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The Prospector May 4, 1912

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 For Perfect
D I A M 0 N D S
You Should See
r'"Tary I.eg. Ai
isem,   pept, j.la
' The' \l/eif(aiiiKlW2wsr>ap)er
in  the Jj
$2.(10 Per Year
No: 18
Practical   Poultry   Pointers
Canada   Adjunct   to   the
United   States
Useful Suggestions for Owners
ThiH in ihi' beginning of tho season
of dealings iii eggs for hatching und
dny old chickH. Many new recruits
to the runkft of the rapidly growing
Industry will hu added dining the.
next few months. Many of them' have
never kept a clitckon of any description, hut hnve for a long time harbored a ilesire to become possessed of
ii few of the feathered beauties. Their
tnates hh to breed Ih iih varied us the
number of breeds ,ynd varieties, Some
hnve a fancy for one variety, some
for another, and ko on. it is the
Biune old story repeated every season
with the exception that each season
adds an Increased fervor.
Some will select the egg route,
others the bnby chicks, for the entrance into the fancy. The degree of
success met by each Individual will
depend entirely on the individual
alone. Some seem peculiarly adapted to tbo successful management of
fowls, while others nre just the opposite. Mnny in their anxiety to
have their first venture a success,
overstep the one great, essential, com
mon sense, and by fuss and worry
kill the helpless little fellows with
It should be bourne in mind that
when the chick makes his advent, into
this world, that nature hud supplied
it with sufficient nourishment to meet
nil requirements in this direction for
the first seventy-two hours. Thut
is, when the chick leaves the shell,
If it be a well matured and healthy
chick, it is fortified against starvation, with nn abundant supply ol
nourishment In the form of the yolk
of the eggs from which it wus hatched. Nature by a method peculiar to
herself, hns allowed the yolk to remain intact during the entire process
of Incubation, nnd then just before
tho exclusion or the chick, this is
taken into its abdomen, The truth
of this may be verified hy any novice
or those whom wo mny term skeptics
by n post-mortem examination of a
chiek that gives up the struggle th
first day or two. If the examination
is made upon n chick just hatched,
very little difference or change will be
noted in the appearance of the yolk
with the exception of the uot work of
fine veins, with which it hus beeu
supplied by the process of incubation
otherwise in form and size very little
will be noted.
The presence of the yolk in the ab
domen of the newly hatched chick, is
the strongest argument presentable
why we should refrain from feeding
the little fellows for the lirst two or
throe days, it is perfectly natural
for the little fellows to hustle nround
and pick ut small objects that appeal to the eye, but if wo allow them
food ns noon as they nro hatched, it
is only to invite disaster, und complications are sure to follow thnt will
somewhat dampen our ardor in regard to poultry raising.
The safe sufe wny to withhold food
for at leust forty-eight hours to give
them a chance to properly absorb
and assimilate the yolk, then give
them a little lino grit and a little
wnter with the chill removed, after j
they mny be fed sparingly ut frequent j
Intervals, always exercising euro that
their apparent hunger is not quite
Pin head out meal, rolled outs, j
stale bread, moistened with milk or
some brand of the various chick food
on the market, may be used for the
lirst lew days with success. After
a few dnys a dish of dry mush composed of bran, corn meal uud middlings, equal parts, mny be placed before them in shallow dishes, nnd later
on u small percentage of good fresh
beef senilis of line grade may be
added to the mush with good results;
occasionally a few lettuce leaves or
sprouted oats for green food will be
found advantageous. If this method
is followed und the quantities Increased ns the attendant, of good)
judgement thinks the demands re-
quire, very little trouble should be
experienced in securing the proper]
development of any brood of chicks
that nre endowed with the necessary
stamina nnd vigor.
Ko method has ever been devised
thnt will over successfully rear chicks
produced from weak nnd inferior!
stock. The breeding pen is the be-!
ginning of the chick's life, if health,
(tatnina and vigor ni* lucking here it
s nor reasonable to expect it to he
present in the chick.
You would not give n carpenter
lull tools nnd poor material and expect him to do a high class job. You
cannot expect satisfactory results
from nn inferior breeding pen; if one
essential is lncking, the chances ure
ten to ono that it will he greatly
magnified in the chick.
Premier McBride in London—Reciprocity Designed to Detach Canada
[from Empire
Hon. Richard McBride, premier of
Hritisb Columbia, who is now on a
hurried visit to London, is much interested in President Tuft's admission
to Colonel Roosevelt thnt Canada by
reciprocity would become nn adjunct
to the United Stntes of America.
"1 have never hoard such u blunt
admission before, but it. correctly represents tbe view we took in Canadn
before tho genernl election. The
American reciprocity movement," con
tinned Mr. McBrlde, 'wns deliberately
designed to detnch Canada from the
imperial domain and defeat the coming imperial preferential policy to
which Canada is fervently devoted.
In ii week's time Premier Borden, us
1 hope, will give the people of England his views ou this nnd other
questions of vast importance. Yon
will tind him a strong, straight nnd
sterling man, a good Ctinabiun und a
great Imperialist,"
.Speaking of the Dominion's naval
policy, premier McBride declared that
the Canadian electors condemned the
inadequate nnd inept naval scheme of
the Laurier government nnd the responsibility hud now heen assumed by
the Borden ministry of superseding it
with n brondor und more effective
plnn. "This is a mutter which closely
affects British Columbia. Since the
withdrawal of tho pacific squadron
we hnve been left practically defenseless on the Pacific const. We have
heen greatly impressed with tho vigor
nnd the strength of Mr, Winston
Churchill's naval policy und we have
hope nnd confidence thnt any naval
scheme in which he nnd the Canadian
government concur will restore to
British Columbia a full and fair measure of naval protection.
A very pretty wedding took pluo
on Saturday lust nt tho residence oi
Mr. und Mrs. (.'has. Shepherd, whon
the Rev. 0. H, Kendall united in the
holy bonds of matrimony Mr. Thos.
Walker to Miss Lucy Caroline Reynolds.
The parlor wus handsomely decorated with (lowers und ferns, nnd
many friends of the contracting parties were in attendance, The happy
couple have u host of friends in Cran
brook whore they are woll nnd favorably known.
The following is a partial list of
the mnny presents which the happy
couple recoived:—-
J dozen glasses und jug from Mrs. (J.
Lensk; hand-painted fruit dish from
Mrs. Culley; bund painted fruit dlihi
and nappies from Mrs. I. Manning;!
cheese dish and plates from Mrs. V.
Owen; fruit dish from Mrs. Ryder;1
sugar and cream from Mrs. Curr und!
Mr. H. Corbott; guest towel from
Mrs. 0. Little; two pairs towel from'
Mrs. W. Mursbull; table centre [rom
Mrs, J, Woodman; bnttetiburg tabic
cover from Mrs. H. Brown; suit uud!
pepper rollers from Mrs. W Brown; j
carving set from Crank Parks; knife |
and forks from Mr. 11. Bumltotd; ten.
spoons und chickens from Mr. nnd |
Mrs. 0, Shopimrd; nnpkins nud tray!
cloths from Mr. A. Curler; King]
Bdwurds picture from the Kink Mercantile Oo,
The bride and bridegroom wore not
without their presents to each othor
and wore both of n very pretty und
useful character.
En-route to  Los Angeles
A large number of "Shriners" passed through Oranbrook on Tuesday,
enroute for Los Angeles to attend
the  annuul   guthering of thut order.
The party consisted ol some 40 to
SO "Nobles" from Al-Axhas Temple of
Calgary, and Wu-Wn Temple of
Reglna. A number from Edmonton,
Moose Jnw and other cities accompanied the party,
Mr. J. [>. McBride of Oizuh Temple
joined the party at Cranbrook.
The large delegation will meet with
large deputations from ull parts of
the United Stntes, at Hpoknne,where
special trains will convey them to
Los Angeles.
We are informed thut on the return
trip all tho KiiHtern delegates will
come by the "Soo Spokane" for the
purpose of seeing as muoh as possible
"Shriners" met tho train at the depot on Tuesday,
Some Mfteen or twenty local
of Canada.
At the Baseball Ball  meeting  held
in the Y.M.C.A. Inst Friday evening
the following  teams  wore elected to
enter the city Baseball League: —
Young Men's Club
The   following   league officers were
J. P. Fink, Hon.-Prcs.
W. H.  Wilson, Pres.
F.  Murphy, Vice.-Pres.
J. R. Thompson, Bec.-Treas,
These officers with captains of team
will draw up the rules to govern tho
league, and good amateur ball will bo
First games played will be exhibition, und league games will commence
within a few weoks.
The grounds chosen is situated behind the Government building, and
work hus already been commenced to |
put it in shape.
A committee composed of J. R.
Thompson,, John McCullum, 0, D.
McCreery nnd J. M. Jones, wns appointed to solicit subscriptions for
tin1 purpose of fixing the grounds.
The amount to be asked for Is not
to be exceeded by one dollar from
one person. No charge will he mnde
to see the games, nnd n collection
occasionally will cover the cost of
bulls und other neepssnry parts of the
Put on the   Horns
A large number of Crnnhrook Oitl
■t.enn nre sending in their mimes to
become members of tho Order of
Moose, About 171 hnve already
signed up, nnd we loam that the
charter will be forthcoming shortly.
A membership of lit least 400 is wanted, and if this is accomplished, the
organizers propose tho erection of a
$30,000 building as a lodge building
to be built In Crnnhrook.
Dry Dock for Halifax
OTTAWA, May Ist-The Drydock
which the British Canadian Shipbuilding company proposes to con-
; ot met. In Canada mny not bo erected
I nt Sydney ns first intended but mny
jgo to Halifax. The British Canadian
company is the one In which Sir
Henery Pollntt o f Toronto, Hugh
Brown of New York and a number of
British capitalists nre Interested.
They propose to build In Novu Scotia tbo largest drydock on the eon
Canadian   Borrowing
It is beginning to look us if the
day of cheap money in London is
over. The recent issue of Vnncouver
4 per cent, debentures wns fnr from
being a popular success, nnd In consequence Montreal, Toronto and Otto
wn have decided to postpone proposed flotations, "Canada" refer-
Ing to tbe attitude of London towards Canadian issues, says:
"No sane publicist in the Mother
Country doubts for u single minute
thut Canada will repay every dollar
she hns borrowed from us; or questions that, ninety-nine per cent of the
money lent to her will be employed
to good advantage. Canada's credit
in Kuropc has not diminished by even
u minute traction, nnd Britain will
continue to readily supply nil the
funds which must be raised here for
its development for mnny years to
como. But hero, ns elsewhere, the
laws of supply and demand ure in op
oration, and if the absorbent powers
• if the British investor nre taxed beyond their capacity indigestion must
Inevitably follow. In addition to
this, some of the issues offered in
London of late hnve failed to come
up to the standard demanded by
those who have been instrumental in
maintaining Canada's credit at its
present high level, and it wns felt
that the time hud arrived to warn
Canadian financiers of the danger of
nllowtng propositions which would
not hear the closest Investigation to
be sent over here for distribution
amongst British investors."
Name    Will    (Jo    Before
VICTORIA,    B.  O.—H.    F.    Green,
whose name hns been prominently before mentioned in connection with
the Conservative nomination for the
Kootenny in the bye election, rendered necessary by the appointment
of A. S. Goodeve, the sitting member, to ii position on the board of
railway comissloners, left today tor
I,os Angeles nnd will he absent until
about Mny 10th. Previous to his departure, In reply to u question, Mr.
Clroep snid that In view of the strong
representations which hud come bo-
Ion; him from practically every part
of the Kootenny he felt thut he could
not do otherwise than to nllow nis
nnme to go before the convention
when It Is held, and if he were tho
choice of the delegates would have
pleasure lu accepting the nomination
and in doing his pnrt to retain the
sent for the Conservative party, some
thing be is confident there would bo
no difficulty in doing.
In regard to the nomination his position is this, thut having promised
mnny of his friends throughout Hie
Kootenay that he would accept the
nomination If It were tendered to blm
ho will certainly nllow his name to
go before the convention, by the
choice of which be will gladly and
willingly nbldo,
Corbett   Johnson
New   Industry  for City
Contracts hnve been signed for the
construction of n large Brewery in
Cranbrook. Messrs. Christian nnd
Jones secured the contruct with def-
llnate orders from the owners,Messrs.
Mueller & Hesse of Moyle, that the
work must lie proceeded with all dis
patch. The size of the main building
will he 48 feet by 65 feet nnd of throe
stories. There will he nn ice loft in
connection with a cnpucity of 300 ton
The building is to ba very strongly
built with massive walls nnd centre
supports. ft will contain the host
of machinery. The latest and most
up-to-date only boiug installed.
Messrs. Mueller & Hesse has ob
obtained 1! acres in Slutervltle for
their new home nnd intend to mnko
the premises so thut at any time en
largoments can be made to meet alt
their needs.
The contractors begun thoir pre
liminury work this week and will
very shortly hnve many men at work
uu the foundations.
Plot Against Canada
LONDON—Under the caption "Taft
Plots Against Canada," the Daily
Mall comments editorially on Pres.
Tuft's letter to Col. Roovevelt concerning reciprocity with Canada. It
says: "Englishmen will ask themselves whnt wrong the British empire
has done to the United States that
the American government should be
llherutely sot to work to plot the absorption of the splendid dominion of
which our nation 'is so proud. At
best, it was an unfriendly net. Mr.
Tuft's letter proves how serious was
the danger nnd how warmly we
should congratulate the Canadian
people on the insight and determination which enabled tbem to escape it
Railway for B. C.
It is rumored that nn American
syndicate, including some of the
Standnrd Oil Company's shnrehold-jrs
hns acquired several charters for railway lines in the west, including the
Alberta Pacific Railway or the Dominion Western as it Is now culled.
The engineers of the compnny are
said to be arranging to survey n Hoe
from Calgary to Pincher Oreek. This
nnd n line tapping the mineral fields
of British Columhfn nre to be built
this year. Ultimately the line is 'o
be extended across the international
boundry to connect with the transcontinental lines of the south.
Object to American Crews
OTTAWA. May I.—The department
of labor hus received un application
from Canadian Northern conductors
trainmen, engineers and freight men,
protesting aguinst the operation of
trains by the Great Northren with
United States Crews. A board of con
dilation hns been asked for nnd the
department has the matter under con
si deration.
Large   Contribution
The ladies of Cranbrook for the
past week bave boon canvassing the
district for new members for the
Cranbrook Agricultural Association
Wc learn that this membership has
been increased by over 500, and that
the ladies will continue their efforts
until the close of next week, when a
full report of the proceeding will be
Ministers Coming West
Three ministers of the cabinet will
come Wost this month to attend the
Conservative banquets to be givon in
Reginn, Moose Jnw, on the Ifith nnd
tfith. Hon. Robert Rogers, Hon. Dr.
Roche, nnd Tlon. Martin Burril nre
ull billed for theso functions.
New  Lodge Rooms
It Is reported that the members of
order of Moose hnve made arrangements for the erection of a four story
brick building in Nelson, The lower
door will he an Auditorium with n
seating capacity of about 900, with
a Urge and welt equipped stage. The
Order of Moose will have lodge room
in the upper portion of the building.
Additional   Locals
James Finley of Maple Creok was
in town Tuesday.
Fresh Strawberries arriving daily
Campbell & Manning.
R. Klmpton of Windermere was in
town Monday on business,
W. B. MncFnrlune visited his ranch
at Kingsgnte on Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. H. Hall of Ban
Diego, California, were In town Tuesday.
Halted Reception Wafers at Finks
Pure Food Grocery.
Mrs. H. A. McKowan will not re
ceive again during the summer
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gates of Ht.
Kugene. were Crnnhrook visitors
Mr. and Mrs. 11. H. Hpnulding of
Vnncouver were Cranbrook visitors
on Monday.
Seeds: Seeds! of nil kinds now in
stock at the Bast Kootenny Mercantile House.
A large number of Government road
gangs are busy repairing the roads
throughout the district.
Dr. A. McBurney left on the Wednesday train for Vancouver where he
will practice in the future.
C. H. McDougull of Klmherley, man
nger of the Sullivan Mine was In
town on Tuesday on company business.
Bave Griffith of Wild Horse Creek
was in the city Tuesday, enroute to
Spokane to see an eye specialist for
the eye.
Y.M.C.A. Baseball Team was ogan-
ized on Tuesday evening last. J.H.
Jones was elected captain and W. H.
Wilson manager.
Chas. Calvin left Cranbrook on
Wednesday for Calgary under contract to pitch for some of the prairie
league ball teams.
Garden and Vegetable Heeds of all
kinds at Campbell & Manning's.
The trout season opened on May
1st,, and many deciples of "Ike
WntBon" were ont on Wednesday
intching the gnmey trout.
The Provincial government have
under consideration a new fish law
which is expected to be more suitable to British Oolumbla,
The line of films exhibited nt the
Kdison Theatre this week were excelled. The pictures nt this cosy
theatre ure changed every night.
T. T. McVittie, who bus been engaged in surveying some timber
limits In the vicinity of Gateway returned to Fort Steele on Tuesday.
Athur Banks, and Kmil Banks who
are mining men nnd who own a number of Oold Quartz claims on wild
Horse Creek were in town Monday.
W. R. Beattie hus leased part of
Lot 33, block 94, to a photographer
who will erect an up-to-date Studio
and Picture   Framing   establishment.
Rev. W. K. Thompson of Stavely
Alta., will address the Men's meeting
nt tho Y.M.C.A. on Sunday, May 15,
at 4:15 p.m. Kvery man cordially
Orders taken for Bedding Plants.
Leave your order curly and the plant
will he delivered the dny they arrive
Campbell & Manning.
T!io strike of the men employed on
the sowar system is over, owing to
a compromise between the olty and
strikers. The men will receive |2,7fi
per day for ten hours work.
The latter part of this week and
in the beginning of next will see u
large number of now settlers coming
in from various parts of Alberta,
Those people are taking hind in the
district nnd Will ever be useful to the
upbuilding of the community
Heveral tine bnsketH ol trout have
boon brought in hy local fishermen
during the latter pnrt of this week
A party fishing on Perry Creek ure
reported to have Caught some 70
Discrimination Against the
Onus Placed on Railroads to Justify Rates
TORONTO—After hearing H. W,
WhlLln ol Winnipeg, counsel f,,r the
Dominion government, present elabsr
ate tables of figures showing the enormous discrimination against the
west, running in some cases to over
200 per cent, the railway commie
slon decided today thut the onus
must be placed on the railways und
they must Justify tbeir existing western rates. The inquiry, however, will
not stop at that, and nfter an interesting legal contest Mr. Whitlu and
James Blcknell, K.O., the government counsel won n decided victory
bv securing a ruling that every phase
of the freight rates will be Investigated, not only the question ol dis
crimination against the west but, if
necessary the reasonableness ol the
enst us well as the west, und the gen
eral hasis upon which they were es-
The railway counsel tried hard t»
confine it to merely the question of
discrimination, the position which
wns tnken hy M. K. Cowun, K.O.,
counsel for Alberta und Saskatchewan, nnd objected to it going further
and this Mr. Whltu und Mr. Bickno
strenuously opposed nnd finally won
a signal victory which in the end
may mean much to the western shipper und consumer.
The date for the next sitting, whon
the railways will assume the onus of
justification, wus not tixed, but lt
wus made very clear that there must
be no delay and the railways are to
give notice   liy   May iii when they   can
proceed with the case.
"This is the most serious und Important case the board has ever considered," said Mr. Scott, "and we
want to give the railways time
enough, but we hnve started this enquiry nnd we want to sUy with the
job. We will give you until tbe next
Sitting of the board, May 81, to pre-
pure for the case and notify us wheu
you nre ready to proceed."
An interesting development of the
inquiry was the fact thut the C.P.R.
presented to Mr. Whitlu tables alleging to be the revenue and operating
expenses <>f recent years which were
found to be entirely different from
I tables presented when the Vancouver
rate case was before the hoard. The
new statements, Mr. whitlu showed.
Increased the total operating charges
on all the various di visions, in one
case, the Winnipeg division, by an
amount no loss tban $sr,n,0OQ. The
now tables also increased the expense
per mile by $428 on one section. Mr
Whitlu pointed out that it wus very
strange that two such strikingly different statements should be presented
Mr. Chrysler, counsel for the railway
said they would explain the differences In due time, but vouchsafed no
Information to the board today, Iu
addition to enormously increasing
the operating figures the new tables
lecreosed the earnings by, in oiib
case, $436 per mile.
A very quiet wedding took place on
Tuesday night nt tho residence of Mr
and Mrs. R. P. Johnson's, when the
Rev. O. K. Kendall united In mnr
rlngc Mr. Clarence Corbett to Miss
Mjim*1 Johnson. Only n few friends
of the contracting parties were present,
Look Who's Here
When we suy thut tbe Kennoy-
Harvey Kntertnlnors are coming
again, we feel that there's "nuf sod"
for who In the West has not laughed
at the comical duets und songs—
thoroughly appreciated tbe character
sketches—and been delightfully entertained by the witticisms und Impersonations ns presented by tne houds
of tbo compnny. This your they ale
stronger and bettor tban ever, for
thoy have us assisting artists Krutik
Olegg, Instrumentalist (late with the
Toronto Symphony Orchestral and
Miss Ada Dnvln, a charming soprano
With u glorious voire, Tbey wlil
present an entirely new programme,
nnd If you like a laugh If you enjoy
gOOd music—If you want to be delightfully entertnlnnd, rlon't miss tills
talented company.
Don't forget that Mav 24th, Is the
"Victoria Bay" nnd will he celebrated
in Crnnhrook by the best sports ever
noon In the west., A special feature
will he the Children's Purude In An
The Cub Bull Team reorganised
lust Monday evening, w  Rollins wus
elected us president ami manager, nud
Oeorge McOrcery secretary and trees
urer, and B, Crowe uu captain,
Hred Potatoes nt Fink's Pure Food
plowing ut the Ht. Kugene Mission
commenced lust week. a Inn.*
acreage will be planted, 4C ncros
have been leaned tn parties which will
be cropped to vegetables this season
Don't forget the bin race meet on
Victoria Dny nt the Fair Grounds.
A number of horses from Alberta and
Spokane will be here and there will
no dnUbt lie some very nice und clone
ly contested races,
Annapolis Valley Hweet Cider at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery,
Tho district uround Cranbrook Is
presenting e very busy and thriving
■ispect. For the past month land
clearing hus been active on all sides.
Bxtrn efforts have been made to burn
up the rubbish before the fire act
came into force which it did on the
first of the month.
it is unsafe to leave packages of
nny description on the platform at
rhe station, Numerous complaints
are being made ot the loss of bundles
of blankets nnd grips. It is up to
the provincial Police to afford as
rniich   protOGtlon   ns   possible   to   the
travelling public.
Mrs. Wm. Bornn wns visiting this
Week nt the ranch of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Geo. Tlsdule at St. Mary's Prairie.
She Bays:"Thnt it looks real nice to
see the farmers In that vicinity all
busy with the spring ploughing, nnd
that a much larger acreage wilt be
seeded  this year than  was  last.
Amongst   the   recent   arrivals   In
Crnnhrook is Mr. Arch. Mrpong'ill
>f I.unnli-nn, S'isk. After satisfying
himself of the greal possibilities of
Cranhrook ns n fruit and agricultural
district he decided to purchase a
hlock in the lund thut hus so recently been put on the market nnd now
■renernlly known us the Kootenay
Orchards. He is proceeding at once
to clear the sertion bought. Mr.
Dougnll is the right sort of man to
haw for a new and undeveloped cottn
fry tike some of this in the district.
He has brawn nnd tnustle. und is nc'
customed  to the labor of  the fields,
Rldgwny'n A, D, Coffee at Fink's
Pure Fond Grocery.
The cranhrook Herald keeps harp*
inr nn the political situation thut
the Conservatives nre searching in
vn in for n candidate and propoBB u
>oint convention for the selection ol
n cnndldnte, Sot m n thousand
ve-irs1 the Conservatives are able und
Willing to paddle their own canoe,
nid desire no assistance from the
l I hern I party much us It mav he desired hy the Liberal Press of Kootenny who are looking eurgerly forward
tO obtain a few crumbs from the w».ll
filled   Conservative tables,
Tonlghl lit the Kdison Theatre w[||
be run three special film*, entitle,! 'In
the bunds ol the Mormons. Those
films have been ohtnlned by the management at u much larger expense
thnn the ordinary films, nnd are snld
io ho the finest pictures, powerful,
instructive and interesting that has
r»Vor been exhibited in the west
Stephen's Imported Jams, very fine
ut Flnk'fl Pure Food Grocery
The industrial Bchool at the Ht.
