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The Prospector Apr 6, 1912

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 aty Lop:. Assem,   Sept.
For  Perfect
Vou Should See
(foY Newipaper   *£\
$2.00 Per Ye»r
Me: 14
Terrorized   by   Armed
Invade Camps and Demand  Meals
Vnncouvor, A pal I B.—Ovor nix bun*
tlrml BtfUcors, mnny of whom were
armed with revolvers, atiotgune, riiles
nntl clubs, Vosterday drove of! station
men from tlio grade on Hums & Jordan's contract on the Canadian
Northern railway nt Yule nnd compelled thom to stop work, Similar
incidents are reported to havo occurred all along the line for un miles in
tho cam pa of Cunningham A Chew.
The station men have hitherto refus
ed to listen to appeals of the Indus
Donnell, of Grant, Smith & Oo,, Hob
ert Twnhy nnd Alexander Kellet.
The gist of their explanation wns
that tho trouble originated really
last AgUflt, wben u couple of representatives of the Industrial Workora
of the World established themselves
at Lytton and began persuading the
men to join that organization, Kn-
tranee fee was $1 each nnd the dues
60 ccits per month. As the money
came in from these sources, secretaries and other agitators were employ-
trial workers of the World lenders
and only yielded through fear of being maltreated.
Information received today at the
encineorini* offices of the Canadian
Northern railway in Vancouver, is to
the effect that the strikers have also
committed other Illegal acts, indicating that the trouble promises to become more acute as they got out   of
* led and permanent headquarters were
{established at Lytton. The contrac-
were aware that these thinga were going on but had no idea of the progress that the mischief had run until
on Thursday lust. The contractors
lilleged that, as a matter of fart,
there were not more than 20 active
agitators engaged in the whole business. The men made no demand lor
increased wages or anything else.
They simply quit their work and as
the crowd increased they went from
funds. Tlifty are charged with Inva-lcamp to ramp persuading or coercing
ding several of the camps and com-(others to quit until the whole fi.OOft
polling t!ip cooks,  under threats,    to | men along the construction line were
City Council Meet
Reception of Board of Trade Delegates
$5000.00 Grant asked for
City Pay Day changed to 15th of month
Future Council Meetings to be held 2nd monday in
month instead of 1st monday as heretofore
British   Miner  Finish
Indications Point to Immediate Settlement.
serve them with free menlB or be
thrown into tho Fraser. The police
thus far have made no arrests,though
one striker had Ids leg broken by a
constable's bullet.
On Saturday night 70 men nearly
all AustTians, descended on the camp
of Maf'tln Wilson, a, Hub-ro.itn.rtor,
operating oust of sponces bridge.
They     were    armed   with clubs    nnd
idle, Ahout 1,000 of these men are
still in enmp and are being fed nt the
contractors expense, as they nU say
that they are quite willing to vo to
work ngnin if given adequate protection. The other men are hnwMnir
about in large numbers in the neighborhood, while several hnve apparently left anil ironp to tbp const. Vn-
less protection is afforded at onee the
stones and intimidated the camp cook contractors declare that they will not
declnrlng tbat be must stop provld- bfl ,lhl(! to ■*caP tbeir good men   to*
ing meals for the men who had   not Pether and tbe result would ho   that
quit work.     They put out the tires in the*r **nn*rs would be completely    de-
the cook house    nnd   threatened   to P-eted and the work of construction
throw the cook Into tbe river    if   be would simply have to be done over.
relighted them.                                     .      WTUj nIVR   PROTECTION.
SUPPLY    VAflONB  HBLD UP. Thc ,)millfir ,* „nHwer ammA t]im
A force of Btrlvors stopped the sup- tha* any ;non who wanted to go to
ply wafWOs of Grant, Smith & Keary  '
subcontractors, which were on tbeir
way from Spencoa bridge to tho Arms
camps with feed fur tbe horses. The
teams woro^Kken oat of the wagons
and tbe drivers ordered to leave the
BUppll&t on the road. This order
wna enforced,
W "lkini* delegates of tho Industrial
Workers of the World on Saturday
proceed from camp to camp nlone the
grade reading n proclamation calling
on the rr*en to oult work. Contractors state that in no case so fnr reported did anv nf the striker1* mrke
n demand for higher wages, Thev declare the men merely threw down
their tools nnd gave no reason for
their notion.
P. Handy, division engineer nt
Wnttnchin, about GO miles east of
Snencpa Brldtro, reports that strikers
were noting in an ugly manner along
his division. They Imve, he roports,
•run Button own off the ground*, and
forced them to furnish them withfite
Representatives of the contractors
at work on the line of the Canadian
Northern railway had an interview
with the nromlor nnd the attorney-
general today with reference to the
Situation thnt his been caused bv the
striking construction men between
Hone and Kamloops in the Prnser
vnllev. The view of the situation
wns not fourth bv T. H. White, chief
enginorr of construction; .1. M. Mercer, superintendent of the Northern
Construction    company;     Angus Mc*
work would he given full protection
in so doing. Ho added tbat Superintendent Campbell or the provincial
police would be sent to Ynle immediately, where ho would consult with
Inspector Smith who will he on the
ground with men nnd protect anv of
th« men thnt wished protection. Having thus looked into the situation
Superintendent Campbell will take
whatever steps are ndjlldved necessary for the preservation of tho pence
nnd for the protection of nny of the
men who may desire to return to
As a mutter of tact the government
has already n considerable force of
special police on the ground. The
extrn men wero sent out today, one
from Victoria, one from New Westminster nnd one from Abbottsford.
There are also two provincial policemen nt Yale, two at Lytton, two nt
Spences Bridge, two nt Ash croft nnd
two at Savons. Although there have
been mnny rumors of disorder or
threatened disorder at different pointB
the onlv case which Iimr been reported to the government i** that of
Sponces Bridge whero a special officer
shot n striker in the loff, This mnn
was sworn in by a IubMcq of the
nenco and wns in tho pay of the contractors. His case comes under the
attorney-goneral'B department in tho
matter of Bboottnc. The executive of
the Industrial Workers pf the World
nt Yale has telegraphed the attorney*
ironer11 Bturtrestlng th»t the iHnnns
should tie closed until tbe trouble hns
been settled. Sunerlntondent Damp*
boll t»ft for the field of disturbance
Loan Socety's Report
The annual report of the loan Company heretofore known as the Canadian   DlrbOOk   InVCStmonl   &   Havings
Company Is  to  hand,    n   appeari
that the company's affairs nre In an
even more than usiiully nourishing
condition, and In view of the fnct,   the
noma Blrheck hni tout Iodh Identified
In (Ireat Britain with the bURltlSM Ol
tftklng deposits Its inclusion In the
corporate name of tho ('anadian Company has been felt, to be of detriment
to it. Thn Canadian Birkbook Company having mnde a rule not to accept money on deposit. There Is absolutely no connection between tbe
old country corporation and the Canadian corporation, the slmllinritv
of nnmOfl has ontlOOd n grent number
of people to imagine that, they were
1n fact Idontitled. Vor those roasoitB
the Canndlan company linn decided to
Change Its name nnd nn net of pnr-
llnmont tins boon ohtnlned Changing
tbe name of thn compnny to the Cu-
nndlnn Mortgage Investment Company.
Thin compnny  has lor mnny  yearn
froeiv loaned money in Crnnbroov, it
hns, In fact, showed n apCOlnl leaulii"
towards Oranbrook  Investments,  and
its assistance through its excellent
medium of building loans, lies been
an Important factor in the up*butld
Ing of crnnhrook, particularly an i
town of handsome residences.
Crushed by Rods
On Friday Inst, n cavntn in No, 1
mine south, at Conl ('reek resulted In
the death of Wm. Whitele, un Mng*
Ishman, from Lancaster, and sni'loUs
Injury to two other miners,
Win. Corlett's rlbn wero frartured,
ami another man, name unknown,
had his leg badly crushed hy the falling rock.
An Italian working In the sumo
room was missing for a time. It wan
thought thut he had been caught beneath the cavetii, hut lt was later
learned thut he had escaped.
Whitele was about 'i'A yours old,
it wus said leaves a family In Lancaster, England.
What citizen is there in our city
who does not feel some degree of Hull
pride In its welfare? That cannot call
to mind some meritorious advantage
whteh could he spoken of to advantage when ever un opportunity tu afforded thom? Who in there among
our people who has not the patriotism in their veins to stand boldly up
in dflfcnBO of und contradict nny sta
temeiit made that ho knew would
prove Injurious to our town Hud people? Who does not wish to have It
"aid of thom when they nre gone Mint
the city and community In which
thoy lived has boon made some bet*
ter by them having lived in if
A meeting of the City Council wai
held in the Council Chamber <m Monday afternoon, Mayor A.C. BowneflB
presided, with Aldermen Johnson,
Clapp und  Atchison in attendance.
Minutes of Inst regular monthly
meeting whs read and on motion
adopted as read.
There being u delegation from the
Board of Trade in waiting, permission
was granted them to address the
council. Mr. W. P. Gurd, chairman
of tbe delegation, briefly outlined
what the Board of Trade was doing
and what they proposed doing along
the lines of publicity; also trying to
show the council the possibilities of
tbe district nud the dire need of having a publicity man, who would devote tbe whole of bis time to tbe
work. But to do this it was first
necessary to have a guarantee of income and n certain amount of surplus guaranteed for advertising and
travelling expenses and the reason
that the delegation waB instructed to
wait on the council at this time was
to ask them to donate the sum of
$5,000 for this purpose.
Mr. Ira Manning, also a member
ot the delegation said: that there wus
u reul need for such a man to look
ufter the packing of fruit for the
market, ns for instance there was a
case that arose last fall whore a man
with others had grown so much fruit
that the local market for the time
was over-crowdod, and some had to
be shipped to Calgary. The man being inexperienced, knew very little
about pncklng and had to get what
noelstnnce be could. Now if this publicity man could be had, one of his
duties would be to keep posted on
market conditions, nnd inform the
grower where he could hnd the best
market, also the best manner of
packing fruit, thus giving the farmers of the district the necessary information that would place them in
condition that they might compete
with the older and more experienced
fruit growers.
Mr. P. Lund, of Wardner, addressed the council, nnd during his somewhat lengthy remarks said that the
council nnd people should give tbe
proposition their heartiest support,
T am confident thnt Southeast Kootenay wilt develope from now on
very rapidly and it is important that
such a matter should be attended to
at once.
I hnve some 2*10 acres in Wardner,
and the same in Marysville, that are
growing garden produce nt the present time under the most adverse conditions because they nre subjected to
the two extremes of the climate, hot
nnd cold, nnd still they are to bo
very favorably compared with the
best in the district.
Mr. O'Connell, manager of the Royal Bank said thnt be wnn very much
in favor of the proposition and that
so far an tho Hnanclul end of It was
concerned that it should not he nl-
towed to binder tbe people from taking It up. It was a nubile ittiestion
nnd should he treated lu a public
Mayor Bowness in response, snld:
that personally he wns in favor of
the project, but the sum asked for,
ll.noo was he thought a little too
largo, not In Itself, but ln respect to
locol Improvements that were being
planned for the coming yenr. Nothing, however, could hn done until the
estimates for the coming year were
prepared,  then     they,  the     council,
Fires Revolver In Commons
An extraordinary occurrence took
place recently In the British House of
Commons, which for h few minutes
caused the greatest consternation
among the members and the crowd of
visitors in the lobbies. A man, whose
clerical attire was partly concealed
by an overcoat, suddenly discharged
a revolver In thn nlr. He waB Immediately seized by a pollen constable,
who nlnued his arniB to his side and
prevented him from firing another
shot, the weapon wan taken from htm
and he was conveyed to Cannon Row
police station and charged with wilfully discharging a revolver in the
houses of parliament.
He had boon sitting In the hall
about three bourn and tbe strangeness of hln behavior hnd attracted ut*
tentlon. An he wan being removed he
shouted an Incoherent statement to
tho effect thnt he wan the- Mosslah.
The police believe thnt he Is a curate
It Is understood thnt for some time
he hns heen nuffering from hallucinations. Tip In ntno understood to he
the author of n honk entitled "Tolstoy and the Menslnh,"
According to persons who were present in the central hall, he wae beard
would be ln condition to know if the
city finances would warrant it being
done. But be wanted to say to them
thut he could not give them
very much hopes of this amount being grnnted, however, he would put
the matter before the council at tbe
proper time for their earnest consideration.
Mr. Gurd thanked tbe Mayor and
council for their patient hearing and
their courteous nttention, but before
retiring would soy that although the
sum of $5,000 may seem large, it wns
only a very smnll amount to be devoted to this purpose, when compared with what other cities wero doing
along this line.   Thank you.
The question of having n cleaning
day for the city wna brought up but
after much discussion It wns decided
not to have a special day, but that
the health officer and the chief of
police would see that everyonn who
hnd allowed garbage and rubbish to
accumulate on thetr premises would
be instructed to have it removed at
once. It was siifrtreBted that thi3
must be done by May 1st.
Another matter was brought to
the attention of the council, thnt
wns of Importance to the welfnre nnd
snfety of the public nnd citv, wns
thnt certain lanes ond streets were
practically blocked, night and day.
by unsightly rltrs and cumbersome
materials. Thnt there wns certain
neonle utilising the public highwnv
for the storage of their waste material, ond rles, that should be placed
on vacant lots, or at least from off
the public streets. Coses were cited
where nt tlm<*n there was onlv room
for one vpbieV tfT \,,\ntt, and it, was
'oit thnt, owin" to the licretslnc
traffic thnt Is eonnoeted with Cran-
hrook's Industrie, commerce, »"d ni-
the Inroe automobile trnfflc. a
stop should he mnde. nnd thti hv-low
affectine- this matter, should be rir-
Idly enforced.
Tt was hIso brought to the nttention of the council of several case0
whe»e larce crates of gonds were
opened on Baker street nnd the pe-
ner pnekint? wns allowed to ffv al'
over tho street nnd even the erotln"
wns left on the edrre of the sidewalk
'or a constderoble time, often to tb"
inconvenience to pedestrians an-'
Bog owners who hnve not an yet
ohtnlned their lteennen should he on
the lookout an the pound keener hnp
been Instructed to enforce the hv-low.
Council adjourned until Thursday
At the adfourned meeting of the
City Council held Thursday afternoon, there were present Mnvor Bow
nese, nnd Aldermen Clapp, Johnson.
