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The Prospector Apr 26, 1913

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Array provinclnl   Legislative Aisembly
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee .You a Pit
The  Leading l*ve*aspaper
APR 29 \tr\fBjt   ^1
$2.00 Per Year
APRIL   2Bth.
New Railway Act
Important Legislation for the Protection of Employees Incorporated in New Act.
What purports to he a measure of
immenso importance to thc Inhabitants of the West and especially in
thle district where bo much building
is tit present on the wny by various
large railway companies, is published in the ollieitil reports just received nf thu proceedings of the Doui i-
Ion House. This wlll indeed be interesting reuding for all employees of
the varloua rallwuy companies mnl
should havo far-reaching effects Lo
Hit* general public locating in what is
generally termed "Railroad Towns.''
Witb n any of the members of the
House we think Mr. Graham is to be
congratulated In so closely observing
the inter, .its of. the Railway toys aud
in a larger sense the gcncrul public,
in pressing his p.iint sufficient to
have this embodies ln the Railway
Act to 1.3 shortly brought i.ufore ti,.
Hon. Geo. P. Graham moved lor
leave to introduce Bill No. 171, to
amend tho Railway Act. He said:
The object of this Bill is well defined
In Its wording. I might read It, as
it wlll explain exactly my object.
1. This Act may be cited an an
amendment to thc Railway Act.
2. Any railway company desiring to
change the location of its terminals
or divisional points, or any of them,
Bhall, before making such change, obtain an order from the Eoard of
Railway Commissioners approving
the same.
3. it shall be made a term of every such order that the rnilwny company obtaining the same shall pay
all Iosbis sustulned by Its employees
who may he obliged to change tbelr
place of residence from one municipality to another by reason of the
chansc of any euch terminal or divisional points.
4. In case the company and its employe b do not agreo upon the amount of such loss, the board will determine the amount thereof.
Mothers, Take Warning
The example given bolow might well
be ta'.en to heart by the mothers In
Cranbrook and district, In the care
they should exercise in thc quality
nnd thc material of the toys which
are put into tbelr children's hands.
It is a question also which the government of any country could well afford to look into and prohibit any
dye to be used ln any way, shape or
form, which has such poisonous materials in its make-up.
8t. Paul, Minn.—A tiny red shoe
on a baby's first doll caused the
death of Robert, the six month's old
child ol Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Wicks.
Poisonous dye from the little shoe
had been swallowed by the infant.
Mr. Wicks took the doll home to tbe
baby on Saturday morning. The
child gurgled with delight and, baby-
like, put his tongue to the brilliantly colored Bhoe. Mr. and Mrs. Wicks
noticed that the dye came oil, but
the child showed no Ul effects at the
Yesterday, while the mother waB
singing to the child, his head suddenly dropped forward and a moment
later tbo baby was dead.
A physician said the dye had affected the heart.
At the Auditorium
If tuneful music nnd pretty girls be
conceded as sulllclcnt to furnlsb un
evening's amusement, "Tho Prince ol
Tonight" ib pleasant a musical comedy as one could usk for. Haunting
melodies, not all ot them new,
abound in tho play that pleased a fairly good bouse at the Clunic last
night. Perhaps most tuneful of ull
the numbers was the male chorus:
"Tonight Will Never Come Again."
Tom Arnold and Eva Carey .made
an excellent duo in tho leading roles.
Arnold being blessed with a fair voice
and the feminine lead having both a
feood _prano and the personality to
"get lt across" all through the pluy.
OI plot the "Prince of Tonight"
has nothing to boast, but nobody expects much plot ln n musical show.
A far fetched and taucilul Idea permeates the comedy, ln which a century plant that blooms but once in
a hundred years and causes considerable commotion when lt does, figured
•trongly. Scenery and lighting effects
were fully up to expectations and tbe
attraction, If not quite on a PM
with some of Its predecessors, gavo
lull value In entertainment.
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her
Now," and other old favorites amotvr
musical comedy lovers were hack
again to remind us of the prince's
flrst visit und the company aB n
whole was competent. "The Prince
ot Tonight" is good for a long time
Thle ehow will visit Cranhrook
About the middle ol May.
Tbls question has been iiiulur din-
cusslon for some time, and has been
brought about in this way: Railway
companies construct their linen and
form their divisional and terminal
Points for their own convenience, as
tbey have a perfect right to do. Possibly, in a fow years tbey may seek
to change these .terminals or divisional points, place tbem ut Home otber point on the line, or on a new projection of the same line. In the
meantime the employees of tbe railway company have purchased their
homos, havs beautified tbeir Httle
plots of ground und have becomo an
important element of the community
In some instances the whole town is
known as a railway town, and but
for the presence and Industry of these
people there would practically be no
town at all. In all Instances they
have taken their share In tho payment of taxes and In some canes they
have contributed largely tor waterworks, electric ligbt, granolithic
walks nnd the building of school*..
This has gone on for yenrs, and titer they bave paid a large amount of
money ln taxes for these purposed,
they awake some morning to 'ind
that their employers are moving
their works, or their terminal facilities, to some other municipality and
lt they are to retain their positions
they must also move. No provision
has ever been made for the loss that
theso employees sustnin in thus being
compelled to move. I submit that
it Is not unfair to railway companies
that, in estimating the cost of the
removal of a divisional or terminal
point, with the necessary equipment,
to s.me other place along the line,
they should take Into consideration
the loBs that would be entailed to
their employees an.l that they should
be nsked to pay that lot s. This liau
occurred In some cases uot very far
from where we are now. Take Carle-
ton Place, tor Instance: quite a large
number of men, I am told have been
. (Continued on Pace  4)
Brutal Conduct  of  Police!
Indignation in the City Runs High at the Conduct
of Constable Baxter in Arresting an Indian
—If Necessary Case will be Carried
to High Authorities
Nasty Blaze
Vancouver—No mariner ever prayed
lor a breeze more fervently than did
the residents of Shaughnessy heights
today pray tor the dropping of a
western gale. A million dollars worth
of residences in Vancouver's most
fashionable home *sito were saved by
a miracle. One house only waB burned
and tbe total loss to this residence
end small damages to several others
will be within $20,000.
Tbe trouble started just before
noon when sparks carried from land
clearing lires ln Point Grey dropped
on several fine Shaughnessy heights
residences. Five caught almost at tbe
same time, and that owned hy A. E.
Millington, manager of the Ocean
Falls company, was destroyed. Fire
companies from all' thc city were
called and scores of people moved
their belongings into the streets ex
pectlng tbat their homes would be
burned and wiped out. Fire caught
ln great piles ot logs and by two
o'clock there was a great spectacle,
watched by thousands of people,
many in automobiles, which lined the
nearby streets. At three o'clock every house within a radius of a mile
had two or three volunteer fire fighters out on the roof, keeping tbe
sparks brushed off, while the gale
still blew merrily, Water from many
lines ot hose were bring thrown
against the Bides of exposed houses,
where the heat was bo great as to
blister the paint. It looked for a
time as if the entire district would
Fort William, April 24—A washout
yesterday at Otter, Ont,, has tied up
UU traffic. N'o. 5 and No. 3, due
here tonight, have been cancelled anil,
according to tho railway officials,
there Is little chance of anything get
ting from the east hefore tomorrow
night. Men have been rushed (rom
Cartler and OhaplHUl and every effort ia being made to repair the
I.O.F.'sJirst Ball
The first Annual Ball givon by thc
Independent Order of Forester took
place tn the Auditorium last Friday
night, April 16th. To say It waa a
success is only to scim the enjoyment
and pleasure of the attenders that
evening. There were present as elete
a class of people as have ever atttn.l-
handa of the Rex Theatre and it was
all that could bo expected.
cd such a ball.  Tho music was lu tho
The principal work of organization
fell into the hands of Mrs. W. Doran
and Mrs. F. Wells; who equipped
themselves in the arrange merits ad-
"i -*.'■ Lunch wai. sorvod lu hull:'
style und met with tbe approval of
ull partakers.
During the evening Mrs. H. Darling und Mis,! Welliimn kindly aHslst
cd with the music.
To all those who assisted tho work
of the organizers the bost thanks Is
The wish of all prosont was kindly
repeat the doio early.
On Wednesday, on Baker Street,
thero was a seen* transacted such as
wo believe nover waft exhibited In tho
streets of any city iu Canada before,
It was a seen*' . t bruf.aU.ty and brutish strength, no one would have believed could ha.e been witnessed iu a
civilised country, amoug civilized
people, by what is termed a civilized
police force.
The occasion wan one which had for
its object the arrest of an ignorant
Indian, who abides under the whito
man's rule, yet does not fully understand it.
The circumstances arose from tho
City Pound Keeper putting Into the
City Pound three stray horses, one
of which belonged to tbe Indian in
question. Mike Michel, the Indian
finding his horse in thc pound, ac
cording to the pound keeper's ver
slon, broke the lock and took his
horse out; according to Mike's version, he took a wrench irom out of
C. H. Parker's barn, jumped tha
fence, took the gate off its hinges,
and led the horse away.
The pound keeper later dincovercd
the loss and went after Mike, and overtaking him, tiie two of tbam hud
somo woods, Constable Baxter coming upon the scene arrested Mike,
who succeeded in gotting away aud
running to a point in front of the Y.
M. 0. A., whore Walter Soden, the
pound-keener in question, retained
him until he was again given into the
hands of Constable Baxter.
Mention is here to be observed that
no attempt was made to put on the
hand-cuffs which every officer is cup-
rosed to carry, but Constable Baxter led Mike along until in front oi
the Imperial- Bnnk steps, another Indian, by name Abraham, touched
Constable Baxter on the arm with
the plainly evident intention of explaining the circumstances or remon
strating with him for making the arrest.
Constable Baxter mistook Abraham's intention, and turning round,
knocked him to the ground, wben he
again struck the Indian; as Baxter
made pretence to again strike, Abraham put up his nrm to ward oil
the blow; agoin Batter knocked his
nrm down, but this time Abraham
fell ou thc imperial Bank stop
steps where Baxter struck such a
blow ln such a cowardly manner
which :sent the blood flying about
from ot! the Indian's faco In all directions, bringing forth from thoje
standing by such exclamations of disgust as should have made him refrain from [miner mutilation.
Chief Constable Dow coming on the
scene, he with Mr, Soden, took
charge of one Indian and Constable
Baxter the other, From the Imperial Bank the prisoners were takeu
down Baker Street, with not very
gentle handling by any means, until
in the front of the Bank of Commerce, when again the prisoners received some of the most brutish
handling it was possible to give a
man. Tbe while Mike was held Mr.
Soden hit him over the hend with
his Sap threo or four times until the
man was nearly insensible to all feeling; then, because the man was not
able to barely walk several so-called
men, perhaps for the sake of notor-
ity, took hold of Mike's legs and until the police station was reached, he
was carried.
While Mike was being taken, Abraham and Constable Baxter reached
the Post Ofllce steps in front of which
Abraham tried to get away and Bax-
forced him on the ground where he
again pommaled him In a brutal
manner; he was rather carried than
led to the police station, where the
spectators must leave them until the
trial takes-t^auee.
Tho trial took place In the City
Hall Court room on Thursday, before Judge Ryan; here again treatment was meted out to them which
called forth from those present exclamations of disgust and astonishment at the treatment afforded. According to those present, and we say
it   advisedly,   the   Judge,   instead   of
hearing thc case properly and taking
evidence as it was given, turned himself into the Prosecuting Attorney
nlso protecting tbe police in every
poBsible way.
Again referring to n statement o:
one present: "It was very evident if
no enc had been in court other than
the parties arrested nnd the consta
bles and Chief, the case would have
gone through and the poor Indiana
would have had no hearing at all."
With us being present tho Judge hnd
to tnke the case, and during tho trinl
said: "Chief you will have to give evidence," indicating tbe spirit ln
which the Chief of Police was asked.
Judgo Ryan administered to Abraham a fine of $25.00 for interfering
■■.itl. un oflicer; and to Michel he gave
a iin- of $100, or two months in jail
for resisting an officer, and 6 moh*ths
in Jail for disorderly conduct uii I
breaking into the pound.
This, so far as the case at present
was concerned, stopped; not so, however, with thc people who witnessed
such a brutal, cowardly, and dis
graceful scene, which was one to eal
Torth the most strongest of: reproof*.
and indignation of nil sightseers; thi
affair is to be brought to the attention of the Indian authorities; also
to higher authorities than can be ob
tained in Cranbrook. If the polici
Commissioners do not Instantly make
an impartial and proper investiga
tion Into the matter and especially
into the disgraceful conduct of Con
stable Baxter the matter will be
called to the attention of the high
est authority in Canada of Indian af
fairs and Police Supervision—We say
this in all good faith and have authority for so- doing.
Tho citizens of Cranbrook should
not and will not stand for such conduct, not only with tlu, poor Indian,
who is ignorant of the white man's
law, but they wlil not feel safo under thc ruling of men who forgot
themselves so much as to make themselves an object of scorn to every
respectable citizen. i
French Nation Patriotic
Students Volunteer Extra Military  Service  and  Enthuse Whole People
Paris.—Higher and ever more irresistible grows the tremendous wave
of patriotism that is sweeping across
the country making our hearts beat
with pride ond joy in having lived to
«e the glorious resurrection o
France, which pessimists in all countries had declared doomed to decadence and fall.
No one can deny that thc bill drafted by the Government providing '.ot
the re-establishment of the three
years' service is an exceedingly dras
tic measure. It demnndt, great sacrifices from the young men of France,
but in tbe eyes of tbe men who will
bave to make these sacrifices it does
not even go far enough, because it
doss not bring our army up to the
same size ;.« that of Germany, nnd if
a vote were taken among those who
are nbout to enter military service,
I am convinced that they would hai)
a military term of five years with even greater enthusiasm.
Though the Socialist leaders ar.
trying their utmost to convince the
people that the Government is trying
to foment a war scare for political
reasons, every one feels that unless
France gives Germany proof of her
determination to sacrifice everything
in the defence of her country vav
will come before long.
The example set by thc students of
the Paris colleges Is being followed
all over the country. The Govern
ment is receiving daily signed mem
orials from boys whn declare tha'
they will gladly serve three years in
barracks and so assist in the nation
al defence.
During the last few years numbers
of young men have voluntarily offered to serve three years. Young men
who belong to the Societies of Military Preparation welcome the threo
years service. M. Adolphe Cheron,
the president of the Union Soolottes
of Military Preparation points out
that as the physical improvement of I
thc race is the source of all ofliciac |
ious defence and prosperity, the ad
vantages attached to physical education and military preparation should
be increased by future legislation. As
to  the  eff-.ct  of  military  serwee  ou
medical instruction, Professor Land
ouzy, deau of the faculty of medicine,
declares thnt since this three years'
service is deemed indispensable tbe
university muat reconcile the Inter
csts of the i:i.'h culture of the na
tion with thou, of national defence.
He is of opinion that tbe solution
of the problem is not a difficult one
Real!/-iug it is powerless to oppo#s
ihe people of France in their deairt*
to make their country ready to re-
hist u German attack, the radical
preBs in now endeavoring to convince
its readers that the Kaiser has no
intention of attacking France acd
that tiie German army is to be
strengthened m-amst a different enemy, making it absurd for France to
rash Into new heavy military expenditures The radical "Lantenre"
"Head the Inquiries published by
the German pnas, or the declaration
mado l>y Herr von Pethmann*Hollweg
in the Reichstag. Read nlso the way
in which those Borne journals iuotlty
the new armaments, and you will set'
that It iti tbe Balkan war which han
tnadu our neighbor! think.
"It is the entry on the -.cene of a
new and ambitious people whose united force is a menace to Austria and
a considerable addition to Russia's
fore s, which is the new disquieting
fact for Germany. Austria is obliged
to watch aud hold in check the Slav
i eoj Ies in the Balkans, and can no
i< ng.-r furnish to ber ally anything
beyond assistance which amounts to
practically nothing.
"'Ihen, again; Russia grows and
grout,, and nfter a few years her
powi r will far surpass Germany's.
(iermany no longer thinks of making
war on England. She scarcely trouble:-, to take measures against an ag
jires Ion which France does not con-
temj late.
"What nhe is growing uneasy at is
the itrogrest. ol Russia and the development of the Slav Balkans. It
is in order to parry this danger and
imp| ly the place of Austria's aid
tbat she is pitching forward her arm*
aments nnd increasing hcr effectiveness "
Rush Work on Highway
W.  W.   Bell has  been appointed  Engineer of the
Banff—Windermere Scenic Highway
Mr. W. W. Bell lias been appointed
engineer for tho construction of the
Bnnff-Wlndermere Road. The announcement of hli. appointment was
last week made by the Provincial
Government, find he will start upon
his duties at once so that the work
of constructing this great highway
can be proceeded witb without delay.
Mr. Bell is an engineer of wide anil
varied experience, and his appointment to the englneership of this important roadwork is regarded as u
.-uurantee of the very best results.
He is a young man, one of those who
have mnde up their minds to sottle
permanently in the Province ol Bri-
lish Columbia, and his progress will
be watched with considerable Intor-
st. To all Intents and purposes, Mr.
Bell is a Victorian, having lived
there for considerable time.
In Canadian engineering circles he
is known through his connection with
thc Orand Trunk construction work,
in which undertaking he waB fnr ..
Ime chief nsnlstnnt to Major Hod
Llus. In connection with the Major
anil Mr. Bell an Interesting story is
tuld that reflects a very happy light
upon the disposition ot the latter.
Thc scene waB laid ln South Africa
during the troublous times with thc
Boers. Major Hodglni was out there
on a particular occasion he waa requested to mako a trip of inspection
over a piece of railway line tint w.»h
being constructed. Accompanied by
his pnrty ho went out and foil..wed
the rails until they camo upon a
• an? of men who wero working assiduously apparently oblivious of the
fact that thc bullets from thc rill™
of the Boors were falling about thom
thick and fast.
Malor Hodglna thought It was
somewhat remarkable bo he luminal
lor the man In charge of the gang
nnd ln n moment wns Introduced to
u tall stripling of n man nnn.c.1 Bell.
He asked Mr. Boll II he did not mind
thc death roll that might ensue as u
result of such reckless heroism   aud
was quietly informed that the same
condition applies every day: "and we
hnve got so used to lt tbat we don't
mind," added the young man. "Besides," he proceeded, "we hnve very
little to fear; tbe Boers are wretched
shots." But those who are familiar
with the history of the war will recollect that the reverse was the
truth, and thnt Mr. Bell was taking
very big risks with his life and tbe
lives of his mon in carrying out the
construction work in the face of such
n bombardment from behind the famous kopjes thut decorate the veldt.
In taking up bis new olllce, Mr.
B-ll has no such excitements ln store.
The Banff-Windermere embraces the
moBt beautiful section of the Rocky
Mountains, nnd ho will have time to
uMi,nu his eye to the glorlcB ot tbe
socno instend ot watching spent bull
ets rlcoehettlni* among thc rocks.
The stretch of road allotted to his
cut in something like 7.) miles, and
tbe appropriation for this your am
mints to $180,000 so that no financial
difficulties need worry him either. To
got tho ro.ul built as quickly as possible will be bis mission, and as he Is
starting right at the commencement
ol tbe season a grent deal is expect-
ted before the work closes down for
tho year. It should be stated that
the 75 miles referred to is the extent of tho roadway within the
bounds of the Province, and ten of
that was accomplished last year, so
that the work allocated to Mr. Bell
is tho remaining   00 miles.
lt is i.Ifo of Interest to note that
while the road ls helng constructed
photo topographic surveys will bi.
made of the vurious points of Inttirj
Late Wire
Charley Itoblnsou knocked out
Ted Ware at Kernie last nlp.ht lu
thn fourth round.
est for the purpose of exhibition and
description. Of course tbis work is
also being done under the auspiceB of
tbe Public Works Bepartmcnt of tho
In describing the general course of
the roadway to a newspapet representative yesterday, Mr. W. W. Foster
the deputy minister ol the depart
ment of public works, stated that it
lay between the two main ridges ol
the Rocky Mountains, and that by
means of the valleys It would give
access to the finest stretches ot
mountain scenery to he found in the
"It in B somewhat curious tuin*, '
he suid 'but the people of th Prairies arc more keenly interested in
tbls road than the people of tho
Coast or eveu of the Interior, but 1
havo no doubt that when the completion of tin. western extension is
nearer at hand the Coast people will
wake up and exhibit a degree ot en
thuslaum comparable to the attitude
of the Prairie folk. But as a mutlcr
of tact thc completion of the llanfl
Wildcrmcre Itoad is of particular In-
torest to the prairies at the present
time, for by means of It the peoplo
wilt bo nblo to make a round trip
through the richest country in the
world, tiltat is from the scenic point
of view, amounting to something like
r.00 miles. After traversing the Banff-
Windermere Itoad thoy will strive on
to tho Golden Ornnbrook Road, nud
then make the return Journoy via the
Crow's Nest.
"The supreme beauty of this trip
is that one never loses nl*-lit of the
Rockies from start to tinlab ami
when tho construction work is com
pleted nod the loads are thrown open
It Is certain that tht Pralrlo people
will take a very large advantage of
tho round trip. Thnt work Is being
hastened, but in conjunction with It
other work In being prosecuted nnd I
am euro that it will not bn long before we are right through to tbe
Mr. Shorty Farewell
An event of considerable Importance to the local Baptist Church
to the local Baptist Chttroh took
place at the close of the evening service last Sunday. The choir under
tho able leadership of B. H. Shorl,
rend.-red a program of sacred song
excelling all past records in the
church's musical services. The occasion wns also the len ve tak ing of Mr.
Short and family, who are leaving
Cranhrook out of con Hi deration fur
Mrs. Short's health. Before the dismissal of the large congregation present, the pastor, Rev, O, B. Kendall,
in behalf of the friends, to ,k occasion to address Mr. Short, expreusing
the grnt-ful appreciation which they
entertained for his self-aacrificing efforts to promote all the Interests of
the church during his nine years residence here. As a slight token of
their affection and esteem the congregation presented Mr. and Mrs.
Short with a silver teu service. Misa
Maude Short was also the recipient
of the pastor's commendation tor the
service she hat*, given aB organic
The cont'rcgat'on al o presented her
with a gold locket. Mr. Shirt feel
iugly expressed his gratitude to tbe
people for the manner in which they
spoke of his work and now his removal . The f ami ly bave Boston,
Mass., as their immediate destination. After having a short stay there
They purpose visiting childhood scenes
in Nova Scotia end New Brunswick.
They will return to the province late
In the summer and will take up re-
Hid'ncf- In I.os Angeles, <'al. Mr.
Short haa been an interested supporter of the civic life of this city dur
Ing his entire stay. He leaves a large
circle of friends to wish him Ood
Crushed by Logs
A very sad accident occurred at the
East Kootenay Milts, Jaffray, on
Friday, April 18th, lost. While preparing to unload some ('. P. R. earn
laden with logs, into the mill lake,
hy so.n« unaccountable meane, several togs became detached from the top
of the curs, falling upon Fred Vgyer
(a very highly respected employee),
and threw him from the roll way
head foremost into the water. Fortunately ('iiiiii l.cltch was standing
near and without thought of danger
to himself, ran forward nnd dragged
Vgyer out hy IiIh legs Dr Hell of
('ranbrook wns immediately sent for
and arrived by the afternoon train,
lie attended to the sufferer, wbu waa
nfterwarda conveyed by the night
train to the ('ranbrook hospital tut
OOnneioUS, IIIh condition is serious.
Ile has a brother a fireman on the
Oi I*. It. at Calgary and he haa been
sent for. The accident cast a gloom
over the district. The kindness shown
by the employers nnd employees was
At the Weekly Divine Service spec*
lal prayers were offered for Mr Vgy-
or's recovery.
Concert Program
Th * Cranbrook City Bund wiH give
the regular w.-ekly open air concert
Sunday, April 27th, commencing at 4
p.m.. weather permitting.
The followjiiK programme wlll be
ren tiered:
March—Ohloer of the Day  Hall
Overture—American Triumph ...Miller
Wnlt ies—A Southern Dream.. Lincoln
Serenade—Garden of Dreams...Lincoln
Meill ,*y—Selection   Arr.  by Maekie
March—Ohoer np   White
Ood Have tho Kins
.la-neb Austin,  bandmaster.
Miss Finness Leaves
On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs.
J. Woodman opened their home for
the reception of a few friends gathered for the purpose of tendering their
respects to Miss Lily Finness, who is
taking up residence in Edmonton, Alta. Miss Finness for a number of
years has rendered an inestimable
service to her church, freely giving
her fine vocal talent as leading cop-
i.mo in the church choir. In severing her connection in this regard she
leaves a large circle of frlenda who
will greatly miss her genial presence.
In behalf of these friends, and tn recognition of the splendid service given for bo many years in song, her
pastor, Rev. u. F. Kendall prevented
her with a beautiful brooch. Mias
Finness lelt the city on Tuesday evening.
