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The Prospector May 9, 1914

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 provincial   Leglslntlvo Asbphuh
A Word to the Wise
Take Care of Your
.     EYES
Wilson - Optician
The  Leading Newspaper
in the
$2.00 Per Year
V O L U M N E     20.
CRANBROOK,    B.    0.       SATURDAY        MORNING    MAY   9th,    1914.
No. 19.
To   His   Worship   the    Mayor,   anil
Polios Oommlsslonors ot tho   Olty
ut Oranbrook) B, 0,
[ havo tho honor    to   mumilt   for
your approval- my   monthly   roport
of   the   Olty   Gaol, for   tho mouth
Sliding April 311th, 1914.
In cells at midnight, March
81st, 1914     1
Received during tits montb  un
Total   29
Dimim.T'Mi during iiir month   21
In   cellH at midnight, Aprl.
30th,  1914      r>
Total   29
Prisoners disposed of as follows:—
Released time expired     l
Released Fines paid, or otherwise disposed of   20
Taken to Provincial unol     '_,
Taken to Lethbridge for trial   1
In  cells  at  midnight,   April
30th,  1914       5
Total   2':
Classified an follows:—
Whites,  males,  -X
"        females  2
Chinese,  males    G
Hindoo,   males   3
Total   n
Grand Total   29.
During the month 161 meals have
b?en issued to prisoners confined in
the City Gaol, at an average of 14
cents per meal.
The following accounts received:—
MessrB Ward & Harris—
Groceries     (15.25
The 41 Market Co.,  Ltd.  ...
Beef         8.10
Total   $23.65
During thu month sentenced prisoners have been employed cleaning
streets, kalsomining Police quarters,
and removing stumps on Kane St.
Fines imposed during thc month n-
mountted to $105.00 and costs.
During the month there has been
24 arrests, out of which we have obtained 22 convictions, and one committed for trial.
Stolen property   recovered    during
the month:—
Lost   Nov.    1st,    1913,    from    Dr.
Green's veranda, one bicycle.
Found    in   Poran's    second    hand
Lost March 1st, 1914 at   Athalmer,
B. C, one Impulse Tire Pump.
Found in the City.
The above property recovered by
the Police was returned to the owners.
I have the honor to bc, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Chief of Police.
Fall Fair Racing Program
Tuesday,  September ICth.
Local track nice ...
      $75.00     $50.00     125.00
Local running race
  $50.00     $25.00     $15.00
Relay race (open)
     $30.00     $20.00     $10.00
Indian pony race
 ;   $15.00     $10.00     $ 5.00
School boys' puny race
   $10.00     $ 5.00
Single delivery or larm work horse
(local), horse to be barnoBsed,
hitched tn del vory rig or similar
wagon, and driven once round the
trnck; breaking to disqualify,
     S25.00     $15.00     $10.00
Wednesday, September 1Mb
Harness race (open)
   $1011.00     $75.00     $50.00
Ilunning race (open)
      60,00      40.00      25.00
Hclay race (open,
       110.00       20.00       10.00
Pony race (open)
       25.00       15.00        10.00
Squaw pony race
       10.00 5.00      	
Heavy team (local) to be harnessed,
hitched to lorry, and driven round
track at a walk $30.00 $20.00 $10.00
This list.Is published early so as
to give owners and trainers a chance
to prepare for   the   several   events.
The list may be improved   later   11
the co-operation   of   tho   Cranbrook
Turf Association can be secured.
False Advertising will
be Offence>
OTTAWA, May 5—Tonight notice
Is given of live more bills that wlll
he put on tho order paper tomorrow.
The first of those will amend tho
criminal code hy providing nu n-
mendment witb regard to knowingly
false advertising, mnking this a crlm
Inal ollenco and providing penalties.
This has partly nrlsen out of vnrlous
schemes in thn ptovlne/l of Quebec to
which attention has bcen called in
the house.
The Companies act Is to be amend
ed so as to provido for tho issue of
share warrants, also Tor tha Ibsuo ol
debenture stock in amounts less than
lt Is also provided that when bonds
authorized but not Issued havo boen
pledged to a bank and later reduom-
od tbey shall not be doomed to have
been sold and paid ofl.
Would Not Dare Repeal Acts
Vancouver, May 7.—"1 venture to
say that If by somo mischance tbe
Liberals came Into power in British
Columbia thsy would not dare repeal the Liquor act, Auto act, Trust
act, or Municipal act measures for
which I have been largely responsible and measures which the Liberals
have severely crltissed."
This challenge by Hon. W. J. Bowser to'bis opponents was the feature
of au address by the attorney general
tonight to Vancouver Conservatives,
who crowded the hall to hear bim.
He added:
"If you want real opinion as to
the administration of law and order
in British Columbia speak to American visitors. They w 11 tell you the
province is efficiently governed," and
"One would think if the Liberals
were In power the millenium would
be here. , I think It will be about
tbat period before thby do get office'
—Daily News.
Installation of Officers
A regular monthly assembly of
Selkirk Preceptory was held In the
Masonic Temple on Monday evening
at which the following officers were
P.P.—Jas. B. Henderson
I.P.P.—W. H. Wilson.
C—A.  C.  Shankland.
M—J. Martin.
C.-W. S. Santo.
T.-W. ,P. Attridge.
R.—P. A. Dunn.
S.M.—J. H. Banftold.
C. of C—Jas. Martin.
G.—H. A. McKowan.
1st S.B.—A. J. Balment.
2nd S.B.—J.H. Spence.
S.B.—W. Halsall.
After the ceremonies of the evening were over, a large number of
Sir Knights sat down to a banquet
which had been prepared in tbe spac
lulls dining hall of the Temple.
Prevention of Typhoid
Dr. W. Bapty, ol Victoria, B. C,
the acting secretary to tba provincial board of health, Bends out a
memorandum regarding the prevention of typhoid lever ln our province.
His communication is intended to
show how to prevent this very prav-
ulent disease.
Two years ago there were over one
hundred cases treated for typhoid
in tho Cranbrook Hospital. About
ii per cent proved fatal.
This number is far greater than
deaths due to consumption (tuberculosis) or smallpox, and it is to be
remembered that though a patent
recover from typhoid lever, his
health may bc Impaired ever after.
We hnve now a nt-'ans of preventing it, and lf the proverb "prevention It bettor thnn cure" ls true, this
Is a case iu point.
The prevention treatment is carried out by means of injections underneath tho skin; the skin is not.
scratched. Thc writer hae nover seen
a man oil work on account of tbls
The government proposes this year
lo supply doctors and nurses witb
iha material for Injecting freo ol
charge. Tho stutl Is exceedingly costly.
ThiB Injection ls compulsory in tbe
United StatcB army, lt has been
proved by statistics to have diminished the number ol cases ol typhoid
In thc army enormously, and to
have reduced the diaths lioin tho
disease to almost nil. The oourse'
which authorities have taken In the
United States, and tho enme course
being adopted in British Columbia,
shows whnt Importance thoy give to
It ls nothing new, as It was originated by Sir A. Wright ln 1905 and
was used by bim successfully on soldiers going to the Boer war over,
ten yenrs ago.
Let us taKu advantage of thia offer. People are gelling slack over
vaccination against smallpox for
this renson, that the form ol smallpox at present Is a mild one, and
patients don'l die Irom it, though ,
tiny go pockmarked tor life, Un the
other hand, typhoid Is as dangerous
to life as ever.
Fatal Accident
A fatal accident occurred at Fort
hteele on Tuesday when " Scotty "
Gordon was killed and a man named
Hardy seriously injured,
Tbe men were engaged in hauling
lumber to Fish Lakes for Mr. G,
Pownall. They were going down the
grade from the bridge that crosses
Wild Horse creek, when the horses
became frightened and ran away.
Thc pole of the wagon was broken,
and the horses getting Ioobc from
the wagon ran about a mile from
the scene of the accident nnd were
found caught in some brush. Gordon
was killed outright, having sustained a fracture of his skull, his collar
bone also being broken. Hardy was
found unconscious, but Mb Injuries
were slight.
Tho funeral services were held at
Fort Hteele, Thursday, under the
direction of undertaker W. F. Beatty.
Coroner Bell held an inquest, which
resulted in a verdict of accidental
death, caused by being thrown from
a waggon by a runaway team.
Import Grade Stock
VANCOUVER, B. C.-The provincial agricultural department proposes to continue this year its program of grade dairy stock sales in
view of the greatly increased interest
manifested by the farmers of the
province in live stock, announced the
provincial live stock commissioner,
W. T. McDonald, who is here today
from Victoria.
Last year the agricultural department shipped in nearly 500 picked
dairy cows, which were sold at auction to farmers at various provincial centres. Mr. McDonald states
that every efiort will be made to find
more cattle for Bale to farmers for
breeding purposes.
"Never before have the farmers o.'
British Columbia taken such an interest in live stock as at the present
time," said the live stock commissioner.
Mr. McDonald intimated that in
order to cope with the increasing
work of the department, it was proposed to add a number of new officials, who were being brought out
from the agricultural institutions of
eastern Canada.
P. H. Hopkins, one of the instructors at the Ontario agricultural college at Guelph, is to take office oa
June 1 as assistant live stock commissioner under Mr.  McDonald.
A. Ramsay, alao o: Gueipn, use
been appointed assistant to Agriculturist Walker, who represents the
provincial department in tbe Port
George district. It is also the intention to appoint a Held and crops
expert to assist Inspector Readey.
During thc spring season the department has distributed alfalfa to
400 farmers, states Mr. McDonald,
and corn to about 300.
