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The Prospector Jan 18, 1913

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Array h- .-'
Mnra.7 lag, a.Mib
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses aud
Guarantee You a Fit
•.Tiie   I eafflHWNe$i«aper
\&4    ■*- ■■»■    7
$2.00 Per Vein
'We had No Platform,We Stood on our Record'
and   the   people   were   satisfied
Day of Parcels_Post at hand
Express Companies will be hit hard —House
of Commons will be unanimous in support
of Hon. Mr. Pelletier's Scheme
OTTAWA, Jan. IS.-Hon, !.. P. I
Pelletler, postraastor.general, stated
to the house this afternoon that the I
government is now consider ng a.
parcels post system for the Dominion, antl that it. is quite possible
that something may he (ion., during
tlm present session.
The statement was maile during
the course of a discussion ot Hon.
Bodolphe Lemloux's resolution' calling for the establishment of a parcels poBt. Half-a-dozen members
from different ports of the Dominion
and renres-jnting both Bides of the
house, spoke in favor of the resolution, and tho postmaster.general nlso
gave it blB endorsement. He said
thut he was giving close attention to
the working out of the plan recently
adopted hy the United Status. He
felt the Canadian pest office should
he ahle to make a success of it, and
in this respect would place Canada
on a par with other nations.
He intimated that the system
would he by zones, not by y. flnt
rate, since with the great distances
in thia country, to have u flat rate
would bankrupt the department,
Members of the hoiipe who spoke In
favor of thc resolution were unanimous In believing that it would hive
a salutary effect in reducing express
rates in this country, which were
characterized as outrageous, Instances were given of thc hardship that
waB caused by thc excessive charges
of the companies, and it was felt
that even ln addition to the eoinpr.ti
tion of the parcels pest that there
should be a railroad revision of express rotes.
Tbe house rose at six o'clock. The
question was Introduced hy Qoi>, Ro-
dolphe Lemletix in the form of a
resolution declaring "that, in the opinion of this house the e.-t tulishme.it
of-a cheap parcels post s'scem would
be to the advantage of the consumers of Canada."
Mr. Lemieux quoted extensively
from the report which had been prepared hy Prof. McKenzle for the Toronto board of trade on the question
of the high cost of living, nnd which I
found in thu lack of a parcels post
system one influence tending to ia- j
crease the cost of living. Mr. Lem-1
leux expressed the opinion thnt tV.o ■
time was now ripe in Canada for
the government to adopt u policy of
parcels post and he did not feel thnt
there need be any hesitation or
shame ln adopt ng t'.e system recent* |
ly established by the United states.
As regards postal matters, he said
that the U. ;■■*. government had very
often followed the Canadian example
in postal mutters and two or threo
years ago had adopted entirely the
Canadian system nf postal savings
hanks. He believed that the main
opposition to such a system oame
from tho .small Btore keepers and
from tho express companies. He
pointed out the very great contrast
between the rnt:n on parcels from
England and thoaa mailed in Canada
"A parcel," he snld, "can bo sent
Irom London, England, to Vancouvor chenper than it can bo float from
London, Canada, to Vancouver,
That Is a fl nnplc of the general state
Ol affairs and until lhe U. S. recent
ly adopted Its system thc tmme extraordinary state of affairs wan
fonnd there,"
Ha1 reviewed tho Long agitation
which had taken place in tho U. S.
tending up to the recent Innovation
and Buld tlmt tho Influence or tie
farmers had been very marked In
Its favor Just us their Influonco hi
been marked In furthering the came
of thc rural freo mall delivery. As
far as Canada was con ornod, oven
if (tomo of the country atorOB did sillier, he did not think that this ob
lection Bhould ho Insuperable, Hint
lar objections to rcftrm had boon
raised In tho post, Railways, lor
Instance had found ffWong opposition
from the stage roaches and ste uu
boats in their earlier stages, wero exceedingly unpopular with the owners
of sailing ships. To como nearer
home, thu automobile had found
many enemies, Tho pout ofllco de
purtment today was making a large
amount or money and whatever aur
■plus there might bo beloneod to the
poople. He felt thut tho time had
como to mako the necessary expenditures In order to give to the country
a boon which Hourly ovory other
country In tho world poiseiBoil today
and ho recommended the adoption
with whatever ehatlgos might bo
ncooHH.iry In the If. B. system.
W. M. Martin, of B'orlnit, snld
thnt If tho government bad in mind
any extensions of the pareeln post II
would find such a move meeting with
the general satisfaction in tho West
and both sides of the houso would bo
one on thc question, lie believed
that uny opposition there was came
from thc ox press companies. Ho
pointed out that at present frnit
costing one dollar a basket in the
Niagara peninsular cost 2 dollars express to luy down in Reglna and
small ports of machnery sent to the
weat cost more for express than for
the actual repaits or the replacement
of new parts.
Dr. M. Clarke, of Red Deer, said
thnt he had a lengthy experience of
parcels pest In tiie old country and
perhaps nothing in thc public service
there brought greater happiness and
comfort to the homes of all classes
of po.iplc. He had received many
letters from his constituents urging
the action of this character nnd ha
commended tbe scheme to thc government's attention.
E. M. Kesbtt (North Oxford) said
he was forced to tho conclusion that
the express companies were very
much overcharging. In Ontario
there was a fair rate ou farm products but on other small articles
thc rates were, outrageous. He
doubted if a system would take away
from the small stores much more
than they had already lost, and he
referred to the excellent service
which could be given throughout tbe
country in connection with the rural
mail delidcry.
A barrel! of apples, for which ho
paid two dollars on the Woodstock
market, cost him two dollars and
thirty cents to express to Montreal.
"Thn*' in m.v judgement-!' he said,
"is ridiculous. The express companies are seeking their own downfall. When they are in a position to
charge they seem to have no idea of
curbing their creed to charge."
Mr. J, E. Armstrong, who followed
said he was glnd to S2e the members
of the opposition taking an Interest
in the question. When tho liberals
were in power he urged upon Mr.
Lemieux the desirability of establishing a parcels post system. The then
minister had referred to many
petitions be had received from ret-ill
merchants protesting against the in-
augeration of this system. He was
as well informed on the subject as
he is today, but he had done nothing. Mr. Armstrong expressed the
view that the establishment of a pnr
eels pest system would compel the
express companies to reduce their
rates .
Mr. Pelletler Tells House all about it
Han been working on Parcels Post
System for many months.
Hon. L. P. Pelletler, Postmaster-
General, Informed tVe House that.as
a result of the iniiU'-erntion of a P»r
eels post in the U. 8., the Canadian
post office has been currying a large
number of pnrco's mol'ed on the
other side of thc line. It would bo
necessary to continue to do th s until a new parcels post convention
and boon arranged between the two
"Tf we havo tn onrry tho parcels of
other countries tt j; too hud if wo
do not carry orr own. It places na
in nn Inferior position, Conse iiicut'y
ii ih our duty tn do something.
This motion will not bo tlic forerun
of    our pol Icy.   It   will conic ns
results  of months of consldera-
Important   Letter
to the Citizens of Cranbrook
I Telephone Line Extension
Important business will occupy the attention
of the Allid Boards oi Trade at Fort
Steele on Tuesday, Jan. 21st
By    MAYOR   A.   C.   BOWNESS
Mayoral Thanks
The Editor.  "I'rnspector,"
Dear Bir:
Permit me, through your columns,
to express on behalf of these associated with me on tbe municipal ticket, and also on my own behalf,
their and my very earnest thanks
for tlio splendid endorsation that
they and I have received from our
citi'/.ens in tbe election of the llitli
Wc came before the electors ou
our past record, and the result of j
the election proves that that record .
3 publicly valued at a price which J
resulted in our unbroken return to j
office. The hest proof thut we can
oiler of the measure of our thankfulness and appreciation of the public
confidence is to assure our fellow
citizens that if we have done well in
tiie past, we shall, with tbeir support, even better our record during
eoming year.
Complaints have been made that
the Sewer By-Law Imposes hardships
on certain of our taxpayers owing
to an alleged defe-t In tbe Plumbing By-Law. We nek that the taxpayers come to as nntl lay their
grievance before us. Wc are in office
to remedy every hardship affecting
our cltbenn. All we ask is that
thoso trievanccs and bardsliipn be
put before us in a plain, common-
sense fashion, and we promise to
remedy the defects to the limit of
our ability. It has bcen sold also
..hit wc nrvn avoided publicity in
our meetings though the doors of
of our Council Chamber were at all
times open to tho people. To meet
that complaint wc now ask and publicly invite our taxpayers and citizens to mako a point of attending
nur meetings and to listen to our
discussions and so place themselves
in a position to judge by our mode
of discharging their business
whether we are, or are not living up
to the record they have so sulendid-
ly endorsed,
Yours obediently,
"i nm not ><t tho present moment
at liberty lo say wit t we arc go.ng
to do," sud the minister* "The
question must he discussed by the
department Qfl n whole -nd T intend
to ta'o my thro about it. But T
hope to do something during tbo
course of the present b bsIuii and 1
intend to wat h closely what Is going on over the i order,"
Mr. Pelletler Intimated thnt there
would bo no lint riitf. system In Can-
■ida. because it would probgbly ho
too expensive in tho carrying,
Hon. Mr. f.omieiix oxpresHfld his
•dei'Riire at tho mnnnor hi which thfl
resolution wan recolved, and in view
of the statements of the postmaster-
general withdrew bin resoluton.
Mr, Pelletler twitted Mr. Lomleux
with having done ni thing along the
lines he now angcrstoil whon ho wi-s
In charge, of the postoRlco department, He had vory wisely, no
doubt, left things .ih a legacy to hla
Mr. Boss, ol the deportment, had
mado a corn -rehons.VO report but
Blned it Was presented, IiIh I'dflflB tind
midcrrono considerable ch in'fl. Thi
flX-ponttnnnt r ■ onernl bad suggested
it   tbe   express   companies   wore   hh
Aldermanic Thanks
To the Electors of Crnnbrook:
I take this opportunity of thanking all the voters of Oranbrook for
their very Btrong support on Thursday.
1   appreciate   vory   much   thi   (mcL
that by tholr efforts I came out with
the largest number of votes scored.
To the Electors of Cranbrook:
Permit me to express my sincere
appreciation of the work of my
friends, nnd for the support of all
who helped to elect me as an Alderman of the City o( Oranbrook. I
thnnk yon all and will endeavor to
g ve the City conscientious service,
To the Electors ot Crnnbrook:
I wish to sincerely thank all  who
in any    way assisted In my election
to the   City   Council and lo assure
them that I shall uae my hest. oflorts
to merit their confidence.
To the Electors, of Cranhrook:
I take this opportunity of thank-
all those electors who bave again
ass sted me tp he elected to represent them in Olty affairs.
To the Electors of ('ranbrook:
I am extremely grateful to all who
assisted, either by their votes or influence, in mv election as an Alderman of tiie City of Oranbrook.
I thank them exceedingly and hope
to give tho city my hest work ln return for their eonlidence.
Permit me to thank all and express my appreciation of the work
Of my friends for fie support they
afforded me and who helped me to
he elected to a position on the City
Council, assuring them of the faithfulness with which I will endeavor
to carry out the duties entrusted to
me on their behalf.
School Trustees' Thanks
To the Electors of Cranhrook:
I wish to thank those friends nnd
electors wbo assisted in placing me
at the head of the poll to represent
thom on the School Trustee'sBoard.
In thanking 'tnein £ wl6h uu assure
one and all that the nllalrs of thc
schools will have my closest attention and that I will try console,i-
lously to fulfill the duties connected
To tho Electors of Cranbrook:
I wish to thank nil those who in
any way assisted me to be re-elected
onj the Board of Trustees for the
School. This, I talto it to mean,
that they ratify the lines I have followed In matters connected with the
Schools in the past, and trUBt that
In the future term my services w 11
be jtiBt as satisfactory.
To the Electors of Cranhrook:
In thanking the voters of Cranbrook for their hearty support ln
electing mo to a seat on the School
trustee's bonrd, and I wish to flay
that the trust they have reposed ta
mo will, I hope, be faithfully attend
ed to to the hest of my ability.
Lester Clnpp ...
0. li. Ward ....
G. it, i.eask ....
tl,   ErickSajn  ....
R. 0, Oarr 	
.1. E. Kennedy .
.. 25fi
. 243
. 225
. ..2.,
.. 1108
, 207
Spoilt ballots  8
F. Bezall  199
G. H.   Genest  199
M.    Horle   188
J.B.  Hall   173
H. Hickenbotham   .... 176
J,  T,   SurviB    150
Correct Results of Poll
The election of a Mayor and six
Aldermen to represent the City of
Cranbrook was held on Thursday
last and resulted as follows:
A.  C.  Bowness   278
W.  S.  Snnto   152
Spoilt ballots 4,
Majority 277
The election was keenly contested,
a number of Aldermanic candidates
being early at the City Hall and
remaining there until the poll was
closed. A large number of sleighs
were engaged iu conveying lady voters to and from the polls. The result of the election disclosed a number of surprises, especially to the
friends and supporters of tho Santo
The personal of the council Is all
that it should be, every member bo*
ing largely identified with the upbuilding of the city, and thorough
business men. Tbe Mayor and Aldermen elect, has received the unqualified approval of those who have
the best Interests of the city at
heart, thoy ere man that are nhoye
petty jealousies, men that will (five
to tbe eity a clean and wholesome
Mayor Bowness who was elected to
succeed himself ns Mayor for
second term is well qualified for the
office. He is a thorough business
man, and has been a resident and
merchant of Cranbrook for a number of years, and his re-election is a
proof of the high esteem in which he
is held by the citizens of Cranbrook.
The Aldermen elected are all keen
and successful business men, and
will give to the city that attention
which will give prosperity und
gro.vrh to the banner city of Enst
The  School Trustees elected were
J,  P.  Pink    288
John    Laurie    2S0
H. White 266
Spoilt ballots     17
Of the trustees elected much good
enn be said. J. P. Kink, ex-Mayor
of Cranhrook, and Mr. White a former trustee, are well qualified to
look over and safeguard the interests of the school and city. Mr.
John Laurie is n railway man of
much experience, he Is much interesr-
ed in scliool affairs and iB the father
of a largo family. He will he nn
active member of tbe hoard.
ln conclusion we will say "Dou't
Kick". The newly elected council is
composed of gentlemen; thc choice of
the electorate. Wc are sure that
our "City Dad's" are jus; the men
to faithfully perform their duty
without fear or favor, he Just and
honest to the hest Interests of tho
City of Cranhrook.
ln connection wltb the coming
meeting of the Associated Boards of
Trade of Eastern Hritisb Oolumbla,
which meet In convention at Fort
Btoelo about the third week in January, tbe secretary ol the Windermere
District Board «.( Trade has submitted a resolution asking that thc Dominion government extend Its prea
ont telephone line from Windermere
to Wasa to enablo a connoctlon to be
made with the Company-owned tele
phone line which extends from there
south through Crnnhrook nnd connects with Spokano, and then on to
other part of western British Colum
bta, Stilt another resolution asks
the provinciul government to go on
and construct a wagon road over the
Selklrks by way of Earl drey Pasa
up Toby Creek in order to connect
more firmly this part of the East
Kootenay district with that of West
Kootenay. The final hope being tbat
this wagon ro;id would develops into
one suitible for automobile* and
thus make another link by way of
the Banff-Windermere rout'- from Oal
gary and the prairies to tbe thickly
settled parts of British Columbia,
Another far reaching motion from
the provincial standpoint is tbat ostk
ing that the present rule of the road
which through-out tbis province is
"turn   to the left" should bn turned
Look Out fer this man
Wanted for raising checks to the
amount of four hundred and thirty
Th.a    Is    the   charge    agalnat one
Alexander Chambers, alias John Bar
low, alias Barker, who has for some
dwni    been    doing    business through <
tbe Royal Bank nt Moose Jaw.
It seems that the much wanted <
man operated in thc following man-!
ner, namely: He comes into ;, town
opens an   account at a bank,    gets
to that ol "turn to the right" which
I     In n   i am n use through out
the provinces to the east of us.   Tbe
reaBon    for    tbo   hi   rd i ringing for
ward this nu tlon   ind   lb Ling tbat it
be   pressed   [e   due   to the tact that
tb ire   will   be   a number ol strange
ears    traversing tbe mountain roads
ed ate y   the link    between    here
'    i ..■    is completed and the
i    tem dI turning to the left
"     lira    to involve needless
'■■      *' .--till    another
ne tlon deals with tho making uf tbe
Columbia   River   navli able from ha
source to the Pacific ocean
Probnbly    the two motions which,
if brought    up,   will create the moBt
discussion   arc    ones calling for the
- further    prohibition    of    the sale o(
Rmall    Bra-arms and asking that the
< carrying of them be made a er mln-
j al    offense   punishable by imprision-
i ment    without    the option of a fine;
1 and one asking thnl newspapers sup-
port ■! cniQaade to keep details of all
sensational    news,   sdeh   as pertains
to   murders,   suicides and hangings,
out   of    tholr columns,   Tho motion
goes on to set out that In the opinion of tbo members of this board tho
publishing of theso details often has
Its Influence in prompting other persons to go out and commit deeds of
Almost every citizen of Cranbrook
knew Mrs. Parks, wife of Mr. Frank
L. Parke of the F. parks Hardware
Company1; A fortnight ago Bhe waa
busy with the activities of life; then
came tbe sudden death of her only
rhild, Ralnsford, who was scarcely
placed in his last resting place,
wben grief and a broken heart,
brought on a bemorage of the brain,
combined with a paralytic stroke,
■:i; rlfl I   her  away.
Tho deceased lady came to Crnnbrook some ten years ago, where Mr.
checks accepted for small amounts, par s was engaged in tho Hardware
raises them by adding "y" or "ty" business with J, D, McBrlde. Mrs
to the written number of dollars in | parks wus only In her 44th yenr nnd
the body of tho check and by the the sympathy <-f dtlsena of all
addition of tho figure "0" to the dosses has been aroused in an un-
flguro amount, afterwards cashes j UBUa] degree for her bereaved buB-
Bamo at stores. Thoso chequcB are Land, who is now in the hospital
alt    made bn the Royal  Bank,   This U
man it is said, also operated in a
Similar manner at Moose .law on
December 10th last under the name
of John Barlow nnd Darker, an I
provlous to that in Roglna,
Tbe following is the description ol
Chambers    as    tsHiicd    by  the police
who   havo   Kent out circulars broad-1
cast   to   the  pollen  throughout the!
Handy hair and moustache, weight
150 to BIO Ihn, nge 88-40, Grey ayes
(shifty, sleepy eyeni, nose thin and
high on bridge, medium build,
height Sfeet H Inches.
When Chambers waB last s en he
waa wonting dark clothing, grey
overcoat, brown soft felt bat. 1 le
also wore a Masonic fob with th.*
Masonic emblem. A significant
point: It is important to note that
Chambers in all his operations makes
a point of making out aad signing
the cheques In a larre round hand.
All words and figures nre detached
fund not run into each other) In order to facilitate the raising of the
ehe.ue after acceptance by the bank,
(In reference to the above we have
made   enquiries  Of
Lho   local branch n
.Mi ous i y    HI,    in    fact,
one  time
his life was dfspafrcd of.
Thfl funeral took piece on Tuesday from the family residence, nnd a
largo number of sympathetic frlenda
followed tiie remains to the eeme
wish  to th ink    tm. Firemen und
Chief of Flro Department Foster foi
the very prompt nnd efficient v.rrk
which they did at the time it my
(Ire two weeks ago.
the railroads must be given morn for
carrying tho mallB.
Mr.   Polletlor   did  not consider it
wise that members of thc Houso
should deliberately Invite the railroads to a*.*-* for more money. Ho
thought It would be wise In the con-
utderatlon of this question to discard the idea that It is the business
of the department to go lu for a war
In rates. That was beyond the functions of the department.
Mr. Pcl'etler referred to the fact
that many countries have established
a puree's post system. Tho 0. 8.
was tho last country to take the
plunge. During the first week the
system was in operation, additional
mall amounting to four million
pounds hnd boon handled by the deportment, Thla Involved an Immonso
increase in tho work of the staff.
There wuh no doubt however that, the
Mmo had arrived when something
along Bltnlllnr lines muat bn done by
Canada. But tho mutter would have
Lo receive very various 0 aniider.ition.
Crnnhrook, D.O.
January ir.th. 1913
"Tha Prospector,"
[nimtgratloil tn Oanailn In on thn
lliorenaa,     Di-iin-*    ttio    imHt   nltm
u tlm otidlms Doramher 80rh, 1184,088
 h-nintu   n-Tlvou*   In  Canada,  and
118,888 wero from the United BtutM.
lionr Sir:
In c illlni! your attention to an
Item In tlio Isnuo ol your paper <l't-
ed Jamrar-* -uii, I wltm to Btata tlmt
nn error wnn mndo in snino,
Tiie Item in question wnR one having reference to tho number of opus
Iniil by nome poultry tinit Mrs. P, I.
Owen bun, ilurlni! tlic month of Dtv
comber lust.
.Mrn. Owen hns n lot Just outside
tho city, SO x IM, nml tlio hiri'.n ure
hollnoil ns follows.: 10 hens In u
houso 8' x 10', and 20 pulli'tii In u
houso 12' x 10'. Neither ol tli3',o
places' nre nrtllloiully heated nnd water will freo/o in tlio roostiiuj places
on nny night, tlml the weather goes
a low dogrooB below Inn-zing pnlnt.
And tho plaeo thnt the pullota nro
kept In him only a single ply ol
lumber on nil sides hut ono, and hns
ii curtained front.
Tlio poultry In i|iioHtlon nre Hull
Orpingtons nnd Irom these 12 birds,
Mrs Owen got loo eggs' during the
month of December. TliOHO figures
uro absolutely true, as she hooka tbo
, number of eggs lnld every dny.
JTlies'.. same birds, during the nrst 14
j days o( January have laid af,H eggs,
This   I   think   Is u record loi  Oran
Thoy nn- fed the lollowlng klm's ol
'Vaunt IH, barley nnd corn; nlso,
inudi mude oi bran, Bhorts altalfn
mo.I nml occasionally n little beol
scrap. Lots of grit, oyBtor-sholl and
charcoal nre Biippllod to thom,
l   thought   tho ulmvo in.glii inter!
est yon nnd an submitted It.
Yours respectfully,
I'orcy 1,. Owen
(In reference to llie above enrron-
pondenco wo wish to Bny to our
condors thnt If tbey havo nt nny timo
such Interesting Items hh is contained [fioroin and would like t„ use our
column' thoy nro nl llhorty tndo ho.
Pfnctlonlly llttlo Is known ol tho
hold the poultry Industry i« taking
wllh   the   poople   "I Crnnl rook nnd
dlstrlot     und     W0  weir,,1110  oin'ospon.
donee along those linos. We oxtond
our thanks to Mr. Owen loi the
courtesy   ol   tho   ubove   interesting
statistics. -Editor.
Crnnbrook  is  well  known  nil  over
British Columnla for its "up-to-dute-
ness"      und      general     prosperity.
Nearly every line of business is grow
ing   and    this   fact is shown in all
business    statements,   line   husiness
which    is    hnvin^-   its   fair   shnre of
; n sporlty   is   the  automobile business.
Tho    automobile    suvos    time   . 11
.,,,.      ,,,.,   ,. of I around   nnd   hns   become more serine Royal Bank **!ceai»le   thnn the horse or onrB, cs-
ni in, t., tbe present be hnd had no  peciolly   is   tl s io In a young and
lllcial      oommunlCBtlon    respecting growing eountry like Kootenay.
