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The Prospector Jul 27, 1912

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 artery teg
. Aseem.   Sept. »*»
Second Period Closes Wednesday at 9:00 o'clock P.
Signet RINGS
Another assortment just iu
From |1,75 to (15.00
W. H. Wilson's
Jeweler & Optician
t W^ptiUt
The   I
$2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: 3"
Advertisers and the Contest
Subscriptions are pouring into the Prospector olllce these
days, an tbe result uf the work of ambition-, und active candidates ln tbe great $2,000 prize conteBt. And these are not
(or the week or for a month, hut for a year or more.
Advertisers will be quick to appreciate what these long-
term subscriptions mean in permanency of connection between
a paper and its readers. During the contest, hundreds of
such new subscribers are being added to the prospector's list,
and all of these are potential buyers from Prospector advertisers. The wise advertiser will take advantage of this fast-
IncreaBing circulation and of present low advertising rates, to
uie space freely in the Prospector and to make contracts for
the coming year.
France is to Blame
VANCOUVER, July 23rd.-"The
German menace, now occupying so
much attention, is only a myth. Belief in its existence has heen encouraged by French Chnuvlnists or ultra-
patriots with the idea of embroiling
Great Britain and Germany. I think
that war between these two countries
ts inconceivable. It is unfortunate
that an element among the Pritish
people misunderstand the alms f lid
aspirations of my countrymen, ' Enid
Dr. Herman Uaaache, vice-president
of the reichstag of the German federal parliament* to a representuti ,-e of
the Western Associated Press here today.
"Wt want to live at peace with
England and with the rest of the
world. Our policy is one of defence,
not defiance," continued Dr. Paasche
in discussing Anglo-German relations.
"It is unfortunate that the policy of
the German nation is misunderstood
thanks to misrepresentations of our
avowed enemies. I feel certain thnt
the great majority of the people of
the British Bmpire, believe the great
majority of the people of the German
empire, desire peace and not war.
Germany will never he the aggressor,
"Of course, the misunderstanding as
far aB England is concerned, in due to
the increase of the German navy during recent years, a policy that Ib supported by the National Liberal association a» warmly as it Is by the Con
eervatlvcs. The growth of our navy
is a natural evolution in harmony
with the expansion and development
of the German empire and the strong
position our nation occupies as a mil
itary power. Today our export trade
has attained to almost two-thirds of
that of Great Britain und is growing
by leaps and bounds.   Our iron and
American Inrush Continues
Calgary, Alta.—An influx of not
less than half a million Americans
per annum into Canada for the next
Ave years ls the prediction being freely circulated by well Informed authorities In this part of the West ln view
ot recently announced railway construction programmes and development plans of the leading Western
cities. The problem of housing the
new population continue-- a serious
one In view of the Inrush. The cement shortage, however, Is uot proving a serious obstacle to building o-
perations, and many new residences
and store buildings are hi course of
construction. Recent oil, gas and
day developments in tbls section
have begun to emphasize Calgary's
future as a manufacturing and Industrial centre; although the possibilities
for lucrative profits In rent estate are
not helng overlooked, sixteen millionaires are now numbered among
Calgary's citizens, and the majority
of the sixteen are said to have extensive land holdings wh ch are steadily
increasing in value.
Winnipeg, Man—That advertising Is
the sesame to the immigration problem of the Canadian West, especially
tn reference to the matter of bringing
in the more desirable and energetic
classes of new comers, is thc view for
cibly advocated by immigration commissioner Bruce Walker of this city.
In n puhlic address the commissioner
said: "Every business man who is pro
gressive and successful has come to
realize the full vnlue of ndvcrtlfllng
und ft will he Just ns valuable in our
line ns in any other. And If we have
faith tn advertising, we must put our
hands In our pockets and pay for it.
We must advertise especially for the
tiller of the soil; next for his hired
man; and third tor the capitalist. We
want to show these people where they
can get Into a Innd upon which they
can raise something besides the cactus and the mortage."
steel production [b now over 16,000,00
tons  or  double  that of  our  British
neighbors,  and   the  same  applies to
otber industries.    Under these circum
stances,  we feel justified  in  protect-
i ing our seaports, lines of communtca-
1 tion  and  sea   borne   commerce.     It
i must   be   nlso   remembered   that   we
have colonies  in many  parts of the
world. War sometimes comes unheralded, and like other nations we believe in being prepared for any emergency.
"However, I feel I speak German
sentiment, when I declare that our
navy is not being built with the object of striking a blow at the British
empire. We want to keep the peace
while being prepared for invasion.
Tbe danger lies with France, who is
not well disposed towards us nnd sees
a possible advantage in arraying Eng
land against us. France alone Ib not
a formidable factor as its population
today is only 40,000,000 as compared
with our total of 70,000,000. An element among the French people is just
looking for a situation like the one 1
have described. It has helped to create bitter and unjustifiable anti-German sentiment in England.
"The British people with their
younger nations like Canada and Aus
tralla, have a great task to perform
in the cause of peace and civilization.
Our dependances are on tbe contrary
situated in tropical countries and do
not offer the same advantages to colonization, our main aim is to find
markets for our industries as we need
our people at home. This is the real
German expansion und it is not of
the character attributed to us. I
think I have made it clear that Germany's Intentions are peaceful. WE
will not seek war, but if it does come
we want to be prepared for it as behooves a self-respecting nation."
Serious Accident
A bricklayer named Sinclair, who
was enroute to the Windermere district ln search of employment, met
with a serious accident on Monday
at Sheep creek. He was hitching a
horse to a wagon, and the horse
turned, jamming bim against the
wagon, breaking his right arm and
leg. Mr. Alex. Kmory brought him
to the Ht. Eugenohospitnl, making a
very quick trip arriving at Cranbrook at H a.m., on Tuesday morn,
the unfortunate man received the
best attention possible at Sheep
creek also while enroute to Oranbrook.
I     Meeting of City Fathers
! A special meeting of the city Goun-
; ctl was held on Friday evening; there
j were present Mayor Bowness, and
Aldermen Campbell, Johnson, Clapp,
Erickson and Cameron.
I The matter of supplying water to
! the residents of the White addition
: to Cranbrook was discussed and on
motion the City Solicitor was instructed to draw up an agreement to
be signed by the Mayor and City
A reportfrom the Gait Engineering
Co was read and on motion ot Aldermen Campbell and Johnson the report was accepted and filed.
Moved by Aldermen Cameron and
Johnson that by-law No. 101 fee read
a first and second time.
The Council resolved into a committee of the whole, with the Mayor
in the chair, to consider by-law No.
On riBlng the committee reported
that by-law No. 109 had been considered clause by clause and recommended its third reading.
Moved by Aldermen Campbell and
Johnson that leave be granted to Introduce by-law No. 109 for its third
reading.   Carried.
By-law No. 109 was then read a
third time.
Moved by Alderman Campbell and
Johnson that by-law No. 109 be published in the Cranbrook Prospector
and Herald.
Moved by Aldermen Cameron and
Johnson that the vote of the Municipality be taken at the Municipal
offices, on Norbury Avenue, in the
City of Cranbrook on the 7th day of
August, 1912, between the hours ot
9 o'clock (10 o'clock local time) in
the morning, and 7 o'clock ( 8 o'clock
local time) in the evening, and that
T. M. Roberts be appointed returning officer vith power to appoint a
poll clerk.
On motion the Olty Engineer was
instructed to check up the water consumers throughout the city, also the
outside water connections where city
water is being used.
On motion of Aldermen Clapp and
Erickson by-law No. 110 was read a
flrst and second time.
Council resolved into a committee
of the whole, with the Mayor ia the
chair, to consider by-law No. 110
clause by clause.
On rising the Mayor reported that
by-law No. 110 had been considered
clause by clause, and recommended it
for a third reading.
Leave wus then granted to Introduce by-law No. 110 for Its third
reading. Said by-law No. UO was
then read a third time.
The grading of Baker street was
discussed, also the laying ot cement
sidewalks, plans and specifications
will be presented to the Council at
its next meeting.
Council adjourned.
Grace V. Bonner
At the Epworth League Lawn Social
Methodist Parsonage Lawn
Tuesday, July 30, at 8:30 p.m.
Danger of Fans
On Friday last one of our prominent ladies had a very narrow escape
of losing the whole of her scalp by j
the means of one of these modern in-
ventlons, The lady in question bad
jUBt been washing her hair and de-
sirous of drying it a little quicker!
sat in front of one of these fans so
that the draught it made blew di- _
rectly into the roots of the hair. Ev-
idently getting a little closer than
Was suspected the machine drew the!
ends of hor hair intn tbe fun, these
became fastened and very quickly j
drew the bulk in close to the head, j
clogging the machine and bringing It
to a stop. Supporting the machine
in her hand she managed to reach
the phone, and rang up the electricians with the request that they immediately send a man to the house
to take the machine to pieces or get
her hair out as quickly us possible.
By the time the electrician arrived
the lady's husband was at home nnd
he had taken a hammer and done his
best to release ber. but it remained
for the electrician to take the machine to .pieces before the lady's hair
was finally released. Beyond a serious fright the lady was not hurt very
seriously but the possibilities of using these means to further her toilet
might nave been very disastrous, and
It is just as well for every lady to
take the lesson to heart and be satisfied to use a hand fan or other
means which might he employed with
a far less dangerous aspect pipd which
would undoubtedly cause the ladles
iu question far more comfort.
Passing of an Old Timer d
Mr. George Goldie died at the St.
Eugene Hospital on Thursday evening. Mr. Goldie was an old-timer in
South-east Kootenay, having come to
the Windermere country some 28 year
ago. Tn I sim he was appointed Government Agent ut Windermere, and
was transferred to Fort Steele, then
to the Cranbrook Provincial Government offices about ten years ago.
The decease waB born at Lal'iairi--,
Quebec, on Christinas Day, 1833.
During the war between the North
and South in the United States he
was a soldier, and for a number ot
years after lived lu Virginia. It waa
about IS8H orl889 that lie came to
South-east Kootenay.
He was a maBon of high standing,
having taken the Templar degree, and
was one of the most highly esteemed
citizen of this district, having a host
of friends who will sincerely regret
his demise
Tbe flags at tbe Government building was placed at half-mast as a token of respect to the deceased.
About two years ago Mr. Goldie
was superannuated by the provincial
government and retired on a pention- |
The- funeral will be held at Fort
Steele on Sunday afternoon at three
o'clock. Undertaker W. R. Beatty
has charge of the arrangements.
It is hoped that a large number of
Oranbrook friends will attend.
Successful Passing of
High School Candidates.
The School Trustees felt proud  of |
the news bs it Clinic In ovor thc wire ;
yesterduy   thnt   9 out ol  10 of tho
High  School pupils linil pusseil suc-
cesfully.    Thn principal  1,. .J. Ornn-
uton took a great Intciost in his pu- j
pile und thc result reflects creat crcil-
It upon thc method he employ",   Thc |
successful pupilB wero:
Sarah Palmer
Jessie Kennedy
Sybil I). White
Marshall Barton
Tom Penliyfnther
Bnth Stephens
Wilfrid Itnlliis
' Jessie Miicilonttlil
Kdith Cnslnko
This, so far as we can learn, is a
record percentage (or the Hoard of
Rxaniiners to pass In any one place
and to say that the whole of the
school Ib worthy of commendation
goes without Hiiyine;. Once more will
it be recorded that in Oranbrook
there Is a school worthy of notice, of
teaching worthy a imieli larger city,
of results obtained that is without
its equal.
Some One Must Win
l-'uiidldutes —You should not (all to get overy possible .ub
scrlption before Wcdncsduy night, a llfty dollar prize ls ottered for the best work done during the second period and you
might as well have tbat titty, as your opponent. Tbe winner
will produce material evidence that be or she is deserving of
support aad will also have the satlslactlim of knowing tbat
he or she hns made great headway towards winning the cap
Ital prize automobile. Get busy, win tbe prize. It is yourB if
you make up your mind to have lt.
MR. SUBSCRIBER-Vote Now for  your
Favorite Candidate.
Supremacy is Essential
Only a Few More Days of Second
Period Left
The Candidate Who Turns in the Most Money on Subscriptions During
this Period will Receive a Prize of $50.00 in Gold
—Now is the time to Vote for
Your Favorite
Disastrous Fire
Seven glrlfl were killed, five were
were fntally injured and Heveral other
severely injured in a fire which oc-
cured today in a four-story building
In Moorlane, in the heart of the city,
occupied by celluloid Christmas card
manufacturers, who employed many
women.     (fit1
The fire started in the front room
on the top floor and spread rapidly,
To reach the stairs the girls had to
pass through the front room, and before they realized their danger the
flames had cut oft their means of es
I In a few minutes the hack room
| was ablaze. Borne of the girls managed to roach the roo! and escape hy
crossing a plank to the next building
10 feet distant, but one lost her footing and fell, Two were seized by the
dames before tbey got on the dizzy
bridge nnd n large number leaped fro
the windows to the pavement, several
being horribly mangled. Five girls
were burned to densh.
The response of tbe lire brigade was
prompt hut the swiftness of the fire
and the fierceness of the flames belch
Ing from the windows prevented effective use of the lire escapes.
Fifty dollar! in gold and the leadership In the greatest voting content
ever held by a weekly paper In British Columhla.
This la the prize and tbe honor awaiting the candidate who has shown
the best vote-getting ability in the content during the second period.
And twenty per cent more votes on all straight subscriptions tbau
you can secure after the cloee of the second period.
These are the reasons why you should turn in every possible aubscrip*
tlon by Wednesday night.
Don't imagine that other people can get subscriptions earlier than you
can get tbem.
You can do as well as any of your opponents if you are willlug to
work bard.
The successful people are always envied by the multitude who covet
big things, but are unwilling to pay the price of effort to get them.
The men who have done things which make them stand out in history
from other men, were not "lucky" They did not have "friends at court"
They did not bave a "better chance" than others. They were uot men of
abnormally developed Intellects.
Rut they all had the lines of work In their faces
And that's all there Is to the winning of success in tbe Prospectoi
contest; just work—consistent earnest   work.
Money never made a mnn great; opportunity alone never made a man
famous; environment never produced a genius, a great general, of a mast
er of men.
Application Is the essence ot achievement; genius Is the capacity for
work, and the evidence of genius is the product of labor.
A thousand dollar prize is the premium which beacons you to run the
race wltb diligence.
You ean win if you will—and tbe pacemaker has the best of It,
Be the pacemaker when tbe last period starts,
Take tbe lend In the content with the subscriptions you turn tu ueit
Wednesday night; and also win tbe llfty dollar cash prize.
The speech of Right Hon. Winston
Spencer Churchill, lirst lord at thc
admiralty, yesterday on the supplementary naval appropriation, has pro
voked widespeeud discussion both nt
home and abroad. It is held in some
quarters to presage the institution of
a naval law on similar lines to the
German measure to provide for a sys
tematic growth of the navy over n
series of years. It was so interpreted
by Lord Selborne, who was first lord
of the admiralty from 1900 to 1905,
in the bouse of lords today. He declared that Mr. Churchill's words
ought to be written in letters of gold
,n both bouses of parliament."
In the same debate Viscount Haldane, lord high Chancellor, who recently visited Merlin for the purpose
ol discussing Anglo-German relations
made an interesting statement to the
elTcct tbat (iermany hnd been told in
the friendliest manner tbat whatever
naval efforts slit' might make, (Ireat
Ilritalu would make still greater. "W
have said," ViBCOIlnt Haldane added,
"that we would do this with no intention of aggression but because sea
power is our life and in sea power wc
intend to remain superior."
Merlin, July T.i—German public o*
pinion is neither disturbed nor irritated over yesterday's naval debate
in tbe bouse of commons in London,
Tbe prees generally seems satisfied
with Germany's comparative position
under the new order of things ami
praises the speech of Might Hon. W.
Churchill, first lord of the admiralty
as frank without the usual provoca*
tlvencss. It criticizes, however, the
attempt to throw the responsibility
for Increased armament on Germany.
Tbe VoHSiche Zeitung in commenting ou the subject points out thut the
increased German Fleet was due to
tbe tone of British statesmen during
the Morocco crisis which compelled
every German to regard an increase
of the ileet as a commandment of self
preservation. The paper takes up A.
J. Balfour's phrase in which he referred to tbe senseless competition In
shipbuilding and asks "Who was responsible? It was not (iermany that
invented dreadnoughts, super-dreadnoughts and submarines."
A   responsible  olflcinl   corroborated
one can see that the preheat is an
emergency by reason ol the (Jennan
policy. Great Britain has been practically forced to press forward with
plans for a still larger navy. Canada
splendid attitude towards the situation ought to be a strong factor lu
making for the peace of the world if
it is realized by the continental powers tbat not only in name but in fact
too we propose to do our duty by the
empire. A programme of naval arma
ment could be proposed and carried
out so that it would be impossible
for any nation to prevail.
"Mr. Borden by his willingness and
readiness has shown himself in every
way equal to the high office to which
be waB called by the people of Canada. As Mr. Churchill, I have but to
repeat tbe opinion which I have held
•>f bim for many yenrs: In the empire
today We have no stronger statesman
In his hands the nflnlrs ot tbe admiralty are quite safe. He knows the
needs of the empire and its naval defense thoroughly and with his wonderful Industry and application 1s the
right man in the right place at this
OTTAWA, JULY Ti—The evening
Free Press says that an immediate
contribution of ten or fifteen million
dollars and a special session of the
Dominion parliament tn pass such a
contribution is the evident meaning
of the statement!, of the British ministers in the naval debate yesterday
as to the decision which has been
reached hy Premier Borden and tbe
British  cabinet on  the  naval  issue.
The Free Press adds. "No confirmation of the report that the house will
meet in October can be obtained ln
official circles. On the other hand it
is pointed out that with the regular
session opening in November no material advantage could be gained by
calling the bouse together one short
montb earlier. Besides, the Prime
minister is likely to be lully occupied
tn preparing the heavy legislature bill
of fare and tbe estimates.
LONDON, July.- Silent but attentive witnesses," says tbe Pall Mall
Gazette today regarded the presence
of Premier Borden find the Canadian
ministers In the distinguished stran*
the standpoint of the press and as-lgeri gallery of the house of commons
sorted unequivocally that the speech I last night,
delivered by Bight Hon. David Lloyd- . tj„. Evening News says, on what it
George, chancellor of the exchequer, claims is authoritative information,
nt tbo Mansion House In 1911, was tbat there is to be an acceleration of
the direct cause of the German naval : many months in thc nnval shiphutld
bill. i ing   program.    Four armoured   ships
Mr   BORDEN   KEEPS  WORD      I ure to be laid down before next Ju.y.
Victoria,    B.C- Blr    Richard    Mc|The Canadian ships will be Included
Bride commenting ou Canud's naval   in this earlier
policy as set forth by Might  Hon   W
Churchill, said
"We can unquestionably conclude
from what the first lord of the admir
alty has said tbat. Mr. Borden will
keep his word with thr people of this
country  with  regard to naval  defense
"Due to the tremendous fact that
Canada is about, to lead the overseaa
dominions in giving their young
strength to support the motherland
1n the great struggle which lies ahead
for the maintenance of imperial supremacy and the peace of the world.'
Marconi Wireless Old-fashioned
Wireless messages will hfl sent U
cross the Atlantic ami to other parts
of tllO world by a new system, ureord
lui; t<> experts, wlthlu four mouths
not onlv mfiCll faster thnn by the present system but also with such pre
Olflion thnl it will be possible to send
I let tiros by this means.
Tbe new  system  bus  been  taken  up
by one of tho big European telegraph
concerns and will be given a (borough
test by a syndicate organized under
tbe auspices of tlio telegraph companies, so fur as tbe transmission of
wireless messages Is concerned,
Stations arc to bo erected at Lyons
in France ami at Washington nnd th«
inventor claims that he will he able
to send at the rate of 200 words a
The Improvement consists in being
able to control a continuous wave as
compared with intermittent waves In
the present  systems.
After tbe Franco American line Is
working the company intends to ex-
lend the system to the east, to Africa
aud to tbe British colonics. Tha
British government has Investigated
It, hut It Is apparently satisfied as tt
has heen in all recent inventions, to
let Mime other nation test It before
adopting It in the British Isloe. TTIV PnoSPEPTOTI. fTBANBltOOTT. F *V
.4 Modern Romance
-N , . .iilili. illil tin sli,' wus 10I1I, mnl Bhe,
\J\ wore tin-in when Bhe wenl down Btnlra
to wulr lor Vnugliaii-      sin-   Bhowed
i them  to  hira and  pouted   when   lie
showed no plea8iire.
I    Don'l you like thorn? she naked,
ITiey're prettj  enougli,   but   tliey
make mine look rather shabby,    he
i said dolefully.
.    Tliey were iilone   in   the
: room, aiul he took n ring
I pocket  which ho slipped oi
: engagement finger.
Mow lovely- and n pearl;
New Appointment In the Live
Stock Branch
ar« ago the prospect of nny
of shoop raising In (.'lunula
very remote. Except In
ot breeders of pure bred
i prevailing attitude regard
Two yi
flic case
docks, Hi
I    lik.
rto lliat's >our game. How I plt.y
uu poor devil, whoever she may be.
-,, ue youi  -.iirc.     Ami io liiinl, that
once loved you™you seem of the
niters, she cried p-.s&lonutely-
Sofilv. softly, Muriel.     1   am   nul
. she
nothing better
ii in her lips.
!    OonT lei  her give
; ho remarked diffidently
1 can i  slop her- Eli
d, as slic raised
ymi too much,
incd.  In
Ind  better In
woul.i you
to  1.
I which
yoil have run oil u.t
i'i, do things Hiat I :
nu niber.    i hiii ten'i
I'll l.ing
ul to ■
Ih  bad i
I  inn
hate .•'•'
are tile
nay or
In- silly, he sail e-ooililngly, fo
lire t, drive her too fat
a fail, she >ai,l BObblngly
,, loathe -on I know yo
. .iml vel 1 i.him obey yo'.l
that's settle-., he said clteei
You will lienr from me in i
no.     It in along   low, fJi I'i
in nan did no mor ■ work thai
. . .oi- lie soi n li tl the olllce ami
strolled round to ihe Khz Hotel. As
he walked installs he ■>»■ Mra, de
Lisle list coming on: of Clay 8 al I ■
He ralaed his tint as he passed and
The next  morning Vera
drove out   io  Ihe    coltagi
Vaugliati io his writing;
the work that had been
Vein maile auggestlons as
log of ilu- furniture whl
Vera sal on a form In
bedroom, while Hilda wn
Ins io tlu- foi*-1111111.     A Strang)
pondeuc-. came ovi r her, and sh
Btartlcd in Bad thai tears wi re
ling down her chei ks.
I am not of Ihe stufr tha
are made ui. she cried, ami
iously brushed awnj tha   i
her handkerchief.
But It was not of her nine
Hilda ihnt she was thinking
her , \es there   loomed   th
firm face of Ihr. ul I "la-
She  suddenly  reuienibi n ,1   lhal   U
wat really his i icy lhal  she was
spending,  and   ■ ' >   Bbould   site  hate
the Idea bo bitterly?
Ruthlessly  Bhe ■ xunilm <1 her In are
ing  ilie possibilities lo he attained
through a ilcvelopiiieiil  of llie Industry was largely one   of   Indifference
aud unconcern.     Today, however, a
very greal change In point of view Ib
manifested, particularly on ihe pari
of runnels Interested   only   In   tlio
breeding and rearing of market sheep.
This   change   has   doubtlesa   been
brought about in the one hand by ibe
Increasing  domestic  consumption of
mutton and lamb.     Ou    the   other
blind, how-eve-, i   has with equal certainty  been hastened  und  eoiiliniieil
as a' rcsiili  uf ihe Investigations of
,,,iu'" I the Sheep Commission ol  Hie prole
n,~  lems tontrontlng ihe sheep fanner In
lilts country and of the  manner  in
chief   which a decadent, lint attractive, bust-
talk*, |10s3  mlghl   be  revived.
' di'*1*       I'lie interest awakened liy ihe hit-
* was   ter movement or ihe part of the l-'eil
trick . ,T:,i     Government      waa     further
I strengthened   hv   the  suggestive  lectures delivered lo  Mr. Hitch during
ih,- early months of the present year
al  meetings al led by him In the
i Maritime provinces and later al meet
ndsfiiij-a attended bs Messrs Hitch and
Ni.-ttne in the provinces ol Saskatch
ewan, Aiiiei-ia and Brltlah 1'olumbla
The Qovi rum, in la doing something,
was the appreciative comment ol a
Westi ro si,,, i, man, after the con
elusion ,,' one ol ihe recent "lectures
and  'his atal ml   is  e-tpri salve ol
the temper ol Bheep arowi rs, bolh
Hi • Kaat aud In th
Scholarships From Slave Money and
ChurchtB Founded trom War
Perhaps the must valuable and most
famous scholarships, both at Oxford
and I'iftiilirlilge,   are   the   "Craven"
one      The  fund  which every  year, .„     a f).ota poHl|
supplies somo of lhe must hi intent ,    Au „   added lo
of coffee makes a g
Uses of the Egg
Eggs are commonly thought of as
an arttole for food, containing a huge
percentage of eaallj digestible material, and t heir use for rood purposes
Is ao universal thai i' may occasion
some Litrprise to lea
many oilier uses to
be pm. as sei  forth
of tin-
Bi tore
Hi,,iin at once brci
Of   lii-    ll-iit.
A clleul called lo ■
noon and il struck m
I,. usi ml to Ml B Ora
In whnl way. i ia;
,shc cannot live ai
will rant a •
Lady Mattuu
Lady Halt-in—1
Ihe name.
she is well known In society
is the widow ot the lilTh baronet
idea passed liuough my mtnd, and I
thoughi 1 would ci.iii,  round and give
lt tt, vou, for what It ls worth,
I am nnicli obliged, bur Misj lira:
Tin- ci lor slowly  lefl  her taci
ahe trembled violently.     Her lite had   gratified to know thai  in then
,- ,.,   never been touched by Ihe thoughi of   eats something definite Is nov,
tne ooje    I m^_ ghc ,.ul a|,vaJ.8 ,,„., ,1,,.,,, frank-; underlaken
■ i     ,-'„,• liy and without a thought ot Bex   \ml i    An nnnouncem nl has already be
' |W_ i    . .ie ri gn   Hug   .1      : ' lion    oi
Her heart throbbed with a terrible 'Minister   in  making  provision  tor
he pressed her hand to her   special   sale  during  the   months
*.-,„' breast
What is ilu- matter, dear:
asked as she bustled Into lie room
" '"'"   ""' i    Nothing, I'm only a
to remember     Bul no word did shi   speak
i the drive hack
■in,lii-rone. 1 thought that
v.'oiiht he in ci r>   way
i   uui,-uu ' fear ami she pi....
"'---■-   to subline us mad throbbing   Septembei and October next, ol pur
Hilda  bred ram   and gradi ewea.inthi  Mar-   jud yel  keeplug in right boundsth
-but noiie too wealthy—students in
Ureal. Britain with tbo means or becoming great and ruinous In their
special branches ol learning had sure-
ly as strange at. origin as any or the
kind you can Und In scholarship records.
Por when a certain Hurl of Craven
left a large sum of money to he used
tor the release or slaves who bad been
captured hy tho Algerian ami Hai
bary pirates and slave dealers, lie
■ oillil not lmvo had the sllRhlcst idea
lhat the duy would soon come when
(lie money would never be needed tut
such a purpose, and when a grateful
Parliament would determine that, Instead, the interest from the Invoal
mem should he employed as means
lot furnishing the lluesl acholnrahlps
for poor Btudeuls at Uui iwo greatest
ninl oldi st Knelish uulversttles. Vel
lhat is how Hie "Craven Scholar
Bhtps" wen founded there
Famous  Lotteries
Many roll, once h.ul milch to say
against lotteries in ISngland, and ll
was. perhaps, noi a had thing when
ihey were abolished by law. Vol u
is wei; worth while remembering lhal
in ihelr hey-day, public lotteries did
a vast deal ol good, as well us a inu
denl ,-r harm.
And when one BpeClllatea ell the pal
Iry gambling -cuu ot to-day, which
iin.is us outlf t in an attempt lo win
a large sum hy spending a sixpence
in making a miserable attempt to
poetise better Hum somebody else,
i.ue cannot but lliluk that the real
properly conducted lottery which
could iiiijid n DrlilBh Museum, a Wa
terloo Bridge, a st Paul'a was immense!-, belter as a way ot satisfying
11   Of   sillllt
which tie-, inn)
in ihe following
he morning cup
ml  Ionic.
of  au  egg   I'clieles
You csunoi .itord brain-b'elojpfng headaches,
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
slop them In quick lime and c'-ar yonr head. Tliey
do not oonlaln either phenlcelln, sceUnllld, morphine,
opium ci any oilier dangerous drug, 280, » box at
your Drusglct'a. 121
National dauq and chimical c». o, Canada, Limitco,
The moist  s
a boil or burn
A raw egg will illsliulgi
down tlsh hone
\u egg iii    warm    mill,
hoarseness and  induces sh
To ineiiil broken china, us
made hy stirring pi
lhe while ot llll egg.
Crushed egg shells ami soap
light In tlu
hardWOOd   Hours   illlicker   Hum
llllllle.        Also   glnss.    lill   and
Au egg well heaton and nihlei
lo   I
tumbler of null, well BW-oolotied
oollent ror fooblo aged persons
can Inke llttlo noui'lahmont.
A Bird's Cemetery
M   the  health  resort    of    Heellla,
del-many, is a iiualnt bird's ceineler-
liniell   care  ol   hv  Ihe  pallellls  of III '
sniiltiiiiiiiii. ll often happens tlini
Ibe singing birds of all kinds which
liy aboul the sanitarium strike against
the glass windows and arc killed. The
puUt-uta bury llicse birds in a iii
He ceineter) mul every bird has lis
grave adorned with u monument of
some kind, sometimes even a Htll-
clous Is provided to mark the bpoI.
The wlille id a raw egg Is llie mosl
sn Isfuetoij ol' pusics. Papers pul
oni' tumblers ol lain and jelly will
hold very securely unit be airtight If
dippeil   III  Hie   while of I gg,      To
proveul the jiiici' of fruit soaking In
u, ihe iu,inun pie crust, wash tho
ei usi i,ler w ub a beaten egg.
A partly beaten raw eg* laken al
one swallow Is healing lu an nillained
Stomach ami intesliin s, ami will re
h,'i,- Hn- feeling ol dtstross. Pour
eggs taken in "I bonis will form the
best 1,1ml of nourishment as well as
medicine for ihe patient
'I'he albino Is sllll one of lhe puzzles ot Bcleuce. Boyond ihe a.iow-
ledgo thai albinism Is due lo a lack
ol ih - norma] plginenl iu skin and
hulr lhe physiologist and pathologist
are aboul as much at ma regaiding
Hi.- real explanation or in is freak "'
nature as ihey were UIO or 1,000 yeais
ago. As lo the ultimate why or thi
problem why ilu- plgmciii Is musing lu ilu- albino- there is no'lilm
but li collection or unconvincing
guesses. Regarding tho statistics of
nil,mi:.in nothing satisfactory Is ob-
taliutblo except ii) two countriea. In
I lialy the albinos number about one
'In every iiO.000 of the population.
j whereas In Norway Hn- rale Is twice
' as high, with oiiii  ii e wy Ill.W/it
aud tl • ■ ' -■
tuicerialu i
- is h. r addr
it er In your tian
I bf:,r It in  rule
whisky and soda
as lie touched 'he bell
Thanks. H.v the In--, is Miss Grant
in town?     Brann asked cusuailv
Sli" waa this morning, hm 1 think
.he iuiB gone buck lo Bognor.
Brann. having gained ihe Information for which he luul como, soon took
his departure upon the idea of business      Ho went   back-  to  hia  olllce,
where he .: iW hi- Chief clerk,
I am going out or town to-inorrow,
but shall be back on Saturila- morning, be told him.
hrough her brain, 1 'eve him, I love
Whes -he v ,. el Vol
saw Vaughan Si •   our strollini
Hi i :;-. ..-. asd shi  called ti
I want to speak to yon. s.     -
ou  yi     com    ■,;> to o	
Hilda went with them,   and    Vera
, faced them wltb a brig it bi    e. Shi
Will ynu   t ,ok  Hilda's  hand  and   n id   d
n    aske I   engagement ring with her I og tr
j    1 am going to talk very frankly to
van  bot.li.      Von.   Vaughan.   '
that ymi have sold >oiir book
Id 1 will l»a
Vera was curiously disturbed in
mind when she let! lho Rlts, and she
cotllfj mil imagine the reason, She
only knew that ahe.disliked Mrs. ile
l.lslo intensely, and had no desire lo
see her again. She busied herself
In ihu buying ol the furniture of the
collage, and when this was llsiaheil
she found Hint It wns lime to-hasten
to catch her Iraln.
llie Journey back was more pleasant, for the struggle was over, and
sin- almost began to ihink Unit she
mis Indeed lllliln Grant, nnd this
nioiiei Hint she was spending was her
own by right. She hml uol forgiillen
Hilda, but had bought her many presents, as Home salve tn her cons-
clctiep. *■
Upon her arrival at the holel sh"
found llihli' In tho host nf spirits.
Vaughan is here, ahe said. I havo
naked hliu lo dinner. Vou don't
inlml, do you?
1 am inly loo pleased, How well
vou are bulking child, Vera replied
Mid I've von tn thnnk. dearest.
Never bad a girl n kinder nr more
loyal friend.
Itiiblilsh. .Insl open Ihrse cases;
you wl'l llml something for ynu.
She smiled na she heard Hilda's
clecrul cry of delight, ns she took
out lhe rings and bracelets.
Itut these an- not for me, Hilda
I'm hough! plenty for myself I'm
tlom on.
etable Compound Did For
Their Health—Their own
Statements Follow.
nre vour prospects?     Do you  think ,
you   lire   pr.-.y   certain     to   make|tbe mem^s.otth'soo
■.-noun!) to live on?
I am confident thai I ^u.:i i win-
u.illy. Ue a.isw^p'.l eagerly.
Thou what te to prevent you from
iniug married at onco. There is ihr
cottage, which will make uu Ideal
home,  and,  lf  neceaaary   Hilda  can
Bill continue lur .Jook-himlhip.
I don't want her to   do   ihai     he ;
broke in quickly.
tfolthei- do l, and probably it wont,
he necessary.     I am going to iowr,
Lo-morrow, and l shall tell the law-,
yer man io settle uiough on Hilda to|
il mi proi.'.' es and In BritlBh Coluni » \ r
!,;;*. it has bci u -it**-! rtalned tli -' °
■,:-. st pro vim ,-s bave in ed, uol onlj
.-• geli eti ii Bin *- but also oi female
>*,.VV to serve as the toui da li ■■■■ ol
grade flocks f< r thi pi .i -^
. ■ kftal i lambs The
eoo\n ration  ol Dominion  Sheep
.bsoclaiioi   ':.«? t.i eu secur-
.., ■ -   -. ,       this ftork and .1 grant
j-        -"■ has i'i t - made dli ■ I to
the   Isscciatlon, to  be  expended for
•i.i;; 1 Lirposi 1 eordanco with cer
tain cond ■ imposed bj   the Mln
later 'I b respoi bility for Hie ex-
end ire - ■ ■- - graul has boon de-
[1 gated to .'. -;•■ • lal committee of tbe
Association, in conjunction with the
}, ,■: -.::■*, Mr A I!. Westi rvelt, and
acting in association with officers of tb*1
Live Stock Branch, are at present engaged In selecting the most suitable
centres for the holding of the pro-
poseH sales. They are also personally interviewing the farmers of these, antj
districts, with the view of securing
heir Interest and co-operation in con
for gambling which seems 1
.lu- Inood of so mnn.   folk,
the British Museum, Waterloo
. nud uo small pari of St, Tan! s
incted   from  th'o  proceeds of
es, public lotteries, held in these
.- and sanctioned by Parliament,
vhnt grand results thoy are. al
any rate, Ihose splendid erections, and
hoi. mucb superior 10 anything which
fh    gambl-ng  fever produces to-day!
