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The Prospector Jul 13, 1912

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 ttnrarr Leg. Aseem.   Sept. 5.-1I.
First  Period   Ends Wednesday at o
 .'•"' ■■*■* Watch For the Leaders ^^^^
Kor 11 Kfu! Good
Try A
"Junior   Tattoo"
The  Leading Newspaper
in  the
$2.00 Per Year
No: 26
Council Meets
A regular meeting of the Olty Council wus lu1 Id in tin1 Council Chamber on Monday. Thero was present
Mayor Bowness, Aldermen Johnson,
Clapp, Krickmiti umi Campbell.
Recorda of last regular aud special
meetings were read and on motion of
Aldermen Johnson and BrlckBon
adopted us read.
The Finance Oon\inittee then presented their monthly report, recommended accounts tn the amount of
$14,951.64 be paid. It wns moved by
Aldermen Campbell and Clapp. tbat
the accounts as presented by the Finance  Committee,  he  paid.—Carried.
A delegation from the Methodist
church then addressed the Council,
with respect to the unfinished portion of the Bewerage system eust of
Durlctc avenue.
A communication from tbe Department of Agriculture, re anxious
weeds was rend, Instructing how tin-
said weeds should be destroyed within the City limits.
It was moved by Aldermen Erlck-
son and Campbell that the Chief of
Police be instructed to carry out the
order of tbe Department of Agriculture in respect to noxious weeds, und
that thc same he published in the
Cranhrook Prospector and  Her.thi.
The assistant engineer submitted
plans for the laying out of the now
portion of tbe cemetery,
It was moved hv Aldermen Campbell and Johnson thut tbe plans of
the cemetery extension as submitted
by the assistant engineer be approved of, and that he he instructed to
have the ground laid out as per
plans, forthwith.
Moved hy Alderman Johnson and
Clapp tbat the question of Baker
street grade, be referred to a special
committee, consisting of the Mayor
Aldermen Campbell and Johnson,
and the assistant engineer.
The John Gait Kmrineering Co.,
presented their report, dated July fi,
1912, showing the progress of the
sewerage system for tbe month of
■Tune. On motion of Aldermen Clapp
and Campbell the report was accepted.
Club Shoot
The Cranbrook Gun Club held their
regular weekly shoot on Wednesday,
when all previous records were broken.
Fqf.owtog are the scores:—
1st EVENT.
Patterson     R|
McCreery      jj
Laidlaw    19
White  21
Nicol          |y
2nd EVENT.
Davis   ia
Hupple    12
Campbell    \\
White  18
Patterson    19
3rd EVENT.
White      18
Campbell    10
Laidlaw      16
Patterson     28
Nlchol       IH
4th EVENT,
Campbell       14
White   ...x    20
Htipphf      12
Davis      II
Nlchol       2.1
The club will hold a special shoot
thle afternoon.
King Descends
London,July III.—Yesterday for the
first time in history n Hritisb monarch descended into a coul pit. It
was the Elsccar mine that was favored, almost within a stone's throw of
the pit where so many lives hud just
been lost, and the King went down
In the full knowledge of the Oadeby
disaster. His majesty descended the
shaft in a cagel with bim being the
Archbishop of York, Lord Fit/.wlllium
Lord Charles Beresford und a man In
charge of the cage. Thc man duly
asked the King if he hnd any matches or smoking materials und when
his majesty adm lied the possession
of n few cigars and usked whether he
might take these the man said: "Yes
I think you may, but tbe archb ah
op had to stand aud deliver, und so
bad the other smokers of the purty.
In 56 seconds tbey found themselves
300 yards below the surface and'after
the visit to the subterranean stables
the King who carried an electric
safety lump, went through the work-'
lugs for half a mile having frequently to stop because of the lowness of
A communication from the police
Magistrate was read and filed.
II was moved by Aldermen Campbell and Erickson that the City Clerk
be Instructed to notify the police
Commissioners that, the Council will
not recognlzo any accounts for Police
supplies and equipment, unless nn
order in that behalf he flrst given hy
tbe Commissioners, In writing. And
that Buch supplies and equipment
must be considered as the property
of the City and returned to tbe City
upon the removal or resignation of
any member of the police.
The painting of the hydrants was
referred to tiie Kire and Police committee.
It wns moved by Aldermen Campbell and Rrickson, that by-law No.
ins be now read u second time.
The Council then resolved Into a
committee of the whole, with the
Mayor in the chair to consider said
On re-assembling tbe Mayor reported tbat the committee bad discussed
by-law No. 108 clause by clause and
recommended tbe same be rend a
third time. .
By-law No. 10S was then read a
third time
On motion the salary of the City
Engineer 'was reduced to $100 per
month, as from July I, 1012.
The City Engineer was instructed
to remove tiie workshop of his department to the basement of the
Alderman Campbell gave notice
that he will at the next meeting of
the Council introduce a by-law authorizing the purchase of land for
a gravel  pit.
Alderman Johnson gave notice that
he will at. tbe next meeting of the
Council introduce a Cranbrook Debenture By-Law authorizing
raising af funds to complete
sewerage system.
Alderman Clapp gave notice that
he will at the next meeting of the
COUncll introduce a by-law to regulate the location of Chinese Laundries.
Council adjourned,
tbe ceiling. An abnormal place where
two men were at work wns shown to
"Let me have one of your picks,"
he said, and the royal miner succeeded in getting down a quantity of
softer coal, but 'the harder proved
too much for his unskilled hands.
Some of the coul he won he kept us
a 1 ue men to.
Schedule Decreased 20  per cent  After
Wednesday, July 17th.
Candidates Working Hard to Pile Up large Total of Votes before the End of
the "Fat Vote Period"—Votes Coming in Regularily to Credit
of Contestants—Vote for your Favorite Now
— Not to late to Enter
Only three more ilnys ol time remain in whlcli the contest candidates
will be allowed the large number of votes prevailing under the tirBt period
schedule. Atter July 17th, Wedneday night at » o'clock, all subscriptions
to the Prospector and thc Canadian Home Journal will receive twenty
per cent less votes than the present schedule provides for. Tbe wise con
testants will not let slip a single chance to secure every possible subscription before Wednesday night. Tbe work of an hour or twu between
now and Wednesday night may mean the difference between success and
failure for you.
Here follows a reproduction of the first and second period schedules.
Study them over
June 29th to July 17th
THK    "I'ROSl'Kf'Tori"
One  Year   t'iM    2000 votes fine  Year
July  Jsth   to   July   HI
Two   '
Three '
.   4.00 coon
.   6.00 12000
.   8.00 20000
10.00 30000
20.00 75000
Three '
. $2.00     1CO0 votes
4.00     5800     "
.   6.00     9600     "
.   8.00 16000-    "
. 10.00 24000
, 20.00 60000
One   Year
Two   "
Three "
Pour   "
five     "
Ten     "
. 1.00
1000 votes
2000 "
4000 "
6000 "
10000 "
30000  "
one  Year   *1.00 800 votes
Two   "   2.00 1000     "
Three "   3.00 3200    "
Four   "   4.00 5800     "
Five      "   5.00 8000     "
1.00   24000
Ottawa. July U.—From present
duns the government will introduce
and put through nt the next session
of parliament the redistribution bill
based upon the new census. The figures have been finally collaborated.
It is probable that thc bill, after being presented, will be referred to a
special committee of thc house,
which will delimit the different constituencies and determine the units
of representation in rural as distinguished from urban divisions. When
the last redistribution bill was he-
fore tbe house noi a great deal of
opposition was encountered outside
ol the committee, wliere there wub
eouBiilcrahh' compromise. This time
It, may be different as tbe Kast will
lose lu or 12 seats to the West and
there Is a striking similarity In the
population of constituencies in the
list of those liable to lose representation. To say which will remain
anil which will he wiped out will be a
somewhat delicate task (or the committee and the house. That the bill
will be passed next session, however,
Is beyond doubt, as, In view of important mutters of policy to be determined, tl\0 government might possibly consider appeal to the country
advisable before tbe parliamentary
term Is fully expired.
Minister Sees Cranbrook
Hon. Prank Cochrane, Minister of
Railways and Canals In the Dominion cabinet passed through Crnnhrook
enrly Tuesday morning enroute West
over the C. P. II. system.
The  special   train  arrived  In Crun-
lll k at. aboul  7 30 a. in., and only
Stopped long enough to change engines. This was bis first time In
Kootenay, and lie was much pleased
wltll Ida trip through the Crow's
Nest Pass.
Mr. Cootirano was accompanied by
his son.
The Prospctor'B gigantic circulation
campaign while yet in ite infancy,
has created much Interest and en-
busiasni. In many respects It can
be compared to a political campaign.
Many contestants have a host of
friends who have taken up their cause
and arc doing good work for the r
leader. Others nre making good ubc
of the telephone, cnlling up their
friends if they are unable to see them
personally, white others tind the mail
a good means through which to reach
A good policy to he adopted by the
contestants is to spend the rest of
the period securing nil the suhBcrip-
tions which extra effort will give
them. Contestants whn expect a better schedule ut any other time during
thc contest w II he disappointed. Sub
scriptiolis will be worth more during
the tlrst. period than at any other
time during the campaign. The Prospector guarantees that the schedule
will not he altered nt any time.
And while we have not room to reproduce the whole ot tile contest vote
schedules which show  the exact  de
terioration of voting value of subscriptions all through thc contest,
yet the extract we print will convey
the right idea—which is simply this:
There is a reason for this arrangement. Don't ran away with tbe adea
that this is jiiBt the result of a mental disturbance on the part of the
Contest Manager. There is a reason
and a good reason. The nrrangement
is simply to protect the candidates
wo are taking the contest seriously
us it deserves to be taken.
We are not giving this two thousand dollars just for the fun of It.
We are doing it in order that the
Prospector will he introduced to ns
many new friends as possible. Circulation Is wbat we want. The llfe-
Idood of Journalism is "Circulation"
Once you are introduced to The Pi'ob
pector, the friendship follows, ot
course. The Candidates who are going to help us make the most ot the
contest are the valuable Introductions
that Is, those who come In early and
who will light it out to a finish in
steadily   organized   and  businesslike
Standing of Contestants
Name Votes
Miss Annie WiBe     15,01m
Mrs.   L.  Langin   4,000
Mrs.     P. F. Patrick     84,000
Mrs. Albert Carter   1,000
Mias   Sadie  Moran     10,000
Miss   May   Chapman       10*10
Miss L. Flniss    1,000
Miss Jean Bridge    1,000
Mrs.   J.    Draper    11,000
Miss Delia  Drummond      9.0IH'
MIbs Francis Drummond    1,000
Miss Rose Gasklll   1.00"
Miss   Margaret   Kennedy      10,000
Miss   M.  L.   Roberts    29,000
Robert pye     32,260
J. B. Henderson     28,mn
Mr. McKay       1,000
Mr.  0.  E.  Bartlett     1,0011
Mrs. Thos.  Walton    11,(ion
Mrs R.  A. Hnckleyft       1,000
Leonard  Ingham      I,"*"1
Mr. A. Forticr, Athnlmere  7,HOC
Miss J. Cameron    I,umi
Mrs.   0. Downing, Athalmer .. 11,000
Mrs.   C.  Hiltoni  Yahk      5,011(1
Mrs.   M. Palmer, Kragg     7.000
Mr». John   Woolf, Fort  Steele...   9.00(1
Miss   Lily   Conrade,    Moyie    4,0011
And these are the candidates wbo
nre going to get the best prizes.
It is In order to protect these -can
didates thut the vote schedule is so
arranged, that the early votes count
the most.
lt is in order to provide against
the possibility of a few monied adventurers becoming interested in this
thing in its later stnges and stealing
a last minute victory from those who
have given their time and energy to
the work from its inception, that the
decreasing vote schedule has heen a-
Tbe schedule is a guarantee that
ER receives the HIGHEST REWARD
We are anxious to see as many
candidates as possible entered before
next Wednesday, both (or their benefit and tht* success of the contest.
For this reason we again urge upon you the necessity for IMMEDIATE ACTION.
The countersign is HUSTLE,
And for to-day we will add a U.S.
to thc countersign.   HU8TLB  NOW.
Egg-Laying Contest
International Keg Laying Compe-
tion, held under the joint auspices ol
the British Columbia Poultry Abbo-
clation, tin* Vancouver Kxhihitiou
Board, aad the provincial Government.
Total     eggs     laid  up to    cud     ol
eighth  month,  June 20th  1912.
Pen No.             Class I.        Biggs laid
-   White    Loghorna       615
9 White    Leghorns        552
14 White    Leghorns       480
4 White    Leghorns        465
5 White    Leghorns       448
19   White    Leghorns         145
III   White     Leghorns       434
12 White    Leghorns       112
22 Bull    Leghorns         106
23 White    Leghorns       101
3   White    LeghornB       399
211   White    Leghorns    185
18   White    Leghorns       375
I   White    Leghorns       3(12
8   White    Leghorns       355
0   Brown     Leghorns    336
7   White    Leghorns       332
17   White    Leghorns        328
1C   White    Leghorns       325
13 White    Leghorns        322
21   Mottled   Anconns     232
11 White    Leghorns        253
15 White     Leghorns        232
Pen No. Class II        Kggs laid
38 White    Wyandottes       513
3.1   Rhode  Island   Reds       505
51    Rhode   Island   Reds   'a...   470
39 JJutl Orpingtons     ICC
31 white Hots    112
L'C   Barred   Hocks       428
37   Burred   Rocks       390
32 Rhode  lslund   Reds      372
23    Bull   ROCVS         316
35   Barred   Hocks       .145
25   Bull Orpingtons     311
.'.c   Partridge  Wyandottes       301
III   Silver Laced Wyandottes     291
10 White  Wyandottes        28(1
!*   Qolumbinu   Wyandottes        242
27   Silver  Pencilled    Wynndottes   241
Average price received for eggs. 36'
I er dozen.    Pea temperature, highest
12 degrees; lowest 42 degrees; average
ineaa temperature 611.01 degrees. Rain
fell on tea days, eight full days, and
bright sunshine on 21 days. A tcrri-
iie  hailstorm   ocurred  on   May  21st,
Winnipeg Gives Rousing Welcome To
It is with the deepest and moBt
heartful regret that we Imve tn
chronicle tin; unexpected death of
Mis. Vi. A. Rollins, wife of W. A.
Rollins, proprietor uf the Royal Hotel
Mrs. W. A. Rollins died early Sunday morning of acute urenlc polaon-
It was during Sunday tlmt Mrs.
Rollins was known to be ill, this
was followed Py convulsions and un*
consciriksness, ending in death, at 3
a. m.. Monday morning.
Drs. Green and King,   and
lanced nurses were
despite  all   medical   assistance  deatl
The news uf lier death was received
witli the most sincere regret hy lier
relatives  nnd   friends,   who  held   her
and her bereaved husband and parents
in  the highest respect,  and who are
ilghly esteemed residents of this city
Mr.   V.  A.  and   John  Rollins,  brothers of Mr.  Rollins, came from V'aii-
niver tn attend the funeral,
The  funeral   took   place on  Wednes-
iy  afternoon   ami   was   largely   attended,   over   flu carriages following
the  hearse  to  the cemetery.    Hev   10.
I',   [Tic well Ing   officiated,   and   underlet' W. II. Beattie had charge of the
fun.-ini arrangements.   The Tali bear
era    were     Messrs.   K.   McMahuii,   |).
Burton,  Dr.  J.  Rutledge, .1.  a.  Arnold, nml Wm. Taylor.
The deceased lady was the only
dallghtor ut Mr. mi.) Mrs, Iflccles, of
Lhls city.
i.nd a very heavy -thunderstorm took
place on June 19th and 20th.
The past month has been ihe hottest one during the whole contest; ou
rhe 17th June the glass reaching 92
degrees in the shade. The effect of
this high temperature was noticed on
the 19th and 20th. Practically one-
t hi nl of the pens stopped laying,
thus showing that heat waves will
effect the egg-production adversely.
This condition also happened earlier
on in tbe competition. Blasting was
carried on as usual.
The pens dew-irving mention thin
month P>r creditable performance ure
Pen Lfl {103 eeKBi; 2 (till*; IH (98);
20 (93); I (92); in (88); It (SI); 111 sn
producing broodes during tbe month;
Following pens in Light Weights
Pens 1, 8 and 23, (2 birds each). 7,
in, 17, 19, 20 and 22, (1 bird each).
The average weight of dozen eggs
produced by pens In ('lass one, show
that whilst some pens have increased
others have decreased. The pens producing the heaviest eggs at present
are 'y and 14 (26 OZS to dozen), 17
(2r»J|. 9 and 21 (25) OSS each), 18,
88, 7f>, 5 (11J o7.n), :il 5. (13J), 13
(32 oz), At the period eal weighing
• if a crate of 12 dost, eggs, the scales
turned at IH lbs, averaging exactly
2 oz. egg.
Keather-entimr Ik still causing trouble, although it is worthy nf remark
to notice that it does not appear to
affect the egg-production of some ot
Uie pens  addicted  to tins habit.
In class two, Pen 38 arid 33 have
parted company, the Wyandottes
are ftirgim; ahead by a few eggs.
Tbe    star    performers    during    the
month have been Pons .Jh CJ2 eggs),
20 (80 eggs), 33 and 35 (8-1 eggs each
Tbe   hot   weather   bad its  etlect  on
the heavy-weights.
As usually occurs with eggs of th»
general purpose breeds, as the season
advances, they have gradually lost
tbeir brownish color, and the eggs
are now mostly of a light tint. This
seeiiw to be one of the traits of the
Rhode Island Reds.
auspices of North Htar Lodge. A,P.
& A.M., and W. R. Ueuttie, undertaker having rharge of the remains.
Tbe members of North Star Lodge
attended the funeral in a body, J. B.
Davis, H Bnntield, K. A Russell and
J. S. Peck were present representing
Cranbrook  Longe.
British  Parliamentarians
Winnipeg, July 9.—flreeted hy an
outburst, of enthusiasm unprecedented
In the h story of Winnipeg, their royal highnesses the Duke of Connaught
nml Princess Patricia arrived here to
night. The streets blazed with lights
and 50,0911 people crowded the thor
oughfares along which the royal party passed, an Imposing procession of
soldiers, fraternal societies, veterans
ami boy scouts being one of the features^
The special Canadian Pacific train
hearing the duke and princess and
pnrty arrived at 8::i0 p. ni. The roy
al visitors were driven to the City
Hall where Mayor Waiigh extended a
civic welcome. In replying the duke
expressed regret that the duchess had
bcen unable to share In tho wonder
ful reception.
"It Is dttllcult for me," he said,
"to recognize the Winnipeg which I
knew 22 years ago in the Winnipeg
ol today for your history has moved
very rapidly in that time. There
have been periods of stagnation and
discouragement which drove some ol
thc less determined out of the Held,
hut lima-- who were not discouraged
reaped a rich reward to which your
city today is the living w tncsa. I
thank you once more for your welcome ami In conclusion desire to ex
press my hope and belief that, ynu
are now on a wave of prosperity
which nothing lu the world can stop'
After the civic welcome the duke
and princess were driven to the resi
deuce of  Hon.  Robert  Rogers where
tbey will reside during tbelr stay In
the city. Tomorrow afternoon his
royal   highness     will   "pen  tbe  Cann
dian Industrial    Exposition, one   of
the features n( which will be a nightly pageant depicting the growth of
Winnipeg for the last century it be
lug Kill years since the arrival of the
first Lord Selkirk  ColonlBtB.
Vandals at Vancouver
Vancouver, July 9.- Vandals last
night twisted nil the brockets anil
drinking cups of tbe drinking foun
tain Hanking the handsome memorial
to King Kdward which stands iu
this city.
London,   July     '.I.—The      Canadian
mlnistersl   all   of   whom,  except  Mr.
Burden, are   remaining at Spitheud,
were greatly impressed today by the
naval maneuvers, particularly by the
■ remarkable    displays    of  the   subma-
g,   and   exper-; rjnea nn(- the neroiilane performances
attendance, yet! T(u!He |lltter |nc|uded the dropping of
bombs.  rtitrhtB from battleships   and
searching     for     submarines,    nil  of
■hlch were     executed    without     the
slightest hitch.
The ministers travelled to Southampton in a special train with the
memberB of tbe houses of lords and
commons and were carried on the
Armadale Custle to Spithead where
they were besieged by Brit sh parliamentarians seekim* introductions and
bestowing hearty handshakes. Hon.
C. J. Doherty proved of particular
interest to John Redmond and hln
'ollowers, by whom he was greeted,
\t the luncheon Mr. Borden sat with
Sir Oeorge Reld. Sir Henniker Hea
ton, while Hon Mr. Doherty chatted
with Hamer (Irw-nwood, and the premier dined this evening with Hon.
Lewis Harcourt.
Fatal Accident
John S. Larson of Kort Steele, was
killed mi Saturday last by a tie
which jumped the Hume.
Larson, wltb a number ot men
were standing at the foot of the
Hume watching the fii-i com ng down
wheu a tie jumped the Hume, striking
the ile.-eiiHed in the rhe-.t. Death was
instantaneous, bis associates oscap*
ing Injury.
The deceased wns well known
throughout Kootenay having come to
Kurt Steele in 1*97, He engaged iu
mining and has n valuable property
• >a the north fork ol Wild Horse
Ore k, on which a large amount of
development work litis been done.
Larson was about 15 years nf age,
and has a brother in Montana wbo
was wltb him In the early days.
Coroner J. M. Bell held an Investigation.
The funeral services were under the
Miss Dye's pupils gave, a piano recital In the Masonic Hall last monday morning and met with a very
cordial reception. The pupils taking
part were Misses Wannd, Cameron
Brault, HaBlnm, Oaalake, Hicken-
botham, Pye, Balkwlll, Murgatroyd,
Cameron, Kendall. Kink, Bradley,
Uren, Taylor, Brown, Dallas, Cameron, Kexall, and Robertson; Masters
Fink, Hnslum, and Woodman. The*
rendered tbelr pieces remarkably well
runs derlmr all tbe selections were
memorized. Special mention can be
made uf tbe rendering by the Misses
Kelulall,   Hanl<      Cindnke.    Hlcken-
dotham, Pye, Bradley and Taylor.
Theso are deserving of the highest
praise for tbe exeellent way tbeygave
their renderings. It was a pleasure
also for the company tu hear the
remarks passed by Miss Hazel Kloener
Miss Pye is to be rongiatulated upon
having such pupils and working such
rcBUlts. This rrcltal was the closing
up of the present term, to be ipened
again In September. THE PTW^FECTim CKAXTmOOTT. ~. C.
A Modern Romance
Blltll tu
J you will solUe in L<>i.<k>u,
"l am iidi suvei" Vein replied evns*
ivoly, for sbo was determined thai sho
I'Muibi not become iiitlmuto with mis
relative*ot David,'s und she certainly
would not allow her io be her uhapsr-
Would Look Qu«.r.
A couple ol years ago, when Gui A.
li-orbes wm- pitying a visit to bin jtcn-
p'.e in Calgary, Alta.. lie played a
short season at lhe request ol his
friend, Krnest Willis, than manager
ol the l.yrii- Theatre, with the Empress Stool- Company, ol Vancouver,
who were filling u summer engagement
at that house.
Ampng other plays produced was
The Churity Ball. One. matinee, just
belore ringing up, it was discovered,
| that thu lady who played tho Mother
was not al tlio theatre, and Ous went
to Hilly Bernard, thu director "I ths
company, lo a>U him what lie wns
going to il".
Vera letl  Boon nftor lime, having I    "I don't know," said Billy.   "Oh
promised David that sue   would   lot  wo 11 get Mrs.   to go an.l read
Vera turned quickly, faced the tad U'm know next time   Bhe   came   to Aha part,   what are you laughing air
woman who advanced   languidly   to 'own, Helen de   Usle   followed   hot-  "Nothing." said Que, "only won't It
iu,  i luv. ami wob Immediately strncli cousin   upBtalrs, for she was deleriiilu-   look rather luiiny to havo somo one
Willi  hor beauty.     Tbeir eyes met, mt to Bpeak to him.    She seerfied to   reading the part of a blind woman
and thoy   nch look thai    Instinctive feel that sho was losing her bold, aud
she meant to matte u
win hint.
What do you Ihlul
ii   grei i her, and ids fua
wua . \|if,s::\,. nt hw plcajiirp,
"I have ashed tny cousin to mcel
yen. Let i'ie iulroduce ynu to Mrs.
de Lisle." lie satd as he look hei' Intuit
"Perhaps you will slny with mo o
lew iluys. while you look round," Mrs,
tie LIbIq suggestod.
j   "j am going hack tn lite country."
"Xui  to-ltlght, surely!"
"Yes'! I lmvo u friend there, who i.
.lot well. I don't tare to hate iici
"Yuu will come Inter on?" Mrs, |
ile Lisle suggested, but she quickly i
I saw that she was being rebuffed.
Frost & Wood Binders
caslh litindled and llghl lu .Iruli. yel cnpnble of standing  tli.   Itajdcsl work. A PERFrXT BINDER, and
Nanni* Loo^td nt
tho Cup.
Daddy's Bedtime
Story -
Win) Chipped
Pool Nannie's
New  Teacup
dislike in one another,  which mini'.-' ,,•„,,' meant to matte u great effort lo Toronto's Roosters.
iddenl) and I'm which there is no kV|n hliu f'1* proposal to prohibit tha Iteop-
accounting                                              "What do vou Ihluls uf hcri" Chi) lug of poultrj  lu Toronto, especially
"Mr. Clay lias told   me   all aboul  asked eagerly. roosters, except u majority ol a man's
you"  Mrs. dn Lisle Bald  politely. "It      "Sho is exceedingly pretty, and her neighbors c nseut, is evoking quite a
rends quite like u romance- ond you manners nre good.     VeB, she Is quit*   Bto ■( opposition     It looks n. il
nre the fnlry god-father, David," sh,- ptpsentable, David.' the advocates of lhe treed I the
added to Clat                                       '    "I nm nlml you like lier" ■■ i    would   win   oul.    ihey   an.
Vera ludgc'd thai she could not be I   "I '"'' ' »"" s"> *•*■■>'■" "Y ""'-j '''™.»   ", •'"              oI '  '., »***-j'j]
mi ban  I ..   •    I-  oi  seven,   and gently. "One   cnuuot   commaid   ,„   loroiil     and   it     Ibe
f,,. i,. |   | |, r    '   ||     ..,,.,,.,.    ones likes and dislikes, unfortunate    rep -nlnllves think yoi n  m
:\.%\::\Vz;:t;*:!:..:,-' '^ iwn»berrta■*   %\   .... !„:   ': ": no-^h. u>t*T..i « -«■*..-«,,„,,,,„„„„„,.,..^,,,,1..,«.-	
inS "he did he'   "(most tcintake'fi' prlw. i    »         "•'   and saucers one by one aud. washed nud dried I bom.
pleasant reply.
, _  miq BhuiUv                                            lowius, .in     i  ''"  ' "'   "          ■    ■ ,       ,        inning oi a piano    f uui          "Niiniiio held It up
s"",,""                               ,  . .,         '■'''"' '                                   .,,•"'     "-   lo play, iitearthl)    gna linii [M u,0 mo, ,. r|, ,,, |,„ very, very careful because ihu cups wllli
„ ■■ll'.-w.inaii:.  ii s   nttst 1 tell yoii       ,    ..   .      . tl „d, made bj      ine v ■     •     ,!;,',„* pink ,; , had been a fit front , lear grnodmn.
thut It   s nnl n question of goc.luess    i„   ., ,,.,   .,,        .. i    uui .                             .       ,„.„( .1...   ,    •"-" >'""> V "> " ""^        ' " ""   '                  *   "                                .
but of right," be said half angrily, bt,         ,, .              ,    ■. .   is ,1,: lit .   .,           ,.','.'            \                          Cannle sat down and cried.   Never again would sho spoak to Kltly.   II
Mis, de Lisle only smiled her amusc-j   ,. k,   n, ,,,■!, „ hursh laugh ...             ....
menl ai his hen'.                                     yes   1 ll - she le clu rating.' '  aboul H Boeutcd Iho height ut meanness
1' wns an early bedtime, and .lack and I'vcl.vn snld lliey thought on Hint
uccouut daddy ought to tell them a longer story,
lie smiled, for well ho knew that hy tho time Ida usual story wns over
while lids would be drooping ever lieltvy eyes nml I hud bonds wuuld ho
gently aoddlug.   t*o bo began:
"Nannie was a very careful lilllo girl, mnl when her grandma gnvo boi
•Is llttlo caps nud snu,ers she wns very plensed. Niiiinlu nsked lu her sis
dearest Meads, nnd they hnd an attcruoou ten party,
When Ihey went Inline they thnnkeil  N'linlilu tor tile pleasant liftcl'uiu'll
they hml enjoyed und tripped down tho slreol looking very bnppy,
I hen Nniiniu 1 nleflllly .'Hilled lhe dishes OUI le I lit) kilehcli. where uwlliet
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
Red Bird
"Neither do I sn                                                                        . » -:■■ "And wben Nannie conn i" tho cup usod h.v Kilty Flynn, lliere, right oul
.            ..(':,a'iT  Is .'  woman  thai          requl       . .   ■,.     ,     ,     .           „        ,1  ,. 0r Ibe rim of the cup, a tiny chip was tulsstug,
j of a pin "Xannlo held 11 up nud locked 111 11 hnid.   a broken ctip-wbol n sbiimol
1 iw ,k
w.is bad enough lo break lho cup, bill to uu home without saying anything
in bell
you.   Mis
have a
w Ing."
lied h,I ti
An Aytmer C.»t'» Brijht  1(1.,1.
'Xevei mlud, dear,' snd mother,   -Perbapi "0 enn got nuother cop Just
Bin mlghl h- .iin ■     "He  careful,  David        Don'l    lose |
Clranl.   si;-   seems  your hearl to 'Ins girt, ol  whom you j
In   London, and   I   ;   ,, .  nothing." .   ';., '   m ,. J y' .',     , , "'But It went h« lusl ilie siiine,' sobbed Njinnle.   't I rand 11111 lold mo 10
sviii'g      wait tor a Canadian Bands    take good caro of tbem, and what will sbo say when (he sees tbem brokon so
ties P   Uush   slow ::   can,i
"— «■ ■■   "■   i'   ""■-"   •*-—■ , —- ;ma       site   hum   iia\e   nnl   r 1, ti-ii
"I don'l think I shall go much into, cheeks.      Hm  be did  no      ■■ Llu,e! >siblv a real l'a      1
society,"  Vera snld. "bul  1 am  very he was    lowl:   reajlslng I implanted,'      , ■   »
much Indebted .0 yuu for your kind his  eelinga     Ue kin /,        .............. : „,
offer, Mrs. de Lisle' I' ;1 blm s rangi ,   ,. ..   r iulM
"The pleasure ^111 be mine.    • To longed tr  will the, ,    ..,,,...,     [-„,,
ohaperone such a beautiful    girl    as to en  plo •   bo  raptdl n Ketormei
Prevent.cu of C:c.
yourself Is not nn opportunlt)  to '.<■■ not  stopped  10 ai tl:
missed.     I prophecy thai vou will bi snd now    e real's
all the rage, nnd perhaps a little of "here waB on       01   ■
tho rotlected glory    will   reach   me world for him.     HI
Bul  I'm   dreadrully    hungry.    Dm Id le l.isl,
1 an'l we have lunch?" past, and he 1                                                                       .,:,.
"Wobld you care to go Into the res 1 1; , ,    .:
utiirani. or shall    we   lunch    here   '   :•  1 1  thi   lien .     .        ,   ,i ,,L    ..,.,,
bo naked. biuga that   rite   presena                           Ms          , ,                     nis, not
"I am sure llml  .M^s Granl  would brought to him.                                                                             .,, .   _(lcr ,,
lik-p nn opportunity   of showing tho' Helen watched him      tloualy,                     _                         .                  ,..
relty new gown.     And what a pretty   ly trying to read tbi      -    - ...
uiitch. nnd a duck of a bracelet." were passing through his mind.                    _         If the dodder   or    other
"I have been shopping,"  Vera said dull torebodin-i of e        usessed 1               ,        .   .       ,.            . .    ,,  ...
quietly,     n suppose I have keen ex- md si.i   ."ititen ..-..-..-.                                                    .        ..,...,
travagant." .
BOOUl   It wns menu of Kilty uot to ten.'
Sis; ir Kitty knew she hroke II it  would luno l>< I'll more polite ot bel
to saj so and tell you lhat slio tins sorry.'
"Nannie wept and would net be comforted.
" If we miisi tell grandma suppose wo hnve It over since It worries yoti bo
uni 11.   I'll just call ber up on the telepbono nud toll her.'
■So mother called up grandma's number nud told net about tho accident
to the cups nud bow very sorry Nannie was.
"•The denr child" gvnudmn replied. -Yon know I forgot to tell her nne
ot the cups was chipped wbeu I got it. Por that reason Iho storekeeper sold
It to me 11 good deal cheaper. It was such a pretty set 1 thought Nannie would
oul mind, tor unless you have very sharp eyes Indeed It cannot be noticed.'
•iiicre. exclaimed Nannie, 'I'm so glad Kitty didn't break tbe cup. I'M
terry 1 blamed ber.
They have a true  safety  1
head,   with   silent    tip.
never  explode  if  Stepped   on.
Eddy's   Matches have  satisfied Canadians,   since   ISM -accept  no  others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.	
A/l. e&7it *. C*0 J&4UUt<& -ftra,fi/.V
CZT-bdrtM/ ^U rruL,/&. /0-4rr-& (.yrrM
0~f-& " —""'	
«_*U^ric4  .     ZS^'fU^'fo-X*
Wnon Your Eyes Net*) Gare
cl'i'il   thill'   ll'-uilr-    Winery li't-tt ui.t. t.r-i.inili.ti-,1 IJj-i.-IIi-h.   lliat-
Wonderful  Headgear
A well-known Pavls painter save »  ^HnrtWjfri"i.«w^7"Koi^trtliii(^ft^
lecture a row dnys ago on Uie inann '.', Fine—iActa Qnlchi^y. T17 •i1*'v,r !*l"l,w!,.'l*>
iin wli.fli wotnei
in \ho
"Your parse will stand     It.     And      "It ia the desire of my life to ruarr
inay 1 say tiie dress Ih   very   becotn* Hilda Grant," lie said at last.  "\
.,- approval   Is re
31   .   11 seed has to be thoi
David broke In; and Helen d        u liel|. me, Helen?" _ _ '_   .   "," . t,   ,   "a",_;        |(*
l.lsh   frowned
1 f admiration.
But a week ago, Helen dp Lisle had
heen congratulating herself thai she
would soon have the delight of accept
ing the proposal ot marriage thai Bhe
was convinced David day was abo
■i do not  see thai   f can do any
Ing,1 Bhe answered with resti ail I
"Do you think she cares ror 1 -
"How can I sa> ? Vou are n
"And so is she."
"Thanks to your cha
vitidlctivi l>
.'..-■ mark
Lord sod Him
"You muel try to !>«■ like God, son*
it-," Kti-i iih' kindly minister lo tlu
rorrieiMooktiig child who entertained
itu in ihe parlor while his mother,
psialrs, was preparing for company.
'1 guess 1 must bt-,'' Uie boy ans-
.ered wrinkling his hrows. 'for God
ml mo yets blalned ror about every*
thing that happens in this boii-sc. ll   Ludger Cote's Backache had develop
pity when hair bad so much expr
Ion 111 wave ami color u. conceal so
much beauty beneath Bo-eallod fash-
i mable accessories.
