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The Prospector Aug 23, 1913

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Array provincial  Uglalatlve Assemblj
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Guarantee .You aJFit
The   l.eadine Newspaper
in the.
Kootentys ,
__ The
$2.00 Per Ye»r
AUGUST  23rd,   1913
Game Shooting
Open Dates for All Kinds of Game—Restrictions as
to Catch Made Clear
Tin* regulations governing the game
8 a 01 which open ou Vancouver Island on the if>tli nr Sopeember and
(.•a the mainland on the ist day ol
next month, i.s published in this
Weeks Provincial Gazette.
The an noi uso meat In the Gazette
tnvos the following form:
Pursuuni lo the provisions of this
Act, the Lieutenant-Governor In
Council; has been pleased to order as
Wapiti-That a closed season be declared for Wapiti on Vancouver Island until  .September 1, 1916.
Moose—That a close season be declared for Moose everywhere south of
52nd degrie o. latitude, except in Columbia -Electoral District, until September l, 1916.
Bea\er—That a closed season be
d-dared for beaver throughout the
watershed of tha Okanayun River and
lakes betwe n Pontlcton and the international boundary line, in the Si-
milkuuiecii Electoral District, until
September 1, 1916.
Gro. S3—That the disabilities as to
the shooting of grouse of all kinds
be remo.ed throughout the Islands
Electoral Di.stricts, Vancouver Island
and the island adjacent, from September 15 until December 31, 191.!,
1 oth dai.es iaclusive.
That th" disabilities as to the
shooting of grouse of all kinds bc re-
mo ed n the Uichmond, Dewdu.y,
Delta and Ohifliwnck Electoral Districts; in that portion of Kent Municipality, in the Yale District; nnd in
that portion of Con-ox Electoral District tint is situated 0n the Mainland; nnd all Islands adjacent to the
iny nf cock pheasants in the Richmond, Dewdney, Delta, ehilliwack
and Vale .Electoral Districts be reinov
ed from October Id until Deccmberiri
1918, both dates inclusive.
Tbat thc disabilities as to the
shooting Oi cock pheasants in the Sl-
m...i.ttmau Elect. r-,i Districts be removed from October Lf. until October
17,  1913,  imi It dates inclusive. I
Provided that no person may bunt'
or km pheasants during the above;
mentioned dates.should tbere be three
inches of snow on the ground, nor
shall any porsun kill more than six
pheasants or twelve prairie-chickens
in any one day, ur have more than
Lhe above mentioned numbers of such
Poultry on a City Lot
An Enlightening Article by J. R. Terry, Secretary
of B. C. Poultry Association
Autos in the Kootenays
An Interesting History of the Growth of the
mobile Service in thr District
In recent years prohably no one to-smaller    in   size than the north; the the    beet time to buy is between the ■ n.o„n tains and forests,
pic has caused so much discussion id gaole,  etc.   lit  the roof  types  enum- months of July, August,and  rieptem [West Kooteiuy,    it it-
elicited Ho many diverse explanations   crated,    the    sued    roof is generally ber.      if pellets,  then the months of  |
as to its origin and solution, as that cheapest, to •.mild. Where driving rains Septcmiter,    October    and    November a
oi'   the "high cost of living."    It is are    experienced,    it   is advisable to will    he found most suitable. ..Where
our present intention tn endeavor to place •*-*■ hood in front of opening,    ll the   owner   does   not Intend to tear
show bow this problem may lie part-'poSilble,    the    door should be either chicks, hut will secure layers by pur*
ly met or solved by the "keeping of nt the east, south, or west side, and, thase, no male bird is necessary.   On
poultry  on   the  city   lot,   back   yaiti  where not  much light is obtainable, the   contrary,    they are H detriment
or garden.                                                  a  window may be put in either thc and   expense,   Where    the male birds
Much p.oasure an;l profit are often- cast or west side.                                  I is   nee.led   for  breeding  purposes,  it
times   nlWded    householders   by tlo    A    boaid   floor    is   generally  used, should not he kept niter tbe close of
keeping of a few fowls, whereby the, an(j    ,t    is   advisable   to   build the ihe    breeding    season, unless ft show
can secure fresh, whohsome eiy-.H, and house up oil the ground n tew inches, specimen.    All males should be killed
now and again the best meat obtain- L_ avo.d dampness and harboring of or marketed soon alter the middle of
,...,. ...     .      ..    .able,    by    killing    ofl   their    Burpius iats.    In severe climates, the houses June.      The    Depart ment's    Bulletin
I Irds in h.s pL-sseusion without satis- j atoci-t
fa'-tory proof of the date of kitling
or taking.
Ducks and Snirc— That the disa-
hility as to snooting of ducks and
snipe be removed throughout Vancouver island and islands adjacent, and
Islands Electoral District, from September 15, 191.1, until February 28,
1.H4, inclusive.
'1 h it the disabilities as to shooting
ol ducks, geese and snipe be removed throughout the Mainland and islands thereto from September 1, 1913
until February _8, 1914, inclusive.
Deer—That tbe disabilities as to
tbe shooting ol Columbian or Coast
deer over one year in age be removed on Vancouver Island, the island
adjacent thereto, and Islands Electoral Distuct from September 15 until December 31, 1913, both dates inclusive.
'that thc disabilities as to shooting
Mnlnl nd, from October 15 to Decern- :oi Columbian or Coast deer over one
b r .11, 1913, both dates inclusive:        y<\a
That the disubilitet as to the,the
f-hootiiiK of grouse of nil kinds he remo.ed >n tbe Cranbrook and Fern e
Electoral Districts from September
1 tn October If., r.U3, both dates Indus ve:
That   the   di&abilities   ns   to   the
shooting   of   tiroiise of all kinds, ex- ...
re t    -ralrie    chickens,    he  removed "j,
throughout that portion of the Mainland not already specified, from September   1st    to December 31st,  1913,
ln any city there are very few
yards so small or situated so that a
few fowls could not be profitably kept
When considering such a question,
tbe chief points to bc remembered
are sunlight, reasonable space, shade
and uood drainage. There are, certainly, otbtr point3 almost as inipor
ti nt, hut the above are tho..e that
should he mainly considered at the
Quite (i few would-be poultry keepers   arc   d'tcrred   oftentimes l
may l.e banked up with stable mania e or earth, during the winter.
A foot hoard should be placed in
tbe doorway, in prevent the litter
fiom jamming the door, und this
will also save considers I te snow-
sh-jveliiig ia winter.
Where the house is located near a
fence or building to the north of it,
thereby offering protection from win'
iry winds and storms, it need not be
built so deep ub when erected in a
more exposid  position.    In any  ease
Natuial and Artiticial  Incubation,
sipplied    free    on    application, fully  Q't'
describts  methods    to } be    adopted cn
! when owners wish to rear their own
Above all, purchase from reliable
breeders. The writer cannot urge ton
st.-onjj-.y on th s point. It is court-
ing almost certain failure, and am
H'.iiuir dissapi ointment, to purchase
stock from dealers and hucksters.
Very few of the latter-mentioned peo
Out in Hritisb Columbia there is a
underfill  region    oi    lakes,   valleys,
known  «s  the
rich  In    tlm
aiu mines, and its citizens
a;e aim..,*; th,: must    prosperous    in
ih> (-Co.nice,     A'U it lucKB to make
it    one   ol  tiif  most favored regU'ii-
in the wolld are road-*.   These, bow-
i-.ii', are fast   being built across the
■-■   nta.us, and within H few months
ilis.i.Lt.   will  offer  unsurpassed
i this district to
i wonderful fa* toi
would Unfitly be in
-.it the country was
Creston, successful
iness  man.    in  spite
i lm
i In-  ium
apprec.ate   whut
„__ „                _,.    pie    can    supply vou stock that w 11
are d-terred oftentimes bv the .. ..i,,-...., no, ».„ j,,.,.. ■.*,<.-, pii,nt *eet give >o.i sat.s actory results. Num-
fear that the space at their disposal «*^" £* ffi ^^1^ 'ou. instances have been-brought to
is   not   large enough.   True   a back ;iJ ,", fh|$ t._ fp_t in cntdei., the    writers notice,   wfiere fowls.of
yard or garden only a few feet
sfuar,) is not sufficient area to permit
of the profitable rearing of stock,
but providing the utmost care is taken as to cleanliness and attention
there is no reason why a few hens
should not be successfully kept.
  ' 'During    the    hot    summer mouths,
hade should be supplied In the yards
1 deep in coast and island sections
and not less than ten feet in colder
..ections. Where the fowl are conned to tbe bouse during the winter,
hey should be given at least six
s^mre feet of floor-space each. In
milder sections, .oui may lie found
' sufficient.
When building,  always endeavor to
■n   age be removed throughout) locate   the   house   as   far -from the
Mainland   and Islands adjacent dwelling of o\.n;r as possible.     Vie
thereto, except Queen Charlotte and:refer now   to where it i« proposed to
Lasouetl   Wadds,  from  September 1 I keep fowls In the ordinary back yard
unti    December 15   1913 of- 8W> 50 or *° ft* Wlde- l)v Pe,haPs
^TSJS-a^^tta disabilities!^ to ,0 ft.  deep).    There are  good
as    to    the sale of ducks, geese and   reason, for  ths.    Chief amongthese,
snipe he removed throughout the Pro.*™ those of a sanitary nature   and
vince   from   October   1 until October] that the dwelling house may not ob
1913, both davs inclusive. I "tract s might entering  the  pen  or
That the disabilities as to tbe Bale,"0"8* of f0Wls;      l. .     ...     .    	
of   Columbian   or Coast deer of the!     Always enclose the yard with wire board
male sex over ono year in age be re-.nett.nr, and this to be not less than  u0Uid
uncertain ago, and suffering from almost every known poultry disease.
Imve heen palmed off on unsuspecting i\uli
people who have bought generally because the birds are secured at a price
at which the reliable dealers cannot
afford to sell-
By    writing    the Secretary, care oi'
either hy natural growth, such a:
corn, s.tnlloweis, artichokes, etc., or
by cotton screen or hoard shelters.
\e,y   few   th ngs   will be needed. ruiiw and nnna I
'lhe fewer the better. Set. that all Wheat should form the staple [ood.
are portable. Hoosts, of 2x3, oi and, with all other hard grain,
barked poles,  may be placed running  should   be   fed in deep litter to pro-
Department o Agriculture, Victoria
a list of members of the Provincial
Association will, be forwarded free.
giving -.'all lists of breeds kept.
moved throughout the Mainland from | «_*, 'wt.hiifh
used and the
.through vour
1 yards,   gardens
Where   wire   is not
fowls allowed to rub
own   and neighbors'
front lawn*;,
both dates inclusive.   ^
Pinli'lp-oliiikcn-Tlmt    th-   ai_b.ll-   _e._3.biI   1 until October IB, 1913,
tie,   ns   to   .!.,* -hootlns ot prnlric-:l,oth d«*'s '•*clualv«'
cU-jt.   lie   r,.,„ovn„ ,„ M,e Llllooet,     A»d    Wther ^that any ^fJ*1^ ,Bea9ant   conaeqnencea   invariably a
Catl-ioo,    Kamloops    nnd  Okanagan .anu   (lf,jr   --i-ieu lavviuuy auring me •
Sllectoral    District-*- from   September Iopen season may be kept for the pri- »"•
15    until   October 15, both dates in- vate    ««   oi tlie owner for fourteen!   If   the   lot     is   surrounded   by   a
elusive- 't14* (lavri' an(1 no longer, immediate- 'I road fence, a  wire netting,  two or
! ly    nfter    the commencement ol auch   three    feet    wide,   may  he utrung  -
! close.season,  and  that ducks,  geese, long   the
| snipe nnd deer,  if lawfully obtaine.i | he   same
east and west, and from nine inches
to a foot space allowed each bird
according to breed. A droppings
, 2 feet wide 'for a single roost
be placed under roost. This
Oa* 3 to 3J feet *.or two roosts. This
should be cleaned every few days, or (hat
not less than twice weekly, and the ras.nible
mote    exercise    uud    health.   During
the winter mouths, cracked com may
be   fed   to   advantage,   feeding it in
eijuai proportion to the wheat.   The
amount to feed is best judged by the
wncr.    (are should he taken to see
iy    few  grains are left at a
tin '■    Irom feeding.    The
the developu
Dick Uetan
1 anther and
the obstacles in the way
saw the building uf road.*, across the
mountains a.iu 1 a.i/.ed that the au
tomobile offered the best solution ..,,
Irans. Oi tat o.i, l-o.ig liefore the
i.rst hi-h.ui.s were under construction be began to investigate the var
lous ma &, i;f cars with a view to
p:aciltg tbem before his friends. Al
t r g ing ono the matter thorough
ly Hnd trying out nenrly every car
0.1 the mantel, .he decided on the
Ford Model T, ana in June, 1912, he
brought t> 1 reston the tirst 3
cars to he sold in the district.
All three have been in
service, ami have covered roadu
heretofore H were thought to
impossible to nnything hut
liinmer       teams. So        success
fui were those three cars that shortly after their introduction! two more
Fords were sold to the men in tht
town of Nelson, a beautiful little
e.t> piactkady isolated from th'
surrounding country.
Mr.    Details    own    car  made  over
7,500 miles in 1012, at •, total repair
«t <>i  $15.00.    In  October.   1912,   it
' I i.oted the tourists from Qoatfell
mer trails that required the use 0
iiloc-i i,nd tactile for the heavier curs
Mr.    De an s   Kord holds the record
1 ol nine hours and thirty  minutes lo
I o a ne.      Washington,      1(19     miles,
made in eoinpettioii with n ear three
; times its price ami horse-power.
1 In I9U when the mountain roads
now  under   constriction   are   linked
and ih well drained and graded. Tbis
road w.U be joined in 1914 by the
Banff- Windermere carriage road,
winch will be one of the finest scenic
highways IU the country. From
Cranbroo i, the Alberta boundary
can b** reached by a fair road over
tbe (row s Nest I'h-h, although at
ihe present time it is In had condition 111 places.
