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The Prospector Jan 11, 1913

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Array We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a Fit
.ending ww spa per
19li3 the
$2.00 Her Year
Ancient Order of Foresters
A conclusion  to the Article   which appeared in our
Last Week's Issue
"At    wlmt timo Forestry came in-,corpB(i    to bo buried at Winchester),
to existence no ono eau tell. Like
many other Institutions its beginning in lost in ilie midst of time.
The earliest reliable glimpse we net,
ot it is in the yenr 1791), in a list of i
member., imide in Court No. 1 of the
Ancient Royal Order ot Foresters inj
the l'lirish of Leeds, which lint ie
still in tho \n■t.-THMiun of the Supreme Secretary of the Order. As to
whether "No. l." commenced it's
career in that year, at present, it ia
Impossible to tell; but from that
date onward until "No, l" went out
of existence, In 1868, the records of
that Court ure in existence, As to
the darkness which shrouds the doings of the 18th Century Foresteis,
the caueo iH well understood. The
Governments hud no confidence in
men who mot in secret, us did the
early Foresters, Druids aud Odd Fellows, nnd they laid at time-i, heavy
bands upon them. BookB were not
kept, particularly in the yenrs immediately following the great French
Revolution, and a list of members
was not thrown open tor the world
to gaze upon.
Of the existence of Foresters prior
to 1790, we have at loist tradition,
and thia tradition weakens the popular notion tlmt Forestry is a special
product of the land of Robin Hood
and Little John. Hut more stable'
than brnrtition is the unmistakable
fact that women Hhnrcil with men the
honor of establishing iriendly societies ln the 18th Century; and that
the female Forester of today fs only
a revival of the system of self-help
that commenced or at all events existed, in the new-forest over a hundred years ago.
"OrderB of Foresters" wrote Mr.
A. J. Dyet, D.S. Southampton, "can
be traced from almo.t time immemorial within Hampshire precincts,
and especially In and around the
new forest. • * * Many of them had
been designed to commemorate the
events of past history, for branches
of Foresters were named after Sir
Waltee Tyrrel, King Rufts, Bill Pur-
kls    (who   carried     the     monar.h's
j and other celebrities. Our grnndfa-
i there told us of how their grabdfa-
thers remembered the events of the
olden time, when candidates for initiation were ushered into tlic place
of meeting by brithern dressed tn
the part, of woodmen, and carrying
boughs of trees, to depict as best
they could the surroundings of a forest—how on meeting nights a snnd
glass was placed on the tn;.le to indicate the passing hour and everybody was expected within a lixed
limit of time to drink his prescribed
portion of liquor, or be subject to
penalties; and then the nre .test
crime of which a man could bo guilty was to fall out of the procts-uoa
on its way to church on feast-dni,
or tail to do justice to thi. viands,
provided for him at the tnbltj of
mine host."
Forestry was first Introduced in
the United States of America iu the
year 1832 by the opening in Philadelphia of Court Good Speed No.
201, of the Ancient order of Itoyal
Foresters. In Canada, Forestry
made its appearance in the latter
part of 1843 by the opening of Court
Maple No 1654, at the bouse of Mr.
Issac Moffat's London Tavern, Lombard Street, Montreal.
Having taken rank as one of the
oldest, largest and foremost friendly
societies in the world, ?he Canadians
exult in their affiliation with the
Grand Old Order in the dear Motherland on whose Courts "the Sun never sets" so rich in its historical
traditious, so wealthy in its glorious memory. Among its honorary
members the Order hnB the honor of
having H.R.H. Princess Louise (Duch
ess of Argyle) a=i vice-patroness ol
Court 8160, Countess of Aberdaen,
of Aberdeen, Counters of Glt-scow,
Countess of Klmberley, Baronjss Ra-
versham, Lady Primrose, Lady Peily,
etc., 150 peers, 800 Sons of Peers,
21 Bishops, 5 Deans, 136 Ba-onet-j,
6 Judges, 111 Knights, over 150 mem
bers of tbe English Parliament in
eluding two present cabinet ministers
the pressnt leader of tie Opposition
and a score of other notables.
Ore Shipments
The ore shipments Irom mines In
Bast Kooteii'iy lor the past year
were as loliows:—
Sullivan   31.895 Tons
8t Eugene   1,042     "
Society Girl        94     "
Monarch   1,144     "
Total        34,202 Tons
During the pr-st yor the Sullivan
has been a heavy shipper and it is
expected that there will be a large
Increase ln 1913.
It is rumored that several cars ol
ore will be shipped Irom the "Stjm-
wlnder" mine at Klmbeeley as soon
as weather and other conditions permit. 	
Prospecting of the placer ground ol
the Big Bteam-shovel Co., nt Perry
Cree*- continue.. A l-irhe number ol
holes have been sunk to bedrock
with most satisfactory results.
Everything points toward the lact
that the Society Olrl mine nt Moyle
will be a large shipper in 1913.
There were 9,151 tons ol ore milled
at the Monnrch mine In 1912 which
produced 1,144 tons ol concentrates.
Flag Bill
The Ping Hill ol (leorge Bradbury,
member (or Selkirk, whlrh makis it.
tin offense to Uso the Union Jack (or
{advertising purposes or to ilclaine In
uny way the ensign is meeting with
gen-rnl approval throughout the
country. Mr. Ilrndhiiry Is In receipt
ol many resolutions Irom organizations ot various Mm's commending
the bill. Many sori ties huve written thanMng him lor bringing in the
measure. The hill got u Ilrst reading belore Chris mas and It is Mr.
Bradbury's Intot.t'on t r prrss it alt r
the holidays. There Is every reason
to believe that the hill will be pasted this session.
Bowness Ticket
A. C. Bowness
Lester Clepp
Ross Carr
6. Erickson
J. E. Kennedy
Chas. R. Ward
G. R. Leask
Enterprizing Firm
The Quain Electric Co. have secured the contract lor the wiring ol the
OgUvie's Mills at Medicine Hat. This
is probably one ol tbe largest contracts that have been given in one
contract to a western firm. It must
be remembered thut In competing lor
this it was against competition Irom
all over the Dominion nnd se.eral
firms in the States. This is enterprise ot the right kind and any city
must be proud to possess tlrnis o.'
such enterprise.
Provincial^ Notes
The Royal Bank ot Canada has established a branch at Port George.
The citizens ol Fort George district nre agitating for the erection ol
n traffic bridge across the Ncchaco
The largest steamer yet built in
B.C. was launched last week nt Victoria. The steamer Is built o! steel
and will be used hy tbe C.P.H.. in
maintaining a service on the west
coast ol Vancouver iBlund. The
boat hns heen christened tbe Princess Maqiiinna.
There are 489C aiitoinohilos in use
In B.O.
Vnncouver Capital hns been secured to build and operate n relrig-
erntor plant In Kamloops.
Ths Department ot Education
plnns to Increase the area of the
University o* II. C. rumpus by the
addition ol 100 acres, mulling a total of 277 acres! ^^^
AdvlreB Irom Vfrtoria stole that
lour piiss-nger sh'ps <»t an imposing
tvpe nre to lit laid down at once
Inr the O.P.R. TncU'c Const fade,
ertendlng the service In 1915 Irom
Vnn-ouver to Hun Prnn-'sco.
That Canada now o-cuples a posl
tlon ot preeminence aa a flell lor
the profitable Investment ot Brltl'h
capital, Is the statement ol Mr. A.
(lo'lln. a promlnmt London flmn-
ttler. Mr. Gollln, who h"8 Just arrived in Vancouver trom Australia,
Is mnklng a tour ot Canada on his
way horns.
That the Cnlllornla cattle kings
have their eves on the Canadian
West Ib the stnten-eat made In Vancouver by B. O. MorrlBon, ol San
Francisco, whn Is In the market to
secure 100,00 arrcs ol land. The
tracts will probably be Indited near
The Department ol Public WorVs
hns Bitthcrl7eil a survey ol Seymour
Narrows to r>s*crt,ln t*ic foaalblllv
ot constructing; a I rldgo from the
mainland to Vanoouvar Island.
herd of elk nre now being secured
In Wyoming Inr Htrnthronn Park,
the new B.C. Wonderland on Vnncouver Island.
Lord Milner's Ideal
of Empire
Interesting Speech delivered at Author's
Club, London, England
Viscount Milner wus a guest cl
honor recently at the regular "Mnn.
day Dinner" ol the Author's Club.
S, [Andrew mm mm,m mmm mm mm
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle presided,
the topic for the evening being
"Journalism and t'.ie Empire." In
point oi numbers the gathering was
the largest in the history of thc
club, and it was generally declared
that thc occasion was the most successful of this series of "Monday
Dinners," which have become one of
the most popular features ot the
Viscount Milner, who received a
great ovation on rising, said: "Allow m© to thank you for the extraordinary cordial reception which you
have given to this tnnst, and you especially, Mr. Chairman, lor ths very
kind terms In which you have proposed it. If I had no ether reward
for coming here tonight, I am s-ire
i should have neen sufficiently rewarded by listening to the sreech
which hns jimt been delivered, and,
ot course, showing great literary
beauty in its form. (Hear hear.)
I don't know that I subscribe in all
reaiects to the views expressed by
the chairman, but I do think t'u t on
broad lines he has given a wonderfully true—and excepting his somewhat too flattering references to myself (No)—wonderfully appreciative
summary of recent history in South
Atrica. Well, gentlemen, it is a
great honor to be invited to initiate
a discussion ot the Author's Club
At the same time, I must admit to
you that the choice o( a topic has
caused me no little perplexity, lt
has been suggested to me. quite prl
vately end unofficially, that an appropriate subject (or one who, like
myself, has at one time been a writer for the press, and at another
time, and (or a much lenger period
anlmperlnl official, would be "Journalism and the Empire." I do not
know that there is any coherent series of ideas which I feel capab'e ol
arranging under that heading. I
will nBk you to give me a little
more latitude than that theme, as
I understand it, would afford. But
I take the hint to this extent, that
I will confine my remarks to one as.
pect of the great subject ol Imperial union, an aspect often neglected,
hut which should, I think, appeal
especially to men ot letters, and
therelore, as tho greater Includes the
lees, to all journalists who take a
high view, and It is the only right
view, of their profession.
Let me define what I mean by Imperial union. I mean something
which at present doeB not exist, or
exists only in an embryonic or rudl-1
mentsry lorn*. I mean a real Em-,
pire State, with Its necessary concomitant, nn Empire cltl-enship. My
ideal is a common citizenship which
IB something different Irom, some-
thlm' more than, a sense ot blood relationship nnd n community of language and sentiment, such as may ex
ist, and happily docs often exist, between people belonging to different
'amies politic, as, lor Instance, the
Austrian Germans and the Germans
ol the German Empire or the British p oplo and the people of the
United States.
When tho advocates ot a unltsd
empire sum up its advantages, they
dwell mainly on two points. The
first is thc greater strength nnd security which would rrsult 11 all the
military nnd nnvnl InrceB ol tho Em-
nlro, present and Iuture, were controlled by a single authority. The
second is tho economic argument lor
union, well exprrsscd by an American Irlenil ol mine, who contemplating r.s a Iriendly outsider the varied
nnd mutually complementary resources ol different ports ot the Empire,
summed it up as 'a tlrst-rnte business proposition.' And certainly I
should he the last man to question
tho Immense Importance of either of
those considerations, But that Is
not the whole story. Even In an ern
ol   uni'.'crsii   paice, evon II not only
wars but tariffs were to be absolute
ly abandoned, I should still remain
an Imperialist. I should still want
my country to be tlio greatest in thc
world, by which I do not mean the
biggest, lt le not mere size that I
am thinking of, though site has its
value. No, but the gieitest, let me
say, in the amplitude und variety ol
its resources, and In that which ma
terlul ri-Bourcr'B are only the meanB
to—In Its civilization, Its achievements, the spirit and character ot
it's people.
"But what is my country? An
eaBy question, you might think to
answer. And so it is tor most oi
tho members ol the human race
But it is not altogether so easy lor
any subject of his Majesty King
George V, . Ma; I be allowed to
say bow I personally should he dls
posed to answer? The line saying,
"The Empire Is my country" Ib not
a phrase ot my coining, though it
precisely expresses what I feel. It ls
the phrase ot a Oanadlau Imperialist
who is not the less loyal or devoted
Canadian on that account. I can
see, as Mr. Balfour well said the
other night, no. antagonism whatever
between two patriot is ub. The Germans have a good expression to
meet a somewhat. Bimiliar situation.
They talk of "the narrower" and
"the wider Fatherland," meaning by
the former Prussia, or Saiony, or
Ilnvnrin, or whatever it may be, and
by the latter the whole Get.uan Empire. That seems to me, "mutatis
mutandis," to he applicable to our
own case. My hope ls that a day
may come when the words -the Empire is my country' will not be a
hard saying to any civilized man—I
don't care what the color ol his s'tln
in any part ot It; when over and
above his local and racial patriotism
he will recognl-e that his highest allegiance is to the Empire as a whole.
To that end It is necessary, at least
in my view, that the Empire should
be a real etate, and not merely a
number ol saperate, more or lesB
closely associated communities under
a common sovereign. Oviously we
ore still very far trom Buch a condition of things, though, aa I have
said, I believe the tendency is towards It not away Irom It. But my
point Is this, that its attainment is
desirable, more than that, it is the
highest ot all purely political objects that we can pursue, not only
(or the sake ol greater strength and
security or ol ampler and better as-
snred economic development, but lor
higher reason still—lor the sake o(
wbat I can only call thc greiter epir
itual content o( the wider patriotism
"Without being too metaphysical, 1
suppose thnt a (eeling o( pride In
one's country, a sense o( the privilege ot belonging to a land ot "just
and old renown,' with a great history and great traditions, nnd the
resulting desire and impulse to preserve nnd haply enhnnce that heritag
—these things surely are ol ths essence ol patriotism. And among the
nobler motives ot human action it ts
one ot the most potent, and despite
its occasional excesses, of the mist
beneficent. But patriotism is a rope
ol many strands, nnd the various
elements which make it up appeal In
very different proportions to different minds. With one man lt is the
heroism ol our warriors and explorers, with another the genius ol our
great writers, with another the beau
ty ot the Innd itself enhanced hy the
art nnd enro of many generations,
with yet another Its eontrlhitlnn to
human progress, In raising the standard nl justice nnd humanity, and-in
Betting an example ol orderly (ree-
ilom and ctmitlt itlonil government
which does most ti nourish his pride
In nn attachment to his country.
"How loeB nil this lo ,k Irom the
other side? Can the idea ol Imperial patriotism, the sense ot membership of tho Empire, hnve the same
depth nl meaning, the same source ot
Inspiration to the Canadian nr Aus
tralian, us to the EnglMimnu, Irishman, or Scotsman? Why should It
not? The men who made the Bm-
plre wore their ancestors, as much us
yours or mine. The call to main
tain and prove it, the whole ol It,
not only one's particular corner, Is
as loud to them as it is to you and
me. Indeed it would not surprize
me il in the near iuture that sentiment were to become a more poteut
force in the Oversea Dominions than
it is hero. And it thnl does come
about, it will not be solely, or
mainly from a sense ol material advantages of thc Imperial connection.
There is auotlicr spirit at work
which counts for more, lt ls his feel
ing ol pride in his birthright, in his
membership of a great h storlc and
world-wide State, so various in the
character of its diftierent parts, so
rich In opportunities, with so imposing a record iu the past, and such
illimitable possibilities in, the Iuture
And that feeling will take the form
,.i a cluhu, a clului ti.u justice o!
which is indisputable, not only (or
thc entire control ol his local affairs
—he has got that already—but (or a
voice in the control in Imperial affairs. Of course such nsplrations, II
they nre to be realized, Involve a
complete overhauling ol our present
chaotic system, nnd the creation o(
an imperial constitution. But that
is just what thc Imperialism o! the
Dominions, il It follows the line
which I have Just indicated, is going
to bring it about.
"Only oue more remark ln conclusion. I do not admit that Imperial
patriotism of a kind may not be developed among the races that are
not Iiritish origin. Perhaps it will
never be ol the (ervid type, but to
say that Is not to say, that lt muat
be bused on purely material considerations. Gt\en complete eiuallty o'
status with their British fellow-
countryman, thay may not be Insensible ol the dignity ol their position
us citizens ol the Empire, or unwilling to share ln its burdens and its
glories. 1 can imagine thn French
Canadians, tor instance, under certain conditions, becoming ln this
sense quite sound Imperialists, as
some nf them are already. Indeed,
I go further. It would be a mistake
to undervalue the attachment to thc
Empire which undoubtedly exists
even among the siibjlct races o( India and Africa, however crude and
childlike mny be, must he I in the majority ol the people, their conception of whnt the Empire ls. I have
certainly had occasion to realise the
strength of thnt sentiment in some
of the African tribes, and I be'.leve
that it exists, though here I do not
apeak, from personal experience, iu
the mass ot the people ol India. No
doubt among a port'on ot the edu-
catedclasscs of that country there ls
not only n. feeling ol attachment to
the Empire, but, on the contrary, indifference, estmnr;e'rent, even bitter
hostility. But even It these feelings
were more widespread umong them
than, as lur as I can judge, they actually are, I should not despair ol
the future ot Imperial patriotism ln
India. Changes whlcb are bound
gradually to come about In tee government of that country, giving n
wider scope to native ability and
ambition, coupled with what I (or
ine hope lor, though I know how
difficult it Is lo accomplish, I mean
complete removal ol the disabilities nnd indignities to which even
the in,ist highly civilized Indians are
at present liable In some ol the
white communities of th" Empire
would, I am convince!, exercise a
momentiiB Influence on Indian sentiment. But Ini i- 1 touch ,,n tiie
trinne ol a very thorny problem, and
I have already detained you too
long, and raised more thun enough
points tor a single evening. I hove
tho Ideas which I Imve set out hetore
you, though they might havo been
less nebulously expressed, find a
place In your thoughts and in your
sympathies,  (prnlonied appl'ica.)
Women's  Institute
Mass Meeting
A Mass Meeting lur Voters ol nil
classes, conditions, pnrtles, etc., tn
tho Interests ot Moral Education on
lho subject ol "The Solnl Evil" ls
called for Sunday evening. Tho flo-
clnl, Medical and Ugal view points
of Social Vice will be presented by
Pastors Dunham, Thomson and Randall. Thle nuesilon will be discussed
Biincly, without nlns or pnsBlon or
partisanship, Plain nnd Bober tnctn
ot thc moat startling character will
alone bo used, A special effort Is
being made to have present all of
tbe   candidates   tor municipal office.
All    votors,   male   and   lemale   aro
urged to attend.
At tho Presbyterian Church Sunday evening nt H:45 p.m.
Petition Premier
At a recent lolnt meotlng ol the
Const and Mountain Lumberman's
AiiHoor.lntlon, a resolution was adopted aettlng lorth the claims ol lho
Canadian lumber industry to a inenc-
ure ol (IbciiI protection, The momnr
lal wbb forwarded to Premier Borden. No further action In regard to
tho question ot securing tho Imposition   ol   impost   duties   on   loreigu
lumber will be taken until a reply in
received from the prime minister.
Loses Arm
John Brake, enr Inspector in the
C.P.n. yard, met with a nerlniis no-
oldcnt nn Tuesiluy morning, lle hud
inspected n train, then stepped on
the yard engine to ride as tar as the
yard house, lle stepped off the engine, which owing to tho cold weather was enveloped In steam, and when
doing so was struck by a passing
switch engine. Ills arm was liroken
In two pluccB and be was otherwise
badly Injured.
The Year's Work Reviewed —New Officers Elected-
Prospects for the Future
The Annual General Meeting ol the
Women's Institute wns held In t-ie
Carmen's Hnll on Tuesday at Which
there were present a goodly number
ol members and one or two friends
who bad inst dropped in.
The meeting was held principally
for the purpose Ol electing new olli-
cers for the coming year and to receive the reports ol ti'e various oili-
In receiving the Treasurer's re; o t
the Institute was glnd to Icon the
fact that they stood so well t'liiin-
clnlly, ns well as in the iucreio-e of
numbers ot new memners who had
during the I'nst year signed the roll.
The balance in hum! at thfl bank ox-
ceedtfd considerably Inst year's balance and the number of now members joining tills year was about 'in,
the largest number in one yeur In
the history ol the institute.
The Auditor's roport spoke well ol
the enrcful handling which the bnn'is
ol the Institute had had. and extended their congratulations to t1 e h'e--
retary-troasuror for her work during
tiie past year.
The election of ofllcers resulted ns
President—Mr. s. Leaman
Vicc-Prca.—Mrs. 1*. Drown
Sec-Trens.—Mrs. J. Shaw
Directors—Mesdames    T.    Gill,     W.
Doran,   B.    Murgatroyd,    J.   Draper
and G.-Cauldwell.
Social Committee—Mesdames T.
Christian, K. Clark, W. Doran, .1.
Burgoyue and H. H. McClure.
In the case of the President, Mrs.
Leaman was elected unanimously and
Serious Fire
A serious fire occurred nt the residence of Mr. A. Slater on Hurrell
avenue on Tuesday afternoon. An
overbef-ted furnace wbb the cava..
The house was vacant but, in anticipation of the return o! Mr. and Mrs,
Slater during the afternoon, a lire
was started in the furnace. The ure
turned through the lower floor to
the attic and must have been burning at least an hour before the
alnrm waB given, ns it bad great
Headway. Tho Flie Department wis
propraptly at the scene, and, after
.in hour's hard work, extinguished
the flames! The cottage was badly
lamagod by the tire and alao thn.
urniture. The loss will he about
(1200 covered by 11500 insurance.
upon being asked to make. ft few re-
mar-.n she congratulated the retiring
President upon the good work Bhe
had done, fri speaking of this, Mrs.
Leaman went nn tn nay, how In face
of some very discouraging times
brought about hy the n on -attendance
of th" res nl »tr members, Mrs. B.
Palmer had ..tuck fust to her post
which, with her perseverance and
i-<s I N ■■. hul brought the Institute
to Its present slices*. As proof of
this, Mrs. Loanian made reference to
the encouraging report given by tht
Trc surer which showed the good
work (iinio by the Institute under th*
Influence of Mrs, Palmer.
Mrs, palmer, in her remarks upon
leaving tbe chair, thanked everyone
in connection with the Institute for
their kindness and encouragement
during her period in office. Bbe dur
ticularly wished to make reference to
the honor none her In appo ntlng
her a delegate to the Lethbrldge
Congress, an honor which epoWe
louder than words. Her reward ah*
considered was the prop;reB8lvcnes»
of the institute at the present time.
MrB. Brown Informed the members
of the progress the needlework class
wis making, and asked as many
of thp members to make it a point
to he present as the work done
would hn well repaid hy the suggestions given out whlcb would help in
tho several homes.
The president suggested that on
February Mth they would like to
hold a Valentine Social and for further reference to this watch our
next week'B issue.	
Among the Craft
Horth Btar Lodge, No. 30, A. F. ft
A.M., at Fort Steele, tnV.--.U-i. tbs
lollowlng oir.cces.
W.M.—A. Qrolg
S.W.—J. Tannhnuser
J.W.—(*,. S. Maker
Treas.—B. L. T. Galbraith
8,—W. Duncan
B.D.—A, Tracy
.   j .11.—II.  licK.iCl.M,
lie;, nolds
Train Runs Away
FERNIE), B.C., Jan. S.-^Tbia afternoon at about 3:80 o'clock a train
of lii cars loaded with Black front the
Coal Creek miues of the Crow'B
.^eflt i'oea Coal company, ran away
on thc Morrlsey, Fernie &. Michel
railway, which connects the mines
with the town of Fernle, killed one
man, David l'aton of Kernie, instant
ly, and injured at least two others.
Some idee, of the B.>ccd of the
train can bo gathered from the fact
that the heavy tender ol tbe engine,
alter leaving the rails, made a
,'ieaii jum » of about r.s feet. It is
{.-.tunated that tbe train must have
iieen going at the rate of 60 or 70
miles an hour when tbe crash came.
Poultry Association
A meeting of the Directors of the
Poultry Association met in Mr. T.
(Jill's rooms on Thursday evening,
-.arious matters of importance were
.iisnis-eii. The feasibility of having
a Poultry Show about the beginning
of February was gone into thoroughly; also the revision of the Association rufes for the province.
