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The Prospector May 10, 1913

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 -.vinelal  UgMatlve Aesembly
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Guarantee You a Fit
flp fflagptdot.
The   Leading Newspaper
in" the
$2.00 Per Yea.
Vital to British Columbia
Development   of   Japanese  Question   in  California
Watched by British Government
London.—The Htatomout attributed
to Hon. Rodolphe Lomicux atter his
mission to Tokyo that, but for the
llrltlsh ting, Canada might bo compelled to discuss tbe JapaneBo immigration difficulty under cover of
.lapnneso guns lu Vancouver Harbor,
suggests that the British Government
is wntchlng with ncute anxiety the
development of the .inpiiiiew question
in (.nil: urn In.
Canada's Immigration compact with
Japan follows closely that between
the United Stntes and the Mikado's
government, us shown in the recent
discussions of the treaty ln the Can-
Adlnn House of Commons, nnd dlpto
mats agree that should California's
action compel Japan to Insist upon
citizen rights oqunl to those granted
white i-accs, thc whole question of
.Inpnncno status ln British Columbia
ns well nn In California and otber
ntntes will be raised in n most awkward form.
The London Times today says:
"Tho Japanese themselves arc said to
.leny their Mongolian origin, but eveu tiie United Slates Supreme Court
cannot pierce the mists In whlcb thc
birth of the Japanese race is shrouded. The real contention is that by
thc adoption of western civilization,
nnd the signal successes of their
nrms by land and _a, they earned
the right to substantial relief from
tho disabilities which beset the Asiatic in other lands. The s tuatlon
is so fraught with possibilities that
acrimonious discussion wt* earnestly
hope, wlll ho avoided. Public feeling
In Japan is strongly aroused, thla ls
made cloar Irom the many indignation meotlngs that hnve been held,
and tbo Japanese consider the lm-
mediate dispute to he merely symbolical of the whole question of tbelr
tnture status In the world. Jnpen
Is thought to be cherishing no impossible dreams o! gaining u foothold
on the American continent, hut she is
leenly resentful oi the implications ot
racial Inferiority, lt is the humiliation that -wounds her proud, sensitive people, and a nation that has
newly won her placo ln the world
Icels acutely that her struggles bave
not yet achieved for her all the recognition which is now due."
It is anticipated here tbat 11 California persists In her alien land legis-
tation the Japanese Government will
be forced by popular clamor to demand naturalizution and other rights
for Japanese on the same footing aB
white immigrants.
The exact position of naturalized
Canadians ot foreign origin is to bo
probed in tho House of Commons
here by n question to Sir Edward
Orey respecting the three Canadians
recently sentenced to Siberia for llie
for evading military service in Russia. Sir Edward Grey is being asked
whether Sir Wilfrid Laurier.la correct
in saying that the British Government has declined tn intervene tor
Mothers' Day
On Mother's Day last year many
letters wore written to their mothers
by men, nnd largo numbers of our
young men were given a red Carnation If his mother were living and a
white one if she had passed away.
"Mother's Day" wlll be fittingly observed, and many young men will be
accommodated with paper and envelopes at the Y. M. C. A., the Salvation Army barracks, and some of the
"Tho mothers ot our nation are our
greatest source of wealth and power.
If they are weak our armies will suffer dofeat. If tbey are not true our
commercial triumphs will cease, If
they* fail tbe country tails.
Liberals Elect
At their annual meeting held in
Clapp's hall on Wednesday evening,
tbe Cranbrook Liberal Association
elected the following officers for the
ensuing year:—
Hon. President—Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Hon. Vice Pres. Dr. J. H. King
President. C. R. Vi-ra.
Vice-Pres.—W. A. Neablt.
Sec.-Treas.—J. K. Kennedy.
Executive Committee—Geo. Hog-
garth, W. S, Santo, J. R. McNabb,
T. M. Roberts, P. E. Wilson, E. Pat*
ereon, T. GUI, L. Pearson, A. B.
Smith and F. B. Miles.
Delegates to the Revelstoke convention, May 29-C. R. Ward, W. S.
