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Array Have Your Eyes Properly
MSr*r> •» U|f!«iKSr!*!s jM j.u
Tlio Leading Newspaper
in the
HI.SO Yearly
VOL. 18
Public   Libraries   Act  For
British Columbia
An Abridged Draft of the Act proposed by
The B. C. Library Association
His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative
Assembly a( tbn Province ol British
Columhla, enncta ns follows :
1. This act may ho cited as "The
Public Libraries Act."
2, (Definitions).
8, A Public Library may be established In any city of In any township
or district municipality, in manner
hereinafter provided.
4, (1) The council of a city or of a
township or district municipality upon receipt of a petition (form 1),
signed In the case of a city having a
Population of over .1,000 by at least
one hundred, In the case of a city
having a population of under 6,000
by at least 60, and in the case of a
township or district municipality by
at least 25 electors, shall prepare
and submit to the electors in the
manner provided by the municipal
ClauscB Act a by-law (Form 2), for
the establishment of a public library.
(2) (This paragraph provides for
the transfer of a library organized
under Part II. to a.board under this
6. Where the by-law reccivos the
assent of the majority of the electors
voting thereon, It shall be the duty
of the council to pass the same without unnecessary delay.
6. (1) The general management, regulation and control of the library
and of any reading room established
In connection therewith shall be vested In a board, which shall be composed of the mayor of the city or the
reeve of the township or district
municipality, three other persons appointed by the council and three by
the school board of the municipality.
(2) Not .more then one member of
appointing body eligible.)
(S) (Trustees hold office for three
years and two retire annually.)
(4) No person shall lie ineligible
to serve upon the hoard by reason of
(5) (Vacancies, and how they Bre
to he filled.)
(6) (Trustees must be appointed at
first meeting of appointing body.)
(7) The board shall he a body corporate by the name of "The Pub-
lie Library Board, inserting the name
Of the municipality.
(8) The board shall appoint its
own chairman and secretary. It
■hall keep minutes of Its proceedings
and meet at least once a month.
(9) The chairman or any two members may summon a special meeting
of the hoard by giving at least two
days notice In writing to each member, apectfylng the purpose for which
the meeting is called.
(10) No business shall be transacted at any general or special meeting
unless three members are present.
7. (1) Subject to the restriction
and provisions hereinafter contained
the board shall have exclusive con
trol of the expenditure of all money
collected, donated or bequeathed lor
library purposes. It shall purchase
or lease real property, procure, erect
or rent and equip the necessary room
or buildings and purchase books,
newspaper*, magazines, maps and
supplies needed for the library anil
reading room, and do all things necessary for keeping the same in
proper state of preservation and
pair; and shall provide the necessary
fuel, lighting and other accommodation, and may appoint and dismiss
at pleasure the officers and servants
of the hoard.
(») A board shall not in any year
purchase any land or erect any build
Ings or make any additions thereto
exceeding in cost 81,000 without the
authority of the municipal council.
(8) A hnard may open a reading
room in connection with the library
and may establish branch libraries
and reading rooms In the municipality.
8. (Board to make and publish rules
and regulations.)
I. (Board shall submit to council
annually en estimate of sums required to pav interest, sinking fund and
10. (Accounts to he kept and to
be audited annually.)
II. (1) The council, in addition to
all other rates and assessments levied and assessed for municipal purposes', ahall levy and assess in each year
a special rate to be colled "The Pub-
llo Library Hato," sufficient to pro-
ride the amount estimated by the
board as hereinbefore provided, but
such rate shall not exceed one mill
in the dollar unless by a two-thirds
vote of all the members of the council such rate Is increased to an n-
mount not exceeding in the whole
two mill! in the dollar.
(2) When a board requires a council to raise money for.the purpose of
acquiring a bIJp. or purchasing or
erecting buildings, which money together with the amount required for
the expense of maintaining and managing the libraries and reading
rooms under Its control would lnvot
vc the levy In nny one year of r rate
greater than two mills In the dollar,
the council by a two-thirds vote of
all the members thereof may refuse
to raise such sum, and If the board
so requires, the qucsliuu snail be
submitted by the council to a vote of
the electors of the municipality entitled to vote on by-lawB for the creation of debts in the manner provided
by the Municipal Clauses Act, and in
the event of the assent of the electors
being obtained it shall be the duty
of the council to raise the amount In
the manner provided by that Act.
(:i) to (7) (Provide for the issue of
Public Library Debentures" for Bite,
bnildingu, etc., and payment of same.
12. (Libraries to be free.)
18. Any municipality or school
section contiguous or near to any
municipality in which a public library
Is situated may enter into an agreement with the board for the use of
such library and for such representation on the board as may he deemed
expedient. /
14. (1) Iu a municipality in which
public library has not been established under Part 1, or in any unorganized district, any number of residents not less than ten, being not
less than 21 years of age, may form
an association for the purpose of establishing a public library and reading room . . . '. .by making a
declaration, Form 3, and filing the
same with an affidavit of the due execution thereof In the office of the
Government Agent of the District in
which the public library is to be situate.
(2)   For    the filing of the declaration shall be transmitted to the Minister.
(4)   (The   corporate   name   to be
The     Public Library
15. Any person 12 years of age or
upwards may be a member of the association, but no person shall be elected or vote at any meeting who is
not of the full age of twenty-one
16. (1) The general management,
regulation and control of the library
shall be vested In and exercised by a
hoard of management, which shall be
composed of not less than five nor
more than nine persons.
(2) The persons whose names are
subscribed to the declaration of Incorporation shall meet within 30
days after filing thereof and shall elect from among their number the
members of the board.
(3) The members so elected shall
hold office until their successors are
(4) On the second Monday in January in each year thereafter the members of the association shall meet
and elect the members of the hoard
for the year.
(5) The board shall as soon after
the election as is convenient, elect
one of its members as president and
shall also appoint a secretary, treasurer, and librarian, and such other
officers as may be necessary for the
purposes of the association.
17. (1) The board shall provide
suitable accommodations for the library and reading-rooms, and shall
have power to procure or purchase
real property and to erect or rent
buildings for that purpose, and to
purchase hooks, magazines, newspapers, and other reading matter and
library supplies for the library and
reading rooms.
(2) The board ehall make rules for
the management and use of the library and reading rooms, and for conducting the business of the hoard,
for holding regular and special meetings, for defining the duties of the
officers of the board, and the fees to
he paid by the members, and generally for such other matters, not Inconsistent with this Act, as may be
necessary for promoting the usefulness of the public library and reading-rooms.
(3) (Minutes to be kept.)
18. (Provides for dissolution of association on taking over library under Parti.)
JANUARY Oth   191L'
No   I
Meeting of City Fetheri
A mooting of the city council was
held In the now council chamber on
Wednesday afternoon. There were
present Mayor Hunt, and Aldermen
McNahh, Jncksnn, Campbell, Johnson and Uownwis.
Minutes of meetings hold in December were read, and on niotlo i ,,t Aldermen Campbell and McNubh adopted
ns read.
The school trustees presented a request In writing for the sum of If.,-
500, for tho purpose of erecting and
equlping a manual training school.
After considerable discussion it Was
moved by Aldermen Johnson and Mc-
Nahb, that, owing to the fact that It
was impossible for tho council to
provide for the extraordinary expenditure of 80,600, requested by the
board of school trustees, out of the
current revenue, the council finally rejected the said sum.
Tho finance committee presented ,,c-
counts to the amount of 811,659.Ill
and recommended the same paid.
The resident engineer presented his
monthly statement ns to tho progress
of the sewerage installation.
It was moved by Aldermen BowneBs
and Campboll that the report of the
John Oalt Engineering Co., dated
Jnnnnry 3rd, 1912, bo accepted.—
Council adjourned at   3.45 p.m.
Cranbrook, B.C., Jan.   3,   1912.
Minutes of meeting of the Finance
Committee, held on the above date
at  2 p.m.
Present—Aldermen Campbell and
The following accounts were pres-1
ented for payment :—
Salaries  8 330.00
Police Pay Roll   360.00
Fire Department Pay roll .... 240.00
School Board Orders   1221.60
City Engineer's Pay Roll   1772.26
City Clerk, Sundries   100.95
Crane & Ordway Co., Wpg.... 72.57
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer Co .-.  10.50
George Powell   75.00
Cranbrook Cartage &   Transfer Co  3.15
F. Parks & Company   48.56
Neptune Meter Company   3.90
J. D. McBrlde   35.47
Cranbrook Foundry   7.25
Cranbrook Sash & Door Co.. 110.68
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.. 4.00
Cranbrook Electric Co  69.20
Frank Dezall   5.65
The Herald Pub. Co  6.50
F. Parks & Co  53.30
The Peattie-Murphy Co., Ltd. 6.15
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.  ... 30.85
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd. ... 79.07
Empire Electric Co  3.50
Empire Electric Co  189.40
W. J. Selby   15.00
W. A   Rollins   17.00
Patterson Broa  40.00
Davis Bros. Electric Co  I98.7f
0. P. R. freight   80.50
Arnold & Roberta   43.00
N. I. Harrison   25.00
Nelsi-n News   11.88
J. D. McBrlde   1185.00
Kootrnay Telephone Co  12.45
S. R. Roe   10.00
Imperial Bank   50.00
Sewerage Pay Roll   3186.30
Arnold & Roberts, Insurance. 145.06
Washington   Brick, Lime and
Sewer Pipe Co  496.27
John Gait Engineering Co. ... 422.23
City Transfer Co  123.46
C. S. Parker  19.15
Mrt.rod & Boats   1.25
F. Parks & Co  226.44
Manitoba   Bridge   and    Iron
Works   42.62
J. I). McBrlde   25.68
A. A. McKlnnon   1.25
O. ft. Leask & Co  5.80
Kin- Lumber Mills   96.48
Canada Cement Co  238.00
Sash ft Door Co  7.46
Davies Electric Co  88.65
W.  D, Worden   65.83
Tho reign of Annus nineteen
Has duly passed away,
And nineteen twelve in robes of white
Now holds his regal sway.
Wo hall with Joy the new-born year;
And pondor on tho scono,
While memory turns with vain regret
On things that might have boon.
The seerot of tho past's revealed,
Tho future's yet to know
Yet hope burns high in early breast,
And hearts are all aglow
Oh may tho fervent wish ho soalod
As hand to band Is given
Prosperity In every home,
And pence like that in heaven.
May   trade   and   commerce still increase,
And on the land and sea
A bounteous harvest till the boards
And shared In unity,
The beggar with the rich man dine
The laborer with tho lord
And ninotecn-twelve of all the years
Be one of sweet accord.
—James M. Taylor.
19. No public library established
under Part II, which has not a membership of at least fifty persons over
21 years of age, shall he entitled to
share in any appropriation for public
20.(1) Subject to the next preceding
section and to the regulations, there
shall be paid to the hoard of every
public library established under this
Act out of any money appropriated
for that purpose, not more than an
amount equal to the amount actually paid, by the hoard, out of funds
provided by the municipality or nidation, for books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, hoo'chlndlng and
materials used for cataloguing and
classifying a public library, under the
Dewey Decimal or Cutter systems,
combination  of such systems,
Sportmen Meet
Some sixty-five to seventy sportsmen attended a meeting of the Cranbrook Fish and Game Protection Association which was held in the committee room at the Cranbrook hotel,
on Wednesday night.
A communication from A. Bryan-
Williams, provincial game warden,
was read and a motion filed.
Came Warden Bates spoke briefly of
many details regarding the killing of
doer, the protection of game and fish
end the Issuing of licenses to resident
It was moved by Messrs. Rollins
and Fink that the trout season extend from May 1st to October 15th
of each year.
After considerable discussion it was
moved by T. Coven, seconded by L.
Clnpp, that a local resident game license of 82 for Cranbrook district be
enforced.    Carried unanimously.
The present game act permtts a
hunter to kill five deer during the
season, It was tho opinion of many
that this was too many, and it was
recommended by Messrs. Fink and
Elmer that the number he reduced to
two. It was also recommended by
Messrs. Baker and Caven that the
season for deer shooting open Sept
1st and close November 30th in each
Production of "The Country Girl"
, by Local Talent
It Is with great Interest that the
public of Cranbropk are looking forward to the forthcoming production
of the famous Eogllsh musical comedy "Tho Country Girl," which will
bo presented at tho Auditorium on
February 6 and 7, by tho Cranbrook
Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society, under tho direction of George
n. Ingram.
Tho society made Its debut luBt
season when It presented "The Geisha" and tho high claBS work of this
organization ensures nn entertainment thlB season which will prove a
great musical and artistic treat.
Many of the faVorlteB of laBt year's
production will be seen and beard to
great advantngo In "Tho Country
Girl" and with some newcomers who
are very proficient artists iu tho matter of musical comedy, the public can
look forward to an Improved performance this year. Amongst tho prominent roles, we find the names of
Archie Roworth, who as "Barry"
(tho part originally created by the
famous Huntley Wright) is chief fun-
maker. Mr. Raworth's excruciatingly funny rendition of the part "Wun-
hi," which he "played In the "Geisha"
stamps him "aa an artist and this
year's production affords him ample
opportunity for displaying his well-
known histrionic abilities. Mrs.
Bouchard who playB "Nan," Mlsa
Margaret Kennedy as "Sophie," Mrs.
Stevenson as "The Princess," Mrs.
Benedict as "Marjorie," Mrs. A. L.
McDermot as "MrB. Qulnton Ralkes,"
all have good parts, while the chief
honors amongst tho males are divld.
ed as follows:
Geoffrey Challoner, Mr. Geo. F.
Stevenson, the Rnjh of Bhong, R. T.
Brymner, Douglas Verity, H. Darling,
Sir Joseph Verity, Mr. Louback,
Lord Anchester, Mr. McKee. Grand-
fer Mummery, Allan Graham, Major
Vicat, D. J. McSweyn.
In addition to these a chorus of
from fifty to Bixty voices will add
greatly to the musical rendition of
this comedy, and a specially organized orchestra will he one of the features.
While the production is being supervised by last year's producer, Mr.
George D. Ingram, he ia being ably
assisted by a powerful executive and
Mr. Louback hns been appointed assistant director to Mr. Ingram. Mr.
Louback's work being confined more
particularly to the stage and Mr. Ingram still retaining charge of the
production as a whole and particularly the miiBlcal portion. I
Tho orcheRtrn as outlined at prcs-1
sent consists of pianoforte, four vlo-
line, two clarlnetB, two cornetB, flute,
piccolo, two trombones and drums.    |
Mrs. Irn Manning Is again the ac- j
compnniste and hor accomplishments
along this line are so well known
that remarks here regarding them,
would be out of place. Suffice It to
say that her most excellent work is
warmly appreciated by tho Operatic
Society, and by all in connection
with It.
B. R. T.'s Yearly Dance
A large and enthusiastic number of
uleasure seekers attended the annual
ball of the ll.ll.T. and L.A. of U.K.
T. which was hold In the Auditorium
on Now Year's night.
Tho large hall was handsomely decorated with bunting anil Hags, with
appropriate mottoes displayed on the
walls. The electric display Installed
by tho Empire Electric Company was
a notlconble feature A largo eagle
was mounted over the balcony with
a shield bearing the monagrnm "B.
H.T." The colors of tho Red, OreOn
and Whito wore conspicuous In tho
It was about 21.30 when the guests
commenced to arrive and soon the
large hull was tilled with dancers,
Over 210 couple attended, with all
expressing tho same opinion, that the
I joint hall was the event of the year.
| Tho program was exceptionally long
j yet many extra numbers were added
(before the dance enmo to nu end at
6k Tuesday morning. Tho mimic
was furnished by tho ISdison orchestra, and was excellent, and thoroughly appreciated.
Mr. R. H. Griffin proved to bo an
exceptionally good floor manager and
was ably assisted by tho committee
consisting of Mrs. P. Dallas, Mrs. F.
Patton, Mrs. 0, H. Knocks, Mrs. H.
Hughes, Mra. M. J. Smoke, Mra. J.
B. Hall, Miss l.nllcur, and Messrs. W.
Harrison, W. A. Wilson, J. 11. Cully,
H. Clayton, and J. Hnss.
Supper was served nt 12k and was
duly appreciated by nil. It was furnished by tho ladles of tho L.A. of
B.R.T. and certainly reflected great
credit to them. It wns 3k before
the appetites of tho large crowd was
It was Gk TueBday morning when
the orchoatra played "Home, Sweet
Home" with many of the departing
dancers pleading for one more dance.
Tho Joint annual ball of the B.R.T.
and L.A. of B.R.T. hns become a
fixed yearly event In Crnnhrook, and
Is always looked forward to
pleasure as the social event of
L.O.I. No. 1871
A meeting was hold last Wednesday
when the election of officers for tho
coming year was held. At the close
a lunch which hud been provided waB
enjoyed by all present and a social
time dlspoaod of a pleasant evening.
The following are the officers elected :
Fred Stride, W.M.
James HyBlop, D.M.
R. J. Campboll, Chaplain.
S. L. Williams, R.S.
R. A. Fraser, F.S.
8. T. Evans, Treas.
H. G. Hayward, D.C.
A. D. Horseman, Lecturer.
W. H. Brown,   let Com.
M. McBnchron,   2nd Com.
Jan. Foster.   3rd Com.
H. E. Stevens,   4th Com.
C. McMullen,   5th Com.
Royal City Wins First Hockey
Victoria, B.C., Jan. :i.-The Pad
fie Coast Ice hockey league opened
Its series of games at the new rink
here last night, when New Westminster heat the local septette by eight
goals to three. The attendance
numbered  2,500.
For the winners Lehman in goal
played n magnificent defense game,
proving* a veritable stone wall. Lest
er Patrick, who played point for Vic
torla, was the stnr on his side. Both
teams showed lack of balance duo to
insufficient practice.
provided   that   nnne   of this money year.
shall he spent lor books except those     Considerable discussion then    took
approved of by the Minister  nnd place rcgnrdlng the securing of a rifle
(Continued on Page 12.) range far Cranbrook district.
Free Entry for Paper Wanted
Washington, Jan. 4.-The United
States court of customs appeals, It
is expected, by officials of the treasury deportment, will render its decision in the tariff controversy over
the free entry of wood pulp and paper before the end of March. This calculation Is based upon the assumption that the hoard of general appraisers at New York will dispose of
the question and open the way for an
appeal to the custom! court by the
end of January. Importers of paper
from Belgium nnd England today added their appeals for Iree entry to
the eight other countries claiming
the privilege.
Strike Riot In Saskatchewan
Melville, Saak., Jan. 3.-8hortly
helore mtdnlght a number ol strlke-
breakcrs working In ths G.T.P. Bhops
assembled In front of the Melville
hotel nnd flrod n number ol shotB at
the strikers. Several hotel guests.
Including a G.T.P. solicitor Irom
Winnipeg, had narrow escapes. Arrests are expected.
Municipal   Election,   1912
To the  Electors of  the City of
Lii'tlt'H and Uentlmiiftn,
At tin' tv.,iii'-;t ol u largo number ol tho Blootor* ol tbfl Municipal
tty of tho City ol CfatJUrook, 1 nave oonionted to allow my mime to u«
placed in nomination for the office ol   Mayor (op the eniuing yoar,
I reBpootlully solicit your votoa and influence ami do «<■ Id the aarneit
ooofldenco that, my labors In tho Oity'irtntereet (luring the pftit yoar liave
met with your approval.
Ati Chairman of the Wator Committee 1 have mod every endeavor to
lot tho cltizenH have nn Improved and more offlolont bor vice, aa Chairman of tho HflivoraKe Commit toe I have taken an aotlve interest in the
work of construction of the new eye torn, which haH no fur progressed moat
satisfactorily, nnd If elected, I will use my host efforts to carry out thu
installation successfully and within the bounds of the original estimate.
The coming year brings with it the hopes of much prosperity and
many necessary Improvements are being suggested. I will cordially support such progressive movements as may he consistent with a due regard for economy.
Yours obediently,
To tho electors of the
election an Alderman
city of Cranbrook, I beg to offer myself (or ro-
l). ,1. JOHNSON
To the electors of the Oity of Oranbrook,   l    bog   to oftor myself
To the electors of the City of Cranbrook, At the request of a large
numbor of citizens, I beg to offer myself as a candidate for Aldennnu, if
elected It will be my constant endeavor t.o view a" projected policies from
an Impartial standpoint and with tho one Idea of furthering the growth
and advancement of the City.
Having hcon approached by a numbor of citizens, I beg to offer my
self as a candidate for Alderman. If elected it will he my endeavor to
have the affairs of the city conducted iu a business way. romhining economy with all possible progress. „
To the electors of the City of Cranbrook. I have been requested by
a large number of representative citizens to rim as alderman. If elected
1 will promote the interests of the city to the best of my ability.
To the electors ol the City of Cranbrook, having been requested to
run for Alderman, I beg to oiler myself in that capacity, and if elected I
shall do my utmost to further the interests of the city in every possible
W.   .1.  ATCHISON.
Predicts Provincial Election
at Early   Date.
|amcs Fihtilay, ex-president of the Vancouver Conservative Club, and Candidate for Mayor of Vancouver;
at a meeting on Wednesday Ni^lu predicted an early pro
vincial election upon the Peace River Railway  Proposition.
Local Option Convention
Tho 4th annual local option convention will be held in the Central
Mission Auditorium, Abbott,street,
Vancouver, c.n the evening of Thursday, February 1st, and all day Friday, February 2nd. It will probably be the most Important convention
ever held in British Columbia and
it Is expected a large gathering Irom
all over the province will be present.
Important subjects will be discussed
by prominent speakers, and the attitude of the province, Its government,
and the present condition of Temperance work will he thoroughly considered. Dr. Spencer has arranged the
usual convention rates for delegates
and It la hoped that the district covered by this paper will be well represented at the convention. All communications can be addressed to local option office, 48 Flack Block,
The Crnnhrook Fire Department
wish to publicly thank V. Hyde ItBk-
er for his very good Christmas present which was handed to them In the
shape of a substantial chick In appreciation of their services during the
past year.
Household Hint
To Soften l)ntter-To Molten butter
In cold weather without melting it,
take a common saucer or butter dish
put tho butter in it, then lake a
soup howl and fill It with boiling hot
water. Let It stand until the bowl
Is hot then pour out the water nnd
turn the howl ovor the butter. Let
It stand a few minutes and you will
find the butter In fine shape for use
It will bs soft but will not melt.
Mongolia Splits Into Kingdom
London.—Wn Ting Fang has written to Premier Yuan Shai Kai says
the Daily Telegraph's Shangbui correspondent, Informing the premier
that he refuses to carry on negotiations by telegraph. He insists upon
Yuan Shi Kai coming to Shanghai
(or that purpose. Dr. Wu believes
that tho premier is willing to Join
the republicans but Is afraid to leave
A dispatch to St. Petersburg to the
dally Telegraph says there is danger
of Mongolia splitting Into three king
doms. Western Mongolia has already
proclaimed Independence nt I'rga.
Waatern and Southern Mongolin are
preparing to follow suit, with capitals nt Kobdo and Uliassatai.
A recent dispatch says that the
princes of Southern Mongolia had
unanimously resolved to support the
imperial government against the
Chinese rebels.
I'ekln.—Confidence continues to 'revive among the adherents of the tin
perial court. The Chinese nation ii
very easily encouraged or discouraged
owing to its trait of timidity. No
where else in the world could 80,000
ounces ol gold bars, delivered from
the Imperial purse Into the hands ol
Premier Yuan 8hl ...ai yesterday,
seriously aflect a great empire at a
critical time. A belief In .current to
night that lighting will shortly he
Premier Yunn Shi Kai h»H not re
eelved any reply from Wn Ting Fang
at Shaglial whom ho Informed that
ho would In future carry on negotiations by telegraph. It is under
stood that the repuldienuH object to
negotiating by telegraph.
The imperial didogntrs who have re
turned here from Shanghai slate that
n rolgn of terror prevails In that
city. Nobody dares to venture nn
opinion Ini favor ol a constitutional
All the Mauclin troops now on their
way to Ching-wnng-tao have been
drawn from the rarrlsons ol Pno
llng-fu nnd Shl-knl. Chno RSrh
Feng, the ox-vlooroy ol the province
ol Sw-chnan, assisted by Mnnchu
soldiers Irom Tibet, has raptured
Changtu, the capital. Serious disturbances, however, continue through
out the province ol Bze-chuan. All
the loreigners are reported to have
left the city of Chung-kang. The
railroad authorities at Tinti-tsiu,
fearing an attack by rebel troops
have stopped the Siberian mail.
Gen.  1,1 Yuen Hens.-,  the commander in cliiel of the rebel forces      who
haH been made  the vice-president   ol
the  provisional    republic, baa apologized to the imperial authorities   tor
tho   violation   of   tine   armistice   at
Hankow nnd has dismissed two colonels who were responsible lor it. The
viceroy of the province of Hu-i>eh baa
! informed    the    revolutionary   leaders
J that   1,000 railroad curs will be    re
; quired    to  move the imperial  troops
j II they are to retire troni their prsi-
i tions   and   that   only   five cars are
; available.     The troops cannot there-
lore carry out the evacuation in  less
than a fortnight.
Strathcona Cup
The conditions ol the Strathcona
cup, requiring It to be played tor In
Scotland, is evidently waived by the
j Royal Caledonian curling club (or the
present, as the F.dinburgh 3ootaman
announces that it will be played lor
during the approaching visit ol the
Scottish team to Canada, and in cider to give all parts ol the :ountry
an opportunity to participate in tlio
competition it has decided to have
lour matches — at Halifax. Toronto
Montreal and Winnipeg. The njgre-
gato score in the four matches will
determine the custody of the ..up for
the time being. It Ciinada is victorious it will bo left to the Canadian
organisation to settle the custody of
the trophy more particularly. The
cup was the gift of high commission'
er for Canada and wns originally
played for when the Canadians visited tho old country two years ago.
Three test mutches were played with
picked rinks Irom tho various sections
of the Itoyal club, and Canada '*on.
Lord Roberta In an Interview published recently in Ihe British Press
condemns the adverse Comment over
the   action   of   the Italian Army In
iTripoli.  "It Is totally unfair,"     he
'said, "as we are a friendly nation,
to   criticise   any    military measures
I the Italian commander In chief may
have found It necossury to put   Into
f I (THE PHOSPF.CTOJI, ciutfimooir, tt. c.1
Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Great Play
CoMriShUWliVI)) (i. W D.llinjtuii. L«     .
"Oollol Vos, iiiIh it rn|.tniii wn-
Horns," lie Kail) in his usual stontorlaa
n iff. "Wiiiii, Uruoks? i ffou't inn.
willi you over tlio phono—no—what?
Mri, Uroolts? Wlint, ImnT \VolIi
voili Vui, I'm nt homo—yes. Utfful
ii\#ny, you inyl  Vos, I'll wait."
Williams could linrdljf bo Novo what
lia Imd heard. Ho turned It over In his
mind for fully tliroo ml union llguilng
out J1;-1 v, hut it could moan.
"Golnu to send Ms wife horel What
it sinm'i bo Is!" ho uruutcd.
lie ii mi bled in tin.- loiophouo ogaln
nnd liistru :ted ihe Itotol cleric. Unit if
nny visitors called to sco til in they
woro to ho shown right up, Ki'om
there ho wont 10 tho dour of no ad-
Jolulny room nnd roared for his vnlet.
"Any boor on loo?" ho demanded
when tho Japanese, who evidently and
boon asleep, presented himself,
"Yes. winr."
"(jot limes inn] rum - the Ifind I
brotlghl Up from llto \Vest Indies'.'"
"Ves, HOUr,"
"Plenty Icoi*
"Yes, soar,*
"Thiii's nil."
Uo coulfl not net over th<* wonder
Rroolts' telephone commuDlontton had
caused him,
"Told bor lio'd got a raise of pay, eh?
What n sknnlt bo 1st And what u fine
girl she Is!"
Ho gazed noKtraetertly nt the model
c-f tlio schooner on the mantel opposite
to him and became burled In thought
km doop that ho actually stopped smoking niifl lot his pipe go out Presently
he roused himself, lished n shei t of
writing pnpor from among the reading
matter on iho enpstnn table nnd wrote
something upon it, nfter whii h he
folded Iho paper carefully nnd bid it
between tlip loaves of n magazine.
Then ho shouted again for his valet.
"Sato," bo ordered, "bring my slippers and smoking Jacket There's a
lady coming to see mo."
Tho man grinned knowingly,
"You might ux well tnko a walk,
Onto." "   ■
"Yes, snar."
"And you needn't come back right
"No, f-iiar."
"Here's ii couplo of dollars for yon.
Tnko 'cm and get to blazes out of hero.
"Yes, snar."
"And stay nut." ho recommended na
tlio Japanese prepared to obey.
When tho valet Imd vanished the
cnptnlu took n survey of his domain
mllier anxiously.
"It's ii little dlrly-a llltlo dirty-
but It'll have lodo." ha muttered.
There was a kuoek lit (ho door. Williams wreathed Ids physiognomy In the
i,Mist amiable smile of which It was
capable, felt bis lie (0 assure himself
thai it had not slipped round toward
Ids left ear. as It had a bail habit of
doing when uot hauled tain ami clamped in place, and went to let his visitor to.
The caller, howovcr, was only Smith.
"Come In, but nuike. your business
short," was Williams' blunt greeting.
"I'm expecting nn Important visitor."
"All right captain." responded
Smith tranquilly, entering and helping
himself to n chair.
"Have a pipe?" Invited the host,
pushing the tobacco tin toward him.
•Ton hot," was tho laconic d eel I tint Ion.
"Well, how did you leave the DrookS
family V
"She knows."
"You iell her?"
"So; .lee (Jill"
"Didn't think he had Ihe nerve.*
"He hasn't."
"How's IhatV"
"It  was 1 111130 he lost It that he
told bor.   Rusted right out the moment
the dodr was closed on you,"
"Hid they have a row?"
"Don't know She took tt like n
major and nsked mo to lenvo 'em
"That's natural."
"Have you got iho exact figures?"
"What llcurcs'/''
"Of bow much ho took."
"I guess so—to the penny," said Williams,   reaching   for   a   uminnr^idiiri)
book and consulting It.    "It was Just
I10.SC0 Ibree days ogo."
"Any more now?"
".Vol  that  I   know of.    Guess  that
covers It."
Smith shook bis head moodily.
"That's too bad-too bad," be murmured.
"That's right, it In loo bad," agreed
the captain.
Smith thought for n minute, Icokrd ■
straight at tho captain, who was re- '
gnrdfng him curiously and said firmly
and  more quickly than  his employer |
had ever heard him speak before:
"Williams.   I   don't   think   It'll   take
Ihreo minutes for you and me to conic ''
to nn understanding about 0rooks,"
"Whni about him?"
"I  wai.t  10 square this thing for
"Where do you eome in, Smith?"
"hi plain words, Williams, that's my .
business.   Hut I want to square It."
"How do you think you enn square!
it. Smith?"
As  Jlmsy ."repared   [a  answer  tho [
question lie It'll buck into his old fa-
mill,ir drawl.
"Well. Wllllamt." he said, "you nln't
got any cnllous on your lingers front |
handing out coin (o ihe folks who'vo
worked for you, bill I've nlwnyn been
treaied nboUl rlghl."
"Vuu were nhriiyi worth (renting
right, Smith."
j ttiuiorrow, mill  I'll glvu .voit my nolo
t fur Iho rest, with securily-l mean col-
\   "So It ain't none uf my business why
you do this?"
j   "Wxuell.v."
i   "Smith, 1 don't think ymi can square
Ihl8 little matter fur UrQOtfft."
"Hon't think my note's good, oh?"
i   ""J'aiu't that.    You couldn't square
this, Smith, If j oil had a in ill lo 11 right
! In your clothes thu miuulu."
I   "Why nut?"'
|   "To tell the truth, I'm gotug to OpeR
Inegotiations frith another party."
"That so?'1
".Mrs. Uroobl,"
"She's coming up hero to see ins
BOOH, Maybe she and urn can COI11Q to
Home mutually pleasant Itt't'OUgOUlQllt
jthat will keep Dl'OOltH nut of jail."
"When Is she coining?"
The captain puffed nt his pipe and
icrutliilsed Smiths fncs. closoly as no
"Kxpeet her any luoiuout"
"Ilnw do yotl know'/"
"Toluphoued "
' If w iiiiaiiH expected t" see any sign
In his visitor of the utter amazement,
he profound consternation, tho Imparting of this information caused, be was
doomed to disappointment Smith re«
mat nod as uureminble as tho Bpblux,
Bui it was slxtj locondd bo fore he
,   "j suppose that's n hlnl for ilia to be
hi I. ■ v :ii v" he In torn i ited       •
"Thai's about (he meuniug I meant
to coorey,'* admitted iho captain, without circumlocution,
Jfmsy rose slowly, took his bat and
went toward the door. Beforo bu
reached It lie turned.
"Williams," bo said, "y?u know [Va
known ISmmn—ifrs dirooka ever stneo
■the was In short clothes nnd used to
nine down to lbs office tu go burnt*
with her daddy."
"So I've beard."
"She's always been able to look Into
my face with lueni big blue eyes nod
! smile.   Some time—some day—if l get
bo i.   I'm going 11 make it my bust-
to wo her."
"AH right."
"And If the si bap|
Up ■■ ;■ I ■    i   u -■
to Qnd you, Williams, and l'n
The captain puffed bis pipe p n Idly.
"What style iieeis might you be
wearing now, Smith?' he inquired,
with great deliberation.
"Well." answered the always deliberate Jlmsy, "if you should consult
the fin rt leu la i' shoe maker who fur*
olsbes them he'd describe that heel as
of 45 caliber."
"Good  nfgbt,  Smith," said the captain dryly.
Smith did uot reply,
Williams gazed In the direction of
tho door after bis superintendent had
dosed it. There wns an enigmatical
-anile on bis face, it slowly died
away, and bis pugnacious under jaw
protruded ominously. Reaching round
to bis hip pocket ho brought out n re*
BUSultnlOd manhood. He elulehed his
throat, struck hluiHcIf In Iho mouth
witti smii violence that his tooth out
his undei'lip and the blood dyed bis
Chill, seized his lint and dashed wildly
for the door, I'Var met him there and
held up a restraining linger, Down-
Htaii'H Were, the thrcn cenlral nlllce tie-
Icel Ives. On tho morrow, in a few
hunt's,   nt   the   ulllco   whero  ho  had
worked for Ovoyoniv, these men, at thu
behest of Ids omployer,  would  plflCQ
I their hands on his arms, and ho would
1 be under arrest.    He hiiw himself being   led   out,   haudfiilTed,   under   the
I UlOt'ldng eyes of IiIh  follow elei'lCH and
(he customers.
He closed the door Bgnln and turned
from it, coward loo at his heels, wlds
poring sophistic prudonoo, counseling
j tho poltroon's discretion, throwing specious sups to his oonsclonco,   r)otno<
thing hud to be dOQO,    No OtltOl' '"in .-it
1]  that be bad taken had been pos<
I llblO   under   tho   elreiiinstances,     lie
tweoti   him   and  state   iirison   itooi]
! Klilliiil.    She alone on eni'lh COUld BOVS
hlnl, if saivaiinn woro possible, Pun*
ishmonl ami immunity itl thai moment
porhnpa held tho b iti o even.   Tho
giving or wltbholdlug <-r a kiss would
turn tho scales either way, Tho glj lug
of ii would brand him with tbnl particular stamp of hii'iiiny wl.Ii ii n lion
', ■   i    ,i  i->   mon  caused  thorn  t<
i draw   away   With   l'l g   gorgo   nnd
spurn ihe bearer. I'.iu none would
know of i lio snerttico uo otio ■ i I hi
victim,  w lltlnms and himself,   Other
I Inivi, wontliliti'i], in e.iilit'ilmU that  an
And In toinploi that nr« modarn In tlitlr
I hiivu. ieon ths sri tad boauty of their
And tlio glorloa uf thulr allnr ttid lh.tr
I tiio,
Hnt to run (hero In a t«mp1a (lint ti fslrsr,
It'N Dm iiia  \*iiiu chinch down In tht
W I.i-iii Urn birds (lint in nt up In 111* lielfry
m.ui tu ■ins uht u Hi* kiiktoii rings tin
riii'i.i it itonds .Hii'iiiK tho tub fi.i maples,
Hark tho mimic of Its iWSSt old lirll
SiMindhiK (hi'iiiiiih liti'fi. hllU mill unlitua
Hnti and low It SOhOSS tluousb (lit doll
Then th» bonis) country folk aon isthsr,
Hark to their limit tv I'niyor nnd (lialioi
As ii (loan mil on ihs Hrthiniih tnoraliii
Like iwsot Inoonsa that wild rossi mint,
I'loniH nbovs ttio ptaesful snolsnl grave*
Where bum-niti tu« flowers loved nn«
los>i above and brings <* heavenly blsss*
Finiii ilia rsatnis tnnt are foravsr bint,
i jmvfi worihlped In tho rrnnd oathtdrals.
Board iiii'ic ihtmos,  ini u  ohlniu and
 hum H\wii,
luu  prnlsa leorau blgbor, hoavsn «mnni
ecu >>i-,
in tiiooid w\\\Kt ahuroh down In thedsll,
t.'. M. IIAHNI'IV,.
i   Q.—Does it pay to cross the Qelglau
haro wlih the common cot ton (nil? A.--
Q   in breeding Belgians, what h the
mnch ln P"""1.™ mtervni  between   litters?   A.
umorgcnelos   to   snvo   theli   It   homln
fr  public dishonor,   Bo mo b id '•■;■■
gab '''i tholr ftn ora to insure otDcu i r
iidvaucomenl for husbands or sons,
Bonio for dross and Jewels tin
hands could not give tbem He blnisei C would never seek to know Ju-i
w tun bad passed bet ween bis w \t% n nd
11 e captain Uo n as free to n nine
that be bad worried unnc< - rlly;
that uotblug '•( what lie fell > rt ilu
was I ig bad occurred   to 'in-
mlse that It had not bw i ne« essnrj
fi r Smnin to 11 ■■■ I to complete snr-
:■ wiiai be did not know could
uot trouble him.   Auyhow, it was too
late now,   Tbo die hail been cast.   Tbi
g—uay, tho one thing   ho hod
Q,—HOW much nutriment Is contained in fifty pounds of Bklmtnlllt,
and bow may It most easily he extracted? a- skiiuiniik is Inrgoly
waier, Qfty pouuda containing but Ovo
pounds of nutrlmout. mostly protein,
wUich is host secured by making it
Into "cottage cheese."
q Why Is the Ai Icsbui'y duck not
popular hi ibis country? A.-This
quack has a white skin and picks bard
ami Is not bo easy to raise as the To-
kin, which Is a bettor layer and Just
ti'.s tin* American market with Us yellow, lender. Juicy carcass.
(J.-What is meant by "pinioning" ns
ir  was that  her mission  mlghl regards goose?   A.-Tbose who keep
.        .   ecetful;  that  she could  not wild geese, like the Cauoaian, are com.
,,rk.0 pellcd to remove, the outer wing joint
loevcr to prevent their escape. They are thus
t'tio i   sell   .■;-   of this I    sted  bis "Pinioned."
Bolflab heart with nngnUb again,  Ob, Q--Hott much of a cut Is given a
why had be got himself into this trou- •*»* l,lr(1 for n "»lsslng tail feather,
blc? nu(l how  long does It tnko for new
Whet; goaded to desperation and wln« mul ,l'11 Others to grow? A.-
rocklessiiesa he bad taken the flrsl ,f tlie variety Is subject to color dls-
$10 from the money he had collected qunllQcntlous, one point; If not, one-
be hod no idea of not returning it - half point Sr\ to eight weeki
somehow. It had brought a good deal
of pleasure to Kmma and himself,
light cued their bard penury with a
gleam "f brightness, But $10 then
hnd been a lot of money. It had not
been possible to replace it at
It  was  far easier to  |)x  bis ne
Q.—What Is an "emasculated" cockerel? A.—Your dictionary will tell you
that It is n capon.
Q.-Which are the great duck raising
stales in tho Union, and which is (ho
once.[most  popular  duck?    A.—Massachu*
units .setts, New York, Pennylvnnln.   Pekln.
so that the sum would not be missed. Q.—What Is meant by the word "fan-
lie had yielded to the temptation and | cier?" A.—A breeder of pure bred
had so fixed them. chickens is termed a  fowl fancier, n
Jenkins, Ids fellow employee In tho breeder of pure bred dogs is called a
office, was n follower of horso racing dog fancier,  and  a  breeder of puro
In his small way.    Now and then he Chester Whites Is a hog fancier.
risked  a  dollar or two In a nearby,   Q-Which   Is   tho   more   Important
pool room, and Komotimes ho won.   A|Bldo of the poultry Industry, meat or
few  days
the   books
to   CO
■er up
hud  falsified
OggS? A.—KggS,  The return from this
?m Jenkins had confided to bis offlc
cronies that he had a lip of which he
felt so sure that he was prepared to
pawn his last shoestring to back It
Many others had decided to take n
chance, and, having no money of his
own, Brooka bad taken an advance
on bis salary out of his eolle'-tions and
followed their example. The odds
they bad obtained were G to 1, and
Iho horse bad wou. Out of his winnings Brooks had replaced tho money
fro nr. roirn*.-En.|
his deficit of BOUrce |S two-thirds of the whole tolol
ll.'inl   I.Iuch.
'Uc\i Octcribe thai hul riso' *> cattLcr."
•oher it was a formidable looking
weapon, With R long barrel.   He broke
he breach, examined the cartridges
ind replaced It In his pocket
"Darned If bo wouldn't do it, too,'*
tie muttered.
REMORSE may be the least active of all the moral senses.
Si III. there is no heart absolutely without It. No sooner
lad his wife passed from his view than
t became active in Brooks, having
Deen tiled by the flicker of shame I tint
he full realization of bis villainy had
jrovoked as he took down the receiver
if the telephone to call Captain   Wlb
".lust my luck! This sort of thing always happens Just when I'm Invited to
u parly!"—Punch.
A  .■■■.ini- Too iimli,
Hannibal Hamlin, the war vice president, was responsible for tho following
Story on himself:
A man named Pearson walking along
the main street iu Bangor slopped into
a hole and broke bis leg. Ho engaged
Hamlin ns counsel and brought suit
against the city for $1,000.
