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The Prospector Jul 20, 1912

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Array UM*"*' m* """
Signet RINGS
Another assortment just in
From $1,78 to ij-lo.lin
W. H. Wilson's
Jeweler & Optician  ■
$2.(10 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: 29
$50.00 in Gold for Second Period Honors
Report on Sewerage System
Interesting Description of work
done—by John Haddon
Cranbrook, B.C.
July  Hlth,  11)12
To Mnyor Bowness and Members of
Council, f'ranhrook,  B,0,
At your request we hep to Bubmtt
the following report on the cost of
construction of the Hewer System
and Sewer Disposal Works. The
figures nre tnken us at June. 30th
last, (with approximate nllownnce on
the sewers to date), this being the
lust date nt which accounts Imve been
made up.
The total amount expended upon
construction of sewers, and mnnholes
etc.. at June 30th ir-us, Including engineering $74,488.35; since then an
additional (1,347.4.1 has heen spent,
leaving nn estimated amount of $880
still to spend on manholes already in
hand and mnking the total cost of
sewers authorized to date $76,715.80.
There still remains ol the original
scheme, 7418 feet of sewers to be com
pleted, as detailed in our estimate of
July 6th.
The cost of constructing these
Sewers,   (after  deducting  sewer  now
Miss Annie Wise leads in Rep'y to p._De vere Hunt
Contest at end of First Period
constructed on li. Hanson) is estimated in this report, on rates based sand in Bdwards Street
upon the actual constructional cost,
at $9,609.60, making a total estimated cost of completing the original
scheme of $86,325.40
From this amount there should be
deducted certain items not included
In the original estimate, as follows:-
Flection   Expenses    $129.60
Deviation of route In South
Baker Street
Baker   Lane  864.00
Additional expense due to lay
ing this sewer in winter... 1.782.00
Losses incidental to strike  ... 216.80
t was partially relieved by turning
t into the sower, and coBt about
$600.00 additional.
(2). The next largest item in the
overcoat amounting to nbout $2500.on
is due to the unusually coarse nature
of the excavation, long sections of
thetrenches having been in large
loose boulders, requiring close sheeting, at the same time making the
sheeting harder to drive. It was necessary on this account to pack the
pipes carefully with fine soil to protect them from breakage by stoneB,
hut in many cases there was not suftl
cient fine material tn be found among
the stones, without careful separation, or even hauling it in, thereby
increasing the cost. Backfilling on
these sections was also made slower
and more expensive than usual, it being Impossible to draw the timber
freely without large oaves occuring,
which would have endangered the sewer, and increased the cost still more
Some difficulty on account of coarse
material in the trenches was also allowed for in tbe estimate, but proved
worse than was anticipated.
(3). The balance of overcost on the
Sewers is made up of various smaller
items, such as rock cutting in Burwell Lane, etc., a stretch of running        _
duelag0' are now real contenders. Other
who were believed to have had the
best of things have dropped into nom
Thousands of Votes were  cast   on  Wednesday   in
Great Prize Competition—Miss M. Roberts
in Second Place—Robert Pye  holds
Third Position.
Attach the blame in the
right quarters
Candidates all meeting with remarkable support-$50.00 in Gold offered as
Special Prize to Candidate turning in most subscription
money before end of second period.
The Prospector's $2,000 Circulation
campaign promises to break nil re-
curdB for enthusiasm and circulation
The first period came to an end on
Wednesday night. Subscription orders came in a veritable avalanche,
so anxious were the wise contestants
to secure the maximum first period
Miss Annie Wise is today, receiving
the congratulations of her many
friends and supporters who helped
her on to the top position in the contest. Miss Wise entered the contest
less than ten days ago and the work
she has accomplished in the short
time is more than gratifying to her-
second period schedule provided for
twenty per cent less votes thnn the
first period schedule, and nearly all
of them turned in their business on
The standing of the candidates published today is replete with BurpriBeS.
Several of the active workers who
were not considered dangerous a week
to u leaky water main in Pooley Ave
and other similar matters which were
not specially anticipated.
Special care has been taken, through
out to secure watertight joints in the
sewers, it will he readily understood
that, with a large part of the system
lying in water, leaky joints would endanger the efficiency ot the system,
und if the amount of leakage into the
pipes was large, the carrying capacity of the system might be so reduced as to be inadequate to take the
sewerage of the city.
If less care had been taken in this
inal positions.
It is a safe assumption that none
of the candidates who are in the contest are holding back subscriptions at
this time. There was some "holding
back" previous to Wednesday, but
any subscriptions carried over that
date will earn twenty per cent less
votes. It it plain, then, tbat all the
business secured hy the contestants
was turned in on Wednesday.
The  Prospector  is  highly  gratified
direction,   some   little  money  might!with the results which have attended
have been saved, but only at the risk jthe contest up to the present time.
Deducting this from $86,325.40
leaves $83,333.00 as the net total cost
to construct the scheme as intended.
The original estimate for this work
was $75,036.00, leaving a deficit ol
This represents the net extra coBt
of the sewer system over the original
estimate, and is to be accounted for
by the following items, as already in
dlcated in our report of July 6th.
(I). By far the larger part of the
extra cost Is due to the excessive
amount of wnter encountered along
the Hue of the Main Outfall Sewer
throughout the ('ity, and also on
some of the branches and bus occurred on the more recently constructed
lt was found quite impossible to
handle this water with the ubuuI
trench pumps, A centrifugal pump
Installed in addition to the trench
pump wus only attenuate to keep thc
water down sufficiently, when at the
same time allowing a large portion
of the subsoil water to escape by way
of the outfall sewer already laid.
Besides the actual cost ol the ad
dttiniial pumping, the extra difficulty
ln excavating, and laying the pipes,
with a heavy stream of water running along the bottom ol the ditch
haa also to he taken into account.
Our records show thnt the extra cost
under this head amounts in round fl
guilts to $4,600.00, or more than half
of the total excess.
The original estimate included a
higher allowance for pumping than
usual, as a considerable amount of
water was foreseon, but the results
hnve been altogether beyond what the
appearance of the ground would ludi
At one of the wettest parts It wus
found necessary to lay about MOD ft
ot the Main Outfall Sewer on timber
and cradles1 In order to obtain joints,
This was done before the flow of wat
of an inferior job, which would certainly have been false economy.
The amount spent upon the Disposal Works at June 80th, was $12,807.77
exclusive of engineering, leaving $4192 go into details. The votes to the
23 in hand at that date to complete credit of the different candidates
the work at the estimated price. ; speak volumes for them.   These votes
The concrete work is now all com- ! taken togetbor also prove the success
pleted with the exception of thc col- 'of the campaign, from tho Prospector
iimns in the coarse filter. Part of I viewpoint. It was impossible to de-
tbe stone has heen placed in the fine | termlne before the close of the first
filter,  and a considerable amount of j period just where the beBt work was
being done, or whnt It would amount
stone has been screened ready for
placing in both filters. This along
with the roofs over the filters, placing trays, and a few otber small mat
ters Is all that now remains to he
done, und we .consider that tho money
appropriated Is aufflcont to complete
the disposal works.
The extra cost of the  whole  works
iver  the  estimate   amounts  only  to
about *H   per cent of the total cost
f the works, and  while it is unfortunate that the eHtiimit.es have beeu
The candidates knew that the jse*' an<* the Prospector. Her ambitions are set ou winning the automobile and if tbe same success attends
her efforts during the remaining days
of the contest as has come to hand
during the last week, her friends will
have every reason to rejoice with her
on the night of August 17. Miss Wise
is well known in Cranbrook and district and promises to be oue of the
strongest contenders for the cap tal
Miss Margaret Roberts is in second
place today and only a few votes separate her from the leader. This pop
ttlar young lady iB in the nice to win
She Is working unassisted and her
friends and supporters have every
reason to be proud of the results she
has accomplished. She is confident
nnd aggressive. So are her supporter
Her plun of campaign is very well
organized and the strength of her resources from which she will secure
assistance are almost unlimited.
Master Robert pye is also in the
race and Is close on the heels of those
ahead of him. Master Pye is doing
splendid work and don't he a bit surprised If he takes the Capital prize
automobile away with him the closing night uf the contest. He purposes
making u very systematic canvas of
all the surrounding district and system and energy are two great ver-
tures which make success possible.
Master Pye has both, so just keep
your eyes open for tbe next published
standing of the contestants.
J, B. Henderson and his supporters
are also doing splendid work. Mr.
Henderson has been handicapped on
account, of being away in the East
the greater part of the first period.
The contest start hns been so busy
preparing the vote standing and getting new names on the mailing list
that time will not admit of going into details.   But it ls not necessary to
to in the aggregate-    The campaign
has progressed fur enough,  however,
to make certain that the public and'However, he has organized a very ef-
the candidates appreciate the magnitude of the undertaking and the enter
prize which devised it.
fectlve campaign and when the votes
are published next time, there will
doubtless be a change in the position
of some of the contestants.
Mrs. John Wolf of Fort Steele, has I
also achieved big results.    Mrs. Wolf
secured the majority ol her votes in ,
less   than   two  day's  canvass.     And
that is going some, methinks.      Mrs.
Wolf is just getting    nicely    started
and her friends  in  Fort  Steele  may
have  the  pleasure  of  congratulating
her   on    winning    the    Prospector's
prize automobile.    "You    never    can,
tell.    The   topnotchers   may   be the
tail-enders when tho contest closes." ,
This statement  was  made famous by
Bernnrd   Shaw.    And  you  never  pan
Several candidates received votes
during the lust week from subscribers
who paid for their subscriptions at
the contest office. When a subscriber
pays in this way ho is asked to name '
the candidate for whom hfl wishes to
vote and the votes are credited as indicated by him. Then too, there are
other contestants who remain to be
heard from, so be prepared for nny
surprises that "dark botfies" might
$50.00 in OOLD
In this issue announcement is mdde
of a special prize to he given at the
close of the second period, to the can
didatc who turns in the most money
ou subscriptions during the second
period. The prize Is- $50.00 in gold.
Get busy candidates—that fifty in
gold is a pretty nice prize for two
weeks vote-getting. And it Is extra.
The votes turned in on this prize will
be counted on the regular prizes just
the same. . Then again, the winner
will reduce material evidence toi his
or her friends that she or he is in
line for the big prizes to be given at
the close of the contest.
Candidates, you should spend.a little time studying the schedules. Do
not forget that the longer term sub*
script ions get the most votes. And
don't overlook the combination schedule.
The manager says we can't have
any more space today so we will have
to conclude. But, lest ve target. Re
member the countersign—HUSTLE,
and then.  Hustle Some .More.
Cranhrook,   U. C.
July,  19th,  1912,
To the Editor of the Prospector,
Cranhrook, it. (*.
In u letter to the Herald, re the
sale of the Sewerage Debentures, Mr.
Hunt expresses his regret that a recent statement of Mayor Bowness has
been   made.
It might therefore he well to explain why that statement was made,
and briefly it is this; "Several members of the Council learned that Mr.
remarks, the Council expressed au
Opinion that the oiler should he accepted, und even then Mr. Hunt
would not sell.
It is true that no resolution was*
passed, lur the simple reason that
the Council had no authority ua a
body, and that, a resolution of that
kind would have heen out of order.
The matter was, at an earlier date,
brought before the attention of the
Finance Committee by the City
Clerk, wbo requested them to approach the  Mayor.
Tbe Finance Committee acting upon  tbe advise ol  the   Imperial    Hank
Hunt luul  made  the statement, that urged the  Mayor to accept the offer,
the  Council  or  the  Finance  Commit- the  Hank deeming that tbe offer wan
tee of last year, refused to allow him the best obtainable at that time, or
to   sell  the Debentures at the    offer likely to be obtained In the near fu-
]received,    namely;    '■•! J.    Mr.   Hunt ture, but Mr. Hunt stated he would
I evidently   making   this  statement    In not sell for less than par.
au effort to   shift the   responsibility The Finance Committee most   em-
on  to other shoulders than  his.     lt phatlcally  advised  the  acceptance of
was felt only fair that the responsibility should be placed where it
rightfully   belonged.
As a  matter of fact  no such letter,
as referred to by him  in  the Herald,
was ever read before the Council, and
the    mutter   was  not.  brought  before   sale
the attention of the Council, official-  tries
the orter of »7 J. Mr. Hunt evidently preferred to take the advise of
other parties iu preference to the advise of the Finance Committee, and
the imperial Hank, with tbe result
that the City lost 7 -J points on the
f the Debentures, und now
to   throw the   blame   on  last
ly,  until  referred  to in  the Auditor's   years'  Council.
report, at which time Mr. Hunt sta-        Finance Committee of the Council
ted that he was holding the sale back   for 1911,
until the New Year, when he antici j. p. CAMPBELL, Chairman
pated     the   Bonds    would realize at A. O.  BOWNESS
least 101.   Notwithstanding Mr. Hunts ' SIMON TAYLOR
W. H. Wilson has just been having' by having J. 8, Mennie, the local
the whole of the front and inside of signwriter, inscribe in gold letters
his store painted and renovated, ma- ' what the bank can be used for. So
king quite an Improvement to the fnr as the wurk is concerned it is
appearance of the store,   it. a. Rack-
left wealded the brush.
Ml $16 and -520 Mens suits selllJg at
less than J10.00--C. C, S.
There are several of the business
houses that would be much improved
hy a coat of paint, the season is good
for this purpose being neither too
wet or too dry, and the city itself
would be greatly improved by this
being attended tu.
about the neatest lettering to bo
found iu the city and reflects credit
upon the wielder of the brush.
if     Picture     Framing
Frame.*-    Pictures
exceeded we consider that, the amount ,,        ...
,   . .. ii    UlR Subject,
is by no means unreasonable, and ■**■ I (*ulture '*
less than often occurs lu work of this
Methodist Church
Rev.  W.   Elsoa  Dunham,   Pastor.
Rev. W. K. Dunham, pastor Sunday Services —The pastor will preach
| nt 11 a. m., and 7-30 p. m., Morning
'subject "Music and Religion". Even-
Music us a Factor   In
Baptist Church
class. The whole of the money has
In vn carefully expended, and when
completed you will have a thoroughly,
up-to-date and efficient sewerage system.
Acting under your instructions no
more rowers will be laid for tbe present. It has been suggested that
work on the disposal works might
have been closed down, nud the money used townrds completing the sewer
We would point out la regard to
this, that work on the disposal work
Ih inherently slow, and if further delayed while waiting the passing of an
additional byelaw, tliey could not be
/unladed this year.
Respectfully submitted
The John Gnlt [Engineering Co.
per John Haddon
Two  Games   of   Baseball
Cranbrook vs. Bonners Ferry—(James called for 6:15
Monday and Tuesday, 22nd & 23rd
Th« new    pipe organ will   b« lIMd
Inr tlm iIi-hI time on Sunday, tbe foi
lowing  mmitcnl  program lor service
will  he jircwcnteil.
Prod'HHiomil- MiiitIi     of     Ieraelltee,
(rom "BU."
OHertory—Melody in F  Orleg.
Anthem—"Jubilate Deo"  	
   Dudley Duck.
KetrocoHRIonul Mt.roli,—From SnmHOn
Processional—Prayer from  Lohengrin
Solo~"0! (tout    In the Lord," Mre.
illlortory -"Audnnte Oantnble1 'derto.
Oflortory—"Andante <)nntahle"(lert«.
Anthem—"The King ol Love" 	
Balo—"Tlu Day Ih ICndcd" llnrtlett,
Mr. (I. K. StovenHon.
Retrao***loni'l—"Wnr   March of    the
I'rlnHtH"    from Alhalle
Presbyterian Church
Morning Service at II  a. m.
Evening Service at 7-30 p. in,
Sunday School and ltit.lt> (Mam. at
'i p. in.
(lulld—Weilneadiiy ut H p. m.
l'uetor, W. KUinun Tboni|iaou.
Services for Sunday July 21k-
in. and 3 p. m.. nnd 7-3H p. in.
In the morning the pastor will
preach from the topic "A Man Named John". In the t-peniug from thn
topic  "The  World's Sin  Destroyer."
A cordial welcome Ih extended to
Additional Locals
It is with deep regret that we have
to record the departure of Mr. and
Mrs. I). .1. Klmer ami family from
our city. They ale leaving ta take
up their residence at Victoria where
business Internets have drawn Mi.
Klmer to take up his Iuture abode.
The family have been In the city la
loug it Iiiih come to seem tlmt they
nro lust a part of the city itself.
Mr. Klmer haH been the popular re
preventative lor the Kl Dora Olgnr
and several other bwnds beside tak
ing an net ive interest in local pol
Work commenced this week of the'
construction of the new manual trai-•
ning school, Thc abutments and
foundation, The building will he a
one-story affair, .J:t x r»5 feet, constructed so that at sometime in the
future another story can lie added.
Citll Up I'M. K. Johnson, licensed
plumber and get an estimate on the;
cost of your sewer connections on j
Phone 2G7. 28-tf. j
We will be glad to take aiiyono out
to see Buona Vista Gardens who ia
interested in Oranbrook.'s future
growth and agricultural possibilities.
It doesn't matter to us whether you
buy or not because there ure not
enough tracts iu the subdivision to
go around among those who uro anxious to get them. Craabrook Agency
Company,    Kxcluslve  Agents.
Mr. John Lufoude uf Ottawa, chief
of the Forestry department, waa la
town Wednesnny. He is investigating
the progress of work ln establishing
means (tf enabling foresters to communicate with each other, and to secure the earliest possible information
of tires and to take the necessary
steps to check them.
tt Is reported thai the return of
the Hon, ('. W. Cross at the last
■ provincial elections is to be protes-
I ted, A protest under the corrupt
[practices lill I should produce Home
amusing results even in the province
of Saskatchewan.
The Ladies Aid Social ul the Methodist Church will be held ou Monday
evening July Tl, uu Mr. Ureas' lawn.
—Musical   programme.
The l.inlb'H Aid Social of the Mo 111
odlBt Church will be held on Monday
evening July 'l'l, on Mr, (irons' lawn.
—Mimical programme.
A very pretty, though quiet wedd
ing was solemnized In the Knglish
Church on Wednesday, when the RflV.
J. P. Flewelling united In marriage
Mr. John Ii. llewetson, of Golden- to
MIsh Kmma K. Keedwell of Toronto.
A large number of friends of the cnn
trading   parties were  In  attendance.
After  the ceremony  at  the church
the newly  married couple received u
number of friends at the OoBtnopol
Itan   Hotel,   who   also
tbem to the depot where a still larger
number   awaited   their   arrival,  nud
after many expresHinns of good will,  1I|)H
wished  tbem  "bou voyage"  on  this plncos,    Tl
honeymoon trip. the nelghlu
Tbe bride received a large number  Bonrirtoncy,  but JubI   loll  them  what
.      .,        ,      * ,           ,                  'yu really saw growing; stlak to fact
ill costly and useful presents. U|)|)H  %_^  fl| ^      ^   )|](<  Cm}
Mr.  Hewetsnn has been  a resident   |,roo|.  Agency Company nbout   prices
of Cranhrook for some ten years, and  and  terms of  Hiieua    Vlatn    Clnrdon
Mrs.  Hewetsnn about six  years, and Tracts,
have a large circle of friends and ac i w   w   KILUY
I'ualntnnces who   esteem   them   very I   HHACT1CAI, I-10TUKH PtlAMHH
Thc infant daughter of Christian
Foote of .Moyie, died at the St. Ku-
gene hospital on Monday and has been
laid to rest in tbe Oranbrook cemetery on Tuesday. F. M. Mucphersuu
had charge of the funeral urrtMige-
Tollet Set ut meats. Mr. and Mrs. Koote are well
known in the city and are the reclpi-
' ents ol   many  expression* of sympa-
Corwln & BrilCO have a very attrac  L.
tlve show window this week.   It It) a i
plan ol then  new addition to Cran |   The Ladles Aid Social ol the Meth-
brook, ami m composed ol bricks rep-  odlst church will he held on Monday
resenting    blocks,    residential    and evening .inly ti, on Mr. Owns' lawn,
business ol ths city as    well as the ■— Musical progra'
nf  the   blocvs   In   the  new |
fjj.00 buys a  1-
the C. c, S.
location  ^^^^^^^^
All $16 uud  tan Mens
loss than $10.00   fr 0,
Members nf the Crnnbrook Knocker I from <
accompanied   Club should "knock 0(1" an hour and
go up to seo what Mr   Hamilton, Mi
Mitchell, Mr Caldwell. Mr. Morrison,
Mr. Worthlnglon, Mr. Usllo, and do/ '■■■■*' ■■"■-'■■■■■*'■
1 others arc growing nn then  monts woro ut
U iiiFI     1 nt,     because
.-mild lutlgh nt youi in
Holm, who was brought     In
, i-   it. camp No. i, hufloring
I from   an   attack   nf   typhoid   fever died
the Ht.  fill gene hospital
I'he   (nil
i.ii   arrange
put Intn   the
hands ol undertaker V. M, Macpher
son and the remains    were laid   to
rosl In Lho Oranbrook cemetery,
The 1,mites Aid Social of the Me 111
odlst Qimrclt win he held on Monday
evening duly 8B,«on Mr. Urens1 lawn.
Musical program mo i
The Royal  Hank  has been improv-
the appearance of their building
The gardens around the city tbls
year, that is thu residential gardens
aro a credit to the citizens, and will
repay anyone tn have a walk around
and Inspect the same. Sumo of the
designs are very ingenious and tbe
taste shown is excellent. The gardens laid out along the side of some
ol the streets in the residential portion ol the city are this year only tn
their infancy, hut this lime next, year
will form beautiful avenues and be a
real  pleasure to walk or drive dnwu,
All $10 and $20 Mens suits selling st
lean than $10.00—0.  0, S.
The Ladles Aid Social nf the Methodist Church will be held on Monday
evening July Tl, on Mr. liens' lawu,
—Musical programme i ,, THE PROSPECTOK. CRANBROOK, R. C
A Modem Romance
(Continued l
\ my of hope   came   to   Crawley
to lit,:
lid thought thai tin- Information
was well worth tbe money, and he re
turned to bis olllce with a finding of
exhilaration thai had long, been absent. His clerks looked with sur
I prise at him, as Iil* gave them a cheerful suille. He wont to his room, und
wtteu he was alum* be gave lull ven'
ito his delight.
| Itut. she's a good plucky one, he
said, hi a tone of great admiral ion.
Ami what a splendid wife she will
make for a man like myself. Plenty
ofr brains, nnd magnificently beautiful.
By heavens, but she'll set off my din
ner table.
lie walked over to the mirror thnl
[waB hanging on  the waif
Brai.u to  lfelm-n the darltness wh cb j   Vm I11Pt Bucll    bnd-looktne chap, an.,
surrounded him.     When he saw Clay ftra|  ,.,, m. U) w||1 |l(1). honesUVi     |
lu, e his offlue jyitli  ine woman he beHeYo Vm jMa, n Wt Iu 1(m, iUll, ,
thought to be Hilda Grant hu deter* sho.ll(- hate lo -„,,., ,UM.
mined that   he would make every el* ,,m. Q ,ong lill|p ]u,          ..        ,,
fort to win her for his wife, nnd   hue thought, but  al   last he appeared  to
obtain command of the money which Jmve settle(, m)  !lU ljlul 0l- ,..,.,,■,,..,.
tha was about to rer-tdvp,
Ills flrst f-lep In lhat dl
tile look up the telephone receiver.
Put me through to Lady Burton,
io  visit  ;■.  florist, and  the following!   He.waited Impatiently until Lhe bell
day he went in l.iiile .lames Street, I rang,
carrying    with      him    some    choice     [a that you, Muriel?     li is Crawle
flowers.   He had not thoughi lhat she Brann speaking,    l want yon to come
would have departed so promptly, and round at once-  , Nonsense, if you'vo
iio received his first chock with a vory an engagement you must break It.     i
bad grace. want ta see you, and the business is
"Will you plouse Klve me lur u 1 Important. ! shall expect yon with*
dro-jar he nsked ibe landlady, in half an hour,
"Haven't got it, sir," He placed bacl» ihe receiver on the
At that momeni Vaughan Seymour i Instrument, and began to pace eteudil)
nppeari il. loo and fro.
This gentleman Is n friend of hers | she's just the woman for mj pui
He niii.v be able to tell you, she added pose. A certain nmouui ol position,
more graciously. Intelligence aud best of ull, sin
Hranji approached Vaughan with nuido whnt I tell her,
affable smile. I    Mis lips wi re tightly pressed logetl
May l come to yonr room for .1 mo .-v. and tbi whole? expression of his
ment, he asked suavely, face changed   Crueli> spoke trom Ida
Vaughan looked at him wltb sm [eyes and his mouth, aud he lookei:
prise, but motioned towards the dooi    tvhaf he trul)  was -dangerous.
What can I do for you? he usked He tried lo write, but found hla al
curtly, tentlon wandering, for he was loo e>
The good landlady lells me thai you {cited to thiuk of anything eUe, aavi
are a friend of   Miss    Hilda   0rant, the fortune and the woman whom he
Would  you  mind  giving  me her ad* I deemed to be in his power,
dress? Al lasfcLady Barton was anuonnced,
I don'l Know it. she wenl to thu and he received her with an empress-
country yesterday, she has been ment which vanished with the clerk
very 111. [who brough- her up.
Crawley Brann started violently as     You were wise to   come    hi    -
he heard this statement, but he qutcL [coldly,
ly entitiolle/l himself. It "was verv Inconveni i       she    n
I am sorry io hear it. he said qiitet-IpHed listlessly,
ly. There were 11 a< es of bea        u i  e
Yes. Miss Stafford has taken her rather tired face, ami she was its-
away.  Vaughan   continued. tlnctly well-bred     '
Let me se*   MIsh Stafford—1 don't     i BUppose you are hai        . -    -
thins I know her. \hi. began bluntly.
Then  you   can't   know   Miss  'Irant       Absolute!-. hroUe.
What is your business, Vaughan asked     [ have found a  situation    for   vou,
suspiciously .   where  yen   will  .--,     in   lux
It eonrerns  the uood   fortuiie  th^cJuotbing to do,
hits come to one of ilie ladies. gave VUI,r ,|1!TV work, Crawle]
Then it Is .Miss Stafford thai you You are quite right. What a clever
want lo see? -woman you are,   Muriel.   You aiinos
Thank you, Brann answered. 1 read one's thoughts, he said mock-
dare Bay I shall bear from her. hvly
With triumph in his heart he de -| -vini{ lsIlt difficult In your ease. If
cended the stairs. there's villlany about, vou art- sure I
Crawley,  my -boy,   he  muttered  to be In Its neighborhood.
himself, it looks as ii yon had fallen      Thanks, but a truce to your compli-
on jour feet at last. meats.      A  clleut  of mine  has  Jusl
But Crawley Brann was of a caut-'rome Into a  large  fortune,     She is
lotis disposition, and he determined at young, and will want a chaperone.     I
once t« verify his suspicions.   At first propose to get you the place.
Night, it appeared to him to be certain      Who is she?
that the girl called Vera Stafford must, 1 will fell you when 1 think tit. i
bave represented herself to be Hilda only want you to hold yourself in read-
Grant, for it. was extremely unlikely I inesB. The matter has not been men-
thai, both girls should have come Into j tinned to her yet, but I think I shall
au unexpected fortune. He sought Ibe able to pull it oft. Will it suit
out the landlady, and entered her 1 you?
kitchen, in spite of her protestations.     it  depends what   my duties »ih  to
I don't suppose you mind earning a lie.
sovereign, he said easily, as he took      The  usual  ones  appertaining  to  H
il golden coin  from bis  pocket  and chaperone.
placed It on the table. Yes, yes.     Bul I mean lhe duties in
If it's honest, she began, yourBelf.     Ih she to be poisoned or
You needn't trouble yourself aboul kidnapped, or what? sue asked with a
iimt, I only waul a liitie information, mocking smile.
I'll nive you any I've got, she said You will merely have In keep your
with a covetous glance al the money. J eyes open and do what you are to do, j
Life Aboard ft Lightship Ib an Acllvi
One After AM.
A faint splash of li^ht on a dsrb
WftSte of waters; the w«Bh of the sei
against the ship's side; the creak nl
eloekw.uk; tiie measured font fall o
the watch on the deck; tho barely
heard throb uf a distant f-teamer, oi
the near loom of ghostly Balls paaalni
in the ulght and, through a pall ol
chilling mi.it. the boom of the foghort
hurling ita not*, of warning intu tin
far-off allenoea.
Such in the long night hours, is ont
of the mnny lightships which keej
keep vigil around our ooasts—flie een*
tinels of the ten, the protectors o.
those who go out on the deep waters
To understand the spell of the life
let us elep aboard a lightship.
Ko sooner are we ou the deck than
we feel at home. Spacious and cosy
one can picture happy hours spent in
this craft, remote from the etreiis oi
shore life. There Hre even plants and
.lowers to give a picturesque touch ol
domsstio life.
And the men who make their hnmi
here? They are eight all told- it may
be only six -a master and hte male,
three sailormeu aud three Umplight
ersj snd of this small but eufflcieal
crew only live are on duty the re
ruaintng three are taking a well-earn
ed real ashore, turn and turn about.
Nu long*faoed hermits are tlieic
guardians of ihe lightship, cheery
men, all nt them, and hospitable, a*
becomei » tailor, though they main
no -I'm
"Dull:" said the mate of the Nor*
ship to the press man on a visit,
"Why. we'va no time lo be dull! No
Urns for grinding hers'"
Ami tin- Is the truth. From rising
to sleepiug no moment* need bs un-
oocupiod Tha Ian tan. alone keeps
two of the tne constantly busy. Al
HUlset the lumps are lit. and the lantern ia hoisted to its emlnenoe, a lew
feet below the ball ol the mast; then
the clockwork ia etart**,! which sets
it revolving. All through ihe night,
st frequent intervals, a gong Rounds
the - gual foi the laborious re-winding, and woe betide the watchman
who ii deal to in,- iignsl. ot doea not
keep an eye i n hia re*, ol\ ing ligl I
At sum ise I ie lai lei n ia lowered,
md i* busy houi or iuoijs of cleaning
foi ■ w, with rag and eat ler aid cana
of ... until 'each reflector almost
blinds one with its glitter there il
the foghorn to ba kept booming ever)
tv a • ties bj Btrenuoua work with
- foot-pedal whenever the mist-clouds
P.        .:
Eyes must be kept ever on the alert
night aud dsy,* the watchers ready at
h:■;. instant to send h warning signal
by gun or flag, lt may be a \essel
heading for a shoal; a ship in distress ; an imminent collision which
only the promptest action can avert.
And every happening of night or day
muM bt? carefully noted by the master
in hi? log.
But. of curse, it is not al! woTk.
There are houri- of leiaura for those
' ff duty. And there if always the
prospects of that month on shore,
which comes round with audi welcome
frequency, and which le:idr wings to
the days aboard.
No; with a ehe-arfui spirit, plenty
of work, and play, good pay, and a
pension to look forward to, the life,
ol a lightshipman is far from being
undesirable, even in the Isolation of
a foggy night amid the lone water*- of
the lie a.
he test remedy
known   for   sunburn,
beat rashes,--'eczema.'
a .sore feeL, stings ana. i
l&listerv A skin food!.
Ml /trvfffW* and hotta-^tOif
you've been having etrnnge hajj
pen logs iu your household?
Indeed I have. Mot lhat I like faking my husband to court, after twenty
years of married life, but—
l wasn't alluding to your domestic
dirTereui'i'H. I w»h referring to .Mis*;
ll rani and her good fortune.
1 hadn't beard of it. She Wntlta il,
tor she'a n poor alllui; thing; least*
wise Mine*** nlw'n been here.
Hasn't bIio been leti a lot of money?
he nsked eagerly,
Ah. you mean Mish Stafford. Now
that's a dtffi'ieiii It Hid or girl—a real
beauty with pleutx or go, I'll will'*
run! she'll make the sovereigns fly.
And 'en- I haven't seen the' color of
her money yet. Bhe might''ave given me it live-pun' not e— me, n noo1'
hard working woman with a large family.
What's Misa Stafford llko In Appearance? Brann naked casually-
A   lilll   fill*'   upNlamllllK   Weilcll,   '(>I(Ih
her 'end iih If she wasn't ashamed to
look  vou  In  'he  fuco,      I'.li, she's a
What'a the color or her luilr?
.IukI    like   this   'ere   BOVOI'eigU,   only
darker, tho landlady said an flu- edged
nearer ihe coin.
I think you had hitler take It, Good
Spying. Ih that all? You are let
ting me oft lightly. And if 1 do your
dirty work, what is to be my reward?
will yrfu glvo mi: tho letters? Bhe asked p.iHMonalely. .
ll-. unlocked hia private safe, and
took out a packet Which was hound
with pink tape.
Hero they are. As soon as I marry
mis girl, thoy shall be yours.
Mr. ililion Have you opened lhat
bottle or champagne, "Bridget?
Bridget—Kallh, I Blurted to open il,
an' If Aegan to open Itself. Sure,
the mon Unit tilled that bottle must
'uv' put In two quarts Instead of
wan.—Philadelphia Record.
Dysentery corrodes the Intestines
and speedily eats away the lining,
brlnglug about dangerous conditions
that may cause death. Dr. .1, D.
Kellogg'e Dysentery Cordial clears tho
liiteBtltiul canals of the germs that
cause 'ho Inflammation, and by protecting the lining rrom further ravages restores them to healthy eon
dit ion. Those B^bjecl to dysentery
should not bo without this simple yet
powerful n medy.
Additions te tht Zoo.
The tine collection of animals presented to the King by the Government of Nepal, and offered by hia majesty to the Zoological Gardens, is
now on its way to England, and is
expected to reach Tilbury soon. The
ship which in bringing them home is
the Afghanistan, of the British India
line, • nd the has arrived at Aden.
The journey from Calcutta, the moat
trying part of the whole trip, fortunately did not tell too severely on the
animal.*, and there were few important losses on the voyage. Seventy-four
mammals, left India, and these included a male baby rhinoceros, a four-
homed antelope, examples of the very
curious "one-horned" cheep, three
leopards, four bears, and a number of
smaller creature?^ The i-asnulties in*
eluded a female baby elephant which
died in Calcutta, two Hharal t-heep,
and a snow leopard.
They   are   Born   Fighters.   Invetcr.ite
Thieves,   Scr-etones  Cow.irris
Dogs In Alaska are of all breeds
.mil Bij.cs, the most common belug
ihe iimianiuie or unlive dor;, says n
writer in the Wide World Magiulnp
The word "inalaraute" is an Indian
word, meaning Eskimo and is applied
io both dons and natives- Tho mnl
iimute w of the wolf strain lu tact,
the best ol the. breed are hair wolf.
They evince all ihe chnrnclorlallos -*r
the wolf boib in appearance aud In
Ow Ing to his wolflike fur, the iiu'.1.
inuti can eastlj ■ tautl thu extreme
Vlaskaii cold He ts a born tighter,
an Inveterate thief and somewhat or
■i coward, for be will seldom llghl
slnglj against ;i loue adversary The
mnlalmitc while well aide to wlthstnud
the   cold,   iii-- s  not   seem   to  have  lhe
ime onter of Intelligence na Is tils
r ay< d bj lhe outside dog, nnd the
i" -i don for Uaskn would scorn to be
ii   iiiMmv o( the two strains.
Small dogs, Buch .is fox terriers are
n rarltj lu Alaska, ror In that ooun-
■r\ n dog Is valuable In exact proportion lo the ii'nouni lie CttU pull.
a sleigh dog will weigh anything
from 30 to ISO pounds, the average
being about ."»7 pounds.
Dogs m Alaska, when on the trail,
a^- fed once a day arter the day's
work is done. Thej are uever red
In ihe inorntug, ror If they were they
would be l-.uy all day, or, what is
more probable, would vomit up their
breakfasl soon arter they Rot on the
mh!. Dogs, to work well, must be
well fed.
They get a variety of foods, Including rice, tallow, corn meal, and lit.h.
Ir rice or corn meal forms a part
ol ihelr rood it must be cooked. Some
me:: prefer to Teen their doss on bacon or (.sh, thus doing away with
'lhe Vukon sled, while not a thing
uf beauty is built to stand ail kinds
of .hard wear. The sled Is about
ei;;*]t feet long, in made of nny kind
of hard wood, lies close to the ground,
costs from $10 to $lt, and makes a
trail 16 Inches hi width. Another
pattern is known as the basket sleigh
and is to the Yukon sleigh what a
three-maatud schooner iH to a coal
barge. In length It is from eight to
i fteeu leu. is made of birch, oak, or
hickory, cuts a trail 22 Inches dn
width, costs from MO to $2000, Ib
raised a foot or mo|'e from tbe runners, and, in tbe best examples, ls
lashed together with rawhide.
The basket sleigh, as its name implies, (h lifted with a basket, into
which the load fa placed, and from
the hack of tbe basket a pair of handler project to be uced in guiding the
sled on ihe trail. In very cold
weather wooden runners are best, but
in ordinary circumstances steel or
brass runners are used,
1 How Rome Waa Saved
!    How nre you on apcleut history, In- j
, quired the Wood Street man.
■    Pine, declared Ihe Bttgo of   Smith-
Held Sireet.      Ask  me anything youi
; want to know.
'    1 wus trying to   recall   the   facts,
; about ihose geese that  cackled und'
thus saved  Rome,
1 remember the oplsode,     You pee
Home wns a very rich city iu ancient I
[days, tilled with'gold    and    pieelous ,
siones.    Some Invaders had gathered
ed In hopes ef gi King big loot
1   see.
