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The Prospector Jul 6, 1912

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 For a Real Good'
Pry A
"Junior Tattoo"
%\\t IkvfyptiUi.
$2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
First Vote  Published
Miss Margaret Roberts leads,   Robert  Pye Second-
Room    for   More   Candidates.   See
Offer on Page Five
Name Votes
Ml.. B. Doyle     1,000
Miss Moser      1,
Mrs. L. Langtn  4,000
Ml.. K. P. Van Hlyke   1,000
MI.. Birdie McDonald   1,000
Mm. P. F. Patrick    la.tl'Kl
Mra. Albert Carter   1,000
Mia. Sadie Moran  7,000
Miss May Chapman     1000
Mlaa L. Flniss   1,000
Ml.. Jean Bridge   1,000
Mra.  J.  Draper  7,000
Mlaa Delia Drummond   1,000
MIm Francia Drummond   1,000
Mlaa Rose Oa.kill   1,000
Mias Waritaret Kennedy   6,000
Misa M. L.  Roberts  27,000
Robert Pye      26,000
Jaa Henderson   1,000
Mr. McKay    1,000
Mr. C. B. Rnrtlett   1,000
Mrs. Thos.  Walton  7,000
Mis. Lillian Leask      1,000
Mrs R. A. Rackleylt      1,000
Mr. A. Portier, Athnlmere  7,000
W. Williamson, Bnynea Lake ... 1,000
Misa J. Cameron   1,000
Mrs. G.  Downing,   Athnlmere ...9,000
Mra. C. Hilton, Yahk   1,000
Mra. M. Palmer, Kragg   1,000
Mra. John Wool), Port Steele ... 1.000
Mias Lilly Sonnid,  Moyle  0,000
The first standing of candidates in
the "Prospector's" voting contest
brings to light a number of active
contestants. There ure otber mimes
on the list representing candidates of
quality and the fact that the mere
1000 voteB given with each nomination hns not been ndded to, does not
mean that progress has uot been
made. Votes are not Issued until
subscriptions have been entered upon
tha contest records. It is safe to
presume that nil candidates are anx-
ioua to display their strength, and
for thnt reason tbe vote appearing
today ia a fair representation of the
progress made to dute. But the contest Is very young, und no one has
a start that cannot he equalled by
auy candidate who is in earnest. A
newly entered candidate could attain
a commanding position with four or
Ave subscriptions. Look nt the vote
schedule and figure it out for your-
Misa Roberta haa captured tbe honors of the contest to the present date
and today's publication will show ber
friends and supporters tbnt she Is in
top position. Miss Roberts has n
host of friends who will support her
throughout the campaign and doubtless, she will be one of the strongest
contenders for the capital prize.
Robert Pye, the youngest canclidnte
recently proved himself to be u vote-
getter ol unusual ability, and he hus
many frlenda who feel he can do tbe
same   thing   over   again.    He is in
second place today and only
distance behind the leuder.
iiis votes grow.
A splendid measure of success has
attended the efforts of Mra. P. P.
Patrick during the Ilrst week ol the
Other conteatants who ure securing
good results are Messrs. McKay and
Bartlett. Both these gentlemen are
reported to be "getting the votes."
J. D. Henderson Is also in tbe race
and rumors are to the effect that
he Is meeting with splendid support.
And there are other candidates too,
hut so far away they have not turned
In nny votes. However that doea not
mean that they havn't got them.
Doubtless they will make a big showing next week. Votes will be published In every Issue of the paper.
The first period closes one week from
Wednesday and after that dute the
second period schedule will be In
effect. The second period schedule is
twenty per cent lower than tbe first
Tbe schedules will positively not be
altered at any time bo the wise contestants will do their best work before the close of the present period.
The contest iB all over six weeks
from tonight. The candidate who
wins the capital prize will he Paid at
thc rate of $150 a week for' the time
they ure engaged in the contest. Do
not this seem like pretty fair pay for
your spare time.
The public interest in thc contest
is increasing every day nud many ol
tbe candidates are doing the beat they
can to pile up a big number of votes
before tbe first period closes. Everybody Is talking about the contest
and everybody will have a favorite
before the race Is won. Many subscribers have culled at the otlice during the last week and have paid their
subscriptions. When a subscriber
calls in thia way, he is asked to nam
the candidnte tor whom he wishes to
vote, and the votes are credited as in
Heated by hint. Many contestants
have received votes in this way during the last week.
We are being naked by many who
are interested in the great conteat
whether or not it Is too late to enter. IT CERTAINLY IS NOT TOO
LATE TO BNTBR. In fnct, there
has been such a small vote polled so
fur that a person starting now is under un hnndicnp worthy of mention.
But NOW Is the time to enter andto
get In your big work while the subscriptions count the most. Impress
this upon your friends muke it plain
to them thnt you cannot win these
prizes without their nssistunce; let
them subscribe through you—and remember, you are not asking a favor
In the true sense of the word. You
ure giving value for whnt you receive.
Moyie Celebration
Crowds linjoy the Mining Town's Hospitality
On Monday, July Ist, Dominion
Day, Moyie celebrated, and a long
programme wna arranged. A large
number of Crnnhrookltea were In attendance. Following were the win-
Mrs In the severul events.
Plrst money In the high jump
was laken hy Sid Elmer ol Oranbrook, with C. B, Howard of Creston a close second.
Hid Elmer wus also first In the
bop, skip and lump, with ('has Nord-
mun second.
A special race In which five Hindus participate,!, caused u lot of tun
und atter the race thu winners gathered their frlenda ami proceeded to
bold a pink tea after the fashion In
tbelr native land..
' Bid Elmer captured tlrst money In
the 100 yard toot race with J. T.
Browning aeeond.
In the Indies race Miss l.lllle Con-
rait waa tlrst, and Miss ll. Blackburn
Hid Elmer wns irrepressible und
again captured Ilrst. money ln the
broad lump, with O. Nordmnn second
Reproductions of Art
We have lust received a series of
reproductions In pimnil form, of oil
paintings by Carl Welmer nnd o. B.
Hernlnghuli*.   These nre titled—
A fight Inr tho overland Mall
Attack on an Imlgrnnt train.
The Relief Train.
Westwnrd Hot
The Puthers ol Wntors.
These are being distributed hy th
Anhndser-lliisrli Brewing Association
of Ht Louis. Mo. U.S.A. If properly;
framed these panels will be n credit
to any living room or den, and
Irlends und patrons ol the "Prnspoc-
In the single handed drilling conteat H. Tnompson drilled n seven
and three-quarter inch hole and took
tlrat money, while Jim Colli wus
satisfied with second money having
drilled six nnd a quarter Inches.
In the log rolling contest C. B.
Whltton wna awarded the prize, and
he certnlnly deserved It ns be gave a
line exhibition.
0, K, Tattoii won In the motor
bout rare. nnd J. Browning had
the best decorated motor bout.
The Silver City has always celebrated Dominion Day, and while moat of
the events were lor the children, yet
the different attractions were In keeping with dnys past, and were very
attractive to tbe crowd In attendance
Moyie has a big asset in the Luke
whlrh is one of Ihe llnest sheets of
water In this province.
The pleasures of the day were cloned by a dance in the evening. Tbe
music wus excellent, the attendance
large, and everybody went home perfectly satisfied with their outing at
tor" can procure copies af tbem by
remitting to the Anbeiiser Advertising Department the hiiii.I1 sum ol 25c
to cover postago.
Carl Weimar spent most of his life
among the Indiana during the middle
of' the pnst century und his reputation ns nn artist is recognised everywhere; Mr. Rernlnghnuu Is probably
tbe best, of the present day Indian or
Western scene artists.
Any of our renders wishing to aee
a copy ot those bountiful paintings
can do so by calling at our ofllce,
Theae paintings are really attractive and certainly reflect credit upon
the publishers.
Johnson Still Champion
Police Stop Contest After Nine Rounds Milling-
Johnson Never Extended Himself
Overseas'  Meeting
Organizer Wrench Visits Cranbrook and is givtn a
Rousing   Welcome
RINOBIDB, Bast Ua Vegas, July
-th-Jack Johnson la still the heavyweight champion pugilist of tbe world
In his battle with Jim Plynn, he was
given the decision in the ninth round,
The police stopped tha tight.
Jobnaon easily demonstrated bla
superiority over Plynn. The dusky
champion bandied the white man as
a school boy handles a play toy and
never at any stage of the game had
the "whit* bona" a chant* to win.
Tbe black cbampian surprised tbe fan
with bis showing. After being out ot
the ring tor about two years he came
back and proved the fact tbat all bis
old time cleverness, bis quickness and
beautiful footwork wna still with him
He won aa he pleaaed and practically
toyed with his opponent. Prom present indications there is not a single
aspiraot for the heavyweight honor
who has the slightest chance to defeat Johnson.
Johnson wagered 110,000 to 13,000
that he would win. Considerable
money waa placed on. the fight with
odds at 10 to 4 and 10 to 5.
The champion received a certified
checkfor 131,100 from Promoter Cur-
ley two houra before the yght began.
11,100 of this amount wus tor training expenses.
The following Is a detailed report
of the light by rounds:—
ROUND 0NK-"W1U you shake
hands, Jgck?" queried Plynn, as ne'
opened the battle by rushing into a;
clinch. "No" retorted the black. I
Plynn kept in close, but Johnson
easily avoided his attempts and Hung
a stiff left to the ear. The champion
pushed his man across the ring, and
hooked his left to the ear, and a
moment later Hung a hard, abort arm
jolt to the law. Joboson smiled constantly, anh fought with great care.
Plynn.backed tbe negro against the
ropes and tbe champion rewarded him
with a right that cut a deep gash dn
der his left eye.   Round all Johnsons
ROUND TWO-As Plynn rushed
Johnson simply grabbed bim about
the shoulder and held him at bay all
the while grinning like an ape.' The
champion poked at tbe fireman's face
with light leads. They clinched,
Johnson upper-cutting twice heavily
with rlghta to the Jaw. The champion toyed with Flynn twice more
shooting right undercut to jgw, one
uf which sent the fireman's head bobbing. The champion wg* careful ull
the time. Flynn's mouth bled aa be
took hia seat.   Johnson's round.
ROUND THREE—Flynu cut short
a remarv af Johnson by twice hooking bis right to the jaw. This nettled the blncv and he cut loose with
short uppercuts. Johnson bled slight
ly from the mouth us he emerged out
of a mid-ring mlx-up hut Plynn spat
blood in a stream as the champion
cut hla mouth wltb a volley ol right
and lefts. Plynn rushed in close and
was met with tbe customary rain of
right and left upuercuta to the face.
At that It seemed as if tbe champion
washoldlng himself In cheek. He
sbook Plynn with a few stomach tape
scarcely trying to protect his body
from Plynn's attacks. Johnson con
stantly shoved his stomach and invited him to blaze away which convulsed tbe spectators. Plynn caused
a great cheer when he rushed the
black to the ropes and planted a solid lift to the jaw. Tbe round Vnded
with Plynn's face covered with blood.
ROUND POUR—Johnson turneu his
head to the apectors and hnrdly noticed bis white antagonist. Plynn
banged away at the stomach but this
time Johnson covered up and shot 4
lefts to tbe face tn quick succession
varying it with a left uppercut to thc
jaw. Flynn ut close range put half
a dozen punches on the stomach qut
Johnson smiled und made no attempt
to protect his mid-section. Johnsen
nroused the crowd to merriment by
releasing Flynn's hold and clupplng
his own gloves together like a happy
achool girl.
I can't light while he's holding me.
shouted Plynn.
ROUND FIVF.-Flynu butted wltb
bis head three times and complained
that Johnson made it justifiable by
holding him. Flynn wga scarcely re-
primaoded for deliberately butting
the champion. Flynn tried to Hnd a
loop-hole to stem tbe beating given
him Johnson rushed the yreman
with bis speed, landing left and right
to the jaw. "He's holding me." was
Plynn's cry. Johnson, maddened,
landed a volley of straight left and
right punches to the face, fairly
blinding Plynn. Then he stopped him
self apparently with a view tn prolonging the conteat. Plynn's seconds
nlso wuraed him to cease hutting
when be sat down.
ROUND SIX-Johnson landed fully
a dozen rapid fire rlghta and lefts to
the fireman's face and at the same
time placed himself in a position to
withstand Flynn's beat butting facilities. '"Walt a minute," cried the
champion,   to a spectator  who had
shouted for him to end it. Plynn
bled profusedly from the noae aa
Johnson beat him with left and right
to the jaw. Plynn failed to land
a glove on tbe champion, the black's
defease provlag Impregnable. Johnson made the blood (airly apurt aa
he ruined blow after blow on hi* opponent.
There was not a drop ol blood on
tbe champion aa he took bia seat.
ROUND HBVBN-Flynn again tried
to butt and waa thrice warned.
Plynn was helpless ln the champion'*
bunds and for the tenth time ln thia
round, was warned by the referree,
saylag, "One more and I'll disqualify
ROUND BIOHT-Plynn kept up his
butting tactics to save himself from
the champions slaughter. He was
warned repeatedly. The black kept
ripping Flynn with uppercuta, the
round ending all Jobnaon.
ROUND NINE-Johnaon held the
Aremnn ut arms length in nn attempt
to guard himself against the fireman-
constant butting. Finally be got in
close, jumped a foot ln the air and
landed with tbe top of his bead a-
alnst the negro's jaw. Captain Pollack, realizing that, seemed loath to
end the contest on a foul, jumped
Into tbe ring and brought the battle
to an end. Referee Smith thereupon
guve the decision to Johns. x, John
son wns given a terrific cheer.
Wolgast-Rivers  Fight
LOS ANOBLK8, Cal., July 4th.-
Ad. Wolgaut, light-weight champion
of the world,, wns given the decision
here today ln his battle with Joe
Rivera. Both men were knocked out
in the thirteenth round but tbe referee gave the decision to the champion. Rivers claima u foul but the
referee ignored the claim while tbe
mob of excited fans flocked into the
ring, tn the thirteenth round there
came a blow which landed low and
in nn inatant both boy* were sprawl-
ing on the floor writhing in agony.
Wolgaat is credited with having landed the low blow and at the same instant Rivers ahot a hard right to
the champion's jaw. The referee's
decision wna very unpopular and be
made his escape from the arena as
lUickly as possible.
Rivers waa clearly the winner In
the opinion of the majority ot the
fans. He outclassed Wolgast in near
ly every round. In footwork, blocking and judgement of distance he was
easily Wolgast'a superior.
A highly successful meeting of Ue
Cranbrook branch of the Overseas
club was held in the Auditorium on
laat Thursday night. The object ol
tbe gathering being to welcome Mr
E. Wrench, the honorary organizer of
the movement.
Tbe Overseas club is not two year,
old yet, having been founded in Aug
list 1910, and'during thut period It
has become tbe most powerful patrl
otic society in the British Empire.
Its members conalst of British sub
lerts. no matter In wbat part of the
world they were born. Canadians,
Australians, Houth Afrtcuns, New
Zealand.™ anil people born in tbe
Old Country.
At present the Overseas club baa a
world membership of 91,000 all ot
them residing the British Isles, while
the Canadian membership ia over
::0,000. In Canada the Overseas club
number 75 organized breaches stretch
ing from the Province of Quebec to
Vnncouver taland. The object of Mr.
Wrench trip la to visit aa many aa
possible of the clubs In the Dominion.
The primary object, of the Overseas club, which owes Its inception
to an idea of Mr. Cecil Rbodea, Is aa
"Believing the British Empire
stands for justice, freedom, order and
good government, we pledge our
selves as citizens of the greatest Km
l>ire in tbe world to maintain the
heritage handed down to us by our
Mr. Wrench, wbo was Introduced by
Mr. N. A. Walllnger, president of the
Cranbrook branch of Oversells club,
which numbers some 150 member*,
drew attention to the fact that the
great success of the movement was
to tbe tact that It waa non-party,
non sectarian, and recognized no
class distinctions,    their extraordin-
The News of the Week
Interesting Events of Recent Occurance
Y O 1!~I  Mean   Y O U—Remember—
Kllby   Frame*   Picture*.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Watson were In
town Friday.
P. L. Coller of Edmonton, was iu
the city Friday.
Men's Huits, this years patterns
und style*, 115-lltl-and 818.00 line*
it less than 110.00.
Choice ('antelopes und watermelons
ut Campbell * (Manning..
Mr. nnd Mrs A. McKinnon spent
Dominion Day at Waa*.
Few Iron beds, left to sell at 1.75
0, 0. H.
Mrs. Oliver Burge of Perry Creev
wu* In town Thursday.
An entire change nf programme at
Ibe Bdlson Theatre tonight.
Men's Suits, this year* patterns
and styles, $lfi-IIO-and 111.00 lines
at less than 110.00.
Harry Mathers came over from
Port Steele nn business Friday.
Nominate a candidate not previously nominated In tht contest aud you
will recetv* a 110 gold piece wben that
contest nut turns In 150 In subscription orders. Send in the name ol a
friend today.
J. McLaren ol Moyle, wa* registered at the Cosmopolitan Friday.
Few Iron bads, left to sell ut 1.75
O. 0,  H.
Mrs. Tlsdule bus been' staying for
a few days with Mrs. W. Doran,
Preserving cherries nnd riutherrles
next week at Campbell at Manning*.
Men's Suits, this year* patterns
and style*, 115-lllr-and 113.00 lines
*t lea* tban 110.00.
R.O. Hamilton ol Toronto, was registered at the Crnnbrook on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. I«it»h, and daughter ol Fernie, were in the city Tuesday.
Pew Iron beds, left to sell at f .75
C. 0. H.
Prank Murphy wbo has been to Cat
gary on business returned home Friday.
Y O U-I  Mean   Y O U-ltemember-
Kllliv   Frame*   Picture*.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Bannister of Fort
Steele were Crnnhrook visitors Friday.
Men's Huits, tbls year* patterns
and style*, $15--III, -and 818.00 lines
nt leas than 110.00.
0. A. Foot, of Moyle, wns translating business nt Oranbrook this
|i,  .1. ('illusion, lelt
1 holiday trip to the
Mr. and Mrs.
on Friday on
100-315.00 111; 00 and 318.00 Men's
Suits to he closed out for leas than
110.00 at the C C. S.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie, ot
Fort Hteele, were Crnnbrook visitors
The Ladles Alii of the Methodist
Church will give a Lawn Social on
Mr. Uren's Lawn, ou Wednesday even
ing, July 10th, A good progrgmme
haa been provided. Keep this date In
mind. Come nud hnve a real good
Mr. and Mrs. P. Brandon, of Toronto, were guests nt tbe Crnnbrook
"Bob" Fltznlminon* with n Inrge
compnny will play at the Auditorium
on July 18,
1110-315.00 $10.00 uud 313.00 Men's
Suit* to be closed out for leas than
110.00 nt tho 0, 0. S.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Kesler, of Moyle, were registered at the Cosmopolitan on Monday.
F. J. Hmythe, of Moyle, arrived in
town Monday to take a position on
the llernld staff.
Men'a Huits, tbls years patterns
nnd style*, 115-110- ami 313.00 lines
.it less than 310.00.
H. J. MrCreery of London, Ont., Is
visiting his sons Robert and Oeorge
MrCreery this week.
The Oladstone sisters at the Audi
tnrlum tbls week, their best acts will
be given tonight.
100-115,00 118.00 and HH.no Men's
Huits to lie closed out for less than
310.00 at the C. C. H.
Mrs. W. II. Hllson, und Mr*. II, C.
Johnson, will spend th. summer
months In tbe fur east.
IIOIIN-tt the Ht. Eugene Hnspltil
on Tuesday, July 3rd, to Mr. nnd Mrs
.1. MrRonuld, a daughter.
V O U-I  Menu   Y 0 I!   Remember
Kllby   Friimes   Pictures.
Mesdnmes Fred Hlnniore, und A, II.
Fenwick, of Fort Steele were Cranhrook   visitors Tuesday.
It Is reported Hint "Billy" Nutt
nnd .lurk Curvrr will hoi 1:, rounds
ut Now Michel ou July "Slid.
umi llfi.im $111,011 and 318.110 Men's
Suits to be elOKKl out for lens tliun
tin.ihi at tbo Oi O. H.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Taylor and
dniir-htei ol Klmherley were dun
hrook visitors on Tbursduy
sry progress was particularly due to
two Individuals, Earl Orey, late
governor general of Canada, president of the Canadian section ot the
Overseaa club, who were largely Instrumental in interesting prominent
Canadian, in the movement waa to
give ilrst place to Ixird Nortbcliffe,
tho proprietor of the London Dally
Lord Northcilffe has taken the llvl-
iirt Interest In the movement since
Its Inception and by placing the columns of the overseas daily Mail at
tbe dispoaal of tbe Overseas haa made
the press tbe beat means of establishing Its efforts wherever British
subject* nre gathered together In any
port of Uie globe.
Mr. Wrench complimented tbe Craahrook brunch of the Overseaa club In
the splendid manner ln whlcn they
relebrated Empire Day.(May 24tb>.
hy making It 11 children, day. He
expressed the bone that every branch
of the OveraeuB club iu Canada
would follow Cranbrook's example
The vital problem in Western Canada to day waa how to accommodate
the ever increasing number ot foreign
immigrant* who are pouring into the
prairie provinces from aU part* ol
tbe world. Mr. Wrench related, how
durin: his frequent visits to Wet-tern
Canada be bad spoken In many occasions to foreigners In Siikubchewnn
and Alberta who did not know wbat
the union fair was. He hoped tbat
tbe Overseaa club would would follow
the e,ample of the United State*
educational authorltiea and Insist in
tbe necessity of instilling patriotlam
into the minds nf the school children throughout the Dominion. Much
was already being done in that direction hut there wns great need for
further action.
Perry Creek Celebration
Dominion Day Celebrate*! Handsomely
The Carmen'* Picnic, held on Dominion Dsy wa* a" complete success.All
kinds of Athletic Sport* were indulged In and thoroughly enjoyed.
About lap Cranbrooklte. went to
Perry Creek in Automobiles and rlgn
of every description.
The lollowlng is the programme and
winners ot tbe various events:—
Union men's 70 yurd race—Fir»t,
B. (Iridley, pipe and cose; second, (1.
Baldwin, but of cigars, third J, Cam
eron, tobacco pouch.
Married ladiea, 50 yard race—Plr.t
Mra. Doran, flower howl;, second Mrs.
('.rant, flower stand; third, Mrs. Ilrld-
iey, licit buckle.
Single ladles, 50 yard race-Plrst
MIm Hlckenbotham, ladles neck collar? second, Mia* Maggie Clark, aide
hair nimli: third, Miss Bertha Hlckenbotham, ladle* neck collar.