Cameron nnd Brtckson.
The Finance Committee presented
their regular monthly report nnd recommended that the following accounts)
bo paid:
city Rnglneers Pay-roll   $ 782.09
City Officials         345.00
Plre Department       160.00
Police Department       470.00
School Boord      1294.00
City Clerk   Sundries
Herald    Pub. Co
H. J, Oarvey   ....
Tra    Foster 	
Kmplro    Klectrlc       33.40
...     80,75
...     21,40
Fink    Mercantile Co
J. D.    McBrlde
Ward & Harris     21,15
Herald  Pub,  Co   51,60
T.  N.   Parrett    1W.15
Davis  Laundry     1.00
Cranbrook  Klectrlc  Light Co 238.60
Arnold & Roberts   125.00
McLeod  Bros   42.00
Frank    Dezull   2.80
W. H. Worden   B5.60
C.P.R. freight    S. II  95.96
Kootenay Telephone Co ....... 17.95
Umpire   Rlectric    3.00
Davis Electric   2.60
F. Parks &   Co   4.05
W.  S.    Bell  (Poll Clerk)    10.00
Roberts. T.  (Ret. Off!)   25.00
F. Parks & Oo   22.20
Sewerage  Pay  roll   277.00
Crnnhrook  Foundry    712.50
W.  E. Worden   7.2!
Total     $5,057.24
In reference to the account of tho
School Board $1,975.00 there wns nn
item for ICRl.flfl to V. Hyde Baker,
for lands purchased in Block 45,
which was referred back. This ac-
account was not felt to he in order
ns the city council nre satisfied thnt
they should have heen consulted before such a purchase was made anil
officially they have no knowledge
as to what the land is to he used for,
and before any money of the ratepayers is expended, they feel it encumbent upon them to know what
thin expenditure Is for, and another
ff nture aeainst this purchase of land
is that, it is located outside or the
city limits, nnd while not opposed to
the nctinns of the School Board i»
nny way hh regards the work tht't
they nre doing towards the educa
tio-.nl ndvnnpeme.pt of the rUy yet
tbey feel they hnve n right to know
when Kitrh maltorB involves the rate*
It wns moved hy Aldermen Erlckson
and Cameron thnt tho City Engineer
check tip the Installing of tiie sower
nge work weekly, and report same to
the council  monthly.--Carried.
Aldermen Clapp nnd Ertckson mov*
1 that the regular meetings of tbe
Council be hnbl on the second Mon
ilny of each month, at 2 p. m. local
time and that tho pay-day for the
city be tho 15th of the month, instead
of tbe toth us heretofore,—Carried.
Moved by Alderman Clnpp nnd
Johnson, that tho City Clerk be authorized to enter Into nn agreement
with the Rltrrough's Adding Co., for
the purchase of nn adding mnchine.-
It was also determined that the
by-law governing the storage of explosives within tho city limits bo
strlctlv enforced. This wns specially
brought to the attention of the council because of buildings inside the
limits of the city oontntntng a large
amount of gasoline, which, from its
proximity to other dwellings has been
n matter of considerable nnxletv,
The council will give notice to the
parties concerned, nlso to nil others,
nnd hnve this dangerous liquid removed, and the by-law strictly enforced.
It was announced that estimates
were being considered for the laying
of cement sidewalks on linker street
nt a oost of V.i 00 per running foot
for a walk 12 feet wide.
A Special meeting will be held on
Wednesday next for the purpose of
considering the estimates for the
ensuing year.
Council udloutuod.
London, April 3.-Tbe balloting of
the miners on the question of terminating the conl strike has finished,
but the official returns will not be
i.vailahle until tomorrow. Apparently there will be a small majority
against the resumption of work.
Under the rule of the Miners' federation a two-thirds majority is neces
nary to authorize n national strike.
Phis point has not arisen heretofore
end which ever way it is decided it
probably will cause dissension and
delay and possibly n split in the
Meanwhile more than 50,000 miners
have resumed work and if the decision Is against restarting the mln*s
It is certain that tbousnndB who nre
deslrour of working will disregard it
Kin*? Oeorge, Queen Mary, nnd the
Queen mother have contributed $5,000
ench for the relief of distress.
London, April 4.-A later report is
to the effect thnt troop trains were
held in readiness for inatnnt departure.   Engines were attached and cars
Varsity Boat Race
loaded wltb complete equipment and
aupplles. The biic tranaport auto-
mobilea of tbe englneerB war* *,tt*4
out and It waa atated that all tb*
Aehtlng forces In Oreat Britain 1*
ready on a giving algnal to man to
tbe coal dlatrlcta. Premier Aaqulth
linn made it plain thut If th* men
will not return to work be will send
plenty of aoldlera to the ml*** *o
tbat owners can make good th*lr
boasts that they can operate with
nonunion men If protected.
At 6 o'clock tonight tbe miner*'
union headquarters announced tb*
referendum vote on whether the miners shall return to work under th*
terms ol the minimum wage aval.
law stood: Against 135,000, lor r*.
sumption, 123,000; majority agalut,
12,000. Many miners who voted
to accept the law have already r*.
turned to the pita, it being eetimat,d
mat there were lc«B thnn 40.000 at
work today. if th. dec ,loo "
ngnlbHt going to work th. operator.
»r. counting on wboUanl. desertion.
Irom the union.
Many Deposits
London, March 3l.-Th* »nnunl Not a sintcle Liberal waa fleeted on
l.ont race between Oxford and Cam-, March 28 ln tbe provincial election*.
Iiriike waa rowed Irom Putney to; Out of a houae of 42 Premier Mc-
Mortlako nt 11:45 yesterday morning; Bride will hnve 40 supporters. Many
tut the race waa officially declared ^ ol the defeated Liberal* lost their de-
\oid, owing to both boats being wat-ipoalta. A late return place* Dl*r in
er-logged. Otfnrd finished the Journ-; th. lead hy four rotes, ao that only
cv nfter emptying their boat but two opposition seats will he occupied
Cambridge gave up. The time made by the Socialist* in the nett legl*-
l.v Oxford wnn 29 minutes 38 second'*.! Inture.
Thn race was rowed In bright wea-1
ther but there was
which in itself wns as good as twol,,,m thannlne ot the MIowm* ol"n7
Ic-ngtha to whoever won the toss. The (McBride were returned by acclama-
Intter (ell to the Oxford crew whoitlon, ,n Vancouver, Kills wa* tlu
rhose the Surrey side. j0niv    jjberal to    |0H,    hlH    d,polnti
while the men on    the Liberal tlck»t
with   him   had very narrow   aha.**.
In the first minute Cambridge was I from the anme (ate. Dr. MeOulN 1*4
stroking .18 to tha minute nnd Ox-1 the poll nnd all tbe other Conaervo-
ford 86. Oxford led right from theltivea were within 100 n,Ua of hint.
start.    -M Graven Htepa they led   by|Th. city  vote wo* slightly    amalier
All along it hnd been conceded tbat
strong br«e;.e. ttl. Conservatives would win, and no
to aay tbat th. Maailah waa coming
and that the government would not
let him In. One sentence ov.rh.ard
wa* to th* affect that all workmen
were to throw down their tools, and
"thla" (meaning the revolveri waa
to he th. signal.
No on* appear* to have heen hurt
hy the dlachnrga ol tha revolver, und
•o Inr na hn* heen nnoertnlned, no
dnmage wns done to the building.,
Tha bul'd discharged hns not. been
found. It la HtippoMd to be burled
in the ornnmrnt'il planter work ol tbe
wall, The revolver, n somewhat, hen-
vey and mrvleenhle looking wenpon
with n long barrel, wuh taken from
hltn bv n member of tbe pollen foroe.
The revolver ront.nlned five uwlls
rhnrged hnll enrtflnVn, and others
were found In hlH pockets.
On being taken Into euatodv the
man dearrihed himself an a llrensed
preacher anil stntod that, the eet,son
for hi* action wns that the vovent
ment wna Biinnreiinlnp t.be tflflfhlntffl
of Tolstoy ofl tllfl Messiah, lie nllin
declnred nt Cimnnn How oollee stn
Hon Ihnt be cntrl* to London siteelitl
ly to aee the prime minister and thnl
he discharged the revolver to call
hi* attention to his grievances.    He
U • strong well built mini about  ,lz
yenr* of ag*.
Rocks Tumble at Frank
Purine; the first nf this week largo
rockn started to roll down the sides
of Turtle Mount.uln ttml strlklm; mln
era' cottagett    oriinhed     through tbe
of*, but   injuring no on*,    as the
places were empty, While lltese rocks
fame from west of the dnngor zone II
hns not. served to ense the minds of
residents. DovcnH of families nud a
few merehntitH moved to other points
litis week.
Tllfl tailernl govfirhmullt has report
ed to the Provincial govorumafit thai
the district Is Uhanfo nntl It. Is up lo
tint provincial government to net,
The latter In moving slowly, believing there in no danger and not wish
Ing to form tlio nhi ntloumont of not
inns thnn 18,000,000 worth of villus
hln mining machinery, workings anil
building*, But every dny tllfl people
look  with tinxlollH     eyes to the lofty
slope nntl four n grentor disaster than
that of tune yours ngo nt Prank when
92 people were hurled 112, feet bontmth
a mass of rook and mud.
nearly iislf a length, at CrMttvee
wharf by four nnd n half length* row
I'tg 28 to Catrhrfitge 31. When they
reached Hnrrod's store*, Cambridge
abandoned the race owing to their
boat swnmpiiu' and they returned to
the shore on tho umpires' boat. Oxford paddled along slowly and llnlsh-
I much exhausted in the official time
of 29 minutes 38 seconds.
At Ohlswlck eyot the Oilord crew
Alio were probably, unaware of Cambridge's Inte nlso found their boat
water-logged. They took an unprecedented course, tilting and wading
ashore emptying their boat nnd then
resumed the Journey, the race wns
afterwards declared "no rue."
At nn early hour this morning the
towing paths nntl other points of
vantage along the riverside began to
llll with teiiB nf thousand* who annually attend the great aquatic
struggle between the selected oarsmen from the two old universities.
The Oxford crew which had been favorites for some time even strengthened Its position at the Inst moment.
Cuy Nlcknlls nnd other fumoua old
blues and othor experts, however,
were of tho opinion thnt although
they considered the dark blues a better crew, the great odds offered on
them were unjustified.
The public wns somewhat Inlluenc
cd In favor of the Oxford men by thi
fact that 11. C. Bourne had strokef
his crow to victory In three preced
ing races and It expected him to es
tahtlsll a record hv winning the fourth successive race. Boat houaes on
the Surrey side nl Putney hrldg* w«re
naturally the rentre ol the gr«nte«t
throng and th. crowd made a bright
picture as everybody sported light o.
,lsrk blue rlhbonB. When the shellt
were cnrrlod down the slips by tlu
r-rews nnd placed In the water the ox
fonl men were seen to be n much
heavier set than their opponents
Tholr average weight was I7f. pounds
nguiiist 161 pounds lor Cambridge.
The presldeuls ol the Oxford and
Cambridge boat clllbl have decided
that the   race   shall be rowed    over
tgnln on Monday April I.
The Oxford rrew hy hugging the
.iltnre kept out of the roughest water
until thoy reached chlawlck. Their
conch ordered them to hull the ahell
but they were unable to do so or mis
Understood the order; instead of ball'
Ing they went ashore which Is • clear
breach of rules.
Season Closed.
At midnight on the Mat of March
Ihe tiuntinv, neaiinii dosed In British
CidiiiMblii, with tho exception ol bears
which mav he shol till the hot weather comes nnd the fur has no value.
On tho nrst of Mny the Ashing ses
mm opens, nntl tlshermen nre busy In
getting Ihelr tnrkle In shape. There
Is uo provincial law regulating hotline, owing to a conflict between the
Dominion and provincial laws, the
province dropped the fishery question
nml tho Dominion statutes set '.he
date for the opening season
trout us May 1st,
li.au last eledipn. Hon, w .1 fta**-
Mr led the poll Inst vear wltb (,**»
snd  MeOtnre thia year got D,08(.
rremler McBrlde ran 500 ahead or
hi* ticket. H. C. Brewater, tb* Liberal leader, lost in Victoria.
01 fiord defeated Mackensl. In New
Westminster by majority of marly
7'lfl, and Mackentie defeated Oliver,
Socialist by 400 majority.
The triumph nf the Conservatives
over tbe Liberals Is the largest la
Lome Campbell administered to
Taylor a cruslng defeat, the latter
saving bis deposit by one vote.
In Vnncouver there ia a difference
of 1,000 between the vote of H. H,
Watson tbe lowest Conservative and
Ralph    Smith the    hlgheet    Liberal.
The Socialists getting about 1,004)
vote* each, all losing tholr deposits.
Harold Former defeated Harry Person'* by 18 vote*.
Honest John Oliver, old time war-
horse, nnd provincial Isadsr for tb*
Liberal part, lost in Delta, and le reported to have lost his d«po*it.
Y. M. C. A. NOTBB.
A epcclal social evening I*
ced to take place ln tb* Y.M.C.A.
on Tueeday evening April Mb, when
i good programme will be given under the direction of th* Methodlrt
Church Young People* Society.
Mr. C. R. Haver of th* Canadian
west committee will be preient aad
(lv* * brltf address; Supt. Price ol
Calgary, and local Hupt. W. J, Ur*B
may also be on tb* programme ss
Full announcement will be mad* l>
lew day* ss to programme but
something of interest will be on Up
from I toll) an Tuetday .v.nlng, aid
the Inst Item will be not tb. Uut,
ss refreshments are slway* in order.
Last week the five pin contest clot-
d with the lollowlng reault
It Koffmler won let place wltb *
•core of      IU
J. McCnllum 2nd    IU
Hallanll.  3rd.
W. S.  Johneton*. 4th	
J. Milne at    R. Myera 	
A. Portent J. S. Test	
II. Stephen* * A Porter	
J. Thompson k J. S. Teet ....
II.    Stephens & W.    Stephen*
Thla week an far J. Milne lead* Ul
th. singles with il* and J. 8. Teet.
In the three airing* with 887, though
these scores are expected to he panted easily before ths week end*.
Many other good records have b**«
mad* In each event, but *p*c* pre
vents all from being mentioned.
The full men team, and married
men, nre events for next w**k.