Present Day  Examples
Even now. in other countries, these
State  lotteries are doing big things
In tbelr own way, however much we
in Britain mny agree or disagree with
them.     Throughout the German Empire   and ibe astute Germans gener*
aK\ Know what they are doing in the
money  line!   -public lotteries are often  adopted  for  the  purpose of increasing State   revenue.       A   man
much prefers to pay Si'i for a ticket
which may win him
v, ui mak
The clitef of police nf a provincial '
town sent half a dozen photographs
of 11 notorious criminal who was want- [
od In that city to the various police
departments throughout the country
for distribution among tho detectives
to assist In his Identification in easel
he Bhould be apprehended. Nest day ! jg000 t0 ,,U1 ,,oue
n telegram came from   the  chief  atl	
Smarleton -a neighboring town-say- ,        , .
The greatest ell-breedlng establishment lu the world is that of Comae*
chin, oil the Adriatic, whero tho Industry ia carried on wiih scientific
care. This eel nursery consists of a
gigantic swamp, measuring 140 miles
in circumference, and is of ancient
origin, since H the sixteenth century
It yielded    nn    annual    revenue    or
the othor two by tonight.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
wiih l.ut'Al. AIT-UavriOJiS, 11* tliey cannot renc'n
tlii' wat ol Hu- dlK'.6i', Cilntili w it l-lm-il nr ciii'--il-
tuimii'il ills-1--*-, inu' In nnii-r tit cure H 1'mi iiuihI tulir
llitcronl riTii.-ill.-i.   lluM'** rninrrli (un> Lt tukt-n li>
I (-r.iui iv. anil ni, directly upon ilu- bimul ttutl lnucQiu
gurtncaii IT-.irs (Minrrli Cure l* tiul » qiinrk iiit-dl*
cm.', lt wn" [trrei-rlltwl hy un* ut tin- ln-st iiliyslt-laiii
m iium cimiiti-y (ur yc.rs am. w » retailor prcacHptton,
II h romnoscd ot tin- bett totites Known, i-umhitu'd
mill tlic ii>:-i titiKiil ttiirlncra, acting (lli-rtly nn llie
niucoiiH   mrtftn'S.    'I Iir   perlci't  i-tinililiimion  «(   llm
iwo In Bred leiits if vrliat producM nucli wonderful ru-
tulls Iii 1'iirlnsf rntnrrli.   S.-nd Tor testimonial*, tree,
V. .1. l.'UKSl-:V 4 CO., 1-ropn.. Toleilw, O
Sold by DriiKU'tiis. prlee 73c.
'ink-* Uall h l-'unilly I'llla ter ciistltmllfja.
Cleaning up a Mystery
The teacher was Riving a lesson in
mathematics and English combined.
A fathom,  she  said, is a nautical
word used in detininj; distance.     It
means six feet.      Now I want some
large sum that i \i\t\B j^irl to give me a sentence using
him Independent for life,   the word fathom
1  Vnught
tiring in
need not
Hilda .1
blushed d>
hard, find
before he Bpohe.
1 appreciate your kindness, lu
gravely, but it goes against lh
to tie beholden to anyone,
hection with the sale of the sheep.
Subsequent to the distribution of se
lected breeding stock In different localities, ii ia proposed that tlu* ap-
pointn.tnt or one or more;experienced sheep men shall be arranged for
who shall spend their time in visiting
Incidentally   provide   funds  for |    in8tantly a hand shot up ln the r
some neces-ary State purpose, than to ■ n[ t-ic ro,mit
he taxed to the extent of $20 and see I    Well, Mary, vou mav give vour set.
nothing whatever to his own benefit[tence.
for the sum thus reluctantly paid tn j    Maj,y 8t00tI ||p pr01ldly,
1 needy Government.     Last year, in      The PeaBon llies Clin walk otl lil(
Prussia  such btnto lotteries gave alc,.u,ngt s.lid  ,he observant child,  it
because  they  have a.  fathom,
I don't know yet. It will depend
a good deal on whether thp young
man's father's attorneys succeed In
getting the Indictment quashed or not.
—Chicago Hecord-lierald.
In some or the municipalities of
Germanyi tho sight of a building operation Is regarded tn tho nature of
an eyesore, which is to be deplored,
and the strictest regulations are
made to meet such contingencies.
Not Exactly Intended
lle was ii budding author and his
wile, determined that his train ot
thoughts should noi bo trammelled
by domestic worries, wild to the new
maid, "Now, .lane, If .vou want any.
thing always com« to me. Never go
to Mr. Bookmaker unless 1 nm out."
A few dayi* later lliere was a knock
al Mr bookmaker's study door, and
in reply to his usual "Cornel" the
new maid, fresh nnd pretty, appeared.
Please, sir, she snld, Mrs, Bookmaker
snld I was never to disturb you unless
sho was out,
Well? said Mr. Bookmaker Inquiringly,
She's out. Blr.*—Upplncott's.
Life Line Used by Mountaineers
The ropes used by Alpine ellmbers
ts of special manufacture, combining
as far us possible Ihe differing qunl«
It'.ea of strength, flexibility and light*
ness. Three qualities are In gen*
eral use, being made from Sisal, Italian nnd Manilla hemps respectively
and occasionally, when cost, is not. ft
consideration, of silk. The latter,
though very light aud strong, ls not
so durable as the others. That
which finds mosl favor among Hi It*
ish mountaineers Is known as Buck*
inghum's Alpine rope; it is mado of
iho best Manilla hemp.
lu the year 18tH. Mr. McLelsh recalls a committee of Ihe Alpino Club
made teots upon a number of ropr.n
suitable for mountaineering. Of the
two that were approved one was made
of Italian hemp and the other ot Manilla. They both had a breaking
strain of two tons nnd sustained the
weight of a twelve stone man after
falling from a height of ten feet. Non-
mottntatneers have sometimes considered this insufficient, but. it Is highly
problematical whether the human anatomy could survive tho sudden compression of a thin rope arising from
any greater fall.- Fry's Magazine.
Overhead bridges should hnve at
least eighteen feet clearance to be
safe from thc eroding effect of locomotive gases.
Japan's theatres are ordered to give
expression of the ideals of the peoplo
and give up biood and thund r reproductions.
The plow is an ancient implement
•iu|s ui is si 'edvqs in pdAo.tdmi icqi
ply a broad spade that Is dragged
along horizontally. It breaks up the
soil to the depth of n few Inches, but
It smooths down and compacts' the
underlying layer. As this is repented with each plowing, the subsoil he-
comes very dense and hard, resisting the penetration and storage of
ihe water so essential to plant growth.
Remarkable results have heen reported from dynamite plowing, and are
doubtless due to the loosening ot the
compacted layers to a considerable
clear pre 111 to the country of more
than $22,500.00&; nobody grumbled at
paying the money, several folks gained large fortunes, and even those who
were unsuccessful  were really little
small Income, so llmt  you I .h_ f.irms of Tnose l0 u.honl ,)lP finerp
ho   said    with    .1   are fl0*(j) m or(*er ,|int the latter may
J have the benefit of competent advice I m0re. out-of-pocket than  they  would
ina 'J}® j regarding the management   of their  have been by paying a tux in lieu
ias   .funking  fl0C**9) ,1,0 care 0f wool, marketing 0f the profit-tnu« made,
1 ",:   ";   '   ° I of the clip and disposalof their Jamb | Another Curious Case
As auoihir curious way of a fine
building being provided for strangely,
wn mny tnke the case of the Phlll*
-*  -~—
Thai's your beastly pride, but il will
he I Who will receive tho favor. The
money Is nothing nnd as you know
I love Hilda, She Is more than fl
sister to me. She requires great
care, and if vou are married, you ean
look after her. Von will thus take
away Lho responsibility from my
Bhottlders, ami 1 shall feel much bap-
pier. Tor I Bhall know that she is in
good hands. Now. Vaughan, I want
ynu lo look al it .from her point of
view 1 dare >ay it would be very
nice to make your way without ray
, crop. As the result of this policy
began j j |s believed that these centres will
Si***!*11 ultimately become distributing points
' for high class breeding stock and In-
Serial Story
A scum—Do you remember the night
I  had to  take you home from tho
I club iu a cab and—
j    Nagget—Yes, indeed.
I    Ascttm—I    don't    suppose    you've
Irard the last of it yet.
Nagget—No, my wife's still living
—Catholic Standard and Times.
Of Truro Cathedral. Tbe
i:::!ir:;:, s„ni ,:,b^ \!;;:''^'Vi.m,,o.i8 »m.. *•«-.
; fi',1. ,      -ovim'rs <" "•-'"•'' H'liiill-iin" from a friend for
""■""" I""-"1""1-  :.lr,0.   it turned out lnlei- io    be   ■•
Many auicitic, In Japan
The ,Ia,i..iie.ic nie now bnal'v tl.-bat-
Uir tl)'- etll ca of t-'.iirltle.     Til-) fii-K-
out of ivhltli   tbe   controverH.v   bus
arisen Is tbnt of the station master
Hoimi. y, and -vat, eventually sold for
$16,I).R or this sum the delighted
Canon agreed to Rive half tin a thank-
offering, iu order to build the splendid porch of iho new cathedral at
Truro,  which  would otherwise have
at MoJI. wlie. because of a mishap  found itself badly spoiled for want of
to the Imperial train, which mad.' it
necessary for the Ehnperor to adjourn
..ver half 111, hour to a waiting-room,
Bhowed his repentance   by   throwing
B«l»tance, but I asl, ynu sincerely to tng |,|msctt under the wheels of lh
i make ibis lillle sacrifice, 1 have
i mi iiniii.t iiiai >ou win succeed in
yuur writing, anil you cnn pay me
back if von wisli in. That is when
I vim are' famous ami the money is
I rolling lu.
I it is a most generous offer, bul n
| requires consideration, he said
I gravely.
Vou will be utterly selfish If you
refuse, she answered wllh Impatience.
! W mi do you say Hilda. Cnn'l you
bring him to lii« senses! Ono wuuld
think ho illil tint want lo marry you.
lill.la looked altectlonately ut ber
lover ami her faee was aglow r.llh
happiness, I should not mind- .'.■ -:n
Vera, she said to him softly.
all  sen:."I  Ihen,   \'*tn   cried,
i- ,,,<■,■ v.i- triumphant.
T , be Cm I lm ed I
money to tlnish tills part of the structure as It ought to have been done.
Then, too. have we not. before us
the Interesting Instance of Queen
ivie-tandr&'s gift, of ibe annual .profit
from  lhe sermon  preached    at   tbo
The Btatlcn master's devotion hav- j death of her dearly beloved eldest
fer   Mlnard's  tn
-v-  ti oth-r.
Hallburton, P.K.I.:—"I had adoctar
exuniinf im- mnl he Bald I hod i i
the womb, tn I have bVen taking I.yilia
B, Plnkham's Vegetable Compound am)
it bus done men lot of good. All tba
bearing-down pains hav,. vanished. I
have gained ten poundBin weight, ti.o
iii.fi barge h nil gone, an.l 1 ff al bftte*
tbiin 1 hav,- f,,r n long time. 1 think ui.y
woman is foolish to sulTer as 1 did for
llle sake of a few dollars.
" You eun use my letter as a testimonial. Itrnayeneouragfiotherooorwoif.. n
whn sulT. r us I did touse your Vegetable
Compound," —Mrs. Geo. Colliclti,
Hallburton, Lot 7, P.E.I,
..•im. What This Wfinian Sn.v'i
New Moorefleld, Ohio.—"1 take great
pleasure In thanking you for what your
has f|,,ne f„r mc.   I
hafl   l)<-ariiig   down
pelnO, wai dizzy and
weak, bad pftlni in
lower bock and could
not befupon my f''''t
longenougn to get i
meal,   As long asl
laid on my back I
would fi« better,]
hui, when I would
o t up thoio bearing
tlown palm would coma back, nitil tlio1
doctor mid I bad fomt-lo trouble, I.ydh*'
!•:. Plnkham'a v. getablo Compound waa'
tlm only medicine that helped me and (
hnvobocn growing itronger avor BlncoJ
I commanccd to i»k-- it.   I bona It will j
help other Buffering womi n fta It hu me. ■
You can uae thla lettar."* Mra. Cabhib
LlovPj N.-w Moorefleld, Clark Co,,Oblo,
W. N.  U. 603
Modern Raiircidmg
I   Martin i lard]  «' Bi l^ouli ■-• nerftl
, .■ '•>:■ t\n  Mln . .,i Phi Iflo ur.d
Iron  Mi untfl i i ; oi o Un
yer v. ho ii i ■ '■■--'      ' ■ i !'-i lo bein;j \
Inti rvb ■■ ■!.     i d   when   renon ri
nre tt ii ,. ltd .'. Mr  i lardy baa u
.-lock -i"r> v i lob ba tella to ibul (fl
ih'1 iniirvttw     Baya Mr  Clardy*
An trnli ihlpper "i" i entorod t'ifl ,
:---;i-",ui oftlcti o( n rail wo) company
Whei i tbi ki n< rnl i npartnl md i
. nl.' ha iii'iiuu.ii'i],
Out "ii tha road, waa itafl raplj ol
ihn .-,. ivi
win r-'-. bl    usi tanU Thla v * j
Qonfl to thi ball fl mi I anap] d
tUe clerk.
Then ffhi re's I'lco-pre Idenl .. 11
gonen I Irafl man ig< i • xplodeJ tlie
Qona north for the mm mor, waa thc
-.ill Indifferent n p i
Wail, thon lhe angry callor fairly
howlod, who iu thundoi la running
i da railroad, anj  .»■.!
Oh it ihni'n what you wanl lo know,
: plied tha cli rk. aa ha reached for
another lypewrltton report, It' tbo
ncwapapem.—Kanani City Journal.
Lug evoked r wave of popular admiration which inok shape In n proposal
to erect a monument to bis memory,
the nation baa been rebuked by thu
pre a id out of the Kjuahu Unlverally
for thu a glorying an act of uell-des*
tructlon; and the latter, finding blm-
self oul of tune with public opinion
boa resigned Ute posl tlon,
li is a Bingulur ihln:; lhal anion'' a
people ^-o cheerful aa the Japanese
suicide should b so common, Ten
thousand destroy thtetnselvca every
year in Japan and tbe figures cannot
ho said to hi' dinilnlahiiiu. Hut hari-
kari, as Bueh, le out of dale.
The modern vioilina or tho autcldnl
mania, when tbey do not, throw them*
selvca in front of a (rain, Jump Into
the crater "f an active voloann, Aaanui
in central Japan, nnd Aao*aan, iu
Kyuihu, have both acquired a hIiiIh*
ter reputation In tills respect,
Ir |g, however, n disquieting sign of
ihi' il)ii"s to find ibe student class
reiortlug no target) to Huloido—oh*
peclally nf ihe speotacular aort, and
Uila, no doubt, is Dr. Vainakawa's
motive iu protesting ngalnal the exab
latlon or an aci which the Ctirlatlnn
a irld i'egarda aa a grievous nin. Pall
Mall Qazotla
which |crinon she caused to be
published BSd sold nt two rents a
copy-to tb" erection of a chapel for
the (Jordon Boy's Home at Woking?
No less than clow on $10,000 haa now-
been devoted by lho Queen to this
purpose, and to-day the beautiful chap*
el there stands ac a monument ot
what, a glorious building can arise
from u curious origin,
Reduced by Asthma. Tbe con-
atani strain of Asthma brings the patient to a dreadful Htate of hopeless
exhaustion. Early use should by all
means be made of the famous Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, which
more than any other acta quickly
and surely on trie air passages and
bring:, blessed help nnd comfort. No
home where asthma Is present ln the
least degree should be without this
great remedy.
Nature's Way Is The Best.
Buried deep ia our Americm forest we find bloodroot, queen's root, man.
drake and stone root, golden seal, Oregon Crape root and cherrybark. Of these Dr.
R. V. Pierce made ■ pure glyceric extract which has b.eo favorably known for
over forty years.   He called it " Golden Medical Discovery."
This " Discovery" purifies the blood and tones up the stomach and lhe entire
system in Nature' own way. It's just the tissue builder and lonie you require
when recovering from a bard cold, grip, or pneumonia. No matter how strung the
constitution tbe stomach is apt to be " out of kilter" at limes; in consequence
the blood is disordered, for the stomach is the laboratory for the constant manic
facture of blood. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery strengthens the stomach—
puts it ia shape to make pure, rich blood—helps the liver and
kidneys to expel the poisons frorojhe body. Tbe weak, nervous, run-down, debilitated condition which so many people
experience at this timo of the year is osually the effect of
poisons in the blood; it is often indicated by pimples or boils
appearing on tbe skin, the lac becomes thin— you feel *' blue."
"More than a week ago I was unfTcring with au awful
cold fn my head, thr at, breast, and body," writes Mn.
James 0. Kent, of 710 L. Street, S. K., Washington, I». t-.
".Some called tt I.a Qrlpp , some pneumonia. I was advised
by a friend to try s bottle of your 'Golden Medical Discovery.' I tried a bottle aud It did me co much good thai 1 feel
safe In Haying it. is the greatest nml best medieiut- thai I
ever took. Mv health is much better tban it was hefoM
using yuur medicine. It does all you claim fur It and ij
9. Q. Kent, Ehq.      satisfactory."
Large Capacity for Desiring        I
Dobbs—So you're living In the coun-
try, eh!      What kind of   neighbors j
have you;  are they desirable?
Hobbs—Desirable! Great.Scott, wo|
haven't a tiling they don't, "desire, especially in tho way of gardening implements, t
Knew Him
Bacon—What would you do If I
sent you a message hy wireless.
Egbert—If you sent It, 1 suppose
I'd have to pay for It—Yonkers
Suppose thai tho energy of a ton
of radium could he utilized in thirty
| years, Instead of being evolved at its
! Invariable slow  rale of l.7t!0 years
for half-disintegration, it would   suffice tn propel u ship or 15,000 tons.
j with  engines of   16,000  horse-power
! in  the riite of 1G litiotH un hour for
thirty ytfars—>praotloally lho lifetime
of tint ship.   To do this actually re-
! quires 1,000.000 ions of coal-Kir William Itiiinsuy, in Loudon address,
Mrs. Knngg—You were a different
mnu whon 1 married you.
Mr. Knugg I sincerely hope so, for
then I was a fool.
Ceylon exported more
000 pounds or tea lust j
than IT
Tins Pittsburg view
l don'l hntw what those sufTr
Will Not Offset the lll-Effecta of Coffee nnd Tea When One Cannot
Digest Them
A fanner nays:
'i-'or ten yours or more I Buffered
from dyspepsia and stomach trouble,
canned by the use Of coffee, (Ten eoii-
taiuH caffeine, tho anino drug round
" Life to Me Has Taken On
New Brightness "
Happy Tribute of Appreciation
From One Who Took Treatment at the Neal
"You certainty hnve made a new
man or him. I never saw a more
wonderful change lu an adult. l-fe
is no more like tlio man we brought
to you tban n pumpkin iu like a
watermelon. I shall always tnko the
greateBt pleasure in sending to your
lust It nto every drlllktllg llllll) I inn
It Is IcltevH like Ihln which are (he
sunbeams or appreciation that brighten ulnumt  --very mull received al the
X-:h1 Institute.
The Neal Three-Day Treatment for
the drink habit is u perfectly harmless
vegetable remedy taken Internally
With positively no hypodermic Inject'
lonB or bad nfter*effeots. Those who
have investigated Ihe results ot the
treatment are most enthusiastic In endorsing the work which haa restored
happiness to so many homos, Baved
business men trom ruin, and enabled
excessive drinkers to st**j> drinking
for keeps. The Neal Treatment requires but three day's stay at the
Institute and at the end or this brief
period one can return to homo ami
family fully restored, wltll all the ohl
appetl'.o for drink gone, nerves steady
and   In  good  trim, eyes   bright  mul
brain active,
I-'or further Information   and   freo
booklet,  cull,   write  Or   pbohe.
Neal Institute Co. Ltd.
Vouched For
During fi clly oleotlop In New York
;i I;iiii.'!i (.( irniiif.l r.'iif'iilt'i'n miirfli.'.!
ii.:<> mi l'.ii.i sill,, polling place,
wimi name? en-iulrpil lho oleotlon
d.rii nl tho leader, who wus red.halr.
m1 uuil rrooklod mul luul » hlfleh oye-
The vfitfi- ulnnced duwti at u b)ip ur
paper In hi.: hand,
i adoro Mondelhelm, In- wild.
That's noi your real nome, mul you
know hi unld a Bnsplcloua ohallonuer
for ii   florin llckot,
it Ih me nnmo, hhIiI tho ropentet-,
und I'm koIiik lo voto under It—boo?
from down (in. lino came a voice:
Don'l i-i Hint nny bluff you, Casey,
Boltlnly you; name Ih Mendelholml
- riiiiiiiii'ii.iiii. Bvonlnn Pout
Thoy wsii.l Uu ballot.
I nny woman ha- no bualneifl moui,
|oylng with politics,    Woman's placeIin'oofteo) uiiiil l Bfit bo bad fluid io
Ib Iho brldgo club.—)*ltlsburg I'obI.     | k|Vu up coltee entirely mul nhiioM
A woman novo- puts off nil lo-met- g|vo up eating,    Thero wen. times
ro*-what alio cainay today.—JilJo,      w|ien i could eal only boiled milk
— nnd bread! and when l went to the
Boys to Help Cultivate Land Held to work I hud lo lake some broad
Tho agricultural department of ihe Innd butter along to give   mo   nome
United tiiiiies line succeeded in In-Utrenglh.
tereitlng the hoy-H of many of the I "I dootorod stonily nnd took almost
stntes lu ill,, cultivation of lb,e Innd. : everything 1 could Ret on my stomach
This hus been done by forming the ] In lho way of medicine but If I got
In Is Inlo clubs und offering prizes for  nny belter lt only lusted a little whllo.
2244   Smith   Street,
Reglna, Sssk.
.405 Broadway,
Winnipeg, Man.
820  13th Ave. West.
Calgary, Alta.
No surgical operation Is ni • >n
l» remoMnit corns l' lioil iviy.; f'orn
Cere Cf   ll Cd,
The Doeior-'lli'iH Whcnco tl,<»H<
•-I,.- .if ni-f».v?
Tho Lawyer Thi y comi from the
ofllce of Uu dentist I.MI wook thc
ohlropodtBt Dporatod on lho denllil,
ngrei Ing to inh Itlfl bill oul lu Irada;
und now ilu- dcntlsl I., taking li mil.
■ Hatlre,
Aug u lus I'm not l.uul of Un.
itjge, Vlolcl bu- I lenr your f.'Uh.'r
on iho stairs, and I think 1 hml belter
go I,i,loii, ii.u (out mills— London
Modern Childhood
wuh trying   lo tell   a   fairy
slory nml was   being   corrected   ul
overy point.
Whal makes you say Blnbad the
Sailor wan u girl? Il0 llnutly flftnaiifl
Mil,, wol.' ii hoy'fl Bull, Iml alio wnn
a e,irl. all right, declarod Hu phew,
I've Boon itor in musical comotly.
:i euiid doal
yos, It's
Is   It'
Ollu        of
leu llf,ah
He Had Another uuesa
ui «iib Miss Whllflelree
)ui' a llttlo Itormloaa lllr-
She has nslinl  mo to lie
the      bridesmaids.—Hos
tile best specimens ot corn or other
produce grown by them. Tho enthusiasm shown by the boys, and the
splendid I'osulls they have uttalnod
have made iho movement very popular. /As It begun In tho south the
BOOlotloB wero luiuwn ns "Corn Clubs"
mul ilie niiiiie bus imon retained even
ivhoro corn is uol the staple product
of Uio farm. Tho plan Is ono worthy
of liiillullon by CiinadluuB. Already
Ilia tendency of younger people It) do
anything mul everything but cultivate tin bind Is apparent In mnny
purls of our euunllry. If Ibe passion
for nuiliiii", tiling!] grow were aroused
among iim oh Huron, more of thom
would remain on farms.    The growth
or  (lie  eil len 111.  lho  expense  of  I iio
. rural populallo-i is not a healthy sign.
I Agriculture Is no longer work for
more slrengili mul inttaclo,   The furpi-
lor of to-iluy niinit be tho equal In in-
V lllr,. noo iitul business ublllly ol bis
(jrolliirs In the cities. In no way
can n b..j. learn this so well as by
Cultivating lor himself a lot ol land
iiiid tiling I'lieoiirnged io compete
wllli liuls of Ills own ago mul to enjoy Ibu p suits of nis own ludiibtiy.
I was almost a walking skeleton.      I
"Ono dny 1 rend nn ail for Postum {
ami told my wife I would iry II, nnd j
as to tbo following fuels I will mnko
nlll.Invlt before nny judge:
"I quit eoffeo entirely uu,] mud
ronlum In lis place, 1 have regained my health entirely uud eau cat
anything thnl. Is cooked !o eal. I
hnve Increased In weight until now
1 weigh moro thnn 1 over did I hav.-
not taken any i.vdlrlno for my stone
nch Blnco I begun using Postum,
"My family would stick lo coffco nt
Ilrst, but tbey suw Ihn effects II bail
ou mo and when lliey wero fooling
bud thoy begun to use I'oiiluiu ono
ut a time, until now we all uso I'usl-
um." Nome given by Cmiadlan Postum Co, Windsor, Out,
Ten days' ll'lul ot I'OBtum In place
of ton dl' oollVo proves Iiiii truth, nn
M-i'- (Iml |ih omul way.
Head Uio lillle book, "Tho lloail to
Wol vllle," in pligs. "Tbore'B a reft
Ever read lhe above letter? A
new one appear, from time to time,
They are genuine,, true, and full of
human Inttrait,
Of One Cent Will Bring You
I hnve up my sleeve a bit of mighty useful Information that I
want to send lo every live mun nnd woman render of thll paper
who nro not joshing whon they any thoy nre looking (or happiness.
Yonr simple request on a poslnl card Is all tbe Investment, you
need muke at this lime. It ls true we have something to sell, but
you know yourself you really don't have lo buy unless you want
to, '     . «s«>
If yoti are tnlorested In mukin g more money,
If you want tba Itidependenc e you see other* enjoying.
If you— '   .   , .-
Hut why niiiiie us mention a' few ot tho things we ean supply ynu
wllh when your request will bring the whole proposition right to
your home? It doesn't mnko any difference whether *dd M a Mil*
ness mini, toucher, clork, book lover, editor,. WotnaO/ •faff or girl,
my proposition ls one that Is  Worth  'ho  uttchllofc '6t l>>0  Whole
family, /_.«.. ..i'4)&"'\'. '''".,''       "'' ' A
-—ml—,      mm...-       mm——.**.*     ** ri *.        .    , Tl
You have arouaed my curiosity by that ad   in
Now get busy and tend me your
proposition.   I   want  to  know.
Professional   (£arbs
- aiti> -
Cobge   Hotices
. --«■■■ H ■-«■■■■■■ ■ .T.,f..tnf ..f .iT.iTnf,,*..T.i -li.t. T„ti l„t .Ini, \—t-%—\
, ■ ti*-i*-i*ttttt'r*i**r*f"j*i**i**i**i-,*i**i-,fc*i*h*«j.»i«*j-*|--ti***"*-j*-j-«-{
P.L.8.   &   C.B.
W.   V.   OUIlll
Barrister, Solicitor, ete.
CRANHROOK,     ...     B.O.
HARVKY,    McCARTKR,    uud
Barristers und Solicitors,
CRANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
J.   T.   LAI
Mining Engineer and
Land Survoyor,
P.O. Boi nt,
Phone 222
Dm.    KINO   _   GREEN
Physicians und Surgeons
Office at  Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - St.on to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to 3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook, B.C.
Ur.    V.    B.    MILES
Office in Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
F. M. MacPlierson
Norbury Aveaus Next to City Hull
Open Day and Night Phone *Jl
1-'tubal mer,
funeral Director,
phone :uu
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's  Hull, on    2nd and
4th Thursday uf each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec., P.O. Box '18.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Crnnhrook  Brunch)
Meets   in   the   Cannon's   Hull 2nd
und 4th Tuesdays in every month, ut
8  p.m.   Membership opeu to British
N.  A.   Wullinger,   Pres
W. 0. Crebbin, Sec'y.
P.O. llox 425.
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. _ A.  M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   of   every
VisitinK brethren welcome. I
. J.  McSweyn, Worshipful Muster
J.   S.  Peck,   Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regulnr meetings:—2nd TueBday in
ench month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning    Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, 0. C.
F. A. Stride, K. R. & S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at  Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. Rendnll W. M. Harris
N. G. Sec'y
Corporation   of   the   City
of Cranbrook
By-Law No. 109
A by-Illw to raise the sum of
Twenty Thousand Dollars (120,000)
hy Debentures to complete the sewer
age system ot the City of Crnnbrook,
WHEREAS by by-law No. 96 of tbe
City of Cranhrook certain monies
were authorized to be raised by the
sale of debentures for the purpose of
Installing nnd constructing u sewage
system in and in the vicinity of the
City of Cranbrook, and
WHKREAH it bus been ascertained
that the sum of monies no raised is
not siiilli'ifiit to complete tiie said
work, nnd
WHEKEAH It Is deemed expedient
on behalf of the saitl Munlclpnl
Council to complete the snid sewage
ayatem, and
WHEREAH for the purpose iiti.ru
suld, It will be necessary to borrow
the sum ol Twenty Thousand Dollars
AND WHEREAS the amount ol thc
whole rateable land or Improvements
or renl property ol the said City, according to the last Revised Assessment Roll, Is One Million Seven Hundred and Eleven Thousand, Nino Hun
dred und Ninety Dollars ($1,711
AND WHEREAS It Will lie requisite to raise annually hy rate the
sum ol One Thouannd Two Hundred
and Bixty.Five Dollar* and Twenty-
mi Cents ($1,2811. 26). lor paying thc
said debt and Interest.
AND WHEREAS the present Debenture Indebtedness of the City of
Crnnbrook Is Two Hundred and Forty Thousand Seven Hundred und
Seventy-Seven Dollars und Thirty
Six Cents, ($240,777.30).
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council hns power to puss hy-luws
for contracting debts, by borrowing
money or otherwise nntl for levying
rates for payment ol such debts on
the rateable lands nnd Improvements,
either or both, or rateable real property of tbe Municipality for nny
purpose within the jurisdiction til tlu.
Council; but the nggregnte of such
dehfa, except for works ol local Improvements and for school purposes,
•hall    not exceed  twenty   per cent
for the payment of interest, and the
signatures to the said coupons may
be either written, stamped, printed
or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of Five Per Cent
(5 p. c.) per annum from the date
thereof, which interest shall be payable semi annually at the said office
of the City Clerk of the City of
Cranbrook in Cranbrook aforesaid,
in lawful money of Canada, on the
21st day of August, and the 21st day
of February in each year during the
currency thereof, and it shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to he so payable.
li. It shall he lawful lor the Mayor
oi the said Corporation to negotiate
und sell the said debentures or any
of them at not less than Ninety Per
Cent (90 p.c.) of their face value alter
deducting ull brokerage and commission charges incurred in the sale
li. There shall be raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said debentures, tbe sum of oue
Thousand UollarB (1,000.00) lor payment of inteccst. and the sum of Two
Hundred und Sixty-Five Dollars and
Twenty-Six cents ($2C.ri.26) for payment of the debt, due upon said debentures hy u rate sufficient therefor
on all the rateable lands or Improvements or real property in the said
7. It shall be lawful tor the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the snid debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof,
or any part thereof either at the
time of sale or any subsequent time
or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed and no reissue of
debentures, so re-purchased shall be
made in consequence of such re-pui*-
8. This bv-law shall take effect on
and after thc 21st dny ot August,
9. This By-law may be cited for
o-ll purposes as the Cranbrook Sewage System Completion By-law.
Read the First, Second and Third
Time, on the 19th day of July 1912.
TAKE NOTICE thot the above Is
a true copy of the proposed by-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be tnken at the Municipal
Offices, on Norbury Avenue, In the
City of Cranbrook on the 7th day of
AugttBt 1912, between the hour of 9
o'clock (10 o'clock, locul time) in the
morning, und 7 o'clock (8 o'clock local timet in the evening.
C. M. C.
(20 p.c.) of the assessed value of the
hinds and Improvements or the real
property of the Municipality according to thc Inst Revised Assessment
AND WHEH10AS the present delicti
Hue Indebtedness of the City of Crnn
brook, other titan the indebtedness
for wtirks of local improvement und
for school purposes, is Two Hundred
uuil Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred
and Forty-Seven Dollurs and Twenty-
nine cents ($2117,947.29).
NOW, THEREFORE, the Munlclpnl
Council ot the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook, in Council assembled outlet us follows:—
1. It shall uud may he lawful for
the Mayor of tlu. Corporation of the
City of Crnnbrook to borrow money
upon the credit ol the salfl Corporation by way ol debentures hnrelnaf-
ler mentioned from uny purson or
persons, body or bodies corpornte.
who tuny be willing to advance the
same as a loan, a sum of money not
exceeding ill the whole the sum of
Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000)
nnd to Cauda nil such sums so raised
or receive.! to be paid into the hands
ol the Treasurer of the said Corporation lor the purpose and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be mnde,
executed und Issued for such sum or
sums ns muy be required lor the purpose und objects aforesaid, not ex
ceedlng, however, the aunt'of Twenty
Thousand Dollars, ($20,000), .etich of
the debentures being of tbe denomln-
ntioti ttf Five Hundred Dollurs (Mint,
und till such debentures sliull be seal
ed wltb tbe seal ol the Corporation
and rilencfl by the Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall boar
dntn the 'list dny of August, 1912.
und shall he mnde payable within
40 years trom tile snld date, ln law
fui money of Canada, at the olllce ol
the City clerk fit lhe City of Crnn
brook, in Cranbrook aforesaid, which
saifl place of paymont sliull he designated hy the said debentures, nnd
shall have attached to them, coupons
Notice is hereby given that on the
23rd day of July, 1912, it was ordered by His Honor, James A. Forln,
Esquire, Judge of the County Court
ot West Kootenny, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator tor
thut portion of .the County of Koo
tenuy Included in the Electoral District of Cranbrook, be Administrator
of ull and singular the cstnte of
Ollie Holm deceased intestate.
Every person intlebted to the snid
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is re
quireil forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or Interest In the
distribution of the estate ot the said
deceased is required to send before
tbe 3rd duy of September next, by
registered- mail addressed to the undersigned, his name nnd address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, und u statement of his account und the nature of the security
(if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regnrd to those claims only of which
he sliull have had notice.
Dnted at Crnnbrook, this 23rd dny
of July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
304t. Official Administrator
f>s*-H-i-4H-i-i 111 ■ l^l■^^-l"^^l"^-^^l*■t•^^^-^-|^l^■l^^
For Sale By
ii Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd i:
M-M-H- *** *********.*******4-*<*
.    _______________    ■   .*..*.-*--*..*-.*-.*--*..*..*..»..»-.*. !___, i.i,,|,,t,,tlllnli.liiinl.iliilnl.ilirllltnti.il.I..t..I.J
In Prizes ]
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
Special  Attractions, Horse Racing,
Athletic Sports
livery City, Town and Hamlet in Kast  Kootenay
will place on exhibition  the  rusourses  ut   their respective districts.
Don't Forget the Date—September 19-20th., 1912
Nutice is heroDy xtven thut the re-
nerve existing over Lot HS74, ({roup 1
Kootenay LiHtrict, hy reason uf th*-
notice published in the British Columbia Gazette of the '.."tb of llfit-em-
ber, 1907, is cancelled.
Deputy  Minister of  Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria,   H.C,  ISth May.11(12.   Sl-13t
District  Division  of  South East
Take notice that I, Robert Campbell of Moyie, B. C. occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands
Commencing at a pout planted near
the South West corner post of Lot
'-&yi, thence North 40 chains; thence
West 20- chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point of Lot
2801, thence East 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
3U acres more or leBS exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Rock  Hill  .Mineral  Claim.
Robert Campbell,
200 Cartoons Toil More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Idla published
Cartoons it,
Ihls cnunli
Munich, V|,
LutM, Amite
lurlch, I*o!
.v.uth Aiii.-i
world, tin!
, uii month
I .on,
n., Budapest
H, il,.
- . St. I1 ...
Rome, Lisbon.
SIi.-.iikIi:.'. Sy.li.L-y. Ci.n.'iil.i. anil
i. anil nil tli.' ureal Cities of lho
lm :!ou best oui ut y,u.itt cartoons
re selected.
'. Picture History ol World's Ev.nts Each Month
t'liiiiit.urn ill    I.AKTOUN8    ami v...!. 1.1:.,-1.[,|,..-,-
inn pailies caricature each nilicr.
Cranbrook, B.C
:: p.