New Governor-General
LONDON, May 7.—Prince Alexander of Teck, third son of the late
Duke of Teck, ami PrJnresB Mary A-
delaide, is to succeed tbe Duke of
Connaught as governor-general of
Cannda. Official announcement of
this appointment was made today.
Prince Alexander of Took is forty
years old. He was married in 191)4
lo her roynl highness Princess Alice
of Albany ami has one sou aud one
His serene higbneSB, Alexander Augustus Frederick (leorge, Prince of
Teck, (J.C.U., grand commander of
the Victorian order, knight of Jus
tice St. John of Jerusalem, iH a brother to Queen Mary of England and
it man nf many titles.
He"* is a good soldier and as such
served iu the Mntabelelnnd campaign
and hi South Africa for two yearB,
and to his soldier titles is added
that of the distinguished service or-
pler wblch next to the Victoria Cross
is the chief ambition of the military
men of Oreat Britain. He is at present major in the Second Life Guards
As an administrator he bun earned
the respect and the admiration of
Englishmen by bis work as chairman
of the Great Middlesex hospital.When
his brother, Prince Francis of Teck,
'omI in 1911, ne ras engaged in tha
task of freeing this institution fro*-1
a big debt nud placing it on a sound
financial basis. Tbis work was immediately taken up by Prince Alexander with great success.
Prince Alexander is known as the
favorite brother-in-law of the King
nnd lives in apartments In tbe Henry
ITT.  tower at Windsor Castle.
Provincial Board of Health,
Victoria,  1914.
This disease has made its appearance amongst the dogs of the Cowi-
chan District. Two suspicious cases
also occurred some months ago at
Mission. The disease haa appeared
in Oregon* and possibly In the State
of Washington as well.
As the period of Incubation of
HableB is prolonged, the extent of
tbe infection iB not yet apparent, so
It Ib incumbent upon all to be on
tho look-out for further outbreaks.
The Dominion Veterinary Department la handling this bo far as anl,
tuals are concerned, but I wish to
be Informed as to any suspicions
cases which may appear.
This Department is prepared at
any time to forward complete treatment for hydrophobia, which, as yon
know, must be administered to the
person as soon ab possible after being bitten, which is some weeks before the symptons develop.
This treatment can be administer
ed by the local practitioner.
Celebrate May 24th
c-nquirlei will be made as to
whether Cranbrook will celebrate
May 24th. Parties at Fertile have
written iu for information as to ae
comadatlon for race tmrscH at tho
track; ehe Lacrosse team will play
Fernle nt Cranbrook on that day,
and the question la beings naked
"what is Oranbrook going to do."
The Hand bas been nsked to go to
Creston on thnt date and cnunot,
glvo an answer until they learn ns
to whether a celebration wlll be
held here. A committee should he
appointed to art1 tf tbe neceaHnry ar-  nnny Is obliged I
Terrific Speed
LONDON, May 8.-The Standard
and the Express devote considerable
room to describing "thu latest miracle of science." Etnlle Bachelat, nn
old Frenchman, is said to have produced a railway system permitting
of a speed of 300 miles nn hour. The1
cars are made of steel with aluminum base. This metal, suffering magnetic repulsion hy electric magnets
which are situated under the track,
holds the cars suspended in the air,
A serieB of tunnell-shaped solenoids
along tbe track, which are successively electrically magnetized, pull
the suspended car at terrific speed.
This type of car is intended for
freight and mail service, Ba:hela1
claiming the cost of transportation
for 300 miles being one cent per lb.
The cost of laying thc track would
be $25,000 a mile plus $00,000 for the
power houses at each 100 miles. The
passenger cars would be fitted with
propellers and motors similar to the
The Inventor suggests that it
would be possible to do the present
journey from London to Manchester
In 48 minutes, InBtead of 4 bouts,
while the 81 hour journey from London to Glasgow could be reduced to
one hour and 15 minutes. The experiments with large-sized models yesterday so impressed railway experts
tbat Bachelat was offered the ubc of
a circuit within five miles of London
to try and practically test the inven
tion, which represents 20 yenrs of experiment.
Serious Cause for
Washington, May 7.—Upon receiving a long cipher message from G
Funsbon at Vera Cruz tonight, Secretary Garrison called Into confer.
ence at the war depnrtment Major-
Gen. Wltherspoon, chief of staff, aud
the entire general staff of the army.
The conference lasted until nearly
son left his otlice he and the army
midnight nnd when Secretary C.arri-
ofTlcers wore grave faces and it wns
no secret that news of Importance
had been received.
Later Secretary Garrison snid Gen.
Funston bad transmitted soma Infor.
mntiou whirb refugees had brought
from Mexico City nH to conditions in
tbe capital.    The   Secretary  declined
to comment upon them. Ho snld,
however, that no nggresslve move
ment of any kind by the Amorlcan
forces wns ordered.
It Is understood lhat the roftlgocs
from Mexico City had informed Gen.
Funston of the critical oBpoct of affairs in the lluerla regime, tbat n
eollaspe might lie expected moiiien
torily and that conditions of MiiiHiv
mlght come, Tbe object of Oon,
Flinston In making these reports was
believed tu be to advise Ibe nil ml tllfl
tlon "f tho possibilities thai
might develop from tllfl fall of Ilu
erta, In order that if thn American
setie forolgncrs
ritngemmita enn be made.
or restore order
nay  f»« tolly
((Hipped for such an expedition.
lt is known that high otliciuls of
the war department are anxious to
place at Vera Cruz or on transports
within striking distance a large e-
nough force, perhaps 50,000 or 60,000
men, to make an expedition to Mexico Olty if it becomes necessary.
Officials of the department are
known to believe that if an advance
on Mexico City is ordered it will be
necessary to guard every mile of the
railway as the army moves forward
and that a large force would show
the natives the futility of resistance,
whereos a division of 15,000 nun
might be subject tp attnckB along
the route   possibly  with  big losses.
A very pretty wedding took place
at Christ Church on Monday, when
llev. E, p. Flewolllng united ln mar-
Huge Mr, William Christopher Oreb-
olu nntl Miss Jane Parnaby, Only a
few friends of the contracting parties
were present. The newly wedded cou
pic left on thc afternoon train for
the coast, on their return they will
reside lit Oranbrook, the groom being
employed as a clerk In the government offices in this city.
Russell H. Patcvson ol Fort Steel
and 'Minn Sadie B. Hill, wan married
at the residence Mr. Hill on Saturday evening last by tbe Rev. W.K.
Thomson. Tbe newly wedded couple
Will reside at Fort Steele.
Automobile Assn.
meet at Wasa
The annual meeting of thc Cranhrook District Automobile Associa
tion is to be held at Wasa next Monday evening, May llth. Mr. W. H.
Wilson, serretary, hns issued invitations to a large number to attend
the meeting this yenr and he expects
the association will have their record
attendance this year, as thc ladies
are invited to accompany them. The
Cranbrook Orchestra has been engaged and will be in attendance,
dancing is scheduled to begin at 10
o'clock directly following the regular
business meeting.
Mr. N. Hanson, with his usual open
handed generosity, has offered to a-
galn supply the banquet to the mem
hers of the association and their
guests. It is proposed to leave the
city between 3 and 4 p.m. and all
auto owners are requested to have
their cars on hand at the government
building promptly at 3 o'clock as the
association desires to secure a good
picture to he used tor advertising
There is no doubt but tbat tbere
will be a large attendance this year
oil account of the very pleasant program outlined. Many will take advantage of tbis occasion to visit the
pictures^ tie little wayside resort at
Wnsa, where hospitality is thc keynote of their existence. The association has met tbere on two previous
years and the success of their past
meetings augurs well for a record-
breaking attendance this season.
The association bas performed a
good many services in its short history of three years for the auto owners of this district. Agitation a-
long tbe line of good roads bas hnd
a beneficial effect and every effort
for the final completion of a grand
trunk automobile highway through
Cranbrook from Creston and south
to Spokane through to Banff and the
great prairies on the north bas been
encouraged bo far that its ultimate
completion is only a matter of time
arid expediency.
The association has done much a 1-
virtisjng for the city and district
through its car owners travelling and
carrying the pennants, et«, attached
to their cars, nnd in various ways
wherever local autoists have bem
Local Items
1 tumours were current around the
city yesterday respecting tho putting
•k of tho "Local," It has been
given out unofficially that the new
schedule has been drawn up and all
ready for publication, but tbe "Lo
cal" leaving Cranbrook is NOT in
eluded iu the timetable. If this is
a fact that the Hoard of Trade bas
time to get in some good work by
Starting thti (agitation afresh to have
tills train put on again. The fact
that a passenger coach has been at
tarlted to the way-freight running
between Crunbrool; and Orow's Nest
I-i n very poor substitute fflr thfl old
service, and further enrrys oiri o
Bllggcstton that has been made "tbat
it Ih only a feeler' to we if ii Ills
the bill,': Cranbrook Ih ioo 1 mporta n I a place to be side trucked in
this way and wbnt tbe people want
is the boat, not a BUbstltuto,
On Sunday last a man named
Reedo, was thrown from his horse
near the road camp on the Moyie
road. His horse was frightened by
a passing automobile, and on bolting the rider was thrown. HIb injuries wl.'i'e serious, und the injured
man was broug.it to Cranbrook for
medical atsistnnee.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gamble, Mr, and
Mrs. H. McKenzlo, and Mr. and Mrs
V. Ego, Mr. and Mrs. T. Evans, nud
Miss Handley, of Kimberley motor
eJ to Moyle on Sunday last. Thsy
report having a  very  pleasant   trip,
Mr. and Mrs. n. Macleod, of Kim
borlay wero Cranbrook visitors dur
ing the early part of thla week.
