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The Prospector Nov 29, 1913

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Array Provincial   Legislative Assembly
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Guarantee You a Fit
.    \*V'
:.._;_ r
Thr   1.radiug Newspaper
in   the
$2.0(1 Per Vear
__       VV,V>\
Shackles that Must be Broken
"Wewant what We want when We want it"
"We want a more direct connection with the Fell0Wf_L._. ?'cla8S
Kootenay Central Railway"
Conservative Assn.
A meeting of the Crnnbrook Local
OonelrvaUon Association waa held
in Campbell _ Manning's Hnll on
Wednesday ovening. There waa a
fairly good attendance present, Ira
R. Manning, president, occupied the
The first order of business was the
reading of thc records of the laat
meeting by the Secretary Jan. A.
Arnold, which were adopted aB read.
The committee on membership reported progress, and were given further time.
Mr. Manning then stated that the
meeting had been called to elect an
executive committee to the Crnn-'
brook District Conservative Association. The following were then nominated and elected:—J. D. McBride,
F. H. Rfcall, 15. A. Hill, Ira R.
Manning, Simon Taylor, W. II. MacFarlane, and 0, H. Phillips.
Bam Macdonald then addressed the
meeting on the auliject of more land
for intending settlers. He thought
tbat it would be better for the government and the settler, if the government held in abeyance the first
year's acreage fees, thus giving tbe
aettler tht use nf that amount of
money in clearing and improving his
land. He also snld that in hia opinion 40 acres was not sufficient land
for a pre-emptor ln this dlatrlct, and
suggested that n committee be appointed to confer with the one appointed by the diatrict association
to present a memorial to the government requesting them to open lands
in this vicinity to the settler.
Remarks on theae lines were made
by Q. D, McBride, W. B. MacFarlane,
P. DeVere Hunt, C. K. Phillips and
othera. The matter of asking the
government to locate an experimental farm in thia vicinity waa referred
to, and a committee appointed to
confer with a similar committee
from the District Association.
It appears to be generally accepted
thnt a redistribution bill will lie introduced nt the coming session of
pnrltament. on n basis of the census
of 1911. Thc following list shows as
to what effect will follow In the representation of the provinces:—
Present New
Ontario  86 83
Quebec     65 6.
Nova Scotia  18 16
New  Brunswick    13 11
Trince Edward  4  3
Mnnltoba  10 15
Saskatchewan     10 16
Alberta    7 13
Britlsh Columbia      7 13
Yukon      1  1
Private School Pupils
must pass entrance
VICTORIA, B. C, Nov. 23.-A.ten
tion of the provincial department of
education haa boen drawn to the fact
that certain puplla of private achools
have been evading high school entrance regulations by submitting
statements of work done and ln a
number nf casos succeeding in their
applications for admittance into
high schools. It haa heen shown
that they have taken up tbe high
school work without passing tbe required teats placed before ordinary
public achool puplla. In order to
place private school pupils upon exactly the tame basis as thoae in pub*
llc schools in thla /natter the department haa had an order iu council
passed to that end.
Civic Election
The Civic Bloctton which took
place on Wednesday, for the purpose
of equalising the lntereat on debentures, and cited aa the Craahrook
Manual Training School Bylaw A-
mendment Bylaw, resulted in tbe
ratepayers giving their assent to tbe
measure hy a largo majority. Tbe
vote waa 138 for and 6 agalnat.
Examination to License
Log Scalers
YBAR tor the Cranbrook and Fernie
Districts, for thc purpose nl licensing Healers, na provided tnr hy the
Forest Act, will he held at the mill
of tbe Jewell Lumber Co., Jaffrny
Station, on Tuoadny, December 2nd,
Application forma and all particulars may be obtained from the Dlatrlct forester, Crnnbrook, B.C.
Orders 100 Sleepers
The On tut'lift n Pacific railway Oo.
have ordered 100 new sleeping cars
built this winter at a cost of $2,500,-
000. The compnny have 1,000 miles
of branch lines under construction,
which will be completed next year;
luid in addition to thin are double-
tracking our main line from coast to
roast. This latter work will require
three or four years.
Total    221..
. 23.
Kilby Frames Pictures
W. W. Kilby has again shown his
confidence in the future of Craubrook
by purchasing the building on Armstrong Avenue, at present occupied
by F. Russell nnd A. C. Blaine. He
haa heen having the whole of the upstairs remodeled and fitted up, which
he intends renting out for residence,
tbe lower floors he wil) hnve made
into Btores and already be has had
several applicants for these.
Baptist Church
Rev. O. K. Kendall
Sunhay services:  11.00 and 7.30
Sunday school nnd Fellowship Bible Class at 3.00
Morning Topic: "Quenching the
Holy Spirit."
Kvenlng Topic: "Acceptable Sacrifices."
Worship the Lord In the beauty of
Presbyterian Church
Rev, w. Kelmnn Thornton
Morning Service 11 a,in.
...Subjoct—A Portrait of .leant
Sunday School nod Bible Class at
8 p.m.
Kvenlng acrvlce,  7-80 p.m.
Subject—A   Portrait  of a  man  In
HellWPnlnted hy the Divine Artist
Everybody Welcome—Come.
Important Changes in
C. P. R. Timetable
Lea.   13.00
Len.  1410
Train 513-Arr. nt 18-50
Train    U—Arr. nt 18-l.fi,
Train 514—Arr. at 14 66
Train    18-Arr.  nl 88-16;  Lea
Train 518—Lea, at    7 00; Arr
Kimborlcy Brunch
Lea. at 7-30; Arr. 12 80 nt Cranbrook
23 26
A dnnco nml supper Is to ho given
at tho Falls View Hotel, Marysville,
nn Friday, December 5th, when nil
nro Invited to attend. A good timo
ia aaaured to friends from Cranbrook
was the voice of the most representative
gathering the Board of Trade has ever
convened in Cranbrook—Business
men, lawyers, doctors, ministers,
etc. were all in attendance
$2,500   Subscribed
for Committee Work
The Committee appointed were: A. C. Bowness,
G. Stevenson, R. E. Beattie, V. H. Baker, J- T.
Laidlaw, Dr. King, N. Hanson.
The work and scope of this committee is to be unrestricted, the committee
having absolute power to do what, in their judgement, is advisable to further the
object in view, namely; obtaining a direct spur from Cranbrook to join with the
Kootenay Central Railway. The object of this movement is to widen the development of Cranbrook and to bring into use the resources it has as a distributing
centre for the Kootenays.
Another Butcher store
for Cranbrook
The   Crnnbrook   Ment   Market   will
open   up   for   business   on Monday,
December   lat.     This   will   make   the
fourth butcher  .tore in the city and
Ih owned jointly by Joe. Walkley nnd
Herbert  Johnson;  the busineH..  however will be under the direct and per
hi inal management of .Toe Walkley.
With the opposition  they  will have
i    their    business    ft  is more Mum
prAihSfwortliy   to  aee  the   enterprise
they are showing and the earnest endeavors  Ihey are making to supply
the citizens of   Cranhrook   imd   dis
triet  with  "Local"  meats.    Opposition  such  as The  I*.   Burns &   Co.,
Ltd., the 41 Market Co., Ltd., both
with almost unlimited capital behind
them  and  not   to  Hay   the  least  of Iillustrat
them The East Kootenay Butcher Co   object   «
all  of these three tiniiH have been  in
the city for n number of years nnd j
have obtained « strong hold of the
trade;  therefore,   we  say,  the enter* nmst
The Time Cheque system was also discussed
Enlargement of City Limits was brought to the
attention of the meeting
Full details of the meeting will be published in our
next issue
I. Hob Kellock. do hereby swear
that I diil on the llth dny of Jnnunry lust, quit the employment of J.
II. tea on account ol him I. .tie n
dangerous man to work lor; and he
did not make any remark, in regard
to money tnken until I wan out ol
his employment nnd retimed to return, nnd which I took him to court
nnd bent him.
Witness: J. S. Btnford—X-blB mnrk
.worn before me thin 13th dny o{
November,   UU.-L.   M.  Silly,   J.P.