Session Ends
ottawn, April l.-Th* nrst MMlM
ol th* 12th Canadian parliament I*
over. At 4 o'clock thi* afternoon nl*
royal highness, the Duke of Connaught. governor-general, In th* sen-
at* chamber read Ihe formal apeecb
from the throne which contain* tb*
tor announcement that the labor* of tb*
Uglalator* are finished for thi* y**r. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK. BRITISH COLUMBIA
©he |troepectov, (Cranbrook, §* <£♦
Published Kvery Saturday   Morning at Oranbrook, B.O.
F.  M. Christian, Manager.
A. B, Grace,    Editor.
Pottage to American, European anU   other foreign countries,    50 cento   tt
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rates furnished on application.     No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
li given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Year
In that well known publication published solely in the interests of advertising, and recognized us tbe original British Magazine of publicity—
"Advertising"    it   suys "much   has
duce a close second. Several stretches of hind more suitable and profit
able for fruit raising, or other agricultural purpoeee is now being placed
upon the  market. All  the real
been said about the philosophy of the i tnte dealers of Oranbrook as well aa
whole page advertisement, and it is [many ol the citizens will at any tune
hardly necesaary to repeat the well i be wilUng to tell what they know ol
known fact that whole page, or large j the poaaibiliWe* of the fruit produc-
by far the cheapest form I ing land, that ie admitted to be   tno
advertising I- -„ -~   .........
of advertising." This is a truth that   heat   agricultural   Land that naa
"    ner- I placed upon   the market, and pre
should be borne In mind by all mei
chants at this time when the summer
is opening out and the finer weather
of the so
The city-
bee i
always tind  a  ready sale
trowing rapidly us     an
baa come to stay. Juat the right j industrial centre; it already
time to clean the winter goods off j known to have a large payroll, and
the shelves to make room for other j ifl destined to be the metropolis, ami
goods of a more seasonable kind. ; dlstribtitim- centre, as well as the
•   •   •   * ! banking   and   commercial     centre   [i
There is a crying need ol the Fire j        whole of the Kootenay valley. N
und Police committee taking  up  the
privileges of pedestrians,
particularly  the children.
one can do better than locate here it
and more l^^^j    ia the actual ..8tar 0j Poa
i albilltles for the West."
complaints are coming into our office ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
on account of cyclists using the side-j cranhrook "The Star City of the
walks to tbe inconvenience of mnny. ; Kootenays," has long been regarded
It Is about time that this was stop-j aB a centre more particularly for the
ed, Only a few days ago, but for j iumbenng industries that stands at
the presence of mind of two gentle- j |tfl very waUa; as well as a centre for
men several children would have been|a iarga mining community. These in-
Injured by one nf these sidewalk ri- , tere3ts have not been lessened nor
era. Children wben leaving school j have tney jn atly way slackened their
crowd the walks of Cranbrook street, j noid on Cranbrook as their pivot
they also run after and climb on ] po*nt hut rather have they increased
passing vehicles, they pay but little |<.ne rapital expended also the number
attention to coming or going teams, j 0( wer] employed are growing size aud
and someday some one will be serious number respectively. This factor
ly injured, the police should put a | must not he lost sieht of in tbe ap-
stop to this. 'porrntlv     new enterprises    that    are
•   '   •   • | arising in this    district and growing
There are numerous enquiries pour J |n strength nnd prominence through
Ing into the city this week to various [ tne modern means of advertising,
friends  of    outsiders  regarding    the Agriculture, that old reliable BUppor
land In the immediate vicinity,   and j
of all industrial centres is not   a
can well be taken ns an index of the|new departure     in the    district, the
interest thnt is being taken in the fu-Jearijer settlers ploughed the ground
ture of this city and district people, the investing public, the land
seeker and settler, all are interested
In and enquiring what Cranbrook has
and what it can do in the way of
raising fruit aud garden produce,and
a market for same. Enquiries in respect to agriculture nre not lucking
and the earnefltness with which local
and reaped their harvest, their sons
nnd sons' sons followed suit, but now
the district is growing, better markets are here for the produce and
larger fields of land arc being culti
rated. There are very large stretch'
efl of some nf the flnent soil to be
found in the west only waiting 'or
the plough to bring it to usefulness
people, as well ns the Board of Trade I |,nnd prices    nre very low    just nnw
are tnklng all these matters up
undoubtedly prove of benefit to the
whole community. Everyone Is encouraged to do v.liat tbey can toi tiie
•general good of all and ft is a point
in favor of the citizens of Cranbrook
and District that they are forgetting
self    and    working   for the    general
• •   •   •
Home undeveloped possibilities of
advertising were touched upon by
Hir Asbton Lister, wbo speaking nt
the luncheon of the agricultural show
at Bristol, England, mentioned the
case of a west of England farmer,
who was surprised on visiting London, to find apples, which he had regarded ns practically worthless, nicely packed for sale at four hIitilings a
dozen. Hir Asbton went on to emphasize tbe need there was not only
to develope tbe producing aide of ftgrl
culture, but also to develop the selling and advertising side, it is Indeed nstonlNbitig to know thut so
much Colonial and American fruit, is
sold in England to the detriment of
British fruit growers, but tbls sld-
of tbingH could be speedily romldled
if British farmers would enrage lu
some kind of co-operatlvo advertising enterprise.—There is n deep lesson in the above which all Kootenay
fruit growers can take well to heart
at this ntnge of the ganie, Co-Operation is essential if the outer world
ts t" realize the worth id this pro
during country.
• •   •   •
Fruit growing lv another of tin* industries that     until recently   kept In
but nre slowly and surely rising
value. There never could he n better
time than the present for nnyone to
t .kf*. up a stretch and do their turn
at tlm soli.
•   •   •   •
One of the largest gatherings tn the
history of the Board of Trade took
place in the Council Chamber last
Tuesday evening and for a time it
looked us though something might be
doing, and that tbe Board, at last
got flown to real business In the In
terests of the general community at
large. But as we are informed by thp
Secretary ol the Board "There was
nothing much doing, nothing more or
leas that shooting of a lot of hot
nlr." One after another express their
opinion on various subjects, mul wt
are told thnt "it didn't amount tinmen."
If tbls is the kind of information
that is being given to those who find
It Impossible to attend, and wbo dc
sire to know what Is going on In mat
ters of Interest to the city at large
the rate payers might well go to the
city council for Information as to
what the Hoard are going to do with
the $5,000 that they have requested
the council to grant. "Nothing doing", Yet the Hoard wants a $5,000
grant, and will appeal to the rate
payers for it; they will ask thn rate
payer to pass a bv-law giving tbem
this amount. We are of the opinion
that all necessary information »'oujd
be given to this matter, as -ell as
with all other transactions f tbe
Hoard,   fnr without this  information
tbe back-ground, and vet at all    the | the  rate-payers     of  Cranhronk  n ay
previous  agricultural  shows  held    In j well nnd truly say   "Nothing   bun.*"
Cranbrook and district, and many
elsewhere cranbrook growers have
been successful In carrying off numerous prizes, not alone for iiuahfv and
richness but size ■ and abundance.
Apples and strawberries being « spe*:
cialty with all kinds ol garden pro* |
For the good of the city nnd >*f the
di*-triet let us have men at the head
Of affairs nn the Hoard who mp ear'
nest in their work and desirous « f
doing good, and letting the people
know that they are doing good in the
interest of the city
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evetllrg Reveries—A  Column Dedicated
to Tired  Mothers as  They  Join   the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
All the world over Waster Ih a sea-
won of groat rejoicing ns everything
begins to cant off the diiiglfieas of
winter and nature herself inhibits
the spirit of roaurrei inn
•    •    •    •
The Kanter festival of our forefathers covers a period of fifteen days
Tbe week beginning with Baiter Hun-
day waa atmnnt entirely given over
to sport and games and general nu r-
ry making.
Hatftor Is a moveable festival. It In
always the first Nundey niter DO full
moon wbtch happens upon or next after the twenty-first day ol alurih,
and If the full RiOOQ Fiappona on n
Sunday, Baetor day Is the Bundny
The sacred festival of  Waater     has
been       appropriately      termed   "The
Queen of Festival!," it has been observed from the foundation
of the Christian religion,
and Is celebrated In every part of tli*
Christian world with great solemnity
and devotion.
There are many supnrntltlona connected with [Gutter Hundny which
urn nlgnl(leant of the seasrm, and are
almost an Imperative as laws. One of
thOBO Is the neresHily of having some
thing new to wear on this day In or
del' to Insure hiipplneiiM for the coming year     Monro Hie Master bonnet
•   •   •   •
Palestine, the ipot where the resurrection  we commemorate took place,
is supremely emblematic ot the Benson, because there tbe spring suddenly bursts forth nnd all the verdue
and flowers spring up as though a
magic wand had been waved over the
land, for the excessive dreariness of
winter is broken  in the orient when
it is still winter in western lands,
•   *   •
Of all the   holidays   ol the     year
Christmas and Easter stands more
prominently on the page ol history
than any others. Throughout all the
Initiations and vicissitudes that havo
entered into the worlds' history dur-
the past two thousand years, the two
festivals that commemorate respectively the birth and resurrection of
the Man of Nazareth still shine with
a luster that remains unladed after
a lapse of twenty centuries.
•   •   •   •
While Raster reminds us of the resurrection, it may benefit us all to
call fresh to memory a few tacts regarding the burial of the Hon of Cod.
Joseph was that day. mourner, sexton, and livery man. Had the entire
charge of the whole occasion, Only
four people attended the burial of the
King of the Universe Let this be
consolatory to those who through
small means or lack of large acqualn
tance, hive hut little demonstration
of grief at the grave of their dead,
it Is not necessary, A long line of
'littering equipages,    two rows     ol
ill Ver handles, casket of costly wood,
nail bearers, scarfed and gloved, are
not necessary.
The story of the resurrection is told
at Athens amid a blaze of sliver and
gold. Kor some time before Blaster,
Alliens wears a picturesque aspect.
This is due iu great part to the number ol the shepherds who, with their
uocks, have come down from the
mountains and are camped in every
available open space, engaged in selling their lambs. There is no family
so poor a-j not to break the long len-
en fast with an Raster lamb, the value of which is about a dollar, a veri-
titable massacre of The Innocents is
going on. It is late on Saturday
night that the real Waster celebration  take place
An immense crowd fills all the approaches to the cathedral and such
parts of the church as are not kept
clear Without, a raised platform
has heen erected and decorated with
In the cathedral the royal princess,
the ministers of state and the high
functionaries of the kingdom assemble to attend the midnight service.
As the hour of midnight approaches,
the metropolitan with his assistants.
preceded by the cross and banners,
advance with lighted tapers. The
various notabilities light their tapers
from that of the arch bishop, and ao
the sacred fire is communicated to
the crowd.
As the midnight hour Bounds and
Raster succeeds the last day of lent,
tbe metropolitan, a hlaze of silver
and gold with his tiara, the silver
gospel, and the episcopal crozier. na-
cendfl the plodtfortn outside the church
nnd proclaims to the assembled people tbe tidings, "Christ haa risen."
• • • •
The Christian legends connected
with plants generally explain their
behavior during Pnasion week. Tbe
aspen still shivers with remnree because when Christ passed, it had bold
ly fared the heavens instead of bowing lis head iu company with the
other trees. The Savior cast one
look nn it nnd the memory of that
sorrowful glance is banded down even tn this generation.
The willow was used for the scour-
ages and ever since has drooped Its
'inns m misery. The elder ts commonly supposed to he the tree upon
which Judas bunged himself, nnd it
's not even to be touched afl firewood
However, it affords a sife refuge in
a storm, for not even liehtnlng will
deign to strike it. A fungus that
crows on tho elder and Is now known
na Jew's enra was originally called
Judas' ears.
The wood pnrrel was standing nt
the font of the Croas und received
qnme drops nf th<* precious blood.
These she still cnrritw, The Italians
have the sumo legend ami oil tblt-*
httle blossom "nllc'nl " r.a if tbe
very (lowers rejoice in the great gift
nf the world. The s**nrlct anemone
ton, |a aald to bear the stains of
Christ's blood.
Election Aftermath
The nupnaitton tn  the new Provln
tal I.*--:-1 Mil n* will conatat of two
lonely Socialists, The Liberal party
will be without a single representa
The "Hii* Four" nt Victoria were
returned  at  Victoria.
As a revenue producer, Liberals
nnd HoetallfltH, are ever ready at
provincial elections to donate to tiie
provincial treasurer
The result nf the Provincial elections Is a personal tribute to the
lion Richard MoBrlde. the premier
statesman of British Oolumbla,
Mr. R. H Poo ley, at Rsqulmalt,
won out by a majority of 212 nnd
cauaed four opponents to lose    their
Cranbrook elected Mr. Thos Caven
by acclamation. The Liberals nnd
Socialists saved their deposits by
not placing candldutoH In thn field.
Hon    W   It,  ROSS,  at   Kenile won  a
notable victory, bv nn Increased mn*)-
rity, In the coal city of Knntfttuy.
Eighteen Liberals wero in the Held,
not onn elertod, nnd al least nine
lost their depoalts,
Owing to some mistake mnde nn the
pnrt of those sending the tolcgrnphto
bulletins Parker Williams, Boclallst
nmiidat" for Newcastle wna reported
an defeated, but as a matter of lact
was re-elected and with Mr. i'laco of
Nntl al mo gives nn opposition of two
Socialists, No miHtako, however wna
made na tn Liberals, for they all
went down to defeat.
Are  in  Great  Demand
This Store extends you a most hearty invitation to
call and examine the extensive and well selected stock now
being displayed.
contains all the features found in the better
grade of ready to wear clothing, the Style, Fit,
Quality and highest grade workmanship are all
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We believe our FURNISHING
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larger and more varied selection than it
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are to be found in the Shoe Section.
In Our Pure Food Grocery you will find an Immense
Assortment of
Visitors to Our City
W. M. Kultun,     Hpoknne
II. N. l)»v|a,    Toronto
tl. ll»rr,    Toronto
A. Innocent. oknnngnn MlaAlon.
K. (Irny,    Oknnngnn Miaaton
W, M. Tliompaon,     Oknnagan
II. I*. Lowe,     K.lmonton
(1. Dunn,    Montreul
T. Mrllnln,     Creston
K. miller,     ('rent™
K. Olbba,     Crcaton
W. J. Mnc.lonnld,     Portlnnd
K. McU'iin,    I'ortlnnd
It    lliiinllton,      Hamilton.