All  the  tiuit'  this  gentleman  was
expressing his views on this subject
the audience was much amused at tli;
ipresence of a beautiful actress Famous
~*    for ber exaggerated head-dress,
: Ou this occasion she won- a cap
|oi gold and white brocade Willi a bin.i
mass of white aigrettes extendhu
around the front from ear to rar.
From the centre of lier Forehead slocd
a black aigrette almost two teel high
t Mfit.
iiu saw I'm!, n. wm &r«av;';Vr,.'^:;f;i:.i,';.l;!:,,','!i'r,t>i!X
' '''   ""    lit! (iml M"il i't iirutiii f. ill '.'dc iinrt Kit ■■i-,-HrHtlfl,
Marl no Kje SaiveTn Aai-ptlo TubeBfVw nnd file.
Murine Eye IVemmdi i^o.j Chicago
Mnn, WtHBtow'-i Suotiiinu Bvrum Ima iiceu
used for over SlX'l*^ VKAKSi.y MU.l.lONS of
M0THEK8 for lli*tr CUIUUUGN Willi.I\
TJil-:riIlNG, willi l'i:i!ll.;CT si'CCKSS. It
SOOTHES Hi j eiiii.li. sniTKNH the I'.l'MS,
AM.AYS lilt IAIN . I l.KI.S WIND COI.IC, nml
It. I hC lust H ttu-.iy fi.f IIIAKKIHI-A. It iN flh-
eoltilcly ltarmlesH, n*j sine mul nsh for "Mm.
Witiftow-a Soolliltig svnip," nnd take no oiher
Luul.   Twenty-five ccula n bottle.
A Mistake i" tlic Older
Sinit     tin   other  daj   wenl   fishing  It's sure to 110 me."	
she .-a:;  and  caupht  nothing, so on  the  way	
,iac,   |.ome ;,   telephoned to ins pio   Mlnards  Liniment, the Lumberman*
dozen   im ss
New York
lilm. bin when Hi" i-i'uhIi inline slip hml I    VQoo-1-b-re,   Davltl.   Dbu'l     l<
deeltreil that  H   wus ImimSBltile that riuorrel," sin- sni'l sadly, for Bhe tell      Well, who   lad:?
Inn slip luul Iimt nil (Iiiiiiip "f ea'ii       Why. splendid luck, ot   ennrse,   lie ijienlcil ihe iiolittcnl spealiei', cun w
0 mnko lo her.     In the dnys, or lily      ll- was about to slwuli aiiRill .      '   vision  dealer  lo send n  itom
irospei-lty she had been engaged to she rose nnd held oul her hand. lonnd   i his house, s  rs thi Ne
ANOTHER    MARVELLOUS     CURE1'"'!'! by 1111 enormous CBuoclioit in nil
Jet. Whether ilns lady will hencrf-
iToith follow the lOiifpi'Piii'ii'r'f suggestion remains to be seen.     But ii is
S '^^^J^'^i    ed'.nto BrU.lif. D....... end Pain, j r'rl^niMiljlr"1' l""!!, \V*S£\
i:s sure to ho me'• *"ld ach" w™ Ms Portion-Dodd'i Wr0ra Hie aentlewoinau.
, . Kidney Pills cured^hlm. 	
Si.Yvon. Gaspe Co., Que. (Speaal)— ! Rcpudlaled thc Idea
Once more a wonderful cure hns seni     Old John, the gardener, luul been |
slip could marry a poor man. Al
lirst. In- luul Buttered, tor he had loved
her sincerely, bul when he had go'
on ihe steamer pti mule fnr Nlgorln
he luul received n letter from her an
uotmchig Mini she wns ahoul lo mar-
When In returned lo England I
had ii'iiip in" uver Ills lovo, ninl I
met her, n fascinating iiiilnw, for M
his line
(To no Continued.)
The Horac and Its Cost
Ciirofull)   condiietod    Inreall
hy the .intii'iiiini-nl liepartmeiil
Inlvi-rsiij   nf  Wlnnesotn, ns  uell  as
liiosp conducted hy tlio otlice of Inrm
ol lhe
replied.      Didn't   the  bo*   lirlng  Uu
ile.', ii lutsi- I -:r.'   iiini'
Well. \es,  1  suppose he did,  sh
said.     'Ihere they
And she showed |
lioiiles nf Bass' ale.
. •  ihe name of ihe old Canadian Kidney drinking ngnln, nnd when he became
Tht Only Way        - Remedy ringing through the frovinca sober,  Mr.  Brown  called him down.
1    \111l whore   iny rellnw citizens   ap-;uf Quebec.     Mr. Ludger Cote, a well This won't do, John, snnl he.     A* 1
known resident of this place,   is   the have told you before, I will not ha.e;
.1 a, ;;.,,,!,   a, si, ih. so dellcnte, I mail cureil nnd thp story of his pure in a man in my eniplp-   who drinks,
n adjtistablQ nud ul  the sump limp his own words ls as follows: i    Oh, sliure, 'tivns but a might of n
is  uiiiissiiinlii™ nnd  popiilur that  it     "For four years   1   suffered   from dhrop I-was nrther lakln', Mr, Brown,
will unlock every department ot Slale Backache, stiffness of the Joints and 'an' I was ntver to say dlnilhti at any ;
Maypole Soap
Wllh Maypole
So"p llittc is no
tl'UlL.c ft-.fj ne. muti
in home dyeing.
Dyei coiion, wool.
■.if. u: mtxturei, 24
colott*will give any
shade. Coloi* 10c.
tjlaik I5c-at your
di»Ui'tot pottpnid
wjth booklet "How
lo Dye" horn
F. I. BENEDICT & CO. Montresl
de I,isle hail promptly anil convenient Iuiuiiagemeiit of llle Unltod States Daly died. His pulse did noi hoal one pni'imont of Agriculture, shnw that
nliii the more uulcl'ly. luiider ordinary co.iditlona on Aniei'I-
iiiii: .1 dozen Ifor the beitefll id the people? Dually Blight's Disease.     I could not time In me Inlfe.
The hairpin! shrieked an enthuslas- ibetul iny right leg on account of the|    .lohn, said Mr. Brown sternly,
lie suffrnglst in the audience. Ipaln In my hip nnd k"ee.    1 had let-jare a hypocrite.
■    ■    ■     -■ |  rlhle pains In the region of the bladder.!    ,\ dlniycrat, is It? Ilasheil John In
ed to go out- Mv eyes were swollen.     I was always dlgnanlly.   Well, sir. not tn ne piiliin
Caroline lias  requested tnat. aa .. t).  t   ml ,,e,.vol]s aM(i took no pleas- too foino a pint on, I've heard say
other, ,i you special birthday fayor, she he allowed fi
ul inn ii'u'ieto  hnve eolfee   for  brent-fast.      H u
Imother, llol  al   all  pleased with tltol    "finally. I decided   to   try   Dodd's
Kidney Tills und lhe elfppt wns mar-
Dells, arter a
side in piny.
\nu may *u. i
ivill  slny  nn  th
Tliey wenl down to tho resluuriiii Icnn fariiis work horses   ure   utilizedlm"   J,'*-- . ,.... b.fo... „,,,,„  was Idea, wa» diluting 11 genenAuly. .,   ,
only ul.,.,; ihr.,  and ,  l.t-lt.houi-s ■         .« „    ',;$L ™' '.J,.,"g» \™     Curoline peered  r Into her cup, film's     Six hoses cured   me   con,.
dny ou lho average.    Horse powei Is       !bt,_n, ,,„, ,,,-omised nm lo mnk- nnd Ihen exclaimed In   grent   dlsnp Pletely.
il„,s utilized lo less thnn half Its .-u- j J " K mothei- railed polntmenl: '   Baekaohc, neglected, develops   into
I'lnii.i.     Per unit of v.erU  le lhls     ,-,„' m„' mamiun, replied Del«, I'm     (loodnoss!   don'l   I get any ot tho Brlght's Disease.     The one sure way
power costs mine Ihnn twice wind ,  \             doughnuts brown? >" <'s"<»e "9 tortures Is lo cure the
the lull  ullli:-.n'uui  "I ; "  —__-. ,
v       Used according to   directions,   Tr j In Boston
Sir, I regrel  to Inform
nml David Iluy fell u glow nf pli'll.,-
nie when he suw the looks or ndmli--
niiim Unit were thrown ul his two
compniiioiiB. lie looked around hint,
nnd saw lhal there wus none presold
thnl eiiuld compnro wilh their beauty.
lie  found  llllll   lln-  lirilllt  nf  Ilie  ,
vcrsatton. fell upon hliu, for hoih Ids
l.llpsts  were sllcllt.       Vera wns feus.
inr. lur eyes on Hi" lovrly toilette
Uuil sutiiiiiiiI.'I tier, mul she gloated
over ihe I... i thin nil iiiis luxuiy
, oulil imu ho iipni.
"Where shnll you llvo In towi '
Mrs, de I.isle uBlieil ot Vera.
"I liuv, n'l made uny iilnus yi L."
"t-lverylliing iniiBl ho very Btrauge
lo you. David telle nu Hun you were
ler.i. very poor, l-low horril.-le that
nn,si   be."
'II is 111,1 plcasani," Vuru suhl drj'l:
nnd David I'imiviipiI nr Ids cousin.
"All thai is mer now,     Hid surely
HllOlllfl   COSl-
tho power actually aval
Umi- i-oduca muterlully th-
hieing cro]
i or profile cost of Iccoptng .1. 1) Kellogg*s Dysentety Cordial villi
Backache when It first   starts   with
'Dodd's Kidney 1'ills,
was a diinycrnt yevseH'.-
Australia's Big Trees '
None too soon, •• popular movement
haa been eet on loot In Australia to
preserve the gigantic! stringy*'ourta,
varfoiiB species ol Encnlyptus of tuat
country, which lar exceed in height
uie famous "big trees" of California,
ur.d are did taile.it treea Sc Lh; world.
These trefs BOiuetlines attain heights
v.. u. I,,,,-,. ,   „„ ii,.  averaso nl,„iit  nffnr.l roliel In lhe mosl ncute form ot yuu that I 'have" to attend tho ob«J   la-MM ■"S5'Vh«.rtJi|S%\™w^hf I^B'"8 rr"ln ■",0 lo :"I|J feet     Thoil
".:!.-, a yenr.    The average ntlli'-atlon suiiiinev complaint,   whenever the nt. nulen ol my pnternal gmiidpnrent.       Chi a It  b «»W »M »ne;",™«'t™ Umber In   exceedingly   valuable, nnd
if Hu- horse is about lnS0   hours   a  nick manifests iiseir un llmo should Employer—Percy, you   cannot    de- population una men oi siarvntion in>t_r Mg rMgon ,nev. nave tlPS,„ ruth.
.„r   .it  mi hourly cosi nf I" cents be lost ln seeking the aid of the Cord- celve me.     Y„u nre employing that lho dreadful famine consequent on tho ,eaaly dertroyeU hy lumbermen while
nr hiiur    If ue uoiiiili   tlic nun.iieilnl.     li will uci  Immediately ou the subterfuge in order   to   attend   the destruoijon or crops oy noons,     ai   no propel. B,epR |mve -neen taken t,
ins' wink iin. liiirse does—and slouuich nnd Intestines und allay the opening ol the ivator-color eshlliltlon. Jlie '»•' t"'"1 ril,r renttereo nas availed ])1.nvi,,„ »01. tlielf reproduction.
IIIN       I'UIn     lll«     lU'int       ■■                               i ■          "                          _           ,                 .......          ... I     '          ,    "                                                                                                      It,.   .,..!-„  null-   ,i   1 .-ni  Imli   nl    Ilio  111] ■■thf-tvc     l'*,,*
Shipped ecmpUu, msdy to run, ■ momm m boy cm t-Milt
it   fiftm* mi tfwtit pumptfif -MM*, uwint traott, cuitiaf
Imh). turning cnam Hpa'dor, chut nine « "**■*■■«>■ **r
Ihlnf, ,'•!! t-9 to MD-phMd how mm tint «n|in« wiB *My
briMII.   All him wp to 10 HP. W frope-rtkrru-tt pri
Writ. *Usr kw Ctulof. ii li Itm
1      (*«!-
i>      thin
rroirxFac-to***/1 -to Farirx,
Way to Win
Bronsou—What's the best  wny  to rloine to do it
HowMrs.ReedofPeoria.nl., '"-'fe'n'.akes yon ..mi	
Escaped The Surgeon's Knife.
11 noi      	
■his can bo done without Injury 'o the Irritation and pain.     A trial or it will
animal—we reduce ihe hourly cost u. convince anyone of the truth of these
llvo cents.—\V.  .1.  Spllluian, agrlcul* aaaertlona.
turlst in chatRi  of farm management
rind plant Industry, L'nltcil KLates Ds-
parti t ol'   Vgvlciilturr-, \Vii8lilugton,
IM". make love to a girl
 ,      , Dawson—The worst way    possible,
Then she'll think you mean It.—Puck.
Returned Thoughts. Holla—-He  said  he  would   kiss  me
"Do thoughts that coma to vou in "•' llir iu tne attempt.     Dellls—Well?
the long ago ever return?" asked the Bella—He has no lire Insurance, and
originator of .-illy questions.              jl l'-,i,L'- his poor Mother.
"Not unless I inclose stumps/' an- !    _ !
swered the literary partv,        ■ Fooliny the Colleges
 :— slick doR.
Human   Nature, HOW,   UOW?
"Tha' (ellovt Spink? has excellent r!avc t"" ,hil1 ,,e ll1"1 a m--»«*
which wasn t. working. Several col*
leges hastened to bestow degrees up
mi htm,
And then?
Then he butli a glue facldry with
his money,
How long  did  it. laki
About twice   as  long
' | to save only a fraction of the numbers
lor human lives in peril.     The people
vou  to iin P* Canada should not rest content till
their consciences assure them   thnt
■is ii    tool* they have dune their whole duly in
* the matter,    Distance and difference
:,.>f race should not quiet ihe tall of
1 humanity.—Hamilton Spectator.
Why*   t   ';"'■   slwaj-   -i-l, ng  my
foj   l  ■      ■■'' nl  thll •:■."
Peoria, 111.—"I wish to let every one
Compound haa done
form**. Fortwoyears
Iiuffered. Thedoc-
b Ciaid I had a tumor
A   Family  Circle.
Ptw, whal   .- ;t  fn   ily
Paw    .-. v ■■-
ii ,   - ,,
In Line
What makes you think 'he baby i
going to lie a greal politician? Hake*
 — -,. ihe young mother aiuiously,
Net Sure I'"  ■■■■■  >'°"i  answered  lhe  youiti
v   |    |e  bo;   who  -,■     ■■:     mm !;'"",r M^SIf/ Jl?, C"U, fl  mo1
M the only remedy   piuM ove.  ihi   ihcorj  of evolution l' »««. ,l:| .  '   ! ***' .;»H   »°»» "«
was the Burgeon's  questioned hh mothei ;  J *\ "     '•' '■,•,;...;'? ' 0V01 Hai
knife.    Mv mother      Mamma, am   I deacended    from   11 .    ' ' "	
bought me LvdlaE.   "';'"■' where Plnurui F„i
Plnkham's   tfegeta-      l aon'  ■'■'"'■     -   ' ' '!   '      suppose coal  i   10 a ton and vn
ii    f ,,,n„ni   „„i   ne-.iT l.ut-w anj i.i    .-■    i,    eri i""      ouppose coin  is »t   a (ou ami yo
ble Comgound.__and   rilfi    Thl  ,-,,,,„_ BHV.   your dealer $30,
Sheathing Felt
contains no oil or tar. It Is clesn,
odorlers, waterproof, germ and
vermin proof and practically
Indestructible. Makes houses
drallprott, easy lo heat, and
comlortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer to show ycu
a sample, or wrllo for sample
and Bcuklet to the 12
■Sule Canadian Manufaclur.r.
ol < anaili, l.iiiiin-il,
H.nlr.al, Hlniilp.,, Calflary, Vancouvrr.
Paid a thousand for the dog, did | JtlJilJeinhi PuHflce ««.■ ■rltfiiburii Ink
you":      It   ought to be  well  bred ut.
that price.
1 can only tell you that I wish 1
had a pedigree like bis, thal'B all.*—
Hiegonde matter.
WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT      ,        V(1
Prosperer—Wlint'a the uae of whining.      I   have  ag   mnny   troubles  as
j Onco a mother has used Baby'fl Own
Tablets she would not ho without
them. Tliey arc the. only medicine
for little ones guaranteed by a Gov
Speaking of the popularity of vui
gar songs, one ot which i« said to
have brought tlio composer $800,000,
''America" says: Killing the Btmg'a
Htaivfeaa with Blang, with vulgarity, c>u-
Icism, uiuwKiiiliness aud dowurlghl
iiousen&Q apparently will nssist rati er
than prevenl its having a good vogue.
lliui'rai.t K.',.ll,.,,,,.i,--I   lii.o.v   thut ,    „„.     „,,   ,   „„,,_„ , ,g „„,„„
guv'iior.    but tin" I halm Both uoth-L   uo, nt ]U, UMMlmJ   BVell „„,,,
1 B  , iniul -volneii ut retluoment anil breca
I iim. It Is liiiii'ii lo bi> regretted, crnuii
flown    for   any Una Infection and beg|u in Iiinii bwib"
Wllrn   ,1,11,Ile  Hilt
ernmenl nnnlyst to bo rnro from thoso length ot llmo   bis   mother   alwaya ItlVnlMiarterntolioetHttt«m*bavo^rittoii
oplatea ami   othoi-    harmful    drugs trembled.  ' ■
ll usually meant some mios- „ lls|0 i,.,n parforniHiB nml negro
Hun beat donned aa a "liusi'r.             nilulatrula have mnde iniiiiiliir.
Ami mi  Hus   occasion    In-   luiiln't 	
found In siii'iilli"!    "sootliliiR"    mix
lures.  Concerning  them,  Mrs. .1.  C.
Wonil, I'liilcrwiioil, Oul., snys: "I hav    nniv.'il lm mn li.lniitt'S. Tliiu II viilile: j    Assistant—Are von    going    lo    lill
UBPd Baby's Own Tablets for the lust     Mi-tlur, do angels si-.-oii'.' whore you're looliln
four sears nnd would not bo without    Yds, dear, I Bumiose so. |   orosaoyed  butohor  with  polo-axo^
ilii'in, ns l lmvo fomiii ibwii iiiiii'ili'iu:     Do thoy   lie down,   mollier?   How guro tliltus,
overy lime I have given tlicin to mv <an they Willi il-oso 'hiik wlmis'.'       i   AsBlslunt—Then Imlii oil u s'econO
lilllo ones.'"  rho Tablets un-   sold " I'm Buro I li'in'i Iiiiom, Jumle,   1'vo whllo.t gel outside tho doq,r.
hv nii'iliilni' iIi'uIits or by mall al 2.1 never thought about u. 	
routs ii box from Tho Dr. William-,1    Silence ngaln and siic hoiiod ho hn.l    (to—You really shotnd cultivate Mi
tlodlclno fo., iinii'Uvilio. Ont. forgotten, but   Jamie   wns   thinking aoodman.    ile Is looltlng fur n wife,
  nli'i'lily.    I've gol II, iniul'i'i, lm i'1'b.'il.     Hho   nm I nin uol a wife,     Show
I'll bi'i the- roost. me some niiin who is lookl
 slnglo woiiiiin.
plo.   Thi   Ctatewa
today I tun a wi'll und
hiialthywoman. For] .„   „,   ,f ,u  must
months 1 suffered  carol ills  ro In  n gii.ue.ii    ,, i
',.'" i'i ho s' ii■ I you?
Oh, ib.,' i ivn in
n\v inuny in
from inl'iimmntion, and your Sanative  forth bi     ■   lliein FuTll. ' ' '"'K "•'■ "roi-g,
Wash relieved me.   I em glad to HI  weight      Iho-j ie-1   "'  ''"""    l-'1'1
anyone what your medicines have done  Tn coal its	
for me. You cnn use my t-'Stimonial in
any woy you wish, and I will be glad
to answer letters."-Mrs. Christina
III.i.ii, I'Ci Mound St, Peoria, III.
Mrs. Lj-neli Also Avoided
Imi 1 Iml 'a wimi
i"  ■ iilai ■■ i   out 11
■ rou  an ki ep 11
1 .1 rural
I..0 ..'.■.
Bl  101    11..-.    line  1 "i.nil In',.,,
 ■• 10 keep ;i    ip ','..1 l.iu.• in.h :,I":.""H'"\'V ' vo an aw nl tlm,
I ana, began little Hilly, if the;
nlionlil waul 10 rut mil my rfp   up
im "in your apucillo, Kiinnisoill:
' '.ii'iilni.'il IiIh Biro. Whut aro yoi
Miking about?
Xui my appetite; my up
.lossup, Pa.—"After the birth of my
fourth child, I had aevere organic Inflom-'
matlon. I would have Buch terrible paihfl     « ,
iimt. ii. did not seem us though 1 could , ,1,,,
:   ll        for Ureal   ml
'. mi nm
llllllllll-.    II,    I    gllOSH,        I    il',
ivberc ii Is niisi'lf,   Juilgr.
I   I, now
Where  Ignornnce in Dllia |
ifrald  ilini  tho  Southorii |-
sti'iid it.   Tins kept up for three long  ,, i,,.,,,,    ,.,.., ,|i:iM „mrA ,,,,,,    cl
rrftntl"-, imlii two doctors decided tbnt  (l reai pool    Cleveland Oeal.ir.
an i.j„ii iii'in was needed. 1  *-— ~
" ! ...-mini".! V..J-.T.. .umn-i'i'iiiMi-iiu. .      in1,!.,   iw'bo llm   1 itlved  lln
Lydia B, Plnkham'a Vegetablo Com. hill)   Von lool  awfully Joll-  in ibm
poundandeftertoklngltfortwomontha dress,  Nelly,  bul   It a/iosi  .,  frlgbtfid
I wasn well woman,"—Mrs. Josbth A.  loi ol money,
laVHcn, Jossup, Pa. L Wlfl«   yea. dear, 1 know il illil, bin
Womin wbo suffer from f.'ninlo ills  ' ™:| •• '
,<ausiiB lias 11 chlokon lhal run iiumv
•" » '''""'. umi irlcs lo sing.       Iir   Why,    the
tagi  In , rov ih il with 11    eincln
nail ISnqulrer,
The Moon a Desolate World
I Tho desolation of the world Is a|
proverbial oxproBBlon, yet bow few
persons renll-o bow bleuk and cold
'lu- iiiiiini really is Thore In no uir
on nm moon, lt birds lived thoro
limy might sing over nu sweetly inu
their songs would never bo heard; if
thi'i-r Were lovely flowers on lhe moon
ini'.i would give no si cut, because nf
Ilu- iilis, in,- of nlr. Sir lloborl Hull
has snid of ll;
"li Booms probable thnt n building
on the moon would remain for century
after century Just ns it wua lofi by
rhe lunulas. There noed be no glass
In Um wiuili.ivs, for there Is no wind I
and no run lu hei p out. Thoro need
uut In' llreplaccs lu the ramus, for
Ask any grocer for IdsTiestsalt, and    fueltennnol hum wlthoiil nlr. OwollorS
he «ill give you Windsor .Salt every  lln u luiinr oily would llml lhat no dust
tinii'.   Not because it msis mon—   coubl rlno, n lora he porcolvod, no
if i/,..'T no/   hut becauso the grocers   mniuils bo In uiu
know tlmt Windsor Tuble Hull pleases
their customers, 07
for 1,
Grocers are firm f rlcndi of Wind.or
i   Table R> It. Tliey like to loll it, became
it in pure and clean and good,
Evidently Net
"Does your sou realise tlic i»puiis;-i
blllUos 01 grent wealth?'
"I fear not," sighed the eminent;
r-agnato.     "Ho can't Beoni in lonrn
A Permanent Poseeetinn
You iiin'i olll yuur 1111,0 mul Ium,
ll, 100, snid Dublin.
011, can't you? retorted IllokB, it';'
auction undue, nnd  Hows no sign ISfJ-s eakc''' '"" """'"' '"' y "' "'J
of wanting lo marry n chorus girl."    1
Harper's Weekly,
The One Outside
There's only 011,1 wny to avoid In.
Allro luul Just returned from hor
first vlsll to ilio furm. , , . Annnbi
Well, did you hnve a good lime? '^^Vnntta Unit?
Organise ilie club yoiirsolf umi lioep
(•"I'lil'tiiiy pise liuiay GsClini'ig It •
\\ iisliliigton  I'u.-.!.
iiskrtl mother
Not very good, said Alice
bnttorod by n rum.
f' nil,,11,ul    I  iiilr.i.l
 ;" llghl of in- ion'.
I,l'l ,'   I  I, l'l        I   V 1..II   I   ,1,|||,1
wasted ins nuoiigti for mo,
1   not   I,,
How The Body Kills Germs.
derma that get into the body ire killed in two wnya—hy tlic while corpuaclei
of the blood, and hy a ttrm-Ulttrig sttbttancc that i» in the blood. .Ium who. Ihii
aiibsliiniie i>, we do not know. Tile blood ot n healthy peraon always tins tome
germ-killing subatance in it to wird off the attack of diacusc. The founlaiu head
of lite ia the atomach. A man who bus a weak and impaired .tomauli and who
doea not properly ilignst hia (ood will loon tind flint Ida blood lies become weak
and impnverihliril, and that hia whole body ia improperly and iniumoiently nour.
'■ -'-•'    To put the body in healthy oondition, to lecd the syalem on rich, red blood
nl'ioiii'l try Lydln i'i. Plnkhum's Vogota.
ble Compounu, ono of tho most success*
fni remedies the world bus over known,
before submitting to a turuicu! opera,
W. N. U. 001
Aw, In-',,
i I... 11
lu.i kind uf 11 1
in olll inniii'li.
I    I'uii  young  I'ilii'.v serins In ho
innilo blinselt solid al  your liotiao.        Mother  John
I    v,s, 1 judge im hns.    .Ma is looking Ing ror agali.
nn his famllj whllo pa Ib Investigating     .fohnnj    1 ain't me
ibis commercial rating, jlng.
whnt un. jnn howl-
It's dud sin;.
i .in i- w..l^     '.*.',,'    _^
»i.'.^BJl«I C»nipla1i>t(!«>ori.
' )ff*m fni that",    wilTB'AT ONCE.
;tlLuMBh;s Slt'oRTIUM)   ),„»,,|6,
<(>HRKair<>NI>KNt:K fioi.i'Eor. O.i.
Did  you  sro llml   d Iluw  who Jusl
louchad nm for 11 qiiattor,    Woll. lm
was 11 schoolmate o[ liilno mul Hold 1 l.hed  „„,,„ ,,,„„,„„,„„„„
nil hi" big ri'i-orils.      It's funny li .'.;    aud throw out the poiaoni from the body, nothing in Ihe paat forty yearn baa
iui'vi'i' anion 111 Oil lo anything slum.., excelled Ur. I'ieroe'a t'uhlen Medical Discovery, a pure
tlyeerlo citract   (without  alcohol), ol blooilroui, dolilen
aeal  nnd Orcjnn  drape  root, alone  root, mandrake and
queen', root wilh black cherryhirk, '■<
" My liiisbiiiul ivns 11 •ulfcrer from stomach trouble and
Impui'ii lii I," writes Mils, Jamrs ii. Majitin, of Frunk-
furi, Ky, "Ilu luul 11 Horn 011 bis moo that wnul,I form 11
si-lib wlileli ivimlil dry und drop ofT in about a iikjiiI.Ii, (hen
I'tiiilliiT would Immi'dliil^ly form. II. continued Ibis wny
fur n lung timo,  lln Irli-il every i-arncuy that nnv one would
What roooi'da did ho hnld'N
Ply Hwailliig -CI■ vi'liinil I'lain Denl-
Fri'luli Customs lliiusn slnllslli"! Ir..
illcalo iliiii British oxporla to 'franco
Increased by -10.0,788,1)00 frn;i<:H In Inn
Ihreo yi'ins followlhg lho Pruhco-Hrfl
i'-h ISxhlblllon,
Tiiiiiii'iuuis ur mothers can icsiifv io
tin- vlrlilo of Mollier driivi's' Worm
Elxlei'mlnator,  beruuso    tbey    know
'Ifrom ciiierlenco bow useful it Is.
suggest but found no relief.    Ilu I lien Irleil Iir. I'leroo'J
,w.    (luldi'ii MihIIi'iiI lUseiiVery wlileli I'liinpletely riir.il liilii.   lie
m\\\\    hui sluyi'd eiu-eil now for two veni".. mul I reeoinnioild this
11 j,!'     -taluabfo Djedlelno for Impurities or the blood,"
Dr: Pieroe'a Plca.ant PclleU rev'uiate and inviitoratf
t, H. Maktiii, I'm*.     stomach, liver aad bowels.   Siiijur'uoatcd, tiny granules. TIIE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
p,l;s. & c.k.
Bui-rlstei',   Solictor, etc.,
Barristers und Solicitors,
Mining Engineer and
H.t,'. Laud Surveyor,
t'.O   tlux 'i'M. I'lioue 'i'i'i.
B. C.
Physicians nnd Surgeons
IfltQS at Huslileuce,    Al'luitroug Ave.
Kiil'elloollH - - - - 9.1)0 to 10.01
Allium,una - . - - J uu tu 4.01
Bviulngs   - - - -    7.10 to   I.It
Sundays LSI) to   4.10
W.   K.   BEATTY
li'uiierai Olreotor,
HIO.NI'  illil
We Deal in Everything ['"rom j
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
v DK.-M.lilt IN
All kinds uf Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old  Stand, Hanson Ave
Phone 151.
!j A.  WALLER |
',', Steam  Boiler,   Furnace,    X
'' and Septic Tank worlt
\'t a specially
'i Cost und hluck estimates   ♦
| l furnished uu application.    I
, i A.l.lr.s. : P. O. Box 2... Cranbrook
P. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avaim. Ni'at to City Hall
Open Day u,,,l Ni-jlit Plionfl 233
Craubrook   Loilfc-e No  34    A.K.4 A.M.
I I..U ulili' liieelllllta on
lhe   third   Tburiday
ot ever.v month.
Visittnji brethren
B. J. McBWB.YN, W. M.
J. 8. PECK, rtec.
Rocky Mountain Chapter |
Nt).   126.   11. A. M. I
It.'tiuliii- inoetluga:   2ml Tihm    E
day   in   ounb   inonlli   at .nglit   •
u'ulouk. i
Sojourning  Coinuanloui   are   S
uordiall-i lm iimi §
Hi, Oomli. A. i:. Bhankland, K. a
l.O.U.K., KICY OI'I'Y l.OIIIII'l, No. 42
Meets every Monday
injilit at  New   h'ra-
^^^^^^^^     t ■-, nil y    Hall.     So-
lourniui: Oddtellowa corBlolly invited.
vv. M. Harris
H. J. ltioilnll,
N.   O.
Knights of Rytliias
Lionl't""!.. U.-*.
Crescent   Lodge,   No.   3S
Meet*   every   Tueidai
at 8 p.m. «t
Viuliuuity Hall
ll. Porter O, O.
J. M. Iluy co,
K. ol It. at B.
VlHlttiiK   bretbieo cordially   lovltid   to attend.
Court Oranbrook No. 8949.
Meet in Oarmon'B Hall, mi   2nd ami
4th 'rhut'Hiluy of eneti month.
W. HI'lNIIKltHUN, 0. It.
Louis I'ourBiin, Hot., P.O, Bof ill,
VlaltlnK Brothers Cordially Welcomed
Foi; Sale By
I Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd ii
f*,|**TT''l*,l*,l"lT ll**T"T'"I**f'"•'"•"^l"I"
llllll,l« *. ■ ■■ ..***** *..*..* I
In Prizes
"The    MAGNKT   of   FAST   KOOTRNAT'
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
Special  Attractions,     Air Ships,     Horse Racing,
Athletic  Sports
Every City, Town and Hamlet in East  Kootenay
will place on exhibition   the  resouises  of  their respective districts.
Don't Forget the Date—September 19-20th, 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
All Communications to he Addressed to
;   P. De Vere Hunt -        - Sec-Treas.
liiiiiiiiiiiHiiiniiMin _**** ************
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that the Crnnbrook Division ot Kootenay Land Recording District ls subdivided into tbe Crunhroolt Laud Recording Division ot the Kootenay Land District and the Fernie Land Recording Division ot the Kootenay Land District in accordance witli the
following descriptions:—
Commencing at a point on the International Boundnry line being tbe
S.E. corner ot Lot 4691; tbence west along the International Boundary to
a point where the said boundary intersects the height ot land separating
the drainage areaa of the Moyle and Goat Rivers; tbence northerly along
the height of land separating the drainage area of Moyie and Upper Kootenay Rivers on tbe east trom tbe drainage area of tiie Goat River and
Kootenay Lake on tbe west to a point where such divide Joins the height
of land separating the drainage area of Ht. Mary's and Skookumchuck
Rivers on the south from the drainage urea ol Findlay Creek on the north;
thence easterly along such hetgbt of land to a crossing of the Kootenay
River just below tbe mouth of Findlay Creek; thence easterly and northerly along tbe height of land forming the divide between the waters (lowing into the Kootenay River above the mouth of Findlay Creek and those
flowing into tbe Kootenay River below the mouth of Findlay Creek to tbe
point where such height of land intersects the east boundary of Lot 4596;
theace south along the east boundary of Lot 4596, the west boundary of
Lot 4590 and the eust boundary of Lot 4ti91 to the point of commencement.
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary where the same
Intersects the eastern boundary ot the Province; thence west along the
International Boundary to the S.E. corner of Lot 4591; thence north along
tbe east boundary ot Lot 4591, the west boundary of Lot 4590 and tbe
east boundary of Lot 459C to tbe height of land forming the divide between the waters flowing into the Kootenny River above the mouth ot
Findlay Creek and those flowing into Kootenay River below the mouth of
Findlay Creek; tbence easterly and northerly along said height of land to
the eastern boundary of the Province; thence south-easterly along said
eastern boundary to the point of commencement.
Deputy Minlater nf Landa.
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C., lath June, 1912,   *Sjit
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Oltlce in Hunson Block
OBANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
(Crnnbrook  Branch)
Meets   lu   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
und 4th Tuesdays in every montb, at
II p.m.   Membership opeu to British
N.  A.  Wnllinger,  I'ren.
W. 0, Crebbin, Sec'y.
l-.l).   1)0!   fit'-
Visiting nieinbers rordinlly welcome I
Sheriffs" Sale"
Hy vert ne of wvi-i-.il writs of Fieri
Kan an ismied out of the Supreme
Court iif Dritltdi Columbia, and to
mo directed, ut-ninst the goode and
chattels ol Mamie Kartell, Octavta
Ki.rr.-ll, Charles C. Parrel I and Timothy Karrcll, I have seized and taken
In execution all the shares which the
said Mamie Farrell, Octavta Farrell,
Charles 0, Parrel and Timothy Farrell have in the Capital Stock af the
Society Girl Mining Company, Limited, (Noii-I'ersonal Liability i. with
registered olllce at Moyie, British Columbia, amounting approximately to
■127,371 shares, more or lest; And I
Hlmll sell the said shares, or u mittl
cient number thereof to satisfy the
said writs nf Fieri Facias and costs
at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, tit my office in the
Court House in the City of Nelson,
British Columbia, on Friday, the 12th
day of July A. D. 1918, at the hour
of 12 o'clock, noon.
Dated at Nelson, B. 0. this 2nd
day of July, 1912.
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers fi? Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Sheriff of
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the 4th day of July, 1912, it was ordered by G. H. Thompson, Esquire,
Local Judge of the Supreme Court
of British Columbia, that James A.