Postal Expansion in
Canada won
LONDON, Nov. 23,-FraneiB Halts-
bury, who has received a handsome
testimonial from the commercial com
immity of Ltperpool on resigning
from the postmasters!.ip of that city
said that Canada provided the most
wonderful instance known of postal
expansion, nearly 600,000 parcels going through Liverpool to Canada and
2.0,(KM) coming from Cnnada yearly.
Departure of Mrs. J.
on Tuesday eneniny th.- Fellowship
Uible (Inns ..f the Raptist Church,
held it's first  banquet  in the dinlng-
'"!ii <,f the Y.M
i*-' gathering wi
ii.! organization
i in u dcfinatc w>
lunday Bchool nt
A The object of
i _• cial fell .wship
if the Bible Clan,
■kinp agi ney In the
1 church
Taiil.H wort' Bpread with appetuiug
dainties by thc etllcietit o-.er.igbt <t
Miss Leask, Miss WUHninB, nn.l Mrs,
W Watson, ("overs were laid fur 40;
36 were present, the remainder being
absent largely through illness. As
soon iih the edibles wtre d s.-os.d of,
the compnny gathered about tho
tables and gave attention to the bus
Tens of organization.
In a short atblr.ss the Pastor, Rev.
i> .12. Kendall explained his i.i-al of
he   Bible   Class  he  desired   this  one
should be.    Using the triangle as an
he emphasized the prime
ie  class  as    "Study    of
I's Word,"    nosed  upon  this end
natural    expression  of   It,   there
'The  Winning  "f  Houis. '
prise which is being shown hy those j Bible study and Soul Winn ng must
two men deserves our mosl hcartleBt I converge upon "Social Fellowship."
congratulations. Those three branches mnde thc Ideal
The intention  of  tins  now  firm  Ib I Uible ('lass and nnv lower Ideal than
to supply tnolr customers with local)thiB wns   unworthy   the   serious cn
donvor of :t < hrlstian body.
The nlilcer.'i   <f thfl r.Lc_._ wero
ed bk follows:   Mr. It. Palm r,
Mr.   ,i.   S.  Mennie,    vice i r.s .
Sural) Palmer, scribe.    The
of tlte Social Committee will ho Miss
M.   Wade and  the chairman   of    the
Committee on nbsentees will ha Mrs
tt.  Wats..n
The.   proceedings   throughout    wore
.-l :ct
meats, meats ralseh ln tlic district,
already they !mve sitfTlciottt on hand
to keep them supplied until the open
lug of the Hummer season. "Joe"
has claimed for a long time that the
cattle raised in this district is more
than equal to the pralrlo cattle, and
lie Bhould know, for a more practical man in the business one would
have  to   go  a   long  way   to  find;   in
proof  of  his  natfort.ons  .t   may   bo I characterised  bj    gonial    fellowshl
said that the meat sold    from    tho tba work helng enlivened hy reading!
Kast    Koot.nny    Butcher Co,  ih al    i*emiorod  hy   Mr.   Pnlmcr    and    Mrs
most all local meat and the quality j Kendall
and taste of thnt cannot bo gainsnld ! 	
The store Ib centrally situated, the
management having obtained a lease
ou the Old Poat Ofllco on Baker St..
i-i  which  to  conduct   their business.      Moud
This has been  romodolcd and titled   w">   b<
up for tho convenience of thc trade Cianbr
Rifle Association
Mrs. John McKinley nnd her little
dnughter Eveline Clara left here Friday to Join the Kmpress of Britain
S.S., which sails on the _7tn. Mrs.
McKinlay has had indifferent health
for snme time and is acting on medi
eal advice in taking n trip to Devonshire, England. She carries the
good wishes of her Wyclifle friends
who hope to see her among them n-
galn with renewed health and strength, nnd for a safe nnd speedy passage.
lie proposed to do by Contractor T,
Christian, and now, to use "Joe's"
words "It is the hest fitted store for
tiie purpose to he found in B.C.
While J. Walkley is a practical
mnn and has a thorough knowledge
of the business from A to z, his
partner in the business Herbert John
son is also an expert sausage and
pork pic maker, etc., at present he
is with the Crows Nest Lumber Co.
of Wardner looking after the butcher
store In that plnce, but he anticipates taking an active part in the
store here along with Joe when the
timo cornes opportune for him so to
Thu latest and most
desirable Curtain (or
tlic* Home.
Durable and
Easily Washed.
Wc arc now showing
a select new range of
these in
Scrims Elamlnt's
Marqttlsellcs, etc.
Cull ut our store mid
see them.
In addition to the above, we
carry a large range of Tapestry
and Lace Curtains, Scrims, Nets
Tapestry and other Curtain
__ 1 __
Our House Furnishing Department is well
equipped with all the newest goods for tiie Parlor,
Sitting Room. Dining Room, Den or lied Room,
v noxt, lhe in, Ill-comber,
tho annual Meeting .<f th.*
<>k Civilian Hill.- ahh -ciatlii
; ami will be helrt In ,!"■ City Hall al
8 p.m.
i The election --[ Dfllcers foi lbs year
1914 n-ill tnke place, ami tho a;.
pointment ..f Committees anl Han.:.-
cfticers; also other matters <-f -.Teat
B. C. Apples sweeping
English Fairs
The Premier hns received word
from the Agent-General Hon. Ttrncr
in London, '.bnt the British Cluinbia
fruit exhibits now being shown at
fairs in HSngland had been awarded
gold medals at Chester, Flrist d. and
Harwich,    \ despatch received a few
| days ft go announced Buccesaes nt oth
or points in the Fatr Districts,   it la
, expected that apples from this province will make a clean sweep at
tin*   old   countrj   exhibitions   within
I tin-  next   month
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Notice of Court ot Revision for
the Voters' List of the
Year 1914
l'ublic Nollco ih horeby  Blvon lhal
tlio  Courl   .-i   Hevli i  i-.i   tlte  pul
i>...... ..i corroctlnji and  revising the
Voters' l.ii-i ..I Hi.- mtinlolnnllt) ol
ii... nt, oi cranbrook, wlll be hold
-.ii Hi,- imli .inv o| December neit,
ni the hour "I i p.m ii. cnl timo) nl
it.. Municipal orflcoa, Norbury Ave ,
Crnnhrook, U.O.
T,  M, ROMHRTtJ, 0 Mr
Crnnbrook,H ,0,
OVERCOATS with shawl collars—in such warm,
soft, fleecy materials as Chinchillas, Whitneys,
Naps—in hlues, browns and mixed heather effects—bodi
single and double breasted, S15. to S3S. 877
■J FIT-*
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Basket Ball
mil Goldllolds, tholr history, pust
iroduction, and nreeent prospects; a
Tlio same between the Bunkers mul' review ol recent developments In thc
tho Dig Flvo wns played on Mondny metallurgy ol -_,,,.-; n report of the
night mul resulted iu a win Inr tho proceedings ..[ the Pacific Coast Con-
lormer "I 60 points ,o 10.   The ban-  volition ol 'In* American Institute ol
Men and Women can save
their hair with Herpicide
I kora w't've in excellent form which
'wus evidenced by their brilliant play
I iin Ir forwards, Messrs Ashworth,
; bhatford, nml Mcllwalne played mag
ulflciently. Mr, Shatford, although
belne Injured in tho courso o! tho
game, scored several goalB, after being practically Incapacitated, Tho op
posing forwards got very little
chnnce to score, owing to the sterling piny of the hankers" tmckt., Men.
s.s. Mel.wen and Maokoroy,
The big Five, although playing a
gainst ii much superior team played
j with great vigor and then- eflorts
i Bhould have been rewarded with
more success than is indicated by
the score, rhe ltev. w. B, Dunham
ninl Messrs MacPherson and Crowe
! put up a good gome.
The   game   al   lime,    whs ol   a   very
rough character, notwithstanding all
that,  it waft well kept  check  oi by
referee   W.    Hopkins   whose   decisions
have always been verj fair, the po
sit Ion held by him is anything but
Ian enviable one.
The next match will bo played on
Monday neit, Doc, 1st, between the
Bankers nnd the Y.M.C . and a good
game Is anticipated,
Thi   attendance at  these games up
to  the present   has  been  very  disap
and   the   players  and  raan-
:■*  would like to see more en
Electrical Engineers which recently
mot nt Xanconbor, together with U-
luatsated descriptions ol tho plantH
*d the Western Canada Power Co.,
. ancouvor Power Co, and the B.C.