Hamlin woo his case, but the city
appealed. Again the decision wns (oi
the plaintiff. After settling up the
eb.'.tvi Hamlin sent for his client and
handed him a dollar.
"What's this?" asked Pearson.
"Why," said Hamlin, "nfter taking
out my fee, (he cost or the appeal and
several other expenses thal's your dam-
Pearson gazed nl ttio dollar and then
at Hamlin, "What's (ho mnltor will)
I IT bu asked flnnirv, "Is it bnijyV*
"Thank 4."
"Always (muni yon n full mi n tin
Ing llilngs ynu wild you'd flu in a fair
way "
"I ain't never been iiuich or a spend
thrift, Willi K,    I've saved nnd been
a little lucky In luv>s!big the llltlo I've
lad.   1 fT- -■I've about si i duo by noon
In forcing Rmmn to deliver herself  I
nto the bands of bis employer he dad ]
lot actually believed that It would be  ■
lecessnry for her lo make the supreme
lacrlfice.     "You   can   handle   him   all
Ight," lie had  told  her    "You know  !
low far you cun let a man go—all WO-
lien  know   that"    Hut  he  bad  been  I
filling   to   take   Ihe  chance   tiiat   this   ,
■oiitlce would bo exacted, and, know-  j
tig only too well tlio brutal sensuous-
iiss of  Williams,  his  notorious  de>
ni-iiy and lhat he had en si what n»
aid taken to be longing eyes on Ktnma,
i" now had no doubt whatever that it  | 	
vould be    The captain  uns not  llis.j No Guessing,
nan lo give an\ thing  for nothing, to       "There is ono thing you cnn'l do,"
mrt with money wlllioill reeehlng full   j    •\:i iheic?    Wbal la it nowV"
'nine.   With tils gnat physical slrenglll i;   "Voil
mil his will I bat overbore mid wore
lown  all  opposition,  how   would   the' tiient of bis head."
(entle, puhinl'ftlrp nature of Kmma u«
nblo  to !:-iid oui  iignlnst  i#!m?    lb-- | dvldeneo,
lilted i" helplessness by  Itls nil doinl j   "| Hiluk lluil  ridh»w will mi
lulling pouer, with ihu alternative ol   v-iy III llic wtuld.'
t-oinpllunco or ihelr i-ulu held out to     "\vhyV"
bur, she would have to sit bin It, •n,, iiiw.iv* encores himself,"
»ks pictured the si rue as though
in't tell  an.vlbiiig about tho
of a man's brain by ihe incisure-
from iho poultry Industry. ,
Q.-What nre fancy breeds? A.—
These are the ornamental in poultry-
like tho Sultans. Silkies, bantams and
nan fowl. 	
There are two things ibnt mnka
many flocks unprofitable—too much
grain and too little animal and green
food. Tills makes a narrow fattening
ration, and the tiens do not receive the
| elements ticcessttry for health and egg
j production.
: Edward Taylor of Alexandria, a. D..
wrote his name on nn egg that was
[shipped to Brooklyn. Miss Margaret
! (3raynor ale the egg, and it was so
J bon ton that she wrote to Mr. Taylor.
They later sent out their wedding an-
, nouncements written on eggshells.
One reason why turkeys crossed with
! the wild do not get blackhead so often is because the wild blood In their
' veins leads them to wander nnd lo
, keep owny from the barnyard and the
| hen runs, whero the blackhead germ,
; the Amoeba mn.eagridls. flourishes.
{ Among the gifts nt a donation party
;to n new preacher nt Terra Hill, l'n.,
i was a flock of fourteen lino chickens.
j They were placed tn n new henhouse
j the members had built and started
I right In to lay. This heats serving
preachers   antediluvian   clucks   and
1 rubbernecks.
I Tho fellow who claims he hns discovered the secret of the sex of eggs
and can control (he snnio should get
| busy on thu problem of perpetual mo-
itlou. If there is nny liar Hint can
find tho secret without half trying bo
| can, IDs own wagging t'i'igne could
be used in Ihe experiments.
Alleiitowu, Pa., has n female society
called Ye Old Mens. While It Is
composed of young and coy maidens
and the principles of the club are not
iintl-mntrlinonial, the young men of
the famous Peanut City are glvhig tho
fair members the cold shoulder, an
they fear caeklers and hcnpeelters.
Dogs soon become proficient at opening spring gates. Our bulldog Ted
easily opens the ordinary store door
by rising on his bind legs am) snapping the latch, but when confined la
n room where there Is a window bo
doesn't bother with preliminaries, but
chews up the sash. To avoid Hocks
gelling mixed and cocks getting Into
mlsups use bolts, bars or hooks lo
keep out (he pups,
Sonic monlliu niio n loiirnotl professor
nt lira Rnrliunno wroio In tlio 1'iirlitlnn
Ii in i'o IicIiiji Dim, '"I. Ii fi it hli,.. ujid
III'   I  Mil   hot   lljlll   l'l III,   HI: 1  II   MM'.It   Ml
liK'iliy lil'i'iir I'll! .ill OVCf lilln.
"No, no, nn!"
Mi' iiii"ii'ii aloud Dig protest wriiiii [oa
111 vcr. :vi ihs Ord,r«
">'i.:n;; hi I III' ill'lli, IVIl'V"
"Ijoii'i know.  Aw you!"
"I kii|i|iiw» l will linvc to lulio grand'
IHIIH'PS |trn|i(Httltll unit Llio tl'nrd "imlo*
i inntic" lie iikciI tn dontiriiflto Hit' iivlti'
l,lH lor, lira unftl in'iiiitinni' iit'int! Iiimcd,
Ira i".|ilnliii'il, mi tin' tlt'i'i'li rout "I'l'l."
In fly. Annilti'i' Ion tiled iti'i'MOII stiyi,
IHint t<!i' word hu'fhH limit to (liu Willi'
rot ih.vs of iii'i'onliillnn nnd i|tnilm
fl'oiu hi; DoiitnollO .Mcrltiir IIlie (lor-
I'tnii .Mt'iTitry). |iulillnlii'd tiy IVIollllltl
nt Welinnr lit Uiinlrar, 17MU. .wiiioli
tit'onk'i of tiiu "iioro|ii'toiunut«," or tli.
IntMl nt'otrem Iu llyltiK-
'ivit, -I will lift ai' mint eye* unto th«
I Iiiiin from whonoe oomelh my help,"*
| i'Biilin txxl, I.
j Qod'B world and (lod's word nre
I mil of mountains,   Bvory continent
Iiiih Hi grant range. Kvery lllhto hook
Is rrowded wilh lowering peaks. What
!h hook "Influence OC Mills In lIlKtory"
jwouid ia-! Mountains mod in divide
untlons, but not ouit.   lOnstorn I'enu-
tykauln Is not divided from western
by   Alleglicnli'S    The Adlromhickn do
'not luiiko uoilhcaMi'iu New York lios-
UlU   (0   Ihe   rent   of   the   Hlulo.      I tin
i Will I n mount 11 lUB of New llaiup^hire,
Qroou mountntns of Vortnotit, Bluo
mouutnlus of PonnBylvhnlu, Rod tuoun*
InlUS <<f  NOW   Mexico,   llllick   Ullls o!
Dakota, do uol mukb Inhttbltituti of op<
j [inslte sides eueiuleH.
Hiallnfl In tho Hlili,
Thu   psalmist   was   right — there's
strength In tho hilts.   They've always
uourlsbod bravo souls and love of lib-
et'ty,   Vou can't enslave mountain people,     hi   city    mi*   man   loses   his
Btreugtb,   Tho food bo eats, tho water
I be drinks, ihe air he breathes, even thu
iinnsiiint touch of ills follows, tends to
I degenerate.     There's   healing   In   the
bills,   Tbc.v lll'l ui> Ihelr heads to kiss
' the heavens and catch the breath of
Ihe clouds,    There (be woods are full
1 of birds'  nests,   There, dtop In the
heail of Iho forest, among ferns rare
and   delicate,   where  beast   and   bird
queueh their thirst, the mighty river
is bom.   There it trickles and gutgles
and gels a song hi lis heart and thanks
tied.    After awhllo it nears tho sea
and (lonts ships of war and commerce
on its bosom, but It still remembers,
like  a  soul  eMrangcd  from  Clod,  its
j mountain home, and the birds, and Ihe
squirrel, and the wild fawn, and the
i Hash of the speckled trout In its waters,
I sweet and cleat',   The sea mocks its
1 lost children and lots (hem die crazed
, with thirst.   The mountains give tlietn
berries   red,   and   honey   sweet,   and
I waters cool.   The mountains nre the
' world's great sanitariums, the earth's
I free tonic.   Says the physician to the
; pale faced mother: "Lung trouble. Yon
j for the mountains.  Dp where the trees
are full of healing, the pine and the
, balsam fir, get your lungs full of bracing breezes.   It's better than pills and
: powder.   It's (Jed's own medicine for
■tired men and weary women."   Mother
: smiles bravely.   Visions of hilltops rug-
1 ged and strong, dark green with cedar,
'. till her mind, and the Bible promise,
"The strength of the hills is bis also,"
assuros her soul.
Sinai, the mount of the law.   There
in the wilderness, mid rough rocks and
towering crags, God spoke to the hosts
of Israel, led by pillar of cloud nnd tire.
! As n minor reveals marks of mud,
! soil of soot, blotch of blood, so the law
j reveals mark and soil and blotch of
; Pin upon the soul. The mirror cannot
wash (he face.   It points us to Ihe basin
for cleansing. The Inw leads us from
: dark clouds of Sinai to sunny slopes of
, Calvnry,
■ Morlah, ^vhere Abram came to of-
\ fer Isf.ac. On Calvary (!od gives him-
' self to us. On Moriab we give ourselves
to him. Abram's heart was Isaac centered, Instead of God centered. Is
there some Isaac, some idol, between
you and your God? To Morinb, o'lt
; with your knife!
i   Plsgab, the mount of vision, where
' the Lord took Moses and showed him
' the land of promise—the mount that
. makes us homesick for heaven.
Could I but climb where Moses stood
j   And view the landscape o'er
■ Not Jordan's stream nor death's cold flood
i   Could fright me from that shore.   *
! Qunrnntanla, mount of temptation.
Testing time-oak strong and sound or
: poplar brittle and rotten? Joseph to
stand or Judas to fall? This is the
! most beautiful mountain in Palestine,
j green topped, golden sloped. Mounts
of temptation nre not bleak and cold,
[but sunny and honey laden. The devil
j does not strew thorns, but flowers.
The beauty of Quarantanla ts lis danger. Christ escaped by prayer. To
; your knees!
Batan trembles when he etrs
The weakest saint upon Ms knees.
Harmon, mount of Christ's transfig*
' urn Hon. Ills face did rhino as the sun.
| Ills common carpenter's coat looked
tike luster of lilies. Have you lout the
music from your soul, the laughter
from your heart, the glory from your
face? Up to Mount Uermoul Trami-
figuration changes all. The kitchen becomes n kingdom, kettles coronets,
drudgery divine.
Calvary, mount of crucifixion.
Mount Everest is the highest mountain In the world. Off with your hat
In (ho presence of (he king mountain
of the world! No; we correct our*
solves, Not Everest, but Calvary, Is tho
highest mount. Everest gives you a
view of tho Himalayas, Calvary a vision of God. Everest shows an earthly
landscape, Calvary a heavenly. Everest ofTora scenery. Calvary salvation.
Everest reveals wonders of creation,
Calvary wonders of re-creation. Not
Sinai, whispering "Thou shalt die," but
Calvary, assuring "1 nm come that ye
might have life."
Olivet, the mount of Christ's ascension, All the weary way from manger to throne, now he stops with hnnds
extended in blessing. Now he ascends.
From tiiis mount Stephen rose, Paul
ascended. Hero your motherstood ono
glorious inurnlug, Here mny you
Stand, world worn, eurth weary pilgrim, when-
Honveh's morning hreaki
And earth's dark ahadewi'flee.
Microphon* Water Finders,
The mleropliono lu n mutinied form
Is being used successfully by -i French
Inventor lo Mud springs of water, nnd
(bey have been located as far as fifty
feel, mill erg round, It Is expected thnt
the Instrument will be or much value
to miners, prospectors nnd others tu
similar occupations, as well ns In locating Victims of mine accidents, A tube
Is thrust Into the ground n few feet
and the Improved microphone uttnehed
to Ihe upper eud.whea uulse tuudo by
flowing or fulling water U plainly
Thtery » to the Cam. of lh« Cr.oUI.,
Roar and Rumble.
It Iiiih umiiill.v hran thoilgbl Hint tlio
noiio uf lliimiliT In (inuiotl hy tlieOlOl'
Inn U|i (if thu viKiiiiiii ct'Ulltud hy tlio
liimaiiKo nf Din lljlltP.lo.il, tlio nil- rusli-
lug In from nil hIiIos Willi n 0l«|),   Hut
iim lutoimiiy of tho uolao In rnllior uis-
proportional)', mul II In now lll|ipoBQd
tlnimlor la (Inn lo tlio lnli'iino licnlluif
of kiihi'h, M|ioclllll,v tho Kim of walor
vnpnr hIiuik tho lino uf olootrlo dli<
i'Iiiii'ko mul tlio i'imihi.i|iii'iii oonvoralou
uf luttpoudod inolatiiro Into stonm nt
fiioruuius prouuro.
In ■ l,l.-« wny Ilin cTiiclilo wllll which
a pi'ni ».f iiiuniiiT aoisollinoa lioglua
uilulit  bo ri'itiii'ili'il  iih  |ho hop"'  of
HiiMim oxploalon mi ii miiiiii aoulo .'iiun-
nl by dlaohni'goa boforo Iho uiiiln
IIiihIi.    Tim rlimbtO WOltlll llO I III' nvi'l'-
Inpplng alonm oxploaloiw, mul Ibo Until
I'lup, whlrli aounda loiidoat, would bo
tho itonin osploalou nonroat (o tho
In Ihu onto of ruuibllllS lliuuilur Ilia
lightning Ih paaalng from cloud to
cloud, when tlio iiiinii pnaaoa fronj
Mm on rt tl  tn Ihu olouda Iho chip Is
loudpal nt tho boglnnlttg. Trowbcldgo
gnvo aiibatonoo in tlioao auppoalllona
hy ciiiimIiih oloctl'to QaBhoa to puna
from point lo point through lormlntila
Clothod In Hnnlii'il cotton wool, and ho
auccoodod in uingnlfylng tho crnoli of
the oloctrio spark to n terrifying ox-
Inveitment    and    Loan,    Negoliat.d.
ftn Formation In the Military Method*
of Ancient Greece.
A phalttnx In tho military Affairs of
Greoeo wns n squtiro bnttallon or body
of Boldtors formed In ranks nnd tilos
| compact and doop, with their shields
Joined and pikes crossing onch other so
ns to ren(Ior ft almost Impossible to
brook it. At first rtio phalanx consisted
of -1,000 mon, but this number wns nft-
nrward doubled by Philip of Mncodon,
nnd tho douhlo phalaux is hence oftou
cnllcd tho Macedonian phalanx. I'oiyb-
Ins describes it thus:
"It wns a square of pllcomon, con-
Blstlug of 10 in dank nnd 000 In front.
Tho soldiers stood so close together
that tho pikes of the fifth rank extended threo feet beyond the fror(t. Tho
rest, whoso pikes were not serviceable
owing to their distance from the front,
roiirlitiil them upon the shoulders of
those who stood before them nnd, so
locking them together in tile, pressed
forward to support nnd push on the
former rnnk, by which menus the assault was rendered nioro violent and
Irresistible.'* The spears of those behind nlso stopped the missiles of (he
enemy. Each tnnn'fl pike wns twenty-
three feet long. The word phnlnnx Is
also used for any combination of people distinguished for nolidlly nnd firmness. A grand phalanx consisted of
lu,:;S4 men.     *
In The Swim.
A reviewer in tho Now York Nnllim
IliiHli'uU'H his own eouiinoiiiH on a
H'liiiin now volume of ohhiivh hy ft
Btory that in worth iiuttlng Into «ilr*
cnlatiuii, Tliroo hearora, ho Hiiyn. of
the admired Dr. X., woro latklug In
the vostilmlo nftor tho lOI'inoil, "Wn
inust admit," remarked the Dint, "Hint
tlio dootor dtvei doepor Into hid miIi.
f iliiiu nny iilher pronehor." "Vo»,"
Miid tho aeeoiid, "nnd slnyn under
longor," "And comoH up drier," ad*
tlod iim third. Weidem ChrlitUn
All Hie stuilonlH ill tho BOltOQl uf «x>
porlouao work ttiolr wny,—Llfo.
The enfly.shin Ing stove polish
in the big con, Not a powder,
which must he mixed wilh water
—■nor n hard cake, which must be
scraped but a soft paste, ready to
use, that gives ft brilliant polish
wilh a fejy rubs,
Hqually good forstoves, pipes,
grates and ironwork.
It your dealer docs not carry
"Black Kni;;ht" Stove Polish,
Bend us his name and toe, and
we will send a full size tin by
return mail. 36
The FT. Dallry Ct. United,flinilion,Oil.
Maker* ot the fiitoou»"2lii r'Slioe Potlili.
Charlotte Corday.
Charlotte Corday, the slayer of Marat.' was, nccordlng to the best authorities, of noble lineage. Unlike (ho
Maid of Orleuns, the most Illustrious
blood liowed In her veins. Slio was
well educated, and not n whisper was
ever heard ngninst her moral ehurnc-
ter. It does not nppear that s's.o ever
manifested the slightest signs of Insanity or fanaticism. Eler action In
killing Marat was attended by nothing
like madness or hallucination. Taught
to believe that the Purls butcher was
the one man who hindered thu righteous settlement of the strife that wan
destroying her country, she quietly
went down to the great city nnd In a
very unostentatious manner dispatched
the man she believed to be her people's
greatest enemy.—.New York American.
Some Famous Dunces.
Literary history is crowded wilh Instances of torpid and uninteresting
boyhood, (ilbbon wns pronounced
"dreadfully dull," nnd tho utmost that
was predicted of Hume in his youth
was that "he might possibly become a
steady merchant." Adam Clarke, nfter*
ward so deeply skilled in oriental languages ti nd auticiuitles, wns pronounced by his fnt her to bo "n grievous
dunce," nnd of Bollenu. who became n
model for Tope, It was said that he
was a youth of little understanding.
Drydcn wns "a grent numskull," who
went through a courso of education
ut Westminster, hut the "stimulating
properties of Dr. [ttisby'8 classical
ferrule were thrown nwuy upon tho
i drone who wns to be known us 'lilorl*
ous John.'"—London Standard.
Rifle or Pistol
Winchester Cartridges—
the Red W Brand-- are
sure fire and accurate. In
Winchester and other
makes of guns they al-
3 ways give the best results
and results are what
count. They cost a few
■ cents more than inferior
makes, but they are
dollars better. A A
Sold ■* Dcalim evirtwhim.
on the
Stated a Fact.
A rlerKvinini highly estermril for Ilia
uinuy excellent quiilIHe*. of which or"-
lory In uot one, Iiiih recently hml |>lnceil
In his church by hli loving eonKregn.
Hon n new pulpit. It In n line piece of
work, orniilo with curving nnd nrttstlc
embellishment. But the text Inscribed
on It, considering tho effect of tho good
rector's sermons, might linvc been mora
happily chosen. "He glveth his beloved sleep," It runs.
Th» Way of Than).
"Oh, yes;  he's n  very  Intellectual
"What makes you think that?"
"I judged so from tils talk."
"Why, what does he talk about!"
"He's  forever talking about  how
Intellectual he Is."—Catholic Standard
nnd Times.
The Measure of Life.
There la no uso in repining that life
Is abort tt Is not to bo measured by
tho quantity of Its yours, but by the
quality of Its ucliiereniciils.-Phllndel-
nhla Ledger.
Increasing Trea Growth.
A man went out west and luented a
cut off timber tract, and ho went to
work growing trees, nnd lie has sue-
ceded lu making them grow twice'ns
fast as they grow In a natural wuy.
He dues I Ills by building enilmiil: incuts
lo keep tlio' rnlnwiiler from running
nwny. This Inlcusllles limber growth
to n surprising eslent. People who
luivo young orchards should resort to
this uicilioU \Vlien ono wants his
shade trees In Ills home lol lo hurry up
be might build bo us lo keep the rata-
wilier us long as possible. Trees like
moisture, nnd when they get n good
•tipply thej BTow.-Ohiu State Journal.
We oBVr yoa fiee'
tali book iii.n.utyoii
ill about lior.e' ilia*
rn»ti and how lorui«
li.rm. Call for tt at
your local druafUt or write at.
ti hnlwtifc   ii t*m SpMiii. rtuh. spiM,
•t -mall niftii HrM. »ttatl*i.|]»1Ik«i. of Kiii.lt>
Mnn OH .Mf*'"U«i4*aur Hi'.Ou O.utt «i. •
£,,..' iiu.1 ".I R|ngbM«.Ml'u cuiW Mm lu
t.'iii it«uki, Dim a
■ pfttlll «!i»» Oil* M4MIII with
irtmt ituxniut hii-I find It *
. .,i_,.iiUn»ili tl..r>l,,a
jMtklt'l Until"
Oura tl lultl ttt im
unllbnit bHm   of
11.00 ft kotllt, or
'« IhiitlM for «;.mi.
If ynu rtitmul pi It
M our fit* hfMtM at
•raiir lo..l drt^fttl,
Not When They Flnlihed
"I underataiid you upent your vacation on a camping trip wltU frloudB."
'Wo were friends when W« HlarLod.''
—The Smart Set.
f-MT'S    DlJ,,»     ,„
w.n.1/. tjt. tn. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
Do* Ii Blacked One Man's Career
and Advanced Anollicr'a
Copyright hy American Press Aaao-
elation, mil
One tiinriiliiu t'olonel tiustavo CI ti r-
Dior of tiie l-'rencb -tb eurassiers bav-
lull been llivlleil lo brelllttllst Willi Ills
brigade ruuimander, lieueritl Mar
chanil. tit his iieiitli|uarlers near i'ttrls,
the iwu sal down touelher In the gen
eral's hreakfasi roiuu.
"I am sorry, colonel," said the Ken-
erul. "thai I i'iia ulve you nothliiK
lieartlei tliiiu euus My cook tells inn
•here tins been un error In supplying
the larder.
Colonel 11 a ruler failed to repress a
look uf dlsiippuiuiiuuut, or, raiucr, repulsion.
"You do not est eggs?" naked the
"No. general, I do not But I see
quite (Mitiiigh else on your table upon
which to tuuke un excellent break
They bud finished Ihelr repast. Inred
tbclr lingers ami lips and wiped tbem
"that one in nap." x said.
with tbelr napkins when, lighting a
cigarette. Colonel tiaraler asked:
"Would you like to know wby I do
not eat eggs, general?"
"I would," replied the general, look*
log at bis subordinate curiously.
•There Is a story connected with my
distaste for tbem. When I was young
1 was extremely fond of eggs. I was
▼ery particular as to the time an egg
abould be boiled. Three and a half
minutes was the Interval 1 required
between putting tbe egg Into Dolling
water and taking It out.
"Well, when I was graduated from
tbe military school 1 was picked out
by my classmates as one or our number who would surely make nis murk.
It was predicted that at thirty Ave 1
would surely tie a general of division
and at forty would command a corps
Tbe colonel paused, took a few pun's
tt bis cigarette aud said In a melancholy tone:
"1 am fifty and still a colonel."
"Nevertheless a tine officer," remarked the general sympathetically.
The Franco- Prussian war come on
Immediately after my graduation. My
division was on detached service In an
exposed position between tbe French
and Prussian armies. One morulng
wben 1 was tn command of a picket
post a strapping girl dressed In tbe
French peasant costume of Jaunty cap.
abort skirt and sabots approached me.
On ber arm she carried a basket containing butter, cheese and eggs. She
aald tn excellent French-too good
French for a pensnnt-thnt she lived
on a farm within our lines and wished
to tell us her produce.
Tb* eggs templed me. I agreed to
buy half a dozen all I eonld take care
•f while on duty-taking tbem out of
tbe basket and holding them up lo the
light, wbleb I always did tieroro using
egga to teal them. The gin held one
end of tb* basket toward me. tram
wblrb I took tbe eggs, but on coming
to tb* fifth I reached for one at tbe
otber and. Looking tbrougb It I could
see no light.
"That on* la bad," I aald. putting It
back In Ita place.
"Monsieur should take those at tb*
otber end of tbe basket. They are for
lb* officers. These are for tbe men.
Yon will And tbat one very fresh,"
banding me an egg.
"That one will do." The girl walked away. I looking at ber as she
receded It seemed to me'that her
gait waa peculiar. At any rate, I
never saw a woman with a stride Ilk*
that Rut many of the peasant worn*
en In France, as you know, generally do so much Held work thai except for their petticoats they may
well he tnken for men.
"I bud friend on the staff. Lieutenant Antotne Oucnt. who rode up to my
tent that evening while I wns cooking
Ihe eggs. I Invited him lo sup with
me, and he accepted. At headquarters
they hnd not been able to secure frenh
supplies, and intent enjoyed the eggs
no well that wben he returned to the
general be told of tb* feaat of whlcb
be bad partaken. Then enme an or
derly to aab where I had procured the
egga. I told of tbe girl who bad aold
them to me, nnd tbe general sent bis
aids, his orderlies and his escort dying all over tbe limited region we occupied with orders to Dud lb* farm
and tb* girl. Kaeb and every on* returned wltb tb* Information that
•ber* waa no dairy farm within tb*
picket Una* and tb* gin could not be
"I received I summons lo report In
parson at headquarters, and the general questioned me and eras* questioned me. making m* very uo.com-
ronubie. lie even gut out ill me III.
fact thai i imo: tried to look through
one of the eggs und found only dark
"'Was II the same weight ns the
others?' asked the general
• 'l could delect no difference.'
'"Are you sure Hie gin was not n
man In girl's clothes?1
"I remembered ner walk uud best
■■'Come, out wlin |u ion suspect
that she was?1
" 'Khe had a mini's stride.'
"Thai will do lly your altipldlty
you nave permuted a spy lo puss
through mil' lines and heeuitle or
iimiliiled wilh oui ueaiiness Hesldos,
there nre simni budiea ul Prussians
oil every side of us. If we hud not
iiii'iu ho scpnriiicii ihai iho; en hi
roiniuuiilcntu, by u eonceried move-
meat ihey could crush us.'
"'Hut, general, I protested, 'the
people liereaiiiiiii are all p'rem-h and
inyiil. This girl spoke excellent
" 'Peasant" do not speak excellent
French, he replied impatiently. 'That
will do; you may go.
"1 bad hardly left his headquarters
before a ling of truce was announced
waiting without the picket line tor
admission. its commandant wus
taken, lo the general and presented a
demand for our eupltiilatlou, He told
our general Just what forces were in
■>»r vicinity unit tmit they had every
road by which we might escape occupied. By eonceried action, wUlch
mid been agreed upon, they could
■ apture us.
"Our general declined to surrender,
and at midnight we made a dnsh for
escape. Nearly bait of our number
were killed or wounded. I tried my
nest to get shot, tor I felt sure I had
ly my stupidity pertnltied a spy to
ivnlk from one I'russiuu force straight
tbrougb our lines to another bearing u
I'oumunleatlou and the uews of our
wenkness. Hut though 1 exposed myself while the lighting wus must desperate I was not even scratched.
"The remnant of our force surrendered, and the nest morning, having
stacked our arms, we were marched
uefore tbe Prussian generals wbo had
combined for our destruction. An aid
on tbe staff or one of tbem, coming
up to me wltb a leer on nis face, wild
In tbe sume excellent French tbe peasant girl had used:
" 'Hello, comrade. What's the price
of eggs today?'
"'Ab,' I replied, 'you are the peasant girl wbo sold me those eggs. Was
there a message In the one I tried to
look through?'
"'Indeed there was. and yonr getting hold of It. I feared, would undo
me.    Had  you  held uo to that egg
you would not now nave been bere
and I would nave swung at tbe end
of a rope.
" 'It welgbed tbe same as the others.'
"'Sand did that
"'Where did you learn French?
"'At s Parisian school.
"We were inarching during this brief
dialogue, and at this point the man
dropped away from me.
"To make matters worse I received
no offer flora the Prussians of an
mtnedlste exchange as, a recognition
of tbe service I bud done them. 1 replied that the only exchange I would
accept would be from earth to paradise."
The colonel paused, and his cbln
sank on bis breast Presently be concluded: '
"From that day. general. I have
been a snubbed man tn tbe army.
Whenever a time for my promotion
came round some excuse was ruuud
for putting another in my place. Unfortunately, since then, France has
ueen nt peace, and I have bad no opportunity to redeem'my stupidity or
get myself killed."
"Kntber call tt misfortune," Interrupted the general
"No; It was stupidity. At any rate.
I shall never forgive myself any more
than France will forgive me for fall*
Ing to see light through an egg without cracking It My failure In the
army was my own fault.
Since that episode I have always
bad a repulsion for an egg. I have
never eaten one from tbat day to this,
and tbe alafct of eggs Is painful to me.
I have disliked to give yob the reason
wby 1 will not eat them at your table,
but have done so that you may excuse
my Impoliteness In not partaking of
what you have provided for me."
Colonel." aald the general after
passing some momenta In thought
what you' call stupidity Is fat*. I, a
much younger man than you, waa tb*
he bntt of my class at Rt. Cyr Now
I am a general officer, while yon. an
honor man. are still a colonel. And
wbyf Fat* threw an obstacle In your
way; fat* gar* me a push. When I
waa a lieutenant Mme le Marenehal,
in tbe staff of whose husband I serf.
Ml, while on the march lost her lapdog.
All of us aids spurred out In different
llrectlons tn Hnd Ihe little beast I
was the Ineky man. I brought II back
nd received for It In return a recommendation for Immediate promotion,
so long na Mme. le Mareschal Is In
he army I shall he advanced I have
Hist received notice of my promotion
,o be lieutenant geueral."
It la a Hnu of Tiny  Snapjf (al'ihalea
Called i<Mretina."
Mnn la made of soap und not of dust,
tccordlnirt to n statement recently delivered before the Survey society nt
tho Aondoiny or Mod I duo in New York
elty hy Professor •.. <«. Adam I,
Mnn is not entirely iniide of ho up, of
course, hut there are ttcntturod through
his body an unknown nuiuhor of tiny
globules culled "myelins," which nre
now believed to bo » primitive form of
true Noiip. it Ih tho only puro type of
aoilp on earth, nnd sciontlata nny II
may he (hut mnn was orl((lunlly constructed on ii self oil Ring principle.
All ho Imd to do wns lo exorcise his
will power—think linrd-nnd sot his
myriads of soup globules In motion.
The soupy mil nre of human helngB
has boon dlscovorod hy means of tho
polarising mloroscopo, Professor Ada-
mi gave a history of tlio curious re*
Bonrclios which led up to the gront
"find." Fifty years ago Vlrchow
stumbled on the presence of myelin
globules In nearly every tissue of the
body. They were plentiful In the brain,
'they dissolved In hot alcohol, Strong
alkalis caused them to shrink. Vlr-
chow thought the myelins were albu-
It wns not until 1808 It wns discovered they possessed peculiar refractive
power. Finally Professor Lollloln of
Carlsruhe mnde an elaborate study of
the globules und showed under the polarizing microscope they had queer
cross markings nnd were In reality
"liquid crystals." showing precisely
the same markings as soap globules.
This wns considered sufficient to demonstrate their identity with soap.
The myelins, or soap globules, seem
to contain a remarkable substance Intermediate between fluids and crystals.—New York World,
Father Get a 8ide Light en Son's Collage Habits.
ARTHUR   LEKEVHE.   tbe   well
knovtn Texas author, aald to
Victoria apropos of tbe Texan
prohibition campaign:
"Tbat reminds me of a happening
at the University of Virginia during
my student days In 84.
"There was a Baltimore freshman
at the varsity whose father got several letters about his boy's wild waya
—about bia fondness for pencil nnd
honey and such like heavy drinks.
These letters grieved Ihe old man to
the heart He wrote to tbe freshman
and tn reply got a general denial of
all the charges.
"Evidence, however, continued to
pour In, and finally the father decided
on a secret Journey to Charlottesville.
He timed himself to arrive late at
nlgbt It was. In tact, i o'clock In
the morning wben be rang tbe bell of
his son's boarding bouse.
"In response to his ring a woman
Ul a yellow bathrobe appeared, lamp
In hand.
"'What do you want?' she demanded, peering suspiciously Into the darkness.
"'Madam,' said the amateur detective. 'Is this the residence of —t and
be mentioned his son's name.
"The woman's grin relaxed, and she
answered indifferently:
" 'Yes. be lives here. lou can carry
blm right In.' "—Kansas City Star.
Asoturla la t very peculiar affection
of tiie bone, In which the animal
shows a special form of lameness upou
exercise, after having remained Idle fur
a day or two, writes Dr. ti. a Huberts
lu American Agriculturist. Thu cause
is uot definitely known, nnd yet the
circumstances under which the disease
develops are rather constant, such, for
Instance, us nn iinlinal In vigorous eon
diiliiu, fed liberally upon nitrogenous
feed, remaining Idle over Sunday, n
holldny, or nt other times.
Upon being nilieii out (lie following
morning the nnlmnl usually sti.iws tin
excess of energy, but before going far
begins to go lame In one or both hind
Photo by American Press Association.
Tears ago when the hnrkney waa
chiefly In the hands of wealthy amateurs he was ridiculed by partisans
of the trotter as nn anlinnl thtit
could only show on the line and
even In that wny- for a very llm-
Ited time. He haa proved the contrary and has also proved that ha
Is the superior of any breed of
horse living where style, form, action and good disposition are factors. The handsome mare with colt
at side la Slltlcld Venus. BMe Is
owned by Reginald Vanderbllt and
waa a prize winner at the New York
atate fair.
A Mean Thrust
limbs until. If nrged further, becomes
I completely paralyzed behind, going
down and unable to rise. He also
shows considerable pnln, as though he
might be suffering from some form of
'colic, with a profuse sweating. On
reaching this polut the animal usually
ceases to void the urine, which, wben
drawn, appears a very dark brown or
coffee color. Tbe pulse and breathing
nre somewhat accelerated, and frequently there Is considerable nervous
excitement The muscles of tbe loin
j and thigh nre tense and rigid.
The treatment should begin as soon
as tbe lameness shows Itself. After a
few hours of rest, the distress will tie
lover. Tbe more exercise glvn tbe animal after tbe lameness begins, the more
severe the trouble, nnd the more ener-
jgetlc means of treatment required. In
' a case showing signs of nervous ex-
jCltement It sbould receive two table-
spoonfuls of bromide of potassium
'every three or four hours until becoming quiet. Sweating should be Induced hy blanketing wrung out of hot
water and covered wltb a dry one.
Allow all tbe water tbe animal will
drink and give It four Inhlespoonfuls
sweet spirits of niter three times a
day If bladder is not paralyzed. If
unable to void tbe urine, tbe bladder
must be emptied three times dally. A
laxative or purgative should Is? given
early In tbe disease. If tbe animal
remains somewhat stiff, give a tea-
spoonful in tbe feed twice a day of
tho following: Powdered nux vomica,
four teaspoonfuls: powdered sulphate
of Iron, six teaspoonfuls; powdered
gentian root, six teuspounfula.
A Pauper's Treaenre.
In some bedding belonging to nn old
woman who died lu an English workhouse the purchaser found a bug containing Jewelry and a note for £300 deposited in n Liverpool bunk thirty-five
ycurs ago. The honest Under Informed the woman's relatives lu Cardiff of
tbe discovery.
Veu Can't Shake Trouble.
'My wife In,cl iiioney. and when I
married her I thought all my troubles
were at nn end."
"And weren't they?"
"The old ones were; hut, hang It. a
new series stnrted right awny."-Bos-
ton Transcript.
Net Full Grief.
'Gladye Is very strict In her Ideas
about the appropriate touch In dress."
"Is she?"
"Bo much to that when ber half
sister died she would not wear any
hut half mourning" -Rnlttmore American.
To enjoy true tin witness la Impossible while those about as art unhappy.
"Marriage la a civil contract," said
tbe bullying husband.
"Hub!" replied tbe Irate wife.
"1Mb too."
"I don't see that anything tbat yon
ever had anything to do wltb Is civil al
til," she returned.
Dodging the laaue.
Tbe eery worst man In a mining
camp not notorious for Ita piety died
Tbe fellow hnd been terribly bad. II
be larked anything of total depravity
none could recall any evidence of It
Wben he died there wns a quandary as
to what to do at his funeral. He bad
been shot dowu In bis boots In defense
of tbe very decency of tbe camp. A
nonresident minister was sent for and
was told the awful truth about tba
"Didn't he have any good point?"
asked the minister.
"Not one."
"Wasn't he even kind to a child
some time?"
"Never "
The minister wns lost In thought a
while: then he asked:
"When Is Ihe funeral to be?"
"Tomorrow at It.    Will you preach?"
"Oh. yesl"
"What In tbe world will you talk
"I shall talk." aald the minister, "on
the glorious age In which, this mun
Pure Brads Pay Bast,
Tbe farm should have on It all the
good stock It will keep and the help
you have can give tbe proper care. The
well bred, profitable sir.u of horses
will do the same work—except more
of tt—tbat the scrubs are uow doing.
It Is Just ns cheap and much more
profitable to have pure bred beef cuttle
Instead of common stud. If yon nre
milking a few cows and selling the
cream you can have. If you will, cows
whlcb produce live or sis times as
much milk as senilis. Yon ran nave
pure bred bogs which make pork
cheaper than acmbs, and you can sell
B sow or a boar for breeding purposes.
A few sheep will help things alone.
Not one of these Improved kinds of
tire stock will In any way prevent
er Interfere with the growing of wneat
or corn for market which may Jnat now
have your undivided attention. Think
this over. Hesolve to get a few animals of better than common stock next
year. The good ones Increase rapidly
and soon you'll hove all you can keep
Way It Goes.
"What goes lu one town doesn't go
In another"
"How, now?"
"Home places nre advertising them,
selves ns flyless cities, others are bust,
ling for aviation meets."-Washington
Ivan So.
"Yon can't dodge had luck."
"No. but just try It on good lock and
<ce bow beautifully you succeed."
In bringing up tbe little oneo
Some sense you should display.
A nervous child should not bo given
A (un with which to play,
The Pall Freeh Cow,
Fall fresh cows will, as a rule, yield
from 10 per cent to In per cent more
milk annually than those calving in
tbe spring. Spring fresh cows give
tbetr blghest flow of milk during the
j busy season nnd when the price of
1 milk and butter ts lowest. On the
]other hnnd, the fall fresh cow gives
, ber highest flow wben the prices are
highest, and If managed right will
Ikeep up a good flow in tbe spring.
Then, too. the fall fresh cow dins not
have tn contend with the tiles and not
Washing the Churn.
Before churning Ihe churn should be
Scalded and then well chilled with
cold water This will not enuse the
temperature of tbe cream to rise, nnd
It will close the pores of the chum so
that the butter will not stick to tbe
Just Llka Him.
"Makes him awful mud.''
"What does?"
"His wife."
"Won't give him a thing to Bnd
fault about"
Thought It Wes a Breakfast Feed.
"Here Is a verv flno oatmeal soap I
wouUl like lo have you try," said tbe
polite clerk, i
"Thank yon, I am not needing an Internal bath," replied tba tired abopper
They  Weivt   Their   Thr
Intidt Their huge  IS..   .
The  world  Is  ImlelHeil  in  Un
nese for (lie discovery  nt  till1  t'lri
■if the silkworm,   lis product wn* u
known in Home until the lime ol .1
HUB Caesar, and so costly wns the in
lerlni Hint even the Emperor Aureihu
refused a dress of this lustrous fnbrl
to Ids empress.    Now It Is nurtured
In almost every country, and lis prod
lietB are wlttllU the reach of all
Itesldes I lie several dnmesilcnlei
species, there Is a wild Milk worm
round in Contrnl America whleli
wouvob n hngllke structure two feel
In depth that hangs from the trees
At a distance the nest resembles w
h lido mulled cobweb, The Insect
makes no cocoon, hut weaves the silk j
In layers and skeins around the hi'
side of the nest. From Tegucigalpa
thero WOPfl sent to England some year*
ago about six |Hminds of (his silk
There It wns made Into handkerchiefs
uot easily detected from common silk
of equal strength and delicate texture,
There Is a curious silk producing
spider In Central America. Ihe urn na
de Hcdn, which may be Keen hurrying
alone with a load of fine silk nn Its
back, from which trail numerous del
lente filaments.—Harper's Weekly.
>t'l<  mul   il  ,t;ili'   in  Miti
Fate of the Continental Island as Told
by the Ancients.
"The Lost Atlantis" is a favorite
subject of book nnd story, nod even
now strange tales are told by sailors
who claim to have sc.en a (treat while I
city rearing its domes nnd minarets
up through the preen of the sea,
Atlantis was a continental Ishnd he
tween Europe and America. Solon as
long ago ns (it)(l It. C. learned the sto
ry tn Egypt, nnd It is from him aud
later from Plato that the talc has been
banded down to modern peoples.
Atlantis wns reigned over by three
kings of marvelous power, and Ihe tn
habitants were n warlike people Tar
advanced lu civilization. The three
..'togs finally been me so puffed with
power that they united forces ami
planned a descent on Europe, the pur
pose of which wns to destroy and en
slave. The Athenians met the In
vaders and after n fearful battle gain
ed a decisive victory.
Two days later mighty earthquakes
shook the earth, nnd tremendous tnun
dntlons came. When peace succeeded
elemental turmoil the sea stretched
where once bad been Atlantis,
*n new in me
TtitU's the grip!
A chot.o in lit- throat and n yearning for
Tllllt'H  (he grip!
A river of heat, then » shiver of cold,
A  feci I nn of being throe  hundred  years
A willingness even to <in as you're told—
That's the tfrtp!
An arrow or pain, now in thin place, now
Thill's ihe grip!
