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The Prospector Oct 18, 1913

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 Provincial   Legislative Asssmbh
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Guarantee Youi a;F_
\\t Ilk a
The   Leading Newspaper
in. the
Kootenays £
$2.00 Per Year
No.  12
"How I went whaling"
Miss Jessica Clement hunts
big tame
A llttlo equirt ot wnter abot up
out ot the soa of) Southern Alaska
one day last summer. "Dar balsen
hon" sings out the sailor ln tbe
Crows Nest.
The engine bell clangs "lull steam
ahead" and the little whaler shoots
through tbe ley waters toward the
great (at monator ot the deep.
A figure clad in oilskins emerglea
Irom tbe pilot house. Is it the captain on his way to the bow? Not
the captain—nol It's a girl. You
con see hor hair streaming tn the
The whaler ls within lorty yards
ol its prey. The girl sights the cannon-like Instrument mounted on the
bow as a gunner sights on a battleship. Bhe wait a moment. Then she
pulls the trigger. Tbere ls a loud el
plosion. The harpoon shoots throu
the air—It strikes tho monster—the
sharp point pierces the great sleek
sids of the whale. The four barbs
grips fast in its llcsh. Tbe line attached to tho harpoon ls paid out
rapidly, then mmie fast. The whale
is only caught. He ls too dangerous
to approach, so the great slashing
agonized creature is allowed to tow
the ship until eshnusted. For an
hour he drags tbo little whaler 'before
be gives up.
It's exciting sport. A satlor witb
an axe ls ready to chop tbe line at
a second's warning. One dive may
take the llttlo whaler to Davy Jones'
locker. But thc monster does not
know enough to dive.
When the whale is tired out, the
little ship comes closer. When within thirty or forty feet, the girl seises
a gun and sends a small shell which
explodes on Impact in the flesh hist
behind the fin. And the whale hunt
Is over.
The whale huntress is Miss Jessica
Clement, one of the principals this
season with the Boston Opera Company. Miss Clement made ons attempt to harpoon a whale in the old
fashioned way by hand.
She was aboard ship ten days and
caught seven whales. Despite its
many hardships, it gave ber tbe most
thrllllne mutuants of her life and
she declares she will spend another
summer chasing thc Giants of the
Northern Hens. She will appear at
the Auditorium ln the Beggar
Prince, Wednesday, October Und.
A. J. McOuire of Coleman, an export brick maker waa ln tbe city this
week looking for clay. He represents
a company wbo, if they can obtain
the right kind of clay, will establish
a pottery and brick making plant In
this vicinity.
Mrs. W. Robertson, Mrs. (Hills an
Mrs. T. Christian were outing at
Kitchener last week; they returns
Saturday much pleased wltb thelt
visit, and speak very highly of Kitchener as a summer resort as well as
for outing in the tall months.
At a Conservative banquet held ln
Vancouver on October 12th, acting
Premier Bowser announced tbat tbere
was no prospect of an election in the
near future. He challenged the Liberal leader, N.C.BreRster,, to cantest
the by-election in the islands constituency.
J. Kenny, motor man at the Kenny
Garage, was seriously burned on Wed
nesday nlgbt by an explosion ot acetylene. He was filling his carbura-
ter, and when lt was opened a large
amount of gas was released which
took tiro, burning Mr. Kenny on tbe
face and hands.
A serious accident occurred at the
Michel Minos Friday last. The cable
used ln pulling the cars up tbe incline at tbe new mine snapped, sulking one man across the body and a-
nother on the thinbs causing painful
injuries. They were removed to the
hospital for treatment.
Rush Adamson, who ls employed by
the Telephone Co., fell from a pole
on Wednesday morning, sustaining a
dislocated shoulder and a sprained
ankle. Mr. Adamson ln getting a-
long as well oa can be expected considering the extent and condition of
bis injuries.
At an informal emokor, held at tbe
Wentworth Hotel Thursday, Mr. W.
A, Rollins was presented wtth a trnv
oiling case. Mr. Rollins will leave
•tor tne coast today; and tbis slight
token froin his many friends, is but
a trifle, wben lt is considered wbat
Mr. Rollins has done lor Oranbrook.
Ou behalf ol Mrs, Williams and my
self, I wish to thank  the many friends
delegates in the territory extending
from Port Arthur to Halifax; also
irom   Newfoundland   will  meet   their
who wore so thoughtful nnd kind in   ,__w _  Toro„t0|   „„,,  thoB.  -rom
showing to us their sympathy in our| Port wm,arn ,,, ,h„ pa-*fl. 0o__, at
hour of trial and bereavement  throu
lhe loss of our child
Everett   Williams,
The Mexican constitutionalists ore
having a bard time. Tbey ure obliged
to depend for tbelr long range work on
makeshift field piece, they have turned
uut of engine axles.
At I'ledias Negras and Mondova are
well equipped shops for the construction and repair of the rolling stock of
the Mexican National Itnllway. Many
axles from the large cnglues were abandoned there nt the outbreak of the revolution, und these were bored out and
lined as cunuou. The guns measure
nbout three and n half feet and have u
two and a halt Hub bore. Tbey are
breech loading and so light that they
can be transported easily about the
Shiotingjor Turkeys,
A rifle shooting match will he held
on Thanksgiving Pay. Monday, Oct. !
BOth, for prizes which will consist of
Turkeys. Tbe entrance fee to !-* 7!,c
open to members ..f the Cranbrook
lillle Association only.
Prises will be awarded as follows     In
Host score at sou yards, standing, 7' her
"   ''On kneeling, "
    2uo     "     lying,
 500     ••      kneeling, "
    sou      "      lying,
 fiOtl        •       lying,
Hhooting will commence at 1 o'clock a.m. sharp, and nil contestants
are especially requested to be on the
rnngy at that hour. A very attractive "Booby Prlr." will be awarde.l. I
so every one hns n chance. Gome
out nnd join in the fun.
Captain. ;
On Saturday last, a large number
of pugilistic fans motored to Wyclifle
to attend e boxing contest tietweon
Charlie Lucca of Chicago and Blllie
Miller of Vancouver lt was announced that tbe contest was a ten-round
bout, na decision to )e given.. Cam
Lindsey was referee and gave perfect
satisfaction, Tbe bout was a clever
exhibition of the manly art. Two
good preliminaries between local boy
created lots of fun for the audience.
choirs will lead tbe music, and ton
minute addresses wtll be ilcllverod as
follows: "The Providence of God."
Rev. W. Bison Dunham; "The Causes
for Our Thanksgiving" Rev. O. K.
Kendall; "The Prospect Arising Out
ot Our Prosperity" Rov. W. K. Thom
son. The Public arc invited to the
Joint Thanksgiving
The congregations of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist
Churches of this city will unite in a
service of Thanksgiving on Monday
morning next at 10.30 o'clock, tn tbe
Presbyterian     church.      The     joint
Leonard, tbe little year and a half
old uon of Mr. and Mrs. Everett
Williams (ell Into a tub of water on
Tuesday last and barely escaped a
drowning, but was immediately taken
sick on account of swallowing so
much of tbe washing fluids contained
in tbe wator, and passed away on the
Thursday following. The remains
were Interred in the Cranbrook Oe me-
tory last Saturday Afternoon being
followed thereto by a lnrge numl>er
of sorrowing friends, the little casket
waa covered with flowers giftH Irom
friends and relatives who felt deep
sympathy with the boreape A * parents
at their loss. Among those who Bent
in wreaths of various kinds were to
he found the following: Mr. and M
Webster, Mr. and Mrn. Cinrrett, Mr.
and Mrs. McKinnon, Mr. and Mrs
F, Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Atchison,
'Mr. and Mrs. W. Flowers, Mr, and
Mrs. McFarlane, Mrs. Fiiuiis, Mr.
aad Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Par
rott, Mr. and Mrs. McLean, Mr. a
Mrs. L. Williams, Mr. and Mm. How
ness, Mr. nnd Mrs. Little, Miss K.
Parks, Mr. T, P. Hedlgan, Queen
Alexandria Lodge No. 424, auxiliary
to B. of R.T.; .Crescent Lodge, K. of
P. wo. 33; and the Order of Railway
A Farewell Tea for
Tbe   Ladles   Aid     Society     of     the
Methodist Oh'irch nave an afternoon
ten nt  lit- home of Mrn   R   A   Hill,
Oardnn nvenue, Haturday, October 11
honor of Mm   Robt,  llrown and
tnotbci   Mrs, Carrol In the form
cl n farewell hefore leaving for their
new    home   in    Medicine Hat.     Mr.
Drown   waa  transferred  to  tbe  (las
City H few weeks ago by the C P.R,
Mrs.   Brown   was  presi-i.tcd  with  a
Visit of Gen.
W. Bramwell Booth
The Halvation Army in Canada will
shortly celebrate an event of historical importance to that organisation
in tho welcome to the Dominion for
the tirst time o( their now Oeneral,
W, Bramwell Booth, oldest son and
successor of the late Oeneral William
Booth, founder of this world wide
Toronto and Winnipeg are the only
centres to be visited by the Oeneral,
and extensive arrangements for pub-
tic and private gatherings are being
The Oeneral leaves Southampton
ni October 23rd, and wlll proceed to
Toronto direct, arriving on Haturday
November 1st, where his engagement
will keep him until November 6th, ai
ter which he will go nn to Winnipeg
remaining there until November llth.
Commissioner David C. Lamb, International Secretary and head of
tho Emigration Department, Commie
mi oner John Lawley, and Colonel
Theodore KItching will accompany
Oeneral Booth from Kngland.
All   the   ofllcers   of the Army and
beautiful pie plate s.-t tn silver, in
honor ol tbe services sho bad rendered as president of the above aocloty
during hcr term rd office, the presentation was niflde by Mrn .1. H,
McNabb nnd Mrn. J. T. Barvia read
the following ad'ireHs
Dear Mrn. Brown,
Tbe members and friends of the
Cranbrook Methodist Church Ladies'
Aid Hociety learn wltb deep regret
of your departure from our city to
Medicine Hat, we feel that we cannot any goodbye without assuring
you of our appreciation of your unselfish and devoted service to the
You have always shown ereat Interest ln the Aid and your willingness to help at all timt'S has won for
you the est-n-m of all.
Also Mrs. Carrol, who was always
ready and willing to do her part, we
trust her health will \»' much Improved and that in your new home,
you will nil enjoy health, happiness,
and abundant prosperity.
Please accept this little present as
a slight token of our esteem and ten
der regards in which you are held,
and we earnestly pray that the blessing of God will ever be upon yon and
your family.
Signed on In-half of the Ladies' Aid
Mrs. J. R. McNabb, Vice-Pros-
Mrs.  J.  T.   Barvts,   Secretary.
After a dainty lunch was served
and a pleasant hour spent, although
all regretted the departure of these
ladies from our midst,
How   Fashion   Decree  of  Ruler  of  Little   Kingdom   in   Michigan   Lost   Him   His   Throne
,i _._--.■___. ibis. h» the Sew York tleteli Co. All    ■  "       ■              . 	
(CC-WrlRbt. WIS, to the New Tort tlereM Co. All
TORIES   of   mea   who
hnve gone to the African
wilds or tbe islands of the
South Sees mid there Bet
up kingdoms which they
have rul.nl »s despots are
by no means uncommon, aud both In fact
and in fiction they figure as among the
most bUurrc and fantastical adventures
of mankind. Not overy one knows, however, that aecordiug to the trudltlona of
I-nlie Michigan a kingdom of tills order
wax unee set up lu tbe United State.*,
that tbls kingdom flourished for a number of yearn without Interference from
the authorities, und that Its cad was as
dramatic und us tragical AS that of nny
of the whimsical empires which have figured in ihe uiiniilu of roinaiicu.
It was late iu the autumn of IK-lli, aa the
drama Ik recalled Ity tuose who knew of
its ouuutmeui, that Jiiiuon Jesse Strang,
'•the Mormon Moaos," embarked for
Beaver Island, Mleliigan, and established
his kingdom In the wild., u short distance from St. Jaiuos, which was In*
hahittHi hy flsheruieu.
Defeated ambition had Imliuvd Straug
tu lead liia people from their former home
In Wlacousln.    Ilu hud competed   >vlth
H tin limn Young for the leadership .fl" the .
Mormon Church after Iho do.tl, of lo-'"* ™™* .**•••' ""«• <»"'".**. with .
»ph BniUli, sod fslllug to win this hon* £* ■"*""- **» . u °"" * *J ..",__.
,   .   ... , ,_.,,.____.,   ..*.    *""' l'ulllu ni'"r un*" "'"■ "nJ I ""'I. What
or hodwl  .drawn with his friends to  Ws-meft00tb   „.,_.,     M   ^  ^^  ....<
comIn, while the victorious \ouog led his _,,., <lW|       ,._.._ _,,_„ .,„,. ^^ „,.
