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The Prospector Dec 14, 1912

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M" *•**. lm*
We Have
An   Exceptional   Ooocl    As.ortin.nl
Ladies' Bracelets
From $-.;o Up
il n-'
The 'Leading  Nc/v^nnper
Lthe v™ /;
Tl^SC0*//a        fi        C
$2,00 for Year
Life in British Columbia
An interesting Article in the Empire Magazine
The followiDK rondnble article wider tbe above caption aii-Huiru la the
Oetober number of thc Umpire iu.-irh
line published in London:
"Brltleh Oolumbla has been culled
thc land of 'muf-nlllcent dletancee
ft would he fur truer to wiy of thle
or any other mountainous country
that the viown are nenernlly narrow
tn the valleys at any rate, one Is de
cldedly shut in. Here and there
from high' places, or, of course, from
the tops of mountains, one cnn see
fnr and wide. One such view may be
•een from thc now rotid on Long
Pake trom un altitude of 600 fiwt
above the Inke, anil 1,900 feet above
the sea. Oue cnn nee tho Oold Rungr.
which is 70 or 80 miles nwny. Another equally line, thouch not so
extensive, view mny be seen trom tho
escarpment on the rond through thc
Shuswap Valley. It Is a view which
were it situated in Kurope would
call loudly to nwny thousands of vis-
tors every yenr. Uritish Columbia
bus also been culled the land of
great opportunities. Wc nre proud
of its resources. But the description
savours too much of the dollar. A
minor poet addressed this country
the other dny us the 'Lund of last
hope and latest victory.' I don't
quite know what he meant by 'lust
hope.' At any rate, it wus not a
misprint for 'lost.'    But let It puss.
"None of these phrases seem to me
to hit tiie null on the head. We
need „ description which has some
relation to the life of the people, as
well as to tbe physlcnl aspect of tbe
country. It is a land of incomparable   Incongruties,    A bird's eye view
of the country would betray a huddled muss of mountains trom the
Rockies to the Pnclflo const. Range
upon range of mountains everywhere.
Thre;.' main ranges between the Rockies nnd the ocmu,Intersected, buttres
fed. crossed here und there and every
where hy ragged foothills wblcb
broaden out. In places into vust pint-
euui from 4,000 to 5.000 feet in
height. An absolutely Impossible
country to live in, one would say
except from tbo point of view of the
eagle. But It Isn't. Thc valleys,
thc hed-i of ancient lakes or glaciers,
nre among the most fertile ln the
world. Almost anything belonging
to the temperate, zone inuy be grown
in thom • • • The amount of vnlley luud ls small, of course, com
pured to thc vast tracts of mountains nnd plnteaux. But the writer
ventures to predict thnt some day,
and nt no distant date, many thou
sands of ncres even on tbe highlands,
w:ll be cultivated and inhabited. Bo
this Inhospitable, bleak and barren
country belies itself from the start,
It is quite other thnn lt seems. Visit in thc long, and to most people
dreary winter, nnd you would Bny
that no deciduous tree could possibly withstand the steely blast from
the north. But It is not so. Apple,
pear, plum nnd peach trees thrive.
The Oak, (though rarely planted),
tbe walnut, the filbert, the beech,
oven the so-called copper variety, all
do well In sheltered localities. Tbe
growth of these trees under tbo in-
ttuence of thc hot summer sun is prodigious, but sturdy as well.
(Oontinued on Pago   2.)
City Conservatives Meet
Elect Officers and Transact  Other Business
A meeting of the Cranbrook City
Conservative association was held in
Mntbeson's Hall on Monday night
lor the purpose of electing un executive committee to the Cranbrook
District Association.
The meeting wns culled to order
by Ira Manning, Vice-president.
Records of the meeting were rond
nnd adopted.
President W. A. Rollins then took
tbe chair and in a few words said
tbat the object of themeeting was to
elect a committee to the district association.
The following gentlemen were then
nominated and elected ns a committee:—
Messrs. J. I). McBrlde, Simon Taylor, Prank Dezall, W. B. McFarlane,
I. Baxter, A. Belmont and F. W.
Mr. W. B. MacFarlanc then suggested that a resolution in sympathy
with Ue naval policy should be
adopted. He said t'.iat since the
time 'Wolfe' was killed on the
Plains of Abraham, the Mother Country had protected both the Atlantic
and Pacific coasts and that the expense had bcen severul times greater
than the amount of tbe emergency
expenditure of 835,000,000, the sum
proposed to be given by Mr. Borden.
Mr. Thos. Caven M.P.P. agreed
with Mr. MacFarlane and recommend
ed that a committee he appointed to
draft and forward to Hon. R. F.
Green said resolution.
Ira Manning, vice-president of tbe
association moved that inasmuch al
three   new   senators were to be ap-
Tories  of Marysvllls
Hold a Rousing
A most enthusiastic meeting of the
Marysville Conservative Association
wns held lu the Public Hull at
Marysville, on the evening of Saturday, November 80th., s >mc 10 members all ln good standing being pres-
ent; testifying to tbe interest taken
In public affairs by the electors iu
and around Marysville.
Several matters of importance, relating to appropriation for roads
bridges, etc., for the coming year
were discussed.
In tbe matter of a proposed pack
bridge across the St. Mary's River,
at Marysville, it wns decided that
iminedlutc etcps he taken to insure
the bridge being constructed tbls
winter and a resolution petitioning
the Cranbrook District Association
to grnnt an immediate appropriation of *I,000 tor tbls purpose, was
unanimously carried.
The annual election ot officers produced a very spirited content, resulting as follows:
Hon. Pres.   Thos. D. Caven, M.P.P.
President Wm. Onrbutt
Sec'y-Treas. N. W. Burdett.
.executive Committee:
I.. Meuchum
B. I.uiidln
Jno. Onrbutt
A vote of thanks to the retiring
ofllcers completed the business of the
evening and the meeting adjourned
sin* dls. i
pointed from British Columbia, that
this association should forward to
Ottawa the name of J. D. Bride.
That Mr. McBrlde was a staunch
Conservative of tbe old days, always
on hand, ready and willing to help
thecause and moved that this resolution should he forwarded to Hon. R.
F. Green, for presentation to Mr.
Mr. Thos. Caven and others addressed the meeting favoring the
presentation of Mr. McBride's name.
The resolution was then unanimously adopted by the meeting.
Mr. McBride in a few words
thanked the Conservatives of Cranbrook for the great honor conferred
upou him, saying that it has been a
great pleasure no bim to work for
party, that his working nnd voting
days lirst commenced when he voted
for ttw ex-governor of the Northwest Territories.
The following committee was then
appointed to push the recommendation of Mr. McBride as Senator:—
Messrs. Thos. Cnven, M.P.P., Ira
Manning. Dr. Rutledge, P. DeVere
Hunt nnd W. B. MacFarlane.
Some discussion then took place in
regard to building a bridge across
the Kootenay river at its confluence
wltb Sbeep Creek. It wus learned
tbat the Provinciul government bad
appropriated 125,000.00 for this
bridge and it Was moved that the
government bo asked to commence
the construction of this bridge at an
early date, as the winter season was
the best time to do suchwork.
Engagement of Conrad
Johnson and Miss
An engagement of interest wns announced rocently at a surprize party
given to the bride-elect, when Mrs.
Johu J. Khllnger, of Spokane, entertained at d nnor at Davenport's
(Spokane) In tbo Herman room.
Thc betbrothnl Is thnt of her sister,
Miss Kuthryn Schlegel, ot New York
(-ity and Mr. Conrud Johnson, of
Wasa nnd Cranbrook, B.C.
Covers were laid lor IB at dinner.
The favors for the guests, little cu-
pids holding a ring ln a heart on
which were linked the inttialsof the
engaged couple, told tbe story. Further carrying out enpid'u message
was the spldor web suspended from
tbe celling to the centre of the table,
in which were caught rod nnd white
roses, with cupId standing below.
Rosea were used for decorative ef-
Miss Schlegol has lived in Spokane
with ner sister fnr almost thn entire
past year, this bolng her third visit
ther-. and made nn her completion ot
a trip thronuli Europe, She is a
talented musician nnd artist aud attended schonlB in the east, including
the New York Normal. She Is the
daurhtcr nf Mrs. M. Schlegel, wbo Is
also known In Spokan*.
Strikers Justified
Board Upholds Strikers on all Salient Points-
Await   Decision of C.P.R.
Ottawa, Dec. 9.—That tho members
of the Cnnndlnn Brotherhood of Railway Employees of the Canadian Pa-
clllc Railway were Justified in their
demand for a board nf conciliation and
In the resultant strike which followed
Its rofusnl by the minister nf labor,
Is bourne out in the majority report
of thc hoard which was later appoint
ed two weeks ago and which this afternoon brought down its Uniting.
The report which Is signed by .fudge
McGlbhon of Brandon, Ont., chairman
and by J. A. Macdonald of Halifax,
representing the employees, fully
Justifies almost every claim made by
thc men, nnd is considered hy the off!
cers of thc Brotherhood to moro thnn
vlndicnte the position which they took
throughout. The minority report of
J, E. Duvnl ot Montreal,who was up-
pointed by thc department of labor
to represent the compnny, upon the
latter's refusal to he represented, ban
not yet been filed with the department, but it is believed that though
it does not agree in every particular
with that of the majority in certoln
vital points it Is an agreement.
The dispute between the members ot
the Brotherhood affects, it Is said,
.-i.OOO men engaged iu thc clerical
freight and bnggage departments of
the C.P It from const to const. Recognition of the schedules was asked
tor from the compnny, together with
Increases of pay averaging 75 per cent
The minister o. labor, after considering the application of the men decid
ed that a board would not be justified
and that the investigation of the dispute would Involve months. The
strike was therefore called and is
still on. The general disorganization
which has ensued especially at the
lakes during the grain moving season and the consequent representations which have been addressed to
tbe department on tbls account, final
ly induced the minister to grant a
board for a limited territory, it being generally understood that tho
finding would apply throughout the
system.     The board   held   its   first
mooting on Nov. 89, nbout two weeks
ago and Its report Is now ln the hand
of tlio minister.
Thc report nt the outset commends
tbo minister for limiting the scope of
I the enquiry  and recommends as follows:
; 1. —The Btiikers should be relnetntod
in their old positions forthwith at
the same salaries they wero receiving
at the time of the strike.
2.—The strikers should receive back
pay for tbe time they have been on
3.—Themon who were discharged
for their connection with thc Brother
hood nf Railway Employees should be
treated as strikers, receiving the
same treatment.
4.—Incrense of salaries is recommended, hut It Is left tn tbe parties
interested to arrange nt a future date
r..—Tbls report is to cover all districts affected within the scope of tbe
The hoard theu lays down certain
rules which shall povern the members
nf the Brotherhood regarding seniority, vacancies, appointments, otc. It
further decided that tbe schedule re
enmmended shall take effect irnm Muy
1, 1912, and shall remain In effect
for one yonr, and from year to year
Time aud a ho.t for overtime, public holidays, and Sundays is recommended by the board.
lt is understood that Mr. Duvnl, in
his minority report, recommends the
reinstatement of the men. No communication in connection with the
award has been received from tbo
company, but there is reason to believe that an amicable agreement will
be renched, and tbe minister is confident that the company will abide
by the award when it is presented.
The recommendat nn, however that
back pay be given to the men for tho
period during which they wero on
strike inuy be opposed T,y the company. The strike was called on Nnv.
■I, and the men have now beon out
(or over llvo weeks.
The strike will be continued until
the company hns decided upnn what
course it will pursue
JlrdgQ McGlbbna Who acted us chair
mau o the board, lias acted ia llko
capacity nn no iem tban ten arbitrations, some of which ooncornou tlio
biggest railway disputed in Canaan
Ho hus the further distinction c.I having every award he made faithfully
carried out afterward.
President Mosher, of the brotherhood, when seen tonight, was thoroughly satisfied with tiie result of bis!
offnrts and thoRe nf tiis fellow officers
and is optimistic that the award will
he carried out by the company. At.
n meeting uf the Ottawa division this
afternoon three cheers were given for
Judge McGibbon, the minister uf labor, ond President Mnsher.
Ottawa, Dec. 9.—The minister o* labor has consented to grant a board
of conciliation In the mutter nf thc
iispute between tho employees and
the owners of the Metallurgies mlno
of the Kootenay district in llrltlsh
Columhla. Between 15 und 'itl mines
and between SOU aud 900 mon are concerned In the dispute, which haB u-
riscn out of a demand of thc employees for a raise ia pay of 50c. per
day. Tbe dispute commenced on
August 9, and during the months of
Uctober and November certain of the
mines have agreed to a modified increase in salary ranging Irom 15 to
25 cents per day. Thc mon are imt
hoWever, sat;s!ied, and bave applied
tor a board- Tlio minister of labor
nus conseutod to grant a board nn
the cnnditlon that one nomination s
made representing thc whole number
of miueH concerned, and the department is awaiting a reply. J. D. Mc
Nlscn, ex|i«rt of the department, is
on the ground at the present time.
Women's Institute
MOTTO-"For Home and Country"
The Women's Institute was favored
wltb the reports of tbeir representatives to the lethbrldge Dry Farming Congress some six weeks ago.
Tbis may seem to some a llttlo late
to receive thes-> reports after so long
a tinv ban Intervened; but if our
readers were better acquainted with
tbe large amount of work which the
members of the Institute have recent
ly accomplished and the amount of
lnhor attached to the ideas they are
trying to promulgate, surprise would
give way to wonderment, and hesltan
cy would take a back seat to enthusiasm on these Indies- behalf.
When we consider the duties attached to the hnme which every woman (and especially InBtltuto women1)
in the city is carrying out in a proper manner with respect fnr the res
possibilities pertaining to that station, and in many cases parental duties tn be tn! en Into account, the
work ths Institute is doing in the
city of Cranbrook today has reason
to call fnr e-frlutuutions of surprise.
We hear on nil sides suggestions
for the improvement of the spars
hours of the young men of the city,
the Y.M.C.A. wns hullt prlncipnlly
to detract young men from thc evils
wh ch we know exist; and now we
have tbe Men's Club in course of
construction, to be used for tho
same purpos* at the Y.M.C.A., only
in a much broader and better sense.
Rutwhat nbout the young women of
the city? There are those who nre
residing In the city, away from
home and the childhood friends, and
those other friends they have made
in later years in other places—aenar-
atlons caused partly by the calling
they separately follow—what of these
It may be said here that the ground-
workor foundation of a plan tor providing help towlle away the time
and provide somethin,: for the »inr<>
hours thnt exist In every young
Indies career was nne of the reasons
for the founding of the Women's
The work which Is being orgnnlxed
lor the winter season Is worthy ot
every woman's best tnonght. The recent visit to the city of Mrs. 0. T.
Townley nud Miss A. Taylor, of
Vancouver and New Westminster respectively, both government experts
in their particular branch of ladles-
work, Is but a pnrt nf the privileges
pertaining to tbe interests nt thn Institute. Dressmaking and Needlework Is now bring considered nnd It
can be safely tnken thnt the end of
tholr resources nre extended towards
many other plnns for the helping uf
the   ladies   of   ths   city and which
plans are now occupying ths attention of the Institute. Whnt about
the young women!
Provision should nlso be made for
their comfort and pleasure ns well as
the young men. Render the assistance which lays best to hand and
we could then have in the city a
Woman's Club, and rightly so, as
well as a Men's Club.
Six weeks bave gone by since the
Congress Sessions opened, Monday
afternoon, October 21,1912, when tbo
flags of fifteen nntlons waved peacefully over the young city of lethbrldge.
These fifteen nntlons represented a
world-wide movement, showing tbe
brotherhood of nations and the
world's interest in agricultural development; they, hnvlng heen Invited by
the government ot Canada to meet
ot lethbridge to participate in whut
Is now a great movement.
Many of the delegates travelled
linlf-way around the globe to study
the work of the Congress and to
lenrn the system of agricultural
work represented in dry-farming.
The Women's side ot fnrm life received due attention during the Congress; It helng the second annual
session oi thc International Congress
of Farm Women.
Tbe first session op-uied Tuesday
morning nnd continued for four days
with a large attendance at every
meeting. Thc keynote wnn the bet
torment of country life; the lessening
the burdens nf the farmer's wife and
mother; and, the adoption of methods
and devices that will help the women
In tbe Improvement of the home nnd
rural community.
The flrst session nf the Congress
wns called to order hy the President
Mrs. leslic Stevart, of Winnipeg.
Invocation wns nsked by Rev. A. G.
Cameron, followed hy music from tbe
Curdstnn Choral Society. Mrs. Bul-
yen, wife nf the Lieutenant Governor
of Alberta, expressed tbe welcome on
behalf nf the Dominion; while Mrs.
Marshall, wife of tbe Minister nf
Agriculture of Alberta, welcomed the
delegates f,,r the Province; nnd Mrs.
Fred W. Downer, chairman of the local bonrd wolenmol thc delegates lor
tbe city of lethbrldge. Thon followed speakers from Belgium, Palestine
and Australia, bringing greet ngs
from thn women nf their eountrrloB to
the women nf our country. As I listened I could not help being impressed with the tact that theyrcatost
thing In the world, an Drunimond
puts It, Is Charity or l*ive
In the nttornoon an address by Dr.
J. H. Worst, President of the North
Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo,
N.I)., called: "Educating the Girl foi
the Fnrm." was splendid. He suid
it any of bis hearers had married u
man too poor to support her he ud-
vised them tn start with fifty chickens and lay by as muchofthe profits
every week or month as possible,
then in old nge wben strength lulled,
they would have something to live on
Miss    Ermu  B. Mitt thews, Supt. ol
Oklahoma Women's Institutes proved
to lie a clover speaker in ber address
"Farm    Homes    oi    Our    Country."
Miss   Liln   A. Hnrksus, Prof, of tbe
Dept.    of   Hnme    Science,    Montana
.State   College    ni Agriculture. Boze-
mnn   gave   an interesting address on
'Homo   Economics.'     Sho   told of a
woman,    whn,   just ns she wna coming in with a basket of eggs, slipped
and   broke   a   doren   eggs.     Rnther I
than   see   the eggs go to wnstc, she i
cooked   and at. the dozen ergs with
the result that she wus sick for sever j
ul   days.     She didn't   wish tn speak
on   thnt   kind nf saving, but rather'
how  to   economize  <ur   strength by
hnvlng our homes equipped with saving devices.
Tbeie were many more addresses
by nrominent men and womeo of nur j
land ,,n subjects of grent importance
in our country, among which was the
educating of nur hoys and girls; tbelr I
opportunities uud mistakes often
mado, tt would take, volinnnos to
impart the knowledge and help gain-'
oil by being present at the Women's
Hen-Ions of the Dry-Farming Con-'
Words canno"t express how grateful
! feel to the Women nf nur Institute!
in Crunbrook for sending me ns one
of their dolegntes.
Mudsill President nnd Ladies: I {
um very grateful to you all fnr tho j
favor you conferred nn me by send-1
lug me us a delegate to the Loth-1
bridge Dry Fanning Congress and I
assure you thnt. I uppieclate it very j
much heonitso Of the wonderful untold |
-ood and Inspiration that I received
While there. I would like to lie nhin !
to tell you „ll as I snw It at this!
Congress,    Truly, a wonderful wnrk i
is going  on in all iIh branches.
The Idea orlglnntod with Mrs. T.