Thc incrons? in unto silos calls
lor larger snd setter e,utpped gar-
nces nnd Crnnhrook Is surely keep
ing puce With t'le host of them In
This lino. Thu wost ii representative ol tii" Prospector paid a short
I  'I
tills mun, lie iiSRiires ns. however,
ho will do nil In 1ns power to protect
Ihe locul merchant from tbe Ingenuity ol   the nu.vim,  seotlndrol, or liis
ll'io   nnd   wns rl d  Irew his .>'
tentlon to the matter.   Editor,)
v hlch
to   i-n   -1 the mi t\ up-to-date
co i i Istilj e -mi,jed garages in
provlnc*. This   tn   the   Oranbrook   Oarage,   tho   property o! P.
Matheson oa Durlch Avenue.
rning   last   John     The   ■ •■ e        i out story build-
a serious accident,  n/,   GOxlOO   fedt   In area, and has a
the amputation of | capacity   for  holding  over SO automobile*.  Ths   garage Is woll heated
has ■• cement ihuu* and in espSJtally
adapted to tn'-e care of cirB of overy
makfi,    It    has    now    i.i''- :    formally
oponed nnd hss n etufl of four exper-
,< ni rd mechanics, eloctrlc pumps .md
all   modern   mnchinory necessary to
the   making    >>!    repairs,   The Inr^e
, .iHoiinc   tank, which in underground
.ii , nr corner. 61 the repair shop can
be used without Mocking the passage
«>i   others   com Ini   and going.  Tha
building   |h   alio n^tttfl with hot and
cilil    wnler    pipes lined in the elean-
ing cars, and te well heated at all
times, Mr Matheson reports thnt
inn business is Increasing and that
two eorlonds of McLaughlin Bulek's
nre enroute to < Iranbrook and he
fneln confident that tho present yonr
will    far   exceed    that    of    the past
Hiimlny   m
met    with
h'rt   left arm,  later |t wan  found  DO*I
cessary   to again amputate lhe arm)
e|nm»    to the shoulder; and from tUO
shock   of   the   accident   and suhse j
quent amputations ami blood poisoning!   ho   passed   nwny  on Tuesday, j
Tbe deconsod ban resided in Oranbrook for a number of years during]
whlrh time IiIh LciiIi ii character bad
ondoardd him to mnny who are
heartbroken over IiIh mul and melnn
choly death. The sympathy of- the
enUiro community goes forth to the
horoavod wife and oh 11 (Iron,
The lunar il was hold on Friday
■iiuler tho aitspicofl of Cranhrook
l od".' A.F. A A.M.. "f which order
tho deceased wnn it member. A
number of brothorn followed the re
mains to tho cemetery where Bust
WnBier w. ii. Wilson performed the
rites of the order    "Ho mote It be "
A Modern Romance
li was some time before Vera recovered consciousness,
We must start at once, ahe cried
feverishly,     I musl bnow tho worst.
Lady Barton telephoned to Hiram
Horner, and wlthlu an hour the car
had started for tho south, l.ady Bar-
ion sat In lho tor.nenn wltll Vera and
did h.v utmost to raise her spirits.
hut she was well-nigh broken by the
blow, for it was not only for David'**-
health that she waa concerned, There
waa ever present thu dread lear that
he had discovered her deception aud
that she would nol now have the op
portunity of informing him herself and I cannot force uie to havo lt
A Great Induitrlal City In the Making.
Directly across Uio street the C.P.B are speeding millions in establishing immense Railway Yards, Terminal Elevators, Bound Houses Car
Shops, etc., etc. Besides this many otber immense manufacturing industries have secured locations, and assure employment for thousands of
Cholco locations from $175 per Lot up.     Terms J2C cash, balance 110
per month.     Clear Title.     No Taxes for 1912.
Write for Booklet. Agents  Wanted at all  Points
To Exchange—Automobiles,  Houses and Char Title Lots   for   Farm
lands,     What have you to offer? " m
 22 Canada Life Building,       Winnipeg, Man
Grant. 1 could never hnve deliberately planned to do It. 1 know It
sounds dreadfully weak. Then 1
thoughi thnt ho did not care about
money, aud 1 made up my mind to give
you everything that he wanted. You
were so happy with Vaughan, Don't |
vou venieiuher that he said he would
never marry a rich wife.
It Is that that troubles me, Hilda
said miserably. I think,I shall refuse to take this money.     Mr. Clay
..eking his pardon on her kuees, Her
courage had been worn away by the
!"ng sustained suspense, and she
faced the future with trembling,
What shall I say ,o him, if he knows,
ciii* asked miserably,
We must hope for lhe heal, l.ady.
Uarton answered hopefully,
The Journey seemed Interminable),
but at  last the cottage appeared hi
sight,     Almost before the ear slop ■
ped Vera Jumped to the ground and)
hastened Inside.      Hilda was In the!
sitting room, and she rose a; the bight
of her friend.
Have you told him? How   is   he?
I am '
Bul it is >ours, Can you forgive
me, dear. 1 know that 1 was mean
and despicable, hm I ..»\o heen so
1 have nothing to forgive
duly so very sorry fur you
I don't deserve   your   for
Vera paid gratefullj.
I must see Vaughan at once, I wnn
der it he has got back from London,
Where are you going to slay? 1
suppose they cannot move Mr. Clay.
So, Dot for ii day or two. Won't
you »'ome and stay with me al the
Hotel at Bognor?    You will be near
Mr. NEWLYWED ssM-"Hello 1 tn thlm
otwltladofioltweareusluffl Xtihaku
alt right, doesn't ltl"f
Mn. NEWLYWED s»Id-l,Yes, It's
WINDSOR SALT. The grocer told mc
•bout It—sold It wis tiie only kind id.
customers would hi..*',
Mr. NEWLYWED Mid-'Wr.., if ho keeps
Such good «ali, I gueu everything cl-e
la his itoro tni!*t l>c good, so I would Jo
ell my trading there. If I were-you", _
Mrs. NEWLYWED •aid-' t blend to,"    .*>
-.'era Rasped and she clutched eagerly i Vaughan. but that is not the reason 1
nt Hilda's arm. lash you.     ; wanl you. dear, lf youi
Ho Is better, and 'he doctor sayB-aro near me, 1 shan't feel so utterly
that there ts no'danger. "Best is! lonely. Seeing you will make me
what Is required, Hilda replied.     *    think that 1 am truly forgiven.
Docs ho know? Vera demanded I I will come-, Hilda answered simply,
fiercely, and her face worked pain-1 1 wonder when they will tei me see
fully. Hilda was touched, and In Mr, Clay? Vera asked eagerly,
su instant her love for her friend re-1 The doctor will be the.e by now.
turned. She took her lu her arms You can ask him. See, There is Mr,
and kissed her tenderly. Horner with Lady Barton,
Have you told him the truth? Vera t Vera called aud they turned ■ la
repeated, and she drew herself away; them.
and gazed eagerly ul Hilda's face.      j    This is my friend. Hilda Grant, Vera '
Ko, 1 have not told him, Hilda ans-1 Bald, and Hiram looked keen.) al the
wered quietly. j young girl.
For a mom en! Vera staggered and'    She knows everything and she has
clutched hold of a chair to support j forgiven me. Vera continued
herself. Sensible girl, Hiram cried cheerful-
God ble33 you, she eri^d brokenly. ■ Ij.     Bv the bye, the doctof b is ]
One last effort to retain   her   self t coin", shall we go back aud hear what;
control, an effort that ended miserably
for she hurst, into sobs, half-smother
•d, but they seemed to tear her very
Bon'! cry, Hilda said soothingly, he
will forgive you.
But she was pas' sny such comfort.
and Hilda began fo look nervously
at the door that led to the bedroom In
which David Clay lay. Her answer
was justified, for it opened, and a
nurse appearing looked questionlngly
st Vera.
He Is sleeping, and musl not be disturbed, she said reproachfully.
Hilda look up her hat and coat,
which sho quickly put on.
Dry your tears, she said peremptorily, we will go out. Dgj't you understand, Vera, Mr, ClayTB very Ul?
She took her by the hand, nnd led
her from tho Cottage,
We will walk u little; it will do
you good, sho oonttnued, with an attempt at cheerfulness, We must have
a very long talk. Vera. After all, it
may not he as bad as you think—no
harm has been done.
How did you find out? Did he tell
Ho tulked in his delirium, and all
became plain, lie loves you very
What must you think ot ine? J
wonder yotl do not hate mc.
Alter all, I don't know thai I hnve
very much lo forglvo, save that you
deceived me.     It wart that, that hurl.
AH the money Is nt tho bank, every
penny of Jt, end J liavo arranged it
can be Hi ven to you at once.     See
hero Ih the paper, Vera cried eafeerly,
Hilda drew hack nud   she   looked
with great distaste at tho envelope
Whloh was thrust on hor,
Vou must lako it.
It Is not Mio money-i hate it, for
fear that, it will bring me nothing but
Fnr my rfake, Hilda, can'l you sec
what 1 am suffering? Help nn* dear.
It in a small thing, but I want, to bo
able  to  tell  hliu  that  1   havo done
everything -i. my power to right the
wrong I committed,
What mado yon do it? Hilda asl*
ed wonderingly,
I did not plan it at first. Don'l.
7 Jty*Hi .aktttfu*/
he has to sa>    From all account
is not as serious a business as we
Wben tbey arrived they found thai
'.Ue doctor had Just <.'oine ou t m
bis patient.
How ia he? Hiram asked.
Doing on capitally. A day or two
in bed will put him alright. He has a
marvellous constitution.
May we see him? Vera asked.
res, but don't etay too long, and
thero must be no excitement, he said
Without waiting to hear more Vera i r*
hurried to the   bedroom   door,   and
quietly turned the handle.
Sho looked eagerly at David, whose
eyes brightened at the sight of her.
She hastened to his Bide, and taking
lit** hand, ra.sed it. to her lips.
DVI •*»■•* «in bu».-\Vt-» you |o«t »VM l--v» ta
ino.. t-rfeit MMIol Cloth fSOfGoo*]* *t* made
of.---..-* M.t'ak-rt, bi* l-.i|-.•>.•.;,.
s.ni tor Frw Octet C«td. $tor* Booklet, to*]
e - . •; gt-Mnf rait-iti of D*>«.d| over cthci colon,
But Much Pulpwood Found In Lee
Lablche Reolon
The Forestry Branch of the Department of the Interior has had a number of parties ont during the past
season continuing thc examination of
tho unexplored districts to find oat
the supply of timber on Dominion
Lands and determine ihe lands which
should be 'eserved permanently for
timber purposes, These parlies are
generally In eharge of graduates of
tho Forest S-Jhool of tho University of
Toronto, 'ihe work for tho season la
almost completed and tho" parties are
now returning from tho field. Two
of the parties have already report-id,
Mr. S. H. Clark examined dur'lK
the pni.1 sea.ou the dlstrlot lying nor Ji
of Lac LaBlohO and east, of tho AMi
jabaska River in Northern Alberta,
Which Ih along tho route which wus
proposed for tho Alberta (ireat YVa-
I terways Railway. Tlio season was
; wet, uud, is the district waa found
; lo ho covered largely by muskeg, the
examination of it wnn difficult. The
muskegs were almost Impassable and
the few trails that were found an in
poor condition, In spite of tho cou-
I dltlon of the trails quite n large nun.
ber of people were going in to Foil
McMurray to locate,
lt had been reported thai there waB
considerable large  timber  north   oj
Lao LaBiohe, but   the   examination
I brought  out  the fact, which lias to*.
j frequently  ''ecu tno case,  that  the
quantttj of 'arge timber is small and
oni] In a few scattored areas,    Thero
; l*t, however, a large quantity   ot  lm-
j mature spruce and Jack  pine which
! needs   only   protection   from   fire   to
be a valuable crop for pulpwood or
' lumber.     The laud is generally covered whli  muskeg, and the soil, no-
. where nrst>olasB, bocomes liahu-r and
i sandy towar-ts the cast, where it con
| sists of sandy jack pine ridges with
muskeg between.      The   undvaluol
J muskegs make tho timber growth slow
but the whole district Is more BUllai
for timber growth than tor agrii-nHnve.
Deai'n<.c*nt is caused by an ln!la...»d
i dltlon of tho mu-oous lining of tlic Bug-
tachiun   Tub**.    Whon   this   tube   Is   In-
' ftaim"1   yuu   have   a   run* tiling   sound   or
; Imperfect .«■■.■ nig. and whon it la entire-
, ,   , 111 ly closed, DoaincM in the result, and un-
I phi glad you havo come, he Baldhess th* Inflammation can be taken out
weakly. I think I have been dream-'and this tube restored to Its normal oon*
Ini* nt vnn  tmfiv slnefl lln. ner.dr-nf   nf   UU-on, hoaitiiK Will be destroyed for ever
in), or you e ei since im accineni, oi  nini. cawa (.ul (lf .„n „M cafaed bv Cat-
you and your    rather.        If    almost | arra. which is nothing but an Inflamed
seemed as if Stephen Grant bad been ; condition of tho mucous surfaces.
,,.;,,. tl,_ Wn will ni ■.» Ono Hundred Dollars for
"■'■- "1H- , ,       anv cose of Deafness ■caus'-d bv catarrh)
Sho drew back, and turned away her I thai cannot ba cured by Hall's catarrh
! Cure.   _9cnd   fur rlreitlars,   free,
Thai mirror of the wants of western
Canada, the Brand   Trunk   system's
I quarterly bulletin of business opening
< has again made us appearance, eov-
! erhiR about 100 different lines each ln
, request Ht from ono to twenty towns.
i In  addition tu the usual needs of a
! young country such as general stores.
i feed mills, blacksmith shops, butcher
! shops, and so forth, there ie a brisk
: demand for the professions,     School
1 teachers are easily first, with doctors
and druggists1 a good Becond. Dentists,
: lawyers, and veterinary surgeons are
i not in such general request.      Some
10 prairies tftWns are    ambitious   to
! keep up with the fashions aud are
calling for a dressmaker while mlllln-
"'  ers are wanted lu half that number.
Let 'Em Hustle i Only one music teacher Is railed for
Ti Ings political are moving so fast | and but two newspapers. There aro
that some of the old wheel horses however openings for six photo-
are having hard work to keep from j graphers nnl five undertakers. Two
being run over. [pushful towns look for an automobile
 ■■■—!■ I gara?e and an equal number are hank-
Deafnesr Cannot be Cured j ering for a brewery,      Manufactur-
lo^al applications,   as   they   eannot} iug is represented by hoots and shoes,
reach the diseased  portion  of tho  ear.   pappr   boxe*?,    bricks,   brushes   and
mere te only on*, way to cure deafness,   i„* „,    ,.*„,'- li„,..„ «,,„««,„ „i„n„.
and that  is iv   constitutional remedies,   brooms, cement, blocks, cheese, cigars,
clothes, cordage, iron aud steel,
powedr works, paint, sheet metal, soap and starch.
fare, In tlio moment nho had forgot-
feu everything, savo thai this was the
man she loved who lay stricken on
Ihe bed, but his word?, recalled everything. The fortnight will soon be
uji, ileai*  a.id thou—
Sho choked back a sob, and looked
at him through her tears.
Don't Ol'}', denr, WO tire going lo be
so very happy.
The nurso came across io ihem.
t think yen had better go, madam;
ho musl nol be excited, she said firmly.
Will you drive straight lo the hotel.
I must lirst no 10 the houso, and bring
my things away,     i will Join yon In
about  an  hour.  Vera  suggested  to
You will not be long?
Nol more than an hour.     You will
he able to -see Vaugliati before I ar-
nff .
CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold to* Druraista, 75c,
Tako uallfl Family I'llls for constipation.
Jsual Ratio
You buy a pint of chestnuts
All toothsome from the wood.
If fates are hind perhaps you find
That two or Ihree ore good.
Sores Heal Quickly.—Have you a
persistent sore that refuses to heal?
Then try Or. Thomas' Klectrlc Oil
In the dressing. It will stop sloughing, carry away the proud flesh, draw
out the pus and prepare a clean way
for the new skin. It Is tho recognizer healer among oils and myriads
of people can certify that it healed
where other oils failed utterly.
llihla started nff at onco, and engaged room** at lho hotel. II chanced
I that Crawley lliann auw her enter.
land after a short interval lie sent up
la request 'hat. she should see him.
remember I Bald tbat i was Hilda Ho followed closely after the messen-
Grant; when tho man came to worry B*r> »•■■■•• hoai'd IliId:l ?n*' ,IlHt Bn°
her. It. was ror vou 1 did it. anil r0"[tl h"' no ono- 'm 1,p entered quick-
when 1 realised that It waa a fortune ! -•■" *,flt'r ",0 sarvaut, for he did not
that he broughl 1 was tempted. Ii Intend to bo denied.
all seemd su fatally easy, lie never J »'IH not detain you very long. I
seemed ru doubt that I   wan   Hilda hear that Mr. Cyay haa bpen takou
l to your cottage, can you give me tho
""" s iiit,.Ht news? be asked.
Snappers up of unconsidered trifles
are warned off lho three new volcanic
Islands recently thrown up sixty miles
southwest -' Robinson Crusoe's old
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemptr
How Careless
Jimmie Brltt, not iho pugilist, but
the circus man, tells a story illustrating how rof: hearted and sympathetic
some or the ringmasters nre when the
acrobats got hurt.      The heroine of
the story was a girl whn did tho four-
horso act, the six-horse net, tho trap-
I eze, and tho flying bar, for nil of which
.she received the princely remuneration
of  forty  do'lnrs n  week,
i     One day she toll forty fer-t from the
trapezo and landing precipitately and
U i IH-advisedly on her left  wrist, broke
the bone near 'he elbow.     The rlng-
IHe is nol i;i danger.
I am very glad to hear It.     Did
yon meel him?
yos,     I remained   with   him
i night; until tho nurso came.
Did he bear   - ir oamo? he asked I master ran up and sympathized ns tot-
" Sculpture 200,000 Years Old
M. Dharvent, a French scientist, residing at Bethune, has presented to
the Congress of Prehistoric Anthropology and Archaeology, six pieces of
sculptured sllcx dating.from the Chel-
lean period.
It is suggested that thoy were sculptured 1,00,000 years ago by our prehistoric ancestors who dwelt in caverns.
One of these crude works of art represent u simian head, possibly a gorilla, and others represent heads of
One Sutler and  Five Yeomen Tike
Care of the Sliver and China
The pantries at Bucklnsham Palace
consist of three targe rooms on the
ground floor, opposite the kitchens.
In one Is kept the sliver in dally use,
ln another the china, and in the third
the glassware is stored.
The three pantries ure In charge of
an official known ss the pantry butler,
who has five assistants, termed yeomen.   '
The duty a the pantry butler is to
give out th* silver, china and glass
required dally for (ho royal tables and
for afternoon ten; ihe pantry butler
lias also to tea that nil he gives oul
Is returned to hltn niter each meal.
Tho silver pantry Is lined with ma-!
hogany glass framed cases, containing
thousands of poundB' worth of silver
plate. iu mio ease there aro two
silver dinner Borvloes, nmtulnlng several thousands pieces of plato. There
arc sk hundred plates of various sizes
several hundred sliver dishes, hundreds of Bllvor spoons and forks, and
a inoet valuable collection of old silver
drinking mugs. Two of tho latter
wore iu the pOBSOBBlon of Queen EH-
saboth ami r.re reputed to be worth
In another case are four silver tea
Borvloes, one of which was a gift to
Queen Maty from tho Herman empreSB
and is goneraliy used at afternoon tea,
which Is sorvod In the queen's private
Overnight the pantry butler makes
out the list of Bllvor, China and glnss
thnl wlil ho roQUlrod In thn royal dining room for breakfast, luncheon and
dinner thc following day, and his assistants put out on lho tallies in each
pantry the required articles of table
Bervlco which aro takon to the kitchen and dining room after being inspected by the pantry butler.
The bulk -f tin. royal plate Is kept
ot Buckingham Palace, bo when the
court moves, a largo quantity of it has
to bo taken io Windsor, Balmoral, or
wherever their majesties may go.
The pantry butler ts responsible for
tho packing of the plate, and It Ib always conveyed from ono royal residence to another .In his charge. The
plato ls packed ln steel lined boxes
mado ot oak, with iron hands. In
Iho center of the cover of each are
tho letters "G.R,." surmounted by a
crown. No china or glass has to be
moved from Buckingham Palace, as
n very large quantity of china or glass
is kopt in stuck at all tho royal residences.
Tho pantry butler ls absolutely lord
of his pantries, and none of the servants, with the exception of the pantry
yeomen, ia allowed to enter them
without tho lu tier's permission.
All the glassware used at tho royal
residence is of modern make, most of
which now in use being purchased by
thc late king.
r submit lo a headache ts to waste energy, Ume and comfort.
To slop It at once simply take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Waters
T.ur prugflsl will conllrm cur statement that lliey do not contain
tnytmnf that can hirm heart or Mnro.a system.   25c. ■ boi.
•Vain Cmmlealon Marehanta
Maki, Bill. Lading real: Port Arthur ar Tat TTIIIIam.
Co.." Wlnnlpef.
Liberal Advnnca.
Winnipeg. Manila..
.N*i"tlfy Pet.r Jane,.
•Vempt Rtiturne
CountlesB Imve been the cures Worlfr
ed by Holloway'i Corn Cure. It lias
a power of .ts own not found In other
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures Garget
Mammoth Cunarder
'Hie launch nt Clydebank of tho
mammoth Cminrder Acuultania Is expected to take place In March. It Is
anticipated >hat sho will bo ready
for her steam trials by February, 1914.
Her rival In point of slue, the German liner Imperator, will bo tho .flrsL
Into actual service.
As tho Clyde channel la at present
Uio Ac'iuitatiia could scarcely be sent
safely to sea, but before Bhe ls
launched tbe Clydo liouso trustees
will begin widening nnd deepening
schemes within their Jurisdiction. It
Is thought operations will start ot
Gravel Point bend, where tho wrecked
steamer St. Dees now lies. ThiB Is
the most dangerous port of the water
Vou havo 10 ilsir   to   ask   these
i tostiona, -ail 1 mu nut going to answer litem, sli" said quickly.
w.iat If I wi re lo tell you lhat—
There la    i nei i. I kno- the broko
ill t|i|j.:lvlv.
Who told yon? Mr. Claj '
si, ■ did   o    answer,   bi I   ' iok« .
in,a' i"    .'   '■ <• ilo,,r.
(To he '•ontiii'i-d)
lows,  with  certain   profane  remarks
which are ii ira excluded:   .
Wlmt in thunder do you mean hy
falling oul -jf thnt trap-He? I'm n
son nf a rii.i If lomo of your ginks
don't iry to put n orlmp Into this show
every llmo wo 11(1 lho lent!
In Society
lie   Ind uii i.i UU ?
s -   oh. a  cory olov
■llll atupl I < nougli in plo
aTRfl. O. A. f-EUlY AND tlULU
Uses Only Cuticura
Soap for Prize Baby
"1 hava alwA7« wwl Outlourt
fioapind no other for my baby, and
he hiw .jf.-vM' lm-1 a hm-** of any kind.
Hi dori not oven rtinf-i an niont 1>*>
blm do. I fotd that it in all owing
to Cnlloiira Hon;- f»r I,*- In Ann hikI
n*»fclthy, and Thi-a Uv.1 month*, vjil
won a i>i-"w« In a baity oontoit, ic
niakm my hear! oohe 1*1 k<» Into .10
many lioin^ nnd h'mi a flwix't fu> i-d
baby with ihn whole top of Ita h'«<l
a noliiI ti.iiny. »,f murf, i-iiiH..1 by thw
uie nf iwor totpi   I uwayi rocom->
lTi''i.'l OnfifuirA, and inrm liin-'M out
of b'n the unit, timo I aw. the mother
ih'1 ,/iv"' OU* 1796*10 Klin 1 you tnlil
me ot OullauiH.' " (BlC;*!) Mm.
