer.
Anil, wonderful thought! The Call
ill Hits Gospel Aro is to become heirs
ol God, and joint-heirs with .lesus
Christ our itedeemer, by a manifesta.-
tion of HiB spirit of obedience to the
Fattier, and drinking the eup which
Uie Father hath poured, and thus at*
testing our loyalty to Joliovah, and to
11 Mb perfect will in all things, even
1   ' unto death.
In the opening of St. John's Gospel wo hnve a record ol the greatness
of ttio Logos.    And it is much more
Sussell addressed two large audiences | persons, or a trinity of Gods with ono j clear and distinct in tlio Oreek than
Advocate! of Horticultural Training
Fer Children Art Making Great
Headway T. roughoul Canada—Sir  In what far country such fail flowcri
in angel found a daisy where It lay-
On Heaven's highroad ol transparent gold,
And, turning to one near, he said, "I
Tell   me  what  manner  ol  etrni ja
bloom I hold.
You came a  long,  long way — per.
chance you know
here to-day, one In the. Empire Ita.  •!{> -|j oW««t.a ^   ^
Ue. We report one ol his discourses i m(m ,1||m fm|r tilollHtlll<] years thoro
trom Ihe text: "To us there iB hut! was no suggestion nf a trinity ol
one God, tlic Father, ol whom are ail .Gods, nor of more then one God,
... ,       .   ,,,„,   „., ■„„„ i„,,i  amongst Iho Israelites.   Tha hontlion
things, end we In alm i*-"-*,ona Lor2 *iat|oni rooognl-cd gods many-poly-
Jesus, liy whom nro nil things, """i ,hei»m-and at loust Olio of these ns
'wc hv lilm. Howbelt thero Is not in'having a trinity, But God's people
every man Unit knowledge."-!. Cor . «'"';" warned -igiilnst•»" tnWbeing
lull)fans vlll tl 7 I Inilnicted in Ihoso words,   nenr, <>
For   long 'cent'tirles   God's   people '•""fl. Hj« '■»''' m* God Is one l.onl
Juive lieen confessing n Divine trinity. I —•"'lioviih
in our i'nglisli.  The word logos, 1 re-,
mind you, signifies the "word," tiie   li
William Macdonald It One ol the
Pioneers ol the Newer Education
For Boy, and Girls.
In Ontario during the last four or
(Ivo years a remarkable development
along educational lines ha, taken
plnco that has been little heard ol
outside the centres affected. It has
consisted In a broadening of the pub-
school curriculum to a wider utili
"Turn thy ro-
The Crlckrler Wat o Fine Slngeer,
But  In Vain.
"I have seen lots el funny tilings
in hniehall," lays Joe Kelly, thc
leader ot the Leafs, "hut I still believe tlmt. ihe richest happening! ol
all cnuio off nt Toronto while 1 was
still new I i the Canadian team—'.lie
tlrst year that 1 was manager.
"Two of tlio Toronto newspaper!
were rivals, and showed their rivalry
in tiie most strenuo'lfl fasliion. Finally the hostilities between them settled down  to  baseball, and  they ar-
laught by lhe creeds, which win 'fn.! f«*l« WWl •»'■>' ™l"0 ''Clore.me
comprchtibible;   awl meantime thoy'-O-'ufcronomy vi, 4.)    Il sh
Thon limit have no other
loitld bu
"•uehl  iiv t in-  i-iiiic, wiueii  is more,'.-  •>■■'   -  - ■■   .-■ . _• ;''*;■'.'
WEabfe.    11   tho   trinit,-   of   the  ♦**•«_ *W*. to   rank.jvll.ll   the   great
"message," and hence is a proper
term for a special messenger, In olden times kings addressed thoir people,
not directly, but through such a mea- j
senger. or logos, who blood before llie
king, the latter being screened behind
a lattice-work. Aa the logos nr messenger received thc message from the
king, he uttered or proclaimed it to
tlio people] hence he was styled the
logos, the Word.
Tills is one of the grandest titles
zillion ot that greatest education—
Nature. The new influence has dono
more than expand the curriculum; it
lias burst open the walls of the
sohoolhouso ti permit of an outer
classroom I and, accomplishing its
purpose, tt lias widened the outlook
ol the pupils and broadened tbe vision of tlio entire community, In converting the school grounds into a
laboratory   for  scientific   but  simple
Then spoke tho ether:
(limit face
And gaze with me down purple depth
of space.
See, where tiie stars lie spilled upon ranged for a game to he played at
|     '   the night, Island Park with a team limited to
■Like amber beadB that, hold a yellow employes of llie cfliee. and with my
I          light.                                             ■ Ralf as umpire, the Toronto club hav-
Note  nne that burns with  faint yet ing a day off.
steady glow; "Eacb club had out its cohorts daily-
It Is tho Garth—and there these bios- taking turns nt practicing lit my hail
Bonis grow. yard, and they had some fearful and
Some Utile child trom Ihnt denr, dis- wonderful  muff ers on  parade.    One,
tnnt Innd however, seemed In bave a shade the
Hntli borne this hither in his dimpled best ol it. especially III tho batting.
h.,0   been    negating   ine   trinil   ' noted tlml our Bible recognize, m
taught hy the llihle. which is more. » «od' or rulers, hut none of ,
experiments, tho utility ol tlie aver
giver] lo oiii"jlodeenier   He was the ! ago schools as sn educational means   -   »"
Father's    logos,    or    Messenger,    or  has been dcuhled, III) usefulness of   " »
Mouthpiece.   He was the Channel ol   tlio teacher   made  twofold,   and   the
     ■    ■ '    (Inal product   sent   into   Ilia   world
"twice learned." Willi the blackboard
and slate as factors tn unfold, and
the garden and hoe as implements for
the Highest In all Ills dealing!, with
the angels, nnd in Hia creative work;
men  the
spoakctb from nn
Still  gazed he down.   "Ah.  friend,"
he paid. "I, too,
Oft crossed the fields st home where
daisies grew."
Virna Sheard,  In The Canadian
creeds was   questioned,   holy   hands   Kt«n"l One  •»*    and ai itho•   „„, „„„ „, ,„. „,„,„,
were lifted in horror, and thc .pies- »{• must stand sWtm* with UOte      d  ,,,,.  Ho  lMalm  to  me.
tinner was told lliat the subject wns «Vio would lm His people.   Indeed,   V(jj(,e o| Hjm w)|o       kM ,t0  ,,-,,,
n mystery, which hu could not pos-l tlio word stohlro, af used r,he "l',11"v- ■ ),|gl,. f..r Uud hath -p.**n to mkiikindl dev«lopnient. the school teacher in
llbly understand, hut to doubt it, -nd rantleled gods, signilhs merely • th ,, the blowl oI ,|le mi.Ontario may now accomplish more
would menu   Ilia  damnation I   There-: ■"'*•{,'' 0J,*lt.|11.   „,„ ui.htleat One   "t Christ, ! than wee formerly done for a class
fore he must profess to believe what •>noveh, being■ ,f',e *l'*Vod io bv i **• '■'» re-"i i"«Mm tho ln*pi»o p- idea o school rardens is as oh
he did not understand, and therefore J' «' • » ' W ™ ' 'f r'lJimes ' record of St. John (i. 1-3, 14, 10, 11 1 as civilize lion, but its development
could not believe. I &•» *•«, <P ''   _ His nrSr Sice ' "I" the beginning was tlio Logo, and   as a force in education has been with-
I  The   mysterious   proposition    was  '* *■»>'°,'±"K'"*" 'J.P.',?;" '"I"?,; the Logos was witli the God, and the . in the last half decade in Ontario,
sometimes put in one form and some-, .«'«*" *J f1'\U™( „ ''"i1, !"«'5   _lot was a god.   The same was in      About nine years ago a depart.nei,
limes in another.   Some slated it to  « »  ?'*J * "• ffi' .„ the Hilile in   the beginning with the God.   By Him ' ol nature  study  was established  at
lie :i x 1 ia one.   Hut others stated It  ___<_]   «„ ».'^jrir., _? ,".. «™ ! wero all things made that were made. | tha Ontario Agricultural Co lege, with
nnd t iio eve of the combat was at
linnd, with belting 3 to 1 on tbeir army. At this juncture the other people discovered a new Mn-.es to lead
them out of their despondency—■ lino-
typo man newly arrived from England,
"He brought with him credential*
flhowing that he bad been one of the
best cricket batsmen in Kngland. and
declared that he would lilte to go Into
tbe American game. They took him
out for practice and to the intent*
delight of the crowd, he drove every
ball that waa thrown him clear over
the fence.    It waa evident that Mr.
,;„-.,.    u.n4' by wav of showing Hi* pre-eminence |   "' <■■» *»gll
*S$ iaZS! «W other mighty *nea (elol.i.n), He te . the logos wa
iA Tt"to1 Atyled the Alf-Mighty One . The word |   «o J«
inll:!i      Aim ia alio wed in the Bible In | ttrt b^jnnlni
'-  respect to ungel/»,   because   thoy nr
3.1 mightier than men, enpeclnlly whe
a,  they came to men as Divine agenti
incut oi our nice iicciureu i;i«iii»ivai   w't-fl the piv-ne mcBgage.    In one j flesh and dwelt amongt* us, aim we i ar
incapable    of     understanding    such   g{ lJ   ^JJ „lo!lim;or 80<U, te \ beheld Hia glory, aa the glory of the i te,
niathematic--   aud -too honest to con-1 m_d jn r(,ferring l() men_me„ placed ; Only Begotten of the Father, full ot, to
B stflt0(1,U     an   t to ance      bee u e   Ibeyore   were all thinga made that were made,  tha Ontar    . „   _                          .      It
differently. 1 x 3 U one    No wonder  WAyi^iH when ' and without Him waa not one thing   a view to improving the aesthetic side   he wl„ ^ nejtt winUsr agftin
If some of the more intelligent spec- ( S?, «mp to men a   Uiv ne agents ' made. • • • And the Logos waa made | of  rural, life  in  Ontario,      •-' '■-
Inone I flesh and dwelt amongst us, and we | afterwards Mr. S. B. McCready. pro-   Jfom  Bng]sn(| M
-------  i feasor of nature study. waB appointed , r(ilHJI|8 B,j U)ft ^mrActertblicB of an   goon had the bases full.    Two man
tilClii. of our nice declared them'selve.
Jess'nndnroioM what they could not | ««»J'"^ '^^gHcT^iihSiip I grace Vnd"truth."   "He waa in the ' later
believe.   Many of thflao honest bouU , ,.   ' ,    Mmot Urael.-Exodus   world, aud the world waa made by ' inentary agricultural education
have been forced by their candor to; ™^*™'j; {f'J ». p8o)tn ixxxii .6. ; Him, and tt-  "'' '■  Ui
1    As we ahull shortly show, the words j He came to
C. F. Hochlort Haa Spent 16 Staiona
In tht North.
Six-toot*three   and   straight   aa   a
young spruce, after fifteen summera of	
packing over portages at the head Englishman was a great natural slug
waters of the Peace "mi beyond—Mr. ' g«r Rnd his team decided to put I 'in
C. F. W. Rochfort Mit out a few day» fn the right field, trust to bis batting,
ago from the Canadian Northern head , und pray that no flies would come.Ills
offices.    This  will   be  hla  sixteenth ! Fay.
hummer of discovery in the norther! "All Toronto turned out to the great
mountains, All winter be waa on bid ; game, and tbe excitement waa tre-
ranch far west of Edmonton, where   inondous  as the  team  first  at  bat.
! will be next winter again. ' scored three runs, mainly on errors.
Mr. Rochfort although he came out   The Englishman's club then took their
boy  of  fourteen, ; inning,  Ht hard  upon thu  1ml:.  and
Present Scott Will Case In Englflnc
Is Arousing Comment, But Man*,
Big Sums Have Been Ottered toi
Information Regarding Crimes
Criminals' Documents, Etc., Sine*
the Days of Prices on Men's Heads
The nfftr of (50,000 reward for s
codicil in the Scott will case, says ai
English paper, will nmko many people in London rub their eyes, "
Here is a prixe big enough to ?e
vine a competence for life, end it \f
offered for a document not more tlmr
twelve years old. No unpleasant con
Bequences need be feared by thu find
er. In handing it over he will h*
doing a plain duly, be will receive
the tbanks and congratulations ol
those concerned, and retire to receivf
those of tha outside public. Upon
him will fall no odium whatever such
as used to attach to the informer ol
olden times, nor will be incur the in
former's risks.
In the Phoenix Park cane, for instance, when the sum was no higher,
tbe guarantee ■■( polieo protection
had to bo promised. The 180,000 bl
May, 1012, must rank surely then at
the most tempting prize ol this sort
ou record, lt te nn exceptional otter,
even in the day a when expenditure on
litigation grown moro and more lavish.
Once, it is true a reward of five
million dollars wan advertised It
appeared in The London Times ol
January UT, I860, and was promised
for a copy of the certificate of the
baptism ol Robert Jennings, born
about 1704. Mut ibe h Opel CSS ne 88 ol
Hie Jennings <-ase was auch as to prevent the amount being taken, very
In point of fact tbi' rewards • ff*-   d
'■**; "•. — ,;,■'; --------    --j retains an mo u*m*««i---i ■-.*.-.■ »• »•• buuu n«u u.** u-.-.--.- .un.    • »v -..--.. .,„,.,„..,.  ,.„.-,.   .„...,. ..i.i..    ...n,
take charge of the department, and E    „ h gBnHeman -broad. put up pop flies, and then tbe great those of t£a   ,,vl ,,' ,i           i ,'. ri *
er he was made director of ele-     "Oh, we shall be back in the moun- kngliahman strode to bat aud amid ,n™J      "w ,"' >X.S *5 KoKSr
>nini<u Birr nnttnrnt Artiieat nn.    1 he .  .      '        _t.__.t_    •' v.* _nM. <,. * _*. n_ t _.._,-.,! i ki_...i..« "LIt-  ln,V ' "   ■"■■   "eaufl  «>i   iitKiiwa)
-remain outside the vurious denomlna-1
I the world knew Him not. Provincial Uepurtinenta ol Agnciil-, lhou-), he 8I,0-ie 0| _ 8umi
tn His own (people - the Iiim end Education had awakened loi. . cl|, „Back ,_,„.-
I Hia own received Him not;   the possibilities of introdiici.it; pr»c., „,     an(] l)ie ^uiijog,.  Ah!
lions of Christendom. ' «f".]'esua~»nd Tho iposlW fully cor-
I  Under such pressure il should no* I ?_borata   the   teaching   of   the   Old
•urprlM-ii that there liiis^ sprung-uj  TMt-mant, uddt-in tbat Je»u» is tli.   „,„,„„„,„ „v „.,.,,.   ,,..  ...
an cqnully unictlptnral theory, ttyle-l | gon o( fiod  nnJ ,h.t ,),„ cnn 0( this   beC0Die sons ol God" (partakers of generation and   the   exertion   of
Dniversalisni.   deiiriii"    lo    worship   -       , A     js ,„, y,! Ba,hering ol lho i tlle dlvino nature—11. Peter i, 4). even henlthy influence on the surrounding
God. yet too honest and conscientious  Cnu\ch   (o he   under   nnd   associate   t„ ,h„.e who believe on His Name, farming community. Prof. McCready
lo make   fulsc pn-lcnsions   ot   linlli. | w     ,,pflI.taker, 0[ the divine nalure.   j »ho were begotten, not of hlood. nor Is   ii man   of   nnliring   energy,   nnd
These  have  been  driven  to an  an-, _,-  p„ter ^ t .,.    w||| _| U)e ^^ T10r ,, the win ,|nce he was placed in charge of this
.tagonisni ol the popular thpory ot Jhe j    A m]t, s„in(arc j« worlh far more ,   , hut of God-at Pentecost and new  work  much   progress  lias  been
lains very shortly now," he said; _.