A  feeling  of doubt  nn  to  where  you are
That's the grip!
A   stupid   Bonmtlon -of   enure*,   wholly
A foolish depression—why thou Id you fool
A doubt ns 10 whether this realty is you—
That's the grlpl
Strange vision* at niRht that deprive you
of roit-
Thnt's tii» (trip1
A taste lii your mouth nnd o weight on
your client-
Thai's the crip!
A tired sensation that runs through your
A   cjuei-r  combination   of   achw  nnd   of
A vapid admission of absence of brains—
That's the grlpl
A   marvelous  weakness,  come  on In a
Thnt's the j-rlp!
A   petulant   wonder.   "How  long  will  It
stay 7"—
That's the j-rlp!
A Benson of fever, n Season Of freeze,
A quivering weakness Unit's felt at the
k 11 ens-
Say, If over there woe n mss-cd disease,
It's the grip]
—Somarvllle Journal.
The Eternal Feminine.
A Quicker Process.
A story Is told of a certain famous
Inventor who is fortunate enough to
be able to employ n large stuff of en
gtneers and mathematicians to aid him
in the solution of knotty problems.
Some time ago the Inventor desired to
rind the cubic capacity of w certain •'«*■
sel of unsymmetrl'-iil proportions nnd
asked bis mathematicians to solve the
problem. As the story goes, ihe mathematicians, spent weeks of time, tilled
whole books with Ihelr nil ujntions
and finally presented what they said
was n dose approximation to Ihe true
result Thereupon the famous inven
tor placed the vessel on » platform
scale, filled tt to the brim with water,
obtained Its weight when full and
when empty, and In a few minutes he
had a result as good as the mathematicians—for that particular vessel.-
Engineering .News.
-Harper's Weekly.
Overheard In a Georgia Kitchen.
Not long ago nn old colored cook In
an Atlanta family was visited by one
of her friends, wbo hail but recently
come from "down in de country,"
wliere both bad been raised. The vis
Itor wnH received with genuine darky
cordiality aud given a comfortable cor
ner of "de white folks' kitchen," Tbe
Atlanta cook asked all kinds of (pies
tions ns to what tiad been "gwiue on"
down In her old home, aud among other queries, was:
"What's cum er Mnndy what use tor
stny at Miss Willie's?"
"Law!   Ain't you h'yeerd'j1"
"She In Jail."
"Yans, she Is."
"Whut for?"
"I d'uo Jes' whnt fer. but de mnn
come an' 'res' ber, an' de jedge line ber
live an' cost, an' put ber In de jail
bouse. Miss Willie say hit WUS er
Kb time tor 'res' a good cook like .Mandy,
an' she sen' her husbaif down ter pay
de fine, but .Mandy say, \\em mine; she
fes' stay whar she wuz till de time wuz
Hit, 'cause she need de rest.'"— Hurler's Weekly.
He Liked Turtle.
Charles  Kean  in   forcing  a  tavern
companion to lake milliard with hlf- I
beef showed a more generous dlsposi   j
Hon than a city luugmtte who figures
In the "Memoirs or Hrunttey  Iterke j
ley,"  Although a hearty feeder. Iterke
ley did not like Cut and when served j
witli turtle soup always left the green j
fnt on the side of his plate.    This Is i
considered  by  many   to be the  liesi |
niirt of the dish, and at a city dinner
Berkeley   attended   his   neigh'sir  "'*
served   blm   with   horror  deliberately
"ejecting   the   unctuous   green    frag
mollis.   "At length his feelings got the
'letter of the alderman, and after de
mollshing his (bird helping of turtle
he swept all the fat from my plale oil
io his, grunting contemptuously, *l see
they're  wasted  on   you.*" — Loudon
Long  Distance.
"Where are you going, old chap?"
isked the first youth.
"Going to send Myrtllla a kiss
tbrougb the telephones" replied luo
second youth.
"Why, yon tire slow. Don't you know
n kiss through tbe telephone loses Its
"Just why 1 am using the telephone,
old man. I have been eating onions."—
Houston Post.
His Geography.
Ample explanation of the hiiiit at
tempts to construct a universal inn
unnge lies enfolded In the reply of s
small boy, given by Mrs. Hugh I'rnser
In "A Diplomatist's Wife lu Man,*
The Irregular French verbs—what a
terror those were to children: My own
little boy when he wmi seven years old
was asked by bis teacher a quest Ion In
"What separates Knglnnd from
France T
"The Irregular verbs," he replied,
with mournful conviction
The Truant Angel.
Willie looked up Into Ihe sky nnd
saw an airship for the first time. It
was very high up and looked very
small. After watching tbe wings on
the machine fiapplug up and down, bo
"Say. ina. look up into tbe sky!
There's an angel playiug truunt."—
IMoet Picturesque.
"What is the most picturesque spot
you ever saw in this vicinity*}" asked
the enthusiastic tourist.
Broncho Hob gave the question some
thought before tie answered;
"A one-spot when I wns drawing to
a royal flush."-Washington (Star.
Getting Rid of Him.
Eva—Percy squanders money something awful. His father says he ts
nothing but a debt to him.
Jack—Then why is his father going
to send him away on a yacht?
Eva—1 suppose he wants blm to be a
floating debt,—Detroit Tribune.
The Pearl l.ntterr, t
An expert tells of an instance where j
4,000 peurl  shells  were  taken   which
yielded less thnn $."■<) worth of pearls,
while In the same locality over thirty '
pearls were found iu one day, one of
which was sold for $10,000.
The Unattainable.
If Jtwi a quarter of tho schemes
That through my head gee whis !
And iiimost work, hut Uo not qulio
Produce the tunny biz,
Would Juki perform ns per rteslan
Where nil the world could see
I'd he ns rich li thirty dnys
a* Morgnn or John I)
Thnt minion dollar stock concern
To float nn aeroplane
Would run In profits 10 prnfune
That bank vaults they would ntr.-iin.
How i wuiiifi Hit me down and iuukIi
At folks wlio iifM<1 llift curs
While 1 wns running night nnd Any
A IhroiiKli r',;>rc>sH lo Mum'
My scheme to gather nil the cans
Thnt vncnnt lotn mlorn
And fatten goats I'm sum Is one
No mnn of lonsa would scorn
My phm In make tho roOStsrs In?
Or chnrgs th'tn for their hoard
Would tiring In. could 1 make It go,
A very large reward.
That dandy scheme to make a horsa
And unto all tn one
That could be turned Into a churn
And filed up as n gun,
1 know Would he a big eucoese,
But what'e the me to try?
My plans and prospects ays all right.
But capital ts anv.
His Line.
Patience- 1 understand her husband
finds fault with all her nets.
Patrice-Yes, but she doesn't mind
that.   That's his business,
"What Is?"
"He's a theatrical critic." — Yonkers
Well Supplied.
Explorer— I don't see how you enn
stand six mouths of cold aud darkness.
Do you have candles?
Resident Sure. I ate 000 candles
lust winter.—Clileagu News.
"I   am   troubled   wltb   Insomnia   at
"Wby don't yon quit It?"      . ■ "
"Quit whnt?" :
"Bleeping on your Job.'*       *
Imitation.     '*,   > • '.'
"She Is a Jewel."
"I'nsle, though."
"What makes yon think go?"
"Didn't 1 see the flour dusted all over
her face?"
"Do you think Harold loves me for
myself slime?"
"Ho would love you for a loan. 1
don't know about yourself."
Text. "And who Is my n«lgh*jor?"-L.nk#
s. »
I do not wonder that u great frater*
mil orgiiiilKtiiluu hns made this story
ihe basis for their uiaguilbeui ritual.
They couldn't better link divine and
human, The rnscluutlng parable gives
us an Insight Into the heart of Coil
and man. fifteen miles fru.ui Jerusalem is the city of Jericho, Tho trail
led down a wild canyon, through dense
forest and giant bowlders. Hobber*
and outlaws most despernte frequented
the road. It was "Voiir money or your
life"—or both. Down the lonely path
comes a Jewish (ratter, his puck up,
back, bis wad buckled tight lu belt.
At a sharp turn in the road a half
dozen desperadoes leap from bushes.
There's a short, fierce struggle, u
crushing blow on the skull uf the way.
farer, and he lies blcedng and senseless.
"Passed by on the Other Side."
The traveler's must naked and half
dead.   Toward BUndown comes return-
i ing consciousness footsteps are near*
Ing "God, the merciful.'' he mutters,
"u priest of the temple!" lie closes his
eyes, half comforted, lie bears rustle
of sacred apparel, but It quickly
passes away. He's gone by "on tbe
other side." The man doesn't belong
to his parish, and It's growing dark: It
may be u scheme to rob blm There's
a meeting of church officers be must
attend. He will notify the authorities
when he reaches town. Hut there's un*
Other coming! Surely he will help! "A
Levlte, an officer in the house uf t.od,"
hopefully whispers the sulTerer. "God
is gracious after all," He tries to cull
out. but nearly swoonB. The Levlte
turns and looks nt him, "It's n fellow
Jew. Too'bad some people are so unfortunate. There ought to be better
enforcement of law against thieves!"
He'll notify some city missionary or
slum worker about this case. He must
hurry on. His footsteps grow faint*
er and fainter. Yonder upon a don*
key comes a third. Tbe wounded
man groans. It's a( Samarltan-a mon*
grel, despised, half heathen Samaritan!
How the Jews bated tbe Samaritans"
enn't expect anything there! Samarl*
•an will give look of contempt; Jew will
give curse. But no. see! He dismounts,
gives wine, bathes with oil, soon bus
crippled Jew on his beast, bears htm
to a wayside Inn. Next morning he
pays the bill. "Take care of him. If
there's any more I'll pay tbe bill when
I come back."
A little group Is drinking In greedily
the story from Christ's life. "Of these
three, wbo was neighbor to the Jew*/"
says the Master. There's but one nil*
ewer, "The Good Samaritan." Nothing In all teachings of Christ brings
out the whole gospel better thnn till*
parable. The matchless story wilt
never lose Its force. Accident ami
want are still the common lot of mankind. All men are liable to full amouir
thleves. Disease Is the thief tbat rob*
men of wcath. Misfortune snatchc*
away the savings of a lifetime. Slander filches a good name.   Strong drink
. Is   a   robber   that   deprives   men   of
| health, happiness and hope of heaveu.
Three Sources of Misfortune.
j Tbe miseries of mankind are of
three sources. First, from God.
"Whom the Lord lovetb he cbasten-
etb;" "Many nre the afflictions of the
righteous." Certain ills there are nut
of human origin. C»Ju permits and
uses them, if he does not actually send
tbem. Tbe second source is from self.
There's a certain Inseparable connection between conduct and Buttering.
"He's   his  own   worst  enemy,  chap-
i lain," I've had the atteudunt nay to
! me In prison nnd hospital. The victim nods his head. "It sure gets ye
in the end," he vouchsafes. "It" refers to the life be has led. Dirt,
drink nnd dissipation have an byproducts distress, disease and denth.
A third source Is from our fellows.
"Man's Inhumanity fo man," etc. The
traveler lu the parable fell not among
! wild beasts, but human beasts of prey.
Jtobbery and murder are not conllned
to tbe desolate Jericho rond, but are
matters of dally occurrence In New
York, New Orleans. Chicago and Sun
Francisco. That coughing, emaciated
girl I attended and buried yesterday
from the tenement wus not a victim
of a highwayman's club, but overwork.  Inadequate wages and  Anally
I seduction In the shop of a broad-doth
I robber.    He sent a bunch of flowers.
I My blood bolted. I row I saw on tbeto
serpent's slime The chief robbers of
today are appetite, lust nnd greed—
, these three, but tbe greatest of these
Is greed.    They   haunt  our national
; highways  too.    "Itnslness  Interests,"
: "wsra for marketn." "dollar diplomacy" constitute their yeggman vocabulary.   Nation and corporation are
stained with blood of tbe helpless.
They even rob and fatten on tbe souls
of women and children.
"Who Is your neighbor?" A black
mnn stood on a car roof at Johnstown,
the waters dotted wilh drowning humanity, he extending bts baud, not
asking  whether Odd  Fellow,  Met ho-
! dlst or Republican, nor did they notice his hand black or white. They
were simply "neighbors" In need. A
"bum lamb" In western drover pnr-
lance Is one too weak lo keep op with
the flock. He's left lo perish with
hunger   or   devoured   by   coyotes.     I
, pass so ninny on my way down to Iho
rlty mission, "hum lambs." weak and
•rounded outcasts of the flock. Gud
liei.o me! I hoar ihelr despairing sob-
like cries even now I wonder if ever
I "puss by on the other tide/*
And She Contented.
"Where are you guiug lu spend youi
"In Hie counlrv."
"Why.   I   thought your wife didn't
"svii tii m go there."
"She i thinned her mind."
"How dill If   tlHppeU'/"
"I told h*,r bow expensive It to
A good figure nt the bank Isn't like a
rood Ml-ore In the dr'^-imiker's shop
j * ii * 11 in i in h 111 in i .hh- M-t-i i ■ri'i'i'i-i'i' mm |.n i ih-ii 11 m-H4 iiiih
Water Freezes and Bursts Pipes
the best thing to do then is to
for the
;   Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water Experts
Prompt Attention Given
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaired
ii Plumbing Tinsmithing & Heating Co.
:: Phone 340 W. F. JOHNSON & SON,  Props. P. 0. Box 904
Sir Wilfrid May Define Liberal
Ottawa, Jan. 2.—Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ler will go down to Montreal on
Monday next and will address a
groat demonstration in the Monument Natinnale under Ihe auspices of
the Young Liberal I'lnli of Montreal
district. This will lie his first political nppcarnnco ontsldo of parliament since his resignation of the premiership nnd there Ih reason to believe he will set forth bis lden of the
policy which the l.llicrnl party should follow in future, especially as regards trade nnd ihe defense Issues.
Sir Wilfrid may he expected to matte
n definite reply to tho attacks o( Mr.
Bouras8a end Ills allies.
Big  Increase   In   Number   of
Victoria,, B.O.—Reports to the department of education show that the
registered school attendance in the
province increased by upwards of 6,-
iUiC, or more than 10 per cent, during 1911, a record without precedent
in the history of British Columbia.
^l-Jllaltf*!«llJ»llllllJ-l»|a|*l"ISl»l»r*J»Ti': «lil-l-
A. C. Bowness 'Chatter and Chaff
Wine  and  Spirit   Merchant
Manufacturer of all kinds
of Aerift'ed wsters
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Ferine Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer of all kinds of Foreign and  Dumestic
Wines and Spirits
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B. C.   i
g B*_TJir__gffi l-«l«BTiTiTi«riiT«BHl«fit
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«•♦
U ^xnp t} I      Cranbrook, }
Little boy,
Box ol paiutu ,
Suck the brush,
Join the saints.
, New writer*:, when they t\rst have
the temerity tu show themselves in
the great world of letters. through
the medium oJ their productions, maybe said to have just entered a fresh
life. They are similar >n this respect to new-born babes; the slightest blast of harsh critical breath
would annihilate them. How shr.uk.
in< the timidity with which they put
forth their gentle conception. Critics,
just retlect for on? moment on what
you are doing, before you sneer at
the work submitted; remember it is
much easier to destroy than construct; penier on the probable effect
your unguarded comments will have
on the mind of the young beginner.
■ You are assisting to irretrievably
crush  undeveloped genius.
B. C.
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  gc   to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
■     W.    UBSW.    Proprietor.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«)♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦+•>**«
On Bakerjstteet, one door west
ol Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel'
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Must the delicate minis of young
authors (fraught with the unmistakable germs of future excellence) be
subjected tu such scathing criticism,
such severe and inadequate review?
Most emphatically, no: Would you
consider it an expedient course to
punish an infant because it was unable to walk ? I know what your
answer will be, Cprtainly not: Then
why do you subject the young author
to such treatment, because the ideas
from his embyro mind are not thoroughly correct? It is a regrettable
fact thnt a few hasty sarcastic sentences of unjust criticism have repeatedly been the means of stopping,
yea, even the progress of many a
youne genius. Reviewers should,
criticising, study both sides of the
question,—for instance, supposing we
perceived tt five-dollar gold-piece lying in the gutter, covered with mire
Hhoulii we not pick it up, remove the
dirt and retain the gold?—certainly :
Precisely the same mode of procedure
applies to literary effusions; do not
discard a production because there
arc few errors; rectify theBe and pub-
li.-h tbe gem.
Happiness: Without that indispensable ingredient life would he a veritable pandemonium.     Happiness consists in contentment.     A large   percentage of superficial people apparently   labor    under   the   delusion that
happiness is solely comprised In rirli-
es.      In    their opinion   the opulent
man    is   of   necessity n hnppy man.
Such a notion is most erroneous. The
[merely rnsiial observer enn enslly dls-
[ abuse bis or her mind of this     mis-
I taken   Idea,  and   furthermore  demonstrate ltn extreme fnllncioiismpss by a
! simple,   but  yet  withal   incontrovertible example.     Watch attentively nny
two small children about one    age
playing together in  the street;    ono,
; perchance, elaborately droHHcd,    and
j the other almost in  rags.
Does not the rich mnn'B child appear to regard   his line clothcR     as
encumbrances which prevent him
from enjoying the fun. rather than
advantages' Nol the slightest perturbation, however, disturbs the tranquil equanimity of the poor offspring of
pleblan parents, as he complacently
wallows in the mire, manipulating
"mud pies" or indulging himself to
the full m some other species of juvenile recreation. It is somewhat
similar in the case of adults, although possessing enormous wealth, it
is not always beneficial; but, on the
contrary, frequently irksome, and
proves in many instances decidedly
detrimental to the acquisition of that
priceless gem—"contentment"; Inasmuch as atlluence oftentimes induces
Bullishness, which undoubtedly subsequently degenerates into avaricious-
"Happy is he, who, though the cup
of bliss
Has ever shunn'd him when he thought to kiss;
Who still, in abject poverty or pain,
Can count with pleasure what small
joys remain."
An unfortunnte poor man, who had
never drunk sufficient water to war-
rnnt the disease, waH reduced to such
an exceedingly critical condition by
dropsy, that it was deemed absolutely necessary to send for a doctor. He
thought tbat tapping would, undoubtedly relieve him of his distressing
complaint, and the patient was invited to submit to the operation
this he gladly agreed to do in spite
of the urgent entreaties of his son,
a boy of eight summers. "Oh, father, father, do not let him tap you,"
piteously flcreamed the urchin, in an
agony of tears; "do anything, but
do not let him tap you:" "Why,
my dear child?" said the afflicted
parent, "it will do me good, and I
thall live long In health to make you
and your mother happy." "No,
father; no, you will not. There was
never anything tapped In our house
tbat lusted longer than a week."
Apropos of the "Education Question," which is now being seriously
considered from various aspects, hy
all intelligent persons who have the
mental, physical, and moral welfare
of the rising generation legitimately
at heart, we deem this an opportune
moment for mdeavoring to impress
on the public generally, and that
portion thereof who are pnrents, gU
urdians, or tutors especially, the Imperative comparison In the choice of
trades or professions for tho.e juveniles whom they may have under
their Immediate jurisdiction, with a
view to ascertaining (irrespective of
Individual prejudices) the most appropriate employment for  life.   Judl
eious cautionary counsel coupled with
the foregoing dlsptiKHionate mode of
procedure will unquestionably avert
the manifold domestic catnstroplifes
resulting from misguided notions relative  to compatibility.
Makes lighter,
whiter, better
flavored bread
-p roduce s
more loaves
to bag.   i
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd., Sole
International Dangers Arise
The limp In coming in thin country
an It. linn come In nil growing ivim-
tiuinltii'H when hralnn iimat be developed behind flu. physical power to do
things, when Intelligent direction nnd
Individual Intelligence are alinoltitnly
essential to Urn inimjldiiig of the
The ffltnneror nnd BJmpress of India
have hoon duly honored nnd tho world
linn leon n wonderful combination of
Oriental splendor and woitcm itablh
ity.    It in ii combination that    is
providing (loop lonndntlonn for    the
civilization ol thu world
I<ondon,    Jnn.   4.—Tho Dally Tcle-
prnpb'H correspondent at Pekln nays
thnt the ottUatloo wnH never Ho cha
otic   or   Internntlonnlly   dangerous
The bankruptoy In Pekln Ih bo acute
Ihnt the rnflwayn ndminlatrntlon    le
I l.orrowlni:    n    few    thoimnnd pounds
! from    Various    HrltlHh    coal mining
, ompanlea agalnit (relghte.
i   Rebel hnniiH   linvc   penetrated the
■ provlncea of   8han*tung nnd Bhnn-sl.
I nfntlnoorlng again in flerooi nnd bad
reports nre coming from every direction. Tang Hhno VI linn been Im-
peached t,y tho Imperialist genomic,
who are determined to fight nnd hnvo
filed nn ultimatum over their iilgnn-
premier BascnofTfl statement that
Russia doss not oontomplato nn n<i-
vanco on M, ngotla or Turkestan,
continues the correspondont( Ih   re.
gnrdod n« mere e'pilvocalion. IIiiiihIii
demands the oxoluslvo right to   con*
nt.rnet. the KlnMifnurni rallwny and
preirire nn old elnltn for frontier rnc-
tlflrafl'in north of tho Tlnn-shan
wtterehed, which forms ths boundary
between Itiiimlnn and Chinese Turkestan. These, demands, however, are
considered a mere blind for the real
I'ekln.—The feeling In I'ekln tonight
Is that tho throne haa taken on a
now lease of life. Indeed there arc
some competent ohHervers who believe
that Premier Vunn Mil Kai in etui
determined    thnt   bo   enn Hliceeod In
preventing the consummation of a re
public. The Imperial cabinet linn accepted the resignation of Tang Hliai.
VI, who wns sent to Hliniii; Inn as
the representative ol Premier Yunn
Bill Kill und Ihe Imperialists at tbe
peaco conference Imt.ween the repren
Ontntlves of both purlins there.
Premier Ynnn Bill Kai adhered to
Iwo points ol hln original convention
Hint Ih to he called tn decide on the
future of the order of government. In
i'bltin, nnmely, thnt be Insists on the
proper selection of delngnlcH to the
nntlonnl assomhly anil also that Its
gathering place ahnll he Pokin.
Premier Viiim an Knl again offered
bis resignation tblt morning, but  It
was not accepted. The court also
received a "round robin" from the
generals commanding Ihe imperialist
troops in the vicinity of I'ckin, In
which they demnnded thnt ths princes ol the Imporlal clan should withdraw their wealth from the snlety of
the rorelgn hunks, where much of it
hns heen placed quite recently, nnd
delivered it into the hands of the
war otllce.
Nanking.—Prosidtnt Bun Yat Sen
said today that he desired that the
convention which is to decide upon
the form of government should he
held at Shanghai. The president will
hold nn official reception tomorrow
at which he will receive the people
of Nanking without discrimination.
Pekln.—Seven hundred soldiers guarding the Lanchau arsenal mutineed
'o.lay. They are part of the Imperial government troops, among whom
there hns heen a movement for some
time past in favor of a republic.
The conininnding officer fled to Pe-
kin. from which place he sent a message to the railway authorities at
Tlenatin, warning them that the mutineers intended to stop all railway
Hankow.—The fighting around Hankow has not hcea serious and the Imperialists have evacunted Hnn-yung
nnd entrnined for the north with
their batteries. General Li Huen
Hong, the ropuhlicnn commnniler, hns
given the imperialist commander assurance that he will not occupy the
vacated positions.
Union Official at Ottawa
Two big men of the railway workers are In Ottawa. They are S. N.
Berry, vice-president of the Order of
railway conductors, and James Mtir-
dock, vice-president, of the Brotherhood of rnilwny trainmen.
With the mercury 21 degrees below
*ero, nnd nhoiit three Inches of snow
nn the ground, the New Year brought
the most severe weather of Ihe win
Revelstoke lea Rink Destroyed
llovclBtokc.—This afternoon at live
o'clock a small gasoline stove exploded In n walling room at Ihe
skating rink and In less thnn half
nn hour the hig Htruetiire was n due-
eil to anhoa. The loss Is 110,000,
The rink wns   I Mi hy   inn tret In BlM
During the afternoon over I,nisi
people were skating, hut all escaped
Tho Revelstoke Nre brigade did
good work m saving a dwelling
house owned hy Mr. Munnlng which
wns only a few feet from the link.
Tho rink was owned by Aid. »1c-
Klnnnn and other citizens.
Our Funny Column
Tho scorching cyclist wns on the
road to Rtrntford-on-Avon. Ho
wns bent over tho hnndle-hars, and
the henils which bespeak tho strenu
ous toiler were trickling off bis face,
"HI, sonny!" he called to a passing
youth. "Am I right for Shakespeare's
house?" "Yen, you're right, mister,"
waa the dreamy reply of tho leisure
ly youth; "hut yon needn't hurry—
Shakespeare's dead."
Diner—"How coinca this dead fly
111 my soup?" Waller—"In fact, sir,
I hnve no positive Idea how the poor
thing came by IU death, perhaps
It liad mil taken nny food for n long
time, dnshed upon the soup, ate too
milch of It, and contracted nn in
Mum unit ion of Ihe ntomueb Hint
brought on death. Tho fly must
hnve had a weak oonstlllltlofl, for
when I seivnl up the soup It was
dfinelng merrily on the siirfncn. per-
luil'ii unit the Idea presents Itself
inly at thin moment—It endeavored
o iwnllow too larre ,, piece of vege-
.nlile thin, remaining fnat In the
throat, onused a choking ttl the
windpipe, ThlH Ih Ihe only reaaon I
ran give for the death of that poor
Insect I"
Barrister, Solictor, aud
Notary Public
OtHcn—Raid Buildings,
P.LS. & C.E.
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.,
Barristers and Solicitors,
Cranbrook Lodge No 84    A.F.* A.M.
, V Regular meetings on
%i\S the  third  Thursday
v^^'pJ^.^JT   of every month.
Visiting brethren
A.  O.  BHANKLAND,    W. M.
J. S. PEOK, Acting Secretary.
I Rocky Mountain Chapter |
| NO. 126. R. a. m. i
\ Regular meetings:—2nd Tiled $
j day In each month at eight ?
I   o'clock. I
'; Sojourning Coin pun ions are -
|   cordially InviteO. f
;W. F. Attrldge, Scribe B. |
Knights of Pythias
Crsnbrook, B.C.
Creacent   Lodge,   No.   $3
Meets   every   Tuesday
at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
T. G. Jones, O. C
J. M. Hoyce,
K. of R. & a.
Visiting   brethren cordially   Invited   to attend.
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto in 1S98. Gradate and inedalut of McKIUIp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
In 1900. Registered member of
British Columbia association.
Mining Engineer and
B.C. Land Surveyor,
P.O  Box 136. Phone 223.
B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
•flies at Residence,    Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons ■ - ■ - j.uo to 10.00
Afternoana ■ • - ■ 1.00 to   4.00
Bvenlnga - ■ - -   7.10 to   1.10
Bundaya 1.10 to   4.10
IRANUROOK ;     : B. O
For   Hals or Rent at RsasoaubU
Lumsdcn and Lewis St.
Pbona No. III.
Coal!  Coal!
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
Orders taken lor Coal
and delivered promptly
Phone 139   P.O. Box86
Funeral Director,
I Mrs. W. Cdmondson
Granuate   of
I London  College  of   Music
Receives Pupils for '•'
Organ and Vocal    ;;
Holy Names Academy
and Normal School
For Young Women
Under the direction of tire Slaters
of tbe Holy Namea of Jesus and
Mary. First class boarding and day
school primary and grammar gradea.
State accredited high school. Advanced normal course of two years accredited by the atate of Waahington.
State diplomas conferred. Muelc
and art studio.
Write to Sister   Superior for Year
Book, Spokane, Wash.
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tires Applied
To Buggy Wheela
Repairing a Specialty.
Phono 10     •  •   •     p. o. Boi HI.
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Saire'a Old  Stand, Hunaoii Are
Phone Ul.
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Three minutes from Government
Term*  to   Mill   liuvor,   no
raisonilblo nlTor refused
For further pnrllculnra ap-|
ply ill the
Prospector Office
Kteiini   Holler,   P'urnacA,
and Septic Tank WOrk
il Hpeciiillv
Coat and Htock estimate*
furnished on application.
Addtiis : P. O. Boi lu, Cranbrook
>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦>» \
V. M. Msicl'hiTHoii
Norbnrr f ttnuo Nsit lo City Hill
Opsn Day and Nlalit Phono IU
Century Restaurant
K. Y.  Uyemateu, Prop,
THH   CITY   rOH   A
Opposite 0. P. R. Dspot.
Pt*M 111   P. 0. Boi 104 THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK5 B. C."
Winners in the Keenest Competition.
Every mother who has once used
Baby's Own Tablets readily admits
that tlioro in no other mcdloiuo to
equal thorn, Thoy are a ..over railing
euro ol' nil stomach ami bowel complaints mul ninny it precious llttlo
babe owes health and ovon llfo Itsolf
to tliolv iiao. Concorning the Tablets
Mrs. Krcrt Dove, Broadview, Sank.,
writes: "I have used Baby's Own
Tabids for my mile girl and havi
found them or Bueh groal boneill I
would not bo without tliom. Thoy
are truly a wonderful remedy for lit*
tie ones."   Tho Tablets ai old by
medicine dealers or by mall at 25
cents a box from Tin* Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvtlle, Ont
Mrs. Oldtlmor—-When wo won' hi
Egypt wo visited the pyramids, They
were Jusl covored with hieroglyphics.
Mrs. Nowrlch—Horrors! Woren i
you afraid that some of the ugly
tHflfga would got on you?—iM1Iwnukeo
Daily News.
Quick  Action
"They loll me you took a flyer In
Wall street"
"Yes."' replied Mr. Lambkin. "For
a Utile while 1 wns considerably
"How much?"
"Cani aay, Before I had time to
figure it. up tho market dropped and
wiped mo out."
Requires Only a Fair Amount of Pa-1 Splendid Work Being Encouraged and
Hence on the Pact of the Trainer Accomplished.
The training, ol! animate,, u> teach | The C.P.n. Floral department la
hem nl sorts W entertaining Moke, (panning bigger things for 1912 that.
« las thai render desirable, per* h, haa 0Ve|I ,ierotororb0 dono< In mi
haps some special talent on the part | lhta dGpartmen, distributed $1,500 lo
old cash i
Zam-Buk Will Cur? Them.
Tbe  particular danger of chapped
hands  and   eold  cracks   (apart  altogether from the pain) i3 that the cold
iv likely to penetrate and set  up In*
prize'whiiicVs"along ■ Summation, festering, or blood-polsou.
is? ^i!°ii'^»i^L^: iw;au'uiaporiKuforg.v«o„;
Eyes May Changs Colo.' , A Good Start
Tlio possibility of n mini's oyes "Ynu may joko iilioui womon'a con
oliangtllB culm- us tlio ri'Killl. nt li ; vi'iillniia, hill 1 tlllnli women nre prol
inonUil   shook   or iilij-Blcnl III treat- ty wlso,   Now. my wife's olub   ;i|i
nn-nt waa the silbjool ol an Interoet  pQintedaoommltteo tostudy economy     Mosqtiltoos In this loebound mntli- :;;;-. ':''".'' ■;'''',',: ■';!''■')'"';;;,ii.",i'i^-"IV,'', ""-' PuMIc Itself line liken upon Itself
Ing illBOUBSlon reoeutl)  by a number in (Irons." oni country, Alnsku, are 11 plague l.c-:"    '"' "?.' )'}}}mla ""- "•"""'•d hj iim,,,,,. ,„.„,„,.,,. ,„  .,„,„,,.„ Ih„s„ m,niU
tho oyo ward o( oim,   "Won.      , ,  | yond belief,  They corns to Ufa nlraut \ • ,'|.||i, n„"',|1|,nir „,.„„. ,,„„ ,„„„, ,„„„„ l gardens which bo onllVon tl.<■ rond
With  Fire Tipped  Stings
ni Burgeons in mo oyo w... ,
nl the greal London hoiipllalu. "Thoy started out by going to a lnttS'
one of tlio Btirgoons Btntedi "It Is ileal comody."
uommoii Unowledgo thai groat phj'Bt
en) hardships may suddoiily turn tin
hair wlilic. The loss ol color her:
fallows un corlalu chointoal changes
duo in dtBturbancos of nutrition) talt-j
iir; place in iho tiny particles of col*
miiiK inattui  which glvo tho hull' ii«|
Itching Eczema^s
We commence from the commonest
They are Small and Silent. But Work  -l-oUgh least interesting of our humbb
    —  • —      ■ - - (relatives; and iu a future article wt
return lo the subject, lo explain
many all I
[expert Iralner
jthe middle of -May beforo the ground ,,_,.,„, ,. ,
a thawed out and ^^'JftjP^ S'^,'k s''nl''' """''"
ir you hnvi
rite flrsl thing every dog must learn
his  name     " '
■ ay and ehi
the travellers over tho!
"'- *n"h^il^ouudlns name and stick to it.   Ne"':«i*-'™1 highway from Eaal to Weal
11,1 llil m,t  call him iii-vM-i. r.«     ,r .-
several puppies, the name Is taught
on tho same principle,   Divide their
food, and then, placing a piece on the
'•^ground, call each in turn by his* name
"It must be an nv ml feeling to be
"All Infants at birth have blue eyes. I
In Bomo babloB Immediately after i
birth pigment granules begin to develop In the iris. Thus they become!
brown or black eyed. In others, how*
ever no aucb pigment formation takes
place, and tlio oyes remain blue or
may throughout life.
"I t I ii is at presi nt blue-eyed ox-
convict is really the missing brown-
eyed banker, a reasonable explanation of the doscrlpancy in ttio eye
colorings would be that under ihe
stress of physical ami mental shock
tbe coloring mailer which bad in
early life developed in each Iris had
atrophied or disappeared, leavlug Ihe
eyes Hie original blue coloring pre-
aent at birth."
i him
Hit cover Hie lakes
the  Bwtftosl   rivers.    Stagnant    sua
heated water In not  in th" leant ne*
f* ~ 1  /•*» joesaary.   They breed in the glaclerB
l^clUSe ailCJ *L*lire wherever a bit  of eanli  or inanur
jlmrf-melted » little pool.   Their wrlfc* Ji|lt] „*..
glera are seen in running Ice water,'
By the 1 si of June it is uucomfortnblo
to sleep Without protoctiim. and  fromiftnd by (hey will lean, thai .,
hat time on uuLil September, when L       ,   {l]        aBBOCiatod wiMl
tho Oral frosts have benumbed U»m:JtaIn dog.    ,.(im,)|(l ftmong tlR, dog8
und call oul one of their names every
and then.   If the right dim conns
year thousanda ot packagea
[ol seeds ami thousands of bulbs are
idlblrlbuled free ol charge to the employees of the road, and tho result
is thai thoro la scarcely a station or
Dr. Chase's
food when he eomoaiftcUo11 !l0l,"° '"' '■' l>"1    """    New
tt.   Hemi the others back If thoy Brunswick to Victoria on Vancouver
tome forward out of their turn,     liv  Island whlcb has not been transform*
I'laini'''1 -'y Iho magfc blooms   which   bo
beautify tho line.   This la what might
Miss Oldglrl—I wonder why tbat
baby always yells whenever ii. sees
me. Crusty old Bachelor—Because,
madam, babies have the privilege
denied to oilier unfortunate beings, of
desperate."   "11  is.
trying to match samples for my
—Baltimore American.
! have jusl boon expressing   their   feelings   as   they
Inflammatory Rheumal ism
make you a cripple for llfoi
wait for Inflammation to set in
tho first Blight pains appear, drive
the poison oul with Ilamlii.s Wizar"
Baltimore  American.
Whoro Indolence is Bliss, 'tis folly
to arise.—Life.
"Mercy: Do you allow your husband
to smoke in the house?' "Well, If 1
didn't let him smoke he'd fume, and
tuat would be a good deal worse."—
Boston Transcript.
■ulckty ■•li-tii coudhs, cun-.s colds,  '
tka Ihi ■ ■     ■
broil a id lauri*>
May be Cheese
Little Willie—-I want fo ask a question, teacher,
Tcaclicr—Wliat is It, Willi
Little  Willie  -Are    tiie
island:, nam or beet?
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars lleward
for my enso «»t Catarrh that cannot be
cured   by -Mull's   Catarrh   Cure.
R J. CHBNBK & CO.. Toledo, O.
We. .he undoralgnod navo known P. J.
Chen v for the lost li> years, nnd believe
bin)   perfectly   honorable   in   all   hutslttoHA
iraasacttons, -and financially ablo to carry
ok\ unv olilimuionH niiido by hla ftrtn.
Wtfldtnff,   Klntnin   &.   Marvin,
Wnoieuala Drusfflats, Toledo. O.
Kail's Catarrh cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tho system.   TesUmoniala
tent   free.    Price,  7ao.  per bottle,
by nl!  Druggists,
Take   halFs   family   Til
for Const!
i a pret-
First Typewriter Girl-She
tj Quick operator, isn't she?
Second   Typewriter Girl—Quick.  1
should say she was.   She hadn't been
lu her job two weeks before she waa
Sandwich | engaged   to   the   boss. -Philadelphia
especially during the    warm,
season of July and  August, they be-
conio a never ceasing scourgo swarming in thousands.
The  Alaska!)   mosquito     is    small,
 . | brown, silent and very much in ear-
Eczema is common to   rich    andfn«t   lie never slims a warning nor
poor, old and young, und  is neithei
contagious nor an  Indication of  un-
cleanness, a.s some supposo,
Teething, improper food, Indigestion, vaccination, poisoning by clothing or from Ivy, etc., are named
ninong the causes.
There la inflammation, redness,
lioat, swelling, discharge, formation
qf crust, and all the time annoying
troublesome Itching and burning,
which often becomes so torturing at
CO be almost unendurable.
Tills ever present itching is what
makes eczema so dreaded, and it. h
this feature to which Dr. Chase's
Ointment elvps relief tram almost the
first application.
Dr. Chase's Ointment Is not only
delightfully soothing, but Is a wonder
as a means of healing the skin. It
is not long before tho raw, Itching
sores are thoroughly cleansed, the
Itching subdued and tho process of
healing begun. Persistent treatment
Will then bring about a thorough euro.
This great ointment is always beneficial to tho skin, making it soft,
smooth and velvety, and, besides being tbe most effective treatment
known for tho cure of eczema, is useful iu every home in a score of way:..
Mothers use Dr. Chase's Ointment
for the chafing and skin troubles of
(heir babies in preference to unsanitary poreclogglllg powders; 60 cents
a box, at all dealers, or ISdmanson,
Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
; Cor.   Place
this several!is  effective,
times, pk.ee a shoe un the floor and beneficial
foals about selecting n  spol  to his
taste but comes in a bee  lino with
his probe and gets into action.   Every
inch of your clothing la industriously
bored, so that you look like an animated brown cocoon, and the slight* I J^y' |o ule ih»"iV'h'li'th'1 l'iT' "'
est. exposed spot on wrist or neck Is ting the accent on   tho   W   w
promptly set on lire.   I experimented Thou, when he has d<
with a small hole in my glove.   After    -
the first mosquito Imd found the opening others came in quick succession
to the spot. He loft some n.tcroscopelo
"kind lady nnd no dog" sign there.   If
1 killed the first aud loft his carcass,
it  served  as  a   warning  not  al   all.
The others came the faster and the
more 1 killed Ihe more eager the survivors bocame, perching ouito unmoved on the remains of their confreies.
—World, Toronto.
of the trainer, but above all dementis1
patience and a thoroughly methodical  the  mai„  anrj"yanch Vliros" of" "tho 1 OlrocUy the skin is broken by a cut,
piocedure.   ut us begin.with the dog, |Roaflt   priKe» for tho "best" garden|Sra^   or   f',Ti",h-   «,r   ol"-fed   and
photographs cracked by the action of ue fold
seal in being placed before Judges winds and water, tho ono necessary
who apportioned the rewards accord* precaution is to apply Zam-lMk freth
Ing lu their behi judgement,    indeed i1*'-
The pure herbal juices from which
Xam-Huk is prepared are s.i perfectly
combined end refined that tin immediate offeel of these Zam-lhik dress*
Ings Is soothing, autlsopUc, and heal*
ii^. Pain ami inflammation are al<
layed, dlseaso germs expelled from
the wound or son-, and ihe lattei Is
quickly healed.
Zam-Buk Is not only a powerful
healer and skin purifier; it is strongly anllsoptle and germicidal, nnd bo
forms tho Ideal protection foi the
skin agalni I dlsi ai e germs,
It quickly heals cold cracks, chaps,
chilblains, cold Bores, etc
Mrs. 0. M. I'lmen. Keuchatel, Alia,
writes:—"I must tell yon how pleased
I am with /am link. My husband
had an old frostbite en his foot for
many years, and had tried almost
every known remedy without any effect, but the first application of 7-ain.
Ittik seemed to help him so much
that be persevered and the sore is now
cured Wo would lint be without
Zam-Buk in the house."
Zam-Buk  is also a  sure cute for
piles, eczema, ulcers, abscesses, scalp
sores, blood-poison, bag leg, eruptions*
etc.    lis purely    herbal    composition
makes  it  the  Ideal   balm   for  babies
teach him to fetch this in a'slmTiur Ibeautiful" implanted Tn the mind docs (and young children, All, druggists and
manner.   Now nlaco hoih objects on much to regulato the heart.   No Bet otofos sell Zam-Buk 60c. box or post
the ground and teach him to fetch of employees In all the world perhaps.1 free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for
''"'   ""'"  *  "      rowurding island  as hit-h as tho  men  engaged [I-1*.'?0:    '" '
Liu called a profitable pleasure; for one
tiling ft nivcs the traveller the Idea
.that  Canada Is not * money-making
to you, then reward him with a pleco | country alone—it gives the man ot
of cake. Pay no attention lo the other I10" pleasant recreation—11 Rives
dogs. They will learn ver*' soon; andI other corporations a proof thai tho
tho first greal lesson—dependence and [great corporation of Canada consider*
obedience—will have been learned. isomething else besides road building,
Having laught a dog to fetch and nnd that is chaructor building, for nc
carry—which ho will easily learn— man can work amongst flowers with-
the next thing is to teach him to go I out feeling some touch of nature
and gel any particular object called |awulionlng within his heart.   This a I
The Beauty of a Clear Skin.—The
condition of the liver regulates the
condition of the blood. A disordered
liver causes impurities In the blood
and these show themselves in blemishes on the skin. Par me lee's Vegetable Pills in acting upon the liver
ict upon the blood and a (dear, healthy skin will follow Intelligent use of
this standard medicine, Ladies, who
will fully appreciate this prime quail-
'v of thpto plllfl, can use them with
the certainty that the effect will be
most nullifying.