Bllgone Mission Is rapidly nppronrh
ing completion.      It  hus been roofed
in ami plastering win soon commence
Water will he supplied trom the Ht.
Mary's river by means of a hydraulic ram, the water to force the ram
being   taken  from   Ht.   Joseph  Creek
at an elevation of 50 feet. An Electrical light plant will he Installed
which will have a capacity of about
200 sixteen candle power lamps. It
is snid that the sixteen voltage will
be supplied with both light nnd water
from the school plant.
Dr. nnd Mrs. K.W.Green who have
been touring in Burope for the past
months returned  home on Thursday.
A -
Mr. A. Jones, o( t. ; firm ol
Christian & Jones, contractors, and
T. Doris, when working on a scafold
m the new Italian store on Kdward
street, foil and received a bud slinking
up, Mr. Jones also received several
nasty bruises.
Bolts at Oranbrook,Sunday April
Jfith to Mr. and Mrs. Orr, a son.
Miss Annie Ruwe has accepted ft
position at the palm.
We the undersigned, Binceroly de
sire to express our sincere thanks to
tho many kind friends wbo visited
Mrs. Gullowuy in her sickness and
who extended their help and sympathy so freely to us in the hour of
our sud bereavement,
Mr. A. Gullowuy
Mr.  nnd  Mrs.W.F.Wells
Mrs.  J. A. Grierson
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to the members of the I.O.K.
for the beautiful wreath und for their
kindness and help which they so kind
ly extended to us in our sad bereave
Mr.  a. Galloway
Mr.   nnd  Mrs.W.F.Wells
Mrs. J,  A. Grierson.
It is with regret that we have to
chronicle the death of Mrs. A, Galloway, the beloved w*ife of Mr. A.
Galloway of Brandon, Mnn. and the
mother of Mrs. W. F. Wells of this
City. Mrs. Gullowuy came to Cranbrook Inst January to receive treatment for Tumors, with which she
wns suffering. Rhe went Into the
Hospital the latter part of January
but on being examined it wns found
that she wus too weak to undergo an
operntlon and wus discharged h
month later is being Incurable.
Hince thnt time she has been staying
with hei daughter, owing to her bro
ken health and enlarged Tumors she
Buffered conbldernbly, the end came
on Tuesday, death releasing her from
the pain which hud held her within
its grip for the lust few months.
She leaves three daughters Mrs.W.
F. Wells of Cranbrook, Mrs. J. A.
Drlorson of Mornlngslde, Alberta,and
Mrs. 0, Stable ton of Domains, Hask.
ulso one son Mr G. W. Gullowuy of
Iioiiinine, Husk, to mourne her loss.
Tin* funeral took place on Thurs.
nfter noon nt 2:in, the service being
bold nt Ihe Methodist Church the
Bev. Dunham spoke a few words sym
put hv to the bereaved ones; nlso n
lew remarks bused on tho subject of
'' Hlii* hut li done whut eh" could''
Mrs. Chapman sung tho deceased
favorite hymn—"Hweet hour of Pray
er" After the service the dead march
In Hunt was played by Mr. Stanley
Peck   ns  the  mourners  passed  out ol
the church.
Inscribed on tho pinto of tho coffin
was "Mrs Josephine Gullowuy, agod
M yours, died April 80,1912, At Rest.
The    funeral      nrrnnjrcments    were
carried out by Mr. F\M,MncPher*on, the Prospector, cranbrook, b.c.
i"r*i"i"H"t"x,T"i"i' 'H"*t"i* i»i*>i>j''i>*i"i**ji"i'*f"*f/-f**f**f»"i*"i"*i*,p
I Five O'clock Dinner Sets \
Chafing Dishes
Newest and  Finest Line
in Cranbrook
J. D. McBride
Men and   Women   of  the!
Read Before the Nelson Women's Institute by
Dr. lsabell   Arthur
I   Cranbrook, B. C.
■■■ ■■...' I **************** +++++
Phone 5
• ++++++++++
A. Jolliffe, Prop.
Norbury Ave.     |
Central   Meat
Rosedale Dairy Butter
Carload of Cood Fat Steei s
from the Prairie
G.  DOWNING,  Manage..
Under New Management
**** Ull r**44****-r********+**+**-l***-1 ******_
I«1111H H MI I I I I 11 I I *********************
*    runMi 1*1
t'. ... BOX  I'J.i     t
The Cranbrook  Exchange
W   K. UOKAN,   I'roprletur
We   Buy,  Sell  or   Exchange
Goods of all Discription
I* Hr-i*t *••* r ■t*-!'*l*-|**f**|**r*T**r*l',|*T"r~r*T—f*'f "r**'
Dinner   Menus
A prlM wus given aaata Woman«
Institute in tin* Province last (all '<»r
the mttnbar lending In beat ierlM <>t
a week's dinner menus suitable fc*r
farm dinners. Here ij. nne of tin*
Menus submitted rrora Agassi* Wu-
inen's Institute whirl; wnt; commend*
ed by Mlu Llviogitone, who acted on
Prom Agassli Women's institute No 6
Kuast  Chicken Boiled  Ham
Bread Rauce,
M«Nbed  Potatoes Caul i flowers
Oelery and Cheese
Pes Boup      Indian curry with Rico
Boiled   Potal	
HUwed Peas Boiled Custard
U'xtMt  iiflef Yorkshire Pudding.
boiisd I'tiiiitni'*.        Mashed Turnips
Pineapple    Jelly
Tomato   Houp
Minrnii iii-i'f Mashed Potatoes
ItriiHuel  Hpii'iitH
Uniied Carrol Pudding.
MulllnRitawnoy Hnup
bulled Shoulder ol Mutton, Potatoes
Artichokes with White Sauce
Cabinet   Padding
Hulled  Pod   HSb Bgg  BSUCI
Potatoes Onions
Apple Charlotte
onion Boup       Roost Loin ol Mutton
Huked Potatoes Btewed Celery
Moiled Apple pudding
One nf the ciiiwfls for the failure of
local enterprises ih the failure on the
pnrt of many people to comprehend
that whatever injures any business In
a community reflects injury upon the
people of that community. Home enterprises should he loyally supported
hy home people It is too otten the
ease that a business that is c*f local-
enable benefit for a locality is hampered or    ruined through Jealousies.
Home people are so constituted thai
they cannot endure to nee an ACqtliltO
tnnce   fairly   prosperous,   while    they
arc perfectly willing to contribute to
tin* prosperity of a stranger, The
person who makes Inn money here and
spends ii elsewhere need not be surprised to tind tbat others imitate his
einmple, and that in the course of
events, crashes result, which throws
him nut of employment Of rntnlli severe losses "i other ways Loyalty
to home and home interests Ih pssen-
tinl lo the prosperity of any community.
In order to form any idea of the
men und women uf the future it is
necensary to consider the men aud
women of the past, and those of the
present, Whnt has the past dune for
us? What are we doing lor tbe
Development is gradual, one thing
has led on to another until today wo
tlml ourselves surrounded by many
luxuries and comforts never dreamed
of by our ancestors; and if luxuries
increase as rapidly in the future as
they have in the past fifty years, !
know not what tho coming genera
tions will have.
Conditions have changod very much
durlug the last century. The spirit
of change and advancement is abroad
overy where. Travelling has become
so luxurious and easy that pQOplC
from all parts of the world are dallj
brought Into contact with one
* I another, New territory bus been
| (opened   up   and   the   people   Of   all   Hfl
I tUmahties flock  their.   This  is cren
ting   a   very   cosmopolitan spirit        In
t this way  the advanced Ideas of   mo
i people become tlu* property   ol nil
Kspeiiilly  hns the position assigned
I to women    changed.       In    tho   pasl
I they  had to content  themselves with
(their homes    and  families,  and  poor
instead     was     the     one    who   bad
neither, for thero was very little [oi
'her In the outside world      Now  took
' nt   them       Where   may   they   not   go?
What    may    they    not     do?   Kearlj
every field is open to them. Nothing
le too ambitious for then, to attempt
Where    then     ambitions   will  lead
I them    In    the    future    It  is hard u
say        AR   that   wc   as   men   and   WO-
• men have gained we pass on to fu
ture eeneratu-ns. and it would be
Interesting to know how they appreciate the burdens passed on to them.
■ Especially the women lor their bur
dens are great now-, and if the women
of the future advance as rapidly as
this generation has done their responsibilities will be overpowering.
Physical strength and not ability
may prove to be the test.
The position Of men has not
changed SO much, they have had to
step aside a little and allow wom**n
to come up beside them; their dignity was wounded & little at first
but that feeling has nearly all pass
ed away, and now they stand side
by side and women occupy a position
they have never reached before. It
hardly seems as if this can be the
proper st.-ite of affairs, for women
have so many responsibilities that
men can never have, and can they,
'standing side by side with men, doing a man's work and a woman's
too, pass on the good principle that
bave heen handed down to them.
Have they in trying to do too much
brightened them, or have they tarnished them in the use and sent on
dull, miserable unlovely things, thnt
to all generations will rise up
against them. Responsibilities are
easily accepted, hut let us be sure
before we accept them that we can
curry out what tbey mean. If our
future generations are to be better
than we are then we must make tbem
so, for they will be pretty much
what we make them, and so as our
opportunities for great things are
great, much ought to be expected of
us. Preparing our children for the
future should be our sacred duty. It
may not seem great, but it is great.
Our influence on tbem ia never ending
all through the ages it goes—endless
as time itself. We are tbe makers
of the future.
Many of us do not realise this. Our
children's welfare must he vital tr
us. There are so many who never
try to work out the problem of th
future welfare of their children. They
are allowed out at all hours of the
night and often it is the parent(
themselves who want amusement, and
go they will, even though the child's
sleep is broken and it is good for
nothing the next * day. Sleep in
child life is so important that they
must have it in order to have proper
development, and if tbey don't get a
proper amount they degenerate and
who suffers? The children themselves and all tbeir descendents. It
is the same with other things, the
children are literally driven to the
streets because there is nothing for
them at home,
Ther,. must be no noise, no dirt, no
amusement of any kind for fear of
upsetting something. They grow up
some way. but nothing can be ex
pected of them. They In turn marry
nml as they have been brought up so
thev bring up their children and no
advancement is made, ami their
children ami children's children are
i no farther ahead
As    I    wild    before the care of our
children should be vital to us.     Tbe
bringing up of chlldeen seemH to be
the greatest    work thnt most of uh
i have to do,  ho let   us do  it   well.  Let
I no policeman have to Interfere lu tbe
i management of our children.    Begin
j early    enough    and  make  your home
I their    home,    and    they  uh the next
generation will have the right [doan
I of home life, and call pans them on
i Portiinntoly we have a larg"    '  '
I of parents   whom*   children's welfare
is   tin*   uppermost thought,    Thnn
in taught and practised in the home
and all matters pertaining to health
are mrnfnlly considered. Children
of such parents grow up to be a
credit to them nnd to the country to
which they belong and able to take
their pin COS in this busy world. IM
it not be our fault if we do not send
down through our children good
health and good principles.
One   thing  especially,   I   think   will
do    future   generations   much   barm
and  that  is the  large fortunes  tbat |
are made so rapidly.       People  who
have   never   had    money ami do not |
understand   the use of it,    suddenly j
find   themselves  millionaires.        Tbey
lose  their heads of course,  and  boys
ind   girls   are   given   every thing   that
Monoy can buy.     They have so many
imusomeuts      that      education      is  a
secondary    consideration,    ami    they
grow up idle,  good fOI   nothing, child   ;
reu.     They   think  the  world  is theirs j
to command,      The   boys    in   such
families   frequently   go from   bad to
worse    and end   up   well,    l   don'l
Know     where.       The    girls expect   to
marry,   but   what    man    can     many
them  except  ho has  mlllious at  bis
Ins command,  tor everything  must be
ready     lot     a   palatial   house,   liorsos
and     carnages,   uut OB,    jewels,   etc
but    all    oiu     young    men    an*   not
millionaires      and      tl      one      should j
happen to many ii girl with such;
ideas what is there In lite foi oithei
of them but disappointment und dis j
cord and posslblj divorce There
is a large number ol poople in this
class and out future men and women '
will sutler in consequence, for after ail
ease      and      comfort      never      begets
happiness        in n struggle   for   ad '
vancement    and    tllfl    overcoming   of
difficulties   there   is   real   pleasure   and <
something to look forward to, and ml
such au atmosphere we will have'
better boys and girls and later men j
and women. Ours is an age ot dis-j
covery and invention. Dozens of
useful things have been given to us,
uui dozens more t.i give excitement
to lift*. If the incoming generations
.ire not amused, it will not be for
want  of effort  to  make  them  laugh.
New things have come in to save,
labor. The town pumps is a thing i
of the past, and we, with our convenient water systems, feel live, apol-
igizing for- it; hut the good office of
the pump handle In developing muscle must not be forgotten. Tbe
spinning wheel has disappeared, the
scythe and the sickle—all are gone;
and even our poor homely old brown
books as if it might he put aside too.
These are all replaced by things that.
require much less labor, hut. will tbe |
ease and the comfort of the new be
better for us than the labor of the
old? Is it ease and comfort we need
to make men and women of us9 1
think not. Work is THK thing that
keeps us sane. What do our ease
loving people amount to? They make
good society men and women—but
what else? Home one else will have
to answer the question.
We think we have great luxuries
and comforts, but will they not be so
far surpassed In the future that they
will be looked upon in much the same
way as we look on the old pump and
and tallow candle. Yes, advancement must go on in every line.
Nothing can stop it.
The future men and momen should
be much more healthy than we arc,
for look what has been found out for
them- the germ theory alone has
revolutionized medicine in our own
time, and with all the brain power
aud money being expended on trying
to get at tbe cause and prevention of
disease, one wonders what marvels,
the future generation will see.
Women will get all they want lu
the way of public life, for one by one
the barriers are being broken down
which kept them out. Tbey will
have the franchise and our own brave
ones may even march oil to the warn
with their brothers. There will be
very little home life, for our women
will be stumping the country tor an
alection, nnd men will have to live
it the clubs ami such places.
There will be very few children tor
i women with a policeman's baton
to look after tbem. The consequence
will he a great decrease in the population, that is in the kind of population that builds and keeps up a
nation, for all the clever ones will he
engaged in outside work the same ub
their husbands, and only the dull und
stupid, and lasy ones who can't Und
employment outside will be at home
and have children and take care of
them  the best  way  they  know  how.
1 always live in hopes though for
in the present generation there are so
many sane and sensible women who
tnke no part in the mad rush for
more power. They are satisfied to
live In tbeir own homes nud take care
of tbeir children and do a great deal
of outside work ns well, without sacrificing anyone, nml let us hope thnt
the majority of the women of thr
future even If they get the franchise
and can If they wish enter all fields
of labor, still always remember that
they are doing a work which men can
never do, and their [tower for good
in the home uud in the world is unlimited, and why pile burdens on
themselves when they have so many
already, unless they want to go buck
to primitive times when the women
did all the work and Ihe men sat and
looked on.
In conclusion let me say that the
men nnd women of the future should
Interest us Inr loss than those of the I
present, for we are now to do our
part and take our share fn the world I
work of which there is so mtirh to he
done tf we only look for it.
Grontnoflfl marches single tile, and
there ran only be one man at tho
head of the column.
Only mi each man or enrh woman
performs his or her personal duty In
uny department of life, can that department he lilted to a higher plane.
Until May 4th, the public will be offered
the opportunity of buying Lots in  HILL VIEW
Cranbrook's Best
at the under-mentioned prices.   After that date
the prices  will  be raised.
REMEMBER this property is only six
Nocks south from Baker Street —10 minutes'
walk from  I'ost Office.
Prices until May 4th:
Corner Lots -       - $100.00
Inside Lots        -       -      -        75.00
TERMS:   One-third cash, balance 6 or 12 mos;
or $10.00 down and $5.00 per month.
Size of Lots, 33 ft x 130 ft.
For further information call on or write to
D. D. McLaws
& Company
Cranbrook Hotel Block Cranbrook,  B. C.
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Home
Plant in St Louis _■
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Coders an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,   upon  which are  located 110  individual  buildings.
Brewing Capacity ...   2,
Malting Capacity   ...   2,
Bottling Works     .   .   .   1,
Grain 8torai:o EloVatore 1,
8tockhou3es (for luuorlng)
Steam Power Plant  .   .
Electric Power Plant   .
Refrigerator Plant   .   .
I e Plan t.i	
Uoal Uood	
barrels per year
bushels per year
bottles daily
horse power
horse power
tons per day
tons per day
tons per day
Inbound and Outbound
000, J00
50,000 cars per year
Refrigerator freight cars .   .   .1,500
Horses at home plant   .... 143
Wagons at home plant   .... 78
Auto Trucks at home plant  .   . 74
Horses at Branches  483
Wagons at Branches  430
Auto Trucks at Branches ... 47
At St. Louis Plant
At 36 Branches    a
6,000 people
1,500 people
Total Sales, 1911—1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottles
*V*M#|  |
And a Ring That Was Thought
to Be Lost.
tfl *aJXA>1W^VVXA»Bii\Airial*»l^-B.*iBrBi*M*iril*'*********»********l,**E I
Un wns busy Retting tlin tliougtit of
her out of Ills mind, koto put to It to
bo freo nud Ills own mnu ogoio. She
was capricious, Inconstant, vnln; sbo
wns stlf willed nud full of wiles; sho
vus-oli, sho wns Alexandra Loo. Ho
.would not tliluk of her.
A Brent denl Hint Imd tinppened lliat
night wns blurred to blm. Hut Hie
bang of Ilie carrlngo door us they
Started homo reverberated In his mind
llko lho crack ot doom. It hnd slipped
ed the rumor wax, but helped it to uo
But with hpr family thoro was ono
topic Hint, llko tbo weapon used ln
committing a ci'lmo, seemed ulwuys
impossible to dispose of. The nile
groon tulle—why didn't sho wear it?
And thut wns Ilio ono thing sho couldn't
It was (heir house dressmaker thnt
In a measure vanquished her nt Inst.
"Ono, two. throe," measured tho wo-
An Invi.ibl. Wall That Comes and Goei
In a Mexican Heuie.
Down In Mexico there ure ghosts
which build walls.
In lho nuclcnt clly of Qiiert-ndaro
stnuds u hln ono story houso of grent
ago which, nt tho llmo Hint General
Din/. Ilrst became president, wus oc.
copied hy ouo of his ndhercnls, n line
old lighter named Colonel Marion,
'That's only onco and a quarter, I When ho died the place wns bought
and I'll need us much again. 'J'Iiom
ruffles on your nlle green iinderpottl-
coat-lhey'ro « mutch, Miss Alexandra,
and we're In a hurry."
Alexuudra weut Into her room, shut-
ling tbo door behind. Tho tulle hung
upon tho books wllh a kind of delimit
grace, us if It sllll bold something of
its owuer's quality. Who took lho gown
down slowly und spread It gently ont
upon lho bed. How happy sho had
been when she hud worn It—lho last
lime she had been happy!
Sho had mount lliey should havo a
niemorablo evening, sho nud (Icorgo
und tho gown. And how bud It so
fallen outV   Coquetry''    What did It
One of Mad Anthony Wayne'sj
Remarkable Achievements.
from his baud nnd swung lo wllh a   mean except thnt if it were good to be
crash. Alexandra's laugh mocked him. J wllh George It was u Joy still subtler
"With nny one else. George, I'd huve
•uld the door slummed."
Ho remembered how she looked n»
ho turned, something strnuge In her
ryes thnt matched, In Impression, the
misty imillltndluoiiH ruining* and bll-
lowlngs of her gown-that frivolous,
fluttering, elusive green tullo bo had
watched nil evening ns she dnnccd
wllh every oilier mnn In tho room—
With Herbert Hartley, n dawdling,
mangling derelict, a signpost to every
linili hut that of roctltude-of nil men
In the world, Herbert Hartley!
From ber carrlngo corner Alexandra
sighed. "I've hnd such a good time,
nnd now I suppose there's (be piper
to pny."
"If you menu there l( Hartley to
settle for"—
"Herbert? You've a tone tbnt hints
at 'thirdly and fourthly, brethren,' nnd
poor Herbert! He's so much more of
u Bong than a sermon."
That began It. He bad never meant
to quarrel, only to denl with her In a
Arm, prompt fashion, as a man should.
Dut he lectured her.
She bent down as he ended. "Are
you there, Alexandra?" she asked of
the floor. "Poor dear, there Is nothing
left lo pick up. Ob, I'm tired, tired!
I'm stilled. I can't brentbe. There,
tnko It back!" And sho tossed the
ring ncross to him. "Now one cnu
draw a freo breath."
"Alexandra!" be begged.
But be had cut, nnd she meant he
•bould pny. And hers was a pretty
gift of tnble turning.
He bold bis anger down. No more
doors should slam by cbnnce about
blm. nnd it wns only as they ncared
tho house tbat be interrupted:
"We haven't gained anything this
wny. Discuss me again. The point is
Herbert Hartley."
"Then 1 must put on my bonds
again?  Where is the ring?'1
lint be hadn't the ring.   ' .
"Yon bad it last."
"I laid it in your lap."
But it was not in ber lap, on the
sent nor In tbe carrlngo. Alexandra
laughed. "Oh, thrifty George, nre you
sure you're uot takeu lt back for safe
He stood a long moment at ber door.
' "And Hartley?" he said.
Insistence was match to ber powder.
"How can I answer unless we're engaged? And people can't be engaged
without rings, con they, George? Vou
seem lo think with mine on tbnt 1
full to remember. Bring it back to me
aud-good night"
After a week of wroth mingled with
by n luwyer named Vntdemnrs, who
pulled Ihe whole liisldij of the house
to pieces nnd put In electric bells uud
nn olcdrlc lighting plunt.
Curious noises woro heard, pictures
fell and various queer happenings gave
rise to much talk, bat the climax came
when n servant, sent Into the dining
room for a glass nf waler. came back
wilh ii scared faro und reported Hint
somo ono had built u wall all ncross
tho room.
Thu otbol'S ruslied In.    Thero was
nothing to bo seen; but, sure enough,
when lliey tried lo cross tho room an !
Invisible wall barred tho wny.    The;
wall was so hard am) solid that when
they struck their knuckles against It I
they bled.
Next morning, however, tbo wall wns
The   Wood   Nightjar   Hae  «   Way   «f
Openly Concealing Itielf.
In  his  bouk  "A   Naturalist in  the
1 Gtilunas''  Kiigcue Andre tells of the
I tl'k'ky inunnoi In which one bird fools
j the haulers,   llo says:
■  I    "The wood nightjar Is a difficult bird
QTHRMIMf.   flF   STONY   POINT Il0 ^'tcd during tho day.   Uo chooses
SlUKMINta   Uf   5>IUNT   rUINI.   ftf ")m,uhn{ ,„„,„ muM „,„„,„ oc
——— branch so closely resembling his plum-
Thi. Brilliant Feat of Am,., In Which ! ''»<• !«"' •'*» »PPenrs lu form part of
Succe.. Wa. Won .t th. Point of th. I '"" 1,0"»u ,mou wl,kh "c la "'""I"    '
Bayonet, Wa. One of the Moat Dos-
Q.ialnt Ufiy.i nnd Superstition. Con
meted Willi Stocking.,
■Slocking*   llgure   in
superstitions   touching
especially l!:o-1 c- um
1 Huge.  Kvery nne knowi
uelioii*    unlh    lucky
Atuniig  Uh-  former,   it   ia commonly
held   thut  I"  put   "ii   uny  article  nl
clothing wrongside uut is' decidedly a
sign  nl  good  ine!;;  hut  it  must   lie
dune accidentally, hn,l when tho nils-
take is found out no change must lie
. uu.' curi'ui*
old custom.,
'il with niiir-
tlml their ine
nd   unlucky.
For the Children
A Seetion of a
Snail'. Tongue.
to iliinco awuy wllb somo one
knowing his cyos held her, followed
her, and Unit for ouch the crowded
rouin held only tho other? Provocation, alluring, half a mystery lo herself, It was llko a fold of tho Silk Hint
shimmered over Its silk lining.
She slipped dowu upon llle floor by j ctipled
Hie   bedside,   und   begun   to   rip   lho 	
flounces.  What was lt ho snld that had ;       MVCTPRV   IM   A  PR4TFR
made her so angry? Her vanity was ,       Wllisl t«I   INfl  IvriHI en,
EOi.fi> Imt mil tor pood.   KnmellmoR It j
iviis thero, sometimes uot, Jiml nfter n
few wee Ita or lute sort of tiling tho
Valdeumi'S titid ImJ pihjui*Ii of It umi
moved out
To thi*. dny the house stimds unoc-
Ch It'll go Inter Ocean.
pirate Incidents of Any War.