Santo, Q. Hoggarth, and T. Gill,
Christened by Canadian
San Francisco—When the new submarine torpedo boat H.-I. waa christened today at tho Union Iron Works
by Miss Lesley Jean Menkln, 8 tradition nf the United Btatos navy wai
broken, it is said. Miaa Meakin, who
is a niece of the superintendent of the
iron works, was born In Montreal,
and Is a subject of King George.
Never hofore, ofllcers assert, has one
of Uncle Sam's fighting ships been
christened by a citizen of another
At thejheatres
At the Ilex Theatre tonight, wlll be
shown several special lectures
A special program will lie shown at
the Kdison Theatre tonight, n special
101 feature entitled, "The Redemption
nf White Hawk;" n screaming farce
entitled the "Fake Gas-man," also a
"Dip Into Society" nnd "A Wife's
Battle." Don't miss seeing tbls spec*
lal programme.
At the Auditorium an excellent pro.
gramme has been prepared, the prln-
clpnl feature being a two reel picture
entitled "A Waif of the Desert," also "Trying to Keep Bednlla," and
another two reel feature "Love Sublime."
An excellent programme at the Rex
Theatre tonight, combined with an
excellent song by Mr. Newton, and
good music by the Rex Band.
At Saviour's Church, Nelson, on
Monday, May Sth, Mr. Arthur A.
Ward, of Oranbrook, wnn united In
marriage to Miss Evelyn Edith
Moore, of Nelson, by the Rev. F. H.
The newly wedded couple returned
to Oranbrook Tuesday, where thoy
will reside, the groom having purchased a bouse on Lumsden avenue.
Extend Regrets
Saskatoon, Bask.—Representatives
of the western newspapers dealt with
Important business at the three sessions held yesterday In tbe board of
trade offices.
A matter of interest, wns the question of an improved British cable
service. It waa the desire of the
western newspapermen to get more
British news written for Canadian
readers to supplement the Associated
Press. To that end a committee of
J. A. Alkin, of the Snskotoon Phoenix; W. M. Davidson, of the Calgary
Albertan, and E. J. McMillan, of the
Moose Jaw News, was appointed to
negotiate in the matter. Questions
affecting the general news service lor
both the morning nnd evening papers
were thoroughly discussed with the
manager of the Western Associated
Press, J. Fred Livesay, and all mat-
ten In connection with the excellent
service now being provided by this
The knowledge that M. E. Nichols,
president ot the Association, Intended to server his connection wus the
reason for a motion of regret placed
by J. H. Woods, Calgary, and W. F.
Kerr, Reglna, which was carried,
Tbe death of one of the first members, F. J. Deane, of Cranbrook,
was deeply regretted and the feelings
of the members was expressed In a
motion by C. M. Thompson, Calgary,
and  H.  .1.   McMillan    Moose   Jaw:
"That tbis association rcgrata the
untimely death* o! Mr. Deane, one of
the flrst members of the Western
Pross association, and hereby extends
sympathy to Mrs. Deane "
Dance at Fort Steele
At Fort Steele on Friday, May 23,
the clUiens are holding a ball In aid
of tihe Diamond Jubilee Hospital. The
reputation of previous halls held in
Fort Steele is so well known that lt
leaves little to comment upon; sufficient it is for ull who cnn spare tbe
tlm.', to attend, that they vill en
joy the hest time of their lives. The
reception by Uie committee In charge
of all visitors, will leave very little
to be found wanting, it will be cor-
dial and hearty and the comfort ol
friends visiting will be well enred tor.
Thin ball is to ho known us the First
Annual Hospital Ball and the Rex
Orchestra from Cranhrook will fur
ulah the music. Tickets use being
sold for (1.00, which includes refresh
ments. The time of the yenr la very
good now for a fine drive and tho return home will he one of Hutinfnctloii
as the enjoyment received during the
visit wlll bs In the minds nl all
Contract islet
Winnipeg.—The contract was let to-
day to the Canadian Pacific Railway
to Foley, Welch and Stewart for the
construction of the Rogers Pass double tracked tunnel tbrougb the
Rocky Mountains.