From   Cranbrook   to  Creston   the
inad     Is   all   completed   with   the   ex-
" plioa   ol   a   four  mile  stretch  near
in    Creston it  is now
ll   over   a   lair   trail U-
boundary   and   tbenre
01  Washington.    This
improved this iiunmer
tines are finished, the
possible  1
the   Amor
mio the  1
mad  ik  Li
and    when
Lhrougb fr.
■Aiil be able t<> drive
jm Calgary to Spokane.
'l hti 1 are olUj twelve miles 0.
load ui present reaching out of Nel-
m n. The trail tu Bonn ing tun Kails
i*-. the besl ol these. $12,000 is to be
spent   in    1013 iu finishing the road
true tt Oil    between    'I ugMu li
ur and this will he Joined
the new Tagburn bridge
,uuu  has been  appropn-
l.oard disinfected witb lime or liquid times ol feeding may be set to suit np
disinfectant. The house interior owner . Where a dry-mash ih fed, it'0"1-
chould be limewiuihed once yearly, j* roo. necessary to feed mot '••n
all littings being removed at the twice daily, morning and afternoon,
tame time. The roosts may be h. is Important, however, that the
■ainie.1 with creosote or tar. tu pre! {ceding periods should he punctual
ton of thc fence, securing vent the breeding 0- red mites. In and regular. Kspcciully Is this so
to the scantling or poles   severe    climates,    a    disc-buth     box ^ rjng  the  winter months,   when  th.-
,     crti*.   ~„, united to fence                                         ,-houki be provided,    lt should be so birds   naturally    seek the roosts ear
be ea,ios d ^-TSd'-ATK'    ll th °„w„cr ,.efirea to uae p_t ol pUcU    Iha.    plenty -J|^t«   «- » the aliernoo-,	
'in W !__. bovver, tnfproof oi |Sid be pit Z and by &%_ the been   mixed   -omi po-vdered BUlphur. „,. 8C1,„S, ,„,,,,, „„ w|th „rim„„ m
Th t   the   d'eaMlit'es   as   to   the
shooting    of    putirie-chicken    be  rei i
moved in  tbe Cranbrook, Fernie and j .
Columbia    Electoral    Districts   from
September   I   to   October   15, 1913,
both dates inclusive.
aWMwTftB todtheUflshootng of "cock-1 th;" time""of' kiiiing" or" pu.chasing ! W'hole* fot^red, "the 'fowls may "be U may be iiocqssary to rniac-thc box eafs,   may   be  proAtobly   fed.   Care
rhe,sants   and   quail   be removed in ' S 11 n   on the party to possession* I a lowed   access   to the garden after on   egs toJ^oVnat^ le     than *£"   \_\J___?^_\LJ? _Zt     of
the   Esiiuimalt,    Saanich.   Gowichan     Thp nfnrpa.1Id ,e_ulatlons shall not the   vegetables   have   been  removed.; Nest   boxes   shott d not M^*™ scraps, howevet.    Salted    meats     1
**.* t-.i__.-1- niMtnml  Dintrlctq from      "he *-'-re8ald regulations Buan not              a                                              nn. 14   »Cn3a s'l>mre, inside measurement, k          pickles, mustard, or popper
ortoilr 1 t„ Ccember 31  1913   bSS'^1'    to   Kflien lsland' n?T*__0 m I uortunTtv to clean UP and spade o?er'and about one nest to from three to .,,-,   rotdV ol*   fl' doubtful   character.
Octobei l to December si. uu, botn           re8ervc, or to any of the wa- I Portunity to ciran up ana spaae ovei                  flowed.   The nesting ma- TpoilhI- llf .. dlarphoeal „nd ovarian
lhtes inclU8ive:                                     I --   —   the   use   of fire arms is.the Poultry run in the,»j time.         i^J^.^ !)C (j'Ceill)ently chft„ged *™™ of^ luuib Ba^jW^    ^
T\TK OF UU1LH1NU              ; ftU(1 burno.j ffhen rem0vod.   A water meatg        wtoi,8   or |)fiCiings, should
For  the  Coast  district  and  aojac-  pan.    preferably enamelled should be j.fl
ithnds, pn open front house may be piaCg,j    on   ft    hoard at least      foot I
used.    In the interior, a front com- tn (Ugj,   to   ftuow   the bird standing
the    KootHiay    district    will  be
ol the best markets for auto no-
biles,   la nil ul I'lie Important tcrtriis
are hundreds of men wbo would purchase cars I.  they but had  the roads
i to run tbem on. outside of Golden
and t ranbrook districts, there a-e
practically no si retches ()f roads
and such torn ..-. as Nelson, Kaslo.,
etc,, are practically isolated from
the outside world. The Kootenay
district ,s one of -.■alleys ami imiun
tains, and the linest mad in the dis-
I net  is that from  Golden, a Ion r the,
Columbln Kiver  Valley to Oranbrook
<   lake    all others  in  Blltlsh  Colum- :
and   ba
I Nd b ^^^
for which JS5
rtiio^etliei over $275-000 will he
spent   for    roads and bridges In the
West Kootenay District this summer
and while piohably tbe tntire pro-
lally gram will not be completed, enough
roads will be nmahed to give a great
impetus to motoring.
Uut little mure roadwork is re-
tjuirul to place Trail und Kosslaud
wiihia running distance ol the Boundary and American districts. The
following roads are either completed
,11   neatly SO,
Tra. Is to Castlegar, I'endorelle,
Hal tno, .Sheep Creek, Rossland, to
North Port, Bossburg to Grand Fork
All these luads have heavy giadei*.
ranging from foui to tea per cent,
lhe steepest road 111 the country is
that which climbs from the tuwn u!
TraX to Rossland, In d stance of
se*. ea miles, tins road climbs over
two thousand feet in the air. The
aitroad wbioh connect theBe two
toxins ih lt, miles in length and has
three switch baUKS over three miles
long.     The    wagon   road   there, is a
ttady    eight    pei cent   grade   und
n.a,    it
ters   where   the   use
prohibited by  the  "Game Act.'
And further the Lieutenant-Govern-1
That   the   disabilities   as   to   the
s-uioting of cock pheasants and quail
in the Newcastle, and Comox Electoral Districts be removed from October | ar-in Council bus been plensed to de-
1 until October 31, 1913, both dates  clare that sections 3 and 1 shall not
inclusive. I apply to sections 21, 21a and 21b of
Thut   thc   disabilities as to shoot-1 the "Came Protection Act." I
Church Fair at Wycliffe
able glass or u combination of both rt,ce|)tilCie
is Preferable. ;mftHh   ,)0;
The type of house proper in any wet mash.
locality  may be the same, and  may preferable.     It.   is   much
be  built    according   to   the   owner's t.leon  L|,an a  trough.
ideas.   These are  the types general '
ly used:
The simplest and hest form of dry-
given sparingly. Peelings if fed
ihould I-. cooked and mixed w tb
bran or shorts. A wet mnsh may he
Is.I in the morning or at noon, rath-
s than at, the evening meal. Ins
latter should be ot hard grain. The
>f table
scraps lit large, they should be run
through meat niinferl. and » sufficient quantity of bran, ground oats or
built   of    crushed    rock ' —Times.
places it reaches a maximum pi
thirty pel cent. It bas been male
in 45 minutes by a Ford Roadster
owned by Mi. B tew art, Buptfrlntend-
.nt of the Smeller Ht Trail.
.-In,mm hus I.een appropriated tb s
sea*on tu regrado this important
road and the work is to he finished
in UH,
Up to the present time tbere are
nine ears iii ihe entire West Kooten
ay District. Trail claims a Kord.
Neleon two and Creston three Fords.
While in Kast Kootenay District, of
which Craubrook is the commercial
centre, Ibere are some **0 Ford cars.
The Fink Mercantile Co's Opening
and, if desired, a dry
or trough or hoard for
A board for wet mash is wt mash muy 1(e composed
-'    easier    to - '
SVo ds' house, a'semimonitor, or in i".,^ hopper is just a plain box, an
itn.'f      wni'iln        tl...    r-iiif   on   tlm   -j.mtli  I ..:       A..-S.U ...141,      *-**   -o-rXrcnt-A
—,^^^^^   °f  MrB-  Wallinijer's
/n lean    church   hud    great succcs*. '.orchestra.           .... .._     	
with  their Fair held  on last Thurs-     The    ladies    ol  Wyclifle Quid take side starts from a point usually tw0|A    lath    should he nailed nil around
day, this opportunity of thanking the la-   fejt   lower   from the ridge than thc This    prevents birds from scratching
Much nf the amusement was afford-J dies   of    lhe   Cranbrook   Guild   for north   side;   this  allows windows -to I ttha top, flush with the outside edge.
their loan of lanterns and decorating be placed perpendicularly in tbe por-1 (.„t ^ maal\.
materials   and   to   nlso thank their    tion above    Tolman  house,  with an'
Marysville  and   Kimberley   neighbors uwen   roof,    having generally two- j t BREEDS   it) BBLHOT
above litter, the hoard being broard ]shorts, co that the mixture may not
od by  the children  who rivaled any
professionals    with   their   wild   west
All rific hment booths, target
booth, Aunt. Sally and sewing booth
wire well patronised and the fates
of many were sea'ed bv tbe Fortune
Teller (Mrs. John Little, of Wyclifle
kindly officiating.)
Not tbe least of the attractions
was   the   dnnoitig    pavilion with the
for   their   many    generous donations thirds   of   its   area   sloping   to  tbe
for the various booths,    And to alBo south,    and    the rest to north.    The
thank Mi. Prank Parka lor his beau- southern   roof   nlso   comes   down a
tiful prize for the shooters; The Dav- foot   or   two lower than thc north
is   Hros.    Electrical Co, for electric side;   the   common shed roof, with a
Wire;   Mr.   Reed,  lor  tents and    Mr. nlnnt   to   lhe north; the combination
Edwards of Wycliffe, for his donation roof,   which is practically a Tolman
of soft drinks.                                         j  reversed,    so that  the south roof
ne too sticky,
Clam or O/Ster shell, and charcoal,
should he always hefore the birds.
To keep the i irds in condition, to
yet fertile eggs, and, incidentally, to
teduce the iced hill, green food should
ne supplied dally. '|h;s may be
Choose one of the popular breeds,'lawn Clippings, d-indelb n leaves,
and above all get healthy, vigorous cabbage, kale, rape, clover, alfalfa,
stock, nnd buy only those ot a good chicken weed, s-routs or mangolds.
laving strain, li one finds It difficult ft Is absolutely necessary that green |
to make a choice, it Is advisable to food he fed regularly in some form
visit a local Fair or Poultry  Show'oi  other.
and then select. The dry mush euusist of a mixture
11 one wishes to buy mature stock, (Continued on Page   4) j
Kiui'hn big tholr usual model n me
thods the Fink Mir-nntile Co. open
the.r new Ladies' Department by giv
ing n reception to the ladies 0f Cran
hrook- The store was opened at x,.,n
p.m. on Thursday, and from tbat
time until the dosing at IU o'clock
the store was crowded, tin- ladies
being somewhat encouraged to attend by their reminescenses uf the
m-r such receptions given in the
same store.
It is the intention „t the Fink   Mer
Mr. Kola Bingham of Vancouver,
a des gner and cutter with a large
experience both in the east nnd in
the west, bas been engaged for Ladies' Tailoring,
Band Concert
Shoitld  the
cool  evenings  continue
the bund wilt play the
cantile to make a specialty of even-I ^'J^jjJSMTta!£AmBm**l a,f'
Ing and afternoon drcssea at the same _?___!___»*••'  "'  s,m,lnv  evenings
time they a'e also putting in H good;
hssoi tnient of Coats and Tailored
Sults,gloies and hose; also tt line of
ladies' boots and shoes of tin* latest
American stvles.
Miss li. M. Colling..
Granville's, \Jd.   of   Calgary,    will
hive full charge of this department;
for uss slant the  services of  Miss  S,
P.   .Syiues of this city   has  been  en-
as heretofore.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
March—In  Close  Array   Sharp
Overture—Sincerity   Barnard
W.ilzi'.s— Love's  Devotion   ...   Johnson
ntermetzo—Topeka    Jones
late with the   ,''>t"l'0lirri   °'   French-Canadian   Melodies    fjiiirendeaii
March—The Brasen ev-in  McFall
*ufM •■II tt*8 Pn£>
James Austin, bandmaster.
R. ROBT. BINGHAM has accepted a position in our Tailoring Department as designer and cutter of Women's and Men's Suits and Coats.
! F
Mr. Bingham has had many years experience in  the large  cities  in both the East
and West and comes to us very highly recommended.
Mr. Bingham will arrive here about August 28th.
We have adopted the "Small Profit and Quick Turnover" policy
in this department as in all others so that you may expect Good
Work at the Smallest  Possible  Price.
0$0^ _____  _!IOS__.C_OR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
G, he |iro«pector, ©raubvo ok, §. <&.
r><>—kH  l..rj  Saturday    Muming at Orubrnk, B.O.
r. M. Christian, Manager.
Postage to Amriou, European __1   otber foreign coutitn..
year  sxtra.
iDVKRTIS-M-NTS-AdvsrtlsIng  ratss furnished un applicatios.
AU reputable character will be accepted
-Klvertlaemeati but thus, ol a
"""aDVBRTIBBRB AND SBBSORIBBRS-tlnl-.. notice to tb,.contrary
I. rive, to local manager advertisement, and subscriptions will b. kept
rnnaieg aad charted up against their account.