I     Bui   when thej   heard    Ibe    geese
onoklipg  tbey thought  they'd  belter
grab the geefee and let  tha gold go,
The cost oJ  living was Jusl us high j
(hen as ii  Is now.
,    l comprehend. I
Thej  uuole off with lhe goose and
thus Koine wiiB saved.     -,
S.iiul   Song-   in ihe   Desert
'n the North African deserl al some
limes In the year a curious phenomenon ran be heard,
it   is  Ibe BOUg of tbe Silliils
Nu oue nan say whence this song |
comofl, bul   li   li due lo iitmospber j
! leal conditions.
There an- two tllstlncl Bounds: ono !
is like  the  wind  In  leleuiuiiti  pules, ;
. tho other like tin- after reverberation
ef ii big atrlking clock.
During lho llmo the "song of lhe ,
Bnutla" enn be heard Home of Hie snnd |
dimes wheu truddeu on give out a (
hollow, bi II llko sound, mul where lhe '
BUrfacu ol ihe doner I Is covered with !
sandstone n I Inkling noise Is heard I
When this Is trodden on, London I
\n-.\\i is.
Mlnard's Liniment, the Lumberman's
In China n fine is imposed when a
iralu is lHte.     Queer custom eh?
Oh, I don't know. Ever notice
Wiiat lit ppenH when a boat comes ln
late H this country'.'
No, what happens?
She is promptly docked-—Washing-
In the Growth
of Corn
tbi; ■ *• a pei lod when the iter
ih u an-  plumped oui  with a
•gotable milk, most nutrltlops,
As the corn ripens the "milk''
hardens, and flnallj becomes al
moil it un}
Aie made from this hird port
of choice selected corn.
n is carefully cooked; treated with sugar and salt; rolled
inlo thin hits; then tousled lo
an appetising brown—without a
hand touching 'he food.
It has been snld lhat Post.
Tonstles arj the most delicious-
ly flavored particles of cereal
food yel produced,
one oan render an opinion
upon "lai
"The Memory Lingers"
Cited an   Exception
|    A  religious worker,  while  visiting
■-** i a   Western  town,  gave a   "Talk   for
*   Men,"   during   the  course  of. which
he expressed hli conviction thai  no
young mun should visit any place to
which lu- would not feel Justified In
timing hi.-i own  sister
[i there any young man present
who thinks one may safely disregard
this wise rub ? asked the speaker.
Whereupon h youth in the rear of
ihe hall ttood up and suld in a loud
stentorian tone; —
Vee, sir     I no
And what, sir, demanded tbo ango
and  surprised  speaker, is the plaeo
I which  you y our sol ( would think of
visiting 'o which you could not lake
1 your sister.'
The barber's   shop,   replied    the.
Made hy
Can ad Inn Poututn Coreal Company, bid , Windsor, Ontario.
Hole* In  Her 8U'.'ilf-gt
The eternal feminine crops oul In
the cnrreni story of the nervous wo<
i man to whom the throal specialist,
while adjusting a Ini it ope, prepare
lor)  to nu exarnlnath n, remoi ked.
Mad amp, you'd br surprised i^i hear
how fnr down we iinui see with this
wonderful Instrument,
A pause followed, and then lhe patient faltered:
Doctor, before ymi begin, perhaps I
("oiiglii ti) Ndl you Hint I really hadli'l
time to mend ihe holes In my stock-
! IgS   before I   eaili-   here.
Her expression of conoorn over op
pr'iir.inn-H'was in Instinctive as 11■ »i
of the ndy New England mother who
rushed Crom the kltcljen ii|i«j the ball
after a ernsu, and onmured If any ml
Ih.id boon spilled ou the carpel, when
I or daughter I ell down the rront ntulr-j
wllh a kerosene lamp.
Old-Tims Revlawa.
An hu institution navs! reviews ap*
pear to be quite ancient, despite lhe
fact thai, most people seem to think
of them ii*- lialing back no earlier than
the middle of the last century. Way
back in 'ays when the ship* that
fought ut. er Neleun would have been
thought incredibly large arid powerful
(hern was a big review st the Nore,
when King t'hurles II. inspected his
tieet btdm--) It set. nail to give buttle
to the Dutchmen off Lowestoft, A
hilt review, too, was held in the dnys
ut William 111. in honor of the Cm
Peter, who, it will bi remembered,
look suoh in immense interect in
shipbuilding tlmt he worked as a hand
in the shipyards himself. Oeorge Ml,
held several reviews, though, curiously enough, Nelson never came in tor
the houor ■ f h royal visit, One of the
most historic reviews on record was
that held in 1856, sfler the Crimean
war, whon nn fewer than 5H0 meti-o'-
war saluted tjueen Victoria Hi tSpit-
M.irki a London Boundary,
in thi Strandi London, luit by the
"Orllfln" monument marking tho alte
id Temple Bar, there 11 to be loon, let
inin the kerb of the pavctnetit, nu
iinii anohor somo l'l or HI inciu-n in
length, wilh beside it ihn letters H, tl
iitel I). Tin- mark h unusual and of
lotno Intercsl till wo discover it to he
merely the boundary mark ot the
I'ari'h of Ht. Clement Danes I
W. N  \). ao?
The  Young  Wife's Complaint
l wish 10 complain, said the in hie
haughtily, aboul thai (loiir*,you sold
me.     M waa tough,
Tough, mn'otn? n ik< d the grocer.
Ves, lough       l IIHllle a pie with It
umi my husband could hardly eul It.
Blum Is in dlHtross boeause the tlm
crop will he only 40 per OOllti of the
nui'initl yield,
Gold  Sovfrfigns.
Sovereigns were first coined In the
reign ol Henry !■. but they were ihen
north "l'l fhillings.
Busy   Hair-Cutting.
During one week no fewer Hutu .IB,-
'ririi Chinamen cut off their pigtails in
hong Kong,
During ihe conl strike mnny minors were Idle, and Iho city authorities, tailing  advantage  of the  (act,
hud   ft   lot  id   WOfg   done   pulling   in
Howofl, Raving atroola and laying
wire* unu^rgroiUldi in \\'\ IrJllunflO
by the nniiKj 01 Mike pouloy had uKOii
omployod In thn ml ties, but took a
lempomry Job digging dltchoi In tha
nlreels. "ne morning Inn friend l'nt
Hooligan saw Mike nt work and ox?
"Hello. Mike! Whal ill' the devil
are you doing lluiel- '
Mike loaned 011 his pick, lookO xtfi
nnd said fuuHlugly,
"Oh, 1■ though' \ vould woik while
I  waa i'i.c.:*;
When the Ostrich Hurries.
Two feet is the usual stride of an
ostrich when it walks, but when the
bird Is alarmed and commences to
run it exchanges its mincing slride
for fourteen foot steps, which easily
carries it over the ground at a rate
of twenty-five miles an hour. Ordinarily an ostrich makes no effort to
profit by its length of lege, and many
birds with legs less than a quarter
an long habitually use a three and
four foot stride, for it seems to he
one of the rules of nature that birds
like ostriches, flamingoes and cranes
extend their stride only when alarm*
ed. The ostrich when* it runs takes
both feet . ff the ground at every
slride, its progress being made by
means of a series of jumps m> rapidly
performed as to leave llie observer
under the impression that one foot
remains on the ground until the other is placed.
Caprlvl and the Kaiser.
Gen. Caprlbl, n stolid, ruminating
kind of man. with much pound sense
and f'.mo kindness of heart, received
a message from lho emperor one day
wlnle he was at dinner. Ho ron- aud
went to his imperial inastar st once,
when the following conversation took
place: \ want you," said William II.,
"to take Bismarck's two places as
chancellor and Pruts!an Prime Minister." "I am at your majesty's orders," answered lb* general. "Have
you no condition* to make*-' "It is
not for me. cin». to make conditions,"
"Very well. Oomo hero to-morrow
morning. What, are you i-oiiix to do
now.'' "I shall go home ami finish
my dinner, lire, A very good, soldierly answer.
An Extraordinary Rat.
The I'auadinii sand #rat is distjn-
tulihed by Urge cheek pouches, oval
in shape. The animal burrows iu
SRlldy soils and feeds 011 mils, loots,
or gVt-.tf which it conveys to its burrow in its cheek pouchos, The rat
empties its pouches by sitting up like
a squirrel, ami squeezing thu pouch
again Rt its bread with its fore-naws
and chin. This animal Is a liltle
larger timn n full-grown common rat,
and pale-greylRh-browtt i,y color,
with ch a meter I stlc thoroughness
tho German a have devised n real
burglar proof snfe, bo cleverly designed thai It w^ll baffle even the
burglars who work with the latest
ot oxygon and acetylene blowpipes, It
is called 1 he carrousel, or 'roundabout safe,'
it exhibits n polygefial steel structure revolving freely on bull bearings.
U Is built into a wall, nnd when the
outer door Is closed a small electromotor is BOt Iu motion, whereupon
the snfe starts revolving ceaselessly
and noiselessly ou lis axis within its
stone chamber.
Any tampering with Its motions
causes au alarm hell to ring. So
long hs the safe continues to revolve
lhe blowpipe can have no effect upon
it. since ihe (tame cannot be applied
long enough to any particular spot to
make an Impression.—Chicago Tribune
Th<* Kalser'a Daughter
1     liefore BOttlug Oul  for Vienna nud
! Von Ice, William II, ISmperor of tier-
j m.uiy awaited at Berlin for his (laugh*
, ler, whom he calls IiIh 'hesl hoy.' Bhe
; whom he calls his "best  boy.'     She
returned from Swlizerland, where Bhe
I made, according to the olllclal  ver-
ston,  ii sojourn   for her health. The
1 gossip of the German court says this
was really a lark to escape from lhe
! presence of the   Grand _ Duke   of
i Mocklenburg-Strolltz,  to  whom  they
jwlt.li  in many Inr  without her con-
, Bent,      The   Kmperor  and   ISmpresa
were al lhe Station when she arrived.
\    Hardly had the train slopped when
the Princess hastily descended rrom
the conch, and throwing herself lm-
i peluoualy Into the arms of her father.
exclaimed:  "1  will not  marry him."
: The  Emperor,  smiling enigmatically
j responded:   "I   Bhall   occupy   myself
! with  this alliance after the others.''
II   is   now   snid   that,   this   marriage
cun never lake place, ns the Grand
Duke has  withdrawn  from tho field.
The K'li-.n' has taken the Princess
to    Italy,    and    travel      sometimes
changes on "s Ideas.—Le Cri do Paris.
The Port
rhe pof-i snug oi sparkling rllla
And   burBlfng   buds   and   country
And Violets and daffodils
And sweet, refreshing April rains,
.Ml muffled up am) having chills.
Ami doped with seven kinds of pills,
lle sin   wliere smoko uud  loj; were
Ami looking from inn window where
11 furnlBheil little light or an.
Bn\\ hut a wall composed of brick
And ns he looked and us he wrote
A lump rose 111 the poet's throat.
Kor he was weak mid sad and sick
'. fear, he said beneath his breath
Thai I n m doomed to starve to-death
UnlOBS 1  sell this mighty quick.
Therefore the poet,  wrote away.
Of promises that spring fulfills,
And bravely let his fancy struy
To gladness ovei  dl&tnnt hills.
S. E. ktier.
Held Her Audience Well
Dtggs—My wife Is a wonderful vocalist.     Why, 1 have known her to
hold her audience for hours—
Biggs—Get out!
Diggs—After which she would lay
ll  In the cradle aud rock it to sleep.
A Real Meat Baby
Small Bessie had been taken In to
8Pe her new baby brother for the first
How do von like him. nsked papa.
Fine, replied Bessie. I was getting
tired of sawdust dollB. and I'm glad
we've got a real meat one at last.
A Successful Hunter
Been hunting?
Kill anything?
Nope, couldn't get a guide to go
with me.   ^^^^    	
Where He Muat Fall
T believe the mon who loves deep
,mough can eetuully accomplish any
thine within human possibilities.
No There's one tiling within human possibilities thnt he can't do.
What, if I vmy ask?
Keep from seeming ridiculous to otli-
|er people.
Home Repartee
Scoff lot Man-—Vou BUffrugeltes
ottghl to live in ihose European conn-
t riea w hero women and donkeys
hitched together draw heavy loads.
Then you''1, be of some use.
Suffragette—Are you married?
Scoffing Man—Of course.
Suffragette—Evidently the custom
yon mention is not confined to foreign countries,—Judge.
He Did
Nappe,-—.Tones Is so visionary! Nobody takes any stuck in hla schemes.
Snapper  (gloomily)—I did.—Judge.
Oen Horace Porter, who was anv
biissndoi io France during the Mc-
Kinley admin tatration, hns always
been ir, demand as us after-dinner entertainer—that term being less deadly than "speaker," more nearly exact
and eminently tilting.
The genera! waa giving an illustration of everyday diplomacy after
having compared it. with world diplomacy.
We will say, for Instance, he observed, that our everyday wiseacre H
introduced to a man from Iowa. Ho
talks corn with him. He meets a
man from Boston nud talks beans.
Should he happen to be ibrov.n in
the combined company of a man from
Iowa and a man hum Boston he would
discuus succotash.—Chicago Posl.  -
Do >on think It <b possible to muke
an airship absolutely safe?
Sure, replied the mechanician.
Disable It before It gels a chance I ■
leave tho ground-—Washington Star.
They Don't Speak Now
''■ Wl-al nonsense all this ts alio,it
men getlug on their knees when Ihey
propose, said Mrs. Pat-slow to he.*
dear f rlend. My husband didu't dc
'any audi absurd thing,
lle did when he proposed to me,
said the dear friend, without thinking.
Mrs. Wm. Kernaghan, Cartwright,
Man , Says: "I always UBe Baby's Own
Tablets and find tbem au excellent
remedy for little ones." Thousands
of other mothers say the same thing
simply because they have found the
Tablets the best medicine lo give their
little ones to make,teething easy; to
expel worms: relieve constipation and
to make baby plump, healthy and
strong- The Tablets nre bold by
n.edleiio dealers or hy mull al „j
cents » box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Out.
Prison Habits
For ten years past, said the new
boarder at the seaside, my habits havo
bcen tegulnv ns clockwork.
I rose on the stroke of sir, half an
hour Inter I ant at breakfast; at seven
I abb at work, dined at twelve, ate
supper nt six, and was In bed at half
past nine, nto only solid food, and
hadn't a single Illness all that time."
Dear me. snld the landlady, In sympathetic tones, and what were you In
A Late Apology
Nervous and Inexperienced host
(rising hur. iedly at the conclusion
of a song i—Ladles and—er—gentlemen, lefore he started to—er—sing,
•Mr. Haw mil asked me to apologize
for his—er— voice, but 1—er—1 omitted to do so—er—so I—er—apologize
John, you promised at least a dozen of out friends some early vegetables.
I know I did. I wonder if thny
wouldn't coupromise mi u trip to tiie
theatre IiibIi-hiI I don't see how I
am going to divide four rudishes
■imoiiK 11 do/eu families.—Washington
A mad deg bit my landlady.
How do you know be was mad?
Didn't I say he bit my landlady?—
Why did you lire that bellboy from
llie National Guard?
Eve"**y time the Captain said 'Front'
he jumped from the ranks and held
oul his band for a key.
Thi burden. * mnu haa to carry thro-iik life are t-aaoy bul they «n b>
lightened H lb* will turn to Dr. Pi.ro.'. Favorite Preacription. A aoMhiai and
itreollhtaiM nervine — aubduinl narrow exeii.bility, proitration, hy.ieria, hot-
la.het and tbe many aymptom. whieh any be earned by diatreeainf ill. peculiar
For thoae " draainj-down" pain, or dittreaa and lor the deran'e-
*'    "■* '*- a»-~-«--^M " ha. had many thouaanda ot
ment. and irretfularitiee the " Favorite Preeeription " haa had many thousands ot
teatimonial. irom people livinj in every part of America. Another important
thin, to eftfry *nmt* is that this medieine is made from efficient medicinal roots,
without the use ol alcohol, narootics, or any injurious agents. Full list of ingredients given on bottle-wrapper ond sworn to by Dr. K. V. Pierce—who ia President
of tha Invalids' Hotel aad Surgical Institute, at Buffalo,
N. Y. Bvery woman ia invited to write to thia Institute and
receive eoandentiel aad snund medical advice, entirely
without eoal Irom one who makes tbe diseases ol women
his specialty.
"I can ch-erfullv rccon-tnrnd your ron-ediM, osptviu'lv
jour' Favorite. Prescription.' for all fnmnlodisorders,' writes
T.I11H. M. M. Moiuibi.i.. of Bluff *.-lty, 'JVnn.. K»i.i« -■. "During
the, past seven years 1 suffered from pulns lit lhe luick and
ovaries. Tried many remedies but found only transient.
  *—•-■■ •-- - '-'—j •-. •».■ fir.
Evening Thinga up
Wlliil ilid Mr*. KltiM-ninn Klve yotl
fur OIlUllIB lu'i^ritHs'.' ashed T«tiiiii>'»
N'oiiiinK. rri.ii.nl Tommy.
Why, "I"' imiinlsail you I" cditw,
nlili ali<*'! , ,       , ,,   .     ,    .,
• yea imi I iii-eil hor ilcl-lo <» tlo n
•villi 'mul "•)* 'lunu'"1 ■"• '" ''""*
for iim 11*0 ol ll(—Cathollo Bluuiliml
mnl Tliiu-s.
ronei uuui a *tu. pm-m, .., - friend to try Or. I'lerve'i
Favorite Prescrlvllon. After Klvlng thla remedy a lair irlal.
I found that it would do Just what it la recommended to
do. 1 used In all seven bottles. I cannot s|H?ak too hit-hly
of Dr. Pierce's remedies for all female derangements."
o:. PI tree's pitmat Pellttm Willi. Hrer III:
They Make Good
who keep themselves in fine
physicul condition. Regular
bowels, active kidneys und
liver, good digestion, antl
a greater natural vigor follow
the timely use of the reliable
l.oni Roioberry, In a i.niiiioii ml
llrOIR mi ll-liel'ellloslH, Hiilil llml lire-
VOllllvo ineauiii'i'H IiiiiI reduced llie
iiioriallty fioni cuiisiiiiiuilnii In Lou.
don liy 'i'i per ceni., lietween IHOI
ami 1008, and liy 14 per cent In Hue,
laud and Wales fnr lln, siime period,
Nearly folly tliniiuanil lives were
Hitvi'il which -voill-l have keen loat Ull-
iter Ihe'avei'iiKc. condition*, of the do-
ciulo uf lN71lh-.li.
Snxiiiiy linn 8R'1 or-nnltuitlnAa of
sii-ii>ic,nipliira wllli a tiiul enrolniciil
OXCOClllllK i'i.VW  ini'tnhei'H.
Prolonging Human Life
'I'lie iisloiiiidliiK and gratifying fact
la olnlm-.d that In the hml halt century uu average of twelve yeare haa
heen adi'.cil lo tlio period of human
life. Sine,, the OvhI ncliinl recorda
were laken hi New York oily In fflo
middle of the 'Gila Iho rain of mortality hail heen reduced from thirty-
live death* In enel' thousand Inhabitant" lo nliout fifteen or sluloeii. TIiIb
reduction haa resulted from the eon-
trol of In'ootloil* illsenaes. 'flip aav-
luu tluiH made ri'luloa only In the
period of llfo llhller 00 yearn.   There
fa iin avliig   knowledge   regarding
tlio organic dlieai--*   ol   aiivanciiiK
yeni'B,  which afflict  especially lliono
who Invi; heen OCllVO In affairs ami
wlju Sra [oxsg «jili lireo reiponBlb l-
ftra^inTO lle'i-ntil"
The Jiiwiionn of a |o>iii which w0*l||
found noi Ijiib Abc tow yt'iaoii—rs,
flel-nia!)?. la shpfio»*4 ,5 hav* bron
•iou.ooo year* old.
Gas Engine Oil
given lhe best lubrication possible, alike in kerosene,
gasoline and gas engines. Keeps its body at high temperatures.    Equally good for external bcarinjs.
Mica .Axle Grease
saves power and fuel in your tractors. The b-ist
known, most liked axle grease made. Never rubs
off.   Never gums.
Silver Star Engine
Engine Kerosene Oil  Gasoline
Granite Harvester Oil—The short cut oil; specially
prepared for use on reapers, binders and threshers.
Greatly reduces friction and wear. Body not affected by
moisture or change of climate.
Capitol Cylinder Oil — Thc very best oil for steam
plants on the farm. Lasts longer and gets more power
from the engine, with less wear, than any cheap substitutes ; costs less in the end.
Atlantic Red Engine Oil—Strongly recommended
for slow and medium speed -engines and machinery.
Easca thc bearings and lightens the loud.
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited THE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK, B. C.
P.L.S. & C. li.
B. 0
Ban-isU-i',  Solictor, etc.,
Barristers and Solicitors,
Mining Engines-' and
B.C. Land Sui-voy---',
P.O   Bui IM Pliuua i'i'i.
ti. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
ifflss at HaaidauL-a,    ArruatroBf Aia.
For.uuuua - - - - 9.1)11 to 10.M
Aftainoaua - - - - ".00 to   4.08
BvanlDia T.M te   I.H
Sundaya 1.10 to   4.10
K ui bul mer,
Funeral Dlraotop,
PHONE :*4ti
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage'i Old  Stand. Hanson Ave
Phon. 161. •
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
furnished ou application.
A.dr... : P. O. io. M. Cranbrook      *
F. M. MacPherson
Notbury Av.nue Neat to City Hall
Opau Day ami Nlgbt Pliona 2iJ
Oraabrook Lod.. No 34   A.V.* A.M.
KutfUlttl- muellllKS ull
the liiinl I'llui'Slluy
uf every iiiunili.
VLsUiui* brethren
O. J. McrlWKYN, W. M.
J. 3. PECK, Sec.
Rocky Mountain Chapter |
NO.  135.   K. A. M i
Itei-ulai- luuetinga: -nit 'I'ua. 1
day In eauli niuiitli at wi.lti -
Hiijmiriilntf  Coiil|iaiiloni   ara
uurillally luiliuil.
Ki. Oomp-, A. 0, Sliiinklniiil. li
0, Sliiinklniiil. K. |
I, 11.0. |
I.O.O.K., KEY t'.ITY  l.OIKIK, No. 42
Mt'i'lK every Monday
ullilit at  New   Fra-
ii-riiity    (fall.     Bo-
lourolni- Oddlullowa nuidlatly invited.
•H-+-H-+-H--M^+++-a-H^-H»H- ***** -l-l "I "111 ll''l'-t-*H*M*H»M'
For Sale By
| Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd I
******************* ************* I *,*,*, *. H* *
In Prizes
J   "The    MAGNET   of   EAST   KOOTENAY/'
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
Special  Attractions, Horse Racing,
Athletic  Sports
J    Every City, Town and Hamlet in  Fast  Kootenay
Z    will place on exhibition  the  resourses ol  their respective districts.
Don't Forget the Date—September 19-20th., 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
▲11 Communication*, to lie Addressed to
P; De Vere Hunt
***** ********
Sec-Treas.   J
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Cranbrook Divieioii ol Kootenay Land Recording District is subdivided into tbe Cranbrook Lend Recording Division of tbe Kootenay Land District und the Fernle Land He-
cording Division of the Kootenay Lund District in accordance with the
following descriptions:—
Commencing at a point on tbe International Boundary line being the
S.E. corner of Lot 4591; thence west along the International Boundary, to
a point where the said boundary Intersects the height ot land separating
tbe drainage areas of the Moyie nnd Goat Rivers; thence northerly along
tbe height of land separating the drainage area oi Moyie nnd Upper Kootenay Rivers on the east from the drainage area of the Goat River and
Kootenay Lake on the west to a point where such divide Joins the height
of land separating the drainage area of St. Mary'a and Skookumchuck
Rivers on tbe south from tbe drainage area of Findlay Creek on tbe north;
thence easterly along such height of land to a crossing of the Kootenay
River just below the mouth of Findlay Creek; thence easterly and northerly along the height of land forming the divide between the waters flowing into'the Kootenay River above the mouth of Findlay Creek and those
flowing into the Kootenay River below the mouth ot Findlay Creek to the
point where such height of land intersects the east boundary of Lot 4596;
thence south along the east boundary of Lot 4596, tbe west boundary of
Lot 4590 and the east boundary of Lot 4591 to the point of commencement.
Commencing at a point on tbe International Boundary where the aanu
intersects the eastern boundary of the Province; thence west along tha
International Boundary to the S.E. corner of Lot 4591; thence north along
the east boundary of Lot 4591, the west boundary ol Lot 4590 and the
east boundary of Lot 4596 to the height of land forming the divide between the waters flowing into the Kootenny River above the mouth ol
Findlay Creek and those flowing into Kootenay River below the mouth at
Findlay Creek; thence easterly and northerly along 'snld height ot land to
the eastern boundary of the Province; thence south-easterly along aald
eastern boundary to tbe point of commencement.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C., lttli June, 1912. °frit
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Otlice In Hanson Ulock
ORANBROOK,    ...    BO.
H. J. Haadi-.il,
N.   U.
W. M. Harris
Knights of Pythias
Cr.nbruuk, U.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   JJ
Meets   every   Tuesday
at II p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
O. Porter O. C.
J. M. lloyce,
K. of R. * 8.
Visiting   brethren cordially   Invited   ta attend.
Court I'ranliroiik No. 894a.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   Hnd nnd
4th Thursday ol each month.
Loula Pearson, Bee, P.O. Dot ,'18.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Crnnbrook Brunch)
Meets   in   the   Ciirmen's   Hull -Ind
and 4th Tuesdays In every month, at
8  p.m.   Mfiiilii-i'Hliip open  lo British
N.  A.  Walllngor, Pres.
W. C. Crolibln, Sec'y.
I'D   llox 125.
Visiting members i-urillnlty welcome
Frank Dezall
Agent lor
Deering & McCormicIt
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Kt-ason
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
(l*a--"-*U»-    „.	
Hy vortiio ol Bevernl writs ol Fieri
Fueliis issued out of the Supreme
Court ol Hritisb Oolumbla, and to
me directed, Rgnlnst the goods and
chattels ol Minnie Fnrrell, octiivla
Farrell, Charles 0. Farrell and Timothy Farrell, 1 have seized and taken
In ..edition all tbe shares which thc
said Mamie Farrell, octavla Farrell,
Charles C. Farrol and Timothy Fur-
rell have ln the Capital Stock al the
Society Girl Mining Compnny, Limited, (Non-Personal Liability), with
registered ofllce at Moyle, British Columbia, amounting approximately to
427,371 shares, more or less; And I
sliull sell the said shares, or a sufficient number thereof to satisfy the
said writH of Fieri Facias and costs
nt public auction to the highest bidder therefor, ut my olllce In the
Court House lu the City nl Nelson,
British Oolumbla, on Friday, the 12th
dny of July A. I). 1912, at. the hour
of 12 o'clock, noon.
Dated at Nolson, II. 0, tbln 2ml
day of July, 1912.
8. P. TUCK,
Sheriff uf      South
Kootenar. 27-lt
NOTICE is hereby giveu that
the 4th day of July, 1912, it was ordered by G. H. TliompBon, Enquire
Local Judge of the Supreme Court
of British Columbia, that James A
Arnold, Official Adminlntrator for
that portion of the County ol Kootenay, including the lSlectorul District of Cranbrook be Administrator
ot all and singulnr the estate ot
Thomas Berryman deceased Intestate
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to make pay
ment forthwith to thc underslgnod.
Every creditor havlnb in possession
effects qelonging to the deceased is
required to notify the undersigned.
Kvery creditor having in possession
effects qelonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or Interest in
the distribution of the estate of the
said deceased is required to send before the Ililtli of September next, hy
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
tbe full particulars of his claim oi
IntereRt, and a statement ol his ac
count nnd the nature of the security
(If any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he Bhall hnve had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 5th day ot
July, 1912.
Official Administrator
27-4t. Cranbrook, B.O.
Mine-Rescue Station,  Fernie
SEALED Tenders, superscribed 'Ten
der for Mine-rescue Station, Fernie,1'
will be received by the Hon. the Minister o* Public Works up to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, the 3rd day of
July, 1912, for the erection and completion of a mine-rescue station at
Fernle, B.C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms ot tender may be Been on nnd
after the 17th day of June, 1912, at
the offices of the Government Agents,
Fernle and Crnnbrook, B.C.. and the
Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or cer
tlflcate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works,
for the. sum of $250, which shall be
forfeited it the party tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so, or if*he fall to
complete tbe work contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution ol
the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or uny tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Vletorla.B.C.June 14th,1912      25-2t
For a licence to take and use water.
Notice is hereby given, that I, R.
L. T. Oalbralth of Fort Steele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to take and use sli thousand gallons
per day of water out of St. Mary's
River which flows in nn Easterly direction through the St. Mary's Re
serve and empties Into the Kootenay
River nenr Fort Steele.
The water will be diverted at n-
bout three-quarters of a mile west of
the Rt. Eugene Indian Village, and
will be used for domestic purposes
nt the Kootenay Industrial School,
being on part of Lot 1.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on the 15th day of June. 1912
The application will he llled In the
office of the Water Recorder at Cran
Objections muy he filed with the
snld Water Recorder or with the .Com
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent,
2IMlt.- Applicant
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t'limpuiftu In "Cartoons" nnd watch the oppoe*
Ing iiuriii'u carlcnluro ench other.
Onr li.-. mm[t <.iit<i' «iit If mnlls-l liy o*i-tr*«iiii* ik* pub.
Il-.li*. If. II.WlNluOKi 'H W. W •■■•■."Hi'iiin-tf-i, i HKAi.it
Goal mining rights o[ the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion ot
the Province of British Oolumbla,
may he leased for a terni uf twenty
one yeura at an annual rental ol *5l
an ai-re. Not more than 2,560 acres
will he leaned to one applicant,
Application for a lease must lie
made hy the applicant in perBon to
the Agent or Sub Ageut of the dis
trict in which tho rights applied lor
are situated.
Iu surveyed territory the land must
he descritmd by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, and iu unsur
veyed territory the tract applied for
Khali lie .staked out hy the applicant
i'.aeh application must he jwcom
panied hy a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for arc
not available, hut not otherwise, A
royalty shall be paid mi the mer
charitable output of the mine al tin
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for thu full quantity ni
merchantable coal mi nod and pay the
royalty thereon. IT the coal mini in/ j
rights are not being operated, such
returns' should he furnished nt least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal rain
ing rights only, but the lessee may
lie permitted to purchase wlm te vet
available BUrfaco rights may be cou
sldered necessary for the working ol
the mine at the rate of $10.on an acre
For full information application
should be made to tho .Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. .March 26-6m.
District   Division of -South  Kaat
Take not ice that 1, Robert Campbell of Moyie, H. (', occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase tin- following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted neat
the South West corner post of Lot
2802, thence North -10 chains; thence
West 20 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point ot Lot
;;mu, thenco Kast. 20 chain- to the
place nf commencement, containing
M acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Hock mil Mineral Claim,
Robert Campbell,
Dated  May  27th,   1912 22-9t
Por a Licence to take and use Wnter
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Hade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to tnke and use one
and three-fifths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which tlows in a
northerly direction through Lot 6164
and empties into St. Mary's river
near WyclitTe. The water will be dl
verted at a point 375 yards south of
the South line of Lot C1C4 in n timber reserve formerly covered by tlm
ber licence No. 21907, and will bo us
ed for irrigation purposes on the lam':
described as Lot 6164.
This notice was posted on tiie
ground on the 16th day of May, 1912,
The application will he llled in the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, U. 0.
Objections may be tiled with tbe
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria Ll. 0,
.'.ii.r.t Agent.
"LAND    ACT."
i District, of Kast  Kootenay
TAKK notice that Charles Grasley
ionloi of Waldo British Columbia
Rahchor, Intends to apply (or per
mission to purchase the following
described lands --
Commencing at a pobI planted at
the north east corner of Lot G281,
Group one, Kootenay district, thence
uist. 20 chains tlience smith I"
chains, thence east 60 chains; tlience
south 11.91 chains, thence west thi
chains, thence north 61.91 chains to
the point ol commencement and containing Din acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of May, A. D.
Charles Grasley,   Sr,   Locator,
Uii ward UarlleUl Stahl,  Agent
Located 30til   April,   1912. 20.91
SEALED Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Needles, B.O.", will be
received at this office until 4 P.M.,
on Thursday, duly 4, 1912, for tbe
construction of a Pile Bent Wharf at
Needles, Division of Arrow Lake
District of Kootenay, B.C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at the officer) of 0. C. Worsfold,
Esq., District Engineer. New West
minster, B. C, and on application to
the Postmasters at Needles, B.C.,
and Victoria, B.C.,
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
ami signed witli their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence, lu the case of:
linns, the actual signature, the nature of tbe occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the linn
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bunk, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister (>f Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tender
ing decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the
cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,  June 5,  1912
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
Without utlthority Irom the Depart-
ment.—2285a. 24-2t
Notice is hereby given that the ro-,
serve existing over Lot 9874, Group 1
Kootenay  Distiict,  hy reason of the
notice published  in  the  British Col-
umttla Gazette of the 27th uf Decern- \
ber, 1907, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department, I
Victoria. B.C., 18th May.1912.   auatl lUeH,ltt» Jul*; tod- l«V!ii«
Sealed Tenders addressed
undersigned, and endorsed
for Wharf at Id-swell, B.C.,
received at this office until 4
Kor a licence to take and UM water.
Notice Is hereby given, that 1, It.
Li T. Oalbralth of Kort Hteele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to tnke and use one fifth of a ruble
foot per second of water out of Ht.
Mary'B River, which flows lu an ens
terly direction through the Ht. Marys
Iteaerve and empties into the Kooten
ay River near Kort Hteele.
The water will be diverted at a-
bOUt three-quarters of a mile west of
the Ht. Eugene Indian Village, and
will be need for Irrigation purposes
on the land described ns the Kooten*
■ny Industrial School Reserve, being
being a part of Lot I.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 8th day of June, 1912.
The application will he tiled In the
office of tbe Water Recorder at Cran
Objections may be tiled with the
Hald Water Recorder or with thcCom
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent
mi Applicant
(District of East Kootenay.1
Take notice that I, Coutts Llndsey
Chambers, of Sheep Creek, farmer,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase thc following lands:
Commencing at B, West corner    of
Lot CI 17, group I, thence     west   40
chains, thence north 40 chains, tbence
east     40   chains,    tlience   south    40
chains to the place of coinmenceinenl
containing Dill acres more or less.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated  April  23rd.  1912 MS 9t
"LAND    ACT."
District id East Kootenay.
TAKK NOTICK tbat. Edward Cill
Held Btahl, of Waldo, llrltlsh Colum
hla,  Rancher, fui Is  to apply      lm
permission to purchnse the following
described land —
Commencing nt a post planted xii
chains South of the North West coiner of Lot D2B4, Oroup "-I; thenci
Houth K0 chnins; tbence West. 40
chains; thenci- North Mil chains; thence
Kast 4o chains to polnl of commence
ment, and containing 820 acres more
of   |08S.
Dated Oils Dll.b day of May A. P.
Pi 12.
Located tltli of May, 1012 20.9t.
to the
' will be
p. in. on
tbe con-
Dent Wharf at
Nelson,   Koote-
Notice is  hereby  given  that the reserve existing   over Lot 6623, Group
One, Kootenay District, formerly embraced in Timber License    No,  16727
by reason of a notice bearing date of
24th  December   1!W7 aud   published   in
the British Columbia Gazette of 27th
December  1907, is  cancelled  in order
that a sale of the said lands may be
effected to Elizabeth Oummings.
Robt.  A. Kenwick
Deputy   Minister of  Lands,
Lands Department
Victoria,  B. 0.
February sth  1912, S-SMo.
Kor a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that Georga
W. Hade of Milton. Oregou, will apply for a licence to take and use oua
iml three fifths cubic foot of water
out of unnamed swamp creek rising in a timber reserve formerly covered by Umber licence No. 21W7,
which tlows in a northerly direction
through Lot t-li.-l and empties into
Dooth Creek near tiie north line of
Lot 61C4. The water will be diverted at a point 500 yards South of tb*
South line of Lot t.P-4 and will be
lined for irrigation purposes on ths
land described as Lot bUA.
This Notice was posted on the
ground on the Pith day of May, 1*12,
ibe application will be llled lu ths
illlce of the Water Recorder at Cruu
brook,. B.C.
Objection., may be tiled with tbe
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
M. li. KNIGHT,
20-&t Agent
Kor a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given thut George
W. Bude of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take aud use ou*»
and three-fifths miners feet o( wator
ut of Bootli Creek, winch tlows iu a
northerly direction through Lot 6164
.aid empties into 31.Marys river near
Wyclllle. The water will be diverted
t a point 375 yards South of tha
.South line of Lot 6104 in a timber
eserve formerly covered hy timber
Licence No. 21907, uud will be used
for Irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lot 6164.
Thia notice was posted on the
ground on the 15th day of May, 1912.
The application will be tiled in the
office uf the Water Recorder at Cranbrook. B.C.
Objections may be tiled with tb*
said Wuter Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,   Victoria, B.C.
20-61 Agent
structlon   of a Pile
Boswell,   Divisiou  of      	
nay District, B. C.