Arnold, Official Adminintrator for
that portion of the County of Kootenay, including the Electoral District of Cranhrook be Administrator
of all and singular the estate of
Thomas Berryman deceased intestate
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is reuuired to make pay
ment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every creditor huvinb in possession
effects qelonging to the deceased is
required to notify the undersigned
Kvery creditor having tn posseasloo
effects qelonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or interest in
the distribution of the estate of the
said deceased is required to send before the 30th of September next by
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim oi
interest, and a statement of bis account and the nature of the security
(if nny) held hy him.
After thc said last mentioned date
the Administrator w,n proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this !Uh day of
July, 1912.
Official Administrator
27--U. Cranhrook, B.C.
Mine-Rescue Station,  Fernle
SEALED Tenders, superscribed 'Ten
der for Mine-rescue Station, Ferule,"
will be received by the Hon. the Minister of Public Works -up to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, the 3rd day of
July, 1912, for the erection and completion of a mine-rescue station at
Fernle, B.C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may he seen on and
after the 17th day of June, 1912, at
the offices of tbe Government Agents,
Fernle and Cranbrook, B.C. and the
Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must he accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or cer
tiftcate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works,
for tbe sum of $250, which shall be
forfeited if tbe party tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so, or If he fail to
complete the work contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will he returned to them upon tbe execution of
tbe contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria.B.C.June 14th,1912    _25-2t
For a licence to take and use water.
Notice is hereby given, thnt I, R.
h. T. Galbraltb of Fort Steele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to take and use six thousand gallons
per day of water out of St. Mary's
River which flows ln nn Easterly direction through tbe St. Mary's Reserve and empties into the Kootenay
River near Fort Steele.
The water will be diverted at a-
hout three-quarters of a mile west of
tbe St, Eugene Indian Village, and
will he used for domestic purposes
at the Kootenay Industrial School,
being on part of Lot 1.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on tbe lr.tb day of June, 1912
The application will he filed ln the
office of the Water Recorder at Cran
Objections may be filed with the
satd Wnter Recorder or with theiCom
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent,
20-5t. Applicant
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Iltlttr, II. It.WIMIMHt.  iWW.\*i«\li.lii|lii.iMl**!, I IIKAIiil
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more tlmn 2,560 acres
will he leased to one applicant.
Application for u lease must he
made hy the applicant in person b
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dis
trict in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
he described hy sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, ami in iinsur
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall he staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied hy a fee of J.1 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall lie paid on the mer
chnntable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton,
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting tor the full quantity *•(
merchantable coal mined and pay thc
royalty thereon. If the eoal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mill
ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con
sidered necessary for the working of
the mine nt the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should he made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not he paid
for. March 26-6m,
For a Licence to take and use Water
Notice is hereby given that George
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take and use one
and three-fifths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which flows in a
northerly direction through Lot tiHM
and empties into Ht. Mary's river
near Wyctiffe. The water will be diverted at a point .175 yards south of
the South line of Lot f.lfi4 iu a timber reserve formerly covered hy tlm
ber licence No. 2lil07, aud will be used for irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lot 6164.
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the 15th day of May, 11*1-.
The application will lie tiled in tin
office of the Wnter Recorder at Cran
brook, B. C.
Objections may he tiled with the
sain Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Bights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria B. 0.
20.5t Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that the reserve existing over Lot *JH74, Group I
Kootenay District, by reason of the
notice published iu the British Columbia Gazette of the 27th of December, 1907, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C., 18th May,1912.   ai-l3t
(District or East Kootenay.)
Take notice that I, Couttti Lindsey
Chambers, of Sheep Creek, farmer,
intend to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following lands:
Commencing at S. West coiner   of
Lot 6117, group 1, thence     west   -to
chains, thence north 40 chains, tbence
east     40   chains,    thence   south   40
chains to the place of commencement
containing lt.it acres more or less.
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated  April  2.1rd.  1912 •18-91
Kor a licence to take and use wuter.
Notice is hereby given, that 1, R.
L. T. Galbraltb of Fort Steele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to tnke nnd use one fifth of a cubic
foot per second of water out of St.
Mary's River, which flows tn nn easterly direction through the St. Marys
Reserve and empties Into the Kootenay River near Fort Steele.
The water will he diverted at a-,
bout three-quarters of a mile west of
the St. Eugene Indian Village, and
will be used for irrigation purposes
on the land described as the Kootenay Industrial School Reserve, being
being a part of Lot 1.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the Ht.lt day of June, 10t2.
Tho application will be llled In the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranhrook.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the,Com
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent
SMt Applicant
"LAND    ACT."
District or East Kootenny.
TAKE NOTICE that Edward Gal'
Held Stahl, of Waldo, Brltleh (Solum
bin, Rancher, intends to apply for
permission to purchase tlm following
described land:—
Commencing at a post planted sn
chains South of the North West cor
ner of Lot '.1254, Group 1; thence
South K0 chains; thence West U
chains; thence North ho chains; tlience
East 40 chains to point of commence
ment, aud containing .-.20 acres more
of less.
Dated this 10th day of May A. D
Located (1th of May, 1912 20.9L
District   Division  uf  South   East
Take notice that I, Robert Campbell of Moyie, 1.,. (.'. occupation Merchant, Intends to upply for permission to purchase ibe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
the South West corner post of Lot
2802, thenco North 40 chains; thence
West 20 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point oi Lot
2801, thence East 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
-■ii) acres more or less exempting
therefrom tho lands covered by the
Rock  Hill   Mineral  Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated  May  27th,   1912 22-9t
Notice is hereby
serve existing ov
One, Kootenay DU
braced in Timber
given that the re-
■r Lot G623, Group
trict, formerly em-
License    No.   16727
"LAND    ACT."
i District of East Kootenay
TAKE notice that Charles Grasley
Senior of Waldo, Hritisb Columbia
Rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
doscrtbed lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the north east coiner ol Lot 0231,
Group one, Kootenay district, thence
east 20 chains, tlience smith in
chains, theuce east Co chains; thence
south 11.91 chains, theuce west 8u
chains, thence north 51,9] chain i to
the point of commencement and con
lainiiig I tin acres more or less.
Dated this loth day of May, A. D.
Charles  Grasley,   Sr.   Locator.
Edward  Ourucld  Stahl.   Agent
Located 30th  April, 1912. 30.9t
SEALED Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Needlen, B.C.", will he
received at this otlice until 4 P.M.
on Thursday, July -t, 1912, for tin
construction of a Pile Bent Wharf at
Needles, Division of Arrow Lake
District of Kootenay, B.C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at the oflices of C. C. Worsfold,
Ebi[., District Engineer, New West
minster, B. C, and on application to
the Postmasters at Needles, B.C..
und Victoria, B.C.,
Persons tendering are notified tbat
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
uud signed with their actual signa-
tures, stating their occupations and
places of residence, lu the case of
tirms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bunk, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will he forfeited If the person tender
ing decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do ho, or fail to
complete the work contracted for.
If tbe tender he not accepted the
cheque will he returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, June 5, 1912
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Depart
ment.—22853. i»4-2t
by reason of a notice bearing date of
24th December  1907 Hiid  published  in
the British Columbia Gazette of 27th
December  1907,  is  cancelled in order
that a sale of the said lands may be
effected   to   Elizabeth  dimming*.
Robt.   A.  Fenwick
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Lands Department
Victoria, B.  C.
February  8th   1912. 8-SMo.
Kor a licence to take and uae wuter
Notice iB hereby given that George
\V. Bade of Milton, (jregou, wilt apply for a licence tu take und use uuti
and three-tiftlis cubic foot of water
out of unnamed swamp creek rising in a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 21907,
which Hows in a northerly direction
through Lot 6164 and empties into
Booth Creek near the north line ot
Lot 6164. Tbe water will be divert*
ed at a point BOO yards South ol th»
South line of Lot 6164 and will be
used for irrigation purposes on tbo
laud described as l.ot 6164.
This Notice wus posted on tbe
ground on the 15th day uf May, 1912.
ihe application will be Uled lu tha
i-ttiee' ot the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may he tiled with the
.-.aid Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Wuter Rights, parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
For u licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby given that George
\\. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take uud use on*
ind three-lifths miners feet of water
i)Ut of Booth Creek, which Hows lu u
northerly direction through Lot 6164
and empties into St.Marys river near
Wycliile. The water will be diverted
nt a point 376 yards South of the
South Hue of Lot 6164 iu a timber
eserve formerly covered by timber
Licence No. 21907, uud will be used
tor irrigation purposes ou tbe land
described na Lot 6164.
Ibis notice was posted on tbe
ground ou the 15th day of May, 1912.
The application will be tiled in tb«
odice ot the Water Recorder at Cranbrook. B.C.
Objections muy be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Pallia
ment Buildings,   Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
For a licence to take aud use water
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
faeuhuuser of Fort Steele, B.C. will
upply for u licence to tuke aud ujm
one cubic foot of water out of ths
Wild Horse Creek, which tlows lu a
Southerly direction uloug Lot 632 and
empties iuto Kootenay River u«at
Fort Steele.
The water will hu diverted at m
point ueur where Creek crosses Lot
'JNU-I aud will be used lur irrigatiuu
purposes on the lutid described as Lot
This notice was posted ou the
ground on the lt-th day uf Muy, 191,4,
The application will be Uled iu tbe
ollice of thu Water ltecurder at Craabrook.
Objections muy be tiled with tbe
said Water Recorder or wltb tha
Comptroller ot Water Rights, ParUu.-
meut Buildiugs,   Victoriu,  B.C
20 it Applicant
Sealed   Tenders  addressed   to   the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders
for Wharf at Boswell, B.C.," will be
received at this otlice until 4 p. m. on
Tuesday July 2nd. 1912, for the construction of a Pile Hent Wharf at
Boswell, Division of Nelson, Kootenay District, B. C.
Plans, specifications anil form of
contract can he seen and forum of
tender obtained at this department
and at the olllCCS of G. A. Keefer,Ea*4
District Engineer, New Westminster,
B. C, and on application to the
Postmaster at  Victoria, B. C.
Persons  tendering  are untitled  that _________________--_______________________^_____.__m
tenders will not he considered unless Kor a licence to take and ubb water
made on  the  printed forms supplied
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 25» P. U. Box 845
and signed with their actual signatures, stating tbelr occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
■inns, the actual signatures, the nature of occupation, and place of resi-
leiice of each member of the tin
must be given.
Each  tender  must  be accompanied
by all accepted cheque on a chartered
bank,  payable  to the    order   uf    the
Honourable the Minister of PublicI
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
a Ml be for lei tod if the person tender*
Ing decline to t-ntci into a contract
when culled upon to do so, or full to
complete the work contracted for. lf
the tender be not accepted iheehc<-uc
will be returned.
The Department doea not bind itself to accept the loweit or any tender.
By  order,
It   c.  DESlttn'HEItM,
Department of public Works.
Ottawa, May 30 1912. M-St,
Notice is hereby given that Wm.
Bridges ot Moyie, will apply for «
licence to tuke and use oue cubic foot
«•[ water out of au uuu'umed creek
rising ou Lot 9847 uud sinking ou
l same Lot. The water will he diverted
at a polut about it chains iu a south
easterly direction [rom tbe North*
west cornet ot Lot 9247 und will be
used tor Irrigation putpuses ou the
laud described as Lot *H', Group 1,
Kootenay District,
This notice was pouted on tbe
ground on the Lfttb day ot Muy, UU,
The application will he tiled in tba
otlice ot the Water Recorder, at Crau
Objections   muy   he tiled   with   tbe
! said   Water    Recorder   or   with    the
j Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,   Victoria,  B.C.
au fit Applicant
Makes Short Work of
I.IQllOI* -.igbncic
(SrrtliMi IM
NOTIOH ih liertby (tlv«n llmt mil [",','
tllfl HHih »Iuy ol Juno next, nppllon *i>.
lion will ho madf. to tlm BuporlnUn* 1,',1,'j
drrtt ol Provlnclnl pollco lor tho *b*
f-rnnl ut ii lloflnc". for tli'- Halo ui a
qtior liy wholesAlo In nml upon tlic
liromlm-R known hh my gtoroi oltuAto
mi linker Btrotl In thn City ill Oritn-
hnuik, II. II.
A.   ('.   HllWIII-HA
liiitn.1 thla Htll iluy ul Muy. 1911.
|i-ii-i(i..| mill n i'i'i. mi liy   Im-n-l. -i run til*
n it, uumbftjre, (font :-.■■ imi,*i,i nn-1 nil i.Hi.t
I of 10 ii.itil.in jl.l.l Hloii.-t-toAli1x.Hltr.il.
mullfl t.i-mi-tly     L1I.1- mii ■riKfl ->f meny it
ivr-i, in-tin,t rt-iit'f in -.k>>i..(i.unit I'll kulNrvrt,
I il  ft |»<<i-, »t HK'it.y iiiiiI tut '£H ytoii
Imx-ii   PUrlfll   'IK'".   VVotiH'li   Mini   • III l-l 1 •-11   f..r
n thi*n» •■•.■m.-il no twin,  Juit « (.-■* Unit-*
,1 1 in ri of from BO tn DOyHTi' duration
DtlU 11 HI iillil« Illil ivilllvl im 11 T'l' I., -iiff *UH.
 1. rrliabla irMtm-int foi nil uric m-iii dli-
1. wi-iil. I nln.-*. ■, pic    Lai mlnllitr lini tlm!
Abbott Broi. Rhiumitlo Bomody
tint yuur 1 >n
_—..._.._ *■•*■***■
hv AhbotiHim,iuh. DMrbornSd
ChlMgo, 111, If your tli imui«t <iom nut mtre it*
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug I Book Co. ] TT1F. PTtOSrECTOTt, CTtATOROOIv. It. C*
m INDIAN il,
Practical Suggestions by W. J. Glass,
.Macleod, Alberta
(Written especially ror the International Dry-Farming Congress Bullet*
In, "Dry-Farming.") :
In answer to your inquiry as to]
what to do on tbe fnrm right now, I
Bank Balances That Go A.Begging
Amount lo Largs Sums.
Twenty million., nl unclaimed mono?
n lhe roller., ol British banks—dere.
net golJ which nobody owns, and
which the hanks nro naturally | leas-
       ed to take cam ofl   Gohi moro than
will say uow Is the time to get busy | "iilflotent to pave overy  square  foot
ami work, gel our seed into the soil i "' Oheapslde with sovereigns.
(especially   wheat i,  so  that  It  will      The sum total may he exaggerated.
, ...        ,       .   .be matured before lho frost. | But  make  a  liberal  deduction,  and
gritS     WSntfifJ'1   Wo should have  doue cur  letter  you still.have many millions to which
w,   vw      iim       x/v.   iwl.ltu]g a|l(1 stuiiylng during thewln-   no rightlul   owners   make a claim.
ler months.     Nevertheless. I will give   There Is no hank In tlio whole lentlh
a few hints as to how I work my land! ef (ireat Britain (or elsewhere) which
lo prepare u seed bed and preserve I has not its lists ol these bank hai-
lhe moisture, and also my opinions' anees that may bo snid to go a-beg-
ius  regards  the  best periods to sow I sing.     Sumo    are    for   trivial   sums.
different cereals. | scarcely worth the trouble uf pocket-
We all know that practically no fall   ing;  soma are for  amounts running
plowing  was  done  lust  year,   thore.} Into thousands.
fore our land has either to be plow-j     Some vears ago. when Mr. Oosclie
ed this spring, or Just disced and drill    Conversion Scheme, was in the air
ed.     On account of such a short lime j was found that the Hank of Kngland
d so much work to he done, and   a'.one had nearly 11.000 of these dor-
Write for catalogue C.P., telling
why tbo Indian Motor Cycle
at $280
is the finest Motor Cycle ln tho
189 Notre Dame Eait      Wlnnlseg
en s
A "Too-Late" Stamp
The only "toodate stamp ever Issued appeared In Victoria ln lSSo.
It hours tho head of Queen Victoria,
as do most of the stamps of the col-
nnv.     The body    of the stamp Is In
plowing taking longer than    discing.
the Question arises:  "is It necoBsar)
lo plow or will discing do?"
Plow Every Year
I nm a firm believer In plowing ev
fry yea'-, except on new Innd which '
m It'
deep lilac crossed by iwo bands ot ''as only bud one crop taken fro
green.     Tho upper  bnnd  hears  the am> la "ol w.-li rotted      Laud lu um
words   "Too late."  while  tbo  lower (condition and clear (free trom weeds)
ment  accounts,    r'urly  of them  hnd
over  1*10,000  apiece  to  their credit;
\ one balance was written III six ligures
—4181,698,   The total at tho bottom
"f tiie  long  list  was X7.ti-ttl.775.    This
amount wns very  largely made np ol
; unclaimed dividends uii Government
| stoek.
Scottish bunks have, it is said. i-9,.
has the value or fee "Sixpence." Thijcould be disced a couple or times ami  000,000 ol this overlooked gold   Eng-
■•Too Late" stamp represented a tax seeded   with  fairly  good  results,  al-   Hsn banks at least double this sum
or f-e lu addition tn regular postage "tough, as a rule, oue does not get  How does it come there?   And what
upon  such loiters as were received as large a yield. becomes ol It)
too uie for the regular mall, In all;    mmedlately aftei plowing use the     It seems Inconceivable that so much
lame  maiitlnie cities  much   mail   IsiPacker, the same da)  it possible; Hi     money, for all of which  thero must
senl   out  on  outgoing  vessels.      In sooner after plowing the better. This  liavo been owners at some  time  ot
early stamp period- a fast sailing pac- }» "' »*«P :tl" land from doing oul    ether, sli.end be thus lost to sight,   A
ket   or   In  fact,  any  sailing  vessel.:1' Vou havent a oaeker. use a Boat,   score or more ol slmplo causes aocouut
was often charged with the carrying U >011 naveut a float, use a disc,     a   for lho seeming impossibility    A loan
of Iho malls.     The   heavy   regular Mjoat is a simple affair made by boltlnt-  mav. lot private or business reasons
mail to go by vessels or steamer on Rur. »-'<■ or six -    * l"\lt    or    10   lmvo accounts with more batiks than
any specllled day wns sorted and .lis-:planks   toteiher.    etilug   the   second   ,.,,»,   He dies; Ills executors know no.
patched In wagons from the post of- »P  '"-*   nrst.   and   so  on   until   you   thine ol anv but Ins usual bank; the
flee some hours before the scheduled Bet the required slie balances  at  the  others  remain  un.
time of sailing.     A light suppiornf-n-'    •-«  course,  u   vou   Iml   your   It,..,    claimed
tary mail   was   af.terwar.ls   sent   by   * uof-heavy enough, you can weight     He mav die abroad   or disaooear
apodal    messenger.     The mail cou-       down   «««,,»'   1  !„:=,       .... .       . .J,.^^
slated of such letters as arrived after    ».   ma  .   fame -bave   stoues     a I he ma? even forget that su   , and such
tho regular moll had closed, nut were their 'a"J:tw« : »'<* lron or anyth.n     ,    ,       ...   .....,;..,,     In „,os0
ot sufficient importance to warrant *e *rlt« "eight will do. . ,„    ,.   „ ,,.   ,   .. v   .,,
sender In the payment ol a   too late Methods of Cultivation ....:   . ■     ,    |8 jeIt
fee. which in Victoria was Used at     Xo,v. as to the  - . needed   in tbe ha   Is ol ba   tera      swell the
sixpence.     This supplementary man arter packing or floating befoi ■ rmanl     i .- The Only Chance
was  kept open until within a  snort j,)S   -,n depends on condition of the     For -even vear, the banker- keen      ■■, ,.., .     i        .-,,       i
time of the sailing hour, the time de- S011.     If very lumpy, disc   If uot, th    _1" L   «     r, „ „." I to  , a     - u-   "' "\ ,''"'"'■    ' ,"V 'v m\
Probably got off.
Apropos    of    certain      unfoundei
charges of drunkenness   among   thi
naval  cadets at  Annapolis,    Admlra'
than a hen's es.
'S3- ■"  a tit B '.    it     this term expired, they
regst | the ' rgotteu gold as their own.
i   ! would not in any case advise us*   A mim i   stei ing ot such ownerless
;Iea\ea   the.  surface    ol   the    cround  did Law Court*    The Citv   itUuld
lao-ootb. a, tbi, aid, .     ™ *£,^Zn'o™™.^ Ilk
the land powdery on '   i
building r*»ared from the Fame bandy
■Ah  tin?  sailor  lurched   under  hisIoats or barley until the end of Mav. tprowin?, fed by man's carelessness or   tioiis the architects decided to run a
heavy load along a palm-bordered ave* Land that I had not seeded by that wrgaUulneu,   ™r   secrete   hidden  frieze around   the   proscenium   em*
nue, Uia captain hailed htm indignant* time, I would summer fallow,    i pre
ly. i fer to sow  my oats nnd barley thr
"Look  here,"    thft    captain    said,  lost week in April or the tlrst weei
"suppose yotl were my    commander, ,of  May und  be  through seeding b)
and yon met me in such n condition , May 15th.
as you're In now, what would you do i Summer Fallowing
to mn7" 1   Just a word about summer fallow
"Woll,  air.",   aald    the    Bailor,  'i (Do not leave your Bummer fallow to
wouldn't condescend to take no notice
of you at. all. Hir"
awHy in thousand j of musty bank ledgers.
Once Mora
The miner dropped Ills pick an1
utarefl with bulging eyes at the yellow inaSB which a stroke nT lhe nn
pi erne nt had Jnnt laid bare. For e
in linil" Iio was struck apoeclitesj
Then, like ono gone made I"' gave
forth a mighty shout,
iiii  mat'1 came  running   from   the
ino'illi of Hie tunnel,
"Whiif Ih It?" he cried brenthlesBl;
"Cold!" yelled   the   other.   "Pure
BOM!" Tons of it"
"la that nil?" exclaimed his parr
ner disgustedly. "Front the bulla
halloo yo wore mnh hi' one would
tblnk ye had dug Into a firkin' o' bu.
"You Hunt always he ntoc i > your
little plnyinatcs."'
"I know. I've got my lessons all
right.        I'm    j'tst     healing      them
Talked Just  Like a Man.
Miss Florence Marryat. the novelist.
daughter of   Captain   Marryat,  had'
some mannerisms of her own.   Thej
.following anecdote was told by  Wll-,
late; but plow In June.     H>  leaving  liam Downey: " 'Here is a letter irom
the weeds grow they take plant food Florence Marryat,' said Mr. Tinstar,'
and  moisture from  the soil. ;vhe  publisher,  to  me  one   morning.
Do  Btire and  treat  your grain for  -she wants me to buy a new  three!
smut       i  treal   will, formall at  the volume novel from her.    If I'm out,
rate of one pound to 35 gallons or o( the way when tne
water.      I have never bad any Mnut. [ ,&^ t0 jier .
The system I follow ia to pour 4 or ?„   , i,* iinile>''    She is,a \al {.st4rif.J Singer cake out of the pantry.-
bushels or gin In  in a  wagou box ' ng   loo^ing woman,  and shell talk!    Tommy blushed guiltily.
spHnkle with ordinary garden sprlnk- l°,you Jl]s!„1,kV "W'j  Aifeiv day5     "oh» TbomaB,"   Bhe   exclaimed, "I
ler the solution over the grain and 1?Ur ", a l \t(iy .cralled'1  Jhncto* didn't think it. wns in youi"
stir until kernels are all moist, then *T might be MissMarryat.   bhe look-1    "it ain't all." replied Tommy, "part
shovel to the front cud of the wagon ed armM llie  offip*-  and tlien-  ad"   of it's in Elsie."
bofc;  then another lot, and   so   on dressing me, she said/Ja Bill in?
Cover Up with a canvas for a couple
of hours, and then spread out to dry.
Haul ihe wagon out lo the Held and
till the drill from the wagon,
As 1 said at the beginning, this Is
a busy time, so goodbye.
To thin 1 replied that Mr. Tin3ley
was not in. Could I do anything for
her? "1 must see Bill himself,' she
said. 'Tell Uie old bounder 1 called.'
'You're Mi?* Marryat?' I ventured.
'Yes. Bul stop! How the dickens do
you know I'm Misa Marryat? 1 never
saw you before'."
around   a   - ll   trying   tn
that they've got lo be nice l<
—Delroll Freo Press.
vh   them First Capital  Being Pulled Down by
e, too." Misslslppl
said a mother to lur small
"why   ia   K   thut   you   and
brother aro always Quar-
Punch for Six Thousand.
A correspondent of the West India |when the train reached a small sta
i    »■■■■■■■■ .i iv— luumnr, iimn* un* mnl -Committee Circular gives a recipe for  tlon at  which  there  was  a  restaur*
[traces ot old "Kaskasia," flrst capital punch in which tbe ingredients are ,iUU. *••■*■ tno Englishman    was    tho
uf tlii> State of Illinois and one of the]jour hogsheads  of  brandy,  eight of |**rat t0 flnrt !l Boat at ? 'able. "Bring
yonr   lill I
rolling ?"
"1 don't know," replied Sadie, "un I
Jrrh I take after you and he take-;
afier pupa."   Chicago News.
"No man will. wllCull) rebuff harsh-
ly tbo girl whoso only fatlll Is beim;
deeply lit love" with him/ says Laura
.lean  Ltbbey.      No,  Indeed,  if ono of
Elements of the white man I" I water 25 C00 lemons 20 gallons of me '■* a hurry.' he said to the hmd-
the .Mississippi valley, will have dls- limo juice*( j m pounds of tine sugar. -0"1 a lm(rly, Western, "'an: "a 'wt'
ippeared, The yellow MlssisslppUs Bpo„nU5o! grated nutmegs,300toast- .whouse steak, some deviled kidneys,
steadily pulling down the remaining e(j Di8euits Jnd a pipfi of dry moun- ]a hnwe of ohops, plentyofvegetables
tain Malaga, Mix tho whole in a
[fountain. The resultant punch is sufficient for 0,000 men. Those wbo have
not forgot ton the logical method ot
proportion  will, it may  bo  observed
Shakespeare and Denver
.A man named Taber, who bad ac-
lired considerably  more of worldly
bellished with the names of famous
lights of literature and drama. Milton,
Garrick, Edwin Booth and lbson were
all there, and ln the very centre wai
the name of William Shakespeare.
j "Taber came Into the opera house
one day for a final Inspection, and
spotted the frieze"
'What's the name doing up there?
asked Taber?
"What, name?" the architect asked.
"William Shakespeare." said Taber.
"What, did William Shakespeare ever
do for Denver?    Take his name down
alls you Cftn,|ttnd ,mt Tauei. jn its place."—Washington Post.
■'Thomas,1'  said  mother,    severely,
"some one has taken a big piece of
Knew   Him  by   His   Order
An English nctor was a member
of a company snowbound in the Sierras, while en route from California ro
the East. Before their train was
dug out by the snow plough they had
been reduced to eating the cvarse
fare of the railroad laborers and got
llttlo enough even of that. So tbat
they all had a magnificent, hunger ou
land thai  was once    a part    of   th
town site-     All that now remains l
iau old building that wus once used|
| as a "smokehouse" by some ot the cit-
i/.eiis.     Houses, powder   magazines,
stockades and fortifications have   all
slid Into the river,
i   Kaskasia Is still on the maps of ll-
•em gets hurl in the crush t, is nnrel, j1"0'8- ,'"; !nP ff^JPfi ^ 'V,*'
......i.i\.,i..i     in,. ,.„ ..„.  "...     .    bottom of the river.     The best efforts
failMil to check the river's steady ad-
and two bottles of Bass' hitter hei
\ 'The landlord stuck his bend out of
\ jthe  dining-room  door  and  yelled  to
somebody  in   the  rear  apartment;—
'"Say, Bill, toll the    hand    to   play
'Rule Britannia,' the Prince of Wales
cldental, or as like us not h
fault.*—■Rochester     Democrat
tha data given to arrive at tho quantities to brew punch for a party of
half a dozen.
A Trial Treatment
of Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Free
to Skin Sufferers
IE you, or someone dear to
you, arc suffering the itching, burning, sleep-destroying torments of eczema or
other cruel skin eruption,
with its embarrassing, unsightly disfi»uivment;if you
have tried all manner of
treatment, no matter how
harsh, to no avail, and have
ail but given up hope of
cure, write to-day for a liberal sample of Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. Thousands
of skin-tortured sufferers,
from Infancy to age, have
found that thc first warm
bath with Cuticura, Soap
and gentle application of
Cuticura Ointment bring
instant relief, permit rest
and sleep, and prove thc
first steps In a speedy and
Successful treatment. Address "Cuticura," Dept.
ioM. Boston, U. S. A.
vancea. A few yearn ago the Kaskasia river, usually Known ns the wK*
aw river, began to cut into Its western haul; h mile or -o above the point .
A Turkey With a Recorf1. ....       , ,  ,
., ,.    ..' .    Iwill penetrate the tissues and bring
An old hnglish country woman, who Upeody relief.    Try   it and be   con-
waa famous   lor   breeding  tine  tur- lVlnoed.     As  tho  liniment  slnlca  lu
keya, sold one to a neighbor named :lh(1 pa|n  cotnG(,  ,,„t  nml there —
where It 0owa Into the Mississippi. At  Welk   The bird proved particularly  aniple Rrounds for saying that
high water tbe flood  rrom tbe big tough, and, as Wells hnd paid a rath- touch is magical  ns it is
river began leaping across the narrow  ,..- BtiH price [or it, he-went to the' 	
neck  ot land  that  divided  the  two  vendor  in  «  state    <»f  Indignation,
currents     Finally the imk river cut  ..\Vh * ^ voll menn by Imposing such
entlrelj aero .- the spit <>r sand and rt turkey on mo—ono of your oldest
rook that had separated tho two and. neighbors?" ho onqulred.   "Why, was I
old Kaskasia became an Island tll,...0   Bnythlng   wroiv,*   about   it
One hundred and flftj yeara ago th
Important Feature
"Papa,"   Buys   the   little   boy,   "I'm
hungry.     Let's go get n sandwich."
After  I've  thought  out Oils problem, Willie-     Dou'.t disturb my train
of thought."
After waiting in alienee   and   pa-
jhas come." tlence for ten minutes, tbo little buy
^_ , , ventures)*
i..Rub It In for Lame Back—A brisk!      ,'aI,;V h!,8n'1 >'?"r lmUl t,f thought
!rubbing wltll Dr, Thomas' Rleclric Oil P0' a dUtel'__] ll-	
will    havo    lame    back.     The    pain I
.   l
where the smoki house soil lingers was the seat ot tbe largest olty
peal -'f the Alleghsnj mountains, In
n tow months more the last of the old
town will have slipped Into the river
and the Island thai was cut off rrom
the mainland will Itsell dlsappeai
| too big for his head, though bo wore
1-8 size in huts.
'Noi going ut Mi'-f's luncheon
■.-un gave jrour sacred word!"
■ so I did ond I'd go In a minute II
tn> ureas had come home' Harper'
She Was Willing
Tbo man was ono of the sort  t,i;i'
women  like because of their   nwk
wnvdness, their   ugliness   and   their
'Wrong, riwdaml It wasn't flt to eall" .were t0° blK f,)r h!" teB th.ou8n lllM
"Well, it ought to have been, for it !??\w5A.onormoM8, Hls ohoBt wtt'
won   the   tir*it   prlr.0   at   the  country
1 iin' ahow [or eleven years in sue-,
, ioni" said tliu dame. j   iu' WIlH ■"'*' "  Sl-  "ornard  pup,
.. ,.  but older than any young dug.
'"," ' T.     «■„, .. n ,«. Ho bad ncvor been    at    a regular
The B.gfi^t Cran,. Lnco .Ki|.)ri(       Th(i m_ ^.^   ^
'li.- largest crane in the world ha* delicate flowors lo him, and he hard-
■ ll   been erected al Govatl, on the Clyde, hy daivd to touch one of them-  He
[for the liiiilicld shipyards,   Ou alow,looked to the girls ltlco a new idea
gear ii will raise '..on tons at a dls- j—and tbey hoped he'd arrive.     lie
tance of "& (not from the mast, and did, after a minute or two,
Mlnard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
Omits,—I have used your Mlnard's
Liniment In my family and also in
iny stables for years and consider it
ibe beat medicine obtainable,
Youis truly,
Proprietor Roxton Pond Hotel   mil
Livery Stables.
Always Girls
"Girls will be girls."
"\es, there Booms to be no nge limit which applies to that description-"
—Philadelphia Bulletin,
Where the Account li
Observing modern matrimony.
One cannot but rolled 'Us funny.
With bridge and dross
And social stress,
Tbey want    Ie3s    mntri   and? more
The Grand Trunk Pacific announces
that a through passenger service between Reglna and Winnipeg will k."
put. on hy that company next montn.
It is also stated tbat particulars
with regard lo the new Reglna si a
tion will be made public lu the near
future. A sub-st at ion on t he north
Klde of tbe city will SOOii be a necessity but no decision as to locution has been reached as yet-
In Boston
Ofllce Boy—Sir, 1 regiel lu Inform Town Topics,
you thnt I have to attend the obsequies of my paternal grandparent,
Emplo) nr—Percy, you cannot deceive inc. You nre employing thnt
Rubterfiige 111 order to attend thn opening of thn water-color exhibition.—
Wife—"My husband Is not well, I'm
afraid he'll glvo out."
Wife's Mother—"Well lie may glvo
out,.   Ho certainly  never gives  In.—
Modi i ;i  Announcetneni   "Wanted
,\ governoss  who is b   good   steuu
grnpher '■> lake down the clevet  aa;
Ings ol our child.'  -Fllegends Ulai I
She—In a way getting married Is
like using the telephone.
lie—How so?
She—One does'nt always get tlu
parly one wants.
angr -
■  buj
on quick gear it will carry a load of Idled across the Iloor, mnde a stand
loo tons ot I33 toot OKtenslon,   The in front of the littlest girl, and aald,
foundations of the crane consist of'more or less ungrammatically:
lour targe lubes, |& feet through at the '    -'Can 1 dance with you?"
base, filled wltll conorote and sunk 74     gitQ was rattled, hut she answorod
foot below lho surface witli n smile:
"I don't know, but I like you well
enough to loi you try!"- -Cleveland
PlnlmloHler, ■,
They Cleanse  While They Cure,—
Hewad-IThc vegetable    compound of    which
C.-iillrinit-,'   Eggs.
Among British birds Ibe cuckoo lay.
the smallest ogg in propovtlotl to ita I
Tramp  ' hope you won ' be
when  l  tell  you  I'm  going t
v«..'ii n„i !■*■.*«'and lho giillloniol llie largest egg. I   just stop tn think   llmt
*"'ili niii.,... ,  .,__  _,,., ,.,, p., ,, ,i,.       . ,, •. 	
kind l.ntl-
I In      bill llRll I
NoKftl ..ii
haloo'i alo
Ml     III.
"You musi  noi  lalk nil Iho  Mnn
Kibel," said the mother who had beci
int. •rniiied
"When will I be ohl enough lo mam
mnl' .ml.'-d ihr- lutlo girl,
Earnest  Love
"in ctmph i I. lie shoots at lo
tunes.     Aiti'i thai ftmtiil''
"Yos, bul ihem novels aro misleading, Mnymo, There ajn'l no c.irn
i si lovo like iimi in real life."
th- *\7
111 inly
tP'li lhe lattoi   bird is only about RooHOVnlt  Ih
vcii,   Its (%'g-i   are and forty Ilu
nf    tin*    lav
'■'» inches iu iongtli,
mly ono nine hundred
iijsaiKlHi of one per emit.
r the population ot Hie United States
-Miuiny journal.
R Ml tikes Wiicl s Uio nifiller wilh
ttuiwinh'     llo looks bo bud hiLoly?