Constable Venus went to l.eth
bridge   Monday   iti   search   of  one   H.
L. Douglas, who bent the management of the Royal Hotel out ol u
board bill of $25.00, He returned on
Thursday with douglas who will le
tried before a court, of competent
jurisdiction, This will bo a warning
to all those who try to beat their
board bljLs In future.
One our readers came into the of-
(flce this week and asked us the following question: "What day did Ood
begin to make the World, Saturday
or Monday." We should appreciate
it if aome of our renders would enlighten us on the subject as we must
[dead  ignorance on  the subject.
Attention is called to the fact that
in another column there is an advertisement calling the notice of all tbe
Local Conservatives that a meeting
will be held in the Committee rooms
on Hanson Avenue on Tuesday evening May 19th at 8.31) p.m., a good
attendance is requested.
. At the meeting of the creditors of
W. M. Park & Co., held in the office
of T. T. Mecrcdy, solicitor, on Wednesday afternoon, George Ashworth,
auditor, presented a statement of
accounts which showed assets sufficient to pay off all creditors 100
cents on the dollar and still leave a
The LadieB Aid Society of tbe
Methodist church are having an Afternoon Ten at the home of Mrs. W.
II. Wilson, 228 Fenwick Ave., on
Thursday afternoon, May 14th, from
3.30 to 6.00 p.m. A musical program
will be rendered during the afternoon
and a social time 's anticipated.
The proceeds to go to the general
fund of the Aid.
The funeral of M. Caldwell, of
Windsor, Ont., wbo died at the St.
Eugene hospital lust week was held
from the undertaking parlors of F.
M. Macpherson on Tuesday. The service was conducted by the Hev. W.
K. Thomson, of the Presbyterian
church, The deceased was a stranger
the district, and bas a brother
living at Windsor.
K. Small was in from Cnnal Flats
tbis week transacting business, and
in conversation with a "Prospector"
representative said "that although
wo have lots of accomodation at the
present time and 1 might say using
it too, tbe grand opening of thc hotel will tnke place aliout the middle
ct June." Everyone passing through
the valley to Windermere will always
receive a hearty welcome as they
stop over.
Commencing last Monday a passenger coach was attached to the
way-freight between Cranbrook and
Crow's Nest, leaving at 7 o'clock
a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays and returning on the Bame
train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, While this train does
not make fast time it will assist
somewhat In alleviating the grievances over the discontinuance of the
local, Paaaengera between ail amal
Stations along the route will be ar
comodated by this train.
Stands Trial at Fernie
Mohammed Khan, n hlndii who, it
Is alleged, murdered Pflhoka Singh
and Bhurbnn Singh, two fellow countrymen at Hull River on March 10th
aud waa Committed for trial at Wardner on April 4th by Jitstll I the
pence (£. a. HiH of Cranbrook, was
laken to Fernie on Thursday where
be wil| stand trial at the Spring
Catholic Church
Sundays- Low masa at 8.80 a.m.,
high mnflfl 10.30 u.m; Sundav Schooj
from ?. to 3 p.m.; Rosary ami Henr
diction   nt   7.30  p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation -Muss at ti p.m.
Week tlnyfl Mass nl i\ a.m. at. the
P. Plamondoti, O.M 1.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m.
Subject: "Mary, the Mother of
Jesus. '
Evening service,  7.30  p.m.
Subject; "Mother."
Vocal selections at both services.
Choir leader—Mrs.  E.  Pateraon.
Organist—Mr.  H.  Stephens.
8. S. nnd Bible class, 3 p.m.
Mid-week service Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Knox Literary and Debating Society on Wednesday evening, g p.m.
On the evening ol Wednesday, April 29th, at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. George Grant, ol Cranhrook,
Miss Violet Bury, ol Liverpool, Eng.
and Mr. Fred Becker, ol T.-ronto,
were united in marriage, Hev. w. K.
Thomson officiating,
The bride was simply and artist-
Ically .owned in ivory silk and radiated nn Atmosphere of happiness
both at tbo ceremony and at the
subsequent proceedings.
•About lortj   Iriends   gathered   at
he  Invitation ol the hostess Mrs.
(in, i,  who  wns charmingly attired
dove gray,  trimmed   with   Ivory
■ k facings,
A very dainty supper was served to
tbe .nests assembled and the tables
wore tastefully decorated; alter dome full justice to the many dclica-
cIcb, tho company gave themselves up
to music and dancing until the wee
etna' hours.
Mr. and Mrs Becker have taken up
residence in Cranbrook,
Baptist Church
Rov. O. B. Kendall
Preaching services, 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m.
Sunduy school, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Thc topic lor the morning service
ill be "Temptation, its Nature and
In thc evening thc subject will be
in the series "What Must I Do To
Be Saved? How a multitude found
Salvation in one day.
nnptist Ymiug People's Union Mon-
lay evening nt 8.00.
Church prayer meeting. Wednesday evening at 8.00.
Junior B.Y.B.1I.  Friday 4.15 p.m.
Week.end meeting tor prayer Saturday  8.110 p.m.
Tbe public are cordially invited to
any and all of the above services.
English  Church
Rev. E. P. Flewelllng Rector
The Lord Bishop of the Diocese will
bc ut ChriBt Church on Sunday next,
for ordination to the priesthood and
for the npostolic rite of laying on of
Holy   communion     8 a.m.
Matins    10 a.m.
Ordination service  11 a.m.
Evensong   7.30 p.m.
Notice of the hour of confirmation
service will be given at Matins.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
llev.   Wlllan   will   prearh  at   both
morning and evening services.
Prelude    Selected
Offertory—Meditation     Hyatt
Postlude -Processional march	
Anthem—Lilt l'p Your Heads—Ogden
1.   "Heaven and   Earth  Display"
from   "Athalle"     Mendelssohn
i.   Romance     Yleuxtemps
OfTortory -Cnntllenc       Marchant
Postlude   Prelude and Fugue Hb.„
Anthem -"Consider and  Hear  Me"
C. F. Nidd, organist .& choirmaster
Preliminary  Notice -3rd Organ re-
11ill.  Monday  May   IHth,  at 8 p.m.
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson ,. venue
Commanding otiicers
Captain und Mrs. Oarruthari
',  p.m.'  Sunday   School  and Adult
Bible class,
,80 p.m.-Open Air service at the
Oranbrook Hotel.
X p.m.—Gospel Meeting in Citadel. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
©he tproflpector, ©ranbrook, #♦ ©.
Published Every Saturday Morning at Cranbrook, B.C.
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20th YEAR
No. 19.
Business    cannot   aflord    to    sulk
much longer.
• •   •   •
It may be interesting to those
who favor Home Rule in Ireland tu
know that John Bull is still clinging to his Ulster.
It used to bfl "(roo trade," now
it's "free food." If Laurier went
back into power tbere would be as
much free food as there was tree
trade after  1890.
• •   •   •
If tbt new "free food" policy of
the "Orlt" Opposition means any-
tbibg, it means the ruin of the Canadian farmer.
The latest Laurier policy ia a direct slap at the Canadian farmer.
The Liberal leader and the interests
he represents object to seeing the
farmers of the Dominion getting a
square deal.
• •   •   •
While not wiBhing to throw our
Liberal readers into a tit, we deem
it our duty to announce that the
graft on the Grand Trunk Pacific
construction has put a tax of $5.00
on each man, woman and child in
the Dominion of Canada.
• •   t   •
The Liberals attained office on a
low tariff pledge, and Laurier was
never done talking about "free trade
as they have t in England." and
was to "wipe out every vestige of
protection from the tariff." His total reduction of the tariff during his
long tenure of office was less than
half a cent. We wonder if his free
food policy will amount to as much.
• •   •   «
Sir Wilfrid and his party, in their
cry for "free food" offers the wiping
out of over eleven million dollars
per year In food taxes. At any rate
it would take about seven years to
make good the seventy million dollars which the Liberal party gave to
the Grand Trunk Paolflc,
Sir Wilfird Laurier saya;    "It    iB
laughable to argue that the   ("ana
ian farmer needs protection against
a  country  that  can   barely   feed  it-
Then how in the name of heaven
would tbe removal of the food duties benefit tbe Canadian consumer
if the United States can scarcely
feed itself?
Tbe above Liberal argument for
tbe removal of free duties iB tbe
very atrongust possible argument a-
gaiiiHt any sucb action.
Lacrosse League
11 the lacrosse moguls of Roaaland
Trail, Cranbrook, Nelson and Kernie
ran get their heads together and organize a league to Include teams
from all or nt least four of theae
cities, P. A. Devlne, a member of the
firm of Duncan ft Oray, wholoaale
liquor importers of Victoria, states
that his firm wi'i donate a handsome
trophy tor competition among tho
teams nl the league.
Mr. Devlne, who is making a periodical trip through this district, is
u guast at the Strathcona Hotel,
Nelson, and according to the report
of the "Daily News." La enthusiastic
over the possibilities >>f a lacrosse
league in this territory.
Forest Protection
Victoria. May 5.—Mr, H. R. Mac-
Millan, chief of the forest branch of
the provincial government, announced on Wednesday that bis department had ,ust finished sending out
notices, covering the entire province,
to the effect that commencing tomorrow, no dree may be started in timber areas without a permit from tbe
tire wardens in the various districts.
