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The Prospector Jan 4, 1913

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We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Gu«r»ntee You a Fit
t'brary L«. Astern M-tf
$2.00 Per Year
City Election, Thursday 16th
Around the World
Tho Canadian Pacific*. Rail way hna|
decided upon a new departure in coir
nection with the flrst saillnga of the
"Empresses" which nre now completed, and will he ready for BO" vice
early next summer. The 0-P'R.
Kill divert from the ordinary course
ol sending the vrssels around Cape
Horn to make a start in thc Pacific
service from Vancouver and instead,
have arranged attracitive Around
the World trips Tor their first voyage
A start will he made from Bouth-
amton, England, and the "Empress
of Russia" will be the first ves.el to
sail   on   April   1st,  while the "Em-
"- press of Asia" which was launched
at Govan recently, will leave the
English port 0n May 27th. Both
Steamships will cnii at G ihr alter,
Monte Carlo or Villefranche, Port
Maid, Suez, Col umbo, Penang. Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Naga-
i Baki, Kobe, Yokohama and arrive at
Vancouver about two months later.
Arrangements have been made for
the Canadian pnsaen^e s to leave
from Canadian and American port-;
iu time to cut.,., the Empresses,"
and the fare for the round trip exclusive of the cost of hotel expenses
ln England, and Sleeping Car Perth
and meals on the Canadian Pacific
Hallway will be $680.10. An arrange
ment has bean made for the inclu-
ion of meals and sleeping berth
across the Canadian Continent on
payment of nn extra $29.20. These
two vessels are sister shirs and son
feet long, GO feet beam, with gro.^s
tonnage of 16,850, and a spee.1 of 20
knots, and are- the first merchant
vessels with cruslor sterns, n feature which is especially adapt-d foe
speed and Increns?.. the stability, besides securing more room on the various dec's. When Ocean Liners were
built so thnt they should float with
two of their compartments filled
with water it was considered a great
thing, but the new "Empresses" can
have four compartments filled and
still float. The vessels const tute
the very latsst improvements in
Ocean Liners, and the initial trips
of the "Empresses" offer a unique
opportunity to make nn "Around
the World" tour covering thc whole
distance under the Cnnndinn Flag.
Various side tiii-s will be arranged
for from ports of call between South
ampton and Hong Kong.
Consider Well the City's Interests
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Parks were saddened wben it was
learned on Wednesday that Rains-
ford, their only child, had died on
Tuesday night. He liad not heen ill
and was playing with his playmates
during the afternoon. Later on ho
was stricken with convulsions from
which he did not recover.
The dccers..d W08 burled on Thursday afternoon. Hev W. E. Dunham
officiated at the grave und Undertaker w. it. Beatty had charge oi
the funeral.
The remains wore followed to the
cemetery by a large number of sympathising friends of the ilrce.irai
and hte parents, A number of
schoolmates from the public h hoo],
and a detachment of Uoy'w Scouts
attended In a body.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Parks have been
residents of Cranbrook (or mnny
years and are well and favorably
known. Mr, Par's Ib sonicr member
of the firm of F. Paris & Co., and
the sympathy of tbe entire community goes out to them in this their
hour of bereavement. 0
Trainmen's Ball
Tgc most successful social event of
the year took place on New Yeur's
Eve at the Auditorium when the
Brotherhood of Hallway Trainmen
held their Twelfth Annual Ball.
The ball was under the auspices of
Buc'.ley Lodge, No. 585, B.R.T., i
slated by Queen Alexandra Lodge No
■124, Ladies' Auxilliary to the B.R.T.
The hall was handsomely decorated
with red, whito and blue streamers
colored bells and eleetrlc lights.
from tho centre to every portion of
tbe hall, on which were hung large
The walls were trimmed with bunt-
Ing so ns to form diamonds. On
-jach side of tbe room were placed
large mirrors. The gallery was also
decorated with bunting and a card
composed of electric lights on a hack
ground of red, white and green, the
colors of the brotherhood; also an e-
lectric Byren which was sounded, and
tbe lights turned on at exactly 12K.
just as otber lights in the hall w,2re
turned ofl. It wns a most remarkable and pleasing event, and the au-
diance wished each other the uauai
compliments of the season—-"A Happy New Vear."
Dancing commenced at l&K, and
was continued until 6 a.m. when the
happy crowd retired to tbeir homes
congratulating themselves on being
present at tho ball, und extending
those congratulations to tbe trainmen upon the event as being the best
entertainment of its kind ever given
lh C;a;.nbrook,
Refreshments which had been prepared by tbo ladies and served by
the men, were placed on the stage,
tho menu wns all that could be del
The music wns excelleot and furnished by tho Fernie Orchestra.
The electric light effects were pro-
pared by the Quain Electric Co. and
will be long remembered by all the
It has been the custom of the train
men of Cranbrook to hold this annual dance on New Year's Eve, and
now it is a fixed social event, and
looked forward to with pleasure by
the citiens of Crnnbrook. Over 400
couples attended the dance, and the
Trainmen aro justly entitled to the
shower of congratulations accorded
them for the successful termination
of tbis Annual Social Event.
A. 0. F.
Court Oranbrook, No 8943 ol tbe
Ancient Order ol Foresters Is giving
Ub Ninth Annual Hull on January
17th, 1913. und e.itenslve prepnra-
tions nre going to make It a succcps.
Nine years old—thnt '» the age ot
our Court-nnd this ninth year has
been Ihe most prosperous ol tluun
ull. Perhaps it may he an opportune time to glvo « brief historical
sletcil ol the Order ns written hy 1'.
Ilalliin nnd .1. Leister stead lor the
benefit ol those Dot cunncctcd with
"Thc Ancient Order ol li-ore-itera Is
eminently nn outcome and a Symbol
ol Inter-day clvlll-"ntlnn. \n-mnt
Orec-ic hnd Its burial clubs, nnd Imperial Home its Death College, but
it wns rraolvod lor tbe 19th
century to build up hugli Irater dtloB
which bind men together In bonds ot
deepest sympnthytcneli them how ax-
The Annual Meeting ol the Parlahlonera ol Ohrlit Church Parish will he held-In thc Church al the Parish on Monday, January
13th, 1913, nt 8 o'clock p.m. | i    , I ' '
BUSINESS'.—Election nnd appointment ol Church Wardens;
Elo.-tion oi Bldesmen; LDloclloo ol l,uy Dologatcs to the Diocesan
Synod; Ilercptlon and Consideration of ltopot'ts; Discussion ol
Plans |or the Work ot tho New Yonr,
The fullest  possible attend .nc.1 Is f-ronely desired.
E. P. I'lowelllng, Hector.
Fhrist Churati, Crnnhrook, Doiember 31st, 11)12.
Strong Appeal by Citizen Representatives
Lowering of Taxes and Other Reforms Necessary
Bowness Ticket
A. C. Bowness
Lester Clapp
Ross Carr
G. Erickson
J. E. Kennedy
Chas. R. Ward
G. R. Leask
January 4t*i, 1913
To the Electors ol the City ol Cranbrook.
Ladles and Gentlemen:
In view ol the near expiration ot
the civic year and the consequent necessity (or choosing a Mayor and
Council to admin;.s:er ci;ic. business
lor tho ensuing twelve months; wo,
the undersigned dcBlre to submit our
eelveB as candidates for election to
lhe council lor 1913.
We wish to state cloarly at the out
set that In appealing lor youi «up-
port tor our programme, it Is the
programme rather than the person
upon which we bt s* that appeal. 11
ns we hope, you eltct vs us instruments to translate that programme
into practical e e:t, we will use our
best endeavor*! to act taitbtully under your mandate and in thc best interests ol tbls city ol Cranbrook
which under efficient administration
we are convinced, has no mean future
belore it.
II that future Is ever to be achl*
ved, lt will be by lorce ot the united
goodwill ol all sectlonB ot the community, and although we speak Irom
an opposition plattorm, we are not
animated by any personal 'calouslou
or fapiitleul prejudices.
We are inclined to Bhare the popular opinion that Inction lights in
municipal ntTuirs nre detrimental to
a city's best int-rcsts as they tend to
in tability and weaken public confidence, and the lact that we aiand In
opposition to the retiring Council a-
rlses Irom no desire to revive dead
Issues or stir up partisan lecling.
In proot ot our sincerity in making
the foregoing statement we mny
state that dining lust week, we place
hefore the present council eleven
names from which we invited them to
choose three mea to asBist them on
tho council (or the ensuing year. This
arrangement would have still guaran
tcod to the present Mayor und his
colleagues the balance, ol power, and
would have eliminated the porMl j,'ity
ol friction that is Inseparable trom a
campaign ol this kind.
This compromise was flatly rclused
by Mnyor Bnwnesi nnd his collogues
and  we  were  consequently  compelled
to come out and state an alternative
policy and suggest an alternative
Council to carry that policy through,
Wc tberetore appeal (or your support, on the lollowlng grounds:
FIRST—In thej Interest* ol Economy.
It is a fact that the electors ot
this city are paying ln municipal tal
ntion a higher rate than any other
city, large or amall, ta British Columbia. Wby ls thll? Is lile so attractive here aa compared wltb other
points in the province that lt Is
worth payiug a top prlca for? Olad
as we are to be citizens of tbe "Btar
City of the Kootenays" we object to
paying so high * price lor the privilege of living here, and we think we
voice the objections ol many electors
an well. If returned to the council,
we will institute a thorough enquiry
into the subject, and will endeavor
to do everything in our power to lessen tho burden ot local taxation consistent wltb true progress and eftlc-
ency in Municipal Department*.
We think that the utmost publicity
should be given to all proceedings ol
the council, and would afford every
facility to electors to attend meet-
lni s, ask i|iicBt,ia»1-. »nd in any aud
every way see that they are poated
in the affairs' which vitally concern
As ive have already stated, w* believe that it Is by the united goodwill and interest ol all section* of
the community that Cranbrook will
realize its lull possibilities, and for
this reason we would do everything
possible to stimulate individual Inter
est In local affairs.
Third—We wish to see established a
fair and equitable system of assessment ot the values (rom which municipal revenue is raised, and lor the
realization ol this purpose, suggest
the appointment ol a practical builder, thoroughly poated in the vnlue ot
i improvements who should be given a
free nnd Independent scope. Thla
would tnke this Item of work out ol
the hands of ths City clerk, and a-
l.ovc the suspicion ot discrimination.
Fourth—The amendment ol the *ew
erase by-law is advocated by us ln
the Interests ol the leas favorably
pluccd citizens ol this city, who under the present arrangement, are not
only compelled to connect their
houses with the sewerage system, but
are compelled to pay high prlee*
for the work. The existing by-law
provides that any plumber coming
into town must guarantee hi* competency nnd ability by a 1500.00
bond before he tern enter into business.
We have no desire to All Cranhrook wltb cheap or Incompetent
labor In any craft, but we (all to
see In what wny the bond guarantee*
competency. What we do *ea however Is that the arrangement eliminates   competition,  and places house-
Santo Ticket
VV. S. Santo
Jos. B. Hall
Frank Dezall
Joe Sarvls
F. Genest
Malcolm Horie
H. Hickenbotham
East Kootenay Mines
holder* absolutely at the mercy of
the plumber* who can charge
extortionate priceB tor tbeir work.
Let us prolit by the experience of
other municipalities everywhere who
hav* found whnt a costly business
is class legislation.
Filth—Following as a necessary cor
rollary ol item four of our program,
We advocate municipal ownership ol
public utilities together with an enquiry Into the rensoiiB why the already municipally owned waterworks
1* sot paying,. It paid aa a private
concern. Why not ns » municipal un.
dertaking'' All over the world today
the once sneered at doctrine of municipal ownership ls now helng adopted
and under clean and efficient administration is proving the only sane
and sensible way of carrying out tbe
people's trust, as against private
greed und corruption.
Finally—We sincerely desire the sup
presslon ot vice ln all Its forms, tbe
enforcement ol the law without fear
or lavor granting equal rights to all
aad special privilege to none.
We deBlre to see this city go ahead
and we are convinced thut it can only   gain   true prcaperity along clean  working   on   I'erry Creek during the
The mining outlook in South-east
Kootenay is very promising, Many
claim owners have done a large a-
mount of development work during
the pant yenr, and in u number of instances tills work will he continued
all through the winter Benson.
The shipping mines of the district
havo produced large quantities ol
silver-lead ore. The Sullivan Mine
at Klmberley handing the list with
over z.i.iiiin tins shipped. The St.
Eugene ie again on the shipping
list, with the Society Girt and Aurora.
A number ot prospects on Tracy
Creek and Wolt Creek have been developed to u point, that when the
Kootenay Central rnilwny is constructed to Wasa, will become shipping mines. Ln Skonkum Creek a
number of good prospects are being
developed rapidly In anticipation ol
the coming of the railway.
Wild Horse Creek bus a number of
good mines. The Ko tenay King being under bond to an American syndicate for a large num. Two claims
on Browery Creek, a trlbtltnry ol
Wild Horse Creek have reached an
advanced stage of development, ami
will possibly !,e heard from before
the yenr Is ended. Placer mining on
the historic old creek hi s heen conducted during the past year with
considerable prolit to promoters.
On Perry Creek, mining during the
pnst year ins heen largely developed, both in quart-/, nnd pla.cr mln
ing. The Big Steam Shovel Co.,
has heen prospecting hy means of an
Universal drill, end hnve large num
here of boles which show most satisfactory results and It Is reported
that a large amount of machinery
will he Installed early in thc spring.
The Hydraulic Mine will also lie the
scene  of   much activity next season.
Options huve been reserved on a
number of goldrqUnrt* properties on
Perry Croek and It Is currently reported that work on th.se claims
wtll be pushed next year. It is prob
able that there will lie nt least
three  or   tour gold producing mines
qulalte Ib the pleasure ol relic.'lug
distress, Hiding the weak and com-
lortiiug tlic mourner." The history
ol a nation is not written, when the
story ol its wnrs, Ita disasters and
its triumpa are told. Neither is Us
record complete when It only tolls ol
the rise nnd full of its great people,
or the Intrigues nnd fueds ol Its
rulers. When tho historian shull n-
rlne who will picture tic marvel ll s
patience, the Indomitable icisc.er-
nnco and the unswerving determination ot the people lu their effort" ol
wit belli, then will their history In
Its truest aonso have b-cti written,
nnd the rise of the great Aflllialnd
Friendly Societies will bo eiilni-izcd
ou n distinguishing glory of the past
(Continued next week)
A Newjdition
There will appear shortly a now
edition of "The Economics ot Forestry," by Dr. II. E. Fernow, ol the
Faculty ol Forestry in the University ol Toronto. Dr. Fernow bas
tor Dili iy yours been In the lore-
front ol the conser ration movement
In Au 't'lcn, and the awakening
which bis come to this continent 1*
largely due to his 'Hurts.
There will re P*** in the book a
cotnplols now. *ot nl statistic* on
forost cond/ion* throughout th*
world. " i I.U
straight line*.
To proceed along those lines, we
need the best type ot citizen, and
the best type ot citizen will alwaya
settle in a place of good moral repute (or the sake ol his tamily.
Cranbrook haa passed out ot the
"tough wild west days" and as.'lres
to a high place ia tho llle ot tho province and the Dominion.
As citizens asking your confidence
we share those aaplratlonB, and II e-
lected, will talthlully do all that In
us He* to realize tbem.
Yours respectlully,
For Mayor
For Aldermen
Special reference will he made 11
Canadian policy, and tho de.elop.
ment ol torest management lu Brit
lah Columbia.
Dr. Fernow, whb present at the
Canadian Forestry Association Convention In Vancouver lust summer
und gave un nddrcss which will remain lor u long time lu the memories ol those who heard it,
Dr. Fernow's seven tenetM with regard to toreatry are:
1. Forests grow to be used.
2. Not all torest growth is deslr
able and to he maintained, I.e.
where the torest grows on lnnds
suited to agriculture,
3. In the virgin I,ireat there Is
practicully no growth, lor timber
rots as laat as It grows.
It is with pleasure that a c istinl
observer uote3 the interest taken In
the mines ol this dl trict; lor ln
fltance, the great collection of or.-e
that was exhibited at Chicago under
thc management of Joseph Ryan,
It was one of the finest uBsortment
taken from nny mining district in
the northwest, and its < jual would
be hard to lind. It any mining man
will tale the time and trouble to
tramp over the district aud make n
(air Investigation, he will have no
doubt as to the merits of this d>B
trict ns a mlnernl producing coun
H, Forests are self perpetuating-
Nature will produce forests If man
does not d-stroy them
fi. The lonster is needed to direct the worl of nature—to ne that
no rot, no lire lost occur nnd thai
the best growth conditions are main
li. Forest crops are slow crops—
in Canada, lor Instance, it takes
from eighty tn one litiiulre.il years to
produce n crop of huw logs.
7. Forestry s the business ol the
s'«ito or municipality—since tt is
profitable only in the long run.
Week of Prayer
The paatc.ru
Churches have
fur the fitting «
nuftl   Vm*.   ot
the     HJvan Alien.
mnde arrangement*
.Hcrvjin e nf llie An-
Prayer.     Tboflt 4wr-
vject win begin Bund ay oven ing, t\\\
nth imitHtu*!', him! continue through
tlic wt'cii excepting t-.iit.inhiy. The
program   ut   chairmen mid H-peutcr*
hi nH follow*),
Monday DI veiling | clmlnimn,  L'ubtOf
Dunham;   Sponsor, Paator K-mi.IuII.   I
r  i    "lay evening; chairman, ran tor
Death inJtaow Slide
A terihle disaster occurred at th*
Coal Creek Mine ol tbe Crow'* Neat
Pass Coal Co., at Fernie, B.C., on
Monday morning December 3$, whet,
a snnwsllde swept down ths mountain side to the north of the city
and carried with lt the Carpenter
shop in which some twelve or fourteen men w^re at work.
