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The Prospector Feb 20, 1915

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Array E.i.:. Co.. Agent—469— July30-14
VOLUME   21. CRANBROOK,    B.    0.      8ATURDAY       MORNING   FEBRUARY 20, 1915
No. 8
Patriotism and Production
The Call of the Empire to the
Farmers of Canada
Public Meeting in Edison Theatre
Saturday March 6th
"Approximately twenty million men
have been mobilized in Europe. A
large proportion of these have been
withdrawn from the farms of the
countries at war. Even in neutral
countries large numbers of food producers have been called from the land
to be ready for emergencies. It is
difficult for ub to realize what will toe
the effect on food production through
the withdrawal of several million
men from all the great agricultural
countries of Europe. These millions
cease to be producers, they have become destroyers of food."—Hon,
Martin Burrell, Minister 0l Agriculture.
Britain must have food—food this
year, and food next year. Britain ia
looking to Canada to supply most of
ibat food. We are sending our surplus now, I but we must prepare for a
larger surplus this year and next
year. Patriotism and Production
must go hand in hand.
Because of this need of the Empire
for more food, and the call to Canada in that need, the Canad'an Department ot Agriculture has arranged for a series cl.' Conferences throughout the Dominion, with the object of
giving suggestion aa to the best ways
cf increasing production of the particular products needed at thia time.
At these Conferences agricultural specialists, who have studied agricultural conditions and production throughout the world, and the best means of
increasing agricultural production in
Canada, will give valuable in.'orma-
tion and suggestions to the farmers,
live-stock men, dairymen, poultry-
men, vegetable growers, and other
producers of thla country. Ihi Canadian Department of Agriculture
urges you to attend as many of
these Conferences as possible; also to
watch for o'.hsr information on the
subject that will be given in other
announcements in, thiB newspaper.
The Government does not ask farmers to work harder, so much as it
urges them to'make tbeir work more
productive, and to produce those staple food 3 that tbe Empire most needs
and tbat can be most easily stored
and transported.
Europe, and particularly Britain,
will need the following staple fcols
from Canada more than ever before:
Wheat, oats, corn, beans, peas.
Beef, mutton, bactn, and bam.
Cheese and butter.
Poultry and eggs.
Vegetables,    such as potatoes,   onions, and turnips.
Tbe larger the yield of these staple
food products, tbe greater tbe service to the Empire. Germany in the
last ten yearB has doubled the average yield of the majority o° her field
crops largely through better seed,
thorough cultivation and use o! fertilizer. But in making your p'anB,
don't let your enthusiasm and loyalty make you attempt more than you
can carry through. Million; of bushels, instead ot million.; ol acres,
should be the aim ol Canadian (armors, And while tha Empire's armies
are busy putting d >wn German Militarism, let us at home appropriate
the beBt ot Germany's agricultural
methods for the Empire's advantage.
I The conference in Cranbrook, which
is one of the 20 being held throughout the province commencing on Feb.
22 and under the auspices ot the Dominion department of agriculture
which is inaugurating a campaign
which extends over the entire Dominion to assist Canadian agriculturists, stock-breeders and all others interested directly or indirectly in the
productiveness of the soil in providing for such returns in 1915 as the
world's markets will most demand,
will be held on Saturday, March u,
in the Edison theatre at 8 o'clock in
the evening. Announcement to this
effect wa3 made yesterday by W. V.
Jackson of the provincial live stock
branch, who is visiting the district
arranging the details of itinerary.
Regarding the conference and the
campaign which is being earried on
throughout the country, Mr. Jackson
yesterday pointed out the position of
the Dominion department of agriculture as follows:
"Patriotism and production," is
the slogan adopted by the Canadian
department of agriculture in the work
undertaken. On the first point those
who meet the farmers no doubt will
explain that the success of the Empire in ths tremendous military task
uow before it depends to a large extent on the continued ability to feed
tbe men who are risking their lives
in the Iin? of battle for their country. Canada's immense agricultural
resources will be taxed to the utmost. The boast that she is the
"Granary of the Empire" will be put
to the literal test. It will be argued
that those staying at home to till
the coil should cultivate that which
will be most wanted by Eait Kitchener in his efforts to keep tha millions
soon to'be in the field provided with
substantial food. This is the "patriotic" viewpoint expressed briefly.
The "practical" mission is not aa
eaaily expla'ned. For weeks the agricultural department has been making
use of the government's resources to
obtain accurate, general and statistical information for their speakers,
thus materially augmenting their own
jpcrsemi expert knowledge. They are
expected to inform the farmer in each
district having regard to the nature
of tbe soil of that particular part of
the country, what he should grow
largest quantities of in order to best
help his country in the present cri-
uis. And in this instance, it is worth
noting that personal and public interests go hand in hand for it is reasonable to suppose that lf the farmer produces much of whit    ls most
| needed, he is yo'ng to be the most
Under tha circumstances it is believed that all ifarmers within reasonable dlBtance will make a strong
effort to bo present.   Owing to   Sat-
' urday, March nth, being market day
it is presumed tbat a large ntriber of
I the farmers will remain In town for
this conference. It is thought that
it is a duty they owe not only to
themselves but to their country. The
interior itinerary includes:
Grand Forks, March 8; Nelson,
March 4; Creston, March 5; Cran-
broo',1 Mnrch 0, und ReveUtokc,
March h,
Honor to the Boys
In a short time we are to bid goodbye and God's speed to another of
those noble contingents who have responded bo generously to the call of
the Empire. Cranbrook is most
loyal, and It Ib not too much to Bay
that for her size has contributed
more generously in men than any other city in the Domin'on df Canada.
