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The Prospector Jul 5, 1913

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 We Test Eyes
Grind Out Own Leaiet and
Guarantee ,You a|Fit
ht m*!§
r,'nvf*IClnl     T a   -  ,
^M "*"* A_eitibl»
The 'Leading Newspaper
$2.00 Per Year
JULY  6th, 1913.
NUMBER   27.
Helping the Farmer
Dominion and Provincial Governments Work Hand
in Hand
During the next cnuple ol weeks the
agreements under tho Aid to Agi (culture Bill, which was pusBed last ses.
slon will he Bigned between the prov
incea and the Dominion. The agree
ments for Ontnrlo and Prince Edwnrd
Island have already heen signed and
negotiations in wuiird to the othcrn
nre now In progress.
Under the act which Hon. Martin
Burrell, Minister ol Agriculture hnd
pnsaed last session—nnd which by thc
wny the Liberals opposed—no ten
than ten million dollars iB appro-
proprinted (or the encouragement ot
agriculture, thc amount to be spread
over ten years. Thc sum ol $700,000
la allotted this first year and this
amount will he increased by 1100,000
annually until 1917 fiom which yea
until $1923 $1,000,000 will be provided yearly. The gradual expansion
nnd growing es-ulpment of the provincial organizations it is felt, will bc
met in this way more b/dpfully than
hy start ng at thc million mark.
Tbe money is being spent largely to
strengthen all lines   of instructional
She is my own;
And I as rich in having such n jewel
As twenty seas, lf all their sand were
The water nectar, and the rocks pure
—Two Gentlemen ol Verona.
The marriage of Mr. Maurice Quain,
(an account of which we give below
taken from the Victoria Times) to
Miss Ella G. Cocker, will be received
witb many expressions of congratulations from his many friends. Maurice made friends wherever he went
and though he has remained a long
timc*| single may he also remain a longtime married to enjoy the union he
hu so recently made.
Mr. Quain is manager of tbe Quain
Electric Co., whose head offices are
at Cranbrook, having also a branch
is Medicine Hat, where the business
ot the firm is increasing so rapidly
that Maurice is going there himsell
to make his home. 'Hia Interests,
however In Cranbrook will call him
many time* to this city and where
he can always rely on receiving th
best of welcome.
"The Prospector" with his many
"riejids join in congratulating ttj.
happy pair and wishing them th:
best ol wishes for lifelong happiness
and prosperity.
"Rev. Dr. Cameron and Rev. J. B.
"Warnlcker officiated at the marriage
"of Mr. Maurice Quain, of Cranbrook,
and educational work. The purpose
of thc Minister cannot, bc better set
forth than quoting from his speech
delivered In the house when •_. measure was introduced:
"Holp given in an educational direction will not only mean better
farmers and better and happier men
and women. The Particular form such
assistance mny take mny vary with
the special needs and conditions In
ench province. It wlll embrace the
incrensing of the
of our agricultural colleges; the establishment, ot agricultural schools,
of dairy and horticultural schools, ol
short courses in agriculture; the initiation oi agricultural teaching in
the public schools and work by travelling or located instructor... It
might well include the valuable educational work carried on by means of
demonstration trains, training ol
teachers in nature study nnd the Invaluable work of domestic science
concerned with the women and girls
ci.' our communities, whose influence
will always constitute one of the
most potent forces ln Bolving the
problems we are considering.
"nnd Miss Ella Gladys Cocker,
"daughter ot Mra. Cocker, Burdette
"avenue, which took place on Wednesday Afternoon, June 25, at the
"family residence. The bride's sis
"ter, Miss Myrtle Cocker, was brldes-
"mald, and her brother, Mr. Ray
"Cocker, was best mnn. Mr. and
"Mrs. Qualn left town in the' after-
"noon for Seattle en route for New
"York, Boston, Montreal, Bradford
''and other eastern points. They will
"make their future home in Victor-
"ia. Among the gifts received was
"a handsome tea service from the
"Tabernacle Baptist Church with
"which the bride is connected.—Vic
tori*.  Times.
Miles City, July 3—The largest
bail ever known in Mites City fell this
evening about seven o'clock. Hall, the
size ot baseballs, weighing six ounces and more, seemed common, but no
damage other tban two skylights has
yet been heard of.
Mrs. John Towers found a ston-
seven and one bait Inchea in diame
ter and seven inches thick. Mrs. Por.
ter one of eight inches in diameter,
O. M. Lampher one nine inches ln
diameter and thirteen inches the other way; George Robbins one of ten
Inches and two inches through. Judge
Loud foinil one thirteen in.lrcs in
circumference some time alter the
End of the School Year
Honor List and Promotions
Summary of Attendance, June, 1913
L, J. Cranston .
G. F. Dexter .'..
Miss Darkis
Miss Uetchel
Miss Suttaby ..
Miss Richards .,
Miss Hiscocks . .
Miss cartwright
Miss  Faulkner   .
Mias McDonald .
Miss  Roth lie  . .
Av. Att.
P. C.
Roll of Honor
Dlv.   Proficiency
Frances Drummond.
M. tt. Vigil Santo
Dorothy McLean
Muriel Baxter
Freda Taylor
Eli at-eth 1'lgott
Norman Beech.
Vivan Kummer
Arthur Lower
Hector Dmaldson.
Re-.il.rlty and
Oracle Higgins
Winnifrtd Webb
Agnes Reekie
David Watson
Mnh Bing
Wilfrid Krnn dy
Alma Sarvis
Gabrella Hamilton
Sam Watson
Vera Lister
B.raice Pratt
Camilla Tito
Mabel Turner
Hilda Wood
Willie Atchison
Gladys Brookes
Jennie Hopkins
May Brake
Kathleen Atchison
Richard Johnston
Walter Greek
Ellen Jt h-ison.
Division 7, (Miss Hisco.ks tiac
her,) wins Nelson Shield tor highest
percentage attendance.
2. 13 76.9
3. « 69.5
4. Sr. 6 91.6
4. Jr. 17 95.
5. 17 91.2
e.                     19 84,2
HONOUR ROLL 1912-13.
Burch  Art    13
R. Johns: on  13
Alb.  Laurie    13
G. Wai inger  13
F. Bamford  11
M.  Care >n  11
V. Fin-    11
R. Burch  10
P.   MeVahh     10
E.   Spence     10
R. St. Eloi  10
II.   Mua.ser    8
N. Thompson  7
A.  Mennie  10
S. Murgatroyd .  10
W. Daniels  8
A. Brault  11
G. Taylor   8
Thompson 0  8
Fred Swain  8
A. H. Wefib  7
M. Dallas  6
Mah   Bing    12
Way  Ng Wai  '
W.   Laurie    9
D, McNeil  6
D. Watson  6
'R.  Brault    5
J. Turner     6
,*,-,*, | ,| ,,*, • • *i ****************. ** I * 11.1.| |. m ll 11 * 1111111M *t 111III111;;
j British Columbia Nurseries Co. Ltd. \
of Vancouver, B. C.
are in a position to furnish THE BEST grade of
itock to be had anywhere, at prices that will be ap-
- predated. Planters who want the BEST TREES
that experience and capital can produce should enquire of us for proofs of the above assertion.
The largest planters and the best horticultural
authorities in the province will bear out our statements
when we say that no trees can be procured that are as
GOOD and as TRUE-TO-NAME as those we are
furnishing our customers in this province.
Our eighty-page Catalogue, and pictures from our
Nurseries, mailed free, on application. Write for
them if you are interested.
We have a liberal proposition to offer any LIVE
man who -vill represent us in districts not at present
covered by us. We want only first-class, honest, energetic men te act as Salesmen. If you can fill the bill
and want a permanent position with us, write immediately, giving references. Do not apply unless you
mean business.
Yours for fair dealing,
The B. C. Nurseries Co., Ltd.
A. Brown
D. Daniels
H.  SimpEon
Marjorie Burton, Gllberte Brault,
Edith Clarke, Eva Cadwallader,
Henry Dan els, Walter Freek, Herbert
Gi orge, Ray Hill, John Lancaster;
lie nor Lavecque, Arth'uz Lower,
Murray McFarlane, Roland McLean,
John Odgen, Bernice Pratt, Helm
shackleton, Raymond St. Eloi, Edward Stone, Jamie Taylor.
Helen Bremmen, Jean Cayo, Harold Dow, Walter Lee, Ruby Lister,
Janus McUinnia, Helen McGoldrlc,
Ernest   South,   Edna   Freek.    Erwln
l>u., nunarl nuuglan. >
Stanley Blower, Dorothy Doris,
Marlon Henderson, Theresa Lacy, Vera
Lister, Sibyl McDonald, Flossie Gard,
Helen Summervllle,    Milton Sissons,
Ruby Scott.     	
Gerald Ilartlam, Lena Brogan, Mny
Brumbaugh, Gernld Cllne, Norval
Casla'se, Him Hlng, John Hyde, Vivan Kummer, Sam Maon, Freda Unborn, Mary Bnmmerville, Hope Taylor, Gordon Woodman, Hugh Willard,
Leo Frost, Joe Stojack, Mack Kirkland, Jean Donaldson, Reta McMillan.
Gilbert Simmons, Pntricia McDer
mot, Roderick Kennedy, Vera Barter,
Jack Ward, Eneas Hogarth, Christopher Duekerlng, Margaret Carr,
Charles Musaer, Ida Dunning, Thomas
Hogarth, Gladys Shackleton, Howard
Brogan, Elizabeth Chapman, Stanley
Fyles, Gordon Armstrong, Alire I
Jollied..', Isabel Parser, James Lo
gan, JFrnnk Roberts, fflltty Roslndale,
Lenore Little, Ethel Clnpp. .
Norman Kerch, Mah On, Gabrelli
Hamilton, Faith Ewin, Willie James,
Alice Brake, Dudley stone, Kathleen
Atchison, Ella Kendall, Ruih Simp
son, Sam Watson, Leonard Burton,
Lenore Hill, Arthur Gill, Jnek Steir
.ns, Arthur Couldewell, Jack Kirk
land, Ami'' Parnaby, Gertie I'arna
by, Ada McKe. n.i. Irene l.innell, Jim
Tito, Cam! I" llto, Edward Tito,
Malcolm Belanger, Donald Dallas,
Joseph Frost, Gertrude Hopkins,
Snd e Lacey, Hi 'in* Laurie, Palmer
Rutledge, Samuel Speers, Cyril Sel-
by, Norman Wassou, Bella Foster,
Maud Hcolt, liny Scoft, Harold lle.|
Jack   Moftat,   Stanley   Mndat,  and
Mamie llarllam, Edward lliiinliiir.il,
Merle Bennett, May Brake, Charles
Olnpp, Edith CutnmlngB, Fanny Gari-
sldc, ( ttn (lill, Hugh I'nnnah, Hill-
aell Leask, Ida Johnson, Mary Mnnn,
Marion McKinnon, Ella McOoldrlc,
Lid Is Plgo'.t, David llee'ilii, Hnny
Kathleen Snoik, Helen Worden,
Smith, Alma Snrvis, ]OM|h riwnln
Knthlesn llcn'on, Mary On" "Oil, Mnr
ion   Drummond,   Mabel  Finlny,   Mar
garet Lacey, Barry McDonald, Eric
McKinnon, Pearl Pratt, Winnie Phillips, Flossie Robinson, Everett Will,
ams, Harols Krummer, Freda .'ay
lor, Hugh Simpson, Christine Carson,
Edith Lewis, Danny Daniels, Delphlne
B.nnett, Garfield Taylor, Charlie
chapman, Roy Leask, Mary Lacey,
Agnes Soimsville, Bessie Woodman,
Hugh McDonnld, Joe Pnttlnson, Mu
hei Cameron.
Wilfred Kennedy, WUma McNabb,
Jeanette Jones, Muriel Walllnger,
Irmu Ward, Faith Kendall, Violet
Jones, Jennie Hopkins, Harold Hood,
Cecil Reade, Nina Belanger, Allan
Brown, Donna Argue, Edith Murgu
troyd, Thirza Johnson, Margaret
Morrison, Annie Blnyney, Ellen Johnson, Hector Donaldson, Edith Could-
well, Annie Shaw, Edna Sanderson,
Annie Orr, Alfred Slndnll, Harold
riasl ,m, David Watson, Gladys
Brokes, Mah Ding, Clifford St. Eloi,
Ng Wnl Hoy, Ruth Kendall, Cor s
Sainsbury, Irene Beech, Grace Dori-,
Dewey McNeil, Annie McBirnie, Ed
ward Turner, Lily Taylor, Herbert
Bradley, Hattie Hollander, Rome0
Brault, Mabel McGoldiic, Violet
Simpson, CroBsley Taylor, Mary Mullen.
Allan Lacey, Eddie Brown, Lillia
McCready, Ruby Finlny, Walter Lau
Muriel Baiter, Mabel Brown, Floi-
ence Rutledge,, Armour Brault, Wil
lie Atchison, Rowland Cog, Melvlll
Dallas, ban-ley McNeil, Mary Barn
hardt, Fred Swain, Anil 'Iho mum
Gordon Taylor, Milo Drummond, J
Hyslop, Francis Cadwullader, Mm
Small, Clarence Hickeobotham, Net
tie Marcelluis, Beryl Cameron.
Dorothy Mr Leu n, Mnry Dunning,
Gordi.n Argue, Agnes Itee'.ie, Margaret Mullen, Mary Malcolm, MnrgarU
St. Eloi, Doris Walllnger, Margaret
Da. is, Alex Mennie, Willie Daniel*
Edwin Malcolm, l.o'-tle Hoorc, May
Smith, Gladys parnaby, Sydney Mm--
gatroyd, Gladys Spence, Ada Jacks,
Grace Bardgett, Alice Brown,
Bcrnadette Doyle, Hilda Hood, Caroline Uo. Helen Kirhy, Chartott:
Leask, Orma McNabb, George Pratt,
Dora Pye, Arthur Riches, Vigil San
to, Merle Taylor,, Wlnnifred Webb.
Harry  Doris,   Nigel Thomson,
Open    sessions    were   held   in   th
Crnnbrook   Manual Training   School
on Thursdny and Friday, June   lit
and   20th respectively. The storm id
Thursday  afternoon   caused a smn'
nttendnnce   that   evening,    but    th
room presented a very busy scene . n
Friday evening.     The hoy.  were  a,
busy as bees.    Each boy is siipplid
with a blueprint o( the model he i
making  i ml  lollowa this clos ly  all
through the eiercise.    Drawings   an
models made during the yenr were on
exhibition  and  clearly   proved  thn
the recent session must have been   i
strenuous one.    'lh.  models includ.-,
labels,   ti.wnlut  Rtakei,  key nnd  pen
ell racks, string winders, shields, tl„i
and round rulers, drum sticks, mar
ble   boards,   noule   holders,   paper
knives, window sllcls, tie racks nn
a line inisc stand.     Many    ol   tin
drawings were e-.cell.nt and all cold
be classed   as  good.   Models  Contain
Ing Joints  will  lunn  thr course  I.i
the next term. All lli.ise rlliwns wh,,
failed to visit the exhibition ought to
tnnkf a call any time nest t-rm ami
see the class ol work going on at I In
uttawn, June 30.— The r.-d crOBB oi
Geneva ('loss," which Is very wide
ly itsed In advertising medical good
and other articles by bus.ness houB .
cannot hercnlter be used (or an;
business purposes without the per
million ol the medical cmn-ll ol
Cnnada. Any person or hUB'nen
houses dl,obeying this order will In
liable to n line and lorleliure ol thi
goods upon which the emblem i
A number ol ar(|.*les on lhe nini
ket will bc nflertrii by this order, n
there are all k:nls of patent mnl
Iclnes and even liquors liearlng th
red ernes aa a trade mark.
Commission Sits
Sitting of Agricultural Commission at  Cranbrook-
Many Useful Suggestions Offered
Last Monday morning the Agricultural pommiBBion appointed by the
Government met in the Government
Buildings at Oranbrook, to enjuire
into the interests and needs of the
Agricultural requirements of the district; tiie i', i in ni i**,-, 11 hi incidentally
enquired in to ether issues having
bearing upon, tho matter iH interest
ing citizens'with nn agricultural turn
if mind to locate in the country in*
stead of continually flocking toward
the larger cities.    The chairman   ol
the Commission cited eases wliere the
people from the Old Country and
Knstern Cnnada wore all Mocking to
ward tho const cities and in a way
bocomlng ft burden to the authorities
as well ns (l disappointment to them
It were far better i-i the settler
would give more thought to remain
ine on the lands and properly cul
tlvating the Same thnn becoming Inhabitants of cities already overburdened by too largo an inllux of inv
migrants. The interest the various
Provincial governments throughout
the length and bnadth of Canada
arc taking in the farmer and th
material help which is being offered
to them makes It more to their ad
vantage, and more interesting to tht
family to have a dwelling of their
own and n piece of land to cillttvati
from which thoy cnn produce foi
their material help and prolit,
The Commission made several en
ipiiries as to the possibilities which
lay in the future whereby the farms
of a district, could he connected with
the nearest city for the benefits o
communication and co-operation.
Much stress was laid on the ad van
tages of the co-operative system ae
applied to farmers in the sale o."
their produce as well as to the benefits which would accrue it cheaper
money, in the way of loans, wen.
made by the Government for the de
velopmcnt of the strips of lund taken
up by the settler.
Attending tills Commission were a
large number of farmers nnd several
interested citizens, beside various
members representing the Agrlcultu,r
ul Association and the Farmers' In
The Com mis don was composed o
the following gentlemen'
W.  H.  Hay ward, of Duncan
J.   .1.  Campbell, of Nelson
W.  Duncan, of Comox
S.  Shannon, of (-loverdale
J, Kid ston, of Vernon
C.B.Christenaen.   Sec.   Victoria
Thc    first  farmer  to  give  evidence
hefore the Commission was Mr. John
Levitt.     Mr.   Levitt   stated   that   hi
hud for a number of years had souu
."(M) acres  of  Innd  near    Koit     Sceil
upon which he went  in more for Cat
tie   and   dairying.      The   principh
breed of cattle which he stocked wa
the  Shorthorns   from    which be had
met with a considerable amoi nt o
success.    Cpon some part of the land
be had  to inoculate it rs the hlltnui
in  the  soil  was  not altogether sulli
rbnt   for   successful   growth.      Upon
hei ii;;  questioned  by  the chairman as
to the  po.Hlbility  of establishing  a
Co-operative   Creamery   in    the    dis
trict,   he   stated   that   tbe   poBslblli
ties were good and should meet with
distinct   success    The   chairman   ex
tended   the  suggestion   of soft cow*.
for a basis for a successful creamer)
and Mr. Levitt said he thought they
could |>e obtained without much
trouble. One trouble Mr. Levitt had
was with tbe labor market, he always found a trouble to get suitable
men to work on the farm. The wane
ffered were good being about $*r*
month and bonrd. In clearing the
Innd for farming purposes he found
tbe early days thHt it cost lum
an average $138.00 per acre, but
he Uio light it could be done considerably cheapei now as tbe price of
stumping powder is very much less
price now thnn formerly. Mr.
Levitt is now going in more for poultry and butter and eggs, all of his
produce  being  disposed  ol  locally.
A. It. Smith, president ol tbo Fur
mors' Institute, stated that a considerable    number    of    settlers    were
coming   into  the  district,    in  reference  to an  enquiry  irom  the  chairman Mr. Smith said that there was
good   money  in   poultry   and  tbat a
considerable   number   cd   the   snu.U.r
farmers   were   taking   poultry   up  en
tlrely for   the   benefit   ol    the    eggs
tbey  produce  (or  which  tbey  are obtaining   4flc   per  dozen   just  now  and
in   the   winter   months   from   75c   ip.
Interrupted    by    the   chairman   Mr.
Hay ward  stated  tbat   under  the cooperative   movement   ae   Dunc&n,   In
the year or  1910  they  handled  31,000
doz,   e__fl;   1911   81,000;   1912   154,000;
and  already (for  1913  they  had  handled over 2!.0,00fl dozen; wblcb goes to
dhow    that    if   some  movement  was
made   here  for  all   the  poultry  dealers    at*    they    hail  at   their   home  it
would  be better for  them and obtain
for them much better prices for their
produce. Mr.  Smith suggested to the
commission   that   a   better class   of
stock be brought into the district for
)r ceding  purposes.     In   the   majority
all tbe hecf now raised in the district
was taken up by the lumber and construction camps;   in referring   to the
meat  sold   in   the  stores  he   ventured
to  say  it nil  came  in   from   Alberta,
thus  prov inr  tbe    possibilities  that
lay  in  tbe future in  cattle  raising.
He also recommen led that a fumigation station be placed in the district
a*, the majority of the fruits brought
in were flrst  of nil s*nt to the coast
and   then   sent   back   again   to   ('ran
brook, much to the detrlmint of tht
fruit in uuettion.     Upon hei ig questioned by Mr.  Kidston of Vernon, he
saitl  that   it  was uot  so much iu the
fumigation that the trouble lay, but
rather in the repacking.     Mr.  Smith
made  strong  references  to  the  unexpired   ti miter     leases    which   covcre I
Some 100,000 acres or more,  whlcb he
thought  ought  to  be  thrown open to
tbe  settler.
Ita H. Manning stated that potatoes, currants and gooseberries
could be secured from the local producers In sufficient quantities to hup
ply tin- local demand, but that apples, strawberries, raspberries, peach-
months this year, which had never
Mote local fruit could he purchased if the growers knew more
about packing and were provided
with tbe necessary crates and boxes.
The average prices paid for these
fruits .on the local market for the
past  three    years    were  as    follows
Strawberries,    (8.00 per crate;   raspberries, per crate,   $2.50; gooseberries
and red currants.    $1.40;    black   cur-
(Contlnued on page Bight)
I .iiiiii i um iiiiiiu ih- mnn i mi mum;
Saturday, July 12th, 1913
Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1871 ::
Four Coach Special Passenger Train
1   Westbound
1       0:00 a. III.
28:85 p. ni.
,       fl'Sfi
!     0:50
;     10:20
•    10:80
!    11:00
I      11:1111
! |   Cranbrook
■'   Wattsburg
. i   Moyis
i 1   Ryan
11    Yahk
'.   Kltohoner
■ 55
;   Orange Parade
Speeches, Two Baseball G antes
;   Full Program
tf Athletic F.vents, Dance in the
■'   Tickets may be procured from the Comniitine or from
| F. W. Swain
W. M.
S. L. Williams
b 111 H 1111 III 111111111 H M M 111111 M 1111 liW* TIT..  PROSl'ECTOlt. CIIANBROOK, B. C.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the special
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonograph Company
McK.nno.-i Building, Tcronto, 0,1*.
Territory Open to Dealers
Quite Different
  I    Ho waa a Uuge man of the navvy
Twenty Patients Alleged to Have Ha i spP,.-,,.;., „Uil aa he Blood ln the wit-
covered Under Hie Tre.iiment
Vou ought to wear
Reliable merchants have them
in stock
! Doctor 0. Odin WM ■ has
prepared for iho Society of Comparative Pathology an account of the re-i
'suits obtaini-d with* his now antlcau*
' cer serum.
j    Tho doctor states thai Uo discovered i
I the sped lie microbe of can cor In th-
; blood of more than loO patients, and
Uiat  analysis of blood now enables
j hhn to diagnose cancer whenever thut
i terrible  malady  exists  In  a  patient j
| under observation.
,     For the last four yoars Doctor Odin
bas boen working on this subject and '
he now declares that he has secured!
a serum which will really cure cancer by killing the protozoa. Tbls se-1
i rum Is applied In double Intramuscular Injections In a fleshy part—one Injection with an organic base, tbe oth* |
er with a chemical base. Tho treatment lasts from thirty to thirty-five
j Jays.
1 One patient who was cured hy Doe-;
tor Odin's serum was a gentleman
who had undergone two operations for
1 raneer on the face, ami who last Aug*
I uat was declared to be In a hopeless
Condltlon. Today be Is iu Rood'
health,     M. Regnlor, a youth ol 17,
;who had .i sarcoma on tho thigh, had
, twice been i pi rated upon and had not:
' been able to Btand up for two years.
I He has also completely regained his
lies.*; box cciMBOl eyed him dubiously,
lie knew be would be a hard nut to
crack—a very hard nut indeed.
What we want to get at, ho began,
i.-,. who was ;hy aggressor?
Ell? said thi- witness puzzled.
Let mo illustrate my meaning, said
counsel. Supposing that I Bhould
meet you in the street nnd Btrike you
lu tu.' face, 1 should ho the aggressor.
You would be. a fool! said tho witness, with growing emphasis.
No—no! said counsel, with heightened color. You don't understand,
l was speaking only In the abstract.
Suppose we met, and without provocation, 1 struck you. I shuuld he committing an ael of aggression.
The navvy hunched Ills huge shoulders.
You'd be committing suicide, mister! lie remarked, grimly,
You mav sit down, Bbapped counsel.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Points the
Way to Health and Strength
What He Owes to Zam-Buk
Mr. 0. E. Sanford, of Weston,
Kings (*o., N.S., a Justice ot the
Peace for the county und a deacon ot
the Baptist Church In Ilcrwlek, Bays:
"I have uaed Zam-Buk for piles and
found it a splendid remedy, lt cured
Mr. Thomas Teat-sou, or Prince Albert, Bask., writes: 'I must thank you
for tho benefit t have received trom
tho use of Zam-Buk.   Lust summer i
had a fever, which left me wltb piles,
I started to use Zam-Buk and found
it gave me relief, so i continued with
it. Aftor UBtng lliree or four boxes
it effected a complete cure."
