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The Prospector Jun 29, 1912

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Array tie*
'ou Want sn
appropriate   Present
lor The
$2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
Prospector's  Great  Voting
Contest Opens Today
How to Win the Valuable Prizes
Lift of Nomination!! are Published Today for the First Time.   Votes will be Published next
Saturday.   Now is the time to Enter.   Nominate yourself or a Friend
Today.   Prospector's Mammoth Enterprise meets
with Approval of Everyone
Th. "Proepeetor'." Oreat 12,000
prise circulation campaign opens today. It will close seven weeks Irom
tonight. A number ol ambitious
people have already started to work,
•nd they will be richly rewarded lor
the time and .Sort they will give,
during tbt n?it few weeks, ln repre-
seating one of the best papers In the
Interior. K
Tbe sure way not to win one ol
these splendid priz's ottered by the
PROSPECTOR, I. not to enter the
contest, but If you bave ambition, if
you have the courage to make a decision for yourself and stick to It,, in
spite of the bad counsel., of those
whom you mistake for your friend—
If you are wise enough to ignore the
sneers ol the envious, and Anglo-
Salon enough to fight your own way
to victory, then you will long remem
ber to-day ae the turning point In
your distance.
Will you recall June antli. aa the
day you opened the door in response
to the knock of opportunity, and de-
elded to win a great urize, ur will
you ensure your defeat in advance by
locking tbe door and sitting down to
wait? Whatever your station in life,
tin prospector Contest is rich with
promise to you. Claim the promise
to-day. Be one of the many who
will engage in the friendly rivalry.
Tha more candidates there are in a
contest, the more widely will th*
vote* »f the public be distributed.
Tha wider tbe distribution of the
votes, the easier It will be for you to
Tht first published vote standing
ol candidates will appear in nest
Saturday's paper. The standing will
ba ot Interest to all citizens of Cranbrook as well as to the candidates,
inasmuch as it will show who are ac-
the friendly co petition for the best
prises ever ottered in this section of
British Columbia, you will naturally
plan your campaign Ln advance.
Perhaps the "Prospector" may be
able to assist you with a few wordB
of counsel.
Thore ure some tnings which you
cannot afford to overlook, whether
you are young or old, lady or gentlemen, boy or girl. First there is
uo virtue iu any undertaking which
counts lor more than promptness.
'DO IT NOW' has won many a battle, and it is the best motto for a
voting contest, or any other campaign, excepting the motto 'DO IT
Delays are always dangerous in any
undertaking. Tne man who delays
In any race, handicaps himself just
to the extent of the delay. Tbe time
to enter the race for thecontest prize
Is 'TO-DAY'-'RIQHT NOW.' Belore
you lay this paper .down clip out
the nomination blank you will find
on the last page. Fill In your name
and address and sent It or mail It
too tbe contest olllce immediately.
II you wish to win the splendid au
tomobile.or one ol the capital prize
options, you will have to get cordial
support from your friends. Show
tbem you are in earnest. Do not
wait for somebohy to see your frieads
lirst. Let them know you mean business. A days work In the beginning
may mean tbe difference between success and defeat lor you. . By all
means. 'DO IT NOW.'
Once yuu have entered the contest
and received your receipt book, stay
with it. Don't be faint hearted.
Make up your mind that Bteady persistant work will count for more in
a two months' campaign, than spurts
followed by vacations. Every person
you    meet   is either a subscriber to
tlve contestants, and tbe results they
have already accomplished.
Candidates should do their best to
hart a good number of votes to
their credit next Saturday. It will
not only show your friends that you
ar* anxious to secure one of tbe valuable prists in the contest, but will
also b* ot much satisfaction to your-
During tbt last few days a number
ol ptople have called at the office of
th* Prospector to pay their subscriptions. When a subscriber pays lor
his paper In this way, he Is asked to
nam* tht candidate for whom he
with*, to vote, and tht votes are
credited as Indicated by him. Votes
will ht accepted from candidates for
Saturday's publication up until sis
o'clock Thursday.
Do you wish to know how to win
th. valuable prises ln tht Prospector-
voting contest? Of course you Intend
to enter tht race, or give hearty sup
port to on* of your friends.
II you belong to the first division,
If you  have   resolved   to engage ln
the Prospector, or willing to become
one. The Prospector should be In
the home of every citizen in this section. It is ln most ot them already.
When you meet a subscriber, get him
to renew. You will get votes for every subscription payment, past-due
new or renewal.
When you meet a man who is not a
subscriber, add to his pleasure by mak
Ing him one of the Prospector's family. And both new and old subscribers will be glad to have the Canadl-
ian Home Journal. You will receive
votes lor Magazine subscriptions also
Do not ba discouraged, no matter
what happens. If you find tbat some
one hns seen your friends before you
get there, perhaps you can get them
to extend their subscription payment
lt they are already taking some other paper tell them that the Prospector will start at tht tipiration ot
the other subscription if they wish.
And don't give up because folks say
"No." The "no" of today often
means   "yes" ol     tomorrow.     Per
haps   you are bring tested to see 11
you nre patient.
The "Prospector" lias adopted thc
contest system employed on all the
large newspapers In Cnnada and In
the United States. Each subscription payment in made an individual
transaction. A subscription record
will be Issued lor each subscriber
showing the name and address und
amount paid, the name of the l-nudl-
date voted lor, the number of votes
and tne name of the person issueing
the certificate. These records nre
numbered and iBsued In duplicate
the candidate or subscriber reielvlng
the original, while the duplicate la
made a part of the '.scorils to be
checked by the judges at tbe close of
the contest. The system is the I.est
protection lor the candidate thut Ingenuity can devise.
The list ol nominations re.cc.ivi . in
the Prospector's great contest is i ub
llshed to-day for the lirst time In
glancing over the list you may linil
that your name ls :-ot tlisre. I' tris
is the case do not delay any longer
hut clip out the nomination blank
nnd send it to the contest office.
You will he supplied with all information and necessary blanks immediately.
Name Votes
Mrs. R. Robinson   1,000
Miss B. Doyle     1,000
Miss Moser     1,000
Mrs. J. H   Cameron     1,000
Mrs L Langin  1,000
Miss E. P. Van Slyke   1,000
Mies Birdie MCDonald   1,000
Mrs. P. F. Patrick   1,000
Mrs. Albert Carter   1,000
Miss Sadie Moran   1,000
Mrs. Thompson   1,000
N. Houston       1,000
Miss May Chapmao  1,000
MIm L. FlnlsB   1,000
Miss Jean Bridge   1,000
Mien Nellie Leaman   1,800
Miss J. Havrlll     1,000
Wm. Johnston   1,000
Mrs. J. Draper   1,000
Miss Delia Drummond
Miss Francis Drummond
Miss Rose Gasklll 	
Miss Margaret Kennedy
Miss M. 1.. Roberts 	
Robert Pye 	
Jas Henderson 	
Mr. McKay   	
Mr. C. E. Bartlett   1,000
Mrs. F. W. Wells    1,000
Mrs. Thos. Walton  1.000
Miss Lillian Leask      1,000
Mrs R. A. Rackleyft      1,000
Mr. A. Fortier, Athalmere ...
W. Williamson, Baynes Lake
Miss J. Cameron 	
Mra. M. Palmer, Kragg 	
Mrs. C. Hilton, Yahk 	
Mrs. O. Downing, Althmere .
Mrs. John Wool!, Fort Steele
Tbt firm ot Thompson * Carpet,
who are handling "Kootenay Orchards" art represented ln Cranbrook thla week by Mr. L. M. Thomp
son, who arrived from Winnipeg last
Monday. Mr. Thompson Is well Bat-
tllltd with tbe progress tht newcomers havt madt on their respective
blocks, and was astonished nt the enthusiasm and optimism displayed hy
tb»M people. He hears the tidings
that • number of prairie larmers will
their propttty and look the sttua-
Jtloa aver,
shortly coins to Crnnbrook to inspect
Tht East Kootenay Valley and es
ptct.lly Cranbrook is receiving considerable attention, not only by tht
. paolple of th* prairies but into Ontario and Quebec, remarked Mr.
marked Mr. Thomoson, and tne let-
tar* received in the above firm's office daily asking for information ln
retards to tnls vast district, containing untold rlchtt for the man wh
rtapondt to tht popular call "Get
sack to the Soil," is surprising. He
reports that "Kootenay Orchards"
ls all but slid and preslcts that with
la a lew wstks tlmt, the entire ettst
will bt under contract. He also stated that ht wat vtry well pleased
With tht co-operation afforded the
firm hi represent., by the merchants
aad cltlstnt of Cranhrook, ih advising partita seeking information in re
gard to thi* district upon request.
Ia coocldsion, Mr. Thompson stat
Id that tula Influx of settler* Is a
■un and certain sign that a Bigger
and Batter Cranbrook will follow in
Ita wak*. bringing this city into such
promln.no. that It will command the
attention ot th* *ntln province.
Merritt Alarmed
Merrltt hus been thrown Into u fe-
vor ot excitement by a series of Indian crimes ranging trom murder to
deadly assault! This morning Squ.i-
misken, one ol the best known indluns
hunters ol this vnlley, was lound
with his brains buttered out and
Toodlaken, a 24 year old Indian, is
now in jail charged with the crime.
Toodlakln's wile was also discovered
beaten Into Insensibility und Is ln a
precarious condition.
Chief Tom Peter says Toodlaken
and Squamlskeh had heen drinking
prior to the murder.
At 1 o'clock this morning Joe
Coutlte, foreman ot the Douglas
Lake Cnttle company, started Irom
Merritt to his home. Passing ln
Iront of a hardware Btore an Indian
grnsped his arms and pinioned them
while another Indian inflicted ten
bad wounds In the man's chest and
arms. Several witnesses rushed to
Coutlle's aid and the Indians made
pltal and aside from the danger
Irom blood poisoning is recovering.
Albert Wilson immediately started
for the Indian settlement at Qullhena
and encountered nn Indian whose
horse and BBddlc were bloody.
Shortly thereafter word waB received
saddle and horse hnd been captured
near qullhena and he wns also taken
Into custody. The Indluns are name
Sheeny nnd Nicnmen. They wero taken to Merritt.
Thursday night ConBtnble Smith
was shot at and last night he, with
Chief Strange arrested a man who Is
alleged to have bragged thnt ht did
tht shooting and would get the con-
Mrs. A. Shepherd, Wardner   1,000
stable next t me. It Ib claimed the
prisioner charges the constable with
having shot at his partner at Ash-
Alexandra Day Successful
June 26.—London today Ib burled
beneath both real and artlllcial roses
Ladles from Mrs. Asuuit nnd the
Duchess of [luccletlgh down the Bocial
scale sold Queen AlexendiuJB fnvorlte
flower In the streets on the 50th nn-
ulvernrry of he rlandlng in England.
The proceeds are to lie given to the
hospitnls. The Indies ol the London
Canadian colony were selling In tho
neighborhood ot the imperial institute. The Canadian Pacific offices at
Charing Cross were used as a depot
for vendors to replenish stocks. The
whole scheme wns wonderlully successful.
Golden Wedding
Sir William Meredith, chief justice
of the common pleas court todny celebrated with Lady Meredith the liOth
nnntversnry ol their marriage. The
day was marked quietly hy a lamlly
gathering nt the family residence In
Government Wins
lluthnrat. N.R., June Hfl—Polling In
Gloucester county yesterdaj resulteh
In the return of the tour government
members hy 600 majority, with seven
plnces to henr Irom. ThlB will give
the government 46 members in the
next legislature and the opposition
British Business
"Thanks lor wire." At Hon. Martin
Hun-ell's request ln endeuvoring ...to
bring part of pnrty through the
route you describe. Will advise you
This telegram containing the information that Kootenay may bo visited by at least some of the members
of the party ot business men which
is now touring Canada hus been received by H. H. Currlc, publicity
commissioner, who, supported by Hon
Martin Hurrell, R. F. ilreon, M. P
number ot provincial members of
parliament and numerous bonrds ol
trade in Kootenay and southern Alberta, has been working strenuously
for sonie weeks In un endeavor to
prevail upon the leaders of tbe party
to place southern British Columhlu
upon the itinerary. The telegram Is
dated from Georgetown, Ont.
Directly definite news as to when
the business men will reach Nelson
has been received arrangements will
be made for tbeir entertainment.
The favorable wire was in reply tu
several telegrams sent by Mr. Currle
to Leonard Palmer, head of the party, addressed so that tbey would
meet at vurious points en route trom
St. John, N. B., west. To Mr. rainier at Ht. John the following outline
of "Kootenay's attractions" to the
investor was sent by Mr. Currle.
"City of Nelson and Kootenay extend most cordial invitation to your
party to use the Crow's Nest Pass
route wben leaving this province,
without disturbing the itinerary east
ol calgnry, only 12 hours abstracted
trom main lint itinerary will give
you two days ol fresh Bights among
exquisite lakes, vast waterpowers,
charming Iruit regions and almost all
metalliferous mining of province, and
land you at Lethbrldge by route
which will shortly he main Hue, and
which has present population of
60,000. Seconded by nil the sister
towns ond districts, we had asked Interior department to transmit Kootenays invitation to you nud arrange
inclusion In itinerary, but department
today advises us to communicate
with you directly, liy extending first
stop at Calgary, and taking Laggan
on way to coast, you cnn devote return trip to developed interior. Canadian Pacltlc railway will always
meet your wishes. ' Mny Nelson hope
to entertain your party In flower
land ol mountains."
And to Mr. Palmer at Toronto, Mr.
Currle directed this further appeal to
the party to place Kootenay on Its
"Ab per your wire ol June lsth to
St. John and other invitations you
have received from Kootenay cities.
we hope you will permit nothing to
debar you two-days scenic trip
through glorious Kootenay by Crows
Nest Pass line, which will require but
12 hours Irom Banff and Laggan.
This route has one-sixth ot population ot province, seven-eighth ol
province's metalliferous mining, one-
third of total lumber cut, conl sup
ply of prairie, both irrigated and
non Irrigated fruit belts, enormous
waterpowers, exquisite lakes and majestic ranges. Short route now being
constructed to the coast will still
further open up this territory, which
ls a magnificent field for investment.
We trust that you will decide to use
your time'In thia province to greater
advantage than flrst arranged, and
that you will gratify Nelson and oth-
Kootenay cities by passing
through their territory. Nelson will
be delighted to tender banquet.
Please rush answer, our expense."
British Columbia and Her
By T. P. O'Connor, the Famous Journalist
Sir Richard McBride-Chief Minister of a Fair and Attractive Land.   The Following Sketch
Under the  Caption   "A   Benevolent  Autocrat"  Appears
iu thc June Number of T  P.',
There dwelt tor n few weeks lately' white mane ot Sir     Wilfrid  Laurier I that our party government was th.
n London one uf the moBt remarks-  hus become historic lu Cuuada, and .'cure lor the sordid und mean person-
ble oi the true empire builders of our  by bin enthusiastic trlends used to be al motives  which Influenced political
time.   Doubtless be     pasBed through computed to that oriltumine   of    the | contests so  primordial,  and fighting
many scenes unknown and unnoticed;  French King whlcb     always led the I his   way  through tremendous ubsta
nnd that, to him, must hapc been nu  way In battle and always rallied thel cles   and   over-powerful  Interests   he
experience as welcome as It was nov-   French soldier to courage *r\ victory  established n party government    'and
el.   For It is quite unlike his ordln-  Shrewdness, kindliness,   good nature, soon he was himself hi the head of a
ary experiences in his own country,  nnd yet vigilance, keen Insight, mdul: ministry.   He was prune minister at
There, for every moment ot every day  gent but thorough-going     Instinctive 32-the   youngest   prime   minister in
he has rows of people standing out-  knowledge     of human   nature,     nnd I the HrltiBh empire
side his door, eager to win his   car, above nil, Inflexible will; these     are     ., „,.„ „ ..,,„„. _.     __   .   .    ,
to excite his Interest, or oven to have ; the dlt.tr.nt qualities    o, the inner- ,„« ^rllou."".8 The pTvta«',«
the pleasure of shaking him by    the  man that are    expressed iu his phy-|not ,n „ llcallh    conoltlon. Uh .
nand and of exchanging a lew wordslsique.   Mr.     Winston   Churchill  once CM vm ms]KcV „„,, when the ,olln„
with him.   In    passing outside     his j addressing a meeting in     his honor,: prtme mmiBter wt.„t t„ the bankfl th
ofllce through the streets ol hla city j said ol    him that "high     destinies'  caut|0us managers had politely to re-
there is not a man, woman or child i were written on his face, and that Is | .UM „jm t„ejI. al(j    Here   tnen   WBi
that does not recognize him. lew who a true as well as eloquent expression L   strange   and paradoxical problem,
do not greet blm with a word, none I of whnt this man suggests even at a | Nobody could doubt that the provlnc
who do not give him a kindly smile; cursory glance. „ad   gigMtic   and   varled „,„„„„,
us be passes. Many ol them, simple, Such Is "Dick" McBrlde. I cull him j time only wns required to make tbt
us well at gentle, address htm as] "Dick" for nobody ever calls him worM „„,, the provfnc, itMi, „„,,„
"Dick , aad, In turn, he addresses anything else. It Is one ot tht many lta immtasureable potentialities Po
most ol them by their Fhristlnn signs of the extraordinary hold be I pulutlon had to be attracted and
names.   No man ever had In a great- [ has on his people; it Is symptomatic. that „ not „„ Ugk    ^^
er degree that terrible gilt of tatuil-' of the spirit of the community he l.tt to Brl,)Hh Columbia you reach
Inrlty which so exasperated the fath-i rules. Of thnt community he Is the one of fairest and attractive landa
er ol the great Miraheau; no man I child In every sense ot the word. His |„ tne worl(1 ,)0 V(JU W|int HCener.
was ever to endowed by nature with j parrots were among the many who 0, th. e_me ,lppai|ing magnificence
tliose gifts of kindliness, simplicity, ] lett Ireland to lind a truer and more „„ ((,„, nl tne ■/Mrmntt ni!iob 0<
good fellowship, which are among the j prosperous home In the new world. Switzerland-' You find It almost Im-
cblef requirements of the ruler ol one | And in the circumstances ot his pa-  me,ii,,tely yoti enter its borders     Do
of those great young communities,
monarchical to the heart's core so
lur as the mother country In concerned, hut within their own sphere and
towards their own public men demo-
rentage. as in so nwny things in his • yo„ wmt (ertlle Un(1 „,,„,.,„,. th,
prosperous llle, fortune smiled upon; „108t hea„tl„-| (n„t ,„ the worW?
him, lor it was n mixed parentage | it lB to hll ,„„„,, ,„ t|w .„„,„„, ok_
both ns to race anil creed;  and this • „„„,,„„     VH„ev    Are R   mlntal
accounts largely for the singular com. prospector? You can ramble through
cratic to a degree undreamt of even blnation of qualities tlmt bus mud* British Cnldmhia with a certnlnty
in the philosophy of countries    that]him so ideal a ruler lor a young andI that In time you will reach gold or
democratic     community.    Ills lathe* eopp*r or some other ol the metals
came from Ulster and wns nn Orange- for wnt(,h Ihe worM ,„ Cftm      out
man; and his mother trom Limerick;    Th      ,        ..    _„,„,.,    ... „,    _
-a i        n .i.„ii„    v.*....  ih. f »k» i     'ne     rorm tne material attraction*
nnd Is a Catholic.   From the lather:   . „.-.,,.  ~ . .,     .... *
, *,.    i or iiriusn Co i nib a   but if you seek
came the strength,     Irom the   other I- *      "*"■
call themselves republics.
Yet, though his nsme and personality might be strange, thin dweller
for brief space within our gates could
not appear anywhere without attracting attention. He looked whnt he
was—the bom ruler of men. Very tall
and at the same time very robust,
great, the great shoulders of an athlete, the strong, firm walk ot a giant
in good form, he looks tbe mun whn
could snoulder his way through any
crowd however dense or howev'r
strong. He is the embodiment ot
massive physlcnl strength und ot inflexible will. Tbe head aud lace are
worthy culmination to the splendid
figure. The fare is round nnd some-
what short- the face of one whose
blood Is mainly Celtic. The Jaw hasj *'"• early,
the strength ot the strong man ot ac-1 he was made
one came the geniality, the kindness,
the fraternity of feeling that miikes
him n popular idol.
Mr. McBrtdes parents gave him a
good education, and he was *ient to
the other end of Canada—tnat Is to
say, to the law school ol Halifax, to
be trained as a barrister; and then be
set up tor himself in a small ofllce
In which prfmntlve communities
men have to open their struggle for
existunce. But he was not left long
to study briefs; his naturnl gifts as
ii political man asserted them-
Iletore he was 30
cabinet minister, nnd
for other thlnes, for n lovely and
healthy climate, for a scenery soft
or spots thnt nestle under the gigantic mountains, and bring vigor and
Joy of life back again; these nlso you
can find, they come to you without
the asking. And. finally, you get to
ths Pacific, spread belore you. one of
the lovliest .sheets ot water the world
can show. Around and about It are
growing those gigantic buildings,
those mighty wharves, those docks
thnt are attracted by a great world
centre and depot, and the tall funnels or the spreading snlls of ships
from every land are crowded In by
the water side. A city whose growth
is like a tale from the Arnbtan nbjht
in its suddenness nnd opulence, hss
ground up nround the magnificent depot, Vancouver, one of the marvels
of the world, has Increased in a few
years by 50 per cent of Its population: and here at the end of tbe world
you And a city as modern as If It
were in the heart of London; with
plots ol land—nay, with square feet
tlon, of the llgnter, ot the mno who j he soon made it quite clear that he
knows nn fear. The mouth small and I *»B a man so strong, so tearless,
delicate; but again firmness is its; astute, that he had to he counted
chief Indication. The brow Is high|w'th. A ministry brought tn a rall-
and broad, and the eyes bright, blue,; M" Klvin* « hig concession; he with
piercing and vigilant, reveal the mania small group ol members, fought
who has hsd to look Into the depths j the bill all though a session, not to
of myriads of human gouts and find | he bullied, or tired, or cajoled Into
out whether gold or mud are at their: surrender,
unfathomed depths.   And then comes     Then, having felt his leet. he fought
massive head of hair—thick curly, lor a new principle in official and selling at prices such as sometimes
but all white ub Bnow. Therein he' political lite in his native province. > equal those that ten century ot civ-
hears some resemblance to that other \ The ministerial and opposition par- lllzation and ol the central and su-
great Canadian of whom he hns been j ties were then settled on the simple preme position as capital of the
the personal friend and the political! and good old system ot the "ins" 'world's commerce and finance have
opponent all his life; for the massive'and the "outs". Mr. McBride resolved I Continued on Page Four.
scene was a most pleasing one, which, _        _ and more are promised^ it behooves
together with  the evidences and ex- UUT Opportunity l.very    farmer   in this community to
presslons   of     warm   friendship   and     A1 k ,    mind that every **» busy and Join with his neighbor,
good wishes will make the happy oc-' *  ,_   „ „ . .,       .,...       .        .,,
castor.. All the ladies were in light l*n'?ck -'ou ■**" "*-ur hnmt to«* "H **rr-""""K the exhibit tnat will
summ?r dresses, nnd the scene wus a "'"" with *tmier or |€!SK •ora *"••"• caPture th" sweepstake prize. It will
most pleasing one, which, together "our8"1'. ''n<1 tl*''< "very benefit that|(„ a b0ost lor our district; not to do
with  the evidences'  and expressions; -"llm*»   «    boot*   you   have also IL, ,aM „„ ,„ th( cat,gor. „,
of lrl.nd.hlp and good wishes    will J***  «£ ™" t0Xr"forPJu. «■•    -■*•*•••«••*    «"-    ~^«
make the happy occasion ane ol MIm \_  *"  m""*. **°,I*  ""!""*'   ™  »•,
Dick's brightest niemprles. nnd make!™'1"10"    Rood.   The opportunities ot should   be   called
her feel when she     returns to Cran- th*    ™mtt*    In'r should appeal to.should
brook that she .»    making her home\"«* !»™"' *■•"> **' 0,cr,! ■*re «n*e now.
a lining kind friends.
"Showers" for Miss Dick
The very mention of "shower"
these days is refreshing. We hnd one
this afternoon, (Wednesday)—two rather—both of them delightful.
People dodged the one on their "ay
to the other, which took place In tbe
parlors ol Mre. J. D. Murray's home
on Fenwick avenue. In honor ol
Miss Fanny Dick, whom one ot < inn
brook', most highly respected end
best known young men has Induced
to leave a profession in which she
has lew equals and none to surpass
As a teacher Miss Dick is loved
and honored by every pupil In Cranhrook school, from the hignejt room
to the lowest.
The warm regard she has won tor
herself was well attested hy the numerous nnd beautiful gifts showered
upon her this afternoon, In the presence of the Crnnhrook teaching start
and Miss Hick's most intimate friends
ln thia city.
She hnd not received tbe slightest
hint, and understood thnt she was an
slating Mrs. Murray to receive, until
little Ruth Klmer nnd Darwin Murray struggled iu with a laden bosket
which they "Miss Chick" to help
them with nnd behind them came
Miss Vera Ilradwln and Miss Kva
Coundley with numerous larger pack
But Miss lilrk recovered from her
surprize nnd carried It oft In a manner that made nil proud ol her, anil
whon Bhe began to undo the gifts,
nnd thoy wer? pnssed among thn
guests, laughter and gay chut filled
the rooms. Then refreshments were
Mr. Logan bud cut the choicest sury. 1 hnve no doubt that the siiti-
llowers trom the school plants.to as. j Ject will he taken up hv Mr. Boss ns
slst In adorning th. reception par-. minister of Innd. when he returns
tors lor the orcnslon. All the ladles from his present tour ol northern
were   in   light   summer dresses, and! Brills ht'olumbla.
ut   once,   and w.
make our preparations right
To Administer Lands
lletore many months elapse it is
probable that the land in the railway belt of British Columbia will he
handed over to the province lor administration. Intormntion to this ef
feet wus brought buck Irom llttuwn
by Hon. Thomus Taylor who hns Just
returned Irom n trip to the Dominion
capital. "The matter does not come
within the jnriH.li.-t on ol the minis
ter ot public works," says Mr. Taylor, "and for thnt reason I discuss it
only Incidentally wltll Hon- Hubert
llogers, minister ol the interior,
while we were talking over aome o-
llier things. 1 gathered, however,
Hint he favors dealing witli the land
of the railway belt na the water ol
the same nri-u bus been ilenlth with,
thut Is to nny by bundling lis uiliiiin
lotrntlnn ol the province on the understanding Hint nny revenue derived
therefrom over and above expenses
shall be paid Into the Dominion trea
who always nave a hammer out. what
then should an international exposit-!
i..n, right in the very heart of this t
western country, require in the matter ol your aid an.l co-operation
through exhibiting the best you have
grown- And whnt nbout the man
who crltices when nn exposition ts
made internntloniil-world-wide In
scope, with displays of the best that
Like B. C. Coal
Vancouver. D. C.-Followtng tests
ot British Columbia coal made last
summer by the United Stntes cruiser
West Virginia, the Vancouver board
^  _     __ _   ^  ^(> ^ ol trade has    received a communica-
nen'riy "every" country" under' thVsun "on from Ueuteuant Colonel  Jamct
il va... j        vvvix      1.0IIII1I.I       i.ihiui       *.«.<       nu..
.roduces-and it Is brought right to '•   **.n'fht   "' H-*° "ranclsco, roqdett-
II eel.
In maintained
ordinary used.
a  maximum  ot steam
the quantity of   eoal
his very door, with its thousands of "■-»•*»'-tenders be submitted for eup-
ntten.llnc    oltleinl      representatives,  p1*"'"*    -<*•«» the tntire Pacific eoaat
progressive ngrtculturnllsts and cap- !■*•*"   .'*• •• cl"'m*d 'be West Virgin-
tains of   finance and  transportation,
who travel thousand and thousand of
tulles to     ascertain what    are    his
requirements,   what   they can do to!
make tils Journey  through  Ut. easier
and happier, and whnt Is best for tile
country,   yes.   for   tbe world, a. a
whole"   Cod    loves  and honest man;!
(be lilble dosn'i place a knocker any
Bank Robber Caught
wtiere near the throne,
Nearly every district throughout
western Canada—In every one of the
four provinces-Is urrnngliig to be re
presented at the great International
Dry Farming Congress at lethbrldge
Alberts, October 21-26 next, and, tn
view of the fnct that some 110,000 of
prizes have already been announced,
A Detroit dispatch says "In tbe
nrr.st here last night of Martin Powell, u circus follower, and the finding
■ ■I nearly (4,000 In t'nnndlun currency
upon hln person, the police believe
they hnve discovered on ot the gang
who held up and robbed the Royal
Bank ol Canada In Vancouver in Jan
uary, 1911. THE l-ItOSFBCTOR. rRAMmoOTC. Tl C. <
A Modern Romance
| mtiti heartily.   "I bava been longing
I for this day and now i am happy."
Vera was nbout to re-ply, but Bmnu
j broke In quickly:
|    "There* la Jusl one matter," ho snld
briskly.   "Did you bring those papers
. with you, Misti Grant?"
j    "Ves.   Here they nre."
|    The    solicitor    took    tbem  iu. his
hands,    ami   glanced tbrougb  them
I rapidly. "It waa merely » matter of
form, bul we must be business like,"
lie said suavely. "They are all in order, and now 1 tliitik ("have performed
niy duty.''
"I am much obliged  to you,   Mr.
To David Clay great wealth nail I Brann. I want a long talk with you.
*,ome, wblle he wan still a young man, be said, turning to Vera. "Perhaps
Mil his early tialnlng had beeu one you will come with me to my hotel,
thnl titled him io sustain his good ror* Vou must look upon me as your guar*
tune without losing his head. Until dtan," he added quickly, when he no-
he was nearly thirty the had lived 'im! that she hesitated.
the idle life of a man who possessed1 "1 will come,' she said simply,
a rich father, and who would new i She leaned back in the luxurious
be under lhe necessity of working tor motor car which was waiting outside.
Ills living. The family estate was iu and tbey glided silently along in the
Sussex, where Mr. Clay hunted the direction of the Rltz, Clay did not
local foxhounds. David was an only : speak, for he was busy with his
son, ami hi-- relal Ion ship with bis fath- , thoughts
er was almosl  more that, of a friend
than of a sun. The shock of his sud*
iiis death In the hunting-field came
as a very great blow to David, which
was accentuated by lho subsequent
dlHcovery of the fact that his father
had been speculating very heavily,
and thai the estate was Involved.
It was a couple of months before
tlio true position was arrived at. and
u den the solicitor Informed Da\ id
Unit the surplus after the sale of the
estate would be merely a nominal one.
he did uot quail bellfcaU. the blow, bnt
immediately set about to discover
. some means by whlcb he could earn
money. Soon afterwards he chanced
to inei'i a friend who was a district
commissioner in Northern Nigeria.
"There is plenty of money Jn  my
country, he chanced to remark. "That (
K if you've yot the grit to stand the
A fortnight later David was *»n
route for West Africa, and on the
Btcamer it chanced'that Stephen Grant
wns bis cabin mate.    It  was fully a
He had ue\ er Imagined tbe
possibility lhat Grant's daughter
would turn i ut to be so beautiful, as
.was ibis girl wlm sat beside film. He
looked in vahi for some sign of the
excitement thai would be only nut-
; ural usder the circumstances, bu
eyes  were  serene and  calm
As soon as they reached his si
room he began to tell  her of
struggle in Nigeria which had brought
I to hliu fortune, and to Stephen Orant
. —the Rravp.
"He cave his life for me," he said.
In a deeplj moved voice, "and 1 want.
jusl as far as I can. to take lib pla< *
To him there wns nothing Incongruous in whai he bail saitl. and he
could not understand \ era's qulol
smile of amusement.
"But why did you not leave your
address af the Convent.'' he asked
"I understand from Brann that you
have been very poor."
"When one starts out to fight for
one's very existence 1 think our pre
fers to bo left alone. As soon ae we
had math our fortunes we intended
to pay a visit to the  Mother Supe*
Origion of Radium
Of the various problems raised by
lho discovery of radium and Its associates, all but two have now been
solved, said Prof, Frederick Soddy In
his recent discourse at the Royal Institution. The two remaining put*
zles are tho origin, and the ultimate
disintegration products of uranium
and thorium. These two primary
radio-active elements are the only
ones changing slowly onough to account for the maintenance of radium
In tho earth, and the only ones with
specific gravities higher than that, of
radium. As il is highly improbable
that radium is the result of a union
of two or .more elements, It follows
that the physicist must look to uranium or thorjum as Its source.
In order to lest the percentage of
radium, Prof. Soddy nine years ago*
purified BOtue uranium (from radium)
and   set   II   aside  in   a  closed   vessel, j
Alter a year and n half ho found beg for him before everybody In tbi
R trace of radium in the vessel, but   church?"—liOB Angeles Times.
only n thousandth pari of the amount ;	
that should have accumulated ihem- Butler*—There's a man below to see
etlcatly.    Thc non-appearance of rad-1 you. sir.
ium Professor Soddy explained by Ibe Mayborry- What iiiii you tell him?
nsslunpllon that an Intermediate pro- .hitler i told him you told me, if
duct occurs between uranium and i it was a lady, to say you \\cro In, and
radium lie Began furttitir Isolation ! that If it wns u man, to say you were
axpeiimonta in  1905 to test  ihls hy-j out
Way to Wis.
Bronson—What's tho beat way to
make lovo to a girl?
Dawson—Tho worst way possible.
Then she'll think you mean it.—Puck.
A Httle girl who lives In North-
field, Mass., was gOlng home from
church service one morning when she
suddenly burst out wiih the words:
"Oh, motherl Couldn'l father do
thai Mr, McConnell wouldn't have to
something of Gen.  Benevolences, so
The Hunter-.,
"I'm going off on a hunting trip
With lllnks, DaWSOIl and Uildad," said
"Flnel" said Wigley, '"Big game or
"Oh, wo never go beyond lho 10*
oent limit," said Ulokenlooper.—liar-
per'fi Weekly.
her I pothestB.     Tbe result of these   has      Maybei
been the conclusion thai  the radium      dut ler
Ing 1 found  waa the result of small nuan* | a lady.
I hies of ionium not removed during
Lhe    preliminary   purification      Ion*
Ium   Is   a   substance   discovered   bj
Bottwood, In America, and L-Ceelmnn
in Germany, In uranium minerals (and
.ii  flrsi assumed    10   he   act!uium), | Own Tt
w ini-li  generates  radium  ai  a  1 apld   falls to
rate      Ckcmicallly, tt appears to be
uii -itj*.;.i \\ iiii thorium
What  did
said lo le
way then'.'
ou lie was
Mlnard's Uniim-m
8k whom   you nn an by
Meek ere they did more than speak
formally to one another, for they were   rlor
both  reserved, but by the time they1      'May    1
had touched the Sierra Leone, David I'we'?''
had opened out his heart to bis new I     "My great friend. Hilda-
"Why don't you come to Nigeria
wltb me'.'" Grant suggested quietly. "I
am in for a good thing, and if it. only
comes off there's enough for both of
David   jumped  at  the  chance,  and 1
now   he    was occupying one of the
llCSt   suites at.  thp  Hltz  Hotel,  while
his friend's bones were ln the arid soil
of Nigeria.
lie had hat finished breakfast ami
hold in UU hand a ;■>! tr trom Crawley Brahn, which told blm Miss Hilda1
Grant   would 'he at  his office at  ten
To David a promise was sacred,
and the circumstances under which
he had promised Stephen Graht that
ho would look' after bis daughter rendered it doubly so., lie had cabled
homo the news of Grant's death, and ,
just as f-0011 as lie could do so he had
written to Hilda and had told ber of-
his intentions towards her.
TTc was detained some time in Nl-
Keria, until a competent manager arrived, and he was surprised at receiving no answer to bis letter, itnme-:
dlaiely on his return be had run over
to Belgium, and was distressed to
find that Hilda had lefl the convent
bofore the arrival of his lottor.
Ever since lhat day In1 had search j
eil*for lier and now his efforts were
rewarded.   It was wltll a curious reeling    of    diffidence    lhat  he entered j
Crawley   Hrann's office,  and  he  whs I
filmoul glad to find that she hail not [
yet arrived.
"Vou saw her lasl night?" Iio askeu.
"What is ahe lik
She stopped suddenly and V
turned white,
"Hilda Graham," she said hurriedly,
and she did no*, breath'' freely until
she was sure that he had not noticed
her agitation. She blamed herself
for her carelessness, and she became
very cautious in her speech, so much
that  the conversation  began  10 Iau-
'n. Limited,
Yarmouth) N  S
Gentlemen.** In -fttauary las; Francis
Let-in.*', one of the men employed liy
me.   working  lu  the  lumber  woods,
had a tree fall on blm,
fear tu It j    lie was, when found, placed
on    a    Bled aud taken home, where
grave fears nne entertained for his
recovery, his hips belug badly, bruised
and his body turned  black from his
ribs to his reel    We used UUfARD'S
LINIMENT on htm rreelj  to deaden
ihi   pain and  with ihe use ol three
.   *Rop.*-bottles be was completely cur  '
A mother who has once used Baby's
lets lor her little olio never
how her pleasure at the result, she nt once realises that tbey
are the Ideal medicine for baby- be
Ing absolute!) sale and free from In
Jurlous drugs and at tbe same lime a
sure cure fnr all the Utile ills from
which babies suiter. Mrs. P, Thev*
iault. PncquetvlHle, N. u, wwrltos:
"Please send me another hox of
rushing him , Baby's Own Tablets, 1 was extremely
pleased with the last. My baby was
gl euily troubled with const I pal ion
and vomiting, bul the Tablets quickly
cured her." The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 36
cents u box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont,
. ■ -   ■ ■ return to his « di v,
Elgin Road, L'Islet Co., Que
"Now we will talk business/1 he began briskly. " I have prepared a
schedule of what 1 received from the
sale of the oil wells to the company.