O. A. Bel by, ftouonrjiv bSoh, Calif,
'..^iieifl Ctltttltlfl  rtnip la inl'l Iir  rt-'n-
f>" anil iifk>ii inrywbM, a immui 10
"OuilourA.'1 »"-yt •'»>. ii'"«i"'i, v.t* a . win
Mcnrf a ittn-tti H1111I". wllh B9-9, bunk; ua
lh« - irt tit UlA. ivi^ .i-A UK.
In Apprehenalon
1 nave hep n  pIuhIi uIImiiii on hrr
Fifty Animas are De-ilt With Within   wedJlug iuini\- Mary.      It WOB one I
One Hour 1 hml aboul  Ilio linimo for BOino Mme,
1,-     it   lab      iitii.v      rarmeri'  bnt it looked Hko new?
annual   illiplay   '.r   uiiikinn   cattle I    «•*'
■ dpi tied 1 esti« da) m the llo 11 Agri-
! culutral  Hall,  Itllngton, which itsolf
for tbis v... ii |i traniformed into an
Immem ■  dairy.,
Late in he afti n< on n crowd of
rarmera watched tho action of a now
luiikiiiR machine of Swodfih origin.
Thle llf•^i'■», <\.ih it rap pod to tho cow
nii'l driven by machinery, Irew the
milk, Into 1 metal receptacle apparently with ■!'.- greaieit oaio and with
Miuirifo'iion ic th« fow The latter
\*,an tiniiu'ii in auoul i'tx mlnutei, •*.!.'?
it ii claimed fnr HiIr machine that liy
ineani of 11 (employing '-:i" to every
ton cowb) 'i herd of fifty h*»ad can
Now she Um found thai I huvn an
anniversary noon.
Well, no .luiiiit you expect hor Io
roclproi ate,
lioclprooa'o la nol ttio word, I'm
afraid rUo will rolallate,
ilillkf',1    inile
y helng
■ri 1111
one li'inr, ono
11"' "1
W,   N.   V     02a
An ni,i,i.„>  All lt„i„i
Megnphotiltl (mi elRhl-aeelng
-Thla Ih llunkor mil.
Oolflftl   111 Mnn-- All,     tlml      i'.|.
bunkor, i,i bo Hnre.
Tho dally eoniiimpttpn ot rlnomAto*
graph 1II111H 'ii ICnRlnna in nnw |4I :,t
586,000 leei   giving nu rtnauai con«
iiiuiiIii lun nl 800,000,000 leei.
When Fishermen Lie
A weary biiKler stole furtively Inlo
a lhhnionger'H nhop, and witli a elgh
threw his empty creel on lho counter.
Put n few n»h In that, lie aald. Put
'0111 In as if thoy liad heen caught lo-
Cerlalnly, sir.   How many?
ll'in. ll;tter iniiko It three or four
trout. It's best not to take homo loo
many. Pcjple got ao confoundedly
Quito so, sir, agreed the fishmonger
imt — er — wouldn't you rather havo
Salmon?    Why salmon?
Well, sir—er—your wife culled tills
evening, nnd I was to try to make, you
lake homo salmon because she ilitcs
11 bettor than any other lls.li.
Ine Wild East
Why are you so crazy about cowboy pictures in the moving picture
shows? asked Mark.
I was raised on Long Island, uud I
like tn ace tlio old familiar places,
replied .lack.
With Brown Gravy
if Bttropo divides Turkey, wo
As soon as some one asks tho blessing,
Would llko to put. In our claim for
A  slnli of white meat nnd somo
droiBlng. '
The Glory of the Mountain
How beautiful Is the llfo of the
woods and mountains! It has bcen
well said that a mountain ls n mystery, eapoctally If lt bo forest covered. What deep ravines and beetling
crags does It not conceal, what rushing streams; and In the foothills are
deep, silent pools, where grow tho
loveliest flowers, and where the deer
come to drink, and sometimes a bear!
On Possaconaway may bo seen ln the
early summer that most beautiful ot
small wild flowers, the Mitchclla; the
petals aro white at the outer edge,
but toward lie centre most delicately
tinted. *l'he7 cover the ground like
a carpet, creeping among the ferns and
mosses and the rich humus made ot
the fallen leaves ot centuries. Then
thero ls the Llnnaea boreallB, the favorite flower of tho creat naturalist
Linnaeus, clinging to the moss with
a complexion like a milkmaid; and oh!
she is very, very sweet and agreeable. And you can find the clieker-
berry, tho partridge berry, and the
Indian pipe and tho purple brunella,
wild asters, and a host ot other
Most glorious are the woods nnd
mountains in the clear days of late
September, whon thoro has been a
frost at night, Just enough to show
that the color fairies have been at
work; then dark hemlock and white
crag serve but to enhance the rich coloring. Vou may walk or drive for
miles amid the most gorgeous colors
in tlio most bracing air, and under the
bluest skies, and see the granite peak
of Chocorua glistening In the sunlight. It c hard to say when tbo
mountains .ind woods are most beautiful at all seasons, oven amid the
winter's snows when snow shoeing
ond sleighing you go over tlio old
routes onco more, with the temperature below zero and Ihe bright situ
overhead.—II Alexander I'ussell in
the Theosophlcal Truth.
More About
The Loading Platform
The pre..;nt generation ol W-stern farmer:- will never know th.
difficulties an! vexation, experienced ty l.-io'r predecessors In th.
earlier years r.hen no ono could got a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except by loading It through an elevator Tbe system forced
the majority ot farmers to soil tjolr grain to the elevator owneri
at arbitrary prices, and oft times to submit to heavy dockago an!
other nnnoynncos, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution of cars as fixed by Iho Drain Act and the uso of th.
loading platform, provide farllltl is which enable tiie farmer to secure
satisfactory uealment In the disposal of hla grain, and tho highest
market prices at timo ot sale. 3vory farmer therefore, should more
nnd moro endeavor to use tho loading platform li shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It is the safeguard o' the farmers' freedom In illspoilng of his grain to the hest advantage for himself. It
farmers refrain from using the loading platform freely, it might result In Its being done away with, because railway companies aad
elevator owners aro strongly opposed to It, It is easy to understand
why elevator people desire the loading platform abolished. The railway people on their part say it delays the loading of cars and helps tt
ensure car shortage. This wo know t, he nonsense, because fre-
ouently af'or cars ar*, loaded, whether with grain, coal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they are aid-tracked for days nnd even week.
Instead of being promptly moved forward lo destination. It Is engine
shortage and shortage of competent train men that mostly caus?»
grain blocka les on railways and not lack of cars. Let evrry farmer
therefore, do all he ean to use th-i loading platform and become an Independent shipper. In suhser-ent advertisements we will state la
detail the savings and other advantages ot direct loading Inlo car.
compared with loading through elevators.
We handle Ihe farmers grain strictly on M-nmi'Slon. make llh«r»I
advances on car bills of lading, supervise- thi grading at Ume ear.
are Inspected, secure the highest prices at llms of sate nud nnV.
prompt retu.-is when sold. Wrlto ut for shipping Instructions an*
tn.rVet information.
Thompson Sons & Company
Record Shipbuilding
London.—Tonnngo of vcn»ois undor
construction In the United Kingdom
1111 Boptombor M reached tho record
total uf Hii.kall tons, or 400,000 Ions
above  Iho  llr-iuu  for Hepleinhi'r ao,
After the Game
Through reckoned nn n mini of parti
The fact, was not revealed
I'ntll n fiuitlnll lie wns gleaned
lu [rnclloiiB from lho (lolds.
11a • Tin.
■WtlaMetfa, <a*l pn with laaMsladlaUfta
e.,M*tt.OB10IS*l....l IIK.T mill
0t,,*SBB     Will ,*■">..'..,.»., il.,*
1 til Mai*
Ardoiil. Suitor- I lay my furliitio
nl your feel.
Pair Lndy-Yuiir fiirlnm! I didn't
know J'OH Imd one.
Anli'iil Suitor- -Will, il isn't much
nt n fortune, Iml it will look large
beside thiis'' Iluy fuel.
Medical Women In Germany
It Is statsi* that thore nro now 17
qualified iiindl(al women In Germany
They nro distributed In tho cities of
Germany as follows: Berlin, 30; Munich, 7; Frankfort on the Main, 5; Ham
burg, it; Dilsscldorf, Broslau, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, and Had Elster,
each 2; whlU a numbor af other
places have one each. Most, of lhe
women doc'ors In Qormnny practise
ns specialists, especially In diseases of
women and children. During I lie last
few yours, according to lho llrltlsh
Medical journal, the chances of medical women hnve steadily become more
fuvorubln In Germany. They often
secure posh, lu hospitals, Institutes,
umi asylums,
Tart and Tartar
When .Tunics T. Ilriuly first opened
n lawyer's ilflco lu Now York llo
took a basement room which had boon
previously occupied by u cobbler.
Ho wus somewhat annoyed by thc
previous occupant's callers and Irritated by lho foot that ho had fow of
his own, Ono day an Irishman en
The cobbler's gone, I see, ho said.
I should think hu has, nirily responded Brady,
And What do you sell? said ilio 'lull or, I.inking nt tho military tiiblc and
ii fow Inw books.
Illockhnudn, responded Ilrudy.
Hi'koiin, said tho Irishman, ye musl
bo doing a mighty line business y?
nln'l got. lull, olio left.
A  glove   for
any   occasion
in every shade,
^                THE NIW WINCmSTtn
Hammerless Repeating Shotgun
The lifhtest, suonf«t and hamUomeat repeating shotgun made.   It weighs
only SU pounds, yet, all metal parr, being made throughout of Nickel
Steel, it has wonderful strength.    In grace of outline and refinement of
detail and finish, It Is unapproached by repeating guns of other makes.
It la exceedingly simple to load, unload and take down, and shoots
with the strength and accuracy for which Winchester guns ate noted.
At, yt.r ittltr', l»-» 1,» Ml. .r 11.41. Win.lt.itit It.piatl.i A, Mi
ft,. New if..,.. Ct»n„ fir he.diimi. Illv.lt.tii elrealtr Jitcrltl.g ll
George Ade Hears a Fable
Tlio first Hum tho Washington base-
bull team pliyod Chicago this season.
Ilenrgn Ade, famous for his fables In
ulutig, mot u friend In tho street, who
CoillO on, Georgo, and see lhls
Washington 'earn. It's a poach. It's
a hummer. It's pcrformnnco against
Chicago will ho an Mulshed an tho work
of Jack Profit In n Georgia poach orchard. .
Thai, said Abe, wllhuui racking a
iimlle, sounds lo uie distinctly llko a
fable in alans.
Give England Siberian Climate
Great Britain Is taking seriously
the fanciful schom o,f Mr. Darker a
Brooklyn Inventor, to deflect the Gulf
stroam by a breakwater off tho coast
of Newfoundland. Newspnpers nre
nsklng what the British government
Ib going to In about It.
Thore can lit- no doubt, says the
London Kvenlng l'ross that soilous
trouble will follow nny allempt to
nb us of what lilllo comfort remalne
In o„i wrote',ed climate.
It ls trim I'uglaud's loss will ho u
rain to a part of the British ISmplro.
for Cannda will get thn lienellt of a
change In tho Atlantic, current!!, but
that la smnll comfort to Brltous who
will havo to iIioohi between a Siberian cllmnto and emigration.
Tho plan which would COlt nbou,
1200,000,000 Is tn build a bronkwntoi
200 miles loi|{ on tiio eastern const,
thus deflecting tlio Icy currents froiiii
Labrador. Tho Unit stream would
thon be freo lo run north, conferring
upon "Tho Mother of Snows," a rail
lant climate like that of Prance, I' ie
cold current wuuld then turn soutli and
refresh lho parched shores of Africa.
Meanwhile Kngland has lho cheerful prospect of getting a climato H'ti
Labrador, which Is In the snme lill-
How oft an orator must go
Before llie heedless throng
And sprain nis vocal curds to show
■ Ills iiilmi is clear and strong!
How un l,i handshakes must he twist
Ills muscles till they start
And prove by toughness of tho wrlit
Ills tenderness of heart!
Anollier fellow's sister always
sooms nicer to a young mau than his
own, iinui ul ler ho marries her.
rattier—Do yon know wlmt. happens
to liars when thoy die?
Johnny—Yel, sir; they llo Btlll.
The first, direct shipment of salmon
from I'rlneo llupert tho Uriuid Trunk
I'nclflc'n tei'iiiluiiH tn Ellropo has .lust
sailed via Ihe "Crown of Unlnclu," u
Llvorpool vesnel. This shipment
consisting ot ovor l,,ooo eases came
from tho cannery nt Numii and It la
confidently expected Hint this Is h it
tlio forerunner of n new and Ir.ipu't-
nut branch ot export trade.
The Port if London Authorlly lias
awarded Ihreo weeks' pay us a bonus to Uio men of tlio pollco and lire
lepartmetit who remained loyal during ilu- dock slilke,
An Ii'lshmiii passing a simp where a
notion was 'llsplnyed saying Ihnt uv-
or, thing was sold by the yard, thought
ho would play n joke tin the shopkeeper, no'lit entered the shop anil
ashed for a yard of milk. Tho shopman, not In ihn least taken aback dip.
ped his flllgcr In a howl of milk ami
drew a line a yard long on Mm funnier. Pat, not wishing lo lm caught
ill his own trap, asked tlin price.
Sivpeine, .aid Ihn shopman.
All right, inirr, said I'ntt. Hull 11
up; I'll tnke If.
A   Prince   llupert   despatch   slutes
that. Mr. A ii. tteikomp of Saskatoon lias purchased over lutlO.Oild
worth of properly In Ilio former placo
and lias decided In live llicm. Sir
George Doughty, of llrlniHhy, England,
the fishing expert, addressing tho Canadian Club of Prince llupert recently
gave lt oh Ills opinion Hint lho llsh-
erios along tho const near hy would
nlono make n olty of 50,000 people,
Tlio value uf building pei'mlls thero
for Kill wns }20!,,77l while lhat for
1013 up to the end of Boptombor is
$276,065, an Increase of $11,181 with
three iiioinlis left to run,
Bad Blood ■
Is the direct and Inevitable result ol
Irregular or constipated bowels and
tlogied-up kidneys and akin. Tht
•ndijralrd [ood end other waste mat.
ter which ia allowed lo accuaiiiUta
potions the blood and the whole
syatrm. Dr, Morse's Indian Root I'ilb
act directly on the liowila, regulating
them—on llie kidneys, giving tbem
taee anil alrengtli loproptrly filler the
blood-and on the akin, oiienlni u*
Iheporei. For pure blood aad MM
health tike
Dr. Morse's   «
Indian Root P.illo
■   ;V«,,  i   - .   >..  ., ....    ..',-,,, „    ..-.    ,,,,   - THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK. B. C.
A T'/o   Safe   Investment
Money roll)mod at end t? one yenr
or at end ot any Bubsotiuent year, ,ou
uo duye' notice if desired.
Thn uUovo security la tho beet Industrial ever ottered In Canada, Business established -.'7 years.
Wrllo nt once tor particulars.
National Securities Corporation Ltd
Confcd.:tiutIon Life Building. Toronto
The Central Business College, Toronto, with four City branch schools.
The Central Telegraph and Railroad
School and The Sbnw Corves pond enco
School, are now commonly known :.s
"Shaw's QbUools." In these schools
* Great work is being done in training
young people for business pursuits
aud for oarulug good salaries. The
annual ottrriculum is interesting and
is mailed free on sending request to
\V. ll. Shaw. President, Toronto, Ont.
FOR sunburn, windburn, cracked lips,
chaps, roughness or irritation after
shaving, try
Witch Hazel Cream
Itj creamy Ingredients soothe and soften
the outer skin, while the Witch Hazel
Fans.rates and heals the deeper tissues.
Delightful after shaving or washing,
23o, a bottle, at your druggist's.
of Cant-ad*, Limited. 137
BooU Free.    A ■umpL
Home   treatment removed
I sores, ulcers and
growths cured.    Describe
fsur trouble; we will seiirt book ar.-l .eslimoaialit.
Maypole Soap
Gives lied glowing
colon, fadeleu ia iud
oiiudi, Dyei cotton,
title, wool of miituies.
Use il vouiicll at
home. l\o trouble-
no bum, 24 colon—
will give any shade.
■t youi dealer's ot
poitpaid with booklet
"How lo Dye" from
h   f. I. BENEDICT t CO. Honlrail
(Ill  t
-< England an
■oute to t.inn
n 1
ting Palaces.
Next Sailing   from Montreal
'Royal Edward" October 2nd nnd
October 30th
"Royal George"  October  16th nnd
November   13th
Xmas Sailing—From Halifax
"Royal  Edward"—November 27th.
"Royal  George"—December 11ti
Further Information from any mil
or steamship agent, or wrlto,
A. H. 0AVI3, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Street Winnipeg
A Soft Answer
John P. Irish spoke in California
•SHinat woman suffrage, One night
nfter a meeting In Sacramento a militant suffragette came up to blm aud
said Jn stem, cruel tones:
John P. Irish, you're a lowdown
Har! The truth Isn't in you.
Madam, Irish rejoined, Is It so bad
as that? Wouldn't you believe anything 1 suy?
Not a Ihlng. 1 wouldn't believe a
word you utter, You can't toll the
In that case, replied Irish, permit
mo to t-ay, madam, that you are a
perfect lady.
Llttlo Tohn waa playing about his
father's Btore nud a mun rami- In
wearing nn extreme pair of pointed
shoes. John looked nt the man's
feet for a second, then ran to hla
father and said: (.oino quick, papa,
and see Ihe mau with oue toe.
Warnings  to  Tradesmen  and  Others
The up'todate swindler has to be
something of a studeut of human nature. And ono or the human weaknesses thai he has discovered and
made use of is the unretisonlug confidence placed by the average business man in an imposing tetter-head,
especially ir the letter-head is thai uf
a tlrm of known respectability. One
is apt to Eorgel that a letter-head is
an extremely easy thing to forge, with
the result that one rarely suspocts
that tbe letter was not written by the
firm who&e name is printed on the
note paper,
Of course, tho letter-head swindler
is not so clumsy as to walk Into n
printer's nnd order ilie name of a Hrtn
to bo printed on note-paper. The
chances of detection would be too
great, lie goes to work mueh more
He obtain.;, by any of a dozen different, ways Lhe letter-head of a business concern. This ho takeB to a
printer in the neighborhood, anil asks
him to set up a proof of the letterhead. \_ Batlsfaotory the printer is
to receive n good order.
lu duo Hue he culls for Ihe proof,
expresses satisfaction, but slates that
before giving the order, he must lake
il back to the governor,
He lias now a clean piece ot paper
Inscribed With the name of a reputable firm. He immediately writes
upon lt an order to another firm in
thc same line of business, stating thut
the goods arc required in a hurry,
nud that our representative will call
for them :tt a certain time.
Before there is time for correspondence lie calls, and, stating that
he has come for the goods referred
to in the letter, coolly takes them
away and leaves bis victim to find
perhaps some three months later,
when an account is presented, that he
has beeu duped, and that the linn
to whom the goods were supposed to
have been supplied have never even
heard of the transaction.
When he is dealing with heavy and
valuable goods this swindler, true to
the principle that thoroughness pays,
will frequently present himself with
a cart which he bas hired, and upon
which he has invested a few shillings'
worth of paint. And when tho victim sees a substantial cart, with the
nflme of bis supposed customer on it,
he Is less likely than ever to request
cash with order.
Another dodge of tho letter-head
swindler ir, to uso this device as a
means for persuading tradesmen to
fash worthless cheques. He will
leaf about small districts and note tbe
names of thc tradesmen's carls that
deliver goods.
He will then have expensive note-
paper headed wllh the name of one
or more houses. On this he will
write a request to the tradesman to
cash a small cheque for my friend
Mr. Cheatem. Armed with this, he
will dress himself well, lounge into tho
shop in the earlier part of the morning, explal'.i that he ls staying at
the particular house, drawl an excuse
for being suddenly short of cash, and
Iu most cuses obtain money for his
vorthless cheque.
It is more than probable that tho
tradesman will not. carry In bis head
an accurate recollection of bis customer's handwriting. Ho may never have
seen it, as these hills arc usually paid
iu coin. Uut if it happens that he
does notice tho handwriting the swindler Is perfectly prepared.
The swindler will immediately explain that the lady of the house is
indisposed and that It Is tho handwriting of hor sister who is staying
with her. However, if thn tradesman would prefer It. he could doubtless obtain the lady's own written
request., though he would have to send
it into her bedroom; and, as he wants
the money a* once, he would bo very
greatly'obliged if the tradesman could
manage tu send a mau back with him
to the house with the money, to be
handed over when the man Is satisfied.
Thia impudent bluff generally does
tho trick. The tradesman will not
make trouble, even if ho still suspects.
He might possibly refuse, or send the
man as requested, in which case the
swindler would contrive to give htm
the slip.
He Looked III
Utile .lohuuy waa small of stature;
ami looked rather pale and out. of!
sorts, which led his school-fellows to
tease i ml cross-question htm,
Who'se yuur family doctor? asked !
a hlg boy with a bullying and swag-1
Bering nlr,
llavon't gut any doctor at all, said
Johu ll).      I never see one.
How  jolly  Hue,  replied  the other, J
\au don'i imve to lake any medicine
Oli, don'l l. replied Johnny. That's
all yuu know about it! My father's
;i dentist, my mother's a bomoeopa-
thia my eldest sister lias joined the I
ambulance class, grandfather believes
in resuscitation from drowning, grand-
mother tries every patient medicine |
advertised, my uncle is a veterinary
Burgeon, and—and ho added, almost
in tears, tliey all practise ou ine!
ire best to buy because of quality of output
md dependability for   LONG.   HARD .service
On the War Path
flood- afternoon, Johnny, said the
nice young lady, visiting his mother's
bouse lu the sweet cause of charily.
Why don't you come to our Sunday
school? A lot of your little friends
have joined and we aro going to have
a lovely party at Christmas.
Johnny shook bis head. Then suddenly he exclaimed.
Has a boy called Johnson, With red
hair, Joined yet?
Yes dear, said the nice young lady,
and ho seems to like It. lie's sqch
a good llttlo hoy.
IIuii,4* ho? muttered Johnny. Well
if he's there, I'll come. I've been
looking for him for throe months and
never knew where to find hltn before.
The area of thc United Kingdom ls
121,000 square miles.
According to tbe last census, Ibere
.uro 117,000 foreigners In Kgypt.
The tolal number of officers, seamen, and boys in our Navy exceeds
Public education throughout thc
United Kingdom costs the ratepayers
$100,000,000 annually.
Reason Enough
Barber—Did your mother say I was
to give you a close crop?
Boy—N'o, but I got a teacher who
pulls hair.
** sweet, refreshes the farmer who
builds a
Concrete Well or Tank
'T\HE FARMER, above all others, appreciates good water. He thinks
more water than the city man. The city-dweller is dependent upon
the public water-supply for thc purity of his water, while the farmer can
have his own private source of water, and thus be sure that it is pure
and healthful.
'AN hasn't found a better drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.    But in order to keep
water fresh and pure, a tank or well casing that will keep out every possible impurity must be used.
IT  ii absolutely vratcr-ttghtj  protecting your water Irom seepage) ol all
liinilH.   It cannot rot or crumble.   It ii easily cleaned inside,    'lint,
ami water, instead of causing it to dc,-.), actually inaLe it atronerer.