■     —mer cruise
the black
here's my
frantic yells from stand and bleachers
The second hall came across knee
nitjn   ami   Bheep'Slealcri
Mllll     |l<
high, and llie bat fairly crashed as   y
the   Briton put all his strength  be-
work uas paid for as piecework 'lone
.lews) and His own received Him not;; the possibilities oi lmrouiicing prac-;flies an(j lhe hulldoga.  Ah! I 	
but to as many as received Him, to , ileal nature study   into   the schools ; trave|'n- imie n0w—he'a an engineer   h|m| the blow.   The ball sored high,
thero gave he  liberty  (privilege)  to  for a fuller education of the  rising | (r()m goul„ America.   No, we've never   passed over tha centre Holder's head.
 '""   "    "traveled   together  belore;   In  fact   I ' and rolled away down the lane, while
met him only the other day—but we   ihe Ihree runs came ill, and the par-
.T"r ,  ,    '    ' ,   . J__    ,,.. A   linn:   Du.iu.uin   ,„   .......  q.  rnui]    uui y, uou—HI icimc
Irinily to llie. extent ol ignoring    he than a great deal of reasoning, much , ,ubMquenU,,
■Divinity <,t   our Lord .lesus   Clir at, _,„.„ ,,,„„ „„ lh. statements In el ,    Hol*J be.utlful, simple and s
and the teachngs of the Bible lo.llll. tne croja,, because the Word ol God !,        d    d mll.myi{eliuu, u
_hall get along famously." ' tizaus shrieked for joy
As may be surmised, there are no ,    "And the Englishman, carrying his
railroads    or   steamboats    anywhere   bat, rushed out, not ti lirst base, hut
near the head-water region whe.e Mr.   to lln pitcher's slab! Here he whacked
made.   Ho stirred up mlerest among { Rm.|,rort and Ziia engineer companion   his hat ilmrply on the sln'j, anil Ihen
     educationists in tiie province ar.d the | wil|      M|J (he BU||m,er    Where Ihey   galloped hack to the home plate.   He 	
the Di-   teachers  and  riplll in   lhe schools i       , ,   t|  ,   l-M,u|t_.bar and build   pounded the plate with the bat. then   ,     , .    ...„ .    )„,„„„.,,;„„
...     II...      .n.l     i.r..,l...!lu     lli.u     ll.V.    t.l:„     lllllll . .. .       T      ,1,1.1..      ............    U  ,.  ll..   .II.I.Ih.  .I.h IlICU    IU   IOIU   IU,    IIIIUIIIIDUUII
iui: lh*. murder nl Ueujem
Old records show lhal -2W i
was a very good sum lor a much
wanted man. It is true thai in one
year not long before the advent 11
the police force, Parliament paid
.-'r-o.uWi iii blood money, but tlmt was
because the work \wn done in au ex.
pensive way ralher than because llie
rates in Individual cases were parti-
cularly high.
When  a   reward  of  Jo.IKH)  wa'   :l-
effect. In ii word, thn «"«"*jW»«J-! is Truth, 'and lhe testimony ol our: , wcot(1 .'ting (hn -,-ather. the : and gradually they have takin hold J,™.* [^7 foat'Ttom '.Tune till the FJahecf out again to the pitching slab.
aary. during •'"' '>«^ -Afes succcc 1-1 crM(I, 1)03 long ago been proven u - d h g0, | ,.,, .1Ki thel. „, the work | > ' V h the duh|ou, „U{^ *• n|()rB ,liui „|ia „,
td in swinging the pendulum nisi u. true |„ m_ny particulars.    Wc wn. •     ■ •   ■- •- ......... .... ,    ,.     .
one extreme an', then lo the opposite   j-j,, (||P KOrds ol .lesiis first, ol whom
'"   "    '"'"       the Father said. "Thft is.My.beloved
extreme, while the very Truth, which
1hc Bible presenls. lies midway   be-
twern thom.    As Bible students, let
Us seek lo know the mind ol the Lord
fen thla lubject, as woll as on oilier
eiibjecls.   assured   Hint   the Wisdom |
Which comes   from   above   is   alone
capable of giving us proper instruc-1
lion and guidance, und of solving our
man-jnade mysteries.
|  Not!   the   simplicity   of   th? Bible
abatements—our text being un exam-
Jile.   Not once from Genesis lo Rove-
alion does   Ihe   word   trinity occur.
-Not once is there uny hint ol such a
trinity as the creeds describe—except
in the one text-I. John v, "-which
Ml  scholars,   including   trinitariana.
agree is spurious—not found in Greek
manuscripts of an earlier date than
(lhe seventh century—evidently "doctored" by some Irinitarian Doctor of
Divinity to meet his long-felt want.
Our   Revised English Version   omits
.'lhe interpolated purts of this  text—
'introduced about the seventh century
to support  the   trinitarian   theory—
although the   revisers  all  profess to
be trinitarian?.    When   one's   attention is called to this spurious passage,
the bungling character ol   the addition to the Apostle's words is quickly
discerned.   St. John is thereby made
to tay that the Father, the Bon and
the   Holy   Spirit   are   going   about
heaven teslilying to thc angelB tbat
'Jesns   is the   Son of   God.   Even a
Child's mind cai. discern (lie- absurd-
4lv of this statement, for surely   the
kngels knew that Jesus was the Son
ef   God   before He   came   into   the
world and during His earthly ministry and since, without any necessity
»or a testimony to this effect from the
Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
•   The K.'blc sets forth that Jehovah
te the Almighty God, and that our
lord Jesus is Hia Son, His offspring,
gloriously   exalted   to   the   lathers
tight hand ol   power, dominion   and
glory-as   Hia   Chief   Representative
and Agent in all matters.   The ralher
and the Son. although.different per-
•ona. are one in the sense in which
o-r Wil Jesus stated—one in mind.
In purpose, in   plan, in   action,   in
everything except   in   person.    How
Clearly the Master staled this to us.
and how strangely we overlooked the.
force ol His words when He prayed
•lor the Church that wc might all be
"one, even as Thou,  lather, and  I
are one'"  The oneness of lhe Church
Is certainly not a oneness ol person.
but a oneness Of luith. hope, harmony.
IrUowthip. oven ns is the oneness ol
•fceTallier and lhe Son.    Head over
the Master's words at your ooiiveiii-
«nce at IwirtJ.   Tliey are found ill lhe
IJlli chapter ol 81. John s Gos|-el.
.As  lor   llie Holy Spirit   Ih*   spir.
ol Truth, lhe spirit ol God. the spirit
«( Christ, the spirit of holiness,   tilt!
ipirit ol ii sound mind-it l« the antl-
thesis, or opposite nf a spirit ol error,
a spirit ol vacillation,   the   spirit o
Salmi, or opposition to God, a sp.nl
of   unrighteousness,    or   unholinear.
these are not different spirit beings,
but emanations  from   spirit  beings.
As tbe spirit of Salan is u spirit ol
evil, or an evil inllueuce.   mind   or
diapuilion, u power emanating from
Satan   so conlrnrlwise, the spirit   ol
God is a spirit ol holiness, righteousness  truth, the  emanation, und  dls.
•.lay   ol   lhe   Divine   will,   purpose.
Snergy   and   power.   And   lhls   Holy
Spirit proceeds from God the Kai lier
And our Lord Jesus Christ, being in
the fullest harmony wilh Ihe Father,
ilia Spirit is the same spirit of boll-
i,    - and truth. And all ol God s con
aecraled people, lo the   extent   thai
they huve the mind of  Christ,   ihf
absolute oneness or harmony!   How |    For a period reaching back scarce- , j.^. o( ,,16 FraBer an(] it, tribntar-   sprinted back to the home plate, ami
different from the nonsense which for ly live years the movement lor echoo , )og lnl,,ln(jer jnt0 the Pacilie. not far, w-i  thumping at it when   lhe  ball
so long we endeavored to believe, be- gardens and the adoption ol practical | ,,on| wnere Ihe trickles ol the Parsnip   eame iu Irom deep centre; the second
cause we thought it supported by the nature study in the schools has pro-1 <nJ ((|e ymtii_f tnist, amj twjr| into   baseman, got it, threw it to lirA. and
Bible!  Good Brother Wealey waa one gressed by leaps and bounds.   In the   ([le   canoe.wi(ie   bed   ol   the   Peace,' under the rules. I had to call Ihu I'ng-
of those honest souls who waa ser- To4  three  years   upwards   ol   three 1 w,|ere jt hegins its long swirl into the   lishmaii nut and to declare that none
iously troubled on the subject. He re. hundred tCBchers have taken a course   va]|e„ triat leads down to Great Slave   0( the runs lie drove in counted, as
marked  that only  the one  text.  I. in elemeutary agricultural education   .^ (n(j (rom t|1(.re to the mighty   the third out was made on a ground
John 6: 7, could he used as a founda- during the summer vacation, and aa : Ma(.|,.„,,,,. a„d the Arctic. ball thrown to fir.l ahead ol Ihu bats-
.,     ,, ■„      ,   ,,, ..„,  w.   ,n I tion for this doctrine.   He knew not a direct result as many schools have .    ,t ig all lnlli„|y „ plain aa a conn-   man.
As the rather nain sen, i»e, a»_ _^ difficulty lay in an interpo- gardens and   include   a   reaionahle   try.road t„ Mr. Rochfort. who l.jgan      -rhe pood Knglislimun simply im-
send I you. -Jonmxx^^ i lation-an addition  to the  Apoetlo's number ol hours  per week for out-   jj, tiB\ote   |C„K  unexplored  reaches   agined tbat runs counted Ibe saio
Son, in whom I am well pleased";
"hear ye himI'.'—Matthew 111. ";
Luke ix. ao. ...
Jesus declared, "My father is greater than I."-Jofln xiv, 88. -
"Of Mine Own Self I can do "loth- j
ing."—John v, 30.
"1 came not ^ do Mine «w" J""- ; w0.d>    u ,. 0I|,    jn compal.atively side work on the time-table of 'tis- ! (|I lhis nlountai, i„nd, In the year •• i „, jn the game ot cricket, and wa
but the will of Him that sent we.        ^ Jlears that lhfl thr(|e ^[g,,,^ ,],•,..    |n luntl the schools'division of . ||w p||,.jmIge t„ Klondike,    ft waa   going  ahead  with  what he  thought
'"'"' "   '" Greek manuscripts have been brought the   Agricultural   and   Experimental | the Klondike rush that took him up ] was the star performance of the sea-
to light, namely, the Sinaitic. Vatican Union commenced sending seeds and i ,rom hi9 rBI|cll jtl Aiberta in 1898; via   Bon.   xba game? nil, yes.  llie other
No. 1209 and the Alexandrian. material for experimental plots,   litis   i.;,|Ino„ton an,i   the   overland death . team won out by I'i to 8-won it by
Let us hearken to the Apostle Pauls move was appreciated by the teach-   (r(ii|    Btm   marked, as  he  aays,  by   ju8t the margin of the four runs lhat
statement  respecting   our   dear  Re- er,-. -nd alter two summers more.than I          '■'--	
Spirit of Christ, have lhe Holy ppint.
and shed forth 'his holy influence
upijn (ill with whom they come in
contact. * . , .,
Thu, we sec thut there Is a trimly
ul tho Scriptures very different from
the trinity of tho crccd'-a beautiful
triii'y liefore we procerd to demon-
atr.ile Ihu llibli- trinity and to give
mi nrrav ol Scripture lexts proving i
John vi, 38.
There is a unity here manifested—
an absolute unity of mind and pur-
pose, because tbe Redeemer sought
not to do Hia own will, but the I-ether's will. Hence they were one. even
as we will be one with each other
il we as disciples are in herniary-
witli lhe Father's will and Word, and
in harmony with our Redeemer a
counsels. „.    ,    .,
Hear Jesus again: Alter His death,
alter His resurrection, when speaking
to Mary. He aaid, "I have not yet
ascended lo My Father. • • • 1 ascend
to My Father and to your Father; to
My God and to your God, (John xx.
17 ) "Say ye ol Him whom the rather hath sanctified and aent into the
world, Thou blaaphemeat, because 1
aaid. I am the Son cf Godf -John
Perhaps the strongest testimony of
the Scriptures respecting the exalted
position held by the Redeemer is the
word o! our Lord Jesua Himself,
"That all men ahould honor the 8on,
even as they honor the Father." (John
v S3 ) This is in harmony with the
thought of the Father and the Son
being of one mind, one will, one purpose; but it distinctly ahowe tbat they
are separate persons, otherwise we
could not reverence the one aa we reverence the other.
Our text ia to the point. It declares
the faith once delivered to the sainte,
and says nothing about the trinity-
three Gods in one person. 'To us
there is one God, the Father. The
context shows that the Apostle ia contrasting our faith with the faith of
others who recogniae gods many and
lords many. We Christians, rays the
Apostle, recognite only One Supreme
God of all gods-"The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, aa St.
Peter styles Him.-I. Peter i. 3.
Our text declares that all things are
ol or proceed from the Fattier, lie
is the Source and Fountain, the rather ot mercies, "from whom cometh
every good and perfect gift." Hia
great (lilt to mankind was the Gift of
His Son, our Lord Jesua Christ, whom
He sent into the world to be man a
Three Gods, equal in power and
glory, could nt', be said to send each
"ther; neither would tliey pray Ui
each other, ts leaua prayed io the
Faille,-"Who in tlio days of Hia
Heah. when He had offered up pray:
ars and supplications with strong crying* and tears unto Him (Jehovah)
that, was able to save Him Iriiin death,
was heard in that Ho feared." (He.
brews v, 7.) An angel was sent to
comfort Hi... and to assure Him ol
the Father's love, that the Fattier had
not forsaken Him. that He was well
pleasing in His sight, and lhat He
should liavo a glorious resurrection
bv the Father's power in due time.
The Scriptures very explicitly declare to us that the Heavenly Father
Is from everlasting to everlasting—
God. But initial His creatures. From
time to time llo lias exercUed Hla
Omnipotent Power and Wisilim in a
variety ol creations. Necessarily, however, these had a beginning—one waa
lirst, and the Bible most clearly anil
repeatedly and distinctly tells ua that
I that Ilrst one, -']ho Beginning ol the
trealion ol God," was the Logos.
And tho Bible explains that Jo.
hovah's Firnl.-H.ir-i Soil was highly
honored, iu that the Father used Him
as the Channel und Agency through
whom all lubMjrir.Ilt creations were
deemer and His glorious station.   He 6,000 children had received seed pac-   trai|.goj1)-   |„   the   history   of   gold   connected.
uttered not a word favoring the ah- kets, 63 schools had received collec- j canlp..      But he  never got to  the ] ,	
surd theory that our Redeemer was tintu   of   forest   tree   seedlir.gs.   ID \._mpt „, the Yukon.   He began to |      -   , of Uv|nf ,„ B, R,_uc(,d.
