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The Prospector Mar 9, 1912

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 Toric Lenses
While You Wait
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V^CT^ -
VOL. 18
City Council Meet
4I am glad to announce that the
matter of  the   Electric  Light
Co. is satisfactorily arranged"
Mayor A. C. Bowness.
Ideal Park and Lake Proposed for Cranbrook
A regular meeting ol the City
Council was held In the council chain
ber on Monday night. Thero were
present, Mayor UonnesB, and Alder
men Campbell, Atchison, Clapp aud
The minutcB ol tbe last regular and
special meeting were read and adopted.
A balance sheet was received from
the Board of Trade, showing the disposal of the sum of '500 that was
granted to them by the city last
year. Of the total amount thero was
$191.70 expended ln various ways and
the balance 1308.30 was still ln the
bank and will be used to pay for tbe
pamphlets that are being printed.
A communication waa received from
P. B. Wilson, applying for the position of City Solicitor. After some
discussion It was suggested that the
same terms and salary bb existed between the city and Mr. G. H. Thompson, be offered to Mr. Wilson to date
from February 1st 1912, Alderman
Johnson and Campbell moved a resolution containing the suggestion
A representative of the Financial
Post was givm permission to address the council In reference to advertising the Olty'a yearly baltnce
sheet in the paper ho represented.
The proposition waa a good one nr.,1
met with the approval of the council, The advertising of tho years finance ln such a paper means ,.iat the
financial position of the city would
be placed liefore the eyes of the financial world, nnd In case of ihe city
having debentures for sale, theso debentures could he published for the
small amount, of $3.00 with tha possible chance ol nhtnlnin? the highest
'market price. This idea should re-
o*iva t*"» highest coi.oitioratisf froni
the council, and it wns referred to
finance committee. The Financial
Post repreBentative referred <o tbe
money market as it nt present exists
•nd said that although it did not refer exactly to the proposition made
T»t at the same time it might t,e of
Interest to know that the bond r-.ar-
ket Is not in ss good a positinn as
lt might be ft being more or less determined hy the market iu Kew
York end London, Ene., the strike
Influence in the old country and the
trade depression in the eastern states
being the chief cause of this.
A communication was received and
read from the Trades and Labor
Counoll, asking that In the future all
grants given by the city, should have
thereto attached a recommendation
that the moneys, so granted, tie
spent in the city whenever and where-
ever possible.
The Chairman of the finance committee nresrnt.od their regular monthly renort, and recommended that the
lollowlng accounts bo paid.
Crane & Ordway       G.56
Cranbrook Police Payroll ...1    447.50
City   Olflclals   Payroll   255.00
Fire   Department   Payroll ...    245.00
School   Hoard   Orders   1110.50
City Knglneer's   Payroll      748.Gil
II. H. Short   80.00
Ilonttle Murphy Co  0.40
Ofllce specialty Mfg. Co      19.55
Provlnc'nl (Jovcrnincnt       104.30
Cran' ron'i  Hush A Hour        2.09
J.  I). Mcllrldn         20.65
Crntral Ment Mnrket   4.90
Fln't MortnnMlo Oo       M.70
Messrs. Ward ft Harris         31.35
W. II. Wifflon         18.75
Bmplrs Kls-trle Co         8."0
Hersld  Publish1*)! Co        51.40
I'ros'iector Publishing Co ...       50.41
Oran' roik Klectrlc Light Co       8.95
A.  Mnrtln          B6.00
Olty Clerk Httn'rloB         43,54
CranVroox Klectrlc Light Oo     16*."*
Crrn'Too'i Foundry     112.71
Cranbrook Cart, ft Trans. Co     48.00
Frank lie-a'l       20.35
H.Y. Parker,  flnntlrlcs         08.33
Sewerage Pavroll       18".nl
W. B. Worilrn          2.25
Adnma Hvden'fHc Ltd      193.17
He'sld Piibli»hlng Co          2.00
Beattlo Murrhv Co 76
Cranbrook   Foundry  1   708.75
Pavls   nros        1,10
J, n. Mcnrlde   Ml
McCreerv Bros  ■n
F. Part's ft Co       M.IW
W. B. Worden   'MB
Total $4,918.27
A communication was received from
Fire and Police committee rocom-
mending that certain articles ho purchased for the benefit of the several
departments and that a slight raise
ba made In the salary of the
Flr« Chief. Aldermen .Tohnnon nnd
Clanp moved that tho committee be
authorized to acl In accordance with
the stti'gostli us mnde.
A communication wns received and
read, from R. O, Aikens ro electric
Wiring snd the ro"inllnn"« of ramo
with ths Natlnnnl Fire Underwriters
Instructions In respect to examining
and testing all the older buildings in
the city.
A suggestion was received from the
Ftnunco committee tbat the City
tler»s salary be raised $15.01). Alder
men Campbell and Clapp moved that
the City Clem t salary be raised ilti
A recommendation from City Engineer i-ai'ker, tbat Mr. J. C. Olcn-
uay'B salaray be increased. Mr. Glen-
tiay has been in tbe employ of tbe
city for some two years and has
betn only receiving $2.i5 per day for
Ins services, and Mr. Parker certainly felt that the time had come when
Mr. Glenday was worthy of the citya
best consideration. On motion of
Aldurnun Atchison and Campbell it
was resolved that bis salary be increased to $3,50 per day beginning
March 1st, I912.-Carried.
The Health and Relief committee
reported tbat they had seen the
Sister Superior of the St. Eugene
Hospital in regard to what special
privileges tbo CitizenB of Cranbrook
were to have ln the pest house accommodations; and that the Sister
had replied, tbat the city would receive the same privileges as were
given to the Provincial Government.
The grant promised by the council of
last year, amounting to $500, was on
motion of Aldermen Campbell and
Atchison ordered paid.
The John Gait Engineering Co., in
charge of sewerage construction reported that at the present time some
31 man-holes had heen completed.
That as soon as the Frost was out
of the ground work would be
proceeded with, and the sewar completed as soon as possible.
Mayor Bowness, reported tbat
within a few days, that he would be
in a position to announce that the
differences between the city and the
Electric Light Co., was satisfactorily Battled,
Tbe request from the band that the
yearly grant be made to them as
previously done was referred over
until after tho estimates for the year
was brought down, this will probably be done before the next meeting
of the council. It waB reported that
under tbe able leadership of Mr. H.
W. Ruesell the band ls improving,
and will certainly he a credit to the
city when they make their first appearance In public,
Taking up the topic of a city park
where they left off at the last meeting of the council the Aldermen were
unanimous in tbe opinion tbat the
marsh lands which lay to the south
and west of the city could be appropriated nnd formed Into an Ideal park
At present this land to all Intents and,
purposes was absolutely no good but
with the building of a dam of about
200 feet thla could be turned Into a
splendid lake largo enough for the
public to have row boats, and oven
small motor boats. Around the
sides could be made a line drive und
promenndc, and be a perlcct idoal
spot, lor all plcuBttro Hookers.
This would undoubtedly bo a splendid ndlnnct to tho present city Improvements and lm a monument to
tho now crn of prosperity the city is
nbotit to cnloy. Aldermen Wrick-
em!, Johnson, and Mayor Bowness
form a commlttoo . to report at tho
next, niniling of the council of the
It'nslblllty of the scliomo.
Attention wiib drawn to tho lact
that a certain iiinii Imd a cotisidora-
l,lo amount ol gnsollne stored on
in a warehouse on DtlHok avenue. A
motion wns passed that tho tlro-hy-
law ho amended to mnko lt possible
to 'I.ul with such runes as It becomes
No:   In
Kootenay Fish   Hatchery
That a fish hatchery for Kootenay
lake Is an assured fact IB indicated
by a communication received by J.
Wm. Cocltlo Irom A, B, Goodeve, M,
P, Mr. Goodove encloses a letter
he received Irom tbo Minister ol Marino and Flahcrlos In which it is st--
tcd that "the erection of a fish
hatchery for the Kootenay lake district has boon authorised, and instructions given to proceed wllh UiIb
t'stnlillshment as soon as tho nccoB-
fury nrmnnotnonts enn be completed"
Whlto tho game Onhes til KootcnAy
l.'iko nbow no slrns of becoming extinct or oven dwindling In numbers,
it is reasonably certain that tho in
c.rrn«lne crowd ol tourists fishermen
who enn'mllv visit, tills section muat
In timo tend to doiilefe their numbers nnd hrnoi It Ib felt thnt the
erection nnd operation of a hnt.ohnry
In n Stop In tb direction of preserving tor nil time thn fnmotiB tiiilmon
t*fftt attract tbo nntrllnt; frntornlly
to Kootenay IttVo In Increasing numbers every season.
Thomas Caven
Candidate for Cranbrook's Electoral District
Conservatives Ready for Fight
At the Liberal Convention the Party was not at One
with each other as to what should
be their Platform
Conservative ready lor Fight
The Conservatives ol Crnnhrook'
district have compioted arrangements
for the nominating convention which
will be held in Cranbrook next week,
No announcement of a Liberal con-
vention has been made, and it is expected that as soon as lt is known
that Mr. Caven, the present member, j
receives tho nomination, that there!
will be no Liberal candidate placed
in the field; and thnt Mr. Caven will
be elected by acclamation.
Government's Aim
Premier McBrlde and Hon W. J.
Bowser are now touring West Kootenay. "It doesn't matter whether
we carry constituencies hy ncclama-
tlon or   not," said    Mr.     McBride.
Every exertion will ho put forth bo
that the country will he fully apprised of all the details and the full significance of the railway policy. I am
In receipt of wires from all parts of
the province Invariably strongly commendatory of tho government's plan
and promising support as strong If
not Btronger character than we received In the last election.
Tho people of British Columbia
unquestionably tec! that the administration fully realizes its responsibilities and has but one aim, that of the
general welfare of the people.
The measures lately advanced by
our parliament ore perhaps more na-
tlonnl thnn provincial. For Instance,
the railways which wo nre arranging
tor make lor the linking up ol trann-
rontlnnntal connections. Tho forests,
wntor and land acts, too, all refer
to our natural resources ntid the other bills for tho most, pnrt would scorn
to mnko lor Oen.dinn rather than
llrltlsh Columbian expansion and development. Wo havo boon ever mindful of the tact thai tblK provlnre In
part nnd parcel of Can,tdn nnd whatever sciiemo of expansion and development has hem undertaken it Una
been for the development of tho Do
minion as woll.
With rognril to tho Island, tho
maln'and, tho Interior, the Kootenays nnd tho northern part ol tho
province I can easily speak with perfect conOdonee for tho future. Vancouver, which Is thn Cnnndinn wonder city, Ib nbont to cntor upon an
era that will outdo nnv of ber ninr-
veloits past accomplishments,      Nnw
Westminster, Kamloops, Vernon, Nel
son, Revelstoke, Cranbrook, Fernle,
and the Boundary cities are all going
to have their full share in the prosperity era now opening.' As '.o Prince
Rupert, the dally record that: she
gives out Is surely, srmcient evidence
of how well things are doing there."
Their Record  Against Them
Fuller reports ol the Liberal convention indicate that the platform
and resolutions adopted Include practically everything that might be expected to catch a vote, although until the otllcial version ol tho accepted planks is published not even the
delegates themselves know precisely
what is the policy of the Liberal Party ns laid down liy the convention.
The fullest reports of the convention
that are available show that almost
every question brought forth resolutions and counter resolutions and
there seems to be no clear idea as to
what was eventually adopted. Every
conceivable subject from womans suffrage to the construction of government owned elevators appear to
have been dealt with and even tho
I,il,, nil ncwBpapcrB at tho sent of
action disagree as to tho terms of
the rcsolutionn adopted.
The convention wnn evidently not
lacking in humor. One of the planks
of the platform linnlly accepted wob.
according to the Vnnroiivcr Run, tho
"complete prohibition of Oriental
labor." Among the delegates to the
convention wns Hon. Wm. Tomplo-
mnn, who ns n member of the Laur-
inr government vetoed tho Nntnl Act
passed by the McMrlde government
nnd did nil thnt wns possible to
thwart tho efforts (il the provincial
ndmlnist.rntl, n to secure the "complete prohibition of Oriental labor."
Not only did tbo convention ln
which Mr. Temple,,mn was n shining
Galley Heven
light ndvncntc a policy which he,
when In otllce, did nil that was pns-
slhlo to nullify, but it also passed
a resolution lauding bin meritorious
services. In tbo same breath it advocates the exclusion of orientals ond
praise tbo work of Mr. Templemnn
in making exclusion Impossible,
No doubt, the convention hoped
thnt by passing a platitudinous resolution expressing hostility tt, oriental labor It would put     itnelf right
with the province upon a question
ol surpassing interest. But unfortunately the Liberal record is too black
and the good work of the McBrlde
government too well understood. The
McBride government has dune everything possible to exclude orientals.
It was the Liberal government at
Ottawa that disallowed its legislation and insisted on keeping the
gates of Canada open to oriental immigrants.
In every manner possible the McBrlde government Ims striven to preserve a white British Columbia nnd
to discourage nrimtnl labor. When
the Laurier government in its r
tract with the Grand Trunk Pacific
permitted tho employment nl oriental
labor on construction it was the McBrlde government tbnt. secured nt,
agreement with tli'1 company whirl,
prohibited the employment of olen
tala. In nil lho rontrncts that the
McBride government has made with
the railway corporations it hns in
slsted on tho inclusion of clauses fnr
bidding the employment of orientals
on construction or in operation.
First, laat and nil the time it. lint'
stood for tho principle of a while
British Columbia and the Liberals nt
Ottawa, endorsed bv the lenders of
the party in tbe province, bnve bee,'
the chief obstacle with which it hns
had to contend. Tbo. Conservative
record must secure the hearty support of all who believe in preserving
British Columbia for the white raco.
The Liberal record h.in earned only
hearty  condemnation.—Nelson   News.
of Local
The Empire Electrical Company,
under the management of Maurice
Qttain began its prosperous career on
the 1st of June last, and has continued prospering until today, notwithstanding opposition lias branches in
Medicine Hat and Fernie, and at present is considering greater plans of
development. Ab it is impossible to
obtain certificates of incorporation
for such names as Royal, or Empire
the company resolved to recall the
name Empire and in future the company's name will be "Qunln Electrical Supply Company, Limited," In
corporation papers were received at
the office on' ThttrBday to thia effect.
The purpose of this company with a
capital of $50,000 will be to give the
people of this and other districts
where they have branch establishments as perfect ft supply and choice
of everything electrical that can be
desired. Perhaps there are those
who would like to know thnt Maurice Qtiain la president of tho new
company and will also act In the
practical capacity of Managec.
Conservative Convention
Large    Attendance — All    Pledge
Support of Tom Caven
'He Will He Elected"
Wedding Bells
"What Is there in the vale of life
Half so delightful as a wife;
When friendship, love and pence combine
To stamp tho marriage-bond divine'
At the Wesley Church, Toronto, on
February 20th, a very pleasing service was   held before ft   large attendance ol friends, when the    ltev.  P.
B. Blnrlnlr,    joined In    holy matrimony Miss Charlotte    Stewnrt    mil
Mr. Jack    Houston   . Mrs. J.
J. Houston enjoyed the popularity of
having a large circle of friends, and
was the recipient of numerous gifts,
among which wan a sett of cut glass
dishes and howls, the gift of tbt'
Presbyterian choir of which she was
a leading singer. Mr. J. Houston,
who was formerly of Totonto, has
for a considerable timo heen engaged
with Dr. Hall on his ranch. Immediately after the ceremouy Mr. nnd
Mrs. Hoiinton left Toronto to spend
„ week at Niagara Falls, going later
to Chicago, and arriving at Cran
hrook on Thursday. During tbelr
stay In Crnnhrook tho happy couple
will be the gueatn of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Ernest Hall.
Hindu Women  Must   Co
Vancouver, Mnrrh 6,—Habeas eor-
pun proceedings to Ireo two Hindu
women held by Immigration afflclalu
failed in court today
In accordance with n recent federal
order the women, who ore tho wives
of promln-nt Hindus, who reoon'ly
nrrlvod In the city, will he deported
next week. Tholr deportation wns
ordered upon the ground that th"y
did not make n continuous Jotirnoy
to Vancouver Irom India.
In a large ninl representative con
vention, and with great cnthusiasu
in lavor of the policy uf Premier Mc
liride and his government, the Con
servattvea of Oranbrook city met in
Oampbell .4 Mannings ball, on Tlntr
day evening, and elected V. delegates
to atttnd a district convention whlcb
will be held in the same ball on
Tuesday next, for the purpose of
nominating B standard hearer to represent the Conservatives In tho coning election.
Ihe convention was called to order
ny Mr. Ira Manning.
Records of Inst mooting were read,
and on motion of Messrs. Rimer and
Khvoll  adopted as read.
The resignntlnn of Mr. Oeo. II.
Thompson, Vice-President, was read
by the secretary, and on motion of
I). J. Elmer, and ,f. A. Arnold wa,
accepted, and a   hearty nnd    sincere
oto of thnnks tendered him.
The election of a vice-president was
then proceeded with, and Mr. fra
Manning wns nominated and elected
vice president of the association.
The secretary thru read a commit
nlcation from secretary Henderson of
the International Order of Mechanics
re-G. T. R. matters, which waB en
dorsed by the convention, with In
itructions to forward the same to the
Cranbrook District Association for
endorsement, then to be sent to Mr.
A. 8. Ooodevc, M. P. (or presentation to the railway committee.
The following were elected  ns del-
'•gates to attend the District Convention to he held next Tuesday,
rt. P. Moffatt. ,i. p. pink
11. .1. Elmer. Dr. Rittlcdge
V. Hyde Baker.        D. .I.Johnson.
S. A. Hill. fl. Taylor.
Dr.  Hall. James Bates.
W.B.McFarlane        R. Mcnnrney
IS. Burton W. A Rollins
A. J. Mnrtin. F.Dezall.
rrn Manning. Lester Clanp.
