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The Prospector Apr 5, 1913

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Array We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a Fit
•provi""1"       ' A aT ''A
7 h«u L«ding Newspaper
'/h,~ t   i    _\.__t    in the
Sjjjflfcj^    Kootenay,
$2.00 Per Year
APRIL 6th.
Women's Institute
Meeting  of  Extraordinary   Interest Held -Business
Transacted—Demonstration Given
The growing interest which is lieitix
taken in the Women's Institute was
fully manifested by the large attendance on Tuesday afternoon. Thi.c
wero 34 members and 9 viBito.B
from tho ranks ot whom 6 now mem
bets were drawn.
The meeting was oponed by tho Uo
monstration, by Mrs. Robt. Brown,
ln tbe matting of a "Burnt Leather
Cake," or as some people know It,
"Dark Layer Cake." Tbe demonstra-
stratlon wa* closely followed by
those present and received some good
information by the suggestions mad..*.
The receipe of the cake ls as (ollows.
i cup butter, 1. cups granulated
sugar, yoltta of 3 eggs, cup of cold
water, 2 cups sifted flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder mixed with J
cup flour, S tablespoons of syrup.
Beat butter and sugar to a cream,
add egg jol a and beat well, Mix
in the syrup and stir in the cup of
cold water. Add flour and beat for
6 minutes. Stir In lightly the baking powder. Whip up whites of
oggs stilfly and fold and ba.e in
greased and floured tins iu a hot oven.
1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup ol boiling
water,    1   teaspoon. vanilla.    This
should be made the day previous to
making Ca'te.
1 cup granulated sugar, , cup water, whites of 2 eggs, 4 desert spoons
of syrup, Bring water and sugar
to a boll, until it threads and add
white* of egg,
Whilst the ca'te was cookln* tbe
me.nbers transacted several items ol
routine business, among which there
were several from the Department of
Agr.cu.ture ot Victoria, one lettsr
was to the effect tbat tbe Department, through the Women's Institute
would provide tho School Gardens
with ssods sufficient (or their wants.
This wus turned down by the ladles,
us tbey felt, that owing to tho neglected condition and the unprotected
state of tbo grounds, tliey wuu.d nut
be doing wbat wan right iu us.lug
for seeds to place where favorable
growth was Impossible
Tbs Department are also offering 'i
prizes al S-a.oo each in vnlue of
boots to tho Institutes of Ont _
Columbia, tor the beet programme of
tbe year 1913, and also the host average attendance,
4 firsts and 4 second prises nro bolng oltorod by tho Department of Agriculture on the best urtlcles on the
following topics:
"Co-oporation as it could be host
used beneficially."
"Wasto and Economy iu the House-
"The best way ot raising and
spending Institute money,"
"Tbe advantages of au Institut. to
a community."
Another lutter was read in which
the Provincial Government, through
thc Department of Agriculture pnya
all the necesaary expenses with n
maximum of $59.00 to cover cost of
sending to New Westminster Fair an.l
Victoria Pair, to bo held in August,
an exhibit of Women's Inst tut?
work. This will te In competition
with the whole of tho British Oolumbla Women's Institutes nnd the prize
offered for this is tbat tbo Go von
ment will raise tbo per capita allowance of 50c. to 75c. per member.
The Indies of Cranbrook Institute
took up tbe above suggestion-, with
enthusiasm and results unmens ire.l
wi'l be tbe res lit of tbe discussion
that followed.
By this time the layer cake .vas
announced to be coo.eil anil a tast.r
was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.
Money Outlook Brightens
Col. C.  H.   Payne,  of New   York, Predicts Great
Flood of U. S. Capital to Western Canada
Big Deal Consumated
English Syndicate Purchases N. Hansons Wasa Property   Mr. Hanson to reside in Oannrook
In discussing the prospective release of the tension uf the present
financial uituatfon and what it will
mean to the citleH of WeBtern Oaua-
du, Colonel (.'. H. Payne, of New
York, whose presence in Victoria for
lhe past yeur may be taken as symbolical at the growing interest which
Wall Street Ih taking iu tho development of this country, expressed the
opinion that it would give such a
stimulus to trade nnd Industry as
haH never yet been witnessed. In un
Illuminating nummary of the Bituu-
tion be forecasted an early cessation
of ttio hostile elements which are
causing money to concentrate elsewhere, and suggested a number ol local aud provincial undertakings upon
which the released capital would iii
evitahly come to expend itself.
Not the least noteworthy consideration of the colonel's rematks is to
be found m the fact that he speaks
rimarily of American capital und
the growing tendency tn invest it
"If we are correct in our forecast," lie said, "what will it mean to
Western Canada? In my judgment it
will mean that here in Western Canada, and especially in British Colum-
"About the financial situation generally, there te undoubtedly a better
feeling coming oVer the security markets of the world, especially in New
Vork, where Wall Street pessimism
has brought prices down to the los-
est in several years, and where some
of the standard shares are showing
attractive levels, and it won't bo
long before tho --bargain hunters' are
in evidence with their boarded cash
leady to buy.
''Fundamental conhitlons both in
Canada nd in tho United States are
sound tieneral business is good on
both Bidos, und collections, while
low in certain districts, are, on the
■ whole, satitfactory. Speculation, at
; leuat so far aa Wall Street Is con-
I corned, has been quiet, oven dead; hut
I that is because peoplo of the country
are bending their energies toward developing opportunities in the new on-
tcrpriscs offering at evory hand. Tho
BO-Called public, upon whose patronage Wall Street depends, nro adopting views o*l thetr own and are holding aloof. They are busy at something beiides speculation in shares on
the New York Stock Exchange, benec
bia, the easy snlo of your securities, | Wal1 Street's atmosphere grows more
the proceeds of which will lubricate gloomy every day; hut that doesn't
many an important enterprise, such !nt nU nirnn tImt the •Jeopl° who
as local city Improvements, good ■transact t,l° RCtual ''««■»«•«* »-* thc
roads, which mean to much to uny ' country are in bad shape; rather the
country, harbor improvements, groat contrary, for they are turning them
buildings, new and larger docks for .£,clvca morfl eml morfi to tht' mirm,it
berthing the bi.; steamers sure to .all i ol iogltimnte enterprises and leaving
here if you oner the needed faciliti:s, !U,e fltock ^amMer t0 tflke cur" ,,:
the development cX your conl mln .s, | nlmeelf'
your silver and gold mines,  the ex-I    "Tlila evolution in the disposition
ploitation of your vast timber areas
not more than touched so far;   the
Weather Report
Some Comparative Figures  Regarding this District
Which are Very Timely
Tht report here given will be read
with Intercut by our reader*. Many
bare been the remark! passed upon
the weather aa we have been having
lt during tbe last (ew weeks and but
very (ew realize that it has been a
record month (or the last 35 yours.
It will be seen that tbe enow lall
for the month exceeded by 191 inches that of 1912 and 23 indies tbat
ol 1911. The maximum heat temperature alro shows a considerable difference, being 12 degrees lower than recorded in the same month
of 1912 and 15 degrees lower than
However remarkable the extremes
o( the weather, lt still remains a
(act that the number ol clear days
in March of 1913 was more than the
two years previous.
Below we give the '.'igures as supplied officially  from   the Provincial
Government Oflices at Cranlrook'—
March,   1913.
March   5—47 degrees above zero.
March 20—21 degrees below zero.
Depth of snow—23 inches.
March,   1912.
March 31—59 degrees above zero.
March   8— 2 degrees below zero.
Ddst (lying March 2nd.
Snow (all—3} inches.
March,   1911.
March 21—62 degrees above zero,
March   1—2 degrees below zero.
No d?pth af snow recorded.
March, 1913—24 days recorded clear.
March, 1912—23 days recorded clear.
March, 1911—22 days rerorded clear.
Special Council Meeting
Estimates for the Present Year Submitted
A special meeting of the City
Council waa held in the Council
Chamber on Thursday afternoon (or
the purpose of considering and passing the estimates (or the year 1918.
The following are tht estimates
School expenditure! 815,578.50
Finance  Committee    10,150.00
Fire and Police 14,430.00
Waterworks       7,117.12
Health and Iteliei    1,300.00
Debenture Payment 20,004.41
Sewerage Construct!, u   . . .   1,615.00
Watsr Committee 10,000.00
Albertan Candidates
Edmonton.—With the general election only two weeks away, the activity of both pollti al parties Is increasing. With three or (our exceptions all candidates are in the field.
It appears at if tbe Conservatives
would put up candidates ln every
constituency, while in two at least,
Rocky Mountain and Lethbridge, the
Liberals are leaving the race to the
Labor men, whom they will support
at least to tome extent. Both Premier Sifton and Opposition Leader
Hlchener art campaigning ln the
touth of tbe province and will llni.h
up ln tht north.
Frederlchiha.cn, Oermnny. — The
most modern of the German military
dirigible airships, tht Zeppelin IN.,
which made ltt (irst ascension only
lsst week on Lake Constance, landed
at Lunovllle, France, today, owing
to a motor delect.   Tbt war balloon
The rate ot taxation will he as fni
Health       1
School     7
Debentures* 14
Oeu:ral   12
Total 34
A special meeting is called lor ou
Monday next at 8 p.m., to pass the
rate by-law, and consider applications [nr the position nf Clly Kngln-
embodles all ths latost secret improvements and Is equipped with
machine guns and homb dropper..,
Three Germany army ofllcers, com
posing the acceptance commission ol
the war olllce, iiiul.ii the ascent here
at daybreak this morning and were
conducting the (inal tests belore tho
German war ofllce took over the balloon officially.
The local branch or the Ancient
Order of Fore-tern won the trophy
shield for all Canada lor making the
largest Increaae of membership during tha year ot 1912, by adding to
their mimbcrn 43 new membera. The
principle of calculating the increases
of the various lodges throughout tbo
country ii to calculnto on n percentage of the members of each lodge.
Crnnbrook Lodge of the order Is to
bt congratulated on performing auch
a piece of work. We havo It on the
beat of authority for saying thnt
thoy are making preparations for an
even larger increase during tho year
full development of jour agricultural
districts, which nre In their Infancy,
of your fruit industry, of your Immense fisheries, of your dairy (lnd
I nultry trade, making it unnecessary
to longer import irom New Z.f.iand
and Australia, place you in position
to provide accommodation for tho
grain that will come ths vay ns
soon as you can tako care of it; the
provision of homes for tho hoards of
immigrants attracted here from T.ur(
o\.o by the shorter and cheaper route
soon to be offered by the oponi »g ol
the Panama Canal.
'In a word, you will he at once
placed in za commanding position to
cope with the large and profitable
trade within your easy reach to
Jtiaii, China, Australia, New .-.■■a-
laud, as well as the West Coast of
South America, a trade, which will
be rightfully yours when once you
art. s.uared away to seek it, and a
trade which none of us is ahle at this
time to ade i»ntely estimate; and
with your salubrious climate, than
which there is nono so good any
where ou earth, there is no -'eason
why you should not have here within
tbe next few years a Victoria of several hundred thousand inhabitants of
the happiest and most prosperous
people on the globe. The railroads
have already taken the initial and
portant steps toward the levelop-
ment of your whole Northwestern
country, exhibiting far reichiag enterprise and an intelligent conception
of what you are by nature endowed        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
with, and they are going to do for i Street guts a fair idea of what the
lof men te causing great concern
among brokers who have to maintain
expensive offices, private wires, etc.,
and they are beginning to wonder
where they are going to get off at,
as the saying roes, and it is only
natural that they should he worried
as they see expenses pile up duy utter day, week uftcr week, nnd mouth
after month, with practically nothing
coming in by way of commissions to
onset them. That some of theae will
be forced out of business by the
changed conditions, Is inevitable; and
while that Ip to be regretted, of
course, from ''i-ffi'y''personal point of
view, the country at large will not
suffer thereby, because the country at
large is not, or Bhould not be, interested, in the rise or fall of stock exchange seats, or in the number of
shares traded in each day, but rather in the legitimate value of 6ccuri
ties based upon their legitimate earning powers. This process of alow,
but certain evolution in the manner
cf doing thlnbs. is going to be om of
great benefit to thc world, because it
will lead men to seek employment,
not only of tholr time, but of their
capital as well, back ou tbe land
land whore some real snd honest
work js possible, and where the fruits
of their labors will be visible and ae
tual in tbe shape of something of
true value that gives satisfaction
and happiness to lile.
"As soon us Europe nuits talking
war, and if we are to place any confidence in the press dispatches this
will come soon, and as soon as Wall
you what railroads have done for
other portions of the world, develop
and build up your vast resource., relying upon yo i to take adpnntagQ of
their facilities nnd do your part in
Wilson administration is to be, financial sentiment, will brighten, and
bankers throughout the world will
show more interest in undertakings
for municipal development and otherwise, not only in Canada, hut every
where, and will oiler a better pric-?
for bonds and debentures. This
seems clearly the drift of the time—
and we have hut io wait patiently
for a llttlo while and then move on,
The cry of tight money It moro or
less justified, but is more duo to the
f et that bnnkers here and In thc
States saw rather ton much op'.OUln-
tion going on in one direction and
another, and assumed an attitude
ten.ling to check It-an attitude
will -h in the end will benefit everybody, am! possibly prevent disaster
to pome. Bankers have a way of
seeing things rather soonsr than oth-
ei i eople i nd of preparing to meet
exigencies ns they nrlse, but it is a
loor hanker who will not ta'.e due
care of legitimate enterprises of his
customers that ueed financial assistance; and lt cannot be said in any
general way that bankers do not do
this, for in the preservation «_f their
own best interests they are forced to
do it.
"The absence of any definite information regarding the Balkan situation wa*. a factor exercising a depressing influence a short time ago
but now that the atmosphere ls
clearing fast it probably won't bc
long before the discussion of the subject will be n thing of the paBt. ThiB
will have the effect of bring money
out of its hi ling places into the open
mantei, where it will eagerly seek
employment, and the inspiriting
noise of industrial machinery will be
heard atraia. Money goes into hiding when confidence gets wary; but
as soon as confidence is restored
money comes out into the open and
proclaims its price just as scilerB d■>
of must other merchandise. And
judging by the sigiiB of today it
won t be long before hoarding ot
money will cease in France and England and otber i arts cf the world,
and will become normal again; and
when Europe will no longer need
Uncle Sam's gold, hut will commence
to pay Uncle Sam back his large
trade .-alai.ee with specie o: her own.
"Thia ment'on of our exporting
gold suggests the thought that our
gold h is been going to South America for account of London hankers in
payment of beef and various food
products from Argentina and otber
South American ports to Europe, on
a triangular transaction which has
been a profitable feature of the shift
ing of money for several years paBt
a transaction made possible and ne
cesrary through our declining meat
industry in thc last few years. And
this In turn suggests the cost of living, which will not only go down but
will, in all likelihrnd, continue to
grow more burdensome until the American people learn the hard lesson
of economy, consume less meat, and
show greater willingness to return to
the soil, instead of congregating as
they have bcen dolnn tbe past ten
years in thc towns and cities.
"There are, it is true, certain unfavorable factors to be dealt with
which may keep bnck the full re
sumption of trade and commerce for
a time. The situation in Mexico,
for install .e. has taken an unexpectedly serious turn, and may even become more serious, but the large in.
vestmenL of money by capitalists in
Europe and this side of the Atlantic also is now being exeo
ted to avert any deplorable happening."
What has been heralded for some
tine locally, has Just been coasum
ated by the fact of ft being officially announced that the papers and
documents necessary for such a large
property, received the signatutes ol
the parties most directly interested
this week. This means that all the
property at Wasa, consisting of tip
i*tel and large area of lands adjoin-
in.;, together with all the stores and
and electrical apparatus fitted up tn
Bupply tho growing holiday resort o|
Was..,   has   been   ta'en    over   hy   an
English Syndicate,
the  future  rs The   Unionist   Invest
ment Co., Ltd.
The new company have retained the
services of Mr. O. W, Johnson, who
is well Known to the regulnr patrons
of tbe hotel, having been acting In
the capacity of manager oi the hotel
and thc interests of K. Hanson for
the pHst three years. We learn that
it is Mr. Johnson's intention to carry on tho business on tbo same high
principles as heretofore. Various
Improvements are to be made, such
as adding a lawn-tennis court, a
childrens' play ground, and putting
lower boats on the Hanson Lake;
these will prove a great attraction
to this already attractive resort.
It is with great regret   that tbe
people of Wasa gee the change made,
for Mr Hanson and Waaa are almost
Inseparably connected, and tho fact
that Mr. Hanson is leaving Wasa for
good, to take up his residence in
Cranhrook, will he like sevoriug old
friends from oacb other. As it is,
however, often suid, "wbat is on«
man's gain is another's lotti," and so
it is with this transfer—"Wntfa's loss
ttnbrook'fl gain." Mr. Hanson
i.n all along si own great personal
interest m the gmwth of Cranbrook.
to be known in j *■-••'• has already sunk a considerable
amount of capital tu buildings of one
sort or another only iant yenr was
complete.I one nf the Urgent buildings over erected In Cranbrook, all
of brie:, and «t present occupied by
the Itoyal Hank, and various store-.
• ■ii the ground floor, with ortlces oc
cupied by Messrs. Wilson, Herchmei
& Hurley, solicitors; also the Cran
brook club have their rooms there
in; thc third Btorj a, laid out In
rooms nnd forms an annex to the
Queens Hotel, the building Itself [r
known as the Hflnaoo Block.
Mr. Hanson's prtsenco among the
business men of tbo city will be
heartily welcomed and forms another
link with tho future .if which we hav,.
such large hopes.
Boxing Contest
Robinson Sends  Mortimer  to  the  Moor  for a Full
Count in the First Round
What Cranbrook Is!
Present Population 5500
The Centre of Industrial Kootenay.
The Centre of a Farming Community.
The Centre of a Mining District.
The Centre of a Lumber District.
The Centre of the Poultry Industry of So. East
British Columbia
The Centre of hundreds of Small Friiit  Farms.
The Possibilities of the Consumer within its Radius cnunot reasonably be
We Want No Boom-We State Facts
Our "15th Cranbrook Anniversary Souvenir," which is now in progress of making, will give by Word and Picture the gradual growth of
thc Whole District.   Further Information at a later period.
Tho boring contest on Friday evening last, terminated in a kaockout,
in the principle bout.
It was ten o'clock wben two lads
entered the ring for the tirst prelim
[nary, O. Llndscy was referee, and
tho lade pulled oil a pretty contest
for two rounds, which was declared n
Then followed a contest between K.
C. Canton anh Harry Hlslop. There
wna considerable fairly good work
done in this bout, which lasted three
rounds, and ended in •*, draw.
Th.n followed the event of tha evening, which waB between O. Mortimer of Fernie, nnd Robinson of
Winnipeg, the contest being slated for
15 rounds.
T. Haddlgan was selected referee
at the ringside and gave prefect satisfaction in bis decisions.
Tin* men lost no time coming together, Mortimer with right and j
driving left to head, Robinson send-1
ing right aud left to body as tbey
went into a clinch. When separated
Robinson rushed .Mortimer to hit* ror
er, mii-taing a left Intended for the
jaw. then landed a right to the
wind, receiving a right on the
jaw and a left to the head in return,
then both clinched. They separated
for n few seconds, then nnothci
clinch Mortimer missed a right up-
percnt then landed feft. to the h*ad,
Robinson landed a left to Mortimer'h
stomach, thon a terrific right on the
kidneys which sent Mortimer to the
mat, and as he &roRe Hobinsou met
him with a terrific right over the
heart, sending him to the canvass,
where he took the count, nnd it was
fully six minutes after Heferee Had
digan had stopped counting before he
came to.
The men are nut satisfied witb the
result, and are expected to hava another contest, in Fernie, some time
later in the montb.
Hall of Heroes
Exploit of Captain Scott has Stirred Public Feeling —
Institution is  Needed
London.—The «|ia»m ot national
Amotion evoked by tbe magnificent
story ot the death ot Captain Bcott
ie not nuking cood in dollar., and
cente. The failure of the public to
respond to the appeal tor nubscrip-
tione toward the Scott memorial
lund and the lund for the widow., of
the Houth pole heroes ie due to never
al causes. First of all there were
many different funds and then the
funds began to quarrel among themselves. Lord Curzon got at loggerheads with J. M. Bnrrie. tbe famous
author and dramatist, who is godfather to Peter "Pan"* Scott, the only son of tho dead explorer. Wltb
his usual lack of tact Lord Curzon
Hhii Francisco,   o.
thi*    West     Indies
.... earthquake 1;
a   hurricane   in ^^^^^^^^^^^
brought in more.
Yet the story that Antartic hero
iBin touched the heart mul the pride
of the people here as nothing has
touched It for a century. It was only
traditional Knglisb caution and Eng
Ugh dislike of nebulous projects that
kept thp purse Ktrings tight.
Now .. suggestion Is afoot to erec.
a ball of heroes, a real Pantheon
such ns there Is ln i'aris, in Ger
many and m Spain. Memorials to
heroes, it is argued are scattered
through the country. Westminster
[abbey Is already overcrowded, mostly
antagonized everybody who had any-.   ... - ■   - ,
thing to do with tbe affair and King _•* monarch! who were either none
George had to come to the rescue «*•«« ''r «WacM to the country
wltb a subscription and « rebuke «W governed     St. Paul's cathedral
, does not lend itself to such purposes
; So the government, is to be urged to
Sir Kdgar Speyer,  who to a -art;* [erect  in  London a building which  is
extent was financing tbe expedition,
also got into bot water. He wanted
tbe public subscriptions to be devoted mainly to meeting sucb expenses of the trip as were still un
defrayed. The public just wanted to
give to Mra. Scott and the widows
and children of the others who died
like "very gallant gentlemen." Two
newspapers tried to get cheap ad
vertlsement out of their own funds
and the lord mayor of London could
scarcely get a cent. The amounts
received at the London Mansion
House were tbe smallest on record.
The sinking  of  a  French   battleship
available to commemorate only those
deeds of heroism which are writ
large   in   the   making   nf   the   Hritisb
Thus, when hemes die In the ser
vice of their country there will be no
repetition of this dispute over sub
scrlptions and no opportunity for the
display ol what would, at flrat sight,
appear u> he national parismnny.
Suitable inonumenta, in a national
Valhalla at the heart of the empire,
would be erected by „ grateful gov
The suggestion is generally welmrn
ed. except by the government.
Aid Flood Sufferers
Knights of Pythias send Funds
(-rescent Lodge No. 19, local lodge
of the Knights of Pythias, tbls week
sent down a donation (o tbe K. P.
sufferers in the lli.yt.ui flood nn.l
atorm district. The usefulness o(
this ordtr la being more nnd more
felt when tbe cry of assistance is
sounded.      Recollections    nre    still
strong lo  ths minds ol many   bow der.
help wns eitended to their meuilier"
In the Fernie fire nnd also ths Mm.
Francisco firs of a tew years ago. tt
Is by thn constant application of
charity along thenc lines that en
dears ths order tn s» many ot their
members. Charity is by the way.
one of the corner stones of ths or- THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
By E. R, Punshon
Lock A Co., Ulmltra
.  Melbourne & Torcr.to.
Me, a worm? gasped nr.*.1... 'Fire.
what? You keop u olvil tongue In your
'end, will you? ('all me a worm,
would you'.' 'ore let tne down aud I'll
go back, so 1 will, and split to the
50,000  OUT  OF  WO' K
Packers of Brittany    Declare    They
Are Unable to Compete Wilh
Packers Outside
Paris.  France,—One hundred  and
sixteen   sardino   packing   establishments In Brittany   definitely   closed
down at Uio end of tbo year, throwing
50,000 people out of employment,
Some fifty factories In which other
Do qutot, raid Thorold, turnin*, on
him wiih a blaze ot wrath before
which the other's spiteful temper
with' red in an instant; lf you butlier
me or threaten mn   any   more,   I'll
Btrauge] yon where you sit and l' row Ismail Hsh are packed Still remain open
your body iuto the ditch there. |jn tl.o region around Conearenu and
That ho meant what ho said was evi- pouarnene., but will also bo closed
ll   London, Melbourne & Torcr.to. I   Ident, and Ore-en collapsed, hatini! him j down on March 1.
\SSa— . J/J   "101e l'ian cvcr*     About two miles!    The closing down was deolded   pon
^-*~  : —y   i timber on they came out on a lonely ! some time ago by the syndicate of
stretch of down, at the extremity of sardine packers, who declare that tho
which the spires of an old cathedral present situation Is ruinous,
city wero visible. It was In this j The fishermen asked tor an increase
direction that Thorold now headed the In tho price paid per 1000 for the raw
car. and turning to Circen. he said: sardines. This Increase tho packers
: What plans have you for the tu* were unahle to grant. They say they
ture? are completely crushed hy the cost of
old'!  "■
stab In the hand, besides another In
tl.   neck that only Just drew blood,
end then at the third blow the thin
blade ot Qreen's knife snapped short
-.gainst lhe thick leather of Thorold's
coat.      Thorold  laughed  then,  with
bis harsh, unaccustomed laugh, and
seizing his assailant round the bo.iy
fairly Rung him into the road, when' Tarn i'should bVaU~i—e enough! "    iir,'.no their catch.
he lay stunned aud shaken. Jumping     Thorold looked al blm very keenly,     *Jf the 50.000 men. women and chll*
down from the car, Thorold stood over _,,i in 'S1,|l0 of ]ljs habitual self-re- dran wll° "nd 'heir occupation gone
bim, blood dripping from his woundon 8»ralnt  ilc, showed a certain  excite* hy ***** oloslng of the packing esti.t.-
ha.ui. ment ' -hmentB, many, it is expected, will
Vou  little Til,  ne sold, and whon      You are certain of what vou sav?   have to leavo tbelr homes and seek
Breen tried to rise he put his foot ou  i„ osk d, work elsowl
i it i ourse, Green answ. red.