Residents of Marysville
Marysville has received & new addition to her inhabitants in tbe per
snna of Mr. and Mr.-.. McBride, the
i-nn-in In.- and dnugbter of Senator
bain, of Oregon,
TtiiH new addition to tbe district is
only n forerunner to the mauy prob
able Inhabitants wbo are trending
their way to this most beautiful ot
scmic spots Marysville, with allot
its fine waterfalls and beautiful scenery, has been formerly considered a
hi i ifl ter town, of which lt has never
been a real success; now, It will be
transformed Into ns complete n farm-
in.' village as can be found ln the
WOBt with its fine residence and
Hinall [mil farms.
In Hi" immediate neighborhood are
to be found the moil excellent fish
ing, splendid hunting, and tbe climatic conditions are all that ran be ei-
pected. Mr. McHrlde in to commence
i h - i mprovemeut of his thousand
acres almoHt nt once.
Senator Lain, who is at present at
tending the Henate at Wnsbiugtoii,
will, as soon as the Hvnate adjourns,
repair to Maryavillc, to enjoy a rest
Mrs. Mclirldi' Ir a typical western
lady, fully acquainted with border
life, and wlll be „ bright addition lu
social life at Marysville. THE   PROSPECTOU. CKANBRO0K.  B.C.
By E. R. Punshon
Ware, Lcck & Co., Limited
.    London,  Melbourne & Toronto- ,
% #
All thla had taken u wonderfully
short time to nrrange, fur Thorold had
worked with a fierce and burning energy thai seemed to race even with
t'me Itself. Yet nnw be had, In a
moment; put off nil trace of hurry or
speed, and with his hands In lii' pockets and his pipe between hi" leeth he
■trolled slowly down to the garden
fat,* where the ilogrurt had Just drawn
up.     Apparently Inspector Lock had
...        . ..i     l...i   e,.,.ii...   Tlinr.
■5v Green followed him lie round him
*SS\ I b tan ding again by the side of Lhe dead
*■   l youth,
Sn, Oreen whispered timidly, his
fear ami bis sense lhat action
Bpcrd.v fllghl were necessary oy.pi'-
comfng bis -dread or Thorold. Sir.
[suppose Mr. I.,-.-!; comes back back
j hi-ie again?
1    But without   answering,   nppi Bring
j to have sunk again Into his farther
slate oT sombre impassivity, Thorold
I stood motionless by tbe dead boys
side.     At last ho knelt, and by the
exertion or some strength drew from
the dead hand ibo photograph those
cold fingers clutched with such force.
It  was  that of a lovely  girl  with
wldo, deep, dark eyes, and a mass of!
dark,   curling   hair.      The   features ■
wore clear and regular, the nose i*or-1
baps a little too lung, but tho mouth
• beautifully shaped   and   tlio   rather i
prominent chin very finely chiselled.
'Die expression was that of a strong- j
self-contained nature with.passionate
feelings ibere had been much need to
control, and it was this, perhaps that ■
accounted fur tiie air of extreme sad*'
nesB and melancholy that hung over
the whole face nnd showed more ©fr
peeially in the depths of the wide,
qin stloning eyes,     It was a lovely
and a touching countenanco, but Thor- j
old's looks were dnadftil as be gazed
upon it, and trembllug and shrinking.'
Qreen drew away from him In fear.
Lor' me, he muttered, if that there ■
woman, hem and done it, I wouldn't
Intended to descend, but seeing Thorold approaching he hesitated, looked I
surprised, nnd retained hla sent. .
Thorold permitted himself one glance l
over h!s Bhoulder that showed him
Green B-Ittlng In his chair und< r cover
of ihe parasol, with nothing of him
visible bu! the tail of his skirt aud hla
arm !:i Its brown holland sleeves
moving in aud out with the regular
....,.._    Then noddingI DQ '" 'ltir s''oes for something   no, t
wouldn't be in her shoes If he only
thinks slic done it. i do believe he'd
put hcr light u,it as suuu us look at
Thorold moved and holding out his
right hand laid It slowly down upon
tlu dead boy's forehead, where was the
small, round bole, so terrible to see.
It w;is the action of one who took an
He I oa'h. but though his lips moved, no
sound issued from them. Green,
watching bim askance and
j thought how much Ies.*, dreadful, less
full of dark and omiiuus threat, all
this would seem tf Thorohi would but
is probably due to uric
acid in the system—the
blood must be purified—
the poisonous acid driven
out and general health
must be improved.
Thousands testify that
Scott's Emulsion rids the
system of poisonous acid
by enriching the impoverished hlood, and its concentrated nourishment is
converted into red Llood
corpuscles which drive
out rheumatism.
It is especially valuable
to aged people.
Ask for and insist on
m ivi ment of sewini.
to 'ii- Inspector, he said cheerfully:
Hullo, is it you again? Well, did
you catch your man?
No, said Lock, sulkily, but we
should have had htm all right if you
had stopped him when he passed you
so close.
Ah,   observed   Thorold.   you   mean i
you would havo caught him all right
if I had caught him for   you,       He,
took his pipe from his mouth and be-j
gan to fill ir with fresh tobacco. Well. I watching him as
thero  i.s  sqpfethlng la that, too,  nc
doubt, he remarked.
Lock Hushed angrily.
H's lhe duty of every eood citizen 1 Eire some   expression to   ihe   flercejaad social    conditions    In    England
to assist ihe police, he said, and I shall
if. T.-tviiIo, Otit.irio   ]2
Believes Insurance W.ll be  Beneficial
to England, as it Has Been to
Berlin, Germany.•  Doctor Kaufman,
president of the Imperial Insurance department,  has Just  given  his  views
regard ng the betterment of national
Each is a Criminal, But Which Commits Particular Crime la
London, England.—The   Stevenage
twins, ISbenezer Albert Fox and Albert
Kbonezer Fox, age 50 years, declare
that their remarkable likeness to each
olher has once again led the wrong
one into trouble.
ISbenezer Albert, wearing a large
Doutonnlere, applied at the Hltchln
(Hertfordshire) police court for compensation for wrongful arrest, declaring lhat his brother Albert Bbenezev
should Imve served the seven days'
Imprisonment for poaching which be
had Just completed. Albert Kbeno-
zer alao wrote to the magistrates that
he was guilty but the claim was dismissed.
Only a few weeks ago Albert F.bejie-
zer was sent to prison for a mouth
[for poaching, On this occasion Eb«
onezer Albert declared that he was
(really guilty ami thnt the police had
'Vailed to notice the diil'erencc between
. the two men.
I    Ebenezer Albert Is a cheerful little
man almost completely buhl.     He is
15  feet 3 inches la height and  has u
' merry twinkle In his eye.     Ills moufl-
: tache Is Iron gray,     Hut nil ibis ap
I plica equally  well to Albert  IS boil osier.      The only  dt (Toi .noo    between
; thern is that one has the marks of live
cuts on Ui*1 let! wrist: the other pos
Besses four Mars on the right wrist.
The close resemblance between the
two    bewilders    Stevenage.      When
' young their father lied a rod ribbon
. on the a'ni ot one an.l blue ribbon on
(the tii n. r to distinguish Uiem .
t    Between them they have been   eon
I vieini nearly 150 times for Qoaohlng
and they state that at least a dozen
times the wrong oue received the punishment.
make a point of reporting all the circumstances—©specially the fact that
later on 1 met you there, he added, significantly.
But this significance seemed quite
lost on Thorold, who only answered Indifferently:
1 am sure your superiors will be
much interested.
I think thoy will, agreed Lock, with
an air of some slight disappointment
as ihough he bad hoprd bis words
would have a greater effect. But
how is if that you are here? You were
not in this road—you were going in a
different direction when I saw you? :
True, observe:! Thorold cares I es sly,
bul -ince then, you see, l bave turn-j
ed  round.
The Inspector bit his lips with anger, lie felt that Thoro Iti was tnuk-
lng fun of him—was scorning him.
And had he only known Thorold better, this very lightness of ione would
have Intensified ami perhaps confirmed bis suspicions; for Thorold was
a man who jested best when the danger was most imminent. Seeing now
how puzzled Lock seemed, and how
hla nngry, wandering eyes were res:-
iim on the arm in the brown holland
sleeve moving In and out. beneath the
rhadow of the parasol with ihe regular action of sewing, Thorold gave a
suddon harsh laugh; and this again
Bhould have lold Lock much. Hul the
Inspector did not know-could nol tell
Thorold's was a. laugh that meant danger and peril, and very present tragedy. Looking somewhat disconcerted, be said:
There's nothing to laugh al; friend.'.
of yours here?
Naturally, Thorold answered.
And in the long circuit you made
to gel here, Lock continued, watching
Thorold keenly, you saw no trace of
tlic man wo wero afier"
No, nnsw. red Thorold careli ssly,
but then you nee I was not looking J
for lilm—as you were. i
Ah. muttered Lock, flushing again |
nnd looking at Thorold very angrily.
lle glanced ut the house again, with
a doubtful and suspicious air. and then
at lhe parasol and chair beneath the
nsh and al the arm in the brown holland sleeve moving in and out with
tha regular motion of sewing. Your
wife? he asked sharply.
The question was no unexpected lhat
ll nearly broke down Thorold's composure, li soc mod ho found In it a
significance and that It troubled blm,:
but it would have needed a keen eye'
to notice any sign of disturbance as
be nnswen d:
My wife. 1 am not married. What
pal   that   into your head?
Miss .loan Durand. then? suggested
Lock. But 1 thought she bad lefl
Thorold raised hip eyebrows and
looi.' d politely surprised.
Yes, it is Miss Durand, he said
quietly; do you know her?
I am hoping to know her some day,
Lock answered, and looked Ihe nexl
moment as if he wished to goodness
he had kepi his tongue still.
Ah. I will tell her so, said Thorold
thoughts that seemed to fill him. which may be expected from the new
No, I wouldn't be 'er. Green mutter- insurance laws, which reci ntly came
ed again, not for something, into force.     The president was care-
Therold rose abruptly and pat the fui to explain tbat he only spoke trom
photograph in Wis pocket, and also he his knowledge of German conditions,
picked up the small, ivory handled pis- but that he expected analogous results
to! I.vint* near.      it was a tiny we. o- In England.
The longest Straight piece of railway line In the world Is from Nyn-
B_n to l.eui'l.e. in New Soutb Wales.
This railway runs 136 miles on a level
ni ;i perfectly straight line.
William 11 ton, an inmate of the Hospital for Incurables at Heidelberg. Australia, after being paralyzed, blind,
deaf and dumb for twenty-five years,
has suddenly recovered his faculties.
on, yet deadly enough, and i; \vu_-
mount.ed in silver arid bore on its
ivory handle the monogram: J.L).
This also he pul in his pock ■■ after
examining it, and then he turned to
flo upstairs, he said, and get some
clothing—you will find Bome -* me-
where about. 1 expect. The - tier
we are away from here the better
Ir is evident, the police ..re watching
' | thc place, and 1 have reasons for wishing that they should know nothing
of what has happened here. 1 intend
to make 'his my business. Do you
Yes. {-ir, answered Green nervously.
Your brother?
Aye, said Thorold. and remembered
a curly-headed, laughing boy, the only
creature he had ever truly loved, and
the very pride and joy of an old widowed mother's heart. Yes. my
brother, he repealed in a tone that
made Green tremble afresh without
knowing why.
1 thoughi as much, he muttered, and
1 suppose i! was him as yon wished
to iio! out of England along with me?
Thorold stretched out his hand and
laid it upon Green's shoulder with a
grasp lhat remained black on the eft-
; capod convict's flesh Tor days to come.
Suppose nothing and think nothing,
he said; loi your mind remain a per-
Lfect blank about to-day; you will be
saJer so.
lle released him and Green tottered frotn tho room, feeling as if his
shoulder were out of joint, trembling
ah though ho had only narrowly es-
caped a eudd< n death.
Lor', whnl a man, he muttered as he
reached the ball, whal n man?
Recovering himself In some degree
he kicked off tlic skirt he still wore,
and   flinging   il  down,   went  up   the
stairs to search for other clothing.
The  room   whoso door  Thorold   had
broken open ho found to contain only
feminine  clothing, but  in  an  apart-
nn nt  Just opposite he discovered a
wardrobe well stocked with male attire.      To his Intense relief, some of
lihls fitted hi mvery fairly well. Hastily bo dressed himself and surveyed
tbe result with extreme satisfaction.
One of the escaped convicts great dif-
j Acuities is to provide himself with or-1
ldlnary clothing, and Green felt he had I
now  taken a long step towards preserving his precarious freedom,
j    He glanced   round  instinctively to i
I see if there were anything worth steal* i
Ing, and finding nothing he went back!
Into the other room.
There will be. thinks Doctor Kaufman, an enormous reduction in poor
law expenditure, in consequence of the
insurance laws. Thrift will be supported and ...':;•:*-":■ _. and in millions
8f eases created. It is a mistake to
suppose that insurance will kill a desire to better one's conditions. In
Germany insurance has implanted
courage to face the future. It will
also be so ir. Bn gland.
Secondly. Insurance will result In
the freeing of the people from their
greatest fear. In consequence, there
will be increased national happiness
and higher standards of life and living,
In Germany for example, the consumption per head of population of rye,
wheat and meat, notwithstanding the
high prices, has largely increased, the
deposits with savings banks have
enormously risen, and Doctor Kaufman believes lhat these indications
of national prosperity are mainly attributable to the national insurance
Keonnmlc development, of course,
plays its part, but this development is
furthered by the security which Insurance in all Its branches gives to
the workers. Reasoning by analogy, similar results may be expected
in Kngland.
Thirdly, an Improvement in the
conditions of .life of the worker means
improvement in the quality of work
done by him. This may bc regarded
as  an  industrial axiom.
Fourthly, the new English law will
affect the lower strata of people, just
as It has done in Germany. This
strata hitherto were helpless, but sick
insurance and old-age pensions remove their most crying needs. Compulsion for these classes was absolutely necessary. In a few years will be
witnessed a new life, new hopes and
new ideals in these classes.
Finally, there Is the improvement In
national hygiene to be expected, especially in all that affects tuberculosis
and other national diseases. The
hygiene Initiative of the insurance
laws will he felt from thc highest to
the lowest classes in the state, but
especially in tho homes of the poor.
In Germany the worker's life has been
prolonged; it will be so in Kngland.
Great sanatorlas will rise In all parts
of the country climatically suitable,
and tho English may look forward to
the complete stamping out of certain
diseases which have hitherto ravaged
thc nation.
In conclusion, this high Gorman official said the act at first would prob-
Your druggist will refund monay tt
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure aiy
ease of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Pile* In G to 14 days. 6Do.
He is never able to hold a job long.
He is such a good liar.
Poor Old Spook
He took a company on the road;
But as the seats refused to sell.
The ghost was very old and lame
And couldn't walk so very well.
Deafnetr Cannot be Cured
by local ,-ipi. Meat Ions, u they canaol
| reach tho dls-eaied portion of the ear.
There li only one way lo cur* deafneii,
and that Is b constitutional remedlei.
De-fnesi Is caused by an Inflamed condition ot the irucous lining of the Buc-
tachian Tub-*. When thla tube le In-
fin:*.-*', you have a lumbllnff sound or
Imp.rfert he-innff. end when It li entirely el-sod, Dentnesi. tl Ihe result, and tin-
Ipso the InfU-mnatlon can be taken out
ar.d thla lube restored to Its normal condition, hearing wlll bo destroyed for ever;
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will gi 'e One Hundred Rollers for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured bv Hall's Catarrh
Cure.      Rend  tor circulars,   free.
V. ... CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
6c,.d by Drucftlsts, 7Bc
Take Hairs fan      ~
,    ,        , , .        , ittblv not run smoothly, but with pa-
Ladies often  as silver things, he re- |Uonce ,t wm bwomn an MWnUal oml
i.         .*,•              i     .-               .....    indispensable part of the social life of
Bu   in this room also there was little  the Ellg„sh pe*ople.
worth  the taking, and Green decided ;  ,
to pursue his Investigations further.
Close by wus another room. lt was
locked, but the key was in the door.
and turning it he entered.
it wns more plainly furnished than
the other two rooms, and it contained
The two men exchanged a swift and I n br"° h0il °" wli'th- rulI-v dressed,
keen look, and fnr n moment neither *-'*■ ■'" r« ,1,:'rk f'f a heavy recent
of them spoke. Lock was apparent!) ,,,ow ,1-rt'n her rarabjad lay the un-
wondering what to do next and Thor- conscious, hut breathing form of a
old wai.ei quietly, knowing how much y«"-8 and lovely girl, whose pale
depended on the decision, and yel mi countenance Green recognized limned*
ly determined what lo do himself lately as the original oftbe phqtograpli
should tack show any wish to -Mini* lIhey h*u\ fonn :
Ine the house
For though I was too late lo save
your hi". Frank, ho Hfl Id to himself;
yet I will Bave your honor—and If
this blundi ring policeman meddles he
must look out for himself.
bul fortunately for both their sakes
Lock appeared to decide lhat for the
present there was nothing he c*onld[
do. Without the least formality of
farewell, he touched bis horse with
his whip, and drove on. As long a.s
he wai In sight Thorold stood idly i.i
the garden gate, watching him, and
then turpin;', he btrolled slowly back
to where Qreen sal, still hot and cold
by lurns with terror, still Industriously ami unceasingly going through his
pretence of sewing,
He has gone, pnld Thorold briefly,
you had better come into thc house,
Turning he strode away, and when
cold hand of
lhe youth lying dead In the room bt-
(Tn be Contlnu d)
Bad Blood ■
Is the direct and inevitable remit of
Irregular or comtlpatcd bowefa and
dogged*up knlneyi and ildn* The
.Vmflgei ird food and other v.astematter which ii allowed to accumulate
poisont   tllO   hlood   ftiirl  the   whole
•yiicm* lb Morsc'iIndian Rooi I'dls
■  t dun tly oil the bOWell, re|-ul.il:ilg
them on the kidneys, giving them
ease and strength to properly hit it the
Uood and on the ikin, opening up
Ihr pores,    lor pure blood .md gQOfl
health ..*ke
Dr. Morse/ .   «
Inrlmn  Root   Pill*
Her Raids Made at Night With Gun
and Dcqs
Pari*.—-An old woman named Ber
geraite, who lived In a tumbli down
cottage al Barbery, near Troyes, and
who la said to have kept beriell by
robbing ner neighbors, wns found
dead in her doorway, evidently having
been murdered
The old.woman, who had hern convicted of theft and was Ruspeotad of
in' ral dng, never lefl hnr cottage in
the day il nn and bad all her provisions
handed to her over ;he wall of her
garden At nlghl nhe wo ild ko oul
on long and mysterious expeditions*
armed wit* Kims and with two powerful doge,
The motive for her murder Ik paid
to I.e r' i ongo for di pradatfons com
rnliliii by her on lier neighbors' gar
Bring Money to Office and Get Papers
in Return
London; England,—Two Kent dop
have obtained their own licenses.
A dealers doz with lhe written message: Please Rive Sambo his license,
and $1.75, walked Into tbe Canterbury
p08tofllcc. The clerk took the money
land made out the license and gave it
to the dop, which walked out to Its
ma-ster waiting outside,
At Rochester. Hob, a cross between
an Irish retriever and a terrier, made
his fourih annual visit to the post-
ofllce wllh $1.76 in his mouth and a
meosnge from his owner. G. G. Ham*
ar. with a request for a dog's license.
! Wagging his tall, Mob waited for his
license and promptly returned home.
Her Ideal
Tim Inventor—That machln: can do
lbs work of ten men.
Visitor (Iee whiz! My wife ought to
liavo married it!
The poor man has one coneolntlon
—be will not have to dodgo an income
dem. and poultry yards.
W.  N    U   nn
Mother inLaw ,ir. 8takei
Madrid * !.■ on Cai -alllo, having
ist n, n I.am* nl ehPBB with his broil;*
nt .Oviedo, Spain, paid the
1 penalty o( exchanging his
n lav, [ur ihe winner's and
Ihr   Jailer to llvo With him.
er I'auial,
Ninety Tive Year Old Twins
I.M.idi'i* Mn [Cm h Phoebe W>n
bain'! ef llpfior rnohrii nd toad, Pul
nev ce.curnlod hcr I00_b birthday
rocenlly. Bin wai .-.sited by hcr
iwin rod* rs, ngi d 1*5, who hnd ir.iv* .ed
iiiain>  iinlen In 'ii'i   her
Chapped Hinds
Won't Bather
if Instead of
doop you uw;
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP .en-     ^==r
IfthlO tfO IjflO?
acids, bnt glycerine nncl
Olia Which keep the  ik111
and in IplcndJu conditiou.
Try SNAP foi n licit an
tht difference,
C M   A
o IN A
Sf*. r   fl.. I    )■■'"   altta . 1   L..|i-        hf|
.mil- rill, for coiHtljHa-
A ponllraian wlio had liem ln Phl-
ago only Ihrpt* day.., but whn had boon
paying nltonllon to a i.roraln.*nt Chicago bpllp, wanted to propose, but
was afraid lip would be thought too
hasty. !!<> delicately broached the
subject as follows
Strange Superstition, In Remote 8cot-
Uth Isles Made Public by State
Edinburgh.—Somo strange cures
which arc still applied In remote parts
of tho Highlands, where It may tako
days to secure a doctor, aro mentioned In the report of a treasury conin.lt-
teo oppolnted to consider means ol
obtaining a more sailsfaetory medical
A witness from the remote Island of
nona, Sltyo, described ln Gaelic a euro
for epilepsy recently practiced. A
black iiicli was burii-il alive lieneatji
the spot where tile patient had the
Oral attack,
lie also described the successful
ireaiineui nf ,t woman suffering Irom
king's it'll, I..*., bone or gland tuberculosis, by a seventh sun to whom slin
hml gone all the way to the Island uf
Scalpay, Harris.
Dootor Ti.lnilo, of South Harris, described tiie case of a mnu Blirforlns
from koratllla (Infltuuniatlon or iio
cornea of im* oyo), who drove nine
nillen und walked another six to an
old lady at Llolalo, The old lady
made up souu. thyme, mixed some
grasses witli water and sand, ami Ihen
sang. The man came hack anil said
ho was a lillle belter.
A man win. had n carlnmele on the
bnck of his neck which did not heal,
got a seventh sou In come lo his home
every nlghl for n long lime lo pat
water oa the carbuncle and a sixpence
round tho patient's ni clt.
A case la quoted of a pal lent nl Papa Ktniir who had to wall eighteen
days for a dootor from Portree. The
crofters nre so poor Hint lu many
parishes lhe doctors do not earn more
than *"f.ll to J.lr.U a year, while in
one case It could not be mole than
In the parish of Ulg there ls
only.one doctor for -iTfiO people living In townships lhat are scattered
over an area of 180 Bquaro miles, still
hugely roadless, anil very much cut
up by Inlets of the sea. In Ihe county of Inverness 20 per cent of deaths
are uncertified.
The eonimiltee recommends the constitution of special local authorities to
develop and correlate existing medical
services and the erection of cottage
hospitals. The committee suggests
that at certain centers tho doctors
should receive an annual subsidy to
enable them to attend distant patients
at low fees.
r submit to a headache U to waste energy, Ume and comfort,
To stop It at once simply take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Drufglst wll) confirm our statement that Ihey do not contain
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eat vegetables. Bad throw away medicine.
We uol ouly supply yon with the rjjest Tested
Seeds for lhis Country, bul wo also show yon
Told in onr booklets, 1S3 pa-.es (copyrighted).
The lirst ol Ihe hind printed in Canada.     Thoy
contain  Ihe   best  Western experience  of expert
( Market Gardenera.   Sound, practical and sensible—
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bed, mar.urinf., slarlia*. the seed, transplanting., forcing.,
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ia 10 cents per booklet ($1.00 for Ihe full set of 11,
including vegetablo and special field cropa), but TREE lo
purchasers ol our seeds.       See our catalogue, page 2.
i .   WINNIPEG-    CANADA..        SEtDWOVS'E'
Object Is to Meet Case of Poor Educated Women of Gentle Ei.'tii
London, England.—A scheme for
starting what will claim to be the
only Lady Workers Club In London, is
being promoted by the Hon. Mrs.
Henry Edwardea.
The object of tho club is to meet
the case of the educated working gentlewoman, who is outside the ordinary
scope of charitable organizations, but
whose position demands the friendly
and sympathetic consideration of the
more fortunate members of her owu
For girls In a lower rank of life
there Is the Girls' Friendly Society
anil many kindred organizations, but
for the lonely lady worker In London
there is no such congenial meeting
ground to which .she may go for relaxation when work hours are over.
T»o Women, Miles Apirt  Decide to
Kill Themselves at the Same
Geneva.—A very   curious    case of
what is described as telepathy wltb a
tuieidc Is being discussed here.
Some people ascending tho Saleve
by tbe funicular were startled to Bee
an elderly woman walk to a ledge
overlooking a ravine 400 feet deep.
She wrapped a shawl round her head
and jumped over the precipice. The
victim, so It was afterward discovered, was a widow named Mme. Simon,
who had been greatly distressed because a younger sister, with whom she
had lived, had for the last five months
been a patient in a Geneva hospital.