19th YEAR
rther the In-
In its endeavors to (interests of Cranbroo.. the "Pn
tor" believes it lias behind it
well wishes and confidence ol tht
izens as a whcae. Repeatedly
Mils heen evidenced not hy symp
alone but in genuine practical assistance; and io further the pr^ressiv,.
with   which   Its  l»ol cy  has  been ^^^^
iaeer has Just  placed taming money under false pretenses.
the  Standard   fholo It   would   be a wholesome remiuder
Ltd.,   of   Montreal, to missionaiy bodies In goneral thai
Imbued the in
an order witli
best ol the hoped-for up-
Bxplanntlons are now In
order f.om the ludj missionary, Also her repudiation by the pious re
ligious organizations that profited bj
ber "martjrdoin." if Lieutenant
Wagner is speaking the truth, then rj^
Muss Stone is ti common swindler
.\.o o ght to be prosecuted [or
for a weekly serv ce o
PICTUHES. 'Ibis sei
to our readers picture
important   happening
ice will give
of the more
and   descrip-
i he   en'i
nt   always  justify   tbfi
tlon of same from week to weeK,
Business has been  very  quiet  from
coast to Coast and the complaint of
ot want of capital has been thc cry
that has found an echo tn every com
muni ty,    and   especially   so  has  this
been fe t in  the newspaper business,
Wby?   Because, tbe tirst thine a business house does when the receipts du
not    show   their  normal  state  Ib to
cut   down   their  advertising  and   the
layman stops his subscription or forgets to  i ay  his dues.    Consequently
the news man lessens the size ot his
paper in proportion.   Ttiis cannot always be observed In  the larger city
papers  which   publish   a   paper   from
16 pages or niore, but is very easily
seen in the smaller weeklies that gK_
the   local   news  and   tdll   Its   i ea let *
of the births,  marriages, and deaths
of their friends, or the successes and
projects oi" its  business houses,  or it
it ay  be   the   possibilltii s,   probabill
ties, or local   improvements  that  the
fnti r_  hold  out  of  wh ch  the  hrgei
city paper--, have no interest m.    Dur
ing  the summer  mun ths   th •   "Pros
pector'' was compelled to reduce the
usual she of Its paper because .,. the
Jailing oil of its advertising  matter
and  while  we have had  some  readers
take offence in consequence and stop
their subscriptions out   readers in tbe
main have stood loyally by  us.
Japan and B.C
li. very one remembers Miss Ellen
Stone, the Christian missionary wh1(
was captured by Macedonian brigands
some years ago nnd eventually ran
Bomed. Miss Stone was awarded tbe
balo ot martyrdom by her co rclljj"
lonists throughout the world, and li1
she displayed that halo somewhat of
industriously in the maffa»lnes and
on the lecture platforms of the world
Now comes •• volume by Lieutenant
Wngner, tbe celebrated war corns
i ondent uf the Vienna Relchpost,
wbo gives „ Btirvcy ol the conditions
leading up tn the struggle nnd In
cidintiily communicates the follow
inr information     'An American lad'
Alifls   Stone,   who   had   mad-'   common
Cause with the revolutionists,, ar
range I that she should be captured
by a Macedonian hand in the hills
of Turkey, in order Hint heavy ran
■om paid by America for her release
might go iu increase the cash in th,.
"Britiuii    Columbia,'
Nelson Bail*   News, "r
white   man ■> country,
springing rrom the presence at
couver o. a Bpecl&L, representative ol
i.be   Japanese  government   to   gather
detailed    information   to    support a
protest   the    mikado    will    make to
■..r at   Britain  agaiiibt  antl-Japan s
Uw_ of Britiah Columbia
This shuts the theatre for Japan 9
•aiUlbitii ii 01 Rounded pride from
California to *--'r Britisii pro-.mce on
the north, and accounts tor tbe more
amiaoU attitude oi the .1 apauesi*
^o.er.iment towards the United
States J... an vo..;.! cut a ridiculous ngure grouching before tbe na
tiom- oi'et Calt-ornfa _ pr. per resolution to bold her _o.l for the white
race, while at the same time sti.it-
in-; her eye.-, to greatei grievances
couiin. from her political friend and
illy, and the mikado's government
ic -jritute enough to see the point arm
adjust Its attitude accordingly
Japan and Britain, it may be recalled, nX- bound by a defen-sive ,*nd
defensive treaty, *.t.i in eye to future wars. By its terms each ally
is pledged to come to the support of
tbe oiher if thnt other is assailed by
two or more oi the world powers.
This given the 1'nite.l States a crush*
fag diplomatic retort to Irritable
protests of Japan against our exclusion and alien laws. "By what pio
cess of reasoning," Washington can
ask, "do you justify ofttM.se ,-n our
part when you remain oblivious a*
: to greater oRenses on the part
your open political" ally?"
Undoubtedly tbe rising cloud in
the not th has softened the asperities
between Japan mi the United
Slates. It probably explains Japans
quick change of attitude toward the
in it-slot) of Felix Bin/ from Mexico,
and its refusal to receive officially
that special envoy of the Huerea
The oil Iol o( the Japanese investigators   now   m   Vancouver   ib   Vaya
aiiiagnclii,  a former member of the
ntutl se dut, and he has been there
for a M ontb quietly looking into the
situation. Objection is raised a-
gainst    the    British    Columbia laws
which prohibit Japanese labor iu
lagging camps ou government lease.,
timoer, ana discriminating leglslfi
lion against them in tue sumuoh
but ins Lead of abating these laws.
British Columbia will probably on
act additional auti-Jupancsa legislation, Public sentiment has set
strong aguinst orleutal immigration,
and vaucoilver advices say 'tue next
sts-doa ot the legislature will be
bombarded witb demands for the enactment oi ai aw based ou the California measure entirely to prohibit
t.lunette and Japanese ownership oi
land. This agitation, adds the Vancouver correspondent, "when coupled
with H recent speech of sir Richard
McBride, premier of British Columbia, is extremely significant," in
that Bpeech the premier took B radical stand for the complete exclusion
oi all brientals.
Antagonism to Asiatic Invasion extends to all parts ol tbe province.
A correspondent at Pontic ton, in
the upper Okanagan valley, writes
that boards ol Undo tluougnout t.-a.
iisinet will sboi tly recommend to
provincial governmnnt the pass
age of a lull siiumui to tbe California aiua laud measure. "The feeling against Obtuiee and Japanese,"
says thi-- correspondent
strong in spite ol the fact that oil
mtalB BUgaged In (aiming heir are
o.d istiious aud successful In their
farming operations. Tbe board ol
trade of Uuocau, B.C . which start
ed the new. movement, has sent a
copy of  its resolutions to i ractical I
l> every board ol trad.- n the prov
Ince,    und    limnedlately
assertion   )K.cn acxr,\ irom, the g(
Van* ■,.*•. appioacbed."
vill be found ttronger with our Brit-
/ill be found stronger with our British Columbia neighbors than their
platouic    regard   for    the    rights o!
dark-skinned British subjects from
East India, or tbeir mild respect for
treaties between the mother country
and   Japan.—Spokesman-Review.
Falling to Pieces
Laurier   Busy  Conferring with Party Men in Kast
Rank and File Alienated
declares th
st  remain  t
these   hav*
vernment wllli ■-■built
t more
al as well
The once great Liberal party has
fallen upon evil days. It has no
leaders in whom it can trust. It
went down to defeat on the recip
roolty Issue because these leaders
were false to Canada mid it has been
reduced to a still sadder rum be
cause these same leaders are false t,-
the bjmplre. it is hud to see m
what respect tbe banner of Canadian
Liberalism could be worse besmirched
or the old principles of the old ..it-
era! party mon utterly abandoned.
The loss of o.l.c. tins been followed
by an exhibition of party niisman
agetnent nnd of a shameful opportun
ism   in   the   lace   of  a   great    niperiul
ci isis   which bus Uad the inevitable
effect    ol alienating thousands ,,,  do
cent  minded Liberals front the party
ol which they once were proud
riie name ot Laurier, once ,\ name
In conjure With, has become a liy
word ui Ga&oda. The instinct of
true leadership does not exist In anj
ol the men who are Striving and
jostling for tirst place in the paftj
at Ottawa. The party has tumbled
to pieces and those who should Uavc
it have brought upon it a
tmplete destruction, Since
the close of the session, ■*, session
which brought the very name of Lib
eralism into disrepute, there have
been numerous evidences of the hope
less condition In which the part)
finds itself.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has spent the
whole summer so far in pessoual
missionary work in Montreal and Toronto, vainly seeking by explanations
promises aud persuasiou to get the
party together and to satisfy them
that a continuance ot his leader.h
does    not         _
wreek in tb ■ future. The tragic
part of ihe situation is to be found
in the fact that Sir W.Urid Laurier
iscompelled to do this sort of work
at all, i nd to do it alone. It is not
long since this man had merely to
lift  a   i.ngtr  and   bring
Uon is not the result 0I defeat alone
or the loss of power alone. it lithe result of absolute lack of conll-
■lence ,u thfl leading Liberals of Canada in lhe men who now eoii.titute
themselves leaders ot the party.
TWtOQ    Kill Ml   WANTING
Sir Wilfrid Laurtor has twice
Shown lumsell litter ly incapable ol
rei ivseutuii; di,. people of Cllll it da on
questions of vital national concern.
He has shown himself out of touch
*ith t,iit> great bulk ol Canadian pub*
Ue n,mm-ii. Thut being so, his use-
luliu's*. lo the party would seem to
lis.i' gone and recent happenings
would indicate that tins is the view
o. tht- moie prominent men iu the
Liberal party,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier went wrong on
thete two great questions, the question ot reciprocity and the question
ol naval aid, because in the nrst iti
stance ho blundered into an a_reo
■neat which the man on the street
-wis qulcx io understand in its true
and dangerous Blgnlfloanco. 'ihit h_
could make tins blunder was in Itself fatal to further successful! leadership. That hu remained in the
leadership at all, having so blundered, was due to the fact that there
•vas no one to succeed him.
The Naval Aid issue gave Blr Wilfrid Lattriei thc great chance of his
hie. a chance to rehabilitate himself
with the people of Cnnartn to some
extent at least, a chance to prove
himselt a great Canadian and to
give the world an illustration of
Canadian unity in support of the
Empire at a critical time!    Liberals
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
This Renovated and Up-to-Date
Hotel offers to its many patrons
strictly first-class accomodations,
unexcelled cuisine and the finest of
Bar in Connection
Newly   erected   Bathing   Houses,
and Boats on the bake for use of
the Hotel Guests
rhls   is   but one phase
I pi uubla b     complicated
tion problem.    Lt has to di
Aith   rising   popular clamor against,
Hindu   immigration,    and since Hindus arc British subjects, the problem
of excluding  them from  Hi it ish tei
ritOT)   is  both  difficult   and  delicate. '
Under *. peculiar existing law,
British Columbia can deport Hindus
onuug to hei ports in vessels that
riH-'e cleared from foreign ports. I
Since no line ol vessels runs directly between India and British Columbia, this law has been used to hold
them m check. Unless they come -li-
■ ectly they can he sent back. To
overcome this fearrier st ps have been
ia .en by aggressive Hin lu leaders
to charter steamers ol their own,
and a large Invasion is feared.
Still ..n ther complication bas ans
e i in th: migration into British Columbia ot several thousand Doukho-
bora, a strange communal body of
religious -.ealots moving out of Russia into tue t an win:, west. Public
c.amor is heard against them, and
strong pressure brought on government officials to exclude them from
employment on all government works
So in aw way and another, our
neighbors on the north has immigration   problems   Ahich   make  our  own          	
appear mild in comparison. j   To genuine Londoner tbere is   that   huge   building   0f glass, eieht
These problems will not be readi-, no paiace s_.e one. When be talks muM east of ChnriuB Cross If it
ly adjusted. Canada bas great open of nhe Palace" be has no thought were six hundred instead of sixtv
Places, with wide expanse of fertile,  oI   his kin,-B Ulfltwi0ti in at JanltB    lflr3   M l   »•« Jt MXty
unoccupied lanus. and  under modern U^.   nor dot8 hc refer t0 ldtaMXi but   the • «« «{* ™.^^'f^
.. nditioas tne preSBUse from the con-1palace, the ancient Thames-side home may   ' ....*»    lu.     ,nT
.,. .,      .   from  all   over Canada urged him to
25f*u...?..!?U "SS? iSSS! tflke th:s hiBh statesmanlike course,
lie did not listen to tbem. He listened to a t,roup of ex-ministers instead, a number of whom were without responsibility to the electorate,
and these men persuaded him to take
the Httle Canadian course, to make
party politics out of a great imper-
to  his door
al] those leading party men whom be iaJ queBtion and to shame Canada in
has to go seeking, hat in hand,
eherever tbey happen to he.
WHY    IT   IS.
change ol attitude and posl
the eyes of the world. It will re
quire a lot of missionary work by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier before the stain
i is worn away.
Saving the Palace
be aSaUreil that nmvhcre elee
a sled sl'oti* o( the giobc will drive'-. his j,race o! Canterbury; just as .un he eu.o., so uai.'Uc no opportun-
i o ml iti.m thither, just as nature llttic t0ci, ilo;» lie intend any illus- Uy of seeing London at play. Not
drives air Into a vacuum. The world ,Q„ to st. jaroC8' Palace, or K_*s: rner-ly cn Bonk holiday! ta the Crs*s-
ls ra-lBE throuKl* a process ol re-|in„to- r-nlnce, or lhat. pile ol legis- tal Palace thc favorite Mecca of the
distribution ol its population, tre- lu_,e bu.ldm.-a sometimes described ;oc ney on pleasure bent; open every
n cmliiousiy (i.cilitntcil hy modern i as tlie i_ftce of Westminster. No, v ee i day throughout the year, a Co-
conlitlons i'i cheap, sale and speedy ..,. c0CKney gpealts of "the Pa'a:e, ' ney Mand which knows no season,
transportation agencies. Undoubted- ] hiB l0l, thought ts ol that glitterini; there is no day when a few thousand
lv the completion i/f the Panama 8tl.„clure out Svdenham way of l.ondoneismay not lie obser.-ert under
Can if wll' acceler„te these move- wh,ch the full title Is the Crystal (s glass roof or within its bcauti-
the   west   coast of North paiace, fui   grounds.    I''ur more tlinn a ger-
I   As there ia so much lor the pilgrim  eration it has been thc chostn venue
fbrtncomlng invaslon.'to se» in London town Itsell, few are  of   Mower .hows and dog shows and
takes  diiick alarm, the Americans who And their way to  cat   shows and poultry shows,  while
cycle meets and motor displays and
cricket matches and football and lire-
works entertainments have added
their quota to tne varied attractions
which have given "the Palace" itB
nold upon the ailt'ction iii the cockney.