T HEHKareicoresofotherusesforconcretconyourfann   oneveryfarm   If
*■ youwouldllkctoknowoltliem, write (or our book, "What the Karmert an
Do With Concrete."   The book i, absolutely free.
f\VR banners' fn/ormatlon lie-
^* partineni wilt help you le deeld,
lion- lo build anything, from a porch-
slip to a silo. The service It free—
von don't even tuxvt to promlte I.
build. IWierl Id doubt atk iht Information Department.
Addraa, Publicity Maaafer
Canada  Cement  Company
WHEN you j,. f0 bay ..merit
btiure 'Uut this tab*I (i on
every bag and burrnl, Thft
;«« know you ate ge.tfojf lhe
content that t h e far mere of
Canada hava found ta be the
Mlnard'i  Liniment Cures  Garget  In
Nellie—Is that fellow ot yours ever
going to get up the courage lo propose?
Belle—T guess not. IIe*s like an
hour glass.
Nellie—Au hour glass?
Belle—Ves, the more time he gets
the les:. sand he has.
The transition from winter's cold
to summer's heat Frequently puts a
strath upon tlio system that produces Internal complications, always
painful nnd often serious. A common I bed of state.
A Rash Awakening
Sleeping on a mat under Hip moon
in a cannibal country is a pale adventure compared with a lodge ln an
old-time Irish Inn at the height of
lhe tourist season.
A certain Master of the Oalway
Hunt arrived at a small inn where
all the beds were already taken. A
heterogeneous collection of bedclothes
being arranged upon tt, into the exact
nature of which it was perhaps not
well to Inquire too closely, as it scorned (o be composed of contributions
from the wardrobes of the hotel help,
and the sportsman turned in.
The pillow was au odd-shaped substance, emitting a faint and strangely
familiar xlor; but tho Master of the
Oalway Blazers was too weary to concern himself over such trifles and he
slept as soundly ou his makeshipt
couch as If it  had been a canopied
!brm of disorder Is dysentery, to
which many are prone In tho spring
and summer. The very best medicine tn use in subduing this painful
ailment Is Dr. J. I). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It ts a standard remedy, sold everywhere.
Yes, said the small boy to the reporter, who wns looking for some
news to put in his paper, mother fell
downstairs and broke three legs.
Pshaw! What are you giving me,
youngster? cried the reporter. Don't
be too funny. Your mother hasn't
got three legs.
I didn't say she had, retorted the
wicked boy. The legs belonged to
a table which mother fell against. She
wasn't hurt at all.
Japan, which a few years ago export-
f»d no cotton underclothing al all, now
has practically tho monopoly of the
Indian market, aud has groatly encroached on the rrnde of the Untied
Only li-
of the Scllly IslUS are tn-
the value ol -rand looks.--of u fine com.
plexion, ts si.in lier from blemishes,
bright eyes and a cheerful demeanor.
Man)-of litem know, also, what It mean-
to, Ik- free from headaches, backaches
lassitude antl extreme nervousness,
because many have learned lhe value of
as the most reliable aid to belter phys-
leal condition. Beechnm'n Pills have
in tmenuuled reputation because they
act so mildly, Imt sn certainly and su
beneficially, liy clearing thc system,
regulating the bowels and liver, tliey
lone the stomach and improve the
digestion. Better feelings, better looks,
better spirits follow the use of Beech-
»m's Pills ao noted the world over
For Their
Good Effects
8*11 *TM|rwtw«t    •   Sic.
W«aiB wpciUliy ilmutil rciil tlw dlrcuti*m
with every boi,
W, N. U. 918
Brave Marmaduke
Darling! Tho young man's tones
were low nnd Impassioned as he knelt.
at the fair girl's feet, and pleaded with
hor. I would do anything for you, he
vowed! For you I would give up
all I have in the world; for yon I
would journey out to the ends of the
earth; for you I would even lay down
life Itself, and count myself honored!
The maid cast down her eyes.
Marmaduko, she replied, lu dulcet
accents, If you would do all that for
me, perhaps for my sake you would
do ouo IMilo thing more.
Yob, yes, he raved, his voice thick
with love; only toll me, beloved - tell
me your command, aud 1 wttt fulfill It,
though the whole world be against
The mnld looked at htm pretty
Then   would you kindly take your
left km IT my right foot? she said
calmly. You're knoellng on my favorite corn.
A Railway Expert
A Heol smaii who had been employed
nearly all his llie In the bulldlu;. of
rallwayi In tlio .Highland! of Scotland,
went to the United States In his later
years and settled In a new section on
the plalll! of tho Far West. Boon after
hts arrival a project came up In his
uew homo for tho construction of a
railway through the district, and lhe
Scotsman was applied to us a mau
of experience in such matters.
Hoot, mon, said he to the spokesman of lhe scheme, ye canna build a
railway across this country.
Why not, Mr, Ferguson?
Why not? lie repeated, wllh an air
of effectual ly Bottling the whole matter. Why not? And dluna yo aee the
country's as flat aw a floor, and ye
han uae place whatever lo run your
toouueis through I
Aunt Anna asked her little nephew
what he would like to give hte cousin
for his birthday.
I konw. he answered, but I ain't
big enough.
Do you think It is becoming? she
asked, appearing in her newest gown.
Don't bother about that! gushes thc
friend. It Is perfect! It Is simply
delicious! My dear, It makes you
look absolutely helpless.
He waa awakened In the morning by
a gentle fumbling at the wrappings
beside Ills coucb. and started up to
see a gleaming knife suspended above
his head.
I'm sorry to be dloturhtu' ye, sir,
said an apologetic voice, but sure th'
house was out iv pillows intirely, an"
we put th' aide ly bacon imdher y'r
honor'B head. I was just conthrivin'
to get a few rashers off for th' quality's breakfast without disturbln' ye,
whin y'r honor woke up.
Triumph of Reason
Damocles saw tho sword suspended
in the hair.
Since it can't cut the hair, I judge
your wife has been sharpening her
pencil, ho remarked to tho king.
There are over twenty-four thousand Justices of the Pence iu England
and Wales.
Notwithstanding Hie fact that Melville has the largest yards iu the
pralrlo suction of the (..rand Trunk
Pacific, west of Winnipeg, it has now
boon found necessary to Increase their
capacity, while six stalls are to bo added to th - round house at that point.
Following the Hounds
Smith was a great cyclist, but had
rarely been ou a horse. Ono day
when staying wilh n sporting uncle
ho thought he would tike to follow the
hounds, which were to meet near hy,
so ho borrowed from a young relative
a horse which was uot much accustomed to the hunting Held. At ltrst
he went, steadily until the horse, being startled by a rabbit, darting from
a clump of grass, broke Into a mad
gallop. The rider was flung forward
on the horse's neck.
What nre you doing, my lad, with
your arm there? jokingly called out
his uncle.
I'm feeling for the brake, wns the
muffled reply, but I can't find It.
As Far as He Had Traced It
Can you tell me where this road
leads to? asked the man In the automobile.
No, replied the farmer. I understand you can reach Chicago by following it, hut I couldn't tell you
where it goes alter that.
Hla Speciality
Tt was In a railway carriage, and
the company comprised several commercial travellers and a stout, elderly gentleman, who sat snugly In one
corner engrossed lu his paper.
Each and all of tho others made
desperate efforts to draw their slleut
stout companion into conversation, but
to no purpose. lie merely sat there
At last one of them determined to
settle Ihe matter
Lambent and Docile
History lesson was In progress, and
the class was iu trouble.
Teacher's patience was wearing
thin, and her sweet face lost Us complacency as question after question
tailed to get an answer.
Then she brightened up. Sho had
reached tho star pupil of tho class.
Now, Tommy, she said encouragingly. Mary followed Edward VI. And
who followed Mary?
Oh, yes, Tommy know that! Ills
answer was swift.
Her llttlo lamb, teacher! he shouted triumphantly.
At first signs of illness during the
hot weather, give tho. little ones
Baby's Own Tablets, or in a few
hours he may be beyond cure. These
Tablets wilt prevent summer complaints If given occasionally to the
well child and will promptly curt
these troubles If they como on sudden
ly. Baby's Own Tablets should always bo kept in every home where
there aro young children. Thero Is
no other medicine so guod and the
mother lias tho guaranteo of a gov
eminent; analyst that they are absolutely safe. Mrs. Chas. Lapierre,
Les Houles, Que., says:—"Haby's Own
Tablets are the best medicine a mother can give her llttlo ones and I always keep them in tho house." Tho
Tablets are nold by medicine dealers
or bv mall at 25 cents a hox from Tho
Dr. Williams' Medlclno Co., Brock*
% ilie, Ont.
Bio League Repartee
Tho baseball manager Inspected the
applicant for a Job.
Well, young man, ho asked, what
can you do?
I can do something no other pitcher can. I'm a ventroloqutst, 1 can
throw my voice.
Nothing doing, my son. The umpire would call a bawl on you every
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Winchester cartridges adapted to Winchester rifles are made co as to get
the best possible results out of them. As the same equipment, organization and system are employed in making all Winchester cartridges, the
natural consequence is that Winchester cartridges give the best results in
all firearms. Winchester cartridges are made in calipers and Bites for a'.l
rifles, revolvers and pistols.    Be sure to ask for the Red V/ Brand.
llllll -sssssss— ii r ■=:-?-
In Practice
Husband—Your extravagance i
awful. Whon I die you'll probabl-
have to bog.
Wire—Well, 1 should bo belter oft
than somo poor women who never
lind any practice,
Too Many Spectators
lle    tsontfully)— There   nro   thousands of stars tonight looking down
upon you.
She—Ib my hat on straight?
Denmark: exports the greater proportion of Its buuer lo llie United
During the last few yeara I lie price
of raw produce of farms In tho I'nlted
States of America has risen by Uii per
While giving my lilllo boy, used 8
a shampoo one day, lho water kept
dropping ou bis face, and he said:
Mother's that's rain, and I replied:
Yes, dear.
lie said: Then I am your lillle reindeer.
The Worst ol It
Merchant—lt seems to mo lhal ynu
isk high wages considering thai yon
have bad no experience In ibis business-,
Clerk—Ah, but ynu forget Hs.it that's
just what makes it all tile harder I'm
A Sure Return
Out to luncheon—back iu live
utes, read tho sign on the door.
Aro you sure ho will get back thai
soou? asked the anxious caller.
Yes'm, aald tlio wise ofllco boy. lie
ain't got tho price of a toll minutes
lunch In his clothes.
Pupil (to schoolmaster)—.Sir, would
you tuliifl taking great earn how you
draw up iny report! My parents suffer dreadfully from nerves.
A friend Hent her little boy, aged
4 over ono morning with his wee
sweater and was told lo ask Mr. M.
to dyo it. llo handed lho garment
lo inc. but evidently forgot (lie word
dye, ns after some hesitation he said:
Mr. M.i mama says kill tills red for
Mundiiy, aged 4, knew motley was
sometimes sent lo the bank lo he
changed. Ho one day wheu wllh his
lunl her, he vlslled lhe bunk and
mat'ehed to the oitehler's window he
proffered his money wllh the reiiueut:
PtOABO change my penny for u nickel.
.leniinello, li years uld, wns dressing for school Hie Ilrst day. Her
mother said: You arc a preily big
girl your llrsi day at school.
.lonuuellc, looking iu lhe looking
glass, satd:
Yes, but 1 don'l look halt n» big ns
I feel.
They si;, babies smile In Ihelr sleep
when th0*' ttrcATn Mumi angels,
That's untiling. Bo do inu-slral
comedy slurs..
A. Utile boy, aged 4, was asked by
a .vniing man how much 'J and - made.
The boy answered correctly, but tin
ally put up a facer for his tiuostlonor.
lt was:
It I liud a bottle or pickles and took
one out, how many would lliere l.'e
loft In the hut.;:!'-.'
Doctor    Recommends    Postum   Irom
Personal Tesl.
No one Is bettor able to.realize ihe
injurious notion of caftolho—"tho drug
in cuifce--on the heart, than the dootor. Tea Is just, us harmful as cot-
toe lu-cause il, inn, contains the d ng
When lhe doctor lilmseli' bus been
relieved by simply leaving olf eon -e
and using I'ostuiu be can refer \\,t,Ii
full conviction to his own euse.
A Mo. physician prescribes Postum
for many of bis patients because he
was bencllieil  by  II.      lie says
Asthma Bring. Misery, but Ur. .1
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will replace  the  misery   wltll   welcome relief.     Inhaled as smoke or vapor it
i reaches Iho very Inmost recesses of
Pardon me, sir, lie suld suavely, but   t|10 hroneulal passages   and   soothes
I feel save that you are one ot us. j ,|IE.nl,      Restrlatlon passes und easy
What do you travel lu'.' breathing returns.      If you knew as
The others bent forward eagerly,  weu ],-,» this remedy would help you
. as the atom, man slowly lowered his j „B  u0  thousands  of  grateful   users,
newspaper and   peered   through   his  there would bo a package In your
spectaotos, wilh sad und melancholy  borne tonight.    Try it.
mien, ut ibe persistant one. -
Well, my friend, replied be, ul pre-, Hard
'sent I nm travelling In very Intiulsl-!     „ ,_„ ,.   h„   1(ffl,     |u.(.ll|v
Jacques—My dear sir. here in mr
barracks wo ::ave lhe tallest sobltet
ever seen.
Jeenis -The tallest': How tall It
Jacques—Six feet, nine inches.
Jeenis—Six feet nine Inches'! That
Is nothing. In our barracks wa
have a sargeant who Is so tall that ha
Is compelled to kneel when Iio wants
to scratch his bead!
He—Huh, It reminds me
nlnr theatre!
She—What do you mean',
lie—Standing room only.
of a pop
tlvo nud objectionable company,
il,o carrlngo is full of samples.
Was too Valuable
III   lho  soft     llrellghl,    ev
bnurding bouse sluing room
cozy and attractive.       Tho
uud eonif.ul thawed the heart
Btar heartier.
In an expansive inomelll he turned
to lho landlady, who wns bis only
companion in tho mom. Clasping lier
baud fondly, ho murmured
will you lie my wife.-
The woman did not slurl or blush;
no maidenly coyness shone rrom her
denr, cold eves, as she replied thought*
Lot me see. Ynu have been here
four years. You huve never onco
grumbled al the food, or fulled to pay
wish to add my testimony lu rc-l1"-' m} Promptly «'"] wlUioul mips i.
gurd  lo that excellent preparation-   No' "lr- ■'» H»rry, but I caiinni mnr-
Postum.      I hnve had functional or   ''>' ,•»'"■ ,   ■"''•'"'"" good 0 hoarder
nervous heart troublos r»r ove,- i„ to bo put on tlio free list,
yours, anil n  ptirt of the lime was I ■—-•--"
unable to nttond lo mv business. Woman   Is considered  lhe  weaker
"I   wis a  moderate user of coffee I vessel, she remailied. und yel   ■
nml  did   nol   llilnk drinking  It hurt       Well': In -queried, us silo hesitated,
mo.     Hul ou stopping It anil using I    Anil yot, alio   oontln I.   man   Is
Maud—Beatrix   has
. pounds  lately;   her  new  gowns  are
i perfect successes; her sweellienrl pro
I posed to her Insl nlglil; her rich un-
I do died yesterday nud left her n mil-
Ihei llou. nnd now she has to go to
ry lo took sad
OOkodi liineral today and l
f Hie j   Mlnard's Liniment Cur.. Ol.temp.r
Dollar. Venus Halra
Qlbbs -In a  way  I've as uu
John I).
iniiii-.   Nonsoiisol     Why, Roekfol-
lor has a dollar tor every hair on yonr,
dibits-Woll, I'll boi I've a dolls
for every hair on his head,
I'osmiiu Instead, my heart has gut.
I'lgilt, an 1 1 llHerlbe it In the change
trom cniTce lo Postum,
"I iiiii prescribing It now In enses tit
sickness, especially when ooffoo doos
nol ugtee, or uffecls lho hearl,
nerves nr stomach,
"When uinilc right II bus a much
heller flavour Minn eolfee, and Is a
vital mi.-miner of the system. I sliull
Continue lo rocontumnd It to our people, and I have my own euse lo rotor
to," Name given hy Caiiailhiu Postum Co., Windsor. (Int. lleud Ihe
lillle hook, "Tho Hoad to Wellvlllc,"
lu pkgs.    "There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They are genuine, true and full of
human Interest.;
ittouor broke
I    Mlf-
Dootor, said lho lady pal lent
for a great deal Willi my eyes.
Kverybody does, madam, replied the
fussy old M.B.I Imt yuu would probably suitor u great denl more wllh-
uut Ihem.
Knglnlul's      liallnnal      expenditure
nmounts in nonrly two hundred million
pounds aunuully.
A fat French ludy despairingly
says: I am so fni lhal I pray fur n
rilsuppolii'meiil lo make me Ihln. hut
no Sooner docs lhe disappointment
ronie than the Joy nt the lirospccl ol
getting inln makes me falter Minn
Tommy, said his mother, grnndmoth'
er Is very 111. Can't you go In an*
cheor her up':
Yon, suid Tommy, nnd ha went into
the sick room. Hut lu. n few moments he came nut disconsolate.
Couldn'l mother, lu said she Room*
0(1 to got worse,
What did you Hiiy, dear'.' nsked
Why, I asked her If she would Ilk"
soldiers ni, hor funeral.
first Student - Wli.it    makes   that
red spot on your none';
Second student   masses.
Plrst Student-Classes ol what?
WJ softly-
b»c* to MM* fsrtNrt*
 of Cuts taw Heels,    uo]
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire' Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
,|.,H „1„H ,| ,|-1111 -H-H-l-H-H- -f-l l-l-cH-ri-^rilll III I l'-»ll>lll| ll I I 1|..r.|.>t.|.H-.»
Stock Bigger than Ever.   A
full Car Load just Unloaded
Many Patterns
: ■
», t
Many Prices
We paid 10 per cent more for our
stock this year but are selling at
the same price as last year.
Floor Oil Cloth 35c      **q yd
Linoleum 6 ft wide   55c
"     "   12 "     "      62 1-2  "   "
■t-IIHIIIIHHUHIIM-HI 11111111 IIII 111 ******* 11 1111 III nm *****'• !
—-*-*■>■ ■"■ '■■" ****** »" **** r t 111 iii iiiiiiiim
3D«sti"e Yoxa. Skito-ir :/y ?
StalesutHs made .j otlints tikiig the iV; Method Trealmenl.   They bow il Cures
tC~ No N«i»m «r TeBlimoniiaU utt><t without wrltUtt roij.cnt
hlttonl No. HH.,.
I .
iy uii
nintri nro nil
in nnd i fool
tt[ul in you
1  »t v«r furRft thn  fiavor your
i lmvo dono im- mn.   Vim t-..ii
im iti.« in recommend Ine it   i <
ror.    I i:i t.o!n^ lo .-•■'   mai
i.    Thanking  vm  nticn more,
htilcnl No. i«"
Indulp i In Immoi
poalt In in nn- n
Yarlet ue v<-Iim -ni
i hn
ll * i
-h ildvo, palm In
ni..   wenh  ncxunlly.    Ho   writm:—"t
recolved >"»r letter »t recent date nnd
-,» ri i-"'- I am |>h bi >i In nay th .t after
- iiiii-. two ni'■ nihil* treatment 1 would
enii-;.!. i- myself completely cured, ■■•■ 1
..■■•■• eoen im n-ii" »f thom com n i
bach (ono year),
rut: uoin.n BElUfS MFnmEXT.
Pnllenl No. (8998. '1 have no) had
,i f- ul m Urn .salon I don't know whon
nnd nm fooling flno,   Tho world toemi
ill ther different to m    i id  I I mi
Hod for dlr - tlm m I t >u. V « have
Mou .in hones) ■'. oi r * Ith
i  No, i'i.*Kn.   Bymptoma when h-
ilartod troalmonti—Ago ii. altiglo, tn
dulged in tmmnrul Imblta Hfvurnl yean
VarlaOMO Vclnn on both Bldeu—pimjili'
lho  f.t<
ilmi-ut li*' wrllon
welcome letter to hand nnd nm very
glad tn iay Hint I ihlnlt myjtc-lf oun I.
My Vnrloo«e Volna hpvo completely dis-
appeared fur quite ;. whllo and it r-enw
n euro. I »'"rk border and t----i i ua
tlrsd, I havo m» detlrc for that habit
whatever und If I »•■■>■ llko thla, which
I havo every reason to bollevo i v.,it.
Thanking you for your kind attention,"
l'n (lent No. 188..S. Thia pattont Meed
I of 1
oui Do
had a <•!:
iin-.- umi Sexual Weakness and waa run
down lu vigor and vitality. After ono
monlh'i treatment he reports ns foN
Iowa:—"1 ii rn feollhg fcry well. I hava
im; .-.' i ■ pound In ■ no month, ■ - that
I iv|l| have t" '■■■■'.:.t■>:•■■ ■•■ you." Liter
report!—"I nm beginning to feol moro
like i mnn. i fool my condition ia
getting belter every weok." His laat re-
porl    -"Dear I -    ! I    : thla 11
tin'   :,ir!   rn mtll'     tn        .■•'.: .t   I   Will
llO'       to  got,   1    IhOUgtil    Ill   "lie   llim.   I
tv -iii.:   - * ■•  cured  bul   I  put  con-
im  it-   * •! -"rem the aurt nml fen
bnve cured me."
cures cuAHAN^rro o* no pay
W, (rent end tare VAMCOS5 VtlHS, NIFVOUfl Dr.:'li(TY. BLOOD AND
CONSULTATION H»EE    BOOKS FREE.   If unable to cull writ- fur * Out. I ion
nk for Home Trotrmnl.
,-^__mm_*_Kl_*m\^m\_^__lm AH Ull*" fr„m C-.ni.rJn m ut I » •i.dri--.-d  lo uur Can.
JK^INU  I   ILL .......» Corti"pnnd. nr.   t'.|.itrtm-nl • - followi i
\_^-W   wmm-mtsaw-wm-Kgmmwe   ijrs KENNQ>Y & Kennedy, Windsor, ont.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Gruwold St.,  Detroit, Mick.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning Service at 11 A. M.
Sunday Scbool and B,hle Class at
8 p.m.
Evening Service at 7:30 p.m.
Morning Subject: "The Forgiveness ol Sin."
Evening 8ub]ect: "Mirth—It'e
Place and Power."
The Annual Congregational Meeting
will take place in the church on
Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. A (ull
attendance o( membera and adherents ls requested. Business urgent
and important.
Baptist Church
Bev. 0. B. KBKDA1.1.
Services at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m
A new liymn book has been introduced and a song service will be
beld tn tbe evening, Hymns that all
can learn and sing will be used. All
are invited.
Methodist Church
W. Bison Dunham
', Automobile   will   he   run    weekly   on
between  Cranhrook  and   Wasa   connecting  witli  incoming  and  outgoing
i trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
*4 * ******** *****************
Sunday Services    llev. J. P. West-
: man. formcely pastor ol thlB church,
I will preach at 11:00 n.m. and at 7:00
[p.m.   The   evening   service will take
| the   form   ol   n memorial service ln
j memory    of    tbe   late    Mre.   Frank
Parks.   There   will he a special program   nl   music, pipe organ and vocal, at both services.
Mr. Weatmnn will also address the
Bible Class at 3.00 p.m.
Catholic Church
Sundays—Low   mast  at 1:80 a.m.,
i high mass, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
: Irom . tn 3 p.m.,   Rosary and Bene-
Dctlon at 7 .'III p.m.
Mondays   and boly daya ol obligation—Mass at n a.m.
Week days—Mass at   I a.m. at tbe
P.PIamoadon, O.M.I
.Salvation Army
11*00 a in. Holiness Hervlce.
i 00   p ii,   Sunday School and Uible
KOO   Salvation     Service.    Subject:
"So Near and yet an Far."