Here Is tlio curious feature of the
tragedy.    The news of the suicide did
not become generally  known  in Go-
The club will be specially for girls I nova for several hours, but at about
coming from country homes, who at jthe time 0/ the tragedy the woman in
tbe beginning of    their   professional
Look about you and see how trained
brains win better salaries than train-
ed muscles. Wo train youn ; iup'o
and women to use their brains in business. They succeed. Wby not
you? We invite you to write for a
copy of our curriculum if you want a
good training for a business ofllce or
wish to become a competent telegraph
operator. Write W. H. Shaw, President, Shaw's Schools, Toronto, Can-
careers In I--ondon find themselves in
a position of comparative isolation,
said Mrs. Henry Kdwardes.
I began  thinking of the  idea last
summer.      A committee was formed,
If I were to speak to you of marriage !and we neia a meGtinE iu November,
after having only made your acquaintance threo days ago, what would vou
sny to It?
Well, I should say never put off till
tomorrow that which you should have J »-ready undertaken
done the day before yesterday
when preliminary plans were discussed. Since then ono generous friend
has come forward with an offer of
$250 a year for five years, another lias
her sister was dead, and she dIJ not
wish to survive her, In the nurse's
absence slip threw herself from the
ward window into the street, and was
so severely Injured that she Is not expected to recover.
So far as is known no written communication had passed between the
two sisters for a fortnight.
Asthma Cannot Last w„en the great-
will be necessary to defray thc initial
expenses of the club.
We think  that,  to  begin  with,  it
Plasters, ointments and sulphur were  fould open on Saturdays and Sun-
Mi ,        .   .   -.  TT   .,. days, theso being the days when the
alike   useless,   but   Dodds   Kidney | ne£d of BUch a    place   Is   greatest.
Pills Made a new man of him.         j Luncheon, tea and dinner would be
Princeton, B.C.—(Special).  — All I provided at a moderate cost, and en-
over Canada people are telling of the [ tertaimnents of one sort and another
-  „   furnish   the |	
drawing room and give a piano, while : e« ot all asthma specifics is used.
Miss Muriel Foster has promised $500 !Dr- J- D- Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
toward equipping a library, assuredly deserves this exalted title,
lt is not Intended that the club shall " has countless cures to Its credit
in any sense of the word be a charlt- which other preparations had failed
able Institution, hut of necessity the!to benefit. Il brings help to even the
members' subscription, 60 cents, will 1 most severe cases and brings the pa-
be so small that the sum ot $25,000   _«nt to a condition of blessed relief
grent work Dodd's Kidney Pills are
doing, and even in the rocky mountain
fastnesses where nature hides her
mines mon are telling of cures made
and suffering relieved by the great
Canadian Kidney remedy. Wm. Murray, sixty-six years old, w_v has
tramped the frontier aB lumber Jack,
rancher, prospector, miner, hunter and
trapper, and who has friends all over
tbe west, is one of these. Many a
talc of hardship and danger ho cun tell,
but his first real trouble came wben
RhcumaUsm claimed lilm.
"I slipped on Ihe mountain side and
stj-ained my kidneys and then my
troubles ail socmed to set In at onco.
I had nearly all the symptoms of Lum*'
bago, Sciatica, Neuralgia. Diabetes,
Dropsy and Bright'. Disease," Mr.
Murray stales
would be arranged whenever possible
Princess Louis of Battenburg is patron of tbe proposed club, and among
those on the general committee are
Viscountess Dun luce. Countess Glclch-
en, Uie countess of Plymouth, the
countess of Shaftesbury and tbe marchioness ot Tulliliardi.ne.
Mrs. Pierre Lambert, Pamiettevllle,
Que., says: "I read in the pnpers of
what Baby's Own Tablets were doing
for other children so divided to try
them for my baby who was suffering
from constipation and stomach trouble.
They worked like a charm and now I
Then 1 broko out In a terrible rash always keep thom fn the house and re-
'   " '    '        ' "   "'   commend them to all   my    friends."
Baby's Own Tablets cun1 constipation
and Indigestion; they OX pel Worms,
break up colds and allny simple fever
and make toothing easy, Tbey are
sou by medicine dealers or by mull
at 28 cents a bo\ from Tlio Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
thnt spread nil over my body and kept
mo In tortures. 1 tried all sorts of
liniments and ointments and took sulphur enough to start a Hltle hadeH of
my own. But it wan all no use.
Then 1 tried Dodd's Kidney I'llls, and
nil I can say In ihcy made a new man
of mo."
Cousins to Solomon
The story Is told of a well-known
traveller who on one Journey was
mueh annoyed by a pedanllc bore,
who forced himself upon him and
made a great parade of his learning.
Tho traveller bore it ns long ns he
could, and at length looking at hhn,
gravely said:
My friend, ynu and I know all that
is to be known.
Mow is that? wild the man pleased
with what lie thought a complimentary
Why. raid the traveller, you know
everything oxcopt that you are a fool,
nnd I Itnow that.
Every Time
-Afler all, what Is money worth?
Worth?  .
Yea.      Whnl  does It (.mount  to?
A hundred couts on Iho dollar.
At the County Court
Counsel'  1 wish my client wan nero
Instead of us I expect lying in bod.
HIh Honor    I'erlmpu be Is ini(  r lying In bed than lying here.
Wagner lold how he got UlO idea
for his Hljle.
1 bejird a peace coufi ..mie Iu Mu.-
rion, bo Bald.
The Hall Mark
I am very fond of automoblllng,
I didn't know  your father kept a
He doesn't, but I never consent to
be engaged to a man who hasn't u
line motor.
Art Always Ready Pill.—To those
of regular habit medicine Is ot little
concern, but the great majority of men
are not of regulnr habit. Tbe worry
and cures of business prevent It, and
out of tbe Irregularity of life comee
ilyspPpslo, Indigestion, liver and kidney troubles us a protest. The rundown system ib mauds a.corrective and
there ly none better than Pftrmoleo's
Vegelahto Pills. They lire simple in
their composition and can be taken
by Uio most delicately constitute.,
Eskimo Dogs for Jungfrau
(b'tieva,- Four Ksklmn dogs which
bnve jn.li linked In Switzerland, wlll
he used this summer lo convey lour
ists ln sledges from .luugfrnu Jooh
across the AlotBCh Glaelur to Lako
Surely suffering from asthma is needless when a remedy like tbls is so
easily secured.
She—You are very depressed. I
didn't know you cared so much for
your uncle.
He—I didn't; but I was thn means
of keeping him in an insane asylum
the last year of his life and now that
ho has left me ull his money, I've got
lo prove Uiat be was of sound mind
Mlnard's Liniment  Cures  Garget   n
Prince of Monaco Forbids    Its
formancc at Monte Carlo
Paris. - The prince of Monaco has
forbidden Uie performance of Parsifal
at Monte Carlo, which were to havo
been given this week.
M, Gunshourgi the director of the
Grand Theatro In Monte Carlo, an-
uounced his Intention of giving Parsifal, nml everything was ready for the
performance. Mme. Co&lma Wag-
ner and her son. Seigfrled, Ihe heirs
of Itichard Wagner, protested against
the performances, which they consider
contrary lo Ihelr Interests, nnd tho
Frenco Society of Authors took up
Ihelr protest.
M, Decourcelle, president of the So-
clety of Authors, wns informed (hat
(he prince of Monaco bad definitely
vetoed m. Gunsbourg's undertaking.
Parsifal wll) probably be performed
shortly at the Paris Opera House.
Mlnard's Liniment cures Dlstsmpsr.
Cardiff's Record Year
Cardiff.—Despite the national coal
strike. Cardiff's .-hipping trade Inst
year was the largest on record. The
trade was, approximately, 12,500,000
tons, Imports excelling 2,000,000 tons,
and exports 10,400,000.
In a school examination, a small boy
was once asked: Whut ure the Chlltcrn
He replied—The Chlltern Hundreds
nro the small animals which abound lu
such great numbers in ehee.se.
Dipsomaniacs In Sweden when put
under restraint, nre fed almost entirely
on bread steeped in wine. In hwi
than a fortnight they loathe the very
look nnd smell of liquor, nnd when
liberated im.-rally bocoino totul abstainers. In llm.mit a nlmllar treat
nK'411 Is followed with good results.
It's cheaper to raise colts than to
buy horses. But Wt-easily If yoi; I :e
the colts. Keep a bottle of lCondnlPs
Spavin Cure handy. For thlrty-tivo
years ha:; proved it tlio oifc, reliable
remedy for spavin, opllnt, curb, rinft"
bone, bony growths and lomenetH
from other causes.
Fort WlUl*m Out,
Decinh, Wll.
"I hare rwxvA o'i*
Spavin   with    loi.r 1
ft;«vlnCni*i »u.t»iii I
-.ow tnlt.*- It nn at.-
o'!i-r wiih KiviJ r«- .
*i.:.t.   1 mi bteb.-r
■:*■■.■-.I   -onk   jour I
mft(li.'i:i»* ' ^^
r. .vistbiw.   ____L*i__*_ft_MI8l'U'.
II n Nitllo-lirurr-.     ^*\_^__\_\^_\s^^'{'/j
■.'.py'tf "A Tr*-., o
■11   Hi-)   UuI-m"    nr
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company     73
En<*__r« F."-.. v*-  II. S. A*
Cheer UpS
Ynu won't be bothertd by lhe
blues if you keep y..ur liver active,
vour bowels regular, anil your
stomach in good tone by timely
use of ibe lime-tested, beneficent,
and always effective family remedy
Sold -».r-w_r.*,      a       -      In boa,-., 2S«.
Military Cantorahlp of New Fashions
In Constantinople
Constantlnonlo.—Tho military cum*
maudnut or CouHiauiinnpio has j.ihl
IssiiciI 11 HlKiillii'iii.t oritur iiroliihliiiiK
Turkish women to u-i'ieur In the
slrei'iH In iitilre whirl, is eontrury lo
Ihe religious law and to national custom .
This winter Ih inarkln*.* a great n.1-
vanee over previous years In the ex-
Ireme street nurl. worn by thu younger generation of Moslems. Deft
dressmaking has converted the old*
fathhlonod black outer garment into a
most attractive costume, which accen*
(nates rather than hides the natural
lines of n good Ugure.
This order does not represent a hop-,
that the Turkish woman will go back
to her shapeless clothes, Tho mill*
tnr.v eommandmnnt knows womnn nature tno well for lhal. It Is Inte.**
prcleil ss a caution against amusing
fanaticism III these critical .lays,
which might he harmful to lh" .,,.,ro
advanced members of tho Tursis'i
fairer sex.
London.—Mra. Bacon, of Ilurghel*
ere. llutilH, celebrated her 1112nd birthday recently. Bhe writes letters and
reads newspapers and honks without
tho ii Id of glasses. She Is In good
health and In possession of all hor faculties.
Blm—Which do ynu think In the best
time for her to be engaged?
lie - I should say Just heforo she la
nuirr I. tl.
lioinlnn.    II was slaleil al the Shore-1          	
.1.1. ll  I   thill   lh.'   lile of .. ] IW'/'r ■■■ I       ■ H^ M^
Meaner, who full fotly feel lo . ,,.,   ...   ■_ ■   ■ ^^M ^^__
the imvemenl, was saved lie | *•*»'   a-IaIj ^*" ■ _} ^^K ^^W
fell un hi. uuse and Hum s*..d hla i fjflfi       ■ ~W m   V ~tW
.vo... In lli.< tinned tMitic. nr*
mnii.ifnnt.ircd In N.iv v.ni.. tn*
world's 1k.i1 ..inikcl. Mend tn*
prloa list nnd shti. ...
M. F. Ptselttr & Co.,
C 10.   l-iili KI.   IIJ.hh  ti), K.I.
___. THE  rilOSrECTOIt.  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
"Sample free If you writ* National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canada.
Limited, Toronto.
Wash Day
Makes the Clothes as
White as Snow
Try It I
Manuficlurcil by
Thn Jiilinatan-Rirtiatftla-itn Co
..lmln.4, Monireil, Can.
is the onlv ■ remedy with, a
Record ot complete cures.
Price, S2.00. Most Leading
Dru^iM... Information and
Lit.rdUire Free.
Winnipeg, Man.
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on thc
"Otto HigeP*
Piano Action
Memory of Two Brave Officers to be
Parts. Prance.—Normandy Gascon?,
Languedoc and Flanders are to be the
names of the new French superdread-
noughts to be laid down this year.
Two destroyers are to be called Ensign Itouz and Chief Engineer Lest-
in, commemorating the deaths of two
brave ottleors.
Ensign Koux, safe himself when the
Jena exploded, attempted to flood the
dry dock at the head of four marines
and was killed. Chief Engineer Lest*
in, ordered by the commander to extinguish the Ore in the forward maga-
sine at the disaster to the Libcrte, replied: I'm going, but I shall not come
back. He succeeded In turning on
the valves, but was burned to death.
More Evidence of Fact That World
Has Changed Little Since Then
Rome.—Prof. Boni, who at present
fs currying out excavations on the B.te-j
formerly occupied hy the palace of the
Caesars on the Palatine Hill, has proved that at least threo large elevators
woro used In the palace, enabling the
Roman emperors to ascend from Uie
Forum to tlio top of the Palatine, One
shaft, which has not yet been completely cleared from thc debris and
rubbish which encumbered it, Is 320
feet deep,
A storm which displaced a tract of
the sandy bench at Porto d'Anglo (the
ancient Anllum near Rome) haa revealed the existence beneath the level
of the sea of ruins which are slippered
to bn the remains of a patrician villa.
Anllum was a fashionable seaside resort of the ancient Romans, and Nero
built a sumptuous villa there.
Discoveries like these, said a lifelong student of Roman antiquities,
mnke one realize how little the world
lias changed In habit or achievement
since the days of the Caesars. Take
the matter of water supply and baths.
There has been found near Pompeii a
Roman house ln which Is installed'a
first-rate hot and cold water system.
Tho occupants could turn on hot or
cold water or both, just as in a modern
house; nnd this was toward thc end
of the first century, A.D.
A mode of bathing remarkably like
the modern Turkish bath Is described by Colsua, a writer on the art of
medicine. He advises the bather to
go flrst into a moderately heated room
and perspire slightly, after which ho
should anoint himself and pass into a
hot air room. Having perspired
there, he should pour hot, warm and
then scrape himself wilh a strlgll, and
I finally anoint himself—this last pro-
j cess being probably a precaution
'against cold. The strigll was a
curved piece of metal much used for
cleaning purposes by the athletes and
bathers  of ancient   Rome.
The ancient Romans were good
cooks arid had advanced types of
kitchen implements. At Pompeii
was fonnd an implement consisting of
a long handle and a rectangular pan
with twenty-eight circular depressions
—used for baking cakes or' poaching
eggs. ..
Few people recollect that the
Romans introduced a system Qf
heating their houses by hot air.
The stokeholes were outside nnd
were connected by shafts by which
the air circulated under the-floors
and up inside the walls. Seneca,
writing in the first century, regarded such a system as an enervating
luxury, but by the third century it
was in general use.
As to articles of the toilet, we
could teach the Romans but little.
They had combs, razors, toothpicks,
nail files (with a roughened surface
and a smooth surface for polishing),
mirrors, toilet boxes, scent bottles,
pins, brooches, hooks, and eyes. Of
course, many of these things were
much used long before the Romans;
the principle of the safety pin goes
back, for instance, to very antique civilization.
Mistress—Cook tells me, Mary, that
you wish to go out with a friend tonight.     Is ft iirgeift?
Mary—Oh, no, ma'am, tlsn't 'er
gent—it's my gent.
All Gas
Laura, said that young lady's mother
lt seams to me that you had the gas
turned down rather low while young
Smartly was hen- last evening.
It was solely for economy, mamma,
•nswered the maiden.
There is no use trying to beat the
gas company, my daughter. I have
noticed (hat the shutting off of the
gas is always followed by a corresponding Increase of pressure.
Well, that lessens the waist, doesn't
It mamma, dour? replied the artless
girl. And her fond parent could
find no answer.
Miller's Worm Powders act so
thoroughly that stomachic and intestinal worms are literally ground up and
passed from the child without being
noticed and without Inconvenience to
the sufferer. They aro painless and
perfect in action, and nt all times will
be found a healthy medicine, strength-
emng the Infantile stomach and maintaining it in vigorous operation, so
that, besides being an* effective vermifuge, they are tonical and health-giving In their habits.
It is Moit Common Among Chfl-
dren of the School Age.
If your child—whether boy or girl-
is ndBGtty, emotional and awkward,
you should wuteh It carefully as It may
develop at. Vims dance. Frequently
children cannot keep still, they move
with straiit'd actions, their limbs Jerk
and Ihelr foalures twitch nervously.
Speech is confused and the whole muscular system not under control. Theso
are union** the symptoms of St. Vitus
dunce, a trouble that afflicts growing
girls and boys, most frequently dur*
ing the school age. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills are such a splendid nerve
tonic that they huve cured tho worst
cases of St. Vitus dance. Thoy do
Ibis because the now, rich blood they
make feeds and strengthens the starved nerves, thus throwing off the disease. Here is an example. Mrs.
Li. I.. Glfford, Westovor, Ont., says:
"For over two years my little girl, Constance, was a sufferer trom St. Vitus
daneo. She was frightened badly by
a do?, which seemed to bring ou tho
trouble, and notwithstanding all wo
did for her It seemed to be growing
worse She grew so bail that she
could not feed herself and her speech
was so badly affected that .vo could
carcely understand her. Thc twitching and jerking of her limbs was pitiable. At tbls juncture we begun giving her Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
to our great joy they have completely
cured hcr, and sho is now as healthy
a child as you can find."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold
by all medicine dealers or sent by
mail nt 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Eager to Assist
Matters in his household had reach*
ed the stage wben thero was a large
difference between receipts and expenditure, the balance, of course, being on tiie wrong side.
Still, he was a-good young man, and
a persevering one, and he determined
to set the right example hy economising himself.
That very evening he walked even'
step of the way home to save tho
bus-fare. Throwing open the door
he entered the hall, to linil his wife
trying on a smart new hat before the
mirror In the hallstand.
My dear—my dear, he blurted out,
we really must economise. I've been
looking into our nccouuts, and we really must be careful!
Yes dear, sho replied meekly, her
eyes glued on her pretty image iu the
Yos, Indeed, he remarked. I've Just
walked home to savo twopence, nnd in
future I'm going to shave myself for
Uio samo reason.
Oh, Harry, she cried In her enthusiasm, and readjusting the toque, what
a dear you are! Now, I'll tell you
what I'll do, old boy—I'll cut your
Does Nol Think Much of It and Soon
Forget* 8uch a Trivial Affair
It ta reported that Baroness de Forest, who arrived at Wongen, from
London lately lor the sports, has Just
escaped a very expensive holiday.
While enjoying winter sports she lost
a necklace valued at more than (25.-
000 ln the snow and there was little
hope ot linding lt until the snows
Tho police, however, were Informed
and notices issued, but without result,
and for a good reason. The valuable jewel had heen picked up by a
little Swiss boy, who did not think
etable Compound Did For
Their Health—Their own
Statement* Follow.
Haliburton, P.R.I.:—"I had a doctor
examine mo nnd he sail I had falling uf
Uio womb, so I havo been talunrj Lydia
_. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound and
It haa dons mo a lot of good. All tlio
bearing-down pains have vanished. I
hare gained ten pounds In Weight, ths
discharge Is all gone, and I feel better
than I have for along ti nm. I think any
woman fs foolish to suffer as I did for
ths sako of a few dollars.
" Yoa can use my letter as a testimonial. Itmayoncourageothcrpoorwomcn
wbo suffer os I did to use your Vegetal.*!*
Compound." — Mrs. Geo. Colucuit,
Haliburton, Lot 7,1". E. I.
Bead What This Woman Snysi
New Mooreneld, Ohio.—"1 take great
pleasure In thanking you for what your
bas dono for me. I
bad bearing down
pains, was dizzy and
weak, hail pains in
lower bade and could
not bo upon my feet
long cnoti'ih to get a
meal, As long as I
laid on my back I
would feel better,
but when I would
get up those bearing
Good for thc Cafe
The proprietor of the Cafe Edelweiss
was faced with ruin. Somehow he
had failed to hit the taste of the citizens of the little Bavarian town ln
which lie carried on business, and he
was at his wit's end to And a device
for attracting the fickle public. Sud
denly he hit on a brilliant Idea. He
inserted two advertisements ia thc
local newspaper.     One ran'—
Young men wllh large Income desires to make tho acquaintance of a
young lady with a view to marriage.
Money a matter of secondary Importance.
The other ran:
Young lady with about 60,000 marks
(later, more) wishes to marry a young
man. A gentleman with good character, even if he is without means,
will lind an ideal home.
These announcements brought dozens ot replies dally and, writing on
behalf of tho Imaginary young man
and thc rich nnd nlso imaginary young
lady, tho proprietor ot the Edelweiss
made a rendezvous with all applicants
in very naturally, his cafe.
The establishment Hummed with life
for a few days until somebody smelt
a rat, and tho enterprising proprietor
was forced to explain his lnelhod of
tilling it before the local magistrate.
There was a terrific explosion off to
the southeast of the hill, nnd General
Splnachivltch turned pale as a ghost.
By St. Ikom! he cried, tliey have
dynamited the King's Own Fusiliers:
No General, replied his chief aide-
de-camp, looking at the same through
his field-glasses. It is only the moving picture people taking a flashlight
of the Itoyal Scullery Guards in a football scrimmago.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cat har! let an J purgatives-   They ■
bfutal-hiiri.h-'Unncct-i-i'iry, Try
Sick Htadacht mi IndigrtliDih as million*  .
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mmt bear Signature
much at It, and placing it in hla pocket among sweets and hits ol string,
soon forgot the affair.
It was two days later, when the
boy's mother turned out her hopeful's
rather dirty pockels that sho discovered the jewel and took it. to the police
who handed it over to its owner.
Baroness de Forest was greatly delighted, as she had lost ai! hope of
recovering the necklace, nnd the bad
little .boy who brought luck to his
parents, received a large reward—as
well as a scolding from his mother.
m_t - &i Mtn/iA
mu dtifAc
DYE, on* run l.ii-*"W"7 >■-■ don't-tven liave id
know whli KIND of Cloth your CuUitt era rmJo
o(."So Mistake* srs Im possible.
Srii-I f'.r I if-e Colur ClTdt Slot*--   Bnoklat, and
BookJat Bit-ins rctult* ... Dyeing over ■.,!'.*» i-i .tor*,
T_a JOllKSON-RICIIAnnSON CO., laimitcd,
r\ Montreal, Canada.
__§__\ **_**      \
Member of English Branch of Family
to Take a Wife
Paris.—Jaraefl de Rothschild, nephew of Lord Rothschild, is engaged to
Mias Dorothy Pinto, daughter of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Kugene Pinto, of London.
Tlio mnrriagu Is expected to take
place shortly.
The -owner of a racing stable In Eng
land. Jnmes da Ho.l.sclillil is almost
equally well Icnvvn on tlio French turf,
whore bis cola.1 are frequently seen.
He is a keen t {lower of the hound.--,
an experienced art collector and the
author .of a volume dealing with the
period of Queen Elizabeth aa represented by Shakespeare.
James de Rothschild's only ulfiter
married the It.iron von (loMsmidi-
Koths-.et.ild, attache at the German embassy In London.
The Beach Girl
She seems to be something of
I should say she does.
What Is her specialty?
Learning to swim.
A Cheerful View
There's this old hat of thc master's,
Mary. Do you think the mau would
give us anything for it?
Law, yes. m'm, there's many a poor
man as would bo glad to go to bis
wifo's funeral In a bat like tbat.
Leprosy In England
London.—John Burns has received
notice of a question from Mr. Newman, M.P., asking whether any regulations are in existence whereby persons suffering from leprosy in this
country can be compulsorlly segregated and kept under observation, und
whet lier he is aware that there are in
London several ca3es of leprosy under treatment.
What Is you name, little girl?
And 'what is your last name?
I don't know.      You sec, mamma
hasn't got back from Reno yet.
Found Her Favorite Again
Paris.—Charles Pruvost, n miner,
who won the Legion of Honor by
his heroism nt the time of tho Oour-
rlers mine disaster in which 1620 Uvea
were lost, died nt the ago nf 60 yenrs.
It may bo recalled that fur twenty
days Pruvost guided a group of twolvo
survivors through tho galleries of the
devastated mine, after tho explosion.
Afterward he abandoned mining, and
kept a cafo near the pit hoad.
Nanglo—1 hear Ibere was a disturbance at tho meeting liu*t night.
Flummery -Yo hoard wrong, thin;
for when M'Gowan lilt th' chairman lu
th* eye wo threw him out o' lh' windy
on' lhat -topped all trouble. oh,
no; everything was hurnioriyua au'
Warned Off
A foreign-looking gentleman   won
- _     , walking in tho Johannesburg zqq not
*Mp other Buffering women as it haa me.  sn very long ago and read the notice;
-You can use thia letter."-Mrs. CASSIS BlNTB-nostlng is strictly forbid:!™.