Hia own Father and His own Son- schools bad written for collections ol        ,     lhe   u„kni,,n   by   the  Llard
one in person.   He declared in liar- fall  wheat. «  were sent colleet.ona   j.ouU,   „wiy   ,nm   ,,,.  Peace,   win a      1 here   la  still   a  chance   that   he
mony wUh St. John's statement that ol agricultural .eeds   17 received col-   I||1|1(ire(I, pusl.ed „„ „p to Mackemie   high cost of^ living will be ™<1 ucd.
our Lord Jesus waa "the Beginning iectiona of tree seeds. II sent orders       , .,„„ p-^, .„„ over the great di-   Dr. Wilfrid Gren el of lie U.J*
 "     '-"-   "■ ' -'   "-"'   viue     And  in tiie   fifteen   summera   Mission tells of the latent resourcea
of the creation of God" (Revelation for tulip bulba, 2i purchased weed
lii. 14). St. Paul declared that Jesua seed collections, and 37 secured col-
waa "The First-Born of ever creature, lections ol hardy climbers,
that in all things He might have the i Besides thia impetus, the movement
pre-eminence" (Coloseiana i. 15. 18). has the advantage of having such
Our Lord Jesua- own testimony ia enthusiasts aa Prof. James W. Rob-
that He ia the Firat and llie Laat. erUon and Prof, H. L. Hutt of fluelph
"the Alpha aud the Omega, the Be- enrolled 111 lie cause In 11NM a
•inning and the End" ol the Divine small number ol schoo gardens went
creation. In other words, when the into operation in each ol the pro-
Father created the Son He never af- vinces of Ontario, Quebec. New
terwards directly  created any  other Brunswick. Nova fccntia and   I tinea
as much ol tiie trapping and the fur- I fact, the herds numbor .'III.OOO. and
thing.' Th™Lofc."waa the ' Kdward "liiand as part 11 Sir William ,..„,,,, ally „, the (urposters whose . with regular breeding it Is likely that
the Laat, and by Him were  C. Macdonald's plan for the improve.      ,t > trai| nul by the ice routes to   20.000 fawns will be add, 1 lhis season
person or
FirBt and the ..-«.. ....« ..-  -  -   -- ---        ,     ... ,    ,
all things made that were made.       | ment   ci   Canadian   schools
Let ua then honor the Son as the   Robertson, who was chosen director
Son and as the glorious Agent and  of the Macdonald educational move-
Representative of the  Father in all   ment,   selected   (arleton   county   for
things-by whom (through whom) are  the initiation ol the work ill Ontario,
all things ol the Divine Plan; and ' and live school gardens were esMI •
let us honor also the Father, aa "thc  Hailed  there  that year     these  still
Father of lights." and Father ol mer-, exist In a flourishing state, and have
cies and grace nnd truth, "ol whom ' had a local  influence far exceeding
are all things." The testimony ol the  even the expectations ol the instiga-
Bible  is  beautiful,  honoring to  the . to-a.   Meanwhile Prof. Hutt has gone
Father, to the Son and to the Spirit  out fro...  the   Ontario   Agricultural
of holiness. As the Scriptures declare,; College •« hundreds of schools, vol-
Tbe words of the Lord  are  pure,   unteering assistance in the way ot ex-
making wise the simple'-the teach-  pert advice, in drawing plane tor more
abie extensive operations, and recommend-
______________ ing designs for flowerbeds, etc.
ti,.  -,,.»_-•  ot   ll.lv   outnumber I    Apart Irom the gardens, the chil-
— " prises calculated to promote eleincn-
Sarah's Bquanrferinge. t,ry agricultural education.    To the
In Concord, «. H„ Ibey tell of an ol-  enAii „i j(.. C. F. Bailey,  the  new
chap wbo mada bla wife keep a caah ; Abstain Deputy Minister ol Agricul-
account   Eacb week be would go over. ture, it ia to be said that he was in
»  erowllnx an* grumbling.   On one hia present position less than a week
.„c_ .colon b. deuvered b.mM.t of j.hen fcP.'or^.^.i.X^-'Lt1!
tli* followlnu
MfaOok here,
CO cents; thrtf leeth extrnried. »».  ^on;^mi0lincetl itl Q,a fonn u\ £ cjr-
It   BpCUi   lur        ,       .
an Kiigliflli envrfy to the Court ■-.
Vicnii/i. who wns uuppust'fl lo liavfl
Ijeeti killed for IiIh paper*, it w.m
Inrgo etioiijjh to crente Reiu-alioii un
bi.iti siiles of lho Channel.
It was never elniine.l. lintiiur-i »■«».
talarlliiK 'rn-" H" ■■"■ *■ I'eVleber*!. on
tlio »ay from Hamburu t-» Hurlin,
where Ue hml panned for refre*hniont,
and tiepped round \o the front nf the
lir.r8e* before entering lhe eonch.
l'n.ni that moment he iliftap^enred.
His panUlootic, rid<llcd with hm
lean, were aftt-rwarda found with • m1
*>t his Settern in thi* pockets*, and laat
yeah more thnn a hundred >t-ar- nl-
tucwa|fd->, a skeleton was mieaitltGi
not far from the acenr ol llif i!i-»p
gloomy relic ol the wildest. | the" Riigljflliiiian'a hit ought ta have   E^'J'hat" of Bathurll. B*The°cHih«;
if (.Tinti- thi rt* was, remaiiiM .-till ua-
Tho ilat<» of the announcement oi
the reward for Information which
wuuld lead to tin1 conviction of lhe
murderers of Burke and Cmcudi-fi
wtM May P, 1882, two d»y.i afU-r tlw
♦■lime. A free pardon was offered Ui
any per&on concerned in the plat who
whs not the a.toat murderer, h. v\'el|
as protection "in any part *.t \\*r
Majesty** dominions."
Olues'.' poured iu at once Irom all
"ie compass, nud twenty*
were arrested in Wit*
course of six months, Hut not until
February in tho follow tug >< ar did
the authorities obtain ihe information
which led to the conviction nf Brady,
Curley, Pagan, Kelly (who were nl-
executed), and their cot) fade rate--.
A loilger iu the hm _ of a man
named Carey, a Dublin town councillor, reported that he bad discaveret*
knives, such an were u-ed by the a*i
Rassiii. bidden in Carey'-j hot.iu.
Carey, confronted wilh this, tun"'
informer, and   the   air-   s speed!I?
ibHt   lie  has amie  back  among tha   of Labrador about bow the reduction
DoK-Ribs and the Siwashea and tha , ean   be   brought   about   by   merely
vunnt Iroquois, Rochfort has seen   changing the d.n.ner course fro... beef-
mp.-e of the big game in tbat back- j sUak to reindeer,
country thai)1 Caspar Whitney, or Se* !    At  present
little   attention   is
nnservatirm  of  animal
U   Tbomtson   whom   with his part-   paid   to  Ihe  conservation  of  animal Hues    p.
!Sr MackM? he n.TuuT here in 1007. j life in the northern country and rein-   points ot   I,
He hS obJe-Ved more Jnnbvious facts ! deers are left to be exploited and di-   ill suspects
about minerals than any of the path,   in.n.shed.    lho reindeer «eve op.iwnt
tinders in the Yukon.    He has seen ; is   in  its   infancy,   but despite   this
or four millions of deer could lie
maintained within the bounds ot Labrador."
,    , WI111.. along the line of stimulating interest
H^trrr^i ftrte wfar %?
0 ccnta; three teeth e.lrnrieo. ».i announced in the form ol a cir-
Therrt r.M In one week apent for (u|m ^^  % nun,ber of district re-
jour own prlrote plenaura.    Uo -ou prc8ant,,tive* of the deparlment liKat-
think I am mnde of oioiiejlf'-l.lpplo e()   itl  „ie COU|,tjM   have   inelittited
coll'a Magaalne. rural   school   laira  to   be   held   this
 . i autumn.   Tho plan ia to furnish the
Accepting deepeniiblllly. icltool children with seeda ol the bent
Molly, tba new rook, nud a nablt ot  approved
BdnionUui. He hCn known more ex- I "Here is an opportunity for jarjie
nlicitlv what it mean, to be in the investment ol private capital, which
middle ol nowhere from a railroad would be a profile ile money making
than any ol the lew thousand aeltlera proposilioii. says Dr. Oroilfell. lho
wlu have waggoned up from Edmnn- meat nf the reindeer cou tl he made
ton to the Peace lliver valley.- -Cane- to add much to Ilia word a supply at
.i^«n Tnurier ! a low cost, the animal s milk could
*•"•" L0"[^  i ke Mported. and the skins could be
Hanaman en Strike. I made an important factor In the lur   followed
A strike  unique and unprecedented i im.rket.   The skill could also be tan- I     In Ifca the various reward
in   the  affairs of  tbe   Dominion,   la   ned. creating another industry, and
threatening.    The   official   hangman   used tor the making^of gloves.   Ihree
Arthur  Kills,  lias  declared   lliat,  on
account of arrears in his fee he must
eeaae to act in the capacity of executioner unless his account is squared
by the Government.   With the advent
of the Borden Miniatry, it waB decided that the carrying out nl a death
sentence was a matter resting solely
in the hands nf the provincial authorities, accordingly Mr. Kllis' yearly retainer of -JOO was cut off.
He is now dependent upon the *r«1
per eiecution as his lee. ind be
claims that when lie went to Sarnie
on June 6 to hang an Indian, Stephen
riintoff, a reprieve was granted '.ne
doomed man until November, and a.-.-
cordinglv lie was put to expense and
relused 'the lee ol *M. The executioner haa taken legal advice, but
whether or not there will be a strike I
ia not yet decided
keeping ber mouth njnr tbe greater
part ol llie time. I'he habit onooyed
her mlstreaa exceedingly, and one
morning ahe lost ait patience.
"Molly, yonr month la o|ien." aald
the mlatreaa.
"Indeed, iiia'ii.n. ao II la." aald Molly,
grinning. "I opened lt,"-Voutn'eCoiD-
punlon.     ^^_________
Truthful Jamea.
Ha always tola tha truth, and he
Ta lying ne'er woiiW tall.
Aad we noticed that the n,h
Ha cauaiu were miati'r amall.
-Cincinnati Knaulrer.
He elwaye tola Ihe truth, and whan
Death put an end l<> all
Wa nolle«d lhal Ida tuntral
Waa v«ry. vary amall.
-Dlrmlntrieni Age-Htrald,
    varieties   ol   cereals   and
vegetables, to he planted by them Individually in their home gardens, and
the results exhibited at a fall lair to
be held in the schnolhoiise in Sept liber or October. The scheme aims at
inculcating habits ol discipline and
accuracy in the children, as well as
stimulating interest in farm lite, and
demonstrating to tho parents aril tha
larmers ol the neighborhood lhat better varieties, wltll belter care, produce belter results. II the enterprise
proves successlul this summer Mr.
Hiiiley looks In a general adoption ol
the idea uithin a lew year'.—Newtnii
Wylic in I'he Saturday Ulobe.
"Mawiiln', hoaa-inawnln', anb. Ha»
yo' gut a job wldout a nigger 'tachM
lo It nnywhnha round J-tHi ilia innwii-
iu'7 nb-kaee If yo' Haa. miu. Aba da
nigger, If yo' plenet."-l'oc_,
Bobby-Oob, mamma, liere'a a grceu
anukel Mauiinn-Kcep away trom it,
dear. It may be J.iat ua dangeroua aa
a ripe one.- Life.
Clly Ur..rter-»Va owe you a great
deal for Ihe pleasant lime we've und
on your farm. Country Cousin-Mure,
you owe It. and bere'a Ibe olll.—Mam-
more American.
Why Need He Work7
"Von aecm lo he an ablelKidleil mnn.
yon  ought  lo  oc  atrong enough  lo
"oi. usVlnneo'bi'i'ck'wiird and note well! offMti,|"_j[r,"i, wi'ia wiio was given lho1    "I know. mum.   And Ton acem be-in-
lh"   ccndlllnna   anil    clrouhUllariecl  hnnorahle coniinlssioii jiiul  privilege   tlful enough In go on the Huge, Iml
whichgive rise to Hie erroneous theory; 0,   uc|ng   man'a. Kedco.iier,   and   Of   ev|ilcntlv you prefer the simple life.'
«f the trinity aol forth III our creeds,' thereby  proving  His  kynlly  to Jo-      A.|er tlint apcei-h ha got n aquare
namely, u« slated hy sonic, lIlMtlrWO  hovah, and ol Song exalted to the   mM, Bnd „0 reforcMce to Ibe wood-
ire ll:,e« flods in one I'-"0,11"00';,",, i divine nattiro, 'far ibovo augcla, prln-   _••. —i)C,|-olt ifree Hreaa.
l-'roui the, verv   '
The National Game.
Tha player aald: "Thla worid'e onkla4
My lob, I mink, I'll u"ii"
•-liiwaral" Ilia publlo erlid.  "You'll nnd   Murlun-Ub, g.neloua; I forgot to aakt
A urine la nm a ■**£_______ _,__   j -Judge.
Marion (Juat from lhe telephonel-
lle wnnled lo know If we would go to
the theater wllh blm, and I aald we
would.   Madeline-Wbo was apei.aing?
• Waihlniion mar.
Our Language,
"Wbat'a a fnrll"iatlon'i    ,
"A big turt'
"Well, pon. la a rallllwtlot, • Mr*
"Willie, go Ui fed al om.-a.'--l'roe
8he-Mr. Dubh la alwnja telling
wti.it. lie la going lo du. He-Well, it
he didn't He'd bave nothing to lell.-
Iliialon Transcript.
lire iiircn uou, •« i- -  j  ,,     t» I. I uivi.iu nuvtno,
Father   flr-1 lho Son   God UlC HOIT | Wnaaillea' and I
Throuah human wisdom aim we tli.
Willi 0,1 rasull al all,
Why ahimlil an teaberg Be to big
And ih, ciiunk »e our ao amain
■-Wuaninc'..,, "lar
tor Hie capture ol .lack lhe Hipper
totalled -I'l.MO. The city authorities
offered $-2,600. two newspapers $-..MHI.
the viailai.ee Committees %M>. Kir
Samuel Montague $W(). anil Stf.ek Kx-
i-haiige inembera the balance. Hut
the crimes continued and thc money
v,ent unclaimed.
The worth nf a clue to 'Teler lhe
Painter." ,.f Fritz Svaara, and other,
associated in the Houndsditcii mor
ders in 191" was assessed at ri.HMI.
hut this likewise was never piaid. Ilia
police themselves finding the e.'ile
which led tbem to account for Uie
men who fell In the siege, ol Sidney
In May. IMS. 15.000 was offered in
all advertisement in The Daily .Mail
in connection with the disappearance
of Ihree diamonds from the premises
„! Messrs. Tiffany. In 11107 ihe Dub-
Mil Castle authorities ottered a Minimal
amount lor the recovery ol llie mis-,.
ine regalia of St. Patrick, ami the
, other jewels worth over M&O.OOO ii
all, stolen from the (Vtle sale Mr.
', Wertlielmer "Herd $5.0tm. li,o, aitci
lhe burglary at his bouse 111 llle sani.
year, when his masterpieces and cold
snuff-boxes were stolen, 'wllli otliei
valuables, to the worth of 1360.000.
Two years ago -6,000 was offer".'-!
again in the Cafe Monico case, when
a merchant was robbed ol preciotii
atones by some men who snalcheil
his hag while be was washing hi,
The Critic. hands     Tile   men   were   traced   and
Seragga  bnrrowe  my  pnper every   convicted, hut in this instance wilh
1 out lhe missing property being foil. I
Tl illy reward so lar that Mall'li
ti, lhe aid ol wirelcs was paid !i
Captain Kendall, »«U0, tor lho <-u;iiur,
ul Oippen in the Montrose.
, Drawing Color Line.
When Longboat, of Toronto, was an
amateur be was received everywhere.
Not a hotel in the laud was tco good
for him. Winnipeg sends down to
Toronto a colored sprinter, who la
likely to go to Stockholm, and he
cause of his color be is asked pi leave
his hotel. It is diliicult to believe
that this icpreseilta tbe leeliug ol
Toronto -a city that loves to talk
about the Knipire. and an empire,
too, whose citizens are of many races,
many creeds, and many colors. However. Howard will Hnd no color line
at. Stockholm, and possibly ho will
llml Ihe Hnlihing line in the »■ i.rtt.t-
ing ince" lieloru hia competitor..—
Montreal .Slamlunl-
Unpardonabla OHer.se.
"Mv rival la • »lcam manl"
The candlilale alclulmeU.
Qimth wa. 'Then tall US II yon can
Why inua ha •hnuld h« blamed '*
"HecauM," ha cried. "In lot you ate
A paragon coinplalel
Tel hla fall purpose arams lo ba
To aend ma lo defeat I"
•'Tills morning be told me In a till lei
manner llml Ha pollllct are all wrong
and tlint It inrrlea loo much udvrrlle
lug.-'-Cleveland I'lnlu Dealer.
Bobby', Preference.
Neighbor- lloidiy. I  r you imve a
new brother nt -nur hoiiae. Iln.w *•
you spenk of liliii-"bny bnby" or
"bnby IwyV"   IVIIh'll la i-nrrerl i
Hobby uvllh n suorii- Neltner one: I
wiiuti'd a glrll-Clilcngo ITIbiino.
Leap Year.
an ,nl«rntlsina Bin prneosad*
llvr lues was miller licit
li Mama, Inr-imth, mr H'iild >llu|a
pt.larrMt Iwr lu III. 'O.'t
- ,'Utabure I'rasa
Nal  His Fault.