Owing tu the large numbers of
Citizens and Farmers in the Dis
trict becoming more and more interested in the Poultry Industry there
will he no doubt of the SUCCOaS of a
show If the plana as being formulat
ed hy the Association mature, it li
necessary thm a unething niiouid he
-lone lor thi* growing clasd of Industry, as it will eventually become one
of the most Important in the whola
of the Kootenays if only it cnn be
properly taken cure of in time.
The members of the Association
are somewhat bnndicnpped for a
room to hold their regular meetings
n .'Hit. o petition hus bcen lorwardel
to the proper governmental quarters
in this regard. In the meantime, Mr
Clll bas placed nt the disposal of the
directors his l:iu« dining room where
in to meet. The directors extender!
a  vole (jf thanks for  the courtesy.
_h SelMrk Precentnry held a regular
monthly nsaembly In the Masonic
Temple on Monday night. The Red
Cress degree was worked, after which
D. J. McSweyn, past preceptor wa«
presented with n handsome Jewell.
Tliis wnn followed by refreshment*.
Rorky Mountain Chapter, R. A. II.
will hold a regular monthly convocation in the Mtis mlc Temple oe.
Tuesday evening next.
The Muckers
It is surprising how men, or rather those who call themBelves men,
tnke hold oi tbe municipal interest*
of the city just ns Boon as an elec-
sion cry is sounded. It Bet.ni* to be
not so much the interests of tbe
whole that is considered but Just
Uow much dirt or personality can be
exploded for the benefit of some personal s.iite. Surely such paltry in-
slnuatlons can he left until some
oahcr time than the time when either party representing the eaveral
tickets w.int to do the best according
to their own views for tbe rate payer. The cry iB for MEN—MEN who
can flgbt a clean fight and fight earn
catty for the interests of wbat there
it? in it. We are glad to know that
the parties who have their names
before the electorate for election
hade not begun this mud-slinging at
present but would-be helpers who are
supposed to bp working in the interests of the party they represent, woo
are not only shortsighted, imt entire
ly Ignorant of the injury tbey do.
Some delves lUto the mysteries of
the evolution of man now claim that
the human race originally began life
in the form of trees. There are a
fow sticks left to bear out tba
The followitiR hit of logic needs no
words to make it sink in
"When a duck layfl an egg, she jti«t
waddles off ns If nothing hnd hap
"When a ben lays an egg, there.s a
whale of a noise.
"Tho hen advertises. Hence the de
ninnd for hens' eggs instead of durkti
Santo Ticket
W. S. Santo
los. B. Hall
Frank Dszall
Joe Sarvis
F. Genest
Malcolm Horii
H. Hickenbotham Till. PROSPECTOR, CRAJOROOK, B. C.
I Modem Romance
A Great lndustri.il City In the Making.
Directly across thoslrrrt the (M'.ll ars spending millions in estab-
'..thing immense llnllwny i'ards, Toiralual Elevators, Round Houses, Car
Shops, eto*., etc, Besides this many other luimeuse manufacturing Industries liavo secured locations, and assure employment for thousands of
Choice locations from $l~r. iicr l.ot up,    Torms t'ii> cash, balance fio
per month,     Clear Title,     No Taxes fur 1(112.
Write for Booklet. Aqents  Wanted  at  all   Points
Io Exohango—Automobiles,  Houses and Clear Tide Lots   for   Farm
lands.     Whin havo you to offer?
22 Canada  Life  Building.        Winnipeg,   Man
!!.■ knew tho; his position was des-
; - ral ■ in  lhe extreme, and his only
chance of   snlvatlou   lay   In   Hilda. -
Deep linos had appeared beneath his/-
eyes, and [or j lima ho lost all his|    nm this wns Jusl wlim Nora
.elf-control.      Ho walked  ma-hy up not persuade herself to believe
end down  De room, nnittoring to lilm-' knew an I realised Iho ho.ilblo n
self.     S'ddonly ho snt down m his nesi of her action, thai II was one -.on train robber
table, buncd It's lace in his hand, and : will: i li would bo very dlfllcull to Ond  Oklahoma, 1
deep sobs shook his body. Thero is  an i.MiuBe,     Looking backward, sho|by -
no more-i'1-i-lbk-sight than that of u could    nol     understand    wily   she
strong man weeping, but it apparent- had been bo weak ns to glvo way
ly brought 1.1m some relief,     At last tin   umptatlon,     Try us sh
he left and won! lo his chambers, bill  Bin   ' mid Hud uo excuse lor h
thero wns very 11  Bleep lor hhn.   IV   leep Iu  her lies    thei
Al daybreak hn   sltimb red   heavily,  com   tl n th i  wero 11
md li w.i   i ibi . n o'cli ck thai ho v..is    tuns atto s I ■ recur
,»    ,.„,,i by his vaiet, who brought  ui i    - she had 	
a ■ legrum, which he oi id quickly. ' lhat It
Hold ch one ol yours,  J.'-1-'-   Pay
able i   Vaughn i Seymour. Bunk sa-   enod   te   slumber ig i insclenco a-.ul
nmo Is forged,     Comodownn  once., roi
• Ii was ■.„!-■ -I I / tho manager ■  lhe
hotel ni Hognor and he ■       ' m■■
,,,,!,  „s ,.,. i, .,..,i. ,1 io dress him
In',   i i
Bame   clr-
• :■,. would ng il-i
; only her slid-
ne for David Clay thai hu I owak
: mi
i thn   - io bud done.
i    i nlng there wna ua w ■ i
j. . ■ . uy, ind .' was de»  i
■ ii'lh'   lm   lu'    i1 "<t>'in n   i"  ',■-•-•-   ""  ■
'.',-    \v jnires ol the night's aglut-    11 ild spend thi  nlghl III
„„•„ |„,| ;.,. him, imd he faced the lown, fern and Lmij  Dai   n staying
(iiiiire with Inncased confidence. Ho
,i , ,i iin, ! ai once to go to II ignor
.-ml ho caught lhe Drsl available
During tlio Jouri ey 0 orlioil ni ol
evil gained lhe upper hand. Tin ro was
still a chance ol hushing up the nf-
lii.ii'. No, bo would go ou with It.
Ills plan had been ro carefu'ly car-
rl.'.l out ll,flt there was but little
chance of their going amiss. Everything 'was In his favour. Tho bottle iera
of acid would lie found In Seymour's]
desk.      The toot ot his ib'Plirl
ot the Uu
Hiram Hi rn t na In lhe bea splr
Its an I Vera, ho »ul lu the ion-
ue .. - for ■ I ten to the mot-rl-
i in ul -1 wol ed back from tha
-■ its.     i.ieiy Barton hod uutte
givei raelf uy to 'ids new happl-
:,. -- . Ii had un so 'in, \i" cted
Ij. aud ofli r ■ ■ mun • years 61 Irouble.
imd It,'
ous  Statesmen  writ,  have
Because ho has been a successful
Mr. A. L. Jennings, ot
S.A., hns bcen chorion
s fellow-oltlnens to Maud for tho
important posl of Public Proseo'itor,
.   lie was serving a ton years' sentonco
"■•loi | when M-, Roosovoll pardonod lilm.
I havo stolen 100,000 trom one train,
declnn s il .vhandlt, In bis oleellon
address, and I linvo rlddon away wllh
it lied behind in) Buddie In u Beam,,
less sack, Nun my ainliiii.ni Is tu
prove thai I can bo ns good un olllclal us i was ii train robbei.
II Ur, Jem Ings Is elected, n   soi m i
le,  (or  his  graphic  stories ol
brigandage a e arou la i extraordinary
onthuslaum amongsl Un ■ lei tors, hi
will mo bo the tlisi • ..criminal to be
chosi ii to bold high olllce In America
There was once n certain John Mor
i Isey, ,i ' I prlseflgliti r and   nun
bier, i ., enino Btrulghl from Jail anil
nut up for oleoUon us Mayor of New
Voik. ,\t first tiie bi '..■. . ass ol
' ll si re . ii his candldutun as i
huge Joke, bul thoj Boon found lhal
li was nu ■
Advice Net Takin
Don't eat that stuff, the doctor (aid,
Or you wm ,0on be with tha dead.
But wben the dootor had hli cay,
The patient ata It anyway—
And he's Urlng yet.
Don't buy   Lhat   rundown   busineBS,
Or your career will shortly end,
Thim spoko the man who'd Mrs his
Tie buyer went hlB headatrong way-
Anal now he's rich.
Vou can't riilso hay on such poor land,
lou'll starve before you get a stand,
Observed tbo neighbor on tho right,
The farmor Wonted dsy and night--
IIo'h rich as Croesus now.
I There's not .mo ohauco in ninety-nine
Done  For you to strike a oopnor mine,
Snld tbo bent old jiinii lo   tho   fresh
yoilllg guy.
But tho youngster said he'd have a
Now ho owns thn State.
I'boy ilini put )011 |„ jM (l„. t|mti
Hxolnlined the lawyer, sloek nud fui
I'bo man In prison groaned a groan,
And Hie lawyer lunn lefi hliu (done
But lm Btiiyod In Jail.
London wllh the   money
against him,     Bul   greate
'.   of
wus tbe tact that Ihero   wi
breath o! Busplclon ntl id
i '.i
name of Craw ey Brann, and
hla - .
rne-nt  waul 1 prevail agalns
■    Tho intn ifi r of lho hoti 1
Ing to roci ivo lilm.
How in ..ii was tha   clu <i<
vou gave tu M*-. Seymour*:
bo  tsl
Two   pound*,     Brnnn
So ihe c.shle   of my banl
Tiie thing has bei n altered \
Ih '
All the thugs and thli  es In
led al   he Carlton Hotel   were his friends,   and   they   rallied
ro tnd : in      So    i    d    the koi
ng lirois und other own mor,'
■ able resorts.       The    p   li  .
atrtnge as il Bounds to oui ears, else
li I with  bim, for Lhcy knew thai
oni,   hi   was el eti d would bo
- ■      .   free  han L la   theli   favoi te
occupation of levying blackmail. And
.,. ie to pass thai In Uio end hi
• ted and au i ra of c - uptl ■■   ,thei  piece.
sel   ■   thai  hai   pi    nb!    uevi      i en
world        ,     _    ,
the-e it Sh Jomesou, Bart.     Deafness Cannot Be Cured
perhaps, ns "Dr. Ifei"?1.5?i"lf''.a**.*1 'fisr.™'"-''.'"*" n» »«i !
-our-., musl
funded a    mi t sug
go fa il tterni du,
!l,  gai e bi nsl tictiu     ns
o what Bho was to
' ;  I
,   i eunnot I        ia   a rellel
be to pet rid ol
no repaid
■   ipei
i str .iglu in thi
1   lo
More Boy Wanted
Tho lilllo mother »ni dlstrnotad
Really, Tommy, sbo uled, that'B tho
very lost piece of cake vou must hnve
Now, dou't disobey me,
Bui i. mini's objections te thla sa
vere sentence were riiii- and to iho
JVb) .' bi llowed Uio greed) llttlo boy,
H's mother looked ovei al him wear-
Por Jusl tlii. renson, she ropllod
There onoe lived a little boy exootly
like you, who wenl on eating cuko,
llll ono J.n he hurst, And hla death
was caused bj eating too muoh cake.
The youthful scion ol ilie house pon.
de-od ibis nhllo bolting the remain
lug crunsbs on hla plaii . then
1 don'l belli ve a llttlo bo. oould eat
loo i i Ii on!,', be remarked serono,
ii i    darl tg, said   the   tired   little
ui isl have done, because
be burai
Ugh! crle t he   pt'omlslng youngster
scornfully       || u.isu'i that there was
I too iiiiuii cake   then  wasn't enough
And be stretched over for an-
• .element Made That Old Thorough
breda are Winning Races
(n lass than five years there will
not be two hundred thoroughbred hor-
las In tho I'nlted Htalos fit for raring purposes, soys John '••. Ityan of
Montreal], head of the Canadian National Bureau of Breeding,
The anti-racing laws have driven
out of the country u very great number of good horsos and while there
are some fow places len tor (lie owners of racers, tho tlioroughbrod In
dusfry has been m lorgoly Injured
that there Is not a siiiflo breeder lefi
In tbo eounlry who bus any heart In
ble work.
Tim iiei'ii'ieii,,, of iho thoroughbred
In America is shown by   iho   racing
i winning of stake races by horsos soi-
| en anil eight years of uro whloh live
yenni ago would not hn|vo been able
i to win ohonp, selling races,     l nm
proud io say .tbat Canada in rtvlng
every enoouragomenl to ihn Utorough
lirei .      Tlio breeding burontl in linii.l-
uonily supported   uud   Ih   providing
means  for  supplying  (iront   Britain
the mother counirj    with   tuuhYicni
horses i imp lis arms in tim» or
Queer Blta ol History
Certain Muds nf mediaeval Vonetl-iu
glosses   urn,,   pupiiliirli   BUppoSOd   10
Hv t» ploivs it polsonod liquor wore
poured Inlo them, lu contrast
dating from tbo bad old dins, wero
glasses which poisoned nil who drank
from them. The poison wus crystallised in llm bolt.uu of llm ulli'ss,
from ubii'ii it was Indistinguishable,
ond ns it dissolved very slowly ii
could bo used uiiiiiy time wllh deud
ly eUecl Some of such itlasses cnn
bo Mum al tbe British Museum, and
evory collector knows thai lt ls never
Quito ruff to use u mediaeval glass
for drinking purposes wlthonl taking
Authentic records as to tho origin
of leap inar privileges for women
nre feu. llmo Is one, from Walsh's
"Courtship, Love und Marriage," llidii;
Albeit ll Is nun become n putt of the
common law. lu regard lo social re-
latlon of life, that us often us any
bissoMii four do return, the ladles
havo tho sole prlvllego, during ibe
time It contiiiuetb, of making hue
unto Uu, men, which Ihey may either
by words or looks us to them it seent
,'01'V   I'M
(Illlllil-l'OUII J-  -
thought it of Mr, Seymour. II
'ways struck in. us being nn hones!
straight-forward sor, of young chap
li is n miserable business.
Have ymi soi i. htm?
N'o, he's In London.
Havo lho   police   lu
liiaiin nsl; 'il quietly,
No; iia 'oili io do that.
Bul ,ia,.ii'i ihe bank don
Is their duly.
They am holdii
they hear from in
'   111    '
lent I tak    my ou::
name.     : '.. n Miss Qrou I tot
;'.■ : ■•.      i|.-:   •:,,;": I un, \'t ::.
s-,,17-,rn  su.- Bald Brmlj
ini      •  ibout time you dropped
be   ilias,-    .■     Iiatever you  call  it,
he snld rjuli tly.      Vn;.   I as
in:   ■ decided ab   ;   Cla- '
I nut gol .     o tell blm.
: shou il lose im ;:'i„ 1:
may be uii right if you yonr.!::' ■■,;:.
fes before lm finds inn. If lm linds
ou himself 1 don'l think h" would;
ever forgive you, 1 know I should-
n'l .' 1 i.i-!'.. in his place.
Thai is .Ins   whal I told her, Lady
i i.i oi. ,.r.  'there t. buir'ona wa/b. pt'1 Proper: nml, moreover, no muii will
.- deafness, ana ttiiu la by cirnatltutlonal lemeuie.. I be elltilled lo llle benellt of the cloi'RV
Ml iii-B„',,t i„iiillii„u ol lhe    ...,.      ,   ,,    , ,       ,        .  , __
r.iwifliiiia.'i inhe.  when iiiw  who doth In anywise treat tier propo-
Si°{JJj-1 sal with slight or contumely,
Hoger t'rab, tho hernilt and aslrolo-
■!,.»»•   : ™^.rf t;. jii wlaiiiH raiillisii i: ihi i K,,
failure Of W*hICh ] ttaMMb InBarnal yuil
' perfe. i 1,
•   tholr
, lhe mn;
H's nol
mil  tho
It Is my money
been IobI .
.on oughl  to l.now
uld  hu'.e been  ihr1
had   cashed   lho
1 mn ibe ou'.y
That's r.iisiird
common torgery
be punished.
1 don't llko tbo business. if
could only gel. my money book
would l« content
Bin 1 Bhall nol
that, wool 1 hav
As u  SO.Itiltl
that the   sink
Btilterors   'f   '.'ney   hi
cheque.     As 'i Bland
one out of jmclii 1.
T shull go nnd see llie hunk m
Tiie ii itl-. i.'iinoi rest, iirnnii
This w.i- n 'neck llllll lie
Milk'ipiilel, bill Iio knew llml
mat I' i' could imi possibly bo
up,       I!   wns  '   lliat   was
porl.'lllee  I,,   lil.llill.  null   ll.'   W
Ills   llllllll.-:   lo   pill   lln-   in
the lav. ii .,i opornUon ut
possible ': .mi' ni.
\m:i i
foldV I.;
Bond Si
Ium lini
her hen
:l i|U,"
soiu :','.'
. in said
bank, Miss Slat-
mi 1 nn
l'l ll g.
going to
ml other I
her in
""'* I Stoek
.    j Hint s
ettbmetil (.r I
■ liinl rocclt'cd
ml  not j
MCll  ul
• hushed
m i-i' lm-;
.•ould (Jo I
Iiii ry ut
ii iim
.      Sh"  \
•lilhctili t
(MlAI'TKK .\X.
Aafter -hi- I'mt made hn- confeflii.ou
tn LI Irani Homer. Voro wiih much han-
(ilar, itut   still   thoro   Faced   her   Uio
lerrlbla IrliU < V tollinK tin- LruLU toi "
David Clay, and oa ahe Ihouglil <«r it 11>
ht-r courotfo oozed nwny.
[ cannot loll hltn, nho said to Lady
.'imi i,i
ihln ii,i
Hod he
alio waa
Tho c
mli ;
Uarton, who had como lo hei
to wish hor goodnight.
Von muat, dear; If you <
may find out. al nny motin
you seo thai ho would ho eve
niiu'c Ijkely in forgive you [f
Umi you camo to him. before
forced Lo. I waa very frig!
foro I told Hiram aboul mye
• i uol hi'
nt; don'l
■ ho much
lie knows
you were
tolled ho-
•ir. and I
il    lor   It
ed in London and >*•-■'   ced
tuontaQs imi riaoninent.     Less
:' ■ years .." rwards,   tn   1904,
■   -vv   I i was ct isen Pr mier
■ : fai ei   :
is, : ■ .:-•. a political often . Bo was that which caused
Sir Cbarles Gavan Duffy, pome time
!':•■ •■ fer of \y_--ii.:... to bo branded ai
a felon. He was implicated in tho
Irisli rebellion of 1848, a fact which
was afterwards u> gain him thc enthu-
Bias tic support --..ud iho votes—of all
his compatriots in Australia when he
elected to go in for politics.
Another Australian Premier who
did tinic- was Sir Charles Dlbha n
served a sentence in Darlingliurst
Jail, Sydney, for contempt of Cour:.
Afterwards, when a turn if f**._*vMino'*3
wneel made htm Prime Miu'-s.c.' of
.New South Wales, lie had V) appoint
a new Oovernoi of Darllnghurst. 11:-
bi 1" ted for the post Uie warder
bad chargi  of him as a prisoner
Edward Gibbon Wakolleli, an
famous   Australian   statesman,
actually  at  one time a convict
offence  being  tho  abduction  of
heiress, a fairly common crime in England seventy or eighty years ago but
'"'■     ''■■'   '"'seriously and punished severely. The
Australians of his day, however, were
: many of them ex-convicts or the des-
! cendants of such, and these did not
i regard his offence ae reflecting on Ute
\ honour in any way, while the roman-
I tie circumstances surrounding it gained him many    sympathizers    among
i the ordinary colonists.      On his re-
| lease these rallied round hlin, and be-
- fore long he became tho most powerful political personage in   tho   subcontinent .
Yet another old convict who rose
llirougli politics lo high honor in Australia, after having served out there
the sentence of imprisonment passed
on him, was Hr. O'Doherty. lie
was convicted and transported for
treason, and oh his release he became
*tt> j% ihn nnlt, acd uuI-m. Uio mnHi-iiuitiiun r»n he ■
«k*u qui aad -iiis tuba wtond to In t.^in-i eondl.: ger, almost solved tlio problem of how
tun.  li«iirlt.f vill  tnj d.Btr->).«l fOrtVW!   nine lun    ...   ,-.. .   ,„ui,_,,i   „„*.„„ iKmit   1UJ1
mi ct .mi ua c«ttwd ii*. ountj. Hi-uh u noibtus !tu '"e Without eating. About 1841
b-ai mi niiamM coodlUon ot .tie h'.ucoih, nuiiiwi. ■ he began lo iTstrlet himself lo a veg-
t*Ju^fS.:X^ail;ff'.r.»"y™,r.   «'»"an HM. avoiding even butter and
bf Utii'% CfcUirh Oirf.   Sfiiit tut i in nltn. titt. ' cllOCSe.       Ft'Olll'      1'OOtS       lie       got    to
Si,i.iryr»n1.iii,l,r"in,t'N'i:v*l'0',Tolrt,,,0Ha vegetarian diet of broth, thickened
Tike liaU'i Ftmiij i*:i:i :,.r cuiutfinUim.
Ves. mused the thoughtful thinker,
It's a sure sign,
■What's a sure sign? was asked.
That when a young mau begins to
know tliat he doesn't know as much
as he thinks he knows, then he begins
to know .something.
Worms sap the strength and under
mine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to drive out the
the bank
had paid
lad given
is on ihe-
ry penny I
Hilda Gram '
i tide
hum in notes i
I to atari an-
count in her real
t finding thai it was
Hop Identity than to
Tlio    fial   had    bcen
111  or Hilda  (Irani.
uis oul)  knew her by
L'hosfl llttlo LhingB wor-
sely,  bul   she  felt   tlmt
•colvlDg pari of hor pun-
inns lift was Ihnt she never
hat she could possibly really othor punishment save the
f David's love nml respect. It j
entered lu r mind that she had j
guilt j ni obtaining money under
[iroloni es and was liable to bo I
No,   nil    her
,, a popular hero.       lie   sat   in   both
,   ,t '-' Houses In the Queensland Parliament,
.    iV   ■    i ih i ftud afterwards filled several high of-
do? Would l
st Jur
ftclal posts In thai colony.
should never have been happy if I
had kept in.. Beer :. as, al one time,
1 Intended lo. Taki courairi and
you will find that all will come right.
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did li No Good.
One Box of Cuticun Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
•About seven years nt". plmplen liroki
oul ill over my (see and neck. When tin-y
would first come out. tte-y wv-M be biff nnd
i*d, tken after a while they would turn n-hlle,
and matter R-ould come out, Bometlmea
th-"/ would Itch su I could hardly el«p. I
•n*.iS ashamed to go down street, mi f.-< *»
looked so bad, ' went (<» several iim.<,.-■,
mil sot medicine, which did m< no h i d, and
bought ointment, salves and put-m randli Ines.
but nona o( ihem would .-nr" my face tnd
neck. A friend advlied in*; to try Cuticura
oiutlimit. I (cu one hm. and it tool-, tbe
t-linpii-.i away Before I had it ..n used up. I
ilu Mtv u Is it womlTdil remedy, t\'\y
infTfTcr wtio hai pimples Mhjiii-1 una cuticura
Ointment If they w-u.t. a iure cure, I nevar
tid<l any ni)tt[> '"i"-'l u, Cutli-u'-a Soap."
lamnrd) AvImT M.ahfr-j, 1'arLnilI, (<i.\„
15ec, Ut 1910,
ofi' with  -tconi as a mean Imi
Or would le- forgivo her?     Now thntl 	
sho hjul mnde up her mind to tell him Obvious
she lunged to ho able to do it al once.      What Is your favorite flower, Duke,
Tho afternoon passed quickly, and asked the heiress.     Hut I ought lo
thoj   busied themselves In shopping j know that wirhoul asking.
The;   dined wl li Mr.  Horner in the      Well, wlmt should It be?
evening and afterwards went to the,    The marigold.
tiiea.:o.     li was Into when they got' ■ •
back to tho flat, und Vora was strange- Scorcher (to eounlry arlisi engaged
I) sullen. They stayed up till l.ady |„ painting ^ landscape)—Rather rum
Uarton fell nsleep In her chair, hutJ(.01)V, nln'l It? I expected to find
when Vora lid go o bed si -could nol   some artists here.    I started to como
.sleep for a long while.     Al last Bho yesterday, but I broke my chain.
'fell into troubled umber tlmt was " The Artlsi (not In a very pleasant
disturb I ' dful dreams, and mood)—Oh, Indeed, and havo you bit-
when she awakened I waa to find [ ten anyone yet?