Wi.o is your friend'.' Thorold asked
It's my elder brother, Green answer
ed, ho thinks a deal of me—be would
d i anything for me—always has—it
.11 planned out with 'lm  when
The Youthful Dead
It  was only the thickness  of his
leather motoring coat, that and his
own activity that saved Edward Thor-
As.lt was, he got a uas'y j    u ] ,,,„ 011(,e Rt,t t0 London, Green I'nhor and their general expenses and
'   • '   ' • ' ' '** | answered   1 should be right enough, 'are unablj to compete with tl. ■ Span*
I've a friend what's   in   the   Baltic |>sh and Portuguese packers
A Bail Guess
A worthy old Edinburgh prolessor
was Invited to n Christmas dinner at
the house of a lady of fashion.
When the company roee trom the
able thc professor noticed, to hte great
consternation, that ho w_ unsteady
on bis feet.
In his anxiety to save appearances,
he repaired to tlio drawing-room
where tho lady of tho houso yielded
to tho wishes of hcr lady friends, and
ordered tho nurse to bring in tho haby
twins. In due course tho little dears
reached tho professor.
Tho latter gnzod Inlontly at them
for a while, as it deciding wholher or
not there woro two or one, and then
said, huskily: Really, what a bonny
llttlo child.
Icoasting trade, and he would stow ine
away on board his ship; an.l once
I got over there be could go: me on
board with another friend ot his.
what's captain ot a ship trading bo*
tween Bremen and .South America.
Then 1 should be all safe enough.
Thorold looked at him very keenly,
Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured
by local applications,    as    lliey    cjannot
reneh  ton  ul«im..'d portion  ot  the  ear.
There  Is only one way to euro uoa,fnr.»,
.mi that l- b   constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed con.
ultltin  of  the  inUeOUB  lining  el  Ibo  1R.10-
taciiian Tube, When this .uuu is tn-
1 lie French packers further declare I flamed you have rt rumbling sound or
that Instead ot demanding higher I }.•*•*■£::;■' fe^*. ^tb.Mt.V3™-
wages per TOOn raw sardines tho fish-, )t,ss tho Innammallon can bo taRou out
ermeo sbouM have endeavored to so j <_]_. '■■•a tubt. .■
euro tlu. authorization to use revolving nets In territorial waler:', ami Lhus j
work   elsi •'•
nnieii  distress  will
la feared Uiat
ryaitlt   trom   tlio
dttlm. lii-iii...,
com'].Km of it.-  n
We will ij o On
»ny ens i-i of Ufdi'io
thnt cannot be cu
Cure. _ Bend
o deatroyed tor oven
BOUI nirfni'.-H.
Hundrod IV.Uum. for
(caused by oMnrrn)
.i ly iinirii Catarrh
lularti free
F.   '.'CHENEY A CO., Toledo. O.
p..m by Hiaitt-ir-i*.   TBo.
Take ii.nr-. Family ruin for oonitlsa*
III bn .i : ind crushed him down into i'io dlrl again, You Utile rat, nt*
eafd one,, moro.
For two or three moments thoy remained thus, Green jrazinj? up in BuHen *..
ra«e ami hate, and Thorold looking do anything for toe-always haa—lt Fmd'ng   Quest   vain.   They   tea^o
down In eontempt and, ns it seemed, «   i  all  planned  uut  with 'lm  when Corpses on Floor of Vaui
in some doubt.     He was wondering 1 go: took. ancl Qu
how those pale, furtive eyes he had      Ah, your elder brother,  eh"    said Vienna.     . telegram received from   p|i_f.a CURED   IN  0 TO  14  DAYS
Just seen charged with such murder- Thorold with rather a peculiar look. Groaswarden   (Hungary)   states  that  your druggist will refund money if
ous malice, could ever have seemed      Ho seemed to become absorbed in the tomb of Cou t Ludwjg Rhedey and   p^zo OINTMENT falls to euro Vi.
caw  of   Itchins.   Blind,   Weeding  or
A  Ready Answer
Jom Well, you and 1 won'* bo
neighbors muoh longer, I'm going to
live lu a better locality,
Smith   So nm I.
Jones- What—wo   you   Rulnfi   to
nunc,   too?
Smith -No, I'm going to Stay  here
Rome Newspaper Says That Sultan Is
Prepared to Give That Country
Tn a recent Issue the Corrlere
d'ltnlia publishes a rem.irk.blo statement, asserting that all is ready In
Egypt for a change ln Uie constitution.
Tho newspaper claims that as tho
result of long Interviews which Lord
Kitchener has recently hnd with tho
ministers of tho khedlve, a scheme
has been formulated, according to
which, an noon aB peace is concluded
in Uio Balkans, the BUltan will Ibh'io an
Irade, similar to that which ho iBSUSd
In tho case of Libya, according full
autonomy to Egypt. The payment ot
annual tribute to lhe BUitan wlll he
redeemed hy purchase.
England, win lies never proclaimed
her sovereignty tu Egypt, whllo accepting iho trade, will makb n communication to Lho power ot Europo,
reaffirming hor military occupation,
lu order to take away from lho occupation any appearance, of hostility,
ll na land wlll couHont to the enlargement and trnnsrormaUon of tho present loglslatlvo council Into a lawmaking asiiciubj.v, aud will negotiate Iin-
mediately with" Uio power*. In regard
to the capitulations and mlxod tribunals,
Thus, oonolndos the Corrlere, by
having known how to wait, England
will have conquered Kgypt win. Egypt-
Ian money. Especially hy liberating the oountry from Turkish vassal"
nge, ECnglnnd hopes to gain the sym-
pnthles of the native classes, which
„tiH n main hostile.
Count Rhedey, wh* died
wa •• dlstantlj conn, cted by
with the Took famllj      li
ln   1831,
was bur-
to hhn like those of the lad he loved  deep meditation.     But he had above   his wife has been rifled, and tho po-
with the love that David bore to Jon- all thing.-, the faculty for quick decis-  Hi '   ■   '
athan, passlug the love of women, and  Ion.     He never hesitated long, and
It  was  a  terrible reflection  to hltn'nov than  . niinuti  he turned
that perhaps his first Impression had  to Or een again'
been the right one.
In a moment or two ho turned away  you  speak of, could you take  some
ami got hack Into IiIh ear, and Green  one else with you'.'
slowly to his feet.    Kor another      What? cried Green with a stare of
wild amazement.
':. . 1 be      II ;■■' ■■   ■        ii
Why—why? Green sUmn   red out
a cros      ive, too?   Are the
sli      af   r yo   ...   ■■■  I !
It Is not myself, said :
j ly.      H ia soma one in whom
lnt< rested       II hia    posiUi a   should
cold scorn  prow- as serious as i have some rea-
with a rage  son to believe it to be. will you
minute or so the two men flared full
at each other, and thon Green asked
In a kind of Btupor of amazement Eta
he saw that Thorold was preparing
to start  again:
What, ain't you  going to  glvi   □ .
up to tho police, then?
i'oti   are   not   worth   thc   trouble.
Tin r "Id an jwi red with
that «ot Green shaking
Protruding Piles In 8 to 14 days. 60o.
Two opulent members of the fair!
.d InT handVmr'mausofeum In "the I"* w*p discussing some new neigh-
of a par!, which now b-lon^   l,i,rs *■■■' -■-•■| mowd into one of tho
■ -wn, and It was believed local-  mo8> sumptuous houses in their dls-
        nt c  lered an English  lrl';'
cr   '•   of -    .    value and family ;     Uu'*v Beem fo be very rich. saiJ tho
i  Is to be I irled with him. ™«
Tbis probably tempted the robbers!    9.n-..hey are, said the second
□unit the crime.   They m... r.ged
trate   the  pari.,  break  down
Wise in Hla Generation
I suppose your wife was more than
delighted nt your rise in fMlary, was
not she? asked .lonos of Brown.
1 haven't told her yet, but sho wlll
be when sho knows it, answered
How la It that you haven't told her?
Well, l thought 1 would enjoy myself
a couple of weeks ilrst.
How about that steamer?
I guoss Bhe's all right.
There's a minor ashore that she's
That's good, I heard thero waa a
rumor afloat that sho was ashore.
Mlnard'a  Liniment Cures Garget  in
Myrtle, can you cook?
No, l.lnuol; can you afford to keop
a motor-car?
No, dear.
Ro they did not marry, and the-,' lived happily ever afterwards.
Conquered by GIN PILLS
Mr. W. G. Rciil, Hamilton, Ont., mites:
"I have been for the last two years a
cripple wltll Muscular nnd Indamuiator**
Rheumatism. I tried almost everything
known to medical science nnd sought
clmnjjc of climate without relief. Your
manager in this city recommended Gin
rills aud I have since taken eight boxes
and am now cured. I consider Gin
Fills the conqueror of Rheumatism and
Kidney Disease".
50c. a bo*., 6 for fa.50. Sample free
if you write National Drug anil Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited. Toronto       I...1
Profit and Loi.*.
Stenographer—Mr, Junus. 1 am
nbout to marry n poet.
Employer—Ah! Then yon aro solng
lo Icavo 119?
SlonoKrapbcr—Oh. uo, uut I shall
need moro pay.
Rich in all the
elements that 90 to
constant user of
It or of ihe mausoleum and burst
more Intense, a fury more bitter than blm   I 1   escape   with  you '   N tl tral
any he had even felt beforf. you and . our brctl        .!' be well pa i,
Prom the very flrst moment he had and  ot course  you yourself  will  refer a    secret    antagonism    towards eelve  such  nssiatani ■ as 1 can give
-. .he lids of the coffins of the
count and hi*- wife. They scattered
tins on "..he floor ot thc vault,
; .. ; In disgust at Ending no trace
it :': riches they expected. They left
-.';. a ■- £. r*} tte end.
him  had
In lila very way of saving you.     If you agree, you can rely up-
been a ficornful pride that on my help for yourself, and you and
had stung Green to Uie quick, in his
manner afterwards there had been
just that hard contempt that was
above all things repugnant to Green's
vain anil yet affectionate nature. Had
Thorold done what he had done with
another manner, with sympathy und
kindness, tlreen would almost have
worshipped him, would willingly have
died for him. Hut as K wbb he hat-
ed him, and when he spoke a malign
and bitter fury breathed in his words.
I'll show what I'm worth, he stain-
mered; I'll lot thom take me, so I
wlll, and then I'll tell 'om 'ow you
helped me to escape up ou the hill
there. Twelve months hard It'll be
for harboring of an escaping convict—
twelve monlhB hard, and I'll do my
time in peace and 'appy ti
you toeing Uio lino In quod
Thorold looked rather astonished and
his grim, set faco showed a certain discomposure, Kor if this little rascal
chose tei carry oul lila threat and to
denounce lilm for having helped him,
not only would the immediate couse-
'lUeUce.;  |,e e.\(ie)liely  Ullplen-Ulllt.  hill
also llie errand upon which lie was
would be ruined, with results he dared
uut think of.
It wns not his way lo hesitate, and
lu a momeii hte mind was mtide up.
The vory depth of the contempt ho,h.
fell for tlio little convict made him In.,
name    your   own
your brother may
And me a worm and all. satd Green
sulkily; can a worm 'elp any one-.'
lt Keems po on this occasion, Si
Thorold with audi deep contempt in
hia voice that Green writhed in helpless anger. Do you agree.' If not,
We are near tiie town now. and you
must get down and shift for yourself—
and if you attempt to play any tricks
I shall see that, you Buffer fur ..hem
Send Photograph of Croup to the Girl
to Whom Each Was Attached
Vienna. --Three youths recently on-
tered a cafe In Vienna recently, seated themselves hi a secluded comer
arid ordered tea. Soon after the dull
noise of falling bodies was heard above !
the din of the billiard playing and conversation ln tho cafe. A waiter hastened to see what had happened and
found all three lying on the floor, evidently in the throes of death. A3,
sistance was called In, and it was discovered that the youths had taken
poison with fatal results.
The father of ono of the youths,
mined Adolf Tuna, went lo the cafe
and identified his son, but the identity
of the others was established by means
I of an envelope found on one of them.
1 It was addressed to a girl and conlnln-
; ed a photograph of all three youths
! taken together.
i The girl, who Is a mere child, to
j whom they were all ardently attached.
There Is no morr> effective vorml-1 was asked hy tho police to go to the
fuge on the market than Miller's room where thc bodies lay. She ap-
Worm Powders. They will not only ; peared llttlo affected, ond said th_
clear the stomach and bowels of j youths had all threatened to commit
worms, but will prove a very service-1 suicide on her account and to sond
M-ore Bread and Better Bread
Shall you call?
Oh,  yes.  decidedly.
:re  suro,  are  you.  that  thev
quite correct, quite*—er—-good
Oh. my dear. I'm positive, said the
second woman. They havo twenty
servants, eighteen horses, twelve
doss, four motor-cars, and one child
Mobilization of Troops Would Cut Off
Supply  in  at  Least  Four  Days
Paris, France.—The President and  able medicine for children in regulat-1 her their triple portrait In the hour
vid  another member of the Paris munlcl* , Ing  Uio  Infantile   system  and   main*
pal council paid a visit the other day  talnlng it    In a   healthy    condition.
to the minister of war, M. Millerand, .There is nothing in their composition
to acquaint him with a subject of tho  that will injure    tho    most   delicate
gravest interest to al!  Parisians in   stomach when directions are follow-
limes of trouble.      Although every-' ed, and they can be given to chHren
body hopes that a war may be avoid-1 In the full assurance that they will
mi , ed, war Is an eventuality which must utterly destroy all worms.
But I think vour wiser plan will be"to : be reckoned wiih, and the president of'	
agree to what I suggest. itUe municipal council has made tho
All right, muttered Green sulkily, amazing discovery tha: if war wero to
but mind—no more of that thero worm  be declared tomorrow Pans would be
Don't preseiim lo
With me, said Thorold with th:it cold
......... ..■-.■.   ..    arD*y
of death.
■without bread in three days, or four
make conditions >at tIie m0?t-     Tne rc'a=on is tl|r- -mal1
The Rising Generation
Angry  old  gent—Constable,   didn't
you see that boy hit me with a snowball''
Policeman—Ol did, sorr. It's wonderful how straight them young varmints can throw, begorra!
stock o[ flour
Uilnl. ol contempt which always reduced Qrocn I    Mobilisation of tho   French
|lo Instant and trembling submission.  lak(,s nominally oghteen days
Remember this, too -II you try io i,...;'». 0I>.I,fne.*'*,   Actually It may b^ ev
Lay im, I .shall havo no hesitation In  I^oietl to take twenl
wringing your neck.    1 suppose 1 can I um0 "'   1; ■
trust joo as you arc escaping from
a lit.* term or penal servitude, but if
..on attempt lo play doub!.\ you Kliall
- -di,' tor it.
Tj*!l! muttered Cveon with a shiver,
fnw -.hnneh'noS^m/^nlmt1 !_!' I cessa"ry during tYo~i_bU._t.on~period I regulate tho stomach nnd bowels and
was Just lho one to fee" Ilhe sup?£ l_*>**1*1. therefore be 260,000 quintals .J keep your littlei ones well,     Or thoy
y of Thorold's stern, purposeful
ire.    I believe you would II:
as soon as look al me. imt I
naturally requisition all the railway j
'lines. During these twenty days,
■therefore, Paris, which consumes 12,-' The little ills of babyhood nnd chlld-
500 quintals of (lour a day, must live hood should be treated promptly, or
Ion Its Etock, for no flour could be t.hey may prove serious. An occas-
■ brought In.      The stock of flour ne-■ lonal dose of Baby's Own Tablets will
sink or aw
care nothing about appearing to yield  *., [U u,0 BaniC |)0l^
lo his threats. ! -your friend.
.lump In, then, he said, and I will i    M(, pronounced the last two words
take you uut of this.   I don't want to  wm,   Bomo  hesitation,  for he  could
' i not yet clear his mind from the idea
But there are only 12,600 quintals or j will pqpmptly restore L  -.ith if stck-
,if.. ■ flour In Paris, sufficient for a day. that ■ ness comes unexpectedly.     Mrs. Le-
*,lii., and If we add to Lhis what the nora M. Thompson, Oil Springs, Ont.,
J;  bakers havo In   their   shops,   Paris  says:—"I have used Baby's Own Tab-
,IS' might hold out   for   perhaps,   three ;Iets for my little girls as occasion re-
days more.      It Is probable that M. | quired, and have found them always
bother wiih lhe police just now. It
serves me light for being such a fool,
l think It's the llrsi. lime 1 ever meddled wllh what dliln'l. concern mo, and
1 in nue it will he the layt.
Sullenly suspicious, Green resumed
his seat id ihe car and In a moment
the great machine was flying along thn
road again.
Brought you to your senses, oh?
Showed you I wasn't only dirt In tetrad on. eh? asked tlreen. with a kind
of feeble ;.iul malign triumph; showed you you wasn't master same as you
thou., hi you won, eh?
Aye, answered Thorold, I had forgotten that even a worm can be an
lm onvenlence at times,
.Millerand will ask
larger flour supply.
that his companion was. In fact, ..
terrlng   lo   hlmsoir.      Without  say-! Possibilities
lug   anything,   Thorold    turned    his ' If you cannot win a fortune
machine round, and after _ time drove i    That will fea 'cr well your nest
up a rough narrow track that led away ! You at least can earn a living
from the high road-across the bare j    If you work your level best.
downs. If you cannot make a million
llo did not say anything more or;    Where the highest stakes are play
take  any   further  notice  of  Green,  You eau knockout several dollars
whose active little brain was busily!    Working daily at your trade,
at work scheming what further ad* j
vantage  lie could  suck out of this What's the use of having money
business for himself.       Jle   felt   it;    That you never hope to spend?
would  be  indeed  a grand  stroke of  It will only bring you trouble,
[■ii: iii' bs If he could somehow ensure      it is not your truest friend
his own escape and nt the same time
hand    ovor    Thorold—or     Thorold'!
credit for a of the greatest help. No mother, in
j my opinion, should be without the
i Tablets." Sold by medicine dealers
j or by mall at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. -Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
llle, Ont.
The Naughty Child
Willie—Father is tho captain at our
ship at homo and mother's tho ilrst
Sunday School Teacher—What are
Willie—T guess I'm tho compass;
they're always boxing me.
If you settle with the grocer
And can pay the butcher's score
friend, if there were any such person With a Ht'-le left for pleasure,
'«/\JlU.i. F  m  vis. J
and Health
Of Skin and Hair
—to  the   police,      But   glancing  at
his companion again, be dismissed his
:hough';. i-Pr-.i'-i]* ;•;■■ \v\ili a shudder;
Tor upon his shallow soul, dread of his
com panion was becomiug as deeply
Impressed as hate. A moment or
two later, turning a shouldir of the
down, tbey came lu si_ht of .. small
(To he Continued)
Doing Weil
how In   your   deal
I    And
| Julia?
Getting on nicely at college.
Pine!  Bhe waa conditioned In sev*
eral  branches,  but  she was rushed
i,, three aoroliles and got on the bas- ■
ket ball team.
Men Scared Away
Rotterdam.—Afler circulating
What can any one do more?
Fnr the man who has a mllllcn
Only has one pair of eyes
Tu behold the wondrous picture
As old e-jrih before him lies.
He can only eat one breakfast,
Only occupy one bed.
Onlv wear one pair of slippers.
Have but ono hat on his head.
If vou cannot own r.n auto
That will travel double quick,
Vou can stroll alonj the highway
Where the autumn leave are thick,
And. whatever Is your station,
In whatever niche you fit,
Vou can have a lot ot pleasure
If you make the best of it.
Cry  of  Tire Costs Twelve Lives
Paris—Two mm, flvo women and
Ave children lost their lfvrs In a ciu-
I It Is a Liver Pill.—Many of the ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin in a disordered llv-
! er, which is a delicate organ, peculiarly susceptible lo the disturbances
I bat come from irregular habits or lack
I of care in eating and drinking. This
accounts for tho great many liver regulators now pressed on the attention
!of sufferers.     Of theso thoro Is riono
'superior to Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
I Their operation though gentlo Is ef.
Ifoctlve, and lho most delicate cnn uso
A Good Idea
She—Why do you look -ro crosB
when you go out with me?
He—My lovo, whero would be the
merit In my going if I were not making an awful sacrlflco of my feelings.
Permit mo tho pleasure of showing
that I only go to pleaso you.
Strange Story, Illustrating ths Superstition of the Lower Classes In
Paris. — The credulity, of the
lower classes In Paris is sometimes
incredible. Frenchmen and Frenchwomen, and more especially Parisians,
are. as a, rule, not unintelligent, but
when they are fools their foolishness
reaches a climax which is rarely reached elsewhere. A few days ago an
elderly man and his wife called on a
police magistrate and asked for advice. They explained.' tbat they had
for some time been victims of the
evil eye. They had been In service
in Havre, the husband ns a butler, the
wife as a cook. The man got sudden
fits of trembling, he declared, and
plates, bottles and glasses jumped out
of bis hand. The woman was influenced by the evil eye as well, and
used to make mistakes, mixing salt
with the puddings and sugar with the
They lost their places, came to Paris,
and the evil eye still troubled tbem.
So they consulted a thought reader.
Their description of what happened is
killlngly funny.
Sho shut us up in a dark room, the
woman said, and left us to go and put
the eye to sleep. After three hours
she came back, asked us for two
pounds, and said that we should soon
be froo of the evil influence We
were not. Wo took another place,
but tho same things went on again,
so we went back to the thought reader.
She did all sorts of things to us, got
all our money and thon told us she
could do no more. We begged her
not to desert us, and sho took my
husband's fur coat, the only thing of
value we had, shook it, threw it over
her hoad and said lhat the spirit of
the evil eye was hidden In it. I can
do nothing with fur, sho said. Tho
evil spirit knows that. But she gavo
us the address of a man named Father
Eugene, who could exercise spirits
even ln fur. Wo took him tho coat,
he told us to leavo It and como back
In a week. Wo did so, but'he has
changed his address, and nobody
knows wliere be Is.
Tho magistrate did not know either.
Repeating Shotguns und If-oaded Shells
No combination is likely to prove so satisfactory as Winchester
guns and shells. They are of proven merit and established
reputation. If you shoot them, you are sure of one thing, and
that is that no one has a more reliable or more accurate shooting equipment. A word to the wise shooter is sufficient and
that is "Winchester." Send postal for illustrated catalogue.
The only surs and Mtlflfaclorr way In which ths Western Farmm
can secure the highest posplbl* market value, for hli wheat, rata, barley anl
flax I§ by shipping lt by tha carload to Fort William or Port Arthur, or ts
Duluth lf cars cannot be got for the other terminals (loading It If possible
direct Into the car over tho loading platform io aa to iave elevator charge!
and do?hage) and employing a strictly commlnlon firm io handle and dispose of lt.
Wo continue to act as tlio l-'armers* Agenta solely en a commission basts.
We are not trackbuyen antl wa never buy the Farmers' grain on our own
account, but look after and dlapoae of the grain entrusted to ui. as tha
agentB of those who employ us, and lt Is our desire and endeavor to give
everyone tho very best service possible. We make liberal Havances agnlnit
ear shipping bills, ond will also carry the grain for a time under advances af
a moderate commercial rate of Interest. If considered advlikuie. CTe Invite
all Farmers to write to us for shipping Instructions and market Intormat.on.
Thompson Sons & Company
London.—In Uio house of commons
recently, Kills Gilltllli. in reply lo Sir
Willi,,*., llylcs, snld that during ilia
drr-di of Invitations to a hall, which1 cma theatre at Jleiiln, on tho Belgian  ,„'!„„„. ,.„ „„„,,,„„.„,,, .,,,,,, ,,
ho described as the wallflowers' tail   f__ler.     Thirty oLher.persons were  last seven years sentence ot death had
I rhance In the dying leap-year, Hen*
urik  Terveer,  a  Rotterdam  dancln**
master, had to abandon the function
an ■: only '..omen camo In answer
. .:,,! tail.
Promoted by
Cuticura Soap
and Ointment
Shoc'-in. Extravagance
Too l.a.1 about Clare.
What ls?
There'll soon Ije nothing lf-ft of her.
[I Hh" ill?
No, hat Hlie's alwa;.i sIvIdr heriolf
Too Bid
she havo
That. M
r.i. Dowdy
Antl whal
a pi
y 11
she doesl
'l hire a
man to «
ear them
or he
Cnllnff*. Borpuiq .1
Wl. Wf.ftl!       A llbrMl  ..
|-",.lr.„., um oir.t a,,'
."<!!', Wml P",' tr"- .
tairy , U.|)m B7U, l.w.!<
r unit <*. '.'Ima.
Home already. Pen .,
an.l Klvo me a kiss.
Let mo see your hands
Why, you guiplctoua hoy?
1 want to s;* .vnrln-1!' you havo a
'!?*_'1Sf.<.6.''s hill in ono of Uiem.
W. N. U. 089
Mover gel rm with an officer Just
aftor bis gang has her... n-nol* r*ked.
Injured. There wero 700 person? !n
the theatre when ono of th > films
caught Ore, Almost immediately the
operator extinguished tho outbreak,
but somo one shouted 'Kire!' and'tin.
audience made a rush for Lho exit...
Many of Uiem woro trampled undor
So Enthusiastic
I am Ju"l crazy about Imiiebiill, said
tho bright young gli'l to the athletic
appearing young follow.
now Interesting!