Electric Hail waj Co., inspoctod hy
tho visitors notes on rocont development at the Slocnn Btar Mine where
a shoot ol solid galena .. feet wide,
and assaying L08 ozb. silver and SI
por vent load, as well ub four toot
of milling ore has been developed on
Ko. s level; an oatlmato of the mineral production for tho tlrst three
quarters ol the current year, from
which ii apponrn tho tonnage ol ores
trented shows uu increase of nbout
100,000 tone over tho same period ■■(
Insl year, wltb Increases in products n ol gold, silver and lead, but a
falling ofl lu copper due to tbe lower
copper ralues ol the ore now treated
by tin1 Granny Smelter; n reduction
ol halt a million tons In eoal due t.i
the labor troubles on Vaneopver Is
land; notes on the oil discovery ro
posted trom Calgary; illustrated des
,i!' tion ol tbo Tnssoo Copper Qroup
being developed I n Moresby Island
by R R Hedlcy and associates; aud
an account of the reported gold
strike an Siboln Creek, with locality
thusiasm taken in this popular wins'' rt
The  ston f tlu   I) ngt e   is  aa
Notes from the
local Association and gave Boveral
lectures on Health, Hygiene nnd oth
or subjects of interest and instruction to men.
The pool table is being thoroughly
overhauled nml put in good condition nnd the Brunswick Bnlko Col-
lender Co. Of Vnncouver nre going to
put the Alleys lu ilrst class shape
before we open tho Bchodulo games
for the season.
The men's meetings on Sundays at
17.15 are well |.i.t.r,u.l_ed. They are
short, bright. Informal meetings, Just
the kind a man likes. The men's
choir practices every Sunday at 17k,
We Imve nbout thirty men In tbis
hut "in number is not limited and
we eould do with a lew more.
The Wednesday night Blblo class is
still holding Its own, it meets avery
Wi'du.sduy ut ink. Suppor Is served
from IH till 18.80, The class has ta-
ki n up the study of the hook "Men
of Steel." n book specially gotten up
for Railroadmen, We are half throu
With the book now but will welcome
ait]   man  who cures to come.
We  wlll  be pleased  to see any of
tho  boys  o|  the  town  come  In  and
take n look At our splendid facilities
loi   rest,  recreation, und  instruction.
Robert   shields  of   Toronto,   author
"My travels, visits to lands fur
ui   near"   was  a   visitor  over    the
ek cud.   He is working on a hook
titled   'The   hue  of  tho  Canadian
M,   Dudley,   railway   secrc-
Oauada; and  Mr.  John  F,
N'o woman should have poor, thin.
Brraggy han*, and nn man need become bald. Poor hair and final baldness are ilue to the dniidnit. germ.
Newbro's Herpicide will destroy
dandruff and stop Lhe hair from fall-
in-.. Further evidence of this is
found in a letter from Mrs. K. Neil-
son, of Toinah, Wis. She says: "I
fought the worst kind od dandruff
for nine yenrs. I have been using
Herpicide now one week and my
scalp is healthy, the dandruff has nil
gone and the itching has stopped. It
is the best remedy for scalp diseases
I ever saw, nml 1 havo seen many.
Don't subject yotirBclf to disappointment  and  expense   by   accepting
■■•:......      lain ed   to    be ■■   . -
[good" as N'ewbro'Sa, Herpicide, These
ofl brands may possibly be good, but
why take chances'.' The genuine and
original dandruff garm destroyer con
always be obtained. Ir stops Itching
of the scalp almost instantly.
j .Vwhrofs Herpicide in 60c and .1.C0
: sizes is sold by all dealers who guar
'antee it to do all that is claimed. If
i you are not sntiHiieii your money will
! be refunded.
! Semi 10c in postage or silver ti r
i sample ami booklet to The Herpicide
; Co., Dept. fl., Detroit, Mich.
j Applications at good barber shops.
i Craubrook Drug nnd Book Co.,
I speclnl agenta,
". I .-*...-        	
V.  M. C
V    M.  C.  A .......
P :   Pivi 	
Ileferee—W, Hopkin
fflcial Dmpire—W.
I layed  I   Bt
_        0
Moore, senior railroad secretary (or
North   America,   arrived   from   Revelstoke last Tuesday, spending some of
The Camera Olub^ under way and |ms time in conference with the local
has a deflnate plan arranged for the  Boitrd   of  Directors    and   departing
winter.    We  have n darkroom with   tno ■■«■  day.    They stated that all
running water and other accessories t,,In88 ffero *°p* weU Ul Y.M.C.A.
j work all ovei the continent and were
ror photography which members may  pleaBfid to know of thfl ,)Hght pf0B.
llRe- pects before the local institution.
Mining, Engineering and
Electric Record
The October number of the Mining
Engineering an''. Electrical Record to
hand contains an account of the Cafl-
The Impromptu night of tho debuting Society last Friday was a decided success from every point of
view. A large number turned out
and took part In the discussions.
Tliis meeting hns boen a success from
its inception.
Di. w. H. Ball, of tho International Committee of the V.M.C.A., Now
Vork, spent u couple of days nt the j amount ofthe plunder is unknown.
Agissiz Bank Robbed
A dispatch from Agiflsiz on Tuesday says that the Agrishiz branch of
tbe Bank of British North America
wn s held it p an d robbed of several
Miousands of dollars late this afternoon by several foreigners who made
good their escape, There is little
clue to their identity and the exact
Yes. they are neat!
—> * And they're just as comfortable as they look.
3|EE     1 have worn this kind for years and I never ___5
ii knew what hose satisfaction  was  until   I got 55
555    ihem.   You should try Penmans Hosiery -they ~~*
sES,    retain their shapeliness**-set snug to foot and •=
■**=    limb and wear much longer than ordinary hose. 55
jgj       Penmans Hosiery i. made for men, women ami children, In s ':;
5—    cotton, cashmere,  silk ami .We—in anv weight and all ___sr
~~=-     popular colors. Look for the trademark =___=
Penmans Limited, Paris, Can. =
Hosiery Sweaters Underwesf ==
Unmans =
IW =
Wheu you are buying
Royal Grown
6 Big Bars for 25c.
Tlio valuable coupons are valuable for valuable premiums
The Royaf Crown Soaps, Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta
"Lucky" Baldwin's Daughter, After World's
Spending Championship', Finds Getting Rid of
Money "Rather a Bore."
whore along lhe A tin u tic const. I guess
S-inn 11 k thr- Pfliininn < .mul o,ien« we'ri
going u> inil through. .Von'| tlmt Iw res
t-iwrl !
"Oloilii'i*? The., ii. ver wns a dr»'Nr
that I wauled, it hli oC lingerie thnt 1 de
Hired, Mini I Iin VOU'I sot now. S|tend
money un clothe*.. 1 cor to Inly Imro.
GueflH my tailors and dressmakers nnd
Har__.trosj.efl '■<•«) ine pearly $l*m,ooo.'
Mrs Stacker wnn of tlm opinion tlmt
perlinp. more money eould be mink in
clothes timii nliuon nnv othor commodity
even butler nnd ck«_, which IU0SI folk
these high  cost   at living 'Inv  riumlder
I* a)*o iiinrh interested in diamonds tad
• 11 tho ui h«r things his wife buys. Mr.
and Mrs. I-,. Wilson, nf Chicago, iull*
■ittf frit-mis, helped to muke Iho journey
I across the country.
, Arriving at Sen Bernardino in the
"1 nsked some one for ndv.ee us to how, Automobile., of tlm latest French nud nmiiiiiu:, a number of friend* anxious to
lo spend the most money," she snld tn one American itstterns. servants thst work welcome home the prodigal spender*
of her friends. "He told um ta rent n
detached house iu mime suburban town iu
Ni'w Jersoj nud keep the furiuu-e running
nil wtuler.    I mny Iry thst yet."
Afler clothes Imd fulled to sap the
sinews of war with which Mrs. Stacker
i. ho generously ■>■■ i■ i.«»,»*■>L she i>nsi ni-r>ut
in ber mind for something iho really didn't 1
need, ami ilia result was nhe purchased »
private Pullman conch, lor which, without
the furnishings, she plunked down hmjoo
"hl(t Iron men," as she puts it.