B, H.  Short. .1. F. Bridges
Fred.   Wflsson. A. B.Ornce.
John Reed. Wm. Noble
P. DeVere Hunt.     I   Baxter
W. J. Moreton.
Mr. TIiob. Caveu, M.P.I'., present
member for Crnnhrook riding then
addressed the convention:
After thnnkfng tbo Conservatives of
Cranbrook riding, tor the honors conferred upon him, Mr. Caven, said:
"That if the Conservatives of Cranbrook riding,, In convention assembled, should, apain confer upon him
the honor of being tholr stnndnrd
bearer In the coining election, that,
ho would pledge himself tn do all in
Ills power, In the future, ns In the
past,  to further the interests of the
ranbrook district". Mr. Caven then
refered to the railway policy of the
government, giving s short dcscrlpt
n of tho tout™, tbelr noroaslty nnd
tholr hearings of the rapid develop
ment of the province. He then briefly described the appropriations secured for the district (or ibis year, and
the improvements to be done on
roads, trails, and bridges in this
A. K. Watt,
Mr. A, E. Watt, ,>f Wattsburg, was
the next speaker, lie said: "That he
had assisted in nominating Mr.
Caven in previous elections, and had
assured "Tom" that ii he was a
good boy, that he should have iny
support in the future. Mr. Caven
has made good, aud 1 shall do all
In my powcrt to assist him in getting the nomination, and then he is
leetod, for there will be nn contest. Mr. Watt referred to suggestions, tbat he bad mnde in the past
regarding the agricultural resources
of the province, ntid said, that the
provincial government by loaning a
rortnln pereontnee, on Improved
farms „s they progressed, which
would bo the means nl inviting thousands of settlers to the province, nnd
heenme a revenue producing tnctnr to
the government. Mr. Watt in conclusion snid: thnt Mr. Caven was sure to
ho nominated, and would lie elected
by acclamation on the dny nf nomination.
Ex-Mayor Fink spoke a few words
in favor of the government's railway
policy, that the new proposed lines
traversed the finest agricultural district In the province. In referring to
Mr. Caven, he said: "that he was a
credit to Crnnbronlt. That he, Mr.
Fink, had been approached and been
asked to become a candidate, but,
that he had supported Mr. Caven in
the past, and thnt he would support
him now, and tbnt Mr. Caven was
sure to he elected  by  acclamation.
Mr. E. Elwoll endorsed the remarks
of the previous speakers, nnd said
that: "Mr. t'nvcn was n tireless worker for the Cranbrook district, and
that his associates in the provincial
had expresp-od n desire that bo might
he returned, as ho was a very popular member of the Legislative assembly.
Judge Ryan fully endorsed thn nomination of Mr. Caven, also the railway policy of the McBride govern-
Oalley Nine
ment, that tho proposed now railways would onen up n mngnlflclent
country nnd thnt Mr. Caven was a
faithful representative of ono nf the
richest agricultural sections of the
Messrs. D ,1. Rimer. V, Hyde Baker; and B. II. Short, spoke heartily
in favor of Mr, Cavon as the provln-
oial representative of the Cranbrook
Mr. A. R. Watts was appointed a
onnitntttoo to rontor with Premier
MoRrido in regnrd to certain legislation in mntters pertaining to tho
agricultural resources, and the settlement of British Columbia.
Great Provincial  Highway
Good    Roads,   Trails  and   Bridges   for   Cranbrook
Contest Editor,    "PROSPECTOir.-
Please enter the following slogan in your contest closing date March 31 At.   191a
$10.0   for the Best Slogan sent in.
Mr. J. P. Fortle, provincial gov.
eminent engineer arrived the Cranhrook on Monday, from ft tour °*m"
spoction of tlm public works in tbe
Crow's N«st Pass, and consulting
wllh Mr. Thou. Caven, M.P.P., and
rond HNpor.nlen'lent Mr. John Held,
regarding the work lo he done in the
district during the coming season.
The residents of the Gateway District, through Mr, t'aven, have beon
urging on the government the necessity nl building a bridge ncross tho
Kootenay River at Gateway, and Mr.
Forde Inspected the proposed site lor
the bridge, nnd investigated the necessity lor same and it is understood
that his  report to the  Minister     ol
Public Works will be favorable to the
He also inspected the new bridges
across the Ht. Mary's river near Fort
Hteele, anil the Mver hank protection
work being done there. When theee
bridges and the new road from Ht.
Biigono Ml us I on to Fort Steele are
completed, tlm rond from Crnnhrook
io Fort Steele win compare with any
road In tho provlnre in the matter of
grades ami heallty, nnd Will be n very
popular trip for motorists, besides
providing n first class highway he*
twoon those two Important points, to
replace ihe presonl hilly mutes no*
tn use.
with regard tn the work to lie
done during tho Btimmer it is the in-
tentlon of the government to spend
a large pint ion of the district appro*
prlatlon    In opening up   new roads!
where  required,  llOSltlOS bringing    the
prosrnt trunk roads lip to a high
standard. The work ol Improvement already begun on tho portion o!
Trans-ProVinClal Motor road through
the district will be continued, so that
when the road Is completed across
the province, the Oranbrook part will
he the eqUal of uny of the rest of tbe
route. Special nl tentlon will also
he paid to the Oran brook- Windermere
road, in tlic way of reducing grades,
draining out wet places, gravelling,
etc., ho that when the Banff-Winder*
mere motor rond in completed next
year, the portion of the circular trip
Lialley Ten
via Calgary, Band, Windermere,
Oranbrook and Macleod, which is
within the Oranbrook district will be
in lirst class shape (or the thousands
ol motorists who will avail themselves oi the opportunity of making
n trip which is confidently stated to
excel nny oilier similar trip in the
world in the grandeur of its scenery.
it is unnecessary to point out what
n great beoellt such n  road  will    be
to Oranbrook, and    wc aro situated
In a peculiarly fortunate position ln
tbls regard, as II will he necessary
for nil motorists using cither tbo
Until!-Windermere, or the Tuuih pro
vincial routes to pans through Cranhrook,
It  Is very  gratifying  to know that
the residents   of tbls    neighborhood
appreciate tin* sth mioiis OITortB which
hnve boon made by our local member, Mr Caven, to plaoo tin* needs ot
our district before tin* government,
and tho great success which has at
leaded his OlTorts, as shown by tho
Indention of nil of our cltlsons, both
Conservative nnd Liberal 1 to send
I Mr. Caven hack lo Victoria to ropre*
'srnt us In thn new legislature to bo
Ho-Mfdal*    StniRtlon    Tomato
Th» rtrllent,  btxt  fUvoTt-tl  ind
gmOOth-Mt in tha World.
What's coming? Why Seedtime, then the
Harvest bul the Harvest depends very
largely on the quality of the Sc*?ds yuu
sow. Our Catalogue for 1912 is bigger and
better than ever. Tolls you all about over
1,500 kinds of Field Routs, Grains, Vegetables, and Flower Seeds, Small Fruits,
Flowering Shrubs, Plants, Implements, etc.
If you cut this OUt lending il tn 'i* villi your "initio
■nd Pwt Oftice .VMrt'*-H "*ir CalnlosUti will lie sent
you ana a *.m-*n*tu wilh il.    Do it t-ili«v,   VDDHBSS.
Darch & Hunter Seed To., Limited,
Dept.  79 London, Ont. u
A. Jolliffe, Prop.
.mm******.**    ».,*, ,|,.ti.lirl|  I.  |    lull li  I
f Vl'Trr l™r™l I 'TT V nil  ITTTT
Norbury Ave.
Central   Meat I!
Green Cut Bone
For Chickens
4 lbs for 25c
£he IPwepectov, <£rmil-rooh, §- ®*
Publlaned Bvery Saturday   Morning at Oranbrook   B.C.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Oram,   Editor.
Postage to American, European and  other foreign countrlea,   60 centa   a
year  extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rates furnished on application.    No
advertisements but those ol a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
is given to local manager advertisements and .subscriptions will be hept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Year
4 l-ll III III 11 "I' 1111 !■ IHIIIIil I I "I lllll It-
Ill l-i—
On Baker stteet, one dour west
oi Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
'itti*tt%A<f<At«t,t|AAAAtt^AA.^fcAa4A .
hlllililtlltlllnlllll 111 la llllllll iiliiliiliifiiliiliiti  I*    I ■-*■- ■*■■  a    a    *    a    a    a    .
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
H44-H ♦ 11 H-MIIIIIMM wM I-11 w II HI II H t Mill
The fraternal orders are & national
blt'ssiiiK. They promote thrift, economy, sobriety, without freezing the
soul into BetQahneBS, ua ia apt to be
case in the usual struggle for wealth
or a blgb Bocial position. They bring
men Into closer Bocial relations, and
cherish those feelings that thrive ami
put Fuith blusso:.is iu each other's
welfare. They make men thoughtful
and helpful, expanding the sentiments
of love, charity and good will. They
teach ua the religion that breaks
bread to the hungry, gives a cup of
water to the thirsty, watches at the
ted of the sick, visits the Imprisoned
the fatherless and widows—duties
that are sadly neglected, and for <i
long time were supposed to be run
frmi to the church.
We invite the citizens of the BUr*
rounding country to come to out
town to do tbeir trading, or aa n
place of residence, because we know
you will be delighted with Ita surroundings, with ita people, and us
laws, and clean streets, delighted
with its school privileges and with
, good moral element that exists and
ts largely sustained by the people.
You will tind it a pleasant place Ln
which to live, hIuiooI devoid of the
evil influences usually existing in
towns. Its people are charitable,
| law-abiding, genial. clever and ac-
' commodatlng. Vou will also tind it
a cheap placj in which to live, sharp
competition in all branches of trade
has so reduced prices that ever;
thing m tbe mercantile line can be
bad at the very lowest prices and
In view of which thiti city has become a great trading mart of the
surrounding country.
• •   •   •
The interest of a town or city and
the community are indentical. That
which benefits one is certain to favor
the other, often there is an unreasonable antagonism in the farming
community acainst their own town.
From some ineiplainable reason the}
consider it their duty to oppose every movement tbat has for its object the forwarding of its Interests
and depreciate its importance in
every conceivable man'nel. Fortunately tn this community all of onr
best and most progressive ranchers
and Ian.I-owners have a kindly inter-
eat in the city and are aa enthusiastic in wishing it success and exercising their energlcB to attain that end
as any who dwell within its limits.
Give us your trade—help us to build
up our city and you will increase the
value of the land in our community.
• *   •   •
The most popular of all comedies
"Hia Irish Honor" with Tom Marks
to the comedy roll will be the utter
ing at thi! Auditorium Theatre, for
ono week, commencing March 18,
when Tom Marks and his excellent
company here for a week's engage
ment. New Hcenery baa heen provided for the clover comedy and Mr.
Marks' supporting company is said
to be the clevereat yet aecn with this
most popular comedian, and that \v
paying a good deal. The vaudeville
specialities  introduced  between      the
acta aro fully up to the standard.
• •   •   t
Mr. Tom Marks, the clever Irish
comedian, with his expanse of smile,
(III Hllillll II 11 M IHIIIIIIIIIH H llllllll I
I $15.00 DOWN!
$10.00 A Month
Buys  a   Fine,    Larn*.    Building" Lot   in   the
I       Burnaby Section
of Vancouver's Surliurbs. Positively no better
buy for the money in the country. Price*
must  advance  soon,
LOTS $245.00
Tht' Western Canada Power Co., are putting through their New Car Line nullt past
this    property.        Come in   and   learn particulars,
S.    A.   REID
Phone 391 P, (). Box 306
hia eyes that beam with mirth, hla
phys'i'al nlmhlenSBS. bis iniiHlHtable
comic magnetism, all add materially
tn making Tom Murks' Company an
suCOSBBtul as it in, Nothing but
praise ia given to the oasts and plays
this Beason and the appearance of the
company at tho Auditorium Theatre
for one   week commencing on March
18th, t*j eagorley awaited.
• •  •  •
No paper can be published without
home patronage, and every man la
nterested in keeping up a home paper
if a railroad or factory is wanted)
the newspapers are expected to work
for it.    If a public tneottng ts wanted
for any purpose) the uewspaper is
called upon for h free notice. If any
of the societies have a supper or reception ol anv kind, tin* newspaper is
expected t.i give the necessary no**
tlce. Tbe newspaper must puff the
schools and everything else to advance the Interests oi the business
nun of th;> place, and then give them
a handsome notice when they pass
sway.     and yet some    of thom   do
nothing to ke-Mi up a borne paper.
• •   •   •
Co where you will you will tind
people, both men nnd women, who
are always waiting for some th Int; to
turn un to better their conditions in
life. Yet this class of people are
| the last one to try and turn some*
thing up that will be a (benefit to
them In nny way, but still wait from
day to day. If you want something
to turn up, get a move on you. get
out an 1 hustle, see if you cannot
•'•nd something you can turn up to
your advantage. There are plenty of
changes fnr every nne ff they are
sought after, but they will not come
to you if you do not hunt them up.
• •   •   •
God made the air for ub to breathe
or rather made us to breathe tha air.
Agreat many people do not seem to
know this from the way they hermetically close up their doors and windows of thiir sleeping rooms and then
proceed to manufacture an atmosphere composed mostly from the effluvia and carbonic acid gas from their
own bodies. People talk about the
danger of night atr. It Ib not nearly
"0 Injurious as people believe, besides It is the only air on band during the night. The beasts breathe
it and are vigorous ami hearty,there
ought 'to be a constantly flowing
stream of outside air into our rooms
iurlng s'eep. We do not mean a
draught blowing upon ub, but never-
rhHheless night nir should constantly come ln*o our sleeping apartments
Good ventilation is better than all
the drugs in the world.
• •   •   •
Learn this lesson, my son; then
Tcnrn It over and over again: The
world does not owe you a living.
It doesn't owe nnv man a living.
True, there are those who have got-
fen a notion In their heads tbat they
havo a right to be taken care of by
themselves. They will r'tvl out In
time, however, that while tbey arc
waiting for the procession to come
along with a fenther bed on which
to carry tbem to fame and fortune,
the bustler lifts gotten a long way to
the front; while ho who waited for
others to "boost" him along waited
for what never came.
Chatter and Chaff
Earnest and Facetious
Jimmy Bprlg,—Boys like you should
never complain Beuidca, matters aro
more evenly arranged than you think.
If the father tana tbo son the sun
frequently tana tho fatbur—i. o,—
when he goiiH to tha seaside lu autn-
Cinderella.—You muat quit dancing,
my dear, if you wUh to live long.
Tho girl wlio goes to too many bopa
Is pretty sure to get an early blor.
"Slmpklns" says bs has given up
writing prose, and la going In for
poetry Instead. Dear, Dear: That la
going from had to vorao, as it wero.
Bettor leave both alone, my friend,
nnd the public  will  hu thankful.
Charlie Ooldfeot, writes to say that
ho Ih alek Hon* and wonry (if trying
to gnt a "suitable" Job in Oranbrook
He It understood tbat Oharllo la
nnsious to get "next" to a romunor*.
alive position Mint will unit blm,—
whether lie will  Stilt tlm   poraon    for
whom b*> eondiscendi to work in as
Klppllng remarks   "another story/'
According to our friend ('buries "the
bally bonndsri here" do not recognise a chap's ability when tbey nne
it, Your psoudonvhi Ohnrles, is »in-
Hiinriv appropriate)   You evidently
sustained n bad nttnek of "cold
feet", and the malady has   left   you
a continued conceited crank- (confound that alliteration), Duck up,
you bonohoadi and bo a man, Deed nd from your aolf-conatituted superior position nnd try and act kindly to your Inferiora(V) by designing
to accept an "unsuitable"-from
your standpoint job for a change.
In all probability, those to whom
you have applied for employment,
have failed to recognise your ability,
primarily becauao you have not exhibited any outward or visible sign
of ita existence, Thoro nro very lew
thought roadors in this "vale of
tears," you know. Cultivate pa-
Hi nro und porsovotanoo and as the
"Quohoo Telegraph" cleverly puts it
"keep lagging away", and you will
ultimately aolilovo success.
"Men seldom    mount,    at a    Hingis
To the laddor'fl  very  top;
They    bnve   climbed   It,    round   by
with mnny a starl and stop.
Anil the winner la certain to be   tha
Who labors day by day,
For tbe world ban learnod thnt   thn
BlirOSt plan
la to JiiHt keep pegging away.
You've   rend, of   course, about   the
And  tbe tortoise—the  tale Is old—
Seeing is Believing
Just take a look at Our West Window and we are sure it will
convince you that our
House Furnishing Department
is Up-to-Date in every respect.
Just  at this time of the year, when spring cleaning is beginning,
New Curtains
are required, it will be very advantageous to you to carefully inspect
our stock, which consists of the Very Latest Designs and Qualities of
Cloths and Made-up Curtains at Extremely Attractive Prices. Perhaps
we can be  of service in deciding on your scheme of decoration.
We are always glad to assist you in any way we can.
Furniture Department—Second Floor
4   6?   14
tiit.alailnti  li I. I,.l.it.ili.t..l ttnti.t
n tit r rTTrmi it
Companies Act,    July 1st, 1910
Certificate of Incorporation
I hereby certify that "QUAIN ELECTRIC COMPANY
Limited" has this day been Incorporated under the "Companies
Act" as a Limited Company with a capital of Fifty thousand
dollars, divided into Five hundred shares.
The head 'Office of the company is situate at the City
of Cranbrook, Province of British Columbia.
Given under my hand and seal of Office at Victoria,
Province of British Columbia, this fourth day of March, one
thousand nine hundred and twelve.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
This Company was originally the Empire Electiic Co. under
the management ot' Maurice Quain. Maurice Quain is the President
of the New Company and will also personally superintend its future
************************** 11II11111111 III 11 HI HI llllllll 1111 mi-;
How the* ran a race—wa don't know
And the tortoise won we're told.