Plans, specifications uud form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this department
and at the offices ol U. A. Keefer,Esfii
j District Engineer, New Westminster,
B. C, and on application to the
Postmaster at Victoria, R.  C.
persons tendering are no titled thut
teildel'S will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
tud signed with their actual siguu-
. nres, stating their occupations aud
places of residence. In the case of
.irn.s, the actual signatures, the nature of occupation, ami place of resi-
lOUCO of each member of the linn
must be given.
Each tender in imt. be accompanied <
ity mi accepted cheque on a chartered
■ ■'iii;, payable ta tho order of the
Honourable the Minister ol pufillc
Works, equal to ten per cent (in p.c.)
ol the anniinl nl tbe tendor, twhleh
Mil be rorlolted 11 the person tender
mi' decline to enter into ii contract
when called upon tn do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for. it
the tender he not accepted the cheqlle
•,iu be returned,
Tin- In-ptrtment does not bind It*
soil to accept the lowest or any tender.
My order,
It   0,   DKSRiH'UKRH,
Dopnrtmont of Public Works,
Ottawa, May 20 1012. TA-'lt
Kor a licence to tuke uud use water
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Tuenhauser ot Kort Steele, B.C. will
apply for u licence to take aud use
one cubic foot of wuter out of the
Wild Horse Creek, which down in a
Southerly direction along Lot 632 and
empties iuto Kootenay River near
Kort Steele.
The water will be diverted at a
point near where Creek crosses Lot
jmji and will be used tor irrigation
purposes ou the laud described as Lot
This uotice wua posted ou th«
ground uu the 16th duy of May, liUa.
The upplicution will be died iu the
ottiee ol the Wuter Recorder ut Cruu-
Objections muy be Uled with ths
suid Wuter Recorder or wltb tbe
Comptroller ol Wuter Rights, Parliament Buildiugu,  Victoria,  B.C.
20-51 Applicant
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 25V P. O. Box 845
Kor a licence to take aud use water
Notice is hereby given that Wui.
Bridges of Moyie, will apply for a
liceuce to take uud uae oue cubic (out
•f wuter out of au unnamed creek
rising un Lut 0247 uud sinking ou
same Lot. The water will be diverted
at u poiut ubout 2 chains iu a soutb
easterly directiun from the Northwest comer ol Lot 9847 and wlil be
used lor irrigation purposes ou ths
laud described as l.ot 9247, Group 1,
Kootenay  District.
Tiiis uotice was pouted ou the
ground on the Lbth day ol May, Wli,
.The application will be (lied In the
| oltlce ol the Water Recorder, at Crau
Objections may be tiled wltb the
aald Water Recorder ur wltb the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament BaildiugH,   Victoria,   B.C.
2u nt Applicant
(Section IH)
NOTICE ih hereby given that, on
the 28th day of Juno neit, iipplica
tloti will he made to the Miiperinten
dent of Provincial police for the
grnnt of a licence for the Kale of 11-
i-iior by wholesale lu and upon the
premises known nn my store, situate
on Raker Rtreot In the City of Crnnhrook, B. O
A. 0. BowneHR
Dated this BStb duy of May, I'Ml*.
Makes Short Work of
;      Doa|t*IMt«]  Mint  iiiij.'Hi-iitly   Iim|h-1.-,* UIH nf
;:. M.ii,,,, UihI-m-ii. Clout, N.MinilKiii nii.liill iiti.i-r
i fornii <>f Uh.-uthiiti-.tn j i,ii ,,i onee ta Abixtii Dm,
Imi Divan Iniitiinl relief toilHp-forMkiniultflrmi
' uriM them from bode of m-uTiy mnl fur ?.*■ jr«i*i
I li.--. i n curing ni'-ti, women mid chiiiim. i.u
wh'iin innra ire Inahofp,  Juil « fi>w i«,oi.i
I li iv red es n of from 80 t» 00 yew-ft' durstlon
end lousy n ->»'i<U um-vi-Uoii ■» » quick, ».-'• ..-■•.
I  iili-iiluii'K irll,d'lMri'i,ltm<iil f... i.ll nt,,- -trill din-
I trnct-, witsk kidney*.etc   ui -.lUinr i».n.i-..r
Abbott Broi> Rhtumatlo Rtmjdy
i-n.I ) r .in imi tin nt one* lUrt your run' in-lty.
Mfht |.r Id liv Abbott Brui., 711 tt h,.«il*mnSI.
CliiattfO, in, if imil ,jMi-!Mi-.t <io«» hot neve tt
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug I Book Co. ] TITF, PPORPECTOlt. CTlANTmOOK. Tt. C.'
Zem-Buk  Cured   Her  When   So
She Had to tee Crutchei.
Demon*.ration  by  Comparison.
Before the us i of chloroform had
become ao> general as ll Is iu our day,
Sad  a   quack   advertised thai  he  would
| draw teeth painlessly,   A putionl was
-     ■ placed  in the chair, the Instrument
sores,  bad  leg, or  applied to his toolh with a wrench,
/.lun-tluU  ia without   followed   by  a  groan  irom  the    ua
pleas tin tly surprised sufferer.
'Slop!" said the dentist. .'Compose
yourself.   I told you I would gh
uo  pain,
twinge t<
Again the. Instrument wns applied
to tba toolh, ami another tug jiml
another roar..
"Now, don't hi Impatient,
Dr. Logans   method." said
For    varicose
•hronio   ulcers,
pijual as o healer. A proof of tills is
just to bund from Montreal. Mrs, T.
Edwards ol 104 Amherst St., writes:
•'Some lime ago a bad sore broke out
on my left leg nenr tho ankle. Vov
A week or Iwo I did not heed it, but
lt got so bad 1 could hardly walk. I
sent for our doctor, aud he told me
I would have lo lay up with the
wound, l did so for three weeks. At
th* end of lhat timo the ulcer healed
a little, bul I could only move about
by usiiiK crutches.
;.The sore, iiien broke out badly,
and tin? doctor (old me thai thn only
thing that would euro it would be nn
operation and that 1 should hnve to
Jay ut> fer a jear. Tbls, I know was
lmosslblpe, as I had a family to at*
Und  lo.
"My  son  bad cured  a bad  cut on
but   1  only  nave   you   lhal
i show you Dr, Curler's oper-
Thai is
the den*
t-.m-jiub!" Lion Hunting.
.I. im Hayes, wlm reigned over half
a million treacherous natlvea lu British Kent Africa, end whose arrest nml
in'iiuitmi by ibe llrltlsh novel'uuieni
< ur-' still fresh in llie public mind, lella
ia tlif Wide World Magazine the following amusing experience on his way
Some <>f th,: dodges lo kill the lions
hnd dlsllncLIy humorous results, and
I remember being much uiuuscd wllh
ibe siory of one man's experience, I
must explain thai, to provide iho la*
liorors with waler, tanks were placed
besldt- ibe line, umi refilled al intervals, Ono nenlus hud the Idea of
lying lu unit for lions iu one of these
tanks, 111 one side of which lie made a
hole In which tn Insert lhe barrel
oi t arte
l.i'min and Tfl
Ills linger bv iibIiik /.am-Huu, and he I ■-»' ■■■tHl" tlf extracting teeth. Von rtn
advised ma to give ihln balm a trial. w« able to compare it witli tha op
1    did so, and In leas than a week's j ruiion.
timo it gavo um wonderful relief,   n
slopped the pain, which had been so
bud that many nights I did not
a wink of sleep    In a very short time
tha wound vim so much better that
1 had  no mora sleepless* nights, and
was also able to move about and do ' ....    ,       ..   .   „      .     ..
mv    work.    I  persevered  with '/am-   ln *he   sPr'nB   M««■   People   Need  a
Buk.  with the result that the wound       ^ Tomc M«-"--ne-
U now perfectly cured, and the limb ' 0no of "■■1 *tan\ slgus that ilie
is as sound and strong us ever. To *•>•<><«) ■« -"-c of order is the pimples,
anv person suffering from ulcerated -""tootly eruptions and eczema that
mild Bay  'try Zuin-Hut.."*     come frequentlj with the change trom
Another    application, another  tug,   his rltle*  <iuUe overlooking  lho  fuel
another roar.
"Now, pray do be quiet. That Is
Dr. Tate's way. 1 see very well ibul
you do ium Ilka It. nnd 1 uui net surprised."
By this time the toolh hung by a
thread, ami. whipping it out, the operator exultIngl.' exolaimed.  "That's
ibui the Hoti might prefer to approach
from the opposite aide, which was
\yhat actually happened The unimnl
scenting him. Immediately knocked
the lid oif tiie luul. und tried io fish
blm oui wiih his paw 'I'he man was
unable io get his rifle around, and
could only shrink inio Uui smnllesi
possible space iu the ooruer of tho
tank fortunately beyond the reaob
of llie lion ami remain qulel until
lhe beast,was driven off Ho «vas
in -i.v enough to escape wllb n torn
blanket mid it few deep scratches,
where (he lion bud Jusl managed to
'ouch him wiih his clawa Of course,
io- hiiii io apdure a considerable
amount *-f chaff mi the result ot lii*
original attempt al lion hunting,
sores I would saw 'try /am-llnk.'" I come frequentl) with the cUangi
Zum-Huk Is just ns good for piles, lu'lnt,er f(1 -JPring. These provt
abscesses, boils, scalp sores, blood ""' -°nS .ndoor life of winter has had
poison, resterlug wounds, cuts, burns, j its nttecl upon the blood, and thai a
scalds, bruises, cczemn, eruptions and toulo medicine is needed to pul ir
all other injuries nnd diseases. All ' r|sht. Indee.l there are fow people
druggists and stores 60c box, or Zam-1 who do not need a toulc at this sea-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price.    Refuse
harmful substitutes ami imitations.
Have you tried ZstniHuk Soup? "_c
Why Beet Work tn the Dark,
Bees go out all day gathering honey
aud work at night in the hive, building Mieir combs as perfectly as if sn I a tonic only, and among all medicines
electric light shone there all the time.: there Is none can equal Dr  tt   I ama
"Why do ihey prefer to work la the J Pink Pills for th Ir tonic, llfe-g
son. Had blood does not merely show
itself lu disfiguring eruptions To
this same condition is due attacks of
rheumatism and lumbago, ihe sharp
stabbing pains of sciatica aud neuralgia; poor appetite and a desire to
avoid exertion. Vou cannot curt
these troubles by the use of pnrga-
tlve medicines - yo ; o I .*. ton c an.l
dark?" in often asked.
Everyone knows that linnet- is a
liquid with no solid sugar in it. After
standing it gradually assumes a
crystalline appearance or granulates
and ultimately becomes a solid mass.
Honey has been experimentally Inclosed in we!l*corkcd Hawks, some of
which were kept In perfect darkness,
while the others were exposed to the
The result, was lhal lhe portion exposed to the light soon crystallized.
While lhat kept in (he dark remained
unchanged. Ilenc© we seo why ihe
bees are so careful to obscure the |
glass window." which are placed In
their hives,
The exialenco of the young depends on the liquidity of the saccharine food presented to them, and ir
light were allowed acc/-ss to this It
would, lu all \*ohabilily, prove fatal
io the lumaieH of tho hive.
i n -rve-restoring powers Ever*, dose
of this medicine makes new, rich
blood, which drives out Impurities,
stimuli-ties every organ and brings a
feeling of new health and energy to
the weak, tired, ailing men. women
and children. If you are our of sons
give the medicine a trial and see how
quickly it will restore the appetite, revive drooping spirits, aud till your
veins with new. health-giving blood
Vou    can get these pills from anv-
medicine    dealer    qr by  mail  at  50
rents    a box or six  boxes  for |2.50,
rrom The Im. Williams' Medicine Co,
Brockvllle, Ont.
Life on thc Planets.
i ii.«   possible   exlsti in a en
Ho- piauets Is dlscuBaed lu tho "Jour*
unl of Uo- Royal Astronomical Society of Cauada" bj Professor It G.
Ait ken ol the Uck Observatory, who
siimm-ti'i/.e the latest conclusions of
astronomers upon ibis question Professor Attkou considers that the existence of a high form ol life ou the
moon. Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ura-
ims or Neptune is extremely Improbable Although Venus greatlj roaeui
blca the earth, ll Is generallj believed
bj astronomers thai lhe daj and the
! eat ol the planet are of equal dura
tlon In that case no life eau « Klsl
Concerning Mars. Professor
VI i ken sa a ini "astrononn i - Rre noi
agreed as io whether the much-discussed markings are canals or merely
.c i.-ks.   There   are   no
p. i man nl bodii a of water on the
plane- Tli I si thai can ba Bald Is
that i though the temperature on
v irs la ver> low, thei/i ma) be ou the
planer, to a limited ■ stem the conditions esseutlal io life; probabl) only
vegetable and low-order animal life.
be,- aa beings of Intelligence "
My lilllo niece, Mary, aged 4.
sticky flypaper hung up in tlu
Htore for tho llrsi. time. Upon
ing her mother chuHing Hies from the
kitchen, Mary said: ''<> mamma, Mr.
tiro ,'.n.   ihe druggist,  doesn't   lei   bis
No. 1 can never marry y
alwej s be frb nds,
Well, that It oue of (he
■f getting married.—-Ufa
Kidder—That fellow makes a l
writing  light   fiction.
Klddee- He doesn't look like
erary chap.
Kidder He's not. He make
statements for tho electric light
files  tt.v  around  lhal
tbem on a nice stick)
cago Tribune.
■■  chl-
n -Can you
itatits  with
•r   -We're oi
1 of
we kin g|V(
pickle, crack-
*    A
"Which Is correct." asked a poultry
Instructress of her class, "to speak of
a sitting hen or a setting hen?
Have you e\er noticed wbat frequent use is made of the number
If you buy a leasehold house, you
will probably Hnd that the tenure of
the property lasts for a period of
ninety-nine years Should the doctor
come in examine your lungs, he will
mosl likely tell you lo say ninety*
nine. anil to repeat it several limes,
while he lisiens th-i^li a stethoscope to the passage of air through
your breathing apparatus.
Some'i uies tlia number is pro-
nouneed "ninety anil-nine." which
makes i' appear more full-sn'-miling*
and emphatic. In ihls form, it. Is very
promluenl in a famous revival hymn
Which was popular some years ago,
and which la founded on the parable
of the hundred sheep, one of which
wandered away and got lost, while
the "nlnety-aminiiie" remained    safe
Tha writer, yearn ago, when conversing wiih Mr. S. A. Bedford, Into
superintendent ot Ilio Hrnndon Kx-
perimental Kiu-m, wna told hy tlmt
Boutleinuil Unit lie Imd known of many
'armers who had tailed an wheat
growers, hut he hnd never known ot
one farmor to* r«it who honestly prno-
tlood mixed farming. Mr, Bed-
ford spoke tho truth. .Never j
wne there a sterner lesson given thnn
the western farmers have gotten this
year. They staked their nil on one
erop wheat and other grain and that
crop iiuuign largo was not a snooesB.
'I'he result, as we nil know, has hfeu
j losses by luul liar-vest weather enus I
' ine, damp and wet grain, losses caused
; hy tho tanners tlouiliiiK the market
through malting a mad rush th sell tt.
The results we also sen: notes overdue   al   the   kinks,   storekeepers'     ae
eoun.'s unsettled, machinery   uupaltl
ter.    wholosnle   and    manufacturing
i (Inns dunning for Hie money due thom
liy the western farmers
To hm. a trite saying, "our farmers
I put all their eggs i" one basket, the
bnskei   tell,   ,|i,.  eega  were  smashed, I
and nil thai   were lili   was ibe trim j
meals to pai for a year's vvot-K    How
ilifferent  would ll have been bud the I
farmers luul ibe revenue from Ihelr
•lain   cattle  sn,I   theli   boas  to  full 1
baok tip,mi    ll,- went,I then have been
able  to  p.,,   bis  way,  and  be able  le
bl ai   tli     less  en  one   item  nf bis  ill
were  pi olll
for illsput
i known as
iui\..i t.umini;" is good farming, sate
farming and profitable fanhlug
Lajok abroad ami see how  lite I'ariu  ,
is who pay :i yearly lent et Horn
?.', to St., an n, iv make farming pay 1
it is me bj routining themselves to
growing crops et grain That is their
smallest Bource et revenue 'the mah
Ing of butter ami cheese; tbe raising ,
and fattening ef hogs, shoep and eat-'.
tl.- for Hie butchei. ilie breeding of I
horses: the mevi Ing et roots aud veg --1
tables io;- market, .ill contribute to
ib- British fanners' bank nee
enable blm lu pay high rents lo bis
landlord Here, tn ibis northwestern
Canada. Hie land Is fertile. The runnels have no r s io pay    iim when
'ml tea-ous come, as ennis the) will. I
Hi-- single erop on which ibe farmers
wholly depend, Is a failure, uud the
majority et them are brought to the
brink of ruin. Diversified farming
would remedy all this.
Now.   we   will   Klve   „   brief   glance '
at Ontario, ami see what mixed farming has done for lhat province. Kitty
years ago. grain growing bad resulted In Impoverishing tho land lo such
an extern that In large districts It!
■ | would not grow anything to yield a
profit. Tbe dairy Industry has work
, ed wonders In Improving these con-1
dltions. for Instance, look al the
county of Oxford. The laud is now
terllle and will grow anything, (iood
large hrlok barns, com rot-table nnd
largo brick aud stone homes have re-
plaoed the ramshackle, dilapidated log
buildings, and then- Is an air of-comfort and prosperity on every farm. At
Woodstock and Ingersoll, markets are
come, so long as olhe
utile     Then   Is  no  ro
lug Ihe fad  lhal  uha
Thai makes ilii-iii itoalor, urlspor, daintier, morn appotl-tlngj
The into blsi'llil Rouit fii>xi-j,li Iii ttiko tlio plttrn of yiutr own liaktnr*,'
I'rosli as tin, blsoulU from your own oven,
Think whnt tlml moans! Krcodoin from a. broiling kitchen—lolsuro on tho porch
or In tin- parlor,   Timo to iio tho llttlo knick-knacks that lmvo la-on nogloctcd.
An* tho crwunlcat* crispost craokcra mado.
Thoy are baked In Uio big sanitary factory iu Winnipog-*
right at your very door.
Uso MOONEY'S ntid  bo  sum  of a  biscuit  that  U
ahsi-.luti'.y fresh; a biscuit that will satisfy tho family,
A Stud hoi mi Stoiy.
Mr. Allan Studholme. M.P.P., th«
only Labor member in Ontario's Leg*
iaUture, is a muoh belter sponker than
lie waa when lie fir-st entered the
! House. Hh used tn play the very
lu-ken* with the Knglisli language,
The Labor member {mm Hamilton
jltliply couldn't b"
bench, which he now occupies
his early, extra-ungrammaticHl days
in the House, he was a back-bencher,
hut it was his habit as he warmed up
in a speech to emphasir.e each good
point he made by a step forward,
antling   finally   at.   an   empty   front
Men Who Were Mart/rs To-day and
Heroes To»'.iorrov/.
There haa seldom tieeu a better cas,-.
nf Ti in**-*-* revenge tuui the one witnessed in Weat mi n aver Abboy the nth*
er day, when a lowly stained glass
kept from a front j window, representing  scenes of Bun*
yan'.-s   "Pilgrim'   Vi<aresa,"  was  unveiled by tha dean,  'inhere was a time
when l.unyaii was .1 proscribed man
and his Allegory a despised boob, the
production   of   a 'N'oncnnforini^t ex-
tinker,    lt  was   written   iu   Bedford
Quite Sufficient.
A boy,4 twelve years old, with an
tilr oi' melancholy resignation, went
to IiIh teacher ami liamled iu llm following nolo from hia mother before
inkini; lila ami:
''pear sir; Pleaae excuse .fames
for not being present yesterday. He
played truant, 1ml you needn't whip
him for it, aa the hoy h^ played truant with anil him fell out ami lid
licked .lames, and it man lb»y threw
stones^ir caught him, aud liek-d him.
and the driver of a earl they hung on
licked him; and n owner of a eal lliey
chased licked bin...  Then 1 licked him
was   written   .
■Tail,  whero  Bnnyim waa  Indued   for   when he came home, ami liliufath
held every week :n  which are lo be I bench, from which he finished his ora- ' refusing tn obey' 'tic law which for-, ticked him. and I had to Rive him an*
.seen cheese buyers rrom ull parts otlUoit.   One day he had accomplished   hade him to preach,   He and his im-  otl>er for brltiK Impudent to me for
province. _and* even from Britain,   this advance movement, and was elo-   mortal work are \n-day not only the
cheese te equal to  quehtly   holding  forth   at  some   one ;
"1 don't know," replied an Interest- ; "•■ the fold, 'lhls parable also shows
that in aucieilt rimes ihe number had
a recognised place in the everyday
ed student, "and. what's more. 1 don't
rare Ihn there's one thing I would
like lo know. When a hen cackles,
has nhe been laying or la she lying?"
Whin Your Eyas laid Cart
Try M-irln* tt»<" ».-inr,|v. N'-Mnuirllii*,*— Vette
Sine—AutM Qitli-hUr, Trjf tt fes HM, Weat.
W-it.'i-y K.vrn *.>,<1 (.ritntiUlr.l Fj**lnl-i. Illui
«r»t*>il llouk In wli I'm-W-.K*. Will-In-* Lf
i*>mi|ri.!iiifl«a lij nur th-ullKT* nut h • 'TBl-ini MM-
l.'ltio"- - Inn iihixl In ft um*---!'. fni ]'N-*t,i<-liinn' 1-rso-
iii-'i for iiinur *mn, Now fljidlmtM lo ttio I'afc
lie O111I Miil.l l>; O.iikkKIh hi 'Hh: nml fiOo iti-r llntilfl,
Wur.tM   lll-rt.  Kill ml 11 Aii-iiOn Tiilnt, %',-. nti-tNc.
Murine Eye RemeUy COtb Chicago
. con use
M dyed ALL* I***"
of Goods
._.._..   uii-, the SAME Du*.
I used
N"ehanca  'o.lit.ii,.WHOMO n.. fn,rti.f..,o u
1 cured a horse nf ih.- Mane
I cured a luira". badly torn by a
liltoli    fork,    vlih  MINAUD'S   LINIMENT. I3DW. LINLIEP,
:!i   Pelpr's, c. ii.
I cured a horae or a uud swelling
Bathurst, N. U.
el.e'a ..eat. tt the front. Likewise
he wa. .masliing the rule, ot grammar and prnnniu-iatinh recklessly.
Hon, Rir-liard Harcourt, a. ex-Min-
irter of Education, wa.. one of those
most affected by Mr. Studbolme'a Ian-
Knag*. At last he si-malled a page,
and the latt-?r soon returned with an
telllni: his failier.   So you need not
special slory an.l boast of thc Baptist »"» W™ """' next tlm.-.   lie thinks
Chinvh io \vhlcb l.o belonged, but theli" wl" attend r«g«lBr In future-
pride   ol   everv  eiutrch  whioh  eall..   - "~*
itself Oliristlkn and eau alsu recognlr.0' Tbe Diving Bell,
good literature. The diving hell was noi Invented
Morn (hs ■ 611 per rent, of lhe railroad cai-l built in lhe United Siales
Uii* yea.- v lit he u' all steel construe-
An Unquenchable Fire.
A Yonkers, N. Y.. physician had a
nearo rook who was a chronic com-
plainer. One day she came lu groan-
lu.n with a misery In her side and the
dna-lnr offered lo prescribe for her.
He wenl to Ihe dining room, poured
out a spoonful ol game sauce, stirred !
tn some English mustard end sprinh-!
ling a Utile salt and pepper iu,
banded thc dose to lhe unffcrer, telling her to takt It down al ono swallow.
It was two weeks or more before
Mary turned up v.-il'u a aew pain. Thi;-
time it was in her oilier side. Her em-
ployer offered lo ml-t her another dose
of ids medicine,
"Nn. suh." said Mary llrinly- "I'm j
much obliged to you. doctor; but i'ae |
done got my mind made up never agio ,
lo  drink  nothing   what   water  won't
The finality of til
any iu the world and commands lhe
highest prices.   In nlhcr parts of that
province the i-esuli has been equally
The factory system prevails, mostly
in    (tularin,    but  there are a great
many private dairies which are very
profitable, though lhe farms are small.
few of them exceeding one hundred
ample, lhe writer knows „ 	
of farms of that size where l,wonty slammed down on the desk in front 1 beside old Weslnrnstcr Hall. Wheu
o twoiiy-nvonillk cows are kepi and ol Mr. Sliidholme, Tiie latter glanced . the Restoration of the Stuarts took
n, milk Is made Inln cheese and but- U the  volume, and  instantly noted . p!.,.e the Protector's bodv was taken , still luivnlng
Th    ,^,"0ld  '"  the  '?''"  ■""<**■*•«•; iignlflcance of it. arrival.    But' out of its resting-place in Ibe Abbev ['**"• *n e00",om,^       LZ''^'"-
Imlr%.AleL?ZTMai "" '■"■ mo"  -'"  w»s '"■' "P**1-    Wllh  *•" »00d-   'n-1 hi" head severed and stuck upon !   WWeb meant. I ■«»P<'*;- *''»' f»"T
3X        Bi " m,ambfu' 0, *•"' I "■'"reJ  <"*n.plaeei.ee   which,   among : . pike at the door of tbat same West-' * m,t,„„h" „h"".h. t.H   Mm i? Ik.
famlh  thoro uglily learning the bust.- other qualities, haa endeared bim to   muster  Hall   tbat,  all  might   make   elotheapretsed the tells hlni ,. ,ook.
Wllh in a Rtone'ft tUrow of llie plaec
where this iut-eres'.itig event took
plaee stami* ft <*ln;iie which vepr«-
nwitti Another easQ nf Tinie'*> revenge.
enoriiiriu* book—the WggMt dictionary   Thi-;.is tho tttatue ol Oliver Cromwell,
before the pi xt een tli centnrj*. Two
flreeks In that country (15:181 gave un
exhibition before Charles V.. de-u'end-
ing into water of considerable depth
in an inverted lame kettle. Tbey
took down with them burning llght«.
Tho men returned to the earth leve]
without being wet.   The   light   wus
neas In one ofihe many-nearby cheese I tha nreas ntlery. he merely remark
!«2i « «* . ..hT fan,ls R!vo a •«= "Mv finguage may be mme of
K?i SI u heh; ','wn"rs- Thalr the beat, bul-," and continued with
handsome horees ami the woll-dreg Bed ' i,i« immIi
nml gooddooklng sona anq naugliterai •— ■
or the house, na they ro to ohiiroh
on Smtdaye in their double-aeated
biiggies, bear unmistakable teatlmouy
to ihe Buccesa of mixed farming.
Dearth of Seals.
A despatch from St. ,1'ohn's,
by wireless t-  Montreal, states that
the sealing fleet nft the east const of
About Sealing Wax. I NeWfoundland reports the worst w
Sea.i„K   wax   in the present form  & J X  oaV'ea c hi ff.WS
was firai noted in Uudon In u,e mid- W'Jff, whiih iS iJss than °Z
lentury,   a «.,.-> | boat MCUred in „„0.
Btata of Ohio. City of toludo
Luoaa County.
Frank J  ™
Chenoy makes oath that h, tn
rilpr partner u? the firm of F, .r. Cheney
doing uuslneaa in th«* olty of Tot*
I A On
edt    '
fold lli-iii W|
DKKD   Dot
nnd Hi uii
ll pay the
i"ae'- of Catarr that e
Uio Urb Df Itn'.Vn Can
Sworn '» before me
ra ■ presenoa, thia 8th
ad   III!
CfltAl.] A.   W
oforeuRliJ.'arid that
ium of ONE l\t'S.  the
■*cn antl every
nnot be cured by
ih Cure,  FRANK
and aubaorlbed In
day of December,
Not tha Only one to Paint.
Cot. Newhall has written his remln*
iacences as an Indian agent, nml thle
la one-of tin- stories-he tells,
The I ml Ian commissioner visited the
agency one dnj and nsked to have nil
Indians brought baton
die of tbo sixteenth century, a
of earth was used by the ancient
Egyptians In sealing papers and documents. The Egyptians placed such
earth on the horns of cattle and upon
it was stumped ibe seal of the priest
Thus were identified tbe cattle to bo
used in the sacrifices.
him iim-
„ • ;■ _ Hotafy Public.
ira.Ia Ce'arih i 'ir» i« tak-n Internally,
and n-?t*-   directly    on    ih*    blood and
-mi-iuin aurfacea uf itn* nv-m-m      Smd
(ur   l*»(l;..».lii«tB   frt»
F. J   CHENEY * CO.,    Tol«do   0.
Held by rli   *lrii*rftii»i«.  TBc
'ink* lU.ii  Family  PUli for conatipa*
might make theni u speech. These
wem the Urule Sioux,of whom Spotted
Tail, one of Mi - m-al illiistrioiiH of In
tlians, was al tbal lime head chief. In
the course of Ills address, tho com nils-
Blonor --iked Hie Indians to null paint-
Ing their faces and bodies Ho lohl
ibriii none but it savage painted his
rnce or his bod* After he had finished
Simili 1 Tail arose,
Ash mon—Did your bulldog get a
prize at (he don show?
Ashley -Ves.     be   g
dollar-prize poodle,
■wimi is a counler-lrrllan
Mrs. Smith ers,
"A countor-lrrltanl," replied Smith-
ers, "is a woman who makes the
Bhopman pull down, everything from
the shelves for two hours, an then
buys ;i pennyworth of hairpins."
w. n. u. aw,
The Decjy of Manners.
i i in .i time in w h-lch d
.-..i.: < i iiuiiiii-i a -ir' maintaining themselves, a greal many
peopje say this »« noi to be deplored
in there is no tine for obsolete formalities and courtesies whlcb wereall
right In a thore leisure age, bul which
do- noi go with the motor, (he telephone aud Hie I [>ev , il i
l ir Mon vhi (bei i am likely Lo
save much time b) walking along
lioui an i gard for the feelings
of other poople, if everybody behaved
its he liked thi street would soon be
blm ked. llowever, lhe i<*.ti season
why our manners are decaying is
tli n people tlon I wanl lo be bothered,
Wh) should Ihey raise their bats, or
.write a letter after a visit, or give
up it se.it te ii lo4) ' Quite ao, Why
noi ko n step further? Wh> noi bite
your bread ai dinner, or pul your
knife In your mouth. Oh, you any,
Mm draw iin- ini" thero it hurts the
feelings i.. othor people*   Exactly,
These old forms and rules are uae-
fui  in remind us or our obligations
 thers; Ihej help to keep alive for
example, the reaped for * tanhood
which seems lo hn waning among us
think of iho footings of lhe per*
mi with whom you nn., Lhal is tho
laseuce of real pollti n hs Vou ro-
nemher the Btor> of the young officer
vho dined for tho llrsi time at mess,
.ml taking lip bis finger bowl, drank
i im it
Ibnel  Iiiiiiu iliiiielv  took  up
ii >*nr--i* bi wi and did the same, nnl
ill   Hie  r< si   ill   Ml ' Labi • followed   his
example.    No wise man  will exitli
ivt r  the  decay  of  rule;!  nml   forum
loll   help  to  nnike  peopl"  kinder,
1 ot oibi tn
Timing Him.
learned.' said the private
where your son went after
contents of  yonr money
"I have
taking Hi
"That is Important," said the fath
er, *'H'- i"ok $1,iiii<>. and lie's sun
in return after he Bfiiinnders It."
"lie look the train for New York,"
mid ihe detective,
■ i hen,' rema
be back inside i
Plain Dealer,
rketl th
.f a Wee
father, "he'll
■."- Cleveland
Drives Aathma Like Magic. The
Immediate kelp from Dr, J. D. Kol-
logg's Ami inn,i Remedy seems iikn
magic. Nflvertlieleas it is only a natural remedy used In a natural wny.
The   smoko or vapor, reaching tha
niook at it. Yet it is not the statue
I of the King which now adorns thi-;
1 site, hut thc monument of his con-
I queinr.
j At Gloucester there is a beautiful
; monument to Bishop Honker, which
stands to-day upon ihe spot where he
whs burned to death for his adherence to his religious opinions in the
reign uf Mary I. Another -such monument is the Martyrs* Memorial In
I front of Rallinl Collogo, Oxford, where
Ridley and Latimer were burned at
the iflake.
As the visitor to London proceeds
from    the    Parliament    Houses   up
Whitehall he passes lhe Banqueting
Hall of tiie palace which gives the
thoroughfare its name,   From one nf
tbo windows facing the mad Charloi-
i 1. stepped upon the scaffold on Which
1 hn  Inst his  head.    Vet  a  few  score
yards higher np life road stands a
statue of the Martyr King, as lie i«
1 somotimes called, which many uood
' Judges consider Uie fiiiety statue in
, the Metropolis,
Bunysn's window in tit'.' Abbey has
fnr neighbor another similar Instance
i of time's -revenue, just round the
, corner, in Uie nave, is n beautiful
\ monument lo John and t'liarle-i Wes-
I ley, bolh of whom would, in their lite-
, I time,   hav*   been     prevented   from
A train which runs every day In preaching within UlOie hoary walls.
the year between Toulon and J'tiris Is | It is seldom, too. that a Sunday passe*
knows aa the "rapldn des fleura"- -the | without one or more of Charlos Wes-
out-flower express. This train car- day's hymns being included OU the
Mes nothing hut cut flowers, in has- j hymn sheets distributed to visitors,
Itnts aud pasteboard boxes, for    the      Probably every native of a big town
aa good aa new.**—Detroit Free Pres*.
Tne Twin Cities-
Thc tourist wns, for thu first  (into
viewing    the    Panama city of Colon,
mid the American olty   of CrlstobnJ
sitting side by side nt thu Alia. lie end
or :he canal.
"What is It they call the American
cily'-"' be asked.
'•Tbnt ts too bad." he stiUl ''it should
be Colon and Semicolon."
he fleet sailed ni March 14. and
comprised iJ.iKH) men snd many vessels. On March 20 they struck an ice
"pan," with 30,001) peals which they
speedily slaughtered, Then followed
a hunt by the, steamers, plowing
through the Ice for tiie main herd,
which usually floats down un Ice
from the Polar roglom
f    The   search   was  kept  up  for  h'un
thousand-  dreds   of   miles   through  Ui"  ice   in
every direction,   but without success.
I The Meet is now sailing south, and
hopes to find the tnnin herd. The
average catch is 300,000 skin*, representing a million dollars. With (he
best luck it is not expected tu CAceod
ono*lhird this yesr(
"Now listen to me,"
•All right, doc."
"Vou are threatened with a nervous breakdown."
"I knew 11."
"Vou must quit  worrying"
"I ei.ii do it doc, until after al'
the home players nre signed. It
wouldn't be loyal lo lho home team."
-  Kansas City .louinal.
"Well. I wish lilm luck." said Mr.
I Jones, the other nlghl, after reading
| lu the evening paper nn account •
1 the wedding of u popular member of
: (be local football team. "Itut," bo
.added III a ruminating tone. "imh.
I riiipe Is very much like football,"
I "Don't talk so ridiculous!" snapped
Mrs .Tones, "How evor.oan you com*
! pa-'e football to marriage?"
"Why." replied Jones, "il  looks ko
I easy to those wbo haven't tried It,"
Pari* uiurket
the t-oseR and
The violets ot Hyeres,
carnations of Anilbes
Acme cf Inconsistency.
I.iiiiiloii The Kuliuu town council
has passed i> resolution in favor of
ihe uayllr.hi saving hill, ton nl the
name lime refused permission lo its
ofllce Bluff io begin duty as hour earlier in thu evening during lho stimmoc
most remote passage of the affected I and the Roman byaclutliM of Albouh _
Kibes, brushes aside (he trouble and and (arquierounes are oil (he flower
opfiirt a way (or fresb air to enter, elands of Paris in IS hours from the
li Is sold by dealers throughout the time tbey are growing on the aliores
ItiiiU. ()f the Mediterranean   A good many
-■■*. —■■.«—■—. I „,.,, tdiipppi) also lo Ibe cities of (ler-
I.ltile brother Leo, white looking many and Belgium and even as far
oui of the window, saw some hints i ■*■ Vienna and St. Petersburg The
moving about In the rain storm and packages: are handled by a special
remarked; "The poor little birds I train crow (hat sorls them out like
ihey must stay out in llm rain" Ills ' ■■•■■■■ matter, The speed at which
elder HlRtor explained the birds llko' *■■■'* "CUl-flower express" runs Is
lo be out lu th- ruin, lo bo huthed ; Ri*'''*--'*1 than thai of any other train
and washed clean,, lie llleti answer*'" ■'•"rope aud it Is almost invariably
ed: "Well, (key ain't llko inc. then,"    i on time
in  Kufdaiid  or Ncotlaud could  quote
0HM.S in which the townspeople have
hooted and persecuted snd half-killed.I
soma poor fellow, whilst their descen* i
iIbiiIs have seen lit lo adorn lhe prin- ,
eipal square or the nubile park with
his statue.   One such case occurs at
Bolton,  where the statue  nf Samuel j
Cromnton is .seated In*stone in the.
principal thoroughfare.   Yet it is only |
about a hundred years ago that this
"I fear yon are losing interest lu
ihe cause."
"I see ynu constantly Willi a young
"No danger," declared Ilio militant
"Then lie Is not  your hoiiu?"
"No; he's n professional bonds*
man."—Kansas Olty Journal.