This prohibitory order, however does
apply to tires that require to be
started for industrial purposes or (or
th.' preparation of food, or to secure
warmth. Mr. MacMitlan'a department is taking the most elaborate
precautions to educate those most in
need of it of the danger of starting
fires during the dry season. Arrangements have been made to have 3l0
moving picture shows throughout tbi
province run slides showing the dis-.'*
troiiB results of forest tires. Another
novel method of educating tbe people
who go Into the forest tracts is the
distribution of pocket whetstones
bearing the admonition: "When y- v
are in the woods keep youa axe nnd
•tnife sharp, and be careful not to
atart forest lires." Mr. MncMillan
adda that he is to call a meeting of
the forest board at an early date to
take under consideration the question of the exemption of certain
more or less settled districts in the
province from the operation of the
permit system, the idea being not to
work any hardship on aettlers where
tbere are safe clearings.
Government Guarantee
a good bargain for
the Dominion
No one looking at the matter with
OUt prejudice will say tbat wheu the
Canadian Northern was driven to
apply for assistance to the Borden \
Government tlio assistance should
have been refused, and the line, in
its unfinished state, fosced as a dere
liet into bankruptcy, lt was ono of
the sad legacies bequeathed by the
Laurier Administration, and Mr.
Borden has been obliged, in the interests or the Dominion, for the pub
Uo credit is at stake, to do wbat he
can  to  rescue  it  from  destruction.
Thirty yeara ago the Admlnlatra
tlon of Sir John Macdonald bad to
go to the nid of the Canadian Pacl
tic,  which could  not  raise  the funds
necessary   to   complete   it    beCaUBO   Ol
the depressed condition ol the money
market, A good arrangement, both
foi the Government and for the
country was made, and, although
the Liberals condemned it. the loan,
Which was repaid, enabled the com
pany to finish the line from end to
.n,l much sooner than bad beeu expected, greatl; to thv advantage of
the Weat, which immediately began
ti   till up.
It is safe to Bay that all who study
8 *.: ■ bias the arrangement which
Mr. Borden haa brought dowu for
Tbe relief of the Canadian Northern
will agree that, taking everything
into account, it is an excellent one
in every respect, at any rate, for the
Briefly, tbe Government guarantees the bonds of the company to
the extent ol 45 million dollars. In
return, there will be a consolidation
Of the thirty odd companies which
make up tbe Canadian Northern system, Including railway and steamship lines, express, terminal an.l 1
telegraph companies, and all othor
interests of whatever kind; the capital stock ot the whoh concern is
reduced from 147 millions to 100 mil
lions, of which the government will
receive outright 40 millions, inclusive of the T millions received last
year. This is the immediate compensation.
Moreover, the Government is further protected by a mortgage on the
entire assets of the Company, and
will supervise th? proceeds of tbe
guaranteed securities in order that
tbey may be properly applied to the
completion and improvement of the
system. Should the Company default
either in respect to the securities
that   are    guaranteed,    or   for   any
On October i8,ic*»i*j,was dedicated
the worM's most tremendous memorial—the
Commemorating theBattle of Nations'
wliere, too years ago. allied Europe shattered the armies
of thc Great Napoleon. Its colossal dome is supported by
twelve gigantic warriors forty feet in height resting on
their swords as guardians of the Persona Liberty of the
German people. All human progress tests upon Personal
Liberty—without its blessingneither nations
nor individuals can develop. To Americans
thc Constitution of tlte United States forever
guarantees Personal Liberty. Upon the tenets of
the United States Constitution AnheuserBu;
brewers of Budweiser, ct years ago founded
their institution. Today their great bottled beer
is sold in every state of the nation,and wherever
<wili7fd man journeys Budweiser is demanded.
ItsQuality.Ririty.Mildness and exdusiveSaazer Jl
Hop Flavor have made it the natural choice /
of Americans. Budweiser sales exceed any jjf
other beer by millions of bottles.
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook, B. C.
eans   Moderation
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the Panama-Pacific Exposition,  San Diego, 1915.
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ou  Western  topics writing today.
Canadian  Pontage B0c,  extra
Foreign   Postnge,   |1,00 extra
other reason, the Government has
power forthwith to take over the
road as the absolute property of thu
Dominion, subject only to the bonded indebtedness.
These are the principal features of
thc arrangement, which, all things
considered' is a remarkably good one
tor Canada. Mackenzie, Manu Sc
Co., Ltd., and Mackenzie and Mann
individually have agreed to release
all tbeir claims against the Canadian Northern for profits on construe
tion, and so forth, and a Government director will be placed upon
the board, with the view of further
protecting  tbe country's  interests.
It would have been a grave business fur Canada bad the road, now
ucaring completion, been abandoned
to ita creditors. Saying nothing of
the large umount of British and
French capital that would have beeu
loBt, it would have been unable to
pay the huge sums it owes to Canadians, while tit- progress of the
West would have been seriously retarded.
British Columbia. Alberta and
Saskatchewan have quite recently
guaranteed the bondB of subsidiary
companies of the Canadian Northern
to an enormous amount. British Coi
umbia has guaranteed bonds belonging to them to the extent of over 40
million dollars, Saskatchewan to the
extent of 20 millions, while Alberta
has guaranteed bonds covering over
2,005 miles of railway. Many of these
subsidiary lines have not yet been
started, but a considerable mileage
1ms been built and the bonds sold.
Had the parent compnny been loft
to die a lingering death there can be
little doubt the three provinces
would bnve suffered; and so in n"
probability would Ontario, where n
subsidiary company hns received
guarantees from the Provincial Oovernment aggregating nearly 8 mil-
The Dominion guarantees for tlte
Canadian Northern Proper, and for
some of Its subsidiary lines amount
to about 50 millions. Of this sum
a large proportion consists of guarantees granted by the Liberal Administration, As lat? as 1911, its
laHt yonr of office, time Government
guaranteed 35 million dollars for one
subsidiary line, whilst tn 190K it
guaranteed 8 millions for tbe Canadian Northern proper, and 9 millions
In 190H. Vet for these large sums
the consideration whlrh Sir Wilfrid
recolved from Ibe company was
scarcely  worth  mentioning.
Here, again, tbe collapse of the
road would have Involved the Dominion In inttcb confusion, and perhaps
in the end, heavy loss. In any QVOnt
the alined io the credit of Canada
would have been nothing short of a
national disaster sepecially at a
time like tbls.
A good many Liberal papers bave
taken up thc cry lately raised in
Parliament that the Borden Administration has "degraded" the Transcontinental line in places between
Winnipeg and Monet on "for the benefit of the Canadian Pacific"; that
is, to prevent the Transcontinental
from carrying freight for less than
the Canadian Pacific.
It would be difficult to imagine a
more absurd story. Tbe Government
engineers have here and there left a
"sag" where heavy fills were required; in other words, they have
not filled up to grade, but will do
so nt a red uood cost when the business of the rond warrants the outlay. Meanwhile, the same load cnn
be carried over the "sag" ns if the
fill had been made up to grade, the
train going down one side of the
"sag" and being carried by its momentum up the otter. Briefly, this
is the meaning of the momentum
grades talked of in the House. The
carrying power of the line is In no
way diminished, whilst the expense
of construction is somewhat reduced
in the odd spots referred to.
As for the charge that wooden
trestles bave been built in place of
steel ones, that is done in every corporation railway of importance both
in Canada and in tho United States,
until the time comes when the
growth of traffic justifies the substitution of steel  trestles.
To say that this step Iiiih been taken in the interest of the Canadian
Pacific is an utterly wild assertion.
The enormous cost of the Transcontinental, which was to have bWn
built for 00 millions, nnd will call
lor 200 millions or more, puts it
clean out of business as a competitor
of the Canadian Pacific; nnd nf course
If more money were lavished on it
by bringing nil tlm heavy fills remaining up to grade, Its Inst condition  would  be  worse titan  the flrat.
Within the last lew years the Canadian Pacific has been well-nigh rebuilt. The line between Winnipeg
and Lake Superior bas been double-
tracked, and so have other portions;
heavy grades have hren cut down or
evaded by costly tunnelling in a few
good sections nf the West, and in a
few years the whole road from St.
John, N.H., to tho Pacific Ocean,
wll] be double trucked, so tbat, Considering iis length, it. wlll easily lie
tlu< finest and most efficient line on
ibis continent. It will set. tho rntjH
for the Canadian Northern and the
Grand Trunk Pacific, and the latter
may thank its stars if it cnn grant
rates as low ami cniitiniie to live
whilst paying ii-ntnl to lho Government on the gigantic num sunk ia
const ruction between Winnipeg and
OF course, every man
does not care to pay
$25, $30 or $35, for his
Spring Suit.
But those who desire something really exceptional,
both in dtyle and design, we ask to see the
new Fit-Reform Spring Suits at $25, $28, $30,
$32 and $35.
We have Spring Suits as low as $15.
McCreery Bros.
Ciranbrook, B. C. ■
ak .i.il..t.,t..l-t..t,.t   ■   '   1   t   I il   '   '   '   '   '   '   '   --.I..I..I   I
X I ri'TI"! T1"l'i'Tl"l"l"l"l"ll I '■"■"■"I1 TTT |
Professional   Carbs
■ anb-
£obge   notices
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Met. in   Maple   Hull,   on   'ind   and
4th Thuimtay of eneh mouth.
J.  McI.AOHI.UN,   O.R.
Louia Pearson, Bac, P.O. Boi OU.