Special   services   will be conducted
on   Sunday   at   UiOOi nun and soil
p.m.   All Welcome.
W.  J. CAKItlJTIIKItS, Captain
W   COOPKIt, Lieut.
©he Iteoepectoi;, ©ranbtook, $. (!t.
'      r'|l BSTABLISHlaD   189S
Published Bvery Saturday   Morning ai Oranbrook. I, C.
F. M. Christian, Manager
Postage to American. European uui  other foreign countries.    50 runt,   a
year eitra.
ADVBRTI8KM1.NT8—Advertising rates luininh.il on application. No
advertisements but those ol a reputable character will he accepted for
ADVERTISKR8 AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
Is given to local manager advurtisoinonts and subecrlptlonu will he Kept
running and charged up ai-ainnt their account.
Owing to schedule changes in the legal  rnte   at   Victoria   and  i-oiiuo
quent changes in tho various papers throughout tho Province the "Pros!
pector" announces that beginning with January Ist, the following rhargCB
will be made tor advertising all legal notices:
Application for llijuor liccnso. $6.00; llcuior license transler JH.50;
land purchnsc $7.00; Innd Ioiibo J7.1I0; eerlllU'iite of Improvement
10 cents per lino Qrst insertion and ,1 cents oni-li BUU-Mrqueut Insertion; delinquent DO-ownerehlp nol loe HI cents and r, rents; duplicate certificate 10 vein i and ' rents; wntor notice 10 cenfs and I
cents;   coal and petroleum notlse Jii.i'O
Karl llrcy Is parhaps the greittesl
llnllllgriitloli agent that OanadA hns.
lt is less thnn llfteen montlis since
in- ceased to occupy the post ol Qov
ernor-Ceneral and returned to Eng
land. With hi- ripe knowledge and
wide experience it is only natural
that he should he much sought after
as a public speaker lor he iB recognized as ;» great Imperialist iu the
truest nud soundest sense ol the
word. Almost on ovory occasion
wheu he bas spoken, ut all
events at every time when
the opportunity presented itself, ho
lias taken occasion to say something about Canada. He manages
nearly always to say it in a way iu
which it hns never been said beiore.
He knows the Dominion well, has a
profound belief ln its Iuture. is never tired of singing its praisesl Some
how in many respects we have come
to look upon His Lordship us in a
way a Canadian. We regard him as
one ol our assets, as peculiarly one
ol ourselves, a belief on which be
seemingly sets the seal wherever he
gets the opportunity ln his public
utterances! We do not know wheth-
Karl Grey will be nattered by our
saying so but we are inclined to
the type of Englishmen who enter-
tbing that he will, for he is one ot
tain the broadest view ol patriotism
and believe in the Empire as a
whole w thout tying their Indian
t ons to any particular part.
His Lordship is now actively engaging himself in the celebration ol
the centennary of peace between tbe
United States and Cireat Britian.
He has been appointed president ol
the committee ln charge ol the e-
vent. As far as this country is con
corned, and the celebration Ib one in
which Canada is deeply Interested
no more popular choice of a president could have been made. He ls
certain to make the event one which
will become historical.—Colonist.
Wadding Balls
At the Church of England, on
Thursday, George B. Weeks and Margaret L. Hewson were united In
marriage by the Rev. E. P. Flewell.
lug. A number of friends and relatives were present. The happy couple will reside ln Cranbrook.
On Wednesday, nt the Church of
England, Bruce B. Harrington and
Venle J. Slssons were united ln
marriage by Rev. E. PI Flewelllng.
The bride and groom were attended
by a 'ew relatives and Mends. Tbey
will reside in Cranbrook.
Marysville t'onaervii'. ve elect 0Ulcere
lor 1913.
On Saturday, December 28th, 1912,
a meeting ol the Murysvillc Conservative association wns called (initio purpose of electing olllrors lor
1918, the previous meeting of November 30, 191.. (or the same purpose
having heen declnroil hy the DiBtrlct
Executive Irregular and void.
Those present were:
H. i,. Sawyer, I,. E, Herchmer, W,
[I. White. I.. Menchln, O, Waterman,
C. Hodgson, F. Bidder, D. J. Hor-
iiian. 0. McQunde, A. Bidder, A.Quay
W. Colbourn. W. Bidder, Q, Hodgson,
W. Waterman and A. C. James,
The election of ollicers resulted as
Hon. Pres.—T. D. Oaven, M.I
Pres,—H. !,. Suwyer
Vlee-1'res. -L. _, Herchmer
Sec'y.—A. Q. James
Trees.—W. B. White
Auditors—L. E. Herchmer,  W
Eiecutive   Committee—F. Bidder, G.
H. Hnwkos, W. Bidder.
H. L, Sawyer was elected a delegate to attend the District Executive meetings.
A. G. JAMES, Sec'y.
Signed by practically every owner
ol lead mines nnd claims in the district, the petition to Premier Borden asking for the renewal of tbe
lead bounty or for some other adequate protection for the ind-.istry,
was forwarded to R. F. Green, ,,t. O!
tawa, yesterday, by the British I o-
lumbia Mining association. ' re association at a meeting yesterda i decided to ask tbe co-opcrati in ol
Premier McBrlde and the Boards • I
Trade ol this district in the following resolutions:
"That a copy ol the -iotl-.ion ol
the lead minerB to the Rt. loi. Tl.
L. Borden, premier of lanadn, he
forwarded to the Hon. Sir l-'cl'-d
McBride, premier and minister ol
mines of British Columbia, v.-ito a
request that, as the lead mining industry is of the greatest importance
to the entire province, as well ne lo
those directly concerned In this ib-
dnBtry, he urge upon the Rt. Von.
R. L. Borden the importance ol
granting bhe petition which bas heen
forwarded to nlm."
The eecond resolution was:
"That a copy of this resolution be
forwarded to the Boards ol 'Vrade
concerned asking for their endorsement and that they forward a copy
ol such endorsement to Sir i.hard
No. "Ml" East bound express, on
the   Crow line was derailed one mile
west of Dermis Saturday night last.
Juat how thc accident occurred has | W|na
not beou learned, but a broken rail, daughter ol Lord Roberts, to Major
thought to   hove   been the cause! •> wl» ol «*« R°'»l ViaU Artillery
Lord Roberts Hopes for Heir
The life ol Field Marshall lord
Roberts has been crowded with Ik n-
ors nnd sorrows. But old as he is—
in his 81st year—Lord Roberts may
llvo to see what will be tbe greatest Joy on earth to him—the ldith
of a boy that will perpetuate his
line nnd Inherit his title, i'he engagement Is announced of Lndy 1- d
Stewart     Roberts,     '--oun rer
Fire car were derailed, one turning
I Alter the heroic death on the battle
I Held ot Lord Roberts' only aiirviv
over, the other lour, Including the lnK soni Kln|( Edward showed his
Pullman merely lelt the track. On- supreme admiration for the veteran
ly two ol the pasaengers were Injur- soliller   by    ordering   thnt   his title
ed,    P. A. Morris, the colored pull- 'n"y J""1"   tliro'"*h    'M"*   "'.''."
. ,    daughters   to   her   first   son.   I„idy
man porter, and one whose name la mm   Mnry   „„,,...„   ,. c„u„,i the
unknown,   the   latter   hod a broken j heiress presumptive; ahe haa reached
A wrecking train lelt Cranbrook
Sunday morning, and the cars were
all on tbe track Monday afternoon
It was fortunate that the train wbb
running slowly, bad lt been otherwise the caauallty list would have
been much larger.
Veterans' Relief Fund
Hon. Pros, T. I).    Oaven, M.P.P.
Prea. J. O. Mitchell
Vice Pres. E. Klwell
Vice Pres. S. Blowe
Tree*. II. H. Short
Hoc   A. H. Webb
Whlit Orlva and Dance
In aid ol above
TICKETS   76 Centa,
Come and Help
the nge nl 13. Upon Lady r-'dwinn
bangs all her lather's hopes. Thn
birth of a son to hor will cause him
to forget all hia sorrows, would
make as naught all honors.
The Victoria Cross, tho higheit
distinction a llrltlsh soldier of high
rank cnn receive, Is bestowed only
fnr a doed In which tho recipient
dur ngly risks his llle. Lord Roberts won his Victoria Croas In the
Indian mutiny for such deeda in battle. Lord Roberta flrst born son
dlod when a baby, his second son wns
everything to him. Tnle second Bon
Frederick Hugh Sbiiston, wns killed
at the battle ol Tugola river in tbe
Boor war. He led n charge against
a Iloor battery that was almost certain death. His body and thofle of
threo that, followed him wore decorated with tlio Victoria Cross.
In Great Ilrltlnn a Bon may wear
bis lather's medals on hla right
lirwist, but a lather may not wear
lila aon'a medals. Parliament deeply
sympathise! with Lord Roberts' anguish over his son's death, piiBBed n
special act permitting him to wenr
hlfl son's Victoria Crosa on his right
bronet. So be Ib tbo only man on
earth privileged to pin on two Victoria crosses.
Have Ball Bearings thats why
ilu-y   run   so easy and make so little noise.
They stitch perfectly now and we guarantee them to do it S years from now.
The White is too well known to need
much comment
Please call and see the machine
Gooderham & Worts, special
B. C. Distillery Co., special reserve
Corby's Special select
Sparkling Burgundy    Pommery Sec.
Mumm's Extra Dry    White Seal
Dawson's Old Currlo
Dawson's Rare Liqueur
Dawson's Special
Dewar'a Special
King George IV
Black & White
White Horse Liqueur
White Horse Cellar
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
Tlppo Chlnnte
Italian Grappa
Cresta Illunca
Family Orders Promptly Filled
A Full Line ol other Choice Brands of Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs.   Cigars and Bar Glasses.
Phone 95—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box S
Cranbrook- B.C.
J««al..J,ll,.t.lt.,ta,t,ll.,la.l   .1..I..I,    «--*-■      *      *      *      *      *    af
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and  guarantee  our work
>   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing. and  ii
Heating Company
f W. F, Johnson, Pi-op., P.O. box 904
';      WORKS—Edward Street      •    •      Crunbroolt, B.C.     >;
UTERI* la su oil-burning lamp which produces ti flood ol
* * (uirc, wl.iic light—more brilliant tlian gas or electricity
—yd wonderfully mellow and ea-,y on llie eyes. It is Mtnple
and safe, clean and noiseless, docs not lill the room with obnox-
inu vuihral,hliil u-luri. To have a belter lighted home, with an
Aladdin Mantle Lamp
-will actually enm ymi tmiMnc.   ll will pap for lliell In U,c nil ll mm,   I am
lhe audit lot Ilia Manila l.m.'ji Cni.,.1 ■-..,■ ol America and am ti I Ihu ymi what 1
kiiim- in Iir ituoliHa ht li.    l-inleiini lu.-r m, ul l.r <vl- ItiMimir, i n,., ,.„, ni-uir
a compaiallvt Icil nl all lhe In-ilii-jt nil-lun-iiii,: lampi fin llm nml fi - .in I Ihe
Ar.tl.hn 'v.n l n| m j-lvrilir, licit llflht and tha mn m ten nam iin I lo mr, u,,i you
-n'l ncad lo accept H.-e hi i ■ ■ ■■ Mitclnonti uu uir wurd wile   All I aik ll llie npt-un unity to pr<i*e
them al inr nivn il.k.   I will tic 8l.nl lo l<-t ymi
TRY an Aladdin Lamp in Your Homo Before You Buy
I funilfh Table, Bucket, lfai.R.niti Wall and Chandelier IVpei ol lutpi—tn fael Aladdin Limpi lor miy
pntpoie, J» idfopnwa p>"i rntdand tlmplt uy you are Intereiled. nlfaoiladiobrlni inAladdlnUnii-lB
iJiuw nun and liana tu yuui hone to uie u nlghl ui lwi>, cmlidr wlllioul ol.lltutbu.   MaJI tU card luitay.
Professional   Carbs
- ant- -
£ooge   Hotices
*4**\ ..,..|~M~M- ••! -M-M-M-! l- **~ M-M-I-l-M ■*** ,
P.L.8.   ft   O.B.
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
W.   IT.   OURD
Bsrrlater, Solicitor, etc.
CliANltUOuK.    ...    B.O
Court Oranbrook No. 8948,
Meet in Oat-men',* Hall, on   and and
4th Tliurnday ol each montb.
LoiiiB Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box ,-18.
Visiting brothers Cordially Welcomed
NOTICE Is hereby given that an
application will bo mnde to the Li
cence Commissioners for tho City of
Crnnbrook at their next meeting
held nt least thirty days hereaftor,
lor tin transfer ot tiie hotel liquor
licence for tho premises known as thc
"Royal Hotel," Cranhrook, B.O.,
from tnysell to Willlnm Steward of
the same place, Hotel-keeper.
Dated this 30th day of November,
anil NI8BET
Barristers,   Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Lonn
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK.    -    BritlBh Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi 236 Phone 222
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
DrB.   KINO   ft   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - • 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays   - • - 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Dr.   F.   B.   MILES
Office In Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
T.   M.   RIXEN
Auditor and Accountant
P.O. Box 373
NELSON, B.O.      47-3m«
F. Ai. MacPherson
Norbiurjr A-enu. Nut to City Hall
Open Day and Night Phoae 211
Funeral Direotor,
ovehseas   club
(Crnnbrook  Branch)
Meets   In   tlifl   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and Ith Tuesdays ln every month, at
8  p.m.   Membership  open  tu British
N. A.  Walllnger,  Pres
W. C. Crebbin, Sec'y.
P.O. Bo* 4i!f).
Visiting membera cordially welcome
A. F. & A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursdny   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, W****8lilpiul Master
J. 8. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompnnlons   are   cordially Invited.
Ei. Comp.—A. C.  Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every TrXesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, C. O.
F. A. Stride, K. R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 25« V. O. Box 845
Circle No.   153 -
Companions ol the Forcat
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. C.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. 36tl
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers 6? Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Cranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wod-
nca.lny at 8 p. m..
In Royal Black
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
W. Swain, Dictator
R. 8. Garrett, Sec'y
''  Proa t0 t'll"s,'"'"'(1" °1"'  T
'J   rlCC  and mail this coupon    X
■ •   AT ONCE: Sample of our ex-   J
] |   pert  penmanship  ninl fusel.
imtinir lesson In shorthand,
Blair Business College
Spokane, Wash.
I am Interested  in Busl: I
no»s Education,   Pleiiso Bond ?
me   lull   Information  about T
your College,  and  cspeeliillj' J.
abuut  tho  subjects  oliooked T
Bookkeeping   ■ Sliortliand    ,""_"l
. Typewrltlnir   ..Potimsnililti '_A.I
. .Qu'ck-RgurlnK.. L..tt<:i -wi iui'i:
1 can begin a course about
, ',    Name
. ,    Address 	
40     ■
Classes in Drawing
Water Colnra, Pnatoll, Olla nnd
China Painting will bs opened the
second weok ol November. For further Inlormntlon Int.ruling puplla
should call or write
Miss M. A. Doyle
at  the   realdcnre   of   Mr.    l.oina Mc
District of East Knotenny.
TAKE NOTICE tbat Helon Mary
Easslo. of Fort Steele, occupation
married woman, intends to apply lor
permission to purchase tho following
described lands:—
Commencing nt a post planted "t
tho intersection or tho West boundary of the Knotenny Central right-
oi-wny with tlio EnBt bnnk ot the
Kootonny River Inn leet aottlh ol
the South Went comer of L'-'«l
thence Southerly .1:1 chnins lollowlng
tho said boundury ol thn rlght-ol-
way to Its rc-lntorsoction with tho
Kootenny lllvor. thence northerly
following tbo Enst bank of Kootonny
River upstream to place of commence
ment. containing 111 ncroB. moro or
Win   II. Etasle. Agent.
Dated Nov. aoth 101s. M-vt
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Oeorge Herbert Ashwortb, ot (.'ranbrook, B. C,
occupation Accountant, intends to ap
ply lor permission to purchase the
following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North-west corner ol Lot 8917,
tbence South II) chains, thence West
10 chains, thence North 40 chains,
tlience Enst 40 chains to point ol
commencement nml containing 160 a-
cres, more or less.
Dated December 4th, 1911!        49-9t
Dlatrlct ol East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, I. It. Boyd,
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
for the purchase of the following
described lands commencing at
post planted nt the oast corner ot
lot ecus, thence running wost 68.75
chains, thence south 54.no chains,
thence east fiS.75 chains, tiionre north
54.80 chains, to the point ol commencement.
I. R. BOYD, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
DiBtrlct of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Rsv.
Sehrog, ol Calgary, Alberta, Intend
to apply lor the purchase 0! tho lol-
lowiug described lands. Commencing at a post plantod at the northwest corner ol lot 339, thenco west
80 cbainB, thenco south 5H chains,
tbence east SO chains, tbence north
58 chains to the point ol commencement.
REV. SCHROG, locator
J. Laurie, A .out
Dated October 28,  1912. 45-9t
**%   I
SEALED TENDEfiS will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the .Ird day of March
1913, for the purchase of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 rnilwny ties, 1(1,000 cednr poles
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.O. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister ol Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day ol March
1913, for the purchase of Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,520,000 fert B.M.,
45,000 railway-ties, 4,600 cedar polos
on Lots 3877, 387S, Group 1, Kootenny District, near Creston.
Pnrticulars   ol Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C 49-13t
TIMBER   SALE  No.   X12
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by tbe Minister ol Lands not later
tban noon on the 3rd day of Mnrch
1913, for tbe purchase n! lircnce No.
X12 to cut C.440,000 feet B.M.,
10,600 railway-ties, 8,500 cedar poles
on Lot 491, Croup 1, Kootenny
Distrirt, near Oreston,
Particulars   of Oute! Forester. Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will bo received
by tho Minister ol Lands not later
than noon on tho 3rd dny of March
1111:1, for the purennsa ol Licence No.
XI3 to cut 4,160,000 feel H.M., and
1,50 cedar luilcs on Lot 281, Group 1,
Kootenay District, near Creston.
Particulars   ol chief Forester, Victoria, B.O 49-13t
District ol East Kooteuny
TAKE NOTICE that I, John
Laurie, ol Oranbrook, B.C.. Intend
to apply lor the purchalB of the following described lands. Commencing at n post planted nt tbe Southeast corner ol Lot 6620 thonce north
40 chnins. thence west 80 chnias,
tbence south 74.89 ehntnB, thence east
11.25 chnins, thence south 5.18 chnins
thence cast 63.75 chains to point of
nnted Octoher 28, 1912. 4B-9t
If you wnnt to treat yourself to a
genuine bargain that will please you
during 1918 nnd for all yours lo conic
hop.i1 a dollar to Tlio Family Herald
■md Weekly Star ol Montrenl, tor a
■earH subscription to thnt groat pa-
ner, and you will nlsn receive n copy
ol their new picture entitled, "Mother's Treasures," size 23 by 29 Inches,
nil ready lor framing. It Is tlio
best dollar'B wortli to bo had.
Tho picture, "Mother's Treasures,"
will bo a surprise to you. lt Ib
worthy a plsoo in tho best homes.
The Family Ilernld nnd Wcriily Stnr
Is known to everyone as tho greatest
Utrwipspsr on the Continent. Ons
dollar ennnot bs better spent. Try lt
and ba convinced.
DiBtrlct ol East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Mulhollnud, of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply for the purchase of
the following described lands commencing at n post planted at tho
southwest corner ol lot G623, thence
east 125.57 chains, tbence north 80
chains, thenco weBt 58 chains, thence
north 80 chains, tbence weBt IC.S2
chains, thence south 145 chains,
thence west 50.75 chains thonce
aouth 15 chains to tbo point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
District ol EnBt Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I, Reginald J.
Lydratt, ol Calgnry, Alberta, intend to apply for tho purchase of tbe
following described lands. Commenting at a post planted at the northwest corner ol lot 6622 thenco run
nlng emit. 80 chains, thence south
78.80 chains, thence west 50.75
chains, thence north 25 chains,
thence west 31.25 chains, thonce
north 54.80 to the point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dnteli October 28,  1912. 45-9t
District ol Enst Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, R. Powers,
ol Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
for the purchase of the following
described lunds. Cmmniencing at n
poet planted at tho southwest corner of lot 6621, tlience east 80 chains
tlience north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the point of commencement.
R. POWERS, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
For a licence to tnke and 111
NOTICE is hereby given that
H. W. Drew ol Klmberley, B.C.,
will apply for a licence to take ami
use one cubic foot per second of
wnter out ol Klmherley Creei, which
flows in a south easterly direction
through Klmberley townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near nnd
east of Block 1. The water will be
■ livcrted at a dam on Sullivan Hill
ond will be used for Domestic purposes on the land descrlhed as Lots
12 ft 13, Block 6, Klmherley townsite
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 4th dny of November
1912. The application will be filed
in the office ol the Water Recorder,at
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
45-9t Applicant
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Mary A. Soper ol Klmberley, 11.C,
will apply for a licence to take and
use six (6) Inches of water out of
Klmberley Creek, which flows ln a
South Easterly direction through
Klmberley townsite and empties into
Sullivan Creek near and Bast ot
Block 1.
The water will be diverted at or
nenr Lot 5, Block 11, and will be
used for Domestic purposca on thc
land described as Lots 1 and 2, Block
5, and Lot 6, Block 12, Klmberley
This notice wns posted on the
ground on the 4th day ol November
1912. The application will be filed
in tho ofllco ol the Wator Recorder.nt
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may bs filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
45-9t H. W. Drew, Agent
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, I.u-
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
<:m^   C.P.R.
Wood P
Department of Militia
and Defense
New Drill Hall at Fernie, B.C.
SEALED TENDERS marked on envelope "Tender for Construction of a
new Drill Hall, Fernie, B.C.," nnd
addressed to the Director of Contracts, Deportment of Militia and
Defence, Ottawa, will be received until noon, January 25, 1913, for the
construction of a New Drill Halt at
Fernie, B.C.
Specifications may be seen and full
particulars obtained at the ofllce of
tlic Ofllccr CoiumunditiK Military Dis
trict No 11, Victoria, B.O., and tho
City Clerk, Fernie, B.C., and the
Director of Engineer services, Headquarters, Ottawa.
Tenders ni'ial, lie made on the form
supplied by the department and accompanied hy an accepted che.,ui. on
a Canadian Chartered Dank, for tion
per cent (lOp.c.j of tbe amount of
l.hn tender, payable to the order of
the Honorable thc Minister of Militia nnd Defence which amount will
lie forfeited if the party tendering
declines to enter into or falls to
complete the contract in accordance
witli his tender.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
EUGENE F1SET, Colonel,
Deputy Minister.
Department of Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, December 17, 1912.
Ncwpapcrs   will not lie paid if this
advertisement    is    inserted    without
authority from  tbo Department.
EI. Q. 14-171-1.—29999. l-2t
Coal mining rightB of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
herta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territuriee and ln a portion of
the Province ot British Columbia,
may he leased for a term of twenty-
one yciirB at un annual rental ol $1
an acre. Not more than 2,500 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in peieon to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which tbo rights applied lor
arc situated.
ln surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied tor
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accoru
pnnied by a fee of |5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer
cbuntablc output of the mine at tbe
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tho full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay thu
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
bo permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
tbe mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should bo made to the Secretary ol
tbe Department of the Interior, OtW
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lnnds.