1 have placed in the hank the half
of tin- amount 1 received in cash, aud
It stands there in your name. I will
have the shares transferred to you,
and 1 advise van not to sr-ll them until i tell you.'
'You are very kind, and 1 don't
know how to thank yuu." she murmured In a low voice. It. seems almost like accepting charity."
"Disabuse your mind or thai Idea,"
be answered with a touch of tenderness; "this money is rightly jours.
Your father was my partner, and you
are bis heiress. Now may l ask you
whal you are going to do?"
"I am so utterly bewildered that 1
cannot think.    But  first  1 Bhall take
my friend to the sea.    T
1 ime means more than Hie mon
it  May be Tuetr-nic  Hustle"    Instead
' of "Yankee Hustle" Scon
hi German) even one speaks one
or two languages In addition to his
own. A clerk Is not admitted Into
a hanking institution, uo matter how
lowly the ctwiract'r «f his work is to
be. unless he car. at least fluently
speak and write one foreign language.
Forty years ago Germany
purely agricultural country,
day ranks second In industrial pursuits, and the population keeps pace
with this development, Thirty years
a no its population numbered *.5.uoQ-
000, today It is 72,000,000, evidencing
a virility that makes for cohtlnuoui
Traveling from Flushing to Berlin tho railroad passes through an
avenue of factories over SOO miles long
and all of them working overtime,
says ihe Explorer's Review. Farm
lands have been converted into city
lots and whole villages are being torn
down to be replaced by five and six
good for- l/atorey city dwellings—not an old
:,rj house to he seen anywhere, and In
passing by ihe sky line is red with
"What you need," said the wordy
medico i'i his ponderous way. "is an
enlargement of your daily round, a
h Ider circle ef activity."
'Mcbhy that's right," said the pa-
•int. "I'm a bareback rider in a
one-ring circus "—Cleveland Plain
It Is a Liver Pill—Many of the ailments that man has to contend with
have their origin in a disordered liver,
which is a delicate organ, peculiarly
susceptible to Hie disturbances that
come from Irregular habits or lack of
care In eating and drinking. This*account-? for the great many liver regtill to- i lators now pressed on the attention
of sufferers Of these there is none
superior to Parmelee's Vegetable
Fills. Their operation though gentle
is effective, and the most delicate can
use them.
out, and (o get used lo tho uie;
<P,]. j being a rich woman. I feel ns If I
were dreaming, and mlghl wake np
suddenly to find myself back iu dread-
I think yon will he surprised.. She I ful poverty."
Is uncommonly beautiful, and I don't '• "Donil thlul. or that. I must give
think you will ho troubled with her •vt»' substantial ovldenco thai it Is no
very loug; especially when It Is ""ream. Come to the hank with mo."
known that she |« wealthy." Thc>  motored up Bond street and
■ "We must look after her and keep  along    Burlington Gardens, till they
fortune liunters al a distance." 'reached, tho West end branch of ihe
"I think you will find lhat she Is Rank or ICngland, where Clay was Im*
quite capable of taking care of Iter-1 'uaillatoly ushered Into the manager's
Mlf.   Ah, here nhe is," he aald as he ! office.
'This  I,
A resident of a London suburb re-
oenlly resorted lo a strange expedient to scare off birds fn his garden. For thin purpose he placed a
toy cat belonging to his Httlg daughter in a crouching position on the
time to think things ! era, the people ot Germany, and the I lawn (the legs of the life-size toy be-
ii will bring her good henltl
"1  inn-,   sec .vou  soon'."' be asked, j the tiled roofs of new dwellings, in
"gerly. dividual wealth has grown ejlormous-
"In a .couple of days.    Vou mustjiy with it, hut they are hard work
;lye me a littli
North Carolina has a. naval war of
its own ou its hands. Gov. Kitchin
has ordered thc naval brigade's cruising vessel with the pacific name El-
frlda lo go to Albemarle Sound to put
down the outlaw fishermen who Insist
on violating the orders of the fish
of j push and energy displayed on
ing Jointed).
1 jiiiMi ti mi vuci *>■ 3 'iidi;hji-u imi *■.*, -1 j • ■■■•*•. n—.~ -»*»•• • ine resuic nas ueen
I sldo is most astounding. Krtipp's ; highly satisfactory. B irds of all
factory In Essen now employs 45,000 | kinds have rhunned the garden.
skilled workmen, ns   against   30,000]  ■
thirty years ago. Her System
  j    "Did your cook say right out   that
The   ease    with which corns and I she wanted you all to stay at h ome
warts can be removed by Holloway'a   that evening?"
Corn Cure is its strongest reeommen-       Wo, but she nn*   ^»»i«*-»* in every
datlon.   J', seldom fails. j mouthful of food wc had to eal that
 , -— day!"—.New  York     Sun.
read the name on Ihe dip of paper
which ft clerk had b rough I to him.
"Ask Miss (Irani lo come in here,"
be ordered lift clerk.
David kept his eyes fixed on tha
door, and he drew back Involuntarily
when he saw tiie loveliness of the
girl who entered.
"Good morning, Miss Grant," Brann
fa id   effuiqvely.
"Good morning," she replied coldly,
hut wiiii an enquiring look at David.
Miss Grant, may I present to you
Mr. Qnvld Clay, your late father's
partner*" Brann saitl formally.
Vera, for it wns Bhe, bowed slightly,
nnd a soft color came to her cheeks
as she met the eyes of Lho man whom
she was planning In deceive.
"How do you do, Miss Grant." David
Toronto Man Cured
of Intolerable Itch
Miss Hilda Orant, Will
vou kindly do all thnl is necessary to
give her command of the money that
Mea lo her credit."
"Thai   is  very   simple.    I   merely
wani her signature, and with a cheque
book, the money Is at ber disposal."
'. the manager replied.
lie rang a bell and clerk brought
in a large hook which he placed he-
fore Vera, ile pointed wltll his finger
to a place, and era took up a pen.
Just Tor a second she was about to
sign Vera Stafford, bul sh" remembered in time. The pen Bhoolc. and
J she started to write, but she summoned her courage, and the name
mood out boldly   Hilda Grant.
Her breath came quickly, and she
was heedless of the manager's qties-
: Ion:
'Order, or hearer?" he repented.
He looked questioning!) al ■ 'lay.
"1 think vou had better give her on
'order' hook.    It  Is safer."  David replied with a smile.
The tnanagi r bowt d them rrom his
1 ofllce,   nnd    Vera    was about  to g«
j through thi  door when f'lai stopped
Progress In Jerusalem "' " "*"~
f«tf.Mi«n  will soon have Its own H«w IB MMOVI lUPlRltUOUS HAIR
Jerusalem will soon nate its own   ir,™ tht Fact, Armi and N«k T«M Fr*
tramway service, a concession haying     Hoclity womm M_ actreiie> M ££
i been granted to a French firm, which  Europe   are   strongly Indowtng a nan
' will begin laying the lines during the ' marvellous discovery of how to removi
coning summer. An EngllsU Arm miperfluous hstr from the face, arms and
ta. bef a-tal 10 rn.ta.lt tgisnt- &,£Qj_X"TK **?."$
lighting tho oily with i-lcctrli: light, »„„,„ .n-ict.* with u».trewth of .up.
anil 11 IJ.riiiiiii syndicate Is lo improve  .rnuoii. tulr eui oW.tR lh. lnr.nn.tlM
' the water supply by the erection ol I fr.« ef eharr.. Band you nam. and •*,•
large reservoirs at   springs   located  J""" torMh«f   «mh at c.r.t ilanipH
j about twelve and eighteen miles a*-4*-!1-* ™'r«I* »»m "• "•tart «•*
north at ihe city. ■■w"""**''-	
1    Tho pavements and t-ewernge sys-
i tem li ve received attention rrom Un. ELLIOTT, BPECIAUST, PHI-
the Oovernraent. A few months ago vate diseasss and drink habit,
a water cart wai brought from Eng- \    Write 81 Queen Hast  Toronto,
land  io supersede    the   men    who  ■  ~""——^——~
sprinkled the streets with water Irom t WASTED — LADIES "FOR PLAIN
shins. The municipality hail also! nnd light sowing nt home, whole or
provided itself with modern lire light spare time; good pay; worl; sent
Ing appliances, A telephone service any ill tanee. charges pnld. Send
has been established, and the police j stamp ror 'full particulars, Kailon-
are Bhortly to be equipped with blcy-!
cles. The lnte.it s!j:n uf this work
of modernization Is tho arrival or a
Idrgo American motor road roller.—
!■::,porters Rovll w.
PoM*,, Muilclani, Novelists mul Cler-jy
r v nK cd From Hanks ot Miners.
Though Un- Ufa ot ti collier Is hurd
mid trying, net n few ol the intn wbo
fforV in the \>lh Imve bhown genius
of a high lili nny mul nni-1,0 order.
There 1*. lor nitUm-p, Ditvld Win-
giite, Um fnhi'iii- collier poet of J.un*
nrkihlr*.    Though   WlngnUi   hliif-elf
! can cliiiiu kindred with Robert Burn*
In descent, yet his renown tin it poet
hna com- nil (nun Mi beautiful do-
i scrlptlou "t lif mul scenery round
Glasgow.   Tlir*-- .Imve endeared ldm
1 to IhousnmU ol Scottish hearti- and
pliiard lilm iiiuougsl tho very foremost
{of th,' minor bunts of Caledonia stern
. HlliI   tt ihi.
Then imve we not Mr. Owen Wat*.
luiisi.ii. A U.C.O., who la still ii work*
Ing miner, mul cheerily pursues his
calling noh day, whil.-t lu- trains the
choir and sn bountifully plays the
organ In lhe evenings and on Run*
dnys nt Daisy Hill, near WlganP
Mr. WutkllMOll is a unlive ot the
village., and got his education at the
school there. Ho went to work in the
pit when llttlo more than a lad, nnd
lii*. favor Ho study was music in his
leisure hours. Devoting himself to
this he actually passed the examination rather more than u vear ago, for
the diploma of A/H.C.C. and thus,
amid n shower of congratulations
from even well-known musicians,
took his plnco lis "nne of tllfl best"
cpftnecte^ wllli the College of Organists,
The colliers have their own novel-
ists, too. Was it not tho Chancellor
of ihe Exchequer himself wbo wrote
Mich it glowing letter to this gentleman, Mr. Joi-eph Keating, when thai
writer published his second novel,
"Maurice," depicting Welsh life and
customs? Thc chancellor s»kl, "Your
book is ideal; and it is a pleasure to
ine to welcome u book so true to
Welsh life and so very Interesting,"
More than on, clergyman has ns-
tually been 4 miner belore his ability
in study urged him forward into
other and mora prominent paths.
Perhaps 'the most famous of such
parsons to-day i* ths Hev. David
hrydoi), late vicar of Holy Island, off
the const of Northumberland, r gentleman who Is not only known for his
splendid parochial work, but whose
name is writ large in ibe records of
brave deed- with the lifeboat.
For Ibe clergyman has often made
one of Hie crew when n man was
short and perishing sailors were
needing help, and the Lifeboat Institution hns mere than once given him
its special thanks for bis bravery on
such occasions. A grand example til
the miner at bis best i* the Rev,
David Brydoit, fur he will tell you
s.iill that he has a very warm corner
in his heart for those men with whom
he once worked in the mine.
And then. Councillor Thomas Hall,
mavor of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire,
who lias been for many years one of
thu most respected members of the
corporation there. Mr. Hall is a
Liberal, strong trade unionists, and
a justice of the peace. Yet withal
he is really a working miner, for he
art* as check-weigher at the Pleasley
Collier. But no mayor of Mansfield
has ever been more respected by bis
fellows, and few men in the town
have won such a reputation for good
sense, deep sympathy, and hard work
as this excellent specimen of the
raiuet at his best.
The New Perfection Oil Cook-stove
Suits Everybody
It mitt lhe niort exacting Ftencli chel.* It luita the lumsewif*. It
is found in luxurious villas—*in camp.—in (arms—in humble city homes.
Everybody uses it; everybody likes it. It ia the all-round stove (or all
the year round. It bakes, broils, roasl. and toasts as well at a coal range.
It is equipped with a special heating plate, and we sell lhe New Perfection oven, broiler, toaster, and pancake griddle—each specially dc-
1 signed for use wilh the
V All dealer. ..II the .love, ll i. hamUom.ly
finiihed in nickel, wilh cabinet top, drop
•bctvr,, towel rack., etc Long chimney., enameled turquolK'blue. y Made with I. 2 or 3
Free Coot-
Boot with
titty slow.
abo given to
anyone .ending
5 cent, to cover
mailing cost.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,   with  silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's   Matches  liave  satisfied  Canadians since 1551—accept no other*.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
In Sutpente
lie—Yru  are {be  prettiest  girl  11
ever saw.
g-jp—That sounds all right but I
don't  know  how  much  ihe compliment is worth until you tell me how j
many pretty girls you have seen.— |
Somerville Journal
hi r
What Women Can't do
Sarah Piatt Declu r of Dpftver wants
ui be \\oi hi liiiUH- rroin tho centon*
iiial stat<'. Sha inn> g<! il. us she
has a habll of not Ling what nho
wants. She always has an answer
ready hi whatever question Ik pul to
in-:-. She !« responsible ror the
'Do*not*sp!t*liHbc*CBi's" hIkiis seen In
the Btrecl ears of Denver. She was
ashed at a meetlUB "'' tho roal estate
exchange, which she attended) why
nhe iild noi list' iho word "expaotor-
ato" Instead <>f "spit" In ihe signs.
"We pul Uie word "spit" thero bo-
causo wo kn
ByCuticiiraSoapandCuticura Ointment
"1 Juit wint to «r a P-1"*' rf*r'i tor Cull-
curs t-'*i;irt nnd Ointment. Four or five yean.
#j;(i I nulla Port Arthur,and I had-an titaclc
vt thn licli. h certainly wns on Intolerable
ijuiinnco. Tllfl Itiiiltii- wttS principally ot
ntghU before) l Trent to bed.   The tntgiti
we:*) ftspni'illT ftffectfida
"I wviii in iwodoctofcg nbout lt. and tried
more than nun remedy,   1 was beginning to
think tlio inin'.iAliit wen liiriiral>.r-, when I
"..f Ii'IIIuk my trouble • - a barber, and I'1
mid tlmt lm would guaranteo to mm mo, lie
tfilAmSl'' a1*1-1- ft hQl path, um cuticura
I look liln ml>.ii*o, ai id, lilrt enough, tlift lint
ii.t.i .1 --it. 1 had i>nii-f-i)iv been iioiil>l->il with
tiifi iiiii tor two or inrce nionlni btfora ■
tilril Cuticura Hnii|) i';.'l Dliilm'-nt. ami tlieT
iii*n-it-i>I.Y mii'l rno of Hint Jntotftrabio
t oihiicf.   After ono warm bain wiih Cutl-
t lira Houp ninl HUB ot llir Ciitirura OlnlmcnL
I MM neVCT tnnitilf-d Willi Hi" Iti-htiiic .i,:.nn.
Anything In lliln testimonial I wnuiii hr pra*
tierV'l in i m rnr to In a court of liw." (Signed)
.» E, lioomfi 2081'sliMBiant6U40ti loionio,
Jp-n. in, (pit
ftllilfiTS Inan n ftsnftfatl-on Cuticura Soap
•til Ottiimrtil Iiiivi- afforded tbo ipeedlMf*
almiikil nml moot reMOfflJeal treatment tot
-Vir! nnd ncalp Inimoti, Hold by drugguif
■fid deans avefywnare, A liberal sample of
rurti, wllh aa-pi'K Uontt, gentjmej to any
-.•Id.'-"-, hv the rot Iir Drug fit ChetTl. t«ip*
§2 CuhilubuN Ave., Uostoil. U. ti. A.
'Don'l  you  ivanl  any tnonoy?" lie
asld d ple&sandj    "F1. phaps yon don'l
know now to lill In a chequo.   I will
show yon."
iim Vera was recovering command
; of    herself, and  she   walked   '<>  the
countpr, v.h'-ri- *h«- luul, up a pen.
!    "How much?" hiit* asked   wonder-
"Jusl  what  you  like    a hnmlri'i!  -a
thousand—or more.   But I Bhould uol
'draw im) much.    Vou v.ill be ahlo Lo
pay by cheque.
|    Sho contented herself with a hnn-
1 dred  pounds, and  ihe sound o! the
crackling five-pound notes caused the
blood    to   rush  madly  tbrougb her
( veins.
I    "Vou Hill lunch with me?" he said.
"Noi to-day.   I am loo excited to
talk,   nut 1 will call on Thursday. 1 , Qlobe Democrat
can't   thank yon properly now, but j —. .  j;
there Is plenty of rime to do that I       'Whal does Oeorge sny In his lnl-|)
j hope we are going to be friends, Mr, ' ter?" CondfU
clay?" -(ih, the usual lot of nbnsense—un*
!n answer, he took her hand in Iils, I dying love, otortilty, dcspult' and till
"MU.WIH.low'. BODTllli.0 Bmr li.. tna
.Md for over SIXTY VHARStiv W1LUON8 ol
HOTHOlli lur lli.-lr -;*<ii,imuN WIIILM
TRUTIIINO, »lth l-KKI't'C 6UCCR«>. It
.OOTIIHS the CItll.1l, HQl>1hNHttl. OUHS.
/U.J./VV9.II 1AIH Ct'llllb WIND COLIC, .Ull
I. tlic Mat rnixdv lor lilAllltllil!'.. it la to
Mlulely harmlf... He .nr. no.) a,It lor "Mr.
Wlnalow'a ivmliiiig a.vruu," mid take no olh.r
Uud.   Twenlyliv. c.Ll.a bull!..
8uffr.g«tt. Activity.
Tbe vouicti of New Yvrk ttitto nr*
trying to bring tbe limplro Blnte Into
tbe siitTrtixe group to follow Onllfor-
nln. Now York city ia about torn
asunder wltb .iilTrngo doing.. There
nro nine local orgnnizntlou., Mra.
Clarence Muckny'a brnncU opened a
circtilntlng MilTrnge librnry recently.
Tbe Woman's I-olltlc.il union held a
meelliig In Cni'iiegle hall to listen to
.Mr.. 1-ankbtirst, nnd tho collection
they took up amounted to $9,1)00, and
with thla Ibcy nre branching nut In
vurious directions. A votes for worn-
-n bull Is (be next affair, and then
comes Ihe suffrage parade, when Ihey
| count, on having ftn.OOO women In line,
with bnnners anil "n.its, to say nothing of a company of cnvnlry. Mr..
O. II. P. Itclniiuit tins o|-encd a inng-
nltlcent clubhouse, and her next venture Is a daily paper. Tbe woman's
Miffrnge pnrt)' Is starting a tnngs/liie
that will compete with Ihe Ladles',
Home .Iniii-iinl In advertising ami fnr-
.il«li stirb rending as wiiincn have net-
tr hnd dished un In tbem.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Roidrar. Ko Pmnrilng—Ftele
Till*—Acta  Quickly.   Try  ,i   *-*r   Itnl, Wrau,
Watery k-m m,<i liinnuiLn-.i Kyeihth.  Ilia*
t-Hioii n.-k in rn.ii i'«ckutr*>.    Mill-in*, ta
n-ii.^i/uiiiti'tl ly mir iniiilnl*.   iir.i ti -t'lilnil MtHl-
l.-uif"--Imt  iiM-il In »nr.-i-mhil  I'Iitm.-Iiiii-.' 1'iihj.
*-          ""     HoW BMloalM ID thn "•'
Murlnet Eye Remedy Co.t Chicago
1 hn
whai.  tin.
the men   wouldn't j
tvortl    "expedtontie" I
"Why iifjt  run
In-iulBltive man.
saloons?" nsked an
Elmwood,  Winnipeg
  Opened   on   Arbor   Day   by   Premier
"Hecnui.e vim can Kliut up snlootis, I R- p- Roblln
Iml yotl can't alml up a woman," wiih Ljjj}"™"Vimiy'^niid'Nc1uloUSathsB,iJ'ol
the luiigliiiiK •xpliiiiiille.il.—Si. Louis!,.;,,.   „'.„,'    \„,„'„■   Baihs, . Conllnuotis
I'.K,    Mnntige,
r   tlio   lie
mi iii,.
nml li.
ami  looked aleadlly
iif.'ii ciilnr ilnged her oli
eyes dropped boforo IiIh.
"Ynu may roly upon mo alv-aya,"
lie said simply,
"I will romamber lhat.   Oood liye "
lie raised hln imi i,„i iim not move,
fnr ho watched Iter Ull sho luul turned
tho riorner,   tin heavod a deep sigh
ami slrolled hack to his hotel
du in. Continued i
W. N.  U. •».
A Moilelt Need.
in. ■ Aii ndvc*fl.lsor In llm An
nt a ci em Germany
ttat, hill, ono  wliose elltl'Hllce in
large i iimiKli to nermil of the pflsaago
nf a niinrt imi wn'iiout iin having to
he rct'.ovcil  from tbe bead.
the rest of II."
"\Miut arc you going to do aboul
■(Hi, iiiiiiu It iitloponed, my dear.
Remarkable Pl?lce.
i.imiiiiii,- A ri inarkalilo iilnlco, b/i-
li. veil tn bo iiic largest ovor cfilgnt
nn tiie Ni.rili Sen lli.liiiin giouuil.i, wan
iiiiiil.'fl t Grlnwby yostordAy. Tbo
flnh imih llilc-i leit In length, Junl
over i-lghlbon Inchns In lirciidili and
tiuu-al tiie seal i it'. IWQIIly polltlilM.
r m i
Mr.. A.   Sn your liiinliatiil in all Ilio
oqlllro* a Jtiuj. talking shop,   Well, you mustn't
iiiinil tlini
Mrs. ll-l wouldn't If lie were anything else liut an undertaker. -Iloslon
l-'.l". Irl.al    Ir. iitiii..
..im.t,i   .,r  nil  Clironlo
lllieiimatinm,  piotnuch,
Ki.lli.-y   'I'lDtttileS.    I "iiliii itinl
'nlistipnllnn.   Skill   llis.'.isyi
eiKt   OhcHlty.
|.-.ir Itu'ihir iniitli'iili.is appty  lo
Ur. A. I). Ciirsciillfn, Sanitarium
■ -l.or.i- hi. John i".'i.
rli.-.   um.   I    8M liimiilil SI.   I-L.mi.  1183
limit   lull
Shi- lie
miilVil. .1
nt lieli.'i-,  wear Imitf,
-ill!; fiii'iluli  tlillll  nllii'l   Mini
CI'.' tliy ltlllll of 1.0 j.ai-n ilecll-
LikimIcIco    nnrf
o-rporlencs In
B'tecrTorl liy"ivadiiig ladtaTI Evctywher.
In Canada.
H.Million, Ont
t.llll.llil:   l|i(,i,   liin.ti,   SlioeR.
• di ■-'
May Bring Animal, from Fort Chlpp -
wyan to Wainwright.
Ed. Kills, win ban churge of the
buffalo inn'1, nt Wainwright, on the
Grand Trunk l-nolflr, reports that it
is luipr.ilin.lilu thai many moro buffalo
Will be brought up rrom the Klntlicatl
range hi Montana; although twenty
ut- thirty may be brought Ihls summer. Thi-ro aro now i'OO at Wain-
Wright and tho number Is Increasing
rapidly, there having been 170 calves
Inst year, lln expects there will be
aboul 280 calves this year.
Mr. Kills Is uf the opinion that n
profitable Industry might be evolved
from the luiffnlti farm business be*
CAUSO of the value ol the heads and
hid.-n. TllO iilil conn and hulls mlghl
lie killed off ini'l vear ami u constant
supply maintained in thla wny. Some
of tho cowsjire becoming very tierce,
nml II will probably be necessary to
shoot Ihem. Tiny hnve charged lho
herders several Utiles anil there have
boon a number of nurrow escapes;
(lie bulls, however, seem lo bo much
ni«re qnl'-t Md have not given tiny
i rouble nt yet.
I'll ere In another Inrge beril ol buffalo   lu   tho country north of Port
Clllppowyan nml sin r these uui
mala may he brought down lo Wain
wright io nn lo put some new blood In
the lieril Ilu re,
World's P.ace Congress.
Geneva.--It  Is ultlclally announced
ihnt    the    nineteenth    liilernntloniil
peace cnunress will assemble at U.n-
•vk on Augu.t If,
Mlnard's Liniment, th. Lumberman's
New Map of the Island a Reminder |
of Erlchsen's Tragic Fate
Whal Is said to be the first accural© map and description of North-
east Greenland, showing that tbe
great Island stretches much further
eastward tban has bcen generally as- j
suuied, appears tbln week in the Copenhagen Geographical Journal.
Tho authors arc the Dane, Capt.
Koch, and the German, Ur. Wegener,
both of whom survived the Ill-fated
Denmark expedition, the lender ol
which. Mylius Eriohaen, met his
death In a tragic manner, nsjlld his
unfortunate companions, llngen and
llagen finished his sketch maps of
Denmark Fiord nnd Independence
Sound while dying of hunger and. exposure, white lliuenliiiid after Ita-
ecu's dniih dragged himself wllh
both leet frozen lo tho depot on
Lambert's Land, where lie arrange..!
his work in Buch n way thai it cnultl
be easily located, Then ho lay down*
umi died loo.
The most valuable Iraturo of :n°
Denmark report is the map of the
hlllierin unexplored region of Must
Greenland    between     the   seventy.
ninth and tl Ighty-second pnntllol,
although lho em ire work covers the
land  between Tr. degries 411 minute.
io tin- northernmost point of Green-
ium], s:t degrcoB, :to minutes, There
are also the results of Mylius Mrleli*
sen's excursions to Shunnon Lnnd
and the I'endiilum Islands.
Dr. Wegener tells of ihe peculi-jr
ice conditions in those Inhospitable
regions. Klsewbero In similar high
latitudes tlio Ice melts every slimmer for a brief period and drifts
away, but the Ice cap In North-cast
Greenland  never mclti,.
lt is only where the full force af
the polar current strikes headlands
nnd outlying Islands that the Ine ls
broken up In places and carried a-
way. long tbe whole coast Ubd
between the seventy eighth nnd sev-
ninth decrees, known ns Glacier Boy,
bolh land nnd sea arc covered by one
vast continuous lee sheet. The lulus
hero cause tremendous stratus und
stresses, but tho permnucm. Ice
cap prevents tbe formation of Icebergs.
"So," snld her Indulgent father,
"young Mr Nervcy wants to take
yon away from mo?"
'Oh, yes," replied Ihe dear girl,
"but be says he'll bring mo back atter
tbo wedding Journey, llo has do-
elded lliat wo shall board wilh yon."
—Tlio Cuiliiillc   Slimiliiiil nnd Times.
Mrs, Talkalul-.Mrs. liusli.iwuy says
her house Ib full of iiiiliiiues.
Mrn. Pnetirlch-I knowed It was
full of something, I seem em' «prlnk-
ling Insect powder around tho other
Maypole Soap
Give, rick glowing
color., (adelet. i. ua
ei aud.. Dye. cotton,
.ilk, wool oi mixture..
Um il vouik'U .1
hone. NoUouble—
ao muw. 24 colon-
will give any .hade.
.1 youi dealer'. 01
poitpaid wilh booklet
"How to Dye" (ton
F. L. BENEDICT & GO. Moshul
30*D^y3Trial.&YeopGu6nantee (
8M*rf**l Mrn-JMi, *mh lo run, a woman Ofb-tlfi opwal*    '
il   r<fur« tlm tptnlpwnpl*i| water, iiinni wood, ttiliifif
purif1g0   "ww"
i Sraneli l furlllN «*. S.l«ga*urs. Ini
Cause Enough
"When I was shipwrecked in Souih
America." said Capt, Bowsprit, "I
enllio across a tribe nf wild women
wlm bud no tongues."
-.Mercy!' erliil one ol ills listeners
of the tail' sex. "linn could lliey
"They cotlldU'U snapped the old
suit. "That's what made 'em wild."
"Why should wo say to Satan, 'Get
thee behind mo'l" asked tho teacher.
"So that we shall get. abend of
him," returned the bright boy.
Hurt Her Nerves
1 hear your wife lias hud to go to
a sanitarium.       Nothing   serious,   I
"Not very serious.     You see she is
■ secretary of lhe woman's club.''
'   "Yenr
'And after carrying the club minutes all winter In her bead she sat
down the other day nnd tried to writs
'cm out."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Mrs. Willis—I suppose that In
heaven wo will be disappointed In not
finding certain people there.
Mrs. Glllls—Ycb. But we'll be mire
disappointed at finding certain o'.ao"
people there.- Puck.
r. m r w
Becauie they act so gently (no
purging or griping) yet so i
I thoroughly
f are bast for ths cliiMren as well as 1
lh*) grown-ups,     25a.  a box at
your druggist's.
Natisnil DrnnnlCtiiiTiltalCa.il ClM^.llMllil     .
Cutting Trees by Wire
A new iiieLlioil of telling trees by
tha friction nf a HLenl wire, which
In nhin lo work lis wny through a 20-
lnch tree In about six minute.-:, is patting ihr axeman out or business in
tli« forests uf Germany.
Tim wire' is drawn rapidly about
(ho live and th;) hent. gpiu-ralod by
thu trlctlo i Is Biiftielr-nt to burn a thin
carbon!i*ed Uerf, which Ih both
smoothers and cleaner Mian tlio cut of
a saw, Tin* charcoal layer adhering
to the trunk is extremely-thin, and
allowM Hit! structure and any disease
ol' tin- wood to bo distinctly rocog-
nUwI. Tt enables the tree to be
jiiiiiluil wllli chulk, and at the same
time Bervea to preHorvo any trunks
that may bo left temporarily in the
wimiia. There are man,*v advantages
la this method, notably in waste, decreased labor, absence of all apparatus usually required, aud the machine
can be used in clone quarters not sufficient Tor men choppers,
If the new German plan should become general ami the trees be cut off
close to the ground, lt would mean
the saving of a great amount ot lumber that is now wasted.—Portland
A  mad  dog bit my landlady.
Mow do you know be was mad?
Didn't i say he bit my landlady?—
The   Whole   System   Is   Cleaned   and
Invigorated   by
Let the liver get sluggish and torpid
and there is trouble with all the vital
Tho toiisue i.4 coated, tl,e head
aches, digestion fails. There is fullness, fermentation, flatulency iu the
hioniach. The bowels nre constifialcd
end loose by lui'UH. The kidneys bo-
come clogged aud Inactive. Kven
the skin tells of the poisoned state of
tho BVotein by pimples, blotches and
liver tspots.
The ant ion of the liver must bo
awakened, ami nothing can accomplish this so quickly and so cerlainly
as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver P.lla.
It I a through the liver and kidnejs
alone lhat the blood can be freed of
all Its Impurities and Uie morbid matter which collects there when the liver is torpid.
Many a suffering man and many a
despondent woman has beeu cured of
liver complaint and kidney derango-
tufthta by Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills. By their direct and combined
Action on both liver and kidneys they
havo often proved successful when
mere kidney medicines have filled*
Backache. Kidney Disease, Liver
Complaint, Cnroulc , Indigestion am'.
Constipation are thoroughly cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pill?. One
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers,
or Edmnnson, Bated & Co., Limited,
Quaint Origin oF  Names  of  Different
Countries of Europe
The following countries, it in said, 1
were originally named by the Phoenicians, the greatest commercial people in Ibe world. The names ln the
Phoenician inugmige, signified something character!atiu of the places
which ihcy designate:
ISurope signiliea a country of white
complexion, uo named because the
inhabitants wero of a lighter complexion than thorn of Asia and Africa.
Asia aiguilles between or lu the
middle, from tho fact lhat tbo geographers placed IL between JStirope and
Africa signifies tho land of com or
oavs. It was celebrated lor it abundance of corn and all soils of grain.
Siberia aiguilles thirsty or dry—very
Spain, a country of rabbits or con-
los. li. was once so infested with
these animals thai ii sued Australia
for an army lo destroy thom.
Italy, a country of pitch,  from its
yielding  great  quantities  of    black
i pilch.
j    Calabl'la. also for the wuuo reason.
Gaul, modern France, signifies yellow-haired as yellow hair characterises its inhabitants,
Caledonia In a high hill. This was
a rugged mountainous province iu
JI ibe ni in Is utmost, or last habitation; for beyond this westward the
Phoenicians never extended they voyages,   ■
Britain, the country of tin; great
quantities being found on it und adjacent Islauds. The Greeks called
it. Albion, which signifies In the .Phoenician tongue either whito or high
mountains, from the whiteness of Its
shores or the high rocks on tho western coast.
Corsica signifies a woody place.
Sardinia aiguilles tbe footsteps of
men, which it. resembles.
Syracuse, bad savor, so called from
the tinwholesomeueas of the marsh
on which It stood.
Rhodes, serpents or dragon?, which
it produced in abundance.
Sicily, thc country of grapes. .
Scylla, the whirlpool of destruction.
Aetna, signifies a furnace or dark
or smoky. *
The Young Wife's Complaint
I wish tn complain, said the bride
haughtily, about that flour you sold
me.     It wua tough.
Tough, ma'am? asked the grocer.
Yes, tough-     f made a pie with It
and my husband could hardly cut it.
A Good Point
Before you sympathize with the
under dog. make sure that he dldu't
start the scrap.—Puck.
Stam is in distress because the rice
crop will lu only 10 per cent, of this
normal yield.
IUoiii-':l missionary work In Japan
was commenced In 1900 and tbo sec
■tow has lis churches In Toklo, Sapporo. Kofu. nud Osaka, says lho Cos-
pel News of Toklo. There nro fit'
teen •eUriiouarloH with a total of forty-
k'w belloveva, and Hie members nf the
church III Toklo number fifteen recruited from among surveyors, women,
In iho Ciivcrumeni service, teachers
uud slmletils of middle schools, com
nierclnl Clerks, telephone girls, etc.
Why did.you tire (hat bellboy from
the National Guard?
l-.vo-y time the Captain said 'Front'
bo jumped rrom the ranks and held
nut his hat.<l for it hoy.
Not Like Mother Made
Johnny uud bis mollier were dining
wllh ti friend. The Ilrst course Wiltj
chicken soup with macaroni iu it. Ttio
hostens watched Johnny ns bo sut
quietly gazing Into his plate. Finally
ehe asked:
"Why don't you cat your soup, Johnny''
1 don'l care for It, please, ma'am.
Hut your mamma said you liked
chlckei. soup.
1 do like mamma's chjeken soup, bid
iho don't put I l.e w|i:i|.pipes hi—
What She Needed
A wandering peddler slopped at a
southern cabin aud opened his pack
according to the Cincinnati Commercial-Tribune
Mammy, let mc show you some self
raising umbrellas, lie began.
No use. man, no use, interrupted
the old cob.red woman us she busied
herself about a holler of clothes.
Cay n't use nothing lak dat.
Mow about self-raising window
No good heah, koso dey ain't any
windows wuff lallilu* about.
Self-raising buckwheat?
No good to me—we eat coltu pone.
But, mister—"
Well mammy?
If you'll tell mo how to tuhn dese
heah fohte.u bad chlllun into self-
raisin' pickaninnies Ah'll be you free'
fob life, dat Ah will, sail.
Arsenic has perhaps been more frequently used thnn other poison for
criminal purposes. It has been
proved identical with the "wonderful elixir" of the 17th century, when
secret poisoning became so frequent
in Italy. Then young widows were
abundant iu Home, nnd most of the
unhappy n'urrloges were speedily dissolved by the death of the-husband.
A secret society of young matrons was
discovered which met at the house
of La Spara, a reputed witch, who
supplied thom with a slow, tasteless
colorless poison, carefully calculated
io kill a husband iu just the time that
suited the purchaser, Ln Spara and
thirteen of her companions were
hanged, a large number of culprits
were whipped half naked through thc
streets of Rome while others of the
highest rank escaped with heavy
tines and banishment.
Quite Obvious
The physicians had agreed that
during their assembly they would employ a call boy, each waa to pay his
share nf the expense. The boy waa
to call any doctor who waa wanted,
without disturbing the speaker, as it
was ombariasfclng to him, and looked as lf they were dolug it to advertise without expense. So it all went
well until the afternoon when a certain doctor spoke. As ho was talk-
In;: away, another doctor luul a call
from the platform, and be walked
out rather ostentatiously. Some of
the people who kuew the arrangement laughed or snickered and the
speaker gol 11 lie said: "Don'l
laugh, folks, that is the way my brother got hla start." And everybody
W. N. U. 902
It Has Many Qualities.—I'he man
who possesses a bottle of Dr. Thomas
Bloctric Oil Is armed against many
ills. It will cure a cough, break a
cold, prevent sore throat; it will re-
educe the swelling from a sprain, cine
the most persistent sores and will
speedily heal cuts and collusions. It
is a medicine chest in itself, and can
be got for a quarter of a dollar.
- Ready to Listen
Can I talk to you a few minutes?
asked the life Insurance agent.
Ves, replied lhe superintendent of
lhe factory. If you don't mind walking
about the building wiih me. I haven't really the time to sit down.
That's all right, said the agent, I'd
rather move around a little, anyhow.
I'he superintendent led the way nut
of the pattern-room, thence into Hie
woodworkers' deparlmeut, stopping
every moment or two to converse
with at me operative, and took IiIh caller nt Lis' Into tho room where (he
huge hammers wore lining the air
with their unearthly din.
Now, lie said, yelling Into the ear of
(he life insuranc-J man, I am ready
to listen ti you.     Go ahead.