Oh, I dolo on It. I wish I could
sen a name t—Id afternoon.
But the season Is ovor.
Oh, is in
Perhaps yon mean football?
Maybe. It Is one or the olluv, 1 for*
got which.
Accounted For
We have the brightest baby.
Yds. Why. all summer long every
gecontl man' 1 meet on the iit.ro.)t
lias stopped to remark upon It.
Yes. Almost ovorybody In town
liai boon runnlns for ofllco this year.
been passed on twenty-one women,
and In ono case tho sentence was os*
ecuted. During Uie same period tho
capital sentence was passed on nine
persons In their teens, nnd ln tour
the judgment was carried out.
Calcutta.—It Is alleged that the
jurymen impaneled ln a case at My*
inonslngb, India, lu which n man was
sentenced lo death, returned their verdict by casting lots. A Judicial Inquiry has been ordered.
Matter of Orthography
You know Miss Pommy?
She snld ulM would dlo for Jack.
Hhe did?     You mean die?
Bho did.
Ye», but sho spoiled It with n y.
I hear that Prank has mado goo.1.
You bet ho liaB.
ln what line?
Surel Ho married the widow of a
millionaire the first time ho trlod ft
and tbo daughter of another the second time.
The reason why women   have
sense of humor Is because they
:ated lo live with men.
Maybe he doesn't make the hest
use of tbem, hut the man who doesn't
worry conserves his vital forces tho
There are no vegetables just like your
own growing.    Provide for a good labia,
eal vegetables, and throw away medicine.
We not only eopply yoa wilh Ibe Finest Tested
Seeds for this Country, bai we also show yoa
Told ia our booklets, 153 pages (copyrighted).
The first of lhe kind prialed in Canada.    They
contain  the   best Western experience  ef expert
Market Gardeners.   Sound, practical aad sensible—
just wbat yon wanl to know ia preparing the seed
bed, manuring, starting the seed, transplanting, forcing,
ripening, storing, destroying insects, etc.     The price
is 10 cents per booklet ($1.00 for the full set of 11,
including vegetable and special field crops), but FREE to
purchasers of our seeds.      See our catalogue, page 2.
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You can't make everybody lmppy,
hut If you set about it you can keep
tho neighborhood amused.
A cood press agent Is half tho hat*
tie, but. the trouble lies in knowing
which half It ought to bo.
The unlucky man In sure to find
his prise a white elephant when he
does capturo one.
Wonder why tlio [Hacks moved Into
a house this winter?
To savo gym fees.
Ilow is that?
They figure Tommy can develop his
muscle just, ns well carrying out ashes
and shovelling snow us ho can In a
A man ca'n always run a household
bettor than a woman can. Still ho
Wo miss ii lot nt fun bolng afraid of
appearing ridiculous.
After lho wedding bolls comes tho
struggle with Uie gas rango.
Cheer up! If your cnndldnto didn't
win you have plenty of time to select
Lots of people get stono bruises on
tholr conscience travelling Uie ro:k7
road to fortune.
Convict's Daring Escape
Brussels.—A convict mado a daring
cscapo from Jail hero. Ho ha.', bcen
attending thc Infirmary for tho treatment of an injured log. With part
of tho bandages which ho lud concealed he mado a ropo and fashioned
a hook by bending a curtain rod.
Somehow ho managed to tile through
tho bars of his window. Having
squeezed through an opening ln '.ho
window twelvo Inches wide, ho climbed tbo prison wall hy moans of his
hook and rope, and, lowering himself
on tho other Bide, got clean away .
Ho seems to just enjoy being a
blamed fool.
That pink voiced Paddleklns.
Well, I llko to sec a man In love
with his llfo work.
London.—Tlio annual report of the
Battcrsoa council reveals tho fact Uiat
thoro aro still -0C van dwellers ln the
district, who occupy sovoiity-four vans
It would bo something of a jar to
our egotism If wo knew tho things for
which peoplo pity us.
Somo women scorn to wear tholr
martyr's crown jauntily, as If they
thought it becoming,
Whut did Tcttorly make his money
on? .
Yos—lho olher fellow's.
_. i	
He Is a popular young man.
How do you account for his popular.
Ho's a splendid liar   with   a   good
I think that Professor Ilovywoyte li
such an amusing speuker.
1 thought ho lectured upon serious
subjects only.
Yes, I know, hut I do love to see
his features Y/allss all over his face.
Getting Ready
I wonder why tho trees shed their
lcivos In tho fall.
To get ready for winter.
Wouldn't It bo warmer with the
leaves on?
Not for the leaves.
What train aro you going to take?
Nut uny,   Tho train Is going lo take
mo. -    a
You-give me a pain.
No charges.     You needn't give li
back. . .
Helen's going to marry Percy., >'■',
For tho lovo of Mike,
I suppose that's the reason.. I can't
seo any other myself.
Manufacturers of
 ,   _    _    ____.     ____    old  stock  ai
■ ~W    ■   •   ~*^    I East llth
In N.Y. City have sold _
old stock and are hunt
for frceh goods. TVe sell.
them,   dent for  price
t lSast llth 817 (De_
N«w Iforlt Cltr
infra €>
My Digestion
Is Now Good
And I feel Uke a Young Man Sinoc
Using Dr. Chase's Kidney*
Liver Pills.
Prof. A. T. Smith.
"What a horrible condition tho di-
C-sstlvo system gots Into when the
liver becomes Bluggish and the
bowels constipated. Tho poisonous
wasto matter te thrown back Into thc
blood Btream and finds Its way Into
all porta of tho body, causing pains
and aches und feelings of fatigue and
It Is wonderful how quickly Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills sweep the
poisons from the digestive system
and enable the organs of digestion to
resume their  natural  functions.
Prof. A- T. Smith, 1 MC Charles
street Montreal, and formerly of Boston, Mass., writes:—"I suffered for
nony years from bod digestion, constipation and horrible backaches. I
have been treated by many doctors
without any results. One day a
friend In Boston advised tho use of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. After
using iwo boxes I noticed great Improvement, and after tho fourth box
I was completely cured. My digestion Is good. I never feel any pain
ln tho back. My head ls clear and
I feel like n young man. I think Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Livcr Pills nre ono of
tho best medicines on earth."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
ono pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all
dealers, or Ed manson, Bates &. Co,,
Limited, Toronto.
Facial Freaks and Frolics
After the Christmas parly they both
_-?It very pleased with themselves aud
things In peneral.
They sat together in a cosy little alcove, and by-and-by ho took his courage In bolh hands—-and proposed.
There was no hesitation ou the
lady's part as she accepted, and a moment later they occupied but one chair
whilst she nestled closely to his manly
breast. Suddenly she started, frowned, and looked lilm full in the face.
Albert, she said, you arc untrue to
me! You are playing a game with
me!     Vou—
Darling, he lisped, what—
You—you—you're making faces at
me! she thundered Indignantly.
I can't help it, ho muttered, sadly.
My eyes-glasses aro falling off and I
don't want to lot go of your dear Utile
To Asthma Sufferers. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy comes like
a helping hand to a sinking swimmer.
It gives new life and hope by curing
his trouble—something he has como to
believe Impossible. Its benefit Is too
evident to be questioned—it Is Its own
best argument—Its nwn best advertisement. If you suffer from asthma
get this time tried remedy and find
help like thousands of other-,.
A Silly Question
At the supper-table Mr. Wade mentioned a tragic circumstance that he
had read that day in tho newspaper.
A passenger on a tianslantic steamer
had fallen overboard in mid-ocean and
had never been seen again.
Was he drowned? asked Mrs. Wade.
Oh, no; of course not, said Mr.
Wade.     But ho sprained his ankle.
New York Man is Cleverly Deprived
of Important Legal  Documents
London, EJngland.-rA wealthy American, now in London, baa been Hip
victim of a series of extraordinary daring thefts, as the result of which he
has lost some very valuable documents relating to estatoa in Ireland.
Tho victim is H, h, Brlltalii, of
Now York, who In addition to being
Interested in several prominent American enterprises. Is treasurer of the
Qranlto Spring Water Company. Ho
Is nlso actively interested in valuable
estates near Dublin, and the thefts
nro In connection with the latter properly.
Trailed by Thieves
Mr. Brlttaln sailed from Now York
on Uio Maurctanla toward the end of
November, arriving In Fishguard on
December 2, bringing with him a largo
quantity of luggago. At Fishguard
on leaving tho boat, he discovered that
tho identification letter on all his
trunks and portmanteaux had been altered, and in UiIb way part of his luggago had been claimed. The latter
was reported to tlio police, and shortly after his arrival In JxMdan Mr.
Brlttaln Imd tho missing trunks returned to him. But thoy had been broken open and lho contents ransacked.
At first It appeared to be nn ordinary luggage theft, but when Mr. Brlttaln examined the contents of lho
trunks ho found them almost Intact
They eonsisled of clothing which had
been replaced ln tho trunks after an
evidently fruitless search.
It now became apparent that the object of Ilio thieves were some valuable
dootiments relating to tho estates In
Ireland. Litigation Is ponding in this
connection, and the documents were,
therefore, of great Importance, and
wcrejiow moro carefully watched than
Documents Stolen
Mr. Brlttaln had occasion to journey to Dublin tho other night fn connection with these estates, and the
documents relating to them were
laced In a securely fastened portmanteau and trunk. Warned by tho previous experience, Mr. Brittain personally took charge of his luggage at Eus-
ton. He had, however, to mako an
Inquiry, and instead of being away a
few seconds, as he had expected, he
was detained about fifteen minutes owing to the congestion of tbo holiday
When he returned to his luggage he
found that tho additional padlock and
staples by which lhe portmanteau had
been secured had been forced off and
the contents ransacked, while tho back
of the trunk had been ripped open.
This time the thieves had been moro
successful, and Uie valuable documents
had vanished.
The thieves must have shadowed me
from New York, says Mr. Brittain. It
was certainly a conspiracy to obtain
possession of the -documents.
A Lowestoft Smuggling Story
; Of the mnny strange (.tones told In
j connection with ilie exploits of Hid
.sniuggllug fraternity on the Fas' Const
one ni iii,. magi singular is perhaps
one which te connected tfltb Lowestoft, nnd iho Biibslance of which is
Mold ia tho following narrative:—
I About September, 1805, the ihen
Roclor of Lowestoft was visited hue
nt nlgbt by a sailor, who informed
the good man that he camo from a
vessel lying In Uio harbor, to request
Ills ministration for a comrade who
way dying on board.
So earnest, was tlio visitor in his en-
trealles thnt, notwithstanding the
lateness of tho hour, tho Rector proceeded thll.her, and found a man lo
all appearance at the point of death,
to whom he administered all the comfort within his power.
On iho following evening tho visitor again appeared at Uio Rectory, and
slated that his partner had died during lho day and that his last wish
was that ho r.ould be interred in
Lowestoft Churchyard, adding further
that as tho vessel waa obliged to
leave at a special Ume of tho tide
on tho following morning, It was necessary that Uio funeral should lake
placo at eight o'clock. The Rector
acquiesced, and so on the following
morning Uio coffin was brought ashore
nud doposltod with the usual rites in
Um parish ohurobyard,
Tho OOnstematloil Of the Rector ean
be imagined when, somo Iwentv-four
hours afterwards, a member of iho
local authority railed upon him wllh
tlio informallon that tho newly-made
grave had been opened, and (he coffin abstracted, the funeral itself turning out to bo a skflfnlly-lald plan to
run a cargo ot valuable lace, over
which hnd been read the service of
Uio Church.
Mow Generous
Wasn't It sad about old Robinson's
What! has ho gone smash?
Yos; loBt everything ho possessed.
That's too bad. He promised nip
something yesterday, but now In hln
troublo I shan't hold him to lt.
That's gen.rous of you. What was
Ills daughter.
Conflict Stopped by Doctors After
One Principal is Badly Wounded
A fierce duel was fought here recently between Count Stephen Tisza,
president of the lower house of tbo
Hungarian parliament, and Count Michael Karolyi, a member of one of tho
oldest families"of Hungary.
Tho duel arose out of the stern measures of repression which were taka.n
by Count Tisza against the disorderly
tactics of the Hungarian Opposition
as a result of which ono of tho Oppo-
" ion M.P.'s attempted to assassinate
him. On entering the National Club
at Budapest Thursday afternoon Count
Tisza offered his hand to Count Karolyi, who is a member of the Opposition . The latter ostentatiously
thrust hi.-j hands into his pockets, doctoring that after what had occurred It
would be useless if he and Count Tisza
pretended to be friends. Afterwards
Count Tisza »ent him a challenge.
The conditions prescribed for tho
duel were that the parties were to
fight till one was disabled and without
protection save neck bandages. The
conflict was fought with heavy swords
and lasted for an hour. Count Tisza, who is extraordinary agile .for his
age, had the hotter of his opponent
throughout. Count Karolyi being a
big, heavy man. Count Karolyi who
who received several cuts, was badly
wounded in the arm In the thirty-second round, whereupon the doctors stopped the duel. Other duels are expected .
Hector's Wife — What mnde you
think thc collection wan made to got
the minister a new suit?
Hector—Because so many of tho congregation put in buttons.
No Hope
But why doesn't your mother like
Sho thinks you are a mollycoddle,
and she says no girl of hers shall
ovor marry a mollycoddle'
Hut I wlll Bhow lier.
You will?
Yes. I will heat up that bulldog
next door Uio very next timo I call
on you. '
Then she'll cay you're a brute and
would tyrannlzo over me.
Strange thnt tho prophets of evil
■hould be such uniformly cheerful individuals.
We give you a Home Study Course
which wlil enablo you to proparo for
bettor things by using your spare time.
We teae_ all Commercial branches,
Higher Accounting, Drawing, Illustrating, anj fit young people for good
poslUons at good salaries. Wrlto ua
for particulari and let us know what
position you would like to prepare
for. Do lt nov>. Address Wi H.
Chaw, Pros.dent, Shaw Correspondence Sehool. Toronto, Canada.
ill Uric Arid DlnAf.R",, Including KI*
n**7 Trouble, ntmlil-r Sinn.*. Qa'.l
Blend, Qrnvcl nud l.mnlr.i-0 nre rap-
Idly relieved and pern.ftne.illy cured
by BANOI.. A remedy thnt ha. nn
enviable reputation lhro.wjlin.it Can.
Ida. Wo will -end lelteri from
■coror. of people, wlio liavo bean cured
of ono or moro of Ilium, complaint.,
Write for full Information,
l'rlee II..0 Ter llutllu at all Loading
Rare Work Stolon by Labour From
an Italian Church
Romp.—Some detectives In Vienna have succeeded lu recovering a famous art treasure, valued at $10,000.
They have ulso caught tho alleged
thief. Two years ago a painting attributed to Pietro Luzzl, belter known
na Morto da Feltro, was stolen from
tiro church at Follre. Suspicion fell
on a laborer named Moncgaz, who,
after hiding lho picture, lied to Austria.
Knowing that ho was greatly In
'need of money, two detectives, pretending to he collectors, conducted no-
gottatinmt with n[enegaz, who agreed
lo cross the frontier aud give tho prospective purchasers a look at tho picture.
While he was telling lh,. collectors
of the merits of Ihe masterpieces several policemen appeared uud seized
both picture and man.
Woman Shot for a Wlteh
Brussels.—A miner living at Ualtieo.
near Vcrvlers, on the German frontier,
became convinced that tho Illness ot
his child .vas duo lo tlm evil Influence of a woman living In tho neighborhood. Declaring thut sho was a
witch, ho went to her house nnd shot
her. After his arrest ho maintained
that he had acted la tho lntoreols of
the community.
Probably Is
I can't understand why Bclty ls so
chummy with Lillian.
Can't you?
No; Betty is such a bright, charming girl, and Lillian Is us homely and
awkward as can bo.
1 think those arc the qualities that
tho clover Betty probably esteems her
\y_ H_ U. »35
And tho present gonornllon will
havo nothing but automobile races,
ueroplano moots nnd moving picture
shows to tako thc placo of spelling
schools, torchlight processions and
husking bees.
Grnnado. fell unconscious when talcing
supper wllh friends at his homo near
NlmoB, recently. llo was thought to
bo dend and was prepared for burial,
when at 3 o'clock In tho morning, he
startled hln grandchildren, who wen
watching through the night, by sitting up nnd nuking for his pipe and
a cup of coffoo. Ilolb. wore givon
to Um, and ho ls now perfectly well.
. Britain Will Spend Vait Sum on Programme—New Guns of Prodigious Power
London.—According to the    Dally
Mail, the work of framing tho British
navy estimates for tho coming year is
; nearly completed. The one point remaining for decision, namely, whether
jtive or sii battleships shall bo laid
I down depends upon the Austrian nav
al iirogrnmme.     lf tho admiralty do-
I eldos to wait before taking action till
thn Austrian ships are laid down, lt
may he expected to bogln live battleships this year.
The naval programme will then. according to present information, Involve
inn expenditure of   $210,000,000   and
j will include five battleships, six light
armored cruisers, twenty destroyers,
! a number of submarines, and an addition to tho personnel ot 5,000 men,
making a total of 112,800 officers und
The battleships will be of a now
type, Ihe largest and strongest which
science cnn build or money supply.
They will displace 27,000 of 28,000
tons, burn oil and fuel alone, and
steam 2*1 knots. Thus they wlll bo
Intermediate   Between    the   present
'Dreadnought battleship und battle
cruls-er. They will be armed ln ill
probability with eight 10 1-4 inch guns
ench tiring 2,200 pound shells, of If
the If) 1-4 inch gun Is not adopted thev
will lmvo 16 Inch guns, firing shells
that weigh 1,600 pounds.
He Might be, Though
Mrs. Hugh l.'rnser, In her latest book
of reminiscence, has many amusing
stories to tell.
One of Ihem Is nbout the drown
Prince of Germany. Ills Itoyal
Highness had jusl taken Inlo his service a new manservant, but tho overdone ceremonial obsequiousness of tho
man soon began to jar on his master.
Tho Crown Princo became so Irritated at last lhat the servant received
an Intimation to tho effect that tho
Crown Princo would prefer to be
treated with moro simplicity.
The next day, when tho Crown
Prince was seated writing at his table
ho suddenly felt himself tapped on
tho shoulder. Thinking it was his
wife, the Crown Princess, ho turned
quickly, smiling, only to behold the
servant standing beside him and regarding him with a friendly smilo. Before the astonished heir to tiie Throne
could find suitable words wilh which
to rebuke the man's presumption, the
latter jerked his thumb behind him in
the direction of lhe door.
Pappchen has come to seo you! he
Now. tho Crown Prince was expecting his father, the Emperor, and as
Pappchen literally moans Utile papa,
his Royal Highness nearly fainted
with horror.
Pappchen! ho gasped. Then, thinking the servant must have been drinking to talk of the Emperor In such a
way. he muttered to himself, his eyes
fixed in amazed inquiry' on tho man: Is
he drunk?
The servant apparently thought the
whispered remark was a confidential
request for information as to the visitor's condition, for, after scratching
his head in some perplexity, ho whispered back softly:
Drunk? Well, no; I didn't notice anything.
Raise Hog« -■■
Every farm has enough table slops
and skimmed milk, smutty grain or
other by-products to feed or nearly
feed enough hogs for one's own moat
supply. If you will take an aero of
your poorest land and plant in lt some
of tho good grazing crops and then
put a piece of mesh wire around' it
and turn the hogs in, you will raise
thrift, economical hogs and the land
you uso for this purpose will be so well
fertilized in a year that lt will bo
worth twice ns much for producing
your standard farm crops.
Give your hogs an acre of your tillable land and prepare it for them, and
you will find, if you will keep books,
that It pays you moro net profit than
any other acre on the farm. Of
courso if you put your hogs In a llttlo
6x0 pen and feed thom nothing but
com and havo no shelter for them
either from sr.. . r rain and keep them
thin in tho summer so they won't
get hot instead of giving them water
undor a nice shade tree, you may bo
disappointed, lf you abuse tho hog
this way he Is not going to bring you
in any revenue. But if you will give
your hogs a fighting chance thoy will
take It and make good.
When ynu start out to raise your
meat supply for next year get a broil
gilt or a pair nf pigs that aro of good
registered stock. The difference In
cost Is so little between them, nnd
grades and the difference in economy
of production is so great that a mun
In making a mistake who buys 'less
than Iho best. Then, aside from Uio
difference in profit, good hogs are so
much easier to handle and you wlll
havo so mueh better quality of meat
when you kill. II does not lake near
tho fencing for good hogs, either.
Much Worse Losses
Thero was an amusing Incident r.fl*
or the recent first night ut tho Criterion Theatre, when Mr. Bernard Parry's play "Whero There's a Will—
wus very woll received by tho audience.
Afler the final fall of thc curtoln,
n group of peoplo, Including Sir
Churlcs Wyndham, were congratulating llr. Tuny, but tho author seemed
moro concerned over the loss of his
hat, which had disappeared during tho
Why, man, Sir Charles Wyndham
exclaimed, I'vo known young nuthors
lo have lost not only their hatB, but
Ihelr heads alao over Buch n reception as Uio houso has just given you!
Berlin, Germany.—Tho Hamburg*
American Shipping Lino has definitely decided to enter Into competition
with Canadian, American and Japan*
oso lines for tho Pacific trade between
tho western ports ot North America
and tho fnr east. Tho now service
will ho Inaugurated as early next year
as Ib practicable. It will bo In tho
nuturo of an oxtonslon of Uio company's existing servlco In tho far cost,
lho vessels proceeding from Chinese
and Japanoso ports to Vnncouvor,
Seattle, Portland ond Ban Francisco.
Do good, but let others find lt out,
Don't toll thom,
Doctor—Well, I hopo you protHot. by
my odvlco.
Patient—Ves, doctor, but not ad
much aB you did.,
Mrs. Jullen Painchaud, for seven years
a sufferer, finds quick relief and
complete cure In Dodd'o Kidney
Wliitworth, Temlscouata Co.. Que.,
(Special)—With thc coming of winter
tho ravages of Kidney Disease are
again felt in this ■ province,
aud the fact that a sure euro
is vouched for in this village Is news worth giving to the
world. Mrs. Julien Painchaud Is
the person cured and she states without hesitation that sho found her euro
ln Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"i-'or seven years my heart and Kidneys bothered me," Mrs. Painchaud
states, "I was always tired and nervous. I could not sleep. My limbs
wero heavy and I had a dragging sensation across the loins. My eyes had
dark circles under them and were
puffed and swollen. I was so ill I
could hardly drag myself around to do
my housework.
"A neighbor advised mo to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and I found relief in the first box. Six boxes mado
me perfectly well."
If you have any two of Mrs. Painch-
aud's symptoms your Kidneys arc ills-
eased. Cure them and guard against
serious, If not fatal results hy using
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Her Match
A dear old lady had been presented
with a parrot from tho Congo, and she
was showing it to her old gardener.
You know, Horace, that this parrot
comes from the Congo, and Congo parrots are so Intelligent that thoy are
almost human. This bird whistles
Homo, Sweet Homo' so beautifully
Uiat the tears run down its beak.
Yes, mum, quolh Horace, I know tho
parrots from tho Congo. I used te
have ono, snd it whistled The Villago
Blacksmith' so beautiful that spatks
used to fly from its blooming tail.
That will do, Horace, you may go.
That Is LAXATIVE   BROMO   QUININE.  Look lor tho Bignaturo of _.
W.   GROVE.   Cures a Cold ln One
Day. Cures Grip in Two Days. 25c.
Tliom**s, tho messenger lad, was
sent by his employer to Uio back of
a certain market to buy a tin kettle
to replace one tho spout of which had
been melted oft. The old kettle was
given to tho boy so that ho might obtain one of the same pattern.
Although the market was only a few
yards away, tho boy did not return
for two hours, and then without having made a purchase.
Why, tho market Is full of kettles,
said tlic employer.
Ay, replied tho lad, but they all had
spouts on.
Hilda (to her bosom friend)—Whon
I get raarrlod I would llko a husband
who's easily pleased.
Vera (her bosom friend)—Well, that
is just the sort ot husband you will
Min.rd'i Liniment Cures Distemper.
Too Busy
John, muffled to tho cars, was shovelling off the snow.
Tho storm was howling dismally
through Ills whiskers. He was mad
all the way through.
My dear, came a voice from an upper window.
Let me alone; I'm busy, he shrieked back, und he went on shovelling,
and down slammed tho window.
Half an hour later tho samo voice
from Uio samo window, camo iu pleading tones:
My dear John—
Woll, what on earth do you want
again? he shouted. Ib tho house on
fire? Have tlio burglars got in?
N'o, John, walled lho voico, but
you are Bhovolllng the snow oft iu
front of tho wrong houso.
Thon ho collapsed.
Currying favor wllh a money lender
Ifl an easy Job compared to gelling on
tho right sldo of a pert slslorln-luw.
Tho city mnn hi.ndlcB n horse with
about tlio same easy manner that hia
city cousin exhibits when ho encounters tho ubiquitous, bellhop for tho
first Ume.
To a woman half lho fun of gelling
letters consists In holding thorn In her
hand and guessing who thoy nro from.
A Bid for Help
Don't you lovo moonlight nights?
Yes, but I can't lovo Uiem alone.
Look   for Better Times In Spain
Madrid.—Governmental reforms almost rovoluUonary In their character
have been promised by King Al.'nto,
and Republicans are jubilant.
It was learned that Azoara'.e 'be
Republican leader, had been granted
an Interview by King Alfonso who
promised immediately to establish the
old ago pension system, greatly liberalize tho educational system, reduce
the expenses of Spain's military programme, establish religious tolerance
and bring Into being many othor reforms which Republicans long 'nave
I am thoroughly convinced of King
Alfonso's sincerity and Interest, Az-
carato declared when ho left tho royal
audience. I am delighted. Better
things surely aro coming ln the very
near future for Spain.