The slide came down so quickly
thatevery man in the building wa*
caught, no warning sound having
proceeded its coming. The electric
wires supplying light to tbe oltkc*
and buildings, being In the path cd
the slide gave the first warning to
those outside the shop on account ot
the shutting ofl of lights and a rush
of men from all directions was soon
upon tbe Bceue and rescue work begun immediately.
Six lifeless bodies were soon
brought out of the tangled heap* ot
debris and six others slightly in-
lured wero dug out ol their inowy
surroundings nnd taken to tbe hospital or to their homes. Notice ot
what had happened wn* conveyed to
those In the office end otber build.
Ings where electric lights were used
hy tbe ami,len darkness In which they
were engulfed as a result ol the
breaking of tbe electric wires lead-
ing from the power house near the
scene of the dieiiBter. Hundreds ol
men were soon on the spot and a
search for thc ml-sing men instituted. Dr. Corson, ol Fernle, waa telephoned for, nnd a special train liii
lng him nnd officials was soon speeding to Coal Creek.
All day work wua pushed lo aa endeavor to find bodies which mlgb-
have been near the building what, tb*
slide struck It, but so lar ro other*
have been found nnd it in tolleved
flint list ot dead nnd Injured 1* now
complete. Following is a Hat of
those killed:
.lames Bucklev, Fernle; Harry
.Veill, West Fernle; Alei Worthlngton
Coal Creek' D. Ilousrle, Fernie; T.
Kiteaary, Coal ('reek; D. Nualyesak,
Coal Creek.
The Injured are:
Archie Nicholson, Fernie, Injured
back: Percy Jones. West Fernle, Injured bach, perhaps Internal injuries;
Fred Piatt, West Fernle, loot fractured and d's'.ocated; Tony Lecret a
Coal Creek, ribs fractured; George
Michel, Coal Creek, leg Injured; W.
Cameron, Coal Creek, foreman
slightly injured; 8. Cnrdomoni, Fernie, shoulder fractured and back Injured.
Young Worthlngton wa* still
breathing when found and the put-
motor waa used on him for about
nn hour and n half: t one time he
seemed to he reviving ns his heart
fluttered slightly, hut he finally succumbed.
Rome narrow escapes are reported
iimt before the slide came running
down, Worthin-ton had been talking
with a man named l.nngdon wbo had
turned on his heel nnd walked away
out of the door not a minute too
soon, ns he wae only a lew feet from
the door when the blow came which
.ienlt death to his companions. Another man, Handy Bunch, was standing in the door when the slide struck
the building, lie was struck by the
body of one ot the workmen and
knocked clear ot- the rushing snow,
while the other man wns carrlid
down and badly Injured.
Some lour or five yenrs ago a slide
occitred at the snme place, carrying
nwny the carpenter shop which tor*
inerlcy stood on the same location.
The Conl company built n cribbing
of wood across the track to the former slide, bul In this case It proved
to be lusulllclent.
I . ——aa—a.
Thomson;   Speaker Pastor Steven*.
Wednesday evening; chairman, Pastor Slovene; Speaker, Capt. Carruthers (S.A.I ami Secretary Cameron
Thursday evening; ehulrman, Prs-
tor Kendall; Spenher, Pastor Dunham.
I'-ti.lay evening; ehulrman Secretary Cameron'; Speaker Pastor Thom
Tho*e meetlm.B will lie held In th*
Metbodlst Church and will begin ut
« Dl) sharp. Hood Music will he provided hy the combined choirs of the
churches.    All are invited to attend. THE   PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   fl. C.
Space Reserved for Advertisers
The Hen lays an Egg and lets you know it:
Moral-Hen Eggs are in great demand.
The Duck lays an Egg but dosn't tell:
Moral-Duck Eggs have NO demand.
* -
Blow Your Own Horn
The "Prospector" reaches the people
Moral-Advertise in it.
Countless Idyls of Youth
Are Now Preserved by
the Artistic Use of the
Camera for the Fond
Eyes of Mothers
( ( f\ll, CAN'T we induce him to smile?
I  I   // would make oil this set scenery
^* look natural if he would only
"Smile, as lie does at home."
The (ond aud anxious mother, with that
despairing nail, tries another trick she knows
of, and the demoniacal heir grins with thc expression of a wolf confronting a square meal,
then relapses into the gloom of a lost soul.
"And Tee caught such ravishing plates of
'///«., if only they'd heen good enough to del-clop,   she continues.     He's just stubborn
He isn't stubborn; he is only _ natural.
Why should he smile; why should he be in
this place at all; why should he be forced to
have this cat-in-a-strange-garret feeling, anyway? He hasn't reached the stage of vanity
wheu he is proud of being a simpering Narcissus* His smiles are his own; he isn't going to
produce them to order. Down in his secret
soul, if he had any choice about it, he thinks
he'd prefer to do a little crying, with a really
expert exhibition of hard kicking, lying flat on
Jtis back, so his heels can thud loudest.
Hut take him at home, joyfully engaged
'as trencherman, or showing how easy it is to
build a mighty fortress out of a few wooden
blocks, and he'll look so eminently lovely that
even a case-hardened photographer of the old
school that used the iron head-rest trill not
think of wanting him to smile* Child nature,
free to work and play, gives freely all and
■more than authority can torture from it.
That is a discovery in the still nascent art
of photography which has flung wide the
doors of a i harming new profession peculiarly
adapted to women and exceptionally beneficial
to the advancement of portraiture.
Tiijs new and popular development in tlm fluid
of modern photography may he considered
from iho .limply human pnlnt nf view, and
may ho gratefully acclaimed hy ull mothers*
as ,-trell on all children who nro spared the ordeal
of tllfl itudto. Countless .'Mn of youth are now
preserved hy tint Introduction of ihu camera Into the
home which would otherwise be forevor lost to the
fond oyo1. uf mother... Habitual uttltudun, familiar
pleasures, adorable ex prom.! one, are to ho cuught and
li'-lu forever und n day. which 1" all too short a timo
fur inolhor love to cherish thorn.
* Uut thn arttstlu merits which are to ho secured
When childhood, al ease, ts loom solf-conscious appeal
powerfully to every devotee of the lens who loves tho
work for Its own s&lco, Ami ihn pride of u mot hor
lu a picture nf hor child may havo lu It Inilnltoly
more of fondness; inu h cannot surpass the pride of
achievement which the horn artist lu photography
teete In Ihu results,
•Phi mo. together, liana brought Into wide and
(trolltable existence thu now specialty «r immo
photography, whloh has now extended lis capacious
embrace to Include subjeots of nil ogos, from baby
to baby's great •grandmother,   itut children hero, na
they do In the iij'l of palntlliK, 1'emaln Still the most
turn,--iii or nil lo portray] und the very height or nkiu
required lias tempted Into thu Hold somo ur the best*
Known photographers In the country,
Portraits tlmt show the whole homo atmosphorc,
llko thu»o dono hy Mnry Gamoll and Mny I.. Smith,
nro liberal educations In the photographer's art a
mother and child ap. plolured by .lane Recce) tho
•Trldo of tliu Houso," hy Sarah I\ T. Price; n simple
play scene, hy Haiseloi-) childish oh arms that defy
Mrange surround I tigs, caught hy ho export a hand as
I>. C. Shuberg'a—- any lover of iho camera would feel
the thrill of prldo that ntti-i.ii*. such admirable pur*
tralturo, even as any mother would regard thom as
aomcthing lo ho troamtrod along with the first llttlo
■hoc.1, and Lhe hahy inlUrnt.. *
Above everything, thi** ia n profession for women,
pearl Qrace Loetir, who has losted it thoroughly in
lier porsonal oxporlonco, unhesitatingly snld no to the
members of tho Women's Federation o( Photographers when ihcy met In Philadelphia, und sho has
ranee of the amateur hns come the brilliant skill
characterising the worl; dono by somo of the foremost
artlsta uf tho camera.
"Possessed of the equipment lo carry with you,
then come the appll'inces at home. These are ho
simple that you ofttlmes wonder why mure women
do uot take un a work that can turn out such fascinating pictures by way or broken pitchers, tho kitchen
and the bathtub.
•"But for a woman to secure this outfit and make
a Buci-ccsful business of homo photography requires
more—-hero tho personal equation enters Into thn
question. An amateur cannot, with such e&fco, enter
the profession, She who would undertake thla work
must  have  a Knowledge  of  the  processes  In  every
TMtoJiW****** fytyt-rat?.
department of the work; therefore she must he a professional or there,must he acquired accurate and sure
knowledge, under the direction of professional work-
era who know and, knowing, eau guide the beginner
through all the stages, to the point when she 1ms
become an Intelligent worker In ibe profession, from
putting the plate In the holder tu tlic flu)shed picture,
ready for delivery,"
Although photography has supplied the funds that
have carried many a girl through college, mid unusually clever work with poetcards lias brought returns that have surprised tho women who made them,
tbe old question of woman's sphere continues tn crop
up with every new profession, or specialty, that
promises a girl a living. To a. woman llko Miss
i.oehr tli■■■;-.. doubtluga jtppear wholly noi'dlees.
"Is it woman's work7'* she remarks. "Pre-eminently ho. Women have a special gift lo «eo, to
grasp imd to enter Into tho  Intimate* affairs ot thn
"An » supplementary training for the horn
ers, and all workers, should bo tho study *>' i
tho study thought usually tn belong onlj lo the
painter or to the sculptor, AH reallae llmt the future
success of photography will rest upon those who bave
tho most iniimato knowledge of art fo all Its forms
Actual work ln drawing and In composition ahould • ■■■
tal.*1!! up. If possible, fni* the training und pM.it.
gives In self-expression. To everj one te open tho
study of pictures, and good books on whal mokt-t ■
picture and bow to study o picture are lu every
library, and ure nol too expensive for even a strugglt r
to own. Too much cannot he snld of tho Influence
upon ua of tbo wonderful pictures of world-wide
fame; hut In our enthusiasm for tho perfections of
thoso masterpieces wn photographers nro liable to
make ono mistake. Study of pictures does not mean
to meinorlso them for composition and, with the
camera, make reproduction!.
"Tho study should bring to us not onlj tho knowledge of composition and color, but the Inspired per-
loiuil   feeling   of   Hie   painter—tiie   things  suggested
and left for ua to carry un, the thing that has made
the picture live, because eacli one studying can  All
In ilie unsaid.   Tbls study of art, bn 1 mean It, Is not
an end; lt Is only a means lo yonr own profession,
photography.   When the facts for which you sou eh:
the study of art, ur pictures, havo become ao lnt Inn i*
a part of yuur menui stock In trade lhat  tliey nro
a pnrt of you—forget each picture und ita comp' t
tlon as completely as tf It had never e-tien-o »i d, ti I
tng your iHib'eot la hand, express what le within : •
with freedom,   neach thfl real personality .-f the subject, not by poses, but by that thing for which ue
con (Ind no formula—your own personality plus that
of tho Individual  hefore you,   >Jo true to yonr own
feelings, and if you want to do a thing out or the
conventional manner of doliiK. do it with suoh sure
ues* and suoli knowledge*, of tlm fundamental points
tbnt make a picture, ami of the photographic materials  rou handle,  Hint wbat you prod*.-'*, will island
respected though it bt faulty."
A New Building Material
THROUGHOUT tho whole world there is a c<m-
stant search fur new and useful materials with
Which building can he successfully done.
Not alone are natural resources being developed,
hul Inventors are continually attempting to manufacture materials that will take thi place of them.
in Berlin a well-known engineer has produced a
new material whlcb in said to be artlfl.'in! marble.
ii is made from cinders and a binding cement whloh
tn ;< guarded secret The whole la oolored to taste.
Tho cinders are heated, tho other materials added,
and the mass pressed into slab*, or blocks.
Experts say ibe new material ts harder (bun iron,
that Du* <-'- Li- :;'■* cannot Injure It, and 'hat I
bocome n usofuj substance for outside an v..-n as Interior construction and finishing. It will take n hlgi-
polish, and tho mass makes a ver;. pleasing appearance when finished.
repeated it si noo, with a wealth of detail, in explanation uud proof, thut can leave little doubt behind.
.Site would havo iho woman Who chooses It aa her
specialty unlioslttitlngly accept'the whole field of the
homo, from grandma lo baby, nn within tho scopo or
her operations. Hho doea not urge tt a» something
nosy, hut Is willing to pin her fnltli on it aa a delightful and profitable profession. She makes the distinction between studio nnd homo poitralturo clear
witli the precision of the expert:
■in studio work the people como. into tiie photographer's working place, thu.-* making the subject adapt
herself to your surroundings, whloh are new and
ntrango to her, thereby causing a reserve and a silff-
noas on her pail. Thia glvou the photographer such
dominating Influence that li often entirely submerges
the Individuality of tbo subject, and uu a result for
yonr work you huve a technically hue negative .>r a
beautifully posed hut characterless llgtirc,
"In homo work, ihe adaptation to surroundings te
wholly on tlio part of tho phologrur! :; :.:.*: becauto
you have entered their homos, on tholr  Invitation,
makes ihe subjects meet you with 0 rordlitl unreaorve,
Which, In one swoop, thrown open lo you lho real self,
Mich nn hours of iltldlo work cannot bring forth."
Minn Loehr pays tho new branoli of portrolturo its
due of a claim to expert knowledge* yet many a pro*
foBslono. of today can leatlfy thut out of the Igno.
WHAT has tliu hand uf fato in siorc for
ihe two charming du tighter b of tliu
Oountoss Torby)
llcio ih a question that ull England
and Russia is nuking. Fur their buccobs has boon
hu groat in Knglund, wliere their popularity cannot
lie overestimated, that tho curious ones nro wondering if their winning ways will roach over to
Russia nnd In- tht: moans of softening tin- hoarl nf
llie or-ar and promptiug him to lei, their parents
Ime): into KiiHsiu.
Thia is something that kings nnd queens Imve
attempted to do nud failed, King Edward uud
Queen Alexandra ropeatcdly showed lho li
esteem In which thoy held the Countess Torby
being hor guests nt house pariie-* and rocepin
Sho litis been received in the highest oirclcs
England. But* ns tho raorganalio wlfo of lit
Duke Michael MichaclovHchj the tamo honors
denied hor in Hussla.
Countess Torby hns striven f«»r yoars toh
tho hist, honors reslorod to her husband, thai
and hov daughters may bo given tli" \n\\\\ oi gri
dtichesscSt und now lier only hope rosts with 'I
AND when tho aooompllahments and popularity
uf thoKe ■■ills are taken Into consideration U
will hn agreed that the CountOSB Torby hna
rratfonii to ho hopeful. For a pretty Jure, ao-'
companion by a charming personality and a grace of
miiiuier, tan almost work miracles, And an kings und
GKnra aro, after all, only men, It, Ih lo lm expected
that thoy, tno, can he conquered wllh the utmul
feminine weapons.
An*} tne Countola Torby Is playing lior cards well.
Iter elder daughter, the Countess Kin Torby, won
Introduced » yenr uro ami her beauty nnd wit caused
auch a stir, even In the court sot of England, that
hor mother decided lo waste no time in giving eocloty
something olso to talk about, and nl the fame timo
allow bor own charm oj n hostess, Ho she ih pro-
paring for tho debut of hor younger daughter, Mndn,
The hitter Ik onlv Itl yeara old. but, ni one muy well
b'-lleve, iiur mother knows whal sho Is about In
bring I n A her oul so young-
Cou ti loin Nndii, it Is said, will bo jurd «■« populnl
an hor sister.   That ts hard tu believe, for, nnl  lo
VrlnceSS ataud, the younger daughter of tun prlnceRB
royal, abo waa tho mnit notable debutante In Eng*
Land last year. And lhat Is quilt- a record, when the
great number of budt le taken into account, for It
fiuiht bo remembered that thoso who were to come
out iwo years «»ro had to postpone their entry until
England's court circle had ceased mourning for King
, Bdward,
Since thnt eventful day In March, 19", all lhe
doors of England's highest society have been opened
to the charming (Vuntess '/la. Even on that occasion
she showed her taste and genlua for dr'-sa by appearing In a gown of pure white. Hut instead of the
customary wblte bouquet, she wore a scarlet knot of
dowers that Immediately attracted attention, as such
novelties always will do The Grand Duchess Anas*
inula end tbo grand duke of MtecWenburg-Schwerln
were among tho gupf-ii. at tbe time.
And her popularity has continued since <■ at day.
Hb» litis n wide nnd distinguished circle ot friends:
she h;i3 assisted lier mot hor in receiving guests :•'
many largo receptions, nnd ahe in In demand lur
every largo affair. Vet It'Is in the outdoor i-puns
that she excels. She is an excellent golfer and nu
expert skater.
Countess Nado, llko her elder ulster and ber
n.oii.cr. t* n'.*o a recognised beauty, and ban been r»-
celved with open arms m tlm stnaii bouse parties
where she hai* made her appearance, With her
parents, »hn paid n round of* visits in tho north of
England, du^ini; the summer, and later was tii"
guest of Mrs. Jol n Magee, of Not. Fork, at Urls
Elouso, Scotland,
The Countess Nada attracts st ten tlon everywhere
by !.<-i masses of exquisite brown hair, large dark
. .. .uui brilliant < etnplexlon. sue le >v i lever Un«
gut i, and oft i   rt lies In Russian.   r*lko the Countess
xia. she I- H ch et  golfci   i ofton manggei to boa*.
her father at the game.
if these girls should be raised to lho rank of
grand duchesses, their opportunities of catching a
roysl prince of soras hit-h rank would ho firm class,
only natural It would bo for them lo look upward
ui iholf love affairs, as both their nmllier umi their
grondmotbor did before them.
liefore hor marriage tholr mother was the Count.*
ess Sophia Merenbcrg. Her mother was the youngest
ohlld or ue* gronl Russian pool Pushkin, ami li was her
birth v..ii*ii was said to have led to ihe duel in tween
her fattier ami nis brother-in-law, liarun Ilcekoren-
whlcli resulted in tne former's death.
rhls daughli r hocutiio the wlfo of Qenoral Doubelt,
for mnny yearn chief of the Russian pollco. she left
blm fm' Prince Nicholas of Naasau, (be brother of
Hie Ki'iiini duko of Uusemborg. After a time Madame
lieutmli nroaured a divorce from nm general and
hi-rnmn il^ nmrganatlo wlf« of Prince Nicholas, ro«
ii'i\inn on tbo ociiuiirii of iier marriage iim title of
Countess Morrnborg, Tbln ».n i-onfnrred on her hy
ihu then reigning prince of Waldeck. g THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he l^oepectov, ©ranbrooh, §* ©,
Pubhefieo Bvery Saturday   Morning at Cranbrook, B.C.