During Gladstone's last contest for
lhe university In the days of public
voting Prof, Smith was one of the
tollers. A certain don who never
could manage Ills h'a wanted to vote
Tor lhe -Tory candidates. Sir William llealhco'e aud Mr. Cut borne
Hardy, bul. lost his head aud said:
"I vole for (Had-■■-," then suddenly
correcting himself, exclaimed, I menu
tor 'l'.athcote ami 'Ardy. Thereupon
Smith suld: "I claim that vote for
Gladstone." Hut. satd tho vice-chancellor, the voter did not finish your
candidate's name. That Is true, aald
Smith, but then he did not even begin Ihe other two,
VDobbs says his wife U Ills right
Sometimes he doesn't let his right
hand know what hi*, left hand is doing.
Mr. Hilton—Have you opened that
*nt*tli*   of   champagne,   Urhjgct?
llridgot —Faith, I started to open It,
au' It beg, u lo open Itself. Sure
the mon that fitted that bottle must
'uv' put iu two uiuirtH Instead of
wan.   Philadelphia Hecoid.
Sir  William     Ramsay     Thinks    Coal
Miner j   May   Soon   be   Unnecessary
Sir William Hamsay, ibe eminent
BCleiitlst, in a speed) at the opening
of the International Smoke Abatement
Exhibition at Hie Agricultural Hall,
made the starUlug prediction that we
might, be able iu 1 lie future to do
without eoal miners.
Explaining how, he pointed out that,
salt, was mined by introducing water
down the shafts of the salt mines,
the waler being pumped back in the
shape of brltm and tho salt recovered by evaporation. He had carefully
considered the coal industry from this
standpoint, and had seriously come
to the conclusion thnt no coal need
bo burnt for ordinary purposes. The
Ideal state of things would be to have
the retorts In tho bowels of the earth.
What was to hinder the coal being
left where it was? ho asked.
The gas might be obtained by passing down tho boring, the necessary
air to produce partial combustion- in
this way water-gas, which was a mixture i f carbonic oxide aud hydogen,
could be produced. This would rlae
to the surface of its own accord and
GOUld then be employed for every purpose, for which coal gas Is used. Sir
William Hamsny added that electricity might be distributed where it was
needed at. such very small cost that
It could he UB3d for heating. At
present It wns expensive but there
was iio reason why in future it should
not cost oue-huudred|h part or a penny per unit ,
Later, as ono of the guests of the
Institute ot Printers und Kindred
Trades at their annual dinner. Sir
William made the highly interesting
statement that ho had beer. In communication with a certain colliery
proprietor, who had decided to give
hliu an opportunity of making the experiment he had suggested. The experiment would be on a small scale;
but, it it proved successful, it would
bo large enough to light a candle
which, in tho words of Bishop Ridley
would not be put out in our time.
Mowers and Rakes!
are strain a.id time
ion and strong.
positive In ar
Siamese Elephants
31am Is pre-eminently the land o*
animals and not n few of those which
pass and repass In the course of the
day's wor*. keep the new arrival waiting to hear a steam calliope inform
the countryside that a circus is io
town. There goes the sacred Indian
buffalo! But this, time he and hia
brother are only going under the
charge ci' two small boys, down Into
the rice paddy behind the temple to
plough. Stripped of all his gay trappings, the elephant, no longer a mere
show, goes peacefully, patiently and
intelligently about hia Herculean
tasks. Two of these splendid animals carried or dragged alt the heavy
timber for the boy's school which
was recently erected at Nan.
The whole elephant tribe is looked
upon with great veneration by the
Siamese, The elephant Is tho symbolic animal of the country, and
though Ills ponderous strength Is
daily used In hia master's service,
he is man'*; co-laborer, not bis beast
of burden. J.ucky is that elephant
which Is born a:i albino; for he shall
be all hla days a sacred white elephant, scrubbed aud fattened and
pampered, and he shall do no work at
all. Even the baby that is a little
tighter grey than his relatives may
attain to greatness. Only a few
months ago one m* these baby elephants that was only light grey in
color, not a true albino, waa shipped
with great ceremony from Laos to
the Kitg at Bangkok- Animals
large and f-mall abound In the jungles and along the waterways. No
trip need be taken without a plentiful supply of game, for "fan" deer,
quail, queen pigeons and peafowl may
be had for the table at the expense
of a little patience and a good
straight shot.-'-Christian Herald.
Plodder is looking pale. He's Just
killing himself with hard work.
What's be engaged at?
Inventing a labor-saving machine.-*
Nothing Doing
The wayfarer asked for old
I have none, said the head of thc
Not even an old pair of shoes?
No, but here Is au old automobile
yon may have.
Thanks, 1-oss, but I have enough
trouble supplying my own wants,
without begging gasoline from door
to doer.
Umpire—Got touched on your way
home lasl  night, eh, Krabber?
Krubber--G'wan, ho missed mo a
Written   Expressly   for   Dry-Farming
by  Miss Sarah  P.  Detweiler,  D.O.,
Lethbrldge, Alberta.
The old adage "an ounce of prevention Is worth a pound of euro" is
verified on the subject of health. Two
of the moat inexpensive means to be
used toward this end are fresh air
and proper digestion.
Residents or the country sometimes
get the idea lhat because their work
frequently takes tv.em out doors for
a few moment's at a time, they do
not require to attend to tbe ventilation of the house, but tills Is not Hie
case- Never neglect lo not a good
circulation: of fresh air through tho
rooms you live In three or four times
a day, and by all means have the
sleeping rooms well ventilated—windows wide open lu the summer and
always part way open fn cold weather. Those Individ un la who are
afraid of fresh air in their sleeping
rooms deprive themselves of the very
ilrst principle of health. Have fresh
air, but avoid draughts, if you have
two windows, have both open; if but
ono window, open it and leave the
door ajar, being ci refut to place the
bed where there will be no draught.
But should you be so situated that you
cannot leave tho door open, then
open the window from both top and
bottom, as this will assure a better
circulation or air. ,A hundred times
rather spend a little more on fuel if
necessary than have doctor bills to
pay. You should consider it a misdemeanor for any of your family to
•sleep iu a tightly closed room.
If your house haa a verandah, make
a living room out ot it for the summer; If no verandah, put down a
wooden floor or a few old rugs ou the
ground at a convenient and shady
place outside the houso aud practically live there. You can do your
sewing, mending, washing, preparing
of vegetables, and even washing of
dishes there. It. may require a few-
more steps to carry things out, but
it will also save much of clearing up
in the house, and the improvement iu
health will repay you 20-fold.
But in this out-door living room you
must have a screen fitted over a
frame which will rest on a table or
other flat surface under which you
can place any vegetables, fruits, etc,
that you may wish to have sot for a
time, to prevent files from lighting
on the same. Shun the Jy as you
would your worst enemy, as tt la a
disease carrier. I wish to mention
here that i. is the strictest economy
to get screens for your doors and
windows, so you will be able lo keep
your house free from flies.
Never allow water to be poured
near this out-door living room, or any
refuse to be thrown around, as these
things may become productive of a
germbreeding media.
What is even much better than open
windows for the sleeping room Is to
enclose the verandah with a canvas
and move your bed out thero; or put
a floor on a dry pnrt. of your lawn
and pitch a tent ao It. can be opened
for ventilation. You will have people say that they know of those who
who r'leep In closed rooms and are
perfectly well. This may possibly
bj true of individuals with strong
const.' ttlons, but for one of these
we could point to scores who are ailing aud who could recover their
health by the fresh air treatment.
Another factor in the cause of disease in no small number or cases is
rapid eating. Digestive trouble of various kinds are very prevalent tn this
age. Rush is one of the sins against
nature on this American continent.
It is not alone found in business, but
7.» por cent of lhe people carry it to
the table. Thoy do not take time to
properly masticate tho food they eat.
They come to the table tired, eat
theli* food hurriedly without masticating It at; they should, and the result
la sooner or later tsdlgestion. followed by various other maladies. The
food taken Is often blamed when U
Is due to the way It Is eaten anJ
not to the food itself.
It is Infinitely more difficult to regain health after it has become undermined than it would be to maintain
a state of health by obeying the laws
of health*
Your stomach will take considerable
abuse without protest; In fact it. is
often In a very unhealthy condition
before it rebels and Its owner becomes
aware of the trouble he or she has
brought upon himself or herself.
In eating too hurriedly you are apt
to overeat, inasmuch as the hunger
Is not appeased aa it is when the
food eaten ls properly mnBticated, in
which case It Is ntore easily and more
perfectly digested, thus furnishing
nnre nourishment for the body.
R. Moulalson, whom two Doctors
treated, finds relief and permanent
cure in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Surette Island. Yarmouth Co.,  N.S.
I (Special).—Mi', Itenie Moulalson, a
well known resident here, is telling
hit neighbors of his cure from a severe attack of Kidney Disease which
'kept him in a state of pain and suspense for two months and defied Hie
efforts of two doctou who were treating him.
| "My trouble started with a cold,''
}!>'. Moulalson says. "My mttscl's
would cramp and I had backache and
dlz/v spells, My head ached, and i
had a tired, nervous feeling whllo
speckb of light Unshed in front of my
"I suffered in this way for over two
months and was trealetl by two doc*:
tors, but they didn't seem to be abh
to do much tor me. Then I started
to take Dodd's Kidney Pills and thoj
helped me almost at once. Six box-)**
cured me."
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure tho
Kidneys. Cured Kidneys stialu all
the Impurities oul of the blood. Tbat
makes pure blood and good health.
The Sultan's  Palace
The Moorish palace of Sultan Abu
Yakub  Ytissuf at Seville—known today  as tho  "Alcazar"—contains one
of the most elaborate practical Jokes
extant.   When it a gay mood some
Important merchant or notable of Seville r/ould receive a pressing Invito*
Hon summoning him to the presence.
Iu a fever of   delighted   expectancy .
the flattered guest   would   don   his
whitest raiment and hie him to the I
palace.     There he would  be   ceremoniously conducted to the gardens
and directed up    the    long   avenue.
Half way up it he would Inevitably
tread upon a moving flagstone resting upon a spring, aud Immediately
fine jets of water would gusli out of
Ihe ground ami from the surrounding
shrubbery and   drench   him.   Amid
the jeer*,  of the courtiers the  luck-;
loss and    bedraggled    wight    would'
beat an undignified retreat      Before
he was allowed  to leave the palace,
however, he was sworn to secrecy on
pulu of death.     At all cosis nothing
must make the joke fall flat when repeated,     lh"  treacherous  flagstone
has boon removed and to-day the visitor may pass with Impunity, but a
peseta lo the head gardener will us-1
ually cause the  fountains to play.— [
Tho Argonaut
Ice!turtle Riv*r, Mm., Sep!, .6ih 1913
Dr. b. J, Ke.ida.li. Co,
Dear Sir*—Will yoil p'.-nse mall to
my ad-Jr-s*. • co|,v of your "Ttcattll
oa Uie Horse"I i have i.--u uslut
Kcuuitl'iSpavlaCureRuUiln-iiyifa ni
tl sate mul st,re. Mannu Brltm.
Thai telle i!w who!* itory, tad it It
the experleuce ilia: hundred*) of Ui■■■■■
nn ill have tiad in tliepttt^o yoftri, and
It'l I lie experience yotl wlii litre—"tt 11
the only mie remedy —
fer Spivla. Riagbonf, Curb. Spliil,
Swelling and All Lameness
Sold by DrUKii.li - $1.00 • Botll*, 6
boiilei loi ('.eo, Keep It on Imnd
ttwavi.    He ready for tli?  minH*-**' y.
Kendall'* aio-n the pain, itarte the
clKtil-ition,peuetia'.e*aii'l leinovesili-
caiilf of the dUoidriv AfA for a free
cop/ of "A Trettlie on the lion-." If
■ot tt dealere, write to— tfi
M. I. J. KINB-tLL CO.. KMibirf fall., VI.
Mrs. A.—Aro you troubled much In
your neighborhood wuh borrowing.
Mrs. B. (Innocently)—yes, a good
deal.. My neighbors don't aeem to
have anything I want.
Everything that I take up I believe
iu going into thoroughly.
1 believe you, wife. Last night
whon I retired there was a $10 bill in
my hln pocket. When I arose this
morning, there wasn't.
The new cook camo out and did
very well her tir.it morning at Lonely.
vllle; After dinner, sho approached
the head of tiie house.
How early nuiBt I get up ln the
morning? she hundred.
Well, said Mr. Stibbubs, the Ilrst
train for lhe city leaves here at C.;'»r..
.You'll have to ^ct no about fi if you
want to make that.-^-Washington Herald.
Force of Habit
Tie hnd a motor-car, but he also1
wanted a motor-boat, and so ho bought
noo. He had a day's tuition at one
of tho.se places where thoy guaranl sc
to teach you anything in tuvniy.foui
hours, and then went ou a trial trip I
I it was late when lm returned horn".
He came In by the hack way. His
clothes were wet and his hair hau,--
iug over his oars iu airings.
John! exclaimed his wife. What or,
It's all right, Mary, he assured her.
No, I didn't upset. Everything's al!
right. Hut when I had,been out on
the water a couple of hours the motor wont  wrong and—"
Well, before r—er—-realized it I was:
over Hn? side and trying to get und':1
the couloiitnied thing lo fix it.
An Always Ready Pill.—-To those or
regular habit, medicine is of Utile concern, but the great majority of mon
nre not of regular habit. The worry
and cares of business prevent It, and
out of the Irregularity of life comes
dyspepsia, indigestion, liver and kidney troubles as a protest. The run
down system demands a corrective
aud there ts none better than Panne*
lee's Vegetable Pills. They are Sim*
pie in their composition nud can bu
taken by the most delicately constituted.
Post—Do you think Ihe dny will
Come when thore wtlt be no coal left
on earth?
Parker—Well. It. won't he our cook's
fault il It doesn't.—Life.
He  Knew
It Isn't Hie size of the gift but tho
spirit thai, goes with it that counts,
she said softly.
Who Is going to get o twentydlve
cent present from us now? asked her
husband promptly.
Tread softly -     I	
I—Stepsftfely. jSs
Eakodg the patented features     I
of Cats Paw Heels.    .,„!
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
38 ' 'asi-l Av<-   T'Hnnto. Onlan>
rate    diseases    and    drink    habit.
Write 81 Queen  Kast, Toronto.
Mothers nan easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, au 1
they lose no time In applying the best
ol remedies—'Mother Graves' Woi m
Dick—Whal part of the family treu
um I, muz?
Mother—I guess vou are one of Hie
limbs, Dick.
Dick—Do you suppose that's wlm'.
dad meant this mornlutf when he suld
lliat I oughl to be trimmed about every
eo often?—Judge.
Hard on
the Train
vou   haven't
in the skill
if Ur. ('intern
1 wouldn't i rn
nut u
to remove tl
0 appendix fn
| Mlnard's Liniment used by Physician
I You mean to say a Imrvlar stole the
j marble clock from the mantel with tlic
U'ug iu the room? Yes, but you see
JFldo Is only u watchdog tho little
A  California   Doctor  With  40  Years
"hi my 40 years' experience as a
teacher und prflclloncr along hyftleute
lines." says a i.os Angelos physician,
i hnve never found a food to compare with (..rape-Nuts for ihv boiieflt
of the general health of all classes of
"l have recommended Grape-Nuts for
n number of years to patients with tho
greatest success ami evevy year's experience makes ine moee enthusiastic
rogurdlug its use.
I make tl a rule to always recommend Grape-Nuts, and Postum in place
of coffee, when giving my patients instructions as to diet for 1 know both
Grape-Nuts mid Postum can bu digested by anyone,
"An for n.ysolf, when engaged lu
much mental w.orlt my diet twice a
day consists of GiopC-Xulfl and rich
cream I lllld It Just the thing to
"mild up gni) matter ami Imp ihn
brain hi gnod working order.
"in addition to lis wonderful effects
as a brain and nerve food Grape-Nubs
always keeps iho digestive organs iu
perfect, healthy tone. 1 carry It wltji
mo when I travel, Otherwise I am almosl certain to ham troubio with my
stomach,M Nnmo given hy mall by
Canadian I'oslum Co,', Windsor, Out.
Strong endorsements like Hie abov
from physicians all Over lhe countr."
have stumped drupe Nuts an the most
scientific food lu tliu world.    "TllOfOS
a reason."
I.!.ok In pi-go. for Ibe famous IUUc
book, "The lloud to WeHvllh-."
Ever read the above letter?    A ne
one appears from time to time.   They
are genuine, true, and full of human
London reports that tho fashion of
This extraordinary variety of head
covering was known in Florence to-
wurd the end of the eighteenth century, but Its growth Iu popularity did
not begin until 1811.-., when lis manufacture was begun In Prance,
The Chinese believe that evil splr-
lls are abb1 to move only In straight
lines, and lhat they cannot penetrate through solid mailer; therefore
[lie problem of keeping them oul of a
dwelling or a garden seems tc. thom
a simple mailer.-—Chicago News.
Her Thought
Do you remember tho first time I
ever put my arm around you'.' ho
asked, after they had started ou their
1 shall never forge)   it, she replied
What did you think?
1 thought you had fooled away a
lot of time over the preliminaries.—
Chicago Kecord-llerald.
Wife—What's your opinion of the
new maid?
Hub—I think she's splendid.
Wife I thoughi you did. That u
why i tired bor this morning,—Boston
The Fan's Mistake
Manle—-Did she sue him f
of promise?
Marie—Yes, the poor fan
a diamond aud she said il w
m no
* of
Who on earth Is that fat old person who wants to tell everyone their
fortuno by palmistry?
That's Goldstein, Hie banker If*
lost, a diamond ring half-an-hoiir ai-j.
—Loudon Opinion.
We never wasted a moment lu reflection when we were confronted with
the alternative of a haiiil-tiiuiouth
existence and the broad highway. -
and we're glad!
They say he's the bl&tlcsl paid of*
iice tiOy III town
Yes, sir, ho knows "•> much baseball
dope the bosses are bidding for him.
Parmer (to editor of local paper)
—I want to put a notice in yonr newspaper of the death of my brother.,
Wlidt's ycr price? Editor— Ten shll-
llngS and sixpence an inch Blr. Farmer—Oh I can't afford tbat; my brother i
was 6 feet 2-
The Inconsistency of Man
1    Mrs. Peck—My husband was such
an ardent lover.     You should have
I se.m how he pressed his suit on me-
I    Mrs. Heck—Yes, and now he complains  because you  wear  the  trous-
International Poultry Food
Prevents Oholera and  Save* the Little Chicks
A little chick U |uit lite* a liltla biby-iu Iiaalth J-penJ-, on in food,   Improper Tteding
mpeni ths tvjv tin* ..i«e .•■■*■.    Chlcktn I holer i. Howp. A pop I ex v, i-jii be jir-vr uirJ and Cured
My .-liii-ken* had Cholera until norne of their comb* wer* turning black.
After tiling a f«W faodl of " International Poultry Food," I never lott
another fowl, .and Cholera liai left  my premllM,—J, F. Bahkktt.
Oit» all your chicken* a d VI v feed of " International."   It keep* them well-fatten* up the
b-oilere—maketlien* lay a'l the year round—keep* the cock* vifforout— and
insure* railing the little chick*,   lf you want to make money out of )our
fowl*, feed " International Poultry Food."   —*
25c., 80c. and $1.00 a box,    At dealer* everywhere.
Write for free copy of our $3,000.00 Stock Book, lh*
greateit book ever written for farmer*.
(& Llmltaa,
The Old Clock of St. Gil..
All loynl Scotsmen wilt learn with I
rcgr.'t that the well known clock on
St. Ollca' Tower In Edinburgh, which
muni have told the time to Scoti and I
Burn., Is doomed to disappear      Apparently a workman fell through thoj
case and d-imaged the mechanism so
badly that tlio civic authorities do,
uot consider the worn out worka worth
repair.    So the old clock will lie ban-1
ished to the City   Museum   and   re-
plaoed by an Invisible timepiece, without ha.-ds or fare, whlrh will merely
strike the hours, and leave tho aesthetic effect of the   tower   unspoiled. I
The ancient clock ol St. (Hies has seen
two centuries of service, but    Is    ft
m.'in giddy    youth   compared    with
some -if the mediaeval horologes ou
Kugllsh    cathedrals. There    urn |
clocks that itut.. from the fourtoonth
century nt Knoler, Wells and Peter-
boi-ii.'—Westminster tlazelie.
Wife—My husband Is not woll. I'm ||
afraid ho'll Rive out,
Wile's Mother -Well, he mny give
ou'. lie certainly never gives In.r-
Town Totiics
Chock—Allow me to congratulate I
you on your wife.     She's lho in.ml
In illi.iui  talker I ever mel.
Meek -Kr-r, yes, I've hemd her.
",.•. - Saved Again
1 was behind you coming up Ihe
nlreet. Just now,  assorted   Mrs.  Jol.
I was behind you coming up the
tlrcet junt now, asserted Mrs. Jel-
Ins, and you rubbered at every preily woman yon passed..
At every uljilsh woman, corrected
Mr. .Fcllus. t waa Just taking notes
of the spring gowns, with a, view to
buying you a hand'OK* one.
Ami ill's. Julius rAnlled aw. nv.r.
The "Clinton" Motor Delivery Car
Price $1,125,
F.O.B. Clinton, Ontario
Four Cylinder, four cycle. 221 j   Hor.e   Power.   Strong,   lundaome,   durable.    For  the  farmer,   grocer,
butcher,  liveryman—or anyone  using  lion,    for bu.lne.o purpose..
Capacity  1500,  merchandl.e, or nine grown people.    Upkeep far lei. than hor.es.   Can    be    .uppNed
with full canopy top, removable, and threo teals, or with teat, lengthwise  for bus purpo.e.,  or Willi
full covered wood and metal top.
For catalogue  and  all   I nformation   addrcn
E. D. Cleghorn    :■:     :-:    Sales Manager
Queen'* Hotel. Winnipeg!
1 in 11111 i-n 111111111111 n 11 n m m»n 111 > 11
iiRiverview Outing Place
The Best Outing Camp in East Kootenay
Good Accommodations
Gasoline Launch  and Boats
Will Open June 15th 1912
H. LUNN, Proprietor
ill HI HI I Ml I HH Hit*
Our Phone No. is 124
You can 'Phone us and we will
deliver your order to any place in
Cranbrook, and you will save
money by buying your Groceries
++.H4+.hh"H-+-i-++++-i*++^ ;;
Z    Drinks   ol   all   kinds  can be had at in)  store tor    +
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different tiavours.
Dalton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of   Six  Hundred Cases
Fremont Grape  Juice.    An   unfermented
Grape    Temperance    Wine.
; I    A lull line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars.     Bar Glasses,  etc
M-l-l I llllllll *+** ******
British Columbia and
her Premier
(Continued trow Fate   I)
Ktvuti to the core ol London.
Then tula- t lit- steamer, und you
reuch in tt tew hours the i.liiud of
Vnncouver. Never shall 1 forget the
impivtwum made upon me wheu 1 tlrst
Caught night ol the city of Victoria.
There are some scenes which, lu their
overpowering beauty, make you tor
; get everything; that gives you some
thing ot the ecslacy ol au opium eat
er's dream, and tbe lirst sight of Victoria is oue ol these. Imagine Venice
aud Combine with that something Ol
tbe truly Untish air of Brighton, and
lt will give you a taint idea of what
Victoria is like And wheu you get
there you rind something of the s.inte
combination   ot   impreajiious. \ ictoria j ,, _ ,      '   ., .... .
..    iiuiu  ,-     "*0' contradictions of Mr. McBrlde s
4.,|,,|,,|.,|,.|i,H.^^^4-H-4-H"|"|"f<.4"H~l"l"l*-t-H-l"l"l"l"l I'll I I l'l1 ,,
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:: w. f
and ::
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing
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Plumbing and Sewerage Kxpert for
Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything  in Tin  and  Iron  Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,   Mines,   Ventilation   Experts
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Works, Edward St. -        Cranbrook
<• ■.■.■■„■, ■„■„■, *4j(*4**f***** **************** llll1 **''
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run   weekly   on
Automolule   will   b-
between   Cranbrook   and   Wasa   connecting  with  incoming  and  outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
,-IH HI H-.r-H
is the jjoh:ictil capita] ot Britittti Co
iumb..**.. und to make uygsurancv doub
ly  -jure and  to prevent  any  attempt
to transfer the capital to the  mainland,   Victoria  has  buildings pultUial
enough to adorn the metropolis of aa
empire;  a noble parliament house,  in
it and around  tbe     ministerial buildings;  a hne  museum,  and around  it
grounds that have all the softness of
an Snglmh     garden and all the spaciousness of  a  city   like  Washington.
; The atmosphere  has  more sun    than
, ours,   and the sun gilding the water
; which seems everywhere, gives a sense
of     surpassing beauty.      There is in
1 even this warm atmosphere it slight
i tang of that invigorating cold    that
I adds so much to the    health-giving
: properties of the climate of our own
I Brighton,     too,  Victoria has Its fine
' esplanades; its perfect pavements; all
j the signs of an old-world and not   it
i new city of the far  west.   And     the
I population  is Rnglish to the core. It
j is Kngllsh,    too, largely of our own
i seaside  resorts;  the  well-to-do     and
tho tired, who have won in life's battle, desire to spend their closing days
in a perfect and a  tranguillzlng climate;   the middle class parents, who
desire to live in one of the cheapest
and best educational centres   of   tbe
world; tbe retired admiral or general,
who desires to live under tbe British
flag, in thoroughly British surroundings, with     tbe inspiration oi a new,
young    and thriving country   superadded.
All these things, I say, you find In
British Columbia; but you bave to
go a long distance to reach tbem.
Victoria is 4,000 miles from the Atlantic coast ot Canada and 7,000
miles from England; and enough
there Ib a splendid train service, either by Canadian lines or by a detour through the United States, still
It is a long Journey. And on the way
you are met by tempters from any
of the other great certres of the a-
boundlng life and. the growing prosperity of Canada. Montreal wltb its
gigantic population and its throbbing   commercial   life; Toronto with
stance bis treatment of what BVOU in imp port tirei ami two opponents Apart
British Columbia is not an nitre from this extraordinary political tri-
yueut occuvunce- namely labor un- umph, thero was ovon greater person
rest. Labor unrest is nor units in nny al triumph of being prime minister,
country—but it is most serious in | with omnipotent hold over the des-
countries where tbe prospect ol the times of his province .three timet*. In
quick retdrn of mining draws the succession, mid after be had already
strong and adventurous and some held ofllce (or ten long years.
times unruly mea of all nationalities, But there are other developements
British Columbia is full of great going on under this active and rest-
mining camps, aud thus the prime less man. He is building one of the
minister has had to deal more than geutest Universities in the world for
once, with situations that, begin*; his province and be is searching till
ning In u dispute about wages oi Kurope tor men wbo are the foremost
hours Of labor, or a conflict hetweou | m educational work. It is tits ambit-
union and non-union labor might oas ion, as he miys himself, not to reach
liy bave developed Into bloodshed- as high an educational position as
And bloodshed there would have been Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard, but
if the conflict between elements so | to start equal with them,
stubborn and so resoldte ns the inln- Finally, one little touch will help
era on the one side and the mine-; to complete one's conception of this
owners on the other had not all to \ remarkable personality. Sir Wilfrid
be submitted to the cold, clear judge' Laurier and be have always been
nvent of the ruler of the country. warm   personal   friends,   though   oq-
For such a momentous position the } ually     ardent     political    opponents.
couple of years before the last gen
political philosophy made hs ideal I eral election Sir Wilfrid went on a
He and his friends are called Con-1 tour of the west of the great Doniiii-
servative in Canada, but the same i ion, and everywhere he hud a triump
mean different things in different bant reception. In some provinces he
countries. What are the party lines; found political friends in office and
that divide men in Canada and in all! power; in Saskatchewan Walter Scot
its provinces',' Pre* trnde and pro- the premier, is a liberal; in Alberta
tection is one great dividing line, i the office Is held by Mr. Sifton, also
Aud yet that would not be an en' a liberal; but In British Columbia
tirely accurate description, for the there was Mr. McBride, the stout
Liberals, through their leanings are ,Conservatives in power. And yet
toward free trade, have not in recent it was at Victoria that Sir Wiltrid
years ever adopted an entirely free. received the most enthusiastic and
trade policy; they have been moder-jthe most sumptuous r?ceptlon. Great
ute protectionists, but protectionists j arches spanned the streets, the gover-
all the Bnme. Again, there Is a cer- i ment buildings were decorated, the
tain slight, but very slight, differ- townspeople were out for a holiday
enee in the point ot view on the su-. and there stood Mr. McBride to re-
preme question of imperialism. Ev- ceive him with the welcome ot nn
try Canadian Liberal would claim, honored guest. It was a sublime
and justly claim, that he Is a loyal j stroke; it showed nt once generosity
i,nd    convinced friend of the mother t and shrewedness—the generosity of
country nnd of the empire; and he
would argue that closer trade rela
tions between Canada and the United
States would not in the least preju
dice that feeling. The Conservative
holds strongly tbat Canada is strong
enough to be self-sufficient and that
commercial bonds between their coun
try and the United States might soon
develope into closer political bonds,
ind thereby bring America and Can*
ada nearer and Cunndn and Kngland
farther apart. And, as everybody
knows, this wns practically tbe ii
sue which decided the last Canadian
election In favor of the Conservative
and against the Liberal.
Tbe future developement of British
Columbia must go on at even a more
rapid rate thnn even ita present enor
moua advance. In a couple of years
'rom now the Fnnnmn Canal will be
open to the commerce of the world,
und all the western coast of tne Pa
clflc must receive an immense impetus from this extraordinary new development of ocean traffic, The
thoughts of Mr. McBrlde have been
devoted for some years towards preparation for this momentous revolution. He went to the country a few
months ago; and the chief plank u,
his platform was the construction ot
Its great size and its fiercely actively rniUwuya to the enormous amount of
i'20,000,000 sterling, and the result   I
have already told—a legislature of 40
■♦Ull inn
Don't Get Excited
I have just unpacked a Big
Shipment ot
Screen Doors
Meat Safes
Screen Windows
G? Sprinkling Cans
All Widths in Screen Wirr
: Everything for the Hot  Days \\
Elko        -        B. C.
Ml 1111 M111 M H 1111 H' ************* IIHIII*
active spirit; Winnipeg—ol rapid
growth anil ti depot between eastern
nml western Canada; Retina und fid
monton and Calgary—all beg you lo
remain with thero and uot so farther
i And thus it is that population has
■ • j been and still is, the great want of
Hritlsh   Columbia.
But all these difficult problems were
(need by Mr. McBride with that ei-
traordlmary courage which is one of
his greatest qualities. He ignored
the banks nnd tha financier., went
straight on with his work, and «oon
the people ol British Columbia realized that at last there waa at tbe
bead of the government a man native
to the soil, knowing nil Its conditions, nnd bringing to Its problems
eihaustless energy and proud local
energy and proud local patriotism.
Progress     began     to     be      made
not   slowly,      but      rapidly,    until
the safety and advancement   of   the
province were bound up in the leader
•hip    of    McBride.     And   thu* there
'; ! cam.   to   puss   in British   Columbia
! ', ! what has happened in other countries
' • j and   times—that    all  the  pulitiCB of
I the   country   were   hound   up In the
; nne single powerful and popular per
anna) ity.
A position like this mny he quick-
J ly won and ns quickly Imt. Uut
i that lias not been the eiperlence ol
Mr McBrlde. There have heen three
| general elections since he became
prime minister for the llrsi. time and
each succeeding election has imly In-
creased his power.
British Columbia has only one
! house ol legislature; it consists of lit
',', I members, fn the last legislature the
three members ol the opposition hnve
been reduced tn two; the supporters
of the prime minister and of bis pol
icy thus number 41) out of the entire
membership of tu.
This extraordinary dominance hns
not heen won by mere force of character; nn Instinctive adroitness, tact
and gnnd nenne Imve been among the
contributory    causes.     Take  lor ln-
naturally warm Irish heart and tbe
shrewdness of a keen politician who
turned what might have beon a campaign against to one in favor of him
self and his policy.
Finally, a few statistics to show
what progress British Columbia has
made in the ten years of Mr. Mc-
Bride's rule:
Tbe net revenue has grown trom
12,044,000 ln 1902-3 to .10,500,000 in
1910-11. Whereas the province was
heavily ln debt in 1903, the public
accounts showed at the close of the
last fiscal year a balance of 11,500,00
over all liabilities, and by resBon of
mated expenditures for the present
been the invariable result, the estimated expenditdres for the present
fiscal year are more than (10,000,000
10 years more than 113 per cent and
is now 400,000.
The figures are the must eloquent
testimony to a wise und popular rule
Mr. McBrlde has often beob asked to
transfer his energies, his gifts and
hie magnetism to Ottawa; he could
have had a cabinet office in the new
Conservative government; but he tine
preferred to remain in his native
province until his work there has
been done.
Tfmdi Mark*
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.out Iraa. I'Meal ...iii-r forawurln.patauii.
I'.ii.tit* taken turouali Muun ,Va. ravalva
aj-'iMI nude*, without .liana, la IM
Scientific American.
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iiiutrU, to." * jvm, putUm prrimld.   fold l.f
til IMWrir-UKA
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m r St., Waanlniniii
®ht tSiitnkrfc
ll   1.
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stimuli In all lis
1-XpfUHlVi'   I'llSlilV-
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of i'uii.
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ull over ihu world.
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A Calculating Nature.
"Is that a garden you are making'.'"
"No." replied Mr. CrosslotB, "it a u
subterfuge, I tenr up us iniicli o[ the
yard ns my wlfo will allow me to,
ami tlieu loi II alone nil summer. It's
Just Umi. much less territory to run
the lawn mower ovei'."—Washington
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him lu a Rlale of pain and suspense
for two months mitt defied the efforts
of two doctors who were treating him.
"My trouble started with a cold,"
Mr.   Moulalson    nays.  "My    muscles
would cramp and 1 had backache and
dizzy spells.     My head ached and I
h.nl n tired, nervous   Feeling   while
specks or light flashed in front of my
"I suffered lu this way for over two
month*, and was treated by two doctors but lliey didn't seem to be
able to do much for me. Then I
started lo lake Dodd's Kidney Pills
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Six   boxes   (Mired   me."
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The Sad  One.
The "Prodigal  Son"   was  the sub*
.leet of the Sunday school lesson. The !
teacher was dwelling on the character of the elder brother.
"Ilul amidst nl! ihe rejoicing," said i
the teacher, "thoro was one to whom I
tho preparation of the feast brought.!
no Joy, to whom Lho prodigal's return i
brought no happiness, only bitterness;
one who did uol approve of the feasl j
and had uo wish to attend it. Now
who can tell me who tilts was?"
Silence for several moments, then aj
hand raised and a small sympathetic j
voice: "Pleas:1, ma'am, it was the
fatted calf."
famous Berners Sir
London, contrived bjtTheod
in   lKiMi,  bus   recently  hud
terpen   in   Dublin,     lu   the
street  hoax  M   will be recalled th
sands of lette rsbad beeu written
all  kinds of tradespeople to call
a certain day at
ami deliver eerta...                 ,...
ons, carts wiih upholstery, vans with' position—--such use is the least tire-
pianos and other articcles. weddiug (some and dan be persisted fn'for long*
ml funeral conches-rumbled tjirough, t er periods without damage than any
Not  Injurious to the  Eyes  If a few
Simple  Rules  are  Observed
's ' To those addicted to the practice
i- of reading in bed the remarks of Dr.
o j Carl Seller will be of Interest. lie
n j stales that thero Is no valid reason
No, 64 ihat Street to be urged against using Ihe eyes
goods.   Coal wan-   in. a proper manner In'a recumbent
tilling tli
joining   street
babel was ne\
don.   The Lor
md all ihe ad
and   lanes.    Such
■ betun  seen in L<
Mayor and the pn
deal of the Hank of England and
eral scions of nobility, as well at
lawyers, doctors, clergymen, under
inkers and pastry cooks, were there
Six weeks ago a man arrived ii
Dublin and Immediately paragraph:
appeared in the newspapers announcing thai Buffalo Bill's Wild West, show
was coming to Dublin, and that Us
advance    agent    bad    arrived.    The
Wo all know that grave damage
is often done by reading in a recumbent posture, but theft*- .»ossibiy
sonTe OcOullstB nre at fault. Had
it. beeu the universal practise during
the last twenty years to give careful directions Jiow to read lyii.i,
down Instead of saying to one aud all
"You must, not read lying down,"
Ibere would be less near sight and
.. | better eyes in tho community than
now , xisl.
Three easily avoided
rrora onus-
The clergy mar bad come round tot
tbe Sunday school, and was exam In- j
j lug tiie small boys.
"Can any of you tell me?" snid he,
"what Is the meaning of 'divers diseases?' "
Two small boys began comparing
mental notes in an undertone. Presently one of them  looked  up.
"Please, sir, it's wnter on tho
In the causes of infant, mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently,
and It may bo said that, complaints
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Curious to Learn.
Tn Georgia I hey tell of a prisoner
who had been convicted a dozen times
of stealing, wbo, wheu placed at. the
bar for bis latest offense, displayed
a singular curiosity,
"Your I lonor," said lie. "I should
like to have my case postponed for
a week.    My lawyer is sick."
"Hnl." said the magistrate, "you
wero i aught with your hand in this
gentleman's pocket. What can your
counsel .vy iu your defence?'*
"Kxucl'y ao. Your honor, that Is
what 1 am curious to know."—Green
Luc an Nagy of Szegedln, Austria,
sold bis skin to a foreign museum a
long time ago for £32, tho condition
being tbat after his death and when
the skin was removed the museum authorities should bury bis body. Mo
has now died at tbe age of 85. On
his deathbed lie begged bis relatives
lo get his contract broken.
Old ite rli tiers are lamenting (he gradual disappearance of military uniform
from tbe streets, A quarter of a century ago more officers and soldiers In
uniform were to be met with in the
principal thoroughfares than civilians,
whllo now, though the Berlin garrison
is far larger, the presence of. the uniform Is hardly noticeable. The main
cause of Ihe change Is the increased
cost of living.