Lad j Darl on bj her side
\ era.   -i ■■   ■ ■ rl  softly,  1 have had
■  fi - ■ ou,
I    Wlm. Is I '.' Ve a asked, with •■ dull
forbi ■:   .. :■' In r heai:.
David rhij is hurl   badly ii |un d
:-■ bo? I m .-■ go to him al
: oni'. bhi   sa 'i   i ■:■ dl
ih |g ,.  .-un .-        :■ ii Ids Oranl b
1 ■ ottage      i -     fate,   Lady
■ Bar o : roi   i d   ■ arfully.
;. ■    'era did no   beai       Foi   ■ ;;<'
'■■ ■ .    i.i  :.' '.    d
(To i <•■ Continued)
Reminded Him
P. fit—You  wlil never gc
t • mind vou, mv dear.
Mrs.   Peck—I  will   with
Vo i wi ro  |us1
sell id first.
the dog
as  troublesome- your*
pe rtieit   Th
llle  til  lltS     will
m olthy now,
i': ■ ud Jonei
Do H!ili--\n alarm clock
ing my uncle left
the  reason   I'm
What   did  he  leave
Confunding p  Bragglrt
At ■ ho ■ Imo  ivhen '.- ulfe NapoU on
, was Pre* Idet    of Ih.   Pi ■ ■■■ h Republic
. the ■ uiiitna i h p al Lyons was Oeneral
t nstellan - dt Idle    vhote i lorn
; fui ■ kepi in i bet k thi rl tous spirits
. or lhal ilia -'il'- Ij t Ity
!    One of the mo • ous of iho
latter was a barber, who openly hoaal
■ "il thnl he only •■ alted for (ha oppoi
tunlty of i .1 ling the cit]  of Its stern
!    The gen ral hoard < '■ tlio threat, and
■ ne aft' : n »n i i dered his coachman
..,,.,,       to drive to tho barber's shop. Leaving
Keuwn out snd finser aals Ml off, and ths  I - ,   ......i....,    m ,.   .,.,.. „i entered Ihel
i,.,r*») were over lho entire bnily, (.'uimIiil' , "rf arriagd uie n rui cnieruu ine
Utile or no sleep for Juiby or myself, Qroat shop unattended, took a seal In ..
i removed .his ; ■■■-■i<,-. chair, and dt  Ircd tho barber
Sores All Over Baby's Body
"When mv bftby boy was hit months
old, tils body was completely covered
wltf larif aorc, lhat Bcomcd to itch and
burn, unit miuw terrible sufTerlnff. The
eruption began in pimples which would
ej.'-n and run, mnkiuir large non-n.   Hl.i Imir
In Lisbon the straw coat has ho-
come very fashionable. It te w rathor
cumbrous garment, but dm Portu-
!"i. .. nnd lhal n servt s oxcollently
the purpose of u mackintosh, it is
made entirely of straw, and iho wot
runs down (he Individual straws, and
so drops to tho ground,
I hate flat'.ory, she mid.
t>f tn urso you do, ha replied. Bvery
pt i tty   girl   'l-.eH.
Then she drew a long, deep sigh,
and permitted hltn to prosi her cheek
against lus own,
Lazy, or Not Lazy
A lawsuit was recently iu full swing
aniLduring its progress a witness was
cross-examined as to the habits and
character of the defendant.
Has Mr. M a reputation for being abnormally lazy? asked counsel
"Well, sir, it's this way-
Will you kindly answer iho question
asked? struck iu tho irascible lawyer.
Well, sir, 1 was going to cay'it's
this way.      I don't want to do the
gentleman in question any Injustice.
An*'. I won't go as far as to say, sir,
that  he's lazy exactly;   but If it required uny voluntary work on his part
to digest his food—why, he'd die from
lack of nourishment, sir.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
An umbrella mado thief-proof hy being locked In such a manner lhat it
cannot, bo opened has been invented
by a London cloak-room attendant.
The locking device consists of a metal
collar one end of which may be slipped
down over the iih lipa, and Is ae-
curely locked to them by revolving
the threo metal rings. Theso rings
liea;- lhe letters and numerals of the
sectet combination.
A Ready Weapon Against Pain.—
Thero is nothing equal fo Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil when welt rubbed in,
IL penetrates the lIssues und pain disappears before it. Tlieio Is no
known preparation that will reach the
spot, quicker than this magic Oil. In
consequence It ranks first among liniments now offered to the public and
is accorded flrst place among all its
A free gran! of 100. Io l!()tl acres of
forest laud Is made by the Canadian
Government, on tho simple conditions
of residence and cultivation, to nny
settler over eighteen years of ago, in
the provinces of .New Hrunswlek and
Ontario, and IliO acres of land in Manitoba. Baskatobowan, Alberta, Yukon,
and some parts of British Columbia.
Sophia t sent 1 mentally)--I dearly
love to listen lo the ticking of a clock.
It seems to mc Unit o clock has a lung-
uage—you might say u dial-eet,
witli bran aud pudding made of bran
and turnip leaves, chopped together
and ho Anally resorted to dock leaves
and grass. Ho drank nothing but
water, and lived for nearly 40 years
on 8 farthings- a week. He died In
London in 1680 in his'tJOth year.
araln Commission Merchants Wtnnlinrn. ManltoM
Mako nilla I.a,lln, lead: Pon Arlliur or Foil William.  -Noilly Paler Jnnaea
Co., *(*, limlpav.
Liberal Adv-rcn Prompt Peturna                          Boat Crane,
Wa Irietl a etetl mi
HgwOBltljierplim, III
tap I
Kiiilnir *'iu''l li-'pi.n". lill n, in.
i.T Cullr-*' L  •■ ■•- '"
used iho'Ciujciira Span" and Omt.-n. ut but '
• snort lime nelorii I co-ilr" ,M that lid'-v*j I,
Improv-Ini, and In i.lx v.i,kv tlm« lm waa  , "»<a would   permii
entire'-/ ffireil,   In had ■olorcd about alt  !
*m'k. belori w<i trl°rl nm Cuticura Ek-apa-id  I
■'',,<mnit, ulil.wkii ""i li* i'J.. s-»cr»l  |
olli.r rlilntll tnd dwtoni Ion    I llimli lli-
r'l'k rn. itmrdln will dr. all llml In rial I   '
Inr ll,"rn. and ,.*i.at d;al inn,,,." IHInied) I
Mr'. Noltlo Tubman, llodnoii, Mnnl., Jul, I
it, lllll.
Ct" ii tii.a Hoap and fui Imra Olnl mi nl rnld
byiitiiiritk,t« nnd doalora evcrywlu
ni l'„ii,i Dim: * •■' ■ in. Corp,, r,i
il.,., Bolton, V. H A.,   for n lltiurul li
aami'lc ul Oatli, V, llll llll 1'. booklet.
.   Blmve him,
Tho nfltotitaliGrt hrnffeta I pel loi mi -i
oporotlon i,.r -Vdll nrf Iih in rvi.uii
Whin ho had
liniHiinl tho   uotieral,   "lillo   imyliiK
lilm, quietly Bftlil:—
"MoDsloiir, bIuco yon linva nol a .,i!
cd yo'imi'M' if lho opportunity lo cut
my Uuont whloh I nuirr givon t-i you
would li nol bo uii"-' lor you to 10-
'ra!:i from ultorlng Uiroul-. Hint ynu
hnvo not die oourmc to carry our;
W. N. U. 9.2
i; i lui iv«- r,| India, lho ll Itlbh Army
Ima , Ight'y Ihreo troops, Oohiharvrat-,
nml ii", r foruiatlwia ol Itoyal tiiugtn,
Maypole Soap
fji.ti tiehi e.«.u
toli.it, Ut- hom
Htt._,t ftncUbiolul'
fly tut. Dun lot
iiaiohiodtof Ictttiw
24 rolofi, will uivt
fitty dudf.   CoKfl
(Do, blielt 15c, at
yout dfalet't oi
pdlt • [ia!'. v,-:th
'-•oh(M "How io
Uve" Irttrn
F. I. BENEDICT I 00. Mtnliiil
A sago mid roverom. genlleman wns
exiiiiiliilng a fiinall BOhool,
In the course of tho examination
Ihe particulars o( the Hie senses pre-
spiiiid LhotnBolves, .Vow, children,
tvliut Ih the nur the organ of? tho o\-
iinilnur uuhed.
Hearing, wan answered hy many,
Whut Is tlio cyo for?
And the mme?
And lho ton nut1?
No answer.
ilmnn nmr, mild Ilin I'xniiiliinr, In a
kindly voloe, what do you nay tlio
tongue i» for?
1'or put lln' riotl
Avenging Her Father
Frauleln lllrtl, iho daughter of u
colonel In tho Austrian array, has been
put on trial for ansaulting her father's
superior officer, Lleuteuant Field Marshal vou Horoevlc, tho commander- of
an army corps. The affair hus
caused much sensnllon, as It brings
Into sharp relief some of tho evils
of ihe AuH'iinu military regulations
undor which Junior officers are forbidden lo many unless tlio bride can deposit lhe prescribed dowry, which
varies from $10,00(1 for a lieutenant's
wife to f37B0 for that of a major.
Twenly years ago Lieutenant Hlrll
fell In love with u penniless girl, and.
apparently, tn llie hope that the regulation might some day be relaxed, the
pair jollied liieir lives without any religious ceremony.     Tho union was a
happy one. three children were horn,
and when lllrtl recently iitluincd the
rank of u cujonel, when no dowry hut
only a formal permission to marry is
necessary, lie applied for   leave   to
marry his faithful companion, os this j
would, under Austrian law also mako I
his children legitimate.      The ileld-
marshal however, refused this permls-1
sion, told Colonel Hlrll that he had j
best send In his papers and declined ;
to have any social relations with him.
Thla Interview took place Just liefore a dinner of the garrison ut Mun-
lines, and Colonel lllrtl, instead ot attending, went, hniiio and told his fam-j
Hy whut had happened,   His eldest:
daughter who is eighteen years of age,
was so furious at the slight put on her
father and mollier that she went out
at once fo Ihe hotel whore lhe dinner
was inking liir.ee. and 111 Hie vestibule
slapped the general's face In tho presence of Beyoral officers.
Japanese Coastal Shipping Trade
The reply given by Mr, Aelatid to
Sir J. 1). Hees III the House of Commons, with regard to tlio exclusion
of llrltlsh vessels friini the .liipanese
coastal trade, whilst Japanese vessels
nre cutting Inlo thc lnillnu trade hy
tho aid ot government subsidise, has
attraoted considerable alleiitiim In lho
Japanese l'ress, slides Haulers Toklo coiTospi'iulont.
The Toklo Astthl sblmluin In a sarcastic leading article dealing with the
matter, savs thai lhe real object of
Ihn step taken In parliament, Is lo
obiiiln protection for lho llrltlsh India
meant Navigation compnny, which Isj
unable tu fuce ihu competition of the
Nippon Vlisell  Kulsha In    tllO   I'Oolle
trade between Calcutta and Rangoon.
The .IIJI Shimpii snys llml tliet'O inn!
ho iiii uimsliini of reopening llie matter, which was discussed al lhe lime
When Ihe nllluiiie was revised,
More About
The Loading Platform
The presont geaeratlon ot Western farmer:; will r.ever know iha
difficulties and vexations experienced hy t'aeb predecessors In to*
earlier years when no one couU get a carload of graiu shipped In
hulk except hy loading It through on elevator The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell t'aclr grain lo tho elevator owner..
at arbitrary prices, nnd oft times lo submit to heavy dookage nnl
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution of ears as fixed by the Grain Act. and tho uso nf Ihe
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer tn scenra
satisfactory treatment ln tho di.posal of his praln, and Ilio Iilt-iies:
market prices at time of Bale. Svcry farmer therefore, should mora
and more ondc.avor lo use tho loading platlorm Ir shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard o,' lhe farmers' freedom In disponing of I1I3 grain to Ihe best ndvautage for himself. II
farmers refrain from using tho loading platform freely, It might re-
suit ln Its holag dona .-.way wltll, because railway companies anil
elevator owners are strongly opposed to it. II. ii easy to understand
why elevator peopla desire tho loading platform abolished. The ral'-
way people ou their part say it delays the loading of cars n'ul he'p. tn
ensure car shortage. This wo know U be '.-.011861180. because fr?-
qnently after cars are loaded, whether with grain, eoal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they are Bldrlracked Tor days nnd even we-V.
Instead of bolng promptly moved forward to Destination, It Is englr.s
shortage and shortage ot competent train men that mostly cau*?i
grain hlockales on railways and not lack of cars, f^et every faf*ffie:
therefore, do all he can to use tho loading platform and become an In-
dependent shipper. In suhseyi-nt advertisements wo will sta*,. In
detail the savings and other advantages ot direct *oadlni. Into can
compared with loading through elevators.
Wc handle the fanners grain strictly on commission, make ll-isn!
advances nn car bills of lading, supervise th j grading at time earj
are Inspected, secure the highest prices at Iim:- of salo ar.,1 links
prompt ret'.i.-.is when sold. Wrlto 113 fur shipping Instructions and
market Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
■ Ill Got the Cakaa
He Asked Fer.
Daddy's Bedtime
A Dog Tlial
Can Ask Fot
His Dinner
uld  be lienril
Uii long ago as 1940, Kdward III,
pnHsi'd a H'atiilo ordering the sheriffs lu suppress football In Knglund,
nnd Iblrly-llvo yours previously to
llmt Milliard II. issued a jiroeUimallmi
fui bidding I lm popiihu'o tn hustle over
luge hulls ill lhe blrccls Of tho City
oi ;, ndon.
India has HT vermicular languages,
Hi, chief    of whloh are Hindi, Bern
gall,   llllini I,   Mural lii,  Punjabi,  Tain
11, und Telugii.
Glasgow Rangers won ovory mulch
In tbe Kroiilsli League Competition in
1 Rut, 1800, mul 1 ilior olub bus accomplished this performance,
A Clever Doctor
1 suppose, suld tbe physician, nulling nnd Irving lo appear witty while
feeling iho pulse of n lady patient—1
suppose you consider mo nn old hunt-
Why replied Hie lady. I had no Iden 1
you 'could ascertain a woman's
thoughts by merely feeling her pulse.
"1'wixl years and men Is rarely seen
A parallel full pat;
The veins seom long wben tliey nre
And nlinrl when Ihey urn fat.
Take in Time
lho proper help lorltl your system
of the poisonous liilc which causes
heattaolies, flatulence nntl discomfort, By common consent ihe
proper—und the best—-help is
Sni'llTIli] gave 11 Innd bulk, nnd a scruuilil
clawed feet hurrying over n buck fence.
"llo's chasing Crankie Green's cut home," snld I'volyn.
"Yes.   Can't you hour hliu suy 'Itiiuncc, bouncer jusl us plain as
anything*-" added Jack.
"Well, It sounds Just llko a plain bowwow lo me," daddy replied, "hut 11s
talking dogs sceni to bo the stylo we mny ns well have 0110 Ion.
•'There's 11 talking dog now thill's nolo to spook ns many ns eight words
"Thla dog, whoso name ls lllll, Is a very wutidori'iil chap,   When be ivns n
puppy ho run nml played wllh the children,   i'liey were nlco children, und
wheu Ihey were given anything good to eat lliey slimeil II wllh lllll.
"Hut UUI was a big dog, nnd, no metier how fairly bis Hltle pl.iyiuiiles
divided, Bill wns always ready for more nl tho end nf Uio feast.
"Bill had noticed Hint wben the children said cako lliey usually gol one of
the awccls.   IIIII mado up his mind lo lenrn lo sny cuko ror lilinsoir.
"The Ilrst timo ho tried even Bill himself knew thnt It sounded like Jusl
plain bowwow, but ho kept on trying, nml Dually be wus able to give a cough
sod n woof thnt the children said was cake, plain ns could be.
"Soon It wua noticed (lint Bill lunl nol much n|i|icllto nl ineiil time, ami
then It was learned thnt Bill was going about lown asking for cukes.
"Then Bill Iciiraod to speak his own name, and by mul by be wns lauglii
yes uuil 110.   He learned several other words lu time.
"Then somo ono put a piece In lho paper aboul lllll, nml ho became rn-
mom. By this time ho was severul yenrs old. no longer a puppy, but 11 sillier
grownup dog who loved Ills own fireside und Ills own comfort
"Tho piece In the newspaper spoiled things fur lllll. Loiters nntl telegrams
; came pouring tn to hli master. Somo of Ihe letters wero offers to Imy ibe
I dog who could talk. Olhi'ii were letters from men who lind thenlcrs or clr
j cuses nud wanted lllll to como and let tlicm show lilm nrr to I lie public,
I "Bill's master would not think of selling blm, hul ih Iio was mil a rich mu*
tbe offers of pay for Bhotrlng Ills dog pieasod lilm.
"Bill was takeu to thn clly. At ilia tlrst inrnlai nhet- ba wna shown llie
pcoplo went wild over the log.
"Bill's master wns paid a lirgi nuro ef money .every week, and tho dog win
fed on tenderloin steak nml JaliiUce, but (raveling aboul ever ilu country nnd
getting up liefore crowds lo rnon off hla (licks nre nol pleasing to s dog. nndl
inayho bo often wished thnt ke hid net been .u tuud of cake u to learn te
ssk for IL"
Md ...r.wh.ra.     .
Im beat*. 2Sa
Blohhs- My wlfo iliinks It's wicked I    Including tlm High court nt Justice
for mo to piny brldgo. , n,,, rjoiiri of Appeal, and tho Com! ol
Slobhs -It Is-tho way you play 111 | Criminal Apnuil, thu tolnl nost nl tho
Law Courts for the yeur muling Unroll
My sou, do you think lhls kind oil 1012, w.ib Hourly }3,li00,000.
Ilfo'wlll pay you? | receipts tvoro some JI.'.'O'U'OO .
No, father; but I'm hoping you wlill | tills sum,
. ol 6>
Way fcuin-t she lake )
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop s. headaoha promptly, yet dn not contain any cf
the dangerous drugs common In headache tablets. MV. your
Druggist about them.  25c. a boi.
National om/« an* cmihical Co. nt Canada. Limiteo
iin ll:
Summary Justice
arrival of tho judgo who hnd
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
tt la their way of oalllni your attention, to the tne*
tlml they am nil' >n i«rlnrt cirtititllitn.   Many pepjili
who mrsjitontly Ignored renealed warningsji ven
l>Y tho kiiliipvt. Hit> tinw i-limiiic iiih-r.-r.-i from ki'lmiy
Htnl Madder vuiiuilmutit whieli v.... Uny with lliein
until iluy .lie, umi perhaps hasten lliti end.
JTOW much hotter to help (hr* IttdnU'fl the moment
thf-V rlllOW aIktia nf in-pilinii; li liMli* n-'i-l linri'l      J like
]>lt. t'l.AHli'H NVVKI.T VntK I'lll.S In time.
•-contain Nature's own remedies.   Thoy lift the Iclilncyi out of their temporary
Iqpresabi. mnl mint them uguin in normal activity,   ttultl e.erywlicr.) at Ulty cents
* box or .nailed iimt I hy '*■'
itl tt oourt Iii ono ul' the towns
I ot Arkansas circuit, it was found Hint
I im pons, lule. or stationery had been
i iirovlileil.     H living expressed himself
I with iluo forclblltty. Ills Honour tool.
i Bonn money front his pocket, ami waB
{oboul to liaiul it tu un attendant, when
■ ■ li<* paiiBod.     There was   a   high-fee
lawyer in tho well or tho court, who
al Umi moment was heard to remark,
Well, I've Bfien uunio pretty bud courtB
but this—well, this Is thi. limit.   Tho
j brow or the judge darkened. You are
| fined llvo dollurn fur don tempt, Hir! ho
said,     iiaiid tho money to the at-
I iMHidnnt,    While to the lattor ho said
i Mow, David Bryan, Just you slop out
Quickly tind get the nrllolea required
I; nd if thero la anything left ovor you
! can hand this gentleman his change.
The largest pyramid in ltlgypt con-
j fains iio.ooo.noo ouhlo feet of stone.
i*l i it'tt i< uie toi (.mini, m-.-t I-. nii't-iii on   l.'.lHIl
Ton Flnrtling I'aUcri,
Next Sailings fiom Montreal
"»OY»L GEORGE" Or. ,6th. N„». I JiS
Xmas Sailings—From Halifax
"XOVAl EDWARD" N,,.. 27th
Purilior infoi'matlori from'any rnii
or atrnmr.ltlp iiconl. or vmIU'.
A. H. OAVIS, Gen. Agent.
J   572 Main Street Winnipeg
..ladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundreds   of   cured   patients   can
provu our statement).
■SulTerort will receive pamphlet free
cu request.
Sanol. PRICE $1.50 per bottle In
liquid from Druggists, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
Hi-xley's Conclusion
TUe Into Professor Huxley, during
one of hli. lecturing tours, received an
Invitation to preside at a meeting to
be held t lm following night by Uie An
tl-Tobacco League. Though bo mi
whnl surprised, tho professor accepted
thc InvltutloUi and the following evening was dulv IiikIiiIUmI iu the chair.
Thore wuh » largo gathering, und the
learned gentlemau recolved a'hearty
Ladles and gentlemen, satd tho pro-
fr-ssor nu rising, I shall open this meeting by relating a llttlo Incident wliloli
of.-cur red some yenrti ago, I waa on
a visit lo ji very dear friend of mine,
who was al that time deeply Interested in n discovery then recently mado
lu connection with science, uud, being
mueh Interested in the Same subject
myself, wo frequently exchanged
views, which naturally led to much
animated discussion, However, notwithstanding tho similarity of our
tastes In various Btudies, thoro was
nne point on which we differed—njy
friend wan nn Inveterate smoker,
whilst T, on tho contrary, detested tobacco ln any form. (Groat applause).
After dinner we usually retired to
hla study in order lo dlscuas this important   discovery.     Finding  myself
I on ono of these occasions nearly suffo-
| oated with tlic smoke from my friend's
cigar, l mildly expostulated, whereupon, pushing the cigars towards me,
lie exclaimed—Take one yourself, old
man; It's tho best remedy. Knowing
from experience that it would be Impossible to induce him to relinquish
j his, I reluctantly took a cigar und
aniukc-d it; and since that timo, ladies
and gentlemen, nothlng*on earth would
Induce me—(suppressed applause)—
would induce me, resumed tho learned
chairman, to forego my after-dinner
RAW   171 ID  M...0.1   ii  rapidly   -.[-pr-itcHae.
raw run ttm you .£3$^ "whe« ,,
market you. «*t4lMticHt«.
Toronto n the -.-t.it-. I'ur mim.fHi-.mmtj enntrr nf C<n-
mU, Dcl-iiiieui'i.'.-tl and |U ll.? full valus to. y,-,m
Promo. t«!i far your coTH.ffnraei.lt, Um* or mull.
Write Mv foi out trt-J-nswi Mt« to Ik uiu-d 100:1,
Ad<!m« WAGNER, MASIEft * CO.. Dtp). C.
M Freit St., Ewt, TtrMte. 0*Uri»
The Better Way
A lady, who was Bitting In the middle ot the stalls at a matinee- and was
wearing a regular floral avenue of a
hat, was politely asked to remove it,
but she somewhat rudely refused; At
last tiie nuisance became Intolerable,
and various uncomplimentary remarks
were heard all round her. A gentleman, reprimanding a youth near him,
who had given vent to a particularly
sarcastic- remark, said, eo that he
could be heard by all around:
Jf you only knew what you were
talking about you would hold your
tongue; that lady is a friend of mine,
and has not long recovered from a serious illness, which has left her quite
Wiiii a vicious jerk the offending
hul wus removed to disprove the
fiendish assertion, and the view of the
stage was nol impeded any longer.
I»T, ona ran liitv.-W.i-- yuu don't even luve to
t-ii.witi.it KIND of-Cloth yui.rt.nod* arc mud*
ot.-So MM-kri are ln.aoit.bli->.
S-mJ (or I'rra dolor Card, Story Booklet, and
Booklet giving remit* of Dyeing over other i-nlora,
Tha IUIINSON.nK.tlARD.StJN CO., Limited,
Muntraal. Canada. •
To Fit the Crime
| Kor a scolding wife the branks and
i ducking-stool were formerly regard d
! as Infallible correctives. Not more
so, however, thnn the method employed by a Saii/.uurg burgomaster, who
sentenced p woman, convicted of virulently abuaing her husband, to stand
ih a public place, nnd for six hours
every day for a week direct a torrent
of violent objurgation against a straw
effigy fashioned to represent her
spouse. Not a minute's respite was
her tongue allowed, the briefest silence
being sharply punished by a stinging
cut from a whip wielded by an official
who stood at hand to sec lhat the sentence was duly carried out.