Owoer-lluw ilia futi cume lu pun*
Hire lhe llrrt
L'hiiurlriir   ll»n over a milk hnllle.
Owner-lilllo I jot, see II III linirl
Chiiilffnir-Nu; Hit aid inu ll unuvl
his coin - Ijimlon Opinion
Thinna,, Aecauntad Far.
llnrlau-lour nun .< gtmui tart
Ihln. «ir
CUttouier-Ve*: I treated* ll lev ten
weeks wiih an antl (al, laiaglna ll «M
■air reafifra* -itoela* 1»ea»--ir* THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANHROOK.  B. C,
©he gfroepectot, ©vaubvooh, §* (!L
publiihed -Every Saturday   Morning at Cranbrook, B.Q.
K. M. Christian, Manager.
Poetage to American, European and  other foreign countrie.,   50 centa   a
year extra.
ABVERTISKMKNTS—AUvertising. rates rurn.Bl.ed on application.     No
advartiaeinents but those ot a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBS CRIB ERS-Unless notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertisementa and subscription- will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Year
Advertisers Please Note
Unless new copy for any change of Advertisement is
received at our office before 6:00 o'clock P. M.. Thursday
every advertisement will be run as in previous week. We
particularly ask that all copy be legibly written (typewritten
copy preferred). Advanced proofs supplied when asked for;
otherwise we accept no responsibility for errors that occur in
case of late copy.
We earnestly ask all our patrons to give us their cooperation in the above, as the increasing number of our
readers makes it imperative that we have ihe copy in early
to make proper display of the copy supplied and do justice
to the advertiser.
Business locals, Want notices and Situations wanted will
be received up to 3 p.m., Friday.
Correspondents Please Note.
We want someone to act as correspondents in Elko,
Jaffray, Galloway, Fort Steele. Moyie. Kingsnate. and corres-
pondents in general throughout the district. Wont you act?
Send in your name to the Prospector Office, Cranbrook, and
the necessary requirements will he forwarded to you at once.
The efforts  of  the  Municipal   Coun-   friends uf H.C und i/ther Provinces,
eil to improve Baker street nnd other   If this is ho, then why, we ask, can-
streets around the city is u laudable
one. It is an undisputed fact that
clean, well-kept streets and cement
aide-walks are a valunble asset to
any community. The stranger, also
the prospective investor, pains his or
her first impression of a city from
tbe appearance of thc principle
streets. Whilst the city is trying to
do the heat it can for the general
welfare, would it .not be possible for
the C.P.R. to make the appearance
ot tbe station more in keeping with
the general prosperity oi the city.
Thia would receive their support il
they were properly approached; and
who cnn say but what they would
erect u new station. Tin* present one
is not targe enough hy any means;
the platform is too amall, and people
arriving and departing, alike, are
hustled about and get a good many
shoulder pusheH before getting away
from the crowds that gather there
with each train.
• •   •   •
What you know we want to know
ho that others may know. If you
have a Visitor Htaylng witli you; if
your friends nre going nwny;
if there are any improvements
being done neur where you live; if
you have anything that cuu lie told
to thc general public tor the interest
of the general community let ua
knoW. Our paper is rend hy more
people thnn any other pnper in thc
district. We have the right way to
talk to the people; because there are
more reads our paper and therefore
it bus more effect. Our Phone is 14!)
und don't forget it. We aWfitt your
news at tbe other end of the^wirc.
• •   •   *
Re Mr. B. H. Short's communication
of last week, it is unite evident to us
thnt he has purposely uiiscnnstrtHM
the Intention and the spirit of our
editorial of two weeks ago, in that,
instead of answering the statement
we made "Thut wc were surprised to
see how much the pulpit is being
used aB an advertising medium tn
reach the public", he eulnirizes upon
the (|uniities of the institutions WO
based our remarks upon. Wc re
framed from Riving any names of
these and also nny names in roni.ee
tlon therewith ns we hold them in to
much respect to have brought them
into public discussion, Mr Short
taken exception to the phrase we used
"the minister exhorted the cotigregu
tlon" and goes on to say "That
all he said nfter mentioning the fact
that thc agent wus here, wus that
he hoped the people would give all
the support pOHBihle as It was a
worthy object". [f Mr. Short will
turn to Webster's dictionary ho will
find for himaelf that the term we
used is Identically the Hame with the
spirit of the one he quotes—BO why
he niliiiiiil take exception is more
than we can under stand, to us tbey
are Identical. In the ense of the col
lege he refers to Mr. Short uaks
"Why ahould not Its representative
he offered the uhc of tbe pulpit to
state theae advantages und suggest
we send our children for higher edit
cation." This Is nlso a denomjnat
lonal institution, nupported by the
Baptist   churches   tlnnnclally and by
not such a college use "proper and
legitimate means employed by older
and perhaps better coHeyes than the
one he refers to and send to every
member of the churches through the
mails, a circular or pamphlet illustrating and describing the virtues of
uch an institution'1 This would get
the particulars into the hands of the
public and intheir own homes, they
could then study ont the advantages
to he gained from attending such a
college and NnT have resource to the
use of the pulpit us a cheap method
of doing their business. In attending
church in Cranbrook, us in other
places, we have repeatedly been
struck with the lengthy announcements given from the pulpit, when
these are i n connection with the
church or church work In the city
wc believe it to be right ; but
when it comes to intruding other
subjects thnt could easily he announced by more laudatory means then it
is about time some one raised their
voice und said "Stop". We might
inform Mr. Short, thnt after the appearance ol the "Prospector" we
were told personally by one of
perhaps the oldest and most prominent member in his own church, that
he was in hearty accord with the
views wi; expressed in our former article.
•   •   •   •
The garden says an observant writer, truly represents its owner; it is
an index of character. What there
[8 of the beautiful in us will be seen
in the neatness and taste displayed
In the arrangement of the gnrden;
order in one is ample proof that it
may be found in the other, and the
reverse. So that when we Bee a gar-
] den well stocked with choice vege-
t tables and rare (lowers, we are poai-
j tive that its owner is provident, liberal  and  intelligent.
374,OM. Manitoba is second, having
one car to every 15a persons of ita
population of 44,t.M, while Ilritish
Columbia takes third place with ..408
ears or one nuto for every K.li persons of a population of 3!ll.,480.
Saskatchewan is fourth. It has
2,687 cars, or one for each 1!'4 person
of its population of 492,4U... Ontario
has the largest number of cars, reporting 7,ii_S, one for each 1144 of a
population of 2,Wi:i:.>M. Nova Scotia
has the smallest number of automobiles, there being one to each HWl of
its population, which is placed at 4'.*2
338. New Brunswick with a population of 851,889 has 594 autos-, while
the province of Quebec, with 2,002,712
Prince Edward Island is the only
province in the Dominion which pro-
h bits tbe use of motor vein ties on
its highways und in the public places,
The pennlty Tor violating this law.
which was enacted because it was
thought to be necessary to public in
terest and for tbe safety of tbe trav
Oiling public, is a line ol $600 "I -ix
montlis in jail
It Is estimated that fully .;:■ pel
emit of the automobiles exported by
manufacturers in the United states
is shipped to Canada. Tlnm two
hundred umi seven machines were
bought in tbe states in I'Mt and it is
expected that more than 5,000 will
come in tins vear. The average value
of cars shipped into the Dominion by r
American manufacturers was $i ,ss?
ISnglifih manufacturers shipped 24Q
cars of an average of W.309 to Canada last year The foregoing figures
do not include tires and accessories.
Canadian manufacturers and American builders assembling cars in Can*
ada also report Increases Ln business,
saying they have no difficulty m disposing of any vehicle that comes up
to the mark.
Game Regulations,!912
Game   in
may be Bhi
"Grouse i
the   Cranbrook
t   as  folioWR -
>t uii kinds may
be   killed
in tbe Crnnbrook and  Penile districts
September 2nd to October 1Mb.
"Iincks, Geese und Snipe, in Cranbrook und Ferine dis tricts, Septem-
jber 2nd to February i»H. 1918."
| "Prairie Chicken in Cranbrook and
I Fernle districts, September 2nd to
! October IBth."
No person mav hunt or kill pheasants if ii inches of Know ih on tin-
ground. No person may kill more
than ii lords in one iluy.
Ducks. Geese and Snipe ruuy be sold
throughout the   Province  October   1st
to October 31st.
All   sports  are  requested    to    note
Mining News
Considerable work is being done on
Perry Creek The big steam shovel
company bave a drill at work sampling the gravel from the surface to
bedrock. Several holes have beeu put
down to a depth of between 70 and 80
feet, It is reported that results obtained are most favorable
Twenty-eight men are at work on
the St. Kugene Mine, and it is stated
that a larger force will soon be at
Tbe Society Girl mine, adjoining
the St. Kugene. is driving its long
tunnel to intersect the ure exposed
in the upper workings. An up-raise
now within about ten feet of the
upper drift.
Operations at the Aurora continues
nnd when the long tunnel intersects
the ore body, it is expected that the
ore will be free of zinc. The Aurora
haa the ear-marks of being a large
and paying mine.
The Sullivan mine at Klmherley
has shipped, since January 1. 1912,
over 20,000 tons of ore. From two
to three carloads nre shipped weekly.
It Is reported that the option on
the Kootenay King mine, at Victoria
Gulch, will be closed up by the middle
of next week. $30,000 is the umount
The Perry Creek Hydraulic Co., ts
expected to resume operations in a
few days.
the ubove regulations.
British Columbia 3rd
British Columbln 3rd In Cars
Statistics compiled from govern
ment reports show Mint hi comparison to population Alberta bus more
automobiles than any other province
In the Dominion of Canada, there being 3,000 oars or one to every 12f» per
hoiib,   i-Htlimittng   the   population at
■ Knights j)1[ Pythias
Sunday, Aug. 4—Crescent Lodge, 33
of Oranbrook's Knights of Pythias,
celebrated their decoration services in
the local cemetery in the afternoon
by paying tbeir respects to the memory of those deceased brothers, who
have departed for the land of the unknown; and in tbe evening marching
trom the K. of P. Hull to1 the Methodist church where Rev. W. Klson Dun
tinm conducted the service, Mr. Dunham took as n basis upon which to
speak the three great words of the
Order—Friendship. Charity and Benevolence, "The three greatest words in
the Knglish language," lie said,"
These words are strongly emblematic of the great teachings of the
world—Humanity and Christianity."
If tlic lessons as taught in these word
were more thoroughly understood,and
he believed the Sir Knights were doing llieir best, to teach the world at
large the right meaning conveyed
therein, the world would be n much
better and happier place lu which to
dwell. Ah a bible text Hev. Dunham
took the 20tll verse of the 4th chapter of the Ilrst book of CorlntliinnH:
"Foi tlic Kingdom of tind Ih not In
word but in power," A crowded
church attended this gathering and
were well repaid by the hoiiI iusplr
ation received and the sweet anthem
rendered by the choir. The minister
received the close attention of thc
congregation while he delivered IiIh
very instructive sermon, full of utrik-
ing truths which made a parson feel
as one remarked when leaving the
churrh "It Is good to huve been tbem
We have u large consignment of
Peaches, Pears, Pink Plums, Green
Gage Plums, Prunes, & Crab Apples
to arrive about Tuesday or Wednesday of next week—Quality and
prices guaranteed.
We will be glad to fill your waifts
Our First Thought
i -I
• 81!
We Back Up
Every Sale With a
British Columbia Accident &
Employers'   Liability
Insurance Co,
Incorporated By Private Act of Parliament of thc Province of British Columbia
Authorized Capital,  $250,000.00
Pays For All Accidents and
All Diseases
Premiums can l>e  paid  Monthly or Yt-aily,
Claims Paid  HERE.
Safe  as  our  Hanks.
Low  Kates,  Large  Benefits.
Insure in this Safe Company and keep your money
in ihe Province—You need the Protection and British Columbian Natural Resources needs your money
for Development.
livery Man here benefits by it.
TIM Hon. Price KlllHim, Victoria, B.O
MiniHter of Pittance of Brit-
ihIi  I'nlmnhiii
J. I.. Tiiiiiimii, M.D., Vancouver,-.0,
W. 1). Brydonc-Jnrk, M.I*. Vancouver
Loon Melokov, _aq,, Vancouver, B.O,
Mi'siim.- (iiiiliiiii ob Mount, Vancouver
Arthur M. Valentine, He--., Vancouver
Mtiam-H. tannic ft Clark, Vancouver
Hoyul Bunk ol Oanadu, Vancouver
Corwin-Bruce Inv. Co
District Agents for  South-Eastern British Columbia
Great Reduction
2 Piece Suits
65c Suit
Men's Boots
and Shoes
Usual $5 6? $6
Now Selling
From $3.00
1-2 Price
Summer Shirts
Great Reduction
Line of  Boys'
School Boots
$1.80   pr.
Men's Lisle
Thread Hose
Black &  Tan
40c pr.
Men's Heavy
Usual 50c
30c pr.
We have an
Usual 75c
Now Selling
Men's   Belts
to Clear
Crash Dresses
$1.15 each
per yard
per yard
No 5 Width 4c
No 9     "       6e
No 5     "      15c
2 pr 25c
House Dresses
Worth $2.00
Ladies' Lisle
25c pr.
White   Aprons
20c each
Men s Working
35c pr.
The Store Where'You Get the Big Dollars Worth
East Kootenay Mercantile House
Presbyterian  Church
Rev.  w.  (Caiman Thomson
Morning service—11 u.m.
The Study of Comparative Religion
Evening Service—7.30 p.m.
Parable of the Sower
Sunday School ami Bible Chain at
3 p.m.
Guild—Wednesday evening 8 p.m.
Topic—Christian Tact,
The Young People's Social Olub of
Knox Presbyterian Church will entertain on the Lawn at Mrs. Davis's,
Garden Avenue, on Monday evening,
August 19th
Supper will be served at 7 p.m.
A hearty invitation is given to all
the young people of the congregation
Methodist Church
Hev. W. Bison Dunham
Sunday services:—The pastor will
preach at 11 u.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Morning subject. "Freedom."
-•.veiling subject:  "Bin."
Tbe evening subject is tbe tirst in a
series of four dtnet -urses ou '' Lust
Choral and Pipe organ selections
will be rendered at every service.
-*~—I LASH n=^^
Salvation Army
Fred. A. Stride—Captain
Sunday Morning, 11 o'clock
Holiness Meeting
Sunday Afternoon, 'A o'clock
Free  and  Easy  Meeting
Sunday  Night,  8  o'clock
Salvation Meeting
Bible Lesson—
"The maintenance   of   Good   Works"
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock
Special meeting in the Knox Presbyterian Church
Thursday night, 8'clock
Holiness Meeting
Saturday  nlgbt,  8 o'clock
Praise Meeting
The above services are proceeded by
Open-airs to which all have an invitation to attend, irrespective of class
or creed.
Do not forget the Lecture by Col.
Gaskin in the Presbyterian Church on
Tuesday August 20th.
Rev. W. Stephen's Ordination
An event which will live long in
the memory of those present, took
place at St. Andrews Presbyterian
Church, Wardner, on Wednesday last*
The Rev. W, Stephens who previously laboured successfully in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as an Ordained
Catechlst was granted full status at
tbe late general assembly in Edmonton. A special meeting of the Hast
Kootenny Presbytery wns called In
Wardner for the purpose of his ordin
ation.    The Rev,  Mr. (.rant,  nf Kernie   presided    and  wns supported by
the    Rev.   Mr  Lena,    of  Waldo,  Rev. !
Thompson   and   Elder   John   Laurie
from   Oranbrook,     The   church   was;
beautifully decorated for tbt? occasion I
and   an   excellent congregation took |
part in the proceeding,   After singing I
tbe   Do-tology,  Mr.  Grant offered an
effective   prayer   and called upon Mr.
McLean   to    read   the    lesson.     The j
choir  rendered Sullivan's Hymn "01
the     Homeland"    most    artistically. J
Mr.   Thompson preached a  very ele- i
gant sermon pointing out the duties i
of the congregation to ths minister.!