Alt Conimuu.uutloi.t
De Vere Hunt
to lie Addressed tu
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Oranbrook Division ut Kootenay Land Recording District is subdivided into tbe Oranbrook Lund He
cording Division ot the Kootenay Land District and the Kcniic Lund Re
cording Division of the Kootenny Lund District In accordance with the
following descriptions:—
Commencing at a point on the International Boundury line being tin.
S.E. corner of Lot 4691; thence west along the International Boundary to
a point where the aald boundary intersects the height ol Innd separating
the.drainage areas of the Moyie and Goat Rivers; tbence northerly along
the height ot land separating the drainage area ot Moyie and Upper Kootenay RlverB on the east from the drainage area ot the Gout River und
Kootenay Lake on the weat to a point where such divide joins the height
of Und separating the drainage area of St. Mary's and Skookumchuck
Rivera on the aouth from the drainage area of findlay Greek on the north;
thence easterly along such height of land to a crossing of tbe Kootenny
River juat below the mouth of Findlay Greek; theme easterly and northerly along the height of land forming the 'divide between the waters flowing into the Kootenay River ubove the mouth of Findlay Greek und those
flowing into tbe Kootenay River below the mouth ot Findlay Greek to the
point where auch height of lund intersects the east boundury of Lot 4696;
thence aouth along the eaat boundury of Lot 45(10, the west boundury ot
Lot 4590 and the eaat boundary ol Lot 45-11 to the point ot commencement.
Commencing at a point on the International Boundury where the bbiiiu
interiectB the eaBtern boundary of the Province; thence west along the
International Boundary to the S.E. corner of Lot 4591; thence north along
the eaat boundary of Lot 4591, the Wcat boundary of Lot 'r.Hil und the
eaat boundary of Lot-4596 to the height of land forming the divide between the waters flowing into the Kootenny River above the mouth ot
Findlay Creek and those flowing into Kootenay Kiver below the mouth ot
Findlay Creek; thence' easterly and northerly along snid height ot lnud to
the eaatern boundary ot the Province; thence south-easterly along Bald
eastern boundary to the point of commencement.
ROUT.   A.   HKNWll'K,
Deputy Minister of Lunds.
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C., lath June, 1912. M-St
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering 6? McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Dune at Reason
•il)Ie Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Steam   Builur,   B'unmce,
and Septic Tank work
u specialty
CoSt uud stock estimates
furnished ou application.
Addr... : P. O. Bos 244, Cranbiui,.
We Deal in Everything From
d Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All Itimls of Second Hitnil floods
b'uruilure a SI'lilMALTY
Sage's Old   Stand.  Hanson Ave
Phone 161.
Notice is hereby given that on the
23rd day ol duly, 1912, it was ordered hy His Honor, .lumen A. Forln,
Estiulrc, Judge ot the County Court
nt West Kootenay, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator tor
thut portion ol the County ol Kootenay included In the Electoral Dla-
trlct of Cranhrook, be Administrator
ol nil and singular the estate ol
William Wellington Culhnm deceased
Every person Indebted to the snid
deceased Ih required to muke puyment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In possession
cttectB belonging to the deceased Is required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having nny claim upon or Interest In the
distribution ot the estate of the said
deceased Is required to send before
lhe 3rd duy ol September next, by
registered mail uddressed to the undersigned, hlB name nnd address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, and n statement of his account nnd the nature of the Becurlty
III any) held by bim.
Alter the suld last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only ol which
he sbnll bave had notice.
Dated at Oriuibrook, tbls 23rd duy
ol July, 1912.
J.   A.   ARNOLD
HMt, Official Administrator
Notice la hereby given thnt on tha
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ol tbe above
And further tuke notice thut action
under section 37, must he commenced
before the Issuance of such certillcnte
of improvements.
Thos. T.  McVittie,  Agent.
Dated this 22n.l dny ol July, A.DI191"
23rd day of July, 1912, it was order-1 from date hereof, to upply to tilted by His Honor, James A. Forin,
Esquire, Judge ot the County Court
of West Kootenay, that James A.
Arnold, Official Administrator lor
that portion of the County of Koo
tenny Included in the Electoral District of Cranhrook. be Administrator
of all and Blngular the estate ol
William Doull deceased Intestate.
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In possession
effects belonging to the deceased Is required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claim upon or Interest In tbo
distribution of the estate ol tbe said
deceased is required to send belore
the 3rd day of September next, by
registered mull addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
Interest, and a statement of his account and the nature of the security
(II any) held by him.
Alter the said last mentioned dute
the Administrator will proceed wltb
the distribution of the estate having
regnrd to those claims only ol which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranhrook, this 23rd day
of July, 1912.
,1.   A.   ARNOLD
30-4t. Official .Administrator
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
in Munitobn, Suskuti hewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leuse.1 lor u term of twenty-
one years nt un unnuul rental of tl
an acre. Not more than 2.50U acrea
will he ieiiBe.1  t„ one applicant.
Application lor u lease must be
made hy the applicant iu person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the lund muat
he described hy sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, und in unsur-
veyed territory the truct applied tor
Bhall be staked out hy the upplicunt
Each application must he accompanied by a tee ot *r> which will be
refunded it tbe rights applied lor are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty shall be pnld on tbe merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine Bhall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coul mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights nre not being operated, such
returns should he furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights muy be considered necessary for the working of
tbe mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should he made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to uny Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    GORY,
Deputy  Minister ot the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
tor. Mutch 25-6m.
City of Cranbrook
(Noxious Weeds,   Art  I'll 11
For Certillcnte of Improvement
Dardanelles and Mother-lode Miner
al Claims' Situate In the Fort Steele
Mining DIvlBlon 0« Bust Kootenny
District, on the south sldo of Wild
Horse Creek, about three miles above
old camp.
Take notice that I Thos. T McVittie F. M. C.No. 37270B, agent tor
Albert Banks, Free Miner's Certificate No. 37270B, intend,    sixty days
that, the Corporation ot the Olty    ol
Cranbrook,  has heen   served  with   a
notice by an officer   ol the     Depart
ment of  Agriculture,   In   respect     to
the  ubove  Act.      Section   (8)   of  tho
snld  Art rends nn follows:—
"3.   Every owner,  lessee or occupier
of lund glial, oul or oanso to Incut down, or otherwise destroyed,
ull  noxious weeds growing  there
on,  so  otten   In  eucli   yenr  uk   is
necessary   to   prevent   them   going
to seed; nnd It uuy owner or or
Cliplor  ol     land   nogloct  to    i-urrf
out llie provisions ol this BQCtlon
he shall  he liub1.' lo not     more
thnn   twenty live dollurs   ($25,00)
nor   less   Until   live  dollars   (5.00)
for onoh su.'li oflonco."
Tiie Art further provides that   tlio
Owner, lessee or occupier mi the land
Is held responsible noi only for   tl,,.
Innd he occupies but upon hull ..I lho
road adjacent thereto.
Tlu- lime  given  by  the  Dopnrtinont
ol Agriculture, the said w Is to bo
destroyed, is fourteen (14) days (rom
the dntn hereof.
T, M    nolll-'ltTH.
Oranbrook, II, 0,        City Clerk.
July  Uth, 1912. 28-21
SEALED 'renders addressed ti
undorstgned and endorsed on the envelope "Tender for the construction
of a residence (or the Superlntendant
ot the Experimental Station at Inver
neai- Athalmer, B.O.," will be received
up to 4 p.ni., on the First day of August, 1912, for the several works und
materials required in the erection of
u.residence for the Superlntondant ot
the Experimental Stutlon at Inver-
more, neur Athalmer, B.C.
Specifications and plans ran be seen
on application to Mr. Duncan Anderson, Athalmer, H.C.
Each tender must he accompanied
ny un accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to the Honorable the
Minister ot Agriculture, equal to ten!
per cent ol the whole amount ot the[ 27-4t.
tender, which cheque will be forfeited j
il the individual or nimpany sending
,1   declines   to  enter   into  u  contract
witli tbe Department or fails to complete the hllil.ling.
The Department does not bind It
soil t... accept the lowest or uny tender.
Newspapers publishing this advertisement without authority will not
he paid.
Assistant Deputy Minister, und
Secretary of Agriculture
Dopnrtinont ol Agriculture
Ottawa, :'■<> Juno, 1912, 28;li
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the 4th dny of .Inly, LSI*, it was ordered h.v G. II. Thompson, Esquire,
Locul Judge ot thc Supreme Court
of British Columbia, tbnt Jumes A.
Arnold, Official Admlnlntrator for
thut portion of the Oounty of Kootenay, Including the Electoral District of Oraabrook be Administrator
of all and singular tbe estate of
Thomas Uerrymnn deceased Intestate
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to muke payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every creditor huvlnli in possession
effects qelonging to the deceased ls
required  to notify tbe undersigned.
Every creditor having in posseBHloo
effects qelonging to tbe deceased' le
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Kvery creditor or other person having any claim upon or interest tn
tbe distribution of the estate of.the
suld deceased is required to send before the 30th ot September next hy
registered mail addressed to the undersigned, hiB name and address and
the full particulors ot his claim or
interest, and a statement ot Mb account and tbe nature ot the security
(if any) held by blm.
Alter tbe said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the eBtate having
regnrd to those claims only of which
he shall have hnd notice.
Dnted at Oranbrook this 5th day of
July, 1912.
('(tidal Administrator
Cranhrook, B.O.
il ll<   1
It  ol
Cornelia r,
twin I
1 ('rnlihr.
ok.   II.  0,
Married  m
upply loi
to   pill
doBCrlhod Imuls Commencing nt. n
post nlnntod al the south west corner of Lot 1,117, thence north forty
(UU chnins; thence wost forty (40)
chnins; thence south forty (4ti| chnins
thonco onsl forty (4ui chains to the
point of commencement, containing
Hit. ncres moro ol- less.
(Sgd.)  Muhelle Gorneliu Corwin
Dated June Id, 1912. 28-9t
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone M» ■*• <-  Bo* ***
Makes Short Work of
I I'
ll ami >.|>i,-'-i>'iitly (wiim-I.**.! i-in----. i
LllinMfO, limit, Nmiralirin Hiitl all ottii-r
fi, i m« »r iih. i.iii.nHiii > iiiii at one* i» awh-i i Bros,
llliimi'iitii-  It.-iiii-dy.    j,ik-< an aiiRfl uf nwriy It
Iim liven Itiitanl rulltf tail§*p*fottHikiniu(wtrti
nft.-il ihi-iii fruiti ti.il- ot fiKutiy nml fnr 2H y<-i.n
lii- Ihm>ii ,'uiIn*.   N-dn, vnmn'ii  hiiiI  ilillilii-n   fur
wnoin ih.iri.Mw I no halp,   Ju«t a f«*w U-ttir-i
llAVfl i-iiN-il hi •>". <>f fhnri 80 to m ynirn' iluratloii
timl louay It NlntnU mn hhIIc I an a <iulrk, Rata umi
nl..<i|[it-i|v rrliftlilt- iii'Hl'n.'iii fni nil uric, mul ilia*
eaitt, wiii iiiiiiu-,'... «*te   Ut i dollar bottiaof
Abbott Brot, Rhjumitlc Rtmtdy
nnl yrnir -inI'im at OflCt—lUft vmir euro today.
Si-h. |.t.-i,-inl dv Alil-oli Broi., 711 S, DrariNithHt..
cint-Hi.il,  III,, If yuur (IruKNlot rioai nut liava lt>
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug li Book Co. m THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBKOOK, B.C.
TURN      IN      BED — LEGS
All  Doctor's    Medicine    Failed—Cure
Effected    by Uso of
Again thin great medicine has triumphed over kidney disease of a severe type. From a bed of suffering
and helplessness Mrs. Walsh was ye*
etored to health and strength by using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Kidney pains ln the back tortured
her. Dropsical swellings had set In
aud she had no reason to hope for
cuit*. since the doctor's medicine failed to even relieve her. Head wbat
the husband says about this remark-
thi** cure.
Mr. Thos. D. Walsh. Pictou, N.S.,
writes:—"Two years ago my wife
took to her bed arter Buffering for a
long lime from kidney pains in the
hack. She was not abb- to stand on
lier feet, or even turu herself in bed.
Tu*- dootor's medicine was no benefit
whatever, that we could see. Sometimes her legs would swell considerably. Heading about a woman in
similar condition being cured by Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, we purchased two boxes and when these
were used Rhe was able to sit up.
With three more boxes she was re-
stored to health and doing her ownj ap.)lp3 bcfore goUlg t0 lH.a,
housework. The apple, proceeds this authority.
"As for myself I also found these  ^  0xceUeJ5  bruin  £oodt  because  it
pills al   that Is claimed  for   hem. IL      ^     phosphoric acid lu easily «.
give tbis statement   in   order   that! __,  .-.__. »..__    „.*i ».....«...
others may obtain   the   same   ease
from suffering as that experienced by
my wire ami my-Blt." i tnoro,lg!Uv disi„,,,ct!, ,„„ moutu. T._
I is not all;   the apple  prevents  indi
Changing the Clocks
According Lo Mr, VV. Kills, V R.3.,
probably the most serious object ion
to the various daylight saving proposals is the International dlsi urbaucos
of ttiuu standards that would result.
The zone system established by the
conferences in Home and Wanhliu-loi.
many years ago, made tbe Qreeuwlch
meridian tbe timo regulator ot tbo
world-or al least the clock regulator-
lf now the daylight lovers of Great
Britain vary their clocks without any
reference to the meal time, to suit
tbeir business habits, and make the
change not once for good and alt, but
see-saw ihe hands bock ami forth
twice a year utter contusion will he
introduced into u scientific system, In
total cMsregard of existing well-considered and well-established international relations. A change of real
value, for which the daylight savers might work to the general advantage, is that to a full 24-hour day. with
elimination of the a.m. nnd p.m. distinctions. This change lias just been
made it seems, on the Xord aud Est
Hailways in Prance* Tholr clocks
and timetables are now based on tho
new system. Tbe clocks were Ingeniously changed by simply juldlup a
circle of figures from 18 to 24 inside
the 1 to IS,
Apples for Insomnia
People ought to know that the
very best thing tbey can do i* io eat|
apples Just before retltlng for the!
night. Persons uninitiated tn the
mysteries of the fruit aro liable toj
throw up their hands tu horror at the
vislOUB of dyspepsia which such aj
suggestion may summon up. but do
barm can come even to a delicate sys- j
tem by the eating of ripe and juloy i
*| gested shape tban any other fruits
i It excites the action ot tbe liver pv
I mites  sound and healthy  sleep and
&.   Co..
One pill a dose, 25a,
dealers  or  Ed.mam.on,  Bates
Limited, Toronto.
Better  Meat   Nowadays
" J.  Ogden  Armour defending   packing house methods at    luncheon    in
Chicago, Bald:—
We eat, thanks to the packers, more
wholesome meat than we formerly
did. My father used to tell about a
farm boy who once called at a house
and took an order for a leg of mutton Then, a day or two later, the
boy called again*
You'll  have to'   countermand
muifon order  ma'am, be said.
Ves.     Why so?
The sheep's Improvln', said the boy
gestion and throat dlseas
'*..-- Kami'.y
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria.
Cadiz, the "white city" of Spain, has
a centenary celebration this year,
commemorating the adoption of a liberal constitution by the Cortes andj
the raising of tho French siege In 1812
by the Duke of Wellington. Once
one of the greatest ports of the world,
Cadi/'. Is still a mosl picturesque city,
aud Is said to extend a warm welcome
to American tourists.
Quick Measurements
A traveler was detained ai a
country railroad  station  iu   Bu
for bait an hour and  wai ehar/u;'
with the station-master when ue bell
rang sharply half a dozen times.     Instantly   the  three  employe-—station-
master,   ticket   agent   and    porter
I ranged up In a line on th-> platform
j and stood at attention,
that!    A moment laLer a locomotive wltb j
a single saloon car slowed  up.  The
I solitary occupant of the car regarded
the  men  sharply  from   the
made hurried uotes and qui*
Who was that? the traveler asked
the st..tion master after the train had
gone. Some prominent official of the
Oh. no. was the reply. That was
the railroad company's tailor measuring us for new suits. -Boston Transcript
The Undervalued Banana
The diet inn tbat fruit should be eaten lu their season, finds Its limitations
as regards variety lu the temperate
xuues al certain periods of tbe year.
There is, however, one fruit which la
readily available fresh in American
markets at practically all seasons, although it grows best, from November
fo April iu its tropical or semi-tropical home. It is unfortunate that au
article of diet which meets certain nutritive requirements ao well and Is so
easily obtained at reasonable cost as
(he banana should be the subject, of
much misunderstand lug among both
physicians and laymen. For despite
the fact that over 40.000,000 bunches
are reported to have beeu brought to
Ihe United States last year, it is popularly stated in many quarters that
the banana is difficult of digestion and
may give rise to alimentary distress,
A closer consideration of tbe composition of the banana may serve to
elucidate the situation. The fruit Is
brought lo our Northern markets
green, .and is ripened by artificial heat.
This process can bo hastened or delayed within certain limits, according
to the momentary demands of the retail trade. The" color ut the peel
gives evidence of the degree of ripeness. The green banana contains in
tbe part exclusive ol the skin about
1*5 per cent, of protein and -0 to 85
per cent, of carbohydrate, almost, entirely --larch. In lhe ripe banana,
witli yellow-brown peel, the edible
part contains somewhat less lit) to
19 per cent i of carbohydrate; but
that which remains is now utmost entirely i.i the fnrm of soluble sugar;
the green, one-fifth starch. Moal of
the remainder o. ihe edible pulp is
water, intermediate degrees of ripeness present starch and sugar In reciprocal proportions, varying between
the limits sel above
inasmuch as bananas are commonly
eaten uncooked, it Is obvious that
more or less raw starch will bs Ingested if the trull is nm ripe. I.e., if
the skin has not begun to shrivel and
darken. Raw starch may he singularly irritating to the alimentary tract
Of man and is at best poorly utilized
whether It he ingested in the form of
uncooked potatoes, chest-nuts, bananas or otber native starchy foods. No
one would advise lhe use of uncooked
potatoes: yet many people eschew r
thoroughly ripe hauana In the belief
that tbe wholesome fruit is "rotten"'
when tbe skin become*, darkened,
whereas they eagerly eat the yellow-
green starch-bearing fruit at a stage
of incomplete ripeness.
Clear Stomach, Clear Mind.—The
Stomach Is lhe workshop of the vital
functions aud when it gets out of order the whole system clogs in sympathy. The spirit's Hag. the mind
droops and work becomes impossible,
The first care should be to restore
Iie-'iiiifiii action of the stomach and
the tietl preparation for that purpose
Is Parmelee'a Vegetable puis. General
u-.ii for years haa won tbem a leading place in medicine. A trial will
attest tbelr value,
Human Hair Lace
They are making lace from human
hair now. li Is not fnr trimming dresses wllli. bul Is luted for Iho parting
of wigs, ll bi made hy band aud the
knot-* are held hy a solution of wax,
otherwise ihey would unravel. When
this lace Is used ti lakes an almost
microscopic examination to detect the
wig is not natural,
Phonograph     Records
Tbe family in the next fiat lo ours
haa a phonograph.
Have Ihey any good records?
Yes; they have one record for six
hours continuous playing, and another
of alt hours and l'n minutes, almost
continuous.- -Washington Herald.
The Difference
tun any Hltle hoy. naked the new
teacher, tell me the difference be*
tween a lake and an ocean.
I cuu, replied Kdward, whose wis*
flom had been learned from exper-
i*»nc«. l«ak«« are muoh pleasanter
to swallow when you fall In.
Another New Cure
Apropos of the new cure for lockjaw, news of which was sent over
from London last week by special
cable, it may lie worth noting that
newness nowadays In newspaper medicine is a very clastic quality. Some
of the new things In this Hue of news
are so very much up to date that
they ;.ie more properly prophecies
than ntWS- and not Infrequently prophecies never realized 111 Ihe lower
walks of medicine, where the doctors
praotke and the hospitals are located.
Others, Use lhls new euro for lockjaw, ine only new when compared to
ancient discoveries like vaccination
tuberculin. Tbe uso of serum for
the treatment of lockjaw (the doctors
call It tetanus) has been practiced
for a lumber of years. Neither Is
tbe In.'ecllon directly Into tae spinal
canal (even Into the brain), a novelty.
Medical textbooks published as long
t\_,0 a... 1910 recommend that method.]
The difficulty of treating lockjaw
wltb serum lies in the rapidity with
which the disease progresses aud the]
need for a very early effect upon the
central nervous system, If lhe serum
Is to accomplish its purpose. When
Injected beneath ibe skin lis action u\
relatively slow. When the spinal!
canal is used. Instead. Immediate'
therapeutic results are secured. It
Is for this reason that the latter site
of puncture Is preferred. ;
Whooping Cough
Whooptng cough, which some
mothers think can be cured by taking children near gasworks or
through a tunnel, is the subject of
more quaint superstitious than almost any other disease. In Northamptonshire It is believed that if a
small quantity of hair is cut from the
nape ot the sick child, rolled In a
piece of meat, and given to a dog. the
whooping cough will be transferred io
the animal, in Cornwall the child is
fed with bread and butter which has
been passed three times under the
belly of a piebald horse- ln Lancashire they stil'. tell you that whooping cough will never attack a child
That has ridden on a bear!
According to a new Swedish system r,f making use of peat, the material Is powdered finely and blown
into the furnace by a fan blast, and
tbe dust, is consumed while lu suspension The advantages of this
method is that the degree of heat may
he easily and quickly adjusted by
regulating the amount of peat, powder
delivered Into the interior of Ihe furnace. This system Is said to represent r« greater efficiency than heretofore experienced ln the utilization
of peat for fuel, three parts of peat
representing Ihe same amount of energy as two of coal. In this shape ft
Is also economical, as there Is no
fuel burned except where the power
Is needed.
Professor Mshafty was once etamln-
f'ig a man who had put himself down
OS an agnostic Oil entering college He
Was having a bard Hum at MulialTys
hinds over some djiTicuit passages In
a Oreek book I believe, thlr, said
MalmlTy. thai you are—aw—are an
agnostic In reiig-.tutli mairerth. The
man feebly scqulesoed.     Well, then,
Ihfr    *.ai(l   the   professor,   f   can   quite
athnre you thai you are an agnostic
la Oreek ulli  well
Speaking Cinematograph
The high commercial value of a
practicable speaking cinematograph Is
so obvious that many efforts have
been made to devise one The result
of one of thesej M. Leon Gaumont's
"chronophone." was recently described and illustrated at the Royal Institution In London, Tho three problems to be solved are (li absolute
synchronism between the picture and
talking machines; (2) sufficient "taking field" for the recording phono-
graph, so that II can be kept out of
the cinematograph pictures, aud CU
magnification of the original sound so
that It Is audible to a Urge audience.
\l. Qsumonl appears to have solved
these problems, sufficiently, at lenst,
to render his apparatus worth exhibiting before a scientific hody llla
synchronising of ibe two reproducing
machine-; If obtained by Ihe us of
two Identical eleotrlo motors. One
runs the talking record at a constant
speed,   tho   speed   of   tb*1   other   being
automatically   controlled   so   an   to
make Uie plcturas correspond with the
spoken words      M  Gaumont's cylinders ami blurt gave realistic reproductions of a cock crowing  a lion train
his animals through  tbelr
! "act."   a   musician   playing   a   banjo,
you  ran rest , and a sailor reciting a piece,
As Old as the World
Cherries, which are beginning to
appear in the market, were first cultivated In Kngland about a century
before Christ, but the best modern
species of fruit, were Introduced Into
Kent from Flanders about the beginning of the 16th century. One of
the very firs' cherry orchards was
that at Teynhnm, near Faversham,
rrom which much or Kent was afterwards supplied, and the "Garden of
Kngland" still maintains its supremacy, the chief orchards being along
the Kentish borders of the Thames,
the Dareut and the Med Way, Ruslno,
Venetian Ambassador at the Court of
James I., relates that It was a favorite amusement In the Kentish garden to try who could eat tbe most
cherries, ard gives details of one
match wherein a young woman won
with liD pounds at, a sitting.
Christianity and Cricket
Cricket Is peculiarly a Christian
game. Ko pagan nation has played
tt. So a Melbourne paper Is rebuking a couplo of church clubs for coming to blows at the conclusion of a
match. The Bapllsta started the
trouble by offensive "barraklng,"
whlcb the Presbyterians Indignantly
resented. Words lod to blows, much
to the surprise of the spectators, who
came to see cricket, not fighting. This
Is very sad. We thought football
had a monopoly of lhat sort of thing.
Happily the Australian and the South
African teams ore not members of
the ecclesiastical clubs, so that Ibere
is no reason to fear thai the "triangular tournament" will be marred by
fhtlOUffs.  London Chronicle.
Just a Starter
lu order to Impress upon his congregation the length of elernllv, a
colored preacher used the following
If a sparrow, brethren, should take
a drop of water from the Atlantic
Ocean at Coney Island, and with tbls
drop of waler In bis beak should hop
a hop a day until it reached the Pa
clile Ocean at San Knim-lsi-u. and
when l! got this done should turnabout and hop a hop a day all the
way back to Coney Island, and
keep on doing this ver,*,
same thing until It had carried
ihe w' ole Atlantic Ocean over Into
the Pacific It wuuld then only he
early t .oruiug lu eteinii> Liver J
body's Magazine.
Not   a  Somnambulist
Wii.it do you mean by laying hands
on this young man.' asked the policeman
Why, replied Mr. Coru'essel. Ihem
That's all right He's a Marathon
i inner.
Excuse ine, 1 thoughi he was walk-
in' iu his s'eep    Washington Star.
It Bhortons your lite, spoils your tomper and ruins your looks,
Try llm now wny—the MOONEY wny.
No spoiled bilking.   No overheated kitchens. Lots of leisure in Ihe home.
MOONEY'S   BISCUITS nro so fresh, so crisp, so appetizing that
they are largely taking the place of homo baking with thousands of Western
people.   Ask for
ia uir tight,, dust proof and damp proof packages
—or in sealed tins if you prefer them.
Made in tho Big Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg,
Old Saw
Tramp -You know the sayla', nnnii:
ll,' thr-1 glveth to the poor lentleth lo
the l oid.
Mrs. Subbubs 'Very true. And
since you speak In proverbs, I'll refer
yon to another old saw.
Tramp- Which one Is dat. mum?
Mrs. S.—The one hack In the wootl-
a-i ed.
Are Usually the Victims of Pale,
Watery Blood
Anaemia Is the medical term (or
poor or watery blood, lt may arise
from a variety or causes, such as
lack of exercise, hard study, Improperly ventilated rooms or workshops,
imperfect assimilation ot food, etc.
The chief symptoms are extreme pallor or the fr.ee, lips and gums; rapid
breathing and palpitation of the heart
after Rllght exertion; headaches, dizziness, sometimes fainting spells and a
tendency to hysterics, swelling of the
feet and limbs, a feeling ot constant
tiredness and a distaste for food. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills are a certain
cure for anaemia, because they make
new, rich blood, which stimulates and
strengthens every organ and every
part of the body. The following ls
one among thousands of cases of this
serious trouble cured by the use of
Dr. Williams Pink Pills. Miss Georg-
ina Ray fond, St. .Jerome, Que., says:
"About a year ago my health began
to give out I suffered from headaches, heart, palpitation, dizziness and
appeared to be threatened with a
general breakdown, I was at this
time employed in the family of a doctor, who seeing my condition, gave me
medicine. I took this faithfully for
some time, but with no benefit, and I
grew much discouraged. Then a
friend advised mo to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, saying lhat she had found
a cure through them, in similar conditions. I took lier advice, got a supply of the pills and took them regularly for some time. Gradually I
became strong and In the course of
a niouih or so 1 was again enjoying
tbe best of health, and have not since
had the least return of the old symptoms. I can heart iir reeomme-i. !■•-.
Williams' Pink Pills to all weak gills.
Sold by all medicine dealers at 50
cents a box or six boxes Tor $_ r-t nr
sent by mail, posl paid, by Tho Dr.
Willian ■*' Medicine Co.
Royal lei ter writers may expect
that, In Hie vicissitudes of the een-
turles, their popularity will come to
the test of that democratic implement, the auctioneer's hammer, Judged by this standard, King Kdward
III and Queen Klizabelh have no reason to feel Blighted. In London the
otUer day one of lhe King's letters
sild for $1,450, and a letter from
Queen Elizabeth to Henry 111. of
France brought $1,226
From Bad to Worse
Blanc's wife, whenever u shutter
rattled or n board creaked, would
wake up her husband and nay:--
Oh. .tollit. there ar>* burglars down
siatrn! Don't you hear them? Oh,
whnt shall wc do?
But Ulnnc hit at last on an idea that
he thought would  compose his wife jar putttn
Look   h«>re.   he  said
assured  those noises aren't burglars
Burglars work In absolute silence Vou-     K(t6T fl lf)n(, i,lv-Pri,iRailon a French
never hear a Bound from them, Urjentist hus declared that luberoulo-
And now Mrs Blanc wakes her hus-  „,, ,.an ,„. transmitted by the persplr
!.....ii . >> i'i i  blue  panic   whenever at|0n nf n person afflicted with the
[ disease,  th-- germs passing  through
_ Hi" pores.
Family Spate
] might have married a millionaire,
declared Every woman. One of my
old schoolmates Is now one.
Aud several ot your schoolmates
are working right In Ihls town for $10
a week, refuted Kveryumn. while oue
of tbem is in Jail. I guess In marrying a chap getting $1,500 a year
youi  average Is fairly good,
And ihen Bverybody Bet up a howl
und they had to slop quarreling to
attend to him.- Pittsburgh Post,
.here's no noise.
DODD'S   ;
/.puis j$
Almoit  Time  lo  Quit
In r.uymon. okia there Is a preacher who Ih not onlj slow, bill long
winded, A stranger happened Into
ih" church about the middle or the
service He listened to ih** pastor's
discourse until be began to think
BomotMng waa wrong, hm there wm
no sign of a conclusion Pin ally ho
reached over iiiiil naked  tli- mail In
The value of canned pineapples
Shipped from Hawaii during the fiscal
year of lllll amounted to (wo million
I The  Finger!-"in Glove
How early did mankind think or Ihe
convenience of lhe flngnrleaa glove,
which modern babies, llsliunui'ii and
Alpine climbers appreciate ho greatly?
Wn hoar lilllo of gloves lu (indent
limes, and In mosl cases it Is obvloilfl
Dial th'-y had flhi*erH. Those worn
by the sem-tiiry of Lhe younger Pliny
•il when 1)0 Kjjl{£(i   YffBUylUBj
Mi   \Wov--
.'"•UM« '■( y
'"III   Tli   ' ^
Vlien   he   VK^m     j_y°JITU!01
front: I thai he tnlgtil Keep on Jolting down
How huit' hns lhal num been preach ] nolOB In BpllQ or the cold must have
Ing7 been lingered no less ihau those of
About ten vraiu win Ibe reply. j iho gliillon In AtllolMetlS, who woro
Oh. well, hi' said reslgtH-dlv. In lhal
W. N. O   00'
case I Bltppr-so 111 may Ho'l! surely
he through 'n a Ht'l" while Kansas
nty Sini
rtngdnd has opened blita for Install*
Ing un electric lighting plant, ami
lho army post is considering n telephone system for the whole city
Sloven nt table f.-) n-r[| j,,. mlghl
handle the meal whllo hoi and gel In
ndvati'*' of his bare handed fellow-
dlners, One of the earliest known
wearers or n glove with only a thumb
is nn Anglo-Bnxott lady shown In
l-lanch ■ HlBlory of llrltlsh Costume.
\irr glove exactly resoluble a modern
At the dose of every winter when
the Ice from Lake Ladoga Is floating
down the Neva, tbe wooden bridge
across the river which abuts on Ihe
Winter Palace. St. Petersomg. Is
swung round. In order to enable ,,ie
Ice to pass unimpeded. Tbe opera Hon
was partially accomplished at dawn,
not long since, when the cables connected with the bnnk suapned in s
gust of wind The bridge began to
drift bodily down the Neva, and four
tugs lu the Immediate vicinity were
unable lo real rain It. Alarm sirens
were sounded snd nearly s score more
tugs came lo the rescue. Tbey Just
succeeded In averting a catastrophe.
The Structure, with its living freight
of 150 workmen, was within AO yards
of the stone Nicholas bridge before It
wa.i got under control.
A Kindly Parent
Dad, said a Toronto hid to his father
the other night, 1 waul to go lo (be
show toulgbt.
A slow at night is no place for a
kid like you. You should he ai home
11 bed.
Itut 1 peddled bills and have (wo
tickets, said tbe kid, as he began to
All rlghl then, answered dad. I will
go with you io see that you don't gel
l:ilo trouble
Decision Suspended—Father, our
daughter Is being courted by a poot.
The grea- trouble with the men
who get to the front is that they feel
so big we can't see over their bends.
Scotland's Song*
The great man hud come at last,
aud all the youngsters were on the
alert, cudgelling tbeir Hltle brains to
reiueiu'er the answers to all tha
questions likely to be asked them by
his majesty's Inspector.
He had gone tbe round of almost
ihe entire school, and tbe stuff ot
overworked teachers felt, proud of tbe
smartness and intelligence displayed
by tbeir pupils, lt was now the turn
of the last and brightest class In the
school, who answered all questions
wllh uufaillng readiness. As a last
poser the great oue asked tbem to
name -some of Scotland's mosl famous
songs. Quick as lightning the head
buy answered with "Ye Banks and
Braes," then came a somewhat longthy
pause, while the stuff looked anxious.
Come, come! Surely you know another oue. What! Not know that
oue with a world-wide reputation? encouraged their questioner, thinking of
"Auld Lang Syne."
Straightway, to everyone's surprise
■ be dull one at the back of the class
shot up his hand. »
Well, what is It? queried the tormentor.
ln proudly important tones came
with a roar:
'Stop Your Tickling Jock."
Through Indiscretion In eating green
fruit lu summer many children become subject to cholera morbus caused by irritating acids tbat act
violently on the lining of the Intestines Pains and dangerous purging* ensue and tbe delicate system
of the child suffers under tbe drain,
ln such cases the safest and surest
medicine Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It will check the inflammation and save the child's lite.
A Waif
By golly. 1 call this rubbing it in.
How now?
I sent tbls magazine two poems and
they sent me back three.
Canada has more than one thou-
smd two hundred newspapers, of
whlcb one-tenth are dallies.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The search for a cotton substitute
has been going on in Kurope for a
long time, and many experiments
have been made with the common
nettle, which hns been a promising
plant on account of the strength of Its
11 her and Its ready growth wild under the most discouraging conditions,
with a laree yield an acre.
Like a Grip at the Throat. For a
disease that Is not classed as fatal
there Is probably none which causes
more terrible suffering than asthma.
Sleep Is impossible, the sufferer becomes exhausted and finally, though
the attack passes, is left In unceasing dread of its return. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Hemedy is a wonderful curative agent. It Immediately relieves the restricted air passages
as thousands can testify. It is sold
by dealers everywhere.
Strides  of  Science
There was a Ihln and nervous woman who could uot sleep. She vl<-
lied lier physltdau, and he snid; —
Hid you eat uiiylbiug Just befure
going i<> bed?      ■«,--^MSto^t• -
Ob, im, dOQlor, the pallcnt replied.
Well, laid Hie physician, Just keep
u glass of milk and some blsculls bu
side you, and every night, the Insl
Iking ypji da [Mite a light meal.
iiiii, doctor, "iled the TadyTyoii told
me  on   no  nccounl   lo  enl   luiythlrg
before retiring, •^•f.'W.v
Pooh, pooh! said Ihe doctor! 'hat
wiih Ihrce mouths ago.      Science 'cm
mado enormous strides sluoo ihen
It lhal so, rnotborf I'M kh-k him
Not so fast, Investigate first and
find out whether h» works Tor n mug-
ax.no or ror i bre-ikfait-food factory.
—Washington Herald
Settled by a Widow
A buxom and winsome widow decided to continue her lale husband's
business (wholesale meal purveyor),
and appointed his confidential and reliable man, one John Jinx, as her
manager. Johu, i hough an astute
and clever hminess man, could neither read nor write. Tbe widow partly
cured htm of the latier defect hy
teaching hi in to write, "Heltled. John
.lint," when giving a receipt for ac
counts paid to him.
The business Improved and prospered, ns likewise did the amatory
feelings between the widow and John,
the later Nullifying ln a proposal
aud acceptance of marriage. After
the usual preliminaries the ceremony
took place, followed by an adjournment lo tho vestry to complete thu legal foi mall ties.