If more are needed then more will
follow. There will be quite a lot ot
disappointed volunteers in the city
left behind who, if needed, will ai
only too ready to say, "Here I am,
take me."   Honor to them.
This contingent is receiving _ partial training at home, every day they
have their routine marches and irills
which will stand them in good steal
when they reach the general encampment. They are a fine lot of men
of whom we can all be proud and
when the day of departure comes it
will be a send-off that will not b; behind any of the previous ovations
that have been given the former con-
t'n?enta. Given an opportunity wj-
believe they will aoqjult themselves ts
noble representatives of a noble Empire.
The contingent will he made up of
the following:
Sergt. Martin   T.   Harris,    Cranbrook,
Sergt.   Douglas   Vernon    Dunlop,
Fort Steele.
Corp. Sidney S. Paul, Cranbrook.
Corp. Louis Theobald, Fort Steele.
Private   Thomas   Laidlaw,    Cranbrook
Private Charles F. Millerin,
Private   Jobn , C. Malcolm,
Private Peter N
Private   Horace
Private   William A. Alley,    Cran
Private   Horace
Private   William
Private Michael	
Private Henry   A. Fowkes,
Private Herbert Varley, Cranbrook
Private Thomas H. Bronsdon, Cran
Private   Stanley   Brietow,
Private Hubert   A. Heard,
Private     George    Merrick,
Private   Valentine    Goods,
Private Frank Goggs, Fort Steele.
Private John Smith, Fort Steele.
Private William Gray, Fort Steele.
iPrlvate Alexander Sutherland, Fort
Private A. Walsh, Fort Ste le.
Prhate Thomas Good, Bull River.
Pripate William Cowan, Bull River
Private Clifford I. Kelly, Bull River
Private George McDonald, Bull River.
Private John Stewart, Klmberley.
headquarters and "A" and "B" companies, Fernie; "C" and "D" companies, Cranbrook; "E" company,
Elko; "F" cimi'in , Cres'.on; "G"
Athalmer; "H" company, Golden.
SergeanJ Henry Vivian Acland, Arthur C. B. Gray and Cyril K. B.
Mogg are gazetted as provisional
lieutenants, supernumeraries, ol the
88th Regiment.
Roderick W. W. Reid and Arthur S.
Mills are gazetted as provisional lieutenants ot thc loith Regiment, Westminster Fusiliers ot Canada.
Chaplain and Honorary Captain Oui,
Rev. C. A. Seager is permitted to resign his commission in the :<"tb Regiment, British Columbia Horse.
Confirmat'on ->   Lieutenant
R. B. Powell and Supernumerary
Lieutenant W. M. Fatt, both oi the
60th Regiment, is gazetted.
The formation of a contingent, consisting of one company of the Cana-
j dian Officers' Training Corps, to be
designated the "McGill University
College Contingent Canadian Officers'
Training Corps," Vancouver, B. C,
is authorized.
McKinnon, Cran-
R. Cook,    Cran-
Chapman,   Cran-
Hcwson,    Cran-
C. Mackay,
Militia Orders
General orders of interest to British Columbians ure contained in the
current issue ol The Canada Gazette,
as follows:
The colonial auxiliary forces long
bit /Ice medal bas been awarded to
Gunner G. Anderson, ot thc .".th Regiment G.G.A.
The regimontnl and company head
qiarters of thc 107th, East Kootenny Regiment, aro to be:   Regimental
Increase in Tariff
Word has been sent out this week
to a!l inland revenue departments
tbat hotels, clubs and wholesale
houses throughout the country must
immediately secure stamps to eover
the wines they now have in stock.
The tax is five cents on a quart or
less of non-sparkling wines and twenty-five cents a pint or less on champagne and sparkling wines.
The stamps are now to be bad at
the inland revenue office and failure
to procure them is punishable by a
severe penalty.
The new tariff is ". per cent, on
foreign produce and 5 per cent, on
preferential in addition to that already carried.
The above change in tariff is date A
from February 12th.
Ottawa, Feb. 12.—As the debate on
the address will occupy some time
and the new special taxes, apart
from the tax on champagne, do i not
come into effect until atter tbe tariff
bill is passed, the peotle wlll have
ample opportunity to prepare themselves for their new burdens. The
tariff increases, of course, come into
effect at once. The administration of
the stamp taxes will be under .9
administration of the inland •evenue
department and the special stamps
wh'ch will be required are now being
After the new taxes come into   effect letters and post cards will   not
be  delivered   1 n'ess   the   new    war
atamps are affixed in addition to the
! regular stamps.   Those wbo lail to af-
j fix the stamn tax will have their let-
: ters    sent to  the dead letter office.