A. (! Merrltt,     Wlunlpeg
8   0, WllkliiH,     Vnncouvor
W. Humphreya,     Winnipeg
I. Hill,      Wllll.ip.lK
II   N. Arnot.t,     Vnncouver.
It. M. IDnale,     Dull lllvoi
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V. M. Tyo,    New York
0, Morrnii,     New York
Krnnk Doronler, .liiirrny
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It.  f'neny,     Hi.nknn..
II. I'urcelt, Bponnnt
W. Ntorlli.R, Cnlgnr"
It. reunion,
II. Cmupboll,     Moyle
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J. A. MiimiaiiK.     Wardner
Mra. Mclnnln,     Kort StMlt
T. K. Kennedy,     Winnipeg
V. A. Waiver,    Winnipeg
0. A. Mncvenzle,     Toronto
3. WutH.in,    Calgary
W. H, DoI.hou,     Calgary
H. B. I.oew,     Edmonton
P. I.und,    Wardner
I). Ritchie,    Vancouver
L. Coleman,     Jollet, III.
J. R. Thompaon,     Phoenix
H. N. Arnold,     Vnncouver
A.  J.  l.ovoll,     Vnncouver
J. V. Hnnaen,     Cnlgnry
A. Dixon,     Hpokuno
P. H.  Knight,     Hpoknne
J. H. Ohnaany, ot Dull Diver.
N. 3. MnrrlHon,     Fernle.
I.. It. Pencock,    Winnipeg.
It.  Nell.y,     Lethbrldge.
N.   Hen.lnrHon,     Vancouver.
V. Clark,    Toxonto.
M. McArthur,    Toronto.
J. Tnylnr,     Onlgary.
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II. A.  Jennings,     ll.iMiii.no, AIM
V. 3. Hmytho,     M.iyln
A.   Rinpm.n,     Dull  Itlver
C, Lyons,     Hpoknne.
It    J.  Nelm.ll,      Hpoknne
C. II.  Johnson,     OhicnKO. III.
H. O. Tumor,    Mlnsouln, Mont.
10. Robert.,    Spokane
D. Child.,     Spokane
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 25V p, ()   Box 845
THK STANDARD Im the National
Witnkly Newipapor of thn Dominion
uf Caimdii. It In national In nil Iih
til inn.
It iimtn tho mnni nxpuimlvt! oriKrnv*
InKfl, procuring thn photographs from
all ovor thn world.
11ih articled ure ciimfully Holootod nml
Hh editorial pnllny In thoroughly
A Htiufltirlpllon to Tho Standard
oontM $2.00 pttr ytftr 10 nny nddroiii lu
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Montr.nl  Standard  Publlahlng Co,,
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Window & Carpet
Cleaning Co
W. W. Kilby.'OK' Barber Shop
Carpets cleaned without removal by our
Vacuum Process.
Windows cleaned at
moderate prices.
Send a postal to Box
Hoi and our representative will call on you with
all particulars.
Th. ri.illd Ave at Vnncouv.r mud.
both Liberal and Soclalllt look Ilk.
two bit. worth ol nothing itttlnx nn
the ranged end of ol n lumber pile,
like Mlcnwbn, welting lor lomttbing
P.L.S. & C.E.
B. C
Barrister,  Solictor, etc.,
Barristers and Solicitors,
Cranbrook   Lodge No  34    A.F.ft A.M.
Regular meetlnira on
/A IH-^UI...     Iiu,.,.lli^n    .'.'
fS\ the   third   '1'hurs.lay
j ;,-"l \j& of every month.
I        X Visiting brethren
D. J. SlcSWKYN, W. M.
J. S. PECK, Sec
I   Rocky Mountain Chapter j
NO.   126.   It. A. M. j
Regular inoeiings:— 2nd Tue.    j
day   in   eaob   month   nt eight
Sojourning"   C.....|)nnlons   ar.
cordially Invited,
Ex. Com]). A. C. Shankland, E.
Meets every Monday
night at New   Fraternity    Hall.     Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited,
H. J. Kendall,
N.   G.
W. M. Harris
Knights of Pythias
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   a
Meota   every   Tuesday
at S  p.m.   at
Fraternity Hall
0. Porter C. C.
J. M. Boyce,
K. ol R. & S.
Visiting   brethren cordially   Invited    to attend.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each month.
A. CLARK,Jr., Sec.     V. 0. Box 248
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
MM V..   V.8..
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
eollege, Toronto lu 1898. Gradate anil medalist of McKllllp
Veterinary college, Chicago, IU.
tn 1900. Registered member of
British Columbia association
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
I'.o  Bog tm.        Phono 223.
Physicians and Surgeons
ifflc. at Residence,    Armatrong Ave.
Foran.im.H  . ■ ■ • 9,1)0 to 10.00
- • 2.00 to   4,00
- 7,10 to   1.10
■ ■  1.10 to   4.10
: B. 0.
Alto, limine
Sunday. -
for   Sal. or Rent at Haaei.n-.bl.
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. III.
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Three minutes from Government
Terms to  suit  buyer, no
reasonable offer refused
for further particulars apply ut tlio
Prospector Office
Funeral Direotor,
PHONE 341)
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tire. Applied
To Buggy Wheels
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone to      a   a   a      |>  o.   Boi 111
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of SueondHand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
Phone 151.
i; A. WALLER ;
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
1'   Cost and stock estimates
furuifihed on application.
Addraaa i P, O, Box 146, Craabrook
F. Al. Macl'herson
Norbury Av.i.un Next to City Hall
Open Day and Night Phona 233
Century Restaurant
K.  Y. Uyematau, Prop.
Oppoalte C. P. R. D.pot.
Phone 119   P. O. Box 104
(Section 48)
on the 10th day ol April next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for the
transfer of the license (or the aale of
liquor by retail ln and upon the
premises known aa the Kootenay Hotel, situate at Moyie, British Columbia, from Alexander D. Cameron to
William J. Brenmer of Moyie, British
A. D. Cameron
Holder ol License
W.  J. llremner
l.i-lt Applicant lor Transfer.
Datod this 7th day of March, 1911,
Department of Lands
(Section 48)
Notice la hereby given that on the
10th day of April next, application
will he made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for th. tran.fer
of tho liceneo for the sale of liquor
by retail on tho premlaea known a.
tho Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
Brltlah Columbia from Benjamin J.
Rlloy, to Riley ft Larson, ol Yahk.
British Columbia.
Benjamin J. Rll.y,
Holder of License.
Ilnltle C. Larson,
10-4t Applicant for transfer.
Dated this 2nd day of March, 1913.
Notice la hereby given that th. re-
aerve existlug   over Lot 6683, Group
Ono, Kootenay District, formerly embraced In Timber Llcenae   No. 11717
by reason of a notlre hearing date of
24th Docomber 1907 and published in
tho British Columbia Gazette ol 27th
December 1907, la cancelled in order
that a sale of the aald lands may be
effected to Bltiahoth dimming..
Roht. A. Fenwlck
Deputy Minister of Lamia,
Lands Department
Victoria, n. C.
February Sth 1912, 8-SMo.
IN the matter of the Board of Investigation   created by Part III.   of
the "Water Act" for the determination of water rights existing on  the
12th day of March, 1909; and In   the
matter of the following creeks  ln the
Oranbrook Water District:
Adolph Creek.
Alberta Creek.
Aldrldge Oreek.
Aqueduct Creek.
Arnold Creek.
Anderson Creak.
Alkl Creek.
Argyle Creek.
Antwerp Creek.
Akamlna Oreek.
Armatrong Creek.
Bark Shanty Creek.
Bleasdell Creek.
Boulder Creek.
Bowman Creek.
Brewery Creek.
Bridge Creek,
Burton Creek.
Blaytock Creek.
Blngay Creek,
Brownie Oreek,
Boulder Creek.
Hull River
Bull River, Bast Fork.
Bannock Creek.
Bakor Creak.
Booths Creek.
Bridge Creek.
Beaver Creek.
Buddygudder Creek.
Oallaghan Creek.
Cameron Creek.
Oasalmayook Oreek
Cherry Creek.
Cblpka Creek.
Clayton Creek.
Coal Creek.
Coldstream Creek.
Conner Creek.
Corbln Oreek.
Cotton Creek.
Curzon Creek.
Cayote Creek
Clode Creek.
Camp Creek.
Cassamayan Creek.
Copper Creek.
Cariboo Oreek.
Ohorty's Oreek.
Campbell Creek.
Commerce Creek.
Oouldrey Creek.
Clearwater Creek.
Carbon Creek.
Dalton Creek.
Dandy Creek.
Deroaier Oreek.
Dlckaon Oreek.
Devitt Creek.
Dewar Creek.
Dewar Creek, East Fork.
Dewar Creek, West Fork.
Dewer Creek.
Dublin Creek.
Deer Creek.
Dibble Creek.
Dlorlte Creek.
Bdwards Lake.
Edwards Lake Creek.
Elk River.
Elko Spring.
Elmer Creek.
Bschnolg Creek.
Ewln Creek.
Elder Creek.
Fairy Oreek.
Flah Lake..
Fish Lake. (Low.r)
Fish Lake Creek,
Fisher Oreek.
Four-mile Oreek.
Fording River.
Fording River, North Fork.
Fall Creek.
French Creek.
Flat Head River, North Fork of.
Funday Oreek.
Glencalrn Creek.
Grace Creek.
Grave Creek.
Orundy Creek.
Gold Creek.
Gold Oreek, North Fork.
Oold Oreek, South Fork,
Gold Creek, Weet Fork.
Gla.gow Creek.
Galway Creek.
Gold Hill Creek.
Geary Spring.
Goldie Creek.
Ha Ha Creek.
Ho.m.r Oreek,
Ho.pital Creek,
Henretta Creek.
Hansen Creak.
Horsoaho. Creek.
Hell. Roaring Oreek.
Hogg Creek.
Hartly Creek.
Hog Ranch Creak.
Iron Creek.
Irishman Oreek.
Jew Oreek.
•Tone. Greek,
Joseph's Prairie Oreek.
Jack.on Creek.
Khartoum Oreek.
Ki.b-o-beh-na Cr.tk.
Klntla Oreek.
Kootenay River.
Laacelles Oreek,
Lamb Oreek.
Levett Oreek.
I*wis Creek.
Llnklater Creek.
Lliard Creek.
Lost Creek.
Luke Oreek.
Large Stream.
Little Bull Oreek.
Line Oreek.
Lodge Pole Oreek.
Lisbon Creek.
Ledds Creek.
Liverpool Oreek.
London Creek.
Limerick Oreek.
Lake Creek.
Little Lamb Oreek.
Little Mans Creek.
Mariner Creek.
Lansdown Oreek.
Meadow Creek.
Marsh Creek.
Maguire Oreek.
Manchester Creek.
Manson Oreek.
Marine Lake.
Marion Greek.
Mark Creek,
Matthew Creek.
Maus Oreek.
Michel Oreek.
Michel Oreek, South Branch.
Michel Oreek, North Fork.
Marigean Oreek.
Meyer* Oreek.
Miller Oreek.
Mirror Lake.
Morrlsaey Oreek.
Moyle Oreek.
Mundle Creek.
Moore Oreek.
Martin Oreek.
Marten Oreek,
Moyla Lakes.
Moaten Oreek.
Mud Oreek.
Mouse Oreek.
McNeil Oreek.
Moyle River.
Moyle River, North Fork.
Moyie River, South Fork.
Munroe's Lake.
Munroe's Oreek.
New Lake.
Nigger Oreek.
Nelpten Oreek.
Olsen Oreek,
Osborne Oreek.
Oil Oreek.
Obogg Oreek.
Prudhomme Oreek.
Palmers Bar.
Palmers Bar, Branch of.
Perry Oreek.
Philllpps Oreek.
Pyatta Pond.
Premier Lake.
Plumbob Creek.
Pyramid Oreek.
Parkers Oreek.
Pitt Creek.
Pudding Creek.
Paris Oreek.
Pea Vine Oreek.
Pirle Oreek.
Quarts Oreek.
Quirk Oreek,
Rainbow Creek.
Red Canyon Oreek.
Reserve Oreek.
Robson Spring.
Rock Creek.
Rome Oreek,
Ryder Oreek.
Ridgeway Greek.
Rabbit Foot Creek.
Sand River.
Sand River, Big and Little.
Sand River, Little.
Ssmo Oreek,
Sheep Oreek.
Silver Spring Lake.
Six-mile Oreek.
Skookumchuck Oreek.
Skookumchuck Creek, BouUi Fork.
Slide Oreek.
Smith Creek.
Smith Lake.
Spring Oreek.
St. Mary'. Rlv.r.
Sullivan Creek.
Sunday Greek.
Sunken Greek.
Supply Greek.
Sacdown Oreek.
Shepherd Oreek.
Sawmill Creek.
Sage Oreek.
Starvation Creek.
Suswap Mission c.eek.
Stoddsrt Creek,
Shuawap C »k.
Sams Creek
Sink Oreek.
Spruce Oreek
Side Oreek.
Squaw Creek.
Swamp Oreek.
Salisbury Creek.
Squawpolnt Creek.
Ta Ta Creek.
Thome Oreek.
Tracy Oreek.
Trent Oreek.
Tunnell Oreek.
Twin Lake..
Trail Oreek.
Tackle Oreek,
Tale Oreek,
Tamarac Greek,
Tower Creek.
Tanglefoot Creek.
Victoria Slide Oreek.
Valley Creek.
Wasa Creek.
Weaver Creek.
Wild Horn Creek.
Wild Horse Creek, Bast Fork.
Willie Philllpps Oreek.
Woll Oreek.
Wigwam River.
Walsh Creek.
Waverley Oreek.
Whitney Crc.k.
Wilson Oreek,
Warm Spring. Creek.
Waahout Oreek,
Windermere Oreek.
Yellow Oreek.
Spring on Lot 671.
Lak. on Lot 8345.
Lake between Lot.    132 and Lot
Oreek on Lot 3(4.
Lake on Lot 8916.
Lake on Lot 7285.
Lake on Lot 6208.
Springs on Lot 28.
Sprlnga I2n feet north of   aouth
boundary of Lot 2967.
Sprlnga on Lot 160.
Springs on Lot 29.