Burn'., wll- of Secretary Treasurer
Minns of the  IntermitInnal  Dry Farm
ing Congress
It    ulirs   to promote every leaeure
o[  hnme life; To wtihlv  the enasorvn-
tion nt home life nnd energy through
(Continued uu Page   I.)
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win tor
('ontlnued (rom paj{u  1
"Gltmnttcalty, British Columbia in
ulso Incongruous. Tho weather in
always unuBital. Rain may come nny
month in the year, oven in the Dry
neit. Winter mav net in suddenly,
as Inst yenr, at the bei.'inniiif* of Nov
ember, or tt may come {nn the year
before) at Ohrlstmna, Home winter.,
hnve n BnowfaU ol about nine Inches
all told, (ithcra have seven or eight
feet of snow. Some winters are
comparatively mild; others are very
severe. Whatever vtev the weather
may he it is always 'unusual,' The
greatest heat may come In June or
July, or August or September. There
te nu knowing what may happen. An
a rule there is but little wind. This
lust year has heen exceedingly windy
all through, The prevailing wind ia
from the south as a rule; tins year
It blew ami blew hard (rom the
north nine dayB out of ten, In tbe
locality  where the wrltfll  resides.
"Life in British Columbia abounds
also in ineongrutieB, People who
are to poor to keep a 'domostlc' can
afford to keep n motor-car oi a motor-launch or bath. \ man who cannot k'**.-|) .i cow because of the labor
ami expense It Involves drtvee his
'car' every daj two miles there and
back to fetch bis nuai I di io erf
milk The lake dweller who lives In
n shack ..r nny cottage runs to the
store every other day In ins motor-
launch to fetch hus mall or groceries,
The worktngman ean drive bis team
or his buggy, proud of bis sense ol
ownership We have all to gel .it'1"1'
antl that quickly Tune ih the essence of it all. We are all so tuiay—
cooking, house-keeping, washing-up,
doing 'chores', cultivating, pruning,
spray ine. tending and feeding our*
selves nnd Homo other annuals Rn
fact, you would say we were so busy
that no time could be found (or recren
tion. But in this Innd ot Incongruities riotbina. ■> impossible but the expected. Lots of people will tell you
that they !i ive no tune (,.r amusements, but tbey are the nrst people
you nnvt at the country club, at the
dance, at the play, at the regatta,
It dotm't matter how hard up or
'tied up" a man may be. when it is
rej'iired (or amusements, the 'oof ia
always there Luxuries are necessaries. In a few years we shall nil be
harnessing the harks*, necessary aeroplane to fftc!) andcarry with.
"This brings me to the main issue.
The Incongruity of the Lite Is its
charm.     It   la all great fun.    People
who would never have dreamt of do-
tng without two or three servants in
the Ohl Country here do everything
forthomselves, even to scrubbing their
own doors, 11 ia grand. All the tun
nlcr, perhaps, beoauBo most of uu
don't see the funny side at nil.
Mnny of us 'kick' at having to do
things tor ourselves, hut in our
heart of hearts we know it la better
thus. Bettor thnn loafing about
town; better than the proattiO amusu-
inonts ol 'society.' Fortunately for
Lhemselvea, people do boo the 'sunny'
Hide of things, There is plenty ol
glorious sunshine here. Ho much
thut we feel quite disconsolate if
ibere is a dull duy in.summer, are
ready to die ot chagrin if there is a
dull week. Then we begin to think
there musl be Borne mistako. A tew
'bills' trickle from the tradesmen
n dishonored draft or two on Nature^
Hank come in.   The sky is lowering.
So are we. If you arewise you will
vsit any u( your neighbors on .. wet
day, partly (tii what you might hear
partly (or what you might see. Under such circumstances, ton or coffee
nre deadly dull. The other tbiug o*
better, it revives the drooping spit
its it reminds ub of the overdue
"The lighter vein runs through the
wbole community Then' is tho
French joie do vivre' united to Uie
English 'sangfroid.' There is the
l tberto, Bgallte, Fraternity ut
France and the orderliness of Kng-
land it is a laud of plenty, Plenty
ot pay tor labor. Plenty going out lence,
[or tht* employer    As yet lit tie com   thlnki
Inmbiii we called it blessed, it naves
the show. Your credit grows. You
don't mind. And there's no tax on
it, or very little, Blessed BritlBh
"Talking o( taxes. There Is supposed tn be a smnll Income tax, hut
1 have uever met the mun who Lu
rich enough to pay it. There Ih a
small tax on land, and a heavier tax
on town property. There is an enormous tax on importod goods with
BOmefew exceptions), But so long
iih you live on tlio produce of tho
country, and refrain from buying
mote land than you can carry, ta\a
tion won't hurt you. II will add to
the pleasure lu British Columbia.
Think what you've OBOnpodl In British Columbia everything's light-
even the taxes.
"Tbbro can be little douh| thnt the
Joy and glory of llle aro wide sproad
You nml it so overy where on tho Pacific COaBti Irom the Yukon lo the
boundary, (rom Vancouver Island to
tbe UoOkloB A (ew dyHpeptirs do
imt count. No lonslhlo person pays
any hoed to Ihem. They are Buch a
hopeless   minority     Occasionally   a
ht-iiilshukei mav say 'Where Ih it all
going to end1' 'To end." you Bay,
Why in.mi we're only beginning.'
Mere cobwebs, meant only to be
brushed aside. I'OoptO said it ol Heat-
tie; said ii ot Vancouver; are saying
it of the Dry Belt Bul there never
hns been a set back, and there will
not bo for many years to come—unless it bo grim vlsngod wnr, or pesti*
(amine  (Which  latter  is un-
With  the Panama Canal
Professional   Carbs
■ an.. •
ttobgc    Hotices
*H^**R H + H*.*-H^H^-H-4H I11 11 r-|--H*4-f-l-4-»-H'-H'+.,
McVlTTlW   ft   PARKBR
i' I...s.   j.   c.a.
W.   if,   OURD
Mm riHtiu ,  Solicitor, etc
CRAUBROOK,     ...    B.O
Barristers, Solicitors und Notaries-
Money   to   Loan
Ing mi Hut tt dosu't
Nothing mat .ers, Trade is-
Newcomers are streaming th
must have land Tbey ninut have
houses Thej bunt- capital with
then tho store-keeper says, 'Cap!
tat' 11! supply your needs.' The
working-man Bays, 'Capital! I'll
build your bouse.' The real estate
man   says,    'Capital!     I'll tind you
matter1   open,   no    force can hold  British 00*
,   busy, lumhia back.     It will not he denied.
They  it  both counts aud nccotints for the
Hank   Huiiiluig
-     British Columbia
land.'    £t*i
it.    Tit's  r
all capital,
ping!    it's
joy of living -n HntiHh Columbia.
" "This is discounting the future
with u vengeance," I can hear some
stereotyped business man sny in tin*
Old Country, But it h-m't. We are
all living, working, eatlnfc, enjoying
our    present,    'making   good,' as we
J.    T,    LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.C
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 1,36 Phone 228
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.C.
every bit of.8nv oUt her-, improving things as we
go along, doing what our bands find
an infection.
You've caught it. rto does everyone, to j0 L.ven ■[ ^ be but clearing the
It takes vou off your lege. Aye! It's fruit thereof, or building houses for
a fine feeling. | others to inhabit,    And we are doing
"So you begin, Ho you go on,'it with our might, not hy nny means
until-there's a rude awakening'.' No. altogether in the hone of future re-
There isn't. That's the joke of it ward, though we know that that will
all Just as you are getting to the come, but to satisfy our present
end ot vour resources up goes the needs. We liv as best we know how.
price of land. 'Unearned increment' nnd are happy. A trifle thoughtless,
—the greatest crime in Lloyd pcrhai s. But why pause to think?
George's   calandar.     In    Br tish Co-. Sufficient   unto   the day   is the good
, thereof."
Drs.   KIN.;   St   c, H K k N
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce  ut  Hestdence,   Armstrong  Ave.
Office Hours;—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.oo to  4.oo
Gvenliiga • • • 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays   • - - 2.30 to   4.30
Crnnhrook, B.C.
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
otlice ln Hanson Block
(IRANBROOK.     ...     B.O,
\PHONE 340 I
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee   our work
Women's Institute
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
W. f\ Johnson, Prop., P.O. Box 904
;;       WORKS    Edward Street
Cranbrook, B.C.    ■ -
*******m111111111111 h n 111 h i uimim■■■■■.
Nervous Debility
OVt NEW METHOD TREATMENT «M cum vou and make t man or
von, Under neranuenca i-n* i-r in wconoaactive, tu.. blood pnnfled no tUat nil
pimplej, blotches snd iilceri heal up; Uio nerves become strong »a >teet. wt that
tuTvimfinf.'i, pashfutneM sod ddpo&dency 'li-vv'-t-'-r: tieey -i eeoone bright, the
nKefuUsmelw,enBrayreturoJtothe body. and themor^l, pb-alcsl*uufmental
•yitetniere In-rigorsted) nil dr ;•;*) ceaft—uo mor*. vit-.i reste from the syitem.
tou feel yourself* man end know marriage cannot te> a allure. Don't kt qu*cks
Md fakirs rob you of your l.uvl citrucl di.liars.
Fcter E, Bummers relate*] iis experience;
"I wat troubled wi h " rvoui Debility
for many yos •*.   I   vii t-> Indisoretton
I and exct'two* In y..n;h.   1 bt-citnii Tery
I 4li-.«t»or.UV It and t.i!. t ran.  t.h-th'-r 1
*~orked or not.    1 iai»i-iii»*d cveryu-iuy i
bo looked at me gUMnd ray &*prpf
uliruicfinativ*. dreauis at Bight weaker.-'• $4
Jim*—mv bfiCK a-hed, had Mini tn U:" Bl
Irbacktif my heitd, hauda kid feet wen
cold, tired in thn niornini*, pvir SpMtiU
ftngora wrro ahaky. eyas blumd, h-.
lo"-se, memory poor, e^T, Kumbnesala
the linn**. I ll % In aud th l d^et r told l. 1
Iiftf. ai..1 liarnlysR   I took all kirwhi of
itiflleliK-a  tnd   tried   -..nny  flntl-claa*
1. pltyjiobin-j, worn nn ueeui * 1-oH, for UlTM _
'KotttS,  lit r  ■     \ '•'■ -to beneJit. Is
ureat tsi»tmi«t   wash* Lucedto o L-.-lLljr.-i &otud> *
kenueily, then -!i I lind lott All fit., i in
d«wtors. Likeftdrownloffman I eotmnesoed the hew :it?nnr. Tsu-rmsT sad It
wvedmylifc. The fmpr*tv-*ir"r* r 11!'.-* r..a-r^^—11 wild («l t),(*ri**orgoingtbrnii(fh
tlinnerr^. I wm ■*ur*-diuc!iU../^.ki p:.; ..>:■•../. i ^ve »■■-. ilww maay p«UebU
and uoatuiue to do ao.
CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS FREE. If umIiU t« e*Jt write tmr e Q«.ti^
Bleak far H»a» Treataatat.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Gritwold St., Detroit, Mich.
*rrm tatA-mtnr
All letters from Canada must Waildreaacrl
to our Canadian Correspondence Depart*
*   '     If yon (leiir-; to
ment in Windsor, Ont.
«e in personally call nt ou: Medical Institute iu Detroit as we nee and treat
■o M**«eta in our Windanr f.ffirca  which ure for Correspondence and
I,4U<r-itrjry fur Cmadinu l-uniucs'i only.   Address all letters OS follows:
Write ff-r our gHfStS addrew.	
'Continued from Page   1)
obtttrvHtion ot pfnceKHeb. use. ot mod-1 tion of the infant and the man and
••rn appliances, intercourse with | their relative comftctton with the
others and the scientific manaRement! food utiles. Her address touched on
of work, to develops the home! the feeding of the baby and the grow
through conference with expects on I inj? child und she urged parents not
all matters pertaining to dairying, j to work their children at labor which
poultry culturei kitchen gardening, 1 they were unfitted for owing to cer-
honie equipment, child-welfase and in-1 tain physical restrictions, She told
dustrial education; the increase and | us that a daily routine from babyhood up to the age of seven was tbe
ormation   of   man; up to tbe age of
proper use of leisure and the stimuli-   be
tlon    of   Bocial    intercourse in rural 1 fo
communities. The Congress also
stood for a more generous state and
national support of institute and extension    work   among   farm women.
At this Congress assembled were
delegates present representing practically eveey province and state; uiBo
Belgium, Russia and other foreign
countries authorized their representatives to attend.
The Belgian novetnment manifested
interest and sent greetings from ten
thousand farm women who nre already organized for united work a-
long this line.
During   the   meeting   of   the   Congress an association of women's writers    connected    with    farm    paperB Mrs.
known    as    the   International Farm-  How
seventeen the most remarkable chang
es are taking place in botb body and
brain, and that none attains full
mental or phys eal development until the completion of 25. Children
requite a great amount of sleep regularly; much play and a large a*
mount of exercise.
Another address, by Prof. Alfred
Atkinson, of Bozeman, Mont., on
"Eugenics"  the speaker urged for a
in th*-tr country to such an extent
that they will forget the doctrines of
their own church creed. A sufficient
length of time to extend a helping
hand to every one, he she Jew or
Gentile, Protestant or Catholic; and
in doing so we follow the new commandment given unto thein "Love
one another."
We have a broad field in which to
work. Domestic Science pertains to
the house or home, which does not
mean just the surroundings within
the four walls alone, but it doea
mean anything that affects the house
or home, hence the work is fnr reaching. I only wish that 1 were able to
take up more of this grand and noble
work of Domestic Science.
The   Department,   through   W.    B.
women. Strongly convincing us that
the benefits would be great, and the
coming race a well balanced one.
In   tbe   Address   on Lubor-Bttving
Devices   in    Modern   Equipments by
Johu   Hurbert,   of   Colorado;
wc   could save time and labor
womena press Association was form-1 by the use of Kitchen cabinets, built-
ed. This as-iociation, will meet an- in cupboards, aluminum cooking uten
nually at the time and place of the : ails, plain cook stoves aad rang**.
Farm Women's Congress nnd through She described the plan of her kitchen
the publicity of Farm Papers, will j anil dining-room. I am sure if we
bring the proceedings ot the Con- j could only adopt them In our homes
gresses to thousands of farm women j we would save both time and labor.
who cannot attend the Sessions. i    It   was   a great privilege and well
One address I temember, Miss Alice ■ worth a Journey to liethbridge to en-
Ravenhill spoke on Growth and De-! joy the friendship and companion-
velopment in Childhood. Ttiis speak ship of auch women as were gathered
favored    the    mother    having    a   together     11   the   Congress of Farm-
knowledge of the child's physical
make-up so that she could properly
carefor and the child to a proper de-
eloped maturity, and she also showed   a chart of the physical construe-
more   intelligent mating among men Scott   Deputy   Minister,   aieo Supt.
of Women's Institutes, is to be congratulated in tbe choosing and sending of Mrs. C. R- Townley of Vancouver, lecturer, and Miss Taylor of
New Westminster, demonstrator in
dressmaking, who reached Cranbrook
from Kaslo Thursday afternoon.
Friday morning at 10 o'clock, Miss
Taylor, demonstrated in the cutting
of ladles' akirts, explaining first the
shrinking of the cloth, the laying of
tbe pntrerns, the cutting ot the
goods, and basting. In the niter-
noon it 2 o'clock, ahe first reviewed
tbe morning lesson for tho benefit of
those present, then fitted the skirt,
nfterwhich she cut out and fitted
a shirt waist.
The time went by so quickly that
five o'clock came too soon. Miss
Taylorproved herself tn he an export
nnd practical dressmaker, going into
the little details that are ao often
puzzling to the dressmaker.
women—nil of them women who are
do nu things in the service of humanity. We need leaders who are willing and ready to co-operate with
overy   house -keeper   and home-maker
T.    M.    RIXKN
Auditor and  Accountant
P.O.   Hox  m
N B h 8 0 N, B.C.       ■*
Court Cranbrook No, 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   '-nd and
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec., P.O. Box •MB.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4tb Tuesdays in every month, at
h  p.m.   Membership open  to British
N.  A.   Walllnger,   Pres
W. O. Crebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Box 426,
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. Sb A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third  Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
. J. McSweyn, Worshipful Master
J. S. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regulnr meetings:—2nd Tuesday  In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shnnkland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C,
F. M. MacPherson
Nortnuy A?ei.ue Next tu City Hull
Oi'eu ! J-y and Night Hlioue Ui
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Me«ts every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
nt Fraternity Hall
N. S. Houston, C. C.
F. A. Stride, K. R, H
B. A. HiU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to  attend.
W.   R.   BEATTY
Punet-al Director,
PHO.N'K 340
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday mf-ut
at  Maw   fraternity   Hnll.
Sojourning oddfellow* cor*
illally invited.
K. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. sec'y
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
in   Royal   Black   Knights   Hall.
R. 9. Garrett. Sec.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs.
Terms on Application
Phon.' 254 IV O. Hov 845
Circle No.   168
Companions ol tbe Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hall, Second and
I Fourth  Thursday  of  each Month at
A. Salmon ™ -*-*- *g h WbiUnker 0 c
Mrs. 1. HelRh, See.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome, sett
,, rice „,„i,
Formal Opening of Manual Training
l ''»n Monday
at '■ p.m.,
Training Hei
ed.   There wt
afterneeon, December 2, W. K. Ourd, representing the Board
tlic Oranbrook Manual of Trustees. Hev. K. P. Plewelllng,
nol was formally open- Rev, O. K. Kendall and Rev, W. K.
re present, Tha trustees < Thompson; and thc instructor, Mr. H
Messrs. H. White, W. F. Hunt, M* A.] Webb, also expressed the pleasure it
McKowan and IS. McPhoe. The Ojtylgave them tj-i he able to partake in
und! wuh represented hy Aldermen| tho opening of suuh a school »s had
been   providel.    Hev. Thompson and
Advertising in The
"Prospector" brings returns ]
.1. Oampbell and I.. Clnpp. The
Clergy ol Ornnbrook by D, P, Klcw.
riling, 0 E. Kendall and W. K.
Thompson. Thos. ('iiven, M.P.P.,
was un.il.lo tu bo present owing to
bualQesfl relations which took blm
from thr city.
Mr ii. »ini,'. chairman ,,i tlu,
Hmirtl of Triistoes opened witli s resume ,,f tho history of tho Mummi
Training School, He told how, un-
.lei the adrlao rocolvod Irom the do-
partmont and Mr. Dunnoll, tbo Mnn-
iml   Triilnlnr    School   [napootor, the
F. .1. Donna especially emphasized
the point that now was thc opportune time tn make a start (or Domes)
ti,' Hclunee room lor i-irlj-, 11 Crnnhrook w.hh to keop in line witli the
beat In the Wcat.
R0V, Flewolllng nnd llev. Kendall
related Heveral Incidents' In tbelr experience", where their knowledge ol
the ime of tools had been of iucHtl-
mnhle value.
The pupil,, of ntiind II. were at
work for the bonodt of visitors.   The
Hoard   Imd taken the mutter up, he-1 little fellnwa certainly worked with a
llovlng It. to l,e t'
of   the   children a
brook.     His   fMr
that   "the   hest
for tiie Oranbrook
tho boot interest"
oi pooplo of Oran*
WllitO'*)   Men  WHfi
iven none too good
The other inoakon  were  Mesars.   .1.