F' M' Ctti1itiM^ Manager.
Pottage to American, European and  otber foreign countries,   60 ceote   «
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—AdvortUing rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted Tor
ADVHRTIsi:hs AND I-.UIJSOH1BBRS—Unless notice to tbe contrary
ia given to local mauager advertisements and subscriptions wilt be kept
running and charged np against their  account.
Owing to schedule changes in the legal   rate   nt   Victoria   and   consequent changes iu the various papers throughout the Province  tbe  "Pros!
pector" announces that beginning with January 1st. the following rharges
will be made tor advei Using all legal notices:
Application tor litjuor license, $6.00; liquor license transfer SrJ.oO;
land pmch'iae $7.00; land lease $7.00; certittcute of improvement
10 cents per line Qrst insertion und f> cents each subsequent insertion; dellnt'iieut cu-ov.nershlp notice 10 cents and 5 cents; duplicate certiiic-.te 10 cents and 5 cents; water notice 10 cents and 5
cents;   coal nud  petroleum  notise $6.00
THK   oi,[i    YEAR AND Tmfl    NEW1 fixed  most  attentively   the  attention
of the wbole of the ntberh.
In no single country in the worid
we believe, has national progress
been so marked during the year
just ended aa in the Dominion of
Canada; in no province uf tbe Dominion huve such lengthy strides
forward been made un in thc province of British Columbia; in no dis-i
trict of British Columbia has there
been more genuine development than
in the district of South-east Kootenay; and in the City of Cranbrook
we perceive the most signal u.arks
,  of the progress of the dUtrtct
Is nil this true?
We   believe   it to be true.     First
We are coming to b.' looked u^ou
ns iu natural resources the richtn-t.
lt is here thi at *■-* brain uud muscle
of old Canada are looking for cm
ploymeut. It is here tbat thc en
Utilising capitalist te seeking play
for his activities. Aa a (mr Brit
ish Columbia H-. attracting the attention not only of Canada uut of
the world. You cannot ta.e up a
paper iu any language in any remote
part of the world that dees not
speak of Britiah Columbia
And in this province is it not East
Kootenay that is Uoied upon to
show   the  greutest   develop!, ent    In
take    Canada tn o  whole.    In  manyj   . , , '
\ the  immediate future.   A  fre-.-h flood
respects  the    representative  citizens   , ,.,     ... .    ... .   .„ .. .
,,i_|0* hte will be let in by the completion of the Kootenay Central railway, nnd It need*, no prophetic vision
of Canada have shown their fidelity
to King and Empire and their love
of this country. Canada bas been
able to show to the world that out
of a position of Colonial dependence
she has risen to that of stately nationhood. The brilliant Premier of
Canada, Hon. H. L. Borden, by bis
proposed gift of $35,000,000 to be expended in battleships is now the cynosure of tbe world's eyes—the chiefly observed of all observers. That
Canada is a part of the whole Empire does not detract from her eminence amid the nations of tha earth
nor does it in nny waycurtnll her in
dlvlduality. She stands today by
merit not a degree below any ot the
firBt class nations of the earth, and
there is no Canadian today whose
heart will not throb with quickened
pride to avouch, in any company,
the land of his nativity.
This for Canada; and in thc con-
(dilation of Provinces that form the
country, are we not justified in Haying that our own province of British
OolumblA    Is    now   that   on   which  is
but only a reahonjtit: of conditions
that arises from known canaes, to
perceive through the mlnooVs eye the
tumult of business activity Eaat
Kootenay will shortly be the scene
of. Everything ie ready and waiting.
Then coming right home to Cranbrook, this young city is instinct
with progress. The rlBing aun of
prosperity has 5only began to tint
the sky with Its golden hues, and
there |q are no envious streaks that
mar the prospects of a glorious day.
Therefore, complacently to our sister
towns and to all our readers everywhere we wish heartily—most hewrti-
Our notice has been drawn to several ohHtructlotiH which have been
placed in the lanes around the city,
and we are r.Bked to call the attention of tlii.ki* in authority to see that
the highways are kept clear and open
Wood- merchants    are  the chief  ones
complained of, they take wood to a
house and dump the whole ln the
lane to the annoyance of thos.- using
tbe same for an highway; we suggest
that it is not so much tbe fault of
the wood-merchant us it is thut of
the person to whom tho wood belong ]
who should certainly see thut it was '
removed with ull despatch. Tbe danger accruing (rom obstructions in
any highway would he better uppre-
elated if the residence wus in danger
of lire und thc fire department could
not get to their assistance. Thla
time of the year when all tires are go
ing full blast all theextru care takeu
will be well repaid for tbe better
safety assured to the citizens as a
whole. Also at this time it would
be well to see that your chimneys
have a clear draft and not stopped
up by an accumulation of soot. He
careful where the ashes are thrown,
several tires have been caused through
lhis menus as the ashes will retain
beut for a long time when thrown lu
a heap in a careless mauner. Uu cure
fui, exercise a tittle forethought and
prudence tuid the better assurance of
safety will be greater source of satisfaction
Someone is poisoning somo very
valuable dogs iu the city, this week
there have been several dogB poisoned, three especially were worth over
>100 each. Mine dasterly work eau
uot be imagined hy the human mind
than to cans-.1 the death of an innocent dog which is practically helpless
id the hands of these criminals of
tbe dark; and any help that cuu be
given tu the police which will cauae
ibe arrest ol these heathens will be
appreciated By all concerned Ue
sure ol the information aud theu
back it up by personal iutegret y for
what :s right and just.
The prv-spector would like to be
lu a position to give a clear idea,
as far as pcs-iblc, of whnt public
Improvements are necessary to nwet
thc demands nf the coming year. The
estimates have been under consideration by our member Mr. Thomas
Caven. M.P.P.. the eiecutive of the
Conservative party, und road superintendent John Reed, and in due
course of time will be announced In
the Prospertor,
The district will see a wonderful
advancement during the next twelve
montliS. nnd what we aire asking the
provincial government to do will be
no more than necessary to meet the
requirements. It is tolerably certain that the government Is fully
alive to conditions existing herei
and the obtaining of an appropriation sufficient to meet all demands
wilt be granted by the powers that
That we always have
a Clearance Sale in January.
lt is Our Desire to
Clear Out our Stoek for
Spring Goods.
ll will pay you. and
pay you well, to visit
our store within the
next lew days.
Every Department will
be represented in this
Clearance Sale.
We hear on reliable authority that
the provincial  government  will bring
down a redistribution bill at its next
session,  and  that  it  is  prepared  to ;
give   Cranbrook   district   two   mem- :
hers,  one for the city, and one   for ,
the district.     Fernie riding will also
receive  two  members divided In  the :
same  manner.
away, but it will be some days before the road is in condition for
At Uuil River on Thursday aj
heavy snowslide occurred which filled j
off all communications with the1
logging camps of the 0. P. R. and ]
headquarters nt the town of Bull!
River. As the freight teams were'
nil in enmp when tbe slide occurred
no accident took place. Work of;
clearing  tbe    snow commenced right'
The victims of the recent snow-
slide at Conl Creek were buried ot
Thursday afternoon, Three funer-
als were held from thc church of the
Holy Family, and one under the
auspices of the local Odd Fellow's
lodge, Borne 60 members of the lodge
attended the funeral. The Miner's
Union also attended in a body. The
funerals w re under the supervision
and directions of undertaker W. R
Reatty, of Cranbrook.
During the month of December Mrs.
P. L. Oweo of Cranhrook, received
from 16 hens and 26 pullets 436 eggs.
The market price for row laid eggs
during the montb of December was
THC per dozen.
laalaalailnlnllllail     *     *    *    *    ll     lllll ill   ll 11 llll ill Jill   lllll 111 llllll     I     *     *     ____    Jill ■■■■   |,.|„
nTrnii IT l*,|-T'rrTl'T1TnTiTl"rTT1"l™,1T-l I I l"H I
A General Meeting of the
Conservatives of the Cranbrook District will be held
in Cranbrook on the evening
of January 10th. Business of
importance will be discussed.
Make it a Point to be There!
All communications, properly
signed and certified on the above
topic, reaching this office by Thursday noon, will be published in our
next issue.
Get busy and state your view
1111111 l-l I 11111 M 111 >H III11 H II1111111111 IH 111 1111 llllll -H4H-H -H-M 11 •.■M-M--M»M"M"M'f I *********************** 2
A,..*................... ^4^I..I_...M.^V.M_HH.M.H..H^.4 iiHHiiiiii H It-H H H+-H-I IH IHIIIIII l'-M»M**W'M-l"M HUI-H II l-HI-l-lj
Address: " PROSPECTOR"
Drawer "M"
Cranbrook,      -      B. C. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBKOOK,  U. C.
Stock Bigger than Ever.   A
full Car Load just Unloaded
Many Patterns
Many Prices
We paid 10 per cent more for our
stock this year but are selling at
the same price as last year.
Floor Oil Cloth    ■    35c      sq yd
Linoleum 6 ft wide   55c      "   "
"    "   12 "     "      621-2 "   "
* 11 III IIIUIIIII IIII *•* ******* llll l»M»M*t*M-M II Hill I' 1111'.*M 'I***** **
******** 11111111 l*******************t****** **********************
We desire to call ihe mttentlsn of ill those
aflHctt'd avilb any Blood or Skis DtaesM to
our N.wM.u\odtr««ti«...e-ai>ii.raii-.ed
euro for tlieM coraplaluts, Tlicre U Do excuse ror luiy person having a disflrured tec*
from eruption! end blotchee. Ko matter
wlaaher hereditary or acquired, our siwclflo
rciiiclies and treatment neutrallM all pol*
f,m In the blood and expel tbem from the
.intern. Our vast experience la the treatment of thousand, of the moat lerloui and
complicated casos enable, ul to perfect *
cure without experimenting. Wedo business
on tlio plan—Paw Onlr far tho Benefit Yoo.
Deri... lf you have any blood disease, con-
•nil. in Free af Charie and let ill prove to
you how quickly our remedies will remove
all evidences of dlEcaas, Underthe Influence
ol the N.w M-lbod Tre.tes.el the skip becomes clear, ulcers, pimples and blotches
lunl up, enlarged glands are reduced, fallen
out hnlr (trows In again, the eyes lieeome
bright, ambition and eneray retnrn, and llie
victim realises a new life has opened up to
8eii<irwBoohl.to«DI>.SM.of Mm
V eatable to call, write for a Qaestlaa LM
(at Hoaaa Tnatassat
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Criswold SL,   Detroit, Mich.
■|f*|Tlf%F     A" latter* <*otn CenacU must lie axldreiae-.
Hill luL      to our Canadian Correspondence lhpart-
■HssHSBMatlita iiitiit in Windsor, Oni. II you desire to
wc ua personally mil nt nur Mclii-.il Institute in Detroit as wc sec and treat
■o pailonts iu our Windsor oflices which arc lor Correspondence and
Lslnratory lor Canadian business only.   Address all letters as follows!
Write for our private address.
songs brought a very pleasant time
to a close.   "So Mote it Be."
Columbia Lodge, A.F. & A.M., at
■Windermere held a regular meeting
on St. John's night and the lollowlng officers were installed'
WM.—8. Craig
8.W.-G. Hallam
J.W.-J. B. Henke
8. & T.—J. 0. Pitts
J.G.—J. Talntor
T—J. Andeeson
Among the Craft
Masons have joint installation
On Thursday ol last week, the Masonic Fraternity ol Oranbrook District mot in the Masonic Temple lor
the purpone ol Installing offlcorB lor
tho coming yonr. It was a Joint ln-
stalation of officers elect lor Crnnbrook Lodge, of Crnnbrook, and Bel-
nlrk Lodge, ol Kimherley. Past Mas
ter H. W. Wilson, ol Cranhrook
Lodge) acted as master ol ceremonies,
and   initallod   the lollowlng officers:
For Cranhrook Lodge—
W.M.—F. B. MIleB
8.W.-H. White
J.W.—H. Hickenbotham
8.-J. S. P**-»
T.-J. P. Fink
8.D.—T. H. Bamueld
J.D.—.1. H. Spence
J.G.-J. K. Davis
8.8—A. U. Norrls
J.8.—W. B. Worden
T—H. B. Carter
W.M.-N. W. BurdeUe
8.W.—T. Bvan*
J.W.-F. Kgo
8.-T. Miller
T.—A. Fcrrln
Alter   the   ceremnnlea ol the evening woro ovor, tha brethern sat down
to   a   sumptuous   banquet that had
eon prepnred in the quictoua dining
■hall  ol   the   Temple.   BpMchM and recently.
Oon't know they have
Many Cranbrook people who have
chronic appendicitis, which is not
very painful, have doctored lor years
for gas on the stomach, sour stomach
or constipation. The Beattie-Murphy
Co. states if these people will try A
SINGLE DOSE ol simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as compounded
In Adler-i-ka, the romedy which became [amolls by curing t.ppciiitlcitis,
tliey will he surprised nt thn QUICK
banodt. 43-r.t
Social and Dance
Oi\ Tuesday, A. U. MncOunn.it nml
W. A. Nesbtt entertained n lar«o
number uf .rie.id« ut n social mul
dnnco tn tho Masonic Hull in honor
of Mr. nml Mrs. Al B. Macdonald of
Vancouver who arc spending tbe noli
iinyn In Cranhrook.
There wns u large attendance,
some 130 Invited jjucHtu, and a genet
nl frootl time wna enjoyed hy all.
At 12 o'clock the guests Bat down
to n banquet which wis heartily partaken of und enjoyed by all.
Poll Tax Over
The Government. Aglet nt Crnnbrook has received instruction* tn
discontinue the collecting ol the Poll
Tux nfter December 31st. It Ih suld
that at tho next -piloting of tho L-T-
islatlvn Assembly that the Poll Tan
will lm abollshod. ThlH action Ih
due to the report ol the Tn* Commission which   loured tlio   provlnco
K.P. Social
On Thursday of this week the
Chi-iBtmu8 Tree Social, organized hy
th? Knights of Pythias and thc Pythian Sisters, culminated in a big
success. The Tree wns principally
given In the cause ol Charity, (or hy
this means tho brothers und sisters
cun better exemplify ono of the severul teachings of the order.
Members of both ordera had been
busy throughout the day decorating
tho hall, and the congratulations
tliey received Irom the IriendB vielt-
lng the Tree in the evening spokie
well for the taste and the designing
of the decorations.
It was about 7:30 wben tha children began to nrt-ive, some In charge
ol their mothers and others with
their friends. All came with the intention of having a. good time—and
they did thero Is no doubt about
thut. The children were not long
before they took, charge ol the Door
nnd hegau to have lots ot lun and
frolic which was very Interesting to
unserve whon ono carries in mind
that this was the Ilrst entertainment ol the kind, over two-thirds ol
tlio children present had attended
this Christmas.
After the children had enjoyed
themselves with games and required
a change, they were seated and enjoyed an almost Impromptu concert.
Several children sang solos and gave
recitations, whilst there were ahto
severul duets and they all received
rousing applause Irom tbelr compatriots.
Father Christmas came in and
distributed presents to SH children
other than thoso belonging to the
members ol the order. These were
chosen with care and dstrihuted to
suit the several recipients. Tbey
were very grateful (or, the kindness
shown them and in closing with
the singing ol the "Maple Leal Forever" and God Save the King" the
children all went home satisfied and
contented and will ever remember
the flrst entertainment they attended
in 1913.
General Manager
Grant Hall, who has heretofore
been assistant general manager of
the C.P.H. weBteru Hues, has been
promoted to the position of general
manager of the western Hues; nnd,
George Bury, who bas been vice-
president and general manager, now
tukes the title of vice-president of
the C.P.R.
A Now Year's greeting was tlashed
to all the world at midnight on
Tuesday from the li. S. Navy Department's great wireless station at
Arlington, Va, The time signal was
sent 3,900 miles, then relayed around
the world.
Messrs J. B\ Fink, Harry White
and A. McKowan will be nominated
as candidates tor school trustees in
the coming Municipal election. W,
F, Gurd and li.. Mel-he.* will hold over as trustees (or another year.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parks wish to
thank their many (rieuas (or their
kindness and sympathy during their
recent bereavement.
Found Dead!
Lawrence ("Larry") Powers waa
(ound dead In bed at the Golden
Restaurant and Boarding House
about 2 o'clock on Sunday morning,
He was a stationary, engineer and
was one ot the hest known men ln
the Uppjr Columbia Valley. He lived at Golden and Athnlmere lor a
number ol years.
Bank Holidays
New Year's Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Victoria Day
Dominion Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day
January 1st,
March 21st
March 2«h
May 24th
July let
Sept. lat
Dec. 25th
AIbo day appointed by proclamation
for Goneral Thanksgiving
Yahk Items
The Dance at Glenlilly School held
last Friday was very poor owing to
the lack ol music. Two sleigh loads
of people went down (rom Yahk, and
the journey home In tbe Moon light
will be well remembered.