Were   you   not   scared   when   (be
masked,  highwayman came through
man whom his feflow-citlsens delight | Um sleeping car ami aemandedI your
to honor was chased through the same , motoy at lho point o a Wlrjr'
slreets by a .murderous mob. which. I ™ LSS ,1 T^LilV-.
(ailing in Ului liia lila. Binnsliod hla
i-rrn'oiiitiofl in BtniiH—mncliinefl wlileli
■linn i
mi iimiii UiIh hm makes mo
-uii tun yem-.-yoiingor'!"
"\'tiM, mnl hh tit-en mj IiiihIiiuiiI."
"How i-iiiiMiiiiii-.! wimi illil Iin Btiy?"
1 it.- ri-iii:iiiii-ii ihhi night iim! whon
ni limit till yiiiii' Iiiii ynu looHotl ii'ti
■01-8 tillii-l"-   l-'lli-K' litis   llllli-lli-l'.
hum I'.ii-v.i-.ier'it young
"wliicli oi my imii-iiiH
Will -ii my llilllglllor IIiii-Im wns Hit-on
yoai-H nil Hlif whh ulniitllng hy 11,•■
nin.it.w i.-ii- gluoiny tlity llatonliig t.i
Ilio t'i.'Ulil lli.tliili-l'. ACti'l' liHlti.'^
UU' HCVfllll   I lm,-ii  whnl   il   WIIH,  I   H.iiil-
"Why. llml.Ih Ihiiinli'i-." Whllo Hlif
miih itontloi-lng whnl tluiniloi' might
he, II hi'Kiin Iii inln gronl lilt; illu|i»,
"O,     lllllllllllll,"     mtlll   llui'l.i,   "joo   the
poor ihuntlor Ih orylnii,"
Protege of a Counten.
l.lvi'l'llfllll.--TllO  t'llllllll'HH   Of     Will--
Wiii-wifk Ih tii'iii-ing iiif expense ut
Um mtislonl t'litii-iitifiti of a Vot-itHhli'o
mill Iml nitmetl Duoklo, Whose violin
tllAylng iilii-neleil hei' iiltentlon ut a
1.'-i'i|h t'titicert.
ig tn ta
... illlf.1   tn
Imve  limtiglil   millions ami  millions
into ^u uuU'itnii exchequer.
niigniy Komi Joke
Buffnit* KxprcsB.
on the porter.*
mul .ni" tiny,
ih, I reseinhli
'Until," tin- r.i-iiiniiuiiitii't' nns-verotl,
"You lmvo yuur mnthar's roinnrkaulo
oapnolly for apanuing money nntl your
rit.hi't'H genius tut uui malting it."
No Mistake Aboul It,
An uhi iliiilify van trying In tie-
Ht't-ihe how lie preached, says .inline. |
"It'.a ill« 'iwiiy, Iiiiiih," hh lii he, "Kiihi
Ah lella 'fin Wat Ain'tii gwilte In tell
'fin. fli'il Ah -Ah ti-lla 'oni, nn' tlell Ah
lells 'cm w'nl Alt've lohl Vm.
"1 llllllll uii. will iiinii,, a line wife
1 have in'i'ii fiiiiiiiu nn her fui- Hevtiriii
iiuiiiih-! now, mul nearly nlwnys llml
lier ilmniin; i t her fni Iter's Books."
'Thai rough) ut", tno, until I fotirttl
nm  thin  n  wiih ihe Hiti.H- sock."
Kansas City Journal,,
Lawyer    (to  witness)-  Now,  then,
8oret Flee Before It. -'lliere are
mnny who have been affllctetl with
sores nml llttvo tlrlveti them nwny
with Hr. Tliomae' Kolootrlo on. ivhlo'i
nelH llkn  magic,    All HlmlliM-ly' If
liled itliniilil lose ho llmo l» upply
hul'lis iirtVQI Is in no way i\-i-i».   I
this    iiiileiuliil    remedy, iih lliere  Is
Mr.  Murphy,  glvo us yntir Insl reel-1 „"t,,|„K |||,e ll In he hml..   It Is cheap, I
hul Its power Is In nn wny expressed
Helping Hand..
"Wluit nro you titling for lhe uulir,
"I nin teaching p ■ girls lite null-
nieiti.i ui' bi-hlge whut    Ami vmi'!"
"Oh. 1 ,im collecting cnsl nlf uulo-
011-' mnhlli'H In illutrllntk' among wnrlh*
a maohlno
111,'IIHIIII'   llle
T,   I   ilillinii',   Iml
O'lni ihlnkln-.
Is in iihi' In l.iuiiii,n In
wear mul tear uf road-
-ai least, your tutiiii
■I in ihe document,
I •nlut.lv liai-tiil,...
\t?lB.low'« poetlilns Syfu>." «p I
Uui.  Iw.ul) S..C.LI.. Mil..
hy Us low prlee.
The hntiljnek luul Ilu- t-nl Ihey mel;
Sho.dodged ninl yelled wllh glee.
VintliK mun, J-OU'll tu'i'il thai bookjnek
"Then .nin'!! reuti'inlier mo."
'il   rnitt'l    Mmiiina.
e   lltlHi'H?
I'niiiiiuin people, my I
thai tliey may sneeze
ili'.h-litii-n people like
liavo hoses Hint tliey tuny oxpross
•Ir obhlcmpl  for common poople," i
Of lhe iiitui Ku|i| uiiliiiil uf tho
worM "t-n Tlrlllsli Bmtlll'O supplies
nearly ilu per cout,
e .:... -. 1
Tread softly -     ImiSf.
Steps-if (sly. XjisS,
EmbodyIht* patented ft-•:uirs
of Cafe l'aw Heels.    ,!0 TIIE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOIT, TT. C.
Within the patt few monthi
over 100 persons have written
to the Zam-Buk Co. reporting
their cum of eczema* rashes
and skin diseases by Zam-Buk 1
Doesthisnot provethat Zam-
Buk is something different?
Don't you need it in your
Mil* Mury Moduli/, 013 Bt. Call.-
ttlnn Sinu't W., U'liitrtml, anim
"I do nut know words uowertul
MiDiiuli to cx|neM my gn.titi.da to
Y.mn link, EuMin* broke out cm my
omlp unit liAtuli, Tliu Irritation of
(lis ac.ilp wm* to biul tlmt 1 ooulil nut
nluep or rem, nntl I futretl I aliotiM
hnve to linvt my hair cut off. On
my Iiiunili the -liiuike a-ipNirotl in
rort patultOOi tht burning hihJ ilclilng
of uiiii-li 'Iruvu me mnny Union to
•petit of .wcopiliK. I went lo Hit. ilia-
jiiTinmy, imt, thoy referred nis to »
kkiu •peolalllt, who said tlmt inln*
wm ai luul a nr.nu uf ec/eina aa hfl hnd
peen. He give mo mime eintineut,
mnl then o lecornJ lot, but neither
gave mo Any lellaf.
"1 nu in k'rsiv t)t.d eotidllion when Kun-
Buk wm intr-nluied, but 1 i««n loiind out
tlmt it wm ftirfnrcut from ill the olh--r niini-
Ann, I )iei-««'.-trcil with tht /.ain-Hiik ir«»t-
rurnt, ami each lion did me more mil mors
(loiitl.   Tha Irritmit,!. and Miiarting loon till-
appeared, ttun tht torn began lo lieal, fr«h ■
ber.lt hy nk-in unit tntr thn iM-rti which Imd
li«n lore, en-l I am now quite free Ironi ell
lr»rn ol eimctna, boll*, on hftd and haiidi.
Mf hair hai al»o be«-u lewt."
L-ain Bu-: li "lie- a •<■<» e-ltl far pll-i. n»ptli-n»,
..-«..>». miu, hnimatitii.il iVin inlni-l-i.  tfic. (
nil Unii-v-lii* '.i.4 Oitu, ur i-.an.llul. to., T-NBto.
for pncit.   Ilff-.M luNlitiiUi.
Poor Old Mother.
In the correspondence column of a
contemporary there recently appeared
a question by n Bon-ln-law with whom
his wife's mother had been living as
to whether oilier members of lhe family (three sons) who were nnld to be
uhk> though unwilling, could be compelled in bear a portion of the expense
of the mother's mitliiteimncce. Bhe
luul been living with -me of tho sons,
and tlie brothcrlii-law Imd been asked
lf bhe could be boarded In I^k limine so
Dial thn daiiKhtcr might look after her
Thin was agreed to, but the board money was not paid, ami utter eighteen
months cr Bqu.it bbi Ing the qufuion was
asked. Tlio answer was diplomat lo,
namely, lhat the matter was one
which required most judicious hum'.-
ling, mid tlm' a so) loi tor should he consulted. Mud tin1 person in charge of
the quest inn column known of the Can*
lodiinii Government Annuities System,
the wisest thing he could hnve done
would have l n tn recommend the
purchase of n Government Annuity.
At her nge itr.) un annuity of fnoo
1175 iiuHiiis every three mouths) payable um long as bim might live, could
have been purchased for $11)93, Tho
mollier could ihen have lived happily
with lur daughlor for the remainder
have regarded the mother's presence
In tin- homo, u boon mther than
and   tin
havo    remained
best of ull. the
pines* of the d
fnmtly  ties  would
unbroken.        Hut
comfort    and    Imp
-in- old  mother,  who
I hud nursed Ihem in their Infancy,
i hnd, perhaps, spent many a Bleepless
nii'iii  in anxious attendance     upon
ilium whom the ''Oread Messenger'1
l wuh hovering near, ready   to snatch
them away from lier, and who hud
j guided their young footsteps In lho
I straight, aud  narrow  path—priceless
services- would lien hove been assur*,
ed for all time.   Happily in Canada «*•*•* Ute aohei ana twinges, or iu the
cnscB of this kind nre few, and   they J™"* extreme cases, the turtuera o!
win be still fewer In the years to come !!|H' ■|,,:u,,I*\ ^•■■■K-
If the boys and girls of today    cnn
PMtting It to work.
When the train stopped at \ho \\t-
tie' southern station the northern tour*
ist sauntered out on a platform, says
the Housekeeper, Under a scrub qhV,
stood a lean animal with scraggly
bristles. The tourist whs Interested.
"What do you call that?" he Inquired
of a lanky native,
''JUzorbacU hawg."
"Well, what Is he doing rubbing
egalust that tree'/''
"He's stropping himself, mister, Jest
stropping himself,"
Impecunious Nobleman-Sir, I understand you have a peerless daughter.
Aid Moneybags—'Yes, nud you might
as well understand first as last thut
sho Ih going to stay peerless aa fur us
you [ortUUe-hnjrters are concerned.—
Baltimore American.
Ask for Mlnard's end take  no other-
"Don't you think this hat makes me
look ten years younger?'*
"Ves, nnd so does my husband."
"How chuuningl What did lie Hay?"
"He remarked lust night that when
ynu took off your hut you looked ten
years older.''
Raw. Damp Weather StartB Ihe Pain,
but the Trouble Lies In the Blood.
Spring weather In luul for i-tii-ntna
tic BUfferem. Tbe changes from
m11tl to colli, tlm raw, damp winds
"A mtiltl-inllllonitre In n 'axlilniiiiui;
rcutauitiiit," Bhe fultl, "nolDtetl to a
llii(5 Ou the menu and •alt] to the wait-
"I'll have aoniu ol that, please."
" I'm eorry, air,' the waiter answers*
'but tha hand l« playing that."
"Can you live any evidence In regard to theoharacter ol the deceased?"
satd the judge. "Yes, iny lord," reviled tho witness, lie wns a man
without blame, beloved and respected by all men, pure In all hln ihmiglita, L
ami—" "Where did Jtiu li-niii tha:."' [tint n pity, now!" nhe ejaculated.
"I copied It from his tombstone, my then she added, consolingly, "Dey do
lord." j SHy tint olfl lnnltlB Is ile happiest i-rit-
.i   ' lets   dey   ia   once   dey tjiilt strug-
• Kiln'."
The Happy State.
A young lady living in Atlanta via*
Ited the home ol her flauco in New
Orleans. On her return home cm old
"uiiiniiny," long lu the service ut the
family and consequently privileged to
put tho nui-hik'ii, asked:
"Honey, wlieu Is you golu' to git
The engagement not having been
nnnounct'd, the Atlanta girl replied:
"Indeed, I can't say, aunile. Perhaps
I Bhall he married next Christmas, and
then perhaps l Bhuii never marry,1'
The old woman'B jaw   fell,   "Ain't
Mini.len' Wives,at Ottawa  Have
Hard Talk to Fulfil.
'Congratulations, old mnn,"
"For what?"
"I see you have at last acquired an
■n '■|i^ji'|ii|i|i|ir||i":'i
In Ottawa the queena of pociety Rl|lu
reign not, as in some cities   by vlr.      „£    , h       % ,     t   „ fl| t, ,
uo o tho posse s.o, p| groat wealth, ,h„ ,, ,v puU|ng „ „,,„. ,.IM)„„ „„ ,„.
but b" rltlit ol political   endershln ,v|,ew,itl,!K machine."
ol  tlioir  husbands   or  tatliors;  ami1
perliHps tills acta to sonic extent us a
oheok upijii Uie inclliiati'-1  (so gen-
orally prevalent) toward display In
dress,   household,   management  and     , ., , ...
the exercise ol hospitality,   II ambl-'   ■l"l'",,-v l""" '"' ""'"' ""■'"    '"■
titni«,  eitlicr fnr liorsell f-r for lior      ,,..,,,.,
husband, the Ottawa woman has oil,.'   M" h<-', "0,v,."";»' „ll">'i,"n """   :M,'"
er ouUel. fnr hor energy tl  in™1"',!*,"'     '      ,: ,,   «    ,     wrt'
effmta in outshine tier nalilibor. In     Johnny—1 carrletl homo the Sunday
he gorgeous^ a ol ler a   ." lo I lo . "^ WS I'"'  h,! '"";"!" m* '"'    ',v'"'i"
splendor ol her anUrlalninenUi ami,«"'""-»t Jonahan tltejvhale
lii'liiiul   the gnlollot which lt<ip s
cicty ut tno capital  111 n  uliir!  h
Hllllllllllllilfflllllilllllllllllllillll.ll llllll
Mother — Johnny, vou   Bald you'd
been io Sunday school,
i   Johnny (with fa- away l-
niotiif ir
Some Noise,
Poel "Did you aver hear thc heavy
tlllery of the sklea boom mid thnn-
r mid sour wiih terrlfyltiK power?"'
Karmei"—"Naw, I ffonl to n Buffrn<
ni-;   once"- Philadelphia IU>-
His   Reason,
"Johnny, why don'l you try to stand
in the IimiiI of your cIubb, Inaicad ».,'
alwa.vK liciiij; in ilio foot?"
".Slim Km: Hy hihiiiIIuk itt lho fool I (
the i-in-ib i tun gee om or the window,
i>ii."   Btrmtngliam Ago-Hecord.
Net Boasting.
An Irish man nnd German were sit
©n on a pier tlsiiiiiR. Neither save
{lie other any concern. 'ine Irish*
man smelted away philosophically at
bis clay, whllo the German seemed an*
■orbed In thought, or was silently expecting a 1)1 to.
Suddenly the German fell Into th?
water, The splash recalled the Irishman from the preoccupation, That
was all It did, however, . He never
made a move to offer aid to the man
struggling in the water.
"I can't swim said the German as
he came up.
"I can't Ewhn," he shouted louder,
ss he came to the surface for the second time.
As lie wns about to disappear for
the third time, the German cried
"I can't swim!"'
"It's a mighty funny time to boast
shout It," replied the smoker of the
only be Induced to pay Into the Annul-
I Ilea System a few e.nils each week.
• Kor example, a young man ol 20 by
! paying In fiO cents a week until he Is
1 On may purchase an Annuity ot $352.-
176; and a young woman starting at
I same age, und paying a like amount
I for Ihe same period, could secure an
Annuity of $811.72, which, owing to
her longevity being superior, is somewhat less than he would receive, i'he
i age of 60 to a young man or woma I of
; 20 may seem n long way ofr; but It
; may Interest them to know that, ac-
i cording to mortality expo**iencc-, of
lu.OOO of either sex starting at i!n con*
slderably more than FiO per cent, will
b still lhlng even at (15. There Is
more thon an even chance that you
rill be one of the E,000.
Information as to the oo*vt oi  an
nt'iMity at uny ski1 may be secured on
Hut It must be.
|borne In mind that it Is not the weather that, cause's rheumatism. Thr
trouble is rooted lu the blood—the
changeable, weather merely si arts
the pains. The only way to reach
the trouble and to cure It, in llirougli
the blood, Thc poisonous rheumatic acids must be driven out. Lini
mi'iitB and rubbing may give temporary relief, but. cannot possibly cure
the trouble, The sufferer Is only
wasting timo snd money with thiy
kind of treatment and all tbe lime the
trouble is becoming more deeply root
ed-harder to cure. There Is jus!
one speedy cure for rheumatism*—Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, They act directly ' on the Impure, acid-tainted
blood. They purify aud strengthen
It and thus root out tlm cause of lho
rheumatism. Here is strong proof of
tlio above statements, Mrs ltobl.
LufTinan, Midland, Ont., says; "About
three years ago iny grandson, Robert
I.uffman,    was   attacked with liifhini-
The Customer—Is lhat a real ostrich
The Diaper—Wbat, for tenpence!
Oh, no, madame; "ostrich' Is merely
lis nom de plume!-—The Sketch.
His Business.
"O Papa," she said, with, a blush,
"young Mr.. Chestnut who owns so
many coal mines In the Midlands, is
coming again this evening and he
wants to see you on some important
business." ..
"All right, my dear,' responded tho
old man, chucking her playfully under
tho chin. "I know what the young
man wants."
That evening Mr. Chestnut came to
the point at once..
"Mr. Hendricks." he said boldly, "I
want to ask you If you have laid ln a
stock of coal?"—London Ideas.
A Boston clergyman says lhat American women wear too many clothes
when at summer resorts.. That is a
new complaint *.o make about seaside
application to the postm'.-t-.t", or to
the Superintendent of Annuities, Ofci|6atory rheumatism. He became so
tawa, to whom your letter may be sent bad he cmiId onIv WIt!k whei. BOmeonc
without postage. j helped him about.     One arm he had
to carry ln u sling, and we felt sure
he would be a cripple for life. The
trouble also affected his heart. The
doctor said his blood was turning to
water and we had little hope for his
recovery. Tbe medicine the doctor
gave blm did not do more than soothe
Hobby—That sailor must have been -the p.,-n ft ittt]e( then he would be as
bad as ever. On a former occasion
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had cured my
daughter of rheumatism, and we finally decided to try them in Robert's
case. Alter the use of three or four
boxes thete was a slight Improvement
snd he continued taking lhe Pills until he had used 12 boxes when the
trouble had completely disappeared,
snd he has not been affected with It
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at BO cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50.. from the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.. Brockvllle, Ont.
tlio first fow months of each year
thero is often much ol a ici'ioui pur*
pose, lt is the iintnte of woman,
even in this ai/e, when In unprecedented numbers they are engaging
in independent enterprises, lo be intensely interested In Iho interests of
thoso dear to them, and in political
circles the women most averse tn entering what they regard as the "province ol man" cannot hold entirely
aloof from the keen and exclUng and
unceasing contest of politics, It is
Impossible tliHt they should not take
sides, but, it it is done tactfully and
without bitterness, even an opponont
likes, I believe, to see a wife standing staunchly by her husband, unceasingly curing for the interests lie
has at heart, and helping bim, in
ways old or new, as a woman eau.
Whatever idea one may hold on 1 he
question of "woman's sphere" in general, one is bound from the nature ot
the case to take what may be called
an old-fashioned view of the leading
women nt Ottawa, To the outside
world they are, lirst and foremost,
the wives or daughters of the Honorable Minister of this or that Department; ami as their parts are largely
played within the sanctity of home '
it is less easy to write of them than it
would  be of their  husbands—public
Horrid Man.
Miss Veil-'Ibe way that man looted at me was positively Insulting,
Misa Pike—Did ho stare m you?
Miss Pert—No, lie gave mo on:
glance, then looked at something olso.
St. Louis Olobc-lhtnocral.
Who can niveau example
of heroism?"
Willie Wallop "I ran, teacher At
noun Tommy Sours nnld you was Ihe
meanest teacher we over had, and he
wouldn't take It baclt, so l licked him,
lie stood up for whal ha thought was
right; that was heroism.4
Leave Memory Behind.
Architect   (outhllslBSllcnllj I -\\ hen
you gel Into lho 06W house you wout.
know yoursclven,
Mlnard's Liniment,   the   Lumberman's
"Suppose coal Is tlx dollars u ton
and you gavo your dealer thirty dol*
Mrs. N'ewrleh-Kxi'use me, it will be ! lui'H- how  mail}  tons would be send
ber peopl-- wo tli ut know.—Uoblou  you?"
j    "Three"
  1    "Oh, that's wrong."
.  "Did ye see as Jim got. ten years' ,   "I know it's wrong, but 111
penal lor stealing that 'om?" I lie did,"—Life
Owen Wlstcr, the well-known novelist, ivas tall.lng In Philadelphia about
a poet w iiosi. works sold poorly.
"Poets inu usually wlthoui honor,"
ha said, "Remember Wordaworlh'H
i aso,
"The .-teat Word-worth, you l»no»v,
ua-i lu tho bul it or ppoutlu hi poetry
aloud as ho too** IiIk Ion*.-'*, wall.*t,
Thus li<> polished and ohbar.tted bit
lines. Tims too, be gol ib*' ropulatlon
among the f.yiiul Lake folks of being
q bit daft.
" 'Well, John, whin's the new*-?"
Hartley Coleridge once nskid an old
Btonebreaker by the lake shore,
" 'Why, nowt vorra pnrtlckloiV His
etonebreaker replied; only old Wordsworth broken looso agin.' "
iit Is whnl
'Servo 'lm right, too,   Why didn't '0 I
buy the 'oss and not pay tor 'im like
any   other   gentleman?*'   —   London I
Very many per
wbat I
had been banding htm two-forit-quarter cigars for so regularly of late.''—
Detroit Vvee Press.
Cordial, the medicine that never falls
to effect a cure. Those who have j
used It say it acts pi'omp:ly, and thoroughly subdues Uie pain and disease.
arc bul  two ways tor
eomo oul of the earth.
";"!,.;i,;r,"l /':r",- '^'irii;,;::;:1:;
i tj pi nm, who if. kIii nave been h,v- , 0,,u|(1„. „„, „.,„.„ w„ „,.„.,. ,hll| ,.„',,
"What ilhl hor riilher nay when you ,,-Vekod ,In not Siil'v tn, mJhm J mulc1' "" ,h" f''m]'' H ,D,m ll l"'0'
UM It* he.' hand?" !!,!)^;,,•,,,;;..':;: aVA'n^n ".IfJte&j- yotwnntT"',V$"5
Salil he'tl been wonderlt," what I ,,-„,,„„,. ,„„ „,.,„,„„   -l^d^uZ tho aoTund thnl aet Uio
(rap for tbo next. As soon hm vou
catch one rain, set. your trap for tbo
next.      Destroy    what would  form a
There are 08 towns In the United | —' "   ~ ' I *•"•«• ll,1,i Jlll(nv ,l10   escape   of   tho
Kingdom—Including   London   as  one |    Apropos of a beautiful young wife   moisture already In tho ground,
district—which have a population ex* worth $40,000,000, who bad Just blvor*
ceedlng E0,000. i(,(<i her penullets husband in order to
,__________^______ j marry again, Henry E,    Dlxey,    the
a bit of an acrobat
Mamma—Why. dear?
Hobby—Because tbe book says,
"Having lighted his pipe, he sat down
on his chest."
How  the  Canadian  Artlsi Sold   Hit |
First Literary Work.
Arthur Hem ing te known to a good
many readers, nit only us an illustrator, but as a writer — of magazine
I stories   and   ono   book.   The   book,
j "Spirit Lake," which is all a story
about the Ojibways towards Hudson
! Bay, has behind it a story, and a good
! one.
I It was while lie was wintering with
< Wm. Henry Howe, the cattle painter,
at Bronxville, N.Y., that Heming
| conceived the notion tha* lie would
I like to write the story of how the
Ojibways put in their queer, weird
i lives from one winter to tho next.*
[ This, of course, would mean a fresl
B. C.'b Big Gam:.
With the exception ol antelope and
musk-ox, British Columbia has every
species ot big game that exists on
tbe continent; even the rarest of them
being found iu fair quantities. In
addition there are wild fowl and
game birds of various species, some
native and others acclimatized, that
furnish  sport;  while the  waters  «f-
ineti whose public work is not iu the
least injured by the utmost possible
ajiiount of limelight.
Even a glimpse into the lives led
by the Government ladies whilst at
Ottawa suggests that for part, if not
all. <■( the year tliey must be very
busy women. For instance, take the
matter of receptions alone. During
the season the wives of the Cabinet
Ministers receive on Monday afternoons; and the number of their callers mounts far into the hundreds.
H is not obligatory to return these,
calls, but I was told that this vear j
they had resolved to do so. When,
however, one holy bad nine hundred
callers and another sixteen hundred
(wHh several reception days still to
come) it became manifest that to re-1
turn in person the visits of all these ]
''''^n^H.i^'aniU^i^- •■,,-...,,.• l.e..M.re ...-n M.e„.
comedian  said  at a dinner  In   New
"Tlir young man who marries for
money lias none too easy n time ot i*„
Ilis rich wife Is likely to tiro of him
and throw him out In a few years, or
else she Is likely to limit bis uUowama
to 25 or 60 cents a day.
" i married money,' a man onco said
to me.
'Wasn't, there a woman attached to
"The doctors havo finally  decided
what caused Smith's Illnesa."
"Had a consultation, eh?"
"No, an autopsy."—Ju*-go.
She—"You are always, talking about
miking money In literature — wh>
don't yoi] do something!"
lie "I did. I pawned my typewriter
for $15.—*SaMro
ford the finest trout and salmon fish- . it?'
ing in the world.   It is probable that      " 'Yes, you bet  there was,' he ex-
there are more moose to the square   ploded,   'So much attached to it that
mile in the Canadian Rockies than
in any other part of the continent,
and every year their numbers seem
to increase.' So far, the country has
never been hunted except by a few
prospectors. Whether tli 3 boms attain the large size of the Cassief
moose has yet to be determined, but
t-'ie never parti d with li penny.'
Beating Speaker.
Col. Henry R. Smith. £?ergpant-a.t-
Arms of tho Dominion Parliament
since 1P72. lias some good stories to
te.l concerning the expedients employed by members of the House ol
Commons to question the truthfulness of other honorable members
without being called upon by the
Speaker ta retract.
A Westerner once celled a fellow-
Winter trip to the north.   He took a member   a liar  In   the   House,   and
train down to the city, and went to whoii urged to retract remarked that
Iti t ■ , ,, , '/ V.   4     1/ ,-,.,,' i , ,«'     fl.,1     llllllld       1 ...,., ...1.1..1.  i\m _ AUrtMAaaln,,
"You are engaged for the hox ofllce.
All you will have to do Is to receive
Thanks.' I think I should like to
hnve a few rehearsals.
j The Outlook. Not knowing the name
j of tho art editor or the heads of any
[ departments, he asked Uie elevator
man. Introducing himself lo the head
, of the art department, he told him
' what he intended to do.
'But what do you expect us to dof"
was the question.
Write me an advance check for
he would withdraw the expression
out of respect to lhe Speaker, but
added that he would certainly call
the member a liar outside tho precincts of the chamber. But in most
cafts attacks on veracity are more
cleverly clothed in verbiage.
The   most   artistic   effort   in   this
direction recalled by Gol. Smith was
there are
of other social functions, such as dinners and luncheons, at-homes and
bridges, to take the time and strength
of the social leaders, whether as
guests  nr hostesses.
Many of the ladies belong by birth
and education to the two old pro*
vinces which were the first to bear
tho name of Canada. Ontario is
represented by Mrs. Sproule, the wife
of tlic Speaker of the House of Commons, at whose table (it is of real
interest to know) wine never appears,
aud also by half h dozen of the Ministers' wives.—Kmily P. Weaver in
The  Saturday  Globe.
In this district, cariboo are very
plentiful on the higher plateau, and
in places both grizzly and black bear
are  iiumerou,
"Don't you think It is dastardly to
send ik man an Infernal machine?"
asked Jones, while motoring With
Brown. "Oh, 1 don't know," replied
Brown as Ilie machine gave a dying
groan, half way up tho hill. "If I had
an enemy, I'd fend him this one."—
A Profitable Deal.
Twenty years ago Dr. Coleridge of
[ngersull gave a gold watch, an in-
expensive one at that, for 1,000 feet
of land on Soudan avenue, Toronto,
'i'he owner got ffred carrying tbem
and was quit.' willing to take $25 fi
I    "Young gentlemen," said an earnest
| speaker, addressing a company of col*
j lege students, "if you have a spark or
genius in yen, water ll."
A lady very fond of en's and a man
devoted to dogs, fell Into a controversy over the merits of these animals,
In the midst of it the lady said.
tho bunch, but as the drctor's watch I    "So you really think that dogs some*
was just what he wanted, tbe doctor   times possesn more Intelligence   than
_ -t the lot;
| * Recent lv Dr. Coleridge sold the pro-
I perty for $11 a foot, or neatly $18,000.
An.l the man who bought- them, a
local operator, has had a half dozen
chances .o sell them again at $15 a
foot. .	
ihelr masters?
"Certainly, l'v
got one myself that
Ca»h  buys a  1912, 4  H.P.  INDIAN
complete, wltll Free EnQine Clutch,
Bosch   Armoured   Magneto,   Spring
ForkE,   Double   Carburetor,    Dcutte
Oiling System and Baggage Hack.
Wrlto    for    Catalogue,    C.P.
describing   tin-   motor   cycle
thnl liolilH all tin- world's re-
curilH fnr sperd ami endurance,
Write today
189 Noire Dame Ea.t        Winnipeg
Sir James' Humor,
ivfll-liitoivn newspiif
Tllv Niece—\'.*lint kind of u chicken
Is that?
Uncle .IokIi—That'H a leghorn,
City Niece—How stupid of tne!    I
oiiKht. to hnve noticed the horns on Its
thotisnnil tlullnr.». give me the serial j thut "' " vvit w,1°- ••"er liEt(1""8 to n
rights on my stuff bhiJ I'll t'o north speech from Ilio benches opposite,
anil pet you iniilcriiil lor tho hook." ssiili "The statements ol tin- hf.iior-
This riifiicnl suggestion was convey able member Just sratcil lorce me to
ed to the chief, who, afler listeiiitu: to the conclusion Hint if he bail lived in
Ihe much-ln.earneat ilellvery ol the the days ol Sapiihira that lady would
Canadaln artist, took bim at his word,' have preferred Ium to Aniiiiins ns a
wrote tlio check and gave bim the husband.'
Iiwi / fflP"*Mnlnl
m    vJoll
I >*y*3W
vl   1'
'A        ^--Wl
From there Hemtng went to atiotli-
! er iiificiizine which had already hand-
j led a series t.i his drawings lur Fras-
! er's "Sa'r.ada Tales." 'J'., the editor
' tif that be proposed to ye\i lho serial
' lights ol the same thing.    The offer
Honor lor Glace Bay.
The people ol Glace Ray. N.S., are
happy, lor that place is lo ho very
much In tho limelight in the coming
summer. The Slonne aeroplane is to
start from there in August on its at.
Passed the Third Degree.
When ho was fi member ol the
House o! Commons, no one wits more
fond ol referring contemptuously to
the "old ladies of the Senate" than
ltufus l'ope. Despite the fact that ho
was one uf the principal. insurgents
against the leadership "f Mr. Borden
while the Conservative party was in
the cold shades ol Opposition, lhe
new Premier heaped coals ol lire upon the bead of his "quondam" follower by making iiim a member of
the Semite lo succeed the late Senator
Baker. Pope went into thc Senate filled with all kinds of ideas respecting   ,.,,,   ,,„    l	
tlic  reform ol tho  Upper Chamber,  brated fnr ins blunt, h
He was going to make them sit up „■ jpeeoll. ul|d in   tin
"There la a greal ileal moro refinement In athletics thau thero used to
I he,"
j   "Yes,"    replied    the spoiling man
"but every now unit thon, some pukI!
man who jgl breaks loose and talks aboul 'sIuk
lho political leaders for a Bay glllg ovcl. „,c ,.„,,„„, ]i|i0 „  |c|*
the loi- |.epi|0,i n,e physician; otherwise 1 can-
.,,     date.."—Washington Sla'r.
familiar ; .
street daily in Toronto tel!
lowing story on himself:
Tiie editorial wrllcr lias i
surname ol lhe same class as Brown,
but he has enough given names to
lilt a small clothes line. During the
last provincial elections be bad occa-
sitin to call Up Sir Janus Whitney
over tbo 'phone.   Sir .Iiiinr
Athletic UniformsV^
Baseball;    Football,    l.a
crosse,   In   several tiual.i
anil Rood colors.   All llstetl
In nur catalogue No. I.'.
Write for n.
The   Hlngaton-Smlth   Arms  Co.,   Ltd.,
Athletic Outfitters, Winnipeg.
jiid take "notice. The clayB went by,
however, and the innocent ones who
believed In the professions ol ptac-
ticu.1 politicians looked daily for the
"Algernon, am I the Ilrst woman yuu
have ever loved'.'"
"Not exactly. I was lu love with my
teacher at ten and with a circus rider
at twelve.   But you are lhe flrst uir!
iu ,   ,- -lur.en1 lmvc ever *'i,"'li "' "*"'* m°i "'••
Tnversnllon dear."-Washlnglon Herald.
which follows lie was true to Lis re-
,„ (etjon I    A report says nmrc actors pn into
"This Is Brown .peaking." the edl- bankruptcy than t
f'-iul    writer   began—"Brown,     Sirio'h"   profession
was accepted. Immediately Ileinliigl tempt lo cross the Atlantic. That in
hied liinisell to an outfitter's ontpor- itsefl is enough to give prominence In
ium ami miiile a deal (or a complete i thc nens columns of n whole country'
una a. a. beldv and uiild
Uses Only Cuticura
Soap for Prize Baby
"I havo alwavn liawi Cutiourft
BoaptadnojOther for my baby, and
Ro tSRvw hiui u rr*?» of ftjjy hiiid.
He dm hot cvr-n ohoi© an moij,, VIE
bint do. I ftM-1 that it is all owing
to CiUiwira Sonp for he Ih fine ana
hetylny, fit\d. whop five irtontlm old
won ti prlai In a wflby wftwil. If
miLKPs my limrt acho W go Inlo a
many home* and pcq a sweet fai'<l
eimip outfU ot most i'li>uHiit propor-
tloiiB Itiohidlng evorylhina n ninn can
|K)lslb1y lug into ilie wtul^oas and
uso tn advantago, At nnuuior t-irfre
lie got a Mfttlser rifle hiu! a hundred
rounda of ammunition.
TIhib equipped, the tniilsuinn hit
out for the fnr liorth. Me WM gone
all winter. He got his material, He
camo ha.'It to civilization, and J till
In-fore he stnrU'd for England In study
with Drangwyi) he conceived the idea
of throwing the whole thing ini" the
form of short stories which could be
combined to mnko the book.
Hence came the book "Spirit Lake,"
which wfll made nearly twenty years
after Homing had gone his liret snow-
shoo trip In tliu north from Mattawa
to Teiulskaming; aud ho sold the
serial right* of ''Spirit Lake" iu four
separate countries, Kngland. France,
tho United States and Canada* w*M
Bo he Is a walking and critl.uMaatii*
, encj'cjopac'ya of tye li(c on tho un-
fallroaueu edge? of the north.   He
veal and Alaska; frotn the garcecs
down in the cow-hills to tho Loonletp
1 tip the Peel in lho Y,UU2U. iiS,JV'*¥*
miikcs my heart ache t« go Inio 85 ! the 'nvs. ol the b»)l n'l fft softVPt thd
many homes and tec a sweet faced | .'(..-.A.* 0r rf.J (Pj.itj   \r0 l„,s biir-
|WMtt» Sif 4r Ms, W"'"!. B,r
Hffpfwffl soil?.   I alwV« iWo-nT. Ula.kit.ii alter the big.  From the (uf
meiiil Otilioiirn, and nine tjinM out
of ten the neat I lino I tee the fnolher
nhe says ' Oh 11 am so glad you told
mo of CulHifa.' " (Signed) Mrs.
O. », Svlby, Hodondo Beach, Calif.
AlllifHttff CiiltrnrB Snap is wild by fjruf.
«i.,ia anil fk-altta f-v.ri»l,f-tr. • M.UI w
-Culliurfi." Ilt-lft. IM, lli„l„n. U.8.A . *lll
a,-r„f. n ifowil ntripw, ""till M-a- -»wult °°
tba can ol akai. aiaiv Ull b»lr.