(iirls, from 4 to 0 years old, 40
yards-First, Maggie Burton, cradle
and doll; second Daisy Whlttaker.
kitchen set; third, May McKeunn,
small painted hall.
Boys, 4 to 6 years old, 4(1 yards-
First, Charlie Reekie, big ball; sec.
ond Charlie McKenna, water pistol,
third, A. Nother, small ball; fourth,
Ham Jones, small ball.
(Jlrls, (i to 10 years old, 40 yard*—
First, Agnes Reekie, gold bracelet
second, Nellie McKenna, big doll
tblrd, Majotie Burton, girl* necklet,
Hoys, 8 to 12 years old, 30 yards
lint, Sam Whlttaker, 11.00; second,
lack Klrkland; automatic toy pistol,
third. Willie Learning, ball.
Boys, 12 to 18 year, old—First,
Willie Uiurle, 82.00; second Fred
"l.ntley, 81.U0; third, ('onion McKenna, 50 cents.
(ilrls, 12 to III years old—First
aggie Bennett, gold locket, accoud
K, Mat-Donald,   hand  paluted  buckle,
Wedding Bells
On Saturday afternoon, June 20tb,
ul the Methodist Parsonage, Mr, L.
Aikens was united In Holy matrimony to Miss Oladys May Onaklll. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. W.
K. Dunham.
The wedding was a quiet affair none
but 11 few frlenda of the contracting
parties helng present.
The happy couple were the recipient
nl many numerous present*,
Mr. and Mrs. Aikens left on tbt
afternoon train lot Medicine Hat.
where they will realdt.
Serious   Accident
Alei. Henderson, 11 liiii»|erm*u, who
has been in the district fur Mint
eight yenr*, met with * serious accident nn Tuesday morning.
llo  went   luto   the   mill   at   Ryan
third,  Doris  MacLean,  hand  painted
Men, Myears and over, 70 yard*—
First Louie Pearron, gold cuff link*
and irtiek pin; second, James Lunn,
embossed pocket knife; third, I/mls
Stock well, suspenders.
Fat men's race, 70 yard*-First,
John Brown, embossed pocket knife;
second, John Beaton, miapendent,
thlrs, Dan Burton, wrist band*.
Men's free for all, 100 yard*—First
Mr. Porter, Egyptian my.tery; *ec-
ond, Hobn Knutson; tblrd, Jock
Boys, 0 to 8 years old, 40 yard*,
First, David Reekie, atory book;
second, Ray Beaton; hall; third,
Charlie Chapman, money box.
Olrlu, 8 to 12 years old. 40 yard*—
Pirat, Rddie MacDonald, necklet; aeeond, Dora Maclean, ladies companion; third, Ada Bennett, cup, saucer
and plate.
Married ladiea, consolation race
40 yards—First, Mrs. Jacobson, 32
worth of groceries; second, Mr*.
Reekie, art plate; third, Mrs. Burge,
Young men'a race, 10 tn 20 years
old, 100 yard*—First Harold Hyalop.
82.00; second Cack Senium, 31.50;
third, Alex Clark, 81.00.
Alter tbe athletic sports were concluded, dancing commenced In tb*
large pavilion, and was kept up until lute In tbe evening. The picnickers returned to Cranhrook about
eleven o'clock.
Tbe committee on arrangement*,
desire to express their sincere thank*
to Mr. McKenna and Mrs. Oliver
Burge, who so kindly assisted ln mak
ing the dgy such a aucce**, also to
our city merchants who f-rnvided *uch
s generous list.
clothed ln a raincoat, which caught
in the machinery and before the
engine could be stopped, hi* right
arm was torn from hi* •boulder, several rib* broken, with Internal Injuries. He I* In a very aerioua condition at th. Ht. Eugene ho*ptt*l
under tht cart of Dr. J. M. Hell.
Kimberley'i  Celebration
Klmherley, July 1.—Dominion Day
waa celebrated her. by sports and
games. I'rlt.s were distributed to
conteatants in rnrea, tugs of war,
and other athletic sports. A large
number of Crnnhronkltes were In attendance and participated In the
pleasure, of the day.
The Udlli Aid ot tbe Methodist
Church will give a Uwu Hoclal (HI
Mr. Uren's Lawn, on Wednesday even
ing, July lOUi. A good programme
ha* beeu provided. Keep thla date In
mind. Com* and have a real good
•-~-rH--M-|-l--l--H-l-l--^1 I'l-i-M
| Riverview Outing Place
The Best Outing Camp in  L-'.asL Kootena)
•i. Good Accommodations
T "T
r   j.
.-, •   -Gasoline Launch  and Boats X
| Will Open June 15th 1912 !
Z H. LUNN, Proprietor *
T t
***** }***************** **********************
Our Phone No. is 124
You can 'Phone us and we will
deliver your order to any place in
Cranbrook, and you will save
money by buying your Groceries
•|. M-l-1-I-l-l-I-1 ***** II I I I I i-MI-l-m-ll-l-ll-l-l-l-l-l-M-l-.
School Report 1911-12
Drinks   ol   all   kinds cnn  be had at un   store lor
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different Havours.
Dalton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of   Six Hundred C a>es
Fremont  Grape  Juice.    An   unfermented
Grape    Temperance    Wine.
A lull line of domestic and foreign   wines,
and cigars.     Bar Glasses, eti.
List of Promotions and Honors
The Craubrook Public Bcboola cIob
fil oo Friday last aad the pupils an
now having their vacation.     Following ure the list of promotions:—
In class i. examinations bave bwu
written, and forwarded to the Board
of Kxamlners at Victoria. The Roll
uf Honor In this class were awarded
to Miss Grade H3$glns tor regularity
.uui punctuality, and to Misa Agitata
Doyle tor general deportment.
Diplomas were awarded to Reginald
Sainsbury tor ueueral proficiency;
Douglas Ftnnlss for regularity and
Robert    Burcta for    de*
', ************************.**.f*41' H"I'-I-I"H"I"I"I * 1-4
J..|..H..|..|..|..I..|..|..|. .-..,.|..|..|.|.I**A*** 11-l-l -I-H-l l-l--I******
t   PHONE 340                                     P. o. BOX l>04 I
|                  Cranbrook |
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing   and i
Heating Company I
W. I'. JOHNSON          -         -          PROPRIETOR |
25 Years' Practical Experience I
5 Yours Inspector of Nuisances I
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for T
Svvinton, 30,000 Population |
Everything  in  Tin  and  Iron  Made-to-Order J
Blower Systems,   Mini's,   Ventilation   Experts T
Estimates Given 2
Works, Edward St.                        Cranbrook X
Aiitoniuliilc   will   Im-  run   weekly   on
between  Cranbrook  and   Wasa   con- 1
11<• i tut:',  with  incoming  and  outgoing .'.
trains, Good Passenger Accomodation. I
N.  Hanson 1
. *********** ******* *************** ********* i
Mr. Farmer
How  About Implements;
I Have Them
Mowers       Cultivators
Spring Tooth Harrows
Discs     Plows
Klko B.C.
***** ***************** ******************** *
Promoted from Juuior Kuurth    lu
.Senior Fourth:
Reginald Sainsburj
Francis  Noble
H.iMl Taylor
Willie I'ren
Delia gjowe
Hollo Ttuhn.son
Willie Irfrtriutli
Marion l.eitcli
Florence I'ren
'.'live  Uowe
Albert Laurie
Gladys Hickenhotham
Mellreil ('arson
Delhi Greaves
Irene Elmer
Gordon Walllnger
Harriet  Moflatt
Marlon Robertson
Mabel Turner
Clillonl McNabb
Arthur Durcb
Eric Silence
Douglas Pinnies
Vent Bl'ii'hvin
Robert Pye
Pleasant Hinliley
Enid Gill
Diplomas have been awarded to
I'lum Elmer lor deportment; to Agues Reekie and Gorden Taylor tor
punctuality and regularity; and Vigil
Santo tor proficiency,
Promoted from Senior Third Reader to Junior Fourth Reader:
Vigil  Santo
Orma McNabb
Obarllo Elmer
Helen Bridges
Merle Taylor-
Arthur Hichert
Ethel I'armaby
Noel Walllnger
Merritt Leask
Rnlnslord Parks
Miuu Carson
Dora I'ye
Edward Hannah
Hairy Doris
llcnimlettc Doyle
Roy ' Musser
Phillip Brlggs
Golln Carson
Norma Moser
Russell St. Eloi
Bertlin Gill
Prqmoted Irom  Intel ineillntu Third
to Senior Third Iteiuler
Alex  .Menille
Lottie Moore
Gladys Bpence
VgnoSI Reekie
Gordon ArgUO
Hugh I-'riiser
Margnrel Bt, Biol
John  Noble
lions Walllnger
wiiiie Daniels
Grenvllle Mussel'
Gordon  MeKenmi
Tbe following diplomas were nwuril
id     I i.-i>< nt in.'.it     Gladys     Drunken,
niiieiiiiiiiiy ami    regularity Orontey
I'avioi    iiiotieieiiey  Dorothy   McLean.
Promotions irom Division    lour tn
llvlilun Hue,.
n thy MeLeiiii
WIlllO   Melllhon
May Binltll
Armour Braull
Rowland cm
Mm v llm nbiirdt
lliilolil   iMiy
Barclay McNeil
Melville Dallas
Mny HiuiiII
lleiyl Ciiiueron
Raymond I'nrmnliy
Teiui  I'niku
Rnsn THo
iliiliiue   lllelieuliullllllli
Mllo Drummond
Howard Armstrong
Mury Malcolm
John HyHlop
Eiilber  llrnilley
Nettle  llolilliHiin
Fred llrnilley
frail  Bwaln
Promotions -Namoi In    order    ul
J | Merit; Division IV to    division iv.
(torn Intermediate seoond to Heniur
Mabel lll'owu
Muriel lluxter
KUireuce Hulledf.
Dorothy Reed
Ethel  How
Haioid Leask
Arthur Willis
lluliv Deacon
Mabel McGoldrlc
Nellie McKeuua
Elsie Taylor
From  Junior  Second  to  Intermediate Second.
Gladys lll'ookes
Violet S.mpsou
Elsie llcattie
Cliliord St. Eloi
Herbert llradley
John Turner
Crossley Taylor
Harold  Shaw
Honor   Rolls:    I'roticiency,    I'rettn
Merle   Bathie;     Regularity.   Charles
Austin  Chapman;   Deportment,   John
.    Promoted to Second Reader.
Merle Bathie
Irnia Ward
Durum Argue
Violet Jones
Jack Dow
Delphine Dennett
Cecil Reude
Nina Belanger
Jennie Hopkins
Faith Kendal
Winona Btinson
Hliizn Johnson
'      Edith Murgatyrod
Freda Taylor
Austin Chapman
Annie Belanger
Margaret Morrison
Christine Carson
Verne Woodmau
Wilms McNabb
Leonard Ingham
Bessie Woodman
Honor Rolls presented to May
Drake Inr proficiency; Wlnnlfreil Phillips for deport ment; and Samuel
Speers lor regularity and punctuality.
Promoted    Irom Second Primer to
FlrBt Primer.
Muy Drake
Hurry Smith
Marlon McKinnon
Mury Mann
Elizabeth   Piggiit
Malcolm 1'elunger .
Winnie Phillip.
Helen Warden
Lena Hchlerl
Donnlil Dallas
Herbert Hall
Gertrude Hopkins
Kdith I'limmlngs
Maiiille Sroli
Norman Wiisnoii
Eilnn  Sanderson
Samuel Bpeers
Annie Shaw
Sadie Lacy
Joe Frost
Bruce Laurie
Cyril Selhy
Ray Hcntt
Promoted Iruiu Second Primer 01ns
II to ('lass A.
Norman Beech
Gertrude Parnaby
Karl Fenuessy
Leonard liurton
Faith Kwln
Ruth Simpson
Maud Malcolm
Freddy Brlggs
Jim Tito
Ada McKenna
Lcnnre Little
Bam Watson
Irene Linnel
John Townsend
Louise Kelsey
Ciimlllii Titu
Ethel Clapp
Stanley  Modal
Cessle FennesHey
Ivan lliiiili
Roll   oi  Honor—Regularity   and
Punctually Hope V. Taylor; I'rnll
clency Allied Julllle; Deportment
Gnbiicllii Itiimllton.
Fiiiiii Senior    First Primer tu Ju
lilm- Second Preiuer
Allied JolIRe
Irene Cue
lliiluil-llii Hiimllloii
I ler tr inln Willis
Heine Pinker
.1 allien Keinball
'i'lieltiiu Mtliiiinii
Helen Leelere
llowuril llriigaii
kiitiiiI'.'ii Atchison
George I'uiiiiiweii
Homer Aiilirrtln
Kiiziibeih Chapman
John Klrklund
Clllll'les   Mil:: el
Hope Taylor
William Leask
Margaret Can'
Milton SIhsoiis
Edwai-il Taylor
Allan Livingston
Norvitl ('aslitke
Gordon Wooiliiiiiu
Leo Frost
Oliver Onyo
From Junior First Primer to Senior First Primer.
Gordon Armstrong
Ella Kendall
Patricia McDermot
Voru Baxter
John Moffat
John A. Ward
James Logan
Lena Brogllll
Emma Reed
Bertie Townsend
Donald Morrison
Christopher Duekerlng
Kitty  llosiudnle
Jeanne Donaldson
Lawrence Newsoni
Ricnard Johnson
Dorothy Bassett
Michael Moore
Promoted    from    Class A,    First
Premer to First Primer, Division VII
Mow Mah
William Guerard
Isabel Parker
Margaret   Leask
Christie Cormerly
Nellie Moore
Floyd Bobs
Thresa Lacy
Hector Heniininii
Leslie Sneddon
Rita McMillan
Krma McKeil
Connie McClelland
Dorothy Leask
Albert Aubertin
Archie Horie
Annie Laurie
Omer Bernard
Beatrice Willard
Eddie Spence
Jeannie Cayo
Promoted    from Class    F,     First
Primer, to Cluss    A, First    Primer.
Om Mah
Katie Austin
Ruby Scott
George Coleman
Nellie Moore
Richard Jones
John Lancaster
Stanley  Kemball
Douglas Thompson
Promoted     Irom    Class 0,     First
Primer to Class B, First Primer.
Harold Hollings
Gilbert Brault
Harold Dow...
Vivian Kummer
Vera Lister
Helen McGoldrlch
Marlon Henderson
John Shnw
Raymond St. Klol
Ruby Lister
Norub Flnlay
Norma Walllnger
Knrncst South
Dorothy Dillon
OIIITiird   Fluesso
Kathleen llpltu
Stanley Johnson
Herbert McClellund
Honor Hull—Prnllclency David
Watson; I'linctiiallty nml Regularity
Mali Ring; Deportment Walter I,ionic
Promotion list Division X, names.
In order ol merit. Division X to Division  IV,  Junior seeiiinl     to senior
lluvld Watson
Ruth Kendall
Walter Laurie
Romeo III null
Doris Salisbury
Harold lluslam
Mah Ring
Irene Derch
Lily Taylor
Grace Doris
Kddie Turner
Kddle Brown
Lily McCrendy
Muriel Jolmstuii
Dewey McNeil
Ng Wul Iluy
John Drake
Frank Bridges
Untile Hollander
Viola Sarvls
Allan Lacey
Evelyn Mniire
Prnniutliins Irom First  Render  to
Junior Seeunil
Allen Brown
Willie Crawford
Sum   Whlttaker
Muriel Walllnger
Danny liutileln
Mniv Larry
Hugh Hlmpsi.n
Eilwurd Rlne
Hector  Diinnldsiin
Lily   NeWHouie
Wilfred Ciiilwiillnilri
EiiL-rne Hiithetinnd
Sidney llothiimliy
Harry Musser
Melhu  Shnw ,.
Joseph Put I Insoii
•.•H--H"l--H-'H-l+'f-H--H-M-H*- l-M
A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.     .'.
■f When you want Good, Fresh Killed
1 Meat.   That   is the
j Central   Meat ;
Try Some of Our
Prairie Creamery Butter
Put up Specially for Us
-M-+-H-1 I MM-1■.■..•.■.■..■.■.■. ■.+ ■.!>++++++■-+*********
*****t***>r************ *********************_
G. DOWNING, Manager.
Under New Management
HOTEL, g-fpp^^
Is a large ami attractive hotel uf superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men. Lumbermen ami Miners all  go to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
Ciir-d _y the __m M.thoil Treatw.iir
Thijnrinil. ..f yninii: mil inl.l Jlo-ouo.1 men nm iiiiiiii.ll)- mvi.p). fa n nremnltirn i-rnvn
tin- n.:l. I.a.lv li,,l,.,.r..|,uiia, Bsanaat miJ 111 „..l ll,.,.,.,..   ii vuu liioe nnv .,t Ilie i.il-
llllllll.- BVIIIIMI.I.I. . ...L.lll  |,a ll   for. It I. I.} Ua,     All! J.lll  ll.-IVnlH „„,|    „,.„|:,   ,|,.„,	
Ili'lil me ii I. 1-neell. I. ium ll.o iiik, m.iIi ilmli n,,| , i,,,,|..,. ||„ ,„. m'nll I k.
k •i-.lini.il.l". ,iil|.i. ,l ilnilier.il, Inu. I, ,lr,.|i,,..| nml „  ||li nnl In i.rli.n
I'lU'l'l  ll'''.   e,H Ml'.'.. II,   ||..|1.,V .-I,... 1. ,.   ,., ■||e.|,|V«l|   ...    ■ |l|l) ,■
llM-fH IH .like:,  I    vi.ilal ..■N-ll.,1 I..I, -nil,;  .  [-...'lleM |llll/l, lUllslttlllH
liniiiil.1, uuil. iii.iiii,,,.,,!, L.i-.-i.... un, ilacujr,  I < |iiiii.i«,  Imli' InilMl, i.,.ui tJirmii, ete.
.    . VOU      WILL     BK     A     WRECK
Our Now Mrlliuil 'I'reiilm.itt e ill CUM .V mi iiii I lulll.n ll III..U nf villi,    l'n,ler lln Inllll.
<!<> > ■-■'!■■ • ■'-  lie, Ilie til t |iiu 1 1. ..1 Mini nil |.nn|.li',. I.I In .im.l uleers
illnnlili'nr. II ivml ,ir lli( „...i,. |,, , ,|,,,i i„.r,,,uHi„.,,, lu, ,l.r,ilni-, mnl lien-
II I J villll.ll, i line,,, I a liriiilil.tln, r.ie,, full mnl eln.ir, ennri'v reluriin In Ilia
Imly iiiiiI II -nl. |iliv.lonl nml bi.iihI .yileiiia nm iml -nloil: ml ilraliw a
llinl-ll 'I'.'I ' n-ln Ir Hi   i.i Ii hi,    II..11 I let iiu.ti I., mil  lill.ll I lull will ut luul' huril
tSrUISI ilullii,..   Wa Kill in.o „m or ua ,..,/.
REAIHUi   \' Ill Inr v. tin lull I renle I yill, mile for llll li.mn.l ii|iliili,u Fra. of Chaf...
buokairee   " I h. 0.11 n Mitiiltor"   llll-jatmtfllll on Sjc.al PlwM.1 of Mun.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Grlswold St., Detroit, Mich.
All lcttei h from C1111111I11 tutlsl lie nililiesnell
to our Canadian Corr-ispotiuoiicQ li,|i:iri-
iiu'iit In Windsor, (im, 11 nm 1I1 nire to
see imtiersonully call nl "nr Mrjillcill Inslltllls In Uetruil n« wo soo ninl treat
■o patient, in nur Win,lor oflices which nre fur Comsupoililoiico umi
Muoratory lur Cntindlau business only.   Address nil leltsrs us follows i
Writ.fnr oiirpilviile-iililn-ni.
j     I'llONM llllt AUMSTItnNti  AVK. IV n,  |{i)\  nut     J
The (.ranbrook  Exchange
W   P.   Ililll.W,   l'e<,|irl„i,„<
Wc  Iluy, Sfll nr Exchange
Goods nf all Dlseription
i|4»»H4»4H4s>44J4»4J4<>4^ TITF. PflOSFECTOR. CHANBEOOK. B C.
Farm Dairying
1911,  by
A. C. McClutg
& Co.
I.—The Dairy Farm
Demonstrator snd Lecturer In Dairying at lhe Ontario Agricultural
College, Cuelph, Canada.
ture to cause the rows to chill will
quickly Ijo shown lu a decreased milk
flow. Cows exposed lo extreme cold
require more grain food ond giro a
1 The first fnrmer waa the flrBt man, and
• il hl&torlo inihiijiy rests on possesion
mul uao of .and.
'N tho selectlou of Innd for n dairy
farm some essential points must
be considered,   lf n choice of soil
Is to be Imd ii rich cluy loam,
easily drained, is tbo most preferable. ! sm'aiier yield of milk.
Rough, cheap Innd ls often used to ad-1 _ ..    '        _
vontogo for pasture purposes, but more ' Cement Fl00p the Beit'
and more Is tnlcnslve forming becoming popular, even to the extent of having a cow lo ench aero of Innd
I There must be n plentiful supply of
Food wnter nil the yenr, nnd It should
to convenient
I Another necessary consideration Is a
pood market nenr nt. hand or con*
veil lent transportation facilities.   The
, Metal  Money That  Uncle Sam'e Officials Buy and Sell.
i    The mint does not buy old coins or
, paper money, except certain rare eo*
'. loiilnl coins In One condition, desired
for the mint's cabinet    Mutilated or
nncurreiit United Stutes gold and silver coin Is purchased ns bullion,   The
, mint has no ptitlern pieces for sale,
1 nnd the government pays no premium
| for the return of any of Its coins or
; pnper money.
i Now coins cannot bo struck ln thla
, country In the absence of nuthoriza*
1 lion by congress. The mint supplies
United Slnles coins only nnd not of
any past date,   Tho tlfty dollar gold
in led quarters nre largely rcsponsime
for the prevalence of tuberculosis. On
the otber hnnd, a low enough tempera* j piece nud the half dollar nnd quarter
| time.    The children  love it. aud uie ■
j teacher Is able to direct the work and
l have music, too, without tbe expense
, j of an assistant   At the "rest period"
i the children are allowed to choose any
When Teacup Washing Becomei Plece ot mUBic in tne repertory of u.e
1 Instrument, und, Instead of boisterously
romping, tbey sit quietly about, listening to tbe music, each eager for his \
turn to choose the record he likes best (
to hear.   It's a great idea, Isn't It? Ue- !
votedlj yours, . MABEL
New York. 'ty-  ■'
a Ceremony of Importance.
|    The best floor Is mnde of cement
It Is Rnnllnry, durable and easily kept
! clean.    If bedding tn scarce and the
! floor very cold It Is advisable to have
n plunk platform for tho cows to llo
) on,  otherwise   rheumatism   may   de-
I velop.    This.wooden   floor  must  bo
j tnken up occasionally and the stalls
' well cleaned.   Many u. valuable cow Is
,       ,       ,   .„ „.„„,, l lost by allowing her to Ile on n damp,
Importance of good roads is no small, ^ ^ ^ ^^ n ^ ofl ^
t-onsuieiniiou. --.Mod quartern.    Inflammotlou of tho
■ To be n successful dairyman n mnn |    ... ,
*.*  ~   ..ii„i««.fiil   #n Htll AM        Pa  I   UdUCr   11
must flrst be fl successful farmer
Is the result.