A Russian smuggler wae shot recently by Cossacks just ns he waa crossing the Austrian boundury, nol far
from CzcruowltK. Tho body fell
across the frontier, the head In Hun*
sian territory, the trunk ou the Hlrlp
of neutral ground Which forms tliu
frontier, and the legs lu Austria. No
ono is compfteut to deal with the removal of Ihe body, as lt foil in different countries. It was still lying, at
the time of writing, uuburied, the
head guarded liy Cossacks, thu rest by
Austrian gendarmes.
Counsel (to witness)—What is your
Witness—He's a finisher.
"What does ho finish?
Well, he's just finishing his time in
Pentonviiio Prison,
Of the 3,000 languages and dln.oota
on thc earth, the Uible has been translated Into 180.
*<U '- KlQINt^H   ,,
GOc. a box er six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited)   Toronto,
W. N. U. 919
Dr, W. fl. (Irace is very foyd^of telling the following story:—On a certain
occasion a trusted old servant of his
was given a trip to I/uidon. Sue
returned much ploufced with thc Bights
she had seen.
What pleased you most, Susan? ask
ed the doctor.
Oh, sir, Madame Tussau.i .*> \v.r.»
Thon you must have seen mc, salt!
lho veteran cricketer.
No, that 1 did not, sir.
What! Didn't see ma? I wan
there ns large ns life.
Well, sir, to tell the truth, it cost
sixpence extra to visit tho Chamber
cl Horrors.
They were boated In the dim light
of a conservatory. She was playing
with her fan, aud he was murmuring
sofi speeches in her ear. Suddenly
he leaned forward nnd impressed a
IctSB on her soft cheek.
Oh, Charlie, she cried, '--ow you
frightened me!
Then aftor a few minutes she said:
Frighten me again, Charlie,
She (pouting.~-Beforo we woro
married you often used to catch mo In
your arms.
Ho—Yes; and now I catch you in
my pockets. •
No Approval
A Sheffield merchant, whose daughter had married a man, with whom it
proved sho could not get on very well,
was much surprised somo weeks Inter
to see the young lady rot-urn homo
again with till her belongings,
Tho old man listened very attentively to hor story, and then went to his
desk and wroto a nolo to hla son-in-law
which ho gave to his daughter, assuring her that her husband would receive her kindly after tills.
Tho pair, on reading tlio letter,
found In tt the following notice:
Dear Sir,—Goods that havo boon soled ed of one's own free will at my
establishment nro not taken back
The young couple laughed and were
A oehsus of Lhb Japanese Umpire Is
laken o\ery five y--ura.
touring 'he past fourteen years tho
production of crudo petroleum In India has Increased by nearly 200 million gallons.
Lotteries In tho United Kingdom
were abolished In 1830.
The Big Noise
This is lhe utory they told In Wash*
Ington during the time when Colonel
lloosevelt wus sweeping things before
hhn iu tho popular primaries in various States.
The colonel approached lhe gales of
heaven, and was met by St. Voter,
wiio welcomed him With alacrity.
Hardly had the colonel stepped Into
'ho portals when ho heard the sound
of singing.
What's that? he asked.
Those are the choristers lu that
building across the street, explained
the saint, We wanted to welcome
you In style, and wo Imve lu thore
twenty-five hundred singers.
That's not enough, objected the colonel. We ought to have a big choir.
Can yon got fifty thousand tenors?
St. Peter thought that could bo
And fifty thousand contraltos? pursued iho new arrival.
This also was agreed to.
-\tiii fifty thousand sopranos?
Yes, answered St. Peter, but who
will sing bass?
Oli. said Roosevelt lightly, X'll sing
Mlnard's Liniment for tale everywhere
The Subs Snub
There is au amusing story told of
an Army officer who is noted for his
ready wit. In the very early days
of his career he was ordered out to
Bombay as A.D.C. Shortly after his
arrival he had to make a visit to Government Houso, whero a new and very
supercilious military secretary was installed.
Tho room was crowded with people
wheu the young subaltern entered
and proceeded to explain his business.
The military secretary who. in the
conscious pride of his new position,
had a hearty contempt for subalterns
of all degrees, with a glassy stare
llirougli his monocle offered him two
fingers to shake.
The A.D.C. quite unabashed, looked at him for a second or two, e.ntl
then said genially: Hang it all, major,
the governor gives mc three.
It one be troubled with corns and
warts, ho will find in Ilolloway's Com
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve suffering,
No Strangers Allowed
Frank IT. Hitchcock, the postmaster
general of the United States, takes
the deepest interest in even thc smallest details of the postal service. One
evening he was at the Union Station
in Washington, when he decided to go
into ono of tho railway mall-service
cars to seo how the mail matter was
being handled. Being a tall man and
very athletic, he easily swung himself
from the platform Into the car. but ho
did not find It an easy matter to stay
put. A burly postal clerk grabbed
him by *.\*n hhoulders, propelled hlin
towards thc side door, and practically
ejected him to the platform below.
What do you mean by that? ashed
Hitchcock indignantly.
1 mean to keep you out of this car,
iGplled tho clerk roughly. That fellow Hitchcock has given ns strict orders to keep ail strangers out o£ these
Human Nature
Muggins-—1 suppose it is human nature to sympathize with the under dog
Wiggins—Yen, especially if wo aro
rretty sure ho is going to get on top.
She was nouveau rtche and had a
cottage for tho summer at the seashore. Her one problem was how tn
secure aa her house gifest the recognized leader ot noddy in her home
Tlio invitation was being verbally
extended, and aa a last inducement,
Mrs. Malaprop ended: •
And as you will sit on the front
porch it's charming to watch the llttlo
whltotalled bouts flit pro aud cou.
Payment ot wages In public-houses
was prohibited by Act of Parliament
nearly thirty years uso.
The True Wav. to   Correct   Nervous
Nervous troubles are more iften
caused by improper food and Indigestion than most people Imagine. ILiven
doctoic sometimes overlook this fact,
A mau says:
"Until two years ago waffles and
butter with meat and gravy were the
main features of my breakfast. Finally dyspepsia came on and I found myself in a bad condition, worse In tho
morning than any other time. I
would have a full, sick feeling In my
stomach, wit'i pains in iny heart,
sides and head.
"At times I would have no appetite
for days, then I would feel ravonous,
never satisfied when I did oat and so
nervous I folt like shrieking nt the top
of my voice. I lost flesh hadly and
hardly knew which way to turn until
one day I bought, a hox of (Jnipe-Nuts
food to sen if I could eat thnt. I
tried It without telling the doctor, and
liked if line; made me feel as If I
had something to eat that was satisfying and utill I didn't havo lhat
heaviness tl at I had felt after eating
any other food.
"I hadn't drank any coffee then In
five weeks. I hept on with tho
Crape-Nuts nnd In a month and a half
I had gained 15 pounds, could cat almost anything 1 wanted, didn't feel
badly nfter eating and my nervoua-
D08B was all gone It's a pleasure to
bo woll again."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor. Ont. Head tho book,
"Tiie Hoad to Wellvlllc/' in pltga.
"There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
aro genuine, true, and full of human
Quite Appropriate
Your Majesty, asked the cook oi
Die King of the Cannibal Islands, hov
will you have tho latest captlvs pr*
1 always like to cook my game In
some way appropriate to their national characteristics, replied the savage
monarch. Of what nation does he
hall from?
Ireland, your Majesty. Is it your
pleasure tlmt ho be served as an Irish
Oh, no! You mav make a soup ot
Hut ls that characteristic of the Inhabitants of Krln, your Majesty? asked the chef politely.
Why, certainly. That's the way
they cook young men In Ireland.
I beg your pardon, sire, but 1 never
heard of" it.
Which shows your lack of knowledge. In Ireland a broth of a boy
Is u common expression.
How's This?
W» offer on- Hundred Dollar- Rc-rarit tar Ml
an ol OalHrrli llmt   cannot Uo curd  br Olll*
iMwrh I'ma.
*f I. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, a
We, tha liadcralgiii-il.  havo known F. J. Cbgnif
'Of tba lul li yi-iirH, uud Ix-Ucve htm [M-rfri-t.y hoa>
•rtblo In  all  biialur-vi  ir.in.i-i.-n-i  mul  financially
into to carry out any nl.ll.iiitiuim mnde by lili Umi.
V> JiolMmlo llntenh-i.-t, Toledo, O.
fUll'iiCatarrh   Ciirn   u   Uiki-n   iiit-rnai.j. m«M
dlTf-ct.r upon llie lii'inil nnd minimi*) mirrin-i al MM
•ritam.   Twtuuonliili Hilt free.   J'rlio H tenti HI
bottle. R'il-1 bynlll»ni8Khi«.
i»lc Hall'i 1 iiiulli- I'll!* lor ion lllr;. Hon
A rustic, who did odd John Tor lho
village blaekninlth, nsked leave of absence for tlio lollowlng day, which
waa granted,  •
During ihe morning bin employer
noticed him, dressed in his Sunday
boat, coming down tlio road from the
direction ot tho church, sheepishly
followed by a woman who kepi about
two paces lo tho rear, on the opposite sldo oC the road.
.forking Ute thumb over hia Bhouldor
iu the direction of hie companion, and'
at tho Bame time indicating her witli
a movement ot hia hoad, tliu yokel
solemnly ejaculated:
Got *er.
Asthma Overcome. Tlm triumph
over asthma has assuredly come. Dr.
J. D, Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
proved the most positive blessing the
victim of asthmatic attack., haa ever
known. Letters received from thousands who have tried it form a testimonial which loaves no room for
doubt that here is n roal remedy. Got
tt to-day from your dealer.
All Doctor's   Medicine   Failed—Cure
Effected   by Use of
Again thla great medicine has triumphed over kidney diseases ot a severe typo. From a bed of Buffering
and helplessness Mrs. Walsh was restored to health and strength by us-
ng Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Kidney pains in the. back tortured
her. Dropsical swellings had set In
and sho had no reason to hope for
cure, Binco the doctor's medicine failed to even relieve her. Read what
tho husband says about this remarkable cure.
Mr. Thos. it. Walsh, Pictou. N.S.,
writes:—"Two years ago my wife took
to her bed after suffering for a long
ttmo from kidney pains in the back.
She waa not able to stand on her feet
or even turn herself ln bed. The
doctor's medicine was no benefit
whatever, that wo could see. Sometimes her legs would swell considerably. Itcnding about a woman in
similar condition being cured by Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, wo pur-'
chased two boxes and when these
wore used bhe was able to sit up.
With three more boxes she was restored to health and doing hor own
As for myself I also found these
pills all that Is calmed for them. I
glvo this statement in order that
others may obtain the same ease from
suffering as that, experienced by my
wife and myself."
One pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all
dealers or Ed manson, Iiates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Shutting Off the Oratory
The most nervous porson at the ban*
quot was a young journalist who had
been Invited to make a speech, lie
did not enjoy the food. From soup
to nuts he continually brushed his
brow with tho back of his hand In
a dazed mannor and put his handkerchief Into every pocket in his clothoa,
one after tho other, ln systematic and
paluful rapidity. Me was seated
next to Joseph G. Cannon, who knows
all thore is to know about going to
banquets and being bored by the
speeches afterwards, The young
man, full of Ideas and language, jump-
to hla feet as lf he had been shot out
of a gun when his turn came. Ho
looked like somebody who has bcen
hypnotized, and thrown into a cataleptic Btate.
Gentlemen, ho began, lt ls my hum-
tie opinion that the generality of
mankind In general is disposed to take
advantage of the generality ot	
Sit down, son, cut ln Uncle ,Toe. You
havo gone into the same holo you
started from.
And that ended the speech.
Turning the Tables
In some ease;, counsel receive answers to questions that they had no
business to put, which, if not qulto
to ihelr liking, nre what they Justly
deserve, Tho following story of
George Clarke, a celebrated negro
minstrel, Is i^ense In point. On one
occasion, when being examined as a
witness, he waa severely interrogated
by a lawyer.
Vou aro in the minstrel business, I
believe? Inquired the lawyer,
Yes, sir, wns thn r.eply.
It not Hint rather a low culling?
1 don't know bul what It is sir, replied the mlnstr'el, but It is so much
better than my father's that I am
rather proud of it.
The lawyer foil Into the trap.
What was your father's calling? ho
lie was a lawyer, replied 01 arkO, ln
a touo that sent tho whole Court into
a roar of laughter as Uio discomfited
lawyer sat down.
Over 75 per cent of tho trade of the i In oue yenr over 500,000,000 ton - of
British Empire Is foreign; thc res: is' goods were carried nu the railway.- of
luter-Imperial. the United Kingdom.
Repeating Shotguns
Trap shooting brings  out the   thootlng
qualities of a gun.    Winchester Rop-Mtlog
Shotguns last year won both thc professional
nnd amateur Season's Averages.   This shows
"*     they cue  reliable in  action   and   clofe,   bare]
■hooters.   The i^ qualities make them excellent
for bird ..hooting, ciipeclally  ior the quick,   fast
flyers.   Winchester guns are well built and finished
and will give good service for years.   They are sold by
all dealers. Send postal for complete illustrate., catalog.
WIKCKSTEI Kf EiltM MM Cl.     .        His Unit Chi.
Fur threo solid hours the captain
had heen lecturing his men on "Uio
duties of u soldier," and he tha-ught.
it was time to see how much they had
understood of his discourse. Casting
his eyes round tho room, ho fixed ou
Private Murphy a3 his tlrst victim,
Private Murphy, ho asked, Why
should a soldier be ready to die for
his country?
Private Murphy scratched his head
■for a moment, and then a smile of
etilightmont crossed his face '
Sure, captain, he said, pleasantly,
you'ro quite right.     Why should he?
Daug! went the rifles at the manoc- i
uvres,     Oo-oo screamed   tho   pretty
girl—a nice, decorous, surprised little I
scream.    She stepped backward into j
the surprised arms of a young man.
Oh, said she, blushing.     I   was   eo
frightened by the rifles.     I bog your
pardon,     Not at all, said the young'
man.     Let's go over and wateh tho
You must have had a terrible experience, with no food aud mosquitoes
swarming around you, said a friend to
tho shipwrecked mariner who had been
cast away upon a tropical Island.
You just bet I had a terrible experience, ho acknowledged. My experience was worse than that of tho man
who wrote, "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."
With mo lt was bites, bites everywhere, but not a bite to eat.
Thirteen Hebrew or Yiddish papers
aro published In New York, threo of
them being dallies.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for     c
They have a true  safety bate
head,   with   lilent    tip.    Will
,   never explode  if Stepped  on.
Kdily'a  Mulches  liava satisfied Can-
tillmi-i blnca 1851—accept no others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Where the Promise was Made
Tho other day a welt-known counsel
examining the plaintiff In a breach of
promise case, inquired of her: —
Was defendant's air when he promised to marry you perfectly serious or
one of lovlty and jocularity7
The complainant replied; If you
please, sir. it was uii ruffled with him I
running his hands through it.
You misapprehend my meaning, said
the counsel. Was the promise made
In utter sincerity'1 j
Nd, sir, it was made In the wash-
house, replied tiie plaintiff, amid roars
of laughter.
A recent Invention Is the hull■ t'cs**
gun. tt. shoots n gas which temporarily blinds and chokes tli" victim.
The gun, which resembles n doubje-
aotlon revolver, holds llvo cartridges.
The weapon has been adopted for n«8
'n the United States Secret Service.
Groceri are firm friends of WincUor
T.bleStlt TheylikvtoMlUtplwcauta
it» pure and clean and good*
Ask any grocer for lib best salt, and
lie will give you Windsor Salt every
time. Not because it costs wore—
it does vol—hot because the grocers
know that Windsor Table Salt pleases
their customers. 57
I think it's an excellent idea, remarked the now lodger, as he finished
his soup.
Ahl said Mr. Starvein, not used to
beginning your dinner with soup, ch?
Soup? I thought it was hot water
to prevent dyspepsia.
Authoress (or lho budding variety)
I pot level with that editor lasL night.
Ko always rejects my MSS. But I
have had my revenge.
rlcnd nnd Conaoer—-How did you
do it?
Authoress—I declined his son, with
The Rag Dealer's Scales
When a sou was born to the head
of a certain I'umlly lu an Ohio town,
tho proud father wont out of the houso
to borrow a pair of scales. .lust as
hn dashed out ot the gateway, he ran
into a mr; dealer, who was calling at
tho lop ot his lungs'.
Any raj;?, any bottles, any—
Look nere. exclaimed tho excited
parent. Como Into the house, I want
you to weigh something for me.
Tho man did as requested. Tho
pink mite was tied up in a towel and
hooked ou to the scales.
Six pounds! cried Iho nurse.
Six pounds repeated the disappointed father.
Tho rug dealer mulled. Don't let
lhat. worry you, my friend, said he.
Thou Is the scales I buys by. I
guess tho kid weighs ton pounds, may-
bo a llttlo over that,
A new record has heen e.dalillshed
In tho House of Commons hy Mr.
Touche, the member for North Islington, who asked n uiiestlon of 086 words
which Mini half a page of the Order
Paper. It, had reference to an order
which makes a college training an in-
dinpousabio qualification for n hoad*
teachorshlp. Hitherto thn record
for wordiness has been hold by Mr.
(jinnoll, the Independent Nationalist
member for North Westmoath.
Sea-water contains silver in consul*
cranio quantities, aud lt ts often found
deposited on the copper sheathing of
When artists nre permltiM to make
copies of pictures In a public piclura
gallpj'y they are ullowed to sell the
copies for their own benefit.
Farmer'., wife (to motortsl whose
machine hns struck a fence ami
thrown him thirty feet Into tho yard)
--Did you have an accident?
Motorist (picking himself up)—
Bless you, no; that'." the way 1 alwayc
The incumbent of an old church Id
Wales asked a pariy o. Americans to
visit his parochial school. After a
recitation he invited thein to nuestion
the pupils, and ono ot ihe party accorded the Invitation,
Little hpy. he said to a rosy-faced
lad, can you tell me who Oeorge
Washington was?
lss, sir, was the Bmlltng reply, B
was a 'Merfcan general.
Quito right. Aud can yon tell mo
wfcnt Oeorge Washington was remarkable for?
Ihs, sir. 'E was remarkable 'cos
'« was a 'Merlcan an' told the truth.
If your Clothier does net sell
see the other fellow
Write for the "Concrete Book"
IN Canada, wliere lhe t-tnten are Innc and cold, liouiei mu«l he .olid and .utetMitlml. Nn "gingerbretdI frill.,"
1 Midi a< di.tln,u!.ll California Inm-alow., ,-.,. ae permllKll. Canadian home, ihovlld fce bull, to defy ..md and
cold, to keep warm tmlde when it'-; thirty below out-doon.
Concrete houiei are warm In winter, requiring le
:rrdi repairs; became, Initet
nal for heating ; tliey ate conl i
if decaylnifi ii actually {rom stronger with
cummer.   A Concrete home nevrr
time did expoiure to die elementt,
I an-liiiertural ellerta may be obtained witli Cnm-retr, tlpectallv for home j ia tiie COUntr>*( "
IT li because Concrete, of all materials, best withstands wind, water and cold, tliat it is fait becoming popular ,)'!1'
* Canadian liomr-liuilderi.    Coil
oncrete house ne-
it to il..- element
I\e arcliiteetiiral e      _--_-_--_—________-,__-
rough concrete surface harmonizes with its surroundings.
ClNCt, it N*v.)r tfci-iiiM ripaut. fU ftr*l
*•' mil of a Mnufi, 1 StiflMi • I* •■■» '■•'
coat; •nd ll ll ch■>»»•*■, foi Ihi, ir»**n,
ikab any slhai ki**! ol hamr.
NOT only iaCitaciHalkf- bial maUdJ        II   tf hav*m'l inv/«ii»la>J '."■ '
far Iiiiiup ..iniju.i.    It m.y alio ba        * I oari-Ma aiaun-1 tn* homa «aa o
"ITERY attractive a
'   the rough coftct
n*nl te »r«i*a •/ olltw Wlfl MttH-J *•
ham* and an lU lW £« **•'» fl
tli..- »u.p«iM U  ii Uia  boat  mataoai
hm, wttJ now for «»i I"* 1»«<>V. which
•tit, all ahout d>« innim arxi •U-m| ol
Contra-.an-ldfi'-rit.rtK.iiiJiaHni. pr« •
IK* I uir* lur il. JiUtW Si-nd m* yotir
Wok" in a letlff or 011 a poitrard. and
d.a Uook  Will   lie iml   )"U   al>if!utll>
Publicity Mana|«r
U'htn buying Ctmtnt, ht sun l*
git "Canaifa Ctmtnt," Sit the! tve.y
teg enibarret krers thii Jabtt. Thtn
ytu will bt iurtw/tetit/mttthn,
We hevt  *  pet tnjennttthti
Defmrfmntt that vill tni:-ner alt
jfnur qvettto'ii tehfing la i'tmtnt,
without cm/ or ehtigatttn.
r.,*-nA%Xr.ffi'. •■■VJVt-vfl THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B.C.
, f ********************.- .^,^i,^,^^,.^,H'^^^^'^^^^^l■1^t^■l'i.'■l|^''^1|'^^l^i|l|1|'l|1^1|il"li|;^|l|^^|til■^l
■ "'
Stock Bigger than Ever.   A
full Car Load just Unloaded
Many Patterns
Many Prices
We paid 10 per
stock this year
the same price
cent more for our
but are selling at
as last vear.
Floor Oil Cloth
Linoleum 6 ft wide
55 c
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62 1
****, ********************
♦  I J   *   1   SiiSnl J    1,1   '■■■«'   a   l   .   a   ■   j
I I l"n ■ J"i I rr'i'i'iTlTlITT 1
i i
©he iteottpcctor, dlvanbvook, §. tt.
Published Bvwy Saturday   Morning at CraabrocJt, B.C.
('. M. Ohrlrtian, Manager.
foetaicr to American. European and otber foreign countries,   50 cents   .
year eitra.
ADVHRTIBKMENTS-Adveitlslng rates turnlehed on application. No
advertisements but those ol a reputable character will tie accepted lor
ADVERTISERS AND BUBSORIBBRS—Uoleu notice to mo cuutrary
le given to local tuauager advertisements and sutuicrl,.tl.iua will be kept
ruuning and charged up against tholr account.
Owing to schedule changes In thc leKiil  rute   nt   Victoria   und  oonse-
iiuent clmiiKOs ln tho various pnpers throughout the Province the "Prosl
pector" announces that beginning with January int. th, following charges
Will bo nuido lor advet Using nil legal nolli'os:
Applicutlon lor liquor license, ,6.1*0; liquor license transfer fS.BO*
luml inirclmse $7,011; land lease J7.I10; certillcnte ol Improvement
10 cents per line Ilrst insortlou and fi oflntfl each subsoquout insertion; delinquent oo-ownerihtp notice 10 centn and r, cents; duplicate cortitU-ato 10 rents and ft cents; wnter uotice 111 cents aud »
cents;   coal  and  petroleum  notlso $6.00
19th   YEAR
No 1
Wodnlrt. to call -ti" attention nf all thene
.-..J u.Ui in.v blood or skin DImmm ia
N. W M uth Oil   I f ft. till i lit M ll ; ii .r i MM-I
■li-.lTiriii c
< he
in i-hereditary or acquired, our Mx-ciitc
idloiand tronlment noutmllxa uii p.ii-
I tiicm from the
nsl exu i HON ii tho treat-
ads of tii« most Krlotu at-j
•.->■•. t-i.ftl.'.-s ua to pi ri. ct a
•perlmeattog. Wedobuifnou
itr Only Sor th.- Ben, fit Ynu
i have Hiiy bin 'I <ii Sfl ". COU'
Charna nnd let ua pro a o
'inn qi 11 jy our remedies «,u r<-n.r>vo
l ■■- ■ !■ ■(■■. - i-Cll-pa-**..    L'n Icrthtilnfh fn.-y
thfl New Method Treatment thfl skin be-
mea clear, ulcen, j-nnpica and blotches
;d up. i-uiarffii'i Rhinos un* reduced, fall< n
out hinr jf-rowH ia ngnm. Hie eyi i become
bright, unihitl'in ami •'r.r-rjry return, iuhI the
■    Hi :■' ii III i il I.'■■'.■ J.''•■   hai  uJWtlti-1   lip tO
Sen'! fur dual-let on DtMSSSS nf Men
ilt, writ* for • Q-kiImni LUl
i    "Cor. MirM-*- . 've. and Oris wold SL,    Detroit, Micb.