Thi« trifling Item wh- so disappointing
"Gu..$i my tailnn and drew*,
maker, anj ie_n_*l*eiieg coil me
..early $10(1,000."
Hi .miiIi   -:.,   Umi   Mr.   . i.i.-kir'«
.,11.*. li.-ii ..I  inn I- mnl "iu,., |irocloii-
.i..'. would dearie ilu* trofliuro laixea
il i.n Indian pntentnlij Into Inalgi illloance,
in rnwn Jowoli rtf i, rnnlinriijnli
..-i.'ii.l i.ii.i, ilk*. rlilnoKioti*), in*, .il.- rli.in.
 *  i" In." tin- hc»l  linii' I    .ini
|.  i Ihi) II. ure uui iiii'l In tlirti good limo
.iin--   lln.  |...rc]ni... nf lewelt,"    .ilil  Ihu
— I ""**  III     ...r.    ..'     ...   i   ..,„■   ..f      ;...;'  .;.  nt—     i   I.i  ..i.i
1       Mi.nl* i .        .* ....    il .in -„..« ...i I.ui.
I       in I . >|ii.inliliri. ', ... '••'.,.■ .   ... ■ i.
■      in.. i.H.k eomnnre I wllli   lie ■ " In fn
rtf   Mlla.   .auk   nnlpa   mil   tn '1   ■' ■■      " " ■• '
■• r   „,..|a,    wlilch     Mr.     t'lnrft   PI -       .       -    i.
Raldwln Hlottlifr   .i»nil,t»r "( "l.tifkr" ii,n[,|,  i.n.i        •   In * In
Hi ■.'       i, aetttt      a it  lllll  plf,lt_ In Ilia   :
il, a tiln .-f|..ri to g,.| rid nt a Ilk* nf   li*     A   iiion       ..,;.-   Mr-
ii,,.iirn...i  .... r.n..-in   .ii..  [nhfril*.  fi  .mm ol lln i   ol    •■
li .   iM.ld-,  ■ i ..•■>*..       ..*!.    Iton lo trj
".on   tl   Johnn.'  In I.I. roll I d»j« in    nnr~ri   milliini. ul  I In ol  n„* ll"'r''    "  ' ","1'1 '" Hm* .li.tl.miir.v|
« ii  .. „,. f i, a|...,..i.-r m « I*  iirli    .ii.   wl .'"" Il"'r'  " v iiinii fnomli
lunl ■ -l'l ihr 1,1(1,1 linf.ir,. |.», .In. wh.n in la nnl ■««"   t •■' In '" "" """" '" '   '"'" *M_."  ,want
Hlni-kn    !
i I ''
i nl ...   \|.    ...„iii'f. win. [. revelling In
l.ii in., i iii |,......--i..t. „i |,or ilr-i ilioro of
Hi., lull "I 1,01  '..-I..-.
H'lul      m,
(il  ih.. 	
«*li»i   I""*
' |   i,
• I   in
t     Willi,   III
I)   hn?    Uvlili
Jul! """lur- Ilil I".-   .   .ii   K»'limit. Willi
tl 'Ill   M:a   ...|. le,.  .. ■ ■„■ -ll u( IO 111...'
Willi ur.' ll. it |,0lill_l In kin.w
Mi. Mi.,, a ii   ." i a . .in :lin. at" mm. iiH*»i|in|...t  n
Iii ,. ,,.,..,-,.,,.i, ..r i.r alwre of lipr|lot«, llirai rle«
fuli'-r •  '•   '
I,,  iill .v,*r;  ...."*,. il.li  ft , ■
.Vi,,. rroiowii fi:* t | t,    lioriptl
Hi :-   ill '     ng   (tiiiorliK ii.i**1'   ''Out rle.   I lliondil   I   t, i  llko lo
_l,.,.i-   .i.a ml)  in ,. WnletDI-W« • .•flit "t"1 "" M' Stwknr wem mil nln.nl llie
I |,r,.,|i.ti. of nrn.'l.tni llilnd.
i (ol Uiem Jn lirwio- '"  I'*1'' ",lr  'Irt'.n.'l  nnil  Imlll     1'lintl   liirlilcnlnll) ihe hi„l never lilnrd nl Ilu*
il  n.eiiliie,., mil' would  hue tlkln   •   l"inl lime md  ao,llllllll roll ef living,    When nn IlltirvloWtrj thit ■ hi iHfNlnl III leverll Ihnillliml dol*
... »ii,i hn one iim In life "nrj* pniilhli M>MIhr I   mi .oiibmic in* w*M li" foillt- )-•! « ilirllng l.el(.tiglug|alluded lo II, b-N llnl q Hon wm:—|Un' worth of illorwnre, llrlentnl ruga,
i I,,i
• dat .ui . ,   ...
,,   ,
ol   ll
nf tvlim ihi iImim ill 17 aa; ai TWatif'a Iliai I obt»ln_l ,",
t pttrlmonl before I of tbi nnaat aum.. in kmartca."
Horn    Mn.hli.   hr   i.i.iikIh   ll.   pnld|   "When'
I'd like I" Inke I,  look'nneleiit UpalriOl, illilllge flirnlllirr, elec*
I'MO.tiUU eaah   Wlan'a dn fniiii h..t.»       ll, and |...iIi„,h Ii uilthl Inln iu. uui.", arlr ulano ao.l ilorer, uf vtbar t-ln»i
fllntoil itnli,mmii nlly nnd i|)enk MVell dlf-
forent Imigiiugni, liriek-braoand auylliing
el.e llmt I'niiiv ili* inii.il or tliouglit liruuglit
lortll liel|...,i lo mil her total e\|,e,,tlllllr,'h
Iut" tliri..'.,|uiii'lerH ol a ntillit.i,
"llrewiiiei'H Mlllioiu," liuvi-D't Hiijthinx
au Bnldwltt'i mllllooi wlinu it eoinci to
rnpld ilteluilng, nnd Mil Hlnrker III. tie
elded tlml thero ii no tiiutt to atop juat
"I wnnt w)int 1 wnnt whin I wnol it,"
alio lias iiiml.' ouo oi lier pol inotloei, mul,
unlike llle grent hulk of Immunity Hint
.1,1(1 the nine dlttl, ill! neli whnl ilia
wnnt.   |iritt- no objoot,
Mn. Blocker, who liven nenr Hun liar
iiurilino, Hal., reeently mnde n trip to
New York to imy aoino furniture for liar
home. Trnvelllng with lier waa har
huaband, Harry Randolph Hloek-r, who
climbed nlmard tha ip»H«I t**e—  ianaaf
ilieui wer,, A. II. I'nriih, aie'ittor aid
(pedal ndnilnlHtnlor of tha Baldwli **■
late: Mn. Alherl Kalao and Mn. CImb
Orovollni, 'I'lic ooech wn nnooupled nt
Arcnilla, after bring iliunteil onto • eld*
truck, when, llie tow unpeople had ull gali,*
ered lo williew tl rrlvul of the lii'Wl)
mini,, prliii'i.'i! uud liar prince. * Thef
ware rewarded will, klniri and huga ei
limidlhllkeH, even down In Jimmy 1 .no,
the .Ininiueie gnrdeiier nt ilie old llald*
win ii'Mltlelii i-
Afler lln* grcellttge Hie moving of all
Iha furniture In the lirlvnle enr wua
ilnriid uud thn Htoeker homo who opened
to let ill the nun und Hie guidon light of
Onllforiila, tho native liolno of lhe woman
whn lun Juat rttbhed Ainddln'a limp aod
la ninllng th* world alinnn * fairy , la .
* Ti"rii,irH W W'l* r tit Wti't t T'r'l"rTj'J'T't"J,-rTi'"|,"l,'l,+'l"+^-+
Professional   Curbs!
ttobge   iZTottces
I Amusing Half-Hour
$+++^..•.+.H-.++|.■-^■.^.■-^■-..+■.++^-+i. 1111111 H*t+++
Court llranbt'ouk No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hnll, on   2nd and
tth Thursday of each month.
J. McIjAOHLU. ,   O.R.
Louln Pearaon, Sec, P.O. Bog Oil.