.lokes- Worrying over lldlo things
col im |hr at his house,
'Tliey tell m.' lhal [UlloW'B a wo-
iinn> lm to I "
"No wonder, lion been married llvo
tlllh'S. '
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are com
posed, mainlyylanilellou and mandrake, clear the stomach and lutes-
tines of deleterious matter and re-
stnro the deranged organs to healthful action. Hence they are the beat
remedy for Indigestion avnllahlo today. A trial of tbem will establish
the truth of this usacrtlon and do
more to convince tho ailing tban anything that can he written of theso
Over a hundred thousand pedea-
Irians pass over London bridge lu
one day, while tho number of vehicles which cross the bridge exceeds
twenty thousand.
Father     (reprovingly)—"Do    you
know what happens tu liars when tbey
Johnny—'"Yea, air;  tbey llo Still,"
—Boston Transcript.
Mr- !, M, Porter—I haven't mad.)
enough In Ibe last, month to pay my
ofllce boy's wages.
Mra. Porter—Then why don't you
make your bookkeeper run the errands?—Puck.
"(Ico-gea, I'm very much worrli rt,
The landlord aays be Is going tu ralso
the rent." ,^-
"Is bo? Then wby do you want, mo
to worry trying to do 11.'" -Baltimore
Maud Doesn't It muke you shk
when you llml a worm lu au npplo
you're eating? Ugh,
.luck-No—only when I find hair ot
i cost-
Father—M.v son, your study
ing me a terrible lot."
"I can't understand thnl, dad, for I
don'l  study very hard anyway."'
They flung poor Jonah in lhe sea;
The captain, who was croaa,
Bald, "Tig a case, it looms to me,
Of prophet and of loaa"
—Women's Homo Companion.
No ono need endure ibe ogony of
corns with Hollowuy's Corn Cum ul
baud to remove tbem.
A parson walking along the street
lho other day under tin umbrella su>.'
n Imro-Hondoi1 navvy tolling lu a deep
"Areu'l   y ifiald  of  llie heal   iif-
focllllg your brains?" aiibl the par-
"If I'd any bruins I wouldn't bt)
!i"iv," .-.aid Pat.
W  N. U. 900
1 Klndlj it turn my lock of hair."
von were
Mrs. A. -I hoar thut it broke Mra,
lOillrox'fl beiiiI  to have to get. n dl-
*"l).) viiii |nho nny regular exorcise"
asked the dootor,
"Yes, of course I do.    I walk fron ,	
All right,    Do you wani the dark my automobile to the elevator every voice from her husband.
>ek or the one you gave me when , morning, and rrom lho elevator to iny     Mrs. B.—Why, then did she do it?
bloude? —Washington nutoinobile  amy  evening."—Chleag-j     Mrs. c. -Because lho new cook did-
iRoconi-iierahl. U'l- like him.-Satire.
Solomon Junior—Paw, vat truth \h\
dem lu tho statement dat marriage
tss a failure? ,
Solomon Senior Veil! Mine son, If
IOIJ god u vomit11 mil a fortune aud
she'll die Qtilok, (bit's as good ns n
bOOIUOSI failure.
"Would   you   give  n  pore   feller  tt
dime to savo his lire, boaa?
"Certainly not.    Certainly not. lm
an undertaker,"
llo--"My heart beats for you nlono."
Bpe—"NoiiH-Mirte! That's your watcu
ticking."--London Opinion.
A man cannot understand the torture ind tufferin( many women endur*
unoompliinin,ly. II the mijority ol men auffered i. much piin ind endured with
patience the weakening aickneaaei thit moat women do, tbey would ilk for,
Immediate lympithy and look lor o quick cure, ■ I
Many women hive been lived Irom « life of raiiery end nnTerlnf by turning
lo the right remedy—Dr. Pierce'i Favorite Preacrlption—i remedy which ii aafa;
to take beoauio containing no narcotic,, alcohol or in'urloua ingredient.. It ia an',
alterative extract ol root,, made with pure glycerin, and brat given to Ibe publlo,
by that lamoua apecUllit In Ibe dl.ca.e. of women—Dr, H. V. Fierce, ol th*
Invalidt' Hotel and Surgical laatitute of Buffalo, N. Y. •     ..        -
Mm. I.mts M. IIi-sihikimkh, of Lincoln, Nnb., B30 "C" St.;
MVil " I Bond a u.tlmyninl with mm-h plemiiro »o that wima;
luitorlnj woman may know lho Inio worth ol your rnmn[liiw.|
I wis a lrc»t Builder from fnmalo troublei but aluir t*kliin
Olio bottle :f Dr. l'lcrco'a 1'ivorltfl Preacrlption, which »'
Irlciiu advlud ran to inko, I found myself vory much lm-|
proved. Alia, laltjng throe more bolllia, ami usIiik iwo
lioxoj 61 Dr. flcrco« wllon T»blot*, I found myself on tlm'
road io rocovol-jl. I nt In poor health lor live years but
now I am curod. Ef**'
"I hopo all women sufferlni from feinile woaknos. will
give. Dr, riorcc't Favorim proscription a fair trial,
Doctor Pierce', Pleuanl Pellet, regulate and InvigoraM,
atomach, liver and bowel*.   Suger-coatcd, tiny granules, ...
Has. Haanamn. ' *TTT1- T>T>Ac-n-nrrr.OT,   CT*A\TITTOOr. 15, C.
Curious Sex Differences
Grain Fixing and Grain Mixing
Deal- Mr. Edllor,
Will you permll nu ordinary'homesteader tu puss an opinion ou u very
plausible, and at the same time n
very ureal Injury llmt threatens llm
grain trndo of the Wests' 1 refer to
ibe establishment of u sample mark-
The grain sharks are making a de-
A woman walking on a clly footway  l''n"'»'"1 effort to gel legal authprll
ill   t',,1,,,1 llllv   el ua.   ll.,.   'ttr.li.a. Uii,.   l - *-*
tally choi
docs su |i:irily In <
sbop v.'iiulmvK luil
of tbe sii»i»r of li
I.-* less on Hie iiisiil
lu truuiH and ihiii.IIhihph women
mostlj bII nenr tho door. At the far
end, yon will, iih a rule, see u major I"
 I     ..Ml..  ' w
open Bitot) markets In Winnipeg and
Port Wllliiim.    The sohemu Is to lake
blolly on Hccouni lil i'VH!,,in 'i-'Hutiiy of uraln rrom every
imvemont, wlilchlSSy^tfJl^Ji ?? 7i!7 !_ !.!-
'.ler I
Inside.     Sbo
ile at the!
Ity ot men.     Wben men read wliti
travelling they nearly   a I ways   rend
lieu-simpers, hul   In ihe bauds of the
reading girl you  will, with ra
ci iitloiis, see a booli
grain exchange, und as soon aa Ihe
car Ih sold, the car trom which th-
|sumple ih U'l.cu ia hent to its destination by Hie railway company. Mctm-
e the cai'a arc delayed lu transit
.Iweuiyl'our  hours,  and  cam  not  arriving at    Winnipeg    before    eleven
[o'clock on Saturday mornings are held
until eleven o'clock on the following
When a womaiTTi oroBslng a sin-et Monday morning, Thia means thai
with inunli traffic she runs, lu nine1]10 lllHH (,r llme ll1 LrailBtt caU8«-u by
cases mil ol Ion, mui the otdoi she «e sample market, reduce* the carry
is thu more is Bhe inclined to run, ln« caimolly of tho railway companlea
Ihn the man walk! verv deliberately uoAvly two dnys In every week. This,
A woman holds n closed umbrella by °" tlie lm'68 niain ■•ll('s oE railway to
the middle and usuullv clasps It lo |j,tl,{e Superior, equal* a reduction of
ber hodv. No one ever saw a man a °'lL -■",,-,,1 oul °** n ,f,,,t' °* IM"-*1
currying It in this way available for the   transportation   of
A woman usuallj raiiei a cup or a *rtt-n during the whole of the busy
glass or a Tort; to'her lips correctly— WMon.
lhal ft wilh ber clhow close to be." j Now, air, I look on this as a very
body. Must men stick their elbow*; serious matter, The great cry, al*
out, against all rules of etiquette, In [most menacing In its Intensity, from
lighting a match a woman mostly rubs Jthe Rooky Mountains to the l.nke of
It  lu a direction  away from  her;
towards his in
On   the   "Made-in-Canada"    Train
The special train, hearing the ".Made
•In-Canada" Kxhii.ii. which left Montreal oil May Kith, aud Is touring the
West until July  1st, is ^creating un j rf7ui"ipIe"marUeL in the "way'to prevent
rapid and efficient transportation  to
tiie Woods, has been and will be,
"Give us cars! more curst, more
cars!!!" And every newspaper lu
Western Canada re-echoes the cry,
"More cars!!!" And lhls too in the
face or the fact, that next fall will
witness an Increase of millions ot
bushels of grain to be transported to
pautern markets. It is nothing short
of criminal folly In the face of these
fads to place such au obstacle as a
Swam the Icy Columbia With Child
on Hia Back
To swim ilie Columbia lliver :-.L
Unmtllla, where It Is half a mile In
width, is a test of human strength
even under the moss favorable conditions, but. to accomplish the feat burdened with the weight of a child, ami
In the dead of winter, with a swol
len  rlve_r made  more  formidable b
Brought on by a Severe Strain—How
a Cure Was Found
Mr. Joseph Stephens, Hosomount.
Out., Is one of the great host who
oontinually Bound the praises of .Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, und he hns
much reason to do so aa they brought
lilm from suffering to health, after
iho presence of hundreds of jaggedl"0 '""' "Pent much money nml two
Ice lloos, Is nh achievement almost un- Wars nf time experimenting with oth-
belleveable. er treatments.    Mr. Stephens tells his
Yot this wus just what was done experience as follows: "in, the month
aboul eight years 'igo by a Colura. °* January, 1808, while working In a
bin lliver Indian who hail almost logging camp nt Creston, H.U-, I got
reached the age of fiHv. lie Is stillPJ" ll,l('k ullcU>' Injured. I suffered
living toduv on iim Umatilla reserva- » H"-"* deal of l)nin mi 'Vlls almost
lion toJustify u
though*no niiin e-
of II.
Tile Indian's name Is Sees-Yusc, and
his   performance,
ir heard 3,1 it, boast
helpless. I tried plasters, thliikluK
they would help me, but Ihey were o'
no use. I took several medicines,
equally without benefit,     Then I was
ho is now the lieiid man of Ibe soot- IdvlBed to try electrical treatment
lerod Cblurabltts. lt was in the early "-h" ,lil1 m il" '* ""■"■ '""• without
. jars or tlio new century tlmt ho at- Betting any permanent relief, and It
tempted to mnko the passage of tho began to look ns though 1 was going
Columbia In a frail enuoo, ncebtniian- to ,"' Permanently crippled. Then I
..I by u boy of ll years. Whon In! wnn advised to undergo treatment
mid-stroam Ills Utile" en*, was struckWith '■ specialist nt Spokane, Wash,
wiih such force by nu toe cuke that Aftor examining me ho said l was In
wus overturned.   Soes-Yuse seized a very bad shape and that the troll-
Happy Married Life
I married a suffragette, said Mr,
Oholmondel* Ripplngate of Hyde Park,
nnd for five years have found unspeakable happiness.
I'm Kind to lieur it, suld the suffragette leader.
Yes, snld Ripplngate, Mrs. Hipping
nto hus been In Juil four years nnd
bnree months altogether,—Harper's
i onipntilnli anil, placing him on
lilo wus likely to result   in
his boy ,..,	
his back, breasted the stream nud disease, However, he told me thai
commenced -his buttle to coin tho lle *•" sm'8 n0 ooul11 011"e mo- At *
shoie. heavy expense 1 was under hi
>......,   r,.i.  ,i.......   .......il.u    l.i,
His Fatal Kindness
The diflicuHies of supplanting nature ls shown In a Fulton, Mo., dis-
pnich to a Rochester paper. The
communication declares that when
Roy Chamberlain's pet dog lost one
of his legB, (lie chances seemed to bs
against Sliep staying this side of tho
dog heaven, but Roy built a wooden
leg and attached it lo tho stump of
Shep's llml).
Sihep each night went to his muster
and permitted Ills artificial leg; to ho
removed, and in the morning it was
streppod on again, Shep wns really
a much Improved watchdog because
lie did uot run around nights.
Tiie wooden leg, how-over, was the
rnnse of shop's death,     in a lit of I existed betweei
absent-mindedness lie went   uft
|llli|l!l;|iy;:::.'C.:.|:l'''    .';;liii|.;.|i 'I
"StTHE- -'.
...,.:,: .;■   :  . .;;:ii[iilii![ii!lilliii!ii;; iiiiiiiiini
1 rent-
if men who witnessed tbe font tivo Iment for three months, but did not
to bo believed, no white man could KotUie leant benefit.     I was almost
The Unburled Hatchet The Irrepressible Conflict
For a number or years a bluer feud]    Ho! sneered Tommte. Yin. ain't
tiie Browns and Per* body,     Your papa ami gol any
kinases,  next door neighbors,     The [mobile like my papa has.
i Maybe be ain't, retorted Hlllli
we've t»nt a camphor eheal up
lu our mtie thai smells like i
Harper's Weekly.
have accomplished wbnt ihln old Indian did. Foot by foot ho made bin
wny toward tho southern bank, and
though swept down Btream by the
swift current, his progress wna steady.
povoral times ho was Kti'uok'Tfy an
h:e (loo, and tho jagged end of one
t a deep wound in lila nook, Finally
after what seemed an almost Inter-
mlnable time, ho reached the shore
with his burden, his Btrength spent by
ills heroic efforts and loss of blood,
In despair; work was plentiful aud
wages good, but l could not work, as
I was quite unable to bend, l was in
this condition for about two years,
when my brother, wbo was wllb mo
nil tbo time, come across one of Dr,
Williams' pamphlets and read of tho
great work Dr. Williams* rink Tills
wero doing. He urged mn to try
them, but I thought it would bo use-
loss to spend more money after all
tho other treatment had failed. He
Insisted, however, and got 11 dozen
boxes of tho  Pills and  I   began  to
Brlght's (particularly ambitious ilea that   had trouble bad originated   through
chosen his head ns a delving ground [depredations of Hiowu's cat, and
and fractured his skull as he attempt- grown so mod an affair that uotthei
cd to kill l!:o Insect wiih his wood   parly ever dreamed of "making up."
en leg. .One day, however. Brown Beul by his
Hoy painted the lex white aud used servant a peace-making note ror Mr.
Pork Ins, which read:
'Air. Brown sends Ills compliment!
Mr. PerltliiB and Pegs t.i $ay bit
. but
It as a marker for Shep's
Wb ul
ood hi
cud almost frozen by tbo chill wilder.
Before the How from his wound could,   ,     , ,   .      , ,    ,
bo checked ho had   almost   bled   Lo taltB tu,era'    Before I had use
death dozen boxes I felt relief, am
Not  long arter the  Incident Sees- tlnm?d * tai(I,n.s  tlm  plUi  untn  evfyr
Yttse was awarded some heirship lands vestige of the pain was gone, and
on the Umatilla reservation and since l<-°u-<- -'aise 111>' hant,s auovo m-v heIu!
Viewed With Suspicion
Before he was well known Wendell
Phillips, the aholllionlst, went to
Charles town and put up nt a hotol. Hir
had hreakfasi served lu his room aud
was waited upon by a slave. Mr,
Phillips seized the opportunity lo present to the negro In a pathetic way
lhat he regarded hi inns a man find
brother. The negro, however, seemed more anxious about, his breakfast
his posh Ion In lhe
tat died lh
'.  Perkins'
n morning."
written reply
rictus Is sorry to 1 °n
ouble, but ho bad in
Brown was ill."
did   Ni.ah   live  on   win n   iho
A subsided and his provlslmii
In ihe ark were exhausted'.' asked   i
:* lay school  teachei  ol hei  elu-.i
on Sunday. "I know," squeaked n,
linle gin nrier all thn othi is bs '.
given up,     "Woll what. Inquired iho
nf Mr. teacher,
Tit-BII ■
that time has lived among tho UOm
an d then bend until I could touch my
, ■uii,     .inu;     mm     null     il.jiiillr.     lilIO     1j Iim-  I , ll   , i    1        ,
tlllas, Oayuses and "Walla Wallas, but to8.B wUh ^ lingers, something 1 had
usual Interest all along the line
One of [is notable exhibits'Is that of
tlu Imperial Tobacco Company ot
Canada, Limited, the largest manufacturers of smoking and chewing tobaccos and cigarettes in the Dominion.
lu addition to their generous ad ver-	
tlsing, thla company ls   still   further tpoMtble!
helping all dealers carrying these well [terminal
through   tho   death   of   tbo   chief.-
not been able, to   do   for   over   two
Kort William and Port Arthur.
It. is seldom, Indeed that I can commend the railway companies, but I
cannot shut my eyes to tbo fuct that
they are all straining every nerve to
prepare for the fall rush. They arc
laying double tracks as quickly as
They are improving their
They are largely Inoreas
lain of bis own tribe he has como t> [?**■**<    *** cure was a great surprise
be  regarded by his people as their
bead man.
The old Indian, whose facial char-
to my comrades, and you may be sure
I told them what had brought it about.
I am now as well and Btrong as any
Reason Enough
Why didn't you ask tor your transfer as you eniir.cd tbe car? demanded the conductor,
Because I saw a sen* and wanted !•>
•.•hind me could
saying that, he could not hear to bejgel lo it, iho woman replied, calmly.
Clerk -.Mn
■-1 n ti-iir i'huu he was nbout.
il l coil- 80cIal 8Cnl6,     P||II!
iiillips    became    discouraged and told him to   go   away, [got It before the
I have a I'm ini
ant io gel married.
-Two weeks with meai
three weeks with grip
.ml now you waul Id g
Really, Brown, there
n  be  something  wron
g  with
waited on by a slave.
"You must, 'sense me, massa," said
the negro, 'Tso 'bilged lo slay here,
'cause I'm 'sponsible for tliu silverware."—Indianapolis New*;.
- Buffalo Express.
So Bale's wife turned suffragetl
a mailer of principle.
How so?
Bales run for ofllce and she
aoteristios are so different from those m»" ■"£?. C0HIIL7I*?S11I ,?we U aIi
'to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills"
known brands hy giving away samples jil)g tll(,h. eiov:iior storage capacity,
and attractive souvenirs to those vis- T] ilIV buying hundreds of locomo*
iting the "IMade-ln-Canada   train. livt!;. ail(1 thousands   of   cars.     And
Among the brands thus being stiver* gimlt we stand supinely by and see the
Used and sampled, are those moat grain sharks block the march of pro-
popular with tho men of Western Can- gross. No! A thousand times no,
ada-—"Black Watch?' Chewing Tobac* j Rather let us help ourselves to get our
co, "Shamrock" Quality Plug Smoking grain quickly to the lake front by sec-
Tobacco, "Meerschaum" Cut. Plug, iug that no obstacles are needlessly
"Old Chum" Pipe obacco, "Player's allowed to Interfere with the trans*
Navy Cut Cigarettes, "Sweet Capor- i pollution companies. Tbo farmers
al" cigarettes and "Columbia"   l-lttla|are perfectly right In asking for more
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
wtili LOaCt, APPLICATIONS, nt tin.1:
cars, and the railway companies must
do their utmost io comply wltb'the
demand, but Is it not a queer way to
get them when we allow the available
   supply to be cut •■—■■- '■- *v'" "*"-' ■•«
ttUiunal illwsv, Will In order tn euro It yoil aiHlM takn   " Ttl'lO at Olie liClv.
Intfriial ri-iiiwlk-s.   Hall's ruttirrh (nro li taken Ifl  j   ' j- _,**., "i
ti-rnaiiy.aiid fti-ia'Uwf-My ii-^m the lii-joii ntid iiiurtiiiij   There is another aspect ot tins uare-
"  sample
3ver siuce
ii-r.i.ii-v. niiii ii'i-i -nrri I ty m-jhii iiio iii-hiii mm uiiiiTiiia l mi-i r-   is  ,1 Liu- uri   n n|,r>  . ui
lllriiem   Utll'B t'alarrh Curd Is not a i-nm-k rordl*  *,.„P(t   «ti-Pinnt   to  Iniliose     a
in thli country (or >«rs nnd in a rruuiar prettription, market on us Farmers.     .'^
il ls cotiiiriit'vl of tlm hfht tniilft known, cnuibliif-d
\-.ita llm liput Itlood fmrltl.'M. -nUiii; illvi-i-tl;.' mt the
iinhniii mir'sct-s. 'llm in'iTci't i-miiblnatlon ot thp
t'Ti iiiBrKllt-nti h what produces men wonderful re-
niM III rililil-j i.-itmrli. Ht'iul Inr testimonial*,, trei:-.
I'. .1. CUIIN'HV ft iu. I'ro-Ds., Toledo. U
Snid hv iniimUtin. prioo r*m.
'lake lUU's laintly nil* lur cGiuU-'atlQ-L
he mixlns of wheat In the elevators
was forbidden by law, desperate attempts hnve been made by the grail',
sharks-, backed by the big interests,
the, financiers and very likely by the
railway companies, to   get   at   the
whoat and play their old game of m'.v
Mother—Joe,  why do you suppose *nK grades, and robbing us farmers.
ihai old hen persists In laying In the once allow a sample market and they
ooal-bln? | M-i mix wheat to their heart's con-
Joe—Why, mother, I think she has
seen the sign, "Now Is the time lo lay
iu your coal,—Life.
Napper—Did    Smith    Inherit      his
lent. Nothing is easier Tor them.
They hi.y u ii umber of cars oi: maybe
rejected wheat by sample, then buy a
car or two of the higher grade, send
tbe whole to an elevator, dump the
money or make It?—Neither.    He la'good and bad Into the same bin, taU
corporation lawyer.—Judge. tbe whole thoroughly and steal a high
er grade and sell at a price that nets
a substantial profit. Thus tho mixing
is as thoroughly done as It would h-:
Ii there were no law to prevent it.
The men who are actively seeking
to get ihe sample market established
Ask for MlnaroVt, and take no other.
Her Ladyship—Isn't that my gardener's daughter, (Jiles! lilies—Ves, yer
ladyship: quite a mistake touching my
'at to er-     Why, she's as poor as I be.'are" tho same gang who formed the
■—Punch.- I Winnipeg grain combine, which con*
———— trolled   the  entire  wheat  market oi
Asthma Can be Cured-..Its Buffer* Western Canada. They are the men
ing ls as needless us It is terrible!who named the price to be paid for
to endure. After its many years ot-vhe.it at every shipping point until
no sufferer can doubt, tha porfocHtho fanners, got the Grain Act amend-
rellef of lho most stubborn cures led so as to compel the railways ro
effectiveness of Dr. I>. J. P. Koll--accept wheat loaded in cars at load-
ogg's Asthma Iteinedy, Comfort of ing platforms and the distribution of
body and peace ot mini! return With [empty cars to elevators aud farmers
Us use and nights ot sound sleep on equal terms, Ever since, this
come hack for good. Ask your grain combine bus heen extremely per-
drrifcglst; lie can supply you. slstont in their efforts to regain as
•  much as tbey possibly could or their
My dear, dead husband never com* former control ot lhe grain trade.
plained of mj  conking, Their latest is the   sample   market
Trap,. Hml  is why he's your dear Swindle,     * cttnnbl believe thnl they
will succeed.    Uui "Eternal vigilance
Is tiie price of freedom," from our suh-
Iji-eiloii to the fMicitons of this unprincipled gang of plutocrats.
I   l rail In see bow wo can gain from |
the opening of n sample market, but.
ns l hnve proved, We cnn lose much.]
Wo now havo honest inspectors, and
honest grades.    Our markets are free]
mud open, and are beyond tho manipulation of greedy men. who Bosk only |
to enrich themselves at the cost of
lho Inline..*..     Let iih .COOP them no.
Yours truly,
!13*S-22j BAlk. C.1I.B,
dead husband
Cured of Shingles
and Eczema
Sold by oil dealers or by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for *2.o0
froni"Tlie Dr. Williams' Medicine (.'o.,
Brockvllle, Out
f tlio prairie Indians, is a frequent
visitor in Pendleton, Ore., and almost
regularly once a week calls upon liis
friend, Major l.ee Moot-house, not,
however, so much for the purnose*of
talking Willi the Major as to pa/.e at
a Cull-lengtli painting of 'himself which
adorns tho walls ot the Moorhouse',,,_,
ofllce. The painting was made trom Anlm-li Employed by Customs
a photograph Of Sees-Yuae. taken by thorltles In Austria
:ho Major, aud the aged rodtuan otieu Dogs are now being employed by
sits hy tho hour, childlike, admiring the Austrian Customs autlioiitles to
tho likeness on the wall.—Oregon;hunt down smugglers, Thoy nre n
Journal. cross between a greyhound and a wolt
  nud are trained lo detect persons ei--
MEDICAL VALUE OF SPICES       deavoriug to cross the frontlet  wltll
  1 contraband by atlaeking the dogs uui-
Not a  Food, but Essential Elements ployed by the latter.
In the Diet Tha smugglers' do..fi 'nave    show:!
The spices are a verv Interesting tliems-slveB of great iml in ennying
group ol substances: they   are   the Pockels of contraband and eluding th
I Life.
His Own Comfort
1/iily  (annoyed    at
ion'l  you go iu a sine
A While fo- a Time
A Cleveland school teacher v.-rites
Hint she asked her class -.viiat. was
Hie difference between the o-t'-.i-osslons
"a while'1 and "a thee." Nobody seemed to have any idea ou ihe subjei t.
Finally the light of lulelllt'onOe was I n-eut?
seen to shine lu llie eyes of one Httle     Gentleman—Beca'
boy, and the teneher called up.'ii him other people's snip!
to save the Intellectual honor of the, _
■'I know, teacher!" he cried eagerly
"When papa sins he's Ruing qui for
a while, nianinui says she knows lie'rf j
going out fur a tinte!" i
That's one way of looking at It.       i
—Cleveland  Plain   Dealer.
foil  ii
inly to vote against him.- ■
Mrs. Bloodj
for u little d
Wants  to
iloes  she?
Yes, and li
pers Ha/aar.
lod li
so I    don'l    11!
b.—Pcle Mele.
Sometimes it seems so
According lo statistics, oni- ■"> pi r
cent, of tho American people are book
buyers. And lo that ii per caul no
doubl il seeins lliat the oliier !*•"• p»-:'
cent, are book agents.—Dotl-oll 1'i-e.i
What's  become  of  that   train   you
used In lake Inlo Hie city in the mornings'.' asked Hie clly man of lhe su-|
bttrbauile. .   I
Oh, Its heen taken off, replied  tile
You' iuust miss it?
Not as often as t used to.—Yorik-
foundation of n considerable industry, 'revenue officers at. the outposts. Now
tliey have their medical uses and ' 'fy are being hunted and killed by
Anally are of special Importance in }•"> Custom,.- do„.B. tvhlch   afterward «•" Statesman
!lead Customs oflkini.i to the trad. —
Hubby  (who has just
dietetics. ,
Their value resides in their richness! 'lle smugBlers Iramerl their dugs by
In nroniatic substances and essentia!!11, course ol whippiv; en one side or
oils; strictly speaking, they are not th,e "OJiUei, nud feeding on the other,
foods, but otlet euotigli they are es-!11,cn tlle llos. usually a comparatively
sentlal elements In tho diet.     Spices
small  ai.lmaiwa
ived tiie
Iiiiil—You look awfully jolly in lliat
dress, Nelly, but It cost a frightful
lot of money.
Wit'io—Yes. dear. 1 know it did, but
1 don't care about money when it's a
ad  tiie  ohm
have been tbo subject of classic re-1B-i'all anlmut was llttpcl with Iiic. skin,
search as for example, ln the clever!0' B larger dog, usually a poodle, and ] question uf pleasing you.
and   important   Investigation   which !Jlle »*«"» between llilel with saccliar- Bits.
Pawlow undertook as to the psychic <", tobacco or oilier contraband. , .	
■       - Satisfied
inllttences of food and ub to tlio value
of zest In nutrition.
Spices were shown lo arouse appetite and to promote the secretion of
the gastric Juice, and the role thej
play thereafter in dietetics Is n very
important one. The medicinal act-
Ion of some of them Is further of value. Allspice, for example, is used os
n-i aromatic, and has heen successfully administered for flatulency or for
overcoming griping due to purgatives,
and occasionally It Is reported that
the oil gives relief in rheumatism and
Tile medical uses ol cinnamon are
well known. Cardamoms are used In
the form of a tincture as aromatic
and stomachic, and tliey are also employed ns a.flavoring agent In curry
powder, cakes nnd liquers. The applications of capsicum and Ihe peppers generally are well known. Cloves
are aromatic, carminative and dyspepsia gastric Irritation and In cases of
vomiting In pregnancy.
Oil of cloves Is also a popular remedy for toothache. It. has also lis
uses In microscopy as a preservative
and for clearing sections. The uses
of nutmeg are wide, vanilla has nr
enormous application as a flavoring
agent, while turmeric, enjoys a similar patronage on account of Its bright
-.allow color and pleasant musky flavor.—Tho Lancet.
Doing One's Beit |    An old colored barber is lesponsib'e I
A mnn really'never knows when lie tor this gem: When asked it he fav-
has reached his best, lllven a l-eao ered. Ibe abolishing or capital Dunlin-
lute will and fixity of purpose, llie ment, lie replied: "No. sun, 1 flout
good of lodav can be made better to- Capital punishment was good enough]
morrow In ninety-nine eases out 0» for my fo'fathers, an'it s good enough
one hundred, lu the mailers that |fo' me."—Boston fianscript.
really count progress
ind Improvement are possible right up lo the very
gates of death—after that we. fancy
they will be still more possible. A-.l
lhat is necessary to make our ov n
best a littlo better is the steady, u,..
ward striving. And It is a tcri'lbiv
crippling delusion that, makes us Ihliw
at any time thai we have reached H.e
highest, and best tbat. is possible rur
us. Nothing will send us down ii,
standard of achievement and purposing quicker than lo even secretly
cherish that conviction. Our best
way anil only wny ought to be ever
ahead of us.—Christian Quardlan.
Leading Man—Then I must borrow
leu cents.
Leading Mart—I have four day's
growth upon iny chin. One cannot!
play Hamlet in a board.
Bub-manager—I'm - well -we'll    put
on .Macbeth.—Punch.
The Japanese navy at present com.
prises sixty-two vessels, with u tolnl
displacement of 150,000 Ions. In addition eleven ships are ln course of
construction or contracted for, Indud-jl'a,',,'*""'K
lag the Kawachl anil llle Soiled, each i""1'' ™."
The Troublesome Garden Tools
With the coming of Spring it Is
said those wbo own motor cars operate them with considerably less speed
not, however, always because of tho
county ordinances or out of consideration for their fellow citizen's safety.
On one occasion two motorists were
crawling up a highway whore nlely
a friend (then riding with ono of
thom) knew they had formerly gone
ut top speed. The friend asked wby
tho car was run so slowly.
"Why," explained thu driver or Hie
car. with perfect naivete, "everybody's
carrying garden  tools now,  and you
over a man wlthuut rlsl.lnj
Oh, for a drink rrom lhe old oaken ,
buckel I exclaimed the early boarder. |
Where is It? The old oaken bucket,
was unsanitary, explained the farmer, i
We have supplied individual drinking
cups Instead.—Louisville Courier-:
landing man In travelling company
—We play Hamlet to-night. Laddie, do j
wc not?
Sub-manager—Yes,   Mr.   Montgomery, i
"QEE how handy my new granary is.
O You place four or five of them around
your quarter section. This saves time in
harvest hauling to stacks."
"ThenmTgranariescome in to hold your grain from etch
stack.  Ht granary keeps f.rsin clean, dry and unhealed.
No musty grain, no losses from rsfs or vermin.   Whsn
ready haul direct to the elevator from the gransries."
"I nuka several sizes of this bendy granary.   You can
get ISO 20O, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 1000, full measure'guaranteed Imperial Bushel sizes (not
small U.S. bushels) and you set up any
Pedlar Granary in half a day. Remember
you can move it easily any time.   My
teaming and keeping lhe grain right."
"Ses how the roan at the left can chovel
grain in from the threshing machine,
If it has no leg-spout to deliver grain
direct through the manhole on the rool.
The other man Is bagging grain.   Granaries are had
with door-section or plain, as desired.  My new Granary
is imt right for saving cost    It pays for itself in a year.
It comes iu sections—low freight cost.   A boy can let
up.   Write for my descriptive booklet." 700
Writ, for Booklet No. (i
' The Pedlar People Limited,Oshawa,Ont
76tombard St. Crovralllock 563 3rd St.**/.
Duwcr 1013
323 l'ilui St. S
They will kitwe,- you
Direct your inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.
promptly and   save you time.
"The   Pedlar   Granary   Is   fire- proof.   Think wbat that means
Mr. j. IT.
By Cuticura Sosp and Ointment. Chest
Raw, BleMing and Itchy.
"I Just want la 'H.v a ft-iOd word tor Cull-
cma Houp sin! Ointment. In November,
inns, I imd what Un* doctors call shingle*
ami orjHihia. My chest wus rnw and bleeding
iml llcliy. I was that way all winter, ltwu.
not mi bud lu the miiiitni'r. In rJcptombcr
It eol won", I bad Uie beat ducior.. treating
mc, lint did 11111 no good, anil I was nil run
dmvn in Mill, In November, 1010, li not
fvorfle-agsln. I H('iu lo you far u sample cake
nt Cuticura uiiip. vou sent il tu mq and
I gut a liux ul Cuticura Ointment,   I luivu
UMi'il two buxi'll and ull the llilel one It liai
cine* 11111 al Shingles ami eczema. I urn dil-
lijtlitud wltb llifiit uud du feel pli-used to
tliiak I hive aimiethliiu-1 liavu i-uiitlilenci! in.
M 1,1 an.oua tie miffcrfng as I did, I bopu
lint llii'.v will ill) an t did, and I am sure ur
tlm ri'sullH. I am recoiiiinendtmc main Iruui
eincrTance." (Klitni'il) -I. II. Jarvls, 7 Ann
tit', Kiiig.luii, out., Muy UU, 11)11.
For mum lliau n seneratiuii Ciillnira anap
ami Ciilu-iira Oitumi-ut have otlunli'il tlm
auHvllct ami uiu.t i-ruiiuinlral tretilmi'iit ror
llVliuu!. burning, scaly anil lilmalimt akin ami
■rim Illinium,ot young and old. A slnglssot
I. iiftcii mill'dani. tiiiileun Heap and Olmv-
liii'iilar» HoldlhroiiKlioiu llm world, but tn
limn who nam suficrwi mm li, ost none nm
ainwiiiuiiitlaitli In any treatment,« llberni
limaluof each with !l'2-li. Ii'iiikl.l oa llinikln
will lie inollnl frre. un appbcalloii. Adilrrj.
l-uiiur lima ,t (tan, I'urp., (Bt'oluiabus
Ave., UiMtuii, B. M. A.
Keep Mlnard'a Liniment In the house.
l.u'lia—Oh. did you see the snfl'ra-
gottn parade lu New York?
Kiln Vis, Indued. It wns Just
t.itiini -My mini was li- the cavalry.
Didn't vim notice bur'.'
Hliu - Why. nn, I didn't. She must
bave roihi B side saddle, didn't sho'.'
—Cleveland l'luln Dealer.
of -J0.rii.ut> ions,   wliliji   are   Hearing a Puncture.