Motion to Utah, \pml9i    ,,...,. Ht(  .viM ..,.,-.., th.ir hm
According to local history, lu the aprlng ttntlg BU(1 „.(.lr lmw alm)| ,.„ „b|dod ,„
of 1841) Strang went on an exploring trlpVreuglli, aud thev shall not bow tn thfl
oa Uke Michigan ami lauded at St. oppressor, nor shall the power of tho
James, U .aver Inland, whose ls.-lai.-d posl- Qeutllo be upon them. It hath abundance
tloo snd wild, untenanted acreage con-m riches of the forest and In rhe riches
vlncod hliu that the peaceful wilderness 0f the earth und lu the riches of the
which  be desired   for thu establishment water."
of a separate people which would owe! i0 total disregard of federal and Slate
no obedience to the government of thfl j laws Strang set up his kingdom. He
United States had been found. He. re- wa. a lawyer, which enabled him to or*
turned to Wisconsin, enlisted a large pro«range a systematic scheme of government
portion of his followers In the Heaver He worked harder than any three mnu
Maud venture, and before winter he bad In laying the foundations of lho new
drawn un addilional fifty families to the State, not only iu the establishment of the
Isln.Qd, making one hundred fninlllea in government but lu the building of house
■ II which shared In tile building up of the u tabernacle and stores nnd the laylug out
kingdom at the beginning. of streets.    Ills persons! kindness and
In musty and time-yellowed papers re-; paternal solicitude for his followers won
reiilly uncovered a passage written by him tholr devotion to such an extent thai
Strang noou after his landing tells of his wheu he decided that the time had come
first Impressions of thc Island:— for a formal coronation there was uot a
"So, 1 beheld a laud amidst wide waiors voice rained lu objection,
Forty-three Lashes Tore Bedford's Back.
.1 wnt in June, hall' a yeai after thu
colony had been established, that he
made tin- uunouiueiueul: •        ,
"Ood hath chosen His servant James
to be king; He hath mode him HU npostlo
unto nil national He hath established him
it prophet above kings of the earth, and
hath appointed him king In SSloll, Uy Ills
voice Ho did call him, mul sum hit angel*
uui" hliu li) ordain hliu "
Hy lhis lime reports of. the Mormon
|tlugdotn aud the proposed coronation had
reached the maitihiud aud hud not been
well received. A project waa rnncelved
to Interrupt the coropntfon and drive
the Meet  from the Maud,  but  ths plot
ten reek d without King Nlt'iiutf    The
colony numbered about l,„<fi persons i>.<
JthlH   iim.   and    o   ropol   invaders   Kins
I Strang recruited an array und Imported a
cannon, whloh ho ptneod Imfore ihu tabor
| tiaclo.
I The uorountlou day was Jul,. \ l*"'*-*.
Tho holiday began in feasting. Tho tabernacle  wns   hung  wltll  flowers  m\  a
|floral carpet was laid fot tho, royal
progress. Without tlio tabernacle, how-
ever, there was every preparation for an
atinck. A* the boor far tho coronation
ai.pro.'teliid groups of ho.llle iiru.ed ui"i>
appeared nn the road to the temple. As
tbsy cauit dear tbe buomlag of the can*
broke tbo silence or the Mormons,
j This wa.s followed by „ volley, designed
(not to kill, but id warn the Invaders io
.cime ur* nearer.    The ClontllOS hesltttt
held a short coiiferonce and scattered,
"King James,"'as ho was culled by hi*
subjects, hm! won nn<i the corona tion pro-
A throne wn-» orecled ni one. end of
tlif tabernacle and nround If stood thoso
Who were to bo members of lhe court
Than cema a sound of music nml up the
aisle, tooklUg VOl)   regal,  walkud SllanK,
accompanied by James MoManus, nn
elder. Two maiden, placed » hassock,
upon which Strang kneeled, uiid two moro
threw over his ihoulders a scarlet robe
ile'dy ombroldered In gold. Thoso iwo
Kills, ihe most beiiuiiiul In tho kingdom,
knelt find oJ.toi.dcd In Klde'r MoMntfrs n
jewelled crown, Tin- elder blessed iha
■ I'.i.vn aud placed ii upon the hood uf
die , kneeling .Strung,   proclaiming , the
establishment nf it unv_  kitted  apart
from tha United Htol-.iv   Loml nbmib of
i i.   bespoke ths approval ol ilu* subjects
.Previous tn bin cornuatlon Strang had
uot been a believer in polygamy, Un: tn
us coronation spoecb he announced that
lod had Instructed Mm to preach .md
ir..ctl.o the doctrlno. Ha iherefor
nodlntolj took seven wive,, nud tbe other
non nt' the kingdom followed him
«\ i\\ an ihe llm I tod uumber of womon
ti ihe cuinmotilty u.-uld permit Blraug's
iwn wife hfi hhn wben ha hecnmi s
iiii-*i umi returned with his t. u
i lilldrcn lo Vorbcos, Wis,
Naturally autocratic, Strang's greet, rot
power over his subjects grew moro ami
mora insatiable after his coronation, Its
i-stablfshcd i newspaper known as tiie
Northern Islander, In which hli my,.I
■•nleis worn IhhuoiI More and more llfl
i-eoninc n dictator antl these orden j«*
He.! to every detail of life.
Vo homo could bv built unleM ho ap'
proved tlo idmi. Lawns imd to bo liopt
ii ii curtain way nnd only spoclflcd flowers ..'nil1\nle.l.    The  use of   liquor,  lea,
of to i' .uui tobacco wai prohibited, Per-
i kiii*. ids most daring bu id' tyrnnnj wna
i' ex net Ion of u tsi of *ia per mnu.
rom onoli fisherman of tht- Island, wbeth-
i Mormon or o_n.Hi- For thp enf.,*.*
uent of tbi. rule ... resorted tu .uriwril
"inisimieiil. although iouiellin-..i to* nm
even further th«u thla, ai the story guei
One uian who refuaed to pay was ah"
'.ifa.l and UU ttrother wn-. mortsll,
It was lm attempt to invade tiie realu
of femininity that was the beginning o
bin dywu.aH. He Issued au order tlm
all women ahould appear ou th. atreet'
in bloomers instead of -klria, and whei
I the women objected ho aaid that he wonlt
j enforce the ord-r if h« had ro wad. auk!
deep is bloc l. All but ouo «■..mn
obeyed, Mrs, John Bedford refused u
discard ber aklrts and "King ,t_ .wr aeu
hla gourd after ber huabaotl aud had hia
tied to the whipping tree, Fortyihro'
laahea tore Bedford's bnck and ho wai
Informed thut tbe piiuLtduneot  would lo
repeated unless he brought bis wife ti
obey the now Inw,
Bedford SW0W vengeance for thll rre«'
ment) left thn island and with two othe
dtscontsnted subjects went Into biding li
Mscklnsc City, with the oitject of ra
i rtilting a compan) of Gentiles to lay tb.
kingdom io". Hut tnat .it tat tun.
President VlUmors had b*«n Informed o
the SI Is tones of tbs kingdom aad that lh
-libjecti   were  leally   a  baud   Ol   piriHn**
who preyed upon tba lake commerce, *nt
he luul despatched a United States *>**%».
io Investigate the situation.   On this >««
••ei it-*,itt.ni snd nw ootnpanloai u-a-.uie.
Wh ii llie vMifl arrived at tiie Island
[Straug was summoned on hoard eljlp nu
questioned. In ths meantime Bedford
snd his fcleudH had allpped off the vok.-i
unknown to Its command*-! nnd Mddr-i
themselves neur the dock.   Winn Strang
came  on   shore   tbey   ihot   him      Stmna
leaped ai Bedford, but Woniwortb, hU
companion, struck the wounded king iu
the bead wllh tllfl butt of hli rerolverj
Strang fell unconscious and bU two »■*•
HA Ilu nis ran aboard the vessel, gOVC them*
letvus up, and were latei tried nu inur.
iter ami  an-iultted. ^j
When Strang found that ba could uut
recover trvtn ul** wounds he asked to ba
taken to the home of hla format wit1.,
where h* died eleven daya Iiiiii llla
dun'li wae the nlgnal t\-r an outbreak ami
crowd, of fishermen pillaged Bt. James,
I'he -.ituruui'l. was tmrii.-i nnd toi- pulp
HhIiIuk house rased, hut lbs ktug's >'n.tie
remained untouched. Tb * Mormons mt-
grated, the aeltlenient crumbled away,
nu'i to-day only one f»r two ruined houses
and t_» whipping iiv \*u-*.:>i to mats
tbt algli. of Lhe ebon  lived elflgd-HB. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
©he gfraepectov, ©ranbvooh, §. €
Published Every Saturday Morning at Oranbrook, B.Uf
fl\ M. Christian, general manager
Postage to American, European  [British  ialoa excepted)  and other for-
eign countries, Ml cents n yenr extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS.—^Adv?rtWttg rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputa ble character   will   be   accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS, Unless notice to the contrary
ia given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
"  — ~ " i_4__i
19th  YEAR
Uo. 41
Monday in Thanksgiving Duy tbrou-
out tho Dominion ol Canada, fhanka
giving Day in n leitnl holiday In Canada, when1 u ih generally observed
aa a day to return thanks to Ood
for the bleriauigf of the yeur. The
custom in reputed to be of irreat antiquity, having been borrowed aa
some declare from the Mosaic law,
Thia however, Is doubtful, notwithstanding th*- Hebrews wero accustomed to celebrate n plenteous harvest by public festivals und acknow
lodgements. Home ar"1 inclined to be
lieve thut the cuHt-on in the I'nited
States waa Imported Iflto thin country from Holland where tbi- Harvest
Home festival is an nnnual feu ture.
However tills mnv bc, the origin of
Thanksgiving Dnv In the United
States and Canada is due to the ear
ly settlers of New England. A notice
able feature In this connection is the
fact that Thursday, the day always
selected has tie***! adopted through
out the United States, while In Canada the proclamation of ThaakBgiv-
Ing is Issued by tho Governor General In Council, and generally taXea
place in October, instead ot Novem
bei  as Ir done In thi- States.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, tbe laat dope of
the Liberal party has failed; that
tha once mooted <julid Quebec ls noth
lag but a chimera, and nothing but
a miracle can prevent them from ea*
tablishing a new record for wander
ing In the wlldornoss, Already there
are Higut. of rebellion and Sir Wll
frid's retirement to be voluntary
muat come soon. Hon. William l'ligu
ley in on bin way to Ottawa, with
hia customary shrewdness he abstained from participating In tha Chateau
guay contest, and be recognizee, that
thia dUaater to Sir Wilfrid aud hu.
party in auch that he la going to
make tlu- most of it, It ln farewell
Laurier, hail to Sweet William. Record nnd principles w«>n the election
no definate charges hav. been made
agalnat the Conservatives, and tho
Liberal yell Ol bribery in not taken
at all seriously, Obateauguay vie
tory means a Long lease ol power to
Conservatives, tbe retirement of Hir
Wilfrid, and a division ol the rem
nant of th. Liberal party into a Aoi
en (actions tuhtlug for supremacy,
Council Meeting
ah ih.. days pass Bl
Irom Ohatea.igiiny wi
hau conn* with n full
"The Classic Four"
With :!The Beggar Prince" at the Auditorium, Wed. Oct. 22nd
Our young Men's
Suits are special
models, originated
expressly for
young men.
The patterns, too.
are most suited
for youthful faces
and figures.
$15. to $35.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook. B. C.
Mounted Game Heads
Send   .<
*r Price List
Animnli, Bird*,
Fish and Fur
Box 133
returns      TV   regular    monthly    meeting  o.
Blved,  it  the City Oouncll   was   held   tn   the
_tion that  Council Ohambers on Monday, there
being present Mnyor Bowness and Al
dertnen  Olapp,  Kennedy,  Leask  and
The city clerk then r_*ttd tbe mm
utes oi the last regular meeting, und
on motion of alderman Olapp mul
alderman i'*rr they were adopted a.
On motion ol Aldermen Kennedy
an<i „-*«__, the uae ot tbe Mayor's
, room u. tbe City Hnll wtw granted
to the agricultural A_i»o_mUon, as
per section So. 31 ol the Municipal
Statutes, 1*13.
A communication from the City
solicitor re tht- Benedict water appropriation, wa*. on motion received
and filed,
A communication from the Vancouver General Hospital, wan referred to the City Solicitor.
On motion of Aldermen Kennedy
■and Carr. tbe City clerfc wart mat rue
ted to order a 35-watt ItKht to be in
.tailed on the corner of Harold
[street and Lumtkien avenue, from tbe
lSth day of November, 1913.
The Finance committer* then presented their monthly report and re-
eommendtHi thnt the game be paid.