One of the most marvelous nchlevfi*
mei)i.4 credited lo Ailioi'ICflll bravery
and strategy wns thnt of tho cnjilure
of Stony Point liy Mini Anllnuiy
Wayne, who was ono of tlio most pie*
(wesqiie Uguroa of tho American revolution. When ho was superseded In
command of tho 1'eunsylvnnla line,
even nfler his brilliant niktcss ut Mon-
mould on ,1,ll)o US, 177% n less imililli-
oiih and pnlrfoMc man would havo ro*
signed his commission,
It seemed the Irony of fate Mutt tho
lelbael. In Ills career should follow ko
closely tho oitlelal encomiums for his
work nt Monmouth* but tlml very sot*
back g»vo lilm Stony Point—lho grout-
est opportunity ut bis llfe-niiil ho
made good.
| supiioso llmt in iny wiiiulerlDss I must  made, else the luck will inimedintoly
have passed qulto close to a good ninny | vanfali.   Tills Idei. ia very (irmly held
of those largo nlghtjuvs, yet 1 must con-  ?uollt stockings, probably becawd   '
foss Unit only un one oceuslon did I get
a  pood opportunity of observing tlm
ii.il>I.sof (Ids bird.
• Ilu
cliiug   tho
t<i mako
in putting than in
"We had had a morning's flucfe shoot- ( ug'B o( |10se |f^Siiueciod with dream*
lug and wero resting In tbo slmdo of j,,-. Thi.- Is a Scotch notion. It a
ono of lho mangrove trees which lino j person be Hbout i<> sleep in ii bed that
Ilio creeks, when what bad appeared ' lie or slio haa never slept in before,
to uio to bo a dry slump jutting out of -1"1 certainty of dreaming can be a
ouo of lho branches seemed lo move
slightly,    1  throw  lumps of clay and
1 bits ot stick at It. but It did not move
! until It wns actually Btl'UClf. when, to
I our surprise, a wood ulgbtjor Olltcd »
short distance nwny, alighting un o
slump similar to Iho Hie which bo had
loft a moment before,   llo Immediately flattened his tail against bis perch
. and assumed an altlludo which cave
1 him all ihe appearam-e of beiug part uf
Tbcro were two Important raolora,   Ul° stump ou whlcb be rested.
  .   "I    . I i ^ r 11 ■■ 1.... I    lilm    >■,     i, .,!!,•
discipline and valor, that entered lnl
Ibis rcmarkablo uchfovotUOUt, Iho capture of a fortress ou lho Hudson held
by iho British und considered almost
Impregnable. Stony Point was an Is*
land and lho fortress was buliL on a
K^°tt^5^?*£rS£|*" **»"■ ^!! ™!h' °"'-."-*|r«* rtlch wm p.- o , Sh.
enough.    Well, she had warned hltn
Ho wns well rid of ber. He bad come
ont of tho matter with a bettor grace
thnn sbo bad, except about tbe tins.
No doubt It bad beeu found long ago.
It angered her afresh to think bow
stubborn ho bad been not lo havo told
ber. The way to make her feci bow
small she was was not to tell her so—
that never served—but to take tho big
way and put ber In tbo wrong by beiug generous. If he bad given ber u
chance, half a chance—
Tho scissors suippod, snipped. It
was thus she bad laid a sharp tool ou
her happiness. Sho was cutting tbe
stuff, but what did lt matter? She was
alwnyB cuttlug and tearing something
dear to her.
And tho ruffles must come off, they
said. She bent nearer. She might as
well tear and bo done.
What was this bard thing on whlcb
tho scissors struck nnd caught? Not,
surely not—  In her band lay tbe ring.
Cannot Solve.
About forty miles from Flagstaff,
Aria., In tho midst of II great plain,
there is a saucer shaped hollow about
three quarters of a mile across nod
COO feet deep. Tho rim of this strange
craler rise* between 1fiO and *JUO foot
above the surrounding plain, llocky
fragments are scattered for several
miles around Hie crater. Among these
rocks many fragments ot meteoric
Iron, some containing minute black
diamonds, have boon found. Tbe Inner
walls show that tho crust of Ihe earth
was broken when the crater was formed, yet no volcanic rocks exist there.
Geologists have offered several theories lo account for this singular phenomenon. (Uui Is that an immense
meteorite made the hole and that tbe
t was guarded hy Ihreo redoubts anil
protected by a double abatis of logs
that extended across Ilio peninsula.
Tho post was garrisoned by 007 men,
w lie fell so secure in I heir position Hut
tbey wero warn lo refer lo the post as
tlio "Llttlo Gibraltar."
<Jn July 11 General Wayne assembled all bis troops nl Sandy Itcach,
end at lliat moment none cf his soldiers know the plans of their com-
■launder, The following day the
march began over u wilderness trail
and In perfect silence. Not n man
was allowed lo leave (lie column under penalty of death. Hy 8 o'clock
that night they wero within one and
one half miles of tho British fortress.
Then tho men were lohl of the despot'-
nto work abend ol' them and the bat-
l disturbed him repeatedly, and he
i Invariably followed tlio same ladles,
llo   nlu'iiys  cllOSO  lis  resting   places
j stumps or branches which his plumage
resembled, and he loolt a position so
suggestive of a piece of wood Hint I
i should certainly havo passed him hy
f bud  I  not been  watching his movements and seen hltn a light."
sini'd bv placing Hie stocking taken
i,ll tlio rigid tool under the head. Not
only will tlie sleeper be Biiro to drenrn, I
bul '.in1 dream will certainly c a to
nl   ih,-   superstition]   allached   In
marriage    ceremonies,    tnn.t    people:
have  hoard  ol  "throwing llm stocking. "   Tin- rlto would hardly bo re- ]   This queer lor.mug picture Is Hint of
B""1'''1 "';", nsUtenl Willi modern , i(vlioM „. U|(J ,„„,,,„. „. „ slu,n. .rne
notions olde um, but II was highly          , M    mgBi_a_ ,„ ,|luw
pupa ar i.i im-. gone by.     h,- core-   , *   ,,,*
niony was performed atfl ,„,:„. the nisplug lech
slot) ol tiie wedding-day', fostivillos, I   A »""" ""t" u" ""■l*'« '»* Bl»"!l "*»•
by young men and girls' soalod at the |Uclos wllb the tongue.   This tongue Is
bed-loot— the former havo lite liri
nml tin' latter Hie groom'l Blocklll
wlinse  objoel   In   throwing   Hie   i
remnants of tho lalllug star.
Anotlier theory ascribes the origin of
the crater to a tremendous explosion
of steam lu Iho rocks beitealh, and a
third combines Ihe Ilrst two by siig-
•*•"*""    j gestlng  that  Hie  blow  of a  falling
"Alexn!"   He had come at hor urgent, „,„((.„,., S|,.|uing lho earth's crust nt u
summons, but hotly rebellious,   .■■■<•"'
meteoric fragments just mentioned ure ! t|0 order read.
No man was allowed to'load Ills
musket, and tho battle was to bo won
or Inst wilh tho bayonet nlono. One
portion of the order provided that any
man found retreating a single foot
wns to ho put lo death at once.
Aud yet
Alexo, Ibere before blm-a curious figure bung about wltb green silk ruffles—
Alexa, grieved, remorseful, pouring ber
heart out. How was lt possible to withstand ber?
"And I suppose," he said, tbe ring
half back tu Its place agaln-"I suppose
I'll, have to marry you to savo you
But she would not let blm speak the
obnoxious name.
"You'll have to marry me to savo me
from Alexandra Lee." ,.
Close to midnight. Ibe order (o nil-
point where subterranean water bad jTnn(.0 «.,„ glvoii. Tbo fort was to he
accumulated ln ihe neighborhood ot Int,ti<Uort frum nil shies. Once lu mo-
heated rocks, was Ilio cause of the ei- ' tlain Genera! Wayno lost no time. The
ploslou.-.N'cw York Press. ! British opened  llro  wilh gnus,  both
  'great and  small.    Seventeen of the
Plants Breaking Up an Island.      ; twenty  men   In  one advance  guard'
The layman would scarcely associate jwere shot down, hut the companies iu
greut strength with so delicate aud fra
glle a Ihlng as maidenhair fern, yet II
lis roots have not sutllclent room they
will break tbe put In which the plant
grows.   Blades of grass will force Ibe
the rear eagerly pressed on, General
Wayno himself, struck In the bond
with a musket ball, fell stunned. He
recovered In a moment and. rising on
one knee, shouted: "March ou!   March
Ord.r of the Garter,
It Is certainly to Kdward HI. tbat
England owes the existence of tbe Order ot tbe Garter wllb Its motto, "Honl
soit qui mat y ponse," commonly but
rather freely translated ns "Evil to
blm wbo evil thinks." A more literal
reading would be. "Shamed be be who
thinks evil of it." The order wns established on April 23.1849. This is Indubitable, but it ls uncertain wby tho
the same absurd, maddening, almost
insulting relterntiou-tho ring, always
tbe ring. A perversity flrst or a pretext, did she use It now us a weapon?
He hadn't the ring, she knew.
Life was turmoil onco Alexandra entered, and be remembered wltb what
perverse astuteness she bad said herself: "I'm like a mustard plaster on
your mind. You'd better take me off
before I raise a blister."
But she was In every wind that
blew, and without her nothing was
worth while that once bad been.
So for a fortnight be bad gone about
bis accustomed ways, nnd. though
many a flutter of familiar skirts bad
net bis heart a-Jnmp, yet ho uever had
mot Alcxa since that nlgbt. Then a
case of soino importance took blm out
af town wllb such sharp demand upon
all bis faculties that be hud known a
aort of respite.
But back in the town his work was
nil to do again. Ho went bis way
down lo his ofllce. Ho bowed to people who drovo past with n swift hope
that Alexa would not be wltb them.
And tbeu unexpectedly wllb a group
near tbo Hnrds-lbcro was Alcxa!
Yes, It was Alexandra and Hvelyn
llurd and wllh them Herbert Hartley.
Tbe group stood until he hnd almost
reached thom, when Hartley turned,
nnd Evelyn wont back to the house,
while Alexa stopped by tho Hurds'
•raiting carriage.
Ho knew she bad seeu blm long liefore, but-lt was one of bor Insincerities he most dlsllked-she noted out
ticiitc surprise, He put a stlffcr guard
upon himself.
A sllffor guard! She called It by
another name. She baled him when
he wns like Hint. How futile be made
hor feel, bow trivial, how vain! Well
at least she would mnko him feel once
moro and betray if. Sbo would wring
out ot blm n protest.
And then ber mind mlsgnve hor.
Was sbo being left wllh Ihe sltnntlnn
ou hor bunds? Would he accept without protest? Would he never speak?
She looked up and then down again
te bor ungloved band on which his
eyes were hxod. A seal ring ot Herbert's took the place of the one tbat
wus losl. A Joke—n stupid Joke—but
stupidity lent her a stammering tongue,
"(leorge, (leorge!" she called nfter
lilm, but sho entreated only nn Inflexible back, Wltb Herbert's name on her
lips and Herbert's ling ou her finger,
aha was ludced left committed to Ihe
situation (he lust ot ber desiring.
once of tbe motto. Polydore Vergil,
wboso blstory appeared in 1330, nearly
200 years after tho event, is tbo earliest
authority for tbe familiar story that
tbe Countess of Salisbury, oue of tbe
king's fnvorltes. dropped her gorier ut
u ball and tbnt Edward picked it up
und banded it back wltb the remark
that Is now proverbial. Unfortunately
for this story, It is known (bnt "Honi
solt qui mill y pen3e" was a familiar
proverb loug before Edward's day.-
St. Louis Republic.
curbstones between which they spring 0n!" Then, turning to his aids ho
up out of Ihelr place, and in a single j liegged them (o take him Into the fort
nlgbt a crop of small mushrooms has n, that If his wound was mortal he
been known lo lift a large stone. In- would die at the head of his column,
deed, [Hants are ou record as having General H'nyne's wound drove his
broken the hardest rock*. followers to n frenzy.   They dashed
Tbe Island uf A 111 a bin. lo Hie north, up the hill and haltered down all op-
west of Madagascar, is becoming small, position, Colonel floury, a French
er through the action of the mangroves j officer in (he American service, at I tie
tbat grow alung tbo foot uf the cliffs. |bcnd of his determined hand forced
Tbey eat tbelr way Into the rock In all i his way up (ho redoubt and as Ihe
directions, and into Hie gaps thus form- 'soldiers poured Into the fort grasped
ed tbe waves force their way. In time the British Hag and lowered It. Tho.
tbls will probably reduce the Island to I victory was complete. The British
pieces.—Loudon Telegraph. ' lost C3 killed nnd fift! taken prisoners,
  'of   whom   70   were   wounded.    The
loo Much For Censor. Americans lost Ifi killed and had S3
The battlo against the dramatic coil* wounded. It was one nt the most
sorsbip continues in England with daring and desperate Incidents uf any
vigor.   Denunciations of tlic tyranny war.
exercised over tho production ol new.   Erou every point of view Ihe slorinlnc
plays by the Lord. Chamberlain s de-|of s|      ,.0|nt wns „ remnrkl,u|0 font
Comment of tht Man Who Witne§sed
tho Quick Transaction.
Silling ut bis desli on the tcntb Hour
of u Willi Hlrcct biiildlug tbo mun In
cbarge ot tbe investment dcpttrtmoiit
of a Slock Exclwngo bouse waa (Ha*
cugsiug tbe bond mtirUot -villi a visitor.
A message from tbe telegraph room
was bid upon lila desk. "Pardon uie,"
ho twiil to Iih visitor ns bo picked up
bis telephone Instrument and asked for
a ritlladelpblu connection. He iniint*-
dial el j* replaced tbo receiver, and tbe
discussion of tbe bond market was resumed. The telopboue bell rang. "Par-
dun ine." said tho investment expert
again its be lifted tbe telephone Instrument. "I'll Inke those fifty shares," bo
snld into the telephone.    •
Kvldenllj he gol tbem. He broke off
thu eouneciIon, wrote a message fur
tbe wire and sent it off io the telegraph
routn by n tfo**. Tbo discussion of iho
bond market wns resumed onco more
nnd continued until .mother message
came from tbe wire room. The investment expert merely glanced at it and
went on with (he conversation.
IJ is visitor broke in to ask a question,
"Do you mind telling me. the nature of
that transaction you have just concluded*/1'   Must then'/" said the Investment expert.    "Why,  I bought fifty
shares of tin Investment stock In Philadelphia by telephone aud (-old tbem In
Columbus, O.. by our private telegraph
wire.   What about itV"  "Oh, nothing."
said tbo visitor, "only II occurred to me
I that a few years ago ft might have
| taken four weeks Instead of tour mlu-
1 tiles to do It."   Then they went ou with
. ,u narrow band or ribbon with pointed
tcelh set in rows across it.   Tim com*
'   mon slug, Often found in damp places,
'has  moro   Ihau   25,000 teeth  on  tht
tongue, which act like tbo ridges on a
j file aud scrnpo 'ho f"«d Into tho motilb.
t onco watched wiih n magnifying
j leas, says a wriler in St. Nicholas Magazine, a small waler snail feeding as It
■ slowly crawled up the side of na pi)Ul-
1 rlum, aud, although 1 made no very ac-
i curato count", the tougue seemed to bo
pressed against ihe glass about foriy
, limes a minute.
backwards over their heads wr& u>
hit, il possible, tlio heml, nnd especially iho nose, of <>ue or nllter nl tho
newly*married couple. ,\ successful
shot mean! marriage nt un earl) data
for 11 io thrower.
A pleasant association connected
with Blockings Is familiar to all house*
lioliN ul Chriulmaa time. Children
Mill hang up their Blocking* at Christmas live in the simple faith that Santa Claus will fill them during that
night of wonder; or, if tha little people
are   too   sophisticated   to   believe   ini ■■■ t
the goodness ol hia domestlo represen-1 utter ngreelnfftogethoroa to whnt the-
tativos,   iiiid   duly    haul!   up   lb ' " '        '"'      "
shall represent, come lank ugaiu unn
sit doirn side by side lu front of tha
company.    Ouo of Ilie two tabes the
part of some woll tnowu person, and
the othor represents an objert which
Is closely connected wltb that person.
l-'or Instance, (leorge Washington and
the hatchet or liooserelt nod the blK
stick,  the  king of  England and hla
crown, etc.
After the two take tholr scats the.
Id custom, which the sit- j otber players In turn ask ouch of thoro
metimes remember when |,.( question, to which both tho man an*
stockings as their predecessors liavo
done for generations. And not children nlono hung tin their h i*c of old,
Qrown-ups, a.B well as the small folk,
used lo observe this custom iiuiFt
conscientiously. Hut in Ilie old days
the liaiiKinv up "f the stocking took
place not on Christmas Kve, Imt moro
appropriately on the eve of .St. Nicholas' Bay, which hills on the lifth ol
they got married, is lo wear one old , (|,e object must answer only "l'cs" or
stocking and one new one following : „«,•„.' mil;i (ho rl,",''t person and tho
the thought, perhaps, thnt every bride j ,.,,,,„ ai.ti,,,c „„,, w,,,n Euoss.(i,   The
should  wear "something old; something new."   To this day ninny brides
adhere tu tills old habit, or superitl-; ■ , .. ,   ,.
' swer "Yes   or "No" according lo the
character he represents.   Then the oh-
  j jert may he asked, "Are you made of
Peers'Confusing Title.. | woodV"    "Nn"   Then tbe second play'
Reference is made in tl
: right article bare liven guessed,
lirst player may perhaps ask the man,
"Arc you alive';"    'i'ho man will an-
I,lit  they  do
to   stocking
ot ,onliiic the np-
r,f "Debrelt's Peerage" lo Uie multiplication of iho titles uf poors with
tlm same or a similar sounding designation.
This year the title of Mr. flair Ash-
tun gives us l.onl Asliton, I.onl Ash-
town, and l.onl Asliton ol Hyde, wlii.'o
Lord llnisscy's heir is now Lord
ilvthe, anil wo nlso hnve Lord liar-
.lingo mul his brother -tho Viceroy ol
India, Lord ttardlngo ol Ponshurst.
Then there nre Lord Strafford and
their talk about the  hood market.- I Lord Stafford, wine Ihoie is
N„,v v„,'i- l'ml ' which "Dchrett    .Iocs not i tlon—
Mw >0|1'_U™;  i.,,t<| Stafford, the son of the Duke of
—~—— j Sutherland.   Lord Arundel (the Duke
Hi. Preference. „f  Norfulk's  heir)   hns  to  ho  ilistiu-
A distinguished eyo Burgeon foils l|iuished Irom Lord Arundell of War-
good story or his hospital days. Throe
olhor young, newly Hedged oculists,
and himself were chatting In their
iiuarlei's In tho hospital when the conversation turned, us was natural In
young nion, upon the hcauty of different colors of eyes. One championed
tho superior brilliancy and spnrklo of
the blue eye, another tho depth nnd
fire of tho brown, while the third was
nil for lho clear, cool light of the
hazel.   After I hey bad exhausted their
Sour, nud Lord Cliff.
: from   Lord   do  Cliff.
Confusion, too.
nl of Chudleigli
'times arises be-
in order asks a question of cacti,
ami so nu along tbo line until all have
had a turn at questioning or until thn
person and object have boon rightly
A Giant Baby.
The world's astronomers aro now
much Interested to the planet Jupiter.
This planet Is lho largest In our system, but Is suld by Ilie scientists to he,
au Infant In swaddling clothes so far
as development is concerned. In volume .lupiler Is l.'.'7D times greater than
our own globe, lint we nro now full
grown uud, as somo astronomers declare, ou the downhill side of life. Ill
other words, nur little earth Is In middle age and will soon be growing old.
Croat .lupitcr. Ihe king of tbo heavens
i tween Lord Curaon of Kodloaton ami i as far as our planetary system is con-
I    - ... , . B      I . I .      1 .'....:..       T .( .....   a.      • 1       11 (.      <Tn..      II tn I'l'I.MI
Caught tha Crowd.
At nightfall tbo Junior partner's ci-
iillatlon of tbe day changed tn chagrin,
and bo clamored noisily for tbe errand
boy's dismissal.
"Belter think It over," tbo senior
partner advised.
"Why waste lime In thinking," tha
Junior partner retorted, "when he's
got to go? Hero I am. lying nwnke
overy night for a week planning an
effective window decoration, wblcb la
turned Into a laughing stock Iho Ilrst
day by tho stupidity of that boy, wbo
leaves Ihreo yards of liluo woolen dust
rag draped around silver tankards
nud trays of diamonds."
"Well," said tbo elder Jeweler, "people stopped und looked, didn't IbeyV"
"Yes. but what at—that dust rag!"
growled Ihe Junior.
"That's why I advise yon lo keep
the hoy," advised Iho senior mildly,
"If It hadn't been for blm I am afraid
nobody would hart looked at ull."—
Kent York Sun,
Caught It.
On. evciittia last week when I called on
I found Iter with wliooplae cuuirh badly
.,     upset,
film salil,   "It's unpleasant, now,  tnko It
from mo!"
I dld-aud I'm whooping tills morning, you
Hi. Pr.far.nea,
"An ensy job will suit inc. senator."
"How ti bout winding the clocks every
"I might make Hint do.   But what's
tho matter with my (earing tbo leaves
off Iho calendar every £H!fi?V;KM.'
ens City Journal,
parlmo.it are of daily occurrence, ouh  , Mm  m b,,c|. ()f „,„ mQem nl
in 'boTforni'of '/angwHI^'censotod ; J"* *** «»*» story of preparedness. I eloquence, -rill, the us,,,,, offec, of con-
lilav "The Next Religion," helped the *'ra onl,so which has always been over. ; tinning themselves In tholr original
cou'sc. of freedom, as the passages ilie shadowed by the brilliancy of the re- I opinions, the fourth young sowlinnes
author was asked lo delete are, 111 Uio ;eult. (icncrnl Wayne had trained I1I3 | suddenly broke In: "I don't en re a bang I
opinion ol a good ninny people, sul-imoil, stimulated Ihelr pride, enforced about yuur blue eyes or your brown
Ilciently offensive to warrant the Lord 'rigid discipline, had tbein at the polut | eyes or yonr gray eyes! Jusl givo me
Chamberlain's action. |0f attack at the right momcut uud ■ sore eyes and plenty uf 'em, and I'll be
.lied. Is not yet lit for life. From
Iho latest observations of Jupiter it Is
supposed to he In tho act of building,
of solidifying. Cue astronomer says:
"1 have not Uio slightest doubt that
we aro assisting at lho creation or a
world. Coder nur dazzled eyes a new
world Is being created in the Inlinlty,
0 bo taken to distill-1 nnd In Jupiter wo hall the world uf the
Lord   Hampton  and | future."—Chicago News.
Lord Curzon (Lord Howe's heir); in
deed n "correction" appeared in a
paper a little while ngo that thoro was
im Lady Curaon, as Lord Curaon of
Kedlcston wns a widower!
Indifferent handwriting sometitnos
lends to Lord Homo appearing ns Lord
Howe, and lo the mixing up uf Lord
Manners and Lord Mauvers, while
grent, caro hns t
guish  helw
Lord   Hampden,   Lord   Lindsay    nnd |
Lord   Lindsay,   Lord   Longford   uud
L'angford; and  Lord  Mlddlotsu I
,ord Midleton.
Alesnndra flaunted IIorlyert Uartley
In llrectillold's face,
iihrond  tike
The play is a scathing Indictment \tben „Ml inspiring vnlor lod them,
of orthodox Christian ty. J be pas- j The virtorj. „t stony I'olnt nnlurally
tX ret*'verfs a lllng" o\"ev?r \ »/»"-> n tremendous enthusiasm, and
l„ tho Impartial observer. In „„e Ht came ut Iborlglif. time. Jhe conn-
place tho Creator Is spoken of us "The l"° wus depressed If not unite dlscniir-
God who will send tuberculosis even ngod, und Slimy I'olnt was like a Ionic,
through lho Communion chalioe," and It gave the pcoplo more strength, more
in another place Westminster Abbey jcourngo and at n thno when tbey sad-
is called "that shrine ol superstition.' I|j. uodod It.    Not only did Oe11er.1l
—j  Wayno receive ofUolul recognition, but
On th. Jump. ^ | h() lv(ls )n r(w|1)t ut hundreds of con-
Ono   ol   Lord   Charles   Borosford a; Krntululory letter* espresslng popular
tenants who conducted a small under-, ,„„    .)TOrcss,|onn|    opinion. - Chicago
stablishment   In   Waterford «,    *
lav asked how tho business I "•""'       «.^______
happy."—Saturday Evening t'ost.
was uui1
was gutting along,
"Grand, me lord I" he exohitinod
"I now have tho luckiest little hoarsi
ynu over saw. Glory be to goodness
il, was never a dav iiilo since I gut
-See hero, purler,
Muggins- See hero, potter, Ihi- uiir.
rur is so ciuaty 1 cnn'l see myself in
it. Porter (Who has been lipppcil by
Muggins)- Strikes mo you ought to
ha mighty thankful, 'atld o1 inukin' a
fuss about It.- Tit-Bit,,
Ha. a Riant to Be Resentful,
•'1 diiu'l llllllll laving my Irniisorfl.
my coat, my iiwkllo ur even my collar
splashed with mini by au autoiuuliile,"
says n Sunt li Uriiud street man. "Uut
When one nioliircar splitters my spectacles so llml I can't seo lo dudgo lho
nest ouo I think I have n right tu fuel
tcsciitful."-Newark News.