„„gf;°f"ao,ooo lortm'Ku t \ *£• ""'""'- ^ SJTJS- •y-l
Lftie.      other  projected  naval  cruis!'•""'■'"--'" ■'"' ,l " "' „''"  ,   Mrl  Tl
era of 27,500 tons, three tblrd class IM-"""* was being askud, Mis. Dm.
ciulsers of ',950 ions, 11 700-ton sun-
boat, two 1,2000 ion destroyers and
ono submarine.        *
Argentina's most notable naturnl
phenomenon, the famous "I'icdrn Mov-
edlza" or oseillallng rock, near Tund-
II, has rallen down. The huge rock
lay upon another ruck near Ilio edge
Of n eliir. It swung to and fro on b :
ing touched by tbo band, bul Ibe
fiercest hiiri'lcaii'i bad been unable io
dislodge It, The cause of lis collapse niter so many hundreds uf year;.
Is a mystery.
can observed that tho head of ber
daughter t'lura-was not Inclined.
Don't yuu know, Clarn, she said,
that your head should always he bowed when you nru taking pnrt In ths
Hul mamma. Hie child protested, I
wasn't taking pnrl lu tho blenlngi I
don't llko corned beef and cabbage.
Son Had wbat v.as meant by the
Miilbei-hingiinge'.'    -
l'ater—Shi Sh!—my son! Dotit
start her.
No use whispering anfl nothings to
lhal girl  -site's a law sludeiil.
She's very happy. How does lie
Ing 11 law stuilenl iill'eel lier case'.'
Well, Nile's quick to delect Ilio In-
competent, lho lrrovelnnt and the
Yoh waited two hours outside lhe
theatre? Weren't you awfully bored?
Blither im'. I bad a small bottle
nf petrol wllb me and 1 louk the epuls
nrt lhe miin'K coin In front of mu. -
rilegende Waller.
W. N, U. 901
Where Ignorance Is Bliss
We  are  afraid  lhat Iho Southern
edllor, wlm anys a pool, llko n child,
Is belter seen 1 linn heard never saw
U real poet-Cleveland Dealer.
Pills of Attestjd Value.- Parinelee's
Vegetable Pills   nro   Hie   result   of
careful study of tbo properlles of cer-
lulu roots and herbs, and Ibe action
of such lis sedatives and laxatlvos on
Ibe digestive apparatus, The success
the compounders have met wiih attests Ibe value ol llielr work, These I
pills bave boon recognized for
What Makes the Valet
It's so ridiculous, said Cbolly Sap-
head, to say that clothes don'l make
ilu- ninn.
Indeed? replied Miss Peppery,
Yaas.    Yuu see, If a fellow like mi
dldn'l  have such  nils of doilies  be
wouldn't   need a   until.- The ClltboliC
Standard nntl Times.
years us tbe best cleaitsors ol lho system that t  bo got, Tliolr excellence was recognized from lho Ilrst
and lliey grow more popular dally.
Too   Late   Now
Mrs. l-'iiss   1 wish yuu wuiililn'l
l'llss- I   wish   you   luul   tnunliniietl I
uiaiiyllhal  wben I was lending yon lu Hie
cashier   leave   tin
Little .Mm In climbing off tllfl wood-
i lied, a place bo was forbidden to j^o,
tore his (dollies.
Now mamma will piinisu you! ex-
cljil.li.-d sister Lucy.
Wbat do I care, was the happy rejoinder, Scoldings don't burl: whip-
pings doii.T lasl long and Iiiiiiu' you
Merely because it   was   the   only
thing he couldn't Ink" Willi blm,
Bella—Ho hiiM lm WOUltl linn mc
or die In the attempt DelUg- Well','
Delia—lln linn no llfo Inuut'iinco, umi
I pitied Iils poor mu«hcr.
The ftniiiElou Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
1 1 ■-•,(■!  i\w    Toirinld, Unlenui*   '
Amundsen Discovered The South Pole Put Scott Remains To Polish It Vp.
The liost liy lest. AbnolU"
tdy free from Acid, Tur-
•leutiue or other injurious
illgtedtttlts, It's good for
jotif shoes,
Will noi rub off or soil tlm
daintiestgaruieut, Isruiiik,
brilliant nml lasting,
No otker even half aB good,
10c. ni all Dealers,
©he yroepectov, Oivmibvook, §. <£.
ESTABI.I8HKD    1895
Published Kvery Saturday   Morning at Craubruok, B.O.
V. M. Cbristiau. Manager.
A. B. Grace,   Bdltor.
Postage to American. European and   other foreign countries,   50 centl   a
year  extra.
ADVKRTI8KJ1ENTS—Advertising  rates furnished on applieatiou.     No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will lie accepted    lor
ADVERTISER.-* AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
li given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running und charged up against tbeir account. >
18th Year
British Manufacturers Here
Visit City and District
The C.P.R. Dining Car Service ia
becoming celebrated tor its excellence
references constantly being made by
returned travellers to the European
countries Ln their alter dinner speech
■■s (iml conversation. This year, on
Dominion Day, the C.P.R. gave to
each diner a email souvenir in the
shape uf a Maple Leal moulded ln
Maple sugar together with a email
Union .lack wrapped In a Piece ol
paper upon which was printed the
world famed Canadian anthem "The
Maple Leal lor ever." The whole
betnt* enclosed in a cardboard box
und tied with emblematic ribbon red,
white and blue.
• •   •   ■
We are in receipt of '• small booklet "Realty and Building Record"
published in Winnipeg, In which there
appears  an advertisement   belonging
to K. h. Harris, in it' he evidently
wishes to impress the readers with
the importance and value ot the land
be has (or sale by comparing it to
the Districts of Cranbrook and the
Okanagan.   He says:
"Ideal   climatic    conditions,    no
"rainy seasons as on the coast,
"no   dry   seasons   or   Irrigation
"needed ns in the Okanagan and
"Cranbrook    districts.      I    spent
"years in finding this ideal spot:
"I live there  myself.    I call   my
"own   fruit   ranch—"The Honey-
"moon Place,  etc., etc."    If this
Mr. Harris, real estate agent he calls
himself,  would only  get a move   on
and  leave  his  "Honeymaon  palace"
and learn  for himself  at first hand
authentic   knowledge   respecting   the
districts he  infers  so  much against
(which  it  is   Impossible  for  him   to
substantiate by  any  practical knowledge   of    the Bame)  it would teach
htm that those same districts—(Tan-
brook   especially—has  In  its district
some of the finest fruit and agricultural land to tie found in British Col
umbla   Mr. Harris is also using the
McMahon letter Tor his own ends a-
gain, but the best way to treat this
is to say nothing about It,  and  put
the use o! it down to the ignorance
ot tbe man ot the conditions govern
ing the flame.. Mr. Harris is certain
ly ignorant of tbe Cranbrook district
and   It   would    perhaps educate him
considerably  if he could take n  look
around  here fnr himself.
• ■   •   •
A wonderful advertisement appealed
recently fn a real estate journal pub
lished In Winnipeg in which the allure
ments of a certain district ((f British
Columbia appear sn fascinating that
it Is a marval we don'l have such a
rush to our province as t.,, make it
impossible to find room for the incoming settlors. More wonderful
still, this small locality is the "only
one" where these conditions exist, and
according t<> the advertlsor, it is only
llirougli his marvelous knowledge and
rrseareh that lhe discovery has been
made; nf course, this is not to bo
wondered at when wo find that ho i*
also tiie author of an "entirely new"
method of growing fruit, which will
revolutionize tho Industry, and the
precautions taken in selecting the
quality of prospective settlers i,y re
quiring reliable reference, etc. tn|
this advertisement, lie mentions the
fact that in the Crnnbrook district |
we are troubled with drought, and
that rrigatinn is required—well1 wo
don't want tbe class of settlers that
would tic likely to be attracted by
such statements, what we want nro
common sense men who will come nnd
see what we have. h?cauee It Is a recognised fact that all our cropfl nre
grown in "watertight compartments"
"on icebergs composed of rock and
gravel"—{The otlice hoy has fust
poked his nose In al the door and
says the editor has smelled sulphur
and that he thinks I had better quit
Nearly every one must, have read
George Barr Mct'utcheon's fasctua-
tlng novel "Beverly of Qrnuetark"
us the sale of the hook has exceeded
half a million copies, and the publishers estimate that fully twenty five
people read every cloth hound book
is probably very nearly correct, l'n
doubtedly all who have read the
stm-y have formed a mental picture
of Beverly Calhoun, tho American
girl who visits Qraustark and succeeds upsetting the traditions and
Formalities surrounding a European
Court of Royalty, consequently when
\. G, Delamater who produced "Beverly" as s play looked about for an
actress to interpret tbe part, it was
no easy matter to procure one who
mid not only look like the "Beverly" of Mr McCutcheon'B story and
Harr son Fisher's tamoua portrait
of her. but who would also be sutri
ciently experienced and versatile to
play this extremely difficult role.
However, it i sthe concensus of opinion among the dramatic critics
that they hape found the ideal Beverly" m Dorothy Howard who is at
present playing the part. Miss How*
ard is young, beautiful and extremely talented, Her recent engagements
have heen as leading lady with Wll
Ham Farnutn in "Cameo Kirby" and
.vith the original New York production of "The Aviator " At the Auditorium Monday -July 15
Overseas Club Social
The usual social evening of the club
took  place last Tuesday In the Car
men's  Hall,   and  took  the  form  ot a
adies night.
Mrs. ,f. S. Brake, assisted by Mes-
laines Marshall. H. Uridley, K. Sains
bury, and E, lsmay, had lull charge
of  the entertaining of the members.
A   musical   program   was   arranged
and the following kindly took parti-
Pianoforte Solo—Mrs   Edmundaon
Recitation*—Mrs. Salnsbury
Mandoline  Solo—Mrs.  11.  Clridley
Hong—Mr. A.  Raworth
Song—Mrs. lsmay
The chair was very ably taken by
Mrs. Marshall. After the music the
ladies regal I cd the members with
Ice cream and cake served on prettify  decorated  tables.
Tho remainder of thc evening was
spent in dancing, Mrs. Edgar Sains*
bury making a  most  capable M.O.
Mrs. I-Mmunsoii gave -. musical 1*
tem  during  the evening.
A vote of thanks by tbe Vlce-Presl-
Idoni was tendered the ladies who
had given the members such au enjoyable evening and was fully endorsed in the usual manner by the
members present.
A party of eight British Manufacturers, who are now touring British
Columbia, spent a few hours in Cranbrook on Tuesday.
Messrs. Rowland Rank of Hull; 0.
E. Howell ot Howell; A. B. Balm-
ford of Manchester; A. Sellers of
Yorkshire; A. H. Bedford of Birmingham; T. A, BuylisH of Birmingham;
John Davis of Swansea, and Q, W.
Qoodchlld composed the party,
Mr. T. 1). t'aven, M.P.P., met the
party at Kootenay Landing and prevailed upon thom to spend a few hrs.
at   Cranbrook.    This  fart  was  wired
son, and t'. Patrick, placed their au
tomobilee at the disposal of the committee.
Tho visitors arrived and were enter i
tained at  the  Cranbrook  Olub,  then
accompanied   liy   several   memhers   of
the Board  of Trade   for   a trip to
The visitors upon arriving ut Wasa, were royally entertained hy N.
Hanson, uu excellent dinner being
provided I'he     trip    and   reception
was informal. The visitors express
Ing themselves as being highly delighted  with the district  in general.
turned to Cranbrook
very      much    pleased
to a committee of the Board ot Trade      Tbe    party
and   arrangements   made  for   the   re at   9:40   P.n
Ceptlon of the visitors. with  then   trip  through  the  Kooten
Tho  committee at  once  got busy, ay valley, then took the "Soo Flyer
nd   Messrs    A.  t*    Bowness,   V.   Hyde continuing    their     tOUi      to    the    (ar
Buker,   i.co.   Hoggnrth,   Mr    Header east
Local_I terns
Mr. J, p. Leslie advises that the
survev oi his property is just about
completed aud that tho plans will bo
ready iu a few days. The estate lias
been divided into five acre tracts and
the subdivision will he known as
Buena Vista Gardens,
if you close yo
bargains you are
blind to  your  own
To New Subscribers
Subscribers who pay their subscriptions to candidates during Uncontest will tie placed on the list as
sum ,-is their names are turned in by
the contestants. A number ot new
names were received yesterday and on
Thursday and It has been impossible
to get theso names on the mailing
list for today's paper. However, the
names are helng added as fast as pos
bible and in the iuture candidates
may inform subscribers that they Will
receive their papers as soon as their
names are turned in.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
CURKEW HEI,I. will he rung every
night,   commencing   July   15th.   1912.
Roys  and   -/iris under   16   veins of age
nre not allowed on the streets after
hum' i'clock unless accompanied by
the i parents or guardians, tn tho
fut ire the Curfew Act Is to be strictly  enforced.
Up and in —not "down and out"
— is he who conserves his resources, We arc selling thousands of
Fords to in-mi who c juIJ own
many more expensive cars, but
who prefer the Ford because of
its lightness, its get-about-ability
and its economy.
More than 75,1100 new Fords into inrvlce iliii
leiHon—proof that thej must be right Three
pnnenger Roadster $775—five passenger touring
ear $850—delivery car S875-I o b Walkervllle,
Oui . with all equipment Catalogue from lord
Motor < a mi pan v. or Kooten ly Oarage Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C,
Mr, and Mrs. H H. Short wilh
their daughter Maud, returned home
to Cranbrook ou Friday, after spend
ing several weeks in the States and
touring the coast cities Mrs. Short
reports that her health is much Improved with the chance of climate
•he has enjoyed.
Experience teaches, if it is picture
framing you need don t forget thut
Go up and ask Mr Hamilton, Cran
brook's pioneer fruit grower, how
much you can make growing fruit and
vegetables on a rive acre tract. Then
go and look over Huena Vista Gardens, pick out the tract you want,
and have it reserved for you till the
date of sale.    .1 illy 22nd at 10 a.m.
If you close your eyes to C, 0. S,
bargains you are blind to your own
The old Thompson building on
Norbury avenue, has been removed t"
Armstrong avenue, next eo the Carmen's Hall. This was done to make
room for h new theatre which will be
erected where the cottage formerly
rected where the cottage formerly
stood. Contractor ft. R, Leask has
the contract for the new theatre
H you close your eyes to C, C. 9.
bargains you are blind to your own
Mr. Webb of Marysville, who has
bcen tilling the position as school
teacher was given a send off party in
the Central Hotel, by the kindness of
Mr. Paul Hundley prop., on Thursday
night. A large number nf friends
were present who were sincere in their
regrets that Mr. Webb hnd to take
his home to Vancouver. All wished
him good luck in his new sphere.
Linen table cloths 2! yards long by
2 yards wide $1,15, less than RO cents
a yard.—O. 0, S.
Huena Vista Gardens are located
just one nnd one half miles from the
post oftice due south. Excellent soil,
abundance of water, easy of access,
close to market, good roads leading
to and from the property and beautiful view of the city, are some ot the
features In connection with this property. The Cranbrook Aticncy Co.,
will be glad to furnish full information.
Don't forget that Holler skating
will take place at the Auditorium on
Thursday with the band in attendance
This is today one of the features cJ
Cranbrook amusements, Mr. Ouerard
ilie manager nf tho Auditorium hns
gone to considerable expense to pro
cure roller skates for us many as will
[attend and will still have a tew tit
spare. There are sever.i| of his friend
i Aim have tried them and are delight
led with the season's new amusement
' I Inftn table el .ths 2\ yards long hy |
j'! y-irds wid" tl.lfi, less than 50 cents
In yard.   C c. s.
The Cranhrook Agency Dompnnv
[announce tint the sale of live acre
ri„ctn   mi   Huena   Vlitn   (i.irdens   wll' |
tart   ai   in  a in.,   ,iulv   22nd,   1912. !
This    land    is    now  sub-divided  am'!
■ -pen  for inspection,    it will not  te|
placed  on  the  market   for sale  until
■Inly 22nd, in order that our client-
who   hnve   heen   waiting   for  the  pro
pert J  lo he  pi need  on    the    market :
may   have a chfltico  to  go and  pick
out   the   tract   tliey   wiah   ill   advance
of   the   date  of   Hliln.
Linen table cloths 2\ yard*) long by
2 yanlH wide fl.ln.  less than 50 rents
a yard.—0, c. s
Di Hal-di of Winnipeg, bought
about 1000 norefl of land from Ibiu
Htirtoti Norm- time ago and we are
given to understand it is being put.
on the market  under  the name of the
Elko Notes
.Mr. J ti. K. Nelson, freight agent
loi the Northern Pacific railway al
Boeetuan, Montana, was In the vui
ley the past week, and while hero
made extensive research into the
trui*. and dairying possibilities. Mr
Nelson was decidedly impressed, de
daring that Tobacco Valley's unet
celled climate, soil and mineral re
sources will compel a wave of muni
gratlon  In   the  very  near  future.
A distinguished party of Canadian
capitalists were inspecting Tobacco
valley orchards and orchard tracts
ou both sides of the International
boundary this week, and expressed
their surprise at the showing along
horticultural lines that is being made
Those In the company were Mr. and
Mrs. Francis Downe, of Flagstone, B.
('., John and Ole Until, of Claresholm
Alberta, and T. 0. Millies, secretary
of the Namaka Farm Co., -Ltd., Ha-
maka, Alberta, Mr. Milnes, in company with others, own 11.00(1 acres of
tine grain land at Namaka with
7,000 acres in cultivation, one of the
largest bodies of land In the prov
Messrs. Ha hi are also largely inter
ested In the Claresholm country.
Mr. Downe is prominently identified
with the East Kootenay valley land
and lumbering interests, with large
holdings in  both lines at Flagstone.
The orchards lying ji'st south of
the Roosville bench lands were
pecial objects of their scrutiny—trees
loaded branch-lull with apples, pears,
plums and prunes—prophetic of the
boundlessly immense possibilities in
store for tbe tide of Immigration
that is very soon to Bet In. And they
noted also that nowhere In the whole
Tobacco valley country are the fruitgrowing advantages so great, as these
same bench lands, freer from frost,
and richer in the essential soil elements than nny other locality in the
whole Canadian northwest.
The result of this awakening of
Canadian capital to the immense resources of the Roosville country
means much for Tohncco vulley and
is an exponent and a reliable fore
runner of a big development just in
Its inception.
The Scott government WflH return
ed Thursday, carrying SiiBkntchewnn
hy a large majority. Thc defeat ol
the Opposition won decisive. In four
cities the opposition held their own
fairly veil, splitting even by holding
Moose Jnwl Prince Albert, thc Liberals holding Iteginu and Saskatchewan cities. In the country, however,
the Liberals showed remarkable
strength, the farmers apparently regarding tiie question of wider, markets which was such a prominent feature in the campaign, as of paramount Importance as throughout the
campaign the opposition levelled lit
tie or no criticism at the record and
the policies of the government.
The (atest reports, give the l.ihei
nis 27, and tiie Opposition IH seats.
Don't   think   there   are   no
Left here, don't be mislead
Our Sale is still on and there
are Many Snaps Left
There are lots of nice things yet
in the
Department.   New Goods have
arrived which
have been placed on sale
At Cost
Come Now—Don't Delay
The Quality
4 & 14
Trade Mark*
Copyriohts 4c.
I Auditorium ii
AnTn-ieien<1.ng»*.k-«i<*li end dctcrlntlon miy    j
iil.-ui-r H-it-ettuln cur «i'iiii,ni free wlietltor um      *
,v<-.iili-n lspri'h*itil)"POleiiliiWfc-C«tiiniiiiiti>a.     I , i
on I'hH-i.U      , ,
tptcMnotltt* without wane, HUM
Scientific American.
a hundMnwl-* uinMntHt weakly. Iawm rif
••iit-.tii*H of nur "•"■■•mill'- iiMinwI. »«ii.» lur
r-.in-i-U, »3.T5 » year, yo-UiW pwiiald. hold bj
all iuwmuuwi.
B»ucb umi-u, Gib Y St. WubtiiKtun,
THE STANDARD is the National
Weekly Newspaper of tho Dominion
of Canada. It Is national. In nil Ur
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
nil over the -world.
Its articles are carefully selected mnl
its editorial pulley Is thoroughly
A subscription to Tlu-* Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any u-ldrcsa In
Canada or Great Hrituln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal   Standard   Publishing   Co.,
Limited,  Publishers.
Salvation Army
Sunday,   11  u.m.     Holiness   Meeting
Sundny, 8 p.m. Free-Busy Meeting
Siuulny,  H p.m.  Salvation Meeting
Tuesduy K p.m.  Salvation  Meeting
Thursday, K p.m.   Holiness
Siiturdiiy, H p.m.   Praise
All nre hem-lily Invited to these
services, iiIhh the ripen meeting tire
ceding the above meetings.
Onptnin Stride will lor n lew dnye
in- nt the cons", the services will he
conducted hy Treasurer und Secretary
W. J. B. GUERARD, Manager
MONDAY NIGHT, JULY 15th.  1912
A. G. Delamater
George Barr McCutcheon's
s;tu #taiteiTfc| "Beverly of
A Four Act Drumatizutiou of the Famous Novel by
Complete Scenic Production
;; Strong Acting Company     Gorgeous Costumes
] J  Exactly as presented iu Toronto, Montreal. WinnipeK. Vancouver
and all the principal Canadian Cities.
* II I IIH Mil 11 H 11 111II 11111 11 III11 IUM ****
Clrnml Pnclfic I .anil Do, Mnny people
nre undor tho Impression tlml. UiIh Ih
the (Irmid Trunk Hnllwny und Mutt
thoy win shortly bo putting simps
ScODell S   LlqUOr, TODaCCO  here In the tm,i Iuture.   This Is not
and Druic Cure OTTilSa-ft 11'"*'"1 "H •"'• ,l|,|»1" p*»"« i-""'1 ""•
AlenM, Tobacco ami limai.  li cuuniatatu iha  l"1K "" I'omu'i'tiim whatever with the
;"l!;:^f:;::^;.l;;r;?:;;,:r::r.flln!.v,vi?.,,l<lr",,,, Tr""k •'"*•■•■*■ "•••" '•»•
n.etl t'Mrln. aituaaant. nr ua. iimfaa|Bln. Csa i ...   *     *""
be (Ivan facia-ly.   V>. I,..a y.l ti> haai ul en. , W.   W.   Kll.HY
tailuiu.   Mailed under a.ii.tal. co.ar to anrail- I'ltM'TIl'.vi   i.it'TtTute k'iit\ii.'u
di..<   Pile. 1J.06boa,otjbv«OIlot»»0B, *t*» \ ".'}_," ' u/ruuE KHAMMt
0w.MII Drag Cu., III. CatJaarlati, Oat, ARMSTHONO   AVKNUK
■ Methodist Church
Hev.   W.   Kluon   Dunham,   I'astor.
The puator will preach nt 11 am.
ami 7.30 p.m. on Sundny next.
Morning subject: "The Spirit in
Bvcnlng Btthject: "The Ohm-Ring
old the chanecless."
Anthem hy the choir: "Clod so love
Hie World,"
All are Invited to tho above service
The King's Swans
Montrenl, duly 9.—The Dominion
h-xprcHS company hns Just handled
two remnrknhle shipments through
Mom-real. One id these consisted Of
n Pack of lox hounds brought Irom
Ireland for the Toronto Hunt club
nud the other consists ol six swans
sent out to Owen Sound by hln mn-
jesty Kiar Oeorge. Tho six swim are
addressed to the mnyor ol Owen
Sound and are Intended to bo put In
iiniamental waters in tho parks uf
tbe town.
; i* 11' 1111M M1111 111 II HH III II l-l IHI II111 h I ■;;
The Daintily Perfumed Hair Tonic
; | Creates a M-.iKiiiliccnt Head of  Fluffy,  Luxuriant Hair
—Men ami Women of Culture use  Salvia,  the
Latest Paris Hair Dressing and Tonic-
It will make your Hair Grow or
Yuur Money  Back
SALVIA-The I'lldo uf I'nrls Muir Dresilng nnd Tonic-at once
■toes to the roots ol the hair and turns harsh churscterless hair Into
heaiililul wuvy hulr, lull ot character aad llle—hair that chances tho
whole iippenrnnce.
SALVIA destroys the iln.mil ull and will positively muke the hair
Salvia Is not a sticky sulphur preparation, hut n pleasant non-
sticky und daintily perfumed. Ludien ol taste and rellncment would
not think ol ustnu any other. All actresses In every country now
.use SALVIA continually.
Wc claim and absolutely guarantee thnt SALVIA will create a
new growth ol hair. II your hair is getting thin, commence using
SALVIA at once. It will eoon stop your hulr Irom fulling out und
muke the ualr grow.
jSALVIA is compounded by expert chemists,  who huve mnde tho
hair und its diseases a life long study.
II your druggist dos'nt happen to have SALVIA In stock, Insist on his getting It for you; don't nllow lilm to bcII you "something lust us good," because there Isn't anything "just ns good" ns
SALVIA. All wholesale druggists In Onnndn sell SALVIA; and your
druggist, II he Is up to dute, keeps It.   Refuse substitutes.
A largo generous bottle wlls lor SO cents.
ii Crabook Drug & Book Store::
10c & 15c
Pictures at Auditorium
10c A 15c
.^i.i..|.n.nM~i-i-i-»"i"»"i-+-H-tl   Local News
The Lund Land
& Development Co., Ltd.
Amos Pottfl, ol Moyie, was
* | (Josmopoltnn Frday.
11 I    Iron  BedB, any size.—$2.75.-
See us about lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden   Tracts
Grazing  Lands
[j Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
Working Bhirts 46 cents, C. O. 8.
Huckleberries     ut   Campbell     and
;   Ohange ol Vuudcrvllle at the
son Theatre tonight.
Working shirts 45 cents, 0. C. 8.
) |     Oeo,     Powell     wns ut    Muryevllle
•.  Thursday on business.
A. J. I'hisholm, Customs Ottlcet at
Kingsgute. wns In town Tuesday.
Working shirts 45 cents, 0. C. H.
Mrs. H. Mathers   ol   Fort   Steele,
wus a Crnnbrook visitor Thursdny.
Ueorge  J udd, of Fort Steele,  vas
lu Cranhrook Friday on business.
. M--M-4»M-M--M^-M--f-M-»f-l- ++*WH**+<^jM^M»H^;
,    The 41 Market Co.
is to what is best
Try These _*W
We carry a full line ofr
Fresh 6* Smoked Meats
Fresh Fish, Ete.
Quality & Prompt
Our Motto
"Quick Meal"
Blue Porcelain Enamelled Steel Ran-je
No.  118-8
"The Pride of the Kitchen"
With High Closet and Polished Top
Burns Hard Coal. Soft Coal or Wood. A high class
Ratif-v in every respect. The size of llie Oven is 18 x
:."* x 18 inches. The material used on this Range is
of the very best. Insuring lotifr life and entire satisfaction. I'he range is furnished with punch feed.
Durability and Cleanliness are the Special Features
of this range.
Iron Beds, any size—12.76.—C.C.8.
Mrs. A. Naslnnd, ol Wycllfle was
shopping in Oranbrook Wednesday.
I Mrs. Robt. Fairbanks at Galloway,
wns a Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
j    Working shirts 4{i cents, 0. 0. 9.
I Preserving Cherries, Pineapples snd
raspberries—Oampbell  and  Mannings.
j Leave your orders lor pre«rvlng
raspberries nt Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Experience teaches, lf It Is picture
framing you need don't forget that
• Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McDermot lelt
on Saturday last on a visit to Winnipeg.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Protidy of Vancouver were Cranbrook visitors on
Iron Beds, any size.—$2.75.—O.C.8.
°r'ii"* There wns a large attendance at
the social dunce at the Auditorium
I Wednesday. The Guorunl Orchestra
furnished the mliBic.
' 0. 0, S. is closing out u $2.1,0110
stock ut lesB than cost.
J Mr. J, Itccch lelt lust week for tho
coast, before returning to Oranbrook
I he s Intending making a business
trip to Kort (leorge.
IJou't overlook the Selling out
prices at thc 0. G.  H.
Thc Loyal Orange, Wnek Knight
and the Ladies Aid left on Friday
on a picnic trip to Moyle where
they  celebrated   July   tilth.
All The  Latest Designs
1912   STOCK
PRICES $1.00 tO   $100.00 loraham was trying out a Ford Au-
, tomobtlo   preparatory to purchasing
Don't   overlook    tbe    Soiling
prices at the a, 0. tf.
Thos   Graham.
town    Friday,   it
of Michel, wai
in    said   that
Jewelers & Opticians
A   GOOD   HOUSE   to   Send  Your
Repairs to.
For Sales List.
FOR SALK-Whlte S.C. Leghorn-
Wykofl strain.heaviest layers '1.50
for 16 eggs. S.C. Rhode Island
Red, 11.50 for 15 eggs; Pekln
Strain Duck Eggs, '1.50 for 12
egga. All eggs from ilrst class
stock. —Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wattsburg, B.O.
Don't   overlook
prices ut the 0. 0.
We ure just in rocolpt of the Prize
llflt of the Provincial Fair to be held
In New 'Westm nster mi October 1st to
5th in which prizes to tbe vnlue ol
$35.0011 will be given.
Brookneld -Creamery Butter 3!
at the Cranbrook Trading Oo.
c. lb.
Mrs. T. H. Christian, who bus been
spending the Inst few weeks at tbo
Kitchener Hotel, Kitchener, ns guest,
of Mr. and Mrs. G. Antleen is expect
ed home on Sunday.
Experience teaches, if it is picture
framing you need don't lorgct that
F. PARKS & Co.
'. ************************^_______j__***
B. C. Cane Sugar
;*• Buy Your Sugar for
; Preserving Now And
! Buy From US
; Also   Your   FRUIT,
i Cranbrook Trading Co.  Ltd. ii
.,. * *-,■.•"MH--H«H4*********** ,-l-l-H+l-l+l+H-l+Wt''
Major, and Mrs. Gooch, of Craw-
+ ford Bay, were Cranbrook visitors
1' : Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Bge, ol Klmherley, were guests at the Cranhrook
T!    Iron BedB, any size.— ii. ,o. -.'-  B.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Frier, of London, England, were   Cranbrook vlsi
+ i tors Friday.
* I 	
Mr. and Mrs. R. Fletcher, of Winnipeg, were registered at   the   Oran
at. j hrook Tuesday.
1' 1    Linoleums 55 cents square yard at
* '' C. C. S.
i. j    Roomers wanted—Apply to Mrs. J.
T | S.   Mennle,  Lumsden  Avenue,  corner
; ot Baker Park. 28-tf
1 Mrs. Hyslop was visiting frlenda at
Creston this week, and reports having a good time.
Linoleums 55 cents square yard at
C. C. 8.
Mrs. A. L. Jones, wife of contractor Jones, is spending a few weeks
vacation in Elko.
Malcolm Mclnnis, of Crowe Neat
wns transacting business at Cran
brook on Thursday.
Linoleums 55 cents square yard at
a c a.
Miss Florence Robertson of Montrenl is visiting her brother J. M.
' Robertson this week.
! R. T. Brymner, of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce has gone to Dawson City on business.
Linoleums 55 cents square yard at
iC. C. 8.
]    J.   W.  Robinson   was   at Calgary
this   week on   business.     He   li ex-
■£ I pocted to return todny
Mrs. J. B. Bartlett will not re-
! reive during the months of July aad
' August nnd September.
The city is in need of unotber sum
of  money   to  complete   tho  sewerage
system now In process or construction
WANTED—Position wanted by youug1 amounting to 110,000— now where are
Englishman      on      gentleman's the rntes going to soar,
fruit  farm,  together   vlth   wife
as  housekeeper.    A.   Beveridge,
Sunvmerherry, Sask.
FOUND-Gold Locket or pendant, inlaid with jewels, beurt shape,
containing lock of hair, picked
up on Baseball ground, Thurs-
day, owner can have same l,y
calling at Kootenay Telephone
Ofllce aad paylag for this advert
j    You will pay »18.00 (or suits 11 at
we are closing uut for less flO.J.O.S,
|iSH4^-H^-H*M*H^-M*t^M«M. -H--H+-I--IH-++-I--M-H4-+++* +
II you are K"'n^!
Picnicing ur on any nther Outing,   don't  forget
to  tuke a
Thermos  Bottle
Keeps   Liquids    at   just   the   right  temperature
and is  always  sanitary.    We  have  them  in all
sizes  and  at   prices   never  heard   ol   before.
Thermos' Carafe
\\      Newest   Member   ol    this    most    popular    line.
Have You Seen It?
All   Nickle  Plated  finish  only $6.00
ii  Beattie-Murphy Co.
Ltd.     ■-
Save doctor's hills by riding with
Blondy.—Phone 1,2 any old time.   tf.
LOST—On Cranhrook Street, n per-
sinn silver-gray striped k tten about
4 months old, tinder returning smile
to T. H. Christtun, Cranbrook Struct,
or to tbls office will he rewarded.
You will pay $18.00 fur suits that
'we are closing out for less $10.O.C.S.
FOR SALE—Tent, absolutely .iew,by George Doldle was taken to tho
Jones, Vancouver. 14 ft by 17 ft hospital on Wcdnesduy. Mr. Ooldie
10 os duck. Also Hy, 8 oz. .'4 ftlj, ,,Ulte an old mnn, hnvlng been in
hy 24 ft. Cost $50.00 will trke Southeast Kootenny nearly 10 years
•40.00 apply 0. I,. Cha nhers, j nn(j |„ suffering from general dobll-
care     of     Sara  Cadleux,    SMuep jrv.
Creek, via Wasa, B.C. 	
"   —— You will  pay  'IK.IIO  for suits  that
FOR  SALE—A six room house     on; we Hre closing out for less $10.CCS.
corner lot opposite school house,   in- ——
eluding outbuildinge, at n bargain lf:   Reservations lor    tracts
sold by July 1st; terms to suit,   np- Vista Gardens, mny be mnde prior to
ply to O. W. Ladd, City. 26 3t; July -'2nd., but no sales will he made
— . until 10 a.m. on that dute.    Ask the
TO RENT—Furnished houses to rent Crnnhrook.    Agency  Co.   for  full   Inln Moyle.   Splendid boating and fish-1 formation,
ing.   A good     opportunity   for   the
holiday season, to have a good time.
Apply Prospector ofllce for    partlcu
lars. 25 tl    LOST a ladles hand   bag contain
ing a small pocket book which contained about lour dollars, a photo,
nnd vuluuhle papers, the Under will
bo rewarded by leaving same nt the
Prospector ofllce.
You will pay $1H.(HI lor suits tbat
we are closing out for less   10.1.1) S.
It wilt pay you to go nnd look over
Buenu Vistu Gardens, pick out the
tract you want nnd have it reserved
(or you until the opening day of the
sale July 22nd, at 10 a.m. Ask the
Cranbrook Agency Co. lor full information.
II you close your eyes to 0. O. S.
bargains you uro blind to your own
Don't Forget the Number
gets Blondy the Auto Man
Chong Choy
BOX 143
Green Vegetables of all Kinds I
Delivered or Shipped       I
We have Six Lots left in the
These are all ploughed and levelled. Facing on
Armstrong Ave., and within a few minutes of
Baker Street.   Price $200.00 each.   Easy Terms
today at   Flnke Pure
Green Corn
Food Grocery.
Mrs. Beech nnd family returned on
Tuesday after spending a week with
(rlends in Namaka, Alta.
Any person requiring their hath
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
sewer should see Ed. F. Johnson.Estimates furnished.   Onll phone 267   tf
Mrs. and Miss McSweyn, who have
been visiting 1). J. McSweyn, returned home Wednesday.
Experience tenches, if It is picture
framing you need don't forget that
nr. S. Bonnell, J. J. Martin, and
It. Illnck, ot Fernle were registered
at the Crnnhrook Tuesday.