All tins is tho growth of Icbs than
siity >eais, lor it wus not until thc
mi'iiis   to
the    whit.
■Hilt l'.''.''M'H'l'H"."H'l i^
|    The   East   Kootenay   Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th & 19th
$600.00 IN PRIZES
Registered Holsteins
Dairy Shorthorns
Grade Cattle
6 Classes
6 Classes
6 Classes
6 Classes
6 Classes
Best Dairy Cow on .*i_ld      $10.00 Goods      Hest Bull (any year or breed)    $5.00 Cash
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd,
Best Aryshire Cow       "Nor'west Farmer'
For One Vear
Best llolstein Cow      "Nor'west Farmer'
For One Year
Best Jersey Cow "Calgary Herald'
For One Vear
Best Dairy Shorthorn   "Vancouver World"      Calf, 1913
For One Vear
By  Calgary   Herald  Co. and
"Farm  &   Ranch   Review  for
One Year
Best Cow and Calf $4.00 for 1st.
$2.00 for 2nd-Giveh by Farmers' Institute
$10.00 Goods
McCreery Bros.
Albert 11. Webb, Secretary,     P.O. Box 60S    Cranbrook
II ***• 11 > H-. *M-M****** ****+** * **■■** *+** ******************** *\**H,*^
Jun.> ol la... that the palace with its
two h mull e.i acres of [lark aud gar-
denground were formally omned to
the public. Ab a building, huwevcr,
the bulk ol the palace is a few years
older, tor this huge conservatory-
like structure was thc home of that
Ian.ou» exhibition of lii.,1, which was
; the   forerunner   of these   exhibitions
: and expositions which have since
played to larcc a part iu international education and fraternity, in
its ilrst form the model to which the
structure was indebted was actually
j a conservatory, (or the original o(
the Crystal Palace was n huge hothouse reared In the Duke of Devon-
shire's gardens at CliatBworth, That
building was deaiglled by one Joseph
Paxton, a gardener, whom the duke
had titkin into his employment and
who, liy this thoroughness and invent ive genius, gradually rose to be
his   mantel h closi'Ht personal friend.
, Whin the ir.nce-i'iiiisnrt devised lun
famous  exhibition  in  ilytic  I'urk   the
j I'liiiipetitiuii amuiig architect** to pro
' vide plans for a suitable structure
was Ireineadiioii*.; no fewer than two
'hundred and lliiity-tliriii' dtllgni
'' were iiiliiuitted and rejected. At
that luuctiue I'axton duelled to try
j Ills hand, mill It wns his replica of
lhe ei nservutory at I'lii.t-morth, executed in n an days, which became the
accepted design, A.-t a reward (or
courage In favoring such a iinii|iie
plan, the prince-consort and his lei
; low-directors hucmue the target of
I Infinite ridicule; a building of glass
! and ircn would either collapse dur-
| ing the lirst gale or Iri'/.zl" to death
; ovory human bolng venturing within.
' Hut when it win. complete! all eritl-
' c tin was submerged in admiration;
I Thnckcry became the laureate of thi'
' wonderful .structure and sung how
"A blii/.lng arch of lucid glass
Leaps like a mountain from the
'l'n ini'i't the sun,
' I'alaiT fm  liilry I'rlnre,
A rare pavilion uueli ns mun
Saw ni'Vei, allien laaii'tlnd began,"
Ah he liaraiiii' the pint ol "tho I'al-
Hce" so it ih eminently titling tlmt.
the   most   beautiful   of tho   lii'dlled
Ht iI'Ich   ol   Thiicki'i'y    should he one
i' iini'i'ti'il     with   that   building,     A
young  Aiiii'i'iciiii couple hnd come to
.l.iiiidon    lm   tholr hiinevuuion nt  Hi*
line   ol   the   exhibition of IH..I. but
tin1 funds  woiil.l  nnl. allow both  lie
| Ing pr, sent at the gorgeous opening
1'creiii n '.    So tliu bride went, alone,
but being siiinll of stature she could
see   until ng   iff tho (imve proMBllOli
ol loyally  and  other notables,   And
then,   at   the thought nl hor dlsap.
polnt.iiient and with the money wast-
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer & Porter I
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
I Phone 171
P.O. Box 264 J
** 111 III 111 H 111 M11 HI I 1111 IHI IH 1111111 »I
ed on her ticket, tears began to
trickle down hcr cheeks. A kindly
eye bad setn and interpreted those
tears; and strong hands were placed
emath her arms to lilt her above
tbe crowd for „ clear view o( the
Passing show. She saw it all. i„ t
was not until inter that, when .hackery was on a lecture tour in the tinned States, thc tearful bride learned that her "kind, strong Englishman," was none other than the author of "Vanity Fair."
When the exhibition 0f -851 came
lo an end its beautiful home of iron
and glass was lor a moment ln danger df destruction. The government
was rei'iicsied to buy the building
andallow it lo remain aB a permanent ornament of Hyde Park; but tbo
govermmnt, as is the way of SriiU'h
olllciallBin, declined tn undertake
such a publii'-spirited enterprise.
Nine gentlemen, however, formed
themselves Into a committed pu.'-
chiis'd the building (or seventy thou
sand pounds, and thin organized the
Crystal 1'aluce Company with a »R|
ilsl of bah a million pounds. As it
.oat more ihan a hundred tbou.and
I oiiiiIh lo take down and re-eret". tiie
bni'iliiir, it is hardly surpnsl'ig
that, eoiiHiderlug the land that Ilu I
to he purchased and the enst ol Ul
ting up the interior, tbe capital uud
bid eventually to bV incren.il to a
million. Agent .verc disi atcbed tn
the continent to purcirue examples
nf the work of art ol r. ; Mill inns,
and I'axton was the mcui*. ol sudur*
Inga collecth 11 of palms i.n.l other
nue plants which had tai..' a eon
tury to assemble together.
Kor   more   than   thirty   years the
t'nslal    Palace malntalnril  iti posi-
t tlon of London's chief place of amuse
'ment    No foreign soveoelen came to
. Kngland   without   being brought III
; tlii'i  lor a rojal fete, while year by
.year   It   was   tbe scene of lestlvals
! without number.   Horticultural show
royal    thanksgivings,  mammoth dm
j p'avs o' lireworks. and gigantic mils*
leal   festivals followed each other in
rapid succession, ull contributing to
rntnh'ihh  "llie  1'iilnre"   In  thu affection of the I oiuloner.    Some twenty
I yenrs   ago,   however, the controlllnc
rompany fell in'o illltlciiltlos. largely
owing   to   Ibe rlMilrv nf other plea-
'sure linuntN.      Ileronstnu't ons   have
been Vroi|ll(nt since that date, but II*
nnllv a receiver In iiiinkrnptcy bad to
be   appointed,   and   during   the Paul,
few    inontlB   II lum seemed probable
Hint   the   late wblcb was averted in
IK51  was inevitable,
I    Ho   desperate    was    the    position
appealed to, to open a popular uub*
Bcrlptl u   to   sive   the   pnliiei* Irom
doit run iim nml Its grounds from the
jeiry-liulldei.   Kuril n recourse Is iih
unify   successful,    but    (nr once   the
cbl"(   magistrate  nt the capital had
to   eoii'eSH   tn   failure     Hut he lind
the happy thought of petitioning the
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It I'uys to Deal"
Cranbrook       -       B. C.
editor ol the Times for his assistance. A sum of ninety thousand
i oamis was necessary tn complete
thi purchase price of two hundred
and thirty thousand pounds, and us
we write. The Times, by u week's
campaign, has ialsed more than two
thirds ol thut sum. Hogging money
Irom its renders is not a part of the
thut the lord mayor of London wns
pollcyol the Times; only once belore
In its long history has it made such
i,n appeal; but on its departure from
j pr, ceil, ll •!■, d.findrd on the ground of
I Uh ut'genov and uninmness of the oc-
|casloii, rho.vs how groat its inilii-
ence Is when It elects tn exert it.
I Although „ few- thousand pounds are
si ill required, it may be taken for
certain that the "Palace" will lie
saved long before these lines appear
In print,
Nor can we recall nn occasion when
a " bl i' appeal has elicited such a
apci'dy respouie of all classes o( thu
c uimunlty, llla mcmliers ol tlic roynl family, politicians ol the most dl-
I'-rso views, artists and actors, nius-
IcIuiih and authors, peers and commoners, churchmen and dissenters,
a I havo contributed with good will
and promnlne s. Kor "the I'nlnce"
iu more I bun n pleasure haunt; Its
inllerles are renlete with typical hi-
i'iniilis nf the art of all ages nnd
lands; It has hern, Indeed, a popular
'ii veisltv of art nnd h's'ory nnd
Bcioneo and music and has done more
io ed ic, t- as well as amtiss the cock
ney thnn any other Institution in hla
< _ ______________«_i_T—>s—»1__L *   * .t.ai. *   *■ *   ■_——-   t__Us__i__a__——i
■ _—f~ftf,.f-j,^,*fii*-rf 1"rTfTTI I'I'I -l"l*rVVVwwV~\
Professional   Carbs
—— aiib -
fcobge   Tlotices
Court Cranbroolt No. 894".
Meet tn Carmen's Mall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each month.
,1.  McLACHl.UK.   O.K.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi ill.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook  Branch)
Meets  in  Cnrmou'8   Mall   iHt  and
3rd Thursdays   in every  month, at
I p.m.   Membership open  to  Hritisb
E. Y. Drake, Pres.
L. Pearron,  Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. P.. 4 A.  M.
Regular   meetings   on   ths
third   Thursday   ol   svsry
Visiting brethren welcome.
P, 11. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
P.L.8.   _. O.I.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
and NI8BHT
Ban-Uttrs, Solicitors and Notaries
Monsy to Loan
Imperial  Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    ■    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 211
ORANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
District of South-East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that John Henry
Liamer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply (or
permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot J687,
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, tbence north 40
cbains, tbence east 20 chains, tbence
south 40 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 30
acres more or less.
Dated  June   23rd,   1313. 2 -.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Notice of Tax Sale
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month nt eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are    cordially Invited.
Ki.  Comp.—A.  C.  Shankland,  K.
Cranbrook, ll.C.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 83
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall,
(i. Donahue, C. C.
F. M. Cbrtstinn, K of R. ft 8.
-. A. Hill, M. P.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. Tiirnley, W. M. Harris,
K. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  153
Companions of ths Poreat
Meets In Carmen's Hall, Sscond and
Fourth Thursday ot ench Month at
3:011 p.m., sharp.
Mis. a. M. Laurie, C. C
Mra. A. R. Shaw, floe.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   wel
coins. S8tf
Oranlirook      Lodge
No. 1049
Moots every 2nd am'
lib -Wcilii 'shay at 8
u.m., ill llo.val lllai'l.
Knight's Hal .a.
l'n' or Stroot,
W. M. Urlor, Dictator,
It. 8. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets In  Itoyal  lllnck  Knlglltl Hall
Dakar street
Moots every 2nd nnd 4th Thursday
ol ench month nl » p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Ilayward, lien, See.
tie". I.adds, chief ranger
Vlaltlng brethren mntlo welcome.
President -O,   It.   Sheppard
Meets regularly on tho First Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry mutters
AddrcHB tho Socrctury--A'. B. Smith
P.O. Boi 852, Cranbrook, B.O.
Innd Hull nt   8 p.ii
Fred W. Swain, W.M
S,  L.  Williams,  Secv.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st nnd
3rd Thursday In
Royal lllnck
Knights ol Ire-
Bhurp.   Visitors
Scobell _ Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure taW-dt
Alvuliol, 1 „Luu .ml III us., ll cuuiit.i.cl. Hi.
.Dad. aliuii.t In.lulilli leiiiuvr. ill ci.vlng.-
A'!..taking III. Iicalmoiil lli.io will ti.v.i tttaj
ua.il toMrlnk lnluxic.nl. ur um orsgl .gain. Cn
b. ilv.ii ..celly, Wt li.vi yd lu li.., ul oo.
I.llun. M.ll.d uliilai i.pai.l. co.ar ta .n_«ii*
iim, Hlc. (UIO Iio, url bu... lal I III Ul. Tke
(to-k.ll Hit* On., Si. t.iba.u.., Ua..
Drs.   KING   ft   OREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Ofllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.80
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook, B.O,
F. M. MacPherson
Notbiuy Av.nu. N.it to Clly Hsll
Op.il D». .I'd Nil hi ' Pliou.lJ]
Funeral Director,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone .S*»
P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reason
able Coil.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Certificate ol Improve nonts
"Dore" Mineral Claim, situnte In
thn Fort. Steele Mining lilvis.on of
Hast. Kootenay District.
Where located :-On Wild Horso
creek about 2.10 leet below chinn
TAKB NOTICE that. 1. Thos. T.
McVittie ol Fort, Strile, agent lor
Margnrol l„ Doro (Mrs. Prettr) Free
Miner's Certillcnte No. I',i2lilill, in
tend, siity days from date hereof,
to n|i|ily to tbi' Mining Recorder for
a Certillcnte of [in. rovement, lor
the purpose ol obtaining u frown
Grant of the nbovo cluliu.