When a mild mannered representative from tho west went lo Ottawa,
be left behind a body of constituents
who fancied that great personal benefits would come to them through their
As We Speak it
A Geramn who had come to America to master our language, was being
shown behind the scenes of a vaudeville theatre by ono of bis American
"That man," Bald tho American, indicating an actor with a wave of his
hand,  is  taking  off  his  make-up  to
goes for the betterment of tho man,
be ho working man or man of leisure.
The work of Ihe floral department
practical.     It   is
for a love of the
Bked  fotv
him wben he bringB you the right oni
and rebuking him when   ho   fetches 1 tine
tho wrong one, which you take from I pom
'■*"   and replace,   lie will soon learn,mak
to distinguish tho right article, when and it makes tl
a third may he substituted, and so on. uf its own rent
You should then go Into the next j At the prest
room. ta'Mng Iho dog with you;  andjaddltlon to tin
, the line of the, g
tal. This l& where ii
ion of Canada store
its own departmental
i Tranacon- tablet,
Try also Zam-Buk  Soap,  23c.
send him ii fetch any article you may
mention. After a little while, he wJl
tiring you ihe right
mi out of the material
bed so to say.
it  time of writing lu
Floral department at |
Montreal, the Irrigation and Forestry
departments of tho west arc doing
additional good  work along    decora'
Next, try to teaeh him difference in | tive lines.    Tho Road  has created
color.   Place a red object on tiie floor ; mimic experimental farm, testing th
and a blue one beside It.   Teach him '
to fetch the article called for
did before, being careful  to reward
blm every  time ho  firings you  the
object.   Then put  down a green oh'
jeur, u purple. ;i yellow one, and so
on: unlit finally a considerabl
of    '
[vegetable growth of supposedly   un*
i;..i0lJ lliossiblo places, and as is well known,
"    fruits common to hot climates only
have been made to thrive under the
coaxing hand of the C.P.R.
It must not he overlooked that the
powerful statesman..   A farmer  with  "T', rCnnntliorNnkn-nfr'
j:::!::':?:1, !MJMtewid tiie ^ i Th?«^
25c. a Box at your druggist's.
v.';!l make lite comfortable for you again.
They relieve tlic worst headache iu iJO minutes or less.
Nsjiniul Pr.,, „,J CI.-™!"! "■■->—   - "' C.n«ll., Ltml'nl.       .       .       .
Good Stunt
At ;i  military drill tho command
tv;in giwtl to 1'alSO Utn li'ft leg.    Ono
man, howovor, l'slscd hiw right log,
and, pcr^olvlng ihiH. the oliiccr ok-
olaliped: "What idiot has mitten
both hib loga7""-LoncU>n Ufall.
"My wife hits jtttit got Iilt new full
bonnet.'! "Sorry, old tnnn, but 1 can't
rpare it penny. I'm bi'oke, too."—
ItntstiMl Post.
For years Mother Graves' Worm
F.xti.riuiiiuior hits ranked as tho most
effccljvc iirepiirtiiion ni.'intiiuctured,
and it nl'.tays nitiitilains Hh reputu*
Sounds Reasonable
"What should be ilono In n ease ot
drowning?" asketl the timid man who
was learning to swim.
"Well." replied tho Instructor'   "I  ...
should lite natural tiling would lie lo! dou'l  tllllto understand,    lines  lit
have a ftlnoral." bliteli iitis.it kill a Ittdy every iilulif"
In At the Death.
Sentimental Daughter—Oh, father,
look, isn't the dying day beautiful?
Practical Parent (awakening from
nnp) What? Whero Ih it? I didn't
know we hit anything—Puck.
"There's one Ihlng 1 hnve noticed
about the man who sympathizes with
"What's that?" "The world seems
to think he dees it so well that it lets
hint do it unassisted."
Min.'.rd's liniment cures garget In cows
Play Waa Enjoyable
On his way home from lit" Ihoalre.
where lie had seen a performance of
■Othello." Bobby was unusually quiet.
i'DIUu'l you enjoy the play?" grand-
lather asked, at last.
"Oil, yes. very much," replied Hobby.   "Hut  granda. there's one tiling
man to mo capllal.
'Wei, Tom,, a friend asked him on
his return, 'Did you see Ottawa nnd
Dick lllank and did you get. what you
went after?'
'Yes, 1 seen Ottawa, nnd 1 seen Dick
Blank,' ho replied, 'but Dick couldn't
do liulhin' fe- me. 'Ho was bavin' a
hard time lo keep from glttln' trumped
on iilsself.'
"Tlio professor says that music
owes a great, deal to Rossini."
"What's itosslnl?"
"TluiL is probably Italian Tor rosin.'
—London Opinion.
FamouB Gretna Green iMInard's Liniment Co., Limited
Gretna Oreen, Scotland, became fam- Oentlctnon,—Last winter 1 received
ous for its celebration ut irregular great benefit from the tmo of M1N
marriages. For many years the av- ARD'S LINIMENT lu n severo attack
erage number Was five litindrod. The'of LaGrlppo, and I have frequently
ceremony consisted of an admission I proved it to very effective in cases of
f eon™ ,T,      "" Tt, Tay wives and daughters of the employees
\n ? hTL   ,   ,'  "!' '"'; "'■::"[lu"- of the rallwa? assist  materially    In
cles of ftirnHure   tnhS,gli ".'''' B'»-"''» "'ntlng.   only tills   year,   a
11    m   , go   o etdaa"8,,ou call S «» "«'""'» "^ "' AKasziz' B'C"
Is   mttie    Finallv   e, ml,iue   ,',   ,.       Il('""lt "' "II|,M "f twelv0 cllilllrt'"'
the nrriouscomu.nt.as?   "Put °tta ""   f ""; i:'a""  "rlz" f0r l"°
Blovo on tho nlialr;" "Get Iho hand-     „,, ga,, ?"', • •     ,,
kerchief and put H on Iho table" ot" ""• !';it uf '"'T "'".'"''T ," ,ll'°
Al first this should bo said very slow.WmveUtUm of 'Dost Garden nloitg
ly. and y halt Ihe command 'repent. I '"' *" ""' Canadian Pacific Balled at Once, hut tho halves of the sen- im'-v K unnouneed One thousand flvo
tenee may he gradually blent led l' • i".md™i dollar., lu gold was dlMrlbut.
gethor, until you can say it ns you o0 l,J ""' Hl"'al Department to de-
would to any Individual: and tho dos ssrving couipotltlors, while al along
will obey your ooramand. ' "", lml"> uranehlng lines ol tiie iron
To it cdrtaln extent, also dogs may MU'ta"'*" "' ""' l:'""1' '"""v splendid
bo laught the letters ot the alphabet gardens, while not ronehlng the
the numbor or spoil, on  eacli  card' l,0W °' ",,CBl" llnU! Slvon Joy nnd
liii-K(. dominoes, ote.   Th, thod of B'sisuro  to  tlio  thousands ol   tbon.
training them is simply t  ot con- sands or tourists aud  travellers who
slant repetition. Canls bearing tho navu crossed the lines,
letter or number nre placed In frmit I ,,!lL' Grand i'ri/.e ($.!",.i Is koonly
or the dog, ami tho letter or iiu'niber Itsompottrf tor; this year A Wright, ol
is called oul aloud, und at the sa'tfio Woodstock, N.H.. D, .1 Btoole, of Shop
time the dog Is shown which one If brook, Quobec, .1. Nlcol ot Rossport,
Is. After many (rials be will select I Ont,, ttittl tt lady living al Agnz/iz In
this one and disregard tlio oilier ill. C. tarried oft highest honors. Mr.
when It Is callod for. This once learn' j I'reeee of Portage Lu Prairie was all
ed. the next loiter is taughl in llkeln grand prize winner, his garden was
liefore witnesses by tlio couple that
they were husband and wife, tills being Blll'ficleiil to constitute n valid
marriage. After this the officiating
functionary for many years n blacksmith, together Willi two witnesses
signed tho marflngo certiflcnle.
Tito caso Willi which corns and
warts ran lie removed by Holloway's
Font Cure Is lis strongest reconinicn-
datlnn.   It seldom fulls.
, Fooled Again.
"Didn't I give you a piece of plo
last week?" demanded the cookiug
school graduate "1 didn't expect to
see you again to soon."
"I fooled you ma'am," replied tho
tramp, "1 didn't ont lt."--Pltlladel-
plilu Record.
To tho husv man llmo I" money. Why waste It ? The old
wny (if nliuvliiR Is slow. It's unsafe, too you limy kiisIi
your face nny day.   Dosldas saving time, the
Mves your face. Willi 11 you can starve us fast us yor
like -no cuts—noscriitelies.
A.k vour da.lsr lo .how you Iho GII.I.ETTE.^ II I,, lis, i,ol Ihr  n„odi
■ I' title ...
When un urn-ess agreed with
—   __.' cntulotiur, write til.     We will tee Ihnt
you ere .ujipliud.
Offk.'iinilFdclory.GriSt. Al<-xiiiiil.v;il.(M.»ii-rHl.
Sl.iiKlr.nl .Sit: |rlt*l«
nilvtrr- plulril ruuor
end lilr./. tti'ilri.^.St
Harness Oil
Kneps your Harnnss SOFT AS AGL07:
Soltl by Dealers Evorywlioro,
Economy in little things is just ai
' important as economy in big things
will answer one of your "economy question*." 60 years
of constant betterment has brought them to such parfeo-
lion that one Eddy Match does the work of several others
of inferior make.
"i asked your himiiuml lurti evening
IE lm had his HIV to llvtrnvcr agdlll
If ho wouid marry you, und ho naid
ho oorltitnlv wnuiii." "lib coi'tivlnly
would net,—Houston PobI,
I Whoa Boliir? away from houm. or at
any ohauga ut hablluti ha Ih n wlio
man who utimbara among hLi bolofig<
litgH a linltln of Ml. J. D. Kollogg'0
Dyaontery Cordial, Chaugo ot food
mil water In noma strango placo
Iwlipro thoro an> nd dootora may nrlng
'■ni an attack or dyaontory, I id then
[Iiafl a Htanilaid iciiKtly at tiiUld with
Ulilch In COpO Willi tin* tilHOUlOTf ami
loroarmod ho nut Bucoowftilly   iij.im
I tlio allaic it aud hiiIiiIuo II.
• "Our Jnll waidt-n Iiiih a most pro-
ri-ndimiil alTHoltoil." "WluU In II?"
"Ho him ii rotor on til-i liamlii."—Hal-
llmoi'o Aiuoi'lt'ivn.
Toronto ^San Cured
of Intolerable Itch
Earl of Roese
Tlio Earl of Hemic Has u mechanical engineer or un mean ortlci-.   Otic
tiny he ciitorotl tlio ciiRlnc room 'ii a
I large factory, and sntctl lu a carolexa
.iiiiiiiiit' tit tho mattiiiiifi-j-.   suddenly! r,„u
he was- seen to ahalto hln bead, pull
unit Ills watch and look lll'dl ut lltn I    "Oh. I'm cnuy to go on tho Btago,
longltio tintl then ut the tlnioplooo BlBhod the maid Willi a inlnd anal-
■   Tho cngluoor's ttttetitli Ing »t.|ytlo,   'Twas Iho only Uuio known in
traotod hy tin. udd liehatloi  «>r tlio
stranger,  ho  growled  outi    "Well,
what's un now? What havo jou got
I to iliul fault with'.'"
j   "tilt," roplled Lord Itoise, ","v<i gui
no fault to limi.   I'm jusl waiting till
iiio hollov oxplodos.1'
i   "Vou'ro crii/.y." rotortod the oni;in.
ror, preparing to turn the pool out an
a ihiiigorous orank.
1   "Wry Well," wild the oitrl, "If yon
work ion minutes longer with thai
looso screw, there win he a ootiiuio.
lion lioro."
Tho ongltiocr, gaslug lu tho rilrse.
lion Indloatod, tttrhod tutle. nnd Juuip-
eil to stop lite oiiglno,   "\\lo liitlu'i
vou nny ho before?  lie demanded,
"Why iihoiiiti I?" replied Hit earl
Shilling,    "I litivn never jet  had  lite
opportunity of soolng   it  holler  ox-
A  Mist.il..'
Qt'teon lilizuhcili made a gionl fuss
when she wtiH told lire cousin, Mmy,
Qtteoii ni Soots, littii boon heboadutl,
".My lords," she oxcluliiiud, "believe
ne when 1 Buy lliiH affair is enlto n.d'
For regulating the
bov/els, invigora'ing
the kidneys and
stirring up the lazy
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills
have proved for over
half a century, in
every quarter of the
world, absolutely safe
and most effective.
25c. a  box
everywhere.    v
manner, until a number an1 rucogutz-
od by the dog, und iu< (s nhio to pick
out any ol' lliont at will.
ii inuBl lit? admit tod, however, that
moHl foals ot iIiIk charaetor, aH per-
formed lu public, aro tho rowult of
Boiro trick, rather than any nmrvel-
leoua or olahorato train Ing on the
part of Iho i'.jj. which would hf inr-
cssary ir liiob" appa cully wnndorful
feats arc nivcd mi t- very few cues
given to tho dog at tho approprlato
llmo, lo which lie Iiiih boon hitiKht to [havo la.
respoud lu a almllar maim or, a fow
GxnmploB will mako ihiH clear-
Many ot these foaln aro porformod
by moans of a cue word, In Jum iho
Bamo kind of way as "mlml-readora"
ascortaln and puzzle their audioueos,
As noon as this word is given. It may
ho la the course of a sontonco. lho.!
dog Knows thai ho Is to porform alj
certain action, M is noi iiecossary for
him lo uudorstuud iho wholo of tho
Bonfoiico; only one word lu it As
soon as Mini word Is cnitglll Iho action is performodi Baeli action cor-
responds to a cortaln cue word.
Agaliii there is a method of training by uso cl iho oyos. and whoii his
master glances in any direction- at a
curd, lor oxtilliplo—Ilio dog can follow
ihiti glailCO, and |)lal( oul the card In
I turn. *ii' tho dog may lie Mil to bark
a oortalii nuiniier, in whloli caso iho
dog woI.cIiob hh< master's faco closely,
and Blm ply barks uniii iho oyoi, or
noma movainonl icIIh him id Rton, lie
dona moI have to know Hint he tmrkB
nine tlmoB. All ho has to know is
hat ho muni uo on harking until he
Is told io Hioji by his muster's signal!
nnd Iho Iralner Is tho ono why dooB
ill the counting,
Hie talk ot the town." Other prlto
Winners were .Messrs, Oliver, ('rouse,
liove, Panshke, Mull. Ilunl, Applclon,
Krocnian, Porto, Kolloga ami llyrne.
The c. p. it. la gaining for itseii
praise for being tho uentoBl kept railway line on the American continent,
and much of this honor is due Ihe
tolling men ami women who arc ihe
waUjhdogB of tho iron way which
n aches from ocean lo ocean.
The tinj bounty spots of Iho (M'.lt.
i much a factor ot
Canada Itself and other railways
abroad are aald in in- following in tho
foolftops of ihe man who lirst though I
of planting a flower along tho way-
aide. The credit of this though I he
lougB I" a man who twenty years ago
wus an Agent of Iho lload. He net out
a few gardoti Boeds which soom to
vo lucroasod m euoh a rate as to
have  maile it chaplcl     which    totlai
crowns tho holghia and deck.-, the val
leys of the Kiel nail West. So it is
*'th "small IhlugB," whloh ofUtltnea
boooino Hie mouumoulal tiitngs of life.
In tho matter of tree planting) flow*
er culture nnd ihe anoouragomenl ot
jthe artistic the r  p. Hallway stands
ill stops lo conildi r "tie llttlo things"
of buslnoBB life   To nils Road is duo
Ithe Hianka or ail Canada for making
tho hare spoil) of this world a Utile
brighter for tho pusnr by
A Friendly Call
Llttlo Tommy—*Mamma, may I go
over and play with Mrs. Ncxtilonr'a
Mother—You havo never cared lo
play with them.
Utile Tommy.—-Hut my ball went
over into their yard and they threw
it buck to me and It was a', dicky.
I guoas thoy'vo got somo candy.
^ONT worry   about
the stove black- if
ing thai g'.'t-, c
your hands.  "SNAF-*" will
hike It off In a jiffy, and
leave your hands soft and
At your dealer's--
Tho Lessc  Bore
"Why do yon insist on asking Hut
young man to Blng?"
"BocauBo." replied   Miss  Cayonne,
"when bo's singing bo isn't trying tu
H   is a  bin railway und yel |convorss,"
"l jasi wnnt ti> any n uond word for Cull*
ciiiii N(iii])iiM<l Ointment.   I'otir or five year*.
jEbO I wieilu Port Arilnir, and I hud nn attack
ut tho itcii, H certainly waa an Intolerable1
nuisance, The itiiiiai: wan principally »t
iiltiiitM liefore I went to butl. 'Hid t lily lis
woro I'spHliilly nlTi'rli'il,
"I woni io two doctors about Ii. nnd Irlod
Mnn- iii.ni niir rrmotiy, 1 ".a.i iicfdni'inn n
tiniik tlio aiaipl.ilie \mii lunirnlde, uli,>n 1
vih toilinff mi Ironblo to u ImiluT, und lio
liiji) III.1! Ih1 V.nnl'l ■ ■ i .11.«; T. -. > tO OUrO till'.    H'l
lolil   to l.it.o ii lint Imlll, USQ (lirilnnik
Bonn, nail tlini npi,' ('nikiini nintv. i.t.
1 tank UU ii'lvlre, n itl, Man ciaiuidi, tin- HHl
vuahliHl. I Inal tin 'j.tlily been tmuliloil with
tlio lick inr Iwti n   llirM nioatli- '■■'  ■
trlofl 1 iite miu Hii.i]' mul ' Uiiliia :
comnlotefy eurcil   no
iiuliajice,   Alt." oi ■ .u
(iltll Uouii Hlnl lUfil ' 1 tb
1 wflitinVor trealii' i w
Aiiyijilnri In In.'
The Arlington Co. nl Canada, Ud.
IB Hawr  Ave.Tolonto, Onlano
imh',1 in.'.vriw In in
V Ii. II V-'IIHI'.
Jim. Ill, mil.
Tor iimrcllmn p
unit Olnlini'iit Inn'
iiliniitiiil mid mot '
: 1.1 i mill M'iil|, Ini
Mill, l.llli IJ2-i,iii-
Mlilii.,1, liHlirl'nt'
fi: uOlUIOUilfl AVo.
,,,1,11,1 II" v
III lh.,l li,i„l, Milium Imlll Willi I'llll-
,< I',ill, in , (linliin hi
llll Ill,' lli'lllllll IH.'illl.
il'ivinl.il I wnuiii lm i	
niiirtnflsw."  iftaii'i!)
illiiinilit BircQti Tuiylili't
icnirnlloii diHnim BoBfl
lllllllll.'ll tl,,' Ml... >l I. |,
iimilnl'iil In iiliiiiiit Ini
mil. Hnl.l liy ilniKiilli
-i<|. A liliiiul K'unlfliHif
l.n'il.-, ,-nl fr-,'. In nny
i Drib & iilii'iii. tutu.,
llwlon, u. v, \.
Mhm. U'lNM.itW'i !    iiiiiNO BVBIir lint lii'ii
IttforOVCf HIX'I'V   -KAUi-l'V  .MIUJi'1. ■ ■ t
I Nkitiii i-M Inr  iii''  i'liii.nai'N   wmi.i:
THI-'NUNii. with   i ItHI'KCT  HUUCUSH,    it
■ HIKlTHKh Hi.' '■llll '"■  HU'TI'.NH Un' t.l'MS.
AM.AV-iidll'AIN'. "   iHRHWlHllCOLlC, iMid
mill" I;.  I n lv I     i" MtlUhi <\.    K II lb'
unliiti'lv ham ■,   i    mh" mul iimI; for • Mi i.
Wlmlia*-'* Bnoltdiii'   'ittp," ami tukc ii<j otlur
] kintl.   TwflUllT'UvocciiUfl UOtUli
At The Doer of Lite.
Thoro are a Tew inoll tllltl a lew
women who aland for ovol1 nl Ilio
loom ot life, dlaponslng identy, Thoii
hands are always busy lu tlio dli'it
tuition of good tilings^ Tlicii bomu
ire always I'ree, in bo yielded on dc-
naiui. They oltor food to ilie hungry,
dielter to the limnolcsH, < lothts lo Hie
laKcd, clonuilnesB to thu nitliy, gym
pathy io Hie aad, courugo lo ilo row-
ardlv, and peace to the distraught, To
(bom cadi festival l» un opportunity
for mnltlUB glfla,
To lh"ii hoiuca lit iho dead oi nlgllt,
tuna (lie frantic mother who would
but a doctor for bor strlr-ktu child
'to Ihelr homo, go iikii who nn Oiil
cf work, fur a anal or a word of
t lioel' wilh small olintico ol a tor-
uon, 'I o [,ui h Innica i,o t II Old iiliu
iVcalCi who arc mil understood by Hie
lOiui;1, and idimi*:, and do put under-
•land Hiliii. Tu biioh Iioiiii a r,o, nlao
he young ami Blroug in lliftir Hun,
ancr for aid hi each new project,
The pivetH arc woarlod by mall)
d QUI It 11(1 a on fdrctiM'h ami client
They arc Irloltod mid chcnlcd. The,,
become ihe dupes of OlIlOl' pcplc'ii
liizllies, Their days' are buay, an I
Iholiia tilglitn nro not. fri e from infer
111),':Ion, They itro latir.hed nl bj
li'lcndH and llolghljyl'B lor being loo
credtilotia ami kind.
Hut thoy aro iho nlehcinlaO wlv
iiiatiufacturo optniilf,iu.
They am tho fniituiallon on vUilch
ivo may yet litilld our l.illh.
"ii ouhoyn me to havo io run lulu
so many 'crniiku," h.ilil Iho irrllabh
pot-ion. "Yob," replied tho tmiihema-
tienl li lead, 'lint llilith v. hut Ihu win Id
Will ho a lew gOllOI'iltlOIl lielico. The
rain of llicreaao will he lerrllie, Vou
can't Iho Will I Oh I mooting cranks,uud
you can't kcop iiiuiilna Into Ihein
without becoming uuo yourself,"
Wtialiltiglon siur,
Odd Sliavlny Hablta
II la said that ol Ihu men who ghavfl
themselvea Hot olio In llfiy can nan
Ilio uuor with both hands. An Am-
rlcan woll ltnowit la commercial olr-
les In New Vurk has confoaaod Hint
he always shaves hlmsotl Blanding In
a corner uf tin room ami faolng tho
wnll, When he waa P poor country
boj lm bought a rnaor on tho sly.
Ilnre was no minor In his bedroom,
imi rather than lo. his people know
what he waa about, hu faced the wall
and scraped away ne boat lie COUld
Once accustomed to this method be
never needed a slaaB. A null) or American, a senator, formerly a farmer.
•ir, main years Bhuvcd hlmscll sitting
nn n minting stool and loohlug at nis
.eil. (lion In a bUuUol of walor 1 hut
••as whal be did .ih a hoy on l.'io farm
and he Bays that he could not sumo
utundlng up
"I have un Influence," nnj a one
What has become of It'.'" "i llevi i
had any," Ves, you had When you
Wore au lulatil only a day old you
had a powerful initumice over your
mother ami other incmbera of tin
Imiisi linlil       Wlial      has   liajipelicd   tn
your luitucnie.'   in some casus u lias
been wiiHled In   wavwanlnesH.
A BlllglO vtmc Mill kill Ihe good lu
fluoniMi nt a airuitg man. lOnch one
ban a tromondoiis energy stored up
within him li may not h« physical
on orgy i or IniollOQlunl energy, or (be
power of vsoalth or nlllee. II. Is en
Orgy Ol love, id life; nowor lo com
tori, lo eiicouiv.^.1, lo Inspire, and In
move Others, Keep 11 In dally e\i r-
i Ihu ami It will prow mme and more.
I'i.e It fur good ami It will tiling a
itch rewardi
Wicka:    "Wiiut'a
fUBBlug ahiiul ""
and Ihoi
you iir r.-ttip.!'
Uo loat some Important
"Soma Imptnortaut docu
'No.    He wauls to nimiko,
wore niu   ittbt   olguroUu
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   diphtheria.
He Didn't Slay.
Toi,», i.a;,.i be liliufi oni  honorable
oiiiiiiy mid our honorable tltoraluio."
"How about our venerable .'jkea?"
"Did Aiuy make a bit al the literary
luh?" "J gUOSI he did. lie pronounced 'I.on Mlserables' In u brand
new wuy, then alluded to li an Viotor
[iorbert a musterpieco,M—Waihingt; i
is the hesl and quickest
wny to perfect health.
Women and girls who
Buffer are simply weak
—weuk nil over,
Opiates and alcoholic
mixtures nre worse than
worthless, they nRura-
vnte the trouble and
lower the standard of
Scott's Emulsion
Blrenglhens the whole
body, invigorates and
builds up.
Bo suro lo (.I SCOTT'S-
It's the Slanilstd .nd «lw«y.
Ih* bill,
aix umu'.i'.ifiTa
©he tyvozpectov, (bvaxxbvook, #.„©.
Ijy^l  :, ESTABLISHED   1895
PnbUsbsd Every Saturday   Morning at Cranbrook, B.C.
P. M. Christian, Manag«r.
A. B. Qrace,_ Editor.
Subscription rate, If paid in advance,   il.61).
Subscription rate, if charged un books,   12.00.
Postage to American, European and  other foreign countries,   50 oenta   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on .application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted for
publication. 1
ADVBRTI8BRS AND SUBSORIBHR8—Unless notice to the contrary
Is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Year
Victoria, U.C.-Premier McBrlde
through the columns of the Oolonist,
sends tha following new year message
to the people of British Columbia
"I am grateful for the invitation
to extend through these columns
new years' message to the people of
British Columbia and gladly avail
myself of it. During the past 12
months the province has experienced
a wonderful growth in population,
industries and general development.
Extensive railway construction ani
large additions to the merchant marine have been necessary to supply
demands for greater transportation
facilities and en all sides there has
been healthy «nd well sustained progress.
"For the year 1912 there lu a certainty uf an increased impetus along
all lines that make for natural ad-
vancemtnt and we may now look for
a large Influx of settlers as the in
vestment of vast amounts ot capital
in the further developments ot our
natural resources. With thia bright,
prospect in view we may all. with
peace and happiness surrounding us,
enjoy a bright   and   prosperous new
•   •   •   •
The year just passed has been
notable   one   for   the   residents
Cranbrook and   southeast Kootenay.
The year   1912 will also he very notable to   the residents   of tho Upper
Columbia and Kootenay Valleys.
A number of good reasons are expressed why 1912 will be more notable than years past.
The completion of the Kootenay
Central railway, over eighty miles of
whiftli lias been liullt, and steel laid
will be a strong and important factor In the coming prosperity. While
towns and cities along the Crow's
Nest Branch have become eoltd and
prosperous, It is the settlement, an:l
tbe upbuilding of the vast agricultural resources of the Kootenay Valley
along the line of the Kootenay Central, that will DOW go forward with
great rapidity.
Following the completion of the
K.C.H., there will be a steady increase in the population, nnd the opening up ol much unoccupied land,
and a marked growth In the City of
Cranbrook, towards which city tho
trade of this nowly opened district
wilt cenIro. Among the ranchers
there will he unusual prosperity, and
a constantHiiy increasing market furnished for this produce. With good
crops, a convenient market and fair
prlceH, tho ranchers of this district
will be placed In comfortable clrcura*
utiinees. New people will come into
thu district and general prosperity
will hu Ort)oyod hy all.
The mining Camps will extend and
Improve In keeping with the development of the mini's ,.iid the demand of
good times.
Fruit growing Will become tin lm
purl ant business In these valleys.
(•urge ureas have born cleaiod, und
the New Year will see thousands of
fruit trees set out.' Thu horticulturist wilt become another strong frfit
or in tho development of thin dls
Lumbermen In the Cranluook district are exceedingly pleased with
the conditions which have character-
I'/.oil the work In the woods so far,
and with u duty on rough lumber,
the Indications ain that the lumber
output will excood that of the previous year,
in Oroobrook Olty the outlook (or
tbe coming year is BXCOfidlngly bright.
IJuring the past year mnny large
nnd modern buildings have heen or-
ected. A sewer system commenced
that will cost $76,000, and which Ih
well on towards completion. The
water works By Stem has hern Irnprov
ed and is a strong financial asset to
tho city, real property bus Increased
In value, oul there Is every ovldtncn
of increased activity in the erection
of residential as well as store buildings. Cranbrook ts now the largest
city, and the most prosperous In
East Kootenay.
Talk    about      your    Binecuies—thi
clergyman who officiated at Solomon
S88 weddings must have had a anap
•   •   *   •
When    a fellow begins to tell    bit
girl the truth it is a sign that    hii
love for ber ts on the wane.
■ •   *   •
With a cat that keeps late hour:
and a parrot that Bwears, an oil
maid may feel as well entertained a:
a married woman.
• •   •   •
A leap year dance will, in tbe neaJ
future, be given by several old maid
of Cranbrook.     Tickets free to bach
elors, and   $5 for married men.
• •   *   *
A commission is to be appointed b*
the Federal government to make i
'.borough inquiry into the ditleren
departments in Ottawa, especially n
tho great spending department.
• *   •   t
Home dangerous complications fc
.he United States as well as the wes
.em European nations are likely t
grow out of tin1 war troubles ii
China, Persia, Russia and Morocco
At the present  time the  word      is.
"Look to the Kast."
■ •   •   •
The war still drags on and th
chances of peace appear as remote a
ever, first because there is no has;
upon which the belligerent power
ire mutually prepared to treat, an
jecondly because neither of them ha
yet shown itself capable of reachni,
decision by an act of force.
• •   •   •
In speaking of redistribution, H.
H. Htevens, M.P., says It could no
ome before the end of Premier Bor
den's tlrst term without necessitating
another election. When it does conn
the UritiHb Columbia delegation al
Ottawa will ask for twelve membert
based on the recent eenBUS.
• •    •    •
We believe that the present year,
1912, will be the most prosperout
year over experienced in Southeast
Kootenay. There is every Indication
of activity in the mining industry,
lumbering has assured vast proportions; land in the Kootenay valley,
and city property is being acquired;
and therefore a vast amount of the
very essence of prosperity is likely tc
be disseminated    among    the people.
• *   •   •
West. Kootenay towns nre taking up
the matter or attracting the attention of tourists. If there Is ft lover
of sport nnd travel, keen for adven
tttre, ,, mountain climber, hunter, oi
llshcrmau restless for fresh trophies,
and a new arena, let him come tu
Hoiilbeiist Kootenay; the attractive-
news of this portion of British Columbia Is tinoquatlod for novelty. Tin
climate is dry nnd salubrious,, the
dlstilct u sportsmen's paradise.
t   •   *   •
The nttontlon of capital Is gradual
ly but surely being attracted, and
Confidence and hope has been Install
ed Into the minds ,,f all classes. Peo
[de on  ihe outside    now realize that
the Kootenay Central railway wilt tic
completed this year.     Mining men In
the Winder mors and Cranbrook die
11 let i realise thai with adequate
moans of tron iportatlon, that  thesr
dlstticts are on  the eve of a  mighty
mining development,   nnd we bellevt
that the Hummer of 1912 will marl*
the beginning .,f nn ore producing
era second to none In thu history   of
mining,    w« believe that tbe pooph
of Cranbrook have much occasion fol
looking forward with hope and ns
BUfanCB. The clouds of adversity
are rapidly dissolving, and the light
if prosperity and progress begin* to
rift the darkness; and the new year
comes laden with good cheer and tap
plnesfl for the whole district.
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers an  They  Join   the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
A Happy New Year to every reader
of thlH dnpartmi nt.
The clock struck   i;'   on December
list, and we are ushered into n New
Year—with how many plritiH for the
future—new resolves, many rIhhI that
are made to hn broken. Hut Int. us
welcome tiin untrodden patlm and
grasp the nnw condition! with a 1'''"
hand, grateful for the lilnsnlngH tbo
old year baA brought to Ul.
How the yearn coma and vanish!
When the GbrlfltfllM hells have
ceased their ringing wn ntnnd facing
the New Year which comes with
nnlftidmui punt out of the future nnd
we wobdar whs* tt wiy brltf ue  We
are certain of one Mitng, thai In OUI
j hands is vested  the    power to maki
the year one of character growth—II
I tho old year has brought to us fall
ures with the new year the tide may
i tuttii    Failure is sometimes the «ter
ping stone to corning lUOCQRi The
I past la gone but thn prc-ient || left
ns tu which lo work. Wn nnuit con
ipinr dlfllcultleii and not. let them con
(pier us, ttn-n what wan roioddernd
a poRNlhlllty may become a reality,
It   takes   what    nenms   much like
drudgery to do anything well,    i.«t
us during Ih" DOW horn yenr lalm all
tha good that lies within our fflftClli
The beauty and the glory of tho
World are clone at hnnd Imt. hum in see
BttfcJag but **/     Ut ue bold f*t
to duty. This will be of value in
the storm or in the •uuBhine. The
most successful life 1b the one that
has done the most for hUT fellowman.
Happy then is the man who has that
In hie nature that acts on others as
the April sun on violets.
We can wish no better thing for all
our readers than that they begin the
new year animated by affirm resolve
to turn all its experience into profit
for themselves, mentally, morally, so
daily and materially, and then to
faithfully carry out the resolution.
Happy New Year! What a blessed
phrase! Speak it from the heart, and
then strive to make every one's New
Year, a happy year and yours will be
happy, indeed.
The days, weeks and years slip a-
way like water In a running stream,
Time's great dock never loses a lu°
rnent. Hdentlessly, surely the moments paBS, aud our eager hands are
uot able to detain them. We cannot keep back ihe flying years, but
we can and should keep the blessings they bring. Hold fast to tha
lessens they have taught. Keep the
memory of their joys. Knrich every
day of Ufa with the garnered wealth
of the days behind.
Don't give away your good resolutions; keep them. Don't make the
same mistake lu 1^12 that you made
n 1911, The more you laugh m 1912
,he less occasion you will have for
Sighing in after years. dust consid-
r that L938 will be the last of your
'ife and get all the happiness possible
Jut of it Don't lose your temper
n 1912. You will need it when the
1912 ascents and other fakirs call on
you. "The good die young;" don't
et that prove true In regard to your
good  New  Year's resolutions.
Year by year, for twenty centuries,
:he story of the night at Bethlehem
has been told and retold. Today no
aouiehold In Christendom, In town or
village or on distant prairie can
plead the ignorance m which Uethle-
aem then lay. If the door is shut
:n the Christ-child today, it is not
from lack of knowledge, but from
.-hurlishnesi or indifference.
All the old troublous questions of
*he origin and destination of the Ga*
alee Carpenter have passed.
All the mediaeval woiriment in dis-
srlminating between human and di-
■'Ine has gon'\ all the puzzled Inquiry
nto the miraculous. No longer is
nankind stirred over tbe non-essen-
,ial. Theories of him fade away, dogmas of his nature lose their charm.
ills gentleness has con piered. His
influence continues and widens.
Slowly brightening, the gleam that
touched him spreads through the
world. His spirit moves on the face
of civilization and makes It kiu.lller
iivery generation. The New Year of
1912 will find more living close to
the tloldcn Rule than any year in
the history of tha world This mak-
BS family life sweeter and ease -the
dtterness of failure and ignorance
and all life's Incompleteness. That
rVonder-wording personality was nev-
jr so potent as today—so insistent
mil tenderly sure. tinder ft thousand forms, creeds aud names, men
serve him.
New Year greetings are greetings
if good will. How they soften bard
hearts, purify base desires, sweeten
litter thoughts, ami make every deed
niror and holier; every wish kinder
and tenderer. Let hearts expand,
.ympathlcs enlarge, and good will
rotgn, Let. benediction drop from
lips and substantia! giits full from
overflowing bands. Make chccilesn
homes radiant ,.nil hopeless hearts to
thrill with unspcaknhlo gladness.
Forgive your enemies. Mury the past.
'Use above the mean aud petty ro-
lentmcntl which you may have bnr-
lorcd against thoHe who have uot
Ufled you  well.     He generous.
Marysvillfr Conservatives Elect
Officers for 1912
A meeting of the Marysvllle OoDJor*
tr&tlVO association  was  held at    the
Central hotel on Baturday lost for
he purpose of electing olllcers for the
rear   1012, there woe a targe atton
lance Thus. OaVOtl, M.l'.l'-, was
inanlnioitsly   elected  Hun.  President,
!i. i,. Sawyer president, I). J, Dou-
,'laH, Vice-president and George Jam's again for Booretary* treasurer. The
ixeoutlvo committed consists of    A.
Mellor, D. J, Douglas, H. I.. Hawyer,
OeorgO James, II. I.. Webb and H,
Martin, the annual    report was read
bowing (be aiKoclntion stands good
lnanclally,     also    that    twenty-live
nembers were made during the past
Easy it is to
Furnish a home or office
In a very satisfactory manner with the
Newest and most reliable
Kind of Furniture that bears a
Money back guarantee if you are not
Entirely satisfied.
Remember that in addition to furniture we
Carry a large and well assorted stock of
Axminster, Wilton, Brussels and Tapestry Rugs and Carpets
Nice, Soft, Warm Blankets and Quilts
Tapestry and Lace Curtains and Curtain Cloths
Inlaid and all other kinds of
Linoleums and floor coverings
Extension rods, brass and wood poles
Clothes horses Curtain stretchers and Ironing boards
Oil cloth binding, stair plates and binding
Let us show you through as a  personal inspection
Is much more satisfactory than
Mere words
It is our earnest wish
That all our friends and customers may enjoy
Extraordinary Good Health and Prosperity
During 1912 and the following years.
Wardnor, B.O., Jan, 4,19U.
ffldltor Prospector,—
Dear Sir,- Roforrlng to a lattar
ilirnril "Fair I'lny" which appoarotl
in your Issuo of Docombor 23, and to
which I imvn not boon in n position
to ruply before, would hUff to nny
'imt un raforonco wan miiiiIu to Mr.
Bobnrt in tlio Hum mentioned nml
■our oorrsflPoD lent Morna to lm   un-
Inly sensitive nn Ihn Bllbjoot,     Al	
I wniil'l llkn to niik him Iimw wo are
'n llnvn thQ OOmpfltltlOO hn r.nnHlilnnl
n, dailrablii iinlap* fcborn aro 'w,, hut
Iiit ilmpa in tho pin,"" 7.
Without n'lMikini! iii favor uf i'»nti\
>r axalnsl tham, wn woiild point out.
Mint thn fliiiplnynnH nl thn (how'n
Vest Paw Luinhnr llnmpnny. Who
OOfflPrlm) Ihi. irrimt   oin'orllv (if ilio
nsopta in thi* plaos, win noi racslvii
llmlr pay Until the "rnl nl Mny, nml
ni'iiT then*, oiroumntanoai it would hn
MtimiM'lv liii'invniili'iit for nn nntnlil
nr to supply tho pnopln wilh innnl,
r for thom lo Imy It, It will tlmrn
fore lm nvldnnl Ihnt tho npnnlnit up
•t • kakkir   atop   sy tka aoiapaar
was not only a convenience but a
ncce>i»lty nnd Iiiiviiik it in store In
gtoad of nt tbo cook luiuno an In former yearn will make It much bcttor
for nil concerned.
Wo hnve yet to llml tbe Individuals
In Wurilner or elnewlmre, whether in
a company or in a prlvata linn, wbo
nit. encaged in the meat or any otb
er himlnenn out ol nheer philanthropy
or love of th.-ii- fellowmon, wltb no
hope of pernonnl miin, and na tbe
people here nn ti cln.H are iiutto bon-
ent nnd itiixlmis to pay their way we
cannot, hiio an their Ih much of a favor one way or thn other In uolltiiK
'neat when the money In forthcoming
to pay for It.
No matter what a parson's political or noclnllutle vIowh may he, be
Itlll llnde moat a necennlty, nnd an,
In nplte ol the Imril winter und tin
"Mny pay day" there lu null     soino
 uey in circulation In Wnrdner, and
an wn now hnve the competition no
narnoatl; doslrod by "Fair i'lny",
BVa.rybod.9 ought to be mil lull,nl and
ihu honest    liounchiilder enn proceed
in purchase hin mint Hupply accord-
nr to bin Inollnttlon or bin pocket
Ilenpcclfnlly yolim,
Municipal Elections
A large iiumhcr of progreHnlvo bunl
nraH men met on Wedneudny for tho
purpoao of nelecllng candldntcn to re-
preaent tbe IiiihIuchh Interonta of the
city for the eiiHUlng yeni.
Tho concensus of opinion bus been
Hint tbe present council ban been
nllvo to the best interests of tbo
city, and every Improvement that
wna nuked for hy the citizens has
been met with nml provided for to
Hie fullest extent.
Tim tint of candidates as selected
aro na follows 1
Tor Mnyor—A. (J. Hnwnnss.
for Aldermen -.1. K. (Ininpholl, I).