VV.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interioi
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not he paid
for. Jan. Ith-tl
♦ A.  WALLER j
Steam   Boiler,   Furnace,
aud Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stOGk estimate*
furnished on application
A.I Iron i P. O. Bos 141, Cruibrook
Wc Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds i>f Second Band fioodi
Furniture a SPEOIAt-TY
BUYEK OF  l-'L'l.s
•U--11C    ^ItljlWlirU'   a*ge's Did  Stand, Hanson Av<
THE STANDARD in tlio NaLtonal
Weekly Now-pupor of lho Dominion
or '.'iiii.nlu. It Ih naltonol in nil i i
It uNCH tho innHt oxponslvo nncni\.
lnsi, procurtnfi Uio photograph* rnmi
nil iivit lln. world.
Iin ortlclQi urn carefully Bolootad mnl
Uh editorial policy In llloroughiy
A   ■uhicrlpllon   in   Tii"   mi niiiiiiii
,:,ihI» $2X0 por yoar In imy lulilro.S In
Canada ur Otstit Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing  Co.,
Limited, Publleheri.
Pfano* 161.
^ OVCR 68 YE-AR9'
_tm cxpcntcNCC
r toi
■1   H |
11 III
|V.,*?.LJJLW Jiv?' J
Pp   TnADK tVVwmu
•**4           Draiam
CopvniQHra &t4.
ilfnMlflfioW '    -' '    "
ni-,- !■'(■ if]  il- ' '  .
iiiiiiIi Maun it co. I-- -«i"
l «.'li ii run, liilli't
Scientific JHwricaH.
\ hanrtjoraali' niii'irtiiM WeMf,   iJirnwi Mi
I'm in  I     I :iy   i   I"   Joiinii.l.     In-  *   1 '-
I i hiIi. ! i"i  i V •'. I*M**M I'U'l'il'l-   **"i-t ''J
___ w JjQ361B«i*rtr,| _
"jliiwcb onii*«, 'M V BU WaablfltfU-o. I*. C.
Special Train
from Spokane. Wash.
Tuesday, January 7th. 1913
Tickets   on    Siilo by   Oan. Pnc. Ry,
Ticliet   Agents in  Albertn und Eastern   B.C..   on    January   I, r, anil 6,
Final    return    hn.it   April    30,    1913
to Los Angelea nnd Return
Going and Returning via
Going via Spokane
Returning via Seattle
The Forest Brunch te in receipt of
a   letter   from   Mr.   O.  M.  1*. Gobs,
(Portland. Ore., touching on the matter of wood bloch paving. The possibilities of fir up a road maker
have  never been  thoroughly  investi-
: i ated in tbi couni rj. and it is
probable that before long tbe
Provincial authorities will issue
ome literature embodying the re-
■•'ilts of tri-.ls in various localities.
Vr. Qroaa promises assistance In
giving the experience of the city of
Seattle in the wood paving experiment in which the lim.henr.en and
civic authorities are currying on at
the present timo.
The people of this province may
find new and ever widening market
for wood products in the demand of
the prairie towns for Douglas Kir
Blocks, oreosoted for paving purpos-
es. lf it. Is profli ible to bring aB-
phalt far Inland from such fnr-oQ
points as Trinidad, tla* Coast may
look to Us wood supplies to furnish
one of the most essential and most
profitable factors ln modern city
Bpoclal Train trip trom Upokaae to
Los a.ngol"B covers 7 ilu>s, stops being mado ut Portland, San Francis
oo, Sun Jose, Hnntn Clara, Banta
OriW, .Monterey, Del Monte, Paso Ho
hies, Bantn Barbara, Riverside and
Pare on going trip (rom Spokane in*
chides berth and menls on train or
nt hotel, and n numbor oi Bight-see.
ing trips. Return Is hy regular service, menls nml horth not included.
Kor descriptive phamplet npply
R. G, Mc.NKlU.ll'*,
District Pnssonger Agent,
Oalgary, Alta,
TION ror the Issue .<'■ a duplicate
CertlBcate ol Title co part (i'.»7
acres] ol Lot 325, Group I, Kooteuny
ii Is my intention to issue at the es-
plratlon ol one month alter tbe lirst
publication bcreol a duplicate ot tbe
CertlBcate ol Title to tbe above men
| tloned Lot In thc name ol Thc llrlt^
I ish Oolumbla Southern Hallway
| Company which CertlBcate is nuten
: thc ."til day of May 1H03 anil numher-
j ed 10-22A.
1 Nelson. B.O., 31st December, 1912
j (SEAL) B, It. RUE
i l-lt District Registrar
i —
of 7a World
290 Cartoons M$m
Than 200 0^.ij;i...s
Thc World's Best Each Month
Curtoot's from dailies and wc kites published m
lliiii country, Lon-Urn. Dublin, Paris, lierli...
Munich. Vienna, Warww, Budapest, Bt.J'i ,-
burg, Amsterdam, Stuttgart. 1 urin. Rome, Li: bon.
!un.'\. Toklo,  ShanK.i.i. S,i!iu-v,  Lar   .'i    ::.]
South America, and all t!i- {treat cii.es cl ihe
world. Only the HOO best oul ol a.U'i cartoons
ench month, are selected,
A Picture. History cl World's Events Ens!: Month
compatim in Cartoohb' n -I watch the opposing parties caricature each other,
ItilhW, H. H.WINDSOR, ItSW.'.YMA.iigtatiStKeM nn\..i
(Section 18)
i NOTICK ifl hereby given that on
| tbe nth day of February, 1913, ap-
l plication will be made to the Super-
: intendent of Provincial Police for a
; licence to adII liquor at wholesale on
i the premises situate on Lot 6, Block
I 93, Baker street in the City of Cranbrook, B.C.
| Hated tbis lltb day of January,
I1913. 2-5t
NOTICK la hereby Riven that 60
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Mininter of Landa (or a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following lands situate in tho
District of Southeast Kootenay, Brit
ish Columbia, in Lot 1593:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West boundary line of Lot S5H8
nt or nenr two miles north of the
International Boundary, and being
the Northeast corner post of Charles
K. Webb's claim thence South eighty
chnins; thence        West        eighty
thence Kast eighty chains to the
point of commencement, making C40
acres more or less.
Located this 15th day of October,
Eathen W. Butts
50-Bt Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that GO
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
thc Minister of Lands' for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
lhe following limb, situnte in the
District of BoUtheast Kootenay, Brit
ihh Columbia, in Lot  1598
Commencing at a post planted on
the West line of Lot 7S44 at or near
•ne mile North ol thp International
Boundary, nnd being the Northeast
comer pout of ChnrloB B. Webb's
claim, tbence Houth eight; chains;
thence Wc-tt eighty chains; thence
Worth algbty chains; thence Kast
ilghty chains to thfl point ol conv
mencomsnt. making BW acres, morn
>r less.
Locabod thin iiUh day of October,
Kathen W. Butts
"»0-5t A^unt
(Section 18)
NOTICB iH heroby given that on
the 11th day of February, 1913, application will hi: made to the Licence
Commissioners of the City of Cranhrook for a licence for the sale of liquor by wholes.le on the premises
siUmte on Lot 6, Block 93, Baker
street in the City of Craubrook, B.C.
Dated this 11th day of January,
1913. 2-5t
NOTICE is hereby given, In accordance with thc Btatutes, that nil ae-
Bessed taxes and income tax and
school tax assessed and levied under
the "Taxaction Act" aie due and
payable on the 2nd dny of January,
1913. All taxes collectable for the
Fort Steele Assessment District aro
due and payable at my otlice, situated at the Government Offices, Cranhrook. This notice, in terms of law,
is equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon nil persons liable for
Dated   at   Crnnhrook,   B.C., the 7th
day of January, 1913.
Deputy   Assessor and Collector, Fort
Steele *-«
NOTIOB is hereby given that a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
the provisions of the "Taxation
Act" and the "PUbllO School Act"
lor the Fort Steele Assessment District, will be held as follows:
At Cranbrook in the Government
Office on Monday, 27th of January,
1913, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
At Kernie in the Government Office
nn Wednesday 29th of January, 1913,
at  ii o'clock in thu forenoon.
nt    Crnnbrook, B.C., the 7tb
January, 1918.
fudge    of    the   Court af Revision A
Appeal I-4t
...s >.hott Work ot
day   of
District of Kast Kootenny
TAKE NOTICK thnt 1,11. G. Blo.v
if Calgnry, Alberta, intend to npply
'or tha purohaso oi the following
inscribed lands commencing at a post \
plantod at the noutliMst corner of
Lot fif>?4, thence running north 40 j
■hnlns. thenco west ICO chains,
hence   miut h 40   ch >iiih,    thence cast
ico chains to the point of commence*
H.  G,   BLOW,  locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Data* Oetober 28, 19ll u-lt
'• ' had hm'-rt'iitly ImpeleM eaae* of
[,ii ihiiiro, twiit. NouralfiA mid nil other
II 1.1 in .ii. ir,; \: ||| at one* to A' boti lln •
Hi Mi li)       1,11 0 nn nriKt'l i>f eiiii-j ll
llll       M     ill     l      tO,-.*     |     a 1   a a, , |   | „ | [ ,. ,   ,   f „,
i lod i.'tin ii .ni I-mI-, of mrony mnl for w yrntt
ii4i i tal tin men, woinoh nnd children fot
■ ii ii •■"■ h 'rnixl n • help, J»m n fow boUl«t
i> n lenrn) ,*» ri ,.f funii BO to 00ymra' ihimti. i,
 " lodny it iinndl itii«-lviil!fl.| hd n qulfk, wtfp nn.l
■ -i it'iv relloldo Irwiimont fur nil uric uld dii<
■■ ■"-i, w.-nk i -ii„v   <-tc   Lot a dollar bottlo ol
iliiSPil J.C£if nheumatlo Rem<dv
■ ' i'our i ih. i ni onco Kinrt ymir cun t«lay.
.'•'■nt prepaid trr Abbot! Umi., 711 B, Dearborn8U
t Etloaso, 111., Ixyeur druntlt doo» not hav* 11
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug a BcoK Co. THE PROSPECTOR, CltANBBOOK. B.C.
i\ill he given on an
Motor Cycl to anyone who will net
as .nu' agent in •'■ territory where
we have no agent already.
'i i rim to Bgent of course te cash,
Write now before some one else
.-• - the agencj
Catalogues  Free,
*35 Notre Dame. East.      Winnipeg
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(rruruh'eds   of   cured    patient a   can
prove our statement).
SiifTere'*.. will receive pamphlet free
on requast,
Sanpl. PRICc $1.50 per bottle in
liquid t'm.n Druggists, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
You ought to wear
Reliable     mercrianls     have
them in stock
■V few doors gouth of C.P.R. Depot
Rates |>.50 to $2.00 per day
Cultfm- unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
AH Outside Rooms
Aro Uu- lies' ever made und arc soar*
anleed In c'v> ymi mil ...faction. At
al! dealer.", or Keud ns 26 cents stating flty. i nnd size required
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,
68 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Engineers nnd Bollonnnkors
Boilers   of   all     I. I,uds—Engines.
J'miii*:;. nnd Heavy Plata Work
Write- ur, ii.r Prices
11 Strach-in Ave.. Toronto. Canada
Good Ontario Apples
Communicate -.villi
93 C-:*Iboume  Street,  Toronto
Exploit* oi  Untamable  Convicts
\m, ii   i>; lliil  Ihr ..id luga who bIvo
in- mosl trouble, .-aid an otllci i' in {
one "i' ni,r great conv'lcl prisons In;
a newspaper rpprosciuuttvc. Men who
huve Borvcd several terms Invarlubly
Irani sem.0 nn,. uf tin- best-convicts in prison has served a term or
thlrtj years -in all. They sa> In-;
was like a wild bras! when he llrsi j
enme in. and thai he wa- bashed \
(flogged) three times during hi* lirst j
lagging. Now ynu could -trust him
In da III-) job witluMii an ofllcer lul
sight ot Ithn,
Ymi believe In flogging, then?
Certainly 1 do.     H's the only bold
wo Imve over ihe desperate typo of
criminal.     Now and then we get a
Kind of wild boast iu the shape of
a man thai is every bll aa dangerous
as a tiger fresh out of the Juugle, No-1
tblug bul a bashing does one of that
' son any food.     They had oue of that
kind In  Portland lately,     On May;
liib ui lasl year he was being brought
In from the quarry, when the officer I
In charge of the gang told him to walk I
quicker.     He lifted bis plckaxo and
caught the warder over the head and
oi • uearij killed htm,     The visiting I
justices ordered him thlrtj tasheB wiih }
Lhe cat, which is the severesi  pun-
Itbment that has beeu given in Portland for more than twenty years past.
Vou don't often hear or a mau bo*
iiii; taken out of prison, tried afresh,
and given .. fresb sentence for something ii" did in prison,      tint that Is
what happened  at  Parkhurst a few
years ago.      A chap who was Just
one of these mad beasts I'm telling
you about went I'm- another lag and,
precious nearly killed him, Tbey liad,
iiim up at Winchester As.-i.v--     The|
Judge gave him another ten years and
said ii-- wish) 'i he co il i bai e made II
The suffragettes give a deal of.
trouble'.' ventured Uie contributor,
I believe tbey do; but they're not
! the only ones that have to be Corel bl)
fed, Th y bad a man in Carmarthen Prison—a German, accused of murdering three people al! at once—-who;
would sit quite still al! day. without
speaking or moving; he wouldn
and would have died of starvation II
they badn't used the tube, Every on i
tried th-plr hand with him—governor, j
chaplain, doctor- but no one eon id do
• ■:. blng with him. He even bad
to be dressed and undressed like a
doll. Anyone mlgb bave thought he
was crazy; but tbe doctors didn't be-i
lieve so. They reckoned lie was the
finest malinger that ever was seen ia
Some of the younger prison - are
worse than the older men. What do
you think of this case, now?
A middle-aged man named Cully
was arrested at Darlington about two
years ago, and put in the same cell
with a lad whose name I won't mention, as ho is still alive. In the mld-i
die of lhe night Cully took but a piece
of cord which lie liad hidden In the:
lining of his eoar.
Who's going lirst? he said to the
Well, I'm not going, said the boy.
Cully then hailed himself, while thai
hoy lay and watched bim, and never:
made a sound.
Why didn't you shout? asked the
coroner, at llie inquest next day?
I forgot  said the boy.
Tim worst prisoner on record was aj
big Italian named Mayonl, who was!
lying in a Northern prison charged
with murder, One morning early he!
began smashing everything in his cell,
and before tho ofllcers could gather
he had managed to burst the door. |
How he did it. was a wonder, for three
ordinary iron couldn't have made any
Impression on It.
Then lie came rushing out, armed
with n piece of lead pipe, which he
had wrenched from the wail, and It
looked as if someone was going to
lie killed. Ono ot tho officers ran
upstairs, gol on the gallery above and
chucked a bucket of cold water down
on Mayoni's head. Then the others'
made a rush. You'll hardly believe
ii. hul It took fifteen men to get him
down and handcuff hliu!
Liquid   Sulphur   Nature's
Remedy Cures
llheumatlsm, Ki'V.ina, Stomach and
KIduey Troubles, Asthma, Soro
Throat, Catarrh and Dyspepsia,
Uso Liquid Sulphur (foot Bath for
tired or sore feet. Try tho Liquid Sulphur Bath, they are very
beqellotal to tho whole system, nnd
only costs a few cents eacb.
Liquid Sulphur is luo times better than sulphur in any othor form.
Thousands of Vancouver citizens
oan tell ymi how Liquid Sulphur
lias cured Ihem.
If yum* druggist cannot supply
you, we will send by mall, at our
own risk, upon receipt oT price
■lUe., or $1.00 size. POBtagO pre-
pnld. Prepared only by
Vancouver, B C.
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally strong
-will not tear.   A durable
and effective Interlining (or
wails, floors and ceilings.
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or write for sample
and Booklet to the is
3*1* Cana-Haa Man it'*   ini'ii
•I Canada, L.Hll«tJ,
M».iirMl. ftlBftlffi, lil|»r». Vaartatrr.
He Tipped Again
lie wai very affable and tree with
hi* opinions, was this young man. but
that was nbout all hr* was free with.
To the man who had carried his not.
unheayy bug to ibe little countryside
slaliou he had given one whole penny.
Notwithstanding the forlorn look on
tho man's face, he still continued to
rhai in an easy manner.
I shall never forget, he continued,
the splendor of ilie scenery when I was
in Switzerland. li was an education
m Bee tlio sun rise, tipping tho little
blue hills with pold-
Ali! Interrupted the man who hnd
tolled with bis bag. Them 'ills was
luckier than me, weren't thoy?
The   Black Hand
Our whole neighborhood has  beeu
stirred up. Bald the regular reader.
The editor ot the country  weekly
d his pen.     Tell me about It, he
said.     What we .rant is news, What
B   ■ .    :  it  up''
!   ss i the farmer.
Tells of Ihe Wonderful  Benefits Ob-
iained From
Like many anoiher Newfoundlander
living far from doctors, Mr. Stone
feels unbounded gratitude for the
benefits obtained from tho use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney.Liver Pills.
For years he had suffered from a
congested condition of the liver and
kidneys, with headacbc3, backaches,
pains In limbs and body. Words fail
to describe bis sufferings as well as
tho gratitude bo wants to express for
ibe euro.
Mr. Alex J. Stone, West Point,
Nfld., writes:—"! suppose you
thought I had forgotten all about you
when I got Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills, but I haven't. You must excuse
mistakes, for like many Newfoundland men I bave not much education,
but I want to thank you many times,
for your medicine.
"1 cannct teli you what I suffered
from liver and kidney derangements,
Indigestion and constipation, nor can
1 find words to express how much
good this medicine has done me. I
feel better than I havo for flvo years
r nd have given somo of these pills i
to friends, who tell mo thoy have done j
them a wonderful lot of good. I,
want to express my heartfelt gratitude
for the benefits derived from the
great medicine." j
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose. "5c. a box. at all dealers
or Ed manson, Bates & Co., Limited
A good cure for children's weak
ankles Is to bathe the ankles iu salt-
and-wuter, or if possible, .n sea-water.
Recognized as tho leading specific
for the destruction of worms, .Mother
Graves' Worm Kxtermlnntor has
proved a boon to suffering children
everywhere.     It seldom fails.
Reasons Why They Age Prematurely
Why ls it that nlno out ot every ten
girl workers one meets are pasty**
faced? Waitresses, typists, servants,
teachers, mill hands, shop-girls—oue
and all liavo the yellow-whlto tinge of
,i dead complexion.
Women commercial travellers nre
tho only section with comparatively
rosy cheeks. Thla may have something to do with tbo exorcise, for women working In this branch of industry havo a lot of walking to do. Aud
never was a moro beneficial bonutllU-r
than a sharp walk, however short.
But perhaps another reason for the
un won tod bloom of iho 'read woman1
is ihe fact that during her peregrinations sho usually stays at hotels,
where tlu food is good. Good food
is au essential to beauty. Sho
knows, too, that shirking meals Is
detrimental io good looks; that
could nover get about ns nho does on
a bath-bun and cup of ton lunch, whloh
is too often Indulged In by tho young
typist, l'.veu tho country girl would
lose her Inherited rosea ou a pastry
a plate of ham or tongue, a crisp
roll and butter, ami a glaBA of wator
would prove just as appetising and Infinitely more digestible lilting Into
the hard roll crust does lhe teeib, to
begin with, any amount or good; and
sijtging the water afier, not during,
tiif meal, is tho n I losl p recant ton tu
be lakeu by the girl who values Iter
appearance, Cones ami tea are. be
tides being incongruous In Lhe middle
ot tbe dn?, exceedingly hurtful hover*
ngi s for tho lunch-hour.
If economy mu ;t be studied, bolh
the bachelor girl and tho girl who
possesses a home Bhould make it a
golden rule to have a substantial
breakfast, (Vbove ail. the meal
Bhould nol bs eaten rapidly, and never
taken In bed, if tho consumer has to
rise Immediately afterwards. For
apai ■ from the fael thai directly on
rousing from sleep the digestive organs are not wide awake, as It vum'o,
sudden action after a meal Bpe
disaster ta iho dlgestlvo system al-
If possible rise early enough to al
low of reading tbe morning paper, for
sa> i quarter of an hour before sluing
down to breakfast, or take a turn
round the garden.
A very sood breakfast for every
season of ilie year consists of a small'
plate of porridge, some bacon or an
egg. toast and butler and marmalade,
ami fruit of some description, stewed i
or otherwise." And. just because It
is hot, do not do away with everything;
except the fruit. A fruit breakfast]
may be very nice In warm weather,
but it Is no ground-rock for a day's,
work. A glass of water at break-j
fast Is also extremely good. Bul
thOBe who could not do without their
tea or coffee, let them take Ihem by
all means. But on no account bolt,
them down bot; rather drink them
cold than boiling.
Tbe girls of to-day look so old—that
Is. the girls who have to work for
their living.
And it is simply because they will
not look after themselves. Sitting in
stuffy class-rooms and olliees, before
whirring machinery, on their knees
scrubbing floors, Ihey seem to havo no
energy left to do anything towards
keeping fit when at length tbey have
done for the day. But there ls such
a ridiculously simple exercise, which
lakes only threo to four minutes
overy night and morning, which will
make all the difference in the world
to tha tired girl-worker. She has
only to stand at her open bed-room
window, hands on hips, nnd draw in
deep, Ion? breaths slowly, and as slowly let thom out again.
And the wonderful change it makes.
Dull eyes bpcome bright, sallow
cheeks take on n rich carmine, round
shoulders disappear, as do ugly hollows. And the effect on the mind
is just ns marvellous. This Httle
breathing exorcise breeds a cheery
optimism iu place of a dreary pessimism. And ail because the sluggish
blood of tbo sedentary girl worker Is
getting what it so badly needs—more
Another pleasant Utile aid to beauty
Is tbe eating of an apple last thing
before retiring at night. The effect
o[ such a remedy on tbe complexion
Is well-night miraculous.
Mrs Nextd ore—Professor Adagio
called al our house yesterday, and my,
daughter played the piano for him.
lie just raved over ber playing.
.Mrs Peprey—How rude! Why
couldn't Uo conceal his feelings the I
■.-    the nf us do.
In Korea, Ministers of Slate who
gamble recklessly are liable to be
caned by police officials.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—I had a Bleeding Tumor
on my face for a long lime and tried
a number of remedies without any
good results. I was advised to try
MINAUD'S LINIMENT, and after using several hollies it made a complete cure, and it healed all up and
disappeared altogether.
Bellelsle Station, Kings   Co.,   N.B,,
Sept. 17. IHO I.
Putney BrldgO, near London, which
It is proposed to widen, was only bull I
twenty five years ago.
Mil. WlRII.MW* 9'iMT.i::' •>  I-.■IT kW
Mtdforovtr Rixrv vka^ih- millions
MOTHBHS   fur   (l.rlr   ciUluXtN    WW"
fiuniiNu. wiih vstttre.- i siicciu,   ..
•QOTiitt.. iii.- cuir.u sorruMi t>-« otrui
ll till W.I  ihii-i'7  |..r  DIARKifW \       It (■ •«•
Mrs, Nagga—John, baye you read
Mils magazine article entitled How to
be Happj   Though  Married?
Naggs Of i ourse not I know
ho    »v it lion   . ending i
Mrs.  \ Lggs-~Well, how ?
S iggs   Gi ■ a dlvon e
i . ui ' time is elghl hours In sd-
vance of 'iin time of this country.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc,
My little girl, 5 years old, Is nu
auto enthusiast, Ono duy nho had
been oui for a long rUlo and reached
home nt bedtime. Bolng tired, she
threw herself across hor bed and said.
O, mama, my tiroB are Hal.
Pre-Nuptl.ll Sacrifices
A re yo i going to gh •■ up sm iking?
Ami drinking?
And you •■■ II i ■ sign fro.n all you:'
( ubs?