I On motion of Aldermen Clapp and
| Kennedy the account., at) presented
by the committee be paid.
; Heattie-Murphy   Co    3.60
]P.  Burns  __   Oo    5.70
|B.  C Livery     1.50
H.C.  Gazette   25.00
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Oo. 11,25
City  Livery      53.50
Cranbrook  Drug & Book  Btore   8.35
Cranbrook   Trading   Co    8.95
Oranbrook   Banh  &  Door  Co.... 24.96
Cranbrook    Foundry  Oo  36.80
City Engineer's Pny Roll  1113.80
City Clerk Sundries  105.05
City   Officials     295.00
Cranbrook   Laundry       1.60
Cranbrook   Klectrlc  Light  Oo, 203.10
Cranbrook  Cartage & Tranafer 94.00
City Transfer Co 234.50
F.   Detail    12.00
I Davis  Bros.  •  12.35
Kast  Kootenay  Lumber  Co.  ...   5.00
', Fire Department Pay-roll  260.00
JHartz,  B. F. Co., Ltd 1.25
i Herald   Publishing  Co    4.00
Drs.  King & Green   33.00
i Kootenay  Telephone  Lines    20.05
.Manning, I. K.  34.32
McBride,   J.   D  20.89
Mennie,   J.   B  18.00
Police    Pay-roll    .......395.00
Patmore Bros _..   4.50
Pnrrott, T. N    5,00
Parks F.  & Co  55.92
Prospector   Publishing  Co    3.15
QUAin Klectrie Oo    4.90
Bchool Board pay-roll  1648.71
Hcbool    Board   Orders    (K,    A.
Racklyeft)    165.00
Ward & Harris     2.85
Pay roll    1688.85
City Transfer Co  85.90
Oranbrook   Foundry   120.00
McBride,   J.  D    6.88
McCreery    Bros    2.10
Parks, F. ft Co  10.15
Owing to the financial sttlngency,
th>- Finance committee will not be
able to allow their estimate*, to tn*
r I needed.
The city clerk was instructed to
notify tbo school truste-en of the
Htate of their account, and to notify
I tin-in that on account nf tbe financial
Stringency DO assistance could t)fl
given by the rlty this year.
The report of the city Engineer
was received and turn.
On motion of Aldermen Oarr and
Kenned y, lnave wtt s ■-1 un t wl to In -
trod ure By law No. 127 .being cited
as the "Water Works By law." This
by law la for the purpose of llilng
charges for thawing at $8.00 each
time, payable In advance. The Bylaw passed Its first and Mcoud read
ings nnd nfter some discussion by
thc council ab a committee, on the
whole lt was read a last time and
By-law No. 128 entitled the "Local
Improvement Hate By-law,'' llxing
the rates for assessments against pro
perty tor cement sidewalks was Intro
ducod, and read a flrst and second
time, iUhcuhhihI by the council aa a
whole and Anally pnssed its last read
By-law No. 129, a "Local Improve
ment Debenture By law," was introduced, rend a ..rn. and second times,
discussed by the conucll as a whole
and finally passed Us third and last
Alderman Clapp gave notice that
he will at the next meeting of tho
Oouncll Introduce a By law dealing
with the Bpoclal spur privileges,
Council Adjourned.
Contract Firm to Retire
LONDON, on 11, Th« passing
►.way ol ,u„' nl ,!„' oldest ami great
...' contracting Urn. Ln tin,
world, Job. Ai,.1 ,. Oo, La an
nounoed (..i ,,,-xt year, 'l'l,,. tlrm
wblcb damned tbe Nile and carn_l
.,ut ..'tier _r,*,n w,>rkn throughout
tho world will ceaae to exist next
September, by which time all outstanding contractu will imve boen
The decision to go out ol business
h_ been  taken  bj  tho  present  Hir
Johu And, who succeeded hu* tattler
lu 1911 ami Inherited Iron, him a lor-
tune ol over (5,000,000,     The reason
given \s that, while thc risks o( contracting  arc na great na  they  -vor
wore,  the  pronto are not  nearly  ao
large  as  thoy   wore  some  20  or  30
years ago.     Great    planta    wlll    be
distributed and a atall of engineers
! and workmen, who are said to have
j uo superiors,    will   be   eeektng   new
| positions aa a result ol the action.
!    Like that of moot bi_ contracting
; llrms,   the  history   of   John   Aird   _
; Co.  ia somewhat  romantic.    It waB
started In, 1818   by',   John   Aird,   a
Scottish  mason,  who came to London from Rosshtre, anil after follow.
; in,*  his trade for sovcral  years waa
appointed     superintendent    of    the
' I'boenix C.as company nt flreenwlcb.
', There  he  learned   the  business  tbat
; gavo bim bib Btart, nud tbe flrst bl_
; undertaking oi bis urn. was thc laying of water and gas mainB for London.   His son, the first baronet, who
died in 1911, joined the firm in 1851.
and under him the firm made great
strides.   Tbey removed Crystal Palace from  Hyde  Park  to  Sydenham;
built water and gas works all over
the country, as well as ln Berlin, Co
penhagen, Russia, France, Italy, Den
mark and Braiil,   They built and extended railways and constructed the
Royal Albert,  Kast and  West India
and  Tilbury  docks  on  the Thames,
and later the Manchester ship canal.
The great docks at Avonmouth and
Singapore were created by them, but
tbe damning of the Nile capped all
tbeir work.
It was not easy to get tbls undertaking financed, the Egyptian govern
ment not being willing to take the
risk. It was accomplished when tbe
late Blr John Aird met Sir Ernest
Capoel, the hanker, In Kgypt one day
Aird placed tbe plan before the banker and In two dnys tho financial ond
of the undertaking wus arranged and
Aird wns able to go to the Egyptian
government with nn offer t_> construct dams nt Assntian and Asslout
without even the Ilrst payment being
made until the work waa completed.
Fownes Gloves
are reliable. You dont' have to
worry about hand comfort and
money's worth when you buy
We have them in all lengths, shades, anil prices
Queen Quality
Aborn Shoes
we find are very reliable, quality is
satisfactory and fit perfect. The
styles, like the best American shoes,
are the latest.
Also see our new House Slippers in Felt and
Presbyterian Church
W. Kelmau Thomson
Morning services at 11 a.m.
Solo selected—Miss rollings.
S. 9. Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Bvening services at 7.30 p.m.
Subject—"A   Pilgrim's   Psalm    of
Anthem—"Sweet ls Thy  Mercy."
Seats free to all.    Everybody wel
Visit of Oeneral W. Bramwell
The Salvation Army ln Cnnada will
shortly celebrate an event ot historical Importance to that organization
in the welcome to the Dominion for
tbe first time of their new General,
Vi. Bramwell Booth, eldest son and
successor of the late Oeneral William
Booth, founder ot this world wide
Baptist Church
Rev. O.  K. Kendall
Thanksgiving Services will be observed throughout the day. Special
features ot the day will be Decision
Day ln which a number of our young
people will express their decision to
like tbe Christian Life. A One Day:s
Income for Missions will he the monetary expression of Thanksgiving.
Special music wlll ho rendered at
all the meetings
Morning worship at 11 a.m.
Topic of sermon "My Life's Decision-A Thanksgiving Offering."
Sunday school and Bible class will.
meet at 3.00 o'clock.
Evening worship at T.30 p.m.
A Baptismal Service. Topic of tbe
sermon "My Lite's Consecrati. n—A
Thanksgiving Offering.:'
A cordial Invitation is extended to
,«-*•*• %:\
■ \-_
Hose bearing the        " _v
Penman trademark snuggle '" .!_
like a second skin to every curve § _
of foot and limb: Tliey do not    S
rip, or tear because there is nut a * Sf
seam about   them.    And  they're   v^
made for men, women and children
in cotton, cashmere, silk antl lisle—
in any weight and till popular colors.
and look for the trademark!
Penmans United, Paris, Canada
Hosiery      Sweaters     Underwear
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
Sunday services: Tho pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Hiding of
Providential Power."
Evening subject' "Confidence In
Special Thanksgiving music will be
rendered at both services, A cordial
invitation is extended to all.
English Church
Rev. E. P. Flewelllng Rector
Holy Communion at 8:00 a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11:00
Evening with special address 7:30
The seats la Christ Church ara free
Mrs, I'liinp Mm,in.'iii,, sister or vis-
nountOIR Mniliiiiiil nml I'rli'int of Qhqg.II
Mill'.,', Inn, nri'lveil In Mils contlli'v mill
will deliver lei'luies on hni'lli'iiltum to
American women,
Mrs. Miirllni'iiu Iiiih Iiiioii Iim. twice
before. Hbo mild Hint Inn Amor .0.11
garden-, excel lu design tiiiinc ul' Kngland.
Break Whisky's Grip on Your
Loved Ones
Drunkards wlll tell you with tears
of sincerity Uiat tbey do not funt
to drink. Tbe craving co ...ni* fr ini
tlio luHniiiad membranes of Ilio HUM'
neb drives them to lt.
Alcurn will soothe tbe ttomhll.*).
nerves and remove tbo cravltiR that
Is ruining your homo nnd .'. ..ling
an otherwise kind husband or 'n».hr.-
from you, It rusts only $1.00 per
box, nml if it does not cure rr bSP.
Ilt after a trial the money will bo
Alcurn No. 1, Is tnato'oss ond cnn
Is, given secretly ln Tea, Coltee, or
lood. Alcurn No. 2, lo taken voluntarily by thos,. willing tn help
Alcurn can now be obtained at our
store. Ask for .ree Booklet telling
all about it and give Alcurn a trial.
Beattie-Murphy Oo., Ltd., Agents,
Oranbrook, B.O. 41-1.
Ir ll„li,t,,lali,li.,..tn,ii, i,i.,iitiili ,.., ilili li ,     _
r I ■ i iti 11. . tttt,-,'vn i'
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer 6? Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in thc
manufacture of all our Beers
ii Phone 177
P.O. Box 264 :!
41 HI 11H III11111ll-»»l 11 II I IIIM 11 M ***** r
• .■m.I-.I-H-H*-I''I'^ '
Professional   Carbs
■ anb*
£ob«3e   Notices
. ..■^■.+...^af.H^.|-f.f.|-fH*-. •*-.-++******** 1*1- * ■I-I-M-.-I-H.+ . •
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Mset in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each month,
Louis Pearson, Bee, P.O. Box 019,
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets in Carmen's Hull  1st und
3rd Thursday!   In every  month, al
I p.m.   Membership open to British
H. V. Drake, Pres.
I,. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. _ A. H.
Regular   meetings   on  ths
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
K. B. Miles, Worshipful Mastor.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tueeday In
each month at elgbt o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompnnlons   are   cordially invited.
Bx. Comp—A. C. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No, 88
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, 0. C.
F. M. Christian, K of R.  _  S.
B. A. HIU, M. F.
Vlaltlng brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Co. 41
Meets (very Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
. Turnley, W. M. Harris
N. (J. See.
Circle No.  1S8
Companions of the Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hnll, First and
Third Wednesday of each month nt
soo p.m., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. Laurie, C. 0
Mrs. A. E. Sbaw, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. Mtf
P.L.B.   A   C.B.
CRANBROOK,    ...     B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial  Bank  liuilding
ORANIiROOK,     -     British Columbia
Civil   and   Mining rn.nrors—British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Boi 236
Phone 222
...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   _   ORBEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Otllcs at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.80
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meets c ory Vn I an
Ith Wcdnsshay nt s
".in., In  Royal Ulncl,
Knight's    Hall    op
Bn' er Street.
W. M, Erler, Dictator.
R. S. Oarrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Black  Knlghta Hall
Baiter Stroet
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday
of each montb at » p.m. aharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, Itec. Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, chief ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
I'reeident-O. K. Sheppard
Moots regularly on the First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Becretary-A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Crnnhrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets   1st   and
3rd 'Ihnrsdnv In
It oval   Black
_ Knlghta nf Ire
land :mil ut  8 p.m. aharp.  Visitors
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S,  L.  Williams,  Hecy.
Scobell _ Liquor, Tobacco
•nd'DruK Cure {ISWfiUt
Alcohol, Tobacco tnd Dturi. It tountmcti flit
•Rich ttmoit Initanily-iemovei ill crivit.fi.
After taking thfl treatment there wlll never ba any
6led MM.ink Intoxicant! ur uie drup if tin. Can
■ ftven McratlT-  We h*v« yat to hear ot uu*
" illore.   Hilled under aoparata cover lo any ad-
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenue Next to City Hall
Open Day alio Night PIiod. 133
Funeral Director,
r.o. BOX .'.sr,
PHONE  34fi
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick.