.1. .lobiixoii, (I. Miiclisun, Lester
Olapp, W.  ,1.  Atchison,  W.  V. dnni-
It Is tbo opinion uf a targe number
of representative cIII'/.ciin that tho
men nnleeteil, lining huslness men, on
<:ugcil in aluiont every branch of bu
ilnenu, urn thoruiiglily In accord wltb
Urn best Interests of the municipality
[•Hvcry man Is a sell madn man, men
who havo hem Idcntlllod with (Irnn
brook hIiicii thn illy cniiin Into nils-
iriirn nt. thn limn of the conitiuctloli
nf Ilia I'rnw'n Niuit railway. Thoy
have perfect conliilciico In tbe futurn
of Crnnhrook nnd are willing tu  do-
vote n port Inn ol Ihelr limn fur lbs
nilvniieemenl, and Ilia upbuilding of
Ihelr homo city, nml Hint tbnsn mnn
should lis nlecled by ncrlnninllon, j
nnd cavn to the rlty the eipetine of
an election.
Mr   A. O   UawiHS, who as aldsr
man in 1911 proved to bs a most
careful alderman, never voting on a
matter of importance to tbe municipality without fully considering whnt
lii'iictil It would be, nnd its result,
ns a business proposition to tbo city.
His services as aldermen havo proved bis worth, and be will be au honor to the city.
Mr. G. Krlckson Is well nnd favorably known to nil ns a most conscientious business man, fully acquainted with the present and future
roituiremcnts of tho municipality.
Lester I'lanp nnd W. J. Atcbison
are prominent business men of ('ran
brook who have made a success in
their respective business, and wbo
will do tho mime Hs counellmeii.
Wm. Cameron Ih h well known railway mnn, who Is thoroughly nllvo to
the needs and wants of a progressive
city like Cranbrook,
McKnrs. Campbell and dnhnsnu have
served    ns   cmincllmon   for   several '
terms,   thoy   nned   nn Introduction,
their past record Is sutllcleiit to "ai
rant llmlr election.
Hours, W. !•'. third and 10. II. Me
I'hee school trustees aro nn tho lint
for retirement, hut both gentlemen
should he returned by ncclnmntinn.
In conclusion wo might say, tbat
from tbe past record of the candid
utes nelocted, as bnnluess men, there
nhniilil bo no election, but all elect
ed on nomination day by acclama
Methodist Church
Rev.  W.  Hlson Dunham, Pastor.
Ilnv.  W. Klson Dunham, Pastor.
Hun lay services—Tha pastor will
preach at  11 a.m. and  7.30 p.m.
Murnlng subject—"InDnlte Light."
likening subjsot—"Character Formed by Habit."
Tho municnl program lor the evening service will bo :
Anthem by tho choir, "Tho King of
Love My Hbopherd Is,"
Mr. nnd Mrs, Htopbrnson will take
the solo parts.
Hnpranii solo, "Itcrchslonal," hy
Mrs, (leorge Htephensnn.
A mrdlal Invitation la uxtondod to
all to attend ths above services,
Baptist Church
Itav. O. B. Kendall, Pastor
Morning Hubjoot—"Ths Power      ol
tho Love of Christ,"
Hui dny Hrhinil In the afternoon a'
— ••  «- < ii ii Mm minnow w
three also Olbl. Class ,t tho   nm'£ wh,r,   »,   „,„, „„,,   .,„„,,„„,,
"itlenlng    rlub|aob-"Luliowannnsaa,  1*-v" -• "bn w* lwv« "" "«''» "'
Its aaDH, Ita raaolts, IU aura," IK*.
I HI 1111111II111111111 III11111111111M
| Auditorium I
+     The   Management   here   have   arranged   with     J
* W. D. REED to present in this Ctt-*
the Greatest of all Farce
;j"The Private Secretary"}
The distinguished English Comedian
Mr. C. James Bancroft
I as the Kcv.  Robert S|iuiilding as played hy him over J
* 2,000 times in England.
Friday, January 12th, 1912
Seats on Sale at  I lea tiie-Murphy's Drug Store
Prices:   SOc.   75c.   $1.00
i a. ■ ■■. ■..■.*,.■. m. ■ ■■.■■■.■.*■.■..■■■■■■■■ ».■■ M..m. -»■ ■-■ ■■■■■ ■..■..■..•..■-tL.ti. i J ■. »..■ ■
< i ^
O. DOWNING, Manage/
Under New Management
J444 n 14*411, • 1111U |-H H II' 11 MM 111 I H f-Wlt
Duty la a power which rises with
[us In the morning and goon to real
with un at night. It Is co-oilmilva
with ths action ol our Intalllgonce.
It 1) tha shadow which cleaves to us
Beautiful and right It la tbat gilts
and good wishes should 111 ths air
Ilks snowDaksa at Christmas-tide.
And btautllul la ths year In IU coming and Ita going—moat beautllal
awl bltaasd baeauss It In always tha
<M.H4*,,t„f.,|.,|,.|,i|,.|n|„|,,|,l||l|i,|i,|„|, i
I, ,t.J.1l..l..t.,l..l,.l1rl™l..i. J
ITTTTlTri Tlwr 1
|    THE
!! R Parks & Co |!
We thank our Many
Friends for
Patronage Extended
■ During  1911
Big Clearing Out Sale of Crockery,
China and Glassware. 25 per cent off
Everything except Litnogese China on
which we will give IS per cent.
We wish all our friends a Happy and
Prosperous New Year.
Campbell & Manning
I..* .t. ■ ■■■ 1. 1   ■,l„l..*.,i„t„|L,t, ■  si   ■   * ■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■
^W1 I II I I I nl rTiTTI rt'l'T~
Central Meat ;
Dealer in j
Fresh and Cured Meats  j
All Kinds of Game and Fish
in Season
^ i
A. Joliffe, Proprietor
Norbury Avenue
W« havn some inittern that we will sell for cusli for the
next sixty days nt cost price $45.50 l'''s OUttar is
well worth 105.00. Any person who plans buying a
cutter thi* sen son will make money by looking this
storlt over before buying elsewhere. This stork is limited to a few cutters only.
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
H"M"l"t"H"l"H"frH' Eugene hospital, with a severe
■ ■. tack of rheumatism.
I <■ 441 11' I "I "M-t l-l-l ■■H-14-M.'f
Kllby Frames I'lcturos.
lie a booster lor t'ranhrook in 1912.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Lund of Wardnor,
were Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
Advertising a city,
business Pays.
'Ike ailvc, tiding
Subscribe (or tbe Prospuctor, ought
to bead your new year's reuooi'iona.
1911 baa passed Into history. Write
it now  1912.
Sixteen Dollar Dinner Sot tor
Campbell & Manning.
Mrs. H. L. Sawyer   ol Marysvillo,
waB in town Monday.
J. M. Agnow of Elko, was in town
W. P. McFarlaue, was at Kingsgate
Wednesday on business.
B.   0. King, of Winnipeg, was    In
town Monday on business.
Passenger and freight truffle on tbe
Crow is exceptionally heavy now.
H.  B. Beattie returned  Wednesday
from a business trip to Spokane.
Celery, Tomatoes    and
Campbell & Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Flnlay wero tn
town this week.
Insist on a good rowln movement
In Kootenay in   1912.
For an age of peace the God of War
has baen a little too much in evidence la   1911.
This was the week for making good
resolutions. Next week in tbe time
for—well, wait and we'll sue.
Kllby Frames Pictures.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Uanuou ot
Klngagate, wero In town Monday attending tho railway men's dunce.
Frank Dickinson and J. McTavlsb,
of Jaffray, wero in town Monday attending the railway dance.
G. W. Donahoo, postmaster at Wardnor, spent Sunday last In Cranbrook.
Mrs. Thomas and children of Nelson, were Cranbrook vltdtors Sunday
Campboll    &
Choice Urapo Fruit.
Tho Mountain Lumbermen's association will hold a convention nt Nelson on January   19th.
Born at Cranbrook on Wednesday,
to Mr. and Mrs. ('Iiiih. Connolly, u
Bora at Cranbrook, Docombor III,
to Mr. and Mrs. 13. H. Mcl'boe, a
Kiliiy Frames pictures.
Our friends may sometimes think
ol us, but our enemies often speak
ol us.
Trying to run a business without
adviiiiisniii Is like trying to burn a
lamp without oil.
2 furnished rooms wanted for light
housekeeping. Apply at Prospector
One bad man can do more barm In
ilomoritii/ing a community than throe
rlgtiteiiiiH men can do good.
The' meeting ol tbo legislative as-
somlily will bo looked forward lo
with limit Interest.
May nil the readers of tin I'i'ihiuv-
tor wjoy a buppy and nroHporoili
year (luring   I'1!'.'.
I.'i.u'i discount on any suit uuidn In
our nliiip during .Innunry. 'ho Pink
Mercantile Company,
A. Ill Watts ol Waltsliurg, | resident ol Ihu WntlKliurg Lumber Co.,
was In town Wednesday oil buslneis.
How I line tiles! Hero wo are again
with our cherry greetIngl Happy bow
To ninhe your Now Year a happy
one be sure to make some one else
hnvo a linnpy now year.
Pure lliiHslan Cavlnr, Pote de Kals
Urns nml Tomatoes. Campbell S
Regrets for tho past will not strengths the future. "Forgetting tho
past, prima on." Is tho bettor way.
Mr. Mill Mrs. J. Tanner ol Vancouver, were Cranbrook visitors Thursday.
at- of Burns & Jordon of Fort Steele,
jthe body is being held In Beatty's
Undertaking Parlors awaiting instructions from the Eagle Lodge o!
Vancouver, B.C., and the family in
Moncton. N.B.
Dr. and Mrs.
Wednesday ou
J. H. King loft
i holiday trip to
./. Ilritt, of Spokane, was ut tbe
Cranbrook Monday. Mr. Brltt will
havo charge of one of Jordon's railway camps.
Apples, delirious for eating, at     tbe
Golden Iiussctt and Mcintosh   Rod
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
E. Home of Jaflray. manager ol the
East Kootenay Lumber Co., was In
town Wednesday on company business.
Mm. .1. Kennedy and children of
Spokane, wore in town .Wednesday en
route to Marysville where they will
By tho splitting of several brick in
the fireplace at the Y.M.C.A. on
Monday, a slight lire occurred. No
damage was done.
FOR SALE—Several Belgian Hares
carrying young, *2.C0 each, address
Swansea Poultry Ranch, Wattsburg,
B.C. ltf.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittio, MIsb
Qalbraitb, C. M. Edwards and T.
I'lmndler, of Fort Steele, were registered at tbe Cranbrook Thursday.
Harry Mather of Fort Steele, the
genial proprietor of tho Windsor
hotel, was in town Wodnesday on
Wo are glad to see Dill Smith
around town agftlu after having spent
New Years and Christmas in the St.
lOugeno hospital.
The tire brigade responded to a
still alarm on Tuesday caused by a
small lire at tbe residence of Mr. W.
Grcavos on Hanson Avenue. No damage was done.
The Empire Electric has opened a
branch office in tho Henderson llloci
nt Fornle with Mr. Curl Miller. They
will carry a full line of electric merchandise.
Everything In our crockory department will bo sucrllicod this month.
Don't miss our bargains In cblna and
crockery. Campbell at Manning.
Many watched tho old year o it mi:1
the now year In, and perhaps some r<f
them on Monday morning Vli ns If
several years had come in at tbe
same tliuo.
Among those from Marysvillo on
Monday who attended tho trainman's
danco, woro Mr. and Mrs. A. Miller,
MrB. H. L. Sawyer, Miss Hundley,
and Mr. H, H. Webb.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 13. Arlminn, Miss
Hall, Mrs. Marshall and S. 18. Mc-
Clellan of Lethbrldge were in town
Thursdny. The party wore enrouto
to California for the winter.
Why uot wear a tailor made suit
you can buy one bore .luring .innunry at $5.UO less than regular price.
The Fink Mercantile Co.
With tbo passing of 1911 nnd tho
yonr of opportunity fur Cranbrook
the Board of Trade should seriously
consider the recent suggestion ot the
Prospector regarding u short line liu-
Iwwn Fort Steele und Crnnhrook.
Members of the chorus of the Country Girl nre reminded ol the practice
In Ihe Y.M.C.A. tonight and the
principal! nt tho home of Mrs. Benedict.     Every member Is particularly
reiiunstcil to ut lend tbeso practices.    I    „„
  t   when   you   use    vlnoland   oannod
We arc determined   to completely I goods once nil other brands taste In
clean out our preiienl. stock ol clilnrt ] »I|>N1 for there Is the true llnvnr    a
and crockery before now goods begin i bout    Vlnoland   canned goods found
to arrive come early and have iirst
liolro ol tbe many bargain!, I'miip
Kllby Frames Pictures.
Our resolutions for the new year
should bo definite und specific. Do
not suy simply that you will bo more
liberal, but suy Just bow liberal you
will bo, not say thnt you will be
more faithful, but say just what du-
j tics, neglected in tho past, you will
engage to perform In the future.
Mr. A. 0, Bowness hns been select-
led as a candidate for the mayoralty,
Itogetlior with Messrs. Campbell,
I Johnson, Erickson, Clapp, Cameron
land Atchison. These men aro not
running on a ticket, but aro each
and overyono Independent, each willing to give tho city bis services during tbo prosent year.
On each suit made in our shop
during January a discount of live
dollars will bo allowed. Tbe Fink
Mercantile Co.
The Baldwin Bros., proprietors of
tho Edison theatre, aro continually
springing surprises upon their ninny
patrons. On Wednesday night they
bad a threo reel drama reproducing
in moving picture from R play Just
as good as can often bo Heen enacted
on the open stage Messrs. Baldwin
aro providing Bpcciully for the comfort and wnrmth ot ttll attending
during the cold weather.
At this season of the year many
subscriptions for. The Prospector falls
duo. The publishers never usk subscribers through tho newspaper for
payment, but simply remind them of
this opportunity they havo to secure
tbe host newspaper published in
.Southeast Kootenay for $1.60 per
year by paying in advuncc. The regular subscription price of the Prospector is ¥2.00 a year, but when
paid in advance only   "1.50 per year.
Vlnoland canned corn Is the llncst
produced in Ontario—It bus that de
licious true corn lluvor found only In
corn grown iu a climate und on Boil
particularly adopted for this favorite vegetable. The Fink Mercantile
Co., sole agents.
We are'reproducing in another part
of this Issuo an abridged draft      of
public libraries uc.t thnt baa been
drawn up nnd which tho B.C. Libraries Association purposes to luy before tho Provincial Legislature to
becoiuo one of the statutes of tho
province, Wo specially commend
this to our renders notice as it will
become, when passed in the house,
part ol the council's duties of the
various municipalities ol Urltish Columbia to assume the responsibility
pertaining to its success.
Tbo annual meeting of tha Womans
Institute wns held In the Carmen's
Hall on Tuesday, January 2nd, with
the President, Mrs. II. Palmer In the
chnir. There being a good attend-
danco considering ihe cold wontbor.
Mrs. Palmer wns re elected president.
Mrs. H. Lcamnn vlco-prosldcnt, Mrs.
John Shaw, hoc,-treasurer, Mrs. H.
II. Mcl.ure, Mrs. Doruii, Mrs. Tlsdale
nnd Mrs. .1. 11. Mrl.urc, directors,
Tho mooting! nre held In Carmen'b
Hull tlrst Tuosiliiy In each month.
All Indies welcome.
Kllby Frame!  Pictures.
Mr. W. Quorard slnco takiug ovor
the auditorium on Ills own behalf has
been continually nddlng Improve
moiits for tho henetlt of Ms pntrons.
Tho Intent addition that Mr. Quoravd
has been to considerable expense In
obtaining is a set. of Doagan'! Musi
cal Electric Hells, obtained direct
from Chicago through the Davis
Bros. Tho set coinprlaoe twenty-tlve
hells worked electrically from a keyboard which ts plnyi I upon nfter the
satin) principal ns ,( pianoforte, These
were heard by a very appreciative ,|ii
dionce and ibolllil result lu a lilg In-
cronse   in attondnnoo at the moving
picture shows.
It Is n sate rule to llgure on a
great deal of changeable weather In
(lurgon/ola anil Wisconsin lull
cream choose at the Fink Mercantile
Co,, Ltd.
Whnt Is your worst InultV What
Is mine? Are you going to reform
wltb the Now Your 7
Dr. V. II. Miles, dentist, hns tnov
ad Into his now parlors In the linn-
son Block,
Mr. nml Mrs. W, F. Ourd lelt    on
Friday last on n holiday visit
hell * Manning.
Christmas, the religious holiday ol
tbo whole world, bus come and pass-
od, tho hells are ringing In the now
year 1912, and tho holidays with all
their gaiety and gladness.—nml gloom
nml loneliness and sadness as woll—
will hn a memory.
Among those who woro nt tho railway mcn'B dnnco on Monday were
Mrs. II, F. Johnston, nnd Miss Utile
Hchuh, of Moyle, Miss Sklntice, of
Fort Steele, Mr. J. T. Kgglostou of
Wardnor, 0, II. Trltes, of Ferule, and
0. M, Troop, of Yahk.
Kllby Frames I'lcturos.
On Wednesday evening n second
meeting wns held In the band hall for
the purpose of organising a Trades
and bailor Cotmril, which It wns decided to do, nnd u charter bo applied
for. The next, mooting will he hold
as noon as the rlinrler Is board Irom.
Worilcn hns commenced to cut Ice
nn Iho Itobln on McKenslo pond,
the Ice Is lu lino condition and Is 27|
Inches thick.
Mr Worilcn hns a largo force al
work, and the conserving nt next
summer's Ice coinmencoil on Wednes
to     Vlnelntul   cnmnl   Raspberries   nre
the   big   roil lull flavored kliiil-niillil
pack and delicious lluvor for sale   nl
Premium Hams and Bacons, eitraltllO Kink Mercantile "o., t.ld.
choice (or family use.   Onmpholl    A I  ~
Mannlng. Died   at    Cnnibrook   Hospital :--
  ! Thomas Livingston, on Docombor 22,
Hart Canipboll li 111 at Ike    It.   lm, ol tyvb.l.   low,   u emplwoe
mly In tbe freshly picked fruits and
vegetables. Vlneluiiil rnnncd goods
aro sold only by the Fink Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
Tho lornl pnper Is the ot.ly one
Identified with home internet!, It ink
ob note ol every happening In vour
town nnd you will tlnd n weekly record of everything ol interest trans
plrlng in the place, it turnlsnii n
complete compendium ,1 its blntnry,
and the longer It continues the n.ore
aro Its Interests Interwoven villi
yours. It gives your town notrluty
nnd reputation abroad nnd put! II
in close rolnti'ii with the outside
world, it in a living Indicator ol
your dally business, nnd n Chronicler
ol all that transpire! from ilny to
dny and year by year. Slnnd by It
nml encourage It to go on Improving
nnd adding to your prosperity during
iho year ol win.
Visitors Jojhe City
Waller NlchollOn, Wyclllle
N. Friedman, Nelson,
M. II, Long, Macleod
It, Mellenlh, Fornle.
ii. a. F.iktor, Wardnor
II, Anderson
R   Wiitsiin, Crouton
j. iioiigers, Spokane,
T. Davis, Untie
in. ,i. FniTcii, Lethbrldge,
N. Iliinsiin, Wa'a.
j, Williams, Calgary,
James llniinnrt, Wasn.
Father John, P.M.S., fit. KJngene.
0. D. Htewart, Uil|Mf.
■ •HH-H-H--HH-+-J~H~H-H"H"I- -H-t-H-H-H-l-M-H I I H IH'+
J. D. McBride
Stoves and   Ranges
Mill and Logging
General Hardware
Cranbrook, B. C. Phone 5
New Year Leads
all other clays in hospitaliy.
Everybody wants to set a good
table on that day of all others.
Get your poultry, meats and provisions at this markci; and you
will have the choicest to be had.
Maire a resolution to start the
new year with good eating.
Then put it in force by coming
here for your meats.
J, Bothamson, Letbbrtdge.
(•ranhy, Id.Miner.
Weston, Calgary.
T. Qreenwood, Wnrdner.
Brown, Lothbrldge.
H. MoDougall, Moyle.
A. Witts, Calgary.
it. Brown, Lotlibridge.
H. Cobb, Konora.
(J. Ycaman, Vancouver.
M. Iroman, Beattie,
Burdett, Trail.
p. n. Short, Plnobor Crook
0. Greene, Boattlo.
I), Cameron, Mny.o.
WhltoboiiBO, Spar wood.
ThornpHOit, Swift Current.
n. Roland, BpoKana.
II. II. Rosa, Wnlilo.
E, Marks, Uthbrldgo.
A. (1. BllflS.
T. Allen, Vancouver,
A. Cameron, Miunodosa
A. Mlers, Michel.
ID, n. Murray, Proctor.
Tbo Knlgilts of Columbus will give
a dance ut tbo Auditorium on w».i
ui'Hiiny evening uf next week. A
good tlmo i'i assured to till who nt
An ovor boated stovo pipn in the
residence of Mr. a. Jollflo on the
comor uf Olard and Edward streets
ilay evening. Nn damage was done,
brought nut tho Are brigade on Kri
Last week n serious mistake oropt
into tbo rending of thin article Hint
might possibly lead to a certain mis
nderstandlngi    Wo gavo it to read
tbat thn rate In the future for the
use of cable messages would he    tbl
mme nn iiKiial Instead of which then
haw been a considerable reduction, a
mounting to go per cent, this makes
tho OhargOB   INi ci<nin per word anil
came in force the  1st ol January,
other minor corrections and altera*
tloas have hern made In such q wny
an to simplify lis reading, wo an'
reproducing tho whole of it again foi
our  reader's  bonoflt,   believing thai
when they fully realize tho art Van tag
"h and privileges this holds oul to
them timy win he inclined to utilise
the eahlAH to groAter1 advantage.
Many changes |mvn heen made In
III" ujinadlnn Pacific Hallway     Com
pony's telegraph system, which will
bring about munh hotter nod ohoanor
service to the public In general. Und
iu  tln« now orders, which Will heroine
nfipctivf January   int.   lots, every
railway division nfl the t'uimdlun
Pacific win have n permanent inspoo
tor with hQartfiunrtors   ,tt n)r rnonl
central points
The following appointments    have
iii'i'ii made I
3,    McMillan, formerly of Calgary,
bus been appointed superintendent on
the Manitoba division with hoadnu
nrters at Winnipeg.
.1 K, iiirbat'ilHon of Montreal, noes
io Vancouver m itiporlntondenti ahd
,1, Kletehcr of Vancouver, an auperln
Undent at Montreal.
|   Donald Ooofll of Winnipeg, ban tmen
itisrl^t^adi&l uf We Alb
crta division, with headquarters at
Mr. Scbotgen, formerly agent at
Cranbrook, has been appointed in-
Bpector at Medicine Hat; and D. L,
Howard, former night chief at Cal-
gary, Inspector at Cranbrook, wltb
heaidquartors In tbat City.
Mi'. Braneton of Calgary, inspector
at Edmonton, with headquarters In
ilmt city.
Mr. C, H. Powell remains at Calgary.
Mr. John Tail Inn; been appointed
assistant to tbo general Kuperintend.
eat, Mr. n. H. Jenkins, with bcaiLqu-
artors at Winnipeg, •
Mr, it. N. young to bo superintendent   on the   Saskatchewan division,
willi headquarters Kt Mouse Jnw.
on ami after January   1st,   rju,
thi' company win transmit subject to
the ctiu.lit inns of acceptance message*
written In plain language at a reduction of !iu percent. Thn present
rate to points in Croat Britain Is 37
cents a word.
The above ruling also applies to
cablegrams in plain luut-unun (or
Australia and New    /calami vm Brl*
iii-h Pacific Cable at hall rates under
the same conditions,
Thn message must in1 written lu
I'Yeurli nr in the language of tbe
country uf origin or In the language
of the country of destination.    The
loader must declare which of these
languages are used. The sender
must write before the address, and
pay the oharge on one word for the
letters t*.0,F., (lungungo clear
French), L.O.O., (language clear ori-
glni, I..(',!>., (lai.gi.ago clear destination), according to his destination.
Phis ih nn European government stipulation.
The message must have an address
nml n text, A signature is optional
with the sender, but the company
will not be able to make unpaid en*
quiries about the senders of tbe un*
ilgnod tnissagos,
The address may he a cable address. House and street numhsrs
may he expressed In figures.
The text must be written entirely
m plain language without figures,
commercial marks, groups of letters,
abbreviations or multiple numbers,
encept in the address, must bo written in Words, QenillOO words spelled ai Ming io established use, with
no)  more than fifteen  letters will ho
charged as single words.
Mo.JsagOS written In thn tnnnner
proscribed will bo < nted and charged according to the inicinational re
The mossngOS will not he sntl>ct tu
artificial delaj in transmission     or
dollvory,     Their luiusmlsslon      will
i niiiy he dolayed until ranking mesMag
'en have heen despatched nail not
i more Hum fwintydiur bnurs. 1'nlil
I further notlOO only meHiuigen for
I (treat Britain and  Ireland and Hall
Tax Bermuda ,,,»■• 'or Bermuda) Turks
Island gnd iTatnalCn can bo transmit
ted ill  ihe Mured rate, hut we hope
to announce attentions to other countries sbgrU|. TIIE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK", R. C
Holyolie, Mass., U.S A.
"Hairing taken two boxes ol your
exgellenl QIN PILLS, thoy rolloved
me bo much Hun I tun Quito Batisflod
uiili Mil* results. I gavo mi order to
my druggist about throe we iUb ago
to Bi-iitl nn- smiii. tnore. Nothing lias
come yet anil 1 had lo borrow n box
Irom :i lady trlond who i» ulso using
BIN I'll.LS, I have none left und am
sending you $1.30 lor three boxos
ivhlcli I would aslt you I" Bend al
Dnc( us I aui uol quite so well when
. ui.i without GIN PILLS."
Gtu Pills rnusl be go"od wheif uooiile
iu MabBiiohtiBetts send all tl¥> way io
Toronto lo get them. There in nothing like (Hn Pills—nothing just the
3<iiin. or just us good. Don't accept
substitutes II you value your health
and want io be cured ol Kidney aud
ni.uiil.-i' Trouble, or Ithouuiatism.
Insist on having din Pills. 50c. a bu.v,
5 tor $2.50. Sample rrec if you write
Natioual Drug S Chemical Co. ol
Canada, Limited, Dept. N.U. Torouto
i   I ttn-tJ!>Bt ANYONE
SSPn an / j i    -, j ■ - J
l'"TT±H^;\ dyed ALL these
of Goods
=" wilh Ihe SAME Dye.
i used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.
NO ctannofuiUstbrWROXanra forth* niodi
'ihe Feat That Was Performed by Ad
arfoma, the Wrestle*
Tradition bus Immortalized on   ..
itrgomu or CI rand Cuunry, v hu could
wrestle tot two   conseoutlvo   hours,
,aml having been thrown undermost I.i
;i certain COnti'St, got ill* ftlitdgoiiltf
between his Logs and hi ms und
Rijnoozed him so that ins hones began
lo crack.
I    The natlvo  was ailbsecmently  sent
|as a prisoner lo Spain when no an
tounded the people bj his perform*
unces.    Ono day  in Seville  ho  was
I visited bj a brawny youth ol La Man-
chn who was anxious io u> a bout
with him. "My good friend," Baid
Adargomn ".is we arc going to wrestle
logother it is oul} rea lomtblw thai
wo should begin by drlnktns romo*
} A large bowl of wine having boen
Lruught lie look this .'it one Lund ami
continued to address th" oliallonger;
"Ii with both your arms yau can o\ .-■*■
power one of mine ro as to binder
I mo from drinking every drop ol this
wine wo '■■-■ill tr> our strength to»e
ther; if 1101 you may return to your
home." Tin Btrujjglo i oil i b '< ■ ■'/■'
Adargoma   '- y   degrees   dralm tl   I i
ihowl  iu the coolest   manner  '■ ii m '■
1 Bpllltug u drop of the «iuu ill ■ •■■
hand was more than a miutdi >■ the
other's two.—London Spectato
A True Snake Story
Perhaps a * time n ■ ft yon I e
rislti i [he Brans Zoological park In
Sew i'ork you have paused to gaze
on the casins, cobra : ai eh ■ tda • pi
thons and boa i austrh tors In the
snake house. Possibly, too, as yon
liai ■■ Btoi 't \ ah lug tlieii Blippery
■;:.     i . d dar ii ■  tongues yon have
ivond I whai  '. ould have happened
it' ilieir wily snakeshfps were p >*ako
to their fabled wisdom, realize their
strength and shatter the glass tn trout
. of their cagos. Well others ha' e
though! of !aar before you.
Off in one corner ol  -:: ■    snakes'
huildlng under the verj snake   house
roof tree, noi long ago a j iung aecre-
' tary ir. the exe< ul Ive departn
','.■'.,■ i i ■■■ or linari      i
■;,.'..  hi noi      ■ I     His
.... [hhors at the oth f ol
ridor '■■ pi pn tt« i   thi
■ l ior ■    ■!   ,:-,; -
Bui  on    •::■■-..-        ■ -1" '
.    1    ■! '       !
.,:■ ■        ; ["here  was    oi   l   \
1 -   i
plai .'!:■. ■ :■ ride dooi
and tov aid his
was   along   the corrd
-     - !    pon a big, round,
i     . slid a tout under
his '■,.■.'■.
iled and •: to nl ■
door .'ii.|!    ol
■| liai nlgln the attendant hi
■■.I ill- snake floor and leti lying
In   the  corridor i   I ed    rubber
Cured by Lydla E. Plnk-
Caiiirton, Ont.—"I bad boounirrefit
Bultoror for live years, imo ilm-inr
tulil me it wns ttleers uf tin' uterus,
nml another Mil me it waa n llbrold
I n imtr. Js o un i1
wBwliat I siii.
I. ..-.I. I would
always lie worse
ai certain porlods,
an I never was
regular, nntl tho
be n r i n ir-il ow n
pains were terrible.
I was very ill in
bed, and tho doctor
told mi' I would
have to h ivo an
operation, and
that I might die
during the operation, I wrolo lo ,nj
sister about It mid she advised me to
take Lyditi B. I'iukham's Vegetable
Coinponud. Tlirough persoiml expo.
rlence 1 have found it the besl meal
duo iu the world t'.'i' female troubles,
fur if has cured me. and I did uol have
to have the oi>cratiou after nil. The
Compound .ilsu helped me while passing through Change ol Life." Mrs.
i.ktii'i \ lii mi;  , anifton, 0
I ydlaK. Ilnl ham's Vegetabl '0 un
po ■ ■:.  made from roots mul herbs,
has proved i  the u osl   m      il  I
i ir  uriug 'lu- worsl forms nf
female ill-. Including displai
"'■.  loi    fibroid tumors. Irregularities, perioilii ckai he, hear-
•i   feeling, llatnletu v. Indiges.
ir.d nervous iirostration. 1' . usts
but n trifle to Irj it, nudtln •
lonsl igwumen.
It W.is Nothino Like Tho Preoant Up.
rising in China.
The floxcr uii'iinuli or 1U00 in China
; was u verjl illi'iurt'iii movoment from
tbe prssem Insurrocllou,   The Hoxera,
iniuiiKii aetuat.a! by patrlouam,  were
more antl.Qauoaslans  fanatics,    .'''nr-
thor they wero Becrotly baolcod by the
Imperial  tlynasty.    The present  nut-
'break la linili patriotic ami  rational.
An.l ii Is trying to iiiisl the Imperial
i   "Boxer" is a raihor awkward trans-
i lallott ni a Chinese lorm tfieanlag lit-
orally,   "Tho Flrsi of ltlghtoou   liar-
raotiy,'1   't'liu Boxer organisation waa
a socrel  patriotic organisation    with
"Chltui for tho Clnnusi ' as its slogan.
It suiitiii to mako Us slogan good b,
bull Ik i Ing al
territory,   Tin
Tho Boxore
Bprlug ol 1901)
i Buropoans am
The chi
lurelgaors in Cblnesu
Hdo   it.mo
i'im».. Inn htilr  im.iT
,   ,     ,  led, IJncoH In ■•..Tuiiii.t
t.lili c.i.li l-iif it |. J -t |,.,v,    4:1.) ft (jut tit)
tl'lO" i.'.l.   11 it*,. |i,,.,U tl !•: Vn'r.
| ui'Hi.l'i   ta.iin., Willi,  nriiim'., viunv'o
 yi'liin,Vinli'i.,lil.»i..(iiiMir. i.  Ail.yrtTain.
V,l I t..U f/mi niom If jt.ii nun-,  tl him ('! ii iwuitt
•lOtiiilora.irilnllvi'itiil.   MaiiUli.t.l.iii I v.,[j Uf
Had to Slop.
:  call your   .■        Toots
o; li n mlndt) her thai she . a it;
.utomobilc.'    i 'ii,i'; r-Jotunal.
For Burns nnd Scalds.—Dr. T on
| Kcleetrlc    Oil    will    take    tho    Eire
out of a hunt or oeald more rapidly
than any other preparation,   i1 should
ho al  hand  111 i ierj   kitchen  bo thai
! It mnj  'if avallahlo   al    any    time
■i'i  Is no preparation required  .lust
>]•   Hi- <dl   ro  tho  burn  or  seald
1 tho pain tt ill nhnlfl aud in a s!i »*(
,  «ease altogether.
His Own Comedy
tt right, producing ono of his
lodtes, Itooked tor a country
ogrnphed ahoad for tho orcli*
niooi htm a' Uio theatre on
al of ilic II.JIO train hu ns to
before the perfonnanco bo«
.11   .lil".:
iu rU I'd and
mm looking lliilc
i liiii wan cold n
I'll nnd down ih
ashed lo Un
thentro, ;\ii
id droary.
singe Wttlltod a fal
He Could he  Duller
cli ctorg) mun gol into a mil*
rlago uiih n  working    man
A :
Who Infori 1 him Llml  he had I)
a cotiplor on a  railway for sovornl
"Oh," sold tho minister, "i i nn houl
Hmi, I'h' boon n couplor for ovoi .:'»
"Ay," I'D piled Iho Working man "hilt
I cult uncouple and you eau'l"
When the shndov, of poor lieallh
fnllH on your life, whim bono heglns
to fudo nml friends look ■ rlntis, then
hi iho Llmo you should remomhor thai
HidukhiuIh JllBl   US  hopoloSS llttVP I II
fiiii'd and rostored '<• tho sunshine ol
health by Dr Williams' Pink Pills.
Tin ,,i pills actual!) make new, rloh
blood which brings n glow of health
to anaemic cheeks, euros Indlgi tlon,
liomim 11oh and backaches, tlrlvos mil
tl'e Btlnglng palus nf rheumatism and
uciirulgln, sti'otigthons tho nerves and
no other ni'Mllcliii
man smoking a. pipe, ami with a trombone under Ills arm.
"VVlioro  in  Ilio  orcheBtrn?"  asked
iho playwrlghl.
i "li linn all gonenicross tho river in
play ai n danuo—nil bul mo," was \u*-
I'm man's reply.
"And aro you nil I hnvo to depend
mi for music?"
"Yos, Blr."
"I suppose ihi'ii." Bald    tho
wrlghi  Irying lo be chourful,
' I hat
yon nro full of ii his hi ami a gronl play-
But Think cf the G.rafle.
r pretty l    i   frock S.s.. r Ma
■  i   tji he as   c ii    t-&'   en
the irom step and wat. hed ••        -  ■ -
■i. ■■
■ tn
tftUt to ber and s tulre, in h;.-i roush
little way. her bright, shin* shoos and
pink .-.' -
'See    my    ni ■      huh     d-iuarocut
■■ ; sl ' si e crow wl   "anil      i y  ni*.-*
. coral'head-'.   Don'i you wish jun wu:
. a E rl
"No,  Blr t1 ■■   boy,    "i
[wouldn't want to be any »;iil at all.
because tookle I mtn li morn i ■ --. \
yi u havo to was
Mrs. Lois McKay suffered from  Paint
; in the Ba"k. Side ,ind in the region
of th- Heart—Dcd-Js Kidney Pills
cured her.
1 Tiverton, Dlgio t'n. \ S. livery
dtt) seems to him a a nieeaariu uf
choor Tor the weak, run-down women of Canada. 'I ut!a> 's iiit>t>bat;e
comes from Mrs   l.ois McKa>, a well-
I known  rostdeni   of thin  plat c,    She,
lllko others, has found new lift, in
Dodd's Kidney Pills
"Boforo    I    used    Dodo's    Kidney
Fills," Mrs, MrKa> sinit-s, "I *nuiored
! '.iHi a bud puin hi in> hm. k aid side,
i alns in my huv i is, aud 1 iurp cut-
|ting pains around l',it< hcatt.
! "1 v.;iH always itivd, HoniPuini s
wholi I sal down I could  baldly grl
\n\) out of tin- chair.    Hm  tKinks lo
■ Uodd'i Kidney PI1U, no pain l^ nil
i 1*0110  and   iny   Ian <\   it,   mil      I   L.i, .■
proven for inyHell turn Iiduii's Ktdnej
I ills an- good. I'i mali' liuublc I..
! Heart j always ctiusi il h; dlbi'tiscd
1 Kidneys, 'l ho position ol ihe i. male
ji<rgaUs nml lio Kin in-,,.- hhowri how
jonu Ik depeudoui on ih,- oilier. That's
! v/hy   wait   ttOlilc'i   Niitl   M i\   I.''.-   In
■ Dodd's Ktdm ) I'd,.- ', in . ul .vaj i
It uru dtbuuiod KidiU'v-
ogan operations lu the
Missionaries and other
Amorlcans woro killed.
._. of tiie JapancBo legation was mtirdi red by Clitnoao soldiers.    The German  ambassador  was
j killed in tho stroets ot L'okln. By the
end of June the whole diplomatic
corps waa scooped up iu tho forttlled
. British legislation in a stato of Beige.
,    An   International   rellol   oxp« III Ion
| made up of lilnglish, American, Japan
oBo, Russian and i^reuch troops ag
gregating   8,000   assembled at  Taku
'and marched thence on t-ektu Tleu-
sto ii ivas captured on Jul) -i and on
Vugusi 1 the legations wore rolloved,
i iu Vugusi ."■ Hi" cltj of l'okln wub
taken bj storm and the Imperial
iiiti.il > Bed to Uio Interior
What followed makoB one of tlio
bl ti : pages   iu   modern   historj.
Tin' internatii ual forceB, Including
ihe Americans enteroo upou s cai
nival or loot Inn and licentiousness,
the world has not aeon In
generations. Thi pataeu and sln-in-
b ol ths forbidden city were Backed
and detent ed and wlu'ii the allied
troops wenl au u i-uormous quaittl-
(!,,'. of rich Mi!-- norlM, porct lains
ami otluT ornsui-utal relics wito
1 1.1 Hun, i'Iu.iu and ITlncc Chins
roudiicit*il ilir negollatlous with
ih.- powers, Vfirr long haggling
Chins iimtl!\ agrt-'il to pa> the pow-
. n i '■:'■'(.I'on.-i'iu Indemnity loi their
Iroubh-. tacitly  wan inn the lool qm s
. Hon. and iu institute certain reforms
A Briqht Boy He
\ iK.i. sur.\ Is uitti hi cuuiici'lion
*lth ilo' reccn, Btrikea in Manchtslw.
\ (■•ram bo> was not credited with
Suing particular!) smart, hu: .il the
mail i i w as u! genl a ml no Bod > else
was arailahh' ihe manager decided lo
sfod him wild the lorry load of good.*
to try to pass through the pickets.
When he reached the comei ol lae
itreel he »ob told lo "gel back ur
taki  rhe cuubeiiuences.'
"Well," In said "I am /mm:- back,
ihe) wouldn't lei me througd at the
t ther end."
So they let him Lhroufch and tbo
goods were delivered.
A Hint to the Shy.
Siiyiv rfs comet through larR of con-
fldence.^aud to overcome Bhyness it is
therefore necessary to overcome this
feeling of difitdence and Kaiu more
confidence. There Is uot hi tig like
quiet though! io help in the attainment of splf-confldence, and the Bliy
or timid person will gain much by
taking a few minutes' qulel and
thoughi each day. duriug which timn
jthe mind Is fixed on the cause of the
shyness or (lurry. He determined not
io become shy or nervous und reason
I with yourself as to why you should
uol become thus imitated.
, Determine to rule yottraell by your
own thoughts and by your own ron
son ing powers.
Tho MOONEY wny moans iqorq biscuits, less homo cooking:
BocnuBo MOONEY'S BISCUITS nro fresh enough and appetizing
enough lo tnko tho placo of Uio product of your own oven.   For tho daily ineiu
Thcy'ro Iho crispost, croamiesti most delicious soda
blsouita i'vcr producod and they're made, in Winnipeg.   A Western biscuit for Western people.
' In air-Uglit packages or sealed tins.
How To Improve It
Uoiieral Grant lias leu behind 111m
in reputation as a humorist, but ho
had a dry wit, novertheleBB, which
waa porhaps the more effecllvo for
being seldom used Kv.Si uator De*
|-ew, of New York, has related one
,!ustance of ii» use.
I When Grant was president a dale*
! gallon went to Washington to m-<-
al'otit n<'ltln« an appropriation for
dredging a certain Btream. They call-
id on the presltient and tried io in-
lerest him in the plan.
"Let's see," said Grant reflectively,
j "didn't 1 cross that Btream lu such
■ Mid such n campaign, just bctoio we
fought Buch ami Buch a battle*.''
! "Vou corlalnly did, Mr. PrnBldont,"
said the spokesman hopefully.
The president was silent for a mo-
l..Oi.l.    Tlu'ii lit- sail,:
"I remember thai stream, bul 1
.think you're going the wrong vay
about to improve ii Why dun t. yon
1 macadamize it?" — Youth's Companion.
Customer—How much for tbat suit
of elnthos if I  pay cash?
Tailor   Kuru  dollars
GuBtomer—How much on credit?
Tailor—Klghty dollars,   hair   of   II
Many Uses for Asbestos
Tho   development of the asbestos
industry in Canada lias led to a not
able increase iu tho Industrial applications of that  material.    It  Is now I
used for sienni  packing, cloth, rope i
and yam making, furnace lining, boi-j
ler covering,  building material    and
electrical Insulation.     About   30,ou') [
tons of asbestos paper are used yeai-1
ly for protection from lire.   Employed j
for ceilings,  together  with  wood ot
metal   lathing,   it   Is  said   lo offer  a
positive barrier to tho passage of firn I
from      one     floor       to       anoUw. I
It its now used for steam pack made !
by passing a Bheet of annealed steel j
ai a high*temperature through a bath
of cement  compound,  which appears
to enter the grain of the metal, and
then   apply ing   pure   asbestos   felt   to
both sidos of the wheel by pressure!
bel ween   hot   rollers.    The   resulting |
material  resists tire, water, gas ami
sulphur fumes for an hulellulte period
while possessing tbe strength, rigidity and lightness ol" sheet iron.