Znm-Buk wtll also be found a Biire
cure for cold SOI'03, chapped bands,
frost bite, ulcers, ecssemn, b'lood-pols-
on. varicose sores, ncalp sores, ringworm, InQumed patches, babies' eruptions and chapped place.-, cuts, burn:*,
bruises, and .kin Injuries generally,
All druggists and btoros sell al BOo,
box, "i* posl fre ■ fr >ni Zam BuU Co.,
Toronto, upon recolpl of price, Von
are warned again si harmful Imitations and bu istttutea Seo tho registered name "Zam Buk" on ovorj
package before bioIug
mt -s£tiMfn/iA
Doctor Odin has a list of more than I Ask  yoursolt  tho  important  que-.-
twenty other cases  where a double tlon  whether you are  aa Btrong  as
operation had beeu performed, where you were ;i vear ago, as bodily 'It ss
j, third could not bo undertaken, an.l yuu should he.     Many a reader haa
where the patient had been given up to coufe a  "No "     Seme weakening
hopeless  aud  ls   now   completely ailment has dm in-', the pas', year laid
>__)_X__tMi_\ tuu-
DYE, ont est* bo**—Wby *-.... do-i'i bvim hi.*, to
kflo-vwhal KINO of ('.'■■th your f.ootJ- ir* u.tJn
o(.--Si) nr«t*lio» »r* Iraf-os'lble.
Send tnr Free Color Csrd, Story  Booklet, ind
Booklet girlof rut-Its ol Dyeing over uilie.* color*,
t\ M(.nir»il. CanaJa.
Could not Repeat Them
Alfred, she  asked,  cuddling   up  ' i
him. do you tell me all yon;* tho tghla'
Why do you ask that, you foolish  J"
little girl? Qts whloh
for Gall Stones, Kidney Trou-
ble,    Kidney    and    Bladder
Stones,   Gravel,     Lumbago,
Uric Acid.
Price $1.50,  Most  Leading
Winnipeg, Man.
Because I love you so.     You prom-
; Ised that you  would  tell  me
i thing.      Do you?
I    Oh, you wouldn't want me
you everything, -•■    Id 3   -
She drew away from him in Budden
'. fright.      Her  worst eusplc hie
. vended,
Vou are deceiving me. she exclaimed,     You—
No, no, dear, don't think that.    I
wouldn't: deceive you for the i
■    Vou have Just admitted  that  you
don't tell me all your thoughts.
Well, there are some that—
Don't!     Dfju't! she cried,  You ar->
going to lie.      I hate lied the worst1
of all things,     I—-
Her feellnga overcame her, and she,
covered her face with her hand;.
Dou'r be Billy, he begged.
Silly!   Bhe tragically replied.-    Do:
you call it silly for me to refuse to ;
be deceived.
You are not deceived.     I never—    j
And you have just admitted tbat you
have thoughts which you cannot tell
hold of the system, unfitting you for
the duties of life and seriously clouding the outlook er the coming days.
lt may be rheumatism wltb iis sharp
- t-i gea of pale. Indigestion, hen I-
ache, rn rvoua debility, depression and
or tllO pains and
ouly   common   folk
know.     It is well to know ihu nil
ie weakening disorders orjs   from
an   Impoverished   condition   of   tbe
blood.  Renew and enrich your bleed
and all your troubles will cease. This
Is a strong statement, but it Is mad?
on the testimony er thousands who
once suffered, but who have gained
health and strength by the aid of the
new, rich blood supplied by Dr. Williams' Pink Til's We ean uuote
thousands of cases similar to the following: Mr. Jos Grandnuiison is a
: man well known in the town
ot St, Jerome, Que. He says: "For a
couple of years 1 began to Und my
strength falling but did not dream that
the trouble was serious. As 1 grew
weaker 1 began to doctor, but It did
net help me The least exertion
made my hear palpitate violently, my
stomach seemed out of order and my
whole system became so run down
that I was finally forced to quit work.
I had now been doctoring for almost
six mouths and was very naturally
growing discouraged. At this June-
milar to mine.
Stelnheil Case Echo
The Excelsior in n recottl issue announces the approaching dlvorco ot
Mile. Stelnheil who n feu months
after her mother's trial waa mui 1 led
to the painter, M Raphael dol Perug-
a, Mme. Iel Perugia, it is added,
intends after the decree of divorce
lias been prononncod, lo iut to il\ 0
with her mother in England.
Exhausted from Asthma Many
tvl ' read Iheso worda Know the terrible drain upon health and strength,
which comes In the train of asthmatic
troubles. Many do not realize, however thai there is one true remedy I
which \\ ill surelv stop this drain,
Dr, .!. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy;
la a wonderful check to this enervating ailment, it has a countless record of relief lo its credit. It Is
sold almost everywhere.
What did yer glvo me that nasty
look for?
1 didn't fetve you tbat nasty look.
You always 'ad it.
Tracked by Wronged Husband They
KIM Themselves on His Arrival
A love tragedy wlrieh Involvod
tlio deaths of n man and woman well
known In CtUouttn, has Just occurred
at Mount. Aim, Rajputntm. The woman was a Mra. Campbell, wlfo of
Hamilton' Campbell, ot Calcutta- nml
ihe man N. Winder, who -paino nut to
India ten months ago ns an assistant
In tho Bank ot Bengal. Ho was a
young man of 24, a native of Scarborough.
Roth lived at Ihe Grand. Hotel, Cal
cutlii, and Winder and Mra. Campbell
became very friendly. Mr. Campbell
went 'up-country* some time ago.
When ho returned lo Calcutta his wife
and Mr. Wliu'er bad disappeared.
Mr. Campbell nought lhe aid of the
staffs nf the.criminal InV&Bltgatlon depart ment throughout India. Detectives brought blm news that Mr. Winder and a woman bad none to Mount
Abu, neur Bombay, whHhei' he and
bis brother In law followed.
Mr, Campbell arrived in Mount
Aim, and went straight to Ihe dak
bungnlnw (a kind ot hotel provided
for travelers hy tho government), ll
waa bis arrival which precipitated the
Irafi d)
Mrs. Campbell was In Ihe front gar-
tlon of the d.ik bungalow when nhe
saw bor husband coming up the drive.
She rushed luto lhe room wliere Win-
dor was nfld said He's coming; I
cannol fnco htm; shoot tne, Winder
replied; N'.». I ennnot shoot you. Here
Is lhe rovoh-Or, shoot yourself.
Thorotipou Mrs, Campboll took the
revolver, put thc muzzle to her mouth
aud sold lo Winder: You pull the trig-
g r. lie did so; then put the revolver to his OWU mouth and nulled Ihe
trigger again, Mr. Campbell rushed Into the room and his wife died
almost Immediately In his presence.
Winder was mortally wounded but
still alive. lie died llvo minutes
Mrs. Cambelt, It Is said, left a letter to be given to her husband In
case she and Winder destroyed themselves, but the latter left no written
word. The papers found In his
pockets, however, showed that ho had
been making Inquiries about passages
from Bombay to Kngland.   '
iCwCXuvri£<f **t* 'rnxL^e, /oMrrf UnrrJ6
writes us that he warms his
milk-wagon on cold days
with a Perfection Oil
He makes his rounds
I in comfort. Zero weath-
f er doesn't bother him.
This milkman has
adapted this wonderful
little heater to his own
particular needs.
You may not drive a
milk-wagon, but there are
countless ways in which
one of these heaters would
be a convenience and
comfort to you in your
home. You can adapt it to
your own requirements.
At Dealer* Everywhere.
Made with nickel trimmings
(plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums). Ornamental. Inexpensive. Lasts
for years. Easily moved from
place lo place. ■""
p! I ture I read of a
Oli. I coul.l tell them to you; but I   cured through the use of   Dr.    Wil
Cleans nnd dlBlnfecle everything
ltt your home from Ilio collar t')
tbo attic, Put it i.n your clustor
nud tins' Hardwood Floors, Woodwork, '.iiiiili-uiuH, I'lunoH, Furniture,
eto. Milken everything Juki llko
how. Money refunded if nol satisfactory.    Mado by ibe
Hamilton, Canada
don't llilnli you would can* lo bave
me do so.
Then what fin* they?
Thoy are the thoughts 1 think- when
I liavo to run to tin* station In the
morning owing to a late breakfast and
Boo tlio train moving out of the station.
Threat of AsiasBlnation Accompanies
Their Demand for Money
Copenhagen .—Much excitement lias
limn caused here by a blackmail demand  on   lho llussiau   ilollnlst,   M
lianis' Pink Pills, ami decided lo try
them. I took the Pills faithfully for
about Iwo months, gradually crowing
stronger and at the end of that time
I was as welt as any mnn could he.
I shall always praise Uie medicine
that raised ine from despair to the
blessing of good health."
Sold by medicine dealers everywhere or sent hy mail af 50 cents
a box or six boxes for $-.r.n by The
Dr.   Williams' Medicine Co.,  llrock*
>illc,  Om.
The Tnirst for Knowteda*
Tlte phrenologist frowned.
Vsniay Mltnltzky, who Is louring Ini    Then he went carefully once more
Donraark.     The letter was typewrit-  over the bumps of the man In the
ten In tlio Russian language nnd sign-1 chair. 	
0'J  "Tho niaclt Hand.
town to Introduce our lino lo tho pub-
llc; big money can he mado and permanent position secured. Apply to
Tho QiK-eti City Silver Co., Toronto.
Teacher—lf the earth wore empty
Inside it would resoluble—
Scholar—A razor.
Teacher—A razor? Why, Teddy?
Scholar—Becauso it would bo hollow ground.
M. Mltnltzky was ordered lo send
•■.'Si) by mail to Uio Russian political
fugitives In Denmark, lf he refused
lhe loiter Bald, you will bo assassln-
i ated by tlio anarchist executive committee.
The violinist handed the letter to
tho Danish and llussiau criminal In-
vestlgath.n department,     The police
declare ttie letter to be one of tho ordinary writings  of  tlio  Black  Hand
gangs scattered over the world.
M.  Mltnltzky la seriously- affected
| by the letter, and has provided him-
I self wltll two Browning pistols.     He
I declares  that   two  members   of   his
own family In Russia havo been ns
Highly Intelligent, he repeated
highly intelligent: But I am hound
to warn you, sir. You have n very Inquiring mint, and your thirst for
knowledge ls Insatiable. This largo
bump running across the back of your
bead means that you are Inclined lo
be curious even to the pnlnt of recklessness.
I know it, answered the man In the
chair sadly. I gol that bump by
sticking by hoad through lhe bnrs at
the hotel elevator lo sec If It waB
coming up, and thc beastly thing was
coming down I
Mothers can easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, and
lasslnated by Black Hand criminals, j tbey lose no lime In applying the best
  of remedies—Mother Craves' Worm
Advising Her Daddy
Father's voice rolled down the
stairs and into the dim and silent parlor.
Yes, pupa, dear.
Ask lhat young man it he has the
A mom-lit ot silence.
Yes, Oeorge has his wnlch with
Then ask him what Is lhe time.
Ile says It Is eleven forty-eight,
Then ask h'm If he docs-n't think lt
about bed time.
He says, papa, the silvery voice announced, impersonally, he says that
lie rarely goes to bed before one, but
It seems" to lilm that It Is a matter of
personal preference merely, nnd that
if he were In your place he would go
now If lie felt sleepy.
1        Bearing Them Cheerfully
They were In the train, and llie sol-
**-mn sad-faced man was full of phllo-jof Sir Hugh Lane have been bought
Gift of Famous   Dutch    Masters    to
Form Nu.lcus of Art Collection
Torty-sU  pictures  ot    the    Du'cii
"masters" from the famous collection
by Max Mldiaelis for presentation to
South Africa as a nucleus of a national picture gallery. South Africa will
thus become the Ilrst of the overseas
dominions to own a collection of old
masters of world-wide fame.
The collection Includes the famous
Demidoff Rembrandt,   a   Fi-ans   Hals
I from tbe. Maurice Kami collection, a
! Jan Steen, two lluysda li and a Van
I»"ke and many fine examples ot the
little tl Mters
The Bpproprls s loi illty of the gal-
1,-ry la lllll unA-r discussion.      The
Johannesburg Wiwutn, of whlcb Mr
m . in       ., ilread; ■ benefacti,-. I-
 Dm i to ra -I--I    picture.      Both
I sir Hush I. it • and V.tt Mlchaella aro
un t : to ■! ' be strongly in faror of
, In Cup.* Town, on account o(
the city's historical aasoc ai oni, but
i:, i ma of Pr, ■■■■■.'■.■.t bave also bi ■"■■■
I.lfe, he remarked, heailng a soulful j
a!gh, Is full of trials.
Everyone yawned — except the
prosperous-looking man with the j
clean shaven face and steely eyes, i
Tiio remark seemed to ebeor hltn up.
It Is, he agreed rjulckly. And I'm
delighted Iris so.
Delighted I gasp-d the sad philosopher. My dear s;r! Why should
you be glad?
Becauso, came the prompl and
c'jeoiy answer. I'm a lawyer.
Rigt-teous Indignation
Lltt'.e lluili was the youngest daughter In a very strict Presbyterian fan*
liy that especially abhorred profanity.
One day little Ruth became exceed*
ingiy exii:,!►*-ruled with one of he;-
doilies.     In her baby vocabulary she      Mr   jnchaelti, who has only recent
co-ild ftn.l r.o words to express ade-1 \f retired from bualness, waa for rly
quately lier lliapproval of dolly's con-  ., partner In tbe firm of Wernber, Bell
duel _ fjo      11- has already made a num*
Finally, throwing the offending dol-  •„.,. ,. publlc-aplrltcd gifts to South
ly acres, tlio room, she cried feeling-   -.fries
'Tt .._..-.        .        I' Sir Hugh Lane,   wlio   al   Lindsay
My gracious! I wi-t. I belonged to a   House, Chelsea, possesses ono of the
family tbat sweared.
/     PILLS      :
Mo. • boa or als base, tor 12.50,
at all dealer., or The Dodda Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
I finest private collections of pictures
in London, fori I fi"- colloetlon or
modem art at Johannesburg municipal gallery, of which he tvai the llr •
honorary director. Bul It Is for his
services to Irish art that he Is ehlofly
known, and (or whlcb ho was knighted
in 1909 To bis efforts Inn.iin owes
lier tit,i- gallery ol modern art, and
man-, of lier boat pictures were pre*
nenti -I by hltn ' lie has also organ-
|„,| winter Mhlbltloni ol! native nrl Economical Compliments
at iiuliilii and Belfast,     it has boen
known for some time thai ho wnn will |    Boforo you kiss mc, llnrnco let m*
dlipose ol hla Duloh plcturoi   M}J >'"> • •"' •••*« '-1'"" Klll>
German Government Considering Vast
Scheme of an Internal Waterway
It Is rumored that the German government is considering very closely
lhe question rf building a cnnal link*
Ing the Rhine to the North sou. Several schemes have been before theni.
the most practical being lhat of Ileri-
Josef Rosenlli; er, a leading engineer
of Cologne.
The projected canal would begin al
Wlesdorf, neur Cologne, on the right
hank of the Rhine, would run parallel
to th.* river us far Dulsbui-g, and
tbence In a straight line to Dltzum,
near Emden, on tbe North Hen. The
whole length would be lii miles, the
averag ■ depth SH feot, tbo average
breadth i ts i -,-t. The cost of construction Is estimated at 160,000,000,
Tiie principal argument In favor of
ihls canal is thai It win allow the
Rhine steamers to reach tbe port nf
nortbern England and of the Scandinavian countries much quicker than
Is now possible. It Is calculated that
tho voyago trom Cologne to Emden
and hack by the now canal can easily
I iadi by : ii ordinary Itlilne steamer In seventy-nine hours, whllo tha
same steamer, taking the only available rout.* rlc Rotterdam, now lakes
13. hours for tho somo Journey.
Wli.it the Voice Said
All  rlglil  nu  behind thore? called
tbo conductor from tho front ot the
streel car,
Hold on, cried a gill's voice. Walt
till l gel my clothes on!
Tin- passengers craned tliolr necks
expectantly.     A young iv an was
struggling to get a bnskol of laundry
Tea Kettle Scares Lion
A few days ago com. English
ladles wer** plcnlclng in a glade near
Hell's Gate, Kamaelin. South Africa,
when tliey were suddenly confronted
by a lion, lie was Beared, presumably at lhe volume of sicnni Issuing
froin a ten kettle, for he only roared
aud mado off. Tbo ton parly was
Incident Which Suggests Improvement of Law in England
In London, Kngland, a respectably
dressed woman applied to Cecil Chapman, at Tower Bridge police court
recently, for advice regarding her son.
The youth. Blip said, who was only 16
and earning $2.50 a week had been
keeping company with a girl of about
his own age.
Recently he left Ills home without
giving any reason. After inquiries
she went to the home of tho girl's
pnrents. There she wns told that
her son was wllh his wife, and when
she expressed surprise the girl's parents Informed her that her son was
married I" their duugliler,
Cecil Chapman said that In some
countries lt was necessary for minora to have lhe consent of their parents to marriage, but It was not so in
England, although lie thought it would
be well lf It were bo. He could do
nothing, Ho referred the applicant
to the court missionary.
Mother you promised nol to punish
me if I told you lho Iruth.
All right, 1 won't.
Then 1 inn-it toll you I told a lle
this morning,
Of the Food That  Restored  Her to
but thut In- would only do so on con*
dltlon tltnl th.-y woro purchased for n
public gallery.
Father E.ccuten
Al Zantac, a small to
l.iicluu Kuih orldea, a :
teen, who was afraid t
n in Greece,
uth of nlti"
tr, tho front
diamond ring, You havo never given
tin. nin*.
DenroBt, it is only girls who an* not
prcolous lu IhotnsolvoB who require
ii-- nlil of precious stonea.
oh you may Idii nu- twice, Ilornoo,
with lhe Oroek force", was Jailed [or
IiIh ciiivnrilU
the praicnoe
struck iii* h
by bis father, who In
of  ihe   boy'a   mother
ad off witli a hatchet.
:ie never
W.  N.  U   0_'
fihe—.Iml think, Henry
had a cross word. .
He-No, Maui".     Ain't I the patient   running, the (lies bolng put out by
cms? I the flutu).
Mills Stopped by Floods
It la repotted Ilu- ll'iids lu the Mill*
tun district of Yorkshire IncrcasJtl
rapidly last week nnd caused considerable dtiinag". Tlioitstinda of acres
nre inundated, litany roods In Ryetiol.'
being Impassable. At Mallon Iwo of
the largest mills In Iim lown slopped
"Something was making me III and
I didn't know lho cause," writes a
Western young lady: "For Iwo yenrs
I was Ihln nnd hlckly, Buffering frum
indigestion und inflammatory rnouma*
I lam.
"I had tried different kinds of dle>,
and many of the remedies recommended, but got no belter.
"Finally, Mother suggested that l
try Grape-Nuts, and 1 began nt onco
eating It with n little cream nr milk.
A clinngo for the better began at
'•Today I i-.tn well and am gaining
weight nnd Btrength all Ihn time. I'vo
gained HI lbs. In the Inst flvo wceiltl
nud du nut p.ufTor any more Indigestion, mid tho rheumatism Is nil gnno.
"I know it In lo Grape-Nuts alone
Hull I nm my restored health. 1
still ml Ilio fond Iwlee a day nnd
never tiro nf II." Nnmo given by
Canadian Poslum Co., Windsor, Out.
Th"  lluvor of GrnpeNuls  Is pern-
llm- in itself,    lt is neutral, not loo
nwcet und litis nu ngl-eenble, healthful
qunllly Uuil never grown Mreitiiiiie.
Due of the RotircoB of rheumatism Ih
from overloading llm nynli in wllli arid
material. Mn. remit) nf Imported dl*
gCBllOII uud awiliiillallnu.
As noon ns Improper fond Is abandoned nud Qrnpo-Nula Is taken regularly, digestion In innd" Btrong, ihn organs dn tliolr work of building up gnod
red blood cells nnd of carrying away
ibo oxcoii of tltsoniotmnlilng material
from lho system,
The result Is a certain and steady
return to normal health nud mental
nctlillv. "There's n retisntt." ltcn.l
lhe lillle Imok. "The Rond In Well-
vllle," In pl<g». ,
Ever read the above Ielter7 A
new one appears from time to time.
They nre genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
His  Definition
A lecturer at a suburban school wna
explaining to his audience, which con*
•dated mostly of boys, the functions of
a l.ucliueter, nu Instrument for measuring light, and at tho conclusion he
asked for ti lelltilllnn nf thc machine.
One raw youth stood up.
la It a luciniotor as yet- wants lo
know about?
Yes, sold Hie lecturer.
Woll, Hint's ine. 1 mcela Lucy
every night at seven, and If there's
any cove In this 'ere nieelln' tries to
Iio a Lucy motor, that Lucy ineler'll
bust, cr me name ain't Jarge.
He Was Unreasonable
I bear thut Gweimlo broke off bor
engagement wltll Mr. Munly becauso
bo tried tu Until lier enjoyments?
Yes she wus engaged to two othor
young men, nnd he objected.
Good-Bye Forever
It waa In Lincolnshire, nnd tho
guard of the train nt the preceding
Junction had been ntlenllvo lo a gen-
tinman whose luggage he noticed was
labelled to nu out-of-the-way station
a tow miles beyond. On reaching tho
Havener's destination the guard, hnvlng carefully deposited lho gentleman's Imps on Iho platform In acknowledgement of u generous tip solemnly grasped tho donor's hand and
feelingly shook it. This uuusual
move raised ilio'curiosity of the passenger who nsked tho meaning of It.
Tlio guard answered significantly;
Well, sir, you never cnn toll, I have
lefl. several gontlomon such na you
at lhls rorsakeu hole, but never picked one up; goodness only knows what
becomes of tllom,   I don'l.
So you repreiient liln Nooeir coin-
puny,'do youV said .llnipsoii to the
Yes, rlr, replied lho agent. Jint
organized, sir.
Good c pony? OHkcd Jlmpnom.
Beat going, said the ngent.
Who la behind HV Inquired Jimp*
All our rredllors, Bald the agent.
A fow dnva ago Paolo Dial, an lln'.-
Ian slonciniiRoii, living nt Melz, put nil
end to a compatriot') Insistent demands for the payment of a bill ol
"175 by decapitating him wll* a
scythe, whllo he was asleep,
Morning Meal  Prepared for Francis
Joseph Is Eaten by Chimney
A newspaper states that the theft of
Emperor Francis Joseph's breakfast
at Budapest yesterday caused great
excitement in tbe palace. Tbe emperor rises at 3.30 a.m. and breakfasts
immediately after undergoing cold
water trentment. The palace cook,
like the other servants, rises at S
o'clock, as the emperor Is impatient
of any delay.
Tbe emperor's attendants rang the
bell yesterday for breakfast, and the
cook went to the larder to fetch the
cold meat whl-'.i ho had prepared overnight. To h!s horror, he found that
a large ham and other meat had disappeared. Tho cook, suspecting a
plot, Informed the emperor's detective
and the palace was quickly surrounded and a strict search made, Traces
of sooty boots were found on the inlaid floor of the larder, whllo black
finger marks were Been on the white
painted shelf.
Suspicion fell on a chimney sweep
employed lu the palace, and detectives
going to his flat, found lilm In the act
of eating the breakfast prepared for
tho emperor. The sweep was arrested, with a member of tho lire brigade
whoso duly it was to stand on guard
lu the kitchen.
Flying to Court
An nlrmnn by tbo namo of
Cliemet wus uumnioned yesterday to
the palace of Justice, ot ParlB, for exceeding the motoring upeeil limit. He
flow to llie St. Michael bridge In a
hydroaeroplane, dropped on the Seine,
left Ills hydroaeroplane in cliurgo ot
a boalniiiu and drove lo the palaco
ot Justice which is Just across the
Are you one of those to whom
every meal ls another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, and will
soon restore It to such perfect condition that you'll never (eel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist's. Made by the National
Drug and Chemical Co, of Canada,
Limited. uo
What the Sofa Said
I want, began tho elderly man, after
strolling round the furniture shop, ef
—I want—well, you see, it's this way:
There's a young man calls every night
at our house—I hava a daughter, yo»J
see—and er—I suppose I ought to tel
a sofa for them—eh?
We have the very thing. Blr, replied
the suave assistant promptly. Here
you are, slrl Cupid's Retreat, spec*
lally suited .'or courting couples.
Specially Biilted, repeated the father,
ly one.
Yes, Blr. Observe the pretty covering; lt ls absolutely guarauteed to
wear oft In Just six months.
Hut—but, stuttered the parent, I
don't understand!
And when worn oft, went on tho
salesman, lt leaves displayed a card,
upon which is written "Time to get
Married!" Neat, Un't It, Blr?
Mlnard's Liniment Curee Garget In
Poor Fellow
Why ore you wondering nbout the
country Instead of looking after your
Wlfo und children at home? Inquired
the lady of tho tattered tramp.
Well, tnn'nm, it's like this, exclaimed tho tramp. My wlfo has a very
linn servant.     A perfect treasure.