Mowers 6? Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
■■'•■'',>. , ..,-..*.■.■*,■•■.-.,,•*■-%«*-.-.•'. >•.•♦•.*♦■♦•♦■♦•♦-♦••'♦•♦•-»•♦•♦■♦•.•.•♦•♦•♦•♦•.-♦•♦•♦•_•.•' t ,■•».■•»■-*<■>..,
Captain Murray Sueter, director of ths Air Depnrtment of tiie British Navy, and Engineer-Lieutenant Aldwell have been attending on behalf ef the British Admiralty a series of trial flights made near
the new "Forlanini" airship. The vessel has a gas capacity of 400,000 cubic feet, and combines many of the
advantages of the rigid and non-rigid types. Ths flights were of three hours' duration each, and they ate
stated to hare been very successful. The envelope ls of the fish shaped pattern. A strong' steel girder
runs its whole length and, with the cabins and engine room, which are grafted on to lt, forms the keel of
the vessel. The car, which ta completely enclosed and has windows, ls divided into fourteen compartments.   Looked at from a distance, the cabins appear to be part ef the gasbsg.
. . .  ...-.■■■>•.-*■* ♦•♦-♦■.•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦..•♦■♦■♦•♦•.•♦•♦•♦■♦-♦•.•♦.•»•.■♦-.• ♦."*"» .-.-♦•♦ ■.♦.-.**-** ♦ .*•»■•♦«*
District  ol South Kant  Kootenny
TAKK NOTIOB thnt I, Hnrry
.Ininrs Hecil ol Ornnbrook. B.O., oc
Duration clerk, Intond td Apply lor
permlsslon tn purchnse tbo lollowlng
iin. rritimli lands:—
Commencing nt n post plunted at
tlio north weat cornet ol l.ot 9209,
tbrnoo nortli 4n chains, th nco oast
20 rhnlns, Ih nc south 40 chnins,
thence wist 2ti chnins, to point ol
commencement and contnln'og ac
acres more or less.
Dated September 2tst, 191...
Harry .Inmes Rood,
Alexander Lewis St.Elol
39-9t. Agent.
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTIOH ia hereby given that, on
tho first day ot December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal ot tho hotol license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, in thc Province ol British Columbia.
Dated thia 15th day ol October, 1913
42 it Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first dny ol December, next, application will be mado to tho Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal  ol   the  hotol  license   to  sell
liquor by retail In thc hotel known
as the Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranbrook,  in the Province ol
British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
Poter Jensen, act. manager lor
43-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICK is hereby given that, on
the first day ol December, natt, application will bc made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail ln thc hotel known
ns thc International Hotel, situate
at Moyie, in the Province ol British
Dated this llth day ol October, 1913
42-it Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICK is hereby given thnt, on
the first dny ol December, next, application will bo made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the Wycllfle Hotel, situate at
Wycllfle, ln tho Province ol British
Dnted this Mth dny ol October, 1913
ia It Applicant
LIQUOR    AOT,    1910,
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given thnt, on
the first day ol December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal ol thc hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated thiB 13th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ie hereby Riven that, on
iho first day of December, next, application will be mnde to thc Superintendent ol Provincial Police for renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ns tho International Hotel, situate
at Kingsgate, ln the Province of
British Columbln.
Dated this 13th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
tho first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by rotall ln the hotel known
ns the Palls View Hotel, situate nt
Marysville, in the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
TAKE NOTIOE that, sixty days
after date, I Intend to apply to thc
Minister ot Lauds for a licence to
prospect lor Coal and Petroleum on
the lollowlng land situate ln South
East Kootenny,  Block 4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
or near two miles east and nne mile
r.outh ol the S. E. cornor ol Lot
10084; thence west 80 cbalns; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence south 80 chains to
place ol commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
alter date, I intond to apply to the
Minister ol Lands lor a llcenco to
prospect Ior Coal and Petroleum on
thc following land situate in South
Kast Kootenay,  Block 4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
wost 80 chains; thence north 80 chains
thence east 80 chains; thenco south
30 cbalns to placo nf commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
Coal tuiiiitii* rights of tbe Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tlio North
west Territories ami In a portion of
the Province ol British Columbia,
may be lossed for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental ol 11
an acre. Not more tban 2,560 acres
will be lease,! to one applicant.
Application for s lease must bt
made by tht applicant In person ts
tht Agent or Sub-Agent ol tbe district in which th. rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory tiie land must
hs described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, nnd In unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall bt staked out by the applicant
Eacb application must lit accompanied by a fee of 15 which will b«
refunded il tbe rights applied for an
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be pnld on tht mer-
chantable output of the mint at tb.
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agont witb sworn returns
accounting tor the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tbt
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not lining operated, suob
returns should be furnish. 1 at least
once a year.
The lease will Include tbe conl mln-
Ing rights only, but tbo lessee inay
bs permitted to purchase whatever
available surlace rights may be con
sldered necessary lor the working of
the mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an acre
For lull information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department ol tbo Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent nr Suh-Agent ol
Dominion Lands,
W.   W.   OORY,
Deputy Minister ol the Interlot
N.H.—Unauthorized publication ol
tbls advertisement will not be paid
lor. Jan. 4th-tl
District    ol   south    Kast   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that David William
.St. Kloi of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the fallowing
described Sands;—
Commencing at a i ost planted 160
chains north and 60 chnins west of
the north-west corner of Lot 9209
O. 1, Kootmay District, tlun.e east
in ch una. theme south 40 chains,
thence west 20 chain-, tbence north
40 chnins to point ol commencement,
containing -0 aorta nore or less.
Date  August  25th,   1913.
Da. Id  W.liam  St.  Kloi.
3li-9t. Applicant
District    0|   south    Kast   Kootenai
TAKK NOTICK thnt Harry North
wood of CmnbrooK, ll.C, occupation
butcbei, intends to upply Ior perinis-
tion to purchase the following .ies-
crlbed lands:—
Commencing a: a i ost plunted 120
chains north ol :be north-wen io.h. r
oi Lot 9209, Uroup one, K, ot .nay
District, thenee west 20 chuins,
thence smith 49 chain-, tlience east.
20 chains, thenoe north 4u chains, tu
I'lac.i oi commencement, oi uttin
eighty  ncres more or  less.
Date September ::rd,  1913.
Hairy Northwood,
Ji'-'Jt. Aleiander Lewla St. Kloi
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty dnys
alter date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands tor a licence to
prospect for Conl and Petroleum on
tbe lollowlng land situate In South
East Kootenay,  Block  4593.
Commencing at a post placed at
the N. E. corner of Lot 9499; thence
east 80 chains; thonco north 40
chains more or less to north boun
dary ol C. L. 1710; thenco west 80
chains; thence south 40 chains mure
or leBS to placo of commencement.
Dnted August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intond to apply to thc
Minister ol Lands lor a licence to
prospect lor Conl and Petroleum on
the lollowlng land situnte in South
East   Kootenay,   Block  4593.
Commencing at a post plncod at
tho N. W\ cornor ol Lot 9499; thence
west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains
tbence east 80 chains; thence north
80 chains to place ol commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
District   oi   South   Kast   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that Edward A.
Hill of Cranbrook, occupation merchant, lilt-ads to apply [or permission to putcbiB,. .he lollowlng described lands--
Commencing al _ post planted 120
chains north ol the north-west oor
ner oi l.ot 9209, Q, 1, Koot. uny Dis-
trict, thence eaat 20 chains, thenc.
soutb 10 cha.ns, theuce wen 20
chuins, thence north to cliuias to
point of commencement, c ntalnlng
80 acres more 0r less.
Duto  August  2_h,   1913.
Edward A. Hill,
»6-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
Notice is hereby given thnt on the
6th day of Octobor 1913.
George H. Thompson, Bsq., Judgo of
the County Court of Enst Kootenay.
that .lames A, Arnold, Otlicinl Administrator for that portion of tbe
County of Kootenny included in thc
Electoral District of Oranbrook bo
Administrator of all and singular
thc estate ot Oeorge Walker Scott,
deceased intestate.
Kvery person indebted to said deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to thc undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging lo the deceased la
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Kvery creditor or other person hav
ing nny claim upon or interest In
the distribution of tin* estate of the
said deceased is required to send before the 17th day of November, 1913
noxt, by registered mall addressed
to thc undersigned, bis nume and address and the full particulars of his
claim or interest, and a statement
of his account and tho nature of the
security tit any) held by blm.
After the said lust mentioned date
tin* Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regnrd to those claims only of which
ho shull have had notice.
Dated at Oranbrook this nth dny
of October.  1913.
.1.   A.   ARNOLD,
41-2t. Olllcinl   Administrator
District    of   South    Kost   Kootenay
TAKK NOTU'K that David Hop-
kin, ot Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation
railway Conductor, intends to apply
(or permission t0 purchase the Iol
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at „ post planted 100
chnins north and 20 chains east of
the north-west corner of Lot 9209,
Group one, Kootonny District,
thence enst 211 cliuins. thence south 40
cbn ns, th,nee west 20 chnins, thenco
north to chains to plant of c0n,menc.
ment, containing eighty ucres more
or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913.
David Hopkins,
. Applicant
»6-9t. Alexander Lewis St. Eloi
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section    42.)
NOTICK is hereby given that, on
thn Ilrst day ol December, noxt, application will ba made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal of the hoi el I Icons,* to sell
liquor by retail In tho hotol known
ns the Central Hotel, altunto at
Moylo, In the Province of British
Dnted this llth day of  Octobor, 1913
42-4t Applicant
TAKE NOTICE thnt, sixty days
alter date, I Intend to apply to the
Minister ol Lends lor u licence to
prospect lor Coal and Petroleum on
tbe fallowing land situate in South
East Kootenay,  Block 4593.
Commencing at a poBt placed at
tho S. B. corner ol Lot 9499; thenco
north 80 chains; tbence east 80 chains
(hence south 80 chains; tbence west
80 chains; excepting that portion cov
ered by 0, I.. 1709.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
An advertisement is nn insurance policy. It insures a-
galnst loss through the purchase ot goods ol inferior quality. Wh,n you buy goods that
are advertised you know you
getting the best. Makers of
poor articles can't allord to advertise thom ln this pnper even
11 advertising would bo profitable to them, which is unlikely-
unlikely because truth and reliability are the ess, nee of sue
cestlul advertising.
You don't take chance whon
you buy advertised goods, because if by any chance there
should be anything wrong with
tho goods there is the roptitn
tlon ol merchant nnd maniifiict
itror back of thom. nn,l nnv article tbnt is not up to the nd
vertlscd   speelflcntlons   will    he
District ol South-Bsst Kootenny
TAKK NOTICK "that I, TboinaB
cbrlstinn, Contractor, intend thirty
days ajller date to apply to tho Minister ol Lands lor permission to purchase the fallowing described  innd -
Commencing at a post planted on
the East Rank ol the Moyie River,
nenr the southeast cornor of Lot
ion ii,, thonco east 20 rhnlns, thonce
south 40 chains, thence wost 20
chains, tbence north 40 chains to the
point of commencement.
Iint.il  August 18th,  1913.
34-9t A. B. Grace, Agent
District nf South Kast Kootenny
TAKE. NOTICE thnt I, I'ntllck C.
lea'iy of Crnnbrook, ll.C., occupation Locomotive Engineer, intmd to
npplyi for permission to Purchase tho
following described lnnds:—
Communing nt n post plunted 40
chilns north Irom lbo north-west
corn"r of l.ot 9210, tlunie north 40
chnins, thenco, enst 20 chains, Ihence
sniith 40 ohnlns, Ihenco west 20
chilm to point of commencement,
contnln'ng 80 noren mora or loss.
Dnted  September 21st.,  1913.
Patrick 0. l.cahy,
Alexander Lewis  St.Elol
39-9t. Agent.
Electric Restorer for Mer
Dhnsnhonol ""''"'"> .very nerve In the In..
rnospnonoi,  )(.     „, ..„.,_, ,.„„,..
.lm .lid vitality. I'mnuitiii" de, nv nnd .11 .exiia!
Mtkneal averted m onto, rhn.ptionol -.111
■tke you I new men. 1'ike IB . I. ,, ,„ Iwo lo,
II     Mallalt'XnV ad J,.,,    * II lotl.ll UrO|
liO  ,11     _)»«_. I*.',,     O.I
She—So you don't like that hai
In front of ut. How would yoa
like It trimmed?
Hs-Wllh a lawn nwwael
'Ob.-att,mwy, HtwtdteM
District of _ otttl. Kast Kootenny
TAKK NOTU'K thnt l, Philemon
Jn.nes Oougeon ol Cranbrook B.O.,
occupation trnitunun, Intend to apply f,,r permission to purchase* the
(ol owing described binds
i oiniiiencing nc* a post limited nt
th.- north-east corner dt Lot 9209,
th.ne north 10 chnins, thenc* west
2o ib mis, tbence south 40 chains,
thence east 20 chains, to point _
commencement and containing! 10
acrea more or less.
Dnted  September 21st.,  1913.