:»mpUel). representing tho City, and
will und ll tliey only keep up the en
tliiialusin tliey exhibited on Mondny,
tho people of Cranbrook noed not be
afraid of gottlng lull value lor all
monies eipemlod in the building and
turnlnhliii-H of this school.
Among   the   visitors   on   Montis.
were J. D. McBrlde, K. Al Hill, O.
R. Furlong, A. M. Furgusson, E.
Cooper, F. O'Hnrc and II. 0, hlakins;
also the Principle ol the High School
nnd Teachers und the pupils olthe
High School.
Captures Gold Medal
For tho third time llrltlsh Columbia has captured all the honors In
sight on the American continent (or
fruit, having won thc gold modal ol
the Royal Horticultural aneiety for
Kngland lor the boHt exhlh t at that
Noclety's big show which la oue of
thc great events In the Umpire's
capital city.
Thia planning newa wns wired to
Premier McMrlde liy lion. .1. H. Turner, the general agent of llrltlsh
Oolumbla In I,oniloii, tlio wire reads:
"llrltlsh Columbia awarded gold
medal and certificate of merit by
Roynl Horticultural Society."
Thla Is a great advertisement lor
Brltlsb Columbia, wei the comment
ol tbel'remisr. |
mi ii m-iii H-H-i-i i-i i-
those wlm llll nut
mull litis coupon
AT ONOIC: Sample of oui-export penmanship and fasot*
natlnn lussiui In shorthand.
Blair Business College
Spokane, Wash.
i  am  Interested  in Btisl*
ue-** Education. I'lwu-n* tend
me full information abitul
your tulUge, and especially
aboul th.; subjects, oheoked
1 can begin a cou rue about     i *
N ume
Shorthand fTI ' »
Pt-iimaiialiip *„* ■■ ' '
Frank Dezall
A(-ent (or
Dec-ring & McCnrmick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done, nt Reason-
able Cost.
Work*:      Opposite Depot
Cleaning & Dye Works
<;*-nuliu- French Syttvni uf Dry
Cleuuimt. Steam <'.lruiiii.il and shade
dyeing l-udir-. hinr t.-iniiciitt a specialty. Frithers, Fun, Glove*,, Undies
ami Men's Hats. Cleaned or li loe Lett
ur Dyed any style. Printing und Km-
(■airing neutly done at reasonable
prices.   Out of town   work   returned
Phone 144
Fenwick Ave. near Rukcr St
Expert Cleaner snd Oyer
©b Stantark
THE STANDARD la the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It te natlonul ln ull lis
it ii.son the moat expensive engrav-
Iiikm, procuring the photograph., from
till over ihu world.
Itn articles are carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy Ih thoroutfhly
A suhsorlptlon to Thu Standnrrt
cohI.h $2.00 per ytar lo (iny nddroHK In
C'anuda or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montrtsl Standard Publlthing Co.,
Llmilad, Publith.rs. THE PROSPECTOR, CRAXBRQOE,  B.C.
Wealthy Parents,
Seeking Assurance of
Safety for Mother and
Child Do Not Grudge
$1000 a Day to the
/F IT comes high for a millionaire baby
to make its debut into this world, there
are reasons—reasons which, in the estimation of its parents, are literally vital, for
ihey apply directly to the outcome as meaning
life or death, for mother as well as child;
mid indirectly, in after years, as health or
weakness, happiness or misery.
Every large American city has its little
froup of specialists to whom the wealthy turn
when that event impends, which, after all, is
the sole reason for the family's existence and
the sole means of its perpetuation*
Race suicide may be playing its danger-
ctts, fateful part among the men and women
whose superior inheritance of vitality, intelligence, wealth and, to some extent, social position have combined to aid in making the
nation what it stands for today. But when
the knowledge is present that a newcomer is
to be looked for, all other considerations
sink into insignificance; and the daughter of
royalty, who is for.nally reported in court
bulletins as being graciously pleased to do her
maternal part iu preserving the dynasty, receives no more costly attention than the
daughter or wife of the American millionaire;
in many instances, she probably gets considerably less.
FOR even the fees ot tho famoue court physicians,
In the lessor European kingdoms, would
scarcely surpass the fortune, at the rate ol
$1000 a day, which wae the attendance charge
et Dr. Edwin Bradford Cragtn, who assumed the post
of attending: physician to the widow of the late
Colonel John Jacob Aslor, when the posthumous help
to 13,000,000 of the immense Astor estate was about
to make hla appearance.
The young woman wbo, as pretty Madeline Force,
was so unexpectedly translated to the position that
ranked her among: the highest in American society
and was so tragically bereft of the husband whose
life meant to her all except the mere millions she
could receive by the antenuptial agreement, had ber
baby In the imposing .\stor residence on Fifth avenue.
A first child, its advent was attended by all tbe
anxieties of a young, inexperienced mother. What
-wonder tbat, with millions of her own, and, with her
father's wealth behind her, she should reck so little
of money that she could afford to take from his practice a specialist whose fees were normally large,
and must necessarily become enormous lf he engaged
to devote himself to her ^exclusively?
Doctor Cragln left his own country place, in Connecticut, at Colchester, lo be at the Astor "mansion
in New York by August 4, to remain there until well
past the middle of September, a period of half a dozen
weeks, bis arrival In good time before the event, hts
stay continuing for an ample period afterward. Doctor's total fees, it was estimated, would approach
very nearly 150,000, The world at large, startled by
so huge a sum, could scarcely believe any physician
could earn the recompense.
But men of his profession who know the ordinary
fees wlileli are paid to specialists of hie class, while
they at first wondered at the impressive total, ceased
to doubt tt after reckoning up the ordinary charges
Jffofikspffi7<? — T^Ji^^
whlch prevail in society for attendance that doos nut
make such exclusive demands upon the physician's
time. ^
Thoso who were well informed as to tho range of
expenses applying to babies ln other equally wealthy
households had even less surprise to express. Thom
havo heen many babies of recent years, born under
circumstances Infinitely less trying to lho nerves of
tho mother, where thc actual riches are far greater
than those inherited by both Mrs. Aslor and her
child, and where money is never stinted in any
emergency which can possibly call for the magic of
lis wand.
There wns thc famous |100,000,000 McLean bnby,
who had the romantic background of nn elopement to
enhance the Importance of hie debut. The smart
wedding, which hud been planned to unite Miss Evelyn Walsh, heiress to the $25,000,000 of Thomas F.
Walsh, Colorado's Croesus, and Edward 13. McLean,
son of tho multimillionaire editor, of Cincinnati and
Washington, struck lho prospective bride as rather
a ridiculous proceeding; sbo wunted to be as simply
happy as any poorer girl ought to be In the love of
ihe man she had chosen.
When their son arrived, a couple of years ago. he
was the only child in both the McLean and the Walsh
families, and there was a solid gold cradle awaiting
him, the gift of Leopold, king of the Belgians, with
whom ble maternal grandfather had been closely
associated in finance. The overwhelming riches of the
two families were at the disposal of the young couple
to an unlimited extent, and the birth gifts alone that
poured in on the baby, would have supplied an endowment big enough, if put out ul Interest, to support him In luxury to the end of his days. When
there was rumor of kidnapers for Kaby Vinson
McLean, an army of guardians was straightway
enlisted, and no young prince on whose safety a
dynasty depended ever fared forth under more efficient surveillance.
To the parents of that young hopeful—but more
especially to his grandparents--double the sum It
cost to Insure the Astor baby's debut would nol have
appeared  other than trivial.
What life or death can mean in read.hts to
disregard expense In such a family was evidenced
only a few days ago, when Mrs. John R. McLean, the
treasured baby's grandmother, wus stricken with
pneumonia at Bar Harbor, Me. The recollection of
the desperate quest, by every agency wealth could
command, for tbe one physician in whom the family
bad complete faith la still fresh, with tho mental
pictures of Dr. I* D. Barker's automobile dash down
the mountainside In North Carolina, nnd of tiie
broken speed records across lhe 1000 miles and morn
that separated him from the dying woman, only to
arrive too late.
Just such conditions of great wealth and intense
cherishing attended the birth of little Edith Klngdon
Drexel, the daughter who came first to Mrs. A. J.
Drexel, Jr., that charming young Marjorlc Gould,
whose father Is Oeorge J. Gould, the man who now
may be regarded as the holder of the major portion
of the Gould millions. Increased with time. There is
a whole brood of young Goulds, children of Marjories parents, to share with her ultimately tho fortune of her father; but how well she will fare, and
how large waa the resources at lhe young couples
command, can he guessed at from the |500,000 residence, on Fifth avenue, which was the paternal wedding gift. Little Edith Kingdon Drexel belongs to the
class of children who may cost something less tban
1100O u day for the doctor who brings them Into the
world, because such fees are unusual; but any
untoward incident in the course of thc event would
bring out a willingness to pay whatever charges were
in the homo for which she fought ao hard, nntl ean
do nothing but wait to be put out into the Btreetj
and only at the last hour is something liable to
turn up out of till tlio sympathy proffered that
produces the hard cash to stave off thc disaster.
Where nro they all, not only tho great ones
wlw withdrew with competencies within late recollection, but also the long-vanished slars and that
host of lesser lights, each the proud possessor, in
earlier years, of her thousands of admirers?
The grave, of course, bus claimed its heavy
tolls. But life, too, fights on to do iis pert, leaving to somo large comforts and case, but lo others
anxious parsimony, half-hearted enterprise, the
boarding house often, whero, whether landlady or
lodger, they aro alike thc victims of adverse circumstance.
THE world seldom hears of the ultimate fate
of its favorites of the stage. The land may
he full of dear old soubrettes, distinguished
leading ladies, acclaimed singers, who are
passing their years of retirement in dignified
affluence; or, again, it may be full of just such
women who nro fighting the hard tight against
poverty, too proud to give any intimation of their1
need. Only when the mortgage is foreclosed after
years of desperate, unavailing struggle docs ono
blow that ft Clara Morris is blind on her sickbed
THB typical close of auch a career la where
aome remnant of lhe robe of greatness still
nerves tho turn of shielding the once*Iauded
figure from poverty's chilliest winds. And
that Is the ense ln which rsneweu discovery of genius
may work Its cruelest unkindness, yet may bring
about again a lucky turn In fortune's wheel and
relieve all the needs which the new, distasteful
notoriety discloses.
Such women are like tbe gentle old poet Mistral,
Homer of the insects and Holds, who boasted of
hla own vine and fig tree, his cigars and bin rare old
brandy when Indiscreet charity sought to do him
good with heartrending articles tn the French newspapers, Tliey know how tbe brilliant Louise dn la
Kamee, tbe famous Oulda, fell when she drove straight
down Into Htnrvatlon rather than acknowledge bor
need of food.
Such a woman Is Madame Albanl, once the Idol 0t
the opera and concert stage, only a lj\$ts W
unearthed In London and hastily reported, through
the breadths of two hemispheres, as clutched ln the
grasp of want.
How sho repudiated tbat shameful reproach! What,
she In need? Had she uot her husband, aged though
he was? Had she not her home, which Bhe maintained
in dignity, If not tn new and foolish luxury? Had she
not her pupils, whom she taught singing by the
method which, in the years that arc gone, made the
notes of Albanl the delight of the greatest audiences
that assembled in her time? Away with your pity
and your proposals of charity! Albanl was Albanl
still, her genius still her own, although her voice and
beauty were long since lost to her. Kindly withdraw
and offer your sympathy to Adeline Pattl, who lives
with her great fortune and her handsome young husband In her own castle, and see whether sho accepts
lt any more than Madame Albanl.
But tbe brave show of pride and courage failed to
quilt, mislead; a little longer und thc husband admitted that perhaps they did have a hard time making
both ends meet. And It wuh apparent that thc refuge
of tho great singer, instruction in her art, provided
but a thin defense against the ever-waiting wolf outside the grimly guarded threshold.
How many are there who remember that Albanl is
an American, who made the charming choice of ber
stage name from that distinctively American city,
Albany, N. Y., and made her debut only forty-two
years ago?
Nor has the thus far wholly abdicated lhe throne
she won so quickly. Kvery year she haa given a concert In London, where her fame Is ono of the national
Institutions, to be accorded a patriotic reverence. For
Is she not among tho most honored survivors of the
Victorian eta, that unloved queen's expressly lauded
model of the good, Irreproachable wife that every
prima donna should be? Did not Victoria bestow upon
her the English Order of Merit, which, tht} friends of
Florence v.ftitVhX-h dollglit for many years ere the
<iiiuen»ft consent could he ohtulned?    ......        ,
All these and countless other distinctions have
been hers.   She becume suddenly fsinous In Italy, In
< Nis-"           Attendance
In- nJr.n;.I*                   Total
Poor                   ffl        no
SK          |tS      •HO*-         »35
Poorer Middle
IB             ?5           30-            6S
.Middle   clRSl.      "Si          100
3D           78         r.0-        178
TV>M-l»-iI»   . .      MJ          -Mill
7.I-      100      ua-       soo
Wealthy        DUO-     2000
SOO-     tWO      1000-       3000
Millionaire ...   fioo   fto.ooo
BOO     50,000      1000     J'in.OOo
Tlm int.-* Io earning.,.
needful t.i make safely of mother and child something
Bellini's "Sonnambula," and England rejoiced to accept her as one of the world's greatest singers.
Royalty, especially all Its scions who were kin to
England's queen, delighted to be her ally. Tho Empress Frederick secured her the appointment of court
singer there. She made the grand tour of Russia,
India and Seuth Africa; she repeated her triumphs
hore and in Canada, again and again. And she retired
at tlio height of her career, extremely wealthy, with
Ernest Gye, her manager, as her husband./
Was not that a wisely ordered life; which of her
•liiler.-t in her art chose better?
Hut the wealth her voice had brought her was lost
through her husband's ambition. He Imagined lie
could vastly Increase their fortune In the stock-
market, iiiid all her savings went iimt risky road.
Sho returned to tho stage, lu concerts nnd tours;
she matin another fortune. She took u splendid mansion In South Kensington, uud thero royally entertained royalty, for the queen and her Immediate
•family mado Madame Albanl their favorite hoBtess.
Uut of lute years, even the second fortune haa
dwindled. The Houth Kensington mansion Is for rent,
and tbe famous singer lives obscurely enough In a
modest dwelling nearby, giving vocal lessons, her one
other dependence helng a son who has devoted himself to her caro for thu reat of her life.
Tho fute that pursues so many stage favorites has
been hers, perhaps, not In so harsh a measure as In
tneted out to some; yet nufflcionlly startling to the
llrltlsh public, that has regarded her us far above
wnnt, to si ick Its sense Of the fitness of things. It
may ho that her admirers will try to aiSUffl her
• gainst real need; mid tt may he that the public will
1-efloot that million., of other excellent women have
only their sonfi nnd themselves io depend on. Uut how
startling nnd how swift cnn he the vlclllltUdOl of lho
stage,   even   after   It   has   been   forsaken,   Is  brought
home afresh to two hemispheres by the revelation of
taho poverty of lho great Albanl.
Sui h • hlldri n as th bo who have i ome io Louie W.
HIH, the son of James J. Lllll, tlio railroad magnate;
to Mrs. William L. Biking; to Mrs. .lam.-.- A? -Burden,
whose little Bmtl) will Inherit one-half of the
160,0.00.000  in  lhe combined   Burden-Sloano  fortunes,
are prised" so highly that f!G i  ICO.i io would bo
but a conservative expense, oapect 11} It ondltlona ,-r
nervous strain, like thai ut Mrs, Astor, n iuIi ■■; . iron-
Hon of t.io more acrupulous kind.
The system that prevails with i ie weal lo ■■ nllli
who engage specialists among tho tilth groups In all
largo A me i lean cities is to retain lb* ni from the
earliest timo when ilu- stork begins i" hi expeel I
The contract- if «>> uncertain ;i bargain tan ba called
a contract—•• Is for ihe entire period intervening before
the mother shall bo nldo lo resume her imUnaj*; ro ■ ■
tine of life, the six weekB or so for which tflo constant
presence of u man liltc Doctor ■ 'rag in has bcen
Insisted on by joiing Mrs. Astor. Bul attendance .a
Indefatigable i* extremely i"re, uol bei am ■ women
of equal and greater wealth would nol willingly pay
for it, bul because only some such lerriflc naive
shock un that ><t Colonel Astor'a widow, oi some
special co'mplleatlons, ever makes it needful
Thero in another and equally vol Id reason, loo,
Tho physician himself 'ordinarily finds II impossible
to undertake no absorbing a case, Undor lho general
conditions, his time In mt taken up'wltll (1 multitude
of pal louts that disregard nt their equal)j urgnnt
need of care, in the Interest of anj ono ol hefti,
could harm his reputation and perhaps ruin hla practice.
And   Ihen    he,   hIfo,   ly   Inn-,an.    ThcSO   nun,   whoso
specialty Is peculiarly one that '.ill*- on thom at all
hours, and for long strelchos of mental nuH physical
strain, work cruelly haul while tbey work; and ibcy
have all Insisted on resting, with absolub freedom
from professional onxleiles when they do rest.
With Infinite car,; i|lt-y plan -|,.|r
usually for the summer, ho tlmt thej can
neiveH far from any possible Interruption and recover
the vitality their work «-• serlnusl*. Impairs. In leet
acute form, but as surely in utility, Doctor narker wa*
saving ids own life by his disappearance Into the easinesses of the North Carolina mountains,
Tho summer is their time for recuperation, o'ften
as gravely needed as the patients can need ihem.
itut tho physician who cannot ordinarily give up blfl
patients for any ono among them docs feel free to
sacrifice himself if either personal Interest In a case,
or a great-fee, prove sufficient Inducement.
l-'ur the case which occurs in a rich but not an
extraordinarily wealthy family, (hn whole term of
attendance calls for a fee ranging from 9600 lo $3500;
and that expense is accepted as a matter of course
by hundreds of parents In cities outside of New
York, by thousands whoso homes are in New York.
The attention given includes all such visits ns may
ho required for the customary care—perhaps not
more than fortnightly at first, but soon Increasing lo
weekly, and then Up lo three times a week, until the
event Is Imminent, when the doctor, unlet', an
emergency arise in a no l her family Unit demands a
few hours, takes his pool as sentinel for the arrival
of tho stork. Uut such emergencies, in practice, are
rarely permitted to arise.
Tho physician of that standing can always ohooso
bis oases, and must, lie has hundreds of other
patients along hia general iin** of work, and almost
Invariably he has hospital practice and prlvato charity work. And his colleagues In tho profession-- mon
with a general practice among lenn prosperous families—fee] that they have a right, which he commonly
concedes, to csli on him in maternity cases which nre
beyond their self-reliance. ITor Ihem be dues, at i.
very moderate charge, what (hey fear to attempt
themselves. S<> he limits his own maternity COSCS to
perhaps a dov.cn, or ti score, foi- a year's practice, ami
then given them priority of attention over all others.
Wllh his year's calendar before him, he can so
select and reject cases of childbirth that every one
allows for a dut Interval before lhe critical Huge of
the next arrives.
To ihe less fortunate men of (he profession, fees
of 12G00, with the cerlalnly of double that if the
caise take on unusually trying aspects, look like so
many fortunes; and so they are. Uut to llie men Who
no readily get them, they represent men-ly ;i duly
performed,   that   costs   more   ti>»n   other   features   of
their practice paying bettor lu proportion io ths outlay of time and anxiety.