. The war stamps will be ot special design with the words "war stamp" on
the face.    The new cable and    telegraph tax is a special and    not    a
stamp tax.   It will _-n.r,\y to all messages regardless of   length of   which
the    chirge is  fl'teen cents or over.
The SBme statement applies   to   the
taxes on railway and steamship companies, <
These taxes will be collected by the
companies     from    their    customers.
1 Their   books will be optn to 'n;pcc-
I tion hy the governmin1.   In the cn«e
of bank    cheques    the issuer Of    the
I cheque has to apply th- war stamp.
] On bills ol ladin ; O," shipper haB U>
I pny the two cent charge.   Thc   taxes
(on  banks,  trust and  loan companies
will   be   administered  by  thc.    In .nee
i department.   The taxes will be bused
upon    returns    which    the companies
(must submit, to tbe government. PAGE TWO
©he JJvoopeetov, (&xanbvook, §. (£♦
Published  Every  Saturday Morning at Cranbrook, B.O.
F.  M, Christian, general manager
Postage to  American,  European  (British  Isles  excepted)   and  other  foreign countries, 50 cents a year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will bo accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Unless notice to tho contrary
is given to local manager advertisements nud subscriptions will be kept
running nml charged up against their account.
21st YEAR CRANBROOK, B.C February 20, 1015
No. 8
Unless the assistance that has been
promised us for some time does not
get a move on and do something very
quick this will be the last issue of
the Prospector until circumstances
warrant us to publish again. The office will always be open to do job
commercial printing 0n the excellent
standard it has endeavored to do in
the past.
Since the year 1915 opened we reduced the size of our paper to assist
us in reducing the cost of production but the lack of advertising,
which is the life blood ot all newspapers, has been curtailed to such an
extent by the merchants of Cranbroo'' and others that our chief
source of revenue has .been practically cut Off. We are no: possessed of
unlimited revenue, nor have we private means to fall back upon, consequently when the publijh'ng of our
weekly paper showed signs of it not
being able t0 Pay for itself we decided to c'.O'e it down until conditions
warrant its publication again.
We have debts to pay—what business hasn't'.'—and we should be glad
if those who are indebted to us in
any way will toe tbe mark anl send
in their cheque covering the same. If
our customers will do this we can
pay our little debts and so assist
others to avoid the step wc havejtteen
forced to take.
*        .        A        *
In aiuther part of this issue we
call attention to "Thc Call of the
Empire to the Farmers of Canada."
In this article it is urged that the
farmers of the country do their duty
to their fcllowmen in a practical way.
It is mt possible for everyone of us
to go to the Ifront nor would such a
step on the part of all be considered
wise, it would be a foolish policy.
The men in the fighting line who are
hourly giving their life's blood that
we might be immune from the horrors of war must bo fed. The
places they held in the indtJitrial
sphere cannot be filled entirely, but
those who perforce through one circumstance or another must remain
at home can so unite their forces in
a common cause as to assist in bringing victory to our nation nni keep
nlive th; inlustrial interests throughout the Empire.
Another contingent is called for and
another is found ready. Crarfhrook is
pnswering nobly to the call for men.
This will be the third lot that has
left th? city in a body since the European war began. Cranbroo'; is loyal, Cranbroo't citizens are sincere.
Never in the nnmls of any country has
there been seen such enthusiasm exhibited as during the last few months
in the British Empire. Every corner
of the Empire has contributed its
quota Of men, ready to be np and do;
All h inor to the men for the olcr-
ing anl in thought wc go with them,
but the sympathy of the nation is
With the mothers, wives nnd daughters who nre ma'clng the grentest sacrifices nn(i suffering jointly with the
women <)' tho beleaguered countries
now devastated with the horrors of
this tremendous war being waged
across tbe birring pond. Almost every home Iiiih its representative in
the  ranks,   "(Oi'.'.'h  son,   duke's son,
eon of a belted earl." The nation is
i arising as one to put down a common
enemy and the resources ol the
Hritisb nation are only beginning to
be touched,   What will the end be?
Meeting of Farmers'
At a meeting of the Farmers' institute on Saturday A. B. Smith presided over about 50 farmers and others, lhe committee appointed to interview the express agent regarding
opening on Saturday mornings re-
I orted that the office was always
open except during the time when the
agent was at lunch, or, as on Sat-
| urdays, when he had to visit the
bank.. They considered that no blame
attach?d to him. A motion accept-
, ing the report of the committee was
: passed. The secretary reported that
he was wa ting an answer from the
department regarding killing of cattle on the railways and bo had not
taken further action in the matter.
It was decided to have a register prepared showing the stock, crops, etc.
that each farmer had so that it
would bo on hand for reference when
inquiries were made for various farm
products. Discussion of a P'an for a
farmers' evening school where an agricultural course could be taken, covering farm carpentry, care of farm,
machinery, live stock lectures, crop
discussions, farm arithmetic and
book-keeping, milk testing, etc., was
deferred to the next meeting.
The committee was instructed to
get quotations for Burbank White
and Carmen's No. l seed potatoes.
Over 30 entries were taken for the
field crop compcition?. The following resolutions were passed:
1. That it is desirable that separate homestead inspectors be appointed for East and West Kootenay
end that copies of the resolution be
sent to the agricultural department
and t0 the Conservative association.