Anil fiirlhcr ln'<c notice that a"t
ion, under section 87. must be com
inenccd before ibe issunnce nf such
Certificate of Improvcmcntt,
Dnted   Ihls 21st .1). v   of .1 nl v. A.I).
application will he nunie to tin 11-
rencc Commissioners for the city r<r
Crnnbrook at their n*xt nuetliii!
bel.l nl least thirty dnys hereafter,
being on the lOtb dnv o. Saiteinhcr,
191.1, for n transfer of the hotel licence held by Lena Aiuleen lor the
Queen's hotol, s'tiiatc rn l.ot 20 In
Block 8S plnn <ir,<i, Cmiilirnn'i,. ll.C.,
to Eli.ahelb Johnson, wife of Philip
P, Johnson, of Ornnhrno', formerly
of Moyie, II, 0,
Nollco Is hereby elvin Hint an np-
pllcntlon will lie iiiiiiIi lo lhe Licence
Commissioners for the citv of Oaan
brioi thirty iluvs nfl.r date liereol
for a restaurant licence 'or the premises Inown n< "Club lieitnurant,"
iiiliuiii' m l.ol. l'l, Ml,,ri ss, Plan
Mil, Ornnbrook, 11,0,
Club   llestniirnnl   Cninpi n
Dnteil this 1st dnv nl August, IBIU
-31 ft
For a Licence to Take nnd Use wnter
The Consolidated Mining „ Smelting Co., of Canada, Ltd.. of Trail,
R.C., will apply fnr a licence to tnke
nnd uee one-half cubic foot per second of water out of an unnamed
creek, which flows in a southerly
direction through the "Hope" M.
Claim anil sinks on the "Hiilden
Hand" Mineral f'lnim. The water
wlll be diverted nenr the N. Bonn
ary of the "Hope" Mineral Claim
and will be used for mining purposes
on the land described aB the "Hope"
"Hamlet" anil "Hidden Hand" M
This notice was posted on the
ground on the llth day of July, 1913
The application wlll he filed in the
office of the Hater Recorder nt Craubrook.
Objections   may   be   filed with thn
said    Water   Recorder   or   with the
Comptroller of Water Bights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting
Coma nny of Canada, Limited
By C. H. MoDougal
29-4t. Agent
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Clauses Act and ".mending Acts, and of n resolution of
the Municipal Council of the Corporation oi thc City of Cranhrook, passed on the 29th day ot July. A.D., 1913, 1 will, on Wednesday th.* 3rd.,
day of September, A.D., 191H, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon iin o'clock local time) at ihe Mun cipal Office, trinno.k, B.C., offer lor sale by
public miction, the lands, improvements, anil real property, situate wli in tbe Municipality ol the CU ,,I Oranbrook, -ami within thc limits of
the Crnnbrook School District, us denned by orders in Council on the  '.'th ,iay ,,f November, 1905 and the 33rd ,1m rjf May, lino, and hereinafter
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, ths Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
tha Province of British Columbia,
may bs leased for a term of twenty-
one yeara at an annual rental of 11
an acre. Not more tban 2,560 acrea
will bs lsassd to one applicant.
Application for a lease must hs
made by the applicant tn person tattle Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
ars situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
bs described by sections, or legal sub-
divisions of sections, and in uiiiur
veysd territory the tract applied for
shall bs staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a., fee of *:, which will bt
refunded if tbe rights applied lor art
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tba mer
chantabla output of the mine at tht
rate of dve cents per ton.
Ths person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tht
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights ars not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a ysar.
The lease will Include the coal mln-
ing rlghta only, but the lessee may
hs permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may ba considered necessary (or the working ol
ths mine at the rate of Sin.tio an acre
Por full information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
tht Department of tbe Interior, Otta
wa, or to any Agent or Sub Agenl ol
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Dsputy Minister ol the Interior
N.II.—Unauthorized publication ol
tblt advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4th tl
set for
tb, (o
r delinquent tn
anil subsequent taxes in arrears,
remaining impa.,1 ;,n 1 payable to tli
e Corporation >,i the City <■!
ook,   hv
the persons
or assessed owners
hereinafter respectively set forth, and for intei
'St.   costs,   expenses,   un
1  Collector's   Commission   if   1
'ive   p
cr   em:,
thc total amount due
for said delinquent  taxes nnd
subsequent   tuxes,
in arrears, interest, er
sis, expenses,   ,,n i   Collector's
ssi,,n   of
live [ic
■ ccn
.  be sooner paid,
Costs   of   expenses   including
Amount oi
Delinquent Tuxes  sllh-
Block N
Lot No.
seqiienl   t.ixes  in  arrears  and   in
cost   of   advertising   and   c
tn   iluy   of   sale.
tors commission of 5 per cent
10 _ S.  Jll
Huclieroft,  .1.  F,
Mosley, H. It.
McCowan, A.
Ifl _  17
McNeill, 11. s.
211 _ 27
.McNeill, 11. S.
2 _ 3
McLean, L. L.
McQuostlon,  M.
Smith, Frnnkie
Oliver, S, _ p. Matheson
Mnsiida, T.
N, 21'14 _)
S.   115
Iloyle, A.
Oolpmau, W.
Mc .uestion, M.
Dip Sing
4t; & 47
Handley, P.
Fry, I.
Arena ltsnk Company
Booth, 0. S. and
The Farchild Co., Ltd..
Booth, (1. S. and
The Farihild Co., Ltd.,
Grace, L.
Brennnn, J.
Doris, T. J.
■ r,r,
Pattinson, J.
Stiven, H. B.
Jones. W. D.
Patton,  J.
Dalziel, T. and Manners E
Willard, G.
Ftohinsoii-McKenzie Lumber
3556 & itl
P.oliinsiin-McKenzie Lumber
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber
Jones, W. D.
Laurie,   A.  M.
Part 29
Miller, W.
Tart 29
Rogers, .1. S.
Pnrt 29
Stevenson, W. E.
Mattinson, J.
Lensk, A.
11). 2(1
Pnrt 211
Worth Stnr Lumber Co.
P. Woods _ Company
(iiyen under my hand at Ornnbrook, B.C., this ist day ol August, A. it., 1913
City Clerk
For u Licence tn tnke and use Water
NOTIOE is hereby given thut Henry Dicier of Wasa will apply (or a
licence to lake nnd use 75 miners
inchefl of wnter out of Wasa creek,
which tlows in a westerly direction
through pi'ti-emptioii record No. 1292
. ml sin'-is In Lot No. 1292. The wn-
ler will he diverted nt n point 150
■mils from Lot No. 1292 and will he
used for irrigation purposes on the
Innd descrileil as pre-emption record
Nn.  1292.
This notice was posted on the
ground   on   the  2nd dav or August,
913.   The application  will tie tiled III
lhe   otiiee   of lhe Wntei Recorder at
Objections' mny bn tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Wnter Rlghta, Purlin
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C,
IftllNlllCH   DUEIEK
32-4t Applieant.
of the
City of Cranbrook
it Court of Revision for lhe purpose
of i.'Vl. ill.. iiiiii correcting,  the Assess
ment Ret I ol the city ol Cranbroolt
and   the  Cranhrook   Bel I District
wl'I |,e held on Tueuduy, September
30th., 1913. at the hour ' ol 10 311
a,tp. llo'til tlmel in Ibe Municipal
Buildings, Norbury Avuiiie, Crnn
brno'i, ll.C, Objections In Ibe snld
Assessment lloll must he maile in
Writing nml ili'li.cii'd to the Assets
<r, nl least lei (IOi :lnvs belore the
sitting of ihe Court of Revision,
Oranbrook,   H.O.,    August    izt.li.
83-41, As lessor
ull persons h ivlng any claim against
lhe estate of the late Gust. Andeen,
who died on or about the 22nd day
ofjuly, 1913, at Cranbrook, British
Columbia, are required on or belore
the 20th day of September, 1913, to
stud by post prcpnld to the undersigned Solicitors (or Lrnu Andeen,
the Executrix ol the suid Estate,
their names and addresses and lull
pnrticulars of their claims in writing und a statement of the accounts
and the nature o( the securiti.s, 11
any, held liy them, nnd such statement shall he verilicd by statutory
AND TAKE NOTICE that alter
the 20th day ol September, 1913,
Lena Andeen will proceed to distribute tbe assets of said deceased,
having rcgaid only tn tbe claims of
which she shall then bave had notice
and will not he liable to any person
of whose claim she shall not have
then  had notice.
Dated this llth day of August, A.
D., 1913.
3.1-tt.      Solicitors lor said Executrix
Tenders are requested for the sole
privilege ol supplying relresbmenls
ol all sorts at the Fall Fair. Sept.
18th and 19th. Last day for receiving mine August 31st. For particulars apply
33-2t. Sec. Agr. Ass.
District of South-Bast Kootmay
TAKE NOTIOE thai 1. Thomas
Christian, Contractor, intend thirty
duys a.ler dale to aptly to the Mln-
later ol Lands tor permission to pur-
ibasc the following described land-
Commcncing nt a post planted on
the Eust Hun. of the Moyie River,
near the southeast corner ol Lot
thence east 20 chnins. thence
HI chains, thtnet west 20
, thoncu tun lh to ihnliis to the
oi commencement,
il   Atlglltt 18th.   1913.
A. ii. Grace, Agent
BoO't  Inr the Fell  Fair,  Sept I8f.li
nnd I'Hh.
HEALED TENDERS iiildressed ti
the Undersigned and endorsed "Tenders lor Jetty nml Dredging ut the
Nnrlh Arm ol ilu. Fraser River,
B.C.," wlll be received nt this olllce
until 4.00 p.in., on Tuesday, Septcm-
ler 30, 1913, (or the const ruction ol
Jetty and Dredging nt the North
Arm ol the Eraser Itlver, ll.C.
Plans, spci ilu'iitlo is and form ol
eonlijict. cnn he seen nml forms nl
tender   obtained  ut this Depnrtnunl
mul nl  the ollires ol C.  C.   Woislolil,
Es.,   District   I'll.,, n '.     New   Wost
mlnlBter, B.C.; W. /,. Eerie, Esq.,
District Engineer, Winnipeg, Mull..
.1. S. Marl ni'hlnn. Esq., District
'Cnglnonr, Vlotorln, ll.O.; .1. I.. Midi
mul, Es i., Dlslrlcl Engineer, Pos!
Office Iii,iiiiiiu'. Montreal, i',..; ,i 0,
sing, Esq., DiBtrlct Engineer, i'.ui
federation Life Building, Toronto,
Onl., mm on ntn'lli'iHI'in to the f'OBI
master nt Vnniouvor, R.c.
Persons tendering ure  notified  thai
Lenders will not be considered unless
male on the printed loi iiim supplied,
ami signed with their actiinl signs
Hires, staling llioll occupations nml
plncca ol residence, In the ruse ol
llrms, the actual signature, the na
ture til the occupation, nnd place "I
residence ol eaoh member .,( the nrm
must be given.
Eacb tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque ou a charterid
ban . payable to the order of the
Hon >rable the Minister of Public
Works, eiiial to lire per cent (5 p.c. i
of the amount ot the tender, which
will he forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or (ail
to complete the work contracted for
Hi    the     tender    he    not  accepted  the
che |llc  wiii  he returned.
The Department does not bind it-
sell to accept the lowest, or any ten
Dy older,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa.   August  IS,   1913.
Newspapers   will   not   be paid for
this   advertisement   if they insert it
without   authority   from the Department.—46074. 34-2t
Polo at the Spokane Fair
Polo, Un. most exciting of Ml KitiuvK ni contest,!., ..ill tie seen In the In*
laud l-.mjm'- for the tii»t time in history when the ,,tp* 1918 Interstate
Fair open, on Sept. IA, Nut one t«'a "i hut many, Including the ohamplOn
poloists of Canada and nf tin- Pacific Coast, will etiKtige in (l polo tourn-
ment throughout the entire week of the Kun. A massive solid Silver
Trophy Cup will lie givtn tin* victorious tam i.ncl other trophies offered
fnr the various games nnd in lividiii-1 plnycrs. The centre field at the
Fair Grounds has heon made as Binoo h nnd tfreon as n 'iawn under tne
supervision of tiie Spokane Park Bon r.i. AH hydrants, light poles and
Other ohstnictlons have heen remove d. mi'l the udd will give -( clear
view of some nl the rnoste,.citing polo    matches   ever    witnessed   hy tiie
Wycliffe Notes
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Ohurch will meet ou Thursday afternoon with Mrs. A. .1. Anderson.
Rev,    Joseph Herdman entertained
a parly of louiteen younu men Snt-
day evening at his residence.
Mrs. Hei a I. Itobinson. ol Calais,
Mc.. is vis.tin., her daughter, Mrs.
Warren; II. Davis.
Dr. mul Mrs. II. I'. I). DeNaucrede
ure the g lies Is ,,l their dan. hter Mrs.
C. O. Staples.
Mrs.   Close   ..(    Aurora.    111.,   audi
Mrs.    Vauj-han,    ol    Portland,  ore., I    Phot pj
are   the    Riicsts   of   Mrs. ('.  llayard   «—
Staples. I public.     There Is  intense rivalry   between   the    pololsts    of Canada an,I
, —- \ those of tin;  I'ocilic Const, and  Spokane  is  fortunate    lo    hnve    the    tirst
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Naslan left Mon-, Northwestern   International Tournament take place ,,n it.- Held.
day    lor    Moron,   Minn., where they   Southern    Calilornln   has hitherto mon li.ed    most    ol    the    l'aciiic
will make their iuture home. S.ope pom enthusiasm,  the tollrnun.elite    ai    L'oiouado,  BiirllllKame nnd
,,       ... *,.   „ ,.,„  , Riverside befhs world in us. but tbe   contagion   ha* spread, nnd Port-
Mrs.    Warren H. Davis entertained  _J ^   ■,;,,„,,„,,,, victoria, Kelowna, Calgary ,.„.l „,«„> ...her we--
II. .1. .1.1  A    'I'
friends Wednesday  Inst,
st oi wli,ih are already em.