Mrs McDonald gave a supper and
Christmas Tree on Monday to about
If, adults and children. Santa Claua
arrived about 8 o'clock, cold with
snow, aud niter presenting each one
wltll presents Bald good-bye to all.
The Christmas Tree wok there lighted up and a pleasant evening spent.
Mrs. Larson ol the Ynhk Ho?el, on
Christmns Dny, entertained a large
numbor ol frlenda to supper and a
dunce In the evening. The supper table and room were very prettily decorated and every one hud * good
The Prcahyterlnn service held on
Thursday In the Ynhk Mill was
poorly attended, lt is hoped more
Will attend and better progress w 11
bo mado wltb the New Year.
Mr. Hum McCartney was In Cranbrook on Clii'iHtinas Duy visiting
Mr. Arthur Lythi.tifl Is giving a
whist drive on Friday. About Id or I
20 will tnko part. It Is looked forward to with vory much pleasure by
nil, Mr. Lytlu-oo lum been putting
iiulto nn addition to hla house
which shows the advancement ol the
At Crnnbroon, uu Saturday December 28, to Mr. and Mrs. 11. Ganuaon,
a son.
At Cranbrook, Saturday December
28tb, to Mr. and Mrs. 1.. OrabnU, ot
Michel, a son.
On Sunday, December 'i'ltii, to Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. Woods, ol Blko, u
At Cranbrook, on Saturday December 28th. to Mr. and Mrs. It. K, Fu-
ta, a boo.
At Crunbrook, on Suturd.iy December 28th, to Mr. nud Mrs. W. Mc
Kenzie, a son.
At Cranbrook, on Saturduy December 28th, to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, a
At the Cottage Hospital on Christmas day to Mr. and Mrs. 0. 8. Key-
son, a daughter.
At the Cottage Hospital, on Monl
day December 30th, to Mr. and Mra.
F. Lower, a daughter.
At tho Cottage Hospital, on Dec.
ember 28th, to Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Thompson, ol Waldo, n son.
The municipal political has commenced to boil and some hot times
may be expected tbls week despite
the zero weather. A committee room
has been opened up in the Worden
store ln the Interest of W, 8. Santo
and another in the Matheson store
on Armatrong avenue in the interest
ol A. C. Bowness.
Turning  Over   New  Leaf
and Keeping it Turned
The Neal   Treatment will Enable Drinkers  to Stick
to New Year's Resolutions by Destroying AH
Craving for Drink—Three-Day Miracles
at the Cranbrook institute
Todny thousands ot people ure
turning over a new leaf und writing
"dry" on their nr*,t page of tbe i aw
To make a resolution is one tiing
but to keep it ia uulte another—particularly if tbe one resolving in a
heavy drinker,
Many an execsaise drinl er who la
bartering business, health and happiness for overbid ulgenoa In dr.nit will
turn from liquor on this New Year's
•lay only to find himself drawn back
to old drinking ways. Buch a man
does not drink because he '-wants to
but for the simple reaa >n that bis
will to quit is overpowered hy irre-
Bfstiule craving for liquor.
There Is o way to turn over a new
leaf and keep It turned. The Neal
Treatment for alcoholism will In
three short days take from nny
drioker- -moderate or exc B3ivo- all
craving and desire for U.u.r.
Tlu- system of the excessive drinker iH iuM'n-"ii t.'d with alcoholic, poison Llmt In tii en on ti... (i n for na*
tv ofl nnd thi*.
lUttea tl ■ Intense craving
which moro drink und
drink    only  temporarily
The lire department responded to
alarm caused by a lire at the residence oi Mr. U. H. Chapman on
Pooley Avenue. The brignde wns
promptly on band but a Blight delay was caused hy the stem ot the
hydrant sticking. The Sre caught
in a thimble passing through a partition, then lollowlng the ceiling into tho attic. The Ureincn had to
cut through the root to get at thc
lire. At one time it looked very serious, but the brigade Boon had lt under control. The loss is estimated
at (1,000 covered by (2,200 insurance
The Are department wishes to extend   their   most   sincere   thnnks to
Mr. und Mrs. Ross Ciirr lor thei
kindness in serving the Kire Laddies
with    coffee    and other refreshment
on Sunday, after the fire.
P. De Vere Hunt was at Kernie,
Monday, on business.
A Cold Wave Btruck Crnnbrook on
Saturday nlgbt, the tbermomete
dropping to 33 degrees below zero.
Thla continued until Monday morning when the thermometer registered
28 below.
A large number ol water pipes
were Irozen Sunday morning owing
to the sudden cold snap. The plumber's harvest commenced on Monday.
The Ohio! ol the Kire Department
was busy Monday testing thc hydrants all over town.
L. I'. Hiilllvan, monoline operator
ol the Herald ntufl, is laid up at his
home with a Hrveic attack of the
grlpp. Ills conllercB ol the Proipec-
tor stall wish hliu a n|ice.ly  recovery,
TION   for   the   IsillO ol i, duplicate
Certificate  of  Title  to   pai t  (0.87
acres) ol • •<>* 8211, Group l. Kootenny
It Ih my Intention to Issue at the ex-'
plratlon ol one month niter tho Unit
publication  hereof a duplicate of the i
Certificate of Title to thfl above men
tinned   Lot In tlw name or The HrlL- ;
ish     Oolumbla     Southern    Railway
Company   which   Certificate in dntod
the nth dav of May 1909 nnd num*bM>
ed 10422 A.
Nelson, B.C., Hint December, 1912
(HKAii) b. n. non
l-4t Dlatrlct Registrar
ture to thn
ed puis in i
und    desire
then    more   drink    only temporarily I
The happiest Jim! most proOtable
period of tho Yuletide to any drinking mnn would lie three days Hpent
at the Crnnbrook Hospital,
Thc excessive drinker needs medical help as badly un does the typhoid fev.M" patient. Ah a well
known husinc-s man advises:
"To nny ono who wants to 'cut
out' drink I would sny—Don't he
foolish and try und light it out with
all the tortures of Hell racking your
body and soul for Wt-Jftka while making the tight. Take the Neal Treatment   and   get   the alcoholic poison
out of your system in thre« days.
Vou will then be in a position to
meet Mr. John Barleycorn anywhere
on equal footing."
Tbis game business man had been
a periodical drinker for over 20
"1 managed to j;et good and drunk
from two to four times a year," he
said. "Now the thought of UqoUT Ut
The .Nfjil Treaetnent insures _. bap-
pier, nright'.r and more pro»;woug
New Year to the excessive drinker,
and it only takes three days to
bring aoout this resnlt—three day*—
not the month or more which othc-r
treatmente require with no such
cheerful results.
The Neal Treatment consists ot
tin' administration by a trained
nurse, who in in ennstant attendance
of a perfectly harmless vegetable
remedy taken Internally, with positively nn hypodermic injections.
The Neal Treatment neutralises
end eliminates nil the stored up alcoholic poisoning in the system.
When this is done, the drinker la in
the same physical condition thnt be
was in hefore he e'-er had a drink,
so far hh li(|uorB are concerned, for
it is the stored up alcoholic poison
in the system that causes this appetite, and when once tbe alcoholic
poisoning is eliminated, the appetite
te nisi) eliminated.
Satisfaction is guaranteed or money is refunded. Tbe Neal Cure wae
discovered and perfecte<l by Dr. lleuj.
K. Neil.
If you have a friend who ought to
rid himself of thc drink or drug habit, don't delay a day. Call, write or
phone Cranbrook Neal Institute for
further information and free booklet
•'The NEAL Way."
^-T*iwr*r"l**l"l**l"*l,*l"+*l**l"I"'i"r'l 't™r*Hi,-H'*t'*i**'i
. Automobile   will   be  run   weekly   on
between  Cranbrook  and   Wasa   con
necting  with  incoming  and  outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
: N. Hanson
. •*-: !■ im ; M-i i-: i-M..i-i~h
H-1-ll-HH-l-H.-H-H-l-H-l-H 11 IHI Mil 111 ********
Oooderbam _ Worts, aiiecial
DatrKO'a Old Currio
B.   C.  DiBtlllery  Co.,   special  reiirvi
Dawaon'a Rare Ialqirouj
Corby's Special select
Dawaon'i Special
Dewar'a Special
King Geori!*, TV
Sparkling UiiiL-iinily    l-onimery  9«t.
Black & White
Mumtn'B Extra  Dry     whit" Seal
White Horse Llqueur
Whlte Horse Cellar
Tlppo OhlaDtfl
Glen Arthur
Italian Grappa
Spey Royal
Creata Ulancii
Dletillent Liqueur
Family Ordera Promptly Fillad
A   Full Line of otber Choice Brand*
Winn, Spirits and I.I
(lueuri,,    Cigarg and Bar Glasses.
Phone 95—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Bo* 8
Cranbrook, li.C.
I     ,l-t 1,1,1,1        1,1,1.1,1 I.J.J..|n!.J»l~l.      ■■    -■-     ■    -■-     at        ■     J        ■        I
TTT "f '*l***f *"T "I'T f ■ I "*? * I'lT I "TIT TTTTTTT'i "I
Canadian Pacific Railway
•Cranbrook to Toronto mul Return $72.15
Cranbrook to Montreal and Return $77.15
Oorreipondlnii low ratei to polnta in   Ontario, ouehec and Muratime Pro-
Tickrin on  Sale December 1st to Jlst.. Inclusive
Good to return witlnn three months.
Ticket* ina.ne.fi in connection with Trnnn-Atlantlc   trips   on Hale Nov. ?tk
io Dee, ''1st    Inclusive  anil limited to five   months   from  tint* ot taeuo,
with prlviln-rs of extension.
Finest Dqulpment, Btindurd nnd Tourlil Bleeping   Cure.   Dining Care oa
nil through ttiiliis     Cntiipittinetit-I.lhrnry Observation Care on
Sprrinl ihr rli Tourist  Car Service In Connection wltb tbeee Rteureloae
For dates ol depnrtura ami reservation* apply to Locnl Agent.
For Tickets and further information of the above apply to
.1. W. Spence, ticket agent, Cranbrook; or
R. G. McNeillie, diatrict pa.senucr agent, Calgary, Alia. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B.C.
1 Modem Romance
As -..,.',1, as Crawley Brann had gone,
Vaughan Seymour fin down und attempted io .i;,i ot! wiiii hla writing,
lul ho Found llml lm wus unable to
coucentrnto bis attention and bo threw
-.'.own bis pen in disquiet. lie took
t-p bis hat and strolled round 10 the
hotel, where he found the manager In
his office.
You know Mr. Brann, don't you? he
suld, io bun.
Vis. i I elleve he is nl lunch now,
Do you wanl to bi b him?
Nu, do .on ni iml cashing this ehequo
of   i;'s'.'
Vnngha i placed   tin  desk, and
b,' malinger glanced al il casual :■■
1 think Mr. Brann is good fer that.
0 ild you lii," note's or gold?
1 would prefer notes ihiink you
i purchase. Choice farm
I  us all particulars  of
now, wilh some cash lo
Wo hav.1 :i number of clients who .
ItindB and will pay spot cash lor su
what you have lo otter.
AUTOMOBILE—DO horse power I!
exohange on quarter Beoilou.
TO EXCHANGE—7 roomed bouse, modern, near centre or Winnipeg
ni $-1000 to exchango ou a farm.
Bargains in .Market Qardens and close in acreage choice vacant lots.
Well located bouses.   All of above will niiike splendid profits. Write tor
Wo wanl agents lo represent us at every point.
22 Canada Life Building.        Winnipeg,  Man
1 was ruining borne miller lalo from 	
thu theatre ihu other night says Hob-  Fully Equipped Institution   Given   to
bef ; cheque mat be bad given I
to bim       ile wished to know when j
li was probable thnt the discovery ot old
Lhi forgery and (be consequent arrest  mlnfsceui
of Vaughan wouid tnke place, tor he   ing ■!,,;.
bud determined to wall iiii Ihen he-'    Baron .
[ore expo, li ~ Vera. furls! of j
Whs   .1 i ■ iu v.iin.'.' Vaughan nsked  .enlonoy   and
! should like ;,,   come   in.
,-., lit ;■ cold oul ;: pe.
My    lom ivnau'i designed for euter
aluln-i.     Can't you tel! mc your busl
: I   -
II       if   Ilea Crunl I -vlsh lo Bpeak
I .,       > enJ
ii:..-;:i  cursed  quietly    under    Ills
Ing Qoodtellow, und all was quiet as
I walked down beneath the trees In
nur modest wirbiirbiiii road. Then,
iliiite suddenly, 1 ennio upon n romantic little scene lu the front garden ot
one of tlio must respectable ot tho
Beneath two lull trees   ,1    fire   of
sticks had linen lighted, nnd over it
bent (be shivering forms of two young
Indies in evening dress.      I noticed
1 to my surprise, that one of tbe ladies
i hud n frying pan in ber bauds, and an
I appetising smell or bacon rose Into
——____ ■ lhe air.     I wondereil whether these
: two products of olty civilisation were
Considerate Judge playing al   ibe simple life;   but the
lies were very considerate in ibe   nexl dav I found the Incident had a
i Brampton In his ito-, * 'o prosaic explanation.
ates a story lllustrat-      'I'he favorite Persian en! liad been
I missed during the   evening,   nnd   nt
lle eal",,:::;. folded Mem ami plac J  b ml , fo;- Vaushnn was trying Ills pt
in:..   :t   fauiouB   English length hail been located in Ibe upper
i  nl   school, whose unlive boughs ot one nf   ihe.   trees,       .Ml
so   nf   fun   ntien b .uiilisliiiiriiis failed lo persuade her
mercy nf the vers to come down,  and  yel   ber owners
I  .' mon in- was irylug, was once about refused to lock her oui fni Ihe night,
| to Bemonio a;. old offender ohargeil ^  bist the-  roraembei-ed   thnl    ab,'
,,.,..   with a petty theft. would always in:.be he,  wa) in'" the
Look, snld i : ■ Baron, with an as- kltohen in tin- morning and Bll sniff-
Bumption nl severity; I hardly know '"'■' at tho frizzling bacon, nnd they
-ileu   In   in. b'l!  yoi     can    lake    s:\ decided :.' fry snme bacon al Ibe bnt
months, ! 'om ol lhe tree   ,, ..•■!:, I hor
i can'l  laki   that, my lord, It's too     *•*•*< ball an hour over tho Bro thc
much, Bald  th    prisoner respectfullj '"-■ - clod at tho cost of two bad
thorn i'i his pocket,     li ' » "" bnck
I,, Iils i is ami   "lien   ho        ' ed
'hero he round a telegram awaiting
Wm. li was from ills publishers, and
he was .really .-veiled a! llie news ii
con uined, for i: Intimated that they
.. •   bul lm icmforted himself with
-lie   ..,,.:.: '  tha   hi   would   mon  be
.. Ing   ■■.   li    1: iob ne
i can't inlo' :i      Your
I dldn'l steal verj much
bul flrml
.. rdshlp   i
after all,
I'll.   Hi,, a  Indulged   u on
l-.- i "->■   ; '!''" >'o» « l''- »'"'<   ow, chucK        . .1.1   ... I r    ii
i' !o tie- lira! vi, nue Hoti i      1' Is     Well,  thai     lorn
lj     l«      •■-      '■ ■•      md 1  an:   line .'  m   i  ,    ,. „.,;.[
ro prepared to commission a now   ._. . , „, ,,,_
hook nnd asked him to comi  to town      ....   .      v     '        ild lndlltei-enl        im ■ ,„. .
i once m the head of tho firm ivas  -.. Vll   „„ .,,     „u   , , ri
V »•«. away. |  , .       ..,..,..- . lah u ti      ' hi i   » ,   the n il;
II,- -ui down and -scribbled ri    ue   auriuit, and Brinn ordereil some food..     I'hei    ,.  thieo.
ivhleh he entrusted tp thi   son of bis      Won't you ha.■«  something to est?      That s nearer tbe mark my lord   lie
landlady lo Hike oui  to Hilda.      " j be asked-jo'iltel; prisoner   did, approvingly       On   I'd
was not iimil im was seated ia lhe      v ,,.■    .   . ,',       ,     , .. ,        ...  rather   on made I     ivo, if mu will
,,,i,   ,„„,  ,„.  .,„,„.„,   remembered    " *•• £       ;..-..,
■„„■ dvo pound notes that u*> Jn      .^   (. . .
probabl      ave son
Qrcnt,     ', , a., now lei       i tb
-     :    ' ■   :  ' .       ':.:-     sum     I
I have t     .her todaj an I -     has li
...      ,r her.
T-:i! ",|      f am sun rlsed
that.     Who is
a frii.:.: r's   She   - ,i
... an, and i here will'
Very   Considerate
V , I    aid lho
-i ems   o I-.   : :
1 it prevail!
V,'      l:   '"■•  ""'  mderstnud, sir, thai I
0   ...i,  :„,:  he in   .,,
1 know  ''ia'   yav ni a 'in-  lelf-sn I
Bed  -. : .an un.     I prefixed the
ierel]    iu   ."    eon   .1 Ion    lor
Residents of a London District
As the result of the sonorous benefaction of a local resident
who desires lo remain anonymous,
ChlBwIok hns been equipped with n
general hospital uu Hie most up to
dute lines.