A Cheerful Suggestion.
Kot long ago U Mu.k of crockery waa
sold at miction, and Mrs. Wilson attended (he sale.   When she returned
I her face was radiant with Joy.
1   "Ymi must |oln the cremation snd- !
ely," weio thu llrsl words she said lo |
ber husband.
Mr. W.-Whnl for'/
Mrs. \V.-l'vo bought such a lovely
tnso to bold your 11sl10.1l   You Imve un |
Idea how It will set utt tlm luaiilel
piece.-Loudon Answers,
Shaving tha Bridegroom.
The shoving of the bridegroom on his
wedding day Is a  Bulgarian custom
which, handed down from prc-Cbrls-
thin days, Is still observed wllh due   tho Merchants Living lu mud Around
formality, especially  lu country dls-
' trlcts.   While Ihe barber Is ot Ids tusk
I a diineiug crowd of young folks sur-
j rounds him and Ibe bridegroom. As enterprise of Henry llubjnson, a well
tho hitter's hair Is cut Ihe snlpplngs ! known writer ou commercial matters,
! nro carefully collected by some of Ihe   who In in.10 opened uu ofllce In Thread-
■ girls for preservation lu one of the needlo street, whero were kept "par-
bride's chests. Tho barber, when bis |tlcular registers ot ull manner ot ad-
work Is done, receives a small white   dresses'' for the use ot all who cared
What Is llm difference between'*
photographer and tho whooping cough'/
line makes facsimiles, the other sick
What French word contains every
vowel   nud   bnt  one   consonant?    01-
London'. Fir.t Directory.
How dia tlio world do Its business j
before the publication of directories? I ,
Tbe huge directory of Loudon had u I st,nll
Urst printed forerunner In n slim little j    \\\im  \n nn  allered  dress  like n
volume, "A Collection of the Names of    Becretj   when It ls let nut.
,    How do eggs show tbelr anger on
the City of London," Issued by Sam- 1 ^ag t.un0,|  "bcggsl'1    Uy becoming
uol Lee of Lombard street lu 1077.   lt ! esgB.asp|ratcd,
wns Ibe outcome most probably uf tho 1 \\__m part of speech nre shopkeepers most auilous to dispose of? Articles.
linen cloth us n present and also 11
trilling amn of money from each per-
■OH Ibere. Then Ilio bridegroom kisses
the hands or Uio girls, washes his face
and dons his wedding dress, which
must Ilrst lie carefully weighed throe
times by one of tho hoys.
to pay u sixpence,—Loudoo Cbroolcle,
Under Ih. Ban?
Why are sick persons like auto
wheels? Because the aro tlrcd.-l'bll-
adolpbiu Ledger.
"When a llnierl'
11 is awfully Mul.
liiii when It la 'gnod' It I. li
tni torrid,
8 unit
■ irv r
A man's dairy herd will be Just whnl
bis ideas of 11 dairy herd nre. If be
gives the herd no thought It will bo a
A Certain Old Party.
A fellow they culled Siimlivnihis
Uacu tllnlla 11 BWOll line nt llllllle..
He'd farad bettor fnr
If hti'il luul jlja namo
Copyrighted !•].■ limerick purposes,
-llllfTulu New*
Bad Counsel.
There were MS inuidcis lu New York
Inst your, wherefur there has been up
rtbe waved lilm 1 to Ulilt ,|rao ont, oxeoulloti,   Ile must
. iiniinor.   It tho Iowa  havo hired (lit wrong inwyor.-Cuarhj*
al""'""".. ff|(h tuBor| 0, ucr| 8Ut, i,,,!,,. I t__ New9 ii)|(] i,m,m
poor held' wm
■mull producing abil
ity. It is iho amount of ihoug'r;: «ud
applied energy Hint causes a man to
rise ubove ttio average, whether in
dairying or wheat or corn growing. A
dairy herd can't bo built up by growing and hauling feed alone. The mini's
mind nnd Ihe tbtugs Uio mind only call
do will Improve tho herd. Those columns glvo you Ilio best thought, of the
llmo In dairy herd Improvement, uud
so does llm thinking, if you will apply Ilio-thought It will bo woll worth
your wblle.-Kiinsaa Parmer.
Lost and Found In London.
Tho vnliio Of Ihu Jewels lost nnd
found lu iho Bli'ccla and public places
of Loudon sometimes amounts 10 us
much as £".o,tuu) lu 11 year. The London police keep uii such properly us is
delivered lip lo thom for twelve
months, advertising It In three dally
papers during thai period, lf it Is noi
claimed aud tho account given by tho
tinder socius reasonable it is handed
over lo hliu, tho pollco deducting the
hare cost of the advertisements,
The Boston and Now York Mail,
Tlio Ilrst  mall  between  Now   York
nnd Boston wus established lu 10TJ,
j The letters were carried h.v a messen- ;
ger, wlui was directed lo "go and re-
I turn ns often us onco a mouth."   This j
'nionlhly servlco seems d> have been
sufficient for tonic thirty years, wben
It was changed lo 11 fortnightly serv I
i Ice.   In 101)11 a well organized system |
nf postoflleos was established In I'enti- |
Isylviiiiln mid lu oilier lucnlltlcs.-Ncw
. ¥orlf American,
flack cainit from tha Harnner's tlio sonnet
lle'd writ in his Mlllcont's bonnet,
Willie lho lllli'l'liill ho tout
To tlio Scribrlcan "went."
ami lie raucously growled, "Curses on it!"
—Chicago Tribune.
Porous Ola...
For purposes ot  ventilation  they
niuke In Franco a kind "f porous glass.
Vlio holes nro SO Hinall that Ibcy are
pmof against both draft nnd dust.
Brief Manual of Training.
A high school li'oshtnan tvrolo lo a
Juvenile, pnlillcailon, earnestly Inquiring nhul he should du to wlu 11 coining
event lu school ullilcllcs-tlic 100 yard
"Hun 11 llllle faster than Uie oilier
fellows," wrote lho odilur In reply,-*
Youth's Companion.
Th. Bett.r Part.
Sluil Orooni  (ul  triiliiliig ring)
Hln 11" Hint 'orsii Is when >'s fresh.
Spcctnlor-I'lver rldo lilm yourself?
si nd Oiootn—No, Blr; certainly uol
I puis up one nf I lio lads ami Instruct!
'lm. In 11 case .,' Hint kind, sir, tin
bruins ought lo ho 011 Iho ground.-
l'n nch.
Oitting It Right.
The motto ubove thu great editor's
desk read. "Accuracy, Accuracy, Accu.
Therefore the slorr turned In h.v Ihe
cub reporter contained this statement:
I   "Three thousand, ulna hundred nnd
ninety-nine eves who Used upon Vbe
"Whnt moans Ibis f""l siatenient';"
' asked the groat editor, us hu prepared
to .ifllx ihe can.
I    "One mnu was blind In one pye." ox-
I phi 111 cd the cub.—Cincinnati Ihupilrer.
No Chnnce.
"Mrs. Brown's husband tells Ills wife
"Maybe BllO makes II ea«y for lilm
Vim won't glvo me a chance (0 gel n
Detroit Freo Tress.
iii Culumchin..
1 lepi
Welly nl
-1.1,1. tit.
Watchful Lloyd's,
When Lloyd's has iiiidorlakcn In ro
place any loss Incurred lu 11 ship ur Ua j word In edgewise."
cargo, agents of tho conipnjiy follow 	
every niuvi nl of tbo ship until It     To accept good iidvh
reaches lis destlnnlloB,     4
is to licrease
one's own nblllly.-Uoethe.
him piii
Hon ni 11.
Hun  Vnt Hrn kick Miliiilul man —
Hnve,,?-same Atnollcau,
Mlilii.lni Iiiii OS fan' an can,
Ilu)', wuy, ytl
A Peace Program.
"Whal wo want," said Mr. Iiulan, "I
universal peine."
»lt is," replied Mr, nnfforly,
hOW'ro we gnln' In have II lill we (loin-
oustralo tliai somebody Is oblobodled
an' willlu' enough lo sec Ihut U'a kepli''
—Wushlnglou star. .
Placing Ih. Blame.
INnle-A nnl loop yenr marrlogo la i'0-
tinrlcil.   '11,0 brills popped I lie (,iiehll«n and
i>ui,i Hi. parson.J
M1111I1I111), bolnff sml.
DoJected snd sinister.
liy mnrrlaga uniiio mad,
11,1. eihi hlatned Uie minister,
Hut llioso who nils yenr
Respond tvllh a human mina
May henceforth gain cheer
Hv blaming »n womankind.
Hv nn moan, should i.inmo
Toward this chap i"> iltioj.
Khn wuati'il l.i'l Iiinii'' -
"Will IllOU?"   AikI lie wlllnl
-Ne\s  Vol k 'I'i llama.
Galling It Out of Him.
"Do you know anything nbntil till
secret society your busbnud belongs
"Dol? Ho gave tno lho grip one day
bv llilsliike, lllld when he comes home
after n lodge mooting nud goes in .sleep
I ci mlgc IiIiii lllld get lho password
and I lie whole Initiatory ccrcnioiry out
•f hlm."-Cbleiigo Tribune. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
©he Jfcoepcctov, ©vanbvooh, §, (L\
:      'ID ESTABLISHED   1895
Published Every Saturday   Murium at Crauhioos, B.C.
F. M. Gbriattan, Manager.
A. B. Gram,   Editor.
J-ostage tu American. European an*'   other foreign CGUUtrlea,    50 cents   h
year  extra.
ADVBRTISBMBNTS—Advertising  rates furnished uu application.    N„
advertisements but thuse ot a reputable character  will be accepted    (or
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unlaw notice to the contrary
li given to local manager advertinginents ami subscriptions will be kept
ruunlng and charged up nmnuHt tbeir
18 tli Year
Mother's  Day
Jnrviw, grieving over the loss ol her
jown   mother,    wus inspired with the
To Mitts Anna Jarvla ot I'hiladel- idea that others might grieve, too,
phia belongs the credit (ot having land that those who still possessed
tounded mother's day. an occasion that priceless jewel, a mother, might
which bus come to bo observed In be willing once a year to pay to
churches homes and hospitals through them their tribute ot (.flection. She
out tbe United States, Canada and ib shyly wrote to the newspapers, and
many foreign countries. Mother's the idea was promptly approved,
day is annually celebrated on the "ind At Brat the white carnation up
Sunday In May, the time being a peared In many thousands ot button
tlxed day rather tban u t.xed date,     i holes.   Neit    cburcbes
When    she    began    ber    work    Miss   urged    tbeir  members
Jarvis possessed no resources in the day.
way ot wealth or Influence,   she con   ernorB
celved   the  idea  ot  bavlng  the   world j worthy
set aHide one day of the year to give |
testimony to it« reverence for mother j
hood and selected  thi
ion nn the emblematic flower,
Miss Jurvls appealed to governor
after governor, and her energy resulted m the official recognition ot
mother's day in forty states of the
Union. In many cities the day Is
marked by the display of flags from
public Institutions and prominent
business houses.
It  is   now   four years   since   Miss
and   societies
o observe the
Since    then   mayors and gov-
Imve     tbOUgbt     the  otlject us
ot   otiicmi   proclamation us
Thanksgiving Day.
Australia, Africa, Japan, Korea
Barbadoes, Cuba, the West Indies
and the Philippines joined in the
great movement, and Canada has be
come us enthusiastic as the United
States Where the carnation is not
to be hud another white flower is
The commander-in-chief of the Q.A.
R. has issued s proclamation culliug
on all the Civil war veteniim to join
in honoring their mothers.
homes delightful bay.
A native ol all countries who
apenks  language of none.
A little stranger with a dee past
to the hearts best afleotlona.
A tblng we arc expected to kiss
and look ns if we enjoyed it.
A soft bundle of love and trouble
which we cannot  do without.
The magic Spell by which the gods
tntnsfi-nn a bouse into it borne.
Quaint little craft called innocence, ladon with simplicity and love.
The unconscious meditator between
father and mother and focus of their
A pleasure to two, a nuisance to
every otber body and a necessity to
the world.
The latest addition to humanity of
which    every    couple think thoy  p
S6B8 the finest copy.
The bachelors horror, the mother's
treasure, and the despotic tyrant of
the  most   republican household.
a mite ol humanity thnt will crj
no harder if  a  pin  is stuck into  bin
than he will n the oat won'1 let him
pull  her  tail
A stranger with unspeakable check
thut enters u bouse without stitch to
Ins buck nml is received with open
arms to every one.
A necessity in -udei to keep \\\
the supply ol tenders lor the tutiiw,
the sweetest thing Qod ovor intuit
uud   forgot   to  give  wings  t<>
by Mrs. II   ll   Nelld
About  this tin
the   days   begin
Seed Catalogues
unite naturally
and now before
e of the y
,o   lengthen
arrlvi  our
turn   to   g
the   stress
ear  when
and tlu
Of   spring
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant livening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired  Mothers as   They  Join   the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
Learn to laugh. A good laugh is
better than medicine. Learn how to
tell a story. A well told story is a
welcome sunbeam in a sick room.The
world is too busy to care for your ills
and Borrows. Learn to keep your own
troubles to yourself. Learn to stop
croaking. If you cannot see any. good
in the world, keep the bad to yourself. Learn to bide your pains and
aches under pleasant smiles. No one
cares whether you bave the earache
headache, or rheumatism. Don't cry.
Tears do well enough in novels hut
are out of place in real life. Learn
to meet your friends with n smile. A
good humored man or woman is al
ways welcome, hut the dyspeptic is
not wanted anywhere and is a nuisance as well. Above all, give pleasure. Lose no chance of giving pleas
ure. You w il 1 pass through this
world but once, Any good thing,
therefore, tbat you can show to any
human being, you had better do now;
do    not   defer or neglect it, (or you
will not pass this way again.
•   ■   •   •
Hear Editor:—What do you Hay—
"my idea of Home" in the space
you indicate" A volume, and a large
one, would he roqulretl to discuss the
mere outlines of this subject. Mul you
hnve given me some time to boil down
my crude and imperfect, ideas on this
theme. A great writer, you know,
said on one occasion, "This is u very
long letter, hut positively 1 bad not
time to make it shorter."
*'An Ideal Home," you say. Well,
lt must be where love abides, rock-
rooted in confidence.
It must be where physical comforts
are uot wanting, but where luxury
and pretense have not usurped the
places of peace and repose. There
may Im* more joy in the hovel than in
the palace; but you ure asking for the
"idenl" home, and such fi home requires all the comforts.
There  must  be   music,   because   mu
sic ia the language of the
ordinary language fails.
There must be religion. 1 do not J
speak of creeds or doctrines or Bibles I
or prayer book. There must be ai
deep, reverential, God-fearing and
God-trusting religion, which exemplifies the doctrine taught in the "Sermon on the Mount." and the golden
There should tie calm, low voices
and quiet manners. There should he j
children and books, and pictures and1
flowers. The silver hairs and tremu* j
lous voice of age should be there—the I
grandmother or grandfather, or both, j
The well-bred guest should be there
and the way to the door should not ,
he hedged against the poor, for he is
"always with you."
With  these   crude   suggestions ac- j
cepted and applied, I should say with
one   whose    literary shoes I am not
worthy to unloose:
"Home,    it   is   where   the   day-star
And where the evening sun reposes;
Where'er the eagle spreads  his wings
Kroni   northern   snows   to   southern
orn roses."
•   •   •   •
A London paper offered a price of
two guineas for the best definition of
a baby and received the following,
the first named taking the prize:
A tiny feather from the wing of
love dropped into the sacred lap of
An inhabitant of Lapland.
A  padlock  on the chain of love.
A bursting bud on the tree of life.
A nurious bud of uncertain blossom.
A human flower untouched by the
finger of care.
The most extensive employer of
female  labor.
The only precious possession th.it
never excites envy.
The pulp from which the leaves ut
life's book   are  made.
The  morning  culler  noonday  crawl-
oul when er, midnight brawler.
J   The   smartest little craft afloat In
.-h < 11 h**h-^^^-h-h-* +-M-M-I'+^h~M"M'W*»*++++•*
H    E.   A   T   R   E
THURSDAY, MAY <>th,   1(M2
The Kenney-Harvey
"The Fun Makers"
Seines.    Comit    Duetts,   Humorous
Funny Songs,  Impersonations,  Vocal
Xylophone and Violin   Solo-,,   Traps
and Drums,
Not one number of last season's program
will be repeated. New Songs--New
Duetts—New Sketches—New Costumes
— New Kvery thing. Don't miss this
'•H-M II hW»W*»W»WWtWWW+¥W MHiiiiiium ■
work begins is tiie best time to plan
oui gardens and decide what we will
grow The three things needed t
sure ,i good garden are in my opinion
good soil, good seed, and a wheel
boe. if you have a piece ot well
[drained, well fertilized swamp happy
i should you be. If your soil is tight
} and sandy plant a smaller piece and
I keep ;t well cultivated. 1 would ad
: vise useing the same piece every year
! and manuring it as heavily as you can
and after thr crop is out, sow- 4t with
Rye to be plowed under in the spring
to add to the humus and help to re
tain the moisture in the soil. After
the men folk have plowed and har
rowed the land as tine as they can
give It a good raking and leave it
until the weeds begin to sprout, then
rake it again and leave it to sprout
Do this until you have a seed as tine
as flour, then plant it with the best
seed you can procure. We have
some good seedsmen in Canada.
and 1 like to make out my list
quietly at home and send for my
seeds for I know I shall get just
what 1 Want, lt is a poor way to
buy your seeds out ot the boxes at
the grocery store, you have to take
what you can get and not what you
I want and the variety counts for
much. When we began gardening we
tried a good many different varieties
i of vegetables but have grown the
same kind now for a long time and
find them good, t give you a list
list of our choice-
Beans—-Dwarf Golden
Beets Crimson Globe
Cabbage—Early Jersey Wakefield
Late Kilonan
" Red Mamoth Rock
Cauliflower--Late Lenormands
Celery—Giant Pascal
Cucumber—Long Green
Lettuce—Icebergs and Trianon
Parsnip—Hollow Grown
Onion—Keel Wethersfleld
peas—Heroine and Stratagem
Tomato—Karl! una
Turnips—Aberdeen and Swede
Squash—Vegetable     Marrow      and
We used to grow Asparagus but
not caring much for it. we let the
bed run out. It is quite easy to
grow from seed but you must scald
the seeds with water almost to boiling, let them stand until the water is
cold then pour oil nnd scald again,
when the water is again cold the*'
'ire ready for planting, the roots
should he ready to trinsplnilt tbi
following spring. Rhubarb is also
very easily grown from seed, Jm-t
plant it like any other setd and
transplant in the fall. Celery 1 plant
Hist where I want it to stay, thin
it out and when it gets about four
inches high cut about two inches
off the tops. I grow my Lettuce
on both sides of It because it grows
low and does not shade tbe celery
and is used up long before the
celery is ready to bill up; we bill it
ip in October and have celery all tbe
winter. This is not the accepted
'. way "f (-rowing celery I know but
1 1 have never had any luck in transplanting |t, the weather is likely to
be too hot and dry when it is ready
' and too nuirh work on hand to give
, it proper attention.
' I crow my own cauliflower, cabbage, and tomato plants and find it
1 quite easy and I have just, the varie
ty 1 want. We have a well enriched
bed in a dry sunny spot where we
grow our cauliflower and cahhnce
plants. Plant the seeds in rows si*
inches apart thin out and keep well
weeded,   if they seem  too dry  water
them but. tbey do not n 1 protection
Kor tomato plants dig a hole a foot
deep and about three feet square,
put in eight inches of fresh stable
manure and [our Inches of good rich
soil pound the manure down hard,
frame the top of the bed on three
Bides With one foot hoards, leave one
side open faring the aouth. Then
bank up the sides right, to the. top
with the dirt out of the hole, nfter
the seeds are planted fix a piece of
fence wire over the top nnd at, night
and on n cold days rover with several gunny sacks to keep the bed
damp tint not tori wet.
I never plant tomato weeds before
the tlrHt of April it in not Hate to
plant them In the open until tho last
of May, and by that time they are
ready  to transplant.   I prefer small
hardy plants to large overgrown ones I iff*
I always pick the Ilrst blossoms that |"
come and nfter enough fruit hns Hot i
keep the bushes well pruned. I like
the BlarllanaS ■ best they are large j
well shaped and early, and the green |
ones ripen well in the house. I plant I
my garden in long straight rows
which look well and are easy to cul-1
tivate. I plant everything with the
exception ot peas, beans, and turnips
sixteen inches apart. I feel that it
is quite unnecessary for me to say
thnt this is my first experience in
gardening, no one would ever take It
for anything else; but before I close
I would llko to ask you not to forget
a few flower seeds, just a tew hardy
annuals to plant in rows among the
vegetables it. will add a great charm
and interest to your garden and it
Lakes so little time when you are
getting vegetables for dinner to pick
a few flowers for tbo table. I love i
to ha\e great bunches of flowers every
whero. U wo cannot atliud neb (ur
nisliings and rare pictures there is no
ron SOU why, we women in the country
should not have an abundance ot the
most bonutltul lhing'< God made
the simple tlowers.
Haynes Lake News
The Adolph Lumber Company's
store was opened oil Wednesday, May!
1st time forbids ih to give it full ao
count of tbe many apartments lualdo]
Mi Stanlrj Radford is attending to
the w -nt*- of the public, be having
held   ;i   almllai    position lu tho old
■unit i
before coming t>> Uny net
Mrs.   .1.11. Aye  left   U
Tuesday  to undergo
lion,  n speedy  rocovt
of all
i  Spokane last
i slight opera*
rv   is   the   wish
mid busy
:ind fruit
last   tWO
The   ranchers    nre   good
now    getting     then     crops
trees    something    like   Wve
frees have been planted this
Mr. C. I'M wards of Cranbrook is
the new manager for the Kootonla
Land Co., Ltd.. who bave recently
bought the whole estate.
BORN   i
Mr.    and
t   Calgary.
Mrs.    P.
April  22nd,
W,    Adolph,
The Toronto Ladies Quartette gave
a grand concert in the new Hall last
week, which was nopivriated by the
many who beard them.
Football is the craze in Baynes at
present, all the young bloods taking
a grent interest in tbe game.
One of the men on the southern
railway section met with a nasty ac-
cident one dny last week falling from
a fiat car and striking bis head on a
•tox car just behind him. Dr. Saunders wns quickly on the scene and
fixed him up, be is making good progress towards a quick recovery.
Mr. H. W.Griffiths is nway at Spok-
iine purchasing a team.
Mrs. A. Butt and family pulled out
for the prairie last Monday on ^long
What has become of the Klko notes
has the redoubtable Thed gone ranch
Mrs. Blackman hns arrived in our
Baynes on a vis-it to her son Ltotit-
anatit Blackman, Tt.N.
As the fishing season is now open
quite a few of our expert fishermen
are looking forward to a trip to the
famous Rock Creek pretty soon.
Why!   O' Why!
Will you go camping and sleep
on the rocks—use a log for a
chair—and your knees for a table
when you can come here and
get every thing to make camp
life just as pleasant as at home.
Life is Short
No use making it shorter by
sleeping on the cold, wet, hard
ground. Get one of our folding
beds and a sleeping robe—You'll
live ten years longer.
Just take a look at our west
window for the new ideas.
Baptist Church
Rev. U. K. Kendall, Pastor
Sittings in this church nri' not even
(.Hotted, everything being absolutely
free. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone to make use of
Morning .service at eleven o'clock
topic- "(J,id's answer to Creation'BJ
Simony School at three p.m.
Rvenlng service at seven - thirty
'clock.   Topic   "The   Lost   Christ.
The pastor—Rev, 0. K. Kendall
.ill preach at hoth services.