1 don't believe there ever was such
a girl,      .  '
Thero Is' oniy one, nia'nrn, and my
wife's gut her.
Oood gracious! Slit's a very lucky
She Is, ma'am. Dut Iho troublo Is
that girl didn't, llko mo.
She didn't like me, and sho told my
Wlfo nhe must either dlschiirgo mo or
her, so my wife discharged me, madam.
Oil, I see, pnnr fellow! Horo''
Bomolhllig fur you.
Altogether Different
Ilenevuleiit  Lnily—Llttlo  boy,   wlll
you give Ihls leuip.-rnnco   tract   to
your fal her?
Urchin— Me  dad don't drink now,
Donovolont Lady—Oh, how good
Did ho rcti.l the lust tract that I gavo
Urchin—No, leddy.    Hat's training
for n prize flghl.
The Poor Consumer
Young man, don't you know those
mushrooms you are   gathering   are
The heat-wave had come! Even lho
dogs couldn't muster energy to bark,
and the street-car conductor who loi-
led at tho buck of his car could scarcely keep Ills eyes open.
But Iio did observo the youngster,
who, for n mile or more, trotted doglike alongside tho car. And ut thle
tbo conductor marvelled.
And lit Inst when tho car drew up,
bo inquired:
Ain't you hot enough? What d'yer
want to run llko thnt for?
Onoo! gaspod the errand-boy. Hot
enough? CourBo I am. That's why
I'm keeping alongside you. Wantcr
keep tn tho ahude as much as p->,-
Often Want
quick relief from biliousness—from
its headaches, its sour stomach,
hiccoughs, flatulence, unpleasant
breath and the general feeling of
good-fnr-nothlngncss it causes.
Thousands—through three generations nnd the wide world over-
have found, as you will find, that
Rive thc necessary relief quickly,
safely, gently, i-i-irally. This
harmless family remedy is justly
famous for lis power to put the
liuwcls, liver, kidneys antl Uomucli
In regular active working order.
In every wny—In feelings, looks,
actions nnd in imwers—you will
find yourself altogether better after
you  have  used   lkcchaiu's  Pills
Quick Relief
, YM ought to be iurc to rcml tlic dlrectlOM
witli every box.
SeU everywhere.    ■   2Sc. TIIE PROSPECTOR, CRAXBROOK-, B. C.'
Announcing the Engagement
"Miss  Uppertpn, nre you engaged
to he married to Count Nocash?"
"Thero is absolutely no truth in the
rumor. Marie, show the gentleman
the ring uud "ivo htm a photograph."
Slickly stop*, cuuBh*. cur., colds, he-la
• * 	
i throat a„ luaSs
'.It cat..
The population ot Russia on January 1, 1S10. was 160.748,400, all Increase 111 about 13 years of 88,100,000,
And this "in spite of war, cholera antl
Mlnt-rd's Ltr.lment Relives Neuralgia.
The terra "Illiterate" includes all
persons at least 10 years of age unable to write their own language, a
majority of them being also unable
to read. In the United Stntes, Including aliens, negroes, Indians and Mongolians, 106 in every 1,000 of population 10 years ot age or over are illiterate. The last reports on illiteracy
are not ln, but according to the lust
4(1 of every 1,000 of our white nutive
born over the age of 10 could not
read or write. The great majority of
such illiterates are found along the
Appalachian mountain range and in
the remote plney woods of some of
our Southern States, where the distance and tha scarcity of lhe population make Public schools well nigh
impossible.—Christian Herald Alman-
All Interested.
"Is your bookkeeper's heart in hi
olllce work?"
An Artist's Death.
. Detroit newspaper recently nn
r.oi.'.ccd tin* death In a charicable institution for old iifeti of a porir.ii-
piiintiu- of "Home fume" at the advanced age of 80 years. Ill health and
grief nl the loss of Ills wife and two
children al sen when he was still.
comparatively, a voting num hud, It
was suld, rulilieil Iils right bund of Its
I cunning.    Ills natrons slipped nwny.
] and ai 1)0 ha was both homeless and
| penniless. As la not, always the case
under similar circumstances, a num*
! her of tils old friends stuck to him In
his adversity, and agreed that II his
admission into sour- Institution could
lie managed, ns being Uie only open
door, thoy would pay for his maintenance, Thla waa arranged, and tho
offer communicated to lilm. only bow-
over to be receive'.! with scorn. Later
lie was told that be had been appointed aBSlstaut of the homo without salary, a position (?) which ho occupied
for "It long yuirH. and he died innocent, of the deception and rejoicing in
tlio belief tliu! ho hud finished his
days wll bout becoming an object ot
charity. Oases such us this Bhould
be startling enough lo awaken tbe
most indifferent   to a realization of
Victims Can Cure Themselves With
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
With tht? coming .of March people
who aro afllicied with rheumatism
begin to have unpleasant reminders
of their trouble. The weather is
changeable—balmy and springlike one
day, raw, cold and piercing tho next.
lt is such sudden changes of weather
thai*, setfi the pangs and tortures of
rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica
going. But it must be borne in mind
that although weather conditions
start llie pains, tho trouble is deeply rooted in the blood and can only
bo cured through lhe blood. All the
lotions and liniments in the world
can't cure rheumatism. Rubbing may
seem lo case the pain while you are
rubliing, but there its value ends.
Only through the blond can you cure
rheumatism. That's why Dr. Wll-
I Hams' l'lnU Tills have so many thou-
| sands of cures of this trouble to their
| credit.    Tlio  new,  rich  blood  which
"Everybody', heart Is In the olhce  the terrible condition of an old age I JJS^^'XlfflU_i?!SS1SL-  	
Marking  Made  Compulsory   in  Great
Britain and Europe From the
Year 1363,
Silver aud gold articles made in
Great Britain and Ireland rrom tho
year 1303 were required to be marked
with a maker's symbol or initial letters, says the "Queen." In addition
it had beeu ordained in Ihe year 1300
that, a leopard's bead, or. more accurately, a lion's head, should also be
stamped on every piece. This head
bore a crown until the year 181.1.
In tiie yean 1545, In addition to the
maker's mark aud lion's head, it was
ordained that a lion passant should
be placed on all silver. From March,
lflOij, to June, 1720, Britannia and
lion's head erased were substituted
for the leopard's head and lion passant.
In addition to these marks, tho as-
soyer  impressed  a  date  letter  from
about  H38;    The date  letter began
with A, and went onward with each :
successive letter of the alphabet for ;
a cycle of twenty years.    Each cycle j
was distinguished by a different form
of letter and different shape of the
enclosing shield.    As far as has yet !
been discovered,    the earliest dated
Annual Meet'ng Held  at  Head  Office.   24  King  St.  West,
lotonto,   February 21st,   1912.
In connection with the Annual. Report it may be stated that thero waa
a decrease in lire losses ot $5i>,100,34 us compared with the previous
year: llie losses paid by the organlzation since its formation, 11,001,848.90;
it wrote last year 22,450 policies, and.since organization 184,050; Security
to Policy Holders $408,262.83 an Increase ot more than "30,000 over last
year's security. Considerable addition to the stock was made, and tli-*
Bale of-bit additional 10,000 shares Is authorized at. a premium of 20 per
cent. The Company is represented In every place ot Importance throughout Canada.
came."—Kansas City Journal.
Could    Hardly    Live   for   Asthma.
Hate determination to adopt sumo al
BOlutely sure means of safeguarding
himself uKtiinsi such a calamity. The
Government nr Canada has supplied
Writer, one man  who after years of ,    w|)h  {m m |ind  , ,
Buffering Jiaa found   complete rei ■   lll(, J_»     , „, any ■,„„,„, Money 0l,
through Dr. .1. 1). Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. Now he knows how needless hus been hla sulferlng. This
matchless remedy gives sure help to
all afflicted with asthma. Inhaled
as smoke or vapor It brings lhe help
so long needed. Kvery dealer has it
or can gel lv fo-- you from bis wholesaler.
As un example in municipal water
supply, although 15.375 move consumers were supplied in London in 1010
than In 1900, the average daily consumption was 3,000,000 gallons less.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Ete,
Japanese army ofllcers arc testing
a new bullet-proof coat Just invented
by a native, lt Is said that, bullets
fired from a revolver at a dlstunce
ot 25 feet make only a slight dent in
lhe coat.
The Man of 43.
"Among the men I hire, utile out oi
ten nre better workers at lr. years
of age thnn are men of 25 or 30," declared the secretary and manager "'
a Chicago commercial houso. Tbls
executive believes thut the nrt-.ll of -io
or thereabouts Is ln the prime nf lite,
physically and mentally. Men ot mature yearB are more reliable, he avers,
more trustworthy, and are not apt to
be possessed ot tbat restlessness and
Indecision which bo often characterizes youth, and wblcb leads younger
men continually from one position to
another. The average young man In
business, lie holds, is nlways seeking
a "soft snap" lob, and Is not content
with sticking It out with an employer
through thick and tbln until bis services become highly valuable and perhaps indispensable.—Business Magazine.
Izaac Walton at The Table.
The customer had waited lliteen
minutes for the ilsh lie bad ordered.
He was very quiet ns be sat. there,'
but internally there waB a seething.
At the end ot the sixteenth minute
the waiter, who had been in total eclipse for fifteen aud a half minutes,
bustled up.
"Thnt lisli will be here, sir, In live
Five minutes eiapsetl three times.
Then the waiter bustled up again.
"The Ilsh will be hero, Eli*, in a
Tho customer turned to him. "Tell
ine," he said quietly, but with a cer-
laln emphasis, "what bait are you
using?"—St. Louis Republic.
- payn
der Ofllco of a small amount weekly,
monthly or as may be otherwise arranged protection against an old age
of dependence and humiliation may
be made wltll absolute certainty. For
example, the payment of $1 a week
by a man of 25 until lie is 55 wuuld
give hint an Annuity from lho latter
age of $268.28, payable quarterly;
wlille It ho continued paying until he
was 60, hia Annuity would be $397.30.
In either case, lf he died before the
dale lixed for the Annuity to begin all
his payments wltll compound interest
a I 3 per cent, would be refunded to
bis legal representatives.
Literature descriptive of the features of the Annuities System, and
tables showing the cost of Annuities
on different plans, may be obtained
at the Post Olllce or ou application to
the Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa, to whom letters go free of postage.
Why Should I Use
Cuticura Soap?
. "There is nothing the matter
with my skin, and I thought
Cuticura Soap was only for skin
troubles." True, it is for skin
troubles, but its great mission is
to prevent skin troubles. For
more than a generation its delicate emollient and prophylactic
properties have rendered it the
standard for this purpose, while
its extreme purity and refreshing
fragrance give to it all the advantages of the best of toilet soaps.
It is also invaluable in keeping
the hands soft and white, the hair
live and glossy, and the scalp
free from dandruff and irritation.
While its first cost is a few cents
more that) that of ordinary toilet
soaps, it is prepared with such care
and of such materials, that it wears
to a wafer, often outlasting several
cakes of other soap, and making
its use, in practice, most economical. Cuticura Soap is sold by
druggists and dealers everywhere,
but the truth of these claims may
be demonstrated without cost by
sending to "Cuticura," Dept. 7M,
.Soston, U. S. A., for a liberal sum-
plecakc, together with a thirty-two
page book on the skin and hair.
It haa been left to the Chinese to
teach us how the tons of banana fibre
thrown 011 the rubbish heap every
year ean be converted into banana
cloth by a process so simple as to be
quite within lhe reach of the natives
of India. At present a roll of banana
cloth  live yards lpng and one yard
wide .oils toe about *r,.70.
Well, Well!
I dyed ALL these
Of Goods
_=r-_lth (he SAME D»e.
I used
NO jba-ci 4( V.UlhaWKOMR IK. In. _ CM*
unattwirtt*>lo,, Allrolorafrom »t>„r llf.fiS.tof
llnlar. f RCK ColorCtl.nl STORY aooCl.tll,
Tl.. Jolin.on.nir..-.aaa __ .Am___ MowUval.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
for Croup; found nothing equal to it;
Biire cure.
Hawkshaw, N.B., Sept. 1st, 1003.
Too Late.
Hit-hard Harding Davis, at a luncheon In New York, illustrated wltll
a story a literary critic's Ignorance.
lie is as ignorant of letters," lie
said, "as Aunt Tabitha was of betting.
"A young New Yorker took his bucolic Aunt Tabitha to the races. At
tbe end of the first race he said:
"'I think, aunt, I'll put n V on Po*
dasokUB at 10 to 1.'
" 'Oil, Iml you're too into, nephew,'
Bald Aunt Tabitha, glancing at Iter
old-fashioned watch. 'It'a 10 to -
now.' "—I.ob Angeles Times.
Take LAXATIVE BltOMO Quinine Tablets.    Druggists tcruntl niou.-y lf It fall.
lo cure.   E. VV. UHUV-S ilgnatur*, la on
each  boi.    26c.
It Often Happens.
"I guesa I gol. a little too gay." admitted lhe landlord. "I wouldn't paint
a doorstep for Ibe old tenant."
"And llo moved?"
"lie moved: und now I've got to
pnlnt Hie em be bouse boforo I can
gel a new tenant ■w-J.ouiavllle Courier-Journal.
.W. N, V. Nt, 191,
"I hope you lllicd lho pto, Henry?"
ventured a young wife, casting an
anxlOUB glance nl her husband soon
after dinner. I bestowed greal pains
on the crust." "I thought you did.
my dear," lie said; "for i'vo got tho
pains now!"
% "^'-aa*-aaaaaaa,a.
l'livhind Imported from contlncn
tal countries laat year nineteen million "great hundreds" (120) of ogi*r.
of which ItiiBsia supplied 5. per e-n:.
and lhe average prlee of which was
tllV'i per cent, above that uf tlllrlciis
years ago.
The federal government, owns D5
bird reaervnlions lu different parts of
the t'nltcd States.
They   Made  a  New  Woman  of  Mrt.
Elle Amirault Who Was a Victim of
Kidney Disease for Over a Year.
Amlraulfs Hill. Yarmouth Co., N.S.
■—(Special.) "Four boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills made a new woman of
me." Those are the words of Mrs.
]*.Ho Amirault of this place. They are
words thnt have heen used again and
again by women In alt parts of Canada who havi suffered, and who have
found relief and cure In Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I suffered for over a year from
kidney disease," Mrs. Amirault continues. "Nothing I tried helped me.
At laBt some one told me to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Before I had finished
the first box I felt better. Four boxes
mode a new woman nf mn."
No remedy ever given to the public
has brought health and happiness into the lives of bo many women as
Dodd's Kidney Pills. This Is because
nine-tenths of the Ills to which women are subject come from diseased
kidneys. No woman who uses Dldd's
Kidney Pills can have diseased kidneys. * They alwaya cure the kidneys.
Pica for the Musk Ox.
A plea for lhe reindeer and the
musk ox is made by Knud Hasmussen
and Peter Freuchen, the Danish polar
explorers, who have sent a report on
their Investigations from north-western Greenland to the Royal Geographical Society in Copenhagen.
The explorers say (hat the reindeer
are all but extinct in the Cape York
district, only thirty-live head remaining. Musk oxen are now only Found
in BHesmei'e Land, and American
hunters are said to be exterminating
them at a rapid rate.
Kasmussen and Freuchen, who recognize the need the Ksklmos have of
these animal.; and their skinn, intend
to introduce fresh reindeer herds
from Lapland,   nnd are endeavoring
W, C. Douglas. Webb wood, On)., says:
"I was attacked with inflammatory
rheumatism, which spread ll.rough
my entire system. • For
I was not ablo to go about, and seem
ed to bo hovering between life and
death. My joints were swollen nnd
my legs and arms twisted, until I expected that tliey would never return
lo their normal shape. The doctor
seemed to help me, but not to cure
me, nnd I would he better one day
and worse the next. At this time a
friend strongly urged me to try Dr..
Williams' Pink Pills and I got a dozen
boxes. Soon after beginning the
pills there wus a change for the better, and I continued using the pills
until I was quite well again. The
swelling disappeared from the joints.
My limbs returned to the natural
shape and I feel as if. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have saved mo from being
a rheumatic cripple. I hope my experience may prove a blessing to
some other sufferer."
If yon suffer from rheumatism, or
any other disease of the blood, begin
to cure yourself to-day with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mall at 60 cents a
box or six hoxes for $2,50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Cnpllnl paid up
In 1H0!) the telegraph and telephone
companies, together with similar concerns that*use electric wires In this
country, expended over $7,000,000 in
the purchase of poles.
The wind-bags who try to convince
you that you've lost your nerve have
got theirs with them; only it's of a
different kind.
There was a bachelor who had
courted a young lady for a long time
without coming to the point, nnd one
evening In leap year, the young lady
being very musical, he took her to
a concert.
The orchestra played No. (*, a selection that seemed to the bachelor very
beautiful. He bent over his companion and whispered.
"How lovely that is! What is It, do
you know?"
"It is the 'Maiden's Prayer.'"
And nt thc bqi««* ttnn* wIip handed
lilm her programme, pointing to No.
C, with her linger.
He read and started, for the real
name of the selection was "Mendelssohn's Wedding March." The bachelor bought tiie ring next day.
Subject to Attachment.
A business man wrote his lawyer
asking information touching thu standing of a person who owed him a considerable sum of money for a loug
"What, property has he that I could
attach?" was one of the questions.
The lawyer's reply waB to the
point: —
"The man to whom you refer." was
tbe answer, "died a year ago. He has
left nothing Buhject to attachment except a widow."
Full G over mn ent Reserve
Surplus brought down iu
Total Security	
Security shown for 1010 .
Increase for mil 	
find instances or silver with the date
of nearly all subsequent years.
It must not, however, he forgotten
iwo months j ihat much beautiful gold aud silver
 '     work is still in existence, which was
made in Kngland and Ireland loug hefore the regulations for nmrkiug It
existed.    It may    seem    rcmnri.it.ile
thnt It, Is in Ireland thai we Hnd tho
finest work in metals, and lliat from
thp  llftli  lo  the tonih  century  Irish
work is found in tho highest perfection and equal to any mad:1 iu Europe.
Two most beautiful specimens, both
of which can he seen in the  Royal
Irish Academy, are the Ardagh chalice and the Tara brooch.
In considering plate, there Is that
important, section, ecclesiastical plate.
aud It Is sad to think* how few and
comparatively   unimportant   are the
specimens of church plate made prior
to the Reformation    thnt still exist.
We read, for Instance, that St. Olave's.
Southwark, in the year 1652 possessed
more than 1,000 ounces of silver —-
chalices, crosses, basins, pyxes, chrls-
matory, censers,   cruets, etc,   Theso
have all disappeared, and in like manner the silver plate, almost without
exception,   which  formed  a  precious
possession in every parish throughout
tho United Kingdom and Ireland. '" "" """"  "
In the last year of King Kdward VI.  DISTEMPER, PINK EYE. INFLUENZA
instructions were Issued by which ull. „   n . colds, etc.
church plate was  seized and  conns- jf f« ,10l'fleB- broodmaiM, «-"«. >'■'»'"'^-
cated, excepting one or two chalices,
according to the population.   All the
rest   were  seized   lor  conversion   to ,.,u..,,.■■■  . i-  in   me  feed
the King's use.   -\'o doubt some pieces Hpi-.m's Liquid Compound.    Glvo Hi>
av In their respective medy  i" all 'if ilium,    m   actB on
■     ul glands.,  li routes the .lis
Accumulated Reserve, Jan.
Losses and adjustment ex
1, 1011 $128,045.35
penses  $121,074.49
Premiums     334,286.18
Cancellations,  rebates,   re
Interest        8,000.3*3
insurances     10C.841 10
Payment* on capital stock
General expenses. Including
and stock premiums less
commissions     94,405,50
commissions, cash $3,310.00
Balance    156,885 ••■'
notes $6,025.00          8.D35.00
Cash on hand and In hank   $20,329.80
Reserved    unearned    pre-
Net premiums iu course of
collection    :.   ...      21,381.20
Reserve,    fo:*    unadjusted
Bonds,   delii nturos,    loans,
losses        7 35(1 7."
bills, receivable    208,550.02
Reserve, for future plans       4,134.34
Sundry assets      27,078.20
All other current liabilities     6,761.13
l Ileal led capital     140,172.50
Surplus  to policy-holders    257,474.03
Security to Policy-holders.
ivlilod ll H above  ..,
ma ui renuirementB
Tiie following were cloned Directors for th- ennniiiK y
Thos. Crawford, M.P.P., Presldenl; Chan. C. VanNorman, 1st
dent; A. Taylor. Gait, -nd Vice-President;  .1.  M. Queen, 3rd
denl;  Min Honor Judge Morgan,
Vi. It. Tudhopo.
i). Ililnier, W. Vandusen, David Carlyle,
tlen. Manage
were hidden
parishes; but at any rate when Mary bjootj
came to the throne all these precious
relics, however preservevd, came Into
use again. On Elizabeth coming to
the throne, all the former prohibitions
came Into force, and we (Ind inquiries
made in each parish whether they
possessed "any prophane cutis, howls,
dishes or chalices heretofore used at
"A woman can't drive a nail
"Not wilh a hammer, possibly. But
yon give her a hair brush and alio can
drive a nail as well us anybody."—
Louisville  Courier-Journal.
Rain And Lightning.
Bain and lightning are very closely associated, bul. not in the way mosl
people suppose," said an expert on
electricity after a recent thunderstorm. The fallacious supposition
arises from the observations made
during thunder storms by people wlm
reason wholly from what they can see.
Wheu the thunderheads obscure the
sky every peal of thunder ia followed liy an increased downpour of rain.
Since lightning precedes the thunder,
it seems reasonable to conclude that]
the rain Is caused by the discharge
of electricity. The reverse is true,
however. When the air of the thunderheads, heavily laden with moisture
and heavily charged with electricity
comes In contact wllb a cooler current of air, the moisture condenses,
becomes water, and ttie condensation
frees the electricity. The liberated
electricity rushes along llie lines of
which is charged to a normal degree,
or to another thiiuderhend which
Is charged in a lesser degree.
The movement of thc electric current,
after condensation, is so rapid that
the whole process is complete before
the   "
... illnff ili<- disease germs.   It
tiff lho trouble no mattei; how they
-'exposed."     Absolutely   freo   from   >
tliiiiK Injurious.   A ehlld can safely
It.    50c  mid  ji.O'i;   (5.50  and  su.im
dozen.    Bold by  drngglslB  and  horne
All   Wholesale  Druggists
Chemists and   Bacteriologists
GOSHEN,   IND.,   U.S.A.
I Ten Days* Treatment Free
ORANOKJ LILT ts a certain curo for nil disorders of worn™.    It in applied
locally and la ubaorbed luto the suffering (Issue.   The dead wt*'*.ie nuttier In the
congested region is expelled. Riving
immediate m- ntal and physical
the  blood   vessel*-  and   nerves
toned    and    strengthen'''!,   anil
_  circulation  In rendered   normal,
un this treiitment Is based on Btrlct*-'
Ir H.-Ienllll-* principles, mid acts OIX
Uie aciual location of lhe disease tt
cannot help but effect n euro >*( all
forms of female trouble.,. lielM-Ilng
delayed nnd painful mem-tru'tll'm,
1'Mi.'0*tIii'«-'l,    fulling    of    (lie    womb.
eto. Price, $1.00 per box. which le
sufficient Tor ono month's lr-'ut-
menr. A Free Trial Treatment,
•hough    for _lo    days,   worth
sent  Free
Woman  who  will   send   me  her address.
Enclose I sumps and oUdrcdu,  MRS.  FRANCES E. CURRAH, Windsor, Ont.
Telegraphers and Station Agents
wanted ror new railways. Wages $50
to $76 per mouth lo start. Wt- specialize in tills work, having railway
telegraph wires and regular elation
books for practical use. Free Hook
drops of water reach' the earth, j 19 explains  work and    wages.    Day
\.\r.K     STEAMSHIP*;
There Ih a certain aniounl of con-
ili-imniinn cauiH*<l by lho electric ex-
Illusions, hut. thin is slight,
and Mall CourBeS.   Dominion Si-liool
I Tplegrapliy, Toronto.
Petroleum, from which petrol Ir nn
. extract, han advanced in price over
to persuade thc Eskimos to agree lo! twenty-live per cont. since lust Sen.
obBerve a close llmo wltn a view to  tember.
their preservation, _________^.^^__
Getting the News.
Tlio young girl sal In ber bedroom
With ii novel. Hcr hnlr wns down nnd
her feel were In red slippers. Now
and ihen. extending her white arms,
she yawned.
You hoc, It was very late, nnd down-
stairs In the parlor her older slsier
wns entertaining n :oiiiik man. who
naturally felt a deep Interest in the
entertainment. She was waiting tn
hear how it. would terminate.
And nt lust there wiih a sound In
the hall, n crash ns ut a closing door,
nnd li wus plnln In tin* Impallenl nlil
lliat ihe young mnu hml none.
She threw down lu-r novel und. run-
nhin forth, peered ovor lho balustrade
down Into the hall's Intense blackness,
"Well, Maude., she said, "did you
hm! lilm'.'"
There was no Immediate reply to
her nuestion. There was a silence, a
peculiar silence, u silence with a certain siraliied duality in It, Then a
masculine voice replied:—
"She did."
Clly Editor—HI, HIiiih!