Philemon   Jam.a Gouge,,n,
Alexander Lewis Bt.Blol
39 '.It. Agent.
DiBtrlct   ol  Houth   Kast   Kooienuy
TAKE  NOTICK Hint  I,  Rnrnov  Mc
Goniiiile, ol Crnnbrook, B.C., occupi,
tlon   loComOtlVfl lllglllgeel ,  intend,,  t„
apply for permission t<> purchase the
following  described  lands -
Commencing at n post plunted al
Ibe north weal, coiner .« Lot 9211,
Ihi'iic north lu chains, thonce east
2ii cbalna, thenc south 40 chains,
thence weal 20 Chains t,, place of
co,nfiun''oniinl, mtd containing io
acres more or less*
Dnled  September 21st.,  1913.
Ifniney   Mclioilldllc
Alexander Lewis 8t,8lol
39 -ill. Agent.
District    uf   South    Kust   Kootenay
TAKlf NOTU'K thut Krncst South
ol crnnbrook, B.O., occupation bar
bar, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the follo.viug described
Commonclttg at . post planted ltio
chnins north und UO chum., west ol
the north wist corner of Lot 9209,
Group On", Kootenny District, theuce
west 20 chnins. thence south 40
chiuns, thence east 20 chulns thonco
north lu cbalna, to pluco of com
mencement, containing eighty acna,
in.uo or less.
Date Scptenil,ei  3rd, 1913.
Ern.tt South,
3o-9t. Alexander Lewla St. Kloi
District    of   South    Kast   Kootauay
TAKK NOTU'K that Harry Habi-
chnud ol Cranbrook, B.O., occupation
railway conductor, intents to apply
lor permission tu purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing nt a Post planted at
the north eust corner ol Lot 9210,
Group on", Kootenay District, theuc-
nortb 40 chums, tbinco west 4.
chnins, thence south 40 chains,
tlience cast 40 chains to pbice of
commencement, containing one hundred and sixty acres more or less.
Date September 3rd, 1913.
Hurry  Kuhirhaud.
36-9t. Alexander Lewi. st. Slot
Dl-trici    ol   South    Kast   Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE tbat Alexander
Lowl- -..Moi, ,,! , ranino *k, B.C.,
occupation woods 'ore-nan, intend.
to apply lor permission to purchase
th   lollowlng described lands —
Commencing al a l"»st planted 1.0
chains nr:. a'.d l'l chains west ol
tb*' n rth-weet corner of l.ot 9209.
G. I. Kootena) District, thence eatt
4u chnins, tlience south 40 chains,
tbence weht 4,, ehalni, thence north
lu ,'lia.n. to point ,,f commencement,
Containing I'" acres more or lose.
Date   aUgllll   2Mb,   1913.
36-Jt. Alexander Lewie st. lilm
*Ht eald you were lacking In
(uM one thine."
"And Out wat-!'
j Dr. de Van'i Female Pllli
A Itlllbll Punch ,,.,il
Diiii ai. txcttdloili p.m*,ini in rtgulttlu,it_
■ali.r.llvo p."lloll "I Hi. IfoibIb .v.l.ni.   K.lua.
all , li.ap Initiation.    Ur, «U m'l .,. a .It tl
Iti „ l,o,, n, Hi,., lor Ilu   Malls' ,0 au, a n,«*
■k. eaakell Uriae BS,, ■>, t.,1,,,1..., Oa*
District 01  Bast  Koot.nay
TAKK   NOTICE    tbnt   William IV.
Richmond,   ,,1   Trnvei 0 Olty, Midi..
occupation   Lumberman,   intends   to
I apply im  i,ei mi hioii t,, purchase tlm
following described lands
1     ' Oliili, le 111 ■     )(l      ,,      PO*'      (limited
Itwrnty ititin, wisi nnd eighty chains
aouth .A Mile pnal No. .1 ,,n the BMh
parallel!, -.ni.l 1.. , being the soutb
west corn r ol rimber Licence No.
1Cm:i. ih.n'-o weoi 111 rhalns. thence
smith 2o chnins, tbence wost 20
chuiis ihence north 00 cbalna,
th 'nee en-l co hums, thru,-.* *.outh
411 chnins ,n the place ol commence
ment, containing BIO ncres,, mote or
Dateil  August  Uth, 1913.
Geo. W, Brown, Agont
To While Away an Idle Moment
Abdul Hamid as World's Greatest Animal Collector
;oma nnd
of their
I noil so
iwny. U
ignsl 'in -j Pacha's
ilie imlnnc, he was
-trosonii-d wiiii n rnbbtl for hi** lillle hoy
or a cliolce <-fii fni' hla harr-in. None ever
dnred refuse.    N*nr illil one linro throw
il for himself, nnd thai it w>.t
he was the Sultan that those
Ihelr tails.
European sovereign wanted
anything ont o£ Abdul Unrald lie sent
hhn n dog. Emperor William, 1 nellovo,
iism] i,i -,'it up nights thinking whut m-xl
ho could find lo send to Coustnntiuoida
whon thnt Bagdad Railway concession
was hanging fire. To offset ihe Kaiser's
nilt lliere would emuc a gift from London, Hla favorite collie Crl.pl was
given tn Iiim by Queen Victoria, and
Inst present from King
,1. lEdwnrd. The dogs were nil named, ntid
Abdul Hamld knew every one of them.
Sad Day for His Pets.
"Ii wns n and day for mo wlien they
came up there and mad.' the Sultan nh-
dieate, but ii was •■* sadder day for bin
animals, And. do ymi know, our .treat
■logs would never liavo heen sent to that
-.land if Voting Turks lunl nol overthrown Abdul Haluid? Had tbey suggested  such  a  thing K> him   he  would
H* VV   S'"hl1 ll'ir"i'1' "■•■'■■-,,**tV
__\ '*Y_   Ij inildUbo.l hi ihe Awe
on «H.d about*)
SiillJ"   li.ivi-
llf    _IH"*-V     llllll
(ieiiflg**rie and
faii._**-iii*» pr- ..-ni governnniD
• But to ue. who lived there for eighteen
! years, it was a place of hap:»inp**.s and
c, wliere <.od's crealur.e wero tenderly
onroil for.
"The lak'Carl Hagcnbeck did nol imve
any such menagerie as Abdul Humid. 1
cnn give you figures, and 1 am the ouly
mau iu Mig world who can. lu the cages
uf Yildiz Kiosk at one time you could
count 8 lions. G tigers. 4 hyenas, 40
(monkeys, S muskdeer, - orang-outangs,
(JOO deer, (10 reludeer. 4-> wolves, 4 ibexes,
;> giraffes, 8 otters, IW buffaloes. 200
throve    ,sim
out go ilUiflftlrnu
I10.tr   ile*  Tirrt*.
■   .
ilrtuige lhat nolhlug hi
the "hobby" n> Wbl- li
ino.i of his lime,   l*.vi
Ah.jnl ll.,i,ii.l hud a hi
lllHl hi- .iif.loglPHl -M'd
ontllllhied ;in inl'-l'-tliu
Ulld >h-inr-stio ;niiui:i[-,   hul   it*.  HiUgulllidC(j0f- i^-f,.   }
in.I ii.»- i-i'Mtimi rare wbh-li Abdul HaniblJBonplionw sieavne
leitowetl  upon  hi-  Moved auiuial« hav,
lever l-oen mad.* known |o lhe public.
. nre iiihiiv ii, ilurixinniinopte win
for Ihe day* nf   "It-d Sn tai '
i i- iu -'numaitt nny nf Ms cimfldciubil nd
mo. enn! u I to re-sho.  him to the ! intimate kui.wtedge Df th
Bars, and whose
old Sultan i*. as
the gift into tbo Uusphorns afler -earing ,..,,.. mit tum th(ire ]UsU.a(1. It would
I m-ier have seen anywhere in print nnItlio pulaee. Abdul Imd his spies every-jjmve *jeen better for the country. "
[account of his menagerie and his care for where, nud it won. I ho nr* mueh as a| .*jjut ym SJlJ, .aai you „Ta not tnier.
fuiimala of nil sorts. People think of Pacha's position wns worth. Tbeu, too, ylo.vlng me for my polllleal opinions. SToti
Vlldlz Kiosk as the palace of horror., ilu* months afterward be would ask!—'Howiwant to know what became of ihose nnl-
breeding place of all  lhe  ills of Turkey. 1 many kilteus did tbat cat have iu Its lust|Umls. .Most of the domestic nnitmils except
litter'.' How were they colored?' Thejtho .als-how the present Sultan hntes
Pncbii bad to know! He could not He j cuts! - were preserved. The wild animals
about it, for the Stilton might say:—|died or were stolen. Tin- rascals around
'Bring me oue of tli" klltena, I wouldjvildiz sold the hest of llie dou« and other
Uke to see that coloring.' [animals.    1 nearly tost my lite up there
"But he never gave nwny d^gs or birds, when they hnd an nuetto
They juat increased Indefinitely. Oo not "Did Abdul Hamid inke mnny of Ills
think I am exaggerating when I tell you animals to Snlonlca Willi him? Wby did
nboui the birds. There wore _00 fin mln- )l(l[ yoq 1|sj. rae jf |lfl took nny. The
goes, 30 geese, uOswaus, 80 pelicans, 000 worst cruelty of the Uoung Turks wua
hens from ull over thc world (If Abdul to deprive blm of bis dogs. Membera of
Hamid heard of a species nf hen he did his family managed to smuggle some to
wn* ns unhappy as a pill- him, but ibcy wero killed.   When lie came
i KioikJ
of  1
'•■■ Abdul   Id-ni    	
•makes and  400 other   wild  aniiiuil
could.lell you exactly how many of each
the rlgllt place.    It is impossible for mo, kind, but you sav you nre uot taking a
Kul. .in war lus nira.i great an thnt of any living mnn.   Quito by *■_ ,«____*& him ns the ..londthin.tr wretch ' , ,, ,
 ,| , , t.n, rugurn nun as rue nioouiuiiMy wre.cu- j census or witling n natural history.
n ",',,' "' loCttte tllt' vot* the iuhiiiunn monster, be has been depleted
if Yildiz. Hr. Kelnricli||n jour newspapers.   Why do . say this*;
l animals,   No mnn wlm
>   radically   immoral
i i;   t.i uncommon tn [chance I Imve i
remarking thai  such n icrln&ry surgeoi
er have happened  had Schaefor, an Austrlnn, who for eighteen|_tecnilB0 |,c
Hn*  vonrK lived iu the closest dally associationh
ensns or w
he   Sultail   loved    his   douiesli
deck  of
rl .he beau-
win, Abdul Hamld.
"It   is  a   wonder  lo   me,
liiuimids uud hi*, dojt-i und cu
,j more than the wild animals,
4iiu cowa uud 40 bulli
ts :ti"J bird*
In tilsduir-
of ihe besl
I nm not prejudiced because 1
| breeds in the world.   He bad 4U show vxen
 ..: I..,-.*, l,iai..-_.; i,iil,.*;"uM' u""a  uul  ■"  u""l'tol 'Wliere
end loved to breed mixed stock with the
0,000 di
over  nn   iinproeurablu   postage back Inst autumu to Beylerbey I tried to
100   pheasants,   H'   peacocks, gel Irtto communication with him and to
'.-. and pigeons, '-.no parrots, 150 find out if he hud with him any of thoso
bl   Or. am a veterinarian.    Vou know yourself
tifni paJac* of Bfylerh^y, wtif« ihe one- Sobaefer, "thai the world has s.. quickly thai ihe uol ' »—■ »■'- ••-*•■* '" n-lwhlcb
tim*- SiiJtan iv iinpil-omed, mul overb.ir. forgotten tba arbiter of Rttrnponn tlestl-jt'lghl pin.,.
ihe i.,h_        - .|-«e---.     -   .  return ol        i lea, un.) thai rhe Turk* ih.-mselv.-*- seem i ■   i   i    '■■.'    "  ■« nlghl Japanese bulls sent to him by the\tom\ man,
"g Id  v   *h-»i   i- **'•• ■ I'nrtf ... ludlffereni to tholr old master.   He Is German Schools. kmperor of Japan,   in his stables woro never knew nnythtng
was      ihai       ■ ihe.llpUiiu.uM   ,,iit livinu hwo in .h.'iroM.U,. ..it,.I.Nl..-.pin- , 1,1,7^milliir^eJI-li^OM1   'KS 8,M0   '""'^   l8   '^^   """   toPtlmi UinaiaWM, and tbe>
nt Kumpe: .,     bat hna in written, I have alwolutol Consul 0. n t .1  I    \  Burrell adds that "mlos nud  mi camels  nnd droiuednrles. Mr. Oladitono If Hie,
canaries, 20 cockatoos nnd every sort of
wee bird lhat money could procure. The
pigeons were mostly curriers, und tbey
had so vera 1 experts who did nothing ello
but look after tbem. The parrots
trained to slug nud whlstli
dogs who were like my own children.    I
failed.    Itut one duy 1 was summoned to
lhe palace of his duughtcr, Nolle Sultnnu,
al Drtukeiiy, which is jual opposite Hoy-
Wl.ni!lerhoy, nnd there 1 found one of my pots,
grand opera1'1 ■•",- ucelQ ';,',ll acru.. for me lo treat.