Fresh Supplies in Demand.—Where-
over Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil has
been Introduced Increased supplies
havo been ordered, showing that wherever it goes this excellent OU impresses Its power on the people. No
matter ln what latitude it may he
found its potency is never impaired.
It Is put up In most portable shape
ln bottles and can be carried without
fear of breakage.
A Matter of Sex
A well-knnwn clergyman describes
an Incident which occurred at a mooting held ln the South of Kngland to
promote a charity. Tlio mayor had
worked hard to securo a successful
gathering and as ho looked round nnd
found the bishop of tho diocese seated
side by side with the Wcsleynns, the
Baptist, and other ministers, ho felt
that he had reached Uio supremo moment of his life.
llo rose, and atter expressing his
delight at seeing so many men forgetting their little differences and
uniting in a common cause, ho Bummed up thc situation ln these eloquent
The fact Is, gentlemen, if n man's
henrt ls In the right plaec, it doesn't
matter wbat sex ho belongs to!
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Eto.
Hit Little Mistake
The now clergyman was paying a
visit amongst tho patients in tho local
hospital. When he entered ward No.
4, he camo across a pale-looking young
man lying In a bed, heavily swathed
in bandages. Thero ho stopped and,
after administering a few words of
comfort to the unfortunato sufferer, ho
remarked, in cheering tones: —
Never mind, my dear fellow, you'll
soon ho all right. Keep on smiling;
that's tho way in this world.
I'll never smile again, replied Uie
youth, sadly.
Rubbish!  ejaculated the clerk
There ain't no rubbish about It!
exclaimed the other heatedly. U'b
through smiling at another fellow's
girl that I'm here now.
The Chief Event
A Liverpool schoolmaster is tel'ipg
a rather funny story against himself.
Ho begins the story with the significant remark that ono Saturday he
paid the last of a scries of visits to
his dentist. On tlio following Monday morning one or two of his pupils
looked at him curiously, but of courso
nothing was said. lie makes a point
of trying to interest his pupils ln tho
current affairs of tho world, so when
his class assembled ho opened his
newspaper and, as usual, asked tho
Well children, what ls thn chief
cvont that has happened sinco Friday?
Quick as lightning camo tho reply
from a llttlo girl in tho front row:
Please, sir, you'vo had a set of false
The teacher says he passed hurriedly to other topics.
Jones doesn't seem lo be feeling
low IhiB morning.
No.     Why should he?
Well, he was out on a spree till
3 o'clock this morning.
Yes, and Ills wife blew lilm up when
ho got home too.
Geneva.—A plentiful crop of now
potntoes has just been gathered at
Thuustctten, Switzerland.
Thero aro women who can keep busy
worrying over what they didn't do yesterday and trotting over what thoy
want to do tomorrow.
Sho sang ot the fishers far away,
To tho fisher's little boy.
She sang of the mornings, cold and
Whon the fish are scarce and coy;
She sang of the death of the fishers
And then, alas anil alack!
The kid still cried for life on the wave
So sho gave It a little smack.
and Brooder Vo7*." Id"
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Nothing Left
Care and system are the half-way
houses to happiness, and If Mrs. Mc-
Quill was anything, sho was careful
and systematic. A little while ago
she had occasion to go out and leave
tho house to take care of Itself, But
tho grocer was expected, and unless
he was warned, ho would leave his
commodities on tho doorstep, and thus
advertise the fact that house was unprotected. Therefore Mrs. McQulll
wioto this note: All out; don't leavo
anything, and pinned lt cn tho front
When she returned her note was
no longer on the front door, and there
was a nasty, ompty sort of stwsaliuli
about the greater part of tho house.
Everything of value hid disappeared.
She found hor note on tbe dining'
ti.blo. But a lino hud been added to
Many thanks, It run. We Imrea't
left much.
... 240    R.c.n., Wl... v.a.a
A Peculiar Girl
That Miss Bradish Is one of the most
P< liar girls 1 ever saw. She and 1
met in London Just winter and wo've
boon very pood friends ever since until
a couple of wreks ago. Now she
barely speaks to me. 1 can't account
fnr it. We were talking ono evening
about clever women. Wl- both agreed
that talented women are seldom beau-
I You probably mad- some remarks
Uiat she didn't like.
j No; I was careful about that, and
she showed no sign of ber unacoount*
able coldness until I asked her whebti*
or, lf she could navo her choice, sho
would prefer to be talented or bcautl
fui.      She never answc   J the ques*
i tlon. and has heen different tow irds
ine ever since.     .Most peculiar girl 1
i ever saw.
The Irish Boy
I    Headmaster—Well,  O'Brien,      Imt
are yen doing out of bed?
j    O'Brien, I just got out to tuck my
self in, sir.
$2,500,000 for an Invention
Santiago llo Chile.—Senator Bulnos
has Introduced a bill Into the Chilean
senate offering a prise of $2,600, )
to the Inventor of a process which will
con-ii.Iol-.ly extract the nitrates contained In the raw substance .-ailed caliche und Its residues.
Dear Ned—Come back, all is forglv*
Pa kicked the wrong man. on I
Ildn't know it was you.    Com.)  I*n
Easy Life
He would rather ho a beggar In New
York Ulan a wealthy landowner out
How do you know?
He said so.
Is tho hogging as good as that
Now York?
The length of time a cook slays In a
family sometimes depends upon how
Interesting tho faintly   conversations
Do tho best you can and don't worry
for four it will be too . - id.
The worst thing about [loins ou
please is that you aro . o apt n il to
like it when it Is dono.
DON'T let your ..orse-s
run -rlo.-rn   '
winter and jrcl losoft iii.it
yuii.«l.t;t vfiurapr
11 lionet ate noT-fvorkcii
regular.* ditrit.fr Uie winti r. ihry ne.-c. tho
•plrndid Icnic effects of INTERNATIONAL
STOCK FOOD, to tone up tli..- digestive
omans^etiRble them to get .-.:i Oiepiod nut
of tiitir feed, prevent the blood from
becoming overheated, and tltua ward «il disease,
"IImve feil INTKRN-ATtOSAI, STOCK VOui!U^m^ii-X^S' f_lwa«Lva
a 25 pound pari standing in tn? bam. I I..tight fl pair of three yeai old colts and Uicv
wereso;worl.c.ldcwii that my u---ight»t_ said I liad been beat When I •• tight the
colts, they weighed *.po lb.-., 1 ploughed as acres and they welshed ■<■• t—then I
harvested 163 acres ami threshed and tmiiledone carload to town 6miles t *• lahe 1
tbem again and they weighed jI_o. and I said "Thev shall weigh iooo_ fore fi ruin
now, tne Neighbors want to buy ilicra bul there's no chance".      J. t. kHMPKl
Por sale by dealers everywhere.  Our i\ doo,w stock Book—sent free when ws
receive your name and address.     iNrKHYmom STOCK FOOD 10. ..l-l. I i ii, toko!-*, lit.
Whea You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety bate
head,   with  silent    tip.    Will
never explode  if  Stepped  on.
Eddy'.  Watches hav*  _tl_cd  Cu*
tttlani line* 1861—accept n, others,
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Cana-Ja
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  "iVcu
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Ask for the free book,
A concrete milk-house
makes milk worth more
PEOPLE are willing to pay more
for milk that comes from a clean,
sanitary dairy.   In nearly every
city such dairies charge from 50 per cent, to
100 per cent more than others—and even then
they can't supply the demand for pure, lii.h-
(jrade milk.    You will -jet more value out of
your cows if you properly cool and store lhe ■:iu:.*.;.'.t;;v*..i.
milk.    Such milk is not only more wholesome
—and therefore can bc sold for a better price
 it is also slower to sour than milk handled by ordinary methods.
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
JT will tell you how to build a concrete milk-house, and also describes scores of oilier uses
for concrete around the home and on the (arm. It ii not a catalogue, lis 1'jO handsomely
illustrated pages are devoted entirely to the subject—in winch every progressive farmer is
rOU do not place yourself under llie .lightest obligation in Diking for the hook. Wc
do not even ask that you a^ree lo use cement. Just sipi lhe coupon attached to this
advertisement, or send your name and address by letter or post card, and lhe book will
bc mailed to you at once.    Address,
Publicity Manager
Herald Building, Montreal
"TiTtlKUyott I'M." eemr.nt, reinemlier
rr that the former. ofCtinatta hava
found that "Canada" cement is lietl.
Look far tha laltet on every t>a_ anil
co„ no. '4
Creror, B.
dbi-T.. A..
Ficain, Jc-lin Kenned/, William MofT.it.
Iju.glcy. J. A. Muiu-e. r.
If you ecn.lim your mln to u
John Keiin«d(*L .Vii.. Wvlt»i* »••  MoKentl*.   a..k»ternwan-0«->.
vALUAKY j   ;  ..j   ^ condition of t_ r.nn.r _i •ul Ml _. *w**i bttwwa —> preduc*. aM Ux. THK  PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK.   B. C.
©he yvooyccUu-, ©uaubvooh, §. -X.
P.iblnhfd  Kvery Watnrilay    Morning at ('rut-brook. B.C
F. M. (JuriatiQD.  Manager.
Postage lo Ainen.au.  European _U   other foreign countries,    50 cents   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising ratl-fl lurnished on application. No
advertisements bnt those ol a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUUSORinERS-Unless notice to the contrary
U given to local manager advertisements anil subscriptions will b. kept
running and charged up against their account.
19th YEAR
News attracts renders. Thus circulation 'is won. Advertising patronage is the easy and sure reward
ol circulation, 'lhls la the fomJ.i-
tion upon which Tht Proipector Is
sale ol a ?3.!il) article.
The saving of the expense described,
if put to your advertising account, or
.i j,o . uo .-oi bave an advertising account, Is a substantial amount.
Now, we come to the changing over
process to help the man who suyB,
"I could no moro think ol changing
my busln'.SH over to a cash basis
tlinn anything at all." He la discouraged, but If he will go about It
In tho right manner, I am sure, that,
in most eases, it could lis accomplish-
ed. Perhaps there may be exceptions
among dealers who do a very high
grade business, when one must bc
governed wholly by the grade of mer
chandise he handles and by what hi
.loiug   iu   :bls   re-
It will
linvc tbu
soon be   time lor you
back yard ra cd up.
Follow the crowd mil will come
direct to Oranbrook to invcstl ate,
and possibly Invest In mining, lumbering, or h a ri.-iiluirul r.eourcei
nl this district.
Minl'g in Brltleh Columhla as well
no ..I nn tin, h is become of such Importance, that it now
eic-.eds ln val e that of any  other
The monthly output ol tbe Crow's
Nest Collieries now exceeds the output ol any previous month-. sin:e the
mines have beeu opened dp.
The conduct ol the o'.structmcnt ol
thc Ll eral party at Ottawa, is with
out a parallel in the history o! tbe
world.    We have ne er read of any
country,  however  much  there  misht
exist   diilercnces   regarding  internal
matters,  when confronted   by danger
to its existent, but would unite as
one mnn to repel a foreign (oe    lhal
thero is an emergency at the pres nt
time,   none   bnt   tao   blind.st   will
deny.     It is difficult to characterise
the   condll-t   of   the   men   who   are!
are bringing  parliament  and  consti- j
tutionnl    p, It. 'tries   Into   contempt.
They    hnve    converted    parliament,
where dignity end self-respect should
exist,   Into    the    most    humiliating
farce.    There oppositionists arc actuated by not a particle of patriotism.    The defeat the peoplo mlllcte.l
on a party that mismanaged pul.li*
affairs for sixteen yca-s,  lias galled
to the quick.    Thc shameful treason
mongerng  of    the   rcci,uocity  pact
was bad enough.    The 21:.t ol September decided that point.    Not, satisfied with the most complete route
ever Inflicted on a nils uidetl party,
these unprincipled un!   unscrupulous
men   hae    no'-hlng but ro.cnge to
gratify and   exhibit,   the most   disgraceful conduct In tbe manner tbey
obstructed  the  true   interests of lhe
country.    That thore ia nn en-organ
cy and that Oreat n.lt.'n at tbi pre
sent time ia putting forth herculean
efforts to meet it—no one po BOSSlog
the smallest modicum of intolll-enco,
need bc Ignorant of.    The blind leading  tho  blind   Ik  the  only   way   ono
IT    WAS    DONE.
Let us outline, briefly, how It was
doue in one ci.ho. It was iicconi dish
cd In a milliner something like tblH
After a cash store had lie n started,
j they in tide I n'l tin- 0 ar e ensto u
j ers of tlleir oldest store, which wa-
cstnlil sin id a nil lorty ye* hh ago,
that they would not open any new
.bui o iiccmiils. Tbey [ntormod then
cus i.mer*. that as ib'.v maintained
their accounts wito tbe firm, the Lat
ter would allow lt to stand, bu
thut il thoy closed It, eveu for it
briel period, the firm would Dot al
low Uiem tei re open it
This explanation satisfied the re
gular clung customers, and it also
h.'iped' lu mnk.' them si'etlo tl. i
bills on th.1 tenth ed each month, oi
earlier The final result wa*. that n
three years a -...' e elm'  always lu.
ons the Grit press is, may be judged
by a sentence from oue of their blind
patri.ans:    "Winston   Churchill  says
Dreadnoughts cannot be built lu Canada." This attributed to Mr. Win
ston Churchill Is as false as it is in
sul. ing and cowardly. No other man
un the face of tbe earth Is in blB
position to give expert o. iuioo us to j
the time anl eni.nse required to
build a Dreadno 'ght.    Sot even Dr
Blank cn the lanes ol lhe Saskatchewan, who may know something of a
canoe, nor Dr. Pugsley, whose know
le- Ige extents to the triunii-h ol building a sawdust wharf to which even
a German Dreadnought would te unable    to    tie    up.     These    political
limeys should  uttend to  their  pi.ls  al ,„,1'st >0il)00 lu Monthly accounl
and leave Btatesmanau p alone
Neither shame nor patriotism no.-
H-.l-respeet prevents these men from
bringing contempt, eud niicule on
the whole of Cemda. This \ uestien
of sharing in the protection of the
Empire ls more than lifty years old.
'lhe Canadian who hesitates to aid
in lhe strength o. the navy «nd refuses to contribute to its support is
beyend the pale of human rea.oa aud
should be refused cemmon cieLeu
From Credit to Cash
Caan or credit, which? That is the
subject. If any maa asked bin-sel.
tbe question, Cash or Credit., Whi.h'
what would thc answer be? Would
you rather do a credit bu_inL_s, or
would you rather do a cash business?
'ibat presents a com.110.11 proposition
a httle di.'n-re.itly from what many
ol us think of It or about it. 'lhe
answer is that any de.ilcr, if he COJld
reduced its charge basin-as to abuut
The change lt»pro ed thi! business
and pro ed forcefully to the Imer
chants that if a mah is aiming to
do a 1 »rgo buslnoss on a email -.ap
ita., be .....st do it lor c.ish, particularly it the bus.ties.-, .s don. oa mod
[um-priced articles. The owner of
su.h a business will tind that instea.l
oi ble cost oi doing business tiiuouu
ting to id per cent., it will drop to
as much as _S per cent., or relatively lower, for if he can now do business for its per cent., the lOitwoul-
be J p t c.nt. on a c&$h b..sis. In
other words, tbey ha.e successful!,
pro ed that >ou can do business on a
closer mar,m (or Cash than for cred
it.—The Commercial.
Air Supremacy
Although the German military au
Ihorltiea preserve a discreet r*. thence
tn regard to their actual aerial pro
do aa much business for cash, would gramme, httle bits of information
prefer to have his business on tbat leak through from time to time mio
basis. the German press, which when piec.o
Almost everybody who is doing a ed together, enable one to form u
credit business, E.ays, "My condition rou=h idea 0; the gen.ral p.an. ihe
or my location, or my grade ul ar- general outlin.- of t~Q Gorman rCltm,.
tides, compels me to do credit bust- for a continuous chain oi aerial sra
ness; I could not do business for tions all round the lrontier is 'airly
cash. I believe iu giving credit be- well known, but what is not .0 well
cause 1 fe.;l that I sell people more known is the fact -.hat the oreetlun
merchandise, Tbe women, who do of th<.ai stations has be^un on that
the buying, buy easier, and tbe head part ol the frontier near-st -o iti.
uf the house is good, and he has to Hritisb co .at, _nd ch .t -.here ..Irtaiy
settle  the   bills." | exists in part a squadron of airship
These dealers think they can sell which is known officially in German.,
more goods, but we do not know as the "North Sea Fleet."
that tbey maco the claim that ihey Zeppelins have already been na
can sell them (uster. The dealer who tioued at Hamburg and Ouxluven
gives credit hus various excuses cn tue North Sea; sheds for Uo
winch mako you believe tout he couid tnore ure bel^8 erected on the island
not change over. Thore is the mun ot Heligoland, and in mictions were
who says, **I do a caBh business," •_-*•*•_ a few weeks ago for the erect
and then there is the man who bas t:on of a new fljing station at Kiel,
anywhere  from $5,000  to $25,000 on  the   German   naval  stat on  on   th.
may characterize  the, average   Grit  his books, and without expressing his Baltic.    Wel, however, is only dl.-
n-wauipcr.    What, object c n n news   great doalre to do so, thinks, as 1   iued from the North Sea by the nar-
papor  BiibBorve  that  never yl cu itn   |mvo juat said, that be cant change   ™w Iucjj.,^f [and^which is cut by the
readers  eveu   as  a   matt r
tho    Hobor   aud    carefully
Of    QOWB,
pr pared
words ol tho Leading men whn are
responsible for the uiiiiy aud nn y.
Indeed tne readers of such 1 ap rs
that conceal the most Import an -
matter from th \m may be pitied.
One loo-CS In vain through tho pa.Os
of any of the Liberal papers in Cannda to find tho (act that Germany la
over. But a cash business helps Kaiser WUhelm Caiiil, and in the of
llrsi, in setting claims because the ttdal notice oi the erection of th.
goods are paid (or and the customer   Kiel   filing   station   It   was   stat d
duct, not return them without comment or criticiEm. It also maces it
possi le to do hm -im: n a- u much
tower cost.
Lot ub consider some oi the items
preparing for fi great struggle th it 0| expense Involved In (Ung a credit
France is adding mllllcns to b r at- business. If a bill is sent out ton
my total. Theso numerous Ure id- times under a two cent stamp, anl
noughts built In Germany ha4 only counting the cost of running the bus-
one poaslblo object. Yet there Is no incur,, the expenditure for the mater-
pmergency according to these blatant ini used, such as stationery and la-
demagogues. How utterly unscrupul-i   .,.,   t ,a.s up the n.t pio.it on the
We are both the oldest, and the
youngest, high grade garment
makers in the Dominion.
The oldest in business age.
The youngest in real enthusiasm, in creative
genius, in thc ability to reflect the spirit ot
youth in all our garments.
Let  ui  show  you  thc   new   spring  styles.
%,    Jj
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, B. C.
thnt thc airship stationed h.re woaie.
"cooperate in thc scouting work ol
the Nortli Sea Fleet."
The .uilel 11; capacity ol the Zeppelin works at Kiiulshal n is el ht air
ships per ye.ir, to that, allowing on
ly one airship at Kiel, it can be es
timate.1 that by the end ot th.s year
Germany will have a regular No.th
Sta Fleet ol at last live tattla-
Although it will prol;nbly be a cue.
ol locking the stable door atter   the
horse has   hern   stol:n,   tbe   British
Gov^rnra.nt ought to tike immediate
steps lo prevent any   further rn n
neuncctl  end unauthorized visits   ol
foreign ai -ships   o o ir sl-o-os, write
the   military   ce.m-srondent  ol   'lh
London    Stanela-d.     We   shull,     o
courso, le str.ctly within oiriih.s In
iron biting su. I.    trips.     Inde -.1,    1
should say that wc ihould be j isti-
und r int rnationil   l.w   ln tr atin
airsbi Dl which eou.e to us steulthil.,
in lhe nl bt a. the German airship
have .Ion", as boattlo   nvading cr.-'ft.
Action ought to ha.e ii cn   a en la
y.*ar after the BhoerO ss incident   by
now, .t Is q :i.e li e-ly that the ex-
perinvntnl  Jou n >s t at lave be n
mad", have .1. n thi U.rmau airmen
all   the   efll trial   information   tbat
they require.
As lb- St; n.lar.l has repeated over
t n'l over agiin, this country Is hopelessly hehl.nl ita rivals In ull tb.t
roncern.4 tho development of military
aer.inaut.es. For practical purpoeee
we do not dup-s n e|r force; a -
erythlng Ih laclclng—materia, per
Bonncl, even tbi fram-vor of an or
. ani fttlon. if war bro c out to
morrow we eould ma' e no reply; we
could rot put up even the most fee
l.le define- a.'n »xt the attack of at.
eirmv s air Hoot. '11..t In a fa,-i
wh ch on ht lo rivet puhl c i.t'.cn
tion. ind give Inti). to a movomnm
nl pub] c opinion whloh shun comTol
the (Jo ernm .r  to do tho'r duty.
Thfl qUoflttOa Ot what ought to he
<loue |ihu al''" hoon dlecufl.od 'n 'h e-
OOlumni, Flret of nil, we want a
[ollcy. Up to now the Co.-ninru nt
has donfl not'"nt* out eg .hn ■ li.tie
question, spending an lillle money an
pOflllblfl, but ma'llui' a show Just to
keep Ihe people quiet. The public
ought now to .l'-nwiii I that tho needs
—tho   full    needs   ol   tbe   situation
shall bc ".tnted by the technical ad
vines of the Admiralty and the War
Office, and that at whatever cost
thoso needs shall be supplied.
The Government and tbelr apo'o-
glBts often put Ion.aid as an excua.
for the neglect which has left us
without any aerial defence the i-ba
that we ought to wait anil watch developments in the matter of aircraft,
so thit ,ve may he able to ta e ad*
-.antaire ot the experimental wore
that is bilng done In foreign coun
tries. That policy, wc are told, was
most successful y feilloweil in tho ess,:
of submarine vessels. The caseH c n
not bc comparud. The cases ctnno.
be compared. Franco wns the only
nation ,o tike up the 8UI mar ne, antl
we followed her example long uelor.t
.In had de-eloped a really elllci.u.
type oi vessel or secured any danger*
ous advantage over us.
Tho situation ls altogether dlflerent
in regard to aircraft. We have tbo
ovldenoe of our own eyes to tell us
that e.ermany has dev loped a type
of airship which poueases i-.i.n..rka.,le
clllclc.tcy. We kno.v whn this v.-ss I
c n tlo that ii can c me over to tins
oountry in practically any weather
.luring tho hours ol darkness a sol
utely uiH-ercei.oe!*. that It can man
eicu. re as It luo is e.ver t o towns
uud forts and dockyards which cou
stltute the .Hal or. ans ol our dcf.'U-
■t.e artangementfl; and that it can
oil t fatal in ..ry ... those organs.
Official statlsllcH tell us that Germany IH'Ssessi's ii large lleet ol such
shi, s, and that It Is bolng imp.o'i'tl
and otrongtheuod every .lay.
In these circumstances, in tho face
.a this peril, it is mere (oily to ad-
vooate a waiting po.i >- Sven though
the de.elopm.nl ol the neio.U.ie
may render the a i-siup upeKsB a., a.,
instrument of warfare—and there ib
no proctl yet tint it will—wo c nnoi
afford to watt. Wo ...list havo airships to ..net the Germ, u . e,ip. lius
just as we must l.ave Dreadnoughts
to meei tho Gemma Dreadnoughts,
and the stgndard ol strength lu tho
one case must be tho same as in the
wti.1st _ 11 England .= diBcu-sia, tb.
newfound peril of our liability to
attac*. by foreign airships, ond tbe
tirBt instinct of eh- nation Ib to do-
.ise some m.-. n» dt defence, we ar."
lixely to o.er.ooa tho fact that Bn0
land is much ..etter able to plan a
system of attack, and that, It the
new science of aeiial warfare were o,
fered to our own Hying men, we
could ma e our Bhores as immune
from invasion by airships as an ud<-
qtate army and navy coulu make
tnem safe by land and sea. Such Is
the Oainion of colonel j. L. b. Tem-
pler, who was for many years adviser in ballooning to the Go ernment
and superintendent of the balicon
lactory at Aldershot, and elurlug an
inter.icw with a Len on Standaiu
rcpresen .atlve, he made It clear tbat
if we bad the money we si.ould s„on
nave tno m_ and the airships too.
"It must be remembered tbat nearly all tne great military authore and
critics agree that the Met way to do-
fend is to attac, and tbls law applies," said Col.nel Templor, "wltb
great force to the , roblem of aerial
.var.are. England is much better
placed for carrying out an aerial at
ta.k t. an tor conducting a defence,
and, if you ask me why, I refer to
one great meteoragical lact—an in
controvertible fa.t ..eyond human
power to alter. It is this, that th.
prevailing wind over England, and,
in higher latitudes, ove. Kuiope as
well, is westerly or south-westerly, i
have not got the eiaot figures by
me, but I am not tar out in sayln.,
that on 300 days out ot the 3.5 tho
air currents would favor a British
air.hip travelling to the Continent.,
and wou.d be hoatile to any air cratt
attacking us.