WeU, Well!
, can use
1*1 dyad ALL lho*
of Goods
uiith the SAME on*.
I used
ON* Initio riil'ir. Alli'ttlori (turn y.iuf l>ni||l*l n
Pi-alar. MtKl, ::olur(.•rditd M'OKY B-mkUlli
Thn jghjMjO**ajd*gjtgg Cttv. 'itulfJ. Mgajgjtl
Official statistics show that the total number of emigrants from Switzerland in 1911 was 60,874, against 83,-
030 iu 1910. Of the 1911 emigrants,
5,612 were Swiss. The destination of
the Sw'ss emigrants (no particular
record being kept of foreigners, the
majority of whom are Italians), was
as follows: The United States, U,-
869; Argentina, f»f)7; Canada, 227;
Brazil, 118; Australia, 80; Asia, 40;
Africa, 38; Mexico. 14; the remainder
seeking homes In Peru, Colombia,
Chile and Panama. Of these Swiss
emigrants, 1,640 wero farmers, 1,6.16
mechanics uud laborers. 860 clerks,
besides a number or nursos, teachers,
musicians, etc.
For years Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator lias fauked as Lho most
effective preparation manufactured,
and it always maintains Its reputation.
Taking Every Precaution.
.Mr.   Lanabury's   concern,   as   ex*
pressed in the British House of Com-
I moiis, ovor the military drilling going
; ou in the North of Ireland, reminds
i oue of a story of how Ireland  was
| occasionally  taught  to  shoot  In the
past.   The war office once sunt a fa-
i mous officer over to Inspect tho militia regiments, and the officer, after
| inspecting,    asked  for a  few   words
! with the drill sergeant,
i    "These    men    of yours," he said,
"could not hit a target as big as the
I Tower of London.    You  can't  have
' taken much pains to teach them."
!    "Tache thlm to shoot," gasped the
■sergeant.   "Of course 1 did not tache
thlm to rhoot, yer honor; for. bedad,
If I did there wouldn't be a landlord
- left In Minister "
A coin of the Constantino period
has been unearthed by workmen in a
garden at Colchester,
Hoard's Liniment used by Physicians-
DON'T \viml<-yonr time tijriiriiig
out why » UliuU hen l;»\s a
white Oixg. A.ol IniHy ami jump
Into your 1,1 .AT II Kit I.ABI.I,
OVMIMIAll.S nml get the c»g.
Powerful Pica.
A man In North Carolina wbo was
saved from conviction for horse stealing by the powerful plea of his lawyer, after his acquitutf by tbe jury,
was asked by hi.* lawyer:
"Honor bright. Bill, you did steal
that horse, didn't you?''
"Now, look a-iiere. judge," was tlio
reply, "1 a Hers did think I stole that
boss, but since I bears your speech to
thai ere jury, I'll he doggoned If I
aiu t got my doubts about It."—National Monthly.
agent took rooms In a city hotel. Tho Iftl ltl" ■1H-'m possible from reading
tour of the show was, he said, to bo* J?"1* ll,nv--* "l0 fl*'B* often leading to
gin at Dublin. Two tlioiisnml horses tue uther two- T,iev fl,'° Insufficient
and six hundred men and women, be* or wrongly directed light, short read-
sides hundreds of wild animals would I UiR distance, and tipping the book
require food for a month, lie ar-! out of n ■),linn a* ri--*11 angles to the
ranged    for enormous supplies from j -m® ot Y*slon,
confectioners, bakers, wholesale gro- "' however, every one reading ly-
eers, butclu-rs, fishmongers and for-]1"" uown -V|11 H" arrange bis lounge
nge contractors, the lust named order'01' b,(1 lha' ,no ■■£•*' comes over the
being for forty Ions of hay a week. P,(lftd wlihoul striking the eye and
Twenty thousand posters were ordered'ra"a we" upon ,ho ,m^o: if ll° w-*l
and these were American master- "oW llls book al :l lonB reading displaces fn advertising. The most snr* Ja!.C0 "'",' 5. f CftPfl lhat lUQ Iille ot
donic touch of all was tho visit of the ?tl?,? shaIl,He "' ri|ffht anglea t0
agent to tho police authorities with I Uie "ne 0| vlKi0U ||P *■«*•■ ,,c H,lI'° of
the request lor the service of twenty-
five policemen to keep order during
tbe show.
When all the arrangements bad
been completed the agent disappeared
(iHd nothing more has been beard
either of him or tho big show.
doing his eye/ no more harm than if
he were silling up.      /
Moro thou this, there is much positively in. favor of reading lying
down. Dr. Seller concludes: -The
recumbent posture allows more rest
of tbo bodily structures than tho sitting posture, and there is greater possibility of resting and repair in that
position."—London Globe.
Bear  with  a  Thirst
There are probably a number ot
men in Maine who remember the
tame bear tbat used io live in Red*
ington lu days when lumbering- -wis
booming in Unit section. This btar
was a 200 pounder, kind and do.'.ile,
but the possessor of one bad haWl.
That was his penchant for Intoxicating liquor.
Now and Ihen lumbermen would
-,et tho bear drunk, which was pit
exceedingly easy thing to do. liruiii
preferred rum, but would drink v.l-.is-
I'ey if nothing belter was ac band,   pleasantly the lingering visitor who
In  tho morn'.■:•*',  rtter a nights  de-   does not know how to withdraw, ex-
bauoh he frcq.i.?:-tly bad   a   ty,>i.ul | press alert sympathy with others and   	
"morning atter thirst, which he le-.in*  P**°*npt to helpfCul co-operation with  comp|j
ed to quench by turning a faucet out- : others.     They enable people to dwell      TnP
Good    Manners
Manners affect for good or ill the
daily happiness ot*overy human being and the fortune and destiny o(
every tribe and nailpn. -(Their influence ou human existence Is profound and incessant. Good manners
arc founded on reason or common
sense and good will.
They put people al case In social
Intercourse, welcome graciously the
stranger and    the    friend,    dismiss
The Slayer of Miaco.
One of tho most peculiar cases ever
brought to Hie attention of the court
of tlrst Instance recently came to
light in Pangaslnan province.
Pedro 1'abaira, with two others, was
accused of tbe murder of Bemabe
Laco, and on being brought to trial !
the. lirst pleaded guilty, there being I
an aggravating circumstance of I
treachery, and was sentenced to j
twenty years In Hilibid.
Now it comes to light that the de-
ceased was .Miaco, an outlaw, who \
deserted from the constabulary some '
time ago, tailing with htm various |
arms and accoutrements, ami who engaged in outlawry since that time, j
There was a reward of 500 pesos out |
for his .capture, dead or alive.
The    question now Is, should  the \
prisoner serve his term for killing a ;
fellow citizen, or should  he be liberated and given a reward for killing
an enemy to society?—Manila Weekly
Eat What
You Like Daddy's Bedtime
side tbe main camp when bo won' i
lap us the water very eagerly ti?:u
ran from tbe tap.
No efforts were made at refor.ia
tion, although It is not stated that toe
a matter of fact lie lives at. ttie
camps for a number of years wiihui r
harming a person although some .if
tiie men seemed to antagonize him
at times.—Maine ^Vi.ods.
togetiier    In    peaci
whereas bad  manner?
si rife and discord.
and    concord;
cause friction
Loaded for Vengeance.
It was the day on which the an-1
nual rival football match was lo be
played between the Ann Sthreet Bhoys j
vs. Haffcrly's Slashers, aud Rafferty, .
tha cpiiter forward of the Slashers,
was Just leaving home for tbe match ;
when Mrs. Rafferty called out:
"Rafferty,  have  ye/,  got  yer  shillelagh?"
"Oi have!" replied Rafferty, dealing ;
a thunderous bang on the door with it. i
"Thin pul a brick insoide yer hat.
Remember the broken head tbe Ann
Sthreet Bhoys gave ye/, last season." |
Thank yer fo- the hint, Mrs. flaf-
it Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat—
At the first symptoms or sore throat,
vhick pio*jige*i uipe'eation and inflammation, tnke a spoonful of Dr. Thomas* Ecleotrlc Oil. Add a Utile sugar
to It to make it palatable, lt will allay the .rritntiou aud prevent the ulceration and swelling thai are so painful! Those who were periodically subject to quinsy have thus made tllbm*
selves immune to attack.
And What Agrees With You, But Do
Not Eat Too Much.
Digestion Will  Be Good  If You Regulate the System With
Overeating is the great cause or
liver troubles, biliousness and constipation. The digestive system becomes
clogged with poisonous waste mailer, ilie liver "falls and then follow
kidney disorders of the mosl painful
-I i tatai form, such as rheumatism,
Bright's disease and dropsy.
Tbo beginning Is almost invariably
Willi Ilio liver and should bo overcome by the prompt use o1. D;\ Chase'3
Kidney-Liver I'illls before serious disease is developed.
An occasional dose of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills when ihe liver gets
sluggish and the bowels constipated
will keep the whole digestive system
in healthy working order.
Hundreds of thousands of people
have found this out by their own experience and would not think of being without this medicine iu tiie
house. Olliers have been restored to
health by this treatment after thelites bad reached more serious and
icoted stages.
does not seem to he any
medicine obtainable which is so successful In awakening tbe action of
both liver and kidneys as Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. Merll alone can
account for their enormous sales.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Uvcr Pills, one
pill a dose, 2Gc a box( at all dealers
or Eldmunson, Hates & Co., Limited,
-      Wears a Simple
Green Hat
Th. Fairy Quean R.-
v.artl.  Jack.
The  Right Direction.
Floorwalker—Somelhtug 1 ran do
for you, sir?
Nervous Gentleman—1 have just
lost my wife.
floorwalker- Mourning goods on
the third floor,
TTTB windows were away up.   Jack and Evelyn had begged it when tbey
started for bed.
"We want to sniff the nice smell of the tittle wild flowers before
*    we go to sleep, and then maybe we will dream about them," (bey hnd
said to daddy.
Daddy smiled. Tbe woods were nearly a mile annr. Unless some friendly
little breeze ran ln with a whiff of flower fragrance it becuicd unlikely that tlm
children would be able to thus dream of the flowers.
"Where tbo woods are dark and moist," daddy began, "there once lived a
llttlo green plant, ono of tbe tlrst flowers that come to us lu tbo springtime,
It was not slender and graceful like the anemone, nor dressed In gayly dappled loaves llko tbe adder's tongue, nor fragrant and lovely llt;o the violet 0(
arbutus. The Utile plant rose straight and gaunt Trom thu dark earth, Hires
triangular leaves on Its head, mid when the other little plants begun Ut put ou
tbelr spring bonnets tbe plant was sllll plain and green.
'"I should feel ashamed to lift my bead if I couldn't have a spring bat Uks
every one else,' the bloodroot murmured as tbo wind stirred his waxen petals,
And the other flowers flaunted their gay colors happily In the sunshine
"By nud by enme boys and girls with baskets, and mnny of the pretty
flowers lost their bends, nnd those who were left did tbeir best lo bide their
flnery when tbey heard human feet coming.
"The little plant by the brook bad grown n green shell-like covering tn
shield the flower that was nil he bad to add to the beauty of springlike woods.
"And now n strange thing happened. The Winged creatures of the wood.*
came In swarms. They dived deep into tbo shell of the little plant lo feed
on the delicious stores hidden there, for, though bo wore no gorgeous finery (■*
attract notice, the heart or the flower was sweet and full of honey, nud tha
little wood creatures who feed ou the plants l.ncw tbls and passed by tho mora
showy yet less satisfying blossoms. ,
"Aud one dny tbe fairy qtiocu came by. AI! the flowers stood straight and
■jtil! to receive her.
"Uut she passed tbem by. She stopped beside the little green plant by fni
brook, nnd the bees und butterflies and wood flies buzzed their Approval.
" 'Little Jaek-ln-tbo Pulpit,' said she. 'you bnve done well. It Is not always
by gay clothes that we may judge. Vou have been modest. Vou tune been
kind. You have fed the hungry when your neighbors thought only of gaudy
flnery, Little .lackln-tbePulpIt, wben autumn comes you shall wear ti scarlet
cap.' And so It Is when lho woods grow cold you will see .tack-lu-lbe Pulpit, »
cardinal, wearing a crown of scarlet."
\ Some That Have Come to Ui From
Judges and Lawyers.
It npppar3 that judges and lawyers
have contributed a   liberal   share   to
the stock of popular sayings.
Jt is Francis Bacon who speaki ot
matters that "come  home  to  men's
business aud bosom," who lays down
forty, me darlint," relumed Rafferty, j tha axiom that "knowledge is power,"
but. O'lvo prepared a betther sur
praise packet for tbe Ann Sthreet
Bhoys. O'lve sewed u dynamite car-
thridge Insoide me hat. And, begorra,
there'll be a sad home iu Ann sthreet
tonight after tin free fight,"—Ideas.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house.
Professor—In the classification of
your eases, under whal heading would
you place operations of the vi ruiiiorm
appendix? _
Student - 1 would place them under  the caption  of  "Internal     Kov-
Looking Mnaaa,
Vlllsge Policeman (who has locked
np bl.*t quarrelsome wife)—There I
sh-vl have n little peace now! Kilt
how about tomorrow, wheu 1 let her
out?-niegenrie P.latter.
Hit Mental Equipment
A Downs man was tolling
small and insignificant ono of 1
enemies was. "Why," Bahl ui
that fellow's brains were to ti
dynamite there wouldn't b - c
io blow the hat. off his head."
s en-
f.l    lo
and who utter: lhat solemn warning °nue.
: to enamored benedicts, "He tbat hath j — ■
a wife and children hath given host-: Bttli of Ohio, City of Toledo      \   _.
i ages to fortune." .Uicaii County. f   m*
-    We have Nrtf liigh authority of Sir   JJffi-JJLS^&tt "^"^'-v lPW _
i — ,       ii-,i     /      j    i    ■      ii   ..... _    se   or nart.tr of tno firm of 1*. J. Cheney
Edward Cuke for declaring that   'cor-, & fj0., domg.bU8lm-fa fn ih« city of Toi.
I porations have no sotiH   and lhat    ^I'eflft County^pni State aforwiPV un*\ that
man's house i* hh castl " "" '"   "'" "   ~ "'"
Sam* Old Story,
She—How did they ever come to
marry? He—Oh. It's Iho same old
story. Started ont to be «ood friends.
you know, nnd later ou changed tbeir
Children's Decayed Teeth.
London.—Of 16,615 children
spected in the elementary school
Surrey las' yi ar, 12,216 were fo
to bave one or more visibly d
Result Always the Same. ,,,, , ,
,-, lhe expression    hu accident of sn
There was a prosecutisg attorney nccidenr *g borrowed (rom Ij0rd
in the south who was co uniformly j T|mrlow, .-Tll0 gm,test happiness of
successful with his cases that he not t,); grP)l,„st number" occurs in Hen-
only became the terror of evildoers, j tIlam ■„,. na nn nCknowledgdd trans-
but an object of admiration to every: intion from the jurist BeccaHa.
one, nnd especially to the negroes of <j-0 Leviathan Hobbea we owe this
the ciiy is which he lived. ] maxjn-:     "Words   nre
■afii Arm "win piy the turn 6t ON'R .itiN.
JJHED_D0LLAK8    for <-n<-li anij every
cnee of Cjilarr thnt caeitot bn cured by
_or .Hall's Catarrh Cure. FRANK
When he left public ofllce, he was
counters, but   tire  money  of  fools.
tbe U|L  .   .
J. CHfcN'BY.
Sworn to bcfon- m* un<t subscribed tn
my presence, this 6th Cny of Dccfmbtr.
AD   1868.
(Seal.) A. W. OLBASQN,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ta taken Internally,
men s   and acts    rllrcrtly    on    tho    blood  and
Leather Label
'altHl'rAriTllKrt. or
High Grade Am.ric.n Ov.r-Haul.,
T.rtr thla out and mall It to ua with
your uama and uddr... and wa will ..nd
you ono of our o.l.brat.d CONN CO!
Chine.. Vi-w. of Millinery.
Speaking i» u Clilucso gentleman
lln' othor ilny un 1'iiglinlim.iii nakcil
lilm ir ilie Chinese ladles will emu-
laic lhe ii.en umi go In for western
headgoflrf In reply he tioained a smllo
moil ohllilllko and bland.
Pressed for sonietliing more dell-
nhe, he remarked: "Did yon not
know lhal II Is n well known fact
among lhe Chinese thai lhe reason
so many Knroiiean hiiehands look harassed and enriTlddeu and the fur-
ilier reason why sn many or your
ynung men refrain from marriage is
Uila vol'" qtieailini of millinery? Ladles' hats cost so mticll that they spell
ruin nud so we Chinese have told
our women folk that we absolutely
forbid tbem to follow western fashions lu Ihls regnl'd, whatever they
may do lu other directions."—Pekln
Yunr ilcider*. name..
Thais Ihe kind
Mother told m»
to gel!
Is pur* m-ll   Ml null--.<i'il nothing but anil.
cryit»l. |
For Imt* nift-for ««oli!nt antl bulilnr I
form»ltmat-..tyilUlie*— -/rjuvanalwiiyi |
SMMd on Ins purlljr and ROTIMl QUUljy
QuayulC wns for years overlooked
or despised! Its rubber contents were
considered or little or uo value, uud
when ut l.isl acknowledged this was
said to be Inferior tn other rubber
became it did not come from ihe
tropics. Vft. In iplto of all; guayule
bus beoonie nn importaui source uf
rubber supply, minimis of dollar.*, have
been Invested iu ihe industry, factories have been erected rinse to tbe
Kiiayalo ib-ld*. uud (owns have grown
up for Lhe operullves mul field laborers.
i'.gertou I. WIlHhrop, ul lhe end
of one nl' the mcellnffS ot lho Hoard
of Kdueatlou in New Vork, said, apropos ol severity in lho schoolroom!
"Those oversovere leachem always
remind me of it. over-severe parson.
lie. at u dill no,' party d tiring l.onl,
Raiif-to one of Ihe (-nests, a fainoun
"-My dear air, ns ll is I.enl—and a
Friday io boot - would you mind If I
asked you to con flue vour efforts exclusively to fish stories/"
It is John Salden who suggests thnt
I by thi'owing a Btraw into Hr uir on*
1 may see Ilio way of Ilia wind, and to
I his contemporary Oxcnstiern is due
! the discovery "Witli how little wisdom is llm world governed.*'
Mackintosh lirs! used the phrase "a
    "   "Thd
mucoun aurfocM ot t
for teatlmoulnli fir**.
F. J. CHK^EY ft CO.
Hold by nil di-iiKRltfi-i. "fit*.
Tako nail'* Family Pills for eonatlpa
r-yateni.      Bend
Toledo, O.
at once BOUght out by those charged
with crime. Much to his chagrin, tbe
first two cases that he defended resulted iu the conviction of his clients. iri . V11	
,An old negro who had watched bis' dom i.i lhe world governed." 0n|y Half GuiltJ/
prosecutions in ad-nirinp, wondei uu;. Mackintosh firs! used the phrase "aj Senator Williams, lifem. address in
looked on with equal wonder now that j wioi and masterly inactivity." "Th<i', Vuzoo, said of a movemoul he op-
he   conducted the defence, accosted  aehoohiaster   is ubroad"   is   from a] posed:
him just after his second defeat.        [ speech by Lord Brougham. I    ''These  men  try to apologize    for
".\larse    lOarle,"    he said iu awed.    In (tie'familiar phrase "a delusion,! their  course,   but   their  apology   re*
tones,  "you   sho   is  a   wonder!     t\*c   a mockery and   a snare"   there ia   a   minds uie of that ot the   Yazoo of-
uiattor which side you's on they ■*< ps ^ certain Biblical ring, which lias some-: fk-o boy.
lo the pen jes' the same." j times led to its being quoted as from       -a business man, looking up from
Are the Fly and Mosquito Dangerous
The fly, with apoatfy feet, collect;, the invisible germs of diseases, spread*
them over oar (nud und poisons us with typhoid and clioiern. Tbe mmquito wi'ii
itt, bite injects into our veins malaria nnd yellow fever. The bacteria of coniump-
tion, or tr\o, are everywhere present for us to breathe into our liu^s. 'I be M-h-.I
which Hows through our veins and urtcries is our protection. Ir should contain
healthy red und white hlnod corpuscles—capable of »ardin-< urf these disease
jjenns. Or. I'ierce's (iiilden Medical Discovery is a hluod medicine and literativa
made entirely withuiit iilcobol, n pure glyceric extract of hloodrnot, golden seal,
Oregon grape root, queen's root, mandrake und Itonc root, which but cnjuyed a
good reputation for over forty years. The refresh!*-]| Irt-
Hneiice ol this extrB''t i. like Nature's influence- lhe blood
is bathed in the tonic winch givei life to the blood- the
f -flfcW. II vitril fires of  the body bum brighter  and   their  jnereated
I^H WFrc activity consumes the tissue rubbish which has uccumulated
1   d«r\   la during the winter.
* ■*■-'   iJ' " Alwin farty yean aco whil*. tn Mawarlt, New Jtr-fv. I had chilli
i-ind fevor," writes Mn. Uicmaki, MAcnni;. «>f Natiunnl Militaiy Ratnt*.
Kans. I went.to Kansas C(t*f and In thasprintrcf IW7 Oia cnitls iihI
fever returned, Doctors and evarytblng 1 tried fuiir«i to do me uood.
Ftnilly 1 saw »r. l*t-v<*o- CoMtn Mfiii'.-ai HiProvatyadvertised   1 ty»k
ont- bottll of il anil l!"1 chills vanished. In abOUt a year atltf-*1.*,<"!
I f,-lt thom eomlnjt ba.-k no I •-•,• anut'u-r bottle r.ml hav>> ii-v.- -*'l
nny lymptomi nf fevarot sn'"-* 'nir<-.   That is alio' twenty ranis uo,
for I lia'i the chllti about twelve ywn before 1 started to ia!.« Gowcn
M<* 1'i-ai Discovery.'"
II. Maguire. Esq. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pettets arc tor liver Hla*
 .—- I ono or oil.
"Can't  somethiiiK be done  lo stop j The word;
■ of thi
Hebrew prophets,
fact,   sn   extract
tin* Ktiin rbewing habit lit this town'.'
U the chewers could only see how
they look when their Jaws aro at j
work In the street cars or in planes :
of public assembly, they would never j
do it in public again. Gum chewing
Is us bad as snurf dipping, and nobody dips 8uufi" nowadays," says lhe !
Charlotte*  Observer.    All very woll,
from the judgment of Lord D.'iminn
at the trial of O'Connell.
Laziness and a Whistle.
Then is. In London, a man who
surely must combine tiie two characteristics of laziness and invention to
a remarkable degree, It is hla pur
tnui to   have   Ilia
an Important loiter lie was drafting,
Raid to tbls boy testily;
" 'Don't whistle at your work, Calhoun.'
'■ 'I ain't, workin," sir.' Calhoun an
Bwered. I'm only just whlsllln."
--Cincinnati Enquirer.
    breakfast   in br>d
but how nbout the tobacco chewing ■ nnd burdened with the trouble ol
habii  In the aouih1.'    Thai  has b'eeit -getting out of bed for ilie purpose of
unlocking his bedroom door
pretty neuernlly suppressed in the
north by the anti-spitting ordinances.
If you don't believe It. just look ut the
tobacco stores today and compare
them witli ten years ago.
Some  Improvement,
"Jane got. her new bonnet wet."
"Did it ruin it?"    ♦
"I should say not.   IT made it loo!
more    fashionably lopsided than before."—Detroit Free Press.
Fortune for Fiiher Folk.
Madrid. A fisherman's family who
lived In the most, abject poverty at
BenbCarlo, Spain, "havo just become
millionaires by the death of a relative
who migrated fo South America,
wliere lie made a fortune.
Censorship on "Movies."
Vienna.--The uulhorlllos in Vienna
propose to exorcise a Hliieter censorship ou picture theatres, iih il is believed lhat they have a tendency to
eucourag- youthful criinhuilit/.
. lie h
invented' a door which opens to bi*
whistle, H« haa accomplished this
somewhat remarkable feat by means
of a simple electro-magnet which
dr*WS the bolt when a current passes
through it, a platinum point, and a
piano wire attuned to a certain note.
When this note, or one «f its octaves,
i* Bounded, lha wire* vibrates in
response, und this vibration brings
it in Contact witii lhe platinum point.
The circuit is thus complete, and a
very senslMvo relay i< brought Into
operation, f congratulate my con*
i frore— the scientific expert of lho
J)ally Minor, and tbo inventor nf
thu "labor saving" device—but I
think that a piece ot cord running
over two pulleys nnt\ attached to nn
ordinary catch achieves the sum*
purpose, and there is no (ear of intrusion   through   son ne   sounding
the mystic note from the outsuK
World's Peace Congress.
Geneva.—It is officially announced
that,   tbe   nluetoonth   International
peace congress will assemble ut Gen
ova ou August 20,
NVwwed—An etifltu] dto do?
Mrs. Nowwed—Yea, love;  I wlHh
you would match thin piece of steak
I on your way homo—New York Suu.
How It Happened.
Condescending Chappie —1 wY-ally
cant wemember your name, but I've
an Idea I've met you hero before.
Nervous Host-Oh, yes, very likely.
Il'ii my house—Sketch,
BJobbs—tflisitler isn't Very tnlka-
five, is he? 1 don't seem able to draw
him nut.
Hlobbs—Try a corl(scrow,--I»hil;idel*
phi a Hecord,
Bad Blood
Is the direct and inevitable result of
irrrguhr or rrui*,tl|>ated bowels and
rlofigcd-iip kidneys and akin. The
uhdiRrHtcd food and other waste matter which'is allowed to accumulate
poisons the blood nnd the whole
system. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills,
act directly on the bowels, regulating
them—Oh the kidneys, giving ihem
east! and st rctif-iIt Io properly fillrr lh'!
blood—and ou the skin, opening tip
the pores. Fo* pure blood and good
health !.-ke •
Dr, Morse's   "
Indian Root frills
W. N. U. 899.
How you may Waste your Money,
t And   Where   to   save   It
Under tbe above heading there appears a very interesting article In
a recent number of "T.l'.'s Weekly.'
The best way to waste money, It Is
suggested, Is to keep it In the pocket. Then, whenever one sees a
thing which he fancies ho would like
he can buy It at once, otherwise, he
may forget It, or, having had time to
think h ever, conclude that he can net
along' without It.
Willi the money iu one's pocket wo
are always ready to receive the genius with
"Thc lulk tlm'   will  make a    man
"Think thai ho   needa   the   thing
"Thnt he does'ut;    tho talk   thnl
"Breedfl ho subtly the Tear lhal he'll
"Count for nought In the swim till
'That up-to-date frill he's bought.'1
Homo  useful   suggest Ions  are  also
made as to how money may be saved,
the ohlef of which is lo be syalomnllc
in tin- expenditure of it, tu make a
careful ostlmate under such liondlngB
as household expendllures, food, rent,
fuel,    clothes,    H<'.,  not,    forget tl tig
something   for "Rainy ays til   ,     ,
sou)othing for "The Rainy Day." And
for this purpose tho wilier would no
doubt,  luul  bo been  writing foi1 the
eves or Canadians only, have r oeo in
mended the t'anudian Gqyortimoul An
till I ties System mi giving the large-!
possible return wiih the best possible
security. Hy investing u fraction nr
your lnco.no In this way you may,
whether vou be jniin or woman, in
flliro ail mil age of .'■'■edom from want
or tiepeiiuouce, 'Ask your f'OSlinns'tet
lur    literature    on  fhe    subject,    or
wile Io tie- Superintendent nf Annul
lies, Ottawa- who will tell you all you
wish to know about the tiysiem and
bow yon should proceed to make the
provision suggested.
You can Save  Friction, Save Wear, Save
Fuel by using
Capitol Cylinder Oil
The very best oil   for steam plants on the farm.   Lasts
longer aud gets more power from tbe engine, with less
I wear, thttu any cheap substitutes; costs less in the end.
Atlantic Red Engine Oil
-A medium bodied oil, strongly recommended for slow
and medium speed engines und machinery. Eases the
bearings ami lightens the load.
Granite Harvester Oil
The short GUI oil, specially prepared for use on res
binders antl Ihroahors. Prevents all avoidable frlc
Doea not run off or Ihln out, Body not affected
moisture or change of climate.
Standard Gas Engine OH given ihe best lubrication
Hlblp, illko In kerosene, gasollno and gas engines, K
;- . bodj ai high lotnporattiros,   Equally good f"i all
i i ,i il i earings.
Mica •**■■!i* Orcise In the best known, most liked
g  ■ i»" made    Never rubs nff or gmns.
Silver Star Engine Kerosene Oil
Engine Gasoline
The Imperial Oil Co., Limited    | THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
®he Uvooyectov, GDranuvook, $. ©.
I   * -t-"y KSTABLISHKD   1895
Published Bvery Saturday   Mornlm, at Cranbrook, B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. li. Grace,    Editor.
Puatase to American, European and   other lorcign bountrtea,   51) cent,   a
year extra.
ADVKRTISBMENTS-Adv.rtlaing  rates lumlalied on, application.    No
advertisement, hut those ol a reputable character will he accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
1. given to local manager advertisemeuts and subscription, will he kept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Year
What do the people ol our town
know nbout their public schools? How
mnny of them ever go inside ol a
school building eicept on occasions
ol special entertainments? What do
they know from personal observation
They send their children tu»re lor su
houra every day for nine months in
the year, and that is about the end
ol it. The public schools are too
much neglected hy the people. They
are lelt ns It were to run themselves
one can see that more school visitation by parents would be a great
stimulus to both teacher and pupils.
Why not give a little more attention
to the training in the school.
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated--
to Tired Mothers as  They  Join  the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
A recent supreme court decision
will no doubt, ns an exchange remarks, result in the death ol many
vicious dogs. The decision was in aj
case where action hnd been brought
to recover damages Irom the owner
of a dog that barked and Irightened
the plaintills horse. The pin ntid was
thrown and injured, nnd brought suit
lor '1.5(f) damaged. The Jury gave
him n vecilict lor that amount, and
the owner ol the dog appealed to the
supreme court. The supreme court
continued the verdict, aud says lu
strong words that the owners ol hark
lug and vicious dogs are responsible
for all damages caused by such dogs,
and that the owners keep them at
their own perill.
Celebration ^
July 1st 1912
'•' Events
1st.     2nd.   i:
ii Sewing Contest      $10
: Chopping Contest    10
i Putting 16" Shot
:i Standing Long Jump
;: Running   "
Hop, Step & Jump
:: Married Ladies Race
:: Single      "
:: Ladies Egg 6?
Spoon Race
: 100 yds Foot Race
ii Fatman's Race
ii Three Legged Race
Sack Race
Boy's Race under 10
"   over    "
Girl's    "   under "
"   over
i Shoveling Contest
ii Base Ball Match,    -
ii Foot Ball Match    -
A newspaper man can nay nice and
pleasant things about a man ami hia
whole family for two long years and
never hear a word Irom thero. and
then in one short week, by some
hook or crook, get in a seeming uncharitable phrase and get blowed
higher than Guilderoy a kite, and incur tbeir lite time enmity. This is
one    of    the   secret    pleasures of the
• *   •   •
You are no doubt smarter, than
most other people, and ol course
would not foul your time away read
ing an udvertisement if yuu kuew it
was oue, aud you think people don't
rend advertisements; but that is Just
where you are of! your base: and
we'll bet you rend every word of thia
yet it is nn ad. We only wrote thle
tu show you thnt even as smart as
you are, you you will rend an advertisement. Kvery word of it. Now if
your ndveetisen.ent was here, as it
should be, severnl hundred people
who come tu trade, would read of
your offer and come to see you.    Ad
; vertise   it will pay.
• •   •   •
It    is   the mother   ot   n household
whose   life   is    chiefly  threatened  hy
(monotony.   She   stays at home,   the
: la always Ln    the house    seeing the
' same tilings, hearing tbe same voices,
. doing the same    work day after day
with     endless    regularity.   Tn-     demands    upon    her time and strength
aud  love and patience are  increasing
and the wonder  is  that she does not
break down more frequently  thnn is
actully    the    ease.   The    fact  ix-curs
too    often,    and   in    such   cases   an
ounce    of   prevention is worth many
pounds of cure.
• •   •   •
An easy way to keep an oil lamp
from smoking Is to     saturate     the
wicks with strong vinegar and allow
ing them to dry before u-dnj* them.
Following this advise one will he astonished to see how clear and brilliant   a flame   is   produced by a very
| simple procedure.
• •   •   •
Make your rural bouse beautiful
1 l-ay out spacious grounds around tne
farm bouse, plant shade trees, lay
gravel roads and plant flowers!
Don't lay up all your net earnings
for the beni oeirs and the liwyers,
but spend most of it in beautifing
your home. The farmer wbo always
shuts bis eyes to the aesthetic lea-
tures of his lite and screws himself
down to the task ot making money,
, loses a large portion, and the big-
Igest portion too, of his existance.
! Hla home should be an attraction to
himself to bis wife and above all, to
'his children. Unpleasant homes in
| too mauy Instances drive tbe sods of
farmers to the towns, to excitement
und dissipation, and to wreck. Such
sons do not generally leave pleasant
and beautiful homes.
There are hundreds of persons in
this city who cannot draw a dozen
full inspirations of the lungs without fainting. liy a full inspiration Ls
meant just as much as the lungs can
possibly bold, and if anyone sup-
pases it is easy to make ten or
twelve strong inspirations he should
make the effort before saying two
much. Men who are accustomed to
bend over ft desk all bay long rarely
more tban half llll their lungs at one
time, and to them one deep breath is
a tonic, a dozen stimulate so strongly aa to make them dmy or even
cause fainting. Tbe strain on the
lungs   is   terrific,    and  a collapse La
likely to occur.
• •   •   •
In    France,    where   tbey    have the
best    roads    in   the world, the highways are divided into several elasMl
hut all of them are supervised by the
national    government!    which   maintains a bureau of roads and bridgws,
and  support  a school  for  the education   of the engineers  and  inspectors
who     are    employed   in the bureau.
This   method   of building aud maintaining  roads in France  was started
by  the  Ilrst   Napoleon,   who    appears
to    have  beeu  the earliest   Kuropeau
states-man who clearly  saw  tbe economic   advantage of proper highways,
nnd    who at  the same time hnd the
power to carry out  what  he  wished.
The   effect    ot    these   good  roads In
France    has   been     wonderful.   They
have brought all the various parts of
the    country    nearer   together;   they
have made country life less lonesome
and    they   have   reduced tbe cost of
transportation of country  produce to
a    minumun.   France     is    the    only
country   in   Europe   where the agri
cultural   classes are  not  dissatisfied,
ind where they do not feel that they
j have a harder  time  than  those  who
j labor In other nelds.
■    Civilized nations have good roads—
i savage and unenlightened countries do
' not.   The   highways   ot travel are a
j guaee of the progress a people have
j made from barbarism to civilization.
I    How are your roads?
i   The price at which a farm will sell
for  is  regulated  by   ita nearness to
market, and tbe quality ot its neigh.
borhood roads.   To increase the selling price of your farm, work for good
Good roads will benefit the farmer
more tban he dreams of.
On an average, the farm products
of this country must be hauled by
wagon to market. There is more
room far saving in th s wagon haul
than ln a railroad haul of one thousand miles. The railroads of the
country charge only eights-tenths of
a cent for hauling a ton a mile.
• e   •   •
If every man was as big aa he
feels there wouldn't be standing
room ln thia country. 	
How   to   Make   Institute
Meetings Successful
Contributed by Mr.. T.  Black.
5 3
Prize $50
Prize $50
Prize $27
ii Tug of War
Sullivan Miners versus All Comers
Sports Commence at
12:30 Sharp.
Grand   Hall   will   be   held   in   the Miner's Hull.
Admission  Free.    Prizes  awarded   to   the   Best
Lady and Gentlemen Wt.1t/.ers.
"God Save the King"
Wll rTTTTT'l'TT .".".'T-I"."f"f
I think th. tlrst thing ta "bet each
member make a point to be present
nt every meeting if possible, and aB
punctuality should take a very prom
Inent part in nil we do, let ue be
punctual both in opening and closing
our meetings. It means a great deal
to our meetings to bave everyone
there on time. When a subject Is
btought up (or discussion, or suges-
Uons naked lor, be prompt in giving
your Ideas. Let us all be ready and
II we know a good thing, be willing
to pass it along; our meetings must
| not drag, they will never be a sue-
! cess II we allow them to do bo.
| What broader Held could we have
(or our work than all things that
] pertain to the home. When we realize what "everything that pertains to
the home means" what possibilities
there are for our institute work,
i Our hand book says "The object
] of this organization Bhall be the dissemination of knowledge relating to
domestic economy," including houee-
jholil architecture, with attention to
i home sanitation, and a better under-
i Ktamling of the economic and hygenic
vnlue of foods, clothing and fuel, and
a more scientific love and training of
children with a view ot rnislng the
general standard and morals ol the
people. The foundation is laid In the
home and the institute is for making
women efficient In the hnme. It Is
the Hweet apirit of helpfulness, couple,! with a willingness to lenrn that
Is going to make an institute u suc-
chhs and a power for good.
Kvery woman haa Home information
which will he valued by other member,, nf mf institute. Nearly every
i iniie-rnnker eicells in one or more
of the many duties which come to
j her, as manager, cook, seamstress
readier or entertainer and she should
I not Iohc the opportunity afforded
through the Institute to give niein-
lierH the benefit of her knowledge and
The young girls hnve to he the future   hnme-liulldera,   make them wel-
rome,   pet     them interested In     our
meeting!,, let us give them the bene
lit   of   all    the good we can.   There
' are    nuinv   ways   In which they can
t help   ub.   Let    ub   give   them something tn do In our meetings sn that
they    will    Iwoomt Interested In the
1 things at home and he made tn feel
{they have responsibilities there which
should be a pleasure
How    many   of   ua know so much
thnt we ran learn no more.