Slum (the reporter)—Yos, Hir.
City Editor—<lo down to the hotol
and Interview Iho muKiiaii. and gol
his denial of the Interview lu lhe
name,     Scoot now!—Judge,
Tho wages earned last, year hy
SpanlHh settlers In South America
amounted lo 110,0(10,01)0 pcsclaH, or
about *_ii,ooo,0fi0, according to a sinlc-
ment by thc Chilean Consul In London.
An old negro preacher did the honors, nnd tho candidate for huptlsm
waB a coal-black nogro woman. The
preacher led his victim far out In the
stream where she could be thorough.
ly immersed, and at Ibe nusplcloun
moment, ho cried, ln a loud voice:—
"tie stlddy, slslnli, be sllddy, an' you'll
como up whlta,h dan snow." "Oh,
parson," she exclaimed, "dnt's nskln*
too much; _ cream color'll do!"
Weighed the Argument.
When Charles A. rinna wns at the
head .it the Now York Sun, a young
graduate ot Cornell was assigned to
the reviewing of books. One ut the
lli-Bl handed hhn wns a massive volume purporting to ho a life of Napoleon, written by a college professor.
The young reviewer had, ns It Imp*
pened, speclallKcd on the llfo of Napoleon under n gronl authority al his
university nnd ho though! bul lli'lr
of tho effort thai wiih submitted I.
him liy Ills eililolinl chief.    He gh'l I"
ed over ili-. Illustrations, laid ih« boo'i
uslile, und liirneil in HiIh conimcnl:-
"l.lfe of Napoleon, by l'l of. ho and
So.  ThlH book weighs n-iie poundi."
Mr. Unnu rem! the review nud sea!
for ihe Cornell mun.
"Did you wrlto lIiIh review?" he
"Yes, sir."
"Did you road the book
Mr. Dana, Willi a (lorcor
"No, sir,   1 weighed 11."
"Thnl. wlll do." growled tho chief,
Then lie Belli word dnwiiHluIra to
Ihe cashier to raise the young mini's
By taking Lydia G. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Tho following letter from Mrs.
Orvillo Hock will prove how unwlHe
It Is for women to submit to the
(lungers of a surgical operation when
it may bn avoided by taking Lytlla
E. I'lnkliam's Vcgetablo Compound.
She wax fourweeks In the hospital
and camo home suffering worse
than before.
Here Is her own statement
Paw i*aw, Mich.—"Two yearB ago
1 suffered very severely with a dls-
Tlplacenictit.   J could
j not be mi my feet for
a  long   time.   My
physician treated
mu for seven months
without much relief
and at lust scut mo
to Ann Arbor for
uu operation. I was
thero four weeks and
came borne suffering
worse than before.
My mother advised
       line  to  try   l.ydla
K. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound,
and I did.  Today I am woll and strong
'1 owe
Theodore Preiser, trie novelist-editor, was talking In New Vol,; about
"1 like pointed criticism." he suld.
"criticism such as I heard In tlu*
lobby of a theatre tlie other night at
the end of a play.
"The critic was nn old gentleman.
Ills criticism, which was for his wife's
ears alono, consisted of these words:
" 'Well, you would come.' "—New
York I'resB.
The largest photographic negative
ever taken of u Hitter wus (14x8.. inches, or practically life size. It was the
work of a Dublin firm.
The Overdraft
"To continually sow nnd reap without replacing anything lu thc soil, is
much like a num having a bank account nt the beginning of his career.
bul wno continually draws cheques
against his account without thinking
to make a deposit. Thc only result
is an overdraft—u sterile soil."—Qon.
Louis Botha, Premier of ihe South Af-
rli-an Union.
St.   John-Liverpool,
Lako Manitoba   Thurs., Mar
Empreufi of Britain     Friday, Apl
■ .iik-1 Chumuluiti  ....  Thurs.,
Empress «-f Ireland     Friday,
Lako Manitoba    Thurs.,
Summer Service.
Montreal -Quebec - Liverpool.
Empress of Britain .. Friday, niaj
Lako Chatnplain  — Thurs., Bloi
Empress of Ireland .. Friday, Muj
Lako Manitoba   Thurs., Maj
Empress ft miiiiin .. Friday, Mb)
uud weokly thereafter.
Low Rates—Superb Service.
Reservations -ind iii-tniis fi-om  -
Railway Agent or wrlto
J. S. CARTER, Gent.  Agt.
210  Portage   Ave.,   Wlnnlpe-j.
and do nil my own housework,  J <
my health to 1-ydia E. Pitikha
The ties used on Lho Panama railroad nre mado of Bliell hard wood
lhal holes liavo to he horod for tho
npiM-s und a special form of «cro.v
spllto used,
Sweel nnd Uaia'ama, Moi her
Grave's Worm Exterminator Ik ac-
ceptable to children, nnd It does lis
work Burely and promptly.
"Tliore would ho fewer divorces,"
mild "Big Tlm" Sullivan, al a ImwiUOl
In Now York, "ir men treated tholr
wIvph with absolute equality, Thoro
aro too many huHh.uidH of Cholnioude-
loy'H Hiamp.
"Ab Cholmondoloy blow lho truth
from it large glass of boor ono evening, a friend mi id to lilm:—
'"I hoar you've had your pny rained,
"'Vos, hul 11 did mo no good,' nnd
Gholmondeloy drained IiIk i-Jhm* and
pushed it to the bartender for rofllh
"'Did you no uood? Why not?"
"'1 i.tii-icii In my sloop,1 Cholomon-
loley replied) 'and my wlfo .of oli lo
Why  doos    quicksilver    run away
when we touch it?
Quicksilver is not silver, but it baa.
a silvery appearance. The strict
chemical name for it moans water-
silver, says ibe Children's ICncyclo-
podla. but the uame by which it i«
generally known Is mercury. Quicksilver Ih not a kind of silver, nor a
mixture of water and Bllvor. nor anything oiso but It-s-a-if. It belongs to
ihe group of the metals, like gold and
sliver, lead, Iron and so on, but It in ,
unlike all other metals ln being liquid
ai. ordinary temperaturos. Quicksilver is very heavy, so that even iron
and lend can float ou it-
Tbo tiny partloles of quicksilver
have ;. great attraction lor each other.
The roiisoii wo cannol pick up quick
Bllver Ih that It Is liquid, Helng a
liquid, it runs, ns water does, and
that Is whal happens when li Is
touched, Quicksilver was discovered
more than 2,000 yoara ago.
specialist, i. College St.. Toronto,!
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
18 limr Ave . Toronto. 0'il'no
VcKntablc Compound ami mlvlm! nijr
frlonds wlio uro affltotod with any
frmalo complaint to try It,"—Mrs.
Oim-.l_ Buck, It. It. No. 5,1'aw IMw,
Michigan. ......
Bl'owtcil |    If you ave ill do not drn-r alone until i ,	
look ihan an operation Is necoaaary, bnt tit oiica
taltoLydli* *•;.. I.Mi'khtiui'3 Veg'tabl** ;     »rj« out or ovory   four n
Compound" MvOljlit ot htittor   cdn.unlod m
For thirty yeara it has heen tho atan-1 !»M •»»« "om -.broad.
dard remedy for women's ilia, and has
positively restored the health of thon-    There aro 3,000 canarv bird   breed-
(tads of women. Wbydoii'tjoiitrjiU 'ova In Norwich, England.
,'.lll Ih
Willy- "I  "muni  inollior tlio othor
ilny crying ovor yuur booli ot i nn"
llm SIstor'H Klanco (dollghtod)-**"Oh!
la Hun bo. (Asldo) All! «liiii glory!
Wlmi iiinii- iiuulia nu-: For n man
in Iiiiiiu ii-iira in lln- eyes of auch a
rilubiioarted woman ua that la cor*
luiniy a groat achlovotnont, (To willy i hik* was really wooplngi Willy?"
Willy—"Yea; alie aabl It nearly broke
lu-r iieurt to llilnk ibul a daughter of
lii-i-a waa j-ulm*; lo marry an Idlol who
could wrlto such rot aa that!"
Look for-ll-"!-. (It better, wem
longer and tive better *atl*fi*"-
lion   thiiii   t.M i i   innlofl.     They
nn. iim i.■■".[! <-i* i**» years' «'•■
cumulated knowledge nnd ex
pmIt-tic-i in ,>ii!ld,i'g mnl. OrUfl
Nl,.>-"ii BUitUf-d     hv      .•■ii-l.i   ■
dmiein overy where In C%nsdi<
The John Mcpherson co.,
Limited,   Hamilton, Ont.
lho   I
tnr luiwailimi rond hn.. plvoii
iSt  BtUUfftCllon uf nny hind ot
Kiir.'iH'lnn yet. ex|ierlini*nU*tl
Oh mun 11 hIoim-h, evenly Kprond,
Lhe inr la plncod, Hun anothor layer
of Blon08, nnd the wholo rolled. It It.
totally covered with Btouo dual nnd
rolled hnrd.    II  refjUltflS only a few
months to beconic quite durable.
Tho ('linhdeller    In    the Allintnhni
Muslo Hull lu I-niulon  In mild to be
ono nf the largest hi the world, hav* —;—■—      "
Inu sixty electric lampe or D00-candlc     The nenreat nolghbor of N>w 7,tt\
noli. I land  is Australia,    Which Is  iwcri
At Ihn various Cnnadlnn ports of;
entry last, year 17,800 persons wero
rojoctod, 16,404 being citizens of tho
United Hiales. . ,
1 hundred miles dlutant.
Paris hae 30,000 publlohousoa I---n«
don D.fiOO; Chicago B,?0Qi Edlnburgu,
®he Ifrospectot:, ©ranbrook, §. OL
iST_JLI8HBD   1191
rmMtaked Ittry Saturday   Mornlm at Oraabrook. B.O.
r. M. ObristiMi, Manager.
Poat.pi to  -.m-rtoao, Europeau and other lorelga countri.a,   50 cents   a
year sxtra.
ADVBRTISEMENT9-Adverttsing raUa tumlBbed on applicatioo. Ko
adv.rtie.me«ti but those ot a reputable cbaraiter will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS *.ND SUBSCRIBERS-Unle*,. nutica to tbe cuatrary
ta given to local manager advertiBement. and -ubecriptloui will b. kept
ruualng aid charged up againat tbeir accouut.   ^	
19th YEAR
CHANIinnOK, B.O IL'LY    Hli.
Nn. 117
Sir Wilfrid l.ttiirfcr Will l,e remembered in history as tin* man who
could not learn. Time was «lien the
Liberal leader had some reputation
dr political sagacity, That tnu-lin-
Perhaps sir Wilfrid is no longer as
good n Judge nt political conditions
and of public sentiment as be used to
lie. Perbars In* in sunn uled by!
pour advisers where I irmerly he hail
good oms. Wlmtever the reas n, the j
result is plain. •
Sir Wilfrid l.anri'r plunged his party into ruin on the reciprocity issue. I
but never would admit that he was
wrong, choosing rather to put him-
set; above the great ma'orlty of th
Canadian people.    The same unswerving self-eonlidence wub shown in h -
conduct on the naval issue.    His own
policy waa a failure, if indeed he was
e.er  really  Bincere  in  his disire lo
evtn  a  tin pot  neutral   navy.       Yel
when the Borden nnvnl pro. osal »■»•
announced nnd received wl'.h acclaim
liy  all   patriotic   Canadian*  and   b>
thc Empire at lari-e, Laurier set I i.n-
sell again above the people, defied the
majority  in nnd   out ol parliam n
Bought   to  arrogate    to   hims-lf  th •
(unctions of government and plunged j
his party deeper into the mire.
He did this apparently in n passion
of resentment, stn'ing everything on j
tha c'lnncc ct forcing a general e!c> j
tion when it might not be too lati i
to hold  together a  rennint of  the
Liberal party on n campaign ol mis
Prior tn the aesiton Sir WH'rid
Lauri r bad planned a loir ol the
West. He wns warned against tak
ing this tour nud for onco he hee.l u
the warning. He toured On tin loam
Quebec and found himself political
an outcast.    Yet he has not learnod.
mile made tbe solemn  promise tlm-
he would not muke the n wnl (l_3
ton n i iiity issue. He forgot tbo
promise. He had received urgent ap
I eals from Liberals all over i Hna.li,
to leep the navy out of politics. He
iinornl those aprculs. lle made the
luostton a football iu the worst and
must disgracefully unpatriotic ii -J-'
ever put up by an npiiositi.il in Par
He lost again.    With the aid of lii.
tools in  fie  Senate he s .ccetded ii
illing lhJ Naval Bill, but not   n presenting the building of the ships. And
iven yet b: has not learned.
He wan*s to a_ n tour Ontario
.mil Quebec to tell the elec ore to foi
low his white leither and put tb ii
money on the descre:ited old cock.
;i- will irola-ly tell th-m that if he
is defeated ag in he will nevir mor
lead an Opposition. He told then:
Umt in Septera er I'll and >iu
.ire.i le'dlng the Hi'." it . n ii ler th.
direction of Pugsley, ever since.
He will deny that he is in alll-nc
with the Nationn'ists wbos.- policy
if nolhlng-'or-tbe-Eraiire, he has em
hruccd. He will probably deny thai
.c killed the n-iighways Bill and prc-
,-enttd the expenditure ot a million
and a h.lf m good reads th s year.
He will quite prol ably dtn - ha in
killed the bill hy which a number o.
branch lines would have been taifcn
Over ns f-eders in thc intirolonial
Railway, lie wiil dmy, as he nis already dented, having held up the bus
ness ol P.irliaiiHiit and of th.- country lor wenka and weeks while heard
his Irienils played lb* Nationalist
game nf Hocking the Natal Bill. In
this tour, unless it is called oil, wi I
lie a tour of denials.
Ovo.' against them will hi* the plain
tacts which are I no.in tn every elector, that
Tb- Naval Hill was killed hy Laur
ler, acting through a parti/an Liberal  majority in the Sonata.
That, the detent, it the Naval Bill
hy Laurier' was a Nationalist tri
That the Highways Bill wae killed
by the same pnrtlzan ira'o.lty oi
Laurier a-iiits in the Senate.
Thnt the I. ('.  U. branc.i u.ies bit
was killed in th,* same way.
Land and Apple Show
.Mr. .1. Bruce Wnltter, Comtni alone.
iif Immigration in Wtat nn Canada,
who ia nlso Chairman 01 the Land <$.
Apple Show to be held at Winnipeg
October 10—18, states thnt announco
ment will soon ba made 01 the pus
a-tonger and friia-ht rates to upply at
tnat timo, N'ouotiutmis with t ,,
railroads are nj\. procce-Jag, 'lb
interest taxen In this tus; naUon.i
Oauadlan Land i*nd Apple Show in.
betn ks ii 'throughout the Dominion
Phfl Show is not a pn\.itt> enter,* is
ii,ii \\ ill nny Indl - id. ul organ.zatloi
mnke profit hy it. lf a surplUB It
curried it will he dovottd to the es
labllshment ol acbolarehlpa m pn*
'.•;iiciulAi;nnilii. -..1 Colleges. Com
muntcatlona received ut headquarter.
irom the Iruit districts of the Mart
time Province.*!, (torn Quebec, Gnt&i
io, mul Br tlsh Columbia, prove tliat
these districts ara keen to make ili*-
play, especially of theli apples, 'lh,
.■•mine provincis are quickly develop
ti; tnt0 one ot th-ir biggest market
nml fm east ami tui we,t will ead
stn\e to pro\« .tt  this Land and Ap
pie   Show   its   si.eeial   fitness^ to   sti|
, i> this market. That all Cana li
- ;. pull together to make the bi
I .r . Show a success is eho\*n b;
::,, tact that Secretary C K. RolaiH
. -:.- Bxecuthe Commune. Winn,
eg,    ■-   in  correspondence  now   wuh
..-   se.retarlSai ol   Agricultur.
.«.: ai *, Horticultural ■asxlatlone ii
the various provinces*, Coupled witl
the co-operation o! the provinces i
the dominion, Canada will show lie.
worth and wealth in such lorn, as*
never Veftre exhibited under one roof.
Manitoba, tr'askatchewf n, and Alber
ta are naturally anxious '.or closti
communication with the fruit grow
ing dif.tii.-ts of the Dominion, an-
naturally the West is even mor.
.trot.gly Interested in the exhibition
of their groins and grasses.
Some of the big cash prhes wil
include $250.00 prize for the i.est t
bushels of wheat, with a second prize
of $1B0 ond a third $100; for oatt
$100 as a fit Hai prize, $75 second, anl
Jfifl for third; and for hurley tlu
same prizes w 11 h- given. In t'i
apple n .ni pet it ion there will he awarded j._0-l for the best two hoses,
rflOO for the second and $50 for th
third. A rash prize of $100 is also
olTered for the h.-st thsaf of alfalfa.
At a latei' date date a statement
will   he   Issued   giving   fuller   details
of prizes to he given for wheat, oats,
barley, alfaHa, and fnit; nl o co/*
erlnu the programme of speeches und
instructive addrasjg to be given dur
.ng the Land and Apple Show. Th.
-diow is to be distinctly for tba pio
duets of the land-not tha land itwelf.
udications already are that it wti.
>s a remarkable sucre.sf
The broadening Influence of meet
.ng together i n common ground in
Winnipeg in Oeto.ii-r, In the cotnpeti
don fur the cash pii'.es, will he o
tromendoua value to oXhibllora and
.isitius al ke.
Noxious Weeds
Dear Sir:
1   would  lu'  obliged    it  you  would
tally a.tow me, through the medium
ol  your paper,  io coll the attentio •
.if fanners  throughout   the Provlnc
to the necessity ol toaduotng avlg
orotlfi cam; a gn a.ain.t the Bpreaid "f
noxious weeds In the Province,   Thi
on-titutcs   a   grave   menace   to tlu
levelopment of agriculture, and it lt>
,ory ts,entiai tlmt a determined el
mt bv made at the present time to
ombat the evil he ore it gets too hln
-.0 haul!',     lt  is dell'Hide to see in
any  good agricultural dlstr.tts   in
be Province the alarming extent ti
.ludi    the    Canadian    Thistle    bas
•tprcadi  Thle is one .f the very woifal
.e.ds in existence, and probaUly the
.lanlest to Control.
The lollowlng   course ol tr-.atnient
vhiih should  he pursued   or  the er
idlcatlon   o(  Canada  'thistle  is  ree
unattended by  the Seed Comml »ion
r's  Branch  of  the  Federal  Depart
.ent uf Agriculture:
REMEDY—Beln,< a deep rooled per*
nnial,    Canada   Thu tie    should   be
loaghed deep in summer just as tb
.lowers optu,  or the liowerin.-c stj ns
.nay   be   mowed  down  and tha Ln
, loi'^hed as soon as the new gro-vt.
a.ipear.-s.     As new stems are throw,
ip,   they   must   he   cut   ofl  with   a
road-sheared cultivator at InttrvaL.
during the summer and autumn. Deet
adojgb.ng   n  thc   autumn has  beet,
oi nd useful in s.ipressng thistlcB it.
.Manitoha.       The     chief     safeguard
against Canada   Thistle ml s'milat
deep-rooted perenniols, is undo.ib*ed
ly a regular short rotation ol cio.
with  thorough cultivation.     A thre
yenr rotation including two cutting
of (arly red clover for the flrat yea.,
olio wed by deep fall ploughing  Ho
hoes crops with clean cultivation and
a cereal crop for the third will su|
presa it.
For permanent   pastures and WlU
lands, where this co.uh.1 cf treotrmn
is not fens hie, a plan which is fo.
lowed hy many with ^rrat sacces-i i
to keep  the   plants   cut of!  at  th
The   East   Kootenay   Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th & 19th
We beg to Announce that
we have disposed of our
Grocery Business to Ira R.
Manning who took charge
on July Second.
Great Reductions
Which Will Continue
On all Lines of Glassware & Crockery
We will not, herein,   quote prices but
can assure you it will pay you well to
visit our store as the stock  must be
reduced before July Second
On August First
We hope to be ready to open a
Strictly  Up-to-date
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Full Announcement will  be made through this space at a later date
We thank you for your patronage during past years and we hope
to have your consideration in our new undertaking.
Write for Prize List
This Space Reserved for
announcements re the
Exhibition        ::       ::       ::
Classes for Live Stock.Poultry,
Agricultural Produce, etc.
Fred A. Russell, Manager;      Albert H. Webb, Secretary
crown and never nllow them tn flow
tr. This, coune. If pursu.'d faithful
ly will in a few years' time destrqy
tbis pest.
All Provincial Con .tables and Flro
Wardens have a^ain this year betn
appointed neents fo: the l.epnrtment
in the enforcement of the pi ovisions
of the Noxiovs Weeds Act, and have
betn Instruct.jd in case of non-com
diance with notices served on own
e.s, to institute prosecutions, Tlm
n itself, however, is not all that is
necessary. It is imperative tint the
co-operation of the farmers them-
■wtves he seemed. The provisions of
tbe Noxious Wiels Act aic stringent
enough- but Its proper enforcement
cannot he ejected to the best ndvan
tan- uui-ss the farmers do th dr
share, nml tee thnt their neighbor
take stepfl to destroy weeds hefort
they seed, I trust therefore that w<
may huve united action along thest
linei, and that effective work will ht
done this yc.r towaids tli/ BUpreSslotl
Of" those weed i* which nre proviu
•men n menan to success ul ani'icui
jural development in dlfler.tu parte
of the Province.
Votira very truly,
Win. K. SCott,
Deputy Minister
ncKleelc.l by parents, municipal nuth
orities and nov-eiium-nts. Sue;, ne
ulect has entailed heavy less upon
many communities; we should he wis;
which, unfortunately, today is being
iief0re it is to-> late.-C. A. H.
Much af the lo-t- to crops, buildings
ami other improvements, caused by
railway fires In cultivated sert'ois of
the Prairie l rovttices could he avoid
:d if the farmers would laise h »i,ic
non-combustible crop on a st'ip o
'anl ad acpnt to railway rights o
way. Alfalfa is suggested in thh
connection, since (hs crap will not
burn and a narrow st.'lp would f >rm
a thoroughly eftlel n fireguard.
Where clover (an he grown successfully, It will answer e;iunlly well. Tlu
.'lowing oi  potatoes, beets, or otlnr
rtiot tro; s will serve the same purpose, where local mar: et ccndltlons
will permit. ThiB would also be a
step in the much-to-be-desired diiec-
tion of diversified farming—C. h.
Band Concert
The Cranbrook 0 ty Ban! will give
tbelr regular weekly open air concert
on Sunday evtn ng, July litb, commencing at   S.45 p.m.
March,—I,ion   Heart    Hillings
Overture—The  (Joldtn  West ...Mac. i.
Waltzes—Loves Devotion Johnston
IntermeKKo—Golden  itod    ...McKlnley
Medley—Muy    Klo-vcrH Laurens
Man-h—Prince   of   Victory   ... Hillings
Cod Have thc King.
Jnmes Austin, Handinsster.
P. 0. BOX 904
Th.* ni.Ht Htilkln,' oxamplo 11 thr
re ,*(,„t i. t. ofTcOatves of v»cciniiiion,
whlrh porliaftB Iiiih ocourr*t* In »nj
country) eorla'nly in moiltrn i. mn;
k Hint i.i Hi' I'lil li|)lni liiiiiin
'.'iiiii* t.i 19011, aamo d.iiihi ili'nt'.n one
year were duo tn Dtnallpox. ln thut.
y.'nr tin. Unltml Hint." nuthorltloa
lii'lli'Vltii* In ith e Henry, ItltrollUO.d
thi' liruotloo nml tliolr n llri'i'.i por-
lormed the cnormoua number ol »,-
n!H,f,:ir, vnrlniitlonH, thin olloctlially
itnmplng ..nt thiH horrllito plrfituo,
Thin In hut ii mnili' n In .tunr.o nl nn
..hi   nml   iiiiiinii   ■clohtlllo   piactloo,
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing; and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilatipn Experts
Works  Edward Street.,       -       Cranbrook
_HliilMHIiHlil«lahl.l.l.ir*il«|g|.l.lilim; ______\_fggg_fgggg^m THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Professional   Carbsj
£obge   Hotices
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet 1n Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thuraday ol each month.
J. MclaAOHLUN,   O.R.
Loulf Fearaon, Sac., P.O. Box -311.
Vleltlng Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meeta   in  Cnl'llien's   Hall   let  nml
8rd Thursdays    in every month, nt
I p.m.   Membership open to British
E. Y. Brake, Prea.
I,. Pcmrron, Secretary
Box 618
Vleltlng members cordially welcome
A. F. A A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
tblrd  Thuraday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranstoii, Acting Sec.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings*.—2nd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Oranbrook, B.C.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. II
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Vleltlng brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Do. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Bew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cor-
,       dlally invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Harris
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  158
Oompanlona ot the Forest
'Meete in Oarmen'e Hall, Second anl
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mra. L. Whlttaker, 0. 0.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Bee.
Visiting  Compantone  cordially  welcome. MM
P.L.S.   ft. C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    •    British Oolumbla
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 221
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   ft   ORBEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Olllce at Residence, Armstrong Avs.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Bvsninge 7.30 to   8.S0
Sundays 2.30 to   4.10
Oranbrook,    .....    B.O.