.W. M. U. 897
ol a mink or the inihiiid ol a nitlsk-
rat tn the blubber ol a bull whale
just off tbo harpoon is the r,oologle»l
range uf his acquaintance with north-
rrn tiniinnU. Ho litis linssed niitiliig
camps and como down witli the river-
drivers. And with whatsi*ver snrl
til crew ho bit the river or the trail
hn look of! his coat and his collar
ami put on hia jeaui and hla blanket
cunt ur bis moccasin, and got duwn lo
tlio brass tacks nl genuine hard labor
- Au-iusiuj Bridle In The Clot-;.
papers, hut Qlace Hay is to have the
additional honor ul having the Duke
nl i'i nniiuk-M uuil 1'iiMiiii-r llindeii
there as oilieiiil starters fur the aeroplane.
re nclors pn
members of any
 ,.   .    ..  Well, I---1- how
Pope bomb to burst and sliattcr the | .iVr,',',,',, Mr! H. 1).V."p. BTown.Browii |a[te" ""'•v B('1 Wttrrled.
gloom ul the red chamber.   Nothing   .; |f|ie —_."  ,
happened, however, until ono day -'What's lhal, what's that?" in. a Cure for Rhoumatl.m.—A painful
Senator Tom Davis (nun Prince Al- quired the Premier, in rapid, aliarp, and perslfiteht form of rheumatism is
licit found the "would-be reformer  : brusque tours. caused by Impurities In tho blood, the
lott asleep iu his chair* while Sir "'j'i,i. i. Brown, editorial writer of result of defective action of lhe liver
Richard Cartwrlght was fulminating The —. Mr. II. D, Y. P. Brown, edl-land   kidneys,      The tilooil be'eomi
A 7° o Safe Investment
1 per rent. guar.ui'A'.ii unJ u :-ua.a
tn further profit*
The above i«n:rlty !■ tb» bt»rt U-
tjuatrlal ever off«»r#rj in Cunailn.
Wrltfl   m   r-Trr-   fnr  priti1ri*1-ir*«
Motional /-ectirltlcB   Corrioratlon,   LH.
CottfcdorKlon Llfo dmk.        Toronto.
When Your Eyes Need Pare
Ttf Murine Ey« Remeaj*, No Fmortln**--Feels
rJue —Ac-ih Qulcklr.  'I'rjr a '• r tied, Wcaib
■:>«•» umi Oratimatnl k-«-ii<i*-.  '"'
tmted liwlt in
.mi.I ..iifi.t.-i* t » nil
ii-lnr" — bul HUM. 1
f-.r iiiiir.T Mi
III it*
.-ii ra.-ii.ti.''-.    Mnrine ii
UctllUli   »"i a "I'tiit'iit u«i>
m> --M;i Phnli i:u,»' l'n1**
Men's  Homo   For  Calgary.
A melropole to cure fur tlip tltous«
liul-- of lioinclesa nnd loiiietlmui work*
rau mon in Calniiry, will in ereoUu)
by tin Bnlvatloli Army.
Bgatmt protection.   Davii fliook him,
mid grflaping IiIh hand laid] |
"Wi'lfiuiu', Itulu.-, old mnn. Now I
know thnt you are really u Senator!"
- Saturday Night,
Used in Canada for
over half a century
—used in every corner
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and its
resulting troubles—
far. Morse's
Root PUIS,
,.   "V, j  J. .-
(Und higher in public
estimation than any
other*, and their ever,
increasing sales prove
their merit Physicians
prescribe them. (
25c ft boi.
Bristol to Particlpat..
There ii* now every probability Hint
next of the Iliilitux Memorial Tower, ?**• wecKiy.	
commemoratlnj the nr»t "rant ol *ell.             H»rve..lnB In April,
atovernlnif powers to a Brltlsli colony,                         ,  . ,             ,
namely. Nu*» Scotia.   It in stated, , A netva Item that in unuaual even
alio, eays a Canadian official cnn- 'or  thla  bl. country of  varlod  ell.
muniime, that the CHS Council are male and lines of work was sent out
considering a suggestion^ that a bronse Irom High Kiver, Alta., early In April,
tablet  should  be  sent (torn  llrlstol; H ran as lollowsi            •
t„ be placed in  the Tower.  A pro.     Threshing Is again under way In
posal tfiit the tablet should be repre- the   High   Kiver   dlstrlot, although
sentatlvo ol Uie departure of the Ca- progress bo lar Is not very sallsfac.
bots Irom l,-isl"1  '" ,h,'ir ll"t vi,y.Ui,ryovv,n|.-tnll,eI,.-dsl.oin«tooM.t
age of discovery in 1«7, aa depicted to move the heavy thresh ng outflla.
in   Mr.   Board'    picture  at  the  Art The general opinion I   lhat grain has
Gallery, was thought lo bo a vory wintered better than **PMt*d.
happy one, antl It la understood that    The unusual sBoetacIo o ba vest ng
he lord Mayor will take ii.-lion with ' a crop ,ln April   • SCO-- «■■ -'	
ti.rii.l writer—you know—H, 1). V. P, tainted liy   the   Introduction nr uric
Brown, of The —-. you know." 1 lie ncld, wlileli causes much pain in th.
newspaper man explained repeatedly tissues  and   in  the Joints,    Parme
and ilowly, lee's Vepotnlile   Pills are known   to
"Brown,    a-a-o-hem—Brawn,    you have oflecled many remarkable cures
jay—let  me see, Brown,  editorial— end their use Is strongly recommend-
Ch, yes.   Brown,  ol  The —,  yes, e.!.     A trial   "t thnn will convince
yes, yes," said Sir .lanu-s.   "I suppose anyone of their value,
all your othfr names to IMS*;
A Manitoba Pioneer.
Jonathan   itcaiicy   died   suddenly
rnmiBrntlon Doublet.
Immigration from tlio United fUUi I ."•,-•-„■ hl „ Winnipeg hospital alter
through the port ot Ijniorron, Man.,, un(|„r|i0|nl, ,„, operation fur Inlostlnnl
|„r Mnivh, shows un in. easo nl one  ™™tf    ^    ,j       „,,„   w,„   u
hundred  per  cent,  over tlin s«m«   '  .    ,    . ,.„„„, ,„ Mimitobn from
tiniiitli a yenr ago, according »§""*{•,„ nelghborl fl ol Brampton. Onl„
nilsslonor of Immigration Bruco Walk. JJ"' ,   ^ „„,,, „„„, „,„,  B0u|e(-  in
er.   The valuo n eflocta of AlMflMO I ^fofidow leal  where  lie  Inrmed  lor
Millers pawing throug i Kortiiiorui,    I     ,   20  .,,„,,   jju, muring to
Husk., during March totalled «».«».• | \vi„„i„e*.
nan. '
'Hoar you have tt line baby at your
"Yep, bouncing hoy."
"Whom lines.-ho look like*"
"Well, wo haven't quite decided as
yet.   To tell the truth, mine of our
relatives haa very muoh coin."—Wash*
Iw-Hill lleli.lil.
Mr. A,—"A more deserving medical
mini than our rrlend fllchard doos not
exlat.   He very frequently accepts no
feoH from IiIh nntli'tlts."
Mr. II.   "You ilon'l »ay ro?"
Mr. A.—"Ho generally aeitlea with
lho holrs."—TH llllc.
Murine Eye Remody Co., Chlceso
From th. Face. Arm. ami Neck Told Freo
Boelety women nn<t actrerscs .til ovor
Europe ate strongly Indorsing a new
marvellous discovery nl how to remov.
Superfluous Imlr frem lhe fane, arms and
neck, 'nnw new discovery Is row for Uw
fire, ttmf. Introduced Into Canada. Anv
v.timnn affllclM with the growth ol sup-
f-itiuoua hair ean oiHatn me Information
1 f.er of ohorge. Hi nd you name nnd aJ«
dress together with a i eeul stemii n
Madam. Fayard, Room ss. fltotisrt ci.ult,
l'ho United Kingdom,   the   United
States, antl (leruiani a.-cnuut for aboul
go per emit, ot the world's output or
pig iron.
Belgium in Mm muBi densely populated iinllnn Iii the world, wllh an
average ut 030 Inhabitant to iho
sfinaro mllo
'MM, WmtOW'f HiinriliMO HUttT lm*  htm
il«d for over BIXTV VBARftby MU.LlONfl of
MOTH KB 8 tor llicir '; ,i. i.nki.:; wjllijt
TKKTIMNO. wllh rKRl'l'C >' hl't-'CT,.****. ll
is nit-t.r.t rciiifjy f<t biARKHCBAs   li ii *n>*
•'.lutth Innn,ir-- lie hiiic Rttil «-h (nr M(»
Witinluw-N Hoolhlni Mvnip," nn.I lake nu ctlur
kti'il.   Tttiiil'-fiVCCtiiUu liultle.
Wrtio for agoncy for our vpoolal t>
or dor tailoring for your town. Thtte
In iik.iii-v In It. Juliii DftWBOQ, Ltd,
ChUTCh S*, Toronto.
("ii-riiuiny Iiiih tlio world's    InrgORl
loom, In Which teli AteVn tor    |m|icr
•mills up to til feet In circumference
cuu Iio W0VCH.
Dll. ELLIOTT,    BPKCIALIST.    l'lCi-
valo   dlHtfiHiH   nml    ililiik    liablt.
Wrlto 81 Queen tCait. Toronto
nm KkIiIiho. "Why in Oie gront
aurora liorenlls dooB your vvifo nmin'
Buch i. fUBBi" JHopiln,    D«ierlb« *h« ...
Prlent).      "SllC COmplalnB btCaUBC I ; bonkan-lteiitlmoniBlKfi--i.
won't Klve her anything tu wear but  IBE CANADA CAHCCR INSTITUTE, LWit*
BCalBhln and lliver [OX." | 10 Churtbl'.l A*e., Torwlo. *
Old Sow, tumpB
111 Hi' -i  t,(lnn-.llii
rrmuvril mnl llttU
nl by " "Imfle
Home Treatment
(rouble, we will leuil TIIE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he yroepectov, ("Traulivoc-h, i3, OL
HSTAULliHHH.li   1896
Published Bvery Saturday  Morning at Oranbrook, B.O.
V. M. Ciiriatiau, Manager.
A. B, Grace,    HJtlitor.
i Huropoan antl other foreign coimtrios,   no cents  a
year  extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished un application. No
advert!Bements but thus-- of a repu table character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
U given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kt*i«t
running nml charged up against their account.
postage to Am
JStb Year
During recent yoars the Investing
public baa been doing some tall
thinking. Experience haa proved that
retuniH from real estate are better
than those -if bonds or other Becurl
ties. Land Is the only commodity
the supply "f which cuiin.it be in
crenscil. It is noi only limited In
quantity, but tbe demand Ib always
on the Increase ln sympathy with tho
growth In population, mul the early
owners must accordingly make band-
some profits as a rosult ol their lore
flight and Judgment, These fucts
have nt last come to be pretty gen
erally recognized by nil Investors aad
tbls Iiim led tu a steadily growing
demand for fruit and agricultural
real estate.
Uf course there nre various classes
of real estate ln a new and prosperous city like Oranbrook which is one
of the most rapidly growing cities in
British Columbia, which in a few
years will he a great and growing
city with financial, commercial and
industrial activities of a magnitude
to materially enhance th? value oi
its property interests. There are
also the farm lands which are being
offered throughout the lenghr. and
hreadth of the Kootenay valley which
We think that tho Cranhrook District is tbo place to buy Iruit and
agricultural    lands, and   tbe present
llie best time tf make a ptirchtvHC (or
tb-.se desiring Lo participate m the
wealth   Which   is   being   created.     With
Iruit, large and small, and garden
crops showing n large profit, Cran*
brook District Is apparentlj the best
place in Canada today whero the
greatest returns nre ta be made From
the expenditure ol n mudei ate sum
of money, and with ordinary ability
and energy.
In making land Investments the
predominant characteristic desired is
the pro&t that can be made, both In
annual revenue and the enhancement
values  that   is      DO**,   tatting   place
from  vear  to  year
Tp Thu.se who have not visited
this delightful District, we have only to say "There are many surprises
ia store for them," when they come
ner, and after Initiating i'i candidates called fur the nomination of
The following ladles were tdeetod: —
t-hief Companion—Mrs, J, Whlttaker
Btlb.-Ohlol Com.—Mrs. J. Draper
Treasurer—Madame  a,  de la crouee
Secretary—Mrs. J,  Heigh
Right Guide—Mrs. J,  Bird
Left Qui do—Miss A. McFarlane
Inner Guide—Misa L. Wlllnrd
Outer Guide—Mrs, J, Laurie
High chief Ooi Issloner Wm Henderson acted as installing officer and
was  ably  assisted   by   Companion   W.
iv McDonald,
After the ceremony was over tho
meeting was opened to tho friends of
all Foresters and n most enjoy able
■veiling was spent. Singing and
lancing   was  enjoyed   until   the  small I
houra of the morning.
Good Suggestions
Whii oe some of the most Impor ,
taut duties of a good cIUbbq, waa
t question asked ol Harold Mason( a!
i.i years' old pupil In the sixth grade
at the Uexandei Taylor public j
School ..I Wdmonton His answer
whlcb won the coveted promotion at
ih.- examination, a low days ago,
"A good citUen Bbould nevsi lor a
man who in a grafter, because he
will put nil the money be can iu his
pocket, neglect his duties and not try
to  make the city  prosper
■lie  should   vote   ag'.lllM   the  liquor
traffic and never touch it     He should j
he |
Railway Rules
id   Ci
npanips operating
never   use   profane   language,    atul
will   always  willingly   help   tin*    pool
and needy.
"He should vote towards paving
-he streets sad try to make the city
i go place to live In. He ahould
bave     good     schools and send     his
Roil ri     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the province of Alberta are held ha  I children to them
hie  for  every      forest    tire      starting      "He  would  try   to  stop  the  armies
■■ «■■*         i within     300 yards of     their right.of- ! from bavlng money to spend on ships
now can he secured at the most rea- way nmi itl tDC ev(.nt u gets beyond of war. and not have war, but turn
sonable prices. [control their men  must tight  it   for [it over to the cities  to  make   them
After thoroughly looking over the
Kootenay Valley, especially that portion included In the Crnnbrook District, the conclusion must be reached
that these lands located in a tem
porate climate under stable political
and commercial conditions presents
the best investment possible in the
realty field, both for the investor
and for  the  actual   home-seeker.
Those who have looked over landa
In otber portion of the province and
invested, in the majority of Instances have been successful, and particu
lariy   so   have   been   those   who    have
established themselves in tho I 'ran
brook District during the past fow
years, and have been offered (ron two
to ten times whal Ihey paid for their
During the past two years Cran
hrook District, hns received the attention of agriculturists and investors, and today tills district is being
rapidly developed intn tin* richest
agricultural section of (he province,
particularly adapted to the growing
of fruit and the 11 lies I varieties of
garden vegetables, as woll as the
commoner kinds of Held crops.
Its climate is delightful, rarely
ranging over '.HI in Die summer, while
the winter tem pern tare seldom re
cords lower than 10 below zero,
though the extreme is 20 degrees below. The snowfall is sufficient dur
lag the winter to protect and give
warmth to the land  at all  times.
The rainfall is sufficient at all
tlineB during the spring and summer,
though the high bench lauds  may  at
at least IU miles, being also respon-
Bible for the cost of the work and
the resultant damage to public or
private property. The foregoing is
embodied In an order issued by
LTive Lenvott, chief tire inspector for
the hoard of railway commissioners
effective on the Canadian Pacific line
.Inly 5, and on the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern Lues.
.July ir,.
The railways are ordered to patrol
tho tire districts regularly, going over the road from two to four times
daily, the men being employed -by
i be companies. The department of
the Interior has unpointed an inspector, whoso duties it is to see that
the work is carried on properly. Velocipedes will be used in the northern districts of the province, the tire
rangers going over their patrols HO
minutes after the passing of each
tram. A hundred men will lie re
quired  to do the work.
The companies have also been advised to instruct passengers to assist in the work of minimizing the
danger from forest tires hy refraining
from throwing lighted cigars or cigarettes from trains.
Order of Foresters
Thursday, .Inly Uth, wus a red letter day In the history of Forestry
.n Crnnbrook, it being the -pentng
day of the Circle of Companions of
the Forest; hereafter to be to /n ub
"Pride of Cranbrook Circle, hi. !.'i.
tho Companions of the Forest v.h'rh
is an auxiliary of the Ancient order
Then there would be sewers, water works, telephones, ami electric
lights ail over the city.
He should encourage tiie building
of nice bungalows and tine hotels,
have no tents, make the people clean
up their yards and have lawns with
beautiful  flowers.
"When he found a man out of work
lie would try to get him a job, und
then In- would be what 1 call a real
good citizen.'*
Justice Knighted
London, .Inly 14.—The official Gazette formally announces) the Knight
hood conferred on Joseph Dabuc.late
chief justice of the province of Muni
times need some irrigation, and then. I or Foresters.
Is an ample supply of water from the Deputy High Chief Companion foi
numerous rivers, creeks and streams the Kootenays Wm. Henderson, open-
In the district. ed the new rircle in a rnost able man
Was Canada Slighted
Lodon, .Inly 14.—The Daily Ex
press this morning understands that
Canadians in London ure much dis
satisfied with the treatment meted
out to the Dominion ministers by tbe
Brltlah government.
"When Premier Borden," it contin
lies, "attended the Royal Canadian
institute banquet be was accompanied by six of his colleagues in tbe
Dominion government. In view of
the fact that Mr. Borden wus to
make his lirst public speech it was
expected the government would mark
the importance of the occasion by
sending at least one member of the
Imperial cabinet. As it was, not a
single member took the trouble to
he present and a splendid opportunity of Influencing the public by welcoming the distinguished visitor was
This is interpreted as a slight.
What would they ask, what would
the Knglish people Bay if Premier
Asquith and his ministers were to
visit Ottawa and were entertained to
a great public dinner which Was boy
COtted by the cabinet'
Saskatchewan Election
,    The   province   ol   Saskatchewan   has
re-afflrmed  its desire for    reciprocity
j with the  United  States by a return
lof the Scott Qovornment by a large
i majority. Saskatchewan hns during
I the last ten years received a large
number of Immigrants from thn United Stales, evidently some or Champ
I (lark's "Free Trade Democrats" and
'whom they would rather vote for
.than all tbe Bcottfl In the northwest-
Curfew Notice
NOTIOn Is hereby given that the
CI'IIFKW liKLI, will be rung every
nlgbt. commencing July Pith, 1912.
Hoys and girts iinrler 1(1 years of age
are md allowed on the streets after
nine o'clock unless accompanied by
their parents or guardians. In the
future the Curfew Act is to be strictly enforced.
Going at Cost
Our entire stock of Glass and Earthenware is
being closed out at Cost and Less
than Cost.
stock is
all clean and
ill :
assorted, i
if you
require any ai
'tide cither in
, china or
, it will
pay you   to
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and i
nuke your selection,
We desire the space now occupied by the
Crockery department for another purpose, in
order to close the stock out at an early date
cost    and    less    than    cost   prices    prevail.
Mid-Season Sale Prices
are in evidence all over the store this
is, truly, a money-saving event.
Come   here   and
Save  Money
Guaranteed Goods
at Clearance
Sale Prices
The Canadian  Highway
Cranbrook and District vitally
We bave just received at our olllce!road would have boen an imposslbil-
:. very interesting.little book profuse'ity  twenty-live  yeaiB   ago.     Modern
with Illustrations depicting some of
the work of tbe Canadian Highway
Association since its inauguration on
November 3rd, 1911. This contains
a mass of useful information concerning roads nnd road conditions in
different parts of ('amida but more
especially in British Columbia.
Photogravures of tbe President W.
J. Kerr and others add a sort of personal touch with the work as they
ire nil well known men in public life
and especially with the International
We Rive in full tbe President's
speech as delivered at the gathering
which took place to celebrate the
planting of the tlrst post at Alberni
on May 4th, of this yenr.
President Kerr, who received a mag
niflcent ovation, delivered the following inspiring address:
"Ladies and (Jentlemen: The ceremony that has gathered us here is one
gethered us here together is one
which will long be remembered in tbe
annals of Canadian road-building. I
-iee facing me a number of the more
prominent ttgures of British Oolumbla
and not a few of the best known
rond enthusiasts of the state of Wash
Ing ton, our neighbors'.
'■■The planting of this post, tlic tlrst
of many hundreds that will mark the
route of this highway from this spot
to the city of Halifax, on the shores
of the Atlantic, Ih an event too im
poi-tniit to lie lightly thought of. The
building of this trans continental
highway is a serious undertaking, one
that calls (or energy, enterprise and
concentration. We cannot aflord to
be Idle in this work. The needs of
Canada demand that this road be
built as soon as possible The people
everywhere are calling for it. The
traveller, the tourist and the farmer,
all insist that this road is an absolute necessity.
The planting of this post on the
west coast of Vancouver Island Is a
llttlng tribute to the spirit of the
Wost. This Is it mighty undertaking,
and the men of the west are the men
who do big things. When we consider
tbat this spot on which we now stand
was unknown to the white man until
about a hundred years ago, and that
it. Is only fifty years since this canal
was thoroughly explored, we can real
l'/e tbe great strides that are being
made In these days.    This is within
machinery and up-to-date transportation facilities will make this undertaking feasible.
"As with the building of a new
railwny, so with the starting of this
Canadian Hfghway, wc have decided
that the first actual step should be
marked with fitting ceremony, and in
this we have received splendid assistance from the town of Nannimo, Al-
herni and Port Albernil our hosts on
this occasion.
"From now on the route of the
Canadian Highway is eastward, with
Halifax as its destination. British
Columbia has nobly done its share,
thanks to the untiring energv of our
Minister of Public Works, Mr. Taylor
and his able deputy, Mr. Foster.
Over $5,000,000 \n being spent on rond
and bridges in this province this year
and could we hut procure the active
co-operation of all the other province
in Canada our task would be simplified, and our object realized within
three years.
"The province of Saskatchewan has
decided to spend 12,500,000 on roads
this year, and a total appropriation
of $r>,nna,000 hns been made for the
roads of that province. This Is to
he spent within the next two or threo
years. In Manitoba, only $200,0000
has been alotted for road building.
Tbls sum is, in my opinion, inadequate to the needs of that province,
for my recollections- ol Manitoba are
anything but pleasant, and f know
of some roads where this total a
mount could be expended and yet
leave that particular road in an unfinished condition. Ontario is waking
up to the need of good roads; this Is
largely owing to the activities of
Provincial Commissioner of Highways Mac Lean, who has $6,000,-
000 to spend on bis wock this
yeftr. In Quebec, we find that old I •[
province giving $10,000,000 for rond
work, and 1 think I am safe in saying that there Is more interest in
good roads In that province than in
any other In Onnndn today.
It Is not my intention, for I prefer
leaving this to some more fluent
speaker, to touch upon tbe natural
Continued on Next Page.
Headquarters for Toys, Fishing Tackle and Sporting
Preserving Time is here
Large 24 iu. Kettles, regulnr value j-1.75, Special 81.35
Strainers         " " . ")U " "ia
Fishing Tackle and Sporting Goods
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Spalding ' ••    $2.50 "      82.00
Flies. Loaders ami Lines, i-eg, value 7f>c. do/,. iSOc & $1 ea
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Tennis | Needs
Spalding, and Slas-engm-s Tennis Balls, regular 50c value
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Nerlicli Championship Tennis Hacks, regular S4 50 value
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Lally Kxtra special  Lacrosse Sticks, reg. $5, Special $4
Ladies' Wearing Apparel
Lung Silk Lisle Glove, reg. 7">c value, special 50o.
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Children's Wear
Boy's Print and Gingham Shins, regular 75c, special 50o
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The   Big  Value  Store
Drinks   ol   all   kinds can be had at my store for    L£
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different llavours.
ScobelPs Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure *nw»m.*l*
jell tli* ieed lor
Aliulitil, Tobatto and Piugi, It cuuntemti Ihi
ttleita ilniuat Itiiiaiilly-reniuvei all ciavitifi.
After taklnif llie (realm tut tlieie will never be any
a tew yard*, ol where Mr. Home, tin-  need i*tlnklnio«ICintioruMdruf«atiin. Can
' I be fives Mcretly.   W« h*>vt yet to btar ol one
ltrnt whito man camped in Albernl.       blluffc MsllttUfldM Mpirete "toMo an? ad-
r droii,  I'ike 15.00 lux. or I boxee lor fl(HK). IM
"The   building   of   a   croBS.Cunada IooImU i>t%_ an., Hu CMhaiiin, o«t.
Dalton's Lemonade
Ozt Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of Six Hundred Cases    f
Fremont  Grape  Juice.    An   unfermented
Grape   Temperance   Wine.
%   A full line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors   T
and cigars.     Bar Glasses,  etc.
Special Prize~$50.00 in Gold
July  1
StL   tu   Jul
y 91
1000 votea
5800     "
0500     "
loom]   "
24000     "
60000     "
800 votes
1600     "
3200     "
5800     "
8000     "
24000     "
>MI'"   J(
FlVD     "     	
Ten     "
five      "    	
Special Announcement For
With a view to further encouraging candidates in The Prospector's Voting
Contest announcement is made today of a Special Prize, to be awarded
to be awarded to the candidate who turns in most money on subscriptions
during the second voting period.
Here is the proposition:
The candidate who turns in the most subscription money from July
18th to July 31st inclusive, will be awarded $50.00 in Gold.
Votes turned in for the special prize will also count on the regular prizes
which will be given at the close of the contest. The extra prize will not in any
way conflict with the main contest.
Anyone wishing to enter the contest and compete for the special prize may
do so—in fact a newly entered candidate will have an advantage over the others.
Every person has a circle of intimate friends from whom they may expect
assistance, and those who have been in the contest from the start have called on
most of their.friends. Anyone entering now will have the privilege ot continuing
until the close, and competing for the regular contest prizes, or they may drop
out ot the close of the special period.
Address any enquiry about contest to—Contest Manager, Drawer M, Cranbrook
August let to At-giut  17th
One   Yenr  JU uu
1200    "
Twu   "           4,00
45IIU     "
Three "           r, .on
75O0     "
Pour   "          nun
13600     "
Klve     "        10.00
IMXIII     "
Ten     "        20.00
4H0IIU     •■
600     'I
One  Yenr   $1.00
—              —             -,"            En            (w
Three "            3.00
Four   "           4 00
Five       "       5.00
Ten    "       10.00
.       .
Contest  for  Special  Prize  will end  July  31st  at 9 p.m.
Contest  for  $2000.00  in  Prizes  will  end   August   17th
The Corwin- Bruce
Investment Co.
Announce the Sale
of Lots in     :-:   :-:
These are very desirable property.   These blocks
are only six blocks from the Post Office, and on
the new Trunk   Road   East  and   West  through
Cranbrook District.
All Lots are 33x122 feet; Terms $25.00
Cash; balance $10.00 per month.
HT   No Interest.   '0Wk
Li|4444*«i4*«f*«|4J^H |, | ,|, **************** *********
********* 111 ui II H H IIII11111 It 1111II t M H H IIHIII
The Canadian  Highway
Cranbrook and District vitally
range beyond, time does now permit
to dwell upon, but again may I repent that hh a scenic route this road
will tie without n peer, and despite
the (act that it crosses Lhe main chuin
of (he Rockies and traverses seventy
miles ot our most typical and pic-
n tinned from Previous Pass, turesque mountain scenery, will be a
beauties which  we have  boon  prlvll-  ends at Hanil. to tlu* listing Golden "tftll'-,ir<1 rn111*- ,,,jt oxceediag an aver
eged to Bee today on our Journey
from Nannlmo. I will just say nevor
In all my life have 1 seen more magnificent scenery or more satisfactory trip from Calgary, or
roads, taking the entire sixty miles
Into consideration.
, "In closing, I wish to extend my
thanks tn the people of Alberni and
Port Alberni for the manner in which
Crnnbrook Highway, thus providing
a bypath or alternative from tho pro*
posed inter provincial road, a round
tourists road
between the Columbia Vnlley and
Punti, the Vermillion Pohs was natur
ally the one selected.
"From the summit to the junction
with the Qolden-Cranbrook  Highway
age nf '■'._ per cent., except for a
bhort distance up the eutit approach
ol the Sinclair Puss."
It is interesting to note thut no
section of the Canadian Highway in
British Columbia will have more than
an 8 per cent, grade, nnd this in only
a few places. When we consider that
j up to a year or two ago the moun-
can dimly realize the
immense   forward   strides   that  have
taken  place in this province in    con-
to   meet  again j tlsh Columbia's scenery can he profit- j Motion    with   the   building   of   this
of Canada  to!producing,   of this amount $150,000 transcontinental highway.
they have received us today, aud also  in  the Columbia   Valley  is about 70  tain ranKB8 of B'°- woM believed to
to the ladies and gentlemen  who ac-  miles,   nnd  the  cost  of  construction forra  an  *"-W-H».ible harrier tor  any
CSpted our invitation nnd honored us $200,000, is being shared with the 0:'w**on road' w
with their presence on this omission. [P.   R.   whose officers have for  many
I trust that in a few yenrs many of | yenrs  appreciated   tbe  fact  that   Kri
us will be privileged
on  the eastern  shore
take part in a ceremony such us this, | wll   probably be spent this vear, and j   The uinis und objects of the Cana-
when the last post  of the Canadian  the following summer should see theldian Highway Association are:—
Highway Is driven in position in the  rond completed,   (if its beauties word I    "To  assist  m  having  u  Canadian
City of Halifax." can give no idea. 'Highway established  from  the  weat
In reading further  we find  in  de-1   "From the summit of tho Vermillion Uoast of  Vancouver  Island  to Haii-
scrlhing     the     roads    nf    H.   C, a surrounded   by   many   of  the  noblest j'"*-*. N-8-.1
personal   reference  to  the  Oranbrook   peaks   In   the   Rockies,   following  thej   "To promote good roads;
'district which  will,  we  think,  be ol  Nermllllon   River,    a    panorama    of     "To endeavor to get the connecting
especial interest to many, mountains,   snowfletdsj   glaciers nnd llQkB ol this road constructed as soon
'•Another   road   which   will   Inevlt    vullevs   ..f   lesser    dimensions,    from ; an  possible  by   the  different  govern-
ably excite the greatest attention le out of whirl., often through canyons meats   and   municipalities   through
ths Banff-Windermere   Highway. Last ol greal beauty, come   pouring   tho which this road passes;
summer,   prim   to  ihe  survey   party  glacier fed stratum, and easy of access     To  have   the  Canadian   section  ol
being sent out, I had the good (or   from the proposed road are also many the Pacific Highway (whlcb runs trom
tunc to make a trip over the propose Jexqulslte
route, and after many yenrs spent in
the midst  of our mountains, can assure you that the route is unique as
giving nCCeSS tO the greatest Variety
! Of mountain scenery that, could be
j pOSBibly    reached,    except   by   parties
expensively   equipped   and   with    unlimited time at  their disposal.
"Although   there   are  several   passes
through the iniilii chains of the Rock
Ich giving access to tbo valleys "f tho
Kootenay and Col limb In from  Alboi
la, imly one, that ot the Vermillion,
runs  parallel  for  any   length   to  the
main   ranges,   the   others   running
straight through. The Vormllllon
I Pass,  however,   used  ohlofly   by  bun
tors    who    wished     lo     traverse     the
length of the vnlley nml the connect
Ing    valleys,    runs   between   the   two
main ranges of tho Rockies, and whon
a suggestion   was   made   to   connect
mountain lakes,
,1 'I.ih"
Mexico,  t<>  tbe    Alaskan
emerald depths  gro reflected  the glac    boundary)   completed;
lore,  crags and snow of surrounding1    "To   endeavor   to   bave   all   public
peaks. money  expended   un  roads   spent  to
"The  Kootenny  Vnlley is connected  better  advantage;
to tho Columbia, Via Sinclair Pass, a j    "To carry on a campaign of sduca-
pnss used for years by Indians, who,'
niter Incursions Into the rich hunting lands ol tho Vermifllon and Koo-
lem-y, where moose, elk. and other
game still abound, crossed tho divide
in visit the Hoi Bprings on tho wes
tern slope, now known us the Hln
riuir, tho wonderful canyon with the
bright red walls lowering hundreds Of
feet on »ltll*I side ol where Ihe rond
Will puss right through the centre of
the canyon Itsolf, lhe magic springs,
or   the    onclmntlng     view     from    the
grnssy plateau above, looking east
through the Vetmilllon Range, or
west ncross the wide valley of the
Columbia,    through   which   tbe  river
tho road   with   Calgary,   which   DOW turns,   t.i   the   snow-capped   Porcell
tion in order to enlighten the people
regarding the benetlts to be derived
trom good roads;
"To en-operate with the d I Hermit
governments with a view to bettering
the standard of roads lur which Federal  or  Provincial  grants  uie  made;
"To capitalise our climate and
scenery In building roads tbnt will
bring tourists here from ull parts ot
the world.
The mission of this little hook l»
to educate the public to the advahtu
ges of good roads and anyone inter
i-i.ted tn this work may, we understand, obtain a copy by addressing
the secretary of the association Mr.
P. W. Luce, New Westminster, B.C. TIIF, PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, R. C.
So Tkibbr Burn*; tersely describes tbe
rich, hut Btill poor, dyspeptics, but tbelr
case la nut now to desperate as when
Bums wrote. For the mail wbo has the
food now can eat without suffering for
it, i( be jus. follows Ibe meal with a
Na-h-ru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet.
These remarkable tablets banish tbe
troubles of Ibe chronic dyspeptic—the
man who is bilious—the sufferer from
heartburn, r,.,s on the stomach or occasional indigestion. Vou can ent hearty
meals of wholesome food—aud digest
Iheui, too—if you take Na-Dru-Co
Dyspepsia Tablet?.
Compounded by expert chemists, nfter
probably the best formula known to
medical science, they are quick and
certain in their action, giving prompt
relief from all forms of stomach trouble,
toning up and strengthening ihe digestive organsandbringmgabout permanent
A mar, Isnostrongerthanhlsstomach,
Fit yourself fer your best work by
Liking Na Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
y-c. at vonr druggist's, Notional Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. JJ46.
Slightly Different.
Ella   Did   you ever read Longfel-
•v h "BrldgO".
Stella   No.    Ifl his game different
, ni the one wn pi ft) .'   Judge.
Why They Wear It.
"Vou needn't make fun of longhaired actors."
"What hai. anybody got to Bay for
"Vou forget, don't you that It was
nut until Sa tu son no; long hair that
In* was able to bring down the house."
—Baltimore American,
"Confound it!" snorted the young
man In the country. I'll never go
walking with that London girl again.
She's too literary for me."
"in what wny?" nsked his chum.
"Why, sbo even said thc hills hud
'intellectual brows."
•Do : ou know, 1 heard thai  your
,.-, i1-1 tor is a dipsomaniac?" "No
■;< h thing.   He's an allopath."—Baltl*
./■re American.
A French chemist claims to have
!. vised ii simple bul accurate method
I measuring Lhe surface of u human
Whiskey Blossom aa Otate Flower
night at n time when the important I
and perplexing problem of choosing ;i j
Stall* flower is up for solution, rank
outsiders are throwing all kinds oi obstacles. In th«j, way. Among ihose
newspapers that Imve been offering
interference in this matter is the
Louisville Courier ■ Journal, which
with amazing Intolerance of spirit
•'The Nashville Tennessean and American says Tennessee lias no State
flower. Judging from ihe manner In
which prohibition has nor prohibited
in Tennessee, 'he whiskey blossom
sianda a show for the nomination."--j
Nashville T< nnessean,
1 g|le_"0o you think that bis hands
are a algii of generosity?"
lie—"Certain;    the  generosity  of
W .T. Stead's Preoiction to Dr. GottJ-
win Smith.
It was nt Toronto ami to tbe bite
Dr. Gold win Smith, in llie course of
a memorable interview at the Grange,
that William T. Stead, the uoted English editor, who was numbered among
those who went down with the Ill-
fated Titanic, decreed the manner of
hi* dentb.
The conference took place on the
occasion ol Mr Stead's last visit to
tin* city some sis years ago. Dr. nnd
Mra Oi Id win Smith had invited the
well-km wn ii ui nallst and hla ci usin,
Mr, E, J, n. Duncan, of tbo legal
Arm ol Pn U'Uoi t, Ouucan, Gra I -\
Skeans, to h typical English afternoon tea. served In th ■ qua * and
richlv r»looked librarj at the Grange.
Smith and Stead hid known i ne sn-
i .her I r v, i,:- ai l in a •-■ ip ■■ i I
liours i f : lun nting ■ nvei lath u
lhe Iwo men ■ - bi th i I woi I le
note di ----'I i'■ iId figures and
woi Id events »ith a rare umi lutt-
mata km w It dg. i I e veteran philosopher sat ni his arm chair by the
chtery nud typically English fire-
sldej the younger publicist paced the
floor with almost ner is energy h-
lie spoke. Dr, Smith finally raised
his hand in protest. The c nstant
dynamic activity o! the visit i
forth a physician's warning.
"Have no it ar, doi t -r." quoth
BteH't with character! .-tic n '■..--.
' £%*'te has come to mf lhe assure ce
t'l-Ktl Bhall live every my
At.y_\.   I  shall be  w i ■ d    ul  nt  ■   -
end—si metimes it :- ine
that I shall hi   kicked and 1 eaten t ■
death by a nir-1     n the streets   I
Li ndi n.   st  other time*  I   si
r ..:'■ ■ my end as om  of th       l ma
In a great  disaster  whi      - pe
■ it hundreds "
"Strai ge i li a " was I1- G Idwin
Smith •   .■■   : an I onlj      n mei I
"I shall km n when the end
Tilt then  I   have   my     i rk   t
replied Lhe fatalist.    And other -   n-
ver&atii n  proceeded.
Iluhb   "If >our wife critical?''