I sec us personal lv call at   -. r Ht
I nee us perso
I na patiatnta  in o-.ir  Win,
■ I tali oratory  fur C...11I in
faWrlto (or n,ir erlvat" a l.lrasa.
All I, Hers fiom G-n.v'i must I, .i'Mre...ed
to our Canad in Curjupundenca Depart*
ment In Wln-ltc-fi Ont.   II you da-tin '.<.
Ill  : li itltnti In D troj u we Meandtrait
uicps which ere lor Correspondem- ..ml
fm only,   Address  ,11 letter, as follow..:
(Section 18)
NOTIf-Hi Is hereby given that on
the Uth day of February, 1913, application will be made to the Superintend™! ol Provincial Police (or a
licence to aell liquor at wholesale on
the promises situate on Lot 6, Block
93, Baker street In the City ol Cranhrook, B.C.
Hated tins Uth day ol January,
1113. !-St
(Section IS)
NOTICB is hereby Riven that on
the 11th dny ol February, 1913, ap-
pllcatlon will be made to the Licence
Commissioners o( the City of Crnnbrook (or a licence lor the sale of liquor hy wholisile 0n the premises
situate on Lot 6, Block 93, Baker
street in the City ol Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated thla Uth day nl January,
UU i-5t
The Annuo. Meeting ol the Parishioners ol Christ Church Parish will be held In th, church ot the Parish on Monday, January
13th,   1913, at S o'clock p.m.
BUSINESS -.lection and appointment? of Church Wutdous,
Klcction ol Sidesmen! Election ol Lay Delegate, to tlio Diocesan
Synod; Reception ami Consideration ol Reports; Discussion ol
I'liuiH lor the Work ol the New Year.
I'lic fullest    passible attendance is greatly doaiiod.
ED. P. K1.1.WKLL1NO. Rector.
Christ Church, Cranbrook, December 31st, 1913.
The Rexjheatre
The Hex Theatre is slow in getting properly down to business but
Mr. Johnson is pleased to make the
announcement to the theatre-goer, ol
Cranbrook that beginning today a
four-piece orchestra will furnish music to the music loving public by selected talent. The pictures will be
projecte-1 by a new machine which
will connect the present alternating
current into a direct one—thus d( in
away with the "dicker" that ls so
tiring to the eyes. This is the latest improvement in the market for
the Moving Picture business. The illustrated song feature will be resumed by Mr. Newton,'who is an accomplished singer. The radiators, tc
long delayed in shipment, have arrived and were installed Wednesday,
Insuring the patrons of a warm and
comfoit'tble house these cold evening
Mr. Johnson promises to give Crnnbrook the best show house n the
A Phone for Autos
One of the most essential things
that an automobile should he equipped with ls a telephone. It hrs been
lound useful oy a number of local
motorists and saves many hours ol
patient waiting. All that Is needed
to the outat is a three-jointed Ashing pole with a wire attached to
hook over a telephone, this with a
regulnr telephone box, a spike and
a wire for grounding, give Immediate
connections to points along where
telephone wires ars strung, thus enabling the motorist who Is out ot
•nsollno or has a breakdown to secure what assistance he- might need.
_**************** 11 **********************
Automobile    will   be   run    weekly    on
between  Cranbrook and  Wasa
necting witli incoming and out
trams. G(
"•HI IH i-r+l I    HI I
mill"  and  outgoing
Passenger Accomodation.
. Hanson
II H HM-M-M-M".1'! I lllll llr"
NOTICE Is hereby givtn, In accordance with the si ,(ntes. thnt all assessed tuxes and Inrome tal and
sehool tun assess*! mill levied under
tba "TAxaotlon Act" are due and
payable on the 2nd day ol January,
i n.1. All tale, collectable for the
Kort Steele Assessment. District nre
•lue and payabla at my olllce, sltuii-
tcl at the Oovornment Offi,,,, Cranhrook. This notice, In terms of law,
is ruiitvfileiit to n personal demand
by me upon nil persons liable lor
Dated   ni   Ornnbrook,  U.O., the 7th
■lay of  .fiiiiimry, 1913.
N. A. WALLINflK.il,
Deputy   AnscHHor and Collector, Kort
Steele .It
TION for the issue ot a duplicate
Certificate of Title to part (0,17
icres) of Lot 335, Oroup 1, Kootenay
It Is my Intention to issue at the expiration ol ono month alter the first
publication hereof a duplicate ot the
Certillcate ol Title to the above men
tloned Lot in the name of The British Columbia Southern Railway
Company which Certificate Is dnted
the 5th day of May 1909 and numbered 10,22 A.
Nelson, B.C.,  31st December, 191!
l-,t District Registrar
Presbyterian Church
Rev,   ff.   Keluiau  Thomson
Morning Service at 11 A. M.
Sunday School and IVhle Class at
3 p.m.
Evening Service at 7:30 p.m.
The Annual Congregational meeting will be held ln the Church on
Wednesday evening at 8 p.m., Jan.
22nd. Note the date! A lull attendance of members and adherents is
requested. Business urgent and Important.
Baptist Church
Rev. 0. B. KENDALL
Services at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m
The topic for the morning service
will be "The Model Church Member"
In the evening the topic will be
"The Clean Heart"—The Revelation
of the need of lt: The Method of Obtaining lt: The Joy and Power ol
Possessing it: The Means of sustaining It.
A new hymn book has neen Introduced and a song service will ce
held in the evening, Hymns that all
can learn and sing will be used. All
are Invited.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
The pastor will preach at 11:00
a.m., and at 7:10 p.m.
Morning    subject:   "Spiritual
povet ishment,"
Bvening subject: "Municipal Administration." A pre-election meditation.
There will be special pipe-organ
selections at the evening service.
All are Invited to Attend,
Blectrlc Restorer for Mer
T   Phnnnhonol o-atotaa avari ner.e la Ilia Iiim
A i aim aurl vltalllr. I'r.ntalni. d<vav .nil alla'.ua.
,, tteakiia.B avotlwl at anca. Ptioititvinol ..ill
.      maka you a lisw man.   I', Ira Ida !,,«,.., lw„ |..|
.(.    M....'l i .asi.W,.,.   fkeatoalMUUru,
l... SI. U-.llu.rUiM, Oat,
NOTICE is hereby given that a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
the provisions of the "Taxation
Act" and tho "Public School Act"
tor tbe Kort Steele Assessment Dlatrlct, will be held as follows:
At Cranbrook in the Government
Office on Mondny, 27th of January,
1913, at 11 o'clock in tho forenoon.
At Fernle In the Government Ofllce
nn Wednesday 29th ol Jnnunry, 1913,
at 11 o'clock in tho forenoon.
Dated   nt   Cranhrook, B.C., the 7th
day ol January, 1913.
Judge   of   the   Court af Revision ft
Appeal l-4t
Or. de Van'a Female Pllli
A tellable -"ranch lafulatorr o.-ai lella. Thu,
nllle ara aacaedln,lt powerful la re,ulet!n, th,
Rene-alive perlion ol the female ey.leui. HeftiH
nil cheap lmllatlniie. Or. de Tea's are sold al
»r> a boa, nr tjirae for ,10. Mailed to any addraie,
tnae s-ik.ll un* CKs, St. oaibarH-a. Oa,
Catholic Church
Sundays-Low msss at 3:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
from II to 3 p.m., Rotary and Bans-
action at 7:30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obliga
tlon—Mass at 8 a.m.
Weak days—Mass at" < a.m. at the
P.PIaraondoa, O.U.I.
Salvation   Army
11:00 a.m. Holiness Service.
300 p.m. Sunday Sehool and Bible
8.00 Solvation Service. Subject:
"So Nenr and yet so far."
The Army In this city have one
more been enabled by the kindness of
friends to distribute a number of
Christmas dinners to deserving families. Any who are still in need will
receive our prompt  attention.
Friday. December '.7th., Is tb,
date set tor tho Army Sunday
School Christmns Tree. All are invited to attend, A amall gilt will be
given to every child present.
Special services will be conducted
on Sunday at 11:00; »;on and moo
p.m.   All Welcome.
W. J. CARRUTHBI18, Captain
W. COOPER. Uotit.
S. S. Concert, Krliluy Dec. *7th, at
8:00 p.m.
Turning Over  New Leaf
and Keeping it Turned
The Neal Treatment will Enable Drinkers to Stick
to New Year's Resolutions by Destroying All
Craving for Drink—Three-Day Miracles
at the Cranbrook Institute
Today thousands ol peoplo ure
turning ovor a now leaf und writing
"dry" on tliolr tlrst pugo of the new
To make a resolution is oue tiling
but to keop It ia quite anothor—particularly if tho one resolving is a
heavy drinker.
Many nu excessive drinker who Is
bartering business, health nnd happi-
noHB for ovorlniliilgeno) In ilriuk will
turn Irom liquor on this New Year's
day only to Und himself drawn hack
to old drinking ways. Such a man
does not drink because ho "wants to
but tor the simple reason thut Ills
will to uuit Is overpowered liy Irre
iiistinle craving for liquor.
There is a way to turn over a uew
lent and keop lt turned. The Neal
Treatment (or alcoholism will ln
three short days take Irom any
drinker—moderate or exccsulve—all
craving and desire for Liquor*.
The system ol the excessive drinker is impregnated, with alcoholic poison that Is takon on too fiat for nn-
turo to throw off nnd this accumulated poisoa causes tli,.' intense craving
und dt'Rire which more drink and
then more drink only temporarily
Tho happiest und most profitable
period ol tho Vuletide to any drinking man would ho three days spout
at the Cranbrook Hospital.
The excessive drinker needs medical help as badly as does the typhoid fev.M- patient. As a well
kuown business mun advises:
"To any one who wants to 'cut
out' drink I would say—Don't lie
foolish and try and light it out with
all the tortures of Hell rucking your
body and aoul for wveks while making the tight. Take the Neal Treatment   and   get   the alcoholic poison
out of your system In three days.
You will then be In a position to
meet Mr. John Dnrlsyeorn anywhere
on equal footing."
This snme business man hud bean
u periodical drinker for over 20
"I managed to get good and drunk
from two to four times a year," ha
said. "Now ths thougnt of ltqour la
The Noul Treaoment insures a happier, brighter and more prosperous
New Year to the excessive drinker,
and it only takes three daya to
bring about this rcsnlt—three days—
not the month or more which other
treatments require with no auch
cheerful results,
Ths Neul Treatment consists ol
the administration by a trained
nurse, who Is in ennstnut attendance
of a perfectly harmless vegetable
remedy takon Internally, with pool-
lively no hypodermic injections.
The N'enl Treatment neutralises
und eliminates all the stored up alcoholic poisoning ln tbe system.
When this is done, the drinker Is in
the same physical condition that ha
wns in before ho ever had a drink,
so far as liquors are concerned, for
it is the stored up alcoholic poison
In the system that causes this appetite, and when once the alcoholic
poisoning ls eliminated, the appetite
is nlso eliminated.
Satisfaction Is guaranteed or money Is refunded. The Neal Cure waa
discovered aad perfected by Dr. Ben,.
B, Noal.
If you have a friend who ought to
rid himself of the drink or drug habit, don't delay a day. Call, write or
phone Cranbrook Neal Institute (or
further information and free booklet.
"Tho NEAL Way."
Have Ball Bearings thats why
they  run  so easy and make so little noise.
They stitch perfectly now and we guar-
intee them to do it 5 years from now.
The White is too well known to need
much comment
Please call and see the machine
H-l l-l 111 l-l l-l'l I IH l-l-H-H-l I l-l-l-l-l ■ H-M | ********
Oooderham * Worts, special
B. 0.  Distillery Co., special reser.e
Corby's Spscial select
Sparkling Burgundy   Pomm,ry Sss.
Muiiun's Extra Dry    White Ssal
Tlppo Clilnnte
Italian Grappa
Crests lllniu-a
Family Orders Promptly Filled
full Line ol other Choic, Brand, of Winea, Spirit, and Ll
qusius.   Cigars and Bsr Glass,,.
Dawson's Old Currlo
Dawson's Rar, Llqusuc
Dawson's Special
Dewar', Special
King Gtorg, IV
Black _ White
White Horss Liqueur
Wblte Horn Cellar
Olsn Arthur
Spey Royal
Dlstlllsn Liqueur
Phone 9S—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box 8   .
Cranbrook, B.C. j
♦ III I *********** M I HHUHI HI IH 111 M111 H>
|H-*H-'H*-H--H 'I 'H"t 'l"H"l'»l
Professional   Cai'bs
- ati6 -
Cobgc   Hotices
NOTICB   ls   hereby given that an
application will be made to the Licence Commissioners lor tho City of
Crnnbrook   at   their   next   mooting
held nt least thirty days herealtcr,
for th, transfer ol tho hotel liquor
! licence for the premises known aB the
j "Koyal   Hotel,"   Cranhrook,    B.C.,
! from  myself to William Steward ol
j thc snme place, Hotel-keeper.
Dnted thla 30th day ol November,
P.L.S.   at   0.8.
CRANBROOK,    ...     B.O.
W.   V.   OURD
Barrister, Solicitor, ste.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers. Sollcltora and Notaries
Monty to Loan
Imperial Bunk Building
ORANBROOK,    •    British Columbia
Court Oranbrook No. 894a.
Meet in Carmen's Hull, on   ioti nml
,th Thursday oi each month.
Louis Penrson, Sec, P.O. Bot 018.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets   In   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays in every mouth, at
8 p.m.   Membership open  to  ilritibh
N. A. Walllnger, Pres
W. 0. CrcbMn, Sec'y.
P.O. Hon «...
Visiting members cordially welcome
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi 236 Phone 221
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Dra.   KINO   ft   GREEN
Physicians and Burgeons
Office at Residence,  Armatrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   ,.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays 8.30 to   ,.30
Oranbrook, B.C.
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Ofllce In Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
T.   M.   RIXEN
Auditor and Accountant
P.O. Box 373
NELSON, B.O.      47-3m«
F. M. lUacFhersou
Norbury Avenue Nait le City HaU
Open Dsy snd Nlgbt Psoas 133
Funeral Director,
■.f-rV mr
ORANBROOK    LODGE    No.  ,1,
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  ths
third   Thursdny   ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, Woi-shlpiul Master
J.   S.  Peck,  Secret, ry
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each montb at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
El. Comp.—A. O.  Shankland,   E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
District ot East Kooteuny
TAKK NOTICE that I, GeorKe Her-
liert Ashworth, of Cranbrook, B. C.
occupation Accountant, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase tho
following described lands:—
Cominencins nt a post planted at
the North-west corner of Lot 8917,
tlience South 40 chains, thence Wost
40 chains, tlience North 40 chulns,
tbence Kast 40 chains to point oi
commencement and containing 1C0 n-
cres, more or less.
Dntod December 4th, 1912 49-9t
DiBtrlct ol East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Mulholland, ol Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply lor the purchase of
the following descrlhed lands commencing at a post planted at the
southwost corner of lot 0623, tbence
east 125.57 chains, thence north 80
chains, theuce west 58 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, thence west 16.82
chains, thence south 145 chnins,
thence weat 60.75 chains thence
south 16 chains to the Point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Octoher 28, 1912. ,6-9t
Dlatrlct of East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICK that I, I. R. Boyd,
of Calgnry, Albertn, intend to apply
for the purchase ol tho following
described lands commencing at a
post planted at the east corner of
lot CC25, thence running west 08.75
chnins, thence south 54.80 chains,
thence eaat 69.75 chains, thonce north
SI.80 chains, to the point ot commencement.
I. R. BOYD,  Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dnted October 28, 1912. 45-9t
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No, 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, C, C.
F. A. Stride, K. R. ft S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 1S9 p. O. Box IMS
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormiclt
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Uo. 42
Meats every Monday night
at Esw   Fraternity   Hnll.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   153
Companions ot the Forest
Meats ln Carmen's Hall, Second end
Fourth Thursday of each Mouth at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L, Whlttaker, O. C.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. 36ti
Cranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wod-
ncsJay at 8 p. m.,
in Royal Black
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Onrrett, Sec'y
Classes In Drawing
District ot East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Rsv.
Schrog, ol Calgary. Alberta, Intend
to apply lor the purchuse ol tho Inlawing described lands. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner ot lot 339, thonce west
■*'.' chnins, thence south 58 chains,
tlience east SO chains, theuce north
r,S chains to the point of commencement.
REV.  SCHROG, locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
*:-.■.>;..!'-■>■■-■." -.?_.-■-«:
TIMBER 8ALF. No.  X10.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of Mnrch
191.1, for the purchase of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, ic.ono cedar poles
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   ot Chief Forester, Vlctoriu, B.C. 49-13t
SEA LED TENDERS will bo received
by tho Minister ot Lnnds not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for the purchase of Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,»2l\noi> feet B.M.,
45,000 railway-ties, 4,600 csdar poles
on Lota 3877, 3R78, Group 1, Kootenay District, near Crcston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will he received
by the Minister of Lands not Inter
thon noon on the 3rd day of Mnrch
1913, for the purch-si" ot Licence No.
X12 to cut 6,440,000 feet B.M.,
10,600 rall'vny-tles, 8,500 cednr poles
on Lot 491, Group 1, Kootonny
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Ohlel Forester, Victoria, B.O. 49-13t
Proa -° t',nB<'w*10 "■' °"'
rlCC  and mall this coupon
' i   AT ONCE: Sample of our expert penmanship  and fusul-
natlng losson In shorthand.
Blair Business College
Spokane, Wash.
I stu Interested lu Uusl-
ne-s Education. I'luaso snnd
ma lull liitorinatlon about
your College, und especially
about tho subjects ohouked
..      Beokkeflplng  ..Shorthand
HI   -
. fypa'writliiK   . I'eiimaiialilp   .,
. .Qukk.-i«uruiir. Lotter-wrliln,
| J       I can licijln a course about
,   Name.   .
!   Addrois
Water Colors, Postals, Ol's nnd
China Painting will he opened the
sscond wesk of November. For further Information Intuiting pupils
should call or write
Miss M. A, Doyle
at ths   reatdenca   ol   Mr.   Louis Mc
Dlatrlct ol East Kootenny.
TAKB NOTICE that Union Mary
Hassle, of Fort Steele, occupation
married woman, intendB to apply 'or
permission to purchnso tho lollowlng
described lands-
Commencing nt n Post pinntod nt
the intersection ot tlic West boundary ol tho Kootonny Central ri«bt-
ol-way with tho EnBt bunk of tho
Kootenay River lr,o tent south ot
th, South Wost corner ot L.84
thence Southerly lilt chains following
the said boundary ot tho rlirht-ol-
way to Its rc-lntei'soction wltb tho
Kootenay Rlvor. thenco northerly
following tho Eust bnnk ol Kootenny
River upntronm to pmco of commence
ment. containing 411 acres, moro or
Wm. II. Easels, Agsnt.
Dated Nov. Mth ma. sa-st
TIMBER  SALE   No.   X13
SEALED TENDERS will bo received
by tho Minister ot Lands not later
thnn noon on the Brd dny of March
1913, for the purchnso ol I Iconco No.
X13 to cut 4,100,000 leet U.M., and
G50 cedar polos on Lot 281, Oroup 1,
Kootenay Dlatrlct, nciir Crcoton.
Particulars   nt Chief Forester, Victoria, D.C. 4'J-13t
District ol Enst Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, John
Laurie, of Cranhrook, B.C., Intend
to apply for tke purchsao ol the lollowlng described lands. Commencing at a Post planted at tbe Southeast corner nf Lot 6C20 tbence north
R0 rhnlns. thence west 80 chains,
tbence south 74.89 chains, thenco east
11.25 chains, thence south 5.18 chnins
thonce east 08.75 chains to point ol
Loon tor.
Dated October 28. 1912. 4»-9»
If you wnnt to treat yoiirBi'lf to a
'reniiliio bargain thnt will plenno you
during 1913 nnd for nil yenrs to como
■innd n dollar to Tho Family Herald
■mil IVoekly Mtir ol Montreal, (or n
"ears subscription to t'.nt ret pn-
ner, nnd ynu will also receive a copy
of their new picture entitle,I, "Mother's TreiiBiircs," size 23 by 29 Inches,
nil ready for framtnp;. It in tho
bent dollar's worth to be had.
Tho picture, "Mothcr'n Treasures,"
will bo a surprise to you. It Is
worthv :• place In tbo brBt homos.
Tliu Family Herald and Weekly Star
Is known to everyone ns the greatest
ncwopnpor on ths Continent. On,
dollar cennot be better spent. Try It
and be co-s-rinesd.
District ol East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Reginald J.
Lydratt, of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply for the purchase ot the
following descrlhed lands. Commeuc
Ing at a post plunted at tho northwest corner of lot 6622 thence run
nlng east 80 chains, tbence south
78.80 chains, thence west 50.75
chulns, tlience north 25 chnins,
thenc, west 31.25 chains, thence
north f>4.80 to ths point ol commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Octoher 28, 1912. 45-9t
District of Enst Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. Powers,
ol Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply
for the purchuse of the following
described lands. Commencing at a
post planted at tbe southwest corner of lot 6G21, thence east 80 chains
tlience north 80 chains, tbenee weBt
80 chains, thence soutb 80 chains to
the point ot commencement.
R. POWERS, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Datod October 28, 1912. 45-9t
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTKOE is hereby given that
il. W. Drew of Klmberley, B.C.,
will apply for a licence to take and
use one cubic toot per second ot
water out ot Klmherley Creek, which
Hows fn a aouth easterly direction
through Klmberley townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near and
east of Block 1. The water will bs
diverted ut a dam un Sullivan Hill
nnd will be used for Domestic purposes on the land described as Lots
12 & 13, Block 6, Klinbe'ley townsite
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 4th day of November
1912. The application will be Hied
ln the office of the Water Recorder.nt
Cranbrook, B.C..
Objections may be Sled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.O.
45-9t Applicant
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTICB is hereby given tbat
Mary A. Soper of Kimherley, B. C,
will apply for a licence to take and
use six (6) Inches ol wuter out ol
Klmberley Creek, which flows in a
South Easterly direction through
Kimherley townaita and empties into
Sullivan Creek near and East ol
Block 1.     .
The water will bs diverted at or
near Lot 5, Block 11, and will be
used (or Domestic purposes on ths
land described as Lots 1 and 2, Block
5, and Lot 5, Block 12, Klmberley
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the 4th dny ot November
1912. The application will be filed
In the ofllco ol the Water Recorder.at
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may be filed with the
aid Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
45'jt H. W. Drew, Agent
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Department of Militia
and Defense
New Drill Hall at Fernie, B.C.
SEALED TENDERS marked on envelope "Tender (or Construction ot a
now Drill Hall, Fernle, B.C.," and
addressed to the Director ot Contracts, Department of Militia and
Defence, Ottawa, will be received until noon, January 25, 1913, for tbe
construction of a Now Drill Hall at
Fernle, B.O.
Specifications may be seen and full
particulars obtained at the ofllce ot
the Olliccr Commanding Military DiB
trict No 11, Victoria, B.C., and the
City Clerk, Fernie, B.C., and thc
Director of Engineer Services, Headquarters, Ottawa.
Tenders must bo made on the lorm
supplied liy tho department, and in-
compunlcd by an accepted cnequ, ou
a Canadian Chartered Bunk, (or ton
per cent (lOp.c.) oi the uniount ot
the tender, payable to the order ot
the Honorable tho Minister ot Mill-
tin and Defence which amount will
he tortelted it the party tendering
declines to outer into or lulls to
complete the contract in accordance
with his tender.
The Department does not hind it-
sell to acwipt the- lowest or any tender.
EUGENE KI8ET, Colonel,
Deputy Minister.
Department ot Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, December 17, 1912.
Newpopers will uot bo paid it this
advertisement    is   Inserted    without
authority from the Department.
H.Q.14-171-1.-29999. l-2t
Coal minim rights of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories aud in a portion ol
the Province ot British Columbia,
may be leased tor ,1 term ol twenty-
one years at aa annual rental ot ,1
an acre. Not more than 2,500 acres
will bs teased to ono appliennt.
Application lor a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent ol thc district in which tho rights npplied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be deecribed by sections, or legal subdivisions ol soctions, aud in iiusur-
veyed territory the tract applied tor
shall bs staked out hy tbe applicant
Each application must he accompanied by a lee ot ,5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be pnld on the merchantable output ot the mine at the
rate ol five centa per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
turnlsh the Agent wltb sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rlghta are not being operated, such
returns should he furnished at least
ones a yenr.