■ Call up Ed. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber and get sn estimate on the
rost of your sewer connections on
Phone 267. 28 tt.
I N. A. Walllnger, Mining Recorder,
hns gone to Sinclair Hot Springs.He
: wns accompanied by his two sons.
All kinds of choice fruits and vegetables; nothing but the best at
Campbell and Mannings.
C.   0.    S.   is clostng   out a 125,000
stoek at less than cost.
B. Dixon nnd daughter of St. Thom
as, Ont., were guests at the residence]
of Mr. and Mrs. Haslain thlB week.
Try us lor your Groceries, Feed, ]
Harness, etc. The cheapest place In
town Is the Cranbrook Trading Co
A special feature    at   the    Edison
Theatre on Monday night will be the .
English Derby, from start to finish.
0.   C.    S.   Is closing   out a $26,(100 j
stock at less than cost.
Born—At tho St. Eugene Hospital,
Cranbrook, on Saturday last to Mr.
and Mrs. 0. A. Footer ol Moyle, u
White Cane Sttgnr $7.00 per nun-
dred weight or $1.46 per 20 lbs. nt
the Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mnnnger Guernrd of the Auditorium
announces that the price ol admission i
tonight will he 2Dc. to any part ol
rhe house.
Visitors to the City
Now eating apples nt Finks
I Food Grocery.
J. W. Innocent, Miss I). Innocent,
and A, Innocent, of London, Eng.,
were Crnnbrook visitors Tuesday.
It ynu want a reliable and reason-
j able Job ol plumbing done or sewer
: age connections mnde, call up Ed. F.
' Johnson on phone 267. 28-tf.
K. R. Kellogg,     Los Angeles
W. MacKennle,     Vnncouver
N. K.  Mackenzie,     Klmherley
Wm.  Oppington.     Nanticokc,   Pa.
E.  T.   Crowley,      Marysville
B.  E.  Setdel,     Calgary
J.  nilss.     Lethbrldge
Roht. Bell.     Winnipeg
G. Mnsh,    Uthbridge
H.  A. Monre.     Frank
Geo.  H.  Srott.     Nelson
Thos. Corkell.     Nelsou
Ed. Home,     Jnltruy
J. M, Agnew,     Elko
.1. H. Wils      Hpoknne
S.  Chapman,     Montreal
C.   C.    S.   is closing
stock at less than cost.
out a  $2.-i,unu
Mrs. S. Potter; Mrs. C. S. Potter,
nnd Mrs. Chamberlain and boys.
were registered nt tho Cosmopolitan
on Monday.
Linen table cloths 2, yards long by
2 yards wide $1.15, less than 50 cents
a yard.-C. 0, !4.
A regular monthly convocntlon of
Rocky Mountain Chnpter, R.A.M.
was held In tho Masonic Temple on
Tuesday evening. I
H.   It    Howl wood,      Moyle
F. McMnhon,    Jaflray
II.  B.  Ilagnn, Han Francisro
P.   MrGcnrge,     Philadelphia, Pa,
N. Durdett,     Marysville
B. I'i. White,     Ottawa
K.  K.  Watsiia.      Spokane
11.  L. Giiareilenlnger.     Spokane
Morris,     Meillclne Hat
It.   proctor,      Cleveland,  Ohio
lleldeli,      I''U'lil n
llohson.     Fernle
II. Chnsiicy,     Bull Itlver
Colin 0,  llrown,      Vain ver
N.  Cohen,      New  Yolk
.1.   J.   Heller,      Chicago
B, T.   Caldwell,     Seattle.  Wash
Chns. llrnsley,     Walda
i;. I,. Kinney,     Fernie
J. T. Eggleslian,     Spokane
p. Sheridan,     Spokane
W.  McKcnzIc,     Wardner
W. W. Christie,     Cnylcy, Alta.
Just  a Few
of the
I 5 Acre Tracts jj
:: Now is Your Chance
For a Good Buy
I Beale & Elwell
'.'•      HEAD   OFFICE
Science  in   the Manufacture
Your Dealer Aas It
!i P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. i!
WWtHWtWHWtl 111-
t-t+Hfl+H +1 I ++++*. ****** I H
B.   C.
When You
ll Our Hardware
New & Up-to-date
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C,
::,........ * *** 4.************ *
Phone 5 TTTF. PflOSPPlCTOlt, C'?? AVUIrOOT*  T!  C.
■ probable thai
ll'.ll   Ullllllllilll   ol'   l .11
touch Willi su large ti
sous wlm have tuuuV
vestments   as   iloco    i
Branch ol lho I'nai Ulllc
li   is  uutloralood  lltul
pusses iluii    Bcverttl   ot
Women of Persia
llle  I
uiiuiiM-r ol
lhe     Amu
b lleptii-tl
hurdly a
elved lu which tbo »'
loss of luoiiey invesli
soiiie scheme llml  protulsod pbc
onul dividends or returns,    Ouo 0
,,,., .a In nail lii
,- ,„ |.u,.\ i'lllllCI-,1
idles lunlies ono
Den . ami   upyi 1     tlio  proviout
(ln*v centuries.
lions j Without the powerful
■itora Mm-in', nr tiie I'i'rsiuji w
■il In so-called ellullola ol Ine 1
none 111I' creation lhe sluirl-IIV'
,f iiic relousiy     couiluoled
I,   llll'   IVO-
llllllOSl    III
,ost progroaalvi', not in
ilu. world,     'luo (act
|IO     llllll     lISlolllsllllll'lll.
morul In-
"lull — those
lental lords
!, Imt umi''
Are you one of thore to whom
every meal :.; another -ource ot
suffering ?
N»-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Will help your disordered stomach to
dij-oot an.,- reasonable meals, and will
soon restore it to such perfect condition that you'll never leel that you
have  a stomach.     Take one after  |yenre ol
each meal.    50c. a Box at your   <iu°lj
Druggist's,     Mads by the National  Is
Drag- and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. 150
Modern Inventions Promise to M»ka
Southern Alberta .1 Bonanza Flax
Growing Section
The Onnndto.il Board of Control ot
Um   liilei'iuillonnl   Dry Funning   Cuu.
gti'ss iu lis Dlvor ilini Farming enni-
pnlgn announces that ilu- growing of
llnx for lis libra should be taken u,i
iu Southern,  Allierln, nml  luilnlH out
Hint It (inn ho made a veritable hen*
11r.11 wllh lhe I'Hliililisliuiem ul' lir.i'ii
these ensos is Hun  or a I movement in rorsui wntoti ens roue,,,   ,„,„    whlc.|, muM  ,.„„,,, ,,, lMa B0C,
win, uiii.in Ihreo yenrs ago en-  y beer, smothered by Russia anil tag- llo„ becaU80 „, „,„ roqulromenU ol
I as to ihe cost of un Annuity ul  land  would  havo paled oavly  Inlo «i |(1ll. |i,>m,, miii-K.-ts
The Information was promptly |moro -llHoi-«uiil/.eil protest,     u   wa*    Tll0r, M,„. abundant water power
given lo her, Inu  the opportunity loi they,   rom lli-lr cloistered IIvob, who, ,„ |1|0 |]|mlm.„ „„. meoim„|c„| motor
purchnse whs not embraced.    She ho-, with tbo patriotic support ol the I»th- ox|go|  (     Bllniclt-»»l coal lor n eliony
lleved she could luvesl her indue-  to mils priests,   pmeuted   tno   nal una       |no  tuel,  ninl  suitable  waler  for
better advantage, and Hint by Hi,, time moveitienl 1,1 the forma 0  govori neiil  „.,.,,,     ,„ |h|. convorg|on „r ,,„, m,,,.
she attained her 55th   birthday   Bbe and for the Inculen 1|0t western po- |llt0 rabi-luatlous-oC   lluon,    ro   Is
would not only have enough to imy tor lltlcul, commercial antl othical cones, evcl,yllllng ,.,.,,,,,,.,,,1 ,,„ „ natural raw
the Annuity outright, hut a little for-  material right at hnua.    Thus, rlghl
tlini' beslih's      This week another lei        How to Become a Ncurnsthemlo       ,H,1V |n   U|,(.,.u,   „„    k|nfl|   „t    |Mll.,,
ler bus been received from Hie Bsniol   unt no brealttast,     Indulge In hm goods can hi  produced in sell within
lady, who hy tbe way, Is now over lift- one meal dully; al anv rate, noi moreL fraction It imt -u iust as low a prlbt
which furnishes tho Be- than two.     Kai nu meal   ICal trea.lt „a ,.,„,,„, a,,,,,!.,' u meat boon in ,111
lhe story.    She sins: "1 havo cereals, vegetables, inns   and    fi'tilt. turinois
j savings on worthless BtockB, Masticate ever)  morsel   2t'.S   times    \   T|H, gv0\vtng of lb*  for seed bus
[believing,   Mrraly   believing,   thut    I 207 times won't do.    Talto a cold hall   1 „ very successful, nud nmnv of the
would soon he rich.     I would imt li>  every morning. progressive dry-farthers of Lpthbrldgo
ten to advice, convinced that I Itnew     „„   , laM(lgeli   ,,.,1;,       Read   tho nnd viclnlt)   havo this Benson begun
[best.     1  wonder ut  my  foolishness nw|tB nujgailnet, dolly,    Read ull tbo lho puttlug lu of a Inrgo crop     li 1-
now. to wnsi,. my all in schemes I nooks mi how to gain self-control uud noi   .«, i;,ii- yet, for lias can lm sow ,
______________ knew nothing nbout.     For some time m]  psj-cholliorapy,     Concenirnto the. up in tho Itth "i .nin.-, although lho
1 had a hug,, salary ami gave to cer- ,llh„: anon ., ,   ,,. ,,lh„, ,,,,,| ,,,„,.., „n (ln,|i01. n„, H.,f,,.
Not the Right Sort        .     tain companies ever.'  month.     Now articles of diet,    Upon ever- possible     for mam ceuturles 10 weeks linn-
He's In business for Wins :!i Iluil "''■>' ,1Rve turned oul  worthless, J occasion discuss ".in Imoglnarj  tro1- been consumed in getting 1l.1v vi'iul,
prospects seem verj good.       ' s'" '"'" '''''" :""' 'vro"g    """'       hn-s wllh   mi' trtti Is anil coerce youi  lor spinning,  ami a further taw  or
(lh  he wnul makes iug far- am """>'■ " l'-',i  »D'ene was Borry, wi.a ,,,,„ ,,,,,,.,l;u ,„   ,v,,v   ,1,,,,.,[,- Bvo W(,0|!g llavo  „    ,„,,,i,n,    in
lor whal I bave done, lm' nothing win rMnl U|at vou ,.,,„ [ormulnlc,     Hm a which lo hunch the limn protlucl tor
bring back what 1 have wasted,   llm ,,„  „t apparatus i"i  In     exorcise ihe tuurket,     l)j 11 now ptocosa rtla
Mil around over
looted portion of nm' -- ttuatotn-.
ami Ii
tune in a hurry.
Gaddlc—No. His manners ere mi'"
r, fined and he uses good grammar.-
Catholic Standard ami Times,
Ir  Doubt
'B   Know   1
iliii'll   to
I onsl
As loftlesl nml proudest
Tlm  imljllc  111:111   ului   talks  Hie  inos
Or him who talks the loudestl
ease is 11 pathetic one, und hei' e-tper- ,I|M| ro||  „ ,■,,„,,„,
:..... bus been costly, but It is   nn- ;l
common experleuce of many who have
In-led Get-Rlch-Qutck schemes.
in th.- same month of the same year
(1903)   another  lady  euqulred  as  to since the Slugosr, Coffee. Was Aban-
Hi,- cost  nf  11 Qovernmenl   Annuity. doned
icthe, ino. hml saved a nlco little sum
[tor the 'Rainy Day" as Hi,- resull nf     t'olfeo probably rum
t'inm-1 is
Polite Assurance
ontluctor,  ii
Don't be nfrnl 1.
got >'ini into Ihie h
to see j ou through
ii.iv i.in now  !"• converted In
1,'iily blenched linen llbro i.ad
spinning In nun day,     Sound straw
will yll Id I, l'. 1 ,''iil nl siiliiuiiiK lllu ■
16,-llUlllfi  . .i'i' pol   Ion nn llle lllnik'.l
iij ii.ii\oBtlng m nn' I'ini" 1 1 Ime good
flbro 1'.in im produced, nml .1 tali- crop
[ - . .1 1.111 In' oblntned ni  lho sum,-
time   Hm mochanlcnl opi tnllon of 1 •■
iher own labors.      She    began    pay-HoUBueBB ami so-called malaria   linn nll)¥|M ,1,,. „,,, (l ,v|tbout, as hlthei'io,
meals wiih a view to purchasing the an-   on,' 'Him' thing   even .1.1 I dim- tajm.llis ,|„, nim,. tor 11 leu production
same amount of Annults "' ™Mboiiis prnotlced lu lh.' I ultod Stalej
law  pnii'i'-s I'm  1 oli\,nl iug ilax
lulu  linen    wll lllu     Lite     sin, i
malady, wnu-h. though uol total, laca-j   a !'■   Worth man snya epaco t-| one day, has imssed beyond
our company |pacttated her  rrom  earning  a  llvell-     -i |,ave always been ol ■.<    bllloni the exiierimental stage, nud capital ti
bound iiood.     Uader thi   terms ol   tho   Vcl      npera subjecl  to mnlarla ami vestod In Ibis direction   would  he
harmful as -"i
vou  think IMs'the same ac   (55).      I'i    he  ci    -'   '"     '"'  '    SPUtalii    cntfelue  the i   ,,.,,
Ie Inr our trav-'.of lime she became a  llcted wiih a drug in coltee) .,,.„
A Ft Worth man s.n -
"I bave always been "i'
Vou havo probably boon thoro yourself   porhaps nro right now.
Bright v.mu-ii nil ovor (Saiituln, nro p,r*ltiii{» nwny from thin. They vi'l-
como MOONEY'S BISCUITS u-i n most aoooptabloBubstltulofoi
tholr own I'i'i'.'iil nml bisoulUt
nil- tlm orlspcst, en
nm luikotl In Wlnnlp
como to ynu fn-sh na
You cart hav
or si-uli'il iim
nii'sl cruel.
1111I0.   Bolter Still, (lit
-Baltimore Amcri-
Small Brother
. footbnll playei
Sister's Benu
Small  Brothei
..|| 111,. you wc
Rich?- .Ilalrinioi
Mr. Sammy, are you
Tli.- sen
Adam aud live.
Illghi you an
His S'takeshlp
i,t. mnde the repulal
she was entitled to have he   contract uj, , , ,,.,. ,,.,,; 9Sti a perfect slave 11 tar hetti r method, because nf the
converted into an Immediate Annul     coffee      VI Limes 1 would he covered talnty   of   roturns,   tlmn   lu   mild   or
contrai       She        tl - done       I   - ■, •■       is and hill ot nuilarlal poison  other mines where  milling  i-cqulrc.i
now receiving, and will re as    us   v,.^ -.  I:. nervous and hail swimming millions   aad then iho outcome from
-'• -- -   ;■! 'tie head. la nnnncinl Btnndpoiul  Is   nlwnys,   or
I ,..,;.■.    O0, ' ,..,  '• 1 ......w.i. but nearly so. un Indefinite nunutlty, and
1 finally became coavinced thai m) 'he duration ol ihe lode a mlghl) um
.    : ■-- waa 'lie to Hu' use ol coltee, certainty, ^
and a llti •■ ..s- 'i.i-i a ','.'i- ago 1 Has ^ a Irani* plaul to grow; wna
stopped coffee and Degau Urlnklns ''»i abundance 01' water it Is a certan
•,. I'leatLlt producer; and the various uses
"From that time t have noi had alio whieh the sttaw and seed con bt
boll, not had malaria at a.:, hnve '-aim mn Place il beyond the Bingo ot lho
-d l."> pounds good solid weight ahdiuucertalii,
ii Is tlonbtful it there is a u )n   >.i"-
diii sis fled woman in all Cat
of   a j   Tim   Annuities   System   doea   not
promise to give something fw   noth
iug. and no benefits can be recelvi
which are not paid for;  ha-,  it does
n 0f promise to give a return, and with
'lhe security of the Government of Can-
tl,, ada behind It, greater than can he nu
A corrector of Pulmonary Troubles,
—.Miny lesiinionluis could bo presented showing lhe greal ulbcacy of Dr.
Iliomas' Bieclrtc ttil lu curing dis-
oi'.eiH of Hi-, resplr,itovy processes,
hut llm hi'hi testimonial is experience
and tlm t)d Is recommended to all
who sutli r from tlieae disorders wltb
the certainty that they wlil llml re-
lier, ll will allay inllamiuatloa tu
Hm bronchial tubes as no other prc-
•mrntlon can,
Sister Knew it
Modosl Suitor   I am gob
vmir sister, Willie, hut 1 a
e -sh lor Iml'.
Candid Mltlo Brother .That's what
Sl.i says, hul ma's been telling her
thai she ran'l  iin nfi.i   hotter,    llrooli-
1,11 I.It,'
Mlnard's Liniment used by Phyiici.ina
I good
talned   from   the   investment  of  the Unmv i,evon.l all doubt this is due to
same nmoiinis in any other manner. tne US(1 0f Postum iu place of eon*,'- What Crop Rotation Will Do
"World's Work" says: "it is the Sav- , havo __itn ■ , medicine at all. j » |8 Interesting lo nolo lhal Ibe
lnga Hank, ihe Insurnuce Company, 'Postum has certainly mnde ial„i which produced Senger Whet-land lho lloverunient Bond rolled Into healthy, red blood for me in place of ,.,.-6 siooo bushel prlne wheal ai Host-
one-In a shape adapted to the smallesi the blood that coffee drinking impov.herI1 __^ [„., vear waB ciirefiillv
of depositors." Your Postmaster will lerlshod and made unhealthy." -<-*■■""> I ••■' ■ • '-...'
furnish you literature descriptive   it given by Canadian Postum Co.,
sor, Our.
Postum makes red blood
"There's a  reason,"  and  it
plained In tiie nude honk, "Tin
Ito Wellvllle," in pkgs.
..Ever read the above letter? A nev.
one appears from time to time. They
l!are genuine, true, and full of human
.. Interest.
$1.00 PER HOUR
 '•—■ - Tills   in  whnt   yon   cnn
innhc Retting "Evergrlp"
CH.iiiKj Casters. M.mv
nf oin- agoniH tiro making moro. Kvery homo.
•mi.vl.. Hotel, imruei -*li"|i » cualomer. -""
1,.i- cent, profit. Mill munpto «et tiiut
ig.-uis tei'inii senl for in cbnls. We want
t booiI agent in your town
Oj as Manufacturing Company,
" Suite  111.  Mail   Bldg..Toronto.
iliis maryallouB system ut Investment:,
,or you may obtain tin- Information de-1
sired by wvlUng lu the Superintendent of Annuities,   Uttavra,   in   whom
yom* letter will s<> tveo t>£ postage.       \
Herodotus Subtjified
Tiie inexperiencetl   candidate
Poor Old Doc
Diinl.s Wiiiit iin you liiinl. of IV.
Cook? lie sjivh thai lie's going to
live In In-  I GO yenra old.
.linkH That's nollilng. I know Home
Jokes tiiai nre 200 years old.
bi il time,     lie hod been ne
!y heckled and his   temper   was   a'., ' 	
breaking point. j   A small Non-e^iim   Ind   presented
"(If'tiU'-iiieii. lie snld presently, In ex- himself hvfoi*1 n .^eliooi teacher, v-no
asperatlon, "Heunioins tells ua  "        first asked him his name,
"Which side is he on:''    lame   a     Pete Peterson, lie replied,
voice from Ibe, crowd. |   And  how  ohl    aro    you?    cotitin-
itut the candidate wns determined [asked next.
In have his say. 1   1 do nur. know how old I lane, re*
"Heioiloius tells up," lift    went    on  piled  the  hul.
finvly,  'ol   a   wliolo army that  v/as     Well, wben -.\ere you horn? cotiLlu-
put to i^^hl by tho braying or a s!n-hied thn tencher-
\\*nrt't are disfigure.ileitis
appear  when   heated     wItli
way's Coin Cure.
at .Ils-
Then lhe ri;ow.l applauded, Mid llie
young man thought at least he had
seorod- Bill his triumph was sho.i.
lived, lor .ritiin came a volte from I!:;
crowd IhJa time in a resigned tone.
"Younj; man," It said quietly, "go
nhead; ibis army has been tested."—*
Li s Augeles 1-IevaU,
I am not horn at
nil, I got step-
gtjmo cultivated ami the yearly mannei
Wind- cropping the land was as follows;
First year--*-Bre»Mng.
Second year—6ats. a heavy crop.
Third >eai -Potatoes, po-is, turirlps.
Fourth j«ar—Canadiau Thorpe J-
owed bailey, yield V"i btishols an acre.
Fifth year—Sunimer lallow
Sixtn year—Wheat.
Seventh yenr—Wheat,
Bighth year—Oats, heavy crop.
Ninth year—Sin.liner fallow.
Tenth yeav--l,restoii viica
Is an ■Wove.
Eleventh year—Potatoes.
Twelfth year ---Wheat.    I'
n ucre; also seed plot of Preston.
Seed plots and potatoes.
Thirteenth year—Summer fallow.
i''oiirleei.ih year—.Maiquis wheat,
awarded !>ln00 prize ai New York
baud Sho >v.—-From Dry •Farming
liethhridge, Alhefta.
Ooldslolti Is a newly made country
gentleman wbo is visiting the village
Heboid "Now, can any one of you boys
tell mo what nothing Is?" Small
voice (after long B.lonco -Please Hir,
wot you guv me lor 'oidin" yer 'orse
yesttirday,    Punch,
'i'lierc ts often a marked difference
between a good business man and a
"good" business mail.—Puck.
lie—Tbey saj pearls are
of the oyster.
She—Incurable,  I  hope.-
Brain of Hi Own
An  Inexperienced colored girl hail |Blatter*
piKr  been    installed    as    housemaid, i
Having eyed a patient    bottle    with     You were hrnve I
much   curiosity   for  some   time,   she
[naked her mistress:  "Ami what son
o' thing is daf. ma'am?"
i    "That,"  replied madam, "is  a bottle tha*  ■v".  keep things either hot
or cold."
!    '"Land sakes. honey!" exclaimed tho
istonished darky, "how is it gwiue to
a diseaB*
tatch iito burglar, hut how did jou conic to injure
him so badly?
I was silting up iale.  Mailing for
my husband to come home.
To mosl iior.se owners It is n inattei
f<r costly experience tlmt an apparently Hlinht wrench or sprain or cut is
much more serious In a horse tba'. In
a human being A man goes ahead
and woiks it  off, but.    the    horse    Is]
liable lo lie "put out of commission"     A  commercial traveller, at   a  rall-
for weeks or months. 'way station Ui one of our southern
When thin has happened lu a busy towns, included In his order for break-
season, lln* horse owner i.; thereafter fast two boiled eggs. Tlu- old darky;
keenly Interested iu getting quick act- who served him brought him three.    I
know whether you want it to keej-
'things hot or cold'."'—Ladies' Home
Tramp to passer
by)- lie:-;
Passer by
no use begg
-Granted!       Itut
ng anything else.
ion ai   tiie lirst   sign of ,
disease      lu    fad    many
horsemen make a practice
each   animal   over   carefully   every
mom iug to see thai M is all iieiii.   If
It Is noi. they net busy ni o	
A  greal   help   "len   i:--  a   Mill,'   boo)<
palled "A Troutlfce on the Horse and
Mis UlseOBe." published bj   Dr. B. .1
Ken.kill l'n., ISnoshiirg Fnll . Wrii-nir
While ii empbas'/.-s the necessitj  oi
sendiuB pronjpllj   foi  mo  V'eterin n
i-i Bprlotis cages, lhls liltie liooh telts
i leorl? snd hrlellj jus1 whal to do for
t\\ch   nllmenls   us   Spavin,   Splint -,
Ellngbone,  Wire Cuts,  Lane n. -.-. and
Sprains, thai can in- effectively cured
ii- in-ill.- irestmeni  whaii one know
what io do nnd hh> tin- proper remedies handy.
This hook can ti<* obtained free from
any druggist wbo s-MIs Kendall's S|ia.
In Cure, lhe titlny-vear old standby,
nr direct from I"- B, .) Kendall Co,
bv slmpl n ni.ui; in. in -ii Rnosb i .
Falls,   V.T.,   t  S.A.
tccident or i Uncle, sold the travelling man, why
succesaful In tli" world did yon bring me throe
of looking boiled eggs?     I only ordered two.
Ves,  .-:r.  said  the old darkey,  buw-
Ing and Bmlllng, 1 know you did order
two, nir. but I broughl three becaus-'
I   |u il  naturally t"U dat ow ot dem
: ymi. si:-.- Harper's Woekly.
10 bush*
A Bad Lot
A forlorn looking man was brought
before a magistrate for drunkenness
and disorderly conduct. When ask-
cd what lie had to say for himself, he
ga/.ed pensively at the judge, smoothed down n reaimant of gray hair ami
said: "Your honor, man's inhumanity
to man makes countless thousands
mourn. I'm not. so debased as Swift
ss profligate as Byron, as dissipated
as Poe or as debauched as—"
"Thai, will do," thundered the magistrate. Thirty days. And, officer,
lake a list of those names and run
'cm In. They're as had a lot as ht
is,"—Savannah News.
California Oil Wells
Being developed by
Canadian Capital
rni tuts mnde tin- world's greatest
fortunes,     it will mako yours,
California Fields ure   paying   millions or dollars tn Investors. Our Mas
-The   Ftdlerton"   produce     the     ix-sl
piade i.f oil lit tbe entire dlslrlcl,
Let ui Show you lhe Proof
K. K- ALBERT. Winnipeg
708-709 McArtliur Building
Arc Dreaded by Mothers    Who   Fear
for the Safely of Their Children
Bald Head Partings
Before a man begins to get bald lie
pails his hiiir on the side way down
jusl above his ear, Imi as the hair
starts to come out then he begins to
patt.it iu the middle and later when
ahodt all of it is gone on the lop he
again goes back to parting it down
low lo one side nnd tels lho short
Ihairs over the cars grow ion*; and
[brushes liter/ over his bald spot.
From the little hoy in curls to Ibe
(old man with llttlo or none Imt is
a good onoitgh theme for the Immortal
Shakespeare,—New  York Press.
No Place for Him
William, conn*.       I refuse    to
through another act of this show
i > ou.
I    But, my dear, it may not be—"
No, no.   lt. isn't til  for decent
[ile to see.   1 refuse lo stay here
you any longer.
1   Very  well. If that  Is the way
feel about, it-     Only I would lilt
■know how the plot is unfolded,
j    I'll  get   a  matinee  ticket  and
'ynu.    Pittsburg Posl.
t!   tO
When a New Perfection
Comes in at the Door
Heat and Dirt Fly Out
at the Window.
What would it mean to you to have
heat and dirt banished (rom your kitchen
this summer—to be free from the blazing
range, free from ashes and toot)
Witli the New Perfection Oven, the New Peileclion
Stove i. the moat complete cooking device on the matket.
It i, ju,t at quick and handy, too, (or wathing and ironing.
This Stove
saves Time
It saves Labor
It saves Fuel
It saves-YOU
M«-l* wi'K 1,2 and 3 luirn-
en, Willi bn;,»3KD1**lfrl,|-.t-
quMM-btita chimn-lt. Hand-
ismc'-r lia.-hft-t tltrnujliaul.
1 lie 2- snd 3-ly.irn-r trove*
cin b. It*d witli or without ■
r-ib.i-.-1 top. wlticti iifilte*! w Hh
drop >!>*'•. •*. towel nckt, etc.
Alldea!*'i canv the New
Perfection Slow. Kr« Ceolt-
Uool: wi'hevi-ij-itot'e. Cook-
Boot ilio given to ■ni or**
Kndini 5 centi to cover maik
ini c-rt.
Not Sure
«\ Utile l'»y who wits very much
nuzzle'l ovei lit.- theory ol evolution
(litest lotietl Ills mother I litis:
Jlamtiiti, iii" 1 (lOBCon-le-l front n.
I ilon'i know, lite mollier replied. I
never know nny of yonr father's pcu
lile.   The (Into.way.
Nit a Boss
foil ihonldn'l < all  i I"""*, "ah
,lr. Wartl I.
Bul  you are ;■ leader .iiei nn nulc
Maybe     1.11 ti Itosn is ;* man v in
inakeit  people  work.   M)   BPoclttU)
showing  anybody   I   lako an  Inlerei
In i,.iv.    to    llvo    easy    Wnahlngti
S, ill
■,r izt, tu ECui-ope t,
evinuon.   il.-ar'      She    I   wnul   :>,   :
awfully. Hm ii -.eei,is sneii a waa
ot time to nil-s seeing iill Ihose ivo
tlerful Hiiiits    Life,
,   A^&r^rfrfr
■NT'S  Dl"\,Ar  .,  '
l nii'lft-iiiml your Imubanrt \< n cnn
illdate for office, satd it Bitffraffettc
oui wi m to her Bluti t* In the cutis-?
Vn yon going lo BUpiiort lilm? Oli,
l uuppoue bo, aiiawered ihn n\i\pr,
so me whal wearily. I've heen bup '
porting hint for the past ten yearn,
ChlcngG Record   Herald
Wimi a welghi of responalblllt.-
lestfl on the mother of tha ram 11;'
ilurlng tho winter Benson!
in every oough nntl coltl she recog*
nlzea the voice of Croup, Bronchi Mb,
Com-mmntion or other deadly throiii
nml Inng conipHcalloiiB,
l-*i'W people, even among those who
are convenient to tloclorfl, con afford
lhe luxury of n pliyalclnn for overy
cough or cold, oven though they re
aline tho BerlouaneflB   nf   neglecting]
gUCll llillii"'tlf.
For nil Bitch, Ur. Chnao Iiiih provided n prompt nieaiiB of euro Uunwn
Only Half Guilty
Senator Williams, lu un address iu
Yazoo, suld of a movement  ho opposed:
Those men fry to apologlso for theli'
course, bnt their apology reminds tno
'of that of tlu> Yazoo ofllce hoy.
j   a  bu allies a mnu,  looltlng up from
an Important leltor ho wus drafting,
Bald to his hoy testily:
t   Don't whistle m your   work,   C.il
I   i ain't worltlu1,   sir,   Calhoun   nn
Bwerod, I'm only J'-sl whlsUIn,'—*Cln
nniuiti ISuQiilrer,
Little Florence had n very bad toothache and way ci.ving softly to herself,
Her uum, who was a bollover In Christian Science, wont over to tlio llttlo
girl and said: ,,ir you had any faith
dear, you would havo no toothache."
I Florence continued to yob, hut ho
tween sobs she replied: "Well, Aunt
iGrncc, tr you had my toothache you
wouldn't linvo any faith. -Judge,
How Could She
S iv,. ai i I old you Ium nlghl I-
mice me al seven this morning. Wh)
li. <iii i on   dldu'l yo i do -u"
landlady     Woll,    sir,   lit     sr-vei
I'etocli you hadn't come I
onde Blatti r.
Alt the Way Down
How Tar la*It to tlio nnxt (own, In
mitred, tho man iu tho imuMieslmt*
terod buggy.
'"Houl ten niil". mister,1'   nnhl   tho
IIIIiioIh farmer by the roadside,
|.ong mllos, loo. 1 promise,
No, Hir, they're not ho very long,
Oi "sun i-l.y mother, ni-l-o thla|!'"l,/••>"'»    ""!}" „."n'"J    ' "
irentnic nvo till (ilhora in hccaiino|lh'-)l>-   l *»«» I rll..iiit>.
nl lis miltnhlllly I'm' .liil.li'.-n.     II  I
Silenced Pretender
Illil yon know tlini  lhe nlil
Prlee'H  seven  iIuiikIHi'I'h  Intil
Dr. Clinne
. S> I'llp of l.lnseeil anil Tin
Quite Another flatter
'.   Mother   Thoro   now,    don'l    whin
Johnny,     Vou know lhe Bible snyt*,
'"Lei uol thu BUn tleacond upon your
Knther  Tlmt'a nll.i'lght, Iml ll Boos-
n'l nay not lo lei your wrath deBcend
lltioli   the  bun.
For the Love   of Mike
(lid Dr, llee olnlnia lo cure rlieu-
inniiBiii by hypoderinlo Injeollou,
Don'l. you believe ll.     HeX-i nu old
I bug ami ovcrybody thnl boos there
tiein Bluns.
you ht'
lesHi 'i:
1  ilid ii'
  in h
arn nolh
UK    .ill
in,   t
ll 1     n h)'.
i   School
mnl ploaBniti to the lasle, and
children like to lake It, Ity Its
Rncillt1i.tr, hoallnR action li U ivoi.dci'-
fully prompl In curing Oroup,   liron-
■ The mitK ilonlnr, fined for selling n
watered nrtlnle, oxclalmod ipdlgnant*
h : "Why, ir l dldn'l wator It, lu.lt
my customors wottldn'l gel any!
Suicide, says n slailstlclnn, Is Ions
jprevnlenl tjmoitg the .(.wish Hum any
■ace.     It seems hard for some
lo voluntarily rel Instil all >iny-
nu<! Whooping Cough, aud cnn
[no used by children with perfect safety ho long »H illroollons aro followed.
i Thousands of families lu Canada
Icoop I'i' Chase's Byt'tlp of Mn flood ami
Turpentine In Hie house ut. all tlirios
for ns" in casos of emorgoncy, This
Its tho only wtiy lo he sum or pralocl
Ime th'1 brouclilnl   tubes   and   lungs
|agalns| coughs nnd colds. 85c. n
bottle, family Rise 00c. ni nil denial's
mi- Kdnianson, Dalos & Co., Ijltnltoil,
in o|il
Hu- ii
He IV   WUH     llll)     lllll
enl    of
Btllforl   No.
man alleelod7
lilli.i nli, lm look on divnil'iilly nl
llml; then hn found nut Mini every
ium know hn hud bought Hie girl's
laiiwiiy ticket.—Judge,
The Real Trouble
t'OBllVe Kenllelllllll lietnniliiK I ie,
■-It'ii all very well   Baying Ihors'i no
plaie    III,,-    Inline    lull-  It's    gOtllllg
tliere'K  lho    li-oiilile.    London    Iipln
Whal  is thin ilomenlli- BCletlOe? In-
qnlroil 11 ngngod girl,     n ooiwlBta
of making IiiibIi, mil ot the left-over
meal nnd e'roquetloa olll of ih<- left-
mer lumh, cicpliiliiod hor moro twiior-
lenceil  fllenil.
people   have    tin
My doctor says 1 nunht  lo ihle a
hlil-M',   HI, 1*1   llle   llliloletll   lllllll.   "Wlliil
-inr.'    i don't know.  Ma'ylxS lio'a llrod
ol treating mo for dyapopflin and wants
ii broken collar bone lor a oliange.»1fi
hVaBhlagton Star.
The Simple Rc-non
I'ltBBi'Ugi I'   Why are «n no Iale?
(Jonthii im- -Well,  hir,  lho train  In
nm  wna behind ami this train was
behind, betoto, beside*.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly nin-t the need which so often
arises in every family lor a medicine
lo open up and regulate the bowels.
Not fuily nre tliey effective in all
casos of Constipation, but thry help
err-dtly in breaking up a fold or l.a
t'.ripiH- liy cleaning out Ihe system
antl purifying the blood. In the same
way ihey relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheum-
ftism anil oilier common ailments,
n the fuflelt sense ol the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are       IT
A Housihtld  Remedy
Victim's Sarcasm
■What iio you consider tho lunsl iin-
poi'taut event in tho history ot rur-
"Well," replied the toiirUI. who had
  grown weary of distributing lips, "*o
And she upends all nlghl hunting tor tar an tlnanclal prosperity is concern-
It nnd gathering It Into one pile In America was tho making ot UiIb town.
case of lire.—Harper's Magazine. —Washington Herald.