LXXOYD, Now Moon-field, Clark Co.,Ohio. I    ,,ow cruel you ttro lu tttvica, ho eald
-F--    | to Iils Mcml.     Why, oven the birds
11 ""  "jpro not allowed to make their neata
\V. N. U. 939 liu your uubllc Zoo and Garden*.
down pains would como back- and tliu
doctor said I had female trouble Lydia
& Plnkham's Vegetable Compound was
f the only modlcino that helped mo and I
hava been growing stronger over since
J commenced to tako it,   1 hopo it will
A bright young lady tells how she
camo to be acutely sensitive as to the
taste of coffee:
"My health had beon very poor for
several years." she says. "I loved
coffee and drank it for breakfast, but
only learned by accident* as It were,
that It was the cause of ihe constant,
dreadful hraduchos from which I suffered every day. and of tho nervousness that drove sloop from my pillow
and sn deranged my stomach that everything I nte gave mo acute pain'
(Tea Is Just as Injurious, becauso It
contains caffeine, Uie iximc drug found
fn coffeo).
"My condition finally got so serious
that t was advleted hy my doctor to
go to a hospital. Thero they gave
me what I supposed was cofToe, and I
thought It was the beat I over drank,
but I hJivo since lenrnexl It was Postum. I gained rapidly and camo
homo in four weeks.
"Somehow the cofTeo we used ot
homo didn't lositc right when I got
hack. I trloil various kinds, but nono
tested ns j.nml as that I drank In the
hospital, and nil brought back the
dreadful headachos and tho 'sick-all-
over' feeling.
"One dny I got a package at Postum, and lhi» first taste of lt I took, I
said /mint's tho good coffee we hnd in
Mio hospital!' 1 bave drank It ever
since, and oat Grape-Nuts for my
bfoaltfOBt, 1 have iio more headaches, and feel better Mian I have fur
yoara." Name given njion request
R'-nd the funiuu.. Utile book, "The
.ond Io WHIvIlle," In pkg.i. ".'hero's
a reason."
Posl tun now cam&s in fibne-entratod,
powder form, called Instant Postum.
II Is prepared hy Stirring n level tea*
Hpnoiiful In a cup of hot water, adding
Bugnr to laste, and enough cream to
bring ilie eolot to golden brown.
Instant Postum is convenient;
there's no WOsio; and thn flavor Is
.ilways uniform, Hold by grocers—45
to (iO-cup tin BOcte-j DO to lOG-cup tlu
A D-ciip trial tin .nulled for grocer*!,
name nnd Scent stamp for'pofllago.
Canadian IWum Cereal Co., Ltd,,
Windsor, Ontj
King'a Recent    Reception   of   Their
Leader Makes Him Exceedingly
Madrid, Spain.—The visit of Scnor
Azcarate, the Republican leader, to tho
palace and the intention attributed to
the king of summoning other principals personages of all parties, notably
of the Republican and Socialist parties has created a sensation.
Both Republicans and Liberals welcome this action of the king, which
on tho other hand seems to produce
among the Conservatives and Reactionaries a diametrically opposite effect.
In the course of his Interview with
Scnor Aszarate. the king showed himself to be strongly In favor of the creation of old-age pensions, also of
strict political sincerity, and most ample religious tolerance, and tho development and liberalization of education.
His majesty nsked the Republican
leader if he regarde.rit as desirable to
hold a conference, in the event of a.
ministerial crisis, of the leaders of the
anMdynastic parties.
Senor Azcarate, surprised at the
question, reflected for a few minutes,
then aiLswered: Yes. and he believes
lhat the king will tako this step. If necessary. Senor Azcarate is convinced that if tbe Liberals wish to do
liberal work on a great scale, they
will encounter no obstacle.
The king also made declarations on
religious toleration and political sincerity. Expressing his appreciation
of the army, his majesty said: If I
wero no-t king,'I should be a captain
in the army.
The artlon of King Alfonso In Inviting the Republican leaders to the
palace to talk politics wilh them haa
caused a groat stir throughout tho
Republicans are cheering for the
king. Four days ago Senor Mclqul-
ades Alvarez, speaking at a meeting
of Republican reformers, asked his
audience to support his majesty and
that sentiment has been reiterated
throughout tho land since the king received the Republican leaders on Jan-
miry 14, when his majesty expressed]
himself in favor of old-age pensions,
religious tolerance, and liberal education measures. A wave of Republican enthusiasm for the monarchy bas
spread over the country.
It Is Impossible to say what will bo
the ultimate effect of this paradoxical situation. The king has long
been known to hold generous, advanced views on the question of government, but his friendly encounters
with the Republicans have spread consternation among the Conservatives.
. When your ortlercomes front the prorer'9
•ee that he has sent you WINDSOR T.U,.,1!
BAI,-1. Why should you bother wiih ult that
"cnlta-i** a* hard M a tods, v/htn you can act
Windsor fiait ia nil rait—absolutely pure
clc:.-. crystal — and every grain a perfect
crystal.   IL costs i.u more. &S
Italian Coat Herder Lifted Thirty Feet
In the Air
Rome.—A goat herder mimed Giovanni Sannl narrowly escaped being
kidnaped by two eagles while leading
his (lock in the Aosta valley.
Despite ills resistance, tbe eagles,
swooped down on the astonished gout
herder, lifted him in the air for a
height of more than thirty feet.
Thon, startled by the cries of their
victim, the eagles released their hold.
Another goat herder found the injured man lying unconscious in a field.
He is now fn a hospital In a semi-
Insane condition nntl suffering from
severe lucoraUons on tho head and
shoulders, Inflicted by the talons of
the eagles, as well as from a fractured
All Off Now
Ho (nervously)—Kr—or—Margaret
—er—er—there, something been
trembling on my lips for the lasl two
She—Yes, so I seo. Why don't you
shave it off.
A man's view of the next panic depends largely upon whether ho hits
just inherited a large fortune or Ls out
of a job.
Unable to Work
for 14 Months
Complete Nervous Breakdown Left
Mr. Blaok an Invalid—Cured
by Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
French Doctor's Discovery Is Officially Recognized
Paris.— Experiments with Doctor
Doyen's new thvrapeiiUc preparation,
mycolysluc, have given such excellent
results that the ministers of marines
and the colonies have Issued orders
that mycolyslne and other preparations of which it is the basis shall In
future be Included iu tho medicaments
The reports receive-;! showed that
myi'olysine prevented and oil rod .1.1.11-
ensfli respiratory diseases,* enteritis Infantile diarrhoea and other infectious
complaints* as woll as diseases peculiar to warm cl lamias, and therefore
prevalent lu tlio colon iM.
Ita therapeutic efficacy may bo Batiff-
ed by Iho faal llllll it increases tenfold
the power of rosislnnco Lo the Inroads
of malignant norms, and it is therefore hailed here as a boon to huiuau-
Mary, Mary, cried a shocked mollier,
noticing hcr little daughter feeding
hcr pot. dog at the lahle, anil with her
own spoon. What are you Uiliilclng
of to feed l-'ldo from Mio spoon you
are using yourself.
The child looked up, Innocently r:iill.
(ng. Oh, mollier, dear, ho doesn't
mind a bit.
Mr. Henry mack,
of flmh and
■ ti
and   you
Th0   next
it Is only by standing for everything
from an dco cream soda to a diamond
ring that bachelor uncles justify th
Whnt a helpless maBi
bone   Ihe   human   body   Is,
nerves   become   OXhaUStCd-
weakness comes over  you,
Iuko control of thu limbs.
step |fl p:ir;ily..i:i.
You will bn fortunate If, tilt
DlttOk, you get Hi- 1-uJM'iM'. up pr
in action boforo it is forovor
By forming new, rich blood IT. .... _
Nerve Food carries new vigor mid
energy to every organ and ovory mom-
ber of iiie human body.
Mr. Henry Dlaolt, KI f.t. Cttlhorlno
street east, Montr.ut, Quo*, wrltos : —
••'i'he wonderful results i obtained
from tho use of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food constrain mo to write this lot*
ter In order that otliors wlio Biiffor,
from nervous exliausllon and we-ili-
noss muy use this medicine with equally >at Is factory results. a:i the result
r overwork j became completely exhausted, und was unablo to worn f'-r
fotirteon months. As I am the father
of a family, thcoo were sad days for me,
hut arter T hud UIOjJ BlX boxes of Hr.
{'base's Nerve I<'ood I had Improved
so greatly thnt l continued tho treatment until I was completely rostorod
to health and strength. I now worl.
twelvo In fifteen hours a day, and keep
BO cents a
Tourist jto guide)-
posing statue, guide.
fiulile-Indeed, yoit are right, air;
mosl peoplo are imposed on by It.
olrl boy, all fiiftii/Yr'nffi thlnk '*'• <"*rbta bot It's only
* Co., Limited, •Torenu loalotod wood.
in excellent health.
nr. Chase's Nerve Pood.
I. X. L.
n ;
Price   $3.50
For the Following Reasons
1—It is compressed air that does the work.
2—You ean waah a tub of clothes in T!lliKl. minutes,
8—COMPRESSED AIR and SUCTION are the latest known science
for perfect oleaning.
A—Thero in no wear or tear on the elothes.
0—It eliminates, all the hard    work of washing.
0—You cnn rinse or blue a tub of clothes In 30 SECONDS.
7—One hour'!, work will do any ordinary family washing.
8—It Will last for years.
9—Anything that can be cleaned hy sonp or water or gasoline can ho
cleansed perfectly without breaking a thread,
10—THREE minutes In tho suds, two mlnutos in the boiler (lf you
boil your clothes), 30 SECONDS in the rinse water and 30 SECONDS In the blueing water, will wash a tub of whito clothes.
11—Lace Curtain-?, lied Comfort-t, Fancy Shirt. Y.'alst.s, Wollen Blankets. Overalls and even Horse Blankets eau be washed perfectly
without any wear or tear on the goods.
12—It forces the water through iho fabric
13—The finest fubrlcn can he washed In the aamo tub with ordinary
white clothes with no possible injury.
11—Tbo work Uiat take;, from -tu minutes to one hour lo do on n rubbing board can be done In THREE mlnutos without uny haid
15—You can uso Uie machine in the boiler, thereby forcing the steahi
through the clothes, which bleaches find whitens them.
16—It only costs 5-t.GO and will savo al leas. $50.00 per yeai
home hy not wearing out your clothes.
17—The Washing Machine only weighs I'i  pounds.
18—You can do all your DRY C.'.M.AM.VR wlrh this machine
simply use gasoline in place 'if water.
K—Because tho I.X.1-, Vacuum Washer Is sold under n nwr.
guarantee to wash quicker and better than any washing i
made Irrespective of price nnd construction,
20—-Becauso if you use the coupon below, you can gi
wonderful  wash r.s for $l.r,.|. B^^^^^^^
To wash a Tu!) of clothes perfectly in "! minule*
Not only washes, hut riiurs antl blues
No rubbing <.r ballin;.   Absolutely no Friction.
No Severe Exertion Required
A child can do an ordinary washing and liavc ll ready for tho lln?
in one hour.
Send For One, You Run No Risk
Prft"nt or .nn 11 tills Coupon
I,id., ift'iv, Main S'H-.'t. Wlm
All oharao* ".repaid anywhor.
Ill   ...   LU   |,'!l.l;.J- ■!   tl   UlU   Waah,-
ind 11.(0 to Dominion Utllliie* Mr.
IPCK,  Man.,  and you    will   Kotln
In Canada.on condition Hint yonr m
Jo,*, nol do ull Umi i. a,   „.,'. ,r '"
He ll.id
Mav? you over boon cros8*oiamlnod
I.i fun*? liii|tiii'.*.l a barrister nt a wit*
noes who wna oooupylng IiIh nttentlon,
Havo l! exclaimed tho mini. Didn't
I just ull you I um maTrlod,
That wn:. mi awful inlslako tin. hut
goon iii.'iiii'.    'I'lu* mnn lie oiioratod o'l
dliln'l linvo what lie thought he .11,1.
Dliln'l liavo npiii'llillr.Un. nl nil, oh'
till,  In.   luul   lippenillrltlK  ull   rlglll
hut hu didn't havo uny monoy,
They Took Wine
In clly roslaurant, to co
..ill you Iiiivi* wlno	
I  fluniHi;   |
To llrld..-
Wn I ler.
try groom
Country Orooiii—Woll,
hndn'l Utouglii ..r W|ns,
What d'y
Country Hnd
Country fir......   Ml right, ir.. n go
I'.i '.: ll tor    V.:., mli.l
glassofl uf old rl' 11 y
to somo .nm., Mgry?
(shyly)- i don't mind
bring us two
London.* Whon Jonn MeyUiouc, for
Ave yoara a fflr-nhnnd at Choyvlnl'es,
I'ranco, waa chargotl boforo a cout.
iniiriini with r.iiluii' lo roporl for military conscription It wan tllacovorod
Unit he w.ih i. woman Hi (UsgulBO.
l„>iiiloti.—The Bormondsoy borough
loundll announces thut hy using tho
ilirly water from the sttlinmlng baUlB
for rond walut'lni; pin pone., y.ltt lum
boon saved.
I wlnh you'll gol rid ol Hint absolutely worthless poodle.
Absolutely worthless?
Tliiun ..Ini I soldi Absolutely*—
absatlamnlutnly worlhlesel What
does tl do th it makos it good for ujiy-
I was thinking of wlmt it doesn't
oi. li, whal ii doesn't dol
v».H. ii (loi'Hn'i ehow tobacco,
smoke a pip.*, Ilitlil hoo/o or uae profane language,
78 Vean tr/ One Home
rhal'l a very lm..l    towlon,—Mr,    nml    Mrs.    .Tnmes
Jntnos Dales, ot Biaiimm (Norfolk),
celebrated iii.*ir dii.momi wedding this
week. Mrn. llutes, who Is 81 years
old, bas lived In her present house
for seventy-eliilit veurB. THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he tyvo&pwtor:, (frvaxibvook, #♦ (£«
F-bU-M Bt«T7 Saturday   Momlm at Oranbroolt. B.O.
F. M. Christian, Managw.
Fottag* to American, European had other foreign countries.   50 etotl   a
year extra.
AD VERTISEMENTS—Advar Using rates furnished on application. No
adverUaemenU but those of a reput■»•*>*■• character will be accepted tor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
Is given to local manager advertlBenients and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up againBt their account.
19th YEAR
NO. 17
We are not recommending "Cran-
brookltes" to pet up any "boom."
That Ib as unwise ad It is uun.-ces-
sary. But we do think we should
"get out and BOOST." Seme people ln Cranbrook are ao frightened of
.hin.s moving faster than they dj
that they fear to see things moving
at all. To sucb the mere word
"booat" Ib "anathema maranatha."
To "boost" primarily, to Ut otb;r
people know what you thank God
for; to rejoice publicly by day over
what you give tnaukB to your Creator for privately by night. Viewed
in the broadest sense, it ia at worst
an outburst of optimism, an expression of fervent belief. And, after more
than our Bhare of eorrow and disappointment, we have yet to 1 aro the
evils of enthusiasm or the inb-iuity of
optimism. Optimism ib the very
breath of Progress, juBt an Enthus
iasm is, and must always be, its mo
tive lorce. We in Cranbrook beli?ve
in our city; more, we have reason for
our belief. Let ua not then be afraid
to own it.
•     s>     *      •
If you like the old town best,
Tell 'em eo!
If you'd have her lead the rest,
Help her grow!
When there's anything to do
Let the fellows count cn you,
You'll fed bully when it's through,
Don't you know.
If you want to make a hit,
Get a name!
If tho other fellow's it,
Who's to blame?
Spend your money in the town,
Where you pull the sheckh.s down,
Give the mail concern a frown—
Tbat'fl the game!
If you're used to giving knocks,
Cb'nje your style!
Throw bouquets instead of rocka,
For a while.
Let the other fellow roast,
Shun him as you would a ghost,
Meet bis hammer with _, boast
And a amile.
When a stranger from afar
Comet, along,
Tell him who and what we are-
Make it strong
Needn't flatter, never bluff,
Tell the truth, but that's enough,
Join the boosters—they're the stufl,
We belong.
• •   •   •
Ottawa.—The prevailing uncertainty aB to who Is really leading the Opposition is expressed tn the following
terms, motion of which was given tonight by Ur. Edwards of Frontenac:
"Is the government aware that tbe
indemnity act provides for the payment of $700 each year to the recognized leader of the Opposition?
Can the Government inform the
House to whom the above mentioned
••.alary  will be paid this. seaBun':"'
• •   •   •
California has takeu drastic steps
to prevent the further immigration
ot Japanese by passing a bill which
prevents aliens from hoi ling laud
within the state. Canadians or any
other aliens are barred by the same
measure, but it is startling to notice
th= difference in the ten.1 o! the n.-ws
papers of the two countries. The
Jaraaese are excited and threaten reprisal. In Canada the general feel
ing seems to be that it makes very
little difference.
From the point of view of the av
erage British Columbian, the California leeislature has taken a wise step.
If similar legislation were enacted in
this jrovince, It would be an excell
ent means of JIscodraging Orunta.
immigration, but the objections are
to some extent serous. It would
mean that fortlgn capital could not
be invested here, as far as land i.-
concerned. This, aga:n would have
the advantage of preventing speculators from gobbling up the Irst portions of the province, if nothing else.
but tbe terms of the California Act
are too severe.
No one thin'.s for a moment that
the bill ia aimed at others than Japanese and Chinese. The "Yellow Per-
1" is a live issue with the so.ith?n.
state, and thc legislators drafted
what they considered fairly effective
means of lessening that peril. There
are thousands of Canad ana living in
California   who   have  never  changed
Celebrate with
May 24th, 1913
Program of Horse Races,
Athletic Events and all
$l,OOOin Purses
Full Programme Announced Later
T. M. Roberts
Dr. J. W. Rutledge
Qoodflrbam A Worts, tpcclal
B.  C.  Distiller*. Co.,  sps<-l*U rsstrrs
Corbr's Sp-tctal lelact
Sparkling Burgund**   Pommery 8«c.
Uumm's Eitra Or;    White ideal
Tlppo Cl.lants
Italian Grappa
Crest*. Dlaoca
Family Orders Promptl
A Full Line ol other Choice Hrands or
,'iinunj.   Cigar*, and liar (liaises.
Dawson's Old Currlo
Daweon'a Rur* LlqttSUV
Dawson'a Special
Dewar's Special
King George IV
Black & White
Tal laker
White Horse LlqUtur
White Horae Cellar
den Arthur
Spay Royal
Distillers U.i.eur
Wlnea, Hplrlte rnd I,|.
I   Phone 95—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box 8   ;j
Cranbrookf H.C.
their allegiance, yet they Bhould not
object. If they intend to remain in
California, mako their living in California and expect the protection ot
California, thoro is no ron-
eon why they should not become citizens of the United States,
If they have any objection to doing
this they should not llvo there. The
same holds true in Canada. Foreigners coming to this country, intending
to take up land and live upon it.
should become Canadian citizens.
There are exceptions to every rule,
and it ia in the case of theso exceptions that hardship would he caused.
Foreign investors in British Columbia lands would be hard hit, and British Columbia itself would bo hard
hit if drastic legislation of this kind
were put into forco, There is much
to be said on both sides of thc question, but it would seem that the California legislators plunged rather
blindly in their attempt to fight the
••Yellow Peril."
Australia has the ideal immigration
policy. The "White .\ini"..!..i '
system has been found eminently sue
cessful, and is one winch would commend itself to British Columbiana,
The rules are strict, and they are enforced. No Oriental or colored people are allowed to enter.    There are
Staggering Sum
London.—It will cost the staggering sum of J97.,200,000 tu run the
English government during tho ensuing fiscal year, affording to the
chancellor, Right Hon. David Lloyd
Oeorge, who introduced his budget in
the house of commons this aftei noon
This is a big increase, the augmen
tatiou being caused hy expenditures
fur army and navy armaments. According to the chancellor, the British
public Is going ou the "water wagon."
His speech showed th.it 83,000,000
g Ulons loss spirits were drunk tu the
past four vear_ than m the preceding
T ha? export trade of the country has
now reached Its highest water mark.
Tbe chancellor said he would be prepared to raise J2i-.000.000 uut-ide of
known revenues. N'o uew t.ixes will
be imposed to meit expenditures.
European money stringency, faid the
chancellor, is due to France, Austria
„nd German] hoarding $300,000,000
for any emergency which might in
\olve war. British trade in increasing at the rate of about $5,000,000
"There are no indications that thc
trade boom has reached its roan
mum. and there are no signs of over
producing," said the chancellor,
'and taking ail tacts into consideration, I feel justified in coming to the
conclusion that we have entered upon the most growing year that British trade has ever seen."
Mr. Lloyd George estimated that
the increased customs and excise taxes would be $12,825,000, the Increase
in the death duties $7,500,000 and the
increase in thc income tax and supertax $5,700,000. The balance of the
j-hortage would be made up from the
income tax and other revenue due
last year, but only raid at the beginning of the current year, and $5,-
000,000 taken from the exchequer balances, and representing money voted
for the navy In iail-12, but not expended.
The chancellor estimated that the
total revenue on the existing basis o
taxation would bc $979,125,000, leaving a margin of $925,000 over tho estimated expenditure.
The cost of armaments," Chancellor Lloyd George said, "is the lar
gest and most sterile increase In thn
xpcndltures, and I cannot see anj
prospect of tbis menacing development coming to nn end unless some
change takes place in the nttltudr
and policy of the nations concerned."
The expenditure on education and
social reform wns lauded, on the other band, by tbo chancellor as "reproductive work, promising strength,
happiness and etilclency to tbe na
The chancellor drew an encouraging
cheer from the house by the slatsmeni
that English spirits consumption ha
actually decreased   by   many million
gallons ln the last four years.
New Railroad Act
(Comtlnued from Page One)
compelled to move from Carlcto:.
Place to Smith's Falls. It ls well
known that a large number of the
employees of tho Grand Truok rail
way wero compelled to mo/u fron
York to a point west of Toronto. It
is pcisi le that quite a number of
men, if what is snld to ho In the
mind of tbe Grand Trunk railway be
carried out, will be compelled to remove from Brockville to Prescott.
Many of these men, I know personally, hive put all their earnings In
their little homes. These will have
to b- b icnficed to a great extent t.
•my nothing of tlm inc. nvcnlmcs to
which they will he pul in being com
pelld tu remove with their familie--
to new homes and practically to be
glQ 1 fl over aga n. It il possible
thai the people of Havelock, a vl)
lags that, tho Canadian Pacific railway created, will he dealt with in
the same way as the Canadian Pacific tHiiway is branching off here and
there to run along tho fn nt parallel
with  the Grand    Trunk  railway and
Canadian Northern railway in ordai
to better its grades and to bu able
to handle Its traffic more economical
ly.     In  these considerations  I think
It is time that we placed on tho sta
tute-hook legiifatlcn which wlll protect amployoes, when tliey aro I Iiiih
compelled to move, from imy peoun
lary Iohh at hunt. I have placed lu
Huh Mill a claUBO which Bays tlmt the
terminal! Oannot he moved except, by
Ibe consent of the Hallway Commie
tinners. That may worn drastic ft1
firnt night hut In thfl prCBOlit Art the
'hard of Railway Commissioners uro
givon power lo isay wtlOffl a station
Bhall he located ami, if the public
have any grievance hh to the location
of a ttitlon, thoy aro authorized to
appeal to tho Board nf hallway f.nin-
rntislonerH and the board's ihclsion
ia given lu regard to the matter. If
: it be proper that stations and their
j location be placed In the hands of the
| Board    of    Railway   Commissioners,
j and if it be proper that the location
I of the line itself, atter thc general lo-
; cation has beta approved hy the minister, should be 11 iced in the hands
of the Board of Railway Commission-
era, then 1 submit that it is not unreasonable    that    the    placing    and
; changing of    terminals    should   also
j come  undor   tlio    jurisdiction  of  the
j Board    of   Hallway   Commissioners.
! One clause pro1 i Ies for that aspect
i of the case.    Tho   uext is that the
; Board    of   Railway     Commissioners
! shall, In the terms of the order eitb-
! er provide for the removal by coal-rent to the remo.'al or say that the
j loss to the employees shall be Lome
by tbe company.    If the amount of
I the   loss   cannot    be arrived at by
agreement between the company nnd
tbe employees,    then thc next clause
provides that the Board of Railway
Commissioners   may settle the dispute and say what tbe loss is.     I
I think th.*re is nothing unfair in this
• proposition    and    if   tho companies
! think it over seriously and enmly, I
; believe  that  they  will  come to  the
conclusion that there is nothing unfair In it.    Just one word more: I
inderstand thnt tho consolidation of
the Railway Act is now clearly completed and  I nlso understand that,
without the consent of the Government, I could not press this Bill further than possibly the first reading,
1 but I appeal to tho Government eith-
i er to allow this Bill to be proceeded with or to Include it in their Railway Act which shortly will come before the House.
iter of Railways and Canals):   I beg
I to say tbat we havo included this iu
i ho consolidation of the Railway Act.
I We hive also discussed it with tbe
! lillerent railway companies, and I do
not find that there Is very much ob-
i jccllon to it.    The wording may not
; be Just exactly as the lion, gentleman
< (Mr. Graham) has it, hut tbnt wlll
i lie a matta'r for discussion when tbe
j Bill is brought down.