The bare waa sure   he had time   to
Ami to browse ahout and play,
But the tortoise got there lirst, because
He juat kept pegging away.
A little toll and a little rest,
And a Httle mora earned than spent
Is sure to bring to tbe  snug   home
A spirit ol borne contrnt.
And, so though the neighbors   mar
put on style,
Be Patient and don't get gay;
You'll have   treasures to   loan   'em
alter while
II you Just keep pegging away."
(I. O.—Somebody culled you an
"egotist", did they, and you want
to know what it meant? Well, an
egotist differs Irom the rest ol mankind only in one respect, {everybody
feels at heart a sense ol superiority
over everybody else, but tbe egotist
had the courage to reveal it. In
your case It's a pity, lor, were It
not lor thla, the lact would not be
Algy Oreen.—You are green and no
mistake. Algy was at u party, tbe
other night, and incidentally told the
prettiest girl In the room he was going to kiss her belore be went, Upan
this the girl told him to go at once,
and Algy went. Tbls Is verdency
with a vengeance. Tbe girl, ol
course, meant you to—well, anyway,
we know what we would have dono
under the circumstances,
Angelina.—There's taste In leathers
ol course, but more tuHte in the bird,
II it's a pigeon. Por all that, judgment should be exercised in choosing
colors lor summer hats. Uut don't
be too demure. We know a gli'l. ol
this sort who wouldn't look at a
rainbow, because ahe considered the
colors were too loud.
< men when reading, during tea-time,
Hfimethlng tunny caught my gate;
'Twas some versea moat amusing,
formed Indeed to laughter raise,
Home might think thain rather vulgar
And slang's unknown by some good
Uut yet this i|iiecr refrain's   attrac-
II vs-
"Wlll     you    love    me    when   I'm
I laughed aloud, I'apa and Frankl*
|    Asked me what amused me ao;
.Gentle mamma looked so wistful,
I   As if she too would like to know
What had made ber daughter giggle,
Surely It must be a joke?
So I read to them the verses—
"Will you     love    me   when   I'm
I Baby May, for once, was quiet,
I    Listened to each word I said;
Ituckiiu to nnl fro her dolly,
Dolly with tbe buttered head.
The dirty damaged, ugly image
Mny caressed, and thus sbe spoke,
In her lisping, baby fashion—
"Me lubs Dolly now see's boke."
In theae days when the general
trend Is towards effeminacy, It Is
truly refreshing to hear a Judge express his surprise (Irom the bench)
that boning matches should he stopped. We are ol the opinion that the
"noble art"—when devested ol tbe
betting evil—should he encouraged,
' ns clean sporting eihlbltloni ol this
i rti'iin-ter, are conducive to the manifestation nf self-relifinre, endurance,
and genuine iniin'lness.
Parisian society's latest erase Is
the  Inauguration     nf mixed-battling
1 clubs. We have noticed the progress
o' thoKe ultra-social cluhblsh cliques
wbo profess membership In those so-
'railed     "rnrt and men"asaoclatlons.
I Three "eels" have always been exceedingly popular In the French cap
ital. And, we know, (rom personal
experience, that any organlxatlon
exclusively patronised by the smart
set—where ladles are not tree to eon-
duet themselves everywhere with
spontaneity and careless albeit companionable gaiety—Is voted Insufferably dull. Ol course, "gay Pars*"
must maintain Its reputation.
Apropos the above, wa now that
Lord Chamberlain's dramatic censorship department have taken exception to the bathing scene ta tba
play "Kismet" at the Oarricl Theatre. They were horrllled at the sight
of a member ol the (air ssx clothed
In pink fleshings. The bald-headed
row, with whom the concupiscence
of the eye has always been a.sort ot
otiMsion, will doubtless miss tha
pretty girl bather in ber ravlahlng
pink "tlglits." In future the vlval
clous damsel will wear a little mora
drnpery, hy order of the management. We wonder whether then *M
bs any appreciable decrease la tha
hoi office receipts now that th* occupants of the stalls will no long**
be accorded the opportunity of (easting (metaptiorlcally sneaking) oa th*
seductive pink fleshings which war*
wont to adorn her shapely limbs.
This Is tike the story ol th* thr*s
*ggs-"two" had.
FOR HAI.K-Muat be sold at genuine bargains, two Morris up-to-date,
upright piano's. Part cash, balance
can he armlnged. These nre Al In
Cranhrook   Hteam    Cleaning   Work*
Ofllce. Ml
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phon* 25« P. O. Box 84S
ty\\t &tanta*
THI STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Nowapapor of the Dominion
of Canada. It is national In all Ita
It uses the most expansive engravings, procuring the photographs from
all over tlm world.
Ita articles are carefully selected and
lis uilltorlal policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to Tho Rtandnrd
coats 12.00 per year to any address la
Canada or Ureal llrltaln.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal  Standard Publishing Ce,
Limited, Publishers.
/   V
Among the Many Style* Shown in the Catstof,
you can obtain a plow perfectly suited for
YOUR particular requirement!.	
New on the Job
' Your wife wants you on the tele-!
fStZ/'XT^l ^fEL^J&E  *""•»« ,h' Strang, People Wha P«st.r
Smokeless   Powder   Shells
The superiority of Winchester
Smokeless Powder Shells is
[ undisputed. Among intelligent
shooters they stand first in popularity, records and shooting '<
qualities.    Always use them
For field or Trap Shooting.
Aak Your Dealer For Them.
The Beat  Ever Made.    Guaranteed   to  give    you    «mtl&*aattoa.
Send us 25c   State Style and Size
The Arlington Co. of Canada, Ltd.
68 Frarer Ave.,
Toronto, :       :       Ontario
C. P. R. Constructing New Lines
Not tor many years lias the Qauad-
Ian Pacific Hallway Ifttd so many new
lines of track under construction as
they Imve this year. New lines are
being built practically all over Western Canada, und hundreds of gangs ot
track builders arc at work in the various provinces, The C. P. li. s network of new lines Is rapidly extending
into new dlstiit-Is. and as last as they
are being built they are being opened
for tralflc. Since the middle of June
live or six new services have been inaugurated, and it is stated that there
are several other linos which will be
carrying regular trains before the end
of November. These new llnoa are
among the greatest Inducements to
new Bottlers to open up new districts,
as when the services are established
they have transportation facilities for
getting their produce to the markets.
For the incoming settlors of next year
it Is stated that the C, P. It. will rush
to completion nearly lour hundred tulles of new line iu Alberta nnd Saskatchewan. These lines include tbat
from MooBe .law southwest, 115 miles;
The Height of Song jKerrobort, northeast, 'i'i miles;  Wey-
Miss Mary Garden at a aupper lu burn branch extension, 21 miles: Este-
New York that preceded her depart-jvnn Branch. r>!i miles; Swift Current.
ure for Europe, praised a new tenor,   southeast, 45 miles; Wllkle, northwest
"He ls one of those  tenots," said 83 miles; Wilkie, southeast, :il miles;
Miss Garden, "who have to shut their Klnlnvle Branch extension, 37 mllea;
eyes wheu they sing." Ifiassano to Klnlnvle Jet., 31!    tulles;
"Why so?" asked a young million-[and the Klpp branch    extension,   27
"Bee-use." she replied, "he goes so
high that It makes him dizzy."—Detroit Free Press.
What poverty Is like that of moral
penury? When the bend U poor, what
mockery ls money wealth!
Awarded first prize at World's Exposition on Its work and methods.
Write for a free catalogue.   We also
, live instruction by mall.
j Pills That Have Benefitted Thousands—Known far and near as a sure
I remedy in the treatment of Indigestion
land all derangements of the stomach,
! liver nnd kidneys, Parmelee's Vege- 	
c5 table Pills hnve brought relief to thou-! npar igmnd  Aug SB 1903
Bands when other specifics havei tailed. Mlmwa.a Liniment Co.,'Limited.'
Innumerable testimonials enn be pro-     Dear Sirs,—Your traveller is   here
duoe.   to establish the truth of this ! todav ami wc „„ g(>tt,ng „ ,arg(1 ouan.
assertion.   Once tried they   will   betlty of v0,lr MINARD'S  LINIMENT,
found superior to nil other pills ln the i We nna „ ,ne De,st rf,mcdv on the
Lighting Supplies
We can save you
10 o|o to 20 o|o on
Gasoline Lighting
Supplies no matter what system
you use. Best
quality mantles
and glassware always In stock. We
are the largest
Gasoline Lamp
and Supply house
In Canada. Write
for new price list
Toronto   :    Montreal    :    Calgary
treatment of tbe ailments for which
they are prescribed.
market making no    exception.      We
imve been in business thirteen years,
"^ "' !and hove dropped them all but yours;
„     ,     ,Generou» °f,ei;       „      J that sells itself;  tho others have to
He—1 told your father I could not. be pushed to set rid of.
live with you.                                                                     \V. a. HAGERMAN.!
She—And what did he say? i
He—Oh, he offered to pay my funeral expenses,                                                           ; r"     r.  .
_l ._  ;    The grape vine was brought from;
ir one be troubled with corn? and the Island of Crete and introduced ln-
warts. ho will find in Holloway'f Corn to the Canaries in the fifteenth een-:
Cure an application that will entirely tury—the source of the famous wine
relieve suffering. named for these islands.
Man Who Never Unvul.
There tn h wnuderlnu tribe of tho
Sahara raliVcl the TnttlvtfB, a strung*
people, supposed by hi.ine to trnve <!#■
sceuded from tbe cruxttder* uud dl.?*
tlnguished by tbe wuiii'lii« ot veils, a
custom tliiit Una 6cenHloiied uiueb did-
cusRlon The Tu.in.fj-n gin-rd tbelr
eyes" ugnlnsi ihe glui't* uf (tie desert i»y
two veils, oue rolled round the temples aud tiiiilm; down In front of tut*
eyes, ihe other reaching from rhe nostrils tu the ed ire ut the itlollilliK <•«»-
ering the lower pnrt ul th« hi*** All
manner of len inert arcuoients tune
been uddueed to explntu tbls custom,
but hygiene is obviously the only motive. This Is shown by the statements
of tbe TuuiegH themselves and by
the sobriquet "mouths for (lien." which
tbey apply lo all who do not wear the
veils. It Is said that the Tuurfga
never remove their veils, even hi meal-
It men, Indeed, they ure 80 inui-li ti
part of tbelr wearers that any nue deprived ot such covering is uurecog-
mzed by bis friends and relatives.
"Losing ths Drop."
"When ii iiuin whips uut a gnu nnd
get the drop' ou you there's nothing
else to do hut throw up your bunds
and let him bnve whatever tie wants."
"That's where you fool yourself,'1
said the man from tbe southwest. "If
a man bus tbe uerve be ean luce a
gun and get away with tt—sometimes,
I remember seeing iu a border saloon
an Englishman pull n guu un a Mexican whom be bad caught cheating in
a game of cards.
'"You give me buck tbe money
you've woo from me or I'll blow your
bead off:'
"•You will?' said tbe Mexican, look*
log calmly Into (he muzzle of tbe Kng*
llshman's revolver. 'Welt, you won't
do it just now; that gun's not loaded.'
"'What's thut?' exclaimed tbe Englishman, turning tbe revolver toward
himself to look into tbe chambers, And
on the Instant the Mexican drew a
knife and planted it to tbe bill In
tbe Englishman's stomach."—New .oik
150.00 REWARD
Is (till ottered tor the young man,
William Eddleston, ot weak intellect,
aged 29 years, height about 5 tt. 9 in.;
•vith whiskers and moustache, and
email mouth, who left his home on
June Ut, 1911. Any Information leading to his dlscoverey will be thankfully received by his anxious parents
at 807 Manitoba Avenue, Winnipeg.
There had Deem a lone continued
drought and a farmer had Invented a
machine for waterlog Ills fields. Just
as he got It set up there came a heavy
sloower. Ue put away his machine..
' It'e no use," he sold, "you can do
nothing nowadays without    conjpetl-
1    There were In Argentina    nt    the
clone of nun   approximately   15,875
mllea of railway, ad compared with
fourteen  thousand four liumlred nnd (How to Build up Health and Strength
eighty III  1009,    It Is estimated that i A'ter Wasting  Disease
the length of tlio Argentina railways!   When III" system is run down tol-
in 1911 will Ue 10,500 miles.                 lowing attacks ol lever, la grippe, or
 ._                   other wasting diseases, Dr. Williams'
Dysentery corrodes the Intestines 'Pink Pills aie of Bpecial value. They
and speedily puts nwny the lining, make new rich blood, which, reaches
bringing ubout dangerous conditions every organ nnd every nerve In the
that may cause death. Dr. J. D. KeJ- body, and In this way restore the
logg's Dysentery Cordial clears the In- patient to active health and strength.
teBtlnal canals of the germs thatjln proof of this we give the case of
cause the Inflammation, and by pro-|Mrs. James Itnndnll, Silverstream,
tecting the lining from further ravag-lSask., who says:—"I feel that If there
es restores them to healthy condition. Is anyone who ought to testify to the
Those subject to dysentery ahould not /merits of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lt Is
be without this simple yet powerful I myself. About four years ago I was
remedy. taken down with typhoid fever which
- left me In a very weak state and my
IRISH   COTTAGE   INDUSTRIES     Btomach so Impaired that even a drink
  [of milk would cause me pain.     To
It U surprising tint lii i hand-woven intake mattert worse the change of life
fabrics can still survive against Uie
productions of machinery, hut the Irish peasant understands how to dye
his hand woven clotlis with lichens
and plants which give tbem an Illimitable effect, and their qualities of
durability and appearance give them
a distinct value.
The centre* of hand-weaving and
spinning ore In Donegal, Mayo, Con
followed, and although I wus under
the care of one of our best doctors,
) wub steadily growing worse. Before
1 was sick I had often read of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, but thought no
more about them. Hut now when I
was sick nnd helpless and almost
hopeless, and with no benefit coming
from medical treatment, I kept thinking of the Pills and finally decided to
Very curious and slightly Interesting
Is the fact that we neve; feel to need
a holiday so badly as the day after
we bave had one.
The man who will break his word
will smash anything that will come
within his reach.
•V COMMISSION—for local repre-
tentative*; Immediately; permanent
position; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare time accepted.
Nichols, Limited, Publishers, Toronto.
At Hamburg, Germany, a fashionable
restaurant occupies a building which
wa* nude of compreaeed paper.
Mlmrd'* Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Recent henvy ruin* have caused the
wiiter to flow over the falls of, Minnehaha for the first time In two years.
nenuvru, and Kerry, wliere there is I try them. I did bo and I am thankful to
abundant mountain grazing lor sheep;be able to suy tltut they restored me
with luxuriant wool and where labor to health and strength, nnd enabled me
I* superabundant, The leading centre
however la Donegal, and It ls estimated that '511.000 a year Is paid to
the peasants of the Impoverished and
barren districts af Donegal for the
homespun clotlis. Tho cloth Is usually sold nt country 'airs, wliere tt Is
brought In large rolls ol welis about
28 Inches wide, as a loom of Iiic necessary slw could not be accommodat'
to puss through Hint trying period,
from which so many poor women
emerge with shattered health. I hope
that many other poor sufferers may
read this statement and take fresb
courage from It, as I am sure that
what Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
done for me, they will do for others,
I may add thnt I always keep Dr. Williams' Pink Pills In the home, and feel
ed in lho tiny cottages occupied by!that they are better than a doctor,
the peasants, the homespun clotlis. These Pills nre sold by all medicine
are not made In double widths. Koch ', dealers or may he had hy mail at BO
district In Ireland produces cloth of cents a box or alx boxes for $2.60 from
distinct character. In North Donegal the doth Is heavy. Well-woven,
substantial, and generally dyad In
dark colors with stfrlpes and checks.
The market for (Ills Is nsuiiily a retail
one. The products of Oastlehur resemble those of North Donegal, but
are somewluit brighter in en or. In
(lannenumi and othor pant* ol County
Oul way there is a peculiar sort of
flannel of very durable quality.      it
The    Dr.   Williams'
Ilrockvllle, Ont.
Medicine   Co.,
The professor of shorthand adduced
this unanswerable argument In an address to a new class the other day;
"Wo nro told that It took Gray,
author of the well know 'Elegy ln a
Country Churchyard', seven years to
write that famous poem. If he had
know stenography he could have done
Is usually dyed In red, dark blue, or lit In seven minutes. We have students
lilack; ond the Oalwny |»iis»ut wo-1 who have done that same poem ln
man present an odd but vividly pic- that length of time."—Tit-lilt*,
oppcurrtiico obul  Vn  hoods
A Styrian Paaaant Suparatitien.
A lawsuit for ntiel iirougnt by an
apothecary in I'ollun. lu Stynu, against
a youug peasant rerenls nn extraordinary superstition prevalent amoug th*
country people. Tbey believe that
apothecaries and doctors have the
right to kill nt least one man uud one
woman every yeur tn order tu make
medicines out or their bodies. An accidental movemeut of the upothecury
at Pollau, Horr Kobenouuser, wben
giving medicine to a boy named I'uti
led tbe latter to believe he was going
to be killed. He run away, but got
•uch * fright thut be fell 111. Tbe inhabitants believed bis story snd boycotted the apothecary, wbo was at
length compelled to prosecute, I'm*
was sentenced to fourteen duys' imprisonment, but his parents, wbo nad
spread the story, were acquitted on
the ground thnt they bsd acted la
good rsith.-Londun Standard.
the Magistrate.
Thn magistrate is the "poor man'
I lawyer,"   inal   while   sitting   on   th'
. bench lie hu.- some weird a,id wondai
ml applications made tu him.   Anyou
.'tio listened :n a Loudon court to th
strange medley ol "business" that i:
transuded uciure the ordinary cases j
come on would soon see tout tiiere is a
, vast proportion ol tne British public
; who imagine the   Bench   u, be all-
I powerlul and endowed with unlimited
■ knowledge, suys a London paper
i    His worship sees a very great deal
I of the seamy side oi life, but, tortuu
: ately. his day's grim duty is relieved
; by quaint touches oi humor.