Vlaltlng Brothors Cunlially Welcomed
(Ornnbrook Brnnch)
Meets   tn   Maplo    Hull on the 2nd
anil 1th Tui'HiliiyH in overy month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to Brltlab
B. Y. Brakt, Prca.
I..  Pearron,  Secretary
Boi 618
Vlaltlng membera cordlnlly welcome
A. F. ft A. M.
Regulur   meetings   on   tht
third   Thuraday   of   every
Vlaltlng brethren welcome.
H.  Hluionbotham,  W.M.
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Regulnr meetinge:—2nd Tueaday ln
each montb at eight o'clock.
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at Fraternity Hall.
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Vlaltlng brethren cordlnlly invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F.,    KEY    CITY    LODGE
Vo. 42
MeetB every Monday night
at  Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. Tif nley W. M. Harris
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Meets in Maple Hnll , Flrat and
Third Wednesday of each month at
BOO p.m., abarp,
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Information on Poultry mutt*.'*
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llrd Thursdny in
R n y n 1 Black
kiiii'his of Ireland .mil at 8 p.m.. sharp. Visilors
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Proa.—A. B.  Smith
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Address—Boi 600, Oranbrook. B. C.
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meets on 3rd Friday evening in the
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Funeral Director,
P.O. BOX 585
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Bog 845
Notice Is hereby given that a reserve, notice of which appeared in
the B.C. Gazette, on Octobor 10th,
1912, Is cancelled In so far as It re-
lnt.es to the following expired timber
21907, 22661,
26926, 28182,
31184, 31165,
32022, 32711,
34221, 34273,
37993, 37994,
mid 43176.
pnty Min
lister ot Lands.
ll.C., March 31 at., 1914,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French rtfulttor; otvar fella. Thaal
pllle ere exceedingly powerful la regulating tha
geuerHllve portion of the lemale system. Keluel
nil cheep liulletlune. Ur. de Taa'a are Mid at
tt.n hon. nr three lot llll. Melled to any addretfc
Il» SoekaU Drag Ca„ Hi. Calleartaao. Oat
NOTIOE la hereby given that a rc-
sorve, the notice of which appeared
In the B.C. Gazette on thc 27th of
December, 1907, ia cancelled in ao far
aa it relates to land covered by expired Timber Licence No. 43070 lor
the purpose of issuing Pre-emption
Records covering a portion of same
in favor of Messrs. Jesae P. Abbott
and Delbert Van Abbott. The remainder will be open to entry by
pre-emption on Friday, the first day
of May, 1914, at 9 o'clock in the
forenoon; all applications to be mAtle
at the olllce ol the Government A-
gent, Cranbrook,
Deputy  Ministor of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-3 mtha.
NOTICE ia hereby given that the
reserve eatabllahed by notice published ln the British Columbia Gazette
on the 27th day of December, 1907,
Is cancelled in so far aB it relates
to Timber Licences Nob. 31481, 33411,
34221, 30358, 36502,
41344, 31201, 31330, 34406,
21907, 37993, 37922, 37994,
33459, 26926, 28183, 22661,
43176, 32022, 31180, 31184,
37580, 24432, 23116, 28182,
34310 and 11347. That said lands
have been Burveyed aa Lots 2698,
2699, 2700, 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704, 2705
2706, 2707, 2708, 2709, 2710, 8281a,
8278, 8279, 8281, 8283, 10331, 10351,
10352, 10353, 10354, 10356, 10357,
10359,    10360,
11619,    11620,    11621,    11622,    11623,
11624,        11625, 11781, 11785,
11786, 11787, 11788, 11789, 11790,
11791, 11792, 11793, 11794, 11795,
11796, 11797, 01798, 11799, 11800,
11801, 11802 and 11803, Kootenay
District, and will he opened to entry by pre-emption on the 1st day
of May, 1914, at 9 o'clock In the
forenoon. No Pre-emption Record
will be Issued to include more than
one surveyed lot, and all applications muat be made at the ofllce of
the Government Agent, Cranbrook.
Deputy Minlater of Landa.
LandB Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January, 1914.
5-3 mtha.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the
reserve established hy notice itub-
llshed In the British Columbia
Gazette on the 27th day of December
1907, is cancelled in ao far as lt rc-
latea to Timber Licences Nos. 41426,
9082 and 4481, and that Bald lands
having been surveyed ns Lota 11514,
11515, 11518, 11519, 11520, 11521, 11526,
11685 and 11689, Kootonay Dlntrlct,
11681, 11681a, 11682, 11688, 11684,
11685 and 11789, Kootenny Dletrlct,
will bc opened to entry by pre-emption on the 1st day of May, 1914, at
9 o'clock ln the forenoon. No. preemption record will be Issued to Include more than one surveyed lot,
and all applications must bo made
at the ofllce of the Government. A-
gent, Fernle
Deputy Minister of Lands
1'l.andH Department,
Victoria, B.C.
28th January,  1914.
3 mths
British Columbia's
wise policy
VICTORIA, B.C .—Tho following
article appeared in the April .Bsue
uf American Forestry on "Progress
in Britiah Columbia,"
BritlBh Columbia bay already trav
elled, surely and very rapidly, far
along tbe road which leads to forest
conservation, Tbat is important
since in British Columbia's forests
is estimated to be over one-half of
the total timber stand of all Canada
To what is British Columbia's
progress In forestry due? To these
two things as I see it. First a very
remarkable opportunity to make thc
provincial forests serve the provincial welfare: for while British Columbia possesses largo agricultural
and rich mineral resouces, vast water powers and great flsUorios, it is
primarily a forest country. Second,
after opportunity comOB the man ia
William H. Bosh, the Provincial min
istcr of Lands, who, with the Btrong
support of the premier, Sir Richard
McBride, is carrying forward wisely
and vigorously n remarkably progressiva clean-cut' policy of land,
forest and water conservation. This
new forest branch is a distinctly
vigorous infant. The toys with which
It is playing happily and usefully
ure the forests of Bsitish Columbia.
That makes <|tiitc an extensive puzzle picture, for British Columbia's
forests cover one hundred ami llfty
million acres. This infant organization spent last year about $350,000
and took in from rentals on timber
held by lumbermen under lease from
the government ''royalties'', which
means payments for stumpage, and
from miscellaneous sources, about
$3,000,000, or a revenue of $6.93 per
capita for the entire population of
thc province.
Nor is this precocious youngster
interested merely in present returns.
It also goes in quite extensively for
forest tire protection and last year
held, with a force of 320 men, the
total tire damage in the entire province down to $18,354 which, to put
it mildly, is distinrtly creditable to
those 320 men. During the year also
thc forest branch completed its organization of twelve forest districts
earh with a district forester in
charge. It made an admirable beginning on logging inspection of 794 operations whose product aggregated
one and one-third billion feet board
measure, as well as great quantities
of shingle bolts, posts, mine props
and poles. It made a notable beginning too, on permanent forest improvements, in the construction of
nearly twelve hundred miles of trail
und 3«0 miles of telephone line. To
complete the tale merely of its more
notable achievements, the forest
branch has also developed a thriving little timber sale business, which
Inst year comprised $238.000 worth
of timber sold, and a further $147,-
000 worth advertised for sale. When
the fact is recalled that the forest
branch is not yet three years old,
this progress is notable in foreBt
history anywhere.
The next tusk before the branch Is
to put forestry into effect on alt
timber limits with fairness to the
forests and to thc lumbermen. That,
as Mr. Ross, the Minister of Lands,
announced in a recent speech, is the
most important task of all; and he
and his forest branch are facing it.
Coal mining rights of the Domin lot
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
btrta, tbe Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and In a portion of
the Province of British Columbia
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one yeara at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acre*
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease mutt bt
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe dis
trict (n which the right* applied foi
are eituated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, and in unsur
veyed territory the tract applied foi
■ball be staked out by the applicant
Bach application must be accoun
panled by a fee of $5 which will bt
refunded lf the rights applied for Aft
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall he paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tht
rate of live cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn icturnt
accounting for tbe full quantity o|
merchantable coal mined and pay tht
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated) sue).
returns should be furnlBhod at least
once a year.
The lease will Include tbe coal min
ing rights only, but the leasoe nm)
Its permitted to purchase whiitsvei
available surface rights may be con
Bldered necessary for tbe working ol
the mine at tbe rate of (10.00 an acre
Kor full information application
should be made to tho Secretary uf
the Department of tho Interior, (Hta-
wa, or to any Agent ur Sub Ageut ot
Dominion Lands,
• W.   W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of tbo Interloi
N.U.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for.- 301.90. Jan. 3rd if.
The recent act introduced by Mi.
Hubs for the adjustment of timber
loyalties is a great accomplishment,
without going into detail (for the
act is available from tho forest
branch to anyone who asks for it)
I want merely to indicate wbat it
accomplishes  In  fundamentals.