The   usual    questions   were nsked of
. the candidate,  the  audience  [u,lowed
, the proceedings with prayerful Interest.   Then followed the laying on of1
the hands by the  Prcsbytos and the
declaration  by  Mr.  Grant "I ordain
j you,    Mr.    Stephens, in the name of
i the Presbytery to the ministry of the
Gospel,"     Mr.    Grant addressed tbe
j congregation In words that will never   be   forgotten,    He remarked tbnt I
these   were his farewell  remarks nnd |
be hoped tbey would bear fruit.   The
audience was deeply  touched  in pail-1
ling with such an old friend. Wc wish
Mr. Grant "God's Speed" In his new
I sphere in Vancouver.
Mr. Stephens has bad wide experience in dealing with men nf all
shades which has added wonderfully
to his usefulness in the Wardner district. His musical attainments have
considerably aided him in his church
life. The church is now free from
debt nnd the improvements to the
Heats has added greatly both in appearance and comfort.
of the
Carnegie Turned Down
Edmonton, Altn., Aug. 15—Sixty
thousand dollars is not sufficient in-
! ducement to the members of the
| board to carve tbe name of Andrew
| Carnegie on the slab of stone over
j the entrance of a library that would
j meet the requirements of the city ot
I Edmonton. Accordingly, they adopted a resolution at their last executive meeting declining the offer and
conditions and turned the matter
over to A. G. Harrison, a member of
i tbe board of commissioners, for final
1 disposal. Mr. Carnegie's original of-
l fer was based upon a population ot
| about half of what it is today. When
(informed thut the city has a population ot 53,383, according to a civic
i census completed on July 6tb, Mr.
Carnegie replied that he felt compelled to take tbe figures compiled a year
ago hy the Dominion enumerators
and would limit his grant to |60,000.
The library board has recommended
to the commissioners tbat they consider the question of submitting a by-
iaw to the rute-payerB for the raising of sufficient funds to construct
the first unit of a municipal-owned
public library.
Scientific authorities are pretty
well agreed tbat 90 per cent ot th©
house files which infest the world
are bred in stables and pig pens. It
1 such  places are  cleaned  ub often as
once a week it will prevent the hatch
Ing of millions of files.
Poll   Closes   at   9   p.m.
Today is election day. You should vote early,
and you may vote often, for your favorite candidate.
The election is the Prospector's $2,000 voting contest. The best office to which the candidates aspire is the occupancy of an automobile. Perhaps,
your subscription would decide the issue. Your
friend is on the ticket.
Vote   NOW   or
A Modern Romance
,» (Continued)
Voras licaii sunk, but sh? would
r.ut give up ltd fight without ono
.list "(tort.
Vou're u selfish hrute, she cr'. u
No, he's not lhat, Hilda said protesting!)-, und nhe moved to his side.
will le more comfortable, and our
conversation will Inst some time, he
said quietly.
Vmu'8 first  Impulse was to order
hlin frum the room, but she qulokly
grasped the fact that Hi"' man was .      ,.-.-.. ,.        ,
dangerous, and II would lie wiser to found 60 useful In U.o making ot
listen to what he bad to say, tor then books that would, if ordinary book
sho would know the danger thnt Bhe P"P« woro used, bo too bulky for
hml io meet. She made no answer, oonvonient band ng is a dliUnot
to ids remark, but In a few minutes r»Mj, having llttlo In common with
returned, dressed In a tea gown ot the- American mode product.   It hos
 miid*' ■ ■ "
This Wonderful Product Is Made by
Hand  From  Plant  Fibers.
The Japanese paper which hns been
olinglng nim71a*oe',"that"Tet°oti"the I a .tren-rUi ol liber that cannot ba pro- LbrIno?'otf rolonia.. aotlvlty.
lines of her figure, and Brann ,}.u°.i.ll™__™_\t_J_}._ **___V& \   In choosing the tain." his Males-
beautiful r>...- ...  . ,    , .,     ,.  ,
threw lier n glance of admiration Unit., H » more costly than sny oilier kind
unused her an involuntary shudder.     , r,llfl ,PaBcr »8 mnde frum the bark of
■—-*-*•*■ Japanese plants, vmioti is cut
I am ready to listen to you, she said j c^rInj
n.-.-r-, ■ ■■'-■•   ;rrrrr?	
Ai)/, ■    .        ,  .
A Farm In Africa and a Big Steamship
Lino ■ '
Thn German Emperor has just
bought two ehet-p farms In German
South-west Africa for i. 4,800. The
export of wool is at present small, but
lt ls believed tbat lu tbe course of
time thla will become a valuable
source ot incotno to the colonists, and
the Kaiser desires to encourage tbls
She bad summoned up ber courage.
and her (-yes unflinchingly  met bis
w .. II was now his turn to feel embni-
Whnt are you going to do?    Vera, niaB(,{|, for he (|Ui not know ,.„jte \WVi
asked helplessly.
The cottage la ready and 1 am going to start work at ouce, I urn
■jnite well now.
Just hh soon as 1 make su lilt-lent
money to keep us we -Uuil marry,
but not till then, Vaughan joined in
to begin.     He w»s very desirous
accomplishing his purpose pleasantly
ami without the use of threats.
llo you like l.ady Barton, he blurt
ed out.
Bhe   Is   eminently   suitable,   but   1
don't  think  tbat   In   whnl   yuu  hnvn
f hat maybe years.    Why cant you J^me tc irj    shi   replied   with
marry without my mom y. 1» would
be much cheaper fur you to live to-
gethi r-
We have discussed thnt, but the
future must be considered. As you
reminded me yesterday, literature is
nn uncertalu profession.
I have no patience with you. 1
presume von have no objection to tnv
helping  Hilda?
Thai is at' Hilda decides. 1 do not
object for the present, but her work
will soon bring In enough to k--ep
her. 1 h:ue already obtained an order for her.
Of all ihe Btlff-necked young—. Vera
began angrily, but Hilda silenced her
by playfully placing her hand over
hi r lips.
We al) hope lhat the new book will
be a success, and then our happiness
will have additional sweetness-
Very pretty, but I think yon are a
pair of young Tools.
Vera knew that she was defeated,
and she endeavored to endure it with
a good grace.
1 will stay and see you Into the cottage to-morrow. Have you been able
to And a woman to help you?
Yes. A dear, motherly old thing.
\ shall be quite comfortable, Hilda
The next day Hilda removed her
trunks to Sunnlcote, and after seeing
her there. Vera hastened back to London.
mocking smile.
Have you derided upon lhat settlement of which you spoke,   Would you
mind (riling me the name of ihe per
i son yon wish to benefit?
I have changed my mind.
j    May I venture to suggest the naim
| Ulftt   was  proposed
Was it Hilda Gronl by any chance?
lu- nsked quietly, and his eyes diii uol
miss a movement of bor face.
How absurd, she replied with an
easy laugh, that did nut deceive him
Why should 1 setile money upon my
self? As my solicitor, would you
advise ine to settle all my money in
that  Hay.'      Would it be safer"
He could not restrain his admiration at her roolness and self possession, and be became all the more determined to make her his wife.
Can't we be friends, he said sudden
ly. I cannot tell you how much 1
admire you -and—-
up into strips, some of which may
be a yard loug. These strips nre then
tied up Into bundles nnd put to soak
in a weak solution ol lye, by which
they are softened Miflk-ic.it !y to be
worked without breaking.
The real work of making the paper
thon bepint. Tiie shins nf bark aro
laid flat snd separated Into tine fibers
with fi sni-i-ial fi ^^^^^^^^
this sttp iu the prooess is so oarefully
done that lho fibers obtained nre
much longer than those produced in
n pulpinaaing maohlno. When tht.
fibers have been separated ihey *.-i.
spread cut on u sieve. Hy shaking
the mass in ti-c sieve ibe abera nre
swelled ont and drained ol lye, The
Jnpanese do not use the nntrnaJ glue
fouud in American papers sod which
has -uth a rank .dur, but employ
Instead a oement obtained! (torn the
root--, el one of their native plants.
When the fibers have \*>\'u drained
ty acted on lho advice of llerr Heck-
el, a gentleman attached to tho Imperial Court, who is visiting bis
brother's  ranch  near Windhoek.
In acquiring two farms In South
Africa tbe German Emperor te finding
further outlet for those business
qualities which, bad ho been born
lo commerco Instead of u throne,
wuuld havo a-isuredly havo wun for
ths   Kaiser   a   high   position   among
' (""!l"iui'",'.,'i   merchant prtnooa.     it may not bo
ot   mallet, and      '      ,,     \ ...    .,      ...
generally    known    that   tbe    Knlsor
Is already  the owner of a porcelain
and tile fact.uy al Cadlnen, ln  KiitH
Thin commercial venture has prov
en very successful owing to the
Kaiser's active participation in tho
management No detail has proven
un) insignificant fur him to master
and the Knipi-i-m' Is not ftbove te
commending personalis his owp
wares and llndiug new- mai Ki-'s tor
the Cadlnen products
These wares are un stile nl a shop
and sett
. ; V u■ i. - _,r       ir., i ww ■■■»■ Majesty's custom to pay vis
spread on a board with » soft m-iru-i inspection to bouses and build
ment and rubbed down smooth and
to the desired thickness, er perhaps
thinness would ba the better word.
Tht board witli iu ihln coating t»f
pulp is thwi put out into the sun to
dry, antl when this bus been ttccoro*
plished the sheet ol paper peels off
th ■ board ss * slwet of remarkably
tough paper. The Japanese use this
sen of i-n per instead of window
g'.a-s. It is also twisted Into threads
of greal strength, which are used
lugs where thi Cadlnen tiles had
been used.
The Emperor is a keen agriculturist and all the latest practical developments ot this Important science
finds Illustrations on the farms which
form an Import out part nf the royal
estate tn Silesia Ills Ma|esl\ is al
so financial!) Interested lu the Hamburg-American I.tne and almost invariably attends the launches of new
?!_"_??!__£ Be8ture which punedlemft;^ iS'onu^l l1?*]??.??0^!^.^!^??- ^I*-— £21
him tip quickly
I do not make friends easily, and 1
scareelv know vou. she- answered
Hut give me a chance. 1 am not
really a bad sort and we may be able
help one another. I want 'u t» youi
You nre very kind, she answered
quickly, and 1 am glad to hear thai
you are not really a bad sort.
Vou are alone in the world, aud this
fortune that you have acq d iml is a
mentation.    The unlive painters,
ing to its [■■. rousm ss, find it spec
ly adapted to tht ir cob rs   snd :t   is
unsurpassed for writing on with india
of   these,   the   luiperaior.   Is   to   take
LI water this  month, and  the German
[»   Emperor has again  signified his  intention of being present
Lady Barton waa quite satisfied j great responsibility for you—alone*
With her new position, and she glor- 1 Hm quite capable of managing It
led in the upending of the money to - Then of course I have a clever BCHcl
furnish Vera'a new house. It was j tor that I can always consult,
many years since she had been able
to without carefully counting the cost,
and she revelled in lhe feeling.     She
worked hard, for she wished to get us
much done as possible before  \ era's
The Sibylline Books.
It Es rec rded of Tsrquin ihe Proud,
seventh emperoi ol Rome, that an old
woman -came to Ium w-th nine hooks,
which untamed, she said. vscteJ
oracles. She asked an enormous price
It  Was   Dtvetaped   Lang   Safer* tht
Waavtr Waa First Known,
Pelt   is   a   fabric   formed   without
weaving by taking advantage of the
Shop Stocked With   Goods   Half   a
Century Old
There has just died at Auron, Illinois,  Mr. V.  \V. Slockwell, one ef
the quaintest characters In tbe Bute.
who has beeu know for mnny yesra
na "Tho Man who Stood Still" IfUlJ
years ngo ho wns the owner of on- of
the biggest shops outside Chicago,
and during the Civil war he prosper-
<"d greatly-
Atter the wnr he failed to k-en
nireast of the times, und tho sah'i
/.mods which ho carried ihen sllll
adorn the show windows of bis SttOp.
Kor a few years thn shop mads a
plOflt, hut within half a duzon y Aft
after the war the place was a Olll1*
loslty Bln-p, and continued BO. Tito
hoop Kk'-i, hai bet -striped hose, .It!
Jewelry r. id other ant [unities continued to term his stock.
ln laltet yenis he was lho n-ily
oue wbo tillered the place except visitors to tbo city, and his shop he
-.ante a BUOW place In a mod u .u
v.. v. ou account ol the matt'B peculiarities. Mi Blockwell has ciin-nl
about **-<■■•■ worth of goods all t-ui
oi dale -foi over 10 yeal'fl Mul b'-t
withstanding lack of oustorn. ho open
r.d hla shop prompt') nl 7 every mo t
lug, and leinaitied until ti in the even
111-;.       He .lied at the QgQ of 77.
Peevish, pale, rest less, and tdekly
children owe Ihelr condition to worms.
M tlher Qraves' Worm Kxtermlnatni
will relieve ihem ami restore health.
Why,   Not   How
My Qeorge, old chap, when I luok
at one ot vour paintings I stand and
wonder  •
How I du il.?
No,      Why do you do It?
Mlnard's   Liniment   Curea   Garget   In
A New Champion
Prise Fighter (entering BOhool
with bis son)- You give this boy o1
■nine a tbrashln" yesterday, didn't y-_v7
Schoolmaster (very nervous)—Well,
Prlse-Elgbter—Well, give us your
'and; you're a champion. 1 cant do
no.th.ln' with 'im myself.--Fuuch,
She had returned to thc hotel on
J he Tuesday afternoon, thoroughly
tired out with her day's shopping, and
she had just sat. down to a cup of
tta, when Crawley Mrann was iftl-
Wltere is Miss Grant? he asked in
She went to the country yesterday.
1 have just received a  wire  to say
that Bhe will be back at the o'clock.
Show me the telegram, he said curtly
Ah—-Tiognor—I thought   so,  he exclaimed, as he read the name of (be
town from which It   had   bcen   despatched.
Lady Barton looked af him anxious*
It Is new a quarter to five. Von can
make yourself senrco till six thirty.
lie Bpoke quietly, but his voice contained a threat.
What are yuu going to do? she
Stay here. And 1 don't want your
company. Weren't my words plain
enough? '
hln- hesitated lor a while, but finally turned away, and lefl him alone.
The situation grows Interesting
he muttered to himself. I am sorry
to have to rush matters, but I must
have money at once, l wonder bow
idle will receive my offer.
He waited Impatiently, but at last
tbe door opened, and lie rushed, for*
ward to meet  Vera, for it  was nhe.
t.uod evening, Miss Ornnt, he began effusively,
She look no notice uf his out-
stretched hand.
Where Ih Lady Barton? she asked
coldly. Surely il la rather late for
a call- Cr perhaps you have business
wllb her.
It is you I want to see. Mrann an
wered griml>, and (here was a hard
look In his eyes.
Crawley Mrann forced a mure pleas-
nut expression to his face, and turned
to Vera with a Stnllo that was Intended to tie Ingratiating.
Won't you take off yuur things. You
'rawley   Brann  camo   to   the  cor. .-^.-^_
elusion (hat he was not making much ed. and t-be thereupon threw thtee
headway In his wooing. This self- mt-re into th* rir«; and still nsked
possessed girl who faced him to the same price for tbe three rtim.ni-
calmly was even cleverer than he had ing This >*• astonished the emperor
deemed her to be. and ho felt that it that he bought the three at the price
would be necessary tu come to closer for which in tha first instance he
quarters. might have liad the nine.   These were
I  make a  very good  friend, but a! the Sibylline bock-, lcnjt looked upon
bad enemy, he said sternly. I by the Remans as divine oracles.   ,
You seem to be giving me a cata* ■  ■   ■-■ •— ■    im ■ ■
logtie of yuur good and bad qualities,] >*• Delicate Point
for them, hiiu when the emperor ie* tendency ot balr aud wool to Interlace
fused she rlew iuto & rage, threw and cllog to eacb other. Antiquarians
three oi the books Int tne fire and state tbat tbe art of felting was devel*
still s-kt-d the same price fer the re- oped long before tbe weaver was first
mainder.    lite emperor  again  refus-  known.    Felting antedates tbe Chrlt*
tlitn era by many centuries.