******** ****** II III 11 H******
Did it ever strike you that you can
cheaper   by   Electricity   than you
can with Wood or Coal.
We carry a full line of Electrical
Appliances  for all   purposes  and
We Guarantee Them
Quain Electric Co., Ltd.
Head Office:    Cranbrook, B. C.
MAURICE QUAIN, General Manager
'•'.  ,Phone 129 Branches at Medicine Hat, Alta., and Fernie, B. C.   '.'.
m n i h 1111111111 !■ i ii im umi mi 1111 ** '■'
Salvation Army
Sunday morning nt eleven o'clock
Holiness Meeting
Sunday Afternoon at two o'clock,
Sunday School.
Sunday Afternoon at three-thirty,
(•'roc and Busy Meeting.
Sunday Night at eight o'clock-Hal
vation Meeting. Subject—"Regeneration."
Everybody welcome.
All round the world the Ofllcers,
Soldiers and Friends of the Salvation
Army will, during the week of Mny
12th to 18th, be practising sonic form
f Self Denial In order to save a
little money to help forward the War
All through the year that has past
by its ten thousand agencies, the
Army lias been busy In different ton™
of sell sacrificing toll bringing happiness and salvation to the hearts
and lives and homes or multitudes of
And all the year the Army haa
gone op, opening its arniN wider and
wider, entering now nations, attach'
Ing new neighborhoods, learning new
languages, enlisting new helpers. Inventing new plans, and so enlarging
the sphere of its operations and Ita
power to bless the world.
Dllt this combined and increased
activity require* money. A Utile
war can be carried on at a cost-fl
big one demands a proportionate
The Army people prove their willing
ness to help themselves,   ln addition
to their contributions for the support of their Ofllcers, and the rent of
their own Citadels and Halls, they j
will, during the Self-Dental Week,!
themselves in various forms in order
to tiHHist in the general support and'
extension ot the work.
Will the readers of this paper (join'
them? Whether agreeing with every;
method and principle of the Army or
not, they will know the Army are'
lighting against Bin, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, nursing the
sick, reclaiming the fallen, nnd seek-
Ing the glory of God through Jesus
Christ, and thnt the results prove, j
beyond question, that (lod Is with I
The resident otllcer-t'nptaln Stride,
together with the locnl co-workers'
Is extremely anxious thnt the con
trlhution toward the Home and I
Foreign Missionary and Social Funds]
shall be a liberal one, nnd donations ]
may be handled to either the Ofllcers or members of the Army. '
"I ain't going to no school on
Bank Holidays! Nor'll any o' the
lads I know! Whnt do they take us
It was a Battcrsea boy who waxed
indignant to the Daily Sketch at the
notion of having no Master holidays
because ot the London County Council's resolve to distribute free meals
to hungry youngsters.
"Ow can us kids 'elp the bloomln'
coal strike? The idea! Tell yer wot,
mister, II they get doing thle now
what'll they chew oil o' midsummer?
Johnny snorted angrily.   Being   a]
pert young Cockney, as    wide awake)
as many of his elders, he thought he
could see    the 1,.('.(!. move the thin
edge of the wedge which    he will resist to the death.
Say, mister",    he went on,   dig-
"Beauty is as Beauty does"—
and the Ford's a joy. It's
the one car that has stood all
the tests. And that's the reason we will make and sell this
year seventy - five thousand
Ford cars to seventy - five
thousand delighted users.
The world over there is uo other car
like the FORD MORBI, T. It's
lightest, lightest—most economical.
The two-passenger car costs but $775
f.o.b., Walkervllle, Ontario, complete
with all equipment,—the live passenger hut 1850. Today get latest cat-
nlogue-from the FORD MOTOR CO.
of Canada, Limited, Madison and
Bleventh, or from our Walkervllle
Kootenay Garage Company
Cranbrook, B. C.
Just strike for a minimum holiday
anil put ii week at Master into all the
district schedules. The teachnrs'll
back us up. They want the holiday
glng his heel viciously into a patch \ ,mt |lH w„ „,,,„ ,,„, ,„„| Am.t V(JU „„.
of the park, "some of us known wot's  ,,       .. ,       ,,    ,,,    . ._   ,
wot.   I've read all about    th, strike »•'* "'      ►**»•" U"""1 "tHk" ,"0'
and I'm thinking    us kids 'nd better There Is no knowing when people gets | 0Iltly.     H«
do    the same ns   the miners.   We'll their backs up. j obviously.
"There's plenty of things hettor'n
going to school on a Bank Holiday
or any othor day at Raster. And we
just won't do it. That's the straight
mister, nnd they've got It."
Johnny hunched his shoulders   and
inarched oo whistling quite complnc-
had   settled tbe L C.C. t
HOTEL %™"*™<>*>
Is a large arid attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
>e|*e|atf->f*>fe>|*afa.-|'.r|ef|*,fi *|<-|*YT*|''fH|vt'"|*^*|,*|**|**|'T*|*^'"hTT'r'
ii   STOVES and RANGES  ::
I wish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
i ELKO, B. C.
J.   ■     1.   «■■■■■■■   ■.   ■    |,lLf,Ll,_|_,t.   t„f,,t„|,   ■■■■■-■*»■■      ■     ■      ■■      ■   ■■■   ■      ■
********************** **********************
H     W.    DREW,    Proprietor.
*,**************** ******** "i ************ mn ;;
Drinks   of   all   kinds can be had at my store for
use during the coining hot weather.
Thirteen different Havous.
Dalton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
|ust   received   a   Carload   of Six Hundred Cases
Fremont  Grape Juice.    An   unfermented
drape   Temperance   Wine.
A full line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars.    Bar Glasses, etc.
, I********************************
'• |i  PHONE 340 P. 0. BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing   and
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron  Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,  Mines,  Ventilation   Experts
Estimates Given
Works, Edward St. -       Cranbrook   ;;
4**T>*t*'tl*Tl*t"tl*t*' 1" I'' W^'TT'l**t'y'f**f' ▼l**TH,*l*,r'l^'*T*l,,llll,l|',l*'l,ll,"llll'l"ll""t'
Read "The Prospector"
International Buk Laying Contest,
undor the joint auspices of the Brit-
Uii. Columbia Poultry Association,
Vancouver Board, and the Provincial
Clovornment. .
Penn No. Class Kkrs Laid
2. White  I.eatorns        104
9,  White   Leghorns   sc:
4. White    LcKhorns   ;128
14. White    Leghorns   7U5
5. White   Leghorns   279
10. White    Leirhorns   2"9
3. White Leghorns   2«9
19. White   Leghorn..     216
22. Buff Leghorns   23R
12. Whito Leghorns    235
23. White Leghorns   233
n.  White Leghorns   218
2(1. White Leghorns   196
18. White Leghorns   194
0, Brown Leghorns   187
13. White Leghorns   186
17. White Leghorns  186
16. White Leghorns   177
1. White   Leghorns      171
7.   White Leghorns   170
21,   Mottled Anconna     lfifi
il.   White LeghornB    133
15. White Leghorns     90
Penn No.       Class Two       Rggs laid
39. Buff Orpingtons   350
31, Rhode Island Reds   320
38.   White Wyandottes    317
33. Rhode Island RcdB   316
34. White Wyandottes   304
40. Silver Laced Wyandottes   260
26. Barred Rocks   240
29. Buff  Rocks    240
87.   Barred Rocks   217
32. Rhode Island Reds  214
35. Barred Rocks   175
36. Partridge WyandotteB   '.69
30. White Wyandottes   163
25. Buff Orpingtons    .62
37. Silver Pen. WyandotteB   123
28. Columbian Wyandottes   107
Average price received for eggs 33
cents per dozen. Average mean tem-
porature 47.08. Rain fell on all
days; frost waB present on five mornings, seven days were without sunshine. The weather during the
month was the best experienced since
the contest started. Brilliant sun-
phine was reported on every day, ex-
repting the few dull days already
Blasting is still carried on, and is
sufficiently henvy to interfere very
iieriously with hatching operations of
nearby residents. Heveral have reported total losses ot several sittings
so far, owing to the explosions.
The month just passed, togethor
with next month, are the periods
generally recognized as those in
which the heaviest egg production
occurs. This fact, together with the
favornble climatic conditions which
prevailed, accounts for the very
creditable records made during the
month. In class one, pen 19 claims
the distinction of being the flrst pen
in the contest to touch or pass the
century mark. On one occasion 6
eggs were laid in one day, and on 6
days, 5 eggs were laid daily, and on
six days 4 eggs were produced during each twenty-four hours.
. Other pens deserving especial mention nre pens 4 (961, 22 (95), 12 (951,
14 (94), 7 (921, 9 (90), 5 (89) 11 (89),
18 (86), 17 (83), 16 (82), 23 (81).
The following pens produced 6 eggs
In one day—16 (twice), 17, 1, 7, 9,
4 (once each).
In this month's standing Pen 19
goes up three places, pen 5 displaces
pen 10 for fifth position. Pen 12
moves up two notches, pen 18 ousts
pen 6, and pen 1 drops Ave places.
Pen 8 deserves special mention for
producing 75 eggs with only pullets
throughout the month.
The first, case of broodiness among
class one occurred during the month,
Pen 10 furnishing a pullet.
In class two, the pens producing
the largest number of eggs were Pen
32 (102), 29 (90), 38 (87), 39 (87) and
28 (77). Pen 40 managed to hold
sixth place, but by the appearance of
the pullets, their performance during
the first three or four months seems
to have completely exhausted their
laying powers. The listless manner
in which they move about indicates
lack of constitution und staying
The following pens laid 6 eggs in
one day—29, 32, 37, and .18. Broodiness was responsible for the following birds rcmovnl from the pen during the month: Pens 25 (3 birds), 29
(5), 30 (3), 31 (2), 35 (1), 3y (1) 39
All the runs wero swept and litter
cleaned out during the month. Kacli
run was aUo partly dug up. Oreen
food In the shape of clover, chick-
weed, nnd dandelion Is supplied regularly, nnd much relished hy all tho
birds. The fowls In class one consumes more green food than the fowls
In the heavy class.
W   H. Stroyan, J, R. Terry
Superintendent        ' Secretary.
Will    Lend     Money    to
One of the first results of the creation of the nnturul resources department of the Canadlau Pacific railroad Ib announced in the adoption of
a lar reaching scheme for the coin
nizntlon of the company's land In
Saskatchewan and Alberta, The
most striking Innovation in tl in
scheme Is thnt. the C.P.R. will I, an
to each selected colonist a sum nf
12,000 for a period of 10 yours nt 6
pel' cent per annum for use in the development of his fnrm.
The conditions drawn up are that
applicants shall he married mon, act
..ally engageil In farming on a rented
fnrm. Theso will Iio required to own
free of debt, suillclenf furniture,
liorseB, cows nnd othor livestock to
enable them to go into Immediate
occupation of their fnrms in Western
Canada. Thus it will be seen thnt
the scheme has largely heen drawn
up to meet the requirements of farm-
Friday, May 24th, 1912
Big Programme
Athletic & Children's
On the Cranbrook Agricultural Association Grounds
$1,000 in Prizes!
Cranbrook City Band in Attendance
Commencing at 1:30 p. m. Sharp.
Five-eights Mile Dash,              Purse $200
One-half Mile Dash,                       " 175
Four and one-half Furlongs             " 150
Matinee Race, Half-mile Heats       " 100
Two in Three
Pony Race, Half-mile Heats            " 85
14 1-2 Hands and under, Two in Three
Squaw Race on horseback              " 30
Indian Pony Race, Half-mile heats " 50
Two in Three, Indian Horses and Riders
One Mile Foot Race                    ■" 25
100 Yard Foot Race                     " 17.50
1st 2nd    3rd
$120   $80   $
105    70
90    60
60    40
50     25    10
220 Yard Foot Race
Indians Wrestling on Horseback      Prize $10
Gentlemen 50c,
Ladies 25c
Grand Ball at the Auditorium
In the Evening
J. P. Fink
D. D. McLaws
God  Save  The   King!
ore now ranting land In    tbo middle loi the   upkeep ol their families   lor | Iiinii nml repaid annually In Install   erected by the company on Its ready
tates of America, one yenr.   Thoy will also bo ronulrod  wonts on the principal and Interest. ] made (arms;  tbe erection of a ham
" The nmillcnntn will bo required to to personally visit the west ami so-]Tho amount of the loan has   to   be from one ol the standard plans, the
have sufficient capital to make then   led tholr own terms, extended on the    following Improve-1 fencing of the farm   the provision of
first   payment   of one-tenth on    the|   The full amount ol the |2,nn{] is to  incuts    The orect.on of a house from j a well and pump, and the cultivating
land purchased and to cover the cost  be added to the purchase price uf the  oue ol the standard plans of houses and cropplnn ol nt least W acres TIIE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOJT, B. C{
(Entered l 'ding to net nt Parliament -f Canada In the year 1012 by
Amy H. Keano, at tho Department
,.r Agriculture.)
"he wus drowned shortly afterwards
In a boating I Idem ou tin' Thames,
He. uud a friend hud gone out   lu a
'bout, and    why,    wind's    tin* matte!'
Charles ordered llm driver lo mnlco
,   , llmste home, nml put his umi   round
0  . S3. .T:*?M—A'».you IBdlth who hnd fallen  baolt   against
missing one ol SNAP'S best services?
A dip in the tub ami SNAP used instead
of soap makes vou feel as if you bad
enjoyed a genuine 'ITRKISH BATH,
. It is thoroughly cleansing, removes
the stain nml grime of hard work,
refreshes ami invigorates as il cleans,
and is soothing to tile skin.  .
He sure you get SNAP tiie original
•YutiaejJtic Cleuuer, 213
Four years passed nwny.   Thoy we.
busy years for our young people. Mn
Thompson bud been  persuaded
allowing Charles lo spend the
two venrs nt Oxford University,
11 wns al first arranged thai Charles
should go nl.  bul us the time foi
his departure drew near, his mother, ,
fell ii Impossible lo le: blm go alow .  '
11 wns finally decided thai the   vil'
should be closed, und Edith und Mrs,
Thompson   accompany   Charles,   nnd
take  'in  their  i-esiib nee    uear    the
They  remained  In  New  iork    ror
• mu..   days  waiting  for the steamer.
.     ests ol Judge and Mrs  Demllle
Mrs   Demllle wns    Mrs   Tho son
half-tlaler, nml n leader lu thai   ga)  "    '."'      "»8
world tlini  Mrs. Thompson bad    left , "
behind nl the time of her   marriage I    "he rose wns alwaj
Sho had no children of her owu, nnd ■'"""   Edith   ■
II  wns noi surprising, then fore, thai  '
she should .11 once coi •  Ive n vl   ei
fancy   for In 1   bi autlful young  1
iv Edith, thai Bht  not. saw ror
tirst time.
She  begged    nfrs     Thompson
leave    Edith    wllh  ber- ibe
ether and I pi
id  In
r tnv
hours lill they should be I
nt  home again,   "li  was
•all; lo Edith In   the old
thought, "but  now  there
wns the difference itiiywu
glanced uneasily nl  Eiiith
turned aside to pluck oue of In
orlte roses.
How lovely Bhe looked In ilia
morning gown, but so grave audi
.'j I self-possessed.     He had expected    to
llnd her more matured, more woman
ly, but w.is uol prepared for this calm
dignity, 11.i"  settled  grui r:, uu rare In
oni   s,> young, and one too, s,, >in. 1,1
,| from any rough 1 xpi lie f llfi
11,  would wall for n few daj 1 long'
and see BOlnethtllg more
iong s. paratlou had  inu
the sent, white and motionless.     It
wus n bright moonlight night ami as
Charles  looked at  the    young    girl,
lying unconscious within bis arms, bo
thought he bud never seen anything
to e.iunl the sweet, sad loveliness   of
lho face,     ile   dolormiuod   not   to
stand the suspense nny longer.      Ile
must know Ids fate that very night.
Tbey reached the house iu it    few
moments, and  Edith  was sufficiently
'covered to walk in with the   Blip-
mi of Charles' arm,   "I hope Idldut
.'   to Ialarm you. Charlie," she said    "I've
be been  feeling rather  tired nnd    over
what done lately, and then  Hint    horrible
Itory  nboul   Mr    lie.   Hard;,   wasn 1
t Charlie?"
"Yes, but  we won't  sny    anything
more about that, ISdle, I'm   "
(To be continued),
Clalrman McNIchol of Dry-Farminc
Congress Exposition Makes
Mr. ,1. w. MiNieol. chairman of tho
Dry.pii'armliiB Products flxposliinn, hi
nn address before tho Alborto ['"airs' |
kr >>., ,, e. M«H..«ai (association at, ualgnry, speaking of
55 University St, Mont real   .„,.„,, lntnmlUml{ D?y.PnvmlUg Con-
m.,"5 a.,™'d »' P1'8"* f"r , Kress and Exposition and the Upper '
1 11.LS. About llfleen nmilhs ago. I |i ,.,ny n preaehls to the Agricultural I
could mil wall: across in.' room. BU'" Societies of tiie I'rovhico" said'
forlng severely with  Itbc uuiatisnl.    li    ...,     ,. , ,, ',' !
look (UN I'll.l.s „„,! l,„,une quite ,,, ' '" "' l>°Bt throe Or tollr yoaig
well. Two months ago, I Hud Rheum- „n *>« f™ ''"'." ,' "' ^,v'"f%5 :
"Ho Pains will. Neuralgia and Dial" , ,!"" '" '' . ,".'*" ; M,"lu""' "
I resulted to Gin Pills again1"'  "'
tor one week nnd'heeanio quite well" rfii-*>'-V.*i'a 1 > 11'a'
Deep  Flowing   Pays.
James 1.. Kiddie ot Windsor, Colo
ratio,  wriies    "So  many  dry-fanners
in litis vicinity   are   doing   shallow
plowing, di* mei 1ly dlsctu .. tiuit tbey
laugh .it tno tor plowing deep, bul I
1 her  Tblsjwas one of ibe   few   tli.it had any
11 ■,,  1.,]   wheal 'as' summer    i did noi  In
Here is our straight guarantee, Blv* ICboy
en with every l.«\ nt GIN PILLS.   We Lrath
know   iimt  liln   Pills   will   positively
euro Rheumatism, Bolatlca and Lumbago—aa well us I'nln  in tlio Back,
Irritated Bladder and weak, strained
Kidneys.    Wo  pledge  ourselves   the
largest  wholesalo drug houso In it"'
British   Empire—In  promptly   relttrn
your money should liln  I'ills fall to
si.e sntlsfuollon.   60c. n box. it rer
ti BO,    Sample tree if vou write Nn !
I 'I  Drug S Chemical Co   ot Cnn
ad.i. Limited, Dept, N U . Toronto   SO
'1.11,111    to
g Congi'i
the lull runt
is and Exposl
tiie Coiigress
Spoknne and
llg   Of   till'   gO
ist two plnct
l.onl eviiibii
ami bave htltl tile
eminent exhihll at tli •
11 naiiiod' The gm'ini
lias won the grand
or  tin   boal   slati    or
11 he I
.a mnk,
ml  I,'i
<,it,,1,  lo-li
Edith laughlnglj   handed him
rose, saline. "II is hedged round with
thorns, bi ware!"   "Ah, if I could win
1 'iiai se, 1 would Bee thai    he
chlldjpath through life was a flowers one,
per   vers much, yel enough to show whal
is possible In g""tl years under the
 p  methods advocated   by Parsons and
me  """'"'
iour      A  letter received  from  E   R   Par-l
suns, w'.m for many yenrs hafl  1
,i,     em' of tl ins'  Interested and successful  dry-farmers    in  eastern Col
orado Buys: "There isn't a single man
in mv .,iiitui  [Douglass County, .',,!
1  orado) who ralsod a bite of anything!
ahould see somelhins of the won .'ine saw looking ai ner significantly. |"» '-" ,v!'u olowed leM "''"' '''""'
-;.'■'  Into society, vltlt  hei   wealth     "I do not ask that flowers should al .
nnd lieauly she ought to have a brill,-           ways spring   ■•    ■■"   M) teet, .,        .    .
ant future before her." ond so on.          [ j;,,,, t„„ „,,n tne pol80„ ___ ,;.,. Never Again.
Mrs. Thompson urged Hint    Edtth|           Bllng ot thlugs too swi :  "■     c thai  '"J  courteously re-
had not been herselt for  lotne i.ini": ,1,,,  quoted  bltterh   though   flu   lug 'rain  fron  111011 on    .  tho  name or,
past, unusually quiet and low-spirited. .... ,.,.,.,.,.. nieanwhlli f°m  political   rival    In any er the
nnd  she  was  sure    the    sea-voyage     .., Iil(l „„. ;„,.,,   , ... ....       .  . speeches."
would be the very best thing for her: !possibilities ol s c "' can't say my practice in thai re
bul   iho  easiest  way  to decide    the     . VllI. ,,    ,,                                      , spect Is so much a matter ot courtesy
mailer would be to allow Edith    to r,,,j(i,| • ts of prudence. 1 one. started iu lo de
choose for herself.                                    "So,"    ■   said - a ! rival, but as Boon as 1 men
To the surprise of uii Euith declar- you?" loged    is name the audience burst
. into deafening   and    continuous ap
laus           aa     gl      Btai
Ouilcllno Hidden For TOO Years,
Tho   re-conslrucllon   ot   Goodrich
lions,'.  Il.illieid. hus ths, loseil 111,' remains i.r 11 8lxtecn.H1 Ci niuiv limber
building, which has 1 1 hidden by
bt li k rork fat ,ner .Mn years, A
lame number ot stiver and roppot
coins, dating from lho time of Char
les 11   10 George 11. havo also boon lot tb
m ml oxhibll at S|.okuno ami a'
ado Springs, and our [|.rmot'.i
won a ver) Inrgo propmllon ol
remluiiis oliorod foi small main
sses  1 vegetables.
M Colorado Spring,  in .1 full
boi'ln lOOll jilinosl evi'ii I lilni', tlnll was
mil nailed down ami bocuvoiI Ihe Con
greBB nud Exposition lor  null ami it
will be belli at Lethhrldgo Oolober 31
,to i'ti iieM   Wo In Hove Ui.'I  In > ur
Inu this ('migrans ami Exposition for
, uiii'im tor 1013, we have dune a won,
Which wit' In of lasl and lar H'.ieliiut
I oui 111 to th" province ami lo Ih -
■..in,1,. of w'' lorn Cunnda,
■ u,' ure aware Inal In some pitrH
iho. luce the 11.um dry running
The StwjwJ of Qualify Since 1850
experience of over sixty years in ttio Seed
business in i .iikuI.i, and our long eonneotion wilh
tiie Beit Grower! of Ihe World, gives us iti.lv.-tnt*
iifjcs which few seed houses possess | added to tins,
our careful aystom of telling all our seeds for
purity and Koniiin.uion, end the great care exercised
31 i I in every dclH.I of our business, brings to us every
** J] \    BOnaqn  many  pleased customers,   to add   to our
\ already large list of patrons.
^'^ SHOPPING BY MAIL Is a most fascinating,
lovable, and profitable pursuit. You can in a few
i, and with perfect safety, though far removed
a from the source of supply, have delivered at
t(* your door—
Bruce's Seedei The Seede thai eatlsfy.
All ynu require In (lots tuir-ml hh :i pnal cartl jitUlnir for our har)d>
•omdiy Illustrated 112 png* OltalOltie of S«*da, Plant*!,
Bulbs, lifipl»rn»mt*i mul Poultry SuepMeSi whlCllWO will HI llll I rmm
orqhargo,-i"'l«,'nr1-;|i! ot ■aiiioaenduiyouroi-fkr. Write for It now te
John  A.  Bruce & Co., Ltd.,   Hamilton, Canada.
——  aa^v,    ^aa.    vwg   **2***l    Th. 1'loa*., H„'d Bn,i,n nf r.„.d».
lound rii,' propert) wna originally
a portion ol the Mnnor of llarlflold,
ami »as loll! in 1 ."J b) tin' th si M.ti
ilti a ol 9nllabury,
A ninl   ■ t.iily    i gueaa you'ro ui't-
tin' a good thing 11111 o' feuding the,
i h';i Smith boy, ain't    yo, tloolor!
Dot tor     Well,  yea;   I  gol a  pretty |
good tee   Why!   Lad)     Woll, l hope
yon won't forget thai my Willi.- throw
the brlcrt inal tiit 'lm!—Scrlbnor'a.
is looked upon hh offensive, nnd Uuu i
l\ nli   nn  l'l .il  liHOtt It il,',.' m|   (ho olijn i : .
ol nn- Congress, nnd knowing notliln.y
iiiii-iii it i", 'opl tlml iis name Inchulea i
iu  word 'Mi/'. BoiiiQ people ni'e   an*,
(UKOtllBtll   In II.