Whatever    plans we mny have followed, some one may have * better
one and we should he ready to accept suggestions and look for better
and carrier wny of doing our work
Then tbe Institute becomes a benefit
to us not only (or tbe knowledge
j gained but from a social standpoint,
11 think perhaps some ot us are benefited aa much in this way as in any
j otber.
; Then it Ib the only meeting in the
j community that enables us to meet
; on common ground and become well
We become narrow minded wben we
live to ourselves.
| We are social beings, and, it is ot
greatest benefit that as neighbors we
should meet occasionally and exchange thoughts and ideas. In this
way, we may each help the other,
and thus make the most and best ol
Again our meetings give a chance
to develope our capabilities of taking part In the discussion. We gain
confidence and in time may reach the
point where we will not be afraid of
our own voices aa we are now.
The Institute stands tor our home
and country—the true greatness of
national life lives in the home.
Home life has demands, housekeep
ing various aspects and methods.
While It is equally true thnt no wo
man hns a monopnly on all the good
things, hy meeting together we exchange ideas and assist each other a-
long lines relating tn, and not away
Irom, the home.
If the Institute movements even degenerates so far, as to tnke the woman away from her home, nnd make
her less worthy of womanhood, It
ought tn be discontinued. On the
other hand, however we find that It
improves the home nnd community,
hrenking dnwn Jealousies, uniting
home nnd country In a common
cause, anil spreading useful Information.
Whnt about criticism, well no one
nenl care about Ireing criticised, for
the one that criticism and tnlk the
iiioHt are the empty-heads. Perhaps
Ion, we ran suggest better things
without giving offense. There Is bne
thing that each should guard agnlnst
that Is hosslness. Ynu know what 1
mean. Pinch meeting nt nny society
whntever, should he friendly, warm
lm in nn, everyone willing tn give
someone else n chance, everyone able
at all tn contribute tn the general
enjoyment or iiiBtructlon ahould be
willing tn do their part nnd strive to
make ll (' a better place to live ln
than w. found it.
Going Fast!
On account of the
Closing Out
the Best Things are being Snapped
Up   in the
There art  Lots of Bargains  left.
Don't Delay, Come Now and get
what you want at
Cost and Less
The Quality
4 a?. 14
Mining Notes
On Wild Horse I'rrek the Nip and
Tuck Is workinK with a full force and
with plenty  of water for the giants.
A number ot quartz propositions
in the vicinity of Tracy and l^wis
Creeks are being developed.
The St. Kugene hus a force of 12
men at work, and a comfortable
".mount o( ore is coming down the
Across the lake Irom Moyie the
Aurora has a small force nt work.
It Is reported that a large amount
of ore hns been blasted out, samples
of which, are said to assay 35 per
cent in zinc, 20 per cent lead, and 11
ounces iu silver. A tunnel lu being run
cut the main ledge at 50 fe?t,
A six drill compressor has been installed, and as soon as the vein ls
tappid, a 58 ton concentrator will be
Breaking all records lor the year,
the Sullivan group of mines at Kim-
berly, shipped to Trail Smelter 1,533
tons of ore.
Following are the ore shipments
from mines in the Cranbrook district
lor the past week and year to date:
Sullivan 1,533 15,234
Monarch 200 4,500
Other Mines 1,029
1,733 20,768
Visitors to^the City
V. Deaaullnier,    Moyie
O. A. Short,    Calgary
K. D. Leonard,     Calgary
F. Denlson,     Fernie
A. Innocent,     Happy Valley
J. C. Benson,    Macleod
A. F. Parsons,    Toronto
C. H. Samuels,    Montreal
John BaBsln,    Hosmer
A. Murphy,    Gateway
8. H. Kerr.    Vnncouver
J. O'Brien,     Smiths Fall.
F. Latin,    Winnipeg
J. H. llnkham,     Calgary
J. 0. Carruthers,      Nelaon
J. Robson,     Fernie
F. Rddy,     Spokane
J. W. Helm,     Lethbrldge
L. W. Thompson,    Winnipeg
Q. N. Powers,    Winnipeg
F. White,    Fernle
B. O. Longmlre,     Calgnry
R. M. Reld,    Creston
B. T. Crowley,    Marysville
A. J. Forest, Winnipeg
Frank Wright,    Winnipeg
J. L. Dwyer, Fernie
J. A. Black, Vancouver
F. A. Coverell, Spokane
James Ryan, Vancouver
H. K. Lapolnt, Wardner
H. Samuels, Montreal
R. Moore,     Rdmonton
A. Carney,     Kaslo
V. E. Meyers,    Billings, Mont.
J.  Russell,     Blllinge, Mont,
R. M. Essie,     Bull River
R. B. OlhbB,    Spokane
J. Joyce, Blko
J, H. Wilson,    Spokane
C. Longhurtt, Nelson
J. B. Hill, Toronto
J. Daly,    Sirdar
F. Hanson,    Montreal
B. Brook,     Lethbrldge
A. Ellison,    Trail
J. J. Raynor,    Medicine Hat
J. Black,     Vancouver
B. Moore,     Calgary
E. A. HnBsett,.    Spokane
C. A. Joalin,     Spokane
C. H. Weilc, Spokane
T. I). Lloyd,    Toronto
R. P. Oakley, Vnncouver
V. H. Graham, Calgary
A. H. Coffey, Kdmonton
A. A. Conke,     Jaffray
D. H. Miller, Colorado.
J. Harvey
11. Hall,  Juffray
W. M. Jones,    Calgary
J as. Miller,     Spokane
L. Dean,     Spokane
H. Wilson, Kort Hteele
J. Sand
It. E. Frederick, Blko
0, Norton,     Mnyle
11. B. Taylor,     Moyie
Mrs. A. D. Avery,    Colfnx,. Wash
D. Miller,     Calgary
; ***** III111 ll 11 nil ******* **** IMI III III I* j;
;| Dominion Day
With a good Program of Sports.
On the Lake tu All
. A   Day   Spent  on   Beautiful  Moyie Lake will never
he regretted
Train will leave  Cranbrook  at  8:*,o a. m.    Return-
+ mg    will    leave    Moyie   at    ia   midnight.    Persons
desiring can return at 9:30 p. m. on the Flyer.
Fare    Return   $1.10
;i J. P. Farrell, Chairman    F. J. Smyth, Secretary
■II11 I I Ull IIIHI I III I ** I llllll IIIII 11* 111 »■ ,
■-H-I-I I I "I l-l I IIII III * **** **** 11111111111 H ||.|. .
|| Investor's Snaps I!
Store and Two-Story Apartment House and all nec-
cessary    furniture,     including     Lot,    etc.,
Price $7,000
Lots 4, 5, and 6, in Block 92 corner of Van Home
Street and Clarke Avenue, including stables
and warehouses. Price $1,600
Lots 9 and 10 in Block 92 'includ'h* building and
store fixtures corner Van Home Street and
Durick Avenue. Price $5,500
Lot 19 In Block 36 comer Louis and Clark Avenue
Price $450
113 3-4 Acre Ranch to the south-east of city. j
Stables and Hay Bain with all necessary
implements. 60 acres already cleared. 250
.' year old apple trees on premises. Price on
For further Particulars Apply to
At Grocery Store Opposite C. P. R. Station
■H-H I I I I III 111 11III III ■■ I1 I 111111111111111
***** ******* ************** III HlH HI Hl*>
;;      q_~   TUESDAY   JULY 2nd,   1912       q     \
Extraordinary Engagement of
America's Favorite
Harry Bulger
ii "The Flirting Princess" i
', [ Sponsor!, for the "Prince of Tonight", "Miss Nobody ',
From Sturland", Etc, Etc.,
Company of Fifty-two
Complete Production
The Famous Princess Beauty Chorous
Exactly as represented in Chicago 340 Times
A Metropolitan Production you cannot
Afford to Miss
Prices:    $2.00   -   $1.50   -   $1.00   •   75c
Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy Y '
111H HI HIUIIII !■» H+l H-H H11111111 Ml > [ THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
10c & 15c
Pictures at Auditorium
10c & 15c
The Lund Land
& Development Co., Ltd.
P. LUND,  President
See us about lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
\ Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
'' ****** ll l Ml ******* * ********************+*t
The 41 Market Co.
We   make  a  Speclulty <il
Nnnu Hatter--A Trial will
(•(iiiviniM' Vou of tbelr E«-
celleiice. r  -^u
Wt   Imve   It  la all Huts.
Local  News
1    The 1'roBpector content  office in   In
. the Hanson     Block, on   the   second
11 rloor—office formerly occupied   by R.
; II. Benehict.
■ • I    D.    Urlfllth,   ol   Wild   Horse   Creek
, was in town this week on business.
Mr and Mrs A. Petty, of Winnipeg,
■ were in town Monday,
1    An Interesting line of Dims will be
shown at the Edison Theatre tonight.
'.'.'    It. A. Fraser was at Kingsgute on
• >   business Wednesday
' |    TO LET—Furnished rooms for resl-
! !   dence, Burwell Ave., apply Box "M"
■ >: Prospector.
, ■ —~~—
'' I    Wm. Meyers, ol Fort Steele, was in
J j j town Monday.
',', |    The apple of many a young man's
< .   eye, "is a peach In a calico dress."
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Manslield,     of
Mrs. Robt. Brown will   not receive
during July and August.
V 0 U—I  Mean   Y 0 U—Remember—
Kllby   Frames   Pictures.
i Special and Interesting as well as
amusing line ol Sims at the Edison
j Theatre tonight.
Dan. Macdonald, of Detroit, Mich.,
in town   this week viBitlng    his
This to remind ;
that we are head- ;
quarters for every I
" thing  in ;
Fishing   j
Tackle ■;
Rods Lines Reels   <
and your favorite   !
Flies are Here
F. PARKS & Co.
**** I ll, I-1- III 1111 M*H*M*H*M«>
"Mother' Favorite
$3.50 Cwt.
Buy Your Flour from Us.
We are the Miller's Agents.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
-. *******r****i****i"'. *i**
brother J. A. Macdonald.
A strong vaudeville attraction will
play at the Auditorium next week,
no change in prices, teu und 15 cents.
Black and Red Rasberries at Fink
Mercantile Co.
Dr. Corsan, of Fernle, has bcen appointed D.D.G.M., lor the Masonic
District of Southeast Kootenay.
Mrs. A. C. Bowness, and Mrs. It. R.
Fraser lelt on Sunday last for Spokane.     Tbey returned on Wednesday.
Percy Coc, has been appointed cus-
| toms officer, und is stationed at
| Kingsgute.
I C, A. Embre, and C. I'. Smith ol
! Wardner were registered at the Cran-
' brook Wednesday
E. Home of Jaflray, manager of the
i East Kootenay Lumber Co., was in
(town Wednesday.
j Y O U—I  Mean   Y 0 U—Remember—
Kilby   Frames   Pictures.
Wm. Curlin. ol Fort Steele, waa
transacting business at Crnnbrook
E. II. Smith's Grape juice at Fink
Mercantile Co.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Jacoby, of
Vancouver were guestB at the Cranbrook Thursday.
' Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Foster, of Wilmer, were guests at the Cranbrook
on Tuesday.
C. H. McDougal, ot Kimberley,
| manager of the Sullivan mine, was in
| the city on business Monday.
O. H. Ban-field returned this week
; from attending a Masonic Convention
; at Vancouver.
; Y 0 U-I  Mean  Y 0 U-Remember-
Kilby   Frames   Pictures.
i J. Montng, H. Lane, and Miss J.
A. Lane, of Portland, Ore., • were
• Cranbrook visitors on Tuesday.
Cider vinegar In bottles at Fink
I Mercantile Co.
All The  Latest Designs
1912   STOCK
PRICES $1.00 to $100.00
Jewelers & Opticians
A   GOOD   HOUSE   lu   Send  Your
Repair, tu.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Paten, of Eastport
i 11 Idaho, were guests at the Cranbrook
• *  Tuesday.
Mr. anh Mrs. S.  A. Klingensmitb,
,, J of Elko, were Cranbrook visitors on
, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ellison, ol Trail,
were registered at the Cranbrook on
1 > , Wednesday.
i ►' ______
\, j    New Beunswlck Ih now in line with
> '   British Columbia, In the Conservative
1 '' Band Wagon,
■, mmmmmmf
,'A   The regular monthly meeting ol thc
4 | Womens Institute will be held in the
Cnrmens Hall on Tuesday July 2nd.
All ladles cordially Invited.
For Sales List.
FOR BALD—White B.C. Leghom-
Wykoft strain,heaviest layers |1.50
for 15 eggs. S.C. Rhode Inland
Red, 11.50 far 15 eggs; Pekin
Strain Duck Eggs, |1.50 (or 12
eggs. All eggs from first class
stock. —Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wattsburg, B.C.
Apply to Mrs. T. Walker
Burwell Avenue
P.O. Boi Ma, Oranbrook. B.O.—19.lt
FOR SALE—Two-terim good work
horses with wagon and harness,
etc. Apply Box 374, or 1'ho.jc
305, Crnnbrook. -,t.
WANTED—Situation wanted by man
and wife on farm. No children
English.—Apply Box M, City.
WANTED—Position wanted by youug
Englishman on gentleman's
fruit farm, together vlth wile
as housekeeper. A. Beveridge,
Sumrnerberry, Sask.
FOUND-Oold Locket or pendant, inlaid with Jewels, heart shape,
containing iock of hair, picked
up on Baseball ground, Thursday, owner can have same by
calling at Kootenay Telephone
Office and paying for this advert
FOR SALE—Tent, absolutely iew,by
Jones, Vancouver. 14 ft by 17 ft
10 oz duck. Also fly, 8 oz. M ft
by 24 ft. Cost 150.00 will trke
140.00 apply C. I.. Cha libera,
care of Ham Cadieux, Sbiep
Creek, via Wasa, B.C.
All parties not having ticket" from
the Carmen, wanting dinner at Perry
Creek, will please leave orders with
W. L. Johnson aa,early as possible.
Furnished Apartments and Board to
Rent—First class rooms in fully modern house, recently improved and re-
uopated. On Lumsden Avenue, opposite south corner Baker Park—Apply to Mrs. J. 8. Mennie. 25-t
FOR SALE—A six room house on
corner lot opposite school house, including outbuildings, at a bargain II
sold by July 1st; terms to suit, ap
ply to G. W. Lndd, City. 25 H
TO RENT—Furnished houses to rent
In Moyie. Splendid boating and fish
Ing. A good opportunity for the
holiday season, to have a good time.
Apply Prospector office for particulars. 26 tf
WANTED.—Capable stenographer
immediately. Apply to Box M, or to
Prospector Office.
.ai.eiLia  j
°r"a«a j    P"** Maple Sugar at Fink Mercan-
, tile Co.
I Miss Fleaner, will give a recital in
the Presbyterian Shurch on Monday
July 8th. She will also sing in tbe
church on the previous Sunday.
; Messrs V. Hyde Baker, J. A. Pink-
bam, Geo. Hoggart, James Ryan, SI
mon Taylor and J. Daley, left ot
Tuesday for Waldo, on Business con
: nected wltll the Baker Lumber Co.
Rev. W. K. Thompson, and Mrs.
Thompson and children arrived In
Cranbrook Thursday. Mr. Thompson is the new pastor of the Presby
terlan Church.
Perhaps the hot wave that passed
over Cranbrook this week wus the re
suit of the heated convention nt Chicago, and which ls now being felt
all over the United States.
Y 0 U-l  Mean   Y 0 D-Remember—
Kllby   Frames   Pictures.
Mr. and Mrs. Raworth, of Oxford,
England, and Mr. A. C. Raworth of
Lethbrldge, were In Cranbrook thla
week. Mr. Raworth, senior, la the
father of Mr. Archie Raworth of this
D. J. McSwyo who has beea at tbe
coast for the past week, returned to
Oranbrook Wednesday; He was accompanied by his mother and sister, who
reside In Woodvllle, Ont., and wbo
will remain here about two weeks.
A summer vacation trip to New
York, Atlantic City, and seaside for
party of four, all expenses paid. Here
is a chance for a party of four young
t* I I I I I ************ I lit ******************** *
_ Jl you '.ire (join
Another body of an unknown man
was found ln a log -am near Ward-
oer last week, from all appearances
the body waa evidently in tne water
lor some time. Unbertaker MoPuer-
son ha. charge of the body.
Anyone desiring to visit Perry
Creek on July Ist, Dominion Day,
can take the trip with the Carmen's
excursion. Tbe hotel will furnish ac-
odations for all who attend and
visitors will And the dancing pavilion ln good shape-
Economy Preserving jars. Have you
tried them; known all over the world
us the best there is. A premium spoon
with every jar.—Cranbrook Trading
Ralph Smith of Vancouver, and the
Hon. Duncan Marshal are now engaged In stumping for Premier Scott of
Saskatchewan. Well! "We shall see
later on whnt Scott has to say ln
case he is defeated.
***** I III II IH ***** lllll I I I IIIH- • •
!White Addition;:
Is the time to secure a good building lot in what is daily growing into
the BEST residential portion of the
City, facing on Norbury and Arm-
. strong. Lots are all ploughed and
$200.00   Easy Terms
Hwvtfr Daring
',****** **********************
■., Have you a friend whom you think
■' j could win the automobile or a piano
J | J In the Prospectors contest.   Now   is
■ >; the time to nominate her.   Don't hea-
■ - j itnte any longer—clip out the blank
11j today.
Mrs.  Eleanor Cranston and     Miss
Jean Cranston, of   Pueendu,     Calif.,
were visiting nt the residence of Mr.
: and Mrs. L. J. Cranston this week.
A well attended meeting of the
Overseas Club wns held In the Audi-
t torlum on Thursday night. There was
a large attendance.
i I, Y 0 ll—I  Mean   Y O U-Remember-
Kllby   Frames   Pictures.
Hon Sir Richard McBride has arranged fnr a statute of our late Ire-
loved Queen Victoria to he erected on
the parliament grounds at Victoria.
Colonel Roosevelt was not the first
candidate to bolt a convention.   He
has one consolation, thnt is, be can
I not lose his deposit.
J ' Potato Growers—12 0 nebs for
\ \ sale at Scents. Write Drawer M,
., Cranhrook, B. C.,or W. L. Whitney,
!+ I Uen. Delivery, city.
Picnicing or on  any  other  Outing,   don't   forget
tu  take d
Thermos  Bottle
Keeps   Liquids   at   just   the  right temperature
and is  always sanitary.    We have thern  in all
sues  and  at   prices  never  heard  of  before.
Thermos' Carafe
Newest   Member   of    this    most    populai    line.
Have You Seen It?
All  Nickle  Plated  finish  only  J6.00
Beattie-Murphy Co.
Don't Forget the Number
gets Dlondy the Auto Man
A Farmer's party was recently held
In Chicago, the invitations reading
please come like farmers nnd wear
farmer's clothes. The hostess who
hadn't heen near a farm lor twenty
yenrs thought thnt the guests would
ride to the pnrty In oi carts and |
wenr overalls or other working
clothes. To her great surprize, they
came In automobiles and wore regulation full dress clothes. All ol
which goes to show thnt It Is a great
compliment nowadays to he called n
You will llnd our town a pleasant
place In which to live, nnd almosl.
devoid of the evil Influences ut.iii.lly
minting In towns. Its people are
charitable, law-abiding, genlnl clever
and accommodating. You will nnd It.
a cheap place In which to live. Sharp
competition In nil branches of trade
has so reduced prices that everything
In the mercantile line can be had nt
the very lowest llgures going and in
view ol which our town has become
the grent trading mart af this district and surrounding district.
Mining in the Crnnbrook district
begin, to look more promising, both
in quartz and placer operations. On
Perry Creek a number of good quart
propositions are being opened up,
and consolidation of the two placer
company's will be soon aflected.
Preserving Rhubarb, Gooseberries,
.Strawberries,—Get them from us, tbe
cheapest nnd bent—Crnnbrook Trading Company.
Good times result In high prices
and high prices result in good times;
bad times result in low prices and
low prices result in bad times. This
la history. The country was prosperous, never more prosperous than
today; there was never a time wben
there was less actual suffering—
still prices were never higher.
President Tnft was "Rooted" into a
victory whereby he received the nomination of n minority of the Republican convention nt Chicago. Theo-|
dope Roosevelt 'was counted down
and out. Later on the majority ot
delegates, those legally elected, met
in another convention nnd nominated
Roosevelt. The nomlnntion convention was hut the preliminary of a
Hght thnt won't be finished until the
polls close in November.
Y O IT—I  Mean   Y O II- Remember—
Kllhy   Frames   Pictures.
Harry Bulger, surrounded hy nn
exceptionally large company of musical stars, will be the strong attraction nt the Auditorium next Tuesday
Harry Rulger ts not unknown to local amusement seekers, us bis phenomenal hit as "Dluejny" is still
fresh ln our memories. In "The
Flirting Princess" llulger is snld to
he nt his best. The large supporting
company Includes Kllcen Sheridan,
Dale Fuller, Helen Darling, Harry
Dickenson, Lewis Cunningham, Irwin
Hardy, aud the "Curliest girl" chorus yet seen.
W.   W.   KILBY
An exchange very appropriately remarks that every poor laboring man
should buy himself a town lot get
that pnld for, and then work to add
the necessary Improvements; a little
here nml a little there will In due
time produce you n home of your
own, nnd place ynu outside of ths
landlord's grasp. Heinemher that
lift v dollars n year saved In rent will
In n fow years pay for your own
home, and the money It costs you
to move nnd shift about will, without
any Ions ot turnlture nnd time, pay
the interest nf n five hundred dollar
mortgage against your properly until
yoil can gradually reduce It to noth
Ing. You enn nil buy In that way;
wby do vou not risk If II you fall
you nre no worse Off: If you succeed,
as any careful man Is sure to do, you
have made a home nnd established a
credit equal to another whlcb will
start you In business.
Just  a Few
of the
II 5 Acre Tracts j
Now  is Your Chance i
For a Good Buy
ii Beale & Elwell i
••      HKAD   OFFICE
CALOARY, Alts        • ,
Could only cause such  a
Kapidly increasing demand
For Imserator Mam and Bacon
i! P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. ii
IIIIII III 11 It 11 "H-M"M"H H11111111II111 ****
******* I'H'I-H'I'I-M-H HIM l-l-ll'lll I ***** I III IH
On Hand
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C.
Phone 5   I ' TIT3' PBOSPECTORi CT?A\7.TlOOK. Tt. C.1
Zam-Buk Will  End  It.
For Bklu rashes, eruptions, eczema,
etc., oitlter in adults or children,
there is nothing known to Boience
which equals Zam*Buk in the quickness ninl certainty ot its curative
power, Mr. Ilaymoud Webber, ol A!
lanbnrg, Out., writes: "I have tried
Zam*Buk for many ailments, and
every time havo found it successful.
Some time ugo 1 had a bad rash ail
over my body. 1 tried home-made
salves, herb Balves, and various homemade preparations, and these proved
ot no use, hut when l tried Zam-Buk
I was cured in a quarter of the time
lhat 1 had been experimenting in vain
with other preparations
Iran   Hat  an   Odor    Vet   Copptr   and j
Zinc Separately Have Not.
Brass, ns every oue Knows, has tut
IWful   odor,   yet   the   two   llitngy   or
Wblcb bras*; consists, /.ine and ['Upper, j
give no odor wlm lever In tbelr sepa* j
rate status. Tills is n problem thai litis
tjlven a grent deal of worl; tu scientists.    It  Is one  as yot  uot entirely I
To arrive at the general law it bus
been found that almost all alloys, ot 1
mixtures ot" two metals, will give an J
odor, wtille tbo tuetnla themselves do
not.   Brass is uot the single example,
tliougb probably the most odoriferous.
»On another occasion 1 had ono of I   Tho explanation la as follows;   A
v lingers crushed, aud in that case | substances, Including metals, are al
m.  -  „
nlso .-Jam-Bilk was the only rein
used.     It healed  the   wound   splendidly, i
' My boy had boils and once again
Zam-Buk brought about a complete
cure. We have also used It as a house:
hold balm, for tht* Injuries and skin
diseases which are common to every
person, aad tan sa.- ilia! in our experience thero is nor mug to equal
Zam-Buk owes i*s unique healing
power to certain herbal extracts ii
contains. Unlike most ointments It
contains no poisonous coloring matter, no animal fat, but is purely hero*
wl, For eczma, pile*, blood poison, ab*
Bcosses,, ulcers,, cus, burns and all
skin Injuries and diseases it is with*
out equal nud should be In every
borne, ROc box. all druggists and
sLores. Use also Zam-Buk .Soap, 25c,
ways giving off small particles of ihelr
mbstfince to the air—tbat is. evaporating. Some solids give Iheso off so rap- '
Idly ii-i soon to disappear. Uum camphor Is a conspicuous example To
Itnell any substance a particle uf that
substance bus lo tickle a nerve ending
In ihe nose. If a small particle of copper, we shall sny, does this by Itself,
no effect Is noticed, but If a particle
of sloe and a particle of copper strike
at the same timo the effect Is such as
to cause n perceptible Impulse to tho
nerve. The chance for theso two Lo
strike at the t-mie time i-t given only
wheu they are Intimately mixed lu au
alloy.—New York Tribune.
Umbrellas and Parasols. ;
Fashions    change In umbrellas ns |
well aa Iu clotfios.
Ing ilia Li
IV, used to cany a given silk umbrella fi'lugod with gold, and about twice
as large as thu umbrella or today. .__
Parasols, too, havo diminished In slao | body
since they Ilrst camo luto use. Henri
ICstteune, writing lu 1578, speaks of
a parasol as capable generally of sheltering four persons from lho sun. And
when they diminished iu circumference the material remained of the
heaviest. Hod velvet parasols, with
henvj gold fringes, were carried by
ladies of fashion in the days of Louis
XIV. At t)ial time it was possible,
when crossing a bridge In Paris, to
hire a parasol nl one end and deposit
tho other, the charge ror the
accommodation being a sou
I it
■ ■Inn
After him
who arrested
work he go'
What th- Paris Police Ar-j Paid.
The Paris police who* risked their
live<* In trying to arrest ihe members
of the automobile bandit-band are not
The   chief inspector. C'olinanl, re
reives $8-Hi a year and lias reached
, Ihe highest rate in the
Fleury has $QGQ a year
conies Inspector  Itohr
Carouy, for which da>
Inspector Leroy has $1.34 a day and
Inspector Sevetre and 11 net, who after watching for seven consecutive
nights, arrested Raymond la Sciesc**,
do nut receive quite $1.-25 a day.
Inspector Nnesseus, who arrested
one of the gang. Paul Doebel, get**
the same amount.
It is true that pensions are paid
after a certain length of service, bu1
it is not surprising In view of the
scale ot lhe pay lhat. good men In the
Paris detective service should be attracted by private work,
dow i
A lady recently stopped at an east-
Ptid open-air butcher's stall and purchased a joint a*, threepence a pound.
She returned shortly after ami complained tbat it was saturated with
naphtha from ono of thu butcher's
"S'welp me!" remarked the butcher.
"Vou gels don't want much -- not
'art! You've got a wing rib oft a bullock whal was bred by King George
hisself for threepence a pound, ami
now you ain't satisfied 1 You're aakin'
too much, mum. If you want yol'ir
Sunday's joint 'flavored wllh li eau-de-
Cologne, you'll have to spring another
'a'peiinyl" M
In   Europe   In   1343   tha   Black   Death   \ft   INVITATION
Claimtd 25,000,000 Victim*. IV/l1
In the twelfth ceuturj not less thnn
fifteen epidemic*) of disease and many
famines carried off the people of Kngland. The thirteenth ceutury saw
twenty plagues and uineteeu famines,
while the fourteenth bad u black record of disease. In 134S the "black
■ plague" or "black death." which was
brought Into tho country from the east, U use aga - .:
caused tbe death of iuo.000 persons In or's   nam
London nlono,  while lu  Europe alto-    water)      ood
(■ether 2o,000,*X0 people fell victims to
its ravages.
In 14S3 the "sweating sickness" appeared lu Kngland, causing great destruction of human life. It reappear1
ed at various iuterrals for a ceuturj
thereafter. Tho last terrible rtsltatioi
of (lie plague In England was id
1004-00, by which lOU-.uw lives were
lost In Loi.don alone.
This epidemic was followed hy the
great tire of lUCG, which destroyed itv
C0O houses. Including nil tbe ntosl
densely populated portions of the ctty.
The rebuilding of London with some
regard fo sanitary laws appears to
have put the first check on the epidemic diseases that had previously
devastated tbo population. — Loudon
The Evils of Idleness.
It has heen  said  lhat  Idleness is
We find on visit-   the mother of mlschiof,   It is also the
don Museum ihnt George j mother ot ill health.
he lack or muscular and mental
viiy plays havoc wilh the various
tissues and functions of tho human
The science of phyBlology
teaches that, idleness and Inactivity
breed disease and deaih. Decay follows stagnation us naturally as night
follows day.
The law of lifo, whether purely
physical or Intellectual, is activity
•—ceaseless activity, .lust In proportion as you ccaso to work you cease
in live,
In health we sleep sweetly and
soundly, and work willingly. We eat
wllh a relish, nnd are hopeful aud
happy. Our skies tiro bright, our
hearts are full of May-day music and
of love. Tlio world seems to ns Jusl
about right now, aud to be growing
better, Tlio people In it doing the
best they know how, Thoj are grow
lug wiser day bj day. ami will soon
know  eiiou^n  never lo do  wrong.
Health means energy, enthusiasm
and ardent activity, U means a childlike trusl ibal all is well, and that it
will be  well  witli  us toreVol' more.
Torpor beget a Btupidjly, suspicion,
hatred, mlsnutliropy, and e\ ory vile
thing. Aeiiviu begets Ilie glow of
hope, the (lush of Joy, lho holy balm
of aspiration and a glorious nutlclpa
tlon ot lhe great  lu rafter.
lm r rasing yen is, silver hairs, old
age, arc noi n< n i uu,:: associated
wuh a daggering mind, a stagnant
memory, n dccropU body, a complain
ing lone, an absence of all that is real
I i life
Wo hear much of peuplo sick from
TO -tiri^MK^m overwork. There ure many more sick
i-u &i\*i\\MZ*ao  ,..,„., ,.,,,,„, noth|ngi   TU0 perSou who
attempts to go through life avoiding
Watery Blood Lends to -i Br-.al. Un rff0rt   letting others carrj all lh?
11  Heait . ,:,;,.,    reaping   ivhere lie has noi
blood Is an Invitation   sown," Is noi lilted-  to muke Bubalum)
to sickness      I'he  blood  Is at   work    ftl    progress    In meulal culture or
da? find nig i   to inu ntain the h alth   physical develo
and nn;  lack of streugi i or purit-  In 	
th ■ blood  is a  weakness  iu  the do-'
That Was "Willie."
hue Bishop William N
of Rhode Island, harboi
ul in a body lo match.
wa> a 1 nehelor, « hose sister
house for him.
Ou one occasion he telephoned tc
his tailor that he wished to have a
pair of trousers pressed, nnd thc
tailor sent a boj lo his residence to
gel i tit-ni.
The Bishop's sister nduitttod the
messenger and culled upstairs: "Wll
lie, the uoj  has como for your iron
Wheu In r brother appeared ibe
youth's astonished gaze traversed the
prelate's luipressh e "co r porosity, "
then lie murmured:
'LSee!  I- lhal Willie!"
  Anaemia ■ iiic
doctor'*)  nam-  foi   lack  of    blood
water)   blood   Then*   ma)     be    an
actual     loss     lu      lh ■       quantity
one or more of Us con-
si it news lu klug.   The surest
:: p ui   of anaemia Is pallor.   The
; ar . ularly common among
:■ mug g   Is bet-n e n the ages of fourteen and i ighteen, hut is also found
in « .'in-i; ol all a: -   aud ■<■■: ■■ fro*
qti rntlj attai ks men.   1" is n- arly always present and prevents recover)
■   gripp     foi era, malaria, and op-
eral   ns, aud  fo   thla reason a tonic
gle lit
The  Force of  Lightning
 ouut of light given by a sin-
cases to
as   good
required lu all these
rice,   the   Mood,   build  Up
and restore health and
ad there Is no other Ionic
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
prov. d in thousands and
cases, among them that
ii,* Turner, Marie Joseph
Tommy's Aunt -Won'l you nan
another piece of cake, Tommy?
Tommy ion n \ Isll I Ko, I thanl-
Tommy's Aunt -You seem to be suf
foring from loss of appetite.
Tom mj - That uin'i loss of appetite
Wha: I'm su fieri ng from is polite
of Miss A
Post oiiici
Williams' Pink Pills havo been of Inestimable benefl- to me. I was so bad-
I)   run down that  l could hard1" »o
about, was not able to help'-in th
work about fie house. A3 my health
grew  worse the trouble  broughi    *n
.-utne species of tit, and when these
attacks would com- on I would some*
times remain unconscious for half un
hour.    After    many other medicines
tad  failed  m help  me.  my  brother
1 gol me a supply of Dr, Williams' Pink
1 Pills and  1 began taking these.    In
,   .,    the course of a few weeks 1 felt much
coinplLhcd this somewhat remarkable | 1,.,,,,,., aI,,j after taking the Pills for
.: time longer I
Whistles And Hie Ooor Opens.
There Is In London u man who surely must combine the two characteristics of laziness and Invention to.n remarkable degree. It IS his custom to
bave bis breakfast lo bed, und, bur
dened with the trouble ot getting out
of bed for tbe purpose uf unlocking bis
bedroom door, ho has Invented a door
Which opens Io his whistle.  He has nc*
;htulng Hash ^^^^^^^^
trtcian calculates, to Illuminate an
area of two square miles. he boll
itself would be visible several miles
r Off,   hut   the  remotest   pan   of
gion mentioned would have as
light as would be given by a
* quite enough to n ail by.
iroduce such a lighl it tumid bo
necessary to expend I3,00(r horsepower for a second. These figures
appear large, hut the time Is short.
Tbe Hash might be for only 14000
part of a second, but the impression on
the oyo would continue for a tenth
of a second anyway. Beckoned down
Lo an exact hour, this moment of force
would mean only about four horsepower.
The question of how lhe sialic 1 lee-
trlclty gets inlo lhe clouds is difficult
to answer. One theory is that U is
generated by the evaporation of water by the sun's ray--. Anoth
thai sialic discharges are coiuiually
taking place from the earth into tho
air, und aro there readily collected
by particles of moisture. When the
panicles of moisture condense they
form heavy thunder clouds and this
formation of raindrops causes the
lightning flashes au explained.--—Chi*
; cago Tribune.
-And PONT Forfet the^pteBuds.Grandpaf
To Use Stilts In Hop Field.
London. -During 'be coining ho;
season iu Ken! Ihe workers will usi
stilts while lying (he vines a cus
loin which has been in disuse aomi
i feat hy means of a simple elect romng-
: net which draws the bolt when a cur*
1 rent passes through It. a platinum point
nml u piano wire a!tuned to a certain
note.   When this note or one of Its oc-
, tares it sounded tbe wire vibrates In
response, and this vibration brings tt
' In contact with  the pliilluum point.
' Thc circuit Is thus completed, and a
sensitive relay Is brought into operation.—Chicago Tribune.
enjoyment of good health. I feel that
I cannot praise Dr, "Williams' Pink
Pills too highly ami I recommend
them lo all weak girls."
You can get these Pills rrom any
medicine dealer or by mail at 51)
cents a bo* or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont
Honor to an Innovator.
Paris. -A COtnmUtoo ban been
formed nl Lyons lor lhe, purpose of
rr-rtiug a statue to lho tailor. Bar*
I he I cm y Tht mon tiler, who Infiroduced
the sowing machine inlo I'm nee nearly eitflity years ago.
Ancient Skeleton Found.
Cardiff. A skeleton, believed lo be
lhat of a sixth century monk, in a
stone colliii, was rouio-1--| from the
vicarage garden ami reintcrred iu the
church ul Cnerwent, Monmouthshire,
Rusiian Place Names.
,    The   Itussiun   has   uot  applied   bit
' names without reason.   In IboS. when
he founded the capital nf the Amoor
province,    he    named    It    Blagovcs-
chenslt.   This means "good news"—to
ul) save Ihe proofreaders In newspaper
OfllCCS,   Three years later he founded
tho capital of Prltnorskuya and gnvo
I It a iintiio that plainly showed what
1 It   was   lulended   to   Ini—Vladivostok,
"ruler of the east."    Near the end of
bis great transcontinental railway
made a brand new city and called It
Do Iny, "farthest," n verv appropriate
name for a place 0.SUO miles from tba
starting point of tho road.
Parson Was a Bachelor,
"Iu your sermon this morning you
spoke of a baby a "a new wave on
the ocean of life.'"
"Quile bo; a poeltcnl figure.'-'
"Don't    you  think  'a  fresh  squall'
would have hit the mark better?"—
Boston Trunscrclpt.
The Modest Caller.
Mrs, Brown was a mistress win
lowed her servant Jane 10 bring Iih.*
ignln in the full ; young man Into her kitchen at nights.
Now, Mrs. Brown was very Inquisitive and listenod outside the door Jo
the conversation.
A short time ago Jane got a fresh
young man, nud the mistress noticed
how quiet all was when he was iu the
".lane," said Mrs. Drown Ihe next
morning, "how Is it I never hear any
lalk in "the kitchen when your new
young man visits you?"
"Oh, mum," replied Jane, "he's lhat
modest he does nothing but eat when
he calls on me."
The COWAN CO., Limited
dBj-*^      TORONTO,
Pur. Milk C.ocolata
Shopping is only half done if you forget the Maple
Buds.  Children must have sweets.   Their little natures
crave  for  dainty sweet  things.    Bad  for  them?