"But this is not all. Any hostile
airship coming from Europe to Eng-
.aud, e.cn nn a fa.cable day witb
the wind in its favor, has got vo
turn round and go back. Turning
u.. against tbo wind is still tbe most
difficult evolution and the greatest
problem in ua -'Sting dirigibles; but
a Continental ai.shi,. hai got to iac.
it, for, if it should sail >.*,L across
the Brl ish Isl.s, there Is no.htng .....
tbe Atlantic waiting for it on tbe
otber side.—Dai.y colonist.
Churchill'sNaval Policy
(Continued From Last Wesk)
"There ls no more valua.de princi
pie than Imperial federation and iu
ter-dominion action. Wo cannot con
trol theso developments.    Eacb dom
nlon is absolutely free to take its
own couree. The admiralty wl 1 do
its beet to work loyally witb tbe responsible ministers of any govern
ment that may come into power in
uny part of the empire, ibat Is our
duty. But it Is also our duty, witb
our knowledge and experience In nav
al matters, to state clearly what we
believe to be the right io n 1 plan for
theso important developments to
combine as far as possible wbat Is
beet tor all."
Mr Churchill next routed out tbat
he had offered ln 1911 to build no
British capital ship this year If Germany built none. This had not borne
fruit, Germany had already emotion
ed the ships of  1913.
"But every event," added the Bret
lord, "brings its consequences with
It. Canada has rom1. forward, the
wealthy protecto-a-e of the Malty
states has como forward, the cumin
Ions of Australia and New yoiland
are already acting, and South Africa
Is on the move. A eu°tnin.d Impetus han nren given to the onlnion- nl
millions of mon, nnd great communities, spread acro's the face of the
earth, havo born nctuated by B common Impulse. The results, as far
an one cnn foresee tbem, nre that
nne capital ships wlll he constructed
on behalf of the empire in ths yonr
1913. That year le solid; tbere can
be no going back.   But tako the year
of 1914. I have no renson to believe
that it is the desire ol the Gorman
government to postpone or cancel
tbelr program for thnt year, but lf
so, they have only to mnko It known.
No ono builds dren noughts for fun,
nnd I can see no reason for not nr-
rlving at a complete agreement for
1H14, not only on I ehnlf of tho British government, hut ou behalf of tho
British Empire. The programs of
Franco, Russia, Austria and It.ly
must bo considered, Imt 1 sue no lu
superable difficulty in tbat. The influence of Britain ond German; noting together for police would bo price
less, measureless, i um convinced
I hit tho proaont dreary epoch must
Bonner or later bo terminated, and
one of the most stupid chapters in
tho whole history ot Hiiioiuaii civilization be brought to a tioBu."
Discussing the oblection tbat in
proportion  an  lliitisb superiority   In
dreadnoughts passoe awoy Britain
w '1 havo exchanged a general super
lorlty   of   two   I,,   ODO  f..."  a   droad-
nought ratio ol 10 to in, Mr. Ohuro
hill s Id lhat be Ind In' en full eon
Btdoratlon of ih- ohoolrsoonoe of pro
droadnoughts in relat on to Qern-an
new construction,   The programs ng
i't-eg..l..   115 to   H, giving a I'atlo ol
is to io, but the introduction of ou-
pet- dreadnoughts must be oon-,ldorod,
Thus,  lu    UIO  Ihe position would  he
ti British superdreadnougbts to Oor
ninny's 24- or iiiitain 41. dreadnoughts, counting the Malay and
Canadian ships, liven then the situ
eriorily In pre dtea.lnou tits would
m.t  ilecrease.
Dealing wilh i-chnical matters, Mr.
Church 11 onro'ncod that Instead nl
building as in 1912 mo battle ernm
■r anl three battloBhtPfl he had deed
'hit nil four shi is md thc Mai yan
hip vo id be of tho n-w tyt.e, bi
Ita', il re cute I with the Canadian
nlill s. there .void bo a homogeneous
squadron of eight vessels wi.hout
e:iual in the world. This was not,
however, the time to t t'e abo t the
five battleships projected for 1913,
development oi naval power must not
he stereotyped. Mr. Churchill was
convinced that the difficulties of oil
iiel would be overcome. He r ferrol
to the aviaton ]rovisions, dwelling
upon the excellence ol the British hydro-aeroplanes and affirmed that tbe
time bad arrived to pro.ide long
range airships of the largest type. He
proposed to tnlist the service of
some great manufacturing firm in the
construction ol rigid airships. Meanwhile he trusted there would be no
silly panic. If war bro'te out tomorrow, he said, lt . odd he .oo'.ish to
suppose that airships could decisively
Influence the general course 6". events.
He announced that the admiralty
had arranged to lend to first class
Btitish liners guns, am un ion anl
train.d gunners to tnable them to
protect commerce agaiiut armed foreign merchant steamers in time of
war. He deplored the delay in sanctioning the Ma'coni contract. He
described at length tho reorganization which greatly added to the
strength of battle sqtadrons, also
tho reoreatii atlon of armored cruiser squadrons, gradually strengthen-
ng that stationed in tbe Mediterranean. In all, there would be 700 war
vessels of all kinds which Britain
could mobilize tomorrow. The service and training afloat of eve.y
man would be at the very least twice
as great as ln any other navy ln tbe
Mr. Churchill concluded by desiring
to explicitly repudiate the suggestion
that Britain could ever afford to allow another naval power to approach
bo nearly as to be able to restrict her
political action by purely naval pressure. Sucb a situation would unquestionably lead to war. A small
margin of safety would involve a
strain on officers and men wbicb
would be intolerable. "It would
mean," be said, "that Brit ln. instead of being free and independent
to intervene in European affairs, doing the beet we can for all, would be
forced into a series of questionable
entonglements and committed to acton of tbe graveet character In fulfillment of a bnr.-a n n-ccsBitated hy
our naval weakness. Ie there nny
smnll nation in Europe, any  young
oni    ... 0   mall
tain Independence, who would not
hear with rc.'olring of any rein ores-
ment of the British fleet? Is there
any grent power, which, during these
anxious months ol tension mi dins
or, has not hern than fui that th.
Influence of Britain ln the European
concert is a reality and not a shadow, and that Bhe bad he n free and
strong to work for that gen r .1
peace, precious alike to al and precious most of all, to ub?"
Firearms Licence Fees
All residents of the Pro ince ot
British Columhla who wish to err,
firearms, to trap, or act as guides,
must first obtain a licence.
The following are the fees which
will be charged:—
Ordinary Licence, J2.50.—This licence permits the holi'er 11 hunt ir.'e
and deor, (hut not mnoee, wapiti,
and caribou).
General Licence, 15.—This llconc.
permits tbo holdor to hunt birds . nl
all big game.
Special Licence, 310.—This licence
permits th* holder to hunt blrde, all
big nunc, and nlso to trap.
Guide Licence, K—This licence on
ly allows the holder to act as a
All Licences are issued subject '»
tbo pro. Islnns of the "Game Act,"
and expire un March Slot of each
Farmers must have licences. The
"Ordinary Licence" will, howo or, be
issued to tbem free ol charge, but |
only hoi-Is good on the land on
which they reside, a description of
which must bo on the back of tbo
Prospectors must have licences.
The "Ordinary Licence" will, however, he issued to lh in free of charge,
but only to hold good during the open season and while they aro actually prospecting.
| Indians are exempt from all licences.
Tho Canadian Militia are exempt
whllo on duty.
Licences cnn he obtnlnod trom the
Proviuoial Game Warden, any Deputy Gnmo Warden or Go'.eminent
Agont, or other per o is hereafter au-
thori'/.'d to Issue samo.
Any resident can obtain a licence
| by  sending  the u Ternary  (eo,  which
' must ho uccampunlcd hy p>oof ot his
helng i. resident, (e'ualiflcntion Is,
being actually domiciled and in actual resldenco In the Province for
six mouths),
| Fartiiei-s applying by letter, give
the number ol ncres and n description of their Innd,
; Prospectors applying by letter
must glvo the number of their miner's  liconco,  dnto ol  Issue,  and by
I whom Issued.
|    Licences will not he issued to boys
: under ir, yo .rs of ago unless at th*
roquost ol u pari n. or guardian, who
iiiiuit undertake that th i toy wtll only carry firearms under hie supervision or that of somo responsible licence holdor.
Pump or Repenting Shot-guns,—
The use of automatic guns la entirely
I prohibited. Pump or repeating guns
must not have magazines capable Ol
boldin ' more ih; n one cartridge.
I   lit-limps.—It   is   illegal   for   any
! person to have ln his possession
biiidl i*hiu and firearms between one
hour niter sunset and one hour before Bunrlso.
Do b.—lt is unlawful o nl'ov dogs
to run deer at any time or to hunt
birds between April 15th and August
I    Prohlbl'lon of shooting ln Vicinity
! or Vancouver i nd Victoria.—Further
limitation of .-h otlng on salt-water
in the vlcln;ty of Van'otiver and Victoria have been made. See "Game
Act' or in. aire for particulars.
Provincial Game Warden.
Forest Protection
Tho problem ot preventing and
fighting forest fires iB cn* that Bhould
personally interest every citizen of
B.C., and yet it is amazinr—tbe indifference with which most people
treat it. A large torest fire, in a
heavily timbered province Uke British Columbia, when lt gets thoroughly under way is an evil beyond human rower to subdue. The only
practical solution of the problem
then is to prevent fires altogether or
provide means of checking them and
getting them under control in the
earlier stages.
To follow this plan one must make
provision for two things, vis: a certain and rapid means of communication, and B ready mesne of access to
any part endangered. Over tbe greater i art ot British Columbia neither
of these essentials is at band. As a
means of rapid communication the
telephone is obviously the most desirable, considered from the standpoint of usefulness and cost of construction and maintenance. For
woods work a (.Ingle wire (ground circuit) strung on trees has proven very
satisfactory, and may be constructed
at a remarkably low figure considering the protection afforded.
In the Nation il Forests of the Western States such lines bave been
built at a cost per mile, varying
from $30. to J80., depending on tho
accessibility of the country through
which they run. Branching trom
trunk lines, as mentioned above,
there may be built cheap, temporary
lines to "lookout po'nts" and logging camps.
A system of telephone linos tbue
constructed Ib certainly . tremendous
aid In the preventi n of large torest
tires, but at the same time must bo
accompanied by a system   ol  good
roads or pack trails, Tho best tbat
ran be done with the telephone is to
report all fires discovered, while they
aro still at a stage where they can
be controlled, hut this ls useless unless the means are nt hand to transport men and tools quickly to such
fires or in other words, unless a net
. ork of permanent trails is provided, whlcb wlll give ready access to
all parts of the country.
According to the nnnual report just
Issued, it Ib tbe Intention of tbo Provincial Forest Branch to gradually
construct telephone lines and pack
trails wbere they are most needed
throughout the Province, and in this
wny add to thc protection ot an asset that yields two and a half million dollars and one-quarter of tbo
public revenue eacb year,
Telephcuo line construction ls a
wonderfully cheap form of Insurance.
Wl h the greatest asset of ths country at stake, tbe butldli g of these
telephone lines should bo urged
In every quarter. A step in this direction is now being taken by fie Provincial Forestry Department, which
Is at present advertising for materials preliminary to the establishment
of the ttrst telephone service in connection with forest protection of
which Brltleh Columbia bas had direct experience.
Increase jn Materials
Canada shares in the remarkable increase in the use of all building material which has been one of tho chief
characteristics of the past quarter
century. According to the Commercial Review, whereas in 1894, we had
imports of cement of 93,473 barrels
—lees tban one-fiftieth barrel por capita; and of all classes of stool the
consumption waa 101,470 tons, a
trifle over one-fiftieth ton por capita; tho wood coneumptlon was something 'over 3,115,000,000 board feot,
or about 3650 (eet per capita,
In 1911 the consumption of cement
was 5,726,181 barrels, almost seven-
tenths barrels per capita, and ot
steel the consumption was 878,091
tons or one-tenth tons per capita.
Thc figures on timber used in 1911
will certainly be found to exceed
those of 1910, wben there was consumed well over five billion feet of
timber, which would give, with a
population ol eight millions of people, a per capita consumption ot 635
feet or more—almost equal to the
figure in 1899. Thle loaves out of
consideration entirely, the rapidly
growing pulp Industry, which had a
value of about ten millions in 1910.
Pulp is gradually taking the place of
lumber in many forms ol interior dn
iBblng and box manufacture.
To sum up: We use just as much
wood as ever we did, and in addition
we have brought Into service seven
times the cement per capita, and five
times tbe steel ws used in 1891. ...
"Wltb tbe forests of British Columbia opening up as tbey are, lt is difficult to estimate tbe great probable
Increase in tho amount ot timber ueed
in Canada," says the "Review."
"While the industry is capable ot an
expansion of five times Its present
bulk without gmpairlng the wood capital, one rather shrinks from the
thought of what condition forest
fires, it tbey once got .headway, might
leave. Canada has an estimated
growth por acre af 150 board feet
and a cut ot 135 board feet, but tho
fire loss in 515 board feet. Tbo terrible disproportion between tbe amount grown and tho amount removed
every year ls something which must
bo overcome it Canada ls to maintain
her place ln the fore of the timber-
producing nations.
"There may be soms excuse lor tbe
uss of an ever-increasing absolute amount of timber—jump ot fifteen fold
in tho last half century—or even a
slightly increased use per capita along
with enormous la-rease ln the uss
of otber structural materials, but
there Is no excuse for the waste
which we allow to occur annually,
making us poorer ln tbe piosent, and
crippling the prosperity of generations yet to como."
Wonderful Ncrrotu Syal-tm
Tht nervei control all Actions of tbe body to tint aaf-
thlur tlittt ueliiiittUi ibein will w«ukeo Ul org-Bf of
tbs system. Etulr IndiKratiMS atiU Exmmm ban
ruined thousands of promf-ln-* young men. Unnatural
DralasMp tuvir rigor and vlt...;ty and lliey uever develop
to a proper condition of it.an.iood. They remiitu weak*
lln;.»* mi'iiinlly, |,hyn.ei.Uy And Mxuulty. How tem teel7
Aro yuu nerroui and wralt, desponrieot and gloomy,
tijiocUs before the eyes with dark circles under tbem.
weak 1>ack, kidneys Irritable, pal; lta;lon of the heart,
undiful, debilitating dreams, suuimeut In urine, pimples
on Uio face, eyes sunken, hollow clieelis, careworn ex-
preulon, poor memory, lifeless, d li.truutful, lack energy
nnd strength, tired mornings, restless nights, change*
ublo moods, premature decay, bone pains, balr loose, etc.
TUsUUwcMdtUMMw New Method Treatnte*! Is
We have treated Diseases of Men for almost a lifetime and do not bave to experlmeut. Consult us
end wa wttl tell you whether you are curable or nol.
Wo guarantee curable cases ol
Free Booklet em Diseases of Men. If unable to sail
■-.tite for
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.,   Detroit, Mich.
All letters from Cnnada must be n.l.lrcss«1
to our Canadian Correspondence Depart-
ment in Wimlsor, Out.   If yuu desire to
..re ni personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit ss wc see an.l treat
no patient. In our Windsor offices which ure lor Correspondence ami
Laboratory for Canadian business only.   Address sit letters as fellows:
Write for our private sddrSM. 	 THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
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Meeti regularly on the First Friday j
evening ol eacb montb.
Information   on   Poultry   matters
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Public Schools
Sumnftry of Attondanco
For March. 1913
44   4    (.
J. L. Cranston
G. F. Dexter . .
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Mitt Btohtel . .
Mils Suttaby . .
Mln Richards ..
Miss Hlacockt ..
8.  Miss Cartwright 33
Mlos Faulkner
Miss  Macdonald
11.  Mias Rothnle
416 334.19
He 48
Dlv 9, (Mies Faulkner, toncher),
wins tho Nelson Shield tor hlgheot
percentage ol attendance.
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Hugh Hannah
Gertrude Hopkins
Margaret Lacy
Russell Leask
Barry MacDonnl.1
Pearl Pratt
David Reekie
Donald Dallas
Everett Williams
Ella McGoldrlc
Joseph Swain
Norman Beech
N'orvel Caslake
Arthur Gill
Gabrella Hamilton
Sam Watson
Stanley Fyles
Margaret McLaurin
Gordon Armstrong
Vera Baxter
Stanley Blower
Thomas Hoggarth
Eneas Hoggarth
Vera Lister
Mou On
Moon San
Kitty Rosindale
Gilbert Simmons
Gerald Bartlam
Bennie Blaynoy
Harold Dow
Dorothy Davis
Sibyl Macdonald
Roland McLean
Margaret Parr
Bernice Pratt
Ernest South
Raymond StEloi
Hector Donaldson
Jack Kirkland
Samuel Hayakawa
George Coleman
John Drew
Jean Donaldson
Jack Murdoch
Him Hing
Ruby Lister
Edna Freek
Ernest South
Hugh Wlllard
Dorothy Davis
Sibyl Macdonald
Jimmie McOinnls
Don Ewin
Walter Freek
Gerald Bartbam
Harold Dnw
Douglas Russell
Dorothy Dufortb
Helen McGoldricks
Helen Brcmmcn
Eva Cawallader
Stanley Kenil.all
Walter Lee
Norma Wnlllng.ii-
Promoted to Senior First.
James McLnuchlan
Norman Beech
Ruth Simpson
Faith Ewin
Maude Malcolm
Louise Kclsey
Freddy Brlggs
Dudley Stone
John Moore
Hum Watson
Stanley Moflut
Margaret McLaurin
Gabrella Hamilton.
Lenore Hill
Jackie Moffat
Kathleen Atchison   -
Arthur GUI
Fayo Dow
Alice Brake
Margaret Carr
Stanley Fyles
Lenore Llttlo
Ethel Clapp .
Nettle Johnson
Ivan Bruch
Cburlcs MnsH.'i-
Roderick Kennedy
Wilms Parks
James Kembnll
Elizabeth Chapman
Howard Brogan.
No. on   Per Cent Order ol
Sr. IV.
Jr. IV.
. 14
. 12
.   7
. 18
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the North
weat Territories and In a portion ol
tbs Province of British Columbia,
may be leased [or a term of twenty-
one yonrs at an animal rental ot |1
an acre. Not more than 2,660 acres
wlll be leased to one applicant.
Application lor a lenso must bl
made hy the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which tho rights npplied for
nre situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and iu unsur
veyod territory tlm tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee ot }*. which will be
refunded il tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents por ton.
Tbe person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agont with sworn returns
accounting for tho full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon. It the coal mining
rights are not being oporuted, sucb
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights mny be considered necessary for the working of
tbe mine nt the rate of 310.0(1 an acre
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agont ol
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ot tbo Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4th-tt
tho intention of the undersigned to
apply to the Lieutenant Governor in
Council for approval of tbelr proposed undertakings .ind works in con
neotlon ..'ith Water License No. 1688,
dated the 21st day of June, 1910, for
ono cubic foot of wnter per second
from Silver Spring Lake, nml in connection with Water License No. 15:14,
dated the 21st day ot June, 1910, for
two cubic foot of water per second
Irom Silver Spring Lnke. The inups
nnd plans ol the proposed undertakings nud works are now on tile
and opoti for public inspection nt tbe
ollicc of tbe Water Commissioners nt
tbe Government Building in tho City
of Crnnbrook nnd .it the ofllce ot the
Comptroller of Wuter Rights at the
Parliament Buildings in Victoria,
and objections to the approval of tbe
i;nid proposed undertakings and work
may be llled at tlio .'dice of tbe Provincial Secretary In Victoria within
twenty dnys nfter the snid date of
Dated this Usui day of February,
The Elko Wnter. Light. _ Power
I0-CI Company, Limited.
TAKE NOTIOB that thirty days
nftco date' 1 luteii.1 to upply to the
Minister of lnnds for n licence to
proi-noct for conl nnd petroleum or.
the following dosorltod lnnds in the
District of South East Kootenny;—
COMMENCING at n lost placed at
or pent 3 miles enst of tho C.P.R.
survey line nt the 32-milo rost,
Block 4593, Kcolcnay Dlatrlct thence
80 chnins west; thenco 80 chains
tlorth; thenco 80 chains enst, thence
80 cbalna south to place of coimr.ence*
Located Feb.   28, 1913.
Dated this 15th day of Mnrch, 1913.
12-5t J. Livington, Agent.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by thc Minister of Lnnds not later
than noon on the 3rd duy of March
1913, for the purchase ot Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 rnilway ties, 16,000 cednr polos
on Lot No. 274, Group 1. Kootenny
Diatrict, near Crcston.
Particulars   of Chief Foroster, Victoria, B.O, 49-13t
TAKE. NOTICE that thirty days
after date, I intend to apply to thc
Minister of lands for a liconcc to
prosce-t for coal and petroleum on
tho following described' lands in the
Distrltt cf South East Kootonny:—
COMMENCING at ft P.»t placed at
or near one mile east of, the 8. B.
corner of Lot 10084, Block 4593,
Kootenay District; thence 80 c.inins
east; thence 80 chains nortli;, tbence
80 chains west; thence 80 chains south
to place of commencement.
Located Feb. 22nd,   1913.
Dated this 15th day of March,  1913.
12-51 J. Livingston, Agent.
TAKE NO'i'ICE that thirty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of lands for a licence to
prospc-t for coal and petre.'.euni on
thc following described lands in the
District of South Enst Kootenny:-
COMMENCING at a post placed at
or near one mile cast of, the S. E.
corner ot Lot 10084, Block 4693,
Kootenay District; thence 80 c.iiint.
south; thence 80 chains east; tbence
80 chains north; thence 80 chains west
to place of commencement.
Located Fob. 22nd,   1913.
Dated this   15th day of March, 1913.
SEALED TENDERS will he received
by the Minister nf Lands not later.
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for tho purchnse of Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,520,000 feet B.M.,
45,000 railway-tips, 4,600 cedar poles
on Lots 3877, 3878, Group 1, Kootenay District, near Creston.
Pnrticulars   of Chief Forester, Vic-'
torla, B.C. 49-13t'
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, tor tho purchnse of Licence No.
X12 to cut 6,440,000 feet B.M.,
10,600 railway-ties, 8,500 cedar poles
on Lot 491, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
I Particulars of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-lSt
SEALED TENDERS will he received by thc Minister of Lnnds not later
tl.nintioe.il on the 13th day ot May,
1913, for the purchaRc of Licence No,
X34 to cut 7,198,217 feet of timber
186,897 railway-ties, 448,291 mine-
props, 86C cedar poles, and 2,721
posts on lands within Lot 4691,
Group 1, Kootenay, near Moyie Lake,
Three years will be allowed for tbe
removal of this timber. Particulars
of Chief Forester.  Victoria,  B.C.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by tbo Minister of Lands not Inter j
than noon on the 3rd dny of March
1913, lor the purchase of Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,160,000 feet B.M., and
CM cedar poles on Lot 281, Group 1, j
Kootenny District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will ht recelv-1
cd by thc Minister of Lands not Inter I
than noon on the 13th dny of May,
1913, for the purchase ol tbo timber
in a flume 9,640 feet in length, situate on lands within Lot 4591, Group
1, Kootenny, near Moylo Lnke, Throe!
years will he ..Unwed for removing
this timber. Particulars of Chief Forester, Vlctorln, II. (' 12-9t
(Section 48)
on the 16th dny of April next, application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
trnnsfer of the licence for the sale
of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as the "Tourist Hotel." sltunte at Bull River, British
Columbia, from James Bates of Bull
River, British Columbia, to John
McTavlsh of Crnnbrook, British Columbia.
DATED this 13th day of Mnrch,
Holder ot Licence,
Applicant tor Transfer.
nppllratlon wlll he made tn the Llo*
| encc Commissioners for lhe City ol
' C'rsnl.rook,   nt   their   nctt   meeting,
held thirty days horonltcr, tor >.
! transfer of the hotel lie nice held hy
A. D. Cnineron lor lho Conmoiolltmi
'Hotel, situate on l.ot 26, ntrl lho
; wrst fourteen feet ol lot 27, In Block
| 90, Plot! 66!l, Crnnbrook, II. 0., t'
| Joseph F. Oampbell and John Arm-
I our of Cranbrook, B. C.
i    Dated   nt   Cranbrook,    B.C.,    this
20th day of Mnrch,   1919.
During the past few mouths tbe
Live Btock Brunch of the Dominion
Department of Agriculture hns been
in receipt of numerous Inquiries ae
to where it might bo possible to pui
chase either Angara or Milch gnats.
It would appear tlmt in many |mrtn
of the Dominion the demand for
these USuful and profitable animals
ia rapidly developing and that tlu.se
who at present have nny surplus
stock can find (i ready sale for them
If a channel of communication between Bupply nnd demand is established. Accordingly iih a means ol
starting a convenient Directory ol
Canadian Breeders of Angora Goats
and Milch Goats, the Live Stock
Cominissioner will he pleased to receive from such breeders Information
regarding their respective flocks cov
ering the following points:—
1. Kind aud number of goats kept
2. Usual number for tale ench year.
3. Approximately the prices nsked
4. If possible, q brief statement re
garding expenses necessary and the
returns which may he expected by
one engaging in raising tins clnss ol
Communications supplying the
above Information, should be ad
dressed to the Live Htock Com mis
sloner, Ottawa, Ont. Such letters do
not require postage.