. F. M. MacPherson
Norbiir- Annie Nail lo Cilr Ha.ll
Op.il D»- anil Nif ht Phon. Ul
Funeral Direoter,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Ornnbrook     Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every 2nd and
ith Wcdn.-shuy ut 8
li.tn., in Roynl Black
Knight's lln'l on
Un'-or Street.
W. M. Brier, Dictator.
11. 8. tlarrett, Sec'y
Frank Dezall
Agent (or
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Street Paving
The paying ol city stretts with
wood is agnin coining into favor,
new methods of laying the pai e nents
making this cn. ol the most satisfactory of pavements. Vancouver's pavements are largely of the same mater.
al. Eighty-two per cent of the new
l^ivin * in Minneapolis is wood-;,lo:k,
and Ha.batch'wan and otber West
rn towns are gi.inj t„ wood-block
.laving the preference,
Hest results are obtained f*om ue
tan fulnr-shaped blocks cut from Southern or Norway p ne which is thor-
oughiy ser.son.d nnd ereoEottd. Thi.
latter process not only lengthens the
life of the wood, but reduces its ab-
sorptive capacity for water, thus pre-
ianting the weukenin*: of the wood-
Hurts und reducing its tendency to
buckle. The most approved method
< t la*, ing this pavemfnt used in Lon-
don, New York and other large ci-
ties, Is to first muke ft toncrete fotln
dation four to sii inches thic; on
which is laid * thin li^er of sand, or
h tt, r still, of melt Portland em
ent, Into which the bloaks ure c'osely
The bloc' s are from five to nine
incheB n depth and must be free from
defects. Care must be taken to Place
them with thc grain perpendicular to
the ro:id-hed. If laid with the long
cd.n'eu ut rislit angles to the curb tbe
joints arc apt to 1 e-ome wo n by the
lutlks on the horses' shoes, so to prevent this nnd to pro.ide for possible
expansion, the pavin; is laid at an
ungl* of about sixty-seven degreeB
degrees wllh the curb. The joints
ure usually f lied with ground cement
nnd the surface of the paving Is ihen
covered with a thn dressing o
conrs; sand, which heds int. th*
pores of the blocks nnd rout-hens
Such n pavement hns the smoothness of asphalt and will last ulmo't
without repair for fifteen years un-
der ordinary condit'oni. lt ls sun
itary, noiseless, ensily kept clean and
has a certa'n springiness lacing in
us. halt, nnd so is much easier on
hor.es' feet. Expert 1 ibor is nit re
quired in its laying and thi cost o
maintenance is practically n 1, so
that from the standpoint ot ccst a,
well, it compares favorably with the
asphalt, macadam and brie; now be
ing used in Canadian towns nnl ci-
The manufacture of wood-blocks for
paving would furnish siwmill ottnaeR
with a means of utilizing fie mnny
defective logs of Norway pint unfit
for saw material, and, could n ster
dy market he developed, much of the
waste in connection with the present
lumbering and milling operations
could he avoided.
■ ■
10 chains, North about _<> chuins,
EaBt about 50 chains, North aliout
60 chains, and West about f.O chains
to point of commencement.
Located this   24th day of March,
T. G/Procter, Locator.
Jamea Fisher, Agent.
Meete in Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd and 4th Thureday
of each month at » p.m. eharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, Ree. Sec.
Oeo. Ladda, chief ranger
Vialtlng brethren made welcome.
Praildent-O. R. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on the Flret Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary-*. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Oranfi
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st nnd
3rd Thursday in
It o y a 1 Dlnck
Knights nt Ire
land Hnll at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitors
Fred W. ftwnln, W.M.
H. Ir. Williams, Hecy.
Steam Boiler,  Furnace,
and Septic 'Utile work
• epeoialVj
Coet and •took eitimatei
funnelled oa application.
ASIr.u I P. O. Ion IW, Ca.a.a..
(SECTION   4").
op the  21st day of July next, application will he made to the  Super.n
Undent ot Provincial Police f r tht
transler of the licence for the sale o'
liquor hy retail in ar.d upon the pre.
mises lnown us the  "Wusa Hotel,"
situate at WaBa,  British  Columbln,
trom N ls Hanson to the Unionist Investment   Comrany,    Ltd , oi Waa.i.
B. C.
Dat.d file 2r.th ilay ol June,   1913.
Holder of Llcin«.
The Unionist Investment Co. Ltd.
Per C. W. Johnson,
Applicant lor Transfer.
In the matter ot an application lor
thc Issue of n duplicate certificate of
Title to Lot 707 Group One, Kooten
ay District.
NOTICE Is hereby given that it Is
my intention to Issue at the expiration of one month after the Ilrst publication hereof a duplicate of thc certificate of Title to the above mentioned lot in the mime ot Chiii'tes Le
Roy Uechtel Hechtcl, which certillcate Is dated tbe 18th April, 1907
and numbered CHIir.A.
Dnted at Nelson, 11. C,
April   22nd,   1918.
23-*4t H. It. ROE,
District Registrar
TO   THE  OWRERS   OF   LOT    3912,
A meeting of the owners of l.ot
3912 will be held on Wednesday the
16th dny of July, 1913, at four
o'clo.k p.m. at the office of Beale Ai
Elwell in the Hanson Ulock, Cran-
biook to make regulations as to the
supply, use, nnd di.trivutlon of water
available for Irrigation pir.oses for
said lot 3912, as to the maintain-
ance of the main cannl, laterals and
other Irrigation works and in particular to arrange for the work for the
cnrr.nt yenr.
Dated nt Cranhrook, B. 0, this 25th
ilny of June,   1913.
Malcolm Horie.
J. W. Hallatt,
J. O. Cumnitnns.
Scobell'a Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure Bra__„,
Alcohol, Tobacco tad I>ni|i. It cotmtertcti lb*
•Ikit atmott loilaatly-riniovti all crtvitfi.
Altar taking tha tiiitmtni there will acfir Nw
Kid luNrlnk IntoilcaiiU ur «M (hup ■gain. Can
|Waa Mcratlf.   Wa licva yet te fint of on*
talluta.   Mill ad under iipartte covsr to aa_ld>
NOTICE Ih hornby given Unit, sixty
(GO) dnya from (Into I intend to apply to Ihi* Minister of Lamb; for n
llcenco to prospect for ('oul nnd Pat
roleum over the following described
lands situate In Lot -l.v..:. Southeast
Kootenny, British Columbia.
Commencing at u poHt planted ut
the Southeast corner of l.ot 7897,
thoncn Houth   HO rhnlns, Must about
■ ■
NOTICE] is hereoy given that sixty
I y.U)  days Iruin date  1 intend to ap*
i -tly  to  ui*-  Minister  of  ..amis lor a
I uct-nce lu iiioBi-t-t ioi' v uui and r«i-
.ui-aUiu u*,«r  tbe louowin^  uot-cn_etl
[    HUU a   .**IUiiUe    IU    I.U l     ...Q    DOu tilt, liai
Kootenay, Britiah Columbia,
| Commencing at a poBt planted at
! the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
' theuce North 4u chains, Kast about
j 70 chains, South 40 chains and West
i about 70 chains, to point of coiu-
| mencement.
Located   this    24th  day  of   March,
T. G, Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
THE cool lunch for hot days.
Serve it in the country. Take the motor car, the
family, a friend or two, some sandwiches**- and
7,500 Employes to Make It
The Anheuser-BiiBch main plant and
branches give employment to 7,500 people.
The main plant covers 142 acres, equal
to 70 city blocks. There are 110 separate
buildings, a ctty In themselves.
Hundreds of visitors every day po through
with ^nidi's to Inspect thia Immaculate institution.
One cannot see it without the conviction that quality is an Anheuser-Husch rule.
Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis
17m Largest Plant of Its Kind
In the World
Some of the Principal
•JMi-i*3ll[\ I I 11| a || pti'i'H
fj^'-.--.;!,>.<•;«»*';*■•-*.'.;*..■ "f"
____.f^t%t§_____ '
Distributor CRANBROOK, B. C.
Kor n ljlcenai to take and line water
NOTK'K l« hereby nlven thut Petit*
W. Dull nl Wnsa, B.C., will u|i|ily lor
h licence lo la'te linil use one cubic
(oot per second ot wuter out ol Tat.
Creek, which down iu a south-easter
ly direction throU|-li l.ot 6682 and
empties into Koot nay river. The
water will he diverted at ISO leet
west ol west, line ol l.ot t'CHl* and will
he ubciI (or irrlfrntlon |iu poses on
the land described as Lot f.«H., Koo
This notice wns posted on the
({round on the loth day ol June, UU
'llie application will lie tiled lu tli*
ofllco ol 'he Waler Recorder at Ornn.
Objections   may    be llled with the
mild   Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller ol Wnter RIkIiIh, I'ar'.ln-
imnt llulldhiiS, Victoria, ■*,(•.
24-tt Applicant
Department of Works
SKA LED TKNDBns, superscribed
"Tender for two-room addition to
school "house at Hosmer (Fernle District)," wi'l bo received by the Honourable the Minister 01 Public Worka
up to nooa of Monday, the 30th flay
of June, 1913, fur the erection and
completion for a tWo-room addition
with in;.,im- chain!er to exiHtin^
school hoiiFe »t Hosmer (Kemie-Uis
trict). Work to he startui immediately on acceptance 01 tender and
cmipleted ready for occupation on
or btiorc August 25th, IM8.
PlanSt specitication-i, contract, and
forniB of tender may be wen on and
after the 18th day of June, WIS, it
the ofllr« of Mr, J. S. T. Alexander,
Government Agent, Kernie, H.C; Mr.
T. Ayre, Secretary School Board,
U oh mor, B.O.;' and the Department
of Public Works, Victoria.
Intending tendeia ran for the mim
of llo (ten dollars) obtain one copy
of the plans a'ld s icei.lci.tlonK, by
applying to tho undersigned. Thin
sum will he refunded on return of
plana in good order.
Bach proposal mtiBt be ncconpan-
ied hy an accepted hank chjque o.
ceititicate of deposit on a chi.rt-inl
hank of Cannula, made payAblo to
the Honourable the Minister of public Wor.h, for a sum e.ual to io per
cent of tinder, wblcb shall b" (or
felted if the party tonderlng decline
to enter Into contract  when  called
upon to do art, or tf he full t m
plete the work contracted fur. 'ih'
cheques or corttflcn*, « <-' (lep. ait o
unsuccoHsful tenderers will in return
ed to (hem n| on the execnl ion of
thu Co .tract.
Tenders will nol be considered un
les_ made out on the forms supplloil
signed with th- actual signature o
ihe tenderer, and enclosed in die en
veiopeN furnlphed,
The lowCflt or any tender no' nwos
BArlly accepted,
.1. 15, I.UIKI-'tTIl
Pnblc  Works  Rnglnoer
Depnrtment or Public -Ao I b,
Victoria, B.C.,  June H'-th, 1013.
ar. n.
Department of Works
Notice to Contractors
"Creston School."
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Crestcn Scho >1 Extension," will be received by the Honorable, the Minister of Public Works
up to noon of Monday, the 30th day
of Jane, 1913, lor the erection und
completion of a two-room extension
to the scho-da-house at Creston, In
the Ymir Electoral District.
The work to be started immediately on acceptance of tender and finished and handed over ready for occupation on or before August 25tb, 1913.
Plans, specifications, contract, an .
forms of tender may he seen on mi
nfter the 16th day O'. June, 1913, hi
office of Mr. W. K. Teetzel, Oo.ern-
ment Agent, Nelson; Mr. J. Cromp-
ton, Secretary to the School poird,
Creston; and the Department of Public Work..', Victoria.
Intending tendereis can, for the   sUm
Of ten dollars ($10), obtain one copy o
[the  plans and  specifications by  applying to the un_t»rsUn.d.    This sum
| will  be refunded  w*en the plans  ar,
I returned in good order.
j   l'.iich propo al must he accompanied
1 by an accepted hank cheque or certi-
Icate of deposit on a chartered bank
>f Canada, nyide payable to the Hon-
■arable, the Minister of public .''orks,
1 for a sum equal to   lo per cent,   o
I tender, which shall lie forfeited if the
'party tendering decline to enter into
J contract when called nj on to do so
jor   if  he  fail   to  complete   the  wor.
I contracted for.    'lho cheques or cer
i Uflcntes   "f   dc| obII   of   unsuccessfu
tenderers  will  tie  returned  to  then
Upon the execution of tin. contract,
|   Tenders will not be consl icred i n
I less made out, on tbe  forms supplied,
| Milled   with   the   ACtUul   BlgPatUro   oi
[lhe Underor, and enclosed in the in
I vol opes furnished.
The  lowchf  or any  tender  not   nee
essuiiiy accepted,
j, p. anrwrrH.
Public   Works  Knglneor.
Depnrtment of public Works,
VietoMu,  ll. (*., June lOlli, 1918.
2\ 31
NOTICK fa hereby given that, si '.)
0*0) days from date  I intend to np
ply to the Min,ster of Lands for h
licence to prospect for Coul uud Petroleum over the following descrlhed
lands situate in l.ot 4.v.i:( Southeast
Kootenay, ltritish Columbia.
Commencing at n post planted at
bout 2(t chains Kast of the Northwest corner of Lot 11140 and one
mile North of the International Boundary, thence North 80 chains, West
.■in chains, South KO chains and East
SO chains to point of Commencement.
Located this   22nd day of March,
Kdward K. McCllntock, Locator
James  Fisher,  Agent.
NOTK'K is hereby glvtn that meetings of the provincial Agricultural
Commission wiil he held at the fi.l
lowing places:—
Balfour—June   87th,   in a.m.
Creston—June 28th, 2 p.m.
Cranhrook—July Is:, 9.30 a.m.
Wasa—July   1st,   7.30 p.m.
Windermere   July 2nd, 7.30 p.m.
Wilmer—July 3rd, io a.m.
Co,den-July Bth,  10 a.m.
The Commission will hear evldenct
on all matters affecting agricultural
conditions in the prown-e. All per
sons interested nre invited to be present.
('. B. Chrlstensen,
Secretary. 24-4t.
NOTICK is hereby given that sixtv
(60) days from date I intend to l.p
ply to the Minister of Lands lor a
licence to prospect for foal nud Petroleum ovor the following described
lands situate  in   Lot   4.V.I3  Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a posl  planted ai
nl t   2<> chains Kast nf I tho North
west coiner of |,ol 11140 and one
mile North of the International
Boundary thenee South ho chains,
West   KO chains. North   80 chains and
i mi nt. nu chains to point of commence
Located thla md day of March,
Richard Holme Locator,
James Fisher, Agent.
20 lit.
NOTICK is hereby given that sixty
(60) days from date I intend to I p-
ply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southwest corner of Lot 72S6
tlience 120 chains North, 400 ■ feet
West, 120 chains South and 400 feet
East, claiming all ground lying be-,
tween lots 72S6, 7285, 7137 and 7136.
Located tins 223d day of March,
Jmues Fisher, Locator,
NOTICK is hereby given that sixty
(60) days from date I intend tn apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal und petroleum over the following described
lands situate In Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe Southeast corner of Lot 7397,
thence North 80 chains Kast 80
chBlns, South about 20 chains, West
about 10 chains, South about 40
chains, West about 20 chains, South
about 20 chains and Weat about 50
chains to point of commencement,
Located this 24th day of March,
T. (!.  Procter,  Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Ooal rainini. rights ot the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
bsrta.'the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leaaed for a term of twentf-
one yeara at an animal tent si ot |1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 _cn*
will hs leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a lease mutt be
made by the applicant in person u
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sectioni, or legal subdivisions of sections, Hnd in uneur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall bs staked out hy the applicant
Each application must be accompanied hy a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of Ave cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay ths
royalty thereon, lf the coal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
returns ahould be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but tbe lessee may
be permitted to purchnse whatever
available surface rights mny be considered necessary for the working of
tbe mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department uf the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of tbe Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4th-tl
District of  South-East  Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that John Hemry
Lietner of Cranhrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the follow*
ing described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west comer of Lot 9687,
Croup 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 80
acres more or Icsb.
D.ited  .lun*   2:11.1.   I-il;.. 2 -.m..
NOTICE is heichy given tha ;i\'>
(60) days from date i intend to ap
ply to the Minister of LitinU (or a
licence io pn.specl foi Coal mid I'd
roleum over ihe lollowlng described
lands situate In Lot 4893 Boutheost
Koot 111 iy,  lu illsh  < 'oh in  la.
Commencing at n posl planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
I bunco nbOUt 70'chains South, Kast
about. 70 QliaillS, North n'-oiit 70
chains and West about (io chains to
point ol coiiimcni'omi'uc.
Located tbia 21th dttj ot Muttft',
T. Q, Procter, Locator.
Jamea Kiaher  Agent,
YOUR BABY'S SKIN A Y**k<>" *«<««*■
,  A new -4I.I.1 discovery, regardod as
, ,  ,    .    ...  oue of iho best since Um days o( lho
Is llie mosl   delicate    fabric  in  lhe   |-|01iali,. (uBcovery In lS'.is was made
world.   Yon may cause It permanent   ■,„,._ ,„., VV(,„k    ,,    ,  „„,.,,,,v mtlos
■   - poisonous mineral ont- u, (|u, mm][ u{ s,K,ym,,_  |,|„,r
rashesjiud -run- ] m m,.„ .„„*.,.,-,, „r DttWS011 .„„|
.lillo.-    from  t lit- Alaska
i lino.    The llml Is said    lo    average
harm by null:
menu ['or thc lMtlo
lions ilia' every baby   Buffers from, twentv.-iv
occasionally.   Dun't lako any cbances. I
Use Zam-Buk, Uu* baby's best balm.
Zam-Buk Is made (rom lino liei'bnl
extracts, and Is tree trom any harm,
fni polsonomi coloring matter. Uke
the grasses and the Bowers, nature
lias colored It tircen. It is nature's
own healer!
31ost ointments and salvos have, as
tliolr foundation, various animal oils
and fats. Zam-Buk does not contain
one atom of animal substance. Most
ointments and salves ate too coarse
to be absorbed by the tender delicate
skin ot a baby, and remain on the
skin an Irritating mass, lust put a
little Zam-Buk on baby's skin, ami see
how soon i: is absorbed, Bhowlng conclusively that the pores of the skin
are greedy for It.
Use nothing but Zam-Buk for baby's
skin [rouble, and wash with Zam-
Buk Soap
Zam-Buk  should also  he used for
ruts, burn
cars, . tc.
Kirg'Georg** at Home.
When King Oeorge entered his p>- •
vato room on his return from his In
dian visit he found a mass ot correspondence arranged for iils examination tha' made lilm smili*. "Enough
work horo lor a month, 1 suppose," he
remarked to Lord Siaiiiforilhain. II
»as plain that he was only too anxious lo gi t hi work. Ills ipilck. alert
manner, of moving about, glancing
with pleasure ui various objects in
Iils apartments, pausing every now
and then to make some brief refer-
about *t to the square foot of bed
rock. Some two hundred men have
already gone from hero on a stampede to stake claims, notwithstanding a temperature of 30 degrees below /.oro and snow on the ground lit-
teen Inches deep. A very reliable
miner, who has been engaged in mining here since tin- gold rush in LOOS,
was the discoverer, lie reports the
formal ions in sinking a shaft V.t 1-2
feet to bedrock as follows: six inches of muck; li feel of gravel contain-1 downright joy tlmt ho tell nt being
ing gold. 3 cents to the pair, ii feet back In his London "homo." while 11
of muck and T feet of gravel lo bed* equally conclusively demonstrated
rock whero the gold is found. In, that his health liad not been Impaired
cleaning up the surface of the bed by the fatigueB ot the last Jew mouths
rock a space of ", by * feet, he ub-1
once lo matte
•s ihnt
immediately lu*
teres ted  him.
was   1.
ratifying to be
hold,   since   ii
ted  better than
anything   else
have*  done  tho
tallied $40 worth of high grade gold,
as shown by the gold commissioner's
scales here, He reports Uie valley in
whlcb the discovery wus made to lie
iin miles loug nud -.000 feet wide, with
scalds, eczema, piles, ul-jgood working gravel quite similar lo
All  druggists and  stores J that of the famous Bonanza Creek of
When Colds
Hang On
sell ai BOc l"ix. or pos' free from
Zam-Buli Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse harmful substitutes und imitations.
Mrs Kve—"It isn't right to charge
Willie wiiii taking that money our of
your pocket Why don't you accuse
Mr.    I3xe—"Because   if wc
taken "—Louisville Times.
the Klondike, and frozen solid from
the surface to bedrock, making a sate   You
roof for mining.
This uuhl Is quite similar to that I
found in other localities here iiiid In | Fortify   Yourself  Against   Pneumonia
And   Consumption  by  Using.
an Be Sure the Vitality of The
System  is  Running  Low.
the same formation of gravel. Should
the rest of tiie valley prove one fourth
as good as the discovery claim is re-
■ presented to be, many more millions
'" | of dollars in gold will be added to lhe
U onp hundred aud fifty-odd millions the
Yukon Territory has already produced.
Howard—"Do you know any one
who is satisfied with his present po-
Coward—Tep—our hired man—at
any rate, be never moves."—Life.
Deep   Plowing   Pays.
James L. Kiddle of Windsor, Colorado, writes:   "$0 many dry-farmers
in this vicinity   are   doing   shallow
J plowing, or merely discing, that the)
Uugh at me for plowing deep, bul I
 ' '— was one of the    few    that had any
A party of Fife miners were on a   wheat last summer.    I did not have
trip to  Edinburgh recently, and one : very much, yet enough to show what
of them BOt a little thp worse of liquor   *s possible in  good  years  under ihi
and had the misfortune to lose the   methods advocated    by  Parsons ..
train home.    He wandered about the   others."
city till a late hour. Arriving at. the .. |e(ter recejved from E. R Pa *
Cattle he commenced hammering al Bons u lh, for many years I as - ■-
the gale-**. "Who goes there?" shout- Dne 0I- t|,e most interested and -.
ed the sentry on duty. "Jock Brown/ cessful dry-farmers in eastern Col-
replied thc miner. "Whal company. orado says: "Thete isn't a sing
nsked the sentry. "Fife Coal Com- -n ,,,-_- COunty (Douglass'County Col-
pany," was Jock's reply. orado) who raised a bite of anything
 —  this vear who plowed less than el
ft is to live twice when you ean en*: •„, Bl 9 -
fov  the  recollection   of your earlier,
life. 1
r A
7  tl
1    (Ot
rtei is v
tig   t
ite  name
I val
any of
They Soothe Excited Nerves,—Nervous affections are usually attribut-
sble to defective digestion, as the
stomach dominates Uie nerve centres.
A course of Pnrmelee's Vegetable
Pills will still all disturbances of this
character, and by restoring llie stomach to normal action relieve the ner-1 nounce a rival, but as soon r.
ves from Irritation,    There Is no   se-1 tinned ids name the audien
'I not ir.
frain froi
your polltl
"I can't say my practice iu that re
speet is so much a matter of courtesy
as of prudence. I once started in to de-
1 men-
dative like tbem and In tlio correction \ Into deafening    and
of irregularities of tho digestive pro-1 plause."—Washlngtoi
cesses, no preparation has done
effective work, as can be testified
by thousands,
Why He Wouldn't Loo*' Pleasant
Seeing that   his  repealed  request
lo lord*; pleasant only caused hh
Explained Joel lo scowl moie fiercely, thi  i
DUln'i  some  Idiot  propose  lo youjgrapher ceased to look pleasant
before our marriage?" | self.    "If you can't  cheer    up.'
"Certainly" said,    "wo mlghl  as well  call
"Then vou ought to have married Kilting off.   Vou seem i.u umiabl
him." [of ohap.    Why can't   you  look
Vou catob cold easily.   One cold It
riot  gone  till  the  nexl  one  comes
Vou are unable to shake yourself tree
aud as a result your system is grad
cally becoming weaker and weaker.
This ts \h? way to pneumonia or
consumption.    Colds   only    hang on;
when the system is iu a weakened or
run-down    condition,  aud  tho  Mood j
;s  ''...   i [i bness   tt hich  is required |
ghl off the disease germs.
Dr. Chase*. Syrup of Linseed and.
Turpentine will free you of the cold, j
u   you musl build up the System by •
isinfi Dr  Chase's Nerve Food or you'
yourself  open  to  reuewed  at-
a ..
folds do not bother the person
whose blood is pure and rich aud
nervous system ls filled with
energy and vigor. You can fortify
yourself again - olds and you can
ward oil such frightful diseases as
pneumonia and consumption by using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
By a few weeks' use of this great
food cure you can build up a reserve
force which will enable you to fight
I off disease aud to better accomplish
your work  In life.    Rich, red blood
; is the great es:    of    germicides, and
there is nothing    like    Dr.    Chase's
Nerve  Food to form new blood and
restore snap,  vigor   and    energy to
mind  and body     60 cents a box,  ti
boxes for $2.50, at all dealers or Ed-
manson.   Hates   ,fc   Co.,   Limited,   To*
; ronto.
The Tell-Tale Thumb.
The thumb confesses the man; no
man is clever enough to deceive it.
ll has been divided into threo parts,
typifying the three qualities that mas- j
ter the world—will, logic, and love.
The first, or nail piialange, signifies
will; the second logic, tbo third,
which is lhe boundary of the Mount
of Vdmis, love.
