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The Prospector Sep 13, 1913

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Array •"•"vincla,   L.-i_-tlv. Aflaon
We Teat Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases end*
Guarantee You aJFit
The   1.fading Newspaper
in the
$2.0(1 Per Year
Remember  the  Fair—Thursday and   Friday
Enthusiasm is keen among the Exhibitors—Entries are coming in thick and fast
Information^ Wanted
Mrs. John McKiiiney of Ardahee,
New-mills P.O. Letterkenny' County,
Donegal, Ireland, has written the
secretary of the Ry Y.M.C.A, enquiring as tc* the whereabouts of her
son Frank, wbo has been ln thla district for the" last two years but has
not written home lor some time. He
was employed at some, of the lumber
camps. Any Information rereading
him will be very thankfully received
at* the Y and transmitted to bl.
heartbroken mother.
Press atJEdmonton
On Wednesday, the proprietors and
publishers of newspapers from all
points ln Alberta and eastern British Columhla were attending a conference of the .llberta and Eaete.n
Britlth Columbia Press association,
sessions of* whlcb commenced on
Thursday, Reception committees met
the visitors and I laced them at tha
'■various' hotels.
Much aerious business from a
newspaper point d, view conironts
the con.mtlon, but pleaa.ng hours
«re literally Interspersed and tn-
whole ends in two days tour hy
special Grand Trims Pacific trains
through the Yellowhead Pass to Tete
Jaune Cache,
The Newjelephone
The telephone recently Installed On
Baker mountain by the Forest
Branch of the Laud Department ol
the province almost repaid (or its ln-
stalation by slghtlnr a fire which occurred between Fort Steele and Bud
River on August 27th.
lho menage was phoned: and immediately J. D. Gilmore with three
or four helpera drovo out ln a auto-
mt.-lie and extinguished the fire,
lhe origin of thia conflagration ls
un nown, but owing to the lookout
man phoning, the message in immediately to Oranbrook, serious Iosb
of valuable timber was saved.
Tbls is the first instance to wbieh
ths service haa heen put, and it ls
worthy of note that the saving was
oii3 of considerable extent.
The dwellers throughout this district will leel more secure now thai
they know they are under the protection of> an unresting eye.
Ry. Y.M.U. Notes
The lnaugerataon of the evening
school will be celebrated by a Social
given by the ladles of the city. This
le tbe flrat ol a seres ot month,
socials whtchl wiU be open to all la
dies and gentlemen of the city. 0-
pen .house will he the order di the
The subjects! to ha taught will be
Monday and Wednesday at 19:10
Arithmetic; 20: .0 Correspondence:
Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30 Book-
keeilnj; 20:30 Shorthand (Pitman's)
Friday at 80:00k First Aid. These
claaeer' are for the men and youth
of the city and should be taken ad
vantage of. The fees are W.00 for
the terms which lasts until Decim-
ber 19th and' consists ot twenty-eight
lessons of an hour in length. The
flrat aid la freer and for that reasot.
ahould be much appreciated, Mr.
Bennett, ot the Mechanical Department of the C.P.R., is ths teache.
•nd Is giving hls'time and energy
to this so tbat bis fe_ow citizen
may reap the benefit.
It Ave or more men wish instruction ln a subject we have not advertised, we wlll endeavor to accoino
Bate them. A class will be etarted
ln (for want of a better name)
Woodwork. This will he on the more
difficult and Intricate work of the
carpenter and If ten or more men ■riv_
In their names It will set It going.
information regarding thai Classes
lor Railroad men In Air Brake and
Train Rules wlll be given In the
next Issue, aa arrangements have not
been fuJiy completed.
Particulars of Ladles' classes will
probably be Intimated next week
aa we bave nothing definitely settled
to date.
A Camera Olub Is being formed by
devotes of ths art, facilities being
supplied by ua for practical Instruction to amateurs.
As part ol the winter's work,, we
will commence our Bible Olass at
the end' of tbe month) the subjects
suggested being ';M«n of Steel," as
particuliarly adapted to Railroad' men'
"Wrecks and Heroos" and International Sunday School Lessons."
We have placed several new checker
board, around the rooms, Install el
a naw game for tbe floor, and
brought the pool table up the atalra
to mako It more convenient.
Any Information required will ba
gladly given by the stall by r'nj-
ing up 'Phono No. 314 or calling
$5,000 will be given in Prizes
Athletic Sports, Baseball Competition, Log Chopping,
Log Sawing, Horse Racing
Linked withjhe Main
lieiiriui,' uut the statement of Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy, president of
the C.P.R. in bla annual report,
that tbe Crow's Nest Pass branch
would bo connected with the main
i line ol tin* C.P.R. by allnk between
Judges At the Fair
O. E.  APPLETON of  NELSON,  Fruit and Vegetables.
G. B. WILLIS of CRANBROOK, Flowers and Plants
F.  O'HARA of CRANBROOK, Drawing, Writing
and Manual Training Work.
Miss JESSIE McLEAY, of Lethbridge. Fancywork,
Mrs. R. M. REID of CRESTON, Art Work.
Ouly a few more days are lelt before Cranbrook will nee the. result
oflts labors.
A few more items ol interest can
be added to' those already advertise,
for the benefit of the exhibitors aud
tha general public,1 and It will be well
Ior everyoue to take note of.
Entries are requested to be In by
Monday, certain.
AU exhibits must be on thc grounds
by 10 oc.ocs Thursday mo.ning.*
Tbe gates will open >,'or tbe general
public at 1 o'clock.
During the judging, which will take
Place in the. large hall, only oftldals
e_  the  Association  will  he allowed.
All prize, money will be given out
on Saturday October 4th, from the
Association's ofllce ' on Armstrong
School Children ure particularly requested to be at the school on Cranbrook street, at 1 o'clock, to be taken up to thc exhibition grounds In
A 1,-iree street parade will take
place o* Thursday at lo'clock.
During' the two days .exhibition thc
Crnnbrook Band will be in attendance
will furnish the necessary music.
The admission fee to  the ground*.
will be 60c. as   per   uanul;   children
who are* not attending school, 2,.r.    i
Kntrtes this yeur have been up to'
thc usual standard, and lu many j
cases exceed any previous Fair held
In Oranbroolt, especially would wo
call attention tc/bhe Increased entries,!
ol stock, \
During tbe summer various; dairy-'
men have heen importing 'quite a I
number of thoroughbred stock from !
the prairie, severul of which wlll be
shown nt the, Fair.
The Poultry Industry during lho
past year haa received great Impetus
thc enthusiasm and Interest ills
p.ayed by the various owners I ti particularly worthy of nute. Several
very valuable birds have been import
ed which has ralsoh the standard of
thc lowl to a, much higher sphere
then formerly. W," are gluil to note |
that it is tiie intention bl man? ol
lhasr* poultrymen to e-hlbit ' their I
birds and wc believe it will ho a
section of the (air grounilB which
will he a big drawing card to the
The Women's Institute hove shown
.a large growth in its mcin'bcrs during J
the past year uud from the prizes
that   have   been   offered In that sec-
tit.il    will   nik.nl „ great m lucement
lor the majority to compete
The main feature ol the fan will
will naturally lie around the agricultural exhibits, ami for these we predict a great success, as .utiles are
coming In from all sections.
It now remains up tu the public
of Ornnbrook ami district tu give
proper iriilurtation tu the work completed hy the Agricultural Association. One way in which this car* lie
done, and the way it would be most
appreciated, is hy everyone putting
in nn appearance nt the Fair on
loth .lays as far us ever it lu possible. Ever* one shuuld fall in Hue
to support tin object at' which the
Association aims "the belt rment
and the welfare ul' the district as a
The East Kootenay Greenhouse Co
ure displaying llowers and plants.
Ira Manning is having n display ol
Groceries, etc.,
Oeorge Powell is displaying nn
electric Singer Sewing machlng of
the 1312-1" patent.
Mrs. Maystre is displaying Inn-y
work, 1 nittlng, etc.
CCS. will furnish the furniture
lor the  rest room.
heen  r
mil    Midway,    tt   report    has
-reived „r Oranbrook that Mc-
Bros., ul New Yurk, have re-
the    contract Ior 36 miles ot
Hum   Hone  to  the summit  ol
.**_:_..-.-_ .XftdtWBk
Viscount Haldane, Lord High Chancellor of England, beheld the West Point ot his dreams. He bad known tho United States unitary Academy only, through hi. studies when Store
rsry of State for Wsr for Greet Britain, and high as had been bis opinion of lhe institution, he declared that tbe reality surpassed his most sanguine expectations
"When 1 see how generously the government has supported Went Point," he said, "I must say tbat the sight ot these buildings on which so large appropriation, have heen expended make
the mouth of a British War Minister water,"
Lord Huldsne made a thorough Inspection of tbe buildings and grounds and reviewed a drsss parade ot the cadets ln company with eminent Canadian dttlcla's, who had »,-■,» io Wmi
Point to greet him on hli arrival there on board Mr. J. Plerpont Morgan's yacht, tba Corsair, after a voyage on the Hudson.
Labor Dayrat^Bull River
Bull River wltneaaed tbe fust ot
its proposed annual sports which
oo< place on Monday, September
1st. Labor Day. The Sports were
held on the baseball grounds nn the
outskirts of the' town and as many
aa   could   attend made thc most of
he opportunity and an excellent
time was spent. The dty began
,vttb a baseball game In the morning between teams comprising tbe
day and night shifts ol the mill, the
night shift winning by a score of 16
to I.
After lunch the sports came ou
and prises to the nmount of '72.00
in cash were, distributed amongst the
contestants. Every event teemed
with Interest. The three-legged race
the mile rare and the greased, pig
race causing, no little excitement,
A dance was held ln the evening
whlchmade n gnod finish to perhaps
the mose djlghtful day In the history of the town.
The gen ral arrangements were
carried out) by a committer ol local
gentlemen refreshments helng served
by several ladles ol the town.
Throughout the dny tho weather
held fine am} nothing untoward oc-
cirred and those who hnd the arrangements In' hand are to be congratulated on the manner ln which
everything went oil
P. Lund's Enterprise
Autb ntlc Information was received
tbls week by thc Prospector that
Mr. P. Lund, ol Wardner, la about
to convert his residence Into n wayside Inn.
Extensive plans are in preparation which wtll include an annex
to adjoin thc rear of his residence
forming a considerable number of
extra bedrooms.
There are ten) acres of land ad-
Joining the house wblcb are tobe retained and converted Into tennis
courts and bowling greens, and also
a part' is to be laid aside for the
purpose ot planting a garden, from
which It ia hoped the Inn will be
served w th fresh small fruits and
It ls Mr. Lund's Intention to bave
in the houee a small buffet together
wltb a Smoking Room, from which
refreshments will he served* to thn
iguests. Automobile garage accomodations are also to be prodded.
Mr. Lund's Intention In turning
tbls magnificent building, wblch cost
with the furnishings, in the neighborhood of tio.ooo.oo ia t„ ma.** Bin
home a stopping place for tours, i
andtravellers through this pait o!
the country.
Travellers from thc Prairie Provinces through B.C. will find and receive the best nl hospitality and a
cordial welcome suy time they pass
through Wardner.
Itl might bc mentioned, Incidentally, thnt ebme by are excellent rivers
uhoreln to Hah and', the district
abounds In game.
Additional^ Locals
During the past summer there wore
nearly 000 forest Ires It. British Co-
liiuihin hut with the exception of tr,
they were extinguished by the forest guards. The cost of extinguishing tbem was 14,000 and very few el
th*m reached green timber. The aggregate of merchantable timber
burnt   over   ln the province waa less
tiian 15 aquara miles.
Mrs.fi. Bassett, of Watt Ave.,
gave a musical on Thureday evening
Sept Uth, in honor of Miss Wilson
who is visiting with her sister, Mrs.
E. Taylor. About twenty-five guests
were present. Lunch was served and
tbo guests spenil R verv pleasant
Mrs. Wm. Nordmarlt, ol Jaflray,
dleel at thc St. Eugene ho.tpltal en
Friday morning ol conaumption.
The deceased bad been seriously Ul
lor some month.. Ihe funeral services will he held today' under th*
direction ,i| Undertaker F. M. MacPherson.
Chicken thieves have begun their
old game again this week; Mr. Bard,
gett'a ben house being the Ilrst one
to bo visited. Tho thieves entered
and got away with a number ol
Game chickens and Rhode Island
Reds which Mr, Bargett had be.n
keeping in preparation' for showing
at tbe riming* fair.
Mr. Geo. Powell has Installed a
clo.hes pressing machlni tbls week.
It Is one of powerful build and
worked |,y steam. When the clothes
nre In the press they under „ '100
|0.inds pressure. Mr. Powoll obtained llm iiuuii ue lu Toronto and
laid down lu Oranbrook the machine
cost him 1800.0(1
Fabric lilochaiiu,, wns lind to rest
In the Criiuliriiiii cemetery tills welt.
Mr. Gloclii.iiiu, hus bean* autferliig loi
n short time from typhoid fever and
passed nw.iy In the early purtol the
week. Tbe funeral service was held
In the Catholic Church on Thursday
morning, Undertake. F. M. Mac
Ib'rson hnd charge.'ol the ai range-
Tho geiiesul   impression  at Oltawn
'at   the   pi'isiiit time Is that the ses
I slon will tic culled In Jniiiii ry    Both
I tho   western   anl maritime memhiis
are strongly In favor of n  January
session   and   It   is likely that thilr
wlahe.  wlll be met.    It Is said that
the navy hill Is not likely to be re
introduced next session hut that the
stortn centre of the next session will
he the redistribution! bill.
On Tuesday night the Knights ol
Pythias held a very Interesting meet
ing in' their Hall at which a goodly
number ol members were pre-eh .
At tho close c. the inset ng ft vory
infoeuial gathering gathered .around ,',
lunch taJ.e audi th; members partook 0[ the good things heartily.
Cigars were passed around, experiences were told and a feeling ot good-
fellowship enjoyed throughout the en.
tire evening.