•lotting Brothera Oordlnlly Welcomed
(flranbrook Branch)
.Meet"  in  Carmen's   Hull   lnt  nnd
3rd TliurHilftyi    ln overy  month, nt
I p.m.   Membefahlp open to Brltleh
K. T. Broke, Prea.
I,. Pearron, Hecretery
Boi 611
TUItlo- mtmberi cordially welcom*
T.      T.      McVITTIK
PL.8.    *. O.I.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
ORANBROOK   1.0BOB    Ne. It
A. F. * A. M.
Regular   meetinge   ou   litis
tblrd   Thureday   of   every
Vleltlng brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Woreblpfnl Master.
J. I,ee Cranston, Acting Bee.
No. 126, R. A. M.
Regular meetinge:—2nd Tueeday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Compantone   are   cordially Invited.
Bl. Comp—A. 0. Shankland, ES.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranhrook, B.O.
Oreecent Lodge, No. IS
Meete every Tueeday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, C. 0.
F. M. Chrlstinn, K ot R, ft S.
_. A. Hill, M, F.
Vleltlng brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meeta every Monday night
et Hew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
. Turnley, W. M. Harris
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  Ml
Oompanlona of the Foreet
Meete In Carmen's Hall, Flrat and
Third Wedneeday of each month at
t:00 p.m., aharp.
Mra. A. M. Laurie, 0. 0
Mra. A. B. Bhaw, Sec.
Vlaltlng   Oompanlona   cordially  wel*
M. Brier.
Oranbrook     Lodge
No.    IMI
Meeta e.cry _nd an,
1th W.dn.shay at 8
p.m., In Royal Black
Knight's Hall on
Ha' or Street.
R. 8. Oarrett, Sec'y
Meeta In Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd nnd Uh Thuraday
ol each month at » p.m. aharp.
Mra. L. tUyward, Hec. Sec.
Geo. Ladda, chief ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made welcome.
Prealdent-O. R. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on the Flrat Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry mature
Addreaa the Secretary—A. B. Smith
P.O. Boi 161, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meete   let   and
3rd Thuradnv In
Royal   Blaek
— Knlghta nf Ire
land Hall at  II p.tv. sharp,  Vleltora
Fred W. Rwaln, W.M,
S. L. Wllllnma, Secy.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Frauhrafulato,i nne, lalla. Theae
■llle ere eiceodlailt powetlul la refulallag tha
imllve portion ol the lemale avium, k.ftiie
. cheep Imitation, Dr. da Taa'e are e-ilo al
fifefilfeg.... K^iUftS
and N1SBBT
Barrletere, Sollcitora and Notarial
Homy to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    Brltleh Oolumbla j
___ ____ '• «*.
- i ,_■..*•?•»
i      "D» you believe in vegetarian*
1  Jem.'
•Y-e-for bulldogs!"
^^^^ He—Ive been engaged about ten
'And what might vour name be, WmeJ
"-lime. Hedd.    fl might have Slie-You mu.. be unlucky In
rehTwa^r^r^ He-01, 1 don', think aa   I'm
±__' not married yet.
Olvll "ftnd  Mining EBi-ttt.rs-Br. lib j
Columbia I _nd Surveyors
P.O. Boi 236
Pbone 2.1
...    B.O.
Dre.   KINO   ft   ORBEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence, Armatrong Ave.
Office Hours:-
Forenoons •
Afternoone -
Bvenlnga - -
Sundays - -
Oranbrook,     -
. 9.00 to 10.00
. 2.00 to 4.00
- 7.30 to 3.80
■ 1.30 to   4.10
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avtnua Nut lo City Hall
Opii Day and Nl(ht Phoae tu
Funeral Direotor,
P.O. HOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Pbone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
Ail Kepairs Dune at Reason
able Co. l.
Works:      Opposite 'Depot
Dlatrlct of Houth Eaat Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, Harry
Jamea Reed nl Crunbrook, ll.C., oc-
cti| ation Clerk, Intend i,' apply lor
permission to purchuse the following
,1 "HCrlbed, lands:—
Commencing at. a poet planted at
tho north went r,,rn t of, Lot ii'itll,
thenee north 411 chaina, th nee -.at
20 chnins, th nee aouth 40 elia'.na,
thrnco west 21) cliuins, to point of
commencement nnd .-..nt alii 0 . 80
acrea moro „r lean.
Dated September lilt,, 1913.
Harry .lames Reed,
Aleiander I. wis St.Elol
H-M. Agent.
• But he's an nwful fUttaWf*
*t wppoM he told you roU «N.
•Me, ha aald y»u w«**
They uy that everything he
touches turne to gold."
"They mean that he will turn to,
kn .thins if he is touched with gold.*'
She—I wonder why a man
never pays hla wife compliment*
nfter they are married?
Mb—He hai all he can do to pay
her bills,
"Are you going to marry the
"Oh, no. I'm too thoroughly
democratic I guess I'll marry th*
'Your father did not object t*
our marriage aa much as I bad
Oh, poor father isn't as particu*
lat aa he -ted to bc."
"Yea; Ie-Ue.hlm*0 tbrt-a-B-l
I eouM think of."
"But didn't he strike you?"
"No; when' ha started going ta
BM I hung up the recdverl"
IW' ________
He—Of course, after we're mar.
ricd  1 won't   have you  Hotting
•round as you dc now.
She—No, of course not.   I won't
_tve ta   You'll buy me a car.
"My little boy sometimes eava
thlngt that I daren't repeat."
"Weft that, a change, any.
"Isn't thnt Jones standing over
there wilh his twin brother?'
"No, it's Jones standing by him*
self,   I told you not to mix em.'
"Yim were crazy to put your
property under your wife's name."
"How w? My credilors won.
ie able t" enjoy il now."
•Neither will youi"       r
I    'Of course, If you eay you've got
is marry her It putt a different face
'1 wish It didl'
Topper, mommer eent ma down
fee aome money I"
"You don l say And did ft
glva yen/ a sack to carry it lr.»"
"How do you manage to-get
tn io well with your wife? Don't
you ever have any differences of
"Sure we do, but I don't let he.
know It"
vi. \ \V_
'Herman!* a budding genti**
'Yst, h« U Hk« all t-uddinf
*i Uiltart * Und*
She—Did vou ever Uke you*
auto aport to uee fiow It worked 1*
He—No; but I've tsken it apart
IB iff bow it didn't work.
'And remember, Theodore, the
next time you come home 11 three
In the morning you'd better rei
■* yvui eUtbr
SEALED TENDERS addressed t
thc undersigned, and endorsed "Ten
der for Immigration Detention Ho.
pitnl Building, Vancouver, B.C./j
will be received nt this office until
4.00 P.M., on Monday, December 29.
1913, for the erection of th*- above
no med building.
Plans, specification and form o
contrnct cin be seen and forms oi
tender obtained a( this Department,
at the orficf? of W, Henderson, Esq.,
Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.,
nnd on application tn Mr. A. J.
Chlsholm, cmetaker, Public Building,
Vancouver, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the print wl forms supplied,
und signed with their actual sii?
natures, stating their occupations
and places of residence, in the ens
of firms, the actual signature, the
nature of the occupation nnd i lac ■ of
residence of earii member of the firm
must he givon.
Each  tender  must   bo  accomponicd
by an accepted choquo ou n ciiurt -nd
tmiik,   payable   to   tbe order of the I
Honourable   tho    Minister ol Public j
Works, equal t*> t i. per cent 110 p.r.i !
<.f the amount nf tho lender, which
will be forfeited if the person tender- '
Ing decline lo untei   Into a contrnct j
when  called   upon   to  do  so,   or   fail
tn complete the work contracted for, |
If   tho   tender   oo   not   nc_opted the ■■
cheque will be returned,
Tbe Depnrtment does not hind it
self to accept the lowest nr any ten
By order,
tt.  C.  UE8ROCHK.RB.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,  November 19,  1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for
tbls advertisement if they Insert it
without authority from the Department.—19327. 48*Bt..
District of East  Kootenay,  B.C.
Take Notice tlmt l. Angus Ward
Davit- of Klmberley, B.O., occupation MlMtii. Kngineer, intend io apply for permission to purchnse the
ol low Ing described lands:—-
Commencing at a post planted at
the South East corner of Lot 9828,
thence south 27 chains, th nCi* west
'iii chains, thence north 27 chains,
tbence east 20 chains, and excepting
therefrom all land Included iu the
"Tramway" Mineral Claim, 1 .t   . MR.