-'. That steps be taken to bave a
crop convention at Cranbroo't on
March 0 as one is to be held at
Crcsto.i on March S,' J
.1.   That    a    letter be Bent to the;
Conservative association urging it to '
get   the   member for Cranbrook   to
support  legislation  for the compulsory stamping of eggs with the place
of production and the date.
R. T. Williams gave a paper on
the co-operative marketing of eggB.
Ho showed that such a system benefited tho producer by evening tho
priccB a little tho year round, how lt
increased thc quantity and quality of
the product in the district and haw
several other th'ngs ol great interest to producers could be workod In
witb thc scheeme. After a short discussion it wbb laid over so as to allow Mr. Rlvc, the live stocl'i commissioner, to speak on the milk and
creamery question. A lively discussion folowed. The result was that
the matter of co-opcrntion nlong the
linn wns laid over ns the district is
not quite strong enough to support
n creamery, Mr. Rive pointed out
tint unless enough milk or cream
could be regularly received a venture in that, direction would bc sure
tO fail.   Ho urged those present to go
further into the livestock question as
that was Ihe most certain and safe
branch of the farmers' work, (Jran-
bi'oo'.i needed moro clearing, more
fodder crops nnd then with additional dairying cattlo a creamery would
be quite a  safe investment.
Special meetings of the Farmers'
institute will be held on Saturday,
February 37, in the old gymnasium.
Meetings will be freeito alii:
I p.m.—Mr. Upton, of tho poultry
department will demonstrate the killing and preparation of fowls for market.
8 p. m.—Mr. Hopkins of tha live
stock branch will spin'; on "Livestock," followed by Mr. Upton on
pensation, namely, $1800 to the dependents of 57 deceased miners, and
it is the opinion of the officials of
the union that this number will be
brought up to 00.
Thirty-two of the deceased men
were Austrians. Their rights have
boen acknowledged by the company
but no compensation will be paid
their dependents who reside in Austria until peace has been declared between Austria and Great Britain.
This month will be noted for the
peculiar fact that no full moon Willi
occur in it. February is the only
month in which such a lack can ever
occur, and ikio was the last year
with n moonless February.
Profcspor    Jacoby,     of    Columbia
University,    says   full moon3   follow
one another at intervals    of    about
,.,,.. ,        itwenty-nine and one-half days,    and
Miss    Helen    Harrison,     secretary- ...    ,, . .      „    ...
 ,_  *, thus it can happen occasionally that
February, ,with its twenty-ei^ht days,
hasn't time for a new moon to become full. Thero were ' <• ull moons
last month, and there will be two
next month.
Ambulance Assn. to
Furnish Hospital
Damages for Death of
a Logger
Tha Court of Review, sitting in the
        city of Quebec, has rendered a   deci-
the Order to provide   and' sion   to the effect that lumbering   is
for service abroad   or   at | really in the nature of an   industrial
treasurer of the Crnnbrook branch of
the St. John Ambulance Association,
is jn receipt of the following letter
from thc provincial headquarters at
\ ancouvcr:
February o, 1015.
"The Grand Priory of the
Ordsr of the Hospital of St.
John of Jerusalem ta England, of
which you have the honor of being a
member or associate, has forwarded
a circu'.ar letter saying that the
Army Council has approved of an offer from
home, for a period of not less than
six months, a'fully equipped General!
Hospital of 525 beds, to be designated as "Tha St. John Airfbulance Brigade Hospital."
Sir Herbert Perrott, Secretary of
tbe General Council of the Order,
states that the probable cost of each
bed wlll be £100 for the ytar, and
expresses the hope that all members
of tbe Order and associates will, by
personal contributions and otherwise,
make the Hospital a complete success.
Any person contributing Ssoo.oo
would have a bed bearing his or her
name. Any town or city raising that
sum could have a bed dedicated to
them, or the Province as a whole
may contribute sufficient to have one
or more beds known as the British
Columbia beds.
"There are ovor 2,000 Certificate
holders in  B.C.   If each one contri-
and men ifacturin» operation, and is
consequently subject to the Quebec
Industrial Accidents Act.
Mr. Lavoie, a logger, returning to
the camp on a dark and rainy night,
after hiB day's work, came to a river
H6 feet wide, where the bridge had
been carried away by the high water
durin* the day. "Searchers" sent
from tho camp, having seen him,
threw a tree across thc i river so as to
form a bridge, as is customary under
sudh circumstances. Lavoie attempted to crosB, but the tree brohe down
and Lavoie was carried away by the
swift current and drowned. His widow took1 ian action against the lumber company by which he was employed, claiming $8,025 damages for
his death. The Lower Court dismissed the action on the following
grounds: (1) Because the accident
occurred through the gross carelessness of the deceased; (2) because the
butes Si.oo or more, according to his 'accident did not occur in the   course
means, a hendsome sum could be realized for this laudable purpose. He
would have the privilege, at
small cost, of contributing to the
welfare of those who have bravely
gone to the front. We expect that
our Canadians will soon be in the
firing line, and no doubt many of
them will be wounded, and it will be
a satisfaction to know that we are
helping in no small way to relieve
their suffering. We have no doubt
that each one of you will make a
contribution which will ensile us to
equip at least four beds for this
worthy object.