There nre many contrivances for
fastening thc cows in the stall. Do not
be cruel enough to have the rigid stanchion. The swinging stanchion Is being installed In mnny stables and is
greatly liked. The upright Iron bar
with lhe sliding ring and chain Is, Iu
tbe opinion of mnny, thc easiest nud
best kind of tie.   A later form of cbnln
dollar pieces In gold wero struck by
private parlies on Lhe Pacific coast dur*
Ing tho '-ID period and not by tbe federal government
The coinage of ihe following coins
ceased In the years named: The ball
cent, copper, In 18."m; one cent, nickel,
ISfi-l; half dime and three rent, silver,
and two cent, bronze, in 1S7IJ; twenty
cent, silver. 1878: trade dollars, ISS3;
Olio dollar and three dollar, gold, and
throe cent nickel, 1SS9. The Columbian
half dollar wus coined In ISO-' nnd the
Isabella qiiniler lu 18.1.1. The Uifn-1
5'ette dollar was struck in IS!)!), thc da to j
on tho coin (10001 being that of tin:.
unveiling of the memorial. <
Certain tuurtUngs, Indicating the place i
of coinage, nre Io ho seen on our coins, j
Those struck at the Philadelphia mint
have no mint mark, but those struck nt'
nil other mints nre distinguished by n !
1 small letter on lhe reverse, nenr (he
boliom. These Icllcrs are "C" for
Charlotte, X. a. discontinued In 1801;]
"CO" for Carson City, Nov., dlseon- ]
tinned In 18011: "I>'; for Dahionegn. tin,,
discontinued in 1S0I* "O" for New Or-
Hint. For tht Summ.r Bungalow.
8.vo Your Silk Pioc. and H.v.
Th.m Mad. Up Into Hand.om. Rug..
Phonograph tn Kind.rgarUn.
Mj- Dear El.u-I was having tea tb.
otber aflei'iiouu wltb a charming lady
of my acquaintance.
"I never tasted such delicious lea Id
my life," 1 said, passing my cup for a
secoud  supply.    "Ia  It because  you
muke lt yourself or because you warm
tbe cit'js'r"
l'   "lt'B tbe cups themselves." she snld
j confidentially
tbe teu,
In  Which   to   Overcome   Many
Houa.hold Hindrances.
To boll nn eng tbnt bus n cracked
shell rub tho cruck gently with loois-1
tened salt, allowing time for lt lo peue !
trate before putting it Into tbe water. I
It will tben boll without comiug out ol
the cracked portion.
To mend hard substances like metal
or gloss there Is nothing better than j
melted ilium.   Melt the uliiiu over an I
"They udd a glory to! intense beat and apply It hot.   It Is nn '
Tbitt'a Juat it nnd all aboul j excellent thing to fasten loosened Ivory ,
handles to knives.
I looked ot inycupcrltlcully-crenmyl    To  servo  toast  dalutlly   nnd  save
white with tbo lovely smooth surface   crumbs cut it in strips when preparing
of a polished pearl. A border of tlulesl
roses In dull pinky brown bordered
the top, nnd tbe burnished edge show*
ed uo slgu of chip or crack.
"Used every day for twenty years,
dearie," she said gtyly, "but always
washed by myself.
It.   It la move tempting and nicer to
To keep cream sweet heat It almost
i to tbe boiling point and tbeu put It In
a glass bottle or earthen vessel, cover
It und set It aside to cool.   Thus treat-
| cd it will keep fresh several dnys lo
WW.which, is an Improvement on tho leans, and "S" for San rnmclsco.
I did style calls for a bar on each side      I'he coins of the United State's now
of the stall and a ring on each bar, authorized by law arc: In gold, double
- . with u chain on each ring.   These two eagle, eagle, half engle. quarter engle;
i Buiu.-iic »nd ucrii ifpiiovKD or cow   chains nre joined In tbe center by a ln silver, dollar, halt dollar, quarter dol
■""• I ring lo which Is attached the chain lar nnd ilitno; niiunr, live cent, nickel
roust understand soil conditions aad
tbe growing of crops,   ln other words,
he must bare a good farm well furm- j
ed. as well as u good herd well cared
for. I
i Rundown Farm. Mad. Profitable.
! Kvery crop grown on llle farm has a
rahie as n fertilizer nud when sold per- j
inancutly removes lhat amount of fer*:
tillzlng mailer from the farm. Very!
often an Intelligent, Industrious man
makes o profitable Investment by buying a rundown fnrm at a low figure
and stocking It with dairy cattle. I'y ,
reluming Ihe manure in good conill-
tlon to the land he makes the exhaust
which goes around the cow's ueck.
The burs nre short and should be
placed wltb their lower end about
eighteen inches from Ihe door. The
side chulns should be slack enough so
lhat when not attached to the cow
the center will hang clgbt or len Inches from the floor. Tbls tie gives more
liberty tban the stanchion and does not
interfere wllh the cow when rising.
Tbe. basement stable la losing favor,
ns It is hard to build one nnd avoid
dampness und darkness—I wo enemies
to health,
Th. Ideal Stable.
The Ideal cow .table Is one without
cd sell  become rich and rnlse good  storage loft or cellar and where uo
crops In a few yenrs. j other animals  ore  housed.    Such  a
•j A study ot the following table ex- building ls expensive and involves
plains why poor, run-out farms are | more labor lo caring for tbe slock,
built up by dairying. Thc figures show In building n new stable every con-
tho amount of money received for the trivauco to save labor that can be nf-
products sold and the value of the fer-' forded should bo Installed. Spend time
tillzlng constituents removed from the und money in visiting uew burns and
(arm, bused on nitrogen being worth studying plans, A wise planning
Vi cents per pound, phosphoric acid menus less hired help aud more satis-
4'i cents nml potash i\'j cents. i faction in dolag tbe work.   Have doors
Mann-1 and passages arranged to save steps.
''.*■   |   A convenient way of bringing the
tin. ton mind liny $12.00   t&.so   ■"•I"" into Ihe Btahle nnd watering tho
ii,» .rows, a wide feed passage, u good gut-
W, mangers easy to keep clean, mod-
ern litter carriers, manure shed wllh
i.6o  cement floor, silo, feed bins and root
cellar handy are points to note.
,•  •*"     A stable should be whitewashed In*
,; 1 heard nu old Scotchman, who prov-1 ,|je „t |e08t everv („i|, ,j|10 nmo ais-
cd It I rue, say ninny times there wero!
only Iwo tilings for which a fanner I
tiliouM morlgage. his farm—flrst, lo !
drain the land properly so ns to raise
good crops, for prosperity cannot rise
from wet, cold soil—tbe Innd must ba
dm hi eil; second, to build good bums In
which to house lho stock and crops.
These Iwo conditions, rightly managed, will erect o flue borne and make a
comfortable bunk account. !
"Lot There B. Light."
. 1 wish space permitted a lengthy dls-1
russlou on tho construction of tho cow ;
► table. It docs seem to me thnt the
health of the cows and tho purity of
the milk depend grcntly ou the stable,
"■'our things aro of prime Importance- I
niulight, pure nlr, tight, dry floors uud
tho comfort of Ihe animals.
nud oue cent, bronze.
Proof sets of both gold and silver
coins ore lo be had hy ptirchaso from
tbe mint. Wben business there is
slack medals may he struck from dies
furnished hy Individuals, public Institutions and incorporated societies nt a
charge sufficient lo cover the cost of
tbo operation und the value of the
metal,—Scientific American.
_.J ton nllxol Imy	
One ion wlirni at $] per bushel 33.33
One ton llvo calll. at 0 c.ntB
I] per pound  120.00
Ono ton who!, milk at 91.2a per
u 103 pounds    26.00
One Ion butter nt 30 ents per
; pound    000.00
Why Wild B.s.t. Lift Mi.iourl.
No elk  have been seen In  central
Missouri since l&lti.  Trier lo thut time
they   were  reasonably  plonty.   They
were attracted by Ibe prevalence of
Ihe suit licks.   Nathaniel  Walker, or
"Uncle Nolly," os ho was familiarly
called, a famous pioneer hunter,claims
to hnve counted tlfty elk ln u drove on
lhe knoll near lhe present Saline conn
ly courthouse.  Tbo bear disappeared
about Ihe year 1810, though occasionally animals of the hear tribe were all-
; erward seen. Old time Democrats suld
' that tho Whigs scored the bear, deer,
: elk nnd almost every other kind ol
game out of tho country lu IStO by
their yelling, until  firing nnd lurch-
light parades In honor of lienct-nl Hen-
jnmln Harrison, their successful candidate for president.—St. Louis (Jlobe
'■ Democrat.
Fir. Insurance Polici...
There   arc   not   many   real   estate j
! brokers who know how to write n fire |
I insurance   policy.     Mnuy,    however,
II hlnl; lliey nre experts about such Hint
1 tors until n client uf theirs learns after
j bis properly bus been damaged by lire
that he was only" pail ly Insured. "It
buildings are lo he Insured," snys It. O.
llaiiliiilil. "cure should be taken to
Issue lhe policy In the name of the
persons In whom title ls rested; that
provision Is inndo that should the
building stand upon ground held In
nny other way than fee simple the
policy will not bu voided hy that fact,
If the premises be or become vacant
Does the ten ever stnln them?" I; moderate weather nnd over the second
asked, thinking of my own pretty egg-! a„y |n warm weather.
Bliell set. j    if0 economize on soap either put the
"Why, ot course. A Hltle common broken pieces in n small cloth bag nnd
suit applied wltb tbo fingers quickly us8 for washing dishes and ln scrub
removes nny stnln from fine china, nnd ' b|„g 0r chip them lino nnd melt In
n tluy brush used ocasionally will keep | a little wuter on tbo stove. In tbe lot-
tbo handles nud tho grooves nt the ter case by allowing Iho soft soap to
boltom of tlio cups beautifully clean,    j COwe to a decided boil nnd adding a
".My set Is so fragile I um almost Httle borax you cun fashion a solid
afraid to touch Ihem," I said. I cnue 0f soup by pouring it into nu old
"Tbey are sweet." my deur old friend ; cup 0r dish to cool,
wns good enough to soy. You know j 'j-0 _oep feather duslers In good con
Ibe set, don't you, Elsn, denr, tbo old i aitiuxi push them, bundle first, Into the
Spude that belonged to Aunt Ellzn, | \eg 0f u„ m stocking. Wheu wanted
which sho lientieuthed lo mo with j for u|0 puu re 0„t of the cover by Ihe
much fear und trembling? handle, grasping tbe stocking In the
"Well," my old friend continued, other hand, This not only saves spnet
"I've been longing to ask whether you wuon lne ,iUS|ers nre not ln use, but
boiled Ihem before you took tbem Into ] lengthens tbelr life and serviceable
everyday use." Ms8i
"Itolledl" I gasped.   "Boiled them I"  ,    As „ substitute for a hot water bottle
"Yes, surely, boiled.   It was one of   r„,ut nn old magazine In the oven.   II
my mother's little ways, nnd I always ■ "„.m ,.C|alu lu0 heat for n very Ions
carry It out.   Delicate china Isn't bolt | tlm„ „„_  ,vlu I]Q  weM ngninst large
bu likely to crack or chip after It hus ■ gm'fjiees,
been boiled." ___________—
So 1 nsked for oil information Instan-1 c>p Mt6, ln HM ,„ Hour,
ler, and hero It Is: '    A C|K.|e 0. mt ouc-hnlf yard in dlura.
"Wrap the separate pieces In soft eteri ttilr. silk Ibe same size, two yards
old clotlis. set them cnrefully In a of |ace aull tw0 -_v_ ot ti_bua njatcll-
shallow pun—a deep saucepan does j
nicely—cover wllh cold witter nnd let |
tho wnter come slowly lo a boil aad
let tbem boll for ten minutes and tbey
nre done," sold my friend trluinpliaut-
"Do you use soup or soda ln your
washing up water?" I nsked.
"A very Utile linked soup," wns tbe
reply. Then she continued, "I nm must
particular about tbo drying und polishing, nnd I keep soft old damask cloths
for lho purpose."
"Your china washing Is quite a ceremony," I said, thinking wistfully of
tho good old days when women really
hod lime to attend to the washing of
Ihelr best china. Now ono Is off attending u club meeting, a sulfrngette
talk or a brldgo game, aud the family
chlnn Is being smashed by whatever
maid one Is fortunate enough lo keep
for a day or so.
Still, It really does tukc only a few
minutes for Ibis teacup ceremony, and
It pays when one hus valuable china,
which 1 Uiuiw you possess In dlslract
Ing quantities.
S.v. Your Silk Pieces. |
1 lmvo recently found out, too, that
It Is n wlso rule never to throw nwny
old silk pieces, no matter how dls-
reputable In appearance, so long us
thero Is any hold together to tho fabric.
Th.   Lady   Who  Told  th.   Pontiff   Sh,
Wi.h.d H. W.re Dead.
I.ail.v l'agct In tbo Nineteenth Century has n chapter of recollections
dealing wllh life in Homo during the
lirst years of completely united Italy,
when Lady Paget's husband was Brit-
ish ambassador to tbe Qulrinul. Among
her stories are some of Pope Pius IX.,
which show Unit pontiff in n most amiable light. Though ilie pope Imd twice
excoiuruiinlcatoil the king, tbey really
loved each other, says Lady Paget,
"for they were made of the same kind
of stuff, and both belonged emphatically to Ihe days Unit are past and gone.
Impulsive in action, prlmesaUiici' und
generous In tempera ment, they allowed
themselves Ilie luxury of sometimes
letting llicii" feelings deviate from what
others might consider the stern pnth ot
When King Victor Emmanuel died
his Chaplain, ngnlnst all rules, gave
him absolution for eveiythiug, though t
he wus under the major excommunicn- \
lion. The pope sent for the priest, Inquired most feelingly about Ibe king's
last moments, and when Ilie chaplain
confessed Plus IX., with tears In his
eyes, cried: "Hal fiillo bene! Hal fntlo
bene!" ("You have done well! You
have done welll")
Another story illustrates Plus IX.'s
sense of humor. It concerns Mine, de
Corcellcs, the wife Of I he ambassador lo
lhe Vntlcnu. n delightful old lady, who
often visited Lady Paget, In spite of
prohibitions. "For," silo declared, "I
am the granddaughter of Lafayette,
and I do what I please." She never
addressed Ilie cardinals as eminence.
but hailed tbem In cheery tones ns her
"denr cardinals." When one dny she
visited Plus IX. ho usUcd her whether
she had seen all tbo sights of Homo.
"Yes, holy fat her," she replied, "but I
should dearly like to see a conclave."
Tills slory was told by the pontiff
Dainty Bonnet For
lh.    Littl.    Maid.
ThU h.iurimade tint of fancy hint
■trow Is In tiie ever popuJ.ir iJCCOtnlUg
bonnet shape. A hand of dark Ithi«
velvet ends tn a putnp liuw nt lhe side,
nud Knottier bund RtattlllH nt lhe from
Is brougbl over (he loft side to ibe
center ur the unci;, thus form 1 us u
unique trimming,
Utile silk grupes tn pnlural coloring
nre placed In groups or Uuce ou linn
bund of velvet.
Rockeftllor Pastor Offers Ten as a Solution of the Divorce Evil.
Ur. \V. W. Ruslnid, ptistor ot John
D. .rockefeller's Ruclld Aveuuo Wop*
tist ehiircl, In Clevclund, O., recently
(■are these len "don'ts'' for liusbnuda
ua u solution of the divorce evil:
Don't forget your wife wnnls to be
loved ns much after marriage ns bt>
Don't arrange for your Recoiid ranr-
rlago before your first wlfo is either
dend or divorced.
Don't compel your wife (o n*d; for a
cent every time f-Ue needs one.
Don't expect your wife to work four*
Tr.p.   They   Have   Ready   Baited
FI..C Unwary Tourists.
Picturesque Port Said, at the en>
trance lo lho Suez canal, Is given nn
unsavory reputation by I. .lolinslon
Abraham lu bis boob, "The Surgeon's
Log." Ugly stories aro told about the
town, Ilio writer says, nud his description of a gambling house filled ou pur-
| pose to lleeco tho unwary traveler [ (Mg pours u day when you worn only
hears out bis assertion: eight.
Suddenly as we drew near one bouse! i)on-t cnrpy all yonr religion In your
tho strains of music came echoing Into ! life's nnino. '
the empty sandy street. An If nt n slg-i Don't let your ni-b/hbori pll.v your
nal tbo decrepit cburlot stood still, my children because von tvere their fattier,
guide got down and suggested I should i noiVt gossip. Me-i should not cu-
go In. I thought rapidly and Ihen foi-1 oi-oncli on a woman's prl.JIcge.
lowed blm. It wns queer, and 1 wuiit-1 |,0„-t ,,.v ,0 „,„ ., fort, horsepower
ed to know. Ile led the way upstairs , „ut0inolille ou a four Imncpoivcr sal-
Into a large room, wliere several men ' aYyt
were playing ronlelte.   Noue took any,    |)on,, „ve ,)(,j.on(1 -_nv mcnns or nc.
uotlce of me, but apparently the bank   cor,ling io your meanness
was having n very  had llmo of It. j    Dol,-t forg(!t „,0 „„st ,,.,..„,,. v„„ c.n„
Kvery one was winning.   The music   „,.,ve j.our f.,mlly „ (hl) ,„„,„„„ ot „
from tho automatic piano wns deafening.   I looked on silently for some time
and then made a move for the door.
An oily looking Greek Intercepted me.
"Won't you try your luck'i" be snld.
"I'm not drunk enough," I nuswered.
He shrugged his shoulders, aud I
passed on. Ou the stub's I paused nud
then stole quiet ly back. The music
had ceased, aud all the confederntcs, .        .
who had been playing so feverishly and ; "»%™*» ™),e„
winning so niucli had ceased also no •*
were preparing to resume lho siesta *J
ConS mr^r-No'v/ Y„rkl -ys for fancy work ,,„d dress acres-
lug Die silk up: nil (tint Ls required to
matte (his dainty boudoir cup.
 ^,^_ ^^ The silk nnd net nro shirred und then
] don't menu good sized pieces of now ' sewed on u blind of ribbon,   'i'he tnce
mutcrlnls which cuu he utilized in tunny   Is then sewed on to tills sumo bund
nnd the wide ribbon Inid softly around
eorles, but to discarded sill; flonncos,
  old  sleeves,   budly   worn  Bilk   waists
Old Glory. that aro tnr past uny renovuting.   Per-1
I liuve seen ihe glories of nrt and | ■*iaP(* i'0|i **•■■-»'* know It, but undent
| ribbons tbnt hnve been cleaned if too ;
(lie cup.   A lnrge double pump bow ln
the Tiotit adds n pretty tluish.
An Early Acquired Habit,
It saves time nud eyesight (o do as
good husband nnd it kind fuiher
"All the honey mooning or lire ought
not lo end wllh the honeymoon," tsnht
.Mr. Hustnrd, supplementing his several
"don'ts." "A mnn ihould nlwnys remember It Is no sin to kiss tils own
wife. Love ts not for courtship alone,
but for life."
my advent
rup ted.
hnd so  fruitlessly Inter-!
sharp cutlers In form of wheels which
r - - M0Mt- MM* PI'AN' architecture ntid of river nud niouu- ■	
C 'ihe tlrst recorded 11 Iterance of OOd   tI,rt,(>ts  .,.,.->  SWectens  nnd brightens   tain,   I Imve seen tho sunset on the •■ •8oH*!d for 1,s0 limku Uue ■•••■u,riHl for I HUlo busting us possible for machine j
Is, "Let there ho light," aud further It j emy (.on|(,r ,„„, aU(j3 t0 lUy self )e.   iIunKfra„ nM\ ,ho moon rjM ove|. Moht | woven rugs. | sewing.    In   making  up  supplies  of I
is stated, "(lod Raw tho light that It  u.)Ct>t of UlQ UmwVt   whitewash well | Blanc.  Hut the fairest v' ■'■- ''-1
Fre« Drinhi.
In tbo French chamber of deputies
each speaker hns (o mount n tribune
near the president's chnlr. Ou n deputy comiug forward to address tbo us-
sembly nn usher Invurlubly brings n
glass of some bo vera go uud places It at
bis side. Under tho empire ot-utors
were allowed only u glass of sweetened
water, mid uownduys when fl uew
speaker advauccs (hu usher, to bo on
the right side, gives him a glass of
Bweetoned waler, but ntnoug tho veteran spenkers wnler nlono Is not very
high lu favor. Cold soup, coffee, wine,
splt-lls nnd lemonade nre among the
favorite beverages.
was good."  Tho Creator of nil things j Btra|pflt| is quickly applied wilh a small i these eyes ever rested  wns the
S«««tJhiiii i    In a certain summer bungalow, the'clothes   such   as   underwear,   school
-MUll  (111   n lllvll   I ,.,     „,,_„,,   _.1A       i      „...    .j.      u  i      ...rtitil.   ...l.l'n   In   lioula
knew that light wna Rood. Wc know
It Is Rood. Then why shot It out of
our cow stables'' Did you ever seo n
■tabic without u window? 1 havo seen
- l'iriocn minutes of direct aunslilno
lil'lug dentb to most of tho disease
iscruui. When we hnvo such n powerful illslufcclntit free let us uso It a bull;
ilimlly. Havo plenty of windows In
tho Hluhlo, Let Ilio siinlluhl |.-et directly In on nil sides If possible. Many
lmvo lho windows binned on Ihe lower
►liln ond Imve Ihem open Inward from
'ho lop. Till, prevents u direct draft
ou Hie cows. Keep tbo windows frea
from cobweb, uud wash them off oc-
■ II la easier lo reKUlalo (lie llislil I linn
II la lo ventilate properly. It we wish
animals to remain healthy they must
tiiire puro air lo brealhe. Thla incaiis
that Ilia foul nlr from lho liinip* nnd
odora from food nud eicri-tlowi must
•scapo nnd bo replaced by fresh air,
p'lioiisnnds of nnliiinls nro yearly becoming uffected wllh liiberculosls, du*
to liisanlliiry conditions. Bf/ecllvo
-rcnltlnllou Is ot Infinitely k-renlcr value limn tuberculin. Tha llrat preveuli.