Sprlnga on Lota 98 and 101.
Spring on Lot 7336.
Stream rialng on Lot 487.
Stream on Lot 131.
Stream on Lot 487.
Stream on Lot 6667.
Stream on Lot 3678.
.Stream rifling near north    corner
of Lot 3C.
Stream rising un Lot 6356.
Stream flowing through Lot 2377.
Creek on east side ol Lot G7t).
Stream rising on  Lot 4590   near
Lot 805.
(Southern Division East Kootenay) !
TAKK NOTICE that WInslow Kay,
of Wasa, occupation rancher, intends
to apply  for  permission to purchase
Three creeks rising on Ulock 4591  the following described landa:
and sinking on Lot 312
Stream rising on Lot 2376.
Creek rising near     western boundary of Lot 6439.
Stream rising on Lot 334.
Stream rising near east boundary
of Lot 6423.
Creek rising near    centre ol   Lot
Stream on Lot 4588.
Stream rising on Lot 2793.
Streams on Lot 10089.
Creek ono mile    south of   South
Fork ol Kik River.
Stream rising ou Lot 534:..
Creek on east side Townsite of
Farowell; and all unnamed Bprings,
streams, creeks, ponds, gulches, and
lakes tributary to or in the vicinity
of the above named streams.
Take notice that each and every
person, partner-ship compnny, or municipality who, on the said 12th day
of March, 19U9, had water rights on
any of the above-mentioned creeks,
is directed to forward ou or before
the 27th day of April, 1912, to the
Controller of Water Rights at the
Parliament Buildings at Victoria, a
memorandum of elalm in writing as
required by section 28 ol the said
Act ns nmeuded. Printed forms fur
auch memorandum (Form No. 19)
can be obtained from nny of the Water Recorders iu the Province.
The said Board of Investigation
will then proceed to tabulate auch
Alter the claims have been tabulated by the Board, notice will be
given ol the places and days on which
evidence and argument will be heard
at local points.
Dated at Victoria tbls 5th day   of
March, 1912.
By order of    the Board of Investigation.
Acting Controller     ol Water
Rights. U-Bt
Competition (or New University Buildings to ba Erected at Point Grey
Near Vancouver,    British Columbia.
The Government of Britlnh Columbia invite Competitive plans lor the
general scheme and design (or the pro
poaed    new University, together wltb
more detailed Plans lor the buildings
to be erected first   at an   estimated
cost ol 11,500,000.
Prizes ol 110,000   will be given lor
the most successful Designs submitted
Particulars ol the competition and
plan of site may be obtained on   request from the undersigned.
The designs to be sent In by July
31st. 1912, addressed to
Parliament Buildings,
9-6t. Victoria, British Columbia.
Commencing at a Post planted at
the North East Corner ol L. 8103,
thence south 15-33 chains; thence east
20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
west to the Kootenay river, down ■
stream to point of commencement.
Datrd 21st November,  1911. 50-9t:
bread &
District  Division  ol  South Eaat
Take notice that I, Robert Campbell ol Moyle, B. 0, occupation Merchant, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands
Commencing at a poat planted near
the South West corner post of Lot
3802, thence North 40 chains; thence
Weat 20 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point ol Lot
2801, thence Kaat 20 chains to the
place ol commencement, containing
30 acres more or leaa exempting
therefrom the landa covered by the
Rock Hill Mineral Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated Kebrunry 27th 1912. 13 9t
For a License to Take Bnd Ub. Water
the Columbia and Kootenay Railway
4 Navigation Company will apply tor
a license to take and use two teet ol
water out of Llnklater Creek which
flows in a eolith easterly direction
through Lote 338 and 336 and empties into the Kootenay River near the
International Boundary.
The water will be diverted at a
point on said creek about 900 feet
west ot the eastern boundary of lot 328
and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described as the
South half of subdivision 11 of Lot
This notice waa posted on the
ground on the Uth day ol March,
The application will be Bled in Uie
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder 0r with the Controller of Water rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
Thn Columbia 4 Kootenay   Railway ft Navigation Company,
By Alfred Murphy.
l2-4t. Agent
For Sale By
(Dlatrlct of   Bust Kootenay.)
I, Frank Henry Pearson of Kort
Steele In the Province ot British Columbia, intend to apply for permission to purchase seventy-tlve acres ol
land bounded as follows: -
Commencing at a post planted 30
chains east of tbe north eaat corner
of lot 126 on the oast bank of au
island; thence following the shore
down stream to its moBt southerly
point; thence up stream In an easterly and northerly direction to Its
northerly extremity; thenco following
the weat bank to tbe point of commencement.
Dated thle 14th day of March, 1913
12-9t. F. H. PEARSON.
For a License to Take and Use Water
the Columbia and Kootenay Railway
ft Navigation Company will apply for
a license to take and use three feet
of water out of Llnklater Oreek
which flows in a south easterly direction through Lota 338 and 336 and
empties into Kootenay River near tbe
International Boundary.
The water will be diverted at a
point on said creek about 900 teet
west of the eastern boundary ot lot 328
end will be uaed for irrigation purpurea ou the land .imbed as
subdivision 5 of Lot 336.
Thi. notice waa posted on the
ground on the 11th day ol March,
The application will be flled in the
ofllce of the Water Recorder at Cranhrook, B. c.
Objections may be filed with the
aaid Wnter Recorder or with the Controller of Water rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C
The Columbia ft Kootenay   Railway ft Navigation Company
By Alfred Murphy.
12-4t. Agent
For  :.   License to take and use Water.
NOTIOB la hereby given that the
Oolumbla and Kootenay Railway and
Navigation Company will apply for
a license to take and uae three feet
of water out nf Llnklater Creek,
which flows in n south-easterly direction through Lots 328 and 32.', aud
empties    into Kootenay  River    near
the international Boundary,
The water will be diverted at a
point on said creok about 900 leet
weat ol tho eastern boundary ol Lot
338 and will bo used lor Irrigation
purposea on the land described aa
Subdivision 6 of Lot 826.
Thi. notice was posted on the
ground on the Uth day of March
Tbe application will be tllr.,1 in the
office of tho Wnter Recorder at Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections may be llled with the
said Waler Record.'.' or with Uie
Controller ol Wntor Rights, Parliament Buildings.  Victoria, 11. ('.
The Columbia and Kootenny
Railway A   Navigation Compnny.
12-St My Alfred Murphy. Agent
District of Bast   Kootenay
TAKB notice that B. G. Htahl ol
Waldo, B. C. occupation farmer. Intend, to apply for permission to purchase the following described land.:
Commencing at a Post planted at
th. south east corner of lot 6331
thence east 40 chains; thence north
40 chain.; thence west 40 chains;
tbence south 40 chains, to th. point
of commencement, containing 1(0
acres more or less.
BdwardOarfleld fltahl
Dated F.h   33.  1918. 10-9t
(Section 48|
on the 10th day ol April nest, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for tbe
tranafer of the llcenae for th. sal. of
liquor by retail In snd upon the
premlaea known aa the "Falls View
Hotel" altuate at Marysville, British
Columbia: from B, T. Crowley to
John William Colburn nl Kitchener,
British Columbia.
Dated thi. 2nd day of March, 1912.
B. T. Crowley,
Holder of License.
.1. W. Colburn.
I(l-4t Applicant for tran.t.r.
Why Come to Canada?
A new phase ot the nation-wide
exodus trom the United States, th.
effect of which are now being felt
with daily increasing force ln Canada,
is pointedly shown up ia the current
issue ol Winnipeg Once-a-Week, under
tbe caption, "Still Trekking North-
ward-and Why." It has been shown
according to recent press diapatcbea.
that no less than 75,000 American
farmers came to Western Canada between July 1910 and July 1911, and
hundreds ol thousands before that
time, this great army of home seekers bringing with them about 11,000
per capita, "No wonder," says ttn
correspondent, "There is grave concern now felt in American commercial centres In view of this situation.
and that United States officials are
engaged ln a desperate search for arguments that might dissuade their
fellow country men from a well-
formed purpose," The correspondent asserts however, that there la a
serious flaw in this method of procedure on tbe part ol the United States
authorities, Inasmuch ns while their
attention is being concentrated so vigorously upon this great publicity campaign, designed to advertise the advan
tapes and opportunities open in the
stJaftee, another powerful array of forces le to be found engaged with equal
determination in a campaign ot a different sort—"a rather loud and blatant campaign, which has raised serious question ln the minds of many
Americana as to whether, after all,
life is not too short to be spent ln
its entirety under guard, and surrounded by din and tumult and ths
alarms of demagogues and agitators"
The correspondent then takes up
the notorious dynnmite conspiracy
recently unearthed as a result of the
McNamara trial at Los Angeles, and
which had ramitlcations ln all the
great industrial centres of the United
States. Under these conditions lt Is
easily understood why large numbers
of thoughtful Americans are carefully
considering the question whether life
and property are not Just A bit more
secure under the guarantees and eafe-
guarda of the Dominion government.
However, were theae attacks upon
the established order ol organized society merely the output of the loafer
and the street corner agitator, peace-
loving Americans would feel no special cause for alarm, the case takes
on an entirely different aspect, however, when men holding positions ol
power and leadership ln public Ufa
assume the role nf demagogues aad
conduct a systematic campaign of
social and political upheaval year
after year—and especially avsry
fourth year "It Is in view of an
approaching national election," concludes the correspondent, "tbat many
foreslghted American, today are regarding it expedient to turn their
faces northward; and from present
Indlcatlona the movement during ths
coming season appears likely to
break all recorda" As if In confirmation of these statements, J. S. Dennis, head of the Natural Resources
depsrtment ot the 0, P R. has Just
announced that from careful estimates he look, to see 200,000 Americans
settle In Western Csnada In 1913.
Ore Shipments
Following an. the ore shipment,
trom mines In the Cranbrook illstilct
for the past week and yenr I,, date
Hnlllvun   851      5,566
St. Eugene   401
Society (llll   31
FOR SALE Must be .old at genu
ine bargains, two Morrla up-to date,
upright plano'a. Part caah, hnlance
can he arrnlnged. Thee. ar. AI Instruments.
onoRon b. i'owbll,
Oranbrook   steam    Cleaning   Works
Offlc. »•*■'
If you wsnt carbon paper, tracing
paper, typewriter paper or any otber
old kind of paper, come to tbe Prospector office and your wants shall ba
supplied. If Ita made nt paper we
bave It or can get It. And If It's
made with type and prlntera Ink, wa
are th. boy. to make It.
(Dlatrlct of Bast Kootenny.)
Take notice that I John Armour ot
Cranbrook, occupation Merchant, Intend to apply lor permission to purchase the lollowlng described land.:
Commencing at a post planted at
the North Weat corner of Lot No.
6117; thence weat 60 chain., thence
aouth 80 chains, thence oust 20 chains
thence north 40 chnlna, thence east
40 chains , thence north 40 chains to
place of commencement, containing
330 acres more or less.
JOHN ARMOUR,  Locator.
liiaiit*-   uf   Californls
The Finest Strain In the World.
and u two-cent stamp is nil it will cost you
to ti-'1 <"*r bis, beautiful Catalogue of everything that is good m Seeds. Plants, Fruits,
Implements, Bee Supplies, Poultry Supplies.
It contalna .u roucli that is .wJ we cu„,,ot tell
y„„ lu.ro   Bend for ... .mil ju,li. Tor jim.at'lf
Wa h„v.. twolve blu page, ,-f tha latwt anil l>.at
Introduction., .lie Cream of tho Whole world, u,,a
avers variety I. well • 'th .»•!«' the prlee n Mk-
Valuable Prem'um. also xlven,
V„u ,uiini,t uir,,r,l l„ mi.* the „l,r„nunily of aealna
wliai wa hn,. .0 offer you for 1912.
Darch & Hunter Seed Co., Limited,
Dept. 79  London, Ont. it
4+Wttt'l-tf H-t+TtK-W m; :-H-i-H+H iW-WtW
School Report
List of Perfect Attendance  and
Promotions for the month
of March and April
>   Teacher
w n, a,
» 3 3 i
2 g g S
>    .j T . >
Five O'clock Dinner Sets
Chafing Dishes
Newest and Finest Line       J
in Cranbrook !
J. D. McBride !
t     1. Miss  Dick  	
J.    2. Miss   Close 	
T 8. Miss L. Closo ..
T | 4. Miss Stltterhy ...
% j 10. Miss  Stephens
B.   Miss   HiSCOCk
6. Miss OartwriKht
7   Ml ia    Kuton  	
8. Miss Thompson
us  i.  j  Cranston
24.IS 93.01
35.97 79.93
■10.50 86.30
41.11 88.91
,10.23 88.30
42.07 89.51
46.81 89.77
15.08 86. S.9
18,88 89.18
11.54 88.77
'.'.   Cranbrook,  B. C
Phone 5
^■.■....•.■..(.^..|.^..|.^..H~f-H''+-H- **********************
A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norburv Ave.
1 Central   Meat
Market       I
Wm. Davies' Ontario Fed
Canadian Specialty
■ ^-f++++++^_|.+.i..|.^.++vM.+.t-+r-|''l"|--t»r+-|--l--J--l--«-->-|"»--J-J--l-"a-l-+-i- T
li.  DOWNING,  Manager T
Under [New iyiatia*£e*netit 'J.
' r+++'M- **** ***** ******* l + l •+•! ■**** I I I "1- •! ••: -I- ******
-* . -*. ' V^,
•^ \    t' , I • •'■. 5»r«
^■'^'%i^\l\\*%     •*i oi
m^mrM* ■ itygh
$H  *  i/'.a   -* _■: -/p
;{$fM:i    J* It]
li^laSals.W/*'.)*..' >..:'.„. r'jrt.-     .        ...   .:'.>   !ul1
The   Fink   Mercantile  Co.
■us   361.97   S7.lt;
tDIVlSluS    I   i
Lauretta  Armstrong
Frank Bamtord
Percy Bardgett,
Florence Bathlo
Viney  Doris.
LOUlSfl   Klnic;
Vincent  Kink
Gracie  HiggiOB
Bert  Murgatroyd
tahl ■-   Powers
Evan Bobs
Arthur   Burch
MeHord Carsen
Delia Dowe
Duuglas Finnia
I't-lla Greaves.
R( llo Johnson.
Willie Leanian.
I reorgs  Pratt.
Robert Pye.