"bry-rafmlng in the science nt ngrl \
Kvrry Kddy Match is a Sure, Safe Light
WHEN you strike an Eddy Match It always lights easily
and   burns   smoothly, with a steady even flame.
THESE perfect matches come from first clase materials
and  mechanically perfect  machines—under  the  supervision of skilled workmen.
EDDY'S Matches are always full M.M. count—fer sale by
all  gcod  dealers everywhere.
HULL, CANADA. Makers also of Wooden
Palls, Tubs, etc.
ULIv alti'is i/iiiiiihs,
(brunt aad luuj%
M Bbe would rather remain in N"< w
York, it auntie v:ouldn*l minrt, and
Mrs. Thompson more chagrined than
she cared to show .it the seeming preference for Iht sister said: "Very well,
j,.y dear, etay hi re bj all tm aus situ ■■
you wish H: only be ;i :4<'f>'i fftrl and
Etmlle wou'i im l auj  fattlt.'
Charlfs, however, had got Edith
n'.one fot ;i rew minutes, and had done
everything to dissuade liei from hei
1'itenlton "f remaining behind, telling
her how cut up his mother was over
it: thai hi himself would never have1
thought vt going if ii
Jmd any noLL..
York; that she had never been ihr
him since iii<«' Flavdy had
their place and a host of
othev arguments, till Edith ;»t- last
put her anus round Charle's neck,
nntl bursting into tears, assured him
thero wero no others in the
nr to h«r as he   ond   li
They had read       the 1    is<
Edith plea ling .   hi a<3 retin
r own
i mce  th '■'■ -..'■.
and  with  her  hai ds  tlgl
in  front of  hi P
:;. perfei I agon^   »J spirit
"Oh, why  did  I come   I  • ■ igl I
could be cold and distant but it is no
nne. 1 love him, I loi ■
I not know j* In time?"
Someone knocked at her floor, and
Vlsito     ' How ■
Rivi "'
Farmei Todd
■ .  •
As a t-afe-p'.i.iri buy nothing In the
baking powder Hue unless all the in*
gredients are printed on tbe label
The manufacturers of the brands of
baking powder In which targe quanti
sing if lie fancied   8"!: Uelf, Edith opened H.   ft
un „f siaymg    in    .v-w   (,(IUiini,   ,„   in(]Uiril  ;ihou,
was b< i aunt
ng to inquire about her headache and suggest some remedies for
if. Edith kissed her and told her
Bhe really had a very bad headache,
i>ut thought tnai as sin had had verj
little Bleep for several nights, it was
probably for want or rest. Then she
had promised to go to Jennie    Mc*
v.o:-M ho oini io ».*.. «■•■ .«-    •   •*-■   ,i(1!ll!-y party tbat evening, m it   hei,
a„,U;  thai she would   rather go to would exenr  '   ■
linfcland with them, but she   had   ni?.B
renaon  ror remaining In New  Yoil.. I"
and some di-y she would le'i lilm all.
This burst of confidence somewhat appeased Charles, nnd ho promised not to K„y anything moru
.-;! her roiiiaiuJng and to make H
The Morse Cede For .•cropTanes.
An idea which ia being worked out ■
at the present time is tbe adoptlou of
luiik dues   the  Morse  (.'ode for the use of air-
nun    tt eonsisu in smudges of lamp*
S ■  got to   blacfc ejected by compressed air from
la funnel*shaped tube attached to the
forward edge of the upper plane of a
' bi-plane. The apparatus is under the
control of tho airmen, who. having
familiarized himself with the Morse
Code, indicates dashes with n long
pun* of smoke and dois with n shorter
ejectment. Lieutenant. Roy (\ Kirk-
land is responsible for ihe idea, and
the preliminary experiments have
proved immensely successful, the signals being easily read on* by observers ou terra liriua.
print tbe ingredient-; ou the label as
no person would buy ir at any price.
Magic Baking Powder i* pure and
guaranteed not to contain alum.
t uot
world so il>
He—I don't know. I didn't hear
much ot it. Dorothy was telling me
how fond she Is of music.—Satire.
i.ll right with his mother. "Bul I-Mie.'
snld Charles, "I want yoil lo promise
inr- one thing-lhat yon won't gol
lllty love affair here    till
I  con
Is^hoitud lo sell yo
binder if Bhe has h
promise me, Edlo, I
ea n tee I this Mme."
hand under ISdlth'fl
her face so 1
In  the large
ni know Aunt Carrit
i to ibe htghesi
r way of It- so
am in downright
And ho pul oui'
chin and raised
nld look straight In
lark eyes Unit    seemed
him iii
Dnuielt    hud been I of $11,600,000,   nnd
the villa for    many I value of $2,320,000.
sadder and lov
llian over before.
Edith got paler nnd turned hei
even away from him, bill Charles
persisted—;"lool( atralghi ni *-;. Edlo,
1  want  to tie BUI'O you lueau It."
ISdlth did so and answered In a low
voice. "I promise not to get drawn
Into any lovo affair here, t narles."
Then ilie palo face got. crimson, ond
Charlie took her into his amis and
kissed hor again and again, lueii put
her down tind lefl the room without
another word. Hod he seen her n
moment later bury her head hi the
Bo'fti cushions, and give way to o perfect paroxysm of Bobs, ho might noi
have mode Ills apologies for her lo
his mother iu such a spirit of happy
Ami now those two years of separation were past, Mrs. Thompson and
Charles had hurried home, andEditb
had arrived a week later,
The noxl morning after Edith's ar
rival, she and Charles were walking (queenly figure in shimmering whlti
through the grounds together, lalking |silk. whose wondrous tiara eyes look*
(if old times, of England, New York,led out so coluiy, almost disdainfully
everything In lact hut what was near* on those about, br the little Edith of
esl lo the minds o( both. other years?     True,  Saratoga    and
Charles was longing to ask   Edith (New York had taught ber tin   power
her, she would keep
room tor the remainder of the
lay aud try to have n good rest Alone
once more, Edith fastened the door,
and sat down to think. For hours
she sal there and when ai las: she
arose, it was with the determination
of pulling nn end to Charles' suspense and her own misery Shi
would tell him everything and hear
(lie less of Ii.b rospoct—which she folt
.sure would follow — as best she
When Edith came downstairs cloaked and hooded, she found Charles
wailing for her iu the hall. He told
her that his mother had got a message from old .Mrs. Dausctt saying she
was dying, and asking lier lo
al once. Mrs
housekeeper at
years and Mis. Thompson bad become very much attached to her. So
she hurried off to the bedside of lb i
dying woman and left Charles to escort  Edith alone.
Edith I«It rather dismayed over He
prospect of a tete-a-tete with Charles,
lust- shielded by her wraps and thn
dim light in Hie hall, did not betray
her emotion. She answered—"I'm so
sorry, poor Mrs. Dftiiselt,'" and to
( liarlle'a Inquiries about the headache, that she had not managed lo
gci altogether rid of It. ami feared
she would be ti dull companion.
As Charles did not dance, lie bud
tu Ihe belter chance of closely observing Edith, Four years had
wrough 1 no perceptible change in hi.-
mother; it seemed in have complete-
metamorphosed Edith.    Could tha
No aliment  cause* moro suffering j
lo Mule ones tlian does constiputlon.!
little one escapes this iron-1
That  was kiml of clever of John-,
uie—in  turning    the    tables on  the
icaclier—as told in the Delineator: —!	
What dirty hands you  have. John-  Hardly
■ -... _....i i.i.. . ......     ..,,*i—.  ... ] . .
you say if I came to school that | unually. The surest cure and safest
way"" "I wouldn't, say notion'." re-' remedy—one that Is absolutely stuar-
lilted Johnnie.   "I'd be too i.olitc."     i anteed to he free from harmful druei;
' —is Baby's Own Tablets. They never
Wen Fame on Its Merits—The un-' fall—they have cured thousands of
hounded popularity that Dr. Thomas' | cases. Concerning them Mrs. Lev.
Ecleotrlc Oil enjoys Is not attrlbut- Blanchet, St. llaiiae. Que., writes: "1
able o any elaborate advertising, for have used Baby's Own Tablets for
it lias not. been so advertised, but Is ; constipation and vomiting and bave
entirely due to ihe merits of Ibis Oil, f0„nd tbem an excellent remedy, and
as a medicine. In every cily, town . | have recommended them to several
and hamlet in the country it is sought: 0f iny neighbors."   The Tablets aro
Harness Oil
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
: Vou   sell   30   Beautiful   Bouvenlrs   tit   5c.
piicli. llien tii-nd uk $1.50 nnd wc will st-nd
i outfit prepaid.   Other gifts fnr boya und
girls. We» trust you. Write for Souvenirs.
I London. Ont.
Minister of Agriculture  cf Alberta
and Vice-President of the International DryFarmfng Congress.
culture fta Applied to farm operations
in regions of limited or uncertain rainfall.
"Dry'fanning is better Fanning and
is n profitable system for every farm*
er upon every farm iu every district of
tlio world.
"Dry-farming is not farming without
moisture, but is the method by .which
aftofsolely because of it's goodtnialY-1 sold"'hy''m[-(iicJne dealers 'orTyVaii jthe natural rainfall   is conserved in
ties. j,t 25 cents r, bo.\ from The Dr. Wil-i,np  SO|1;    t;rtil   ,     ,
_ . |..am8. Med,dll0 Co   Brockvllle, Ont.    ■■■;«»■£■"  resistant plants nre dove
——____—_. 1t,('
lure.   Dry-fa lining practice   develops
Enough For One Meal the best fanners on earth.
HE SAID—'Trvrr-f us realize ho-v nuicli unit i
**;c ent. Tlic fart tllflt we pltt Kilt on all '
■ii**3ts and vrf-ctalili-s—in brentl. cake nnd j
jmstry—smi]>s nml cattccs—hiitlcr nnd chccsi* j
— sim-v; the importance of using an
nbsoltttelvwire (salt." !
SHE SAID-1 \v«:l   wc ore tiMnff WINDSOR
SAI.T nml .looiie con hi ttmke inr. believe
there was nnv better salt iu the whole world   I
thnn my ohl ;-t.:mlliy 62
Tf vonr kidneys arc not right, yonr wbole
body MilTcrs. NorIocI thnt condition nnd
Yuui-MilU'riiij*.1-will i,c Increased tenfold. The
iict time to treat kidney trouble in fn tlio
l.i'K.i.Ti.i.r. Tnke 1>H. CLARK'S SWEET
NITRK PILLS at once, when you nave
lame back, hcndarlion, npots before the
eyes, nnlna in the juint.% etc.
Most pe.'i'le know tho vnlue of meet
nil ro in it;- action nn the Lidneyn. Five
otlier proved specifics are used in DR.
clennto, tone and nttmiilate impaired kidneys,
Put you right and keep you right. Sold
everywhere at lift y cents n box or mailed
direct by 40
Winnipeg, Canada	
Orangea were purchased last year
by the United Kingdom to the value
lomonc to the
nt ■". />oi.td r hnv finm Tho nr   wn 11l'f  s,,il'<    srti's    ll,'e    euriehed    amlt .       , , „ , „,„„,ftfl
.it ... (.'iiis .   do.\ n mn  ine ur. wil*[., _■_..'.....,_,...., „ _.._ .,„...,,      be purchased, carefully plan tea
1 ' ! 'Hi.>n.I.-..I    t«     ..L.in/>i'ilh-    fill-   nvlll
"Whenever I bbb a tooth-pick," said     "The Congress Is a popular, scion
Moses  Ezeklel, the Roman sculptor,; tide society of farmers,   and   it.   i;
Play 2,600 Years Old.
Appropriately   enough,     follow...,,
the return ot the King nnd Queen,  hlemen,
there wns an Indian performance at :    "1 sot beside iiie younger of I tie no
the Royal Court Theatre recently. On ! hlemen. lie glittered with gold embroi
ith the object of savin,- the mols* attended to, especially tor oxhtlittloj
'purposes. The number ol varieties
of the different grain and grasses
shown, will have a large bearing on
winning premiums, in fact, next to
quality this will be the largest score
"    '      no
"I think of a dinner thai wna givqn worth hundred- of dollars a year io!'''!!'f, X"  'there will   he "no
,l„g i in Home In honor of two Turkish no- Uny farmer to nnrtlcinato actively in i ollB',.go '!ol. B|1„ce tor those   exhibits
lhat occasion there was presented the
famous mystery play of India. "Hudd-
I ha, Ihe I.lsht of ABia;  His Life and
tlrcat  Denunciation.'   It was a perfect Indian representation, for thero
. was nearly 0 score of Indians in the
\ cast.   Tills famous play is L'.COO years
if sin- hnd Itopi he
li, lako her In his
how  liiinl   1I1N  sc[ii
how he had cotinl
ia the best and quickest
way to perfect healtli.
Women and girls who
suffer are simply weak
—weak ail over.
Opiates and alcoholic
mixtures are worse than
worthless, they aggravate the trouble and
lower the standard of
Scott's Emulsion
fllrrngtlifn« the whole
body, invigorates and
huilda up*
B« iure i« «*t SCOTT'S
it'a thn Standard nnd i.lwnvi
Ih* beat.
W. N, U. No. B'JI
troiulso, ion lm ni- thai benut) may command, and hod
arms and tell her shown her the value of other quail*
iruiion luul been ihs In retalitfus the adtiilrnflon that!
■'I tin   days    ana beauty hod attracted    Bul then  was I
  — something ovei  •nin beyond ail   this
in  face  and  nutnnei    one  fell    tbt
vague hlnl of somt  regn t In thi      i*
■'..    d pthi ol the t       di ■! the st. a*'
ii> iweelnesi ol ihe beautiful!) curved |
lips   i.i llml  lool omel	
t in young pi ople tbo inai i of rati
or whoi you will—or In tholr elders
wbo fei I thai tht) I uvi pn - i d through
Un bi 11 or it." "'"hi thai life can
bring thom
I Edith wai tnlklng *Uh '•>• i pnrlnw
in tin' dame, whon lootttua up ind-
di nl) «ti' found Charb -' ryon Hxi d
upon hei * Ith an Inti ntnea i Umi j
oni ' hi o ■ In ;■ i rlmion fluali
ovi i  her faoi
A fen ml nut i lalei ■ pain -I the
dnm .'I: with Mi Mi Lrai on hi
arm. nnd EdJth ihoughi frith n algh
how hnndsome, how manly, and i hove
all how good he looked, llo had
been an Immi n§e favoi lie nl Oxford
from tho proralni nl pari 11 Looh lu j
all ft thiol li games, nnd hnd come
bach from Rngland looking o bronzed
and muscular, mid un Jack .Mil/ an
aid ' with »ui ii d 'ii tlngtifahed nlr
aboul him lhal none ol tin- oilier fel
Iowa had tho ghoul <-t n show bosldo
! hliu,"
j   On ih" v.;iv   home f'liari"K    naUo.l
I Rdlth if nlio ri mombered   Mi   Hard) I
Aftor ;• illghl  In . nation,  ICditli   an |
[ Bw6rod "Yt m ' In n low volco,
"Do \ini know," nahl Chni Ion, "I mn I
ncrosH him ni iho rnci Lhal fall I'
lefl homi Iml perhnpii con are noi {
Interosletl "Ob yon,' mid K.tnh mi;
erly, though tr] ns to pi nk In hor
1 ii "i.i tone.
i •■Will." cnnlli M") ChArici, ' I dls-
| covered thai hn had lm vol led for
' Homo lime nn l< in n opern Irnupe,
[hut  wait ih  ii kttOWII tlfi a |iiof"KMlotial
.    "Did vou rpo tilm    Inii'lv?"   anld
K'llth,  flfter  a   conaidi rnhlo    pnuae
["No,  poor fellow,"  Chartlo    roplieil,
Tbe transition from winter's eold
to Buraraer'fl bent frequently puts a
strain upon the ftyatom lhat produces
Internal complications, always painful and often serious. A common
form of disorder la dysentery, to
which mnny are prone in tbe spring
and summer. Tho very best medicine to uae in subduing this painful
ailmoni is nr. J, i>. Ifellogg's Dysentery Cordial it is a standard remedy,
sold everywhere.
dery and greal diamonds; but, nevertheless, 1 pitied him sincerely, for he
was Blrango to our table manners,
aud somo of his errors were both ludicrous aud painful.
its work,
"The adoption of its precopts and
teachings will enable any farmer in
Western Canada to raise a better anil
bigger crop than he is .now doing.
-Tliis Congress and Exposition is
turning tne eyes of tho entire agricultural world upon this province,   and
exhibitors Will  he  treated
fiend lor Kr««    Book   giving
full particulars of TRENCH'S
REMEDY,  the   World-r-unoua
Cure for Epilepsy and   Fits.
Simple    noma    treatratou
:5 years' aucceis.
Testimonials    from     all
pni-ta of th* world.   Ovtr
I."lo In ons year.
107    St.    Jamas'    Chambers,    Toronts*
Prices are Still Soaring.
The Department of Labour's wholesale prices record up to date shows
a still higher level lor February than
for January, notwithstanding that tlio
Toward the dinner's end a servant thore is no question but that the
•i nintfl nf Best farming congress that has
■ I    |llill l,   l'l   1           1...1.I       ...III     Ini..     ,.!„  ...
bis |:
lirinn lo Alberta for your own
diatrlot, lirs entirely l'l your own
linnds.    Tho  opportHiilty  l.s    before
Clol your i.Hbiliit ready,   iieitia
, ,, ... ,.,, ,, , s ,"." to lilun for it now, nud be present
I heen held., will lake lace In l.eth- th Dry-Farmlng Congress Willi
bridge, Oetober L'l to 20, ami we.   be- 	
 ,     .,   ,     district exhibit, which will fully rep-
llevn that ibo BxiM-ltion winch v.lll hoireMllt ,ho mngiilflcont district from
i i-l
Dickens Day.
I-'roni a Michigan paper: "The day
was devoted lo the study of lllciiims,
Mrs. I'allard readlnit lho story of 'Tlio
Clansman," by Dickens, which was
much enjoyed."
Iu u moving picture llieatro entrance: "HlK Shakespeare feature.
Kirst reel—Tlic early life of 'David
Copperlleld.' Second reel
Kni'ly' and 'Dai id Copperlleld.' Third
reel—The love of 'David Copperlleld.'
The New and the Old.
Governor Poll    of    IHafliaotttlflOttl
r n well known divine who was  ,,
iisiiiui! a siaie prison, when iio ruuia I Enougii said."—<Boiton Tran'scrlpl
acrou a prlaonar whose foaturoi woro' . .^..^——-^.^
familiar :o him.   "What brought you I
bare, m> poor fellow?" he ashed.
You married tne to a woman u 111-1
Hi- while ubo. Blr," tlio prisoner re-1
pllod wllh a slab.
"Ah, I set " said the parson: "and!
she was dpmlnoerlng   and   extravagant! and sin, drovo you to desperate
courioa ehl"
■ No." said Hie prisoner, "my old w„.
ii iiii turned up."
extended to Ihe young man a i
toothpicks.   He waved ilie plate away
uaying in a low and hitter voice:
"'Xo, lliank you, I have already eal ,,   ,, . , ,.   .       ,, ,     ,     ,... ..
en two of ihe accursed things, and 11 held In connection with It will be the  „.„„, which you each come,
want no more.'"-The World Today.;'11'"'     exhibit     of   a«rlcullira     pro-
'ducts mid ngriOUltltral niaehluery that
hus ever heen held in     .nada.
"Bvery effort Is oelhg iiiade to on-
able tho whole province lo participate In th" benoflts thai are expocted
to accrue from tills congress and ex
position, and one of tho methods
whereby wo expect each district   to
lielietlt Is III lolllUg Part 111 UlC exposition. Ill this exposition It Is expect.
ed that every agricultural society re-
Llttlo I presenting ovorj district ln Albortn
will have ii high class district exhibit,
thereby advertising io the great mini
hev of American uud Eastern Canadian farmers who will he nrosont, the
and    ull
"The Question or obtaining a   part j
of the benefit  that, the lutei national |
Dri'-FhrinlilE Congress and Exposition , hitler month was reported as having
■     seen the highest prices since 18S2-4
and possibly since 18,3. The Index
number rose during February from
131.4 to 184.3, these being percentages
of the average level of prices during
Ihe last decade of the last century.
Ihe upward movement was largely
tho result ot advances In grains, animals and meats, dairy products and
potatoes, lietall prices were also
upward, especially In the food products derived from tho lines above
Ninetynlne miles Is ths total length
of the Suez Canal, and tho wldtii is
Just over 121ft.
The earliest, known inaniage contract In Qrook dates from .112 H.C.
"I will he ideiiscd lo answer any
enquiries regarding spaco or anything else, lllld trust that each and
ovory society will he represented nl
the Exposition. Write to W, .1. Mo-
Nlcol, cjialriniin Exposition Coinmll
tee, Drv-rarming Congress, i,i-in-
bride, Alberta."
The Henpecked Husband: "Is my
wife going out, Elsie?"
I'llsie:    "Yes, sir"
Henpecked Husband' "Du veil
know If I inu going wllh her "
l.udy—Couldn't you possibly havo
saved your friend who wus captured
by the Cannibals?
African Travoller-»UntortunateIy
not. When I arrived bu wus ulicady
scratched off ihu menu.
Nuptial lino liuilielh mankind
friendly, lovo perfeoloth it, but wanton
lovo coriuptcth and umbasclh It.
li's preity hard tu keep mi overripe pionilso.
l.ot la';"
oiii- lialieeo I.nnw your a:,i',
Blx mlllous puiimls hnve boon siieul
uv the Qovornmonf of Now .ienland
during the Iiihi twenly yenrs In buying back Hi" 1,400,000 aires or land
which wiie formorly sold m from iho
sliiillnga lu two pounds per acre,
French Invosttnonts of capital
abroad amotinl   to   13,000,000,000 or
which 'li.a 000,000    In    Invent,.,! la
Tho  I i.um of S,iiilli   Africa hns u
tolul  area of 470,000    situari' miles,
wllh a iiopiilntlim upproachiiu; 0,000,.
In Chapoll, I0sse\, which bus a po-
liiiliiilon of under inu Inhabitants,
i here are olglltoell old age pensioners,
whose cotubinotl years total 1,117.
Miss Fny—Oil, how 1  wlBh  I  had
Helen's charm,
Miss King—Whnl charm  lias slie'.'
Miss Foy- 'Sim can    cry    lu    Iho
BWQOtOBl soprano voice.
nf tbi'
I'.ni'.iish tongue
  Cotton enn only 1)0 grown In It-r.pl
f tho 1,033,000,000 Inlmhllnnln n   seinl-lrolilonl    uoiinlrlos;  lm
world 1,000,000,000 nponlt ihe! wool In iiiainij rt product or lompor
ate   regions.
Telephoning  rrom  I mjl I to  Rwlt;
Tie complolion or a new subtnortno
I Utile    lielv.een      laiglllllll    llll'l    l''l'lll|ie
I has   roaultoil   iu   Ihe  sueiessrul   leli."
I phonic iransmlsilon of masingos bo-
, iv.' en tirenl I'rltiiln und Mwlizi iluiul
i   lory    cofnnierclni   oonvi rs.t-
Huns are HOW  carried    ou    lielweea
England nnd Qonovn, via Paris mm
l.yons, und .■• i'n llasul, >ia Tails ami
I Uclfurl.
Only Clulda Posts.
A well known Fourth avenue lunik
i r was silting In a downtown reslan
nml ruling iniisli and mill,
"What's   iho   liuUtor?"
"dot dy«|iopiln."
"Ilnll'l  mil enjuy yonr iiioiiIh?"
"Enjoy my nlools?" snorted tho in-
illgnani dyapojillo,   "My   inoals are
merely guide polls lo lake inodlolno
ta fore oi after,"—Pittsburgh Tusi
  . . I'lrst Tramp: "OlIOO I was In a full'
agricultural resources of thai dlslrlcl   Wny ter hecomln' n nillllonalro, but u
"Tho   Allurtii Di'iiiiitnient of   Agrl-1 labor sin in' device ruined me."
ciiliiire   Is   uttering   Minie lino   pre-1    Second Tramp! "Vor don'l say so!
iiiluins for thu hesi dlstrlcl  exhibit-  How was lhat?"
In iiiidiilim   lo dlslrlcl exhibit   iiicrel       Klrsl Tramp;  "I  «us getilu' on
will nho bo pieinliiniH lor Ihe   best I nlcoly us a hurmuii In u publle'inise.