Mr. and Mrs Feed Simpson, of Vic
torla, were registered at the ir.n
hrooi on .Monday. "The Old Man"
and Mrs Simpson who have a host
olfriends in Cranbroo't wbu were
pleaaed tr, see them around the city
this week. Mr. anl Mrs. Simpson
■stopped over st Cranhrook on purpose to look up a Hew friends on
their wajl to Mlnnenpolit, win re Mr,
simpBon will he the B.O. representative nt the (irnnd Lodge ol tho
Fernie pugs nnl fight-Inns are try
ing to arrant/- a light between Fr. n
thy Vnise, lightweight champion ol
Canada   aud   Oharlos   (Kid)   Lucon,
for Boptombor 22 at Fernie. A substantial Bum hns been gunrantocd
Vnise ,.,nil r.fl per cent ol the gate receipts ti muld he sign up 'foil the 'go.'
Lucca is woll iinwn in Fornle ml
bun fought Hilly Lauder, Tommy Kll*
hnlnii, Flunk llnrllt'iiii ami severul
others ul ii,.,p. fame.
Mr. .1 ic. Davis died 1,1 Vnncouver 0,1 September mth. Mr, Davis
«ni visiting his suns, .1. 13. nnd I'M
gar Davis in this elty until nboiil1 10
days ago, when he 1,'1't lor the const,
Mr. Davis b.,|„ „ lunl nl; Kiicnds iu
I're 1111 no': who were surprised al ro-
ielvin j ihe noun of his dentil, Mr. I
•I. .. Davis is ul the const nnl Eel
guiVcft. for Vancouver on Tb rsdny.
Tin' Dnvls brothers are engaged In
business hero and much sympathy Is
helng expressed lor tlio limlly In
this hour of tholr loss ami bereave-,
Society Meet
On Ihui-day afternoon tlic regular
n wittily meeting of the Women's
Foreign Missionary Society of the
Pr ishyterlan Church met »t tli
Man .'. A goodly number of ladles
wero present,
Alter the usual open ng ceremony,
several buglneds matters were
brought to tbelr notice. The annual Thanksgiving in connection with
the above whs decided to be h ..d
sometime in October,
Miss .Sutherland representing the
Home Mission Board gave a very In
tetestlng address nnd Mrn. it. ...
Hus-iei rendered „ solo entitled "O,
Heart of Mine" which mot with
hearty applause,
'lhe local society thla year donated
.til.no to general worn ut home nnj
...2.1)1) to w.h;. in foreign countries,
Refresh men ts wero served ai tbe
Commissioners Meet
A nieehii,. ,,i tb,. Uronce Commlss
loners for the Olty ol Cranbroo,* wns
hold    in    ine   Council   Chnmheia on
Wednesil.'n      The   nppllenlli ,  ,,
trnnsfoi ol ,, liconco loi  tho ij n's
Hotel,  from O,  And i, to |f   John
sun wits en,Isidore,I  end granted
'ih' application ol N. Hanson,
'.ui a licence «„n opposed, by mom
hers ol llie Moral Reform Ungun,
represent. Ii,v Hev. Dunham, Kendall
and Tlmnison; nlso n communication
from the hotolkeoperil .,( Oranbrook,
I" motion ii; Commissioners Clapp
und Caslake, the lurlh.s consideration ul this {Icence was adjourned
t'.li days.
Mountain,   tbe contract price
'.''in,'    13,000, OOfl,
Tbls includes across ihe PraBer
rH'tr at Hope. The contract Is to
bc   conn letcd    by    the   fall  ol 1914.
'Hi Ini' Is already in operation
Irom Mi.iv.in to Princeton, it is be-
llevod Umi the C.P.H. has tamed
control ,,t tho Oreat Northern su_sid
iary line around the soutb tide d!
Kootmay Lako.
Rifle Association
Edward Klwell report-, that lie hat*
just received, word from Captain
Moore, of Military Diatrict No. ll ftt
Victoria, that tin. arms and ammunition wil) ■•■. forward hy Canadian
Pacific Railway on the 6th of Sep.
tember so that we should be able to
shoot before many daya mc over.
The range is all prepared and target and frame ieady to put up at a
moments notice. The rillert are tbe
Short Ross Mark VT. with peep
With   ordinary   weather, we. should
have his membership- card.
tiBt. on the range thin year.
Kvery member should nol fail to
have hiH memb?rshlp card.
Don't wait to be invited to. join
thin iVs. ociatlon. ED very man la* want
ed as a member and the subscription
Ik 0ne *1('.Ini' at present.
Automobile Club House
Meeting of the Association
Tbe I'lnn: mull Alltoiiiulnle Association mel in the Cranbrook .-iotel
i-uiluis mi .Saturday eveutng last.
A goo I uttendance ot members .ere
ini tent. ,1. P. Kin.t nctinK ns chair
iin.ii n 'ii.- ubstn-e ol theprealdeat
Hr. V. Hyde Halter.
Several items ,H Importance were
drought in th" meeting's notice.
ih- meeting tvns tmamlnous In tuk-
Ing up the mutter In regard to the
erection ol a club house, nnd i, committee "I Messrs Km, Wilson and
logurtb .ni.' appointed to look iu
i thc choosing ol an appropriate
site on which to havo suiue erected.
Il     Ins     ii    suggested    that New
I.uii,', .-.nne ihree and u half miles
u th* weal nl the city would bo an
appropriate spot. On the otber
hniiil several momtiors favored
.liinib Luke mine three miles, laylim
.iiure -ii the south-west ol the city.
llnt.i Lukes are pIctureBuuo uiul very
ipproprlate in their location. The
mads Leading t.> cither place are ol
ii plcturostjue nature and would delight any  person travellliiK ibere.
At the present time the roads ure
not what wc might soy in excellent
condition, nnd much repair work
w II have to he executed. This matter is nl the present time being* taken up with the Qovernent to tub.
The clubhouse »lt». when chosen,
will not only be „ readsvoua for au-
lomoblles mul tbelr owners, but In
tbe neighborhood of tho olubhouse
there    will    he   largs space* cleared
which can I sed tor gen. rat plcn.c
It Is proposed thnt a large number ,,l niitumnhllcs be taken" over to
Spokane at attend the Fair In that
place next v.ock. Several members
announcing tholr intention ul leaving
on Saturday (today) September ish.
ih: toads are in eioelltnt conii-
11.,ii and the Secretary, Vi. H, Wll-
son, has received a Post card Irom
_ Irlend across the line stating that
the mods in lilohu nnd Washington
arc in perfect condition nnd one over
which any Automobile driver would
lalfghl  to travel.
An ither matte, winch is <>! Itn-
portanccwas brought up and th.it
wns to provide a bonding compan;
„i thc boundary, Hue at Kln{agatc,
to look n't.'i tbe rnrs when crossing
l.c:»c ii Canada nn l the United
Stntes ,, ii this route, st. us to
i,vm,I ti,,* trouble usually e.p,rlenreil
i ,,v cilr-owntrs. The Secretary Is tak-
Ing this matter up! at tho present
time   mel   hopes to havo -ometnlog
I,Humble      |o      I'M'.,ll     nl    tllO     Ileal
I ting
'Ibe    seirel.it V    WHS    lust! in led     In
write Mi. McNelsb, ol Keinie. IB ro
gnrd ib.- crossings nt Qeltloway
nn.l Benedict Siding requesting him
i,,   b ive   linn repaired in the near
Si'Veiiili'lerei,    uf     had   mint In   the
hsti <i    win:    brought tu tin* ntten
11, ii    ..I    Mi.   John   Held,    e,hn wns
roquoetod  to look after the snme
A ilksevisiiin was lul.il upon thc
i advise ilnlitv ol nltitiatlun with tho
I Dominion assneiatlun, the general
I view nl the members helng In favor
uf the name.
«p ,*f-*|-*-*|*<|-,*f^.,|.-f.-|"|-.|--^
ProfCais-ioual   *£urb:§
— dlltl	
"£obc.e   .Hotices
.******* * **** * **.(. ****.****» **** ******i.******%
lUVi'i'TlK   *   ______
P.L.I.   A   O.I,
_H0I1.N1' uKUHlt ub' FORHBTBRB.
Oourt Oranbrook No. 8948,
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   -'ml and
Ith Thursday of eat'h month.
J. MetiAOHLUN,  O.R.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi ell.
flatting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
lll'l'AH'I'M .NT  UK   I.ANUS
NOTU'K   Is  horeby   given   thnl   tho
Honourable   the   Minister   ol   Land
will sit nt  the  following  places for
the  purposo  of hearing  uny  persons
nho desire to give evidence concern
mn the royalty on  timber cut Irom
Provincial lands.
Nelson—Friday,  September  12th.
Cranbrook- Monday,  September  15,
Sittings  will  commence al  9.80 a.
m.  each dnv  nl   the   court-house   iu
each city, SB 3t
and   N1SIIUT
(•ranbrook  Branch-
Meets   in   rarmen's   Hnll   1st   and _ 	
3rd Thursdays   In every  month,  ut I  BarHeters, Solicitors and Motarlee
I p.m.   Member,hip open  to  British I ..
L'ltl.'.ii,. Money  tu Loan
H. Y. Ilrake, free. ,    	
I,. I'earron,  Secretary Imperial   Hank  Building
nol M8 ! ("RANI-HOOK,     -    Hrltleh Oolumbla
fiemng uie_iti6!s cordially weicou. {
ORA.NBHOOK    LODOB    He   14
A.  f.  ft   A.   M.
HsguUr   meetings   on   tins
tblrd  Thursday   ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome,
V. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
.1.  Lee Cranston, Anting Her.
Oivtl   and   Mining engineers—British
Columbia 1 .and Surveyors
P.O. tiui -.ii. Phone W2
OBANBROOK,    ...    b.O.
Drs.   K INO   _   u K K K S
fliyB._it.nt sud   SWg*onB
: Dfllce at Residence,  Armstrong  -iv.
Office Hours;—
___________  Fureuoona - - 9.00 to 10 Ou
ROOKY    MOUNTAIN    CHAPTER    | £~ '. '. & *    &
No.   125,   R.   A.   M. ,      (_ _ _a _-    i tn
. ls n   i   ...      . Sunday!   - - - 1.30 to   *.3i)
Regular meetings:—2nd   in.tday Inl_    .     .  ' mn
•seh month at eight o'clock
Sojourning   Companion,    art   cor-j
illAtly invited.
K_.  Comp.-A. C.  Shankland.  HI
Cranbrook, H.C'.
KNIUHTR     OK    I1 Y T li U I
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 31
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Kin tei mt >  Hall.
il. Donahue, O. 0.
V. M. OhriBblnn, K of R. A 8.
IS.  A.  HID,  M.  K.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to  attend.
F. M. MacPherson
u...'.t,y At-iiui Nm lu City  Hall
Oj. «h Day antl Night PhOM 11!
Funeral Dlrsotor,
I'.o   BOX Mfi
i'l.aI mining righ.a nf iiie Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
jbsrta, the Yukon Territory, ih« North
weat Territories mul in a portion of
'the Province of British I'oluiubla,
! may be leaned (or a term al twent/-
' one  years  at   mi  animal   rout itl   ot  $1
i au sere.   Not   more than 2,66(1 *_ie.
will ti* ittaao.i in .mo applicant.
AppUeal lOfl lor a ienne unlit be
mad* by the sppllcaot in ,-«w«, „ to
' tbe Agaiii >u Sub \gant uf the die
trict In which tb.  rights »ppti«d (oi
ara situated,
lu surveyed territory the land must
b« described by sections or legal sub
divisions ol sections, and iii unsur
veyed territory the tracl applied toi
tUall Ue staked .mt bj tba applicant
t__.ci. application must be accompanied by a fee of .."' which will be
refunded if tb. rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid ou the merchantable output ot ihe mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mme abali
furnish the Agent wit!; sworn relume
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mine,! aud pay the
royalty thereon, lf the coal mining
lights are nut being operated, suoh
returns should be furnished at least
; once a year.
Tbe lens, will include the coal mln
I ing rights only, but tbe lessee may
(be permitted to purchase whatevei
available surf.ue rights may be considered necessary tor the working ol
I the mine at the rate of (10.00 an acre
Kor full Information application
i should be made t<- tbe Secretary ol
| the Department uf the Interior, Otta-
' wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   GORY,
Deputy Minister <•! the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   ol
this advertisement   will   not  be  paid
for. Jan. 4tb-tt
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
a n-v.ue ni'iniiiiK -i .(.,•( hi mnl deiorlptlou nm.
•itii.-Lir _s<-.i-mm i.in <>i-ih.-ii. hut)win-ill., hh
■ ■ ■-..-- ■ T ■' ■ 11 In ini iliK I.I. |.iii i'i'i i.i. I.i     I', ii. in, ii,. ,
UnniBlrlotSeonfl »n«i. HANDBOOK »«« I'-if.n.
•i-lll   H'l'tJ.  OUll. t  IILI'IH '    I'll   HC liril'tf |>_l. Ill ..
I'liimitt t_k.'ii tfii'..«Kli   Mnnn 4 Cn. ici't-Ut
ij.-.itit ittitiit, WinCim oli. roe, in om
Scientific Jim cri can.
of the
City of Cranbrook
mrn. ni*' navT.ioN
.i Court ni Revision loi ilu* purpose
ol rcv'sln** nn.I inn 1.1*1 Hia ilu* -\8Bca_
iiionl Uil.l ol tho iilv "I I'liillliri'u'.
nii,l ilu* Oraabrook School IH'iuli'i
mil i„. bold ,'i> Tuomlay. rtuiitomlioi j
■'imli . I'H.'.. ni the ii"ui "i rn mi
...in.   (local   mm''    ,u ilu' Miimi'ii'iti
lunl.lilies,     Noil.iuv      Wi'lllll*.      ,'UUI
litook,   li.i .    Objecl lorn, to tho «nl,l,
Aoaeumenl   Roll   mini    bo   made In
n-rUIng .uui delivered to tbo   _■«.•
or, ni lonat 1-11 (10)   lays boloro tin
■innt,: ol tho i',mil ol HevlBioii,
Crnnbrook,    n C,     Annu..     \itu
mi. Murmsoi
rilwHKiiiiK  I.AMi nlBTRIOT
IHKliii'l  ,.i  Suiilli Knsl   Ki'.il.niii
TAKE NOTICE Huu I. 'I'ln.iiiii-
I'li.'i.-ii.iii, Contrnctor, [utontl thlrtj
.tiijb nili-i date to mn l.v to thc Mm
later of Lands for permission to pur
nhase the following described lain]
Commencing nt k post planted on
the I-'.isc linn, ol the Moyle Rlvor,
ni'iir tho southeast corner of Lot ,
lillOii, thonce oust 20 rbuiiis. thenco |
south 10 cbjins, tbence west _i
i-h.'.in;. 'lii'iici. no; Lh 40 chains to the
i "int  ,.: commencement.