Think, dearest, If there Is anything
p i ■ you i ;ri give up.
Well, for oue. thing, I give up all
i l -,i of m irrying ynu.
KI Delhi the new capital of India,,
the Goverumeiil buildings aro to bo
er icto.l ai a cosl of ?2ooi),uoo.
Sand) Shlftll lind l"on pajIng ii;'
.een shillings u weak for IiIh hoard.
'•lis appetite cousiantlj Increased until finally Ills landlady saw thai she
musl either bcII oui and i|till or rnlso
ber boarder's rule, One day, after
watching him feverishly devour plato
mi aftor plateful, she plucked up
courage and sold;
Mr. Shifin, I shall lun" lo raise
out' hoard lo twenty Klilliiugs.
Sandy Ionia <l up wilh a start.
Oh, Mra. Small, rloll'tl said Ii", In
i rone of consternation, it's jis
'iiucb ns I can tin nov, tu cul fifteen
(billIngs' worth.
W   IN   U. 91»
Mr. J. K Cornwall, M.P P. for
Peai i Itlver, and B K Miller of Milwaukee, havo Jusl returned ro Eklmon-
ti ii arter fortnight's trip down the
Ath alms lo iti\»'i from Pltzhugh, the
present Clraud Trunk Pacific western
terminus, in a Peterborough canoe.
01 the bi euic grandeur of th ■ route
and Us possibilities as s natural playground, Mr, Miller, himself a well
known gl ibe trotti r, I absolutely
c >u\ Inced. Tha fines' trip I have
> ver tak<.u, he declared when Interviewed, Tha ■ oun try bel ■ ei n Hinton and VVhltecouri Impresse i one
with a Bense of i; - absolutely remoteness whlcb Is unrivalled by any othor
country thai I have yet visited, nol
excluding even lhe wilderness or Ihu
Congo or oven the steppes or Siberia
ii is a country absolutely as nature
mnde. Noi a human habitation, not
,i tree cut, nol s blaze mai k, not a
vestige io Indicate lhat It has ever
come under the hand ot man; a country I would sny In whloh those who
hove wearied of the whirl and inten
■-ity nf metropolitan life can Hud absolute relaxation; a country without a
mucous bound, without a murmur except tho 'Ipplo of tbe water and the
sighing oi' ill • wimi iii 'hi' trees; a
virgin country wonderfully bean Uf uii
Mr, Miller proposes to vlwl lhe
Mackenzie River dlslrlcl with Mr.
Cornwall. ml a number of lltornijy men
who arc coming north io follow Ibe
fur trails to the Arotlc Circle anil pos-
tillily hey up1.
Why, Irene, dear, what han happened'.1 It Is not a montb since your
marriage, and I find you lu tears already
All, Hilda, darling! George is standing as oaudldate for Parliament, you
know, and I've only just learnt from
ilu- Opposition papers wbat a really
dreadful mnn 1 havo married
r thn
ansot the G.T.P. provide for
siall round houso and frdglil
i well an au Industrial spur
i ii'iy mill's of grading on the
branch from Da llle ford I;
way and it is anticipated
Cut Knif
well und ^^^^^^^^^
that st.>el will be laid Ibis fall In'Ume
to tak.-* core of tho crops from lhe
Prongua and Cul Knife districts.
.'-.HT s   Dl 5'
Spurgflon was once asked if tho
man who learned 'o play a cornet ou
Sunday would go to heaven,
The great preacher's reply wjb
characteristic, Said be, I don't h>p
why bf should not, hul —after u pause
—1 doubi whether the man nexl door
She had tried vainly to slop the
tram lu lho usual femlue fashion,
hut without result, until at least
eight poople had Bhoutod 'in,' stentor-
Ottsly, and half a doziii smnll hoys
liad filtered for au Impromptu whistling competition.
At last She was aboard, and she
glared vlolously at the conductor.
Why didn't you slop the car for me?
.-■ho demanded,
How was I to know yon wanted
to gi.t on? he retorted.
Dldn'l. you seo hte swinging my
turns and Jumping up and dowu and
vigorously waving my umbrella?
'Course I did, he said agreeably.
Nobody could help it. The whole
•street was looking at you!
Then why didn't you stop?
.she asked in exasperation,
Oh, 1 (bought you were just dancing to ihe street-organ! was the conductor's unlet reply,   -
Too Plain and Homely
Mrs. Brown bad advertised for a
gouoral Bcrvnnt, ami amidst the huge
numbor Of replies to her advertisement
Bho made au appointment with Alary
Accordingly, sho Interviewed lho
applicant in her drawing room.
Of course, remarked Alary, In a
.-lii-ill VOlCO, I Shouldn't be expected lo
clean M'-vcs, or wash up dishes, nud
I hhan't he required lo answer lhe
door, or this, any ot llib rooms?
Mosl certainly nol, answered Mrs,
It,, in a pained voice. I should
never presume to ask my servant to
do any such things. AN I want Is
a servant to look at, nud I'm afraid
you're uoirh ton plain for thai! Oood
morning! _f__\
istration shows one of the
styles of body that we kmild for
ght Delivery  Car.
22 1-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body lettered as you requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
For tho last tea years tbe average
numbor ot days worked per week by
tho miners of the United Kingdom averaged C.19.
Costiveness and  Its Cure.—When
tho excretory organs refuse to perform their functions properly tho Intestines become clogged. This Is
known as costiveness and If neglected
gives rise to dangerous complications.
Parmeleo's Vegetable Pills will effect
it speedy cure. At the Ilrst intimation of this ailment tbe sufferer should
procure a packet of tho pills and put
himself unflor a course of treatment.
Tho good effects nf the pills will bo
almost immediately evident.
Scotland bas n total population not
much more than half lhat of Greater
The Northern Trusts Company
Tkli oompanr »«■(• In tk» upicit- of
.-jiil wa ■ustll bt glad to lorward copy at   nr   liouxivt    • oum.1,1,,
rbout Trusti, TratUei and Trait Compinl.i," ob renuiit
My 111J Io u-yctir-nld came Into my
room <>un niornlng proudly showing
that ho lind put. on nml buttoned up
Iiiii shoos* for the llrsi Mmo.
As tho buttons wero on tho in.iiilo
of tlio foot. I Ball): Mul, my dour, thoy
aro on tlio wrong foot. Well, with
ii Hit-It, I haven't any othor feet.
Maude was homo from CJIi-lou.
Will you, hIio -mill lo her mollier.
pans mn my illmlnulko nrgnntoous
truncated conn, convex on Its summit,
and Hoinl-porforatoil with syni-molrlc-
al indentation!*'.'
She was asltlng for hor thimble,
A Rood slory la told of Dr. Fltchett
of tlio Australian I'arliaiiiciil. Durlni?
n dobuto In Parliament on somo education question a member of the Opposition became ralhor excited, and
Why, nt thin vory moment I havo a
-school in my oyo, where—
Not (iiilte. Interrupted Dr. Pllehott,
only ouo pupil. I bcllove.
; Kidneys Doa't Cure"
hey iiff'l fiidi help aa Nahire provides,
An exeellonl m-l in .mi-Bin-il kiilnnya h
Bt-.f.'t ium'.    Il i*  inn-ol llm mrafivi-*  .
nu iii nu. CLARK'S -swH/r
ITU!: I'll.LN ku.1 it help*! in 11a
T,"ik by Ave. iittier iplniilnl nifld- /
. Take Pit. OMSK'S I
KKT NIIKi: PltlS atV
nofl wIiimi yuu linvc lima
luul.. i.niiiR  in  th* joint a,
..pui'i Kflor-, the "•}•<■!, frr<nit"nt l
•—-ilariics, elf.    Tliey help yoil to he.ilili
id kc*>ii ytm well,     tfolil  f-Vf-rywhrn-- al
ufty iciita n box or Dialled direct by
Sweet Nitre
Wtnnlpt-y, Canada 45
15c ■ Tin. .   **\
Wea'k I ft Umi f«-1 yen wlil a ifcau lal tat loi
1I1-UNI1.   tf 111 MMUTt fratM aad ilalaa
•fallUaia. - -
Thfl sorvloea In tho chapel of a certain western university ure from time
to timo conducted by eminent clergymen ol' many denominations and from
many cities.
On one occasion, when one of these
visiting divines asked the president
of the university how lout; he should
i-'peak, thnt witty officer replied:
Thoro Is no limit, doctor, upon the
time yon may preach; but I may toll
you that, there is a tradition here that
thc most Koult. are saved during the
lirst twenty-live mlnntos.
The Lady—Ho you're really one t»f
the Btrlktng minors.
Tlio Loafer—YtiB, tidy. I'm wot thoy
call one o' ilie pioneers o' tho wove,
mon I. I went on strike twcuyt-tlii'o
yaiiffl ngo, lid., and I ain't never ((Ivo
iu yel,
Mary, where is tlmt chicken pie I
told you (o heat up for me?
Well, ilium, you told me to heal It
up, and I've heuteu It up.
Mefoie I'ope Innocent HI ordained
the coli-bratlon or marriages in churches about 1200, ihe. only eerenmny was
thnt of 'i mini publicly lending his
wife homo,
Not a Waiter
Armed with guns and hugo game
bags, tlu iwo Irishmen sallied forth
lu search ot sport. It was their
ilrst venture at shooting uud tliey
were (l.cidfully keen.
Suddemy Cacey spotted a bird; and
taking c-ireful aim, prepared to Iin.
tho fatal shot., Thon Put seized him
by the arm frantically.
For mercy's sake don't tiro, Casey,
ho yelled. Sure, an' ye'vo forgotten
to loud your gun!
That's iil, may be, my lad, retort oil
Casey, but lire 1 must. Begorrhh
the bird won't wnit.
He--My dear, you spend too much
money In false hair. Look at your
She—Ami you spend too-much In
cigars.      Look at your puffs
Llttlo -1-year-old Percy lives on a
furm , and thinks it a great event
when allowed to go io town with puna.
One day, just before .starting, mama
gave Percy a nickel, somo pennies
aud a. preily now handkerchief. When
he returned, sho said: Whnl did you
do witli your money?
I didn't buy anything, 1 lost, all
iny money, -said Percy.
That's loo bad, said mama
yon didn't cry.
Why, I couldn't, cry, said
lost my handkerchief, too,
In tho congested area of a town a
common fly cun harbor from 800,000 to
r.oii,uoo.m»n bacteria, while In the suburbs It carries only upwards of
I hopo
Your husband has nearly fainted,
Dear, dour!     Th080 men always do
things by halves, THE PROSPECTOR, CltANBllOOK. II. C.
The Work of Dr. Edith N.
Hall, Who Has Been Finding
Out Many Things About the
,_    — .Jt    Sea Kings Who Flourished
r_7che>>s like the OMJtsrtinta tr\~,r\  -. r '   *
"   ~ 4000 Years Ago
0&v$£Mrs C&rietf
FM 1 HE island of Crete was being quar*
M        reled over this fall, as it has been
"* quarreled over for hundreds  of
years. Turk, Greek and Italian have disputed
its possession, one for sentimental reasons*
another for religious reasons and another for
the sake of military strategy, which appears
in history to be about the most cogent reason
of all.
But among the grasping crew of them,
Crete aud the Cretans occupy something of*
the unpleasant position of thc bone slipping
around amid the ctttshings of some very
hungry pair of jaws; and, so far as any sustenance goes which it might provide, it is pretty
nearly as bare now as any other bone would
be after centuries of gnawings. A little bread
and oil, and a few fresh snails, if they can
find them, and your Cretans will work grate-
fully for the barest of bare livings.
Will that be what England, with its
squadrons keeping thc seas and its merchant
fleets scouring every coast, will come to 400Q
years from now?
For England is now only what Crete was
nearly 4000 years ago. Nobody knows the
language its people spoke, although plenty of
specimens of their writings remain. Nobody
knows just who they were, although it is easy
to picture them in their pride and thetr
They were the sea kings of the known
world, ruling and robbing it with as fine a
freedom as any modern nation of conquerors*
To them poured in the riches of lesser overlords and the fruits of thc toil of distant
slaves. A great and mighty people, puissant
nnd dreaded, before whose sails cities trembled
that are long since dust.
Now the tangible evidences of their
riches and their pride are being revealed to
the world, which only recently heard of their
existence, by thc hands of one woman from a
land of whose existence thos*; roving sea kings
uever dreamed.
SIIK Is Dr. Kdith K. Hall, the assistant curator of
the Mediterranean section at the Museum of
the University of Pennsylvania. She Is back
nfter ant-ther long summer spent In pushing
forward tlio museum's excavations on tho site of the
old, old city of Minos, In Crete, where the sea kings
bad thc seat of their power, and where tholr wives
nnd daughters flaunted at nlgbt their flowing robes
ln fashions wo moderns havo not surpassed, and
poured the milk from pitchers In the morning Whlcb
we would almost seem to have copied.
Jt Is now nearly leu years since the museum
began fis researches in Crete and lho -neighboring
Island, Pselra, undor tho direction of Richard B.
Beeper, who has sinco become virtually resident there,
so as to supervise properly the excavations tbat aro
being steadily extended. Moan while remarkable discoveries have been effected; one whole work bas been
written by a European archeologlst, so graphically
rehabilitating tlm ancient, forgotten scenes, tbat It
Is llko beholding ihem. re-enacted, through the magic
of FOiiio conjurer's wand.
Tbls Is lho marvel of bare, Impoverished Crete—
that onn mighty kingdom of Minos after another
Hiould liavo arisen, flourished and vanished, and
should havo vanished so Utterly thnt no traeo or
recollection of It remained; that only dim legends
should have survived In the oldest of Creek fables-
survived so faintly tbat daring philosophers of history Who ventured tbo speculation thnt tirectan fable
might havo bad some foundation lu fact, were booted
down hh rank materialists, nnd those who proved It
were bulled as wonderful discoverers.
Tt is tbo most ancient fairy tula In tbe world, until
tlOw Wholly Improbable and Jmst now proved beyond
(ho hist hesitation of doubt. For It was Miss Hall's
work of this last summer wblcb settled the most
puzzling .-tn-siimi of ull: If, during those long centuries of resistless dominion, wben tlio warlike Greeks
tent to tbem the bitterly grudged tribute of maidens
for tbo fabled Minotaur, und tho known world paid
Ihem tribute, In their eyries on high, the people of
iMluoa did continue Invincible and seeure, when could
tho blow Imve fallen which burled tbem down to
ruin; nnd who woro lho greater, stronger conquerors
who overthrew thom?
It seems llie Irony of fate that a woman, one
woman, should at taut write tbo epitaph of tbo fabled,
Minotaur; yot It was Miss Hull who, this summer,
proved that lho end of tho Minoan powor camo about
KOO B. C,j at tho hands of tho nll-connucrlng Egyptians. How sho did It Is best told In her own words,
tor .-he bus Uio gift nf picturing tho researches of tlm
present, while slid lifts tho veil lhat lay for thousands,
of yenrs ovor tbo past:
"Tho slory of the arehoologleal discoveries tn
Crelo Is now ton years old. Even our schoolboys aro
learning today thut tho labyrinth of Mlhoa hns been
found, upd that lt wus a palace three stories hlt.li,
with open courts and winding corridors, with storehouses for treasure, a well-equipped bathroom, nnd
11 suite of apartments for tho queen that would compare favorably wllh those of a high-born woman of
today. Uut the tale Is not yet lold. We cannot rend
tho writing of this faraway people of 2000 H. C. Wo
do not know whon they came or whither tliey later
wont, or bow tliey were related to tho Greoks of
•Pericles' time. AU tbls must bo learned by the spade.
Only by tiie patient excavation of site after site can
uuch problems be solved.
"Two years ngo I commenced excavating for the
museum a town situated on a steep and lofty
mountain crag In eastern Crete where tho successors
•f miaos bad lived In Ue days of their declining
power. It was in a wild end rugged district, where
our pontes could grarcely make their way over
boulders and along dlisy ledges, end where It was
difficult to And a level spot big enough to pitch my
tent, Our faithful workmen had no oilier shelter
than the small bush huts which tbey improvised fo.-
themselves, and tbelr food was confined to bread and
ull, witli an occasional dish ot snails as a relish.
"In spite of our hardships and difficulties, we accomplished our end, for we found deep depo^tis of
earth crammed wltb pottery, the very best evidence
possible. It seemed, In fact, tiiat we might learn
from an extended excavation of this- site, especially
tf wn could also find the tomb*, the answers to some
of the vexed questions as to when and how the
Minoan power foil, end It was with this purpose ln
mind that I returned to Creto last March.
"Crete Is not an Island .which Is easy of access,
Thla year I tried going by Way of Egypt, but Uie
same difficulties beset me as heretofore. I'he steamers were small and dirty, and we wero landed In
rowboats at 1 A. M., In a heavy sea. It wns two
days before my companion and myself had sufficiently
recovered from seasickness to start on our journey
eastward. In the meantime I had an opportunity to
see the new accessions of the Candla Museum and to
arrange wllh tlio government for our excavation permit.
"All traveling tn Crete Is done on horseback. Camp
beds and the necessary food end clothing are earrled
on the packsaddle of the muleteer, We stayed at
the house of Mr. Seager, at Pachcla Aminos, until tbe
rains were over, making ready to go into camp. There
wero tents to patch, stores and kitchen utensils to
arrange for, end wheelbarrows and waterbarrels ta
overhaul. In the meantime we dug a fow stray
tombs at Kavousl to whloh our attention bad been
culled by our Kavousl workmen,
"On tho last of April wo were-ready. A Turkish
caique brought the picks, spades and wheelbarrows,
as well as the tents and camp supplies, to a cove at
the foot of the mountain. Our workmen, with tbe
help of a few pack animals, carried them to a llttlo
plateau halfway up tho mountain, where wo had
decided to pilch our camp tills year. A small slono
hut was secured for a kitchen by the payment of 10
francs for the season.
"We bad no neighbors save lhe shepherds who
pastured their flocks close by, but every night and
morning the well of water near my tent presented
a lively scene when tbo women and children from tbe
village below stopped to water their 'possessions'—
generally a donkey, a goat, and a pig apiece—Dn tbelr
way to and from their fields, Tbis well of water was,
ln fact, the social center of the place, all the moro
so when the women learned that I would allow then*
to Inspect my tent Sometimes, at evening, when I
rode home from work, I would find a dozen waiting
fnr me to show them the wonders of my tent, which
consisted of a camp bed, a table and two chairs.
"On May I wo began digging tn earnest with nbout
fifty men. I sot tbem to clear away the brush nnd
stones on the north faco of tbe summit where un-
tisually good walls were peering out from aniouff the
btlshes, and where I thought well-preserved houses
might bo found.
"But I also started another project. Two years
ago, under the guy ropes of my tent, I had noticed a
heap of stones tbat looked like tho top of a 'beehive' tomb; but I imd not investigated It because of
tbo inconvenience of disturbing my tent. Tbls year,
however, t resolved to loso no time ln trying this
ppot, and I sent one of the oldest and most trusted
workmen tbcro. The second day, when on my rounds,
I visited hltn, and he showed me a piece ot bronze, whloh
I recognized as a piece of a foot from a very fine
bronze tripod. Ho also pointed ln triumph to a small
pile of teeth and of human bones ho had found. Ho
had not yet cleared any of tbo walls of the tomb,
but that it wuh Indeed a tomb there could be no
"During tlio next week I spent most of my timo
sitting on lho edge of this excavation,  for every  few
minutes Nikola os would hand ne up something —
another piece of the tripod, a bronze safety-pin, a
porcelain bead or a bit of pottery, Ho much pottery came to light that wo wero u>>iu in put together
forty vases, more than all ihe other workmen together
found during that first week.
"The porcolain. beads particularly Interested me,
for ihey looked to be Egyptian, I hml already filled
all lho smalt how"*) i 'ami -with them when Mkola-.s,
who was full of Jokea about the value of bends in the
next world, suddenly cried:
"'Behold, l have his seal, too.'
"And, sure enough, there was a porcelain seal with
Egyptian hieroglyphs; and that nam" day ho found
five more, I cannot read hieroglyph ; no bad, i".
cordlngty, to wait until two weeks later, when we
chanced to havo a visit from an English Egyptologist.
He pronounced them to lie commemorative seals ot
tho twenty-first or the twenty-Bccond dynasty from
about 980-860 D. C, W« had thus accomplished one
of our purposes, for we had obtained evidence for
dating the fall of tho great Minoan civilization.
"I bad thought that, wllh one tomb found, the
cemetery of our town was already discovered, and
that It would be an easy matter to find more (-pmbs,
Uut such was not tho case; tho tombs proved to bu
widely scattered. We spent days In digL'ln.; trial
trenches which yielded absolutely nothing. We did,
however, find moro In tho end, six of (lie 'beehive'
type, and at least fifty shallow graves, which yielded
quantities of vases and many brouxs safety-pin* or
"It Is often said that Queen Victoria invented lhe
safety-pin. Dut it was only a reinvention; It ban been
In uso throughout tho flrst millennium B. ''. Theso
plna, moreover, are of singular value to tbo arolio-
nlogist; for, according to their shape and Rise, tho
peoples who used them may bo classified. We had,
therefore, good ovidence for the solution of thn other
aivheologlcal problem as to who these people were.
"It was now the middle of June, und the befit was
Intense. The women and children no longer return" d
to the village for tho nlgbt; whole families wen
.camping In the fields for the harvesting season. Neai
every threshing floor a family camped under a tic-,
while men, women and children helped with tlio work
of reaping, threshing and winnowing, ull of which
ls accomplished by the most primitive methods, We
were dally i letted at our work nmong the tombs by
these neighbors, who brought us fresh almonds, apricots and plums tied up In the corners of their aprons
or handkerchiefs; and they were delighted to receive
in return presents of pins with colored heads.
"In spite of the heat, there waa one thing more te
accomplish. One of our basket boys had brought uio
excellent potsherds from a field in the plain below
close to the sea. I was eager to try there for a we*k ,.
to learn if it was a site worthy of further excavation
another season., l.'nfortunaiely, the Romans liad beeu
there before us, eo that much uf iho pottery waa
badly broken. Some beautiful specimens nf tho very
best period, however, were recovered during the-
week that excavation lasted; snd there la every evidence that much more Ilea fctddea away beneath the
"But by this time our money waa exhausted and
we were obliged to send for the Turkish caique, in
Which all our gooda and chattels, together with our
precious finds, were shipped to tbe bouse.
"A few days wero spent there in sorting pottery
and then I packed up the antiquities lu fifteen cases
and set tall with tViem In iho small coasting steamer
for Candle.
"The authorises of the Candla Museum, wltb their
usual kindness, gave me tbe use of a large, oool
basement room where l could spread out my pottery
and bronzes on long tables, Hero I worked for ten
days, photograpnlng and taking final notes and measurements. Tho last ta.sk of all wis to petition the
Cretan government,'In tbe name of tho museum, for
a consignment of the objects found. I a-.led for over
sixty pieces, which, If they are grsnted to US, Will
reach the museum this autumn."
By Prof. E. II. S. Bailey
Director Chemical  Laboratories,  University of Kansas.
WHILE everybody is tlwotizing on tho liiffli
cost of living, it may ho worth whllo to
look tlio problem squaroly iu tlio faco
ond   consider   whether   personally   wo
liavo uny part in bringing nbout thia result, or
whether "somebody cleo" i3 tho one who olono is
to bo blamed.
It may scorn hardly worth whllo tn compare
lho food hnbita of tho peoplo of corresponding
civilization in Europo with ourselves, because Iho
conditions, surrouiulinirs nnd traditions aro ao entirely different from those iu the United States
that lho comparison immediately breaks down
from tbo weight of lho *'butn" thnt, any ono familiar with continental conditions would insist
ou adding to our statement.