I t tu Canadian citlos now possLsj teatni
'lhe   WycltfTo   Gymnasium   Is   pro- ed lor tue Spokane gnmes,
grossing   rapidi) and will be opened    with tin- International  matches between   Kngland   and America at the
to the public within a few wees*.       t„ NH Meudowbroo- Tournament  In the   Kasl nml tu.. contest nt Bpos
  Mt   1,-t,,- „   ummdu and America, Polo should  Income  known  b>   and
When we go nbout our w. rl, enn   ,|,..,.w,,nv popular with thousands ..   people who have asvei   yet seen it
estly nml persevenngly, it often
happens thai itlihongh wn have to
tack about again nnd again, we u«|
.ihenil ol those who nre helped hy
wimi nnl   tide, -liiu'the.
■i».     I'or    Instance,    Inst vein   the   nit ns tbo ....' .s Irom ihe west, nnd
nur   personally tomplnlnoil to tl"' while   ll -    public grants lor .'.In
Imanage)   .,1 ..in- ul our largest uihl  S.tl nnl   work   with one hnttd, lltsy
Pa.!.-   iiiiAl.—••_   _*_._,'__.    Ititlons mini.iiur.  il Iiiiiiiii,■!   ol "  deloal    lho   verj   a    ol education
hairS    WltnOUl   rSKirS     -. ■ v l.».l _■<).- an.,.., in which *,.„„,.    »nl    ,,n„,
,  |,i'.'Siiinii..ly   Immorul,   poeformed for     come   will    .ay   "It   Is the snmi'
At   the annual convmllon list f.iil  ". tne show llsell being placnrdod   lerywhoioi   tins,    things   me noces
s, Fairs ami Kxhiblt  Associations    •''"'  ■■l"1 only"    Tin*   nnswoi    was   sniily n pari ol ""i  anaual •»POjJll
Mr     ,1.    Lotviiu Wilson mail., mi ela   brlof,  In,I  n   went to the verv  hem i I loll,   thoy   cannot    bo nvoldcd.'   This
i|ii  pie,, n.r clean nttraei •*.    in "I tho whole nuestion.   li wns     is   i mo,   The fakirs who follow
this ciiiieition the following Dclltoi    I     this      "1'ne   association   gets n   our   full circuits, mul wh,, would be
i.il   lunn   ihe   Nor'-Wosl   H'iiiiiii'i is ui'-eoil ol - Pol nm, ol nil Hint  lho  pollroil   mil   ,,, buslnosi durln*. lllty
worth,  ,,i roiuoiluclloii; "i""1    m-es   m:"    'Ibe percent, w.   ono   woo » In ihe yenr, could en-lly
"At    the    ns, „| seeming to b     may  suy   wus milibtulltlnl. I,   I a il oil or pul oil nny ol our Iim
And    tlieie   you   hnve it  in „ nut    gi'ouiiils    Western    I'mnnl mi    enhllil
weak kneed    in
loliu' si Ihu,- slnnds with n hunch ol     Tl  Is  Itmhl  lhal  tl"' propel
in pllcos in me crowd, of running  otnducilng ol an silill'llloit >s „ dllll-
ildothows   llml    have a vory bail Ha  ..nil   tas*i,   Then   musl   I itortnln
,,r ih ...lemli.l  by  mn   nssaolatlons ■ I   i,in a,   and   it    is   haul In
mer on lh' same old anvil. The No.
Wist   I'm uu r    wi-ius onco iignln In shall.     The   privilege ,«   conducting i n   mnnagonitnl   i
protest   iignuisi    lhe ovirnii g ,,i   g.imnl ng gnmos, ol op-rat. ng 'obenp this tuatloi  thai  Is
no llliiny  if our  western  Cull iilll I
Illiniums hy ',al.ii„, frauds ami unde
-Hill,, bid* allow ellnl in ters. Wlielli
,1   or   llOt   Ihe   pill,lie   III II,s  so,   It   is
 g sold by many ol  ■ o-hlldtlon    i  ""'»»   conlrnct bnsls         him   whoro   lo   draw lho lino
Manager   tor   H   riitalii   percentage ll «h tho)  do i".t notunlly ongngo Uui   admilllng lhls ir vory far from
ol   ihe receipts,   antl   the nihlbltli «"« I «  mselvos, tho direct- slnling nl  btllsvlng thai nnv oshlhl
innd is „ I'.iriu.'i in the business .„• ors nro sllonl partiiors, I    i "ll    '•   Inslllod In Pol
[idling lb" i pie i   Wl'   s"'  omilnlltally   Ibat In this  muting   it«   grounds   toi vorrun
" We have never 1,,,'n foolish enough matter  iy Coimdlaii onhlblllon ,.s   with cliiiractors wli  busliioss any
io   hope  tlmt   any protest from liio «iclntlons,  posing  ns  honollclnl  odu one,  evtn   with   tho pnn-orbiai nail
I rose   or   irom any other humnn a   Oitloual agencies belie lh»lr  foss eve,   ...uhi   deie.'i. oven „i tue very
hOBOy wnuiii milliee' luiiige the pr„ , "" mul linn   oallllig,   Then   avowed besl t„ ho douhtftil,
rnin oi the linden iniiilc- who ni'e In nurpoB    fir  iiihi oe In'   whloh ihey .    Wo ure glnd to koow Unit  in mis
ie   In'lr   liusiiii'ii,,   hut we hnve ul    draw    Iniu    grants   Ir  the public matter we hnve lhe mnrol Stippori ..r
ways beliiivcii that oihlbltlon honrds mils  is   lo build up n bettor civil | I   people  foi   whose opli '» w
ami   ...iiiinii,,ii   managers   would bc Isntlon,   lo   benaflalolly ciltionto the oaro, even including several directors
,  t„ an appiu.i t„ Improvement, peoulo, to otiooiirags ngriculturo, in ol ..ur oihlhlllon associations   wi,„.
Yd we t.n(c»s fi-._ia.lv Hint  this f I   'lustry and art.    Ynt   thev  propagate being    iiwnre   ol   lhe need  ol  leiiliu.
belirl    has   foinctlnii's reeeiveil „ se    .lel'lii'iiitely. much Hint is as far re nre iti lonvoi mg.   ill their otncinl tu
v.re jar Irom rather nneii.ect.il qunr  movotl Irom agrloiilturo Indnslry am. paoltles, to Improve the situation.
Is an absolute necessity to hr ,|
■ure rh-e uoiufort or Lhe horse and
lite safety of the rider. Bring • >
your horse here and Imve us tii
him with a saddle thai will noi
slip or chafe. Vou might a>
well have tho belt while you arc
ubout it. fnr our saddles like ill
■mr haruM* la^t rn exceedingly
long time.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, who has
been spending his holidays in thai
Prairie province, returned Thursday
to Cranbrook,
Harry  pettitt and family, ol Medicine Hat,  who have been the guests]
„   ., ______ «i.      _*\oi tt.  r.  Mouatt for the pust  wee*,
il     Phone  109       Cranbrook,  B.C..       P.O. BOX 44.i    .-returned home on Friday. til
tlon.   W.   it.   Robs,  as   n   Bpocial
couunlssioner,    .. ill enquire into the |
question   ni   tlmher royalties tn the
province und will bold a session at
CranbrooK on September fifteenth.
Ab   u   result   ol   Ita   campaign b
gainst   transient   traders   in outside
siibdiv is.on.*;,     ilu-     1'Yi'un-    board     "1
L'rade and the Fernle Free L*reBs
bave been threatened with action loi
W. M. PARK & CO.  ii
hone 109     Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443   jj
I :.|..h*.|-.i-!-i-i-i*I!1* •...■..M-.r-H--m^
.Mrs.*-'. Dow uuil family, who have
been visiting Ht Wardner [or the
past month, returned home Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. 3. Ryckman left on
MoiUiaj ou a holiday trip to the
coast, they will be awaj ahotit Uo
mom lis.
Mr.uiul Mrs. A. B. Fenwick, and
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blnmore of Fort
Ste h', were Crnnhrook visitors,
The Wife's Pride
And the litte Ford shall lead them.
It's first in sales-first in economy
-and first iu the esteem of those
who love safety, surety and comfort—because of its wonderful simplicity, strength and lightness. It
leads in  sales—service—satisfaction.
Think what th.-^. prices me»n—for tlic- ..i
lhal has stooil the tesl Model 1 Kun.
hout SfiOO: Model T Touring Car S6S0;
Model T Town Car S900-I n b Walkervllle, Out . with .11 equipment Gel cittt-
logue and full particulars from
The Hanson Garage
Complete Iin** "i Accessories, Pnrt~ ahiI
Supplies—Cars and Truck- for hir. - Ml
manner of repair- and vulcanizing done
Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook. B. C.
Messrs. Harry lvi.il. w G More
n n Wm. A,ttritl_e mil R, 8. Moi
mt were at St, Mary . Lake HB.ilng
on Tuesday. T_e uarty returned
in the even ng iniicii pleased with
ili.i  ouUng,
Iluw you  iolned thc   'Improvement! Ifeiss:
.    Ill '     ii  uot, .1" 80  NOW.
is a nice set of Silverware for hn
table. Good silvei always makes
a lint* iltipeBSion at the iliiiuri oi
luncheon. It adds _rst to the an-
pelile and iiuluatos iflini'd tasloi
We can save Toll money in solid
stiver or silver-plated waie of the
b.*.t quality I'hfi. aie novelties
ill designs mul ev.-iy piece it most
artistically tiiiisti,',!
lewelers & Opticians
Th. itt.remout of Lord Strathcona
[ron the high comuuBsiousrshtp.
which haa no often been announced
and denied, inaj be expected m*. >
shortlj according to newe.aper ri
torts, which saj that his BiiceeS-Oi
.,.;.  r>e Hon. Clitlotd 5 [ton
Rl T. William's, proprietor of the
Reliable Egg Farm, brought his tlrst
lot of eggs Into tbe city last week,
Thes? are neatly packed in a partition-, box to hold a dozen cggH.each
egg haa stamped thereon the name of
the farm and the data on which the
>e^g wnn laid. It la the purpoee of
Mr. William*, to bring into tbe city
three timeB lu the week, Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and  Saturdays,  his oggs
and deliver same to residents homes.
On Saturday afternoon tho ('ranbrook Tennis Olub wlll hold an A-
mer can Tournament, mombors wish-
lug to play ploaso bo down on the
courts sharp »i .. o'clock. Tea will
i bo provided at* usual.
Havo \ou Iolned tho "Improvement
Fund?" u not, iio mo NOW.
Died nl tho rosldonce of Mr, nnd
Mrs, M. t'. Collins, Mrn. proctor,
mothor of Mrn, Collins. Mrs Pro.1
tor ban heen ail ini; .or Home lime
and tho end will bo somewhat ini-m-
tuj f >r she lias l-ecu siillering groat
pain from time to time.   Tho remain
will be oaken l<> her home at Almonte
Out , today for inti rment, Uiul.r-
laiu-r i>\ M. MacPherson haH charge
oi the funeral prrangomentB.
HitiNi: voun oi,n I'li-K to nous
Mi ii. v. Blnklev ol Calgavy, Alta
dologato i" tho Washington Convention ol tho B. of K.I..K., returned t,.
his home in Calgary on Monday, of
ter BponcUng a fow daya with bin
mo tho i Nurso Blnkloy o( thin city.
After attending to lodge business in
Washington Mr. Blnkloy made ft very
oxtensivo tour ol G3nstct'n and Southern Btatea and reports having a very
onioyablo tone.
pastor ■■
H.v     tt-   K.huu 11   'Pt_t>iu*ou
l'rcsh> tevian Church
The Blast Kootenay Tennis Asioclt.
tlon will hold their Annual Tournament ot C. P. 11. Hotel. Balfour
Kooten iy Lake. The tournament
will I ist three days, opening up with
a dance on Saturday evening, the 30
All members o( the Oranlil'cok Tennis
Evening services at 7.80 p.m. Olub are entitled to thc privileges of
Rev,   Mt.   Stephens,   ol   Wardnes,  tbo Association, and it is hoped that
will preach. n.  largo  Party   will  take  the  oppor-
Mr. Stephens will render ft solo at| tunity ottered,    as   special   arrnnge-
tshing    commenced    on   the st    the evening service. ments have been made.
Morning _vtvi.es at U a m,
Sunday  School! and HiWe iHass 1
. __  Lauidou  who ut.iv  returned a.m.    "Pleaso note the hour.'
rom a holiday  trip  to  Lethbridge,     Evening services at 7.80 p.m.
va_  taken  to  the  hospital  Bunday,
sins  ill   ffith typhoid fever.
Local  News
|   'r.  li. Macken_e,
town Monday.
Mat-, s   p.airie wee.    There Is
eur'i evidence ol a record crop, the
,:raui o! an excellent .*,--..1111> anl
... II beaded out,
j. a, Greekea, who has been with
the Cranbrook Drug _ Boon Co., lor
Bome time, lelt on Thursday for To-1
ronto. where ht purpi a is taking a
-nurse in Phaemacv in the Ontario
College loi   .me  vear.
Green torn.   Celery,   Water Melons
    an.l   t'antelo ipes—is,   it    Manning.
*^      At    the    l-M'.soii   Theatre   will   be
m   sh ,wn  the  lollowlng  pictures   "The
''oilman's Country,"   a realistic two (
reel feature;  "Kiddlcr Pete," a com-!
Baptist Church
Rev. o.  K. KHNDALl.
Sunday morning service nt ll a.m.
Sunday  School at 12:15 noon.
Evening Gospel service at 7:30 p.m.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Kleoti Dunham
A few dnys ago N.'ol WulUiiger.son
of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Walllnger of
this city saved Arthur Make, uon 0;
Mr. and Mrs. ■(. W. Ula*t. of Skoo-
kwnchuck, from drowning. The cir-
cumstances under which the brave act
was done justly emit Ies bim to recognition and the Cnrnigee Medal for
savins life. It uppenrs thnt a number of big boys were paddling along
the lake shore when young Blake wub
seen to be in trouble, having gone
loo far nnd so 0nt of his depth. Neol
jumped in und swam to his assistance
and brought him to shore in safety.