The charges Incidental io haby's debut, under
average condition of American society, may \ery
easily double the doctor's fee If It remains at or
near the   minimum;  and  they  can   an   readily   double
n if unfortunate complications raise it to the maximum, Uaby costs, what with nurses and Incidentals,
HOliO at least; and  $10,000 at. most.
Uut not when families of many millions begin to
worry over a favorite daughter, especially If It's her
flrst biiby. The supposed leader of the profession is
likely to be iho regular physician of Uie family; and
If he Isn't, any diHquffling symptom may cull hliu
in as consultant. Tbe attendance charges will rlso
to $0000, with easy possibilities of ?10,ut)0, and even
|U,000; and still the great man doesn't undertake
to give up ull his time for any period beyond portions
of lhe few days Immediately embracing the crisis.
And here the incidentals, expanding Into fields of
gifts and gorgeous layettes, may readily lift the total
to 930,000.
What does the money buy?
'-It buys thos? most precious gifts humanity can
know—life and health," said one of the leading
specialists ln maternity practice. "Tiie mother who
has such perfect care no long before her time, and
such complete protection during her ordeal and after-
ward, comes through It with health absolutely unimpaired, and gives to tbe world a child which Is
equipped for life with the greatest store of vitality
modern science can provide, The Iobccs In childbirth
under these conditions are now so small as to he
entirely negligible.
"Statistics have never been complied for this
class of patients; but my experience has been tlmt
it is practically naught; the insurance secured is so
neur to 100 per cent of j-afety thnt the fraction can't
bo expressed. Compare this record of civilisation at
its best with the other extreme, in portions of Chink
and the orient, where women rise hi om-e from childbed ami resume their toil, to be invalids until tha day
of ihelr death, it if. only logical for the wealthy t«»
bolloye such imse tees uro wisely and very economically
Bpent. '
-  Lawn Clippings for Poultry
DURING lho curly autumn and, in fact, any time
when you aro cutting the lawn with the l**u
mowep, It wilt pay you to save the lawn olio-
Ping j. for lb.* poultry in Winter.
r.,'f  J*Jt  **£  M-Wesi  method Of saving  then,   Is  to
Pawn mowOrm?n0(haii.gra.V '.''"*■-*•- «>-■• .Mttoll It Id the
lawn mower,   in ihiK will ba caught lho snort   tender
blades that are mil of natural egg t i. nnd lhls"ean
ho surend on lho floor of the barn or other „utb.ii).iimr
until it n thoroughly cured* when It te host nolVed
and stored away i,,i nur in winter.
If there is no better place t<> cure the clipping.".
epread thom out on lho ground, where .. day or iwo.
in tliu Huuhhiiin wilt euro them thoroughly,
Tlm lute summer or uutunni urunn contains more
egg*producing elements ihan the earlier mown
grasses, and enperii,iiv \\H. clover or alfalfa, wblcb te
most excellent ami which cm, bo rut and fathered In
the boovo manner if on ly  ml.**-* the time  and
trouble.   Willi tho lawn mower the .,n,iif» can )••> rut
us Often  lh  the lawn, ami   it   Is oMouliililn-*   lhe ('iian-
llty that can be sotmred from n email bit of ground
ln a   fOW  weeliS'  time,
in those dnys, when nil kinds pf poultry food in un
In price, it win pay a person to look ->ut for cheap and
nutrition-) i- - d, THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBllOOR,  B. C.
JOHNSON BROS. Proprietor*
A. A. JOHNSON, Manager
" Where Everybody Goes
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, December 14-Matinee & livening
The Ooinic Acrobats
An tuteniely liiter-eiting Modern Ro
maoce of a Fire Captain—Brim l-'ull of
Snap aud Mirlb from bexinning to end
Very luler«Htiug lo Children  aud   L.over-
of  Hones
DRAMA—A Beautiful Hand Uolored i\lo
tiou Picture, True to Nature nud Very
A Pares   Comedy   thut   i*  ;.   Riot   of
Illustrated Souk
ffih* llroopector, ©rmtbvooh, tf. Ql.
PubUsfeed Bv«r, BatUrttJ   Moralttf at Cresuroot   ti Q
IT. ... Ubrittlaa^Huafer
Postal- io American, European aa>l other foreign countries,   H cent.   .
••ar jitra.
ADVSItTISKMKNTM—AiSvsrtlsing rates luralslieU on ».,■:.■.n. ..a      No
•dTSa-tiMisMtt but those ol a reputable cbsxsrter *.ll  ae accepted    for
ADVKRTI8KKS AND .•,-'BS''l*IDKRS--t'n'»« notice to tbe COBtrarj
Is glrta to local manager advertisements snd subscription. srlU be iept
tUaiaUog sad charged up agalost tbeir account.
KOK  SALB- In    excellent   eondltlon
uue Karn Organ, 5 stops   Apply    X
' Prospector's OfHoe is tl
The Director! ol thi Oranbroi
Opemtie Society bave decided thnt
tbe performance ol "The Cingalee'
at the Auditorium next TuiBday nno
Wednesday, thi' curtain will rise and
•tbe performance begin at 8 if, p.m..
to deal at the
Oompanj    (or
Hth Year
Christmas is almost at hand, and
the question arises in our minds 11
the true spirit ol the season is being
carried out. "Peace on Earth, Good
will towards Men" is a well-ltnown
saying and appropriately so tor the
time ol tbe year; but there is ano
ther which carries just ns much and
even more weight in importance,
"Hurler the little children to come
unto roe" "Inasmuch as ye do it
unto the least o these, ye do it unto me" is another daylng uf Jesus
Christ. There are homes in Cran
broolr, lew perhaps, but we believe
there ure some, who would not wish
to receive charity in th* sense of
and so we have to be
to the methods of ap
these people. Perhaps
neighbors, or it maybe
friends, who would like to see these
less fortunate folk receive some
thiug of a Christinas cheer, if there
are any such that any of our readers
know of and they will send us parti
culars or give the names- and addresses to the various ministers of
tbe city efforts will he made to provide a good square meal for that day
of ail days—Christmas. In this
world the most beautiful thing in
Charity which gives without hope of
reward or return, simply or the
love of giving, and for the love of
otber humau beings.
careful as
there   are
Local Notes
spok-mr,  wua la
Fred   Turpin,
tbe city Friday.
0.  B.  Staples,
town Friday.
of  Wyclifle,  win. In
Harry Edwardu, ol Wyclilfr, van In
town Tuemlay on bUajnftSfl,
How about a new Dinner Set for
Xma«?—Campbell & Moaning.
Harold Darling left this wr<*k (or
Winnipeg on business
See Fink's Window of Oadbury'i
World   Famous  Chocolate-..
Dr. J. H. King ami hia father
Senator Kinu, returned from Winnipeg thia wfek.
New pictured, no repeaters, at the
Edison Theatre. Touijfbt a t.j>ecia.
ttim entitled "Supreme Power."
If . you want yuur Sewing Machine
put in good running order Phone
Singer Store 157.
C. N. Corwin left on Thursday on
a holiday trip to Lot, Angeles, Calif.
Ht will be nwny several  weeks
Mra. HyMn-p, of the Solvation Army apent ne-veral days thin week in
Fort Ht-wli..
See Fink's Window of Cadhury's
WorM Famow.  Chocolnten,
J. F. Armatrong, of Victoria,
Provincial Water Commlaiiloner, wan
in  town Friday on official business.
Mrs. K. M. Smith nnd Chart, Smith
ol Wycllfle,    were Cranbrook vleltore
Seal   of
Flour "-W.
} It ta reported that D 0. I.eKoy,
(of Vancouver, has purchased a hall
■ interest tn the moving pictures at
I tbe  Auditorium.    Mr. LeRoy and Mr
Guerard,    with  their extensive  exper-
ence in the show business, will no
I doubt   give Cranbrook. playgoers the
hest shows that it is possible to
.S'o ou
Alberta.    "The Faultier
W  per eaek—-J    Manning.
Wm. Porter, of Oorbm; T. Robaon,
aud A. McCoomb, of Fernie, were
guests at the Cranbrook. Thursday.
Nuts of all kinds. Dried Fruits,
etc., for Xruaa." Crnnbrook Trading
D. H. Daubar, of Michel, hus been
appointed as manager of the Prov*
vincial Land office nt Kamloops
Singer Sewing Machine for sale nt
$.'.•00 per month-Singer Store phone
Mr, F. K. Troutman, publicity
agent for tbe C.P.R., was in Cran
broolr Friday. He made a social
call at the Prospector's office.
Carpets Lifted and Kelaid, Furnl
tune packed etc.,—Furlong St Fergus
Hon,  Armstrong Avenue. 49-2t
0. 11. McDougul, of Kimherley,
manager of tbe Hullivau Mines, was
transacting i-iwioess at Craubrook
Furnished rooms and rooms for
light housekeeping — Campbell and
Mannings. ... 49-tf.
J. D. Gilmore has been appointed
District Forester tor Southeast Kootenay, with headquarters at Cranbrook. Mr. (filmore arrived in Cranbrook Wednesday.
At tne Edison Theatre tonight will
be shown the following films: "Cupid vs Cigarettes;" "The girls and
their Chaperone;" both screaming
K I c K      and     0 0 R D    WOOD
For Sale
M.  B.  Knight.  Wood Merchant
Phone your Orders to Phone 16
-fumes Ducbanan, proprietor of the
Cross Keyes hotel has installed a
new bar and fixtures which, with the
electrical appliance, will cost in the
neighborhood of 12,900- It is one of
tbe finest in British Columbia
We can supply your wants in any
ind of Hay, Grain or Feed Spec
uii Prices given on Oftf Lots-Camp
twll * Manning.
The Fink Mercantile Co,, Cran*
brook Co-operative Store*, and Mc
Creery Brothers have rereived contracts for supplying furniture and
fixtures for the Industrial School at
Ht. Bugine Mission.
FOR    SALK-Houm  on   Orauhroo
Street.    4   room*    and large pantry
apply  Christian  *   Jones,    terms    to
suit  purchaser.
J. H, Doyle haa accept*-1 A po-sit*
ion with the Calgary Brewing Company. Mr.   Doyle   is an old timer in
Must He Sold—One new Morris Piano
Price $250.00, part cash, balance
terms. Tbis is a $400.00 instrument
Apply at Singer Store, Phone 157.
Buy Ycur Xmas Fruits at FINK'S
Xmas baking will !>e n grand success.    You're always  safe  ar  Fink's.
We are just in r-ceipt of tbe Blue
Book issued from the Post Office de
partmmt for the year ending March
Mat, l:>12. In looking through the
large mass of figures wc learn that
in Brittsu Columbia, Oranbrook
stands Tth in Its gross postal revenue receipts out of a list of 284 post
offices with the sum of $12,287.31 to
its credit. Those rating above Cranhrook from the higest downwards
are Vancouver, Victoria, New West
minster, Nelson, Nannlmo and Kamloops.
Second Hand Sewing Machine, in
good running order, some drop head
from $5.00 up at Singer Store
See Fink's Window of Cadbury'f
World Famous Chocolates.
Giving Entire Satisfaction—Numerous householders using Qualn Elec.
trie Vacuum Gleaner is the best recommendation as to its efficiency,
Rate 50c per hour. Anyone ciu ub
Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Caulit'.owers,
Celery and Lettuce at Campbell &
The Kootenny Garage Co., moved
into their new quarters on Norbury
Avenue on Monday. The new garage
is one of the largest and best equipped garages in the interior of B.C.
It is constructed of brick with ceme-t
floors, and is 50 x 122 floor measurement. The electrical appliances
which include an electric movable
nump for filling tires were installed
by Davis Bros., electrical engineers.
Mr. A. Mott is the manager of the
Mother's Favorite Flour cwt. 13.40;
50TT> $1.75; 25tt> I.'io. pride of U'ei
ta flour, cwt. $8.85; 501b $1.85; Mil
$.95. Five per cent oil for earth
Cranbrook Trading Company,
A Court of Revision of the Municipal voting liHt was held nn Tuesday
morning. Th*> Court was composed
of Mayor flow ness, Alderman Clapp,
snd Camphell and the City Solicitor A number of changes were made
some names taken ofl and othern nd
dfld, As there hiik been considerable
selling and transfer of realty during
the past year, these cbangoii were
made. The list for 1913 emprises
C37 names.
See the Prices of Fink's China and
Glass before buying your X.nt.1. Presents—It will pay vou.
The   Hnzmir and  Dean  Supper given   on   Saturday Inst hy the Ladles'
of   the Methodist Church wns a
ths    district,   having    come   here in | financial    lUCCeBB,      The    ladies   had
1896.      He will he nuase-d greatly a-1 seven    booths which  were  handsome-
mong   hi*   fr ends   who bnve known
him for many yens*.
Rent one of Rento * Elwell's Safety Deposit Muxes for storing your
valuable papers.
ly decorated and very attractive.
The Botflar was largely attended,
being crowded full of people from Its
opening to its clone. The ladles
are to he congratulated on the success nf this enterprise
Fireman Dick Bnrriugton on 611, j Fancy Hflnd-pnltltod China; nice
while passing Bparwood Monday nnd j Hnt\ always pleasing for Xmnn Pros-
looking   from   the cnb window, wae, ent#~Campbell & Manning!,
struck by a piece of lumber project* 	
ing from n car and wns hadly cut' The Directors f)f the Crnnbrook
on the bead. He may lose bis left Operatic Society have decided tbat
eye m » result of the accident. theperformonce   of    "The   Cingalee"
at the Auditorium next Tuesday and
Wednesday, tbe curtain will rise And
tbe performance begin at 8:15 p.m.,
thing in Feed for animals, birds, etc.
by the pound or train load at the
Cranbrook Trading Co.
The     Canadian     Brotherhood     of
Railway Bmployces held a social ami
danco in the Auditorium last Tuet*.
day evening. There was a large attendance and the music rendered by
the Cuerard Orchestra was excellont.
Tho social opened by a selection hy
the orchestra; the Odd Fellows
Quartette gave two numbers; Miss
Marion Rumsey gave a skirt dance;
MrB. F. Chapman saug a solo; Mr.
11. Hailing gave a recitation and Mr.
It, Stevenson sang a solo. Chas.
Knocko acted us floor manager.
Supper was provided by the ladies
and a general good time was enjoyed
Large Boxes Chocolates Assorted
Klavors~25c each at KINK'S PUHH
On Monday evening, Dec Hnd, tu
Knox Presbyterian Oburch, under the
BUBploes of the Maud of Hope, gome
fourteen members ol the Hand con
tented for two medals,
The judges, Mis McKowan, Mrs.
Thompson and Miss Dick, awarded
the medals to Miss B. McNabb lu
the Junior class and to Wrick Mc
Klnnon in the juvenile class.
Mrs. w. T. Reld and Mrs. Chapman sang soli-, during the evening
which were much appreciated.
Rev. K W. Dunham discussed temperance from a moral nud scientifii
point ol view.
Orders taken  now  for Cut  Flowers
for Xmas. Carefully selected stock
trom rhe best Green Houses.—Camp
dell & Manning.
K K. Riggs, of Winnipeg, inspector for the Hudson Bay Insurance
Oompany was in town Wednesdny.
lle was present at the burning of P-
Matheson "s cottage on Clarke Ave.
Mr. Brlggs waa much pleased with
the way the Craubrook Fire Brigade
handled the fire, he examined the ap
paratus and pronnouced it us being
Up-todate and in excellent condition
for extinguishing fires. He also
*poke highly of the water system, its
pressure and quantity. Hunt &
Darling, eight hours alter the fire,
id justed the insurance claims of Mr.
Wanted to Trade—New Sleighs or
''utters for second-hand ones of any
kind or wi'l sell the new ones at
Bargain Rates.—Oranbrook Trading
Company. 44-tf.
W     W.    KILBY
■u   nox M2  .        Cranbrook, B.O.
The committee, consisting of Mos-
lames A. C. Bownes**, "W. F. Cameron;
A. G. Blaine and V. Liddicont, who
hnd charge of the Benefit Ball for the
Bennett children, have purchased a
?ottage on Cranhrook Btreet from
Messrs. Chrtstinn & JoneB. It is a
neat little five-room cottage, recently
built, and which will be turned over
tn the children in a very short time
The purchasers of tickets will certain
ly derive great pier sure in learning
that auch a magnificent Christinas
Gift hss been given to a very worthy
Don't fall to see ths pictures at the
Rex Theatre tonight.   They are ibeet.
'The Veterans and Boy Scouts are
arranging to have a c»mp fire next
Friday evening At 8 p.m. All members are asked to make a special ef
fort to he present ns there will be a
perfect treat in store for gIL The
meeting place will lie the Gym, from
which place all will fall ln line and
march to the r* ndervotis prepared a-
hout a mile out of thetown.
Wong Fong nnd his little wife think
'hey are wronged whep they have to
•upport their cousins and others after
they hit the town and the Fan Tan
cridcntly. Ho the- are circulating a
ictltlon to prevent gambling In the
Liquor Habit Cured
in Three Days
No Hypo-dorm le Injection.   Send
for  free tiooklot
Box 325 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick Ave. & Kains St.
East Kootenay
A  Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Kvi-rythiiiR Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Classes in Drawing
Water Oolon, I'nttiU, fills snd
(llilns l-nintniK will bs opsnsd ths
Mcand wssk ut November. Por further Intiimistion Intending pupils
should cull or writs
Miss M. A. Doyle
ths   residence   ol   Hr    Louis Mc
«#'' ''\<*e> W WvSS ? ~Wtv*. •<»'H->-N_  _
^t^V   1
- h« -m m %pSwk
Made By
Beattie-Murphy Co. Ltd
OUR store is so full
of various kinds of
articles suitable for this season of the year that it makes
it difficult for us to specialize; suffice it to
say Our Stock is More Varied and More
Complete than any other store in the interior of British Columbia.
We have a Particularly Good Line of Manicure
and Toilet Sets in Ebony, Silver and Parisian
PHONE 11   -   PHONE 11
Our Prescription Dep't
Is the Best in the
West today
Beattie-Murphy Co.
"The Rexall Store"
city and the same will be presented
to the city lathers.
Don't lull to mpl- the pictures at the
Rer Theatre tonight.   They nre [best.
C. P. R.
Special Train
from Spokane, Wash.
Tuesday, January 7th, 1913
Tickets   on   Bale" by   Can. I'uc. liy.
Ticket   Agents in Alberta and Hasten,   H.C,   on    January   4, 6 and 6,
Final   return   limit   April   30,    1»13
Fsre from
tn Los Angeles and Return
Going and Returning via
Going via Spokane
Returning via Seattle
Speclnl Train trip from Spokane to
l.irn Angelea covers 7 days, Htops be-
inn made at Portland, Ban Francisco, Hun Jose, Hnnta Clara. Hants
Crui, Monterey, Ilel Monte, Pino Bo-
bles, Hnnta Durham, Hiverslile and
Fare on Kolnt, trip (mm Hpoknni- Includes berth ami muiiln ou train or
nt hotel, anil it number ol iili;bt »"»-
ini! trips. Heturi In by regular service, meals nnd berth not Included.
For descriptive phninpW't apply
II. (1. McNKIl.UK,
District Passenger Agent,
Cslfary, Alts..
-M*H*H*H?M*t *** him -H-»-H-H»H*H-hM^ .-^-^r-H-l-M-
Milk Milk Milk
Hillside Dairy
Experience has taught us every precaution necessary for the production of the
highest grade of milk.