Authorities state tbat tbe felting
quality of bnlr or wool results from
tbe natural structure of the material.
Tbe balr of most animals Is noticed
to be more or less notched or Jagged
on Its surrnee. This Is tbt more apparent wben an esamlnatloo of tht
material Is made by tbe aid of a
microscope.    In some animals there
she answered with a derisive smile.' They are a happy couple. Thev appears to be a set of barbs oo tbt
One would think you were preparing haven't been married very long, lit hair, and these barbs art so placed that
the way for a proposal uf marriage,   fact, the honeymoon hae barely wan-  tbe Up of eacb polnu to the end of tbt
He  was  amazed  at   her  bolduess.. eJ.   An elderly friend met the bride-   hair,
and for a moment was at a loss furl grof,m downtown yesterday and Map-.    jt follows that when a number of
ped him on the back. : hnlre sre pressed together those which
•Well,   happy   aa   *   lark.  I   sup- „f *„ *_9 oppoS|te d|rectloo to each
V°*V. other will Interlock wltb tbt barbs of
tbe bnlr surface and resist an effort to
a reply.
But, of course, the idea Is absurd,
she continued easily. Do yuu know
that you are a very strange man, and
1 do not understand yuu on   Utile bit.
Mo yuu want me to put my meaning into plain English, he said, and
his volte was full of menace.
I should prefer U, ahe answered.
but hi-r face was pale, as she waited
for the  words she dreaded to hear.
lle had nn wish tu threaten her,
until he wns forced, and he turned
aside with an uneasy laugh. j __________________________________________________
Would it. be so strange if I wanted A  Bornaan Weapon.
lu marry you?     You are very beau-      _,,    „ . ...     . . .
tlfu!   Miss Grant. I    The Bornean mandau. or   head tak-
And I hnve a large fortune, she. «<" ■* ■ modification of'the Burmese
added quickly i ■***-1-   il is R "*avy, thick bladed cut-
You bare,"at present, he said with -M9« from lwe,,ty to thirty inbhea
emphasis, but that has not the slight- ■?■■»- -*"d t,ie edg-t is grouijd from
est weight wllh me- I am not u poor the r*8«* f,,,le onl>'- lne le'1. 8T. bJein,B
„,.,„. ' forged slightly concave.    Ihe blade is
So you arc disinterested, i ■■"° fl>s"htly cumd to the right, bo
Absolutely And will you please that the cutting action ol the weapon
consider that 1 have made vou a for-1 •• like that of on enormous gouge. On-
"Oh. yes."
"How g  the em.kinp? _        „ ,       ____.     +___..__
"I have one trouble there. It's just tesr tbem asunder. When the bnlr bat
this-my wife lias been preparing an- a natural tendency to curl tbe Interlnc.
gel fond every day fur dinner." i log process which Is called felting It
"You must be getting tired of it."    ; more easily accomplished.
"I am. Yet I feel a hesitancy about j Although tbt felting property Is pot-
saying anything.   How soon after the i seised by wool tn a special degree,
honeymoon wuuld it be proper to a-k
fur beefs-teak and onions?"
other animals have It In their coverlog.
Tblt Is true of tot goat, os, hare, rabbit tnd beaver.—New Sork Sua.
mal offer lor your hand.
She rose slowly from her chair,
aud burst Into a ringing laugh thnt
had a touch uf harshness.
I am Indeed honored, Mr. Mrann,
the said with a deep sigh. It pains
me deeply to have to refuse you.
He turned to her angrily.
Vou shall listen
ly two strokes can he dealt with the
mandate- Irom right to left downward
and left to right upward.—Chamber's
i. Little Ones
Mothers I Are yonr little ones
differing from itching, burning
eczemas, or other torturing,
disfiguring skin troubles? Are
you, yourself, worn out with
long, sleepless nights and ceaseless anxiety in caring for them?
Then yoi) should know that, in
most cas-ss, a warm bath with
jLuueura Soap
and a gentle application ol CutK
ruraOintment bring immediate re
lief, thc lit lie sufferers sleep, tired.
fretted mothers rest, and peace
falls On distracted households.
AUtiAitfh i utlnira floap and Ointment urn
adld iiy (iiiij'i'i.ii and ii'-iiii'i ovcrywlinro, a
pfftts] to "OuiToura," Depl, 3>L lionon,
V. H. A., will *u*nini a llbi-tnl nnmyh Of ni< It.
■m.i.V/ |>. hook en the nkia and •< »i|i, uud
li'..Ui.n-iit of their alU--:tlflll».
Belting Cement.
Probably one cf iho mnf-t important
parts connected with the manufacture
^^^^^^ he   said j ol belting te the composition of the
fiercely, ami I'll force vou to give me, cement that hold, the iueo:-H together.
u ditte.Mit answer. Do you under-! One firm maintains a htaff ol special-
stand? Force vou, he repeated. j ists who work constantly in a well
Tbe door opened and Lady Barton equipped laboratory, letting and im-
entered heedleaH of Brann's look of proving this important cement and
anger. the  various ''ther chemical  prepare-
So here yon are at lust. Vera cried.  Uons used in making leather belting.
I wbh beginning to wonder what had j  *"~      _
become of yotl. Getting tha Facta.
I have teen busy with tbe furnish- "\>*.' Raid Broncho Boh, "Taian-
Iiik. Uuly Barton replied, with an un- * tula Tom Mid na hew he guessed he'd
ensy glance at Brann- I better  leave Crimson  Gulch,  so  he
I am afraid I nitiht wish >"u adieu. 1 j|lji •
V ra said quietly to Brann, ••'.\n affair ef lhe heartK'
Won't you spare me a few minutes,     "You telepathed  it. friend."
lie  asked   wltb   a   Blgnlflcant   look   RI ,    "Wore llht heart on his sleeve, eh?"
l.ady   Marlon. "Worm than  Ihnt.      He W0JB  the
I am really too t imd. Vera replied  1(.e cj hearts up Ills sleeve."
•Aitii a balf-aitpprpssed yawn,     Won't. _ ——.
II keep for h day or two | Mme. de Malntenon.
I hupinihi it must, gOQd*nlght. I
He gave Ladj Barton a sullen nod,
and hastened rrom tbe room
Mr   Brann appears tn be put out.-
i.ini> Barton remarked curiously.
Tha mat) bSI the manner-* of a bear,
bul I forgot, I believe he te n friend
of yotirs.
i To be Continued)
One* when Mine, de Maititennn,
who had rit*eu from the ;-utter to
grandeur, was looking pen ely in
the itolden pool ut Versailles her companion, noting the fish In the crystal
water, observed, "Hew languid the
carp nre." "Yes," replied the famoill
beauty, villi a sigh, "they ate like
tne; lliey mil's their mud."
A Prisoner of St. Hilda
A romance of St. Hilda la the story
ot T-ady Grange. Wife of an eight*
eenth century Scottish Lord of Ses-
sl .n. she wa** for some mysterious
reason seized and carried off In the
dark, sho knew not by whom, and
conveyed by night journey a to the
Highland coast and thence by eea to
S;. Kllda.
There among the few Inhabitant.*
she remained for aevrral years a prisoner, provided, however, with a constant supply of food and a woman to
wilt upon her. No Inquiry was
mnde for her, but at last ahe conveyed
a lette. to a friend by the daughter
of a catechist, who hid It in a clue of
yarn. A ship was sent to rescue her,
but her gaolers got wind of It and
transferred her to the Island of Her*
rleB, where she died.—London Chronicle.
Br. J. TV Kellogg's Pysentery Cordial la compounded specially to combat
dysentery, cholera morbus and all
inrlit minatory disorders tbat change of
food or water may set up In the
stomach and intestines. These
complaints are more common In summer than in winter, but they are not
confined to the warm months, as undue laxness of the bowels may seize
a man at any time. Such a sufferer
will lind speedy relief In this Cordial.
Case for a Choice
George, before we were married
you used to bring me flowers nearly
every day.
Well, I can bring you flowers today.
for that matter, but If I do I'll have
to cut out that new asparagus.—St.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
The Canton-Macao railway, China,
has already been surveyed, and lt is
probable that construction work will
be commenced ln the near future.
Starling at Fat), across the SIklang
river from Canton, the line will run
almost due south through the districts of Shuntak and HeungBhan 'to
the boundary of the Portuguese colony of Macao. Thla line will be
about seventy miles long and will
penetrate one of the richest districts
of south China.
No r.ymploma that indicate any of
the ailments* of childhood ahould he
allowed to pass without prompt attention. The little ailment may
soon hecome a serious one and perhaps f. little life passes out. 11
Baby's Own Tablets are kept in the
house minor troubles can be promptly cured and serious ones-averted. The
Tablets aro guaranteed absolutely
safe and can be given to the newborn babe as well as the growing
child. Mrs. Arthur Drapeau, Mont
Carmcl, Que., says: "1 can give Baby's
Own Tablets to my little one without
fear, well knowing the beneficial results thnt will follow their use." Tbe
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle. Ont.
Uncemriout Humor.
('un,!*'   U"iv diil you Iih.. thi virnr'.-i
BrlBgi ?
j   M*l«« Brl-ni
"|\,,UIH     .11     tl
'! The dom* vi.
yuatt i'lny
niornlhg,   Mis,
Mr. Bmlley, I liked
Hint'  nuii'li   hitter.
inu ili'Ctiuil I
told by Lord  WoK'l-y
The ll-ile story below l» Lord Wol
■eley'a tribut i tn lho bravery of I.lent.
C.n.nil Cr raid Orahara, V.C., Q.CB.,
O.C.M.Q.:—At the slortnlng "t lhe
Takii forts, Oraham, wbo wiu In China
v.ith Gordon ini tin- lapppra, whoi
(1'iiy it nun tu Iny the pontoon ncross
the wol ditch Biirroundlrig the great
northern fort i . ,. .
While aunorlnlendlng lho operation At thll point, null! tho nnrrntor,
bo wan on horseback, nnd being nl- ""h* brok* down nud wopt scnldin*
m .tl the only mounted officer prencnt,. u-nra."    ■-••-'
afforded an eahy mark tri Ihe Chin-     "My "pounCM,    MClnlined IM»*
cse iiialcl-l-jclt tiw_ who hnd already  tener,
picked off fifteen of ills hnppei'H,
fj.6( liptivr.
'she  niult have  been  baling
ovir with rniie."   «tt«»*"'**'*.Vn«i
& *.
Paring  IB* Jl°ISl( .'.'l  0'.'  uproar |    ■	
oatised Cy the flring'of the great mum. An'oldeily woman nl Council Orove
and Hnall arms, MeutaColnfiel Wol' w-,0 oinplnyg n wonderful knowledge
seiey. v.ho «ii« Mamum- by Major 0f whnt !■ going on In town wan nnked
Oraham, having loms remark t.i mako  „|,leb nr the home papers «he rend.
placed hla bailil on that 0ffl0( f » Iblgb       .s-,.|H,er one. she I'OpllOtl,    I JllHl ask
to draw bi« ntiontlon. I n„. milkman and iho grocery buy whnl
Don't pill ymir hand lliere! 0iclal;n-| |'a going oil In lown and tliey reel It
off by ilu- yard. Vou noo, ihey'va koi
the a-lvantngc nf the papers—Uioy
give yon llie news tbe sntnfl date It
happeilH. Mine ltutu Hint tliey tell
jou what tin pnpers nln't got nerve
ni Oraham, wincing under me pain,I
Tiierc'it n Jltigb ball lodged in my Ng.
11 wuh tbe drat notice he bail taken
■if the wound,
The Bu«y Fly.
Mow dues ill    Hltle bu/i-.y fly
Improve each shining minute—.
Tho earlv fly ilie window flndn
\inte-r. ihn wcre.ns are In It.
SOttgh   in  pi int.
Kiiiihii" t liy Jour
The Scotchmen are the henvlcKt on
the at crane nf all Urltlsb subject).
More Men Than Women In the World
Of recent, yearn tho custom ot making n systematic census of the population has become well established
and It is now possible to gain a fairly
accurate Idea ot conditions all the
world over.
Some of the figures now cited in
regard to thla matter are Interesting.
The world's total population is estimated at 1,7110.0(10.00". out of which
the proportion of the sexes Is known
for 1,0:18.000.000. the ratio being 1.000
males to 9!0 females. The ratio
varies considerably In different
places. In Europe thtre were for
every 1.000 men, 1.027 women: Africa
1.(145; America, 004; Asia, 001; Aits
tralla,  »37.
Tin- maximum proportion nf women
Is found In Uganda, 1.467; the minimum In tho Alaska gold fields nnd
the .Malay States, wllh 391 nnd 380 re-
B.eetl-ely,—Chicago Tribune.
An Intelligent Wife.
Komi wife (pathetically anxious to
be well Informed and an Intelligent
ciiinpanlnii to her husband)—I suppose thut that surplice nf Lloyd
(leorge's you were all discussing lasl
night, and wondering what he would
ilu with It, Is the one that he will have
no use for after the Welsh church Is
Natural Selection When we decide
tn forgive our cnemlen we generally
begin wllh those who are bigger nnd
stronger than we nre.—Chicago He-
Heart llevlew, ^,',-v • •(.*•*»,....
Impoliteness  ef  Curiosity
The goose had heen carved, nnd
everybody had tasted It. It wus ox-
osllont, Tho negro minister, who
was thy gin ht of honor could lint re-
strain ills iniliiudnsm.-*-***!.'-
lint' as line a i-.nose us I rvnh nee,
lli'iiddiili Williams, he snld lo his host.
Wimi- ihd you gll such a line goose?
Well now. pnson. replied the carvut-
nf tlm goose, exhibiting great, dignity
and rellcci.ee, when you preaches a
spesliul gutid sermon. 1 never axes you
v.biii' you got It. 1 hopes yuu will
slinv, 'ne do snino consideration.—
I'upiilar Magadu*.
Difficult to Cure
A woman consulted an oculist
nbout her husband's eyesight, saying
she wanted a very strong pair of
glasses for him.
1 fear 1 cannot recommend glasses
without Ilrst seeing your husband, the
oculist sold.
He won't come nt nny price, wns
the reply.
Then tell ir.e something about him.
Can he see objects at a distance, or
does hn experience difficulty when
rending? Kor instance, could he see
that pigeon which Is flying up above
Rather! Ihe woman said. He'd
spot a pigeon on t' wing quicker than
he'd nee an aeroplane, especially if
he'd gat a bet O'l It. What. I want
yer to cure In his short-sightedness
when In's seek in' work. He's been
lookln' far a Job-ten years, nnd never
seen one to suit his fastidious eye*
sight jet!
The oculist regretted that he couldn't deal with Ihe case.
So your Shakespeare Club Is a
great success?
Yes. We have accumulated
enough fines for non-attendance to
Inke u  nil to a matinee parly.
. Human Hair Lace.
They are making lace from human
hulr now. It In not ror trimming dies,
sen with, but ls used for the pnrtlng
of nigs. It Is made by hand and the
knots nre held by a solution of wax,
otherwise they would unravel. When
this Ince is used It takes an almosl
microscopic examination to delect the
wig Is not natural.
The use of motor wagons to carry
parcels between London and Birmingham has proved so successful that
lho postal authorities are about to
rake.aa.''_tenHlou of lho service to
Mauehosler.   '' jj -.*..s..,
Why doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop a headache promptly, yet do no) contain any of
the dangerous drugs common In headache tablets. Ask your
Druggist about them.   25c. a box.
Nationm. onuo an*> CHlMieai Co. or Canada, Limitkb. 133
^New Perfection
Heating Plate
hu proved a greal convenience to all
users of the
•'   This year we ue idling
The New Perfection Broiler
The New Perfection Toaster
-The New Perfection Griddle
'each designed specially (or use on the New
Perfection Stove.