.Many ol the people in the underworld, either ignorant oi the correct
way to address a magistrate, or awed
into oomuaion, muKe amusing mis-
luKes on this point. They sav, "Your
lordship," "Mister," or "Your honor."
ilut nooody smiles; that sort ol Uuug
is Uio frequent,
Apparently, many ol the poorer folk
think his worship has merely to raise
his littiu linger, and tho whole power
ol the Umpire can be called lu do his
A woman with fiery red hair stands
\ up ill court, eyes his worship, and
then poms out her troubles.
" 'Lizu Awktns, wnicli she lives
down our passage, calls orter ine 'car-
riots,' your wosiiip. i says nothin',
oeptln' scratch 'er lice, and now she's
loos to walkiu' out wiv my young
"Well, what do you expect me to
do?" asks the busy magistrate weurily.
"A summons, sir," she replies.
Even il lie had time to argue with
her, it would tukc u long time, to convince tlio lady with the red hair that
he lias no power whatever to adjust all
I the lovers  quarrels In Loudon.  Jeal-
: ousy is at the root ol a great many ol
tiiese applications.
In many cases Ihe services ol that
' Admirable Crlohton, the warrant-officer, are utilized'.    Without a piece ol
j blue paper in his hand, he goes round
and explains  delicately  that oliicial
notice has been taken of the situation.
In nine cases out ot t"n his influence
produces a remedy—at uny rate, lor
' the time.
(llJt.      Sometimes a burly navvy conies to
compieteVy"tf"you w'm"do"you" part  ??uf' ^ith * 1,iti,ul ""V t0 l]K t'('l-'0,
00 cents a nox at oil dealers, or Ed- j ""}' ,'"9, w!le   Positively   relttses   to
Iiciusou. Bates 4 Co., Limited. Toronto ! ul,lock Ul* doo>' <°; '"» home when he
 i returns Irom  work.    Again tho war-
Is Your Left Hand a Shirker       I rimt "Hicer '* instructed to adjust mat-
Most people never think     what   a' vf'.and generally lie manages to put
shirker the  left  hand  te.    Our  two ' f, domestic differences ou a more sot-
eyes and our two ears and our two: ls'acto,T looting,
feet  divide  their   work   equallys  or'    generally the applicants have not
very nearly,so.   But the left hand on-' tne  remotest   notion  on   what   legal
ly works at what the light hand can- i grounds they can obtain the issue ot
not,do alone.   In Japan the children I " summons;  hut stipendiaries,  us a
are trained  to  use their hands and  "*"•• exercise all their patience in en-
wore lustulled.
"Which one?" Inquired    the    boss,
i tiiinkin® of the two telephones.
I    "Pleu«e, sir,' said the boy, "i don't
Ikuow bow many you havo."
Many Believe That Nothing Short of
the Surgeon's Knife Will Effect
Cure.   They Do Not Know.
The agony caused by the intense
Itching, the depressing and debilitating effect on the system, the dread lest
surgical operation might be necessary—these are the things which
make piles oi liemo, rhoids sw distressing.
The doetots have heen recommend-
ling surgical operations us the only
Jcure. But the surgical operation, with
|all its dangers and expense and pain.
ides not usually effect a lusting cure.
I Many a case has been cured by Dr.
! base's Ointment after the surgical
operation had failed, Here is a cose
which doctors gave up,
Mr. .1. o. Mawyer, Itoden, Mnn.,
Iwiiles: "Dr. Chase's Ointment Is a
wonderful preparation. I had Itching
piles for over six years, and though
tried two doctors' prescriptions and
used many other preparations could
not obtain much benefit. Tlic doctor
Itohl me there was no cure for me,
land that I would have to undergo aa'
i "I bought p. box of Dr. Chase's Olnt-
ment and was completely cared In one
iweelt. Aa this uws six months ago
and there lias been no roiurn of the
eld trouble, I believe that the cure is
a permanent one."
One tiling certain Dr. Chase's Ointment will .bring you relief from the
dreadful itching nnd burning almost
us soon as applied.
To make the cure thorough and lasting It Is only necessary for you to
keep up the tretnnicnt regularly and
persistently. Don't he satisfied with
relief, Dr. Chnces Ointment will cure
Don't Crt Out MBt&mM
•til rpmoTO tbem and lea.ana,
,!"u]1b1iu., C'lr,.. .nr putt of
iw.utnK.  Duct ont Mist er er
■O&OTO thn I.Jir.   I!"r,» c;m t>«
"orkMl  P.C0 nor botUa deUvtrsd.
. AIlstmillM*', JR., llnlmant
ror mnnitnrt.   For Ifolli,  Unil.es,
v.in. larlDoilusa.   Allar. "
Prlcalt and 13 a bnttln nio
IH,      V>i.».- *        n...,n      ,  .,,u.   .
. ..<»»! .nd V a bnttlo nt dmiijilst. or d«U«waa\
Will toll more If roo writ*. Manofactunsdoaly al
Aim rumitliitl Lr Marti,, It.,1, 1 W vjiue Ou., Wu>iMf.
Tb-.-'^tlnml l>ri',.-ftii<ll.li,iii!Ml Co., tVliudsM*CalaaBM
-ti. aiaitnua bi9. Oo. Ud., Vuoimna,
lingers mote carefully than any wliere
else In the world. Japanese children
can do and make thliftts with their
hands that are impossible to Western
boys and girls, and nearly all of the
ueavoriug to help Lie people who ieel
they have a grievance.
"Please, sir, 1 want a divorce," or,
"So-and-So owes me live shillings, and
won't pay it back." ure very common
[Japanese,  young and old. can draw , examples ot applications, which showi
land write with both hands at once.    | that the applicants do not know the
We can do the same if we had been ' difference between one court and au*
.taught to do so,.    In some    schools  other.
teachers are already training children "Will you please send somebody
to use both hands, and thus get doub- round to give uiy son a good hiding,
lie service out of them for life. The! as I can't do itr" was one woman *
I pupil merely makes lines, at first
straight and curved ones, using both
'hands at once. With his right hand
he draws, perhaps curved lines parallel to one another, while with his
left hand he ls drawing parallel
straight lines, after a while he makes
loops and figures, and finally his left
hand becomes just as good a worker
aa his right.
Ons Ua* ef tha Eel.
It ts difficult to exhaust the uses ot
the eeL Experts lu top whipping pronounce a dried eel skin an admirable
lash, and tops nre by no means tb*
only victims thereof. There is that
affecting passage lu Mr. I'epys' diary:
"April 24, 1UU.1. Up betimes, and wllb
my salt eel went down tn the parlor
and there get my toy aud did beul
him till I wus ftiln to take breath two
er three times. Vet for all I um
•feared It will make the boy never
tb* better, be I* growu so burdened
In his trick*, whlcb I am sorry for,
be being capable of making * brav*
man and Is a boy tbat I and my wtf*
l»v* very welL" "Unit eel" appear*
to have been a nautical term for a
rope'* end, and It I* not certain that
I'epys' Instrument of custlgallon wa*
actual eel*' skin. But tb* original
"•alt eel" laid It* mark. - London
Dry some corn this way and see If
you do not like It as well as when canned:    Pick the corn when Just right
for Ihe table or younger than some I
| people like lt, and do this In the morn
Ing.   Cut it off and spread In a thin I
layer on earthen dishes and set in ai
cool oven, stirring often.   Try to have
I it. cool by night as lt is not so good If
lit getfl cold and has to be heated again
[to finish.   Put It in a bag, hang It ln
a dry place nnd occasionalv shake,
for a day or two. then put away for
the winter.   To use, rinse It off, put .to
soak  for  several  hours,  then tcook
slowly lu the watter it was soaked ln,
having only enough of this to cover It.
Borne milk and butter added at the
lust Improves It
notable request. The magistrate sent
the ever-uselui warrant oiiiccr to iu-
spire tear in the heart ol the unruly
youngster, though nut in the method
suggested by his mother.
These ure but typical instances ot
the extraordinary puzzle* which confront a magistrate daily, and many ol
the applications have no connection
whatever with the law. Tbe people
want advice, and having nobody in
the whole world to turn to, they steo
Into court and expect hia worship te
take part ot life's burden from litem.
Thn Into King Edward had typewriting machines Introduced for the
convenience of his secretary.
M>y Dreadful Sufferer. Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
JolntAffected. Used Cuticura Soap
■nd Ointment and He Is Well.
''Enclosed Hnd my son's photo anil I feel
tj wrlllni Hum few lm™ to you I am only
" '"    my duty, a. my sen wai t dreadful
sufferer from erjetna. At
tha ate of two weeks ha
bnsan to get covered with
rod .poll on Ills lea* and
grolna,   whloh   mother
thought waa red gum or
thrush i but day by day
I It grew worse until every
Joint snd cmlee wore
affected snd baliy started
screaming for hours day
, and night, such s thing
rout of ths
took him to
•wo of Sydney'! leading doctors; one ial'1 It
*m one of the want casta he had u en, the
ether did no!*tilnk II ao serious; onn orilertil
•Intrpent for nibbing In, the other a filiating
»ow«jr. f lollow.,1 thitlr preaerlpilona lor
•rar four months snd atlll hairy kepi anting
worn. I oould not keep him frum sutalehuig
ao great was (la agony.
''Whenha waa Kve months eld I tried Ih*
Hit—       '■    '• "
illireiw|lli<   „,.
and cooks nuvdo of tills peculiar nnv
lerlal.   The Kerry llOIMtpUlM aro well
i made, but iioor In color and pattern,
vi'gctalili' dye* being wlilmn uaixi.
lu each of the custm which have
been mentioned the cloth Is produced
for local iwe, and only the overflow
rendu* tlm outside nuirkW. him In
Houlh DtUMwaJ the case ts different,
an there Is all extensive homapum tn-
diHtfl.ry tlmrc., carried on Mnoolal'y
for Ihe wholesale market and con-
ducted upon busjoiean principles. There
When Ihe cockerels begin crowding
It Is Mine to sc|iurut» the sexes and
feed Ihe cnkcrelH a Utile heavier thnn
the pullcte. They need mom food for
good development.
In Great llrltain and Ireland there
are 24° paupers lo every 10,000 of the
population. In New York, one man In
every ten fills a pauper'* grave.
People who pray on their knees on
  Sunday and prey on their neighbors
Is n hi'i'i'illtary talent for coloring the I en  Monday, need simplicity In their
       ' faith.
•„.,  -...  ...   M. tin.  3   Knight  Bl„
Inerllle, Brilney, N.N.W., Mar. II, mil
Cutleiira Knap and. Ointment are fold
throughout the world but • liberal sample lit
each, with a atl-pata book on ten rurr. anil
tniattnnnl of the rutin and hair will fa Mill
itm ■ n annllcatlon to Poller tVn» I- 'iioia.
ttori/, WColuui.ua Ave. ttvaUw, VMa
uiihis prevalent animng the Donegal
peasantry, nnd the clotlis which como
from IhlB district nro considered a*
beautiful im any other woollen fulirle
produced lu Europe.. TliHie are no Bomo folks arc under the erroneous
stattHtleH available as to the Import- Impression thnt Ivy on  thn outside
Mlnard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
unci' of thla Industry.
Hand knitting le still nble to compete against mechanical Imitations
and Is a means of livelihood to many
peasants' In the Isolated region* of the
country. The wild dlstHiitn of Kin-
Catu'tough, Jn County Donegal, Is an
Important nemtre. The Armn industry of idnyo produces some very fine
Hand Kinhnondeiy. aj» Is dome tin,
some luirts <n* Ireland, cannot bo snflls
fiutturlly imitated by machinery, nml
Is a cottage Industry nf Importance.
Irish art ueedle work Is of the he»t
iliiulilly omd will hear favorable comparison with any produced 111 Europe.
The eontro of Ihe enhliu'.l-timktng
liwtn-Jtry Is In tho vicinity of KHaniey
tlnskot work Is engaged In I.HIetfrnck
County Oalwny, Hcaufort, Couiii'v
Kerry, anil Onallecomer, County Kilkenny. Much Ingenuity Is sliown. In
iwlunlldig Uio wicker work to useful
The Chinese water huffnloe*, which
turn 'tie wheeln of the machine* used
for mining water for Irrigation purposes, are blindfolded to prevent dl/-
wails of a house tends to make It
damp. A thought on this subject Is
enough to convince ono of Its fallacy,
since tho Ivy must perforce extract
the damp from brick or stone work In
order tn live, tor this moisture Is cs-
sontlul lo tho plant.
In lolter-wrltlng, wllh men, tho
irrenlest difficulty In In beginning a
loiter; wllh women II Ib most difficult
io leave off. Hence Ihe feminine postscript.
It Will Cure s Cold.—Colds nre Ihe
commonest ailments of mankind nml If
neglected mny lend In HOrloU* conditions. Dr. Thomas' Eeloctrlc Oil will
relieve tha bronchial passages nf Inflammation speedily and thoroughly
and will strengthen them ngainnl sub-
soniient attack. And as It eases the
I'ifl'iinmntlon lt will slop lho cough
hecnuse It allays all Irritation In tho
throat    Try It and provo It.
E-'c'Iments prove that the gum*
nf tree*, sn highly prized by man, are
produced hy disease. Trees can even
he Inoculated and made to furnish the
ciivf'ted gum.
WIN *>*rr*ts Are Fighters.
Psrrots wben lu tbelr native wild*
Hv* In flock* and guard themselves by
a complete police system whlcb eu*
•bios tbem to marshal their collective
force quickly when any animal or bird
attacks on* of tbelr number. Tbey
eeom to be disciplined nnd trained In
fighting together, and all otber bird*
and animal* are afraid to attack a
parrot unless the bird can bs caught
•louc. Even then a shrill call sum.
mens tba parrot unny to Ibp rescue.
It la said that In ibe forest* all parrot* dl* of old age and llmt none I*
•ver killed by bird* of prey or otn*r
wild anlmala.
She Suffered from Rheumatism, Neuralgia and Other Symptoms of Diseased Kidneys—Dodd's Kidney PHI*
Made Her Strong and Healthy,
Peverll, Vnudreull Co., Que.
(Special)—One more of the fired,
paln-wreckcd women of Canada haa
nutifl relief and new life In Dodd's Kidney rills. She Is Mrs. Jos. Cheff, of
this place, und she never tires of telling her neighbors of her wonderful
ure, or singing praises of the good
eld remedy that brought it about.
"I suffered from llheumailsra, Nou-
inlgla, Violent Headaches and Palpitation of the Heart," Mrs. thrff states.
"My back itched, I was always tlr-d
nnd nervoua and I had weak spells.
My doctor told mo to Just rest, but
that whs Just what I couldn't do, until
Churches In Queer Places,
How many readers attend a church
within a windmill, or ;i church ou •
pier out at sea, or one which UouU ou
u canal? Yet su English scribe has
found that churches exist in these and
similar quaint, out-of-the-way places.
The cnurch built in u windmill ie [
situated on Reiguic Heath, uud is •
well-known luiiomurk.
It is lllracoiiihe tnat boasts the only
place ot worship in existence that i*
omit ul ilie eua ot a pier, at one time
tins uhurch was useu us a liyutiunue.
Special services ure now heid ther*
lor sailors to pray for their comrade*
during a storm ai sua.
There are several Uoatitig churches,
hut perhaps the most interesting of
these is thut on the Fens near Peter-
oorougn. litis cliuren-uoui wus tmiit
because the ordinary parish church
wus too fur away tor numbers ot the
parishioners. Ou the bridge which
spans the Don at Uotherhum is situated au interesting sacred edilic*
which dates from tu* Uncouth ceu-1
Another church, which ia suspended
to  a  bridge,  is   the  Church  ot  Bt.
Swithin's, Winchester. The reason giv.
en (or this place ot worship being oo
a bridge is a quaint one.   lt is said:
that King Charles, being in need ol a
short cut to Winchester Cathedral, had
a   roadway   cut  clean   through   lit,
tiwithin's Church. A gateway was buili j
which ii to thi> day known a* Ih*!
king's (Jala.   Over luis gateway regular services ar* held in tit. bwitiiiu'a
A thnrniiflity Wnll m»l«. all-Rritiih H.maM-
luaOuit, PnlldipronHl,bond onGrwtw'i
worlu-nii'iwnrd'h„l,.l»)>« .y.lem.   SI.
lining, t.iy ta .trip ond cluo.
Ai/.imi -
S3-S0,    Chvh   Hall   Hilt,
Caul,* Wll. Fret
Sunshine Is good for the pigs. Keep
then In It.
Honolulu will equip Its fire department with motor driven apparatus.
St. Martin snd tha Dleti*n*r»
St Martin wben he divided his cap*
wltb ■ naked beggar at the gale of
Amiens gave also Iwo word*'to th*
English language. Ths oratory In
which tbls torn caps wna preserved as
a sacred banner acquired the mime of
"chnpelle" (from the Kronen, "enspe"),
the custodian being termed "chaplain,"
snd thus our English word* "chapel"
and "chaplain" ur* derived-Westminster Uaietie.
A Wtiealbarow Tramp,
Alexander Liveaay, the wheelbarrow
man, a tew days ago concluded his
trsinp Irom Ayr to John o' liroatt
and then to Land's End and back to
reading of the cures of others led mo   the capital ol  Ayrshire  via   Wales,
to try Dodd s Kidney Pills. i Livcaey,  who is over fifty  years  ot
"Prom  the  lirst dose they  helped , age, is ol small stature and has
me. I Bonn left my bed and started to
do my ordinary housework.
"I took In all, twelve boxes of
J'odd's Kidney Pills and now my health
Is excellent. I recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills to ull suffering women."