Her Busy Life
Aunt Martini spends all day Ion,-
biding hor silver ln 50 differenl
Places to defeat tlio burglai'B she is
perfectly sure are coming here.
Her real Yearning
Cu rid Ine-- My, I'd like to see my
name In print.
Pauline- Yes. especially in the mar-
riago license column.
Quite Different Now
When I was a hoy I IIBOd to thln'i
there wus a pol ot gold at tlic end of
tt rainbow,
And now?
I have turned my attention from
rainbows to mining slocks.
Sir, I  am lallvlng uliout whnl   yon
Wo me.     Will you pleaso   pny   nu
somo attention?    Certainty, ir you dc
not wain inn to pay   you   anything
else.- Baltimore AmoHoan,
Dttbblolgli- Tell nto honestly, Is
there tiny chance ot your marrylug
Miss Bright—Woll, there's never
been nny Insanity lu our family, Mr.
Dituulatgh. -Boston Tnmsi'i-lpl.
It's so easy lorllnd fault, said Uncle
Ebon, 'd'. a mail who Is Bura-onougli
aniarl ought to he ashamed lo wnsto
his energies dal way' -Washington
Dlggs—Whnt do you think or that
Idiot .limes'.'   lie always answers o.ta
ipiehilon by askhiB another.
Iliill-s   Ulli'S  he'.'
Mlnard's Llnhient Co.. Limited.
Hear Sirs,- Your MINARD'S I.INI-
,MH.\"|- ls our remedy for sore throu:,
colds nud till ordinary ailments.
lt never fulls lo relieve and cure
Port Mulgrnve.
Art ('onnolsseiir -Where did ynu got
this iluith'.'
l-'rietul I picked II up In a studio
said something nice aboul II otli ol
politeness, and tbe urllsi gavo It in
Art t'liniioisseur. Badly—Ynu can t
lie loo careful—Judge,
Sunday-school teacher Willie,   can
you repeal the shorten! commandment'
It has but four WOl'ds. Willie Yn.,
Miss. "Keep off lho QrttBB."- Hon-
ton 'I'rntiBcrlpt.
Teacher--Don't Bay "How It Is inln
In'!" Pronounce your '--.'
Iilllle Olrl—I know lenclier. Lot nm
say It,
Teiieher- Say It.
Lltlln 0|rl—Clool How It Is raluiir:
n.ui'i you llilnk ll Is dastardly lo
Kotnl a iiinii an Infernal machine'.'
naked Jones, while motoring wlt't
Oh, I don'l know, replied Brown
as Hi" car cave a dying groan halfway tip Hie hill. If 1 had an enemy,
I'd Bend hint lhls onu.—Jutlne.
Railway Agents, Telegraphers and
Clerks iu great demand throughout
Ontario and North West. SU
months will qualify you. Day nnil
Mali courses. I'osltlons npurer*.
Free Hook in explains. Dominion
School Telegraphy, Toronto	
vet* Alaoasts and drink habit,
Wrlto «1
Queen East. Toronto.
Hnme or the problems or human ex.
Islet  are becoming more and mora
complex. Yos, replied the admiring
parent, I cnn hardly wait for my
daughter's graduation essay lo let us
know whin to do aboul. thom.—Washington Star.
"Pa," nsked Ihu small boy, "what
is a demagogue?
A demagogue, my son Is a smart,
leinly lalfccr, who belongs to a party
you're itot 111-
** *r-   v\^\r -tr*-,
fur-ovw'OOF t» r_
Necessary In This Age of Keen Competition and Great Accomplishment
When the Body Falls lo Support the
Brain Seek the Help of
Nervous poople are the suit of ths
earth, The grenl mnn ninl greal
women an- usually llioso of nervouu
toinporntnonl. *
Hut II lakes an enormous niiniilliy
great hraln of a highly tonslonod nervous B.VBtetn.
Digest Iiiii falls because nerve force
In lacking lo control the flow of digestive fluids. A llllle extra ex-
clletuent Is followed hy the agony of
n   e\ lass  nlghl       You   nre  easily
Irtllnled nud lose pilillllii-e, you hick
the reserve force which Is tiecessnry
for success nnd lo ward off illsense.
Unfortunately nervous diseases do
not right Ihentselves and nlnce your
iiii-.ifiiive system falls to supply nm*
ticlent nourishment you must seek
external    asslBtunojo   such    as    Pr.
Chase's  Nerve  Food,
Tills greal food cure Is uol ti tint-
cnllc to ilotnlou lhe nerves, II Is
not it stimulant In whip up lho
nerves  to  renewed  effort.
Dr. Chase's Nerve I'ooil roods Ur-
feeble wasted nerves back to health
and vigor II lloodn the nervous
tystoni with new rich blood, llie oul;.'
Bulistnttce fro-p which nerve force
can he made. l-ifty cents a box. tl
fer «2..rill al. all dealers, or I'hlma.i-
son,  Bales & Co., Limited, Toronto,
Severely Logical
It was a Welsh minister whn described thc devil to a little congregation lu a remote Welch valley.
Said the minister:
"The devil Ib bound round Ihe
middle Willi chains, and round th?
arms with chains and round the legs
wllb ehalna. But John Jones,"
pointing lo a man In thc front row,
"he can leach you: and you. David
Evans" point ills lo one In the llliil-
dlo row. "he can roach you, and,"
pointing to ono tit the back, "John
Williams, he can reach you."
And then a man In the gallery call
oil oul: "Why he'might as well 115
loose."—London   lilobe.
Minard'a Liniment used by Physicians
Talk all Day
"Do you," said lho learned counsel "sweat' that you will tell "tie
truth, the whole truth, and—*'
"Oh. how lovely!" tho lair witness
Interrupted. "Hlu.ll I he allowed to
talk all tin- af. • icon ;i I want to?"
Written Excuses
The teacher of a kinder, arton class
was strict in the matter ol compelling her charges to bring written excuses from home in enso the/ ha!
missed attendance at school.
After a big .I'o'in, Mb ch kept many
ol the youngste-B nv.-nv, all but ono
brought perfunctory explanations
from their mothers. Tho one chile
was told to have a letter with lilm
the next day.     He did and It read:'
"Dear Madam: Willie's legs are 1(1
'••oies long and the snow wns two
feet deep. ,
Yours, etc.''
Machine That Grinds Paper Dry and
Then Stores It In Bags
As the grontosl illllleulty which
iiuiBt poople meet with In regard lo
bunk notes Is thai of helng able lo
keep llii-iii, it win probnbly come ns
a BUi'priso to many to learn there art
yet others fur whom the difficulty entailed In destroying such paper an
well Illustrated In a very Interesting
article upon paper destruction by tho
German imperial piintcis.
Tlm t hods previously   available
were throe—burning, boiling uud pulping. In the Ilrst process II has boon
found Hml even where ti special lur-
iiiico bus been used It. 1ms no] Infrequently happened lhal while tho oilier purls of packets were destroyed
somo of the foments were hoi cun
singed. In Ibe case of sunups or
gtimmed paper tho matter was aidi
worm for the packets baked-login
inlo solid blocks, Iho Interiors of
.vhli-li were quite Inltict.
In tho second process ilu- pope 101
destruction Is plnoed in Iron boilers,
lye Is added and lhe contents then
s'ulijeeied to ihe prolonged action t
steuin. As it doBlruclhc process for
small quantities this Is qllllc • IVonunl,
as Ib iliiii of pulping, a nn »s III
which lhe paiier la cul up by involving knives In water.
In bolh these esses there Is, however, uiiolh Illllrully—thnl of disposing of the proilui'l. It caniiol
easily he sold, II will no' pay In transport tind on lianil the sodden, stodgy,
must! quickly goes bail,
Tbe German Imperial printers
therefore decided to try a new way —
grinding It up dry. To this end they
Installed a forty horse-power mil-,
which, by a process of curling, crush-
lug uuil tearing reduces the paper to
au almost powdorllke form. In whlon
II. passes through n sieve Into a collecting chamber beneath thc mill
reaili- f---- packing.
This, however, was accompanied by
n vert objectlonalde feature, especial
ly when dealing with gummed paper
In the grinding. Such a dust was
created that though the workmen engaged, wore protectors, li yet persistently mind mul blocked thelr«pye*i
and nostrils.
As the worl: of packing was on lilt*
account not only unhealthy, unwillingly performed and also uneconomical
efforts were made to find some mechanical means of doing It, Difficulty afler difficulty arose.
Among such may bo mentioned tin
e spiral feeder having been devise I
It was found tha; the paper would
form into halls solid as blocks of
wood, which defied tlic efforts to move
them by the twenty horse-power motor.
The Imperial printers, therefore nr:
now to be congratulated upon possessing a machine perfect in its kind. It
takes the paper, grinds It up to any
Bute desired and hags it.
Finally, though tiie paper lu Ih'n
form letches but little on accuunt uf
Us consequent shortness of libr->. tl-i
mill Ib yet not only paying off the
Initial outlay, but it Is alao saving
some S2I10 a year in worttnien'a wages.
Conditions ir Japan
! 'I'I III lho old eusloms nf Japan nil
lUiaslng awuy .md tit,- empire is rapidly becoming civilized, umi, more
slowly, i'lirlsilaiil',:"d, is noi borne oul
by lite fact, for ibe dark aide of Japan
Is turned aside by those who visit
lliere.      A  writer 111  the    Mlssloiiiil'.i
Intelligences of Clnolunntl, long /
resident lu Ftikushlmn says: "Idolatry
ihilll prevails. The tcnaoll*- wilh
(which they cling In tin- family gods
In some homes Btipposed lo be Christian shown Hint idolatrous customs
have a strong liuhl on litem- Hold
iu Japan Hn- divorce rale is thno
times as high as In America, and
Hicii not all ihe Bopai-ntiona uro eouui-
ed. Tlm people are woefully addict-
oil to lho use of liquor and tobacco,
All the cars are smoitois, Whon we
ride ill tiie trail] we are sillied by llie
|tobacco smoke, A lot of women
iinioke as well us Hie men. There is
much drunkenness, Japan nlso
heads Hie list of tuitions In regard to
thji number of Bliloldt B."
Western Independence
When you hear lhal lhe wesl Ib
growing Independent or the east you
enn act It down ns a fact," aald llm
drummer who had come iu from beyond lhe Mississippi
"What's llle yarn," was asked liy the
hold clerk.
"Oh, not n long one. .lust nhows
inu lhal n Western mini doesn't have
lo lean on the crowd for his bread
ami butter. In a Nebraska town 1
naked Ike Innkeeper the way to n barber shop. lle iiiii only had one In
the piece, hm he shaved tiie himself.
Then I told hltn I thoughi or having
some curd photos taken, He look tne
up under tbo roof tind worked Hn
camera in nrst*olnss shape,
"Sure I wanted a lloense, and as
.Mayor, he Issued It. I wanted n
horse and buggy, and as n livery stable man ho hired thom lo me. I hn.t
an old tooth, tind us it denl 1st he
yanked it out."
"Bui  he stopped there?"
"Almosl. llo lined a pnlnii Sunday, did aome hlacksiiilthiiig Monday,
began painting tin- Bclioolhouse Tuesday, and when I left Wednesday he
was holding court aa Justice of tha
peace. When you wuni to Hint Independence, go west, young man."—St
Louis Titties.
Old Use and Worn
Ci-n. Marion .Mans has a keen and
delicate taste iu literature, ami at a
recent dinner at Vancouver Barracks
discussing a popular novel ot little
worth, Gen. Mans aald: —
"The pathos of the book l„ really
bathos. It. reminds me of a private's
widow. The good woman -vas about
to Bell her husband's furniture, he.-
rugs, plated ware, and whut not. Aa
site WaB going over these articles her
(yes filled witli tears, a host ot memories voso to iter mini!, and laying
aside a half-doxen knlvpH, she said:—-
"Oli, dear! 1 can't let these go!
They've heen in poor Ueorge's mouth
too often!"
Appendicitis Causes
The question has again been raised
in medical journals as to whether th -
Increase in the frequency of appendicitis ir, recent years may not be due
. to minute particles of iron, 'i'he old
millstones thut ground so slowly and
ground small enough in the old days
have passed away, ana It is suspected
".hat these particles or iron com-,
from the rollers now used in grinding
wheat. Some medical authorities
suggest that these particles find thcii
way into the appendix where they
form Hie nucleus of a concretion
Cases are cited where bullets and sbol
havo been met wilh, having come ua
a kind of a surgical dessert to tho
euU-ig of game: also bunches of brl.-
lies from a too vigorous use of th ■
"I see your wile has her hand In a
"I Boe your wife haa her hand In
a bandage.    What is the matter?"
"I sol a mousetrap and put It In
my pocket last night."—Judge.
"Going to make u garden this
spring?" "No, I'm busy superintending
that of iny next-door neighbor."—
Washington Herald.
The oil Ima I n ess when properly
mananecl, is tho most profitable
also tha safest business In the
world. The returns from It are
much large-' and quicker than .hose
afforded by any other lino of bur-
The furmer proAticoa from ono
in two eropH per yinr, umi hlx
pi'olltH an-  ai   tin-  mercy nt  W.o
Ht-liNmiH       ProdUOllltf nil  wi Um  '*,vi>
ONI', crop each ami EVER*
HAY, and fow arc tin- <iatiiHtr<»-
phlcH thai inn harm a producing
■ill property or Impair (ta value.
Tho mercliant and manufao*
lurer .mint continually rush his
talon In order to proven! I'Utnouj
depreciation In tho valuo of j-is
RoudH, uii account of tiinipona nm]
Cushion. Noi ho with oil stored
tafe in tha wound, It cm wait
ihe passing of 11 panic. TIME
tends always to Intrcaao Ua valuo un ihe demand for oil and oil
products Ih constantly grow I-iff,
Tho host thm can bo hup«d far
funii most lines oi business in a
profit, of from threo io ten •,» r
t.ent per year, while the oil producing bualHCHB EARNS and
I'AYH this or a greater per conl.
Tbe Me An der* on Company,
now organised will develop und operate fnr nil upon Ua laiulH loeuled
jusl IH mllcB from l«os Angolan,
Tho MeAndors Oil Co, aro fortunate in scturlng in neji'H fit iin- boat,
produchik oil territory hi ('ull'orn-
la-Thi' Fulloi'lOli Oil tlel-u
The McAndera Oil Company is
capitalized at $760,000. Fully paid
and non-accetsable,
McAndera Oil stock at 30 centu
■hare to Immediate purchasers.
Write now for Illustrated Prospectus.
708-709 McArthur Blclfj.
Crew That Took Ammunition to Union Forces at Antletam
Wltll the death of Teronilah ('. Donovan, marble ami granite cutter, llll
list of those who lieltieil nave tli -.
N'orth front Invasion in 1862 by lakln;'
a powder train through to Autletam,
has lost Its name.
Gen. McClcllan was lighting desperately against I.ee*R romhlncil forces
on the fielil of Antletam when he tils-
covered that powtler wns scarce, ao
that he could not use his heavy artillery against the Confederate forces.
McClellan telegraphed to Washington
that he must have powder at once.
A tralnload of explosives was hastened to Bridgeport, Pa., uud the Cumberland Valley Railroad was re""<"-»-
ed to carry It over, its line to Antletam. Volunteers were sought to run
the engine.
"I'll take It to Antletam or lo boll!"
raid .loe Miller, engineer, as he stepped to the throttle.
With the tracks clear for a str.'lch
of seventy-eight miles between the
Susquehanna anil the Potomac .loe
Miller and his crew made record timr,
with only two stops. When the
train reached Chambersburg the *."le
boxes were ablaze, and Jeremiah linn-
ovan, then 17 yeats old, clinibel
aboard and volunteered his services,
He vait.lv tried to keep the axle boxes
coul during the sptttt to Hngerstown,
eight miles Irom Antletam. It resembled a train of fire and smoke ao
It pulled Into the Maryland city.
Tho powder saved the day for McClellan, and placed the crew of thc
powder train on the unrecorded roll
of the heroes of Antletam. Donovan
was the onlv survivor. He wa.i a
native of Chambersburg, and came li
Carlisle thirty seven years ago nud
established u marble yard there.—
Philadelphia North American.
How It Struck Him
On one ocea.-lon when he was called upon to respond to a toast at a
banquet n local professor compared
the evening with tin- dull and drab
nlghl* '-• waB forced to spend poring
over his hooks- "It makes me thin!'
of the lilllo son of n friend of mine."
.-aid the professor. "One Summer
he was laken lo the circus lor the
Ilrst time by his doting father. Wlte i
lie returned, round-eyed ami ull but
anopletlc with delight, his mother Hiked hltn how ho liked llle olrOUB,
Mother,' said my trtand'a Hltle boy.
if you onec go to llle circus wltll ine,
you'll never want to fool away lime
on church work again."
Ocelot—How Is llle patient tills
Patient's Wife—1 think he's heller,
but lie seems to be Worrying about
Doctor—Hutu! Ves. .lust toll him
I won't, scud II Tc* a month. That
ought, to Ireiin.-ii iiim up a bit—Villi-
iidelpliia Bulletin.
I In the current Issue of America!
Medicine" the editor-doctor'discusses
I at length the Titanic disaster, touching on "the psychology of courage,"
and related subjects and ending with
this appeal to medical men: "Tho
medical profession Is striving with all
Ills strength and knowledge to save
land prolong life. Docs lt not behove
us while we are driving back the
hurtles of disease to devote more
thought and time lo pointing out and
j urging greater efficiency in preventing noedlesB accidents? In other
' words, whal ls the good of saving
! countless lives from disease lf they
'are only going to be sacrificed to thc
'Moloch of carelessness and Industrial!
1 negligence? ln all sincerity, we be-
jlleve medical men should give thla
j matter more thought and devote more
attention to arousing humanity from
fits indifference or Ignorance of physical danger."
Doctor said she would have to un*
del-go operation, but Dodd's Kidney Pills cured her.
Central Klngsolear, York Co., ND,
(Special)— "Tho c] 00 tor Hiit'l I would
have to iimlPi-Ro an operation." Ho
suld Mrs, .). V. (locuiiiH-, of Mile place-
But rilm Btnlled hh sin- nuulu thn re*
mark, for mi need of the dreaded op*
eratlon had vanished- Mrs. (.tmiiine
lined Doild'a Kidney Pills and Ih ii
well woman, (liven In brief nnd In
her own words, Mrs. Goodlno's experience Ih hh follows:
"1 w«h very miserable With Kidney Disease and unable to do my own
work, The doctor suld I would have
to undergo an operation, Afler using throe boxes of Dodd's Kidney
PIIIb f was all better and able to do
jiuy housework, Thla Btatemont Ih
true, hh you enn easily prove by enquiring among my neighbors."
I Dodd's Kidney Pills cure lho Kidneys, oured kidneys strain, nil the1
poisons nnd other causes of disease
out. of tho hlood. Tbui Do.ld'H Kid*!
ney I'IIIh nre a natural euro for all
Kidney (IIhouhph aud all Ills mused I
liy diHciiHod kidneys,
Benefits of Manitoba Forest Roserves
To Surrounding Country
Tho wnter supply of ft dlstrlot ts
always considerably Influenced by the
forests nt, or near tho head-waters |
of llh Btrearns,. This is one of the
reasons why large districts hnve been
sot aside by the Government of the
Dominion of Canada and many other
governments, to bo kept permanently ns forests.
The soli within the forest, largely
composed ns It. Ih of decaying and
decayed leaves, twigs, nnd other veg*
etable matter, acts much like a
sponge in soaking up the moisture
that falls. On the other hand, tho
absence of high winds within the forest does muoh to prevent or lessen
The Riding Mountain nnd TurlU
mountain, forest reserves In Manitoba
are good examples of this fact. 11
the Riding Mountain reserve nro tin
head-wnters of the Mlunedosn (Little Saskatchewan or Rapid) river, one
of the Important tributaries of the
Asslniholtie from which, by the way,
the town of Minnedosa Is now deriving power. On the othor side of the
reserve Issue many rivers, among
and Oche rivers and Edwards creek.
The last named Is a source of water-
supply for the town of Dauphin-
In the Turtle Mountain forest re
servo are to be found the sources of
the Pembina and Whltemud rivers, a3
well as of many smaller streams,
some of which lose themselves In the
Cutting away the forest from the
head-waters of the streams would
mean that in spring the melted snows
would rush down these water-coursea
in a torrent and be wasted, not t. >
speak of doing considerable (lamas0
lxi its course, while In summer the
stream beds would be almost dried
Thus not only would the streams be
deprived of any possible vnlue In producing power, but their value to the
soils of the tanning districts In keeping up a steady supply of moisture
would be much lessened, If not altogether destroyed.
Frolssy, Near Parle le Suffragette's
Not fifty miles from Paris ia a smnll
town called Frolssy, whlcb is literally
run by women. This Is not because
the women nre women with views hut
simply because- the town is n town
with needs, and (here aro no men
there to fill the needs. Froissy ls In
the heart of nn agricultural province,
and ftH Iho on-coming young fanners
have migrated lo more promising
lands. Only the old men remain, aud
what with tho plough and the reaper
they nro kept too busy to give any attention to municipal altalVB, much less
hold oflices, So thoy have turned
ovor tho reins of village government,
chariot, steeds and all to tho women,
The mayor is a woman and the superintendent of the railway station Is
a woman; the mall-currier Is a woman
and so is tbo village barber. Tho
switchman is a swltchwomnn, and tho
postmaster is a postmistress, The
telegraph messenger hoy Is, unmed
Mme Leseboro, When a proclamation from tho mayor is to be heralded abro&d the drummer-boy of Frolssy
who Is a drummer-girl, sallies forth
nnd sounds a rat-tat on her kettledrum. This olty ofllolnl Is a sturdy
octogenarian Mmo. Drnhyu-Murehnrd-
ln, who hns hold her post through
wind nnd rain for yenrs. The ofllolnl
letler-oiirrier loo, hns boon In uflloe fOV
ten years. Her name Ih Mmo, Don-
Frolssy is only five folles from Montreal, in ihe Department of tho Bora-
mo, and almost half-way botwoon Amiens to tho north nud Paris lo the
south. It is said to bo the one civilized
community in which municipal affairs
have been delegated entirely to women.
Full of Experience
Hora In n niory that tho movoment
[or (-noil bridge* 1»»« revived. A mnn
applied for " Job In n nursery. "Do
yon know anything uliout grafting?"
ho wiih aslted. "Woll, I'll admit that
l know Bometlilng about lt." wild he.
"1 win- county commissioner the yoar
wi> let ro ninny contracts for bridges."
Kausus Clly Journal,
Not Impressed
A i-oiinln gentleman who Imd no-
quired rlchon rather qulokly, pur-
ohasod nn ostate mi tin* luniks of ilu.
river Clyilo which adjoins tboni- ol
l.onl Blantyro and Blr Charles Bin*
Konnlmw. Strolling through his
nlaco ono tiny, he ohancod to go ton
far and wuh uccosted by n burly Sim
drib gamekeeper, wbo in language
moro forotblo ilmn pollto, ordorod blm
off iho grounds. Ilonioustratica only
produeod more "langwidge" from Ilio
burly one,
"Sir," pnld tbo pompous onr, "do
you know who I nm.' I am lhe
Paulds of. Ardgoi'lffl"
"I don't euro If ynu uro (he l-'ti11.-, o,
Niagara," said tho v, ekeeper, "yo're
gaun uot o this,"- London Opinion.
David Hamm's    Rival.
There Is n shrewd old   farmer    In
Chenango county, New York, whose
fame for driving n close hoiso trade
rivals tbnt of iiuviii iiuiuui '
"U'lini'd nil for llml old liny.'" a
friend nsked bllu llie oilier ilui
"Well," said tho "Id trader, nfier
ruminating for n moment, "I didn't
gel wbnt I cai'lated I would, inn tliei,
1 hardly cai'lated I would."—Everybody's Magaslne.
"Hnve you a sparo cigar ai t you,
old .'Imp'."'
"Certainly! nm I ibonelii you were
going to stop suiokinK"
"So I am, but not too abruptly. I've
already quit smoking my own cigars."
—Boston Transcript,
A Friend's Defence
She—Suy.  lire  llioso   poems   In   Ibe
j   I bollovo Mr. Blank will propose I
.our 13(11 tb lo-lllghl.
|   Wbnt. makes you think tluu;
I    1 noticed Hint when be camo In 1:
had n sort of dosperale look. -Meggon led thai the) wore nud u always spolio
dorfor Blaetter. up for you. -Loi Anglos ISxpress
paper signed 'Oedipus,'
Ho-   Yes.
Sine  Well, tlio KliW always in
To cominemorale the restoration of
tbe Campanile In Venice the mun-.
cipality ordered a medal to be made
from designs submitted by artists ol
ibe younger set. The jury found tlic
I works of Andrea l.ippl, ot Florence
iand Giuseppe Mlcell, of Palmero, ol
'equal merit and the model ns struck
,1s the work of both artists. The
j obverse—Miceli's—has tho date 'VH'i,
I and shows the restored column, over
i which trumpeting cherubs fly. Tbe
reverse side shows the date IWi, o
BUKResilon of St. Mark's place and
tho ruins of the structure.
Tbe teacher   asked:    "When    del
I Moses live ?"
I After the silence had become pain-
fiil she ordered! "Open your old
Testaments. What dots it say
A boy answered: "Aloses. Io(.0.''
"Now,"    snld    tbo   teacher,   "why
didn't you know when Moses lived'.-''
"Well." replied lhe boy, "i thought
It was bis telephone number."—Suburban l.ife.
Regarded as one of tbo most potent compounds ever Introduced, with
which to combat all summer complaints and Inflammation of the bow-
els, , Dr. D. J. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial has won for Itself a reputation that no other cordial for the
purpose can aspire to. For young
or old suffering from these complaints
lt is the best medicine that can be
The railway lines of the Grand
Trunk Pacific In western Cat a In arc
being Increased about 10 iniels in
length each day at the pre.-ent t me
and, with the arrival In less than o
week of two more pioneer.-, till, lute
of progress will he doubled which
nienni that, with tbe pioneers working steadllv night and day. the company will build 120 miles of track
In ti week. Telegraph lines are bu
ing kept weli up wilh tlio construction.
Keep Mlnard's Liniment in the house.
J. P. Morgan can raise $10,000,000
on bis check any minute; but the
man who Is raisins a large family on
■9 a week ls a greater fltiaucier than
Morgan.—Farm Journal.
1 The next lime -on spill your eof-
U'oe ou the table-cloth don't try to hide
jit  by setting the cup on It.      I will
notice il nny way when 1 clean up.
|   "Yes, but I am iu the ofllce by thai
time."— Meggendorfer Blaettor.
W  N. U, 900
Dentist—"Wo must kill lhe nerve ot
that tooth."
Patient—'Then I will go out of the
room. I'm too tender-hearted to witness ll "-Meggendorfer Blaetter.
"The video that. Ib cryin' In the wlh
derness this day an' time Is advertising real estate—stakln' off mansions
on earth; an' If tho voice Is only loud
enough, It's sure lo catch tho crowd.
—Atlanta Constitution,
"Pupa," queried iiyearold George,
"when two people ure married are lliey
ninilo one?"
"Yes, my boy," answered bis fall'1
"Which one?" continued the small
Information seeker.
Making Sure
Grocer—"What    are    ynu
Clerk—"Mr. .lones hns   ordered    -
bushel    of potuuws ami I'm looking
him    up    in    Bradst reels."—Uojton
A huntsman called on 1 lodge lo settle for damage done by a run lo
hounds, uud found only Mrs. lloilgo nt
"Has your husband," be enquired,
"made an examination yet?"
"That ho bnve, sir," replied Mrs.
Hodge with n curtesy.
"Rather a cursory examination, I
"Ob, dreadful, sir! Such langwtdge
I never heard- -never!" And the good
woman held up her bands at the bare
f Pastor "is It not a wonderful 1
thoughi, my dear Mr. Jones, lhal even' Who gels thi
the hairs of your head are nnmhored?" mobile?
Cynical old bachelor (with a rueful j I told my wl
glance In the mirror)—"Oh, I don't I can't keop u
know! I could count 'em myself"-- alimony too.
Judge. 'Join nnl.
I- bIio might have It.
i a machine nud p;t>
-Louisville     Courier-
Little Mary wns in the huliil of post
Ing her mother's letters iu tlic pillar box. One dny a friend called ami
asked the child's mother what Mary
was going to be when she grew up,
"Oh," said the mother, "I she" '■■■•
and get her Into tile Post. Ofllce."
"Oh, mums," cried the horrified
child, "I should never lie uble to g-il
In there!"
Longest Span Bridge
It. Is claimed for tho new double-
deck bridge which ls now nearly, completed across the Missouri river at
Kansas City that it Is the longest
span riveted bridge as yet constructed, tho length of the main span bolng 425 feet- The striking novelty
of the structure Is the fact that the
lower platform can be raised against,
the floor by means of power-operated
cables, drums and concrete counterweights. The vertical travel of the
platform Is 4ii feet, and It Is raised
and lowered by two 2.".0 horse-power
Philosophy by Post
There was once a mnn who bad a
great scheme of philosphy to pro-
pound. He became so engrossed hi
his idea that he allowed his hair lo
flourish unrestrained, wore put-of-dale
clothing and grnerully wenl nround in
li slipshod munner.
"Humph!" snid those who heard
this. "Ho Is only posing. He does
n't mean wbnt ho suys"
So he had Ids hair cut and acquired
clothing of the latest style and pat
tern. Having remodelled himself
thus, once more ho started forth to
i.pread his new doctrine.
"Humph!" said the same people,
"Ho Is only bluftlng. Ho doesn't Know
what be Is talking about."
Harvester Oil
Specially Prepared for use on
reapers, binder's and threshers
A short cut oil possessing great durability. Admirably
adapted for use on all farm machinery. It reduces fric
tlon and wear to the minimum and is not alfected by
moisture or change of climate.
Mica Axle Grease
Is the best axle grease you can get for your tractors.
Saves wear, saves power, saves fuel. Never rubs off.
Never gums.
Capital Cylinder Oil. The very best oil for steam plants on_
the farm. Lasts longer and gets more power from the
engine, with less wear, than any cheap substitutes; costs
teas lu the end.
Atlantic Bed Engine Oil. A medium bodied oil, strongly
recommended for slow and medium speed engines nml
machinery.     l*ases the bearings and lightens llle load.
Standard Gas Engine Oil given the best lubrication possible, alike In kerosene, gasoline and t-iis engines. Keeps
Its body at high temperatures. Equally uood for ull external bearing-.
Silver Star Engine Kerosene Oil
Engine Gasoline
Ask your dealers, or write to any Agcrcy.
Permanently Cured Through the Use
of  Dr.  William's   Pink   Pills
Net.relgia is  not   ll disease—li  Is
only a symptom, but a very painful
one     It Is the- surest sign lhal your
blood  ls weak,  watery  and  Impure.
Do you and  that your nerves  arc    literally '.
kn'o'w'thnT ugiv gentleniau sitting op | starving.      Had   blood  is    the    one'
noslte to us?"' j cause-good,  rich    blood    the    only.
Partner—"That ls my brother, mad   cure.     There you have the reul ren-1
„„,„.., son why Dr.
Making It Right
Lady (at fashionable ball)-
Lady tin confusion)—Ah! I beg your
pardon. 1 had not noticed the resemblance.—Duudee Advertiser.
Impudent Jack
Delle—I don't speak lo   Jack   anymore. , ,, „
Nolle—What's the trouble?
Belle I told hlnl the ladles' aid a;
proved the way I dressed my hair,
and be had the Impudence to ask if
il was ratified.
Kvery year tbe Vnltoil Slates Imports between two million und three
million pounds of camphor.
Not Thrown Away
"And Is tllih un holrloom?" asked
tiie visitor, picking up a brick thut
lay on the centre table.
"Ves," aald the lady of thc bouse
"That Is the brick my mother threw
nt the prime minister."
"Ah, Indeed, how very Interesting."
suld tile visitor. "And wlii.se por.
trait ls that on the wall?"
"That Is my mother herself1 said
the huly.
"1 see,'* snid the visitor, "The
power nclilnit llie thrown us It were."
A minister, In an address to other
ministers, once suld Hint, lie thought
ministers ougnt to Iio humble and'
poor, iiim tholr Master. "1 have
often played," ho said, "that 1 mlghl
be kept bumble; 1 never prayed that
I might lie poor- I could trust my
church for that."—Ladles Homo
vVhiit this town needs is a good net-
Ivo nnd nggreaslvo dog catcher." "You
got somo ono you want appointed?"
"No, but iny wife's got u poodle."—
Houston Post.
"Oh, mother! I just broke n window
wltll my hall." "Very well, Tommy, I'm
busv Just now, but If you will remind
uiu'lalor, I'll punish you."—Llle.
Explained It.
First little Innocent: "I wonder why
they cnll notices In church of people
about to be married 'putting up too
bans? What nre the bans?"
Second little Innocent (conddeully)
'Short for 'husbuns,' of course, denr
After mnrrlnges, you know, they'rs
put down,"
Rough on Reggie
mv    denr!"    gushod    fiortle.
you hcttl'd iilio'ii  Maud's hunt
Wbnt Is It?" nsked, Maud's
bosom friend, with Klco.
"Sbo look lliggle's engagement ring
back to the Jeweler's to be valued. Oil,
poor Maiulle!"
Well, Unit's nothing!" sneered the
othor. "i always llo that,"
"Yes, but the Jeweler refused lo
glvo It bnek to lier- lie said Reggie
hadn't paid for 11."
Strategy Does the Trick
"A man al the door has ouu of those
llv-bynight schemes."
"Don't listen to him."
"Hut Ibis seems ull right,"
"What Is It?"
"It's a preparation, to put on a convenient Place Iu the houso wlileli
makes It attractive lo files. The,
gather there to sloop, and thon
every nlgbt *'"" B",',ll• "P on tbem
and swat Litem '—IxtroU Freo Press
Williams'    Pink    Pills
cure neuralglu.     They ure the only I
medicine  that   contains    In    correct
proportions   tlic  elements  needed  to;
make rich, red   lood.       This    new
blood reaches  the root of the trouble,   soothes    tiie    Jangled    nerves,
drives away the    nagging,   stubbing,
pain  and  Braces up  your health   In
ether ways.      Among  the    suffereis'
rrom neuralgia, cured by   Dr.   Williams'  Pink    Pills,    Is    Mrs.    Chas. j
r.rown,  Durham,  Ont.,    who    says. ■
'i'-ur months I Buttered intensely from j
neuralgia.     The pain    In mj    head'
nnd face at times wns so great as to
be almost unbearable.      I  fried two
doctors,  nnd  many  remedies,    without  finding a cure, ns there seemed
to lie no let-up to the pain.     Finally
l was advised to try Dr, Williams'
Fink I'llla, and I began   their   use.
Soon  1  found llie    pains    becoming
le.,s  and  alter   Inking   tho   plils   for
some weeks the trouble entirely disappeared nnd lias not since bolhored
if you nre suffering from nny blood
or reive trouble bog'n lu euro your
self toduy Willi Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills, You i-in get lliere pills from
any medicine tlcalei or liy mull al r.u
cents a box, or six boxes for 92.60
from 'Ihu Dr. Williams' Mellclno Co.,
Iirockvllle, Ont
"Good gracious, Rcnsgloy, bow did
yon gut no bunged up?" "Why, I suv.
two men lighting und stepped between
them.'     "And they    pummelled    you i
like llml?"      "Well,    I    gltesii    tbey |
meant lo give me what's i ilng to
tlio middle    man."—t'lovclnnd    Plain
Faulty Family
Willie--"Has Jack a fiouil ro'a"86l
being nsbnineil of hla ancestors?"