This act provides that royalties,
now llfty cents, shall go up by llfty
per cent on January 1, 1915, and
there remain for Ave years. Then, in
1920, comes a readjustment, under
wblch the government tirst det-r-
mlnes the average mill run price of
lumber for tbe last three years, and
adds to the royalty for the next live
year period one-fourth of the excess
above $18,00 per thousand feet. At
the end of every live yeans for six
live-year periods the same process is
renewed, the percentage of the price
increment above a price of $18.00
taken hy the government in royalty
rising gradually from twenty-live to
forty per cent,
This means straight prolit shariug
between the public and the lumbermen. In revenue it means from forestry several times the present returns before the period of the act is
ended. As a precedent it means to
llrltlsh Columbia true conservation
If the precedent be followed,
as I firmly believe it will, lt is precisely one of the great conservation
principles for which lilflord Pinchot
has been lighting and has been winning nnd goes on doing both, in thc
United StateB; and it is very gratifying to Americans that in his
speech endossing the Royalty Bill of
Mr. Ross, the Premier referred to
(iifford Pinchot as "that great conservation leader who possesses the
rare combination of vision, leadership and common sense." The appl -
cation of that principle to the otber
vast resources of Brlt.sh Columbia,
such as water powers and minerals,
will make it more nearly than any
other government of which I know,
the epitome of conservation principles, with the possible exception of
I do not mean, of course, to Imply that the situation is absolutely
roseate; conservation confronts difficulties in British Columbia as it
docs elsewhere. But there is in tbat
Province an admirable combination
of opportunity—for British Columbia
owns nearly all the natural resources of British Columbia and the spec
ial interests do not—and of patriotic farsighted men like Sir Richard
McBride, Hon. W. R. Ross, Minister
of Lands, and Mr, Bowser, the At
torney-General, in position of high
trust. Such a combination is sum to
get great results.
The way in which the United
States Forest Service has, by friend
ly co-operation lent its help to the
now forest branch, is au exceedingly
praiseworthy and productive thing.
The forest branch cannot be a
replica of the Forest Service, because it deals with different conditions under different laws; but the
purpose of both organizations is to
get the highest good for the greatest number from publicly owned for.
est, resources and there is and is
always bound to he a constant and
fruitful spirit of mutual help between UWm. That spirit is already
active and at work.
"Water-front Development" will
form thc theme of discussion at one
session of the international Conference on City Planning to be hold at
Toronto on May 25-27 next. Mr. R
S. Gourley, representative of the
Board of Trade on the Toronto Harbour Commission, will give an address on this subject, which should
be of interest, not only to the citizens of Toronto, but to the whole
country. Our harbours are national
gateways' and the Dominion Government is expected to contribute over
$6,000.000 to this particular project.
Thc works now in progress at Tor-
i nto should prove of national inpor-
tancp in another respect als-), namely, by putting before other cities an
example of what may he done hy
systematic planning for water-front
development. The works proposed
are of three kinds: (6) Industrial development (2) Commercial and doct
development (3) Park and boulevard
improvements. They involve the lining in of Ashbridge Bay and the establishment there of a model Indus*
cilal district with Ilrst class railway
and lake transport facilities; the
deepening of the inner harbour and
building new docks; and the construe
tlon of a beautiful 12-mili' driveway
extending along the entire water
front, with a protected channel for
small craft for the whole d-stunee,
Indoons, parks, Islands, amuqoment
grounds, bathing; beaches, and every
thing that could bo desired for ium
mor pleasure. II is expected thnt lb >
entire project will bc completed In
1920 and at an ch(limited cofll of dp
wards of $10,000 000. When complete
It should place Toronto In an envla
Me position, giving it. one nf the
finest harbours on Ibe Groat Lakes.
stimulating its Industrial and com
merciat (expansion, mul providing
lt# peoplo with unrivalled recreation
facilities at their very iloors.
Notice is hereby given that DO days
after dute 1 intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coat and Petroleum over
the following lands situati' iu the
District of South-fast Kootenay,
British  Columbia,  in  Lot  4593.
Commencing at n post planted at
or near the Southwest corner of Lot
11*180, and being the Southwest corner post of Mary Detiuer's claim;
thence Kast 35.095 chains; tbence
North 13.868 chains; thence EaBt
44.856 chains; thence Nonh 22.467
chains; thence West approximately Hu
chains to the Kast line of Lot 8587,
thence South approximately 38.8?
chains to the place of commencement
being a part of the lands hereto (or j
surveyed as Lot 11480,
Located this 9th day of February,
Katben   W.   Butts,   Agent
Wm. H, Brown, Witness 11
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lnnds fur a licence
prospect for Coal and Petroleum
the following described lands,
U!ock 4593, Qroup I, Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North East corner of Lot 9499,
thence Ntorth eighty chains; tbence
West eighty chains; thence South
eighty chains; thence Bast eighty
chains, to point of commencement,
xcepting thereout that part covered
by Lot U9S0.
orated this 16th day of February
Jobn  Livingst n, locator
(I. W. Brown, Agent
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to tbi
Minister of Lands for a licence t.-
prospect for Coal and Petroleum over
the following lands situut" in thu
Dlatrlct of South-east Kootenay
British  Columbia,  In   Loi   4693.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Southeast corner post ol
Lot 7180, and being the Northwest
corn-'r post of Ulysses E. Fehr's
claim, thence East along tbe South
Une of Lot 10074A a distance o! approximately 27. ?9 chains to the West
line of Lot 8730; thence South along
the West line of Lot 8730 a distanci
of approximately 4.26 chains to the
Southwest corner of said Lot 8730,
thence Kast along the South line (.1
said Lot 8730 a distance of approxl
mately 36.til chains to the West Iim
of Lot 10070; thence South along the
West line of Lot 10070 a distance ol
approximately 3.47 cha'ns to the
Northeast corner post of Lot 10067;
thence West along the North line ol
Lot 10067 a distance of approximate
ly 64.40 chains to the Kast line ol
Lot 8726; thence North along the
Kast line of Lot 8726 a distance ol
approximately 7.73 chaina to thi
; Ince of beginning, containing appro
imately 34.17 acres.
Located this 10th day ol February,
Eathen   W.   Butts.  Agent
Win. H. Brown, Witness 14
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
in the following described lands,
Block 4698, Group 1, Kootenay D.s-
Commencing nt a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 9499,
thence North eighty chains; thence
West eighty chains; thence South
Ighty chains; thence Kast eighty
bains to point of commencement.
Located this IQth day of February
1914, |
John Livingst n, locator
CJ. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
mi tbe following descrlhed landB,
Block 4593, Group 1, Kootenny District.
Commencing at a post plnnted at
Ihe North Kast corner of Lot 11984,
thonce west eighty chains; thence
North eighty chains; thence East
'ighty chains; tbence South eighty
hains to point of commencement.
Located thus 17th day of February
John Livingston, locator
12 C W. Brown, Agent
Notice is hereby given that CO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Cool and Petroleum over
tbe following lun.Is situate in the
District of South-east Kootenay,
British  Columbia,  in   Lot  4593..
Commencing at n post planted at
or near the South-west corner post
of Lot 11949, nnd being thc South
cast corner post, of Ulysses IS. Fehr's
claim; thence North along the West
boundary line ol Lot 11949 to tbe
South boundary line of Lot 11951 u
distance of 55.54 chains; tlience West
along the South boundary line of Lot
11951 to the East boundary line of
Richard Helme's claim ti distance
approximating 12 chains; thence
South along the East boundary Hue
of Richard Helme's claim 55.54 chnins
to the North boundary line of Lot
11948; thence East to the point of
commencement, containing approximately 65 acres.
Locat.nl this 14th day of February, 1914.
ULYSSES E. FEHR, locator
Eathen  W.   Butts,  Agent
Wm. H. Brown, WitneBB 14
Notice Ib hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum over
the following lands sitnat1 in the
District of South-east Ko'tenay,
British Columbia,  in  Lot 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Southwest, corner post of
Lot 7845, and being the Northwest
corner post of Gsorgfl Wykes' claim,
tbence South along the East boundary of Lot 7842 to the International
Boundary n distance npproxi muting
55.01 chains; tbence Kast along the
International Boundary to the South
west corner of Lot 7404 a distance
approximating 58.16 chalm; thenc.
North along tbo   West   hue   of   LOI
7404 to tbe South line of Lot 7845 n
distance approximating 56.OS chains,
thence West along th3 South line of
Lot 7845 to the place oi commence
ment a distance approximating 53.12
chains, contain.ng approximately 292
Located tins 'tth day of February,
Kathen   W.   Hulls.   Agent
Wm. IL Drown, Witness H
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Tlieae I'llls hm Compuuiulod vrltlt tli. it.eiti
cira fiom the nm-'- tollable ramcdloB known i
science; mich n-i iiic helm; UWU Wltll mui li lUCCt
by Hn* inpit colabrntfld nliyilciftiii km ■■■».
'lliuy tire * ipecllic ii'Miie dlftieulnu dooalc
to Mhkii Om female oni«i1in*ii...* li liable
Prln; fi u lnix, Tlo. *t imu '■ ■ i.i.iii'i-m. th
box. .Sold ill nil do K stun-, Ul \<\ m-il In,lii Tli
Lftval Ui-uk Ou., at. t'ttbartn», Uui.
Take notice that I intend to apply
to tbe Minister of LandB (or a licence
to prospect tor Coal and Petroleum
the following deecrlbed lands,
Block 4593, Group 1, Kootenay District.
ommenclng at, a post planted at
the North East corner ol Lot 9499,
thence North eighty chaina; thence
Eust eighty chaina; thence South
eighty chains; tbence Weat eighty
chains, to noint of commencement,
Qxcepttng thereout, tbat part covered by Lots 11980 and 11981.
Located this ltith day ot February
John Livingst n, locator
12 (1.  W. Brown, Agent
Pake notice that I intend to apply
Li the Minister of Landa for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
the following described lands,
Block 4593, Oroup 1, Kootenay District.