Garnishee for Wedding
London, Ont.—Bomethlng rather
unusual in the way ot litigation bus
gone through the ninth division
court before Clerk H. Frank Whotter,
a retired clergyman, who resides in
the north end of thc city, has gar*
nisheed $5 of the salary of n young
Scotsman   who   was   employed  as  n
brakeman on the i .anadlsn Pacific
railway. This amo.mt is the ■fe..-
chr.rped for the weddibg of the defen
dnnt las! October. The brakeman,
ir Is allrped was not aware thut he
hnd tn pay and failed to remit as the
clergyman expected. The court pro
ceedings cost %i and this amount was
added to the garnishee, which has
been nerved on the Canadian Pacific
railroad  here
lusr.rirt  ol  Smith-East  Kootenay
TAKE NOTTOB thai John Henr>
Limner of Cranbrook, B.C., occupa
tion laborer, Intends to apply lor
permission to purchase ihn follow
Ing described hinds---
Commencing »t a post planted at
the Mouth-west corner ol Lot 9637.
Group 1, Kootenny District, thence
west 2il chains, thence north 40
chains, thence eaBt 2U chains, thence
south Pi chnins to tbe point of
commencement and containing ■*"
acres more or less
Dated  March 28th.   1913. 14-9t
District of South-pest Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that 1, Thomas
Christian, contractor, intend tnuty
days after dute to apply to the Mln
ister of Lands for permission to pur
chase the following described land -
Commencing at h post planted on
the Mast brink of the Moyle river.
near the southeast corner of lOl
10106, thence east 20 chains; thence
south 40 chains; tbence west 20
chnins. thenco north 40 chains to
point  .,i commencement,
A. H   QRAOE, Witness
Dated, March 29   1913 14 'Jt
ilooderliaii. & Worts, et.ecial
Dawaon'a Old Ourtio
B. O.  Distillery  On., •pedal  r.ierv.
Dawson .. H,.re Llquau.
Oorhy'e Special -elect
l.awaon'n Special
I'ow.ir'e. Special
King George I\
•4'i'iikll'iK Burgundy   Pouiniery
Dlack at  White
Mumm'a Extra l.rv    White Sei
White Hoisti falquour
White ll.™ ('dim
Tlppo Ctilant"
(lien Arthur
Italian flriipi...
S[ifly Ruyttl
(.'refit.. Blancn
Distillers 1 .leiueeir
Family Ordera
Promptly filled
A  Full Iain* ot other Choke Br..n_ ol
Winea. Spirit- rnel Ll-
quettre.   -'ignis and Bar Glasses.
Phone 95—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box 8
Cranbrook, H.C.
___l__________j_______ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
rtll   I   I   I   I   !  I   II"   I   rTTTTl
If yuu want your mill connected with a |
perfect Blower System by men who •}
have expert experience, ]
apply to the
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
W. K. Johnson. & Co., P.O.  Box 90-J
WORKS*-Edward Street ■      Oranbrook, B.C.      ;
We Kuarantee to take off any back
pressure on any system already in-       j
stalled.      «.-...•       |
Automobile   will  be  run" [week.)   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa eon
necting with incoming and outnoinj'
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
IllRtrlct  nf Hmith-oftHt  Kootenny.
Take notice tlmt 1, TIlOB, OtiriH-
tlan, contractor of Oranbrook, It. <*.,
Illt.mil thirty ilnyn after il.it • to l.|i*
ply to the MlnlKtoi* ol Ijinilt. lor |.cr-
.illusion to iniMhiiHi Hip following
iii'iicriiii'ii landa; OommonoltiK nt ..
print plnntoil nt the Roiith-_.it corner oi i.oi iniu.',, tiienco Rant ,n
rhnlns, thencr Houth 411 chains,
thonco Went 40 ohftldH, thenre
North .11) chnltif. to Moyle Itlver, thence 1(1 chalnn along ml.I river
to point of commencement; contain
in.;   180 acred moro or len
D.ite.1 March ,'ir.l, 1913.
A. n  liinec. Agent.
Huaui   HoiUr,   Kiil'iia.'a,
and Siptic Tank work
a •I'loiall**
Coil antl atoalc •atimana
furnished on application
,    AMraw. P. O. Im !*♦, C.«....rt
Makes Short Work of
l)c.-f*-*.'nU'(l  nn.I  IpptrtOtl)   hOpfllMI Cl li ■ i I
Bolatlca-j LumUfO, Gout, No*_r»l*Ui ami nil ot>i. i
I"* "11 <-f  Itl » II. ;. |, t.i  Rt flfl.'i' to Adl.i  . i  llr...
thoanmtlo Ronrnlj Lllti nn ..n,-. i »f mere) li
hii i*iv--n Inii«ni. oHef to ifni»rorulc_n lulturot ■
[Iflal Uiom rrom Ik-i* «,r..,'...., nml r*.r 88 *■•■..-
hni I-.-.-II t'utiiitt  mon, tromih  uii.) rhlli|r<-n  fin
whom wwto wtetaei no holp Just n row i-jm..
imvooatvdoB m «t from to to to yean dunt	
Antl "'Hi..)' ii ■.',„.,. ..r-rlvallivi ,,*. n nulflk, wif.. i.u-1
itijwlutoly n imi.1." treatment f»i nil uric n-*i.i jjii
mbm, wwih kldnoy_e«to   Ut • dotUr bottlo ot
-tbbott Bro..-* Rhiumatlc Htmsdr
nnl your Mini ut i.tirc-nlnrt MOf cur*> (mlm
Son! prtpold by Abbott Bros., 711 s. DowbomBUi
(Jbtenio. Ill,, it tout druitglHt mm not hants
".Sold By tha
i Cranbrook Drug » Book Co. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
■•' el<M"J  ij   ',v-«*f-7?'(f,,*H|tJ
#,'■ '*- . ^>fe—-^
xc#(iaisv ' .:6|.
' .        . •   ■ ■-•-:      *», > ~''
Scptt's ErnttlsionA*
riaturfe's nourishing)
ciirgtive-food; prompt,
store and permanent. i,
V Raty on SCOTT'S and
Insist on SCOTT'S.
Mr. Pt
Poor Blooming  Driver
it Fltdffo, lhe woll-knovn bu*
Uio j tnorist, Is tolling tin amusing story or
vou two American ladles who boarded oue
She of tlu old horse-omnibuses, und hav-
,ym-  tug Bottled down on Lhe front scat od
hip. proceeded to bombard tito uufor
lunate driver with questions about tlio
places tbey were passing.
Tho driver reached tbe limit of his
patience in Trafalgar Square.
i.ook hero Indies, he oxclnlmed, as
ho started hla horses up tho hill towards Charing Cross Road, that's the
_r_wcouW"STto" lessen I ffion{!n?nlnito NTol?on, on u,° loCti st'
A Marrlaflo of Convenlenco
i    Ono of Mrs. Hugh Fraser's st
relateB to a peasant al  Lesjahu
home of Mrs, Fraser'.-. sister, Prai
1 Rabe,    The man's wife had dlod.
was buriod witb every utark of
palhy, mid nothing was lefl undone to
[comfort the disconsolate widower. On
the evening of the day of the funeral
he presented himself at the house and
asked to see Fran von Rabe, saying
that ho had a favor lo ask. Instantly
ho was ushered in. Fran von Rabe
[begged him to slate his wishes. Was
I there anything
his affliction?
Gracious lady, the truth te, he began,
turning his hat nervously round in his
fingers.     I have come to ask leave to
get married again.     Vou see -
But, good gracious!   exclaimed   his
mistress.    Of course you may when
the time comes.
Yes, but—but I want to marry now,
.tonight, stammered the man,   it is
like this—
: What on earth do you mean? b sped
'his mistress.     Wby, your wife wa_
only buried this morning! Surely you
cannot he serious?
;    Indeed I am, gracious lady! was the
earnest reply. I have spoken to tho
, lady, nnd sjie is willing to many me at
0006, this minute. If only you Will give
jus permission.     It's like this:  How     Corn   :,..„ . il.,,i..1 IiV ,,,., Iiril „r
lamltogo to bed with my tootoon,   tight boots, but   no   one   need   he
-polnl ng to his tlgbl BU ag op bo i i Lr0Ubled with tbom long when so Bin,
tnd I can t pull them oil myself, how-  ,lU, 0 romedy a8 Holloway's Torn Cure
■ ; .     . .     II-1.1-
Martin's Church is 'ero on the right
[Farther on we pass the Qarrlck and
Wyndhnm's, the book entrance to the
Alhnmbra, and the 'Ippodrome; a bit
'igber up, it all goes woll, the Palace;
'further on. we reach the Oxford and
the 'tii'*--,'.-line.      Halfway up Tott'n-
iham Court Hoad, If Providence is good
to us, we shall see Whltefleld's Taher-
naclo, and not much then UU wo get
to tbe Cobdeu statue.    'Igher up still
the Britannia, aud eventually the Ada*
| lalde. whero wo stop and eo no further.
, Aud, with a flick of his whip, this
lis the 'bus, thorn's tho horsos, and I
am the poor blooming driver, and now
you know prettj ulght us much as I
do about it all.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in len when lhe liver is right tbe
stomach and bowels ate right.
gently hul firmly compel a lazy livei to
do it. duty
Cures Con<
Headache, and Distrust after Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine must henr Signature
lever hard I try.     So unless I marry, I (s
who is to pull them off for me.
j   Friend- -Yon are wasting your timo
| painting pictures, old chap.
i    Artist—But at any   rate,   I   always
.manage to sell my pictures.
I    Friend—That proves what I said, u
shows that you could wll any thin
an'1 . why not take up something that's got
i big money in It?
Printer's Ink for a Black Eye
James Gordon Dennett had a way
of appearing In tho composln.
press rooms of the New York Herald
at tho most, unexpected times, and as
his visits o.i en resulted in a general
shako "p o! the working force, of the
paper, they were awaited with fear
and trembling by employees.
On one ot these occasion-, one of   pm<j    flew    Health     through
lho pressmen, an excellent workman |
who had been there under the elder
Bennett, but was sometimes guilty of
a lapse from sobriety, had a macs
eye and was in a quandary as to. what
excuse he Bhould otter if Mr. Dennett
should comment-upon it.    By a su
Clergyman (lately come lo parish)
Your neighbor Smith says „,. serin-
: ibblsb,
Farmer—Ab, ye needn't mind hlra,
irj he's merely a mouthpiece fot other
Mr. J. L. Toole had a groat antl*
put liy to street music of any Kind.
About this there is a story told of him.
Tho waits, one Christinas .votiing,
played under hu windowb, greatly to
his anuoyanoe, and on tho next day
they paid him a visit.
We played under your window last
aigbt, Bald the spokesman ot Che party
when they were showu Into hiH presence.
Well, and what do you want? quoth
the comedian,
w.mo come for our little gratuity,
Come for a gratuity liavo you? ex*
claimed Mr. Toole. Bless me I 1
(.bought you had como to apologise,
Getting 'em for the Kernel
Some Ume back a certain colonel*!
gardener was going through the woods
belonging to his employer, when he
saw a man busy gathering nuts.
As tho colonel had given strict orders Hint no ono was to ho allowed to
pick tho nuts that year, as had hitherto
been tho case, tlio gardener said to the
You'll have to clear out ot this; I've
got orders lo hoop all thoso nuts for
tho colonel. llo wants them for
It's ull right, replied, the man; that's
what I'm getting 'om ror,
Batleflod by the nuBwer, the gardener passed oil.
Mooting tho samo man a week aftor
the ocourrenco he said:
Look here; you wero not getting
tboao nuti fnr the oolonol at all.
I tell jou I WU, was Uio emphatic
But 1 kuow better. The eolonol
told me lhat he gave neither yoil nor
anybody el so any uulliorlty.
Well, I hnow Jolly well I was getting
thom for the kornol; 1 -tdn't want
tin* shells,
In    tbo   audience
0   darner   in    her
The small boy
watched lhe class!
barefootod posqb.
Where aro the lady's stockings,
mamma? ho asked In a clear llttlo
Hush dear, 1 don't. khOW, tlio em-
barrnsged mother replied.
Maybe she hung 'om up for Christmas, aald tho small boy in a still
hnider  . OlOO.
The Amateur (euthuslantlcullyV— 1
suppose art is your whole ambition?
Tlio Professional (with a sigh)—Yes
but otherwise it is not so lining.
Williams1 Pink Pills for
Pale People
There must be n '■ '*'-* In th?
..... :. .--• .* p.. -   a_< *s'- (•!.» b*   i
,1      aspiration, he seized an Ink roll* your daughter Is   inguid     ta
er and daubed some ink on his tv.ee, _u0w complexion, is short ol
completely covering the discoloration, especially on 6   ng ir she
Presently  Mr.   Ilonnelt  camo  Into has palpitation of the h   irt, a
thc pressroom an.l with the foreman, p tlte, or n tendency to fa
Mr   Hays, went through   tho   room, anaemia—whloh   nutans   po*.  rt:
commenting on every detail and look- the blood.     Any delay in treat
in? very sharply at every workman. raaT leave
Whon about to leave, ho suddenly
pointed to the Inky pressman, and
said: Mr. Hays, what i.s that man's
aanie?. The man quaked in bis shoes
until Mr. Bennett said slowly: I want
you to Rive lhat man three dollars a
week more wages. He is tho only
man in tho room who looks as if he
had been working.
One of the commonest complaints of
Infants is worms, antl tlio most effect's e application for thom Is Mother
Sravcs' Worm Exterminator.
A Freak of Lightning
Lightning plays some peculiar tricks
at times but we havo never heard ot
anything to come up to tbo following,
which the "Melbourne Ag.'" properly
labels "Extraordinary Inoldont."
A young man while riding through I wouid'atUmes ho swollen.
resl of bor life—delay may even re.
suit In consumption, that most I r -
less of diseases. When the blood ,
Is poor and watery, there Is only one ■
certain cure—that ls Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, coupled with nourishing
food and gentle out-of-door exercise,
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make new blood, which flowing
brough the veins stimulate the nerves,
increases the appetite, give brightness
to tbe oyo. a glow of health to the
cheek, and makes weak, despondent
girls full of healthy activity. The
ease of Miss .1. II. Lrassalle, Sorol,
Que., Is typical of the cures made by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. alio : iys:
"I wns weak and all run down. My
faco was pale and covered with '-p.
Ies. My lips were pale. I suffered
from pains In all my limbs, which
I was
Human Beings Auctioned, aa of 014
In Market Towns of Morocco
Parle.—A most revolting picture
Is painted by a correspondent of tho
Matin of the slave traffic in Morocco
Although Ibo nefarious trade in human merchandise, as practiced by tho
corsairs and dhow masters of tho
African seas haa long bcen stamped
out, it still appears to flourish in the
land of Moors.
Writing from Marrakosh, which is
slated to be the center of this traffic
the correspondent, a Kronen woman
doctor, says:
•Tlio slaves convoyod hy caravans
from Ibo Hits and Tablet regions aro
quickly sold, cither publicly In tho
market   at Marrakesh or clandestine*
Sales tako place In broad daylight.
Penned In boxes running nround a
covered gallery, which serves as a
market square In rainy weather, tbo
unfortunate human cattle aro exposoa*
for sale three limns a week.
Llttlo by little tho square nils with
potential purchasers. When all la
ready the dellula, or auctioneers, ar-
rlvo on tho scene, nud with solemn
prayer, upon  the market.
Praye't's ovor, each dellal proeeo.ds
lo sort out his proper lot of slaves.
Ho then replaces tbelr miserable rags
by a more decent attire, nnd followed
cleiso at hla heels hy tbo groups of
men, women and children, ho walks
around the market placo crying tlio
value of his wares.
intending ;iurehasers now an.l again
slop tho perambulallon and leisurely
examine tho teeth, the hair and tho
skin and limbs uf thc human animal
which may have attracted their attention.
The bargain being closed, tho sale
Is duly altosted before tbo adouls or
notaries. Tho price varies according
to tho sex, age and qualities of tbe
1 liavo soon a man, 24 years old, sold
for $17. ('.Iris from 10 to 12 years
old bring from $75 to $100. The
highest price is paid for a woman who
can cook.
lt frequently happens that when a
woman with a baby at the breast, or
accompanied by a little child, , is
brought into the market tho buyer
wishes to buy the woman only.
It Is then that tho most heartrending
scenes are witnessed, as the weeping
mothers aro separated from tholr oil-
spring wttli brutal violence.
btiiit os
tn all row
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the specia
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phono-fra-)'. Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Oni.
Territory Open to Doaleri
Tlio above illustration shows the magnificent terminal station of the Ca nadlan Pacilic Railway Co. nt Van-
couver. The building is now In cour so of construction, and it ls expected that it will be at least two years bo-
fore the work is completed. Tbe estimated cost of the terminal station and w-harf is in the neighborhood ot
the timber country ntWIllung during na.a*j,  „v(,r  [reo    from    headaches
a recent storm had a remarkable 08* Ln(] j' f,mm* work about Iho house a
capo fror.idoalli In peculiar clrcum* | mU_ers, „s *j*0 least effort loft mc fatigued nnd breathless.     I had no appetite, and notwithstanding lhat I was
Btancos. A largo tree directly In j
front of him was struck by lightning
and split In halves. Tbe horse ho was
riding, becoming terrified, started to
plunge llirougli the gap h.'t.voen the
halves of tiie- tree. At that moment
the halves came together v.ith a snap
llko tt rabbit trap, and crushed off a
length of tho horse's tail, which ea'l
still bo seen protruding from the tree.
'J'ho young man received n severe
shaking, but otherwise came through
the oreleal safely.
constantly doctoring I seemed to bo
growing worse all lho timo. Ono
day mollier said i'.iut she thought I
ought to try llr. Williams' Pink Pills
and I decided lo do so. I soon discovered that I had found the right
modi. Ino, and after using nine boxes
T wns once more enjoying Ibo host nf
health, and 1 havo not been unwell
n day since."
You can get Ttr. Williams' Pink
I'llls from anv medicine dealer or by
mail at fib cents a box or six boxes
for $2.f.O from Tbo llr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out.
No Wonder He Was Interested Use for His Strength
Mr. O. J. V.'iddicombo, wbo ln A good story was told by a thea-
1ST., was appointed bv Lord Hanncn 'rical manager which wlll he appreciate ba Clerk of tlio Rules and Orders ted by all who havo suffered iucon*
of the Probate and Divorce Division, venienco from the defective rolling
has just retired stock on branch railway lines. In bis
One of bis stories relates io the only early days tho manager piloted a sort
occasion on which Lord Hanncn was | of variety show through tho North of
A Sure Sign
The minister was coming to dlnnoi
and the usual preparations had been
made to Insure the good man a pleasant timo. l.isbes that would make
lho month water wero In tbo open,
and Iho best Bllverwaro was on tho
At last tho visitor came.     llo was
greeted bv tlio daughter ol the house.
n small girl but ono big enough to | otjils early stage experiences
know better.
I knew you wero coming, sbo said.
Ami how did you know 1 wus coming?
A little bird lold mo.
Wbat sort 0t a little bird?
A chicken.
Room  for Improvement
Mr. Seymour Hicks*: wbo with Miss
Klluliuo Terris, Is at tbo London Coliseum In n. sketch over the holiday season, has been telling this story of one
How He Dill it
How did yon vote, Uncle Oorge?
How did 1 vote'.' responded tbo ohl
southern darky.
Yes, sir.
In my mind. Ball.
Assassin Mistakes His Voice for That
of Man and Skips
Brussels     \ pet   parrot   recently la t; llstroom thla week is the culmln.
played an Important pnrt In i trngedj oilon ot a thirty year's romance which
fn a suburb ot Brussels recently, ha   caui  i great lntereat ln court elr.
An old v-tn.in nnmi I  Ko till sen, cles,
reputed to bo a mlaor, waa strangled      In 1       whei  Mil    a yllstroem was
by a burglar wlio entered her lodg* stat '•■■ Swedish stage, Baron
InttB for the p irp n    of roi or Tn,
Tbe heroine, whose acting was very,
very bad, was supposed to be an ln- i
valid, and Mr. Hicks played the parti
of tho doctor attending her. In one
of the seems another character, referring to tbo heroine, nsked him,
"Doctor, is there any hope?"
To which Mr.  Hicks replied:  She |
will bo better In tho spring.
We 'ope to 'oaven she will, guv'-|
nor' eamo a dismal voice from tbe
Romance of a Thirty Years' Love to
Culminate In Haoov Marriage
Stockholm. — Tii" ce.ming marriage
of Baron Axel Taraa and Mile. Isabel-
known to have been hoaxed
Among tbe jury called to hoar a
certain caso was a man dressed in
deep mourning. Before the caso began lie rose in his place and begged
Lord Hanncn that he might be excused
from service on lho jury as ho was
deeply interested In a gentleman's
funeral and specially desired to be
Tbe judge jvas touched by the man's
evident grief. Certainly, he said,
you may go!
After the man bad left the court,
Mr. Wlddicomhc whispered to his
lordship: Do you kuow who lhat man
No. replied lho judge, a little surprised.
He is ibo undertaker! Mr. Wlddicomhc explained.
Not a Complement
I know that I am ugly, and that, as
a general thing, tho girls do not admire mo. said Cus de Smith*, but, ho
added. Miss Birdie Mctiinis paid me a
verv high compliment last evening at
How did she come to (lo that? asked
Pennybunker cynically.
I don't know how it came abont.
She usually puts mo bflh or sixth on
her list of dances, but last night she
put me down for Ibo very first dancn
of all.
I know sbo did, replied Pennybunker.
I asked ber what sho meant by such
eccentricity, and sho said lhat
danced tbo lirst dance witb ynu to get
you off ber mind, so that sho :ould
enjoy heraolf tor tho rest of the evening.
At that time, he said, I was starring
an Italian as 'Uiauciulli, the Strong
man from Rome.' Ono day 1 was
travelling from a small town In Northumberland to a smaller town just
across tho border. Tho strong man
and myself wero seated opposite a
tall man with side whiskers. Whether
tho man overheard our conversation
I am unable to say, but when we had
gone a mile or two he leaned over and
tapped my companion on tho shoulder,
saying: Excuse me, sir, but aro you
not Biancialli, tbo strong man?
Blancialll admitted tbo soft impeachment.
It it truo that you ean lift two and
a half tons in harness?
You can bold two men at arm's
1 can.
And put up five hundred pounda
wilh ono arm?
And seven hundred pounda with
Then, concluded the man with sldo*
whiskers, would you laa'ndly raise the
carriage window tor me?
Shop Soiled
Ho was a hard-working fancy dealer,
and be had ransacked lhe whole of
his shop in his efforts to pleaso the
old lady who wanted to purchase a
Christmas present — anything really
nice, for her grand daughter. For the
flftecnth time she picked up and critically examined a neat little satchel.
Are you quite sure that this I*. genuine alligator skin? sbo Inquired.
Positive, madam, quoth tbo dealer. I
shot that alligator myself.
It looks rather soiled, said the lady.
That, madam, is where it struck the
ground wben it fell off the tree.
The publisher of the best Farmer's
paper in tho Maritime Provinces In
writing to us states:
"I would say that I do not know of
a medicine that has stood the tot of
haa been an unfailing remedy in our
household ever since I can remember,
and baa outlived dozens of would-be
competitors and Imitators,
Couldn't be Nearer
Tbls story was being told at ono
of the recent agricultural shows.
A rather jolly-looking   cosier   was
wandering   round   Hie   pig   section.
lleub nant, fell lu  pointing to one of the animals bo ro-
marked to n firmer standing near:—
Nice pig '.lllll!
Tlio farmer looked at blm scornfully.
Much you know about pigs! ho
thim! retortad lhe eoslor. not yer
Ave bob I can guru... 'Is weight as near
While the asaa i  n  -.. i    search ng iio Hla parenta i      ted
for her leant of money and  lewol id Mile. Oyllsti .em
Mme. Koetttngen'a pet parrot uttered i      I  'bout diacloalnn
several worda whli :■  It bo 1  learned   ier I I ire ;, I It
from Iti mtstri yeara afterwords Baron Tarns'
Thinking thai  ho heard a hums    . d, and he   i arted   on   a
voice, the assassin   n,-d,   leaving   a  world-wide tearch tor bla sweetheart,
large Bum of money untouched, He vlalicd i European capital,
  ,- I then proceeded to America.   I!l.|_ you can.
af! .■    worn frultleaa until, In  Ooto*     •„,„,, Buid lhe farmer promplly.
rlcn, b" learned |    Well, what do you Bay 'o weighs?
tlio cosier nsked.
Mi..   ime, '. I tralla, under aa ua.ium-
: ed name.
i He Immediately proceeded to Australia and met bis former Bweetbeert,
j wbo consented to marry him. The
j couple are now living in Stockholm
Thanks Man for Holding Coat While
He Leaps Into River
Paris.—A very woll-drosaed man
of about 40, approached an employo
at ono of the Seine steamboat stations
and In French, with an English accent
asked blm to hold his overcoat. The
employe did so, and tho stranger remarked: You aro extremely obliging,
Ir, and 1 nm very grateful. I will
now bid you goodbyo forever.
Thereupon, I.e. Jumped Into tbo Solno
and was drowned. Ills body has not
yet been recovered nor hla Identity
been established.
Tbo waterproof overcoat was label"
ed W. 1'. & Co., ond In ono of tbo
pockets was a handkerchief marked
Any  man  can  buy  tickets  'o  the
show-, but. It. take-.; < ther qualitle    I i
get the right kind of girl to help blm   ['■'■' Mils. Qryllstin   tn •■   -living
look at it.
goo. a box ar alx boxe. tor |2.r>D,
at all dealer.., or Tha Unit.I. Mgd|.
clna I'empany, Llmltad, Tironto,
Is Clara going to Berve at the
church social tonight.
No. Sli" dldn'l g't. her cap and
apron done In time to have lier nails
Twenty Htone, replied tho farmer
wiih confidence,
Tlic coster grinned. T nay twenty
stone, loo, an' that's as near na you,
so I win.