I lilt d  Augtu-t   ISth.   1913.
ii ii a. ii. <: i-i..-.-. Aire nt
nave i"i s.ii<- some
\ei v i Inn' e residential
jiul business lots in
different p.i11-. ol tli*
Cit\. .il*.'i - mall iiji ts
varying trom one in
ini*  .ii res   in   rKii'iii.
i .ill ,nnl see ilifin now
lirlnii' ilie i nsli i:oiiie-..
I. P. Green   is opening  a
shop lui (In- it-pair ol
Ciuus, Bicycles
Motor Bicycles,
(.ash Registers
and opening safes nnd vault
Mr. Green hns lined up
the uld Land Investment
C.'ii.'s ullire for this purpose.
I.O.O...,   KEY   OITY l.ullliW
tin. i.
MMti ivory Monday „l_liL
tt Uew   fraternity Mall.
Hu|i,in iiim: Oddfellows cordially Invited.
'I'mnli'y. IV, M    llinri
N. O. Hae',
Olrcle N.i.   168
Compntilniis nf lln, Kiirest
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone lit I'. O. llox S4S
Meets in Carmen's Hull, '''list and
Third Wednesday ol onch month nt
j mi p ui., sharp.
Mm. *,   M   Laurie, c. O
Mra. a  i:. Himw, Hte.
Vlaltlna*   Oompanloni   eordlally   v/el-
oome. Ktf
Ornnlirook      l,o,l«e
No.      1M9
I,.,.i. ovory -ml nn
tli  iv'cdneshay  nt  I
ii.in.. in Royal lilni'k
Knight's    lln:i    on
Unkcr Street.
It. H. Garrett, Sen'y
Frank De/.all
A»eiii for
Deering t- McCormick
Mowers fif Kigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Dune at Keasoa
.ble Colt,
VVorki,:       Opposite Depot
Notice la hereby given tlmt on tbe
..uii dnv   .   AiiK.'Kt l'U3.
IT was ORDKREn 11V HiB H'.noi
I JameB  A.   Fotin, Biqulre, ,iu,lyp o!
| tbi* I'nnniv Court of West Kootenay
ilnit James A.Araold.Olllclal Adniinlo
n it..r for thnt portion "f the County
ni Kootenay Included   in   r.h.    l**ler
Itoral lii.trlcr nl ■'ranbrook be Ad
mlntetrator   .[ .ill  and  singular the
'pKtnte   ol    .lewd..I'm    Ki.n .iluk    ftp
  I  l 'If, .<••!      IH ■■- I     11
Kvery  person Indebted to tbi* eniil
THU ORANBROOK  POULTRY  AND deceased   Is   re,,uire,i   to make pay*
FUT STOCK ASSOCIATION       j rnent lorthwiti, to ibe undertrlgned.
Kvery  iierso'i  hnvin?  in  pnpse.si.'n
Meets in  Royal  Black  Knights Hall |
Baker Street
Meets evo;,  ;   ' *,i,,i ttn Thuriday
"t each montii nr. * i       Sharp.
Mrs, I.. Ilnyiva  I, Roc. Her
Ceo. l.add . chlel ranger
visiting brethren made welcome,
. rssiiisnt.  i'. it.  Bheppard
Meete regularly nn ilie First. . rlday
evening ol each month.
fnformnti'in on Poultry matters
Address tlio Secretary—A'. It. Hmith
P.O. noi Hf,'. Crnnnruok, B.O.
Lodge No. 1871
, Meets
let.    nml
"rd 'I'ln
II O V n
imliiv In
I    Blaok
,,l   Ire
limit   Hull
X   |i.ll
■. Mhni'p.
in,   W \l.
S.  I,
.  V,
is, Secy,
3cob«ll. Liquor, Tobacco
and Druic Cure *srtffS_.%
Mtehei, lubauo 11111 I »■  r    It louiilwicli tb.
■ lo. i.i I intiHtii:'-
n ill ciaiiaf**
tllltrtaklufl ihi tf ••(mini tii'"- will nwrbaany
a**4 uMrlak IOt0llCRt.il Of um .liuintfaln. C»
to _!»•• Mcritly. Wt I ■>• yet to hair al ona
lallira.   Mlllatf aedar npnil* tnftr lu aat nl
Inn. fikim»■■■■.■ inii.i.'e*.ii.i noou tm
fclllU I**_f ti:, ll, L»ta_*_l._«.   Wai.
ofle-'tH bolonging t" th8 'i*er»*at*<-. iv
reqtiire-1 forthwith rn notify the
Kvery cr*-ilit'.i 01 other i-eiaon
haviin. any claim upon or interfrt
in the dlitrlbutlon ol the estate of
the sniil decenMd is required tn send
before the Sinth duy dl Octobai Ifll
next, ii> rayiaterad mail addreaaad
tn the im.ter.i'.'n .1, hia name and
nddresK and tli*- full partlculara of
Iin claim or Intareat, ..nil a Bt.ito-
in-^nt of in account and the nature
of the aecurity (it any) held by hln..
After the aald laat mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tho distribution nf the oatate having
regard to thode claims only of which
he shall hnve hnd notice,
Dnteii ut ('rant-rook thi. Ith day
ol September, nn.
.1.   A.   AKNl.l.li,
.0*_t OITtflial   X'lminl. tifttoi
Electric Restorer for Mor
Photphoriol i«i*"*wt»wtu'i>« in Ihi bed;
—_     .fl     ■   i. ... lii itl (■( >pti Udsiub; ftil.u
vln and vllalliy.   f ttantuit .lear «h<J all ■aiai
fviikuan *»»n-l al au.t.    Phui|»ii«a»l m\\.
mete ymi a M~ men.   Pilco Jf • boo. Of two foi
Ll    Wi  *110 •ill i-Jil'*'.
t.. at. wwh Ull, U_|a
I If a boi. of l*. 1 (o|
all persona bavlng any claim againBt
the estate ot the late Gust. Andeen,
wlio died on or ahoui the i!2nd da>
of J uly, i:U3( at Cranhrook, British
i oluiubta, arc remiired on or lief-»ri'
ihe ^)th day of Boptembcr, 1918, to
send i»y pout prepaid to the undersigned Solicitors for Lena Andeen,
the Kxccutrix of the said Instate,
their names and addresses nnd full
particulars of their claims In writ
iug nnd a statement of the accoiiutt-
nnd the nature of thc sucurilUs, h
any, held by them, and Bitch suite
ment shall bo verified by statutory
the 'uoth day of Septiuiflyer, 1913j
I Lena Andeen will proceed to dislii
! bute the Assets of ;-iu.i deceased,
' having regaid only to the claims of
which she shall then havo had notice
and will not lie liable to any person
j of whose claim .--he shall not havo
i then  had notice,
Dnted thin  llth ilnv tit August.  A.
I*., 1913.
...-■it.      Solicitors fnr said Executrix
Notice is hereby givon thn. on the
129th dav c»' August 1^13.
. .lames a. Forln, Esquire, Judge of
!the County Court of West Kootenay,
I that James A.Arnold,Official Adminis
trator f.-r that portion of Ihe County
■ if Kootenny included In the Elec*
toral District ol Crnnbrook iio Ad
' nlnfstrator of all aud singular tha
estate ol Carl A, Johnson deceased
■ intestate.
Kvery person Indebted to the snld
leceased is required to mnko pay*
ment forthwith to the undersigneds
Every person having in possession
efleets belonging Lo tbo deceased is
required    forthwith    to    notify   tbe
• undersigned,
Kvery     creditor    or  other   person
having any claim     upon or   interest
; in the distribution oi the estate   of
1 the said deceased is ie-|itired to send
'before the Ninth dnv dt uctober 1918
next, hy registered   mall   addressed
1 to the undersigned,    bis mime    and
addreii nml the   full particulars  of
his claim or    interest, ninl    a titiite-
I nvnt of bla account  and the nature
I Of Ihe Heeurlly (if any- held by him.
After the said last mentioned date I
thn Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of tiie estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have bail notice.
Dated at Oinnbrook this Itli day
• .I September, 1913,
J. A    UlNOLD,
36 2t nii'rini Administrator,
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
A  IH-aMAHI..1.   It I'i. I 1.1 KIR
Theia Pllli u'e ■ po i k.l» ih iin riettest
ue bam the moil lfll«ble irn • he. kn>
ietipcci inch bi ore btiiiH uti lv ihiiHiilinicceM
liylti.   III-..I ■■'■ ■ , -i. 1 |.[,\   li   ii.   t i,....ii,
'itiev nd H ijk'i [Hi i -liln* (tiitri>i*inii dlwrden
lo whn h the lfiii..lc ,   iMitutlon ll ludi,
PrtMHabu ~n. '{ , I, -id.t.K.n, ia •
bo«.   M-ltt 4l _U tl«. y Hull       i i , mill I Ak*
i+.m* u. _* -e,. si. mtnaflaaii *jhu
t+++vvvvvv++vvvvvi »< . ■* » I I I "I "I "t t"t litv-. "H. H lv j
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to  Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
iis alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
Phone 171
P.O. Box 264
What Are We Going To Do
About It?
(Continued from Pn«ja :t)
atis aro really indlileront beyond tho'
blind support tbey give to tbe political Hide thoy aro on, If nny real
danger was in eight to this country
a decision uae wny or tho other
would  soon  be givon,
Thla I. as corn nuestion provides the
real. dangor, nnd more especially to
tho Coast, winch must necessarily bo
bho llrsi milforor anil hem tho brunt
whon trouble arises.
'ilu- advocates, genuine or otherwise, who nave been Imrpingf on the
sea protect ion, weiv all cent, rod un
Lhe German peril., and this recent
menace hnd nut presented itsell as
openly iim il Iiiih In tho [.aat for
Uut huh thai n rear* dangor cou
fronts uh, I wish to point out that
tho obvious safeguard against tt disaster m tho .and forces, now wholly
uoglocted and hardly mentioned in
tbo discussions which till our paper-)
of iill Bhades.
It scorns astonishing, but such is
the fart. Mat the time has come for
us all to seriously reflection the absurdity of trusting to a few war
ships to defend such a const as we
hnve, whore a landing can he effected
nt mi many po nta, which once accom
plishod puis us promptly at the mercy (if our foes to dictate any term.,
they see llr* and. as Kipling puts it
"When ye are ringed ns with iron,
when ve are scourged as with
When the meat is yet in your belly,
and the boast is yet on your lips,
When   ye   go   forth at morning, mi,I
the noou beholds you broke,
E'er yo Me down at even,    your remnant under the yoke."
1 think, therefore, after all this
lonifoolery.it is time to venture suggesting other propositions to meet
the emergency. In Uie opinion of
many poople who really look on the
matter seriously nud view.it from a
Canadian point, on the principle
ihnt charity always commences at
home, there is one way only and
that is' to make o.ir land forcet so
efficient that, should these aliens
ever liiinl on our shore, they would
never j;et, oil if again, Tbe nature
of the country jn tbiei Province i-;
Particularly suited for such a course,
nnd if wc white people were as we
should be, trnine.! Ifor self-dd/ence,
even these warlike yellow people
would pause when the result would
not   lie   as   easy as it is at present
But it is hopeless.' I suppos2, to
suggest such a proceedure, it being
so much easier to contribute these
millions „■= proposed and think no
more about it. The opposlt on to
nny military preparations appears to
be too universal to effect such a
Ktist, we have our working-
men who control most of tbe votes.
These people are the most, violent
and outspoken in demanding total
exclusion, and one could pardon
tbeir extravagant speech and actions
d d they not In thc same breath condemn jn all the r societies and unions every kind of military service,
gointi ho far tn mnny cases ns prohibiting their members from joining
the militia as* volunteers. One would
imagine tlmt if tbey were Ho determined to keep it a whiteman'a land
they would see thc necessity of being strong! enough to carry out their
determination. These can rest assured that resolutions at their meetings won't stop the tidu of invaders
when they get started—then it's rides
not resolutions.
Then, again, in many parts of Canada wt| have the employers of these
very workmen making similiar resolutions, forbidding nny of their employees serving! in the forces of the
Dominion, and throwing every obstacle in tbe way of young men joining the ranks, even 'for a few days
Then we have thousands of well-
to-do Indifferent people, who are so
busy looking after their own enjoyments and comforts that Kipling
described then.
;'As the flannelled fools, at tbo
wickets and the muddied oafs nt the
But worse of all, nre those "universal peace" people, who have been
fcert busy latil.y writing letters, to
our< daily papers. 1 should like to
see what thoir notions would be
when afew Japanese transports appeared off I*.s.|*.imai,U Harbour. 1
suppose they would sit on Beaton
Hill with their eyea turned' heaven
ward mutter ng "(live us peace in
our time, Q I old."
Here agnln wo cnn r|tioto Kt(.King's
"Arid,    aloof,  incurious,  unthinking,
untbanklng gelt,
Will  ye loose your schools to tloiint
tbem  fill  Ihe brow  beat  columns
Will   ye pray   them   or preach them,
or   print   thom,   or   ballot   them
back from your shore?
Will   yonr   workingmen issue ft H-n"
date to hid thom strike no more?
Prominent, of course, among these
universal peace workers are the Protestant clergy. I don't mind this Bo
much but, in very mnny cases
throughout Canada they are openly
opposed to any military' preparation
especially among the yoi n raters,
when thev really sbo.ild be patting
the hacks of all the cadets and boy
scouts in their d strictS, setting, good
oxumil _.• of manliness, flnd preaching thnt the object, of it all is Defence not Deflnnco,- n virtue next tl(
It seems so absurd, this non-light
Ing idea, Why, everything lights.