"We would request, therefore, that
you send a contribution without delay to the Secretary of your centre,
who will in turn forward it to the
Honorary Secretary 0f tho B.C.Council. It is hoicd lhat all contributions will be in before February 28,
Contributions may be sent to Miss
Harrison, Box 101, Cr n'irook, who
will forward them to Vancouver.
Undor the Alberta Workmen's Compensation act the Hillcrest collieries
will pay over to tho dependents of
the miners who lost their lives in thc
Hillcrest mlno on Juno ll last approximately $350,000,
Tho    agreement between the   com-
of or resulting from hfs work; and
(8) because the victim of the acci-
a very jdrnt was not, on account of his work,
a workman subject to tbe Industrial
Accidents Act.
The evidence submitted showed that
all tho customary precautions had
been ta'en to take Lavoie safely
across the river, and that neither he
nor the "searchers" were at fault on
that account. As to the second
point, thc Court held that the time
occupied by an employee in returning t0 camp after his day;s work, instead of sleeping in the woods, was
part'of his work within the meaning
of thc Act, as tho lumber company,
as tiara', was providing a camp
where all its employees were fed and
housed for tho night. As to thc third
point, the Court held that, although
some parts of thc lumbering indusM
su h as cutting down and h ml ng tbe
trees, are in the nature of an agricultural operation, logging end sawing, or preparing tho lumber for use
change tho nature of the o^rntion,
which then becomes industrial and
manufacturing. Such was thc case in
Ln- o'e's case, and the accident of
which he was the victim was cne to
which tho Inlustrial Accidents Act
npplied. The dscenscd workman's widow was consequently entitled to an
nlemn'ty in n sum equal to four
times his average yearly earnings.
Judgment was therefore entered tor
$3,000 damages nnd $2.". fo- funeral
expenses, and tho company sentenced
puny and the representatives of tho to pay snid sum with interest and all
United Mine Workers of America pro- costs. (Tremblny v. Dale Sn'nt-Paul
vide for the payment of tho full com-J Lumber Company.) /
NOTICE is hereby given that a
Court of Revision and Appeal under
the provisions of the "Taxation Act"
and the "Public Schools Act" respecting the assessment rotls of the
Fort Steele Assessment District for
the year 1915, will be held at the
Government office, at Fernie, B. C,
on Wednesday, thc 24th day of February, 1915, at 10 o'clock ta the
forenoon, and at the Government office, at Cranbrook, B, C., on Saturday, the 27th day of February, 1915,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Fernle, B. C, January
30th, 1915.
Judge of the Court of Revision
Janl3 and Appeal
Certificate of Improvements
Victor Mineral Claim, altuate in
the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootenay District, located on
Wild Horse Creek at Old Town or
TAKE NOTICE that I, Geo. M.
Judd, Free Miner's Certificate No.
67313b, intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
corter Ior a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And   further take notice that   action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance   of   such
•Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 8th day of January, A.
D. 1915.
l-Mar.6 GEO. M. JUDD.
Notice is hereby given that Vie National Wood Distilling Company of
Wilmington, North Carolina, as holder and Harry C. Moore, o' Blair-
more, Alberta, as licensee of a Canadian Patent No. 106931 for a process
of Destructive Distillation of Wood
will apply to the Parliament of Canada at the next session thereof or
an act extending the time within
which they commence to construct
nnd manufacture in Canada under the
said patent.
Dated at Blairmore. Alberta,   this
fourth day of January, 1915.
The     National    Wood   Distilling
Company  .
Harry C. Moore 2-Feb.G
TAKE NOTICE that I, E. G. Sinclair, intend to apply for a license to
prospect for coat and petroleum on
the following described lands situate
in Block No. 4593, Southeast Kootenai: Commencing at a poat planted
at or near the Northwest corner of
Lot 7119, being the point of commencement, thence east Eighty (80)
chains, thence south Eighty (80)
chains, thence west Eighty (80)
chains, thence north Eighty (80)
chains to point of commencement,
and containing six hundred and forty
acres, more or less, and being a relocation of Lot 7119.
Located December 12tb, 1914.
E. G.  SINCLAIR, locator
N. A. SINCLAIR, agent.
Baptist Church
Pastor, Rev. O. G. Kendall.
Services, il a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning topic—"My Substitute in
the Battle of Man-Soul."
Evening topic-"The Revelation of
Josus Christ and His Glorified
Sunday School and Fellowship Bible Class, 8.00 p.m.
Weekly Social Prayer service Wednesday, 8.oo p. m.
"He that is not for me is against
Me, and he that gathereth not with
Me scattcreth."
Presbyterian Church
Pastor, Rev. W. K Thomson
Morning Service, ll a. m. Address
to the men of the Third Contingent.
Subject—"Your King and Country
Need You."
Sunday School and Bible ClasB, 3
P. m.
Evening service, 7.30
Subject—"Jesus Christ and the
Social Question — Jesus' Teaching
Concerning the Rich."
Anthem by choir.
Salvation Army Hall
Saturday, at c p. m., we shall continue the song service entitled "Bessie and the Wolf." Sunday at 11 a.
m., a holiness service; afternoon, at 3
P.m., the Sunday School; evening, a
gospel service, nt a p.m.