Nohb—"Frightful.   She Is almost ns I
bad as  my   15-year-old  daughter."—*
Completii't; the Comparison.
Thn Salesman- (low's tltat new line
cr goods I sold you going?
The Merchant—Going like hot
cakes ,
The Salesman—Ah!
The Merchant In a dyapepsla
Whin  Lips  Arc  Pat'i-i  and  the  Gums
Lose Their Color.
You   Can   Make   the   Blood   Rich   and
Red by Using
If you find yourself easily tin tl.
lacking in vigor and energy, unable i"
properly digest tho rood, you enl ami
generally ont or sorts, look in tin
mirror and carefully exmnlue tho
tips, gums aid eyelids. If color te
Inciting you may bo sure thai you an
upnemlc that your blood Is thin
weal, and watery.
It would ho a mistake, under these
circumstances, tu uso purging medicines; what you need Is moro blood—
rich-' blood -ami von can Increase
lho amount or rich, red blood In tho
body by using Dr. Chase's .Nerve
Noi in any miraculous way dors
thin ireiitmcnt work, but lust ns naturally us do any of tho laws of nature, li supplies to Hit' body the elements which go to tho formation of
Uew, rich blood. TheBe are round In j
condensed and easily assimilated farm
in Dr Chase's Serve Foot*, and thi re
imi do uot both''!* even the weakest
It will take a little patience and
perseverence t" thoroughly restore
id,- system, bul by noting your In
:1I ns- of weight and the return of
color to your faded complexion ro i
-■■111 I., convinced that the lost vigor
and vltalit) te being restored to youi
i j sti in,
Di* Chnse's ICi I've Food, ■"  n box ,
; for *: >. al ull dealers or Bdman-
., „  Qatei .'-. I "   Limited, Toronto,
How Times Have Changed!
In these day? of elections ami rumors ol elections it is interesting to
glance buck to the time when there
wasn't so much eloction machinery in
Canada. For instance, on March 'JO,
]g62. The Victoria Colonist had the
following account oi the election proceedings h-- Ksquimalt:
At 12 o'clock yesterday the returning officer, Sheriff Naylor, proceeded
to the election of a member to represent the town oi KBquiinalt in the
assembly. There were about fifty persons present in front ol the Royal Oak
Hotol. After Uie usual preliminaries,
tho returning officer called upon tho
electors to nominate their candidates,
whereupon \V, Selllek, Esq., nominated Thomas Harris, Esq., ns a fit and
proper person to represent the town
of KaquimaH, F. Williams, Esq., ■•*?-
coiulcd tin* nomination with a fow np-
propria lo remarks. No other candidates being proposed, tho returning
ofllce rs declared Thomas Harris, Esq.,
duly elected h member o! the assembly, which announcement was received with cheers.
The member-elect then mounted the
platform and addressed the electors,
pledging himself to further the Interests of his constituents in particular,
and the colony in general, ll«' also aa-*
surcd tlm electors lhat whenever there
was any publlo Question raised, in
any way affecting their interests, lie
would call them together and tnko
tliolr views upon it in order to fully
represent them in the Legislature.
His remarks did not occupy in the
delivery more than ten minucs. but
were warmly received, ending In loud
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. to Run
Observation Cars on Austrian
State Railways.
Tho announcement that the Canadian Paoiflc Hallway Co. will this
summer begin to run a series of
Observation Car Services oh tho
Austrian State Hallways through tbo
Tyrol, marks au epoch In the growth
of the Importance of Canada in the
old world, ruder n contract with the
Austrian State Railways, tho Canadian l-'iicHle has arranged to build
several observation ems In Austria on
Canadian Pacific plans. Tho desigu
Is that of Mr, Vaughan, head of the
C. r. H. Angus shops at Montreal,
who has made a personal visit to
Austria to study looal conditions.
; They will differ slightly from the
| type as used iu Canada, and each
| car will have platforms at both ends.
| The cars will be the longest four-
uxle oars lu Europe. Tliey will have
a very spacious Interior and will
neat thirty-two passengers. There
will be accomodation ror u typist,
whose Bevvlces will be at the disposal
of iho passengers; and an up-to-date
library with all the latest magazines,
Just a.i mi the c r. H. transcontinental trains, will be among the
features of the cars.
Both Austria and the Canadian
Pacific Itallwaj will benefit from the
consolidation of the new scheme
The attention ut vasi numbers of
travelling Canadians and Americans
will be diverted from other parts of
bhirope to Austria, not onlj to i ee
thai Interesting country, bul Lo learn
how these Canadian I'm Hie observation cars Fulfil their mission Thero
will lu- three observation services to
begin with, Bj arrangement . h
the Stt Isa go\ erjirn at i hi III l ol
these "HI run betw een Zurich and
Innsbruck over the M'lberg route via
Laudeck, The Becoud will be between
lunsbruck and Vienna via Zell-ani
Zee and Salzburg. The third will be
from Salzburg to Ti loste o\ er i he
Taueru and Karawanki u Hallways
| bj way of Badgasteiu, Vlllach, Vsides
and the Valley of ihe Isonzo, Tins
last Is k new route ouly recent, j
completed by the Austrian Govern
ment. which has spent Immense
sums   of money   to   provide   a short
,     ':    '..      ■ ' ■     Ul ' ■ ;:      tl      Pi leStl
■ ■ .--i st senpori
Tiie Austrian State Ra Iway is par-
... I favored In the country
* feeds as regards scenery, and seen
as :'  will bo under the most favor-
ispices iu   these   new C   P. K.
bser      on cars,    the beauty ef the
be a •■ ■-■   lati real ag  pari
■ * ai ;■  Bun i ean tour.
. ou  -. ;■   I i   ist ride hi rseback,"
man of quiet  habits. "Yes,"
replied the physcian; otherwise 1 cannot answer for your life"    "But can
;i', answer for my  'Ate, '.( I try to.
Useful   Scenery.
''Vou seem enthusiastic about the
"Ves: the glaciers make fine backgrounds for photographs of our party."
Wtftsfu] (Fee ©/ foal. '
The latest estimate i>f ine coal supply In Kngland places the date Qf
Its exhaustion as 175 years hence,
While tlds Is It long period measured
by tno average life of a man, It does
uot look big compared to tbe history
of thnt country. Out own coal supply
Is so large and the ej.|>«clal.oti at
leant, In tbo mind of tbo layman—of
continued Uipcpvoj-Jes of vast deposit9
of fuel, make lt practically Impossible
for our own people to seriously consider the exhaustion of our own corfl
Tho   present method of generating
steam power for stationary engines is
1 absurd and extravagant as to at least
75 per Ct-nt,, Offtjl the power lined In
this country-,  \\'e njine coal, we ship
It, pad then haul ty our plant;  we
j shovel lii from lho Vngon, wo shovel
, again   under   tho bollen; wo lill our
I cities with smoke until they i-em-m lie
a foundry on casting day; and then
I wo   must   shovel ashes Into w&goi-u,
j cart   theso   through our streets, and
I after another expensive haul wo give
; tho worthless refuse a final Bhovellug
Six handlings besides the freight and
i wagon haul.   As pointed out In these
pages two years ago, the coal should
, cmno   up   from the mine to Row b)
gravity under the boilers of an oil or
uious  electric   generating plant, and
the power aud heal should gel to its
final destination, uol on coal cars, but
on wires,
We pity the crude methods of oui
1 forefathers, we boast or om preseiu-
•i.iy achievements, bill only a gonern
Hon or two hence and many of the
things we do will appear InexpllcabtoI
and Billy,—Popular Mechanics Magit
. i ■-.
Benefits of Buttermilk
This much despised by-product
of the dairy seems to be. com-1
Ing to Its own, Ot late years
there hns sprung up lu cities
and towns, a big demand for buttermilk as a beverage, it can now be had
ul tlrst class hotels, Then many householders use buttermilk wheucver thoy
cuu get it.
So great has grow, n the demand
that tho supply is always below requirements. To meet ibis demand
producers are devising ways aud
means for Increasing the supply, True
as yet, the farmer has not realized
its true \ahie and tho supply of buttermilk on the average farm siill finds
its way to the hog trough, while people in towns and cities cannot get all
thej require.
The increased demand lias come
about largely because of recent scientific investigations which show butler-
milk to be of great value in keeping
the human system In good working
order. It is especially good for intestinal disorders.
A physician recently discovered In
the south cf Russia a people who lived almost entirely on a diet of buttermilk or a milk product having lho
same properties ns buttermilk. He
round also that these people lived to
a good old age. This led to further
Investigation' nnd the production of
artificial buttermilk.
It Bliovtona yuur life, hjioils your temper and ruins yuur looks,
Try lho new way—lho MOOIMEY wny.
No spoiled baking,   No overheated kitchens. Lots of leisure in tho home.
MOONEY'S   BISCUITS nro ao fresh, eo cimp, bo nppell.lng llmfc
thoy mi- largely taking tho placo of homo linking with thousands of Western
people,   Ask for
In nir ti^'.lit, dust proof and dnmp proof pnekngea
■—or la sealed tins if you prefer thom.
Mndo In tho BigSnnltnry Factory in Winnipeg,
About time to Move.
The small farm boy bad been sent
to u farmer uncle's to remain fur Iwo
or three months, but al tbe end of the
Becond week he showed up at home,
much to the disapproval or his father..
"Why, Willie, what have you come
back here for'.'" the parent inquired in
no pleasant tone.   "1 sent you to your
uncle's for 11 long stay"
"I know you did," Willie    replied,
j "but you nee, tt was this way,     The
flrst week they killed a sheep and we
et tbat;  lhe next week they killed a
! hug and we et that, and yesterday tho
j hired man died and I thought 1' was
about time to coma home."—Judge.
In   all   lis   terrible   forms
I'tiuKM  inln   to  out  brccdm-
In    in.*in\    of   lln   ■ill-u-lo-
ef   Hi.
How long, darling,
implete your trous*
She—AU    ihe rest of my married
Mrs. Biff em—1 don't speak to Charlie any more.
Mrs. Keeplmuot,—What's the trouble'.'
Mrs. Blffem—The young pup bad ihe
Impudence to say my husband must
he very nappy when 1 told him I was
far from well and did not act i'ke my-
Belf.—Philadelphia Record.
"What Is the trouble, wifej*?"
"Ves, thero ia. Wbnt are you crying about, something that happened or
something that happened in a novel'.'"'
— Kansas City Journal.
Posticus—"I wrote that poem, sir, to
keep tbe wolf from the door."
Hard hearted Editor—''Well then,
why didn't you nail it on the door?"
"Her marriage was a greal disappointment to her friends.'' "Indeed!"
"Yes; thoy all predicted it would turn
•out unhappily, and it didn't."
Bibbs—"Personal appearance Is a
helpful factor in business success."
Jiibbs—"Ves, and business success
is a helpful factor in personal appearance."— Boston Transcript.
Baby's Own Tablets aro the best
medicine a mother ean glvo her little ones. They are absolutely snl'o,
being guaranteed by a govemmon:
analyst to contain noolapttu or other harmful drugs They euro constipation and Iitdlngf'SLion. expel worms,
nal'e teethlnj easy, in fnc*. euro all
the minor ills of Mule ones. Concern*
ing them Mrs. Murray Mart-hall
Zephyr, Out,, says: "I havo used
Baby's Own Tablets for my children
and always With tbe best of results,
I can recommend them as a good remedy for llttlo ones to every mother." The Tablets are sold by medi-
ccine dealers or by mail at 26 cento
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockvllle, Ont.
Poet—"I called to see if you bad an
opening for me." Editor—"Yes, there
Is one right behind you; shut it as you
t',o out please."—Sctire.
"And  wby    are    y«-'i   writing  'per-
mm   on thai envelope?"
uii want ihe man's wife <o road ih
letter."-—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Keep Minardi. Liniment in the house.
Which do You  See ?
Thn    pessimist    seoq    the  in*.-. 1
mi the roses;  the optimist sees
oses on 'he thorns.—Judge.
A Canadian Invention.
A most original ami valuable invention, which will benefit the children of the elementary aud secondary
education classes, wa? demonstrated
st tho Royal Astronomical Society of
Canada at a recent meeting.
The Invention consists tf three
globes, representing the. sun, earth
and moon so mounted and mechanically tixe-l that by simply turning a
handle nut only the correct nn lions
ot the heavenly bodies lire sutomatl-
■ 'i .;.- j ri Li ed, but what Is the mo-«t
striking feature ff all. the phenomena
re ilting tl erefn m are n ■ it beautifully r presented, Fur instanci. the
(1,-■■■-. r n< tuully te-* the >■■ rrecl
1 ■ gitii 11 11 the sun at sny lime 1 i
the year, llie sun or mi ti i artiali)
1 r *■ ta j • ipse 1 daj ur nig it,
changes In the lei gtl laj 1 r night
ii* all placet 1 1 lhe - srtli - - irfai ■-,
t] .■ phs s of tha nu ' n and all tha
Lhei ; ■ V" 1 !  • ■ > mens.
Xhe ilmj .■ Ity - f thia instrument,
[le <: mpletenesi. snd Iti effei livenei 1
ma be realised when it ii seen Hist
sll'thene mi' 1 as and 1 hem mens ara
brought al." ut by the simple method
of turning n ha id 1
Numerous attempts have been made
ty Invent n lo perfect an Instrument
.-iiuple and automatic for the lea Iting
of sstront ml si, mathematical an I
pi j it< ii. gei grai y in m hi 1 le ai d
1 ol leges and tne demonstratii n ] 11 vet
thai a Canadian In .Mr. Park oi Brentford ha.-, at last succeeded where others have failed.
A Frugal Method.
An Irishman just landed, secured
a position as fireman in a large
factory. The chief engineer Instructed him in bis new dut/es, saying;
"To run our engine wo require Itjt1
pounds of steam; you can always teli
, how much steam you have by looking
at this gunge."
Shortly afterwards tbe engineer noticed that tbe engine was slowing up.
railing to the boiler room, he Inqul cd
( of Pat how much steam he bad on.
i    "Oi have n hundred and forty-folve
pounds, sir," answered the new flro-
' man.
|    "Why man, I told you wo had t.
j have 1CU pounds to run."
"Nlver molud that," was the cheerful answer.   "Use what ye bave fcflt,
I an' whin thai is gone Oi'll have raoro
tor  ye."—Everybody's
Miss Ethel Is a long time coming
down,'' said the youth to the servant, after walling some time for the
young lady's appearance. "Perhaps,"
he added with a laugh, "perhaps she
is making up her mind whether to
see me or not." "No," said the servant, with an icy smile, "it isn't her
mind she is making up."
'I don't, know what these suffragettes want. I say woman has no
business monkeying with politics."
".Inst what 1 say. Woman's placo is
the bridge club."—Kansas City Journal.
How to Punish Puss.
It isn't ■' very nice task to punish
pu-ssy if you're fond of her, but there
are times when she must be chastised,
This is bow to do It, according to Mr.
Louis wain, lhe great authority on the
'asclnntlon feline.
in ihe fit-si place, don't actually
otrlke the cat. A blow merely numbs
:r And when the spine, which Is Us
mosl sensitive part js struck - par*
ii ularly if the cat Is old—It Is likely
■ 1 spring al tho striker,
When pussy does anything wrong.
frighten Iho wrongdoer by striking a
.tick on ibe ground. A cat in must
Heuslllve i" sounds, nud will connect
this new noise with what It has done.
II feels more Intensely than most
luimals; heme Ms supposed savagery
11 cases Oats are highly electrical,
and It Is very good to have one porch
 u (• shoulders or knees,
The besl food for puss is raw meat,
-Imped up aiid only one meal a day
should be given. Most or ihe mistakes
which are made In training cats arise
trom an abvenco of knowledge of the
sal's character and constitution.
Witness Not Sura.
Out of the House Napoleon Champagne, M.P.P. for Ottawa, is ss ready
to laugli at himself as to mako deadly
fun of others. For example, he relate?, with gusto, a Btory concerning
his ocular weakness—a "cross" of the
eye0. Mr. Champagne is a prominent
Ottawa lawyer. One day ho was examining a French witness it. one of
Ui.j courts at the capital, where Kng-
lish only is used. He had to speak
to the witnesH through an interpreter,
sn lhat tho court could understand
question and answer, Tliu witness
was acting stupidly, and Mr. Champagne says: ' I spoke to him in
French asking him why bo didn't answer. Still he was silent. Again 1
said lo him: 'Will you toll me why
vou do nit answer that question?'
'"Aro you speaking to mer' asked
the man at last.
" 'Why certainly I'm speaking to
" 'Oh,' paid the fellow; 'I thought
ymi were talking to somebody at Uio
Other side nf the luuin'."
A candidate for the Georgia Legislature proposes that be and his opponent shall canvas the county together
and take turns, the one arguing with
ihe farmer and the otber ploughing
for him, so that the horny-handed son
of toil may feel that lie is not.wasting
bis time by listening. The question
is, will the farmer judge the men by
their straight talk or by the straight*
ness of their furrows?
mid   bandiiB->    -	
Wltb   plenty    ef   hot    Unseed
ninl bran poultice, if their
KiiiLiiis aro swollen and H-
iit'li.- in Kii-iptirale ami
plough i'fi". Thlii cut shows
how to handle the bandage.
You will Mm>ii buvo tbo
rtinfiiM* under control and
iipeil fear no new cases if
you stick close to the uso
of "Spohn's." Spoiln's Curo
for f-ule by '->i)i ili'iiKgtRtrt—•
nun   1 v-iim.
SPOHN   MEDICAL CO., Chemists,  G oahen,  Ind.,  U. S. A.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
Red Bird
When Cards Came to England.
Card playing ns a imslluie wai*'Introduced    Into England early In llie
seventeentli century,   In I8«:i n law
was passed In London prohibiting Hie
Importation o£ foreign playing  cards. I
It became n fashionable court amusement In the reign ot Henry VII.   The
game of whist, In Us present siape,!
was not played until 1760..   Some famous Raines were played shortly afler I
that time In the Crown Coffee House]
in Loudon..
They have a true safety base
head,   witli  silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's  Matches have  satisfied  Canadians since 1S31—accept no others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canatia
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs^	
Might Come In Handy.
"1 had a happy thought a moment
1 uro," nalil the conceited youiig man
who had lingered along until tho clock
had almost got through striking tho
big numbers '
etate of Ohio", City of tfoiedo     \   __
! Lucae County. ;   ■,*
Frank J, Ch*Mti-y tnnkes oath Mint ho \n
ac-nlor partner of tlio firm of F. j. Cheney
<& C6y domf bUBlm-M ln the city of Tol-
i&o. County flna State nforosnlil. and that
tfliu firm will pay Iho auni of ONE I1TTN".
PRED DOLLARS for pach and every
.rape of Catart- thnt cannot bq cured by
the uso of Hall'i Catarrh Curo, FRANK
H. CHBNBT.' - r      -      -      .• .
! Sworn to before me nnd BUuaorlbed In
my proaenee, this 6th dny of December,
AD. 1688. • ■'
(Sem.) A.  W.  OLKASON,
"** •        Nuldry Ivubllc.
Iittil'a Catarrh Cure t. taken Internally,
and act.   flli'.ctl!'    on    tho   blood uiid
mucoiio uurfacc. of tlio t,y.Uin.     Send
/or tfiatlmcitiinlH tne. »
, F. J. CHENKY « CO.,   Toledo, O.
Bold by oil drUffSUJU. 7RC
I    Tulle Hall'i Family nils (or con,Un.-
! tlon.
|    Roberts—"My wife la very method-
1 lini. Silo In never Bnllafletl union-* nlm
I knows  whero  evorythliiH   is  kept,'
Rounder—"mine Is lhe same, she ovon
wiuiIh in know where my iiiii- Iioui-b
mo kept."—Boston Transcript. ;
The Second String.
Mrs. Mnclie Conde, Suffragist, was
talking shout a former leader who
had descried her party when ill fortune befell it. "She deserted her party
shamelessly," said Mrs. Conde. "She
reminded ine ol a beautiful New York
"Her fiim-i* faltered In this girl's
ear one evening:—
"My dear 1 have been deceiving yon.
I am not the manager of our concern
at $5,000 per year, but only a humble
clerk at *ii per week. Will ibis make
any difference to you?"
"No it will make no difference." Bhe
"Not lhe least difference, darling?"
"Not the least," sslie replied. ilsiiiK
nnd smoothing her hair, "Old Oohsa
Golllo's proposal si 111 lmlils good. I'll
wire him at his Fifth Avenue residence this evening." — Minneapolis
.lout mil.
nig numbers..
"Keep it." replied the beautiful girl
after she hml concealed a yawn, "I
think you will need it in a moment, I
, just heard father sneeze in thu hall
upstairs."—Pittsburg Post.
I    The giraffe Is the only animal that,
is really dumb. It Is unable lo express
, itself by any sound whatever.
Si,id one mun on tile street, speult-
Ing i'i a iiii ml. "Well, money talks-"
"Maybe Ii does." replied tbe other,
"Imt all It ever said to mo wus goiid-
bye."—Baltimore American.
ia; pills
Dr.   Sh.-ir.r'.   View.
Rev. Ijr. .1. ti Shearer, general
secretary ■! the Moral and Social
Reform Council ol Canada, i-sya tiiat (
evangelization, law and education
inu.'t'all |'lay a j art in purity und
rolorm work.
"P nis," lie aays, "Imve Hie first
and chioleel rcuponaibllty; next to
them, •ilivMi-iiiii.-. preachers, pedagogues, pressmen."   Au! In connoc*
t|M -villi Iiiii wi rli. Hr. Mieliler ill-
troiliiei-i u new lei in lo iloscrina n
nocessnt-y    Christian    virtue-,    "lln-
queen ofall virtues hi this relation," \ _m ■    . ,       	
le >ays, "Is sanctified pighoadodneu.  TO    'Ui'- V-",' ,f "'.'i "'
We must bo undlscouraleoUo"    W   >%&B«•& WW\
must hai -i »  lhal will  noil   ffiffX,««MW'».JL*!
' Hh N, li, DC7
Cfj^lly Eg-;..
In Fori li" rg,, II i'., ni l'el,riinrj|
5i ii ii,-ii Irosh i-ki/1 flu lor throe)
dollars.   Ihcy   wero   brought   Irom
Qucsncl   and   iinnnronlly  uro   in-,rs'
vul"n'.'!v l1"" wnllkcl or rial estate. I
"Then lho wedding was not ullo-
gfilher a success?"
"Nu; the groom'8 mother cried loiul-
er than Di'- bride's mother. II wus
considered vary poor form." Louis-
Mlh- Courier-Journal,
Saving the Country,
lulling un elccllon In New York a
bunch of Ulillieil  repeillel'H    mulched
intn iiii cast side pulling place.
"What nnmo''' Inquired Iho oleo-
lion clorli of the iei'iler, nlm wua rod-
lialji>d llllll freeklid, llllll luul ll lillll'll
;liiui;{d down ui a
,  said.
"llmt*., iif*ii your ?5il nnmo and you
know It," said n biispIcIous chitllonger
lur a reform tieiiet." $
"II Is me niiiiie," suld the ropeajo*,
"ami I'm goln1 lo vole under It-see''''
Prop- down lho lino ca'ttio a voice:
"Don! Ifl t tint gay bluff you, l.'asey.
SoHlnly your nnmo Is Mcii'lclhehn!"—
Sntuidii.v livening l'oat,
A Mli-Dlrecled Appeal.
The Isle Sir John Darling was one
ol London's mo t impulsr cltisens,
nml although his butlnesB us l.re»er
did net reeommend him lo the strenuous toniporance wortters, he was hold
in high eslecni fur his personal qualities. On the occasion ol a semi-mis-
sionnry meeting in whut wus then
called Queen's Avenue Methodist
Church, in the "eighties," Sir John
mis asked to tuke the chair. One ol
Hie speakers wus uu eloquent Indian
Irom tlio lur west, who spoke strongly
against tho sule ol "fire-water" to
his poople, describing lis (rightful
ravages in picturesque languuge. He
concluded by lulling upon the chnlr-
mun nnd ull other Ohlrstlnn persons
In put down llie liquor Irudlo with a
linn hand. Hir John smiled gracious-
ly on the orator, but the audience wan
not slow to apnrcclitto the imny ol
the situation.- Siiiunlny Nlghl.
Gold Paper Weight.
Chairman l*nglohnrl ol tlio Temls-
Itaiulng uiid Northern Ontario Kail,
way CoitlinlSBion has a gold nugget
paporwelght which ho considers to no
nue nl lho fluosl samples ever brought
oul nl Nmllu'in Onltirie. It was Ink,-
en from Ilu lliiuii.' Minn uud him just
l.een presented I" tho chairman ol
the commission by the supciiiileu-
Woiniii In children, lf Ihey bo nut
attended In, oatiuo convulsions, and
often doalll, Mother Uravea' Worm
Exterminator will protect tho child-
cu from llicso distressing wllllctlous,
Hiflh Finance
A New York broker was prnlsliu
rhiiiles W. Morse's ttblllly us a money
"They teil a story about Morse,"
he chuckled. Morse went Iii ll mil
llOnalro one day anil said:
-"Lend mo three millions. 1 muat
have three millions lor that new deal
of mine."
" 'Sorry, Morse.' snld the millionaire
but I've only got two millions iu
ready money loilay.'
'"Ib lhal nil, mill Morac. Well
hum) It ever Ihen -yon owe mo tlio
other million.—Detroit free ProsB.
Didn't Have thc Part.
Vnilvc wit received iis Just reward yesterday nl tbe Pennsylvania
station. Sum, one or lho colored i>or-
lers. espied a llred-looklng collegor
bearing ii heavy English bag, and
sliding alongside, proffered Ills services. The weary traveler accepted Ilio
nsslstnnco, bul noi without nil repugnance natural to nn able-bodied
man. As ihey walked along he looked
down nl lhe small darky straining under   his   bind  and Ills misgivings
seemed to ge- the better nf him.
"Here." lie si.-i. reaching out a
liiinil, "you'd heller lei me have thai!
I um stronger than you nro." Pul Sam
sidled off, protesting,
'•Yos, bin's.' in- admitted hastily.
"you Is stronger Hum me, u heap
stronger, Imi you sec, boss, .vou ain't
dressed for the pail."
Needless   IO   sill.   IIO   kepi   lhe   lag,
iiiiiI when be returned his expnnslvo
eounlennnoii was lighted by a 25-cout
Ceunlli'ss    have    heen    lhe cures ]
worked by Hollows'*s Corn Cure.   It:
has a power of Its own not found iu
other preparations.
Some iineiint mariners were silting
In a seaport tavern relating their experiences of fogs.
"Ah!" suld one old salt.. "I've seen
somo preily thick' fogs In my lime.
Why. off the coast of Newfoundland
the log was hiiineilines so thick that
wc used To sit ou the deckrull and lean
against it. Wo were silling one night
as Usual, With our bucks lo lhe fog,
when suddenly llie fog lifted, luul we
all wont flop inlo the sea. A bit
illicit, wasn't it?"— Brooklyn I'llizen.
Hits It at Last.
Whnl hns becomo of fllasspy, tho
ohl ehap Mini's always gulag lo gel
rich on some blame fool Invention of
his own?
"Ho has perfected a Hltle device
that's going lo make blm rich ror
sure lhls lime, lt meets a universal
•What Is II?"
"It's a bit or concealed mechanism
Hint sticks a pin lu n street urchin's
hand when he tries lo sound the
squaker of nn automobile."
Her Busy Lile.
'Aunt Mariha spends ull duy loug
hilling her silver In tUty illtTerent
plllCCS In deleal the burglars nho Is
perfeotly sure uro coming here."
'And she spends nil nlghl hunting
for ll uud gathering it Inlo ouo pile
In ease of fire."—Harper's Hn/nr.
Mrs. A—Did you ever go to a fortune teller'.'"
Mrs. B.—"Yes, once. Before 1 wns
married l went to Hie Probata court
to see how muoh my finance's rulher
had left blm In his will." — Boston
A New York butcher hns been sent
lo Hie polillentlnry ror temporarily Inserting a pound ot lead lu each turkey
lm sold. . if tho same law applied to
speeches by Inserting chunks of lho
up for life for giving weight lo his
ap hen by Inserting chunks uf lhe
Democratic platform.—Commoner.
Old Way Best.
An old colored burlier In responsible
fqr IhlH gem?    f HI •,-'V'M ,''<■'.
When fsked If ho favered the aboil-
lion of capital |Min!shuienl, he replied:
"No, iiih, 1 (font, Capital punishment wns i";ood enough for my fo'fnlll-
ers, an' It's good uioniih for mc. "
Sowing b-jc-Jb of Kindness Is all
right and sowing grass seed Is also
Why Women Are Not RICH.
Man U a millionaire many lime, over in Ihe pot.es.ion ol blood cells. Wool,
an ia noi quite ao rich, for leienti.l. have proven lhat the normal man haa nve mil-
lion-lhe woman only lour and a half million to a cubic millimetre ol blood.
A decree In number ol red blood eorpuicle. and a pereon look, pale —in
fact,!, anaemic, the blood doe. not get Ihe right loed and probably the Honi.cb is
di,ordered. ' ,"    ' ,      '
Dr. R. V. Pierce found yeara ago that a (-lycerie eitraet of jfelden seal and
Oregon grape room, queen', root and Moodroot wilh black eherrybark, would help
Ihe ai.iinilallon ol Ihe food in Ihe atom.cli, eorreot liver ill. and m Nature i own
way inorea.e the red blood corpuscle., tbi. medicine ho
called Dr. Pierce'. Golden Medie.l Diacovery. By ...imi'
l.ting the food eaten the aytlem is nourl.hcd and lhe blood)
take, on a rich red color. Nervou.neie I. only " Ihe cry
of the .t.rved nerve, ftfr food," and when Ihe nerve, ita,
fed on rich red blood the per.on loom thote irritable feel.
ing., alerp. well el night and ia relrcihed in the mornjng. ay
' 'i.a attaekvl with a ee»"i* Berroue dimae, which Ml eaojei) hf
tared .tuiimrli anil liver," wrltw Ma. Ja». B. fjvti.v, et WeM*
inn., Iteuie 2, ll<'» IB. All my frlenda thou.ht 1 w-yMdl. Mat
tne noit ilivalrtan. (av« trie up. I waa ful.laeil to try Dr. Plere.J
llolil.n Meilif.l Ulaeiivery, .ml derived mlieh lamoflt from Waio. HJ
eaaa hail run BO long. It bad Iwromo ao chronic, that Brain*, wouw oneca
. iiurmancnt cvro, but Dr. I'lerce'a madlcln. has OOS. much for me .nil
I lii.l.ly Hc.inini.iid It. I hc.rllfy.ovla. Ita um ala.orlni tonic, .nrl
fui the, .ilvlie alllntr heoul. to lake Br. Plme.'. iMal-|lij." wfore watt
dl.ca.va lifiv. na, ao long that uier. la .nQJ|A,'S*. IT -1* ?u    '
Or, Pitroe'i Medical Adviser. V) tiapp".'»»p»'JKhTBTWPW«W■•1"»*0"1"-
"l waa
a di.orfl.1
hum, T THE moSPKCTO"**  nMYTiTipn*-'*! f**
Tho Neat Three-Day Treatment for tlio liquor
habit, commendsvltflolt to all those whose nervous systems demand liquor, boonuso there arc no bad after
effects and no hypodermic Injections—the treatment
, in so mild and so harmless that a child could take it.
Wrlto for descriptive booklet and other Information.   Everything strictly confidential.
Tho Nfai Treatment for the drug habit te perfeot
ami permanent In its effect.
Neal Institute Co.
I Quips.
j    Tn rise, ut settle down.
Many n man will devour a girl with
i kisses, only u> Hnd after marriage that
i she disagree? with hliu,
i    There te room nt the iop-~-still more
j at ilio bottom,
I    Don't marry a ii.au lo rerorm him,
girls, unlesa you havo a good prof SB*
i ston or trade,
IT In hot water, take comfort from
Uie thoughi that yon will soon, like an
Ugg, gel hardened to it.
A Cure for Fever and Ague.—Disturbance or the stomach and liver
always precedes attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangement of the digestive organs and deterioration In
the quality of lln blood, in these ailments Parmalee'q Vegetable Pills
have been found most effective, abating tbe fever and subduing the ague
is a tew days. There are many who
are subject to these distressing disturbances ami in these ibere Is no bet*
id- preparation procurable ns a means
of relief.
22-14 Smith St.,
Reglna, Sask.
405 Broadway,
Winnipeg, Man.
820 13th Ave. West,
Calgary, Alta.
C'urea tbo »uw ami acta ns a preventative tor others.
I.luuld Blvt-n tin Ibe toniiiie. Safo for broud mure, anil
nil otberrf. BOBt Kidney remedy; OO centa n bottle; $11.0(1
lho dozen. Bold by all drugglat. ami liarnean bouses. PI*
trlbulora — ai.i. wiioi.ksai.k di-i.i'UISTS.
SPOHN   MEDICAL  CO.,   Bacteriologist., GOSHEN, IND., U. S. A.
Women's commonest ailment
—lhe root of so much of tlietr
ill-health--promptly yields to
the gentle but certain action
of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives,
25c. a box at your druggist's.
Act Well!
And that you may, profit by
the health-restoring, strength-
giving properties of the time-
tested famous family remedy
Sold ormrjwitoto.
Gopher Rifles
U'inclifuli-i', luvdel 1992.
Savant- Jr., fiMMfc-l tat,..
-linens'   --.-rackaliot"
.. .$5.00
.. ....SO
•?wvnae    K^|,ealer.    ,iuMti-l    1911.     *-,.
Simla    »7.50
Satlatactlon ctt.t-antf*ii or motley re-
Dept.  U. Winnlpjfl.
Railway Agents, Telegrapltera anil
Clerks- iu groat demand tlirmigliom
North-Weat. Six months will qualify you- Day ami Jlall Courses. Posl-
'ions secui'eil. Free book 19 ex-
Blalns.   Dominion School Telegraphy,
A slory con-en from (li-inialiy, where
firms advertise to »rll tlsh direct lo
small nurcliaaera. The glowing ad-
vertlseuiellts asked for tho sending of
half a crown with a list of the varieties of Hsh preferred. One letter
lead: .
"I want Iwo salmon, a dozen willing, a dozen fresh herrings, some
plaice, nnd if ymi have ihem you can
vailil a lobsteia!'
The nexl flay llie buly received a
letter which rend:
'Dear Madam; Please send another
sixpence mul we will forward Ihe
A Scottish fanner's son luul the
misfortune to full is love with two
young Indies ul once. Tlio one was
a 'arge. bouncing girl of generous proportion*., the oilier w»a small anil
Hllm. In Iheae clrcuiuslalici-s lie asked his father's advice.
•Well." said hla father, wisely,
"ilu-res sue uiiickie machinery used lu
farniln' nowadays that a big. aellve
Wife la no' «' much use; so I advlae
you to lak the lillle am-- she'll eal
iess, onyway.*'
A losl Ihuuihniill will lie genenilly
replaced in live mouths, mul a great
toenail requires^ wlce as long.
New Jersey maintains its high
alaudard of public schools at a cost
of about iO ceiils a day a pupil.
The government of Uruguay plans
In make the telephone business of
that country n slate monopoly.
A uorlli Ilrlllsh locomotive company Is building 62 locomotives for
Australia, a I. a cost of about $1,000,-
Pipe.; Ancient and Modern.
In ancient Mexico pipes were smoker], as has been recordeil by Cortes,
historian, ami the tobacco was mixed
with aromatic substances. So that
the new popular smoking mixtures
are not of modern Invention. The
Mexicans compressed the nostrils with
the fingers anil inhaled the siuolte;
moreover, frequently they swallowed It.
Their pipes often were of silver.
nut. although lliese Aztec pipes sometimes are regarded as the earlleBt
known, the oldest properly, are those
which have been recovered from the
prehistoric lumtill of lhe Mississippi
valley They \ro ln stone, ot various
kinds, and aome of Ihem are carved
In the form of human heads and iu
the shapes of various' animals, birds
aud reptiles.
The North American Indian calumet, or pipe of peace, and the lotna-
hawk pipe, or pipe of war, are examples perhaps more lute" -.ting iu their
symbolic significance than in their peculiar formation. The former, having
a reed or wood stem, painted red, and
about two feel, and a half long, is decorated with feathers, aud has a bowl,
usually, of red soapstone; while the
latter doea duty both for pipe and
Towards the end pf the eighteenth
century, pipes of porcelain were made
al. Sevres, Chelsea, Dresden aud ottl-
er famous European porcelain manufactories; and porcelain pipes, though
of a common kind, and generally with
wooden stems, still are made in large
quantities in Germany, and principally for German use.
The famous meerschaum pipes,
made in auch large numbers in Austria, are quite distinct from these
pipes in prepared clay.
Reaaon for Haste.
There's au old story about an Irishman who was painting a fence and
who worked fast so that he might get
Ihe job finished before the palut gave
out. Our grandfathers laughed at
that joke before our grandfathers
bought razors.
The new version came In yesterday; the setting Is up te dale, but
Die old point still sticks out. Our
correspondent- says:
"I have a touring car and I have a
chauffeur The latter is a bright
Italian boy aud an Invaluable servant.
The other night, len miles from home,
but inside the city limits, I observed
that he v-aa pulling on a burst of
- -Slow down a bit, Gulseppe,' I
warned him; 'we'll be arrested lf we
keep up tills speed.' "
"'Scusa me, mister boss,' he answered; 'we're ten rnlla from home
au only got enough gas for free iiilta.