Tbe lease will Include the coul mining rights only, but tho lessee mny
bs permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may he considered necessary tor the working ot
the mine at the rate ot ,10.00 an acre
For lull Information application
should he made to the Secretary ot
the Department ot tbe Interior, Utvu-
wa, or to any Agont or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lunds.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister ol tho Interior
N.B.—Unnuthorizert publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. lth-tf
C. P. R.
Special Train
Irom Spokane, Wash
Tuesday, January 7th, 1913
Tickets   on   Sale by   Cnn. I'uc. Ry.
Ticket.   Agents in Alberta and Eastern  B.C..   on   January   4. 5 and 6,
Finnl    return   limit   April    30,    191;:
Fare from
to ..os Angeles -md Return
Going and Returning via
Going via Spokane
Returning via Seattle
Special Train trip [rom Br Ok a tic to
Lor. (VllgQ.QS covers 7 daya, sto.if. being made at Portland, Sun Prdncle
co, San J use, Bantu Olnra- Bantu
Cruz, Monterey, Del Monte, Paso Ro-
Mes, Santa Barbara, Riverside and
Pare on coin; trip Crom Spoknno Includes berth nnd mcnls on train or
at hotel, und ■> n-trtiber oi Bight BBe-
Ing tripH. Return Ih by regular service, meals and berth not. included.
Kor descriptive pbaraplet apply
Pi strict Passenger A gem,
Oalenry.  Alta
$3& ^iantotrfc
THE STANDARD Ih tho National
Weekly Nowspaper of lho Domlnlun
oi Cutiiiiia. It Ib national in all Its
lt uses ilu. most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs frum
all over lho world.
it-) articles uro can-fully selected snd
its oditorlal polloy is thoroughly
A subscription to Tlio Standard
Obits $2.00 per yenr to nay addrosi In
CuuimIil or area! I'.ltuln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Menlresl Standard Publishing Co,
Limits., Puhliehsre.
8tnain Boiler,   Furhact,
aud Su-Hic Tank worlt
a, specially
Cost and stock estimutes
|   furnished on application
■ ■         '	
I i     Adlraa. i P. O. Baa M.. Craabcaa.
******* ************•**
We Deal in Everything From
a Neudln lo a LocoiUOtivt
Joseph H. McLean
i\il kinds of Swond Hand Hood»
Kurniliiro n  Sr'EOIAl.TY
S.i|*n's Old   Stand,   Hhiikoii An-
Phos. 111.
of TTie World
200 Cartoons WMm
Than 200 Ce.^.;.<$
The World's Best Ench Month
Cartoons frum dnilips and Weeklies published in
t...H country, London, Dublin, Pari«, Ucrlh,
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw. Pudt-fx--1, IM. IV-i t ,-
tare. JVmfitiTiiain. Stu: t-.:a:-»,'l'.:nn,K<)mc,1 i*-t>o-i,
-Uriih, T'-r-io, ShunKli.-., Sydney. Cann.11. and
aottth Ameiii-a, and all th« ureal r*i!ir>s f' tht!
world. Only ihe 200 beat 'iut oi B.0M cnrtooaa
v.*:h month, are selected,
A PiMtia-s History of World's Events Eiotl Von'.h
cempnign in Cartoons nn>i watch thc oppos-
ingpurtics caricature ench other.
One trtc Htnpla copy *.•■ i-   irjJW ', y i.\-'.—:.'.t.. lb   i '•■
...!'*>   II. H.WINJKOH, i'j'.V.l.u.V,yi.i',-|,r--.' I*.i  .GO
TO    A_jg*J§J$l[
NOTICE Is hereby Riven that CO
days nfter date I Intentl to apply to
the Minister ot !.»ndn tor a licence* to
prospect tor coal antl petroleum over
the following lands situate In thc
District of Southeast Kootenay, Brit
Ish Columhla, In l.ot 4S93
Commencing at a post planted on
the West boundary tine of Lot S588
at or near two miles uorth of the
International Boundary, and being
the Northeast corner post of Charles
E. Webb's claim thence South eighty
chains; thence West eighty
thence East i iirlity chains to the
point ot commencement, making C4()
ncres more or less.
Located this 15th day of October.
Eathen W, Butts
S0-5t Agent
NOTIOB Is hereby given that 60
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
th*. Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect, for coal and petroleum ovor
thc following lands stUnte In thc
Dlstrlot of Southeast Kootenay, Bnt
Ish Oolumbla, In Lot 4M»3.
Commencing nt n post planted on
tbo West line of Lot 78-14 at or nenr
one mllu North of the International
Boundary, and being the Northeast
corner post ot Charles E. Webb's
claim, tin-nee Houth eighty chnins,
thence West eighty chains; thence
North eighty Chains; thence Has:
eighty chnins to the pOjiit of commencement, making 640 acres, more
or less.
Located this 15th day of October,
Eathen W   Butts
liO-Dl Agent
■RV Tnao*. MArmo
f-H* Ocaiaris
»»•• "     Co»»vnioMTri A,.„
Anrene UMidlns n pkotrli nnd rtoicrinllnn him
.1 it: - hlf 'flnln " ii i - ■ ■ - * -t ■ ■ i > frm w ti.-f inf m
•tr  , linn. tlM-.nl j-L-'-ni * (-if «..-■■irii-iM'iiVii.  .
Im.-iii.*! ti.ktil liinmi'-i   .Mm.ii A Co. Iinnl-fn
tftimunitei. m iilioiit sbjne, In tee
Scientific jfoicricaii.
A hftMlMtnMf IHwtrtfM WMttlf.   UMWt oli
'■'l-l1.  .1   ■'■■   Qtlf   M-'iM   -'     J'Hl.tii.1.      inim*   lu.
( .,,,11. (in n. n'..r( trviiaa* w*ji»m-  *■■'■•- »?
cu iiii»f.iijj!..-n.
ORANBROOK  I.ANII li!H.'l'I(.:'r
11lul rin nl Kiial. Koototl&J
TAKB NOTIOK tlmt 1, H, O. Illn.v
1,1 Os-lgor*-, Aliifiita. inimiii to ii'i'iy
for the piirrhiise of Mis following
iifsrriii.il inniiii oommonblng nt» post
lilnnt.il nl tli" soiilhoviat. r.ornor of
Lot f,f,!M, tlienci. riiiinliii; north III
chnins. tlianca must lt',D rhnlns,
thenco south 10 chnins, thence cunt
ICO chains to the point ol cmniciu-n
H. O, Ill.OW, locator
J, Laurie, Agsnt
Dat*. oetolMV II, llll. «-»«
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
GIVEN to thc Electors ot the Municipality of the City of C'ranbroolt
that 1 re [Hire the presence ot the
esid Electors, at the Municipal Ofli-
i'cp on Norbury Avenue, in tho City
ol Cran brook on the thirteenth day
ol January, 1913 nt 12 o'clock noon
11 p.m., oral time) tor the purpose
of electing persons to rej-reaent them
in the Municipal Council aw Mayor
.•■ml .-\iderui«n' and public notice is
f-irther given to the electors ot the
Cranbrook School D.strict that I re
quire the presence oi the said electors at 'he same p;ace and time
for the pnriH.83 of electing persons
to represent tbem on the Board
«f School Trustees for the
Cranbrook School District as such
school Trustees
The modi) of nomination of candi
dates shall  he .is follows
"Tbo c indidates shall he noniina
ted in writing the writing shall be
subscribed by two voters ot the mu
nlcipallty, as proposer and seconder,
and shall he delivered to th" Return
mu' Offlcor nt nny t tne between the
date o' the notice nud S p m. (:» p.
ti ni time) of the day of nomination; and mi the eve:it ol a poll be-
Ing necessary, such poll wilt be opened on the h xtecnth day of January, iota, at the Municipal Offices.
Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B. c,
from the hour ol 'J o'clock a. rn.
f 10 o'clock local time) and 7 p. m-
(8 p, m .local time) ot which every
person is hereby required to take
notice and govern himself according
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed liy thc candidates for
tiie otlice of Mayor are as follows
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as
Mayor of the city shall be BUch per
sons Jig are male British subjects of
the full ago of twenty-one years, and
are not disqualified under any law,
and have been for the six months
next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the land
Registry Ollice, ot land or real property in the City ot the nssessed value on tbe last Municipal Assessment
Roll, of One Thousand Dollars or
or more over and above any registered judgment or charge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified as Municipal voters. (lOOfi, 0. 32, 8. 14).
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidates
for thc ofllce of Aldermen are as follows:
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen of
the City shall be such persons as ara
male British subjects of the full age
of twenty one years and arc not disqualified under nny law, nnd have
been f«r the sir months nest preceding the day of nomination the registered owner In the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property In tho
City ot the assessed value ou tbe last
Municipal Asais^neut Roll of flv«
hundred dulluis or more over and
ubove uny registered judgement or
charge, mid who ure otuerwUe duly
quuiiiied as Municipal vuteis- (UQti
C. .U, S. l.j.
. The quulmeutions by law required
to l<6 posie^sed by the candidutes
lor the uiiice of School Triibtae ure
as follows:
Any person being a householder in
the School i»u>trict aud being a
British subject ol the mil age of
twenty-one years and otherwise u.ual-
iueu by this Act to vote at an election of school Trustees in tbt
School Bistrict, shall be eligible to
be elected or to serve ae a School
'ln.s-.ee in such Municipal District.
tiuu6, C. ii, S. :».;).    1UU0, C. a«. B
No Trustee shall bold the office of
teacher w.Ui.n the Uiotrict of which
he is a Trustee, pro.'med aiwaye
thut no clergyman ol any denomination shall be cig-ij.c for tho position
oi Superintendent, Inspector, Teacher or '-.Casta.,    liuoa, C. 44, 8. ioa.
"Householder1 in the ease of Municipal SoboOl District shall mean and
Include any person ol the full age of
t •■ enty-one years who occuplfi a
dwelling, tenement, botei or board-
1:1. I- us a, or any part or portion ot
n dwelling, tenement, hotel, or board-
in,; bouse, and who suaU, unites
exempt by statue or Municipal By-
Law, have paid directly to the Municipality, rates, taxes or feed ot not
less than two dollars for the current
year    ClOOO, c. B0, S. fl )
Given under my hand at the City
of cranbrook. this flnth day ot
Docomber, A i>. lOifl.
Returning Officer.
•tort Work of
"■ i»-'-..:.-. and apparently hopnlut earn of
. j---i   l,tiii't..-H'i, f iiiiiI, NuuralKl" nml 1.I1 mhrr
"   "ti 1 tioinyUldatoneoloAliboUDrM
■ Uwniily, I.IU.i nn tflgtfl »f nv-try ,1
li ■ ■ Initai I relief totlAopsfomlienauffervn,
■ Unwn in.ni beili ><f agony "'"i far W yetri
1 i-> 1 ■■« *i ins men, womeii ,,n'' enlloron tor
1 ther« ■ 11 ■ i 110 help.  Juit "* fow botUM
ii 'i'i-I  ;. en nf from M to 0Qyeara1 dantiot]
and t'l'i'v iL.t'dii.iniiiirivniio'i u n nulcK, autand
■I. < iiiiuTy !-, lUbli trcatmeni fur nil urio add dm-
mm wcakkltlnryi < to   Lot u dollar M tie of
Alibott Hrr,'"•Jheumatlo Rimtdr
f il :. -nr i' Ini hi mi stiirt ymir curw today.
I --»• \mt>nl6 '    AI.1-..H ll...., 711 y. iWrbornSU
Chicago,  111,, if Muir iii iiKuin duai oul have ft*
Sold By the CD
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. THE  PROSPECTOR.  CUAXBROOK, B. C.
An eminent scientist, lho othor day.
gave his opinion that tho most won-
i On the Upper Orinoco
j Aro ynu nwnre llml nearly a than-
: snutl mill-- nf unvignhlo liilnwl water-
1 ways of the Upper Orinoco River lu
South America fire entirely untlls urh-
derful discovery ol recent yenrs was i C(] liy cornmerco, excepl suob as may
thi discovery of Zem-Buk. Just hlnkl , ,„, caiTiod ,n .m oocaJtonnI canoe or
As soon as a single thin layer oc Zam- ,ftncha, The , to l8 ^ {
m Is applied to a wound or sore, „gh, 8C0W (t|. tot.bottomed ,I0U nt.
such Injury la Insured against blood ted wIth a „, lo t trom ull
poison! Not one species of microbe however, nn enormous sail eau be
has been foun I llmt Zam-Buk docs not
Then again. As soon as Xan.-I.iik
te applied to ;i soro, or a cut, or to
skin disease, tt stops the smarting.
That i*5 why children arc such friends
Thoy can
? nc
•tlitug for
icienco it
t the thins
All thoy
in liia*
lis   their
ers should
er forget
When the summer trade, winds blow
from tho Atlantic good progress upstream Is often mado but for tho return trip tho mast and sails arc stowed away, and the force of the current
is depended upon, aided iu tlio dry
season by the use oj poles or ours.
li the westerly winds havo tot in, of
course, it can sail buck as well, and
at times a little craft may be seen
wiih sail set, tacking down stream In
the teeth oi an oasterly wind, but this
is sorry work.
More picturesque and speedier than
the lanchn is the 'bongo.'-or large dugout, one half of which Is shelterod by
a wicker or palm-thatched canopy, and
formed Is worked up ;l ^i,- nerer lo i)0 forgotten -ll Uie
■ mi literally casta ofl | pnsslng of a bishop or faithful 'padre*
a with his Indian boatman, making a
round of parochial calls, requiring, perhaps several months' almost constanl
travel. The Install I this craft Is recognized the steamer or laucha Blaok-
ens speed, and when the padre glides
alongside be solemnly blesseB the voyagers, th n thankful 1 j accepting suoh
conl rlbutlous as nre offei ed hliu aud
exi b 0 i a courteou: farewell, resumes his solitary way.
Again. As soon as Zam-13Uk Is np-
plii .1 to a wound or to n diseased part,
the cells beneath ihe skin's'surface
aro so stimulated that new healthy
tissue .-■ qu-ckly formed. This forming il freel' In althy tissue from be-
low i- Znm-Buk's secret of healing.
The tissue ihus formed Is worked up
tl ■ ■!:.-i-.i-il tissue above It.     This Is
v : y ;.;nn-Bi k cure-* are permanent
Oi ly the other day Mr. .Marsh, of j
101 Delorlmler Ave., Montreal, called
ni  i  the Zam-Buk Company and told
•    -■   •■ ii for over twenty-live years
!        : i. en a martyr to eca ima. Ills
hai   :  wero nl  one Ume so covered
with e nr   thai  ho had  to sleep Ln
_   ■■ ■ ■        loin   years   n«o   Zam-Buk
v.i.- Introduced io him, and lu a tew
::. uths It cured him,     To-day   over
thre ■ yearB after hla cure of a disease
he had  ror  I .'enty-flve yt nr.    lie te
still cure I. and has had no trace of
any return of tin eczema'
AH dcugglsts a I) Zam-Dul. at 50c.     ...     ..       L-  .
box, oi   ro nlil send free trial hox itOvlIl re"^e iho bisH"'11 •>' paeeag.
you send  his mlvi rttaemenl and a to.
stamp (to ia;. return postage),   Ad
dresi Zam-Buk Co., oronto.
Not Disturbed
Two spiders who dwelt In different
parts of n church one day chanced to
moot nnd got into deep conversation,
ami asked one another where ihey
I live under the pulpit, said No. 1,
and every week I always think I shall
be getting killed; the parson bangs
his Irnnd down, and I have to Ret Into
ihe smallest corner 1 ran lind for lear
of getting squashed.
Ob, said No. 2, you ought to como
and live with me. 1 never got disturbed from ouo year's end to another.
Why, whero do you live? asked N'o.
1 live lit thc poor box.
How Did Stic Know
.Mrs. Blinkers—What! Going? Why?
Servaut—Pleaso mum, when I cum
yesterday you gave me tho keys to
your trunks and drawers, and cheat)
and jewel-boxes to keep for you.
Mrs. 11. -Ym, I did that lo show
that 1 could trust yon. What is the
Servant   Thur don't ono of 'om nt.
Mrs Wins...*-
. be
it Win Core a Colcf.—Colds are the
commonest ailments of mankind uud
u* neglected may lead I i *• rloi - ion
dltlons.      Dr.   Thomas'  Electric Oil
*•*•*—*•.•.•.•.•.•_ ■
nflammatiou Bpeedliy and thoroughly aud will si -■ ngth -n them againsi
.-.;■-■' ;■:■ ni attack. -ind as li i n tea
the In flam ma tlon ir * ill >■ ip the
cough ■-■■.: t all tys all Irritation
. . the     roa ,     Try tt and prove it.
Hied ier over SIXTY Yl-WK,
i-. tiie best remedy fot DIARRHOEA, It U ab-
lolutely harmless. Up sure and a-.* for -Mr-.
Wluttow't Soot Mug Byrup." ami .ate oj other
kind.   Xwenty-flvewutio iwuie.
slon for local representatives;
fXhor -f'x, permanent; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; Bpare
Vi me accepted. .N'ichols. fjlmited, pub-
Ushers, Toronto. Canada.
A Tr-ap Wnich Failed
.Mr. J. Johnson Abraham   In   his
book. "The Surgeon's Log,   tfesci
a peculiar adventur   at Port Said.
Sounds of music were heard from
a houso, and as if at a signal, says
Mr.  Abraham, the   decrepit   chariot
,- 1 still,  my guide got down, audi
sugg< sted l Bhould go  a      t thoughi
rnpidlj  and then rollowi I him.     tt      Proteel
•was mieer. and I wanted  to know.
His Working Clothes
Ellenborough w.i-, onco ■ ran ;olj
posed bj n «II i ■■ a labouring liriclj
layi r, w bt  camo Lo be sworn
Ki ally, n I ui ss, said I he Lord ■ 'Met
i i ■ . ■  «vhi ii you have to appear before the courl !   i- your bounden d
to be more cl nu and d ■<• 'nt in your
ii [i comes to I lat, said the witness,
I'm over? Wt aB woll dressed ni youi'
What do you im an? ss tl hte lord-
ship, angrily
Why. s.iiii the labourer, you come
here In your working ■ othes, and I'm
come in mlno,
Formerly  the  duties of the  Lord
Chancellor were those of n doorkeeper, who admitted suitors in' i   ie
seui o of the King.
Miiiard's  Liniment Cures Dandruff
All trainers, Jockeys,   and
tlces must  take out  racing
issued by the Jockey t'lub
foreign jockey rides in  England
must obtain o bat Is known
porary license.
Mark Twain's Suggestion
Mark Twain and tho late Rev
Thomas K. Bccchor, l-lmlra, Now
York, were great chuins. Tor years
Mark mado his summer homo at Eh
niira, and when tho two were together
tliey were like a pair of boys just out
of aohool, - One day Mark said:
Tom, I've just been reading that Interesting book, Genesis, and I'm Impressed with the thought the we moderns aro not Riving Adam 011° °t Uio
greatest men in history, a square deal.
Here we go, erecting slaUies and monuments to generals and peers and
statesmen, and actually forgot all
about our Ilrst ancestors. It's not
right. Why shouldn't there bo a
statue of Adam somewhere, erected
by his grateful descendants?
Thero certainly ought to be, Mark,
replied Mr. lk-echer, but nobody
knows what Adam looked llko.
Well, drawled Mark, he'd probably
look as mueh like hU statue ns tho
average victim Joes, I vote we see
to It that Adam gets his rights,
Tho two sot to work raising a fund
for a Hint no nf Adam, A citizen of
Blmlrn still living subsorlbcd $8,000!
but that was as far as tho project got,
for other Interests pushed it aside,
and It is now only an amusing recollection.
The Alexander B.ind
It was a great day In tha history of
that small town.     The currents and
cross-currents of politics had swirled
up and down the main s'ri'i't, made
euomles throughout   lhe   community,
.md led the mosl promtnonl clttsens
' i make Foolish bets on the ot eet ton.
Patriotism was playlni thunder with
men's preconoelved notions of the dictates of   politeness,      The   merest
whisper would have precipitated ihe
I use of firearms and hatpins.     The
1 Bpoaker or the day took his place on
! tho  platform,   looked  as   wlso  as  a
treeful of OWls, and prepared to sweep
: the crowd right off Us feet.    He bo
I gan with a reference to his noble candidate, who. full of patriotism, ambi-
: lion, and a desire to get the salary,
I was willing iu havo himself elected.
i     How   Alexander   wept   for    other
.ippivii*. worlds to conquer you, most of you,
B licenses   may a|- i(„ow>"]ie began, but was In-
!'.!.". .e",.!!  irrupted by an offensive-looking per
tie child from the ravage;
by   using   Mother Graves
lie led the way upstair- into a large   Worm Exterminator.     It Is a stand-
■ ard  rem, .ly. and years c
j enhanced its reputation]
Maypole Soap
DYES  SO /.7-v
KASILV /*   "i-
With   Miypole Qfcjft
Soap  lh«e  ii  bo x-**i*F- '«Jt
in home dyeinc;.
Dyei cotton, wool,
*ilk oi mixturei. 24
ilu'Je. Cclots 10c.
Blick 15c--at youi
dealer's oi (joctpaid
-.vr.'.ibnr.Llct "i low
to Dye" from
I  F, L BENEDICT & CD Mflntml
China posse*;*??s a
rea of 21,000 sauare
oal-fieid with ,
wm, vhere several men were playin;
roulette, .None took any notice ol
me, bul apparently the bank was having a very bad i Ime of il, Everybody -'-us winning. The music from
the automatic piano was dead ning, !
looked on silently for some time, and
then made a move for the door. An
oily-looking Oreek intercepted mc.
Won't you try your luck? he said.
No, I'm not drunk enough, I answered. ^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
H<.'  shrugged his  shoulder*  and  I|M      „    ..
passed out.    on the stairs i paused W*W Health and Strength Obtained
sou who let out this discouraging comment :
If we don't we must be crazy. Ood
knows we've been told about it often
A gentlomau had been dining with
Ms wife In a rostaurant, and when
tils bill was brought lo him, ro.nnrl.ed
to the waiter:
Walter, one Itom i.; wrong here, Wo
didn't have three plates oE soup. We
only had two.
Pardon me sir, replied the knighi
or the napkin. Von foi'gol ihe plate
v. im I .spilled over the lady's dress.
Named Mon, lho new llritish baltlc-
crulser lias cost $10,500,000.
and  then stole silently bade
music had ceased and" all the c<
crates who bad bcen playing st
erlshly and winning   so   much
ceased   alao,  and   wore  preparing
resume the siesta my advent had
fruitlessly Interrupted.
fev- '■
; to
by the Use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
It ij useless to (eil a hard-working
woman to take life easily and not to
worry. Every woman at tiie head of
a home; every girl lu oflices, shops
and factories, is subject to more or
loss worry. These cannot be avoided. But It is the duty of every woman and every girt to save her
trength as much as possible and to
How a Cross Was Won
A  French reporter encountered  ii
little village of the South of Franci
1 :i gardoner, who wore pinned on hi
| (dean  Sunday  blouse,  the ribbon o
; the Legion of Honor. Naturally, thej build up lier system to meet any un-
nowspaper man desired to know how usual demands. lier future health
he got It. The gardener, who IHto depeuds upon ir. To guard against
many of his trade, scorned to be u! a breakdown in health the blood
sllenl man, was averse to meeting an j must bo kept, rich, red and pure. No-
old ai.d wearisome deninnd, but fin- thing can keep tho blood In this
ally   lie  began: I condition so well   as   Dr.    Williams'
Oh, I don't know how I got il!      1 [ l'lnk Pills.      They    strengthen    the
was at Dazflilles with tho rest of the (nerves restore   tiie   appetite,   bring
si  in  Kngland
A Moscow dentist claims lo bo able
o supply false tooth thai will grow
nto the mouth us  (Irmly as natural
buttery. All the pincers were killed,
I Ihen down  went nil the non-commls-
sloucd ofllcers'.     Dang! bangl bang!
By and by all tho soldiers wore down
bin *ic. | bad fired tlio last, shot,
! umi naturally was doing what I could
; io keep off the Bavarians,
Well, a general camo and Fays he,
'Where's your ofllcers?'
I    All down, say:. I.
Where's your gunners? says he.
I    All down but mo, says I.