Not Cowan's Maple Buds., Pure milk, pure sugar,
pure chocolate.   What could be more nourishing
and wholesome ?  What else could made them
such favorites* with intelligent mothers?   Make the.
children happy. Give them sweets you know are good.
Put Maple Buds on your shopping list.
Nub* aid deilgn registered
Loo'; for thp Nam*
Wants Other Women to Know
How She was Finally
Restored to Health.
Hammond, Ont — "I nm pacing
through tbe Chwige of Lite nud for iwo
yean bad hot Rushes verj bad, h**aU*
ache*, BoreueK!t in tin- bark ol lt( ml, wilh
constipated, and had Weak, nervous feelings. The doctor who ultt-ntU-1 me for
• number of years did no! berime, but
I have been entirely relieved of the
nil').,* ■■;.lu-itniii.-i by Lydia E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound, blood Purifier and
Liver i'itia, and give you permission to
[mblibh my testimonial." -Mrs, Louis
Bbaucagb, Sr., Hammond.Ont,Canada.
W   ' "*"l    Now Brunswick
t In •*■
His Prcf«l3i»'
Robert, wlmt do you Intend to   ,Ji ■•M"
.VOU   lH*''OUlo  q   ni-in'.'"   mips- »vli
There is probably more trushy stuff
!'l in lho baking powder Hue than
any  other line.    .Mosl  of II con-
inn large quanUtles of alum.    To
old thc\use of this dangerous acid,
0 thai  ull ingredients are plainly
."* I slaled in ISngllbh on ihn package^The
' words "No Alum" on the package or
In an Ad. Is noi Bufllclent.
Speaking Conscientiously.
Senator I.u Follette, during bin re*
cenl visit  to Philadelphia, said lo a
reoorler apropos of :i flagrant pleco
do when you become a man'.'" questioned Aunt .-.lien ua she looked np*
prorlugly upon her smuii nephew,
"I'm coin to be n soldier," replied
tbo boy 1 >mptly, '"cause then 1 can
Unlit wbenover 1 waut to without t-t,*-
(he man's aa had as n New-
•Mil I heard of the other day.
I beside his master
Is niitoui s
a veloMnarlau examined u cost* I wh
the veterinarian tri lho end
anked for It."—youth's Compau-
It*   S-'JtjBl.a'l.
"When I tisl.nl our 11 ew gill If pbf
rould d , snythtug in the Hue of pull lux
up vegi tables sbo replied, 'I mn enn'"
"My dear, lhat sound-; us If nhn was
■ (-'reach chorus girl." — Baltimore
ly col;
of Iih examination pronounced the
cob Incurable and took leuvo. Thou
iii- master, sighing heavily, turned to
the groom, and said ■
"'Well, James, what iim I lo do
with tho poor beast) now!'
'"Conscientiously speakln', sir, tho
groom replied, ' l think you'd boiler
part with him now it) another gentlo<
man, sir,'"
What Ancient Knew About Eclipses
The ancients found out how to pre
diet eclipses of the moon, but those j
of ihe sun baffled them. They observed tho lunar cycle of eighteen Julian years eleven days, iu which the
moon returns to nlmofil the same position iu tlic heavens, but they could
not apply this to isolar eclipses, although the period answers for both.
Tho reason of lha failure was that,
although solar eclipses recur in a llxed
order within the cycle, they are not
visible uguln ut the same part of the
earth's surface, Eclipses or tho moon
are universally visible.
in any given year lhe number of
eclipses nf Uie nun umi moon logeth-
•cr cannot In- lefs than IWO or more
thnn seven, Tlio mosl usual uum
ber is lour, lt is very rarely Unit ll
exceeds sis. Astronomers observe
they call "eclipse seasons" (or
each year. The so lard lhlrty*slx days
for solar and tv.i-nt.v-thn-i* days for
lunar eclipses. The seasons occur
uboiil twenty dny-* ettI'Mor every year.
■Pall Mall Ussetto.
A Story of Pekin.
A beautiful story is told of the
casting of a grea^i bell at Pekln. It is
the bell on which in Id nigh I is sounded, and ii was cast a century ami a
half ngo, Two altempts at casting
were mad", und ended lu failure;
whereat the Emperor sent for Kuas*
Yin, the official lu charge of the [ask,
and tolal him lie would be Ij-ilUd If he
Ko-al, the man's beautiful daughter, consulted an astrologer, who told
her thai unless a virgin's blood were
mingled with'the metal the third casting also woi.rl fail, She obtained permission to be present when tho attempt was mad": and. jusl as tho
whllo iiot mcial was rushing from ihe
fu"tmco into the greni mould, the do*
voted j'Jrl Bprang forward wilh a cry:
"Kcr my father!" leaped Into lhe fiery
stream, added lier life's blood to Ita
composition, and won h T father's suo*
0038 and safely.
The   Wireleu   Receiver Very Eccentric
The receiving operator Of wireless' Vienna can boast a curious eccen-
telegraphy can hear nothing except trie, who turns life upside down, n
when lie has the receiver of the iu-; rich young Pole, who lives In sump*
As1*- for Mlnard's and take no other.
Canada. - " I enn
Wfm n '""■ . ■* l'1'**'.1'1''. r'v,','';;!,"r;'1
lo uny suffering woman. I have tak"n
iL for female weakness and painful
menstruation and it
cund mo. " Mrs.
DnVKMR   BAItlfOtlR,   ,N ''   l,,u
Harvey Bank, New •"•i'**-
tlruoiwi '-. ( imiidn.
I.ydia B, Plnkhsm's Vogolable Corn* I
pound, matlufrom native roots and herbs,     ijoudoi
contains 00 narcotic or harmful drugi,
end to 'in.' holds tb" record of being the . I
most successful remedy f
j     '"When one liears of a drama with*
Ta Sup His Laugh, 1 ot||   words,"  says  a   letter  from   St.
Patient-When I mnj-ti mv side Imrts   pi lersburg, "the mind naturally turns
ne*.    Doctor-Alt, well, we'll won put   loVhu motion picture; but If the term
that right,   Send for your muihsr-tn*   Is used In connection.with the enter* i kUed form, and
law to *\-.\t wllh you umi l will scud   !"■"■-   0! li   M&rdsohanow the Infer-  ■'■'"—■    ■	
In my blll.-Pcls-lu'eie. """ ■■ wr011*- n'" tkealre audi-
  I Hiiees have grown weary of dialogue."
says   Mardschanow,   "and   plays In
ivhich action, music aud scenery can
lake lis place miisl become popular,"
in qrder to dcmonslrale this theory
iio- dramatic reformer has opened a
jilriyhouse lor the production of word-        ■_______________-__________________.-—,
loss dramas in Moscow, whero tlio I tenco on a prisoner, consulted his as-
iiiii, entitled "Tears," will be pro- j sorbites ou rack side of htm, lis to tho
dilijed this month. "The work Is of a . proper penally lo he Inflicted. "What
higher order than tlio panlomliues of ought wet 11 give Ihls nmcal, brother?"
former day;'," suys tho writer- "and ho said, bending over to one upon his
ul though the actors imiy know no iau* right. "I should say three years.'
Ullage    oxcopl    tholr own, the plays | "What   Is jour Opinion, lirolber?" t
Mono/ ind Tim*.
Money nnd timo ere ihe uenvicst burdens of life, and the unliflpplest *-i all
mortals are iliosu who tune more of
either (hnn tliey know now to Use,—
Ghee Is used hi India aa i.i butler
In American and .-.uropean countrtes,
and, iu fad, in butter, bo proparod
that ll never grows stale, instances
bolng known of lis presorvallou for
as long as 200 yi iirs.
in preparing ghee, butter is boiled
until all the watery particles and
curds have been thrown off by repealed skimmings, When Hie Ihiuor
Is clear oil, il is poured Inlo a vessel
to cool. Win n cooled li. Is lu grunu-
keep for years
WIthOUI becoming ranch! nr of bad
odor, Oh oe lias been found in deserted castles* where II must havo bcen
left more than two conlurles ago,—•
Tuchy i.as Casac,
There was, no, long idncc, a venerable, aud beuevololil Judge In Paris
who, al lhe inomPllI of passing   sen-
Not li-nr, as Good tor Asthma-
ma re medics come ami go, hut overy
year tho sales of the original  Dr. .!.
1).    Kellogg    Asthma   Remedy  grow I
greater ami 'gredtcr.   No further ovl-,
deuce coul.I be asked of Its remark j
able merit.    II relieves,   li Is always
of lh-* name unvarying quality whh'h I     _
Die  sufferer  from  asthma   learns  to | gave oul   this question lo a clssi
know.    Do noi suffer another attack, 1 cadets:
Irumonl at his ear. Whal ts de-
Sired Is the ringing of a hell, which
will warn the operator that he in
wanted when he does not nappen to
be tied to the instrument. The Importance of such au audible signal
is shown lu lhe fact Lhat the Titanic's distress signals were not known
on board somq other ships whose operators had retired for Uio night. Had
thore beep, some method of giving a
signal when the Titanic was calling,
similar tu the bell or the telephone.
a vasi element of rlslK would have
been  eliminated. *
"Kxperlmenls lo devise a signal are
under way,' said .Mr, .Marconi In
Now York. "I cannot loll how near
to completion they are, but wo aro
striving lo perfect the apparatus to
do jusl that thing.'' -Correspondent
l-ou'doii Mall.
Gocthal's  Method
i'he following story is told of ('ol.
Oeorge W. Qoelhals, ihe Panama
chief engineer who at lhe time It
oouurred was an instructor in engineering  ul   West   Pollll
Oue  day   during    a   lecilalhm,    he
tuous otyle, bul always summons his
servants by btlgh call. His favorite
pastime Is driving au omnibus, attired
like omordlnary busman, and, though
he is said to spend a tort tine each year
In clothes, ho wears no garment until
It has bcen worn out by his valet, llo
hus astonished the guests at a ball hy
appearing In a costume of pure white
save for the shir aud tie, which wero
black. To complete his oddities,
when dining, which he invariably does
alone at a table d'hote, he reverses
the usual order, beginning bis meal
with the sweels ami ending Willi
Ilie soup.—Loudon Chronicle.
What's in a Name?
WllllB—What's the mutter with tha
''Don'l Worry 1 luhv" 'lift- mem*
hers seem lo be very nervous about
HIIHs The annual election of ofllcers occurs Tuesday and ovoryouo
Is anxious lo be elected president.—
Ho-mJ In a Btrsit Cur.
lilt-  Man   1 ir Ith  'i   gi'ouolu-WIII
ho ho kind tn to get off my teef!
llo Man (wllli n  bnndlci-l'li  try
imi get this splendid remedy today.
I Not a Vacation.
I "I in-'i William Morgan Sinister at
la    dinner al  (lie BaVO)   In l.omlou,"
' said a Chlcagoan.
J Sinister was rather hitter aboul
' Russia.   And no wonder, oh?
"Talking aboul Ititssht, he said ho
thoughi It a tine place to keep away
from, 'although,' he added, i must
confess thai a great, many tine, liberal-
minded p»oplo have from time to time
taken a hn opting Ibere.*"
Wright—Hello, old man! Boon lu
Florida, haven'i  you?
Penman—Yes, for two months.
Wright -Do any writing while ynu
werr down there?
Penman— Yes, a lot of it.
Wright    Whal did you write?
Penman- -Checks,- Yonkers Statesman.
b of si walS7-Bdfl.ton 'l'ruo-
War on Rats,
I&ndou    hr  Herbert Williams, lho
heal health ofllot r or Hi- porl of
iiion, states In his monthly report
female Ills! that during ihe month 21'10 nils were
which lliey prod 11
derstood by anyo
in readily bo un
in incoming > >■ ;-1
we know of, tnd Lhoussndsof voluntary |dmiroyed in tho wureliousi
testimonials On Wo in th'- I'ini.liam bib*
oratory ot Lynn. Mass,, seem t" prove
tin i fact Kvery luflurlng woman owes
it to her.eii to i*ive Lydia E, Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial
IT ron waul special udilt'r mile is
l,r<lla I-. rinkfiHin Medicine Co. i. tt.     '
th-nllnl) li)im, Mii-i-i.    \0111   Idler will   '•<
A Modest Neffd.
tin advfrtl
flat, but on
enough l(
in   Ihe  An-
lei'rhany, requires a
v hose entrance Is
rmll of Lhe passuge
Two Views.
Knlckcr What you spulltl fur a hat
,.ould pay tin- grocer's hill.
Mrs. Kuickt 1 Thai JllHt shows how
icoiiomlcully 1 market,   Puck.
Alllhied    siii-le   I'm   nil   cr -or
ei: Hu. hi*'
.iev"d"i- nn hi.i (issislunO -Brill]
Hie traj of cngagetnotit rings here
John   Gargoyle.
lho other, on hi. lefl, "I should glvo
blm nhoill four years.' Thn Judge
(with benevolence) "I'llsoiier, hot desiring dr glvo you a long and severe
term 1 f Imprisonment as I should
have done If left lo myself, I have sou-
sulied my leu ri ted brothers, ami l shall
lake iltrir advice,    Seven years I"
he Opened', read nud answered by "»' p' <■ smart hat without Uo having tojof all tbo custom
Flelfusl, which has lecenlly been the
lorm ir utrc Tor home rub
contributes about  till'
Human and held iu slrl'.l conllik-uo*  bo removed from lho head
nues colluded lu Ireland.
Not a Trusting Wife.
Tlm day before she was to be married ih" old negro servant Olllno In lier
mistress and etllrilBlod her savings lo
her keeping.
"Why should I keep 11? I IllOUglll
you were going to get marrinl'.'" said
gllallon, I the mistress.
i]parlors j ''So I Is, missus; bul do yotl s'pose
I'd keep nil ills money in the house
whl ilat strange nigger?"
excise rovo-
ISo ■ Tin.
tt'.**,U*lll(«mf.«,l .......n. n(-lM-»(.!.iillr.li.-*»
HN-.I- LtiliitiillMIMI. ■>.. I llbtHT IIJNO
oi.l'.iMut. Will -uinuv* HftKa kinl ittlni
•I III -U.Jfc t
The posl flagpole, fifty feet high,
has fullen down. You arc ordered liy
your commanding ullicer lo pul It up
again. You have under your oouki
maud a sergeant aud ten privates of
iho engineering corps.    How would
you gel. lhe pole buck  Into place'.'"     |
Kach cadet after long consideration
and  much    figuring    over    derricks,
blocks, tackle, und so yu^ evolved a '
iliflerciit method.
"No," aald Qootlista, "you are all I
wrong.     Yon would simply say: "Sor* |
geaut, put up lhal Hagpole!"    I'liila
delphla Post.
'Why iio you refuse me a kiss?'*
"Kisses    may  convey  germs,"  ex-
plain, d lhe girl.
"That doesn't  scare  me.    Didn't  (
always licit your slate for you when
we    went    lo  school?"-  Washington
"1 was always unlucky," ho said
with a wary sigh.
'What's the matter now, old man?"
his friend usked,
"I'vo spent over ?.*inii on having my
boy laught to play the llddle, and now
bis hair's all com In' out."
A Mathematician Busy
Suld a Boston business man: "I
liavo a touring car and 1 have a chauffeur. The latter Is a bright Italian
boy, and au Invaluable servant. The
other nlghl, ten tulles from home, but
Inside the city limits, 1 observed 1 hai
ho wua putting on a burst of speed.
'Slow down a lilt, (luiseppe," I wuru-
hlui; 'we'll be arrested if wo keep
ou ntylhls speed." "Souso me, mis-
tor boss," ho answered; "we're leu
mils rrom homo, an' only got enough
gnu for Proa inlla. Kef wo 110 hurry
wo  never  milk' eel,"—Boston   Post.
A certain "young mun who prided
himself on a brusqUellOHH thai ho
mistook for wit met nn eminent hut
lo.ichy sculptor al a studio supper,
"So, you're Ihe chap," he said on
being Introduced, "lhal makes mud
"Noi all of Ihem,' the Hcutptor replied quietly.
II Is snid thai Chinese blacksmith'
are lu Ihe habit of making razors out
of old horseshoes, Now wo know
whero some American burbcrs get
their razor blades, -Denver Republican.
J)id you make a BUCceffs of keeping
To a Certain extent.. WWherWe
To a Certain extent Whero I  fell
down was In trying to sell them or
persuade litem to lay oggs.—Wish*
liigtou Btar,
I s ad ore—Bul how can ynu honestly
advertise u fire sale veil you haf had
no fln>? Isaacs -Uut 1 did. 1 fired
(.WO  salesmen  hist,  week,—Puck.
7   PIUS
Mil ,,     J
■'i , —*r-1> N I   '   .,   1 .
:•', 'ni, l(r.|A ■'Va , '
',       ■','•►. 1 s ni-V »
.      '
P.L.8. * O.E.
B. C
W.  F. GURD,
Barriatar,  Solictor, •tc,
Barristers and Solicitor,.,
Mining Engineer aud
B.C, Land Surveyor,
P.O  Boi -IM. Phon. Ml.
Physicians and Surgeons
itlM at Raaldsnce,   Armstrong Ave.
orrioi houm
Forasoons ■ ■ ■ ■ 1.00 to M.M
Attsraoane I.M ta   t.M
■v.oim. T.M to   I.M
Sunday. IM te   I.M
Funeral Dlreotor,
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds ot Second-Hand Qoods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand. Hanson Are
Pkoae Ul.
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and -.took estimates
furnished on application.
AMI... I P. O. In IM. Caabr.sk
F. M. MacPheison
N.rb..« A,.... Nut to Cll» H.U
Oh* Ont .nl Night Pb... IU
Oraabrook Loose No M    ATA A.M.
lingular meeting, ou
lhe llilrrl Tn.ur.de)>
ol every rnontk.
Vl.lt.lug brethren
0. J. McSWBYN, W. M.
-. S. PBCK, Sec.
Rocky Mountai
no. it*.
Regular meetlng»:-lnd Tue.
lay la earth month at eight
'.   Sojourning Companion,   are
eordlnlly United.
Bi. Oorap. A. 0. Shankland, K
nun i ii ii tiiiiiiiimiiHiniii 11 ii i i-i-i-M-t-
For Sale By
ij Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd j:
■ ___■■■■■■■■
fl-li<<'l'»»l<llll<^l<l»l^-^^HIIIIIII llllllll''
In Prizes
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
;;   Special   Attractions,     Air Ships,     Horse Racing,    ',',
Athletic  Sports
Every City, Town and Hamlet in East  Kootenay
will place on exhibition  the  resourses  of their respective districts.
Don't Forgot the Date—September 19-20th., 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
AU Couiiniuiicutionri to ba Addressed to
P. De Vere Hunt -       - Sec-Treas.
, i IM 111II1111 H * 11 I Ml MM 11 IIIH ********** *
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Oranbrook Dlvlalon of Kootenay Land Recording District ia .undivided into the Uranbrook Land Recording Division of the Kootenay Land Dlatrlct and the Fernle Land Recording Dlvlalon of tie Kootenay Land Dlatrlct in accordance with the
following descriptions:—
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary line being the
S.E. corner of Lot 4691; thence weat along the International Boundary to
a point where the aaid boundary intersects the height ot land separating
the drainage areaa of the Moyle and Goat Rivera; thence northerly along
the height of land separating the drainage area of Moyie and Upper Kootenay Rivera on the eaat from the drainage area of the Goat River and
Kootenay Lake on the west to a point where such divide Joins tbe height
of land separating the drainage area of St. Mary'a and Skookumchuck
Rivera on tbe south from the drainage area of Findlay Creek on tbe north;
thence easterly along such height of land to a crossing of the Kootenay
River Just below the mouth of Findlay Creek; tbence easterly and northerly along the height of land forming the divide between the waters flowing into'the Kootenay River above the mouth of Findlay Creek and those
flowing Into the Kootenay River below tbe month ot Findlay Creek to the
point where auch height of land Intersects the east boundary of Lot 4596-,
thence south along ths eaat boundary of Lot 4996, the west boundary of
Lot 4590 and tbe eaat boundary of Lot 4591 to the point of commencement.
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary where the same
Intersects the eastern boundary of the Province; thence west along tbe
International Boundary to the S.E. corner of Lot 4591; thence north along
the eaat boundary of Lot 4691, the west boundary of Lot 4590 and the
east boundary ot Lot 4596 to the height of land forming the divide between tbe waters flowing Into tbe Kootenay River above the mouth of
Findlay Creek and those flowing into Kootenay River below the mouth of
Findlay Creek; thence easterly and rortherly along said height of land to
the eastern boundary of the province; thence south-easterly along satd
eastern boundary to the point of commencement.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C., lath June, 1911. 25-5t
Meets svsry Monday
night at New   Fra-
■—— —J ternlty    Hall.    Be-
Journlng Oddfellowa cordially Invited.
H. J. Randall, W. M. Harrla
N.   O. B«e'y
Knights of Pythias
CreserMk, B.C.
Crsscant   Lodge,   No.   st
Meets   every   Tuesday
at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
O. Torter O. O.
). M. Bores,
k. at r. * a.
Visiting brethren ear-
dlally Invltsd te attend.
,     Court Cranbrook No. "943.
Meat/ In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
tth Thuraday ol each month.
Louts Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi .Ul
flatting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
Dr.    F.    U.    MILES
Office in Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,    ,..    B.C.
(Crnnbrook Branch)
Meets   In   the   Carmen'.   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tueadaya in every month, at
I p.m.  Memberahip open to Brltleh
N. A.  Walllnger, Pres.
W. C. Crehbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Boi 425.
Vlaltlng members cordially welcomed
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reason
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
History of the Oogie Dance
Ita earliest movements, aa In the
cadenced awlnglnga of the censor,
rooked the shrines of the gods; Its
first atepa were guided by high prleata
before the idols of worship, the colos-
eel bypoges, the monatroua columns
of their temples.
In China, a woman who marries
candeatlnely beneath her station is
publicly flogged, being given one-
hundred lashes wltb tbe bamboo. She
la then sn outcast nnd sold by tbe
qucrnx (High Magistrate) to the highest bidder ns his slave. Women oli-
tslned in this manner are often Ill-
treated by their brute masters and
If they offer resistance, ure sometimes
killed by them.
The lawa ol China give a woman no
blgbcr standing than a swine or any
other domestic animal of a man's
household, so that her appeals Inr
aid, if Indeed aba has the opportunl-
Makes lighter,
whiter, better
flavored bread
more loaves
to bag.
For Sale By
Mine-Rescue Station,  Fernle
SEALED Tenders, superscribed 'Ten
der for Mine-rescue Station. Fernle,"
will be received by the Hon. the Minister of Public Works un to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, the 3rd day ot
July, 1912, for tbe erection and completion of a mine-rescue station at
Fernle, B.C.
Plana, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 17th day of June, 1912, ut
the offices of the Government Agents,
Fernie and Cranbrook, B.C. and the
Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must Ire accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or cer
tlflcute of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works,
for the sum of (250, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract whan
called upon to do so, nr if he fail to
complete tbe work contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the elocution of
the contract.
Tenders will not ho considered unless made out on tbe forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, nnd enclosed in tbe envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,B.C.,June 14th,1912      25-it
Frtr a licence tn take aud use water.
Notice Is hereby given, tbnt I, R.
L. T. Galhrnlth of Fort Steele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will upply for a licence
to take and use six thousand gallons
per dny of water out of St. Mary's
River which flows in nn Easterly direction through the Ht. Mary'a He
serve and empties intn the Kootenay
itlver near Fort Hteele.
The water will he diverted at o-
bout three-quarters of a mllo west nf
the St. Eugene Indian Village, and
will he user! for donrestic purposes
at the Kootenuy Industrial School,
ttclng on part of Lot 1.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 16th day of June, 1912
The application will he tiled in the
office uf the Wnter Recorder at Cranbrook.
Objections may lie liled with tha
said Water Recorder nr with the,Com
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent,
20-5t. Applicant
ty to muke them, are passed unhoed
ed. Parenta in China have almost unlimited legal power over their children (filial love and obedience being
the highest of Chines virtues), they
mny sell them as slaves and in some
Inatancea kill them, so thnt a girl
who dlaregnrda the wishes of her
parents may be visited with dire vengeance by them Without fear of interference from the authorities.
In submitting this dance, Miss Hale
Fuller will portray the outcast, enm-
hlnlng the poetry of motion with the
synonpated hyatrria of a frantic woman. Her changes of facial eipres-
slon,denoting confidence, then lear
and terror hnve electrofl.il her audiences wherever she has appeared In
dunce marvel nf the hour. This rnusl
eal show will appear at Auditorium,
July 2nd, neit Tuesday night,
For n licence tn tnke and use water
Notice is hereby given, that I, It
L, T. Galbrnith of Fort Steele. B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to lake and use nne ilfih of ri cubic
forit per second nf wntor nut nf St,
Mnry'ii River, which flows In nn easterly direction through the Ht. Marys
Reserve ninl empties Into the Kooten
ay River near Fnrt Htnelo.
Tlic wator will lie diverted at n
bout three-quarters of n mile west nf
the Ht. ICtigenr Iriilluli Village, and
will he used fnr Irrigation purposes
on the land described as thn Kooten
ny Industrial School iteserve, being
being a part of Lot I,
This notice wiih limited nn the
ground on tlu Htli dny ol June, I91J.
Tbe npplicntlon will lie llled III the
office of the Wnter Rooordcr nt Crnnhrook .
Object Ions mny be hied with tho
snld Water lleroider or with the.Com
ptroller Dl Water Rights, Parliament
Huiidiiii-H. Victoria, B.C.
Imllnii Agent
24-4t Applicant
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
berta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of tl
an acre. Not more than 2,660 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory tire innd must
be described hy sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 15 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for- are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at th.
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return,
accounting lor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not helng operated, such
returns should be furnished nt least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal ruin
Ing rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ol
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent nf
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. March 25-6m.
For a Licence to take and use Water
Notice Is hereby given that Oeorge
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence tn take nnd use one
nnd three-fifths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which flows In a
northerly direction through Lot 6164
und empties Intn St. Mary's river
near Wyclllle. The water will be diverted at a point 375 yarde south of
the South line of Lot 61C4 in a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 21907, nnd will bo used for irrigation purposes on the land
described aa Lot 1)164.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on the 15th day of May, 1912.
The application will be llled in the
office of the Water Recorder nt Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria B. C.
20.5t Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that the reserve eilstlng over Lot 9H74, Group I
Kootenay District, by reason of tbe
notice published In the British Col
umbia Gazette of the 27th of December, 1907, Is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C., lHth May,1912.   21-131
(District ot East Kootenay.)
Take notice that I, Coutts I.lndsey
Chambers, nf Sheep Creek, fnrmer,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase tho following lands:
Commencing at S. West corner   of
Lot 6117, group 1, thence    west.   40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east     40   chains,    thenco   south   40
chnins tn the place of commencement
containing lfio ncres more or less.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated  April 2;lrd.  1912 •IS"!
Dlatrlct ol East Kootonny.
TAKK NOTICE thnt Edward Gar
Held Stahl, of Waldo, British Cnlllm
bin, Rancher, Intends to apply tor
permission tn purchase tho following
described land:—
Commencing nt a post planted Hi,
chains Smith nf the North West ror
ner ol Lnt 9254, Group 1; thence
Month DO chains: thenco Wost 40
chnins; thence North so chains; thence
Kast 40 chnins tn point of commence
ment, nnd containing 320 acres more
r»f less.
Dated this 10th day of Mny A. II.
Located cth ol May, 1912 2o.9t.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms mi Application
Phone 1SV
P. U. Boa MS
District  Division of  South  East
Take notice that 1, Robert Campbell of Moyle, H. 0, occupation Merchant, intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
the Houth West corner post of l.ot
2802, tlience North 40 chains, thence
West 20 chains; thence Houth 40
chains to the North West poini nf Lot
2801, thence East 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
:i0 acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Rock Hill  Mineral Claim.
I'.obert Campbell,
Dated May 27th,  1912 22-9t
"LAND    ACT."
(District of  East  Kootenay
TAKK notice that Charles Crusley
Senior of Waldo. llrltlsh Columbia
Rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lunds.—
Commencing at a post, planted at
the north east corner of Lot 6231,
Group one, Kootenay district, thence
east 20 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence east t:0 drains; tlience
south 11.91 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 51.91 chains to
the point of commencement and containing li.o acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of Muy, A. D.
Charles  Grasley,   Hr.   Locator,
Edward Garfield  Stahl,   Agent
Located 30th  April,  1912. 20.91
SEALED Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Needles, B.O.", will be
received at this office until 4 P.M.,
on Thursday, July 4, 1912, for the
construction of a Pile Bent Wharf at
Needles, Division of Arrow Lake,
District of Kootenay, B.C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forma of
tender obtained at this Department
and at tha officea of O. C. Worsfotd,
Esq., District Engineer, New West
minster, B. C, and on application to
the Postmasters at Needles, B.C.,
and Victoria, B.C.,
Persons tendering are aotltied that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
linns, the actual signature, the nature of tbe occupation, and place of
esidence of each member of tbe Arm
must be given.
Each tender must tie accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of public
Worka, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
ot the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited If the person tender
ing decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, ur full to
complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the
:heque will be returned.
The Department does not bind it
self to accept thc lowest nr any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, June 5, 1912
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement If they Insert It
without authority Irom tbe Department.— 22953. 24-2t
Notice is hereby given that the reserve existing   over Lot G623, Group
One, Kootenay District, formerly embraced  in  Timber License    No.   16727
by reason of a notice bearing date of
24th  December  19U7 and  published  in
the British Columbia Gazette of 27th
December  1907,  is  cancelled  in order
that a sale of the said lands may h.
effected  to  Elizabeth  Cunimings.
Robt. A. Fenwick
Deputy  Minister  of   Lands,
Lands Department
Victoria, B.  C.
February  Sth  1912. s-SMo.
For a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that Georg.
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence tu take and use ou.
and three-fifths cubic foot of water
out of unnamed swamp creek rising in a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 21907,
which Hows in a northerly direction
through Lot tilM and empties into
Booth Creek neur the north line of
Lot 6164. The water will be diverted at a point 500 yards Houth of the
South line of Lot 6164 and will be
used for irrigation purposes on th.
land described as Lot 6164.
Thia Notice was posted on the
ground on the 15th day of May, 1912.
The application will be died ln the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with tbe
said Water ltecurder or with the
Comptroller of Wator Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
For a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply tor a licence to take and uae on.
and three-lift!), miners feet of water
.>ut of Booth Creek, which flows lu a
northerly direction through Lot 6164
und empties into St.Marys river near
Wycllfle. The water will be diverted
at a point 375 yards South of tb.
South line ol Lot 6164 In a timber
reserve formerly covered by timber
Llceuce No. 21907, aud will he used
for irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lot 6164.
This notice was posted ou the
ground on the 15th day ot May, 1912.
The application will be died ln tbe
office ot the Water Recorder at Craabrook. B.C.
Objections may be bled with th.
said Water Recorder or with th.
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, aud endorsed "Tenders
for Wharf at Boswell. B.C.," will be
received at this ofllce until 4 p. m. on
Tuesday July 2nd. 1912, for the construction of a Pile Bent Wharf at
Boswell, Division of Nolson, Kootenuy District, B, C.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this department
und at the oflices of G. A. Keefer.Erai
District Engineer, New Westminster,
B. C, and on application to the
Postmaster at Victoria, B. C.
Persons tendering are notifled that
tenders will not be considered unless
made un the printed forms supplied,
iml signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
ilrms, the actual signatures, the nature of occupation, and place of residence of each member of tho drill
must he given.
Ench tender must he accompanied |
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, pavnhle tn the order of the
Honourable tlio Minister ol Public
Works, equal tn ton por cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount ol the tender, which
will ho forlelted If tho person tender
Ing decline tn enter Into a contract
when culled upon tn do sn, or fall tn
complete the work contracted Inr. It
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
Tho Department docs not hind Itself to accept tho lowest or any tender,
Bv order.
It   0, DRSR00HHRS,
Department  of Public Works,
Ottawa, May 34 1912   23 2t
Kor u licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Taeuhauser ol Fort Steele, B.C. will
upply for a licence to take and ua*
on. cubic foot ul water out ol the
Wild Horse Creek, which Hows lu a
Southerly direction along Lot 632 and
emptiea into Kooteuay River nasi
Fort Hteele.
The water will be diverted at a
point near where Creek crosses Lot
9804 and will be used lur irrigation
purposes ou the laud described as Lot
This notice was posted on tbe
ground ou tha 16th day of Muy, 1911k.
Tbe application will b. tiled in the
office ol the Water ltecurder at Craabrook.
Objections may be liled with tbe
said Water Recorder or with ths
Comptroller ul Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria,  B.C.
2u-5t Applicant
I For a licence to take aud use water
Notice le hereby given that Wm.
Bridges of Moyie, will apply for a
licence to tuke and use one cubic foot
•f water out of uu unnamed creek
rising on Lut 9247 and sinking on
same Lot. The water will be diverted
at a point about 3 chains lu a aouth
easterly direction from tbe Northwest corner of Lot 9247 and will bs
used for Irrigation purposes on ths
laud described us Lot 9247, Group 1,
Kootenny Dlatrlct.
This notice was posted on ths
ground on the 15th day ol Muy, 19U.
Tbe application will bo llled In the
ofllce ol the Water Recorder, at Craa
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria,  B.C.
•10-St Applicant
(Section IH)
NOTIOB is hereby given that on
the until dav of June neit, applied
tlon will bo made to tbe Superintendent nl Prnvlnclal Police for the
grant nf n licence tor the sale of liquor by wholesnle In and upon the
premises known ns my store, situate
nu linker Htreet In the City nf Crnnbrook, II. ti,
A. 0. Dowries.
Dated this 25th day of May, 1911.
Make* Short Work of
|it.|. ••■Aicl mil M-i-j-amitl],   lio-irlmi rgn ■ nt*
ti ni i. n. l.nmlMKii, limit. N.-iimlnni ami nil ollit-r
fiirtm <,t ftltffUmil yi' M al oner '■» AMx-lt l'r«i.
lltt.riiM.iiii-  H.-ini'itv      I.1MO an ■nni<l of mm i  It
ll 11 KlVII lllll ,1111 M'llr-f tt) al*>*|).f(irMli«li tHifll-n 11,
Until iln-it, fri-in Ih-'U uf aRtmy unit fur 28 yt-iu*.
Inn 1*—ti nn I,in mm, wiillifii ind .till<lr»*h lm
wit mi IrWfl •'finnl hn Mm, J imt * U<* lniili.1
hive niir-il n  ■■« nf  fi-nti :!■■ til fill >f*iit-.' iliitxl loh
■ ml liHlny ll ituinli unrlvall*! aa a hulolt, ■*.**■ ami
■luulutt<lv r**Halil*> iri-nimt-fil fur all nrlr arlil dn-
*•■*<*, weak klilrtr-yi, rle    l.ci « ilollm I.-.m1f i.i
*bbolt Br«». Hhtumillo Rtnud-
»"nl font imim at .'»-■••- «nh your rur* ii-aiar
Hi-fit i-rflfti-lil l>* AblMltMioi.,711 s hmrtm-tiHt..
Utn. -mn,  1)1.. if yi.iii  ilruRKlit limit mil have It*
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug I Book Co. ] '/ THE PK0SPECTO1"., CRAN'TmOOTC It. C'
They Need tiie New Blood Dr. Wil
lipirs' Pink Pills Actually Make
Perhaps you bave noticed timi vour
daughtfr in her "teens" 1ms developed
i fltEui temper, is- restless and editable. Thai she complains of \veuU-
iie-.-j and deiiresstau- leels Ll red out
atter a Utile exertion; uppetlte varla-
Me, complains or iiendaeiies and U
growing palo. in thai case remember
that tiie march of time is l&adlug hor
nn iu womanhood, and that at this period ii great responsiMlity i-esis upon
luul iters. These are symptoms of an*
aenda—that ia Ploodlessiir-si-i, and nu
time should be lust in lncroasing and
enriching tin- i>lood supply. l'n
healthy girlhood almosl always leads
10 unhealthy womanhood. All yoimy;
girls ii; their teeiib need lhe help ot
Iir. Williams' Plnh Pills, which en
rich and increase lhe hloud supply,
aad give .*,.<■ i.i> drooping alils the
brightness **-■■■ charm uf perfect health,
lu prool ul this "diss Zola Qordier,
Monisbuvg, Oui. says: "l was pain
and bloodless and suftered from
many of the symptoms of anaemia.
I would iii-' e;sii> ami suffered from
frequent headaches Mj appttlte ft is
poor and I was ver} pale ami easily
discouraged. The medicine 1 was
talcing 'ini uui seem to help me, and
(net, one day 1 read ihe slory of a
young girl wlm Buffeted similarly and
was cured through the use of Dr. Wll*
Hairs' Pink Fins. I got inter boxi 3
of llm pllrs and Mailed lo iahe them
Before they won- do.ie I began to t'e-I
better ami looli better. Then 1 g''*-
half a dozen more boxt-s. and bef ire
ihei v i iv all used i was enjoying
the lies; of lieallli, and Have continued
to 'hi so since. My vounv brotl-er
was troubled \v4tli rUeuinatlf-ni, and
-thev completely cured him."
Dr, Williams* Pink Pills are sold
hy all medicine dealers or can be lu 1
hy mail at 50 cenls a box or s-l\ boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Men*
Iclne Co., HroclvVille, Ont.
Patental Testimony
I don't blame young peopl-- f"<' being rather *«d [-confident ami   aggre ■
sive, said ibe conservative citizen.
Yuu thiuU lhe rising generation  !
entitled to consldet ItaeK superior?
Ueyond question. Yon are constant^ hearing parents leiiu.c, what
smart things ilieir children say, out
you inner hear ftJiildirn reppatlng an;,
clever nbservatlons by then parents —
Washington star.