Millie-"I    should    sny   so.
grandfather struck oul four tlmi
a worlds  sorloi."-—Philadelphia
i In
To a far nur win 0\\mAn   building   iWl   liimtner thtll pttOI ind «iitclf.cfitlo.il
otiet a npienditi opitortitnUy ol RtitinH t will doitjjMo, eonvanlinuy irringtd
ho-ma Willi IminUoino interior. If our DpeoMciMOUl «•• W1WWM Wll Will M
found an warm a home na It la pOlltbletO obuin. Tin plan ot coiiitriic'lon ta
aliiiiiU and can tie oaally undaratood, mnkliiK It vary ftniry to cmt. You call ual
thu lumu-ji- aud will work for tills bulldlnx fioui ni for
I I'.O.B. THE MIL!,. ,,.
■|^*'i"|"|-*|'*|*-|'*j*'i*4*-i*',l**|'*i*-i-,l,'|',l i-i"|"|'TTTi
I Riverview Outing Place J
The Best Outing Camp in East Kootenay
Good Accommodations
Gasoline Launch  and Boats
Will Open June 15th 1912
11. LUNN, Proprietor
lUl..l..l..l-»,.L.I    I    l.lr.1,,1 J    '    I    '       it.lnl-Si.tj  I.J, tilil J_ ,t   |,|    I i I.i I  il    llll
r Our Phone No. is 124
You can 'Phone us and we will
deliver your order to any place in
Cranbrook, and you will save
money by buying your Groceries
. .l..|..t..|..H..-..1..,..i..|..|..-..1.l..H.'--H
I    Temperance
X    Drinks   ol   all   kinds cm be had at m.) store lor
i use during the coming hot weather.
V Thirteen dilierent navours.
I Dal ton's Lemonade
| & Lime Juice
2    Just   received   a   Carload   of   Six  Hundred Lases    I
Fremont   (.rape   Juice.    An   untennetued
Cirape   Temperance    Wine.
A full line of domestic and foreign   wine^,   liquors   I
and cigars.     Bar Glasses,  etc,
■14--t-+++++-l*-i--a*-l-+-H--l-'H--M-+- |"|"l"l"|"M"l"l"l"t"M"H"H"t"l"l"l"ll
I    A. Jolliffe, Prop.      -      Norbury Ave.
PHONE .MO I'. (). BOX <i0*
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing    and
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Lxperience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Lxpert for
j Swinton, 30,000 Population
Z   Everything  in   Tin  ami  Iron   Made-to-Order
Z   Blower Systems,   Mines,   Ventilation   Experts
Estimates (.iven
Works, Edward St. -        Cranbrook
I -I- •»•!•■!• I- ******* *** -I •r-H-+-t-+++-M-++++-M^-H-l-H-H-f4
************ ************* ii-i'iH-i-H'-n-i-n-;; j
8HALHJD Tenders addressed t.. tho
undersigned nml endorsed "ii tbo <■"
velopa "Tendei tor tbt construction
■ >f n residence (ni- nu- Suporloteudnnt
oi tin* Experimental Station ut Inver
near athalmer, B.O.," will bt* received
up to i p.m., ..u ihu Kust day "( August, 1912, ft>i tlu- Bevera] works and
materials required in the erection <d
it residence for tlu- Supertntand&nt "f
i tie Experimental s*-ttii>ii ut tnvei
mere, neat Athalmer, B.C
Specifications umi plans can be Ht-t-u
tui application t.i Mr Duncan Andei
sou, Athalmer, B.C
Kut'h tender must hfl accompanied
by un accepted cheque on n chartered
tmuk, puyuble to \hv Honorable the
Mlnistei ul Agriculture, equal to ten
per cent of the whole amount uf the
tendei whlcb cheque will he forfeited
if the Individual or company sending
.t decline*, to enter into u contract
with the Department or falls to complete the building.
The Department does not bind it
self to accept the lowest or uny tender,
Newspapers publishing this advertisement without authority will not
he puid-
A. 1.. JARVIS,
Assistant Deputy Minister, and
Secretary   of   Agriculture
l>epurttrent of Agriculture
Ottawa.   20   June,   1912 US-sit
Dintrict of Kust Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE thut I, Mahelle
Corneli-i t'orwin of Cranhrook, B. 0.
. Mnrried  woman,  intend  tu  upply for
■ permission  to  purcha.se  the  following
described  lunds     rnmn.encinK  at    a
■ post   planted   ut   the   south-west   cor-
p ner of Lot 611". thence    north forty
(40) chains; thence west forty (40)
chains; thence south forty (40) chains
thence enst forty (4"» chains to the
point of commencement, containing
1G0 acres more or less.
(,Sgd,)  Mahelle Cornelia Corwln
Bated June 1.'., 1912. 28-Ht
Golden Anniversary
HI dm on ton, Uta . Julj io Bovon
hundred braVflH ol thc Preo und lieu
ver tubes Mom various parts ol the
north country, hoaded b) Chlol Keu
noseui and Chief .Muslim, garbed m
their gaudies! cost ntnoi ■ mul noi nn
punied by squaws mnl pnppuosea is
| Misted   (he     clercv   "i   I In-    ,li«>,,- ,,■     ,,|
' Athabasca   and    the people ol     the
toWn ami vlBltOI'S irom all ovei
.Canada and thc United Stales in ivl
ebratlng the golden .universal**, of
the priesthood of Bishop Hmlle Gro
imrd, tlic oldest active UathoUo mtB
gionary In the Dominion, at (Irouard
Alberta   north ol here
The Imliuns attended the recoptiun,
where addresses were delivered by
Samuel Cunningham, who was a mem
her ol the territorial legislature;
Bishop Joussard, coadjutor ol tho
diocese, and Miss Kate McDermott,
daughter of Mayor McDermott,   und
■ they nlso participated In the high
muss, which wns celebrated l>* Blah
op Grouard. Rev, Father Orcnlun,
ol Rome, preached tho Bermon.   The
■ services were followed by a public
banquet,  at  which    addresses    were
i given in English, Flench and Creo.
A parade in which a Bquadron of the
Royal    Noerthwest   Mounted   Police
■ took part, was the feature of the
i afternoon, und In the evening there
| was; a presentation of a drama, entitled "Life of Bishop Grouard in the
North," written liy sisters of the
1 The Indians, who were encamped
I along the northern shore of Lesser
! Slave Luke, passed the rest of the
week in sports, including horse nnd
I pony races, cowboy, running, jump-
; ing and dancing contests and tugs of
war. The dunces recalled the days
when the red men held full sway over the vast north!and, At the close
of the festivities the braves and their
squaws returned to the habitats in
'the woods, many of them travelling
by the most primitive means of tran*
I importation.
Bishop Grouard is u native of Hri-
tanny, born in 1840 iu the town of
Sctche. He left France for America
in 18ti0 nnd completed his theological
BttidlPH Iii u seminary a I CJuebeo,
\\ horo he ,v,i:i ordained a priest on
•'um'   I -ih.  IKOSI      Shortly iiilerwurd
lie \s it vit io tin 'thorn missions
in the wilds oi the athnbnsou covin
i \ riu'Ugh oneoUllteilng ninny hard
shlpB he worked with I'rotostant and
Catholic alike and did  e than any
lh m      man    to   clvllinlUg    Ibe   unlive
Indian < lle befrloudqd the plonooi'fl
and trappers ami pnekora lu tno early
daya and In return they have honored him in the BC0U0 ol Ins fruitful
City of Cranbrook
(Noxious   Weeds,   Act   l'lll)
NOTION    is    iikiiki.y     GIVEN,
that  tho Corporation ol tho City    ol
Cranbrook, has been   served with   a
notice by au officer   of the     Department  of  Agriculture,  in  respect   , to
the above  Act,      Section   f.i)   of  the
bald Act reads ns follows:*—
"3.   ISvery owner,  lessee or occupier
of land shal,  cut  or cause to be
cut down, or otherwise destroyed,
all  noxious weeds growing  thereon,   so  often   in  oacb   year  as  is
necessary   to   prevent   tbem   going
to seed; and if any owner or occupier of    land neglect to   carry
out tbe provisions of this section
he shall  be liable  to  not     more
than   twenty-five dollars   ($25.00)
nor   less  than   live  dollars   (5.00)
for each such offence."
Tbe Act further provides that   the
Owner, lessee or occupier on the land
is  held  resp nisi ble not  only  for    the
land he occupies but upon hnlf of the
road adjacent thereto.
The time given by the Department
of Agriculture, the said weeds to be
destroyed, is fourteen (14) days from
tbe date hereof.
Crnnhrook, li. C. City Clerk.
.July   Uth,  1912. 28-2t
When you want Good, Fresh  Killed
Meat.   That   is the
Central   Meat
Try Some of Our
Prairie Creamery Butter
Put up Specially for Us
Automobile   will  be  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa con-
necting with incoming and outgoing
trains, Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
******************************* 11II I H
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at tho Homo
Plant in St Louis
•^ «f/*|^,'|,,|,'r'|"|**|-*tH*"l**f^+4^+++'i"+'4**t^''
^..|..|..|..|..,.,1,.|..|..|..|..|..|.H..|,.|..|..|.H.+ ih I i-l I I I I I l 1 I III IH-H
0. DOWNING. Manager,
Under New Management
HOTEL Cranbrook,
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners  all  go to
The   Wentworth ij
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor    j|
I Mr. Farmerj
How About Implements?
I Have Them
I The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Covers art area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,  upon Which are   located 110  individual  buildings.
Mowers        Cultivators Rakes
Spring Tooth Harrows
Discs - Plows
Brewing Capacity ...  2,
Melting Capacity  ...   2,
Bottling Works    .   .   .  1.
Grain Storage EleVator*3 1,
Stockhousea (for lager Ing)
rsteam Power Plant  .   .
Electric Power Plant   .
Refrigerator Plant   .   .
Ice Planta	
Uoal U'.uil	
Inbound1 anil Outbound    .   .
barrels per year
bushels per year
bottles daily
horse power
horse power
tons per day
tons per day
tons per day
50,000 cars per year
Refrigerator freight cars .   .   .1,500
Morses at home plant   .... 143
Wagons at home plant  78
Auto Trucks at home plant   .   . 74
Horses at Branches  483
Wagons at Branches  430
Auto Trucks at Branches ... 47
Wonderful Nervou. Sy item
The nerren coutrol nil actions of tho body !;■> tlmt nny*
iiim-* ui.it,Milium, s ilicm \ iii wtialiflu .ill orgnua of
thu Hj-HU'tn. Earlr Indiicrstioni ODil Exceuea bftTe
rulnuil thousands.-.' promising yotltlg moil.   Unn-Uural
DwIiUHftpUielrvlBorninlvltuHtyatidtliuy uevcrUovi'lop
tOttpro|»rcoudUloito( ni&uhooct. Thoy remain weak*
llty*8, ni.-ntnlly, [ihysloiilly ami nexuHlly. How you fc**17
.Vi-uyuti nervous umi w.-nk, rl- -painlt-ut ami gloomy,
specks before Uio eyes with dnrk circles under them,
weak bnck, ktdueys Irritable, pulj-IUtlon of tho ht-art,
imsiifni, debilitating dreams, sotlltneut in urine, i-iinpius
on tlio face, eyes Btinken, hollow eliceks, carotvoru or
presslon, poor mejnory, lifeless, distrustful) lack energy
ninlslrenfftti, ttrod mornings, restless nights, chiiitge*
uiiio moods, iiretiiiiturodocay, bum- punw, hulr loose, eta
Tills it ths condition our New Method Treatment is
Wo lmvo treated Diseases uf Men for almost a lite-
i.mo und da  not   hnvu  tu ''i|ieriiiiuut.   Couuult  us
ami wo will tell you whether yon nro curable oruot.
We gUStanlM  tumble  tuiri ol
Fruo Booklet on Diiea-.tr» of Men.   If uneble to  coll
writu for
f\t St. Loula Plant
At 36 Branchoo    •
6,000 people
1,500 people
Elko      J      B, c.
I.m. ■ ■ ■.■.■ ■ ■■■■■■■■■  ■-|l,iln|rl|,J|1|,A ■■  »«■■»« !■■»»>■■■■ *>■-!.
TT1 H  I'tl TTTl  ITTrr I TTTT  f P  I 'W~r~r**^WWW~r~*~~*W~~r~r~—f_'
Total Sales, 1911-1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911-173,184,600 Bottles
A. C. Bowness
Distributor, Cranbrook, B.C.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Grlswold St.,   Detroit, Mich.
-*ataf^MSTIa^r -^" letters frum Cnnndn must bo nddrcsned
JK^nU I IOC, luimr Cmiailiiiii Con^pumliMia- l)i-part-
Vii^^^r nafljaaxjam—m—m iiu-uL in W'imlsur, Oni. H you ilunlrc to
aee ns pcn-on-ill-.- cull nt nur Medtcul Institute iu Detroit an we sei-nnil treat
no patienta iu our Windsor offices which tire lor Correspondence and
laboratory for Canadian business onlv. Address all letters us follows:
^Wrlto for ner nrlenuj nililress.
,.t..|..|..^.|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..l..l.|.^..|.^.^|.4^^|.4..|.^.H^.i..|^.|..: ;
I     I'llONK mil ARMSTRONG AVK. P, 0. BOX 106     J
The Cranbrook Exchange
I Vi. V.  DOltAN,   I'l-opi-b-luf
We  lUiy, Sell or Exchange
Goods of all Diseription
H ■ H 11 H 1111111IIII IIH 111 HI IMI II11 Ml V* THE PROSPECTOR. CN.WfmoOTC. H. C. <
v tmmmmmmMrmmmmmmm
How-to Become
fpilKUI-, aro somo women Who try to
porsundo Ihemselvos that ihey
would rather ho stout limn ihln; but,
ut) a mailer oU (act, there are mighty
few women who, deep down In their
hearts, do not consider too much flesh
ii beauty extinguisher,
Do J'OU think llie nlr would hn full
or reduction euros If meroly health and
comfort were at stake? A woman will
cheerfully pnnt like u, porpoise whon
p.Iih earrles (00 many pounds upstairs,
nil! run the risk of fatly dogeuerallon
df Hie heart ami kindred Ills of over
obesity', but toll hor who is losing hor
looks and hor figure and she got a In u
panic ui once and talks euros ami systems of reducing nil day.
Homo rino Ima ait hi of "embonpoint,"
that middle ngod monster for ihe attack of which there Is no hnlm In
Utlcad, "If llmt is ,1ust 'embonpoint/
alias modorale plumpness, what must
'fat' be'.1" Nothing short of a raging
demon lo lho woman who finds too
much (lech lho bane of hor existence.
jf women would cut out laslness and
too much eating they would get down
to tho root of the disease, Instead ot
having lo resort lo all sorts of rltik'U
Iqus cures.
The woman who exercises hard and
gets inlo a violent perspiration by vigorous walking, houso work or athletic
games, walking up am] down stairs u
dosen times a day, win rarely have to
read un on obesity cures,
Usually the woman Inclined to flr-sh
Ih pelf Indulgent. Sho much prefers
n street car to hor feet, groans even at
inuktng her own bed, never runs un cr*
mud she can gjet out of nnd plays
bridge io an accompaniment of sweets
nil thc bright days when she should be
exorclsln&tn tho open air.
Tho fat woman who doesn't like her
food Is so rare as to ho p> negligible
quantity. Just so surely as a thing Is
tieshmaklng does she dote on It. She
will eat candy by the pound, nibble
cake whenever sho Rets a chance and
never by any possibility (urn down
soups, salads or desserts. This at least
when the flesh Is at the controllable
Binge. Later sho usually has lo deny
herself lo keep herself allVQ
3 OF 1912 \*-
Porch Pillows
IVIDR wale plqne resembling corduroy Is a popular material for the
making of hammock, porch and sun
room pillows. It requires no decoration except a wide self border with
wales running vertically and stitched
on with a cotton of contrasting color.
Hurlap, too, Is an effective and durable
fabric for the manufacture of pillow
tops that will lead au outdoor life during tho summer. Probably the prettiest of theso lops are In brown shades
worked In designs carried out In tones
of burnt orange, outlined with black
and with blades of grass and willows
in green and blue green.
Cotton reps In tan shades are wonderfully good looking when treated
with a central design outlined In harmonizing colors. Tho background Is
fcolldly stitched. This leaves the design in a spaciously outlined relief.
Whipcord In tan, brown, dark green
and red shades makes bard wearing pillow tops. When used in the motorcar
they should bo piped with pigskin or
morocco and laced together all around
the edges over a morocco tongue.
Marking Note Paper
f)NE of the smartest fashions In
monogram paper Is the oblong
rartoucho with three small black letters or old Fngllsh ones In the center.
Another somewhat smart effect has
thu Initial of tho surname crossed at
top and bottom with the oilier two
Initials In smaller loiters.
For use In a country home It la common to mark tho name of the houso
aud address In the upper right hand
corner and higher up in the opposlto
corner have the telephone number, also
the telegraph and express addresses If
these arc different from the poslolllee
Two Excellent Ideas
fpfirc best way of whitening kltchon
tables Is to scour them with wood
nshe**und soap. Floors can bo also
most effectively scrubbed with cold water, soup and wood ashes.
A cork soaked In oil makes a good
•ubhlltnle for a glass stopper.
Moths Irom Purs
To knp mollis out of furs placo 11
piece nf common frock brimstone, Just
us it Is, lu your chest or wardrobe, ami
tho inoih will never come near any
furs or woolen goods,
^♦♦t«*0**«**>««*>*>*» *«*♦•>«
Uncle Sam's Recipe \
j  For Boiling Ham l
JJERB Is Uncle Pain's recipe for boiling a ham. Tho follow Ing Instructions  wore sent  out  by  the  United
Slates department of agriculture)
Wash lho ham thoroughly, then soak:
in cold water several hours, Hi tin ■>
varying with the size of the ham. This
soaking Is to dissolve out the < >■■ 1 ss ol
salt, The ham Is th.-n put In a boiler
full of boiling wator, Tho lomperoture
should ih"ii ho lowered slightly and the
holler Just kept simmering. Keep the
roly bolting for four and
tor nn eighteen pound
a quarter of nn hour for
r hum. if the hami are
iy tho timo to suit
trater bolls oul add
water Just ho
n  half Imui
ham   lhat Is
ea i> pound
largor or smaller,
tbo wight, As tli
fresh hulling water nnd always keep
tho holler full. For vary largo hams it
ls advisable to cool-t In two waters,
Why should tho ham be pul In boiling water'/ Portions Of tlm lean meat,
the. albumin and some of die juices and
flavors are soluble in warm water,
whllo boiling water coagulates lhe al-
jusi as it docs the while of «n
0 If you put In cold water and
heat to Hie boiling point some albumin and much of tha di llcale flavors so
,ghl aft
•ut of the
1 would be 1
ng water ihi
-.1 nt on
t>ii  tli.
1 surfi
id  ;
-i   t.p
II  iho
juices and the flavors aro s
kept there until eati n.
Whllo cooking tho ham is kept at tbe
boiling point of water, which is sultl-
clonl heat to cook It thoroughly with*
out separating lho fibers or boiling It
to pieces, as u rapid or hard
would do.
1 and
.. i.g
HE girl who goes In for sports
this summer Is going to have
mighty good looking clothes
made for her different activities. Practical these new styles undoubtedly are, but to the conservative
mind they may carry with them a hint
of daring that will not be appreciated.
13ut lf one studies tbe costumes from
a sportsman's viewpoint tho seeming
lack of femininity ln them Is overruled.
For Instance, tho girl who climbs
mountains must wear mannish garb.
Petticoats are out of place in real
mountain climbing, and .the woman
brave enough to make stoop ascents Is
usually brave enough to don suitable
. Tho corduroy mountain suit seen In
0110 of the Illustrations has a divided
skirt which separates and buttons
around each leg when tho actual ascent Is begun, The short, trimly fitting skirt, heavy gloves nnd crush hat
lhat shades the eyes aro all appropriate for mountain climbing.
The latest bathing suit, too, is rather
extreme in cut, sharing honors In its
divided skirt with the divided riding
habit, but In the case of most bathing
suits lhe bloomer effect Is more 10 tbo
Tho bathing suit pictured Is one of
blue and cerise. Tho mingling of colors Is one of iVe smart combinations
of tliu spring season tn both thc millinery and dressmaking worlds. In ihe
former realm lhls combination is probably among the best.
What the tennis enthusiast wears Is
mostly a matter of individual preference) but, no matter from which material the skirt of the costUmo Is evolved, In length It must be short enough
to escape tho ground even when rubber soled, heollcss shoos nro worn. In
the making of ti tennis skirt the very
important point of heels or 00 heels is
often overlooked. Whon trying on the
skirt  everyday  boots  aro  seldom  tx-
the very newest of this year's modes
and. ns you see, is In bloomer style.
The effect is graceful and modest he-
cause ot the broad panels which fall
nt back and front, covering' tho division
of tne skirt almost completely. This
bathing suit de luxe, as It were, Is built
of white bathing satin, a material of
firm texture, said to be waterproof and
very durable. It Is being used for lhe
most luxurious and expensive of suits
for the ocean dip. On this particular
white satin suit there is a trimming
of navy blue satin. Tho cap, for some
unknown sartorial reason, Is of blue
taffeta with uu Inconspicuous adornment of pompadour ribbon In tones of
changed for thc hcctless tennis shoes;
consequently the skirt that is the proper length when one has on the high
heel boots touches the ground when
worn above tennis footwear,
Tho tennis costume .shown In the cut
Is a smart affair with a skirt of whito
flannel and a loose Norfolk blouse of
white linen belted at tho waist line
with black patent leather. The most
practical fabric for tho tennis skirt Is
cotton ratine If one cares to buy so
expensive a material, but there are a
number of cheaper materials, such ns
the new cotton corduroys, piques and
crashes—to say nothing of tbe old
standby, butcher's linen—that are very
A story of outing clothes would he
hardly complete without n word or two
concerning tho stunning new motor
coais which are modlshly trimmed wilh
suede this season.
Tho long motor coat of gray and
whllo worsted Is n happy example of
lho voguo for suede trimmings. Re-
it, cuffs and collar are of gray
suedo. and on the cuffs and collar appear pipings of while suede. Black and
white buttons of large Blue odd further
contrast, and u white hat. gray veil
and white buttoned boots complete a
very chic motor costume,
Cloth From Seaweed
fLOTH made from seaweed Is tbe
very latest thing. The seaweed
used ts found on the southern coast of
.South Australia. It grows on a limestone bottom, but the action of lho tide
through many centuries has sifted over
It musses of shells and sand until the
plant, forcing Its way upward. Ilea on
u deposit of lis own fiber, Intermixed
with sand and shells, and varying In
thickness from four to twenty-four
feet. This fiber has been used for bedding ami upholstering purposes, for
rope, mats, llnulcuiu, army blankets
and paper.
Mixed with wool It weaves Inlo nn
excellent cloth. The present dllhVully
Is the expense of raising llie (liter,
iilnety-tilno tons of sand, shells and
debris coming up will) every ton of
pure liber.
17-OR the wee baby-who Is Just able to walk spout nothing Is nicer than one of
* tho new piny boxeMliut aro luxuriously lined with shirred silk over cotton hatting. Tho play box hns no bottom and moves readily on casters, and
the sides ar* too high for the smnll occupant to climb or fall over. When not
*A use the playground may bt folded up.
Seasonable Salads 1
Asparagus and Watercress Salad.
A SPAR AG US and watercress make a
*■ delicious salad. Wash the cress
and break It Into bits, rejecting the
coarser leaves. When ready to servo
mix It with Salad oil, vinegar, Bait and
pepper. Heap It In the center of a dish
and surround It with Iced green aud
white asparagus tips,
Endive Salad.
This Is tbo way they serve endive
salad in France; Wash, trim and tear
apart a nlco head of endive. Drain dry
and heap In a salad howl that has
been rubbed with a bruised clove of
garlic. Rub the garlic on a broad orUSt
in the middle of ihe salad for a little
while, then pour over lho endive a
dressing made of two tahlespooufuls of
oil lu ono of vinegar—-tarragon If you
have It on hand—salt, popper to taste,
half a teaspoonful of celery seed and a
teaspoonful of nnchovy paste or mushroom ketchup,   Toss woll together and
serve before tho green  leaven flllt,
Brussels Sprout Salad.
Put a pint of hniHsels sprouts In a
cheesecloth ami boll tender. While still
warm sprinkle a little ull, vinegar, salt
aud pepper over Mum. When ready lo
servo arrange In pyramid shape on a
bed of lettuce ami sprinkle over them
chopped onhm, chopped olives, walnut
meats or pecans and- capers, about *
teaspoonful uf Ooclt, all chopped line
and tnlxod wllh two Inblcspooufuts of
lemon or grape JulCO, Lot the mixture
stand In n cold place for a little while,
(hen nerve Jusl aa It Is or wllh mayonnaise.
Bermuda Salad.
Freo six tender sweet green poppers
of seed and lough division walla and
stem ends, (.'hop Ihem lino and mix
with one very large Spanish onion.
Mako a dressing with a gill of olive oil.
half a teaspoonful of muslnrd, some
of tho juico drained Trom the onion,
salt, pepper and the Juice of a small
lemon. Add to lho dressing a piece of
preserved ginger clipppod lino, Arrange cups of crisp, tender let luce
leaves, Put a apOOdful of the pepper
and onion In each and pour over It a
little of iho dressing* Sorvo remainder
of the dressing  In a separate dish or
bowl.       ^	
Old raincoats which have worn beyond tbo tiffo for WhlOh they wero do-
**t**r.rd t.-'.'c good c, j'.'.itr.^;!, .-a»«.
rpiIE fluffy plaited Hill nround the
A neck Is wonderfully good looking,
but not always becoming, it takes a
woman with sloping shoulders to look
well In one of these frills. Tbo frill
pictured has three tiers of (luted organdie, cioii tier edged wllh picot trim-
Agaric Stitching
\VMAT 'a agaric fllltolllng? TllO qUOS-
** lion Is ofleu asked and seldom
answered because it Is somewhat diui-
c-ult to give an accurate description In
words. This sly In of stitching Is much
used Just now on some of lhe best
lailor gowns. Imagine the ordinary
lock stitch of n sewing machine, bill
broken at each stitch and worked with
a thick cotton or line wool. This
stitching Is done In rows of three or
five, ctoso together, ho ns to form
stripes on a colored bockground, or
carried out In nnv design In while or
colors,   Wool ratines, or spongo cloths,
ns they are SOmotlltlCS called, are seen
Willi ii fancy border mado of this
.stitching In coarse whllo cotton or
thread. Bluett and navy coating tjul-tt,
havo been soon finished With rows of
agaric In the anine dolor,1   It makes an
(>yce***tlv-.'v  -Mii-iti  -nnl  vet   nOOt   Way  uf
Itrtmmlng h plain tailor mads.
| Selecting a Hat
TN the opinion of tho milliner there
are five golden rules lo be observed
when choosing a hat.
First appearances are.-4.ic safest. Be
Judged by the first rapid Impression
Which the looking glass affords,
Study lho color of the eye before
any other consideration.
Be certain that ihe headpiece fits. As
every bead Is individual In shape, lo
lit a bandeau suitably means a great
deal from tlio point of view of comfort
and bccomlngness,
•Seo yourself in a full length mirror
before making ft decision.   A hat often
looks well lu Its rotation* to head and
shoulders where it fails Ignomlnlously
as the clowning piece of lhe whole
Have lho hair WOiL*jJrc#sod before
embarking un u bat choosing expedition,
Cleaning Day Hints
lean straw mailing use a cloth
"■" wot lu clean unity water, washing
unill clean, hut wetting uo more lhaii
necessary, then wiping dry at once. Do
only a small space at one timo, drying
aa It Is Washed, until the whole has
l-een gone over,
For cleaning furniture n mixture of
Ihreo parts linseed oil and one of turpentine, well shaken, is recommended,
Uso only n very llttlo at ono timo, rubbing well and polishing with a dry cloth
until nil the oil hi rubbed Into Lho
wood or removed, Uso a wi
Tilts Is said not onlv to
scratches ami dlsflgurod pari
stores tho Wood to lis natural
gives It a flue luster.
olon rag,
hide all
, but re-
-oior and
Baby's ringer Nails
it F you want your baby to have preily
finger mills when It Is grown up,
don't cut them at all until after the
first amilveiHiiry or Ita birth. You may,
however, manicure them daily by delicately pushing hack lho cuticle with a
soft cloth dampened wllh sweet oil, but
never clip about the bnno of the nail,
ns this makes tho cuticle tough and
Illicit of texture. Never neglect to rub
a Hltle cold cream on lho baby's mills
lho last thing at night, for that will
keep ihem bo flexible that no matter
how long tliey mav grow hef*ir« thr*
end or the Ilrst LwelVu.HUulii wtw> *i,l
not break off unevenly.
A   thing  worth  knowing   when  one
has lo take bitter mediclno Is this:   A
small - pinch  of  salt  will   removo all
taste of bitterness from lhe mouth.
Nosegay Neckwear
rpilE floral bow Is one of lhe latest
novelties in neckwear, n consists
of a small satin or velvet nosegay, with
streamers of long, soft grcon stems,
finished off at the end with tiny buds.
Hunches of green velvet foliage aro
Bomctimos used aa substitutes fur tho
ribbon bow, which has not been altogether discarded.
As regards the actual collar, an interesting revival Is tho colored detachable
neckband which wan so popular two or
three years ago, but tho present fashion
quires a fringe of the same colored
It sowed to the lower edge of the col-
iiiese neckbands sometimes fasten In
front with a pair ,-f fancy links Instead
of being Invisibly closed nt the side or
nt the back, R is some time now sinco
frilling has been used, but it Is being
re-enforced as lhe tiniest possible laca
edging to these neckbands.
Probably some timo will elapse liefore
It assumes—If It ever does—lhe extravagant proportions which ore still remembered, but as it Is now being used
It is certainly becoming, as most complexions are Improved tf something
white is worn ut the neck.
Summer Bedsteads
fpHM sleeping apartment during
summer should be made io appear
dainty and cool.
This Is an easy matter, nnd little en-
pensa is attached to it. After till the
draperies used during ibe winter are
stored away nnd the unnecessary articles of furniture dispensed with, clothe
yuur room In Its summer garb.
Purchase plain, barred or figured
dimity, any color your taBte may dictate. From this fashion a cover for
your bed, bureau, dressing table and
the window draperies.
Measure tho length of lhe bed and
allow three or four Widths of material,
according to the bIsjo of the bed. This
may. ho finished by a ruffled flounce,
a plaiting or a deep hem. Fourteen
Inches from the hem or bordering the
runic stitch bands of figured dimity.
Cut these bands from a wide striped
design, whhh may be hud In great
These spreads are- easily laundered
and may be kept fresh and clean
through lhe hot. dusty summer.
TVltlTF. taffeta parasols have sppllqued dots of black velvet.    '.
**     - •■■ r tie rmirier the pnrnsnl.   This tvnlenl haH
• handle of ebony Is trimmed wlilTa black and white cordeliers loop,
The "mors im*
ijnln parasol
Two Thousand Dollars - $2,000.00 - in Prizes will be awarded  by the "PROSPECTOR"
on Saturday August 17th.
What is Your Time Worth for the Next Five
Certainly   not  more  than the  value of an Automobile or $700.00 in Gold!   Besides the Automobile and the Gold
there are
Nine Other Prizes and Probably More to be Announced Later
and   ten   per  cent  on   all   moneys   turned  in  for  subscriptions will be given to those who remain actively in the
Contest and do not win one of the Big Prizes.
logical excuse Is there lur YOI' not to secure the Automobile or one o! tbe other costly prizes being offered
absolutely free in The Prospector's great Circulation Campaign. If you are at all energetic or ambitious
yuu cun get nu automobile, a piano, h dlnmand ring or any of the other prizes. No mere element of chaucs
enters Into ibis campnlgu,     PerslBent effort alone counts.
man, woman, and child In Cranbrook and district Ih eligible to compete. It coats nothing to try and by securing the co-operatlan ol your friends umi relatives the winning will be easy. The campaign is just starting
and there In ample time for new candidates to itnnuiince the nisei ves.     Kvery man and
iu un the mime footing In thin campaign. Votes are free, nml owing tu the liberal inducement mid simple con
ditions uf the competition it. Is nn easy matter tu rtecure votes. Bvery prepaid subscription, either old or new
it. the ProBpoctor calls lot votes.     Who
but what, by n little effort on yuur part, VOU can secure the automobile. Any one of the prizes Ib worth
working (ur. Don'l let yuur mure ambitious brothers and ntsterH carry off the valuable awards without an
effort on yuur part, del iu tbe race, du some systematic campaigning and victory will surely he yours. Tbe
campaign closes Saturday,  August  17th
Election Notice!
Vote Monday.     Vote  Tuesday.     Vote   Wednesday.     Vote
Early and Often
The, First Period of lhe Contest Closes
Wednesday, at 9 p. m.
Candidates should get every possible Subscription before
that time. After that date the second period schedule is in
effect and the vote value of the subscriptions is decreased
Twenty Per Cent
Cash every promise, Candidates, and get the large number
of votes. Your efforts between now and Wednesday Night
may make a difference between success and failure in the
The Contest Office is in the Hanson Block, 2nd floor
It will be open Wednesday until 9:00 p.m.
Cash Your Promises
Candidates should cash every promise of a subscription that has been made them. Do not let a Mingle sub
BCriptlon escape yotl See that everyone who has promised you a subscription and secure it while you cuu get
the first period  votes.
Get Busy!   Only Three More Days
Do not  delay.      Start  to secure youi  subscriptions
mobile or one q{ tbe otber prises
it   onre       The   votee you   hit urn   may   win   you   the   auto
Friends will pay their subscription! today, whtlq you can secure tbe large votes, If ymi only ask them. Ki-
plain to your friends tbat their subscriptions will help you more if taken now than at any other time during
thft Contest
Now is the Time
If yuu am nut already entered in tlir campaign, yuu should enter as a rHii.ll.li.tr tu.l.iy. A lew hours' work
will H.ici.rr you enough votes tu put your name nt tlic top ol the list, Don'l delay; start today, You run wm
u prize II you try.   The Campaign thll.   There are excellent opportunities
Nominations Should be Made Now
The IIhI ol candidates Ih Inr (run. lull.   There are excellent oppurt.in Hcb In  every   .liHtrlrt lur energetic i.n.l
ambitious people tu inter nnd win u prize.   I'hune, mil, ur write tu the Conteet Department und you will receive complete Information, or Letter null, llll out the nomination hli.nk i.n.l mall or bring It In ut once.
A.l.lreuH ull subscriptions un.l communications to Mumper Contest Department, Drawer M, Oranbrook,
1st. Automobile, Piano,
Trips, or $700.00
in GOLD,
2nd.   Piano.
Four Diamond Rings.
Four Gold Watchts.
A Business Proposition
The I'roBpcctor pledges absolute good faith an.l fairness to all people
who are engaged In the campaign, This Is not a "something for nothing"
scheme, in (not it is no solieme at all. Neither is it a charitable undertaking on the part of the Prospector. It Is a business proposition pure
and simple The object is to advertise this newspaper an.l Increase its
circulation ami to win a welcome In every household in the Held It covers.
Now is the Time to enter the Campaign
Contest under Direction of the Northern Circulation Co., of Montreal, Quebec.


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