;    Mr. JOHN WEBSTER (Brockvllle):
It is high time that tho railway cm-
| ployecs of this country received somo
consideration from those large cor-
; porationa by which they are employ-
: cd.    As the lion, member for Soutb
i Renfrew (.Mr. Oraham) has said, the
railway men of Brockvllle arc very
I much  disturbed In  tholr    minds regarding thc	
Home lion. MEMBERS: Order, order.
Mr. SPEAKER; It Is quite in or
der, on thu motion to Introduce a
Bill, to dlsouaa tt, but not on tba
motion for tho lirst rending.
Mr. WEBSTER: Tho railway em
ployeee of Brockville uro very much
excited over the pOBfltl lllty that, thny
may hive to mow to un ndjoinlni'.
town. Wo havo lu Brockvlllo several
hundred employees who own thousands or dollars worth of property
representing tbeir llfo aavingB- and I
huve no doubt that, tf the change in
die terminals takes place, that pro
perty will decrease very much iu val
uo, These employees have Bpenfc theli
IIvch In tho town of Brockville: thev
havo helped to build up tbo town'
thoy havo contributed to the roust ruction of sidewalks, flchools, churches, and many other conveniences;
Ihoy have pawl their share of thn coat
nf the sown go system; aud now, if
t.hey havo to rOfflOVO to a town which
has not  these adVftntogOB,   It   is  u
groat Injustice Indeed,    I hope that
| my bou. friend ths Mlnlstor of Hall
' ways ami cnu'ii.i 'Mr. Cochrane) will
' recommend tbo adoption of auoh legislation ns will Cflffblo Hi" men to
rcoolvo flomfl componefttion for bolng
'knocked  around    in Btich ft  way  to*
' this, 1 wlll llftVO very great plonBUt'O
fn giving my support to anv mnaunru
that wlll afford reliof to railway mm
under such clrcuntfltancfltt as theiio.
Mr.   JOHN   A.   HI'.XHMITH   (Mast
I Peterborough):    Mr. Bpeaker, I am
very glad that my hon, friend from
South Renfrew (Mr. Graham) has
brought this Bill up. 1 have been
approached by the railway men in
my riding and requested to bring
this subject to the attention of the
House on account of some rumors
that the Canadian Pacific railway
may move the terminal located at
Havelock, This would bj very unjust
to the men. The railway company
havo practically created that village,
the railway men have put the savings
cf twenty-five years in their Utile
homes and, should they he compelled
to move, they will practically lose
the savings of half a lifetime. Thi*
is a subject that is well worth the
consideration of the hon. Minister o
Railways and Canals (Mr. Cochrane).
Something should be dono to prevent
railways companies from inflicting
such an injustice as this upon, their
men. I understand that the minister
has made arrangements in connection
with his Bill to meet such conditions
as these and I am very please I indeed
to hear tbat such Is the case.
Hon, H. R. BMMERSON (Westmorland): The hen. member for South'
Renfrew (Mr. Graham) is entitled to
the thanks of the railway employees
for his action in bringing this matter to the attention of Parliament.
While this Parliament would nerhaps
not go so far as to recompense others who may have vested in.crests,
still it should be a matter which
would weigh very materially with
the Board of Railway Commlssoners.
When a railway divisional point is
established tbe homes of the railway
employees are created a small town
arises, and people are induced tc
come ln from other sections, make
Investments, purchase land, and establish business. All these suffer a
material loss by reriFo:i of any ch; n?e
of a divisional point. When in the
interests of the railway or in thc
public Interest changes may hrcom.
necessary the rights n* those wbo
have vested interests should he recognised, and that could be provide.)
for by the Railway Commission taking that matter Into com*. Id oration
before giving their consent to such a
Motion agreed to, nnd Bill road the
Ilrst time.
Circus Coming
Advniico Agmt Win. K. Peck WHS in
town Thuimlny fo mnko arrangements (or tbo only real wild niiini, I
Hhow in the woiltl, to i I,.* two performance hen* on Monday, May 19,
In I, few day., the publicity enr ..ill
arrive, anil further nilveitin" thla
pearle-n. attraction. It ia not tlio old
timo ciicim wilh Its many ilrcume
aerial acta, but tho blgEOSt ft d lio.t
wild .... tn...' allow which lias ever \in
lied thla vicinity, lively nnlmal
Imowu to the kingdom of wild bonats
pcrformlm* fntit*. which fall little
short of tlm Ji■ ■ j•> ii.uMe
To gain Bomo Idea of tlio tuormlty,
It tnken twenty-live extra length eara
to convey them around thi. country,
nud nrn'H of canvas lo liouao thom.
Three hundred end fifty wild and
di.niet.tic iinlrn.iift, three liiindiod employees, three Arenas in the big top,
tin. center of which contains a miun-
otl. arena where nil the wild animal
acta tako place; hi.ihh of l.rilllaiilly
deeorateil wagnna for the atroet parade, and the greatest allow, hoth as
an educational and amusement value,
l*n'iwn to the amusemont lovors of
tlio country,
Through llm persona! nuporvlnlon
of Mr. Ilnrnea, the show la conducted upon the in,mi refined and courteous principles, with tho ono
thought for tho safety of the ladles
nnd children. Mr. I'cck sti.tos that
thoso who are loud of the host am
imemeiit should not miss tbls opportunity.
Thero will ho two perfoi-manors— afternoon end ev.ning, with a monster
parade tt 10.30 a.m.
PHONE 340 P. 0. BOX 904
Plumbing,    Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works: Edward Street.,        -       Ccanbrook
m_____gMe__-_____Ba 11 _a_____i_i__iiM____
Given Away!
Ask your grocer for a sample tin of our coffee.
The best on the market
Men, who have
outgrown their
youthful waistlines,
who have become
"solid citizens" in
weight, as well as iu
should depend on
the Fit-Reform
tailors and have their
Spring Suits and
Overcoats made to
their individual
order. Perfect fit
guaranteed. ——-
Ma *   It'
McCreery Bros.
Crunbrook, B. C.
.. * H l |.|l 11 UHlllllllll'UIIHIH 1111 ********
Professional   (£arfcs!~]
anb --	
Cobge   Hotices
■t-n-M it-i'iu 1111 im ******* ************** j * ■„*,;;
PX.S.   ft   C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
ff.   P.   OURD
Burlftsr, Solioltor, ste.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
-Ith Thursday ot each month.
J.    MCIaAOHfatW,     O.R.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box .'.18.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 221
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   ft   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
T.   H.   RIXBN
Auditor and Accountant
P.O. Box 373
N B L S O N, B.O.      47-Jm'
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury A-onae Neat le City Hsll
Open Dey udNlgkt Phone tu
Funeral Dlreotor,
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   ln   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays ln every month, at
8 p.m.  Membership open to British
B. Y. Brake, Pres.
L, Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
Stockholders Meeting
An Extended Report of the Annual Meeting of the
Boundary Mining 6? Exploration Co.
Tho annual meeting of the Bound-1 of a   deed,   the   owner  can   nell  or
ary Mining s Exploration Company,   transfer his land, making his profit
Limited, waa held on Mondny evening  cither by Increasing the ground rent
April 14th, in the Public Hall at Mid j or charging a bonus.
*vny, B.C., when tho following ofllcers      p0I.
were elected:—
A. E. Watts, Wattsburg, B.C.,
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. 12G, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp—A. O. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 83
Masts every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, 0. O.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M, F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
8. Stephens W. M. Harris I
N. Q. Sec'y
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering fi* McCormick
Mowers Sf Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Catholic Church
Sundays—Low mad at 2:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:80 a.m., Sunday school
trom 2 to 2 p.m., Rotary and Bsns-
fletlon at 7:20 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 2 a.m.
Weak days-Mass at ( a.m. at th*
F.FlamootoD, O.M.I.
Circle No.   152
Companions ol the Forest
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second aad
Fourth Thursday ol each Month at
2:40 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttakar, O. O.
Mrs. A. B. Shaw, Sec.
Visiting  Companions   eordlally   welcome, sett
Oranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 0 p. in.,
In Roynl Black
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Oarrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Black Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday
of each month at » p.m. aharp.
Mrs. L. HaywardT Ree. Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, cbiel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Bident and General Manager
A. Carney, Knsln, B.C., Vico President.
8. .1. Miller, Grand Forks, B.C.,
Second Vice President.
B. R. J. Forster, Lethbridge, Alta., Secretary.
T. D. Caven, M.P.P., Cranhrook.
R. I). Kerr, Midway, B. C.
G.  B. Garrett,  Hlocnu City, B.O.
F. H. Knight, Griind Forks, B.O.
H. Bunting, Victoria, B.C.
During tho afternoon a large nam
ber of shnroholderH visited the mine,
and afterwards at the meeting they
took an intense Interest in tbe business discussed. Tbe meeting wub harmonious nnd enthusiastic aa to tbe
future prospects of the company. Tbe
auditors' re] oi t and balance ebeot
showed the [in ncial state of the
company tu be sound and that they
have reserve funds on hand sufficient
for the future development of the
mine. The president stntcd that the
Company consists of nearly six hundred shareholders and the management evidently enjoys their confidence, which has been demonstrated
by the many kind nuil complimentary
speeches coupled with the fiict that
over two hundred nud forty thousan*
votes in the share of proxieB were
Bent in to be used at the discretion
of the directors. Misplaced conildcnce
has wrecked many ventures, and has
recently seriously damaged the credit
of Canada, nnd as an evidence of
wbnt may he done to restore damaged credit, the State of Kansas by the
enactment of the "Blue Sky Law"
hns made it aimoBt impossible for
promoters of swindling concerns to
raisa capital, hut. hefore the enactment of the law referred to the people of Kunsns were robbed to the extent of $60,000,000 per annum; that
has been effectually stopped and now
legitimate enterprises in Kansas havo
a ■ opportunity to obtain capital for
the development of the resources ol
their country. The authorities in
Canada have been asked to adopt a
similar law to protect investors and
thereby instill confidence in those
who attempt to develop tho groat
natural resources of this country. All
of you have power to assist tn educating public opinion, nnd thereby induce stntesmen to enact laws with
that end in view. Your company's
affairs will stand analysts, nnd the
more they are investigated the greater the possibilities of future success
appear. Your freehold land alone iB
today worth much more thnn thc
whole of the capital so far subscribed. This land runs parallel with,
and has two miles of frontage on
Kettle River, with the . railway and
the public highway running through
the full length of it. It ls an ideal
apot for a town, with opportunities
for small farms on the meadow
lands. Tlio propositi.in submitted by
circular wltb regard to dividing a
portion of this land Into small farms
and a townsite has received the unanimous approval of all the shareholders with cne exception, one
shareholder only, expressing disapproval.
Tbo proposal us outlined presents
an excellent opportunity for persons
to become land owners without investing capital, by simply paying Interest on the purchase price. Town lotB
lots will he offered ut from {200 to
$500 each according to location; fat
example; by the payment of $10.00
per annum, the purchaser may secure
a lot valued at $200, aud upon tbo
payment of two year's interest the
deeds of the Innd will be issued subject to a ground rent bused on the
purchase price at 5 p.c. per annum.
As the development of the mine and
other Industries proceed the lots will
raise in value end tlic owners of the
lots will reap the benefit by the Investment of n ver>' small sum by tbe
way of interest—the compnny providing thc capital.    When iu possession
the benefit of shareholders or
employees it is proposed to sell part
of the meadow land neur the river
and the railway, upon the same or
similar ternm at $200.00 por acre;
thereby a purchaser may obtain valuable land suitable for fruit growing
or dairy farming, that will cost him
$10,00 per acre per annum. This arrangement will be beneficial to the
shareholders in two wayB:—
(1) By giving them an opportunity
to purchase lots or small farms without Investing much capital.
(2) if the lots and land be tnken
up aB suggested, it will provide an
Income for ths company exceeding
$20,000 per annum In thc way of Interest. Further, should any purchaser of lots or farm lands choose to
pay cash for their land and to have
a title, free of ground rent, he shall
' n •!' the privilege of se doing at any
Tf three hundred shareholders Head
in applications the land will be surveyed and distributed as suggested;
if tbey do not do so, then the directors of the company wlll deal with the
matter as they deem best for the
welfare of the company.
There can be no doubt but tbat
your coal mine has passed the stage
of a "prospect," as No.~"l tunnel has
opened up two seems ol coal from
lour to six feet thick, and the No. 2
tunnel has been run (or R distance of
four hundred feet all the way in coal
from four foot to nine feet six inches
In thickness. Tho inclino now being
sunk on the vein at a point where it
is seven leet thick, bus demonstrated
that tbe coal Ib increasing in thickness and Improving in uuality, and if
thia vein holds Its own, there is sufficient coal iu that one alone to make
a great mine. Many ot the shareholders have made practical tests of
the coal and have expressed themselves as highly pleused with the
quality. Il any shareholder Ib willing to pay tbo freight, sufficient coal
Hi e .hipped to him to make a
practical test.
As before mentioned, we have made
application for the construction ol a
short railway spur to the mine, and
when tbat la completed wo shall be
in a position to ship in car lots.
Those who have viewed the ground
Cun readily see the natural advantages possessed by the mine, the mouth
of the tunnel being less than 390 feet
from the main lino. Several other
mining companies have to pay interest on huge sums of capital spent in
the construction of many miles of
railway. The conf"vetns now being
opened up aro just tbo right size and
I it.cli for the economical production
of coal, and the proximity of local
markets with the other advantages
mentioned will insure a largo profit
without having to resort to oppression and the grinding down of tho
workmen's   wages.     It    1b    a   well
Newcastte-on-Tyne has for ages past
exported huge quantities of ''oal exceeding $20,000,000 worth per annum, and still the cobI measures a.'e
not exhausted. It is a well known
fact thit coal Is usually persistent
and therefore roai mining cannot he
looked upon ns u gamble, providing
ordinary common sense ie need In lhe
conduct of tbe business.
During recent years in the nest we
have seen prosperous cities spring up ■
in localities that do not possess oue-
half the natural resources that tbe
future N'cwcastle-on-Kettle will be
surrounded with; besides those al i
ready mentioned are the agricultural}
opportunities:— For scores of square
mites tbo roiling hills adjoining the
townsite are covered witb tbe finest
kind of bunch grass, herdi of cattle
and horseB on the range, aud owing
to the fact that snow does not lay
for long, this country is one of the
best ranges for cattle in Canada.!
Many of the early settlors have made
fortunes in cnttle raising. The dlstrlot referred to is also well adapted j
for fruit growing, which is evidenced
by the healthy trees which have been
bearing for many years. For dairy
farming no better country can be
found, and add to the foregoing advantages that nearby is one of the
greatest mineral zones on the continent consisting of rich mines of copper, gold and silver. The product-
tlon of conl, coke, lime and clay will
form profitable industries to support
a large and prosperous community
which always attracts attendant industries, therefore when shareholders
are offered small farms aud town
lots by simply paying fire per cent
Interest on the purchase price, with
the right to let the principal remain
forever, or pay it off If they choose,
it gives them an opportunity to become land ownerB on terms and conditions seldom met with.
Another interesting item with regard to the possibilities of a great
coal field, Ib tbat the distillation of
benzol as ono of the by-products from
coal has been established aB a profitable industry in Germany tor some
time past, and twenty per cent of
Germany's product of benzol is exported to Franco where it is used as
fuel for automobiles in the place ol
gasoline. Gas produced from' coal
previous to reaching the coal tar
stage has been liquefied and condensed under pressure of one hundred atmospheres, and has been
used to run automobiles und
other motors.
The loregoing matter cannot (ail
to be of interest to investors, especially when their properties are situated near to smelters, or in proi-
imity to a mineral zone, *_d will add
much to .he permanent prosperity of
the _hoh* country,
liote.1 April 14th.   im;.
>alvation Army
Hanson Avenue
Captain ff.
■J. Carruthers
. Cooper
Sunday Servicoa--
11 a.m.—Holiness *3crv|o-
3 p.m.—Bible Class
a p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday,  nnd  Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
Methodist Church
SEALED TRNDER8 .ill be recolved by the Minister of Lands not later
tbsn-rioon on tbe 13th day of May,
1913, for thc piuchase of Licence N'o.
•.34 to cut 7.19S.21? feot of timber
186,897 ratlway-tlas, 448,291 mine-
props. 866 cedar poles, and 2,721
posts ,.n lands within Lot 4591,
Group 1. Kootenay, nonr Moyie Lake.
Three years will be allowed for the
removal of tbis timber. Particulars
of Chief  Forester,  Victoria.  B.C.
ff. Elaon Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Evening Worship 7:30 o'clock
Baptist Church
Pastor: -
Morning services at 11 e-iu.
Sunday School—3.00 p.m.
Kvenlng a-rvlces at 7 30 p in.
All are Invited.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the Minister of I.nnds not later
than noon on the 13th day of May,
1913, for the purchnse of the timber
in a flume 9,640 feet in length, situate on lends within Lot' 4591, Group
1, Kootenay, near Moyle Lake. Three
years will be ullowed for removing
this timber. Particulars of Chief Forester,  Victoria, B, 0. 12-9t
tho undersigned, and endorsed "Tender lor Wharl at Kaslo, B.C.," wlll
be received at this olllce until 4.00
P.M., on Monday. May 5, 1913, for
the construction of a Pile Bent nud
Timber Decking Wharf at Kaslo, IXa
trict ol Kootenay. B. O,
Plans, specification and form ol
contract can ha e>en nnd forma of
tender obtained nt this Department
and nt the offices of F. W. Aylmer,
Esq., District Engineer, Chase, Bt',;
C. O. Worsfold, Esq., District Engin
eer, New Westminster, B. C, and on
application to tbe Pojtmoster nt
Kaslo, II. 0.
District of South-East Kootenay
TAKE  .MOTICF.    that    I,  Thomas
Christian, contractor, Intend,   tnirty
— 'days after date to apply to the Minister of Lands for permission to pur-
chss. the following  described lund:
Commencing at a post planted on
itho East bunk nl the Moyle river,
near the southeast corner ot lot
to 10106. thence east !0 chains; thence
south 40 chains; thence west iO
chains; tlience north 49 chains to
polut of commencement.
A. li. GRACE, Witness.
Dnted. March 29. 1913. 14 »'.
Dlatrlct  of  South East  Kootenai
All the open hearth furnaces in
Pittsburg (now using natural gns)
are so arranged tbat thoy can put ou
producer gas made directly from eoal
whenever tbe supply of natural gas
may give out. In some of thc steel
works in Europe wnter gas Is used as
fuel, lt ls made by pussing steam
through a bed of red hot coal as it
is needed. In some processes a mixture of water gas and producer gas
iB used.
Thc adoption of the scientific meth
ods of smelting, lately discovered and
constantly increasing, may very
shortly revolutionize the smelting
business especially wben smelters are
situated near to the coal fields, as
thc gaB which Is now wasted in the
manufacture of coke can he utilised
, ,   .  .,   . ... ,. , and  the same  amount of coke nro*
known fact that the smelters in the   .,_.
immediate vicinity suffer from ehort
age in the supply of coke.    The cost
of transportation, owing to the long
haulage,  makes coko very expensive
and there Is no doubt but that the
smelter companies   will    welcome
supply when it can be provided at
lower cost, and If the duty is taken
off conl exported from Canada to tbe
United Statca, that will naturally In
crease your profits.
With capable and vigorous management, thero is no valid reason why
your mine should not produce a much
greater profit tban that made by
coal mines not so favorably situated.
Most of you ara aware that one mine
working on only H small scale during
Inst yonr made over $200,000 net pro
fit, and there is no reason why your
company should not shortly be In a
position to do double that amount
of husluess and make a larger profit,
owing to the many natural advantages you possess. On your property aro nine coal seams, three of
which so tar huve been proved by development work, consequently there
is not much danger ot the coal men-
stircs  becoming   rapidly    exhausted.
President-O. R, Sbeppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
-rsenlng ol each month.
Information   pn   Poultry   matters
Address the Becretary-A'. B. Smith '
P.O. Box 852, Oranbrook, B.O,
************************** ******* inn **'.:;
Automobile   will be run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
The Prospector for $2.00
How many young m--n
can look Kick on their
tarty H.l* ami rt'Krel thdr
miaueedt. "Bowing their
wildoati" in vAfiouswayi,
[.-.cesses, violation ot na-
lura'i Iiuvn, "wine, women
and sni.K"*-*!.li li.ivi- their
victims. Vou ItoVQ re-
formed hut what about tlu*
lead you hav.; sown—what
about the harvest? Don't
trust to hick. If you nre
at present within the
ClutCUeA oi any RSCrct hahlt
Which r< !'.i|iinn*; your life
by degrees; If you are sullen.ir horn the results, of
fxist Indiscretions; if your
ilood li asbton tainted from
any private (llseoso and you
dare not marry; if you are married uud live In dread of symptoms breaking
out and exposing your past; it you are ntilk-ritiK nn tht result of a mlssponi
Wc-DRS. K. & K. ARE YOUR REFUGE. Uy your rase hefore
then confidentially and they will tell you Uoui.r-.tly if you arc curable.
aascs and all Dusa.es Peculiar to Men.
CONSULTATION WEE.  I)„„k. I,.,. oa Di...... of M.e.  II uubl. lo ..II. writ.
Cot • Queation Blank for   IIOMI)   THU ATM I! NT .
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griiwold St., Detroit, Micb.
'NOTICE All lettcm from Ciiiu.ili. mutt In* whlrm-cl to nur
Canadian Correspondence Dapi.rtu.ontIn Wlinln.ii,
Out. II you doslri to ttee us ihtiii.iiiiII)' coll nt our Medical Institute In
lii-unlt.... wc see mul treat no p-.tl-.nte In ont Windsor ofllcci w1ll.ll arc
mnl fnr correspondence and Laboratory lar Ca11ud11.11 business only.
Aililtii'.. nil (titters an IoIIowb:
Write for out prlv-lc nililm...
TAKK NOTIOB that John Hear;
Iaiemer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the follow-
Ing described lands:—
Commeo -ini: at a poet planted at
Persons tendering arc untitled thnt,"" South-west corner of Lot 96*7,
tender, will not be considered unlesn • "roup '• Kootenay Dlntrlct, thence
made, on the printed forms supplied.   •'est    •»   chnins,    thence   north   ta
and signed with tbelr actual signs
turcs, stating their nccupntlons and
plnces ol residence. In tbe euse nl
firms, tbe actual signature, the nature nf the occupation, and place o!
residence of eacb member nf the arm
must be given.
Bach tender must be aeconipunled
by nn accepted rhe ine nn u rhuetcr
ed bnnk, payable to thc order ol the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Work*!, equal to ten per cent (lOp.c
of the amount, of tbe
which wlll be forfeited
person tendering decline., to enter Into a contract when called upon to do :io, or tail to complete the work contracted for I
the tender be not accepted tbe
cheque wlil be returned.
The Department does not bind  It-
sell to accept the'lnwcKt or any rend
chains, thence eant 20 cbalns, thence
aniith 40 chains tn the point of
commencement and oontai&l&g so
acren more nr less.
Hated March 28th, 1.13. H-.t
I Section 18).
Call for tenders for tlio contitruc-
tlon of a Wharf at Knslo, B.C., Ih
hereby calcclicn. New plnnH and specifications nre being prepared and call
lor ttnders for same, wlll be lasued
In a few wooks.
Dy Order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottuwa, April   19, 1913.
Ooal mlnm- rights ol tbe Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, ths Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories nnd In a portion ol
ths Province ol British Oolumbla,
may bs leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rsntal ol 11
an acre. Not more than 2,MO acres
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease mun he
made hy tbs applicant In parson to
ths Agent or Sub Agent of tbs district In which ths rights applied lor
ars situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
he described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In ...ihu.
voyed territory the tract applied for
shall he staked out by ths applicant
Each application must he accoui-
puhled by a fee of 15 which will bs
refunded If the rlghta applied for nis
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall he paid on the merchantable output nf the mitts at the
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine .l.nl;
furnish tlio Agont wltb sworn rntuine
accounting for tbo full nuantlty of
merchantable coal mined nnd pay tbs
royalty thereon. If the conl mining
rights arc not being npernleil, auch
returns hIioiiIiI be furnished »t least
once a year.
Tho loam, wlll Include tin. ooal mining rlghtB only, but the losfleo umi
I.s permitted tn purchase whatever
available surface rlghta may lis con-
sldored necessary for the working ol
tbs mine at tho rato ol (I0.IM) an acre
*'or mu Information application
ahould bo iiiiule to thc Hociotnry ol
tlio Deportment Ol the interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent OP Huh Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   (JOKY,
Deputy Minister ol tlio Interloi
N.B.— Unauthorised publication ol
this adfertleement will ant be paid
■•*■ Jan. it*.-*.
on the  20th day ol Mny neit, appli-
t.ulet.: catimi will he made to the Superin
if    the'tentlent of Provincial Police for the
transfer ol tbe licence for the sale of
i.|ttor by retnil In and upon tbe pre
mises    known  as  tbe  "Wardner  Hotel,'' sltunte ut Wardner. British Col
timbia,  from   itobert H.   Bohart   to
[frank Carlson, of Crnnhrook, British
Dnted this   18th day of April, 131.1
(Higned) It. H. BOHART,
Holder of Ltcence.