I IVn | learned that Abdul Humid bud. of
Vou will ndiuil llml the dog knows a ■■■■ llls animnl*. only thi. one dog, one cat
Well.   Ahdnl   llninld'a  dogt
Unit n       dichI
It j .. .   . M    'Cl    I h
„■ under   lo*   u
li,.   i iel ■
Pen who
\ <n   la Abdul   is
,,   ■,-„■■■ .,     ti ci  ■■
•onstant sin r.llbauce, lo
nil.th,. Ine
attendance of ono ami one- Th-'
• hm.
limn..' of the fact that I.
fuculttoi and is n
in- lava nho forced him loahdl  ,      .,,,       .,        ,
were io ooch teacher 00,0 pupil**, uud
uui* .till     ir (rwly Is    " Vbdul Hsmld, ai l know him. was nn' \i_*%.\   54.9 pupils, which it still consld-l*0'
ew to •** ■ il u*mhi j* affable, lovable man, tfbote henrt wae in oreil oxoeaiive, |   "Call ho was very fond
used for tlir saored 1
bout tin' Armenian
mid hnve eaten up
bad hml u chnuco,
I'h.'y know when (he Siiltiiu i\us comlui,
instil nl nightmare l1"1'*1 ihIIII«iu in ibe decade Ih surpassed by1., V1M, |1( \toccn every year.    He nlwaysUnil whon Abdul Humid gol tired of all thel
'"' ll|•";"■ "' i"",l|,,-i    ,!l n(1" theroLtckwl oul pew Uy those who were 10 aycophanoj and Inslucore fiatiory of bli
utirllers and flunkeys ho would no down
!,.i_,i i>*/*d__i_ji 1    ". _i_ I.,,  itm  vnee  (and •'..     \i    _ili.lt/.   to Iho  keiimds  with tut-.    'I here he knew
aud tWu
him ih.
rlghl wn
:own, If they nr
YoUUg   Turks
■ trying to punish
huve   foiiuil   the
Chinese Children Learning Arabic Numerals
In. SMII.it SUIil■ in Engu.id
ri'l'li-:.\ri.\  itrai
iibslautlnl fm   tin   '■■
uld   I   eriiel   .ii*,.]
myibnlogj |m a atruiig-   iiah 1
near Stmirbridgc   Kngl ind
hai riecu nil from Ilu  l|->f.<   \
I ul   insl.',nl    . Ins    .«   Hi.*   home   of
souu. pai        1 i-i tu il nmlli mn
lieMI it Is ii.' a ho i" ni ,1 [ipi fiictlj agree
able |i'.n>     lh  .hi.  1.1 hnlnii
  atrnngi.   % arid It li
ih.' Hi in
HOSE  h   ■
..I,  de '   Ina
.-     ■        in
1.". mult a rive need
it. •■ducAii'.tiu1. mat'
ten trotild lie Biton
Isbed •> ■' * ■i,A
iviilnapreail 1 tba
education of ii,< Chi
ncac chlldn •. n 1 1
'„. , in ii.- laught
111 ta. achi ■ - ■•'
Europi   sou   Araei
,'.■_,    In nun. 11 .« Ibe
iii Klnver Cblnaie child i»n im
I',,,, stable h*in- ,'"1-1, ,'"'
iim Itnek   A .abb uumerali Hid*
by side wilh (he Qbl
nene   niunefnls,   sad
vtliodt. coAtiiini :->n„
I. _ ■■ nn- nml
IP lun n| -,'im*
1   1 *in in nice
• ••• ••©• •••• ••••
::••••• •
+    Hh    *    +
V9     Bw     A
14   13   12   11
1 ,.r il
TFA.HINC, NUMPEP5 11 1_,15 ANP 14.
iii|.i,t num.' row, n |:-.ii, uf lho inula „,,,„,..*,- of lltoBOtttntilo-'O
l( ''ii"'  ll ""ii, MinCliInn- »m« nml ilrllloUJl nl. ropreaouleil In Hi" im ml a,        i   Tliu Oliluom
pni-rlj mlitpi tlninw-ir-- „, nllr nnail_r|   At ilio prowntll llitiCMneiionuinlioi. i.rl.n nml n
In" f liln,'.,. tooohRr   utiiiill*.   In-'nri. ii'.l "lily nn.l.. .111(1'
""» '■' il»- . ill* i it-rot* 'in* yoimiml .ini.j,..i, in aiinb'n oui o«ro, lull ni»" more ilirflcult i" wrllo
1,1 Mn. nml     K<    "•  I   >i,iii .oof n ........i.i „i ;i„„,i_i , anl In -.l.lliii.u lo llta graular munlierof *ya,
'"i." * ' i   * "'"I" itl" "'"ti." on wiii.-ii in. .,•! i..n:, ii,, (pblnon nu-lboli amplo.atl Hi. tolunl wrltlim nr tin
4. u,i.uv  LlH_1   rl ni.r.l,   ili. Ar.1,1'   DutOOtlU, *§*&   iu  tbt|jfl_l,oll   r.yillre.   uiui.   %Uuk*.  iiim,   dl
<l„. A111I1I1'miliitluti. 1 willing lulijoot, ns.i.iiiii; ilu injtirlluii by
lilltlt'on nn' I'.i'.'rilliittly nil innuiiiii' o{ lionoyotl puriuiB-loni nml
!tiii',,'i,i   iiiii,'li in,,r.i km Hiiunt' ruiiii'il  ImliiMii.H.    Thoro in" fow
lull, iih 11 rlllo Until Anii'ilrilll lm.v» iiiii! irl
Tlipy ilu mu yi 100IU tn lmvo li'iin
thnt education I" 11 11,1 ,,*c qulto undo
nl,In frniii n 1'lillil'fi |Kiint of vli ,v ivli
tin, touobor l" bouud tn oratu im., tba
a. .ii'.'iiirlns ol tin.' oducntloiml world wblcb
"I nro morn ploturoan.uo nn.l .-.,...-,,.i,,-. tlinn
r iimt nl iim ,,lii fnHliliitii.il Oltluoao aobooli
11 IiiuiiIii I'i n ao'rloua nn.l ,ll.ulfU"l Ulilmi
ii- mau, a vatoran of lili profoaalou, tvbo pu,
a,*..," all Mm iitnl.
[irnvlty nml lolomn
hnpol'tfllioo wlilrli
iiiiiiln olmrnctsrlxo n
.liili'.lunii ..ii wlinln
ivi'laln'il liln hltrdetl"
<i|' 11 ari'iit   .nti*.
AMI llll   tlm  Olll-
n,'-I-   L-liildren   bmn
111111-I1   1,,  li'iini  ui'-;
i.ii'iiiiii, tu tlm Btnnil
mils ul utbor conn-
Irl™,  limy  linn' lilm,;
1,Hi.;,  io  i,..i.-ii,  tor
 l.v    mi'    Hi''.
illllui'iil in llii.il' llllll'
lot nml   .,, 1... I...'   ul'
ipiill'Jni    manh
in    tliolr      Inaai
a i 1 Ii     rom
lliey    n it    nl,
I,.-..- lonoli
111.     Ah   lln-   rn 1'1','lirn
Tlic Counlcss ol Kinnouh.
IN Ilu- ondonvor tn sot nwny from tba
Btl'fnean o[ tulliiry pol'trnlturo than.
i- 11 jrowlng toiitlonoy nn tbe purl of
""' 1 I" I'd pliologropllod lu Huilr own
liotuoa,   TIiojo wlm buvu fniln bave tbem-
aolvoa IiiIiimi In limit' aarili'tia, wltb tlmlr
kitl.lu ''"K" '"' lioraoa nr lu Home other funlilnu
iii.iiuin.    1     "i"     ii"    "'• il",li.""!v;'"1', 'r imraiinnl laatoa.
ti ly polite lo tliolr olinia ami verj     l'™«"*   Pbnlogrnpliy  la nun of tba
...ii. Iii,-,,. 1    in.    A. IIiii r.'i.'ivni" '"""' '""'I'llli'" "'Imino (lortrallurc.   .»
ot. oldiir pcrnoiia la n purl of tliolr ini',"' l"'":" ,,» """'""«" JlrMltlo In a protiy
tlonal coda thoy rottard reverent r llie ''' " i'"1 Hroll.lil In uh becoiolun nt
•n'liiml innalor ..r inlatretM oa abaululcly •• '■ l'lctui'oan.110, Ilio ploturo of iha
atenttnl, Imperllnenco I" atccodlngly CohiiIhi o( Klnuoul ahowa how ojfaclivt
ara, a. I, neglect uf luatruL'tluoa. [tbia, lind ul a picture may ba. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Conservative Victory at
Liberal Stronghold since the days of
Galley FIVE
Weird feathers are ull the rage in
autumn millinery and are placed at
grotesque angles on the new natt.
Illustrated la one of the choicest
new-models, ornamented with a high
feather. A good working suit for
autumn wear is also shown,
Although the winter will in all probability see us through the craze for
orange and yellow shades, it will be
regrettable if we permit the softer
tones of amber and blond tortoise
shell to escape us. Expressed in silk
or ribbon, some of these nuances recall a glass of Rhine wine held up to
tbe light, while in such materials as
reps laine they take on a more sombre hue. For evening wear some of
theae ambers are particularly lovely,
the mystery being deepened when a
gold brocade is worked into an amber background. Nor is it only ln
thia connection tbat gold brocade effects some entirely fresh color, to
which one must tly to all aorta of
weird things for comparison,
In the case of a delicate shrimp
pink the gold turned this into a deep
banana, It waa nn exquisite confection, the souplo brocade brought
round tho Ugure from the
back, and tbe ends literally knotted
in front over a clinging petticoat of
plisse chiffon, the drapery creeping
up a Bhort distance above the waist
and meeting the very simplest flat
fichu cotsage imaginable of pink
crepe chiffon. Not a ripple waa allowed to disturb the serenity of the
transparency, the decolletage merely
outlined with the uld jititous diaman-
'• trimming. The power nf color haa
a greater future than ever.
Declaration   of   Thanksgiving
The declaration of Thanksgiving by
the Dominion Government™" Gazette
takes the following form:
GEORGE the FIFTH, by tho Grace
of God of tbe United Kingdom of
Great Brit ian nnd Ireland and of the
BritlBh Dominions beyond tbe seas
King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.
To all to whom these presents shall
come, or whom the same may in any
ftiso concern.-<Jreetinir:
E. L. Newcombe, j WHEREAS It
Deputy Minister of > hath pleased Al*
Justice, Canada ) mighty God, in
His Great Goodness to vouchsafe
this year unto Our Dominion of Canada a bountiful harvest and other
We, therefote, considering that
those blessings enjoyed by Our people
throughout tbe said Dominion do call
for a solemn und public acknowledge
ment, have thought fit, by and with
the advice of Our Privy Council of
Canada, to appoint, and We do hereby appoint Monday, tbe twentieth
day af October next, as a day of
General Thanksgiving to Almighty
God for the bountiful harvest and o-
ther blessings with which Canada has
been favored this year; and We do
invite all our loving subjects through
out Canada to observe the aaid day
as a day of General Thanksgiving.
Of all which Our loving subjects
ond all others whom these presents
may concern, are hereby required to
take notice and to govern themselves
In testimony Whereof, We have
caused these Our Letters to be made
Patent and the Great Seal of Canada
to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Our
Right and Well-beloved Councillor
the Right Honourable Sir Charles
Fitzpatr.ck,  Knight Grand CrosB of
Our Most Distinguished Order of
Saint Michel and Saint George; Chief
Justice of Canada; Administrator of
the Government of Our Dominion of
At Our Government House, in tho
City of OTTAWA, this TWELFTH
day of September, ln the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
thirteen, and ln the fourth year of
Our Reign,
By command.
Under-Secretary of State.
William Mux-lock. hi*tti*r known as
Big Bill" was married on Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m., In tbe home
ol Mr. S. W. Madge, by Rev. C. L.
Cowan ol Waldo. Mr. and Mra. Mur-
dock will reside In Flagstone.
STE. MARTINK, QUE., Oct. 12.-
Chateauguay county, which since con
federation 46 years ago has been represented in parliament by a liberal,
iu tbe by-election oa Saturday was
won by James Morris, Conservative,
a resident of the county, by a majority of 144 votes over Hon. Sydney
Fisher of Brome.