*■-  Wnli these •pplwi.'M _*xl lhe New Pcrfectmi jUh doer itn-1
I *>f en, lhe New Pcrfedioft it iml •> -ompiete and ticient a Mow ai
■ regular coal raw*.   Ortainh*. it it ttu.li cleanr* and cheaper.
Maty people we the New PcrfeclioB all the yeai round.
U_.ly>--«*-d.  llh-eUa
PMwWd    chW-Mr*. ,-—-
quoiacblttt. AU calMrl
lop, drop ahaK«, towel
cL*. etc    Made witt. I,
i. Free
I or 3 banwn. -*ree Cook
rUa with tmr**, iJ-am.
Cook-Book ako ii---i to
aayooe *ackni 5 cent* U
raver eteiKnt to*.       ,-->»,
Harvester Oil
{Specially Prepared for use on
reapers, binders and threshers
A short' cut oil poiteulng great durability. Admirably
adapted for use on all farm machinery. It reduces friction and wear to tho minimum and la not affected by
moisture er change af climate.
Mica Axle Grease
It the best axle grease you can get for your tractors.
Saves wear, aavea power, saves fuel. Never ruba off.
Novar guma.
Capital Cylinder Oil. Tbe very best oil for steam ulanu on
the farm. Lasts longer snd gets more power from tha
engine, with less wear, than any cheap substitute"; costs
less ln the end.
Atlantlo Red Engine Oil. A medium bodied oil, strongly
recommended for alow and medium apeed engtnea and
machinery.     Bates tbe bearings and lightens the load.
Standard Oaa Engine Oil gives tho beat lubrication possible, •Ilk* In kerosene, «asollnV.and gaa engines. Keep%
Its body at high temperatures. Equally good for all ex-
tarsal bearings.
Silver Star Engine Kerosene Oil
Engine Gasoline
Aak your dealers, or write to any Agency.
■ .i-f*.-."**' ■
Tread softly -
Step safely.
of Cats Paw Meets,    no.
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts In tbe capacity of
uud we shall be glad to forward copy of   our   Booklet   "Something
About Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request.
A Quitter
Tho young man wanted an under,
standing before he proposed.
Can you wash dlshus? he asked.
Oh, yes, said tha girl. Can you
wipe Vm?
lie didn't propoae.
The mnn wltb a clear conscience
and patches on hla trousers gets more
out of tbls world than the man who
goes beyond his means to be fashionable.
Why They Want.
As the Sunday School teacher entered her classroom ahe saw Waving
In great haste a little girl and her
atlll  smaller  brother.
Why, Mary, you aren't going •""'' -
ahe exclaimed In surprise.  ,
I'leatlio -.lithe Anne, »">" not lo
go, was lhe ilisiraaail reply. Jimmy
'th thwallowed hlth collection.—Up
Her Little Hint.
He—Does a woman when slie'B
married expect her huslauj to tc-ll
I.it Iils business affairs?
file—1 don'l know! 'lit a woman
e'UK'cts a man lo talk hushicss when
ho' l-i courting hor.—Uostou Trans-
"I"--   .         ... .
1 have beaten my sword Inlo a
plow-share, remarked the young officer who resigned.
Dear me, exclaimed his sweetheart,
1 wanted that sword to decorate my
cosy corner with.—Washington Herald.
1 can't tell you how sorry 1 waa to
hear ot yonr husband's death, Mrs.
Nnrlr-h, ll Js too bad that he had to
go that wa7-V- ■*    •'     '
Yes-, I Just Can't get over It. If
It. only hnd of been appendicitis or
mum-thing fashionable; hut plain con-
Juncllnn ot the brnlnl It makes me
feel eo bail on Iho children's account!
Thla Year.
Maud—Caroline's now lm| a
beauty. I wotder what milliner
signed It?
Ileal lis- -.Milliner. Indeed! She hud
It done by n IbiiiIhcupo gardener.—
llarper'a Bazaar.
Then Ha Drew a Cheque
Edllor'a wife—How do you like my
new dress? Isn't It a poem?
Editor—No:  1 don't have to pa)
for poetry.
In a predicament It sometimes happens that a woman's Intuition Is
worth more than the reasoning of a
dozen men.
When Visitors Came—Mother, ask.
ad the little one on the occasion ot a
number of guests being present at dln-
■ r, will tho dessert hurt ine, or Is
there enough to go around 7—Sacred.
nny— - -  ■       —
A Slander — Is It true that your
daughter haa married a highbrow,
Mrs. Rockingham?
No, that story waa started by soma
of tbe girls who were Jealous. Dals-
le'a husband la a writer, but his royalties amount tu over $40,000 a year.-.
Chicago Record Herald. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
+ -H-f-Hil'l l'l'l'-H I--H--1-**.-•H-'-H^^ ,
,,   — 1 —  ■ •
Professional   Curbs
—-— an 6
Cobac   notices
■f* *T*^-T*T*f**r "T TTT *f**l* *T TTTTTT'l
P.li.B,   &   O.K,
CRANURUIlK,     ...    B.O.
Corporation   of   the   City
of Cranbrook
Notice of Local Improvement
W.   P.   0 U It u
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers,  Solicitors uud Notaries
Money  to Loan
Imperial  Bank liuiUliug
CRANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer anil B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236
Phone 222
...    B.C.   >
Drs.   KINO   &   0 R R E N
Physicians and Surgeons
Office ut Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Ofllce Hours;—
Forenoons - - 9.oil to 10.uu
Afternoons - - 2.011 to 4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to 3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.110 to 4.30
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dr.   P.   B.    MILES
Office In Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,     ...    B.C.
F. M. MacPhersou
Norbury Avenue Next tu City Hall
Open Day end Night Phone BU
Funeral Director,
Oourt Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Oat-men's Hall, on   -ml and
4th ThiiiHiliiy of iihcIi month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi ,'18.
Visiting Hi-others Cordially Welcomed
OVERSEAS    01,1111
(Crnnbrook Branch)
Meets'  in   tlic   Onrman's   Hull 2nd
and 4tb Tuesiluya in every month, at
8 p.m.  Membership open to British
N. A. Walllngor, Pres
W. 0, Orebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Rns 42.ri.
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. P. & A. M.
Regular   meetings   ou   the
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D.  J. McSweyn, Worshipful Master
J. 8. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regulnr meetings:—2nd Tuesday in
each montb at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cctr-
llally invited.
Ei. Comp—A. C. Shankland, E.
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
ut Frnternlty Hall.
N. S. Houston, C. C.
P. A. Stride, K. R. _ 8.
E. A. Hill, M. P.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. G. Sec'y
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
iu   Royal   Black   Knights   Hall.
R. S. Garrett, Sec.
**** ***** "I "I "I I II I ♦ ****** ********************'.
In Prizes
:;   "The    MAGNET   of   EAST   KOOTENAY"   W
Sept. 19-20th, 1912:
Special  Attractions, Horse Racing,
Athletic  Sports
Every City, Town and' Hamlet in  East  Kootenay
will place on exhibition  the resourses of their respective districts.
Don't Forget the Date-September 19-20th.. 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
All (JommuuiuutloiiH lo !>• .-uU.ivbm-iI lo
;   P. De Vere Hunt
_-■■*■■■    .-■-     I   ■■■    1J.I.I Ll      I        I        l.l.l.*|l||t,|,
For Sale By
■I Cranbrook .Jobbers, Ltd i!
\ ::
.'imiii-i tin it nit 111 **********************
ill liursuiilice of a resolution passed In
Council nsseinliliHl on the 5th day ot
AiiKimt,   1912,  thc Municipal  Council
of the Corporation of the   City   of
Crnnhrook,  intends to construct thc
following; work ns a local  improve
niont. namely:—
"A   12 foot cement sidewalk  commencing, from the intersection of
the alley  on  South Raker   Unit;
and Vim Home Street, thence to
corner    of    Raker    uud    Hanson
Streets, in Hlock 91."
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk a-
Iuiik   the   south   side   of   Baker
Street 111 Block 90,"
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk a
long   the   south   side   of   Baker
Street on Block 89 where required
"Also n 12 foot cement sidewalk a-
lona.   the   south   side   ol   Baker
Street on Block 88."
"Also a 10 foot cement sidewalk n-
Ions;   the   north   side   of   Baker
Street from tbe south west corner to the south east corner of
Block 93."
"Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk on
the north side of Baker Street, on
Block 94 to tbe south east corner
of Lot 12 in said block."
The lands immediately benelited by
the Baid works and improvements are
ns follows:—
Block       Lot       Pt. Prontnge
91 19 • 195
• 91 20 33
91 21 33
91 22 33
Block Lot Pt. Frontline
90 19 28
90 20 20
KO 21 20
90 22 20
90 23 20
»9 24 20
90 25 21! .
90 20 20
90 27 20
91) 28 28
Block Lot Ft. Frontage
89 19 28
89 20 20
89 21 20
89 24 20
89 25 20
89 22 20
89 23 26
Block Lot Ft. Prontnge^
88 19 28
88 20 20	
Ft. Frontage
Ft. Prontnge
that the report of the Olty Engineer
and Assessor made in pursuance ot
the Local Improvement General By-
Law Ib open (or inspection at tbe ot
(ice ot the City Clerk at the City
Hall, Cranbrook, B.C., during office
hours, and that it is the intention ol
the Council to make such assessment
upon said land or real property immediately benefited for the works or
improvements as in said report set
out und for the amount set out in
such report.
that all peraone concerned are hereby notified that unless the majority
ol the ownerB of the land or real pro
nerty to be .assessed or charged in
respect of such work representing at
least one-half in value thereof, petition the Council against such assessment within fifteen days after publication of this notice, such work
shall be undertaken and proceeded
with by the Council and the costs
thereof assessed against the property
affected as provided for by the By-
Law in that behalf and by said report and resolution.
Dated this 8th day of August, 1912.
City   Tlgrk
Notice is hereby given that on the
23rd day of July, 1912, it was ordered by His Honor, James A. Forln,
Esquire, Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay, that JameB A.
Arnold, Official Administrator tor
that portion ot the County of Kootenay included in the Electoral District of Cranbrook, be Administrator
of .all and singular the estate of
Ollle Holm deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every perBon having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is required lorthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or interest in the
distributional the estate of the said
deceased is required to Bend belore
the 3rd day ot September next, by
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, and a statement of his account and the nature-of the security
(If any) held hy him.
Alter the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tho distribution ol the estate having
regard to those claims only ol which
ho shall hnve had notice.
Datod nt Cranbrook, thia 2»rd day
ol July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
3Mt. Official Administrator
Notice ls hereby given that on the
23rd day of July, 1912, it was order-
od hy His Honor, JameB A. Forln,
Require, Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator for
that portion ot the County of Kootenay included In the Electoral District of Crnnbrook, be Administrator
ol all and singular the estate ot
William Wellington Culham deceosed
Every person indebted to the said
deceased Is required to make payment
lorthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in poflMBfltoiJ
effects belonging to the deceased Is required lorthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other perHon hav
Ing nny claim upon or interest In the
4liHtrihtitii.il of tho estate of the said
deceased Is required to send before
the 3rd day of September next, by
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars ol his claim or
interest, nnd a ftt.itea.ont ol hla ac
count and the nature ol the security
{it any) held by him.
Atter the said last mentioned date
the Administrator witl proceed with
the distribution ol the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have bad notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 23rd day
of July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
30-U. Official Administrator
Notice is hereby given that on the
23rd day of July, 1912, it was ordered by His Honor, JameB A. Forln,
Esquire, Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator for
that portion ot the County of Kootenay included in the Electoral District of Cranhrook, be Administrator
of all and singular the estate of
William Doull deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to muke payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased Is required lorthwith to notlly the under*
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or Interest in the
distribution of the estate nf the eaid
deceased is required to send before
the 3rd day of September next, by
registered mall addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, nnd a statement ol his account and the nature of the security
(it any) held hy him.
After, the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate hnving
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 23rd day
ol July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
SiMt. Official  Administrator
tain Ing a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issunnce of such certificate
ol Improvements.
Thos. T. McVittie, Agent.
Dated this 22nd day of July, A.1).1912
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories nnd in a portion of
the Province ot British Columbia,
may be leased for a tern, ol twenty-
one years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,660 acres ■
will he leased to one applicant,
Application tor a lease must he
made hy the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described hy sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Euch application must he accompanied by a fee of *.» which will be
refunded il the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall he paid on the mer
chantable output of the mine at the
rate ol five cents per ton.   -
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returni.
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay thc
royalty thereon. If the conl mining
rights are not being operated, Buch
returns should be furnished at lenst
once a year.
The lease will include hie coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
the Department of thc Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.*-Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. March 25-6m.
TAKK NOTIOH that I, John Livingston of Cranhrook, iu;., Miner,
Intend to apply for permission to
prospect for coal ami petroleum over
the following described lands situate
In the Flathead District of British
COMMENCING at a post placed at
or near one utile east of 31-mile
post on the O.P.R. survey line;
thence HO chains south; thence Kfl
chains went; thence hit chains north;
thence HI) chains mint, to place ol
John Livingston
Dated this 31st (lay of  July,  1912.
For u Licence to take and use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Ir-
ing Everett of Kila, Mont., Rancher
will apply for a licence to take and
use Tbree Cubic feet per second of
water out of an unnamed creek
formed by three springs rising on
Subdivision 14 of Lot 343, Group 1,
Kootenay District which flows in a
westerly direction through said Sub-
lot and empties into Kootenay River
near Flagstone. The water will he
diverted at a point about 500 feet
east of the Kootenay River nnd will
he used for irrigation purposes on
the land described ns Sub-lots 13 &
14 of Lot 343 and 2 ft 5 of lot 354,
Group 1, Kootenay District.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on the 26th day of July,
1912. Tbe application will be filed in
the office of the Water Recorder at
Objections   may    he   filed with the
said    Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller   of Water Bights, Parliament   Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
4 By Francis Downs
Cranhrook, B.C.
Fur a Licence to take and use water.
NOTICK ih hereby given that
Francis Down.-: of Flagstone, Handier
will apply for a licence to take and
use 25 .Mttter's Inches of water ont of
Willie 1'hillips Oreek rising cast of
Lot 489 which (Iowa in a South-wester
ly direction through Lot 48!» and empties into Kootenay Rivet neat' Gateway, The water will he diverted nt
the foot of the mountain and v-i ill be
used for irrigation purposes on the
land described as Kast hull of Sub*
division 1, of Lot 357, Group 1,
Kootenay District.
This notice was poBteii on tbe
ground on the 26th day of July,
1912. The application will he filed
in the oltlce of the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be hied with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
For a Licence to take and use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Ir-
in'g Everett of Kila, Mont., Rancher
will apply for a licence to take and
use one cubic foot per second of water out ol an unnamed spring which
rises in S.W. Corner of Sub-lot 14 of
Lot 343, Group I, Kootenay District,
und which Hows in a westerly direction through the same lot and empties into Kootenay River near Flagstone. The water will be diverted at
the source and will be used for irrigation purposes ou the laud described
as Subdivision 14, of lot 343, Group 1,
Kootenay District.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day of July,
1912, The application will hi* died In
the office ot the Water Recorder ut
Objections   may    he   filed wltll the
snld    Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller   of Water Rights, Parliament   Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
By Francis Downs
For Certificate  of   Improvement.
Dardanelles and Mother-lode Mineral Claims situate In the Fort Steele
Mining Division of East Kootonny
District, ou the south side of Wild
Horse Creek, about three miles above
old camp.
Take notice thnt I Thos. T McVIt
tie F. M. C.No. 37270B, agent lor
Albert Banks, Free Miner's Certificate No. 3727011, intend, sixty days
from dntn hereof, to apply to tho
Mining Recorder for a Certillcnte of
Improvements, for tbe purpose of ob-
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for School-house Extension,
Old Michel," will he receive'd by thc
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works up to noon of Wednesday, the
21st dny ot August, 1912, for the
erection and completion of a two-
room addition to the framed school-
house of Old Michel, tn the Kernie
Electoral District, B.O.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may he seen on and
after the 4th day of August, 1912, at
the offices of the Government Agent,
Fernle, B.C.; Secretary of the School
Board, J. A. Murray, Esq,, Michel,
B.C.; and the Department of Public
Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria
Each proposal must be accompanied hy an accepted hank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
hank of Canada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, for the sum of $:.im. which
shall* he forfeited If the party tender*
lug decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
fall to complete the work contracted
(or, The rhoqitOK or certificates ol
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the execution of tho contract.