We feel sure that one trial will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone-"Hillside Dairy," Box 373
Milk can always be obtained from*
******************* * ********** ****** n i iii i »
-l-H-H-t-l-M-i-. ******* I ***********
'.'.     HEAD   OFFIOE      ....
OALOAEY, Alt*      , ,
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Pri'ducts are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
ii P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd. i
CRANBROOK,        • B.   C.
******4***4*4************ IIIIH I ******* III*
Maternity Nurse
Quesu Charlotte's Hospital
London, England
Patients attended in City
or District f
Boi 112 Phone 339
East Kootenay
Rutcher Co.
Wholsssle and Retail
Dealers in
Mutt, Fish, Game
t Poultry
Phone  57
Cranbrook Operatic
By Lionel Monkton
December 17 6? 18
At The
Auditorium Theatre
Special Costumes      New Scenery
Full Orchestra
Chorus of Fifty Voices
$1.00 & .75
Performance Begins at 8:30 Sharp.
Our Toys Are Here!
A Whole Raft of
Them—Direct from  Germany, where toys are made
Every Child must have a Toy of Some Kind
at Christmas Time
We can Save you from
20 to 25 per cent in Toy
v>.      Vj*      &.
jBurning Kerosene (Coal Oil)
It Outshines Gas or Electricity
HERB is an oil-burning lamp which produces a flood of
pure, white light—more brilliant than gas or electricity
'—yet wonderfully mellow end easy on the eyes. It i» simple
end safe, clean and noiseless, dot; not fill the room with obnoxious, unhealthf ulodon. To havea better lighted home, with an
Aladdin Mantle Lamp
will actually toil you nothing.   If wtll par for Itwlf In the oil ll lavei. . I an
lhe agent lot the Mantle Lamp Company of America an*, ara telling you wbat I
krior to be absolute facta.    Pr-iie.ior Rogers, of Lewis Institute, Chicago, made
■ comparative i-t-tol all lhe teadlnv oll-huinlni lamps on the market—an I Ihe
Aladdin waa found lo {If e Ihe besl light and the most economical to me. Bul you
in't Deed to accept these tttonf atatemenli oo my wold only.   All I ask la Ibe opportunity to fore
■l my own liik.   I will be glad ts Ul ron
TRY an Aladdin Lamp in Your Home Before You Buy
1 furnish Table. Bracket, Hanging, Wall and Chandelier Irpesof lamps—In fact Aladdin Lamps forever*'
purpose. Jusl drop me a posi card and simply say yuu ate Interested. I'll be f>tad(o bring an Aladdin Lamp to
Saw* ftw and lain la youi bona to um a nlgbt m two, ootlrcly without obligation.   Hail lho cars, today.
Percy L. Owen
British Columbia
If You See Our Displays You'll Buy
Your Christmas Goods From
Because  the  lines  which  we  suggest are so
practical, so useful and  so attractive.    The
prices, too, invite your attention.
Give Father a
A Case of Good Carvers
Safety Razor
is a sensible gift
$1.00 to $5.00
See Ihem here
Give a good
$2.25 to $15.00
Shaving Brush
For a man's gift a line
The viiry best makes here
Razor Strop
35c to $3.50
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Brass Hot Water Kettles
Are as popular at. ever
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25c to $5.00
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$2.25 to $12.00
Skates for Boys or Girls
Somo Extra Table Knives
All sizes;  All Styles
are always appreciated
Per pair
Per Doz.
75c to $6.00
$2.50 to $15.00
Cranbrook - • B.C
Presbyterian Chrrrch
Rev.  W. Kalman Thomson
Morning Service at 11 A. M.
Horning subject: "To Him that
Sunday School and B.lile Class at
> p.m.
Evening Service nt 7:80 p.m.
Evening services: "The Parables
ol Oar Lord—The Oood Samaritan."
Catholic Church
Sundays—Low mass at 8:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.. Rosary and Bens-
fiction at 7:30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 u.m at the
P.PIamoadon, O.M.I.
Baptist Church
Rev. O.   K.  KENDALL
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Morning service: Topic, "The Enthronement of Christ."
Evening Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Evening service: Topic, "The Revival of Sin."
Tbe pastor Rev. O. E. Kendall,
will preach at both services.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Morning subject: "Tbe Unpurchasa-
Evening Service 7.30 p.m.
Evening siibjoct: "Tbe Ebb and
Plow nl Palth."
The Musical Program Includes Pipe
0?gan Voluntaries and Vocal Selections.
All nre cordially Invited.
Orange lodge
At   tbe   annual mestlng of tbe Orange    Lodgs   the   following   ..Ulcere
were elected.
W.M.   P. W. Swain
1). M.   II. H. Onrrctt
Ohap.   .1. P. Smith
lee. Sec    S. L. Williams
*ln. Sec.   E. Hnlsal
Trees.   R. A. Praser
I, of O.   II. Cnmpl.cU
t,cct.   .1. A. Hyslnp
Ist. Com.   M. McKn-'harii
Hnd. Com.   T. A. Oood
rrt. Com.   A. D. Horsemon
tth. Com. H- Hyslop
nth. Com.   H. C. Robinson
Ths rsport ol the retiring ofllcers
showed thnt the Lodge was like svery
thing else ln  Cranbrook—flourishing.
i] Ancient Order of Foresters
Thursday night, Decsmbsr 10th,
was election night and as expected,
a large number of members were In
Important business and lively discussions took up a great part ol the
evening and although there was no
initiation, several applications for
membership were presented.
It waa also decided to hold the
annual ball some time in the middle
ol January.
The ofllcers elected were as lollowa:
CR.   J- McLachlan
P.O.R.   Wm. Henderson
S.C.R.   J. Bird
Treas.   L. Bent
Sec-y.   L. Perron
Sen. W.   Wm. Outhrle
Jun. W.   J. Draper
Sen. B.   S. Blower
Jun. B-   W. O. Neil
Trustees:   John       Laurie,      Andrew
Hood, R. Edmondson.
Auditors:   W.   P.   McDonald;   H
Carter; P. W. Swain.
Independent Order of Foresters
The Independent Order of Foresters met In the Carman's Hall on
December 5th. The special business
being the election of officers.
The following Foresters were elected:
Bro. Msc Parians, P.C.R.
Bro. Musser, C. R.
Bro. Park*, Orator.
Bro. Palmer, P. 8.
Comp. Haywood, R.S.
Comp. Mar Pnrlane, Treasurer.
Comp. Smoke, S.W.
Comp. Wells, J.W.
Bro. Connelly, 8.B.
Bro. Kemble, J.B.
Bro. Houston, Organist.
Bro. Wells, C. D.
After the close of the Lodge, a
bean supper wns served and a happy
time spent.
Should there he any Foresters In
the city who aro members ol other
lodges they will be mnde wclcunie.
Memorial for Booth
The members of the Salvation army are now actively engaged, from
the Atlantic to the Pacific, In securing the necessary funds towards the
establishing ol a memorial In Cane-
da to the lute Oeneral William
Booth. It has been decided hy the
loaders ol the Army, In thin country that a new training Institution
should commemorate the llle and
work ol the honored Pounder of the
This Is to bs erected In the city of
Toronto, the centre ol all salvation
Army operations In the Dominion,
In whlrh tbe young men and women
wbo    oiler    themselves    as   officers
could be thoroughly and efficiently
trained lor their life's work.
It is the intention to provido accommodations for 125 persons, including Class Rooms, Lecture Rooms
Libraries, Sleeping Rooms, Dining
Rooms, Kitchen, Hospitals, Baths,
Swimming Pool' Gymnasium, Oflices,
etc. The expenditure necessary, ls
estimated at 9250,000, and while this
msy appear a very large sum ol
money, would be' well s.ient, as lt
will bo an investment securing very
beneficial results lor tho future.
At the moment, the Army Is
handicapped In their training operations, inasmuch as the nccomadatlons
of the present training college is considerably overtaxed; the idea therefore of this Memorial ls not only one
of sentiment ht.t of necessity.
Captain Carruthers officer In charge
of the local corps desires to enlist
the. practical co-operation of all the
adm rers of tho late general who was
truly a benefactor oi humanity and
of whom was said in bis lite time
"The poor thy clients, and Heaven's
smile thy fee."
Poultry Association
At the November meeting ot tbe
Poultry and Pet Stock Association
held on Friday lust, one ol themost
Interesting programmes slnco the Ab-
soclatlrn came Into oxistnnce, was
presented. A paper hy Mrs. Cooper,
of Treeslmnk, Manitoba, which she
had given at tho Dry-Farming Congress at Lethbridge, wna read by the
President, Mr. C R. Shepherd. Mrs.
Cooper is a noted breed r of Plymouth Rocks and her paper contained great deal of prnctlenl'lntoreal to
poultry fanclois ln this district.
The remainder of thn evening wna
devoted to a scoring cless on Rhode
Island Reds The birds being supplied hy Mr. V. V. Sullivan and Mr.
John I^vltt. One ot thcfli present
handled the birds, presenting ench
section to the oxatnlnnlion of each
person in tli,- class Tlio demands of
the standard were read oil by Mr.
Shopberd and oaeb placed their Bcore
as their judgement dictated. Ths
scores were then called for and a
free discussion us to tha reasons lor
tho same wns indulged Iir nil present
evincing a lively Interest In tho pro
roodings. A few notes on the origin
ol the hri ed were then rfl id from
Brown's work on Domestic Fowls.
With    several    a.perlCI I  breeders
present, tbls nibbing up ol idem, must
certainly result lu greater knowledge
of thn slock for nil ron.vrnetl and
so pleased were tllfl participant" that
thoy iinnn.mously voted to continue
this at'lo ol programir. and Leg
horns will be taken up at the next
********** i h 111 ***** 11111111111111 *********
Dairy for Milk;
Our Milk is ol the purest and
best quality. We know, because
we havt* our own cattle and
know  how  lo feed them.
Send us a Post Gard and we will deliver
the Milk at your door.
ii W. Bargett, Proprietor  ii
■ ■ n ■ i ■ ■ ■ i ■ ■ ■ ■. ■ ■ t 1111 n n it 111 i
Ore Shipments
Following arc the ore shipments
from mines in Cranbrook District for
the past year and week to date:
Sullivan 1121
St. Ru» one 103
Society Olrl M
Other Mines
A Cry of Help
On Thursday morning there came
into our ofllce a chinaman, by name
Wong Pong, wbo is currying on business on Armstrong Avenue, with tie
report thut tbe gambling houses in
Chinatown were being run continuously every duy. The gomes begin at 12
noon, r, p.m. .ind it p.m. The reason
loz doing this la to make a break In
the games and to possibly put out
siders off their track, as they can arrange tbe Hire when the games are
not in progress to show possible lu-
,(Hirers that Ihe gair.es are properly
stopped according to tbe bye'aws ol
the city
The appeal lor help is from Wong
Kong and his little nil,, who are al
most heartbroken nt the result these
guinea are having on some of thfllr
relatives, and who, eonse.iuent on
losing so much nt the tables are constantly appealing to then, for help In
a material way. In talking with
Wong Kong we lenrn that he has constantly appealed to the police (or as
si.t'ince and they have only laughed
at iiim and put him off. "See thnt
man. he said, an one of the City Police pnss'-d the door, "1 have told
that man 10 or 13 times nnd he has
done nothing.    Police no good    Who
muat'T Bee?'   What must I do?"
In tbe Interests ol humanity we
took this matter up for him and
placed it In the hands ol the Justice
of the Peace and we are hoping aome
good will come for the efforts he is
We bear that Wong Pong lahav-
lag a petition drafted out and will
go to everyone in the city and get it
signed and forwarded through prope-
channels It the gambling is, not stop,
ped at once.
Tne man ls In earnest aad means
only good to result to bis people.
Tbe house he makes complaint ol
contains eight tables and are always
In use, not only by his own people,
hut olten there are white people low
enough tn associate with these peo-
plfl In their games'
In the interests ol the people he
represents who know that under Uu
new government of China gambling
after the third offence, Is punishable
by death, in tbe Interests ol tba
white men who are not able to
nidge the proper standards of a res
lieolalile city, and In the interests of
the elty itself, these haunts ol vice
and Iniquity should cease and that
fit onn. The cry lor assistance
should not ne let pass unheeded
by any clvlll'rd community or pro-
lessmlly Christian people wbo are
supposed to he possessed of higher
morals, and a better standura ol
As a suggestion to those In authority we would sny II only to be
sure that these game* «re nut played
In tbe Iuture. orders should bt given
at once tn hnve ths tables removed
and so remove temptation ont ol Ut
hands ol those so weak a* not to bt
ablt to resist the attraction. Till-:   Plt.OSPF.CTOM,  CHAXimOOK,   H.C.
A Modern Romance
u       Hy VVILMOT KAYE     ,,
Uui It is David thai   troubles   me,
\< 111  gold  li'i'lilllinllsly.
Hlrum gave a whistle expressive of
h:;' i insternnttoii,
Vou dldn'l lell mo that, 1 suppose
you are I" love with him. That certainly complicates matters. Does hei
caro for you?
He ...mis me to marry him, and I
have promised to give him an answer j
within lhe next fortnight.
I fi nr you will have to llg'i. oul that
battle .'or yourself. I can't help you
th ro, There', ono thing you enn
always rely on   lho friendship of Hir-1
am Homer I his   wife,   lie   said
Da, .1 i 'i.i.- had been nimmone I to
I wn by an urgeni telegram from the
j ei: Iiii. Dl hla Company In Low n.
I appeared lhal Ihere waa som i I ill-
i,,. with tho Colonial Ofllce r   p   Una
now conci ai a In Laguno which he
wished lo obtain.
i   wat no' tho 111 lughta ol his bust-
i: jj   ih ii   iroubled  him  during
drive lo town.     As the daya i asaed
In   "... ■ trowing moro and more dls
,■,. , r.,i with   Itla      lotions   with
Vi rn.     He fi II sun I lero » is a
I ry, and he waa unabli   to think ol i
even n possible solution,
Ho wns compelled to Btnj Ihi n
In town .uui during the next day he
wna kept lullv occupied until early
iu the afternoon. It wanted but a
few dnys to Christmas, and ho paid a
visit to Bond Street and came away
wllh a large selection or presents and ■
greatly 'lghtencd pockets. The
shops wero crowded and once he
thought he saw Vera passing Into a
jeweller's, but ho quickly dismissed
Hi" Idea. lie suddenly remembered thai lie wished to see- a deed
which ho had deposited with Craw
ley Brann, so he went round to hla
otlice thinking that one of the clerka
would be able to show them In Ins
master's absence.
Greatly to his surprise lie was lold
that Uianii was In, and in a few minutes lie was shown up lo Ihe solicitor's private ollt.e. Brann's lirsi
thou.In was thaj Horner bad told
Clay of what he had discovered. If
lhis were so, it would mean that Clay
was about to remove all his business from his hands. Such a step
would mean Immediate ruin, for lie
was quite unable to produce the
whole of the securities that he held
for him.
His lips were parched and h:s face
pale as he rose to moot Clay, but the
latter's easy demeanour at once told
hliu tiial his fears were groundless.
When did you come back? Clay
asked In surprise. I thought you
were still at Itadnor Manor.
I returned lust night. Home Important business turned up.
Are you coining buck with mc to-
light? Clay asked hospitably.
1 fear not, hut 1 hope, to run down
i Bognor in a day or so. li will
inly bo a Hying visit, lint 1 may have
Ima to call.
I want to have a look nl the morl-
-ago— tho Insl one you picpar.il.
Fortunately for Brann tho deed was
n his possession, and they immediately became engrossed in the business which Clay had conic to dismiss. This finished he looked at
lila wntch.
I have .Insl time lo gel lo the Bank
before it closes.     Qood-byo.
Olay hastened to Burlington Car-
do.-, and cashed a cheque. As lie
was uliout to lake up lhe notes llle]
manager appeared ami camo over to
lhe counter to shake hands.
By the bye, your friend. Miss-
Granl, baa been here to-day. he said, i
Indeed, I did not know she was In |
town, flay exclaimed III aurprlso.      I
Yt s, l suppose 1 may tell you that
she has drawn all the money that |
you gave her from her current ac- [
count, anil placed i' on deposit. Sho
has also placed all Die shares in my
hands, and says that I am to bold \
ihem until I receive her instructions.
1 rather gathered thut. she proposod
to  transfer  lho  whole  lot to  some-]
I am very much surprised, (tiny
said, anxiously. Sho hasn't men
Honed it to me.
I thought I hail better toll yoil.
The circumstances are somewhat tin-1
I am very glad you did.      I  wiil
inquire  into  it   when   I   got  home, '
Did  she give you  thn name  of the
We will advise weekly in lhis space, and will offer
bargains in Farm Lands, City and Suburban property.
We make a specialty of exchanges of all kinds, including Farm Lands, Winnipeg property, Automobiles,
It will be to your benefit to watch this space closely.
Correspondence solicited. Good live Agents Wanted
at every point in the west.
22 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man,
person  to  whom  she  was going  ti
Xo, l did not care to press lier.
After all, It Is none of my business,
Good night, sir,
Vet another Item to add to Clay's
perplexities,   and   ho  did   not   know
what 1" make of it.     The mystery
appi are I   to  be  deepening,  and  ho
decided that be must have an Immediate explanation   with    Vera.       To I
whom could sh" be transferring this
large - im ol mom y,     Mlghl II nol ■
be ths   she bn i formed some unde-;
Birab!    ■ mnection  before  he   knew
her?     Tbo Idea was agonising, but
aft. r all. he  knew but  llttlo of lier
pi     Ufa      H" thrust away tho Hup-1
pos   "'i   !-s absurd.
i  -..:.i that 1  would tr i»   her aud
I  «111, he : .tii. firmly to hlmsi ll
cannot be toro d, au :
1   be i ommenc) d  his  long
It inn        li   was  frees: ■ ■  and
be drew   eloaelj   round  blm  hi ■  big
ia \ fe feci        les
in ■■  I »ld of Itlin,   and    he   pr< Bsed
down   ■       .!■  - lleni or,    bis    sixty-
', : -     I-.v.. i- car   tr ivelllng   u\   the
n es iress train      Thla mad
■ . ng bru igb the all brought nho
comfort, and his blood tlugb d nlib
phj ■■    ■  ' shilaratlon
Vnd on and o i they wt ut, and so
rapidly thai once the chauffeur
placed a restraining hand on hla mas*
ter's a m, but to uo purpose, for
Claj - foot was kepi on \Ue accelerator.
Villages Basin >. by ;■ tn. and tor
once In hte life David Clay played
the role of ;i road hoe. but good for*
tune . ■'.< --. him for a while, Thej
w.. , rap! II ■ nearlng home, and the
ca ■ I tram ed i islcally. The moou
bad i Isen and the b i i frost glit
tered on the hedg< s
A   - iciden  report. loud  ai ii    ba p
as a ii)- burst, and the car turned
Into : he hedge ami ia;.
L'i'i* s gradually stopping, til) all was
silout, save moans from two men.
The chauffeur rose stiffly and
looked dazedly round. He soon
found Clay lying motionless In the
roadway. He lifted his head, but
could Bee no sign of life.
A light appeared, and a shrill cry
from a woman's lips, What is the
matter, lT;.,ia Grant crl. it. for it was
(To be Coutinufcil)
Repartee In Politics
11 the name of the victim ot this
story were published) It would create
o Beusatlon front the Atlantic to the
Pad llo, not tu sny from the Great
Lakes to Hip Rio Grande, in short)
If tbi- name were known, tbo gentleman in question would havo Bevon
duel, (lis, ami tbe remainder of the
population or lhe United Btates would
leap madly into laughing hysterica.