VV. N. U. 035
The girl  ivbit can't,
three men at Ibe t'atni
lii Ine 11 'tying to be a
iave fdt.b In
time ban nn
i.iiliilner girl.
You never iew a man wear bin new
null In order In moka another man
Rome men will tell the time of day
by lho sun. and nome women tell tlio
lime of night by Hi" sou.
In Retrospect
Wo kick about the modern daya
And put Mien, on tho rack,
Hut those wlll bn the good old Umos
When we aro looking back.
There's nn rent for llie weary, but
tlien ..ho earen an long tin thoro's a
crowd at the nodal?
Be young while you can; you'll havo
have bard enough work trying lo bo
young when you can't.
Nobody love*! a I'.iouili, hut that
fact doesn't cure blm.
The only llmo r.omo persons onloy
doing Ihelr duly In when It In nu tin
pleanaiit ono for lho 0titer fellow.
When wn havo tn work only four
bo'irn n. day, think of all the timo
we'll have to mako chicken coops.
Man Friday 50.000 Yearn Ago
Melbourne. — Prehistoric, human
footprints havo been discovered In
slabs of sandstone In a quarry at
Warrbambool, Australia. Tbelr ag*
Ls estimated at 00,000 yeara.
Kidney Stones and Gravel nre qulak-
ly cxpell«d from ths system by Uj»
ueu ur
which has been a signal nueoaaa
IhreuRhntit Canada as t. complete
euro of Kidney Trouble and all Urlo
Acid Diseases. W. wlll Bend letters
telling of many cures to all who wm
write us.
Price 11.50 Per Bottle at all Le-ldlns
Then the Fun Started
It was not an important case,
but when at laat there stepped
Into tbo box a diminutive, out-at-thc
elbows youth, tlio pleader thought Ms
chaneo had como'
You say you nro fifteen? Havo you
any occupation ot any kind?
No. And tho youth shook hla
You Just loaf about—stand at tbo
corner of tbo street, and so on?
That's about oil, mister.
What does your father do?
l-'eythor?     Nowt much.
Doesn't Iio do anything to help to
keep the family?
Sometimes. TO get nn odd Job
now nnd again like.
Ab! The young barrister smiled. Aa
a matter of fact, your father is a lazy,
worthless, good-for-nothing Idler?
Ah diinno! drawled out tho youth.
Meybo 'o Is, mebbo 'o Isn't. Anyway,
you can ask blm. 'E'ii niltln' there
ou tho jury.
Flings Himself Into River In Sight of
His Wife and Children
Paris.—A large crowd of about
600 jeering onlookers witnessed the
suicide by drowning at St. Denis recently of a young carter named Pierre
Cliabot, who had been walking with
his wife and two young children, suddenly lctt thom, and after shouting to
them to go home, clambered on tho
parapet of tho canal, lie waa seized Instantly by two men, wbo endeavored to drag him owoy.
Let mo alone, shouted Chabot, I've
had enough of It! A desperate struggle followed and his two would-bo
rescuers were quickly assisted by two
Chabot. however, was too strong for
them, and laying vigorously about him
with his fists, broke away. Again
the other men seized bim, ond again
for about twenty minutes the struggle
continued. Then the four men suddenly relaxed their hold, and exclaiming: Let him go lf he wants to! withdrew.
Let him have his plunge, cried n
spectator. Then in sight of a double
tile of onlookers, Chabot clambered
once more on the parapet.
Monsieur, Monsieur! cried a well-
drcased woman, throwing heraelf ut
his feet.     Don't do lt! Don't.
The man, deaf to her entreaties,
flung a letter toward her.
There, he shouted, give this to my
Then he mounted the summit of
Ihe parapet. Tho sight of tho
blackish water made bim hesitate
for a moment.
Oo along, thon! Why don't you
jump, old man? jeered the crowd.
Wlll ho jump? Won't he Jump? began somo of tbem, suiting the words
to tho air ot a popular music ball
At that critical moment tho man's
wlfo and children pushed their wav
through the mob. They wero too lalo
however, for just then the man fell
Into the canal, sinking like a lump ot
lead beneath tbe Bllmy water.
Holt an hour later Chahot'e dead
body waa recovered and laid before
his wife, who waa conveyed ln un
hysterical condition to hcr home.
Engineers and nollermakera
Boilers of    all    kinds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plato Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Mrs. WiNstow'ti Soothjn*. Syiu-r lias heea
use.1 for over SIXTY YSARSlty MILLIONS ot
MOTHHKS for their _1.II.DKKN WHir.R
'fKI-.THING, with l-KRl-KCT M'CCI.SS. ft
Is the best remedy for DIAKRHOJA. It is nti-
fwhitely harmless. Be sure antl ask for "Mra.
Win .low's Soothing Syrup," and Uke DO other
kind.   1'weuty-iaVf. _eu.:i a bottle.
Mrfl. O.iHoy—Ylntorduy wan Mrs.
Maloney'B birthday, nml hor liusliui.d
riivp lior a allvor tonpot.
Mra. Murphy—Solid?
Mra. Coasy—Suro, you'ro Jolting.
Unw could alio put ton in it it lt wero
Proud Motlior—Such enormous muna
that wo'vo spout on dear Clara's volco,
Sympathetic Vislior—And you can
really do nothing fur it?
Chapped Uands
Won'I Bother
if Instead of
floap yon tints
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contain.) no lye or
■fids, fait Klyccrlne and netitnl
oils which keep thc skin smooth
aud in splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week and notice
tbe uiflcrciice, 47
Or.., flora jou, 'twilu, a, Atj.   I... .011*4.1
Wbnt the Bachelor Missed
A boohelor old and nbaky sat all nlono
In hla room,
Ills tooB with   'out wero aohing, his
faco nil covorod wllh gloom.
No mr-dical aid was lacking; tbo servants nttended hla ring,
Itesiicetfully   heard   bis  orders,  ond
obliged him ln everything.
Rut Ihero wns ono thing wanting—onu
thing ho conld not command,
Tho kindly look, tho genllo tone, tho
touch of n. loving hand.
And bo said, as his brow grow darker,
nnd he rang for his hireling nurse,
Marrlngo may ho a failure, but this la
a Jolly sight worse I
How would you like lo be ov.r Selling:
Agents   and make BIG MONEY in
your Spare Hours ?
We hnve the Goods I
Send   Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get'into Business."
M. O. DepL P. O. Box 1..56, Mont-
real, Can,
Write us for information concerning our two Winnipeg subdivisions
"Deer Lodge Subdivision" — the
finest property in tho West end, and
"Woodlawn" situated to the sou*,h
east.     We guarantee profits.
Sterling Bank Bldg , Winnipeg.
Sings In Tune Melody of Three German Popular Songs
Hamburg.—Peter, a largo torn
cat, who Is suld to I all. and sing, is
thc latest sensation In Hamburg.
Tho cat Is tbo properly of Doctor
Hutorls, a woman dentist, wbo found
It when quite youug slarvlng on ono
of tho docks.
Sho has trained It In such a remarkable degreo tbat tho animal
shows almost human intelligence. A
number, of wltnessos eonflrn* Doctor
Sutorla*' statements, that Peter distinctly utlers lho Herman worda for
Anna, hurrah, more, Helenu, no.
Ab a crowning wonder, II Is declared
lhat tho ent, employing the nionn-iy*
liable "lull," sings In tune lhe liiolqd-
los of three German popular songs,
and tbat tbo words sho niters aro
spoken with marvelous appropriateness lo tho occuslon.
Wc will sell for a short whllo a few
lots loft In Soiuli.von.l Park (lo closo
out 1. uyniilcnt.') ot prices bolow wbat
lidjulltlni.'  lots  arc  ".Ulna fit  todny.
Asphalt pavoment, troed lots, closo
to cur. botweon Winnipeg nn.l now
agricultural collego   antl   University
BltC,  lllo'nlutoly  Kil'o  mill  II KOU.l  profit   assured.
Write us ut once.
303 Kccwnydcl.  I'ld'i ,
Portage Ave., tract
Culinary Flattery
Nlco.— Several hotel proprietors at
Nlco and Mcntono, to flatter their
Herman visitors, aro nerving a pudding
a la Sedan, a circumstance which
has drawn a protest from soma of lho
Purls Journals.
Funny that n, boy will toll bis slsler
all nbout his lovo uffulra, while a girl
always lolls another girl.
Divorces ought to como along with
tbo titles Uiat American mon of money
buy for their ambitious daughters,
It Ib noticeable that the present
crnio for old Ume things, doesn't load
any girl Into running tallow ctndlci
and maiii'iii *>tt eoiy.
Brewers Object to Tax Put Upon National Drink
Berlin.—Berlin Is now threatened with a boor war.
Tbo municipality ls about ••*> place
a tax on nil beer browed outside the
clly proper and tho new law will bn
Interpreted as taxing the products ol
linns cslubllsbod In tho Buburbs of
Inasmuch ns mnny of tho largest
breweries ln this pnrt nf Prussia arp
slluatoil In ono of lho doiton or more
towns and cities which Term a pnrt of
greater Berlin, thn dlslrlcts nffocted
will rolallato by placing a tax on all
boor browed In Berlin,
TllO prospect ot Ihelr beer costing
them Iimro has caused anxiety and Indignation among lhe Inhabitant., uf tho
Rtock UrokltiR liiuiliie-'i? I want a live
.inlilll,mn tepi-cHi illative In .very city
.ml town to liiiii.ll" stoek*., bund. «n.
mortRiiKos; applicant ..mat fiirnl.1. irf.r-
.ii'pt. and hava from ,100 tn f&oo permm*
■1 cupltal. Write or call M. It. i:,li...
L Co.. 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
Wanted—Agents for Hall am! Windstorm Insurance.    Apply Tlu' Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
The Difference
I loathe rummage sales.
I don't.
Don't you?
No. It Is such n fine opportunity
to got rid of n lot of oliftrash of my
husband's that 1 am tired ot Being
Not Qualified
Ho la a man ot'parts.
How many parts?
Oh, Bovoral.
No suoh thing. 1 saw lilm wllh
bin bat off, and ho Is too bald for a
kIih'.I" part.
Haro Hunt Through a Town
London.—A *iaro, which mado Its
appearance In the town of Baldock,
11. rli., was chased through High slreet.
Norton street and Orchard street be*
t.ro gelUng Barely away.
Anybody can wear a campaign button, hut lt la the vote that counts.
In recalling war lime humors, a veteran recently remarked that enlisted
men stood by one another most handsomely.
Vory Ingeniously, too, he went on.'
I romombcr one dny our captain*****
regular—asked Sergeant Tortcr about
his target praetlcc.
How are your mon coming along,
Borgoant? he asked.
Well, captain, said Porter, with an
nlr of groat pride,, my mon shot well
today, very well, bit they would bave
aii.it better pel-imp*., If the inrget hai
stood a Httle moro to Uie left. TIIE  _ ROSPECTOIt.  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
■ ,
Why Beauty Is wealths
The Price of (^osmetics
Living, and Exclusive
Surroundings Pile It Up
BEAUTY bills are beginning to make themselves felt, even by those who haven*t
worried much about the high cost of
living. With the onward march of progress,
the time has arrived when dollars can be
turned into good looks most any old day
one has them.
Public parlors are all very well for those who
must count their pennies, but are sparsely
,  patronized by the billionaire class.   Experts
,.   come to the homes of the latter, and daily
-   visits are the rule with those who would look
well against all odds.
Even the traveling beauty doctor, however, has
become too common for the real elect. First
to realize it was the new Mrs. John Jacob
Astor, who has installed a complete beauty
parlor in her new Fifth avenue home—the
lirst of its kind in America.
To bc Used After a Daily Treatment by a
"Beauty Doctor"
TofltlmsBli, *t
Hair  i-.i.;..   78 vent-,
Mi-i,il;il..i .,   ,'.0   ri'iiN
llllll'   |)imtier,    "if)   eenls
llrillhuilliic.   Ml   ct-nt«
Violet    M.tl.1,   I..",   i'i-ii,--
I'.Tnvi.Ii-   sfia[>,   "HI   cfitl*
.Mr-lit iii.il  stiitn-1.11.1*  (I  ut..).
60   rrfil*.
r-j-ni atatter, tO renin
Olntmcn)     for    defective
iiflH*, :-t .'.'iK-4
Natl hctrT. '.'.". cents
.Union.) in.'!ii,   '.'."i ini!.
Ill   Ointment.   fiO   cell!*
THB ways or nature ore a Joke to tiie beauty
doctor. Growing old and ugly, nhe points out,
la a habit with those who can't afford to keep
In the bright lexicon of the ultramodern women,
bf the dollar princesses and tlio banknote dowagers,
there Is no such word as ago. Advancing years merely
mean that ©ore money will be required to keep them
from' showing.
At least such has been tho common supposition
until the undeniably young Mrs. John Jacob Astor
yielded early allegiance to the good-looks specialists
and installed a beauty parlor in her now homo for her
own exclusive use.
With some horror, a few of the old-fashioned
mammas heard of the Innovation. Willi them a beauty
parlor was hold to be the abode of unrighteousness on
general principles. Besides, what business hod a matron
who was barely of age with the follies lhat properly
belong to grandmothers?
Answered then the beauty doctors to tho effect that
the really wise person was Mrs. Astor, and that ahe
would never reach the stage wheu she would look as
old. as her critics, no matter how unkindly Father
Time might treat her.
The real and only genuine way to treat wrinkles
Wid blemishes, In the words of these producers of
artiflclal youth, ls never to let them appear. If the
face and bust are properly treated, they maintain,
there will be no invasions of blackheads or crow's-
feet, no gradual withering away, no loss of peach
"When some of the worldly wise ones hinted that
the youthful Sirs. Astor wbb looking forward to th©
wedding bells again, the doctors retorted that If she
went and did it tho second time, she would lose the
very beauty parlor that caused all the comment. By
the terms of her late husband'a will, tno Fifth avenue
palace ls to revert to tho Aslor estate should the
Widow remarry. In tiie latter event, Vincent Astor
would gain possession of the city home of his father,
and might install therein his mother, Mrs. John Astor.
What woman would want lo glvo up a beauty parlor that is said lo havo cost )l!u,li00?
A husband may bo a desirable adjunct to a house,
but ho has nover been considered a necessity-hardly
even as much of a luxury as an onyx-topped manicure
table. Many women have husbands, but few indeed
can boast of such n manicure table as adorns that
fceauty parlor that Mrs. Astor owns,
Nor Is tho table with tho onyx top more than a
moro accessory to the parlor. Other llltlu odds and
ends Include tt gold-plated comb, a Jeweled set of cuticle scissors nnd knives, marcel Irons, imported hnlr-
nuts, iiiiii polishers nnd what not.
Whim it comas to the real furnishings, thero oro
mirrors galore, so thut whichever way the young
widow turns, sbo may see hcrseir front, back Sideways-In fact, at any angle.   There In ulso „ reclining
chair, wlileli is used for the administration of treatments, U la something like a barber's chair, only much
rioro gorgeous. Of carved wood it ia, ami it revolves
as well as roollnos.
Iflleotriolty plays a largo'part also. Common, ordinary mon havo taken largely to uio oleotrio massage
for tho lust hm years or so; but lho buxsora that oat
up a half a dollar in a Tow minutes in tlio tonsorial
parlors uro us notlilug compared to tho HiipHanc.--.
that are guarantood to burnish a jaded complexion
Into tho bloom ot perfect health uud Innocence after
M 6 A, M. dance.
Thoro iH, for instance- nn "applicator" of Intome
rapidity for tho arms and nn exceedingly deJlcutu
ImMer for the cheeks, Uu ths latter a powder Is
placed, and with It thero Is rubbed into tho skin a
dellcato glow that can't ho detected from the real
thing. For fuco bleaching thoro Is a bell-llko mucblno
lhat Is likewise fed by a current
The lutest thing In hair-dryers Is another accessory. Truss one button, and there comes a draught
of cold air. l'rcss another, and' thore comes a blast
<if hot nlr that any Tammany politician would envy.
By combining tho two, any degree of frigidity or
.Warmth muy bo obtained.
HesidoH ull theso, (hero nre nsoptic cabinets for ths
■ l(-i-ill:..ifion of Instruments, towels, etc. No coarse,
vulgar gorni will have a chance In them. If tho fashion ls followed, tetanus will lose Us standing wilh the
elite, and Mr. Streptococcus will never break into
tho 400.
And yet, while' these arrangements for Mrs. Astor
may soem somewhat elaborate to the preludlcod
woman who is trying to mako ends meet on twenty
"per," thoy are only a shade moro pretentious than
those of tho women who must struggle along on the
Income of a million or so,
Look ovor the list that accompanies this article,
and you will begin to appreciate what a voracious
appollto beauty has. Tho groat majority of tho articles given aro of sufficient quantity tu lost only a
weok, at l*« prices quoted,
Take face powMni-, for Instance. In the dellcato
BhadfH and exquisitely perfumed varieties thnt the
iiltmriol. woman affects, thero is barely sufficient at
tho price, lo Inst seven days. Tho box ln which It
•onies Is as dainty as its scent. For |8, In tho first
quality, ono gets only a row thimbleful!.
Also, you may begin to routine that a woman can't
be beautiful from her head up or her feet down.
There's lots that come in between, and nothing Js
slighted. From her hair to her toenails, the service*
of experts oro required to keep nature in subjection,
Treatments for this purpose come from $3 to $5,
as a general rule. These figures would not hold for
the classiest experts, but they are perfectly good for
the beauty doctors who go from house to house as
they are needed.
Tho woman who wants to look as if she "belonged"
must havo at least one treatment every day. Even
among tho rich, there are some distinctions. For the
everyday rich a doctor-of-ali-work will do. Usually
of the feminine gender, she will render such first aid
to hair, complexion and teeth as will serve for ordinary purposes.
Yet, for those moro particular, there must be hair-
dressers, manicures, complexion coaxers, chiropodists,
dentists, masseurs and maids of all degrees. There
are delicate depilatories to be gone through with, for
It Is just as Important that no hair should show where
It isn't wanted as that there should bo plenty whero
it will look best. When one of theso busy persons
gets to work a gray hair hasn't a show and eyebrows
and eyelashes are brought Into speedy subjection*
Then tho face must bo mauled, pummeled, steamed
and otherwise massaged, until all the blackheads aro
brought out and all the pimples Jammed in. Next come
cold creams, powders and the like, with electric treatments, when the appliances aro available. Lips and
teeth must not be forgotten, and it Ij Jrst as desirable
that the arms and shoulders should be of snowy
whiteness and downy smoothness as that not a hair in
an eyebrow Bhould be out of place.
Next wo como to the bust; and the rubbings and
poundings that are needed to keep that within bounds
are known only to the women wlio are afraid Ihcy
aro going to get as fat us somo other women thej
know. From there down to the toes there Is not ail
atom of cutlclfi Uiat dare be overlooked, for milady
<__ Kerf
F&C9 Powder*
must feci as thoroughly well groomed whero she Isn't
soeri as wliere she Is, if she is going to hold her bond
up among her kind.
-As for the feet, tbey require fully as careful attention as tbe hands, snd not atone from sentimental
reasons.  A careful hostess can't afford to be bothered
by a bunion when she wants to appear at her b st
Ho the pedicure and tho manicure run a close race for
favor. Kor must the same cosmetics tic used, i-'or tho
toes thero nro special preparations, and no solf-
respectlng woman would try to get along without
With all these things to be looked out for, a f.ilr
creature would havo no difficulty whatever In taking
up a whole day with her beauty doctors, Very often,
indeed, sho come:, mighty near lt In actual practice
And as to tho cost? That's lofgely a matter of
lier pocketbook. lf she makes not a groat many pre*
tensions, her treatments may be kep-J down to t'.o a
week. If sho Is a little ambitious to shine- she can
easily spend $100. A couple of hundred Is very easily
dispensed with, and after tt.at tbo sky ts tbe limit.
Somo months ago a Chicago woman, Mrs, <;< orgo A.
Trudc, declared in open court that her annual beauty
lulls wero $1S75. This rausod eomo surprise among
those wbo wero not in tiie habit of paying such bills;
but, as a matter of fact, lho sum was comparatively
moderate. Thore are thousands of women in Now
York, Philadelphia, Boston and other largo cities who
mako that amount look sick.
What with expensive cosmetics, the services of ex-
perls and the nttentlon of ordinary beauty doctor*
■110,000 to |15,000 a year is nothing unusual.
Speakiltg of tho fortunes that women of fashion
spend on their faces, a well-known expert, who has
parlors in New Vork, Philadelphia and Atlantic city,
recently said:
"I do not believe there la a wealthy woman In New
Yori; who hasn't enough sense to liavo herself properly cared for. They have awakened to tlic fact that,
if they spent thousands of dollar--- on tbelr clothes and
hundreds of dollars on their hats, ihey shouldn't
neglect tbelr faces.
"In Philadelphia 1 cannot say that every woman
whose name appears in the social register takes gnod
care of her looks, for there are still somo matron.1,
of the old school who stick to bygone conventions nnd
very foolishly have frowned on such practices. I'-ut
they aro the ones who suffer, as lliey have probably
found out by noticing tbe features ami faco.. <>f women
of their own age and sot who do undergo the treatments.
"Those of the advanced set realize that tho beauty
parlor is no longer a Joke. Indeed, ibis Is Shown by
the fact that we need experienced attendants, need
Uiem badly. There is a great demand at. the- present
time for young women to tube up the work, Uut It demands Intelligence, and no one can go into it without
Ftudy and training. A knowledge of anatomy is one of
■  tho essentials. The up-to-date establishment is really g
training school for these women. When they are proficient tbey can make an independent living without
any troublo.
"Many young girls aro taken In by fake school*
Tt Is a shame, for, instead of teaching tho pupils, they
ruin them; and It Is hard for them to start from the
beginning again when thoy realise their mistake.
Girls go out from these schools and give treatment*
for 60 cents. They put a lot of paint ond powder on
tho face and mako a big fuss while they are doing It,
Why, it's nn outrage! Fifty cents! That wouldn't pay
for tho proper kinds of cream and powder. And cheap!
creams ruin tho complexion. Thero is n real edue.i-
f Ion needed along theso lines, for Jt Is hotter for g
person to have ono good treatment a year by un expert than a poor treatment daily.
"Wealthy women understand this. They Inqtst on]
the best, and don't mind paying for It. I have cus-
tomers who do not think a thing of paying $20 for ona
treatment. It would surprise you to kuow how muds
interest somo of our most prominent, well-educated
and highly cultured women take in this subject. Thoy
make a. thorough study of tho mattor, und follow their
Instructions to the letter."
As Suffragists Would Reform Their Dress
SHOULD suffrage for women bring wilh il an
outward and visible lign of its inner and
spiritual grace? And if so, how spirituelle can
it make the gentle sulfragisls look)
No one has ever yet discerned anything spirituelle in
a badge, or in a banner, or even in a gold medal,
which all American sulfragisls deserve for good
conduct. They may be outward and visible, but
lliey are painfully material and coarse.
But if you could tell a suftragist a mile away, not by
lhe sublime expression of her countenance, which
ii a short-range distinction, but by her whole
glorious appearance, wouldn't thai equally please
and impress)
ANV, many suffragists, beautiful and otherwise— suffrago is for th" oppressed, whatever
their ago, ae.x and condition-have longed to
ho able to lei Ihelr light Rhine before men
without tho necessity of talking about it. not all of
them am eloquent! and many nro retiring, if not
taciturn. Anv simple expedient of costume, particularly If it were becoming, would meet the emergency
nnd. Should It have the high good fortune to grow
Into a fashion, would inn I.e. tbo greatest recruiting
agency that wus ever opened for lho ranks of suffrage.
Now, years after tho pioneers of woman's rights
fought    llirougli    tho    ribaldry    that    attended    tho
Lioomors which popular mockery Identified with their
ambition for tho vote, Mr*. Carrie chapman Gait, with
tho genius of u real general, has proposed a suffrago
uniform that ll baled on beauty as well as utility.
She han gono to China for It. "Drop all these
Parisian frills and fal-tols." soyi Mrs. Catt. "Discard
tbo COriet, Avoid thn light sUHt. Throw away our
awful hats.    Follow  tllO lead "f Dim graceful. delleatO.
(lower-like Chinese womon.  Enjoy at once a comfort
and health our sex hasn't known for hundreds of
years, and lm more booutlful than wn v« dared bo
within tbo memory of the oldest Inhabitant."
It   li:.;'   proved   a   fofictnollng   SUggOSllon   Itl   Itfl   In-
toroit. if not in its practical poiilblllllei. Parnvof
OOUriO. has booted at It, an Pari! will hoot at anything
which threatens tllO loss (0 Hh trade of ft Mingle franc.
Uut artlltB have wondered over tho possibilities mid
doctors even In Purls havo hastened to flVfl Mrs. Catt
CMdlt fur wisdom. . ,    .      ,„. , ._
Thin, however. In a matter of limits, 'lliere has
never been a llmo when woman's attire was ii«t. a
mutter O-f looks, nnd there wilt probably never be a
time when It won't be.   lf Mrs. Cat! had the power tn
command uii the suftraglsli m tho United mates to
make choice between suffrage and tho fashions, how
long would the campaign for tho suffrage escape a
eudden death?