What makes the ense all the more in-
match any room or S'lit any taste—
.1.   McTuvi.sli  ol   Uuil   lliver.  was in
town Friday.
.1.  Ii.  llisk,    nf Athalmer,    was In
town Thursday.
.1. Smith, ol Swift Curront,  mas in
the city  Friday.
A. 1,ninl,   i,i   Wardner,    was   ,n tno
city  Friday  nn  business.
Mrs.   II.   I'.viuis,  of  rClmborloy,   was
shopping in lown Thursday.
Jack Armour left, un Tuesday ,,u a
business trip to Vancouver.
Mrs. .1. Sterling   Staples,   ol Wy
clilfe,  was  in  town  Thursday.
Con. Wlii'ian, ol Waldo, motored in
CranbrooK Friday on business.
Have you joined the "Improvement
Finn." It not, do so NOW.
Dr. II.  W. Sunt, nt  Victoria, vva
In the city  Friday on business.
Mrs,   M.    F   Taylor, ..I  St.  ran
wan ii Cranbrook visitor Friday.
M.  J. I'o.in.-rs,
town Tuesday.
of Moyie
English  Church
'"     it is Intimated lhat Canada would ;
withdraw   Iron   the   fisheries treaty
,,   „ ,      ,   . , _    'with   the   United States unless ton-1 .—_
... Benneet, ol Oalgary, was ... the   ™„  JMMd  tl)c  lnternational  com.;       Rov. _, p, Klewelling Rector
t>   lucsita,. missions   reco:nn,eiidut.ions   next ses- Holy Communion at 8:00 asm.
Hnve you   oini'il the "Improvement with   assault   while   engaged   in   a Mstlns and Holy Communion 11:00
Fund?" il not. iio so .VOW. sum. ^_ \ Evening with special address 7:110
C. Farrell,   of Bull lliver,    was In  BRING YOUR OLD PIEE TO BOBS
town  Mondny. rL.M'K   FPU RF.PAIHI'
A. do„n,o„   oT^rdner.   was   in      At the Ajd.tg.uj.  «&„»_
h« ilty'lucsday.  ,        m   Plerriott";    tho   "Wayward
Kootenay   Proshytory   will meet in    Sister;" "Do tt Now;'; and tbe "Hc-|
Cranbrook  on  AugiiBt'87. lair   Journal."     This   is  an  elegant i
  | hue ot llliiis nnd  if seen will lie all-
A.   c.    liouni'ss   and P, Mntheson   predated.
motorod  to  Mlko on Tuesday. 	
  I    The   Presbytery   ol   Kootenay will
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. S, Sayres, of Cal-  meet    in    the    Knox     Presbyterian:
gnry, wcic in Uu. city Monday. Church on Wednesday and Thursday,
         „    . August 27th and 2Sth.    On Thursday
Miss Lillian I'.nriiil, ol Moyie, was   -,ve„|n.  „„ address  will be delivered
a Cranbrook visitor nn Monday. 0|1 Hnra„ Mission Work and Borne in-
Men's suits pressed BOc-Cranhroo    ,«;«_ c.ili,'Conine."
Cleaning  Works.   Phone  ir,7. ,, ii,    •„,.__
,   l All arc cordially  invited.
igL at r«45ftB*ra; 2\\ -rtarSma«
WANTED—Private    Board   with    or, Ue hoped that purents with children
Mth.   Jesi_.e   Deano   and dnu^h!
returned  WcdneBday  Irom  tha eo\
Mr.   ami   Mrs,   ll. U Sawyer,
Marysville*-   woro  Ownhrool.   vlail
without room.    Phone Ul.
Bdward Klwell. d\ Wale ,t Klwell,
left on Wednesday on n bu_lnyn Lri|i
Lo Alherln.
A. Bridges, ol the Cranhrook Trading Co., was .a Porl Steele Thursday on business
Mr. uii.t Mrs. i„
child, of Athalincre,
visitors Thursday.
ltf' between these ages will take advantage  of   the   excellent opportunities
Ben Riley, the man who keeps the [0r   educational    advancement which
bote! at Yahk, was i» the city Tues- 0ur city schools afford.
  it  is  reported  that  the discovery
A.    Sutherland,    ol    Nelson,    was ,,t another plot io assassinate Lord
transacting    business   at  Crnnhrook Kitchener bas been unearthed by the
uesday. Imperial government.   Necessary pre
 ",,.       „ cautions to prevent the Agent- nm
8,  U. Coflcj  and child, ol Vancou- era,   o(   E   pt   ffere adopted by tlu
\er,   were   guests   at the CranbrooK government.
—      , Kll.HY  FRAMES  PlCTUIUflS
Havo you joined the "Improvement -—
Fund?" il uot, do so NOW. The  Cranbrook  public scbooU will
 ■ open   for   Lhe   fall term on Mondaj
.1   L.  .J.n's and wile, of Winnipeg, nMt| August 26th.    Among the new
were registered ..i  thc Cranbrook on K.athers    this   year    are Miss Amy
Mi nday. Woodland,  Misa toeawie Pye ami Mis.
B°hlnson, JcbsU Deane,   Miss Hlscoch and Mis.
,   al    the     Miss    L.  \,m    Allen, nister ol MM ,.,,,..  ,.....  rMimfl(|
p   Woods, was H Cranbrook   visitor -tllllll*»  "«u  rssigneo.
I.   peako ami
ere Cranhrook
With   upward,    oi    70   samples oil   P. Woods, crt Cherry Cr?ek, was m   ejy". andthe tight for Friendship. Do | ir^"'l(iy. fjSj*8!.  ^Kj     teresting and really shows the met...
moulding    to   choose    from, we can Lown Tuesday. not mitii. seein|, these pictures. preacn at u-uu a.m. nn« i..w _>.   ■     ,( Neol Wfts lhft(. hp wtt8 i,my dressed
— *~"    ""*        aho   that   he   has   n   crippled   fool
which makes him quite lame.
Snaps in CiOcVe.y and f.lassware—
i Ira R. Wanning.
The Schools of Cranbrook will reopen fur tht Fall and winter term on
Monday, August 23th. The hoard of
Trustees, as well as the publls, are
to be congratulated on having secured the service,*; of Misa Amy Woodland, Miss l_es_ie Pye nnd Mrs. Jos
sie Deane. Thesa teachers, new to
our schools, are experienced teachers
who come to us well recommended
and with great promise cW adding
further prestige to Crnnbrook ns an
educational center.
A large number of disllnguish.'d
visitors passed through Cranbroo t
on Wednesday, and while we are sorry that the visitors did not stay
longer in our city, we as Canadian citizens liked to have a share in
entertaining thc many geolog.sts
from all Paris of the world. The
mining; men of Kootenay should re-
member that the tweivth international geological congress has come
more particularly to discuss coal
and iron, than silver-lead or gold
Preserving Plums and Pears can be
bad at Ira ll. Manning's
The syndicate promoting the WV..h
—Ritchie bout for labor dav in Vnncouver mot n big disappointment
when Dr (iillics stated that Welsh
would not be aide to enter the na*,
owing to an accident sustain' *i tc
his ankle. Mopes were entertained
for some time of his recovery hut it
is now announced that it will be *lx
we.ks or more before Welsh ea'i st |
into the ring. Thc promoters are
Consequently trying their best U* if.id
a suitable substitute to meet Richie.
Leach Cross and llurlem Toi.imy
Murphy are both mentioned.
Ladies' Bklrifl Pressed r.nc and up.
We French Dry clean all Garments
worn by Man. Womnn or Child and
Guarantee our Work, At Winnipeg
Prices—Cranhrook donning Works,
Goods i ft'led For nnd Delivered,
Phone ir.7.
On Hnturdny last the directors of
the lio-tpltal association pussed a
i naiiimotis resolution awarding the
contract fo the new general hospital
to be erected at the lnvermere
Height h. The building is expected to he rofldy for occupancy in-a spring, lnvermere is situated on the heights overlooking win-
deremere Lake, its scenic beauty is
almost unpin relied in southern licit,
ish Oolumbla, i.n I tbe new proposed
building is but, another step in the
progressive policy outlined by its inhabitants.
W.  W.  KfLRY
P. t). Hot 802 Crnnbrook, R.C
We have the
You have bcen looking for
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,     -      B. C.
KII.IIV  FRAMES  ii< Trill'",-'
  Mi    and   iii«    Otto
Oeo,   Wiil,,,,ii,    ol  Fori   Maela, cll«    oh Id,    .,i    Wardl-.r,   »
iiirt ni" warden     ..   m town  Ibnri    irimtori Momlaj*.
■i.iy on niliciftl imi.-iii.h-.
For Sale Rents & Wants
Minn Mi'llilllH' iiiiiI M
oi Vancouver, wero b*i
rriinliriiiik Thursdny,
Hmi.i   r.uu,   ol   Medicine    lint
_«__-   mm   ■■'"•'   Attrltlgo,,   it.   P.   Mount,   It
'""" "";;, i' mo .rn. it. H ik- mm I**, m
Mrl'lii'lMiti wi'ii' nn,nllu  till' llnlli'1'llien]
, lm went to Bt. Mary'a Lake Tucs , —*•—
Mi" I.    Bernetl and Mn   ,\.  day'  Tbe weather being ehotyary the WANTDD  llor.io to ride nnd drive;
One hundred and  ' its rhl   nen  gnyder,    ol    Cnlilornla,    were Cran-  deb did nol bite nml then rntrli wna        n|H0 m,n.\iv.   Must be ehen|i (or
i*.,» iir ii, iiiii at  Snnatmo, charged nr0_ v„nore Monday > II. oath,—Prospector (iillci*. 32
-inke lor beltei  wage. - — —— j	
  KM.n\   FRAMES  11'Ti'iiKS Tui-liiili  Rlvor  Ootuorvatlve  ABioc-
Mi   and Mi-   Ulddlnge   ,,i llranhy,   n.m.n  „„h  lorinod rocontly with the TO   LUT—Bevernl   exhibit inn Himcen
Que., were the (iteata ol Mi   and Mri     Harr, Hr.«. ol  Klmberley, proprlo*   lollowlng   lnt   odlciira:   'I'. H. ChshI-i      '«  ""tt"1 oinlbltloti   Imililln*.   lor
Wm.  Morion on Friday. toi    ,,l   tbe   North stnr Hotel, wna  ,|y,   prcaldcnt;   il.   w   Nooloy,   vine-        BcuWmMr 18th nnd 18th,    Apply
traitancting   buaineea   ;,i   Oranbrooli   president;   H,   Cockshtitt, secretary-
Tuesday, irsisurcr.      Bxouutlvo     Ootnmtttee:
llolii.   K»MB.   Wiii.   Blind, 0, Neoley
lelt tor Orand ForKa, Mr,    „   M   , „„„v    ,,- New Vurk,. „,„| i,,.,,,. |,„,.k.
sister   "f   Mrs,    P   Woods, win, lum 	
been her,, on a snmmei  vlsll lell lor        Kll.HY FRAMES PICTIIRBB
Fre.l    .-.iii.ii,,..
town  wiiim.Hiin,
:    Moj le    wns   In ~
.ii   i   iimn'.ii'ss  trip
HiiliN At Cranhrook, on Monday,
August Uth, in Mr. and Mrs F,
Fanning, a daughter.
Sec'y Aur. Aunt.
Fun SALE—(Inoil Horse, .lumens _
Btiggy, .hi cash. Apply Prns-
pecior Ollii'o.
ii.inn. mi Tucsda)
Tho United Htatca lun, called upon
president Hertn, 01 Moilco, to re-
, it'ii ami he hns rolusod, j
Mr. nml Mrs.   \. B, Ward r.-t.i.rn ■-! j
nn   Tncmliiy    Irom   Edmonton
Lheyhave hoon vlaltlng Irlnnds,
Have .on lolnotl the "Improv
Fund?" il imt. iin nn Nnw.
I'I'll    RENT—Comfortably     furnished
The   Methodist   church   picnic   nn;      ,.„„,„„   in   „inliaru  |,„„MCi   „■,„„„,
,..-.■.r   Clftpp_ H. Mclaood, Walter   Wedncsdny   waa__ n,  comploto siieccM|      heated,   Apply Boi 820, Prospoc
laiini, and A   Webster were rampine, ns rognrda attondancc nnd bho pleini
nt Si   Mary's Lake this week    Thoy nro  ul  tho  llttlo  lulkn,    A  pocullni'l
I ottimed  yesterday  laden with neb f niuii* nl tho outing was tho largo
.*  number   ol  vniini*    11 present,   The
The   I"" year    old   child   ol John me.l niekem rotmnril during tho evm*.
Constance oi Fernle, dlod   on   Mun mg, Hred   hut   much  plenscd   with
dny Irom occidental poisoning, hav* their ,ii,y., outing nl Lcn'y Doll,
nlil, "I;!",,:,,';'.!™'...'1 H"'"""'""""'     M ,i ,i;;~  .   t. m,t„'„i, m\k* "Pmsneotor" has in Oran
1,111 """""""l _'__'  ,„„   „,nv,,i   |„   ii ,r„„k   tl,,, brook and tho hotter time* Uiat nro
l.nilios' Bklrts Presaotl 2.M' mul up.   week nml  will  m tho future reside I **'!?nl ™ come wo are making nropnr
'    ■    "■•    '  ' '    lu
tor Ofllco, city
To The Public
in cnnsoqtioneo ol the groat conn
lun,. ,l   Elinor "I  Viincniivor, was  „,_._,,, (;iconlng oui specialty   here. Mr   Mcfirody having  chaaodl >Mnm " vm} Improvome-its
hnklng   hnnds  with   hln   old   time  ,,„,,„.,   nl,an|„B   v*nrks,   Phons the   law   busli s   ol   il   F. Cnril.1 ;>>"' i'ni«"' lo meet tho vurious gr
■ >l ..   ..il.. .    'eill.l      ..   ...... .ltlll.'.T.T..1. I-..........I.. I .   1.   ...   I t I lla.4aa.aa.