When the thumb is unequally developed and lln llrsi phalange is ax-j
tremely lung, i< is neither love nor
logic that governs lhe individual, bul
merely sheer will. If the middle i-lni'l-
ango be muoh longer than the llrsi,
reason predominates; yet the mini
may nol have the power to will himself lo do lliat which his reason dictates.
Wheu the third phalange Is long and
the thumb is' shorl, man is revealed
as tho slave of lho senses, guided
neither bj will nor reason.
If the thumb is supple jointed. Lho
Individual U easy-going, spendthrift,
careless of time, money, energy, opportunity and all things.
If it ba firm-jointed he Is cautious.
Watchful, keen, diplomatic, tireless I
planning, confident and sure of buc-
Cess, self   possessed and  self-conlrolling.
Your Mother
Do not forge! to manifest an Interest  iu whatever luterosts or amuses
her. Though she is old aud wrinkled
she loves prettj things. Make her
frequent simple presents, and bo suro
they are appropriate and tasteful,
Remember lhal she is Btill n girl al
heart, so far aa delicate little attentions are concerned, Give her your
full confidence, aud nover do anything
which you think she would disapprove Make hor a partaker, so far
as your diiToreut ages will permit, iu
all your pleasures and recreations,
Lift all the hurdens you can from
the shoulders that have grown stooped fn waiting upon and working foi'
you. Never Intimate by word or deed
that your world and hers are different, or that you feel in any way superior io her.
Treat her with the unvarying courtesy and deference that you accord to
those who are above you In rank or
position. Study her tastes and habits, her likes and dislikes, and cateffj
to them as far as possible in an unobtrusive way.
Bear patiently with all her peculiar
itios or Infirmities of temper or disposition, which may well be the result of a life of care and toll. Remember that her life is monotonous I
compared with yours, and take her tp j
some suitable place of amusement or
tor a little trip to the country, or to
the city if your home is in the conn- j
try, as frequently as possible.
Where Barbers are Paid.
There ought to be a rush of bar-
Iio to-'
pose of their collect.
\ ions  without   first '
obtaining ottr prices j
sent upon request,
Remittance forwarded day goods received,
Express and mall charges on all shipments
laid by us.   Caaada'a Lartfeat Fur Operator,
...... .. . Blt-J
our correspondence solicited.
Jo Kb Ha-U»m •
Just    what. I did."—Shay
PILES CURED   IN   0  TO   11   DAVS
Your druggist win refund money if PA20
OINTM13NT falls i<- cuVo nnv caae »r
Itching,    Blind,    Bleeding or Protruding
ni..- in n to it days.   60c.
"Whal did C.nbley talk aliout. at
the banquet last nlghl?"
■'ll seemed about three hours."—
Mlnarda Unlmcnt for sale everywhere.
Bullet Proof Shield.
Lieut  Bisblnt of the Thirty-second
Infantry, wiio is now ut Tripoli; has
invented a bullet  proof shield which
can be put  to different    uses   with
great advantage.   The shield consists
of a light  plate of tempered steel 12 {
i inches wide and 1G Inches lone Bhan-
aid the led like a spade.    When fitted to one-
wife f.;  of the tent, poles Ihe shield can serve
o some  the purpose of a  spade for digging
; never | trenches  In  the  sand.    In  skirmishing soldiers can use it to take cover
by   lying  on   the  ground  and   firing
brigand, so  they    won't I from behind  Ibe shield through the
thole, which is large enough to admit
— — the barrel of the rifle.   The shield can
Tbe Ventriloquy of Birds j also lie used When soldiers fire kneel*
•nee and wby is the power of Iln*. and.!n:.hR_m_ cJmrfiM it can be
saul when I tell you?"
"Because I don't want to,"
man liefore ihe camera, "My
going to semi these pictures
eel.illvrs of hers whom I hav
seen, along with uu Invitation to v
■-It us soon, and ll is my In ten I Ion i
bers' assistants to Australia,   lu Melbourne,  from  the  beginning of this
year, the legal wage of the journeyman shaver und hair-cutter has been
lixed at £3 a week.   This is a considerable advance on thc rate hitherto
prevailing— £2 5s.   The masters propose to shift   this additional burden
on to tho shoulders of the hairy public by raising rhe price of a hair-cut
io a shilling and a shave to sixpence.
The Me.bournians are threatening.to
boycott the barber's   shop, learn to   . REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND GHILD.
shave themselves, and get their wives ;   mrh.Winblow*s sqoti.inu Bvaut has been
to cut their hair.   Now one wants to : used (orover SIXTY ykarsi>\- millions of
know  what  the  wives  have  to  say I ___X9__H-_for. .ih«r.ciinipKEN   .WHIM?
about it. !
When Your Eyes Need Care
Tit Murine Eye HeweJly. No Smart in tr—Feels
Fine—Acts Quickly. Try it fur -Reii, Weak,
Watery Eyea and C.ramilate.l Eyelids. Illustrated Book in eaoh Fackufte. Murine U
<*uiupi)unil(-d by our Oim.1I-.is-not a "Patent Me*
IctDR" —but uaed Sn kiiccouful PhywclanB- Prto*
llco for tunny yenrs. Now dedicated to tbe Pus*
lie nnd sola by llnUgMIH nt Wa »nd 60c ucr Bottle,
Murine Bye SaWo in Aseptic l'libei- _Sc and 60c
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
To M..lnt;iin Imbeciles
Montreal—A bill received    by    the
city from the government »m,b   for
$71,000   for   maintenance   or    Insane
persons*. Tor the yunr IBU-
There may bo other corn euros, but
Hollow-ay's Corn Curo stand at the
bead of the list so lar an results arc
On© Way
"I'm earning money to pay my way
through college."
"Brave girl. How do you earn money?"
"Well, father gives me )i> fnr every
singing Ibbboh 1 don't take."—Washington Herald.
Agent (In sour-raced bul wealthy
old lady): "Madam. I am. nol letting
funds i» starl a benevolent enterprise
for the poor blacks of Africa, and t
thought—" Sour-faced l.ady: "f can't
Rhe you money, sir; I have been
swindled too often, All I can do is
to lend my countenance to the
scheme." Agent (sadly): 'That
would simply ruin it. ma'ani "
ventrllo(|uy thai many birds possess'.'
lusliK a writer In the Nntlon.) The
meadow-pipit, or the cornbrake, can
sit In one (dace uud make its ro'ce
Heein to come from many alternate
BpolB, It may bo a trick Impressed
liy the agi-H uk a menus lor bewlldci*-
ini; one's enemies, [or comrade call
nml danger call Beem, to our blunt
ears al any rate, to be the Bamo in I
these species. The cornbrake must'
'lit* of an artistically playful disposl-
j lion, for he calls like that, now near,
i and far. When he ts. undoubtedly cill-
ing his male.
Dickens And Miss We I ler
Dickens himself was once embar-
rasjed by one of his names. This
was when he was presented to a Miss
Welter, whose beauty and talent delighted him.   He described to a friend
strapped ove.- thc left arm nnd serve
the purpose of a regular shield. On
the march the shield, which Is very
light is hung over the knapsack. The
Btsblnl shield has been experimented
With successfully and found bullet
proof at 100 yards, so that very probably it will be adopted as an essential part ef the equipment of infantry
industrial Accidents.
According to the record of industrial accidents hept by the Department
ot Labour. *»1 persons were killed and
ITS injured during   February,   1012.
This record compares very favourably
with that of January, when St; workmen   were   killed    and   -II   injured.
Compared wit'. February, 1011, the record is still  more  favourable, as !)!!
were killed and  107  injured in  that
month.    The  worst    disaster of tbe
his mixed feelings al finding the name   !)as, month was the premature explo-
he had made grotesque borne by so   Hjon   0[  dynamite    on    construction
work near Fort Frances. Out., cu thc
line of the Canadian Northern  Hail
i<* th* Ha..! -r«-*,«.ly (bv leAt-KlUKA.     It  i« ;._
lolulely harmless.   Be sure aud aslc for "Mrs.
Brown—"I Bay, Smith, are vou good ! Window's sooihing Byrup,'' and take soother
lii-ir.      r_.nii.fitv. i'->tii£ a 1 mttle.
at conundrums?"
Smith—"My boy, 1 am great at such
things, Fire away."
Brown—"Well, if It takes a man
three days to chew a ham weighing
ten pounds, how long will it take the
same man to chew a hammer weighing six pounds?"'
Smith (after considering some
time)—"I'll give It np, old chap."
Brown las he prepares lo dodge
things)—"It will depend whether he
Ib a professional or a hammer-chew-
kind,  'i'weut--five cents a bottle.
lt Is the chief cone rn ot wise met,
to retrench the evils of life by thf.
reasonings of philosophy, bul It Is Hie
employment of fools to multiply them
by the semimenis of superstition,
gracious a lady. He afterwards
Iroduceil h friend, and a marriage foi
lowed in lime. On 'ho morning aftoi
thai flrst meeting Dickens sent ifl
this unforeseen kind of Weller some
verses In which he protested his re
(jret 'li;.; he could noi hope to Chan**
her name for he   was   married
"Pickwick" wan published.
i way. by which 13 constrmiion hands
i were  hilled and six others seriously
Two-year-old Harry had never seen
i a  live  lamb,  his only  knowledge of
tbat animal being derived from a toy
j one on wheels. While visiting grand*
I pa on the farm he was taken to Ihe
nf Ihe 823 vessel, with a tonnage
of 2,034,030 built at British Bhlpyards
last year, practically all were of steel,
nnd V' per cent of the tonnage con
slated of steam craft.
Votes For Married Women
Port. Arthur. Oni.—The city council |
has passed a resolution approving ofl
votes for married women with pro-
perty qualiftcatloris the same as widow and spinsters.
Not That  Kind  of  Sinner
\ storj Is lold of s i erlaln clergy-1
man who was fond of making sharp '
remarks, One day, after n fall of snow.1
he was vending hts way along a coun-'
tr) road In company with -.* parishioner. Hi--* companion suddenly Bteppcd
upon a I Idden slide, and enrao down (
with a thud.
Looking gravel) down al him, tha;
pastor solemnly said
"Ah. my friend, sinners stand on
Bllpper)   iii -
' .es, t see thej do h ii I can't,"
was the Indlgnanl rejoinder of the
fallen member of iii.- flock,
sheep pen
the lambs.    After
looking al tbem for a few minutes, he
looked up at grandpa with a puzzled
ax press ton. nnd asked, "Where's the
v. heels?"
Mistress—"What a very pretty
vase! Where did yon net it?" Sor-
vant—"One of the young ladies at Mr.
Williamson's give It lo me." Mis-
tress—"! didn't know lliere were nny
indies staying there!" Servant—
'-Yes'ra, two—cook and 'ousomald!"
TIe-T   took
last night.
She-  Was i
in a musical
% PILLS '4
-**-   /l ii f-rr <i   H
|    Percy Petllpate   That mln
I Is a fakei
j    Miss Dill—What  ma •■    •■>
I    Percy   Petti puts   Because
I iiim to . ead in * mind and ho
| ouldn'l make anything ol it
I  nskod
Bald  tie
W. N. U. No. 891.
A heggar In Dublin hod been li
besieging an old, gouty, losl | Hi
lug gentleman, who refused hiH m
with mueh Irritability, on which i
mendicant said: —
"\li, please yonr honor's honor
wish your heart was as lender
your lOBS "
"Tlmea Is fierce,"  dec)ftr
en,   "Half ihe managers
i;- owe iiie money"
■ Unci, snhiry or alimony?
arled VorI-;k Ilamm    Cou
id  Susan
>n Uruiid-
' poind)
li r .lour
Soon nfier Lord Sidney's elevation
to tho Peerage he happened tu observe, In company lhal authors wore
often very rlllculoiin in lhe giving of
lilies. "That," hiiIi) one of the company, "is mi error from which oven
j kings appear not to be exempt!"
Mr. Andrews praises Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills.
Mr. George Andrews of Halifax, N.S.,
/, i ih":
1 por iimuy years I have bcen troubled
wllli < Itrnnic • oustlimtioli, Thla oilmen! nevci conn i Binglc handed, and 1
jiavc Ijci ii c victim to llie many Illnesses
lllnl i i,n lipnlioii brings iu ih; n.iin.
Mcdii im after medli iiic I linvc taken iu
ordi r lo loid relief, bul one and .ill lelt
iin- in lhe snino hopeless condition, lt
iccinod lhal nothing would expel from
mc ilu- one oilmen I t li.*t c.iii .id hi much
trouble, yet at last I read aboul these
Indian (tool Pills,
Tlml wns indeed a lucky dny for me,
fnr I was so Impressed wuh the state*
incuts in.uie in,it 1 determined to
give ihem a fair trial,
I ley hnve n^ubiud my stomach ind
btweli-. I im cured of ronstip-itioti, and
I (hum lliey have no equal as a medicine."
Por over half a cfiilurv lh Morse's
Indian Root Pills hove been «nring con-
Bttpntlon and clogged, inactive kidneys,
witli all ibe ailments which it.nil from
them, Tliey cleanse the whole system
mid purify lho. blood. Sold everywhere
at 26c, a hats 2
Secret of Long Life.
The true secret of health and long
life lies in very simple things, Don't
worry- Don't overeat Don't starve.
Fresh air day and night. Sleep and
rest abundantly. Spend less nervous
energy each day than you make. He
cheerful. "Wort: like a mail, but don't
be worked to death." Avoid passion
and excitement. Associate with healthy peoplo. Health is contagious as
well as disease. Don't, carry the
whole world on your shoulders, far
less the universe. Never despair.
"Lost hope is a fatal disease."
Old Sores. Lump*
ia Breast, Growth!
removed and heal.
ed by a simp la
Home Treatment
No patn.    Describe the trouble, we will send
book and testimonials free.
10 Churchill Ave., Toronto.
A  Remarkable  Fish Story.
Delivering an address at .the Surveyors' Institution In London on Monday evening, Mr. Julian ('. Rogers
quoted the following from Kllburno'a
topography of Kent, published in 1667,
a copy of which was in tho library:
"A monstrous tlsh shot himself
ashore tin Thanet), where from want
of water ho died, as tlsh sometimes
do under such circumstances, ills
roaring was heard above a mile. His
length was 'l'l yards, bis nether Jaw
opening 1- teet. One of his eyes was
more than a cart, wltll six horses
qould draw. Ms tongue was 15 foet,
and his liver Iwc cart-louds.
The Color Scheme
Cohen, the spider, sat boll hid his
counter, walling for tlm tiles, Business, as usual, was very bad, and if
lu* didn't work off a good sale on his
noxl; customer, bis name wasn't what
it was.
A burly form sauntered through tin-
"1 want a blue Blilt, please!" demanded the new-comer.
Cohen rubbed ,'\x bands. "A vat?"
he inquired. There was no bluo suit
iu lhe shop.
"A blue sull," repealed the customer.
"Vail one minute," relumed Cohen,
as he ladled into Die parlor. "Quick,
Thomohm, thonny. Cliongo lhe thlty-
llghtl There'll) a iiuin in tlio shop
lhal   waiilh a blue limit,"
A  vi
17 1'nl
man   who
Ll rod t
i In
grocory 1
• II'
llilV    III
-1   mi   III..   Bll'OOl
hv   11
Tlio  ft
ond, «
lulling    li
Iff   1
ii i-i* fi
Ming hIiii-
* ynu
from  1
Vou    II
n      HI
11 1
know \
mbly  l
Illil."   IT
"1   01
rlnhily  tli
IS    1    ll
ll    Wlll'll
Extreme Temper.
"Bangs Is a very Ill-tempered man,
I liear."
"So ill-tempered that he won't ride
ou anything hut a sulky."
The average man gets so muoh criticism that when a compliment is paid
him without "if" or "but" nttaoheil.
he pinches himself to seo if he isn't
just now dead.
"I have six daughters,"
".Must tulic 'em a Ions timo to dross
when the family is going anywhere."
"Oh, no. Thoy form in a circle and
ouch ono liultoiis another's gown."—
Washington Herald.
We atter One Hundred Dollar! reward
for mnv case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured  by  Halle  Catarrh  Cure.
F. J. CHENEY Sc CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the iioatcrfilEni-it have known P. S.
Cti.m-v for tin- lest 15 yeare, and believe
htm  bertectly honorable In all buitnce,
Tlic scientific way of getting thc best results from your cattle, is lo get thc best
There arc so many separators on tlio
market, cnclx one claiming to be the best;
that buying one should bo a matter of careful
our     %_r%t—M
OO i
We would like to bringtoyournotice some
point*; of special advantage in this machine.
Tlic bowl is small and true-balanced, easy
to mn, skims quickly and cleanly. It is
forged from solid steel with electrically welded
spindle and can not get out of ballnce.
The flexible neck bearing of    can of heavy  retinned steel.
phosphor bronze is held in
place by heavy coil spring and
adjustable lock nut. This is tiie
most approved type of bearing.
It is lubricated by sight feed
oil cup.
The gears are accurately
cut mesh perfectly, and run
with a minimum of friction.
The gears are concealed and
protected from dust.
One-piece Seamless supply
There is no place for dirt to
Thc skimming discs are
easy to wash. The discs are
slipped all together from the
bowl to the cleaning rod. The
discs can not become mixed.
After washing they are slipped
back into the bowl all at once,
they are not handled one at a
time. It only takes a minute
to thoroughly wash them.
30 Day Free Trial
We could enumerate at considerable length, the different
advantages of our separator, but wc permit you to answer every
question by accepting our remarkable offer. We offer you a
thirty-day working trial on your own farm entirely at our risk.
Your decision is final. If at the end of that time you are not
satisfied in every detail you can send thc separator back telling
us what is wrong, and wc will pay all transportation charges
and return your money. Nothing we could say would prove
more conclusively thc confidence we have in this separator.
Every one expects business to increase. When ordering
a separator it is always better to buy a larger one than tiie
present needs demand .'Let us know thc size of your herd .indue
will tell you what a suitable separatorwill cost at your own town.
Write lor our Spring and Summer C-Ulogue. It will im you mono/.
•ut anv utilisation! made
^-aldinir,   "•
__   y hla firm.
_.   Klnnan  it  Marvin,
leaale Drurclats. Toledo, O.
lranaacUoi.fi. and financially able- to carry
; '
...   -a-UKl	
Hall'a Catarrh Cure la laken Internally,
...   .....   t. .      .   -     ...
■yt   ..a _.-.
7lo.  par tattle.    Sold
Family Pllla for ConiU-
ict'lnit dlrecUy "upoii the tTlooil and mu'-
•ua aurfacea of the •yitem.   Tcatln-onlau
Eent tree.    Prlct. " * '"
v all Drunliti.
Taka  ».a,P«
A yoniiK woman entered a shoemaker's establishment and aaid tu the
salesman—"1 tliinU these I.onts tho
Fourteenth heels are too high fnr me.
t.lve me a si/e lower, please. Or perhaps '.mils tiie Tlili'teenth would he
high enough!"
Mlnard'a   Liniment  Curei   Dandruff.
His Excuse.
She—"Ynu dldn'l seem to like tile
new symphony at tlio eoneert last
Ho—"No. The fuel is, I Ignored
She—"Ignored II!"
lie—"Yes, Mrs. K'nnzitult wns wilh
us, you know, nml she snld she heard
II In Munich last year, and 1 i-ouldu'l
show uu Interosl In anything us se-
i-onil liniiil as thnl, could I?"—Cleveland I'liiln Dealer,
,\n Hiillnn iiiili.'i-Hlty professor
claims io have round radium In ordinary lie".
Clly Visitor—"UOW IlllU'h illlill duos
ll l-ow give?"
Parmer Todd—"Notiei you've got to
take 11."
Two ofllcers iu lhe Helj-hiii army
havo invenlod u mitrailleuse for a carriage io In* drawn by ilo|,n. hi Hei-
kIimii tho dog hns lo work for his llv-
Ing, and ono—perhaps lho only—un-
pli'iiKiint. sight In tlmt country Is to
see (logs Struggling under hurdens ul-
moHt groator tllltu they can henr. The
new gun-carrlngo will bo drawn by
two good mastiffs, in ihe /'stance li
rcsombles u mllli-carl, The framework is of Iron, und the wheels hnve
pneumatic lyres, The spokes ure or
polished Bleol, n lillle slimier Hum
lhat which is employed by the i-yele*
Anaemia ian lie successfully treated by frull diet, especially with bananas. ,
Some Mourner.
Down iu Georgia a negro, who had
his life Insured for several hundred
dollars, died aud left tho money to
his widow, sin- Immediately bought
herself a very elaborate mourning
Showing her purchase lo her friend,
she was very particular ln going Into
detail ns to prices and all Incidental
particulars, Her friend was very
much impressed, and remarked:
"Them sbo is nne close, hut, hefo'
heaven, whal: Is you goln' to do wid
all ills blaek underwear?"
The bereaved ono sighed:
"Chile, whon 1 morns. 1 morns."—
Harpers Magazine.
Quite at Home
"I hear your sou has brought borne,
n timid little bride."
"Well, she Isn't so awfully back-
ward *.t that. She started ln right
away to Improve inolhcr's ganio ot
bridge and show tho girls bow to
Sperm whales nro lho richest prizes of tin* ocean, yielding spermaceti
from the brain eases, Ivory from their
lower Jaws, and rich yellow oil from
their sides.
Let us not bc ton particular. II, Is
better to bnve old seeond-iuiud diamonds than none at all.—Mark Twain.
Jamaica, discovered in l-lli-l by
Columbus, was originally called Xay-
muen, 1111*111*1111; Lund of Wood and
In Franco Iwenlysls gallons of wine
per bend or the population In consumed-. In Kngland only a quurlor of
u gallon.
A Chicago professor allrlhules In*
digestion lo n pessimistic stomach,
which refuses to enjoy the good things
of life.
South Carolina produced last year
two thousand pounds of ten, some ot
which has snld for as much as 41
cents a pound.
The llrsi poorhousn was opened In
the I'nlted Stntes in 1098.
Strikes During February.
The strike situation In Canada continues ou tbe whole favourable according to the latest reports of tbo
Department of Labour. Fow disputes
of Importance occurred during February, Ibo one affecting most employees
being that of tho cloak and garment
workers lu the employ of T. Katoii
Company, Toronto and Montreal.
About titIO employees were affected by
this dispute. Altogether there wero
twelve strikes In existence during
February affecting about 611 linns nnd
1,200 employoos. The Iosb of lima
in working days was approximately
10,000, comparer1, with 12.000 days lost
from the same caiiBo during January,
and over 112,000 days Iobi 111 February,
1011, Fight strikes remained In existence at tho closo of the montb,
A group of old men wero giving
tbelr reminiscences of Lincoln. ".My
wife collected autographs," said one.
"Sho onco wrote to Lincoln for a sentiment and his autograph, and she got
in reply a note that ran—"Dear Madam.—When you ask from a Strang-
or thnt which ls of Interest /jnly to
yourself, always enclose n stamp.
Thero's your Bcntlnient, and hcro'i
your autograph.—A. Lincoln!"
One ot tbo most striking luniivn-
lions in a reconstructed Loudon I10UI
Is u signalling apparatus, Which iIom
away wllh Indetenulnale lieltilnglni:.
Ily pressing a button lu bin brdroosi
tho visitor can Blgnul for the wnl'M,
ehiiinherniiild, or valet, a colore*]
light appearing slmullnncomdy ovtr
(Bo hodroom-door, iu the corridor, I.i
the BorvlcMOOlli, (mil ln l!ic olll*-",
whero a staff Is always on duty. Tbii
light can only be switched off ul lho
bedroom-door, ao that Ibe olllce t:'.*_
Is always able to nollco It Ihero-Is
any dolay lu replying to Ihe visitors
r new
cannot properly masticate solid
foods and digestion i9 often
upset—they do not receive the
needed nourishment to make
strength and preserve health, but
if aged people everywhere could
only realize the atrength-aus-
taining nourishment in Scott'.
Emitliion they would take it after
every meal.
It posses:*** the nourishing elements of cod liver oil, the vitnl
powers of the hypopliosphites of
lime and soda and the curative
qualitiesofglyceri ue, allso perfectly
combined that nature immediately
appropriates them lo create
strength—nourish the organs and
build the body. If relieves rheumatism aud ailments due to declining
years.   It adds to the span of life.
Refute tubttitutet for SCOTTS,
Scott & Bowtic, Toronto. Ontario    12-63
•Ix Essential Points He Holds Absolutely Necessary te Perfection
Mr. Icblba is a clever and
famous Japanese author, better known
however, for his eccentricities that
for his literary ability.
His last wife died ln April last,
after ten years' patient endurance of
•ho literary temperament, and llie
mourning spouso Immediately set
about finding another partner. He
commissioned all his friends to keep
their eyes open for a suitable person,
and gavo a stnndlng order to the various matrimonial agencies in the capital to reoort Immediately any likely
candidate for the honor ot being the
second Mrs. Ichlba.
Ho laid down six primary conditions which the successful candidate
would havo to fulfill.     They were:
The lady must have passed through
all tbo various conditions of lite and
•the various phases of society from A
to Z, ns only by ripe experience can
perfection bo attained.
Except the clothes she should Bland
np ln she should have no worldly poi
sessions whatsoever.
Sho must be severed from her family entirely.
She must contract to keep tho kltoh-
*n and bathroom absolutely spick and
span and ready for instant use.
Her style of halrdrcsslng must h*
<x la mode Japonalse—no foreign frills,
nads, switches or toupets to be permitted.