Thousands of Canadian women will
tell you (hat Tidd'a Kidney Pills nro
the ono sure thing for suffering women.
wiry Iriirne. Thougliout the '2.00U mile
Journey he tramped dully, eicept Sun,
days, when he rested. Ou the Journey
lie pushud in iront ot him a large barrow, and no matter what kind ot weather prevailed lie stuck to hla program
daily. Ho had a greal reception ou
his arrival at Ayr.
Let every mnn he occupied, and occupied In the employment of which
his nature la capable, aud die with th*
consciousness thnt he has don* M*
best.-Bydney Hmlth.
Not Much.
Jnck-Wnuld you like to lie* yon
lit* over again?   Tom-Ami owe twice
•• much as I do uow.   No, elrI-Huston Transcript,
Mere Useful.
rtrlils Elect-Whut  would yon have
thrown Instead of rlceV   Iti-uul Maid
-A  few grain* of common miw-
Mnny farmers never swear Ihi-m-
*"1"es nor Interfile II from rfnefr em.
elnvees, Tt'ov li'" not femlteu, snr
e~nnVB   hll*   n>-0   !""t   renln*nl»,lMff   |dm-
fle, rommon-ftenae resoeotahlllty,
llsiuilly when ft man boasts of what
he hns made of ht'iimif and the great
HiiCfcsB he haa won, if wo were to
look In hln home we should find a
patient, economical wife, who haa
lieeii In the harness and lugging at
the traces over: day of her wedded
Another Howler.
A Portohello schoolboy has produced the champion howler of the season.
The passage lor paraphrase was Irom
Kingsley:--"Kor men must work and
women must weep, though atorina bs
Midden and waters deep, and the harbor bar lie moaning."  "Men and women," said tho youngster, "must keep
on working through ths Inn at the
The sea niter's fur Is the most val-1 "»rbur l» groaning lor IU miatomer*."
uiihle In  Ihe world.    The single fur
of ono of these little creatures often | jn# Qoti<
American word hista, menulng sn
employer or overseer. Is Ihe modern
form for the Itiiteh luina nml descended from Ihe original llollnud settlers
lu this country.
In • Mine
We do a good mnn
Kor tuslnll"!. WC
the oulslde of the < -i"
miles nml have p	
I.OSII miles; n my c
1 ll.iNi.imii miles: the '
1 car can catch hue
urn In n mln
• whirled on
hie! thirteen
ul the ami
■ is traveled
- 'Mini yout
> vibration*.
Constipation is (ho
root of many forms of
sickness and of an
endless amount of
human misery.
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
thoroughly tested by
over fifty years of use,
hare been proved a
safe and certain cure
for constipation and
all kindred troubles.
Try them. «
25c a box.
Kid gloves have nothing to do wllh
kids They ure mode of the skins of
"DODD'S ''',.
.""ini ri •.  H .,•»' 'i*''-
W. N. U. No. 867. axon mount* ■
(■aTst  •
&  QTQ
rt   0
«    o
ts sr
rt hd
a- o
rt   S,
H* O
5   3
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?3BBEB---UEUBr-3igf---rB^^ •
H. H. NIGHTINGALE   currant combinations,
-— — I   An eminent scientist, the other dny,
1 Thia Fruit Combines Well With Othara j stave his opinion that the most wou-
of the Small Kind. |derf"i rjlfco try of recent years was
Currants combine well tvltb several I*?• dlscovory of ZfJn-Buk.  Just think!
^ -., ,,.      ... ,     , ,,  As soon us u single thin layer of Zulu-
| of  the  popular  summer   berries  and   ,iuk u       „„„ ;o „ WM^ or „
j small fruits like cherries. Iluokle- BUCII lnjury is iMureQ against blood
berries, raspberries und blackberries poison I Not one species ot microbe
ure eueh delicious ivheu cooked with ! has been found that Zniii-ltuk dues
uliout one-third 'heir bulk of currents. !uol kill
Investment    and    Loans    Negotiated
Well, Well!
*l dyed ALL these
of Goods
• — T with the SAME Due.
I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Uie.
i-iiiiihc WRONGI
-rem or
srunv iJ.i'.Lift ii,
l.iniinl, Miiiitre.il,
"\inadl*n Pacific Railway Pushing
tulles of new railway lines for trans- i
pralrlo pro'liiees. In Saskatchewan'
8e*Uerc) eoniing into Cuundu next
year will have it: .heir service many
portatlon  into  new  sections  of  the I
Steel in the West.
iiliiue  the Canadian   Pacific  Hallway [
tuts at present    unaer    construction :
nearly six hundred   miles   of   new
Then again. As soon as Zam-Buk Is branch Hues. Hundreds oi gunys of
applied to a sore, or a cut, or to skin laborers und track-layers are at work
disease, it stops the smarting. Thut tin various imrts of the country, and
j Is why children are such l'rieuds of 'surveyors arc at work mapping, out
[Zam-Buk. They care nothing lor the other ll.ics In all parts of the prov-
science of the thing   All they know is Irjce.   As test as these Huts nre com-
'■■""'    ■' -  '      Mo>|ploted and inspet\ted regular services
are being inaugurated, so that when
Curiums are sometimes udded In a
siunlL quantity to u raspberry or u
huckleberry pie.
Stewed  huckleberries  .riiike a  nice
compote for supper oi. Sunday even-
lugs, nnd curruuts added to at are of-ljaat Zam-Buk stops their pulu.
tcu considered nn Improvement    For [titers should never forget tills.
a   plain   huckleberry   compote add  n I    Again.   As soon as Zani-Huk Is ap-ltho yearly rush of new settlers to the
cupful of susor i» every three cupfuls Piled to a wound or to n diseased part, I West starts, next spring, there will lie
„f   hcri-lM  and   stew   Ilium   In   hnrelt   ""'  niu   bi'lleiltll   the  skins  slli (aee   plenty of now territory opened up.
of in mis nnd stew    u, in in outeiy i re   ,c> s,inull.ltt,d „,,„ new ,„.„,„       ,,.,   , , „„,      . „      ,„ a   ,
emmsli water to keep them from burn- tl89U0 ls 1|Uk.klv h,..mnl    Tlllsl form- atchewan being built by the 0, P. R.
ing.   Currants may be added iu nny , i,,B Df fresh healthy tissue from below is Una between Reglna nnd Colonany.
amount   preferred.     Half   nud   half lis Zain-Huk's secret of healing,   The Tbls line mug almost  directly north
make a good mixture, but u third of tissue thus formed Is worked up to from Reglna until Craven is reached,
currants is also satisfactory.   If two-  ihe surface nnd literally casta off the when  li  branches off In n westerly
thirds uf currants  and  one-third of diseased tissue above ll.   This Is why direction    to     Winnipeg   Edmonton
ip.ur win Zam-Buk euies are permanent line,   it Is 133 miles funii Colonany
Oul}  the other day Mr. Marsh, of to Reglna and on this, n service will
1101   Delorlmier Ave..  .Montreal, culled shortly  be  Inaugurated   between   I'ol-
A well kuown coon offers ihe follow-1upon the Zam-Buk Company and told onsay, and Imperial, a distance ot 10.7
Ine  recipe  for a  raspberry  and cur- them tlmt for over Iwenty-flve years miles.   Smith ol Imperial track-laying
rant marmalade:   Rub iwo iiuurts of be had i u a martyr to eczema, iils h;,;,   advanoed   another     twenty-five
raspberries nnd n  i|imrt of currants hands  were a! one  lime so covered miles.    This line pusses through    n
through n sieve tint Is Hue enough to vvlil1 Borea llla' ll1' l,lld ,0 sl,''i' ln splendid farming country which will
„..,.,,.',,, ..... .      .,!,,  ,, ,,,,,,,,,1 „( B'ovei     Foul years ago Zam-Buk was be Lulckly settled before lone.
exclude the seeds    a,id a noun i m „„„,„.,, ,    ,,,„   :illJ   „    a   f8W _.„,.-.' ..... now n p, n. branoh
sugar to every pint of pulp   Boll the months  it  cured  htm.    Today-over Un«tn^
sugar mi ll strings In u smnll quan- tnree refua jjter hl» core ot a disease red Tnlles in length u thnl between
tlty of water end in another kettle re -he had  for twenty-five years—he is Outlook and Keerobert,   This I* real-
dine the fruit te one-half Its original still cured, and he has hod no trace iy the middle division of the Moose
hulk.  Then mix the two and boll them of any return ot the eozemal Jaw-Macklln  branch.    Servlooa  have
huckleberries are used
be required.
It shortens your life, .spoils your temper uuil ruins your looks.
Try Ilie now way—tlic MOONEY wny.
No spoiled bnklng,   No overheated kitchens, Lots of leisure in tho home.
MOONEY'S BISCUITS nre so fresh.so crisp, so appetising that
iluy aro largely taking tho place of liomp baking with thousands of Western
people.   Ask for
in air Unlit, dust proof and damp proof packuges
—or lu sealed tins if you prefer them.
Made in tho 1% Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg,
d'Jtt'u   te,
to u thick marmalade.
Will p«v you
.. ^..Timission of firrwttf Cents
for each copy o/'/his i»autifuL>
Ghrisfm as publication Uou sett
/lis one of the. desfGhristmas
Holiday Mimbers in the uior/d.
/f has three /arye Separates
Oo/oreaL pictures. Sena a/one*
for adoer/ising matter ond fui/par
*TSSL cfte&ifis/masf/ote
*        TQMOMTO. c/t/rieoA.
.vn druggists sill Zam-Buk at BOcibeen operated for somi* Mme between
box, or we will wnul t'reo trial box ii' MackUn and Kerrobert mul outlook
you send tins advertisement and a le. ,,,». Moose Jaw, but there are still a
stamp (to cay return postage). Ad- Lumber of miles of tin* middle dlvl-
dress Kam-Buk Co., Toronto, Bi0i* to be built,   Whon It 1.** flnlahed
tjie entire branch will be 207 miles
the  girl  born  in  SEPTEMBERhrat( and wm eventually form n Juno*
  tlon with tin* Lncoanbe^—Qastor branch
Nine chances oul ot ton. the Sop. ,lt Kerrobert. This new line will !»«• a
tembec. girl bos tbe great gift o( a great boon to aJlolasses In Saskurehe-
1 strong constitution. «-;m  ror  not  only  will  the Farmers
She does noi  always realise  thle, along the rlght-of'Way benefit, but it
MRS. WtNsi.iiws SooTiiiNd BVEl e lias twen
usvil (nrfiver SIX I'Y ■'SABS by M[(.LIONS of
is the j-est remedy for hiarkho-.a.   it ts ti>*
BOlulely hirmleu,    Hi- sure and aik for "Mru.
Wlflltow'l Soolhfng syrup," and take aa ulaer
kind. Twenty-fiveccats a bptUb
Two-hundred nnd forty-nine out'of
every tliousAnd of tho world's population Jive beneath tl.e sovereignty of
King Oeorge V.
Canning  String  Beam.
Owing to tbelr composition green
striuj: beans are particularly liable to
fermentation, ns they are Inviting to
tbe bacteria that cause tbls process
For tbis reason they nre best canned
by tbo sterilization method, which, al-;
though it requires u little more time.
ii many times more, satisfactory tban but *o it is. When anyone Is ill InUiU'glve tho towns and cities. In it
any other, it is accomplished iu tbe the neighborhood, the September girl territory, direct now connection with
following manner: always ins some remedy or suggesr the main line of the Canadian Faoitta
Select vuuoK uud teuilot* beans strlnc llon  t0 ,lllVt' llllt  ■' >1"' is *lM slu'  to Moose .law   R glna, Brandon. Wtn-
them   and   break    ibem   Into   short  wi» ""I U!iV ,1,is *Wf?*;™" ™ ^.f n'W    Minneapolis,    St    Paul   aud
.,   ,   , ,    , Presb  air ami   wholesome  hubltis. I'lilcauo
Icnsttis    Pack tbem arm!, ,„ th, jars. wU| „       ,,„ we„ m   thi, oml iV, „,,/   '^oag^        ^^ ^^ wte
cover tln'iu wnn cold water nnd uJj d,vs l|c,,, ,, fl0,„'w,vburn to Lethbrldge.
oue teaspnonfui of salt to euoti 0.11.111 Kamily feeling, organliatlon feeling, rjp to Maroh of this y«ir truck on tills
I'ut uu tho rubber aud the top amt ;m,i t!;,- desire to tiuilti up and createhine had been laid an fur im Omega,
boll for nue hour ou ea.ti of tun',? su> are Ibe September girl's charaoterlst.ftft7.tvo mill's from Weyburn. There
cesslre days.   At the end of tbe hour   a la now a through   service   between
remove the cover of the belter and a: s)l'' '"u,y "0| I™0"*8 M beT famu* Wevhurli ami DmegO. On tho rest of
i.» thi steam to escape.   Press down " ,; whl>" !' 00"",s '»* liut' "um c"m
the spring or tighten the lid on the
Jars, accord'u*; to ths kind OSsd, ts
prevent any outside air from entering
Tbe Jura can he removed and cooled
or allowed  to stay   tu  the u*jj!cr til.
the next day.
Un the second day looser* the lid
again. This will relieve any pressure
from steam (hat might accumulate lu-
side the jar during tbe second '-ook
1 westward grad*
totng wi.ai onghi to Ik> done she \ns wafl commenced in May of this1
«;.    stand by  her family or hor so-[y«ar and up ir> lust month fifty por:
*  every time CQnt of it had bo:n completed up to;
I: is her instinct to further any- miles sixty. This line when completed ;
thing that will bave what ndgho be will permit of n rew route from Port-
called permanent tribal results. She land, Oregon, to St Paul, Minneapolis, j
must build for the fu:ure. and for Chicago, and It will also open up a
the future of others as well lis her- very fertile country,
self, * [    From Swift Ouifont there are belns
The September girl is apt to be built two branches, northwest and
musical: she Is fond of music and up- southeast Both of these branches
mreclates  it,  and  often  is uu expert  were only started three months ago
The young rather rushed upstairs
to the bedroom iu feverish haste.
"Quick, Maria," be paid, ''bring tho
babj down. I've got old Uncle James
iu the drawing-room, and i want to
Impress blm. Perhaps he will give
the child a handsome present and re*
member us in his will."
Maria. In a flutter of excitement,
smartened up the new arrival, and
carried him downstairs to the ohl arrival—a crusty bachelor on the wrong
sido of sixty,
"Here he is, Uncle," said the proud
father, Thoy waited for a reply, but
tho old gentleman only eyed tbe Infant
curiously. "Thoy say he is like me,"
ventured the happy father, feeling
"Well." said the Uncle slowly,
"that isn't the child's fault. I should
not have it drowned on that account
Then Maria fainted, nnd the father
used language that forever spoilt his
chance of becoming tbe old man's
Food for Thought
An Irishman entered a clockmaker's
establishment and asked to be shown
a timepiece that would not require
winding too often.
The assistant produced one, and
after praising its good points, remarked: "I can guarantee tbls clock to
go for eight days without winding."
"Well." says Pat, "I'll take it, but
would you mind telling me how long
lt will go If 1 wind It?"
Many people will listen to a story
if It Is told to them as a profound
secret, who would never listen to It
if told iu the ordinary'course of conversation.
An international combustion loco*
motive of 1,000 liors«iM>wer, Is hauling trains successfully on a Prussian
Protect tl c. child from the ravages
of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator, it is a standard
remedy and years of us;* has enhanced Its reputation.
l-organtiattoa—club, or business office tlon facilities to tbe farmers near the
—becaus*e   people   recognize   In   liei) iSouth Saskatchewan River.
'the true quality of dependoblenese,    !   There are also two branches being
them to a anil t of cold air while tbey.    u„ organisation  quality  combined ■ built  from  Wllkie.    One    of    theso
The low-down wagon Is all right,
but folks have no use for a low-down
, X TO matter bow dirty
|\|    ths children -;et
their faces and hands
snd their chubby Knees and
feet, SNAP will dean them
quickly, without hard scrubbing, and leave the skin soft
and smooth.
Cel a can at your dealer's—-
Ing.   Place the jars again lu the boiler musician herself, though not a great  but on each fifty per cent of the grad-
and boll for one hour. joae. ing is now completed.   The first nam-j
Repeat tbe operation the third day I    Bbe can a'.ways find a place ln_any*i-d branch will give good transports
In removing the Jam from the boiler
care should  be  taken   nut   to expose
nro bot, ns a sudden change in tem j with her real strength of character, | branches reaches out In a northwest-
perature Is likely -to crack the Jars makes the September girl a valuable erly direction and tbe other In a Bouth*,
The lids should be tightened securely member of society. Where othaniwesterly direction. On the former.;
If Hpring tops nre used it !*• easy to'-'inht "H be disheartened .after a de-j which is 36 mlleo long there Is 75;
test thu completeness of the tttprlfzlue f<'at- st"' s,'rs t,lp permanence of the per cent of the grading completed,.
hrooes*. This la done hv wli-nslni-'thi* r:uv !trul tho l"*P''nnaueneo of events I while on the latter out of 02 miles;
process    lhis is ooa   b> relensl «, the      d , fc   b ,Itf       anollier under* there Ib 15 per cent of the Rrading,
spring nt the side of .be jars and pick*  takin^ finished.. The Southern branch from
liiK up the Jars by tho top.   If there,    Tlu. September girl is one of the I Wllkie will be further eupptemented
has been the least bit of decom.Kwt 'prominently  successful  school teach-1 by a branch running from Kerrobert, J
tlon  or  If  the  sterilization   bus  not I era.    If she has nny taste that way Iin a northeasterly   direction.     With
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
m mercury will mrrljr ilit.truy tha wnne ot smell
mul t'u;ii|)H'ti'!y tlcriuicc Hit* whulr* nyitem wben
uiiUtIiii* It tUroui'li Uie mucous rmrliuvs. Bucb
Briir i- stiniiM never be unwl eicrut on prMcrlp-
tloui rom rimilublc physlclaui, u tba dimnnp ttiey
will do la tea fold to Uie k<«m1 you etui poaalhly ile-
rlvc from them. Hall's Catarrh Curo, m»nui»cturiiJ
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, ()., ronUIni no taer-
wry, ana is taken Internally, actlni* directly upon
tbe blood and raiirmii eitrlacn of tbt »)item. In
buyliiv Hall'i Catarrh Cure be aura you set the
o'lmi'ii'. It is takfii intiTiinlly and madn tn Totoda
oiiiu. by V. J. Cheney A Co. T-stlraontala tra*.