Commencing at a po*t plnnted at
the North West corner of Lot 9499,
tbence West eighty chains; thence
South eighty chains; th.mce East
eighty chains; thence North eighty
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 16th day of February
Jobn Livingston, locator
12 G. W. Brown, Agent
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Minister of Lands fur a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
(.ver part of Block 4593 described as
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner of Lot 11980.
thence Kouth fifty chains; thence
West eighty-nine chains, more or less
to the Eastern boundary of Lot
10981; thenre North to the southerly
boundary of Lot 10979; thence follow
ing the said boundary ami the Westerly and Southerly boundaries of
Lot 11979 to point of commencement
Located this 17th day of February
Alfred. H. Webster, locator
12 (1. W. Brown, Agent
Diatrict of South-East   Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOH that John Henry
Lismer, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupa
tlon laborer,intends to apply for per
mission to pnichns.' the following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South west corner ol Lot 9f,87,
Clrollp I, Kootenay District, tbence
weal 20 chnins, thonco north 40
ehafnfl) theuce eaat 20 chains, thence
null til -to chains to the point of Com-
iitcnoomont and containing KI) ucres
more or lews.
Dated March ,10th, 1914. 14
Electric Restorer for Mer
uiwvmv   r\%»£i*vi «•■    .•_•-   •*■*>■*
PhoSDhOtlol '"»,orei •very nerve In tht bwi.
. ',     .        '" Ui proper tension ; taunt-}
llllt Utlll Vitality,   I'M-ni.ilutt* iin uv mid Kll until*!
AT.lloil.--1    RVtrU'll    At   Oil' fl.       rtlOtpllOBOl   «lft
nuke jou ii nuw 111.U1. Price IMboStOt two lot
ifi. Milled in iny ■ddreti, TbiHooUUUrM
, 'JeH It. VMhftrliiM, OkI. ^ THE  PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
rrAHE Annual Meeting of the Local
■*■ Conservative Association will be
held in the Committee Rooms on Hanson
Avenue, on Tuesday evening, May 19th,
at 8.30 p.m.
I. R. MANNING, Pres.
J. A. ARNOLD, Sec-Treas.
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.,
New Rates for Users of Motors  Electric Irons,
Toasters, Stoves, Heaters, Etc.
First 400  h.p.  at  6c.  per h.p.  hour
Second 400 h.-p. at 5c. per h.-p. hour
Over 800 h.p. as 4ic. per h.p. hour
These rates apply to electricity consumed between the hours of 7
a.m. and 7 p.m. from the 1st ot March to the lat f September; and
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. the remainder of the year.
On motors there will be a charge of per h.-p. capacity Ln addition to
these rates,  as—
On   motors  1 to  15 h.p.—Up to    50 h.p. consume! J1.00 per h.p. pr  ninth.
100  " " .50
200  " " .ii
Over  200 h.p. consumed no charge per h.p.
On motors over 15 h.p.—Up to 100 h.-p. consumed, 50c. per h.p. per mth
200     " " 25c.
Over   200 h.p. consumed no charge per h.p.
Vou are cordially invited to the    demonstration    at   our   ortice    between the 3rd and 15th of next mouth.
For Sale Rents & Wants
FOR SALE—Excellent household effects by private sale. Apply G.
Grnnt, Duwcr Avenue.
FOUND—Gold Locket with picture ot
little girl Inside. Owner can have
Bame by applying at this otlice and
paying for this advert.
Twenty-five second-hand Sewing
Machines for Sale on monthly payments, some of tbem cabinets. All
overhauled and in good condition.
From $5.00 up. Singer Store, phone
157. 4-tf.
FOR SALE, Brnntford Bicycle, secondhand, cheap for caHh. Apply
this otlice.
FOR   SALE—Silver   Grey   Dorkings,
11 pullets und 1 hen.   $2.00 each. Box
1120, Cranbrook, B.C.
FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms,
private board if desired, centrally
located.    Phono 411. 14-t.t.
in gooil condition.   Cnn be seen nt
the Prospector olllce. Price $40.00
FOR   SALE    OR   RENT—6-roomed
house on 3 lots, good log barn and
chicken coop at hack.    Apply tn A.
Brault, 243 Pooley Avenue.        •17-4t
WANTED—A  housekeeper for family
of thro?.      Good   wages to    right
party.    Elderly lady preferred.    Apply Box 873, Cranhrook, B.O.     U7-2
Local  News
Mrs. J. D. McBride will not receive
formally again until Fall.
Get Beale & Elwell to insure your
bouse und furniture againBt lire.
Carl Jenson and Charlie Braim of
Cherry Creek,  were In town Wednesday transacting business,
Harry Drew, of Kimberley, was in
town on  business Monday.
LAMB fresh spring lamb
at the Cranbrook Meat Market  Phone
BORN-At the Cottage Hospital
on Monday 4th, to Mr. and Mrs. E.
P,  Elgee, a Bon.
The Hanson Garage received a
consignment of seven Ford automobiles this week.
Mrs. P. Lutner and daughter of
Moyie were (.ranbrook visitors on
Fred Small will leave today for
Wiivlerinore district, where* lie will
engage in the general merchandise
Ladies' or Gent's Hats of any
style cleaned or remodeled. Phone
204 or apply Miss L. M. Smith, Fenwick Avenue. '18-4t.
To   LET—Three   rooms    f -r   light j
housekeeping, oh Armstrong ave., j
rent $8.00 per month. Apply at the
O.K. barber shop, W. W. Kllby,
We Clean the Town. Up-to-
Date and Sanitary. Cranbrook
Dye & Cleaning Works. Phone
Mr. Percy Adams, chief of police,
will leave for Calgary on Monday.
It is reportud that while he is away
he will join the army of hencilicks.
Colonel Roosevelt iB hastening
nome from South America in the
hope that he may he in at tbe finish  of Huerta.
Fortune awaits tbe man who digs
long and deep enough in the right
place in the productive soil of the
Cranhrook  district.
I Handy Cameron and Frnnk Folly
were fishing at Munroe Lnkr on
Thursday; they returned with welt
filled  baskets.
B. k. Wallace ol Fernie was
thrown from » motor-cycle at the
race track In that city ou Sunday
evening sustaining painful but not
serious injuries.
The Municipal council of Ferule is
(Retributing a la'fge supply of trees
to anyone who will plant tbem free
of cost. This a part of the program
for beautifying the elty.
Lester Olapp, Ed. Moflatt, and M.
McCreery, left on Thursday night to
attend a sitting ot the assizes at
Kernie. Tbey will bo away about
three days.
J, E. Masdonald, of the Cranhrook
pool room, is removing from the
Leask building to tho store on Ba
ker Street, recently occupied by the
Wm.   Park   harness company.
We Clean the Town! Cranbrook Dye & Cleaning Works.
Phone 157. \
Mrs. Oeorge Qilberl  mid MIbi i.ii
an arrived dom Vancouver the first
of the week fm an extendod Visit
with Mrs. Gilbert's daughtor, Mrs,
H. A. ffhebell.
llt-ale   a
HOU8ES   Ti)   LET.
Mr and Mrs. Harold Darling left
on Wednesday for Vancouver, where
Mr. Darling hus accepted a position
with tbe Prudent la] Life insurance
J. s. T.  Alexander, formerly gov
eminent a ent   al   Fernie,  has    been
promoted   to   the   watej   commission
...-  gone to  Victoria where be
will reside  In the  future.
Want a Wedding Ring?
You can got the best in weight
and workmanship here for lii
tie money and any other bind
Ol Kings at a considerable re
iluotioii. We imve n large as
Bortment ol very tine Jewelry
ami precious stones ami will
be glad to bnve you call and
inspect them at vour leisure.
There will be no pressure to
buy unless the goods tempt
you  to do so.
Jewelers l' Opticians
Cranbrook,    - H. ('
200 Cartoons Tell More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartooni (rom dallies ami weeklies published In
thia   country,   London,   Dublin,   Paris,   Berlin,
Munich, Vienna, Vyaruw, Budapest, St, Patera*
burs. Amrterdam, StuttgartiTurin, Hnme. Lisbon,
Zurich, Toklo, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, ami
South Amenta, nml all the great rifici of the
World. Only the 200 beat out ul 9,000 tart no ns
each month, arc nlactod.
A Picture Hulory of World's Events Eaoh Month
campaign In Cartook8" and watch the oppos*
inn parties caricature each other.
li*t.«. H. II WlifUBOIl, HIW    . _ MtonSlrHt,! ItlCAOO
LAMB fresh spring lamb
at the Cranbrook Meat Market.   Phone    -    -    -    -
Ed.  Fulljnmest waa operated on at j
the  St.  Eugene Hosvital (ur appeu- :
dicltlB   last   Thursday;  we are clad
to    he   able    to    inform   oui    many
rtader3 that he Is progressing favorably.
Mount Vesuvius is reported as
showing siens of another eruption.
As a matter of comsion decency it
might restrain itself until Mexico
and Ulster adjust their internal disturbances.
Several parties were fishing at
Fish Lakes this week, and returned
vith well tilled creels. They report
thnt the fish ar.1 biting at flies, but
the condition of the trail to the lake
as being very bad.
Those six or seven hundred Hindus
who are on their way to British Columbia are likely to have the pleasure of returning home by .the same
ship without having the opportunity
of placing a foot on  Canadian soil.
At  the    Auditorium  tonight  there
H. L. Douglas was up before
Judge Arnold on Friday charged
with beating the Roynl Hotel out of
a board bill. He was found guilty
as charged and lined $20 and conts,
or CO days in jail.
The lirst few days of May spell
trouble and vexation of spirit for
the man of the house. Friday is
moving day, Saturday suffrage day,
and Sunday is Mother's day. It will
be an opportune time to Bpend the
week end lishing.