However, the victim iH a man high in
national politics and prominent In the
Blaring public eye, tie had befriended the hero of litis narrative, and had
bound him to him with hoops of Rlce.1.
An exigency of polities required signal service from the lesser light, and
lh." great man sent for tho other nud
said to I.I in:
I am your friend. I have made ymi
what you are, Por my sake go out
into the countryside, nnd do thus and
A bite ;: th -. .U taste ol tl at, all day
long, lull the aj elite a - wakens the
dr .■
Ri    ■ ■■ ich*to healtl   vigor
by ■ ■     ■ .. Na I Dyspepsia Tal 1st
afte  --  :   eal   and utoutt e'pleclng1,
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet)
t:i* the best friends fo; ivifferars trom
Indigestion and dyspepsia. 60o. a Bex
at your Druggist's. Made by tha
National Drug aad Chemical Co. of
Canada, Un .ied.
The lesser light, having consulted
his own interests and the opposite fac*
lion tn the party, Journeyed forth all
lighl enough, bul what he pulled off
in the aforementioned countryside was
!n diroot contradiction to hla Instructions, Whon he returned lo tha
place from whlcb ho had started, hi
call, d at the ofllco.. of hla powerful
friend, but was received by a subordinate, who aald: i
Mj boss thinks lhat vou have treat
nt him -ery badly in view or all hla
mat ni-mi ihlp to: you, and he will not
ii eclve y,m. Furthermore, ho wishes
you to send back to him the autographed photograph which Ue ghvo
The man, thus rebuked, hurled him*
II  mi n .i  | uhcab,  dashed Into hla
v tnible dwell Inu   seised n large stub
pon wrote au Insoriptlon ncross the
and si nt the photograph back
giver,      The Inscription read
i •
Received without solicitation -returned without rpgrel
"a nail u
Engineer* and Boilermakers
Boilers   cf   all     Kind?- Engines.
Pumps, and Heavy Pla.-* Work
Writ*-- ua tut Prices
14 Slrachin Ave . Toront:,, Canada
Do it Quickly
Wo (An Iralluua) look
| wtth the greatest admiration; we
Know that 'intense as our loyalty is.
that your loyalty is jusl as Intense,
just .is undoubted; we think yoo may
adopt  some other method  than ours
. In your wisdom, and It ts not for us
to Bpeah a word to you in matters
that   bo closely  concern  you,  but 1
' think we. hav,o a right to say ln Australia aftor what we have done that
whatever the empire, has got to do,
or la willlug to do, to strengthen the
bands ot our motherland) ought to be
lone quickly,   sir   George   Reld   at
I Toronto.
One o' de mo6' curios- st things about
a fool, said Cncle Ebeu, is de way
he'll holler and git mad if you don'l
let htm show off bis misfortunes.
Mlnard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
Gents,—A customer of ours cured a
very bad ease of distemper In a valuable horse by tho use of MINAUD'S
Yours truly,
Are tbe bes* ever male and are guaranteed to glTO yoo satisfaction. Al
all dealer.-, or send us 26 cents stat-
Inr f'v ■ and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,
SB Fraser Ave- Toronto, Ont.
He Got It
j Ob, said ihe manager, In the Inter*
\ view with Timklns, what I want is a
1 reliable olerll for the weighing room.
[One who knows what's what. Do you
■ understand?
Timklns nodded.
'    Vou know your weights and meas-
I tires table of course, went on the man-
■ager.      You might just run through
| ihem now.
Fifteen ounces make one pound—,
, begun Timklns,
!    Go in and start at once, cried the
j manager, with a grin ot satisfaction.
You're the mi*#l for mo!
This school is located in Toronto
and does mueh each year to supply
tbe Setlve demand for Telegraph operators wanted by our Canadian railways. .\ successful record of fifteen
years and hundreds of officials and
operators in active railway service today is the best guarantee of the re-
liability of tbis well known school.
The book "Guided by tho Key" ox-
plains the work fully. Write for !t.
Address W. II. Shaw, President, Toronto.
A local painter worked tbree mouths I
on a painting.     He spent a good deal
of money on models, but the finished
product Instilled all bis expenditure
ami ull  IiIh llmo.      Everybody Lold
blm so when thu picture waj. exhibited,     Everyone bul one.     This lady,
whose opinion  he valued  most, wns
the ono he took to tho exhibition wltb j
him.     l can hardly wait, she bubbled.      Which Is your picture'.' This
ono, he told her-and waited.     Sho
studied it hi detail.     What is it called'.'      sho wanted lo know.      Wood!
Nymphs,     How silly of mo to ask!!
They're so uatural.      Why, anybody
would think they were really made of
Baby Dreadful Sufferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
and-Ointment and He Is Well,
"KnoloMd find my non'i phote ind I f**l
%? writing thn a . ■•■ llm   te   du l »";i only
tfiiin; my duty, m mr fl'.n *«* » ■Ji'-wlfiil
luffam frem ccsema. At
lbs afi of two wselu hu
bmatoi' t covered with
\  :\   ".J*,,,..i   (111   111      if RI   lllll
urn.nn.    which    moilur
thoughi waa red ium of
ttmuh; bul dur te «Jay
' j\ ii inw worn until fvcry
IX     joint itnl envlcn vers
tr"b    Iffeetcd nud bab) hiartrd
m   \   icnamlaK for botur day
-)C a\ L and Dfsbt, lacb a ihtna
r- \ v? a- ilesp waa oot ut th*.
-*-—1-- — cucfliinn. I link bim to
two of Sydney'! laaafag di*cta-*'; un* uld '.I
vn. ons of ihe worn nasi bs had i-'-<-i.. tii"
eihor -nd not think it ao aerfoua; inn* oi-aerc l
•untmsst for rubbuti In, thr- otnar » diurttnf
BOWdO. 1 follOWW th"i- prpmrl'.-tioin lor
«ot« four month! ami nt.il hnt.v kept gaUbif
Wf.rre. I could not Itett Will fromswstcWnj
■n triftt wan Bu igany.
"WhOO l»* wnn Urn ihtuI.h Old I lliftd lllB
Cuticura Remodloi and I ani rary ibaakfuj to
■ay mv baby t*i today (res from all hu ium*r«
hnt lili gr'oln-i wore l Imd Ing wnafl I Itartcd
r*1 BWO P•^•,, 'i'i""-- ttete tin- Iowm turf.
li htl no'iv imfif *lilt <VP'"*. »'"■"■ '" arm
fotfitd. Wf-hjowi. niifl tier*; *•"* **'*U I*'"'"
*      ■   -"m-1 had died en*.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is compounded specially lo com-]
I bat dysentery, cholera morbitH and all
Inflammatory disorders that change or j
I food or water may set up In the atom-|
acli and   Intestines,       These   com-
' plaints are more common in summer
i i linn in winter, but they nre not con-
. fined to the warm months, as undue
i laxnesB of the bowels  may  seize a
man at any time.      Such a suffen r
( will (Ind speedy relief in this Cordial.
No Fuss
|    An Innocent old lady, who never be-
■ 'ore bad rode on a railroad, was pan-
senger on one of th" Midland railroads .,i  thc lime of a recent collls*
. on, when fl freight train ran into a,
passenger train, smashing one or the
e.irs. killing several passengers, nud'
upgi ■ ing tilings generally. As mion,
.irf he could recover his scattered'.
senses the conductor wenl In search
of Mi" ■ • nerablo dame, whom be found
iltttn - ' ta-) and al n i In the ear
[the other passengers having sought
-, n ■ ftrma)   ■   ■■ fl v,,;"' pltwM et-
■ pr'-sR'.'-n npo.1 her countenance, not-
., ,, id ihi had made a oomph te
-oi.i' rsoull over the seal In front, n?d
i her bandbox and hundli had uum' un
1 ceremcntouals down the po«sage way.
Are yon hurt? Inquired lhe conductor?
Hurt) 'V ", ' said the old lady.
We have jusl bt n run Into by a
t freight 'rait ; twi or three possi ng i
' have been (tilled, and several orb.-it
r.n. me1      I dldn'l  know bu'  thai
tvai the. -ca'-' yon always -topped.
It was in a narrow Street nf ft large]
town, and a carter liad done the ilam-
| age In turning hli wagon round. The
shophoeper (Insured, no doubt)   dl«-|
j played ibis potlce-
!    The resnll of baching hon 08.
Do Animals Swank?
The d alight fui story of Brer Hab-
bit and Brer Fox will help us to answer thia nuestion in tbe affirmative.
As a matter of fact, animals undoubt-
edly do swank, and the domestic ones
when made-pots of,'will glvo themselves as mnny airs and graces as a
girl iu love.
It 13 this characteristic that, renders
so many of them amenable to training. Tbe writer has known a rat in
a stable to lie on Its side and pretend
to be dead. When tinned over with
the foot 11 haa Instantaneously become very much alive and scooted
for all it was worth,
.\n old horse employed In farm
work would pretend to be very lame
when put ou the milk-churning, which
necessitated hi- u-'.,^ round in a circle, hut directly ne was taiten off he
would, metaphorically speaking, frisk
like a kitten.
The Irish terrier and the collie ate
terrible swankers. They will put
t-p with any amount or petting, hut
directly the victim ia off his guard
tbey will not hesitate to nip.   .
Everybody is funIIlar with lhe
phrase, playing possum, mooning of
course, lying low, or pretending. This
extraordinary llttlo animal, If attacked, stretches Itself stiff upon the
ground. Yo i may heat It, throw water upon I;, and all but kill It. yol when
yon have turned away in the firm holier that it is dead, the little Impostor
will Jump up am', scurry to safety.
It is common knowledge among
gporti man that a partridge will flutter
Just ahead of dogs or men. pretending in Imve a broken wing, till she has
lured them away from her babies.
Then she rises and sails home like
the wind
Tommy (at a concert, watching soprano singing aria and conductor waving baton)—Ma, what's that long-haired man hitting at ber with that stick
His Mother—lie isn't, hitting at her.
Tommy—Then what Is she screaming about?
This section Is almost mountainous,
remarked tbe pedestrian to his companion as Ihey trudged along a country road on-- summer's day, carrying
heavy grips.
Yes. it's a bit hilly, said the farmer a fow minutes' later as he drove his
guest from the station in the big buck-
Nice rolling country this, observed
the au'.omobiliat to bis chauffeur as
they whizzed by in a big touring car.
G(e, what c flat, uninteresting region, thought, the aviator, looking down
as bo sailed over It lit his majestic
I-Ittlc Boy (who had jusl seen his
mother dismiss tbo servant for staying
away from home the previous night
five or six hours without leave)—-Mamma, wasn't It very wrong In Mary to
stay out so late?
Mamma (indignantly) Yes', Chnrlle,
and very Impudent, too, sho was- but
I won't keep such a person In my
Lltlle Buy- When are you going to
dismiss papa?
Take Time for the Bible
As we drift along the swift, relentless current of (line towards the end
of life, as days and weeUs ami months
and  years  follow each  In  breathless
haste, nn.l we reflect now aud then fori
n   moment   lhal   nt   any   rate   fer  US
muoh Of this I'aMhly career has pas*-.-1
cd Irrevocably, whal are tho Interests
aud thoughts- ay, lho   hooks,   which;
really command our atlonltou? what
ih> we read and leave unrend?   Whnl I
time do wr give to the Ulblo?
No oilier book, let ii" be sure or ll,
can oquallj avail and prepare us for
thai which Ilea before us, ror iho unknown nnxtollos imd sorrows which I
are soonei or lalor lho portion "f mosl i
men and  woiih-ii;   for tho grailnal ap-
proaoh of (loath; for tha period, be ii
long or short, ot waiting and proper
atlon for the throne and faoo of tho
Internal Judgo.
Looking back from lho world, how
hall wr desire to havo made tin- most
of our besl guide to it? How shall
wo grudge the hours wo have wasted
ui anj bo Ihej Lhoughls wo have
wasted on anj bo they lhoughls or
boolta nr teachers which onlv belong
to things of time?   Canon Llddon.
Wby don't you give your wife an
1 did once, and she spent it hefore
I could borrow it back.
A Government lecturer on the 'Act'
had boon addressing a meeting of
working-men and employers, and at
the close or his address invited questions.     One man asked,
Sir. do you think I am worth more
than $10 a week?
Well, at. any rate, I don't think you
are getting ton much, replied tho lecturer.
Then do you think that I am worth
$12 a week? demanded the questioner.
Yes, respendod the lecturer, I don't
think that at all jn unreasonable wage, j
Then  said  the  man  triumphantly, j
Just toll that to the ohl gent with the
white hat In tho front row, because
he is my employer.
In Return
Thc good people or a certain small
1 llla [i had always been of opinion lhat
one good turn deserves another, audi
thej wero very much dtsgustod when
on a reeen! occasion ihey learnt that
this proverb has its limits.
Poxes were rattier scarce In tho district, and (he followers or a certain
hunt, after a timo, wore delighted to
get on the trail of n fox, but after i
live minutes run found themselves
pulled UP In a meadow belonging to
the village baker hy a high gate
which was secured by a padlock.
Open that gate! Bhouted the mastoi
of the hounds.
You'll have to jump It! rejoined th'J
Nonsense, man; it would be dangerous to attempt lt. You must, open
Them fellows ou the other side, explained the baker, are our ambulance
class, and that, gate is meant to ho
dangerous. We've found you a fox,
and wo reckon on you to Hnd us one
or two accidents. 'Ave a cut at it,
gentlemen, he added appeallngly; we
ain't bad such a chance for a twelvemonth .
Married v. Single
The new curate had organized a
football club, and the band was on tbe
field to celebrate tbe occasion of Its
opening game—a match, Married v.
Single. The Benedicts, mainly by
the aid of one Napkins, were leading
by two goals at half-time. Just as
they wero about to restart news arrived of a railway accident with fatal
I'm in a bit of a quandary, sir, observed Nupklns to the curate. My
missus was In that thero train.
Dear me, Nupklns, I'm sorry to hear
It, was tho reply. You're naturally
anxious to get away.
No, no, Blr; It ain't lhat, observed
the possibly bereaved one. I was
only (.....king that if anything has hap*
pened to Kmma I ought to be playing
for the single chaps this half, so I
thought*»as how It'd be better, till we
hear for certain, lf I referees,
Mn.ard',3 Liniment Relieves Neuralyia
,\ minister having walked through a j
village oh u rob yard nnd observod the
Indlacilinlnate praises bestowed upon!
tho dead, wrote upon tho gale post the
following: Here lie tbo dead, and i
hero the living Ho.
Absent minded husband <ln Paris)—
My wife asked me to get ber some
eau-tlecologne while I was here; now
what the deuce Is eau*do*cologno in
ilifTurMi'*. nml ly lbs tlini'
•in. itloiiK mil  n,,' t-ntlitiiK uilli
geap, .>*.(>> wai neatly cored, i ami kipi i-n
tiilog tin* cm,.mm Heap and Olnimpnt, nm.
tiftr. thnrk |t»dnfla, ••*■ ■■■ IJnHq well and,
-...hou-fii heli new mn montfii old, hu not
I-ail anv mrtlter rjtiirn of llw Irpubto."
(fllcnsd) Hit 'i. Martin, B Knlsfit Bl.
KraVlnnvllIo. Rydnoy, n hav , Mor, m, ion.
I'iIimiik    -,,;■-,   nml    ".ntnn ni    no1   nnlil
llirpuiliput iim woflil bill a liberal (ample «f
rn. I. wilti a .v i.ni'i- book on llr mo- ami
irr-nimciit of tlic nkln nml It.ilr Will he m-nt
lira ui appli'tilon iii Poltst DrugA ''inn.
<Mfc.**tO';(i.iilUb.ul Avi\, PoiU-U, U*J./..
I    Jack—What did her father say whon
■ he ontered lhe room and found bis
I plump daughter sitting In your lap?
i    Tom—Hfl remarked lhat I bod taken
a gren! deal on fflTBMf.
I wouldn't ilrlnk out of Unit | |p ., ,|
llttlo Willie to tho woll-dresse'd young)
visitor; that's LImIo's nop, and sbe'e
| vory particular Who drinks out of It.
I All. cold the young man, ns hn drain'
! eil tho cup dry. I fool honored in
| drink out of Mzilo's cup. Mstlo is
•/our vountj'st !|8t0f, ten't she?
rli!      I.i:/.
W. N. U. D19
Not milch!
te toy dug
lu  I'ru.co (here in a lux 00 doors
mil windows,
An Insulted Cracker
A catalogue of farming implements
sent out by tbe manufacturer finally
found its wny to a distant mountain
I'lllaga where li. was evidently wclcom-
Ml with Interest. The firm received
a carefully written, if somewhat clumsily nxprossi I loiter from a Smith oni
crnokor  asking further  particulars
about one of lho listed arlich-H.
To this, In tlm usual course of IiuhI*
ocas was sent a typewrltleii itiiHwer.
Almost by return mall came fl reply,
You TelloWH iiei-d not think you
are so all-tlnd smart, nntl >ou need
nol print youi letters to ni". I eau!
read writing,
No Longer a Luxury
What's the troublot
There's ti tramp at tho door with a
rickety iiutomolille. Wants to know
If we can glvo him an old set of tires.
The Food
Tells Its
Own Story
It's one dish that a good
many thousand people relish greatly for breakfast,
lunch or supper.
Crisped wafers of toasted
Indian Conv-a dainty and
most delightful dish.
Try   with   cream
" The Memory Lingers"
Cniindlan PmIiiih doroul Co.,
1 III,, WliiiHir, Ontario.
"Did'' the Doctor
Tho otliM- day a well-known doctor
was eating lunch in a restaurant and
silting next to a business mun, when
the latter remarked:
I have just seen a case in the to-
l-acconlst's which would Interest you.
There is a man there who has no
feeling at all ln his right arm.
Case of paralysis, uo doubt, suid
the doctor.
Oh. no, lt Isn't; he has been examined by some of the leading physicians
and they declare It's not paralysis.
How long has it  been  so?
Over twenty years, be tells me.
He says he'll pay any doctor a thousand pounds to restore tho natural
I'll see hlnl, said the M.D.. and
when dinner was over they went to
the tobacconist's and the doctor was
Dlil lhls happen all at once? asked
the doctor.
Yes. sir; there was no warning
Does the arm feel dead?
Perfectly. You can stick your knife
Into It without my feeling It In the
That's odd      Let me feel it.
The doctor put out bis band, mado
one grip, and then turned on his
heel and loft the place, his faco liko
the aeltlng sun.
It wa-. a wooden arm.
A cautious old Scotch farmor was
about lo releot a day for advertising
tlio Rale of bis erop of growing grain.
1 wish, Bald he lo the auctioneer,
that we inr.y have a good breeze nt Ihe
auction—only he railed It a roup.
A good bro07.0, suld tho auctioneer.
Whal can a bl-OOXO Imro to do wi' a
Mali- than ye Imagine, replied tho
farmer. When grain's wavln' wl' a
good breeze. It looks a heap thicker—
they seo thc same heads iwa-three
I'nr the Ilrst quarter of this year
Ibe national revenue of the United
Kingdom showed n decreosc of $30,000
compared with tbo corresponding
quarter of last year.
Not Going to Take any Chancel
Pat had just been appointed to tho
responsible position of village constable, and felt the honor.