Sold bv t>riu'.:i-ti    I'tur, ju-  ner boltlt.
Imku UaU'a Family VlUi tor coiuUaaUofcj'
The Paris police have established
a laboratory for the express purpose
of analyzing bombs ami, if possible,
tracing .them to their sources.
Water ln lho pastures should be
looked after and all springs and
troughs cleaned and kept In order.
Noah's Great Find
I    Noah sighted Mt Ararat
!    "At last," he cried, "the mountain
i resort with an ocean view!"
i    Herewith  he felt the voyage wae
jnot In vain.
Constipation ln cblhldren Is the Burst sign of danger-—the most convincing signal that baby is going to be 111.
| Constipation leads to and actually
causes more suffering in little one*
than a*v other trouble. To keep baby
well his little stomach must he kept
sweet and his bowels regular—Baby'i
Own Tablets will do that—tbey will
do It safely; surely and without pain
r griping. Concerning them Mrs. S.
0. Braaten, Ber gland, Ont., says:—
'My baby wns bothered almost continually with his stomach and bowels
end was greatly constipated. Baby'a
Own Tablets quickly relieved him and
would not now use any otber medi-
lne." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Ont
A band of surgeon's plaster "around
the thumb, below the nail, will cure
children ol suckling their thumb.
j Tbe Gorman Empress adopted tbe
j pretty practice of giving her daughter
a pearl every Christmas Day. Queen
! Alexandra used to bestow on her
! daughters a pearl every birthday, they
.now form beautiful necklaces.
Ih'.'ii complete the tup will come off
This Is because pressure on the top
Iiiih been released by tbe gas formed
1 by tbe biictorhi.
Kor nil this, the September girl Is
not it natural loader, though she likes
to load.
The Real Reporter
When lho chief reporter of tlio t
I'oppii'iou Poel bought nn aeroplane
tlu* proprlotor summoned tiie editor to
disc use bin Buooohsor.
"Kor, of course'', observed tho pro*.
pl'Ietor. "Wfl  ahull   soon   have a  vuc-1
"Ilow about Jones!" suggested Uie
"Jones?" queried the proprietor,]
doubtfully, "i thought he was rather
ii failure."
"On tlu- contrary, he's one of our
prumiKiug rearulte," replied tlu* editor, "Yes, Jones l» :i goDlus, sir! You ,
ri'inotrilior tho Hmnltuim railway
emosh, Well, Jones found the broken
mil (hat caused the dimmier three j
hours before tho express wnn due He
wU down hy the line, wrote up tho
aooount whito ho waited uud wnt un
hltt report the very mltiuU* nfter tho
Wreck   took   place."
Thinga Nobody  Knows.
There are many strange facts about  »""; : il ul"'r" nf,H ,!i w,mM •■■•'
animals which no ono has over Beamed j
iiMi* to Understand or explain.    Here '
are u few of (hem:
A liy will crawl tit the top of a win-
dowpiiuc, Hy buck to thu bottom and
crawl up again,    liimlly ever docs it j
(ly up and cmwl down.
Heim BOratcl) ('ir food nlwayn with
(lie hiiii behind them bo tbnt Us ruys ;
win reflect on tin* tiny seeds,   Vet a
blind ben, for which h-n reason doe* '
not bold, always manages io get the
i.un behind ber ulso wheu she
Cats hardly ever lie wltb their feet [
to (he lire.   In most cases they lie lu*
stead with their left tilde turned to* ;
ward lt.    But dogs invariably Uu wltb I
Ibdr fore pawl to the tire.
a mouse overlooks h perfectly safe
food mippiy, sufficient for a meal or
two, to enjoy tho perilous pleasures, of
an unlimited store,   it win hido near
tho food nnd come OUt to nibble wben
It Is hungry, for it Is not trtiu thnt a
motile runs to n • bultf st thu Urst
nln rtn.
•ht* will walk right up the ladder of
success until Bbe has a school of her
own. She will reach the heights even  more quickly If she ia connected
with nny great educational orgunlzn-    .
tlon. or  the schools of the govern-; Inducing of new settlers tolocatcin
ment: lu fnct. she would get govern*
ham's VegetableCompound
these two branches completed, trans,
portiiflon faellltlea for the farmers In
the country through which they pass
will be unsurpassed, and they will
prohubly prove a big faotor In tlio I
Inducing of new settlers to locate In !
thnt locality. This branch from Kerrobert, northeasterly, will be twenty
five miles long. Up to date eight
mlleB of grading have been completed.
On the Eatevnn, northwest brunch,
there arc fifty-five miles of new truck
under construction. This branch connects wllh the Weyburn—Lethbrldge
brunch at Forward. On Reglnu—Bul-
yen branch. 42 miles, trnck-luylng hns
been completed and a service will
isliortly be instituted. On the double-
hacking from I'aaqua to Moose Jaw |
eighty-five per cent of the grading Is
completed but no steel has us yet
been laid. About eiiual progress hna
been mnde on the double-track between Moose Jaw nnd uron.
Tho othor C. P. II. branch In Bask-
nlcbewnn on which construction work
I.i being done, Ib between Moose
.in* southwesterly, to miles 3B. Grading is going abend on this brunch at
>a rapid rule.
Mh.ard's  Liniment  Cures    Dandruff.
Importance  Recognised
"Do you think that mun really appreciates the Importance A the office
to which we bave elected him?' said
one constituent.
"I guess he does," replied the other.
"The first thing he did was to say
It ought to command a larger salary."
A Pill That la Prized.—There havo
{been many pills put upon the innrket
I und pressed upon public attention but
1 none hus endured so long or met wltb
iso much favor as Parmelee's Vegetable
Fills. Wide spread use of them has
attested their great value, and they
need no further advertisement tban
| this. Having firmly established themselves In public esteem, they now rank
iwlthout a peer ln the list of standard
I vegetable preparations.
"He's got a lot of nerve, hasn't he?"
"I should say.    Knows the art of
bluffing his creditors, doesn't he?"
"Bluffing his creditors? Why, nun,
he claims he con bluff his wife."—Toledo Blade.
"So much depends on the money of
a country,'' said a traveller. "In India
a lac of rupees Is a fortune, while In
England a lack ol sovereigns Ls poverty."
The Chinese hnve prepared an In-
ternatlonul mun uui In order to make
tbe translation of foreign languages
easy and rapid.
One of the mast pathetic sights ln
Nature Is that of Petulant mun who
Pocks up his Doll-Rags and Qoesl
! Whalebone ls not bone at all. It
| hns not a single one of tlic many distinctive properties of bone.
The outcrends of the tubes of a new
automobile horn nre cosed and the
lamer ende. open, thus preventing them
from being clogged by dust.
When you are crowded, Just keep
on moving.
Lindsay, Ont-" I think It Is no
more than right for me to thank Mrs.
I'lnktmni fur what her kind advice and
l.ydU K. Hukliaiu'i Vegetable Com.
pound bus dune for
Trouble ofton oom
muoh wc have in be
inn' bor arrival,
'H   to  show   lm
iliunklul tor l>
Oh&rcoal pi ummI la a rofrlgonitor
will fthfJOrb    th* odora of food.
keeps children
healthful and happy.
Give lliem n few drops of
this Btrongthenlfif* foorl-
meriirjrif! rvrry duy ntid
wnti li tliem grow.
Whooping - Cough
Loss of Flesh
aod many other troubles
«ti Dfvuuuiar*
Cjnailj'i Capital.
In tha old dayi balora lh| ai'veraJ
Cuiiiuliun provinces entered uimi ths
pru'cm confederation Ilia Parliament
u.ot alternately at Montreal and yue-
buo, aii'l the ulhi'iiila of uie Qovata-
moat leleoted Ihelr own place ol rail.
danoa, 'llm rivalry between thoau cities wa., no ttcuto that neither could
I." ohofan for Um capital, an i m ini?
i*<Ui joined in nn address, which was
ratified Liy Porllamenti n-,k.ng i^ueau
Vli borla to Ntth the dtepute,
During Hi" lollowlng y.'ur »hi
d  '!"••..   ii,,
Persian  Feline That Wae  Hated by
Parsee Loved by Mohammedan
    _     The lillnn passion  for law reached
me, Wiieu I wrote ! its record In n cuec Just finished after
to her some time ," ■!" yours' hwil feud that all begun
ago I was a very , uliout u oat Thai feline animal hae
Hick minimi suf- OOit million" since the quarrel begun,
ferine from remain Ah tun Pursee and the treasured
trouble*. I hud Port4o.ll |m>Ih of the world's wi'iiltliy
Inflammation Of WOIMII bniJed orlglnully from Ibe
the female organs. Iiuiine lund, It Is n peculiar fact that.
Slid    UUll III     llOt   III" I'nMce regui da nil cuts wllh l«ul.h
stand ur walk any Ing, Ho when n wen thy Parsee found
distance. At last I ill" iloiueellc pel of hu, Molimiimoilnn
wae cohllned tu Illy I nolghbor, Mivberjee. wiuidi'ilni; Into
bed. and the doctor hln house every night and curling up
Bkiil I wuuld have In the nuwt Miered corners of hie le
to go through au operation, but this I bode llo fu'iit sharp prolmts mat door
lefuawl to do. A friend advised l.ydlu Mook<vJee gave lilm the biugh, eo he
K. I'lnkliam's Vegetable Conipuiliul, |IlireuleiieJ to kill Ilie cat next timo It
111   "'"•• >  » .Hv'ly  little I indu'ow."afteruitnVthwibotfleiWitj Ifiiitfuaoir
1 feel llkeanew woman. I must heartily
recommend thla medicine to all women I
lumbar camp ul &.00Q or g.ihjo people,
oooupylog  uu egi dlngly  iu% ,mbU
geographical location.
High Llla In Braill.
Tou  run   llnrl   aume   tiptop  rout of
living In  ll.'ililn.  Ilni7.ll     Soiillinril  I'.
tVnriier, our consul then, anva Hint.
with economy ami
Cat Came Back.
Along canto the cut the fol-
wliosuflerwlthfemaletroiihliis. I have lowhiu night and went to shvp In the
alio taken l.ydla K. I'lnkliam's Liver ,llre place. Ho the Parsee sllp|>eil her
I'llla and think thev are line."—Mra. Int.. u suck and throw her out or the
1'iiANk KaiHi.rr. I.liiilwiy. Ontario, jtoimuuit window, The MoliamiiiNlan's
Wn cannot understand why women Iservnnl picked her up ninl reported to
will lake chances with an operation or : hla hlttSlofi who deelared nn oli'iiinl
drag out a sickly half-hearted eiiat-
"""   ''": "v   ",'"!   ""   """''',"1"1"^    encn. missing Uiree-fuurtha of the Joy
ii smnii family of four ran make out ; „f living, without llral trying LydlaK.
about tola wayi   Hem. |Tt| provisions.    I'lnkliam's Vegetable Uomuound.
W   N.  U. No. 807,
llBOj scrvniii. 130: ruei for cooking,
I'HI; lighting. 110: wnler. «:, laundry,
$'Jo—or more than *::ih, ii miiulli for
luat llmse Ifi'ius. And wp all know
bow tiie Ini-liiiMitnla miikH thn rent
total when tin! Ilrsi of the montb bllle
cvue lu. -New Vurk I'reaa.
Sim eheaa hint oul of mi ihn arowi
i if innii umi earns and went,
Ills VOIee was I"*, li In ll" wiih liiinl,
Hut Ihe wna Well lonlt'lil.
Tim nmf men's education was
I'nrliiiim mom flnlttmil, anil
Aii'iiniir's manners anva her "anas
As iiiiinu much mora arami
Anolher'a gsimenta ntii-ii hlmi
Anollmr'a heir whs rurlv,
Aiiatliera iiiunn wan Ant,,,,   Jim
Waa oiiuaxn ny mm aitiia.
Anil ,mf for wealth nml nnl for love
Waa Jim by Msl,,'l rlinseil-
liul Hint lm w„„ (ha una mnu of
Tha Hliula lot Hint prersmeill
-lumttia Travalar-
. „. _ Jompoi
h'or thirty years It has heen the
standard remedy fur female Ills, and
has cured thousands uf women who
have I icon troubled with such ailments
as displacements, Inflammation, ulcer.
a'Ion.  tlbrold  tumors, Irregularities,
feud on hln neliihbor. The iwrmtpon-
deuce that followed woe hctivly
fhurgcti wllh nc-ld, tilt one day the
cut disappeared uud muttura took a
carious change.
MiHiki'iJimi aworo Ilie Pnrsoo hnd
uVoWlud nor In tlic lllvcr Tnptl. He
BnthcTCll llle wM'Vuii.ln and they fought
the I'luniy's rntlnuo from dawn (III
ilmli    Tlu-ti they look the law courts.
periodic pains, backache, Iudlgestlun | Mookerjeo discovered that his neigh-,
and iierrous prostration. ibor Wna using pant of Ids Inn.) fur n I
___________^___^^^_ I roadway, ao ho sued for dtimngea. The
5  l'n,r
1 The t'uiiillun Pacific. Ilullwny nn-
noimOOl Mint their Kriiser Ciiiiyou Hoi-
"I hlnl boon le opened lllllll OoioilOr
ll,Hi Thin hotel hns been thoroughly
MOOVfltod uuil refiiinlnheil mid Ih now
on ti par wllh ihe othor 0,1', It. mountain hotoli wnn rognnl to Daconunodn<
lion. As III" hold Is particularly well
■Hunted II will be very popular with
cur w
uiiiiei'Hl wllh a clnlm tJiat
MiMikeijis* hud roped In part of hie
liiinl, mid milled It to Ills garden, I4v-
OVy tiliihl the ecrviinln atoneil ench
iiIIiki', In ciiiuloitliin of the Ill-will be-
iwm'u their miuttJire till neltluv hoiin-
"ii hml any gliins k'fl In thu wlnulowa.
Appeal After Appeal
Prom court to court Ihe law anils
wore tun™ on apiu'iibi und einuiter
cIuIiiih until tlio MfilinnimtMlan had to
noil land tu eaiMafy the legal ctmts and
Ihe I'ni'us, hod to reeourad to the
money 'loo den.
Then a little while back Mooknrjce
hi'iird a ikiImi ln hla bedrotim. It was
hl« ohl cut com* bock In a wcathor-
bc«iU>n condition from her wudurkige
(or kllmld.
P.L.8. & C.B.
B. 0
Barrister, Solictor, etc.,
Barristerb and Solicitors,
Oranbrook Lodge No 14    A.F.ft A.M.
Regular meetings uu
tba third Tburaday
ut every moulli.
Visiting brulhren
D. J. McSWBYN, W. M.
J. S. PECK, Sec.
Kocky Mountain Chapter |
NO. lib. R. a. M. I
Rogular meetings:—2nd Tuea 5
day In each month at eight .
o'clock. £
Sojourning Companions are -
cordially invited. |
Bi. Comp. A. C. Shanklond, E. .
Meets every Monday
night at  New   Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddlellowa cordially invited.
H. ,1. Rendall,
N.   0.
W. M. Harris
Knights of  Pythias
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No    ,u
Meets   every   Tuesday
at » p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
0. Torter C. 0.
J. M. I Joyce,
K. ol R. ft S.
Visiting   brethren cordially   invited   to attend.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aul
tth Thursday of each month.
A. CLARK,Jr., Sec.     P. 0. Boi 248
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
M.M.V., V.S.,
Oraduats of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In 1B9I. Orad
ate and medaliat ol McKlllip
Veterinary college, Obleago, 111.
ta HOO. Registered member, of
Brltleh Oolumbla association.
MininK Engineer und
B.O. Lund Surveyor,
H.O  Hoi SIM, I'hona 'in.
H. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
IBM at Realdence,   Armetrong Ave.
orrica hours
forenouua ■ • ■ - 9.00 to 10.01
Afternoane - • ■ • 100 to   t.Ot
Uvenlnge 1.10 to   1.10
Bundaye I.M to   I.M
roe   Sale or Rest at Reoeoaeble
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. Ml-
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally located
Three minutes from Government
Terms to  suit  buyer, no
remsonablo offer refused
Por further particulars apply at tiie
Prospector Office
Funeral Director,
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tlree Applied
To Buggy Wheela
Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 10     •«•     p, o. Boi 111.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand. Hanson Are
Phone IS1.
*********************, ,
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
aud Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished on application.
Addon. : P. 0. Bo. IU, Craabrook
F. M. Mncl'hi'rsoii
Norbury Atniuii Next to City Hall
Open Day arid Night
Pliou. Ml
Century Restaurant
K.  Y. UyemaUti, Prop.
Oppoalte 0. P. R. Depot.
Phone 119   P. 0. Boi 104
(Water Act.    1909.)
To all holdera ol land within the
limits ol Lot 4, Group 1. Kootenay
District and to all holdera ol Water
Rccorda on Josephs Prairie Creek,
Application ol William A. Rollins
tor tbe apportionment ot part ol the
304 Inches ol water Irom said creek
recorded in (avor ol John T. Oal-
braith on the 23rd, day ot May, 1S72,
lor the purpose ol irrigating illock
195, ol thn snld Lot 4, in the Town-
site of Crnnhrook according to a map
or plun lili'd In the Land Registry
Olllco at Nelson, 11. (!., as 6690; and
(or permission to chnnge:the point ol
diversion and tho course ol the ditch
inr the dlveralon ol Part ol aald
water, will he heard before me
at my oilier on the mth day
ol Mnrcb, 1912, at eleven o'clock In
tho forenoon, local time, under the
authority nl the Haiti Water Act.
niiJi'i'liniiH should he Iliad with me
nn or belnrn the Uth day of March,
lmti'il at Cranhmok, ll 0,, the Mth
day nl Kehruary, 1912.