The necessary particulars were
duly entered In the marriage register
and happy John, somewhat blushing,
took pen In hand aud clearly and un*
mistakably wrote as his signature In
Ihe register; "Settled, John Jinx."--
Tit Bits.
Fierce Captain of company (In
brusque tones) Inspecting private's
kit! Have you buttons on all articles?
Private -No, sir.
Fierce Captain What article ha-j
no buttons on? » i
l»rlvate"-My towel a!r.  .--■■*
Mrs. Jollyboy Where on earth liavo
you  been?
Mr, J.—I cannot tell a lln; I've been
ol iny o%fii. dfl*^..
Mrs. J, -Thai's where we differ. I
can tell u lie -when I bear one.
Horse races hove been held annually without Interruption since 1730.
When You Buy^Matches,
They have a true  safety bate
head,   with  silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddjr'" Mitclm bar* utlaBtd Cu.
a-Hini line* 1151—accept na atham,
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards.  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
My Name is Chester*
The Prince or Wales' Paris incognito reminds a correspondent of Loudon Opinion, tbat the late King Edward, wbo also used to be the Earl
of Chester when at Biarritz, was once
walking to tbe hotel when an
American accosted lilm. Excuse me,
sir, said the man, iu the drawling, na
sal accent of the Western Prairies,
but are you the King ot England? My
name Is Chester, -the King answered,
with his genial smile. Confound It!
Then you've lost me a ten dollars bet,
said the American, and slapping the
king jocosely on the shoulder he walked away.
Botany v. Mercury
The   sick   :.nil   Riling wlil   find   a sura
restoration lo lipaltli und vigor In
The   Eclectine Botanic Treatment
'lln' wet,!*, nervous und Utiblliuii-d ata
niadi, slrung »nd robust, by Buiunlo
Treatment. SkIii and blood dlmruHes,
hvi'lillt:,. i,,s[ vitality, emissions and am.
Uu-urlnury cdmprahltB, chronic ana*
complicated diseases of men and vomer,
, I'.hl to Botanic Treatment when all
o.her meant, have failed. Our prensra-
llons were (riven the fiold medal as highest award at tho International Ethlbl.
tlons In HrusKel,* 11109. London 1910. T'avls
1911. Consultation free, personal or by
letter.       Open   in-8..?0.
The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.
263-265   Yonoe  Street,   Toronto.
A tourlat, who recently returned
from a trip through the Southern
States, relates thla conversation,
which he overheard between a furm-
era wife and a nemro alleged to ba
looking for work:
Be there anv work around here
missus? aaked the applicant.
Well, we du need a man, replied
the woman,     Do you want work?
Well. I'm looking for a nun to do
lhe odd lobs around the house, always
be oolite, willing to work, and never
be lmoutiont.
Did vou tav you waa looking for a
hired man. missim niked the negro.
Yes. whv do vou ask?
WellMI 'oears lo me that a hired
man Isn't what vou want. You want
a husband.
One of Ihe richest coutitrloa In the
world is lhat part of the Malay peninsula known as the Federated States.
These provinces are still under the
rule ot their native chiefs or sultans,
though they are assisted by a British
advisor. The tin mines of thos* amall
States are more valuable than most
gold mines, for they "produce nearly
halt the world's supply of Ilu. and
the reaull Is an overflowing treasury
for the SI ales. VaBt forests of rubber trues ate also proving exlroinely
How-a this;
We offer One lluuared Dollurs Reward
tor sny esse of l-alarrh lhat cnunot bo
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
V. .1. I-HKNWY * CO., Toledo. O.
We Ihi! undersigned have known P.
.1 Cheney fur the last 15 yeurs and believe hliu' perfectly honorable In all bual-
n„ss Itansactluns. and lluanclallv Bide to
carry  out  anv  obligations made  by  Ills
Waldlnl. Klnnan A Marvin.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. O.
Hall's Cslarrh Cure Is lake,. Internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. Tea.
tnnonlals sent free Price ^iv. per bot.
tie.     Hold hv all Druggists.
Take Hall's l-'utiilly Pills for Constt-
A Queation ef Title
After another season, said Farmer
Cnrntossel. 1 guess we'll have a chef.
What's a chef* asked his wife.
A chef la a man with a big enough
vocabulary to give the soup a different nanio every day.
Music and Murder
The Musical News of latudon says
that the principals in lhe llaverdu
murder case, uu Hungarian cause eel-
lift-, have been employing Ihelr lime
Tn prison lu ihuslcul composition.
Mario llavertlu. who was tried for having insllgaletl her lover lo murder her
molhtr iu order in iiihoilt hor fortune,
h is published a walls entitled lhe
"MUjI" walla from prison. Anton
Vonler, the lover, who Is undergoing
jeHM ioTvUtitRTontimii*; nun u--,
enla, lias, wllh Ilio poritlllaion uf Ilio
•inllco aujhorlllcH, sent u large bundle
or niftnuiTcrlpt music lo bis lawyer
with lho I'flqtieBt lhal n ptthlls'ter he
'omul for It- All Ihn fJOIripOSlllon*
Bi'o of it ohoorfll' ehiirecler.
Another man, tried fur complicity In
Ihe crime, Is composing uu oporeltA,
Willi a production of mora than
live und n half lilllhm pounds, Ihe
Chilean nitrate Holds established a
new record Inst year
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 te 12.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water. In every room
vata "ll.'.eaBe,! and drink habIL
Write ll Queen Eaat, Toronto.
Railway Agents, Telegraphers and
Clerks In great demand throughout
North Weal. Six months will quality you. Day and Mall courses.
PosIIIom secured, free Book 19 eg.
plains. Dominion Bchool Telegraphy, Toronto-
ahould carry a stock of tho Wonder
Fly Killer, a Hltle device of seamless
metal, unleakable, and the sura eg.
terminator of every kind of fly and
mosquito. Retails at 16c. Oeneral
agent, Joseph R. Wilson, 204 Stair
Building. Toronto, or Nicholson 4
Rain In Alberta, and Hsrotl * Maimer
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Whin Your Eyn Dili Out
fry MuHm I« R-ibm
lint.— Acti (Jnii-klj.
Try Uurlta In Romea.T. No H-nartlnf—F
FID*— Acti Quickly. Try it. tot Htfl, W«__
Wrtery Tj*n mui Ur-.miUud Sytlldi. IU*i»
lei by oar Oualuu-noi
fees" - ».i ••«■ In „,cf.Mfni l-nrKelsas' __e
Use tor ssenr tsars. Doe 4rtltttaito«• *»>
6. ..,, ...is ,,. ,.,„un,..i sh nil,j.t»__m
Marloe lie Jelitlo Anpilo Tubee,*. eaaVe,
Murine) lyt Benwd" Co,, Chlo*(»
21111! iraaak, Panilee le., bwaeeerg. gat
Night hours for work, eight houra
for  I'cc.rcnllon, nntl  eight  hours  for
' ■-■.  I«  Ihn uhi  division nf 111"  °|.
houft *' otcTiiriil every 'lay,  "TT""
siipposod to boJot»V»^*^lim
Iticnrpnnil.Ml iih h pint ot thu (iru*
Kt'uimiH* uf overy nude union In Ilio
How much lima do we really neod
for hIim-i) after ullf    i>" wc really
lined to drown and .Irn* oui-nelve., In
llle mitn-st approach In dentli dial, fit
IhwhIIm- Tor oiio*tlltrd »f our exltftenco.
A gallon   of   wnter   weighs   tea
Insect biles and stings, blistered
feet anil sunburn! These three things
or any one of them, may spoil some
days of your vacation, or make your
wprk a bore! ZainUuk la the remedy you need! It lakes the "burn"
out of these rod, Inflamed patches
whore the Bun has gut homo on you;
It eases bad mosquito bites, and 11
soothes and heals blistered feet aud
In tho hot weather young babies
suffer greatly from heat spots and
' chafed plaoea. Here, again, Zam-Buk
will give almost Inslant ease! Mothers Bhould always keep Zam-Buk
li.indy, and shuuld use Zam-Buk Soup
I'or baby's bath.
For outs, burns anil moro sot-tons
skin diseases, such as eczema, blood-
Iiolminltig, ole., and for plies, Zam-
Muk Is absolutely without an equal.
All druggists and stores 50c box or
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
Varieties of Farm Cropa Compared
Aceo.dlug to tests of many or the
best, 'varieties of farm crons. carried
n.t at lho Central and Branch Parma
of the Dominion Experimental Farms
system, some sorts of each clnss arc
much superior to others Hist by some
ure considered guod. As u guide to
the crop growers of Canft '.it hh to
which varieties are most valuable.
Bulletin No. 77 of the Central Expel-.
Imenlul Farm has been prepared for
distribution This bulletin givoB selected lists ot the beat varieties for
each province, or district, the lists being based on the accumulated experience of past yenrs. Among the
newer varieties of merit. Marquis
wheat, ManclitiriHii barley and Arthur pea, are especially mentioned.
This litllelln of 74 pages deals not
only wllh varieties of grain crops, but
with those ot fodder crops and potn-
tws at well. Crops may bs procured
by applying lo tho Publications.
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, Can.
Daddy's Bedtime
The Story
Oi Gay Little
Grasshoppei Green
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds,  Etc.
In the Giddy Whirl
ItUo the little village of Wlizsle-
vale there fame a circus with brazen
band, gaudy -Misters, iimmmoth elephants, superlative clowns and fiery
untamed lions.
The boys of the place were liiad
with excitement und the young tutu
of a notoriously elose-flstfri old farmer rusl ed up to his father and eagerly
requested tli» price of a ticket to view
the show.
What, demanded the old skinflint,
waste good money to see a circus?
Ves, father, came the meek and
mild reply
Young man, answered the oldster
sadly, It wat only last month thut I
let you go to lhe top of the hill to see
the eclipse of the sun. My lad, do
you want all your life to he one wicked round of gayety?—I.lCe.
Nights of Agony come in the train
of aathmti. The victim cannot. He
down and sleep Ih driven from his
brain. What grateful relief is the
Immediate effect of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. It banishes
the frightful conditions, clears the
passages, sud enables Ihe afflicted
oue to again sleep us soundly aud
restful ly as a child. Insist on the
genuine at your nearby druggist-
The monoplane Is not so much In
favor In France as formerly. The
War Otllc ■ haa, a cable-report states,
forbidden Its um by military pupils
iu aviation, declaring the biplane to
be prcVrable ou account of its superior stablMty.
He never dressed..right up to date
In most expensive* clot lie*;
He never paid the highest, rate
admission to the shows;
No wealthy club he ever sought
where luxuries abound;
A touring car he never bought,
In which to spin around;
He never dined In swell cafe.
on rich and costly food;
In mouth he held no wisp of hay;
nor were his manners rude;
The luckless man with scanty means
who came, received a loan;
Tor silver jingled in h'a jeans,
nnd—ll was a'. i..s own
Mrs. Catbird Caught
tha Qranhoppar.
HED children cuddled down to-hear tbe story ot Grasshopper Green
which daddy hml promised to tell them.
Jack and Kvelyn it new grasshoppers well.   In the summer they
were among the most rrequeut visitors to the garden.
"Grasshopper Green began bis life down In-ahe ground," daddy snld.
"Early oue summer be crawled out of tbe dark bole in which bis mother Had
left the egg from whlcb be came aud hopped to tbe first stalk of grass be saw.
"Jt wasn't a bit too soon, for a sharp eyed robin wns watching the bole
and would bave whisked him up to the nest and fed blm to one of his hungry
nestlings. That Is what bad happened to every one of the little brothers nnd
slaters who bud come out of tho hole before Grasshopper Green. The reason
Mr. Hobin missed Grasshopper Green was because be happened just then lo
spy a fat caterpillar which would make a much more appetizing meal. Ho
he let tbe young grasshopper go and took the caterpillar Instead.
'''You'd best be careful, young sir,' warned Mrs, Cricket, wbo waa bldlag
near hy.   'Hop under here or that robin will have you next/
"The little fellow atuyed under the leaf until Mr. Robin went elsewhere.
Tbeu he skipped out am) made off aa fast as be could.
"As yet hUfhnd uo wings and could only hop about In a short time, bow*
•ver, be had grown so much thnt his skin split and through tbe hole In his
back could be seen the little green wings which would now help blm (o get
out of (he wny of the hungry birds that ure looking for nice rat Insects.
"When Grasshopper Green had wriggled his wny out of the skin and
stood funning tils wings in the sunshine, be found out something odd. Hy
rubbing the right wing over tbe left ono he could make wbat seemed to blm
very delightful music. I.Ike the locust and the crickets, bis cousins, be carried a violin on hia back.
"So pleased was bo that he now sat sqnee-sqneelng away, forgetting to
keep an eye open for enemies, ln tbe bushes beside blm a catbird bad her
"'What's that?' Mrs. Catbird exclaimed as she propped ber bead on one
aide. ,
" 'Sounds like a grasshopper/ tbe chuckled. Then, very quietly, aba
poked her head out of tbo bushes. There sat Mr. Grasshopper Green on top
of a grass blade, sawing away at bis little vollln.
"With a bound Mrs. Catbird bad tbe grasshopper,
"'He tastes u good deal belter than he sounds/ Mrs. Catbird remarked aa
the hopped back Into her bush."
An Inferior Wandering Race Found In
A people without any form of religion, without superstition, devoid of any
thought of the future state, has been
found in the interior forests of Sumatra, according to Dr. Wll helm Vales, the geologist of the University of
Breslan, who has made extensive
journeys through the Island. There
he found the Kubns, us he named
them, who are scarcely lo be distinguished from the small manlike
ape of the Indo-Malayan countries.
They are wanderers through the forest, seeking food- Thoy have no
property, They are not hunters, but
simply collectors. They seek merely sufficient nuts, fruits and other edible growths to keep them alive.
The Kubns wage very little warfare upon the small amount of animal
life iu their silent aud somber land.
The only notion he could get from
them of a difference between a live
and a dead person wn.-* that the dead
do not breathe, lie Infers that they
ure immeasurably Inferior to the
paleolithic man of Europe, who fashioned tools and hunted big game
with his flint-tipped arrow and knife.
Intellectual 'atrophy ls the result of
the Kudu-' environment. The words
they know are almost as few as the
ideas they try to express..—Philadelphia   Record.
The Only Way
An elder while baptizing converts
at a levlval advanced with a wiry,
sharp-eyed old chap Into the water.
He asked the usual question, whether
there was any reason why the ordinance of baptism should not be administered.
After a pause, a tall, powerful-looking man who was looking quietly on
remarked: I don't, want to Interfere
in yer business, but I want to say that
thia Is an old sinner you have got
hold of, and that one dip won't do him
any good; you'll have to anchor him
out In deep water over night.
Aching  Back* and Tired Limbs
Need Not Be Endured
Aching backs, tired limbs, attacks
of. falntneac, headaches and Di'ilc-
aches, need not be a imrt of woman's
life. There are times when her
blood needs Bpeclal attention, and
those times a-re indicated by one or
more ot the above symptoms. It ls
at such times that Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are worth their weight in gold
to women, for they actually make the
rich, red health-giving blood which
1'iakes weak, tired, despondent women, active and strong, and feeling
equal to all (heir household duties.
Such a sufferer waa Mrs. William Sullivan, Wain Itlver. N.B., wbo says: "I
am writing to acknowledge the great
good I received through Dr. Williams'
! Pink Pills, Afler my baby was born
last summer I was so run down lhat
life was really a burden. 1 had to
drag myself about to do my housework, aud every moment was one of
trial. If I went upstairs I would be
breathless and tired our, and my
heart would palpitate violently, nnd
would have a feeling as though 1 was
smothering. My appetite was poor,
and my baby wns suffering from my
weakness. I was advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink I'llls and got six
boxes, and before they were all quite
used I wns like a different woman.
My appetite returned; I regained my
strength, and the work about the
house no longer bothered me. As
the result of my experience I would
strongly urge all weak women and
nursing mothers to use Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
There Is no woman, no matter what
her station in life, who will not enjoy
better health lf she occasionally fortifies her blood through the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. The Pills are
sold by all medicine dealers or may
be had by mail at 51) cents a box or
six boxes for 12.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Good Hearted
First Boy—Dese motor car
never give a feller a ride.
Second Boy—Oh, Borne of 'em do—
lf dey run over yer.—Lite.
—* Mtu Om Hundred Dollars "..war*
fer mar case of Catarrh that cannot bt
cured by Hall'o Catarrh Cure.
_     t. J. CHENBV • CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the unpleriltned have known P. jr.
Cheney for ths Uit li yi.ri. and bollan
llm norteeUr honorable ln all builnue
truuaeUons. and financially able to carrr
•ut any obllntloiu made br hie firm
WaJdlne.  Klnnan * Marvin,
_ „   why1***!*. Dmiftete. Teloie. O.
F.ll'i Catarrh Cure le laken Intornallr.
Novel Feature ot th* International
Dry-Farmed Product* Exposition
One of the most novel features ever
shown at a fair or exposition will be
the display made by tbe united commercial clubs of Stevens County,
Washington, at the- Dry-Farmed Products Exposition next October, when
a pile of mammoth potatoes, perfect
In size and enormous lu dimensions
ami weight, will be shown iu the form
of a cord. It ls already planned to
bring to Lethbrldge sufficient of these
spuds to stack as a farmer stacks a
cord of wood, and an ingenious method has been devised to keep them ln
such shape as to cause people to
Brown volunteered to lend me
Did   you  take  11?
No. Thai sort of friendship Is too
good to lose.—Detroit Free Press.
The Young Intelligence Shooting
A western paper recently offered a
prize for the best elory to be written
by a pupil of the nubile, school Here
are a Tew passages from the contribution:
Cora Mi-own waa fortunately tin-
possessor of a billhday, fnr she was
t'le daughter of rich friends.
Out all this time a cloud wbs gathering over-Mr* Uelaney, which grew
large as years went by. and that
i-l,mil was full of grasshoppers.
My father desired ine to marry a
hank president n handsome reckless
man, fond of naught save Ihe gaming
Vat I dell ynu. vat I dell ynu, shouted the lilHlimsn.
As she entered the room a cold
damp , mall met her sight.
The Old  School      '
The 'old fore de war' darky had asked a young attorney to write lilm a
letter on his typewriter-
And Is that all you want to say,
RaBtus? queried Ihe man of law at
the close of the epistle.
Yes. salt, 'ccptin' you might nay
'Please 'sense pooh speltlu' an bad
pen.'—-Woman's Home.
In Shadow ot Vale.
Our lamp Inspector. C. Piatt, la some
sign painter too. Charley spends
some of his spare time painting signa
for the corner lamp posts around
town and  he does  good  work  with
he brilBh. Also he saves Ihe town
some money In this way too.—New
Haven Register.
■sy-yLSJ***.-'*.. fE011-^ - ,0-*fl *3a m.uft*
.    . ICt,
•ut surfaces ef tno tyoum.   	
•tnt^free^   Prlco. lie. *tr kottlt.
Ittmilr PlUe for Court-
By Ha-Dnt-Co Dyspapsia Tablets
We are continually hearing from
grateful people who have had experiences like tlmt of Miss Alice 1'. Cooper,
of Niagara Polls, Out., who writes:
"I wish to express my gratitude IO
you for the benefit I recciveil from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken other medicines without
having received the slightest relief, I
heard of vour Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia
Tablets ana thought I would give them
V trial, 1 have Been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will be only loo pleased
to advise any one troubled with dyspepsia
to give thnn a fair trial."
• Na-Dru-Co DyspepsiaTaMels aot only
give the Immediate relief from heartburn, flatulence, acidity of the stomach
and biliousness, which laaoimicli needed,
but if taken regularly for a few days or
,weeks they completely cure the most
aggravated cases of stomach trouble,
-When for joe. you can get a boi front
Ijour druggist, why go on nuSef.ny,!
National Drug and Chemical Co.  of
uCauada, Limited, Moultcsi. 144
A New Jersey man haH been lint*J
for permitting the breeding of mosquitoes upon hw land. Knowing what
wc all know nbout tho disease-spread*
Ini; powers of ih.-si- Insert«, tt would
seem that Buch aetlon might be
brought to any community- It one
Ih liable to Buffer punishment for placing obBiuclfH upon a pavement, why
ahould he uot be punished because
malaria hint been distributed by uios-
(.initios bred upon his lund.
Lord Haldane Discusses Question
Evidence Before Commission
It Is not often that a government
report contains matter especlaltly of
Interest to women; but tbe views of
Lord Haldane on the much discussed
topic as to whether they should be
excluded from the "professions" given In cviderce before the royal commission on the civil service, will be
read with interest by all women who
have to depend upon themselves for
their living. Though the Inquiry
was supposed to touch the civil service only, the war minister was very
emphatic in expressing his opinion on
the subject generally. He said hla
belief was lhat the exclusion of women from a great many professions
at the present time was the result of
superstition, and very little else. He
believed there was a great mauy professions ln which women were not
only qualified to do the work, but
where they could be of the greatest
possible use.
There were certainly a great many
positions In the civil service which
women could All quite as well ar men,
and which they did not fill at the
present time-—higher division posts
as well as others.
Lord Haldane was questioned by
Miss I'aldane as to whether he com
sldered that post qualified for by a
higher education, whatever was the
case with regard to lower posts should
receive equal pay Iu the case of women and men. He replied that he
had previously said that upon that
question he had found It difficult to
make up his mind.
it might be snld that they must pay
n man, not what he was worth, not
the cost of producing him, but a living wage, because he was the breadwinner for his wife nud family, and
they ought to encourage him to have
a wife and family, In the Interests of
ihe slate, and therefore he must he
paid something extra for being a citizen.
He Knew a    Verse
Frederick whs only 4, and had Just
returned to his home ln Alabama
after a visit to relatives in Missouri.
Within a week or two he went to
Sunday school for tbe first time. The
previous Sunday tho teacher had told
the little ones to come prepared to
speak a little verse from the bible
or their Sunday school paper.
When It came Frederick's turn, she
said. Frederick, this being our first
Sunday. I presume you ' haven't a
Frederick, with a great deal of confidence, replied. Ves, ma'am, I have.
Very well, let us have It.
At which Frederick chirped up
You gotta quit k.ckin' my dawg
Bombay'e Animal Hospital '      CHRISTABEL AT COLLEGE
In far off Bombay ls probably the j 	
largest  and  most elaborate  hospital j Miss Pankhurst Was a Quiet InoFfe
for animals In the world.      It has J g|ve student,
both its Inpatients and its outpatients |
and  tt  ministers  to  animals of all
kinds aa carefully as human beings
are administered to iu tbe hospitals
of the West.
Over 2,000 animals are taken into
the hoHpital each year, and well on
to 1,000 are treated aa outpatients,
In all there are some forty buildings,
large and small, connected  with the
It is a refreshing change to turn
from Ohriatabel, the engineer of riou
and destruction, to   Miss Chris tab a Ul
Pankhurst, a quiet and studious un-
der-graduate ot the Victoria Univer*;
sity.    And,  in  her present slate of;
invisibility, it ia Interesting to recall!
her aa she appeared in the substance]
and tlio tle.-li prior to her commence
hospital, nnd the architectural utruo- me_nt of a,!lfe fJl "•"Pali*-*
ture and the appointments of some. About six years ago-perbaps more,
of them aro indeed superior to those perhaps less — Uirlstaoel Pankliurat
of many of our regular hospitals.        j w" attending the necessary  lectures
This splendid hospital for animals ' 1[l preparation lor hor final examiua-
was founded by a native Indian, u ; "on fur tne degree of Bachelor of
Parsee merchant, Sir DInshaw Man- Laws.i These lectures were held in a
ockjee Petit. I room over the Manchester Law Lib
Not only domestic animals of
every kind are treated and cared for
lu it but the animals of the Jungle
and the wild birds which aro found
woundtid or suffering from any cause
are tal.en to It and nursed back to
health and then set freo again.*-*
Kvery Living Creature.
Wanted to Make Sure
Frederick Townsend Martin, apropos of tho extravagance of the Idle
rich, said at a dinner;
I hear of ft case In point. The
wife of nu overworked promoter saitl
at breakfast:
Will you post Ihls letter for me.
dear? it's to the furrier, counter*
mandlng my order for that $000 sal-band ermine stole. You'll be sure to
Tbo tired eyes of the harassed happy promoter lit up with joy. Ile
seized a skipping rope that lay with
a heap of dolls ond toys in a corner,
and, going to his wife, said:
Here, tie my right hand to my
left foot, so I won't forget.
Marlon (just, from the telephone)—
He wanted to know if we would go to
the theatre with him, and I said we
Madeline—Who was speaking?
Marion—Oh, gracious! I forgot to
I rary   iu   Kennedy  street,  and   some*
I tiling like tlfteen students were usual-
i ly j    sen*.   Of these, by fur tho most
; regular    attendant   waa    Curistabel.
\ Punctually at five o'clock tlio lecturer
| would Luke his stand at the rostrum,
j and just as surely as he cleared his
i throat to commence Christabel would
I silently appear iu her place and automatically open lier notebook ready to
tuke down his first word.
There was   nothing  striking   about
; Ghristabel'a appearance, She was
just an ordinary middle-class girl,
displaying no anticipant traces of her
, future suffragist notoriety. Mouse-
colored hair and a soft, babyish face,
a good color, and eyes ul a nondescript hue surmounted a body to over
plumpness, and of somewhat clumsy
i    Such was tiie now elusive Chrisla*
' bel in appearance, and her general
bearing was quite in accordance with
the promise of her exterior, bin; gave
tba impression of being frightened by ]
her position amongst, so many mem-, The   Eclectine Botanic Treatment
ber a  of  tho  opposite sex.    Her  rule;
! was never to address an unnecessary
1 remark to any of her fellow-students,
j and her tardy arrival and punctual
departure at lecture times left no opportunity for advances Irom those
who might have felt inclined to cuter
into conversation with her. She wns
superficially too uninteresting, however, to bo in any danger of being
overwhelmed by tho over-assiduous
attentions of admirers; and, with ono
exception, nothing   occurred   during
pensive. The constant use
of drugs Is expensive,
and likewise unnecessary. Nature Id
Hi.- only reliable dootor. <;«-t close lo
Naturo ami be your own physician.
It la not hard tu do. nut .utlifuu to
learn, Nature's law-* aro simple-.
When the flra bums low, you don't
run for the doctor or drug store oi tin
pnt-'iit medicine bottle; you simply
i>ut on more fuel. So when ttteeasu
or sickness attacks th-* body o. you:,
■s.if or anv member of vmir family.
ko to Nature'B wist storehouse ot vitality and draw therefrom tbo ii-vl
allslng forces which 1j
and  make you well.
Send for Our Freo
Book and Enjoy
Good Health Without   Doctors    or
Break the bonds of
superstition        nnd
fear     which     Mini
you,    Ht* master of
your own health and
ilie   health   of  youi
family.    This    book
points out  tlio way.
If you are afrit, yuu
know it  hotter Hum
and  you   know  where  you   •
you don't want drugs, you da
in bo doped and enervated bj
drugging.    Write   for   ..ur   i>
today,      Specify   Look  No
pay  tlm  postage
•it) I  West st   Catherine St.,
Montreal, Canada
Botany v. Mercury
"Monition   I
ind   aflK-c   will
'    ifili  and
.   nervous  and  debilitated are
iiido strong  and    robust    i.y    Botanlo
reatment.      Skin   mid   Wood   riis.-am-.*,
'phllls, lost vitality, emissions and gen«
midalniH.     chronic     and
•nses ut ni' n and women
implicated ■
leans mi
A now raiway lino la being built ,,      -     , ,
between Roma and Naples, which will I her undergraduateshlp to draw any
shorten lho present distance of 155 i particular attention to lier or to sin-
miles by about twenty-four miles. This i tf*« her otlt from tlie ia,lk tlIld ,iIa
road will run underground from the!0' those attending the leotucos, And
outskirts of Naples to the centre of -t was her eternal misfortune — her
that city, and a number of under- sex — which eventually caused tho
ground  passenger stations    will    be i exception
The Feminine Mind
They lived lu a lii tie town adjacent
to Pittsburg- Hubby was trying to
jolly wife)* along and make her forget that she wanted a new spring
Now, said he, the town committee
Is offering a prize for the prettiest
What Is that, to me?
Why don't you enter the contest?
You know I haven't had r. lawn In
five years. I haven't even a gingham that te tit to wear.
Moral—Yon can't take their minds
off the subject of dress.—Pittsburg
Princess Patricia Meets Emergency
In fair weather, on long voyages,
Princess Patricia of Connaught ls
busy on deck, painting or doing some
simple handicraft. Much of thla
work finds Its way later to charity.
Ou a brief yachting trip she viewed
a gorgeous sunset; to let such opportunity go unimproved was out of the
question. Her color box was there,
but brushes had been forgotten. Not
a moment could be lost If her sketch
would be completed.
The doctor was called for and
he car e running. "Your brushes,
quick, please—the kind you paint people's throats with!
And so the situation was saved.
There's no definition of 'can't.'  In
the lexicon of self-confidence!
That flrst drunk Is a fluid Institution dovised to fool the foxy.
Make a little bet with yourself that
you'll beat the giiinc by behaving
and watch your bundle grow.
Brown   voliuiteertMt
you lake It?
That Hurt of frli-nilalilp In too
o lots,—Detroit Free Preaa.
Mother's Cooking Different
A little boy was invited out to dinner recently and the hostess, knowing
his fondness for chickens, planned It
as a part of her menu. She put
macaroni in the chicken gravy and the
young guest thrice refused lt, whereupon his hostess said: Why, Johnny,
I thought you were fond of chicken
1 am sometimes, replied Johnny,
but my mamma uever puts the windpipe*-In.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Looking Out for Number One
Sydney had been given some discarded millinery with which to amuse
herself. She trimmed a marvelous
looking hat, and so arranged it that
a long red ostrich plume hung
straight down from the front of the
brlin, over her baby face.
Come here, Sydney, said her moth-  Jnou^ communication  to
er.     Let me tnck that feather back,
out of your eyeB.
Oh, no, mother! I want. It that
way, so I can see it myself. Most always only other people can see the
feathers on my hats.—Judge's Library.
The Poor Man's Friend.—Put up In
small bottles that aro easily portable
aud sold for a very small sum, Iir.
Thomas' Electric Oil possesses more
power In concentrated form thnn one
hundred times the quantity of many
unguents. Its cheapness and tiie
varied uses to which It ean bo put
make It the poor man's friend. No
dealer's stock is complete without lt.
Dolly In Dismay
Dorothy—Mother, when I get married, shall I have a husband like
Mother—Certainly, my dear.
Dorothy—And If I stay single shall
I be au old maid like Aunt Anna?
Dorothy (with a deep sigh)—-Well,
I am in a fix.—Boston Transcript.
Something New
Running for office, I see.
Forced into it by your friends, ch?
Answered the party call then?
Nix. I'm aftor the office solely for
the salary attached and if I'm elected I'll try to get all my relations
Well, on the frankness of that statement I propose to vote for you.
Street g.n lumps were flrst used ln
London lu 180V.
Artful Little Maid
The little maid gazed thoughtfully
at her father.      Papa, she snid, do
you know what I'm going to give you
for your birthday?
No. hfl hasn't, the   llttlo   daughter
A nice new china .-.having mug, with
gold flowers all around, said the little
3nt, my dear, explained Iter mother,
pupa hus a nlco one. Just like that, already.
No, dear, he answered, Tell mo,
No. he hafti't, the little daughter
answered thoughtfully, cos—cos—I've
Just dropped It-
The Danger      "'*'
Rut I doctor myself by tho aid o(
medical books. '4&UP**i  *
Yes, and some fine dny you'll die
of a mlssprint.—Londou Opinion.
The trouble wltll Bome of hh la that
wo pack up our doll rugs on altogether too slight 'provocation,  "'*"
That's Different
It's discouraging t<> go hunting day
after duy and uot. get anything.
Not lo Ihn hunter with real sporting blood In him; he doesn't care
Whether he geU anything or not.
Hut I'm hunting for work.
It was im mediately prior to the
commencement ot a lecture upon Unit
intricate Bitbject "equity," so far ss
memory served, when Uio class was
pleasantly electrified hy tho rumor
that Ohridtabol has been the recipient of un anonymous epistle containing pHssage of an at leusL qucs*
tionablo character. A gentleman attending the lectures—there seemed no
hesitation in fixing upon oue of tho
students — had addressed an ationy-
Miss Pankhurst—a communication brimful nf
scandaloui observations and generally disgraceful in tone. Further do-
tails were withheld, and the offending
gentleman was called upon iu tlm
name of decency to deliver hi inset,
up to the university authorities.
This appeal, probably owing to lhe
personality of tiie lecturer, very
strangely met with a response, and,
though no forms! announceiiieiiL was
made, it became generally known thut
the culprit, who appeared quite incapable of such an action, and who
ws not even included in his fellow-
students' list of suspects, had confess*
ed and apologized.
Christabel continued to attend the
lectures in the same chastened spirit
as of old, and was promptly relegated to her former position of insignificance. Sho nover showed uny indication uf phenomenal brain (tower or
brilliancy, and her ultimate success
was, to all appearance, entirely due
to hard plodding, lo which she could
devote the whole of her attention.
i tin
. I"
1   i.iiiiu.
Inn 1!>HI.   I'.irla
personal or by
The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.
263-26S   Yonge   Street,   Torcnta.
vate dlncnsea and drink habit.
Write 81 Queen East   Toronto.
should carry n stock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device of seamless
metal, unleakable, and the sure exterminator of every kind of fly and
mosquito. Retails al 16o. Gone nil
tlgent, Joseph It. Wilson. "(-4 Stair
Building. Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain In Alberta, and Escott & Manner
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try MnriM Eye fomeaV. No OmarUafr— Feel*
Fine—-Acts Quickly. Try u '■•r Uert, Wewi,
W»t->t*y Ef-*-t Mini tJrn,ni.l»t«*-l Eyeli.M. lllu*
tr-ate.) Book lu -a.'li Ptckat;''. Miirlii**- L|
ci-iut-i-un-ii-d by our OoulUtt-Dol •v'-PatantHea.
K-lnii'-bm Died |n ttici-.-hiful l-h-M-Inn,' .•m>
u.-« for a»ny run. Now dedicated m the Put*
ll.- ana ijila by iiru,Ksi, at Ka and t*. wr UotUe,
Miirln* Ure BalT»ln M..p-.lo TtllNSt>Ka and Ha
Murln* Sye Remedy Co., Ghloasa
Hard Butlneii
An a-lvsrll'liig man of Cleveland
wm riiIhk home ,>«., nlBlii in » itre'et
car. It wiih lull-, mnl llm inn" whu
•at nei-t lu I1I111 Imiwii to mlk.
What bunlnc-ii ani y»u l«7 ho
The RflvortlsliiK liiiHlnemi.
Is thut no 1 tn-oil to lm In Ilio
it{lvortl.-lnn bunlnnm, mynntf. (lull
II, Ihouith, anil went lulu tlio rag-and*
ol'J-bottlo bti-lnemi; not a home mid
cloan up iii.v sixty evory month.
Thore seemed to be nothing for tho
aamiyim mjijjio. ■•;/ so )jo jaW jt,
Yes, coTillmied tho lulhalTvo man.
I wob ly_ lho advoi'llBln-j busliiosi—J
was a sandwich jniifi lor i clothing
Hj.oi-0 -"(jr njx jio-lllisj. Bah itm ll!
Toaiiod ovor soiini'-ntljilly, jiln/l It
liurd vork w-heti tliJt'l'd BRWlt—
Sulurdajr. Bveoln*. Va—?"~
Ns Medicine is Beneficial te Brain
■nd Nerves.
Lying awake nights makes It hard
to keep awake and do things In day
time. To take "Ionics and stimulants" under such cli'-uunstances Is
like sotting the house on Are tc see
If you can put II out.
The right kind of food promotes
refreshing sleep at night and a wide
awake  individual   during  the  day
A Inly Changed from her old way of
eating, to drape-Nuts, and says
"Kor about three years 1 had been
a great sufferer from indigestion. After trying several kinds of medicine,
the doctor would ask me to drop off,
potatoes, then meat, and so on, but
In a few days that craving, gnawing
feeling would start up, and I would
vomit everything I ate and drank.
"When I ataniod on (IrapeNiits,'
vomiting slopped, and the hloaled
feeling which was so distressing disappeared entirely.
"My mother wus very much bothered wllh diarrhea before commencing
the drape-Nuts, because her stomach
wus ho weak she could not digest her
Hineo using Clrapo-Nllt* food rhe Is
well, und Htiyu Klin don't think alio
could do without lt.