Tbe Bible itself is full of it. Evidently Cod mude us that way. The
lawyers tight; ttio doctors light; and
if you want a real good, no-minrter
battle rnmmond me to a religious
church fight, And it is nlwnys one
of theses non-military pnrftOhfl who is
the most imcht'lfltlnnllko and intolerant when ho works up a row, In tho
It Is amusing to road tbe sermons
delivered bv tho gent I onion of the
doth of the vurious church parades
ibrouLfboiit Canada. There was ono
the oth.r duy al Toronto, nnd m
Hi.eiid (»f pr-mcnlng u good patriotic
discourses nnd point lm: ont that love
of country and defence of It Is next
In the love of God, they wade in ns-
sliming that tho soldier is a dissipated creature and read him a ISBflOn
on restraint, etc., and n lot of moral lessons which the* average boys
get at Sunday school and in no way I
appl cable to the militia, who do
not want war, or any trouble, but
are aliuplj dome their best to hc.d
mi to wbnt their Maker gave thom,
and for the sake of their children
who follow  tbem.
As I said before, tbere Is only one
way to prepare for what Is coming
nnl tlml is to make every man in
the country, not a soldier, but simply a Person capable of taking his
riile in his hand and using it, Tbe
Uible Itself speaks of the "strong
man armed."
Take „ note of- tho people in the
vnsr crowds that, assemble at base-
hall, football, nice course, etc., etc.,
i>ad judge how many nre capable of .
defending themselves, outside of
th.lr boasting, bluff' and svvagger.
Our patriotic Premier makes some
line speeches on the nnvnl nuestion
nnd his determination to preserve
the Innd for uh whites, but lie would
be more patriotic (but probnblv not
long Premier) if he passed a Provincial Inw tine every citizen must, under an Instructor, fire 500 rounds of
ball cartridge every year,
I don't see why be should 'not
make such reguliutions, which would
only' br ou par with the British Co-
luinbin law which compolls every engineer, doctor or lawyer coming into
the provincial to pass a ttlft examination before they can practice.
The popular idea is thnt. in time of
troulJ.e we will, as wc often hoar it
stnted bv some blathering speaker
every now' and then, "shoulder our
glint,', as they say, Tbey speak ns
if they could pick up ,, rifle and use
it as readily nfl a tooth brush.
Well, all! we haveto sny ia ros-
I onso to this is, put a man for the
tirst time, n a motor car, give him
a cricket or baseball bat, a go'J.
club, or camera, or sit a suffragette
down to a sewing machine and you
wil? hnve the same result, should
they, run up against those who under
stand   tholr  jobs.
Kipling ridicules England, nnd
points out tbe causes for nii.ny rii
the humiliating episodes in what
Lord Roberts- calls "a not too glor-
oiis a-ffatr," the Boer wnr. These are
bis words and apply to the idiots
1 speak of who would "shoulder
their guns.':
"Sons   of   a still tered citv, unmade,
unbundled, unmeet,
Ye push  client iu.v to tne battle, as
ye took them raw from the street
Ann    what   did   ye look thev should
compass,    «ar-craft   learned in- a
Knowledge    unto   occasion,    at'   the
nrst far vein of death?"
As we are now, I hclic.o 5,00(1
dais could go through tins prov nc*
vhereas ,ve wore a* * 8h_uld be
they could1 never maintain a rooting.
Before tins yellow menace loomed
UP, I suppose there was some excuse for the indifference d splayed on
the principle of "Life so long un
troubled that ye- who inherit forget "
It was only the other evening when
1 watched a rather, slim parade of
the Fifth Regiment on the streets
and wns struck with the crowds of
men on the sidewalks with supercilious expressions watching thr. troops
as much as to soy, what fools these
youngsters are.
Speaking 0f the eventual ending of
the Boer war, Kipling writes:
"Yet   we  are  saved  by a   remnant,
and youn lauds long suffering star
When   your   atrcnj   men   cheered In
their   millions,    while your striplings went to the war."
It is astonishing that people don't
seem to look at things In this way.
Now that, the Navy bill has had a
set back it is wtfil for thepcople of
this province to think it over. We
do a lot of boasting nn.'i booming,
and there Is uo doubt we 'have got
tlit? goods, but how long we are to
keep them is another matter.
But ap 'far as we arc concerned the
navy cry is as useless ns a shout for
ballon*, We an* not an island that
can be starved out. We can live ou
ourselves, if we could get our share
ol the thirty.live millions, and appropriate it properly by making every
man in the Province ■■ marksman.
We can muke our laws as we see pro
per, and we can my with confidence
to others: "If you don't like it you
can do the other thing. "
"rio yo shall be surely guarded, when
tlio  restless lightnings" wake,
In    the   womb   of   the blotting war-
cloud,    and    the    pallid    nations
So tl|  the haggard trumpets, instant
,   your soul sh.'ii! leap,
[•'nrthright,   full-harnessed,  accepting
-nleiii from Hi.- wills of sleep,
So at the threats we shall summon	
so a4 tbe need ye (glial. Hend,
Men,   not children or servants,   tempered and taught to tho end."
Then-ton* there are two llttlo
things certain. Before long the little Jap is going to say, "I nm as
good us you are," and! want oijual
rights with other foreign people coming to Canada." The other thing) Ih
that the navy Idea Is foolish. We
can't build or man one, uud the notion that England can send one for
protection is poppy-cock. Ho what
arc we going! to do nbout it?
A litll.c story will fully illustrate
what l mn endeavoring to Impress
upon people.
The other day I was ot the C.P.R.
wharf seeing olf a friend of mine cn
the Australian cricket team. As^ he
was getting his baggage checked, a
young- officer of the militia arrived
on his way to summer camp, witb bis
uitflt for the same purpose. A number of stalwart express curt drivers
were roosting about on various pnek-
pg cases, nnd 1 was not surprised to
thoar tholr sneering rcmarkfl to the
.Oling officer, such aS "Well, Cap.,
nhero Is your sword and your nun?"'
etc,| etc.
My Australian Irlend remarked, as
,ve moved away, "I notice a dltler-
,nee in Canada uh4<. the standing of
vour inilitln. With us you would
never hear such remarks, for everybody thero, rich and poor respect
he uniform! Realizing what it means
as the only safeguard againBt what
W0 mny expect at any time.
Now these noble workman were
representatives of tbo most vigorous
opponents of Oriental emigration,
and military service,   They would on
a dark night, if thole numbers wero
sulllciin■, pro ably kick a Jap or
( h'namni. oil the sidewalk, and insult one of tbelr friends who happened toi be in uniform. THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
- - Thursday and Friday - -
September 18 & 19
Athletic Sports, Baseball Competition,
Log Chopping, Log Sawing,
Horse Racing
Special Accommodation Provided for
of the
Special railway rates of 1  and 1-3 will prevail from   Kingsgate,
Kootenay Landing, Fernie and all intermediate points to (.ranbrook
H. H. McCLURE, President
].L MS, ■!■■___. _._
.iLx.ugi.a _,
.Sale of Lands for unpaid delinquent taxes in the Fort
Steele Assessment District, Province of
British Columbia
I hereby --ive notice that, o„ Saturday, the Uth day of October, A.*-'-. Ul. at the hour dl tea o'clook
m the forenoon, at tbo Court-house, Cranbrook, B.C., I shall, orter tor .ale at public auction the laud. In
che list hereinafter set out, ol the persons In the soul list hereinafter set out fur dellnquen taxes unpaid by
the Bald persons on the 31st December, A. D„ 1912, aud lor Interest, cosU, and expenses, Including the cost
ol  advertising  aaid  sale   i(   llie  total amoi.nc is not sooner paid.
a a.
js   .41; n j
-t? **    i s            x cr   i
a   las* u-Sfi 1
Rosa Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd.
..Lot 1140, Oroup
ay  Distri I.  126
.  *.     ,as;
Brotrn, William 1'. ....
, 1.1 luul,   Man,   	
Pugh and   Li.lugston
brown,  Willlu
Downs,   F.,   ;,
 Subdivisions 8 nud 11   ol Lot
■i._y Oroup One. Kootenay
District,    lili acres...
 Subdivision   17   ol   Lot 4589,
Group one, Kootenay District
5711.S2  acres   	
 Subdivision   2a   ol   Lot  I5ss,
GEoup one, Kootenay llis
trict, i'iu acres   	
),* Subdivision    29 ol    Lot 4589,
Oroup uu.*, Kootenay Dlatrlct 1205 acres    	
Hoovei   Estate    .Subdivision   il   oi   l.ot   4f,S9,
Oroup one. Koottnay Distrl t,    227   acres
Leacey,  William c Subdivision    li   0,   Lot   1589,
Group. One. Kootenay Dis
trict,  306.12  aetee  .
Huh,  Herman  Subdivision    40   ol    Lot 4589,
<;, .,,., t.ne, Ko tenay Hi*
trict.   160 acre*    _
Gorrle. Thomas Subdi-.sion   ll    ol   Lot 1589
Oroup    one.     Kootenay Dis
trict,    160 acres   	
Douglas   *■'   C Suodlvlsion    I    o:    Lot   4590,
ilroup    ono.     Ko tenay    Dis
tnct.   100 acres    ....     	
...Subdivision 13 oi Lot 159i',
Group    one,     Kootenay    Dis*
srict,    240 aire-          ■- ""
.Subdivision IS oi Lot 4590,
Oroup one, Kootenay Dis
tr.ct,    451.45 acres          1"- SO
....Subdivision 19 of l.ot 1590,
Group one, Kootenay I'i.**
trict,   lt*i)   acres   	
...Subdivision 15 of Lot 4691,
Group one, Kootenay Dis-
tx.ct, 639.9*1 acres	
....Subdivision Ic ol Lot 4591,
'Group One, Kootenay Diatrict 320.24   acres   	
....Subdivision 19 of Lot 4591,
Group One, Kootenay District,    1040,26 ncres   	
....Subdivision 1 oi Lot 4592,
Group One, Kootenay District,   7.9k acres   	
.... Subdivision 57 ol Lot 4592,
Group one, Kootenay Ills
trict   166.20 acres          24.ihi
47.1 ■
Douglas,  i-'.
Townsend, J. F.,
Liass, Georj
Burton D. A,   St  Hair s, c.  K.,
Hilton, Charles —	
Laidlaw, ,'as. T , 	
Pugh uud Livingston an.l tho Colum
bla & Kootenay Railway _ Navigation Compnny   Subdivisions   2,    5 to 14, Lot
1167,    Group   one,     Kootenay
Diatrict,    1676 acrci     392.80
pugh and Livingston „n.l the Ooluin
bla .« Kooienuy Railway _ Nnv
ig.iti.ou  Company   	
Subdivisions .'., 6, 11, 12 and
IH, Lot 3C0, Group one, Kootenay  DiBtrlct,    sun acres     204.80
Pugh ,,i..i Livingston and the Columbia AV Kootenny Railway _ Nnv
igation Compnny 	
..Subdivisions 1 ;,n I ■> ol Loi
360, Group One, Kootenay
District,   32u acr,.«          61.20
..Subdivis ons 7 and .1 of Lot
Mill, Group line, Kootenay
District, 322.24 acres            8.110
v igation  Company
Siluflm,  Ko,
t onk,   0, W
Pugh mnl Livingston and tl"' Columbia lit  Kooienuy  Railway  _  Nav-        | ! .
Igation Compnny   Subdivisions   10, ll and 1G ol
Lot 3611, Group on.-. Kooteuny District, 4l.il a.res       17H.2U
pugh aud Livingston „nil ilu* Colum
bla St Kooteuny Railway _ Navigation Company   Bitbdivialona   I and B   ol l.ot
361, Oroup One, Kootenay
District, 32*. ncres           01.80
Hoelul, Mrs,  I'., mnl Pugh mul Ll\
mgaton     subdivisions   'i  to 7  ol   Lot
861,    Group    one, Kootenay
District,  91,0  acres       163.C0
Pugh uud Livingston and tho Colum
hla & Kooienuy Railway _ Navigation Company   Subdivision    9   of    Lot    361,
Group one, Kootenay District, 160 acres          51.20
ihatteiton   Mis. T Subdivisions 10   U and 14   oi
Lot 361, Oroup one, Kootenay Disirict, 480   acres          25.00
pugh ami Livingston and tho Columbia Al Kootenay Railway A Navigation Company     Subdivisions    12    and    13    ol
Lot  .161. Group one,    Kooten
ay District, 320 aires        7,,.su
pugh en.I Livingston and tho Columbia   _   Kootenay Railway at Na
 Subdivision    !>,    ol    Lot    361,
Group on-. Kootenny District, 160 acres         10.80
Subdivision    '■    ol   Lot   :ir,4,
Group One, Kootenay Dlslrlcl, 1(0 acrea          19 m
  >,.,.t,>isiou    II     Ol     Lot    351.
Group Our Koot* nay District
ISO acres • ' ""
Hambletoii.   lolm . ..Subdivision    12   Ol    Lot     ..'.I,
Group One Kootenay District
l,,0  acres         f.l.OU
liahl,   .1 C-..--..1.  Subdivision    1     ol     Lot     355,
Group  One   Kootenay   District
160 ncres      64.00
Downs, F, nn'l Hlnes,   i    ll    subdivision        ol    Lot    35:,,
Group Ono  Kootenay   District
160  acres    16.80
,,(    Subdivisions   12   to   14   "I   Lot
156, Qroill "in Ki otenay District,   ISO acres       45 00
,,f       Subdivisions 3 to 1, nol  11   to
14, Lot 356, Group one, Ko->-
t.nnv District, 12sn acres     153.60
,,l The  eat   ii,!i   .,.   i.oi   :ir,s,
Group  one  Kootena)   District.