Some twelve months ago llle same
gentleman provided und equipped a
collage hnspilitl for llm dlslrlcl. and
bus been maintaining it ever since. In
the meantime be has I n quietly go-
ini: on with the erection nf lho larger
instil in ton entirely at his own expense
and ul lis meeting yesterday lhe fills
wick council was astonished in receive u letter Inviting tlujm to inspect
ihe hospital yesterday and Intimating
thai II wi I be open for the reception
of intlielits on .Mondny,
'rhe generous donor purchased Hov
burgh Home, Chtawlok Mali, which
win in- used as an admlnlslratlvo
block. 'Ibe hospital stands In thooi-.
tenstvo grounds some thirty yards
from the house, wiih which ll Is connected b\ means ol' a covered way. In
two lloois iim hospital Is constructed
of I'eri'o-eiiiici'eie, The wards loi
I men ami women are on opposlto sides
,,i Hi einranee, ami will iiceoinuiniliite
eight lo leu poi'sons each,     C'onuoot-
eii v i:h Ihuso lire iill lhe m Bsnry of
Bcors' .nal surgeons' rooms, and lu ibe
' n a: I ihe operation tboiitro, whloh
i lun boon equipped almosl regnriliosB
Two Meanings rwc Meanings ,
Moiiier Iwhoso daughter iu engaged      Mother fwhosi ilnnghter is engaged
io a young farmer)- Don'l  you nnd  to a young farmer)—Don'l  you lind
"",',' ■» ' rough? ; ii,,), ratliov rough?
Uaiightei' (blushing)    Yes. mn, Ami      Daughter (blushing)   Yo, mn. Ami
yel he gays be shaves every day. yel be soy   lm shaven e.ury day.
bis pocket, for iu the excitement !i
mnl forgotten all about them.
I don't think 1 need Irouhl ■ ■> send
them, She will lm able to : lanage
until I return wns his comforting
lie arrived ai hi:, publishers' ofili e
al about .'He o'clock, and the In ervtev,
alfordod Iiim the liveliest satisfaction.
In addition be had ihe pleasure of -akin'' nwny hall a dozen author's cop
: .  ■„!, lid thi
IdgO   m Ith   !!:■■   air   ,,f   ou        h
■  . ,
Mlnard's Liniment  Roll
1 nr expense, and Is snld lo be Ih,  lasl
iporlor person, lhal   "ord In su, h ililnss
een." ,i Imprcs Ion      v  ""' top of ihe building is (ho
children's wnrd und hi re ngnln no ex-
petti e lias heen spared,     Twelve lit-
tie ones can hero be accommodated
\ ch end is n   largo   bul,nnv   to
Which lhe lillle sufferers can bo wl I
I'll lo enjoy llm fresh air. 'I'he whole
building lias bl , n eleelrieally llgiltod
an] lho whole Interior so constructed
thai   lliere   are   no   .mules   lo   llnrbor
dust.     There Is also provision for in.
out-patient's dopnrtmenl  nud a port* I
er's residence,
The staff will consist of Ails.- Sutherland'ns matron, one   sUlor,   two
iiu-ses. six probationers, and Iwo duly
quttllfled district   nurses.    The   cost i
I corning then, Mrs.~cTapdeon Pallet-  "l!ls! aninuni to many   thousands   of|
lor. s:    Marcel,   One.    writes:    "i dollars.     Efforts havo been math
SHIP   votlll   CHAIN   TO
Orett. commlulon Morel, ant
Maka Dllli Lading road! roi
Co,.  Wdmlp.-c.
I. 'b*i .1   Ailv irci*
Wln.i)|)c.i.   M.111IUM
.Viiiiitin.  Notify Peter JnnMii
Prrmipt  P^ttnrii
Bub) b i.\wi  L'nlOets we baby's boat
- •- 10    V    : ' ■.''   '    in,i   ■'       't:";'''-  '    pM.*«J   -l!lL
, ud d0ft.t com(   )_,.,,:i     Thev ■„:-. .nsdpatiau, Blmplo Covera,
. . . , ii it all tic   Iir,>-!* UD colds, exool norma nud reg
ulate the Btotnach mul bnwtils. Cou-
' s oi hte book, which was '■<> U>- pub-   be     >  I
Hailed on th" morrow, more,
1 don';  -i .'l ."stand   you
Truly  Bntibli
"' ■   .. ■■   .'* ■.    storl •■  .'■   ,-..
,:i;. ' ll|Ufi i i       be  :: Lie  ..vi:.,-.!
■■;> rlt an 1   >.i;- ot dolus ' '..;;;> .i-. the
,,,,.,.,,, i     -   i -■•.. reconnalssanci  be
Woeu^M    iftxW^i'V. I."- «*»" '.,'.     ' ,,       \. ^.    *      \.    '
'L^en^lsbrai,    ....       .;,.-.- '     :.     '. -
^orut,   ■.        ,s.he     .,',. ^l^tToX"
ivni'k, fix
iluti conii'
Handling ol the l-ro^
.11 ;i cunorete form with ;,!! Ms exqul-
ufte sweetness.     After   all
worth the months of bard
polfslifng ami correcting, l
and  tears, as he luul rea I
lie came to lhe conclusion thai hei Grant haa ab<o.,.v ,;onfidrn<v U\ me,| '^\3 M, .■oe*, w!th h!s face (.[JV0rcd
mlghl as woll Htuy ilie night in Lou-  and yon xay rely upon my doing the' -, t_ |,;lX.i ^..-j -j^^ v,1:h hig f-t-]
don, ii*** Hipro wove om- or two matters  best I can :or Iter.     Hy the bye, did      ■„,,.■    wailam    iloret*i"ord.    --e.iiig
oi' liuHiiK-sf. llmt   required   attention, j you cash '"nut cheque I save you for   , . v. -i[Ui |,appeiied  vn\\0d up and in
;:•■ i Baby's Own Tablets Vor mn
ttlua lo ■ .it-,1 Himnle fever ror u>ih
my linil- girl or three years and my
hov ot tov.v mo:.ills aud have found
them entirely aatlsfaotor) and always
keep hem tu tho house." Tin- Tablets are sold by medloine dealers or
by mall ai 26 cents a box from Tht1
nr. WTllla-ns' Medicine Co., UrocU-
• ;ii.. Ont.
dlscovi r the identity of tlio giver, bu.
be persists in matnlnlniug hte anony*
; Work of English   Sculptor    Intended
for Erection Over Grave of Brilliant Irishman
!    In      iis      present;      form      Oscar J
.,    ,     ,       " *    """ " ,       ! Wilde'-- monument, the work of Jttcob
-ly  .UKlmd considered a very loug t ispatoln, Btauds condemned by the pre- ■
- befor.* he proposed  to me;  M lecture of the Seine.     This is nn ad-
:    ■  sftoid me tie nn.no ,     is gentleman   >^  ,':.-' "wja>J«J ™™tr*™*- Ht?
from ■  the r, mej Is to come lcad -"■"^-•>-       The rest
m»:i •vi . aiat   hfl»!a due i;-ne. '*iLsg
ugh   both man and hor>e were kUJ-
ed at first, but the former soon strug*
Thtre was the question of money, for, her'
,iu had had bin little of his own iu .lis J     V.-s. an,. I f
pockets. money.      :n f.
I don'l supposo.Hilda will mini if
I borrow a pound or two till V get
iKot   to
■• i ha
aid ht
it   wi
ling ■
it was wiLh   great   difficulty   that
■,.iid 'ii liims.dt wltb au '
Yes,  T
ivlng i
bnck, it
llo d:.'":l it lho 1-iMatlerc, and whan
I:o came o*.'. l.c banded lo the i-.*!.-
ler on*- ot t.< i Pve pound note*, in
payment of the bill. And so un*
hconctously he placet! another (rump
card iu the hand lhat Itrann wns'aboul
lo play.
Ue stroiled round lo the Oafe (loyal i "te flanco
when, lie expected to lind friends With ought at
whom he could talk. Even to tho obampagn
mosl reserved and Belf*coutallied of] Draiin re*
mon ibere comes a time when thoy
long to put tholr triumph into speech,
;o listi ii to words uf comm mlation
of tbeir success, and In no man is
i In t!u- man who
Brann sup ressed a look of triumph,
for Kate v.as playing Into his bands.
11 you havo to
thi ... he   rose
,i il  say that
pleasuro thi
von are
t I
ed.     II is nol overy day ih
nan like yours' if r
1 .un n,.
r.t by Al.
nil. bis ii
a young
ws that
is a groat heiress. Von
east lo order a bottlo of
io celebrate tlio occasion,
irkot! lightly.
.'I a,i sure lhal 1 shall ben-
, Grunt's good fortune, lie
oldly, and ho Immediately
pari in'".
the fate o! advancing hosti?
-lavages, within easy   range,   quietly]
trotted back and   told the   man   to
mount behind him.
With a c iol courage scarcely second ',
'o Loid vVIUiam'c the man refused,
noble fellow that he was. preferring
'be certain sacrifice o. his own life
to the probability of destroying his
TV reply was admirable, terse, and
telling. The savages swarmed, closer
:.nd closer, bullets rattled around j
ih-m; the two who lingered were almost wi*.>ir. reach of the assegais,
and Lord William said:
0e| up  or Hi punch your head!
The m ri obeyed and   rescuer   antlj
rescued 63cap3d,
\as very careful. mlnlsti'atlve body not unlike the l.on
Ah, it. is alway; thos.- careful people  dq , county counout     It exercised ab-
who gel taken in. solute control over the Paris cemeter*
I lea. Prom the decision of the pre*
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator fecture in n matter of this kind there
will drive worms from   ihe   system I is r.o appeal.     Unless the monument
without injury to tho child, because
Its action, while fully    effective,    is
The Son—Mother, I'm going to bave
lltllt- sinter some day, ain't 1?
The Mollier—Why   do   you   want
"he Son—-Woli, It gets kind of tire-
in e always teas'ng the cat.
■ effer "i.'-* Uundrnd Dollars Reward
mv   r*:i!M-  u*.  C'f.tanli   Hint  caUUOt  b*.
i bv liull'a Catarrh C\ne.
V. .1.  I'lIIUSKY &. t'O., Toted.). O.
We.   ili«-   niidfsl'riH'ii    h.ive  known   V.
J. Cheney Ur 'lie last IB years, imd believe iiim perfeotl1  honest In all buslnest.
uansaotioriB and flnaticlally able to carry
out any obligation*! made by liis firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is fatton Internally,
acting directly upon tbo blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free.     Price 75 cents   per   bottlo,
Hold by oil Druggists.
Take Hall's Family rills for constlpnr
One Board of Tra.de electrical unit
will   keep a   sixteen-candlc     carbon
his desire so Keen as lu tbe man who j    cmvie.v Brann did   nol    feel   tho[I,imP al,Bh( for about sixteen hours.	
Ivoa by his pen. !j,,isl inclined for bed.     The day had ~™  «- •	
There ho Jollied tba Htllo clrclo ofl in ( i nn excilJug Oue, and he bad not J Labrador, tho great peninsula on the' Scottish oil companies alone have
rliem who gather nightly for the vel recovered, from Uio rough hand- oast coast o-' British North America,! contracted for 200.000 tons of oil fuel
ther long hour of tlio aperitif, There  -iug thai ho bud reoolvetl Trom Hiram I has an area of 200,000 square miles, [to he supplied to tho Navy.
lie went, to his otlice and : but the population Is only 4,000. ■
:,: little safe Hint contained —  A certain European regiment sta-
i.-;s. Ills faco became Exclusive of India, Die British Army! Honed in Northern India has a colon*
i! he onco more looked Into' has elghty-throo troops, companies el who bas only once been seen to
. end his oyes wore a bunt-  and otber formations of Itoyal Bngln*   laugh.
j cers. j    A private of this corps, .while a prts-
havo lhe money,   he   suld '  'oner lu thc guard-room for a military'
Sniely Lhat line fool will!    Tommy—Can you cat nuts, grand*] offence, bet the sergeant of tho guard
Wiien her precious lover is ar-  m-1''
jo      Grandma   Oh, dear, no.     I haven't
tiny teeth.
Tommy—Well look after these till
1 eonie hack from school.
j pan
n a wrllo.* now famous- who trunk Horner.
!y owns lhal li" stole some of bis best; opi lied I
■nips and cran he from the youthful I *-il his s>
laced old mau wlm gives ulghll) doles troubled
of wit, lo the little clrclo or friends,    his nffaii
Hi- snt there for some iiim' and lis*}, ,i look.
fined with ureal enjoyment. One by
(.lie tbey left, until bu was alone and
be turned bis stops in ilie direction oi
lilttlo .lain.-. Htroet, where be had lie-
' lib d to stay tbe nlghl.
When le- roadbed lho doot
surprised to see Crawley Ur
coming out,
I thoughi von were In Ibe country.
'.«• cried.
I came up to-nlgbI.     Mis i Grant
old um- that you were j-- town, uuil
I want a few words. I Judged that ynu I him
would  stav  in jour uld rooms, and  I       'j']
conic round on the rhanc
Draj.n's objcol in calling ".as
ier tain if Vaughan Seymour bad
bo modified piemlssion will not bo
granted for its erection over the dramatist's tomb fn Pern Laclialse,
Tbe work of art which has given I
ris.i to this controversy is at present j
in the Pere Lachalse Cemetery, hidden !
undf-r a tarpaulin.
One of the Officials of the cemeteries uopartmuut expfalued at some
length the reasons for tabooing tbo!
creation of .Mr. Epstein. |
1 suppose, he said, It wi.l he admitted tbnt we have not been actuated
by any reeling of churlishness iu the
stop we took. It is not our business J
to puss criticism upon the monument ]
merely as a work of art, We have
no quarrel with the sculptor in this
respect. No doubt he is a very brilliant artist who has boldly carried
out a earefu'ty matured design, audi
pres-euted us with a finely execute li
example of plastic art. Perhaps all !
tbls is beside the question, !
Our point, nnd indeed our principal
objection, is thin: The Wilde nionn-;
ment as it now stands would very ft-
tlngly adorn a museum of sculpture,
but its place is certainly not in a pub*
lie cemetery, s
More About
The Loading Platform
The presonl generation or Western farmer: will never Know ihs
difficulties anl vexations experienced by the!;' predecessors tn the
earlier years •..hen no one could pet a carload of grain shipped lu
bulk except liy loading it. through an elevator The system forced
tbe majority of fanners to sell iaeir grain to tho elevator owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft times to submit to heavy , dockage and
other annoyances, (aiming continual dissatisfaction, Now, however,
the distribution of ears as fixed by tha Groin Act and the uso of tha
loading platform, provide facllltl ts which enable tho farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment iii the dwoosal of his Train, and tbo highest
luarUot prleea nt time of sale. .-.very fanner therefore, should mors
and more ondehvor to use the loading plat form 'r shipping his grain
to tho terminal elevators. It !■* the safeguard o> the farmers' freedom iti disposing of his grain to tlio best advantage for himself. If
farmers retrain from using the loading platform freely, It might tp-
suit In its being dono away with, because railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to it. it. Is easy to understand
why elevator people desire tho loading platform abolished. The railway people o i their pari say it delays (he loading nf cars and Helps to
ensure ear shortage. This we know t. tie nonsense, because fre*
nnently after cars are loaded, whether with grain, eoal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they nre aid*?tracked for days aud even woeft**
instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. Tt la engins
shortage nnd shortage of competent train men that mostly causaa
grain blockalee on railways and not lack of eats. l.et every farmer
therefore, dn all he ean to uso tho loading platform and become nn Independent shipper' In subse.pent advertisements we wilt utate in
detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading into car»
compared with loading tbrougb elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, mako liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise tha grading at time cars
nre Inspected, secure He highest prices at tinn of salo and make
prompt retiiMS when .-.old. Wrlto m for shipping instructions and
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
Miss PaBi»ay~-You may sneer at pet,
dogs, but they're faithful, anyway. I'd ]
rather kiss u good do.;: than some men. \
Mr. Sluirpe--Well, some men are
born lucky.
it bt
dy enough io
■ game Is a risky oi
n (ouch and go, bill 1 mi
.'i uli'i II.
(To be Continued i
simian was going ntoug  tlu
oad whei   .oi angry bull rushed at
issi d him over a fence.
lri '.iimai'. recovering frum Ills j
Customer—That coat I bought of
you yesterday is full of moths.
Dealer Well, what do you expect
for 50 cents- butterflies.
five rupees that ho wou'd make tbo
commanding officer laugh when he
was taken hefore him.
ln duo course,   afier   reading   the
charge, the colonel asked the prison-
Eczema 25 Years
Cured bv "Cuticura"
Doesn't ;.ou: choir sing at the prill
of finding' fun, upon lootdlg up   Baw   the   bullion -uy moief
paw.ng ;;al tearing up the ground, ns;    No; Beret a1, of t.ie**prisoiv.rfi object-
is tbe custom of the animal when ir-   ed on the ground tbat  it wasn't in-
rltated, whereupon he smiled al  the eluded In ihelr sentences.
animal and sold:- - -
H ii wns not for yonr bowing nnd A   DOCTO'R'S   trials
Have you anything lo say?
1 won't say anything more about it,
sir, if you won't was tbo unexpected
j reply.
I The grim face relaxed, but the stern
decision came all the same—Fourteon
days confined to barracks.
thf* expirts of Jamaica, til per
go to the United States of Amer-
A recant return of women bankrupts
v undertakers,
two gardeners, six tobacconists, and
seven funnel's.
I scraping and your bumble apologies
yon  li -ii e, falx   1  : liould  think tbat
■ you'd ihr xv m over tb - fi no on
;. irpos ■
He Sometimes Gets Sick Like Other
'.'. ihi a Si o   nan nn. .vers fl *.-.
■ [on    ■ '    mat'i i  In dlspul
o   ■    ir ail.     On     certain occasion
ilon ■ an i ■'• d
U \.i      illil QU     :.     Ol      *'' ll
i Ut 1,1   .   igow?