Applicant for transfer
I Ki
lty order,
Department of- Public Works,
Ottawa, April 1st, 1913.
Newspapers   will   not   be   paid lor '■ ——
thin advertisement  if they  Insert It  Notlcc "' »PPUoatton for the Approv
without authority  Irom the Depart- "' ot w<'rlt»-
ment.-3922'. 1D.21 ,    TAKB NOTICE that Alexander Mc-
Dougnll  will apply to the Comptrol
ler ol Water Rlghta tnr the approval
of the plans of the works to be cou
TAKE   NOTICK   that   thirty days I structed   for   the   utilization ol tbe
aftec dnte'1 Intend to apply to the | water Irom  Kniry  Creek,  which  the
Minister   of   lands   for   a  licence toi applicant  Is,  by  Wnter  Licence  No
prospect lor conl and petroleum on!1!li6' authorised to tnke, store, and
the following described lands ln tho
District ol Houth East Kootenay:—
COMMENCING at a rost placed nt
or neal 3 miles east ol the C.P.R.
survey    lino   at   the   32-mile   post,
a,        ,        1ED4        tr     a. ...    .-,    a     .L I   .U|JUH    ...      • ItlUllll    HI.-.     Wl.l.    IHO
Block   593, Kootenay District thtnee \^ Horonhr .t oranbroolt, B.C.
. W WMt: th°nC* . "a""1"" Objections to the application may
north; tbenca SO chains east, thenceU. ,„„,, „,,.*, ,„. comptroller ot Wo-
■   chains south to place ol comtnsnee- - ter   Rights,    Pnrllament     Buildings.
UBe for Pluming Haw Logs, etc.
The plans and particulars required
by subsection (1) of section 70 of the
"Water Act'' as amended bave been
filed with the Comptroller of Water
Rights at Victoria and with the Wa
Located Feb.   ~g, 1913.
Dated this 15th day ol March, 1913.
13-5t .!■ Llvington, Agent.
Dated at Kernie this   16th day of
April,   19t3.
!6-4t Agent of tho Applicant
TAKE NOTICE tbat thirty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
.Mini.ter of lands for a licence to
jtosj eet for coal and petroleum nn
the following described lands lu !••• I D.iitHct
Dlatrlct nf Hoi.th East Kootenay:
COMMENCING nt a post placed at
or near nne mile east, ot, the H. E.
corner of Lot 100114, Block 1593.
Kootenay Dlntrlct; then.*.. HO o'.itlnH
south; thence nil chnins east; theuce
»0 rhnlns north; thence 80 chalm. wenl
to pine*! nl commencement.
Located Keb. 22nd,   1913.
Dated this    15th duy of Maii-ti, 191.'.
TAKE NOTICE that thirty days
after date, I Intend to apply to tbe
Mini.ter of lalide tnr a licence t.
I rosiest for coal mid petroleum on
the in]in" inn described/ lnnds In the
f South Enst Kooteuny
COMMENCING at t poet placed at
nr nenr one mile eaat of. the 8. K.
corner of Lot 10084, Block 4593,
Kootenay District! tbence %n ehuiua
east; tlience m .hiilns north;, then.-e
80 chains west, thence 80 chains south
to pluca nf cnnimeiicemont.
Located Keb. 2"nd,  1913.
Dated  iim, 15th day ol March,  1913.
12 5t .1. Livingston, Agent.
Make* Short Work of
Slant!)   Hollar,   H'uiua.-a,
and Stjptlo T-.uk work
• ipMlkltj
Dsm-asswd snd onmmntir hoctltsi _„., „•
jeU.ll _   l,l|l*l..»«,l, thill    N.lir.lal. ,„,, a||   „„
Hbsumstle Rsmsdr, l,ik„ .„ .„„i „• „.-..■...
t,,.. rl.jn in..-.,, relief toifMikSsiSn lufern.
lined nm t.om i.,i. „r ,.„„, ,„,* .„. „ ,
uu been during m™, »,,ii„.„ a,„j rhli-lre.. i„.
(Jolt and ttoolf est. males
funtltlidd uu »|)[.li.'.»iioii
AMroeo 1 W, O. lea let. Crukrtek
whom there .„,.„i,.i „„ help. ju« . •.* i,,,,,,.,
nsrsnrwjeoies of fr.,......... go >*•«•'dontUmi
■Molutely reit.l.leIrestmenl fwell mir eri.i ,i„.
mm, weal, klaoe-t-Ul   la,| . M|» I I
<bb*rtt Bro*/* BtmnwHlo JUmjdy
-1,. yogi ne.*.. ;i[ones-sun mur mrTtZal,
|.rr|,i, 1,1 l,v Abbo.l II,,,... 711 s. r*wrt»rnlK.
S«*< __ " »""' ilrus.1.1 .lose not h.v. It,
.'   r^Sold-iByMhi
niMM»ii>inu»nt)i Cranbrook Drug I took Ct. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,   ii. C.
IF Winter weather roughens and reddens
your skin, causing chap*., chilblains
ami general discomfort, try
Witch Hazel Cream
This creamy Ingredients sooth and soflea
the outer skin, while the Witch Hazel
penetrates and heals the deeper tissues.
Delightful alter shaving or washing. |
25c. a bottle, at your druggist's.
How would you like to bc our Soiling
Agent*,  and make BIG MONEY in
your Sparc Hours ?
Wc have the Goods I
Send    Post   Card lo-_;iy
ilarSfitntl "Get into Business,"
LVpt. P, O. Box 1256, Mont-
for parti
M. O.
real, Can.
fcjKGall'Stfiiie-i, Kidnev Trouble,
KiJncv and Bladder Stones,
r,rsV-i 'Lumbago,' Uric Acid.
■PtW. 61-50. Mosl Leading
' Dt»*Sei-i*. Ltle.at.ure Free.
'■ ..Winnipeg, Man,
M.P.'s  Who   Have  Set  the   H.-js-  In
a Roar
It would ho hard to any which of the
two Houses of Legislature takes the
fake, tor committing how ier*;, and still
more ilifllcult to pick oul the member
who has taken pride of place In this
respect during recent years. Hut
perhaps for simple effectiveness Lord
Balfour of Burleigh would he hard to
boat when ho said: The noble Lord
shakes his head, and I am glad to hear
Another noble lord, during a debate
on Indian affairs, exclaimed; Talk of
this us a loan to India! It is a flea-
bite In the ocean! Nevertheless, it
stands to reason that the Lower House
is moro prolific in quantity, if ii-.t iu
quality, in its stoek of howlers than
more opportunities.
Captain Craig, the fiery Ulsterraan,
cooked the following oratorical slew:
"The naked sword is drawn for the
fight, and never again will the black
smoke of the Nationalists' tar-barrels
drift on the Home Rule wind to darken the hearts of Englishmen." lf
anything eould kill Home Hule, ono
would think that would.
A Nationalist member, upon a recent occasion, was poui Ing ridicule
upon the fact that farms from which
both tenants and live stoek had been
evicted were under police protection.
What foolishness: he said, wheu all
Die beasts ou it are the sea-gulls that
tly over it:
Sir W. Hart Dyke wuorltloll Qg thi
Standing Order forbidding peers from
speaking during general ©lections.
Someone had quoted Lord Halabury as
doing so, and Sir William solemn.)
said: I must admit that the honorabb
gentleman has gono to the top of the
tree and caught a very large fish.
First    Conflict    Lasted      Thirty-two
Rounds—This Only One Round
(    Vicuna.—Recently tlio   Hungarian
* premier, Count Stephen Tisza. fought
another duel  with swords, this, timo
1 with Count Aladar Szecheuyi; a mem-
I her of the Opposition In tho llungar-
' ian diet.
I    A week uro. It will be recalled, the
• premier fought 11 sword duel of thir-
ly-two rounds with Count Michael Karolyi, another member of tho Opposition, wlio was very severely injured.
That astray arose out of a quarrel at
the Nobles Club, following Count TlS-
aa'a successful effort to break down
Reverend Gentleman Fully    Corroborates
Take  LAXATIVE    BROMO    Q*.',ln!_
Tablets, D.-u**uis:*t refund money H ::
falls to cure. K. W, DROVE'S ilj_*
ture le on each boi.    25o.
Miss Kate 1.. Dolllvor, of Caledonia,
Queen's Co., N.S., says: "I must ailil
my testimony to tlio \altio of Zam-
Bill.. Ulcers anil sores broke out on
my arm ami although 1 tried to Ileal
litem by using various '.reparation!..
|notlllng seemed to do mo uny good
The soros spread until from lingers to
elbow was one mass of ulceration,
"1 bad live different doctors, nnd
r.-iiiiiiuiiy carried out tbeir Instructions. 1 drank pint after pint of
liloml medicines, tried salve after salve
and lotion afler lotion; but Lt was of
tics ol tbe Oppo*
If you feel "nui of sorts"—"run down'
or "got the blues," suiter from kidnef.
bladder, nervous diseases, chronic weaknesses, ulcers, n'-aln eruptions, i-.iea, &■?-,
write for my FKEB book. It la tht
n.oat Instructive medical bunk ever written. It tells all about thea« diseases mine, ana you may have .... rest, was
and iha remarkable cures effected bjr ,*,,-, a./rpempnf
tiie new Fivnch P.< .medjr. "THERAPION*
■i! obstruction!sl ta
The secon. duel waa the c
: r written by Count S?
Profitable Lit.gat'on
Among the curiosities ot I       tioi
may he cited tbe foil' wing   ■.■.-■    On
the boundary line of two farms in an   tbe premier, Baying that  be bad, by
Austrian  village there  gr   r a a error, owing to tbe darkness, re-
gooseberry-bush, from which the twolcently shaken tho premier's hand on
farmers for years gath) r d   the   ;"■>     : .     i N ■ . : - CIu        He would
duct.      Wbat grows on  my side   -   ■      ...i.    done so had iu- recognised
Com >hall u ■ *.. I' mnl S i ?ch-
Nd. _,~ No." 2,""No7 "si "and you'"ciih decide I    Some time ag   the neighbors had a the due], the i rtnbatanta to
for-yourata-lf if It is thu rc-mf-ily for your   rn:.- :.*-!_.. !;::■; . - -      .    •  v,\ j   *,- \*   (he  first  a---
allmcnt,     D-rrt send n cent.   It's an* |prima-, whf-n ■■--  -.■■-■ •■    ,
Sirs.      Dr.   LnClero   Hied,   Co.    Ham-   ripe.      A lawsuit followed,
ir then took mo thirty
miles tu Bee a well-known doctor. Ho
hotogrnphod the arm ami hand. This
photogrnph was soul to a New Vork
hospital to the specialist; but tbey
sent word they   oould   do   nothing ,   h.
further for me, nnd I was In despair, I [cqS_1_jX
"One day a friend asked mo if ll
had tried Zam-Buk.    i said I had not,
i but l got u box right away.     That
first bos .iid mo move road than nil
the medicine 1 bad tried up to that
time, bo I continued tho troattuont. I
Every bos bealed thc Boros more and
j more until, to make u long Btor) sh irt,
[ZaavBuk healed .ill the   soroa   com-
ti Ij       Everybody In   this   place
knows of my casoi and fhat it lu Zatn**
ii'.ik alone whloh cured mo."
Minister  corroborates,  -  Tbo  Hev.
\V.  li.  M.  Parker i i Caledonia Miss
Dolllver'a tnlutflter. writes: "This ia to
certify tbat the testimonial of Miss
Dolllver Is corr-ccl as far as my know-
lied-gG goes,     i llave known hev for a
year and a half and ber euro effected
i ii>  Zam Buk Is remarkable."
j    Wherever thero is ulceration, blood
, poison,  sores,  cold-cracks, abscessos,
cuts, burns, bruises, or any skin in-
jury or diaease, there Zam-Buk should
bo applied.     It is also a sun* cure for
piles,     All druggists and stores sell
,! 50c. per box, or post free trom Zam-
Buk Co-., Toronto, tor prlee.     ltefuse
cheap and harmful Imitations and substitutes.
Farmhand Packed In Case Is Sent on
Train as Freight
Berlin, Germany.—Karl Korrelhaus, a
farmhand employed at Koeuigsberg,
haa had a reraarltablo experience
while traveling as perishable goods,
on the Prussian state railways, in
consequence or which ho Is now under
Korrelhaus desired to rejoin hla old
employer, n priest living in the village
of Qarmlsch, In Bavaria, Being
without money, lie conceived tho Idea
of having himself nailed up in a packing case, and shipped by goods train,
lie carefully prepared one, ventil-
atod it, and took up his residence
therein, with enough Bausago, beer
and broad to last for tlio two days'
All went well during iho first day
j and ulght or tho journey, but on Uie
innniiujj or tbo second day Lho pack
I Ing caso bad to be removed to a.i-
I other train at a junction, and was
j temporarily dopOflltod on a station
, platform.
Tbo Hlntlonniastor's dog scented tho
contents and barked furiously. Tbo
j puzzled shi!!un employees Anally
broke open the packing euse, found
who thought Uo had arrived at Qarmiach, ami handed Mm
over to tlio police.
otoric nd.. ETampstcad, London, Bn_.
Engineers anil Boilermakers
Boilers  af    all    kinds— Kngines,
Tumps and He...*)' Plate Work
Writs ua for Prices
14 Sirachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
peals   were   made  to  blgh r  Judh al
bodies.    The Una! d clsion was    i
ly recorded tn tbe Austr
Each party is to have th r -:.-. to
pick the berriaa which prow on hii
side o? the line, just as i: was originally, but neither may destroy th* I ush ,
Tbo costs are charged half to each litigant. Ivich farmer hud ti pay 225
krone. The yearly yield of th • bush
is worth aliout. one-half krone, and the
judge told thu fighting farmers: With
Kood luck, it will take yuu oniy SOO
years to mak" tho bush  pay,    Take
mil   I Sa chi nyi    r.v. Ived    a
■■   tn his  bead, upon which
'       • - and si .' inds declared tbe
duel Hnisi
'.' *■   premier   Is  Hkely   *o  fight  a
■ : * I, having t>o ri chait. aged by
Herr Desideer Polonyi, another member of the Opposition
Bool- Free.     A r..mp!*   gOOd CaK- of  it.
noma   lr-~.--t.nenl remov-tl *■ "' -   — ■-
Imp fro* Iblllidy'i breast
OU   ,.■-■-■-■.,   ulr-ii   -.nr.
■trOWlhi ciir-_.    Dricriho '
rMrlroabl-i we wHI sentl book-.u-t U-Ximonialo. i Fnlrvlllr*   S"pt    _0   \%2.
THK CANAOA CANCER   INSTIT.'E   Lmitko    ... .•     t I    I .   ,• »        ■.-_-
■ u.c,htMiTnjMJnards Liniment Co., Limited.
• Toronto Deat Sirs,—Wo wish lo inform yoi
that we consider your MINAUD'S LIN
Mrs. WtHBt-ow'fl Booth two bvruf Iiri Ivph
tllieil for over HIXTV VCtAItBliy M l l,l,l' ink of
Md'I'III.KS f.,r their CHM-URttN Willi,K
•j'Itl.TIIIN(!, witli IM'.IM'J.CT SUCCBS8, It
AI,I,AVSii!l I'AIN ; CII.M.s WIND Cul.lC. Hitil
Im Llie best remedy for diakkiI'I'a. it la ni*.
iiolnlctv liarmletM. lie* huh- ami uie for "Min.
WiHsjiuv'.** Sooililog Hynip," iiii.i uke mo other
kin*i.   Twenty-live ceuts *» Im-hic.
Would ton UKr-i to i,i..m:n tub
" Block bnittiiiK buslneaaf I want a lira
• m]'iij.hm representative trt   every   city
• ii I   Ichvii   lo   ,.,ii,.,:..   mock!.,   li.,,,,!■   _n_
mortgages; appllcunt must furnish rpfir-
riici*n nml have from Jlu') to fSUO prrsut-
al capital,   wiitn or call m. ii. Edgi/
tt Co.. Si Victoria Street, Toronto.
Wanted—Agontg for Hull and Wind.
Btorin htfluranco.     Apply The CanadA
Weather Insurance Company, iDoatin-
Ion LlcenBcL Winnipeg, Man.
We3itri cf German War Lord Increasing Year After Year
Horlin. Germany.- -The Kaiser is rapidly becoming an extremely wralthy
' ;n;in. Not that the kaiser stints
j money fur regal display and entertain-
| ment, far from it, but he is an exceedingly able manager of money and his
1 private life is of the simplest. But
then his lmp-rlal majesty is ono of
,' the best salaried monarchs in Europe.
IMBNT a very superior article, and hts civil list at the present day amount-
wo use it as a suro relief for■ sore j -,._ ,(( the vc|.y roapecuable sum of
throat and chest. When. 1 tell you *4(500(000 a year, 1Iia fatheri thp
1 would not be wlUiout it li^he^price  fomperor prederick, left his son but
la modest fortune and at that time the
crown'lands wero oniy worth some
i $I.')00,000.
But Kaiser William II has been
steadily amassing money, and he has
now properly of a capital value of
$45,000,000, a Rood deal of his savings
having been invested in ihe erection
of public buildings. But this does
not  lake  into account his  majesty's
Hard to Explain
.Mr. Wedgwood Benn, MP., tells this
amusing incident of his life in Parlia
ment. Once when his Party were
particularly anxious to bave a large
attendance of Members at tiie House,
after sitting all night, it was decided
to send telegrams to those who wero
not iu attendance, stating: Awaiting
you at the House.
Unfortunately, the telegrams were
accidentally sent to several members
who were present, with the result that
upon their returning home and explaining to their wives what a terrl-
bly busy night they had had at the
HoJ.it, i.'ouble ensued.
was oue dollar a bottle, I moan it.
Yours truly,
Earning a Quarter
Tiie modern alms-Collecting ta nothing if not up to dale in his methods.
Tbe olher day a shabbily-dressed In-1 wonderful collection of pictures, which
dividual, purporting lo bc an emissary 1 mU8t ic worth at least ?r-.QUQ,0Q0; his
of tho Fisherman's Home, coolly took house properly in Berlin, valued at
:i box round while an open air meeting ; $1,500,000, ami his various castles and
was In progress. | estates, which have a   rent   roll   of
For a time lm and his box were I $1,000,000 a year,
merely glanced at by the audience, un«     Not satisfied with this, the kaiser
til he presently camo upon a wealthy ; ajB0 dabbles in  commerce,  and  his
gentleman wearing a gold watch and  ceramic Industry is thriving   and   a
chain and a diamond ring. i growing concern.     So that altogether
.nnl llghl sewing at home; whole
or spare time; good pay; work sout
any dlstanco; charges paid; send
stamp r>r full particulars, National
Manufacturing Company, Montreal.
Thinking or take a rlso out of him.
tho wealthy gentleman decided to
probe him
Do you liah? he asked of the etnis-
Yes, sir, came the respectful answer.
All. contlnuod tho gentleman, then
sling your hook.
The alms-collector, however, stolidly stood his ground.
siiuht Misunderstanding
A nun who lisped had bought Horn
jugs, and Iio asked his neighbor fori    Well, demanded the genileman. have1 but it consists mainly of the national
Uie V.ai.-iCT has now a very respectable
fortune. But ho has a large family
whose ultimate welfare be Is bound
to consider; and in these socialistic
days every prudent monarch is putting
up for a possible rainy dny.
At ttio some time tile kaiEcr's economy In every day life la very largely
a matt* r of taste. For one thing, he
hates elaborate banquets. Ills breakfast It is true. Is of a formidable size
the use of a pen for it Cow djiys
I have juthl been purchasing thom
tllniie -two tllO with and a pagtll. I
want Lo put them in your pen till I
nm Qxth a plalth for I hem.
Two thousand pigs! exclaimed the
astonished neighbor. Why, my pen
will hardly bold a dozen.
You don'l understand me, M ith ter
Banit, I don't Uiny two tbouthand
|.i.;'li. bul l WO Ihowlli and pigtb.
I  hear you bald  Mr.   Bent
thousand pigs.      Why you must bt
cin/.y.    And lhe llspor gave It up
I not told you to .sling your hook
My dear sir, remonstrated the emissary. I have already slung it about
twenty times, and have nol bad a single bite yet. Won't you oblige me,
Th*1 genHeman gave him a quarter,
Bausago, not an    expensive    luxury
while his lunch and dinner aro both
extremely light and simple.
H »w Failure Talks
.Tohn l*   Rockefeller, jr., discussing
iuci ■ i with   thai   homely   wisdom
w_lch   Is    his    heritage    from    his
inti t, satd i i a reporter:
T_o (tlluro road i i wr wig meaning,
a meaning In tccorii R llh li < n iture,
Ittlo tb ■ in ii i helpful proi epts,
At.- . iu !.: lm ■, anything by tor a
Tuny day? waa tho (|Ue»Uon -ha' was
pttt to i man on Lne high road to failure.
The man looked up from hla newspaper, yawned an I an iwered:
Yes. little l nvery lln i day J put
ai Ida a loi ol ivork.
Mothers   Value   This  Oil
wlio know how suddenly   croup   may
Beits their children and how necessary prompt action ls !u applying r>
" ;v"   i ef, always keep a* hand a supply of
Dr. Thomas1 Electric Oil, because ox
peri em • bai taught them thai there li
ho bi tu r preparation to bo had for
tbe In atmenl of this ailment,
thej   sre  wise,  for ltd  \ark)
render it n vnd 'able medb
Really Useful
Pedlar (opening bag)—I have here,
madam, an improved rat-trap, which—
\    Mistress of House—-Wo aro never
Mothers troubled with rats.
Which can also l"' usod for cracking nuts—
We never use nuts of any kind,
Or ns a coffee-roaster,     Adjusted
In Utt_ manner In  *
Wo always buy our eoffec roaslod.
.   .Just 1*0.    noverslng the wires that
Ami ; form the Upper portion; and bringing
Ua,'fl   down the side Hap thus,  we havo u
device for holding QggB when cooking.
Wo novel1 eal egga. .
And bv folding these wire loops, ns
vn.i see me doing now. it  makes a
bandy arrangement for holding a mirror -
Haven't tho slightest use tor such
i thing.
Hv adjuring another small mirror
in this position, and another at this
anglo, ns you will nnl.be, and placing
D-nte Stupidity
Is thnt clock rigs ' tu ked v^ visitor, wbo i.f.d already outstayed bis
■.. .   -..      Hid hosts* >■■* n no i    Oh,
do, sh * sal t       'i bai i the clock we
,,,.. 11   i      ■  a ■ Isltor.
The oJmIiii   e on   sal down agstfi
The vii I oi"  he n marked.    Wlutt
a curious name to give a clock p , t r
Kls hostess ventur d sn explanation   'lV'm'a''iu'c'i'teu' window!'for oiainpic
Vou '■"■- ■■■>•■    ' ">-d    t.v.i.'iy.    v.     j( |iit.. M|11 nillllU.; Mrr,.,-l of f-nabllng the
call II thai because ws   can   dovoi    |b   Pvor  BOa4cd al one side of tlic
' window, and ontlroly out of sight, to
iee distinctly tbrougb any window that
And evi n th -n h-  fall ■*■'. to sec
No man or woman should hobble
palufully aboul because *' corns, when
., cei i dn a relief Is at band au Hoi-
Iowa: .. Corn • ure.
Tii-; Dancing Sa ison
■ Tlif- young lady was Bitting hy her
solf on ft -vhoi i it). Id Mil.i     To her
■ favorite edmlr r site sa il
I thoughi you ' ■ rn a mind read' r?
I am, was the confldi ni ri ply.
j    Tin*  young  lady'ii  i yes swept  Uio
i flofn by b* r !tid".     81i     .   i
1 aon*l bellevo It!
60c   A  Lox  or  SIX   borni  for I'.'.-sQ,
at sli dealer.-, or Ths Doddi Msdb
clna Gcmpany, LlmllcJ, Torunto,
Her    Habit
n did Jn« it no good lo marry l'l«
I slenographcr, for she contlnuod tin*
llmbll of Uho olllce in Lholr b -me.
How SO?
When he start- to dlctalo she lakes
in ilown.
W. N. U. 03fl
There li DO place llko home, which
nppeari to be Ibe reason  why some
I mon spend most of tholr time olio-
be opposite, and to nolo wbat Is
going on Inside, and nil I ask fur
this mod useful and comprehensive
Invention Is three shillings and four
nonce, which hi only about one half -
I'll tak" on,.
Astonishing Deliverance of Woman
Thought to be Hopelessly Deaf
NEW YORK (Special Despatch).
—- Fully convinced tiiat her hearing
has been permanently restored after
years of torture wiih bend noises and
almost total deafness, Mrs. B. C.
Barry of u55 W. 170th St., N.V. city,
has now been persuaded to tell the
story of her wonderful deliverance.
After having spent hundreds of dollars on mechanical devices, medicines
and doctors' fees, she decided that this
latest discovery, however simple and
inexpensive, should be tho last Bhe
would try before resigning herself to
lhe hopelessness of permanent and total deafness. Those interested in Mrs.
Barry's case and the hope it holds
out for them, may write to her In confidence for full details, which Bhe offers to^eend gratuitously.