Ilio disease; tho other only reveals Ua
jirrsonco. There ahould ho nt least WW
I'ublc feel of nlr space for cneh cow.
' Means ot lolling tbo nlr Inlo Ilia
(labia ot or nenr tb* celling will usually prov* boat. Th* nlr taken In will,
by reason ot being cold, lend lo fall
lo tho Door nod thus produce nlr movt-
Ueula which will keep tbo nlr wllhln
tha slnbio stirred mid uniform. Tbe
nutlet (lues or ventilators must eitcnd
to Iho top ot lho roof. Up to lho present llm* Ilia King system ot ventilation or n miidlllcnilon ot It la perhaps
one of lho best Hclalls of it mny he
bad from any ngrlctilliirnl college.
It la probnbly not advisable lo nl
low lho temporal uro of Iho slable to
fnll much below 40 degrees In Ihu
coldest wenl her, but In no enso should
a high temperature bo innl'nlnlned nt
tho cipeuso of ventilation, lf Ihu air
ef (he sliililo la dry cnltlo cnn stand
fltillo a low temperature without tlla-
'-.'puifoit   Too wnim uud Imdlv vcutl
,.' chnrm of which linger* wllb every ouo , dresses, etc., It Is worth while to basle
Periifltu.il Motion.
Perpetual motion mnchlno?  Suppose
lifiil lis a llowcr lo those who love It,
terrible ns ii-uietcor to those who hate
It, It Is Ihe symbol of Ihu power and
lho glory and the honor of fifty mil*
lions of Americans.—<Jeorge I-'. Hour.
force spray pump or may be put on I of my country In n foreign port.   IleaII
with u broom. " ' -        .   ..       ..... ..... ..
Whit.w.th For Out.id. of Duilding.
Sialic lu boiling wuter half n bushel
of lime. Strain so ns lo remove all sediment. Add Iwo pounds of sulphate of
tine, n pound o^eninurSii salt and halt !
n pound of whiting thoroughly dlssolv-
oil. Mix to proper consistency wltb
t,!.IiiiiiiIII. nnd apply lint.
This Is much cheaper I linn paint und
gives tho buildings nnd femes a very
attractive iippi'iuiince.
Oi.inf.ct.nl. For Stall., Qutt.ra, Ett,
No. 1,-l'ollr pounds powdered blue-
stone (sulphate of copper), four pound,
ot fresh lime, forty gallons of wnler.
Uae na a spray.
Nu. '.".-Whitewash nulls, calling.,
oto„ with au ordinary lima wash to
which haa been added n nunrler of a
pouud of chloride of llm* lo lhe gallon
A &iflh From th. Author.
"Proofreiiilliif.- Is (JrccK lo me, even
after having several IiooI-h published,"
Miss Alice l.nuhu I.ci) recently wrote
10 her publishers. "Uut what worries
mo Is this psychological question, Will
my correction, he iis unintelligible Ic
Ihe prliilcr as all his marks aro In mot
11 seems In me very confusing. In III.
face of proofreading I feci like the
farmer who before the rhlnoccrtis' cage
dccliired, There ain't no such heusll' "
who has thc good fortune lo share Its  and lit accurately one of ench thing,
broud and hospilnblo shelter, thoro nro , I lion rip It npiirt and trim nil the rest
plenty of pretty and urilstlc rugs wov.   to Its exact proportions.
cu by n Utile Ucrinnn woman living ln j    Ilcgln sewing on lho straight senms,
tho neighborhood from uinlcrlnl fur-1 so as to accustom yourself to simply
nlshed her by the girls of this purlieu-   hold your work together.   It Is no Irlck
lar family, wbo hnve actual old lush-   at nil once you cnlcb the bong Of It. I ^til*'mnolllne voM oTtleeensH*
loued "comet rag parlies" during tho   Fold  down   hems   and  crease  tucks, . ,    ,f Impossibility.
Winter cveiilugs wllb it view to the   keeping Ihen. Hat nnd smooth Mittler , cronllvo mind Is able to tfa thl«.—
"candle cot   lho prosier foot as you sow, (Junior on |     ; .
....... -..,«  i   .....  ....... ..„., •....«.,..,.. it.* ,..ii.,,.ua i new ion, au
that man could dually perfect n uin-
chlno that would run Itself, It would
not deliver n Irnco of power. The
entire force would bo employed In the
running. It would have lo bo free
from friction, not nearly, but absolutely.   This mnn cannot accomplish.
A lllghllri Term.
In lho provinces down by llll!,,.***
labile, tiie peo|
aoi'louily -■ st
His Honor at Stab*.
"Young mnn, how do you cspact to
blurry my diiughlor If you nro In
"Why, sir, In my opinion It'a the only
•ipiitre llilng In do 'lho lunger I nm
engnged lo lll'l lhe worse off I will lie."
tnke thi-ir • olitic.
         least several nl  lho
tiewsnnpei'd urn nut nt All backward
In orltlolr.lllg llm eilllorlsl remarks ol
papers ou the oilier sldo of the poll-
licnl  (once,    ilie  word* u.i'd  in  iu-
(eriinit to opposing paper, are clten
l*vms nl bcliUlenienl,    Probably Ilia
limit   was   ri'iiclieil   kIioii  the  Back-,
villc, N.ll., Tribune recently relerri-d I)* owfulV"-Wa.hlnglon Slur,
tu thn t.'nnserviilive pftper nt au "or*  ■
Heaven will be Inhabited hy every
mini who has benven In Ills amil.-
Tha S.rvant Pr.bl.m.
"I, sir," snld the dciniinstrutlre can-
dldalc, "nm n servant of the people."
"Itoshl" replied   fanner Corulosael.
Ain't Ihls serviinl problem geltln' la
"Wogglchnt muni have made garden
"does nbout II In an lulolllgOh, mnn-
tier, dues hoi-"
"Yes; he Isn't promising his "rli'lldl
nuy early vcgeliiblcii."-l.onl»vllle •.'ou-
r ler.loiirnii I.
A O.ntl. H.proof.
The (.'harming Wlfo-t'harllo, If n
man wero in sit on yuur lint whnl
would you nny? (,'hnrllo-l should call
hliu a silly nas. Th« I'hnrmliig Wife ■
Then ilnn'l. sit ou mine any lunger,
there's n denr.-1'canon'* Weekly.
Monty In It Anyw.y.
"U'rtl gl'l   IIP tl ITVIllllllllll."
■"Wlial's llm um-'i I'viiii If wc grab
tho gnvci'lllliciil Hicre's uu uionc.v lu
Iho li'i-asury."
"Well, iiiii'I we make innnc.v Olll "f
lho moving picture rlghlsV'-l.oulsvllle
In th* Spring.
i In Hi. .fillliB lii* yiniliu ninn'a fnnry ho«.
j lii'iilii in irniipriir;
In tli. Hiiilna llm ivuiiirn'. bnnti.t. a.t .
IIIII. lill uuil'. iiiii-.r.
-Kill... Clly Bl.r.
decking of their beloved -—_—____
tngc." Uut over the banister roll and I ihe mnchlno nnd regulnle the fiillnosa I
on III* brond couches and window i properly nnd you cnn sew ihe gulden
lionla nre lighter nud richer looking' iho same ns a plnln aenm. Even
rugs, anil ono handsome rug lies across, sleeves cun be held In us they nre Seville big ccnlcr nilile, where all gather |Cd, but this Is after one Is eipert. Al
lo read ou stormy nights. first II Is best to bnsle them.   Cultl
Theso wore niiiile out of old silk ' vute likewise the hnblt of running off
•crnps cut Inlo .trips, lowed logctliei ( one seam on to another, Willi light
nnd wound Into bulla by (hose I0IIII \ atuff hold n atrip of pnper underneath
Ingenious girls and woven by Ihn name j while aewlng nnd icar It off aflorwaid
llttlo  DoulaOll* fi'iin  Into Ihorotighly j Wherever possible use lhe llngllsh bun
dealrnbto   rugs,  thnn   which   nothing   .......
could linrniiiiilzc more perfectly wllh
Iho genuine old nnllque llrclrotis, all
of which wero rummaged out of o verb
table old "family utile," where they
had Inln unused nbice the grandmother of these sniiie girl* wnn young her
self. No oriental rubrics could hare
half lhe harmonious effect In combination with Hie old furnishings, which
ere genuinely Amcrlcnn.   It Is ensy to
think out ii color scheme for uiimmet
furnishings  before  the  hulls  of .Ilk
aro wound.
Any wcuver of ordinary rag rugs Is
able to Inln out the prettier silk ones
nnd can  tell exactly  how much silk
by weight It will lake lo weave n rug   Jusl as It happened!'
•f any desired alio, and lh* result* I l""1*''
•re durable, haiuhom* uud well world
, lb*  (rouble  of  mvliig,  cutting  nud
aewlng tb* .(rips uf silk nud winding
' (lie balli.
Here Is a tuggeitlou, Elsa, denr, (hot
I would Ilk* lo lmvo you puss on tu
Ihnt chum of your, who directs th*
kindergarten in your town.  You bnv*
uflon told me liuw bard It Is for her to
llml nn nsslsliiiil who could properly
lulerpi'i't Ilio snugs uud marches for
lbs children,   A director of a kindergarten here In New York baa aolved
Ibe problem by using n phonograph.
Now, the music la ulaved In perfect
seam.   It Is neat and strong and lend,
Itself beautifully lo uo biisilug.
Wh.r. Rom.no F.il.d.
"I saw ii curious Hem uliuiil Ihnt fn-
iiioiis uiilhor ot fairy lulcs who died n
few days ago."
"Yes. 1 saw Ibul ho wus dcnil-n man
ot citruordluury powers nf Invention,"
"Why, you would think so, of
"Whnl will III* Hem?"
"Why, ll slnlcd thut, when lie Imp-
pencil lo bo oul Into wllh Ilie boys he
WOUld go liiiiiie nnd Kliiiiimi'i- und fuller
nud gel confllBOd nnd lulled up nnd
end by Idling his wife lho whole slory
-Cleveland Plain
No Excu...
"We shnll never huve her In another
club we get up."
"What's Iho mailer?"
"Her mollier died lust week, and sho
resigned on thnt account."
"1 don't seo bow you cnn bliiuie her
for thut, It seems lo uie that shu did
the proper thing."
"I kuow you'd think that Itut It
was her turn tu enteilnln neit,"—Detroit I'l'ce Press,
V-tOr.Tinl.-I HBnF.DUra*.
lit Inlo n steel plnle. This plate makes
smuoth the dough when noodles are
made, und It Is easily manipulated by
pushing up und down over the vegetable or food to be cut Inlo even snips.
L.u.n For Lover..
Two vlulriii lilnmucil In • *m "I'll
When Hi" Mult Muri'li brMMI llUWi
Ami they liivml curb oilier fondly,
As vlni.i. often dn,
Ilul shy Iiepl llicin from speaking
'llll Oulli had lorn llimn .lii'i'l,
/ml nolllur llll.w that lho nihil'
llml illeil uf a hniliifi hvult,
Tn!,. iviiriiliig, yen who nr. lover,,
liy lho i l"l ' li.lili'H. full-,
Don'l wall llll you're iliiml niel l»nM,
Kni- IIiiui It nitty Iio Inu lulu,
|i,„, t r,„,iini.iv l.t your p...lun
Remain looked up lu your breast,
BJnl .|,i'lill  III lien' liivril On. hnlillr
Ami I" t'-l II ' " >0»i   CiltB'i
R.aaon.ble Anxiety,
"Caiilalii." unit! lho pilot anxiously,
"I fear Ihe vessel Is a.bnre,"
"Humph," ejaculated iho cnptnln as
the ilcamci-'a noso went further Into
lho mini, "your fears aeem Id be, like
lhe vessel, well grounded!"-Ilnltlmoro
Not Lett.
"8am .liihnsiin, ji'.u'vo been tlghtln'
ng'ln. VOIIS* losl two of yo' front
"No, I nln'l, mummy, houeat I'a got
'em III mo iiocket,"-I.lfe,
Attic, snd Closet..
Most women dread housecleatilng,
and It ts Hltle wonder. If one could
seo Inlo their attics and closets, saya
lho Woinnn'a Homo Companion. Tbey
hnve tbe "saving uinnln" nml havo lu-
dulged It ull theli Urea, nnd many ■
one, especially she who hus lloyed Id
Iho old borne, has not only her own
but Ibe iii'i'uiuiiinilons ol gencrnliuuo
of women before her.
How run uny sensible woman be so
sclllsb nnd so self abusive nt tne .nine
time us to keep wbnt licnelits her In
no possible wny and yet mnkes lier so
much citru work every year? Wby
cot dispose of llitngs lo the best possible ndvnntnge as tliey heroine uao*
less nnd tare hnlf the work ot th*
spring nrerbuiillng aa well un do •
grent denl of good?
Ha.lth Hint*.
Peopl* culllrnle nerves lo a large
extent and, do not apply .Impio rule.
lo cure them. Healthy work, pnrtle-
ularly out of door., la nn eicelient nntl*
dole to ncrrr-s-
Onlitiis are u very good ionic fur
nervous people.
CrntlllOfl'loi are good for .nfTorirs
from Inactive) liver,
The Boyh..d Aspiration.
"I halo to see,in.y tnin ciliinge tils
mind or Ihlcl'IIIco his llrsi lileals," snld
Ihn iiuc'i|ii|irnmlslng person,
"And yeli'1 ropllcd rJcnnior Borghiim,
"If iiiiiiu of us Imd cliiiiigcil our iiiiiiiIs
ul' incrlllced our llrsi Ideals most of us
Mould bo circus clowns,"—Wuslilnglon
Mo.m Man,
It ivii. i.nn roar, nml she propu..,.t
To nl,I |lti,li„lo|- I'r.ivleiv,
Ami he, menu iihiii, snlil, uuil. t'om|>i<K.d,
"I'll I"
What fill. W.nt.il.
The fouryear old diiughlcr of n pop.
llllll-  New  IIiiiii|ihIiIi'C clorgylllllll   was
idling niiii nlglil nud ivns put to bed
curly.   Sho imlll, "Matninn, I want In
kci) iiiipii."   Uer mollier replied: "No,
denr.   Yuur pupil limit nut tie illslurb-
id."    PrOtly lOOII sho uuld again. "I
want lo sen my pupa."   The mollier replied us before, "Xo, your imiin must
liiil  bo dlsllulled."    lt was not long
' before she iillcrcd llilacllneher. "Main-,
I Inn, I um lick, nml I wnill lu see. ui),
I |)iisliir."-l,'lirl'lliin ncrulil, THE  PROSPECTOR, C RANBROOK, B. C.
©he Usuapsctitt, ©vaulivocik, tf. Oi.
Publi.hed Every Saturday   Morning at Cranbrook, B.C.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Urace,    hiditor.
Postage to American, European and  other foreign cuiiutiies.   r.u cent,   a
year  extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application    N„
advertisement, but those ol a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVEFmsKHS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the euutiai)
Is given to local manager advertisements mid subscriptions will he keot
running unit charged up against their account.
18tb Year
No. 27
With the living expenses so outrageously high it is difficult to make
both ends meet. As u rule und by
compulsion, we make one end oatmeal and the other end tried potatoes
nod in the middle we lire sometimes
lucky to have smoked stiusuge.
There is mure joy In a printing
office over one sinner that piiys in
advance nnd abuses the editor on
every possible occasion thnn there is
over ninety anil nine wbo borrow the
paper nml sing its praises without
contributing a cent  to keep it     out
ot tbe poor bouse.
• •   •   •
There is ample room in this vicinity for several hundred more industrious and progressive farmers. Good
land can be obtained ut a reasonable
price and a hearty welcome awaits
the Immigrant who comes to make
his home iu this country.
• .    .    a
Good roads make it easier lor country children to attend school and enable to do so with greater regularity
Nothing so much concerns the Uie ot
the people In the rural districts as
tbe meana of communication between
communities, towns and railway stations. Good highways make it po»si
ble to centralize schools nnd churches
When a doctor is needed he is needed
quickly and sometimes often. II this
unfortunate necessity arises what a
boon lt is to have good roads and
wbat distress bad roads may cause.
White   Labor   for    Fruit
As a result ot an inquiry conducted
by the British Columbia Fruit Grow,
era' Association throughout the
various fruit districts ol the provlnre
asking whut labor would be required
for the current year, it is ot interest
to note that thc Iruit districts are
much more thoroughly supplied with
labor than was the case two years
ago, when the lu«t general inquiry
was instituted. At that time Iruit
growers made application lor HBO
men; as n result of the present In
quir'y they have naked for only Ms-
Wages in the fruit districts have
advanced slightly  In two yours   and
the conditions  of  tbo  working   n	
lmvo als iprovod in     that fruit
growers arc morn generally supplying
comfortable lodgings and suitable
From the enquiry it wus learned
that on Vnncouver Inland and In the
Lower Mainland suitable help cnn be
secured with little illlllculty without
any special cllort on tho pnrt ol or
ganl-sntlons for tbo purpiilu. U I
true, however, that in those districts
the Oblnese nnd Japanese to some ex
tent receive the preference over the
whit.- men.
That New Land District
Tbe i-renti it a in'"  laud dlstrlot
lu  Suntli-Kiist  Kootonny nunc in
Perry Creek  Notes
Mr. West and family aud Miss 01-
sen were registered at tbe Perry Creek
Hotel last Monday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. Stevens and chil
dren also Mr. ami Mrs. Walker, motored to perry Creek on Sunday lust.
Wild fruit of all kinds in great
ubundiince this year on I'erry Creek,
and their is prospects uf u large
crop ol Huckleberries.
Messrs. I'urr and Thels have struck
still richer diggings, and are expecting some capitalists Irom Chicago
here in a tew days to Install machinery. A road is being built trom tho
Steam Shovel, to their property.
surprise to tbe residents ol I'luu
hroov district who really have oo abjections to the formation ol two ,lis
tricts, but have n decided objection
to curtailing Cranbrook Dlatrlct' to
the betterment ol the Fernie District,
This matter has been brought to
the attention ol the Kxecutive ol tbe
Cranbrook Conservative Association,
anil is being taken up with the Land
Department at Victoria
The attention ol the public was
drawn to the matter by the advert
isement thnt appeared In the Pros
pector, which came as a surprise or
rather a bolt Irom the blue, without
warning, or without consulting those
most interested, "thc people ol the
Cranhrook  District."
Mr T. T. McVittie, P.L.S., and
■•resident ol the Cranbrook District
\ssociatlon tins Informed tbe Pros
■lector that it the boundaries us vrr-
imreil were adopted, there would be a
jeneral mUup, and result in many
conflicts between the proposed dis
For instance tiie ranches of A GiU.
Roger Moore. G. Arnold. Wm. Carlln
and S. Catterbury would be divided,
one ball In Cranbrook, the other hall
in Fernie district
Mr. McVittie saiil further, that if It j
is necessary to re-establish the boun- ,
daries.  there  is  onlv  one  reason.,!''.,
way to do it. to follow natural boun |
tlaries, Mountain divided and streams [
Mr. McVittie clearly showed on the
.nap what he considered was a proper
boundary,   and   which   landmarks   is
strongly  recommended   by   the  ('ran
•ook   District  Conservative   Association,  which is described as follows —
"Beeinnine nt a point on the north
"west corner of the district, shown,
"as Wells Pass,  thence down Toby
"Oreek east to Windermere, thence'
"south through Windermere, Colum
"bin Lakes nnd Kootenay River to
"the   International   Boundary  line,,
"tlience west to where this line in-j
"tersccts   the   boundary    lino   In-
"tween Host  and   Wcat   Kootenay,
"following this line back  to point
"ol commencement."
The  Crnnbrook   District,  being  the
oldest   and Containing   the  largest   a
mount  of agricultural   lands  should
he given the preference.    However we
don't nsk lor any favors, neither do
wish   to  lose  a  large portion  ol
Oranbrook   District,    that   ol   Gold
Crook,   which   rlghttdlly   belong   to
tills district und which is not scpar
atcd Irom Crnnbrook district by any
tuituriil boundary,
If the ubove boundaries cannot be
adopted, the people of Cranbrook are
unite satisfied witli the electoral
boundary, anil lor the land district
to Iii! the same.
The Secretary of the Cranbrook
Conservative Association has wired
Hon. Richard McBride and W. lt.
Husk. Minister of Lands, strongly
protesting against the proposed boun
dary ,,l the Crnnbrook Lund Ulstrlct.
Fishing Is     getting good at   I'erry
Creek now tbat the water is getting
(inn  Club  Notes
'I'll,- Cranbrook cun Club held their
regular  weekly  shoot on Monday at-
lellloull.    There   were   .1 large   ntlen
dance ol members, as well as a number ol visitors Including several la
,1ms, one ,,1 whom, Mrs In- Green
participated in the shooting.
Following is a list ol tb,' events
..ud lln-  result,
1st   -"V8NT-    '-•>   BIRDS.
Patterson   ■    -t
Hr   Green      it)
1 Dr   Hall         II
'ml  EVENT     IE   BIRDS
Mrs  Green I
Paterson     18
Nicole    18
tu-     King    i
:lr,l KVF.NT-   36   BIRDS
Dr. McKinnon     s
Dr   Green       Is
Dr   Hall    10
Nicol   21
tth EVENT-   2S   BIRDS
Mr-   Green     9
Dr   King      C
Patterson       19
Sth  EVENT—  26   BIRDS
Paterson  "■
Davies         1
McCreery    .6
McLaws        9
Green        10
rinkham        'I
McLaws      H
Patterson    18
Niels      "■•■   ••
Tth   EVENT-   25    BIRDS
McKinnon         "'
Davies         *■
Laldlaw      18
McLaws        16
Patterson     17
As will he seen from the above
scores. fairly good shooting wns
done, and the club Is tn be complimented on having a lady shooter,
possibly the only one in British Columbia, and in the near lilture other
ladles may participate in these
Sale is Still On
Many Great Saving Opportunities
Being Offered in livery
Plot Death   of   Kitchener
London, July 2.—A special des-
8pato.ll to the Daily Mull Irom Cairo
states that the British adviser to thc
ministry ol the interior, the public
prosecutor and the commandant, ol
the Cairo police conferred with Lord
Kitchener this niorniog and it ia understood thnt the conference was
connected with tho alleged discovery
of ii conspiracy to assassinate Mohammed l'asliu Said, president ol the
council. Lord Kitchener and the Khe
dive. Four persons have bcen arrest
eil in London ns suspects und the In
vestlgntlon is continuing.