•'. :. i.i-        'i ■ imp   ■   ■  ■
'.i.. ig   • a   Itttli
d to be  wreck,
ild oi ub*      'i -i.iTeii.i from   Indigestion   and
constipation, lost «ir weight and appo*
'1* ,  bloating  and  pain  after meals,
Even doing good to people is hard
work if you have too much of it to
An overworked doctor tell bis experience:
"Aboul three years ago as the re*
iu!I of doing two men's work, attend*
ing N lar;;.' practice and looking after
iho detnih of another business, my
health broke down completely, ami i
leiier    than    p    physical
Lady of House—Wbat caused you
to becoino n tramp'/
Ragged Rogers—The family physio
ian, mum. Ho advised mo to take
i long walk*, after mo meals, an* l'v)
been walking after o'm ever since.
Here Willie, cried the boy's father,
everybody will be calling yon a lit Ll**
guttoti. Do you know what that
I suppose, r-ndlcd Willie, It's a big
glutton's little boy.
That's arrant nonsonse, sold Mr.
Hen peck, aboul thero always bceing
room at t.o top.
ob, biH wife sarcastically replied,
when were you up thoro to sec?
More Than 1000 Italian  Boys Leave
to Climb Its Peaks
The biggest excursion to the
High Alps yet recorded has heen j
organized by the Milan Alpine T31ub
under tho suspires of the ministry of
war <'is an encouragement of physical
training Rmong Italian youth. j
More than a thorn-sand members of
the expedition left here yesterday for j
ChaUHon, whence ihey march to the
ulght encampmenl at Champoluc, I.at-j
er they wll climb to an elevation of.
10,000 feet.
Forty of the best guides have beer.'
engaged to accompany tho party on its
Journey from the Matterhorn to Monte
Rosa, Forty-seven ladiea have Joined the party, which nlso included fifty
Journalists, forty doc-tor-; and a dent*
is!. The nip extends over three I
day.11- . J
and all .Metals, welded to perfection
by the Oxy-Acetyleue Process
Rear of 253 Sherbrooke Street,'
^ Winnipeg
Visitor (eyeing sky) -Are we going
to have some wet?
The Boatman—We dou'l mind if we
do 'ave Just ono.     Thank you, sir.
hi   I 'i Ited Kingdom   L -costs
, \ .: i        , .-       .i .1   ' In
- ..
Due      Ou .l , .    fl     ..
Leg Like Haw Flesh irom Kne<- Down
"I have, been tresb 1 by da to ■ '■ t
tMnty-ftva yean tn: shades*, of et-ttma
•»:i my let*, tbey di'l IhoJr bat, l...' fail" l
n oun it- My n**a doctor lud advised ma
i j hat'o mv Wtt cul oil, but 1 laid l . I
i.y tlio Cuticura Itenedl lint, ib ra -.
■[!■/ ilu t.i if yon liln* but I iio not lliinlt
ihey will rto an good.' \t Ibti Ltmi my
ift a*l i !'f-,i-"l fi'i'ii ni" l.nii- down, inv
/noi nan Ilka a placo vt raw iiu-it aini 1
hnd to '. ah. on crotchet.
"I h'inglit o inVe ut Cutleutl Soap, a box
oti utloura Ointment and a bottle ol < niioura
H—eifin. aiit Un. Iim'. iwo I real rom ti
ihe welling \ .ni down umi in ivo montlia-
nao of ittn Cuticura it.-i.n*.in*. in. n-s ***i
nirad ird Uienw iklnstownoD. The doctor
mild nnl iM-ilen hla own ayaa whnn ha «uw
thnt Ctili'iira hail ni<-l im nml -nut Mix' hfl
v.o-'.'J   nil   I uUcnrn   Un   hh   iiv.ii   |initi-iit..
lint for the * ufleura Rpnimllra ! r*ii-.l»: Invo
(int mv lib'. 1 nm tnil ■ cuf ni («n ill"
tfimPft'il euro ll,..t Ciilimra v niiuht nnl
I a'wavi rrcrifiiiri'-iid il m***» luith1; ui »ura
ami «mmniieal euro f.<t nl m frmtlilcM.
i .:i'i-'-. Mm". J. li- .''ii.Ki-J, 557 M'titniM
ft., Hontreaf.
For mora I ban • n-naratlen f^itlmrn Soap
and (iimm.i ■ have unnoMI lie- apndlol
in fl in" t m niiiiii,!' 11 it. ,in- uni fr>r .km in.il
. ..tf. Ii-nnoi       Huh) hv iIiiikkI"! i imd i|. nl' i i
ri-t>rvv.ti.<rfi.   roi » liberal aamrita of ■»''•.
Kltll' lt.'-|>.   I"""-.   NMI'I   til    I'iiM.i    D.   .'    u.
Ctiip-, -IV CoI.i.i.I.'m Ave, lln.fne,  U.W. A.
W   N   U   921
No    More    Aithm.i     Dr.    J,    te. \
Kellogg's* Asthma Hemedy Rounds the!
death knell of this trying trouble.    If ]
stops Uie ttWflll ehnklng and jiainf.il
broathing,      It- guards against night]
attacks and gives renewed nblllty to
slerji and rest the wind" night long,
r memorj and lack   of   nerve|M"?» ia olalmod for lhls remedy, but
force  for continued  mental appllon. nothing but whatcan bedomoustrated
; by n trial,    If you minor from osth-
"I'bet iino irritable, easily angered mft {P {\and convlnco VonmM ot its
and despondeni without cause,    TheI *rflft* vaIUfll
h ■■!■''.. action became Irregular and j
weaki with frequent attacks of palpi* I
latli i. 'i ii mo' tho first hour or two
i'-'.-i  retiring, |
- ■ Orapo Nuts nnd cul bananas
,.: i Inr my lunch one dny nnd
i- ■ . ed i.i'   pn   Icularly wllh Mi
Honr. of Hia Buaines*.
'- ::.     ,, tbi
 ' ml ■   ■'      -■   :■■ ■
..." ,,. .      ,i .
1     ls        ..      in I. inrlon 1
..i'i    : '■■   i pal th a I roken leg.
' '   :,t    '        [?•] null. got     moro     sntlBfactlonlhoard either or vou telling the truth
'      ■ oi" P     m I       nm li than from anything I had oat'1
■'■:' . ontb . tind on rurlhor Invoetl-
md use. adopted Grnpo-Nutfl
for my morning and evening menls,
st, ed M -1 ill) with oieam and n
iprinklc of still <>r sugar.
"My linprovemeni wns rapid and
perm ni at, In weight an well iih In
physical and meul il ondurnnco, in
,i iron), I um lllli il with Iho Joy or
Hi ing ng'ait, and continue Un* dally
use "f CJrnpi Nuts for broa It fas I ami
oflfMi ror lho ove nlng meal.
"Tlio littl pDmphlol, "Tiro Horul in
W-lhllle,' round In pkgn., la Invariably saved   and    hand Od    to   Mime
"  ™ needy pt it along with the Indicttlotl     ,     . ,. ,     .
Nov   ii.'-' y '.nu have Ironed    thoso   remedy." liOndob. Kvery  Monday    it     is
ih o . June, snld lib  ml Iress admlr*     "There's it renson." found tbnt the health of patient., in
in: i  to lier maid,     Then glan<hg     Nnmo given liy   Cnn ad inn   I1,osi(iiin! Bertnondsny Inflnnury   bun   imfforntl
i      ■■ glosey linen, sho coiilluiii'il In  Co., Windsor, (int. ' fnnn lutoxlcnnls sinugglod in by visit*
■ t surprise, Oh, bul I boo t'loy     Ever read the above;   letter?      a ora o» Sunday, said tho guardians' sour" nil ; our own. ' new one appears from time to time.   Meltor, nt. Tower B I'Id go police court
. is,   rep 1 d   .lane,  nnl   Id   ih  all; They  nre  genuine,  true,  and  full  of  ysterdav.      Hoti cs nro round iind< r*
yours Just llko thai if 1 h'i i llmo,      j humsn Intorast, i nouth patlcuts1 bctis onch .Monday.
.■       'i ft      , ■ ,   and   I
ib     . dei I nd    i        \   */oek
ird '.    11   ■-■'■ *   ■.    the   pin   I
ii i   ;      md     ■• '■   nrd and I    •   md
i  wan ■■■■:   -i ■ . j ■ novo II   a Ith tho
 ;■       i\ It il tvs  mj n tonlt hmoni
..ii'   ::     Ull i   (fl ii 11 litiOI .    -. find 'li   '
ie- pin had bi en run through the skin
•.    nat end of through the i loth
tt hj   Pal   -aid i. dldn'l  you know
1 liai iit'i  t .1 ■ sticking In yon?
i     urn '). did, replied Pal   Pail
i    loughl  ) mr honor knowed  .wnr
I SO Ol lllll   til'' loiigiif*.
li wai. simply a question of voraollj
betwoen us, said the oldosl Inhabtlnnl
He said I wOS r II.If, and I rtild he WBH
Humph!   H'J dued  Ibe village postmaster. That's the flrsi   limn T over
Do yon 'hliik K Is posslbio to make
fn airship absolutely safe?
Sure, replied Lho mechanician,
Disable it before it golfl a chance to
■eavo the ground
lleiliii, Iu order lo prevent an ex-
pofiiiro of Ills IbeHs, n M year old
hoy nl Antiiihei-g, OeviUUIIJ', lookod a
solioolmate I" yonrs at nge, in n ro*
frige rating room from whloh he wan
llhornted  In u dying < Illion nfter
twelve days' Incnrcortittoii,
dealer pays
more for this
flour than for
any other, but
he's satisfied
to do
so in order
to sell you
the best-
More Bread
and Better
Bread    -
Told   by  Superior to  Destroy   It,  Hej
Resigns From Order
Knther Mario Itontnmpl. a'
learned monk wbo has taught physics
nntl mathemntlcB in the oonvent of
St. Anthony nt l.aneiano, has abandoned bis monastlo cart er. He Invented J
un automatic rifle capable, it Is said, j
of tiling .Inti shots a minute, and wish*
..(I to patent It aud offer It to the Hal-1
inn governmeiil, but bis superiors ordered him lo destroy the model of so
murderous it weapon. '
The Inventor's ambition finally prevailed, mid Signer Bon tempi, deprived
11 bis monastlo garb, la now carrying
Oil iietlve negotiations  ivltll the mill*]
t iry or war.
Up to Present This Year They Have
Spent $2,200,000 in Switzerland
According lo statistics jusl
published, 0010 foi'-ign motorists
entered Bwltserlsnd up to the end of
August, being 020 more than for ibe
corresponding period of last year. It |
i: estimated that lhe motorists havo
spent ^2,200,000 in tbis country soi
far, :
This total Is bused mi figures col*
hried hy (lie inquiry oflieo al Heme!
Which BlalOB lliat   on   an average   al
foreign motor oar carries four per-:
SOUS—in frei|iu nl eases rti>. who re j
main thirteen days In Switzerland, and '
each motorist spends $0 n day. As
lho mot oi ing season does not begin he-1
fore .lane these figures show thai. In
three months visitors In tholr motor*
ear.-i spend noarlj $2,500,00 apart from
other lourlsto,
A law doora south of C.P.n. Dopot
R.tt. f ,.60 lo 12.00 s*r ill
Cul.In. untxcellt*
Hot «nd cold wator In ovory room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outoldo Roomo
Huibnnd and Wife Flrnl They Cannot
Indulge In It
i\ ileoree ueiiinet liis-J-ii! lm:-
boon Issued liy Uio llann-l*ji stjiti-
rallivnya lu oonneetlon wllli it com-
lilnnil lotlgotl by n iiiiiinciikqi- wbo wan
robukocl tor onilla-nolllg hln wlto In a
oeooil-l-alOBB Hiilmtn niri-liign.
Tin' iii.ui mul bin wlfo ontorod llm
ii-alii after n nyniiiiK tout-, -nm wlfo,
who was vi-i-y lln-il, kiinml Iim- lioail
iiii hor Ituabniifl'a ■lioul-lor, whlln he
jnn hla linn r.Hiuil her lo uupport her.
a fpliow-nuBucngor olijoateil to ihls
dotnotllc 800110 mul Ottllod upon iho
inmluiilui' of Hu- iiuiji iu make tlm
husbaini behave himself,
Tlin lumliiinil iiinii,.' I'Diiiulaiiil. to lho
raUwu-. iiuiliiii'lili'ii, who liavo now In-
formeil him thai kimlng in not porinln-
Bible In liiibiln I'ouniH, iimong whloli
railway caiTlugim nre looludod, Tin-
llUBbailll donlOB Mm', nny klmiliii' lunl:
Cuu llm iii'itiiii donnn roaoh a high
A high noli'! I'xoliiliui'il lb" oiiIIiih-
liiHilc inauager.    I Hiouilii ku.v ho.   a
'.iiihIi-ciI i iiinii nolo ovory Bong,
In (li'i'iiimiy lln- i-iihI of old ago nnd
Infirmity poiialotifl in horno by omploy*
ont nnd work'pcoplo nliko lu oiinal
BhoroB, imi iim Imperial Oovornmonl
iiinlioH ii un'form miiiiiiil iiibiiiloti ul
fl„ lo ovory jioimloii gratltetl,
Itavlllg 022 IjoiIh In oiiiikLiiiiI imo,
lho London ItoBpltol. In Whltoohnpol,
in Ilio lingi'Bl gi'iirrnl huHpllnl In long,
Sud-f.onHIng Mnn- l bo« yon lmvo
ii elgn mil: Mnlior ol Womon'a llnb-
.m      Iin you moan It?
I.a.lloa' '. nl'oi- Oerlaliily I do.
H.iill.niililiig Mnu Well, elnoo my
wlfo's boon going to tho olub bIio'h
Hint nil llm .'ond 01109 sho had, and
l wish you'd innkn ber u eomplote now
mil regardless of oipoiibo, And
lilonau Include il',j luilill or slaying at
homo oiioo la a. Willi", nnd mending
iny otolites,
Dr. Mora*** '
Indian Root  Pills
•re just lln rlgkl R-.ctlk.iH. for the
cliilnren, Whitn ihey are eonfllipotrd
- - when ihcir ktdneyi ere out. of enter
-■ wli-'ii ovcr-iiutiitgcncc in Renin
favorite food glvci litem iiu!Itt.irtioii
—Dr. Morse's Intiian Root I'illn will
niii(-t:ly iiiid mirrly put litem rii-lil.
Purely vejiotautc- lliey neither eicKon-
GltArd yonr childrcn'i iicuTitt hy
h1w;i\*i krrplnia hox of Dr, Morton
Indian Hoot I'llliin ihr Itoilie,   I hey ..
K««p   tht)   Childroi    \Vol|
i ■
I //
professional   *£arbs
—,iu b
£ob<5c    Hotices
McVITTIU   ft    FAnKIiB,
P.L.8.   &   O.K.
OBANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
W.   IP,   UUUII
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Court. Cranbrook No. 8943.
Ment In Carmen's Hall, on   Und and
4th Thursday ol each month.
Louie l'ouraon, Sec, P.O. Box «*U.
Visiting Brotbors Cordially Welcomed
BnrilBters,  Solicitor! uuil Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial  Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 2.2
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KINQ   St   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Olllce at Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours.—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
AlternoonB - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   lu   the   Carmen's   Hull 2nd
nml Hli TucsdayH in overy montb, nt
8 p.m.   Membership open  to British
N.  A.   Walllnger,  Pres
W. C. Crebhln, Sec'y.
P.O. Hox 426,
Visiting members cordlnlly wolcome
NOTICE Is hereby given that an
npplicntlon will bo made to tbe Licence Commissioners lor the City ol
Oranbrook ut tbelr next meeting
held nt leaBt thirty days hereafter,
for tb.- transfer of the hotel liquor
licence for tbe premises known ns tbe
"Royal Hotel," Cranbrook, B.C.,
Irom mysell to William Stowerd ol
tho snme plnce, Hotel-keeper.
Dated this 30th dny of November,
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE tbnt 1, Georno Herbert ABhworth, ol Crnnbrook, B. 0.,
occupntion Accountnnt, intends to up
ply for permission to purchase the
lollowlng described lands:—
Commencing ut n post planted at
the North-west corner of Lot 81117,
thence . Soutb 40 chains, tbence West
40 chains, thenco North 40 chnins,
thence Enst 40 chains to point nl
commencement and containing ICO a-
cres, more or leas.
Dated December 4th, llll 2 49-9t
- /\
A. F. & A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   tbo
third   Thursday   ol   ovory
Visiting brethren welcome.
. .1. McSweyn, Wm-shlptul Master
.1. S. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday in
each month at eight o'clock,
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Dlotrlct ol East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that 1, I. It. Iloyd,
ol Oalgary, Alberta, intend to apply
lor the purchase of the following
described lands commencing at a
post planted at the east corner of
lot 6626, thence running west G8.75
chains, thence aoiit.h 51.80 chains,
thence enst 68.75 chains, thenoe north
54.80 chains, to the point ol commencement.
I. R. BOYD,  Locator
J. Laurie, Agont
Dated October 28, 1912. I.i-'it
District of Bast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Mnlhoilnnd, ol Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply lor the purcbaae ol
tbe lollowlng described lunds commencing at i, post planted at the
southwest corner of lot 6623, tbence
enst 125.57 chains, thenco north
chains, thence west 58 chains, thenco
north 80 chains, tbence west 16,82
rlinliiB. tbence south 146 chains,
thenco west 50.75 chains thenco
south 15 chnins to the point ot commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 46-9t
District of Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, Reginald J.
I.ydrntt, of Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply lor the purchase ot the
following described lands. Conunenc
ing ut u post planted at the northwest corner ol lot 6622 thenco running east 8ft chains, theace aouth
78.80 .-bains, thence wost 60.76
chains, thence north 26 chains,
thence weat 31.25 chains, thenco
north 64.80 to tbe point of commencement.
J. Laurlo, Agont
llnteil October 28,  1912. 46-9t
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Ofllce ln Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,    ...    BO.