Strange and  Exciting Scenes in the
Argentine Theatre at
Rome.—The lottery drawing for
the $300,000 prize In the exhibition lottery, which Is probably ihe last lottery authorized by Uie Italian government, took place In iho arternoon
In the Argentine Theatre.
It was performed in the presence of
the mayor, the minister of finance,
members of the municipality and the
exhibition committee, and au enormous crowd, which included a thousand
English and American visitors.
A large proportion of tbe tourists
visiting Italy during tbe Inst threo
years purchased tickets in this lottery,
consequently the interest in the drawing assumed an international char-
The lucky.numbor was 2,r,04,S36.
While Senor llobbio, tho notary, was
examining the urns which contained
tho tickets he fell down In a fit, aud
immediately the superstitious spectators eried: Throw him out! They feared that ho wus possussed of the evil
An hour's delay ensued before order
eould bo restored in tbo theatre and
Hie services uf another notary obtained.
Finally the extraction of thc tickets
from two unrs began. This waa done
by two blindfolded orphan children,
picked haphazard from the municipal
orphanage. •
Orfco ClrlHo, ode of tho orphans,
was greatly excited by his part in tbe
proceedings, Ho cried pathetically.
IT no one else remembers my name,
lho winner will not forget met
Several thousand tickets In this lottery were lost iu Uie Titanic, having
been purchased by Italian.* living in
She   Pardon m
vour reel,
Uo   tib, don't mentl
them myself you know
sir, for walking on
n lt, 1 walk on
The man who hasn't the prlee of an
automobllo nays ho doebn't care for
anything but an no ro plane, but bis
wife won't let blm have it.
Didn't   Want   the   Squeak
I  don't  like  thoso shoes  you
me, said the lady customer.
What's ihe matter with em? asked
the shoe dealer.
Why,   they  squeak.
#-* that nil?
ls that alt*.' Welt, Isn't that enough?
If I'd wanted something that would
squeak I'd have spent a Httle more
money and brought a phonograph.
Mlnard'a Ll.ilment Cures Diphtheria.
Th tat.*! eal
Yes, said the ex-eminent tragedian,
at one time my company started on
what promised to be a most profitable
tour of the groat Sahara Desert. We
were producing my thrilling drama:
"Tho Itemorseless Hi ver," and of
course bad to carry the- water for the
fiver on tbe backs of camels. Well,
gir, it would have amazed you to see
the hit that show mado with the
Arabs. They'd ride for hundreds
of miles to attend a performance.
Made money, eh'.'
For a while. But one night we
were to put the show on away out in
Uie middle of the desert, and ono of
thoso wretched ramcls got thirsty.
Just when tbe tank had been filled
ready for tbe heroine's thrilling leap
for life tho brute stuck its head
through the wings and drank the tank
dry. There we were, four hundred
miles from water, and—
But his emotion overcame him, and
he had to leave tbe rest to our imagination.
Cures tho Blck and acts oa a preventative for others. Liquid
raven on tbe tongue.     Safo (ar brood marcs and all other*.
Hest kidney remedy.  Sold by    all   druggists   and    harnesa
houses.    Dlstrlbutors—AM,   WHOLESALE   DRUGGISTS.
SPOHN  MEDICAL CO., Chi-mists, Goshen, Ind., U.S.A.
The King's Guests
Those who are Invited to spend a
few days with tho King at Windsor
are sometimes apt to be rather overcome by tho grandeur Uiey find, and
an excess of shyness, something like
stago fright, Is In somo cases of flrst
visits the inevitable accompaniment of
tho ilrst evening at the Castle.
Iu Queen Victoria's timo guests
were bidden only lo dine and sleep.
Thereforo all they saw ot tbelr Royal
hostess was comprised in a few mlnutos con versa tlon.iu the drawing-room
after dinner, unless tliey happened to
be near tbe Queen at the dluncr-
This Is nil altered now; guests aro
bidden lo stop two or three days, and
ConsoQUontly see much more of the
King and Queen than in former times.
Tho question of dress always is a
groat problem with the ladles commanded to Windsor Castle, for, Instead of acquiring only one smart
evening toilette nud suitable Jewels
for a dine and sleep visit of one night,
quite * trousseau must be laid in for
tbree or four days' etay, No partlo
ular dress ia required on arrival, as
guests are dbown at onco to tbelr
rooms, but next morning It ls necessary to appear rather smartly dressed
tor breakfast, which ls quite a formal
meal at the Castle.
Then another change of toilotto Is
required when tho time comes to join
Uie shooters at luncheon, and yot another on returning to the Castle for
flvo o*clock tea. Kvery night, too,
a different toilette must be worn, suitable to tho Itoyal surroundings, and
proportionately expensive.
Sold by dealers everywhere
If your Clothier does not sell
sec the other fellow
A sympathetic friend Is one whs listens to the tale "of your -troubles without telling you how much worse hia
own aro.
When a man weais i* _cw hat down
the street, If a third of the men he
meets are not wearing one like It ho
feels like a jay, but li a woman see3
another hat like hers she goes homo,
throws her hat In the corner and vows
sho will never wear the old thing
He has written a new play-
Yes. Tho heroine Is a married woman.
Oh. I know. And falls in love wltb
another man.
No. That's tho original part of It.
The play shows marriage to be a sacred relation that some people take
seriously and get a good deal of happiness out of. s
Boy Spy Sent to Prison
Berlin, Keb. 8.—The supremo court
of tbe empire at Leipsic, sentenced
Willy Borg, a 16-year-old boy, to four
years' penal servitude for selling designs of the fortifications at Sirosburg
to the French military authorities,
Refused Large Bribes by Nihilists ti
Wreck Royal Trains
Geneva.—Dominique Hof, whn Is
aged 71, the czar's trusted und personal engine driver, died in the hospital
at Olten, bis birthplace. Hof had
served as engine driver from St. l*el-
ersburg via Moscow to Odessa for -it)
years, and wns placed In charge ef
every train iu which the royal family
traversed Russia, and even on short
trips. He could have retired Ion;;
ago, but would not until forced by illness.
Hof was offered during Iils career
large sums to wreck the royal express,
but be always refused lhe large bribes.
Some of tbem wero made by the police to test his honesty.
She--1 envy Misa Playno. She plays
eo well that one forgets bow she
Ile—But you look so woll that one
forgets iiow you play.
A worried parent Is sometimes
obliged to do something like lhls:
Pa, what is a transcendental 1st?
Have you chained up thu dog, na I
told you?
Not yet. pa.
Well, do that, and wben you come
back I will tell you what a transccn*
dentaliet Is.
While Bobby was gone his as-lute
parent dug the needed information out
of a dictionary,
No mixing—no
dirty work—no
mess when yotl
use the bandy
paste ln tbe big
Sound Common Sense Advice
Black Knight
■> 1	
It makes work
easy — a few
light rubs bring
n brilliant, lasting shine. Not
uffecteil by heat. , '6
tiandpaSa^lMArc&od^rLittle Boys!'/
The W.iy It Corn
Only Hi.* brave iloaorvo Hi
III  lllll io.
It I...
Tlial t.K.y Ih>, bill notlco llml It In
only   tlio  rich   win.  can   nir.tril  'Ilio
01.1 Mr. Clulrnx No, nlr, yotl ran*
not marry my (laur.lil.r. 'I Mn l.l..ii!
Why, you ro uol Uio i.<irt of young ihuu
I tako i».
Yiiiini* Mr.    Touawoolt    lli't   you'll
like mo bottof nfior I'vo llvod with
yuti a while.
Mm. lUiUne f-v. lho liuialor r. lunm)
.Won ymi In at *.!«■ Qoalh, .Inch tl.iur.
Jock (whoban mil will, an acoldont)
In? N.i! I'm out a lllty Rllltioa horse.,
a ten pimml f>uit ot CloUie-. aud lour
trout (Mth,1
Mlnard'i Liniment Curei Cold* Ita.
Matching Thingi
In this a halt prleo restaurant!
Where e_n I  lll.il one?
I .It.n't know. Why are ynu looklnc
lor onn'*
llocnuBO I have only hnlr an up**.-
The ohonpnoflS of   Mother   Oraver.'
Worm lai-tormlnalor pun. it within
touch ol all, mnl It can bo not at uny
Mlghl Inveallg.ite
Whore does Ullfl ("ir run to?
I am a new COIttlUclor ou till" lino
ami l am not certain myself.
Ilow can I llml out'.'
You DllB.lt utay on the ear and nor.
•■GOOD" is right. Pure chocolate, pure milk
nnd pure sugar—that's what Maple Buds arc. They'ro
not only good lo thc taste — they're nourishing nml
wholesome. The children may cat all Ihey wanl.
Maple Buds satisfy their craving for sweets and at
thc same time build up their lillle bodies.
Buy Maple Buds at your grocery. Teach thc children
to spend Ihcir pennies for these wholesome sweets.
Name ani A_i_a r«f <stcr«4
Look for lho Nam*..
They're not Maple Buds
unlets they're Cowan's
Toronto, Oat.
ffyJll c»n«i(n
■. J. rream, John Kennc.1l, win.iim Moffat.
A, Crotur   John Krnncdy, Wm,  »in(t»t, ... -----
.   MRl.n.B,   K,   W,   Or.'.'*.,  II,   Mniilnun.. At.btrtl~»
„, l*'   W. C'lTi-n, *'■   m". 1 i;-*iii,   Aintrta—-M. -1. rream.
J'mir itrftln to ui It wlll be i-> lii-rt   (ler ln the belt poutbte luwntr,
8tik»lch«wjft-*IW ■
To bfllUr t„« cimdii.ui. V tli* -*>*-
nl ih" nvreaA b«tw**_ Ui* »ro4ue«7 eat fftfc,
Povertx Her H
Odette Valery/
Once the Idol of
the Public and the
Terror of Managers, Now Plays
to Want
HOW many of the beauties of thc stage,
where the auditorium has been
thronged with thousands of their
admirers, inspire true love? How many,
carrying things with a high hand over managers and playwrights, can feel assured even
of food and shelter)
One of the tragedies of thc real life which, on
the stage, is often so infinitely more romantic
than any of its dramas, has reached its climax
of poverty and wretchedness in Paris,
garcd, hungry, disfigured, forsaken, a young
woman whose beauty and grace have been
lhe delight of two hemispheres, in the height
of her youth and her triumphs has met misfortune sucli as only the most unhappy of
her profession suffer.
The grille, hastened to dl.crimlr
wan not a dancer In the class of Gen..
later, that sho hai] never lieen of the Btamp of Pav-
Iowa   and   Lopoukowa.    She   waB   herself— beautiful,
graphic, graceful, expressive.
-.Veil, Oscar knew that better than anybody else,
Sho was there for that purpose. He emphasized, he
illuminated her peculiar talent, lie had plays
planned for It—little, patomlme ba
power of conveying .. story by the
,f her faco nnd the postures of I,
forded   Its  widest  latitude.    Tin ro
in which her
a expressions
eeemed   to   .airy  ,u ,„sa   tho   footlights   slralfil
their lilmlleil h.arts,
Hut U.scar can forget. Ar.d Odctt, devcto]
artistic eplrit. Bile loved l!,e gorgei n lavl ..
position ullo.veii; nho detested .!, dl.iipllni
manager whoso ivlt can cut like s . , Ife :-;.
W* a terror when .. i ni :- hint 'l all i ■ .,..- iii
newly acquired majesty In her arl .. ;.,
return i" rails, ;.- many another star has mad
confident Lliat. al last, sh„ !,.,,! humbled desl
the du.n undor her twinkling feet.
An.l  bo il
was U>o ■•* uui
eemed.   L'ntl] .i year ago, Mllo. Valery
When the stage failed to i rovlde 1|- r
witli  the lavl
h In* ■ ni" her mode of life demanded,
sho contlnu-.il
Bayly Independent of i.,- aid.   She had
ht v n.miM   ii i
ear the I3ola   i,- Uoulogne; sh.- had her
motorcars, Ik
horse * qulpagt a, her flashing jewels.
It iw easy to a
ie, Paris i- marked,  thai i ui  d«i i  llttlo
Valcry has ai
ah nt once
.sin- vanished,   Whlthei    how?   :;.* - no
knew; and, ah
.-■. no "»ic cared.   Jn Paris. If \« u dn not
iklc ih" town
in tin- mud—i
villi whip and spur, it will trample you
• ii angrily, foi  ll prefers lo bo ridden;
but  simply  h
cdlessly,  because then you art   in Its
Odette,  hu
her child to .
loveliness lost in her Illness, with only
u,. for, wai   pawning her Jewels.  Stair
liy stair sli':
low, r levels t
•treated, as thej  d0 In  fails, from lho
Hi.* upper storli:«. until, when .*).<- v.< nt
at last to tho
steps rhe eve
nf n  shtlh-fl
voman who had taught In i the nrst dam y
■ learned, sho wan quartan ,i jn -,  room
or  tenement,   starving   with   her  child,
whoso need -i
one had forced hcr t<> the appeal.
i. tin
i uiii
least, Its daHclng teacher has. She tool, u
lection for thc fallen star, it amounted to
that brief time, all the regord thnl was le
Iter own profession amounted to $26. It was
of Paris, pressed somewhat more lightly th
on ttic biow of failure
.She may not perish thus. She has boon to
for Paris to forfeit all reputation r« i hum
letting htr die of hunger. They will give her a.
benefit or two, mnl find a humble post which she can
lill for wages of food and Arc and wind-swept roof-
tree. A few years from now. If tiie onco beautiful
Odette b-j lu.ky. she muy bo helping patrons of tbo
Opera Com inu o *>tt with tholr wraps and murmuring
worda of mesh gratitude I'm- tne tip that me.fins a
inu. piece of meat m ihe meager plate or soup at
ALL  LOVERS   of   grand   opera   In   the   United
Pint.,   have   seen   her.   have   gazed   in   rapt
Bllenro upon tho sinuous movements of her
lithe   young   form,   have   thrilled   under   the
(lances   of her  greal.  dark" eyes,   hove   thundered
•alvn.s of applnuao nt tho moment whon lliat r-xqiitslto
.Islnn vanished.
She Is Odelte Valery. the beautiful, perfect, unguium Odette, Idol of America, Idol of London, Idol of
Parts, Idolised everywhere until haphazard fate, never
more cruel In it.-- blind hurling of disaster, robbed her
Cf her loveliness,
Tliey pay It was smallpOX, one of those attacks
•which, unless the Rxeatrjit and most scientific care bo
•xereined, leaves Its victim so pitted and scarred lhat
lhe nm.-.* i-crfoct contour of the flesh beneath tho
skin falls to esi.ipu showing Its ravages in pits and
•iveii scars.
Odetle, thc gny nnd heedless Odette, was the las*
■Woman in the world to submit to the minute observance of those rules which alone might save hcr
beauty. Kve). full knowledge of the certainly sho
confronted, if she did not secure careful treatment or
fulled to abide by It, that hcr prized complexion must
■ te Irretrievably ruined, wus not strong enough to
■ave her.
From the dazzling summit of her fresh successes,
■where men fought for her favors, .Odette Valery suddenly fell Into worse than nothingness. She whn
hnd been the toast and desire of the whole Boy world
et Paris could not now paiyi on the streets unnoticed lu the fafe obscurity of thc merely common-
j.l.i. e-ti.ol.in;- girl. -She was too hideous, too repulsive to escape Into humanity's pitiful oblivion.
t What was worse, the supersensitive spirit of the
artipt, whose most brilliant work has always been
he reel f. felt thu horror of the metamorphosis more
poignantly thuu--would the proudest society leader in
tbe land.
Odette, the fascinating Odette, hnd never depended on anything but her beauty, where other
-Women ran rely on position, wealth, brilliancy or, ns
many of them do, religion.   Poor, pretty Odette had
rone of these; slie had beauty only, which was moro
than enough. Without lt, her proud nnd hatefully
humiliated soul could see no life thnt was endurablo
within the sight of others. She could only hide herself, like some poisoned kitten, and. In miserable
secrecy, await lho inevitable end.
Odette would have died, quite gladly, but for one
thing. Whatever she had been, there wns something
deep down in her heart which kept her still a
woman. Nona's ruin might full on her; Bhe herself
might he no stronger against dire fate than Zola's
wretched demirep. But her short lifo of renvoi in
riches, admiration nnd conquest haa given her a child.
.And so, Odelte hus lived.
Hers Is one of those figures of thc stage that return thc mind's eye with no effort of recollection,
compelling as the hypnotic gaze of tho serpents shu
twines about hcr in her most sensual dance, Sa-
lammbo was no more capable of searing her image on
the memory of Ma tho than Valcry hers upon all he-
holders. Even In her street attire, sbo was a woman
to make people turn and sture because of lier beauty,
as now they stare because of her hidcousness.
Pour yenrs, and a little more, mark Iut translation from mediocrity to the stars, nml back again,
but now to depths previously unknown lo her.
In France, the recruits to the stage generally como
from nowhere; often, whon a new and brilliant queeii	
graces the boards, her ancestry Ifl harder to trace than
a Ilea's, and perhaps us Inglorious. Mile. Valery „
WAs of that kind.
Uut she was young; she was lovely; sho could
dance; so what mattered her paternity, if sho happened to have any? When Isadora Duncan wus striving to make good her classic dancing, the exquisite
Odette, with vastly less pretension to art, was giving
Parisians the sensations felt by the Athenians of a
couple of thousand yenrs before.
In those days she was a music hall attraction—
steadily progressing as a popular favorite, but still
only one of the "artistes" of the popular song-and-
ilance places, whose position was different from lhat
which attends the debut there, these later yenrs. of
some notable Ugure of the dramatic world.
But   that  was   the  era,   too,  when   tho  capablo
tfj //■we. ify/ery dppc-^/'&ef *3omc Te&r$
tvqp.tyticri arwc /fetf/tr   cf/Zcr/Z/tr/e.
actor:*, singers and dancers of vaudeville wero
gradually usurping leading places In the legitimate.
Odetto was destined to bo ono of those. All who
saw her realized that they were In the presence of a
rare endownment of grace and skill, France, too
(irmly conservative to give her at once tho honor of
the highest rank, ion her nt times—to Germany, to
Austria, to Italy, to Spain, to London, as important
engagements promised her fresh fame und larger
In her specialty, as n dancer, this undulating flame
of beauty was sweeping onward and upward, ns
surely and ns gayty us n charming Cloo de MerodO
In hois, or a Sybil Sanderson, or a. Gaby Ucslys, or tt
Carmehclta. Purls lias a cruel way with thom, usually, In the end; they are like Its aeroplanes, souring
always to the holghts and then suddenly. If Sybil
Sanderson's health breaks down or Cleo's most notorious lover forsakes hor, crashing down to poverty and
oblivion. Thoso who, like tlio forehanded Carmenclta,
savo their easily gained riches an.l greet middle ago
with the cold, grim smile of safe prosperity, are fow
nnd fur between. To most of them, as to Odelte, the
future ha8 no frowns; It shall he roso-eolorod when
they're 80. Meanwhile, they await tlio coming of »c—«
clowning glory.
Odette's came in 1908. She was startling London,
Which,   by   the  way,   Is   of all   great   cities   tho   most
eagerly imploring to bo startled, She might huve departed from London wltll only London's plaudits
ringing tn her ears had not the wizard who creates
destinies been lu tho clly at the samo time, ami hud
not some generous turn of luck sent him to scu her
Lightning and young love nro not more Instant
than Oscar Ham mere te In when ho beholds iils prise.
Actress, singer, dancer, whatever she may be, ho
knows on the spot that she must bo his alone, und hn
Storms the citadels of her ambition, cupidity and
artistic sensibility, like Mohammed of old at iho gules
of Christian Constantinople, llo ean forget ns Instantly us he admires, which was Just then furiuuute
for Mile. Valery.
For what to him, under the magla spell of her
serpentine poses, wero the beauties of Mile. Daslc, who
hud been leading his ballet in his Manhattan Opera
Company?    Hail,  Valery!    adieu.   Havile!
Caesar-like, he saw, und conquered, Odette was
his. in the full New York beheld lur, leading tho
ballet in "Aid:.*' and other spectacular grand operas,
astonishing, yet alluring, vast audiences with her
garlands of living snakes.
An Odd Fertilizer for Plants
ANY persons wlio have bouse plants and flowers
what '
at >,:•
ess,* both
of  Hn
11  Ilu
in tho garden whit h do
bloom as ihey thould, woi
seem to grow flowers with llttlo
  of tiie most Important sei
Indoors  und   out,   is   tu   know
.    in many instances It is difficult to s
is not Impoverished and naturally depr
scntlal elements required by nature to i
foliage .md brilliant ami profuse blot
one of tlm oaslesi methods m secu
elements to -nihil ordinary soli is a
Tak.- bones from meat that has not bc
as fowls and fresh meats from the bull
Into small pieces and place quite a l"i
Jar.   Cover Willi a solution ot strong li
Aft.-r it has stood for a few days, stl. ■•
and it will bocomo a son of mush.* ii possible
Utile soot from the stove or fireplace nud stir again
Placo a lenspoonful of thin mixture in n gallon "f
water   and   apply   Oils   to   lho   soil   about   the   -....nta
twice a weei., ir the iiiant*. socni to have merelj ■ \-
Islcd in a poor soil, give ihem u little more, or tho
samo amount oftoner,
The foliage will soon brighten up and the flowers,
if any, will soon show a great change, If the plants
have nut been blooming, thev will soon begin.
Nitrogen, phosphoric m-id. potash, llmo ami other
essentials art- socured from such u mixture .. lillle
of ii thoroughly Incorporated in the soli of nn open
hud will certainly assist greatly where ft Is difficult to
obtain   tho  proper  Muds of manure.
Soil sprinkled wuh water mixed an described .- ill
produce tine vegetable growths. Jt la possible In this
way to mako good use uf ait the bones thut accumulate
tn a home.
Huge Shadows of Men in the Sky
IN Till': famous liars mountains and st the summit
of fumbomaii a, in Peru, the shadows of mountain
climbers are rasi iu the sky great!) magnified and
reproducing overy movement   of  the  person
in the Mar.: mountains Hie bo-called bpei ier of tho
Brockcn is a most porfect reproduction or mountain
-1 l in Im rs.   IS vary movement or the arm a and i«; s, head
uud   hands,   I); as natural  as  life.
When objects ure carried, nags or banners wavod,
nn.i ill suits or antics Indulged In, the reproduction ia
tu good it is really astonishing,
Km* many years such phenomena were looked upon
wiih  awe and superstition, but  recent Investigation
has  Shown   lhal   thev  ure   only   th.;   n   ,i|;   of   nut irul
laws. The eoudltions are duo to rarefied atmosphere
end mists, .everything must bo exactly rlghl t" produce the most perfect picture in Die sky. but this situation not seldom occurs, and visitors are ofteri treated
to what Is simply a wonderful display uf whut is
known us mirage.
The surface of the peaks and rocks nnd other objects can be seen at Iho same lime thu mountain
<iimbers" reflections nre cast upon the mists In tho
fcky about tho mountain tops.
Are the Kaiser's Fierce Faces a Photographic Fraud?
ANOTHER imposing fraud exposed, one of the
most imposing in the world—no less a personage  than his imperial  majesty, Kaiser
t   Willielin, most savage of monarchs in captivity.
When lhe revelation of his duplicity  reaches his
ashamed eye there wilt be a haughty and exclusive
German ruler who will be hunting hurriedly for a
hole to crawl into, with an added impulse to pull
ihe hole in after him.
There have been other royal frauds, plenty of ihem,
but none who have quite made so long a record for
keeping up the illusion they fostered or so profoundly impressed with it the peoples of the earth.
_t, ■
AIM FIT from those who have been on most Inti-
mute terms with  the kalacfr, and especially
among tho millions who hnve never hud actual
i sight ot him, Ihero Isn't a mnn who doesn't
fni Hint It would he safer to meet a grlnzly with a
sore head in a narrow alley (linn the kniurr op tho
liioiid   expanse of  (filler den  l.lm' n   In   Merlin.   Tho
firl/zly might, po.'slhly bo niote peaceable (bun ho
colts; hut (he l.nlser, most people think, would Invariably pnfer io bite a chunk out of th, m.
Sffowroa tot*
#&/Scr /o 7?eccnf
They get It from his photographs. Front fuce, side
fine, three-quarters*—eyes, none, moiilh ami mustache,
especially mustadi-i*—he is the living embodiment of
ferocity, whether hn bIiiith at you from i\ palrlollc
Fatherland postcard, or turns up In the pages of
tome ultra-loyal German weekly, or la turned down
in tome ultra-impudent German comic.
Denver In Its early days would have welcomed
with honest admiration tho activities that dofworato
countenance promim-ft; would hnv.) cherished ll ft* an
Ideal tu be humbly striven for, ami would have rcvor-
Hilly planted Its possessor, with his Pools on, when
the ordinary courso of Denver's huiuaii and inhuman
fvonts brought him to the condition of wostorn culture that fitted him for tho nod. Wllh llml face, lie
might have risen to he Ilio supt-tno holy lor TO I' of
ntiy Dead Man's GUlolt. und perhaps, if he developed
nerve enough, might have earned  lhe dlsllm Hon  of
being chased oul of town by lh0 t-dltor of the "Arl-
jv'im Kick or" hinn-clf.