1280   ncres     168.60
Subdivision i ..i Loi *.'.*,
Group one  Kootenay   Dlatricl
206.15    acres 57.20
Kelly    David  I.     K line  ,,l     Subdivision     I    ,.l     l.ol     359,
Qroup one  Kootenay   District
11,0   aces  ,„     lii.20
pugh   ami   Livingst u        .Subdivisions .'.,  ,,,   II   to   If, ol
lot 359, Group one, Knotenny
District,   I2SH  ncics          :is4.iiii
pugh   l.iul   Livings!  n   ., ,  .    Hllhillvle-loiir    .' nn.l 8    ot   l.ot
.151), Group one. Knot-nay District, 320 ncres      16.00
Pigh   ninl   I I.n.   '   "  l.ol   6398.  Group One,   Knoten
ay Dlitrlct,    152   ncres          6.00
Pi.gh and llvine'l n  lot 6410, Gioup one, Knotenny Dlslr.it   14 ncre,           1.60
Droadwoo.l,   I,    Lot   133,  Group one,  Knnten-
i ay Do,trict. '.''.ll ncres      12.50
Kelly.   David   I...   Estate
Kelly,   luo in   I..
Kelly,  Da*, bI   I.
Pligh   nlnI   I.i    ng lo
«, I :,„     y2.ini     v 88.76
S 70
It is
4 57
2 uu
.40        2.00
4.10       2.110
10 40
14.33       2.110       196.53
3 58
IIosb saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...Lot llll, Qroup one, Kooten
ay   Diatrict,   17    acres  	
IIosb Saskatoon Lumber Co., Ltd. ...l.ot i26l, Gtoup our, Kootenay   District,  2,3  acres
Pugh and   Uviugston  Lot    .?_,,   Group   I u i,   Koo
tenay  Diatrict, 32(1 acres   	
Dllse, Mrs. Jessie and Blstone John Lot  121,  Group oni*,  Kooten
ay   n.si ,,i, .1 ii acres   	
Itoss Sassatoon  Lumber Co.,  I.Id
Lamb,   ciiarl.s  	
Pi.gh and  Livingston
I ot 2211, oroup Otto,  Kooten
ay  Disirict,    369 acres        tic.(Hi
l.ot  33,1),  Gioup One,   Kooleii
iy   IU.tiiel,   llll   tides         li, nil
Subdivis.on    111    ol    Lit    3111,
Group  One  Kootenay   District
, 160   acr.s         32.00
Pugh ami  Livingston  Subdivision   i,   nt   Lot    820,
Group  (ine   Kootenay   District
....  ,ici*oa        '.iim
Frost,  Vt.   M Subdivisions 12 lo 14, of Lot
(al,    Group     one,    Kootenuy
District,  468.7  acres      211,1111
Qlbbo&B, .'nine* I Lot 6422, Group One, Kooten
ay   District,   241  acres         :,,iiii
Gill,   M    J., Lot   8744,  Group Onn,   Kooten
, ay  District    Kin ncres        s.mi
.aodo&ald,   Samuel Lot 5268, Gioup one, Kooten
ay  District, 39.6 ncres        sun
Carrier.   Frank            i.„t lllliio,   Group   one,   Koo
tenay Disirict. 119.28 ncres ... 3,00
P.nsmore.   George   A Lot   8413. Group (Ine,  Kooten
ay    District,   47   acreB            8,00
Dal'iel,   Thomas    Lot 722t.,  Group One,   Ki.otitl
ay   District,    18 acres            2.511
Manners,   I'harle,   ...Lot  8753,  Group One,  Kooten
ay   District,   220.42   acres          II.nil
Mc line.   II    H        Lot 7817, Group ono, Kooten
ay liiati'irt,   88 acreB      13.110
vie. lure. II. II  Lot 8914, Group One, Kootenay Dlsliict, UHI acres       19.00
Na.lenn, Oliver  Lot 891C, Group One, Kootenay   District,   llll',.88  acres          4.5(1
.lollifle.   Alfred    oi   6437, Group One,   Kooten
ay   District.   163  actus   .'.        7,00
t   Arnold,  George  Lot 677,  Group one,  Kootenay  District. 320 acres        8.(10
Thomas. Alpheu, K I ot 7663, Group One, Kootenuy   District,  240  acres        25.Oil
Weber, Peter J Lot 7032, Group Oue, Kontenay   District,  48.94  acres         4.811
Douglas, George  Lot 5806, Croup One, Kootenny  Dl .rict.  160 acres      10.00
Douglas. George  Lot 7018, Group One, Kootenny   D strict,   165  ncres          8.llll
Curtis, a.  I Subdivision   2   of   Lot   314,
Group  One   Kootenay   District.
160 acres       64.0
Becker, o.  K. A Subdivision   16   of   Lot   314,
Gioap   One,    Kootenny    Dist
trict,   160 acres    .'     61.00
Fournier,   John  Lot 1900, Group One, Kootm-
ay Diatrict, 240 ncres 	
_ourtiier, John  Lot 3055, Oroup One, Kootenay District, 160 ncres 	
McDonald, A. A lot 2970, Group One, Kootenay District, 317 ncres 	
McBean, Ale.ander and Jarvls J Lot.3010, Group One, Kootm-
ay Diatrict, 160 acna 	
McDonald, Ale.ander  'Lot 3063, Group One, Kootenay Diatrict, 320 ncres 	
Douglas, . . (' Lot 3008. Group One, Kootenay Diatrict, 320 ncres 	
Douglas, W. fl.  Lot 4824, Group One, Kootenny District!  160 acres 	
Douglas. F. V Lot 4825, Group One, Kootenay District, 40 acres 	
Douglas, W. W.  Lot 6671, Group One. Kootenay District, 315 acr.s      2.'..nn
Arnold,   F.lL.abeth   Lot 6204, Group One, Kooten
ay  District! 77 acres 	
Hemhury,   0.  R.   Subdivisions   5 and 6   ol l.ot.
311,    Group    One,    Kootenay
District, 320 acres      04.00
Von Olraewald, Baron A Subdivision   9    of   Lot   311,
Group One  Kootenay  District
160  acres       44.30
Hemhury. C. R.   Subdivision   16   ot   Lot   311,
Group one, Kootenav District
160  acrea     32.00
Hemburv, C, R,  Subdivisions 3 to 6 and 11 ol
i.ot 312,  Group One,  Kontenay Disirict, 800 acres     lco.lHi
Ferguson, J. A Lot 2320, Group one, Kootenay District,  110 ncres      23.2(1
Black, Alexander aBd Hosmer
Lumber Comiiany,  Ltd lot 363,  Group One,  Kooten
ay District, 20911 acres        150.00
Svec, Anton  Lot 6251, Group One, Kontenay District   221 acres      12.50
Wurdrop, W. and Spaxwood Lum- ,
tier Company, Limit u  Lot 0666, Group One, Kooton-
, uy Di-tr ct, 60 acres        8.On
Wilsm Creek Lumber Company 1
Limited    Lot 7781, Group One, Ko.itcn-
ny District, 75 acres        8.110
Fisher,   George   Lot 8529. Group One, Ko0ten-
...   ay District, 160 ncres      10,60
Macdonald.    James   A.   Gzowaki,
Caslmir, foss, George O l.ot 4144, Group one, Kootenay   District,  320 acres        12.611
Hembliry, 0. fl. and Stringer, II. A.Subdivision    ,1    nf    Lot    310,
Group One, Kootenay District
160 acres       44.8H
Robertson   .1   N  Bubdlviaion 7 nnd 8, Cot 310
Group One, Kootenay District
320  acres       12.50
Hembliry, O. Tt Subdivision    1    of    l.ot    34(1.
Oioup   One,    Kootenav    Dial
trict,   160 acres        64.0(1
Tlsdale    G.   P Subdivisions 10, 11,  14, 15, ol
Lot 341,  Group one,  Kontenay District, 640 ncres      32.Oil
1 .!,!>„W    1    _   11  l.ot 7013, Group one, Kooten
Laidlaw, J.  r.. M  ^ Dlatrlct, 160 acres      48.00
Tavlor   1 yman J  1-ot Slug, Group One, Kooten-
  ay District, 80 acres        6.011
Myers, Jna. A. and R. 0 Lot"   „•• Mr' and 666, Group
One,    Kootenay    District, 824
acreB         78.70
Myera, J*«. A. aud R. 0 Lot 708,  Group One,  Kooteo-
' ay District, 212 acres       18.10
McCnlluin J G  Lot 9397, Group Ono, Kootenay DiBtrlct, .HIS ncres       lo.llu
Olt'tCh    II    E.  I.°t  264,   OrOlip  One,   Knnten-
  ny Disirict, 1215 acros      00,00
Nelson,   William   Matt    146   ncres   nf l.ot 6618,
Group    One,    Koiitnnny    District          7.2n
Grady .1 J  Is** 8103, Group one, Knotenny District, 251 acres      711.00
Pay ,,nt. R. M.  Subdivision     9   ol   l.ol.   336,
Group One,  Knntenay  District
160    acreB           '6.00
Knit     Inlm tl Subdivision    14   ot   Lot   336,
Group cne, Kootenay District
1C0 acres       ;'2.0n
llrerkenridKe, Annie  Lot 8118, Group One, Kootenay  District, 80 acres        24,110
MnCAonell, Ja* V. O.owakl, Caslnilr,
nnd Kosa, George 0 Wt 2316, Ilroup one, Kootenay   District,  1122  acres        20.110
Macdonell, Ja« A., Gnowskl, I'aslmlr,                          ,          '        I
ami Foss, George 0 lot 2242, Groin, on,*, Kooienuy District. 416 acres      12.5(1 3.13
Neuendorp,  Henry     Subdivision    111   ol    Lot   364,
Gtoup   One,    KonGnnv    Dint- -
trict,  216.13 acres       «.3*>
.4(1       2.00
2 011
4. Oil
23 00
Deputy Assessor anil Collector
Fort Steele Aiiieisment District
i. HMsMs
 ,_  -. ;*!•.•  r-$e "..a
District    ol- South    EaBt   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE lhat Ull,1,1 Williitni
St. Eloi uf Cranbrook, B.C., occupation farmer, Intends to apply lor permission to purchase thc (following
described Lands: -
Commencing nt n post planted um
chains north nnd 60 chains west ol
the north-west corner of Lot 9209
G. 1, Kootenay District, theme enst
20 chiins, thonce south 111 chuins,
thence wesl 211 chains, ihence north
vi chains to joint oi commencement,
containing SO acres more or less.
Date   August   25th,   1913.
David  William  St.  Kloi.
36-9t. Applicant
District    of    South    Enst    Kootenay
TAKE Notice thai Harry North-
wood oi Cranbrook, u.c., occupation
iiiitcboi, Intends to apply for pcrmls-
lioii to purchase the following described lauds:—
Commencing m „ post planted 120
chains north „i lhe north west lo.ii..,
of Lot 92(10, oroup one, Koot. any
iliotrirt, thenee west 20 cbalns,
thence south 40 chnins, thence enst
20 chains, thence north 40 chuillB, tu
place ol .'ouuiieiiceuieni, containing
eighty acres more or less.
Hull*  September 3rd,   1913.
Hairy Nortliwood,
36-9t, ' Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
District   of   South    Enst   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that Edward A.
Hill of Cranhrook, occupation merchant, Intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following described lauds:—
Commencing at. a post planted 1211
chains north of the nortli-woat cor-
ucr of Lot 9209, G. 1. Kootenny District, thence east 20 chains, theuce
south 40 cha.ns, thence weat 20
chains, thence north 40 chains to
point ol commencement, containing
SO acres more or less.
Dnte   August  2Sth,   1913.
Edwnrd A. Hill,
Jli-9t. Aloxandcr Lewis St. Eloi
District   of   South    Enst   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that David Hopkins of Oranbrook, B.C., occupation
railway Conductor, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase the following described lnnds.-
Commending at „ post planted 100
chains north and 20 chains east of
ihe north-west corner of Lot 920'j,
Group One, Kooten iy District,
I hi nee east 20 chnins, thtnee south In
chains,'thence west 211 chuins, tli.u.-e
north 40 chains t„ place of couim.nce
mint, containing eighty acres more
or less,
Dnte September 3rd, 11113,
David Hopkins,
36-9t. Ale.ander Lewis St. Eloi
District    ol   South    East    Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE thnt Ernest south
of crnnbrook, ll.C, occupation barber, intends to apply '[or permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing nt a post planted 160
chains north and 60 chain* west of
the northwest corner of Lot 9209,
Group One, KOocenav District, thence
west 20 chains, th n;e south 40
chains, thenco east 20 chains thence
north 40 chains, to place of com
mencement, containing eighty acr.s,
more or less.
Date Septembor 3rd, 1913.
Ernist South,
, Applicant
J6-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Elui
District.   0[   south    Enst   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE tbnt Harry Rabi-
chnud 01 Cranbrook, B.O., occupation
railway conductor. Intenls tn apply
for permission tn purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at _ post planted „t
the north-oast corner of Lot 9210,
Group one, Kootenny District, thenc.
north 10 chains, thence west .40
chulns, tlience south 4,1 chains,
ihenre enst .n chnins to place nl
commencement, containing one huti-
ilred and sixty ncros more or less.   ■
Dnte September 3. I,  1:113.
Hurry   Rabichaud,
36-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Biol
District   „|   south    Enst   Kootenay
TAKE NOTRE thut Aloxander
Lewis St. fool, ol Crnnbinik, B.C.,
occupation woods foreman, intends
10 apply lor permission to purclins*
lhe following described hinds:-
Coiiimenclng at a post planted 160
chains north and 40 chnin, west of
ihe nirth-west corner nl int. 92(19,
G. 1, Kootenny Dlitrlct, thenee east
10 chains, thence smith 40 chnins,
thence west 40 chains, tin ire north
10 chnins to point of commencement,
Containing  Did acres  more nr I. SB.
Date  August  25th,   |.J|M.