This company will also build seven
miles of double tracked approaches
on each side of tho tunnel, making n
total of 20 miles ot double tra*'i, including the five miles of tunnel.
Four years wlll be taken to com
plete the work nnd the cost wlll be
between Jin,1100,11110 and (20,000,001!.
It will he necessary tn drive eliutts a
mile deep through the mountains.
Tbls contracting concern wlll probably also build 25 miles nf dniible
trark enst of Kamloops, B. O., and
21 miles west of Revelstoke.
Police Investigation
To be Held in the City Hall on Monday, May 17th [
Water-Plane Contest
I Daily   Mail  Competition   Arousing Grear Interest —
A Frenchman's Prophesy
Owing to the Police Commissioners being out of the city this week
the investigation could not be arranged for this week as was announced in
our last issue of the Prospector; however, something like 80 summonses
have been issued to the witnesses to appear in the City Hall on Monday
forenoon in the following terms:
YOU ARE HEREBY summoned to attend as a witness for examination under oath in all matters connected with
the investigation as to the arrest of the Indians, Michel and
Abraham, to be held at a meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners for the City of Cranbrook at the City Hall, Cranbrook, B.C., on Monday, the 12th day of May 1913, at the hour
of 10:30 o'clock in the forenoon.
Herein fail not.
Dated this 7th day of May 1913.
(Signed)   A. C. BOWNESS
Chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners for
the City of Cranbrook
Defeats Womens Suffrage
like punts, and eacb capable ol seat
i.isr three person... Bach float in fitted with watertight compartments,
and either alone has sufficient buoy
uncy to support the whole machine lu
tbe water.
For the purpose ol the all-British
lllght, the (.nome engines wlll be ro
placed by .. ion horse-power Oran
it ttie tests are satisfactory,
Messrs. Radley and Kngland will en-
ler lor both prizes nnd Immediately
the nilee have been drawn up by the
Royal Aero Club,
Messrs, Bleriot, ilerr Rumpler, the
Gorman Inventor, Colonel Cody, and
othei constructors arc at work upon
largo watcrplanes destined to eom-
tiote fortbe £15,000 prizes.
•i thin'a it will be done before ten
years have passed, and not only so.
but I think it. will be done between
murine and BUnset."
Sueh waa the deliberate reply ol the
Cointo de Lambert to the question:
"Ho* long do you think it will be
belore the Atlantic. Irom tile Dnited
States Is crossed in an aeroplano?"
Thc Comte de I.nmbort Ib one ol the
loaders of the little band ol French
gontlomcn  to whoso enthusiasm  nnd
lurgo lines.    It  lu furnished  with
50 horse-power Gnome engines, whirl
together drive ., four-blnded propollet
! at the rear of the planes, Any two ol
  _ j the engines will give sufficient powei
_ a    a-a -,-.,, . g _-.    a• , to keep the machine nloft.   Witb al
British House of Commons Kills Measure—Cabinet three working.-_,-,«_ wm h--,*
i ,     , I tyflve milts por hour.
]V/finiGf-OfC    „I*P    IllVinPn I    Tho floats for sea work are two In
IV1U11.-»Ill-   41C    WIVIUCU 'number, fifteen feet, in length, shaped
London,—-Interest continues unabated in the competition in aerial flight
offered by thc Dally Mail—£10,000 for
the first watorplane flight across the
Atlnntic in seventy-two hours by a
machine of any nationality; £f>,n00
for the first watorplane 'light round
Groat Britain in seventy tw,, hours
hy an all-British machine
The enormous development oi the
■"nterplnne which will lake place thi-
year is indicated hy tlic Increasing
«i?.c, power and speed ol the machines
being built In England and abroad
and of those which have assembled ai
Monte Carlo for the Monaco rompe
The dcinih, nl them- French much
Inos Bbow  that  British consbructors
will need to put forth their best  .-(
loi tn unleRS a third llaily   Mail   {'la
ono Is to go to Franco.