Date November l.th, 1013.
Angus Ward Davis
t. 9t. Applicant
Coal raining rights o( tbe Dominion
in .Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe North
went Territories and in a portion of
tbe Province of British Col urobilin ay be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at. an annual rental ol l_
nu acre. Sot more than 2,5G0 scree
will be leased to one appliennt.
Application for a leans mutt be
made by the applicant in per nod to
the Agent or Bub Agent of tbe district in which the rights npplied for
ire situated.
In surveyed ten it.iry tbe land must
be described by sections, or legal lub*
ii visions of sections, and it; uniur-
■■•eyed territory the tract applied for
• ball be staked out by tbe applicant
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee of l.'- which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise, A
royalty shall be paid on the mer-
ihnntable output of tbe mine at the
rute of live cent.** per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish thu Agent witb sworn letuim
iccounting for the full quantity of
nerchantnble coal mined and pay th#
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, _uob
returns should be furnished at least
ince a year.
The lease will include the coal mln
n« rights only, but tbe lessee may
ba permitted to purchase wbaUvei
Available surface rlghta may i.e considered necesBary tor tbe working of
the mine at tho rate of 110.00 un acrs
Kor   full   Information    application
ahOUld   be   iiiiiile   to   tho   .Secretary   of
tbo Department oi tbe interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Hub Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    COKT,
Deputy Minister of the  Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   of
this  advertisement   wtll   not   be paid
'or. Jan. .tb tf
District of  South  l'-n-t   Kooienay
TAKK NOTICE tbnt 1. Pntrlck C.
Leahy of (.'ranbrook, n.c., occupation Locomotive Engineer, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—
Commencing at a I»-Kt planted 40
chains north from tbe north west
corner of Lot 9210, thence nortli 40
chains, thence, east 20 rhains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 20
chain. to point of commencement,
containing fo ncres morn1 or less.
Dated  September 21st.,  1913.
Patrick i'. Leahy
:. I...LKII TBNDERS "addressed, to
l o undersigned nml endorsed "Ten
iter for  Drill  Hall.   Victoria.   B.C.,"
Vill hfl received until 4.00 P.M.. oil
Thursday, December 11, 1918, for the
(oust ruction of a Drill Hall nt Vic
torla, B.C,
Plans, specification and foi m ol
:i ntrnct can be seen nnd forms of
tender obtained on application to the
ofllco of .Vm, Henderson, resident ar-
hiteet,    VI. toiia.    iJ.i'.;    "ii   applies
ti-ai to thfl Postmaster, at Vancou
.tr. B.C., and at this department.
persons tendering are notified thnl
lenders will not be considered unless
made on tliu printed forms supplied,
.-ni' Signed with then actual signa
[litres, stating tbeir occupations ami
places of residence In the case ol
Inns, the acinat signature the na
nre of tho occupation, and plnce of
residence of each ruomhor "f ihe firm
must bo given.
ISach tend) r must
■ y au accepted chi
tered bnnk,  puyable
the Honorable the Minister
a char
order ol
ot  public
Alexander Lewis Bt.Klol
Applicant Works, equal to ten per cent  (ig p.c.)
>f the amount of tbe tender, which
rtifl bo forfeited if the person tender
:n_; decline to enter into a contract
Section  48
Notice is hereby given that, on the
Itith day of November neit- ftp plication win be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
transfer of the license for the sole of
liquor by retnil in nnd upon the
premiser. known nn tbo interuationni
Hotel, situate at Kingsgate, British
Columbia, from George Longpre of
Kingsgate, B.C. to H. L. Sawyer of
MnryHvllle, B.C.
Dated this lfitb day of October,
Holder  of  License
Applicant   for transfer
.* !t,.n
rnlli-,1 upon tt
1 ,1., so
, "i"
Iml to
lotc Hi.* *,,rk
[or, ll
ill.* t
in,ier it,, not ii
r. .*|.t ,'.l
l,o rotiirnotl.
■   li"|mrtui. ni
,|,„'N    1
iol  1
ilntl it
to nrr,,|,t the
or any ten
llv  Drill
II    i
'.   DKBHOi
Department <-f Public Works,
Ottnwa, November 11, L913.
Newspapers will not    be   paid   for
j iiis advertisement  if tbey   insert   11
I without  authority   from   tho   Depart
| ment.  -49486. .7-2tf
Notice is hereby given that sixty
dnys after date I mtend to apply to
tbe Minister of Landa for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
o\tt the following dMcrtbad lnnds,
situate in the District . I BOutbeasi
Kootenay, British Columbia, in Loi
Commencing at a po t plant d rt
ir near three miles due i.i.st of tb
2'J mile post OD the C.P.R. survey
line, whlcb Is the Went boundary of
Lot i'*'*'A, and being tbe BOUthflMt
comer post of Mrs. Kiitberine Butl«'
claim; tbence North HO chains; tbence
West HO cbalns; thenct* Smith Mi
chains; thenc*- Kast HO chains lo tbe
point of commencement, inakinc 040
acres, more or less.
Located tbls 30th day of Snptem*
ber, 1918,
Katben W. Butts, Agent
Witness   ti.  A.   Mncd Id.        IT .t
District  ,,f South ttftst K"Otenay
!    TAKE NOTIOH lhat I, Harney Mc
NOTICE I Oouldric, o: Crnnbrook, B.C., oceupn
| tion locomotive ing:iig'>*,i, intends to
apply  for permission to purchase the
following .b'.-ti'i M-'-'i lands —
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe oo^tb wesi corner (. Lot 9811,
thence north io chaiiiM. tbt<nr« t-ajt
20 rU . 1 d .. thence south 10 chains,
thence west L'n (hams to pluco oi
eomm. n ismtot, nod containing B0
acros more or less*
Datei Be] timber list., 1913.
BarO'-y  McOoullLHo
Alexander Lewis St.Kloi
19-91, Agent.
NOTICK |« hereby glvblt tlml till
partnership heretofore subslfltlng bo
tween uh, the undenttgned, carrying
on business as Real Kslate Agents
at Craubrook, B.C., has been dis
solved by mutual consent ns from
the date hereof.
Dated this 7th day ol Novsmber.
P, De Vor.   HUNT
Witness   Tbnnms Tigbo  Mocredy
45 4t Solicitor. Cranbrook, D C
District  o|
Houbto Kast  Kooteosy
TAKK    NOTICK    that   I,   Philemon
.lames Oougeon of Cranbrook B.C.,
occupation trainman, intend tn ap
pl> ior permission to purchase1 the
following described lunds
Commenring at* a post (tanted nl
tho north-east corner cW Lot 9i_09,
Oune north it) chains, ihence west
_0 ihnns, Lhence south 40 cbnins,
then co earn 20 chains, to point of
aommoncomonl nnd containing! Hl1
[fores  morn or loss,
Datod Hoptemher 21st , 1918,
Philemon   James   Oougeon,
Heiander Lewie Bt.Kloi
■T.*'it. Agent.
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
■nd Drujc Cure pXiOT&t
Alci.oi, Tebsccpsnd Oruui, li eo_i))iricti )>>■
.fltCU    llllll.It    in.' ..llth      t.i r .   t.i   CIRTIDI*.
Aiir, tkkinti iik tteaimeni o.-t,*, ,'i t,-vr, t«.,,,
lllld iHSIihi- iiiitiilLilitloi iiic ill uf liiduii. Cm
lit _■■ ft. imiK,    Wi ti ■>• til If dtar ul i	
IiiIhp     M .ll.il i n !i i   .f|'.M.ti- cover tn . n» .  I
drm   l'n r Id06bu__, tit IbQXM loi llutw Tht
io.-.n Ui*f Uu., It. Il*U-MtMe, Oat. THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANfiROOJK,  B.C.
Cranbrook Meat Market
We open our store on Monday, December 1st, in the Old Post Office
with a full supply of Fresh Killed Local Meats and Poultry
Walkley & Johnson, Props.
We pay the best cash prices for live stock
v _ « v   i.o ff   . a ii !•: b
ui connection with
i* x •' I' ll B 1 ii N 8    i"    ilie
0 I, 1)   COUNT II V
, Ul.Y   Nov. Til, tn hor   31st., Inel.