Everybody is' heartily invited to
attend these services.
Rev. C. L. Cowan of Waldo, the
youngest member of the Presbytery
of Kootenay, was at a meeting of
that body elected moderator for the
ensuing years. Rev. Mr. Cowan was
born and educated in Scotland and
having in his youth attended colege
in ' Glasgow. In Canada he graduated from Manitoba college in iui2
and since his ordination he has been
minister- of the Presbyterian'church
in Waldo. He is well known in literary circles, writing under the nom de
plume of "Cleric."
Upon calling the meeting of the
presbytery to order Rev. J. R. Monro of Greenwood, retiring moderator,
thanked the membera of the presbytery for their assistance during the
past year and asked that his successor be appointed, with the result that
to the youngest member of tbe assembly was extended thc honor.
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Theso Pills nro compounded with tin jicafcst
care Irom the most reliable rcmuiiics kuovwi to
Science; such aa nre bcltiff used Willi much success
by the most colebrnten physicians known.
They lire u apedlic tin (lie <ti- Iicm.uk disorders
to which the lemale coiTSllttition Is llnBlo,
Price fi :i bun. Ho. It (much stronger), t_, a
box. Sold it nil Hr k store", or liv mull mini Tlm
lj.nl Drug CO.. Bt. Cttthbrlnu, Uut.
Notice is horeby given that a Court
of Revision and Appeal under the provisions of tbe "Taxation Act" and
the "Public Schools Act" respecting
the assessment rolls of the Fort
Steele Assessment District for tbe
year 1015, will be held at the Gov.
crnment Office, at Fernie, B. C, on
Wednesday, tbe mth day of Febru,
ary, 1015, at lo o'clock in tbe fore
noon; and at the Government office,
at Cranbrook, B. C, on Saturday,
the 2~tb day of February, 1015, at
to o'cloch In thc forenoon.
Dated at Fernie, B. 0„ January 80,
Judge of the Court of Revision and
Appeal. 0-FefoHO
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure p,Tlt*at,
Alcohol, Tobncco and Drugs. It counteracts Ihe
eflccta almost Instantly—removes all cravings.
Alter taking the treatment there will uever he any
need toMrink Intoxicants or use drugs again. Can
bfl given secretly. Wo hava yet to hear of one
failure. Mailed under separate cover to any ad*
dress. Price III CO box, or R hose* Inr flora). The
Suoboll Drug Co,, St. CaUwiaii, Out.
t ++'H4444444'++'H44H'4-H»i« +*K M-H-H--M-+++
Professional   Curbs
£obge   Hottces
Principal, Miss V. M. Cherrlngton
Evening classes if necessary.   Terms
on application.    Day   courses   are
more advisable.
Total Course, $36.00, covering  three
months' tuition.
Hight School course $3.50 per week.
School Course       $2.50 per week.
Kindergarten   $1.25 per week.
Private Classes by Arrangement
Drawing, Fainting, etc., a
Bookkeeping,    Stenography
Building Contractor. Dealer in
Mining Stock & Mineral Claims
P.O. BOX 585        PHONE 346
The  Cranbrook   Poultry  and  Pet
Stock Association
President—A. B. Smith.
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—W. W. McGregor, Oranbrook.
Drs.    KING    &    GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  - • - 1.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Women's Institute
Meets in tbe Maple Hall First
Tuesday afternoon in every month
at 3 p.m. The fancy work classes
meets on third Friday evening.
Mrs. W. B. McFarlane, President
Mrs.  J.  Shnw,  Sec-Treas.
P. 0. Box 442.
All ladies cordially invited.
T.   T.   M o V I T T I E
P.L.I.  *  C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barrlattra, Solicitors and Notaries
Money  to  Loan
Imperial  Hank  Building
ORANBROOK. British Oolumbla
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlons   ars   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, Bl.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meeta lat and
3rd Thursday in
Royal Black
Knights of Ira-
land iiall at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitors
R.' S. Garrett, W. M.
T.O.Horsman, Rcc. Sec.
Box 292
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute
Pres.—A. B.  Smith
Sec—Alb. H. Webb.
Meetings   are   held on the  Second
Saturday in the month at 2 p.m. in
the Old  Gymnasium.    All \tetcome.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No.- 83
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
R. C. Carr, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K. 0f R. & 3'
E. Halsall, M. of F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY    CITY    LODGE
Uo. 43
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
R. A. RacMyeft,        J. F. Broughton
N. G. F. S.
Wm. Harris, Rcc. Sec'y.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in   Maple   Hall,   on   2nd   and
4th Thursday of eacb month.
J. BIRD, Secretary, Box 247.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Moots   in   Mnplo   Hall on the 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays In every month, at
t  p.m.   Membership open  to  British
E. Y. Brake, Pros.
W. J. Lower, Sec.-Trcas.
Box 247.
Visiting members cordially welcome
."i I   !
The Ancient Order of Foresters'
dance in the Maple hall on Wednesday was u huge success. Quite a large
number of couples were present, who
thoroughly enjoyed th? even ns.