Scene from "Beverly of Graustark"
Auditorium Theatre, Monday, July 15th, 1(>12
How often the moat ilangtroua torm
ol speculation are diguMed by tl.»
D{ime ol "Investment" among the
most prominent ol these in real-08tate
propositions, where the Hold ol operations is iu some boom town or subdivision property situated beyond the
limits ol some well known city.
s.mie ol these cannot be placed in
ihe catagory ot Investments even t»y
the wildest stretch of the Imagination, as they ure nothing but whnt
is ui»tly termed "wild-cat schemes."
We hope our readers will thoroughly
investigate before placing their money
in these dubious places,
Apart from this there is a broad
and growtug field in this district lor
safe, legitimate investments. Close-
in property is ridiculously low here
at present, and don't forget it will
not always be that way. A year
from now you may uot be able to
DUy it at all, and then you will have
the privilege of telling your friends
il tbe many chances you had to make
■ij- money in Cranbrook. Immense
atisfnctloa, is'nt it?
July Number. Cruuhivnk Ktviiw
J Price of Money
The past decade has been a great
change In the attitude of investors,
particularly in Canada. Ten years
ago any Investor who considered him-
elf careful bought municipal and
(government bonds returning from
3.86 per cent to A_ per cent, or mort
rages usually returning but little
more. Now the careful investor can
average about 5 per cent to 5) per
cent on bis capital without misgivings. The safety ot these investments is practically unaltered, the
marketability is greater, the yield is
improved, and there is probably
greater stability of market price.
According to investment theory such
Harmonious improvement in nil the
.-LutlitieH of un investment is paradox
icul. rsually an increase in the rate
of income means also a decline In
some other nihility, usually that ot
safety or marketability. Yet in Canada such an increase has taken place
-tppnrently not only without any de
terioratlon in the other ..utilities but
with even a substantial improvement
in sump respects.
Several causes are assigned for this
change. The cost of living is a pop
lliat* theory, but the necessity for a
higher return on invested money
would scarcely uccotint for an increase In the marketability of prac
tic'lly nil grades of bonds. Nor
voiitd Mr. James J, Hill's epigram
untie Inversion of this theory- "It is
•nt the high cost of living but tbe
• ■s' of high living"—explain It any
uro satisfactory. No doubt the cost
T high living as well as the high cost
f living lias resulted In the demand
r securities yielding a higher return
h.m formerly,    Many investors who
• •mid an animal income of three or
mn tiioim Hiil dollars suHlcient in isim
ind themselves pinched on sU thou
und today.   That would account for
I decline In the demand for high
•rude, low-earning bonds.   Hut there
II a lurge increase in tbe number of
nd.-pcndently wn-ilthy men and of In
ititutb'iiH to whom, as Investors.
safety Is of prime Importance. In a
neasure, too, the necessity tor a
-renter return has influenced the price
•f bonds, hut not to the degree many
people think. The principal reason
is deeper than that. The vast In
■reiine in the natural production of
-old and the available supply thereof
s. In part, the reason for the high
■oat of llvlhg, One would think this
■vonld make money cheap. Hut It
loes not. Despite, yet In part be
twine of, the increase In the gold
supply, the price of money haa In
The result? Tin years ago Toronto
vhen It wanted money, could get It
it -t per cent, usually less. Toronto
ins grown matennlly. Since that
lute It has doubled lu size, and yet
ts bonds are nut easy to tt.-ll at Ind
'er thnn un a 4.80 per cent basis. In
lie sn im1 tin years the price of money
IWJltred On sound mortgages has ill
'leased.    The demand for money bus
town very rapidly. Ah a result tn
eslors can now buy securities at
illCOfl to net considerably laiger
tiiriis thnn even three or tour years
ign. It is a straight case of com
iititlon; the keen, general demand lor
uoney has increased Its price, Just nn
i,keen competition between buyers on
ibe Stock KxcImage puts up the price
of a certain stock. In the cane of
money there Is only lacking the open
market and the attendant excitement
—July Number, Cranbrook Kavtuw
The Entire Crockery Department
is   Being   Closed   Out   At
Wholesale Prices
It Will Pay You To Visit This
The Quality
4 fr 14
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TTTiTrirTTTi I • 'iwi**r,r*t*T
Trade Marks
.»■/•»-.- COPVRIQHTl &C.
Atifone lendlni • -.heir-h and deurlptlqi. mi?
illlfi-Uiy ■•H-tnintii nut <i|ii!i.i»i frM whutliur mi
i,ivnfii.»n lipritbiiWf ini-Milablj. Coi-inmnl. k-
ii.,..-. unlet Iim tl.lenllal. HAHOBOpK onI'ulvntti
Mint lit"*. iiMost nuency forMcurTtigpMonlii.
I'nii'iiii taken tliniURh Muim Jt Co. recelva
fjir .'ini not lei, wit limit charae, ta thi
Scientific American.
A htndwmely lUnntratM weakly. Urg-it rlr.
million ot -.nr H-toUM Journal, itim for
r-uuiiU, ■*)..:> a }"•■"• Pw»U*Se pre,»iil.l >«ltt I'J
ull (Swidwler*. _**'!*
lYIUNN&Co.*6'''---'"" New York   ..
Braolh Osi™"lbs «• SI., WaalUmlun. I). 0.        1,1
§iu ftrotofc ii
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of ihe Dominion
uf Canada, li Ih ndilonul in ull lis
H um-M ihe most expensive ehffrav-
Iiiks, procuring the photographs trom
all over the world.
lt» articles are carefully selected und
Its editorial pulley Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address In
Caaudii ur ■•real Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Menlrul Standard  Publishing Co,,
Llmlt.d, Publl.h.r..
This town hns Ii.uk enjoyed the distinction ol being one ol the best markets In the country. This distinction
hns heen Rained nnd mulntnineil hy
paying the top of thc market or a
little more lor produce and sellim-
merchandise as low or a little lower
than it can lie hoiiKht elsewhere.
Dies iu the Poor House
A Former Merclinni  Prince 1-asse.
Away on a Poor house Got,
The people ol Western Ontario were
.hocked a lew days ago on rending
In a comtemporary the announcement
thnt a liiriiiei  "merchant prince" ol
K  had died In the bouse ol ro-
lui'c. aged 77 years. In a short biographical sketch It was observed that
lie was the nephew ol the late Hena
tor   nnd about a quarter ol a
century ago was one ol the hlg Dry
iIoihIh men ol II   That he should
have passed away on a poor house
cot Is a sad hut striking Instance ol
the Irony ol late. It was said that
never helng married, be was not ruined hy the extravagance and Ingratitude ol his family, and tbat not being a drinker King Alcholo never
played a part In his undoing. Nev-
rr the less, the yenrs came and he
was relieved nl his wealth, nnd
wrecked In henlth and wrecked In
fortune, he was obliged some two
years ugo to niiikr the saddest ul all
I rips "Over the hill to the I'ooi
Whut stronger einmple than the n
hove could any man require or desire as to thn desirability ol a Bale
nieaiiB of Investment such ns the
Ciiliiiillnn (lovernmeut's Annuity Hys
tem, under which Absolute sure provision may he mnde by every man,
woman and child dnnili-lleil in ilaua-
ila against want and old age and
poverty? In his declining, yi-mn. when
his physical mul mental powers mny
have fulled, when In consequence he
may he no longer ahle of earning n
livelihood or of looking nfter his affairs, when perhaps all those nenr or
denr to blm hnve passud away, he
will, 11 he bu purchased a Govcrn-
Takes Pleasure in AmiouiK-iu-f tiie Foiination
ul' a
Permanent Dramatic
Stock Company
To Present
Throughout the Coming Summei" Season
At Popular Prices
The Very
Latest and Best
Comedy Dramatic Offerings
The Company will opeu its Engagement
Monday, July Sth in "Dollars and Sense"
Tuesday "Thorns and Blossoms"
Friday "Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Prices will be from 25c to 50c
i '**** nil ii 11111 n 1111 it h h 11 mi i **** 111 * ■ •
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The Daintily Perfumed Hair Tonic
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HALVIA-'I'hc pride ol Peril Hair UrcKslni{ and Tonic—at once
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bountiful wavy hair, full of character and llle—hair that changes the
wll, lc appearance.
HAI,VIA destroys the dnU'lrulf and will positively make the hair
Salvia Is not a sticky sulphur preparation, but a pleasant una-
sticky and daintily perfumed. I.u,lies of taste and retlnetuent would
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If your druggist dus'nt happen to have SALVIA In stock, Insist on his getting it for yoil; don't allow him to sell you "something Just as good." because thero Isn't anything "Just ns good" us
SALVIA. All wholesale druggists in Canada sell SALVIA; and your
drugclst, It lie Ih up to date, keeps It.   Refuse substitutes.
A large generous bottle soils for 50 cents.
:: Cranbook Drug & Book Store:
i ifH-HWWWW+r-W-H'I'l 1111III Ull IJ11444
ment Annuity havo the haunting tear
ol destitution III iilil nge forever dls
polled. Thut Utile messenger, his
annuity choline, will go to blm overy
three months rurrylng with It com-
lull nnd happiness. II will he n sted
last friend, II will never desert him
Awake young man and young woman to your opportunity, act on the
over 30(1 years ago, but nono tbe lese
lane to-dny, namely, "U»e th"
youth so that thou inuyest have coin
lort to remember It when it hath lor
saken thee and not sigh and grieve
on account thoreol," nnd act to-day.
Apply to your I'ustmuster ur write
to the Superintendent ot Annuities,
Ottawa, fur Information lu regard to
thll most advantageous system ol
You Can Have $700 But
Here's Ten Right Now
Nominate a candidate—not previously nominated—who can turn in
$50 in subscriptions and you will receive a Ten Dollar Gold Piece
Oo you know of anyone whom you think can collect even $50 in subscriptions? If you do, you can make ten dollars.
Send in her name today. Send in as many names as you wish. Send in your own name. As fast as your friends qualify you will receive the gold pieces. The Contest Manager knows that as soon as a candidate enters the contest and
finds out how easy it is to secure subscriptions for Cranbrook's leading paper, they will continue to the end. He also
knows that when a candidate secures fifty dollars in subscriptions, it will not be a much farther step up into the piano
division and finally to the capital prize division. Use the nomination blank on this page. Nominate yourself or a
friend to-day.
Rules of the Contest
Any mnn, woman, boy or girl, whose resilience ia within the circulation zone nl THK "PROSPECTOR" may enter the contest.
No employee of THE PROSPECTOR or member ol bis or her family
le eligible.
Contestants may nominate themselves or be nominated by a friend.
The name ol a person who places a contestant tn nomination will not
be divulged.
THE PROSPECTOR reserves tbe right to reject any nomination without giving the reason lor so doing.
Contestants may secure subscriptions anywhere.
Votes will be issued according to the advertised schedules.
Any payment mny he made by a person now taking THE PROSPECTOR which estends the subscription Irom tbe date to which the subscriber
bas paid. Old subscribers, as well as new, by paying in advance or by
paying past due accounts will help the candidate.
THE PROSPECTOR reserves tbe right to alter any contest rule or
condition, eicept tbat the value ol the prises shall not be reduced.
Candidates must turn ln subscriptions as soon ae received.
In entering the contest candidates algnlly their intention to be governed by tbe above rules.
Nomination Blank
Voting Contest
I desire to make the following nomination -
Nominated hy
Note— Thle nomination blank ie good for 1,000 free votes. Only one
nomination will be accepted for each candidate. The names ol persons
making nominations will uot he divulged.
Grand Prize
1. Two  Passenger,  1912  Model
2. $1,000.00 New Scale Williams'
Player Piano.
3. Trip to New York, Atlantic
City and Seaside, for Party of
Four, all Expenses paid.
4. $700.00 In GOLD.
Second Prize
Upright Grand Piano
Four Diamond Rings
The Candidates  who are Third, Fourth, Fifth, and
. Sixth will each receive a Beautiful Solitaire Diamond
Four Gold Watches
The Candidates who stand Seventh, Eight, Ninth
and Tenth will each receive A Waltham Gold
The Vote Schedules
June 29th to July nth
One Year   $2.00    MOO vote.
Two   "          4.00    6000    "
Three "         6.00   1JOO0    "
Four   "         8.00   20000    "
Five    "      10.00   30000    "
Ten     "       20.00  76000    "
One Year   $1.00    1000 votes
Two   "          2.00     2000     "
Three "         3.00    4000^  "
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July   18th  to  July 31
Augu.t 1st to August 17th
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1600     "
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Wben the PROHPKCTOR and the Can
sdian Home Journal are together
ordered tor tbe same name and ad
drees, votes are allowed as follows: —
Oae Year   $3.00    4000 votes
10.00  24000
Three '
Four  '
6.00 10000
.   9.00 18000
12.00 30000
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(0.00 90000
Information Blank
Please send me detailed information concerning the 'PROSPECTOR'S
CONTEST" and the method to be pursued to win one ot the many valuable prises.
Telephone No ■	
How to Enter the Contest
Nominate youreelf or a friend today-THlS MINUTE. Call up on the Telephone No. 145 or drop a card to
,h. Contest Manager, and you will be supplied with the neceseary Information and stationery. Get your friend
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Capital Prise II you make up your inlnd to do so.
The Contest System
All of the splendid prl.es listed in thle announcement, and possibly o there to be announced later, will be
awarded on tbe baBls ol votes secured In the contest. Votes will be allowed on all eubecrlptlon payment,
ol $1 00 or more to tbe "PROBPBCTOR" and tho Canadian Home Jourual. Votee cannot be eeeured ln any
otber manner than as above mentioned. A subscription record will be leaned for each payment made. Thle
record will ehow tbe name and address of the subscriber, tbe amount paid and what for, the number of votee
issued and the contestant's name. A duplicate will be kept on die at the Content Office to be counted by the
Judges at the close of the conteet. The Judging Committee will be composed .of represent, live men. and tbey
will award the prise, on the nlgbt of August 17th. The contest will be divided Into three period.. Twenty
ner cent more votes will lie allowed during tbe tlrst period than the eecoud period. The third period provides
tor a further reduction of twenty per cent.    EARLY WORK COUNTS THE MOST VOTES.
Contest Now
Send in Your Own Name or the Name
of a Friend TO-DAY
Address all Communications, etc., to
Contest Manager
Drawer "M" Telephone 145
Contest under Direction of the Northern Circulation Co.
Contest Closes
A Prize for An  Effort.   An  Effort for
A Modern Romance
Vera told tho ooaulioiau to slop, mm
thoy both aHghLod. They peeped
over ft lUBtio gate nnd nwny bnclt from
lhe rond there l»v u lilllo colt!, go,
a perfect picture with lis tbatchufl
rouf and a mall leaded window?.
"I beltevp It Ih emply," Hilda cried.
There whs h paper In the wludow,
mid Vera approached to read it. They
drove to the address given, and came
back with the key.
"It  might Imve been  made for us,
and only five shillings a week,     Loolt
............. ... nt  the  fireplace,   with  lis  cosy-Qorii
CHAPTER IV Qr»      U|ldtt  Bnldt  and  Vei.a    Bmlletl
As booh hh she had turned the cor* good-naturedly at her excitement.
r. Vera luUM a^Oftbmaij ■JW^.toW |    A bargaIn WflS ,trucl. witll the laml.
lord, and when they returned to the
hotel Hilda was the accepted tenant
of Sunny cole.
■■--."' ,   ,,       ,,      ..   ,,1,1,1,  h ,,i :    "Vou will not  he lonely," Vera re
bllnratlon al the suocgss which had •
fi, mr come to her.   Blw--toew that „
tbe most dtmeult nan had heen ac-    .. w     ,„ „ d
compllshed, and she had no fen.  aa l,ce 1.osp(10t4'b,e WOT„an ,„ ,lve ,vHU.
toihefuti.ro. ,.,.,,,i„„v;ii».    Then you will not have to waste
•-**-'*1    ynu,.pa!l!^y."!:!!" ^,;., klmeon housework.      I believe   you
look better already " '
j   "I feci teller, dear.     And It Ib you
1 linve to thank."
■   Ulliln took Vera's hand and squeezed it gently.
I    "There is nothing nicer than a real
friend," she whispered tenderly.
1   "I must run up to town to-morrow,
li will take them two or tore, days
him to drive to Little .lames street.
All hesitation had left her. and as she
llslitly clutched the money In her
hand,  eIu'  was  lined  with  wild
rly'entered the
suld, ns alto eagerly
"Yes," Hilda replied.
"Wo Imve just time to catch a
train. Hun down and look for u four-
"Uut I must say good-bye to Seymour," Hilda answered protestlngly.
"Isn't he In';''
"Vou must scribble a note, lie
ran run down to see you. We aren't
going to Hie end of ill" world.
ti B'-'t Hie cottage ready. «" ' vou
make out a list of the thing, whlcb
up shall want, and I will order them.
We ouitlit tu be able to get Into the
cottage within a week."
lust  think  of  It.      So  worries -
and the beautiful country to live In. It
ems like a fairy story, for it Is of
wbat 1 bave alwaye dreamt."
We shall be quite comfortable by
ran stay at a hotel for a couple »' Christmas;   aud  we can    burn    real
days.   I rlioll have io run up to town Cnr|Btroat |oga m ,im ".replace."
nearly every day. but you ran bun;     ..V(„.      Am] (ee(1 the blrjs      Tjj6J,
around for a cottage." .hall have a Christmas-tree to tlietn-
A sudden thought struck ber. selves,"  Hilda said  eagerly.
Itlda did as sue was bade, and Ver
looked distastefully round the room.
It was not till they were driving to I
tin- station that Vera told her of their
"1 have decided to no lo Bognor. \\ e |
"Afier all, we will wall for the next     V(,ra caugn|  un Mrlj. train In the
train," sbo cried morning, tlrst of all sending a wire
She told lh» cabman to drive to a t0 1)avl,i cla>. 9i,vin« tbat she would
shop,    where she took  Hilda Inside (ilU a[ Ihe n'ntei      -r|,D Journey wi
with    her,    and  proceeded  to order !a miserable one. for she bad beeu i.
excited to think over the lios
llilng that they needed. Kor Hilda sh.- bought a warm fur coat, ihat^,, raule a5 a sudden revelatloi
cost a goodly stun. In fact. Bhe spent enormity of her deception .she fell
much more on her friend than she,mat she could not face the tut re ai :
did on herself. ia wild desire .seized her to ko lo Ha\
"You must not do It," Hilda said ja clay and confess Bul no. She
protestlngly. would not give up, all tbls la- .:  bi
"If 1 cant buy you things I Bhall grasp, and she smothered ber sn
take no pleasure In my money," Vera derlag conscience-
answered firmly. I   Her Orel visit waj to Little  fames
She succeeded 111 subduing Hilda's Street for she wanted to arrange foi
protests nnd during the journey she tbe removal of the furniture, .- she
concocted  the story as  to  how  she was anxious to obliterate a!i ■■ tees   '
bad been left the money.    She look their previous existence        She   bad
quite a  pride in  its arllstio  touches, fjust  interviewed   tbe  landlady,    wheu
as idle related tbe Imaginary fac:s to she saw Vaughan Seymour coming up
her friend. tbe stairs.
"Is It very much?" Hilda asked "How Is Hilda*" he asked eager!:
"More than  I  shall  know  how to1    "Better- much better.      You   must
epend, dear.    Bin  you  will help uie, j go down to see her," she replied pleas-
won't vou?"                                          ami..
"You are a generaus darling; out "I will and nt once, for I have sold
I don't Intend lo Impose upon you," my book. Why shouhlu't 1 lake
Hilda said firmly. .rooms   somewhere near.'     The coun-
Vein was torn by two desires-out try Is splendid for writing."
to soothe he, conscience by lavishing |    "The very thing.     We will talk a-
money upon the gitl that ehe was d-i ibo.it It." tn
liherntely  robbing;   while  the  other     "By the bye—a gentleman called to
was lo keep  Hilda  as  much uut of|see Hilda yesterday,"   he    remarked
possesses an unusual opportunity 1" those that
have a desire 1o be, ami
au appreciation of, bciuir
well dressed. The matter
uf detail is what makes
"Tli'udorick's service different ft'iuti tin- ordinary
"lung distance" tailoring.
All of Brotlerick's suits
nre designed without reference lo Hie question ol
price. Our clothes are
made in our own workshop, under our own
supervision and oul of
materials of our own importation, und are guaranteed to be jusl as represented.
Broderick's styles are. as
the result of catering to
the  most    discriminating
and   I l-itioal   of   Tur.'iilu's
good dressers, the ac 'ept-
>-,! standard of Toronto's
st- les .ins: as the values
have come in be accepted
in tho standard of To
i-onto values.
Write us for samples and
si\ le book, Wc will supply self measureiucul
chart and full instructions
ihn: will insure measurements that will be accurate in every dela 1
Prices $22 60 lo $46.00.
,  Sermon.
Deacon A.: "What our people need
Is sermons that will wake the... up."
Deacon B.t "No, brother; whnl. lliey
need ls sermons thai won't let 'er..
go to sleep."
Oldliniet—ls your married life one
grand swoet sr.ng?
Newlywed—Well, since our baby's
been born It's illtl nn opera, full of
Si and "marches .vuh ond culls [or the
author  every  ii|i;ht.—Tit-Hits.
Western Independence
When you hear that the west is
growing Indcpenilenl or tlio east you
can set It down ns n fact," said tho
drummer who had conic In from be
yonil the Mississippi.
"What's the yarn,'' wns asked by the
hole! clerk.
"Oh, not a long one. .lust shows
you tbnt ll Western man doesn't have
to lean on the crowd for his bread
and butter, In a Nebraska 'own I
asked the Innkeeper tho way to n barber shop. llo not only had ono III
lhe place. Inu he shaved mo himself.
, , —~"  „       iTiieu I lohl lilm | thoughi of having
lhe always room at the lop ax- some card photos taken, lie tool, me
loin has kept a lot Of only hull ready J „p um|,,,. I|l0 ,„„,. (1|l(1 wm|i0ii tin
chaps from beginning at the bottom! ,.un„.m |„ first-class shape.
  I    "Sure 1  wanted  it  license, and a«
Relieve. Asthma at Once. It ynu Mayor; bn Issued It, I wiintod u
could rend the thousands of Ulisollc- hoi-Be and huggv, nnd as a livery stalled lotteis received hy the makers bio mnu he hired thom to me, Iliad
from grateful users you, too, would m, (m| tootli, and us u dentist ho
realise the reuinvi-tihio curing pow- vaulted it out"
icrs of Dr. .1. D, Kollogs's Asthma
Ask for  Mlnard's and take  no other.