Individual farinor'a oxltlhlt,   Homo of| w'en the buss bouglil n cash roglster."
the biggest promluiiiB over offerod ure
now being arranged tor, uud will   be
announced   In   tho   promluni   Hsi.
'Ibese exlilhlls will be proilucls of l|le
soil only, ami must he grown on laud
which receives uo tii-tlllclul inolstlll'O
Irom Irrigation and must luivu been
grown lu ibe Benson or ID'!,
"Vou nolo thut Hie date or this lis.
position i« laic, tho third week In
October, coming utter nil ilie local
ngrlctllturnl society okposittons, and
every society should see to 11 llllll. I1
is re'pi'escnteil by all exhihll, milch of
which cnn li- gathered by holding ilie
jii'i-iiillllll wlunliig exlilhlls at tllOtl
own exposition,
"In orili r In iiial.e a s'.tecessftll lip-
lo-dale exhibit, II. is neeessiiry lo he-
gin preparations now. Seeds of high
grade in 'ho various varieties should
Some relaxation ti necessary to poople of ew.ry degree; Iho head thai
thinks, mid Ihr bund thai labors, iimsl
havo iiotnii Hi■ It timo to rccinil ihelr
Where New Stars tome rrom.
All astronomer tells ua how new
slurs como about, Suns full towards
luiulrcd n 0noh otllar nnd got up speed rm- hull-
dredn of years, and then thero Is n
nasty Jar. Ileal Is generated hy the
collision, nml a now slur Is born.
Professor lllchorlon btlloves ibai Hie
appearanoo or Nova Pcrsol, which Is
in.uiiii times as hi'lllliint ns Ihe sun.
it .1 ho explained In thin woy.
limber—You in losing your hair
very last, sir. Are you doing anything to save lt?
Customer—Yog, I am gulling a divorce.
Illggs   My half brother Is engaged
to my wife's hull sister,
Diggn   When will they be mudc one
Huston Transcript.
The Chinese peii Is ii brush model I'"' fellow who "will try any oil
,,r son hiiir. which is best adapted for\__'__t onoe lent in the sumu class
palming the curiously formed letters! *»*■ W» «•» *n»»11 leap on trying
nf the Chinese alphabet.
i ll until lii-
Aii Ingenious (ionium linker uiill/.er:
a windmill lo mix mid knead bis
bread ns woll iih In grind his grain
into Hour.
There urn more lhu.it 1100 species of
Sllk-prodllcing Inserts, though very
few of them aru of practical value to
The celebrated Dr. Aberntthy ol London was firmly of Ihe opinion that dlior.
den ol Ihe stomach were the moat proline, source of human ailments in general. A
recent medical writer tsyi: "every feeling, emotion end affection reports at Iho
•tomich (through the lyitem of nervea) and the Itomacb ia offected accordingly.
It la the vital center nf the body *»*•," He continue!, so we may ha
laid to live (Ikraiijfli) the alomsoh." He goes on to allow Ihst Ihe itomocb li
the vital center nf Ihe body. Por week atonnchu and the consequent induction
or dyspepsia, and the multitude of vsriuin diseases which result therelro™, no.
medicine can be betlcr suited as ■ curative ageat than
Dr. Pltrce't, Golden Medical Discovery.
" Seversl months ago I suffered from a severe pain right
iiiidir Hie hnie-t-liniii'?' writes Mtia. (!. M. Mtiusr.N, of
Corona, Calif. "Iliid suffered from it. off and on, for lev-
mil yenrs, 1 also suffered fri,ui heart-burn, did not know
what wus the lustier with me. I tried several medlcltics'
lail I hey did mn nn good. Finally, I was told It was mv
liver. 1 did not dare to agt as ll rondo me worse. Whenever I swiillnwed mi) thing It seemed that I would tnlnt-lt,
burl. ro. I grew very tbln nnd weak from not nallng. Wnn
lold lo Inke Dr. Heron's Hidden Mi-dhnl Discovery, I took
live bottles „( It. imd could feel myself gelling letter Irom
'•'•/Ilu- lir.it, tlosc, I could eat a little wllbnut pain nml grmv
iJjf strong Inst. To-day I am strong and well and cnn tin a big
r dny's work wllb ease. Can ontcvcryililng and luivu pul u
lli-li wonderfully. I will say to all stlfforoH write to D|»
Hales,   Uehaaiuy uiidyluggialituJu." TJ1I-:  PROSPECTOR, CRANMOOK,  B.C.
P.L.S. & O.K.
B. <J
Barrister,   Solictor, etc.,
Barristers mul Solicitors,
School Report
B, ('
Mining Biigllieer and
H.C!.  l-iiiiil  Surveyor,
l'.i)  Ilex 830 Phone Tli.
II. 0.
Physicians and Surgeons
Ifflfie at  Itealdeuce.    Attustrouf Ave.
Kiirenoous  - - -      9.00 to 10.01
Altai ooain . ■ ■ ■ 2.00 to   4.01
Uveuluga. - - - -   7.10 te   I.M
Huudays 1.10 to   1.10
Kunei-al Director,
We Deal in Everything From
m Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sige'i Old  .Stand. Hiiiisnn Ave
Phone 161.
Steam  Built)!*,   Kurnace,
♦ and Septic Tank work     ♦
* a specially *
Cost and stock estimates
X   furnished on application.    J
Addr... : P. O. Box IU. Cranbrook
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury A.dnua Net to City Hall
Opt,, Day and Night Phono li]
Oranbrook Lodga No 14    A.K.* A.M.
K.-jiuliir uiputlliiia on
tho third Tburidaj
of evol-y mouth.
Visiting brethren
nnli-oiiio. _
D. J. McSWKVN, W. M.
J. S. PBOK, See.
"■"'■"" "»■"■ ■» " ■" i ii.iniuii ana, . j .ami .
jsimiiii ififntf i mi ivi iv m 11 nvnvn itrnvn ml
Kocky Mountain Chapter |
No. Vih. It, A. M. i
lingular mooting*; —2nd Tuse   |
day   iu  I'ltf.i   iiiunili   ni eight
Sojourning   i 'inn|pftiii(inn   are
cordially 111VltOfl.
Ki. Comp- A, ('. Hlifttikltiml, K. i
■* IFTIVWViHuY^ III Jl III TTTVTTn I lift Mt IllllfVtn
I.O.U.K., KKV OITY l.iilitll'!, N„. i'i
Mtu-tH every Monday
niubt at  New   Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. J. Rendall,
N.   tl.
VV. M. Harris
Knight!* uf Pythias
Cranbronk. H.C.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   ■•
Mists   .very   Tuesday
at I p.m. at
fraternity Hall
0, Porter 0, C.
J. M. Uoyce,
K of R. * B.
Visiting   bretbiea cor
dlally   invlt.d   to at
Oourt Cranbrook Nu. 8943.
Meet in Carman's Hall, on   Hnd and
4tb Thursdny of i-iub montb.
Louis Pearson, Hen,, p.II. llm ,'IK
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
0    3
™ ^
i. <
Miss Dick  	
. 27
Miss  L.  ('lose   ..
. 46
Miss   Sllttilby    ,.
. 48
Miau   Hlsooeks   ..
. fifi
Miss Oartwrlgbt
. 47
Miss    llanwi-11   ...
. 86
Miss   Hti'iiliiins   ..
. 51
J. I'mnBton, H.H
. 13
434 377.45
Division V (Miss Hiscock'sl wins
tbe Nelson Hhield for highest pcr-
centngo of attendance,
DIVIrllON    1
Lattrette Armstrong
Orvllle Dow
Krutices tiruniiuoiiil
Louise  Klmer
Joseph KiikIihIi
Vincent Kink
Wunilu Kink
Juck llusleni
ilraeii- HittKeiis
Atiausta Doyle
Iter tram Murgatroyd
(•race Bargett
Arthur Burch
Melfrcd Carson
Krnnces Noble
Oeorge Pratt
Reginald Bainsbury
Eric Spence
Hazel Taylor
(lorden VViillenger
Gorden Argue
Philip Briggs
Helen Bridges
Hugh Praser
Alex Mennle
Lottie Moore
Urenville Mussel'
Hoy Mlisser
John Noble
Rainsford Parks
Ethel Parnaby
Agnes Reekie
Gladys Spence
Margaret St. Eloi
Gorden Taylor
Merle Taylor
Doris Walllnger
Noel Walllnger
Muriel Baiter
Elsie Beattie
Gladys Brookes
Melville Dallas
Ruby Deacon
Harold Kay-
Harold Leask
Dorothy Reed
Nettie Robinson
May Smith
CroBsley Taylor
Keith Wesson
Esther Bradley
Dorothy Mcl<eun
Donna Argue
Eddie Bernhardt
Merle Bathie
Mlna Belanger
Robert Beaton
Kathleen Brown
Austin Chapman
Christine Carson
Marlon Drummond
Mabel Flndley
Jennie Hopkins
Thirza Johnson
Violet Jones
Fnitll Kcndul
Margaret Locy
Murejaret Morrison
Eric McKinnon
Edith Murgntrnyd
David Reekie
Cecil Itoaile
Roy Robichaud
Winona Stinson
Joseph Swain
(iiirfleld Taylor
Verne Woodman
Mn Kwong
Malcolm lleluneot
Ivan llriii-li
Ethel Clapp
Donald Dallas
Karl Klnnessey
Jessie Pinnessay
Hadie Lacey
Irene Lionel
Mary Mann
Stanley Moflnt
Marlon McKinnon
Margaret McLaurln
Gertrude Parnaby
Wlnnlfred Philips
Tom Reekie
Miiudle Scott
Ray Scott
Harry Smith
Samuel Hpccrs
Camilla Tito
Helen Wnrden
Ham Watson
Norval (laslake
Elizabeth Chapman
Jean Donaldson
Christopher Duekerlng
Gahrlella Hamilton
Alfred JolllhY
Kiln Kendall
Jltmcs   Kembnll
John Klrklund
William Leask
Allan Livingston
James Logan
Patricia Mctlermott
Iiiunili! Morrison
Holm Taylor
Gorden Woodman
Mnde Especially to Burn U. C
Repairs wheu necessary always
in stock at Vancouver.
Sold   by PATMORE   BROS.
Albert Aubertin
Omer Bernard
Hector Hern I man
Stanley Kemball
Leslie Sneddon
Archie Horie
Douglas Thompson
Mow Mah
Raymond St. Kloi
Harold  Dow
Margaret Leusk
Theresa Lacey
Dorothy Leask
Isabel Parker
Br ma McNeil
Ruby Hcott
Dorothy Dufort
Helen McOoldrick
Mah Bing
John  Drake
Frank Bridges
Allan Brown
Nr Wai Hoy
Harold Hasiam
Muriel Johnson
Janette Jones
Allen Lacey
Mary Lacey
Walter Laurie
Lily McReady
Dewey McNeil
Wong Quong
Edward Turner
David  Watson
Ruth Kendall
Romeo Brault
Lily Newsome
Hector Donaldson
Evelyn Moore
Muriel Walllnger
Lest We Forget.
All Atlantic liners will hereafter
curry boats sufficient to take cure of
all on board in case of danger. So
fur as ls known there has been no oc-
cassion in the lifetime of this
generation when one of these ships
hud to use all of her boats for this
purpose. By the law of averages
that full compliment of boats will
uot be needed again for a lifetime.
But they will be on band and will be
ready for use until the Titanic accident is forgotten, and passengers
will havo ceased to think about
this kind of accident. Once in a
long lifetime an ocean traveller may
need u lifeboat. Every time he
crosses be needs, or thinks he needs,
curtain luxuries and much speed. As
before, the competition fur business
will not be among the safest ships,
hut between the largest, the most
comfortable, and swiftest. We need
not expect that the building of large
ships will cease. We need nut ex
pect that the slower ship will become
the most popular. Hut for a time
there will be new precautions covering peculiar dangers now hn night to
light. Travelling hy hout is as safe
as travelling by train. The authorities who ure investigating lu a
rather sensational way must have
obsorved that more tban 10,000 persons are killed every year In railway
accidents in the United States alone.
In the immediate presence of tbe
Titanic disaster the loss of life seems
so great that it is likely to destroy
lor a time the public sense of proportion.
Priests Ministered To The
Winnowed from among many of tho
pathetic stories of tbe Titanic catastrophe yesterday was a tale of two
clergymen who went down with the
Titanic while ministering to tbe welfare of the souls of the stricken
passengers grouped on their knees
about tbem. Ono of the clergymen
was the Rev. Thomas R. I). Ryles of
Westminster parish, London, wbo was
on his way to oftlclntf at the mar
Huge of his brother In Brooklyn, and
the other a German priest, whose
name |s unknown.
Father Hyles was In the first cabin
and the German priest la the steer
For u License to tnke aud use Wate
NOTICE is hereby given that John
Fournier of J a (Tray wilt apply for
license to take and use one cubic foot
of water out of Laiigley Croek,winch
iliiWN in an unseemly direction
through Lot 3055 utiil empties intu
Little Sand creek near JafTray. The
water will be diverted at u point
midway ou the Eastern Boundary ol
Lot 3055 and will he used for Irrlgn
tion purposes on the land described
us Lot 3055,
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 13th day oi April 1912,
the application will bu tilled in the
ofllce of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook
objections    may he liled    with the
said Water Recorder or with the Com
ptroller of Water [tights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
l6-6t. John Fournler, Applicant
(Southern Division East Kootenay i
TAKE NOTICE that Winslow Kay,
of Wfisu, occupation rancher,  intends
to apply tor permission to purchase
the tollowing described lunds
Commencing at a post planted ut
the North East Corner of 1.. aiu;.,
thence south 18-58 chains; thence east
:mi chains, thence north Bt] chains,
west to the Kootenay river, down
stream to point of commencement,
Datnl 21st November,  l'.Ul. 50-9t
District of East    Kootenny
TAKE notice that E. G. Stahl oi
Waldo, B, 0. occupation fanner, intends to apply for permission to pur
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east corner of lot (1231
thence east 40 chains; tbence north
40 chains; thence west An chains;
thence south 40 chains, to the point
of commencement, containing ICO
acres more or less.
BdwardGarfield stahl.
Dated Feb. 23. 1912. 10-9t
(Southern Division East Kootenay)
TAKE notice that Charles Grasley
Senior, of Baker, P.O., B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north east corner of Lot 6231,
thence eust 20 chains, thence aouth 40
chains, thence east 00 chains; thence
south 11.91 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 51.91 chains to
the point of commencement contain
ing 160 acres more or less.
Charles Grasley,  Senior.
E. G. Stahl, Agent.
Dated Feb. 24, 1912. 14-9-9t
(District of East Kootenay.)
Take notice that I, Coutts Lindsey
Chambers, of Sheep Creek, farmer,
Intend to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following lands:
Commencing at S. West corner   of
Lot 0117, group 1, thence     west   40
chains, thence north 40 chains, tbence
east     40   chains,   tbence   south   4<i
chains to the pluce of commencement
contuining 100 ucres more or less.
Coutts  Lindsay  Chambers
Dated  April 23rd.   1912 •18-9t.
age Sunday morning and, strangly
perhaps, each in his sermon bad
spoken of the necessity for mun to be
possessed of the lifeboat of religious
consolation in time of spiritual shipwreck. The story of tbe deaths of
the priests wns related yesterday by
three women survivors of the Titanic
Ellen Mocklnre, Bertha Moran and
Miss McCoy.
When the liner struck, they said,
Father Byles came down in the steerage passageway with bund uplifted,
commanding the people to be culm
and giving them absolution and bis
"He led us to where the boats were
being lowered," said Miss Mocklare,
"meanwhile saying prayers, and helped women and children into them.
He whispered words of comfort and
encouragement to all. The passen
gers were deeply Impressed hy his
self control. Twice be refused to enter tbe boat, and save himself.
"After the hoat had left the ship's
side," continued Miss Mocklare, "I
could hear distinctly the voices of llle
priests and the responses of the
people to their prayers. Then they
grew fainter and fainter and finally
1 could only hear tbe strains ol
"Nearer, My God to Thee."
The person who stands on the
street corner looking around for
something to gossip about or to tind
fault with, can always llml what he
is looking (or, but what a life he
lives. His soul shrivels and withers
until it is shown in his manners aud
looks. For such n person life hits lost
its savor. It becomes sour, misanthropic, whining. Ile passes from
bad to worse and sees no good lu
anybody. His taxes are always too
high, no matter how low they muy
he and he ctissei bis neighbor because
bis neighbor is prosperous and enjoys
life, In fact he hales himself, Is a
menace to ii town's prosperity, a foe
to God, and no good to tbe devil.
These persons seem to bfl a necessity
evil In every town. They ought to Input out.
District   Division of South Kast
Take notice that I, Robert Campbell oi Moyle, H. C, occupation Merchant, intend.-, to apply lor permission to purchase    the following   de-
irlbod lands:
Commencing nl " posl planted near
the South West, corner post of Lot
E.802, thence North 10 chains; thence
West 20 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point of Lot
2801, thence Eaal 20 chains to the
place uf commencomenl. containing
;W acres more or less exempting
therefrom tho lands covered by the
Rock Hill Mineral claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated February 27th  1912. 12 9t
(Distil.■! of   East Kootenay.)
I, Frank Houry Pearson of Fort
Steele in the Province of British Columbia, intend In apply for perm is
sinii to purchase scventy-tlvo acres of
land hounded as follows
Commencing al it posl planted ;tu
chains east ui the north east eoruitr
of lot  126 (>ti     tl nst haul, ol     alt
island; thence following tbo shore;
down stream to its most southerly
point; tbence up stream In an caster
ly nnd northerly direction to iis
northerly extremity; thence following
the west bnnk to the point ot commencement.
Dated this Mth day of March, 191:
12-iit. K. II. PEARSON
Provincial Elections Act
Cranbrook Electoral District
TAKK NOTIOB that I Imve received objections In writing to tha
retention of the following names on the KeKiHter o[ Voten lor the
Uwnhi'ook BUectornl District on the grounds as stated below.
And take notice that at a Court of Revision to be held on the 20th
day of May l'Jl^, at the Court House in Cranbrook at ten o'clock la the
forenoon local time. 1 shall hear and determine the said objections, sad
unless duel, named persons, or some other Provincial Voter on their
behalf, satisfies me thut such objections are not well founded, 1 shall
strike slli'h  names otT  tbe  said  ile^ister.
Aitou-  Registrar of Voters
Hated this  18th Day of  April,  1912.
The following persons are reported absent from the city.
Notice is hereby
serve existing   ov<
One,  Kootenay  His
braced in Timber
by reason of n not
24th  December  190'
the Hritisb Colnint
December  lflOT, is
Imt a sale ol the
ellectcil to  Klizabe
Lands Department
Victoria, B. C,
February nth 1912.
given that the re
ir l.ot C6i!:i, llroa|i
trict. formerly em
License No. 1*1727
ice bearing date of
7 snd published in
ila Cazette of 27th
cancelled in order
Bald lands may be
th GummLngs.
A. Kenwick
Minister of  Lands,
1.   Acton,  Maftln Thomas  Cranbrook
12. Allen, Richard      Swanasa
lus.   Beach, Bertram  James       Norbury    Avenue,  Cranbrook
114,   lieaudry,  Prank    Cranbrook
ISO.   Hnldlecombe, Krunk   Crunbrook
225.   Bromley,  James Hay   Cranbrook
27ti.   Htitler, Kred. William   Cranbrook
Oi    Oarmichnel,   Wilson  Cranbrook
4S7.   rronk. Herbert   Cranbrous
r,3r,.   lioig, John Alexander  Cranbrook
.*i74.   Qaglesome,  Kennedy    Cranbrook
G33.    Kindlay.  Robert James   Cranbrook
654,   Kollett, Frederick   Cranbrook
HhTi.   Kryer. Oharles John      Wattsburg
732.   Ililroy, Charles Henry   Crnnhrook
73ft.   (llanville, Robert     Wycllfte
73»i.   Qlavey, Thomas    Kort  Ht*ele
9911.   Kehoe.  (leorge   Cranhrook
1040.   Kuhn,   Henry    Cranbrook.
1140.   bowery, William Lewis   Armstrong Avenue,   Cranbrook
1144.   Lumsden,  William Watt     Kenwick   Avenue,   Cranbrook
1187.   Marshall, Albert I'  Cranbrook
1183.   Marshall, John  Cranbruos
1307.   Muir, David   CranbrooS
1310.   Muir,  .Seymour   Cranbrook
1353.   McOurdy, Charles Krvin   Cranbrook
13C5.   McDonald, Duncan (Iriint   Cranbrook
1602. Patton, Isaac Philip  C.P.R. Boarding House,     Cranbrook
1603. Patton,  John Philip   Cranbrook
160.1.   Patton, Silas H   Wcntworth  Hotel,     Cranbrook
1801.   Sherrinir, Alfred Henry   Cranbrook
1811.   Hims,  JnmeB    Cranbrook
1823.   Skea, James Lemon      Royal     Hotel,     Cranbrook
1931.   Sutherland. James Gordon   Cranbrook
2077.   Whrhell, Ralph Angus   Cranbrook
2127.   Wise, Otto Frederick   Cranbrook
2153.   Yeutiille, Charles Henry   Cranbrook
Read "The Prospector"
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date j intend to apply to the
Hon.   Chief CoimniSBioner ul   Lundr)
nnl Worka for a license to prospect
fui Coal and Petroleum on the foi*
lowing lands situate in the    District
i Southeast Kootenay.   British Oolumbla, in Ulock 4,V<:i.
Commencing at a post planted   at
>r near the Houth I'-ast corner post
of Lot 7510 and being <mi the east
boundary of Block 1693, and being
the North Wost corner post of the
Hoy Allen claim: Theuce uuuth SO
chains; thence east. BO chains; thence
north .So chains; thence west sn chains
tu a-point of commencement, con
taining (HO acres more or less.
Located this iMtli day of February,
Hoy Alien, Locator,
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9tll, i'JlU. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice in liereliy given that JO dayn
after date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Mun. Chief Commissioner ol Lunds
aud Works for u license tu prospect
for Coal and Petroleum uu the fui
lowing lands situate in the District
I of Southeast Kootenny, British Co*
tumiJiu, in Block 4693,
Commencing ut a pout planted ut
I or near -' miles euHt of the South
least corner post of Lot 7510, uu the
east boundary 'oi Block 4.VJ.I, and being tne north east corner pu«t of tiie
. Hoy Allen claim, thence south bu
< chains, theuce west nu chums, theuce
north fit) chains, theuce east bu chains
to a p.ant ot commencement, nialiiug
n-iii acres more or less.
| Located this     2-1 th day  of February,
Iluy  Allen,  Locator.
Witness John  Virgo.
Posted April yth, PJ12. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice is hereby given that :io days
after date I intend to apply to tlic
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
.ml Works for n license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the foi j
lowing lauds situate in the District i
of Southeast Kootenay, Bid tlsh Columbia, in Block 4693,
Commencing  at a   post  planted    at I
ur near the South ljusi  cornet' post.;
if lot 7510 and being on the enst boun j
dary of Block 4593, and     being   the
south west corner post of the Buy Allen chum thence north ko chains thonccj
east su chains, tbence south BO chains
thence west ko chains to a point   ol
foinmencoinoul.     making  640    acres
mure or less.
Located tins    24th day of February,
Buy  Mien. Locator.
Witness John Virgo,
Posted April Uth, 1912, W.O.McO, 15-5
Notice is hereby given that 30 dajri
after date J intend tu apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner uf Laud*
and Works fur a license tu prospect
for Coal and Petruleum uu the fallowing lands situate in the District
ul Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4r>W.
Commencing at a post planted at
or oeur 1 mile north uf the S.Uaat
corner post uf Lot 7510, uu the east
boundary of Block 4593, uud btlag
the South west corner post uf tba
John Virgo claim, tbence north KO
chains, tbence east 80 chains, tbence
south K0 clmiiiH, theuce west (40 chain*
to a point of commencement, making
040 acres more ur less.
Located thia 24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Hoy Allen, Agent.