She must stand five feet high ln
her tabl, and her limbs and body be of
a proper plumpne-ss—as to face, feat-
uresjind other points, these were no*.
to matter.
Mr. Ichlba looked over forty-seven
candidates hefore helng satisfied with
a woman 28 years old. whoso exper
lence of life appears lo have been such
as to meet with the eccentric author's approval.
The transition from winter's cold
to summer's beat frequently -puts a
strain upon tbe system that produce-
Internal complication:-, always painful
and often serious. A common form
ot disorder ls dysentery, to which
many are prone ln the spring nnd summer. The very best medicine to uso
In subduing this painful ailment is
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It ls a standard remedy, sold
8he Is a wlso woman who laughs
only at the right time.
Wife—Whnt Is meant. John by the
phrase, carrying coal to Newcastle?
Husband—It Is a metaphor, my
dear, showing the doing of something
that Is unnecessary.
Wife—I don't exactly understand.
Give me uu illustration—a familiar
Husband—Well. It I were to bring
you home a book entitled How to
Talk, that would be carrying coals to
Some of lhe charity that begins at
home Isn't worth making a fuss
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures  Dlphthirli
Vanishing Under Water Gun
One of the now submarines, Eil,,
wns launched at Chatham on Thursday. Tho vessel will hnve a spce-l
of fifteen knots and has beeu fitted
with very powerful oil engines In
which oil of an exceptionally high
flash point eau be used without any
danger of an explosion within the
flhlp. She Is moro powerfully armed than any previous submarine and
carries a disappearing gnu.
It Is staled thut owing to
tho recent demand for coppers, tbe
mint authorities bave decided to Issue
coins to the i xlent of $250,000 which
Is equivalent t.i 600 tons ln weight,
A Fatal Ailment
Passenger—I haven't seen Bill Jones
who was conductor on this car for o
long time,
Conductor—No, Dill ain't on Ihe
road no more.     He got color-blind.
Passenger—Color blind!
Conductor—Yes. Ho couldn't see
which was his and which was the
She Had Such
Beautiful Hands
tliat It wa. perfectly evident
tli.it Hho lined UNA**, the
oriainal   limit
cleaner, to re.
of housework.
iinnd cleaners
liy any other
niiiiie llo net
,1111-11 BSSV/Mt,
Avoid rank
remember the
lliutl 3d
W. N. U. 928'
What Is lo be done In order to |
build up the meal Indus.Ty of Canada?!
Then.1 wtll bi* HUlo uro for abattoir,
it tho (armors do not raise, animals
for slaughter therein nml lho tiuostlon
is now net so much huw enn we export
our surplus meat, but rather how cun
wo Import enough meat to food ourselves.
Canada, like othor growing countries, Is already facing a shortage in
meul Buppty, Tho population is rapidly lucreaslug, who,ens the supply of
cattlo, sheep and hoga Is decreasing
rapidly, In several provlnecs the
hetual number of outtle, sheep and
hogs is less than live years ngo. The
breaking up of tho ranch and range
country in tho west Into small farm.!
has mado serious Inroads into the supply of beef and mutton from that territory, and bas practlcully out off the
supply of thin young cattle which
formerly were shipped to Ontario to
bo finished over.
Grain farmers of the western provinces are being urged by experimoit*
al fnrm worUm'S, rarmers' Institutes,
livestock and farm papers to diversify
Ihelr running not only for safely as
to returns, bul, as an Insurance against
tho time when fori lilly will he so depleted that yields of grain will he no |
longer profitable,
Llvo stock Is a safeguard, not only
for the farmer, but would ho n big
factor in helping to solve the car shortage problem which is so acute ovory
fall. Grain farmers all want to
market thalr grain at the samo time
and get the money. Sheep and steers
can be marketed every day tn the
year, provide a safe revenue, and distribute lhe traffic for the transportation compan-es. Thero Is at pro-
sent a market in Canada for nil live
stock produce ond for all kinds of
smoked meals, lard, ham and bacon,
so tbat the market Is bore with good
prices. As the population increases
Ihls market will grow.
One nf the greatest drawbacks
against wore llvo stock ln the wost
Is the fact that Canadian banks are
not. allowed to accept live stock as
collateral for loans, whereas in the
United States nn enormous and pro-
fitable cattle loan market Is done by
largo cattle loaning companies who
get behind tho beginner In tbo live
stock business nnd carry him until
the returns come In from his Investment.
It 13 generally supposed that the extremely low temperatures which prevail during tho winter in the west
are absolutely prohibitive of the successful and economical handling of
llvo stock. As n matter of fact,
much of the best beef sold In Calgary.
Edmonton and Winnipeg tills spring
was fed out. In tho open air last winter with no shelter, except a few
buildings, and here and there some
haystacks or very cheap sheds. Northwest winters are no harder on live
stock than the winters of Outarlp.
Although the Province of Alberta Is
unusually well equipped for producing
cheaply mutton of the finest quality,
largo quantities of frozen sbeep and
lambs nro eaoh winter brought In
Trom AiiL-tralla and Now Zealand. In
addition to the large number of live
sheep and lambs driven across the
border from Montana and Wyoming.
Ono thing our farmers and stock
raisers should learn 4s that tho home
market Is the best. The cattle embargo bas combined with other causes
to make shipping catilo to Liverpool
unprofitable. Indeed, several firms,
formerly large exporters of cattle,
bave practically ceased their shipment to England.
Again, the Canadian market, Is better than American markets, for tho
Canadian farmer and rancher will almost uniformly get a better price net
at Edmonton, Calgary or Winnipeg
than he will at Chicago. No more delusive argument was put forward by
the advocates of reciprocity than the
argument that the Canadian cattle
raiser would be benefited by freer access to the American market.
Some Western Canadian stockmen
have been led by Chicago market reports and rumors of an acute shortage of finished cattle In the United
States to ship their finished cattle to
the Chicago market. In the case
of the first large shipments of catlle
made from Alberta to Chicago this
fall the market was unusually favorable and entirely abnormal. Cattle
for that week touched tbe highest
prices ever known in Chicago stock
yards, so that the Alberta cattle being carried along with the current,
sold for a few cents a hundred more
tban tbey would have brought on the
same date in Winnipeg. Tho success of this shipment led numerous
other ranchmen in the west to take a
chance on the Chicago market, with
the result that ln every case, so fur
tbo net prices received for stock
would have netted at Calgary. Edmonton or Winnipeg. Western Canadian
prices for beef, mul ton and pork nro
regulated by supply nud demand.
Wllh the west each year importing
larger quantities of moats from Eastern Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, It is obvious
Hint prices for finished products in
lho west must he at least on a parity
with prices for those products In other
countries 'from which they aro exported.
Tills general subject will ho found
discussed nt great length In tho last
annual report Issued hy Pr. ,T. G
Rutherford, as veterinary general of
the Dominion Government, which was
extensively quoted from und comment
ed upon at the time by The World,
The general subject <»f the languish
lag meat industry of Canada was the
subject of a lengthy debate in the
houso of commons about a yonr ago
and it is a fair surmise that the present government Intends in some way
to encourage the Industry. Unfortunately, tiie cold climate of Western
Canada aud the natural deslro of tho
new settler to get a quick return from
his land and to pny for his farm as
quickly as possible militates against
tho Industry. Ill the end, however,
the farmer who raises some livestock
and wlm foods his frosted grain will
como out ahead, and unquestionably
the country us a wh.,le will be greatly
benefited by more mixed farming lu
Eastern nnd West eru Canada alike.
Indeed, tho situation is becoming so
(."rave as In demand tiie earnest and
early attonllnr of tho Dominion and
provincial governments, Nothing, perhaps, will accomplish ao much ns a
campaign of publlelly and education,
which Will convince tho western farmer that hi- will benefit himself and bis
land by raising live stock. And in
this connection It Is to bo hoped tbnt
lho government when revising tho
Dank Act, will permit loans to he
made to the farmer upon the pro-
duels of hU farm, Including both i;rain
and live slock.
Tho lesson cannot he too Strong*
ly impressed upon Ihe farmers of the
noribwe-t, tint the growth and proa-
norlty or the live stuck and meat business of tbe country depends up,™
an ample aud steady supply 0/ live
stock being furnished to the packers
and butchers scattered over the country. Without ample supplies and
raw materials these people cannot op-
orate economically.' so lliat It is greatly to tho ben. tit and profit of the farmers to keep a steady supply moving
forward In order that the home market may be maintained and developed
and the host prices established for the
live stock grown wlthlu thc provinces.
I Malady of tiie    Middle    Ages    With
>    Which Man/ Princes are Affected
In Russia, a recent pronounce-
I ment of the czar's physicians concern-
j ing the illness of the czarevitch—Uiat
the boy is a haemophilia or a bleeder
—Is tlio subject of interesting comment In the current issue of the Hospital.
»It. Is slatad that this strange and
terrible malady, whoso victims bleed
excessively after comparatively slight
injuries, has occurred at intervals
among tho scions of European royal
families since the middle ages, und
lhat at present many princes are suffering from It.
In popular language, tho victims of
this constitutional tendency to bleed
excessively havo been said to have
only one skin Instead of three. The
truth Is, of course, thnt hemophilics
liavo just, as many skins as any ono
else (to wit, cne); but that their hlood
lacks to a greater of lesser degree
that power of coagulation or clolting
which in normal' persons leads to
natural arrest of hemorrhage after
any except, vory serious injuries to
large blood vessels,
At tlio, present time It would seem
that hemophilia is more prevalent than
ever among princes. The late duke
of Albany suffered from it, and eventually died of it, The second son of
the king and queen of Spain Is said
to be afflicted by It, and to bo incurably deaf In consequence of hemorr-
hage info the Internal ear,
Humors are also current that the
E-Ohenzollerns aro not exempt from It,
aud that some of Queen Mary's relations are hemophilic to a slight de-
Tbe disease hardly ever occurs In females; but it Is handed down
almost excessively through the female
The Army of
Is Growing Smaller Every Da?*
re .petmble—they not
only give relief
they permanent
cur: Constipation. Mil
lions ire
lliem tor
Biliousness, laiigeiihn, Sick Headache, Sallow Skin.
Small Pill, Small Dole. Small Prica*.
Genuine must bev Signature
Look about you and sec how trained
brains win better salaries than trained muscles. Wo train young men
sud women to use their brains ln business. They succeed. Why not
you? Wo Invito you to wrlto for a
copy of our curriculum if you want a
good training for a business office or
wish to become n competent telegraph
operator. Write W. II. Shaw, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Canada.
W.H. Storeys Son, ltd,
Tell* of the Wonderful Benefits Ob.
laihed From
Like many another Newfoundlander living far from doctors, Mr; Stone
feels unbounded eratltiulo for the hen-
fits obtained from the use ot Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
For years he had suffered from a
congested condition of the liver and
kidneys, with headaches, backaches,
pains in llmbc and body. Words
fail to describe Ills sufferings as well
as thfl gratitude ho wauls to express
for the cure.
Mr. Alev. .T. Stone, WAftt Point.
Nfld.. writes:—"I suppose you
thought. I had forgotlen all about you
when I got Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, but. I haven't, .'ou must excuse mistakes, for like many Newfoundland men I have not much education, but I want to thank you many
times for your medicine.
"I cannot tell ynu what. I suffered
from liver and kidney derangements,
indigestion and constipation, nor can
I find words to expresR how much
good this medicine has done me. I
feel bettor than T have for five years
and have given some of theso pills
to friends, who tell me they have dono
them a wonderful lot of good. I want
to express my heartfelt gratitude for
the benefits derived from tltc great
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, ono
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers
or Edmanson, Bates &. Co., Limited,
Pretty Personal
In one ot the large cities a street
ear collided with a milk cart nnd
sent can after can of milk splashing
Into the street. Soon a large crowd
gathered. A very short mau coming
up had to stand on tiptoe to see past
a stout woman In front,
Goodness! lie exclaimed. What an
awful waste.
Tho stout woman turned nround and
glared at tho Hltle mnn nnd said,
sternly: Mind your own business!
What Matter WhlchJ
When the news became known, his
fellow-clerks gathered around and congratulated him.
But, said one man doubtfully, I understand the girl you're engaged io
Is a twin. Bit awkward, isn't it? How
do you'tell Ihe difference between hor
and her sister?
Tho man who had just spent six
weeks' salary on an engagement ring
smiled Indulgently.
Tut! That's all right, they're a Jolly
nice family, anyway, and I never
bother very much which ono it ls.
Mlnard'a Lliilmsnt Curei Dlitemptr
Little Jack, aged live, bad accompanied his mother ou a trip to the
When the conductor came around
to collect the fares, he asked the usual question:
How old ls the boy?'
After being informed the correct
age, which did not require a fare, lhe
conductor passed on to the next person.
The lad sat qulto still, apparently
wondering over something, then, concluding that, full information hat! not
been given, be called loudly to tho
conductor at the other cud of the car:
And mother's 155.
Why She Resigned
Miss Slngwoll had been n member
of the choral society ever since it wns
formed, nnd It was undoubtedly true
that her first youth had waned. But
the choirmaster was astounded recently by tho news' that sho bad resigned hm- membership.
ROBlgliedl he gasped. But whatever for?
Well, 1 don't know exactly, Bald tho
secretary but It Hlrlkes ino thut It muy
have something to do with tho solo
we picked for her at thu next performance.
Why'.' Whnl Is 11?
"I once wus young, ',ut now am old."
Overcoats for Paupers
In Camber-well, London, England the
guardians are providing the Inmates
of tho local workhouse wllh overcoats
with which to visit tilt-sir friends during the winter wontlts,
Mixed Brood
In Capetown, a lien ostrich
oa a form belonging to Plot Oroa-orlus
Dlnuvclt, near Zanilsprull, South
Africa, Is rearing a brood of ducklings
and mothering an orphan puppy.
Act Is Thanksgiving for the Recovery of His Son
It ls announced that an imperial, decree has bcen issued pardoning
a soldier wlio on Octoher 2'1 was condemned to ponnl servitude for life
for leaving the ranks during a recent
review at. Moscow in order to hand a
petition to-tho C-nr.
The decree says: As an expression
ot my thanks for the grace of Clod,
which has granted recovery to the Heir
to the throne, I pardon private Dach-
urln ills gravo offence.
What virtually amounts to a general strike was declared in the factories
and workshops in St. Petersburg yes
terday ns a protest against, the denth
sentences pnssed on seventeen men
of ttio Black sea fleet, who wero found
guilty of being concerned in revolutionary propaganda. Many arrests
wero made.
One on the Barber
Customer—Is it true thai the edge
cf a razor Improves it it is laid usldo
for a while -liter honing it?
Barber—Yes, sir.
Customer—Then you'd better lay
aside the razor you've just used ou mo
for about a thousand years.
I fear I have made a mistake.
Ho proposed in a taxicab. Tho
minute I accepted him lie paid thc bill
and we 'got out and walked.
Useless Watchdog
Unknown burglars In Berlin entered
the bi-ilrooin or II.irr Smulcnnann ,it
N.'ustadl. (J.'i-tnany, nud stole money
anil jewels lo the viilii.- of |1800 without awaking Uio owner or Uio watchdog which nli-'it at tliu fool ut the
Burglar Left His Card
A London Bcnnum from the
cruiser Diamond who was sentenced
al. Harwich lor burglary, was foci ray-
ed by dropping his I.-ave ticket on the
steps of the house Iio broke Into.
$1700 for Historic Stockings
In a uuio, some- silk stocking,
and n piece ot linen worn by the mar*
quia ot Monlrose at his execution al
Kdlnbiivg. In liJ.'.O, wero sold at Sotheby's recently for '1709. i
-has charming flavour and
wholesome   nou rishment—
and cream
This delightful loocl.niade
of Indian Corn, is realty
Corn, says Dr. Hutchison,
a noted Kntflish authority,
is one of Ihe ideal foods.
As made into Post Toasties, il is most attractive to
the palate.
"The Mvmoru Lingers*1
Sold by grocers-.
Packages 10 and 15 cents
Mnflo in Canada by
Canadian  Postum  Corpal  Co.,
Md., Windsor, Ontar.'j,
Held Hla Own Agalnat Bulgarians
la title, Nazlni
Pasha, the Turkish Minister of
War, and commander of the
army defoudim
Constantinople, is
now known as tho "Kitchener ol Turkey," Ho ia ruted the best soldier in
The Pasha's defence of Constantinople is a threat surprii,e to tho European
powers, who predicted au easy victory
for the Bulgarians.
Whether, -.vhen tho tumult nt war
has died down, Constantinople shall
bo left In t_e hands ot the Turks, or
shall be handed over to one of the nations which havo battled their way to
ita etatcs or Bhall bo ruled hy a commission of tho powers Is one of the
principal vexed questions arising out
of the Turkish-Balkan war. So
much depends upon its proper settlement that it cannot bc regarded lightly.
Snapshot  of Sultan   Mohammed    V.,
Leading the  Royal  Palace In
Hie Carriage
Constantinople la one ot tlio largest
cities of the world. Its population
is well over a million, of whom two-
thirds aro Mohammedans. The remainder are divided among a great
number of nationalities, for Constantinople Is regarded as the most cosmopolitan city in the world. There aro
gathered mon and womon from every
far nnd near corner of the earth. The
city is also cf great commercial Importance and under progres.slve civilized rule would become a leading
A  Simple  and  Cheap  Medicine.—
A simple, cheap and effective medicine is something to he desired. There
is no mediclno so effective a regulator
of tho digestive system as Parmelee's
Vegctnblo Pills. They are simple,
they aro cheap, tiiey can he got anywhere, nnd their beneficial action will
prove their recommendation. They
are tho medicine of ihe poor man and
those wlio wish to escape doctors'
hills will do well In giving them a
A Timely Warning
For an hour the cautln-13 batsmiu
had faced the howler.', but hr. was not
to be tempt id. Not a a,Wary rn
Trom his bat had been rc^.-terr-d.
Gradually the fielders closed In
nround him and waited ongerly fer
the catch thtvc never cam*1.
And gradually the light failed. Tt
was essential his wicket should be
captured, so closer crept tho fielders, till at last there wns scarcely
breathing room.
Most of thc spectators had go-io
home or gone to sleep. But suddenly
on tho silent air came a voice from
tho pavilion,
I.ook out Jack! sounded the warning cry. They're all around ynu.
Take care you don't get your pockot
T wns cured of terrible lumbago by
*1 wns cured of 11 luul case or earache
T was cured of sensitive lungs hy
The Ooctor'e Little Dodge
Yes, Baid the doctor, you nro ln a
very had way. You must follow my
Instructions carefully.
I will, dootor, said the patient.
Now, to begin with, you eat too
much. You must cut down your
butcher's and grocer's bills by one-
I'll do lt, doctor.
Right. Now, how do you go to the
offieo every day?
By Btreet car.
Then you musi walk.    Do ym visit
I    Yes, often.
You must give them-Up, Do you
You must stop.
Do you drink?
You must glvo Up all drinking for
:i couple of months, and by thnl time
ynu wtfl probably hnve saved $38.60
which is what yon owe me for last
year's   medical  attendance.
Dangerous Talk
Mollier, I wIhIi you wouldn't mention dishwashing wben Qeorge is calling on me.
Why not, Indeed?
I don't llko It,     K Bound fl common.
Common, eh? We havo lo eat
don'l we?
Or course.
And Gcor„Q know., we eal and use
Thai's very true,
And Qoorgo also knows ibat 1) I shell
have to lie Washed, therefore SOmO-
body has lo wash llicm,
But mothor—
What  now?
If you keep on talking aboul It
(leorge may discover that you mako
father wipe iheiu and lie may think
tin' same Ihlng la coming to him if
he ahould propose to me,
Yes, Coi'dolla, lliere were false pro
phets centuries boforo tlio wrath r
burenu was QBtabllshod,
Coniclentlous M.P.'i
Nino or ten of   the   members   of
the New Houth Wabv. legislature havo
declined to accept   lho  increase   to
their salaries  voted   by  ^arlluniiMk'.
is somo mon would qui I looking tor
a soft political snap nml BitOk to their
regular employment th.-y would bt
better oft fluauclnlly.
Women of the  Imperial  Harem In a
State Bordering  Upon  Panto
In Constantinople there waa undoubted consternation at Dol-naba-?-
hcheh Palace, which the sultan inhabits whli hia household.
Tho fear that the Bulgarian army
may after all manage to break through 1
the Tchatalaja lines and enter lho'
city has become active in the minds |
ct thoso responsible for the safety ofl
the city, and this* fear has been communicated to the royal palace. '
Every preparation for flight haa
been made, floats are ready in tiie ■
13or.porous adjoining the palace
grounds, and the flight to Asia, flrst
to Scutari and thence to Broussa,
could bo accomplished at a moment's
Nevertheless, the women of the lm-]
perial  harem,  with their attendant?, j
numbering many dozens,   are    In    a
state" bordering on panic, and the chief 1
eunuch has been making daily rounds
of tho apartments, trjlng to reassure
the female members of tho household I
that thero is no danger and that the I
army Is still able to defend the capital against tho infidel.   But with air
theso efforts there is undoubted panic j
iu the harem. j
Thero are no great treasures to take 1
away. When Sultan Abdul Hamld
was dethroned hts priceless collect*j
ions were confiscated and distributed,
so little of great value was left io his
successor, and YUdi/ Kiosk, where
Abdul Hamld lived, was closed permanently. The new sultan remained,
in his old home, where lie had been a
prisoner for no many years.
Klamll Pasha is constantly In attendance on the sultan, who await?,
with feverish anxiety any reports trotfl '
the front, hoping against hope that
victory may yet come to the O \o-
man nrma.
Sanol's Anti-Diabetes
Ib thc only remedy which has
* record of complete cures.
Pries J2.00 nt Most Leading
Winnipeg, Man.
0. few doors south cf C.P.K   Dipot
Rates $1.60 to (2.00 pir _»y
Culilnt unexcelled
Htt end eald w;tcr In every r.ore
Hstel   practically   Firsprtt*
All  Outside  Rooms
Thieves    Loot    Jeweler's     Shop    In
Something Like a Record Time
In Paris n theft ot about   $60,000
worth of Jewelry was carried out with I
extraordinary daring and In less than j
Ave  minutes in a Jeweler's shop  at
the corner 01 tho Place de 1'Opera iu
Paris, early yesterday morning. 1
A fortnight ago tiio Soclete Gener-I
ale gave up its little branch ofllco next
door to the shop of M. Here, the jeweler, at No. 4 Place de rOperaf The (
Jeweler took ever the premises of the!
bank to increase his own space, nnd
tbo wall between, tbe two bu.lldln.jg
Is partly down.
Tlio inquiries mado by the police
lead them to believe that the thief
spent the night in the premises which
recently belonged to the Soclete Oeneral e.
His opportunity came when at 7
o'clock this morning the watchman
went outside tho jeweler's shop to
wind up the Iron shutter. Then the
thief must havo slipped into the shop
through tho hole lu the wall, and
rifled the many cases ot jewelry standing ready to I is hand.
Whether tills theory he true or not,
there Is no doubt that the thief got
clear away With maty valuable rings
and a diamond necklace and othor
jewelry to the valuo of $60,00.0.
Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty1'
American and European Plans
Geo.  Wright _ Mack C-.rrcll
y__   U-M c
All grocers 25c, |i1#  Tin
Ship Your
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Engineers and Tloilevmaktrt
Boilers   of    all      klmls - ■ Ivi ■_.::»■.
Pumpo, and Heavy Plata Wo.k
Write us Itr Prlc-n
14 Strichan Ave., Toronto, Car.;-rU
Woman Put Into Hypnotic Trances In
Effort to Discover Her Identity
A   very   strange   and   remarkable
mystery of tho Identity of a young
Englishwoman In Paris who completely lost her memory eighteen months
ago is still unsolved,
Tall nnd slim, blue eyes, chestnut
hair and a bright, happy disposition,
this young Englishwoman when I
saw her recently, appeared to be
about 30 years of age.
Sho Is supposed to have lost her
memory ns tho result of a ahock. Al
one time, when Dr. Ie Meuant dea
Chenala, the eminent nerve specialist
in charge of tlio case, put her Into
a hypnotic trance, she gave the name
of Alice Meadows, hut on several occasions ahe has declared that her real
nnmo U Winifred Courtney Henderson. In her trances she never aus-
wercd to any name but "Winifred.
This statement appears to be confirmed hy the Fact that she has a trunk
bearing tha Initials 'H.C.H.' Theae
letters are supposed to represent the
name or an uncle, Herbert Courtney
The woman says that she was horn
In India and lhat sho remembers Simla nnd Bombay, and that her father |
and undo woro ofllcers In tlio British
army. Sho also remembers a certain Captain Andrews who used to
visit her family.
In hcr childhood, she says, she had
a governess called Bella, who left to
marry a Mr. Harding, and they may
have gono to live at Chatham.
' When Bella left lo be married Mls-j
Henderson went to a convent at Ipswich. The details she gave of this
convent were so complete that the.
Abbe Her noli, who has conducted
many Inquiries for the young woman,
accompanied her to Ipswich to teat
her Btory.
All the particulars she gave of the
convent and the neighborhood and the
names of the streets were found to
ho exact, but at tho convent no ono
hiif w her.
Before leaving it she recalled that
she wns shipwrecked between New-
haven and Dieppe when traveling with
a woman.