All  cases.  Incipient    and
"Hut he stopped ibere?"
, "Almost, Ho tilled a pulpit Run
chronlo, are benefited by this groat mlyi lH(1 aomo blncUsiulthlug Monday,
family remedy, and mnny ot litem begn„ ,„,„„,|1(! ,,,„ BC„0c,mouse Tues.
are cured. Why sutler or export- ,lny „,„, wucn , ,,,r, Wednesday h,.
wenl with worth ess preparations „,,„ hol(Mng ,,,„,, ,,„ ,„„,,,.„ „, ,„„
when the genuine Kelloggs can he !„.,„.,,. W|,en you want to Hnd Ind"
,purchased everywhere. Incidence, go went, joiing man."—St
The Tired Business Man
i     Now.  let   ua  consider  Ibis   bugnbo
Of   the   'tiled   Business   Man.       The
titeairicul niauagera yelp about bim
"Why do you produce nothing bul
musical  comedy?"  we  ask,
"Oh, vou must cator to the n
business man."
"Why     must tho   llberoltu   be   In
IVOI ds of "lie s> liable '"
Yon   Bee,   WO   i.ll, I    lu     tlio     tired
business man."
"No doubt  that tu-coimts for iheso
I vide   plots."
"Yes, ii, c.uer to the tired business
Louis Times,
Not lo be Caught
Tom:     1  told  her father thai  I  ex-
peclul In inherit Severn!    pieces    of
Dick:  "Whal did llo soy?"
Tom:  "He said tlmt deeds speak
Hut   iocs  tho  tired  business
1  louder than  woi'd.-
.Ifiliuson is u menu mun.
A favorite dodge II' his Is In try and
ci i live ml.ice from his doctor, bu.
tlrcu | tlm man uf medicine ls becoming luo
l sharp for bim.
"**-'      The oilier day Johnson   rushed  Ut
his doctor ou llle street.
ness    "ijiHui afternoon, doctor!" he began
gushingly.     "By Ihe way, 1 know, a
mi'n iliian  who  Is   suffering  agonies  from
this   consideration   when   l.o npumlisln. .   Al times il is so had In
io the ball part
he hard benchei
the esl of us. Yin
Man is a myth.
No. Ile Bits
and loots like
Tiled Business
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
simply howls Willi tho pain.     What
would you do lu thai case'.'"
"Well, 1 don't know," was lhe doctor's prompt reply: "I suppose I
should howl with pain, too."
sight us possible. Sli, hoped lhat
♦he would find a cottage out nf tb-
beaten track, where she could bury
her, so lhat there would he llttlo
chance of her coming into contact
with anyone who knew I.e.?
At Bognor iluy went to a small but
comfortable hotel on lhe front, and
both of them took a.childish dollghl
In donning their new purchases fur
dinner. The dahrtlly cooked food,
and tho champagne which Vera insl.it-
ed upon oi del iug. wai such a pleasant
,linage afier tin months of hardship
which Iluy had endured, thai the
Men] lieciiin a iiicr-  oue.
"I stall not go to iwn to-morrow,
Iml shall .'lay del" and look liflni
you." Vera remarked ns they went
to Ihelr bedroom.
"I bnve ordered nil open carriage,"
she conlliiued as Bhe vvnrniud herself
at the fire, "mul we will go for a lung
The morning was ported, and tbey
were ii. iiii, best ol Biilrlta when thoy
toolt tliolr scats in tin, Inndcau Thoy
wero thoroughly onjoylr.g llieiuselvos
when Hilda gave a sudden cry ot admiration.
"Did you ever see anything so
swcotl"   she cried eagerly.
when Your Horse
Goes lame
No Alternative
Managev Ito applying offlca   boy)
Why <iwi you leave your lust place?
Hoy: Well, 1 oouldn'1 Kit alPUg \» ■ I
lit*  Iimsh,  mi'  lm  wouldn't     t;it  out -
Tlio fact that opportunity is always
i.i ;i hurry doesn't cause her to he- ■
come resentful v,\w.n -1110 In umbl-ecj
around the vralst!
"Who "flu ll?" i-liP ileniainleil quick
"Ilcrp'a his* card,"
Bhe took It in her hand and tnecltun*
if ally read the name,
"Mr. Crawjej Brann, Solicitor.
"What did iu* want?" nho demanded
fiercely, and Vaughan Seymour stared
at her In surprise, as liu notkvd her
unwonted agitation,
"M*1 didn't tel 1 mo," he answered.
"Didn't lit1 ask where I was?"
"It was Hilda (hat Uo wanted lo
"Of course," nhe said hurriedly,
IHd yuu say  where she had gone?"
"No, for 1 didn't know then, What
Im the mystery?
Nothing-—Nothing*—tt was probably the solicitor wlm has heen threat*
enlng her with a summons 1 naturally don't want her tu bo worried."
"I wish 1 had known. I would
have kicked tlio Unite down the
stalrg,"   he cried viciously,
"Didn't he ask any y,ue.**tion8?" she
"Ho satd It didn't matter," ho answer ed.
she drew a milch breath of relief
'ami tho strainetl look loft her eyes.
"I have taken a cottage near Bognor, We Bhall he settled there lu u
week," she xtiUl wiih a bright smile-
"Do you think I might take rooms
near by?"
"l Ht-o no objection. Why don't you
run down at once?" she suggested.
Vera was anxious lo get him out of
the way and Bhe knew that ho and
Hilda would both ho content us lung
ias thev were together.
1 "I will. You're a brick, Miss Stafford, You can't tell how pleased I
um that yuu have come Into thla
money. I am only plad It was not
Hilda thai  was the fortunate one."
"Whj ."' she asked curiously-
"You don't think I um the t-oit nf
man that would many a rich wife?
No thank you."
"Is that a quotation of the sontl-
meiits of your latest hero?" It doesn't pound qnito like real life," site
sni-t simply. "But there, I'm only
teasing you. Tack up your traps, and
10 down at '.rico , We are sta-iug
aj tho pier Hotel b,i 1 I dou't Hi Ink
yuu had hotter KO there. We must
havo a little respect f«*r 1 ■•] rfonven*
aiiOSS, <?Vt-n If wo iivo in Hohomln "
With ft cheerful nod iho left blm,
and drove to the bank where th*
drew luffle money. Ftom there sho
rltlted a fashionable dreitsraakor, und
when sh« left even she wus lalislled
wait the fay she wae dressed- Bhe
stopped al ft jeweller*.*! In Hund Street
and proceeded to gratify he? passion
tor guttering gems—rtnti, bracelets,
and a small watoh thai vas eet with
By one o'cloch she had finished hor
shopping, nn-l i*iie strolled along Pic*
addllly (a the Kits Hotel where she
asked  for David flay    Hhe w«3 evl*
dently ojtpected, for she '.«:■ luimeiJ*
Intel)  conducted to ids sltUag-roow.
To be Conilnned
!: Is Impossible to stale just wheu
una wl.^re chess was born. Hack v.e
may go in tbe ages, ai-.i *■■ atiU And
It existing. We see It painted on
the Egyptian vases, and wc hud it it:
the Chinese books of wisdom. It
has been ascribed to all sorts of birthplaces, Its creator having been at
times a man, at times a god. Nothing
positive is known about .;, yet the
greatest probabilities seem 10 point
to its "having come from tne East. It
may he Interesting to note Just a few
of tho hypot&escs surrounding its ob-
sours birth.
John do Vlgney assigned the Invention to a Babylonian philosopher,
Xerxes. Leneur attributes its off gin to
Chilo, the Spartan, one ot the seven
si»pos of Greece. Sir William Jones
ascribes ihe Invention of chess to
Mars, and feels sure it originated from
India. Gibbons says;—"To admonish
kittKs that are strong only in the
strength of their subjects, the same
Indians invented the game of chess,
which was likewise inirodiiced Into
Perela during the reign of Nushtrvan.
An Indian philosopher thus describe chess:—"It. is a representative
contest, a bloodless combat, an Imago
not only of actual military operation.
but of that greater warfare which
overy son ot the earth, irom tho
cradio to the grave, ls continually
waging—the battle of life.' One Bens
eh-arly that, even going back to Its
birth, ihe parallelism between chess
and men exists, for does anybody
know just when, where and how th-
llrst man Appeared 0.1 earth? Also,
te It not a fact, that man's attributes
and natures have remained unchanged throughout centuries, and that
chess was played much In the same
way. each chessman moving In its allotted manner even 5,000 years ago?
According to Cnvrera, the principles
Of chess could he applied tu the game
of life. The board may be consider*
ed the field of life, chequered with
good and evil on which man Is to
play his game and he rewarded according i" his deserts. The pawns
may be looked upon a? representing
those feelings which are first excited
by circumstances and form barriers to
those stronger passions which would
ho represented by the superior pieces
The castle, moving on the board In
direct lines, represents that innate
sense of Justice pervading every human breast, which, however attacked
when properly maintained cannot be
conquered, The knight, eccentric in
hip movements, bul regulated by fixed principles of action, portrays that
feeling othonor which, deviating from
lhe benteh>eourae, seeks for adventures. By the walk of the bishop
May be considered lho l'ellglotm feeling which Is continually crossed by
the movements of ordinary life; as
tliey never have lho color of lho
square they stall from, 'hey are typical of .1 firm faith. Tho queen typl*
lies ambition, and the king, moving
only ono square at a time, while every
alll'OOttoU Is open lo his choice, li
highly characteristic ol prudonco, Ho
seldom moves unless forced, Shelter*)
himself In hind,  aud  claims tho sue-
ror of justice, honor, religion and ambition.
Longest Span Bridge
It is claimed  for  the new  double-
Uiu 11   JVU IIIIP'   lll.l'. 1   , ,        ,       ._, ,la        * ■
nil curv is uuu m   deck bridge which is now nearly com-
Ue bitwa and luui-oufl I dieted across  the   Missouri  river  at
li.'!   ■»   (lil:ii-k   ilit-tll- i J, ,,,, ,,      .      ,.      , ,. . .
r mn ikti i.ti*>imiii! Kansas illy that it Is tho longest
ih ui,* country tor yean and is a twular prwertpuon. Upau riveted bridge as vet construct-
it it compotM ol ihp beat tonics known, coniblneu 1 , .«,„ ,„„„,,. r .v.- .„„*.. „,.__ ■_
with me beat blood puriflera, acuta, direcuy on ihe -1*!. the length of the main span be-
-urfacoa. Tba perfect comMnaifori ix the ■ jug 425 feet- The striking noveltv
M:";".-^Mia ^-ua'^r ^.V^n^'^.r ^of tho structure Is the fact that tho
nF.j. CHENEY 4: CO., Props., loiedo. o. j lower platform can be raised against
the floor by means of power-operated
eables, drums and concrete counterweights. The vertical travel of the
platform Is AG feet, and it is raised
and lowered by two 260 horse-power
,,-'i : ii'vi UYUCATIOXS, m Ihcy cannot micu
in- Mat ot the diieaae. .'-.inrrti is a blood or conntl-
uiio'ini da-wase, ami m ord»-r iu euro if jvn muat ini.c
,1,-niJt remedial.   Hull'
■rnauy. andacie direcUy upon tlirj^biood and-muMUj Ipieted across  the   Missouri  river  at
■i-iai-fa*.   it.iiis Catarrh cum h n»t a quack meot-
 ibi'd by
1 ii* red i"
Long Cough
The tiger came toward mo. bellowing and grunting, and when he got opposite   the   screen   he  gave  one    of
those fearful coughs which onlv a man
who has  been close to such a beast 0ld u" and Worn
can appreciate.     It was 11 feet long.      Gen. Marion Mans has a keen and
-Loudon Standard.
Minard'a   Liniment, the  Lumberman's
Polite Assurance
Mr. Conductor, do you think this
tunnel is perfectly safe for our travel?"
"Don't bo afraid, madam. Our
company got you in this hole aud
we're bound to see you through"—
Baltimore American.
As a vermifuge there is nothing
so potent as Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator, and It can be
given to the most, delicate child without fear of injury to the constitution.
delicate taste In literature, and at a
recent dinner at Vancouver .-Barracks
discussing a popular novel of little
worth, Gen. Mans said:—
"Tho pathos of the book Is really
bathos. It reminds me of a private's
widow. The good woman was about
to sell her husband's furniture, her
rugs, plated ware, and what not. As
she was going over these articles her
eyes filled with tears, a host of memories rose to her mind, and laying
aside a half-dozen knives, Bhe said:—
"Oh, dear! I can't let these go!
They've been in poor George's mouth
too often!"
No Suffering Yets!
Tho unnnlural siidering of so many women at times
can lie relieved by a little cme nud proper help.
Ueecham's Pills give just the assist mice needed They
net gently but surely; tliey con i '. faults of the system
so certainly lhal you will find IxHer conditions prevail
Amongst Women Who Take
this renowned and eflecllve remedy. Beecham's
l'ills will help your digestion, regulate your bowels,
stimulate your liver. Headaches, backaches, lassi-
~tudc, and nervous depression-will trouble you less and
less after you take at times—whenever there is need—
Women withing Io retain their youthful look* and to feel at tbeir beet
•houla bo euiu te reed the epecial directions with ever** boi.
Sold everywhere.   In bote*, 25c.
Like One of the Family
Tibbie liiio been placed by her anni
fn a situation as maid of all work in
u family of throe, At ihe end of the
Weel, the abut "stepped along lu" tn
see how Tibbie was getting on.
"Do yon like jour work'.''' asked tl"'
""fis fair," said the laconic Tibbie.
"Antl arc they making you feel at
"Whiles the are, and whiles they
"Now, what do yon be meaning by
thut?" asked the aunt, Impatiently,
"Aweel," said Tibbie, "they have na
asked me to gang (' kirk wi' their
yet, but last, night they went on wi'
a grand Quarrel they were having, all
tho three 0' them, wi' me takking the
dishes off 0' the table, jisl. as lf I
had been one o* the family."
When Your Eyes Neid Car*
'-. -Try Murine Ev« Kemf-5*'. NoMmerilne— f *ol|
nne—Arte gul.-klj. Try ii> for Reel, W«e<
I Watny K,t>» umi Granulated Uyellile. I I'm*
I tratfil Buck lu eauti Paclm-re. Murine U
' r"iiipuiirnt''rt bj> tint iK-iiltdte nut a "I'atr-ni Mev
; Ii-Ibb" —but need ln Binvusifiil l'tij-nklent- I'M
{Iiti for ninny jrtri.   Now -Jp-Jlunuxt i» ttio Pit*
In and mid by ItnifgiKi n at 'iho ftrnl 6Do ner ll«Uto
1 Murine X?e Hutvolu JUr-pllo TubeaVKo md eta
; Murln* f y« Remedy Co., Ghlotg«
  tt ui
,r ,  r. Be ium tad *ik for •
WlnitoVi Soothing Syrup," and Uke bo (
Idad,  Twenly-fivectuUd boltlt.
I    vate   diseases   and   drink   habit,
Write 81 Queen East. Toronto.
Artificial Sponge
The manufacture of artificial sponge
is based on the action of zinc chloride on pure cellulolse, which has been
mixed with pure rock salt. This
mass ls subjected to pressure by a
press, provided with pins which serve
to pierce through the mass, thus making tiny canals, looking very much
Ilk* the pores of the natural sponge.
It ls mashed very thoroughly ln a
weak solution of alcohol to remove the
excess of salts. This sponge swells
up with water and hardens on drying
just like the genuine article, lt is
especially adapted for filtering drinking water, but it can be used for all
purposes to which thc natural product Is applied.
Dublin.—Sectional volumes of   tlio
report of tlic census of Ireland las* i     .... .    ,   .   ,        ,      ,
ear, dealing with King's county nn.l ;">''l'\ s^  *l'0B   Invited  to   a  board
Th. Graiplng Salt
"Capt. Salt once bebaved with considerable  heroism   in  a  collision  at
sea. and his company wished to pre
sent him with a gold watch. Accord-
lhe county ot Tlpperary, enow that In
the former county the population fed
from C0.107 in 1901 to 56,832 or i.57
per cent, and In Tlpperary from ICO,
232 to 162,433, or 4.S7 per cent.
Nature Wa. in Tune
Cheerful Undertaker—neaiilifu! day
for the funeral,     sir;    just   enough
breesso to stir the plumes.   Now jump
in, sir, please.
Ho—"You are llll Ibe world In me."
She—"Well, all the world  doesn't
love a lover this time."
meeting, nnd there, In a luxurious,
room on tho thirteenth story of a
skyscraper, amid a throng of millionaires with white side whiskers, a
superb gold watch was duly present
ed to the mariner In a neat speech.
"And how did Capt. Salt receive
lhat beautiful watch? He took It
in his big red hand, frowned, and
"Where's the chain tbat goes wllh
Getting   a   Recommendation
N'ew Maid—"Would you mind Riving me n  rikemniendntion, mum?"
Mistress—"But    you've    only    just
Now Maid—"But ye may not want
Oeorge (In melting loncs)   Millions Ito give me wan whon I'm laviu', mum.
of slurs look down  upon  us,  sweet- —Answers, London,
Mabel—"Oh, is my hat on straight?
ln Mexico a day's ("or* is   a   half
hour's practice wllh n plsioi or rifle,
"Have you n spare cigar about you.
old chap?"
"Certainly! But I thought you were
going to stop smoking."
"So I am, hut not too abruptly. I've
Rule. Th.t Will H.lp an A'm.t.u- «• already quit smoking my own cigars."
Read th. Riddl... j-lloston Transcript.  	
Writing lu cipher, where letters or
she—in n war -retting married Is
like using lho t,ile|iliune.
Ho-  How BO?
sin- film iiofs'iit nlwnys get tho
party one wants,
i.„„!.' !,i.;;„i. At *,u'.;.,. ',....i   ti
toni.cr nml alv« b.lt.r nntlrfn
Hon 11int. other mnliia. Ttlny
urn llm relUll of till ..i-nta' tc
cumulated linowlodgi) nml ...
D.n.noo in nmiiiirui mi.Ii Or.de
BIhh'.. Btookpa liy imilitiK
fle.l.rn rvciywliein In ("annil.
Limited, Hamilton, Oni.
N.tur. Wa. in Tun.
t'lieeifnl  I'ndi-iinker- lleliutlfiil dav
for the funeral,    ah;   just   enough
breeze in stir Ibe plumes.   Now jump
in, sir, please.
"Papa," Queried G-yeaiold George,
"when two people .■.;,, man-Ted aro lltcy
iini-ii; ono?"
■ i'i-.i, in.\ boy," nnswored liln folic
"Wlileli one?" conllii I Iho siniill
Information sicker.
"The voice lhal Is cryln' in Hie, wll-
ilcruesii lliiii dny nn' llmo is lulverlls-
Ing iciii estate laliln' nil mansions
mi earth: en' ir lho voleo Is onlv loud
i iiinmli, It's sure to tntcli Uio crowd.
• Atlanln Consllttiilon,
Th. Ex-May Qu..n.
-It Mi. dfilsgato. netk mo, iiintlier,"
H;iM lln, limn Willi 111. Iieuti tilu. eve.
"(Mien Hi. rubln'i, inns eiiunda sweet und
And Ilia mill tn III 111. il'V
I'.in I bother in tvukq me, mollier,
lllll linnil tliom n|..nt their Way,
A,1.1 iniilta ll v.nn v'uln, IT they urik you
I lloii't car. lo li. qu.on of III. Mny.
"If Ihny want in. for sheriff, inotlicr,
i)r llieuiun nr ,„,inly clerlt;
If Hi. public cboloo lililn ine lilt my vole.
'I'o liflji In riuiveiilloii work,
Von may ring tlio I.ill fnr ine, mollier,
lint ollierwl.. simply m,y
Io tli. frl.lltls 1'vu luior.li, lint huv. ilull.
I don'l care to bo queen of tli. May,"
—Wn' Illusion Hlnr.
Kvery yenr Ihe I'nlleil SIiiIch lm-
ports between iwo million nnd iliree
iuIIIIi,n pounds of cninplior.
.   i    '   Som. Ar. 6o by Nature,
A eerliiln young  mnn,  who Prtijli
himself ou a bnis'iuciioss Ihnt tit nils-
, lonk for wlf. met nn eminent, hut
touchy, sculptor at n alndlo supper,
"So yoii'iu Ilie chap," lie snld, on
being Introduced,  "Hint  ninkca  mud
lends J"
|   "Not all of Ihem," lho sculptor re-
•tiled, quietly,-youth's Companion.
figures or characters, grotesque or otb
erwlse, are used (o form tbe words,
while It may look formldohle to the
Uninitiated Is really not difficult to
solvo If one will tackle It with care
snd patience.
Tbe proper way to set about reading
sn unkuown cipher Is to Uud the letter
or figure thnt occurs oftenest. Tbls Is
sure to be "e," us "e" Is by fur tbe commonest letter In the language. Tbe
secoud commonest ls "I," nnd lf you
Und n three letter or three Ugure batch
often of which Ihe last Is "e" and Ihe
first "t" tbe middle letter or Ugure Is
sure lo stand for "b." Any leltei- or
figure standing alone must, ou clear
reasoning, be "1" or "o" or "a."
The second commonest three letter
word In u message of any length Is
sure lo be "and," which gives you three
more letters for addition lo the alphabet.
Ileraemberlng that tbe commonest
doubles sre "co," "oo" aud "II" (In tbe
order given) and tbe commonest two
letter words nro "he," "by
The mnu who will try any old thing
once. Is liable to get slung a scandalous number of limes!
Conditions In Japan
Tbat tbo old customs of Japan arc
Passing away and tho empire ls rap-
Idly becoming civilized, and, moro
slowly, Christianized, Is not borne out
by the fact, for the dark siile nf Japan
Is turned aside by those who visit
there. A writer in tho Missionary,
Intelligences, of Cincinnati, long /,
resident In Fukushlma says: "ldolalry
sllll prevails. The tenacity with
which they cling to the family gods
in some homes supposed to bo Christian Bhows that Idolatrous customs
havo a strong hold on them- Hcie
iu Japan tho divorce rate is three
times ns high ua lu America, anil
then not nil ihe separations are counted. Tlio people uro woefully addicted to tho use of lluuo.' nud tobacco.
All tlic mis are smokers. When we
ride in the train we are slilloil by the
tobacco smoke. A lot of women
smoke ns well as I lie men. There ls
much drunkenness. Japan ulso
bonds lho "Ist of tuitions iu regard lo
tho number of suleldis."