The second
edition of the
of Heating" is
now ready for
.. , .     ?g
distribution       ig
ruii^. ^
Write    for    it.      Postpalfl
to any address in Canada
"Prof. Ulinker 1^ getting more ah*
Bent-minded every day." "What's bis
latest break?" "Why, has oldest
daughter is just oul of cooking Bchool
iyou know, nnd he's berp showing his
, (lass a cruller sho made. I le told
them i' was proof of the fact that
the nun nf the stone age played Hie
game of ring toss."—Cleveland Plain
I Dealer.
For Ra.i. Wetk, Wetry, WiUr*r Eyu u4
Murine Doesn'tSmart-SoothesEyfl Pair
Dm:'.!! ?(Q WirisiErt Brmtdr. LN*d-t 2Sc.Sfc, 91.*
Mufiii- \.v« S«l*r«, in Aiaptto Tubes, 2Bo. S1.M
Murine Eyo Rcj -.iedy Co^ChlOMQ
He Would.
"When thoy take woman away from
Lite co-educatlonal college," Raid the
speaker, "what Will  follow?"
"1 will", said a voice from the audience.—Success.
Hot Water
tuiii .;. and
i ,-idl.iton.
Syrian King Seleucus in 297 B.C.,
divorced his queen Stratonlco in
order this his lovesick son might
marry his stepmother.
Or.ly Love Possible
Mrs. Clarcnci  li. Macka>, .11 a gar
den parly ai llampstead, pialscd thi
i working girl
"I InW    ir.it.<l
How  much
work   Hinn   i<
many   I'm   mo.
bo tvl
sir," i.uid Ha1 fni  mnn trail-
"I*in noi worth d emit, or I'd
o dam 0   lOO."
Mirnrd'tj   Ltrtlrrtnt   cucei   Dl«teniper.
A New Life Preserver.
A new \\\v preserver, wild ,i i m
i.'. ii Bticce ■ ifully tried may be . tro
duood iim' tin- German n-ny. Tho
up) arnttis, w li i h ivelghs fi I - pounds
- on ■ - if t ■■•■> i win hitii" . lahloi
hound '■< ■■■■ tlior b; staj rhe east.
lon» He ti|h n the'breast mid back,
Tbe n| paratu i 11 pro* Ided with a
small lamp, fed b) a battery Tlio
lamp i an i •■ rasteui d around the
bead h uii n band w irn on tho fore*
head, so that in at accident at night
tho position of ih-- person i,, in,
water ran I n soon a' s conslderablo
distance    'i ho si tall i lectrli nl  Imnp
burns tin ir foiu  hours    ud with
reflector   added throws the  Ugh I
m  nl
tieves ns no other medicine ran do several hundred  yard    nl  nlgl       i.
the iiebcs und pains which oni..  wo ecveral reconi ti I        Ilfi   saving nl
men folk suffor from    In anj  omer- night   tho    Icl n       iv<   i  en  nasllv
geiicy of poor health give Dr.    WI1- llsco'   red     Tbe   llfe*pre«ervi      can
Hams' Pink Pills a fair trial and the; be buckled roui ■ bedi I Bvu
win uo! dlsappolnl you. Horn Is u i nn1 Tne lamp begins to sliltm
case thai will bring hope to matij   i        won u    :ii"  buckle  Is  fastened
weary sufforer,    Mra. r. K   Banders, in  ,;, .. oi  catastroph    to  worshljH
Bl   Thomas, Ont, says       Vbotil fom tho  worth nl  tin   II esei  ■.  ..
years ago i took u ■■• \ ri coin whli u ,„,, ,,. .,.., r-osttm   di Ii hi cui ■
1    neglected,   thinking that  l  would ,,,  ,    , ,    ouW ,,.,, ,(1 , ,,. .ltlll
noon be nil rlghl again,   r.m lm tend I
round myself in a weak and run-down      BcetlQ    ;    i      P     b<
condition.   1 seemed to have no i H ,.„,.  hll|   .,,,„    straiigor   "in    u,...
tton "' "0 "nyiiu.o:  and mj    rl parce,   :,.r   v, .  , ,.   , ,
ami    nerves    became so bad  I  was ,,,   ; , . , mIi n   ,,,.  p t     „
contain.! the njes   di ttdl    and p i vol
fill exploi Ivo ev,    dlsi ovi red     i am
■.'in,- to pati ul |i     da)   If II   ■ ■  .,
go oil noi ill intl ■  before i gel u> i,on-
ilou."     N'orvoiis   tlentlomun   "ii rut,
H-SllppOHlllg li       dOI       gO    olt     In
iieiv w-wiini then. Btmnger ■
"Then. air. it doesn'1 mailer; the socrel dlos w uii ni".     rum ii
Humming Bud Shoes
Shoos made ni Ihe hreasl fi alhers
of hu inning bhdi un Hie tali ti , t
trn* - iiiQo ot foolwni'■ Ami on av,
fill o) travai suri H Ir! i be* iur ihu
en atloii of ii I'm Ih shoemaki v li
Uiitoa about six month*   and   many
hU i tiling   birds  to   make our   pair,  ns
the tin) brouBi i musi bo siltched to
r to make a kind ol cloth uj fen-
I ti ' ■ The effect Is \ei> beautiful,
tin shoe glenmlug w itb lones of red
nml gold mingled.
(iir' hoars a groai deal or ihe mun
tl') buys who nuilte good lu Ihe gronl
cities bin thei'O are a niiuiber of
others who go tlioro and gel less
; ublioity. -Atchison Qlobo,
Xtll.-e      gill. "Ol!,      ll'fl'aill,    \nllll
shall I do? ihe Lwins have laHun
down ihe wolll"
Komi I ari-ni "Di :\v me; bu.v an-
toying! Jusl go Info the library ■
v ir) . i nl o. i"' as noi io disturb r**Ulo
and   :,. i   ill (j   lasl   iiutnbi :• oi   tl..?
'.Modeln Mothor'H Ml'-.a/.ille', II eon-
tains an article on 'How to bring Up
child ivii.'"
forced to bed, Tlio nocior wbo was
called in said the trouble was cbron
i. mmonilfli hut In splti ol bis skilled ntti mhince | was unable to II m
and oat, bul imd to be fi i with a
Spoon, 'lii'' day a vlaliitm ii leilil stlg
gosied my trying Dr. Wllllnnia' Pink
Pills, and I sent for u half doxeil box-
OS. Ill (i sliorl. while I hei'.i.i iii ml
belter and feel belter, and l.\ the
Mine Ihe pills  were used  I  fell  ullti-
nether   different;   m)  ri did not     J«v«rt»» Cimu rni lha Countni
Colhir mo, my lips and choeks regnln- "Hlw "',ri"' ^ have y.   gol
e,i men- natural , ir, and ovoryl y lll),ou  •' nwui-   ' ' |p  ""'V u' ll
who ..aw me romarkml on how wiUl tt -J1,1' ?" I1"1',1 Nl  ,,'.'''    ,,  ,
t wasoneo more looking   Wtsltlni tn    ' n«wion    poti'L you be love tn
in  Iho safe side, i look two mm . "■■»■ «»'o«l*l ."'   ■*'■ froh,lB"   ".' '
Loxen or ihe idllu, which u a u com | '»*»  fortune'    i rnhslmv,    I tu	
nlete nnrn, as I havn had neither aolie  ""'a' '  ,lt' WiouWn]    imiid   i
nor pain ilnee, und i now weigh iiiij'i'" ottior fellow,i lm,  Judge,
pouiuiM   i always reooinmoml i»r. wii-i
llaiuh' Pink I'llln. nnd I bopn thai litis
letter mii.v he the moans of RiiKKftHtlnp
rollof to many of my ilitors who nui-
fei  mt I did."
Hold     If)     llll     lliedlcl lealer.i
Mem bj mall iii no cents a box or six my deat'?"
Wns Bflonomlofll
"Did >un peel ifii i apptu hefui'i cftl
ni' it, Dolly?"
"Ves, mother."
Mill    Wlieie   ItaVn   '"I.   pill   ttlO   pOUl
A Pill for Brain Wurkern,— The
man   who   work:;   wilh   his   imiiiiH   hi
I more liable to donthgomonl or the
dig) stive i.ysiem iiuiu the man who
wollis   with   Ills  bauds,   becatlSQ  Ihe
i ono culls upon bis nervous onorgy
' while the oiln r applies only hU mini-
ottlnt' strongth. Ilraln fug boaots ir-
rogiilarltlea of tlm stomaoh nml liver,
ami the besl remedy Hint can he
used is Partnoloo's vogotabla Plllu,
Tin >, me Hpoulnll' compotindod for
hii'h oases ii tail all those who use
the in enn Corllf) io Ihelr superlor
po ."r
Above Walrr
"The lliiM'i* nre hind, in) deat," imid
a man to bin lintler hull, "and I find
li extremely dllllcult (o keep my nose
above  wilier "
"Vou could eiiHlly |(00p J'Olir dose
nbove water," I'i'turiied Ilia Imly, "If
■on didn't beep 11 no oftOll above
brntld) "   London Aimwers.
boxes ror %\Uu by Tho Mr. Wlllh	
Medicine CO., Ilroekvllle, Olll
W N.U.   No. 8/i.
"Oh, I ale It  ii:■..' '
Piirln. rnblpit   arc   IliitiK dhllolv   dne
Solved i     till   deal i or lauiliruptcy Ol
n partner.
DIXIE tobacco
I llu.v   a   I ■ 1. 11 >    till   ttllO   K.l.c   up   n
}, I position ic. mini)' u uiiiii ot ',-
I    -"I m,i mtirri'liis tor iovf.,' si.o lold
I hor chum,
I   '"Anil  llic "l'l  tello«.'    hi\iil    lln>
clilllii dlBgiwIi'tll)', "!■    worn.    »v\i .i
■■■\i-«:   «,,h   Hi,'   lo|,l5',    'll k   'lie
!«pvimi million r,„ lu love Villi."
1'lnpliumil mqulrar.
II Li.ol.eil Good to Him
The i,-ii, h.'i wai doinonilratliill Hie
lio»'»rfnl rorroalv« otfocH ot Intoxl-
rallim  lievi-ragM  upon  o  ■ larli'a
liiiint Tin' rlau Imdipil on with hor
ioi wIipii slir pound lome U6 p"r
I'l'iu. aleoliol on mi pkb. tin rob)
caimlnR M '" hIuIvpI and ronBUlnto,
Tl,,' dtminiiitralor wai pleased to oh-
»i'i',,' in,, iiii.ii'ii dlsplayoil l>) ihe
Janitor, who had eomo In for Iho wasto
paper haskei li .mih well Known llml
ho hmi ii i for ineh n wainltiR.
"Ma'am." he ashad llmldly, ""nil
you mind lelllnj mo where yon hu>
yoltr llrl,,r''"
Uted Solid Gold Bullotc
Bullota nl Build Kohl wore used by
Yaqul Indians In iinlnInn amilnsl lJor
pro Dim lu tin rooonl Moxlcan nvo-
luito... according in paBiongera arriving ni San I'niiiiisi'o riom Msxloan
portB. in the humiiiiiiK wiipi'o many
wounded wore operated upon, ilia-
oovory ot the sohlon pellots, II was
mild, was an ordinary ooourronoo, hui
tow patlonts had rooolvod  nigh of
ihi'in to pay Iho dootor bills.
Thn fallior wim In Ills Bluily ,«l Iho
Imi'li of liln house loolilng "»i on lo
Iho garden, when ho win lii« angel
clilhl In hln nlglitshlrl oomo Boorotly
down III,' BlopB nnd ntonl lo ll'o cor-
nor of iin, gnrdon behind boiiio Bhrtths,
Ho hnd n gnrilon tot'll In his hninl. At-
tor n iinim1 oi no""' ininui.'ii li" caino
mil iikiiIii nml mole nulolly upjlntra.
Tho tatbor's invoBllgatlons ravoalon
Humn froslil)' iiii'iii'd oni'th, Some
ivw Inches down wnn n closed envoi-
one whli h ilio iliihl hnd burled. On
opening '.I up ho round a luolfor match
und n nllp of pnpoi'i on whli'h wan
wi'llli'ii In lioncll, lu ii tipi'nwllmi hiiiiit:
"limn' Dovll PleillO lull" nwny Aunt
I'dilil) bus n gieal power of oiijuy-
in,nil nlli r iill. Dun ilny mi In- wan
mil v.ulliliii; lm iiiiw n hull uM.ii'li i,
man, mid lln bud l» hold Ilia "lllna
wlih lioih hands iho booiio was no
funny Afler n tlni" Hi" milninl Inn,
oil hln iilln,nun to him, nml pon'
I'nl, nil.i explOl'lll" Hi" llppor ni-
Klomi i'iiiii" down wilh a I,nihil on Iho
oilier Hi.!., oi the (•lion.   n« rulibcO
llpl woilliil.i lin ho Mild In IllinsOltl-
"I'nllli. I'm glad I hud my Inn: h
when l did or l wouhlu'i hnve hud it
ul nil.
"You linow II Is n iiiniii'i' of pride
with mo I,, i,'i no I,,, ii, pium mo."
"(llml to hour II. I'm tl llioalili.il
malinger."   IhiltllAbiO  American.
quickly stops conillii. euros t.,1,1.,. Iu-nl,j
.lie il,,....' {ind hoofs •       HO (OBlS.
A Gift of Nature
A doop Hlnh of Borrow broKe from
the lips of little I reddle Stockman,
["I witdi," he Hiiid plaintively—-"I wUh
:i was Billy Smith!"
I m.i mother was aatoumlod—shook-
"Why. l''ioddi,''.'" Bhe asked, "i»;ily
siniiii Iiiih none of tho nlco tiiiuiiH
|)ou have, Ho docsn'l gel any pocKol
',-noney,    And   be  Isn't   n.i  I'll'.  :'.n  )',iU
nml tie's not nearly hu strong.   Ills
I father mi\i'\ buyB him proaunts. ur ■-"
"Von. i knew nil nboul that." said
I'roihll,',  "Hut   ■"
"And ih,'ii look vrlial a nice home
vou haw, and nlco books, nod you
I;, vol' halo lo uo oul when tl .i cold
mill wol lo carry papers, and -"
"Vest I know thin." sold Freddie,
Irritably, annoyed nl his molber'a
I sl range lack of sympalh)1 and uniiot'-
standing "Bul Dill) kin wlglo bis
ears and i can't."
Mlnnrd'r, Llnlmont CurpM Colds, Ac...
Tho Lady Vou say yon woro ruined by nooii'iy'.' The Tramp vm*.
mum, I gol do habit, and ovor slnco
don llfo wit1 iiik him gol to be Jimt
I ono long Borlea of progressive   din-
I  H.      I'lll'll.
Wa nir. i you rdi p.o, on nil drug
i uiot'o (joode. l-atoul Modlolno, itub-
' bor dooibi, TruflBos, Rloctrlo HeltB, 13b
nstlo Iloelory, Ifilnatlo Bup'porlora. uto,
: our largo IlltiBtratod oatalogna should
j bn in every lionn'. A Imiidy roforoiiao
! and help In ordot'lng kooiIh by mull,
j Soul froo upon ri'ipiciit.
Lflnada'l   GrontnBt   Cut    Rate    Drug
HoubCi Toronto, Ont.
ISB1ASE0 OF MI'lN-lill.  DUANi
■peotallGt, B Cnlloge hi., Toronto,
C Iiiiillm I'll   nl piTii nl hn.i ten
pli'luro pnlnceg,
^SK YOliR^VlGf
.... nnd nmontihu'il
[or J: Ivo yi'iuu by n t'liimdlim Umnimny,
j'.-i-li lamp iiit.'.l villi It K I'lilt'iilKil
II. tin.-'ill!,- (i< inii'jiloi Ka I'luiinFnu fioo*
rctiii-y by lln> ii-'.r, When VOU ptlrAltUI
II   1','lnliii:   ni"i.)ii   Inn    Ihu   p.il   Ull   til*
miiiTo I    ftiiiiH  nn  I i'   ih.tn   thn  i;Ui;np*
rr li     Tlniiiraiiitfi In dally  uao.    Htm-
tdli'i' fni' any lii'lilliiK HVHtcm III it"1-'" »»
ll.cm.i    Win.   i..i   hUiM.IV  Hut.     ,
Lou   AnfntH W«nt«i
Pilgrim— if 1 oomB   in   will   tlut
dorg bite mt*?
Mrs. WiiwkinB- Wn aia't no ways ;
suro, Mlater. But tbe feller that let
us tuko lit nt on trial said bed chaw
up n tramp in leee'n two mlnuteB, but,
land Bakes wo ain't goln' to bellvvo
It nil wc nee it douc— Chicago Daily
Thoy were trying nn Irlslininn,
charged with n petty offence, iu nu
Oktolioma town, when tho judgo asked: "Have you anyone In court wbo
will vouch for your good character?"
"Yin, Your Honor," quickly responded
(be Celt, "tiler's the sheriff there."
Whereupn tho sheriff evinced signs
of mcni amasement, "Wn., four
Honor," declared lib, "I don't oven
know the man." "Observe, Your Hun-
or." said tho Irishman, triumphantly;
"observe ihnt I've lived In the country
for ovor twelve years and tho sheriff
doesn't know mo ylt! Ain't that a
character for ye?"
"That was u. pveity hard nolo Mr.
Clincher sent you." "Yes," answered
tlm dffbonnatr debtor. "But be dldn"t
mean most of It, He luiB just employed a now typist. When ho dictated Hun Idler lie was Bhowlllg off."
We Give Away
Free of Cost
The People's Common Sense   MedlOll Adviser, in Plain
Bntflllhi or Medicine Simplified) by H. V. Pierce, M. !>,,
Chief Consulting Phyitoisn to tho luvslldi' Hotel imdSur*
jii.vd Institute nt Itnlhilo, a book of IUIIH |sr|fl pntfci mid
over "Oil Illustration!, in French olotb bindlntf, to sny one (.emliiiil 50 one-cent
Stamps to cover cunt ol wrapping und msllinjl only. Over 680,000 copies ol
tbls complete Psmlly Dootor Dook wen- -.old in cloth bindint, nl rr^nlur
price ot 11.50, AlierwiirdH about two und ii bnlt million copien were given
Bway nn above. A new, up*to*datO revised edition U now ready for nmilin|.
Metier send NOW, belore ull nre tfone.   Address)  Wosld'i  Di^iunsaiw
MSDIOAL AllOCIATION, Dr. It, V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y.
DR. pntRCU'B  PAVORITB  rnicsenn'TioN
TIM1*. ONB HKMKDY fur frOOltB's peunli«r nilinenl i ftoftd enough
(but its mutters ure not nfritiil  In print on   ill outside tvmppcr It!
every ingredient.    No Secrets—Nu Deecptlon.
THE ONK HI'.MKDY fur women which  contain*  nn all uho| »mi
no luiliii l-irmini:   dnij'..     lMiidc liunt imfive nit-dicin.il lorust r«OCS
til well ustublishcil curiitive value.
In the New Home
You want tin; best wlicn starling in the new home. Above
all, yon want that home to be snug and warm and comfortable.
You arc sure of warmth and comfort with a Perfection
Sinoki.'lc's Oil Heater.
The Perfection is the best and most reliable heater made.
It is a sort of portable fireplace.
It is ready night and day. Jutt strike a match and light
the wick.   The Perfection is all aglow in a minute.
Tlio Perfection Oil I Icnlrj ilcirs nut imcll tint r.mnVc—a. patent
aulomotiu ilcvicc prevents llml. It con be carried easily (ram room lo
room nntl is ccgunlly suilnl.lc ftir nny room in tlio house. Handiomety
finijl.nl. willi nickel trimmings; drums of cither turquoiie-blus ensmel
or plain tied.
s. A.I your .IrtW to »lww you s Pflfallafl
!■*> l»""MJ'sr*'**-'laT*a*^l  1     ,'Wlk..|.HOi||lrl|r|,<>M.ril'l»rt)rllli|lll>F
Ify BriVH ISaPSy '   el!culiiilimttosnri««nry«l
U. Is.f.rl.1 OH Cos>|i«7i LlsiH.4
i ■
The Kootenay Central Railway Co.
will apply to the Parliament of Canada at its next session Tor an Act
authorizing It to construct a branch
Irom a 'point on the Crow's Neat
branch of the Canadian Pucific railway ftt or near Galloway in a southerly direction to the International
Boundary, and extending the time
within which it may construct tbe
railways heretofore authorized, and
for other purposes.
Dated at Montreal, this 3rd day
of November,   1911,
H. 0. OSWALD, Sec.
Prlngle, Thompson & BurgesB,
Ottawa .Agents.
District of South Bast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that B. D. Gillies,
of Vancouver, B.C., intends to apply
for & license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a post planted
on the north east corner ot lot 7287
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of
Dated August   30th,   1911.
4S-6t Locator
District of South East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that David Jenkins
of Vancouver, B.C., Intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lends, Commencing at a post planted
on south east corner of lot 7284,
thence cast 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence w«Bt 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point o(
>.   Dated August    30th.   1911.
43-5t Locator.
District of South East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that J. Edwards |
Leckie of Oobalt, Ontario, Intends to
apply lor a license to prospect foi
eoal end petroleum on the following
described lands, Commencing at a
post planted on the South EaBt cor
ner of lot 7UHG on tha dividing line]
of lot 7286 and 7287 close to a witness Post marked W.l*. 11.60, then re
south 80 chains* thence west 80
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to point ot
Dated August   80th,   1911.
43-5t I.ocn'or.
District of  South  Eiist  Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that Margaret Gillies, of Vancouver, intends to apply
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described
lands, Commencing at a post planted
on tho south east comer of lot 7287
thence east SO chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, to point of
Dated August   80th,   1911.
43-5t Locator,
I. William Thomas Levy, ol Galloway,    B.C., hy occupation a farmer,
give notice that  I Intend, on the Sth
day of   December next, at   2 o'clock
In   the   afternoon,   to apply to the
Water   Commissioner   at   ins oillce,
Oranbrook,   B.C.,   for  a   license to
take and   use one-quarter cubic foot'
of Water per second from Spring rising near centre of Huh lot   7 of   lot,
4690.   Group     I, Kootenay    District, !
and which sinks on same Lot.
The water will be used on part of
Bub-lot 4 of Huh lot 7. ol lot
4690. Group I, Kootenay District being Ave (fi) acros owned hy ths applicant, and tba point of diversion u
where Bald Spring rises.
Dated this 20th day of October.
1911. M-fit
an application will be made to tbe
Legislative Assembly of tlm Province
ol British Columbia nt Lis next session for an Act to nmonfl tho "Boutb
Rnst Kootenay Rnllway Company
Act, 1906," iih amended by th"
"South Blast Xuotennv Hallway Act,
Amendment Act, 1909," so an to «*-
lead tho time Within which to commence construction of tbe rndwny
authorized hy Chapter r.,1 ol the
Statutes of British Columbia, 1906,
and to expend fifteen per cent. tit
the authorised share cud Ini of tbo
Company In, upon nnd towards the
Construction or Its nillwny.
Dated this sth day of December,
A.D.,   1911.
Solicitors for tho AppllcnnU
WATER ACT,   1909
To all holders of land within the
limits of Lots 4 and 22, Group 1,
Kootenay District and to all holders
of Water Records on Joseph's Pralrlo
Application of Valentine Hyde
Baker for the apportionment of part
of the 300 inches of water from said
Creek recorded in favor ol John T.
Oalbraith on the 23rd dny of May, 1
1872, for the purpose of Irrigating'
the northerly live acres of Block 45
in the Townsite of Cranbrook according to n map or plan tiled in the
Land Registry Ofllco nt Nelson, B.C.,
as 6690; and an application for the
apportionment of part of the 500
Inches of water from said Creek recorded in favor of James Baker on
tho 1st day of March, 1880, for the
purpose of irrigating the southerly
ten acres of Block 45; and for permission to change the point of diversion and the course of the ditch lor
the diversion of part of said water,
will be heard before me at my office
on the 12th day of February, 1912,
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.,
local time, under the authority of
said Water Act.
Objections should be filed with me
on or beforo the 5th day of February,   1912.
Dated at Cranhrook, the 23rd day
of December,   1911.
Acting Water Commissioner Cranbrook Water District.
From Our Correspondents
Athalmsr's Successful Tree
Christmas Tree at Briscoe
One of the most successful  Christ-1    On  Saturday  evening  the   23rd  of
NOTICE is hereby given that thlr-1
ty davs after date. I intend to apply
to Oblel Commissioner of  Lands for ,
a license to prospect for coal      and
petroleum   on   the   following   lands,
situate in the district of South East
Kootenay, British   Columbia :—Com-
menclng   at   a   post   planted   12.33 |
chains east of the N ,W. corner of lot |
871,2,   Group     1,   thence   east   49.51*!
chains,    more   or   less,    to the west
boundary of lot  7507, group   1, tlien-;
ce. north   66.70 chains, more or loss,
to S.E. Corner of lot   7509, group, 1,
thence    west     49.51    chnlus  more or I
less    to    a   point   due north of the
point of commencement; thence south
(ifi.70    chains,    more    or less,  to tbe
point   of commencement,   containing
336 aores, more or loss.
Located this  sth day of December,
t     Locator.
Per W.  H. Moss, Agent.
H. S. Morris. W-5t
The British Columbia
Hallway Company give notice that on
the 7th of February, 1912, it intends to apply to the Water Commissioner at his office in Cranhrook,
for a license to talte and use 1J
cubic feet of water per second from
Little Sand Creek in Cranhrook Water District. The water is to he taken from the stream about 1800 feet
northeast of the northeat comer of
Lot 3543, to he used on 20 acres of
Lot. 4590, being a strip of land 10
chains wide from north to south adjoining Lot 3543, Croup 1, to the
north,  for domestic purposes.
Dated   6tb January,   1912.
Per W. F. Ourd, Cranbrook, B.C.
mas trees ever held in the Windermere district was that held on the
evening of Friday, December 22 in
the Athalmcr school building. The
affair WaB under Ihe immediate supervision of the principal of the school
Miss A. Creelmnn. The hall was
tastefully decorated with hunting
and streamers and presented a very
Ohristmas-llke appearance and one
suited for the festal occasion. At 7
p.m. thy children sat down to a sumptuous repast prepared by the ladies
of the community where ample justice was done to luscious viands
spread before them. When the inner
child had been attended to Mr. Wilson pastor of the Presbyterian church
in tbe Windermere district took the
chair when a varied program was put
through by the teacher an 1 pupils.
Where all did so well it would be invidious to particularize but it is the
general concensus of opinion that the
! greatest credit and merit is due not
i only the children but their palnstak-
I ing instructor and tutor who demon-
■ strated beyond question that she is a
teacher of more than ordinary abil
ity and acumen. At intervals
Messrs. Crook and Anderson played
selections on the mandolin and banjo
which were acceptihly received. The
hall was packed and the greatest en
thustasm was manifested.
The  following  was  the  program :
"Hark the Herald  Angels  Sing."
Speech by Chairman,
"Come all Ye Faithful."
Chorus.  "Waiting for Santa."     hy
Recitation,  "The    Little  Doughnut
Pig," by Dennis Corhy.
Recitation,   "Auntie's  Secret."     by
Irene Corhy.
Recitation, "Snntn   Clans," Elema
Recitation,    "A    Timely    Pointer,"
Willie MarKay.
Recitation. "Grandfather's Spectacles," Bernard Lowerison.
Motion    Song, "The   Snowflakes,"
by the  School.
Lullaby,     "Waiting     For     Santa
 1 Clans,"  by Little Oirls accompanied
: by  Anderson.
t     Brownie Song "Wnitim; for Santa"
Southern by Little Boys and Dorothy MacKay
Dialogue, "Xmas Secrets," by the
Tableau. "Our Father in Heaven,"
Mrs. Lee. mother; Dorothy MacKay.
Child; Borghild Kempreed, angel;
Irene Corhy, soloist.
Instrumental music by Anderson ft
December, a highly enjoyable Christ
mas tree was held at the schoolhouse
under the immediate supervision of
Mi^s McKcnzle, teacher. The tree
was tastefully decorated for the occasion and a lengthy and varied program was well carried out. Miss
McKenzie's skill in decorating the
tree was no less marked than her
proficiency in training the children
and the large audience generally were
a unit in pronouncing the affair a
huge success, the audience showing
their appreciation of her efforts by
singing. "She's a Jolly Good Fellow," at the conclusion of the entertainment.
Dance at Athalmer on New Year
Elko Notes
(By James M. Taylor)
A Happy New Year.
May peace,  plenty  nnd good
attend all  Elkoites in    1913.
Ten    degrees  below
crisp and frosty.
zero   in   Elko,
Mr. George Millett has returned
from his visit to Texas and is once
more in attendance at the pool room.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith were visitors
to Mr. and Mrs. Boss at Elko last
The stores did a good trade on
Christmas week. Let us hope it will
continue through    1912.
Mr. Burgess who had charge of the
C.P.R. station for a time .luring Mr.
Austin's holiday visited several of
his friends on Christmas day.
1 have just purusc-d the ObriBtmas
number of the Saturday Post kindly !
sent me by the proprietor.- and U can      For happiness,
thoroughly commend its contents   to 1 enjoyed    in    its
Elko renders.     The stories are cheerful, bright nnd entertaining.       Jus;
what  is  wanted  at    Cnri.-i.iuas   time.
The coloring and pictures are beautiful, and tiie portraits splendid.
One article strikes me as very fine.
How    to    Save   Christmas lor the
Children,"    by    Jacob    A.  Rus.     It
vill do you good to rend  it.     Spe
way    Company    clear   and    definite
Most wonderful value at five cents.
Miss Lonnie Kennedy and Mrs. Ken
nody spent Christmas as the guests
of Mr. nnd Mrs. McKee, paying a
friendly visit to Mrs. A. Birnie.
A  highly entertaining and pleasing
lance was held nt    Athalmer school
on Monday evin'ng, January   1. The
lance program  was varied and efficiently carried out under the Bupervl-
n of the fioor manager.     At midnight a    sumptuous repast    prepared
hy mine host Downing of the Coron-      Numbers of workmen are to he seen
ntlon hotel,  was partaken of    which   hanging around and enquiring      the
all  voted  highly  creditable to      tbe ! way to the various camps.     There is
hostelry.     After supper dancing wrb  dull trade, and no mistake,
resumed and continued until the. wee ^ |n      ^       fc
"i'   ,,,,,,rH-      '1   Wn!i    UC gene„r.^C?n:l    But his prospects by an.l  hy
A publican's daughter for a wife
census of opinion that the affair was
a complete success.
Columbia Valley Locals
Ihn"    Ahel   of   Briscoe, was    in
town during the Christmas holidays.
W. BJ. Olelland hns gone cast to
spend   the  Christmas  vacation.
Mr. Frank Stockdale left for Vancouver last week.
Messrs. pitta and Holly of Windermere, left on a visit to their old
home at  Montreal.
Mr. Hugh Moore left for his home
at Mr Adam's Junction, N.B.. last
Mr. Piper has arrived from the cast
to take the place of "Wooilsey" on
the stntl 0t the Imperial Dank.
Mr Nyles, wife nnd family, have
returned from Calgary after spending
Christmas with friends there.
Mr. Clarltson, of Field, B.C., arrive! m Athalmer on the 25th December, to take tho place of Chas.
Holly as constable for the Windermere district.
Won't "spirits" then ho high.
Christmas was quiet here as well
as the New Year. The shutting
down of the mill has hail a great effect on the city.
Elko came out victorious In the
hockey match on Sunday, Elko 4,
Baynes 1. Well done Elko. What'
Yes, Sido Keith made a good referee.
■ Get in touch with the Prospector
it reaches ninny homes and is n medium of news exchange >>r all Kootenay. Advertisements bring trade,
try one.
"Where has all ths venison gone?"
said the warden in an undertone.
"Hush," Bald the good wife modest*
ly. "It's minced and potted nnd buried, you see."
On making resolves for the New-
Year the people of Elko should resolve to have a proper water supply.
It is really too bad in a townsite
like Elko to see the sleigh passing
from house to bouse with the icicles
hanging all around, and making skat
ing rinks on the floors of the houses.
Wake up Elko.
Gofdcn Treasures
a luxury, to be
ighest sense, you
must labor diligently, Not only
this; you must continue unceasingly
nnd unsparingly to sow seeds of kind
ness and love towards all, which,
like bread cast upon the waters, alter many days will return to you.
Money has its limit,     lit will   not
iny brains,   common   sense,    virtue,
haracter,  peace of conscience,     for-
;iveness of sins, love, freedom   from
views of Winnipeg  Electric rail- | death,    or    eternal    life.     In    other
, Muds, the    pursuit    of money means
I that, all the best things in life    are
| left unatt.ained while chasing      after
l n very doubtful good.
Christmas Tree at Wi'mer
On Friday, the 22nd December, a
jry successful Christmas tree was
hdd In tbe church nt Wllmer, Mrs.
B. (J. Hamilton was in chn7-ge of the
entertainment and her training ol
t-ie children was very marked nnd
thorough.       Mr.   Ball   presided   in   his
usual efficient manner. The tree was
really handsomely decorated and
groaned under the weight ol the good
things       provided by       thoughtful
friends for their children friends. The
following was tho program:
l.   Speech by Qhnfrmen Ball.
>. Christmas Carols- School Children.
3. How to Make it Pussy Cat-
Three Little Girls.
4. Obrlflttnas Greetings by Four
Girls.    '
5. Recitation—The   Angels   News.
6. Flag Drill-Sch. ol.
7. Song—L. Turner.
8. Song—Niggers,
9. Recitation—Aunt's Lees,
in.   Christmas Carol—School.
Distribution of gifts.
Tho recitation hy young Miss Lees
was simply excellent and for a child
she displayed marked elocutionary
powers. Much credit is duo Mr. an I
Mrs. Hamilton lor ths interest they
took in making the nftair the success
it. undoubtedly was.     At the conclu
] One by one thy duties wait thee,
;    Let thy whole strength go to each,
[ Let not future dreams elate thee
Learn thou    first    what    those can
—Miss Proctor.
Politeness, that cement er of friendship nnd soother of enmities, is nowhere so much required and so frequently outraged as in family circles;
in near nnd dear connections it is
continually abandoned, and the result is that all the illusions of life
are destroyed, and, with them, much
ol its happiness.
To some extent, tact ia nn inbred
quality like an eye for color or an
ear for music; but tt can to some extent be Imparted by n mother who
makes a partner of her daughter In
tiie management ol the house. The
memory of her mother's tact has
come back to many a girl in after
life, and hns hern of untold use to
her in tho management, not only of
house nnd servants, but of husband,
i children, nnd acquaintances.
In ccrtnin mountain pnsses of"Aus-
: tria are found sign-hoards, in Ger-
i man. tho words "Return Forbidden."
These ronds are so narrow an.4, precipitous that there is not room for two
carriages abreast; therefore, to attempt to retrace one's path might
bring  disaster upon  one's sell      and
lion of the program a vote of thanks !upon those coming after.     Once hav-
to those wbo were prominent in getting up tbo program was proposed hy
Dr. Hannlngton and carried
Lives of  great men all  remind  us,
We should   nmke our  lives sublime;
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.
ing started tin re, you must keep
straight on until you have reached
your destination. Today's pressing
duties cull us forward, not back
ward. There arc others coming alter,
we must piikh ahead Tor their snkes,
and for our own. Austria is not the
only place where there is need lor
the warning,  "Return forbidden."
District   ol Southeast Kootenay
Woman's Column
Champagne  Instead  of Claret
and  hats
sistrd Upi
No ono
Hon.   Mr,
We. William Whyte, and Frederick
Thomas Griffin, of Winnipeg, Mnntto
hn, Railway Officials, give notice
thai on the    7th   dny of February,
1912, we intend to apply to the Water Commissioner at. Ids office lu Crnnhrook, for a license to take ami use
1J cubic feet of water per second
from Little Bond Creek in Cranbrook
Water District. Tho water is to ho
taken from tho stream about IH00
foot iioiiiienst of ihe northeast corner   of   Lot     9648,   tO   be   used   on   Lot
B648, for irrigation purposes.
Dated   0th Jnnuiiry,   1018.
Per W. F. Gunl. Cranbrook, B Q
Take notice that William Harrison] The recipe is old fashioned tn* nev-
ol Crnn u-ook, occupation railwayman or failing in success, it properly fol-
lOtends to apply for permission     to , lowed.
purchase     the     following   described (   To one cup of sugar add two tea-
lands :— spoons of butter, half a grated   nut*
Commencing at a post planted at meg nnd a pinch of salt. Cream
the North West corner of Lot 87441 Well together and add two eggs,
on East side of right ol way, thence beaten without separating yolks and
west 2u chains more or lens to Tlm j whites. Add one cup of milk and
her License 48361, thence South to about throe cups of Hour prepared as tbe cabinet
Lot   10093; thence east to right     0f, follows: Measure one quart of unsllt-1    Contrary
to pi
thenca    following right  ol  way «<■ Hour and sift twice with two teft
ml of commencement. spoons of baking powder.     Usb ono-
Name id  Applicant.
id   Kith December,   1911      L-Bt
Ottawa. -His royal highness the
Duke of Connaught held the customary new year's reception In bis ro0m ,
' een 1 n LTD
iin the   East block    and tho function1
was the largest in point of numbers
ever held hero      Over   1,000 of     the
representative   people   ol tho capital
Khook  ban Is with his royal highness
, who was accompanied    bj tbe prime
minister and most of the members ol
and   ten   aides  de  camp.
o usage there  was      no
aro by provincial law     in    00 a great quantity of printed matter
0. I In the form    of    illustrated bulletins
is more fully aware than is       . r.t,TU|nrrt| linr, furnishes speakers
Dowser   of the deplorably
to    attend    the     farmers'    institute
high  percontagO of accidents afield  ...
British Columbia, but that this pBr-|moetl ■ .-i
much higher than thnt of
the other provinces is unquestionably
Wilmer, H.C., Oct     8,    1911.
To G -go Hurt, Spokane, Wash.
TAKE NOTICE that 1. Allison 8,
Palmer, Free Mines License No. B.
(18646, acting myself and OS agent for
James I arrabefti Free Miner's License
No. H 08550; 0, D. FlUsimmons,
Free Miner's License No. H I'JO noting under section 84 of tlio net relating to gold nnd other minerals
hereby give notice to the Bald George
Hurt of Spoknno, Wash., as aloreiald
that if he, the said George Hurt,
fails to contribute the sum ol one
hundred and two dollars and fifty
cents Ills proportion of expenditure
of tbe said mine as required by section   84 of tbo not relating to   gold
ugh to thicken the hatter sufficiently
for rolling out nnd reserve the rest
(or dredging the board. Roll out
one-fourth inch thick and cut In pieces three inches long hy two Inches
wide; make four one inch gashes at
equal intervals. Take up hy running linger in and out of gashes and
lower into deep fat when hot enough
to brown a bit of bread In sixty
counts. Tho dough should he as soft
as can be bandied, When cooked
drain well on course, porous paper.
When cooled   roll    in  powdorod sugar
military band in at ten lance hut
there was a Change noted In the substitution of a champagne cup for
claret cup in the refreshment  lines.
hi the afternoon members of society were busy in laying now year's
calls and Mrs. Hordcn anil I ady
Lauiler divided honors in receiving
numerous cullers.
Two hundred and twenty Hoy
Scouts wont down lo Rideau Hall iu
the morning lo tender q new year's
greeting to the chief scout for ('nn
nda, the governor general, accompanying it by cheers for the King
and the governor general,
| Wo, William Whyte, und Frederick
Thomas Griffin, of Winnipeg, Manitoba,   Railway    oltlclals,    give    notice
! that on the   7th    day of Februnry,
i Rita, wo intend to npply to the Wat"
I or Commissioner at IiIh office lu Cran-
I brook, for a UconBO to tnko and use
111 cubic feet    of   water    per second
from Little Sand Crook In Cranbrook -nml other minerals together with the
Water District. Tbe water la to ha-0* ,,f 1,avertlH,,1« bfifore tho cx\
taken  from the   stream about   1800   P-»«oii of ninety days that bo shall __.,„_   ,„
IW nmllieiwt of thn northeast  corn-   ''""Wl   >1b ''lnlm  ln  the •*•*••■   "--norol   Ol  the  ptoUmcs,  111
If of Lot   lm! to bo Wfeed1 Ob  Lot claim under Section  25 D of the gold   mentations and lectures may
3543, for domestic purpose
Agricultural Trains to Tour Eas- Will Confer on Game Act Changes
tern Canada
Vtotorld.—Wliothor or not thcro "ill
ho nny amendment ol th.' provincial
A now departure in the wny of game law during tho- approaching
agricultural education will probably amnion of the loglBlature linn not yrt
tako plnoc In tho province of Ontario been Bnally determined by W. J.
Quebec and New Brunswick next
spring nnd summer.