A new wotcrpinne hua been complot
ed at Mr. James Radloy's work- ot
Huntingdon. Mr, Radley ie an air
mnn and constructor ol great experience, hie lirst notable flights hr-int:
madc at Lanark in 1910 Mr Radley provided the rough designe. which
were carried out by Mr. Gordon Rng*
land, whose skill nnd experience are
untivalled among English airmen.
The machine is a biplane built on j iiulckness to realize tlic Importance
31 of a new discovery France largely
owe*.- hot neiial pre-eminence today.
He ie also the inventor of the hydro-
lane, or skimming boat.
"The two great difficulties," tie -laid
will be to keep on one's course If
■ »ne is out of sight of ships anil tbe
.rind chnnges, and to avoid being
smashed up by waves when one
alights to replenish with petrol.
London.—Thc fate ol the woman
suffrage bill was sealed tonight by
the votes of more than 50 Irish Nationalists, who voted against it. Thc
Bill, whereby it waa sought to enfranchise 6,000,000 women, was rejected by a majority ol 4". The vote
stood  266 to  219.
Whether there is any chance that
the present parliament will pass a
bill of more limited character may
be doubted, possibly the Nationalists
fear that lf they allow a womun'e
franchise bill to pass the second reading lt would lead to a parliamentary
struggle which would uot unlikely
end in dissolution of parliament before the home rule bill gets on the
statute books.
Furthermore, the debate todny
proved that tbe militant policy of the
suffragettes has done the cause great
barm as far as parliament is concerned. The conciliation hill of last
session was rejected only hy a small
majority, while the Dickinson bill
which was under discussion today,
and previous bills giving some measure of enfranchisement to women,
have passed the second reading, although they never succeeded ln running the gauntlet in subsequent
Recent police court disclosures of
acts of incendiarism planned by tbe
militants far surpassing in magnitude anything heretofore attempted,
and the burning of St. Catherine's
church at Hatcham today, undoubtedly influenced many members to
vote against the bill. The figures of
the division, showing the deleat ol
the bill, were greeted with a great
cheer from all sides of the bouse.
Neither Andrew Bonar Law, leader of
the opposition, nor A. J. Balfour,
voted in the division. Among the
ministers who voted against tbe bill
were Premier Asquith, Reginald McKenna, Lewis Harcourt, J. Hi. B.
Seeley, Winston Spencer Churchill
and C. E. Hot-house.
Tbe cabinet supporters of the bill
I.loyu George, Mir Rufus Isaacs,
included Sir Edward Grey, David
Augustine Burrill, Sydney Buxton, C,
P. O. Masterman, Sir J. A. Simon
and F. O, Ackland.
While thc members ol the house oi
commons were entering parliament
this afternoon to discuss the wo-
man's sufirngo bill, newsboys thrudt
extras at them, announcing what
seems to bu tho most destructive
work the militants have yet accomplished.
St. Catherines Church at Hatcham,
In the southeast of London, one of
the finest church edifices In the suburbs, caught Are soon alter noon In a
mysterious way and burned so quick
ly tbnt only the charred walls and
a few of tbe pews remained nfter uu
hour, although the flro brigade work
od hard. The tire was watched by
thousands ot spectators.
The interior of the church was like
n seething furnace a    few   moments
after the names were discovered. The
roof lell ln half an hour afterwards
nnd the crumbling masonry crumpled,
Thc church was built in 1893 at a
cost of $90,000. An expensive chan
eel and stained gloss windows were
added Inter.
The heating apparatus in the building had not boon used for two weeks,
aud although the church was usually
kept open all day for prayer, all the
doors were found tn be bolted when
the fire was discovered. Tbe vicar,
the Rev, Howard J. Truscott, when
as'iod about the cause ol the lire,
said: "I cat a a ascribe, it to other
than those de.lght.lul ladies."
The vicar visited the church at
noon, wben he noticed three women
in the building. He supposed tbat
they were praying. He now believes
that they arranged the lire and
thinks explosives must have been
used because ol the rapidity witb
which the tlames spread, Tbo vicar
managed to save the record of marriages and baptisms.