36-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Kloi
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days
iif'er dale, | intend to upply to tin,
M nist.r of I nml. for n licence to proa
pert tor Coal ami Petroleum over thi,
following lands sltunte In the Diatrict »f Southeast Kootenny, British
1 olnmhin, In Lot 4693;
Commencing ut u post, planted at
or near the Southwest corner of Lot
7282, mil lelng the SoiltllCasl corner
mist nl i h 1 |ea pj, Webb's claim,
III nee North n'nng Ike west  line nl
'__,'    .2h*   '" ""' ""til  'I 'I !."••
8732, Ihence West along the smith line
dl  Ini   87,12  |i,  Ibe    Kast    Hue „(  Lilt
1001,11, lb_,.,. s,„|i|i.|,j,,aK the '.Enst
Mile „i Ini 10069 ,md » .niig the East
line ,.f Lot 10071 .tn-.th-i North line
of Lot 7284, ihence Enst nlong the
Norl'i lint of lot 7284 to the place
of commencement
Locate, thla 17th -nv of .Inly, 19IS
Whli. V'eiiMiiel. ll ftagerly awaiting
■ declaration of Intention. hy President
Qoinez in- ha. chosen t<> i.ut.H'iii to tbe
world iiii rnlllrary and poUtloal fltti-
Nd prnmlsps Hit!1 absolute restoration
or ;n'fl. *• in ili. iii-j.ili,||..- within a period
_nt exftpcding hill months. He hope*, to
»' litevp iIiIk In i. uiurli shorter lime, hul
IrunU.v deHait-_ In* will main m In mar
Hul law :tml conllnii. the suspension of
ih-* constitutional guars mee*. ■■■■■i1 thai
i-r-tiii has Ijppii ntialneil,
TIih --ix months' 11 mi I emphaslMd liy
I'le-it.-Mit rinmeK covers lhe period of
lirellmlnflr,. election*, esspntlal ro ilie
eoiHrtnuional .l.r.lon nf a successor,
wlu._e Hi.nit-iii.iii.iii Is due in April.
The above lllustralloti shows I'fest-
4*j.i .huu \'ji,,,-nir ione/., nf Venea-
'lii, the vi.i.ii of l'oro, wlm lm. de*
fealerl ii,-- partisan, of General Castro,
and njnp showing ihe ncuahern coasi
"f SVnPa.Hela- which his army has
What Are We Going to Do About It?
Written Specially tor "The Week" by a Retired Offi
In a Btrikin*. article, Mr. Tokuto-
rai, editor of the "Kokumim," a
promiutnt Jaiianene paper, aaye recently: "The whlteman'si cllojue must
he overthrown in the inter, ats of
Japan nnd in the intercut,, Ol the
rent nl humanity."       ' j
The above represmts the g.n.rnl]
tone of the Japanese press over the.
Callfmnla exclusion bill.
Now the queation ia wbat are we
white people' going to do about it?
The Americana and Canadians arc
sin.iliarly situated and must think
alike, no matter what understanding
exists between Great Britain and thc
Eastern Power, a,, lately and prominently come to the front.
It is quite evident that the determination 'of all clauses north and
south of the line is to keeil _ white
countsy,   hut   the education Is, how?
Tho yellowman is going to call the
bluff of the white, sooner or later,
aad moat likely long before we' are
prepared to answer in the only wny
we can.
No sane thinking person can believe
that the proudest, most industrious,
progressive ond awrltke- nation on
earth Is going to quietly submit to
our declaration that we are determined to reatric, il not totally exclude, their entrance, _nd deprive
them nl those pr|vlleg?s which we
freely give to other races, who unlike the Japs have no Ughtiug power
to tack mi their demands, and wh0
after H thort residence with us are
the cause, and ringleaders, of inoat
of nur labor troubles anil the authors
of many ot the crimes we have all
over America.
What makes ous position dangerous nnd iinreaaonallle Is the evident
lart (disguise It n . we may) that tli,,
ed, not for the* reasons that make
.lads In pasticulnr must lie restrain
ed not lor thi. rentons that nalie
other nationalities objectionable, but
on nccniint nl their virtuea, in helng
law-abiding citizens and so well lie
have, and' thrifty tbat they gradually monopolise many truilfs I ml
colling., which Improvident white
people are unsuccessful nt.
I notlre that' n OalWoi nia paper
upholds this theory, and though sup
porting the proposed exclusion, gives
aa a renson why they are undesirc-
uble, "Thnt tbey nre the only servants who will carry out their eon-
And thus tbe scum of other national ties can eoine to us by thousands and give trouble Ironr oue end
or Cannda to the other, but when
the hard-working, well-behaved, little yellowman comes along and gets
busy, we say "Xo. Keep Ofl!"
Ab the above are the only reasons
why we hnve tnken the stand we
have, nnd It is evident tbnt wc ure
wrong „s far ns justice goet, but ub
seW preservation forces us to go on
with the tourtc we bnve laid out, is
it not apparent that with no argument in our favour wc hnve got to
have force nn.l plenty of it.
Just ns sure na the sun shines, th"
Jup is going to assert hla claims,
nnd if wc reflect what these people
huve done in the past thirty years
we Ehotlid also consider on what
tbey will accomplish in the next
I aee inspenkfng ol this problem
The Oolonls? sets the exninple which
we are nil so prone to follow, and
sagely reniar s: "That no doubt wh:n
thci miittts bccnuicR active, Hritisb
diplomacy  will   doubtless settle  it."
Yob, 1 ilk. this! British diplomacy
hns settled matters for Canada before
but nnt nlwnys to our sntlslnction,
und us we get bigger every day, licit
Ish diplomacy's Job gets lugger.
This   cheerful    dependence on Brltl
ish plomacy reminds us ol Kipling's
"fllv, n   to   strong   delusions wholly
believing a He,
Ye saw; the land lav Kenceks, and lot
tlic months go by.
Waiting   some   ensy    wonder, hoping
some' snvlng sign,
Idle,   openly    Id!?,    in tin* lee ol tlm
fnrespent   line."
Our British Columbln politicians
never lull to work this exclusion
policy strongly Into their speeches,
but I hnv. neker yet beard any ol
theBe wise min explain how they
nre going to carry) lo nut. .
Bn   they    suppos*  thnt   tile  yellnw-
people nre going to rolrain Irom obtaining the same rights aceoided to
others, especially when they are a
ware of our utter helplessness?
Would such a course appeal to the
Jap. who has heen flghfln<- for generations, and by lighting has at last
obtuiu.tl the goal ol bis ambitions
the position ol a first-class power-
is It likely got so far he is going t0
lorego the fruits' of his exertions'
N'ot much!
I suppose that the above dens are
the cause of tho Conservatives' proposed contribution! o. thirty-five million dollars, and the other humbug—
the Liberals providing the   Rainbow.
As far as the Conservatives go,
bow n prcaintntion t,f cash to Japan's atly is going to protect us
from invasion is more than anyone
can quire understand, On tbe other
hand l fall to see tbe wisdom of
constructing n ffewi ships to be gobbed up by our poBsible enemy nt anytime.
A German writer puts this forcibly
and states it Is worse than useleas
to have anything lint a strong navy
Shipsarc unlike nn army. An nrmy
can run nwny nnd tight another day,
but not so with a loot. It is chased
into some port nnd down goes yonr
money and protection to the bottom of the ten. The same writer
explains tbe Impossibility of Germany possessing a wcuk nnvy which
England eould. pounce upon, and
crush at any moment.
Hut stlir we go ou—both' sides ol
politics shouting "Nnvy" on tholr
nwn lines. All thd societies chip in
with the anme cry. Kvery sprig ol
nobility who visits the Province is
engerly sought out and interviewed
on the subject and In tbe pnpers we
nre regaled by the notions of sonic
nincompoop' who bus no ideas be-
ynnd the German peril, but he Is
made lo say that h" Is delighted
wilh tbe policy ot Hir Willsid or'Mr.
Borden—but nlwnys the Navy!
Prom   nil   Oils   humbugging going
ou   ns I.,, the mode of supplying aid
to    the    Umpire, It is qulto evident
tbnt the majority ol native I'nnndl-
(Continued on Page li
Monthly Council Meeting
A regular meeting ol the City
Council wna held in thc council ehum
here on Monday afternoon. There
were present Mayor Bownens nnd Aldermen; Olapp, Erickson, Leask, Carr
Kmnedy and Ward.
Minutes of last regular meeting
was read hy the City Clerk and on
motion' dl Aldermen Ward and Kenne-
d:'adopted at read.
Mr. Bavls, of tho Cranhrook Laundry wns present and leave was grant
ed him to address the Council ln regard to th" city supply in,; thc lunn.
dry with water. He was Informed
thnt the city would give a trial test
as to tho amount ol water used,
measurod hy: meter for two weeks,
thin „ rate would be given.
A communication froth Harold
.colt, secretary of tho Catholic
ath nl," asking for terms and ennnect-
I, n v. Ith the water nnd newer s.'steni
wai read and relcrreil to the Board
ol Works. The Mayor aud City Clerk
were authorise, to enter Intn an
agreement with thi Trustees ol tho
Catholic Bchool, tinder similiar conditions aa to reaidencea and other
hiilldlnga outside the corporative limits of the city.
The finance committee then preaent-
td their regular monthly report and
recommended that, nccounts to thu
amount ol .'J.r.r.l...:'. be paid, lln motion Of Alderman Clnpp and Ward
the accounts ns presented by thc finance committee were ordered to bo
Arnold _ Roberts  *   S2..10
B.C. Livery    '       1.16
Beattie-Murphy,   Ltd       1,70
Bcrroughs Welcome * Co.   ...      118..11
B.C. Gazette        5.00
Burim I1. .    Co        U.4'>
City Clark   Sundries         21 .or.
City Trnns, _ Whse. Co. ... 00.0(1
Crnnbrook Snsh * Door Cn. 19,48
Crnnbrook C't'g. . Train Co 112.50
Cranhrook Drug _ Hook co.       2,80
Citv Engineer's Payroll     1,00.1.1)1,
Cranbrook  Bloc Lgt  Co      1112.Hr,
City Olllclnls Pay roll       870.00
Crnnhrook Trading   Co 70
lleznli,  .run'*           10,08
Kire  Hept.   Payroll        200,00
Horald Pub. Co       12.00 j
Kootenay Telephone Lines ...     117.80 |
Llddlcont _ Waller (cert. 8)   2,200.BO
Manning, Irn  R       80.70
Mcflrdc,  J. I)       10.50
Pntmore   llros      18.75
Park-Win. H Co       10.511
Police Bept.  Payroll            395,00
Parrett, T. N.,  75
Parks, P, _ Co  23.52
Prospector Pub. Co  76.76
Qualn Electric Co  5.20
.4cbo:il  Hoard Orders   1,8111.03
do              do       1133.30
Hyslop,    Mrs,   .1  18.00
Ward _   Hnrrls  9.05
P. E.   Wilson     50.00
4 7,589.90
City Engineer's Payroll    $1,991.70
city Trans & nine, cn      38.56
McBrlde,   ,1.   ll       23.31
Parks.  |.'. ,.   Co       21.09
* 2,074,011
Total   19,064.05
Th* monthly report nl tbe city Engineer was then rend, nnd nn motion rff Aldermen nrlcltsiin nnd Lensk
accepted! nnd uled.
crnnhrook, b,c.,
September 8th, 1913
l'n tbe Mayor and Aldermen
ot ihe city di Ornnbrook, B.C.
Gentlemen: -
I have pleasure In submitting my
report   df   work   earned out hy the
City    Kiwi r's    Department during
the pai!  month.
Concrete . idewalka:
The contractors have finished laying   the   concrete    sidewalks, they
have   only   the   expansion   joints to
complete   and   a few defective patches to relay.    *
The   grading   of    the    roads   nnd
channelwaya    alongside    tbe    new-
walks ib in progress.
Bridge on Van Horne Street.
The decking of this bridge which
was in ba* shape, gave way on the
night of the 13 inst., necessitating
the relaying of new decking, costing ?24.88 fnr which there wns no
Building ByLaw.
We   have  commenced to draft up
clauses   for   the   new building bylaw.
Sewerage Maintenance-
The   disposal    works    bave   been
maintained  in* a satislactory  manner   nnd the filter trays have been
denned twice in the past month.
Sewer Extensions.
The total amount of sewers laid
to; date, complete, is
1918 feet of 8" Sewer
374 feet of 10" sewer
8 manholes hnve also been completed.
Plumbing end Sewer connections.
Eight permits were grnnted   dining the monthi of August.
City Engineer.
On motion of Aldermen Erickson
nnd Oarr, the City Clerk wns instructed to have thc Chief of Police
check up the street lights us furnt.li
ed by the Electric Light compnny
and to report1 on same.
Regarding complaints that pnrtiCB
were dumping garbage nuts dc nl the
nuisance ground,, tbe matter was referred to the Board of Works, with
power to act.
The City Clerk then read several
lenders for npplcntinn for the position of Olty Auditor, and on motion
of Alderman Clapp and Erickson, Mr
John Cltoldlteh wns appointed nt
auditor for the coming year" at a
snlnrv o' '■200.00 per milium.
By-Law, No.i 120. being cited ns
the Bartenders' Licence By-law,"
was then reconsidered, tlnnlly passed
and adopted.
On motion of Alderman Clapp and
Ward, the Citv Clerk was instruct
ed to notify thc Chief t.'f Police ol
the piiBBing of the by-law nnd for
him to notify every hotelkceper and
bnrtender of the tame.
Council then adjourned.
Pickle Recipes
Given by the ladies of the Cranbrook Women's Institute at
their last Meeting
8 large! ripe tomatoes
2 large onions i
2 green peppers
3 teacups vinegar
1 pi. ripe tomatoes
4 large red peppers
12 onions (chopped fine)
2 teaspoons cloves
2 tablespoons cinnamon
2 tenspnons light pepper
2 cups sugar
1 lnrgc stocks celery
2 i|ts. vinegar
Put onions, tomatoes, pepper and
Bait together over night.. Brain oil
water in thc morning and add rest of
the ingredients.
l-l gals, vinegar
2 ims whole ginger, bruised
2 oc . allspice
l'Oas Temerac powder
i oz cbllies ,
1 III mustard
1 Ih salt
1 Ih sugar)
1 oz garlic bruised
Boll ull togetho. for 15 minutes except garlic and) ndd for 15 minutes.
Add vegetables as they come Into
season. Liquid will Inst for two nr
three years.
2 qtn. green peppers
0 large onions
1' small hend cabbage
Mince all through mincer before
sprinkle with salt. Sprinkle one
large, cup of salt over, and Oet stand
for 24 hours nt least. Brain and
pour over lqt. of vinegar and boll
half nn hour.
1 pk. cucumber sliced and* peeled.
1 doz onions sliced.