T.    M.    R I X B N
Auditor and Accountaut
P.O.  Box  373
NELSON, B.C.       47-3m'
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Annua Neat to City Hall
Opan Day aad N!(ht Phono Ul
Funeral Director,
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodgj, No. 33
Moots every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. 8. Houston, O, O.
F. A, Strlds, K. R. ft 8
B. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
District of Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE thut I, Rev. |
Sehrog, ot Oalgary, Alberta, intend
to apply lor the purchase of the following described lands. Commenc-
ing at a post planted at the northwest corner ol lot 339, thence west;
80 chains, thence south 58 chnins,
thenoe east 8ft chains, thence north;
58 chalno to tbe point ol commencement
REV.  SCHROG, locator1
J. Laurie, Agent
Doted October 28, 1912. 45-9t|
District of Baat Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I, R, Powers,
ol Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
lor the purchuse ot the following
described lnnds. Commencing at a
post planted at tbe southwett cornel ol lot 6621, thence east 80 ohalns
tbenre north 80 chains, thence weat
8ft chuins, thence south 80 chaina to
tbe point, of commencement.
R. POWBRS, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated uctober 28, 1912. 46-»t
liceuce to take and use water.
Uo. 42
Meets overy Monday night
at Bew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. G. Sec'y
j SEALED TENDERS will be received
| by the Minister ol Lands not later
I than noon on tbe 3rd dny of March
11913, for tho purchase ot Licence No.
IX10 to cut 12,130,000 leet B.M.,
] 93,000 railway ties, 16,000 cedar poles
I on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
; District, neur Creston.
j Particulars ol Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
NiiTlt'K is hereby given tbat
H. W. Drew of Klmberley, B.O.,
will apply for a licence to take and
use one cubic loot per second of
water out ol Klmherley Creek, which
flows In a south easterly direction
through Kimberley townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near and
east of Hlock 1, The water will ba
diverted nt a dam on Sullivan HIU
und will he used for Domestic purposes on the land described as Lota
12 ft 18, Block 6, Klmherley townilta
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 4th day ol November
1912. The application will be filed
ln the office of tbe Water Recorder.nt
Cranhrook, B.C..
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Conrptrt/ller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.O.
45-9t Applicant
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon!
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 84S
Circle No.   163
Companions of the Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. C.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting.   Companions   cordially  welcome, sett
SEALED TENDERS will be received
] hy the Minister ol Lnnds not Inter
. than noon on the 3rd day ol March
i 1913, (or the purchase ot Licence No.
1 Xll to cut 2,520,000 leet B.M.,
46,000 railway-ties, 4,600 cedar poles
on Lots 3877, 3878, Oroup 1, Kootenay District, near Creaton.
Particulars   ol Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering Uf McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cosl.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Cranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p. in.,
ln Royal Black
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
W   Hwalu, Dictator
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
SEALED TENDERS will be received
[ by tho Minister ol Lands not later
| than noon on the 3rd duy ol March
11918, for the purchuse ol Licence No.
i X12 to cut 6,440,000 loct B.M.,
10,60ft rnilway-ties, 8,600 cedar poles
on Lot 491, Group 1. Kootenay
District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, H.C. ' 49-13t
.....H-H-. I-I *********** II'
'    i
' ' Cf AA  to thane who lii) out.
(| rlvw  and mall tltls coupon
• • AT ONOE: Sample of our ex*
| I pert  ptii..naiiH.iI|i and fund-
• i mitlnjr lunsuu iu rihui'tlianU.
Blair Business College
Spokane, Wash.
I   am   lntm-oBleit   iu  BubI-
ness Education.   PlenBe solid
me   lull   Information   uliout
your Coltego, uud ospeolally
about   tho  subJHntH  chucked
BooakaaninK Shorthand l****l
..TypawrlilHS Hrniiiiaiialiii) I.Ja.1
. .Qu'ck.ftgurliiK . Liittar-wrlllua
I oau begin a course about
{    Aiidruas
Classes in Drawing
Water Colors, I'nstcla, oils and
china Painting will bo opened tht
second week ol November. For further lnlormatlon intending pupils
should cnll or write
Miss IH, A. Doyle
TIMBER  SALE   No.   X13
i SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister ol Lands not later
■ than noon on tbe 3rd day ol March
! 1913, for tho purchuse ol Licence No.
X1.1 to cut 4,160,00ft leet II.M., nnd
65ft cedar poles on Lot 281, Oroup 1,
Kootenny District, nenr Creaton,
I'nrtlciilnrs   ol Chief Forester, Victoria, B.O. I9-I3t
nt  the   residence   ol   Mr
I.nun Mc
District ol Bust Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Helen Mary
EusBle, ot Fort Steele, occupation
married woman, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase the lollowlng
described lunds'
Oommouolng ut a post planted at
the Intersection ol the Wont boundary ol the Kootenay Contrul right-
of-way with thu East bank ol the
Kootonny Rlvor 180 feet south ol
the Houth Wust corner ol LSB4
thenco Southerly .',.') chnins following
tho suld boundury of the rlghl-ol-
way to Its re-lnternection with the
Kootonny lliver. tbence northerly
lollowlng tbe Enst. bank ol Kootenny
River upstri'iiiii to pinco ol commence
ment. containing 40 acrcB. moro or
Win. H. Busste, Agent.
Dnted Nov. 110th 10H, l'.-ot
DiBtrlct of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, John
Laurie, of Cranbrook, B.C., Intend
to apply lm the piircbasi' ol tbo lollowlng described lands. Commencing at a pout planted nt. llie Southeast corner ol Lot 6620 tbonco north
80 chnins, thence west 80 chains,
tbence south 74.81 ehalni, thence east
11.16 chains, tbance south 6.18 ehalni
thence east 68.78 cbnlus to point of
Dated Oetober 26, IMt. 46,1
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTICE Is hereby given that
Mary A. Sopor of Klmberley, B. 0„
will apply (or a licence to take and
use six (6) lncbea of water out ol
Klmberley Creek, which flows In a
South Easterly direction through
Klmberley townsite and emptlea Into
Sullivan Creek near and But ol
Block 1.
The water will be diverted at or
near Lot 5, Block 11, and will be
used for Domestic purposes on the
land described aa Lots 1 and 2, Block
S, and Lot 6, Block 12, Klmberley
This notice was posted on the
ground on tbe 4th day of November
1912. The application will be filed
in the ofllce ot the Water Recorder.nt
Oranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with th*
Comptroller of Water Rlghta, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.O.
45 'Jt H. W. Drew, Agent
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles. Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
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genuine bargain thnt will please you
during 1913 und lor nil yenrs to como
iienil i> dollar tn Tho Family Herald
and Weekly Stnr of Montreal, lor a
years subscription to tbnt great paper, and you will ulso receive u copy
of tholr new picture entitled, "Moth-
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83& $tftnkrfc
THE STANDARD Ih tho National
Wookly Nowflpapot- ut thy Dominion
of Canada.     Il Ih mttlorml in ull It*
ll uses lho RlOflt oxnwiHlvvi nnnruv-
tuiiH, procuring tlm I'hiiioKraii.iH from
ii tl ovor i ho world.
Jth arllOlOI nro rnrufully twicel«d and
ll*     i-Jltuil.il     policy     In     thnr..unlit;.
A subscription to Tho Hinnduni
001 Ifl $2.00 per year tn imy titMron* In
Canada or Groat iiriinin.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Stindird Publishing Ce.
Limited, Publisher*.
Department of Militia
and Defense
New Drill Hall at Fernle, B.C.
C. P. R.
SEALED TENDERS marked on envelope "Tender for Construction of a
now Drill Hall, Fernie, B.C.," and
addressed to the Director ot Con- ,.ni y-j _
tracts, Department of Militia und
Defence, Ottawa, will be received until noon, January 25, 191*, for the,
construction of a New Drill Hall at
Pernio, B.C.
Specifications may he seen and full
particulars obtained at the ofllce of
the Oflicer Commanding Military Dis j
trict No 11, Victoria, B.C., and the
City Clerk, Fernie, B.C.. und the j
Director of Engineer Bor vices, Headquarters, Ottawa.
Tenders must he made on the form
supplied hy the department and accompanied by an accepted cheque ou
B Canadian   Chartered Bank, for ten
per   cent   (lop.c.)   ol lhe amount of ,
the  tender,   payable  to  the  order  of '
the   Honorable the Minlator of Mill- '
tin   and   Defence which amount will
ho   forfeited   lf   the   party   tendering
declines   to   enter    Into   or   (uUh to
complete   the contract tn accordance '
with hla tender. j Spool a!   Train
The Department does not bind It* Los Angeles eo
self to accept the lowest or any ten-. ing made at I1
der. I co,    Hun    -I
Special Train
from Spokane, Wash.
Tuesday, January 7th, 1913
Tickets   on    Solo by   Cnn. Pnc. Ry.
Ticket   Agents in Alberta and Bast-
liimiury   -1, li and 6,
Final    return    limit   April   30,    1913
Pare Irom
to Los Aiu-ele*. and Return
Going and Returning via
Going via Spokane
Returning via Seattle
trip trom Hpoknne to
.■its 7 days, ntopB heartland, rfim Francis
Santa Clara, Santa
KU&BNE FI8BT, Colonel, Crtus, Monterey, Del Monte. PaeoRo-l
Deputy Minister, j bins,   Sniitn   Barbara, Rlversldo and|
Department of Militia and Delence,    1 Redlands.
Ottawa, December 17, 1912. Fare on golnj   trip f."in Spokane in-
Newpapers  will not be paid II thia  eludes   berth   and meals on train or
advertisement    is    inserted    without | at hotel, and n number ol Blght>see<
authority Irom the Department.
H.C..H-171-1.—29999. l-2t
ini* trlpH.    Return  i< by regular service, iiioais and bcrtli not Included.
For descriptive pliamplet apply
R. ii   MoNEILLIE,
liistriet  Passenger Agent,
Oalgary, Alta.
Coal raining, rlghta ol the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North j
weet Territories and in a portion ol
tbt Province ol British Columbia,
may he leased (or a term ol twenty-!
one years at an annual rental ol 11
on acre. Not more tban 2,full} acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application lor a lenae must ha
mad* by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district ln which the rights applied (or
are ■Ittu.ted.
In surveyed territory the land must
be deecrlbed by sections, or legal subdivisions ol sections, and In unsur-
veyed territory tbe tract applied lor
shall be staked obt by the applicant
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee ol ti which will be
refunded if the rights applied tor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahall be paid ou the merchantable output ol tbe mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting lor the lull quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coul mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns ahould be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mln
ing rlgbts only, but the lessee muy
bt permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ol
the mine at tbe rate ol '10.04 an acre
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department ol thu Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.    COKY,
Deputy Minister ol tho interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
thia advertisement will not be paid
tor. Marcb 25-Hm.
ul IKl Worl.1
thla coun
Munich, '
burg, Ann
lurlch, T
aouth An
200 Cartoons Teil More
Than 200 Mmm
The World's Best Each Month
from dailies anil wekltiM published in
■ir.'. London, Ii.ii.ii:>, Parb, Berlin,
'.una. Warsaw, Budapest, H. IV cra*
" " J m. Stun .-'.it, Tii"i... Koine, I.i ,,-"-11
. .md all th.- great cities of lite
!ie '-.00 best out of 9,00-1 carte-, ru
each month, aro selected,
A Piotuf* History ol World's Cvtnts Esoh Mont'i
cnmiMii.n in 'Cai r-in*,-:" und watch the opposing parties csricaiuro each uth-ir.
•a***—\        ,•*!$     -
i A.
Steam Boilar,   l''iiniac-i,
aud Saptic Tank work
a •peciaUy
Uoit and dock estiiut-,1*,*
(urniihed un application.
Aadreaa I P. O. Sob Ma, Craabrook
NOTIOB la hereby given thnt 60
dnyB alter date I intend to apply to
the MnilHtiT ol I.anilB for a licence to
prospect lor coal and petroleum ovor
the following lanttH situate in tbe
District ol HoutheaBt Kootenay, Hrit
ish Oolumbla, in Lot 4693:
Commencing at a pout planted on
the Went boundary line ol Lot S588
nt or near two milcu north of the
International Boundary, and being
the Northeast corner poet ol Charles
1*. Webb's claim tlience South eighty
chains; thence WeHt eighty
thence Mast eighty chains to the
point ol commencement, making 640
acres more or less.
Located this 15th day of October,
Eathen W. Butts
50-St Agent
We Deal in Everything From
v. Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph li. McLean
All kind* of Second Hand Good.
Furnilura a SPECIALTY
8ag«'i Old   Stand,  HniiM'ii  Av-
PkoM Ul.
ee v-cam-
NOTICK is hereby given that 60
days alter date 1 Intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a llccnco to
prospect for coal and petruleum over
the lollowlng lands situate in the
Dlstrlot ol Southeast. Kootenny, Brit
Isli Columbia, lu (jit MM:
Commencing at n post planted on
the West line ol Lot 7H44 at or near
one mill' Nortli ol the International
Boundary, and helng the Northeast
corner post ol Charles K. Webb's
claim, thence Houth eighty chains
tlience West eighty chains; thence
North eighty chnins. thence East
eighty  chains  to  the point oi com-
miincement, milking fill) itcree, more
or less.
Located    this  ltth day nl October.
Eathen W   Butts
to-tt Agent
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
GIVEN tn the Electors of the Municipality oi tho Citj 0r Cranbrook
thot l require the presence of the
said Electors, at the Municipal Offl-
eee. on Norbury Avenue, in the City
o| Cranbrook on tbe thirteenth day
of January, 1»13. nt 12 o'clock noon
(1 p.m., local time) for tho purpoat-
of electing -eaoni tn represent them
in tbe Municipal Council a* Mayor
nnd Aldermen- and public notice 1«
further given to the electors of the
Cranhrook School District that I re*
quire the presence of the said elect*
ora at the name place and time
for tbo pi.rpf.s-> oi electing pereone
to represent tbem on the Board
I of Bchool Trustees for the
I Crnnbrook   School   DiBtrlct  ae     euch
Scbooi Trustees
I    The mod,* ol nomination of candi
■littea shall  be ub follows
"Tbi*    candidates! shall  be  nnmina
j ted    m writing   tbe writing shall he
j subscribed by two voters of the mu-
; Dtcipallty, as proposer and seconder.
! and Bhall be delivered to tbe Returning  Otllcer   at uny fine between the
date  of   the notice and a p m. (:. p
m. local time) ol the day of nomination; and in  tbe event of a poll be*
Ing   necessary,   such poll will be op-
ened   un  the sixteenth day of Janu-
i ary    lOia,    -tt thn Municipal Offices.
J Norbury   Avenue.  Oranbrook. B.  C,
! from    the   hour    ol B   o'clock a. m.
fii o'clock   local   time) and 7 p, m
(8 p   m   local  time) of which every
porson  te   hereby  required to     take
notice and  govern  himself accordingly. »
The qualifications by inw required
to be possessed hy tbe candidates for
the otlice of Mayor are aa follows:
The    persons   qualified to be nominated        tor        and       elected      as
Mayor of the city shall he such persons as are male British subjects of
the full age of twenty-one years, and
are not disqualified under any   law,
nnd have been    for the   six   months
next   preceding   the  day of noralna-
! tion tbe registered owner in the land
I Registry OtVice, of land or real prop-
1 erty in tbe City of the assessed value on tbe Inst Municipal   Assessment
| Boll, of One   Thousand   Dollars     or
or   more   over and above any registered Judgment or charge,  and   who
are  otherwise   duly  qualified as Municipal voterB. (lOOfi, C- 32, 8. 14).
The qualifications by law required   |
to be possessed   hy   tbe   candidates
for the office of Aldermen are as follows:
Thc person.-; i|iialilled to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen of
the City shall bo such persons as are
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty-one yenrs and are not disqualified under any taw, and have
boen for the six months next preceding the day of nomination the rejis-
tered owner In tho Land Registry
Olllce, of land or real property lu th***
City of the assessed value on the last
Municipal ABscs-m.cQt Roll ot five '
hundred dollars or more over and I
above uuy registered judgement or I
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qiiaiilie.l  as  Municipal   voters.   (1906.
c. i'i, a  U).
The qualifications by law required I
to l*o possessed by the candidates I
for the oltlce oi School Trusts* are |
as follows'
Any person being a householder in |
the School District aud being
British subject of the mil uge ot |
twenty-one years and otherwise qual-
ilied by this Act to vote at an else-1
tion of School Trustees In ths I
Scbooi District, shall he eligible toi
be elected or to eerve as a School!
Trustee in such Municipal District F
(1.008. c. 44, S ni:). ilJoy, C. ao, s I
No Trustee shall hold the ofllce of|
teacher within the District of which I
he ts a Trustee, provided always!
that no clergyman of- any denomtna-T
tion ehali he eligible for tbe positlonl
of Superintendent, Inspector, TeacbT
| or or Trusts...    (1008, C. **. 8. lOs.J
"Householder' in tbe case of Mub-I
iripal School District shall mean and!
include any person of the full age o«|
twenty -one years who occupies
dwelllngi tenement, hotel or board |
Ing house, ur any part or portion i
a dwelling, tenement, liutel, «n board]
ing bouse, and wbo shall, unlet
exempt by Statue or Municipal By-|
Law, have pnld directly to the Mun-I
icipauty. rates, taies or fees of notl
less than two dollars for the current]
year     (iOOO, 0, 80, 8   3.)