Mas.WiKiLow'a Bootuino svwti- im-i bee*
wed for over sixty VEAUSny millions of
MOTHKBH for thrir .Hiumi-.N Wllli-fS
BOOTH I. rt the CH It.I**. SOl-TKNS the IHMS.
U thrirstA remedy U* DIAKKHCKA* it *• »■>•
no.11t.My htrmleil. I"- Mir** anil ask lor "Mn.
Win-.low'i BoollilDg Bynip," »nu laWe 00 other
kind.  Twenty-ive cents a bottle.
S65 to S200
A Month. Learn it new pro rug-linn.
Noieri Wri>l.«. \\,\ tutor Join for tlir*-r
huit-lrcd men ln-fort- May Ist, HHS.
Book Tree. A ■in*;-.*
Rtni IrrilBi-til i BflMVON
Igmp from tbiaUtVabrcaat
Old sorca, ulcer-, ■nt*)
Irowlht cured. Dcacriba
yer trouble l wt Will imd book mn-t teitimouiaU.
Hunters and Trappers
Ship your Fura and Taxidermy Work
to  the
649 Main Street, Winnipeg
Hiff Gome head Specialists
Buyers    of    Raw    Furs.     Price    Lis*'
Send Post Card to*
dav f-r, how to make
and  "Easy Pocket
Oirlel   Money"
vill   1*5   Now .the Time. Address
I P.O. Bos 1256, Montreal
Spoiled Hli Record
sonif* orlckotera, Bftpr practising
nne -veiling, wore talking In tlio pn-
vlUon nbout rcoord performance!.
After a few wonoVrTu. events had
hpoii related nne nf their number not'
."I an a bad howler ami bfttSttUUl, be-
Well, chaps, All dornt uuppoorse ns
yn'li bellovo mo bul Ah once acooarcd
n hundred runs an' followed It np by
teklrin' nlno wickets, nn' Ah hev noa
doubt but Ah simii hev tekken th'
oilier un, hut—
lint whal? queried his listeners, as
lhe speaker henllaled
Rut mv alarum clock wen! nir an'
wakkencd mo up.
Mo-.-l{ l.roldi.B hus incus? I wnnt a l.vn
umbltiuiiH representative fn every city
nnJ town t«i handle stocks, bonus anq
mortgage*, applicant niut»t furnisi. references ninl have from ji->o tu ino*. person*
al capital. Write or call, Athol George
r.i.in-rison, t>. Colborne street, Toronto.
fotltor, In
1 though
»t for an-
Marching Orders
Tin.ma-.:   cried   the  boy'l
surprise,      Youi      Bure
Hunt Iiiih  not  COmo yet'.'
tllO end Of th" tsrm was
oilier month,
That's rlglil answored his huh, nnd
looked thoughtfully ghoul lho placo.
1 tnl why—why haven't you Btnycd
Cbangod my mind, came the brief
reply, Jml I'm noL kdIiik bnck(
cither!    Don't Ukr- ilie ncimol.
nm, Thomas, expostulated the grieved parent, 11 u nn oxcellenl establish'
meul,      That BCltOol lldfl turned oul
Botne of tho Btnartott oicu in the couu-
Know ail about Uiat, returned tho
hollday*makor sorrowfully,    Ad4 lt'-.
UiriU'd mo out, too!
y girls wbo
Somebody Got Left
These shoes nlr, wero worn by
Charles. I un hln way to bo executed,
llo muat havo limped a bit.
Ko, Hir. H*- walked gracefully and
H'm I don't believe you. Both
these shoes are lor lho rlfibt foot.
Hubby's Fault
I nm surprised that you arc not
It Is nil my husband's fault.
Why, I OiuiiKUl he wanted wonioi
to vote?
Ho does,
Wall flowers ave gooh
wero nipped 'u the bud.
' Jailbird's Gazette
Sydney, lho drat numoi.r
Compendium, a newspaper fur
irs, has appeared nt Sydney,
The paper, whleh In under lhe supervision of tho comptroller gonornl nf
prtsousi win circulate tu nil two jails
of Now South Wales,
r tii
Halfpenny Dinners for Poor Children
In    l-'.ni'.land,    tho    Loudon    Vug-
Otai'tan   AKHoelutUin   hn»   derided  to
supply the poorest east end school
children with halfpenny dlnnori dur*
tnft tho winter at Brunswick hall,
Whllechapel road.
Thr moro iiuluu Jou talto with your
eating tht fewtr you wlll uhvo aficr«
The Laundry Bill
by using
Clean, Sanitary, & Economical
Put up in Rolls of 150 Towels
Holders 75c. and $2.00
Company, Limited
Local News
In the recent storm which wrough.
aiiih great damnge it hasn t come to
our Miowlidgo uh at any ol our Pic
tares felt the eA'ect of its severity-
Our work stands the te-t. Kllbj
Frames Pictures,
A complete stock of fresh fruits and
vegetables.—Ira K. Manning.
6 ft. linoleum, 50 its. sq, yd., Saturday, Monday and Tuesday only.
0, O. S.
Switches and Puffs of your own
hair; also embroidery done to order.
..Irs. Wesley Cline, Norbury  Avenue.
Good suit of clothes [or $6.60 at
Lhe Cranbrook Exchange,
Mr. J. l\ Fink of the Fink Me re an
tile Co., is spending n few dayB In
Oalgary tins week on business,
Everything In fresh Fruits at the
Pure Food Qrocery stoic, next to
the   41  Meat Market.     Hume   23.
$3,500.00 stock of fancy china an.
glassware to he moved In thirty days
—Ira R, Manning,
A Pointer for You
Shirts tor   Wc.  up
at  the
oroaa Exchange.
Linoleum ut   45c.  i
er  yard
it  th
a-ranbrooK Hixcbange,
we sre pegging slong keeping _;■"[
uur reputation as ihe be-: harness
makers in thia section. We :,a\e
built up a nam.- for supplying tl e
be*-t harneia only, and we will not'
our   reputation-     Bar*1 ■
Z   \-y!_\*..      nesa thai Is made to order  here.i.
V* ifr haa our special guarantee with eaeh, \
W. M. PARK & CO.
Phone 109  Cranbrook, B.C.  P.O. Box 443 ..
T_*_-'l"_"i"l"l"l"l"l'TTTT'M' _ "I'T "■"_• _"l'"l,,I"l"H"l'*t*TTtTtTTTXT'!"
Chop Suey
Specially Prepared
Served livery Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties IS
•a--.--,.,,,!. HI III HI ; ******** . **** I llll Hit" •
jj Hanson Garage jj
Sole Olstrlut Agenl Kor
The Ford Automobile
Supplies ol all Kinds in Stock at all times; also
the Best Tires tiie market affords
There are More than 220,000 Fords on
the World's  Highway
For   Prices and Information regarding Cars
Write or Appl)  to
— _..I..L.I..I    I    I    Iiiii   I     I    *    ____   *    ■■■■    1  —    *   .*   *
- i
ii Riverview Outing Place
Bargains,   the   Use   ol   which   yo i
i never saw before,  in our grocery de
partraent.- -Ira  It.  Manning.
ti ft. linoleum,   50 cts  Bq, yd., Sat
1 urday,    Monday    and   Tuesday  only
Kll.HY     PIUMBS     plOTtmKS
per  cent   discount on all staph
cl Lna   ind   25  per cent  on all [one,
Is    considerably   less   than  cost
-Ira R   Manning
Wnj   wen:-  overalls    when   yon  can
..> .; good pair Ol pants tor   $1-50 hi
tbe Ci  ■*:>."' ok Exchange,
H linoleum, 50 cts, sq. yd.. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday only.
C. C. S.
Id .order to   take care of the   In-
. , ■■■•.•-  grocery  Business   1 find   it
will   be    necessary   tu close  o„t    thi
china and  glassware  stock.     IjSverj
' thin*  must    go  regardless of   price.
—Ira P.   Manning.
i Leave your orders for preserving,
: fruits with the Pure Food Gro:er.
I next  to the  41   Meat   Market.
| L. n. L. No. 1871, DV., will attend
divine worship at the Methodist
Church on Sunday evening, duly 6th,
nt 7.30 o'clock. Members to meet
at Lodge Hall at 7.00 p. m. sharp.
By order of the W.M. V. L. Williams,
I lice.   Sec'y.
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday W(
will sell f* ft. linoleum at 50 cts. sq.
yd, C. ('. S.       _
20 per cent discount on all staple
china and 25 per cent on all fancy
Koods; considerably less than cost.
—Ira R. Manning.
The  Roy   Scouts  under  the  leadership of Captain  W.   I*..   Dunham will
leave (.'ranbrook   for   the     National
Camp, which will he at Nelson, tbis
year.     Thoy   will  take  part  in    th
competitions that are being arranged
'_ I for scouts benefit   and    it is to   bc
j hoped  they    will   not   return  empty-
I handed.     Success to  the boys.
Now is the time to buy linoleums,
0 cts.  ao,.  yd.,  three days only. C.
Ia s- 	
J. Austin, our local bandmaster,
left on Thursday to pay a \isit to
be Ceonr d'Alene to tuke in the 4th
)f July. Mr, Austin will return in
time to take Change of Ihe usual nml
! popular Sunday evenings concert to
1 ■-.■ held on the hand stand in front
; of the provincial Government Build-
i ings.
: Saturday, Monday ami Tins lay we
i will sell fi ft. linoleum at 50 cts. sq.
j   1. 0. C S.
Bargains,   tho   like   ol   which   yo-i
! never saw before,  in our grocery dc
lartment,—Irn R. Manning,
In another column will he found the
train schedule and return   fires   fo
the  special   train    winch   will   he   nm
to Creston on  duly  Uth under   thu
••-j* I auspices of Loyal Orange Lodge, No.
■ IMI.    Tins    train   will  consist   of
four   coaches   which   tho   local com-
nittee   ,'Xpert   to   have filled  by   thr.
•j* I time   the   Main  reaches its destina-
idii.       St.npu    will     be    made    at
■j* . Wattsburg,  Moyie,  Ryan,  Yahk,   nnd
; Kitchener,    Tho  Creston   lod^o   Ih
making arrangements tor   tho enter-
,   alnmcnt ol the visitors   on a   lar^e
scale,      Tin'  Cranbrook  and  Nolson
nil teams wlll play thero   on    tint
date.     This   will   !»•■    the  ilrst  game
Ii of tho s -iih'm hotweon these two
j tenms. a ','uii programme of
sport will bo carried out, The local
lodgo will parade horo before leaving
It may he that your eyes are becoming weak and yon are afraid to
acknowledge it. That is the way
with a good many people, both old
and young. The young particularly, seem afraid to admit their failing sight, hut it is uo novelty nowadays and certainly no disgrace.
We will remedy any defective eye-
light quickly, accurately and at
low cost.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOR KENT   Rooms    with   Uourd in
modern house, phone   37.. cornel- K,l
! waul stiv.*i and laduindeu Avenue.
|LOST  Hackett and Alexander Tenn.u
Racket belonging in Mrs. El.   I..
Staphs,   WyolMTe.     Finder plea*..*
notify owner and receive teward
FOR QUICK SAl-K-NVw four roomed
house 2S.\24 feet in city limits;
shed on I chicken run. water. Own
er leaving city. $51.0.00 take*, it.
Apply in office.
Thr Bejt Outing Camp in Kiul  Kojotenay
Good Accomodations
Gasoline Launch and Boats
Will Open June 22nd 1913
H. LUND, Proprietor
v complete -stool, ol fresh fnills.nn.,
egetabloB,   lm It. Mmmlng,
FORCED  SALB—All of the remain
ins stock of thc Kast Kootenay
Mercantile House haa been pur
chased by us antl will be Bold be
low cusL—The Cranhrook Exchange,. 27
WANTED—Board and Room wanted
by 16th of ths month by singl
man.    Address Box   428, City.
WANTED—A lady to do Plain sewing
no cutting or fitting. Apply Box
575. 27
WANTED—Roomers.    Modern House,
Apply to MrB. J  ames Hyslop.
GIRL WANTED for light housekeep
Ing.      Ai'piy     Mm.   Bege.1..    Ann
strong Avenue. 2.
Kor approximately 2,000 squar
feet of cement walk around th
school. Specifications can be har
from thc secretary. Tenders to be
in on or before Thursday, July lOt'i
at C p.m.
E. H. McPhee,
Secretary School Board
Baptist Church
Presbyterian Church
H«T.  W. Kelman TbomiOB
Morning Service   at   11.00   A. M.
ISvenlng Service,   7.30 p.m.
The membera of the Baptist and
Presbyterian congregations will wor
ship together during the month o
July. Divine service in the morning
will he held in the Presbyterian
Church at 11 n.m. Divine service iu
the IhiPtist Church at 7.30 p.m. Rev,
W. Kclmnr Thomson will conduct th,
Methodist Church
Ret. W. Rlaon Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Morning Service—"The Art of Hei
Evening Worship 7:80 o'clock.
ISvontng Horvlco—"Protestantism-."
At the evening service the Orange
men of Crnnhrook will he present.
Special  music  will  he provided.
* 11    Now in iin- nun' to buy linoleums,
50 cts   h |.  yd ,  threo days only. C.
'    Mrs. Chester "Staples gave n delight.
1 (nl luncheon party nl hoi home in
Wyciiiic on Wodnoidny. A lnrga numbor of   motorists    drove over   from
j Crnnhri o'r.
!    In   order  to   tnke cure of the   in
] croaking grocery mini ness   i find   it
will   he   necessary   lo clone out   the
china   and   glflHrtwnre  stock,     Kvery-
thlng must    ro rogardlosi. of   price.
-Irn It   Manning.
I) ft. linoleum, 50 CtS. sq. yd., Sat
urday, Monday and Tuesday only.
0. C. S.
Th-'ro will bn new .ioJ.es and laughing catch-phrasfifl entering into ev-
ery-day conversation nfter next Mon
day evening, when irrepressible Kred
A. Walters and his company of 25 in
the new musical Inn-makers, "The
Flower of Arizona," which*the Ma
Jest, c M in- ten I ('ompany have pro
di ced on a hU. Heale, comes to the
Auditorium. The spirit of maddest
frolic permeates every scene of this
production which comes here direct
from It-i long run lu the IDast. lis
n neon ven Uonnlity is snld to he the
strong note In its appeal to au ami
tence, "The .-'lower of Arl'/omi" it
described as not only a great play,
hut it. Is a great musical pi oeo fillet
with tuneful Hongs thnt start every
ono to humming or whistling "catchy" melodies. Mr, Walters has'been
tmrroiindcd with a largo compnny well
chosen to fill the various aimisin:
roles und alio hus a grent madcap
chorus ohoson quite as much for Its
musical superiority as for its darning nglllty.
"The Flower of Arizona" will be
seen at the Auditorium on Monday,
Jdly   6th,
Remember the sale begins Wednesday
morning at the Cranhrook Exchange,
Armstrong Avenue.
6 ft. linoleum, 50 cts. Bq. yd., Saturday,    Mondny   und   Tuesday  only.
o. o. s.
Mr.  and   Mrn.  lt.   Pttlmor  will  leave
some timo this next week fot different
points iu the east.
$3,500.00 stuck of fancy chlnn and
glassware to he moved In thirty days.
—Ira It. Manning.
Why get the sunstroke, whin hat
can he bought from 26C, up ut th
Oranbrook EDxchatigo,
The Crnnhrook Brewery bogan Bhl
inn   their   li      this   week,   the  first
consignment   was sent  out  on  Wed
Now iH the time to buy linoleums
SO cts   sq.   yd.,  three days only. C,
Furniture can b_ bougP cbe^poi
nt tho Oranbrook Exchange next week
than can he bought from T. Qaton'i
or Prlco dimes.
Why sleep on the Iloor when you
can gel a bed, sprlug and mattres
for $7.50 at the Cranhrook Exchange,
Wednesday morning,
6 ft. linoleum, 50 cts. sq. yd., Bat-
urday, Monday and Tuesday only.
O. i\ S.
Don't pay tho Chink to laundry
your collars when you can buy then
at the Crnnhrook Exchange for lesf
than the cleaning costs.
When in need of groceries, phonr
23—The Pure Food Grocer—all orders
promptly delivered.
Out of 150 entries who tried foi
honors in the Vancouver School, Miss
Bessie Pye of Cranbrook waB one or
the 21 who passed. This will met n
that she will become the owner of i
flrst class McC.ill University certifi
cate. Congratulations MIsb Bessie.
The celebration at Kimberley on
Dominion Day was above the average
both in attendance and quality. Tin
sports were fine, and the fun, general
ly associated with the timeB, was entered into heartily by all partici
All fruits and eatables at the Pure
Food Grocery Store are puaranteed.
The best and purest obtainable.
Phone   23.
Miss Minnie Gilpin and Henry
Curie were married at the home o
the bride's parents, Saturday evening, June 21st. The ceremony wai
i-erf..!-vi-.i hy Hov. w. KUon Dunham
of the Methodist Church. A nun
bor of friends witnessed the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Curie will live at
Crow's Nest,
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday we
will sell f. ft. linoleum at SO cts. sq.
yd. C. C. S.
This evening at the Auditorium will
he shown a pood program of pictures
entitled: "King Dnnforth Retires,"
"Bonny Bants of Loch Loman,"
"Billy joins the Band," (comedy) and
"Rngpy Coast" (drama). These pis-
t urcs come very highly recommended
and should i.'orm the nuclus for an
enjoyable evening's entertainment.
We  hnve  bought    over  the  entire
stock of the East Kootenay Mercantile Co.    Goods will be on sale i
our stole beginning Wednesday mom
ing,  July   9th—Cranbrook Exchange
Tbe Edison Theatre arc showing
some good pictures on Saturday evening, when they throw the follow-
lowing pictures on the screen:
"Pals," "Arabian Infamy," "Tho
Strike Breaker," "Polldar and lhls
Pat ent," also "The Magic Oarpet,"
(comedy.) Lots tii laughs make a
light heart.
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday wc
will sell ii ft, linoleum at !".» cts. B(],
yd. C. 0. S.
The picnic to Klko by the Anci.u
Order of Foresters and their [iim Is
will loiij; remain in thc minds of all
who went. This is thc first annual
picnic nnd was so much enjoyed that
that the next one another year will
ne anticipated with a good deal of en
thiisiaHm. The Foresters provided p
good programme of sports, the n
suits of which caused a good deal ,,
friendly rivalry.
$8.00 will eover a room 12 by 12
with linoleums, i^yon take advuntftgc
of our special price for the next three
days,   r.O cts. sq. yd, C. C. 8.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   A.    H.    Webb   aiv
spen.lini; a short vacation in NolsoiV
by the wny the "Nelson Nows" ie
ports it Mr. Webb iH Impressing the
citizens of Nelson mid immediate d's
trict with the probabilities tint, ire
being held In connection with tin; Fall
fair. This is the right .imd if a--
'veii.lsemenl, we want, ii"erv Mi uon
Spending a few days out of the e|t
should Bay a good word and lull of
he possibilities of the city In ihe niar
possibilities of tlm city In the tnii
future. Boost, I (oust, slid still l'«< at
for Crnn brook,
Now Is the time to buy linoleums
i0 cts. n.|. yd., three days only. 0,
0. S.
The roll or honor list of the Oran
hrook Schools will delight the ebll
dren as well as tholr parents to know
f their Ruccess.    It in always s« well
Do You Value Good Meals
and Perfect Health?
There is only one way that people can be assured of keeping food in proper condition during the
heat of summer, and that is by putting everything on
ice in a receptacle that is perfectly sanitary. Have
your own private cold storage plant-a refrigerator.
It will maintain health and comfort in the most trying period of the year. It is sun-proof, fly-proof and
germ proof.
When you sre Keiting a refrigerator, be sure to get a Rood one.
A poor refrigerator allows the ice
to melt away to rapidly and proves
the more expensive in time. We
have the BEST.
This handsome refrigerator is made
of selected ash, golden oak Anish,
thoroughly kiln dried. It is trimmed with bronze lever, lock and
hinges, galvanized iron lined, with
removable shelves and automatic
syphon trap. It is guaranteed in
every respect.
2 Sizes   $14.00 I $17.00
F. Parks & Company
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook - - British Columbia
i'H'HHH lilt 11 IH I .H llllll 1111111 IIHIHil.
2     MONDAY   EVENING,  JULY 7th, 1913     ',',
Majestic Musical Comedy
A Western Rural Musical Comedy—A Cure
for the Blues—In Two Parts
"The Flower of Arizona"
Under the personal direction of Fred A. Walters
One Night Only-Ticket on Sale at Beattie-
Murphy's Drug Store
Admission SI.00, 75c, and 50c
to encourage thc children in their
progress nnd Ut them feel as if yo
have an interest in their doings. We
were nil children once upon a titm
and used to look for a word from
mother or father, when we had done
out hest, bo if you see the name oi
your child among those who have heen
promoted tell your pon or daughter
that he or she has done well. If
you do thin, it will inspire them in
beginning the new term.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Bos Nl ermbfMk, B.O.
Acting Capt, and Adjt. Thomas
Brown of tho endot camp, _V Nelson,
ThuVflday received word from Mftjoi
Snow of Victoria that tho camp of
the cadets, hoy BCOllts, hoys' hri
gadea nnd other hoys over 12 ye_rs
of Ago, which wns to have heen lisld
here irom July 5 to 12, has now bOcn
postponed for one month and will lie
held from AugUflt   -I to   9, inclusive.
An 'AJJome'
A very cii.oyaMe "nt homo" wai
ilven at the 'King Rdwnrd School on
Wednoaday, June 25th.
Tea was hnnded to the KUtDfUH |jy
the little scholar., from 4 p.m. to
5 p.m., and from then to -) p.m., th
scholars delighted the K"CHtn with
singing, recitations, and pianoforte
Ail the scholar-* entered heartily into the singing and plnvlng, nnd Interpreted each song by appropriate ac
tions. Two very amusing pieces werc
"Three Blind Mice" nnd "Where are
you going my l'rntty Maid?" The
children were encored again and
again, mul their training reflects
great credit on Mrs, nnd Miss ( her*
rhigtoti and MIrn Hodgeon. who must
have taken Inflnlto pains to train tho
children so RLlccOfl fully.
Among tho guests were: Mr,-.. W. F.
Qreen, Mrs, r. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs.
Klwell, Mr, nnd Mrs. ('hupman, Mr.
and Mrs. Worthlngton, Mr. and Mrs,
Nlshet. Mrs. Atchison, Mrs, MalkwiU,
Mrs. HnwnesN. Hev, V). I*. Klewellyn
and others.
Commission Sits
(Cointltuio'l -rem- ''ui;-! Ona)
rnntH,   J3.no.    Kki-ii nuiee'l In Pr W
(iiiiii in cunts   to   sn i-i-iilM   nml hn-'
heen known to lie ns high ns $1.00
lor strictly fresh laid eggB. Eggs
.oiil.i be shipped in from the prairie
nt from 7 to 10 cents lets per dozen
nl all seasons of th? yenr. 'i_re n_A
been a surplus of Iresh eggs for tv-o
months this year, which had never
been known before, hut the price had
not been lowered. Hlggs were now
40 cults and could lie purchased Krom
llm prnirie at lis cenls. These were
sometimes good, but at certain sta-
sons of th- year very bod. New
Zealand and Cninrio butter waB tolal
very little, local butter heln,; made.
Forty-five cents wns a high price for
butter at nny season. Apples were
ordered from the .Americans principally bei-nia- the merchants could get
carload lots made up of one or two
varieties while the British Columbia
cms from the Oknnagnn usually had
sov'Qi'al viii-ictli's. The American
pack was also superior, mid the
price with duty was usually u fe.
renin I'hcnpi'i- per box, However, the
II, ('. npple wns iraltilni- and he
thought that wit Iim a year or ao
that tbey would be competing very
strongly against the American fruit.
He bud supplied wheat to the Poultry
association in carload lota at ,89.(0
per ton. Mian and shorts at KI.r>0
in carload lots.
Mr. S. Mneilnnal'd In his remarks
went over some of the ground coveted by previous speakers-, In adili-
Imi.l covered hy the timber leases, h.
t inn, la* stated thnt in opening up tbe
!.. i rented thai they make them Into
1110 acre tracts. He also made some
Btrong remarks in rtterence to the
misrepresentation nf facts in relating
tn the district published hy real estate agents in their desire to sell tbe
Innib tliey own.
Mr. H. Palmer stated thut the rea*
BOH more land was not developed waa
owing to the lack of capital by tbe
small I'nrnier, by the time they had
bought the land nnd trect.d for thi m-
iilun a home, they had nothing lelt
to buy tholr seed. This was where
the rovorument might be of aome
help to the settler.
Mr. il. Hurling drew reference to
Mr. P. Lund's experiments In dry
farming, having made a distinct success along these linen. Fruit was
often killed by too iniiili Irrigation.
Many otliers In attendmic* at the
I'liiiiiiiiiii.lnn made migge-rtlons which
were lomewlmt. cnverml hy previous
npen'tors, hut of value to tho Con-
iiiIhhIoiioi-h In making tholr not s ' on
the conditions nf the district.
It la to be hoped thnt much good
wlll accrue to the district by the vie.
It paid hy thc ClominlsBlon und that
ihn niiiirnntinnn made will hear fruit
with the I'.nvi-inmeiit.


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