How   an   Old    Sliowm^ i    was   Saved
From  the  J.iws  of a  Lion
An old showman tells ihe following
exciting story uf iii** experience when
connected wiih a well known menagerie in Kentucky. "After the exhibition
was over," he says, "I passed into the
menageries to talk to the watchman-
Prom »ome cause lie wa-* absent from
ids posl. aud I walked across the am*
pitheatre toward my old friend, the
elephant, io give him an apple, for wc
w're Ihe best of friends. He was
one uf the largest elephans I ever saw
ami w.,s hm good natured as he was
la rye.
I was hair way across the ring
when i heard a growl, ami looking
around saw to my horror one of the
lions out or his case ami approaching
me in a crouching manner, ready tor
a 3prlng.
"I thoughi of a thousand things In
a moment, anil among ihem i must
have regretted perpetrating su many
old worn out jukes at the performance
that night, l had sufficient presence
of mind to realize iny daugerous situation ami to know thai it required the
j utmost caution tu extricate myself
i from it.
"Oue hasty motion on iny pari and
I would be iu the jaws ut' the tnon-
! star. I tell thai my only hope was
j Uio elephaut, if I could 'each him bul
' he wa- chained by the ban and could
! not reach me,
'Nearer aud nearer came the Hon,
I waving his tall   in   a manner   thai
mean! business,     it I turned m> back
J he would spring; if 1 took ray eyes
I from him 1 was lost.
'It was a terrible motneut I glided
I backward as swiftly as I dared 1
j had another tear, l feared stumbling
j backward, and knew if I did fall I
■would never rise, but lhat where i
I fell 1 would make a meal tor that
' "As 1 neared the elephart 1 saw that
> the lion understood my movements,
i ami fearing he would be balked of bis
I pray, he prepared to bring the matter
i to a crisis. 1 then saw thai I had
bul one hope, ami that was to rush
• with alt my speed to the elephant
■[ think f must have jumped : sventj
■ feel  when 1 'uracil and ! know ihe
! lion  jumped thirty  feet  but  be just
missed me.
"How I completed the race I do hoc
' know      I  only   know  that  the  elephant's 'nink was around my waist
■ ami he waa lifting me up on bis head.
'. i inh knew that I was saied!
Insufficiently Described
A woman had losl a handbag. After
Odyssuiin wanderings from   one
j Hclal to anothor, Bhe wns Ushered lu
. lo the janitor's ollioe
;      I   was   lohl,   she   be;
; found upstairs was ti
is it here?
j    I ain't saying ll is.
nln'l Baying ii ain't.
j a bag did you loG
Since tho hiuidba
;i,  thai   a  bag
ted In tp ynu.
e said, and I
What kind uf
bad  been only
■ w,„.,i       in-       iiiiiniu,i_,      nilil      Ml'ii,     i'lli,r
j one of a million black bags sold iu all
department stores  for a dollar and
; possessed no special marks of Ideutl*
i flcatto:., iin woman waived a description of iis exterior, and plunged
straightway into an enumeration of
! its contents,    There was a bankbook,
1 a purse containing the loser's name
an i address and money, a sample of
! silk, keys nnd a hunch of envelopes.
I He put lier through a catechism
that compelled  repeated descriptions
I of the los- treasures, and at lhe end
he said:
i cam Bee my wny clear to lei yon
j have   hat bag. I can't see as you've
! established jour right io it,
!    in desperation tho woman e.ppoaled
; to the superintendent of the building'
■ The janitor stood stolidly by, Saitl
. the superintendent:
■ Have you looked inside the bng?
,    i bave,
[Joes ii contain the things she lias
I   gUOBS    about,
Then why lu the name uf sense
! don'l you let he.' ban- it.
Because, snid the janitor, stubborn
ly, she ain't liover once described the
i outside of the bag  -Washington Star
Catarrh Cannot Bo Cured
CU.    \1-1M I
.nl t:
ntusl tutu
Inunul r. Mti-.ii,,.   icvi Cnutrth cure i* isjxta m
!  . i ill)   n-i,l HI la llr-vtly U'nhi Uii- blood ami milCOtU
mrtaoei. Unii'i i-nurii Cnn n not ;» quack .uiili-
.-111,'. 11 Was l,i'i'.*i'iil.i*.l li* »-lr- .it ll,.- lv "I physrritvtui
lu ihta cmiiifv tut }-iri«.i.l ll * rr-ftiltf ptttrrtniwa.
l* h rampoiinl ol the Imi tonlca Known, fotuulnrd
wim the tv-t tn.Khj iiurtflen, kctini dlKCtl, on tli*
tniicotn nirnttvs. lm prrltel cotnblnitton ol tli«*
tin luernikniB |i wii..; [voitiioM iw ii woniler-hil rt-
mita iu curui-- raun-h   s.-ii.i for tMitmonisia. fr-w
I . .'   ,:U M \  .( CO., Prot», lokM-j. a
Ro]d in- liniMUU, prtoi"■.
i«te u»ir* l'*'uiiy 1'UL* fur .vusiliutiDn,
l.>l Tfi
Ask  for   Minarti's  and  tske   r.a  other.
The Way to Meet v,/oi!<
The beauty of work depeuds upon
tne wii.-i 've meel it—-wheUier we am.
ourselves each morn iug to attack it
as hu I'M- my fhul must be vanquished
before night comes, or whether vo
open our eyes wllh the sunrise to
welcome it as au approaching friend
who will lie-op us delightful company
all day ami who will make ns feel al
evening that tbe day was .veil woith
in fatigues.
City Lire
I can't gel  much sleep the
Why ind?
Weill besides  »  Karnge,  Ibere  arc
several slaulus iu Ihe back yaid of my
■VI. 11,IV
Aud as soon a i Ihe Insl jo- ri ler
gels ill, the find iiillN ufigou sinus out
- Waal hifcton Herald,
The    Mysterious    Handful
i A troupe of wandering musicians
i were playing before a Swiss hole!,
j Ar the snd of the performance one
(of the members left the group and
approached  the  lender of the  baud
■ aud   pulled   out   a   little   paper   bux,
■ which he emprb'd into his left hand
! while the eyes of tbe leader followed
i every movement,
He then took a plate in his right
hand,  passed  if  round, and a  large
i sum was collected, every one inean-
I while wondering what he held in his
left hand
Why. It's very simple, said the leader   when  questioned.      We  are   all
! subject i<> temptation, and to be sure
of the fidelity of our collector he has
| to hold five flies In his lefl hand,
and wo count these when he returns.
iu make sure of the money.
Staginfl it
a  leading theatrical manager  told
.,   ■     .,■ ie erh c storh e as he h rolled
In ib,' bright, coid weather down the
St. B II
There was* one chap, Bald he, 1
couldn't k<- rid of Dear me, he was
persistent. I refused hi** farce seven times and he still kept turning up
with  It, rewritten here and there.
rhe eighth time he came 1 told him
Rrrolj it was no use.
out, Blr, he said, i^ there no possible way you could put my farce on
th? stage?
Well, sahl T. there's one way, bin
I don't know if you'1 submit—'
Oh, I'd submit! he cried. I'd submit
to anything!
Then said I, we'll grind it up and
use li .is a snowstorm.
By Their   Shape
Willie Kopp, the billiard champ-
[qi . was discussing the question uf
summer vacations,
l like Summer vacations, he said.
In the h-i'.rt ot the country- The only
[trouble with the bean of the couu*
' try is that yuu oan't get a good game
Of billiards there.
Maybe you've heard about the two
chaps on vacation who complained
that the- couldn't fell the (wo while
balls amirl. as neither of them bad a
snot, Hut Lhe proprietor explained
to them that ii would be easy after a
Ultle practice to distinguish ihe balls
by their shape.
Another chap asked for a game of
billiards, and when the balls were
brought ga\e a loud, bitter laugh uf
Look here, he said, it's balls I asked for- nut dice.
Ready to Oblige
There was a certain master ot fox-
, hounds in out* of the English shires
- who was greatly angered by the awk-
; ai'dness of one of the gentlemen, who
; invariably rode over the hounds. At
one of the meets the M.K.H. rode up
to the awkward hunter, nnd In the
| most  chilling   tones,   said;—Mr.   So*
; and-so, there nre two dogs in the pack
today. Snap and Tatters, which I aif
especially fond Of, and 1 wuuld esteem
j it a favor if you would avoid killing
or maiming them with your horse's
■ hoofs.
.'erlalnly, my dear fellow, replied
i Mr, So-aud-So, bul as I do not know
: them, will you be kind enough lo put
' a label un them.
Rome ls busily laying plans for nn
electric railroad running to the sea
coast at. Ofitia, together with a sub*
way tunnel for the part whlcb crosses
town. Work will begin as soon as
lhe Government grants the franchise.
The subway starts: from the centre of
lhe town, if-ar the Forum, and runs
to tbo city limits at the Si. Paul's
(J.ito. lt will accommodate a double-
track tunnel. It Is planned to finish
the subway part ot the line in three
years, and then begin on tho Rome*
Ostia line, which will take about two
years to build.
When Your Eyes Ntid Cars
Tvjf Murine Kt« Remefly. No Smartinjr—Feel*
Fine—Art* Quickly. Try it for R*«i \7en«%
Watery Kyim Hint Oi-aiiutatctl KyoIIiU. lllu*
trateil  Book  lu eai'li  Parla-iR*.     IIurine  l«
.    _     -bnt tiafld in kueuessful PhmlclMt- Pi*w-
{lc« for tn*.i.y jrt.ru.   Now d wit wit ml to tlm via*
Ip nnd told by Until '"
In Swagger Circles
They were rehearsing for a fashionable wedding.
Al this point you Idas the bride,
Ami here you smash a camera 1
hav hired « cheap one ror you to
hnve hired a cheap one for you io
Tbats tiie Kind of Wife to Have
Tiiv Collector   Could you glvo  me
some idea of whal   your husband  is
laidy    Id-ally.  air. T    don't    know,
bul  I wouldn't lake a million dollars
lor blm.
Away be  Went
Madam, I am travelling around the
world uu a wager. I have lo make
goad time, or I. loa« my bet.
Well, I don't mind lolling my bulldog pace you for a couple uf miles
Here, Tige.    Kansas City .lourmil.
Horace Arn you .iiteroslod in
buiilis MIhh Sweet'.'
Miss Sweot Ves. one especially,
father's checjuo booh
The lotnl number of Parliamentary
elecloi'B 'n ilu- United Kingdom i-
uow 7,08*1,600, an Increase of 80,025
ovei  lasl  year.
Head Broke Out, Spread to Arms,
Legs and Entire Body, Itched So
He Would Scratch Until Blood Ran.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment and
Nearly One Cake of Cuticura Soap
Cured Him,  Has Had No Return,
If   I   imy   you   a   BOB I   ill   liu-   Stock
Kxchnuge,   will  you  agree  to go  to
I nln'l crazy for work, dad. Make
il a seal, in the Semite.- Louisville
Courli isTournal.
A  slory of the  parade  of  woman
> suffragists i** being told  around  the
various  headquarters  of  the "Votes
tor Women" clan.     One of the editors
of a Now Yerk morning paper, which
is decidedly 'antl' has a young wife
who is very much  ''pro."     She an-
; nounced •hat ahe intended to parade.
lie veined the proposition absolutely.
-and averred that if Mrs. Editor dared
I to ninr-cli  be   would  forcibly  remove
her from thi  ranks     Determined to
; show her sympathy wiih "the cause,"
i hut not wanting to disregard her hus*
i baud's wishes, Bhe dressed in proper
suffragist colors and badges and par-
I aded -alotifT ihe sidewalks from the
start to tin.  llnlsh of the profession.
| Who won.
Thumbs in Social Custom*
Pew persons realize how Import*
am a role the thumb has played in
(he social customs of the people.
Ki\skhi" records that among certain
classes of people Iii .Scotland the lln
al . eltleim-nl of a bargain was always
signalized by ihe licking ami Joining
uf thumbs.
3elden Hays lhat kissing tiie thumb
was a characteristic of servility, The
clergy, the rich and the great, were
in receipt of ihu honor from trades*
im n.
.''rum remote times the practice of
licking ihe thumb has been regarded
as Bolemn pledge or promise, existing, accord hu; to Tacilus and
others, among Hu- Goths, the Iberians and tiu- Moors, and il may also
be traced through successive periods
down lo ili>' prescn' time.
Washing nay, or rathet washing
week is so Important a period in the
Hatha,! region that all family and so-
I'bii obligations retire to iho back-
ground wben it has to be considered,
■.■rites ;i traveller, 1 have known a
I Cabinet Minister's wife Lo excuse
herself from attednance ut a
court function because it collided
[ wltfi im appointment made with her
; (; h'essl       Thlb,   loo,   in   spite   uf
the  full  quotient   of  servants,   foot-
| man, cook,  housemaid  ami old   mas-
Iters.   None of these was privileged
' or elllcleni enough to in eel the for-
| mi table laundress nml    sulisfy    her
I requlrempnis      Therofore,  ihn  lady
layori st borne i» Qll tho breach, ami
i   ■ mpatl lueen accepted the explanation   with  a  readluess  bom  uf
inn umi' istanding
His Record
i     Old  you seo that   fellow who jusl
■ touched ine for a quarter?   Well, he
. was a school mate of mine uud held
all the big recorls.     It's funny he's
never amouhtel to anything since,
What recorls did be bold'.'
I    Kly : wattlug,
Parson Was a Bachelor
In your sermon ihls moru Ing you
■ spoke of a bnby an a new wave on
' the ocean oi" life.
!    Quite so; a poetical figure.
!    Don't  you think    it    fresh    aqua"
j would hav llll  lhe mark better? -
J BostOU Transcript.
i    Now list.u to mr.
All light, doe
You ate threatened with a nervous
i breakdown,
1    i know It.
I   Vou muBl null worrying.
I I can't do It, doc, until after all
tho players are Biglied. li wouldn't
be loyal to the home team.—Cour*
i i.M'-.lourn.'i.
A Puzzle for the Expert
A   case  concerning  motor  driving
; was on hand, when the chauffer de-
clared that when driving forty mile
1 an hour he could if necessary pull up
in ten or twelve feet.
,    An expert was the next, occupant
of the chair.      Said his lordship:
If a motcr car were travelling at
forty miles an hour, and the brakes
' could be put on In such a manner as
to stop It within ten or twelve feet.
i where would the driver go?
Depends very much on ihe suit of
life he'd been living, said    the    ex-
! port—Montreal Star.
The Feminine Mind
j Thev lived In a Utile town adjacent
to Pittsburg. Hubby was trying to
■ Jollv his wife along and make lier for*
' get' thai she wanted a new spring
Now. said ln\ tho town committee
is offering a prize for the prettiest
WhatMs that lo me?
i    Why don't you enter the contest.
You know 1 haven't had a lawn in
' five years. I haven't even a gtug-
i ham thai is fit to wear.
Moral-You can't take Ihelr minds
Then he Ate it.
I am going to show you something
■ which 1 have in my pocket, said the
street faker. I never saw il, you
\ never saw lt, nobody over saw It. You
I can look at It, and then I'll never see
i it. again, you'll never see It again, iio-
» body U over see it again. How many
j of you believe me?
Four or five men held up their hands
' doubtfully. Then Mr. Coleman took
I a pear.Ut from his pocket, shelled it,
i exposing the kernel which nobody had
j ever seen.     Then he ate the kernel.
Saved Again
I was behind you coming up the
street  just  now,  asserted   Mrs.  .lel-
1 was behind you coming up lhe
si reel Just now, asserted Mrs- Jel-
lus, and you rubbered al every pretty woman you passed,
At every stylish woman, corrected
.Mr. .lellus. I was jusl taking notes
of the spring gowns. Willi a view to
buying you a handsome one.
And Mrs. Jellus i|ulled once more.
--Washington Herald.
fumy.-H-mlefl Ut our Ooullltl -noi a "I'mtint. M*xV
plnt>"-bnt uafld -- - ■'■■' '"■--'■■'« — • »-■-
nay ye»	
^_ id by Druiitiliai jug DQdUojwri. .„
Uurlns Mj* 8i1t« In Aii>,itlo TiibMt■«(■ and Gto,
! Murine Ky« Remedy Co., Ghloage
<   Mns.Wii-fir.ow'11 Boothixci Svatir iuu bee*
■ltd for over nxtV YBARSby Mil,MON9 of
1 MOTIIRUS   tar   tliflr   CUIUUIKN    Willi,*
TEKTHINO, willi FBKl'EC.1' StlCCBSS.    if.
SOOTHH8 the CIIILti, S01TKN9 tiie OUMtU
la tne lie** remedy U-r imarkiicra, It la iW
i Botutflv lisnnlsM.  Bt »ure tntl «sk for -Mrs
WtBilow'a Snntliins Svnip," and take no ottae*
kind.   Iwctityfivt uetiu a bottle.
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A. Buy./
Camp held at Tuaket Falls in August,
beneficial for sun burn and Immediate
relief for colic and tootliur'ie.
General Secretary.
off tliu subject   of   dr.-ss    Pittsburg
A Coming Politician
What makes ynu think Lite baby is
Igoing to be a great politician? asked
{the young mother anxiously.
I'll tell you, answered lhe young
fni ber confidently; be can say more
things Lhat sound Well and mean noib-
fng than any kid I ever saw.
Nothing Doing
■    The    wayfarer   asked     for'    old
| clothes,
i    1 have none, laid Hie head or ihe
Noi even nu old pair nf shoi-.i'.'
No. bin hei" !•* nu old automobile
you may li'iv
'.'bunks, i"ri»- '"■■    I •i^vo   enough
1 irouble supplyiim    ni\    own    want.--,
without begging gasoline frum door
to doi r
"Wiifn my boy wm nlmut three niottli*
oM hit ,i. .ki broke imt wltb a ra*h which
w.h v»i/ Itchy mul iim ii wttery Hml.   w«
Irleil iw'Tviltl'iit »'.. Id Imt In; gol  WOttfl
all iim Him-, tn) it Rprtid to lm mm.-, Icgi
mil llisii hi lilientlra body, lis vi mi had
ttiat hi cams near dying.   The ra h would
Itch mi Iiiiil Im WOllld m ihK li till tllfl blood
fan, ami a llml yfllloWllll llUlt t '-iilal bo ull
•ver lib I'ilt'iw In Mm imtililln,'.   I had to pill
mlttem im Ids lisuds in prevent him tearing
lili skin,   Hit *uimi weak mill mil dov.ii tllftt
lm look fainting spelln im It lm w dying,
Ho wai lllllOHt ii ikolelOII and hi i 111 Un limn] <
Wert tiilii llko cltWi,
"Ho wsi bad about elilit monttii wh*n wo
triad Cuticura lUnlifldlflit, I bad nut |n|t| blm
down hi ini oradln in tin- dsytlme for a lumi
whlla, I wulitil lilm wiiii ('mil>iirsHoapami
put mi -mn ni'i'ii 'ii*i.,n or Gulli ma Olntmfht
nnd ho wis i-l soothed tlmt lm could ilocp.
Vou don't kimw lmw --iimI i wn'i lie ("it both r.
ft 1'iiik mm \i»% of Cuticura Ointment nnd
lirpliy ii«-iir mifl i iks nf ('ul ll'liri Boap to i uro
Ium    1 iiilnk oiii lm1' wimld tun" ilIit| Imt
far tint Uutlnira Itrrttorllrn and I nball nlwayn
I'litmiii a iiiiii friend or tliem, ih- wn i cured
iiini'i than twenty yean mn, nnd thero baa
boon mi return ot iim trouble, I nimii ha
Kind to liavaydii imidlih lllll truealatemenl
or lili i ."  (Hlfiliad) Mm. M t . M.i-!i.ni.i,
Jupcr, Ontario, May 37( i»io.
1   lm mm" Iiinii ii (ti'iii-i nl Imi inotliorn hnvn
found i> ipeedy. igreesblo nnd ecoiiomlrnl
IfOll ut fOl II.Hi Milii-hir1iM.il imt,. oncn
III ('nln urn HOOP ntid Ointment.    Alilnnn-li
limy um Hold by dniMluli end dfltlera jjvei --
w!ii'i<<,tihliiTii|i<niniiiiMifi'ii(li mn v ho obtained
free, i—<• Uio poller inmr A Chew, Corp,.
i-jio |K ... hi t>i Cvl'iiiiinri AVflu livkWu* I „i,A,
Wi N. U. 902
Poor Mackerel Season
The Southern mackerel leaion i»*
practically   wound  up  for  the  year
Alwayi » littery, tho ftihermen have
drawn n blank thin year       lu   nil
about  1(5,000  iihIi  have  been  taki n
The largest catch waa by tho ichou-
ler Arthur Jahiea, Capt. Archibald Do-
vlnp, mid ih'- Becond Eargeat h>  tbe
Margui nn    HuHidiiH,   Cap!    Hetiboti
Cameron      The grow stock of the
■ •„ u.'il'' ii--' i will noi exceed 95,000.
I    The flab thll season have appeared
[to run much closer to the Now  .h-i
soy coastline than formerly, tholr usual route being from 'hi to I'm miles
1 off shore     An for the past live years
| they wore inn-*-, few small  Ash  »p
pcirftiB    Boston Olobo.
Something Novel
I siippoio i* cheapens tho freaks
io permit Ihem lo appear in public?
H doea usually, replied tho Impres
I Hiiu of tho ilini'* museum    llui wo'rn
I going <" lei  Hi'- tvo-lw-iiil'-d t*lrl nut
I tomorrow      Wo calculate she'll mako
n lm wllli bor two   Busier   hats, •
t'ourl"!' .luiirniil.
Tliflj rsy bo's Lho hlfilu tl pnld ot-
flee boy In town.
Vim. Nlr, be knows i-i muoli bosflbnll
dupe the bosses ui" bidding for hlui.
At thfl Mnaked Ball
Who un eiirlh In lhat fill ohl per
hum who wiiiitii lo Icll everyone Ihelr
foiiuiie by pnhnlstry?
That's aoldstolu, the hunKm- He
Insl ii diamond ring huii'-uu iwur ogol
—Loudou OpluloUi ,
Wife Mv husband l^ noi woll, I'm
afraid  h 'II  give <»y
Wife's Mother Well, ho may give
un M" certainly nover gives In.—
Town Topics
The Terror of Asthma comes ltl« a
thief lu the night with it^ dreadful
throttling, robbing its victim of breath.
II seems beyond the power or human
aid to relieve until om trial is mado of
'rh.it remarkable preparation, Dr, .1- D
lCellogg'8 Asthma Remedy. Then !■■•
Hot comer, with n rto. Win becomes
worth living, und If Uio remedy bi
used persistently, the tllsenso if nut
pormnncntly 10 rout.   Take no aubitl-
11 uie
j Now, Pat, said ibe presecullng attorney, we need your testimony lu
thin automobile euse to secure » conviction, Vou say tbo defendant wan
going nt a lerrlilc rate of speed. Now
'just how fact do y»u mean by that?
, Sure, Huld I'ni. he was golu' so
doiumcd fiint i nlvver even Been the
i kyarl -Harper's WVeidy.
He Believed It
i    She—Ilu you believe Ibul large fen-
turos are ii sign <>f generosity?
,    ih-   ves   the generosity    uf    nature.
Their Hiding Place
Oh, Mn'iiiu, Mu'utu, I've swallowed
, it safoly pin.
I So ihui'H whero my safety-pins no,
in It? -Punch,
Uniformity  In Statistics
Ottawa,—Following up Hon. O. E,
Poster's determination to   secure   a
uniformity of federal  statistics,  the
cabinet  has appointed   an   Inter-departmental committee to consider the
present  position or overlapping nnd
! devise some uniform  plan of statistics which  will  prevent duplication
und which will be authoritative.
j    This committee   Is   composed   of
] Richard    Orlgg,    scperlutondenl    of
: coiumereiiii agencies, as chnlrmnv: K-
! ll. Godfrey, W, A. Warn",   .1.   It- K.
i ltrlstol, It. II. Coats, and Prof. Adam
Haste Necessary
Parmer—! (see you're painting tiies*1
old  trees.
Artist—What's that got to do with
you?   Get en with your work.
Parmer—Well, since my work Is
to cut them down, you'd better get
on with yours.—pele MHe,
A Glr'i's Way
I am going to learn to swim this
I thoughi George taught yon last
But I an\ no longer engaged to
George.—Washington  Herald.
Hallway Agents. Telegraphers and
Clerks in great demand throughout
the North West. Six months will
qualify yon. Day and Mail courses.
Positions secured. Free Hook li* explains- Dominion .School Tele*
graphy. Toronto.
I Maud's Luck
I     Have you heard about Maud's hard
| luck?
i     No- Whal Is it? asked Maud's boa*
! oni friend,  with glee.
She took Reggte'e engagement rlug
1 back lo the jeweler.'s to be valued.
i Oh, poor Maudte.
Well, Unit's nothing, sneered tha
other.     1 always do that.
Yes, but the jeweler refused to glvo
it back tu her. He said Reggfo hadu't
paid for it.      \
Mrs, Proudman—Our Willie gut
meritorious commendation at Fchool
last week.
Mrs. Thompson— Gracious, Isn't
it awful," the number of strange diseases that's ketched by school children?—Tlt-Blts.
Umpire— Cut touched on your way
home last night, eh, Krubber?
iCrabber—G'wan, he missed me it
Chock—Allow me to congratulate
yuu on your wife, She's the most
brilliant talker 1 ever met.
Meek—Er-r, yes, I've heard her.
When opals are lirst tnken from the
mine lb"y are so sufl thai they can
bo picked In pieces with Ibe linger
Ah. Professor, what a charming collection of stuffed birds you have fcere.
Where did you get them from? Oh,
that is quite simple. I have beeu
collecting them for years from tho
\vorn*out hats of my seven daughters.
Her Thought
Do yon remember the first timo I
ever put my arm nround you? hn
asked, after they had started on ihelr
I shall never forgel It. she replied-
What did you think?
I thought  you hud  fooled away a
lot of time over the preliminaries:—•'
Chleat'o Record-Herald.
His Qualification
Manager—Yes, wo need a man; It's
lu our packing department, Had
any experience?
Applicant. I've taken lessuns tu
boxing, sir. '
Coal Is used to provide about !!7-
000,01)1) h u-se power lu the United
Slates to 5,000,000 provided hy waier*
ill ,ts.
Furmer (to editor of local paper)
- I want to pui a notice lu your hows*
paper of iin' death nf my brother.
Whui's yer price? ISdlior -Ten shillings nml sixpence uu Inch sir. Flintier oh i can I afford thai; my brother
wus li feet •:
Ooean't  Tell  Tills
Docs your husband loll you ovary
Ves. evcr.vthlim,  OXCepI  how  milch
pOCUil 'lie-icv llO h|i"l.ds IlltllSOlf every
week,—Uol mil i
Keep Mlnard's Liniment In the house.
wife—Did ynu post tlml loiter I
ua*.-1 you"
llflbb) Yes, dea ', I cariled II In
my hnndi ho i coiildtt'i forget it, and
i dropped it in the 111 hi box, l remember, because
vVlfO There, dear, duii'l Ile suv
more. I didn't give yoil any letter
m post,   Til Hits,
California Oil Wells
tit-inn. developed by
Canadian Capital
on in,,, inndo il,,' world'", grtolcit
Ini'li »      ll  "III  iiiiiIii' yiiniB.
I'niikiniiii  I'lHila uro   pni'lnii   mil-
Iilili. ol (IdllOlfl l'l III! I,,I4.     I ''III,
"Tli.   l-iilli-Hm,"   iini'linn     Hi,.     hMl
I" ■!■!" Ill   ill III lli<   OIllll'U ll Ihi < I. I.
Let ua Show yuu Ilie Proof
K. K. ALBERT. Winnipeg
•MTO'i  McAilhur Biillrllng	
Mui'luoti mlBflloiini'-' wnil,   In .iniiini
WUH poniinaiicoil In I linn nml tin- nee j
nnw Iiiih Ha Hllirollo" In Tuldn. Hn|i
|IU|",  I'lllll. mill   "HlH'll.  "ii.vh llm I Illil.
pel Nows ut 'l'»lil».     Tlii'i'i' um lit
loo laalonai-loa witli a loliil ol forly
|i u liolluvol'a, ninl Uie iiii'iiilii'iK nl1 Uio1
ill,n,li  In  Tnlilu  imnilii'i'  fl 1*1......   ri.
ci-ltllQil fi.mi nni'ini: aiirvoyora, wotilnil,
hi Hm Clovoi-iimoiil Hni'Vk'O, Lonolioi'a
nml hlnili'iim nl' llihlillo iu'IiiiiiIh Ill
iiR'icliil cli'i'liH, 1,'li'Phuni' lilrlH, olo,
Wii"  Wl*tl'* >•"" opinion >>f   ii"-
now iimiii.'
Mull   I liiinl, hIik'h Hpli'inllil.
Wlfo   I  IIiuiikIiI    .miii    illil.   Tlml »
•Vliy i iiii'ii hor Hiiu nioi-iilng.—Boiloii
Tiiiiiiiri ipt.
|" Coin*, i ilpulo Ilio fool nml nml,!'
:»'iiihinu ii lorliiio, yoi Hiiro rollol In
tlio allium of ilollnwii' a Corn Uura In
Iwliliin umi, „f ull.
When President Taft and Col. Roosevelt are through with their imd slinging,
they tn ml clean v/>.
;'2iu i" Shoe Polish
is tlic very best thiiiR
for llicii* boots as fit}
good Canadians ana
Americans realize.
Bent by test. Will not
coil tne daintiest garments. Quick brilliant,
Instini*. Wo otber even
iiulf as good. ■ jo THE PKORPECTOtt. cK/.vimooir. TT. c.
He Has a Brilliant Idea For
Their Extermination.
Mra. Bow.er Display. H.r Usual Lack
of Faith, and th. N.ighbor. Gath.r ta
J..r at tha Fri.nd of Humanity and
Hi. Exp.rim.nt.
.'•'•' By M. QUAD.
fCopyrlallt,. 111",  liy  Associated Literary
THAT preoccupied  look as Mr.
nowser   ascended   Ilio   steps
wliou lie cnrrii) from the olUca
Ilie oilier evening told  Mrs.
Bowser Ilie Inlo of Iho dny.
i   ile Imd n new achenie on hand.
"Yoil hare mixed two or three anh-,
stances together lo create a disagreeable odor to the flyV"
"Yes, und Ultra applied for a copy-j
right. Tlmt Is some of the aluff out, on I
the hall tree. I um going to the kltcb-
en presently to burn some nnd clear
lhe place of ants, cockroaches nnd
rata. There nre probably some Dies
hanging around In the warm corners,
and I want you lo see how lliey hike
ns soon as the odor reaches their nostrils."
"Mr. Bowser, I object (o burning
anything thnt Is golug"—
"The burning will Inke place Just the
same. No woman's whin* Is going to
aland betweeu me and the greatest discovery of tbe ago."
"Then I'll run over uud see Mrs.
Green for nn hour."
"Hun over nnd see anybody yon wish.
A dozen times since wo were married
I bare had fame wlthlu my grasp, but
In your envy you bave. brought nbout
failure.   This time you shall not do It."
Mrs. Bowser left the house, aud Mr.
Bowser got his compound nnd went
down to the kitchen just as* the cook
A  Wonderful   River  That   Link
Orient   anj   tha   Occident.
Wliere   is   lliere   another   river  so
International ss the Danube?   II. rises I
in   Baden   mul   flows  through,   VYurt-
lenihei'ir nml Bavaria; nearly half its
length lies In Austria-Hungary; then
it separates  the  latter country  and
Sefvia. At Orsova three nationalities
meet— Hungarians, Servians ami Roumanians,    Alter  that  it serves   as  s
boundary between Rounianla and Bui-
Bum, ami its mouth lies In Roumanian   territory;    As   one   passes   from
source to mouth strange sounds crceti
the ear.   Kfist, high Gorman dialect,, \
as Alemanic, Suabian and Bavarian;
then the language ol the proud sons
Magyars; then the Ser-
Tha  S.v.r.  but  le*
e.mina. Straw  Darby.
The Great Journalist Had Fully Prov- ! Men  Who  Were   M.-irt/r, To-day  and
j The late \V. T,
Uio lerrible Tita
i firm believer in the
It had been seven whole days since ! had vucated It.   He had denied meet-
he had ii scheme, und the time was
ripe, lie bad a package under his arm,
and this he laid ou the hall tree wllh
flic observation that be didn't want It
meddled Willi. Ho threw out several
liluls during dinner and erldeutly de-:
aired to be questioned, but Mrs. How-
nor had no questions to ask. He had
mijoked half hla after dlnucr cigar and
liitclieit all over his chair a dozen limes
lieforo be aald:
I "Mrs.  Bowser, bow many flies, do
you suppose (hero were around our
bouse Inst summer?"
j "Good lands, but what a question!"'
lhe replied.
"Well, give some sort of a guess."
"Ten million."
"And how many iu the clly?"
'•l'Trty billions."
"And In the slate?"
"A thousand billions."
"And In tbe United Stales?"
"Five thousand trillions, and tbeu
tome more. Why do you ask such fool-'
Isb questions?"
"They may not he so foolish as you
think.   Ion know, don't you, tbat tiles
Ing a faker, Tbe man bad culled himself, a doctor, ne hod claimed Ihe
compound as his own Idea, but ns a
of Arpad
vlin anil Roumanian an 1 Bulgarian
tongue.. The management of the
river Improvement shows ths number anil variety ol the interest.. An
inteniaiional commission undertook
the deepening oi one ol lhe delta
channels, ami n joint commission of
Ilie riparian stales removed the dan-
i'pis of tho rapids.
Tho scenery along the Danube is as
varied   as  Uie   people   that dwell   on I
its hanks.  There are stretches whose
beauty rivals that ol Ihe picturesque '
parts of the otfstled Rhino; Ihen comes
recipe that might be a good Ihlng or a
wretched fake.
matter of fact he had paid $10 for a  j'1" monotony of lhe wide plain; then
it breaks unco tnoro through  mountain chains ami  ai/sin  lhe Eeene is
. wild mi.I beautiful.
Tha Exp.nm.nt. |    There js |nDra „( ,ilc i„,„„tiru| i>|lle
There was yet n good tire In the Danube connected with Austria-Hun-
range, and Mr. Bowser got down the 1,'ary than with any other slate, and
Existence. Heroes To-.lorreV.
Stead, a victim "f ,    There has seldom tieen a better case
ti'Bgedy,   was  a i <'i Time's revenge t'lan the nne wit-
iTiilt.   He iiiailu i nessod iu Westmins-er Abbey the nth-
"1   lit let | er day, wben a lov ly stained glass
window, representing sceues ol Bun-
■"'tali's  "Pilgrim'   Progress,"  was  un-
veiled by th.' dean,   ''.'litre wus a time
wlilen llimyau was n proscribed man
bis Allegory a i*espised hook, the
ilurti'iii   of   a Nonconformist ex-
tiHIei.    it  was  written  in   Bedford
hjtfi.   where  Uunyr.u   was  lodged  fur
iWiifinp i" obey -he law which  forbade him to preac'.i,   He and his immortal work are to-day not only Hie
special glory and boast of tlio Baptist
Church to which 1 e lie'
pride   of   every
I investigations   which   satislti
I thai lhe spirit world coul,! com ni-
,cate with this, and ho aqlcd upon his
Wlief.    He was laughed at.    He was
called a fool. What ol it? William T.
! I-Uead did not care. He-iirul beep in
| prison  for his thoughts:    He  could
he jeered at for them.
Impressed with his new belief, and
havine The Review of Reviews, which
lie had founded in IPIIO, progressing
rapidly  toward  success,  lie  founded
Borderland, a quarterly devoted to
1 occult philosophy and psychical
I phenomena.    The journal wns edited
for several years, anil it was during ! itself Christian and cai
tin's period Mint there cinir; Inlo be- ' good literature,
iug tlio "automatic hand "
r r
Good     I
form I I
need, but the
which   .ails
ilsu recognize
skillet aud set It on and poured some
of bis powder Inlo it, meanwhile mils-
"I ought lo have bad four or Are re-
; porters here (o write up my success,
"arr.v the germs of disease In their
"1 have beard so."
"And that, lhe germs thus carried
nre responsible for •JOO.ooo deaths per
year? Yes, mirnm-200,000 deaths ev-'
cry year, to say uothing of half a million cases of sickness. Why, woman,
even Ihe doctors concede that but for
the housefly the medical fraternity
mould uot number one-half what It
Hoes now,"
The "Exterminator."
i "And all Ihls Is preparatory to announcing Hint you bnve aome new
a-chomeon hand," suld Mra, Bowser.
. "Woman. I uever scheme." no suld.
"I plnn and expel hiicnt, but there ls no
"Well, whnt Is It?"
"Besides the fly pest Ibere Is the mos-
spillo,    The malarial  mosquito killed
over  100,000  peopl*  ot  the
1-liilos lust yenr."      .
"1 hnve uo scheme, but 1 Imve an
experiment on hand. No, I cannot call
It an experiment. It Is a sure thing.
It Is going (o knock every ll.v and mosquito In Ihe country Inlo n continental
cocked lint, One dollar's worth of
Howler's liy and mosquito exterminator will keep (lies uud mosquitoes
from coming lion ror I linn forty rods
nf any Inhabited dwelling. The dciilh
line for next summer cuu be reduced
(III per cent."
"Auollicr faker got hold of you,
lias he?"
"Look here, woman, don'l put on any
Oncers or I slop ri^hl here!" auiiiiuiiced
8lr. Bowser, "lliere are millions In
lie Hilled wllh. hul Ihls Is not one of
Ihem. 11 iliiinii life Ik nt sin I.u here. I
Imve nothing to do wllh Inkers."