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: (81:10
To St. John: .89.10
Limit five months, stop-over and
extension prlvtle.es
Full Infarmatlon re Rail nnJ Stenra
.hip Tlckctd, from
.1.  VV. Spence. Agent;
nr   write
K.   DaUMOIl,
i)_t   Passenger An**m.
i :_ltr_ r\
Provide a Savings   Account
for your Children
Wiih m   Endowment  Policy
in ihe
International Insurance Co-Ltd.
These may be hnd for a small
monthly premium,
Fni pIMIIClllkr, Blld ra,r,,bee. write ur call it|,
FRED. W   SWAIN, Inspector
p a box,;* PHONE MS
Agents Wiiui.-ii
Local  News
i 't_.ll ami see our new mouldings
| just arrived. KUby Frame* Pictures.
Mr». A. .'. HurabftW will not receive until thi* New  Ymi:
The sawmill at Haync. Lake hu»
closed down for the season.
i    Mrs. P. Lung of Moyie, spent Hun-
,y last in Oranbrook.
M.  \. Williamson    ol    Kimberley,
.-rent Sunday last in Cranbrook,
.Mr. and Mrs. C. Jensen ol Wasa,
were Cranbrook  visit, r.  Wednesday.
W. V. Gamble of  Montreal   was   ,.
town Wednesday,
I    KILBY      FRAMES      PU '   Rl -
I   T.  E.  Vuild o( Lethbridx*   iras it
tbe Cranbn ole  Wedm - laj
■    A.  C,   Bon.:■■-'*   tn *■ red    .,     Bull
'. River Tuesda) siness
v Burdette, f ilarysville, spent
j 1'bursday  in Cranbrook on  business.
j   l. Lund ol Wardner, was transacting bttsinem* at Cranbrook Thursday.
Thos. Caven, >.- P. P., la at the
e.'at-t thia week on matters of Importance to hiH constituents.
Mr, and Mrs, I.. Hilton • ■. Wattsburg were Oranbro-*'. visitor. Tuesday,
Kred Wells, who recently sold H
portion uf his harboring outfit, has
opened a new barber shop in tbe
Cross Keys Hotel, and Invites your
patronage which will receive the best
attention possible, eo give htm »
trial, ii it
For Sale Rents & Wants
TO LET—Nicely furnished rooms in
modern house, centrally Rltuated,
neit to Dr. Kings, Armstrong
Avenue, ■■>.■  Phone 469, ..
i WOOD FOR SALE -Phono 491, K.W.j
Ostrich Feathers cleaned and juried
ap] ly Mrs I. Walker, Lumsden Ave.
or  Phone   .58 or  writ.- BOI  487       14
Break Whisky's Grip on Your
Loved  Ones
Drunkards will toll you with tears
,,f sincerity  thnt   they  do  not   .-ant
to drink.   Tho cmvinn <•<■   .r.: from
the Inflamed mcn.brnn.-n of tne _■ >.u
nch drlveB them to it,
Alcurn will Hoothe the titlahilAg
nerves and remove the crav.ug "-at
is ruining your home and it' -• tiling
nn otherwise kind husband -,r 'n'.ho'
(mm ynu. It costs only $1.00 p.r
box, and if it does not cure 't honV
tit after a < rial tho money wlll he
Alcurn No. i. :. tnstoloss nnd can
be eiven secret Ij ui Ten, Coffee, or
food, Mcurn Sn 2, is taken voluntarily by thnBO willing to help
Alcurn can now ho obtained nt our
At Creston on Sunday last, snow
fell to the depth of mix Inches, it
was a touch of real winter.
Alex Taylor of Klmberley, wns in
tne city transacting business Tuesday .
Mr. aud Mrs. 12, Havre and family
were registered nt tho Oranbrook on
The k jt.i. Lumber and Planing mill
has closed down (or the winter Bon-
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Walters of N'cw
Michel,   were   Ornnbrook    .iHttora  on
W. P. Bcott of Moyie, was transacting business ut i iranbrook Wednesday.
-V.   (',   Hurdle   of   On. pit Maud,     wns
registered   at   the Crnnbrook  Wed.
II. KnHH anl K. [litiKuiaa ot ReltoU,
0 LET—House with 1 rooms arid
bath \; plj Mrs, l». Campbell,
in Btrong Avenue, is
FOR SALES—Halt acre ol '.and on St
'  -      -    '■*■ med   house,
well plastered and finished, pood
cellar, g ■■■ d pantry and n omy cupboards, water En kitchen, large
sleeping porch ..n'l verandahs, 34
apple trees . years old next spring,
currant and gooseberry bushes,
; umpinp engini for watering lawn,
nnd good outbuildings. .2500.00;
, (1000.00 cash, balance can be ar-
ranged, Apply T. E, Soutb, Rox
S34, Cranbrook.
HERE Irf A  SNAP—Must be sold be
fore   Christmas   to   rt.i_e   money.
Two    vacant    corner    lots    in   the
South End Addition in Cranbrook,
j    giving  122 feet  frontago nn Dennis
\    Street ami 115 feet on Garden Ave.
',   The lots are cleared nnd have been
! ploughed twice and the water mam
If within 300 feet. Are well sit-in*
tod in the best residential portion
j of the city. For price and tertna
'■    apply to Reale &  Klwell.
oi thc most practically useful kind
are artistically designed silverware.
We sre offering some beautiful examples of the silversmith's art in
our establishment nt present, in
plain and ornate designs and solid
or plated metal Everything you
need m silverware aud cutlery is
here in the best qualities at tht lowest market prices
Jewelers & Opticians
Next to the Post Office
store,     \sk for Krro Booklet telling  were quests nt the Cranbrook  Wad-
llll about  it and give  Alcurn a trial
lleattie Murphv Oo.. Limited, Drug-
■ists,  Cranhrook,   n.C 42-i,
ne. day.
Dispatcher W. K. Cllne went east
Ion Wednesday, ns far nH Oalgary on
' Cl mpAoy business.
Qeo. Longpre of Kingsgate, was in j
-—•—--- the city this  week  seeing to a llttlo
.Many    .'ranbrook   people who liafs|,(((HinM|. h(l bft(J .„.
chronic   appendicitis^   wblcb   is not: 	
very painful, have doctored (or years    Oranbrook Meat Market commences
..i oonstlpntion    Tbs Heat tie-Murphy Uuslneai on Dcccmlwr 1st, In theoid
Co, states If tbsss people will try 4 ,       0|fle#t___pH(MIH ..
for kiik on the Mtninaeti, sour ftoin&ob i
hllNOLt-   DORK of Hlniple huokthnni'    Two new  public schools win be ..*
Don't know they havo
bai■;, glyceiine   etc
I pencil  m  tho  lnvermere dletnet  this
11.IM llll        Llll"        .1,111(1
'•i y i Inu. f residential
ami businesii Iol* in
difterenl parts nl tht
(it.   nl.-i i   mall ii.' i~
v;n \ in^   h oni   ..ii.      h,
ii'.i*  . i ir*   in  extent.
Citll .imi  "■ (hem n"w
before ilie tnsh comes.
■i \dlsr , k.i '\,e i.mr>.iy wblr.li M
. ;ii.e full.,'.. ,, . irlni ... pentllcltls,
'-■   ''■•  '•• mrprlMll .,( ths   .PICK     Ml   ,„„*. Mrs  T. Corsi  . i Medicine
llla t,  ah,,„ w.'i. Cranbrook  .i-lt.rH
 j,.n Thursday
;   Kii.in     ntAHBH     ii. 11111:-
1   mth   (rl   Trlbblej „i: i Mr,   _   Car
del  nf M„n.iii,|,|   Wn.ii,  w.-r,. _:,,.. ,n
'i_t th.. i nii,i,r,„.. Tburida*
Born,  '.ti  Novsmbsr  Uth'  to  Mr.
nr,.| Mrs   1*. il. nil,., , nt theli n-
dance, Watt Avenue, a daughter
nn Saturday lust the t_wn ',( I'm
i'ii..r I'r.nk 'Ahh viMitr.l l,y 11 c ,1,11ft,*
ruti'.n whloh nearly wiped ii ,,» Minn,,.   The loss will .*x.,*.*,i 135,000
IVOOI)    Knit     IA1.K   PHONIC   Mm
Chrlatmai ih eomintt.   Do youi ,. i
v.'1'tiniiu* now,  nnd  your c itomen
will iir, th.'lr shnpplni thnl much nm
lier nn.l RO leii,'... tli,- rui-h
Mr. nml Mrs.  K   Braille; ,.| rm ,
ton w,,rr iii tin'   .ity   Hnmlny   ii,«t|
iilinkin. Iiati'la with nevrrnl nl th.lr
why not invite vleltlng RooloRlete
tO   .'IICTK,   In   ll   Ktllrl)'   r,(   II,,,   r,,rkn
upon wiiirii tiir* l.lhernl pnrty seems
, tr, he t.nmlMiiK.