Tenders will not lie considered unless made out on Ihe forma supplied,
signed wllh the actual signature of
the tenderer) and enclosed in the_en
velopes furnished.
The lowest or any lender not neces
surily ncceptcd,
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,   B.C.   1st  August,   1912.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for a Pile Wharf at Comaplix, B.
0," will he received at this office until 4.00 P.M., on Wednesday, August
28, 1912, for tho construction of Pile
Bent and Timber Decking wharf at
Comaplix, District of Kootenay, British Columbia.
Plans, specification and form of con
tract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at this Department and ut
the offices of F. W. Aylmer, Esq.,
District Engineer, Chase, B.C., C. C.
Worsfold, Esq., District Engineer,
New Westminster, B.C., L. B. Elliot,
Esq., District Engineer, Edmonton,
Alta., and on application to the Post
master at Comaplix, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, thc nature
of the occupation, and place of residence of eoch member of the firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by nn accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 per
cent) of the amount of the tender,
which will he forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a con
tract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted
lor. if the tender be not accepted
the cheque will he returned.
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of  public  Works,
OttftWft, July 30, 1912.
Newspapers will not be paid tor
this advertisement if they Insert it
without authority from the Department.--26390. 38 2t.
District of  Kast Knotetuty
TAKK NOTICE that I, Mahelle
Cornelia Corwlh "f Ornnbrook, B. 0.
Married woman, Intend to apply Ini
iwrmlssion to purchase the following
described lands Commencing at a
post planted at the soil til wost cor
ner of Lot 6117, thence north forty
(40) rhnlns; thence wost forty (40)
chnins; thence south forty (4»j chains
thence east, forty  (40) chains to tho
point   ol commencement,   containing
160 acres more or less.
(Hgd.i  MilbelIe Cornelia Corwln
Datod Juno 15, 1912. 28-9t
Notice Is hereby given that the reserve existing ever Lot 9874, Group I
Kootenay District, by reason of the
notice published in the British Columbia Qazetto of thc 27th of December, 1907, i*- cancelled.
Deputy Minl*_r of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C., LStli May,1912.   ai-13t
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l  think we mentlooed it belore—but
Summer Work Shirts hull prlce-
G, t'. rt.
J. II Chtiaeay "I Bull River «««
transacting business at Crunbroolt on
Drab Apples lor proaorvlim at l-*iii»n j
Pure Food Qrocery
Mrs. k. Bridges and child loM on
Friday t,, spend a lew days nl I'lncta
er Oresk.
Mr and Mrs, Harry Pnrsons and
children were In Ornnbrook Frldaj en
route lor their noroe at Qolden.
l.iu-ky the man who buys TBo un
derweai nt Mo., that Is oui price
while ibe K"t"lH las,   C   0   s
Mi mid Mrs. T A Tapp ol Kfiinf.
were mu-^ts at the Cranbrook on W«d
M a Burrtt, ol the Kootenay De
velopment Oo., wns at Bonner's Pei
ry tins week ,,n business
1   think we mentioned it before   bul
KIl.HV    KK-.MKS  IMt'll RBS
,i iinvis ,,( linvis Bros was al Bull
River this week electric wiring the
Bull River Hotel.
Mr and Mrs .i McTavlsh who
huve been visiting m Alberta ro
turned home Wednesday
[I  ..       „.,•::   , reliable "«•! reason-
.,,  plumbing done    i   Bewer
age connections mad,   c •■  '<■' '   F
Johnson,  'phone Z67 ((
"pon-'V ,Wb88?H
the big "Strum and Shovol" property.
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. ('. B.
jt) it-It most when uiur's watch
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iii«. repairing it_ well, i Kit
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sutisfted VVntch sprit, its fixed
on short notice Cftussder
iiik i>tn flrst -.Ins-- work our
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Poattnastor Handeraon wuh at St,
Mary's Lako fl Biting on Tuesday. Ho
i wuh ncooinpanlod by Mr. Qoo. Tladnlo
ol MnryavilU). TUt-y rottimod Wodnos
duy with woll nil-Mi baakota,
Civil up Kit i-\ Joluiaou, liconaod
plumber, ninl got tin estimate ot the
coal ol your uowor connections.
I'll..it.- 8G7. -tl
Bonutor ■■   M, Wilson ..I Montreal,
is expected horo today,    Mr.  Wllaon
ih  taking  .1  trip through  tho  WoBt, j
,111,1 will bo tho guoat "i Mayor How
it«Bfl during ins stay ui  Ornnbrook.
etui ne
trip ti
I    Tue*
llr.ll III.-     |
h being
iylo   vi
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ll ir
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Local   News
A soubrotto, sln-toi nnd dnncei win
ii|,|,i'lir ut. lhe ISflllon Tiletttlny.
i   think we mentlooed it. before- hut.
Mr.  and  Mrn.   II    Lloyd ol ITrnnlt,
were Criinhroiili   Vleltor,  Weilliemlny
wen- n, town Wednesday,
Special  l,,i   Salurdny   Dnntnloupee
2 lor 2Bc   Khhi Kootenny Merenntlle
I h,IIM,.
A.   H,   W;,tti   loll   ri.,nin,,,,k   on
TiimiIbj lor Calgnry on legal uiibImms
Wc mnal clean mil  all  Mcn'o near
('   c   B,
_. Broadwood ol Woll Cree*,, was
transacting business ..'. Cranbrook on
Sunirae-   Wort   Shirts   hall   price-
C   C.  S
BORN—On the KootAnay orchards
on Atietist imh to Mi and Mrs. A.
_   Rualt. a sun.
1   think we mentioned it belore—but
Henry, the little son "I Mr. a
Mrs. Olsen ol Kitchener, was baptised at the t'ottase Hospital on Wednesday by the Hev. W   K. Thomson.
China at Real Bargain Prices at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mi. Stanley Paitt ul Strathcona,
brother of Mrs. W. K. Thomson, wae
u sliest at thc Presbytenun Manse
lust week, returning home ,,n Monday
Just the thing for picnic sandwiches, lunch toneue, veal loal or
chicken Ion! at the Knst Kootenay
Mercantile House.
Miss Alice V. Pye left on Monday
for a visit to her relatives nt Spokane. Miss Pye will be uwuy for sev
eral weeks.
Charles Colly, the great Ventriloquist will appear at the Auditorium
next week. Don't miss this opportunity of hearing a good IiuikIi.
■ Mr. J. Taylor and Mr. T. King hav
each completed very cosy cottages on
: a sub-division of the Kootenay Orchards.
1   think we mentioned it before—but
Mr.   Mas   Winkler  lias  built a  very
comfortable    cottage    near Sylvan
Lake,  and is preparing   hia ground
tor next year's planting.
We must clean out ull Men'a wear
('. 0. S.
In response to a wire stating that
her father was seriously ill, Mra. C.
Tlsdale left on tho Flyer for Winnipeg on Thursdny night.
It yon wnnt a reliable nnd reason
ulile Job ol plumbing done or sewer
i,ge connections made, cell up Bd. F.
J,,hns,,n. 'phone »f,7. tl
Mrs. R, k. Klmpton nnd Vaughn
uf Windermere were in town Friday,
returning home from a trip to the
An entire chnnge ,,i programme at
the Auditorium every night next week
v tine selection of tllms has been ae-
Mrs .i w Morris and Miss Hvelyn
Norns ol Toronto, were in town Fri-
day enroute to Windermere on visit
t,, relatives.
i   think we mentioned it before—but
Arrangements ere being made for
Rosalnml and Nelson Lacrosse teams
to   piny   nt   Cranhrook   nnd Fernle
somu  time  lU-Xt   Week.
I- Burns of Calgary, president of
ilu- P, Burns Co., wua In town last
week returning on Saturday night on
the Soo Hpoknne Flyer.
Leave vour orders for Preserving ,
Fruits ut Fink'- pure Food Clracory— |
Quality and Prlcoe guaranteed.
Whal V"ii know we wnnt to know
thai others mny know, PHONIS II',.
prosper!,,i Ofllco Crnnbrnok'e Family
I'.ilHi     All newn Is interesting iiewn
WORK wantKIi Liiilii-,1 mul Cents
garments, socks, und etocklngN mend
,-,! hv Isohel Butler, French Avenue.
north 'if i'reek HH
For Sales List.
FOR SALE—White S.C. Leghorn*
WyKofl strum,heaviest layers $1.50
tor l_ eggs. S.C. Khoite Island
Red, $1.60 for 15 eggs; Pekln
Strain Duck 1_kk8, $1.50 for 12 (
eggs. All eggs from first class
stock. — Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wuttsburg, B.O.
TU RENT—Furnished houses to rent
in Movie. Splendid boating and fishing. A good opportunity lor the
holiday season, to have, a good time.
' Apply Prospector office for particulars.' 25 tt
Roomers wanted—Apply to Mrs. J.
S. Mennle, Lumsden Avenue, corner
uf Baker Turk. 28-tf
Chong Choy
BOX 143
Green Vegetables of all Kinds
Delivered or Shipped
Refreshment Booth on Fair {.rounds.
Sept. 19 - 20th.
Sealed Tenders will be received by
the undersigned, up to August 19th,
for the exclusive right of conducting
a refreshment booth duriug the Fair.
The lowest or any other Tender not
necessarily accepted.
Terms and conditions made known
ou application.
Armstrong Ave. Cranbrook, B.C
We have bought the house and business, situated on Lot 92, block 12,
formerly owned by Yee Hong, and
take notice that we will not be responsible for any debts either past
or In the future incurred hy the said
Yee Hong.
(signedi     Mah Yow Company.
East Kootenay
A  Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
0, <
»t   ete
Mr. and Mrs, F.  Ksegftfl ol Seattle      0. R.  Ward and  li.  IClwcll were at I
T.  South
ii out .til Miii'h wonr
pending bis holidays
in the vicinity of Kitchener, camping out am) having an excellent time
Contractor (Jeo. R. Leask has the
uew theatre well under way and expects to have it finished ja September.
think we mentioned it before—but
0i N. Corwln, representing the Qor*
win -Bruce Investment 0o., wiih at
Windermere this week on company
The HOWS will be welcome tn ber
mnny pupils when they lenrn that
Miss Fanny Dick will have charge of
her old elasH in tiie public school dur
Ing the coming year.
I'nach-'H, plums, poors, wnter mel
oim, tomutoes nml green peppers ar
rived fresh today—Rnst Kootonny
Mercantile House.
•lohii iv Tower, of Seattle, who Is
widely I nto re* toil in mining, wns nt .
Perry   (.reek   thin wt»k looking ovei
We are clearing mil about 800
Men's Working Shirts at Ific., legu
lar   price  $1.00    C    C.   S
Leslie Melton, the contortionist,
will open an engagement at the Edison Theatre OH Monday for three day
with :i change of programme every
I Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turpin, of Hanson Avenue, received the first Instalment of a fortune on Tuesday
in the shape of a bouncing baby boy.
Fred grins.
Lucky the mun who buys 75c. underwear at 25c, that is our price
while the goods last—0. C S.
Mr. J. Martin, of Montreal, was
visiting his brother, James Martin,
this week. Mr. Martin is ln the
real estate business and may decide
to locate in Cranbrook.
Call up Ed. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate of the
cost of your Rewer connections.
'Phone 267. —tf
J afire (.riinund dropped dead at the
Canadian Hotel on Saturday night
from heart failure. F. M. Mcpherson
has charge of the remains, which he
is holding for instructions from the
Maurice Quain is back from an extended eastern trip. He visited points
in Ontario and Quebec, as well as
New York and Chicago. As a business trip he reports very satisfactory
A Man's Suit at $li.y5 -worth
double   the   money—C. 0. S.
What you know we want to know
that others may know. PHONE 145,
Prospector Office Cranbrook's Family
Paper.    All news is interesting news.
Wm. Frost of Eureka, H. W. Dickey and John Lanx of Kalispell, enroute for the White River country for
the purpose of inspecting a number of
timber limits which they control in
thnt vicinity.
BORN—At the Cottage Hospital to
, Mr. and Mrs. F. Turpin, Tuesday.
• August I3th, a son.
BORN-At the Cottage Hospital to
! Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Dnrlson, Wednesday,
August 14th, a daughter
' BORN-At the Cottage Hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bartlett. Thurs.,
August 15th, a daughter.
We are clearing out about 200
Men's Working Shirts at 45c, regular price 11.00—O. O. S.
! J. Post, tenor singer at the Ellison
Theatre is one of the most popular
artists in Canada   and    the    United
■ Stntes. He changes bis selections
every night. Theatre goers cannot
miss hearing bun sing.
Joseph Little, of Guelph, Out., was
! visiting his son, Mr. Charles Little,
'this week. Mr. Little, Sr., was surprised at the largo amount of agricultural land in the vicinity of Cran
brook and spoke highly of the future
such ii country possessed.
Any person requiring their hath
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
1 siiwer should see Ed. F. Johnson.
Estimates   furnished,     cull   'phone
; No. 2ti7. tf.
Lucky the man wlm buys 75c, underwear at Mc, that Ih our price
while the goods lnst--C. C. S.
August Holstrum. who recently arrived from Menudosa, Man., wltb an
outfit of Cows, Horses. «nd Poultry,
is building a fine cottage on hlock 24
of the Kootenay Orchards. He intends
to make a specialty of dairying and
poultry raising.
A Man's Suit at $0.!l..- worth
double   the   money- C. c. S.
We are clearing out about 200
Men's Working ShirtH at 45c., regular price $1,011 -C, c, 8,
A. l'l. Wntts is installing a new
sawmill on Pal mors Bar Creek near
tllO old heaver pond. This in a dlfll-
cult proposition, na> the machinery
ban to he hauled Irom Cranhrook to
the top of the bill over a rough road
then lowered 400 feet to the level of
the river by block and tackle. W.
Ill, Worden bus the contrite! fin* hauling the machinery to the creek.
Any person requiring tbelr bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
sewer should see Ed. F. Johnson,
EOstlmntos furnished, Call 'phono
No. 2G7. tl.
Doing It.
Using Talcum
These Hot Days make on* Apple- nate a liodd Talcum, we
have all the no(1(l ones—
Rexall's Lyman's Colgate's
Mennen's Squibb's Nyal's
Babcock's William's Johnson's hythymol also Mosquito Talcum
Beattie-Murphy Co.
+ ■..|..r-v^^H.^.H.*.-.^H-H-'-H-H"H"H-l I 11 I HI 11 I H **• •
-j.. J. -j- -j. *| "J**|" * J" *f-*f- *|* TTTTTT *§*"•*'*■**¥"*■• *|,l|"|"|,l|"|"|"|"|"|**l' *l,'|',|,T'l'"|'*rTT''T*l*
Baker Street Lots Before the   ::
Price Advances
H ■..|-H.++-_M.+++++-..w.+.(.. -h-H-M
- ■      HEAD   OFFICE
CALOABY, Alt*       , .
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
-The Kind That Tastes Good."
f P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd.
B.   C.
4*************+***tI III *****llllllllllllll.
T'l "I TtTtTttt r I T I T rrYrTTTTT - ."1*1
When You
■ * i
ii Our Hardware i
New fir Up-to-date
J. D. McBride j
Cranbrook, I). C.
Phone S   ■ >
M. •■.r**-M*+4M-+l-l-W *** *1*** ■■iiiiii iiiii mn
Tlic school trust**! lii,vft aooiir*-)
tlm following teaclii-r" lor thn public
HPtiiml lor the pnsiilrm yonr.
I,. J. (IrnUHtoii
MIhh K. T.  Wr.k
MIhh Hnhy
MIhh HllCOCk
Mln Carty-rlght
MIhh rmchtal
MIhh Piiulknnr
MIhk ItlclmnlH
MIm SurklH
MIhh Mac lluniilil
Tlm HCliuoli are to be opened on the


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