Sallt and let stand over night. In
the morning drain well. To 1 qt. of
vinegar add:
1 teaapoon temornc
1 oz Curry powdor
1 oz mustard
Scald thc vinegar with   the   powder
nnd pour, over the cucumber and onions.
1 pk. small green tomatoes,
led nnd  parboil in salt and, water,
then drain over night.
1 qt. vinegar.
3 lbs brown sugari
5 cents mixed spice In hug.
2 ozs. White mustard seed.
Simmer tnntntnen In this liquid then
place in scalers.
12 large apples
8 nniiill onions.
12 lnrge ripe tomatoes,
lib raisins (chopped fine)
1 11, brown sugar
1 tablespoon salt
I  teaspoon cloves
I teaspoon cinnamon
1 tenspoon nllsplr*.
II ptn. vinegar. i
lloll 1) hoars, stir while boiling
13 large ripe toinntoes
4 targe onlona
4 hends celery
2 red peppcHa (chopped flue)
3 cups vinegar
16 tablespoons white augar
1 tablespoons salt
Boll until cooked.
American   Lady
need   no recommendation.
Their fit, finish and style are perfect. Prices are no higher than
some of the cheaper lines.
There is more dol
lars worth of shoe
leather  and   shoe   nuking   in
than any other line we
know of,
Let us prove it.
When visiting Cranbrook to attend the
Fair, we extend a cordial invitation
to  visit our store.
What about your new
Fall Overcoat ? Jack
Frost will soon be
around-tinting cheeks
and sending shivery
chills down your back.
Pick out your Fall
Overcoat NOW, from
this delightful stock uf
new styles.
McCreery Bros.
Ciranbrook, B. C.
, SEALED. TENDERS addressed to tli-
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
j lor Wharf at Kaslo, B.C.," will he
| received nt thn olllce until 4:00 p.m.
on Tuesday, (ictulicr 7, 1913 [or tho
construction ol a Tile Dent and Tlro-
ber Decking Wharf at Knalo, District of Kootenny, B.C.
Plum, speclllcatlon and form ol
contract can lie seen and lorins of
tender obtained at this Department
and n' thc olllces of J. 1', Forde,
l-sg., District Engineer, Revelstoke,
II.I.'.- f. C. Worsfold, Es:)., District
Engineer, New Westminster, B. ('.,
anil mi application to the Postmaster Knslo,  B.C.
persons tendering arc notified that
tender*-', will nut be considered unless
male on the printed [onus supplied,
nnd Blgne* with their actual signa
tnres, stalin,; their occupations and
places ol residence. In the case dl
linns;' the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, nnd place ol
resilience nl each member ot the linn
must be given,
Ench tender must be accompanied
by i,n accepted cheque on a' chartered huu!., payable to the order cl
the Honorabi. the Minister ol Public Works, equal to ten per cent tin
p.c.) of the amount of the leader,
which will be lorlelted il the person
tendering decline to enter Into "
contract when called upon to* do so,
or fail In complete the work con-
tiacted |,,r. II the tender be not accepted lh" cheque will he returned.
The  Dopartmenl   does not  bind Itself tn ncecpt the ImweBt or nny ten* ■
By order,
Department of I'lihlicl Works,
Ottawa, September 3, 1918.
Newspapers   will   not  bc   paid, for
this   advertisement    il tliey insert' it
without    authority from the Depart
ment- 17271',.
Is Your Home a
"Financial Success"
The day-by-day problem ol "living within
the income" is the despair of some housewives
and a simple problem ot good management
with others.
The amount of the income does not always
determine whether the problem shall be solved
or not for family "needs" have a way of adjusting themselves to family resources.
It is usually a question of whether the housewife has "a head for business," or whether she
considers certain usual expenses inevitable.
11 is a fortunate household whose "buyer'
makes a business matter of it buying wisely,
opportunely, with a real knowledge of values,
and an alert interest in the advertisements of
the stores, which afford many opportunities for
real economies.
When the buying fora household is entrusted to such a woman, that home will be "a
financial success!" TIIE   PROSPECTOR,  CttANUROOK,  B. C.
_■.... 1111 a 11111 ************** ***************'
as an mvestment, isn't it better
to buy the kind you know all
about than to purchase it because
the price sound, cheap*1 Buy
your harness here where you can
see it, handle it, test it. Remember also we «re right here where
yoil can get at us if the harness
doesn't prove .ium as represented,
1 Innk thai ovei
W. M. PARK & CO.
Phone 109     Crnnbrook, B.C,     P.O. Box 44.
+4_|..-.I.-..-..|..|..|..|..|. |..|..|..|..|.|..|..|..h* l-l- ** I-+***** -I-H-H--J-I-H-*
Local News
A Picture on the Wall in worth
two m the drawerfl-KILBV FRAMB8
nf Kelownu,   wus in
(... \\_ Leslie,
town Monday,
J, D. Brisk,   of Athalmer,   was
guest at tlu* Craabrook Sunday last, j
Mr, an.l Mr*.  W. II. Mammon 1, **f
Ashcroft, was iu town Sunday la*..
The Wife's Pride
M.   1
ill the
Mueller,   ol Klmberley,
■ity Monday.
Vi.  A. Rookie,    nf KiniheiT'y,   was'
in the city Monday.
Mr. and   Mrs.   \. i'. Bowness   motored to Elko on Tuesday
Preserving Peaches Plums pears ,- ]
Crab Apples    ic, ti. Manning,
Why own ;t car that you yourself cannot
drive and iniis all the real fuii of llie
going? There is health anil joy-giving
relaxation in Ford driving—because ol
the simplicity of the Kord mechanism—
and the consequent east* of its control.
Think whal these un.-*- mean—for the ±.i
ib»i hu. - .1 tin test Mude! I Runs-
bout sol"1 Model I* Tourlnti Cai soM).
Model I I own i ii .iiiii-i ,i h Walkei
.■lie. Our >.nli all equipment I..*! est*-
I,,.in- ami lllll particulars from
Tlic Hanson Garage
Cumpletr line nl Accessories, .'nr.. nnd
Supplies—Citr.s und Trucks tor hire—All
manner nl repairs and •.•ulcanizing done
Norbury Ave. Cranhrook, B.C
W.   B,
,  luisln
day    n
,i    il)
I). Scott,   Ol Sew Vork.   w
at ttu* Oranbrook TueMaj
O.I. Ratcllfle   >*t lnvermere, wa
Cranbrook1 Tuesday on business,
u   t.
Ind hii
albraiUi, ol
di Steele,
B. Granger, o. Oann]  Flats
thc city Thursday.
c    \   Foote. o! Moyie,  wa.
Cosn o >oHt-an Thursday,
ut  i lit
is tt nice wi of SilVfiwart* lot hei
table      i>ood   .tlvei   nlway  make s
ft line uiipesftu-n at the dinner or
luncheon, ll addl test to the ftp-
petite and indicates refined taste•
We nn iave you money in -.olid
Silver oi iilvei.plated waie ol iht
best quality Then ate novelties.
in d.^niis nnd ewtiy \ue.e u mo-it
artistically (imihed
lawelars & Opticians
Mis.   J.  Halkwell,  of  Wycllfle
n town Thursday.
. Cranbroo i Thursdaj
h and Mrs s. Sutherland,
ittle, were I canbrook ws;
.reparations are .ell underway Hor
' a great mining exhibition to be* held
in Vancouver In 19*5-
Predictions loi   next
,:   istl   ind  19th   PAIR
,. -.
I nu*.
' broo
Mrs. 0. Moore, ol Lund
Crnnbrook visitors Mon
-.it,!  Mrn.    T   Qr'lU'h, ot Per
were   registered   al    the Cron
Mou lay*
id Byrnes, ,
•ity Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. _.. Q. Thompson, o
Lethbrldge,  ... in Cavalier,    were    Cranbrook    vulture
to Fernie Friday .*u II. E Sherlock:, Mrs. Sherlock und
■ daughter, ol Lethbridge. were regis-
i tere 1 at tbs Cranhrook Monday.
A.  _   Belyea, ol Toront >,    .vas at
the Cranbrook Friday.
C.   J,    Poster, ol St. Paul, Minn.l
was in to.vn  Friday.
K1LBV  FRAMBS  11. Ti'P.E.
Nelson,    was  ln
••"■-...Hli 1111 I H+t+HlfH-H-H'HtH'l + H'
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
This Renovated and Up*to*Date
Hotel offers to its many patrons
strictJv lirst class accomodations,
unexcelled cuisine and the finest of
Bar in Connection
D.G.    New-nil,
town Friday.
J. W,  Wood.,    o(   Feruie.   was-   in
town Monday on business,
The Ros_ Saskatoon mill a* Waldo
closed down Thursday o. Iftst week.
v. w. Davis,   of Spokane,   was in
town Wednesday.
1    Oeo. Buttcrfleld, ol Ottawa, wa.
: the Cranbroo*-. Wednesday.
3. Head, o.    Bull    Kiver,    waa
town Wednesday on b'.istnesu.
Mr, and Mrs. a. Phillips, of St.
Paul. Minn., were registered at the
Cran^roo'j Sunday last.
A regular monthly meeting of the
police commissioners was h Id In the
City Hall 0n Monday afternoon.
w. H. Johneon and Win. J. Johnson, of Creston, B.jrnt several daya
nt Cranhrook this week.
Chat. Thayer, of Crow's Neat waa
.     i>tiifltered nt the Cosmopolitan Tnea-
, day-
Harry Drew, Mrs. F- McMabon and
at■ children,    of   Kimberley, motored  to
; Cranbrook on Tuesday.
Mr. nml Mrs.; A, '.'. Hownes. will
leave today In their motor car Ior
Spokane and while there will take in
the big fair.
Mrs. s. H, MacCartby, of Wilmer,
and Mra. Geo. A. Btarks, 0- Invrr
mere, were Cranbrook visitors on
Col. c.eo. Dougherty, ol Fort
Steele, who litis lioen In tbo dlatrlct
since lM wns in town Wednesday on
Mr. and Mrfl Collins, accompaniod
by Mrn poUlns' slator, Mrs. Doilds,
and Mlns Procter, roturnod on tOO
;th trom Ontario.
Sir I.. \nthrobUs, who is largely
interested lu propOtty In and around
Wasa and Wolf Creek, huu been Visit-
IngFort Steolo recently, .
!   Crnnbrook will he* well reproflentoO
at the Spokane PtUr, hoit..  ■**■-*■ or 30
I people ha Ho signlflod ther In ton tlon
: toattond nt nn o U'lv tlato,
,    Mrs. 0, c    i im lift   ih   leaving   ■-■-
(hit-it   various points on the Prnlrle.
Bhe   expects   t«> he  nwny   from tb-
. city  about   thtre   liinnttm.
The Old Uol lab Its Crown Friill .lam
also Stone Crocks, from i sal, to .
j gal   <\zen tor piekleo and chow chow
j at ii , Mannings,
i Miss pearl Campboll gave ,, bouse.
[party to her friends uu Thursday
lovening at the homo of her parents,
' everyone had n good timo,
Mr. c F. Groon, ol Saskatoon, haa
rented the Lund investment  building
and   will   online   in repairing ifi.nB,
safes nnd  locks.
\rthur DownOBt. left on Tuesiluy
for Calgary to retnmo bin studios,
after a verv pleasaul holiday witb
his parents ot Oranbrook,
Malcolm   Mclnnis,    of Crow'a Meet
waa tn town Tuesday. Mr. Mclnnis
is   one  of  the   pioneer mill men  of
Rant Kootenay,
a regular assembly dl Selkirk Pre-
centorv was h.-ld iuf the Ch.nt«.r
room of the Masonic Temple on Mo„
.lay evening.
N. Burdctte, of Marysville, bookkeeper for tbe Fort Steele Minlne
company was in town Monday tn
company hut.in-.s8.
Newly   erected   Bathing   Houses,
ami Hi.i.u ou the Luke for use of .
tlic lloicl Quests
****+***********************If ***t>
.Inmea .McKay will leave Ior Spokane   on    bUBlness    nnl   Ineidtritally
BIHNG VOUR OU) ri!>E TO BOBS | take in the lii^ fair.
Hnv,   llinin,    anj*  Feed.     Srecial
lirireH on enr lota.—In, R.  Mnnnin,*.
Kootenay's Leading Taxidermist
Mounted       A Specialty
Animals, Minis. Pish aniLP.ur.Mats
joiin (i- MrrcHULL
Ciaiil, k   11 C.                         P.O. Bo.v 2%
****** l I l ill l il *** ********* ****H *******
HKAD   OnriOI CALOAKY.  Alia ',',
Special This Week
{ P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
i   .ANBROOK,        - B.C,
H n > > ***** 1 • *t > .»_■*> *■**■**•****■** *+*****r***'f
I Wall Sung Co. ij
Merchant  Tailors
I)   It..v 1,41
Cranbrook, B C
I'.*. ollrni  I '.iid rns ..ml   the B.il ol Clothi
Alw« \ i ..n I land
I'ii*i i i isa i niii-i .mil I>esignei',
All ilu*  ■..•..'  Raihions can Iir in_,ir.
San*.fm ii.in i iunranUed, „
IN Ir******** *.******************** iii *******
II. l„ Sawyer, nf Marysville, woa
in town Wi-'lnestlrty.
BORN—At Cranbrook 0„ Kri.lav to
Mr. nml Mrs. C, A. ColllnB, _ pon.
Mrs. I. D. McNabb roturn-d Irom
a visit to Port William on Wednesday.
Mr. Woodman nn.l Mr. H. Spence
visited Wasa on Sopt, 10th on liusl*
Miss Edltli Caslake led on tlm mil
, iimt., Ior l.i'tliliruUi■, wlitru, alio will
attend the fiarbutt U'.islnesB C> le*-o.
K. Rosa MacKonsle and 0, M,*rritt,
ol Feline, wese tran.iactin. huslneHB
al Oranbrooa Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Tlaylies, ot Indian
ap.'.lis, were OraQbrooltVrlsltors Mo;i-
, Mi» I. M. Rayner and >U8« E,
Lloyd, ol _piairi. Ivans., wer.* cueaLB
at tin* Crahbrook' Monday.