Acting    Aselatant    Commissioner nl IjiiiiIm (or ths Southern
Division of ICnat Knotcnny.        7-4t
Fort Steele's Progress and
Enterprize Shown By Numerous Citizens
Fort Steele.—Although lt ls still
the last month of winter, lt might
be said quite truthtully that here at
least spring has come. There ,was an
unusually heavy [all ol snow early in
November, with a tew days o( keen
aero weather which was followed by
a thaw, putting tbe runners, about
town at least, into temporary retirement. Gradually, however, the snowfall Increased, nud the merry s'.elgb
bells were again heard. But the temperature kept well above zero Kith
plenty o( bright sunny days until
Dec, 29, wben the mercury took a
sudden drop and kept below zero (or
the first 12days o( January. Thn lowest point touched hero was 32 boluw.
There was also quite a heavy (all of
snow, which kept the sleighing good
until now, allowing logging un 1 tie
cutting and other operations :u the
woods go on brlskley and without
hindrance. Fort Steele has to Its
credit therelore to date at leust eli
weeks of Ideal winter weather, during which the average (rost, wr.nthcr
was from 12 to 20 above zero, never
at any time tailing below, and frequently even at night showing no
more than two degrees ol (rost or
none. People, therelore, are Imly
justified in claiming that taken all in
all nowhere can a bettor climate he
lound than right here ln the Kootenay Central valley.
The Kootenay Central has already
mgde a beginning on ita [uture work
the carrying ol freight—eoal, hay
and oats lor the contractors. Ilaliis-
tlng of the roadbed has not vet ol
course been done and cannot lie until
the (rost ls fully out ot the ground.
Rip-rap work has begun, Burns &
Jordon having secured this in addition to their grading contract northward. On this considerable preparatory work baa already been done and
very soon the steam shovels will be
In active operation.
Among the new towns platted on
the new line, that at the crossing of
the Bull river ia not going to be the
least important. The large sawmill
on the opposite side of the Kootenay
river, operated by tho C.P.R., ia being moved to the new town. The new
building almost ready occupies a
most advantageous position close to
tbe smaller river on which a splendid
dam Ib being erected (or the bolding
of logs. Another dam (or irrigation
purposes Ib being thrown across Little Bull river high up on the bench
above. On theso works and in tbe
logging and tie camps up tho main
river more than 600 men are employed In this business being tributary to
the new town. Like everything else
ol thlB kind undertaken by tho big
company, a number ol very niet nnd
substantial buildings gave been erec-
tedted. First ol those is the long
warehouse already tilled with dry
goods, groceries and other supplies
lor ths camps: a fine large office
building and several excellent buildings (or the officials of the company.
The townsite ls a pretty and most
attractlvs one on the south side ol
the river and ere long lt will be
equipped with all modern conveniences. There are already two private stores and a rostaurant and a
large hotel is being planned for a
well known resident of ths district.
Another nsw town to be, Is Wasa,
already    well and   favorably known
(Section 4B)
Notice ia hereby given that on the
toth day of April next, application
will he made to tho Superintendent
ot Provincial Police (or tho transler
nf the license for the sale ol liquor
by retail on tbo premises known as
the Ynhk Hotel, Hltuate at Yahk,
Ilrltlah Columbia from Rrniamln J.
Riley, to Riley ft Larnon ot Kitchener
Ilrltiah Columbia.
Hanlnmln .1. Riley,
Holder of License.
HatHe 0, Larson
10-41 Applicant for transler.
Dated thle 2nd day of March, 1912.
every where aa the location of the
famous holatery of Mr. Nile Hanson.
Travellers who havo been so fortunate as to experience the warmth ot
welcome received at the Wasa Hotel
will be glad to know tbat ere long
they will be able to reach this luxurious hotel by train. Hanson hae a
water and electric light system ol his
own, and nearby there is a charming
little lake which In time to come
will provide plenty o( (un and
exercise summer and winter lor his
But tbe pearl ol all the towns that
will dot the beautiful scenic route o(
the Kootenay Central Is undoubtedly
the town that received Its name (rom
the (anions leader ol the Strathcona
Horse, that ls Fort Steele. Its site
Is proverbial (or its natural beauty,
and time baa proved It tbe most salubrious residential town ln all this
section ol tbe province. It has pure
water supply, small, but certain to
be extended and Improved. Its electric light system is still on paper tjut
is sure to become a material (act. It
will be tbe "white coal" system, and
flower may be derived (rom Wild
Horse or Irom the famous Henderson
plant at Bull river which has just
been sold to a strong Chicago company. The town has been somewhat
quiet in the past, but as the centre
o( the best agricultural section ol the
valley, backed by its well known
mining resources and now supplied
with Its long lought railway, there
is no room to doubt the future growth and importance ol the town aa a
business centre.
The mild winter has allowed the
Bridges Lumber Co. to finish Its fine
building on Main street, tbe largest
and best mercantile building ln town
and lt is now being occupied. This
company Ib planning (or other buildings during the year and there are
rumors ol others to be erected as
Boon as spring comes.
North Star Masonic lodge hae Just
purchased the building In which they
have been tenants (or many years
and will at once greatly Improve It
ln appearances and in its accommodation lor lodge and (or certain public purposes.
The new Church o( England build
Ing will he erected this summer. Mrs.
John Galbralth, as a memorial to
her late husband, has very generously doubled the amount of money in
hand, making It now $2,000.
The Roman Catholic church has
Just had an addition put to lt
through the enterprise of its people.
The ladles Aid of the Presbyterian
church has also been active (or some
months, and has considerable (unde
In hand with which lt Is Intended tn
finish and beautify the inside o( the
church and repaint tha exterior. The
fencing o( the grounds te also probable.
An electric railway Is being planned to connect Cranbrook with the
Kootenay Central at Fort Steele.
The bridges thrown across the St.
Mary's river at Fort Steele l are a
credit to the public works department o( the government and to the
bridge gang and has been a great
convenience to the residents on the
north side of the river. The department ls also planning some needed
reclamation work on the river.
IT I   iT'TTT'li I1 "I
). 11 [„i„i, i .i-i-t-n. .H-tv-i-m-m-i-H'
Water Freezes and Bursts Pipes
the best thing to do then is to
for the
ii    Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water Experts >i
(Water Act, 1909.)
To all holders ol land within the
limits nf Lot 4, Clroup 1, Kootenay
District and to all holdera of Water
Records on Josephs Prairie Creek
Application ol William B. Bardgett
for the apportionment of part of the
800 inches ot water from said ereek
recorded In (avor of John T. Gal
hralth on the 23rd day ot May 187J
for the purpose ot Irrigating Block
183 of the said lot 4, In the Town-
site ol Ornnlirnok according to a map
or plan (lied ln the laud ltegletry
Ofllco nt Nolson, II. (!., ae C6IO; and
(or permission tn changs ths i point of
diversion and the course of the ditch
lor the diversion nl part of the aald
water, will he heard belore me at my
office on the 1Mb day of Mareh, lilt
at eleven o'clock In the forenoon local time, under the authority ol the
eald water act,
Objections should be filed with ne
on or before the Uth day ot March,
Dated at Cranbrook, B. 0. tha Mth
day ol February, 1811.
Acting   Aaeletant   Ootn-
mleslontr ol Landa for tbe Mouthers
tt lee* t***mm        *■*•*
(flection 48)
nn tho 1Mb day nf April next, application will bo made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor the
transler o( the license (or the Bale of
liquor hy retail In and upon the
nremlses known as the Kootenay Ho-
tel, situate at Movie, Brltleh Columbia, from Alexander D. Cameron to
William J. Breinner of Moyle, British
A. D. Cameron
Holder of Llcrnse
W, .1, Bremncr
IO-4t Apnllrnnt Inr Transfer.
Dated this 7th day ol March, 1912.
(Section 48)
on the 10th day of April next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police (or the
transler ot the license (or the sale ot
liquor hy retail in and upon the
premises known aa ths "Falls View
Hotel" situate at Marysville, British
Columbia, from B. T. Crowley to
John William Colburn of Kitchener,
llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated thla 2nd day ol March, 1912
B. T. Crowley,
Holder of Llcenae.
J. W, Colburn.
10-41 Applicant for transfer.
District ot Bast   Kootenay
TAKK notice that K. 0. fltnhl of
Waldo, B. C. occupation farmer, Intends to apply fnr pnrmlsslnn to pur
chase the following deacrlhed lands:
Commencing at a Post planted at
the south east corner nf lot 0231
thence east 40 ehalna; thence north
40 chains: thrnra west 40 chain":
thence smith 40 ehalna, to the point
of MimmMieewient, containing IM
acres more or leaa,
BdwarflGarfleld Btahl
Dated rob. n. Ull. l«-*t
Prompt Attention Given
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaii ed
Plumbing Tinsmitbing & Heating Co.
Phone 340 W. F. JOHNSON & SON,  Props. P. O. Box 904
•"M-M -W-+-I- '.-.-(---M-h -H-W-H-f
Elko Notes :'Panaua'MmaaB'Bamiaaaam '^Bm^iaaammummMmmmBman
Sunday worship will aoon be an ac- tt
compllsbed (act In Elko. Will the g
pool rooms be emptied?
Elko baa been an attractive centre!
lor entertainments lately, and thoy j
have all been well patronized, mov-1
ing pictures being all the rage.
We have bad another cold spell of
weather but old resldenter ot the
district say lt Is the last (or the season-    Look out (or the mosquitoes!
Mrs. Kennedy, of Hosmer, was a
visiting at Blko last week being the
guest o( her sister, Mrs. McKee. Mrs.
Kennedy also visited Mr. and Mrs.
The Baker Lumber Co., ol Waldo,
have been very unfortunate with their
horses lately. One animal being killed by a (ailing tree, while a team
were drowned in the river.
A gentleman in Elko said to the
writer that he was awakened out ol
ileep by e great noise one night
about 2:30 In tbe mornlnsr. He Is a
Scotchman (rom the Highlands, that
explains It.
Drink and Ice are a bad combination
a lumberjack (mind tbat to his experience the other night, as he ntnie-
gled to regain his (eet after making
a flllp. Through the kindly Intervention nt ei-conatable McGregor, Scotland Yard, he was able to proceed.
Mrs. A. Blrnfe, while lnntr<n<- un
inme of her plants she had placed In
the cellar (nr tho winter, wns sur-
nrified tn find several rnse bush stems
atmnat bursting fntn flower, tn a
'aw weeks the irtess verandah fn front
nf thn house will be the attraction
nf averr nneser bv. Mrs. Birnle Is
nature's child were flowers are concerned.
Oulte a tittle rrnwd collected fit tbe.
uilkn emlthv last week to witness the
"trilegle between the blnrksmlth en1'
i bon»e that did not want chocs on.
^v thn weans nf rnnea the ai.i"inl
waa laid nn tbrt around a*"* tln*b*!v
■..cured Mr °nss showed trent
■duck in ha«dtini> the hnre" it i>«'n<*
the terror nl the Crnw'a Neit T»ass.
Whv does a gentleman raise his h.t j
nn greeting a lady (rlend, was the
ntieatlnn tbat was asked the writer
♦he otber flnv, and always desirous |
*o give Information to readers o( j
'hla column, I Unit the lollnwine' tn
"•a near the mark: "In the strenuous
Mfe of lone sen when men wn»-e nr-
mour the helmet wns only doffed In
'he nresenee nf friends. Hence tbe
rnlsln» nf the hat Is • rnmollmentarr |
"ten of the wearers regard
"Up let ub to the fields away
And breathe the Iresh and balmy air
Tbe bird Is building in the tree
The flowors haa opened to tho boo
And health and love and peace are
These llnea are rather premature
at least for the Benson, but deaplte
tbe Inclement weather, there are distinct alrna of aprlng. The sun la
warm, and the bud la already bursting on the stem. The great creating
power la at work.
One of the moat enjoyable socials
ever held in Elko took place at tha
residence ol Mr. and Mrs. Mrllnln on
Friday evening. Tbe social waa under the aiiBplces ol the ladles Aid ot
the Presbyterian churrh. Mra. Mc-
Daln proved an excellent hostess, and
no effort wae spared to tnnke the
visitors enlov themselves. Ths 'plea'
were nf excellent quality, and much
enjoyed. Mre. Rowe of the Merchants bnnk charmed the audience
with her beautllul rich voice, and Mr.
Mowry'e violin playing wnn much
appreciated, while reaillnga and recitations were rendered by Mrs Me-
Ilaln, and J. M. Taylor. A good sum
of money waa realised.
A. C. Bowness
Wine   and   Spirit   Merchant
MaiuifAi'tiin'i-  nf all kin,S
uf        Auriiiti'il        waters
Agent for
Ariheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer uf all kimls of Foreign and   Domesti
Wines and Spirits
Baker St.
Cranbrook) li. C
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.
Competition for New University Bull
dinge to be Breeted at Point Orey
Near Vancouver, Brltleh Columbia.
The Government ot Brltleh Columbia Invite Competitive plane for' the
general acheme and deetgn for the pro
posed new University, together with
more detailed Plane for the buildings
to ba erected first at an estimated
coBt ot H.'OO.COO.
Prltea ol 110,000 will ba given (or
the most successful Deslgna eubmltted
Partlculare of the competition and
plan ot alte may be obtained oa re-
queet Irom the iimleralgnsd.
The designs to be aant ia by July
Slat, 1912, addreeeed to
Parliament Buildings,
Ml. VUtejcU, Brttlik OataaMa
HOTEL g-™brook'
li i large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  tu
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
1*1111    I.I.I    ftftfftltt    I  ill  la I
rirt"iTlTI1 l"i I 1 II rnn"lTTi
Iwish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
Notice le hereby given that the ra
aerve exlatlng   over Lot 062*, Group
One, Kootenay Dlatrlct, formally embraced In Timber Mcenae   No   167117
by reaaon of a entire hearing date ul
14th December 1907 and published la
the British Columbia Garotte ot "7th
December 1107, te cancelled In order
that a sale of the aald lands may be
affantad to Blliaheth Cummtnga
Rnbt, A. Penwlck
Deputy Minister of lAtnde,
Leads Department
Victoria, B, 0.
la) n| 11 I I I 111 I I H I I I I I I I IIH-I I I I I'■■■I I III II *****
*******4************** **********************
■     W.    BMW,    Pteprl.tor.
10c & 15c
"Round Up"
For Monday Night
These are Positively the Greatest "Round Up"
and "War" Films ever Produced
W. J. B. GUERARD, Proprietor
Italian  War  Pictures
For Tuesday Night
10c & 15c
Our   Local  News
Mr. and Mra. E. Taylor, ol Fernle
were Cranbrook visitors on Monday.
Mrs. A. Cameron, ol Moyie, ivas a
guest at the Cosmopolitan   Monday.
Scientific pruning done by Geo. H.
Asbworth.   Phone 139. 10-1
Boys Knickera and bloomer pauts
76 cents to 11.25 at F.. A. Hills.
BORN—At Cranbrook on Saturday
March, 2nd; to Mc. and Mrs. A. 0.
Bowness, a daughter.
BORN—A» tbe Home Hospital on
Friday morning, to Mr. nnt Mrs. R.
Joyce, of Elko.— a daughter.
BORN—At tho St. Eugene Hospital
on Thursday, to Mr. and Mrs W.
Rankins.—a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Granger, of Canal
Flat, were guests nt the Cosmopolitan on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. ZonklnB, o! Edmonton, were Cranbrook visitors Thursday,
John Macdonald and Frank Mlch-
uard, ot Kimbertey were transacting
business at Cranbrook Thursday.
OUR Cigars and cigarettes cunt be
bent.—Palace Cigttl' Store, Hanson
A. Mutz, president ol the Pernio-
Fort Steele Brewing company was in
the city Thursday cu company business.
Constable Joe. Walsh, ol Fort
Steele was in the city Thursday ou
legal business.
For men's shirts, underwear and
any other wear worn by men, see
E.'a. Hill,
Just in.—Boys clothing, Buster
Brown Suits $3,50 and up at E. A.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Grant ol Calgary
were the guests ol Mr. and Mrs. J.
Foster this week.
Died.—At the Cottage hospital on
March Ith, Una Maria Wagstafle,
graduate nurse.
I Beale & Elwell have a special oiler
In one 5 acre tract with irrigation
ditch one mile from town. 10-H
I J. A. Arnold has been appointed
returning otlicer, for the Cranbrook
riding, in tlio coming provincial elections.
L   ' ,rvtRub
apartments, and most beautilul b imcs
.. ..   -     .,    „ave tbeir walls coated with Atabastine, V
\^'—'//   not yours?    No oilier v :■'.] u. ■  ■:-;:■■■■ '■ '•..
'I   MS  —or sn beautiful,   AUiba&tined walls an     i charming,\\
soft, velvety.   Atabastine ia applied aith i   Id water and a \V    -v^
tint brush. No troubb    youcanappl)   lyours       inditwill  "A
last lor years,   Alabastinc will not fade or r.ib c-fl    It is a       \i
A^       cement, and hardens wlthage,  It   mboi   coat- ,-J *
3 id without removing the old ro.it. GBEaaA"
CoUKtl .9/1 ijijs ,. m gj I   11   |
Alabaatine conies in 21 different beautlfuli nta.    CST*^?"**
Conic tn anil lei i -    nv, vou some specimens £.,, f
of Alabastlue beauty. It
Let us show how to gi I beautiful Al it*Rsltn« Stencils *-«->uiii«
-,    nbsoltilel-/   free.    \*-1tti thfin  you  cau wi'hout
£=£m4s accomplish any detfretl mho k\ ■■- Xr%l*rrh
■j,fc C      .3 fou enn make your home chtrmiajj onut.1
-"'""" ' e  Cyst.