Jt is possible, however, to get somo light on
iho matter of oeonomy of food by noticing tho
food habits of others.
F001> abroad Is often very expensive, nn ibere te
not a sufficient quantity raised for home consumption. Sugar, wblcb Is at thc present time regarded
as a food more than simply a luxury, costs ln
Italy as mueh as IB cents n pound at retail bocauso of
tho import tax laid upon It by tho government, Halt is
also almost a luxury then*, although it is mostly of home
On account of Ihe high taxes in various counlrics,
tread stuffs and moats nre lilsb, snd people with smalt
Incomes enn afford only the coarsest and cheapest bread.
It ts not an uncommon sight to see signs Indicating where
borne meat Is for sale, whito •■pumpernickel,' a very
Ooarso ryo bread, is much In demand In many countries,
Fruits and vegetables would not bo called eheyj,"w?ien
compared with the wages received by tjjyse producing
them; though It must be kuIU that fruits and vegetables
nre abundantly raised.
How, then- do these people live? This Is answered in
one word by saying, "Simply," This would be the key
to thc whole problem in thn United States If the poople
wero willing to undergo personal sacrifice. You say, "We
nro not going to live on black bread and beer, even lf
It does cost less," Ko great a change in the method of
living ls not contemplated; but sacrifices must bo made
somewhere, or the conditions of living will nut be Improved,
It ls the luxurious living that has come upon us so
gradually lliat lt has becomo it habit, and so wo think lt
n necessity lo decent living, lhat lias brought the middle
classes of our people to thn point whero saving for the
future seems virtually Impossible.
Among the Utile economies practiced serosa tho water
—economies which wc iRnore, but which, taken together,
decrease the cost of living-it may be worth whllo to
notice tin- following:
First, since tbe people have not lived luxuriously in
tbo past, und have hot learned what wo c;ilt tho necessity for such living, tliey aro willing to suffer a Utile
Inconvenience tu save ■■mall amounts. As an Instance of
the trend of the feeling in thia direction, in London tho
underground railway company is calling nttcnilon by
means of placards to tbe fact thnt. a first-class ticket
between stations coots only an additional penny, because
most of llie time the third-duns cars art, crowded, but the
company must haul the flrst-olass carriages almost empty,
•Tlio people ure obliged to save their pennies.
Second, tbey utilize everything that is worth utilising;
or, In a word, tbey eliminate tho waste of resources. This
wuste may  come,  from   carelessness or laziness   or  link
of ttuMi-tiit, width is often another name for laslness, The
land Is utilized; not a foot ia wasted. It in u common
sight to see the roeky hillsides in Italy, (Iermany and
France terraced and mado to yield abundant crops of
grapes, OllvCs und other fruit,
Tblrd, the fertilisers that originate nbout tbe edible
or furm are ull utilized, as is abundantly shown by tbo
greet fertility of the fields where theso fertilisers have
been applied. With us th»i rich organlo waste of the
cities is dumped into tlio river or carted off wiih the
Fourth, fuel la suoh an Important Item in the preparation of fond that tno peasants aether all the sticks und
twigs lu the woods, und tbey dig the "turf (peat) in the .
lowlands. For household use, denatured alcohol and
charcoal are also extensively usod. The fuel Is, however,
used in a small stove or burner, so that 75 per cent of tt
is not wasted, as with us, In heating lhe stove, and
when tho meal Is cooked there is not'a large amount of
residual  heat  to  bo thrown away.
The people abroad recognize tbe fact that it Is often
cheaper, especially in a small family, to buy cooked food
than, to cook It at home. In buying broad, It Is true, we
must pay quite a percentage of the cost to tho baker; but
It is often cheaper to do this Hum to pay for the fuel
with which to hako tbo bread,
Tlio same thing la true in tbo purchase of meats. It
may pay belter to let tho dealer cook tho roan In a
Wholesalo way than lo keep up our own tire for several
hours. Theso things are nil to he studied from the point
of economy, and not no much on account of the lahur
of the housekeeper which te Involved.
As an Illustration of what can bo done by cooking on
a targe scale, the "Cuisine Populalre," of Geneva, may
be mentioned. Here nutritious soup can be bought to
tnko home at about :i cents a quart: lieunit (two rati.mi.;)
for 3 cents] meat 'two ration*) for lii cents, und wine for
ID cents a ipmrt. This establishment, uHbough charitable
In design, Ik managed so an to pny expenses.
Fifth, iinolher Important eeotiomy Is vein* tbat no
food is wasted. It la proverbial that tbo French can live
upon what other people would waste. "It Ih not too mueh
trouble" for tbem to look after lho household and see
that there ts no wuste. The women consider Hint lis a
part of Ihelr duty, and thjjy have been trained to do this
through succeeding generations. Hurh ecnnomiea among
the common peoplo havo made (hn French nation mihpiw
In that the peoplo always havo m-mey to loan to tho
government when there Is a demand for it.
■Sixth, tlm amount of mint uhihI Is cut down to llm
minimum, because meat Is egpodslve. KKperluicnls huve
shown that most of us eal loo much ment and foods <-f
the proteld elans.    In furl, It Is probablo thai so large au
Amount is not actually needed for the proper growth and
nutrllion "f Die body.   The (h■num. laborer will maku u
lunch on black bread with u piece of cheese or niiuxaxo
and a cup ef coffee or a glass "f boor, and feel that he
haa been sufficiently nourished,
Hev.-iiih, the household food supply Is ln many coun
tries supplemented, among the common people, by Uie
milk from the cow or goat, or the few rods of ground
around the cottage are utilized for raising vegetable.".
"It Is not too much trouble" to do this, and in the aggregate It amounts to a largo sum to the man of moderate
income who has a large family to rain*.
Eighth, the food te purchased In the open market,
either by the mistress or servant?, and in many cities
fruits and vegetables ere brought mound to the house
dally by venders, who hevo a regular rente and wbo
supply their customers. Tide method of supply gives the
mistress or a trusted servant a chance to see exactly
wbat she ls buying, and sbo does not "order by phone,"
wllh the liability of getting anything that the dcal*r
happetiK iu have on band. Very often a hoy with a ban-i
cart or With a bicycle dell', ers the goods previously
ordered. Hy this method the customer dots not have to
pay fur one or perbups two phones, for the lime of (lie
mnn who takes the order end that of the man who ■'•■
livers the good.". It Is needless to luggiit that all these
expenses of order and delivery are ultimately added to
the cost ■■: the coffee or sugar er meat Which you buy,
Knouth ban been gnggeti'td to show that tht-ro are
ways for the economical wot king uf the hoUtthoUl which
other people practice, but to which mosl Americans are
m rangers. These nre simply suggestions, and some may
ho suitable for application in one place and others under
different condlttoi.s.
With tho abundant food supply in the United States,
ir to this could be added greater habits of thrift and
economy and p-sh carelessness and waste, we should hav
as cheap living as could bo desired, In Kngland and
mme continental countries the people would starve tn a'
f«w months were It not for tbo foodstuffs which tbey
import from Other countries. This Is not trim in tha
1'nitod State?, and it is nine we iillllied this fact and
reduced the cost Of  living for lhe  great mans  ot  tho
Finally, while we deplore ihe high coil o( foodstuffs
uti.] believe that in many cases II hi notch higher limn
necessary, ihere is iht» other Hue tn (tie mutter where
v,e actually eau "do somolhing." if *« would diminish
tlm cost of living, we must content ourselves wllh less
luxuiv and ho willing to do more of ilio actual labor,
both menial mid manual, ourselves.
People who are too Indolent or careless to intern*
gently dlrool or actually do the work ol the household
have llttlo oxcuse for complaint when the monthly bins
niuiii ur exceed the monthly Income, umi leave ne margin
«f ci.uk to uy eilde for future needs, THE PROSPECTOR. CRANHROOK, B. C.
JOHNSON BROS.  Proprietors A. A. JOHNSON. Manager
ki Where Everybody Goes"
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, January 18th—Matinee & Evening
"When the Heart Rules"-A Selig
"The Mexican"—A Kaleur
"Any Old Clothes"-A Pathe
"The Banker's Son"—A Selig
Don't Fail to Come and Hear the New Orchestra
PRICES IS cents and 10 cents
Sleighs, Cutto, Bobs, Pigs
McLaughlin 6? Studebaker's
Call in and See our Stock
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Far-Seeing People
fesW, -* :: *ȣ
Liquor Habit Cured
in Three Days
No Hypodermic Injection.   Send
for freo booklet
Box 335 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick Ave. & Kains St.
are thorn, who come hero ,or
their Bye-GlauBCB and Spectacles, because hero thoy will
get the best and moBt h ■ r lh
factory treatment. Being experts, we are skilled In tbe
correct adjustment (if lenses to
unit the Individual sight, and
we guarantee you perfect vision with tiie KlnsHes thnt wo
supply. We shall appreciate a
call, and can demonstrate (jo
yuu why we can give you tbe
t-enl  service.
Jewelers & Opticians
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
Meats, Fish, Game
& Poultry
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
1     Air, hot, Tobacco and l>n:g,,   It counteract, tbe
cfletts ami'at iii.i.ntlv — remn.es all craving..
After tak,n, the treatment there *:',] ne.er bean,
need    ..:.:. :r,lnxicant, ur u,e tiruff, .{am. Co
ll, , be (t \eu seemly.   Wl I've ,et to hear oi one
-_     failure.   Mailerl --nder separate cn.er to anv ail-
ilea.    I'rrr j- IO »..«. nr Slm-a l«r IIOKI   Tka
    HootoH urug Co.. Nt. c atharln.,, OuL
QVER   12,000,000  house wives
throu il   ni rlir- world have li-jhf-
ene-l the bui'tlen of daily sweeping with
B< K C v t 1 • c*:  "' ■'■' 5u.».
I .) *J — Ia— _t        tli.MtINt;
Carpet   Sweeper
ll,..-, cjulelier anil lieilcr .woeplnrli clean, en?..
cari>el» will  i I hitnl. nrk( [trt>vr.nta dcrm.pnenilafed
du.tl d cl ild 1 in >i:     tie It; no I li.ii;, i,:<yit.;i tie
itr ilnlni. npi ■ it,       .,      ai I , 1. maltcall .   U'liy
...1 1 nlcr I, In. '
I   ^ZT
■i!  Y   W
„!,; gi      ■
■•■, .' ';'  ;
Local News
Auk the owner of a WHITB.
The "WHITE" Is white.
The "WHITE" is fully guaranteed.
Meet    the    Grand"   Chancellor   fit
Crescent I<odge on Tuesdgy, Jan. 21.
W. K. Hill,   of Akron,   O., was tn
the City Thursday.
The   "WHITB"   machine runs Uke
u watch.
Mrs.     Warwick,     of   Moyie,    wai
shopping in Cranhrook, Thursday.
George Lackey, of Gateway, woe In
the city Thursday,
Aek the owner of a WHITE.
Frank   Dickinson   of   .lallray.   wan
in town Thursday on Duslness.
A. R. Webster   hns   opened   a   barber shop at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
K.    Downs,    of    Flagstone,  was in
the city Thursday.
Buy a ■'WHITE'* and get sttisfnet-
i.    A. Ilnnuhut-
of Wardner,
J. Craham, nf New Michel, wiih tn
the city  monday.
The "WHITB" in white.
Metl the Grand Chancellor fit
CrcHcent  Lodge on TUMdgy,  Jan. 21.
F. If. Kn ght, of Spokane, a mln-
Ing num. win. in town thlH week.
WHITE"   Sewing   Machine* have
had an enviable reputation for years
C. F. Scbriver, of Rowland, was a
Kiiest at the Craahrook Monday.
Alex Taylor, of Kimherley, waa In
town  Monday.
10. Mallatidiilm! of Invermere. wee
in town Sunday.
The "WHITB" is fully guaranteed.
Many Khali he nominated hut only
the cbolOn tew elected.
I'. Lund and A. Lund, of Wardner,
were in thfl city Tlmrmlay.
Hew     with
K.  H.  Small,  who han been  vlnit-
Ing   in   Aiheitu,   returned to cranhrook Thiimdny.
J. Benson, who has been Visiting
frlenda In California, returned to
Cranbrook Thursday.
"WHITE"   nnd   he
Mr. and Mrs. D. Balkwell. ot Wycllfle, wore Cranbrook visitors on
Mr. and Mrs. McKlroy, of Vancouver, were guests at the Cranbrook
Don't fail to sec the Big Reduction
in PriceB at the FINK MERCANTILE CO.
Wm Nobles and Jay Usher, of
Gateway were In town Thursday on
The    Kdison   Theatre,    on    Friday,
received   a   new   up-to-date moving
picture machine,
Meet tho Grand Chancellor at
Orescent Lodge on Tuesdgy, Jan. 21.
BORN—At Cranbrook, on Monday.
January tith, to Mr. and Mrs. G.
Nt block, a son.
BORN—At the Cottage Hospital,
on Tuesday,  January 14  to Mr,  and
Mrs. T. Lee, a daughter
Ask the person who OWHS a
"WHITE" Sewing Machine and   hm
If she Is not Hatlslied.
BORN—At Oranbrook, on We-doesl
day,     Jnnunry      B,   to Mr   nnd   Mr-v
J. Barrett, a son.
A. Mut', of Fernie. president ol
the Fernie Fort Hteele Brewing Co.,
wat* in the city Thursday
Mrs. Sykcri, of Victoria, is In town
this week, the guest of her Bister,
Mrs. B. Klwell,
Meet the Grand chancellor at
Orescent Lodge on Tuesdgy, Jan. 21.
BORN—At Oranbrook, on Monday,
January 13th, to Mr. and Mrs. J.
Macdonald. a daughter.
Clothes Called For and Cleaned,
Pressed and Delivered. Satisfaction
Mrs. Frank Bergen, of WyciiHe,
wa» a Cranbrook visitor on Wednesday.
J. Joyce, of Elko, wns transacting business at Cranbrook Wednesday.
R. L. T. Oalbralth, ol Fort Steele,
Indian Agent, and A. Doyle, of the
same place, were in town Wednesday
The 'ice harvest* bas commenced.
The ice s in tine condition and
about twenty inches thick.
H. A. Austin, of Edmonton, was
registered at the Cranbrook, Tuesday.
Meet the Grand Chancellor at
Crescent Lodge on Tuesdgy, Jan. 21.
machine runs Uke
The    "WHITE"
a watch.
Ed Home, of Jaffray, manager of
the East Kootenny Lumber Co., was
in town Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. .McVittie, of
Fort Steele, left on Sunday on a
visit to the Coast. They will be
away about a month.
James Austin hat. been re-engaged
sb leader of the Oranbrook band.
R. W. Russell   having   resigned   the
Buy a "WHITE" and get satisfaction.
Thos. Gately is in jail charged
with forging the name of N. Hanson to a check for $10.00 and passing
the some on Joe Brault.
The annual meeting of the associated Boards of Trade for Kootenay
will be heln at Fort Steele on Tues
day, January 28st.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKowan will
'eave   tomorrow   for New York and
other   points in the cast.   They will
*,e nwny nbout sis weeks.
Meet tbe Grand Chancellor at
Crescent Lodge on Tuesdgy, Jnn. 21
"WHITE" Spw'n* Machines have
had an enviable reputation for yenrs
Clothes Called For and Cleaned,
Pressed and Delivered. Satisfaction
Fifty   foot Corner Lot, 2nd block
from Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Man
?300.   Terms. For Particulars apply
Prospector. ...*3-lt.
WANTED—Maid for general housework, no washing. Apply to Mrs.
0. T. Davis. Gulden Avenue. Phone
365. 3-11
Ask the person wbo owns a
"WHITB" Sewing Machine and see
lf she is not satisfied.
Mr. 8. Macdonald left yesterday
for the coast as a delegate to the
convention from the local Farmer's
The following pictures will be
shown at tbe Edison Theatre tonight: "In a Garden"; "Honesty
Punished;" "A Mysterious Auto
and "Gramont's Weekly."
Master Arthur llowness, who left
on '513' Saturday night for Calgary,
was on the wrecked train, and tele
Visit of Grand Chancellor
The   Grand     Chancellor    ot     the |
Knights   of   Pythias, B, 3. H. Winu,,
will   visit   Cranurook   on   Tuesday,
January    2lBt,    where    he    hopes to j
meet   ns   many   of   the members of.
Orescent   Lodge   Nu.  .,3 as possible.
nnd   all    visiting hrethern.   Tbe officers of Crescent Lodge are arranging!
to, have the 3rd rank put on and are |
inviting the Pythian Sisters also to
take   part   Ln a general Installation |
of   Officers,   The    evening  will  close
with refreshments and a little inter-
tainineiit.   It is hoped that an many
as possible will muke a point of being present,
graphed his pnretitH un Sunday lhat
ho escaped uninjured,
Don't fall to see thu Dig Reduction
in Prices nt the FINK MEHCAN
TILE 00.
Doherty organ, two raanuol pedal
bars, suttablo for Ohurch ot MlBBlon,
$108 original cost $400,00, Can be
Heen    at   Parker's   Storage,   Oran
brook. '..-It
premlei   Borden desires that tbree
battleships shall be built fur the Imperial navy for the protection Ol
Cnnada,    ntid    Sir    Wilfrid  wants 86
ships That's going Rome!
Ask   the    person    who    owns
"WHITB"  Sewing  Machine and    eoe
If Bhe te uut K'ltlHlletl.
A man named StflVQ Kilby was
rested    ou   Thursday on a charge of
passing a worthless check tor $111.00
signed by T, Smith and cashed by
A. 0. Bowness. He is iu jull uwnit
ing trial.
On Tuesday night a man was
killed at Elko hy a passing train
The mnn was sitting on the plat
form, his feet on the track, bis head
and body extended towards thc
Clothes Called For and Cleaned,
Pressed and Delivered. Satisfaction
John 'Jack' Unchain, one of tbe
largest property holders of Oalgary
and who was largely interested in
Fort Steele in early days, is seriously ill at Los Angeles. He is being
attended by his brother who is a
medical practitioner   from Winnipeg,
The annual meeting of the Over
seas Club, for the purpose of elect
ing officers and committee for the en
suing year, will be held in the Car-
men's Hall on Tuesday, January 28,
Every member is asked to keep this
date in mind aud endeavor to make
an appearance.
machine runs like
The    "WHITB"
a watch.
The Cranbrook Operatic Society
Society entertained a large number
of friends at a social dance in the
Masonic Hall on Wednesday night,
The music was furnished by the Rex
Orchestra and was exceptionally
good. A good time was enjoyed by
all those present.
The Canadian Navy ns proposed by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will be composed
of 2 Dreadnoughts; 6 Cruisers; 12
Destroyers nnd 26 Submarines. 26
lighting ships manned and maintained by Canada. This is going some,
and beats Premier Borden's $35,000,
000, uut tbe question is "where will
these ships be built and when?"
Sew wltb a "WHITE" and be
Goats for Sale
1  Nannie Goal $25.00
1  Young Millie 910.00
Apply P. 0. Drawer UM"
Cranbrook, B.C,
James Finlay and D. J. McSweyn
left on Thursday for Koenig, B.C.,
where they will take possession of
the 'Shawnigan Hotel* recently purchased by Mr, Finlay, Mr. McSweyn
will assume the management.
"Mac's" many friends will m es him
lor he was a general favorite with
everybody he knew.
There is every possibility that the
provincial poll tax hns been collected in this province for the last time,
and nt the next session of tho Provincial Assembly, tho act will be repealed. This was suggested by tbe
Tax Commission which toured the
province last summer, many cases
were cited where in jus. ire had been
done in workmen paying poll tax
several times.
Ask the person who owns a
"WHITE" Sewing Machine and seo
lf she is not aatlatled.
lit a regulnr convocation of Rocky
Mountain Chapter R.A.M., held In
the Chapter Room of the MnsonU'
Temple on Tuesday evening the newly elected officers wore Installed. A
pleasing feature of the evening wuh
the   presentation   of past principal:.
Jewels to Past Principals Companions A. D. Grace and A. Shankland,
After the ceremoufos were concluded
the Companions s it down to a sump
tious banquet which imd been provided. The programme of t io evening closed with the singing of "Ood
Savo the King."
A most distressing tiro occurred at
the Klmberley mines on Monday afternoon, when t-to cabin occupied by
D, McEachren was completely destroyed by tiro and his infant child
burnt to death. It was about three
o'clock in the afternoon when MrH.
McEacitcrn left the cabin to go to
tho Company's Store for supplies,
leaving the child nlono, and it wns
but a few moments Inter whon tho
cabin was in (lames. It Is supposed
that the tiro was caused by ou overheated stovo pipe
Clothes Called For and Cleaned,
Tensed   and   Delivered.   Satisfaction
Guaranteed - FINK    MERCANTILE
About 1 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon another fatal accident was recorded at Goal Creek, when n snow-
slide coin* down about a mile west
Office   Supplies
Everything for the Office
Blank Books, Blotting Pa->er, Shannon Files and Binding Cases, Wire
Trays and Baskets, Letter Scales
Inkstands, Numbering Machines,
D.iters, Ink, Musilage, Typewriter
Ribbons, Carbon Papers, Paper Fasteners, Clips, Loose Leal Note Books
Come in and see our new loose leaf
book-keeping system
Company, Limited
"The Rexall Store"
»-M--l-H"H-.--l-i"l"H--M"l"l"i"l'M' **** •H-.--M--.--H-M-H--M-H-M*
Is  The Time  For
We have just received a Large Shipment of
Aluminum Ware
in Cooking Utensils
Call and Examine them
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. j J Phone 5
•■l-l-H-l-l-M-l-H-l-l-l-H-M-l-H. ■!.,( I |. lllll-
Milk Milk Milld
Hillside Dairy
Experience has taught us every precaution necessary for the production of the
highest grade of milk.
We feel sure that one trial will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone—"Hillside Dairy," Box 373
Milk can always be obtained from
of llie plan' whero tliu Hlldo took
place on Uocember ao, Joseph Cul-
Blmw ol Ferule, tho driver ol tho
electric lun wnn killed.
Tlio scene ol the nccldeut In nbout
hall way between No. f> Mine and
tho Tlllle. Tbe width ol Uie elide
wn« over sixty loot, portions ol the
nlr line and wuter line, together
with thc cubin were curried away,
und there Is about fifteen feet ol
packed snow on tho main lino ol
Tlio shack in which tlio unfortunate mun lost his llle wns UBtd ns a
uholter whllo attending to his duties.
Oulshaw wub about -ir, yeurs ol
age and loaves a wlfo und ono child.
W.   VV.   KILBY
P.O. Bo» 802 Oranbrook, B.O.
True to promlHc, tho pub'llHliorB ol
The Knnilly Herald nnd WoelUy Ht'ir
ol Montreal have viiBtly improved
tbnt already --rent paper during the
put few monthi.  It Is uld tevtral
now editors havo boon added to the
stun*, mid still grfl iter improvonionts
ale contemplated. The ueuuttliil
picture "Mother's Tre Biiros," is in
treat demand. Everyone who flees It
wonders how such a picture cnn be
given with such n cre.it pnpor Bt one
dollar a yenr. It Is the best dollar's worth to Iio had, und tnoBo
who miss it will regret It. Old subscribers should see that tholr renewal mibsrriptloon Is sent at once to
guarantee tho picture.
Bcattlo-Murpliy Co. deserves prulso
Irom Cruubrook poople for introducing horo the simple buckthorn bark
nml glycerine mixture, known n»
Adlcr-i-ku. Thin simple Herman remedy nrst became famous by curing
appendicitis nnd It has now been dls
covered thnt A HINOLI5 DOSE! relieves sour stomach, gns on the
stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. It's quick action is a big surprise to people. 43-1


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