The c.l'.It. l« now negotiating with
the governments ol   these three provinces with a view to having Bpeclal
agricultural  trains tour every     init
that     ile-
ilne primarily to the Inoi that, game
la more plentiful liore thnn eleewhure
In tho Dominion, thnt hunters In
oonsonuenoo form a much lArgei fnot
or ot tho population, nml thnt tbo
hunting is done iih n rule in thickly
Iforoatatod and brush country. These
are natural conditions which tho law
does not at nil afloct, and as natural coalitions vary in the dtltoronl
districts it mny ho rogarded ns well
! to adopt ami oven extend the prlnci-
: pie of local option, which Is now partially In force, ratbei i!mn ill-nd-
visedly to amend tbo general law.
in Oowlcban and in Baanloh, lor example, municipal permits ,,r licenses
are obligatory; In Point Grey muiu
elpallty tiie discharge of firearms is
peremptorily prohibited j in Cbllllwack
and certnln other ol tbe mainland
districts permits nre required and
Sunday shooting is niso strictly tn-
boo; in the Queen Chnrlottes, very
curiously tiie trll.nl council of the
Mnsset Inilinus hns boon tho first aU-
thorltatlvo body in British Columbia
to prohibit tbe carrying or use of
dronrms by minors; the ui~-o at which
youth, alter satisfying tho council ol
ills trustworthiness and knowledge of
lothnl wenpons, mny be permitted to
use n nun, heini: fixed at   -U years,
One Cent Per Tree in Canada
The British Columbia Hallway
Company, give notice that on tho
"th of February, IIIIH, It Intends to
apply to the Water Commissioner at
his ofllco In Cranhrook, for ,, license
to tnko nnd use 11 cubic feet of water per second from Utile Hand (ireek
in Ornnbrook Water District. The
water Ih ti> bo taken from the stream
about mnn loot northoaat' ol the
nnrlhonnt corner ol Lot SIM.'I, to bo
used on an neros nl Lot Will, being
a strip of land 10 chains wide from
north to hoiiIIi adjoining Lot   BS43,
orrnip l, to the north, tor irrigation
nnted   Mb .lunnnry,   11112,
Por w. P. ourd, Oranbrook. n.o.
Dated  sth January,   mm.
Per W. F. Ourd, Crnnhrook,
For Rent
and other minerals art, tfv<:« 'o farmers with a view lo ltn-
Thls notice will appear in the Ool-' proving the productive capacity     of
timblnn   newspaper for the period of  the farms. finished   work   of the commissioners
ninety ilnys bb required by law.         '   This system has boon In operation lormlng n complete compendium    ol
H-ilt           ALLISON S. 1'ALMHn.   ! in western    Canada   lor some yenra provincial law,   tho attorney general
m Wllmo'r Columbian) P«B'   "'"'   ,mR   i"'"™1 Hn bcnoflola! Is doalroua that thoro shall be     no
that the O.P.R, is now making   the a'volttnhlo gcnornl legislation enacted
effort to extend the same benefits to Just   at   present,   detracting,   as It
the   cast.    The   company's p'ropoBnl must, from tho importance and value
Bowser, attorney general, nnd will
not be decided until he has b.i-l opportunity to confer With the chef
game wnrden. A. Bryan-Williams,
who   is   expected    to visit Victoria
during tbo next, low days for consul.        thbr|4      Alhorta,   „ 0Mt,   „„,,
tntlon on this BUbJect,
Naturally, now that tho Drituli cent to plant a troo in Canada, ao-
Columbia statutes have only lust cording to n roport submitted t,, tbe
lioon rovlsod nni consolidate!,    the I tnternatlonnl   Dry-ParmlnB Don gross
i liy Norman M. Ross of Indinn Ileal.
authorities, On the nursery station
two large areas are sot out to permanent plantations In order that
data may be gathered a« to the cost
o! establishing nnd the probable re
turns that may bo expected from
pralrlo planting.
"The assistance oflered to Intending
tree pinnters is eminently practical
nnd, during tbe post ten yearn, hns
shown results ol a very convincing
Ob^racter The work is under tbe
direction ol the Dominion director o(
forestry if a Bottler wtitUf tn
plant trees on his faun the forestry
brnn'/li proVldcB him Wltb as many
trees and cuttings nn possible, under
certain conditions., Tbe condition!
which have tp be compiled with be*
lore trees nre granted practically ensure the siiccihs ol tbe plantations.
The ground must be thoroughly prepared, the tret's planted according to
Instructions supplied by the forestry
branch, nnd cultivation enrried on
for an many seasons as arc necessary
until the trees arc thoroughly established. Trees nre grnnted only on
the recommendation of tin officer of
the forestry branch nfter a personal
inspection in inch ease. The tree
planting division employs eight    In-
(Transforrod fron
Bpectors daring the    summer months
who visit and report on the preparation  mode fi'i'  proposed  plantations
nnd the results of recent plantings.
"The valuo of forest plantings   by
tbo  prairie settler  to establish  windbreaks and shelter  hells,  to produce
Saskatchewan, and jus. publish.,! .., fmi,  fcn(,|ng flnd n(V|. t|ml)|ir nm, t0
A ranch 1K0 ncrns being B.H. 4 of
Lot 34(1, R miles from (Vnnhrook nn j
Bt, Mnry's Prairie, containing 180
aoreo   nf   good   farm   land, balance!
For Sale
25 to 35 Acres of Land
lis mooting with   favorable consideration In the case ol all tbree provlnc-
1( Ihe    scheme   Is
'trains with   loci mo
adopted special
nnd demonstrn
conta'ns good timber,    Will rent fori on the west side of road, n portion : tlon curs nnd    wllb professors from
a term of live years (or cash, rent to
he paid evnrv yenr In ndvanoe. Apply
Mrs. Mnry Marts!, High lllver, Altu.
Cottage Hospital
of the well-known Krnltlatids Farm. I the various agricultural colleges will
sheltered   on   the     northeast   bj! spend the spring und   summer going
FloeVy    Mountnin  ranee.    Free from
summer   frost.    Tomatoes,    Melons,
and Cucumbers grow In open garden.
A beautiful   spot   lor a resldenre,
I Hood shooting nml fishing.
Price flfiO, per acre, will easily sell
for twice the price In the early
| Bprmg.
Mrs. A. Salmon    AM,'»*0.'-: *•""""•»• K0- v*»-
Icouver, D.O., or to
over the provlncOH, and stopping at.
alt thn prlncipnl towns for lectured
nml demonstrations, to attend which
if the rovlslon as covering In 'is en
tlrety British Columbia's itntiito
law; ami general legislation during
the coming session will therefore bo
pruned l.o the limit of the esi.eiitlnl
in Urn ptlbllO Interest.
There has been (Hiring the mist few
months a very general ftgltntlon
throughout  the province for such new
legislation ns will tend toward     ti
diminution    of    bunting  sea on   n is
farmers will be grnnted reduced fares baps, either through the rotiutremonta
from nil ovrr   the various districts, (1f gun Itoensos being taken oul    by
Hairy funning, fruit growing,   stock all hunters, through    the nugmeatn
raising nnd a good SOOd propogandn tlnn "f the pontilMoi whore ACOluMmts
will nil be trpatod   from   a scientific are shown to occur throiii'h careless
point of view, nml In such a way iih ness tittle short of erlnilnal, or    by
tho annual Oongrosj handbook, Mr.
Hosh is chief of the true planting division ol tho Dominion Forestry de
partment Me states that the Dominion forest nursery station nt Indian
Head is annuall*. distributing to settlors Mi Wostorn Canada, froo "'
charge, more than two nnd throe ,
quarter million seedlings nnd euttlngB
nnd tl".'. during the pnsl ten yearn,
the tree plnnlint! dlvlsli n bus fur
nlslied, roughly, 18,500.000 tries aiul
cuttings to H,WI settlors, an aver
age of 1,8*10 to oaoIi applicant, At
tiie lowest ostlmnto, it is said, s[.
per cent of these plantation* are successful nnd. bused ,,n the thtftl np
proprlatlon spent by the troo plant
ing division Inst season, tfho cost to
add to tho comfort an
the farm homo has be
llshrd in recent yenrs.
bnnU alone il hns hei n
i beauty    of
in well ostah-
As a Wind-
shown at In
dian Hem! llml n forest growth on
the windward side ol n field will os-
tabllsh a protective Influence of fifty
feet   for  eveiv   fool   In   height."
The annual handbooi of the Dry-
Kiii mm * linn gross, In which this ro-
pnri nPponrs, is a compendium of
nine thnn eighty articles covering
the progress nf dry farming In eighteen statpn nf the IJnltod states, tho
On nnd Inn pralrlo provinces and ten
other nations ol the World, and i!enl-
tug with    every    pbaBO    of the gnat
science   which   is  today   so rapidly
changing tho    western range country
Ihn depnHinent    amounts practically   tutn    n    rogfoti    «•(  protlnctlVl farms
to onn oonl per troe plnntod In   the land comfortable homes.    The   noxt
to afford  tho maximum of practical   th* rniuireinrn'H of some spool fie mil   pcrmiiiitnt
ilto, niinuai   convention   of tbo Oojigress
Terms on Application MtoHAWj phh.mph on   tbe"help"and' encburngoment to th« farm-, girtringly eonsnii up nuntefs'   cos-    "The tree planting division," says will be bold in uthbmige, in October
Phone 219 P. O. Uox M5|iarm, KHto, P.O. us la every locality. jtiuuo, tt» IB Ontario, whero red coats Mr, Koss, "nl* InuM and distribute :1'J12. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
School ^ Hon
By Maricn Hak
! v.
^j5quaq£~ Rpo ia a DoiMD'HoLr
she went on to say, sinking her \
to  a  confidential   key,    "He  has
reeling** and a warm heart,   lie la
of  the  noblest  and best  ol  men.
.  To do women justice
aid Cor appearanceB tun
Is in
n manifestation of eoce
ty  iu their associates.
often sraoolb to Bllkliw
BS   "1
Ih us woll-monning
I']'    Willi
I he
THB phrase generally describes a
misfitted man or woman who
Ik hopelessly incapacitated from
the performance of duties selected by himself or herself or allotted
by fate,
"The wonds" (which I take to mean
the world) "la full of them"—fools
who rush in where anireis fear io tread,
presumptuous, vainglorious and arrogant, the laughing stock of acquaintances, the grief of friends. .Much study
of mankind has led me to the conviction that the one and only really ridiculous thing In life in pretension.
Mark Twain put it patly, If roughl**,
to a blatant poetaster:
■■o.  . ease  your sillv romptafntl
What's  tho   uie  <>f  nreterutlne  lo  bo   what
you   ain't?"
Women who pretend to be amiable or
accomplished   when   they   are   Lad-tern*
pared and, at the best, "well-smatter*.
ed"; men who plume themselves upon
business sagacity when a child could
circumvent them; vulgarians who ape
the manners and custom-: of their superiors in birth and breeding—most despicable of the crew- the Pecksniffs and
Chad bands who dishonor the churches
they think they adorn—these are specimen square pegs which are the laughing stock of the community when thev
wriggle themselves Into round holes ami
delude their distorted fancy into the be-
lief that they are a neat fit.
our business today Is with -mite another class, namely, with the die oursg-
Ingly large number of human pegs that
mlt-ht round off square corners and will
If there ho a1 family olrcle of fair size
which has not in It one "kinky" member. I hav yet to see It. The word
"circle" convevs the generally accepted
theory of whnt the household should he
that is bound t>'Ri-th(*r by kindred
blood and identity of Interests, Disbelief th in heredity maintain that the
shaping and coloring ,,f the child's mind
and disposition depend whully upon
environment. The infant is plastlo
clay;   parent,  guardian,   tenrher is  the
poi ler WhoSP molding hand determine-:
what   form   ihe  clay   shall   assume  and
beep.   The H rv is all right.    In effect,
no two children .if one family. hmught
Up under precisely similar Influences,
are duplicates ihe one of the other.
Bach boy nnd girl has his and her Individual characteristics. Some nf the-e
dls tin.live traits are idiosyncrasies.
And where three or four are gathered
together undei the parental roof wa
flno among them B 'kinky" hoy or girl,
man or woman, as surely as the IrndU
tl.'nal black sheen runs and pastures
■wlih 'he real nf ihe nock.
"Tom    mUSt     i,n|     be    judged    by    th©
standards set for his brothers and
sinters," p1end« the mother to fr.emi or
gne-l. "Me Is Bhv and taciturn tn a degree that makes him appear ungracious
and even rial ■ at times. lint his heart
in in the right place He wus hum
in oilier words, Tom Is the obstinate
section thill mars the symmetry of tint
dissected family map or picture* when
the parents would put It together, tlm
■qUnr*   pen   that   refuses   tn   bo   rouniled.
Under Ilio "advanced" pysiema -if family governmonl ..r which we talked t.i-
cass In the darkest corner of his den.
From the time he nits down to the table
until he kicks back hla chair and stalks
out of the room without uttering a syllable of apology, he never opens his
mouth except to stuff food Into It. He
looks neither to the right nor the left.
before or after, but with head sunk Into
his neck, as a lobster In his shell, he
1? oblivious to everything but his lauded
plate. Chanclns to sit next to him once
in the bouse of a common acquaintance,
I was BO unlucky as tO address a remark
to him upon a subject with which I bad
reason tu know he was thoroughly acquainted. Reasoning from experience
with other fellow-mortals, 1 Imagined
he would be nattered bj the appea] to
him, as a recognised authority, to settle
the question under discussion. He glowered at me out of the corner of one eye.
the beetling brows lowering, uts he discovered   that   he   was,   spoken   to,   and
do  it.   sin
to ti
in   tbe
te  hi
until he was le years old.
bis meals were taken up to his room.
i told her once that It was a pitv the
habit wus confirmed by indulgen «-. but
she declared with tears In Iter ayes that
it   was   bom   In   hi in   and   Incm-riglide,"
[ held mi pea e. i dl I not believe
then, any more than t think now, that
tht square peg could not have been
pared nnd B&ndpapered Into Htness foi
the family circle, Parental weakness
had  confirmed  tlio  "kink.'
There slipped Into ny mind as ii It
had been repeated in m> ."Bri ear -«
strong [the "navanced" thinker would
untold generations woman's
metier lias been to please and to attract, and the rod of the QUtSUOken
New   Woman cannot  drive It   far  from
her, even iii the twentieth century. Yet
there crop up through the crust of conventionality occasional exceptions to
tbo rank am) Hie of the "pretty behaved." Thlla our old mammies used to
commend their nurselings wbo spoke
when spoken to. did not gobble their
food and kepi clean faces and aprons.
The exception to ihe household round"
noss of the i cgs, whlttlod down to
glide w thoul friction Into tho socket
fashioned for them, prides herself upon
"speaking her mind" in every condition
Of   life   and   under   all  circumstances.
Is this a good time for calling alien.
Hon to the a niislng, or- u is i melnn-
cholj tact, thai to "speak ono's mind"
Invai I Lhly tar r- thai soineih ng dls-
pgro able Is said? Something uncharitable ot denunciator) or sarcastic of
BomObodj else, proBont or ubsent?  Ate
a   nnhl
I  Die   a
raise her vo
his   ear;
Profossor m
I    believe'."'
HfU-d     his
nr wilh her one
al   a   follow-pas*
ntellcctiial   face.
"I    am,
"Whal   do  you   teach  then■'.'"
Tho  professor  smiled  politely,   "Mine
Is the chair or Kngdsh literature."
"I   didn't   ask   you   what   chair    you
have,      I    asked    what    do    yuu    leuch
The   lull    was   lifted   ever   so   slightly
.Not a shadow crossed the pleas-
ISngllsh literature, madam."
.vllblii hearing turned lo look at
it catcchlsi; icveral luined aside
,-eal smiles; one man shrugged Ilia
F*oc my part.
u|  fa
1 Idas)
rlglu I
if i
id   Wltlu
what grounds may the iii
tho laws of polite socletj
of court thai the kinky o
sight and hearing'.' Whal
p.-g to he square
Having I
Dial   Tim
Odd, it miisi
lowlns mil the natural bent of his "In-
dlvldiinllty," win remain odd  or, if you
OhOOSO. square to the end of Ills days.
After ihe mother admits in herself and
others that he Is not to be judged by
the oommonplnco standards rosnertod by
the   rest   of   (he   household,   kinks   and
corners nro mure pronounced  wilh ids
glowlli        He   sulks   under   reproof;   be
lights bis brothers nnd berates hln '•inters and openl) dofloii his parents when
be has "one of his ugly turns," and
goes un whipped beonuse it is   "only Ida
way "
<Jiiiy   bis   way!    How  often   ami   wilh
whal oxtremlty of disgust we henrkon
tn the pitiful OXCUSO for llle e< eenlriel-
tlOJ  of   digger   f.dk   than   mil    poor,   III-
used boy!   "I||-used." Inasmuch as the
guardian*   nppolntOU   lo   tl barge   of
his soul are letilug the benl sapling
grow and toughen into a orookod troo -
sp ritual deformity
I  hue lu  my eye a   man  win, devours
nis  meals as a   wolf   might   tear a  ear-
ling mid
It   lit   into  a
it   prejudice,   what
oil-being or
icing? Upon
i-n Rule and
io ruled oul
may offend
gbt has the
id  that
t feeling ilema
nl bole':   why
fill tan  offender  ngalnsl   the
vcntionalltv go went free up
t unlive nii,i cultivated dlslncllna-
i conduct  hlmsolf aright?
her branch of my Btibject applies
"She lai-ki'il ihe power of holding book whot w is uppermost in h<*r thought
brand  ii   as  a   ' brutal' >  speech  of a      n!l  mind
New   Knglniil   fill her   wi.en   (old   Dial   a
emitted   throe   consecutive   grunts.      To
this hour I do tint  know whether fhey
expressed dissent  ,,r ncquh'si etice. or  If
thoy wen- merely brutish protest against
my Lomerlty.
In ihe drawing room, whon we had
left  ihe animals to  feed  undisturbed  by
feminine observation,  his wife -a gentle, refined hub- woman  sough I me nut
and  "hop'd  I  had not  been il.scoiicei led
hy Mr. Onion's r -once at t abb-''
I should not have selected the noun.
hut l bowed and murmured a polite
■■My husband does himself groat Injustice by ills peculiarities of manner,"
on hi
I would
be broken «»t' .swearing":
"I   wo mi break the habit, <
Ye'   ihe   speaker   whs   the   wisest
nosl  |ii-l of dlsrlpllnorlons,
1  nohi that the mother of the "odd"
iov   WOUld  have done hln  less harm by
icver,. mid continued discipline through
i term of weeks than In allowing him
n   grow   up  Into  S   boor  and  a   iriortlfi-
atl.in to those who knew his real worth
under  tl 6  repulsive hide.
Another   square   |ieg   is   of   the   other
ben. cut on the bias, and
only held straight and taut by expedient y    or   philosophy'.'
Returning to our "frank"  woman,   I
really doubt If she be more ill-natured
than a majority of her acquaintances,
Hut from her babyhood she lacked (he
power of  holding ha. k  whatever hap-
pened  lo be  uppermost   In her thoughts,
Her n other tells now of catastrophes
brought oboul by "Kmma's uncontrollable tongue, she never could repress
anything Mint sin- thought or heard.
B e sei the whole neighborhood bv the
er sli
especially to the parents of school children. Tliis is the age of specialties In
every profession. I have nothing to urge
against  the eclectic system   thai seeks
to perfect each Student In the line of
study and practice for which he Is best
titted by nature and toward which he
inclines most decidedly, If I may some-
tini's cherish a secret regret that the
all-around familiarity with the standard
studies of Ut ty years agone Is a thing
of the past; If I could wish that the
lad whose forte Is mathematics wrote
a clerkly hand and were less original
In his orthography; If I did urn so frequently hear the hiiliant chemist or
physicist avow without sham.- ids Ig-
noran. e „f ancient and modern history —
I how with what grace I 'an rounifti*-
fell to the consensus of popular opinion
as to the expediency ot U.6 success ft 1
man knowing one thing well, Instead of
acquiring a superficial knowledge of u
dozen  "l-ms."
I do alllrm that parents are In danger of accepting too readily the decision of children that they are not
aide ii, cope successfully with this or
that   science    or   art.       A   hoy   protests
that he cannot master even the lower
branches of mathematics, He loves
history; he is not averse to Innguag s;
be "adores" music, and would spend
upon the study of the divine art the
energies tyrannical teachers Insist
upon his iquanderlng upon examples
and problems. He means to make
mush- the business of his life, What
possible use can he have for mathematics? lie has been stupid at figures   all   ids   life.
A gill turns sick at the thought of
Studying languages. flood Old Bngl'sll
is enough for her. She brings to tiie
supporl Of her petition to lie allowed to
'"out out" French and German from her
list of tasks the testimony of her
leather that sho randy has a tolerably
perfect lesson In either Of these
tongues, albeit not deth lent In inlelll-
gem p.
A third pupil (lnds history "as drv
as dust and sees nelilier rhyme nor
reason lu stuffing her mind with
stories of what happened a thousand
wars ago. There are nlwnye the newspapers  tO  keep one  abreast of Ihe  hap-
T+BOA.UBB ot the enormous
/< number of tetters ■••nt io
*-" the Bxohangt, / maul a-ie
contributors t" limit their communications to f'" toorai, except
tn C0SS3 of form it h i.i or recipes
Which require or rater 11)000, /
want   nil   my    rnrrexnandrnts   ti)
■ "i«i"* u showing in the corner,
and if my request in thi* respect
is oomptled with it will he possible to nr/ni manv mort let ten,
Aftert'on  is  railed  tn  the  fact
that   'fdHoti   Ifarlnntl  cannot  *•**-
cctvs money fnr patterns, as sh«
*in t"i connection with any department  that sells them.
a »'»»t
i ted
■ Uf   kll.'llHl   tu
yuur   cook.
i. Ktntt i-iiiutu
vlth r
rtmenls hobltminy mm. mm mug. noon
tni'iit     T
evening. In kite hum io poorly pro*
■d    with    Iho   .oin'orl-     u        IP   ""
nldn't  live without" that their prcs-
tllji,   iim'
iiuartem ,
' lux
rtsdlns aloud    li win*
'•■iiinn. and ii* ><-u wint '■» k to
-   a Main*   room  ^inl  ili'iik.   >uu rt-
nitcuM   patufleuly   ui«m   tn«  <iHi*>i •**i< •■   l*«
t*.-n ih>'in nti.l tin- la.ai.tv mrl. iOd h.ul
■nininitfl her wet eloitnn im ,\r\ had
Iiit lUpper In .i aKHi-ma. iuMtrtiiui home
.ni.) ifirt** up t» a 'inii iiuor )ihi: liedroonis
don't  nut   It  lunt  that
way, but (hat wai
1, liol h.'ltlK I n«¥<
l.   I   full  tO  IM  Ihn
In the firm pile
not   l>e oliated  ui,
ployer to rei
ii 1.1
A Protest
A  bv   the
toiler    from     "K
In  your  ExchangS
k itut m> UiuuKht.
i        ay iii>i make room tor me m your
c'liiiiiuii but I ihall have   "rraed my mtnd."
Ui. 11   u.e    ihl   wiy   "i   Ito.uaiiK   nut
wort J rMDoailblB tor our tnietaKUl
.a  t..i
ii lei
teat ini.i
nun  u.   )*r.>w   no   »ilh   nn   praai. ill   kno
edse  «t k.Tv.'    she   (Hmhi   to    riav»
Si-inilreti thin m her h..nie II Uie loclety "f
ItlO %\l',t e.nlUt.Vftl in mich a Hlute us II.e
ilu-i-rllei I hen, vi rv noi h tieir-r llian
thnt of Die U.l'lun maliH al whom Hie
icilTar linen tier hall li.'.lronrn ndcr liffl
aoriiil     |dl irilSCl ,i    .tui.i'rlur    to    thine    en-
Joyed by tbe mui.u m rood \Atum •
t nr "sood placer' advlicdly for ti*«
Auii-tiwm Kin who inn rook, li lukin.
nisi .mil wdlilns. may cttooM w '»n
pinee    ni>e win ti.tt bav« to nny  imId un-
PleSI Hit    ill I' 'Hi in 11 Ii K.I    Whlh'    Un-   'le mil in I
U   W
n'l better thnn  th it  ah.
"   reil   to
nf   then   "itnli
th«ir liiifim i
llxhc.l   fn
I   h'llliei
in rlmi
k   iii-t
ih*   lU.lill
  ....   eroW'thii*   ...
lo   ite|'>"'""l    ptorej    find   hill    heiliinitnu.
BODTfl   DA ROT A   (Miaiiii.   si.   Tu.
No render   who knows life an it now
la  In  our   ililui   ami   towns    will   deny
iim io.ii i  praotlonl isnse or this letter,
Y*l Die problem of wo. la I CSSlO In an
Unreely dehaled liet ween nhopi'lil mid
tlw dniiienlle In a private fiunliv   an tin
aiiANiion of   prtowence   In   tin*   duoal
r*wlliK   room.
In   el'inn    eimneellnn    Willi    Una    - yin
for  your ,|iin*!itir  m  hn\*'  no  other  pISo
I., receive he   nue t*. and to nit after tha
ilnv'a work li On.- than h.-r worklhop?
Ami that li whnt the kit* lien li to the
girl oul  it  n- r\ i. e.
The mmer y)i and nth. r tlieore h al
wriieni acknowiedae that m shin i-mmiry
thn term "tervnat" i» equlvileni to ■Men-
rn.intinn." ih.- better loi nil i.orile. concerned, in the mil. ulnu- altempl to make
them out io l.e anything hut h >ineli.,l I
.InntK'i. a( the beck nn.| call of women
wh.iie only '■ I'i I*" io lu-jTlorltv li Unit
thiv have n tew mote .!.,) itr» il an Hi"
ti-mona tli.-\ ■■.r.pl'.v ami link .|..wn Upon.
ONH Tin TH TELUi?n (New Druni*
Wick,   N    J •-
,\i* you reouent in a postscript, 1 Rlvo
Ihe body of your epistle without ihe alteration or a worn, while we are
■peaking whnl we consider to be ttio
truth, it tji my rlfhi m be ai outspoken
an my censor,
i dutaanl in ioio rrom the siutemont
ihnt "servanl and "degradntlon" nro
Indlssolubty linked together In Uie
minds of ih 'en' • 'hristian i«lk in thla
country. The hlghesi ptllcei ol oui n-
publlc proudly stylos himself "the servant of the pi ople A ■ he Isl Nor do I
forget who boi the crown of honor upon
the word "111111 that Im grentMi among
you. let hln he your servo ni And,
"i am nmong you ns one who servos.'
My employe li ever)  v till ns respect*
able In her position IS I am lu m ne. il
haw   wrllten   and   laid   that   il   nor Iroil
llmos before, it would seem lo no pur-
poeol) An tn Un* comparative eomforl
or iiitiiik in a tidy, wiinn, bright "workroom1 in the ovonlng nnd then *<> nn to
bed la a enmfiiriabii- ehamber an well
appointed in essentials iih inv own, nnd
Mittini; dressing ami undressing, linth-
lng and receiving visitors in a fimail,
Htunj bedroom i nm conlonl i" lenva
the Jqclilon to renders,
Ago In. tin- women who were hroughl
up iu farmhouses or jn cramped oily
upon the seclusion "f her mnld In out*
nf-wnrk hours, I have Imt to explaii
thai die forj-otton onler hail tn do with
a measure that would lighten ihe next
day's work.
near   fellow-housomothors,   In  ll   nut
nine that thesfl unprofitable skirmishes
upon debatable ground shun hi hu for-
bliben by  thoMO  who have  the mierenl
of both classes at heart'.' Our domesllos
are not a body of uapiliu Iphd nom.idH.
with bin one purpose hi Hint dde of
theli uie that louches ours, an I that io
cheat and worry us, ihelr (nominal)
mistresses,   by  every   means  nl   their
command. They are not In league to
torment US, any more than we are heat
upon oppressing and "deftradlnu" them.
I la re are grievous dofeuls In our *m-
called "syitom" of domoallc service, tho
most serious of those arising from the
otter lock of loyalty lo one another In
ihe housewives themselves. But h i» not
a fink nf corruption and ouch of an has
it in her power to Improve it hy Obeying the iinmii i,iai ordinance aldvh
worked so well In Jorusnlem ul old. to
wit, keeping Ihe street eleaii in front ol
one',- u\i n dour.
i.nm or iaiimiki' ahoiitit tie oar-
I  Inhl Wi a crock Hint   in nln«
in,eieil   ullh   (he   Kieane   fmta
Shniilil  time  nut  li    onough  of
n li..I   liinl.    The  itient   inilMl   be
ftlllv   eoveteil      Hel   In   a i noi   pla.i';   emei
wiih n einth. then with a plate,   it will
keep  for  months. .,   ,
Mrs. ii, n. M. (Downglnc, Mloh,).
Would It not be as well to steam the
meat In a Close VOSSO) until parlly done?
The frvliiK, I Hhouhl think, would make
bits of hard era.il, which would Interfere
With el.me  packing.
* fit
Breakfast Rolls
wheat bread,
everything   1   ha.e   trl <l   ihai   eiumi
from  ihe loicnange has proved  good,   l
turn   to  II  now.
t   le.    e.i.e  to Inelnin a recipe for rolla.
Wo like thme mndo t>y it very much,
Bveakfnst Rolls
Sea Id 1 cup or milk.   Mis with It a tubie-
Hpooiifnl   nl'   inelteil   bUtter,   1*8 ol   a   ellpllll
or mgar mr to your taste), j cakos of
eoiiil resacil   yennt,    U.   tl'inloollfi.1   nl    Hill,
yi Ike of .1 i-KKe. i !■'< eiiiia ot ll'un.  :', em-
1 ■   powdered.
iliniKti  Hh.nit,|   he  lint   nnM   eiloUgli  to
ill   the  higreilleiili  ate   In,
A hi sir
PI ssc publish in iim Bxolinngp n recipe
for milking library piste, ami ir possible,
III    Villi I    next    iHKtle.
A. .). K   iWlmin.  Minn.),
I  have aald do often how Impossible
it  la io answer n query in "our next
Issue," ii  would be superfluous to repeal It here.
Library Pnsfe
Wot   a   cupful   nf   slftOll   Hour   In   a
smooth butler wiih cold  walor.   Have
dy   a   pi it   and   a   eiiplol   of   bolllnir
heal   well   for
and ilM or 'nun Into rolls Under lietnio
Ni'ltlltK   Miem   to   l'l-"'.
C. n. I,. B, (Rdgerton, Wis.).
A  teelpe for whole wlieat bread wan
prlniiii   among   nihers   In   our   familiar
talk  of   lasi   week.
imnb ii lie query, imi do you mean
Mint you tide for the nil In l\VO COltOS of
comprossed yeast? Tho qunntlly seems
illBproportlonalo io ihe rent of the In-
grodlents,   Are you sure you did not
Inleiitl to wrltO "one eiike"7 (ir are
yi ur iiikex hill  half an InrgO aa mira?
And tin  IhO  roll* rOqulro bul  one rla.
llig?    I   ghoild   give  one   (o   the  dou-;h
ni oi a shorter nfter the rolls are formed
nml hutlciotl,
I'leane let iih hear again from you.
. :   i     In
0   powdeied   alum.
Cool) lu a double keillo, siirrium.o un.
uuill   li    Ih   of   the   r'.'iti   co  i ah n v,
Add   ti en   a   lea"  ilfill  uf oil  nl   eediir
oi    iiii   nr   i in an    ui   imieiK   you
OllJOcI    lo   Ihe   utltir   Ihe   001)10   ipi.tuilly
11 i u hollo acid,   Tiun Is meant to hoop
iim   pasta   rin i   souring     I'ul   Into
small,     wbli'-niiiiilbetl    Jura    ami    pour
p.llllflllll'   UpOU   ||||<   IQP,
Packing Meat at Home
in reply lo "it c m," fPlttshursli, ''" h
I   Hilnk   r.) .'Hi   in no  uhm   I   eifl   Iii>Iiik
ilmvii    hum   nr  dim lire   'in    e Inter   II|n        I
il    r ,|    ,.. t    "<ir    It      ill   nelilr    In   tiv    flllll
I shall k
iviii ii 11
Cream Cheese
■ more than obliged lo you foi
m   king   el «l ill    elli'l'Hl'    llle   hi
ni la with rennet,    wi ■ c
• I.     II   |tl
l'\   II    1,1
V   II d
net from nny
net the nil-
Iltivoieil  with
-. uilDil    or   mi  'e   Oilier   il iieili e,    lo   i i
■ d  for  lunltol
Hlfr n   I- i■.p.miifui or ii'iii'i'i  lain  ii
nan   nf  il li  milk, inlilhi-  al   Ihe fl r"i
i me n generous pli"''1 <>f hiiii,  Hm tin
milk in ii miliar warm plan1 and ilu*iiw
II elo'h py   i   It  to exeltnle ilunl and  Illea
II   will   form   into  a   (Inn  enkc  la  the
roiiine of an hour or iwo. The time de-
pimtx   ni    the   tempiraime     W'aUh   II.
and when It le solid turn into a el so*
ClOtJl bag UTld SUSpoiltl ll nver a bowl
lo drip, it may. perhaps, lake all dav
to dialn Itself dry fiOlll the whey.
When von dn not nee aiiolher drop fall-
Itig. and the i in.l in Me hag in hard,
take It out, Chop It very line, work la
a tablen|ioimfiil of melted butler nml
prcas an,i knead into a qlioose. or you,
may make never.il nmnll cakes of ll.
Wrap In two or three folds of tissue
piper or In tinfoil, to exclude the air,
ami keep it in the refrigerator,
If you   wlnh  to  tine  ll  noon, work  In u
little sweet rleh cream hofore molding,
Thin maketi a SOfter rake, somewhat re-
nemhlmg ihe fomotlS Neufeluihd oliOOSO.
I always dn thm and beat  ihe curd,
blllter ami ereuui  Inuetber.
Business Ethics
Pome   dnv   I   hope   von   will   wrlle   upon
the crime (for n 1h timhniK leitu of
women ratling in keep hpjlnrsi engage-
no nts. Mv llOUghtl r In il .li ■•im nuker.
nml yuu would po amatotl to -tee bow
women   whose time in rii.-ii own   innkn
In i-   I<ne   prooloui   hniirn  ami   even  ilayd.
Por Instinco, one ani not pome in the
nfii tnonii. nn din- hail proml'ieil, i.eentine
"It was ho hot." She , nan. fn ihe evening for hm- nttlng. when girls employed
all ilav had npimltitiui iitn. They are
prnmjii—bless  Mem!    Mi   Italy  wss  naite
i >ff i ml, .1 been line dhe hiul "In he Kept
walling." She gave in, thnlKllt III llle
rail thai she wan keeping inv poor ihlld
working bite on n sultry evening. Can't
noi niiv Hfimeibiini to nwaion ihe conscience of Mii-enll"!  "blitbd" tn the I'lgbln
or working w en?
Mrs. M. Hi II. li" leiiga).
I wish 1 coul i pri k the r-onsolenco or
women In general to tho binding nature
of a business engnBOmontl Truth compels me to add that my laundrens and
"scrubwoman" nnd  tho general utility
woman who him iluuo odd bltd'nf sowing fnr me ami mine inr Blxtoon roars.
di'iappoint me oftonor In the matter of
keeping a promise lo he with me nt ft
mated Hm» ihan any other ctnrfli Mv
Btenngrnphor and typewriter haH had »
hiislneiH trnlnlua which koops her up tn
the "ark. Kill I or.-- no.I iinlhorH have
011III vn ted   a   OOnSOlenoO   bn  e.l   U|H>n   a
r.iir knowlcdgo or ihe value of tlmei
men and W'OTOII  who hay and nell lose
cusinni if lhey nro oarolosa in kooptitR
ongngomonls. •       .    ..
i cannot reprobate loo strongly Iho
dish one sly or the woman of leisure whn
Steals the line Of ler sinter woman, tO
uhiiiii hours, and tnluiiies rtliunl for Hollars nnd rent".    II H on a par with thn
wickedness of holding hack Ihe wiirph
of ihe lahuring man or wuinuii.
'Behoved so badly lliut she topped trying to make him come.'
pentngs   In   the   world   of   today."   Hhe
wants "something alive that will make
a   tellow  *tlt   up   and   take   notice."
Are we likely to run into the extreme
of specialism?
Com to. the celebrated founder of positive philosophy, expressed the fear over
fifty years ago: "All specialism of
study, one-sldedness of view and division   of  labor   1»  dangerous."
In   the   opinion   of   the   thoughtful
ereises and lawks In mental arithmetic
fioni him.
l speak with feeling upon this last
point. My debt of grntitude la vast to-
the preceptor who when I laid my face
down upon Euclid with a half-sob of
"There's no use trying! I never had-
any- head for mathematics!" quoted
gently hut nrmly, "If the Iron be bluntr
a man must lay to It more strength."
Tbe lesson has stayed by me for all
-If   -lintllil   lint   In-
iniuh lu iisscrl that sin* hits no tnlYnt for studios,""
parent, it should not bo enough tor iho
ihlld io assert that lie I km no talent for
studies which his wiser Instructors
L'onsldor essentia] to n thorough education. The rash youngster may confound' talent with taste a mistake, by
the way. thai Is overcrowding our art
schools.    It l* not enough that one likes
io draw and paints and enjoys ono's
nwn |ila.vhiu and singing, to convince
the rooter-houtied insti-uclor tliat Die
leanier "possesses talent of a rare
order." I ea-t of all does It follow-that,
when ime detests mathematics, tt In
noedlflfs cruelly to exact Idaekboard ex
ilic years that have flown over that-
head since that hoar of deep discouragement,  llml i heard tho pessimistic"
proverb then, |t would have burst out
with the soh:
"There's no use trying to tit a square
peg Into a round hole."
Make very mire that the peg ought to-
be square, ami not round, before you
give up the fight.
Family Meals for a Week
ilin|.,||tiili,    i el i-n |   nnd   it mi in,    ihlitnUi,
earn liniiil.  inilMl.   ten   nml eoRtio,
I'liuu broth In eunn, SOSllOp nf IoiiihIdui
ami egg", fruit "ill.ol. thin bread ami butter
upread with Parmesan eheeie, coffee hreto,
llliiiibn,    rrlcanseeil   ehleken.   Uol led   rke,
RUceotHlll.   I.i.ine   inaiiKe.   linlyllngem,   hliiek
Ifiikfit  iii>pk'*i,  cereal  nnd cream,   Iiiio.ui,
Inn.i,I  i>kkh.  whole  wheal  bread,  tosnt,  tea
und oofiee,
nri'iuieii ami baked mrdlnos with lemon,
bakoii  i..iatni>   cream  leiint.  nuti. dun's
Kin)   i.ilMn.i.   uucoa.
YektiTilay's boud  with  chopped Biteunhiiih
ail.Iim   iri-imBer ..i  chlekim and oyatura in
left-.a en,    th-e    irn'tueltri    ia    lert-over),
Bti'Wfd Hiil-liv. rnlitln pie, black cuftue.
Orsnies, corssl nnd eresm,,lamb's liver
mul   hainn.   uiilek   gruham   blsouit,   toait,
'"■ "*•*' WNOHBON
Dsii iidveii aiiii rerved let whh chicken
gllivv;    hi'iili'il    l.niiUInnl    hlMi tills,    lettuce
miiad, erncKors nnd nheeio, siagcrhread and
ihi«rs, Uiiih twans sauta in butter (a leftover), tmkml iweet potatoes, w«ffles nid
honey,   ten.
Beef iiiun.  rolled  mutton chopt.  Risen
pe», i-uiillllower. hot peaoh cobbler with
wine ituce, black coffees
Preserved Pineapple, cereal and cream,
fried   i-Blf's  bruins,   rolls,   tusit,   tea   unit
ltlen and clieeie pudiliiiR. gn-en pen nan-
eim.H  i.i   li'lt-i.ven.  liienkliisi   nil*,  buttered   crackera,   cretm   cheese  ami   goose*
berry Jam,   lei  una  beaten  IiIbiuIIh,
Oaultllower uoup (a kri-over), h.ikeit
ealf'a head, ecnllop of riwe, t puluimn,
ateweil tuiiintiii'H, apptb and tapioca pudding,   black coffee.	
'I'i'i'ul   anil   i tenm.
ih,   popnvers,
co tree.
beans',   IriHh   potiito  i>ud-
ill li It,   brack   enlTie.
n migi'ii cereal n d e en n, mlneo of liver
am)   liaei.li en   (oa*t   '»   hft oven, hominy
frltterii eolfee nnd las
com vest loaf, ■ifcedi Kii'inli fried pa-
calf's  ti'tiitne Bllced  ami  deviled,, tlion
trleil In liulter ia  loft-uver), niacaroill wltb
nti'wi'il   tninato   in   lelt-over   In   i.mti.   | n-
liitin-H, hollid plain wilh piimiey ami but*
ler; I'uokli'B and eanuid pcurB, ten.
cmitiMh ehnwder, fried nynicrH, potatoeB %■
hi    inn Islenae.    i tdery    mid    lettuce   nalinl,
bskod eustnrd, bim-k coffee,
Ornngrs,   eereal  and ceam,   bacon,   enlly
lui.li.   tniiKt,   tun   lltlil   eoffee.
Imlli"! rtimtnuls. tea,
MiM-k   turtle   soup   (booed   on   Ibltior  Jn
Ahl.1l   e»ll ■   lll.nl   WIM   lillilull,    I■ Ub  Blew.
niftHlisd pi.t.ii".  frleil carrots,   Indian moat THE PROSPFXTOR, CTtAXBROOff, R. C.
By Mrs. Hlnry Symes
•**■       Gmtfr
HAVE you ever noticed how few-
women have graceful feet and
Just look at the feet of the
Women.who sit opposite you In the trolley ear .-utile morning when you are riding down town, aud I wager you will
not find mine than one. or at the most
two, out of fifty who have really good-
looking feet and thin, graceful ankles.
"Why fa this?" you ask.
Simply because the average woman
takes no thought of her feet, excepting
to u-y in make them Ut Into shoes that
are a also too small, porhapa.
If women would only realize the im-
portance of u pretty foot and ankle,
especially in these days, when short
gklrtfl are the fashion, they would be
keen to improve their looks as much as
This Is not hard to do—It only takes a
little time every day, nnd If certain
exercises are care-fully followed and persisted In, n few months' time will show
Wonderful Improvement in the thick
ankles ami heavy, clumsy-looking feet.
In tho first place, when you aro sitting; in a street car or a public plate
where tiie feet show plainly, always
keep them both firmly on tho floor. It
Is a mark of IH'-breedlng to sit with tho
knees crossed or the feet turned sideways with the solo of the shoe plainly
in sight.
To make the ankles slim and graceful,
practice for ten minutes each day twisting the foot around in o rotary motion,
using tho ankle as an axle. Use one foot
at a time for live minutes.
Tho correct way to walk id to let the
iocs strike the floor first and then to
bring the heel down gently. Practice
walking slowly around the room several
times every day, taking each step carefully and all the while holding the body
erect. This not only gives strength and
grace to the foot and ankle, but brings
Into play the leg muscles, develops them
and helps to give poise to the body.