A mysterious attempt, to explode a
bomb was made early this morning
outside the Grand Hotel, opposite
Trafalgar square, where the suffrage
disturbances took place on Sunday.
The hotel was crowded with tourists.
A policeman saw a woman deposit a
can with a lighted fuse in front ol
the door. He extinguished the fuse
and then pursued the woman. He
caught one woman who he supposed
was the culprit and who, when
brought into court, gave her name aB
Ada Warder. Investigation proved
her to be a night prowler who had
often been brought up in the police
court. Sho denied plucing the bomb,
which disappeared while the policeman was chasing her.
London.—In opposing the woman's suffrage bill tn the bouse today Premier Asquith said he would
resign lf his colleagues in tiie cabinet
ever suggested tbat they did not feel
justified in following a government,
the bead of which was opposed to
When the debate was resumed this
afternoon, the premier defended tbe
government's coarse, saying it wa*
consistent wltb tbe best traditions of
British statesmanship. He regretted
that ho found himself at variance
witb bis colleagues on the question,
and greatly ns he would regret severing bin connection from tbe prosecution ot other great causes, he would
lay down his office If his colleagues
ever suggested tbat thev did not feel
Justified in following him. "Thev never did yet," suid the premier amid
Mr. Asquith snid tbe bill created
(,,000,000 new voters und lt had nover
been approved hy tbo existing electorate. Would our political fabric be
strengthened, would our legislative
fabric bo more respected, would our
social and domestic llfo be enriched,
would our  standard  of .manners be
10th Anniversary
Improved, if women were given tbe]
vote? (Cheers nnd crlcB, "Ol course!
tbey would," wero raiBcd on -II sides j "    '
of the house). I    The locnl lodge of 1. A, of M. cele-
The Premier strongly denied that! brnted thelt 10th anniversary on
parliament should be neglectful of th [Tuesday night in the Carmen's Hull,
ntercsts of women and enld he saw j by a social nnd smoking concert, to
no evidence that Britiah women as n which they invited thc other emits-
whole wanted the vote. men  employed  ln   the  local   shops.
Sir Edward Grey, secretary for for    There was a large attendance   of the
Local Items
eign affairs, supported the bill. He
said there wns ample evidence that a
very large section of thc women of
the country had shown by constitutional means thnt tbey favored the
enfranchisement ol tbelr sex. Milltan
shop employees, about eighty r-cntle-
men Bitting down nt tbe tnbL-s end
they Bure did lull justice to the eatables set hefore them. A long and
varied musical programme */ss iron**
through.     The  local  talent  in    the
cy, he characterized as "the 1ncon- j shops, ably assisted by Buch ..rom*
sidorate and criminal conduct of n ■ Inent musical tnlerr*>a» Messrs. Cam-
small body of individuals with whose eron, Houghan and Kctteringbnin,
outrages tbe law had dealt and ought j -'apt 'he enthusiasm hot right up to
to deal severely." the finish.    In view of the events a
Nobody, he said, hnd greater reaeon I Present happening ln the shops, tbo
to deplore the methods of the mill ! Is, the transfer of n number ..( tin
tant suffragists than those who do- i "mploycos to odgen shops, Oalgary,
sired the enfranchisement of women, j the social would stand in the nature
but bo argued that their outrages ' of a farewell, and the members nl .".88
should not influence thc decision on j I- A. of M„ while deploring thc do*
the house of commons bill. Many ad-' pnrture of mnny of their friends,
mitted that women wore fitted to | unite In wishing them every success
deal with social and industrial mot- jin their new shop, nnd would earnest
ten or legislation which vitally affec    ly urge them to eland fast  by  thej-—"   Th mnw wlU -omiBt
ted their Interest.-., but thought that, good odprlnclp«  •United Wo Btona,   g,    log  cJllcttH_ qUurtclUM; ftnd .. «,_
they were not fitted to deal witb the! Diviueil We Fall.'      Several charter
question ot foreign policy.    He con ! members of the Lodge woro it-resent
sidered that demonstrated that apti*  «-od the various   speeches   delivered
K ilu ss MacKenzie of Pernio wad
mi town Mondny.