On the day of his first arrest ho was
taking his capture up to tho stutlou
when u suiblen gust ot wind blew off
tho hitter's hat.
1 say, lie exclaimed, Just let mc go
and get my bat.
I'bwal'! salil Pat. Hun away, and
never como hack again? Y'ou stand
hero and Ol'll run aftor thn hai.
nollftolo, a I'v-prodiiet or eoal-lar. Is
tbo root-source of our most brilliant
Sho—Vour htiblla and preferences
iieeni to have changed since our uiiir-
rlago. 1 used to seo you twice as
often as I do now.
He—Ob, I don',, know, my hablte
aro preily much the snme.
Sho—I fall lo seo It,
He- Well, 1 waa hardly ever at home
then, either.
More About
The Loading Platform
The pre-jnl sCAeritlOtt ot Wes'.ern finnnrc will never know U>e
difficulties and V'Mtkna experienced by Ibelr predeceasore In the
earlier years when no ono could got a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except ty ioii'.lng ll through uu elevator. The Bystem force*
tho majority of farmer- to sell their grain to the elevator ownere
at arbitrary fries, and oft limes to submit to heavy dockage and
other anhoyanoea, laualng continual dissatisfaction. Now however
lhe distribution ot .are ns fixed by the Drain Act, and tho use of the
loading platform, provide faollltloa whlc'- enable Ihe farmer tn secure
satisfactory 'reatnitnt In tbo disposal or his grain, and the hlgheit
market prices at II.ue of salo. Every farmer thorefore. should more
anil more endeavor to use tho loading phi."ifm ln shipping hla grata
to lho terminal elevators, lt Is lho safeguard of the farmers' freedom In disponing ol hla grain to tho heat advantage for hlniaelf. II
farmers refrain Irom i:slng lhe loading platform freely. II might result In lis being d^ne away with, booaiipo railway companies and
elevator owners ur.» strongly opposed to It. It. Is easy to understand why elevator people desire tho loading platform abolished.
The railway >eoplo on tbelr part say It dolnys thc loading of cars
and helps to canto ear alienage. Thia we knew to bo nonsense,
because frenuently after ears aro load"d whether with grain, coal
lain,ier or oilier merchandise, Ihey are clilot-aiko' for days and even
weeks Instead ol being promptly moved forward to destination. It
Is engine alio-tago ,-id shortage of competent trail men lhat. mostly
cnuso" grain llockados on railways and -,-,„t lack of cars. Let every
farmor therefore, d) all he can to uso t o loading platform and become nn Independent shipper. In luhteqnont advertisements we
will stale In detail Ihe pavings and olher advantages of direct loading tnto era compared with loading through elevator..
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, msk" liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise the grading at time ears
are Inspected, ee-.uro the highest price, at timo nf sale and make
prompt returns wVen Bold. Write us for shipping Instructions and
market Information. .
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703 Y.  CHAIN   IXCHANGE.
Brthn-mWsliavf hfldm»"yy..i»r*i*ri-nce.   C.Rful, individual .ll.nlionlo vour .liipm.nl by ,afl,-,...i,,
na-n will m*.u mud, lo J OU.   Srnd ui. Imi ihlpnunt.    Write, vviieoi pSone for nel liac. Lidi
631 ijruin Exchange. Telephone Meln -1G
;./.<"«<! Re'cronco! Tin- Itoyal I*ank of
Winnipeg, Man.
uuiln. -Jonu,.-
Groin Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make mils ...-niing read: Port Ai-Uror or Fort William, Notify Peter Janaen
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Adv-tnces
Prompt Returns
Caller (viewing the new boy)—Do
you think he Is going to resemble his
Mother—I shouldn't be surprised,
lie keeps me up at night even now.
Pa, why do you always Insist on me |
singing wheu Mr. Spoozloton come;
here? Well, 1 don't like him, aud yet
I hate to come right out and tell him ■
to go.
A lady was seen promenading tho
ttreeta of Bournemouth the other week
carrying a monkey under her arm.
Less disturbing to one's equanimity is
the practice of another lady in Bournemouth, who never goes abroad on her
cycle without being accompanied by
her household cat, which reposes on
her lofi shoulder umAsturbed by the
clatter of passing trams and motorcars.
What the A. B. Seaman Says:
"A sailor's life is bold and free, and life
is one grand sweet song—as long as
there's lots of Empire Navy Plug
Chewing Tobacco."
Filling Subjects
Ciiar.nlly, by chnnco unsought, thoy
met lu thn railway (-iirrlago. Hi- wua
a yomiK man, hearrilesu; his companion „ hoary oldatcr.
Ho ynu urn u teaoher? rrinnrkr-t Ilia
lalhatlrc retcran. I'll wagor you
had to paaa a -li-utty at Iff exam.
Yea, lwlee-ll replied tho liiatrnctor
of tho young.
And what wore tho subjacta? Inquired tho Inqulslttye naBsonger?
Well, wo were eianilncd In psychology, Integral calculus, mathematical
astronomy, polemic divinity, metaphysical .-iiiulysia, and Oreek, Latin
French and (Imnun versification.
Indeed! And for what position
Woro you striving?
Tcachoi- ol the Infants, sir.
The New Curate
Tlio Wldda ('use—That's the new
curate. llo proachod a scrinoo on
Hell, aftor Ilrst mass this morning.
Mra. Kelly—Waa It good?
Tin- Wldda Casoy—Good, la ll? Do-
tliid, ye'd think lu- waa born nnd reared I hero!
Nicola Cappolll, of Pltlgllono, Iiuly.
left dlrcclloiiH In hla will thut a Hire
or wine should bo poured mer his coffin, and two hootolltros tllBtrlbutoil to
those who attended hla funeral, lie
requested his frlcmlu to dance round
his liuiib.
Deatha exceeded hlrtlis In I'r.inr,-.
last year by 3S.000.
Under Fire
When Blr Bvelyn Wood was a
young man ho very narrowly escaped
losing hla Hie in Ihe Crimea. Ho
was climbing over a parapet when it
private soldier forced hla way In front
of him and turned round savagely
when his nlHei r. who wua much exhausted, caught hold of thn hint of
his rllle in order lo pull hlim-ci*' lip.
At. that moment u shot from Ibe I'us-
slnn lines killed the mun, while W.cd
whoso place he had taken, remained
Nn man has a right lo cconomlzo to
the extent of neglecting to pny hia
A census of tha Japsna-e Empire Is
laa.cn eicry Urn y-ara.
•f the bowels Is an absolute necessity for good health. Unlras the
waste matter from the lood which
collects (here is got rid of at leant:
•nee a day, it decays ami poisons the
whole body, ruining biliousness, iiuii-
gi-.tion and •irk Tieadaclics, Soils
and other harsh mineral purgatives
Irritate  the dellcalo lining ol lhe
kowels. Dr, Morse'i'lm
fills—rniiii-ly \-ty-elahtg
Ibe bowels eflecllvely v liln
tiling, f>i'.-l.rning or griping,
Dr. Morse
Indian Re.,.
Our Columns are The Best for
"The Advertiser"
The "Prospector" is read all over the Kootenays
NOTICE! is hereby given that an
application will be made to the Licence Commissioners for the City of
Crnnhrook at their next meeting
held at least thirty days hereafter,
fnr tha transfer of the hotel liquor
licence for the premises known as the
"Royal Hotel." Oranbrook, B.O.,
from myself to William Steward o(
jthe same place, Hotel-keeper.
Dated   this  80th  day   of  November,
|, s|t-|«|->|*>|-«j^-^|-4^l,|*f|l>|»|H|,-|.s|l,^|B<|>t|ll|l>|l
Is'nt It The Truth?
Swifts 1'iemiuin Hams and Bacon
are a little betttr than the "Best"
Fresh Stock of all Prime Meats always on hand.
Premium Cooked Ham
Ideal  tor Luncheon
Phone 72
til    I   ll lltiililiilniJi 1,1 '   '   ■   '    »    »    >    »    I., ■    fi I ,1    fit    fill    I    ■   lnf.l   Ii I .III    ll.l.X llllll 'I f" r'T'r'r"t"t"V'rV ■'*f*"f"T"l"l I IT ri"|"| "I'-'P-T***!- *r 1**f ■ ■ r V T •fl"!' TTTTT
l*"i,*rT**t*'t**l**i*'r*l"J'    T-i-TT .•^,,l,-l"l,*r-W^,*,M'T"rTlli,l'T,P
I Do Not Forget i
Xmas Cutlery
We Imve
Carving Sets Plated Knives
Plated Forks     Plated Spoons
Table Cutlery
in all  the Best Makes
Skates and Straps
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Nickle Plated Goods
In fact a lull line of
Useful Xmas Presents
A New Range is Just the thing for Her wbo has worked
so hard this year.
See Our Lines
J. D. McBride
>   Cranbrook, B. C. - Phone 5   j
i «
***** niiiini ii m n ■-♦ ** m 111 in in 111 i t 4 **
■    —-■*  -.w.**wm*mm  .tn!.  |||t   itiitiili I   it    j    I   J    ■    I   J    I    *    ■-■■■.  I...,    ■    |    ■ _.»._!
»    *-f-fp-r-f*|-f-| lj.l|ll|l,jll|ll|ll|ll(»|«|S.jl.g-|M|IIJi.|.,|M|-|BJ«|.,j»|W|-|M|.,|--J--J--J..J.'l    ,
Automobile   will   be run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
4-1 I ******** -:-H-H-f 4* IIH l-M I H- H-.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Cranbrook to Toronto and Return $72.15
Cranbrook to Montreal and Return $77.15
Corresponding low rstee to point* In Ontario, Quebec and Maratlme Pro-
TicksU on Hole December 1st to 31st., Inclusive.
Oood to return within three months.
Wekett Issued In connection wltb Trnns-Atlnntlc   trips   on sal* Nov. 7tb
to Dec. Slat., Inclusive, and limited to Ove   months   from dat*  ol Imus,
with privilege* ol intension.
Finest l*<|iilpni*nt, Standard and Tourist Sleeping   Car*.   Dining Oar* on
all through train*.   Compartment-Library Obuervatlon Oar* on
Bp*ol*l through Tourist Car Service In connection with theso H.eiirslun*
For dates ol departure and reservations apply to Local Agent
For Tickets and further information of thc above apply to
J. W. Spence, ticket agent, Craubrook; or
R. G. MeNeillie, district passenger agent, Calgary, Alt*.
German    Pride    Hurt    In
Balkan War
While public opinion ln (Sormanj-
Irom the very outbreak ol tli* Balkan war haa been with the allied peopl*, the Kaiser, in his capacity ot
German general, and Herman officers
have taken a certain interest in the
Turks, a lact whlcb is easily understood when It ls remembered tbnt
the Turkish army has been re-organized and drilled by German officers
and the Turkish fortresses have bcen
constructed by German military engineer*.
One ol the tacts which the war ln
the Balkans has been expected to
demonstrate is the absolute superiority ol German military taction
and German military enginojring.
The result has heen a great disappointment and although, quite naturally, it ia aaid that it is not German taetlcB and strategy which have
been defeated, but the Turks themselves have blundered into disasters,
it eannot be denied that even among
the ofllcers there ls a feeling that
tbe time is passed when Germans
mightclaim to posses absolute supremacy in things military.
What makes the position ot the
army officers even more difficult Is
tbat from the very start they have
praised the soldierly dualities of tbe
Turkish troops as discovered hy German army instructors in Turkey;
and now, when thc Turks have been
routed time and again and when
whole regiments of them have been
captured by their enoml'-s, German
officers cannot very well auddenly
change their opinions nnd Mams
everything on the Turkish troops.
There muat be something wrong with
the tactics taught tbe Turks by German officers and with the plan ot
war which General von der Goltz
outlined for tbe Turkish govcenment
with just such an attnek in view as
has occured.
When the wnr first broke nnd was
discussed In every officers casino In
Berlin, everybody mnde Hunt of the
first Turkish defeats and claimed as
did the government also, that these
were merely part ol a magnificent
strategetlcal movement, thc aim ol
which was to entice the Servians and
Bulgarians down on the gr-at plains
around Adrlanople where tliey would
Warships   May   Embarrass
Oannd'a naval contribution has
far overshadowed the eastern war as
topic ot ths week In England. Tbe
politicians and newspapers, with lew
dissenting voices, welcome the Iloniin
ion's gilt for its own Bake and us a
memorable step toward consolidating
the ISmplre.
Dispatches Irom Australia and
South Africa report that Canada's
munificence is kindling naval enthusiasm in those dominions.
The report ol tbe gift of warships
from the Indian princes proves to be
a canard. India's financial load is
already ho heavy that Knglish opinion deprecates any attempt to induce tbe native rulers to embark on
new expenses.
If the smaller colonies fall Into
line, Grent llrltliii may Und herself
embarrassed hy oilers of more ships
than she would he ahle to build and
Uncertainty exists as to whether
the government proposes1 to receive
Canada's   ships   as  au   addition to
8.C. Foreits Increast
At least 1100,000,00(1 annually is
tb* value placed upon th* potential
growth of British Columbia forest*
by R. K. Benedict, Cbiel ot operation
In the Forest Braneb ol th* Depart
mentol Laud*.
Bringing the estimate down to Its
very lowe»t, the area ol timber-producing lands In the Province is IS,
000,000 acr**," my* Mr. HeneJI-.t,
"and every acre should produce !00
hoard leet per annum. This would
make our timber crop f,J billion
leet, worth about i;| million dollar*
to tbe Government, and probably
fifteen times that amount to ths
community before It Is In its final
•tat* ol manulocture."
At the present time In Mrillnh Columhla there is helng cut about I'
billion feet per annum. It I* evident therefore, that the lumbering
industry ia lust one-quarter developed.
But before the full expansion can
take place, the timber muat be pro-
tected Irom lire. A dry season and
a little carelessness might combine
•t   any  time to start a blaze whlcb
the minimum fleet considered necessary to maintain naval supremacy or
as a part of that fleet.
Lord Charles Bereslord will ask na-
sttranccs in the hous? of commons
thnt the ships constitute an addition to the English program, not
part ol it.
The only feature of the policy caus
ing uneasiness is the Innovation of
giving the colonies a place on tbe
committee of imperial defense.
The Manchester Guardian says:
"Fcom the English viewpoint we
view with distrust the adm.salon of
a Canadian representative to the
committee ol defense, especially when
he Is armed with the power, lf his
advlre Is not tnken, otwlthdrawlng
nearly hull a squadron from the Imperial navy.
"We are certain that this power
would not be exercised frivolously or
ut a time o. nntlonal danger but
the lact thnt It exists would give
tho Canadian member of the commit
tee more than ordinary influence.
would undermine the prosperity ot
the country. The importance ol preventing Area It is impossible to overstate. The growtb ol th* Province
depends upon the forest.
A Wise Judge
There will not he a man In British Oolumbla outside of the professional ranka who will not applaud
the act lou of Mr. Justice Clement In
stopping aa Important case being
argued before bim In Vancouver last
week. The ground on which he stopped   lt  was   that a Company Inter-
j ested was being wound up In liquidation;    that    no    good     eould    ac-
| erne   and   that   tbe  ends  of   Justice
I would not. be served by contlnulngthe
ease; thnt It was thereforo n needless wnsto of time of the Court, and
I no one could benefit except the legi I I
gentlemen enpagod, who between j
thorn were drawing the not lnaon.1,1-
erable sum ol 11,000 a day In foes, j
AsRimifng. and ono cannot for n mo- J
ment iiisiiiiie anything else, that tho
learned Judge was right in his law,,
the layman enn only rejoice that
such a common-sense decision ahould
be forced to surrender as was the
groat French army under similiar
circumstances at Sedan.
Spirits are low ln the military
clubs ut present. 'I'he unexpected
fall of Kirk KIliBSeh was au awful
blow to German military pride, so
much more as this aad many of the
uthcr forts around Adrlanople captured by the Bulgarians were constructed by von tier Goltj, aad by
lilm declared almost, If uot absolutely, Impregnable. At any rate tbey
wore not to he taken lesB easily than
wore the forts around Port Arthur
during the Russo-Jnpnueso war.
Tbey fell almost immediately, and a*
tho Bulgarians cannot, be declared
better lighters than the daring Japanese, the lault must necessarily
Iio with the lorts, which must have
had vulnerable points and weak spots
unsuspected by Goltr. Pnsba.
Explanations, ol coursel must be
found, and they nre forthcoming daily. Major-General ImhofI, organizer
ol the Ottoman artillery under Marshal GolU, thinks slow mobilization
is tho secret ot the Turks' discomfiture. He regards their plight as
grave but not desperate.
What makes the debaclo ol Kirk
KilisBoh still more unpalatable to
Germany, ls thnt Its defend, r, Mah-
mud Mukhtar Pasha, was one of
Mnrshal Goltz* prize pupils. He had
the advantage of several years' train
ing at the Berlin wnr academy, was
attached to the general staff tor a
pnrt of the time, and did active ser-
ice with tho socond foot Guards at
Potsdam. He ranked In German military circles as aa extraordinary
capable commnnder. How and why
he lost Kirk Kllespeh without a more
stubborn defense is a question bis
old time comrades cannot at the moment fathom, anil t'ie explanation
that his defeat may possibly be due
to thc fact that the French General
Bonnnl is the lather of the Bulgarian plan ol war and that the French
guns of the Bulgarian army are superior to those manufactured by
Krupp, doeB not find favor la military circles.
District ol Kast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, George Herbert Ashworth, of Cranhrook, D. C,
occupation Accountant, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase the
fotlowlag  described  lands:—
Commencing at n post planted at
the North-west corner of Lot K'Jl7,
tlience South 40 chains, tbence West
10 chains, thenee North 10 chains,
thenco East 40 chains to point of
commencement ami containing 1C0 a-
ores, more or less.
Dnted December Ith, 191.        49-9t
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that 1, I. It. lloyd,
of Calgary. Alberta, Intend to apply
for the purchase of the following
described lands commencing at a
post plaated at the east corner of
iot 6625, thenoe running west f.K.75
chains, thence suuth 54.HO chains,
thence east 68.76 chains, ti.cni'e lioith
54.80 chainB. to the point of commencement
I. R, BOYD,  Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-»»
chains, thence west 58 chains, thence
north .0 chains, thence wnt 16.83
chains, tbence south 145 chain,
theme west ;,0.7.*. chains thenc.
south 15 cbuiu. to the Point of commencement.
■1. Laurie, A^ent
Hated l(cto!)er it,  191!. ,-,-9t
District ol Ea*t Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Reginald J.
Lydratt. of Calgary, Alberta. In
tend to apply tor the purchase of the
following described lands. Conunenc
ing at a post planted at the northwest corner of lot I'i'ii tlience run
nlng east 80 chain., thence south
78.80 chains, theuce west f)Q.7'>
chains, thence north 2*. chain*,
thence west 31.25 chains, thence
north 54.80 to th* point of commencement.
.1. Laurie. Agent
Dated October t%, MS, M-91
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, R*v.
Sebrog, ot Calgary, Alberta, Intend
to apply for the purchase ol the following descrlhed lands. Commencing at a post planted at tbe northwest corner of lot 339, thence weat
80 chains, thence south 58 chains,
thence east 80 chains, tbence north
58 chains to the point ol commencement.
REV. SCHROG, locator
J   Laurie, Agent
Bated October 28,  1912. 45-9t
District of East Ko,,tenay
TAKE NOTICE that 1, H. O. l)lo.v
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
lor the purchase of the lollowlng
described lands commencing at a post
planted at the southeast corner of
Lot 6624, thence running north 40
chains, theuce west 160 chain*,
thence soutb 40 chuins, thenoe eaat
160 chains to the point of commencement.