The vote was probably the heaviest
ever polled at a Dominion election,
averaging at aome of the individual
polls upward of 95 per cent, It Is
estimated that throughout thc constituency over 80 per cent of the elec
tors on'the voters' list cast their
ballots. At one poll In this town all
voted but four.
A review of tho voting shows tbat
the French speaking sections and
English-Bpeakiug sections alike favored the government candidate. In
tbe parish of Ormstown, with its five
polls, Morris had a majority of 74.
The village of Ormstown gave Fisher
a majority of 16 and the four outside polls recorded 90 more for Morris than his opponent, against a
majority of six for the Liberal member In 1911. St. Jean Chrysotome,
which includes the village of Aubrey,
the Conservative candidate's home
town, recorded 56 majority for Morris. The same district went against
him at the laat election. In Howlck
Morris was defeated by 212 two yenrs
ago and on Saturday he polled two
more votes than Mr. Fisher. On Sept
21, 1911, tbe three polls ln the parish
of Chateauguay gave a Liberal majority of 11, while the same polls
were carried on Saturday by Mr.
Morris by 19, bis majority in Chateauguay Basin being 18 and at Wood
lands 46, Mr. Fisher bavlng a majority   of 46   ln   Chateauguay   village.
Two years ago Mr. Morris' majority in Ste. Martine, a mixed English
and French speaking center, was 49
and this year 39.
The new voters' list, with the one
man one vote principle applying, was
much smaller than two years ago,
which accounted for the loss of 10
votes. Tbe successful candidate motored through three of the principal
villages of the riding nfter tbe election and in an interview here stated
that he believed the result an approbation of Premier Borden's entire
policy and record, "The raw cry
which was touched on by speakers
for my opponents," be said, "bad no
effect whatever on my French speak*
ing friends, who form two-thirds of
the population of tbe county."
Mr. Fisher, ttie defeated candidate,
said he considered tbe, election one of
the most corrupt in bis experience.
For two weeks, he said, be had evidence of crookedness and be thought
he would be thoroughly justified in
entering a protest.
Hon. Rodolpbe Lemieux said: "The
loss ls all Chatnauguay's and all Can
Morris   Fisher
(Cons.)   (Lib.)
St.  Jean Ch.ry.oi.tomo .   f>6
Chateauguay       19
St. Urban             13
St. Clothilda          20
Ormstown       74
St,  Sacrament      2
Ste.  Martine     39
St.  Antonette 1'Abbe ...    3
St. Philomen   i_
Aggregate Majorities . 193         49
Majority  for  Morris    144
Something Accomplished
DF.JMi-.RK a
,|..... .,..*,.* ._ . «
W«tr9****0****************'W********'*r****** .-.-*.  »•»•»■.■. ■ * * (
T Fow royal sisters have played suoh great and beneficial parti ou th* world's stage as those shown In j,
_ the above picture.    Brought up ln ths simplest and most natural of fashions by tholr father, King Ohrlv  -
1 tian IX. of Donmark, two of them hare  wielded  great  power  as consorts *" ' ' "" •-'-■•"•• '
I In the world, England and Eussla.
Lions by their father, King Ohrlv  .
ts ln two ot ths mightiest empire, f
_______ ♦■♦•♦■♦■ ♦■♦■♦■♦»
It ls now only two years since the
Borden Oovernment was returned to
power. The adtniniatention has a
record achievement for its two
years of office of which lt can well bo
proud and which Is unparalled in
Canadian history.
The eitension of the boundaries ol
Ontario, Quebec anil Manitoba.
The Aid to Agriculture Bill appropriating ten million dollars over
a period of ten yearB lor Agriculture
instruction throughout Canada.
The West Indies Ageeement wtth
Improved steamship service.
The reduction of cable rates to the
West Indies and the British Isles.
The inauguration ol a greatly improved trl-weekly mail service between Canada and Oreat Britain.
The new arrangements in regard
to marine insurance on the Ht. Law-
renee and reduction of.rates to Halifax.
The magnificent dry dock under
construction at Quebec, with similnr
dry docks proposed nt Halifax and
The bill to provide (or pensions to
the Fenian Raid veterans.
The Naval Aid Bill (defeated by
tho Senate).
The Highways Bill appro) rlnting
(J,500,000 for rond construction in
two years.     (Defeated hy the Senate
Waldo Notes
Mrs. Jones has returned to lu-r
home In Vulcan.
Mrs. A. Redlngton, sr., had 11 COW
killed on the railway Innt week,
Mr. Chris. Turner went to Band
last Friday, to spend n few dnys In,I
Last Thursday, Mrs. II. (Irllliths
gave a tea In honor ol lier ulster In
law, Mrs. ii. Adolph ol Brandon,
Oeorge Yorgeiiseii Is In rhnrge of n
gang of men who an* grndlng rnnilH
nenr Roosville
Mrs. Charles Rlttd, who lins li i
prostrated for some weeks with i,
strained bark  In almost well again.
Mr, II. McNali and Mr. II. II. Ross,
were at Onlgnry on business bent
last, week end.
It seems that we have anothor bog
fanner lu our midst, In tin person
ol Mr. A. Mi'lntyre. I.nsl woek he
sold five bogs to P, Burns of Fertile,
Rev. J. II. McLean was the guest
of the Rev, C. L. Cowan Inst Tlinm
day. He left on Frldny morning for
his new charge, at Ornssy Lake, Al
Mrs. .1. Muir went to Ferule to see
Tbo Branch Rnilwny Bill, providing for the acquisition ol branch
lines in Quebec anil the Maritime
Provinces to build up the Intercolonial Hallway. (Also defeated by
the Brunt,*.)
Thc bill to establish parcels post
system, which will be inaugtirntod
The development of nntlonal harbors at Hallfai, St. John, Quebec,
Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Port
Arthur, Fort Wtfllnin, Vnncouver,
nnd   Victoria.
The completion    in   such   a   short
space of time of the National Trans-1
continental Rail-Any
Thc construction ol the Hudson
Uny Railway so fnr advanced thnt
ISO miles have been graded and nne
half of the work finished in 1914.
Tbe contracts awarded lur two
out of three sections of the Wellaml
Cannl, with two more sections t,, he
called for shortly.
The construction "I n government
owned terminal elevator nt Port
Arthur to handle 2,500,000 bushels ol
The establishment of a policy of
interior terminal elevators owned by
the Oovernment for which tw.» c„n
tracts have already beeti lot nt Husk-
atoon unit .m .,..;.■ jaw,
The Classified "Ads"
SERVE People
That's why they are used more
and more all the time!
More and more are the 'little affairs'' ol llle. which
people used to allow to solve themselves, finding their
quick and satisfactory solutions through the classified
This is in keeping with the trend of thought nowadays—the sensible tendency to solve business matters in
a business way
For the finding of a new position is a business matter
Sometimes it is an urgent one—and to "trust to luck"
in your work-guest would be another way ol trusting to
luck for your daily bread.
The finding of tenants   lor   property
matter—as is the selling ol real estate
to ADVERTISE for tenants or buyers
apply business sense to the problem
The quest lor "help," for the home or business, is
a business matter—usually quickly and well solved
through the service rendered by the classified "ads"—
and not olten solved at all otherwise
The classified "ads" SERVE hundreds of people-
making "business matters" of what olten become vena-
tious and expensive annoyances otherwise And their
possibibilities of service to YOU are as great as to anyone else in the city
is a business
But to negleot
to   neglect   to
her haby boy h>  dentb recently.
Mrs. Fred Adolph, jr., ol Baynes. i
entertained on Tuesday In honor of
MrB. Harry Adolph of Brandon, Man.
The ladles who sut down to tea were
.Mesdames F. Adolph, hi., II. Orlflltb
C. L. Cowan of Waldo, T. Saunders,
Blackman, it. .1. Waddell ol Winnipeg
J. Ky.\ Morrow, Nutt, I'lillp. Smith;
nlso  Miss  Adolph.
The Indies in connoctlon with tho
Presbyterian church met at Mrs. j
Milne's home InBt Thursday and or- :
ganlzed a Ladles' Society to aid the j
church. The ofllcers rlioseii for tin-
organization were: President -Mrs.
T. Anderson, Treasurer -Mrs. Verhoof
Secretory—Mrs. It. Milne. The lirBt
meeting wns held In the home of Mrs
(Rev.)  O.  L.  Cownn  on  Wednesday.
Tile Interstate Itnllway C.'ommis
slon of the 0.8.A, has ordered the 0
N.R. to run another passenger train
Irom Callspel to Michel. This ordei'
if obeyed, will supply n long felt
want, ns lar na Baynos nnd Waldo
residents nri- concerned. A central
station Is badly needed In Waldo.
There are two depots, but ench is a
mile from the renter ol thc town.
This Im n rnilwny company's Idea of
accommodating the public.
V I. II V     LOW     FARES
in connection with
'•: X c c a s 1 ii N s    to    the
(i 1. II    C (J l   N T It V
DAILY   Nov   7ih to Dec, 31st., hid.
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: $81:10
To St. John: .89.10
Limit  five montl.H, stop-over and
extension privilege..
Full Information re Rail ami tfteam-
wliip Ticki'tR,  from
J, W. Spence, Agent;
ur  write
K. Dawson,
Dls.   PuiienRcr Ann.!,
li.-r daughter Annfo,  who is still in
tho hospital. She hns undergone llvi
operations., Waldo friends extend
The  llev.  III.   Fereiinsoii.  M.A..  will
supply the place ••! Rev, 0, I.. Oowi n
in Waldo nn.l Ilnynos nn Bunday, Oct
1Mb,   The aoi rice nt  Waldo will In
nt ll ii.in., and at Dnynos ut 7.30pn
another prtAcbor of Importance
will supply in   the  district   on   tin
hh lute, namely, Archdeacon Beoi
Rev. Beer Is nn old timer nnd a good
congregation should greet lilm »'
Haynes nt.  II  n.u,.
ft Is propiitt.il to hnve n rondln*
room In llnyiieu for the men. This 1
ii step In the right direction, lor I
starved intflrlcct Is ns much nn nh
ject of coiiimiit.-riitiiiii in. ii starve
Many friends nf Mr lloliertson, nr
eoiintant of the linker Lumboi Co.
lenrn with regret tlmt he proposoi
leaving Wuldo Inr Mcdlclnn lint
Hent wishes for the success In tin
Mrs. Jnck Thomson, who lived al
Waldo lasl. winter whilst her husband
superintended the building ol the
bridge across the Kootenny, nnd wh,,
wont to Holland In llie Spring, lost
The ll iniiile Vlctoriu (-soltvlll. Wcsl, ihn nnly child or Lord und Lsdj
l.ckvlllo, wns iiiiirrled In Ihn Is'iimlfiil fifteenth .•oniiiry cbopol nl Kuolu Park,
near Bevou Oaks, I'uglnnd, In Mr, Harold Nlcolson, I bird sou or sir Arthur
Nlcolson,  Pormnnonl  Dndor Secretary of sum for  Foreign Affairs.   Ths
Bishop of Roi hosier Officiated
The i'iikii. 'Hiciii ni lhe Ilium, ililc Victoria Ns.kvllle West wiii announce!
by her In lhe mli.il of Ibo litigation for Hie money left by Kir John M. Scott.
It ws. reported nt ihe lime Ibm u wedding wns contingent on tbs lUOOMI
»f Lady  H»_,«'ll. • Isgtl "Hurts to .u«t__   lilt Juki, .  will.  ._, THE  PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK, B. C.
The Ever Joyous Comic Opera
"The Beggar   Prince"
One Night
at the Auditorium Theatre
Wednesday, October 22nd, '13
One Night
All Special Scenery—Beauty Chorus—Girls That Sing—Girls That Dance
PRICES: $1.00; 75c; 50c.
Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy Co.'s Drug Store
LIQUOR    ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICK  tH  hereby   Riven  that,   on
the OrHt day ol December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor rfr-
newal  ol   the   hotel   license  to   sell
liquor  hy  r.tail   in  the hotel  known
at.   the    f>uttal    Hotel,    Bltuate   at
Marysville,   in   the  Province ol British Columbia.
Dated this 18th  day of October.1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR    ACT,    1910.
(Section   42. j
NOTICK ifl hereby Riven that, on
the (Irat day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintend.nt of Provincial Police for renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retnil In the hotel known
as the North Htar Hotel, situate at
Kimberley, in the Province of British Oolumbla.
Dated this __th day of October, 1.13
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,    1.10.
(Section    42.)
NOTICK In hereby Riven that, on
lho first day of December, neit, application will he made to tbe Hupor-
lntendent of Provincial police for renewal of the hotol license to h.u
liquor hy retail in the hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
i'erry Creek, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated thla 1. th day of Oetober, 1913
424t Applicant
(Boction lm
Notice Ih hereby Riven that, on the
1st day of December noxt application
will be made to the Superintendent
ol Provincial Police for the renewal
of wholoflole liquor license, No. 107,
lor tho aaic uf liquor by wholesale In
and   upon   the   premises   known   aa
Bowness'   Wholesale    Liquor    Store,
Bltuate on Baker Hired, m the city
of Oranbrook, B.C.