Judge "Vou    are    charged    with
Prisoner—"I wus going for a doctor."
Judge—"Whom had you run over?"
To the competent, a chanco nnd ft
cinch urn Interchangeable terras!
No one need endure Ihe agony of
corns with llollowny's Corn Curo nl
llllllll to remove them.
at" and "an" (In the order glvenl, a
person should be uble to solve almost
any cipher message.
A  Irl.f   Period   Snateh.d   Trom the
Regular Routine Aide Health,
Self Improvement societies that have
tried to and tbe best way to live have
never discovered anything more valuable than play, says Collier's Weekly.
A man may shake up a continent by
bis energy or build kingdoms by hie
„„ro | brains, but ao far as his persons! life
-        ,-    A   ,..  i.n>   I..ah   ft   .all,,fa 1.
w n. u. goo
Is concerned be bos been a failure 11
be has uot learned lo play.
Ploy, of course, Is not confined te
games, lt may be a walk In tbe woods,
a row upon the river, a sail upon the
Inke. To some making s garden Is play,
as to others Is chopping wood. To play
Is to fellow the irresponsible Inclination which gives Ihe most pleasure
with tho least medial strain and bodily
. Ideal liiiiy Is a brief perloo of care
froo living snutclied from Ike rcgulsr
routine. It Is enjoying tht pleasure ot
being nllvo: It Is absorbing from the
tortu "nil "it M "<ln vvllhout con-
sdoug effort. More tin,' more we art
dying lo lencli Ilio children how to
(ilny, but wo do not know how ourselves. Ilcforo us always Is tho bogy
of wasting time, and the dovll of disease, old age, misery and failure never
Invented a falser bogy. Wo send our
children lo tbo public, playground and
go on ourselves getting soggy and
heavy and gloomy aud nervous.
Baby's Own Tablets are as good as
a doctor in the house. They never
fall to relieve the Httle one from
stomach and bowel troubles, to ex
pel worms, malte teething easy and
promote healthful sleep. Concern
ing them, Mrs. J. H. Turner, Glenora,
Ont, says: "I always recommend
Baby's Own Tablets to my friends.
] v«,.e ,,oed them for a long time, and
find tbem without an equal.
They relieved baby ot Iho feverish-
ness and have made her one of the
most healthy babies there ls. I always keep them In the house and
consider them as good as a doctor.'
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a bo-;
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co, Brockllle, Ont.
Maypole Soap
Give, rich, even
colon, tree liom
Uieak* and .bulut-
ely la.l. Doe. not
•lainhand. ur Leltlea
24 colon, will give
any .hade. Color.
10c, black 15c. .1
youi   dealer',   oi
CI - paid    with
klel   "How lo
Dye " lion
F. I. BENEDICT & GO. Montreal
| ^_^   _r   RUBIER _
[Tread softly -
^_ Stepsarelu. jfesji
Eabodu the patented features
of Cats Paw Heels.    „0
■     —  ■ li   '»   Hmplr.      Eaen
$O.0<>   tor   Ontl-llefr  Course
indudrng Tr«t Book.     WRITE AT ONCE.
Gettlr,- It all
The doctor lo'd him hr. neeilcd car-
bohydratoa protoldii a.ei ahovo all,
something nitrogenous. The doctor
mentioned a long list of foods for him
to eal. He staggered out and wabbled Inlo u Pent avenue rcnlniiriiM.
"How about beefsteak'!" ho asked
Ine waller.     "Ib thnt nitrogenous!"
Tlio waller didn't know.
"Are fried potatoes rich In ear-
Imliy, driitcs or mil'!"
The waiter couldn't say
"Well, I'll flx II," declared the poor
man In despair, "Bring mo u large
plate of hush."—Pittsburg Post.
Sleeping Sickness
A French doctor, M. A. Latent, who
has been studying tho insects which
are supposed, to carry sleeping sick,
ness, reports lo the Biological Society
of Paris that, v-'allst working in tha
British dependencies lu the Indian
British Mauritius and Iteunlon. his attention was called to lhe rcduvlldao
bugs, especially a large bug which
attacka man, anil Is called hy Hie
natives "Mnupln" or 'Murpln.' The
Ilrst of those wns caught in a native
bed, where It hod Jusl hlten a child.
Afterwards the natives found him sov.
eral specimens, and ln the Intestinal
canals of almost ulljio found try-
panosomes, the organisms lhal causes
sleeping Bickness. The Sleeping
Sickness Bulletin for April stales thnl
this observation should be of special
Interest for India, especially Madras,
for Dr. Donovan has there found nu
exactly similar form of organism lit
the same bug. which ho hns proved tu
feci nu human blood.
Willi "The sight of an old school
mate Is—er—well, It might bo called
both meat and drink."
Bertha: "Yes; that's what you men
usually do In the circumstances,"
"Meet and drink."
Kxnmlner: Now, suppose you found
n man,on tho street so Intoxicated he
couldn't, slnnd up, *<tpw would you
treat him'!
Now Cop: I wouldn't treat him al
all. I'd think he had enough, and tell
iilm to go i-K-mo und sleep lt off.—
New York World.
HI. Handicap
The greatest hnndmustcr I ever
knew," su>b lho man with Iim ashen
on his vest, "was a llttlo, slim, bald,
headed, smooth-faced fellow named
■lolin Smith. As n band lender ho
mnde nil these famous ours look like.
hopeless amateurs."
I never heard of lilm." argues 11,11
man wllh tho reversible tlo,
'Of course you didn't. Nor did anybody else. Didn't I Just say Ihnt hn
was a Hltle, Film, balded headed.
Bmolhfucod fellow and lhat bis mini.i
vtas John Smith'!"
In London
'I fear you are luslng Interest lu
the cause."
"I see you constantly wllh a young
"No danger," declared the militant
"Then ha la not your beau?"
"No, he's n professional bondsman."
"I wonder," mused little Harry, who
wns studying his Siinilny school les
.wn, "If men will ever live to bo '00
or uuil years old again!"
"No, I riiosb not," replied hlj 0.
yeai old Blsltr. "Tho Lord tiled tho
experiment onco and Ibcy got so had
lie had to drown most of Ihem."
A Friend's Defence
Hl,e-Siiy. arc these poems In the
paper signed 'Oedipus,' yours?
He— Yea.
She—Well, tbe glrln always persist
oil Hull Ihcy weie and 1 nlwnya npoko
up for you.-Los AnglOB ISxprcss.
Ulnlis I ivhn IiiiiI ordered n pnnenke
lull an li'iui previously): "Hi—I say,
will Hint niiiu'iikc he long?"
Waitress—"Nu sir, It'll be round,
The Call
Wlfo—You know that Mrs. New-
comb moved In down tho street Monday, so 1 called to-day.
Huh—Well, well! How like poker
thlo "social game" Is..
Wife—How du you mean?
Hub—Why, In poker ynu nlso call
when you want to see what the otlicl
person has. •
"Wo heiresses have many rivals tor
our handi." "Yos," replied Mill
Cavenne, "you muat feel a% 11 tM
pathway ot life were lllled wllh Wt»
etbook matchers."—Wunlilngton BU*,
A Parlor Diet
Mother (loose lolln of the nueeo wM
snt In tho parlur entlng breed en"
honey. And no won.lei. If butter «'«§
as high ns It Is WW, -MllwettkifJ
I'reo Press.
"Do you think Miss Chutteis I. «t
entertalnlug tn'.licr?" "Oh my, vol,
Bbe can ontormin her.elf f-u bourn al
a lime."—Uoslon Trtdl.Ml.it J
McVittie & parker
P.L.S, & G.K.
ti. 0
Barrister, Solictor, etc.,
ORANBltOOK, ti. C.
Barristers, and Solicitors,
Mining Engineer and
B.C Lund Surveyor,
I'll   Bus 'i'M. l'liona iilili.
B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
101.. at Kesldeui'.,   Armstrong Avs.
Forenoon. - - ■ - 9.Ill) to 10.01
Afternoans - - - - 2.(10 to   4.0*
Bv.ulnga - - • -   7.10 to   I.U
Bun-lay. 1.10 to   4.10
Funeral Director,
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
Phon. 151.
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tunli work     ♦
a specialty *
Cost and stock estimates
furnished on application.    X
Addr.aa i P. O. Box 2*6. Cranbrook
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avjiin. Neat to City Hall
Open Day ami Nisht Hm"* »!
Oranbrook Lod". No at    A.if.* A.M.
Uegulir uioetlnits on
llm third 'I'hui'sdu-
of every mouth.
Vlnltltitf bretliran
I). J. Mi'SWKYN, W. M.
J. S. PBOK, Sec.
Rocky Mountain Chapter 1
NO. lit. it. a. M. f
Hegular mt-tstlii-r":   -'"l 'I'uu.    |
day   lu  tmnli   inoiill)   al. ol|flii
Sojoiiriiiiii.'  Cuni|iunlons  are
uoi-dially liiiliml.
i"  ic>. Ooinp. A, ii. Hhunklnnil, 10. 7
I.O.O.K., KWY HITY 1,01)01", No. 42
Meets every Monday
llluht ut   Now   Kra-
I .'■ nl I y    Hall,     Bo-
lourulnK Oddd'ilowH cordially invited.
H. J. l-rnitnll,
N.   0,
w. m. Harris
Knights of Pythias
Cr.nbrouk. B.C.
Crescent   l.otl",".   No.   33
Ms.t.   every   Tuesday
at S li.ui.  at
Fraternity Hall
C. I'lirtcr O. O.
J. M. Hoy re,
K.of It. * B.
VlHltlng   hntlu.u cordially   Invlt.d   te at-
100,000       j
For Sale By
Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd
+1^+*;W-l^'1-++-H--M-+*+l-+ HHWH+IWH+WW
In Prizes
"The    MAGNET   of   EAST   KOOTENAT'
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
Special  Attractions,     Air Ships,     Horse Racing,
Athletic   Sports
Every City, Town and Hamlet in  East  Kootenay
will place on exhibition  the  resourses  of  their respective districts.
Don't Forget the Date-September 19-20th., 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
All Communications to lm Addressed lo
f   P. De Vere Hunt
<^tni-^ ^B
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that tho Oranbrook Division of Kootenay Land Recordiug District is subdivided Into the Oranbrook Land Recording Division of the Kootenay Land District and tht* Kernie Lund Ke-
cordtng Division of thc Kootenay Lund District in accordance with thn
following descriptions:-—
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary line being the
S.E. corner of Lot 4591; thence west along the International Boundary to
a point where the said boundary intersects the height ot Innd separating
the drainage arens of the Moyie and Goat Rivers; thence northerly along
the height of land separating the drainage area of Moyie and Upper Kootenay Rivers on the east from the drainage area of the Goat River and
Kootenay Lake on the west to a point where such divide joins the height
of land separating the drainage area of St. Mary's and Skookumchuck
Rivers on tbe south from the drainage area of Findlay Oreok on the north;
thence easterly along such height of land to a crossing of thc Kootenay
River just below the mouth of Findlay Creek; thence easterly and northerly along the height of land forming the divide between the waters flowing into the Kootenny River above the mouth of Findlay Creek and those
flowing Into the Kootenay River below the mouth of Findlay Oreek to the
point where such height of land intersects the east boundary of Lot 4500;
thence south along the east boundary of Lot 4596, the west boundary of
Lot 4590 and the east boundary ot Lot 4591 to the point of commencement.
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary where the same
intersects the eastern boundary of the Province; thence west along the
International Boundary to the S.E. corner uf Lot 4591; tbence north along
the east boundnry of Lot 4591, the West boundary of Lot 4590 ami tho
east boundary ot Lot 4596 to tlic height of land forming tho divide between the waters flowing into the Kootenay River above the month of
Findlay Creek and those flowing Into Kootenay Diver below the mouth of
Findlay Creek; tbence easterly and northerly along said height of land to
the eastern boundary of the Province; thence south-easterly along said
eastern boundary to the point of commencement.
1 Deputy   Minister of Lunds.
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C., I'jtli June, 1912. 25-5t
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Otlice in Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
Ootirt Cranhrook No. H943,
Meet in Carmen's Hall, mi   2nd nod
4th Thursday ot each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec., P.O, Box MB,
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays lu every month, ut
8 p.m. Membership open to British
N.   A.  Walhnger,   Pros.
W. C. Crehbin, Sec'y,
P.O. Box 425,
Visiting members cordially welcome I
Sheriffs Sale
Hy verttio ol Bevernl writs ol Fieri
l-'ucuiH Ihhiii'iI out nf tlm Supreme
Court uf llrilish Columbia, ninl to
me ilirrrti'il. iiKutnttt the goods mul
rliuttelH of Miuiiir Kiil'l'iill, (U-tiivlii
Parrot), Oh-irlss 0, Parrel] and Timothy Purri'll, 1 have hgLx.iiI and taken
In execution all the shnros which the
mild Mamie Farrell, Octnvln Parrell,
OharleH 0. Parrel anil Timothy Parrel! have In the Oiinltal Stock al tin:
Society Olrl Mining Company, 1.1ml-
iml, (Niin-l'iirHonnl Liability), with
reglstoreil ofllce at Mnyle, IH'IUnIi l'n
iiiiniiiii, amounting approxlmato!*- to
427,371 Hhari-H, moro or loss; And I
uliiill Hell the Halil Hliiiri1:;, or a null!
tilent. niniilier thoreol to wit.iiify the
said writH of Ptoi'l Facias and couih
at public auction to tin: highest bidder thei'clnr, at mv ofllce 111 tlio
Court Hoiihp In tlio t'ity of Niibinti,
British Columhla, on Friday, tin: lath
day nl duly A. I). 1912, at the hour
of 12 o'clock, noon.
Dated at Nelson, II. 0, this 2nd
day of July, 1912,
Bhorlfl nf      Hniith
Kootonny. 27-lt
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering 6? McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done iii Reason
utile Cost,
Works:      Opposite Depot
NOTICE) is hereby given tlmt on
tbo 4th day of July, 11112, it wns or
tiered by G. H, Thompson, .-.squire,
Local Judge of the Supreme Court
of British Columbia, that dames A.
Arnold, Official Adityinlntrntor for
Lhat portion of the County of Koo
tenay, Including the Electoral District of Oranbrook be Administrator
of nil and singular the estate of
Thomas  Berry man  deceased   intestate
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Kvery creditor havinb in possession
effects qelonging to the deceased is
ret) ut red to notify the undersigned.
Kvery creditor haying in possossloi
effects qelonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned,
IS very creditor or oilier person having any claim upon or Interest In
the distribution of the estate of the
said deceased is required to send before the 30th of September next by
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
thc full particulars of his claim oi
interest, aud a statement of his account nnd the nature of the security
(if any) held by him,
Aftor tbe said last mentioned date
t he Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to these old tins only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 5th day of
July, 1912.
Official Administrator
87-4t. Cranbrook. B.C.
•4 H'*>
Mine-Rescue Station,  Fernie
SEALED Tenders, superscribed 'Ten
der for Mine-rescue Station, Fernie,"
will be received by the Hon. tbe Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, the 3rd day of
luly, 1912; for the erection aud completion of a mine-rescue station at
Kernie, B.O.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 17th day of June, 1912, at
the offices of the Government Agents,
Fernie uud Cranbrook, B.O. and the
Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must he accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or cer
tiiicate of deposit on a chartered
hank of Canada, made payable to thc
Hon. thc Minister of Public Works,
for the sum of $250, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline   to   enter   into   contract when
Uled upon to do so, or if be fail to
complete the work contracted for.
The cheques nr certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution ol
the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forma supplied.
fgned with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in tbe envelopes furnished.
Thc lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,B.C...lune 14th,1912       25-2t
200 Cartoons Tell More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cmlimiii. Iihiii il.iilic; nml vmkltol publlaM III
Una cutiiiiry, l.iiiui.ni.  bulilln, t>arlg, iltrlln,
Mlllllill, Vr-iiiiii, IVillM.n". Il,»l;i|l,~l. N.IVll'i..
I'iiih. Ani'iti ill.iiii.Slniii'iifl.Ti,nn, Kiini„.i.i,la,ii,
(niMi, TiiI.i,,, Sllllliulul, l-vilni'v, -.'nmiil.i, ni"'.
.'  Allli'lii'ii. mul I'll II"' I'H'i'l nlliMi'l lllll
World.   UlilV llm IHrtl In'!  "l'l nl II.IH-J i.'Uiii.li:.
each ni'inih,»,.- ii. i.-.-t.-J.
k Plotui'. History ol World's Ev.nli Each Month
Clllillmillii III "I'Ariiinl.r." ii."I wnn ll III,'i)|,|„n-
IllKliinlli'ii riiilriilmi- i'iiiIi nllKT.
VKA.LV .Un.ORIPHON.l.llUl 'ilNCLt COI'Y ltiu
Coal mining rlghtB of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of Hritisb Oolumbla
may be leased for a term of twenty
oue years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,6G0 a<
will be leased to one applicant,
Application for a leitse must be
made hy the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
Tn surveyed territory the bind must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, and iu unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out hy the applicant
Each application must be accompanied hy a fee of $r> which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer
chant able output of the mine at the
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lense will include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may bo considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lunds.
W.   W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N. P.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. March 25-Gm.
For a Licence to take and use Water
Notice Is hereby given that George
W. Dade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to tnke and use one
and three fifths miners feet of water
out of Hooth Creek, which flows in a
northerly direction through Lot 618*1
ind empties Into St. Mary's river
near WyclitTe. The wuter will be diverted at a point 375 yards south nf
the South line of Lot 0164 in a timber reserve formerly covered by tint
ber licence No. 31907, and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land
b'scribeil as Lot 61C4.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 15th day of May, 1912;
The application will be liled in the
)flice of the Water Recorder at Crnnbrook, B. 0.
Objections may be liled with     the
dd Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria U. O.
20.5t Agent.
For a licence to take ami use water.
Notice is hereby given, that I, R,
Ii. T. Galbralth of Fort Steele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to tnke und use six thousand gallons
per day of water out of St. Mary's
River which flows In un Easterly direction through thc St. Mary's Re
serve and empties into the Kootenay
lliver near Fort Steele.
The water will he diverted at n-
hout throe-quarters of a mile west of
the St. Eugene Indian Village, aud
will be used for domestic purposes
at the Kootenay Industrial School,
being on part of Lot I.
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the 15th day of .lime, 1912
The application will ho llled in the
ofllce of the Wator Recorder at Cranbrook.
objections may be llled with the
Bald Water Recorder or with the .Com
ptroller of Water Rights, Pailiuuient
Buildings, Victoria, M.c.
Indian Agent,
UO-flt, Applicant
For ii licence to take and use wiiter.
Notice Is hereby given, tbnt I, R.
L. T. Galbralth of Fort fltoelo, H.C,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to take and use one fifth or a cubic
foot per second of wnter out of St.
Mary's Itlver, which flown fn an easterly direction through the St, Marys
Itescrve and duplies into the Knotcii
ny River near Fort Hteele.
The water wlil be diverted at n
bout l.hiee-i|Uiirtei-s of a mile west of
the St. Ent'etic Indian Vtllugo, and
will he used for Irrigation purposes
on the laud described as the Kooten
uy Industrial School ItcHi-ive, being
helng a pari of Lot I,
This notice wus posted ou the
ground on the Mb dny of dune, 1912.
The application will be flled in thc
ofllce of the Water ltecurder at Olnl)
Objections muy he hind with thc
iinbl Wnler llecoidcr or with the-Ooia
ptrollnf of Water (lights, Purliumcut
Buildings. Victoria, li.c.
Indian Ageut
24-4t Applicant
Notice is hereby given that the re
serve existing over Lot '.IK7L Group I
Kootenay District, by reason of the
notice published in the Hritisb Columhla (ia/.ette of tbe 27th of December, 1907, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lauds Department,
Victoria, H.C, IKth May,1912.   2l-13t
(District of East Kootenay.)
Take notice that I, Coutts Liudsey
Chambers, uf Sheep ('reck, farmer,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following lands;
Commencing at S. West corner   of
Lot 1.117, group 1,  thenco     west   40
chains, thence north -Hi chulns, tbence
cast     40   chains,    thence   south   4(1
chains to the place of commencement
containing Hill acres more nr lesB.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated  April Mrd.  1912 'IS !it
"LAND    ACT."
District of Easl Kootonoy,
TAKE NOTICE that Edward Gar
held Stahl, of Waldo, Hritisb Columbia, Rancher, Intends to apply for
pormlsston to purchase the following
described land:—
Commencing at a post planted md
chains Sottlh of the North West coiner of Lot 9264, Group t; theiiw
South K0 chains; thence West 10
chains, thence North Kil chains; thence
East -III chulns to pnlnl of commoncc
ment, and containing .120 acres inort
of less.
Dated this 10th day of May A. D.
Located (ith of May, 1012 20,9l
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. o  Box 845
District Division of South East
Take notice that I, Hubert Campbell of Moyie, B. ('. necupatiuu Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted u<-nr
the South West porner post nf Lot
2802, thence North 10 chains; thence
West JO chnins; thence South 10
chains to the North West point of Lot
I'.SOl, tlience East 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
30 aeres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered hy the
Rock  Hill  Mineral  Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated May  27th,   L912 22-!it
"LAND    ACT."
(District of East Kootenay
TAKE notice that Charles tlrasley
Senior of Wuldo, Hritisb Columbia
Rancher, Intends to apply for per*
mission tn purchase the following
described lands:—*
Commencing nt a posl planted at
the north east corner of Lot 02:11,
Croup one, Kootenay district, tlience
cast 2U chains, thence south 10
chains, thence east DO chains; thence
south 11.01 chains, thence west 80
chains, tbence north 61.91 chains to
the point of commencement and con
tain ink' LUO acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of May, A. D.
Charles (Irasley,   Sr.   Locator,
Edward Qarilald stahl, Agent
Located 30th April, 1912. 20.9t
SEALED Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Needles, B.C.", will be
received at this otlice until 4 P.M.,
on Thursday, July -1, 1912, lor the
construction of a Pile Hent Wharf at
Needles, Division of Arrow Lake,
District of Kootenay, B.C.
Plans, spec.idcation and form of
contract can he seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at the offices of C. C. Worsfold,
Esq., District Engineer, New Westminster, H. C, aud on application to
the   Postmasters    at   Needles, H.C,
nd Victoria, H.C,
Persons tendering are not!tied that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on tbe printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating tbeir occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
llrms, the actual signature, the nature of tbe occupation, and place of
esidea.ee of each member of the lirm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of tbe
Honourable tbe Minister of public
Works, equal to ten per cent (HI p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or fail to
complete tbe work contracted for.
If   the   tender   be   not accepted tbe
heque will be returned.