$150     FOR     SIXTY   DAYS'    EASY
easy     work—Write     for    contract.
Bradley-Garretson, Brantford.      Fc20
The regular monthly meeting of the
W.C.T.U. will be held at the home of
Mrs. A. A. McKinnon, Garden avenue, Thursday, February atith, ut :i p.
111.   A gojd attendan.ee is retcfluestod,
tho condition was probably caused
through it being "just before payday." Everyone is looking for a
bumper attend) nee today.
We are glnd to see Jimmy QroaveB
around again, it will be remembered
that n short while ago tie underwent
an operation for appendicitis in tlio
St.   Eugene hospital.
Mra.  J. M. Main? of Toronto, On-
tnrio,  was visiting in the city   last
week,   f- hi is a grand officer   of the
Grand International Auxiliary to the
Brotherhood    of   Locomotive   Engineers.    On   Thursday afternoon   Mrs.
Mains    injected the local AuxEiary,
who meet in the Orange Lodge   hall,"
and was greatly   pleased   with    the
work the ladies put on.   In the even-
i ing a banquet   was given in   honor
, of  Mrs. Mains and  a splendid   time
was spent, by the engineers and their
; wives.   During Mrs.  Mains' visit   In
tba city she was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. ('.. M. Barney.
Police Notices
Notice is given to the residents who
leave or anticipate leaving their residences vacant for any length of
time that if they will notify the chief
ot police he will undertake to seo
that such premises are properly protected.
gent married or stagle women   for 	
work around home or liberal, roiiiun- The executive committee of the Ov-
(ration for spare time. Mrs. David- ersems Club held a meeting in the Y.
son, Brantford. fte20 M.O.A.  Inst Saturday evening   when
a go(1d deal of important business
j connected with local matters and suggestions from their headquarters, Lon
Idon, Eng., was transacted. Th3 Overseas Club is now booming in an ex-
The volunteer contingent en>yed
the hospitality o: the Hox theatre
on Thursday night when a series of
pictures were shown depicting Valcartier in all its war paint. The pictures were interesting and instructive
and the boys had a real good time.
Notice is hereby given that all
business licenses were due i* January 15th, and tbat the same should
be paid without delay to tbe city
clerk's office or to the chief of police.
Chief of Police
Water Notice
Members ot the Pantages company
were busy on Wednesday in Baker
street taking snapshots of interesting
objects. One Ol the ladies of the
company obtained tbe loan of a papoose from an Indian woman and
hung it over her own back while one
of the grntlemen snapped the picture.
The picture would remain a memento
of their visit to Cranbrook.
It bas come to the notice of the
city authorities tbat private individuals (.'other than city employees) have
in their possession water keys for
turning on and off water connections. , penyi Brflntford
Notice   is  hereby   given   that   any I ____
person using the same in future with- j   The curing ti.ub dance held in Fort
out   permission   being first obta.ned Steele last Friday for the  purpose of
est War," including Canada's part;
profusely illustrated with actual battle scenes; record seller; make seven
dollars daily; sample boo'c free on
promise to canvass.   L'nscott   Com-
traordinary manner and assisting in
furthering the principles of Empire-
ship throughout the vhile world; It
is now suggested tbat all British citizens, naturalized or otherwise,
should .'on the local branches in
whatever district they reside—Be British is a good slogan. The next meet-
in* will be held in the Maple Hall on
Tuesday, February 23rd, whin the
usual monthly dance will be held. A
good attendance of members is hoped
P. 0. Box 802 Cranbrook, B.O.
from the city clerk's office Vill be immediately prosecuted.
By order,
City Clerk
Interesting Items
New Mouldings just arrived. Come
in And aee them. All tastes can be
satisfied.   Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mrs. W. J. Manley will receive on
tbe fourth Thursday of eacb montb.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Chandler of
Nelson were the guests of Mrs. W. J.
Manley Thursday and Friday.
Born—At Cranbrook on Wednesday
February 17th, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm,
Steward, a daughter.
The regimental dance in tb; Auditorium on Monday even ng was a
splendid success. A larger number of
dancers were present.
W. V. Jac'iso.i, lecturer for the Fed
eral Government, was in town this
week) arranging for a public meeting in Cranhrojk on Mnrch »tb.
EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER   desires worn at home or by day. Apply to MIsb M. Chester, No. nm Van
Hone street, feb-»
The bappinessof mot horliood istoooftcn
checked because tin- mother's strength is
not equal to lur cares, while lu-r unselfish
devotion neglects lur own health.
It is u duty of husband or friend to sec
that she gets the pufi medicinal nourishment in Scott's Emulsion, which is not
■ drug or stimulant but nature's concentrated oil-food tonic In enrich and enliven tin- blood, strengthen tbe tier ves and
aid Uie appetite,   Physicians everywhere
prescribe  Scott's limiilsioti   for  overworked, nervous, tired women; it builds
up and holds up tbelr strength.
Get Scott's at your nearest drug store.
raising funds for a curling rink proved a big success. From Cranbrook
alone there were over an couples who
enjoyed the hospitality of tbe citizens of Steele, and the Cranbrco't orchestra again covered itself with its
usual excellent la'irels. Abo'it S4o.no
was added to tbe ban'ting account.