(iiven   undnr    my hand at the O
Of   Cranbrook.    this    '■.nth   day
December, AD. iota,
Returning Officer J
Trsdi Msnsa
AnTon*Mta-Ulitf • »u*t<-h anil •"•ii-.*t|>.tnn inn-
'imrklt nnfit.rin.il nur '>|i|iii.i.i ffM w.m'Mut on
I'.vi'iitii.ii in tirntinlilr •'iiit-ni-iiiliL ('(iiiiiiiiinli-v
ilim-ntrU'tlrniiilliloiiiliil. HANDNQK i<" l-ni'-Mi
■nut trim, Olrtiml nptMiri fur '-MniHjii MtOlll*,
1'iiliiiiM Uiiiin throm-li Munti jn •>, rrcolvt
r^-i-liil nutif, wllliout •Jlinr-.M, Intli«
Scientific Hmcrican.
A htUKUonir-.r lllnMr-,.**!. wttfikl?. I,hi■■■•■. q|i
I'llulKill nr liny ■.■■■••..Mlli' Jiiniii'I. 'I'-iin* t-„
(t.im<U, is.'.:. •, real, [iuMa'H |>n>i>*.lif. Sulil |,|
Rli iwWaKlt-Alen.
Dlitrlct ill Hlii-i KootoDty
TAKK NOTIOB tlmt I, II. 01 Ulti.v
nl Oolgfiry, Alberts, Intoml tu ii-i-ily
lor the purchim* ol tlia following
ili-ai-i ili.il lnnil« oomraonolliB nt n poat
[.liiiilwl itt tlm iii'iillii-riHt. corner ot
Lot Wit, tli-mrp running north 40
chnlna, thnnoa went lliO cliuins,
thence   Botith III  chitlnn,   thence oast
16(1 ciminH to the pnlnl ol commencement
H. 0, I1I.OW, lucntor
J. Laurie, Agent
Deted October »t, Ull 46-»t
ikes Short Work of
n ___
lb !• n"'i.i--.i am] i.|.i''H'"-'itiy iif-iit-ii-H esiviCu
i iii'ii, Liiintiurn, Qout, Nrumlicln »ml «ll nth'l
ii nu nf Itn.Mim nmm . |i l,| „l ,,.„-,-1» Al.lx.ll Uui
ii       Lie   U-'-i-'ily.     I im- nn *in«--1 of mt-rt-y ^
■ I, nin-.iiim n-iii-rto■lH|)*foa*Ml({nlunSni
• i ti -rn tvetn Iilili uf iii-iiiiv arid for IH yen
i .    h -ii curlntf inii', u'.imun ami childrt'ii (<
v >' in Ihoro >■ Ml no It.-lii.   Jn«t « ffw l*.t(li|
|,     ni- ,  .il i*ii i-i ,iT frorn !ln to Ul yt-iirn   iluti.tl
,i I tml-tv ll llandi iintlviilltyl MHar-ulr-k, mtftin
i li oluloly M li'ilili- 'n-Hiinoiit fnr nil ttrir ncltl dlil
i n,wcnkVI(lni>yti ete.   Let * dollar l> ittle of I
tylsil _\lS!i-%_______* BibmI
-•■I ;
f [..nn
...     »tiin your ruru tnclo;!
Altbotl Broi.,711 R npiiruortiSlI
if your ilruKallt dbm nnl havo l|
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug t Book Co, | THE PKU8PECT0K. CKANBttOOK, B. C.
JOHNSON BROS.  Proprietors A. A. JOHNSON, Manager
.  " Where Everybody Goes"
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, January 4th—Matinee & Evening
The Voice ot* Warning
Th* Story of a Child
Widow Casey's Return
The Heart of John Grim
Produced in  co-operation   with the
New York Tribune Fresh Air Fund
The Gamblers
PRICES LS cents and 10 cents
Far-Seeing People
Mr. and Mrs.  W. Cl   Smith and H. j
ff.   Smith of Corbin.  were rej-istered
at the Cranbrook Monday
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chase of Spokane
were Kueats at tbt* Oranbrook Monday
H. B, Carter haft been .tt the St.
ESugene Hospital lor tje past week
Buffering from typhoid fever
Mr    and   Mrs.   H.   I.
children    of    Maryevilie,
brook  visitors Monday
Sawyer   aod
were   Cran-
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Whsleaale md Retail
Dealers in"
Meats, Fish, Gams
t Poultry
are those who come here .or
their Bye-Glassea and Spectacles, because here they will
get the best and most satisfactory treatment. Beinp experts, we are skilled in the
correct adjustment of lenses to
milt the individual aiirht, and
we guarantee you perfect vision with the glasses that we
supply. We shall appreciate it
call, and can demonstrate Po
you why we can give you the
best service.
Jewelers & Opticians
Local   News
OO TO  KINK'S  nnd  make  money.
Write it 1918,
J.   McTuvish   left on  Friday  on
business trip to Silverton.
See    PINK'S
Senled  fruits.
Window of California
Miss ES. VunSlyke of Wycllfle, spent
Wednesaay with her friends at Cranbrook.
Mrs. M. llogere of (ireat Falls,
Mont., was a. guest at tbe Cranbtook
on Wednesday,
Wm. Hill and son, Wilbur, of Van
couver, are in town, the guests o|
!<:. A. Hill.
We would rather take less for the
Goods now than write them in the
At the Hex Theatre tonight—"Tbe
Voice of Warning"—A story of a
Large crowds
Hkut'iig at the
the past week.
bave    enjoyed   the
Arena rink  during
Mrs. J. Balk well, and Miss K. M.
Smith, of Wyclllle, w*re Cranbrook
visitors on  Friday.
H.  E.  Ueattie.    uf Oalgary,  was m'    N. Burdett of Marysville, was tran
town Friday. sacting business at Craubrook Thurs-
An    entire   change   of   program  at
the Edison Theatre tonight
High-Class     Goods    at    Low-Class
Prices at FINK'S  this month.
Alex.   Taylor
town  Friday.
p.   Handley.   of
the city  Friday.
of  Klmberley   was  in
Marysville,   was   in
P,   Lund.
of   Wardner   waa   in   town
J.  B.  Davis of  Wychftc
city on Thursday
See   FINK'S
Healed Fruits.
Window   of  California
Miss   U    K.   Caul
the Kuem  ,,[  Mrs, (',
The  Public  School  will  re oiien  alter the  holidays un  Mondny  next
Mr.   Levi   Hent  in upending  bin  vacation  nt tbe coast.
OO TO  FINK'S and  make  money.
Mr.mid   Mrs.   A    Mellor   of   Marys
vlHe, wure In lb*1 city on Wednesday,
Enjoy sleighing white the suow is
here. Buy a Cutter, etc., from the
Cranbrook Trading Co,
Ira Manning was taken to tbe St.
Eugene Hospital seriously ill this
Entire change of Pictures at the
Auditorium tonight. The Auditorium Orchestra will furnish the music
Mr.  and  -Mrs Chester 0. Staples of
WyclitTe,   we
Mi and
Iran brook visitors on
Mrs. J. EC. Bldeford,
si>ent    Suoday    last
Liquor Habit Cured
iu Three Days
No Hypodermic Injection.   Send
for  free booklet
Box 335 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick Ave   & Kains St.
0, E.  Ayre mid
ko, were in town 1
-1.  .1    Billot
11 Monday
il   KI
We would rather take less for the
Goods now than write them in the
Inventory.—FINK mercantile Oo
A ll ippleton, of Gateway, was
a guest at the Cranbrook Sunday
Ure, Hytriop who has heen visiting
In Spokane for the peat week return
ec|   home  Friday
I Mr. Fred Turpin won the Gold
j Watch itt tho RW Theatre Tuesday
j night.   The lucky number was 068779
Ed. Home of Jaflray, manager Of
thfl East Kootcaay Lumber CO.,
spent  New   Y«nr'n day  in  Cranbrook.
Mrs.  W.  Marhiit.  of Marysville was
shopping  in Oraabrook   Monday
O. O.  Jewell ut
city on  Monday.
Jaflray, was in the
High-Class     Goods
Prices at FINK'H thll
at    Low t lass
Oranges    nre
'-an    afford   a
the Oranbrook
cheaper   now,   You
case   If  yoil  buy  from
Trading Co,
Mrs, n Casey and Miss H. Chapman of H 11mui-nrland, were visit ini* at
the residence of Mr. G. H. Chapman
tbis week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Small left on
Tuesday morning for Strathmore,
.-Vita., where Mr. Small expects to go
into business.
Business men and citizens can now
take a breathing spell, there ia
nothing uo hand but the year's effort.
"The Hcutt of John Gram," is pro
duced with the co-operation of tbe
New York Tribune in connection
with the Fresb Air Fdnd.
Th; opportunity of procuring the
best merchandise at lowest sale
prices ia now on at the FINK MERCANTILE CO.
Special attraction at the Edison
Theatre tonight, the two reel feat-
ture entitled "The Vengence at Fat"
This is a "101" production.
Arthur Bowness, who has been
spending his holidays with his parents, returned to Calgary Friday tc
attend college.
Household Furniture by Private sale
can be secured any afternoon or
even(ng from C. H. Ashworth, Lume-
den Ave, next to Skating Rink.
A Carload of Trunks, Suitcases,
Grips. etc. Everything in this
tine you want.—Cranbroop Trading
The dining-room of the Cranhrook Hotel wore a New Years appearance on Wednesday, and many en
joyed  there  «  very  hearty dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore returned Thursday from their honeymoon visit to Spokane. They will
make tbeir home in Cranhrook,
Tbe roaring game bas been in
progress this week at the curling
rink and the local rinks are getting
in line shape for the tournament.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Watklns of Ke
nene. Alta., were tho guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Berinet of Wycllffe this
Th'*   opportunity
i.fiit     merchandise
prices is now on a1
of procuring the
at    lowest    aale
tfhfl KINK  MEIt
WANTBD-iiy  two experienced girls,
position In family, Genera) or Nurse.
Apply Mrs. James Warwick, Box t,2,
Moyie, B.C. j,.-.
Correspondents will plena) remember that "The I'rospector" is always
glad to receive, for publication,
Items of Interest from all parts of
the district.
Christmas and New Year's decorations at the hotels were in excellent
taste and were greatly admired by
the large number of guests wbo patronized them.
See FINK'H Window of California
Sealed Fruits.
Advertising is not an expct.Be—it
is a busiuesH Investment. II you
want to Invest your money profitably.? you will then place your advertisements in the "PROSPECTOR."
Some unknown persons broke into
tbe East Kootenay Mercantile HoUflO
store on Tuesday night. They got
In by breaking down a door iu tho
rear, and succeeded in carrying off
a amall amount of goods.
A chimney on tire at the residence
of Mr. A. MoKenitfl on Garden Ave
nue brought out the i.io brigade on
Thursday, No damage whh done to
the building which ih owned by W.
B,  MacFarlane
statistical reports o( the Births,
Deaths, and Marriages recorded in
tho Cranbrook  Electoral   Diatrict:
Births, 157; Deaths SO; Marriages
35- Hied of typhoid fever IS, and
by violence 14.
Ftv-d Corn to your chickens in the
winter time. You can afford to at
the price wc are selling. Also all
kinds of fancy poultry supplies,
straw, alfalfa, etc. Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hendeeson
wish to thand tbeir mnny friends
for their great kindness and sympathy in their recent imreavement.
With tbe snow six to ten inches
deep, a number of Automobiles are
doing business in Cranbrook. Tbe
Automobile stage from Waaa came
in on Sunday last tbrougb six inches
of snow, returning on Monday.
A General Meeting of the Conservatives of the Cranbrook District will
he held at Cranbrook on tbe evening of' January 10th. Business of
importance will be discussed. Make
it a point to be there.
WANTED—Positiou by Stenographer
with six ye-irs experience in all
kinds of general ofllce work. Good
References.       Box    133,    Cranbrook,
b.c.   nt
A General Meeting of the Conservatives of the Cranbrook District will
be held at Crnnbrook on the evening of Jnnunry 10th. Business of
importance will be discussed. Make
it a point to be there.
An overheated furnace pipe at the
residence of R. A, Krazer, on Fenwick
Avenue, brougnt out the Fire Bri
gade at 7-1.7 p.m. Thursday. No dam
age was done. The Brigade responded promptly and laid a line of boss
which was fortunately not needed.
See FINK'H Window of California
Sealed Fruits.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Women's Institute will be held
in Carmen's Hall on Tuesday, January 7tb at 3 p.m. Business Annual
Annual Election of officers. On Friday night, January 10th at 8 p.m.,
the fancy cities will meet. All members and Ladles are welcome and a
full attendance is requested.
WANTED-To Rent, by February 1st
furnished house (or about two
months, or suite of good, furnished
rooms with housekeeping facilities,
for young couple. State all particulars in letter addressed "Box M"
The Prospector. l-st
Mr. and Mrsl B. J. Short, who
have been spending the summer in
New York, -.topped at Cranbrook on
Monday to visit tbeir son Mr. B. H.
Short of this city, Mr. Short senior
Is enroute to his home in Vancouver.
The new school south-west of the
city will be opened on Monday next,
with Miss J. O. Rothnlm as teacher.
This will be a great accommodation
to tbe small children tbat reside In
ibis portion of tbe city.
gene Hospital. The nflair took tho
form of a dance and dinner and the
guests were Misses Mamie Maekie,
Mary, Watt, Xorna Appleton, JeB3ie
Kennedy, Mlna McGonigle, Oarnet
Binkley, Elsie Bent, and MessrB. Roy
Short,.Robert Mackay, Colon Leitcb,
Eddie Doolan, Carl mcNabb, Edgar
Davis, Elmer Smith, and Con. Mcpherson.
D. J. McSweyn has severed his connection wltb the Fink Mercantile Co.
and later in the montb will leave for
tbo coast. He will have charge of
the Shnwnlgan llnsel, at Sbawnigan
Lake, one of tbe most beautiful outing places in Mi'ltiHh Columbia. Mr.
McSweyn will be missed by a largo
number of friends in Cranbrook, hav
lug como to tbls city lu 1901., and
gaged in the custom tailoring business, and lu lUUl. lioeamc interested
in lhe Fink  Mercantile Co.
Mr. McSweyn is one of tbe stauncb-
eat business men of Craubrook, be
was also prominent in Masonic and
social     circles,     and     bad  a  host  of
friends including the Prospector who
wilt be exceedingly sorry to learn
of his  intending departure!
W     W.    KILBY
P.O.  Box H01. Oranbrook. B.C.
Mrs. K. Bent, ot the N.-al Institute, entertained Wednesday evening
iu honor ol the nurses ol ths Bt Bu
To keep It In a healthy condition
chanty needs to be exerclBed dally,
but it need uot be done in public.
The man who declare- he will wear
no mail m collar ahouldnt neglect to
nut'his  monogram on  his laundry.
Despite the latest invention ol
smokeless and noiseless powder, Cupid still sticks to the bow nnd arrow.
One great troubles with the morals
of this country is that there are too
many mils and not enough happy
Good tuck sometimes goes alter a
man with a search warrant, hut the
Lustier is usually the man .. is looking for
An Iowa git; secured a husband by
a mcBs:i.;e written on an egg. Even
matrimony is becoming somewhat ol
a shell game
It is said that a diet ot sour milk,
is conductive tolonglevity. Anyone
who had to live on that diet would
not care to live long.
An anarchistic St. Louis preacher
says that a man who kisses a girl
should be shot. They do usually
receive a heart wound.
The goose that laid the golden egg
Is a back-number when compared to
the American hen with her annual
nutput worth three billion dollars.
Eastern millionaires are selling
their yachts. They probably don't
want to be at sea again when a nna-
cial storm comes along.
Uncle Sam proposes using slot machines for the selling ol stamps.
They will be like all other slot machines in that tt will be impossible
lor the punllc to bent them.
A Kansas preacher says women
wear halos In heaven instead of hats
There is no longer any doubt among
men folks about heaven being an
Ideal place.
The modern women who spends
thousands ol dollars yearly on wearing apparel Isn't much like tbe Urst
member of her sei, who didn't care
a fig-leaf for clothing.
Why shouldn't women have sul-
Irage? We let men vote who can't
talk the English language and refuse
the ballot to women wbo can talk
enough lor all of us!
Women must have been Inns ueiiBl-
live about their age in the time of
l'once de Leon or he would not have
pone further than the flrst gushing
young maid lor the fountain ol eternal youth.
The 8t. Paul iihiii who itirted on
forty-day fast In un uttempt to
prove that his mind was superior to
Ills body, lost out, A man who
would attempt such an experiment
hasn't any mind to start with.
There is now tnlk of turning the
l-lilllipini'H Into a breeding ground
(or noblemen Inr American heiresses.
Most any old Filipino, oven without
ii title, is ei|uul to tho brand oi nobility that carrier: ofl American
All the patrons of this store through-
oiit the past year arc entirely satisfied
with the goods and service obtained
from us; and in wishing our friends
the best of New Year's Greeting, we
can assure all of our increased desire
to meet their requirements.
In visiting our store "If you do not
see what you see what you require,
please ask for it" and be assured of
the most courteous attention.
Company, Limited
"The Rexall Store"
HH'Hrt-.-H-H-HH-h'H+'l-H--! !*++-l-H--M-H-H-l**l-+.--r-|i
Is The Time For
We have just received a Large Shipment of
Aluminum Ware
in Cooking Utensils
Call and Examine them
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. Phone 5
H.+.|_|-l-l-l-M-l-l-l-M-l-l-l--l+-l-«. 4-f-f-l-H
I Milk Milk Milk!
Hillside Dairy
Experience has taught us every precaution necessary for the production of the
highest grade of milk.
We feel sure that one trial will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone—"Hillside Dairy," Box 373
Milk can always be obtained from
tr*** *************
********************** ********* * ************
Many mon act aB II they wero "so
ninny" that we should think tholr
wives would feel us II they hud committed blgtvsijr.
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and  guarantee  our work
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing. and ii
Heating Company
W, |i\ Johnson, Prop,
wnRKS~l.ilw-.i--i Slraot
.0, box 00.
Ciiiiiiu imli,


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