Let  ufl,  for  the  sake of argument,  call  this  lh*
Chlneao fashion, proposed If not accepted.  And lei us
try a gllmv^o uf some famous beauties as they would
j      There's Constance Collier, one of our own. She's ft
real American type of loveliness and, as you see her
In the garb of a Chinese lady of rank—trying hard to
remove   from   lho   vision   the   recollection   of   her
entrancing graces In the gowns she's accustomed to
, wear—doesn't Bho embody as much of charm  and
Seductiveness in her strange, flowing rotes? Doesn't
■sho seem peculiarly dainty and appealing; and doesn't
*" tbo sheer femininity of her receive an additional ein-
1 phasia from the fashion of Tckln?
i        Or consider Mme.  Pellellcr.   Docs she forfeit any
of her Gallic pkiuantness?  Either of them might attend a fancy dress ball in their Chinese costume and
be  occupied all  evening  with  smiling acknowledgments of the compliment offered tbem.  Or tho dashing Polulre, of Paris, as she looks In tho dress of tho
Orient—Is there any charmer, from Bombay to New
.Vork,   whose   features  and  figuro  appear to  better
Whatever nrtlsts may say of It, and however approving tho doctors may be, Mrs. Call's Idea Is liable
"to linger among thoso pretty dreams of dressing that
'never como true. Yet there's no telllrg when all-
powerful Paris, dls traded In its dceiro to give a sea-
..son's fashion tbo touch tf originality which has been
its   claim   to   pre-eminence"-they're   trying   for   somo
I royal road to novelty now—will turn to china for a
'whole ruund of costumes, Ami thero have been very
fcfew times, When Pftrli ipokl lho word, that the world
.failed to obey,
r       It Is a mitti.ike to Imagine that All the women of
' China are so different from our own, <»r thut there Is
.any special racial typn Which .ulapin their costume tu
, them and not to Uf, Tl.o Mali'hu women, who are as
slender us uny fair ornament of Fifth avenue, do viot
bind tiie teet, and ihey go Fifth avenue one better in
the matter of Louis QulnSC U'-vln by hmlng them
about  twice hh high  and fel  forward dire, tly  under
the Instep, Their admirers And that their wall, is the
gentle swaying Of a lotUS item In the water fanned
by loving breezes. Bven Fifth avenue bssti't evoked
■UOh a poetical si mil*, since H succeeded Broadway.
Tlio hair of Ibo Manchii woman I.s black as night
und Is droited In Htyles which mako a hut mi insult to
lis beauty, on u hat Ih nn Inxult, tunny a time, to hulr
lhat Is brown, red and golden. Her fenturos, Instead
oT bolng Iir ll:.'■"! tn flatness, havo a Cailciisluii regularity, mid her complexion may bo nn fair as lho Illy
to which her admirers lovs lo compare her.
Tlm   Chinese   woman   affects,   generally,   a   fchort
sacnue   and   pantaloons   lhat   m*   remlnlicent   of
pa ian-*."  whllo the Manchu lady prefers robes long
and (lowing. But among tho wealthy all garments ara
of mill, often  band ambroldorod lu egquume designs.
with m.i.n.ii.i hi mies for tb« outer garment", ana
pleated iklrti ?i,r ,n" CJJilnoio women on occasion! or
ceremutiy. Thero In plenty of vaiU'W in a "Chinese
fashion" for thn lull and the uhori, for tbo flora und
tho fair, for tlio young and Din old.
Nor need tho girl of today wbo Indulge! In powder
nml rouge abstain from them under the regime of ft
celestial ... i.i"ii' ber models utio both morn liberally
Dian Bbe does. Hut onn thing sho would hava to
forego—decollete. Thoro COUldnM Iin a Chinese style
In drees that permitted Dm slightest eipoMiio of the
Here   is  one   of our   new
Sad' Suit Styles.
Very quite and dressy and as
usual    with    any    model   ofl
Campbell's Clothing
in good style always,
Geo. Cleary. of Kort Steelo, was.
In the City Friday
Ail kinds oi cluck food ot rcaaon-
al'le prices—Ira R. Manning.
F. B. Scott, Bridge superintendent
at Gateway, wna in town Thursdny.
Wm. Barclay, of Wfjttaburg, was In
the City Thursday.
A. Doyle ot Fort Stoele, waa In
lown Thursday.
C. 3. Johnson ot Yt'aaon, was In
lown Thursdny on business.
W*. P, Hodman, oi Kort Steele, was
In town Friday.
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! A (ull line
nt Held, Knrden and flower seeds at
Finks Pure Food Grocery.
Geo. Buttertield, ol Ottawa, was
registered at the Cranbroo'. Friday.
Fred Ryckman wns at Fort Steele
Wednesday on legal business.
Q. E. Small and N. W. Richardson
oi KlntsRate. were registered at the
Cranbrook Hotel on Tliiirdny.
Mr. end Mrs. Cbas. Stevens ot
Tracy Cr e':, were Cranbroo'. visit
ts Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cameron leit
on Wednesday (or Creston, tor a tew
A. C. Bo'-ness and D. Mth'son
were tran*a-t-ng business at Fort
Steele Friday.
Thos. Caven. M.P P., leaves today
on a buslne-s tr !p to the Coast. He
will be away ahout ten days.
Harry    Edwards ot    Wyclitte  was
transacting business    In    Cranbroo
Box 325      Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor   Fenwick Ave. and K.iin. St.
Dr. W. H. Thompson
of Spokane, Wash,
Will be located in the offices
formerly occupied by Ur. Hall
over the Parks Co. hardware
store, April 5th to June 1st,
1913, Cranbrook, H. C.     12.U
Heinz   nwr-et   piclr'es   In   bulk,
per i'Uart-lra J. Manning.
A. E. Watts of Wattsburg, was
tranBac'lng business in town Tuesday. _
Harry Meyers of Manlfter, wa*. re
gistered at the Cosmopolitan Wed
Mr. and Mra. P. Patrick, who have
been vialtlng in the Old Country, returned to Cranbrook Thursday.
,T. Balfour of Vnncouver, waa in
town Thursday. "Jimmy" Is an old
timer and haa many friends in town.
Local  News
Pictures, Flowers, tind Music, aro a
blessing to mankind, aunt to lighten
tbe load mil brighten the mind.
Pictures ure what we are must in-
teroHttHl in at thfl present time; if
you want your pictures well and Hint
ably framed—REMEMBER KILBY
Frames Plcturin.
Blue birds,  wodlarks,   and rob Int.
were seen this wcets all over town.
Oeorge Powoll expects tho arrival
of hia new Met a car next woek.
A. U. Chlsholm, of Fort .'Ueelo,
wsb in the Olty Wednesday.
N. Hanson left on Tuesday ou a
business trip to Spo'tane,
Garden eeeite ot all kinds—Ira J,
Wm Car'in, of Fort Steele, was in
town .Monday.
Alex. Taylor, of Kimherley, sp«uL
Sunday last in Cranhrook
P. WoodH, of Cherry Creek, was In
town Thursday  transacting  I UHini.nn
J. H. Chin-Bay, of Hull RJver,  was
tn the City Monday.
DRESSMAKING—One  Oranhroolc it.
Apply to MIhh B. B, Mclatyre        3t[
W. B   McFarlane was at Taber thll
week on business.
0.   B.   Applets  of    Gateway,   was
in tbe City Wednesday.
C. M. Bray <H Spokane, was regi-t
tered at the Crnnbrook Wednesday.
0.  J, Underbill ol  NlllOD  wa*  In
town Wednosday.
W.   R.   Itnl^ry,   of    Hun   FranClSCO,
was at  the Oranbrook   Wodnoidty.
R. J. Long, of Ores ton, wai tn the
City Tuesday. ft
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Younjf, r.r Furt
Itotlt, were in town f'tf.ay.
F. M. Sutherland of Victoria, was
j registered at the   Cranbr*;ox Thurs
C. D. McNabb, of Waldo, was transacting business at Cranbroot Aim.
A. E. French, nnd Mies II. M.
French, of Bull Rhor, were Cran
hrook vialtors Hun lay last.
Mr. and Mra. J. Laurie, ol Kam
loops, were Crnnbrook visitors Bun
duy last.
Heeds! Hccdal Heeds! A full line
of field, garden and [lower seeds at
Finks i'urc Food Grocery.
Mr. and Mra. .1. Jordan, of Spo'.-
ane, were guests at tbe Cranbroo'-.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Lang, of Letb
bridge, were registered at tb.* Cran
hrook Monday.
Wm. Kerr, of Klko, the proprietor
of lho Elk hotel was trans -ctlng bUS-
ncHS In Cranbrook Tuesday.
A road gam? Is now engage! in
making improvements near Wattsburg,
Obrtltla'l fruit, cherry and peel
cakes—Ira J. Meaning.
The bridge ftCroH tne KooUnny
river at Gateway, is rapidly a*
■■rnaclung compb tion,
A turce of abo'.t 20 men an an
ployed on tiie new bridge on the Ht
Mary's River.
Wm. Noble met witb au unfnrlun
ate accident on Monday, when he (e
and dislocated his collar bone,
H. P. Boss, J. W. Hobs, and U. H.
Yelford, of Waldo, were guests at the
Ci ant-rook Tuesday.
J T Y, Alexander, government
agent at Fernle, spent Several hours
In town on Friday, enroute to Victoria;
Special   three   reel    at the   Kdison
Thfatrs tonight, enMtb-d "The Oreat
Mine   Uli-asler,"   a  vivid utory  of  a
miner's heroism.
Mrs. R. A. Fra'.er and Mrs, Lorno
Lniigln were vlfrtlng their mother,
Mrs.  J. Tannhatissi  at Fort tftttlt
On Wednesday.
Selkirk Preceptory will hold a re-
gular monthly assembly in the Chapter Room of the Masonic Temple on
Monday evening next.
Tbe portrait of 1). McBride, one of
Cranbrook's prominent business men,
appears In the April 2nd issue af the
Nelson Daily News.
The congregation of Knox Church
on March 30. elected Simon Taylor,
H. White. Hugh Campbell and Frank
Begull us elders of the ohurcn.
WANTED—Girl for nenoral housework. Steady place for right
party. Apply to Parisian Dye
Works, Fenwick Ave.
A. Mntz, of Fernie, President of
the Ferule-Fort Steele Brewing Co.,
was In town on company busliuws
Jay Usher, with a force of about
eight men left Cratrbroo'i on Wednesday to work on the government
roads iu the vicinity uf Perry Creo'i,
Heeds! See.ls! Heeds' A full line
of field, garden and flower seeds at
Finks Pure Fuod Grocery.
(', H. McBougalt of Kimberley,
manager of the Sullivan Mine, was
transacting buHitH-B.-i in Cranbrook m
At tho Auditorium tout bt, th.
magnUclent Milano iiiHaterpii.ce,, In
two parts. "Diamond Cuts Dia
mond." Don't fail to see this fea
ture for you wlll le pleased w.th 1..
Simon Taylor, who baa beeu Ul
! with typhoid fe\er for the p..st two
months, is now out and about again,
recti-tin* tbs c^ngraculaiio^s of hi»
fries Is Thursday-
Seed rth.'at, rye. timothy, alfalfa,
clover and lawn grass-ira R. Maun
James Barton, who has been Dom
Inlon   Ex..ress  Agsnt    at  Cranbroo.
or seme yeara, resigned cn A; rd is..
and G. H. Taylor of Wetas-iw.n, ha
aien charge of his office.
The Deg Ta ea are row due, and
he pound keeper is getting tusy. if
you want to keep your dog, call on
City Clerk Roberts and g'1- y iur dog
New names are being placed on the
oters' list, bit something roust have
dropped,  for  Liberal  politicians  arj
neighcr "cussing" mr discu sing at
th. present time.
The question is being asked: "Are
we going ta have a race meet on the
24th of May?"    Better art the p.r
Commissioners what they are going
to do about it.
The man with the muck rake will
oon make the gardens in Cranbroo
.row.    This is the time to scratch
-.rouni an 1 clean up your back yards
and alleys.
Mrs. R. J. Binuings was at home
t> a numb:r of guests on Friday
last. The reception was in honor ol
her sister, Mica Edith Binning, of
Listowell, Ont.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bowness, wh i
have bcen visiting at tbe Co ist for
tho paBt three weeks, returned home
Tuesday, much pleased with their
Some snaps in Chivera pre_erv.d
fruits put up in glass as. Call and
pec the prices—Ira J. Manning,
The Band Dance given at the Auditorium was not the financial sicccss
ttat it shoul I have born. The music
was excelled, and about forty couples
enjoyed a well spent evening.
Bryi-on Flnnls left on Wednesday
for Edmont n, where he obt in^d a
ituation In the C.P.R, telegraph of
fice, under tho care of H. W. Hynd
W.   F.   Node   suffered  an accident
this week by fal ing down 'he stales
f the Imperial Hotel, dislocating Ills
shoulder and receiving several bruis-
eiln various parti o! the body.
Going Sparking?
If so. you will have better success if you get your "sparklers"
from us. We have at present an
exceptionially line stock of handsome Biillliants. They are full of
fire and extremely pretty. We
have them loose or mounted in
Rings, Lockets, Bracelets, Brooches, Charms, etc. Our collection of
Jewelry and Precious Stones cannot be excelled. Aud out prices
are leasonable.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale and Rent
FDR BAUD—Eggs for Hatching from
selected layers, S.C.It.I. Beds, Bud
Orpingtons, White Wyandottes, 8,0,
.lute aud li.o.vn Leghorns. $1.5(1
for 13 eggs. J.' Gartsido, pleasant
View, Poultry Farm, Crnnbrook,
Phone the Ranch. 10-St-
Owner of six-roomed, modern and
comfortable residence on Garden Av
enue wishes to sell same, subject to
delivery ou or after June 1st. $500.
down and ?50. per n on h until bai
ance is paid; or $1500. down and $25
per montb on ba'ance; or $2,010,
down and $15. per month upon balance. Any reasonable proposition secures the property. Present owner
er will guarantee a year's lea~e at
S40.   per   mrn'h,   payable quarterly
The Cranbrook rink of ourlers who
have been at Vancouver for thu past
week, returned home yesterday afternoon,. They brought with them two
third prize.,. The rink consisted ot
Wm. Cameron, skip; MeBsrs. Chambers and Milne.
Road Buperintendnt John Read ts
making active preparations for
road work, a number of
gangs are working, and if the
fine weather continues, road work
will commence In every part of the
The weather prophets never let
tholr stock run down. We were prom
[Bed terrible storms during tho ilrst
three days in April; the storma dl I
not materialise and we havo had
beautiful spring weather during tho
A pet it lun wus being circulate thla
weok, a.'.itu, tho City Cmin dl to
provido ground nulla! le for athlotL-
sports. V tbls Ib granted, money
wlll u'so bo P n.idt-d for tiie foncin-
Ol tho i founds, and the erection ol •■
grand stand and seatH,
A terrible mlita'.ti too't place o-i
Sunday morning, wh n Mrs, H.
McLeod iave hor Hltle child ata
Bpoonfull of carbolic acid in mistake
for other medicine. Coroner J. M.
Bell held au iii ue 1 ou Monday
which resulted tu the Jury find ug a
ver (Hot o:' accidental death.
W. C. Dunning, H station agent on
the KootMiay Central railway ut
Fort Steele, wan sentenced to fo.ir
mouths in Nelson Jail for being
drunk while ou duty. On Friday h1
waB up before Judge Thompson for
embeszlement, being short of $75.oo
in his accounts.
The W. M. Park Company opened
th;ir new sor1 on Ba er t,t;eet thi
wee'.. Ihe new firm has one of th
Let stoc' 0 of harm. B.s, and sal-
dlery ever brought in o the I* ootonay
district. The een-or member, Mr W.
M. Park, was previously manager o
the harness dera'tment of the Cr n
brook Trading Co., also of D. Murray.
At a meeting of the directors of
the new Men's Club it was decided to
extend the irlvileges of the club t,
in advance to purchaser upon e'ther ^^ flnd that lhe 8Wimmln& poo
of *n°    ' o<-on8.    Hers   is aad    gymn Bium    be    reeer ed    for
a chance to a good   nvestment with , dlM lD,    _n Kond      a(tcr
no risk attached. Addrese Prospect- ncQn frcm three to 8ix.thirty 0]cloc
or,  Drawer 320. 12-tf and       _ efy       lhu„day       e,,enln-
EGG3 FOR HATCHIGG-A Fat of !ro™ 7 *? K10 P'm' /'mbership tor
local poultry breeders with varieties lato wiU be five dollarB-
kept will be sunplled free to a'l enquirers by applying to the 8ecret»ry The ladles ol tbe Methodist church
ot the Cranbrook Poultry Aeiocia- held their annual meeting on Wednjs
tlon. | day, when the following ladles were
Address, A. B. Smith, e'ected to office for the coming term
10-13t                            Box 852, City. Mrs. R. Brown, prts.; Mrs. McNabb,
  vice-pres.;  Mrs.  P.  Chapman, aecre-
TOR REN'T—Rooms In iro^ern ho'se. tary, and Mrs. Q. Powell, treasurer.
Phone   371, corner Kdward St & Ret rence was also made to the ei
LutiBtlen Ave.
14-tf cedent work of the retiring office s
and a cordial vote of thanks taken
KOR SALES—Oreat bargain,   491 acre on tbelr behalf,
fori on the Ko.t'.n'.y River, near | *~
Mayoo1*,   90 aires cleared,  65 un-     Mr. nnd Mrs, Shackleton rjturnsd
der ciil'.lvatlon.    Oood bull'l-p-  trom W;r.nipeg, durin; the week.   Mr.
of all kinds.    Price 111,500.00. Be.
Be.le & Elw-11.
A   large   number  of  C'ranbrookltcs
lie ided a .hnra at Kort Bt clo Wed
iifsdiiy night.    A rood time was on
f.y.'.l, olro a i.i- ...,.ir,t drlvo to the
ir.ncor city.
Mrn. Trl'cl'.l«, vilm bus been attending her mother during her rt-cout
HickricHH, roturned bomo on Thuraday
ami reports ber motbor to bo well on
tbo road to recovery.
Mm. '.'. M. Loiisby uf Hi.liir, wj.h
tbe gue^t of Mrs. w. k. Cameron,
during the wr-n't, returning botno Oil
Vedntiday, «ft.».- having epent a very
nleaenut thr... In Cranbroolt,
W. .1. Duncan, Ceo, Watson, is. ll.
Prenca "i.<i J. ffalah wero in the olty
on Thurtutny traninotlng IiuhIm^mh
nnd having .. little pleasure i.i llie
nnmo time,
•A. ««D|.lsta Hae s!   :••"  b..y and
KOR SA' B-Beale f- Elwell o'er tw0
bounds and two lota Just north of
the s h ol for $810.00, payable
$300.1*0 cash; balance 6 & 12
Examination to License Scalers
Take notice that examinations for
• he purpose of licensing scalers will
he held at the Mill ot the Crow's
Nest PaBs Lumber Co., at Galloway,
B.C., on Tuesday, tho 8th day of
April, 1913. For any further Information, apply to Dletrlct Forester,
Cranbrook, B.C. 13-2t
Ore production from mines In the
r*ranbr"o't District for the pn«t week
■'nd year to date were na followe:—
Sullivan    96S.   9,316
Othor  Mlnee     368
963.   9,679
Ehac'letcn and bis brother Jam a,
ol the lat'er city, have Just closed n
deal whereby they effe ted an ex
change of a'out 2,000 acres of tlrdr
Alberta land holdings for a new ap
nrtment block in Winnipeg, the con-
tldcr.itl n being (70,000, They re
tain their inn io ed section immediately adjoining Cayley Alta."
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Roi tat Oranhrsok. • .'
.•ruin, etc.    Special prices on car lot
orders—Ira J. Manning.
Owing to the Ann'ml Dlatrlct Con
vention ot the Ancient Order cf Foresters bolng held on April lnt**, there
will be no meeting of "The Pride of
■"ronbrooV "Circle No. 153," on
that date.
P. Matheson shl'.pod a carload eg
horsrs, wagons anl farming Implements to Hns nt in. ou Wednesday,
where they will he used In putting in
a crop on lands owned by Mr. Math,
The re-ulnr wee'ly danee of the
Ilex Theatre orchestra waa held lo
fi.' Masonic Hall on Wednesday night.
It wns f ilrly well attended and a
I'Ood time wab enjoyed by those present.
Trapshooters In Nelson, rrc-tor,
Revelstoke, Armstrong nnd Vernon
are planning to form « circuit and a
proposal has been made by the Van
couver Oub club to the Nolson cl b
tbat a "w re" le-gue to In 1 ide team.
all over tbe province' should be formed.
The Vancouver club propose that
matches should be held every Saturday by the clubs in the "wire" leagie
at thoir home traps and that the Ave
highest scores sho'ild be tele'ra*h .1
out alter ench match fo the coast,
the winner nt tbe end of the seneon
getting a shield.
Just Arrived! ! !
A Shipment
"Lotus Lawn"
The New Linen Stationery—Papetries, Tablets
Envelopes—All the Latest Sizes.
See the Gentlemen's Size
Something New and Very Classy
Company, Limited
HH + H-I+-M*
li  W. M. PARK & CO.  i
H.irness.  Horse Collars,  Riding Saddles,
Trunks, Valises, Bags, Etc.
Saddlery  Hardware
Domestic and Imported Leather Blankets
and Hugs.    Also all Kinds
of  Leather Goods
PHONE 109 P. O. Box 443     ',;
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captain W.  J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Special services wlll be conducted
on Sunday all day, by tho commanding officers.
Sunday Service—
A special prayer meeting at 7. a.
m., will be held,
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
3 p.m.—Bible Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
The evening service wlll be very Investing, "The Sign of tbe Cross,"
will he portrayed.
Tuesday, Thursday, and  Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
A special Invitation ls extended to
all to attend thee, services.
All who are nunllfled are urged to
have their names pieced on tho vot-
ter's Hat at the earliest pos.lhle moment. Home misunderstanding- seems
to prevail as to the need for regis
tratii'ii. All the old' Provincial end
Dom'n'on voters' lists have been can
ecled. so thnt all who want to vote
at forthcoming elections, either Fed
eral ol Provincial, must register
nnew. Those who fell to do so will
have no voice In 'hi nu'illo nil 'Irs ot
the ro'intry.
Registration forms een be secured
end filled In at The "Prospector"
rii.ice 'tnrlii" rnv hour of tho busl—ss
day, trom now until April 7, wben
the lists close.
Don't forget the Independent Order
ol Forester's Ball In the Auditorium
on Friday, April 18th. ... ladl,.s
ure working hard to make thla ball
a big success aud the attendere can
expect having a good time, wltb good
A missionary lantern lecture wlll
be given in the Methodist church on
Thursday evening, April 17. Col.
13 Hard wlll lecture on the missionary work ln India, Korea and Jap-
Ha ing spent 30 years on those
fields, he is well acquainted with the
present conditions and needs of this
field. Over 100 band tinted lantern
ell Ies made ln Japan by a special
process, will be shown by a powerful
electric lantern.
Rev. W. E. Dunham has kindly consented to preside at tbls service.
Some of tbe best local talent wlll
alao ta'.e part. All who are Interested in the mlesionary work, Bhould
make a apeclal effort ta be present
nnd show their Interest in the same.
Proceeds in aid ot the local work of
th i Salvation Army.
Baptist Church
Morning services at 11 a-m.
"Tbo power of a Chanced Name."
Evening stvIcos at 7.30 p.m.
"A contest tor a Houl."
An Invll'.tion is extended to all.
A sncclal (entire of the morning
service horenftrr, will be a flvo minute ".'mum for boys and girls undor
the auspiceB of "The Church Attendance League."
All are Invited.
To Have Parcels Post
Ottawa.—A parcel poat planned on
the "«one" ayetem similar to that in
the United States is proposed (or
Canada. Postmaster General Pelletler has announced that he would Introduce the necessary legislation ln
the United States the Canadian poet-
office department has handled great
quantities of incoming parcel poet
matter without receiving any benefit
In return.
The officials here have watched the
operation of the system closely and
have asked the Washington poatoIBce
department (or a report on lt. By
this moans they hope to avoid, in
the formulation of the Canadian system, any mistakes the United States
may have made.
Methodist Church
W. Bleon Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Bvening Worship 7:10 o'clock.
Notice of Change
Cranbrook Trading Company's Price List
In Our Grocery 'Cash with Order Price List,' you will
read 'Applies Only for Orders of $1500 and Over." So many
people think this is too large an amount that wc have decided
to let the prices apply for a cash order of Any Amount. We
may say that this list Was and Is intended to compete chiefly with out of town price lists and thus keep the money in
town which hu hitherto been tent away.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelman Thomaon
Morning service at 10 a.m.
"The Pirn nnd Value of Doubt."
Sunday School and Bible Claas at
3 p.m.—Young people Invited.
Evening service at 7-30 p.m.
"Christian Candor."
Violin selection by Master Vincent
Votes For
Our Mr. Garvey sizes up the
movement as follows:—
But Ihiuk of a Suffragette Ure
department. Picturo lo yourself a house In flames. The
alarm is rung in. Eight dainty
little Are-women ait up in bed,
rub their sleepy eyes, and after
a successful search for kimonaa
and other "mysterious rags,"
begin to do up tbeir hair.
Craahrook people have found out
tbat A SINGLE DOSE of simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc, as
oompouuded In Adler-1-ka, the German bowel ..nd stomach remedy, relieves constipation, sour stomach or
gas on the stomach INSTANTLY,
Thle simple mixture became famous
hy curing appendlcltla and lt antl*
septlctzea the digestive organs and
draws oft the Impurities. It Is surprising how QUICKLY It helps. THI
■wHM-_rflv Oa. «M
Boys, are you with me or am
I aloue?
Bul Anally they are off. Tbey
reach the scene of the Are. The
chieftess says, "Girls, isa't that
Lizzie Bean's house."' "Yes."
"Well let it burn. I hate the
He will be busy next week
checking off a large shipment ot
Mr. Haynes has promised to
give us his views on votes as
above next week.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,     •     B C.


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