CD, MoNabb, ," Wnldo, ,, pn n     iU    ,„„„ ,,, „B campaign aga
ent    luiiiberinnii,     wi.'i     lr.iii»ni'llni'   nniiHiini   tiiiilem  in  outaldr   "
ii',-. I"
rlv sollollori 'in ncetla nl tho pity mnl district. Of
ume this iiii'iiiih   oonsltlorable ex-
!..., v..ii*  • ".   in ihoTasilisuont! P0*1"0 *° "," ,"!"1 w*' .*'"" "n[> ''" ,lllK
the    British    Cnliiiiil.Hi   iln/.elie,  he|by   tho^ wb.ilcheiirt.ed fieoperiitiuii  ol
Mr.   Mel reeily   ium fori
in lii-liilul, umi moved to Vnncotivoi,
 lnM« at the t'rnt k Friday.       iH,„n,   the   Ferine   Vm   Press   h»«| was gnrttlod a» a bnrrlotor and soil-',''
  ,    ,.    ,   , hei ii   threatened   with an action loi   <.,,
!'■    ''•■    Jones   nt    k Hv.    n   |lllt,, b, Mcoutoheon Bros
mr   subscribers,    Wo   bnve ipilte
prominonl   mining  man,   wnn trans
net iny  huiiini'MH m   Cranbrook Thurs.      ciinn Nell,    aocileed ol the nuinler
day. - i ol Ernest Twlgg nt  Eriekson on Ihe
■ ■ night    ut  August Eleventh, hns been
Doosl fni  the Full  Fair, Scp1  IHth! cr. mnlt.l-d for trial nt the neit ses I    hnont for the Full Fair, Bopt IHth
uud I'ltb. I "Ion nl the ns sizes at Nelsnn. | nnd lfllh
number in arrears tor Btihsorltitlons
I mid  we would link  them to bring in
Just unloiiillm-   n   nu    nl  So.   I  their  .2.00 mul help thc  "Improve
Find   lints,   nleo   em    Feed    Whent; | ment Fund" of the I'nmpeelo
llrnn und Shorts- Irn K   Manning,
slon ol
Boost for the Fall Fair, Sept 18th
nnd mth. ,
Marshall-McLean Bout
Th',' boxing contest held In th. Audit nrliiin nn Tuesday evening, was
ultnr-e.cd |,y u largo uildienee, wlm
went uwnv fully nntinfied thai, the
limit, wnn the hent exhibition of the
manly mi ever held in Oranbrook.
IHei Marshall of Fernle cot. the ile-
cIhIiii over .1. Mel,enn of Bull River
In lhe eighth round.
The preliminary was an sxtrnuidln-
ury lentino, when two aspiring lads
Yonn; Kaj nud Young St. Eloi put
on the mils lot athree round contest
■ ■Mil IHI HI 11 I 11 H I.■_.... | ll-H |.|.|.iH-IIHHI''
Poultry Keepers Take Notice
We lire dosirous of publishing an issue of our paper wholly
in tho int,,rests ot the I'oiiltryinen of Cranbrook nnd District.
When we lirst hcKnn gathering the neeessnry pni'ticulars lor
I his wc did not understand fully the proposition we were up a-
Kiiinst. We wanted to d0 nil poultryinen justice anil get a lino
un nil the poultry ranches ol the illBtriet; but we did not realize the work It, involved and how unnhle with our small force
we were ol gathering togc ther all thc tacts. Wc found that
there are ipiitc a few ranches which koop 'Ml to C00 fowl and n
numborwlth from Hill to mm hut they are in every corner and
in the uinst out-of-the-way places so thnt it is impossible to
visil  all  of thom.
We wnnt the co-oporatloil ol our rentiers and their practical
assistance, Wo want our readers to notify us by mail of nny
pei'Bon they know, the breed they keep, mul the number oi
fowl they Imve, nnd the location o( the home or ranch as the
case may I.e. When we have this information at band wc pur
puse vlaltlng ns ninny pla.es as possible and getting information Irom thorn. Every poultry keeper wS.l he given full credit
with  nniiic,  etc.,  complete in mir spcclnl issue.
Wu should appreciate it if all our readers will have tbis information written uu and sent into our olllce before the end
of the present month. Address nil letters to the "ProBpcctor"
llruwer '120,  Cranhrook.
, a ** 1*********************l+H-H-l+l-m-l-l-H+l' ■
52 Teachers Qualify
Ti»e chibbCR in physical .ruining lor
te..rlH'i'ti irom all i ..n*. (,f HuutlieaH-
tcen Brltieh Columbia ciosed tniB
we_K   vtiien tin. 52 teachers comprin.-
ihvti. "kids" proved to be able e_-
i-onents antl tho way they went at it
showed iimt the tii nt stroke oi the
bell ut tiie clout of the content referee Lindsay anuounced a draw.
The te ond  pul imi nary  was un c-
i[uullv   Keen  contested   hout   tut a em
Malcolm taii-nii of bull River and int; thj cia_r> qiiahiled in th.or-_t.cn!
Walter Kay or Crunbrco.c Kay took'and practical «xuniimitioiiH conauCL-
:i strong lead from the start and ed hy Major Snow of Victoria,
i o iced the fighting, Young Larson Under the 8 tr at neon a trust fund ;t
was not ns fast as the Kay boy on'is necessary that au t'achers in Hit
the deletiHhe, but after the second public seh.-ols of British Columbia
roimd prosed to be a good boxer qualify /or certificates in phytical
with staying (jualities. Kay had the .training ui-fore the end of tbe prts.nt
nest of the tlrst three rounds, and month, ana it was with the view ji
not the decision on points. piovldiug ftn opportunity to the teu-
The main c\ent was a fifteen round chers ol southeastern British Coiuiu-
e. ntest hei ween Dick Marshall of Fer bla that the class just cius,4 wrW
ne and Jim McLean of Bull River, luld in N'olfeon. Fifty-two teach .rs
Marshall wag in the heavy-weight tntered the class nnd ull. qualllled, U
class, while McLean was in the mid-* with hono.-t..
die-weight, the difference of some 12 j The cia_sts cominenc.d two \veok._
lioiimis wus a great advantage to thc ' ago anil two-hour sessions were h_ld
alder aud more experienced tighter,    jm the armory each day under 391'(.,
After mi hard and strenuous tight instructor Wallace, wbo juBt rflfii-ii-
li.ring winch the blood (lowed freely 1*, arrived from district 4 in Halifu. ,
from Marshall's nose, received from N.8.. to tuke over the instructor-
hard  blow  in the second  round, ship   ot    district   11,    Including ia.
Marshall, was gWen the decision when
McLean was down for the count o'.
thc fatal ten.
Before thc beginning of the bout it
was announced th.it a telegram had
b..en received from Joe Uvanne, challenging thc winner of this tight.
whole of  Bntit.li Columbia.
At thc close of the classes Sergt.
Instructor Walluc_ wa*. piestnted
with an album containing the autographs of th*. members of his clurf«
and a purse of gold as a tokeuof 111,.
high esteem in which he has been
held by his class. The pie..ntatun
was made to Mr. Wallace 0n behalf
of the class b> H. F. Garrard, of
Fruitvalc, who referred to the unlimited courtesy and gentlemanly conduct of thc instructor in co.tdt.ct n;
bis classes. It hud bcen a .l.asuie
for the class to work under Sergt.
Wallace, he said, and he wished him
continued success in behalf of tbe
1 class iu conducting his work in oth-
er parts of the province.
. ] Sergt. Wallace replied in suitable
A pretty, but quiet, wedding took terms expressing pleasure ftt, the suc-
place on Monday evening, at Christ tess attained by his class in Nelson
Church, when the Rev. K. P. Flew- aml thanUs for the co-operation that
ell n^ united iu marriage. Mr. Walter uaij ^en extended to him by his pu-
Soden to Miss Mary Jane Day, both pil8> He regretted thut his stay in
of   this   city.   Many   friends   of th. ^slson could not be prolonged as ht.
At Cliiist Church, on Tuesday, the
ltev. E. P. Flewelllng united m mnr-
nage, Mr. Wm. Watson and Miss
Eunice Moser, both ol this city.
contracting parties were surprised up
011 hearing that the event had taken
Gun Club Shoot
The Cran'irook Gun Club hslil
their regular weekly shoot on Wednesday afternoon ae which a large
number of the memb?rs were present.
Mrs. Creen won in the tinnls, the
C. O. Staples' trophy.
W. J. Nichols won the Steven.
Arms' trophy, and C. O. Staples th;
llo ninion Cartridge Co.'s and the
Dupont Powder Co.s trophies. There
wilt he n special shoot on Wednesday ne*it, when several sweepstakes
anil money prizes will be shut lor.
All membess are cordially renuest-
ed to he present.
Overseas Club
The members of the crnnbrook
Branch ol the Overseas Club will
cole' rate the third anniversary ol
the Club nn September *tth ln Car
men's llnHl.
A Committee has heen nppo'.nted to
mn'e the necessary arrangements
Several local talents have nlrcndy
I rniniscil to help with Headings,
Songs, Itei'iliitiniiH, etc. lt is the
Intention ol the committee to make
this anniversary n great success. It
Is hoped that every member will
muke nn elloll to nttend. Hull Call
ul thc members will tnke place during the evening.
Funeral of Mrs. Macdonald
Amid iiiiiuifestiitions ol deep sorrow, the relatives and friends of the
lute Mrs. M. A. Mncdonnld, wife of
the president ol the I'ro.inclal Liberal organization, gathered at the
residence of the latter yesterduy to
pay their -last respects, ltev. It. .1.
Wilson officiated and spoke of Uie
deceased Indy's womanly and kindly canker, gleet,
character, stating thut all who knew
her recognized that they had lost a
good ami ili ue friend. Evldcnie oi
the respest in which the late Mrs,
Miu'iliinulil  was held was clearly  de
enjoyed the c ty, Its .surroundings,
its citizens and his own work while
Tho teachers Irom outside thc City
will have lor their homes during the
week end, alter spending nearly three
weeks lu the city.
Mis6 Annie P. JoneB, ol Jaflrny,
was among those who qual lied with
Miss J. M. Richards, Cranbrook;
Mis.s J. Itamsny, Wardner; aad J,
Nutt, Bayn-s Lake; were among tho.sc
who graduated.—NiUoa News.
Poultry on City Lot
(Comtlnued trom Page One)
of any of the following, compounded
to the owner's liking—bran, shorts,
white middlings, corn meal, and
ground oata, wheat barley or rice,
Where sullicient table scraps are not
forthcoming, fine-ground beef scraps
should be added, the latter to consist ol not more thnn 1,1 per cent ol
the ration. Thia mash can also be
fed ns a wet one H desired.
Unless c nsiilernlile yard room Is
available, and nlso taking the losses
by eats, rats, etc., into consideration
It Is much clieuper to purchase pullets or mature stock annually thnn
to rear them .
I'ullets nt six or more months of
.go, mny lie considered purchased at
i leasona'ile price 'i secured for not
more thnn '-.'.ll or $3.00 „ piece.
Yearling hens muy be bought at Irom
•Llm to »a.r,o null, according to
breed and 080,
Fowl, in good condition, fed and
treated rationally, very seldom suffer from disease. It does not pay to
doctor s ck (owls, excepting on vory
rare occasions. This only when
fowls are very valuable und needed
(or exhibition, or when they uro suffering from light colds or accidents.
All colitngloiis diseases, such us
roup, colds, tuberculosis, "black
head," enteritis, cholera, chicken-pox
etc., mav be suceeis
fully warded ofl by preventing
draughts, infection from olher tils
cased fowls, supplying sunlight, keeping dropping boards clean, replenish-
litter when needed, and removing
moiistiotcil   by   the  assembly   which same   when   soiled, regulnr sweeping
gathered at tiie houso. ol  yard,   spading snme alter sprink-
Uosldes many Vnncouvor ladles and I n',' Ume over all, and supplying per-
genll'men there were also present, 'iniin^iinnte ni potash in drink ng wa-
pronilnont persons from Cranbrook, tnr at all times,
wh.'rc the deceased and her husband I in conclusion, the Association feel
lived previously to coming here nnd assured that II householders In all
where they hml a warm host ol the clticB, towns nnd vlllageB ol the
friends, Aft.nr the service the body j province eould lie persuaded to keep
wus conveyed to the railway depot, n (ew head ol poultry in their back
where It win. shipped lor Interment yards where none at present are now
to Andover, N.H., the home ol thej kept, large aunis ol money would bu
parent, ol Mrs. Macdonald, Accom- kept within the province, instead of
luinyiug the remains: to Andover were ns present., leaving It lor the pur-
Mr. Macdonald, tho bereaved hiiBluind chase ol imported egga and meat;
Mrs. Ilalril, wile ol Senator llnird, aids that aro at preseat non-pro-
iinil mother ol the '.lite Mrs. Macdon- dilutive, could bo made to help sd.ve
alil.uml Mr. and Mis. A. II. Macdon- the vexed question ol the high cost
aid oi Oranbrook, 'of living; and tho Poultru Industry
The I'ciitlcmcn Irom I'rnnhrook who n1 tne Province could be placed on a
ntteiiiled the luneral sorvlco In Van* *s III higher plane thnn It. has nt pres
COUVor yistirdiiy wore: Mesois. H. J. rot so proudly secured.
Mlihtmi. Vletoi Hollins, .Inmcs Ityan 	
David Oliver, W. .1. Itnhlnsnn, K, E.I   Gossip   |H   _   sort,   ol smoke that
Slmpjon,    tl.  T.   nogern.    Dr.  Doll, I ,.„,__„ .._,„ th_  ,,,..    .„,,_.„ p.p„
Ku^^a^^AflC,- sr r\hAmms .:.itp,o.r
Callum antl W, F, qurd.—Vancouver nothing   but   the   bad   taste ol tho
Hun, smoker.- .eorgo Billot.


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