Well, It Is all over. The royui photographer, tho
man who lias been mul.ltig ull these pictures of hln
mujcbiy, has been Jndherect ami has allowed his experiences with Iils ungual patron to become known.
Those lie ire photOgMpllB are premeditated fraud:';
tho kaiser's llerco fnccfl ami fui HO fares, specially ns-
sinned by his majesty to Rustnln his reputation '■» a
fiery, unfa mod king who bosses ilia roynl eagles wllli
ii  fuce or frowns nml  u  hand  of iron.   In  lealliv,  no
moro mild ami pleasant gentleman has over welcomed
American millionaires to his nailvo realm or grinned
In more pleaded delight when some gny sendog of our
navy puhllhlU'K pin nut on -iiooh der Knlsor."
"Will your mn |CSl v lie pleased tn *M far a photo-
graph HiihivT in.tuired the artist of ihe camera in
anffwor to a Hiinninus ihnt meant just thut. i
If he had said It to Blamarek, r.r Frederick thfl
GrOOti or to one of tha olher genuine terrors of lho
Jitllierliiiiil,   tho answer  Would  have  been:
"No, Oscar; donncr und blllxcn, Oscar, nclnl I
fcui for you to cee how you'll look standing on jour
head ami thinking of nome more fool questlona."
And, by dunner und Idltzeii, Oscar would have at ood
on his hertd till Ills cars were blue   Hut ICnlser Wll*
helm only smlk-s, appreciative of thc timid doforonco,
und answers:
"Ves. my good friend, Lei us have nn nrltslle
SMillcc lo try whether WO can improve on our previous
'Mien he throws a cllCRl; thinks of lhe latest Ihlng
Ilio. crown prince ban done lu tbe way of showing
that he has lho nerve to bellovo he's a man becauso
he's grown np nml murrl'-<l; frowns utiiii bin foro-
head looks like u relief map of Switzerland, umi inquires! •
"There, hOW'Il  thut  do?''
"Fine!" avers the photographer, ami snsps the relief map wllh Its accessories, ,,,_.,
The knlsor Budiloiili* remembers die wh-k.oi Social-
ImIM,   und   on   lOp  or  I) he   Inst   WlH    from   I'ailN
ou ilie RubJec. or MBttCo-I-orrnlne, lie holds his
breath, n whllo to otinnnci the offecl, lie tins a socret
hunch that a Hrlllih (tuffrngotlfl in nil hor glory Mmi
in., iiiim. on lilm at Ibat puiiltulur InsUui.
"Get it quick:" he cries. "Do you think I can look
Insane  with   rage all day?"
"1 havo ll, your mujisty," says thc roynl photographer.
A few more fits along thc lino-* of wrath. Iniptrl-
ousness nnd menace nml tlio posing ends Next day
appears tho nrllst, trembling for h\» results. Tho
kaiser studies them, one by one. And one l-y one they
go Into t Me waste basket,
painting lu tiie costume „f n cuirassier, It moy bo
loo good an expression to waste on a pbotograpn-
Havo you anything to suggest?"
"Oh. your majesty," in meek deprecation. "But I
must s«j thai my wife thinks I um most lerrlbls (he
morning after l eat Pumpernickel complicated wllh
Knaenpfeffor and realty old, strong krouu"
"i shall hava them ull served; thank you. Thins*
day morning, Ihen,"
imly once in the experience of the camera mnn
has the kaiser ever willingly ami with premeditation
conscnlod to have his pit ture taken nnlllng That
was when It was Inlonde'd for his mother. To her, if
to uo one else, ho was wilting tu reveal his true self*
lhe self of the mun who Is ut heart lhe pleasant*
shrewd, cordial gonlloman, hot, from tho head, is im-
j,. lied to maintain a pose lie lmoglnj)i pertains to Ms
empire's i uler.
It in only in the Inst ocoro of yoars thai lime
fierce portralls lmvo boon Invnrlablo-* vlnca he began
to train his muilncha to tha ators ""-i Insisted on
being accepted as a husky, dangerous War Lord,
tanner portraits "how him for uii.it he roally is.
with his foalurei flulta composed nnd bin face rather
txpresslonlosi than afire with spirit.
Porhnpi whon the kalier hus had twenty yenrn
more of ruling nnd dlplomnoy hn muy chnnge his
mind again. i» •■■■■ discovery iimi haa heen mndn
by many another man iliai thorn huu never been anv
need of looking dangerous, nnd that, for all hi* fimwn
inn! ferocity, ""■ wiiii ims formed a m Just Idea
of the good f'How he Is than he want.. II to.
_a_f****-**-*_=_r-:—b—•**-■    r-~~ -wiji'iii-'-"' THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B.*C.
Trunks, Suitcases
At Cost, for Cash Sale
Why you can buy at cost:
Because we have too large a stock
and we want the money
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Local  News
Men may come and men may go,
but--KiIby Frames Pictures.
P.   Lund  of    wardner,   was  in   the
City Monday.
C. D. McNab of Waldo, was in tbe
City Thursday.
Wm.  Kerr of Elko,    was ln town
J.  Stewart  of   Klmberley,  was  In
town Tuesday.
Safety  Deposit    Boxes  to  rent  by
Beale & Elwell.
D. M,  Stoddart of Fairmont- was
In town Monday.
A.    Sutherland   of  Nelson,   was  in
Cranbrook Tuesduy.
Q. W. Donahoi! of Wardner, was In
the City Wednesday.
A. J. Schnr.ll of Jaflray, was In th.*
city on Wednesday.
J.  Taylor  of   _"ahk,  spent  Sunday
last lp Cranbrook.
p. Woods of Cherry Creole, was In
the City Tuesday.
W. B.  McFarlano wuh at Wasn  on
Tueadav on business.
Thc King Lumber Co. wlll resume
operations on May   1st.
Tho 0. 0. s. is enjoying a i;ood
spring furnlturo trado.
H. Dempsey of Jaflray, spent sev
eral days in the <'Ity this week.
Mrs. G. P. Tlsdiilc came into tow;
this weok to take up residence hero.
A. M. Jnrvls of London, was n
guest at the Oranbrook Sunday lust,
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Taylor left
on Wednesday on a visit to Alberta.
A complete report, of tho Automobile Meet at Wasn, will be given next
walk around
here to huve th*.
Photograph! tuk-
en you'vi; -40 lonu
pr 0 tn i h ed your
friends, talk tfafl
manor ovor with
un and let ui ox-
plain to you how
valuable ({nod por***
train of your lather and mother
will be to you
no Ion (fer have
tbem with you.
In the huriT of
the   present-day
life we (five loo
little thought to
theiu matters--
when It is too
late w*; regret It.
Dun't put it off.
Bring your dear
ooei to ua for
The Star Photo Studio
P. O. Box 527
Baker St-    Cranbrook, B.C.
•ranch at Blalrmora, Alta.
Mr. and Mrn. H. H. Gregor, o.
Flag.ton.-, were Cranbroo.*; viUitors
Constable J. Walsh of Fort Steele,
was in town Monday oa legal business.
The C. C, S. la now in good shape
to handle any sued order**, for furniture.
Frank Dickinson of Jaffray, was
transacting business .■, tbe City Wednesday.
J. Davis of the Davis Electric Co.
was at Wyclifle Monday on company
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McNelby of Medicine hat, were (.rimnroo.*. visitors
un Tuesday.
Miss Lcathnm Is le.iviug the city
for a short while to visit some retail. L.-. ln Chilluwack.
W. H. Wilson with a number of
ludy friends motored over to Fort
Steele on Thursday.
Houswclcaning reijuisltles at Finks
pure Food Grocery.
B, Lundecn o.r Marysville, was ln
tb.' City on Tuesday transacting bui-
C. IL Anderson of Seattle, was registered at tho Crunbroo<t Sunday
A. Murphy of Guteway, was doing
a little biisiiiL'HH at Cranbrook this
F. W. Adolph of Haynes Lake was
in town ou Monday transacting a
little business.
E. E. Moore and D. M. Ross, of
Montreal, were gueats at the Craubrook Wednesday.
.Seville oranges for making marmalade at Finks Pure Food Grocery.
Gust Tbeis of Perry Creek, was
b'Oldng after his business welfare In
the City on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Hcnrlcks, of
Hpoknne, were registered at the
Cranbrook  Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. DeWolf of Bonners
Ferry, were Cranbroo* visitors Wed
Mrs. F. .J. Dean*, wife of the late
Editor Of the Crsnbrook Herald, arrived in town on Tuesday.
F W. TfflSS nnd V. .lorden, of Tor-
onto,  .vere   registered at the Oran
brook Wednesday.
E. E. Smnll, who h ts been at Win
rupee on business returned to Crnn
brook  Wednesday.
Mrs. J. Tannhn.isf-r of Fort Steele,
was visiMne ber daughter) Mrs. Lan
Kin on Wednesday.
I). McFarlane ol Kimberley, bookkeeper for the Taylor Lumber Co.,
was in town Monday,
E. Home of aJaiirny, manager of
the Enst Kootenay Lumber Co. was
in town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. H, T, WflblteT of Toronto, were Oranbrook visitors Thurs
Harry Drew of Klmberley, wns ln
lown Monday doing bin.ln.iSH with
Heveral  firms.
Tho Oi 0. H. expeoto i*. large car of
new furniture this week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie of
Fort Steele, were Cranbrook visitors
J. Manning, manager ol the C. P.
R. Mills at Bull River was in town
Friday on company business.
George Powell received his new
Metz car on Friday. Its u dandy and
all that  it Ib represented to be.
MrB. H- McKenzie, Mrs. D. T. Evans, and Mrs. Fred Ego or Kimberley were Cranbrook visitors Thursday.
What Ib home without a few flowers, a bit of grass, for without decoration it is almost llko tbe seu
without tlsh—not a bit natural.
Remember the notice which is appearing in the local papers JuBt now
advising the people of Cranbrook to
get their yards and alleys cleaned
J. L. McKay of Athalmer was In
Cranbrook Monday attending to the
tho shipment of a carload of horses
and cattle, which left during the duy
for his runcb ut Athalmer.
Mr. F. Welts has been making such
a large increase* iu bis barberitig bus
mess lately that he has decided to
put In another chair wblcb will be
under the care of Joe VauMoter.
California Triple weight naval oranges ut Finks Pure Food Grocery.
Wm. Anderson) nu old time C.P.R.
employee, while sitting in the Cos
mopolltal Thursday, wns taken with
heart trouble and was removed to
tbe St. Eugene Hospital.
Tlu* Executive of the Crnnbrook
Conservative Association met in the
Royal Hotel Parlors on Monday ev
ening. Business of a private nature
was discussed.
Cranbrook needs a first class board-
• ing house; there is big money  in it
j I_r  somebody,   an J   Beale  &   Klwell
Lave for sale just the right property
I in just the rightl  ocation.
Baseball   teams  nre  being   organll
; e.i at  Fernie nnd other towns in the
Crow's  Nest   Pass,   and   will  form  a
[ league   of  eight   teams.     What    will
! Craubrook do?
Cleanliness it* next to Godliness,
and it i= to be hoped tbat the people will gi\e the City all tbe assis-
t_nce necessary to make Cranbroo...
the Ideal City of the West.
Harold Darling left the early part
of the week for the prairie to audit
tbe looks for several firms and incidentally to do a little real estate
business, Harold is a regular live
wire when he gets stnrted.
The Cranbrook Liberal Association
held a meeting in Clapp's Hall cn
Wednesday nlgbt, wben tbe Provincial organizer of tbe party delivered
an address on "The New Liberalism
of British Columbia."
It appears that the people naturally go to the C. C. S. when furniture
or linoleum is wanted.
The little son of Mr, and Mrs. R.
Frame came near drowning on Thurs-
nay, when he fell into the Creek near
Durick avenue. The boy was rescued
by James Ogden, who was passing
by at the time,
The Board of License Commissioners met in tbe Council Chambers on
Monday and granted a transfer of license to the Cosmopolitan Hot.l
from S. Cameron to Campbell & Armour.
Dan Munroe of Fort Steele, an old
time prospector was taken to New
Westminster Friday. Mr. Munroe haa
been worrying about business troubles for some time, and Ib now violently insane.
Mr. J. E. Miller, of Victoria, Inspector of Inland Revenues, was ln
town this week inspecting and auditing tbe accounts of the local o.tlce-
ulso inspecting the breweries and
bonded warehouses.
We were privileged to see the C, C.
S. stock of linoleums this week. We
suggested that tho stock was large
enough for a Vancouver store, but
was informed that two months of
ordinary business would clean out the
entire lot.
While there is hut little riso In the
Kootenay river, yet old timers loo.
lor extreme hi. h water enrly in June,
the snow in mountains is very deep,
and owing to the cold night** and
ool days, has hardly commenced to
Have you etartsd on your carden
jet? Tbe weather Is Ideal at present
and the garden tools will only rust
away if not used Follow the example of the H-Ilrds who, by industry
and patience arc beautif>lng tbeir
At the Edison tonight:—What Katy
Did, a comedy; the two real features,
th:* Heroine of the Plains, and the
groat American drama, tho Power of
Love. Next week there will be several special features.
HORN—To Mr. and Mra. F. A. Stride
nt Crnnhrotm, on Monday, April
2iht n son. Mrs. Stride in at present Stayln : with her mother Mth.
J. Hytdoj', and aa soon hh possible nhe will rejoin her hu..uuud in
Mr. and Mrs, B, IL Short anil
daughter Maud, left yesterday for
Hwampscott, Minis., for a short per
lod; afterwards proceeding to Carls-
ton, N. B-- wb'ire they are to reside
for a COl.BfderAbl.1 tlltlO before leaving to mako th.lr permanent homo
In California.
California Triple weight naval or-
aagaa at Ftnlft Pure Food Orocery.
Young Women
and girls often complain of mysterious headaches, which keep going and coming- with some, but
remain waking hours with others.
Theie is no mystery about these
any longer. They are caused by
eye-strain or weak vision. Correct
glasses will quickly remove the
headaches, and they do uot return while the glasses are wont.
Wa make accurate glasses lot all.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale Rents & Wants
KOR BAI_—Blgga lor llutculuaj from
si.kTtt.il layors, s.i'.ru. ile.ls, Hun
Orpingtons, white Wyandottes, a.*-'-
White ami Brown Leghorns. -1.5"
[ur 13 eggs. J,' Qartalde, Pleasant
View, Poultry Kami, Craubrook,
Thone tbo Hunch. 10-8t.
local poultry breeders with varieties
kept will he supplied tree to all enquirer, tiy applying to the Secretary
of the Cranbrook Poultry Association.
Address, A. 13. Smith,
10-lSt Boi 852, City.
KOR SALE—Two Peerless Brooders,
good us new. J. Gartside, Cranbroo!..   Phone Ranch. 15-tf
competent nurse-maid or cook desires situation in (.'ranbrook. The
applicant is living in England at
present, but cannot afford to pay
her way to Canada; if anyone of
reliability will put up the fare, lt
can be deducted from her wages,
a guarantee of time will be given
lf necessary. Apply by letter to
W. X. Y., Drawer 320, Cranhrook,
for further particulars.
FOR SALE-60 H. P. boiler, 12x1!
cylinder, plain slide valve engine,
and portable sawmill equipment.
No reasonable oiler refused. Phone
318, Ed. Shackleton. 16-4t
FOR SALE—On easy terms: Houses
and two lots on Dwyer Avenue,
Also two lots on Watt Avenue.
Apply to A. C. Plgott, P, O. Box
615, Cranbrook, B.O. 16-tl
FOR SALE—Two S roomed plastered
cottages, '800.00 each. Terms.
Phone 318, Ed. Shackleton.
FOR SALE—12 Toomed modern residence and 41 lots frontage, 112]
feet by 122 corner property, one
block from Post Ofllce,   Suitable
. for first clasB hoarding house.
Price considerably lower than assessed value—terms reasonable.
Apply to Beale & Elwell for full
Shrubs, Glacliolas, Dahlias and Bedding out and
and Vegetable Plants
of All Kinds.
Amongst ioo Varieties
of Rose Bushes we have
the wonderful, beautiful
new rose "Sunburst"—
Rhea Reid, Killamey
Queen, these are the
finest roses in cultivation
Write for Our doiorlptlvo Price
Frache Bros.
Lethbridge, Alta Columbia,H.C.
Box 325     Cranbrook, B. C.
Cer. Psswl— An. «»» Ksls. Si.
Mrs. Fred E. Turpin left on Mon
day tor a visit to her parents at Le-
duc, Alta. Mrs. Turpin is taking her
little child with her principally to
follow out the doctor's orders for a
chnnge of climate, which, it is hoped,
will greatly improve the little one's
health. Tliey oxpeet to be away about
three months.
The officers nnd members of the Executive Committee nre requested to
attend the monthly committee meeting ou Monday next, April 28th, in
the Y, M. 0. A., nt 8 p. m. Thc
members wlll bo entertained at a
whist drive on Thursday, Mny 1st, in
tbe Carmen's Hull,
At the Auditorium tonight wlll be
shown the Sensation of the Moving
Picture World, i. 3,000 foot film ln
three reels, entitled "S*lku" tjueeu ol
the Gypsies. As uu extra they will
ulso glvo "Tne HoBuntlial Murder
Ci.se." Miss Lorraine Thompson, so
pi'tuio soloist, will favor the .....Hence
with '"I'lll the Hands ol the Desert
Qrow Cold." Usual prices prevail—
and T011ACCOB
.Jim,' tt large number of people assembled nround the Hand Stand lust
Sunday to listen  to tho city Band
give their Ilrst summer recital. All-
other will bo given tomorrow when n
m.trh larger number Is expected to
lie present. These rocitnls will meet
with much success during the coming
summer months nud bo very much up
predated by the music lovers of
Colonel Dullard, who is visiting
Canada ln the Interests of the missionary work of tho Salvation Army,
mado a short, but very interesting
visit to Cranbrook last Thursdny,
when he lectured ln the Methodist
Church, illustrating the same with
100 limelight views. During the evening Mrs. F. Chapmun and Mr.
Cameron of the Y. M. 0. A. rendered very good solos. A targe audience
was present.
Seeds, seeds, seeds. The most reliable field and garden seeds at Finks
Pure Food Orocery.
Messrs. Howlctt und Weatherill returned to town this week after fin
.shing thc plastering ol the C.P.R.
houses erected by contractor G
Leask at Mayook. These cottages are
to form a part ot a general scheme
which the C.P.R. Natural Resources
Department have, on the way along
the length of their vast system
There are to he in the neighborhood
of 81 sections built in this way to
open up land in districts not aires
dy touched by tho p:ospcctor anJ
wbi-.h are somewhat out of the tract
of usual pioneers of tbe land. It ls
a commendable object and worthy in
overy way of the highest praise.
The C. C. S. Is now in good shape
to handle any sized orders tor furniture.
Court Cranbrook, No. 8943, of.the
Ancient Order of Foresters, held Its
regular mooting in the Carmm's Hall,
last Thursday, April 24th. There
was a large attendance and important busn'fls was transacted. The
fact that this Court has won tho
Grand Trophy Shield has created a
greater interest among-th? members.
Every end avor has been put forward
by the Committee to hold this shield
tor the next year and apply to all
members for fieir earnest co operation ln this matter.
So far the Court has initiated six
new candidatos this year and four
more will be initiated at the next regular meeting.
Have you taken a walk aroun 1 the
city this last week? If not, then lt
will be clearly to your advantage to
do so. The reason wo ask this question is tbat since the last few days
of fine weather everyone who has a
garden, whether it be large or smnll,
has been turning over their stock of
garden implements and repairing
same; industrious ln the moment,
work in the garden becomes a pica
sure, the beautifying of the home becomes an Instinct. To all Intents and
purposes wo are t0 have come of thc
most beautiful gardens to he found in
the weat. Cranbrook has tor it h If
gained quite a reputation tor its gardens and resident lul decorations
which reputation promises to be amply upheld during the year   1913.
Hevllle oranges fnr making marmalade at Kinks Pure Food Grocery.
Lowest Prices
Come in and see
our samples
Company, Limited
All stray dogs running about the
city will he taken charge of by tho
Pound Keeper, If tho tuxes due are
not paid Immediately.
Hv Order.
(There seems to bo some Httle inls-
understnndlng about the payment of
taxes on dogs. If a dog Is 6 months
of age or over, tbe owner must pay
a tax for it. The rate set down by
law is us follows:—Bitch, (f..'iO; dog,
} 1.7.1. The laat date on whlcb these
taxes became due was February 28th,
so thnt those people who have not
paid their taxes for 1918, are fur ln
People Should Guard Against
Cranbrook people who have stomach and bowel trouble should guard
..gainst appendicitis by taking hIiii-
ple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
as compounded In Adlor-l-ka, tbe
German remedy which became famous
hy curing appendicitis. A SINGLE
DOHK relieves sour stomach, gaa on
ths stomach and constipation INSTANTLY because this simple mixture antlseptlclzes tbt digestive organs nnd draws off the Impurities,
Buttle- Murphy Oe. O-lt
:: 111 ihi ii 11 in i ii "i ***** 11 ** 11 *************'i;
ii  W. M. PARK S? CO.  i
Harness, Horse Collars, Riding Saddles,
Trunks, Valises, Bags, Etc.
Saddlery  Hardware
Domestic and Imported Leather Blankets
and Hugs.    Also all Kinds
of .Leather Goods
;;     PHONE 109 P. O. Box 443     ,,
■„-„•,•,-,■■-* 1111 Mr HI. 11. HI M || 11 * 1.111III H II >.
All you Votcries ot Bl Maburras
put jour ears to the ground and listen: Mo-ianna with his band of brigands is reported to arrive at Bonners Ferry, Idaho, about May 9th.
All Voterles of tho Oasis of East
i.ootenay are commanded to saddle
their uases, prepare their tents, and
wampum and get ready to meet tbe
enemy at the boundary line, south ot
Kingsgute st the above date, for by
all tho power aud honor of the Prophet NO band ol Arabs shall enter
und camp on our fair Oa.ls until
president Wilson hus established Free
Trade with our fair Canada, so that
tigers and camels may be admitted
to graze—duty free. All Voterles
and Tyros especially will report tbelr
presence to Gi Royal Prince Retnmuk
that he may procure the necessary
fodder, Zem Zem and Hemp and
make transportation arrangements.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Boi Ml Oranbreek. B.O.
Challenge British Colleges
New York.—Track team representatives of Hnrvard and Yale at a meeting held here tonight decided to extend an invitation to Oxford and
Cambridge to send a joint track »nd
field team to America early ln tbo
summer to compete with a Joint
team of Harvard and Yale. Tbe announcement was made by Walter
Tufts and Alexander McAndrews,
managers respectively ot tbe Harvard
and Yale track teams.
Coming to Kootenay
Two hundred members ot the International Geographical Congress,
which will meet In Canada this year,
will visit tho Kootenays. They will
pass ovsr the Crow lino on August
20, en route to Nelson. They will
visit the coal mines In tbe Pass, and
other places In West Kootenay, but
the big silver and lend mines of this
district will he passed by. The Hoard
of Trade should communicate witb
ihe secretary of the Congress with a
view of visiting the big silver lead
mines of Kimberley.
Presbyterian Church
Ret. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning   Service  at   11.30   A.   M.
Tho Incomparable Worth of tho
Sunday Sehool and Bible Class at
3 p.m.—Young people Invited.
Kvenlng   Service   at   7.80   P.   M.
Tho Types of Vision.
Mld-woek Sorvlce Wednesday 8 p.m.
Bible Study.
G. F. Stephens & Co.'s
Paint Mascot
Our stock of Paint is complete
Our Phone No. is 78.
Our Mr. Pinley has tbe prompt
delivery part of the business
down to a science.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,     •     B. C.
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
PUBLIC NOTICB Is hernby given
that all yards und alleyways must
lie cleared of garhlsh, rubbish or othor debris, on or prior to May Kith,
Tho Pollco have Instructions to tnko
proceedings against persons falling
to comply with the above notice.
T. M. 110BBRTS,
Oranbrook, B. C. Olty Clerk
April Mth, 1UI, IMt
Private Nursing
Miss Leutham, Graduate Ro*
t lu Hiihphul,  Dublin,  Ire.
Apply Box 212 or Phone 444
Oranbrook, B.C. 10*21
Miss Ratte was lecturing at the
Presbyterian Schoolroom on Monday
and hnd for her toi In the Reform and
Hocl.l Movement, principally dealing
with the phrase as It touched upon
ths White Slave traffic, During the
lime she was In the City ahe made a
visit to ths dlitrlct here and found
75 girls following tho traltlc, one girl
helng only 11 yearn of eg *, and suggested tbat s urn tiling be done to mitigate the evil.
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
SBALBD TENDHRB are Invited tor
the construction ot approximately
2r.,000 square feet cement sidewalk.
Specifications may be obtained at
the City Clerk's 0n.es.
Tenders must be delivered to the
undersigned not later tban noon on
April 88th, 1913, and accompanied with a marked cheque of S
p.c, on the total coat, The successful tenders wlll be required to enter
Into an agreement wltb the Olty lor
the  due  performance of the   work.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Hit. Olty Clerk.


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