Mr. mid Mt'B. \. II. I*'envl.*k. ol
Port St.:,'-,* wdre in f'ranbroolc- on
Tliur.dny. .
Mr. mul Mrs, John Shaw arrived
home thi.- week Irom „' three weeks
iriptfi the cons!.
Mrs. A, I' Sinclair 10.1, yesterday
lor a lew weeks, vlsltine;-Vtal*.. ry and
fytbtr points) on the .pl-ntrio.
Mr. and Mr..' Fred ". ttMon wl*.
leave 'n tholr niitotmn.ili Silodaj on
a trip to Spnknne.
Mr and Mrs, .1. P, Pin., will leuv.
tomorrow mm inn. on a motor trip
t., Spolinii".
Vou have several chnmss ,,[ win- i
nillK prlMS ni the Bin t .ur ir you
huy vour lloui  hore.—lia R.MnnuIng,
Mr, and Mrs. l). OonnoUy, ol Cole,
mnn    were   i'iichIh ,,i  the I'laiil.i.o, I
Mr. and Mrs, Lester ( Upp will
leave Crnnhroo. r,n Tucsflay next on |
i, vihU to Spokane.
N'. Hans .if und 'lleo. li. I.eask will
leave tomorrow mornln** in tholr au-
t.,mobile on i,  trip to Hiiokam*
Mis ll Mnthors mid ilauglitor, ol
Fori. Ateole   were Ornnbraoli visitors
Mr nml Mrs, (lm. llm Ioi-hi.ii, ol
[li 11 River, spent several days In
Cranbrook thu, woeli,
KII.IIV  PltAM!':-'.  I'lOTURtOfl
I- Miitlieiion. wlll leavo on Sim Iny
on ;, motor trip lo Spokane, He
will he uwnv nix or neven dnys,
Mrs.' .1. II. Hcot.i nml ilnnglloor, ol
Hoiirls. Mini., were i(ilosts ol Mr, ami
Mrs. A. I.. McPernoi  til I  week.
Mrs. V. M. MacPhorsob   nnd  ehlld
returned Hntvrday In-.t  [rom a boll-
I day trip to) Winnipeg,
Prank Deacon, who has boon ill lor
sekerni daya wllb n bad cold, in*now
attlfidlng t" burlr.es- n<t usual,
Messrs. ,1. P. Pink, James Margin
and Ralph Palmer motored to Bull
River TueBday on business.
Dr.   Maxwell and   Inmily, ol Po t
Hteele,    pnnsed through   Cranbrook
Friday   enroute (or the coast where
they' will reside In the future.
Geo. Powell, the. Sewing Machine
Agent of Cranbrook, will exhibit nn
elocttlc run sewing machine, at! the
Big Pa r next week.
Don't to:'i*et putting iipi those homo
made preserves, now Is tbe time Ior
peaches, plums'* pears and crab apples.—Tra R.  Manning.
All. Mut-a, ol Fern e, president ol
tho Pornle-Fort Steele Brewing Co.,
was In town Friday on company
About limn Japanese troops have
been landed at Nnn'tlng, China.
Tbey are intended lor the protection
ol Japanese residents only.
They «ty hta wife hai money.
"Well, that Isn't his -til-*- theVv.
only been marrleO a ahort Una.
. See our line of
Two School Girls will each
net half do/, after dinner
Cups and Saucersnexi week,
Kvery smoker callinK at our
more between 8 and IO Saturday night will he handed a
hox of safety matches.
F. Parks 6? Co.
Hardwire and House
CRANBROOK,     •      It
G. s. Pomeray, ('. B. Qllmore uud
W. Q. Parker, ol Snn Frnn?lsco,
were guestB st the Cranbrook Monday.
YeB, Indeed, the bar of C'iiiia:la anl
the har ol the United' Stnies have
many Interests in enmmon—notably
tbe Thaw ease.
Thofle fellows who were Bhoot n_;
snipe on 8uuday< last were not alter
the kind llmt the newsies b|icor on
tbe  pavement*..
Two new locomotives have been received from the Baldwin Locomotive
works,' Philadelphia, for service on
tho Morrlssey-Fet. le _■ Michel railway.
Mr. Whitoly, who recently underwent nu operation In tbe SI. Eugene
Hospital, Is doing remurkubty well
and bis friends wlll he ulud to bear
tbegomli news.
Mr. mid Mrn. Fred! Wells und Joe
Van Mntrle will leavo. lur the coast
tomorrow. Messrs WcIIh mid Van
Matre will engage iu the barber I,usi
ness ,,l thc roust.
A, J, AlcUulrc, of Coleman, was in
Ibe city Thursday, Mr, Coleman in
a mining man mid In- looking over ihu
district in search ol eo il, or clay
for pott iry%'irpoMS,
Ed. Covelle, of Kingsgate, was iu
town Friday.h lie reports thai ine
crops* In the Moyle Valley are looking well mi.I ii bllinpor, crop Is ex-
The Musl  Kooienuy QreWllOIIM Oo
this week received n rountginncnt' of
1.1,111111   dowering   pots.     This   looks
j well   fui-   tho* growing business don j
by our Into Industry,
The   Ibis-bull   match   hi awe n   tbo
Barbers   nnd    Mill Bartends s playcl
I last    Bunday     afternoon     „,,    thi
ground   lini'li   ol    the   Government
building needs no comment,
j Mr. nnl Mrs. A. Clement, of Oalgary. were In town Wednesday.
j Tbe Hanson Garni',* received a
large   shiriir;oni. til various i-nrls for
'Ford Automobiles this wee'i wblrh
will . mid run .dernhly to the already  well  Hloeked. eiinlpment.
Rr. und Mrn DeNnnerede, o( Ann
Arbor, M rli., nnd Mr. and Mrs.
('bestir Htnpl'en wore eileuls of Mr.
ntiil Mrn. Cbniles Rmltll, of Wyrt.lnV.
on Wiilno'sday,        ••
Mr. .1. CamPbo" iel uui il (ion
Spokane nn Monday nliernooii lle
wnn neeoiui'aiiliid by Mrs. Oampbell,
who hnd born ' visiting friends In
Washington  lor several  wenkH.
Bldltor Thompson, ol tbo Ilornld,
anil .Mis Thompson, loft on. Tinmilny
for Edmonton whore Mr. Tboinpson
will httoud ii meeting ill the' Alhortn'
_ Eastern British Columbia Press
The Traveller—Yes, vou want to
•travel) It broadens one.
Th: Other—So? Ioftenwoodered
•what made you 10 stout I
..I. G, l.cndbi-tlcr, ol U*lh ilillge,
wns in the city. Mr. Leudbetter Is
nn old resident of Cranhrook, he
was here ubout ten years ago and Is
n ire now ou a holiday trip to take
III the  Big  Pair.
Mi. and Mrs, .1. W. Kerr, Mrs. D,
Itiuhmnn mid' Miss Carlson motored
in Irom Elko on Tuesday. The
parly were mueh pleasefl with their
trip to tile metropolis of Southeast
It looks us if Vancouver might ei*
tabll(*bj a reputation iih a home of
pr se lU'htri..-. that will booh equal
tin* ill lame that was brought, to
Calgary by. the death of 'white-hope'
.Mel'in thy.
Don't forget the Big Cr. n'iroo'i
Agricultural Pair on Tgursday, and
Friday of next week. For lurther information see posters' or cn*l. at tb *
mnn iger's office In Cranhrook.
Only lour dayB belore the opening
of the big Cranbrook Agriculture
Pair. This year'n Fair wlll be the
best ever. Entries close cn Mon.
day. Sptomber lSth. Get yo-ir exhibits ready before the opening dny.
Th* Oranhron'i lo-nl poultrymon
met on Friday evening to henr ths
report of delegates to tho provincial
convention and to make tlnal1 gr-
rangements for the accomodation of
poultys ut the Big Fair.
The Women's Mission o' thi Bap.
tint. Church held their open meeting
Wednesday night, a goodly niimbe*
of members being present. Miss
Sutherland thr De.eon sa gave an
Interesting! address.
Mr. A. U. Smith is loo'iin?, sltT
ih interest ot the "Herald" in the
absence.' of Mr. Thompson during h'--
visit to Edmonton where ho and his
wife nre attending the Press Association meet.
A luig. number of Av! .mobile en
Ihuslasts are prcparln.; lor „ trip t.Q
Spokane. They will leave oni J'n-'ir-
ilay, Sciitemher I3tll and while there
will tnke in the Ills Agricultural
Fair. .	
Miss Todhuntbr, „ pro'mt on nurse
(rom Vancouver, h>is been' transferred
to tin. St. Eug'n-* Haspltol Miss
Todhuntei- arrived ini Cranbrook.
Sept. 101b. She formei'.v be'ongod
to Elko, B.C.
On Monday, while snnrring in tb:
Gymnas um, Rev. W. E. Dunbiiiii ro-
eeivtd n dislocated ih mlder. The
accident is to he regretted an.l it is
hoped that Mr. Dunham will speedily
recover. He is now carrying* his am
in n sling.
,1. P.. McNiil.b. general manager o'
the Kootenay Telepbrn. Lines, motored to Fertile Wedn *ailay to ire't
Mrs. MC'abb, who was return'n:
Irom a holiday visit with rolativet
ut Fort William nnd oth-n eastern
Owing to a roek slide on ihe main
line of the C.P.R., nil main lln*
passengers trains were s.nt ovor the
Crow's Nesl branch-six extra passenger train*' nnl six regular tra'm
passed throng the past on Saturday, Sunday and Monday tost.
At the Auditorium tonight will be
Bhown the lollowlng excellent In'- of
lllms , "Within tho l.ltnlt of th
I_tw" n speCal two reel lea'lire
"Blne'i Jack's Atonm.ent:. "Th'
Knight', of bet Dreams': and the Animated Weekly,"
lliiiry'l'hiiw has been doportod an'
Is now in the custody ol New llamp
shir-, where bo "vill again Unlit extradition Irom Ibul stiiee. New
Yu.-k authorities seem tlotermlnid to
get hltn buck 1,1 Mutieawaa-nr cUo
make blm pny for his liberty
Alter the delay caimd by tboMand
slide at llevelBto'ie lust woek, Mr,,
A U. Mellerinot and daugblei Pa
lliein, also Mrrt' Chas. Ma-.-ee, Mas.
ters   Gerald   „ud   Unbelt   Ollne, ar
rived   home ,,n  Saturday la t irorn
thi coiHt where thoy have been vlnit-
Ing friends for lbo past two min'iis.
W.  W.  KII.BY
P. o. llox Wi Craabrook, B.C
'Rexall Store'
The Store with ii Reputation
Beattie ■ Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where li Poys to Dcsl"
Cranbrook B. C.
For Sale!
Away below value—$2 acres
of land, very close to Fort
Steele, suitable for Market
Garden or Daily. $35.00
per acre, Good Terms. .Apply to owner.
Calgary, Alta.
Gen. Di
For Sale Rents & Wants
WANTED—A waitress ut once, apply
tbo Canadian Restaurant, City -
Apply care Prospector 2t
WANTED-Boy with bicycle to deliver parcels, apply Tho Cran uoolt
Drug ft Book Co., Ltd.
WANTED—A gen-rnl servant.    Apply
Mrs. H.  rinrlln*. an
WANTED—Private Boarders, with or
without room.    Phone 441.
 ___._ ,	
WANTED—A Yoi'.n; Olrl, atteniiiig
school, to loo', after three sinsll
children between the' hours of 4
ft H p.m. Apply ^toi Mrs. Darling
Lumsdeh Ave.
1*011 BALE-Lodglng House, suitable
for boarding lions,., located over
Maiiiilng't. store. For further information enquire of W. M. F.r-
ler. over Manning*;* store.        tf.
COR SALE-Ladi s aide saddle, almost niw, cheao lor cash. Enquire at Prospector Oltlce.     37tl.
FOR SALE—Olllce furniture and furnishings, including sale, cabinets,
counters ete.-Apply to Beale ft
.OR SALla--Hav.il.: to go away this
Kail, wi 1 sell at a bargain the
best Improved uve acres ia B.C.,
for (h.rken ranch, s minutes walk
from Post Otic. Nu reasonable
oiler refused; wlll accept unimproved lot In the city or outside
acreage as part payment, It wants
to be seen tn be appreciated. Geo
A. Mart n, Hox 257. cl.y.     K-lt.
Ha—Old Johnny-Boy it ai much
oi ailude ai ever.
She—Seams to na h*'« nMnf
e'OR SALE—Light
quiet. Apply J,
iuii Hotel.
Orey    Mart,
Brault,  Oasa-
TO RENT—Safety Dopos t Bows   at
iioinn.l   prices.     See   Beale  _   El-
TO-LET—Office   on   Norbury Avenue.
—Apply tu Bcsle ft Elwell.
Presbyterian Church
W.  Keluian Thomson
Morning iiurvi.-cs at 11 n-m,
Sunday School! and Bible Class II
a.in. —"I'lcnse Hole the hour."
Evening STVlcee at 7.110 p.m.
Morning silllje.'t: Htud.'oi In Old
Testament characters—Abel, tho Undeveloped."
Evening subject: "Christ In the
New Times—The lllblc's Challenge."
An tbem   Selected.
Baptist Church
Sunday inoin'ng service nt 11 a.m.
Bunday school ,,t uut noon,
Evnuini: OO'ipel sorvlco at 7 HU p.in.
Tbo topic of tho morning discourse
will he "The Conversion ol Staeha
In the evining tho topic will ho
•'Rewards lor Conquerors—A Trl-
iiiiii h over Death." 'I h - public Is
cordially Invited.
Methodist Church
Hev. W. Elson Dunham
Sunday Hervleoa: Tbo paatjr will
proaub at 11:00 a.m. uud 7 30 p.m.
Morn ng subject "Blocks'*—By a
Evening subject: "The Trnvnll dt
oiiwind Bible Class moots oviry
Unndny uIiItiiooii nl II o'clock.
Special pipo-orgnti and' choral mil-
Hie at eVery service.
All mc cordially Invited.
English  Church
Rev. K. P. Klewnlllng Rector
Holy Comintinlon al 8:00 a.m.
Matins und Holy Communion 11:00
Evening with special address 7:10
The seats in Christ Church are Ire*


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