Engineer D. E. Murphy was called
to Winnipeg nn Friday on Important
J. MacKay, travelling salesman (or
A. C, BoWDflSfl wns nt Orraton Tuesday on business.
Cleanliness is next to QodUness
How nbout the old Una and bits of
rubbish you havo thrown in tho yard
timing tht- winter months. Have you
got tbem nil cleaned away yet'1 ir
Dot. do It now.
Again we must ask—have you got
your yards denned yet? The City
will he better fni' the smnll effort and
thi< health of the children during tha
summer months will he belter fiHt-nired
by thffl  little precaution.
The concert to be given on Thurs-
day evening, Mny ISth, nt which
Cranbrook's best talent will assist,
promises to be a treat for those who
tude in dealing with abstruse and in
dustrlftl legislation proved that tbey
were possessed of sufficient intelligence to pass judgment on questions
of foreign policy, which were far less
complicated and seldom at Issue at
the general elections.
tended to show how much emilrt bo
gained by united nnd organized action. A very unjoyaltle evening was
brought to a cla-n? by the entire
company singing Auld Lam: Syne nnd
finishing with God Save the King,
snd   the   general   consensus   of   the
Lord Robert Cecil, advocating thej company present was that they wish
bill, contended that tbe vote against I "■*■*• these kind of social)1 would occm
it would be unworthy the high stand- j often,
ard of Intelligence of the members ol i ———
The°mJht HoTv& Hume Long]      Still   D0(lg6   LJptOfl
in opposing tbe measure tirst congra * ■——■
tulated the prime minister on thc j London.—The Royal (Hater Yacht
calm dignity and ability displayed ir. j club received today A letter from th
hia speech, despite the treatment he ! New Vork Yacht Club replying to Sii
had received at the hands of the sui j Thomas Lipton's challenge to a race
fraglsts, which, he took occasion to. with the Shamrock IV. for the Am
say, "is a disgrace to the country." ■ erica's cup, in which it 1s stated that
fie urged that the passage of the bi!
would not stop militant tactics, hut
would only lead to fiercer agitation
for a larger measure of enfranchisement.
The Right Hon. Frederick B. Smith
said that the BUpportoro of the bill
denounced the militants when it suit
ed them, hut would use thom as long
as It paid to do so. It was not until
1.06 whon militancy began, that a
single member of the house took th''
movement up seriously. The gnat
bulk of the women, be maintained,
were indifferent to tbe franchise. Tb*'
country hnd never been canvassed on
the question. Under such circumstun
ces for the Unionists to vote (or the
bill would be grossly inconsistent
witb their opposition to home rule
on the ground thnt the government
had no mandate for it.
A motion to reject was carried, 2f,_
to   219.
the New York Yacht Club since IW2
has made radical changes In Its system of measurement and time allowance and that important changes
have sIho been mnde in the raring
rules.    The letter continues
"Your reference,  therefore,    t.i   tbe
regulations of   the    lasl  contest  of
governing ths present challenge leaves
uncertain whether ymi mean a challenge for  a   match    sailed    with  or
without time allowance,  and  if  with]
time allowance, whether you propose      " rsguli'
it to be sailed under the New  York j "'Ptory
Yacht club system   of   measureroanl
and  time allownuce and    under  tb
racing regulations nf   190_ wbinh governed the last contest, but Which are
not In force nt the present time "
The letter concludes by atfclng for
information on these points, "ns it is
essential  that  our  committee  be  ln-
pioco orchestra,    Tickets,   50 cents.