"It Is a grout liralu restorer and
nerve builder,-for I can sleep iih Houud
nnd undisturbed after a supper of
(liupeNiits ns lu the old dn; a when
I could not ronllzo what they niouul
by a "bad StOlnncll." There la no medicine so lii-nollclul lo nerves and
brain nn a good night's sleep, bii.Ii us
you can enjoy nftei paling tlrnpe-
is-jih.--__ tilHOU Riven, by Canadian
POBtSSTOOTWllluW, Out.    -.-.■■
Look In pkgs. for tho famous I'ttlo
boot, "Tho Itoud lo Wellvlllc."
A Lesson In Efficiency
In the Iron Age Is printed an account ot an experiment made last
year In a New England mill town.
The owners made lt a condition of
contln ■ d employmen that all workers not speaking English should learn
the language A night school was
opened In the works and concessions
were made in tho working time of
those who attended It. The mill
owners further enlisted the co-operation of the local clergy In charge ot
churches where foreigners attended
and arranged lhat nt least .one service ei'ch Srnduy should be conducted In English. As a result there has
been a saving of 13 per cent, ln all
departments due to the operatives'
better understanding of instructions
from foremen, the morale of the
working force has Improved, and labor disputes havo been settled without open hostility of any sort.
Taking Evtry Precaution.
Mr. I.ansbury's concern, as expres.i-
ed in the Houfte, over the military
drilling going on in the noith nl Ireland reminds one of a story or how
Ireland wm. occasionally luilglit to
shoot in the past. Thi War OlUce
onco sent a famous oflicer over to
inspect the militia regiments, and the
officer, after inspecting, asked for a
tew words with the drill sergeant.
"These men of yours," lie said,
"could not hit a target as big ss the
Tower of London. You can't have
taken much pains to teach them."
"Taebe thim to shoot!" gasped lhe
sergeant. "O course 1 did not tache
thim to shoot, yer honor, for, bedad,
if 1 did there wouldn't lie a landlord
lelt iu Munster."—London Chronicle
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
*8  r'T-ej  Av   Toronlo   0'UnriiA
WilWiniuiwi Sow hi "ii Bvavr 1»m bMC
■ltd for over SIXTY YKAKBhy MIU.luNS ot
BOOTHEit the CHILD. fiOI-TKNH llie CUM*.
li tht Mil remedy for uiabkh'VA. it t* tb-
•otutelT Mrtnlei*>. Bt mrt ami aik for " Mr--.
Wtnibw-a BoothiAf ttyrup." ■><! take ba out*
kind.   Twtaly-fivt ceoli a bottle
His Example
Teacher—Hobby, give me an
pit* of the word "damper."
Bobby (after n moment'*, thought -
Paw gaya maw Ik loo 'litiiip-r tioular
about hia feel being wi^eri.
Did you hear what happened at
l.-iKU'y'B today?
No.       What   waa   It?
lle took down on old pistol ho had
\ about thc homo for years, and play*
fully snapped tbe trigger at hla wife,
thinking lt wntuVt loaded
Clood hoavetiH!
Well, It waan't
Truly Said.
An holrosB In Detroit haa railed off
her  engagement to un   Kngliahmau.
It   limkrt  art  If  Die  unfortunate   man
will he forced to earn hla own living.
Milwaukee   Son tf llOl.
Chopped Both  Ends.
During Gladstone'*! laat contest for
the university, in the day.-t of public
voting, Prof. Smith waa one of the
tellers. A certain don who never could
manage hia h's wanted to vote for
the Tory candidate. Sir William
Heathcote and Mr. (Jathorne Hardy,
but lost hia head and said, "I vote for
Glad" — then, suddenly correcting
himself, exclaimed, "I mean for
'Eathcote aud 'Ardy." Thereupon
Smith aaid, "I claim that vote for
Gladstone," "But," »ai<l Lhe vice-
chancellor, "the voter did not finish
your candidate's name." "That i*
true." said Smith, "hul then lie did
not even begin the other two,"
Brief Criticism*.
Of Gray's "Elegy" a content para ry
reviewer wrote: "The excellence of
this little piece amply compenttatefl
for its lack of quantity." That and
nothing more. Of "In Memoriam" a
contemporary estimate was tlmt ita
"simple hut tottohtnff verses" were
evidently Inspired by "the full heart
of tho widow <>f a military man."
Official Business
Missionary—Why  do  you  look  at
me so Intently. m
Cannibal—1 am the food Inspector.
- The American Medical Association ■
is to make a study of methods of resuscitation from electric shocks. Many
eminent physicians and electrical engineers are to co-operate In the Investigation, which It Is hoped will
have  Important  practical   results.
- has
Ever read tho at^ve Jitter? A
new one" ■PPJJIi from time to time,
They aro Genuine, true, and full of
human interest.
Wllii-ll    il
Comparing Bumps
The lady wiih talking to the professional chauffeur.
Did you OVOr run over a dog? alio
Y'-Hsutn,  he  fliiHWereiJ,   cheerfully.
Goodness! Wasn't IL awful?
It. atire wns, ni;fiint.
Did you ever hit a cow?
Ugll And—er--did you over
Btrlko n human being?
Meaning ft   man?   Yossum- oncot
Heavens!     Didn't you faint?
No'iii -1 stuck lo my wheel.
Hut ItOW did you feel? What was
It like?     Mow—what—when—
Well, It wiih a bigger bump thnn a
dawg. but i| wua lota softer Itimi a
{.(iw. ulhoVwIso It "was lorfcr ba-
,lwltt on' lietwaat-J '■
There i« a (also modesty
vanity, a false glory wlileli is levity,
n false grandeur which is moamicM, a
faUo virtue wlileli is hypocrisy and «
!n|.i< wisdom wlileli is prudery.-La
The Only Impediment
Heck—Is It trUO that your wife
an Impediment In her speech?
Peek—Yes,   flhe   «♦■(«   sleepy   about
11 o'clock and begins to yawn.—Boston Transcript,
Enemies) Now.
First. Soubretla—Mr, De Joshly said
my face was a poem'
Second    SoubreUe— Yes
he could tell by the llnei
Two of a Kind
Mrs. Yotingbrlde— My husband Is
very determined;  ho never gives up.
Mrs. KloHuflst (siidlyl -Nel'her
does mini).- -Iloaton Trnnacrlpt.
Has  Gone   12,000  Miles.
A to trior named Jnck was, about
thirteen years ago, found WOUIldflti
outside tllO Woolwich (Kng.) poll*
office, Mr. Haddook, nne nt lii- postmen. stopjHxl lo bind un the (Jog's
wound, nnd next morning, at too
sftmo hour, -lack reluriiod to He ynmo
spot for simitar attention, from the
day he gut baiter, thirteen years ago,
lho grateful dog has aocompanlod Mr.
Haddock on hi*i daily three-miles
round, running home at tllfl end of
it to his owner. II it C^lQUjalotl i'ial
J nek Inn walked over 13,000 mile- in
iiie.-».t. dailv aibadfllnnj of urr.tltudt-
A Massachusetts woman has patented a wire gauze cover for lilrd rages
to pro I net th-'lr occupants from cats
and Insects.
Good and True
Safe and reliable—for regulating the bowels, stimulating the
liver, toning the stoin-u-li—the
world's most famous and most
approved  family   remedy is
S*»U •"•rywher*.
la bot ei, 2S»
©he Ifroftpectoir, ©ranbvook, §* ©.
Published Every Saturday   Horning at Cranbrook, B.C.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Grace,. Editor.
Postag« to American, European and  other foreign countries,   50 cents   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising- rates furnished on application.     No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
ls given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
18th Year
No.   3u
) nil
We are gratified to announce to
of our advertisers the wonderful
amount of success the ''Prospector's'
$2,000 Subscription Contest is meet
ing with. We hnve been lor some
time scheming the bent ways and
means whereby we could give to our
patrons nn increased valuable means
of reaching the reading public. We
ure assured of success, and as we
now feel it unnecessary almost t
state, wc have already reached a u
tal of subscribers much in exces s of
any weekly paper in the Kootenays.
We have several schemes under way
thnt we hope will meet with the approval of our subscribers, we have
been for some time using a series of
plnte matter which to some have
been the means of bringing into their
homes many pleasant hours of rending; but, now that we have a larger
sphere to work tor we feel that the
majority of the readers would prefer
having more home news, district
news and news more directly associated with the home life of the Koote
nay. By the close of the Contest
now being held in connection with our
paper we shall have all the arrangements made to produce a first class
home paper much in excess in quality
to anything  previously given  to  the
citizens of Cranbrook and district
•   •   #   •
The district of Cranbrook has, tor
the last three or four weeks, heen sub
jected to a series of downfalls of rain
in fact more rain has been seen in the
district recently beyond the knowledge of any of the oldest inhabitants
We nre hoping to see a little more of
tbe sunshine which this valley ia
wonted to enjoy. Nevertheless the
excellence of the fruit which is being
brought into thc city (rom the ranches in the district nnd especially those
which nre close in to the city Is un
unquestionable proof of the productive worth of the land as fruit-growing worth and unmistakeahly refutes
any statements ever made to the contrary.
A visitor coming to the city is
often spoken to by some citizen or
business man of the city and told
that the city is no good. We venture
to assert that anyone making such an
assertion knows no mote about what
he is talking than a tly realises the
deseases that are laid to its door.
These are the people who once in a
while at any rate who, il they woo\d
only leave the four walls of their
store ur house, as tli.' case may be,
and take u round of the city—you can
do it comfortably by walking—would
assuredly have their eyes open and
■■oul.I without a doubt increase the
worth of their knowledge of the city
and district. We have absolutely the
best city with the largest possibilities
in the best province in the country.
Take a lesson and be an helper to
those who are trying to do the best
they can tor the city in general and
Inctdently for the individual—lor all
will reap some of the bene tits which
come this way.
In another part of our paper will
he found a new city bylaw which the
city fathers have seen tit to place before the ratepayers of the city for the
purpose of raising the sum ol 120.000
to complete the sewerage system
A'hich bus been begun in the welfare
of the citizens of Cranbrook. This
bylaw is to be voted upon on the Tth
if August when it i? hoped it wilt re-
•ei ve the endorsnient of the ratepayers of the city. Whatever might
he the individual views of the several
ratepayers in question, it is hoped
these will be forgotten for the time
being and a full vote in its favor be
given. The work has been started
[ind it would be a crying shame to se
it receive a setback at this time, we
may not all he in accord with the
methods that have been employed on
this work, but it MUST BE FINISHED ALL COST to the individual
benctit of all concerned. Take a look
at the bylaw for yourself and if there
is anything you would like to comment, upon, don't keep all the knowledge to yourself but write them on
paper and send tbem into our office
it might then be the means of helping
someone else in forming an  opinion.
■ ■ ■
Grace V. Bonner li
Impersonator & Ventriloquist
A Drama in Four Acts
; Epworth League Lawn Social ::
; i Tuesday, July 30th, at 8:30 p.m. ii
25c and 50c
, i-m-h-h II I 11I-H-1-H-H--1-H--I
'.',    Drinks   ol   all   kinds can lie had at mv sture lur
. i use during the coming hot weather.
'•'• Thirteen different flavours.
Dal ton's Lemonade
fi? Lime Juice
i   Just   received   a   Carload   of  Six Hundred Cases
Fremont Grape  Juice.    An  unfermented
Grape    Temperance    Wine.
I   A full line ol domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars.     Bar Glasses, etc.
Canadian Real Estate
in Britain
The operations of the Canadian
land shark hnve taken a firm grip of
Great Britain, Investors throughout
the Old Country are being solicited
to purchase Canadian real estate,
some good and much bad. The Monetary Times has drawn attention to
the line of demarcation.
There are excellent opportunities
for investment in Canadian land, but
for every five which are being offered
today, there are a hundred worthiest!
proposals. The investor, therefore,
baa to use the tlnest art of discrimination.
The council ot the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in London deserves
credit for its recent action in passing important resolutions bearing directly on this matter. We produce
them  In  detail —
"Resolved: That the members ol
the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
dealing in Canadian real estate iu
the United Kingdom be asked to
asked to pledge themselves:—
"A.   Not to ofter for sale any landa
described as Canad.au town lots,   or
Blruilarly termed, fl plan ol which has
not  been    registered   loi   subdivision
iu accordance with the provisions ol
the local Land Titles Act in Canada.
•*H   Not     to publish or distribute
any map ot plan -'( ,.ny property m
tended to promote the sale ol     that
property as town lots which does not
show   the  whole     town  in      or    neat
Which     the property is situate,    and
which does not bear on the lace ot It
the  following  information. —
I    "ini   Tbe scale,  which may not be
! less     than   two    inches to oue mile.
! (This applies to cities which at     the
I last census had a population of 100.-
! t)U0 or     under,    ln respect     to cities
l having a larger population u smaller
j scale   key   plan  may   be   used. i   from
j recognized  centre  of  the  town.
j    "(c)   The  existing   boundaries     of
the Municipality.
'(di The land registered for subdivision marked distinctively in color, shading or otherwise.
"(e) Population of the town at
the last census.
"ifi The address of land titles ofh
es where original plan of subdivision
is tiled.
'Resolved That this council shall
issue an advisory notice in the public press urging prospective purchasers of land or plots of land said to
be In or near towns in Canada to invariably require that the persons
from whom they are buying the land
should furnish them with a map or
plan framed according to the previous resolution."
This should help the British investor. The Monetary Times believes
that Canadian authorities are somewhat to blame for their failure, with
one or two exceptions, to regulate
the unscrupulous land selling which
has been indulged in, both eaat and
west. Those who wish to place their
funds in Canadian rea testate—and it
affords remunerative channels (or Investment—-should ask the counsel of
unbiased authorities. They need not
ces which must he the fate of those
who purchase real estnte through the
media of blue prints and prevarication.—The Week,   Victoria.
Fruit Growers Pleased
Special to the Prospector
Blko, B.C.—A daily mail service
lor Klko has now been put into operation by the Great Northern in competition with u similar service of the
C.P.R. in effect for some time past,
This move of the Oreat Northern is
regarded ns a timely recognition of
the increasing importance of the district as a production and distributing centre fnr a wide extent of territory. Situated as it iu within IK
miles of Kernie and only 165 miles
west of Lethhrldge and Kast of Cran-
brookby some 4f> miles; besides being
tt the heart of a rich fruit growing
and mining region. Klko has attract
i-d widespread attention on the part
of capitalists mid investors who have
been chiefly Impressed with present
rapid increases in values throughout
the district. Klko Iruit-growers express special satisfaction with the
move of the railway officials. Fruit
farming nud marker gardening have
been greatly stimulated in recent
weekH by tlic arrival id a large number of fruit-growers from West Kootenay and the United States. The
fact. that, the district Is served by :i
lines o| railway Is proving ti strong
drawing card; while it is also pointed
out tbnt the Klko fruit  growing dis
trict Ih in cloRer proximity to the
best Alberta markets thnn any of the
other producing districts of Urltluli
Columbia i
Baptist Church
Bev. 0. K. Kendall
Morning Worship,  II  a.   m., Topic
A Beautiful Bed Room Suite
Adds beauty to your home and makes
your wife love you all the more. Our
Stock of Furniture is in Excellent Condition for your choosing.
If you are contemplating further furnishings for your home, we will be pleased
to show you through our show-room
and quote prices.
Our Mr. Chapman knows how Furniture
should be made and is always glad to
explain in detail—he will be pleased to
have you call.
Our First Thought
We Back Up
Every Sale With a
********* I ************** ***** till 11 ********** ************ I "I ** I l'IHWfHI+1 ■**** III I-11 IHI'
<   H   I
***** I H 111111 M 11 *** III llllllll* 11 HI 4111 H-l 11 **************** I4WIMHIHIIU IHU H
■ ltiHi.irittii.il   KiitlK-'vl  from   uhHcure
iiiliilHtHrn   Aiulrew tht Apostle."
Httmtuy achnol, II p. in.
KvMiln"  WoMlilp, 7-S0 b.  m,,Topic
An Honest I'ebter'e limihl* Dispelled."   A iiirtllul Invitation Ih eitendml
to nil.
NOTICK la hareliy given that   tht
CURFEW  1IKI.I.  will lit run« every
nlf-lit, commenoInK July int.li. ihi*.
lloya ami "Iris umler IC yeura ol nne.
are not allowed on tlio streets nfter
nine o'clock iiiiIi-hh accompanied by
their parentH or itunrdlaiis. In tbe
Iuture the Curlew Act le to be etrlct-
ly enforced.
Scobell'a Liquor, Tobacco
•nd Drill* Cure L'j
Alcohol, Tob-cco led DrUffl.   It <
a*acla alliiolt lnataallf~ramov(
Alto, taking Ihi liaatmaut there win novir Many
■aid toWrlnk Itltol-cauta if HM drill again. Can
M |l>.n Mcr.lly.  Wi hati rat lo haar ol ono
failure.  MallM under Mbirilt covar to ant ad* THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
THE CANDIDATE, in the  "Prospector's"   Prize Distribution   Circulation   Campaign,   who   turns   in   the
MOST MONEY on Subscriptions
1I1S & JULY a IT 111
Will be Awarded a Special Prize of
Make up your mind to Win this Cash Prize—Some one must Win.   Why not you?   Only business
turned in during the Second Voting Period counts on   this Prize.
This Period Closes Next Wednesday Night
At 9:00 O'clock P.M.
Now on Display
Call  and See tht Four   Diamond  Rings  and  the Four Gold Watches which will be Awarded as
Prizes in the Great Circulation Contest.
Onlv 18 More Working; Davs
of Contest Left!
Make the Most of Every Minute from Now until the Close.   The Winner of the Capital Prize-
will be Paid at the Rate of $150.00 a Week.   Doesn't this seem like Fair Pay  for the amount of
time you are devoting to the Contest.
You Can Win If You Will!
Now Tells of the Wonderful  Result!
Obtained by the Use of
Sciatica, neuralgia and sciatic rlieu-
mat ism urn tliu result ot a run-down
nervous system. Tor tills reason
all treatment!) must necessarily fail
which do not build uu tbo nervous
Mr. (-.illlu.- Buttered for twenty-five
years and never was able to obtain
satisfactory treatment until ho began
the use ot Dr. Chase's Nerve rood ,
and Kidney-Liver Pills. While the
Nerve Food forms new blood and restores the exhausted nervous system,
the K'.dney-Llver I'llls Invigorate the
action ot kidneys, liver and bowels,  j
Mr W. T. Collins. Morpeth, Ont.,
writes: "II affords me pleasure to be
able l„ speak favorably of two of Dr.
Chase's uiodlclnes—the Nerve Food I
and Kldney-Llver I'llls I bad been
a sufferer for twenty-live years from
sciatica, lumbago and neuralgia and
tried almost all llie medicines 1 could
hear of, without one particle r.f
benefit, until 1 commenced to use Dr.;
Chase's. I noticed an Improvement
baton I had used two botes, ami the
benefits obtained by continued use
have been wonderful. I have so:
much conddenco In theso two medicines that I have recommended thorn
to dozens of my friends, and I bave:
yet lo I.ear of a single case in which
they failed  to give satisfaction."
Dr. Chase's medicines are Tor sale;
by all dealers, or Kdmaiisou, Bates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
*. w
Origin of Electric Terms
The ampere which Is the unit of
volume, ts French, taken from the
name it Andre Marie Ampere, who
founded the science of electrio dynamics. The Volt which Is lhe unit of
the pressure which causes the current
to flow, is Italian. The watt., which
Is the unit of energy, and the product of Hie volt and ampere. Is Eng-
Hsh. The ohm, which is the measure of resistance, Is characteristically German- The United States;
lwasls inly one electric term so far.
the henry, which Is the unit nf self-
Induction. -Scientific American.
Take Their Chances
And now lhal you an through col-
leg", what are you going to do?
I shall study medicine.
Rather crowded profession already
isn't It?
Can't help that. I shall study med-|
iclne. and those who ore already Ini
the profession will have to take their j
chances, that's all— London Opinion.
Said the navy chaplain lo llie mar-
Ine, lo whom lie was endeavoring to1;
demonstrate the undealrablllty ot to-;
hacco: "After all, lllll, you must relied that In all creation there Is not
to he found any animal except man.
that smokes."     'I'he marine sniffed.!
Ves,  he agreed, and you  won't   find j
either any other animal in all creation
thii cooks ns feod.
London Is Studded With Associations
ol Great  Men.
'As ono may well imagine, a city ol
London's antiquity, greatness, ami
size is rich in the possession it historic houses; hut. alas! it has nolbiiig
lilts the number it ought to have,
luul they boon properly treasured and
preserved by the nation. In this respect, however, ono must in fairness
add that qjlier nations do not show
any groalei sentiment regarding their
historic houses than the English, says
a London writer.
I propose to point out lir-t a few
London houses made [anions ns being tho temporary abode i f some of
our great statesmen. In this connection one's mind at onco turns to Lord
Beaconslield. He was born at 23
Theobald's road, opposite Cray's Inn
Gardens, and at Inter periods "i Ins
lile lived at 5 Bloomsbury su.uurc. 2
Whitehall gardens, 211 Park lane, and
at 19 Curzon street, Maytnlr, where
he breathed his last. Next u.cnlwii
should be made of some oi the duel,,
ing places ot his great opponent. Wll.
Ham Kivait Gladstone. Amongst these
were 11 Carlton Houso terrace, Hi
Buckingham gate, and 10 St. James'
square. .
Other houses oi famo-.i' politicians-
include o" Conduit street, the residence oIGeorge Canning; IS Clifford
street, the home of John liriglit; 37
Cierrard street, wliere lived Kdmund
Burke; 23 Suffolk street. Haymarket,
the death place ol Richard Col,len;
6 Arlington street. Piccadilly, the resi-
rienoe of "-ir Hubert Watpole: 4 Whitehall gardens, where Sir Uobcr', I'eel
died alter his lamentable accident
whilst riding in Constitution bill;
and H York r'ace. Uakcr street, the
residence ol William l'itt. Bis father, the greet Karl ot Chatham, re-
Bided at Hi "t. James' square, a house
specially to be noted as being the
llouie at different periods t:f no fewer
than three Prime Ministers : ame y.
the one just mentioned, the iour-
iteenth Earl o! Derby, and William
JKwart Gladstone. Bi :'■ ti • i -. the
1 state-men, mention must, of ei arse,
ibe made of tho most I storio and
| famous hoiise oi all — lo Downing
street, the official residence -:' tiie
First f.or-1 o: the Treasury, a- i the
home of most of England's :': tne
Ministers during the past t-s centuries.
Two of our ere..--'-* n velists.
Charles Dickens and William Make-
peace Thackeray, were apparently
very lond of moving, their places of
abode being extremely numerous. No
fewer than twelve houses are known
ss being the residences-of Dickens;
tablets are to bo found on 1 Devon-
shire terrace, Marylebone, and -B
Doughty street. Thackeray's houses
were ratber lers numerous, but yet i
know of as many as nine. These include 111 Young' street. Kensington,
at 'ii Clerkenwell road, and in this
whero ho wrote "Vanity i'air"; ell
Onslow square. South Kensington;
and 3 Palace green, Kensington,
where he died.
1 now want to mention the greatest
man England has ever produced —
Francis lliicou. who lived l„r considerable periods at Canojibury 'lower, Islington. This is an unusually
interesting houso, (or here Bacon was
visile,! on moro than on,, occasion
hy Queen Elizabeth, and it was also
Hie temporary home of several other
celebrities, Including (lliver Goldsmith, who died at i llliek court,
fristm rf'Acunha Ii a Tiny Oatii In a
Wilder-nest ot Watar,
i WliL-n Napoleon wnn Btju't to St. Hei-
iMia It was tho. I flit that tho loneliest
plitee on eaitli ii.ui been assigned to
lilm us it prison. But St Helena Is
1,-100 miles imnror a continent than Is
Tristan U'Acuniui, Mini'/ bnudred of
of miles of ocean lie between this lain nil nml Its nearest nelyhbot*. Tristan,
In short. Is a tluy on sis in a bounties.**
wilderness or waters, no from It In
which direction yon will.
It Is a rocky nnd clltr girt little isle,
wllh a solitary mountain 1,000 feet
high reining Itself from the midst
Yet on this lonely speck of rock nnd
earth thero lives a community seemingly hnppy lu their isolation from all
the rest of lhe world. Tliey nre farmers, cattle misers and shepherds, lu
tho valleys ot the Island nro fertile
He Id 9, where potatoes mainly uro
grown. The fond of the people consists
tor the most part of beet, mutton,
fowls, potatoes nnd fish,
Tristan used formerly to produce
many fruits and vegetables which can
no longer he grown there. Tlio reason
of this ts that tlm island for a long
time wus overrun hy ruts which escaped from a ship thnt anchored there
and which the people have been unable. It te said, ever entirely to extec*
mluatu.— Harper's Weekly,
Curious Nest of the Littl* Brown Wnn
of Central Amarica.
' The III tie brown wren of Central
America builds a nest th.it ahould no-
long to a bird tlve or nix times aa
largo as it is, and, to prevent other
birds from disturbing its home while
It Is away it builds us a protection a
fence of thorns leading to it.
Wben Madam Wren looks for a
home site, Bays a writer In lhe Ave
Maria, aha selects a tree wheie two
branches lie parallel about two feet
apart. Across these two branches she
aud ber mute lay a Jittle platform
about tive feet tu length. Kent the
trunk of the tree is built a dome
shaped nest about a foot In height
Tbe aides of tbls oest are ad Inter*
woven with thorns.
Next a covered passageway Is built
from the neat to tbe end of the platform lu as crooked a manner es ihjs-
slble. Thorns stick out In all directions Just as In the nest Hseif. und
every few Inches on the inside of the
tnnuel little fences ot thorns are
placed ln auch a way that any creature uot familiar with the passageway
will get badly pricked. Finally across
tbe outer end of the tunnel Is a movable gateway of thorns.
Mlnard's l.tnlmcnl Co., I-tmllcrt.
(..■tils, I cured a valuable hunting
dog or mange wiih MINAU1VS UNI-
MKNT afler several veturliunieu had
treated him without doing him any
permanent good.
Yours, &<*.,
Wll.l-Mtll) GAGNE
Prop.  *r Grand Pentral Hotel, Drum*
mumlville, Aug. .1, '01.
Better Begin on the Palings
Mias Margaret Mudsay Williams
-Alio has won llie gold medal of the
Royal Academy whlrh carries with lt
a travelling scholarship of IL'OU. is
the Chil8t.au World states, (lie daughter ot a deacon ot Barry Congregational church< She is the youngest
artlsi ever to attain this high distinction, aud It Is Interesting that her! and not sung,
tint nule ffforls in art were madoj lu an able sermon, dealing with the
ou behulf ot a ha«aar for the building subject ol tho Ascension, the rector
fund of Harry church. Ten years] salt] that unfortunately f'<r Kngland
ago, a- a girl of thirteen, ahe begged there wa* a decay in religiou* worker f» hor hi let hor paint something|ship,
(or (he sale.     Botter begin on tho l — — ■ 	
Congregation of One.
Onrt of tli" strangest services ever
held in a Somerset church was that
which took place on Sunday morning recently at the pleasant little village of Rolton,
The only worshipper, besides the
aged rector himself, was a newspaper
representative; and the two, surrounded hy empty pews, went through
the lull Anglican service, witli many
angels, as the rector said, ss their
On his arrival at Helton Parish
Church at 10.55, writes the correspondent, 1 (mind the wcoden gate fastened by a loop of string. Having
unfastened It, 1 walked through the
utjeut utb-u into the church, where
the rector, Rev. Joseph Sorrell, wa-*
already engaged in reading the
I'saluH to empty pews.
The rector, although over ?0 years
of ac--. conducted the service in a
vigorous and devoted manner. There
was only one hymn which was read
front palings, W8B her father's joking
reply t i the girl who lhls year had a
Uae picturo ou the line In tho Academy, and is now adjudged "gold med-
allst"-—the flrst student of her year
at the Academy of Art Bchool,
Recently a number of Chinese children have bf-eu found In tho Streets
of Paris and takeu before lhe rnngls-
trates as vagabonds, These children
were brought io Franco hy showmen
to perform as acrobats Afier a few
monthi their performancea having lost.
their novelty and ceased to attract,
the niaitrgora abandoned them. They
have hern laken to tho Chinese Legation to he sent homo Hut lli-y
don'l want to go home. Tho beautiful City of Paris Is more to their
Humor* In the Cemmens.
In lhe course of a debate on education in the BritUh House of Commons a well known scholar once -aid.
".Mr. Speaker, wc have listened wllh'
considerable satisfaction to certain
things thnt have unen said hy the
right honorable gentlemnn, but I am
bound  10  add   thai   we  haw  li-de-in-d
with great diji-ppolntment to certaiu
things which we expected t<> hear,
but which  were not said I"
On another occasion a well known
member ol tho lewlsh race obierved
in th° course ol a dry as dull de.
hat.^. "We owe much to tli" •lows."
Whereupon a voice In » remote cor.
nor caused roars <,f laughter by Baying: "We do'. We (JoI"—London Mill.
The Pill That Leads Them All—
Pills :.re the most portable and compact cf all medicines, and when easy
t j take are th** most acceptable of
preparations. Hut the;- must attest
their power to he popular .As Parm*
elee's Vegetable PUls ate the most
popular of all pills they must fully
meet all requirements. Accurately
compounded and composed of Ingredients proven to he effective lu regulating the digestive organs, there is
no surer medicine to be hud anywhere.
Appendicitis Causes
The question has again been raised
lu m.-die: I journals as to whether the
Increase l:t the frequency of appendicitis iu recent years may not he due
to minute particles of iron- The old
mtlhUonoa that ground so slowly dnd
ground smalt enough in the old days
have passed away, und it Is suspected
that these particles of iron come from
the rollers now used In grinding
wheat. Some medical authorities
suggest that these particles Hnd
their way Into the appendix where
they form the nucleus of a concretion. Cases are cited where bullets
and shot have been met with, having
come as a kind of surgical dessert to
the eating oi' game; also bunches of
bristles from a too vigorous use of
ihe toothbrush.—Indianapolis News.
The  more  faults a  man  has  the
more he believes In heredity.
Infant Politicians.
\   That tho late \V. S. Gilbert's con-
tentlon In comic opera that every lit-
j tin child horn In England is either a
Her Yearning little Mbtral ot a little Conservative,
Llttlo MarJ trie Louis leaned on her !»"_*_»Pf<JiiJ "H'1/™1''--1 ,'" #on£«1
Marriage la a partnership, generally
with ono silent  partner.
Reform In Surgery
That surgeons lu recent years, In
very recent years, have to some extent come to the opinion that the unfortunate person who may furnish
ihem opportunity for the display of
their hklll In the use of saw aud knife
Is himself worthy of some consideration cpart from the beautiful operation. Is a mutter of congratulation.
not to the surgeons, but lo ourselves
of the laity- It has not. been bo
many moons ago when a surgeon
knife in hand, was ready to pounce
upon a patient keen to operate without conblderlng whether the operation
might nit he n graver source of danger than the deceased condition Itself.
There has recently developed, says
the New York Medical Record, the
opposite tendency. This strives to
counteract the unbounded enthusiasm of the technician for an Immediate sirgieal Interference, a tendency
to study the patient as well as his
disease, to consider the factors of
safety present in the Individual un*
ii •)■ consideration tind to take all possible means of increasing the chance
of recovery from the operation Itself
as well as from the dlieftSO,
Pad and Present
Perseverance and determination are
admirable qualities provided tliey
ure exercised iu a good cause, but
wheu these virtues ure prostituted to
mi ulster to Bullishness thoy are dangerous lo the commonwealth und must
bo resisted with cu,iiul perseverance
aud determination.
Tills U the situation In Northwost-
ern Canada today. On ono hand
stands a thoroughly united band ot
grain deaterH. and on llie oilier hand
there are the farmers, llie produeei-8
ot tlio country. The grain men are
using every means iu their power to
exploit Hie farmeni.  • ■    .   („
Tiie history of Iho grain trade In
the Wist Is ono ot a continual struggle by tho grain producers tor fair
ircninicin nt the hands of tlio grain
dealers. The struggle dates hack to
tho emly eighties "wheu the ilrst frosted grain was put ou lhe market. The
main men refused to buy the damaged wheat nud caused much silt-
[erlng all through lhe southern pans
of Manitoba. Noi only farmers, luii
m'i chain i as well were brought to
the brltlk of bankruptcy, The groin
men .il that time Bought lo reduce
'lie price of wheat to lhe lowest
level.     Then the    fnrmers met ami
| uinile arrangements to ship their own
grain to Iho    Eastern    dealers    The
: C.P.R. aided them by arranging to
! have ihe gralu Bhipped through to
Sarnln where li was disposed of. As
a result every bushel oltecod wns sold
nl fair prices. As soon as the western gralu dealers saw ttl.it the farm-
; ers luul loillid a way to dispose Ol
their crop, they were quite willing to
gol tuto ilie mark, t too.
This Is a fair sample of the tactics
of the grain men. They are determined to control the grain trade of
: the West Their latest scheme Is
the sample market. Should thev get
that, they win again control the sale
ol wheat
i A sample market iu Winnipeg Is
asked for. As a Justification, the
sample market in Minneapolis Is quoted. Bul the conditions are not the
same lu these two places.      In   the
. lirst place, there are a greal nianv
more railways running Into Minneapolis than Into Winnipeg, therefore
the worl; of re shipping the ears
alter     the     grain     is     sold     is
' spread umong more companies und
consequents the cars are moved more
quickly. Then, owing to the big
mills  located  ill    Minneapolis,    over
. seventy per cent of the wheat received in that cliy is milled there.
while not more than four per cent of
lhe wheat taken Into Winnipeg Is
milled at. thai point, and (he remainder is shipped on.
Another claim made In favor of a
sample market Is that the farmers
will receive a belter price for llielr
grain. The plea put forth Is that
a carload of grain that would Just
miss grading No, 1. 1i,ib under the pre-
! sent system to be graded No. 2,
whereas lf a sample market were ln
effect, that carload    of grain   would
; bring one or two cents per bushel
over lhe price of No. 2. and by mixing
It with a carload that was a little over
No. 3 would make two carloads of Xo.
Rut experience proves Its fallacy.
We had grain mixing practised openly
for years, hut no one except the grain
dealer gained hy It. A sample
market would kill competition as the
men who operate lt are the Bame
men who every day until recently,
named Hie prlee to be paid for wheat
at every buying point In the Western
provinces, and by an agreement
amongst themselves would name the
price to be paid oh the sample market. You cannot expect to gather
grapes rrom thorns or figs from thistles.
There is at prespnt a grain board
that meets every fall and decides on
the grades. If they do their duty
properly there ls no need whatever
for mixing, and at any rate experience
has taught that the farmers would
never obtain the benefit of the mixing.
Another important fact Is that the
mixing of grain will certainly result
In lowering the standard of Western
Canadian wheat in Great Britain, who
is our chief buyer.
We notice ln the dally papers the
Minister of Trade and Commerce, at
Ottawa, has given notice of the Intention of the government to establish sample markets before the crop
of t'.tn is put on the markets. There
Is therefore no time lo bo Inst by
Western farmers nnd others Interested In fair play being given to them,
In taking steps to prevent the groin
trade being handed over to men who
have proveu themselves utterly un
worthy of confidence.
The rock of adversity generally bos
a lill.- rye ou the side.
grandmamma's knee
■md gazed into H Pr'jV,'ll DJ' a reference to the turtli
apace wllh a particularly soulful 8X. certificate, tiled at the ell" li»H there.
<ii,.  grandmother,  she  hurst  out.h"llioh  'he word    Nationality     Iim
auddenly.     I lust long lo grow up and   ' " """J,l""1 •••J.M ,™ '''"','1 , '-'J"
ertr or   Conservative   Inserted   In
big lady ami have corns
'-- DOIiOS
\    ■'lv, -V
I".'   "loHT'S Dl* V...
W  N. 'J. 906
fond iiarent iim.le it "1
I tionatlit."
! Chalk   Iir  Cual.
| In England thera is a cimlk which
| in very encap nii'l .-an In burned in a
' grille with coal.
Th« Meiqulte Plant.
Iii Norlliorn Nigeria thore li a tree,
called iii Rclontljlo Inn-fiisgn Oclmiitn
viride, wlm li me-'i'i.t'.' cannot loler-
nto. Two ,,r tine- plant, kept in every room ami placed Along the veriiti-
di aro enough to -hul mil trespass*
inu Insects, \ tnoiqtitl i gently in-
olomiil tu a leal of tie plnnl will Ime
onnsciousnest ■ i a lew ■eeontls, 'iho
lirtliseil leal In, a scent nnl unlike
Hint ol wild Ihymo aid oitcnlyplill.