H.  G.  BLOW,  locator
J. Laurie. Agent
Dated October 28. 1912. 4S->t
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Mulhollnnd, ol Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply for the purchase ol
the following described lands commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner of lot 6C23, thenc*
east   125.57   chains,   theace north 80
%  $
■' V •  Alp. S
SEALED TENDERS will he received
by the Minister uf Lnnds not later
than noon on tlio llrd day of March
1913, for the purchase ot Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 leet B.M.,
93,000 railway tic.:, 16,1100 cedar poles
on Lot No. 271, Group 1, Kootenay
District, neur Creston.
Particulars   ol Chlel Forester, Victoria, B.O, 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will h. received
by the Minister ol Lands not later
than noon on tho 3rd day of March
1913. for the purchase nf Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,.',20,OOli (eet B.M,,
15.000 railway-ties, 1,600 cedar poles
on Lots 3.177, ■ 3878, Group 1. Kootenny District, near creston
Particulars   nl chief Forester, Victoria, II.C. 49-l3t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister ,,f Land* not later
than noon on tlio 3rd duy of March
1913, for tbe piirrh n .,' licence No.
XL! to cut 6,110,000 foet B.M,,
10,600  railway Hot,,  8,500 cedar  poles
on l.ot wi, Group I, ICotenny
District, neur Orflfltou.
Particulars   nf Ohlof Fi.rester, Victoria, H.C ,9-13t
HEALED TENDERS will b,. received
by the Minister of Lands not Inter
than noon on Ilu- 3rd duy ol March
1913, for the nitrolieso n( Licence No.
X13 to rut 4,100,000 feel H.M., nnd
r,5,i cedar poles ou Lot Ml, Group I,
Kootenay District, near Creston.
Particulars   ol Chief Forester, victoria, II 0 49l3t
hnve been arrived at and given effect
to. In ordeilng that the easo he
struck off the lists uiid that each
party should pay th-ir nwn costs,
Mr. JtisMeo Cl incuts exonerated the
counsel encaged from nny responsibility tor tho urnlMots. Illii-allon
between tho parties
Diatrict ol Kaat Kootenay
TAKK NOTRE that I, ll. powers,
of Oalgary, Alberta, intend to apply
for the purchase of the following
described lands. Oonxmencing at. n
post planted at the southwest corner ol lot 6621, thence east 80 chain
thence, north 80 chains, tbence west
SO chains, thence «outh 80 chains to
th* point „f commencement.
R. POWERS, Locator
J. Laurie.  Agent
Dated Ootober H, 1912. «5-»i
For • license to take and um water.
France* Blake ol Was*. B.C., will
apply lor a license to take and use
100 acre feet of water out ol Skook-
umehuck creek, which flows ln a
Easterly direction through 6616 and
empties into Kootenay nur Waaa.
Th* water will b* diverted at i mil*
upstrs..m trom foot bridge on tb*
Skookumchuck-Cranbrook road and
will h* used for Irrigation purpose*
on th* land described a* 6616.
Tbls notice wa* poated on th*
ground on th* Ut day ol Nov*mb*r,
1912. Tbe application will b* died
In the offlc* ol th* Water Recorder at
Objection*   may    tie   Med with th*
•aid   Wat*r   R*cord*r   or   with  tbe
Comptroller of Water Right*. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
France* Disks.
by I. k. Arnold.
«•-** Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that 60
•lays after date I intend t<> apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect fur coal and petroleum over
the lollowlng lands situate in the
District uf Southeast Kooteuny, Brit
Ish Columbia, in Lot  1593:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West Hue of Lot 7844 nt or nenr
one mile North of the International
Boundary, and being the Northeast
■lorner post of Charles E. Webb's
il-iim. tbence South eighty chains;
-.hence Went eighty chaius: thence
North eighty chains; thence East
hty chains to the point of commencement, making 040 acres, more
or 1<«.
Located    this 15th day of October.
Katben W. Butts
50-5t Agent
For a licence to take nnd use water.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt
H. W. Drew ol Kimherley, n.C,
will apply for a licence to take and
use one cubic foot per second of
water out of Klmberley Creek, wblcb
Hows in a south easterly direction
tbrougb Kimherley townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near and
east ol Block I. Tbe water will he
illvorted nt a dam ou Sullivan Hill
nnd will be used for Domestic purpoeee ou the land described as Lots
12 A 13, Dlock G, Kiml.eley t .wnslts
This notice was posted on the
ground on the Ith day ot November
1912. The implication will be llled
in the office ol the Wnter Recorder,at
Cranhrook, B.C..
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Wnter Rights, Parliament Riiildlngs, Victoria, B.C.
46-9t Applicant
NOTICE    Is   hereby   given   thnt   60
•ays after dale I intend to apply to
lie Minister of Luuds for a licence to
prospect fur coal and petroleum over
following    lands    situate in  tb*
lilHtrirt of Southeast Kootenay, Brit
h Columbia, in Lot l-'1".
Commencing    nt a post planted on
the    West   boundary line of Lot 8588
:if    nr   near    tvn miles north of the
International   Boundary,   and   being
tho Northeast corner poBt of Charles
E.  Welih's claim tlience Soutb eighty
chains: thence     .  West        eighty
thence    East    eighty    chains    to the
point of  commencement, making 640
acres more or less.
Located   tills 16th dav of October,
Katben W. Butts
50-51 Agent
0/ lhe World
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Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartooait from dftlllei nnd weeklies published ut
this coiinlry, London,   Dublin,  PaiU.  Berlin,
Munich, Vie.il.:., \V;-r.-:*-.v. l.tubipert, St. Peter*.*
I ''nr. Ai*v .■■ni: in, Sim:   r.rt T't.i. Hnme, I.'ilwn.
lunch, Toklo, Shanghai, i*,ui\e,, Cim-ida. an!
•South Anif-ncii, an! ;,!! tin* Croat cltfei M \htt
world. Or.lv tlic i-t<0 hest ••ut <>. it.WC ca:.o*.r-j
(•■ich in-nth, arc r-t-li-ctcd.
k Fielu.'i History tt World'* Evanti Uth Mtnto
r.iiLHHiii'.u in   'CAltTOOOT     -.nil T.*ntCnttlSoppOS*
Eng parties caricature, ench other,
VUM.Y tUBtJCmtMIOM ti.aoi sinqlccopy is.
On- I,*- ■«[*i.ii- r„(,v- fiil ir rn**l-1 by -ulbcsii.^ e. * • .■-
Hit*. II. IJ.V.'JM.MOK, 1! 11V. Wi. ....jt taSttftt, CIUCAf.»
*.l«»u!   lioiler,    Knnisi**.
snd Sttptic Tank t"ot'k
* apeoiult*
Onsl md stool!  •stinis.i-.a
funiishfld un application
Addi... : P. O. >..  U.   ClUhHt
("or a Ikenoe t« take ami use wuter.
NOTICK in hereby uiveu tbat
Mary A. tloper ol Klmber'sjr, li. 0.,
will upply (or a licence to take nnil
uss sli (6) inches ot water out ol
Klmberley Creek, whlcb flows lu a
South Kuhterly direction through
Klmherley townsite umi emptlea Into
Sullivnu   Creel,   near   ninl   Kaat   ol
I,lock   1.
The wnter will be iliverted at or
nenr t,ot C, Hlock 11, und will he
u.ed (or Llomestlc purposes ou tbe
Innd described at, Lot* 1 nnd I, Hlock
5, mid l.ot '.,. Hlock 1., Kimlerlsy
This notice win, posted on ths
ground on tbe Ith day nl Novambet
191*!, Tbe application wtll he llled
In tbo office of th,: Wuter Itecorder.nt
Cranbrook, II.C.
Objections   may   be   tiled wltb the
said   Water   Iteeorder   or   with   the
Oomiitroller of Water flifhts, I'arlln
ment HuildliiKH.  Victoria, II.C.
If.'" 11. W   Drew. Agent
We Deal in Everything From
a Need Is lo a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
.Ml binds of Second-Hand Woods
I     furniture a SPECIALTY
M«jVs Old   Stand, Hanson Ar*
Pkoas Ml.
nl.ikfls Short Work of
I1. [•■!.. i.i,l and apparently tH-i-ft,-** t..,..-* -.'
vittiuk. Isumbafo, Gout, Nauralrln and all other
I  unt of It .in,■'-,.,: y„ id «, otir-c to Al-tw.11 Iir- -
..:  urani a Itonwlr,   Ui.<* an antral at nn*Tcy it
- ••> ...'nnl n-liof lo»',f»-p.f«riik. imilltn i  ,
il o ilini, from tu-.I. of aKoiiy ami for JW teatt
na* I-.-PI, . urintf nn-n, worntn antl rhkldicn foi
>. I, n. Hi- rn tm mtd no hnlp. Just a faw bottl-*
It if ii <-i*r***| ci 11, „f from M l« W > Mtr-,' duratloi.
'■■lii-h: li rtandi unnnlwa ut quisle Mra sat)
At oltltely t.hulilr u-iiimnni f-.rall uric acid >IU-
•■ - *-, weak tu'lntryi, ne.  Ut a dollar boitlo ut
L_l!_\ Sn*: !*___ Smiit
j .i.rt >,.ur palni «, ane«--.urt your cur. lode*.
, Real premld >v Abk-M Bra,.. 711B. rtarbcfliat.
| , I,,...,.., III., I, your drimUt dee. au bare It
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug I Book Coj
District of 1'nat Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOK tbat I, Jobn
l.auris, of Craahrook. H.C.. InUul
to appl, for the purchase of ths lollowlng described lands. Commane
ing at a p,,.t planted al the Houth
east eornsr of l.ot asaii thanes north
■n ehalna, thenar west N chain.,
thence south 74.1* chains, thanes east
11 "ft chains, theses smith lit ehalna
tbence east 09.70 "bales to point ot
IOHN i.Atinin
Dated Otto-Mr M  UU. 41 H
•a viar-a-
Tnaot Msaaa
Coptriomtb 4a.
.|.l, .....rluiii t.nr «|>ln
nll'.ii I. |,nl..i.i. i,.i,i
. .-leiilj
'mmnmtl.l. luj
.      . .    . tll.lL	
•|.,.|,il „.>M,f, .i'h.>,it.u...a,|n
i I,.,.. *ii...., .,,.m'r ttiti.
• lain, t.,,'n ,rir„u,h Mm
.iiiiiinifii. ii
on lv,u.
Scientific Hmcrkati.
A h*in6*>m»iy IlliWtalfd WMfcty.    U**-**t itft>
fiun-n uf nny - ..until- j,)tnti-*i. Ifimi fm
, ,*>..■i*, »i"' a )""■''. t-oataa- pi-p-ud. «ol4 fef
hI| nnwiliaii'it. THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  Ii, C.
h    (S
i :   ,*SS-;;-— —-■ *" _->'    ...., >-    i.
i ^25-,-s
Z^^'"!Jt-     _
Nothing is better than a
ring for a Christmas or New Year
present. It is not only valuable for all
time but it is ever in front of the eyes ut
the wearer to remind him or her of the
giver.    Select that ring today —here
Raworth Bros.
Local  News
HEMEMBER—We bave so sample!
uf moulding to choose from. No order too amall. No order too large—
o! WyclitTe.  was in
0.  U. Staples,
towu Tuesday.
E. E. Jones, of Klmberley, a mining man, was in town Tuesday,
Beale & Klwell have some dwellings
in good repair to let.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Beavan, of Kernie.
were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Mc.Vitte. ol
Kort Steel*.*, were Cranbrook visitors
(furniture repaired  and  upholstered
Opposite   Imperial   Hotel.   Armstrong
Avenue, 49-2t
A. Carney, ol Kaslo, H.C, govern
ment timber Inspector wns in town
tiNCK A YEAR- 0. c   8
Klmberley Mason Elect Officers
On Wednesday even ini; (week),
Selkirk Lodge No 55 A F. & a M.,
was in stalled at Klmberley. Selkirk Lodge was formerly located at
Moyie, but under a dispensation, tfaa
been transferred to Kimherley.
The  following  officers  were  [nstall-
W.M.    N   W.   Burden
S.W.-T.  Evans
J.W.-F.  Ege
S.-T.  Miller
T.-A. Ferris
Visiting brethern from Cranbrook,
Fort Steele. Moyie and Marysville
were entertained at a baQQU-'t which
was heartily enjoyed.
Santa Clans is Doing the Right Thing
by the people >,! tins town tlilH year. You would think
so it "CHI nne, our great HOLIDAY STOCK which is
now in Hhapo 1.1 your Inspection. Our stock in the
inoHt ('omi-U'-tk ever shown in this town We bave
rltKHKNTS POR EVERYBODY, no mutter how young
Wo   are   offering  a  full   line  of
everytblnR In the mechanical line ot -.'»*,•
Fine   Display   of
B0H0BNH0T   |iiv   PIANOS lo all iradu trom one oc
in  !(•
An exceptional fine assortment
I'lUiTo    FRAMES   Wivs 00ODH and FANCY OOODS
ol nil kinith
Special   in   Dolls
Larue Bt-iuit>  Doll   two teet hiish.   full   jointed.
Rare Value at $1 ,VS each
Dressed and Undressed from  lSe to $3.50
TEDDY BEARS-Dressed and Undressed and Mechanical Hears of ull kinds from 25c to $.V0ll
A Discount of 10 per cent on all Christmas Goods
to .Mil ol lleeeuilierwiM he given nntl Hpeellil Illnrountt,
t,, nil Sunday sell,,,.'" nnd ChurchM on chritit.ni/ii; Good*
We imve heen dlatrlhutln*, during tho past week Oalen
.lure to our ItienilH nntl ciistomnrfl nn h small toton tor
the pntrotNii'e received tlurlafl the imst ye»r Anyone
n,,t recelvlns one nt thnlt in.me will get one i,y enlllns
nt thin store
Model Variety Store
i. l. t Oalbralth, ,.( Port Steele,
i Indian Agent, waa transacting bus i
ness at Oranbrook Tuesday
Furnished tthacks to lei by Beale .t
) Klwell at !;■ and tl t month, close
j to C.P.R  shops,
j Mrs,Frank McMahon was in town
Tuesday, enroute Irom Vancouvei to
j her home iu Klmberley
John   Macdonald 'and Frank Mich i
ard.    of    Klmberley      were    in    town
■ Monday
■ Choice     Washington   and   Oreston
1 Applet    $1.76    box    from    now    until I
j Xmas—Cranbrook Trading Co
lt is reported tbat R. H Bohart,
of Wardner, has purchased the Na-
1 ku.jp bote! at N'akusp, B.O
0. S, Whitehead aod J Whitehead
ol Moyle, were guests at the t'oumo-
yohtan Thursday.
Have that Old Ann Chair recovered for Xmas—-Furlong & Fergusson—
Armstrong Avenue l9-2t
-Mr.    antl    Mrs.    J    McTavlsh,   who!
have   been visiting ... tbe States returned to t'ranbrook last week.
The father nnd mother of H. C, .Mc
('lure celebrated the -ji>th anniversary
oftheir    wedding on Saturday last.
housework by day, hour or week.
Apply to W. w. Kilby. Armstrong
The date of the popular dance given by the "Cinderella Club" will
take place in the third week of Oe-
remher instead of thc fourth week
Harry Dimock, of Moyie, was in
town Wednesday. He snid that mining was progressing, and confirmed I
the news of a rich strike in the So-!
ciety Girl mine.
A Car of the Best Pure Food Can-j
ned Goods put up in E D. Smith's
Goods. Buy from us —Wholesale or
Retafl—Crnnbrook Trading Co.
Wm. Currle, who is employed at
the Cranbrook Foundry, left on Monday, December 2nd, for Drumbuller,
Alta., on receiving a wire that his
brother, Mr. A. Ourrle, had died.
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent by
Beale & Klwell.
On Monday night the tire brigade
responded to aa alarm, sent in by
phone, to n small fire at the residence of T. Drummond, caused by an
overheated stove pipe. The damage
was Blight not exceeding $25.00.
We carry the finest stock of Electrical Pictures and Shades in the in-
trlcal Fixtures and Shades in the interior of B, C.     We invite inspection,
Fred Hychnun has received tho appointment as Indian Policeman Irom
the Dominion government. HIh duties will take him to St.. Eugene
Mission and other reserve* in East
Through  the   dilatory   methods of
the Kditor our 'Ads' were not inserted In lust w-ek's issue; hut we are
t-till sMl.ng high grade Tungstens at
the lowest possible price -Qualn Electric Co
''I   need the  money.1'      I   wtll  still
in blocks to   BUlt,    seven    thousand
shares    ,n the    Society    Girl    Mine.
Wilts   oi apply   to   W     ll     Beattie,
Oranbrook, B w
Mr Bltnon Tnylori president of
lhe Standard Lumber Co., who has
heen ill with typhoid fever Is now
rapidly improving and his many
friends   wtll    he   pleased to know of
hit* recovery
Could you select anything nicer for
Christmas Gifts than oitu of our new
Klertne Tons tors, Percolators, Washers mi Flat Irons—all fully guaranteed.    Quain Electric Co.
People Should Guard Against
Cranbrook    peuple
fICh    and  bowel troi
igalnst   appflfldfoit.
pie buckthorn hark,
ns   compounded   in
German re.nedv whn
by curing appendtc
HOHK relieves sour
thn stomach and
stantly heoauso
ture antlnepUcites
ram- at)d draws <
Beattie- Murphy Co,
who bave iitoin-
ii,lr should guard
ii   by Inking aim
glycorluo,  etc.,
A dim |-ka,    tbe
ii bocamfl famous
ills     A  SlNGLK.j
stomach, gas on i
constipation  IN-
tliiH simple mix
thfl digestive or
oi the impurities,
Santa Claus
Always comes to this store because
he wants the Best.   He, like all
other careful people, to avoid all risk, buys Guaranteed Goods and Shops Early
THIS STORE is almost overflowing with good
things for Christmas, Every Department is offering
the Newest and the Best. Mr. Laidlaw, of the
Grocery Department; Mr. McSweyn, of the Men's
Department and Mr. Chapman, of the Furniture
Department have, for months, been preparing for the
great rush of Christmas business.
A Visit to the different Departments will convince
you that they have succeeded in gathering one of
the Largest and Best Stocks of Christmas Goods
ever shown in Cranbrook.
How about that Suit for Xmas? Mr. Mc
Sweyn gives this Department his personal
attention, which ensures perfect satisfaction.
We are Showing the Largest and Most
Beautiful Stock of Suitings we have ever had.
Slippers make beautiful presents. This
Store's reputation for handling good Footwear is
a most enviable one.   Satisfaction Counts.
Ties, Shirts, Collars and Furnishings are
all good and useful presents. We have on
display every imaginable Style and Color of
Tie and Shirt, they are all beautiful and the
Prices are Right.
The Furniture Department abounds in
Beautiful and Useful Xmas Presents. Rugs,
Chairs. Lounges, Beds, Curtains, Smoker's
Sets, etc.   Visit this Department and See.
The Grocery Department needs but little
introduction here. Mr. Laidlaw gives his personal attention to all business of this Department.   He insists on Cleanliness and Courteous
and Careful Attention to   all.
Don't   forget   that   you   can
buy  Xmas   Crockery  here at
Cost  Price.


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