Th> spring assize* commenced at
Fernie, on May 8th, when three
criminal cases were tried heforo
Chief Justice Gordon Hunter. P. E,
Wilson of th s city was crown nro-*--
ctitor. There are a number of civil
rases on the docket,
Talcum Powder
—is the most  refreshing
and  pleasant oi all  talcs
Ita elusive tr,.(;(.ui.c. coot*
nc« and aotuwitUc qualities
have pi.,, r.i ii fore mo it
among talcum* and made it
the favorite oi many users.
Thc high quality of tbe talc—ilu fineries'- uf texture and llie coitllnau
of the perfume that riven it iti frag.
ran, r are not equalled in any other
talc you can buy.
AU Druggists, 35c, tins.
Uadabr 38
aovaaaioH raaauMM limited, Toronto
FOR SALE.—Two small eottAgM,
practically new. in first class ron
dltlon, plastered oirtside anil inside.
Apply H. Howlett. plasterer, Cran
hrook street. II.tf
roomed    residence
cheap, two Iota,  near to centre ol
elty. Apply at Prospector ofllce.   ih
FOR SALB—160 acres of First class
lanii' 100 acres of which in clean 1
tho remaining; 60 acres is bench land
with this goes :t ploughs, log) Inu
chains, skidding tongs, gardftn tools,
blaokramtth tools, new fi roomed tiotiiM
set of single harness, Bet of double
harnoss- carpenter tools, Bcraper, top
buggy, wagon, oil's and potatoes
ami  some garden  produce sown  ami
planted.   A SNAP al Hs 1 cash
Land Is situated at Cherry Creek.
Apply at the Prospector Office for
owner and terms. ri t|
People Should Guard Against
Cranbrook people who have stomach nnd bowel trouble should guard
against appendicitis by taking simple buckthorn hark, glycerine, etc.,
ns compounded in Adler-i-ka, the
Derman remedy which became famous
hy curing appendicitis. A SINOLK
DOS El relieves sour stomach, gas oo
the stomach aud constipation INSTANTLY because tins simple mix*
ture anttuptleises the digestive organs and draws off the impiiriticB.
Heattle- Murphy Co. 43-2t
The Kom-hi Branch of th?
iiK-nt ol Lands offort for sale
niy of iiiv cordwood nln
and stacked about two mil
il..- city.
Tenders will bo opened ai t
of tbo Diatrict Forcatoi n
May 12th, 1914, where .1111.1
tlCUlnrs mav be obtained hy
Wishing to tender for same.
.1. I). Gllmour,
Dlutrict  Fm.
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook       -        B. C.
At 60 Years Of Age
Gin Pills gin Un tbe stnigft it pA.
50 ltrosd Street House, London.
I bought some of your GIN PIU.S
at Victorin, B.C. last September. I made
itii'uirles in New York on my arrival
then; but was unable to obtain any
information about Ihem. Your remedy,
I find at 60 years of age, lo give me
perfect relief and I regret very much
that you have not nuule arrangements
to have (WN PM.I-S ou sale in New
York ami London, us I urgently recom-
uieniMilN IMU,S to friends of my age
«;.briiiKlheonelbiug thattloi-H uu*good.
IC. 0. Wooiu'ohh.
1 f your kidneys need help, strengthen
tbem ami keep tbem well with OIN
1'IIXS,—the giiiiiiiittrt-d cure for Weak
Kidneys, 1'nin in the Hack, Bladder
Trouble slid Klutuiiutisin. .soc. a box—
6 for la.50—money buck if they full to
relieve. Sent on receipt of price if your
dealer does not handle them. Sample
box free on remtest, National Drug aud
Cliem. Co., of On.uln Limited, Toronto.
National Ln/v Liver Pills area sure
curefor Coustipui u.u.   35c. a box.    200
Sam Cad leu x, of Sheep Creek, was
in town Tuesday uu legal business.
0, U. McNabb, of Waldo, was in
town Monday uii business.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Johnson motored
in from Wasa on Tuesday.
WANTED—A  few  shares of  tho  Society Girl Stotfe.   Uue cent.   W. R.
Beattie. ly.tf.
There Iw just as good tlsh iu the
rivers and streams of this district,
ns were ever lost or lied about.
ICveu at JIO.IH) a crate it real good
six-by four throe ply Htruwherry
flhorl   enke  seenm   worth  the   money.
LAMB fresh spring lamb Q
at the Cranbrook Meat Mar- ri
ket.   Phone      -      -      w
Mrs, Kred Waggon, Norbury Ave,
will not rocolvo WodnoBday, uth, or
again thm Bonbon,
Pernio win Bond n largo dologatlon
to Hikr nun iu tlio Ohahko MU.n
oolobratlon at NolBon, in July.
A. HI, WiiIIh,   ui   Wattslmrg,  wu
tranoaottug business   at   Oranbrook
Prod Blntnoro, ol Fort Btool«, was
transacting bustnoss at Oranbroolt
Kll.HY      KHAMKh      PIOTURBS
First aid Qla9.Be. are to he organ-
lied by tho provincial government
among metallferous mine workers in
iiritinii Columbia.
The Panama e&nal   will   open on
Mny  loth.    How  would  it Boom to
blow a (ew whlstloB and ring a fow
wiil be shown tho Hpecial flvo reel
feature entitled "Fantomas," or the
mysterious linger prints. Thla is a
very Interesting film and woll worth
Mrs. Simon Taylor and children
left on Tuesday on a vlBit to friends
in Ontario; they will he away for
several months, and will be joined
by Mr. Taylor in September.
Are you still keeping your valuables in your house where they may
be destroyed by fire or stolen ?
Why not place them in one of Beale
Sl Blwell's Safety Deposit Boies-
only a nominal charge.
There is every probability that the
report of an election in Ontario at a
very early date ls quite correct. The
present local assembly was elected
in 1911, and has therefore only one
more year to serve.
Dave Griffith, of Fort Steele, was
lu town Tueeday. "Dave" Is an old
timer in the district, was here in
the early 'sixties, and is Btill holding down the district and doing
business on Wild Horse Cre?k.
Quality in Cleaning! Cranbrook Dye & Cleaning Works.
We Clean the Town. Phone 157
If we may judge from the blossoms, strawberries will be early and
plentiful this year. Local potatoes
will be in the market by the latter
part of June. All growth just now
is rapid.
The Cranbrook Tennis Club will
hold a miied double handicap tournament on Saturday afternoon, May
Sth. All members wishing to play
please be on the grounds sharp at
3 o'clock.
LAMB—fresh spring lamb Q
at tht Cranbrook Meat Mar- rS
ket  Phone w
The regular monthly meeeing of the
executive of the Retail Merchants'
Association wbb hold on Wednesday
afternoon In the Association's office
whon business of considerable importance wns disposed of. Much satisfaction was expressed at the results
so far achieved by the Association,
Goo. Carr, a Perry Creek mining
man, who has boen wintering in
Chicago, returned Monday, leaving
on Wednesday lor his property on
Perry creek. "Geo" is reported to
have mado all necessary arrange-
mentB with parties In the Windy city
for tho opening up of his mines.
R. S. Bohart, of Wardner, Ib suing
Peter Lund of that place for $27,000
damages for alleged libel. The trial
will take place at the spring aBBlzes
which will open at Nolson on May
14. Herchmer ft Martin of Fernle
nre for the plaintiff and Harvey,
McOarter Ik McDonald, of Cranbrook
for tlio defendant.
The wind on Sunday aftornoon
lust, attained a velocity ol about 25
nllcs an hour, aeoompanlod by a
lenvy fall df rnin, which later In tho
ovetllng turned to snow. Tho movement hegnn about three o'clock,
oacllod Its crest about seven p.m.,
mnl died almost to a calm by nine
P. O. Boi 801 Craabrook, B.O
Send/or Five Roses
Cook Book—
. ..   . ..ime tru
Don't dtr|tl t« m,
chosen from die contribution* of over two thouianJ
successful UMI* ol Five Rhci Flour throughout Canada.
Ado Useful Note* on the various classes ol good thing*
to eat. all of which have -tens carefully checked end
i relinked by competent «u tin it ity.
Usnu m ___ tl UK Of THE WOODS WtUW CO. HMITtO, ______
Oranbrook  Jobbers.  Ltd.
CLEAN—No   dust or flying ashes. Ash
chutes guide all ashes into convenient pan.
No   ash   shovelling
necessary.    See   the
McClary dealer or write for booklet.
Just a Gentle Reminder
that we are headquarters
Rods, Lines,
and the best assortment
of flies in town
Hardware and Mill Supplies
CRANBROOK, - - - B. C.
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
S Give our Shamrock Brands ot
Hams, Bacon, Lai d, Butter, etc.
a trial and see if they are not the best
on the market
which insures the quality and cleanliness of them.
Robert lluirii' ot SSealantlia, Bask.,
has been appointed inspector ol mun
Iclpalltlca in llrltlsh Columbia as
hoad of thc municipal department
provided tor by the provincial IckIh-
Inture at its Inst minion. The chlel
clerk ol the office will bn 0. W, Rons
of Fernle.
Have you seen tho biK posters of
the npecial features at the Mdls,<n
theatre, tonlKht? Vou'cannot aflord
to miss this program, Michael Arnold and Dr. I,ynu, a two reel Rei;
An Actor's Christmas, The Imp's
Dream, s»uwt nightmare, and very
funny; I'atbu's weekly.
^Tbo Dyn that colora ANY KINDf
i      of Cloth Perfectly, with tho
No Chine* of Mistake*.  Clean and Simple.
*-b " " '•■ nr Dealer. Hand fnr Boofcik  ,
hardaun Co. Limited, Muattssl J


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