';    And you've been  lighting here all
: alouo? says he.
  l couldn't lei 'em come ami gel; the
* r i-..i.... .,,... . f„,.i,  Shtis, could I? ! says, and then he up
mnco ol living whlsl took!„..., ..,., th(fl ribl)£m ((|) m(1  proh:lI)i;.
because thero was nobody else there
.o  pill   ii  on.
On lho lombstono in Lincoln Come
teiy. ot William Gibson, onco a well
known International player, hav- boor
placed carved representations of t
football and a cap.
A perform;
place recently in Sir William I-aucas
ter's grounds al Putney, fifty-two children from .\ll Saints' Parish, Tooting
being dressed to repreucul lhe cards
FROM ti to 50
Interesting Experience of Two
Women—Their Ltatements
Worth Reading.
White Oak, Out. - "At Chang" of UU
When doctors could do no mor-* and I w*.i
iff I veil up by my
friends,    Lydia   B.
j Plnkham'a Vsgtta.
i b!<- Compound came
| to the front nnd did
oiidcrs .'or ni<:. I
had b«-<.n having female troubles for
years, my head troubled me severely at
times, I had bearing
down pains and back*
ehe and I w»s very
anaemic from excessive (lowing. I recommend your Compound highly and do
all I can to advertise it ns a genuine wo-
mfin's medicine." — Mrs, S'.'.AXSTElt
Ma.nn.n-;, White Oik, Ontario,
Tho Case of Mth* Kirlln.
Clreloville, Ohio.—"I can truthfully j
nay that I novor had anything do mo so
much good during Change of Ufeesl,y-1
din ft. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound.
"Before] had taken oe-: half A bottlo i
of it I began to fool bflttrr, nnd I hftVO I
rotitinued taking it  MyheatUi Is bettor
than it hai been for iv-vrml yi-nr-t. if
all women wen,Id take it th*-y would 0|*
rap'- untoM pain ami mi icry at thi.t timo
of life/'—Mrs, Alioh KiitLiNj 858 W.
Mill St., Circlovllle, Ohio.
Tlu* Change: of Life li one of tlio most
critical periods of a wo nan's existence,
Atsuch tlmoswomon may rely upon Lydia
R Pinkham'f Vegetable Compounds
The Judge's Explanation
lie average juryman te not
I versed lu the flno distinctions of
law. On those he needs Instruc-
I iiim from the Judge, It must have
, boon a ver) obtuse juryman, however,
I to whom the case waa not perfectly
; clear after listening to the following
[explanation  b)  a Judge iu the Far
|    Gentlemen, he stated, with   admirable lucidity, murder Is where a mun
. Is murdorousl) Itlllpd.     The killer in
' suoh a  caso Is n murderer,      Now,
; murder by poison is just as much murder a.  murdei  with a irun. pistol, nr
I knife,     ii js the simple not of mur-
derlng thnl constitutes murder In the
eye of the law.     Don': let the idea;
of murdei and manslaughter confound
you.     Murder la   one   thing;   manslaughter Is quite anothor      Conio-|
the glow of health to pallid cheeks,
and renewed energy to listless people.
Women cannot always rest when they
should, hut ihey can keep their
strength and keep disease away hy
tiie occasional use. of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Or If n breakdown has
come unexpectedly they can obtain
now health through this same medicine. Mrs. Bl. Thomas, iver Street,
Toronto. Bays: "For several years i
was almost a constant invalid, unable
to do my housework and spending
much of my time in bed. My nerves
seemed worn out and I was so run
down that ull my friends thought I
was in a hopeless decline. I was as
pale as a corpse; I was so bloodless
that if I cut my linger it would not
bleed; my limits wero swollen far beyond their usual size. At the leas!
exertion my heart would palpitate
violently, aud I frequently had fainting spells. I was under treatment
by good doctors, but it did mo no
pood. Then one day my husband
brought homo some Or. Williams'
Fink Pills and I began (aklng them.
They seemed to go to tho root of the
j trouble, nnd in the course of a few
' weeks the improvement they "ware
making was quite, plain, Gradually
as I continued taking tho Pills tho
swelling of my limbs disappeared! the
weak spells enme less ami less frequently; my appetite greatly improved, and finally I wus domplotoly
j cured and ablo to do my housework
with ease. Later, my daughter AI-
1 ma seemed to be troubled with n..ao-
I mln, ami we gave her tho Pills with
' ihe asm-- good results."
Whs bi iv
Tiie Mercy of the Court
Thc justice of thc peace was in thc
South and a marked state of Ignorance. Ho was approached by a man
desiring a divorce, and he did not
know what to do. Calling a friend
to his side, he whispered:
What's tlio law on this p'int?
You can't do ii. was tho reply. It's
put of your jurisdiction.
The husband, observing the consultation and feeling keenly his desire
to escape from his matrimonial woe,
I'm willing to pay well; got the
money right here In this sock.
.-U this the justice assumed his
gravest judicial air. Obviously he
was deeply pained. Never before in
ail his life hud he been so bowed down
by grief.
You knew before you came here,
he said sadly, that it wasn't for me to
separate husband and wife, and yet
vou not only lake up tbe valuable time
of this court by talking, but you actually propose to bribe me with money.
Xow, how much imve you got iu that
About, six dollars and n half, your
Is that so? Then I fine you five
dollars for bribery and a dollar nnd a
half for taking up my time with n
caso out nf iny jurisdiction; nnd may
Mie Lord havo mercy on your soul.
Something New in Cause and Effect
President I ladle)', of Yale, was telling that it is a better thing to hnve
written examinations of students instead of the oral ones, which were
the rule some years ago,. Ile illustrated It thus:
A professor was examining a student who bad the reputation of being
moro quick-witted than studious.
You have attended the moral philosophy class, have you not? asked
the professor.
Yes, eii*.
You probably beard lectures on various subjects. Did you ever hear oue
on cause aud effect?
Yes, sir.
Does an effect ever go before a
Yes sir.
(llvo me an  Instance.
A mun wheeling n burrow
That, was tho end of thai, examination.
uuently, (." there has been a murder,,       . . ,;     .     - , ,
ami Ii  te not  manslaughter, Horn | ' ;■'" ft-fj" cur,ln|1 ^"Jl8.?' to-day with
rinn't iat n.t- ..,,h.i I Dr. UiHi.tuiw  Pink Pills,     Sold by I
musl in- murder,    Don't lei Iiiii point
>scnpe you.
Si 11' in ii di. has n i bins lo do •Jth
lhls caso Ai cording to Blacks tone
and other legal writers, one man cannol <um,ni' fel i tie io upon another;
and this is my opinion,
'iiM.rlemon, murder is murder.   Ths
murder of a  brother i- catted fratricide; the murder of/a father Is called parricide, but thai don't ontor Into
this case,     As I have sold  before
murder is emphatically murder.
Vou will consider your vordlcl  gen-
i tlemen, and mako up yotr minds so-
[cording to tit" law nm! tho evidence
not forgetting the explanation I bave
given you.
GainedHii Point
Soldiers stationed In India very often devise means whereby they can exchange Lhe monotony of that country
for Ihe gaiety and pleasure of homo.
Among other ways of working his
ticket, is tlm jiraeticc of shamming
some lullriuliy. Oue of our noble defenders In tllO Blanl'.shlro llufl'n reported himself ill at the usual Inspection hour, and was detained in hospital fnr deni'ucHH. He curried out
Ills deceit almost loo well, for at lust
tie* suspicions of tho prescribing mod-
^^^^^^^^ leal ofllcor wore aroused, and lie dc-
r In any way when you|tonntnod lo lost him.
Qolllg into 11k- ward oue uinriiiiijCi
whllo Tommy's back was turnod to the
door, busily engaged in au argument
with ;i comrade who was smoking, he
Walked quietly behind bim and raised
a revolver. lint Tommy saw the reflection iu :i window opposite and
guessed his liitoiitlou, So, whon tlio
revolver wot llreil, observing tlio puff
of smoke, be turned lo his elm in nml
said hastily- •
Put oul your pipe, you fool: the doctor will he round in a minute.
Needless lo nny. Tommy was home
before many motiihs had passed.
\i,i,,.,M,i,iii-i   i liavon'l
II  1
r repairs on m-  maolilm
:   il)
montlis i'vi- lunl It,
1'l'irlnl - So Ills lllilll  wlio
ilrii lold me,
all medicine dealers or by mail nl r>(-
oi nis a box or ni\ boxes f"i* *-.f»"
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
Overdoing    It
Wood row Wilson, al a lunohooit in
Spring I.nkc, said ol a boy athleto.
I am afraid ho sots athletics loo far
abovo English, mathematics nml history. His Jimil snid lo lilm (lie other
ou th
lellghted lo hear of your succoss
schoi I baseball team, ITnrold;
but. you musl roiiiomber that thoro un-
other things in life bosldos bnsoball.
Ves, nun' I know, mi id the hoy; but
hang it all, I'm afraid I'm too llglii for
football or rowing.
Firing at  n  rouge
It.M.S.  UoIIIngwood,
guns made eifthl   jilts
In iwo mlnuLos,
of 2,-t00
with   I).,
iti elghl i
I illn,
Ima for
ii. iin km, you
. a hundred do]
blame hei
I mueh for being proud If she
Bguro io make li look woll.
Thero are plenty of hflppj
no   dOltbt,   bill   tbey   niv   Hftnol
III" nolSo Hn1 wro toll Oil make.
W.  N.   U.  910
.Vearh Ion nor rent of llm poor r"
I love.1 in Scotland aro natives of IDng
land nml Ireland,
Pools Laureate, Mm earl log I nf
whom r,us Hen Johnson, wero first
appointed by letters patent in 1016;
Pilln That HflVS Benefited
lands.—Kuown far ami nenr an a
suro remedy In tho troatinonl of iudi-
gostlon nml all derangements of uie
stomaob, liver and liltlnoys, Parma-
lee's Vogotablo Pills bnve brought ro.
Ilof to thousands when other Rpoolflos
have failed, In nu mor aide testimonials can be produced to ostahltsli the
truth of this assorllon. onco tried
ihey will be found superior io all othor
pills in the treatment of the aiimonta
for which ihey are proscribed,
) produceQ upwards of GOO.OOQ
worth oi OJ'fltors every yoar.
An Eyo to Business
Son,  would you llko    lo    see your
iiinii.* written high ou the scroll of
No pnpii;  I'd like to see my name
stamped on Home   domestic   article
Unit, no family eoiild do wllhotlt,
Young Preooher—What is iho best
way lo leach the Ten ('onim;iuilnieiitn?
old Preacher if you have a congregation of poor, leach tbem an ruin-
maiidnietitii; If niiddle-elmm a. re-
quests; nud if rich, merely as rn-om-
iiii ndutlons-,
Where tbe Spoils Wore
Two plpkpookols had boon following mi old gentleman, wlm aoeinod a
lllcoly eubjool for tholr nofarioue de.
BlgflR* when suddenly bu lu rued Into
a lawyer's ofllco.
Whut shall we do now? asked one
of lhe thieving pair, lionpltlflrfbil ul, the
turn events imd taken,
Wait for iho lawyer! promptly replied tho other,
No need to apologize to family or guest when
MOONEY lines it.     MOONEY'S BISCUITS aro
always right — every biscuit inspected before it ia
packed—and they aro us fresh as tho product of your
own oven.
aro tho great favorites for every day use.
They arc made in the big sanitary factory in
Winnipeg and come to you in air-tight packages or
Jn sealed tins as you prefer.
 I       DO IT"
__ JB(p*i JA
The    illustration   shows   one   of   the
many  styles of body that we build for
our Light Delivery  Car.
221-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body  lettered as you requite $1300.00
I. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
Deserved to be Sacked
Thole Is r- largo lumber operator in
Maine who on occasion personally su-
perlntcnds tho crows breaking up log
jams In the river. Once, It appears,
the spruoe log on which he was standing slipped and threw hint In the water undor t|*o logs.
One of tlio crew, a French-Canadian
who had sr'jn tho accident,, Immediately went to '.ho rescue and succeeded It getting tho operator ou laud.
The lnttor merely grunted his thanks,
and nothing waa aald nbout the mishap. •
Afler a day or so lho Fronohmnn
grow anxious, for ho had ilinujiht of
a ffreat reward. Approaching the
lumberman ho said. I—J soo yon fall
In, m'Bloul', and I run qt ik, (o pull
yon from ;.e walaiiv before you drown
Ves. HiiatMir.l tho lumberman, you
did; but If you'd been attcndlUK to
business as you Ought to have hncn
you wouldn't ltttVO seen ine fall In!
Larger and Lets Ugly
Ves, he stole Now Vork,     llo stole
.Now Jersey.    Am I going too sirong?
nuked Iho cnnipalgn orator.
Nol for those slates, perhaps.     Hut
make It  purloined  when you gol. to
Ask Your Dealer to Show You
"For Workingmen Everywhere"
Broad Shoulders, Bis  Sleeves, Long Bodies
AtTO.v,   •  ONTARIO.
Mfrs. Celebrated Storey Line of Fine Gloves and Mitts,
pair guaranteed.
Poill' -id'oliilng niuiilplpalit.ii'!, In Ihn
[-reti.il district o( Dijon each lmvo ono
ot four hniiii.Ts na mayor,
Toklo, llie capllal nf Japan, han a
iciiiiii.' population of 7i>a,oeo, of whom
1111,000 seoh tliolr HvellliomlH outside
llii'ir own family circle.
15a • Tin. ,
HIArt. '..a OKtlllNAT, ... |I|T It-Ill
OI.-tlNH. Will ,.„,„, RHI, U| aiaiu
af all kill*
Order* for Ihe Day
Mr. llcnpeck—la my wife going out,
Mr. !lenpock--Do you know If 1 mil
going with hor?
Mlnaid't Liniment Cure. Burnt, Etc.
Blind Obedience
Vou must not see him nny moro,
Slii' hoard her mother any.
And t!i»ii-;h ehe might her futo u>
Rlie promise!* lo ohey.
I mum not »i-o you, uir, ehe cried,
When hu appeared thnt night.
Why, Ihen, tlio thoughtful youth replied,
Wn iiiiiki lurn out the light.
Thus did tlio maid bo true nnd ewoot
'l'n pa renin mandate bow.
Ali.hoi.gh na heretofore Ihey meet
She does not see him now.
Up to Him
He Doe- a   woman   when   eho'i-
married expect a liiiB'bnnd to toll lier
hia init'iiieaa affairs?
Bho—I don't know, hut a woman expects a mini to talk liuaiaess when
ho'fl courting hor,
Through ihe Suez Cnntil the P. &
0. Stonn.'.hlp I,Ine needs lho greulesl.
tnnmiKc uf rhlpiitng, lint tlm lOllennnn
Line makes lhe moat voyages.
Nearly one million neiiiida' worth of
toinaiiieA fun nh'iuully Impelled Into
the Hulled Kingdom.
Ttt'o-iIiiiiiu of Ihe Inhabitants of
New Houth Wulos belong lo the Church
of Ktighind,
A eiipstuln la Imlll Inlo a block and
tackle wllh wlileli ono man enn handle
loads of I.mm poumla and two men,
loads of 4,000 pounds.
Situation* Vacant
The rle.i bachelor sighed nud looked
fixedly at Ihe beautiful girl.
Tilings with me, he nald, are nt sixes
nnd sevens. 1 feel the great need
of a woman In my homo—ono win,
would straighten out my tangled af
fairs und make life worth living oneo
Her soft glance spoke Inr excitement and expectation.
Yes? she queried gently.
Dn you know, ho continued, of -iny
good, able-bodied woman whom I
could get to clean the house?
Qualified Diplomat
Why iIoob your son wish to enter
thc diplomatic service? Does he think
hn lias a '.peclal aptitude for lt?
Yes, he bus been a member of a
church choir for two yeara without being Involved ln any of Its quarrels.
Oreat iirliuln buys In nn average
yeur fifteen million pounds' worth ef
cattle from Ireland.
For the use of ships on foreign voyages nearly three million tons of
bunker coal wero shipped from Scotland hiBt yenr.
A lew door* aouth of C.P.R. Depot
nates I..50 to $2.00 per dsy
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In evsry room
Hotel   practically   Flrjprocf
Ge-dnccCemi.f/it Oc^utiru/Mk»mcOfy^rfim^/^it
A French Authoress
Claims the Right of Her
Sex to Slay, But History
Shows That Murder is
Distinctively a Man's
CHHALL women emulate Judith?
!.\ It is a novel theory that has been
*-* broached, and it has apparently a long
way to go before any affirmative answer xvill
be given that will hold good generally in
courts of law- or in public opinion*
It was propounded by a woman who had
been cruelly wronged; it appealed to whatever
primal, savage instincts remain in the heart of
the sex—and the psychologists who have tried
So prove that woman is a savage still have
been too numerous to mention.
But when the test of feminine sentiment
came to be made, there was an overwhelming
preponderance of condemnation for her who
shall take into her own hands the vengeance
reserved to the law.
Yet the feminine verdict, indorsed though
it has been by the letter of the law in all lands
and among all peoples, flics in the face of the
verdicts of history and is set at defiance by
almost every practical rule of punishment in
the civilized world.
The anomaly is tragic, audit remains one
of the century's problems, still to be solved.
Meanwhile it constitutes at once thc newest
and the oldest puzzle of that branch of criminology which deals with plain, unvarnished
IS THERE any not ot circumstances in which a
woman i3 Justified in slaying?
History  and   the  law   havo  found plenty  ot
them,   und common  scnao does not hesitate to
igree with both.
Dut those circumstances, such as thoy have been,
•would havo justified men as well. Under moBt of the
other conditions, lit which men and women can bo
equally culpable, tho world has consistently regarded
tho woman's sin of murder as unnatural and the
man's as something not very far from normal. JVnd,
with that, the world has formed a habit of sternly
hanging the mon and of weeping sympathetically
over tho women, until it's as hard to hang a murderess as It would have been to prevent her crime
onco sho wns resolved upon it.,
Here Is tho tragedy that flung the whole question
Into the limelight:
Madame Lawrence Rachel Bloch, ot Paris, brilliant
writer, charming lecturer, club associate oj the
Duchessc d'Uzcs, admired for her genius under the
pen name of Frederick de BcauUet, called on Mr?.
James Brldgman, a beautiful American resident of
Paris, whose husband was cashier there for an
American life insurance company. Tho scene wan
Mra. Brldgman and M. Bloch's apartments, at 16
lln© Vlgnou.
"You havo taken from mo my husband," Bald
Madame Ijloch. "Ho lias been your slave for four
years. Ho is a good man, but your fascination makes
lilm recreant to every duty of hln family and his
home. Ho lives a llfn of anguish and remorse; lie
leaves to n.P, his wife, and to his children, all the un-
happlnoss Ihcy can bear, and moro. Will you not
glvo hlin up to us? Will you not be content with
your four yenrs of possession? Havo you not, in
your mother's heart —for you have a son of your own
—that sentiment of pity which should let you feel
for us, who are forsaken?"
"My lovo before every thing*" Madame Bloch
quo lod her rival as answering. "I wlil not glvo
bim up."
Tho wlfo fliniK hcmoU at tier rival's foot; in
tears sho Implored hor to he morel fui, But Mrs.
Brldgman merely Blirugged her shoulders. Infuriated, Madame Bloc.) whipped out the revolver nho
carrlod nud shot hor rival dead.
It has become a oolobrfttod case, mainly because
it ropfesouts the situation of sn many wives in
Franco, lacking only the tragic denouement. Thou,"
mimlH of woiiu-n, when they read the thrilling "con-
fesslon" prepan d by a writer so expert and n
Ipoakor so eloquent at iho prisoner, realised thnt
their own situation was in nowise different from
that Which sho had faced during tho yi -art, before her
tfcHp-Tiitlon drove her to appeal to the scant mercy
of a successful foe lu tho iim* of love, Mnny of them
Imd borne thetr neglect with no reprisal other than
the reproaches they visited upon their erring bus-
bands, othors had rovongod thomselvos in kind. But
jiono had dreamed uf reverting tu the fundamental
gavnffol-y "f slaying the woman who took their men
from tholr embraces,
Wns Madame Bloch a pioneer of a new evangel?
Hud she. with that swift piste shot, cloared a way
to end tho Infidelity ot husbands? Truly—and Purls
■milled grlmly--thut wns lhe way a luisbund should
Sttend fo the lover of hte wife; and when husbands
id attend to the lovers so, tho courts never failed
to (Ind tho provocation great enough to let them
c-voile tho gulllotlno. Mail nne Hltieh's head Would
et»v on bar shoulders t.y niuuy it year to come, the
cynical Parisians guessed,
Mndnmo llloeh thinks so, too; sho even announced
from her ec)| Hint iunumcruulu lutters had reached
tier from women eoiniiH tiding her for her net, many
of lhe lottors having been written by uther women
Bomo Suspicion  lhat she wnn too 0pttmlBtlO moved
ft Paris paper to Invostlgalo, Only two out of tho
riftht women authors who commented on Iter action
Indorsed It. The rost condemned htr unremrvediy.
Tine. Catulie Mcndes, widow of tho famous poet.
M'heid ihe origin oi suoh savagery in feoblonoss of
marts und the faahlonoss of the law. Mine. Valentino do Bat nt •Point, an npostle ot futurism, d (seemed
In i imli crimes of passion u greater snelnl danger
than attaches to lho cool, calm criminal. Mine, Uuulcl
TiCsueur, among tho best known of modern women
writers In France, held that those who kill must
frankly accept death us their punishment; otherwise
they are among the most cowardly of creatures.
"Woman's verdict was not unanimous against Madame
Bloch; but It was so emphatically In the majority for
her full punishment that it proved the truth of the
popular surmlso that, where women criminals are
concerned, the law will secure more Justice and loss
mercy with a Jury of women than it docs now with
Ua juries of men.
And this was In a case of passion where every
element of provocation and outrage appeared to have
been presenL to Inflame lho deserted wife ugalnsl a
rival whom in no other way she could defeut.
Tho murderess in fiction Is usually dealt with as
harshly as her colleagues of her own sex havo dealt
with Madame Bloch. Lady Macbeth, tho real criminal in Shakespeare's powerful tragedy, wns nn object
of horror for tho London audiences, who, in contemplating tho making of history hy their pltileBB Queen
Elizabeth with episodes us bloody and for motives no
more exalted, found the affectionate name for her oi
good Queen Bess. Attempts lo enlist the sympathies
of readers or auditors tn the woman who slays have
called for the genius of a Sardou and tlic awful situations of a "La Tosca,'' if the instinctive sense of
horror for the woman whoso hands aro imbued with
blood- Is to be prevented from welling up. Cleopatra,
much admired by her contemporaries, enemies like
.liillus Caesar included, would poison a slave as quick
ns look at lilm; but the art of a Thcophlle -Haulier
fails to make her better than repellent, ns lt falls
to leave the widow of King CandauleH look llko an
altogether lovable bride for the Gyges she Induced
to  murder hhn. /
History, unadorned, has generally treated llie
woman who slays much better. But that may he because, the famous femalo homicides have had the
advantage, so often, of motives which were unselfish,
although even purely selfish killings sometimes prove
to be justified ns ^evidence comes slowly forward to
show the mitigating circumstances.
That was thc case wllh tbo beautiful Beatrice
Cencl. Por many a long year sho bore the odium of
unforgivable parricide; and even the drama could do
little more for her in tlio imagination of the world
than palliate in some small measure the magnitude
of ber offense.
Her sufferings, hor retaliation, lier fate were all
llie products of her time, a period during which tho
paternal authority was absolute nnd when any rebellion of child against parent was deemed the most
heinous of crimes In tlio flight of God und man. Itut
of Beatrice Cencl, as time has worn on, history has
como to think moro pitifully; nud. curiously enough,
tho favorable  verdict   hns   been   steadily   coincident
With the evolution of modern faith and practice in
the theory of tho sacredness of childhood. Today the
fair Beatrice, heaving only the record of her Immoral
father In her hands, could eland forth before the
world and boldly say: "I slew him. Well, what of it?"
And the majority of the women writers who now
declare Madame Bloch's fate should ho the guillotine
would illng their arms around la Cenci's neck and
acclaim her as heroine und martyr.