When the feet are tired, hot and aching from a long walk, bathe them With
•warm milk, if possible, have enough
milk In a basin to Immerse hotli feet
and let them soak for twenty minutes
or half an hour.
Milk and water, or water softened
with baking soda, makes a splendid
foot bath to ease tired muscles. Milk
softens the callous skin and will bo
Vuuml a great aid |n keeping the feet
/•yleucl 'a/a»y-u,-H€^
I AM going to talk today about tho
duties of the hOBtese and the host
at a large afternoon tea ur reccp-
, tlon, If there be a hearty wish to make
every one enjoy his visit, a few ot the
formal detain can soon be mastered.
Flint, let me emphasize, punctuality,
. Never, under any conditions, let the
i Iim guest arrive before you arc fully
prepared to receive.
The position for hostess and host Is
at the right nr the door through
which tho guests enter. Daughters
who are being Introduced to society, or
any special guest of honor, stand beside the hosloaa.
Ah a gue.it eiilers the hostess should
cordially offer her hand, Then should
follow an Introduction to those In line,
if tho guest  bo unknown  to them.
Whon thoro is opportunity a hostess
Nhonld talk a llttlo with the guests
ns lliey appear. This can tie dono
easily at the beginning of a reception.
.When tin- arrivals are more frequent
there will he tlmo f'»r only a brief
greeting ami tpiieU Introductions.
The hostess should Bland at her first
place, and must not desert It even for
food or rest. A guest receiving with
her, however, need not stay so strictly
In the one position.
" Daughters who receive with their
mother should from time to time leave
her side and mingle with the guests.
After perhaps the first hour of receiving' this can be done. They can move
about Ihe room, Introduce guests to one
another, arrange for quick service In
tiie dining room and altogether keep
persons   amused   nnd   comfortable.
A husband stands beside Ids wife
during the greater part of the afternoon offering a cordial hand and greeting, As tiie guests1 arrivals are fewer,
ho may turn his attention to the entertainment. He should introduce, escort ladles to the dining room and bo
every place Hint needs his help. This
Is particularly true of a bridegroom at
hln first reception.
Willi the well-laid plan of receiving
worked out efficiently, half of the work
of an afternoon lea la accomplished, I
shall speak again on this Interesting
In closing today. Irt me omphaslse the
fact thai too large receptions are mistakes. Better It Is lo havo two less
pretentious teas In perfect control than
one large failure, You can do this
possibly with u couple of weeks between, ami. naturally, your lists will
ho made up of different names. In tills
Way there will be no enies, no excitement nnd a generally more successful
•    Invitation to the Theater
Dk.vh Mrs, Adams.
When a gentleman Invites a friend
nml hln wife to iiie theater—
I,   Himniii ii.  vuii foe thorn?
ii.    Ill What eider tdiuuhl I hey ho sealed?
L-ion r LEX ED,
1. lie niav rail for them, or he may
■end ihe tickets to hln guests, so that
thev Und Ihelr seats and Ihu* be saved
the iinplcii'iniit situation of waiting in
the lobby for their host,
I    3.   If   lite   three   enter   the   seals   to-
Rothor, the woman is given precedence,
and then the host, so that both husband
and wife may share his company,
A Fickle Person
Hear Mrs, Artiwns.
('nn yon tell me what In pood for a fickle
and RorVOUS ill*-]"-Ulon which cannon much
unhflppln«f' •     ANXtOUS,
Woro time, spent In thought will, T
think, CUI'O noktonOMi (Mice vou lmvo
decided, make up your mind (hat imth-
Ine. pan change your decision, If you
are nervous, plenty of recreation, a
change of occupation und a visit to a
doctor will help vnu.
Domestic Troubles
To a wife: I am Bind you appreciate
my former reply. Although your Iiiih-
hand's1 notions, utmost break your hcarl,
I suggest that you try not lo nhow your
reelings. .Try to' toW an IntorMt In
other things find keep your mind off
your troubles,- If ho seen thai you nro
■ullffcrcni,. It may urouse him to hi..
flense of duty, tie as attractive und
Interesting as possible nnd do your host
to make iho home ullurlng.
In Winch Hand?
Dear Mrs. Aihuns.
I'lensu nd! tne which hand tdm-ild rnrry
the f.tk to tho mouth after culling
nn nt 7
is it customary for a woman traveling
alone io tip (ho tinner who carries her
suitcase lu her room?
Should   n   wnninii   tide    Iho   "Miss"    or
"Mrs."  when  Bl*-iilii|i  ii  hni'l  rnjtuter?
i.'. J.
The right hand,
The prefix Miss or Mrs. should UtJ in
parentheses before her name.
Iih Mother Objects
lieflr Mrs, Admin;.
i  mn  a  young girl   16 years of ura
nml have heen lieephm e.'inpiiny wilh a
young limn mil' vein- my si'idi.r Inr n few
nit.iilhN. (In helps caw tor his widowed
in..tint, mid Kho In nmi sod li. iil:t nlliii-
Hun l.. nny itlil. Will voll pleiis.. Inform
ine ir It h iirmit-r to knp ipiliiu with blm
ngolnil im- wlftiesT
is it proper for u phi in go with mora
tli in   mi"   veiuiK   tniiti   at   li   lluui?
In li |.ii.|«t fur a Klrl in get n young
man   a   present   iiii   tilri   hlrlhdiiv?    Ir  so,
Wlmt    IH   Ul"   HI'"1!, Ml. 1 te   IhlllB?
An W>u both aro very young, il Ih very
foolish for the niolher to raise any nil-
ioot|011 to any friendships which her
SOU may carry on.    If Ihe hoy goes to
ace many klrln. i do noi see why vou
tan not ho numbered among his friend*.
in good condition if used ns a hath
once or twice a week.
Every woman likes io wear good-
looking shoes. And oh, how prone we
are to take a pair of shoes that aro
too small jnst because 'hey are pretty
and our feet look well In them!. A too
short shoe will cause untold agony to
the wearer. It causes bunions to form,
corns to grow, nails lo grow in and
pushes alt the toes out of place. Always chotiso a long, narrow shoe
nalier than a short, wide one. for two
reasons: First, because it is much
better looking On the foot, and. second,
because il gives the font room to lie
In its natural position, giving a graceful appearance to both foot and ankle.
N  TUB  rare of  iho  feet  It
must   li,.   remembered   thai
Hi.,   leather   of   the   c1n«tdy
fitnim   bout   allows   very   Utile
\< tnilaii'.ii.  and so mm - alien-
tion   must   In   paid   i" lap  'i ring
of   th?   reft,   as   well   as   to   their
Imlhlng.     Tne    feet    should    bo
bathed  twice dally.
on making the loi lei. for iho
evening dinner, both shoes nnd
slocking)) should lie changed, ihe
stockings bong up lu the room
ami t'.e shoes left mil lo air and
dry, Instead of being stuffed into
the nhoebag, to remain there until
Ihe  next  morning.
An all nimi i uh will le found
very refreshing io weary feel.
For profuse nersplraiion of the
feel, boric acid ur tali urn powder
may be used, dusting the powder
over ibe feet hoih night ..ml
Sit 6fdce fully Mitt doth Feet Touching tbtfheC /nXk faefcve-lCitofy fiohon.
Yes. It Is vrry foolish for a young
girl tO limit herself to one man friend.
Tkha association with many will prove
If the man is n very inllnuite friend,
she may present him with a book; uth-
ei'wlse li would not bo feasible to glvO
him a gift.
the engagement Onlesseyou do this, it
would mn be proper for you to accept
attentions from other men.
Addressing Children
Chance Callers
Mra.   Adams,
i addressed on n curd?   Km- Inatanre.
ii   Sill
lay  school  leocher,  dtalrlni  to  tend
in  hrr  echolars,   whona  ages   range
t.   Aunnu
think It is necessary Tor a woman
iu uuvu Lii on im mi iv<iv afternoon in
readlmuHs for any ohanes oallerf
is ii proper for n brlda t.» wear n white
Btitln ta>v.ii at   ii iiinrtiliiK wedding?
M. K. N.
Il Is not necessary for one to prepare
refreshments  for every attomoon,    a
heller plnn Is tO select a eerlaln day
of the week when you will he ut home
to all your I'ri'iiils. Then yon may havo
a beverage an.i sumo cakes to serve.
Table Etiquette
r>,:«i- Mrs.  Vilnius.
Which Is the proper WO.V to eat sandwiches, with ihu ktilli; and link or with
ine angers V
When vegCtSUlaa nro served hi «l,b'dl-dies.
should :i portion be tukon mi the nlute or
eaten from tho viirlmiH dlsticn? Should n
ii ui.-ii nf incut tut cut and taken un the
Ib the napkin used to wine only tho tin-
Iters, or the mouth also?      A RnlAOnn.
It Is necessary to use q knife and fork
When eating some kinds of fliindwlehes,
•while others may he gracefully taken in
Ihe lingers.
Vegetables .served in aide dishes are
■not transferred to tho plate, if an individual port Ion of meat is nerved, your
■part of it should he placed on your
It  may  lie  used  for the mouth  fcltfO
whdn necessary,
Di sap pointed in Her Fiance
Dear Mis. Adams.
I mn eui;ii-;eil I" a vming iu.ni hut not
I,mil aim I imiml mil snim lIMint uhmit
hlni. i cnnrri.iiteil blm wltb iho i>pml,
ami  bo suhl ll  was Hue.    ||  hits worried
me ovor Hlnei. mul i pan I uo happy, I
am only IU yciiin old, mid nave iniinv
ohannes to go otil with other men. Wmiid
1 bo dulna wrung 10 no mid hy 10 Iorgi■! ?
Tf your lovo for ihe young man has
(lowu cold, 1 suggest that you break
Mr.   before Hie
Thanking you in advance fnr any Information,   I   i. mnln.
A    ''INSTANT    HKADnn
A small girl should hove the prefix
"Miss'-    In-fine    her   mime,    while    the
small buy may be addressed oh "Master 8o-ana>So."
Colored Stationery
peur  Mm.   Adsm§,
1 inland to loin i nuh of girls iim boys
lu th- near future ami my motnor win
net n« eliiiiieii.ii will it be proper for
me i" el tlm liayi escort me home If
mptlier   luis   n»  ..liloi-tl.mH?
Ih ii nseesssry for mo to tali (he gentleman when he .isli* psrmlstlon to escort
iimt i Hm chaperonedT
When nnd to whom u ii proper i" n^e
pink ni
i.ink ifaHoneryT
SC V. '/..
To lei him know llml yon he>ve com-
pany yon may say. ''Mother and f shall
be  very glad  to hive your company.
Colored stationery is never in good
taste. Plain white Is the approved color
for all oorrcspondon.ee,
What to Say
Pear   Mis.   Ailnnw.
Whal Ih the ]ili'|<er Ihlng to lay to
n gbl when Mm have hinl her nut ililliit:
Hlnl ^lie Siijs Him eiijnjed her fl.le vety
Whnt   nln.nl,I   1   ray  when  n  ghl   thuiihs
me f»r a present! h. k  i,.
Vou may say, "i am glad von onjoyod
the drive.   It   w.ia i|iille  a   plOHSUrO for
mo to haw your company.
■•You nre entirely welcome,*■ would bo
•Uuiclonl to say.
Other Men Friends
Pe.ir Mrs. Adams,
I have bun . ■   ■-.*:•«t tnft ynmut mnn inr
many n n-.   n« tm» i*-r< u» thn city,
i,hole a | Lion iiuiilts him.    Ilq V'"> Iblnk
ll   Miiui.)  he   im  UR   for mn  to  have  otllM
.-. n't. II.ill     ':   • ■     ■      "ill     HO     111''     1111*1     '■''"'
UIO   lo   plan i   eiiloitnlmiii'iil?     My   eti-
gllHOIiielil   l»   well   known   III   thin  luttli,   tllul
1 h*\e friends    <■•< wleh to cult Inr liloml*
siiii»'B sake mid not t« win me. l moke
in my nance about it. and be said lie
would ma mini if I im.i callers oeoaslon-
stir Hs knows Uie small rhinoe a girl
liu»   f'tr   cnt.-niiiiiiin-nt    In   n   (own   Of   thin
Bias. My listers sno frlende romicmii mo
nnd nay t «ln wioin* la miiui- wlih others.
line was heard to eoy iimt he coulon'i care
Mr ii r tie wouldn I conitnt to my gains
with another
If your iiauco l«  wIUIiir fnr you  to
have  men  callers,   why  should  von care
for the (Till ism of others? lie U evidently 0 very bron.l-niin<l.<d mun und
lias implicit faith mul trust In you.
Improper Actions
Dear   Mi*    Adams.
Mv husband m :n years old and I
.im three years younger, tin yon think
tl 15 iir-jHT for him i" IniK and klf" yiuiR
women   wln-n   wa   nn-l   In   rompsnj**!
When we «o I., dattoee, nii-iiMu'i he denes
ths Hot linn'-'- with me! m. V c
Sueh    familiarity   is   certainly   not
Untrue Remarks
To Baby Doll, if Hie hoy continue! to
make untrue roroarks aboul you, then it
Is time for v.ut or your mother lo hold
.iu   Interview   with    him.   otherwise    It
would he bettor to lei Hie matter drop
unit say nothing mure about It.
it was right for your mother to forbid you t rrcspond with a boy who
is almost nn entire stranger, one can-
not lie lou careful of Iho friends she
Toll your girl f i leinl In loi her hoy
friend alone, If ho hun no will luiwer.
he 1.4 not   Worth  limbering uboiil,
REPURfi to lettci-R wilt to the
writer of tills department will
be printed In regular order; but
no ropllea in print may be expected in
less than three or four weeks.
Correspondents desiring I mm' dials
replies 10 queries may yet them by
Inclosing o stamped Belf-addressed
envelope. Personal Inquiries win receive prompt attention If accompanied
by a slumped nnd addressed envelope.
./ Bleaching Cream
Pleaaa sit* ma a teclpe for « e>»»l bleaching '-t.-iiin (oi ihe la..', eoiuethina iimt
will not prumiiie the elishieat giowth of
hair, sin io Miinlur it mu> l« n-*l t r
Hie nt, it.    How utii'ii ahould it be appliedT
Kindly sUf me anme exerrlsei wlii.-ii will
preaane  my toiii li"aiili and kimj me tosy
. lU'l'ltH
Ahum  In'"1 unlit re. iv.itl'iii di'tly I* u a-
sury fm a high w h nl iilil i( l1 ' Kha Is not
i<  rohuvt kI,1. urn  is ii, (rood tii'iilih.
k   i, a.
Here Is a re. Ipe fur a cream \t hich
may be used on the face and nock    Hub
ll Intn the sltlu once a day. After al-
lowlng ll i" remain on tor ten minutes.
wip'   away  all  tines of  ll   wltb  a soft
Petrolatum  " l ounoa av.
Lanolin   u,iii.i.iu.m>i     I ounce a v.
I lyd roar n   pet-ox Ida            I  Hold I'titu'-t
A.-i-tk   acid i fluid dram
One or iho best exercises l« walking.
Tbia exercise, however, must be active
lo hasten the en • nlaltun. All ulhkUc
spur Us are to be recommended for the
growing i*l'f.
Sho   should    have   .il    leasl two hours'
recreation   a   day.      Tina   ahouhi   be
varied, spending some  time  in  walking.
saoris. ami anything wntch will divert
her mind from her studies,
Feet Troubles
pctir Mrs Hymen.
u(   my   leel   .
had   i ii   siuiord,   which   mihru   .,   .v.,
unpleasant in wuikmit and also when alt-
tln|.     I   "''"   have   »   11111111   I.union    wli.ii
1*     VCry     |.n III fill        ll     IHUT    leiy    J.ll (.■,-.     loi'
it   annoys   ma   aitremely,     1.1   there  any*
tiiiiic iiiiii  1 ,iti d" ihoi win remote Ut
A salt-water bath is the moet helpful
HiIiik  for tired,   swollen  and  burning
feel.    Aller  dr>tni;   them,   rub   on  some
alcohol, Tills treatment will prove very
ref resiling.
Following Is the r-elpe for a bunion
Bunion Cure
rnrbolie   add    : fluid drams
Tl not are of loiline  .   I Itul.l ilrmii-
(ihe r|n     11 lliii'l drams
Apply with a oamel's-hslr brush dully.
To Manicure the Nails
Dour   Mrs.   Fvmes.
l Would j..u please lot mo know.
ihrintuli yuur Oolumfl, nil I muni have to
inunli 111 e   my   aagsrnslls   nnd   Which   way
1  must do It? I don't know jiijilitiiK about
ii. fm i nevar tried u before.
2. There is n young girl I know, aha
is is years of see ana botharad with
corns; is tlieit' uuy uo»d com ours vou
know to five!
3. II..W is miUf "f iiiaRiuKla lined for
tho teeth? A 9TB A DY RHADBR.
The requisites for a manicure are an
orange wood stick, a flexible Die. n small
nailbrush and a butter. The nails
should be Bled when tiny ere dry. after
which they are Imld in warm soapsuds
ami   scrubbed   with   the   brush,    Dry
thom and cleanse Ihe skin beneath and
around the nail with an orange wood
stick dipped into peroxide of hydrogen.
Push hack the skin around the nail
wilh the spatula te end nf the stick.
Applv a polish and use the buffer.
The   Kill   has   evidently   been   wearing
ili-iiitini! shoes. If she win Ret shoes
Unit 111 tier properly and will use tho
following re.-ipe. 1 think stag will soon
lie rid nf the corm»;
Corn Cure
RalloyllC  a.id       1      dram
Collodion       '-i ounce
I'nltil   over   the   corn  once  a   day.   and
the superfluous growth nt
on the collarbone, then throw ths head
back with 11 quick, even movement that
Ih noi 11 jerk, bul vet puts ill tbe iinm-
cles Into quick ploy. Repeat t*n times.
2, Turn the head uulckly to the rijiht
till the chin Ih Just over the right shoulder;   then   back   again.      Repeat   ten
times, then turn the hssd to tbe bit
iu the same way. Repeat ten times.
Do not tire tbe muscles of the neck, hut
gradually, lint-ease the number of exercise:) daily, until yu can practice <;" h
on- about tl ft y times without after discomfort.
To Cleanse the Hands
Dear Mr*.  Byrnes,
I 00 my »wn imiiw•■■nth  nn.i try  10 keep
in*  hand- m k t c.iiiiinii.n   mu f..o.. iim. a
ih*y   in-1   rrniH"   .'"It ins      V\ I I   )"'t   htnlly
»uss»-l   how  I  inn)   .are  l-r ihejnT
\  III*. M'l'.lt.
l.cmnn juice will remove many stains
from ti.- '''in.Is. 1111.1 if a lln'e aolt la
added  to tills j .!"' it   la mill mote efll-
A hit of orange or lemon -k'** r. moves
tar Mialn Care must he lakeO , wlpa
the   hands  dry  immediately.
Before peeling Irlah potatoes the hands
should be well dried, nnd si'ould not
he washed |innn-riluielv after. Mv (his
sllgh) precaution Ihey will noi he stained
tilth    the   Juice   of   ihe   lunar.
To cleanse ihe hands after very rough
work   use  a  co-id  cream.   The  following
Is u recipe, for a splendid cream whi-h
may he need for the purpose:
Kentucky Cold Cream
Un-. wa far    4 eonm *i
Sp'Thoierll       1 mail.*
Whtti    wai     ; ,.„,,»   *
To Sweeten the Breath
1 >..,. 5r,Tme
breathf \ m:
"Decayod   teeth  and  a  bud   sto-nart*
■will cause an offi'tmlve hrcith It \.>,i
are hi doubt about either, you ehould
consult a dentlsl and a pi \ -1 un I'
is ulso Important thai the organs allcti
cirty olT l*m wssie of the hod
form their dulln  properly.
1 am gnhm you a reidpe for  1 mouth
warti   which  h»s a  delightful  riTs t
Lotion of White VioUts
iA   M.'ini,   With)
RertJfled -pirn, of «,m
KsM-nci-    nl   viol-I; 1 , ,)nr.
Feint   1.1*  i'«i'pcniilni ik rfriim
Mti nnd 1.. llle    Ula      A  1 up<   oful 10
Kin** u( water
Tonic for Oily Hah
Mi-     Ryn
I   r ■ ol 1
ine   if   tnr   hit   l«    in   Riiod
"   lonle*   1  have  mad  eevii«l
'Ley   ill n*t   -.-. it.   '.,  .1 .  „,,. ,tny
Uvn    SSd    falls
ll  tea  otly
ft    i;
Tin- waler or tar soap is very i;..od
for hair which Is too "llv. 1 ,iin giving
you ihe recipe for s spleiidld lonis wuleh
you  may   uae dally,  tubbing It  into the
Quinine Hair Tonic
Sulphate or quinine  i dram
Rneewtter       I ounces
16 minims
" ounces
Mlt, then further ndd: Olyecrln, \i
Oiiiup; r«s>'ncn r">nlc nr i-n-onee mu-K 5
or   r.   minims.     ABltate   until   selutioii   la
It te ulso important thnt vou brush
your hair dnllv lo remove the dust and
to evenly dlstrlhuto ihe natural oil.
Sulphur, Bay Rum, Etc.
I» sr Mrs. Symee.
I* railphnr p..nd hm a rolur roatorer? if so,
in what proportion li it used?   I want it
Inr  the  hair.
What ran I put Ir, snpa tnnlc to tuos-rvo
H?_    pa   you  e'lnelilir  it   a  iiood   tunic?
Mill, of magnesia la lined (he same na
any other dcnUfrlee. it Is a uplendid
(liinj; fni' whitening the teclh and uiak-
itir  1 hem firm.
A Double Chin
The Popular Ctrl
put Mrs, Adams,        , .   ,
Do you think llml the i-.ll 1 Who SllOWl
! iim Hint the eonvi iitlonol i:bl
,,      1 A  Vi il Ml (Mill.
Vmir  observation is nulla   inn;   hut
hnve vou  nulled  llml  Ihe  populai'lt*.   "f
un oxtromniy  iiii"inventiiniui vlrl aoon
dies? Hlicll HlrlH are 1101   UiO'ie  Mi   wh.iin
men live nnd  [01   wl hoy. morlllce
bad hfthllB, They do mil seek among
thom for 11 wife. The trim IpVq Of ft
good mnn Is worth winning, hut It   »
mil won by Hm itlil wlui Knurs Ueiaelf
tu a i.i.i 11 ■. lovwh
Dear Mrs. Symes.   ,
I   mn   tu   nut"   "1-1    1   am   ip'IHiir   S
iloublfl  cblri.    Will   roil  ple.u.,, nil  nm if  I
' >•"" 'iToLUHAn..
To  cine  double   < bin.   massage   dully,
uilua ibe f.iiiuwiiig movements:   Prom
i.n.m    nl    1 llll),    Willi    "pen   h.iinl     piesu
intiiiv downward, thniwitm Die head
bank word m ihe aamo time, lintiu' the
chin and throat   rroquontly   with  cold
IQxorclsa hi alio helpful, nnd 1 mlvlsa
Von m make use of tho following tllree**'
1. Bland erect, In military poiltloni
place the hands lightly on u.« hhw,
liuLcii' foiwiud.    Diop ilii) chin slowly
Sulphur will darken the hair, but It
will  not   restore its color.
Alcohol. It la a very good tonic for
the hair.
Hay rum given life lo hair, hut it doeg
not restore its color;
Cure for Pimples
Dear Mis.  Hyniin.
Al nnon an you have lime will you Idndly
te|| me Wliai I cnu do im pimples? I
"lioiilil Ilk.' lo have u lunoiiih skin unvo
HRHlit. ■        M    ]..   I'.
Plmplei pome from disordered blood,
due 10 wrung diet, ineitlllcleni air, Ote..
11 nd   from   cJogged   poies,    which   In   ft
polite way of saying din. The att ick
on pimoles should lie from '"" points
and equally vigorous, from eaohi Ths
Mood must no purlnad nnd tin- skin
must bi cleaned ami kepi Rlriin,
It,, very nsreful what ho.ip you nan
In cleiin llie skin. Miiny cheap flonps
coiilaln hm much alkali thui lliey ore
cmerdlnglv InlurbiUH to 11  iiiubr shin.
The wasnetoth, inwo] ind foce brush
rbiiuhi always bo dean and iwoct,
i'',,ih.wi!ii' Is Ihe re. ||iq for ;i plmplo
cure whhh 1 advise you to apply bu-
fore retiring!
id    -IVil
Olnlmeni ol bensoatod
Use o'ri'tii's iur7aci
Wonderful Possibilities in  Development
Of Iron Areas
Matter that is of Vital Importance to Canada-What
the Future of this Country Holds Forth
That the iron industry is growing
in Importance throughout Canada
cannot be doubted, At the present
time there are some sixteen blast
furnaces in the Dominion and additional plants are spoken of at Port
Arthur,  Toronto aud Vancouver.
New deposits of valuable ore have
been discovered and it is reasonable
to expect that more valuable and extensive minus will be discovered in
the future in the vast unexplored region ot Canada.
British capital has lately expended
millions of dollars in erecting extensive coke ovens, and additional mills
for the production ol steel at Sault
Ste. Marie and are reserving the total output of the Helen Iron Mine at
Mlchtpicoten for  their own furnaces.
The Heli n Iron Mine has produced
over 1,500,000 tons of excellent ore,
but the mining of iron ore in Ontario haa been and still is on a ver>'
small scale compared with the American side of Lake Superior.
A comparison with the output from
the American    mines    will show  the
It is stated in the Ontario Bureau
of Mines   1908, page   202 as follows :
"There at* the same rock formation
in Northern Ontario as is found throughout the iron ranges of Michigan,
Wisconsin and Minnesota and they
contain the iron series that are in
many cases identical with those associated with the ore bodies of the
American ranges." "Banded jaspei
rnagnitites and hematites occur foi
many hundred miles throughout Northern Ontario and when thoroughly
and intelligently prospected will no
doubt afford many valuable ore bodies. If the Americans are so far a-
head of us in the production of iron
ore, it is because they have spent
more money in the exploration wf one
range alone than has bet-ii expended
in exploring the whole of Northern
Ontario. The Americans realise this
fact themselves, have of late years
spent considerable sums ' of money
prospecting the Ontario ranges. That
success will attend their efforts is
reasonably certain and unless iron
masters rise to the occasion and join
in the search they will be forcod into
the posit.on of Isolated buyers of native ores from American miners.
At the same time we may hn confident that the greater purl of the output from theso prospective mines will
be exported tu the United States ^nd
" smelted in the American furnaces.
There is no other area In tho world
equal to the Lake Superior as n pro
ducer of high grade iron ore. The
only competitor is the Mlnettfl region
of Germany. France and Belgium
, which Is being left rapidly behind.
fn 1870 the United Slates produced
a little over 8,000,000 tons of Iron
The iron mines In the Lake Superior region shipped in 1891, 7,021,466
tons, in 1901, 80,693,537 tons, and
lu 1910, over 4l,()i)i),lllHl tons of Iron
ore. In tint old ranges ol the south
shore 0re Is being mlnod to the depth
ol 2,000 feet Qud very little of the
ore came from near the surface. Up
to the present, these Iron mines ol
lake Superior have shipped ovor 443,.
000,000 tuns of iron ore, worth alont
at thn smelters about   11,750,000,000.
Over 75 per cent, of the iron on
iiBod in Ontario furnaces comes from
tho United States and the percentugi
la steadily increasing The following
is quoted from the IFlwt Annual Report ol the Oommtsslon of Conservation, Canada page  01
"Only a few yearB ago the iron
master on this continent would bard
ly look at an iron ore If it contained
Iron ore worth alone at the smelters
about   $1,750,000,01)1).
Three quarters of the ore reserves
of Minnesota are In the hands of the
United States Steel Co. Not only
must part of the future demands o
thfl United States be mot from On
tario, but the Ontario demand itself
must also be provided for.
"Only a few years ago the ironmaster on this continent would hardly look ftt an Iron ore if it contained
less than 62 per rent of metallic
content; now an ore of 50 per cent.
Is gladly accepted. The question of
the world's supply of iron is of such
grave importance that the International Geological Congress has invited some twenty-six different countries
Canada among the numher, to pre
pare estimates of their respective
iron resources to prenent at their
meeting at Stockholm next Bummer."
"We are and will continue to be Industrially handicapped until our fr0n
Industry is developed sufficiently to
meet the demands of our own conn
try and render us independent of outside sources for tills nil important
metal, what we need Ih not conservation of our iron ore resources but
Vigorous development of our Iron Industry."
In Ontario wo have all tho umial
varieties of ores, hematite magnetite
and limonlto
About 1,500,000 tons of hematite
ore have born produced from the Helen Tron Minn, the largest producer In
Canada. Tho Josephine Iron Mine
owned hy Mr. Alois Gofltfl of Sft'ilt
flte. Marie, Mich., nnd his oflfloclltefl
has proven ore body of   fiC0,000 tons
of excellent hematite ore averaging
59 per cent, iron content and fret
from impurities and is located ou the
Algoma Central Railway aud only 21
miles from the ore docks at Miclupi
eoten Harbor. On this and on oth
er properties in that vicinity there
are extensive deposits of magnetite
ore and of slderlte. Thu Magpu
Iron Mine in the same district con
tains millions of tons of iron ore.
Considerable quantities of ore have
been proven to exist at Steep Rod
and Loon Lake near Port Arthur.
Large mirface deposits of limonitt
ore has been discovered on tbe Mat
tagami River about seventy miles
north of the National Trauscontlnent
al Railway.
The province has produced about
600,000 tons af magnetite principal!)
from tbe Iron Mines of Eastern On
tario. Very extensive deposits o
magnetite have been proven iu th.
Acikokan Iron Range west ot Port
Arthur and in the Moojs Mountau
Range, uurth of Sudbury
Many other promising deposit:
have been -discovered on the Malta
win Iruu Range and other Iron range
iu Northern and Eastern Ontario
There are the strongest assurance
that Ontario would have many sbu
piug mines if reasonable encouragi
ment were offered by the Dom.nioa.
In addition to securing aecessar;
railway facilities to the iron mine
and the instal'iug of en expen»n*i
mining plant and the development o
the mine to secure the econotnica
handling of the ore it will be neces
sary In many instances to have •
concentrating plant to conc*n:rat.
the ore or io other cases to construe
additional plants to roast the ore'be
fore tbe same can be smelted Aftei
the ore Is concentrated or roasted
most of it will be of very high gra-le
and can be used in our own furnace.-
to produce excellent pig iron as has
already been proven by the excellent
product of the Atlkokan Furnaces to
mix with the lower grade ores from
the Messabe ranges in the Lake Superior region and winch would be an
almost unlimited market for such ore
There arc numerous deposits in
Eastern and Northern Ontario tbai
nlTord opportunity for concentrator
especially where water power is av&>'
able for mining and concentrating ol
tho ore and nt least 100 treated
daily. The concentration of thesi
ores Is referred lo at length in tin
Ontario Bureau of Mines Report 1901?
page 271 t nd '10 page 154. Th
cist ol a concentrating and brtquett
Ing plant with a daily capacity of
1,000 tons would be about $301,000
A number ■' lliese plants have heen
ii upcration in tho U.S., and have
successfully treated ore containing 111
per cent to 43 per cent iron. Tbe re
port ol the Ontario Bureau of Mine*
herein before mentioned would Indi
Oato that these vast deposits of low
grade ore in Ontario csn be concen
trated at fair profit. The ore from
these mines tu Ontario must be roast
id to dispel the sulphur before it
cun be smelted This requires the
erection of un expensive plant but
ixoellent pig Iron and steel can In
made from this ore ns evidenced by
•he product of the Atlkokan Furnace*
at Port Arthur
The-ic various classes of nre an
'ound in the different ranges of Con
ada nnd there are tens of millions of
tons of mngnitic ore in Ontario that
"an be concentrated probably at s
lair  profit
The Canadian nnd American market
will require unlimited quantities     of
art of which has in the past year?
'een neglected although possessed o.
larvellous timber aud mineral      re
In   1910 there passed through both
anals at Sault Ste. Marie a total of
'•.3G2.21S tons of freight, hut all the
wheat and grain both Canadian and
.merican only amounted to 3,705,
03 tons or only about six per cent
if the total tonnage    while the iron
ore amounted  to   41,603,031 tons   oi
over 6G per cent and the coal U
.4,513,727 tous or over 21 per cent
rhe iron ore and coal aggregated   8*t
per   cent   of   the total traffic which
;»asaed through these canals in 1910,
The   transportation companies would
receive about J50.OUO.000 tor the
ransportatlon of the Iron ore alone
last  year
,*",*£?.:   • •   ■ —■■- ..- w .■ f ••VjJW**"*--
The agricultural nnd manufacturing
Otereats have been assisted and pro
SOted while the mining interests have
een neglected.
From   190C    to    1909  Inclusive   $6,
4&.086 has bom expended by the im-
llgration   department   to  secure  get-
'era   for   Western   i'annda and over
18.U5.8Sti by the department ol aK"
ulture largely in the Interest ol   the
i  anu.ng    community,    and   Dominion
amis have been glvm as a bounty to
;ttiara at a rate   of   910 per home
!   tead  whenas  it   the  lands had  been
I  old  at  the   prices  paid   to  the  ratl-
j *ay    companies    for adjoining lands
|   he   Domin on    treasury    would have
I received over   175,000,W0 whereas the
, -eologtcal departmen: during the last
e-:i years has espen.led   $1,OSS.167. or
tt   the   rate of aboat   1100,000 each
i    Tbv manufarturerg are protected so
'  hat during the last ten years   over
m08.uO0.0O0 has been collected in cus*
oms dues on articles imported    into
Canada.     Out or the   118,771,796 paid
;n bounties on  iron and steel during
; the    last     .ourteen    years  less   than
j (700,000 went to the mine owners aud
I over    818,000,000   to   the   manufactur-
; era, the owners of tho blast furnaces
I and  steel  plants.
The blast furnaces an 1 steel plants
ire now producing each year pig iron
and steel products worth over 812,-
)00,no0, and the plants are being ma*
, terlally increased in capacity, which
(hould he a very satisfactory return
for the bounties paid out.
In 1903 a bounty of 815 per ton
was authorized to be paid to the
nine owners for each ton of lead
produced in Canada to assist the silver lead mine owners of British Columbia. The amount of bounty payable each year was limited to 850G,-
ioo during live years and during that
year and the five succeeding years,
louaties aggregating $067,404, were
paid but these mines of British Columbia during those six years produc-
d $2:1,718.083 worth of silver and
'cad which was a most gratifying result of that policy.
The Iron mines of Canada should
receive the same assistance. Each
mine should be paid 81 per t n on
he first loo.ODO tons of ore shipped
<ind smelted into pig iron, but pro-
<ide<| that the bounties paid during
flny one year should not exceed $500-
100 and the ai-'gregnte bounties not
to exceed 82,500,COG and no one company or mine owner to receive in the
tggregate more thnn   $100,000.
If the total boi nty was paid it
would menu at least 25 iron mines
that In the aggregate would produce
probably over 25,000,01 >ns and be
instrumental in securin nd in developing these numcrou. .on rangcs
whose annual output might aggregate
10,000,000 tons worth nenrly $100,*
jOO.OOO at tbe mines and paying
nearly   $50,1.00,000 in freight rates.
iron ore
In a few decades Canada nnd the
U.S. will require nearly UiO.OUO.OOC
tons of Iron ore each and every year.
Tu former years when the duty on
ron ore going Into the U.S. was a
bout 40 cents per ton. the Heler
mine shipped at ft gatt-.fact.ory pro
Fit, to tho U.S. after paying duty
il 40 cents per ton. Now the duty
has been reduced to IB cents per ton
and with closer trade relations between the two countries tha duty will
be removed entirely especially when
Canada hns never placed any! duty on
American ore After a few of these
olnnts are erected and successfully
operated numerous properties would
be developed and operated to a capacity equal to that of the Lake Superior region which would mean an
output worth about $I5u,000,000 at
the rimelterp each year
The total value of the wheat am'
all other grain exported by Cannrtn
from lOCO-'OO, Inclusive amorntod U
a? out $270,401,002, Hnd of the man
ufaotured articles $21,108,088 an I of
mineral products $884,616,870. Dur
ing tho same period Canada imported iron nn I stMl products to the. ex
trnt. of $889.078,,fl07, of which $7K,
843,455, was admitted free of duty
and during that period exported iron
and fit.O"! products of the value of
$18,587,780. Tho development of
known definite quantttlOQ of vnrloiiH
qualities of Iron ore in thin vast region ho closely situated to the Oonfl
dlnn nnd Amoricnn furnaces Is of vital moment to the agricultural, manufacturing nnl military interests of
Canada OB It Should enable Canada
to manufacture" almost as cheaply a"
any other country In the world and
would materially develope the central
Public Libraries Act
(Continued from Page 1)
no grant shall be paid upon an expenditure upon hooka of fiction In
excess of 45 per cent of tho amount
expended upon other books, and no
grant shall exceed ,n respect of books
bookbinding and materials for so cataloguing and classifying, $;i00.00, or
in respect of magazines, periodicals
or newspapers,   $r»0.C0.
(2) After the money payable under
subsection 1 has been apportioned,
the Minister may authorize the payment out of tho residue, if any, ot
the appropriation, of $25.00 to a
public library whose total receipts
are less than $100 per annum tor all
'purposes, this grant to be entirely
1 spenI  upon hooka other thnn fiction.
(it) Tho Minister may authorize to
lic paid out of any money appropriated for public libraries salaries and
expense! of unicorn of the department
(4) In estimating the amount to
which a public lii rary Is entitled only cneh payments out of mnney received by way of municipal grnnt or
gift or an membership foes shall bo
included, ami no public library shall
be entitled to any grant under tills
section by reason of tho expenditure
of money borrowed by the board nr
by reason of payments made in pro
mlasory notoH, nr in nny other way
thnn by cash only.
(6) Hnbjent to the regulations, the
Minister may apportion nny tnonny
appropriated for tho training of libra.   n« •
21, Tho •!■ ;■'",■ may appoint a
duly qualified ofucor oi •« in
orgnnize nnd ImpflCt libraries nnd tn
give oidvlce nnd counsel to nil hoards
.and to nil communities which may
propose to establish a library, an U
Near Auditorium Theatre ™
phone 401 Cranbrook, B. C. p. o. box 62
Real Estate, Insurance, Rentals, Employment
Real Estate Department
South East Calgary
We again take pleasure in (ailing your attention to our property in
South East Calrary. There are still a few lots left at $100.00-$ 15.00
Cash and $10.00 per month.
We wish to say this is from 50 per cent to 100 per cent below the
Market Value and we say it without fear of successful contradiction.
Think for yourself, consider, investigate, and then buy and the day you
buy credit yourself with from $50.00 to *ioo.oo as that's your first dividend.
This Property is in Calgary's future Great Industrial District and it is far
enough away from the shops to be clear ol the smoke and soot, which you must
admit is a very great advantage.
Another thing, if you have travelled, perhaps ycu have observed that the
property immediately surrounding large manufacturing plants, is generally occupied
bv the poorly paid foreign clement, while the mechanics and better class of labor
live a mile or two away. Go to Winnipeg arid look around the Shops there,
the scene is exactly as described above.
We want you to investigate and then you will know that our property re-,
presents an honest and sincere proposition which will enable you to get your share
of the tremendous profits that will naturally follow such immense developments.
Look this up for yourself and remember that ail plans are approved and
passed by the Provincial Government of Alberta. Buy now, and the energy
and brains of the big Capitalists will help to increase the value of your buy.
They are spending millions and you may reap a share of their profits.
This Coupon and Thirteen Dollars ($13.00), will make
your first payment on one of our South East Calgary lots.
Bring it with you.
Not good after January 20th, 1912.
Chapman's Agency
Norbury Ave.   Near Auditorium Theatre.
Port Mann
Pacific Coast Terminal of Canadian Northern Railway. Over 5000 men
will be employed in Car Shops alone, and tht B.C. Steel Corpc ration will employ thousands of men at their $10,000,000.00 works. The portion now offered
is Section 9, Range 1, West, and only about 400 yards from the water and close
to the wharf. It fates the Johnson Road whit h will be the principle business
street of Port   Mann.        Ask us about it.
If you want to invest in a lot anywhere, Sec Us, as we have property in
nearly all of the growing towns of die West..
If you want help of any kind or description, just Phone your wants.
If you have a house or rooms to rent let us know.
If you want to buy or sell a house, See Us.
Oui List of Cranbrook property is very large. We have some of the
choicest insides at prices that will astonish you.
Our Motto is    "Make money for the In estor."
The poorest asset you have is your good intentions. Intentions won't
square your grocery account.
ACT and Act Quickly.
Wishing each and all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Chapman's Agency
Near Auditorium Theatre
Cranbrook, B. C.
p. 0. BOX 62
Iho host nirnns ol eitnbllnhlng anil
administering tho samo, an to tho
w.l<cl.ii n ol hookii, cataloguing anil
all iilhor details ol library management.
22. (Travelling libraries may     he
oatalilluhoil and maintained),
23. (Janitor    may   be   appointed
special countable.)
' 24. The hoard ot any library established under this Art may burrow
i hooks from, lend bookH to, nnl ex*
change books with any other such
25. (1) (Neglect tn keep library
I open (or two comocutlve yearn dls-
'solves tho coil -oration).
(2)   (Kallnro to comply wltb      regulation:! may torlelt grnnt.)
I   26.   (1) (Heat ot trustee vacated by
IIntereit In contract wltb corporation.
(>)  Judge   must   declare Mat va
27. (Advertising In newspapers excepted.)
28. (Disturbing a library an oflen-
29. The prnnltlen lmro»cd by     or
under the authority ot thin Act shnll
he recovered under Tho	
and shall be paid to tbe board coD-
30. Every public library heretofore
established or continued under any
act respecting public libraries, It
con United and shall Im eubject to the
provisions ot this act.
31. It. B. B. O., Chapter lit, and
all amendments to aald art ar* repealed.
Note.—The paragraph! printed In
paraatbesla abbreviated.


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