"Thi'N you've got li lilllo Idea by
A Dr.am el Fame.
'I have. It's an idea Hull Ih going to
make mc famous and wen 11 by, I shall
lie spoken of us Iho world's greatest
"And poor ine?"
. "You won't bo iiieiiliiined or get •
Illumed conl of my minimis!"
, "Too laid for me, but I'll luivo fo
Hnml it, I'l'om whut I cuu gather you
ire going lo open war ou llle llles next
' "I iiiii, Hindu in, I am going to bail'
hh the liy uud the mosquito from lhe
face of Hi* oiirlli," t
"Will you have lo clinsc 'eiu down
•wllli a club?'
Austrian   Adtialie   ports.
tbat in!
but tbe double beads will come Inter.
The doctor said burn just a pinch or
two, but wbat's the matter with fire or
lu ten seconds the powder was burning. ■  ,,   	
In fifteen lhe cut, wild had followed """"l the borders ol the land, yet it
These stiff derby bate, made of On*
mllon straw, ar* Just now Id fashion'*
favor. The derby Illustrated ls a model
,,■„,. ■ , ,    ,   ■ ,, ■.-'— i of blue nillan with a band of velvet
the  vlZ^ZnlfLaoTolZ^"^ *"*°™ ,n ««•«-••*»*
this river and Its tributaries cement
tho heterogeneous parts ot that composite country more naturally and
more firmly  than  laSva  and  treaties
and a plaited cabochon and bow at ona
spite of- tlio possession of a strip of,    „
coast tbe monarchy may he called an     lue'* ,tr»w •hl'1>"' models are the
inland slate.    Unfortunately for this   nattiest kind ot outing bat* worn thi*
.Government, the all important Don-  aprlng.
nhe slips Irom it h.v flowing far be-
down stairs, was yowling and running
ln twenty Mr. Bowser was out In the
back yard gasping for breath and staggering nbout The powder was n grand
success. Any fly or skeeter that could
stand that smell could stand bird shot
nnd tomahawks.
Tbe smoke and odor poured out ot
lhe open kitchen door'and were gently
wafted here nnd there. Wlthlu Ure
minutes voices were calling:
"Where In thunder Is that skunk?"
lias even in politics a directing'influence. The eyes ol Austrian statesmen
are turned eastward. Economically
and politically the Danube is of such
dominating significance to Austria-
Hungary that it has been suggested
that this conglomerate state be called
pot the dual monarchy, but the Dan-
ubian monarchy.
The Danube was the scene of Roman colonization, of (lie fierce inroads of the migration of the Huns,
the Avars and the Magyars; of the advance nf tiie crusaders to the east, of
that of the Turks toward the west
Household Hlnta. ' ' '   ~
French chalk will do much toward
removing a scorch on silk or delicate
wool lf a coating ot tbe chalk be left
on tbe spot for several days.
A good treatment for soiled coat collars Is naphtha applied wltb a brush.
Dip tbe brush lu naphtha until thoroughly saturated, tbeu glre the spot or
grlmo a few brisk rubs. Tbe most delicate velvet will yield to this treatment,
though satin should not be treated ln
tbls way.
A teaspoonful of peroxide ot hydro-
"Must be old Bowser experimenting R11(1 non nnMv of lhe (h JJ   gen lu half a tub of cold wnter ls «
"Lands alive, but what a smell!"
"Some one send ln a call for the patrol wagon 1"
"Have we got to put up wltb tb*
whims of.* lunatic?"
People came from  the street and
from the alley.   They called Mr. Bowser names, and they laid bands on blm
and rolled him on tha ground.
The Ungrateful Publie.
Then th* police cam* and threw his
burning compound out of doors and
called blm more names and shook tbelr
fists under his nose and referred to bis
father aa au ass, and even-after he
had thrown every window and door In
Ibe nous* wide open It took thirty
mluules for the odor to evaporate.
Mrs. Bowser knew just what bad happened, but wbeu ahe cam* tripping ln
the Innocently asked:
"Well, did Ihe fly exterminator work
•a yen hoped fori"
"Our respective lawyer* wll! reach
their respective ofllce* by 'J o'clock ln
i the morning-," he replied aa b» brushed past her and went up to bed.
An hour Inter he was dreaming that
be was dead and that fifty trillion
hnusefllea were buzzing over his grove
In rejoicing.
the house of Hapsburg and ol the I »P'«niia bleach for lingerie nnd white
disintegration of the Ottoman realm. | clothe*, Let the clothes remain In tbe
What causes this frequent reference i water overnight and after rinsing wash
tn history to the Danube and its val- In tho usual way. White silk and
ley? A glance at the map will account wool as well as linen may be treated ln
for it.      Stretching Irom the  head-   this way.
XV'.nA in! nil:*.' '!i? ,iJ!one'etl"' -*'■* r*-*--°'* "»»<> »Pol* trom furnl-
Woe, and the Oder to the Black Sea, .,,.„ a,. _ „.„,., ,„ h„. _„,._ „„..,. ..
tho Danube forms and for ages ha8 1 u™aiP« cloth In bot water nearly to
formed tho connecting link between : ■Jollln(t polllt- P,act 0TeI' '"• •"">'• re*
ths orient and the Occident. iIDOVe Quickly and rub tbe 6pot with a
-- • | dry cloth.   Repeat If spot 1* not re-
! moved,   Alcohol or camphor quickly
applied may be used.
To prevent glassware from being
easily broken, put ln * kettle of cold
water, beat gradually until water has
reached boiling point Sot aside and
when water Is cold tak* out glassware.
Jackd-w a. Scholar,
In the little village of Upton, in
Berkshire. Kngland, there is a twelve-
year-old boy who has so trained a.
jackdaw that he can take it to school
with him, and tiie bird will sit upon
his desk during lessons. None of the
other boys take any notice of this
strange scholar, bo used have thoy gut
to its liresence.
ifV>,4    Sporting Notes.
Ne Occasion Far It.
Mrs. Nugget—1 welched your sister
flilug ber hair th* oilier dny, and I
must say she's not the most refined person In the world.
.Mr. Nugget-Vou don't approve of
her, eh?
I    Mrs. Nugget—Well, you've never seen
me with my mouth full ot hairpins.
'    Mr. Nagget-Of cotirso not.   Whnt
i would you wiinl wllh so ninny linlr-
United I pliis'i-Cnthollc Slniidnrd und Times.
o o
o Greatness,                      o
_ A   grout   man's  greatness   Is   _
o shown hy Ills willingness lo go
_  buck  I sinrt again when he
o duds Hint he bus been bended In
_ ilie wrong direction.- Chicago
i A oeasenabl* Pad.
I    Ths   tailor*   aro   ooiug   .uipusing
' things wltb taffeta this aprlng, and lb*
i little afternoon suits ot changeable tat-
                        ! fete aro fetching affairs Indeed.
Miss Rose Pltonof, tbe sixteen-year- i    Such n thing la pictured ber*. It I*
old glrf swimmer, has signed contracts   of blue and green changeable taffeta,
to make an attempt to swim the English channel the coming summer.   Miss
Pltonof claims lo be tbe champion woman Bwluimcr of tho world.
Polo Is to be added to tbe list ot Intercollegiate sports it the program of
several enthusiasts at Yale, Princeton
and Harvard is carried out. Efforts
.will be made to enroll n fourth college,
possibly Columbia or Pennsylvania.
Andovcr's decision to abolish basketball Is a serious blow to tbe game
Blnce the reason given Is that lt ls
loo rough nnd docs not furnish n belter
training sport than olhers which nro
available and which arc less strenuous
—swimming, for example, and track
nud hockey as well.
Old Earth's Poles.
Record-Hero Id.
Anyway, the stars ami stripes float
over tho north pule, which Is conceded
g! lo bo the top of the eui'th.-Cblongo
o i News.
8 I Willi bolh north and south poles attained nnd tho verification of the fact
o I ....'--inly M»lf ovldcnt Unit liotli nre sur*
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo i romidfii citbet by fro/.en watov or bin***
  J |-en ](nj(i( iije hue of lhe iiinKiaf-tk- north
Thi W»y et Modtrn F«ih«r«. j Will ho reduced to Its lowest teruiN,-
'•Yes, heforo piipu woiihl consent to   PHUbargU Dispatch.
my  UMri-flnff Ucorga ho Insisted  on j    For otir pari, frcr Since Tettry ills-
Id.iI.Iiib up Ills pusl life." j covered the north polo we have enjoy-
"Mercy, III lit wns risky!" ' ed n deep nud ubltling and soul satis-
Ami that
was exactly what Mr. Stead meant.
He insisted that by making his mind
passive those at a distance, whether
in this world or some other, would
move it for him, would mako it transcribe ou pnper tiicir thoughts, their
messages. Ami chief among these
persons who sent message from beyond the great divide was ".luiiH."
These messages of the "automatic
liHud" caused Mr. Htpad to aim ounce
witli absolute conviction thai the dead
return. Vor him, it wus a "truth
established, a problem which is solved, a subject on which doubt is
hence forth impossible."
Ho nlso states that soon alter she
slipped out of lier body he began to
develop various psychic accomplishments, among them automatic writing, and then "I placed my hand at
the disposal of Miss Ames, aud she
has used it as her own ever since."
This wus their favorite mode of Uie
interchange of thoughts, though they
used both clairvoyance aud clalr-
audieiifft also, and Mr. Stead affirmed
that she "made good" in them all,
although he subjected lier to every
known test; he did not, however, accord her his unqualified approval or
belief in her identity lill she gave
hi in convincing proof hy bolh "external and internal evidence."
One of the letters from Julia contained the following sentences: "The
world is full nf spirits longing to
speak to those from whom they have
been parted. It la a strange spectacle. On your side, souls full of the
anguish of bereavement; on this side;
souls full of sadness because they
cannot communicate with those whom
they love.
; "Many nn earth are racjeed with
agony because they imagine their
loved ones arc lost-in hell, while in
reality they ave within the all-embracing arms of the love of God. Home-
thing should be done to enable the
sorrowing ones on earth to know that
their so-called dead live nearer than
ever before. It would dry many a.
tear and ease many » sorrow. Whut
we need is a bureau of communication . . , It is the most important
tiling there is to do . . . and you
can count on the eager co-operation
of all on this side."
It waa this message from Julia that
caused Mr. Stead to open his famous
"postoffice for spirits" in London in
11)09, where he communicated with
persons in the other world.
"Bill he didn't go very fur. Ho stopped Just iis ho found tlmt tleorgo wns
the only nephew of (1)1-60 rich uncles."
-CI err Innd Plain Denier.
A Valuable Man.
"Why did tliey muke rinliond president of tho trust compnti-'.'" nxlied the
"There Isn't a mnn In town who can
decipher hla signature," replied ttio
wise giiy.-Clucliuinif Kminirvr.
fyllljj conviction thut n south polo existed somewhere lo mutch It, uud Its
discovery Is no surprise lo us whatever.- st. Louis Republic.
Mixed Mstaphopi.
"Jorklns certainly did set all mlxel
up when somebody asked lf Uo hadn't
nouio implensnnt fumlly semis hid*
"Ho snld lie wns reedy to admit his
family Imd their skeleton In a closet
and would make no bones about It tl*
iAM.oRFi) sorr or nRANOEABr.E TArrrrA.
end tho skirt is short enough fo rercnl
the neat buttoned boots. The coat la
Ihe feature of the suit with Its gay
cutaway Hues, pipings, cord fastenings
and trimming of creum Venlso laco.
Fishes That  Dance.
There ara.somn ririiiu dnlnca, a-bout
litis time of the year ut the bottom
of the sea, according to a writer in
the "Field," particularly among tho
American how-fin or mudfish. When
warm weather sets in the bow-fin
leaves its winter quarters and begins to make good the loss of flesh
incurred in the winter; hut while
lhe female retains her dull color the
male assumes brilliant hues, obviously
intended to attract the female. The
tins become a bright, green, the bronze
of the back and sides is brightened
up, and vurious other color decorations are assumed. Contrary to the
itfage of polite society, it is the female who, in the bow*fli) community,
often seeks out the male.
In April both resort to a quiet place
well grown with water-stumps, afford-
ing shelter for nests, tho male constructing the nest by working mainly
at. night.
More curious facts regarding tlsh
were given hy Mr. V. .Martin Duncan
before the Royal Society of Arts, Lui-
don, recently. He showed a remark-1
ahle series of cinematograph films representing the movements of nil kinds
of fish. There were conger-eels who
dance with wonderfully regular ni'.ve-
ments, and rays who swished about
uud seemed to be winking at the
audience every time they opened their
mouths. Perhaps the mo t amusing
picture wus that of scallops, When a
scallop wants to move it opens its
shell as wide as possible, swalh.ws a
great mouthful of water—a Bcallop is
ull month—daps its shell together
again, expelling the water, und so
move forward with a little hop, its
progress being something like that of
a jumping bean.
Something For the Inner Bar.
An eminent judge used to suy that
In  his opinion  the  best thing ever
Within a stone's throw of the place ,
where   this   interesting   event   took
place  stands   a  sta;ue   which   represents another case of Time's revenge.'
This is the >tatuo of Oliver Cromwell, '
which stands iu the moat-like hollow
beside old WesUn naler Rail.   When
the Restoration of tin* Stuarts  took
place ihn Protector's body was laken
out of its resting-place in the Abbey
and bis head severed and stuck upon j
a pike at th-> door of that sum'' West-'
minster   Hall   that   all   might   make!
mock at it.   Yet it is not the statue
uf the King which now adorns tbls
site, hut- the monument of his con-
At Gloucester there is a beautiful
monument to Hi shop Honker, which
stands to-day upon the spot wliere lie
was burned to death for his adher-
ence to his religious opinions in the j
reign of Mary T. Another such nionu-
ment is the Martyrs' Memorial in
front of Balliol College, Oxford, where
Ridley and Latimer were burned at
the stake.
As the visitor to London  proceeds
from    the    Parliament    Houses    up .
Whitehall he passes thn Banqueting I
Hall of the palace  which  gives the I
thoroughfare iis name.   From one of ;
the windows facing the road Charles '
I. stepped upon the scaffold on which
he  lost his head.    Yet a few score '
yards  higher up  the  rond  stands  a '
statue of the Martyr King, as he is
sometimes called, which many good
judges consider the  finest statue  iu
the Metropolis.
Bunyait's window in lhe Abbey has
for neighbor another similar instance
I of   lime's   revenge.    Just  round   the.
corner,  iu the nave, is a beautiful \
monument to Johu and Charles Wes-1
ley, both of whom would, in their life-, j
time,   have   been     prevented    from i
preaching within  those  hoary  walls, j
11 is seldom, too, that a Sunday passes j
without one or more nf Charles Wes-
ley's hymns being  included  on  the
hymn sheets distributed to visitors.
Probably every native of a big town
In  Kngland  or Scotland could quote
eases in which the townspeople have
hooted and persecuted and half-killed j
some poor fellow, whilst their descen*
dants have seen fit to adorn thc prln* '
cipal square or the public park with
his statue.   One such case occurs at
Bolton,  where  the statue of  Samuel
Ci'omptoil is seated in atone in tiie
principal thoroughfare.   Yet It is only i
about a hundred years ago that this
man whom his fellow-citizens delight '
to honor waa chased through the same
streets by a murderous mob. which,
failing to take his life, smashed his
have   brought  millions   and   millions
'- '    "    -.ational e-ccheqeer.
The School ef Fish.
When little fishes io to aohool
They make a novel sight
They work tbelr line and avtah their laitf
With very keen delight.
To learn llietr lesions la no talk,
Jt'e not a btt of trouble.
For all tliey ever have to eay
Ii: bubble, bubble, bubble.
-Joe Chappie's News-Utter.
Hew She Fell.
A precocious child who had beeu intending ono of Ilie public kindergartens fell from n ladder. Her mother
caught her up from Hie ground In ter*
ror, excluliulug:
"Oh, darling, how did you fall?"
"Vertically," replied (ho child without a second's hesttaHoii.—BaUre-
Men'e Vieiting Cardn. **■
A man's visiting cord la for some in-
: acrutable reason decidedly smaller that
I a woman's. The shnpo Is long nml nur
I row, the length being nearly or quite
trtvl'-e tbe width. A man muy have (hi
I address of his house or his club on bit
visiting cord if ho likes, but usually be
, does not, Terhaps this apparent mod
, esty on his pnrt la in reality due to tb<
fact tbat Ills wife, mother or slsler often does the formnf visiting for tbi
family, Sluce ber card contnlus the
address It U not strictly necessary tlml
' bis should do so. A young mnn who If
a favorite In society knows tbat people
who want to invite him will lake tu
trouble to look up bis residence lu tbt
In tbe euse of n married couple 11
tbe husband's card givcB tbe residence
tbe wife's sometimes omlta It. 11
would seem to ho more sensible, bow-
ever, for every one to put bis or tier
address on tbe visiting card, ns tbli
often suves time aud trouble and prevents confusion. Tho lady who looki
over tbe contents of her card receive!
when arranging to send out Invitations may Inadvertently mix up members of different families having tbe*
same name. Kor tbls reason, as well
as for the snke of uniformity, wblcb
ls desirable In these matters. It Is well
to hnre tbe cards of (be different
members of ono family living under
tbe same roof engraved Id the same
style of lettering. It need scarcely be
said thnt there Rhould bo only one
style ot lettering on u card, aUhoi.Kb
tho address mny be In smaller type
than the name. It Is now the fashion
to give at full length tho numbers of
, tbe street and bouse unless these ar*
so long as to look cumhrom-.
Twenty-seven Went Seventeenth street
We cnunot help suspecting (hut thll
Style wna Invented for the benefit ot
the stationer, since ft Involves more
work for tbe engraver and therefore
more expenslre for tbe purchaser than
the simple figures. As ll also tins nn
appearance of affectation, we venture
to predict tbat It will not last man;
A man's visiting curd should Always
bear tbe prefix "Mr." unless he hai
some otber title. A physlclau describes himself ns "Dr." or "Doctor."
a clergyman as "lleverend." If be Is
a doctor of divinity ho may add l>. l>.
after bis name. A Judge nsea lhat
terra on his enrd, For tbo member*
of tho supreme court ot Washington
tb» correct title ts
Mr. Justice Holme*).
thus omitting tho Christian name, Officers of (be United Klntes army nnd
navy stale their rank ns:
Rear Admiral
A- U- C-
Naval Station Until.* Statca Nav*
A lieutenant describes himself as
"Mr,," altlioiiffh'be mny «lvo bla rank
beneath bis mime. If be ta lu Ibe army tbe regiment may be ulreo aIs*.
Mllltla nnd other complimentary titles
are not used. There ahould be au
"Mr." ou a business card. A school*
boy uses do prefix to It's name. Husband and wife ofl*n bnve a Joint curd
to send wltb wedding preaeutH or tn
use for purposes of congratulation or
condolence. Such ii curd la uot often
used for calling, except during the
flrat year of marriage.
Omar Overlooked Thia Idea.
The ancient Medea and Tcrslana bud Ihelr
, And lilatory with Ha flatutes overawe*.
I    But woman liana law (bat's all supreme,
\ And all Iter law  Is In one word-"U»-
I flUlSft."
-Cincinnati Knqulrer.
A Logical Deduction.
Father-How old nro you, Sarahl
Cnn you tell tbo lady?
Sarah-1 am four yenrs old.
Fnlhcr-Whcu will you be five? Do
you know?
Sarah*I don't know, when I'm
through being fuut, l s'pose.-Nntloiml
Expert Testimony.
"I don't seo why you women nlway*
want n bouse full of dusels," remuik*
ed Crabsbaw to his wife.
"I know, dad," replied little Johnnie,
1  hv a  wHuck*, to a counsel  was j
lln wm Mendl-iB a prln r, cliatg. ' •'"'* " n"w t,,"*'e ,0 bm lt"> -"""• " I
ml wllli ttoallng a donkey, Tlio pro.* ' Now tort "imw,	
mi.H imil I.-ft Ilu' animal lied up t
Or.nj. and L.mon Tr....
Hindu orim-ip In-i-i. lm * c been known   t hi-r-"— l'n 111 iiiu ro Ainer'.an.
to iiioduco HO.ilOO ornnoo*, willlo n l"m- 	
3ii lieu Hcltloui .vlclila inor. Hum 8,000
Th. M..n'« Alm.tph.r..
KvlileiH-c nf nu alnio.|iliei'o oil Ilie
moon nt n lielglit or .lily or "evenly ]
mllca or mora lina been reported liy i
l-rofoMor \V.  I.ullior of Diisaoldor",;
wlm oil two oci'imliiiia auw one aide of |
Tk. Bo...
Thi-.. Fln-.r Sam li. lr.til l.i b. a. told
n. nny alio.
It. .poll, up Quick, Th.y ..lit li. Ii.d four )
noli.-li.fl on liln .-un i
And li.vor tool, no li.ch talk from a .(ranger or u friend.
Whenever troliulo atnrl.d h. wo. Uu,'. to
\V. alouil  anil aa*-.etl reapeolful  a.  li.
drained lit. jovial cup,
..      n      ,     . , I  W"10 Oil  IWO O'TII.IIHIH BUY. UIIB BUM' ua lirallllU  ' II. JOVIBI ( lip.
; air. non-Mr looked at hei In |illy and , t||0 „\tmi yiar_ become darkened on Ho never »oni to ii«i, but u.td io «i«p
"oiiteti'|it for a long inlniili- before he I „„„,.„„ ,„,,,„i|.|i,,„ _,, tho moot, a-.l.iullu' up.
nnlMI. ' I"""1". OKOIIMWII »! !"« '""»»• H, «,.„ ,|„ roughut, lousliMl roan lliat
-I don't know why I ro ahead aud
talk'to yon, for you would rejoice ovet
« failure, but I will any (hut I hare
Invented a powder that only need, to
lie burned at tbo kitchen door to drira
Qlme.l away from lhe neighbor
r,et New York clly burn live
liounda a week uf It ond »lie won't lie
able lo Ond a fly wllliln lier clly llm.
t,   ' Th. Magle Powd.r.
"But. you nro no chemlat, Mr. Bow.,
•er," the proleati'd,
"And no fool oil hor. A man con
have Idena without belli,- I chemist,
IHUI'1 b.V"
A Curleua River.
Tlio flrcek Inland of Ccplialonla Ima
tlio curloiia lilieiioniciioii of n river
llowltiK Inland from lho acn oul 11 It
ll«a|ipt-nrs III llniorloue roi'ka,
ever I'll Ih. ,,'.,. e,
And now you nualit lo aeo him- Iio*. com-
pl.l.ly tell from nrac.
Ilerpetatal not live fori lilalinml nlnpy-
IIIiii ami polo,
fill, married lilm, and now lie'a hit lh.
water woion trail,
It. wear, a coat and collar, and li. av.ti
comb. Iilu lialr
And li.nliat.M In Ulaln', 'cuun. h. know.
lie iln.u'1 .wear.
And Mra. Ham alio a.y. .lie wouldn't b.
no Hurtraaotlo,
"I... T-ba««.
On Solurdar -iflcrinwna In Ilie Tort
Anlonlo market, ou ttio laland of Jamaica, i down or more uogl-OM may
be aeon ulllug "rope" tobacco by tun  Bli.'a .atliitl-d to bu,« on. •M.bouled mon,
yard.   It la amoked by the nallvca and | T„,/,"uM*S}y (o break i„or. Ilk. water
ilcrltca Ita nniiro frum luo fuel that ll i        from a bu.l.d dam
la twlated llld put np IB colli Ilk* rope, I Aad clean up Hi. community It ah. a.ya
UtO -ranla to tb. coll. ""*" '*•"' "-1"11''
"" '*■"-■* l0 ■"* cu"' -.Wai l/lnilon Hl.r.
Cr.ohet Buekl*.
Why not mulio for yoiiraelf a belt
bu.Uu of [ilali luce? Any oval or ob-
Ioiik ahnpc mny bo lined for u foutida-
tlun. or a ahnpo cnn bo cut from henry
cardboard, villi elldca towed ou the
under aide when Unlahnd.
Tho foundation la covered Drat Willi
a layer ot collou wiiddtne, Ihen with
black or while tllk, iiccoi'dliig to tho
Tlio aeparat* flowera are tlrst crocheted, I lien a aim ped background of
tho openwork lUtdl Just big enough
to cover tho buckles neatly, Tlila la
atretelicd tightly over Ilia covered belt
buckle nnd aewed wllh Iluy atltcliea.
A good looking buckle fur n black
and while drc.a la of th. black lac*
made up over a whit. nt.tin lining,
nml when bo returned It wua
lii-    CJ-
A F.ni.j. London Hoipital.
The fomoiis Iiok|iIIiiI of (luy'a, In HI.
Thoinna alreet, Loudon, waa founded
lu 1721 by n uilaerlj' bookieller whoso
mime 11 bear...
A Chimney That Failed.
The sloi'y Is lolil Ihnt the chimney to
llliliiiil Howard's Ilrst log onlilu lu
central Missouri pulled lh. amoko In
Inalend of ecndliig Iho aiuoki out. On
windy daya lho chlldreu-nbo number-
cd only aluloen-wor. aent under tbi
bed lo rave tbelr ejea front thi imoke.
a |iati
Mlaalllg wan very aovorfl
aiiiiiialiini nl tin1 wltnasi.
"Hu ymi mean lo .ay, wllnoaa, Ilia
donkey wiih ftiilcn from Ilie jinlcr"
"1  mean to ray, air," giving Uie
juilgo nml  then tlm jury  a rly  lfn.lt,
the i^s ties tnlaslng."
F.illlh-Vca, I um going tn ninny Mr.
Klhel-Wliy, lie's old enough lo bo
four father.
l'dilli-1 liuow. but bo doesn't kociii
to cure for molber.-Iiostou Traiucrlpt,
Judge Loav.a Faulty Will.
II.   is   RtrangO   llOW   many   liilciil
jiiilgos   mul   Intvyers   have   Inilctl   In [
draw up tliolr own wills cnrrcctly. Tin* '
Rngllali Judgo Lualilnglon, who dlpd ,
leconlly, leaving ait eitalo of neatly |
•>iiki,ih"i. overlooked Iho Important im-
eoilllyol  hiiving his will  inula colli'
ell lu It properly alUaled,   Porhapa
ho Intended that lii" proloaalonal coh
It'iiKues hIiuiiIiI  benefit iiullici'tly  ii.i \
tin cnure'iui.'iit litigation.
Do not soak fresh Ash In wnler before cooking. Thla Irmilinent only
rulna Iho flnvoi- an* intikea Iho flesh
To elmmer la lo boll slowly, if Ihe
llqdor throws up ImbblOH obovo lis
aurfneo It In boiling al. a gallop nnd
will biii'dcii any ment lhat Ih cooking
In It.
A miilHo should never lie put Inlo a
very hot oven. It cruata over on lop
before It haa time to bake properly lu-
aide and la likely to fall oa aoou aa It
enmes from Ihe oven, Itake In n mod-
Mat, teinperatui'. aud nut Ivo fiat.
"Bo .tones haa Itecomo an actor!"
"Has IioV"    "Vou aald eo." ".No, I
didn't.    I snld bo had gone ou  lh.
ttngo."— Ilalll-ooro Amerlciiii.
"What sort of a part baa Tlsh In lh.
new piny?"
"An eninlliiniil one—nt least for lilm.
II. lias lo refute to drink In Hie third
JTe pan,ml amid lb. lalk li. tiiin-l.
Wuulli lie, "I .ball ri'ftalii.
blur. In, wbo never say. a uord
JJ.t notlilni lo uxplalu."
-Woalilnalon 81.r.
H.lpful Hint. For Women.
The woman wbo la Innniely dnlnty
dlallkea to remove her glovea wheu
iruvollng by rail, for grimy nnd "u-
nlghl ly Indeed does tlio hiiu.l nocoiue
lu even a well protected drawing room
couch. Somo women curry old. loose
gloves, which nre drawn ou ul Hit- beginning of the Journey nud removed
ouly In tlio dining cor. l-'or Hie 0UHH
reason the lint should never be removed whllo traveling hy rail iuiI.*hi, a
chiffon veil la at band to lit over Hie
linlr. lt Is so Hard lo keep Ilio linlr
properly shampooed while traveling,
thut tho gronlest care ahould be tnlicn
of It, und tbo dust nml aoot of an
all day railroad Journey will practically ruin Ita cumlltlou, robbing It ot
Its luster and rendering It Clogged,
heavy nnd whlapy. A chiffon Itooil.
mado like an automobile boo,l nml lined with tbln tllk will keep Hie bnlr
clean ou tlio train ami nt Hie euuie
timo be light, cool and comfortable,
When tho end of tbo Journey i» renin-
ed a handful of powdered orris mny
bo alinken over the bnlr nml brtiahcd
out This will help lo iiiul.e the lrc.se,
clean and fluffy.
The linuortuni-o of a nolo of acknowl-
edgment not <".'y of nn Invitation but
of courlesy received cnniiut be over-
rntlmnted, uud Hie few graceful WOUdl
of (limits fur llto plenum evening
plcitse tho hosiers uud gain for u gm-.t
tho repntntlon of having boon wen
brought up umi nlso of being appri*
clutlvc-twu iiiot-l vnltuiblo ntsela.
ln these days, when ntlinctlvo sia-
llouery cnn bo bnuglit fur ao Utile,
every girl should Inl.e enre to select nl-
Iruillve nolo pnper. Tbe cost of marking tho iidilrrss la nlso very irllllng,
nnd n dnlnly note, well wi-llleu umi
woll expressed, nlwaya lunlu-s n good
InifireaSlou iiihiii th. recipient. Nmnll
nolo pnper nud lhe ulilnng ,-nrdo should
rmvnys he kept nt hand ao lliere cnn
ho no cictiso for not anawerlng an Invitation promptly or til acknowledging acta of rotirle.v nr kindness, ami
Just auch trilling acta aa Ibeso du mora
t«  l,n or iii.ir ■ girl, popularity
Hm n .lie reolliea.
The Trauip-My pal says as 'ow you
'nvo just give 'lm slipcnco for 'in In'
one leg.
The Old I.nily-Ves, 1 did.
The Tramp-Well, then, gl' me a shit-
lln', cos I've got two.-Hkelch.
Ohik-Do you believe In signs?
Dink—Not na a rule, but I saw one
yesterday on Klghlh atreet that lippeul-
nl to mo,
(link-What waa It?
I)lnk-"lee Cre.m 6oi»t, 5c. .Doc-
loi . AdiK. live. - -
Th. Gat. .1 T.ara.
fn many ships have li i l"'.,tn Ihfl
.Halt between Ilio lied sea iml Iho
Am Mini gulf Ibul lho Urn It Is cnlleil
lhe 'inlo of Tenia,
Wadding. In B.rc.l.n..
The wedding Intlfoliun menus mm k
lu Itaieelnnn. Hpuln. for then every,
one who receliea on. iiiusl go nnd give
a coin lo iho bride. Thai la for her
dowry. Tho fnlher In usually itnnbl.
lo furnish one. llo litis had lo buy •
bout, for her mul lit II up, mill that U
Cranbrook *» Prospector's
Great Prize Voting Contest
The Prizes will be given to the People who secure  the most
Subscriptions for the "PROSPECTOR" and the Canadian Home
Jqurnal  during  the   next   six   weeks.   Here  is a chance to secure a valuable Prize for an
effort.   Contest is open to all respectable men and women, boys and girls of Cranbrook
and District    Nothing is ever gained by standing back and allowing others to have the best
things of life.    Enter Your Name To-day.
Rules of the Contest
Any man, woman, buy or girl, whose reHldenre In within the ctrcu-
lation '/one of THK "PROSPECTOR" may enter the contest.
No employee ol THK PROSPECTOR ur member of hi* or hei family
ih eligible.
Oonteatanta may nominate thomaelvee or be nominated t>y n friend.
The name ot a pan-inn who plucm- a contestant in nomination will not
he divulged.
THK PROSPECTOR resarves Uie right to reject any nomination wltb
nut giving the reason for ho doing.
Contestants may secure subscriptions anywhere.
Votes will bo Issued according to the advertised schedules.
Any payment may be made by a person now taking THK PROBPEO*
TOR which extends tbe BUbSflrlptlon Irom tbe date to wblcb the suhscribei
hai: paid. Old subscribers, an well iih new, by paying in advance oi by
paying past due accounts will help the candidate.
THK PROSPECTOR reservos tbe right to alter any contest rule or
condition, except that the value ol the prlxea shall not be reduced.
Candidates must turn  in subscriptions as soon hh received.
In entering the contest candidates signify their intention to be govern
ed by the above ruloR,
Nomination Blank
Voting Contest
I tii-Hire tn muke tht* iniiow,m* nomination
Name »..
Nominated by
Note-- This nomination blank Is good f"t 1,000 free rotes only one
nomination will '»■ accepted foi eaofa oandtdata Thi onmai ol persons
making Dominations will not i,** divulged.
Grand Prize
1. Two  Passenger,   1912  Model
2. $1,000.00 New Scale Williams'
Player Piano.
3. Trip to New York, Atlantic
City and Seaside, for Party of
Four, all Expenses paid.
4. $700.00 ln GOLD.
Second Prize
Upright Grand  Piano
Four Diamond Rings
The Candidates  who are Third, Fourth, Fifth, and
Sixth will each receive a Beautiful Solitaire Diamond
Four Gold Watches
The Candidates who stand Seventh, Eight, Ninth
and Tenth will each receive A Waltham Cold
The Vote Schedules
June 29th to July 17th
Auau.t ut to August 17th
Two   "           4.00     6000     "
On. Yenr   |2.00    1200    "
Three "          6.00   12000     "
Two   "           4.00     45O0     "
Five      "         10.00   18000     "
Ten     "        20.00   48000     "
Two   "           2.00     2000     "
Three "         3.00    4000    "
Two   "          2.0il     1200     "
Klve      "         I..0O   10000     "
Ten     "        10.00   30000     "
Three "         3.00    2500    "
Four   "         4.00    4500    "
Klve     "       5.00    6000    "*
Ten    "       10.00   18000    "
July   18th   to   July  31
one  Yenr   $2.00    1600 votes-
Two   "          4.00     5800     "
Three "          6.011     9S00     "
When the PROSPECTOR aud the Can
Four   "          8.00   16000     "
admit   Home   Journal   are   together
Five     "       10.011   24000     "
Ten      "          20.00   60000     "
ilreaa, vote, are allowed as follow.:—
One  Yenr    $1.00     800 vote.
One Year   »3.00    4000 vote.
Three "                      3.0(1    3''00    "
Three "         9.00   18000    ■'
Pour   "       12.00  30000    "
Five      "                         5.00     8000     "
Klve     "     15.00   40000    "
T»n     "        10.00   24000     "
Ten    "       30.00  90000    "
Information Blank
PlenM .end mc dctnlled InlormatlnO concernln"  the "PROSPECTOR'S
OONTBST" nml Ihe nielhoil to he nurmi.il to win on. ut the mnny  vui
liable  |irl'/.ea.
How to Enter the Contest
Homlnata youraaii oi a (Hand todny—THIfl HXHUTB    Call up on tha Telephone Nu. ilu or drop n card to
tha Oontwt Hanagar, umi ymi will bi inpplldd with tbt necoaiorj Information and itationtry.   (let yonr friend
,nd acquaintance who ara not taking THK "PROSPECTOR" to lubaortba, If   tliey   nre  ..heady   ■ulmcritierit,
pny all pnHt dut- aooounti und then lubaerlba lor a yaar or mom  in  advance.    Hei*  everybody- It
where tliey live    you will racalvi votaa lor all tha money turned in lur or liy you. Write
Kmly energy Hpelle iuogoib,    HIi ihoti wettkM ol himtllnx will muke you the Vln
Yoiir IrleixlH will HUtmcrlhe   for   THK
Clip   out   the   nomlnntloii
you.    You   ban   win   the
gat then
iimkes no differed
iur frlenda* -all
t<> your (rlanda—all of them Kmly energy Hpelle lueceaa, hu ihoti w«»kn ol himtli
tier Of ii prize that would ordinarily tnke y« n aevarol ve:tin to Heruie Your lilenilH
PROSPECTOR and they will be pleaaed to help you, Olva them the opportunity, ■
hhink und Hand or hnnu it to the oontaat otlice.   Oyarythlng win he mada   plnin to
(',. 1,1 * ..1    I'llVi.      I    ui ill    r,n. Lim    nli    V.illl    in I rut    t. .    ilu    hi .
Capital Prize if you muke up youi mind to do iho.
The Contest System
All ol the uplendld prlzex Hated in thla announcement, und prmnlhly otherH to lie uunnunrerl later, will lie
awarded on the bulla ol voteN aecured In the ronton!.. VotOI will he allowed on ull euhacrlptton payment*
ol 11.00 or more to the "PROSPECTOR" unci tin- Canadian Home Journal. Vote* cannot be aecured In any
other miinniT than aa above mentioned. A Hiihni-rlptlon recoril will be lamied for each payment made. Thle
record will ahow the name nnd addrexn of tlm alllmcrltier, tbe amount pnld und what lor, the number ol vote,
laaued and the contestant'* name. A duplicate will be kept on llle nt thu Content Ofllce to be counted hy tbe
.1 iulK.tr. nt the clone of the contort. The Judirliiit Committee will be cnmpoaed.of representative men, and they
will award thn prize, on tbe night of Auguat 17th. The content will he divided Into three perioda. Twenty
per cent, more voter) will be ullowed during tbe llmt period than the aeeond period. The third period provide,
for a further reduction ol t-venty per cent.     EARLY WORK COUNTS THE MOST VOTES.
Contest Opens
JUNE 29th
Stud in Your Own Name or tht- Name
Of a Friend TODAY
Address all Communications, etc., to
Contest Manager
Drawer "M" Telephone 145
Contest under Direction of the Northern Circulation Co.
Contest Closes
A Prize for An  Effort.   An Effort for
A Prize


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