Your Home
Will be one that yon can look
forward to With much added
delight if, upon returning all
fagged out from your day'*
work, your wife can have rend*
v for yon n  bottle of
X Port Stout
Then y.-.u will nK»st fully np*
predate thin Btren then Ing brew
it   will   restore  your  i-neryy,
furnish Heeded Htlintilntmu ti,
tlte tired body and put you in
a frame of mind to respond to
tin- plensnnt reception await
ing you.
The une .,( Kerrigan's XFort
Stout      In      tbe      hnme     Spells
l' 1   nature,   good   indigestion
tw.d good -deep.    Let uh nupply
ynu  with a ease.
18 .0 |ier nine of n dos, pints
Jumes Kerrlgnu
Cranbrook, B.C
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pay, lo Deal"
Cranbrook       -       B. C.
.liar.   UK.
Phoae 101
Jones & Doris
Sec Us about Your Building
and Job Work
Have You
Biaiusc Hi Tikis BIN PIUS
A prominent Consulting Kngineerof
N.« Vork City, thu*, he_rtily tndortiei
i<i lioHt-lw.v, New York.
"(bought some of vour OIN I'll,I,s
nt Vitlur.u, li.C, last .St-ptetnlier. Vour
rented-- 1 find, Ht fio yciimuf IgOitoglvfl
perfect lelief frotn the Kidney uh.f
lilidder Troublri ttirldent tOOUOOl lllf
■i(e. i -irj-' niivrecomtuetid OIN I'ti.i.s
to friend* in hciug the one tiling thut
doe* me good "     B. ti. WOODFORD,
Df the lima » n>»u or woman is (.>,
the Kidnry . mel lilidder need n link*
help to keep In ^oo-l winking unln,
OIN TILLS ere what they need, (UN
I'll.I.S keep the urine neutral, prevent
(oidmetllniui.il the kidney_nr Mwdder
• nd wanl ofrHheuiuitlc atlirkt.
Heniftiihrr. every bui of (*IN I'll,I.S
it told with a noaltlve gitirnutee to jflve
perfect antWfactlon or rmir inotie/
pnnnptlv refunded.
ftOQil hot,ft for f> 50. N_mp> tree if
you write National Drue ..ml Chemical
Co. of Ciuiili, Uuil ted. Toi in iu,    i/ti
In Our
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
T'u* llrilmli Suinr tlrotltlnoui'ht Wnr
plto, wliii-ii in t,, cost 114,000,000 wil
i 1, -   tin'   111,*Ht  (ormttlnble bnttleshlp
1'ln* I'ri'iui,'! mul Mr«. llurilt'ii will
1,'ttirn today Irom 11 trip to \ .rglnta
t'u'> w.ll arrive in nttuwn Hiiiitl„y
I'll,' loiul kool ol the Hlininrnck IV
wiih i*nnt nt Uu. port, ICuiflmui, on
Wvilnosday; wlmti oomplotsd the
BhRinroch will ,lo hor Pest to c_p-
titri* rile AmsricAn Oup next your,
riiuiHtliiy wuh llie iimilverHiiiy ot
tho opening ol the Hex Theatre; up-
to .Int.- attractions, nntl a cosy little
theatre, Iiiih contributed to a lilicnil
I support.
A meeting ol the executive ol the
Cranbrook District Conservative As-
sociatton whh held on Thursday even
inn, nt which matters of importance
to the iliHtriet was considered.
Edward Klwell ol the firm of Beale
and Elwell, left on Friday lor a visit
to the ohl country, where he will
jo 11 Mth. Elwell. He will lie away
for severul monthB.
i Mr. anil Mrs. A. _. Jones and
their child left nn Wednesday on an
extended holiday trip to the Old
Country, they expect to be away af
hout three months.
WOOD    FOR    HAI.E-P110N*K    400
Mrs. _, Shackleton, Mrs. E. w.
.McLean and Mias E. Park, beg to
announce that they have severer! all
connection with the Ornnbrook Dance
I lull.
Cranbrook will bc well represented
nt. the Provincial Poultry Show
which will be held at Clunk Porks,
nn December 12. A number of local
poultry men with nbout 60 birds will
ho present.
Cranhrook Meat Market commence.
I I.u .ih-hh on December 1st, ln theoid
Post Office.—PHON'K 8.
(i. lsmay anil Jamea Glendy left
oti Wednesday evening on n bunting
trip to the Elk valley. They wlll be
Joined on Thursday by Mr. Worthlngton. Tho pnrty will be away a-.
hout a week.
The ForeBt revenue of British Columbia this year will be ln the neighborhood of a,(MA,. i0, according to n
forecast which han been made; this
sum exceeding the revenue of 1912
by 4400,000 and breaking all records.
Mr. _ Mrs. D. W. Hyndmnn, local
tnnnager of the C.P.R' nt Edmonton,
nnd formerly nl the C.P.R. telegraph etui! at Crnnhrook, have been
visiting nt the home of Mr. and Mrs
T   0, Phillips thia week.
At i, mooting of the |lnit,„l Mine
Workers held ou Sunday evening, it.
wns decided to levy 'Hi ents per hend
to purchase presents f.,r the children
of the strikers on Vancouver Island.
The donation Is to be sent In time
lor Christmas.
llll!NO ynllll OLD PlPH TO BOBS
The Curling Clubs ol the Winder
mere district Imve held thoir ntimtal
meetings and Imve elected their olll
i'.tb nnd mapped out their program,
rtltika from lnvermere, Athaltnere,
Wilmer ami Wlnderemore are Inrluded
in tin- Association.
I liver 111,000,000 lu gold has been
received liy Canadian bunks during
the Insl. week from New Vork. It is
snld that the movement was accoler-
jilted by tlio recent issue of . ,11,000,
|HOO new stock l,y the Ontindinn Pad.
llc railway cnmpatiy, payments on
I wlileli nre now falling due.
'Ilu* regulnr meeting nf the Wnmcnn
i Institute will be held lu the 'Cnr-
i men's Hull nn Tuesday next, Dec. 2,
jut a p.m. Mrs. W, D, McFarlann wll
give n demons!ration on "Candy
Making." A cnrdlal invitation Is ex
I ended tu all ladles tn attend.
The regulnr monthly tneotng nf
the Ladles' Aid BOOletf of the Met!i-
ln the old days, you'd think it silly extravagance to pay three thousand for a
horse. Then why buy a heavy, expensive car to-day—when the "nifty,"
sturdy Ford performs its intended service
so wonderfully well—and at so small a
Think what these prices mean—for thr car
that has stood the test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T Touring Car $650:
Model T Town Car $900-f. o. b. Walkervllle, Ont., with all equipment. Get catalogue and full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete line ol Accessories, Parts and
Supplies—Cars and Trucks for hire—All
manner of repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Mounted Game Heads Sp£wty
Send  For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P.O. Box U4
Under Entirely New Management
"Quality Our Hobby"
Honest Weight, Prompt Delivery,
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Telephone   Your   Orders
A Charter has been opened in
Cranhrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of  50 has been
The fee is $20.00.
For further information and Membership Applications, enquire of
u ut the Royal Hotel
odlst church will lis held at the home
ul Mrs. 0. II. Murray, Fenwick Ave.,
on Wailntwdny nfUirnonn, I lee. 3rd,
at I p.m. A full attendance is re
Hen fruit In Cranbrook le anarln.
upward; ll ynu eat a couple ut Iraeh
cut. fnr breakfast the price is about
6 cents pur, nnd If you eat * cold
HtnrnKe ,'K. the price is about l|e.
per, Christmas this yenr will make
old timers sit up nnd tell of the
time when «. kh were worth IH cents
per, and hard to vst at tbat prlct


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