Posted April Sth, 1912. W.C.McC. 16-fr
Notice is hereby given that .'in days
after   dale   |   intend  to   apply   to     the
iion.   chief Commissioner ol   Landa
and Works for n license to   prospect
for   Coal   and      Pet I oleum   oil   the   (ol
wing lands Hltunto hi the   District
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days
after ante 1 intend tu apply tu tne
j ton. chief Commissioner ui LuuOh
and Woiks tor a license to prospect
for t oul anil Petroleum on tne following lautls situutc in the District
oi Southeast Kootenay, British i'o
lUmbitt. in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles east of the Southeast corner post uf Lot 7610( and being un the east boundary uf Block
1,t'b>, and being the North West corner punt of the Boy Allen claim,
thence south so chains, tnence eus.
bO chains, thence north HU chains,
thence west mi chains to a point ol
commencement, making 640 acres
more or less,
Located tins    24th day of February,]
Boy  Allen,  Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. Irv5
Notice is hereby given thut 30 days
aftOI date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Cominiiisioner ol Lauds
aud Works (or a license to prospect
for Coal aud Petroleum ou the fui
lowing lands situate in the District
id hOllthOllsl   Kootenay,    British <'o
if  Southeast   Kootenay,    British Co j luinhiii, 111 Block 4593,
lumhla, iu Block 1593,
Commencing ul n posl planted at
or near 2 miles oitBl Ol the Soulh-
enst corner of Lot 7510 on the Kast
boundary or   Block  1593, and   holng
Ihe   South   Hhtflt   cornel     posl   ol     the
Hoy   Allen       el |,   theuce     ilorlh   SO
ohtllns; thence west nil chnins, thence
SOU 111 HO chulns, thence OUR I  ^u chimin
tn a iioiul  of commencement, making
in ncres more or Ichi
Commencing nt a post planted at
ur near 2 miles east ul the Smith
nasi coiner post <>r L<>t 7510, and be
Ing on tllfl en"t    boundary of Block
4593, und being the Smith west rut
ner post ol the J oil II Virgo claim,
thence north nu chains, thence east
HO chnins, thence south HO cliulnn.
theuce west HO chains to a point of
commencement) making nin acres
mine or less.
Luented this     :Mth day of February, j l.»rnted tlllB     24til day of February
Hoy  Allen,  Locator.
Witni'Hii John Virgo
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.O.McO. 16*6
John Virgo Locator
Buy Allen,  Agent
Polled April 9tlt, 1912   W.C.McC, 15 5
Notice is hereby given that 30 day*
after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
aud Works for a license tu pronpect
fur Coul and Petruleum on tbe following lands situate lu tbe District
ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near 1 mile north of the Southeast corner post of lx)t 7510, and being on the east boundary of Block
4J93, and being the south east corner
post of the John Virgo claim, thence
north SO chains, thence west 80 chain*
theuce south HO chains, thence east SO
chains to a puiut uf commencement,
making 640 acrei more ur less.
Located this Jitii day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Hoy Allen, Agent,
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice |h hereby given tbat 80 d»jr»
after date J intend to apply to tlu
Hon, Chief Commissioner of latitude
and Works for a license to prunpect
for Coal and Petroleum on the foi*
lowing lands situate in the Dlatrlct
if Southeast Kootenay, British Oolumbla, in Block 4698,
Commencing at a punt planted fit
or near I mile north,then 1 mile eaat
of the Smith oast curner of Lot 7610,
on the mist boundary uf Block 4691,
and being the South West corner
pimt of the John Virgo claim,
thence north K0 chains, thence Hit
HO chains, thence south HO chains,
thence west so chains tu a point of
commencement, making t',40 acres
mure or Ichh.
Located tbls     24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Iloy Allen, Agent.
posted April 9tb, 1912. W.O.McO. IM THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  ll. C
ADMISSION     Ncw Y„rk Giants Win From Cuban   Nationals
10c & 15c
Why He (lave Up
The Mistress of the Hacienda Del Cerro
10c & 15c
Cranbrook Local  News
Cottage Hospital  KIM1Y PRA^ICTUM8,
Matron:     Mrs. A. Salmon    R  A, Fraaer wna nt Port Btooio
Tuesday uii tuiHlnesa.
Tlic   Kootonny   OnrnRO   Co, is iu j
pectlng   ii  Carload   of   Kuril   Antonio
biloB next Wl'l'k.
V, It. Doty ol Vancouver, roprosout
ua- Un- rtemln-iton Typo VVrltor Co.
wnn in town tins wt-i k
Mr   anil Mrs   D   J, Klini-r r,-tnriu-il
Wednesday Irom n visit to Spokane
linUN ,,i Cranbrook, Monday April
81th  to Mr   ami  Mis.  Freak,  n
Terms tm Application
Pimm- JSM I'  11   Box 84S
Molei Hairdressing College
Ladles:—Learn the Hnirdress*
,   .      D        ,       , •     i li-it on Wednesday I
ing Art In 8 weeks.   Graduates Ui tll
earn Sin to 525 a week.
Write fur catalogue.
335 Spraguc Ave,     Spokane   Wash
Tbo    Kootonny    GnrnRo   Co,
l( ii woman ban an olil bnt on bur  boon    nppointoil  Hole aifentH t'
lii-nil, slu- bus n now one in hor mind,  famous Sticknoy flna Engine.
K    Cllne
C.l'.U,   iloapatehor,
botldny trip
Kii.hv [PRAMK8 I'lrrruKs
Mrs   I
Cooks liinki' linsini-ss for tho ,I,,rloi
ll ,, lint lotgot  i" do It lot n vi'-ii
he would not ,-,-t oul ol tta ut
The Kootenn)  Telepl o linen Ins
putcbaied ti on   tbi   ICootonnj Clai i e
i',,    i K,,r,i Ctnntneri ial  Roadntei
knne.  were  guest
ti Wi'.ltuvi'liiy.
Oban. Stepl bus °ith n party -11
i Kmher ot -ip,, ini-mls motored ovei to the 81 M " !
t  tin- Cranbrook   i,.,k,- Wednoadii) on n hnhlni trip
Mrs   I!    \   Ki mer and Ma)   White
* ■—-   iii-,ni  wi-rr visiniii-  Mi    nnd  Mra    '
Tnnnhnuser   it   Port   Steele Tueaday
L»'i-i'i-i''i''i'ri i'l'ri ^l l■^^■^l'l|^^''^^'^l•^^^^'^l*^l''*•^^-^^^^^',l■^■^"l''^■l'■^'l^'^^*^
We illustrate the
Diamond Suction
■ •   A Child Can
Use It.
Come In
11   And Let Us
■:   Give You A
You Get The
lt Gets The
So : i t.i. lion   ou.ii .uiiri-il u n h
ihe  nii'-l   triHllilesuliu
nl cases
Qttje liroeiu'ctav.
Hor Sales List.
FOR a \i.k Two pieces ot l nnl each
eontnlnlni" lour 15 lOOtta ncrea,
itii.' thousand ilotlarB each,
Malcolm Horte Land lots So. I
ind IG One half caah balanci tt)
su t i. per cent deterred pnymeut
w    k.   Beattie, City is it
All   Unas ol rresh   Vegetables and
Fruits orders taken (or cut flowers KOH -lAUS Goose EggB (or hatch
wedding banquets and (uneralwreaths nu-, pure bred TouIoubc geese,
il  Campbell „-*  Manning'.-, eggs $1.00- apply  t.> T.  South.
Cranbrook Hotel.
l1   V   Mott,   of   Kvnue.   represent
was :n  Fun   SALE- White    B.O.    Leghorn*
Wc dow stocli  the notod  Hamilton
«fr Incubators In sizes ol bo and 100 cap
T ucity   tCiisI   Kooton .\   Mercantile ■ '"
3>       \   report   Irom   Mnyi :    \    -'   Bow
"j- nesB, .it Montreal   states that he has
T disposed  ul   the sewerage debentures
4-      Mr.  I'liui    Hundley    ol   Marysville.
jj was m town Tuesday,  took delivery
T ol ins fine pnsscngei    cni    from   the
J* Kootenay Oarnge
town Tuesday,  from  a  business trip
West Koi tenay
The only time s  henpecked man Is
all wed    to   head   the   procession is
when his wife thinks she hears burglars downstairs
WykoR strain .heaviest layers $1.60
for 15 eggs. B.C. Rhode Island
Red, $1.50 for 15 eggs; I'ekln |
Strain Puck Eggs, $1.50 for 12
eggs. All eggs from first class
stock. Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wattsburg, B.O.
F. PARKS & Co.
.      Hardware, Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
" CRANBOOK, 11. C.
L4-ilil _______ i _*,_!._i.,t.,i_-t_lJ-i—i.l* *l IJ.1—1..I. .I.J..I..I.J
" TT'M'l''ITt'ITTTTTI"!   rT*I**T*I**1* 1**l**(**l"l
New   Gorgonzola    Cheese at  Fink's
Pure Food Gr icory
a Cranbrook merchant has tbia
X algn hum; up In his store—"Come In]
t without knocking; and be careful to
I   go out thp same way.
i, "It does seem  hard  to understand
■r why some people marry each other,"
T remarked  the  Sociologist.     ' I  sup-
'""*" pose It's due to the fact that misery
loioed    house   for   sale.   $1000.00
two lots,    central, terms apply
.1.   Bennett,   opposite   Sash   and j
Door  Factory—18-2t
.   'I"l"i"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"t,,l"l"l"l"lii"l"l"l'
\\    The 41 Market Co.
"Illis  nriinr  sl;inils  for  whal   is best ill
Fresh Meats, Pish, Poultry, Etc.,  Etc.,
■ •    Our Sole Aim Is to Oivu SulisfiKttion    Tills we can most
JJ    certainly do in tlio event of you Klviii'f us mi opportunity
Try our
Brookfield Sausage & Creamery Butter
"Socotltl   to   None"
"PHONE 72"
ll|i.|o|o|,|.,|..t..|..t,.|,.|,.|,.H.|- ■
loves company,
The May Day Dunce was held in the
Auditorium on Wednesday night.
The dance wns well attended and the
music furnished by the Qeurard Orchestra was excellent.
FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Rhode Is
land ami Brown Leghorn Wggs,
$1.50 for 13 (I.W.l.adils. city. 9-8
FOR BALK—Kpga for hatching,
White Wyandottes, $1.50 tor 13
egg8. White H. C. Leghorns,
$1.00 for 13 eggs. J. Sanderson. Sunnyside Poultry Farm. 17-4t
WANTED—100 chickens. I want to
buy these at once. Write Robert Taylor, Cranbrook, B. O., j
giving price and class of
birds. l7-4t
KOR HALE—Eggs for hatching from!
At  the Presbytorlnn Church tumor I selected winter layers, in S. C.
row   the Rev,   W.   K.   Thompson   ot Mode lalamd Beds, wbHM wyan-
atnvely, Alta, will preach u>tli morn- dottes, bufffl orpingtons andS-C. |
' inu und evening.     A cordial welcome] white and brown leghorns $1.50
lH  extended   to  everybody   tu  attend ' P~r  Betting.   •'•  Oartside,  Pleas-j
——- ant View, Poultry Farm, Cran*
■    It  If the  intention  of  the  Provln- j brook.   Phone 377B. 13-tt
Iclnl   Government    to   make   all   the U'OH    SALE—Poultry   ranch,    build I
I principal  trunk  roads  impervious to ings to accommodate 1000 fowls
water which will also give  a   much niao L000 fowl, -t-roomed bouse ;
harder surface and no dust.   Hot airi well nnd pump attached, irriga-
is tin- process tt> be used.
lieo.   H.   AHhwiirtb,   Phone   i;,'.i.
NOTIOB  TO    PR1HND8.   Ulomty
of Cranhrook did not jjo down on
Titanic, as iitsi roportod Has ro
turned ami will make bis home iu
ibis citv until further notice.
17 II Hl.nNPY
Mpectiil at (lie Auditorium tnin.-ht
PnthO'M    Weekly.    Illll'llt on,     ICllglUlUl,
dispateliiiii; Undol Troops Havana,
Cuba New York Giants win 1st hiihh'
'I  tbe xcM'ion   Thorpe,   Kiu'llah holllM
iiiiiid tvom its foundations by atorm.
Trlpolu, Italian Turklah Wm.
special tot  the Indies  n good film
nhoWllig a Mplcadiil example of the
Hair l Irossot'S A it or ■' Why he gavi
ip" Tho MlBtrees Hacienda dal
i 'ei ro   She   gets  even   with   Father
\ mooting oi   the   Retail   Olork'H
Vasoclatlon was held on Wednesday,
Slav 1st., nl which a considerable
a mount n| business was done The
"dorks" are active In business both
for tholr employers and for them
selves, ami the connect ions between
both parties are most irlendly, and
ol groat heneiit to all. There is a
movement on foot to canvass and Rot
the opinion of tbe merchants m re-
gard to a hall holiday on Wednesday
of ench week. This will enable the
clerks to got around and meet tbelr
many friends in n plenHiint, social,
and husiuess way and be a source of
interest  to all.
The gardens are all busy and will
advanced with their seeding. A number of new Iiouhcs have sprung up
where a short time agostuoil tbe
dense forest. Ont on the Kootenay
Orchards there is grent activity In
i leafing land and building houses.
Mr. B. H. Taylor has moved into
bis new cottage on block IC, whilst
Mr. Knightly is preparing a site tor
his new residence. Mr. E. tl. Harding has his new abode well under
way and expects to move into it
next week. He will proceed with
clearing this land preparatory to going into the fruit, and chicken business, Mr. Harding is a practical
man and possessed of considerable
capital and much experience. Mr. H.
N'nyce has cleaned bis five acre block
and is having it plowed nnd seeded.
He has a verv choice tract. Mr.
Prinrle at Sylvan Lake, has about
live ncres ready for the plow and intends to sow it to grain soon.
Methodist Church
Rev.  W.   Kison   Dunham,   Pastor.    ,    , ,
Helpful Hints
Buying Wall Paper
I his is Wall Paper lime.
When Mm ure ready tu do
vihii pnpen'ng, rome in and
nee mn snniples, In times
p.isi you have found tIn*
Willi Papei (Juration c|uite u
problem, Let us help you
with it tins vi-ai anil see how
easy u will lit-.
We i.in get you a good
competent ptiper-hangei and
relieve you oi that part of
your trouble,
Beattie-Murphy Co.
H-+++++++++++B .
Block on Baker Street
Baker Street
Renting for $85.00 per month   j|
■ ■ ..
*f++++++++++•|--H,-H4+++• ***4******************
Sunilay Services: The pnstor will
preach at 11 a.m. nnd 7:30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Mind under
Evening subject: "How (iod mnde
The choir will render special music!   V"' " ' " " ""' ' "" ' "'"*"' "l"1"' "'"l"'"'"'"'"'"'''"''' ' ' '"' 'i
v The Cranbrook Trading  Co.
Grocery Snap, Every Day
;|   Chick Food,  Something Young Chicks Must Have
$4.50 cut. ;c  ll,.
Navigation between Windermere
and o-ihlen was opened on Snturday
: last by the arrival ul the Nnwlkn. i
-She was followed hy the Selkirk.The
unusual low water in the river has'
delayed boats coming up this season.
j,   delayed boats cot
+       The    store     fo
have them all,
Spuds   Grass
Sccil    Oatv
-   1 iarden Si
Wheat,   Hail
eds.   ht..
ted etream runs through land,.
50 4-yenr old apple trees planted
100 3-year old current hushes,
one acrea cleared, rest stumps
standing, 5 acres over all.
Terms J3.000 to be paid $1,5001
cash and the balnnce to suit I
purchaser.   Apply at this olticcJ
i-'HR SAI.B.   Kgga for hatching, Crystal While Orpingtons,    special
  selected  breeders    from strictly!
A   iieetiin.'   of the Parmer's Instl lirst class    stuck.   Strong win-
tute nil! be held in the Government ter laying strain   H.MI per sit-
bulldlng neit Wednesday evening Mny ting of 13, fertility guaranteed,
8th, al 8 p.m.   Tims s. Olll wi I give O.  K. Kendall, Cranbrook, llox
n   Paper   on   tl 1'nlimizutiiui   of "IliC. tf
Flowers"   by   Bees—Everybody   wel   e"OR SAI.B.—Ono Chathnm'Incubator
ciime ll!l) eggs, also black cochin ban-j
tain eggs.  $2.00 per sitting. Or-
at both services.
Mr. 0. W. Laubach, choir leader
Mr. ,1. Stanley Teck, organist
A cordial invitation is extended to
all to attend the above services.
■ b      HEAD   OFFICE
the big dollars
worth. — East Kootenay Mercantile I
P++++++++M-+*********4.* ■•■ .|..|.*4-i..|.-h-■• *********$,  —
The regulnr meeting of the Womens
Inslltlte will be held this month at
■ he nome nf  Mrs.   Murgatroyd, at 31
P.m.   shan 1   Tuesday, May 7th.
N demonstration ol candy makine,
•nil be given by Mrs. J, 11. McOlure
nd   refreshments   win   be provided.
per sitting. Orders taken for the "peerless" I
and "Hamilton" incubators and
brooders. Apply s. Macdonald I
I'. 0. llox 1112 Oranbrook II. O.'
^■M-t-H**l-l--t-->-t--t--l--H--l--l-l**************** r* I I > ■H-H-4
All Lots
Mrs.    Charlos    l.eveii    wlshei
bun);   Colonel   and   Mrs.   Henderson!
dings, cent rally located In the
I'llv-$13110 cash, a good bar !
Alloted   to   tlii*>  District
iii the OFFICIAL
Townsite of Port Mann
Have been Sold. We
arc still receiving applications but cannot promise delivery.
SOBNIO  Heights,   Vancouvor,    Lots
mti.  corners  'Mil   terms $15.00
. , down nml $10.00 per month.      i
■       ,1 Ith    .Id  time friends f„r the \nmw ,„„„„ Cottage and nut bull-
nanosome gin presented tii her as a
surprise on this ber lirst trip out of
the valley for twenty  veins, and In
*   Mle.l",',',-' ""1" '"' ,'"" K"' "'."  OT"   mB "'■ "'" •"■'" Wh. suitable f„r!
I n Z"f0f:'8l,°a '" "!1""'■,■ '"" "'■'dt.   deuing,     or Poult?,
T  """   '" '""  '"»»"* uratltude. rill8lngi ,   mll09    „,„,„   Uivn
i Oranuln   nhe   new   ground   maple guaranteed     from frost, $100.00
± ...gar) delicious for fresh fruit nl th.LlM "',"', a,c'"' ""^''f'''" tl™»-
j.   Fink's Pure F I 1 In,eery Five nud ten    acre blocks   ol     ilrst
±                               class    Innd  suitable for     fruit, I
J. Victoria  Dny  will ho celebrated In "nrdening,  or    poultry raising,
j Cranbrook,  Al tho Fair Qrounils the tw0 <'"u'" 1'om Crnnhrook $l(Hi'
1 Commlttec"has arranged for n Itace
4 Meet,   nml  the prizes are to the r.x
Visitors to the City
R.  A.  Kimpton,  Windermere
II.  H.  McCarthy,  Calgary
A. L, Flndley, Calgnry
W. L. Griffin, Vnncouver
H. I,. Parsons, Toronto
.1. Little, Vancouver
M. P. Wood, Cherry Creek
J. Hullen, Medicine lint
R. Angus, Vancouver
W. Beatty, Spokane
II.   Laird.   Moyie
Anderson,  Alhalmere
Clarke. Athalmero
Mansiin, Jnflray
P. Bland, Toronto
.lack Veuobles,  Vancouver
I. II. Shields, Calgnry
c. it. Eldertnn, Vancouver
I. Bodkin, Winnipeg
4 tcnl -.f $1000.00, vnluntnrlly given by
1 local citizens, tradesmen, and others,
I The children ol the Public achool will
T   I lili-rtnllieil and provided for by a
+ i-.,iiiiiiiti,-i- from the Over Hens club.
J The  Cnnaillnn  di-legnt.es  have heen
T snlocteil by tho govorninont to attond
T   " ti'iiinlliinal    congt-oas   nn   nnv
* Igatlon, which win open nt Phlladol
•e   ..,     	
1111 acre. Easy terms.
Tliree ten acre hlockn of choice fruit
land in tlic famous Creston die
triet. lliiviTlimelit riiinl past
property. Five minutes from
Station. $H5 per acre, Eimy
oinmitii-i- from the Over Seas Olub. I terms.
.,.,     ,,       .    ——— '•'ll"  HALE store  building     and  lot
in-     nnadiun  delegates  bnve heen for SB,"5f|.00, Terms   to rosnon
'■    ""  ■■■ ■■-■-■"■■ • "•   •'"■ill J slide pnrtleo,  Here's nu oppor
tlllllly  for  one     or  more entei-
prising     men    to gol   in    on 11
I  P""    Mny   Mrd    Thev an-   Col.   thing
J.  w  p. Anders,,,,, chief engineer „i the | RANCH containing 307 acres,    one
NH|»M,|"|'|'.|i|'.».|.|-M"t'l''^M»M'*latat..t.t.i|l|,»|,,ta) | | | ,\ r*H* *J
linn,.   .|i-|i„ltine,,l,     ,|0|,|i    Kennedy
I consulting   englnoor;   I--    w    Cowlo!
"«'"' oi '•'•' "i the Montrenl harbor
board, nml .1   H   Artnstrong.O.H   ol
Freilel leliin
W      W.   Kll.HY.
(Additional  Lnciils,    Page 5 |
third under   cultivation, i.ooo
"00 i.-et   cod    tlmhor     Oood
buildings, I mile from Kootenny
Control Station, Wasa, $5,000,
Terms onehnlf rush down
S      \      IIEIII
ileal   E,-ti,i,. & Employment   Agoiu'j
I'll '''I. or write llm 300
Cranbrook, n. c.
L. W. McNIchol, London
N. R. Iliillcy, Philadelphia
J. S. Hooper. Vancouver
H.  Baldwin,  Winnipeg
i>. J, Smilile, Toronto
.1.  H, Stanley, Calgary  (shriner)
H. D. Young, Nelson
(!. A. Staples, Nelson
I'nul liennisoii, Vnncouver
('has. L. Trotter, Vancodver
E. B. Hill ft  Wife.  Lethbrldge
Ronald R. Hart, Toronto
Chas, Blow, Calgnry
Thos. Martin, Fernle
W. II. Murr, Coleman
J, S. Hewetson, Vancouver
R. Malcolm, Calgnry
M. E. palmer, Vancouver
Win. Cbaiiiberliiln, Klinborley
Win. Foray th, Kimberlny
■I. A. Mott, St. Mnry's Lake
It. nimmook,  Klmherley
P. Pennon, Spoknne
W. Ilnnnnhnn, Nelson
E.  neoaulinler,  Moy|„
E. W.  Rvniin, Mnryiivllle
H.  L.   Sawyer.  Marysville
R. .1, Allen, Itevclsloke
Mr. and Mrs. Doughty Hostncr
H   W, lleattle. Spokane
T   ('. Clark, (lore liny
C B, Simpson, Nelson
Mlsn Crncc Brown, Hpoknne
i P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
"Shamrock Brand"
. tH-I-I-I-I-I-I-H-I"!-^-^-^-*H-H-H-^-H
KdU SALh;   Ono nt Crniiliruok'N iikihI liHiiiillfnl homes
at n snrrilii-i-     ll   is   lociltuil   in   lho   host   |illl'l   of  Ihn
residential district, und onciiples 11 full lots,   A boauilul
levol lawil. (liiinl vviniilslii'd nnd hn I'll. '1'ln-Iiiiiim-inn
tiling 7 rooms beside bathroom, toilet, piinlr.y and hull
Bewerugo pipes nil laid, oonorolo fouiulalloii und lira
place in den,   Por Price nnd lorms apply in
|| Chapman's     Agency ii
P, O. Box 62    CRANBROOK. B.C.
Phone 401   :;
i ,^L*4..r*4ul~*4^.4..r******************4 11 | | ,|,,|,|.,|„|, ■-•.
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormiek
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Dune at Reasonable Cost.
Works:       Opposite Depot
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A black mure Btrayotl intn my place
on Krlilny ol Inal. Week. Ita WOlKllt iH
ahout eleven to twelve hundred. Iiiih
hrowu nose, ollppoil mane, ami shod
nil round, Owner can have horse liy
paying lor thm nilvorllsomonl and
keep nl horse -Apply to P llylnniler
Jallrny, II. C. iv-lt
i Short Work of
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 " '";"' ;" I" l^yeuia-uurntlitii
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 fin ell nrli-i»l,l ,!,».
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-' Ih.'i!l £[£L' fthtuitmio Rjmjdy
'..'.!, V.'."' ''.","," »*L.""'".. "' "' >""r nan Iwliir.
•' ii'-i-'-Iii AbUi |U,„7||H ll,-,,,,,,, ,,*,..
' '■ ■•'-• 'I nwr ilniml, mi tlu„. it
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug t Book Co.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol ""•'<"•• •'•'» nerve la th. budf
 T In Ita enipai leniiun; laaluiai
.lm and ulalit v I'lamalule decay anil all aaaua!
««aknei, airrleil at .lie. rtioaphoaivl «|J
!a,k"J"',V 1!""" "'*".-. r""* lt ■ BSlOI (wo t",


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