'llie unlive, i,| northern Ni-p-iia pre-
lor nu Infusion ol Its loavoi l > flttln-
me iu malarial lovor built I tr lliein-
solves nud their children.
"Soma aeieniist has declared that
there Is ns much strength In Hire*
eggs as lliero Is In o pound or beef-
steak," suld Hm observer.
"Well." replied the actor, "I met on
egg once Unit WOUld bnve eliminated
llie other two egga trom thnt limposl-
On Principle.
I llerl lnerioiisl/l-1 tiemd pa tell ma
tie wus gum' to ling me on principle nft-
' er prnyers tonight. What's principle,
Hilly? Hllly-I think lf» somewhere nt
Hie liiiek, llerl. Tlm last time lie
flogged me on principle I Imd to sit
sideways for mme'-, s fortnight—' IB.
rVin TU llll.:
one War te Leek at Ib
j    "A   man always gets on easier by
Inking his wlfn's advice."
I    -'Yes,"    answered    Mr.    Meeklon.
j "When things turn eut liadly tln-re
| Isn't *n much said."
I A busybody la always malevolent.-
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Many Sea Devils
Theso animals are quite numerous
along the coast lot) to 200 miles
south of here, Tliey are adapted to
both salt and fresh waler. A alraug;
featur. of their appearance lu the
waters along the coast Is that tinware usually accompanied by a school
of sea devils, great sea monsters Ire
quenily weighing as much aa 4,1,01)
pounds each. Oue ot lliein wben harpooned lias been known lo drag twine
ty bouts, hitched laiuleni. each currying two men.
Such an experience came two or
three years ago ut Aransas 1'oss to a
parly of lisherinen among whom
wen, John W Itolililns then stuto
treasurer; VV. 0. Sterrett, present
stale game, tlsh and oyster commissioner, and ,1. W. Maxwell, of Austin,
u not, d big game hunter nnd llnher-
num. They were Hailing just off the
lillle town or Tarpon when a sea
ibvii of extraordinary size came to
Hie surface near one of the boats.
A boiilmaii sank a harpoon deep Into
lis boily, llm harpoon being secured
to the l.onl by a Hue.    The sea devil
made off at lightning si d.     Ah the
boat to wlileli H was attached passed
the boats ouch threw a line, anil twenty boats carrying 40 tno-i were towed
by Ilio gluiit animal. 'Tliey bad Hluck
in Ii ror six hours, when It bended out
toward tho ocean Then Ihn men
raised ihn signal of distress nud u
Hfo-Hnv.ni', crew ou Harbor Island row-
ad nut and shut the sler
One ol the Most Remarkable Changes
of Diet on Record
One of the most remarkable
changes of ulet on record was that of
the kea, or mountain parrot of New
Zealand. Originally a vegetarian, it
sii'ldenly took to killing sheep und
lambs, devouring certain tlt-blts to
which it had taken a liking and leaving the rest of the carcase untouched.
Owing to these ravages the flock-owners und the Government have been
waging a war of extermination
against the keas that are Interfering
with the human liklug fnr fleshy food.
Even the sheep at the Antipodes
have "developed the carnlverous habit," as a Melbourne paper puts lt.
They have taken to attacking and eat-
iug each other aB well as rabbits,
which are still very numerous In Australia In spite ot the prodigious
quantities of them that are every year
trapped, tinned and exported. So
far the phenomenon ot the carnlverous sheep has not been noticed outside tin southern district of New
South Wales, but the news will doubt-
lelss soon spread. One paper thinks
it possible that Australia may evolve
a "wild man-eating merino" that will
provide good sport for big-game hunters.
Routing Ennui
Bliffklns and his wife live In one of
those fashionable, childless apartment
houses.     The visiting friend sprat1*.
Say, what became ot that prel.iv
bull terrier you used to have around
to keep Mrs. Bllffklus company during the day?
The management wouldn't stand
for it so we gave him awray. We ventured a canary, but they kicked on
that. I auggested some goldfish, bit
Mrs. Bliffklns said they reminded ii-).
i,l swimming snakes.
How did you finally agree
Excellently, I bought her one of
those Mexican jumping beans. It's
cute as it can be. Say, Clara, get
our little Pedro and make him do
some of his stunts.—St. Louis Republic.
Te Quit the Stsgs.
Mr. Forbes Robertson is about to
set out ou fareweft tours in England
and America. He is now approaching
his sixtieth birthday, and alter
spending forty years on the stage he
feels that he has well earn.nl a period of leisure.
Both in Kngland and America the
public aro loth to part with an actor
ol the distinction of Mr. Knliertson.
It is doubtful whether there has ever
been such a line Hamlet, and llie
public will ever remember his portrayal ol the character ol Dick, the
blind war correspondent, in "The
Light That Failed, or bis association
with Mrs. Patrick Campbell in "Ro.
men and Juliet."
During the past lew years he haa
scored a phenomenal success with
Jerome's play, "Thn Passing ol Hie
Third Floor Rack." It is natural
that he should seek a well-earnod
rest, hut it is certain that the stage
can ill spare him, lor at the present
time there is no oue to take his
An Explanation.
In one year Die aurora borealis was
seen one night as fcir south as Wiltshire. The inhabitants ol a certain
village assembled to witness the unwonted spectacle. Many wore the
inquiries as tn what it was when a
women exclaimed: "Do thee send for
our .luck. He's a scholard. I'll lie
bound he'll gie un a nosinel" When
.lock arrived he Jooked upward and
said, "Oh, it's only a phenomenon 1"
"There," said the .delighted mother,
"didn't I tell 'ee he'd gie un a
■learner"—London Notes and Queries
Two Indian Armies.
Comprising Hu- northern srmy am!
tin- southern tirttiy Ktlglond's forcel
in India arc divided into two sections
Thn headquarters ol tlm former art
at lluwiil Pliidi, ol the latter ut Poona
A Soft Snap    '
The lloy-llllllv gen!    When I grow
up I'm going slier u political Job.
The Man   What ror'.'
Hoy   Hii'ii I can go lo the hall
HtVuit's every afternoon.    •«
^ Mucn Aime   , ,    ,
Costlgait   linil i. say yuu ain't -lone]
nolhln '
for by  the
All' why not?
Because  that  Isn I   good
Faith, I'm glnd lo hear ll,
powers, imyther am I - •
Catholic Biandard and Times.
India's  Moving. |
Arrangements nri prueeedlpg rapidly for tlm removal of the ivlnler capital o| India Irom Calcutta to Delhi,
the niiniiitTiceii'ietil ol which was the
most striking event ol the late durbar. 11 is now cxpccled Hint by next
.Inimary accommodation for all departments of the (iovernment will be
In readiness at Delhi, while Hie tin-
anen and eomplrollor general's do-
niirtiiiciiU ate expected to move uc*t,
Meciittse aliian cunitot hear a dew1
drop is no sign that hu is deal, nor
'* ft a sign nT blindness because he
never law a hor,c liy, n board walk,
a stoni fence, a dog's pants, a ropn
walk or a clam buke.
Farmers Everywhere    Preparing    tc
Compel- for the Valuable Prenv
* I urns at Exposition
Tho Interest in' the "grand sweepstake prizes In tho several grain
classes of the International Dry-
Farmed Products Exposition, to be
held at Lethbrldge, Alberta, next October, has Increased and the number I
of premiums have likewise multiplied.
The Itumley tractor stands as the
premier premium offered for the host
bushel ot hard wheat grown under
dry-farming conditions, or where the i
annual precipitation Is less than 20 j
Inches, and where the land or anyl
part cf the farm haa not heen irrl- \
gated during the season. This pre-
niiuni has attracted a great deal of
attention, and many farmers are anx- j
ious to possess It. |
While tro.re is no other prize of-'
fered of value equal to the tractor,
■till It Is a noteworthy fact that three
of the other valuable prizes are do- j
nated by the International Harvester
Co., or through Its agencies, and I
these, too, are attracting a great deal i
ot atteution. The Oliver Chilled
Plow Works donated a ?500 gang 4-'
furrow plow, wrlk cither stubble or
breaker bases, to be delivered free
lo the winner from the nearest agency
of the Intermit Ion,, I Harvester Co. of
America, for the best bushel of oats
grown In Canada In 1912 under dry-
farming methods. For the best sheaf
of oats grown anywhere ln Ihe world
under dry-farming methods the International Harvester Co. donates a Mccormick grain hinder, ami for the
best peck of flax an International
currugated 22-wheel packer.
TakeGood Care
Of The Colts
It'a cheaper to raise colli than ta
buy hones. But IVa costly If you last
the colts. Keop a botllc of Kendall's
Sp'iviu Cure, handy. Tor tlilrty-liva
years haa proved it tlio safe, rcliabla
remedy for spavin, splint, curb, rin;;-
bono, bouy j-rowtl.3 aud Umcncsa
from other causes. •
Ke n d al I s S p a v i n Cure
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company     72
bmbur. F.II.. Vmu. V. S. A*
Corns and warta disappear when
treated with Holloway'a Corn Cure
without leaving a scar.
Shakespeare Exhibition
At the Shakespeare exhibition at
Earl's Court there Is a golden book
guarded by an attendant in brown
Elizabethan habit. Herein more or
less distinguished visitors to "Shakespeare's England" are invited to inscribe the!.- autographs, and many Interesting people from all parts of the
world have already done so. The
other day Mr. Winston Churchill was
prevailed upon to write his name in
tills book, which has as the first name
ln lt that of Queen Alexandra, followed Immediately by the autograph
ot her sister, the Empress Marie of
Russia. On the first page also,
among other autographs, are those of
Princess Victoria. Prince Arthur of
Connaught, Lord Howe and Lady III-
Yes, confessed Mr. Dorklns. It
serves me right. I engaged thu man
lo move our goods and I forgot, to
aak blm liow much he was going to
charge nu. for tho Job. If ever I do
such a tiling again, Maria, you can
have my head for a football.
lt would bo a good deal more profitable, John, said Mra. Dorklns, to
cut It up Into billiard balls.—Chicago
A Bit Superstitious
My poor wife! Burled on a Friday,
too!     I hope It won't bring mo bad
luck!—Pclo Mela.
It lias been discovered that kerosene lamps can be lighted with much
greater facility, especially when a
high wind la blowing If the wick
Is turned about halt an Inch or more
above lhe top of the burner and then
turned down again to Its normal
height before striking the match. This
will not cause the lamp to amoke,
but will make lighting a simpler matter, as the kerosene Is allowed to saturate thoroughly the top of the wick
by this method.
She Saw Her Finish
A widower belonging to a country
village lately led lo the altar a fourth
bride. After the honeymoon the happy couple settled down In his home,
and, ns the surrounding country was
new to the lady, she was anxious to
visit all the places of Interest iu tha
locality. Among the spots visited
was the village churchyard, and thero
the husband and wife paused before a
very elaborate tombstone, the property of the bridegroom. The bride, bolng a little short sighted, asked him
to read tho Inscription. ln solemn
tones he read:
Sacred to the memory of Ann, be--
loved    'ife of Joint—; also .lane. bc>
loved wife of John—; also Mary, beloved wife of John-
He stopped abruptly.
What are the words beneath? Inno-
cetitly osked the lady, and her horror
can be Imagined wben he read:—-
Be ye also ready.
Chief Justice Story attended a public dinner at Boston al which Edward
Everett was present. Desiring lu pay
a delicate compliment to the laito-'.
the learned Judge proposed, as a volunteer toast:
Pome follows merit wher Everett
The brilliant scholar rose and responded: To whatever heights Judicial learning mas- attain lu tbls country. It will never got above one story.
The applause which followed lasted
for twoaty minutes.
Madge—I thouglat you liked Charlie
bolter than Jack.
Marjurlc—But Jack  has proposed.
The Patlant'a Retort
Doctor—Well, I hope you profited by
my advice?
Patient—Yea, doctor; but   not   a->
much as you did.
It Is a mistake to suppose that a
grass widow is always in clover.
Sense of touch—I think sir, that
you are sluing on my hat.
Is yours a soft or a hard hat?
It Is a soft hat. air.
Then I am not sitting on It--Meggendorfer Blaetter.
Desperate Case—Mrs. Scrappy—i>:il
you see this. John? Woman Suing!
Can't Talk! Puzzles Doctors:
Scrappy—Mary, a womon's ton.-i.n
that can't talk would puzzle more loan
It takes nerve to allow a dentist It
kill one.
Why Have "Nerves?"
This Is tho reason why women have " aervea." When thoufhts ketfn te |ro.v
cloudy snd unoertsla, Impulses lag and Ihe vrarniafi et psla and distrait ate sent
like 'yins mei.agsi throughout limb, aad Iramt, straightway, nine tin,., in ten, a
womsnwill lay the cm- ol the trouble lo somo defect at the point where sue Unit
felt it. li It a headache, a bsoksohe, a ssnistlon ol irritability or twitching md
uncontrollable nervousness, something must ba wrong wllh tha head nr hack, a
woman naturally tsyi, but all the time the real trouble very often center. In Ihe
womanly organs. In nine oases out of ten the seat ol the difficulty is here, ami a
womsn should take rational treatment for its ouro, The local disorder and inflam*
motion of the delicate special organs ol lbs aei should bo tresled steadilv and
Dr. Pieree, during a lung period of practice, found that a prescription ntstle
from medicinal extracts of native root., without the use ol alcohol, relieved over ut)
per cent, of sueh esses. After iiiing this remedy lor many years in bit print* pr,<- -
tios he put It up In foi ni nf Dr. Pierce's 1-avorito Pfstoriptlon, that would make :.-
Je-illv procurable, nnd it can be had at any store where medlolnes are handler'
Mil*. Lit.A II. Hawkins, of Zeus, Vu.. writes: " i had hiffll t'.iliins iu beinlfl
for two yean -i,io'I nl thn time was not. able in sltenil lo my holiHnlelld dunes.
r.v**»la n*filw.-nwi Was my trouble nnd I was getting verv luul tun. ih.inl.- I.i |)n tor
Plereij-s li,,* /IiiSH, I iiiii well iiiiiI strong agnlii. I hsilt imtv three ttot.He, ul Puvoc
llo Proscription,' and used the -1.,><i..,, Tsblots,' 1 lmvo mithliiu but priilm r,:r
D.iL'l.ir Pierces wonderful medicines."
TAKU DU. PKiaCB'S PLI-: V.-AN.   I'lilXliTS I-Oll 1.1VI'll 11.13. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  H.C.
Every day IL Is becoming more and j
moro evident. II1.1L lho most ruinous
results to lho fanners of the West
would follow Lht! establishment of I
euiuple markets for grain at Winnipeg
and Kort William.
As 1 Blriki'-ig Instance ox the harm
that vKuld follow such a move, was
brought out at an Investigation of the
truffle congestion ou lho Canadian
railways before the Hallway Commission al Ottawa, ln giving ihelr testimony J. W. Leonard of the C.F.U.
aud W. 11. Bit-gar of ihe Grand Trunk
PaclHi muled that the congestion was
very largely owing to their Inability
to secure rolling stock from the mail'
ufaeLtirers as fasl us IL was required,
All tho car shops are behind bund
with outers In fact It Is Impossible
lor the car shoos to turn out. rolling
Cock as rapidly an tbe development
of llie country requires It. In lhls
connection ll was slated that the director*- or ouo company bad authorised tho expend I Lure of $19,000,000 in
rolling slock, but could got no linn lo
fill the orders.
It will be seen hy these iLulena-nls
which wen. uncontradicted, that the
congestion of traffic and car shortages
on the railways of the west are owing
to the exceedingly rapid development
of the country rather than to tho ne-
gleet or the railway companies. And
this wonderful development Is ns yet
only If its early stages, and whon ll
la completed how will our transport-
alien companies he able lo handle the
traffic: Tin grain congestion of last
fall wa-i bad enough but. with tho Increased acreage' under cultivation
each year the conditions will grow
worse as time passes, unless radical
measures are taken to prevent it.
Wltb these facts hi view, what can
be said of the criminal Tolly of establishing a sample market that will
at one stroke take away twenty-five
per cent of the cars now available
for the grain carrying trade. Before
many years pass the grain crop of
tbe west will be over five hundred million bushels. And when lhat time
comes, even providing that the sample market Is a qualified success,
which ia Impossible, lhe twenty-live
per cent lors of cars will still be as
great -u proportion as it would be If
the sample market were established
today. Any intelligent farmer can
figure out for himself what the loss
would be to him. were the sample
market established and the cars detained at Winnipeg as they would he
for from twenty-four to forty-eight
hours on every trip, and how much
wheat would be left in his granary
that would otherwise he Bhipped, sold
and paid for. Remember that It
w mid mean, under ordinary conditions, thai oue oushel out of every
four Is left on his hands at the close
ol navigation.
And why. In the name of ordinary
common sense should tbe farmer be
put to tbls loss and Inconvenience?
There Is no reason whatever for he
stands to lose at every turn. The
only parsons who could possibly be
benefited are the men who would
handle the wheat on the sample market, aud would mix It and fix it so as
to bring lhe most profit to themselves,
\t te lo the Interests of every farmer to carefully study thl-t sample
market question lu alt Its hearing--.
At present, ibe farmer la safeguarded
on every band by statutory laws
which are fairly well observed, aud
the farmer now has full control of
his own wheat on the market. If
he don't like to sell to the local dealer
for any reason, either ou account of
grade or -price, he ran ship himself.
The railway companies are compelled
by law to furnish lilm a car In his
turn : nd place It at a loading platform for hltn. At Winnipeg an honest grale la assured Iiim by a government Inspector and lhe wheat ls sold
at a fair market price. In short, he
te mas er of the situation.
Under the system of a sample mark-
-f. the opposite in the caae. The
farmer la master of nothing. His
wheat goes lo Winnipeg, a sample ls
placer on the table In the grain exchange and It is sold for whatever the
buyer chooses to give him. All tbo
guarau ees of fair play which he now
enjoys . re sacrificed, and his grain Is
placed at the disposal of a crowd ot
spectators, who agree amongst them*
selves not to bid one against another,
out to play Into each others hands
for their mutual benefit.
An attempt Is being made to mis-
tad lh! farmers on this matter, and
false Ideas and spurious arguments
a-e being used lo trap the unwary, lt
ThouMndt Have B«en Helped
By Common Sent*
Women M-fferlng from any form of f«-
me.li. HU *n invited to eonnnuniiaU
promptly with Ih.i women'n prints corn,-
•pr.n-lniu.-o aVpurtimmt of th* Lydia. E.
llnkMunMiidicin* Co., Lynn, M-n.
Your letlnr will ba opened, read and
an iw.-rwl by a woman and held In strict
conAdence. A woman can freely talk of
her private lllneM to a woman; thus has
b'»n established a confidential corrc-
epoo'Juni-e which has extended over
many years and which has never been
broken. Never hays they publlihed a
testimonial or used a letter wlliioot tha
written consent of tha writer, and never
hu the Company allowed these confidential Utters to (et out of their possession,
ll tba hundreds of thomands of tbem la
their DIM will attest
Out of tha vast volume of experience
which they have to draw from, It Is mora
than possible tbat they possess the very
knowledge needed In your cue. Nothing U uked In return except your good
Will, Md tbelr advice hu helped thou*
sands. Surely any
women, rich or poor,
should ba glad to
take advantage of
this generous offer
of uaUUnce. Ad-
htm Medicine Co.,
(conndenUat) Lynn,
? Every women engtit te here
tydU R. Plnkhnm'a 80-pago
Text Book. It is not e book for
general tUitrlbutlon, es It Is toe
expansive. It Is free and only
obtainable i»y mall, .Writ* fer
******!_    IO    •^■Sa-SB-i
Ib the old game of the eplilor and Hie'
fly. They make lho statement that
wheat which la between srudea will
brliiK a better prlee on a sumtile
market for purpose- of mixing with
lower qualities. Thia |a b fallacliiua
argument, The farmer knows by,
past experience Hint the only people
Thero Hive -c«n Eight In the Put
Forty-Five Years.
Canada's history   sinco  Cnnfedern*
linn largely groups itself nround the
 eight   l'lirliaineiilary    Premier,   who
In profit by the mixing of grain are. have been tho successive men nt tiie
th" dealers. In this regard a recent helm uf lhe Ship of State. Net only
Interview with Mr. J. II. Ilnslam Who | hns the national history focused it-
Is well known throughout the weat Is self upon Ihem. but tliey in tutu have
worthy of careful consideration. Mr. been determining factor, in creating
Haslai.i who has just returned from, much of tint history. I
Frost & Wood Binders
Widely used everywhere.   Perfect,  light running,
meet the hardest conditions of cutting and binding.
Europe ata tea that the western Can
mllan wheat Ir losing its pre-eminence
on the British mnrkot, ami he warns
llm farmers of the west that thoy
must. :.eo to It. that they send their
best wheat, pure trt llie Ohl Country If
The Premier or J'rinie Minister,
the First Citizen, wields Influence, aa
the head ot the political party in
power, more potent than that of the
King's representative, because lie
comes In   closer   contact   with    the
they wish to r.etaln their hold on thoj people through their chosen represen-
market am' secure thn best prices. Utlvea in Parliament, and cxerclaea
In tbe light of this, wbat becomes of | a legislative and administrative power
tbe mixing argument? Two quail* that touches their life snd interests
ties of wheat cannot  be mixed with* | Ht a hundred points.    Tliey I eeome.
out lowering one of them, and In doing so you reduce the standard of all,
It must never be forgotten that the
men who arc seeking to establish u
sample market are the men who have
always sought to exploit the wheat
trade of the west, to further their own
Interests am deprive tbe farmers or
h legit-mati-< price for their grain.
Japanese Waltzing Mice
Cause af Habit \n Defect In Inner Ear
Perhaps th*a most curious of all the,
sjtrange pels the Japanese affect is hi
species of mouse that waltzes through
the greater part of the waking hours
of Its life.     It is aald never to Ure.
In h word, experts In the science of
politics, and politics, in its higher
BMlse, creates much of the history of
a nation.
It is interesting, on thia the forty-
fifth anniversary of the establishment
of tho Dominion, to review the history of the country as centred in ita
Premiers. The list, in their order of
holding office, is as follows:
Sir John A. Macdonald, Cunserva-
five. 1807 to 187:1.
Hun. Alexander Mac'."ri7.le, Liberal,
IST,1. lo 1878.
Sir John  A.   Macdonald,  Conservative,  1878 to 1891.
■    Sir  J.  J.   C.   Abbott, Conservative,
Tbe Japanese walttstng   mouse   is, 1891 to 189*2.
black nnd white and has pink eyes.)    Sir John S. D. Thompson, Conaer-
Just about the time wben otber spec-! vative, 1892 to 180*1
ies of nice are beginning to learn to I    sjr   Mackenzie   IJowell,   Conserve-
walk this curious rod em commences tive, 1892 to 1896.*
to watt*. f    Si'r Charles Tupper. Bart., Conaer-
if several of the dancing mice are- „tive, 189fi - April 27 to July 8.
put In.o a cage they will sometimes |    g,r  WilfrW   Laurier,   Liberal,    189S
waltz in Connies nnd aometlmi-a mow to, jg-j
than two will join In a mad whirl. So     Rigi,i Hon. R. L. Borden, Conaer-
rapid, it Is said, are their gyrations vative   1911
that-it  Is  frequently   Impossible  to I    It |J interesting to note tbat five
wiLn th nn(,S I'T theIr ■ talla; 0| *ne «.sHt are native-born, Quebeo
When the floor of the cage Is not ffivin? Sir Wi[frid Laiirier ttnd gir
-.moot... bo it. Is averred, the mice act- Jobn Abbott Nova g(,oUa ,{iving tbree
un ly wear out tbeir feet, : in gir ,-_ g> -,  Thompson. Sir Charles
Japanese declare that waiting Is 1T       r tnd   Mr    Borden    8cot|fln(l
Da necessary to the welfare of tho contributed two in Sir John A. Mac
lancing mouse as midair somersaults
aro to the tumbling pigeon. There
is provided an upright peg. which
forms a convenient pivot round which
the mice ca whirl. Without such
a gnldo the mire would never cover
an are:i larger than a dinner plate In
several minutes. They easily spin
under a  large drinking glass,
The true cause of the waltzing b
a defective condition of tbe inner
ear, which governs the equilibrium. It
Is associated with albinism*—hence the
"mul; eyes"—Harper's Weekly.
donahl and Hon. Alexander Mackenzie; while Kngland claims Sir Mackenzie Bowell as her son.
Of the eight, there are six Conservatives, holding office for twei.ty-four
years, and two Liberals for twenty-
one years. Ontario and the West
have not yet given Canada* a Federal
Government leader; the Kaat, Nova
Scotia and the Motherland have given and developed the supply.
He who reigned the longest as the
uncrowned King of the Common*
weath was Sir John A. Macdonald,
with nineteen years to his credit, followed closely by Sir Wilfrid Laurier
with sixteen years. Thus two tilled
the high position for 35 years,
while it required six short terms to
make   up  the  remaining   ten   years,
One of tbe Knox Knocks
Philander C. Knox, the Secretary or
Slate, received one day I;: his ofl.ee
a bunch of high-browed  Washington
newspaper   correspondents.      In   the
number was William Hoa'er, whoI sPoharWTupper'be'i'ng at'the'foot
stepped to the front with a cony o| of the Ust |n ienglh of tim6i wUll
his paper. In wh ch was one of his \ mt!e raore than two months. Only
despatches under big. black headlines. two o( the lota! lmmDer-Sir Jobn A.
lhe despatch dealt with the affairs of, Macdonald and Sir John Thompaon-
the Department of   state   and   raut died white In office, and four w«r« de-
.w, u, ifejB
along glibly as If the writer had enjoyed the confidence of Mr. Knox regarding the whole matter.
What do you think of this article?
asked Hosier, exhibiting no modesty
as he landed  the paper to the Sec
retary ot State.
After  looking  thia  over,   said
Knox,  graciously,   I   must   say,  Mr
Hosier, you are the Nestor of Wash
Ington correspondents,
feated while in office, viz.. Sir John
A. Macdonald (in 1873), Hon. Alex*
ander Mackenzie, Sir Charles Tup*
per and Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
No   one   of the  eight  of  Canada's
honor roll of Premiers faced a great*
..   ! er task than the ilrst—John A. Mac*
Mr* j donald.   It fell to his lot to be a pio*
< neer in working out a plan of eelf-
. government under the first attempt at
Confederation within the British Km
pleased, until  Knox added softly:
Mare's-nester.—The  Popular  Magu
7,1 ne.
At this. Hosier took on the aspect     . a     . , M, mrt , .   .   .   ,„ _.nm_.xttm*_.
iiewly-lormeil family ol provinces, to
allay tlm lean ol the timid, t' curb
  the headstrong and to bring to naught
Th.  11.   R,m I ths prophecies ol failure voiced by *
The  Unicorn  Ram U     -J 'Jj,      prophet. antecedent to
Sonic Unicorn rams Imported from I tbe i„|,i,,.iv, „„[<,„. The successor.
Nepal several year, ago astonished t th* first Premier came into the in-
llie vlitorsai the London Zoological! herit„1M 0, , goin? concern: the
Qardeiis and pii'7.1ed   the   "clentlsts. legislator  who  had  won   his
Jlr.Uvdekker finally suggested in de-ii      '.   *h      ,d ,led  ,.,„„..
fault of any o her explanation tha pP,.|it », „ t Canadian Pro-
the aligle horn was a    product   of    , f Quebec „nd v ^r Clinad,
^„-;hnteTh?.nvi;rdh.n«0 ''„,Ti»'> died upon to establish the con-
growth This view has now been„„_„ fn.-* i,a nA.fn.mBri .(.;a roair
juBtinodbyi1neatlgationsoftheBrlt-tcer.1?-. »»t !«  performed  this task
Isli Resident In Nepal.     The Unicorn!
rain Is obtained by the somewbat brut*
al'practice of Bearing with hot .Tonal
the budding horns of youug barwhal;
lambs and ihe:; covering them with I Foreign Beans Outclasssd.
a mixture of boo! and oil.    After this"    Car lots or beans have lately been
treatment they grow together.    Thej received on the Ontario market from
purpose of tills curious custom Is not  Budapest, Hungary,    lt waa at first
Indicated In the British Resident's re*; thought that this would produce con
cern.    _
well ia a testimony that history will
ungrudgingly     give.—-The      Toronto
Blind Men Now See
Somelline<i blindness is entirely duo
to nerves. A young farmer, hailing
trom Ohio, had been sione-bliud for
live years. The farmer bad beeu under treatment by many eminent specialist.,, and bad also entered a first-
class eye-hospital, but no cure could
be effected. The doctors wero of
opinion he was suffering from paralysis of the optic nerve, a disease considered hopeless. During lasl. month
the blind man began to suffer very
much with his teeth, and at last he
visited a dentist, who advised him to
have three teeth extracted, Worn
out with a long spell of toothache the
farmer agreed; but no sooner did the
dentist start to draw the aeeond
tooth than he jumped up and ex-
claimed:-**-! can Hee! I can see the
light, the crack In Ihe windowl. And
turning to the dentist with glee, he added, Joyfully:—I can Ree you. The
whole affair seems to have been a
miracle, as up to now no scientist
lias been able to connect lhe blindness with teeth, To a common-sense
person the blindness appears to have
been a oaso of 'nerves.' Possibly
the man feared his sight was failing
and worked himself Into losing the
sight of hla eyeB.
Another remarkable restoration of
Bight was the one which happened to
a stonemason, lie had been unable
10 see out of his right eye for over
■10 years, but during one of the fierce
Kales which happened at Easter he
had to cross a bleak common with
Ihe wind In his face, and a quantity
of dust got Into both his eyes. His
right, eye felt It the most, and began
lo stream with water. To try a.id
relieve the pain the stonemason rubbed that eye gently but continuously
for aome seconds. When he reac -ed
home he discovered to hte joy that ho
had perfect, sight. In both his eyes.
Possibly many years ago a small
piece of stone had got into his eyfi,
and the extra flow of water and dust
had enabled It to work Its way uut,
Shearing Sheep With a Machine
Shearing sheep with a machine is
practical for most farmers, says the
Siuttae-ii Agriculturist. Aa with any
other machine, a man should have
some knack wiih machinery to do the
best work. The greatest advantage
iu using thin method of shearing Is
t'.at yo-.i get practically all the wool.
During the World's Fair at St. Louis
they had a contest between the old-
fashlored method of shearing by hand
a'ld t. e newer one of clipping the
sheep with the machine. After thc
expert hand shearer had finished a
sheep the machine would clip about
thirteen ounces of wool. So the sav*
Ing of wool would soon pay for the
shearing machine.
A man with from 25 to 100 head of
sbeep should use the hand machine.
but with larger flocks Ihe power machine is*- more practical. If one's
neighbor raise sheep, they can
install a power plant with a line shaft
to run as many machines as they
wish with a small gas engine. When
shearing time comes they can set a
day, collect their flocks and help
each other. I have such a plant iu.
my barn with three machines run
from a line shaf- wllb a loose pulley,
bo each machine can be operated or
stopped independently, as the shearer wishes, by shifting the belt from
the tight to the looae pully. We shear
with this plant, running three mas-
chines, about 200 sheep In a day
with the average farm hands. A
quick, strong young man with practice
should shear 100 or more, while the
expert will turn off 200 with one machine. But tho average farm band,
to do a nice Job, will average about
75 a ray.
One of the greatest advantages In
having a shearing plant with several
machines Is that you shear your
whole flock In a day, thus getting
them, back to grass with their lambs
If you are two or tbree days shearing
Tamed   Birds
Curiosity Is a strong feature ln
most birds. They will always investigate anything now and bright-looking.
A small blue titmouse we once
kept indoors for a week was a
ular Paul Pry. His Mule body found
iis way fnto everything. Indeed, he
was nearly drowned because, it a
pitcher was on the table, be was sure
to go Into it; and lo get out again
with wet wings was not easy.
The human voice is a great assistance in the taming ot any wild creature. A soft, gentle tone and kind
manner will go far to win the con*
fldence of blrdlsh hearts. It fact,
lt is only a matter of time and patience; the wildest specimens will
become friendly.
At flrst their apparent lameness Is
mainly cupboard love, but iu time
It does often result hi real personal
affection. Then It ls delightful to
possess a bird who will welcome your
coming with out-stretched wings and
every uign of overflowing joy.
A cardinal grosbeak which I once
possessed for fourteen years would
thus greet me. and the very tempting food would remain untouched
while he warbled to me iu the most
gushing manner,
,4I have a monty-savlng invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
---no burning of
Oigby, N.S.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,-- Last August my horse
was badly cut ln eleven places by a
barbed wire fence. Tbree ot the
cuts, (small ones) healed soon, but
the others became foul and rotten,
aud though I tried many kinds of medicine they bad no beneficial result.
At last a doctor advised me to use
weeks' time every sore was healed
and the hair has grown over each one
In fine condition. The Liniment Is
certainly   wonderful   In   Its   working.
Witness, Perry Baker.
Bobby and His Belt
The other morning a policeman was
searching diligently about the house
What are you looking for'.' aBked
his wife.
My belt, ef course, be replied testily.     Have you seen anything of It?
Why. Jobn, she replied sweetly,
you have it on.
So I have, be said- A good job you
noticed It, or I should have gone on
parade without it.
Wiso mothers who know the virtues of Mother Graves' Worm R.v'eim-
Inator always have It at hand, re-
cause It proves its value.
"These granaries come In compact
bundles. A boy can set up and bolt
one together io a few hours. Four
padlocks protect tbe grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on the side or
into roof manhole -saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. ^ Sell
It when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it. No musty or heated
grain. IJUet my granary and be independent of elevators for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
Thc Pedlar Granary protec's you."
"Write tiie for my booklet Ii vhnw-. how nrofiUble my
Ornnary is eveii (>l( u Binicli- i|ti»ier-M-i-itim turni He
it  tor 1912,    'llie Buuk Telh of   Bin   Honey f<ir Yon'"
Writ. i*t Booklet Nu S3 OSHAWA. ONT.
71 bornbU-d St.    Crotw. mock       f>SI 3rd Bt.W.
Drawer 1W tmrm WhlUoek* Myristt       373 Filth St. 8.
Hull Measure
"Mr ItD-bu-helGranarr.iliew-
nid*>»r. AIm withe-* does.
if lit fired. Show* lm .u, ■„
ba* (rem. when winted. other
-utatlr't •howtimut for han't
flllini u attached to Orine.**,-'
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.   They will answer you
promptly and     lave you time.
•The   Pedlar   Granary   is   fire* proof.    Think what that means!"
A Queer Attitude {
Mrs-  Nettle    Klbby,    the    brilliant
conductor of the Sons of Temperance,
naid in an Independence day address.
some years ago in Worcester (apropos of moderate drinking):
The moderate drinker's atlHude
tteems to me most, foolish and Illogical. Doesn't the moderate drinker say Just. I his:
As loug as 1 Hud I can stop, I won't
stop, hut aa anon as I Hud I can't stop
1 will.
across  the
There are IS    cables
North Atlantic Ocean-
Minard'e .Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
Ugly Feet Due to Bad Qr.ota
Parents who desire lo save their
children much suffering from malformation of the feel, ln after years will
do well to pay careful attention to
the advice given by the London
County Council Medical Officer for
Kducatlon. He warns parents against
allowing th**ir children to wear heavy
rigid. Improperly-shaped bools, and
points out that much of lhe foolgear
worn by school childivn Ih made regardless of anatomical considerations
,,    , ,     t . so that the foot. Is forced to conform
there is considerable loss to the lamb  t0 thp a-iap(, o( the hoot.
—Southern AgrlciiltiirlBt.
port- Kxcfipl as a means ol myatl'y
Ing tho 7.oologl"l«. lliere aeems no obvious explanation.
Leadenhall Street
I.eailenlmll Street, which Is to be
widened, was so railed from the lead-
roofed inans'on of Blr Hugh Nevlll,
which lhe city acquired for a courl ot
Jusllce. Few London streets possess
more Interesting literary and historical associations.