Rf.-inald   Sainsbury.
Erie S pence
Haael Taylor
Gordon WaUineer.
Gordon Argue.
Philip Briptrs.
Bradford Carson.
Mlna Carsen.
Willie Daniels.
Harry Doris
Charlie Elmer.
Edward Hannah.
Gordon McKenna.
Lottie Moore.
Sidney Murgatroyd.
Rnlnaford Parks.
Agnes Reekie.
Gladys Spence.
Margaret St. Eloi.
Russell   St.  Elof.
Gordon Taylor.
Noel Walllnger.
Dorothy Whitmore.
Howard Armstrong,
Willie  Atchison.
Gladys Brooks.
Melville Tallas.
Ruby Deacon.
Harold Leask.
May Smith.
Clifford St. Eloi.
Crossley Taylor.
.John Turner.
Keith Wesson.
Fred. Swain.
Dorothy Mclsenn.
Armour Brault,
Helen  Bnrtnn.
Merle Bathie.
Edward Barnhardt.
Austin Chapman,
chnrlcs Olapp.
John Cayo.
Herman  Hollander.
.Jennie  Hopkins,
Harold Kumraer.
Margaret Lacey
Evelyn Moore.
Margaret Morrison,
Edith Murgatroyd.
David Reekie.
Huirh Blmpson.
Joseph Bwatn.
Qarfleld Tayloi
Winnie Troop.
Inna Ward.
Muriel Walllnger.
Everett Williams,
[rum Delanger
Roy Lcusk,
Hugh Hannah.
Mane   Hart.lain.
Robert  Beaton.
Merle Bonnet.
Allien  Brault.
Mary Carson.
Marlon Drummond.
Fanny Oartslde.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Badlo Laaoy,
RUBflel   l.eask
Stanley Mofliit
Eric MoKlnnon.
pearl   Pratt,.
Flosaio Robortflon,
Alma Sarvla.
Camilla Tito
Faith Kendal.
Kathleen   Atchison.
Norman   Beach.
Malcolm Belanger.
Raymond Brault.
Frederick Brings.
Ivan Hurch
Norvnl   Ctisluki*
Oliver Cayo.
Elizabeth g  Ohapmai
Alfred Jollfle
James Kemball
Jack  Kirkland
Irene l.innell.
Marlon MoKlnnon
Charlea Musset
Thomas  Reekie
Milton Bissonii
Harry   Smith
Hope Taylor
Samuel w   Watson
Gertrude Willis
i imer Bernard.
Vera Baxter,
Christopher  Duekerlng
Stanley  Kcmhall
James  Logan.
Theresa l.aivy.
Donald Morrison.
Jack Moflatt.
Nellie Moore.
Patricia McDermot.
Michael Moore,
Leslie Sneddon
Archie  Horie.
Isabel) Parker,
Ruby  Scott.
Mow On.
Irene Bernard.
Mah Bine.
Andrew Brault.
Frank Bridges,
Eddie Brown.
Danny Daniels.
Grace  Doris.
Uz Wai Hoy.
Wilfred   Kennedy.
Allan Lacey.
Walter Laurie.
Edith Lewis.
Lily McReady.
Wony Quon.
Eddie Turner.
David Watson.
Helen Whitmore.
Ruth Kendal.
Minnie Gallnmore.
Division VI, Promoted to ut Read-
Donna Argue.
Helen Barton.
Merle Bathie.
Edward Bernhardt.
Delphlno Bennett.
Mabel t'muoron
Uhrlstlno Carson.
John Oayo.
Austin Ohnpman.
OlmrleB Olapp.
Hoo tor Donaldson
John Dow
OttO Gill.
Hut'li Hannah.
Herman  llnllamler
Robbie Hop Vuen.
Jennlo Hopkins.
Vlolot   Jones.
Thlran Johnson.
Harold Kuminnr,
Margaret Lacey
Roy   Leask.
WUma MeNnbb
Evolyn   Moore.
Margaret   Morrison.
Edith Murgatroyd.
Hugh McDonald.
Joseph Pattloaon.
Cecil  Reade.
Roy Roblchaud.
David  Reekie,
Hutrh Simpson
Warren Snence.
Winona Stinson.
Promotion Division  VI,
.ToNenh  Swain.
Oarfleld Tayior,
Winnie Troop.
Trma Ward.
Samuel Whittaker
Muriel Wnllanger.
Vernn Woodman.
Everett Williams.
Freda Tnvlor.
Nfnn Relnnirer.
Brlfth Cnuldwoll.
Walter Brunner.
Promotions in the
Junior Grade
Promotions Irom Division VIH 1st
Primer to DiviBion VIII lat Primer.
Ella Kendall.
Gordon Armstrong.
Dorothy Baasett.
Jamea Logan.
Christopher Duekerlng.
Lena Brogan.
■Inck Moflatt.
Donald Morrison.
Micfeie Moore.
Willie Noyce.
Jack Ward.
Vera Baxter.
Patricia McDermot.
Lenore Hill,
Promotion from Division VII   1st
Primer, to Division VI. 2nd Prtmsr.
Harry Smith.
[Men Worden.
Marion McKinnon.
Margaret McLaren.
Raymond Brault.
Louise Kclsey.
Mac Ivan Wolabrod.
Malcolm Belanger.
Uludys Mliuckclton.
Samuel W. WatBon.
Arthur Olll,
Tbomns Heckle.
Norman Beech.
Irene Liunell.
Kiit.li Simpson.
Gertrude Parnaby,
Ivan Bruch.
Frederic Hiinra
Herbert Hall,
Prom,ili:il  to first    Reader,    from
Division VI to Division V.
Faith   Kendall.
Ida Johnstone.
Kathleen Brown.
Iluasell Lesak.
Pearl Pratt.
Merle Bcnnet.
Mah Kwong Kim.
Itobort Beaton.
Mnbel Finlay.
Mary Carson.
Marlon Drummond.
Rrlc McKinnon,
Almn SarvlH.
Palmer Kutledge.
Fanny Gartfllde.
Marie llartlnm,
Vivian Fraser.
Flossie Robinson,
Barrie McDonald.
Promoted to Hocond Primer, Dlvla-
lon VI.
Albert llraillt.
Mny Drake,
Donald Dallas.
Leonard Burton,
Lena Sclilorl,
Jim Tito.
Jon Froat.
May [,ani'nster.
Hthel  Clapp.
WUma Porks
Stanley M..II..I..
.leaslc Fennessey,
Division X. Promotion    list
''irst rendpr to second reader.
Puth Kendall.
F.dward Turner.
Pnvld Watson.
John Prnke.
Mah Binir.
Doris Sainsbury.
Romeo Drnult.
Andrew Brault.
Wnltpr Laurie.
Dewey McNeil.
Grace Doris.
Wong Quon.
Everett Wilson.
Willrcd Kennedy.
Muriel Johnston.
Allen Lncey.
Harold Haslam.
Hattle Hollander.
Irene Beech.
Helen Whitmore.
Rlenor Aubertin.
Frank Bridges.
Janet Jones.
Lily McReady.
Edith Lewis.
Edward Brown.
Governor of Bermuda
London. April 3.—Lieut. Gen. Sir
George Mnckworth Bullock, has been
appointed governor of Bermuda, to
succeed the late Lieut. Gen. Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener, whose death
occurred at HnKilton on March 7.
Gen. Bullock wns born in 1851. He
has seen aervice In India, South
Africa and was major general commanding In Egypt 1906-08.
Premier visits England
Premier McBrlde leaves tor London
on April 14 und will be back in Victoria, before the end ol May. Returning he will spend a few days st Ottawa with tiie object ot taking up
with tho Dominion government several important matters, among thom
being the proposed bridging of Soy-
mour narrows. While ln London he
will take up, among othor matters,
tho question ol providing more suitable accommodations for the work of
the ngent-gcnernl's office. It IB also
propoae.l to enlarge the scope ot ths
ngent-gonernl. Me hopes during his
absence also to adjust tho differences
In respect to the Rrltlsh Columbia
Electric railway nnd certain ol Us
Takes Easter Holiday
Ottawa, April 4.—The premier
loaves today for New York and Hot
Springs to lie away for two week..
During hln absence Hon O. E. Forter
will ho acting premier. Other ministers will disperse to their several
homos for the Easter holidays and
there is not likely to be a Mill sitting
of the cabinet until the middle ot the
Sir Wilfrid Laurier on Monday will
apenk nt Quebec at the banquet ot
th. Quebec branch of the Commercial
Travellers' Association.
A. C. Bowness
Wine  and  Spirit  Merchant
Manufacturer uf all kinds
of        Aei'iqtcd        waters
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer of all kinds of Foreign and Domestic
Wines and Spirits
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B. C.
HOTEL gr-nbrook,
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
t* rt.rtwt. ■|"lillirllfliili.liilnl.flnl.ilLi|iillili»ll)ti .lull
!   STOVES and RANGES   i!
I wish to reduce m/ stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the MofFatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
*M f Mill H'l'l' WW' ****■* ■*..*. I-HIIII ***** 111 r H*
****** *********************
m.   W.   DREW,   Pro|>ri.«or.;;
Women's Secrets
There i* one men iu the I'nited SlHtcu wlm fian pcrhnpit henrd
more women's secret* then any other man or woman iu lho
country. Ttitte teereti aru nut leorots afjUiHt or t.lmme, hut
the tec ret*, of luficrintf, and they have been vuniidi-d tu Dr. ^tA
H. V, Pieree in the tfupe and expuot.tt.un of ttdvicu und help.
That few uf these women have been diituppoinfed in their expectations is proved by the taut that W per cunt, ol all women
treated by Dr. Pierce or his able stutT, have beeu absolutely
and si to |et tier cured. Such a record would he remarkable If
the oases treated were numbered hy hundreds only. Hut when
that record applies to tbe treatment of more thnn half*a-niil*
lion women, in a practice of over 40 years, it i*t phenomenal,
and entitles Dr. fierce to the lirtititudc accorded him by women, u tba first of
specialists in the treatment of women's disciuea.
Bvery sick woman may commit ui hy letter, ohsulutely without ehartfe.
All replies are mailed, seul«d in perfectly plain envelopes, without any print*
ini or udverti-.ir.fi whatever, upon them. Write without fear as without
fee, to World's DiNnensary Medical Association, Ur. R. V, Pierce, President.
663 Maiu Street, Hufftitu, N, Y.
JMCa%Ijc.oai WoHk Womon   *-..U-ouff,
  Siolt tVomou WoU.
The  Prospector's  Slogan
The Best Investment on Earth
Is A Piece of It
Are You Getting a Share of the prosperity?   Are you Enjoying part of the Enormous Increase in Value
of Real Estate?
Let us Show you How.   By Making a Small Investment Now we can Make of You one of those so-called
"Lucky Ones" Who have taken the Advantage of Similiar Opportunities1!
We have Interested others—Sound, Hard-thinking, Shrewd Business Men
. ,************4 I, ************* lllll I II IIIIH +
* ' ■ ■
i i 11
ii Attention Conservatives il
A Regular Meeting of the Cranbrook
Conservative Association will be held in
Campbell and Manning's New Building on
Hanson Ave., Monday Evening, April 8th.,
at 8 o'clock p. m. Business—Election of
Officers for the ensuing year.
Per Order
;; ♦,|,.|,,|,,|,i,.|,,|,l|l,|,,|.|,l|,,),|,,|l,|,l|ll|,l|,,|,,|,(,,l.|,|ll|l,t,lHl,l„t„i„t„riH,|l,H„,ll|,;;
Cranbrook St. Needs Attention
It la up to th. Board of Work, to
make 80m. Improvement on Cran.
brook street. For the past alx years
there has been nothing done, and the
small lako, just below tbe School
House has became a nuisance, the
rocks piled up on each side of the
street are monuments to the disgraceful conditions which exist; the
bridge Is ln bad shape, and Is a menace and source of danger, to the
school children who are dally compelled to cross It. The sidewalk on
the north aide of the street are decayed, not wide enough, and a disgrace to the city. Cement sidewalks
are very nice, look well, but we want
decent walks on Cranbrook street before we are taxed for cement walks
which will not be laid ln the outlying districts for several years.
Council to be Commended
Additional Locals
Mr, E. Peterson, left on Thursday
on a business trip to the far east.
BORN.-At the Cottage hospital,
Tuesday April 2nd,to Mr. aud Mrs.
Wm. Nesblt, a daughter.
H. S. Waters, late accountant at
the Royal Bank left this week lor
Halifax, N.8.   	
Miss B. Murgatroyd, stenographer
at tbe Royal Bank has been confined
to her home this week on account of
H. A. Hasewood, left for Vancou-
er, very suddenly on Tuesday; there
are a number of people around town
who will regret his departure.
The city council are worthy of com
mendatlon for the very creditable
manner In which they are looking alter the city's interests, A case well
worth mentioning where a branch
body of the city, though authorised
to spend money in certain directions
and charge the same to the rate-payers, hnve no authority to buy real
estate outside the city limits and
then send In the bill to the council
for payment without a word of explanation as to where the Bald real
estate was, or for what use lt was
The matter was brought to the attention of the council by an account
presented to the finance committee
for payment amounting to $1,975.1)0
and Included an Item for *,*81.00 tor
real estate. This roal estate was
found to be about half a mile outside of the city limits, in block 45.
If land la desired, nnd really needed
for School purposes, lt could be obtained within the city limits, and in
all probability more serviceable.
The school board nre already draw
Ing on the school district to the extent of 5 mills and there Ib a certain
surplus allowed which ls put under
the heading of extraordinary expenses, and this payment ls supposed to
come under this head. As this money
ls to be paid by the city, it Is absolutely essential for the school board
to first consult with tbe council as
to the merits of such an expenditure,
and then ascertain If the city Is able
to pay the same without encroaching
on other Improvements now ln prog-
cesB in the city.
We have been Informed by one of
the trustees, that the provincial government bad granted to the school
board sufficient money to build the
proposed school to be ejected on the
land In question, 1. this ls true, and
wltb the manual teaining expenditure
the board will have In the neighborhood ol J17.5O0 for manual school repairing and finishing the present
school house, and the erection of tbe
proposed new school building outside
tbe municipality. It might be a
benefit to the ratepayers of the Oranbrook school dlstzlct, and the citizens of Cranbrook city to ascertain
Just what the school board want, and
what they propose doing.