F. Parks & Co.
Cranbrook -        B. C.
All tin* poultry experts enn now obtain Bone for their birds at n nominal cost of 1 lbs. for -u cents at the
Central Meat Market.
OUR NEWS STAND is new and
contains thu latest books and mapa
ssln is.—Palace Cit;ar    Store,  Hanson
Hon. Mr. McBride, premier, Hon.
w. J. Bowser, and Hon. Thomas
Taylor, have left Victoria nud are
now enroute for the Kootenays to'
ta'-e part in tbo provincial elections, j
Rev, C. 0. Main left Cranbrook on
Tuesday for his new pasto age at
Vernon, he leaves this city confident
of the well wishes of the members ,.i
tbe church he has »!uet left.
Mrs. P. T- Welsbrod will give a
- ri rock Tea In aid of the l adios
\;i Society o'. the Methodist church
at her home on Lumsden avenue on
[Saturday March Uth. Don't forget
this; keep the date open.
ABSOLUTELY the newest set ot
Picture Post Cards arrived yesterday
at the Palace Cigar Store, Hanson
The regular meeting night of     the
Fanner's Institute falling upon the
same date that Premier McBride had
arranged to spca's in Cranbrook, th.1
usual meeting will be postpoued and
tbe date will be announced later for
the next meeting.
The sawmill of Messrs. Leask &
Johnson, at Mayook, was completely
destroyed by fire on Wednesday
morning. The tire js suprosed to have'j
its origin from an overheated shaft.
The loss is estimated at about 55,000
and will put idle for a time quite a I
number of men.
!*'•■ nu
.,■ tH
hn pec
,   i ■.
WO       lllll
w    and
Bi i .tn
S we ni
o our
tea w
wlileli is
\   at«
. n-i by ti
1' niatiu-
ASK   TO    SEE    OUR
Ladies tSJeweled Watch
i'i .. „'■* -. i m butil  ■,, • .i •<■
Pi ice 18 Dollars
Gent's 2i Jeweled Watch
In J .1) yoal C.-..0
Price 25 Dollars
We are aim ays pleased
tii show goods
Cranbrook S  Lethbrldge
Mcintosh Red Apples
received ami are selling; at $1.75   pur oase.   Come  fn und seo  tin1!
good.** before buying elsewhere.
have arrived aud un* now on Bale,
yet on hand at $3.00 per case.
espeeled in u few days.
in itoolc which wo are soiling at Reasonable Prices.
a pound by tho case of no lbs.
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranbrook,    B. C.
That Oranbrook people appreciate
quality is demonstrated by the immense sale The Fink Mercantile Co.,
hnve had for their "Red Shield"
Naval Oranges.—They are undoubtedly, the finest and most moderately
priced orange ever brought into the
Hon. W. fl. Ross, minister of lands
passed through Cranbroo!. on .Saturday Infit enroute to Fernle. He will
remain until tbe provincial elections
nro over. The Conservatives in the
Kernie riding nre well organized, nn'l
it is generally considered, that tbe
renult is a foregone conclusion nl-
though it is possible thnt there will
be a Socialist candidate in the field.
iHHflvlH•MH-I- :4^-H~H-W^-++-M*++
A New Lot
Just   Arrived
: The   Best   Line  in   the   City
Must be Seen
To be Appreciated
:    No Trouble to Show Them
J. D. McBride
Both of the theatres have this week
been showing to the public of Cranbrook specialties in the moving picture line. At the Auditotlum "Alaska Jack" drew crowded houses for
two nights; at the EdlBon theatre we
were favored with the "Wolgast-
Moran" pictures where the audience
overflowed both shows during tbe
Look for the date Manager (*ucr-
ard of the Auditorium will put en
the WalgaBt and Moran light pictures
They are the real tight or you can
g3t your money back. They are the
best fight pictures taken in the world
Look for the dnte.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Phone S
"*i ri"i*i*T
We learn (rom the Victoria Week,
that the engagement of Mr. c. H.
Pollen, n leading citizen of Crnn
brook, and Miss Mabel 11, Dumblcton
ol Victoria, 1 i been announced.
This will be of intrust to many of
Mr. Pollen's Oranbrook friends. Mr.
Pollen wa** one nf the charter promo
tars of the Kootenay Central railway.
Cigars, tobacco's, and pipes at the
Palace Cigar Store, Hanson Block,
are considered the best.
From general information received
from all over the province it is Hnfe
i to aav tbat the Government will be
returned with n larger majority thnn
which it received in the last provincial election.
Here In Opithrook Mr. Caven's return is QflBured, pn'l from present Indications bv acclamation,
Tho MoBTIdo railway   policy   like
the one placed before the people some
three venrn ago, means n great deal
towards tho de^olonmont of the province, and especially Southeast Koo-
t en 'i v,
Vineland canned Tomatoes three
runs (or mi cents, Vlnoland oannod
corn, pons, or henns two cans for 25
renin. Vineland plums in heavy syrup two cans for H!i COntH. Have
vou tried Vlnoland, if not, ask your
friends about, tlm qnnlltv, then ring
lip tho PlnV Pure Food Grocery,
whore "Vlni'lfin'lii" are making hosts
of friends
A meeting of the Hour, of Trade
wnH held in the V.M.O.A, rooms on
Monday night, there was (l large attendance wllb W, F. Gurd, pres., in
tbe chair.   Mr, Uurd'y uuggestton for
Kor Sates List.
FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Rhode Island and Brown Leghorn Eggs,
$L50 for 13-G.W.Ladds, city. 9-b
FOR    SALE—Poultry   ranch,    buildings fur 401)     fowls,    4  roomed
bouse,  well and pump attached
irrigated  steeam runs   through
land, 50    4-year old apple trees
planted, 100 3-year old currant
bushes, one acre    cleared     but
stumps  standing,  5 acres over:
all.   Terms $2,500.00 to be paid
$1,500.00 cash aud    the balance-
to suit purchaser. 9-4t
FOR SALE—5 roomed plastered cottage,   water  and  electric  light,
smnll chicken  bouse and   wood
shed, situate on Durick Avenue.
Apply Prospector office.        9-4t
FOR SALH—Eggs for hatching from
selected winter layers, in S. C
Rhode Island Reds, wtoMte wyan-
dottes, buflfl orpingtons an'dS.C.
white and brown leghorns fl.5C
per sett'ng. J. Gartsido, Pleasant View, Poultry Farm, Cranbrook. Phon!> :177B. 9-4t
TO RENT.—Furntsned    rooms   (or
gentlemen.   Address Box M: ar apply
at The Prospector office. 7-tf
WANTED— Bookkeeper, thoroughly
experienced, desire situation in city
no objection to night   work,    references,   R. G. Gwinn,    Royal   Hotel,
Cranbrook.                                      lO-lt
WANTED—Two roomers, board if
preferred, good cooking, moderate,
Scotch family, apply Drawer M. or
call at the Prospector olllco. 10-1
a degree of fineness that it enn easily eaten and digested by poultry.
Mr. JollfTe has Instated this machine
in the interest of tho many poultry
raisers iu the vicinity of Oranbrook,
Tbe advantage ol bono food to poultry is indisputable, and noitltrymen
will now bave an opportunity of Retting this valuable adjunct to the.
poultry farm.
The Fink Mercantile Co., hnve just
received a direct shipment of the
famous "Quaker" oats.- Large packages,containing a piece of dainty
china. Only HO cents each.—Now lu
the time to get a piece of pretty tlil-
na without extra cbargo.
Tho Cosmopolitan Hotel changed
bands this week, Mr. K. It. Smnll
having sold out bis rights id ownership to A. H. Cameron, late of Moyie. Mr. Small has been this good
friend of many who have eujoyel bis
hospitality and are alt In accordance
With tho well wishes that Is being bestowed upon htm in his new sphere.
Mr. Cameron is well known to many
if tho Oranbrook boys and no doubt
will enjoy a little at nny rate of the
esteem that tho late proprietor was
FO fortunate to en'oy. We wisli Mr.
Cameron good luck In his new venture.
What promises to be a matter of
the greatest importance to the city
In its future deve'opinent is the discovery made by the city engineer,
For the past three weeks H. Y. Parker hns been looking into the water
supply of the cfty nnl has found In
the neighborhood of Gold Creek wa
ter enough to supply n population n.L
big as Cranbrook has, and 20,000
more. The supply will nmo"nt to
500,000 gallons per ?4 hours; this
does not Include 500 inches which the
city applied for some two ynrs af*o
We made nn estimate 1a«tt week thnt
in the yenr 1914 we would have
nonulatlon of 25,ron and it cnrtninlv
Mo'fs as if the authorities are look
Ing for the some tn hnvlnc the water
supply looked in(o to this extent.
W.    W. KILBY,
'I ■ I • 'i> 11 ■ 11»I ■' I "i I tt*l ■-!■ -I*r|i >1
Irl ,|MtM^>H"t"l-'t-l t M'M I "I1
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted hy
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
CertlAcated Teacher Irom
London School Hoard
111:110   iv, ii-.    ic.   12:00 in.
a-i'i)   p. in.   to    1:00 |>, in.
Phono 220 P, O, llox 2,<H
Bull River Livery
wishes   Id call   ;itU:iiliun
tf> having a twice-daily
stage service from
meeting East and West
bound trains.
u publicity commissioner met with
considerable lavor nml as this was
not li'lt to bo possible at the present
tliim ways umi moans will perhaps
bo dovisod fur this purposo hy tho
commlttoo appointed, n>n:;h.tint: ol
prominent biiBlnous mon, namely lrn
Manning, H. n. Brymnor, II. Blwoll,
IT, A. nnesoll P, I,nml, un.l H. Mc-
Oroory. Mr. llmi nnl, ol thn Financial Post, Toronto, nlno addressed
tho mooting,
Tho Central Meat Mai'kot linn in-
troduood Into tholr alroady good
iiiiiiipnifMit, n hone cutting maohlno,
driving Ihn Hiunti wllh nn olnctrlc
motor, TliiH maohlno will grind nil
tlio boni'ii that arc In thn course ol
cutting lelt out, nml reduce lt such
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham, Pastor.
Sunday service: the pastor will
nreach   at 11 a. m.   and 7:30   p. m
Morning subject: "Th» Message oi
Ecumenical Mothodlsm."
Evening sublect: "Fair play in Religious Thinking."
Special music will be rendered by
the choir.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all to attend the above services.
Baptist Church
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor
Morning Worship, 11.00. Suhjcct—
"A Debt ot Honor."
Sunday School, 3.00 p. m.
Evening Worshin, Subject— "A
Task lor Men ol Mettle."
The Pastor, Rev. O. F„ Kendiill
will conduct the services ol t'ie day.
A cordial welcome Is extended to all
Visitors to the City
At Cranbrook
H. R. Hazelwood.    Moyle
W. Avery,     Vancouver
J. McFarlane,     Montreal
C. N. Borwin,     Calgary
E. A. Mowatt,     Marysville
J. A. iiroley,     Fertile
W. W. Creelman,     Calgary
T. J, Tonkins,    Toronto
W. II. Lalre,     Moyle
E. Gamble,     Pittsburg
Verna Uaiubtc,     Pittsburg
J. R, MoKulty,    Spokane
O. H, Prescott,     Hpoknne
O. H, Urechwalt,     Spokane
.1.  11.  Proctor,      Ilroulilyn
W. K. Hamilton,     l'asburg
0, 11. McDoilgal,     Ivlinbcrley
K, 11. Carrutiiers,     Klraborley
ll. W. Parks,     Vancouver
J. Dwycr,    fornle
J. W. Holmes,     Lethbrldge
H. Clark,     Montreal
K. T. Crowley,     Marysville
F. Diiun,    Victoria
J. H. CliasBay, Hull river
H, U. Philips,     Wyclldo
W. A. Nosbit and Wllo, Moosoman
A. McCovorn,     Calgary
W.  Sihad,  Bull River
R. Smith,     Winnipeg
W. S. Hell,     Vnncouver
O. H. Klrkpatrick,     Winnipeg
John Paulson,    Moyle
J. I.. Morris,    Portland
R. B. Brown,     Calgary
F. M. Bucklln,    Cnlgary
H. W. Fnlconor,     Winnipeg
J. H. Broad,     Senttlo
P. Pearson,    Calgary
A. B. Smith,     Tracy Crook
T. 0. Evnns,    Saskatoon
W. Dunn,     Victoria
W.  A. Montgomery,     Vancouver
At Rovnl
A. .1. Miller,    Wasa
W.  Nii-holson,     Wvcllfte
N. Law,    Crows Nost
At Cosmopolitan
0,  Shorl",     Moyle
F. fl. Howard,     Toronto
H.  ,T. Deacon,     Vnncouvor
W. H. Ilrrner,     Vmroiivor
W. S. Lnlntr,     Vnivnnvor
A. A. Wnrd,     MnryHvlllo
O. Id. Cnoner,     Vnncouver.
At Cosmofolltnn
H. H. WeBt,     Fernln
J. It, Benkmnn,     Hpoknne
B. B. Jones,    Klmbarley
A Few
Vacant Lots for Sale
in Cranbrook
Up-to-Date Office for Rent
in Hanson Block
Next to Club
$20.00 per month
^^.HW-H-H-M-M^-l-^-l-**'''''>'<''»' *****************
X     HEAD   OFFICE OALOABY, Alta      ! ,
P. Burns & Co li
B.   C.
''    Purveyors of Pure Creamery Dairy Butter    j j
Provisioners & Exporters
il    AU our Meats  are  Government   Inspected    ■•
*********************** 4H-M-H-M^"H-I-H-H"H *•>,
l Chapman's     Agency jj
I    P. O. Hf.x 62 Phone 401    \ [
X On Sale Saturday.  March 2nd Block of
J Saskatoon Lots
Take our Tip and BUY NOW
■!. +.J..J. J.l..:    ;■;-!■;    ^■;~^•H^•H^^:^^^H^■|^^^^^^H^^^^^H-|^^H    I    t    »    H'H'
Window & Carpet
Cleaning Co
W. W. KilbyVOK' Barber Shop
Carpets cleaned without removal by our
Vacuum Process.
Windows cleaned at
moderate prices.
Send a postal to Box
802 and our representative will call on you with
nil particulars.
Tho notion ol tho Hoard ol Trade
In appointing a committee to con
t-idir the nilvit-nliility ol employing n
paid secretary who will devoto practically the whole ol Ills time to the
office Is a Wise ono, and no timo
sliould he lost in tlio mutter. It la
now lully renllaod hy nil thinking
nun who hnvo utiiillod the question,
that tho future progress ot our town
ilefirn Ih largely, II not entirely on
the agricultural development ol the
surrounding district, and tho man bo-
loct d should ho one who hns mull
eimt knowledge end experience ol the
country to ennliln him to advise In-
tond'ng settlers In such a innnner as
will nsslst them to select the class
ol Innd HtiltaMo lor the lirnnch
ncrlcultiirc which they mean to take
Hy this means thero would he less
lis'! ol failure on the part nl settlers
comlni; Irom other pnrtB ol the Dominion nnd irom other countries, and
overy settler would nnturally hecome
n booster ol the IiohI kind, those who
can nrove by results what they ad-
Tt would he ol no benefit to our
eltv II all tho Innd to tho summit o*
Ilnkor Mountain worn subdivided and
old ns building lots or Irult farms
'or speculative piiitoscb, neither
"ho'ild we derive nnv ndvniitnt?o from
an artificial boom, which would, ol
norofslty be followed by a dlsustrous
Oranbrook lillh-rto, has made a
Hind, strnily, nnd healthy rrowth
ilie conlIniinn-e ol which should he
fostered nnd enenurngod, hut not tin-
nnturnlly forced; our Innd In ol n
"rTerent nntnr" nltnitethrr to thnt nl
Ihn nralrloH where a fnrmer ran pet
rlitht tn wnrff "nd produce, under
'nvnrn'de conilltloitB, a unHng crop
on a Inrgn neroatr* In Utile over n
year from the time hn "tnrtn In, with
ihe one Idea, generally, ot making aa
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and See Our
Side Lines
Palace Cigar Store
A l'lionneur de preven-
ir sa nombreuse clientele
qu'il vient de recevoir un
notivel assortment de cigars de premiere classe.
Nous sollicitons votre visile et profltez de cette
nouvclle aubaine.
much out ol the land liefore It becomes exhausted as will enable him
to sell out, and move to some place
where he can establish a permanent
It ia these homes that we are Particularly qualllled hy nature to provide, a country In which a man can
Bottle aud know that by overy hour's
work, and every dollar Judiciously
spent ln the Improvement and development ol his holding he Is increasing the value ol hla land, and altar
spending the best portii.n ol his lite
ln this work he will have, not a
played out (arm which cannot be depended upon to pay tbo co it ol preparing and seeding the land, but a
lurm which Is Increasing in value
evert year, nnd whlcb he can leave
to his children as a sound and valuable Inheritance.
Tiuber Revenues
Timber Revenues
Provincial timber returns lor February show a total ol 900 licensea
Issued lor lands west ol the Cascade
range, the rccolpts amounting to
Jllll.(',26.110. Kor lends east ot the
f'nscndi'B tM licenses were Issued the
rocolutn showing $72,472.SO. Timber
license trim for Iocs aggregated 1870;
pennltlcu produced *2,92li.
•Coal prospecting licenses Issued
liming the month wore 840, bringing
In receipts ol Mi!,»H), while coal
prospecting licensee teen aggregated
tir>S, nnd miscellaneous receipt* tor
tho month were 12,MB.83. The grant
total ol the timber branch revenues
was HI8.MI.22


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