Amnesty hus even been extended to the memory ot
Uie fascinating Blanca Capello, who finally became the
wife of Francis, grand duke or Tuscany. Mors was
for centuries a deteMed name among Hie Florentines,
with whom the traditions of the assassinations she
wns believed to have instigated remained a continual
source of horror. Blanca had not a moral quality lo
redeem her reputation; she wus as heartless as sho
proved unchaste; as ambitious as she wns scheming;
as unflliui ns she wns adventurous. But she managed
ber plans so well and she displayed such remarkable
qualities in government, once she had in her grasp
the power she coveted, that biographies of distinguished women compiled today do not fail to accord
her career extensive space, and do not refrain from
allotting her a high rank among the great women of
the world.
it needs unadulterated criminality, like Clytem-
nestra's, to force history into giving the murderess
her just dues. Her liaison With Aeglsthu.s might havo
been passed over na romantically us the poets glozo
the elopement of Helen with Paris. But when, nn his
return from lho Trojan war, Agamemnon, her husband, met death at Clytemnestra's hands, even lho
most gallunt of hlHlorlnns, in tbe most fabulous
period of Grecian chronicles, had to acquiesce In the
fitness of the destiny which left the murderess lo bn
slain by OreBtes, her own son. She waB as Impossible
for a historical "whitewash" tin wns Loousta. Diet
poisoner nf Home, whom Agrlpplna hired to kill
Claudius and Nero to destroy BrltannteUB, A Nero
might reward her, as Nero did; but when the Km-
peror Gal hit. had ber executed tbo chroniclers of alt
time could only soy, "Well done"
Leave the murderess free only from the tul
being despicable, and alio manages to loom in groi
grandeur as the ages roll away. Semlramis co
abandon her husband for her king, Nlnus of isss
us Blanca Capello betrayed Buonovcnturl for Pn i
of Tuscany. .She could rule in the ruins of • rapli
ensanguined with lho blood of Persia, Kg: pt, Ml
and Ethiopia. But tbat she founded Babylon .1
made the land rich with ber gigantic work* ••! I
provement has ever been accepted as ample cm ,;"
nation for her crimes against humanity.   1	
has given her lhe same carlo blnneho nt a ijui
provides   for  msla   slaughterer*   like   Xapol	
History has all hut  found excuses for lho  bio.
handed   l-'re.degumla,    the    beloved    ot   Cbllperh
Neuslrla, who strangled Qalsvlntba, her rival foi
throne, and cleared the way to power for her .■
Clotalre,   by   ono   assassination   after  anothi r.
too, was a great woman who might  havo been 111
trlous  for all her  Infamy  but  Lliat  opposed  to
shining lu pure relief like some pagan Jeanne rt'
was Bruiihiida. her sworn foe, fighting lo avong
sister's murder.
a Judith whose deathblow to Uoloforncs lefl
enshrined ns the heroine of the Jewish people, .,!.
charlotte Corday whose patriotism drove thc f-
blade Into lho pitiless broast of Mural, found Insl
recognition of their rourage and <.< \ otion, ami
higher apotheosis than history has accorded men 1
delivered their peonies from llm oppression).
tj rants 'nr tho menace  <>r au  enemy.
Vel, when modern Ufa presents such .< tragedy,
when modern romance ventures to choose Uie hero
who slays, some deep, eternal chord fn the unlvcr
soul thrills In harsh dissonance to the deed, li
one of the mysteries with which man has ever I
vested that mysterious creature, woman. And, in
history, there aro scarcely n doseu Instances tn v.h
highly bred womou have themselves slain In cold bio
Some famous poisoners there are, some Cen- - ant! r
dnys.   Vet. as a whole, history proves Ih. inler ;■-
man's occupation,
IN THE bin railway <1<-|.oI-j of tho nlllos, end
again in the moro Important juuation stations, a curious liit uf l-iw'i|-u is linbit- to
full into lho liniuls of the uitrndiinlj..
Tt mny weigh from ID to 40 pounds nml, an 11
ruK, it is well wrapped to prevent exposure to tho
nil', for it ia very suseeptiblo to injurj' mid requires
probably the groutcst eure of nny bundle mun or
woinau ever curries.
'J'liere is sililoiu, or never, nny address tog. for-
warding ulip or murk of Identification, 'I'he undor
cun1! tell lo whom it balo'lEA, or lo whom it. is eon-.
Mgnotl, It seems to just Imppon. lt, Is never regarded ns treasure trove, although it is tha most
precious thin-,' this world knows, And, for nil Ihe
neglect it hns suffered, for nil the despernte chances
of ruin it runs, il may Inst for seventy years or
more, and prove, in ono wny or anothor. of the ut
most, vnlue to mankind.
it is always alive, uuil very ofton kicking, It
mny ho ;l months old, or it rosy ba'.'. yenrs old,
Jt. is usually ii baby; Inn mnny a time it itl
slroady big enough to lie ,•idled a. child.
And of nil ihe surprising persons who enn bo
ihoiu-hi. of ns possibly forsaking so helpless umi
dcni- fi crcnture, she who abandons it is nearly
always the little one's own mother,
NoS'lDY linn ever solved the qtlOltlotl nf UlciO for-
siikrit welts of tlic, dopols, iSveryuady who has
unytliliia to do witli carotaltlntf there, from lho
tondor-hoartod but emulous mnlroti io Hi* peace*
preserving imt oqually itiilfui nop, tins spooiilolcil on tlio
onusoa Hint eon Ihduco u mother to simply quit tier Job
mnl loavo her baby io ti„, oltanco morclos of n world (tint
onros no moro r„r iim etalld ihnn tt doe., for a stray pup.
biui constdors it a good float more of a nuisance,
flmnn nooessju/. ot course. IrWes her n> »• ,vm n,„
E'„n»i"«"L°' '""'•n'.,; iinnuipi-s, wiinm txpottsneo with
jwyui. »„„,,„    „ .,,„..,. |,,,lc,i!, ....rum.,. f„ consider
.uo bloa thnt nny mollier B1-SUK0S her clilta Merely lm-
causa slm tloosn'1 care nxmsti for ll lo Ke.-i. It.
Tho common run of u,'|,„i opinion is tnat novorly
bo lho reason, Bul tlml > n -v is In direct defiance o
ii.'iif- applying lo i>i"i" Ihen half Ihu oa«o«, Tho mo
lii,.'.. been too comfortably dreiscd, ilu nhlldron prov
Woll clll.l, to Id ll l„: bell, v..I the rniiod Cd|« of III
bos lea* in ,1 cither of ihem,
Poverty, inti u poverty nol nruiiy so dh,1 nn
tuiui. of n-JiS" v,.-,„„.,i combat untomplslnlngly (ot
offspring's u.iii", mny be iho slory ot somo among
roncgnds mothors, wenltllntni ,,r iiplrll who nuoll n
nrospoet »f privation and arc willing to ttusl lo ;i,
of .-I,.,iiiy for Ihelr children,   But with Un resl,
musl   hn   iniiliy   nnd  strange   f-xphttintl'
ns or misery in
tbo inldsl of plonty, of cruel einorgone!
■K   Miidilerily   iii'lS-
r evi
ki?, of roudltlcni or danier or of bis
k despair which
lli-! rs
iiiottilne no relief.
•a too
Thin ImppeneO U llior dny nt nne
..r me jronl tsr-
mlnals of tlu- oail  lho r'onnsylvanln it
11 road station tn
a woman, wlioio niilre showcil no
ilgns or poverty,
bul rather or wealth nnO mych rofliwi
iont, OlllOt'Od  Hie
slit lion with a hoy of n years and a gli
or in.if bin age,
t Ihe
HIiq wuh dill mnl slender) her dross wai
fashionable: her
Rlnssas   Were   pin.'' Me/.    TN   rlilldifii
w'-rrt dressed  i'»
well ns tholr mollier.
Hhe snL with llicm for u little while, giving lUcin ihe
attention a mother's cave usually shows In ■■ rnllway
station. Then she roso and handed tbem a bag ol .1. ■
With what seemed a parting Injunction to l- gen .1 .■ n
m Inu to or so, she walked toward the train platforn , ml
lhat wai the lael seen of her by the frfw women passengers who had watched tho Utile group, as women will
under the common appeal of childhood io their sex,
Sbo never returned. After a long time a woman passenger eftiicd iin; dosertcd children to the Attention .■! the
. nB'-iit of tlio Travelers' Aid Society, she i-.'k care of
them all through the long nf'.ernoon. But when, aboul Ii
o'clock, lt became certain thai 'heir mollier would uot
como back lo tbem, the agent turned them over t.i the
Hiatlon Officer, and lie look lho children across ilie street
to tho city hull, Uio smallest vagrants who had been i n
in there for many 11 day-poor, Httle, helpless bahy
irnnipc. suddenly reduced from affluence nnd lusurj I
beggardom and the pauper's lot,
Kor that Is precisely what followed.   When no 11 •
came to claim them, tbey were sent to tho almshouse,
their fate to be held there for the time when nom-     •  •
of thetr parentage might turn up; and, after that, •. ■,   i
whichever society or Institution might care to pur them,
'At no fftage of their pitiful :'-'ot;ies?» to charity's care
did any iraco of their Identity appear. Tha boj
nut tell bin name or address, aud not a stitch of t elr
farmenti bad a single Identifying mark, it *n* tiint
scrupulous absence of any hint which lent rob to * ■
belief that the mother had dollberatoly forsaken them,
ather tban that somo aceldoni <>r mfscliauce Imd bs-
•.alien her,
Tbo prompt, downward course to rhurltj li tlu com-
mon on*4; and no mother who contemplates abandoning
her child need reasonablj hope thai it will itnJ a i ■
fort una is lot.
"lIold,in) hah]   please," she says to tin womai  ,;■■■
ssnger In the station who promises hest for her ■
d'atr purpose,
Or sho may Imagine that the station matron ought
t.. lie the safest i inctlonary lo leave it with, The woman
pa iianger Is often unsuspeotlng, and duds herse I sadt led
witli nn Infant while lhe train shouter is calling her to a
100-milo Journey,
Ths million Is usually cautious, loo cautious io uke
a bsby from mosl women, and always cautious onoygh
to bold it only so long km sho can keep •■ wary dye on
ilie iiio'.iicr or .nn watch tin.' entranca or nny room «h«
linn havo gone into n.it the matron gels iho baby, Just
the same, H Is to her that Iho woman passenger, dei-
porale In her haste for her train, rushoB with onlj .* word
.if explanation and the imby, before she flees to tho
After Umi, ihe baby's story te tim pauper routine,
li In, nr course, the only tiling 10 be done, li Is, ot
i nurse, cruelly hard on the fotiakott child. But It te Uio
course which Is n matter of course) and the mother who
rrnnttoally hopes fur anything belter makes only * foolish
mlghl ns well leave hor foredoomed haby *n ro
_^m^w,i^mmm$&wm THE  PKOSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
JOHNSON  BROS.   Proprietors
" Where Everybody Goes
V A. JOHNSON, Manager
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, January 11th—Matinee & Evening
"Baby Betty."   Selig.    A Story of the Civil War
"Vaneman's  Ill-fated Air Ship."   Lubin,   An   interesting picture of
the Air-ship that was to cross the Atlantic.
"A Ked Man's Honor."   rathe.    An  Indian Story.
"Their First' Kidnapping Case."   Biograph,   A Laughable Farce,
Illustrated Song.   "Moonlight, Dear" by Cryil Newton
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Jewelers & Opticians
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Dealers in
Meats, Fish, Game
& Poultry
Phone   57
ScobeM's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujr Cure
.iiieiittf tin
; the Deed t,*r
A.ti'lu.l, T(fb.ic-.o and I irujfS. lt countetactst tin.
! effect!  «!im «.   liistaiiih- -K*-iiii.vrs nl craving". ; town   Monday
Alter taking tlic treatment then will never beany
■ need loWrink Intoxicant! m ner drugi aptlD, Can
; le «isen iccretly, We li- c yet ta heir ot one
, ii lure Mailed under separate o-wer ..■ any id-
I .liens, PricoaftWbox. orBhoxufor-llOnO. The
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Local   News
In order to demonstrate tlu*
Superior Quality of Vineland
Canned Tomatoes, we «ill
sell, umil further notice, 3 cans
for 50 cents included \\ ith grocer) orders.—The Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
r  UB at "BOB'S PLAOB."
H fl Darts, oi Wycllfle, was reg-
istered ..t the Crnnbrook. Wednesoay
A. Lund, of Wardner, was in town
English Stilton Cheest. (very fine)
at Kink's pure Food Qrocery.
J. D. Hfitt, of Fort Steele, was tn
town Wednesday.
W\ M. Hay. of Fernie, waB a
gbeat at the Cranbrook ffeincadty.
See Fink's Grocery Bargain Coun-
ter,   it  will  pay you.
.). P. Farrell,    «>f Moyie,    Uas   in
Qllmore, of Vancouv r,
thia week.
•t* n
j   To Our Customers
Thank   You!  \
Because ii is
—loi us to take all the credit (nr
tin- success we gained in  1912.
—lor us tu assume that oui unaided
ellorts are responsible for the pro
fjui-ss we've made in the last twelve
—for us to suppose thai YOUR hand
played no ;>;irt in the production
nf results that have been so pleasing to us.
-we would offer you a
appreciation   fur   the
vou  have i;iven us.
most   lively
H.    B
in to*
W. II. Griffith ol llny-ies Lnko wus
ill tuwn Thurailay.
N. VV. lluriletle ol Marysville, was
in the c.ty Friday.
Don't forget the apecial attraction,
at the Auditorium to night.
B. I.undeeu, of Marysville. was In
the city Friday on business.
Mrs. J. S. Staples of Wycllfle, was
sboppiug in Cranbrook Friday.
W. A. Sterling nl Calgary waB a
guest at thc Cranbrook Friday.
MIsh W. H. Davis of Wycllfle, was
a crnnbrook visitor on Thursday.
V. Hyde Baker, who was at Spokane on business returned Thursday.
Mrs. B. 10. Taylor were the guests
of Mrs. Dudley at Fertile this week.
Mrs   B. Appleton,    of Nelson, wits
"J.   registered at tbeC ranbrook Monday.
F.   PARKS & CO.
++++++++-I-H -l-H-l-l-1 I I I l-l- *********** *+* l-w ..M-l-l-l
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il Clearance   Sale! I
Commencing Saturday. January I Ith t
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Mrs. II. It. Hozelwood wrtH down ln
Fernie attending the Benevolent Ball
this weak.
Mi and Mr-. A. Sinter, who have
been visiting in the lal eaat returned
home Wednesday,
At the Kilison Theatre tonight the
Bison feature "The attack on Fort
Dearborn"—two reels,
Tbe Masquerade Ball set for the 17
Install! in the Mnsonic Hall has been
,1,.spoil e,l
in,ium    igenl   11. 1.. T. Qalliriilth,
of   Fori  Steele was ill town   Tuis'liy
0D olllclal hilslness.
Canadian Bttlton Cheese at Fink's
pure Food Qrocery.
Mr ,111,1 Mrs. Duncan and .1 iks
Newell, ol Windermere, weee Crnn-
brook visitors Tuesday,
Alex   Taylor, ,,f Klmberley, maii'i-
fe.l   ol the   Taylor I.umber Co,, waa
*   in town Monday;
4     Mr  and Mrs.  ll.  (fell  .1. Kelt
X  'io,  nnd c. a   Rogers, nf (lalioway
t  were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Goats for Sale
i  Nannie Goal $2<j.oo
! i Young Millie no.no
Apply P. 0. Drawer "M"
*******t****h*****4*i***'H******'i***r*4***i* j Cranbrook, B.C.
R. F. Moffatt & Co.
G. A. BtaplcB, ot Nelson, C.P.R.
freight auditor, was in town Wotlnes.
P. DeVere Hunt, wliu wuh at Kernie, Tuesday, returned to Cranhrook Wednesday,
Totem Pole assorted Chocolates, in
large boxes, 2Be, oacb at Kink's Pure
Pood Grocery
Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. I). Mrltri.U- and
daughter Kdith, returned home on
Wednesday from Ontario
... ii. McNabb, of Waldo, a prominent lumberman, wnn in the city
"Do u now*'—Take ndvantago ol
the Grocery Bargains the Kink Mer
cantlle Oo, are offering
j. p-nikc w»ih Borlously injured in
tbo yards un Tuesday nntl his nun
amputated ium above the ei.n<w.
Mr. it t Brymner, ... the Bank »t
Commerce, who han been ill (or somo
days,  was down town Tuesiluy
mkkt mk at "BOB B PUAOH."
Born \t tiir st KuciMie Hospital,
Oranbroolt ■ Wednesday, January Uth
to Mi   nnd Mrs, Smith of Moyle, a
issac   lturch left mi Wednesday (or
| Bowden, N.O., wliere he has accepted
position   with  a lumber company
| hh soalee
Mrs. \i. S. Gamble, Mrs, h. K.
MaoKenxle, Mrs. Fr),l Kge and L.
Gamble ol Kimherley were Oranbroolt
visitors Friday.
The Kdison Theatre are showing a
s--t  Of special pictures tonight which
we arc assured have never had their
i equal in Oranbrook,
At the Kdison a special attraction
will be "Mary.s Ohaneur" and an
Alpine Tragedy, We huve uo repeaters at this Theatre.
Don't forget the "Ten" given by
Mrs. T, 0. Phillips at her home on
Armstrong Avenue .Wednesday, Jan.,
15th,  three to six.
It is reported that R. A. Krazer
will engage in the wholesale liquor
business, nml that he has leased the
Worden   dtore for a period of years.
Household Furniture by Private sale
can ne secured nny afternouli or
even-ng from 0, H. Ash worth, Lumsdeu Ave. next to Skating Rink.
Miss Hiscocks returned to town
Sunday after spending the holidays
with .Mrs J. I). McDonald in Robs-
land nnd Spopune.
To the credit of tho water wagon
it can he said that it never s'.tidi.
or bumps into a telephone p.tlfl or
jumps into tbe river.
P. Met.lia, Cranbrook.'s Hockyist,
who went to Greenwood to play
with a local team, fell on the ice
and hrol.c one of his shoulders.
A large number of people have expressed a wish that the Operatic Society put on the "Cingalee" performance again.
WANTKD—By two experienced girls,
; osition in family, General or Nurne.
Apply Mrs. James Warwick, Box 62,
Moyie.   B.C. 1-2
T. Humphries, of Calgary, Post
otlice Inspector, wns in tho city
Wednesday enroute for Kimherley to
install a new postmaster in that en-
terprizlng town,
The fact of the Orchestra appearing
in the Rex Theatre was made possible by the burning down ol the Or-
phcum Theatre nt Fernie on Wednesday.
The public mid high schools opened
<m Monday morning. Owing to tbe
novere weather but lew new pupils
were enrolled'  a  room   in the new
sehool house, southwest of town,
was opened witli a fair attendance.
Mrs. <>. il. Pre.-it, an old time resident of Cranhrook died at Su«:.a
toon on Tuesnny. Mrs. l'rest was a
.<ister-ii.-!aw of Miss Prcst who ie
with McCreery llros. Her many
friends In Cranhrook will be sorry to
learn of her demise.
('ranbrook is now enjoying tbe
best nf winter weither. During the
early part of the week the district
was in the grip of cold weather, the
coldrat of this winter thn thermometer dropping to 3!i degrees hell w
zero. The Inter pnrt of the weok it
was hovering near tho zero mark.
WANTHD—Position by Stenographer
with six years experience In all
kinds of general oltlce work. Good
Ht.f.-rwin*».       Iim    13,1,    Crnnhrook,
ii.u nt
There bus been a child's white mull
ami a blue enamel gold pin; also several pair (ff mittens left on the scuts
in tbo Rex Theatre* If tho owners
will kindly call and Identify same Mr
Johnson, tbe manager would be glad.
Tonight at the Auditorium, nlong
with the exceptionally tine program
ol high clues pictures, we will give
you the following attractions—Charley Broaders, Kdward Luttrell and
MaNcal of the Broadus Colored Minstrel Co. This will be well worth
All members of the Oveesens Club
are particularly requested to attend
i general meeting of the club on
Tuesday next, January ltth at tt
p.m., iu the t'aVmeu's Hall, for tho
purpose of discussing the general
condition ol the club nml fixing a
date for the- annual meeting and the
election of officers for the coming
The    Oranbrook    Poultry    and   Pet
stock association held their annual'
meeting on Friday last In the City
Hull, at which the Olectlon of officers took place resulting ns follows:
Preoldent  0, it. Shepard
VlreM'res.    A.   II.   Webb
Secretary- A-  B,  Bmlth
Directors,   John Levett, ic. Slater,
0.   A. Kendall and T.  S. QUI.
wantkd To Kent, hy February 1st
furnished bouse for about two
months, or suite of good, furnished
rooms with housekeeping facilities,
for young couple. State all particulars in letter addressed "Box M"
The Proepeetor. l-2t
The pictures shown at the Kdison
Theatre are of such a nature as will
make a strong appeal to all interested in Moving Pictures. The com-
iley pictures are such as to drive the
cobwebs from a persons mind wben
the cares of the day are completed;
and the scenes are such as to draw
all art lovers of nature. They are
making a specialty of meeting the
desires of their patrons and are making clmnj-es in their programme of
pictures every night.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Box 802 Oranbrook, B.C.
Newspapers publishers and citizens
generally throughout the Dominion
are unanimous in their opinion that
the picture entitled "Mother's Treasures" given with The Family Herald
and Weekly Star of Montreal, this
season, is a most delightful and
beautiful subject. Here is the opinion of one publisher: "Mother's
Treasures," Is a marvel of beauty.
The subject is one that will have a
tendency to strengthen home ties.
We, in the same business wonder
how you can alTord to give such value in pictures besides the vast a-
mount of good things in The Family
Herald and Weekly Stnr." Signed
E. W. Richards, The Mirror, Mill-
brook. No home In Canada should
be with out this beautiful picture,
One dollar piys a full year's subscription to the Family Herald and
Weekly Star, including the picture,
which is ready for framing, size 23
hy 2D inches It Is a big dollar's
worth Indeed.
Office   Supplies
Everything for the Office
Blank Books. Blotting Paper, Shannon Files and Binding Cases, Wire
Trays and Baskets, Letter Scales
Inkstands, Numbering Machines,
Daii.'is, Ink, Musilage, Typewriter
Ribbons, Carbon Papers, l'n per Fasteners. Clips, Loose Leaf Note Books
Come in and see our new loose leaf
book-keeping system
Company, Limited
"The Rexall Store"
***********i*****t ,******: •.*****************
Is  The Time  For
We have just received a Large Shipment of
Aluminum Ware
in Cooking Utensils
Call and Examine them
Rockefeller advises everyone to "be
content with what you have." It is
tbe general opinion that if the giver
of this sage advice had always felt
the s.'tme way himself the rest of us
would have more to be contented
It does not sound reasonable to
say that matches aro made tn heaven when ull the sulphr In In tbe
otber place.
A monkey was operated upon at
Omaha for appendicitis not long ago.
This ia one patient that the doctors
didn't have to make a monkey of
An Indiana cigarette (lend Is not
sensitive to the pricking of needle*
or pins. Needles and i ins have no
terror to the person wbo does not
recoil from the colltn nails.
A n -w paper bill Is said to be the
i) st thing to clean glasses with.
Paper bills have often proven a
great aid to the vision.
The New Jersey mosquito iB said
to cure rheumatism. , People of experience have always sa d that it
bad a peculiar wuy of Inducing animation.
Craabrook people have found out
that A fllNaUO DOHIO of simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine*, etc., as
<n>n.pounded In Adler-l-kn, tbo German bowel and Htomach remedy, relieves constipation, aour Htomach or
gas on tbo Htomach 1NHTANTLY.
This simple mixture hecame famous
hy curing Appendicitis and It antl-
Hoptlclzos tho digestive organs and
draws oil the Impurities. It Is surprising bow QUICKLY it helps. THK
BenUW-Murphy Oo. IMt
J. D. McBride
|   Cranbrook, B. C. \ Phone S
!~W-ffM-M-W-l-I M-l-t-t~M-l-+ -.-M-t-M-.-4-M
|--M»l-t'll l'lt"l<-."HH-H-l-l"l-l-M*.-."l-i-t-ll-l'»l
I Milk Milk Milk
I Hillside Dairy
X iiiiiwi    *8.-»iT.^aia-: <a---:-^
Experience has taught us every precaution necessary for the production of the
highest grade of milk.
We feel sine that one trial will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
I'lionc-'llillsiile Dairy," Hox 373
Milk can always he obtained from
l^-M-M-M-l-M-M-K-l-HH-H-l' -l-l-I- r-l--H--M--M-+-M-M-M-H-W
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do   it and   guarantee   our work
•   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
j Heating Company
!f vv. i'\ Johnson, Prop,, P,0, box ()04
W      WORKS—Eclwai-d Street Oruubrook, B,0,
********************** ****** M-H-M- M"t !■ * * II *•**


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