^"<^-H.-|^4-t-H-H-H-H-l-thill ****** III I HI I I II H I 11 III I III I I III M > I M >
i  -^s^ Housekeeper *s=&
Did it Ever Strike You that You can
> Cheaper by Electricity
; than you can with Wood or Coal
! We Carry a full line of Electrical Appliances
I for all purposes and we guarantee them
i Quain Electric Co., Ltd.
• Head Office:    Cranbrook, B. C.
I MAURICE QUAIN, General Manager
'.!   'Phone 129 Branches at Medicine Hat, Alta., and Fernie, B.
$ ***H********U******* I 1111 I M I H I H II111 IIIH I I H 1111111 III
c. ;
W. Laldlaw, who has been taking ln ard has been suddenly taken with an j
the prairie provinces for the past two' attack of la grippe, and it is to be [
weeks returned to Cranbrook Wednes- hoped that he will be speedily restor-
day. ed to health.
Karl C. Clark of Frederlcton, N.B.
has accepted a position with the
Beattie-Murphy Co. Mr. Clark is an
experienced stationery and wall paper man, and will have charge ol this
branch of the firms business.
It is with regret that we have to
report the illness of Mr. W.J.B. Gue-
rard, of tbe Auditorium.    Mr. Ouer-
Tke deatk 0: Benjamin W. Hucklc
occurred at Vancouver on March 12th
1912. The funeral service was held
from the undertavlng parlors of Center & Hanna, last Friday afternoon
under the auspices ol Cascade loiltrc
A.F. & A.M.. The late Mr. Huckle
was formerly a resident ol this district, having came to Port Steele In
the early nlnties. He waB a South
African veteran, a member of the
Strathcona Hon*.
of the
Allen Players at Cranbrook
The Auditorium has been the home
of the famous "Allen Plnycrs" and
their musical adherents, "The Royal
Hui.gnrlan Quartette.
Mr. Allen ls to be congratulated
on retaining Mlnfi Verna Felton as
the leading lady of his company. Mibs
Felton, is a great favorite with Crnnhrook tlieatre-goerH and the Allen
Player are sure of crowded bouse
when they sojourn at Cranbrook.
The personal ol the company consists of artists, with reputation second to no performers In the Alberta
circuit. Mr. Kennedy as tending man
can not be Improved on, and we have
no hesitation In Haying thnt the Allen Players, Is the best stock com-
that hns ever played at Cranbrook.
Miss Felton In the "Dlvorcnna"
was a marvel, nnd showed great his-
tronir talent In the wny she personated "Cyprienne". Mme Do Prunel
les, MrB P. R. Allen ns Mllle Dc Vnl
fontnine proved n favorite with the
MIbs Marie Thompson baa found n
place ln the admiration of the people
by her excellent way of handling her
various roleH during the week. MIhs
Gladys Hudnrs can always count on
receiving a good reception when she
nppenrs before a Crnnbeook audience,
she delighted the nudlence with her
songs, .esneclnlly "Where the River
Shnnnon Flows."
Tonieh the compnny will piny under
"Two Flags" with MIsh Felton as
"Cigarette" nnd a treat Is In store
for all who see tt.
Salvation Army
(Special Easter Service.)
SUNDAY Morning 11 a. m.   Holiness
SUNDAY Alternoon 2 p. m. Sunday
SUNDAY Afternoon 2 p. ni. Free and
EuBy Meeting.
SUNDAY Night 8 p. m. Salvation
Meeting. Subject "A Triumphlal Saviour."
Raster Monday at 8 p.m. an enjoying evening will be spent In the Army
The great feature will be a feaat of
trumpets, Music and Song will nlso
be rendered.
No admission fee, just an enjoyable
evening for those who are not attending otber places.
Do not forget to come for yonr
Fred. A Stride, Captain
Keep Tract of the "Prospector" for Information.
(Southern Division Boat Kootenay)
TAKB notice that Charles Greater
Senior, of Baker, P.O., B.O., occupation farmer, intends to apply for par*
mission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted *%
the north east corner of Lot 6*41,
thence east 20 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence east M chain*; Umbos
aouth 11.91 chains, tbence west M
chains, thence north Sl.»i chains to
the point of commencement containing 1(0 acres more or leu.
Charles Qrosley, Senior.
B. O. Staid. Agent.
Dated Feb. 24, 1912, 14-4-tt
What Is It?
Apply turpentine :(oni hsHe o: skull
down tke spine, tken :..ld 11 plerc ..
flannel, wklck, atoi being :oldo.l ih
3 o( 4 Inckes wide, tken sat.i(ate
wltk tulpentlnc, tken place (oni base
0: svull down tke spine, tken covo(
wltk a piece o: dfy flannel. Take n
knt Hon and l(on down tke spine :of
savefsl minutes, l/'t tke patient lie
on aide nnd place a kot Kon, not. too
kot, at back 0: neck ove( tke flannel.
Continue until patient is (cllevod 0:
pain, applying mo(c tulpentine ns
Tkla In tke wny a pkyslelan cu(ed
mnny patients In Illlnola wklle mi-
otke* lost all kla patients, my Hlste(
being one o: tkom, about. 12 ..( If.
yea(a ago. I was successfully t(cnt-
ed In tklH wny, Will answol any
questions I can nho.it tkls tleatment.
I am lo( saving ll'.e as ll:o la a vo(y
pfecloua thing. -Tbls. I.nl.i qdinrl.,
flulpkuf, i>kl.ik»mn.
Methodist Church
Rev.  W.  niaon Dunham,   Pastor.
Easter Sunday will be observed in
this church by special music and appropriate sermon, at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m,
Morning subject: "Tbe Resurrection
Morning Music: Organ Voluntary:
"Prayer from  Lohengrin"  Wagner.
Anthem "Easter" by the eboir.
Solo by Mr.. Welabrod, "The Light
of tbe World," Arthur Sullivan.
Offertory: "In Memorlsm" by 3
Recessional:  "March from Ell"
Evening Service, subject of sermon
"Modernism  And Immortality."
Music: Organ Voluntary: "O for th,-
Wlnps of a Dove," Handle.
Anthem: "The Strife la O'er" Mendelssohn.
Anthem:    "0   be    Joyful." Dudley
Rnsa Solo, Mr. O. W, Stevenson.
"Nazareth." by Gounod.
Offertory. Organ aolo: "Adagio
Tnntahlle" hy O. F. Our.
Receasionsl. Sonata: by Moaart.
Organist, Mr. 3. Stanley Pack.
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujr Cure "TAK,
Alcohol, Tobacco and I in,„a. It cunlera.t. tha
.!!.«.<. aliiloat Iii.ih.iII. nM.i.'vra all ua.loae.
Aha. taking- tlia t.eatmeut thee ..III never t>e any
Coed ..ftl.nik Inloalcauta or ua. dniaa af nln. tan
a riven ., r idly. We li.v. yet lo bear nl one
lall.it.. Mailed under aenar.t. cover to an. ad-
di.... Pure 15.11. bos,or) bom for 11000. ta.
faajk.ll Unut to,. Tie, CwkwtaM, Oal.
Elko Notes
Th. whirr of tbe "Auto" Is now •
familiar Bound in Elko. The genial
proprietor ot tbe Elk Hotel ton*
roud the city loaded with all kiada
of wayfarers, and the children an not
forgotton. They wear the amUw
that won't come oil wben tbey alt lr>
the auto.
A large addition is to be added to
th. Columbia Hotel soon, and undtr
the proprietor ship ol Mr. Jama*
Thomson It Is bound to prosper.
Miss Allen Hernie, spent the week
end as usual in Blko, th. guaert of
Mr. and Mrs Thomson.
So there are live Socialists In Blko
according to the vote, quite a Bomber In such a small place. The Hoa.
Mr. Ross, however, haa been returned, aurely something will now be
done to get a water supply for Blko,
promises, however rashly made at aa
election time often vanish away.
Speaking of the water supply a ten-
tlemnn auggMted to tbe writer to appeal to the preacher to pray for It;
"The prayer, of th. righteous atrial-
eth much," but, just wait until Um
church I. built, than the goats aad
the sheep will be separated.
With an automobile running, tb.
picture .bow, and baseball, pooiplay-
era did not feel their low to much oa
Baptist Church
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, Pa.tor
A cordial Invitation Is ..tended to
the pnhllf to pnrflrlpnte In tbe Rns-
ter servleea n»«t Sunday. Special
music will he rendered at both services.
Morning worHhlp, 11 a. m. Topic:
"The Resurrection ol Christ the guar
nntee of a genernl Resurrection."
Sunday School, 8 p. m.
Evening Worship: 7:30 p.m. Topic:
"Resurrection Power for Everyday
A gentleman asked th. writer 1
th.y were to And tw.lv. aaa aad
true, to run tb. church In Blko, Wkf
I felt In.ulUd; tb. eltlaen. of Ilka
an all good and will tun. tbatr
voice to praise Zioa, just as mack
as they will about at a Hockey ot) a
baseball match. Long face* aad
and tour demeanour* do not mako
That a certain man has earned for
himself tbe name of "Ballot-Boi"
Taylor, Tboaa In th. know an having a good laugh over It.
With the starting up of the Mottk
Star Mill, quite a number of n»w
face, are to be seen In Blko.
Mn. William Todbunter, Kenrfe. «•
VERNA     FELTON    and   the   ALLEN     PLAYERS
To-night "Camille"      Saturday Matinee "The Lottery Man"      Saturday Night "Under Two Flags"
PRICES        25. 50. A 75 SATURDAY  MATINEE 25 & 50
, i•TT'I''f*"arT**l*TTTTTTT "i^'i" *•* T "1' 'I" I" **
"Home to Roost"
"Apple-green west and an orange bar.
And the crystal eye of a lone, one star
And "Child, take the shears and cut what you will,
Frost tonight—so clear and dead still."
— Edith M. Thomas in Harper's
Pale-yreen piffle ami orange hunk.
Aud the ratfgod rhyme ot one mad or drunk,
Ynu must oonfess thU approaches Miss
Edith's verse-  but we oan't still thls.-Buffalo News.
Ci'ushed*pumpkln dawn ami a lemon squeeze-
Child, lead your mother out-doors tosuea^e,
At -.tuff liki> this we UOUld never fail.
But, we'd never dare offer this sale.    Houston Post.
Alice-Mil*- cheese and a plate of tripe,
And fourteen chinamen bitting ilu* pipe.
Versed like thi** mak** a bosom throb
I hope it won I cause me to lose my jol
Salmon-hued vests and a pale-blue tie,
Child, keep your linger* out of the pie:
Christmas Is near If I sell this, glrllt
Vou can do some of your shupptng earl
A glass o! old cheese and a plate of ale.
Sammy run oul get some suds lo the pall.
I fjel that I mu getting tbem bad ami worse,
since 1 tried to unravel Miss Ed ltd's verse. -Ex.
A pink tomcat and heaving sea*..
A sailor old and purple  D. T.'s
Stuff like this 1 can write with mj (eet,
But what in the world doth Edith eat.   Ottawa Free Press
Plasterer's Hair and a chocolate eclair.
Child, how your father's pants do wear!
My barmle noddle is working prime
Like to sell this at u niekle a line!    Fernie Fret- Press.
Yellow Boor paint and pun* white enamel,
Child, dost tnou think your dad a camel?
This wasn't written by Thomas Marks-
Of course you will buy your paint from PARKS.
F. Parks & Company
Hardware, Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
Cranbrook,    B. C.
Uuy P. Pownell. of Fish Lukes wna
}  a Oranbrook visitor on Monday.
| [     Under Two     Flags ut the Auditorium tonight,
A few choice    potted   plants at.—
Campbell & Mannings.
The fislnnir    season will     open on
11   May 1st.
Watch "The Star City ol Kootenay |
-Oranbrook , grow."
T      FOUND on  Oranbrook    street,    -it
1]I   U o'clock Friday morning, Two Kills
Constable Joe. Walsh, ol Kort
Steele, wuh In the city Monday on
loK».i business.
MilwiUikc Sentinel        , .
Detroit Free 1're
For up-to-date printing and tine
stationery, ca;i at the Fr.-spector
_ See  our    Easter   Llllies    in  pot*.—
. i + l 11 HM I 11 IH I I I'UII l'l H-**************** j ■*   Campbell i Manning.
Local  News
Yuu never saw such bargains in
wall paper as are being banded out
by.-U.  H. Short.
Tho Oranbrook Hoard of Trade met
on Tuesday evening at the Council i
Head, and then advertise in the big
family paper of Oranbrook "The
Blaster LlUiea ;tt Campbell A Man*
A. C Bowness. and W A. KolliUB,
returned Saturday last from a holiday trip to the roast.
Don't forget your Easter supplies,
today is your last chance. Uuy early
an.! eet the best.
("■.it  Flowers
at  Kink's Pure Food
Baster services will be held in all
Cranbrook churches tomorrow. Easter Sunday
'I  IH   I   I  IIIH   I   ill M^■.|^■ttt^^"fr^M^'^^M^^^^'^■t^^H'^'^^l^^^t^t^^^^^^^^l^^  '
We are in a Position to Supply
till your needs In Groceries, etc., in addition to the
lines we always carry. See us first before you buy your
next weeks groceries. We can reduce your bill of costs.
LADIES Lower your cost of Living,
.lust received a Car of Coal Oil, Gasoline, and all
kinds of Automobile Supplies, which we are selling at
a reduced price.
The Mountain Lumbermen held n
convention In Clapps Hall last Friday afternoon.
„. W. 0. Morton, has received an appointment as clerk in the Cranbrook
Customs office.
Red  Seal N'jval Oranges at Fink's
X   Pure Fond CJrocery.
■ •] Mr. nnd Mrs. F. o. Davis, of Wjr-
clifTe, were Crnnhrook visitors on
The Cranbrook Trading Co. !:
P. O. BOX 488 LIMITED PHONE 183        ',',
**********1~l*r+*************** '• '•
Mr. und Mrs.  J, Hoyt, nl   Nelaon,
JL | were registered at the Crnnhrook on
' \********************** ***** I M ************''
at the
Model Variety Store
We  can   Save   you   Money    by    Buying   at   the   Big
Value Store
Our Saturday  Special Sale in Wire Goods
Regular Price 15c and 25c
Andi-ock Safely Tousters
Potato Mustier.
Vegetal.!.' ijiltel's
Electrli: Kgg Whips -   .