Here Peter Molieux. Ihe Iranslator
ol "Don Quixote." kepi an Easl Indian shop, and million's great-grand-
father did not aspire above Ihe slu-
lion ol a linen draper In Leadenhall
Street. Kast India House, where
Charles Lamb nnd Ihe two Mills wero
olorhB, sliiiid oil the south side of
Die street, and 1B« and K>7 occupy Ihe
alio whore the little midshipman In
"Doillbcy und Son" used lo slang.-
Westminster Clnzelte.
sidereble competition against the
home grown variety but it is found
that they are far Irom the standard
ol our own products. The beam were
not equal to the samples previously
forwarded and were not uniform in
size and many were badly discolored,
besides which tliey did not prove satisfactory fur cooking purposes. The
experiment in importing these beans
lias proved far frnn, being a success
and it is not likely that they will become a serious competitor to tho Ontario products and it is very probable
that their importation will be discontinued.
Ready for Anything
The new cook came   oul
Speaker's Chair an Heirloom,
lu accordance with the long eslah-
Mailed practice. Ihe chair occupied liy
Hon. Charles Marcil, Speaker nf the
House ol Commons during the last
term nf the Laurier regime, has been
sent to the ex-Speaker and will in
future adorn his home in Montreal
1111,1 did' Mid heroine a family heirloom. Hon.
T. 8.  Spioule,  the  present speaker,
Bicycles In War
A correspondent, Interested In the
hitherto neglected branch of Ihe service, will be gratified to lenrn that
the authorities are heginning lo tuke
serious notice of the possibilities Involved In the use of the cycle in war.
A greut advance haa been made of
late In its employment for purposes
of defence at home, in proof of which
It Is only necessary to refer to the
Increase In the number ot »ur-ly cy .
?!f:!fftt*Jl?!.li •n"1Sf.1l"°?.."! •*!..*£ I of Ihem are flat-footed.    Then, again.
'tu7 *""»,'£ dlnneV'«he00a'ppn,»;0hed! ni.de use of the chair during the re
vMl,.      Aftei  dliinei  sin   '""""""""'Lent session ot Parliament but whon
ritorlal Force. But above and beyond that Is the Information contained in the uew 'War Establishments."
which ahows an Increase In the number of blcyeyes In the regular Army,
and a creator recognition of the mo-
lur cycle. A cavalry division has
now 18 motor cycles and 371 ordinary btcyctcB, as against 118 of the
latter hitherto. All thla Is very encouraging to those enthusiasts who
have hitherto met with a somewhat
cold reception from the Authorities
in the advocacy of the cycle. But
we regret there Is no sign of any cyclists units tn the Hegillar At my so
llie head of lhe house.
How early shall I have to get up In
the morning? she enquired.
Well, sah: Mr. Subbiibs. tho flrst
tralu for the city leaves here at 6.3S.
You will hovn to gel up about 6 If
yotl want to make that.
Kdison sleeps about four and a half
hours daily. He aays that Is enough
for him. un': for any other man who
works with his brain lnsleod of his
hands. There Is no doubt that lle
can do moro with the two halves of
his brain ou four hours' slumber Hum
most men can wllh their crnnluina
afier refreshing them ill) wllh n leu-
hour sleep.
Pat Knows Everything
Willie—l'aw, what Is a   labor   ol
Paw -That's when n pllcher nnd a
catcher help dig a biisebnll out of nil
umpire's eye
Whet, lhe ground Is covered wilh
snow, In nl least .one city In Norway
a Iraekl -as trolley oar hauls aa a trailer n p.ssenger cur niounlei! on run-
net's-  a-J-fV/V
A wi.oden ship called Iho Seal, luilll
lit 18'" n| Bnull-iinipt-ui, In "IIM in UM,  ma"''
wM H ffiimMt.tl " w
Englitiid, to Durban, Souiii Africa, i| those
distance of six thousand mllo..
the Huits., meets again lie will occupy
a new chair, which arrivod in Ottawa
recently and was delivered at the
House of Common!, This chair, which
is ol particularly handsome design
and workmanship, will at tin end ul
the Present Parliament become the
personal property uf Speaker Sproule.
A Terrible  Burden,
Twins horn t'i Mr. and Mrs, Clias.
E. Owen nl sfti Wottninrelati'.l ave-
nue. Toronto, were christened recently witli llnwery name.. The burden
that, Ihey will cany llirougli lile will
be "I'aiuy r'usliia Chrysanthemum"
and "Aster Primrose Kalilla." Ilu'h
babies ate hale nud hourly.
sei-ninu Insl Sunday llml
the blood of tomatoes wns the seed
of tho Church.
"Pa, nhnfi a pnradoiT
"It li rrhen the Impossible happen*."
"Then we hnd a paradox here litis
evening.   Mil snld yon couldn't pnssl.
bly he expected home before midnight.
because you had nu excuse for slt.yln'
do\vtilowii."-l'lllsliiirgh Post
: ' *■"* Het'red-
If jron hate yonr encmlea yott will
contract inch a rlcloits h-thll of tnlnil
degrees will  ureult onY Tfpoti
Queer Collections
Colkclors gather together articles
more cr less Interesting, hut probably
few go 111 far such bulky objects as
those chosen by n distinguished Rrll-
Ishor. Old doors nre the object of
his desire. His doors come from old
houses, castles, .ind abbeys of hlstor
leal Interest, aome lime ago he obtained, ut considerable cost, a door
llirougli wlileli. during tiie "ranch Revolution, Marie Antoinette, Charlotte
Corday, Danton. and lloliesplerre panned ou their wny to Ibe guillotine.
Lord I'clci'shiim, n noted mini iu lila
iluy, luul n hobby for acquiring vurious kinds of lea nnd snuff. Tho
Downgei-'Qiieen of Italy lias a collection of Ihe (col nud lieiidgnui' of lloynl
peraoiinges or illlteriint periods, It Is
snld lo Include It sandal worn liy Nero, I KOgUlaflty1
a pair of while slippers Hint belonged1
to Mury. Queen of Scots; shoes worn
hy Quoen Anne   nud   Ihe   ICmpr.ons
Josephine  I glovos that wen, otiee
Uio properly or Mario Antoinette.
sible pay a good price for a pair. See
that, the leather Is of thai softness
and pliancy which will conform to lhe
shape of the fool; otherwise, If the
foot of the child ia forced Into a
boot of unyielding leather, rendered
nnbendable by nails and rivets used
in thc process of manufacture. It Is
cramped, and the end la deformity.;
The result of wearing badly-made
and unsuitable boots Is lhat. the great
toes of many children, before the age
of 14, are found to be forced outwards :
FREE FROM constructional DEFECTS
Our .iitnbtr It t.l*,li grad* in ■¥•--* rnipect. It ll thi eqnal ot any
tnd riniieiioi to nioit of tlta lumbal on tlia market. We eau coiiAdeut-
ly recommend our fir to h* one of tha moat durable wood*- to be
found. It li uot auaceptlbla to dry rot aud will give equal aervlcc to
Onk, but not weighing ao heavy, flffacta a conalderable savin,; lu
freight charges. It hai convinced the esperts, and la now one of the
moit extensively uaed woods iu the West.   Let It convince you.
All common lumber- ahlplap aud dimenilons if alr-drled. Att
ttniahtug lumber mould.ng, flooring, dooia, windows, caalngi, oeii-
Ing. aiding, etc.- it kltn dried. -.■> that there n uo danger of doora
and window* warptug.
We Invite Correspondence
Our Lumber Department In ready at all tlmei to quote ou outside
lined doora, windows, etc., conditionally that lha buyer furniahaa an
itemised list Is order that we may quota rock-bot'.om figures- If you
Inteud bulldiug this summer, you will do well to obtain our pricer -
quality considered, they are unequalled. Any of thi plana shown in
our Spring aud Kummer Catalogue may be had for $3.00, which
amouut will be refunded on receipt of order for lumber. However,
.f you prefer building from your own plan*, aend us your bill of nia.
terial and we will quote a price foi all the material necessary, laid
down ln your owu tuwu.
We Ship in Carload Lots Only
en. again.
many prop], geem to think that It In
necessary thnt a child's ankles should
be supported by a stiffly-laced boot,
which makes tho ankle almost un*
movable. This, of course, Is quite
wrong. The ankle, like the foot,
should br free for uny movement
otherwise a child in apt to get Into
the habit nf HhufflliiK along, nr with
an exaggerated movement of the knee-
joint, lifting thc font off the ground
and carrying It forward without any
flexion or Uie ankle-joint, tliu* getting Into that flat-footed manner of
walking which la ao ugly and prevents
IndnlRt-nci' fn healthful exercise.
Johnny Ordered Out
You ought to have seen    Mr.    Marshall when be called upon Dolly the
other night, remarked Johnny to hlsj
aislei-V young man,  who wan taking ■
lea with the family.      1 tell you he!
looked flue sitting there alongside of!
her with bis arm-
Johnny! gasped his sister, her face
the color of a boiled lobster.
Well, so he did,  persisted Johnny, j
He ha    bis arm  -
Jobn, screamed bl*i mother* frantically.
Why,  whined  the  hoy, I  was—
John, said hli father sternly, leave ^
the room.
Ami Johnny left, crying &D lu- went,
I was only going in say that lie bad 1
his  army  clothes on   -Ladles   Home]
Tht Precious Fluid
In the Lincolnshire dialect, tomatoes, when fully ripe, are said to
bleed. Now It happened thai a certain Lincolnshire lady, who had some
of Ihem In tr.e li.rder. told her cook
that e» they were beginning to bleed
it was advisable i» use them at once.
Lor, mum.   then   I suppose    ih.if--
wbat ihe clergyman inopnl when he j
ssld in his weVlllotl last Hiindny Mint
Soon Remedied
If you please, Mr. UasllgOOds, said
the young saleswoman, we have been
discussing the inatier or salaries, and
we llmt thai the men are getting moro
money fur tli<> samo work than us
girls, aud we think It hardly Just. Do
I   never  looked  at   K   lu   that   1U-.1H
before, answered the merchant, after
a llltl-, OlOllgllL II shall he reined
led ul once. I'll cut (be men's Nnl*
dries down noxl Saturday.
Kor ttlBLIllg guns safely the British
army tires ihem from within itoel
cages, made si rung oilOUffh In eatcii
Hying fragments should Hioy burst
K.-.-n lo tho rigni in tho lllllv
rule of the nlr.
The Judge'a Substitute
Mr. Justice Isaacs, of ihe High
Courl ol the Commonwealth, In appointing his daughter Nainoy as his
associate, evoked cousldt rable discussion In Australia. Searchers after
precedents have been unable lo hud
one. The duties of an associate in
Australia are to sit iu wig and gown
immediately below the judge, to call
Ihe casiS, to take charge of ths "exhibits" produced in evidence, to
make typewritten copies of reserved
Judgments, und generally to act a< a
private secretary. There soem". no
reason why a smart young Jewess
should not. do work of lhls son quite
us well us a budding young barrister
of the other sex. Miss Isaacs will
receive u salary of $l.i<)0 a year.
Whiskers vt. Hamlet
Leading man in travelling company
—We play Hamlet to-night, laddie, do
we not?
Bub*manager—>Yes, Mr. Montgomery,
Leading man Then 1 must borrow
Ibe sum of Iwo pence.
Sub manager*-\V'hy?
Leading man- I  have
growth  upon  my chin,
play Hamlet In a heard.
Huh manager---llin-   Well.
put on Mnoboih.
four    il.iya'
One cannot
11 those who prf four friends or tb'JIO
i who are Indifferent \o fi%
i. Dolly In Dismay
i     Dorolliy- Mother, when  I  get.  m-ii
rlad shall I have a husband like pn?
Mother -Certalnlya my dear.
Dorcthy—And if i slay elnglo shall
1 bo (ill old lilnt'l *lllu Aunt Anna.
* froflie*1 ItiTnli Ton will.
Dorothy (with a d-^'l- blgh)— Woll
I am IM A f'V
of the ItowcU Is an uhsntufr necrs*     I
aily   for gntsl health.    Unlets  tilt,
waste mailer from lhe food which    ,
collects there Is got fill of at least
oncfl tt day, il decays and polsoni the
whole hotfy, causing hiliotutucss, iu>li-
gcatlojt anj sitk Titatlaclies, Soils
In J oilier fiormjplncrol purgatives
frrlWo the Mlcale to!"jJoQhj
ho well, Pi. Morse'4 in-ii-m Root
I ills- cniitciy vegetable- "•fcgiilalo
die bowels effectively without weak*
cnlng. mi tuning or grilling.   Use
Dr. Moree'g J*
Indian Root Pills
Sinister. Tills bill was Innocent
on Its race, imt beneath there lurked
a mosi iltilstor slgnlflcance-
Tho speaker, Senator Clarke, was
disowning h Linie Hock a measure
or which hn disapproved.
The hill reminded me. lu fact, he
said, of a Lillle hock urchin's question, His qfioitloiii Innocent enough
In np|>caraiice, dear knows. WHS llllll!
Would yon mind making a noise
llko i\ frog, uncle?
Ami why'.' mild lhe uncle, wllh nu
nmusod smile, why( Tommy, do you
dnslru mo tu make a tiplso llko a
frog    .*&jtoM*,*w<£* *w
IJocr-use. replied Hie urchin, wh> n-
ovofl ajjj daddy to buy me Anything
be nfways Hays wnll till youi uncle
eroniu. -New York Tribuoo
H.-l-iliii;fiuY. I'm I.i ml. lui i a new
shoe factory, lurnlug out fiuo pairs of
BtlOeR a day. Workmen largely hijIi-
scrlbet' the $:-o.miu capital
arn best for nufllflg
mothers bsoauit tii-y du
not sfi»:l (hr fill ol lha
system. Mlldbulsure. ?:-c.
s box it your druggitl'*-
NAT'osat hm". *n-i OHIMIiat
co •- c*r*av». um' i p. THE 1'l.OSPECTOR,  CKANBROOK, B. C.
■■wl*,i,*4,T-i|-',^'fr*t*-^,*tr,*l,',i "l"!"^** I "I ■ ■l■**i■■g"|, ♦TTT'i-'T "■'▼■f-'f'*■' ■■,, I ,T'T^"-rv'T,*§'*a,"Br*
i '
ii Riverview Outing Place
The Best Outing Camp in Hast Kootenay
Oxford's Celebration
Good Accommodations
Gasoline Launch  and Boats
Will Open June 15th 1912     J
I H. LUNN, Proprietor I
z t
****** **************** **********************
If You want   your house  connected j
with the  new sewerage   system,  we T
can do   it  and   guarantee   our work t
t   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and t
Heating Company {
W. P. Johnson, Prop . I' 0   Box 90-1 t
i      WORKS—Edward Street       • Crnnbrook.  Bt'      f
**ii nnif 1'iiinuiii*****f********-m-m"i-i"M-i
Standing of
Miss Annie Wise
"    M. Roberts -   -
Robert Pye     -   -   -
J. B. Henderson  -   -
Mrs. John Wolf  -   -
"    P. F. Patrick   -
"    J. Draper   v -   -
"    G. Hilton, Yahk
Waldon McKay   -   -
, Aulouiolnle   will   In-   run    weekly   on
• between  Cranbrook  ami  Wasa   con-
• riecting with incoming  and outgoing
1              trains. Good Passenger Accomodation,
N. Hanson
Oxford is :i thousand years old this
July, not tho university, but the city,
though often the funic of the university has diminished the glories ol the
city. Thc university is but nn unruly
gown" quarrel has been smoothed,
writes Clarence Hook Irom London iu
child ot the town, and it is only utter J,000 years that the "town and
a special article.
There is no truth in the legend that
King Alfred founded Oxford univer
sity, but there is Bolid evidence that
Oxford was a town ol repute ia 912,
The English chrontclo says, "King
Eadward took to himself Lundenbryg
ami Oxnaford ami all the Lands lliat
were obedient thereto."
The city was tirst the scholars
c ime uftei war.Is Am! i ha millenary
ol Oxford citv is thoughtfully ar
ranged for the nine In July when th,-
undergraduates ure out of the way
during the long vacation, Thei e is
a public holiday, nnd n thanksgiving
Ber vice Ln the cathedral, and a lunch
in tho town ball, and a garden party
In New College gardens (New College
is abcfut the oldest ol us race! with
an oratam in the shadow of those
old city walls whose remains like
undrawn range—remain beautified by
afee in the college gardens And ox
lord can now  look back on i 000 yeai
: municipal existence, with docuiueu
tary Bvldeuoe ol its age, Por tt had
the id vantage of situation—ami the
scholars fame only hei-au.se the place
.vas secure it was on a river, a
most Important thing when there
were few roads, and the only roads
■ --■ il ' ■ point now known as
Carfax (at the top ol the High St -
When you make . tour ol Oxford
md Its colleges, and its -lyamories, do
not forget the right of the surface
ear that conveys you from the station to the midst 61 tiie city. It is
more than a thousand years old. and
was tiie protest of the Saxon against
the Dane who was trying to enter Ox
ford, Vou will se*- the same sort of
mound at Canterbury, in the "Daoe
John." now patted and caressed into
easy ascent. They both go back beyond the memory of man, but they
are the obvious beginnings of the defense that made municipality, cathe
drals and mlleees possible in thc
dark  aires.
The scholars came to Oxford because Oxenforde was secured by
swamps, served by a river, and could
not be "got at" easily. And in Just
the same way Oxford city was the
refuge of monnrchs, of parliaments,
throughout its thousand years of life.
It was one of the laat refuges of
Charles I., when "town" and "gown"
had their differences, and the colleges
sold their silver to help the monarch
the city disliked.
You can see the curious separation
-only reminiscent now—of "town"
and "gown" In tho wonderful fair
that the city admits to Ht. (tiles dur-:
nur the long vacation when nu undergraduate may enter the snored precincts of Oxford without special permission. Stnlls, hands, side 1. iws,
cheap jacks, the city triumphs -vith a
une of the oddest quarrels betwoan
the city and the university was about
the right of sending people to prison
The vice-chancellor claimed his right
and exercised It, of acting as a police
magistrate, and up to quite recent
days the university has retained the
right of sending the feminine sinner
to tin- "spinning house" and dealing
faithfully Wltll her mule companion,
Irrespective ol thc claims ol the city.
Por the separation of the traders'and
en  tb.
the students persisted, the cleft between the home of "lost onuses" and
the city of progress.
Wheu Muirland was split over the
divorce of George ll, and Qneon Oath
erlrie, the women of Oxford (who
were of the city and juit of the university plumped for Cathorlno, And
the university prison received about
30 of them. The name of that prison
wus-loi-icallv-- Hoeardo, and the wo
men were for three days and uights
in jail, under the thumb of the mil
versity. Which reminds one ol tbe
furious quarrel that began in I039,and
led to the university's Ilrst charter
of privilege, the public penance of the
citizens    who   had   to go snipped  aud
harefootod   to  the  dim dies   and   tho
return   of   the   students   who  had   emi
mated io Cambridge, The Immunity
irom lay jurisdiction which,with some
few modifications, survives today to
the delight   of every   resident   member
Ol ibe    university     dates    fr.
quarrel in 1029.
And the quarrel between
and "gown" has gone on bot
city and the university do«
days within my own shoi t memory
On the least provocation there was
still   a   row,     When  the  Prince   ol
Wales, wbo was alti-rwards Edward
VII . came up to Oxford to open the
new Indian Museum, wc thought it
necessary to celebrate the accession
bj a row. So we stopped, overturned
and smashed the city tramcars In the
High street It was. I think, almost
the last quarrel between the "gown"
and the "town" Uut there remained
a tradition that tbe fifth of November should see bonfires, lights and
fury between the undergraduates and
the city, some vague association with
iluy Fawkes' 'day,
To.niy shame be it said, 1 took part
In the last quarrel between "town"
and "gown" It was an absurd content With certain youthful companions I was arrested for being abroad
from college and "[.ending a mob
down the High street." Tbe mayor
brought out at 9 o'clock in the evening, and as the elected spokesman 1
had to explain that my heading of a
mob consisted only of running—very
slowly—before a crowd that insisted
on knocking oil my hat and compelling me to get it again. I was dis.
missed without a stain on my char,
acter by the mnyor of oxford and
two aldermen, and with my hat Intact, on the promise of goin gstraight
hack to college. We went, and nobody ever heard any more about it
until this moment. Kor of those de-
llnqonts there wns one who Is now
nn eminent clergyman under the
shallow of Windsor castle, another
who has attained a seat on the
judges' bench, a son of the most famous writer of school stories, tbe
best known of comic opera composer*
You wilt see the contrast of Oxford
town and Oxford university between
Carfax, where the old bell swung to
gather the citizens to decide upon
public alTairs, and Ht. Mary's which—
within two minutes' walk—is the university church, The quarrel Ih over
now, though it has raged lor many
years—a thousand years or ho. But
the city was first. And tbe mayor
claiming that they made a city for
After all these years It is wull to
know thut the city aud thu university
have agreed that tbe place may be
made Into a very decent city—if they
can agree. And It Is only within the
lust few years that tbe university fellows have taken a renl part In the
municipal life of the city.
ideals. This wns omphtsinod by his
action in causing the tickets to be
sent to Messrs. Mullins and Davies,
two representative trade union leaders, for the coronation; it accounted
for a special ticket being sent to Dr.
Jowett, the Oongregatlonullst minister, formerly of Birmingham, but now
of New York, who happened to be in
London at tbe time; and it accounts
for many another interest ini' incident
in the reign of King OoorgO and
Queen Mury, such as Ihelr recent at
tendance at St. raid's I'nlhedrul on
hospital Sunday as private citizens,
distinguished only by having seats a
little  tu flout   of   Ihr  public.
Kim; Edward only onco visited st.
raid's ou hospital Sunday, but it
was a SOIUi slate  vn.il,  ibe lord   may
ni and the sheriffs rooelvlng them in
then robes of otlice There was nothing ot lliat soil about the visit of
IClng Oeorge and Queen Mary, and,
indeed, by bringing the liltle I'i itu'eSs
Marj With Ihem. they gaVO 'lillle a
tatnllj   tOUCh   to   the event
Norbury Ave.     i
t    A. Jollifi'e, Prop.
When you want Good, Fresh  Killed
Meat.   That   is.the
Central   Meat I
Jill)   .-1
s ,,r atones
wi re
iitnrt'il   nl
ill   1
int'ti  hurt
in a
ilm'k wnrk
ers   a
ml  :
itrlko broi
X   lit
tlm Clyde
s Ul
UiIb morn-
iiiiniliiir ,i(
inula   ti-loil n
i   li
down    or
mills.  1)111
t Tii
o pol
Ilea clubbed
llll'  B'
'IS   ,,11.
Hen Tlllet, the labor leader, publicly ut a mass mooting on Tower lllll
today for tbe death of Lord Devon-
port, whom the strikers consider the
bitterest of their enemies among the
The strikers in Tlllet's audience repeated after him in thunderous chorus
"Oh. Coil strike Lord Dov Oil port
James o'drudy, M.P., who withdrew yesterday from the House of
Commons because the Speaker would
uot permit a debate on the Htrike, referred to Lord Devonport at the same
meeting as, "The earth's greatest
The suffering of the strikers' famil
ies has become dreadful. Streets lu
the duck districts are tilled with hul
low-eyed women and children.
Many have died wholly from star
vatlon. The number of victims is si
great that the authorities and priv
ate charitable organizations are Un
i'.hle to cope with the situation.
Lord Devonport is chairman of the
port of London authority. He was
formerly M.p. fur Devonport and wan
made a peer in 190K.
| Try Some of Our
I Prairie Creamery Butter
I Put up Specially for Us
O. DOWNING, Manageri
Under New Mart age merit
Notice to Contractors
SEALED Tr-.ND1-.HS will be received by the undersigned for build
ing and supplying all material for
same of 1250 feet of t; foot fence; also
290 feet of 'A ft It iu. board fence on
the Fair Grounds,
Plans and Specifications can be seen
ut my office. All tenders must be
handed in before noon on .Inly 29th.
The lowest or any other tender not
necessarily accepted.
Armstrong  Ave.
f-MH^-^H-W+++++-H"H 1*1 H ■|+.|1'|-HI"I"H+IIHH+ [
Prince of Wales Promising
McLeod, Alta.,
July 20, 1912
Dear Tom:
I am just off to Klko Falls
for a fortnights Fishing.
Write me there any day this
week or next.    No need to briiitf
any   Tackle  at   all, we ean get
suitably   supplied   right there ut
Your*, etc.,
LONDON, July Mth.—"A healthy,
Jolt) voiiiii; fellow, who Iiiih a thorough IntoroHl ni all sports nnd games
nud wlthnl i keen appreciation of the
.intn-' and responsibilities of his
exalted position." Hucli Ih the apt
recently   applied  tn the
J. description
4*f+4-H-+-W-+++++++++++++ 4 +1++++-M + 1 +++++++++ 4
personality of the young Prince of
Wales, whit has now Just reached his
majority and |s (nullified to represent
the King Iii state fiiiR'tions or upon
misHfoiiH if Importhnco to foreign po
wciii     In   th"   event   ol   the   death   of
kini- Oflorro,  the I'lim f Wales call
ni once itecond tin- throne.
Although Mm, in true, the prlnco
remains "tin, io IiIh innther's apron
strings," if >ln> nne ol the homelike
phrase Is pm-mlBsnblo, lie in more of
a boy than many thousands of tads
ol bin iii-c m Ktii'land, is dependent,
upon his parents f"i IHh "allowance"
-u handsome one, it \u true- and in
other respects leads n llle no "enbbul
and cabined and con 11 nod by rules
and restrictions llml It would drive
any Ind riot horn "to the people" Into open rebellion, llo bus been
brought up to a senflo of hln ronpon-
• ibililii's, and In a manner which was
not possible lo bin grundlathor the
late King Kdward, und In u lesser
degree in bis father's   euse, he     him
been able to combine tho life of a
healthy English lad with that of a
royal prlnco.
This happy combination Is the result partly ol IiIh own common House
and partly of thn excellent home
training ho has received from IiIh parents. King Oeorge Ih n shy man,
but ut the Hume time is u man of
strength ami diameter, it ih commonly snld by IiIh ile tractors that
the King is n weak man who hi content to do whut he Ih told; that ho
entirely under the influence of the
Cjlicetl and of Lord Knollyii,   who wun
King lOdwurds private secretaryi und
Ih Htlll u power at court.
The go nor ul Impression Is tlmt iho
King Ih a good democrat hh far ana
Kllig run he a democrat, or pnrhupH
It would he more correct to say that
ho recognizes he |s-tllA sovereign of a
groat and growing democracy, und
thnt ho imint fall Into line with   itn
The interest or the citizens iu beautifying tbeir homes have been muoh
greater this year thnn at any previous time and points to a greater
realization of tbe worth of the Improvement of a little Moral decoration
.-.veryone is gratified to observe this
now line of thought because the sor-
diduesH of business is somewhat
modified if the breadwinner returns
to his homo and sees bow beautiful nature can clothe herself, il
certainly smooths "If the courser
edges of care nud givcH out a spirit
of rostfulnoHH and comfort.
Copvmqhts Ae,
AnrnnflAAliiUns n nlirtrli iihilclfiicrliitlnii tinif
•Iiiii lllr iii-r-i-rliilti nur n|iiniiiH frott wlii'Mmr <>-i
invi-iiiiim tn nmlirtiil-- r'at'iiiHliii*, (■■iHiiiinn--i
iKmHHirifflir i 'uui, HANDBOOK "i-l''".in,
■••nt inm, Olili-nt -lumi-'r f-if •nmirltiH imiI.'.iih.
I-iiIiiiiIh inki-n llirmiuli Muiiii A tu. i Im
ipntfll M««#i "■' ■'•»it Kiwi-mi, lu lbs
Scientific American.
A Iuhh.hiiiii'-Iy ilhuin-t.-'l wMily. I-uru-'i-l all,
i-iiliiiinii ni mijr t-'i'-iioiin li'iirrml. Ii-oio lo,
r-niii-l.i. It/i'i ii yi-.u, I'lMlntlo |n>'|piint. .-mil l<y
i.ll in'MwIiuli'li.
lir-tndi nm.*i, ■;•..'■ ii' ft., w-miiim.iuM. i
HOTEL Cranbrook,
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go  to
The   Wetitworth
J. McTAVlSH    -   Proprietor
©a* Sottas
THE STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper nf lln- DoUlllllOII
of Cauiola.      It   Is  national  In  all   Hm
ll.   UHi'H  Ilia  Ilin-H   OXponslVO engrav-
Ings, procuring ibe photographs ru>m
nil over ihe world.
lis ni'llolos am t'lirefiilly snlOctoil and
Hh odltnrlnl pulley la ihomuglily
A ' subscription In Tin* Klalid.ild
t-oHls $2,00 pit- year lo any .iddnss In
Cnunda or Ureal Ut-lLuIn,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Monlr.il   Sland.ird  Publishing  Co,,
Limlt.J, Publlihtri.
Confined to His Home for Weeks.
'ITeavy wrir, BPTerc straining and erll habits hi youth brought on
lii'iinu Vultis, Whon 1 UHiki'd lmiii iin- noulng woul.l Iwoome
era mid 1 u un ofo-n luitl up for a woek ni. u timo, Mv iniialy
r-*ii-l.m told mo nn Qporatlon wna tny only hopo—Lui I tlroadtiil it.
i-ilHovorol *-]•"''iuii-i -,i-'ii ki.iui iiiinni i„ii , ,i iin-,' \. tnir i wn my
    I oommuauejj to Joule iiinn a)l doctors as lltlla w— " ■
JU'tl I
i hi iv if ii->
net boI Til
rli ami
met, (lai'dnv tny li»H->iw!a)d.__ ...
ildiilmmycoiidnlon.   Uoadrlsed
llln-ilV.Il-ll" IiikI l:t|'i-l|   tr'-tlllMi in
V wcto •:-|iiiin- mil Hldlll'nl.   I  v
rnouTrratusnt. Mi*progroMwoi uonipwimi now ium mount
i first i i''■■ tn-iiinn'tiL 1 wii-iMnm-w nm dteCDiirn pnl,   llnwovflr
'mm I M.-iiuiii'iii. for ttm-e nioiiilH (on -<u- a-il \ran rownrdoq
liiic-iiinpl.ii'i-m-e. Ioou-d only pnrn til ft ffock In » miieiiiuu
ip Iwforu ironlment, now I nni onrtilnii ?.'l nnd never lOow u day,
hh ull .iniit-it'i.i knew ur yuur vuluuUJo tmn metii.
BLQ00 PQ1S0N8 ftrp tho most nrevatontNind nioibHrloiiidluam, Tliey nnp 'ho
veryllfo Wood of lho victim nnd unjoiWoiitlrely.'riiiili-ah-d i't'-iui tho syttoin "III fcftUM
i,< ii..ii-i,-iiin|iii .I:-, mn lluivnroof Menmry. KintiyiupproMtho synintunu-^uur NEW
JhCTllou euros nil blooddlKiiseti
Y0UNQ "it MIDDLE AGED HEK,-lmprudent seln or Inter exeemm hnvo broken
Upwn your syiP in,   \<m (•••■\ lln'hvaipl tM.>-.lhiir uwr m»ii.   Meniiely, jih>sl«'iiliy ntnl
vitally ymi un. not Hid man you umni i«i iwor should (jo. Will you hood iliodaiigar nlgnnlsf
Are ypii ft vlotlmT Hsvo von lott Iioik'T Arayou Intetidhnr lo imnrryf IToi
vour bl I IrtwiijUnoii .-.u   lh.v.i j'ou sny -tnulttiM »   "ui- N w Mirrnoo
     NT w iloiiroyou,    Wlmlit liiHil.iiin i'<i|-'i.li.-i . ll u   I ■:•> for v.-il.   Cuntullallon
Frsti No mnl i r vUn |ii-» iniui>d v-m, v *■■■ for si) li-ir—i • i- • -^ r-rf.-l (.tiw««.
Bs*MFr«-''lJyyliood, Muuhooil, rtttliorhood,'1 (llbitmledjou Uhi en union.
b'nai or #nvi'lii|ii--., Evcrvlhlni CeofidtDUal, QutslliHl Uit and Coil of Troalment
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
All letters from Canada must hv addresserl
lo our Canuftiaii Corrusjxi ntldllto inpitrt-
 iia.ni iu Windsor, Out.   ll you desire tu
see iih personalty rail at our Medical Institute in Detroit ns wo see nud truat
no patients in our Windsor oflkes which nro for Correspondence mal
laiborutury for Canadian business onlv.   Address ull letters un fallows:
Wrlto for ourprlvtt.il mlil ■■■■tii-.    _^_
,*****************\*******************\ .
I'llONE 100 J.|UIHTKONa AVIS, I'. 0, MUX 1WI
The Cranbrook Exchange
W. V. DOHAK, l,i'0|irlclol'
We  Buy, Sdl or Exchange
Goods of all DiNcription
******************************* TITE PR0SPECT01T. CTM vnporn-" v c.
»»-Vlr«*--i*--H-*Vlr*---»^^ «**/
***A*»*»*«**A*»**m «*A*****« *iiV**-*i**iSj'*****'*A***-'**-*A****1*^^ **
/Pr.KATMKNT of the hnlr ts very
Wisely undertaken al tills season
ot ilio year, li te well to nee whether
It Ih lacking In gloss nml vitality,
wbalhor lis color appears Jaded and a
dead appearance is'iiotlceablo, especially near the roots; wbotbor It feels
harsh and has n tendency to break easily, whlob cun bo itscertalnod by pulling ono balr light, for a healthy hair
should stand a good deal of strnln. If
It snnps quickly ihero is something
wrong. Kce whether there Is much
grenslnosa or Um reverse, an undue
amount of dryness. All those are danger signals of simple troubles, hut easily remedied If taken In time, but playing havoa with the hair If noi properly
treated. When the trouble Is not deep
ncalcd a gentle mass-ago night aud
morning will overcome iho difficulty,
Tills massage is best performed hy
placing llie Ibtlinb at the hack of tho
head Just below the crown nm! tho
four lingers, each hearing some unguent, separately among the hairs on
tho forehead. Then move the finger
round In a Httle circle and with firm
pressure from ten to twenty limes, the
left hand operating on tiie left side of
ihe head ami ilie right hand on the
right side. Tbls done, put the hands
lower down, wllh the thumbs on thc
nr-ck and repeat the process, Do this
every night— it will lake only three
minutes or bo-and the hair will soon
hear witness to the results of your error is.
Remember, too, that the hair to he
healthy must be properly treated, always properly brushed, properly comb-
■d and properly washed, To begin with,
tho brush used Is of Immense Importance aud should be carefully uhpson lo
suit the Individual hnlr ami scalp.
Above all things it should he good of Its
kind and kopt scrupulously clean. The
hair should ha brushed with slow, even
strokes for live to ten minutes each
night. After all tangles have been removed from the scalp downward the
whole length of the short hair Is traversed each time, but when lhe hair Is
long thc divided strands should be
grasped with the left band in the middle of their length and tho brush passed Ilrst from the scalp downward to
this point the requisite number of
limes and then from the held center to
ihe ends. Care should bo taken never
to bung or scrape the sculp with the
brush or comb, much barm being done
In litis way, Therefore a comb with
rounded points nud not too small teeth
Should be chosen so that all scratch! -
ness is avoided. Never Jerk hnlr or pul!
It unnecessarily In combing. If tangled
begin nt the ends, holding the balr
firmly above bo that no pull ls felt on
ihe roots, and continue upward till all
is clear. _______-___.__.
Packing the Vacation Trunk
IA WOMAN who has traveled a great
**■ deal and has found one trunk
sufficient for the needs of her wardrobe
Rives Ihe following hints ns to thc disposal of her belongings:
lit the bottom of the trunk she has
had ft partition made largo enough to
carry one large or two email bats. At
the side of this partition she places a
wooden box filled with sawdust ln
which she packs her medicine bottles.
Here, too, she lays her shoes, each pair
carefully rolled In linen covers. Her
rubbers nro fitted on one pnir of boots,
and In all of them she stows toilet bo-
longlngs, such as tooth powder bottle,
cold cream Jar, etc.
Then sho has six or eight pieces of
heavy cardboard cut to fit tho trunk
exactly. They ore covered with a
pretty light percale nuido In envelope
shape', With straps to fasten down securely, In these large envelopes she
pins lier dresses and shirt waists, Two
or ihreo frocks or blouses can usually
p;n Inln each envelope. In this way
everything Is kept nhsolutely Hat ami
nothing Is pushed to ono end of the
trunk when it Is turned up on end. A
BhalloW tray at Iho top of tho trunk
holds laces, ribbons und veils.