The ladies' aid of Knox Presbyterian church intend having Shamrock
Tea on March 17th. Full particulars
Marian Carr, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ross Carr, suffered a most serious accident on Wednesday, caused
through the child evidently playing
on a pile of logs near ber home. One
of the logs rolled over the child and
only for tbe timely assistance of two
ladies most serious results migbt
have happened. The child is, however,  progressing favorably.
Methods—Extraordinary revivalist;
quarter million converts; thrilling
book; everybody orders; ma'* six to
ten dollars dally; sample boo'c free
on!promise to canvass. Bible House,
Brantford. Fe 20
J. C. Staccy, one of tbe oldESt
settlers in the district, passed away
at the home of Joe Taylor last Friday morning at the ripe ago of hm
years, Undertaker Beatty hid ch irgo
of th- funeral err n cuents, the la<t
rites being contacted by Rev. A. B.
Lane. Mr. Staccy was ono of tho
men who assisted in the construction
work of the Crow's Most Pass branch
of the Canadian Pacilic ra lway.
The market last week was not so
well attended by tho citizens of Cranbroo't ns has been the case for some
wockH. The sale of meats was fnr bo-
low the average and other produco
Buffered in llko manner; It was suggested by several  stall holders   thnt
Beavers 28—Athletics 17.
At the Young Men's Club last Monday night the Beavers defeated the
Athletics 28-17 in the third scheduled
game of the league.
No preliminary game was arranged.
The game like the previous ones was
a fast exhibition and the boys played hard throughout. During the flrst
half the teams played on even terms
first one and then the other forging
ahead, 0nly to lose the lead.
Gill and Ashworth for the Beavers
played a good combination game,
nearly all tbeir scores in the first
half cominj by this route. At half-
time the Beavers led 18-10,
The pace after the intermission began to tell on tbe Athletics and the
Beavers quickly gained a comfortable
lead and kept scoring, while holding
their opponents close, the victors getting 15 points to 7 points for the
losers. Ashworth was high scorer for
tbe winners, annex'ng 18 points, with
E. Phillips Cose behind witb lo. Mclllwaine for the losers was responsible for 9 tallies.
Lineup—Beavers, Ashworth and E,
Phillips, forwards; Gill, centre; Bridges and Murray, guards. Athletics,
S. Phillips and J. Wilson, forwards;
Mclllwaine, centre; E. Crowe and Mc-
Ewin, guards.
Next Monday night the Beavers
tackle the Stagj and will make a
strenuous effort to avenge their previous defeat at the hands of tbe latter. The Girls' game between tbe
Hlc'.is and Macs will again be the
prelim nary feature.
London, Ont., Feb. 12.—It is estimated tbat the newly discovered gas
well ta tho village of Delaware, a
(few niilcn from here, Ib capable of
supplying both Toronto and London
with all tho natural gas required.
Five million feet a day is tho estimated flow already.
When people get to be 50 and 60
and 70, they need a little help sometime to get through with the day's
work. Their backs can't stand the
heavy loads, the steady strain, of
lusty youth. They need
St. Raphael Ont., Jan. 5th.
"Pour years ago, 1 had such pains in my
back that I could not work. The pains extended lo my arms, sides and shoulder.. 1
u«cd many kinds of medicine for overayear,
none of which did me very much good. I read
about Oltt Pills and sent tor a sample and
used ihem and found the pain, were £»»«>»
me and I was feeling heller. So I bought
one box and before 1 had used them all, the
pains were almost gone and I could keep at
work. After I hadtaken six other boxes, 1
was entirely cured and I feel as strong as at
the aire of 30. 1 am a farmer, now 81 years
the age or oo.       FRANK LEALAND
Gin Pills are "Made in Canada".
60c a box, 6 for $2.50 at all dealers.
Sold in U.S. under the name of
"GINO" Bills. Trial treatment
free if you write National Drug &
Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Toronto. *M
Bridgerort, Conn., Feb. 12.— Fannie Crosby, the hymn writer, died today at her home, 95 years old.
LOST—A gold watch, 17 jewel Omega
between Santo's residence and Baker street or Armstrong avenue. Reward will be given by returning
same to the police office, city hall.
TO RENT—In modern house, two
large rooms, suitable for light
housekeeping. Terms very easy.
Phone 374, Mrs. J. S. Mennie, cor,
Lumsden Ave. and Edward St.
cash for stock and chattels of Improved stock, ranch and will exchange
high class producing Alberta wheat
lands, one mile from town and railway (or the ranch property or will
lease same for term of years. No
valuation based on boom times considered. In flrst letter send full particulars re chattels, stock', etc., and
cash valuation placed on same. Also
give lot number, number of acres in
ranch, acrea irrigated, cleared, fenced, etc., together with description of
ranch buildings and open range available. Location must be within reasonable distance of Kootenay Central
Railway. Apply Stack Ranch, Box
H20, Cranbroo't, B.O.
Nothing hae ever
equaled or compared
with the medicinal fate
in Scott's Emulsion to
arrest the decline, invigorate
the blood, strengthen the
nervous system, aid the appetite and restore the courage
of better health.
Soott'm Emulelon Is
pure health-building food, without
harmful drugs.


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