ISef we no hurry we never mak' eet!'"
Haa Bones Badly Beaten.
Nip—Bones is speaker fit Hie house
ami only HO.
Tuclc—That's nothing! My wire br-
eiiine speaker, nf the liottsa as soon us
I married her and she was only 'i'i.
And Frantic Gasping for Breath Com.
mon to  Bronchlti. and
|J       OF
Both bronchitis and asthma are diseases of the nerves as well as ot the
bronchial tube*, and for this reason
only slight Irritation o.-Txcttc-melU Is
required to bring on the terrible
coughing spells and frantic gasping
for breath,
There is nothing like Dr. Chase's
Syrup ot Linseed and Turpentine to
bring relief to sufferers from bronchitis and asthma.
it soothes the irritated nerves,
eases and prevents the attacks of
coughing and enables the system to
throw off the disease. Iu fact the
great* popularity of this medicine Is
largely duo to Its success in curing
bronchitis and severe chest colds.
Since permanent recovery depends
largely ou getting the nervous system thoroughly restored. Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food Is of tho greatest
assistance in revitalizing the wasted
nerve cells. This combined treatment is ideal as a cure for bronchitis
and asthma, for, while the Linseed
and Turpentine brings relief to the
organs of respiration, the Nerve Food
restores the body to full health and
strength, and enables it to fight off
There are many Imitations of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. The portrait and signature of
A. W. Chase, M.D., are on every bottle of the genuine; 25c a bottle, at
all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates &
Co., Limited, Toronto.
Death Duties in France.
Paris.—The Brit ish chamber of
commerce In Paris has again petitioned * the chancellor of the exchequer
with regard to the double imposition
of death duties on the estates of British residents In France, and asking
for the same reductions as au allowed Is the case of residents m the
colonies. v
Mlnard's Liniment, the Lumberman's
Physician at Watering-plare (to patient's husband)—.And after all, the
great thing for your wife ts exercise.
Does she take ar*'9
Patient Husluttrd—Take any! I
should say she did. Why, doctor, Bhe
changes her dress at least six times
a day.
Hollo way's Corn Cure takes the
corn out by thc roots. Try It and
prove lt,
Ask for Mlnard's and take no other.
Never si arch linen lhal Is to be
stored for a long linn*; it is apt to
crack, and if left for many years will
rot. ItliiMp Iho articles quits free
from starch, dry, nnd fold away, lf
possible. In blue paper. The blue
paper keeps ihem from turning yellow.
"Was It au elaborate dinner?"'
'•Plenty of champagne?"
"Flowed Just like water, but tha'.
wasn't the chief display."
"That so? Were the favors un
"They were of solid gold. But whnt
really attracted the moat attention was
that there seemed to be nn iiulinilu'l
supply of butter."—Judge. .
Hnard'a Liniment used by Physicians-
Of all the sad words we see In print
And this is a general rule.
Are I nose conveying ihe dally hint,
••Unsettled with ram, nnd cool."
.     K|ONI v r,   ,
'■Hi   S   D'Vi's     i
W. N, U. 898.
Baby's Own TJableta am nu ex-
cell en I remedy for little ones.
They novel* fail to relieve baby
of moiiiadi ami bowel cmnplulnts
or the many oilier little ills (hat
worry him. Bosldes this they are
absolutely safe, being guaranteed by u government analyst to
contain no opiates or other harmful drugs. Concerning them,
Mrs, Sam Legros, Ste. Ceelle,
Que., writes: }'\ have found
Baby's Own Tablets an excellent
remedy for iny little one and
would not be without, them." The
Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or by mall at In cents a
hox from The Dr. Williams'
Mediclj.0  Co.,  Brockvllle, Out.
Attacks of cholera aud dysentery
come quickly, there seldom being any
warning of the visit. Hemedlal action must tin taken Just as quickly lf
the patlenl lii tO be spared great Buffering and permanent Injury tn the
lining membranes of ihe bowels. The
readiest preparation for the purpose
is Dr. .1. 1). Kullogg's Dysentery Cordial. H can be gol at small cost at
any drug sioie or general dealer's,
and It will afford relief before a doctor can be called..
"Didn't that man complain wIk-ii
you ch"igcd hliu with a broken appointment?"
"No," replied the dentist; "he said
breaking un appointment with me wai
worth every cent It cost"
Tilting Rock of Argentina.
In Argentina Ihey have had a tilting rock so famous that Its destruction seems to have been regarded its
a national calamity, and ,has led to
suggestion of its restoration, :is if
It were h sacred relic or a Venetian
It was so balanced upon tlio edgo
of a cliff that lhe wind alouo was
said to have set it oscillating, and excursions were made to il from Buenos
Ayres, distant about. lUlU miles.-*-
Hprlnglleld Republican.
While automobiles are not yel within ihe reach of all, experience teaches
thnt almosl nil are within the l-oucli ol
"But," said Hie returned explorer,
"all hough 1 seemed to be hopelessly
lost,, and there was not Iho slightest
sign of a trail, 1 was not the leust
alarmed, for at that moment some
nomadic Kurds rode into my camp."
"Why were you not alarmed?" asked a. listener.
"I knew llie Kurds would show mo
the whey.''
Deacon A -Whnt our people need
Is sermons thnl will wake thom up.
Deacon B No, brother; what thoy
need ls serin mm that won't let Vm
go to sleep.
To have Mm children sound and
healthy Ih the first care of a moi hor.
They cannot be healthy if troubled
with worms. Use Mother Craves'
Worm Kxleruilnalor,     ,
Bacon-Somebody said thero was
something si mini iii* aboul your wife's
new dross,   I don'l see It.
njgbcrt- -Of course, you don't. Vou
don't suppose sluvd leave the price
mark on If, do you?
They Seem to Have Been Used In
China Centuries Ago.
The general public has supposed
Lhat the thumb print system Is some*
tiling new that scieutlsts have devised
for purposes of identification. Such,
however, seems not to be tho case,
says Popular Mechanics. Investigation has revealed the tact that the
system originated with the Chinese.
For hundreds, perhaps thousands,
of years, the merchants of China have
used impressions of their thumbs In
lieu of signatures. To this day tn the
Interior of Chlnr- the thumb print Is
used on legal documents, especially
wills, in place of the written name.
The use of finger prints was transferred from Chlnr* lo India, where the
British adopted the system it a a
means of Identifying Lho native troops.
Prom lhat the custom became general in lhe British military service,
not only In India, bul throughout thc
Cn I It'll  Kingdom.
it was Introduced In the police departments of Great Britain by army
ofllcers, who returned from foreign
service to lake positions In the police
headquarters, lis use has become
universal In tin British Ktnplre—so
much so that every man or woman
who has ever been in the custody of
the police hns his linger prints on
file In Ihe depart ment. The finger
print records of Scotland Yard nre
the most complete of any In the
Premium List Issued.
The preliminary premium list, of
the Internal tonal Dry-Farmed Products Exposition, to bo held at L--i-i*
bridge. Alberta, October -'1 to 28, lift3
heen Issued, and -S oue of the m *8'
Interest!!.? ever nont out so pn-'ly t.i
a season, li gives the fariieu ec,ii,
plo'.e InstiTi-llons as to the preparations of c-Jiitits. nud Is designed lu
familiarize all with the details essential to success at the timo of put-
ling in the crop, for then Is the lime
the best work tells In seeming prize-
winning products,.
The rules and regulations are given
in full, the methods of judging likely
to be adopted being suggested su thnt,
exhibitors may have an opportunity
io consider them and express their
opinions and offer suggestions In advance of the publication of the Official
Premium List, which It Is planned lo
issue about August 1.
The sKputmiula' nrl'/fls nnd the social premiums already donated are
'•M-ouneod. and the list Riven of the
grains, grasses, friills aud veeglahles
that may be enlcred for competition.
Kvery farmer should have a copy
of this premium list at once, and If
will he sent free upon request to John
T. Burns, executive secretary-treasurer, International Dry-Farming Congress, Lethbrldge, Alberta, and packages of them will he supplied hoards
or Irade interested in the Congress
and Exposition for distribution upon
It Is Vastly Different New From What
It Wee Seventy Years Ago.
The many cafes sboard a modern
ocean liner have tlio atmosphere or tho
boulevard*. The old, loug baronial
board presided over by tbe captain, to
which (ho passengers were summoned.
by bell or trumpet, has given way to
separate tables. One ls free to dine,*
lunch or sup alone ut any hour in any
seat at any one* of a hundred small
tables Beatlug two, or one may Jolu a
party at a table seating seven, surrounded by decorations that rlvnl those
of the best rest n urn ins ashore.
And as In any lirst class hotel, the
guest Is not restricted to a table d'hote
menu, ile can order from nn epicure's
hill of fare, and all meals are included
In tho price of the passage. Cafes lor
those who do not smoke, n uew convenience, have the air of such places
In Vienna. These arc distinct from the
open air veranda cafes with tbelr teak-
wood tables. ;
I Instead of lhe suit meats of twenty
yenrs ago both cabin and stcernge pas-
seugers have fresh meat dally. Twenty-eight thousand pounds of meat and
15,000 liters of beer were consumed by
lhe passengers of a single liner on one'
roeent voyage, whllo on tbe same ship
the cost of setting lhe table ror a sin-
gin year was J4.00U.UW.
This talk of tine necommodations
sounds ex pen sire, snys Hampton's
.Magazine, but you do uut need to take
those, expensive cabins unless you are
willing to nnd cnn pay for thom. All of
ihe other comforts, conveniences nnd
luxuries ere ns free to the poorest
traveler as lo the richest, aud not the
least interesting fact about ocean travel
Is thnt Its cost is conslaully growing
The voyage io England now costs on
(he best ships nbout naif ilu rate
charged by tbe Britannia, the ilrst mall
steamer to cross the ocean, seventy
years ngo. One can go first class lor
3 cents a mile, second class for half of
that, and third class, with better accommodations than tho best iu the
Britannia's day, for about bO cents a
hundred miles, nnd theso rates Include
Plant Some Evergreens.
How warm and cheering the green
of the evergreens looks during the
cold, snowy days. It seems almost
like summer to go among them when
the sun shines, and particularly when
they are thick enough to break off
the wind and, as Is so often the case,
a few birds still remaining iu the
north are flitting among them. The
southern home may plant them or not.
but no northern farm home can afford
to be without at least a few of them
to break th° bareness of the long,
leafless, snowy season. Let us resolve Irrevocably that this summer
we will surely start a few evergreens,
—Dakota Farmer.
Invitation to President Taft.
A handsome engrossed invitation,
upon velum paper, with purple plush
border, was sent by the Canadian
Board of Control and the international officers of the International Dry
Farming Congress Jo His Excellency
William Howard Taft. president of
tbe United States, llirougli the Dominion government of Canada at Ot*
-iwii, Thn engrossing was done bv
Robert Sage, a merchant of Lethbrldge. Alberta, Ibe Invitation being
mounted by Iho Western Printers and
Stationers, Limited, and It wan a most
creditable piece of work.
Seriou.i Interview.
The bookkeeper came out looking
mysterious -and called for the office
"What are you doing?"
"The boss wants to seo you right
away. I guess It's the bounce for
"Nix," declared lhe ofllce hoy. "I
know what he wants."
"What does be want?"
"lle wants to know what new plnv-
ers have been signed"—-Louisville
How to  Gather  Fleh  Worms.
Now that the fishing season is at
hand a new labor-saving device for
gathering Hsh worms is timely:
'You take a broom handle three
and a half feet loug, drive It Into the
spot likely to be Inhabited.by angle
worms. Leave an end sticking up
about six inches. Then take a rough
board ami rub li over the top of thn
broom handle. This rubbing wilt
cause a vibration of lhe earth and ihe
worms, angry and disturbed, will
work their way out of the ground. A
fellow can get a pail lull of worms In
a short time."
At a fashionable dinner, where all
the ladles wore decollete gowns except
one, the little three-year-old sou of Ihe
family wuh brought in to say good
night, to his mother. Lai or, when tho
nurse wus putting him to bed she
asked him which lady he liked tho
best. "The one wllh the dress on,''
he replied.
My sister was trying to persuade
her little*boy lo be dressed. As usual,
he thoughi dtfteroutly and ran away
lo hide. Ills mother called blm a
number of Utiles before he replied,
saying: "Mother, you culled me Ave
times before I heard you. I counted
Lillle Hay, Who has been wearing
mltteflS, was given a new pair of kid
gloves. Pulling thom on and examining ihem, he proudly hold up his
hands and said:' "Hee, each linger
lias a sack."
"Do you love me, Chart 0B?" iiuiulrid
the beautiful girl. "Of course 1 do."
"Do you think only "f mo, hy day and
night ?'• "Well. I'll he frank with you.
Now ami Ihen I think of baseball." -
Washington Herald,
".fust fancy! Thero'a n fasting man
who has been living j"or forty-five
days on water,"
"Ho on."
"Yes; he wan n (tea captain,*'
Gas Engine Oil
gives the best lubrication possible, alike In kerosene,
gasoline and gas enginei, Keepi its body at high temperatures.    Equally   good for external bearings.
Mica Axle Grease
saves power and fuel in your tractors,
most liked axle grease made. Never
The best known.
robs   off.     Never
Silver Star
Engine Kerosene Oil   Gasoline
Granite Harvester Oil—The nln rt cut oil; specially prepared for uso on reapers, hinders nnd threshers. Oreat*
ly reduces friction nnd wear. Body noi affected by
moisture or change   of climate.,
Capitol Cylinder Oil—'Die very best oil for steam plants
on the farm. Lasts longer and gels more power from
the engine, wllh less wear, Mian any cheap .substitutes;
costs less Iii the end.
Atlantic Red  Engin *
ami  medium  speed
bearings nnd lighti
Oil—Strongly recommended for slow
engines aud machinery,    Eases iin
The Imperial Oil Co., Limited
Rapid Growth of th. U*« of Am.ric.n
Aid. to Comfort.
Krnnco Is becoming Anu'rieaiilzed.
There la uotk-eiiblo throughout Ihe
country u growing npiiellte for luxury,
an increasing use or tlioKe uids lo llie
comfort of living which, until live
yenrs ago. Frenchmen of Ihe middle
class considered fnr and away beyond]
their means, bat which the average
American of euunl station has loug
counted among the comuiou necessities of lire.
Iialbroouis. electric light, telephones.
■team heated apartments, musical In.)
strunieuts nnd labor saving appliances j
In tho kitchen have until very recent-1
ly not been deemed adjuncts to n com-
fortnbte existence by a Frenchman of'
tbe bourgeois class. Among the middle
class In France llie rent ordinarily Is
reckoned at one-lenth the tolal income,
while In America it Is lhe custom In
our cities lo spend one-sixth or even
one-fourth merely to keep a roof-over
our beads.
But recently, la many of the provincial cities, apartment houses hare been
erected lhat nre equipped wllh ele-
rators. bathrooms and heating appliances and lhat compare favorably
with American "titndnrd*. These apartments rent for MOO If, *I.«K> n year.
■ nd tbe demand far exceeds the present supply.—World's Wort.
I have a money-saving invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—uo burning of
"These granaries come in compact
bundles. A boy can set up and bolt
one together in a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on tlic side or
into roof manhole —saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves, fl Sell
it when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it. No musty or heated
grain. <JGet my granary and be independent of elevators for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protects you,"
''Writ*- uie fur my booklet It shows liow profitable my
ptaiiatry i» even nn ■• ilnsle quarter section (unit Uie
it fur 1912,   Tbe Book Telle of uii: Money for Vou "
Writ, lor BooU.i n„ i] OSH A WA, ONT.
witonreo cai.gaet Edmonton   seOina
"GI,..iNh.n!S*. Ciaffn tiloi-k .'.li'UntSt.W. rni K.ilw.ySt.H.
Ilr.wr, I.i.    •    f.rr V,(..".irki M.fl.tt       3.3FitttiSt. S. •
Ftill Mra.ltrr
•Mr 150-bu.h.JGraaar., .how.
Ina <toor.   Al.o without door,
,[   .j.',',..I      !-hoW. tM><* ....'.,
Ia. ar.iti. wh.n want.,). QUM.
.-.;,«, loft .Ti»w. .fwiut for haail
rtilin. a. j'.t.i h.u tu ('raiiarr."
Plan of a Famous Old Ship.
There bits lieen discovered lu New
Sunlit Will's tlio suliiwrlglil's iiltm ot!
tbo Bodcnvor, Cnptnln Cook's sliip on
hl» Ilrst voyage of clreiimnnvlgntloii,
•vltlcli hns heen occlfjcnftlIIjp dlscoverfd
nuiont! n iMinillo of IHipera tieloniilnn I Direct your inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you. They will answer you
lo an old hind-smith mimed Climmlugs,! promptly and   eave you time.
This mnn Is snld lo hnve oblnlued tlio j —. , , _  —
pin ii from it navnl carpenter nnmeil
KorlT. who once hnd n shipyard on Iho
Method in His Madness.
,    ,   ,llo's ri-nllv the nlcesl hoy 1 know,
Hiinlor river nnd was n descendant of, S(| , |ak(J ||f|I|- ,||(mf, „,„.„,,.,.,. , s0.
one .lordan of lho crew ot Ihe I'.n- To theatre, party, baseball game,
tlt-nvor.    (Jammings  was Just about Or any place oIbo that a boy can name
lo burn Ihe pnpers when Ihey were
rescued. The pnpers were dated litis.
The plan shows that tbe famous Hltle
vessel hnd nn extreme length nnd
brendtb of ninety-seven teet eight
laches and twenty-nine feet t wo Inches,
respectively, and a burden of 301) 49-tH
The Chin... Art Fighter..
Those who suy tbnt Ihe Chinese ha-re
never beeu lighters spenk without the
book. Tbo world's Ilrst book of war
was wrllteu by a Chinese. Hut China
is n peace loving couuiry und enters
tho family ot great powers as moderator of the assembly. China reallzos two
His every wish Is at my command
Anil all lie wants is right a' hand,
Hm this confession I have lo mako,
1 do It all fur liis Bister's sake.
"You say we ave aavagOBbecause we
paint our faffs iiiiiI bodies," hi- sni,l
"l.nst spring I was in Washington and
went io the President's Inaugural ball.
All lhe white woman al that hall had
ihelr faces painted, 1 do not think wc
are savages," In1 sulil.
The nsflonibled Indlnns Bnrleke-1
with laughter — si. Louis Post Dls
A Costly Gamble.
Mr. Marshall Hall, tile well-known
K. ('., lells lln- following slory nf a
thlugs-lli'st. lint her own prosperity; fatuity Court nctlon In which he took
depends ou the preservation ot poocolnart! "I remember mnny yars uro
and, second, that lho world's prosper- bolng laken flown to a County Court,
Hy depends on pence, During Iho tie- I looked ni the brief and found thn
golhtUons hcweet, the republican, and the who „ nmoun to be eued for «.
the Manchus the former actually pro- O™- »£» „;,„ „,„„ .„„ , ,.„,„„ ni„
posed that peace should ho cslnhllsheil |m|:.p |1|(. mntt6,. out, ll was iin ni'
Ilrst aud details lelt to The llaguo in- ,loll >or trospasn Belling a horse lu
Initial   When Yuan Hhlh Kill wbh re-  execution, and  llie
An   Imperial   thicken  Fancier.
li may he Intcrcattng to owners ot
chicken farms to know thai a t-ea-
nine enthusiast in the pastime of
poullry-ralBlng lived and Uourlshed as
far lia'ell as tho year Ilu A. ll. when
Alarie ihe (loih was busying himself
aboul the sack or Rome. The Hev.
Dr. (leorge llotli-es' "Suints ami,Heroes" Is the authority for llie slory.
Only the Ilonuiu emperor seemed
unmoved by this tremendous calamity, lie was iu a safe rett-eal at Ita-
venna when the news came, li is remembered fit llonoiius lhat there
were only two mailers In which he
: was ever known in show interest, Onn
was the safety of his own imperial
person, the other was the raisin,; nf
hens, In which lie was very successful. His favorite hen mis named
, Rome.
"Your Majesty n-nne has perished!
they came crying.
"Why.'' lie said, "only an hour asro
Bhe was feeding out of my hand!" -
Anil when lliey mid lilm It was lhe
capital ri' tlio world lhat had beeu
destroyed be w-at. much relieved
called to Pelting lhe Ilrst thing no proposed was penco between the two tactions. 'J'lils Is the temper ot ihu people.—Leslie's.
exti inlii
York .
Fiber From Straw.
An Invention thnt has caused no little  excitement  In  the  textile   world
In Ilelchenhcrg. Austria, eouslsls of a-
process of treatment of common straw
whereby It Is now possibly lo secure I
therefrom a fiber snllalilo for spinning. (
Tho discoverers themselves assert Hint
tliolr success far exceeds Ihelr original
expeiliitlons.    The  liilliu-iicc or  lhls
new material upon ihe textile Industry
Will bo fiiricai'liliiL-.
Japan luul about  1,800,000 m in  In ',
1900   fully   t in linil   nml completely |
ready to In- moblJI*od Inlo active service, in ens'' Of Hllcll ns were mil  in
tho   ::i n i.,l I lit   nriry   already,   This
number,   aeenriHnji   in   a writer
Mr-torn   ■uliJroU, will bo I11616J
by 1010 In 1,037,000, These Hgim h
leave "in nl llie rookonlng 840,000
partly trained men available to make
gntal the lows Iii llie ranini by the
oaaunltli a nr war.
it   hnrse   il
was can he Imagined—and In lhe end
I won. The casi look ihe whole day.
Then when 11 was all over I heard
Umi lliere was 11 hei ut 12,600 depending on the roiull of the ease.. The
parlies were all horsey people, ami
Ihey knew lliey would get a fair run
for their money. They used me for ,mt yet selected
the purlins'' nf ii I'nnililo. !        	
daily cracker consumption ni
rid would llll a train ot cars
tion    Baltimore to New
London. -A charity oostome ball,
wlileli will probably in- known as the
aiiiliassailnrs liall. will bo held at
oiynipia nn .lnn*".'i. The proceeds will
bo devoted to a charity or charities
"Did yuu say I was a fiend lieu.'."'
'Nope. I never mild you were dead,"
■- Houston I'nst.
One ilrrul secret of youth ind hr-.nl> for the young woman or the mollier It
.he proper under*, tnml in it ol her lYOlBittly Ot-lcm and wet I* being. Bvery woman,
young or old, lltould know timet/ nntl her phynlefll mike up, A good way to
irrive it thll knowledge la to get a good dootor book, lUdl for inMince, us "Tho
I'eople'i Common Senie Mcttlpel Advlier," by It. V. Pierce, M. I),, which c*m
reedlly hr procured hy lending thirty one cenii lor cloth-hound copy, addreming.
Dr. Pierce, «i Buffalo, N. V.
The tt'i-m.iiil, IJItem in n dclicitte machine wtiw-h can only he t-ompnred to the in*
i.ii-uic mecltinlim ul >i beautiful watch which will keep in good running order only
wilh goo-) 1,111" aud the proper oiling nt the right time, no (lint the dclicalc inecli*
tti.i-.in nniy not he H'DfHO'o. Very inuny time* young women
get old or rait itownMore their lime through igiuiruoce und
the improper lmndling of tins h iiiuin mOCnantltn. Mfnt-il
depression, a confute/! head, bauknolle, headache, or hot
fl-1-.ln-*. und many lymptOlM "I dr;ungeu.eiil ol the womanly
lyitem cun he avoided hy a proper iinderf-tanding ol what to
do, iu those trying tlmtl lint  come to nil womAn.
tt.iu fi h Wii.ium!'. of Lynnhiven, Va„ wrolei  "h li ill yura
Mi!*-,, in- iioiiit], nvo way   1 h-iii female trouble and all tliedootori
< I i-in*i)..-..-.l three) wid I ivo-ilil die.   I Wll rml ttl»l.> t» ilu my wt-rk,
had in im*- w-m---.li-- nil the time, finally, I read In thi paper*about
Dr Plorca'i (*>vorite Crwcrlptlon, and decided lo try ft. I hail not
token bul ono \*<n\f nniil I r<.-,ii,i ,t u-i d«n<- mr it---.) I tool., In all,
ih.. bottlei "i   Favorite Pi-McrtpUon1 nnd two nf 'Goklen Maoleal
tn ii-i-viMy.' nnd now I um 'iiiir* 1. ii 1 ;.'i my houiework, and havo Kiin*xi
runt-teen ptttlMR,    1 ailvl-.mil WOID0B WHO lUffrT from f'-inale Itnntile
to uryyeut Favorite rreunpuen.1  Jt-• tbt only mtdloute on oerlh.'
jMi-a,.ini t i .jnii,!..! i,.iltt-,ii.. ,i i * * * ■ 4 jiii I
'■■■ I I T'|- Y Tr r I I T*1 I I T I I T w I' nil
Riverview Outing Place |
The Best (luting Camp in East Kuutenay
Good Accommodations
Gasoline Launch  and Hoats
Will Open June 15th 1912
H. LUNN, Proprietor
■I I H t-H-H-r-H-t-H-H-l-l***   ********++*******+***■*
********************** I H-t--H*M4*H*t*-M*M--l*H'
::   PHONE    340 *   Johnson Still Eagar      Fifty were fined
Our Phone No. is 124
You can 'Phone us and we will
deliver your order to any place in
Cranbrook, and you will save
money by buying your Groceries
tngutlng iiii along the lino,   Ho thnt
I next   Hl'HHl"ll   |il'»illllncn  tu  lie  UB Malt'
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do   it and   guarantee   our  work
:  Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company l
W   P   Johnsou,  Prop.,  P.O   hn.\ 904 +
J     WORKS—Edward Street      ■    ■      Cranbrook, BC.     t
Standing of
Miss Annie Wise
"     M. Roberts -   -
Robert Pye      -   -   -
J. B. Henderson  -   -
Mrs. John Wolf  -   -
"     P. F. Patrick   -
11    J. Draper     -   -
"    C, Hilton, Yahk
Waldon McKay   -   -
Autoinobile    will   hr.   run    weekly    on
between  Cranbrook  ami   Wasa   con- %
necting  with  incoming  and  uutyuing I
tra.in-1. (jouf.1 PassetiKei Accomodation I
N. Hanson ?
*+*-, .|..|-|"|"|"|"|'i'|"|"|"H-'l'-l-'H--l ********************
Mr. Farmer
How About Implements?
I Have Them
John " \i tlm" Johnson is conild
erably put out ovor tha report sont
Irom the ringside that Plynn had him
bleeding from the mouth at one or
two st'iL'.-s ol the encounter is John
.-inn going to retire?   Not yet
He mnde the startling statement
after he had posed for soma pictures
that he wanted to tight three more
heavyweight contendere before tossing
the mitts aside tor good.
He names one white man and two
colored (allows as the warriors be
wants to give a whack at the big
championship The fortunate ouea,
or unfortunate as tbe case may be
are Al Palter, the Iowa lad, who
trimmed Bombardier Wells of Km;
i-iiui. Sam Langford, the Boston Tar
baby, and Sam's rival in Australia
at present time   Sam fttcYea.
"I want to hurry up nnd convince
everybody that there Is uo one who
can beat me. Then I will be willing
to retire and let the rest of them
lisht it out for the championship,"
san! Jack. 1 would like to tret Palter next, say in New York, an J I
hope it is soon.
'■The Langford and McVea battles,
ii they come off, 1 suppose will be
staged in Australia, Mcintosh is atter them but I want $30,(WO for each
light anil plenty of expense money.
"I really intended to retire on labor Duy, but I guess the public want
me   to   beat   somebody   better   than',
Jeffries and Flynn."
The accountant ol the House ol
Commons has mm concluded payment
ni sessional Indemnities to m-ambors
of parliament.
The great major!tj ol them draw
very   promptly,   but   some   of   (he
weal tine i     tl.iss     delft)      iiii.t-liiu-.li-1 v
While there are ti\ members Indemnity was paid to only iVA Individuals
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Blr Randolph
Forget, each representing two, seats,
While the session lasted 189 days,
there was but 76 Bitting days. Ah
senea without deduction is allowed
for fifteen days, Fifty members were
lined $lii a day for being absent for
various periods in excess of the statutory allowance.
A Bishop Shocked
A visit which the Bishop of Willes-
den paid on a Saturday night to a
cheap (.hopping centre in Camden
Town tilled htm with horror, as he
explained the following Sunday, when
preaching at the Foundling Hospital:
"Last night, at eleven o'clock," he
said, "I happened to go through Cam
den Town, and stood outside utchers'
shops, where I saw a sight which 1
had never seen before in my lite.
Even in the eighteen years I spent in
the west of Canada I never saw anything like it. There were u couple of
hundred people standing outside each
of these shops, simply hungry and
starving, and trying to pick up at a
very cheap price the bits of meat that
were over after the butchers' day was
doue.   Such a thing ought not to he.
General Election, Sept
OTTAWA. July 16.—The Ottawa
Free Press is convinced that both political parties are lining up Tor a gen
eral election in the fall of 1913.
Whether the 'tip' has gone out or not
says the Free press, each party organization has received instructions
to look carefully after the lists so as
to be ready for any surprise which
the government may spring.
"In view of Mr. Borden's promise
that he would submit his naval policy to the people, nobody here can
understand how he can adopt a policy
of contribution with a more vigorous
naval program later on without a
general election. The program as
now outlined ip that the government
will come bark in the fall with its
naval program, submit it to parliament, introduce and pass the redistribution bill and then go to the conn
try in September of next year. Wheth
er the Liberals will allow this program to he carried out depends upon
developments. They arc certainly
keen to ask the arbitrament of public
opinion, especially in view of the provincial elections in Quebec und Saskatchewan and will put no obstacles
in the way of such an appeal. But
they will have considerable to say at
the neit session, both on the naval
question and on the trade issue and
warnings hnve bcen sent to the Liber
ai members to prepare for a session
lasting  until   July  next  with  steady
catholic Lawn Social
The Lawn Social given by the Lad
lea1 Aid of the Catholic Church, TUoa
day. was an unqualified success, the
ai ten-lance being very large. The
City Baud was in attendance and dls
coursod sweet music which was much
enjoyed by those present.
The Candy booth was the most at
tractive and was under the manage
ment of Mrs. Gait.
Flower booth, Miss Kennedy and
Miss Maekie was beautiful, and the
large amount of flowers sold indicated the success of this part ol the pro
The cigar booth was much appreciated by the gentlemen, and, wns a
source of  profit to  Mrs.   Macdonald
Tbe Morris Chair was won tiy. Mrs.
r   The Cut Glass Bowl was won hy J.
Miss Augusta Boyle won a glass
howl for selling the most tickets for
the Morris chnir; and a gentleman
from Oalgary won the hox of Candy.
The fish pond wns nn attractive
place and waB under the management
! of Miss Maekie.
Mr. Wm. Greaves and Mr. McTnvish
looked after the financial end of the
It wns a most enjoyable event and
I much appreciated by the young peo-
! pic of the city.
visitors from Kelona
Mr. nml Mrs. A. Dnlgleish and child
ren, nnd Wm. CJeddea, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Geddeti mid children ot Kelona
were Cranhrook visitors on Wednesday. The party atitored trom Kelona
to Donald, shipped their cars by train
to Golden, then autored trom Golden
tliron-rh thO'I'ppcr Columbia anil Koo
tenny Valleys to t'ranbrook. Mr.
Getldes expressed himself as lieinR
pleased and surprised at the vast extent of agricultural land in the valley
nnd the large amount of development
now coinK on. Fruit growing was of
paramount importance, hut combined
with mixed (arming would ndd tn the
prosperity ot the district.
At 2 p.m. the party lett tor Cal-
uarv through the Crow's Nest Pass.
Tbey will stop at Klko nnd Pernio,
and will visit the Coal Mines.
SEALED Tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed on the envelope "Tender lor the construction
o' u resilience fur tbo rtupflintcndant
' >>f the Experimental Station at lnver-
near Athttlmor, B.C.," will he received
il|i tt, ' p.m.. un the First day of August, 191", for the several works and
materials required in the erection of
ii residence for the Buperlutendant ol
the Experimental Station at inver-
tnere, near Atliiiliner, B.O.
Specification* and plam, cun he seen
un application to Mr. Duncan Aniler-
a    Atliuilllt-l,   U.U.
Each tender must he accompanied
iiy mi accepted ebeque on a chartered
bank, payable to the Honorable the
Minister nl Agriculture, equal to ten
per cent uf the whole amount ol the
tender, which oheque will he forfeited
ii the Individual or company sending
,t declines to enter Into u contract
with the Department or fulls to complete tin- building.
The Department does not hind it
Httlf tu accept the lowest ur any tender.
Newspapers publishing this advertisement without authority will not
lie paid.
A. I.. .lAltVlS,
Assistant Deputy Minister, and
Secretary  ol  Agriculture
Department ul Agriculture
Ottawa, Hi June, 1912, "8-SJt
Golden Anniversary
Edmonton, Altn., July 10,—Beven
hundred braves ul the Cree und Heaver tribes from various parts of the
north country, headed hy Chief Kec-
ausew und Chief Mustus. garbed mi
their gaudiest enstumery and accompanied hy si|iinws and puppouscs, as-.
sistt',1 the clergy ot thc diocese of I r"tnu11-' a1""- «'»• did more than any
Athabasca and the people uf the living man to civilizing the native
town   and   visitura   from   all   over|Indiana,    lle befriended  the pioneers
studies in a seminary at tjuebec,
where he was ordained a priest on
June 2»th, IBM. Shortly afterward
lie was sent to the northern missions
iu the wilds ol the Athabasca country. Though encountering many hard
ships he worked with Protestant und
Canada and the United States iu cel-
iiinl trappers and packers in tne early
Mowers       Cultivators       Rakes
Spring Tooth Harrows
Discs - Plows
tfiiiim-wi-niinini h
ORANBROOK   I.-.ND    lilS'fitlCT
District "i Enst Kootonny
TAKE    NOTICE thut     I.    Mttbelle
Ciuiielin Cot-win "l Oranbrook, B, 0.
Married woman, Intend tu apply lor
permission tu purchase tho lollowlng
described lands Commencing ut n
prist planted nt tlio ituutli west, corner of Loi i.i i", thenco north lorty
(tin chains; thence wosl lorty Hdi
chnins; thenco south lorty (40) chnins
thence enst lorty (4(i| chnlnH to the
point uf cuiniin'iici-iiii'iit, containing
160 acres more or less.
(Sgd.i MaiH'lic Cornelia Corwln
41 II****  Dated June 16, 191", 2»-'Jt
City of Cranbrook
(NoijoiiH Weuda,  Act  I'Ul,
ebratinj;   the  golden  annivermiry    of, . . . _
rhe priesthood of Bishop Kmile <lro-jd"-H' uml "* retur<- tney *ftvc Honor-
nard, tbe oldflflt nrtlve Catholic iiiIh* ml hlm ■-" ■*• "•'»'»« "• •*-« fruitful
Blonnry in the Dominion, at Orotinrdf labors,
Alberta,  north of here. " "—
The Indians' nt tended the reception,
where addresses were delivered by
Samuel I'liniinmliiini, who wiih u mem
ber of the territorial lei:inlutnre;
Misliiip .loiiHHitnl, cit-udjtitor nl the
diocese, and Minn Kate Mehermott,
daughter of Mayor Melterinntt, and
tbey also participated In the high
mans, which was celebrated Up Hinh
op Grouard. Hev. Father Orcalan,
of Home, preaehud the sermon. The
HerviceH were followed by a public
banquet, at which nddreHHeH were
given in Kii(*lish, Ktench and Cree.
A parade in wbich a snuadron of the
lioyul Noerthwest Mounted police
took part, wiih the feature of the
afternoon, and In the evening there
'■vns a presentation of a drama, entitled "Life of llitdiop (irotiard in the
North," written by sisters of the
The 1 milium, who were encamped
alone; the northern shore of Lesser
Hlave Lake, passed the rest uf the
week in sports, including hot-He aud
pony races, cowboy, running, jumping ami dancing contests and tugs of
war. The danceH recalled the days
when the red men held full sway over the vast northland. At the close
>f the festivities the braves and their
ni|uawH returned to thc habitats in
tlic woods, many of them travelling
hy the most primitive means of transportation.
that the Corporation of the City    of
Cranhrook, has beep   served with   a
notice by an officer   of the     Department of Agriculture, in reBpect     to
the above Act.     Section  (3) of the
said Act rends as follows:—
".1.   Kvery owner,  lessee or occupier
ot land slml. cut or cause to tie
cut down, or otherwise destroyed,
all noxious weeds growing thereon, so often  In each year as ls
necessary to prevent them going
to seed; and lf any owner or oc
cupler of    laud neglect to   carry
nut tbe provisions of this section
he shall he liable to not     more
than   twenty-five dollars   (fzrt.uni
nor  less  than  five  dollars  (5.00)
for each such offence."
The Act further provides that   the
Owner, lessee or occupier on the land
is held responsible not  only lor   the
land he occupies hut  upon half of the
road adjacent thereto.
The time givon hy the Department
of Agriculture, the said weeds to be
destroyed( Is fourteen (14) days from
Bishop (iroiw-rd ts a native of llrl-  the date hereof,
tunny, horn In 1840 in the town   oil T. M. R0BBRT8,
Rotdie,   He left France for America  Cranhrook, ll, 0. City Clerk.