Simplicity the Keynote of the Graduate's Gown
IMH.ir.TY  is tho keynote of.hand tucks, and when they come fr
lho   best   looking  graduation  Carls father has to write a large check
gowns   of   1912.     Of   course  for them, hut even should tho costume
these   Utile   frocks   mny   be emanate from lho Vllle Lumlero it ^
trimmed  wllh n hit of reel lace audi be more or less of a tub creation und
"TTtONT fastenings aro all the rage on graduation dresses this season, nnd
tbe model Illustrated shown this effect at its best.    Black velvet ribbon
With buttons nnd straps of white crochet nro used on this sheer frock of cotton voile, which displays crochet lace as a trimming.
not instill "envy and all uncharitable-
ness" In classmates whose gowns are
less distinguished, Whatever thc
makeup of the graduation gown, this
regalia marks an occasion of vital Interest, and in the mind of tho wearer
It Is second only In importance to the
wedding frock.
Sheer batistes, dotted swIss, embroidered voiles, sheer handkerchief
linen, flue silky nainsook and soft marquisette are perhaps tho most popular
and -suitable materials from which to
fashion tho graduation gown. These
fabrics are charming when trimmed
witli real or fine Imitation fillet, shadow
lace, creamy point vonlso or baby Irish,
which last laco Is not, however, so new
us tho olber varieties. The real val
is always good to use, and when the
dross materia] Is a lino organdie a
creamy lint of this lace ts really lovely.
An exquisite llttlo creation which
will be worn Is of white batiste trimmed wilh yellowish laco aud clusters
nf white satin roses, the taller used
bolh on llie bodice and on the skirt.
.-"Jounces are appearing on many of
the smartest of graduation frocks, for
this style is particularly becoming to
young girls. A quaint little dress of
tbo tloiincc persuasion is ot white SWlSB
ruffled to tho waist and finished with a
flohu bodice, tiie edge of tbe fichu being
outlined with u plfTk laffota ruche.
Commencement day platforms will
seo a lot of (.tailings made of not, for
they ure bolh economical and effective.
These plaillngs are very easy to handle and give to tho net frock a charmingly airy appearance, and tliey are
within  reach of any lilllo graduate.
Hands of till j" hand tucks on a ba*
Mate frock are wonderfully good set
between broad Insertions of luce on the
skirt and applied ns bretellcs on tho
Embroidered net gowns are lovely,
but there is always (he added expense
of silk or messullno slips worn under
them. Still, the cost might be mado lo
average up, os the material Itself furnishes the necessary trimming.
Sashes are iho graduate's own particular' privilege, and this year It will
be the exceptional girl who does not
wear a sash of Home sort. White satin
and taffeta sashes willi tab ends trimmed with small white satin rosebuds
are fetching. A cluster of the white
rosea mingled with maidenhair fern
posed at the front of the sash toward
tho side is very effecllvo, while another tjny cluster lo wear In the balr
completes the picture of girlish simplicity.
Attractive white satin sashes have
loops and ends extending up and down
rather than standing out In butterfly
fashion, and of len four or five flat
loops rise one over tlic other above the
waist line, lhe same number of loops of
a longer length falling down the skirt
length. Such a bow Is easily made.
All you havo to do Is to allow the ribbon to trail from your thumb ond Anger down to the door, bring Up enough
f the ribbon to mako a deep loop, hold
firmly,   then   carry   the   ribbon   above
your thumb ond bring It down to make. Pass the end around at the back and
a short loop, then down again for an-  through   the   knot   formed   In   front
other long loop below the thumb and   which should be drawn tight.   The if-
then up to the second short loop.   The   malnlng end is made for the belt,
ribbon so looped must be held firmly.I CATHERINE TAT,KOT.
nanickins.—To mako ramekins grate
bulf a pound of cheese and beat lt In
a mortar with half a pound of butter,
the yolks of three eggs and the Inside
of a small French roll boiled ln cream
until it Is soft Add the well whipped
whiles of the eggs and pour the mixture Into small nnd rather long shaped
paper pans. Place them In the oven
and bake a pale brown. Serve at once.
Tbls butter Is very nice when poured
over cauliflower, stewed brocolli or
Roost Cheese.—Ornto three ounces of
Cheshire cheese aud mix It with tho
yolks of two eggs, four ounces of grated breadcrumbs and three ounces of
butter. Add a dessertspoonful of mustard and a little salt und pepper. Toast
soma small rounds of bread, lay Ihe
mixture Upon them, put them Into an
oven to get hot all through and to allow tho cheese to brown a Utile. Serve
very hot.
Anchovy Toast—Bono and skin six or
eight anchovies and pound them to a
mass wltb nn ounce of line butler and
spread It on toast.
Tomatoes ond Musbrojns Wllh Olive
Sandwiches,—Tako six skinned and out
tomatoes, a teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce, ono of butter rubbed with
one of cornstarch! a speck of cayenne
nnd a pinch of suit. Simmer unill
thick, ndd a llttlo minced onion and
mushrooms, Cook twelve minutes ami
serve with brown bread sandwiches
spread with butter and chopped olives.
Hot Ham Sandwich,—Put some boiled cold ham through a meat chopper
and mix with a very little butter into
a paste. To a half cupful put a quarter of n teaspoonful of dry mustard.
Spread this mixture on squares or
rounds of bread and put Ihe two together with a thin slice of good cheese,
Santo lu a pot chafing dish with a In-
blespoonful of butter until ihe latter
begins to bubble, Havo ready hoi
plates, and when tbo chccso has melted
and tho broad Is browned slip one on
each plate.
sum it/or people llko lo get away
Hot only fl'Otn Wlntor en res uud ro*
spotislbilll.es. but trom cumbersome
furnishings In their homes an well,
from eye compelling decorations und
unnecessary  abundance  of  things  to
somolhing mom or less suggestive nr
simple living.   Manufacturers, rocog-
nli-liig this liking for lho "simple life,"
Adapt their designs to suit lho tastes
at their publloj coiiH'.-'iuentiy this sea
son there aro n number of charming
new ihliigH on tho market
Wicker, rattan, grass aud a host of
libers Unit include flag and OVOn paper
pulp mako somo of tho best looking
BOtN designed for porch uso,
UlltOHS one domandB It ornamrnln-
tlon 111 tliu way of etaborntu hnHkolry
weaves Ih no longer shown, Outlines
are plain, and comfort Is the main feature of lhe mo'h-ltt.
AH of tlio new wicker furniture Includes veranda oonvcnloi s, such as
newspaper   receptacles  und  iui.gn.fIuo
Hands, tea carts and tho into, and ibis
year wicker lamps nro added to tbo tlst
of belongings that Iho up lo dntn porch
must boast. Indeed, .it Is a critical
losto that falls lo llml something In
milt It )u tho gioat varloly ft Biyloi
provided liils sea soil.
The wicker desk and Ihreo cornered
chair aro charmingly convenient articles of furniture to have onlho living
room porch, and If Iboro Is room lllft
lump, also rallied out lu wicker, will
shed a becoming and grulerut glow
win n ono requires moru Illumination
limn that afforded by hoavon'i groat
luminary. Hut by night or by day tho
comfort of lho big rush chair wltb Us
high beadjih'co will shlno forth resplendent ami be a boon to tired hu-
ftUlTlS Hie newest thing In dress ac-
ccssorlos is the sllppor« pump or
shoe of ratine, ihnt popular fubrio
which resembles Turkish toweling
moru closely thnn anything else. Thc
new footwear Is surely Hovel If nothing
more, ituiit, however, on smart lasts,
tho shoes are rather good looking. One
may have buttoned shoes in while,
blue or gray, and iho latter offer choice
of either white or black buttons.
Thu imio ratine pumps have Ihe approved low cut liis.;h arch and straight
high heels, These, loo, enmo In plain
White and also In a soft pretty blue, an
attractive gray and a dainty pink. They
have a 111tlo bow of tile ratine nt lhe
Instep. They will mako au especial
appeal to the summer girl In search
of novelty.
On tho principle of extremes meeting,
It Is well to consider lho new gloves of
the season, which are of lino kldskln for
afternoon wear and "dress" tatlorod
costumes, Por ibis purpose thero aro
new und especially delicate shades thai
women will like wearing, Thu new
"bul ter" color, for Instance, is n son
yellow which mlghl look very well with
dark brown or blue suits, (hie maj
havo it either with heavy whito or
black embroidery on the back, And
llloi'O are such pretty tray shades, soft,
delical e pearl gra ys, t ha I a re quite
striking when they have heavy black
embroidery to sound n dual nolo,
Preserve   Fruits Without
TTSK n gallon Jar or crock, one quart
^ of alcohol ami any ur all kinds of
billies and fruit, except bananas,
Begin with one quart of strawberries,
ono pineapple ami three oranges. Peel
the oranges and pineapple and cut In
small pieces, I'm ono rup of sugar
for each fruit, mix thoroughly with one
pint of alcohol and placo lu jar, covering with a clnih plate. This should
bv put In a cool aud rather dark place,
Stir onoe a week,
As Ihe other fruits come in odd onn
dozen nprlenls, ouo quart nf raspberries, ono quart of whllo cherries, onn
quart block cherries, one dozen peaches
nud ouo pound while grapes, Allow a
cup of sugar for each fruit Add tho
rest of thu alcohol and mix thoroughly
as you add each fruit
Beauty Tip
Wl'l.I'll I'll crenm has been found
* ~ BUOOOSSfUl lu Iho right against dandruff. It Is rubbed well Into thu scalp,
thu application being followed by a
vigorous scalp massaifo. A very Utile
bit Is required and hi scarcely notice,
able If carefully innilned to tho scalp.
SlerllifO the brush and comb every duy
lo prevent a fresh Incursion of thu
dandl'Uff (terms into Iho clean scalp,
nrtlslto ami apprising first
* •*■ course for n formal luncheon con*
stats in lining cairn lilies with frosh
strawberries,  Tho (lowers should lmvo
thn litems cut off nbntit an Inch  I a
half from the bloBiom ami tlio center
stamen removed.   The berries urn then
plied  In -"i l  lbs Idy laid Hai un  lbo|wlinl ll
[pretty ehlna pints, with if
f BOX f
JJABITS of tidiness can easily be instilled In the nursery  If they are
made a pleasure Instead of a hardship.
It should never be impressed on a
child's mind that necessary dalles ore
troublesorm and then punishment given
for lhe natural evasion that follows.
If bread and butter wero to follow the
cakes and tbo jam Instead of preceding
.hem at inenltfmes, would not our little ones look on bread and butter as a
"treat" instead of, as is generally lhe
ease, an uninteresting and ••stodgy" Infliction?
Following the s-m(i Idea, why not
make tidying up after playtime a
privilege a reward for "being uood?"
Let the boys and girls race each other
to seo which can gel their things put
away In perfect order first; then Ihere
Is no grumbling when iho summons
comes tn Interrupt on exciting game of
isoldIcrs or housekeeping.
"ach young member of Die family
should be given a play box of his or
her own, mid nil will then Ijnve pride
j In keeping everything tidy,
i A disused packing case answers llie
purpose splendidly. n should be
planed as smooth as possible, nil dangerous nails removed nnd  have a lid
(fitted   wiih   hinges   m  fasten   with   a
<b ih
ot   hi
id tin
lender llnge
excellent lln
box cun be covered with d
or sacking, with tbo u
pnjh.rU on it in largo hu.
Tl o inside can be fUtc
lions, arranged to suit ibe child's need,
(nnd with very lilllo extra in uble n
[troy Is added to lift In and out that
will bold small, light articles,
Much boxes may bo piled one above
another on shelves In a corner of tho
nursery, thus taking up little space,
bin If room can be spared It Is the best
plan to placo them In a row by the
va'rscotlng, so that they will out havo
to bo lifted down before Um children
lean use tbem.
I Tl ey are delightful possessions, a
[real "joy forever," as ihey will answor
innny purposes besides that of being
Imaro boxes.
At neud Ihey become forts, or ships,
■ trains, or shops, or doll houses, or
{anything else under heaven, for lhe
[Childish Imagination can, without help
from material accessories, build ui
I that It longs for, even to the grai
of "castles in Spain."'
fPHE wide ratine laces sre not expensive, and Iho patterns are most effective.   This whllo cotton costume Is a charming one for wear ou graduation day, with Its band of ratine lace simulating a tunic.  Cotloii fringe loops
and buttons aro used us extra adornment.
The Smart Summer Jacket
rpHE summer girl will not bo up to
dutu (his year unless she has In
her possession a blazer Jacket, oltlior
in magpie colorings or iu some of tue
more aonsplououo combinations of ihe
season.    A striped black ami red jacket
Is considered very good style.   These
AM")    W11ITK
blazer mod* ts aro hip longlll affairs
wllh cut away front ami hutched col
lar lu mannish effect. They button
with a sIuhIu button ut the bust Hue,
and (he Sloovoi are long ami close tilting. Tim blnior Illustrated is of bin. k
and whltu striped Manuel
For the Little Laddie *'
'PIIH very lilllo laddlo Just out of
'' babyhood WOOrs a dalnly, simple,
boyish frock of stout linen, and nu
Ideal  frock  of  lhls type  lit of brown
hoiiatid with whllo trimmings, The
chubby boy of nvu is particularly manly In n middy soil of snowy duck, with
chevronn and bo'Slin'l whistle and cord.
At seven a sailor null Of dark serge or
WOOl mixture with embroidered sloOVO
chevron ami collar and la-It of contrasting fabric will lie ihn proper cos*
tllimi.    At eight the smnll hoy nequlies
conventional masculine t-pub umi has
his hair cut.
Woman's Concoctions
"IVni'.N a woman propttl
"    ""•nis for n party," ■
she   |
i rofresh-
hi n eyu-
lo person,  "sho takes -tho In-
i of somolhing ami puts In n
Ida   of   so thing   Hse.     Then
its a yellow mixture over the
II and Hh SUOCOSS depends upon
difllculty the guests have in telling
VOU may put any kind of sleeve you
please Iu your new gown except the
balloon ulYnir shirred fully Inlo the
shoulders. In nil hut tailored offsets
lho very skimpy, dinging sleeves that
havo bcon in vogue aro soon uo more.
Their place hns been  taken liy sleeves
with llitie purrs und frilly adornments,
umi on soma of ihe now gowns there
are sleeves wllli derided puffs at lho
elbow and a boll outer portion. Slash*
ed sleeves aro also among ihu new pos*
nihilities, They mako visible a shirring
of somu lliln fabric such as chiffon.
Side  by side   with   those  mam-hes arc
observed costumes wiih tlic old fashioned mousquolnlro sloove shirred from
should* r lo wrist that still retains IU
narrow effect.
As for longth, thore ore sleeves lliat
cover Uio elbow, sleeves of throe*
quarter longth nnd sleeves that reach
exactly to lho Wt'tst and other models
lhat di'oop over thu bauds with all
concealing rubles.
on lho question of shoulder styles
fashion makers uro divided. The kimono   Mnu  Is  too  br mlng ami  (ou
easy of accomplishment hy thn home
sewer lo bo hastily abandoned, but as
It has been In now for several seasons
modish women have put a bun on this
stylo of Shoulder, Where it dors exist the kimono steovo is less loose am)
flowing, and It has Us revengo for
bniilshmonl by seeing tho last of tho
new* Inset sfoovos placed low on the
arm and perfectly Mat, a rather foolish
Imitation of the kimono effect without
lho   beauiy   or   gnico   of   tho   kimono
shoulder with n« seamless u»ike.
In tailored nulla (he id* evu Is almost
Invariably a plain Inset affair with tho
width at tho shoulder emphasised bj
wuio revers or u plotting. Tim suit
sleeve Is cither full length or three-
quarter, never shorter.
Arranging Pictures
npillS next time you turn oul your slt-
ling room lake down all tbe pictures
on one wull at least ami either bring
some fresh one.-- in from another room
or try some sort of change and see If
you are not pleased with the result.
I'erhaps you havo luul a mirror over
the fireplace (pinked With a pair of pictures exactly (lie so mo size and Shape,
Remove theso elsewhere ami arrange
instead a fow good china plales or a
group of small colore*! pictures.
ii is not necossnry either (o hang
your pictures osactly In pairs a llttlo Irregularity is often quite nrUstla
and pretty. The only (bint; |Whtch
must bo noted Is Hint tbo lower els*
of each frame Is on llm same level,
Many women appear to Imve a i■«nt-
ed objection tO placing a mirror In any
spot but Immediately over the lire,
place. Now, (hla Is not COO liy a law* of
lho   Modes and   Persians.     Try   ll* lie.
ion the windows or In a darkish corner ami notice lhe effect
Too much mural decoration is worse
than too lilllo. In somu cases one
meets mirrors, pictures, china, fans,
rlos, miniatures, photograph frames,
all hung In wild confusion, without
Iho least attempt at order aud arrangement.
If you possess n really nlco picture
let poople havo tha full benefit of Its
beauty.    Remember, too, tlmt a wail
surface, whether It bo papered or *lls. t
impered,   should   serve   as   a   hack-
round (o thc ornaments hung thore*
u, so that anything hi the way of an
blruslve design or virulent coloring
should be uvuhlcd.
IV'MAT woman
'*    has  not  In
Measuring Skirts
forced economk t
orricd almost 111
over lho measuring of a skirt? Hut
relief Is In sight, for In ICuropO Ihey are
lolling a device consisting of a frame
Which may be allncbcd lo lho edge of
almost every labia, ami (o this fnitu»
Is attached a pair of almost elliptical
wings, shaped to conform to tho i umi*
lure of a skirt's lower edgo,  r*ooso)y
atlnched to one of these wings Is a
tape measure which slides along (he
Skirt as n guide to murk lis longlll,
The oilier wing has a linen cover,
which may b*> pinned to thn waislbaml
of the skirt lo facilitate the murk Ins
of the latter,
Care of Window Boxes
fniinifa ts no dnngnr of ovorwalorlng
'*• one's plants lu boxes, bOCauSO they
are exposed to Winds ami warm air on
all sides and evaporation will take
plnco so rapidly that there hi no poll I •
ble OhnnCO of Injury lo tlio pin nin from
an undue retention of water* Them uro
gone rally cracks ami orovlcoi In boxes
through which surplus wnter con run
off, and iheso furnish a moans of os*
onpO for all Um water lhat lho pin Ull
con no I make uso of,  Therefore do not lorn tlve addition
bo afraid to uso wnter liberally and net nnd llngork
of len  rnnuob   In  guard  ngnlnst  anv I   The picture
lhe Dainty Silk Coal
(V'ain't and picturesque are the ewvt
coats of the summer, which are
worn not onlv •cli.n lhe u!r h r! lily
LTNotcnim gown with silk coat,
mi ono needs protection, but as o doo«
to  dainty   frocks  ol
nws a  llnnr-rlo  frock
nf   Ibe   |,llllll
Burns & Constance   -    -   Vaudeville Artists
Direct from Seattle.   At the AUDITORIUM THEATRE All Next Week
H H ****************** *,********************_
The Lund Land
& Development Co., Ltd.
Local  News
it    Picture
■frames    I1
Oarpet  Sweepers at $'i
Big Ben
ice Olgar
I tore-
Clocks  nt   ll.
I'   S.
■  Pal-
B. C
See us about  lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard L- Garden   Trails
Grazing  Lands
I),, you know that
Carpet Bweeper will
dust, mul with less
vacuum cleaner?—0.
u ordinary $2.7.r>
gather nn much
ork than a 525.!
a. o,
(ith h
Pye is
i friends
leudlng ti few
n Winnipeg.
$2.*fi  Imy.
ilu' amount
3 weeper
1 til  .inutile
-f. .1. Deane uf the Oranbrook Her-
I, aid left with his wife fur NuIhuu un
Thui-sdny. Mr. Deaue is lhe President of the Alberta n Eastorn B.O,
Press ASBoelatton. 'I'he Association
is holding its yearly convention in
Nolson where there nre some llfty or
mure newspnpormon in nttendunco.
ut     I'ietll
If l
I'.   S.    is    sellmtt
nt   less  tluiii  COBS,
BORN "ii Jul] Ml. in
Mr, !•: C, Kuhnort, ,t tl
Hospital, a sun.
Visit our Experimental Farms ar 5
British Columbia S
• ***+**************l~r **.r*******\**r**l******
nml  girls ,'tirn onmpli
luus headaches, which koep going mul
coming with somo,   imt   reinn n   nil
un,I    unking   hours   with   utliels      Tliete   is
in, mystery  aboul   these  nny   longer
They   nre   caused   by   eye-etrnlu   m
ivenk    vlSlOU       Correct    glassee   will
li,. you knu.i thai mi ..1.lm.ity yi 7>  quickly  remove   the   be-ulnolioe.   and
Carpet Sweeper mil gathei  ,.s much   ln,,v  ,|,, ,„,t return whllo the glasses
dust, mul with less work than a »26 jar0 worn.    We make iiccnrate glasses
vacuum cleaner'—CCS f,„. i(u
BORN    nn    MumIny     .Inly   22ud,   at |
the Cottage    Hospital,    to   Mi    and
Mrs   ll   .1   Davis nl Uu, city   ., sun
The liiiinl Huys me giving n blind
concorl In the band si mnl un Monday
evening nt x iiiii. The music tu he
provided will he llrsi class mid abso
liltely tn I nny clllllgo. This shuuld
he well nlleilileil hy everyone, mill It
is bopod thnl everyone will tutu nut
mul   give   llie   build,   nl   leusl    llie   en
(Mil    nl   yuur
nl   $8,78—0,
hills   bj
nl time
villi I
tl '
******************•***-.-l-l-1- 1-t-1-1 1-1 I i
The 41 Market Co
s»u-iv and sci
und the four
[».   r.v arded
tor's cuateal
H     Wilson's   Jewelry
tlu1 umi  diamond rings
-..;>; watches, wblcli will
i-   [1   i in- prospec
as to what ii best
"■*M Try These 3W
We carry n lull line ul
Fresh k Smoked Meets
l-rcsli Fish, Ete
Quality & Prompt
Our Motto
*4*4*^***4.***4*W***4** **************4*******
********************** ******************* I- **
BORN i'i. Monday, .inly "Sad :.
the Cottage Hospital tn Mi mnl Mi
.i   w   Bartlam nl tin.- city, s daugb
at  ,-■    Sweepers   are nil  tin
sell's make, nnw selling frum $2.7.'
!    C.   S
Jewelers & Opticians
Por Sales List.
.'.    Leghorn
huy ii live ncro trtict mul ralee poul
hv You i,in uuil anuiiKli broilers lu
pa. fui youi placo in ii year, if yuu
go at it in a bm.ti.osi. like way. Devote as muoh time and attention tu
poultry  as von  wouul to nny other
llUBtUOflS,   a liil    yull    will   he   Burpt'lsod
.a [lie results. If you aii' m>t now
ranking $2000,00 a yenr, buy a five
am- trad ami raise poultry. Vou
will make more money tu begin with;
you will be happier nml more content
ed; you will have more leisure time!
than yuu ever found possible when I
working fur Romeoue etee. Ask tbe
Oranbrook  Agency Oo,  about  Buena
It yuu are go.ing
Pienicing or on any other Outing,   don't forget
to take a
Thermos  Bottle
Keeps   Liquids   at   just   the  right temperature
and is  always  sanitary.    We  have  them  in all
sizes  ami   at   prices  never  heard   ot  belore.
Thermos' Carafe
J      Newest   Member   ul    this    most    popular    hue.
Have You Seen It?
•■st Layers Ji.50  viBta Gardens,
Khodo    Island
Pekln     Tl'1'   Baptist   Sunday   School
«ill he a formal openini; .-:
:burch at Kik.- on Sunday Mr.
t of Kernie, baa been a-iked to
■■   the pulpit.
rom  Caveu.
\   maid,  apply   tu  Mis
Our Window of
;: Safety Razors
We Cany in
The latter for $1.00  it,
a marvel.
Extra Blades for All
Tbe Young Peoples' Social Club uf
Knox   Presbyterian Church  will  hold
:i I.awri Social nt the Manse on Mon     ZZZZ——	
day evening .Inly 29th.
Twenty per cenTiel on all straight    I)(J,-'t   Forget  till* Nlllllbcr
subscriptions after Wednesday  night
KOlt    SAM-.    White
W> kutl -stialii.lii'av
loi   15  tiggs.    iS.U.
Red,   91.50   for   15   .
Strain Duck Biggs, $1.50 for 12 bold tbeir annual picnic ut l^afy -
eggs. All eggs from Drat duss Dell on Thursday, Au«unt 1st. Com-1
stock. —SwauHca Poultry Kami., mlttees arc bard at work pe r fed. n lift tittsburg, U.U. arrangements for a good time.   Thc j
—  School   will   meet at the  Church   at I
TO UK NT—Furnished houses to rent 11 p, m., and from there proceed in a j
ui Moyie. Splendid boating and Hub- body to the picnic ground. Friends
ing, A good opportunity for the of the school are requested to pro-
holiday season, to have u good time. ■ vide refreshments in tbe form of a
apply Prospector oltlce for    partlcu-  basket picnic.
lars. 25 tf 	
  If ynu want n reliable and reason
Roomers wanted—Apply to Mrs. J. »hle job of plumbing done or sewer
S. Mennie, Lumadon Avenue, corner age connections made, call up Ed, F.
at Baker Park, 28-tf Johnson on phone Ul. 28-tf.
 I    The    C.  G.   S.    is    selling   Curpet
; Sweepers at less than  cobs.
All  Nickle  Plated  finish  only  $6.uo
::  Beattie-Murphy Co.
Vote now for your favorite, You
t subscription paid before Wednesday
, nlghl   will   mean   many   mure   votes,
than if paid at h later date.
Bweeper worth doubli
• amount.—C. C   8.
Mrs   W   O.  Hnyward and daugh-
li'ft on Thursday to visit he par
s in Chicago.    Mrs. Hayward will
away about six weeks
Our c
io $3.50.
Sweepers   are all the
ow selling from $2,75
F. Parks fi? Company
J. | Tlier,- wns i|iiitc a gathering ol the
-j" I young fulks at tho dance provided In
** llie Auditorium by the Olty Iliind nn
J. Wednesday evening, everyone hnd u
■f   l-enl good time.
Our Oarpet Sweepers are nil the
j. [Jlsscire make, now selling from Vi.7t>
*   tu S3.B0.   ('. 0, 8,
] Tho idler rink Is taking hold ol
7 the people at the Auditorium. Have
.|.   you taken a spin on the wheels?   It's
Haruld Darling returned homo from
the prairie  on  Tuesday  nud  reports
that the prospects (or n good harvest
Ki-'tS   Blondy the Auto Mail, is very promising.   Mr. Darling vl.l-1
 . nod   several   prairie   cities   amongst'
"   "        which   were  Lethbrldge   and   Clares-,
{ jflQll O*   CjflO V       ' 1,0'n1, ,)Ut H,tvs none °' t'iem cnn t:o,n I
*** »- pare with Oranbrook for opportunity
BOX   143 and   investment.      Crnnhrook  ls  al
Green Vegetables of nil K.iuds Wft-"* K<"",      	
Delivered or Shipped
Promptly. <
Presbyterian Church
,'M'ii'ise.   anil   is
I rovldlng lots ol fun.
******** **■* l-l-l •! -I ••!• t I- -I-1 I -l-l .-I..H--..H-++-H-+++
it    Pi"ture     Frunilng
l''ra lues     i'leturt'S
Wc have Acreage cloie to Town,
Improved   &   Unimproved
In Small ami Large Block, nnd al
Reasonable Prices
Call and .sec Us
T mitist closes throe weeks from
tonight,    Will your name be among
.the winners.   Tho capital prize is an
automobile.   The second prize is sn
upright grand piano.
worth  ilolllile
0,   0    8,
The  Pink   Met.     ■"•■  linvo  rercnllv
lotighl  n pioi f   land on 'tut-well
tvcntie from the Ohnpman [.and a in
-cetmenl company for tho purpoio of
 t    a   new   win,rehouse.
i'i'   I \i.v.  I.ota ol from '■'. to luo
 ks   ofll   thnroughhrod   young
Iga II, loere.l tor M.'ill ench on two
lays notice to nnv place lu town —
r." k Trading Co,
rpel   Siveenei
•it    $2.7n—(', ('   H
The lis • i  Kootonny Moreantllo C'n,
  havlllll i'ie si.lewnlk which wuh ol
* I repliteed with ooncroto, making
 ' murovemonl to the store as
woll    is   lidding   to   Hie   looks   of   the
j    The    0,  C.  S.    is    selling   Carpet j
Sweepers at less thnn coaa.
Quite  u  crowd  of sports   gathered!
together on tlic sports ground at the j
hack of the Government buildings to j
see the local boys meet Bonners Ferry
of    Idaho    in    a    game    of    Base-1
| ball.    On the iniindny night the local
| hoys were successful in winning with j
la score of ll to :i; but on Tttesdny the
Sunday School nntl Bible Class 3 p.n,   „„„,„,„ ,,,1,rr)r ,)0y8 turned t|„, .„,,,.,
Otillil-Wcdnesday Evening, 8 p.m.    . ,„„,  W(„, by g ,„ 8,    1)oth 0, thon,
Carpet    Sweepers   stir anil  collect mn *U"A K"ml'H "",l I"'"VI'J m* l""
the dust at the same time. Price »2,76 ^"^"f "' tho onlooker,
at the 0. o. s.
The usual show of pictures can be 	
seen at the Auditorium  tonight and     W(, ,„.,, mn|,|nm .|ean swm|) 0, Bn
Swcepei-s at less thnn cost,.—C. C. fl.
w. Kelmnii Thomson
Morning—11 a.m.
Evening—7.30 p.m.
Speaking    of    Picture     Framing
Kllby    Frames    Pictures
tho   means  of '■ throughout the coming week.   A spec
ial feature with next weeks shows
are the vaudeville artists, brought in
direct, from Seattle, these will give
Scotch comedy singing and dancing.
So  fnr   we  buvn't   taken   a  person
>ut to see Buonn Vista Gardens who
luisn'l  purchased a tract.    There is,
Have you heard your neighbor say of course, a reason for tills and thai
thc cheapest   place   in   town   to  buy reason  is  the basic  principal  under
your goods wns tho Cranbrook Trad-1 lying   all   our business transactions.
Ing Co. Try us and tell some one else ; Wc liav t misrepresented the pro
-—•"— pertv;   actual   statements  of  FACTS
Speaking    of    Picture     framing     arc   all   that   is   necessary   to   sell
Kllby    Frames    Pictures I Buena Vista linrdens, a personal In
spection of tile property will convince
you tlml it Is lll-'TTKIt THAN HF,
PIII'ISI'-NTHI). Ask nay client, any
I merchant, or lintik nboiil us. IT Wll,
PAY   Villi   TO   OUT   AI'l'HAINTHII
A Few Lots
At $125.00
Get One Before the Price Goes Up
I Beale & Elwell ii
• ■
•l-H~H-++++++++++++++++. ++4****** * * *
•m -h. 1 ..| .|■^..n..|..|..|.^..l.^.^..^.^.^.^-^-+.^.^..^.^.^.^-•-.^^..|.-|"^.^.^..|..|.++^-+^.
■ •      HEAD   OFFICE CAI.OABY, Alta       !'.
Ou Tuesday next at tbe Kdison
Theatre will be shown 11 Special two-
reel dim entitled "Tbe Cry ol tile
Children." This mil be an eapecfal
good character study.    Messrs.  Bald
win Bros have received a letter from
tiie supply  house  r un idltlg  this
picture very highly.
$2,7fi buys u Sweeper worth double
the amount.- ('. C. S.
WITH  US.    The   Cranhrook    Agency
Co., fOxctllSlVO Agents,
We are milkmen clean sweep of nil
Bweeper* at less (ban cost.-c. 0, S
Saturiluy's program at the Fein.on
Theatre tonight will he extremely In
terestlng. The Baldwin Bros, arc
showing four guild iiims of different
characters -"I'he Modern Slave."
".lileed," "tlosslp (comedy)" and
"Billy, the detective." This latter
wilt he very Interesting.
Hwnopore   stir nnd  collect
ni Hn, same time, Price 12.7.1
Tin Fink .Mercantile I'o nre having
some alterations done to the front of
tholr   st.,re    Incasing   the onils with
 "II   ihow  AliiilowH in keeiilnt' with
tie real nl tbo storo ami greatly In
crooning Lho spneo 1
Speaking    of
Kllby    Fi
Picture    Fun
ones     Plelutci
Willi  the city, tbls Is
in 'iiili retaining his
a formal farowoll was given in it.
It, Beattie nt the residence of in .1
H, King. 'I'hete wnn in attendance n
goodly numbor of tho old 1 h ami
liusluess  men of  the city   for  "Hers"
was   highly   respected   nml   Ium eon   new sphere ol business ;i> Oalgary wo   '"'! '"'
stunt.ly taken a prouilnnul pail In LtaoI wl»h lilm llie heel nf success
welfare of the olty,    II  litis been laid
Incus connoet.h
noi in h 1
Intoroi ts in the drug mnl hook husl
noes   "I''"'1   nnrrlos   Ins   name as 1 on iih her nnrnnls return homo from
others ho  in  Interested  in     In  his  lho Haol whero tbey are shortly Icav
Miss   Mnrv   1 1   1
Llondltig  a  business  c
run 1   ntrlveil   in  town
MIhs Pnlmer niit.lnlputci
VlHll .
I    Mat,im apples,  pears,  peaches, pre
.....    . '"" iiinkiiit'ii doan sweep ol all .nervine fruits  new snuilo etc   nl the
that Mr. Iloattle wnn levering all 1)118 I sweeper,, at. lose than cost.-O. 0. S. I Cranbrook Trndlnt; Oo.   '
ou Thursday evening Ihe l.acronse
sports turned out In full force to sen
the game played between Ferule und
ITunhrook.   The game was played up
on the Agricultural grounds,and prov
ed to he very Interesting with Cran
brook finishing winner wllb a seme
of II to II In a closely colllcHlcil game,
Callahan ami Mallhews were th'' star
of the local team und also ol the
Held;  with  Bert    Black   ami    .limniy
""'I'"'    Swi '»   ■*'" ""(l  «o"«"»  Miller    of  Ihe   Fernle  team  playing
the dust at the same time. Price 12.70. ,.,.„.„ „ ,.,,,„„ N„I.,„„|.
nl  the C. 0,  S, ,.
" Oarpet  Sweepers  at  $2,76—H, 0, H.
Acreage, which Is half way out to
Buonn Vista Clardonn, is selling In It le high timo tho hoards surround
town lots at llllli.llll to 11211.00 per! Ing the new posl nOlce woro removed,
lot or about -1(1110,1111 pur acre. WK these are only suppnseil to he placed
Alti'l SI<:i,|,IN(( live acre tracts at around a building in course of erec-
•100,00 per acre which will he, liefore j Hon for the public protection. As
hnwing tliolr j vary long, .HIST ah VAI.HAIii.M. tlio liulldlng Is nlmnBt completed nnd
IT   Wild,   PAV   VHP   TII   OUT AC ] the  new  concrete  sidewalk  that hns
■IHAINTKH   WITH   IIH.    The  (Iran I been  laid  I nnecllon Is hnril net,
l'l k  Agency Co., exclusive sules n [ there Is surely no excuse for these re
gents Tor die Buonn  Vlstn Qnrdons, innlnlng 11 constnnl oyoeore uud In
'"    ' COIIVonlonCO to pedeutrlnns.    The city
.lack Sent! Is lu lhe city this wook  englnoor should gel busy uud look lull   nl   Ihn ; visiting Hiiine of his relullven and old  to thle.
n Tlinriidiiy,   friends.    Mr   Scott In well known lili
returning ns  nud nround tlio city bnvliig formerly 1    Any   person   r hu;   ihelr   hath
heen chief dospntohof In the C.l'.lt.' 1011111, toilets, clc, coiiuecleil to the
iilllee hero, lle Ih now occupying u sewer hIiouIiI boo Md. |c, .IiiIiiisiiii.I*s-
posltltlll iii Siuirln, us Hnperlntcnilent . tlimites furiiliiheil Cull phone 2117 If
nl the CN.lt   of lhat. plnCO, 	
w. w. kii.iiv
The    0, 0,  S.   Ih    selling   Carpet I    PR ACTIO A I, PIO'l'IHll-l FHAMKH
Swocpeni at less than cosn. AltMHTnoNO AVKNUB
On  Meats and  Lards Guarantee Their yuality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind Thai Tastes Good."
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. jj
• •++++++++****************************w*4a}+.,
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ii Our  Hardware i
New & Up-to-date
J. D. McBride
Crnnhrook, B.C. - Phone 5   ii
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