Steele Ple.il Forks and Wire Soap Dlah.
10 c   Each
10 c
5 c
5 c
Saturday Morning Free Gifts
To every Lady Entering our Store between 8 a. m
and   9 a. m., we  will  present them with a Beautiful
China Cup and Saucer.
Easter Novelties
Hcuiiiifui Boater ii,.-.,.
Hn.Mei Duck, ,v lii,"-
Lanier Cblokena
Beau.ii ,1  Kast...- l '...-.I.
at Id (v IS .
Hi 10 4f 15 c
ut 5c"
2 for 5 .
Easter Dry Goods
Complete I.i. I  Ladle.'  Caahmere,   Silk Llale and Ootton Ho..  ]',
ir. Hlaek. Tan and White Bhadea, Plain and Open Wu.k Pattern, at
35c, 40c, Sllc, 60c and 75c a pair
A   Kai.i'v   Line  ot'Cblldt'sn'a Uoae Cuhmere iu the (amou. l.nti.   ,,
Nell Brand m Blank, 'inu, Cardinal, >ky and White at
25 cents per pair
Children1. Hull H..s,- In all color. at 25 c a pair   ,,
Doeskin ('ot.tou Hns... Triple Knee at     15c and 25c a pair
Aprons in Ginghams and Lawns
J  .Splendid rang.' All-over Style - ai 75c, $1.00 and $1.50 ''
"andeome Tea A prims in Lawn, ut 2,. each ,,
1   Single .Viugilillli  Aprons at 25 c each
Kaiu'y Worked and Stamped Linen -        at 25 c each   ■'
Handsome Line of Handkerchiefs
Ladies' Musllu. Laae Trimmed -               at 35 c each   ■'
Ladies' Law... Lane Trinimod at. 25c each
Oentlemen'a Irish Linen               - at 15c   "
- -           ut 10c 3 (or 25c  J '
Bargains in Our Toy Department
Ha>« llalla at 16.' and 4o.-.   Rubber Bulls at lOo is,- and Mr each     "
I   Bargain, .very iluy iu int.- iu, lOu, 16a tui.l 26a Suctions and Stationery   . 1
Model Variety Store
Cranbrook, B, C.
R. I.. T. Oalbralth, of Fort 3teel«,
Indian Agent, was in Crnnhrook on
official business Wednesday.
<",. G. Jewell, of ,1 affray, provident
of tho Jewell Lumber Co. was in the
city Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Young, of Fort
Steele, were Cranbrook visitors on
lioins out of the Wall F'aper business. Everything must go nt slaughter prices.—B. H. Short.
,1. Madden, representing the John
Ganlt Engineering Co, was at Cranbrook Monday for tbe purpose of re-
sutning work on the sewerage system
All kinds of cut flowers for Raster.
Campbell & Manning,
$1.00    S1.50
$2.00    $2.50
A well made clock that
don't forgot to go off, one
that we can thoroughly
For Sales List.
Vo\{ SALEJ—Thoroughbred Rhode Is
laud and Brown Leghorn Biggs,
$1.50 (or 13 G W.l.adda. city. 9-8
i FOR SALE—Eggs for batching from
selected winter layers, In S. 0.
Rhode Maud Reds, wiiMfl wyan-
dottes, b'tifffl orplngtons atidS.C.
white and brown leghorns $1.50
per setting. J. Gartslde, l-leas-
Hiit View, Poultry Farm, Cranbrook.   Phone 377B. 13-4t
KOR SALE—Poultry ranch, buildings to accommodate 1000 fowls,
also 1000 fowl, 4-roomed house,
well and pump attached, irrigated Btream runs through land,
50 1-year old apple trees planted
100 3-year old current bushes,
one acrea cleared, rest stumps
standing, 5 acres over all.
Terms |3,000 to iie paid $1,500
cash and tin* lalance to suit
purchaser. Apply at this office.
FOR BALE.—Eggs for batching, Crystal White Orpingtons, special
selected breeders from strictly
first class stock. Strong winter laying strain $3.00 per sitting of 13, fertility guaranteed,
0. E. Kendall. Cranbrook, Box
4CC. tf
TO LET.—Ranch 270 acres, 15 acres
fenced and under cultivation,
balance under fence, 6 miles
from city, flag station within
lines, 7 buildings on ranch. For
particulars or rental write Rancher,  Box  M.  Cranbrook.
FOUND.—A horse halter. Owner to
provide description and pay for
this advertisement. Apply Prospector Office.
WANTED Two good chicken brooders
at once.— Apply W. J. Atchison
FOR SALE.--One Chatham Incubator
120 eggs, also black cochin bantam eggs, »2.00 per sitting. Orders taken for the "Peerless"
and "Hamilton" incubators and
brooders. Apply S. Macdonald
P. O. Box 102 Cranbrook B. C.
Geo.  II. Ash worth,   Phono 189.
0, 11. McDougnl, of Klmherley,
i general manager of the Sullivan
.mines, wnn in the city Thursday on
' company  buslucsB,
Oranbrook nnd Southeast Kootonay
nro only at the lierJmiing of their de-
velopmeni. - Watch     tho  accomplish*
; nu'uiH of Oranbrook lu tbo next  few
1 years
Easter Ltllloa, oul (lowers, and all
kinds of green goods for Easter Sunday decorattons -Campbell & Manning.
With copper aud silver higher In
price than tlicy have boot) for years,
llm shipping mlhOfl ot tho Cranbrook
district should have a very successful
Attontlon Conservatives1 A regular
mooting of tlio Oranbrook Oonserva*
tivo Association will ho hold on Monday evening. April Sth, in Campbell
A Manning's new store building on
Hanson Avenue, nt s p. tn, for the
purpose of electing officers for the
onBUlng year
W, .1 Lnngloy, of Los Angeles, was
in   town    Wednesday.     Mr. Langley
is an old timer In tbo Cranbrook district, having been here In 1894 long
before the Crow line was constructed
Just unloaded several ears of choice
Timothy buy. Cot our prices.—
Campbell & Manning.
Mr.  Olid Steves, left   on    Tuesday
for Maclcod, where he has been summoned as a   witness in   some prominent ease that is before the court in
, that city this weev.
Oranbrook is becoming more than
: ever a city of homes. There are no
i vncanl houses in Cranbrook, and   a
number of    new  houses are    already
under construction.
Thero will be a meeting of the
Farmers Institute held on the government building on Wednesday evening next. Papers will be read, and
topics of interest discussed.
Lest you forget.—Vineland canned
Tomatoes 3 cons for 50 cents. Vine-
land canned Peas, Corn aud Beans 2
cans for 25 cents.,.. Fink's Pure Food
The provincial government has _
force of men engaged In building a
second concrete culvert on tbe extension of Cranbrook street. In the fit
ture all small bridges nnd culverts
will be constructed of cement.
1 No order too largo for us to handle, or too small to receive careful
attention nnd prompt delivery.—
Campbell & Manning.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Pringle, arrived in
town this week from Winnipeg. Mr
Cringle has piirclia.se some twelve
j acres of fruit land from the Koote
ney Orchard Co., where he Intends to
build a home, and raise the "Big
Red Juicy Apple."
The water in    the Kootenay    river i
hns commenced to rise, nnd tbetUMlt?!
at Fort Steele shows a rise of   two i
Sweet Briar boiled bams ut Fink's
Pure Food Grocery,
The monthly report of the Public
School is an indication of the progress that is going on in the educational line In Cranhrook city.
A regulnr assembly of Selkirk Prc-
[ceptory was held in the Masonic Temple, nn Monday evening. Thore was
i a largo attendance,
Chocolate Easter novelties, something to please the children—Cam-
bell & Manning.
The Honk! Honk* of the automobiles are beard hourly on the streets
; of Cranbrook. Some 45 huz wagons
j ,tre owned in this city.
It is rumored that A. S. Gnodevc,
! M.P, for Kootenay is Hinted for an
irmrly appointment on tbo railway
' commission.
; Leave yonr orders early for Easter
| flowers, Oarnntlnns, Roses Tulips,
f Violets.  Etc.—Oampbell & Manning.
Mr. and Mrs, Fred Binniore, nf Fort
Steele, were In Cranbrook Wednesday
enroute for Hpoknne, on a holiday
i trip.
j Al. Rank In, of Cranbrook has purchased three acres of fruit land In the
, Kootenay Orchard, about two miles
southeast Of Cranbrook.
Must clear ont Wall Paper Stock
, at once. Everything goes cheap for
j cash.—B.   H.  Short.
I), V. Mott, of Fernie, who represents tho Ford Automobile Co., wns
in the city Wednesday on company
Feed OatH and Chicken Wheat. Hran
and Shorts at market prices at.—
Campbell & Manning.
3CKN.T0 Helghta, Vancouver, Lota
S'iK, corners |550—terms 116.00
.loivn nnd $10.00 per month.
BIGHT Room Cottage anil out-bull-
dinga, centrally located in the
city—$1800 enah, a good bargain.
FIVE or ten ncre tracts, suitable lor
Fruit, Gnrdcning, or Poultry
raising, 2 miles from town,
guaranteed from Irost, $100.00
per acre, satisfactory terms.
109 acre farm, one nnd one-fourth
mile from Port Steele Junction
spring wnter and temporary bull
dings, partly fenced, excellent
plnce for „ chicken ranch.
HANOI! containing 307 acrcB. one-
third under cultivation, 1,000,-
000 feet good timber. Good
buildings, 1 mile Irom Kootenay
Central Stntlon. Wasa, $.'.,000.
Terms ono bull ensh down
B.   a    itrciD
Ileal   Rstate & Employment   Agency
I'hnnn .11)1, or write Hoi 306
Oranbrook, B. c.
Enster     Novelties nt
Food Grocery.
Fink's Pure
Frank Dezall
ami can do
for anyone
He is also Atient for
of the best Kind
Works Opposite Depot
Moler Halrdresslng College
Ladiesi-Learn the Hairdress-
ing Art in 8 weeks.   Graduates
earn $18 to $25 a week.
Write for catalogue.
33S Sprugue Ave.     .Spokane   Waah.
Attention Conservatives I A regulnr
meeting ol tbe Ornnbrook Conservative Association will be held on Monday evening, April 8th, in Campbell
& Manning's new store building on
Hanson Avenue, nt 8 p. m. for the
purpose of electing officers for the
ensuing year.
Choice patterns of Wall Paper to
select from at "Give Away Prices."
B. H. Short.
The resident!..! ndvuntnges of Cranhrook nre bound to nl tract many
people to this dlatrlct. Also mnny
settlers to locate on Innd in the im
medlntc vicinity ..I Ihe city. This in
flux of new residents Is already notic-
enble even at this time by man,, who
have purchased small boldlngB of
fruit lands.
We handle only the beat of goods
Cheap prices often mean cheap goo.lH
pure food Is tho koy to health.—
Campbell & Manning-
The provincial government has
number of men employed in building
a bridgo across the Ht. Mary's river
Just below the end of the Inke. Tbe
wagon road from Marysvillo will he
put In condition, and u trip to the
lake will he a nice outing. Mr. Paul
Mandlcy, and Mr. A. A. Ward, hnve
motor boats on tbo Inke for the ac-
.'.mini.illation of tourists.
D. W. Hyndman, comincreinl telegrapher at Oranbrook has been sent
to Edmonton to tnke charge of tbe
O.P.R, offices, ns generul mnnuger.
Mr. Ilya.tn.an bus resided in Crnnhrook for a number of years, and has
made a himt of friends who will he
to have him leave Craudook, yer well
pleased at his promotion.
Our Hat column Is growing In favor
nnd meeting the needs of n good
many renders. If you hnve anything
lor snle, or a house tr. rent or aoll;
or perhaps you want to "UK TIIEHE
COLUMNS It will pay you. OnII In
and see ua or phone MS for further
particulars or nsslstnnce you may
need—wo nre always nt the othor end
of the phone.
W.   W. KILBY,
*******   ll^JJJJJJJ,JJJMtJ|J,XJJJJ, ■ .1 ■■■   Vlntnlialili liiliili till
, I      I I I I II I rTTlTTiTTTI I I I ItTI t^llrTri I  I I r I IT II"
Let Us Figure With You On Your Job Of
We can save you money.   We have   no
old  Stock io work off.   Every Pattern is     ;;
New, Up-to-Date and Looks Like
" 19 12"
Bright and Prosperous
We will give you a Careful Estimate on
Your Job.   No Delays.   We have the Stock
On Hand.   No  Excessive   Express   Rates
to pay and Best of All you See what you
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd   jj
Where   It   Pays   to   Deal
4- M-t-M"l"H"M'l"H-l"M-l"H'    ************
Lot on
Baker Street
Biggest Snap
In the City
hW-M". ***•!******************'
•fill 111111| | HI H I'H-H- <-M"t"H"H"l"H"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"
f P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd.
CRANBROOK,        -        B.   C.
"Shamrock Brand"
M-4-H-M-f * **** llllllll 11.
Chapman's     Agency jj
P. O. Box 62    CRANBROOK, B. C,        Phone 401    *'
Specialists in
'.'.   City Lots for sale in all the more Important   ••
!!   Towns in the West.
Call and See Us
House Plants,
Plants, Etc.
The Cranhrook Floral Co. represented hy K. H. II. Stanley, are now
growing in Cranhrook—Bedding I'ln-
nta, Houae Planta, etc., In tholr
kIbhs ho.ia. In th. rear of No. 24
Armstrong Avenue. Anything not I"
stock will be procured Irom their
Supply Housea, consisting of 40,000
square feet of glass. Thoy carry
McKcnde's celobrnted Northern
drown Soeda at 11 Armstrong Avenue whore the people can leave their
orders. Cut flowers can he Hhlppetl
at two days notice. 11-41.
I will Mil I.othhrldge
Heal Batata at tho ofllce of
P. DeVerc Hunt for a
short period. Parties who
are In th. market for Investments; call nn.l hco
me. I guarantee to doul.lo
your investment within
three or all month..
Bull River Livery
wishes lo call attention
t.> having ;i  twice-daily
stage service from
meeting Kast and West
hound trains.
Held in Carmen's Hall
CnmliictrtJ by
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
Certificated Teacher from
London School Board
lii:on   ... p..   ...   12:0(1 in.
2:UU   p. m.   to     4:0(1 p. in.
Phone 220 P. O. Box 238


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