In 181.0 and completed his theological  July 11th, 1912. 2B-2t
.-||i|.|.|*|.|.||.M,i|,| t,t,|,,*,.|,|w ■..•.-H.***-H***+-f++•H-l-i-H-M' ■ •
:;     A. Jolliffe, Prop.       -       Norbury Ave.
When you want Good, Fresh  Killed
Meat.   That   is the
I Central   Meat j;
Try Some of Our
Prairie Creamery Butter
Put up Specially for Us
I+-H-H• l-l-H-l-l-l I********* *1r************H*l****
O. DOWNING, Manager,
Under New Management
HOTEL Cranbrook,
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go  to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVlSH    -   Proprietor
Nervous Debility
OUR NEW METHOD TREATMENT will cure vou and mako a mun of
you,  tnderitslnllucu-je tbo br.in Become*active, tho blood purified no that all
plinpli'-., blotclifttuiid i. Icon* hi-il up; the tiiTves tiet-cmio t-tro.it* nn SteoL su tbat
OPrvouBn-'ss, ba-,Jifulnc--» middcspoQilencv disappear) tlin ev-3 l*?eome bright, tho
fuce roll nnd clear, eiiertryri'turmio the body, and th« moral, physical and mental
•ynemiare Im-it-oratM; nil drains conso—uo more vitnl mute irom tho Ryitem.
\ ou f l"*1 yourself a mnn an I know iimrri;t-rn canuot be a failure. D<u't lot -juaokit
and fakir* rob you of your hard earned dullard
Peter E. Rummers relates Ma oxpprleuoe:
•'J,i...s ti'iiii.riud w..li. Nervous Debility
formally yean,   I lay It to indtaoreMou
and i'-ir--o.M-a In y-imh. <| becjtmo very
(h'.|iondcuL und di..n't care wh-ther 1
workod or Dut, I iu.a;riin-d everylx-tly
who linked at me gueti-icd my secn-i.
Iiiiiijriimtivfi dreams et nlgbt wcaki     '
ni"-mv back ached, bad pains In tlic
back of my brad, bands and feet wore
coM, tired In tlio moruhiff, poor apMtuo.
flngQH wero Blink v, eyes TLilnm-d, luiii
loom, memory poor, eo.. Numbnossln
tho iin:-,-i--s.'l. In nud tlio doci r told tno
bo feonxl paralysis,  I took ail kindH of
iiii--ii--iin ■* und   tried anmiy flrat-olnu
^ pliyKii-iiuis, woii'iinrit'cTih bolt for tlirOQ *
lllotltliH,   but   j-   v. i|  li-tbi brnctlt.   jfl
•trout vacAVMCNT   ■J'IS •l,,,1>,eo'ltn '* l";!VltJ,,rtt' Kennedy A T«£*Viiti«t
Koniiedy, Uiouf*li I bud lott nil faitfi in    *~M "**T»"**"»
oootqn, WW n drown In;* mnn I ooinmeneed tin- Naw Metiioh TurATMrvT and It
saved my br.-. The Improron t ww Ulto mncin-i opuld feel tlm vigor eolng thraugn
IbenerveH.   I Was OUrOB menially uud pliysMoUy,   1 havo wnt litem muuy patients
•udu-jutiiiueto Uo ho.
peculiar ta M.n.
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Blank fer Horn* lr«.lmaul.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Grlswold St., Detroit, Mich.
All letters from Canarla must he tiflilressed
to our Canadian Corre.rjotitteiice Depart-
ment In Windsor, Ont. If you desire to
see us personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see anil treat
■o p.lt.nl. in our Windsor offices which are for Correspondence and
laboratory for Canadian business only.   Address all letters as follews:
Writ, for our private addraai.
.H-'H'H'H'M-'H".-. ."li'l"H''H-<
P. 0, HOX  11)6
The Cranbrook  Exchange
W, 1'. 1)011 AN, Proprlotoi-
We   Buy, Sell or  Exchange
Goods of all Inscription
(JOODS SOLD ON EASY  PAYMENTS TTIF T>T*r>sPTi'.rTO'R. h*Avnunnr. t? c.
j j.u— —mm—ma—a—mm—m; ——— -i —i ■.. ■
A Page Fob Tim ^dmen [olks
Vogue of English Furniture
[A LL things English—furniture, up-1
* holstery, hangings, even wall papers aud china—are leaders of their!
various departments this year. And to !
whip up an Interest In English fashions tho mother country of the crnze
Ima sent over all sorts of replicas of
museum pieces ln the wny of chairs,
net tees, tables, cabinets, chests, etc.,
for the delectation of American shoppers.
Kvery period of English furniture
from Tudor t« Adam can be found in
modern pieces If one looks long and far
enough among the myriads of models
Alaptuyed In the various shops. As a
rule, one can And a complete range of
these types assembled In a single department.
One mny even sit tn a copy ot t'.ie
very chnlr or settee agulnst the bach uf
which some old llmo monnrch rented
his uneasy head. Thero tire copies of
"lovo" choirs mnde foi princesses of thy
blood, favorite chnlrs of such i-vynl assassins ns Henry VIII., unslttablo hut
very Interesting pieces, such ns n richly
Im-quercd chnlr owned hy Oeorge v., or
If ono Is tired and escapes the vlglhttice
nf the salesman ono muy loso oneself
In the roomy sent of a great suttee of
Wiiiliim nnd Mary's lime nnd ponder
on the bewildering array of mudorn
made pieces of historic fype.
Happily iho coiilen of museum pleooi
serve innliily iih n background for thu
practical and ronlly llvnhlo replicas of
lho eighteenth century, when such masters us Chippendale, Bheruton, lloppol-
whlto and lho Adam brothers brought
Kugllsh furiiliure from nusloro Hues to
really homelike ones. A Ihrce plcco ret
of Chippendale In the beautiful ribbon
• pattern which stands for somo of the
best of this master's work ts a good example of what Is being done In this
country ln copying beautiful old pieces.
This set, mado of solid mnhogany, Ih
hand carved In every lino, nnd in the
faithfulness of Its finish In the hack ok
well ns In the parts that show there
In uo discredit to the modern workman.
The upholstery Is nn old hluo nnd tan
damask touched wllh tinsel thread
which was copied In texturo and color
from  a  valuable antique.    Neur  thla
piece there Is another set of domestic
make In the lleppelwhlte style of plainer line. This, too, Is beautifully finished, although the carving ts not all done
by hand.
The machine carving, except ln such
Intricate work as that required for the
very lacy Chinese Chippendale, ls not
so far behind the old time handwork
when It ts touched up by hand, as
many very excellent pieces nre. Machine turning and carving lack life and
spirit, but there are hand carvers who
nfter Ihe machine has done the cutting
can give to tho machine product the
sharpness nnd spirit that characterize
work done by hand. Much of the so
called hand carving of today is of this
Kor living rooms the Sheraton type
Is espcclully suited, while Chippendale
furniture adapts Itself well to bedrooms, parlors nnd morning rooms.
The light, graceful lines of the lleppel-
whilo null tt to (he pnrlor. Somo
Jacobean furniture ts being used, but It
requires spaciousness, being largo und
Rinre nil llie seventeenth century
misters tn furniture worked In mahogany It goes without saying Hint this
wood Is having u spirited uso Hits year.
There Is always nn advantage in mu-
hoguiiy furniture. WllllO other woods
hnve their dny nud go and come, lua-
liognny always mnn Ins In favor.
uf Ihe huiiglugn nnd upholsteries
brought In for spring uud summer Fiig-
llsh design* may he wild to lend. All
thu old chlnts patterns nre hack, birds
of paradise, pomegranates, tulips, roses
and peonies and ninuses of garden fki.v-
•*rs for which tho old l-.ugllsh chintzes
ire famous. .Many of the houses mnleh
up papers for side walls and friezes or
Trlezca nnd huso borders to uso wltll
rubric covered side walls.
Ono will have no difficulty tn finding
damasks for upholsteries In old world
patterns and hosts of prints for summer pillows, bed covers and Ihe llko.
Ono of the things to remember tn using a period furniture of distinct typo
Is the necessity of keeping the rniiro
apnrlinent in which It Is used ln tho
same stylo.
Home Hints Worth Knowing
TF some slices of lemon nre added
when boiling whito clothes they
will be found much nicer and whiter
after washing.
Handkerchiefs will blench bc-nutl*
fully whon not possible to hnng out nf
floors by snaking overnight In WHter to
which a Httle crenm of tnrtar hns been
Quilts nnd comforters should not he
wrung when washing, but after rinsing
In clear wnter should be hung on the
lino to drip. When nearly dry If they
are beaten with a carpet beater (hey
V.i -5« in Ught ui new,
If Ink spots on linen are covered with
tallow before sending to the laundry
they will come out much easier. This
mny bo used on colored materials,
whero lemon nnd unit cannot.
If silk stockings are wnshod In wnrm
water nnd soapsuds before wearing
they -will be found to last longer, Tlm
washing seems In some wny to hind the
mesh closer and prolong the wearing
Lightweight or Ince curtains when
taken down to be cleaned If placed ln
clear, cold water to sunk overnight will
require no rubbing before boiling to
rmtkn them snow w'.ito,
To stand with tho left hand on the
left hip and with the right arm by the
right side is a pose lliat Is suld to
beautify the waist wben followed by
this exercise:   From the position given
swing the right arm sideways above
the head and at the same time raise
the left leg outward. Return to position and repeat the movement from ten
lo twenty times; then change to the
other side.
Crepe de Chine Makes Smart Lingerie
pniCPE DE CHINE Is a fabric that has always been used for dainty frocks
^ nnd wraps, but this year the makers of lingcrio de luxe are employing
this material for their smart underwear. The charming nightgown illustrated
Is of while crape with a graceful yoke of Irish uud malteso Inces. The Irish
lace forms the Inner yoke. The lace decorated sleeves are tied with blue
! **: TO* ■ - ••■■•'"•■ere.iV \t$<- - J -
A, _   *•■ *•■•'••»* y-.-'--ii
________________ 'Mm »"'■■'*»*'««»**. u-_  '■'._[   I
; -__________*§f-       ;':i::::*;:-:-.\*r i  ■'
■ >■;:: \ p -f\
■B|B. St.- ;i If  j
Costumes For the
Brides of June
THE month of roses Is always
the month of brides also, and
suitable costumes for tho central figure herself and for her
attendants will surely lie needed. These
are charming, They Include the very
latest features, and tliey are simple
The bride's costume Includes one of
the draped skirls that make a very important feature of the latest Stylo. It
Is mado of satin combined wllli luce.
The draped portions uro circular, nnd
the soporate train Is arranged over tho
back, whllo the foundation skirt nlso is
circular, w ith tho panel and tbe flounces
arranged over it. Tho accompanying
blouso is an oxtromoly graceful one,
with a wido bertha of lace. Beneath the.
bi-rtha there is a Simple blouso wllli tlio
sleeves sewed to the arniliolca. The
high waist line Is fashionable, but lho
tm in ni I one Is equally SO, Olid Oils gown
can bo finished In either way. The train
n be made* point vd ur round, plain or
square, as preferred,
'or the medium size the blouse will
require 'iy_ yards of material 27 Inches
wide or 2 yards 36 or 44 Indies wide,
wllli l?i yards of luco 12 Inches wide
for tho drapery, 1 yard for tho sleeves
and % of a yard 18 inches wide for tho
yoke. For tlio foundation skirt will bo
required V/_ yards 27 Inches wide, 3Va
yards 86 Inches or 2% yards 44 Inches
wide, with Ta of a yard of nil over lace
IS Inches wide nnd 2-14 yards of Ince 10
inches wide. For tlio drapery nud train
6-,a yards 27 Inches wide, fi yards 36
Inches or 4*-j 44 Indies uldo.
Tho gown worn by the matron of
honor is made entirely of Ince flouncing, and such material Is being used
extensively. Tho two flounces of the
skirt are Joined ono to lho other and
enn ho worn over nny foundation or
Iho lower (lOUtlCO cnn be Joined to a
close ilttlng foundation ot satin or other material, whllo the upper Mnnnco Is
arranged over it. The fichu blouse is
graceful and In tho very height of
stylo. In this rase the fichu is finished
at lho waist line nnd the skirt Is ad-
Justed a Utile above the norma!, but
tho model makes nn excellent one for
many occasions, nnd the blouse can be
made with n postilion, ns shown in tlic
back view, and finished at the natural
waist lino quite ns well ns afler lhe
manner illustrated. This skill Is cut n
little above the normal, bul can be cut
oft nnd Joined to n belt If the natural
lino is more becoming, nud the upper
flounce can either be tucked or gathered.
Kor tho medium size of the walsj will
bo required 2 yards 27 Inches. IU yard}-1
28 Inches or 44 inches wide, with 4
yards of ince 12 Inches wide and -Jfc of
a yard .8 Inches wide for the chemisette uud i yard of luce for the sleeve
frills. For tho skirt will be needed i**
yards of flouncing 29 Inches wide wilh
l»i yards ;je Inches wide tor ilie foundation If that Is used.
The young girl's dress Is preily and
dainty ns well can bo. It Is made of
embroidered net over messallne and
j trimmed with laco. The apron ovcr-
ISkirt has a straight edge, .-mil nt the
back there ts n panel which is made of
a straight strip finished wilh trimming.
Tlio underskirt Is made In two plccrs.
The blouso Is slightly full with the
sleeves sowed to ihn armholos, nnd itia
fichu drapery is arranged over it. Tho
net Is in every way charming nnd woll
adapted to bridesmaid's wear, but nn
the edges of both fichu am) oversktrt
nro straight ihe design Is nn excellent
ono for ince flouncing and bordered
materials, it will bo found io he well
adapted to graduation and to general
summer wear nn well ns to bridesmaid's use. If liked lho neck cun be
made high and thn sleeves long.
Kor tho sixteen yenr size will be
needed 3-Ji yards 27 Inches wide or 3-t,
yards 36 or 44 im-lios wldo, with lai
yards of net 44 inches wldo and 1\_
yards of'lace to mako ns shown in the
'Inure and 2 yards 18 Inches whin for
|tlio yoke nml Ion** sleeves at shown In
lho back view.
[Good Things
1      to Eat
IT-HE season for shortcake has arrived,
but making a good strawberry
shortcake Is an art. Some cooks make
It too sweet, others too heavy. The
layers of the cake should be thin, but
light, and without too Arm a crust.
Plenty of strawberries should be used
In the filling. A strawberry shortcake
Ib seldom perfect without whipped
cream. Whipped whites of eggs are
sometimes substituted, but with indifferent results. If plenty of whipped
ream Is used and the berries nre mellow and rich from standing in lhe sunshine, and last, but not least, if the
dough Is light and flaky, strawberry
shortcake is a dish flt for the gods and
rightly deserves Its international fame
as an American favorite. The average
sauce served wltb a shortcake Is
failure, especially tho cloying hot
sauces often used. If tho berries are
not Juicy, pure strawberry Juice slightly sweetened may be pnssed with the
whipped cream. The Juice will have a
delicious (lavor If obtained from berries
that have been standing with sugar
under strong sunlight for several hours.
Soda or sour cream or milk usually
makes a tenderer cake than one calling
for baking powder and sweet milk.
When sour milk or cream la not at
hand try the following recipe with
sweet milk and soda and cream of tartar:
Sift together twice one pint and a
half of flour, half a teaspoonful of soda,
a pinch of salt and a rounded teaspoonful of crenm of tartar. Rub through
the mixture half a cupful of butter.
Upon the proper mixture of these Ingredients success depends. Add a cupful of milk, stirring lt In quickly. Roll
It out to a third of an Inch In thickness. It rises considerably In cooking.
Bake In two layers until done In the
usual biscuit oven. Spread one layer
thickly with crushed and sweetened
berries.   Place the other on top of It.
Cover the top also wilh berries and
plnce the cake back In the oven to
stand fo£ live minutes, leaving thc
oven door partly open. Serve at once
with whipped cream.
Pineapple Pudding.
Place tn a saucepan to melt three
ounces of butter. When melted add
three ounces of flour and one pint of
milk. Bring to the boil, stirring all the
time. Tnke off the fire and add three
ounces of sugar, the yokes of two eggs
nnd pineapple Julco. Put In a pie dish
the contents of a small tin of pineapple
chunks, then pour the mixture over and
put In the oven to set. Beat the whites
of the eggs to a stiff froth und spread
over the pudding, 'hen return It to the
oven for a few minutes until a nice
brown color.
Beefsteak With Horssradish Sauce.
Somo epicures declaro that a perfect
steak demands no snuco, Its flavor not
being cupnble of Improvement, but If a
isaucii Is to bo used nothing could bo
moro acceptable at this season than
horseradish butter. Pound In a mortar
ono teaspoonful of grated horseradish
nnd mix witli It nn ounce of good butter. Season with a little salt nnd pepper ami It Is ready to servo with tho
btcb It. It may, however, be molded Into
neat shnpo and decorated with a few
sprigs of parsley.
High Collars Features of Ihe New
AfANY girls possess already or are
** In tho oct of making blouses without high collars, which were the mode
lust season. These sumo girls arc (Hiding detachable high collars nnd extent-Ion sleeves tn lengthen tbelr elbow
sleeves thut nro nut now ln the first
ranks of the mode.
Tlio new collar nnd Sleeve sets nre
very becoming, so light and nnobtru-
alve that no one can object to thnn.
Iiic spotted net In employed or net Inset with luce, and the collar In so made
that  It  wrinkles us  If folded  on   tho
It has a high support at thn buck
thnt keeps It trim nnd ts flntnhcd ut
the top by a fold or piping of net, silk
nr velvet, Hie samo com plot foil appearing at tho horn of the sleeves.
A Tonic Hath
A    TONIC   bath   thnt   cnn   easily   bfl
■** achieved is obtained by procuring
n bowl of moistened salt. With the
rait the body (should be rubbed all over,
after which n shower buth should be
taken, or tf such a form of abluilon Is
not forthcoming a tub of tepid or cold
water, if II he prpferrr-d, stmntd i>p <■■■*.
[joyed. A iu lis luUduwil with a liuiu
towel complutes the tonlo process.
Hints on Renovating Children's Clothe-*
■THE harassed mother of a large family ot children frequently sighs
over tho way they grow out of their
clothes, so a few bints should not come
amiss. To lengthen (urn down the hem
nnd put In a false hem afier carefully
pressing out the crease wilh a hot Iron
and cloth wrung out of hot wnter. Unfortunately this letting down ot the
hem moro often than not shows a line
at the let down portion has not faded
evenly with tho rest. If tiie tint Is not
very widely different a narrow line of
braiding laid upon tho crease will prevent Its being very noticeable nnd will
even, with a decided difference of tint,
innke tt appear to have been trimmed
witli a deeper shade of the same tint.
If the yoke or bodice in much too
small lt should be picked to pieces nnd
the yoke Inld upon a fresh lining of the
required size. A band of materia] at
the sides and bottom of the yoke will
generally make it large enough.
Usually In the caso of bodices the
sleeves may bo lengthened by adding
deep cuffs and the waist let down with
avfold of the some laid upon a piece of
lining of the required depth.
Party dresses can be lengthened by
adding rows of Ince insertion until
they are long enough in the skirt The
bodice can be treated tn the same manner and the dress look equal to new.
Children's underwear should always
bo made with lucks, ns these ean be
let down, but in tho life ef n petticoat
there must como a time when every
tuck ts let down and yet It Is not
ong enough. Whito muslin ones cnn
always have lho necessary length added by letting tn rows of Insertion until
tlio petticoat ts long enough. Flannel
ones require n different treatment, as
theso shrink in every direction, First
they should be laken out of the band,
and, if required to widen, rut out each
scam, taking care to hnve those at
equal distances apart, nnd let in an Insertion made of crochet worked in
rather coarse mercerized cotton This
finished, place the petticoats In a bond
of tho required size or Into n bodice
made large enough for the wearer.
After this lengthen '.ith some deep
crochet lo match the Insertion, This
should be of rather a close paltom, as
It looks better on flannel, (if course
Insertion may be let Into the skirt to
lengthen if liked. Undervcsls generally
gM too light nround thn nrmliole. If
short sleeved cut the vest rluhl through
from the neck lo (he bottom of the
sleeve and hem the raw edges by
working buttonhole b!Itches over iu
Then with some fine wool and n coarse
steel crochet needle work a broad
stripe of double crochet wldo enough to
mnke the nrmholo sufficiently wide. It
Is better to have a wide piece, as thu
wool shrinks a good deul.
For the Girl Who Goes Canoeing
fpFJB girl who puddles her own canon must, of OOUrsa, wenr practical clothes
that will slund n ducking If tier tiny bulk happens lo OAplllO, but lIlOM
clothes aro not less, smart nnd
sports. The middy blouse seen In
with tho exception of tliu llceVOS,
effect,   Tlio tlo Is of n^vy blue slllt.
attractive thun those doslgncd for oilier
the illustration is of the regulation sort
•vltfoh ahow tin; fashionable long shoulder
The Virtues of Mint
\IINT tins mnny virtues. Well wash-
ilL    ed.    the   leaves   pulled   frum    lhe
stems, slightly mashed and boiling water poured over, thero results u sov-
orelgn remedy for norvous as well as
stomach   troubles.     Served   In   a   Ihln
Hlllj.ll    11
tem generally.
 D      Ot   .    V.l.'lb    Mil-    h,»
In preparing the mini tea Iho bowl It
kepi closely covered until the contend
aro coul, then strain, pour Inlo n butt Is
that cun bu closely corked and set on
tho Ice. When wanted, Ice should h«
pounded very linn and n Utile lUfint
ridded if i'ir.-i    flnme prefer ihn tea un.
-ittirll'h-n,    .....    tl    '•    U.VtVt)     a     I.,.UOt
Don't Forget that Tonight a Special Line of Films will be shown
AT THE AUDITORIUM  THEATRE-showing the "Regina Disaster"
4|| 11 H 111 I 11 I I I 1 1 " TI ">"t"t"l"H"M"l"l"l-'t"M"l"l"H"l"l'
I       The Lund Land
| 6? Development Co., Ltd.
P. LUND,  President
|   Local News
1   Speaking    of    Picture     Framing
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
WANTED—A   maid,   apply   to   Mrs.
Turn Oaven.
T. House of Guolph was in town on
ut  Sale still    continues   at
accompanied     hy
[ coast.    They   were
, Miss Oamerou.
Wo can Bave ynu *.'■ to $10.00 ou Dinner sets.—0, (',  S.
A, Oarney of Kaslo, Provincial
Government Timber inspector wuh in
Oranbrook on olllolal husInoBa Thurs*
See us -about  lands in the
Beautiful  Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden   Tracts
(I razing   Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
Closing *
the c. c
K. K. Strand of Vancouver, was r_
giBtered at the Oranbrook Tuesday,
Del  our  prices nn May. Grain and
Feed      Campbell &  Manning.
i-:   w   Dean ol Vancouver,  was In
the city "ii business on Tuesday.
Iron BedB still selling nt $2.76 C C s
N.   \.  Burr lit ot Spokane,  wan In
town Tuesday.
ium Beds still Belling at $2.75 C.C.S
Your Watch
needs cleaning
No nmt tor how good it is, and
how carefully used, your watch
ni't-iis cleaning once every Sigh
teen   months.   This ■■hhiiiyh good
service and prevents woar. "Lot
us clean it for you. Our work*
men arc experts and we guar an
tee all work.
Jewelers & Opticians
f f. *4-****+*4********** ***************3^itt*z^i
U   I.   T   Oalbraltb,  Inillan  tVgent, I.
il Kun  st,','!,-, wiis hi t,-wii Monday.
The 41 Market Co.
^<j(    as to what is best
Try These I
*—_ iry inese ~m      /     i.
Wc carry a lull line -if t      ' f'\
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Sweeping Compound J
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Saves work and Carpets       - •"
Mi    \   Doyle of Port Steele won
the city Monday on business^
Save doctor's bills by riding with
Blondy —Phone 62 any old tune,   tf
Fred,   Dennlson, ol   Pernle,     spent
several days in town this week.
We will sell you Iron   Beds any size
(or M.75   C   0. S.
Gust Thei*. was down from Perry
Creek Monday on business.
Iron Beds still selling at $2.75 C.C.S
J. B. Henderson, returned Monday
trom a business trip to Winnipeg.
F Coffey, manager (or P, Burns £
Co., was at Fort Steele Friday on
company   business*}.
Speaking    "I    Picture     Framing
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
lor Salt's List.
sai.k   White    S.O.    Leghorn
l-lt'Hinu  out   Suit'  Still    continues*   at
tho O, O, 8,
Mi. T, Bonttlo, ol Oalgary nrrlveil
in (*ra.nbi'ook Tuosday ami lias ne-
copted ,i uohIMo'i with tlm Kink Mer
,'iintili' Oo
Ml (10 mul J20 Mens suit:, soiling at
lone than 'in.on   0. 0. S,
The Ci-aiibrook Agonoy Imve a nice
showing ,i[ small fruit In their window this week wliloh wan grown on
thr Deuonn Vista QnrdenB,
Spoat*tng   ol    Picture    Fraiulug
Kllby    Promos   Pictures
S It. Patterson will leave today
lm Oalgary to attend a meeting ol
Master Plumbers and Hardware men
who will meet in tlmt city Monday.
16.60 Wutortlte Bhoos,—*8.76 CCS.
J, H. Mnftlnnnld, who has been
W\koiI strulu,heaviost Layers $1.51) doing the annual assessment work on
tor 15 eggs.   S.O.   Rhode   Island „,illinK property In ■ the Slocnn Dis-
Red,   j"l.iitJ   for   15   eggs;   I'ekin
trlct, returned     to llrnnbrook   Mon-
Straia   Duck   Egga,   $1.50 lor  12
eggs.   All   eggs   trom   tii'Bt class, day. _
stock. -Swansea   Poultry   Farm. ■    Th„ 0ranbrook     Agency   Company
Wattsburg, B.C. ,.    ,
  have a window display of green gages
WANTED—Position wanted by young red, white, and black currants grown
Englishman     on     gentleman's on a,lr- Leslie's Buena Vista Gardens
fruit   farm,   together   villi   wife. 	
as   housekeeper.     A.   Beveriilge,;    Orit newspapers think thnt the Bor
Sumiiierberry, Husk. ; den Government is figuring on an ap-
,.   ,...,,   ,,  ,, ,     ! , peal to thc people after the neit ses-
FOUND—Gold Locket or pendant, in-r
hud   with   jewels,   heart shape,, »*on of Parliament, some time in tbe
containing  lock of hair,  picked year 1913.
up on  busebnll ground,  Thurs-     ,, „.        , „, .. ,.      ,,,
All $ It; and S2II Mens suits selling at
ll"l"l"l"l"H"l"l"ll'l';l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l' •M-H--I"-H4*MH+-I-+++++W'
11 you ;ue going
Pictlicing or on any otlier  Outing,   don't  lorget
I to take a
Thermos  Bottle
•     Keeps   Liquids   at   just   the  right temperature
and is  always  sanitary.    We  have  tlieni  in all
sizes and  at  prices  never heard of belore.
Thermos' Carafe
!     Newest   Member   of   this   most   popular   line.
Have You Seen It?
All   Nickle  Plated   finish   only  $6.oo
Beattie-Murphy Co.
■Il.ai.ll.li.tl.lltll f4.rl.rj
H-I-H-I-I-I-H-H--H-I -H-M-t-m-H-fr
Mrs   W.  K'.Inian Thompson will re
day,   owner  can  have  same  l.y
falling   at  Kootenay  Telephone lc3B than~81(I.Q0— O. O. 8.
fmice and paying for this advert,    s    G    Blavlo(,k   ol   Trall|   „,„„,„.
■celve at the Manse on Friday after-1 FOR SAI.K—Tent, absolutely jew.by enting the Trail Smelting and Reitn-
noon,  July 26. Jon"». Vancouver.   14 ft by li ft lnE Company, waB in the city Friday.
—  lb OZ duck.    AlBO fly, 8 oz.    .'lit,,.     Rl,.vl,,rk     viaitefl    tbe    Sullivan
Furniture  for   Aale-J.   K.   Turner.!       by i{  ,t.    Cost »5I).0U  will  tr ke  M''   H1"vln,k    >•>•""*■    tn"    •''""nan
Hanson  Avenue.
Dustoline is in-
dispensable    to   the   Household,
Office.    Store,    Hospital,
School,  Theatre
In five  lb.  Cartons and  Barrels
Mrs. A. M. Shields, uf Mouse Jaw
was spending a few days with friends
in Cranhrook this week.
anv   business.
Fresh   fruits of all   kinds nt    Hast
Kootenay  Mercantile House.
MO.tKJ   apply    C.   1,.   Oha nbers,; "llnes at Klmherley Thursday.
care     of     Bam Ottdleux,   Shtepj   Make your   reservations for tracts
Creek, via Wasu, B.O. (n Bm__ V[aU Gnraen8 early   or you
, TO RUNT—Furnished houses to rent, wont have a chance on the date    of
in Moyie.   Splendid boating nnd Hsh-1 Sule, July 22nd at 10 a.    m.—Cran-
Harold Darling, ol Hunt & Darling  Ing,   A good     opportunity   for   the j t)rook Agency f Jom-iany .Sales Agents
was ut Lethbrldge this week. „n com-  holiday season, to have a good time. 	
Apply Prospector ollice for   partial-1   Thc ladies of the W.C.T.U.. desire
lars. 25 tt; to thank     tbe police    commissioners
Roomers wanted-Apply to Mrs. J. '°r Instructing the police to enforce
H.   Mennie,   Lumsden  Avenue,  corner
of lluker Park. 28-tf
Mr. A. O. Bowness and MissWhite-
bead auto'd to Fort Steele on Wednesday.
B. C. Cane Sugar   >
Iinv  Your Sugar for
Preserving Now And
Buy Prom  US
Also   Vmir   FRUIT, 1
BERRIES, etc. i
:; Cranbrook Trading Co.   Ltd. i
Wc can save ynu V. to $10.00 on Dinner Bets.—O. C. rt.
M. H. Hazelwood, of Moyle wuh
transacting    bimlneBfl nt   Oranbroolc
$2.1111 buys a 10 piece Toilet H*-t    at
the 0. t*. rt.
j. Walker has purchased a home on
Harwell avenue which wan formerly
occupied by J. Dixon.
$6.60 Watertite shoes,—-$3.75 c.c.H.
Joseph Little, of ttuclph, out., is
truest of Mr. and Mrn. OhOB. Little
this week.
Provincial Constables in thia district have heen instructed to enforce
the nosloUB weed Act.
Preserving apricots now in stuck
at Campbell .v Mannings,
Mr ninl Mrs, T. Beattie and sun of
Calgary, were Cranbrook viBitors on
3   i
IIS   '•**** ir¥; I f'.-1 Si/ Iiii*
Get hold of a Lot in the
"White Addition"
and build your home  in tlu- nicest residential
section in Cranbrook,   All lots ploughed
and levelled,   Easy tortus.
Hunt £)Dar1 ing
Closing out Bale
the i'   *'. rt.
ruin nun's   tit
Don't Forget the Number
gets Blondy the Auto Man
the Curfew     Act.   The Curfew     Bell
rings nightly at 9 p. in.
Mason's Fruit  Jars,  in pints and
quarts,   and   half gallons—Get our
prices before  buying elsewhere, ISdflt
Kootenay Mercantile House.
Mr. Simon Taylor left on Friday
fur Calgary to attend a meeting of
the Mountain Lumbermen's Association which will be held iu that city
on Monday.
Chong Choy
BOX 143
Green Vegetables of all Kinds I *'iM ""*» " 10 P'"ce T"iM SM    nt
Delivered or Shipped       |tlle °- °- s'    	
Promptly.                     |   A    rei-ulur meeting ot   Craubronk
                                 'Lodge A, V. & A. M., wns held     in'
We will xell yuu Iron    lleflu uny size   ..     „       , _      ,    „,.       ,
'          I the  MiiHomc Tcnijile  Thursilny  even-
[or .2.75—0, C. S. ml
ing.   There were n lnrge nutnher   ol
Another   Wild   Went sericH  ol  fllnm ! the crntt in nttendnnee.
will he shown ut the Kilison Theutre
tonight,  entitled "The Crisis"
' j All (in und 1211 Mens suits selling nt
less tliun $10.00—0. C. 8.
Hendqunrtors lor ull kinds ol chick
food, beef si-riips. crushed hone etc.,
ut ''iiin|,lii'll & Mnnnlligs.
Mr. John   S.    Hudden,   consulting
engineer fur the John Cult lOnglncer
ing Co. Is in town this week consult-
Mr. und Mrs.  Opic, of Lethbrldge, j ing with Mayor Uowness nnd thc He
were guests ut the Oranbrook   Mon- war Oompany regarding the extension
"Iny- nnd completion of the Sewer system.
Mr. and Mrs. Kred. Blnmore, and I Mr Q-orKc Coldie Is at the Bt.
Mr. anil Mrs. A. II. -fenwick, were Umm |10sp|tnl, „„d his condition Is
Cranhrook  visitors on Monday, j considered serious ae Mr. ('oldie has
10,10 Wiiterllte shoes,—(8.75 0.0.8.  "*r'v*d at n  very  mature age, over
NO, uuil    hns been    very feeble     for
T. McVittie, of Kort Steele
wus ii  i'ruiilil'ook  vlHitor for several i
some weeks.
Speaking    of    Picture     Framing
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
Mr mid Mrs II. B. Puncher ol Oal-
gury were guests nt the Crnnbrook
,,11 Tuesiluy.
Wnlker's   Orapt   .luice.    Montsemit   ''"y" this week. ^
Mine Juice, and Ornngonde nl  Bait nrnu lleils \ feel 0 In, 2 inch pillar
Kootenay  Mercantile  House. i T21.00 ut c. 0. 8,  The plant of the Moyle Lender will
The liuke of Coiinuiight bus beenj judge Ryan left on Tuesiluy on a be r"n"*v'ed to Athalmer, nnd Mr.
iiiiiiIi- b life member In the United business trip to the Okanagan eoan-p*11*"' •,0,llls"" wl11 °" the lntu-r
Empire League. I try. !l"!"'t °' August commence the publi
cation of the Columbian Valley Her
(2.00 buys li   10 piece Toilet  Set      nt   H,d.
the 0, (
Speaking    "f   Picture    Framing
Kllby    Kruiiies    pictures
Mr. umi Mth. J, M. Nelson of Oalgary were Cranbrook visitors Thursdny
(i.r.n Watertite shoos,   (8.75 0.O.8,
Mr. H, B. Hfiiitcli of Oalgary wuh
In the city doing business nnd look
ing up ii fow fill-nils thlH week.
closing out. Muir still    continues   at
the 0   O, 8,
0. II Mf-l>oiii'iilt ot Klmherley, uinn
tiger of the Siilllviin Mine, wus in the
city Wi'iliu-Hilny ,,ii company IhihIiiihs.
Mi.   und   Mrs,   Win.   Kerr  of  Klko,
van in town Thursday, having return
cd from n holiiliiy trip to the const.
Fresh lulcy pine apples at I.I'M
Kootenny  Merenntlle  House.
■ A speclnl two reel feuture will be
. shown ut the Edison Theatre tonight
It in a 101 Hum i. Scries.
A. II. Mncdonnld has purchased
from the Kootenny Oarage Oo., a
forty horse power Onkliiud cur.
Any person requiring their huth
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
sewer should sec Ed. F. Johnson.Es-
timutes furnished.   Call phone 2(17   tf
The Ladles Aid Social of the Methodist Church will he hold on Monday
evening July 22. ou Mr. (Irons' luwn.
-Miisicul programme,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cameron left
tin Wednesday morning local for a
| visit, to Lednc, Alta., (or a few wcevs
I holiday, they are proposing to return
Ohio! Kire Wnnleu, Oeo, Watson of Ly way of the Arrow and Kootenay
Kort Steele, wus In the city Monday Lakes.
on official biuiliiess. ——
  I   Iteservatlims for tracts    in    Huenu
Cloning out Rule still   continues  ut v((rtll (llir(|p„H ure „.,„„ ,,,|)1(1|y tuk.
"'    '   en by those who know the land   mid
0.  Ilrlckson, of the 0,  P.  It.  For- know what  in helng grown there, (lo
entry Department, visited Fort Steele Into     the Oranhrooo     Agency Co's.,
and Hull river on Monday. olllce nml talk it over.
lll'UHS  lleils  I feet r, In,  _ Inch  pillar
(21.00 ut   C.  0,   S.
If you wnnt a reliable and reasonable |iil> ol plumbing done or sewer-
Mrs. Minimi    Tuylor, anil   children 1 age connections made, cull up Ed. F.
lelt on Tuesday   on a visit to     tho   Johnson on phono 267. 28-tf.
Just a Few
.  of the
ii 5 Acre Tracts ii
:: Now is Your Chance
For a Good Buy
!| Beale & Elwell J
* ■ ■ i
-f4-H-H-H--H--»4-M-l-H--H--H-- ■H-l-4--»4--»-f<-»4'4--H--l-H--H--H-l
Science in  the Manufacture
Your Dealer Aas It
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. ji
CRANBROOK, - B,   C.    "
+++M-h+l I l + l l + l+H . I+++-J4 I :-i-i-t--l-I-M I-1-t>|-|-f-l-|..t.
1 • ft
• • * >
When Youi
ii Our  Hardware ii
New & Up-to-date
J. D. McBride
'!   Cranhrook, B. C. - Phone 5
i»H 11 nn-i-n 111 mi n-n-o. ii i-i-i-i 11 in 11 mm g


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