Dated thla 16th day of-October, 1913
A   0. nOWNBSB,
42-4t Applieant
Boction   Ifl
Notice |h hereby Rivon thai on the
Ifith day of November next, application will be made to the Superintendent of provincial Police for the
transfer ol the license for tho Hale of
liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as tho Kingsgate Ho
tel, situate at Klnftsgate, Hrltlsh
Ooldmbla, from Oeorge Longpre of
Kingsgate, B □ to h i. Bawysr of
\larynvill", B C
Dated tine Uth day of October,
Holder of License
Up pi lean I for transfer
11   I.    SAWYER.
For Sale Rents & Wants
WANTED—A small Orchard with
buildings, close tc Cranbroos.
Please semi ftescrlftlon with price
and  term* to
A.   di^vardaWC
Paswegtn,   Sauk
WAlSTKD--13000.00  aa flrst  mortgage j
on  ranch   property,   value  of  the
name  being $lflj0O0.00,    will    pay
highest interest,   insurance  covers '
mortgage,      Cotngnunicat**      with
owner.     Box  330,  city.
FOR BALE—-Light Team, Harness
and Surrey for sule. $150.00 caifc
Also good Dersocrat .40.00 Apply Prospector.
FOR BALK—Lodging House, suitable
for boarding house, located over
Manning's* store, For further information enquire of W. M. Erler, over  Mannings store.        ti.
If you want a really good ranch
with franje dwelling house, water,
garden, and 6 other large buildings, lake, etc., wrttelme at once
you can have my ranch for hall
of Its todays vnlue, must sell
thla week, terms can be-arranged
ilrst one coming takes it. Apply
owner,   Box  320,   Olty.
WANTED—Situation either as chamber-maid or waitress. P_o$ie E.
Dally Windsor   Hotel, Fast t-**ele.
Because Hi Talis BIN PIUS
A prominent Consulting Engineer of'
N .*■ York City, thus heur.ilv eodorss*
39 Broadway, New York.
"I bought some of your QIN PILLS'
at Victoria, B.C., last September.   \our
1  remedy I find, at -5*. years of age, to give
perfect  relief  from   the   Kidney and
j  Bladder Troubles incident tu one of my
, age. [urgently recommend GIN PILLS*
I  to friends as being the one thing tbat
I does me good."    B. G. woodpord.
By the time a man or woman is 60,
the Kidneys and Bladder need a little
'  help to keep in good working order
GIN PILLS are what they need.   GIN
PILLS keep the urine neutral, prevent
colds settling on the kidneys or bladder
and ward off Rheumatic attacks.
Remember, every box of GIN PILLS
Is sold with a positive guarantee to give
perfect   satisfaction   or   your   money
promptly refunded.
50c• box,6for|i go,    Samplefreelf
S3u write National Drugand Chemical
0. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.    176
Local  News
We Jo not claim to Imve .llecov-
_■_ per-,.timl motion; but we do
claim __. t wi* east turn out all work
entrusted to us to give perft-ct eat-
Miss Lena L-ulmok has ton,1 to rfl1
kane on a short visit
Mr. and Mrs. W, Alden ol Oalgary,
were  Craabrook  visitors Tuesday■
G. A. Staple, ot Nelson, was in
town Tuesday
A. K. Holloway Ol London, Ont.,
.as g guest at the Cranbrook .riday
J. D. Reid ol Vancouver was .11 th*
Cranbrook Monday.
A. Suthlrland of Nelson, was In
the city on  tjunilay last.
W. D. Ransom of Nanton. Alta.,
was  in  town  Mondgy.
A. C. Bowness was at Wycllfle cm
Wednesday on business.
Mra. Oliver Burge of Perry Creek,
was a Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
B. O. Hicks of Wycllfle, was _> the
city Wednesday.
BOUN—At  the   Cottage   Hospital  to
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Stringer, a son.
A. J. Brady of Vancouver, was ln
town Wednesday.
A. Baker of Seattle, waa in town
R. J, Long of Creaton, was ln the
rlty Wednesday.
P. O. (Ilhson of Vancouver, wbs
I registered at the Cranbrook Wed.
H. Y. Lloyd ol Frank, waa ln the
city Monday.
J. S. Brown ol Vaucouver was doing business in the city Monday
Mr. and MrB. Dinger of Toronto,
were Cranbrook  visitors Tuesday.
F. W. Llttlefleld ol Toronto, was
registered at the Cranbrook Tuesday
J. Archibald ol Calgary spent Tues
day in Cranbrook.
K Mallandaine, the 0, P. II Laud
agent at Invereutere, spent Monday
In  Oraabrook on Company business.
Jam.. Finlay. manager oi tbe Maple Creek Coal Mines, was ln towu
(or several days this week.
There will be a dance at the Auditorium Monday evening, Thanksgiving Bay.    Everybody invited.
Blankets for  your horses this cold
weather.— Cranbrook  Trading  Co.
Turkey Shoot
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bent and Mr.
and Mrs. J. Woodman spent a tew
days at Erickson this week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Evans ol Spokane, were Cranbrook visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bevan ol Spokane, were guests at the Cranbrook
Harry Drew ol Klmberley, proprietor ol the North Star Hotel, spent
several days ln town this week.
J. Howard ol Toronto, was transacting business at Cranhrook Wednesday.
George Geary ol Fort Steele, was
transacting  business at    Cranbrook
during the early part ol this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kerr motored
in from Elko on Monday. They report the roads ln excellent condition
The chicken season closed on tbe 11.
day of Octoher. It is now unlawful
to shoot tbem.
The small boy would give a good
deal to be put wise to a brand new
Halloween stunt.
Our Indian summer ls now due, and
we hope that lt will last until tbe
end of November.
Write or call lor one ol our cash
Grocery price lists, competes wltb
Eaton's and Fernle lists.—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Mrs. James Shackleton of Winnipeg,
have been visiting wtth her son and
daughter in Cranbrook, Mr, and MrB
E.   D.  Shackleton of this city.
Have for sals some
very choice residential
and business lots in
rlifl'-rent parts of lhe
City; also small tracts
varying from our to
five acres   in   -.xutnt.
Call and iee them now
before the rush comes.
Your Home
Will Im- one thai y,,u can look
forward t,, with much added
delight ll, >,;,,,n returning all
lagged out Irom your day's,
work, your wile can have read-
y  lor  you  a  bottle  ol
Port and Stout
Then you wlll most lully ap.
preclat.. tins st.ren'hening braw
It wlll restore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
the tired body and put you In
a frame of mind tr, respond tn
I lie pleasant reception await
ing you
Tho use Ol Kerrlngcii's Port
and Stout In ,!„• home spell,,
g.Hid nature, rood Indigestion
and good sleep Let us supply
you  with a rase.
■■j Vi per case ol 1, do.   pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, B.C.
H J. McCrohan of Nolson, was registered   at   the  Cranbrook   Tuesday
It was not good ilshlng ut Chateau
*5_y   on  Haturday  last.
O. il. Yeaman of Vancouver, was
frgistervil at the Crnnbrook Tuesday
H, _, Love ol Fernle, representing
tbe 41 Meat Company, wns at Cranbrook   M>,11.lay on company business
J. A. OlUlipto and Geo. DobBon ol
v.iueoaver, were registered nt the
Craab. 00k Monday.
The Wife's Pride
is a nice set of Silverware for her
table. Good silver always makes
a fine impeuion at the dinner or
luncheon. It adds zest to the appetite and indicates refined tastes.
We can save you money in solid
silver or silver-plated ware of the
beet quality. There are novelties
in designs nnd every piece is most
artistically finished.
Jewelers ft Opticians
second sum
I        "Was It a case of kve at Oral
1      •No, second light   Tho brty
time he eaw her he didn't know
'   aha «■ »
is the name our Mr. Haines
uses.    We also call it
Lots of it in stock
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
I, C.
Mr, and Mrs. A. C. Bowness and
Miss May Whitehead, wlll leavo on
tbe flyer tonight for a holiday trip
to Calgary. They wlll be away a-
bout two weeks.
The football game between Coleman
and Ooal Oreek was pulled ol at
Michel on Saturday last, the former
winning by 2 to 0. Tho game wae
lor the Muti trophy.
The Ore shipments from the mines
in tbe Cranbrook district lor the
past week and year to dnte were as
follows: Sullivan Mlno 732 and 27,476
otber mines 0 and 1,214.
J. T. Hamlin, formerly of Winnipeg general office ol the C.P.R., has
been appointed travelling passenger
agent In Alberta and British Columbia, with headquarters at Edmonton.
On January 1st, the Mnyor nf Letli
bridge wlll draw down n cabinet minister's pay of 14.000 a year. Tills Is
going some for a young city llko
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jordan, Mrs. Wnl
ker, and W. D. Boomer of Hpoknne
were registered at tho Cranbrook
Monday. The party were enroute tn
the Windermere country.
At the Edison Theatre tonlrht wilt
bo shown the following excellent lino
of pictures: quo Vadls, a strong 3-
reef historical feature; O You Flirt,
nnd   Flossie   nt   the Bar U Ranch.
Mrs. Frank McMahon nnd children
of Klmberley were registered at the
Oranbrook Wednesday. Mrs. McMa-
hou's oldest boy Frank, In til at tho
Ht. Eugene hospital, being operated
on for appendlcltus on Thursday.
LOOM, Wednesday 22nd October
wlll ho Moose Night nt the Auditor
lum. Special seats will be reserved
(or 'thn Moose nnd tholr ladles, for
the ever Joyous Company "The Dog-
gar Prince,"
W. ft. Johnson hae secured a lease
nf tha Arena Rink for the coming
season, and will at once common™
preparations lor getting the rink Into shape and take advantage of the
Bret cold weather in preparing tee.
, S%rrd
"They're all coming to it!" Ten years
ago, Henry Ford saw that excess weight
in an automobile was the one thing to be
avoided. He made a light, strong and
sturdy car. And. to-day—"they're all
coming to it!"
Think what theie prices mean—for the car
that has stood the test: Model T Runabout $600; Model T Touring Car $650;
Model T Town Car S°00-l. o. b. Walker-
ville, Ont., witb all equipment. Get catalogue and full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete line of Accessories, Parts and
Supplies-Cars and Trucks for hire—All
manner of repairs and vulcanizing done.
Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook, B. C.
******** 1111111111II11II111111M 11111111 UMI*
should have perfect harneii ia
order to took and travel at their
best Our double harness is a
marvel of beauty, lightness and
strength. You won't be doing
yourself, your horse* or us justice
unless you call and compare it with
the ordinary kind.
j|  W. M. PARK 6? CO.   j
Phone 109    Cranbrook, B.C.    P.O. Box 443
U-I-HI .1 I HH ... HI IjWI | II1111H I Ml III ** *
'Rexall Store'
The Store with » Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It I'syi to Deal"
Cranbrook       •       B. C.
Don't know they hive
Many Oranbrook people wbo have
chronic appendicitis, whloh la aot
vory pnlnful, bava doctored for years
Oo. stntes II these people will try A
for gnn on tho stomach, sour stomach
or constipation. Tho Heattle-Murphy
. IN'U.IC DOSHS of simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., aa compounded
In Adler-l-ka, tbe remedy which became famous by curing appendicitis,
tbey wtll bs surprised at tb* QUICK
How the Guardian Casualty end Guaranty Company
Settle their Claims
Oranbrook, B.O.
Hept. W. Ull
Mr. Pre. W. Hwaln,
Oeneral  Agent,
Ouardlan Casualty and Guaranty Oo
ot Utah, U.R.A.
Oranbrook. B.O.
Dear Blr:
I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your Company's Bank Draft
for I7S.00 aa settlement in full for
my claim under Policy No. 39_l and
which la satlafaetory to me in every
particular, and I wish to aay that
AU. promleee made to me wben applying for the Policy have been c_r-
rled out,
I would especially mention that lt
wa* not necessary for me to wait ua
til I had recovered trom my Illness
(Appendicitis) In order to get a settlement but It waa made while I am
•till confined to my bed in the Hospital and I recommend your Company to any one wishing to get
PROMPT and PAIR treatment whan
alck or diaabled by accident..
Youra truly,
(signed) OHARLKB NKt.HON
NOTB-Claima are aettled by me
from this Orfloe, thll* avoiding the
usual "Red Tape" and delay where
the Policyholder has to wait to get
his settlement from some far away
point, Por particulars of Policies
and rates ae- Pred w. Hwaln,
•I— Oeneral Agent
P, O. Ms Wl onttrook, B.O


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