The   Department does not hind it
self to accept the lowest or any tender, i
Hy order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, dune 5, 1912
Newspapers will not be paid for
tbls advertisement if they insert it
without authority trom the Department,—22858. 24-2t
Notice is hereby given tbat the reserve existing    over Lot 6G23, Group
One, Kootenay District, formerly embraced in Timber License    No.  16727
hy reason of h notice bearing date of
24th December lita; and published in
the British Columbia (Jazette of 27th
December  L907,  is cancelled  in order
that a sale of tbe said lands may be
effected   to   Elizabeth  Cummings.
Robt. A. Fenwick
Deputy Minister of  Lauds,
Lands Department
Victoria, B.  C,
February  Sth   1012. 8-SMo.
For a  licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given tbat George
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take and use one
and three fifths cubic foot of water
out of unnamed swamp creek rising in a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 21907,
which Mows in a northerly direction
through Lot. 61C4 and empties Into
Booth Creek near tho north line of
Lot 0164, Tbe water will be diverted at a point f.(JU yards South of tbs
South line of Lot 01C4 aud will be
used for irrigation purposes on the
land described as l.ot 61ti4.
This Notice wus posted on the
ground on the 16th day of May, 1912.
Ibe application will be liled in the
ottice of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may bu bled with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
For a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given tbat George
W, Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take aud use one
and thrce-hfths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which tlows In a
northerly direction through Lot 6104
aad empties into St. Mary a river near
Wycllfle, The water will be diverted
ut a point alb yards South of the
South line of Lot 6164 in u timber
reserve formerly covered by timber
Licence No. 21907, uud will be used
for irrigation purposes on tbe land
described as Lot 6164.
This notice was posted on the
ground ou tbe L'-th day of May, 1912.
The application will be tiled in the
otlice of the Water Recorder at Cranhrook. B.C.
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
20-51 Agent
Sealed Tenders addressed to tbe
undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders
for Wharf at Boswell, B.C.," will he
received at tbls otlice until 4 p. m. on
Tuesday July 2nd. 1912, for the construction of a Pile Bent Wharf at
Boswell, Division of .Nelson, Kootenay District, B. 0.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at. this department
and at the offices of c. a. Keefor.Bsfl
District Engineer, New Westminster,
B, ('., and on application to thu
Postmaster at Victoria, H. C.
Persons tendering are notified thut
tenders will not be considered unless
made on tbe printed forms supplied,
iml signed with their actual signa*
I ares, stating tbeir occupations and
places of residence. Nn the case of
iirnis, the actual signatures, the na
ture of occupation, aud place of residence of each member of the firm
must, bo given.
Each tender mimt be accompanied;
by an accepted cheque on n chartered ;
hank, payable to the order ol the1
Honourable the Minister ol Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (in p.C)
of the amount ot the tender, which
will be forlolted if the person tender
ing decline to enter Into a contract
when called upon to do so, or (ail to
complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be Tint accepted the chei-in
•.'ill be returned.
The Department does not bind Itself to accept tllfl lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, May BO 1012. 23 21
For u licence to take aud use water
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Tacnhaiiser of Fort Steele, B.C. will
apply for a licence to take aud um
one cubic foot of water out of the
Wild Horse Creek, winch tlows ia a
Southerly direction aloug Lot 632 and
empties into Kooteuuy River near
Fort Steele.
The water will be diverted at a
point near where Creek crosses Lot
■»mh und will bu used for irrigation
purposes oa tbe land described us Lot
This notice wus posted ou the
ground ou tbe lt-th day of May, 191&,
The application will be llled iu the
otlice of tbo Wuter Recorder ut Craabrook.
Objections may be tiled with tha
said Water Recorder or with th*
Comptroller ol Water Rights, parliament Duildiugti.  Victoria,  B.C.
1.0-51 Applicant
(Section IK»
For a licence to tuke uud use water
Notice is hereby given that Wm.
Bridges of Moyie, will apply for ft
licence to take and use oue cubic toot
nf wuter out of uu unnamed creek
rising ou Lot 9247 uud sinking oo
same Lot. The wuter will be diverted
at a point about 2 cbuins iu a south
easterly direction from the Northwest corner of Lot 9847 and will bt
used for irrigation purposes on the
land described as Lot lj247, Group 1,
Kootenay  District.
This notice was pobted on the
ground on the IBth day ot Muy, 1912.
The application will be filed in tht
otlice ol tbe Water Recorder, at Cratt
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with tht
Comptroller of Water RlghtB, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria,  B.C.
an-fit Applicant
Makes Short Work off
li.'-ii-K-i-ioi mid ipptrontly Itonelni ctiei ni
KclnllcH, l.uiiit-ii-.'.., fl   N<-ia-.il|/iu i.-i-liill -alir-r
f.n mi Uf III,-Nil,nil-ni yu M nt oiiit Iii Al.lim hi,,,,
Hln inii.iOi    Iti-nn'ilj-     I,ilu' nn Miami of tturi-y it
lief to i)M|)>fonftkeniuirtrt>rt,
.,  ,        , .ii      .   I  II rail ilii'in hum l» "l-i of ii !-• mi mid for 'Ai y<-uri
NOTICF    ||    hereby  given thai on | ,„,„ , „ „ltlll(K „  *.„.„.,' and tl.IMi.-i' for
the  2Mb  day  of   .tiiiu* wit, uppheu I whim lli«r« iMitift] noi hehi.  Jim a few iwtiw
...    , , ., ,, ,     . '    ll IV,. i-u I i-i I l-;lf« nf  frum   |H III fill •,--1111'   (llOHl Imi
tlon will I mile to the Kuperlnten  : llhll ,,„■,„ „ „, ,. „,,„. ,.,, „„,„ „,,,,
lv reliable irnntmtlU foi nil lirlfl tu-lil <)•<•
hK Mtlnoyi, ote   1st iidollwr jMihlouf
lent   of   provincial   Police  for tho] •-■'*
:;:rl.;;' ;;r::;':,::;:;::',is tm list tammi* «!•»!«»
iiromiHoii known ii" my »toro, iltimte m,"!,-;,;'",,,1,',"";," A-fc',V'»™"[7i"s''iSILI'nsV;
ill linker fOli-l'l   In tin1 Olty  nl I'IIIII-   UhtMKO, III, irvmr drum-lit ilini. not Imve It.
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug It Book Co. ]
brook, li. 0,
A.    ('.   HilWIIt'MH
liiitnl Him DStll iluy ul Mny, 1911!. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
10c & 15c
Pictures at Auditorium
10c & 15c
-.> 1111< n 111111111 n 111****'**i"i i-i-i-i"H"M">-H"i-t I   Local News
The Lund Land       §    w.,«wnim,'K
X     The proapector contest office is   In
•6? Development Co., Ltd. ♦ \$JXJ%'2& 7t
*■ t   li- Bonehlct.
P. LUND,   President
See us -about lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard 6* (iarden Tracts
Grazing   Lands
J. li. Henderson, postmaster anil
hm lather Mr. J. Henderson will
lenve ou Monday lor Winnipeg.
Any contestant who competes actively in the "Prospector" contest
until tlm close and does not  win  n
prise, will lip paid ten per cent  ill
money turned In liy him or her.   Doos
not this seem like the lair thing.
[ Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
^WW^jWHW+H ■l-f^H--f-H-t^-H-*H--H--l-t
^,.^.,|,,|M^,|.^ .i-.^-i-i-I"^!-^'!'!''!'!'^'!-!--*--^!''!''!''!''!-'!''!''!--!-'!-'!--!--!--!--*--!
The 41 Market Co.
mm* Wc   make   u   Specialty ol
W     !   ^i       SWIFT'S HAMS
None Better A Trial will
Convince Vim ,,f tlie'ir Ex-
oellence / **
We   have   il  in all linen.
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King returned
borne this week trom an extended
visit in tbe eastern provinces
Mrs. Geo, Hog garth and children.
and Miss Wt-llniun, left on Thursday
on a bolulny trip to Vancouver.
+****■**********+****** *****
i^^%***********************************^ '* I-+ T
uhi iiii.no $io,op and $18.00 Men's
Suits tn be closed out ror less than
$10.00 at the C, C. 8,
By  special   request  the  tlfcudstune |
Sisters will give then- famous scotch  -
rlance tonight at  the Auditorium.
Martin McCrpery, who has beeu
making a holiday trip through Has
tern Canada returned home Wednes
M s Mlddleton, provincial horticulturist i aspect*.-d orchards at Wattsburg,  Wardner «ud Cranbrook   tins
.. eek.
Mr and Mrs. Fred. Brown, left on
Sunday hist lor Red Deer. Albt..
where Mr. Brown will engage in
All The  Latest Designs
L912   STUCK
PRICKS $1.00 to $100.00
Jewelers & Opticians
A   GOOD   HOUSE   to   Scud Your
Repairs to,
Kltti-trb-lly  has Supuiv.'ftib'il StOttltl.
Old Sailing vessels ure an untlquated dream.
We bavu bud liursolwu uurrlugus since 1890.
And womuti tvoiir -ill. hosiery ivbo nevfi- tuado n stitch.
Wu'vu had wireless luloifi'iiph, umi we sail o it html aud sea,
Wa'vu hud iiiuchitiu I'Iuihh ibul never Loiiuhwl u key.
Thu uhi lime hi-lly-u<-hi- we used to have Is appendicitis now,
Ami wo are eating1 LVeumui-y Butter tlml uuvur saw a eo»v,
Hrogi'ess i*f our uiolto, modei-n times have eomu to stay.
And we Htll I buy Park's Hardware In tht- aame old-fashioned
F. PARKS & Co.
****** ******■Wfl-l-H-HfH'Wt III ** I * 11 III ».
************** I ******* ■M--H--H I I I I IH H+++++
B. C. Cane Sugar
Buy  Your Sugar for ;
Preserving Now And
Buy From US
Also   Your   FRUIT,
$ BERRIES, etc.
f Cranbrook Trading Co.  Ltd.
twH+lfl+l+Hl-'+H+1+H. ■!••!• l-l-l-l-M-H-M-l-l-H-l-■ •
that mkepf
We  have  Six   Lots left in the
These are all plouglu-il and levelled. Facing on
Armstrong Ave., and within a few minutes of
Baker Street.   I'rici- $200.00 each.   Easy Terms
t IT—I   Mean   Y O U—■ lletnember—
Kilby  Frames  Pictures,
There is some talk of a new Niwil
Institute opening In Cranbrook. This
is nn institution for the reformation
of those addicted to tbe use jf intoxicating liquors.
100 115.00 $16,00 and $18.00 Men's
Suits to he closed out for loss than
$10.00 at the 0, ('. S.
At the Kdison Theatre tonight n
Bpeclnl line of films will he showing
union-* which uro "I'laying Injuns,"
"The Justice of the Sage," "The
Lucky man" and "tbe old Lady of Hu
Members of the Loyal Orange
Lodge, Royal Blaolt Knights of Ireland, ami the Ladies orange Benevolent Association, will attend services
at the Presbyterian Church tomorrow
Vou will want shoes then huy tlii-tn
now while you can save money. All
broken lines, selling at half price 008
A meeting of the Farmer's Institute will meet next Wednesday at the
Government Building nt 8 p.m. Mr.
J, ll. McCluro will give a paper on
"Strawberry Culture". Kvery body
, Then- will be a Btook Theatrical
Compnny at the Auditorium having
lor Its opening night July I (ith, The
rompany comes with the strongest oi
roeommondntionn, thn prices arranged
for will only be 250, and :,n cents,
ninl almost under i-iiarantcc to pro
'lure plays nud give acting ei|i)al to
tin-  larger coinpaiilen.
The  Misses   \ilu ami   Ma ml   lllckotl
hotham left on theflyor yesterday for
a trip to Loh Angeles and Han Krnti-
clsco ami other points in California.
returning tn Oranbrook in about two
months ot ho
i Vou will want shoes then buy thom
j now while yuu cnn save money, All
I broken lines, selling ut half price 009
Kor Sales List.
100- $15.00 $16.ih) and 518.00 Mens
Suits to be closed out for less tban
$10.00 at the C. C. rt.
WANTED—A competent maid for a
family of throe. SO washing, wages;
$25.00 per month. Apply to or writ* :
to Boi M 28-tl;
! Three performances will be given at
the Auditorium tonight, uud the
Gladstone Sisters will give three per-<
1 Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Morton left on
: Friday on a holiday visit to Montreal and Boston. Tbey will be away
i about three weeks.
Mr. Thos. Starbird of Wtnderemere.
'was  in  town  Friday.    Mr.   Starbird
■ is here to meet  Mrs.  Starbird,  who
has been visiting friends in Fernie.
] 100 $15.00 .$16.00 and $18.00 Men's
I Suits to be closed out for less than
I $10.00 at the'C. C. S.
I $17,000 has heen appropriated for
i thc completion of the Trans-contin
lental rond from Goatfell to Creston.
, and which will be completed this fall.
Extra line films at tbe Auditorium
! tonight. Gladstone Sisters, wbo has
| made quite a rage this week bave
j reserved their beat act for Saturday
j night.
i Tbe Ladies Aid of the Methodist
Church will give a Lawn Social on
Mr, I'ren's Lawn, on Wednesday even
ing, July mth. A good programme
has been provided. Keep tbls date in
mind. Come and bave u real good
'    Geo.   Grant,  chef at  the  Y.M.O.A.
, Is laid oft sick with a poisoned hand
he had to undergo an operation on
Wednesday and is now progcessing
Ht HALK White S.C. Leghorn
WykoB strain,heaviest layers $1.50
tor 15 oggs. S.C. Rhode Islaud
lied. $1.50 lor 15 eggs; Pekln
Strain Duck Eggs, $1.50 for 12
eggs. All eggs from brat class
stock. —Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wattsburg, B.C.
Apply to Mrs. T. Walker
Burwell Avenue
Box 318, Cranbrook. B.O,—19.«
Odds aud ends of men's shoes at
C. 0. S.
Furnished Apartments and Board
First clans rooms In fully modern
house, recently improved and renovated. On Lumsdeu Avenue, opposite
west corner Baker Turk- Apply to
Mrs, J. 8,  Mennle. 2   tf
The Induction of the Rev. W. K.
Thompson took place iu the 1'resby
teriun clrun-h on Wednesday night.
Rev. 11. Grunt, of Fernie conducted
the ceremony assisted by Rev. W.
Stephens, Rev. W. Q. Rluke, and
J.   McLean.
Odds and  cuds    ol  men's shoes   ut
0.    C,    S,
On   Saturday    last,   our   manager,
V    M    Christian   with   bis  bride  returned from a trip to Winnipeg where,
he, utter meeting his future bride Mis
Thoresa  s.   Stephenson  of Grimsby,
England,   wus united  iu holy  wedlock
at  thc  Methodist  Churc,  Stl  James,
Thc    first   period   of    the   contest
. cloBOS    one    week    from    Wednesday
, night.    Candidates  should  bear  this
ilu mind.    The second period schedule
! provides  for   20   per   cent   less   votes.
| The contest closes six weeks Irom tonight.   It will not be shortened undor
any pretext.
Mr. aud Mrs. 0, Raworth, of Oxford. Eng.. und Mr. A. Raworth,
were outing at St. Mary's Lake this
week. Mr. Raworth senior was very
much pleased with his outing. He
expresses himself as much Interested
and well pleased with Cranbrook and
the vicinity.
''MT'TTTTTT'H'ttT'HT'H'TTr 'l"f"l"t
It you are going
;      Picnicing or on any other  Outing,   don't  forget     j;
1 to take a
Thermos  Bottle
•      Keeps   Lii|tii'ls    at   just   the.   right temperature
and is  always  sanitary.    We  have  them  in all
sizes and at  prices  never heard  of belore.
Thermos' Carafe
II      Newest   Member   of    this    most    popular    line.
Have You Seen It?
OiIiIk nntl fiiilH
. C. S.
uf  men's  shoes   ut.
All  Nickle  Plated  finish  only »6.bo
Beattie-Murphy Co.
Ltd.  ..
+ ■..)_]. ■..■.■-■..■..■. .■..•..■.■*■* ****•++++++-H-+++++++++++++1
SALE—Two-team uood work
horses with wagon aud harness,
etc. Apply Boi 374, or l'ho.ie
305, Crnnbrook. -,t.
WANTED—Situation wanted by man
and wile on liirm. No children
English.—Apply Box M, City.
WANTED—Position wanted by young
Englishman on gentleman's
fruit farm, together vlth wile
as housekeeper. A. Beveridge,
Summerberry, Hunk.
FOUND—Oold I,ocket or pendant, inlaid with Jewels, heart shape,
contiilnlng lock ol hair, picked
up on Baseball ground, Thursday, owner can have same hy
calling at Kootenay Telephone
Ofllce and paying for this advert
KOR SALE—Tent, absolutely .iew,hy
Jones, Vancouver.   14 ft by 17 ft
There is more joy in a printing
oltlce over one sinner that pays iu
advance and abuses the editor on
every possible occasion thnn there Ls
uver ninety and nine who borrow the |
paper anil sing its praises without!
contributing a cent to keep it out,
uf the poor house.
Mr. Leslie Itnbinson, and Dr. 1-*.
Miles, who went to Regina on Mon-
day last, upon hearing of the culam- j
ity which ocurred there on Sunday
night, returne.1 to Cranhrook and re-1
port that their sisters were not injured. All the friends will rejoice
with them in their fortunate escape.
Y O U—I  Mean   V O U- Remember— i
Kilby   Kramcs   Pictures.
J. A. Arnold has been Gazetted as
public administrator for the Cran-1
hrook District. This appointment ^
indicates that the provincial govern-
ment will in the future give local;
men the preference. Mr. Arnold isl
one of Cranbrook's lending business i
men, who iu well i|tinlltled for the |
Odds and endB
0. C. 8.
of men's shoes   at
The Ladles' Aid of St. Mary's
10 oz duck. Also fly, 8 oz. .'4 It I cnurch are making preparations for
by 24 tt. Cost 150.00 will tike
(40.00 apply C. I,. Clin nbers,
care of Sam Cadieui, Slurp
Creek, via Wasa, B.O.
All parties not having tickets from
the Carmen, wanting dinner at Perry
Creek, will please leave orders with
W. L. Johnson ns;early as possible.
holding n lawn social on the evening
of Tuesday, July 16th. The social
will be held* on the church lawn on
Norbury avenue. There will also be
a drawing for a Morris chair, on that
date, with tickets at lfic, each ur two
for 25c.
Just a Few
of the
5 Acre Tracts
Now is Your Chance
For a Good Buy
Beale & Elwell
Furnished Apartments and Board to
Rent—First class rooms In fully modern house, recently improved und reinitiated. On Lumsdeu Avenue, opposite south corner Baker Park—Apply to Mrs. J. S. Mennie.
A new realty Company has been
organized for the lnvermere country
under the active management ot Mr.
G. Stewart. The new firm Is progressive and wide awake, and anyone
desiring Information, etc., regarding
that district would dn well to correspond with them. Mr. Stewart was
"5-t | in Cranbrook during the later part of
tbe week in tbe interests of his Arm.
FOR SALE—A sli room house
corner lot opposite school house,   in-1   0dds and ends   ol men's shoes   ut
eluding outbuildings, nt n bargain it \q, q, u.
snld by July Ist; terms to suit,   ap-i ——
ply to 0. W. Ijiild, City. 25 Jt!   The Corwln-Brucc Investment cu. is
'   ' : the newest addition to the real estate
TO RENT—Furnished houses to rent: imHineKS |„ Crnnbrook. The llrm is
in Moyle. Splendid boating and tlsh- composed ot C. N. Corwln ol Wlnni-
Ing. A good opportunity for the j peR. „,„, M ,. rjrMM 0| Sand Point,
holiday season, to have a good time., i,oth having had a large experience
Apply Prospector oltlce lor partlcu- |n tn6 W|||„g 0f hinds, etc. The new
llir"-  «5 If |jrm j„ loonted In Campbell H Manniu
i building on Hanson Avenue, and are
Capable stenographer, m)w •„„,, ,,,,. Du«lne»8, Having so
immediately. Apply to llm M, or toLured H'wm\ thousands of acres In
Prospector Oh*lce. Ule Kootenay valley, Crnnbrook and
 I vicinity,  these lands are now  placed
Inn the markets In lots to suit invest
Doil't   Korget the Number  tors.   These lands comprise some ol
, the choice fruit aud agricultural land
PHONE 62 : Iii this district.
■t;| 11 I I I III |-|-|.4^H-li--r-H-t-H"l--l--t
Science  in   the Manufacture
Your Dealer Aas It
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
■H-1-++-M--H-■-H 11 ■ I t-W^ ,
■»IM-l-t-l-l--l*-l--M--M--l--l-i--l--l-.-l-M--l--M--l ■:*****************
t*ets Itlondy the Auto Man
W. W. Kll.HY
Chong Choy     Visitors to_the City
BOX 143
Green VeKctuble* of all Kinds
Delivered or Shipped
FUR HALK-1 louse, neur the school
Ihhibc, price $1,000, terms 1250 cash,
linliiiice monthly payments. This
houso has been newly renovated und
is ii splendid liny. Apply Beale and
Wlwoll, Hanson Block.
V n ll-I   Menu   Y (I U-Rciiieiiihcr■-
Kllby   l-'riinirs   Pictures.
I. J. Bruce, nl Fernle was In town
ihis week. Mr, llrnce Is principal of
the Fernle public school, and Is par
tlrlpntlni: in th. einminntlonn ol tne
high si'liniil Hiiiilpnts which were be
ing held this week. |
At Cranbroov
A. tl.  Anderson,     Calgnry
A. A. Hidden,     Butte, Mont.
T. C. Wltherspoon,     Butte, Mont.
F.  Stnltz,     Lethbrldge
J. Jiiilsiui,     Lethhriilge
P. 0.  Leadliiy,     Mayook
C. McNeely,    Cnlgary
F. J. Hush,    Vnncouver
F.  Ileltnsler,     Fort Steele
F.  HiivltlHiui,      Itliilriiinrii
v. w. Oillln,   Vancouver
J. Melnuls,     Fort Steele
W. J. Bryan,     Fort Steele
F. W.  McDonald,     Winnipeg
|i!. A. Ball,     llrant'iiril.
II. .1. Peters,     Striillonl
ll. MeQuiiile,     Winnipeg
A. A. Warren,    Fernle
L- J. Bruce,     Fernle
At Cosmopolitan
S. II. Pompolly, Luke Creek
I''.   Kilrkiinii.     Moyle
R. 0. MrKwan,     Moyle
On Hand
J. D. McBride
!!   Crunbrook, II. G.
Phone 5   I'


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