Ou Saturday InRt a Boo A\ ol.ane
tieight train, west bound, ditched
two rnre; and Inter iu tbo day, just
went of Rampart, eleven cars went ofl
the track making a bad wreck. The
wrecking train and crew from ("ranbrook, was soon on the eocene, but it
took them several hours tn clear the
(>n Friday some twenty members 0/
tho order of the Knights of Pythias
went to Bonneys Ferry. The occasion was the visit of the Hpokane
team of the order of tho Dramatic
Order of Khoras-tan. generally termed
D. O. K K.'s. There will Uv representations from all the surrounding
towns nnd cities both in the States
nnd Canada, Bonners Ferry is being
turned up-side-down for the purpose
of receiving suoh a large number ot
visitors, nnd everyone v*. hn attends
can rely upon hnvlng the best time
of their lives. This D. O. K K.'s
is another branch of the order of the
Knights of Pythias of which Cranhrook bftS a strong lodge with *-*me
HU members.
Elect JOfficers
iscmbly Dl BeUlrk I're-
wn*.   held   in   tbo   Cbapttr
room o! ttie Masonlr Temple on Mon-
,]ny evinini!. nt  which th- t, .Moving
Oulcore were elected lor the ensuing
Elko is Hustling Town
With minors nl important rnilwny
und power plnnt developments In tin*
uir, Blko Is ono ol tho "llvost"
towns nl Its slto In Kootonny nnd is
Copulated by somo of the most optimistic "boosters" In the province," declares T. O. Proctor ot Vlc-
t.nrlii. who recently passed through
the lOnst Kootenny Dlntrlct.
Whllo In Nelson Mr. Proctner stated thnt It was understood that an
ambitious scheme (or harnessing Iho
vast latent power ol Elko tails wai
afoot and thut the air wns thick witb
rumors ol rnilrnad developments
which would he of Importance to Klko, which ln nlrendy on the I'nniidliiii
Pacific. Kootenny Central ninl flrent
Northern lines
"And It In the bomo ol Fred Moo,
who boosts iu. rnslly un bn breathes
and Is worth ubout 11,000,000 n year
as u publicity expert," declnred Mr.
Procter, "I've known Fred lor yours
and I've never heard blm sny nny
thing ubout the country that wns
not optimistic" he remarked.
! formed ol the Hperltlr nutiire ol ttie
_       _ j match  proposed   liefore    It   can   Ink.
._ ...   , any notion on the challenge."
AllOnSO S     VlSlt M"   Thomas    Upton   suld   tonight
___ I thnt he hnd not yet rerelve.t u copy
W. H. Wilson. P, P,
.1. tl. Henderson, ('.
A. o Bhankland, H.
v. A, Dunn, lleg.
W. ri. riant... Chaplain.
I'   II Miles, past P, p
Purls,—The approucliini; visit to
the French capital ol King Alloneo ol
Spnin in regarded na ot ronHlderuhle
significance tor lUtiropc. It Is snld
tbnt thc visit mnv mean the intranet
tit Hpuln Into th- Iriendly understanding, known hh ttio triple entente, between France, (Ireat Britain
nnd Russia. Alfonso arrives here on
Mr. J. F. Bridges, of Fort Hteele,
waa transacting business at Cranbrook Friday.
ol the lett.-r which hud heen addross
ed liy the New York Yacht Club to
the Itoyal 1'lu.tcr Cluh, and on the
spur of the moment, wnn IMAM* to
answer the trUflsttons propounded,
lint, he added
"The New York Yacht Club's committee whloh line the matter In
rbnrge Is composed "I thorough,
sportsmen and ns uiix.oiih lot u raci
as 1 am, and 1 haven't the alli'titcst
doubt tbat the points thoy faint will
be settled to our mutual Hiittefnctlou
and that the race will take place."
Band Concert
Tin. Oranbrook Olty Band will give
their regular opon all ci ncerl next
Himdiiy nt 4 o'clock, wh'-t. the lollowlng programme wiil he rendered
March—"Vlgoro \uinl.icock
Overture   "Arcndln" , , ,        I.mucin,
Walt*-"When Knighthood Wae In    .
Flower"  titistln
Heieniidi..- "Twilight Hour      	
Medley Helectloii . , , Arr   by ii'llure
March-"Hwntnrn" . , . .        riny-ler
(lod Save tho Klin*
Jns Austin, Bandmaster. THE PllOSrECTOR, CRANBROOK, li. C.
Health Restored
Gained 29 Pounds|«3J
A Grim  Proviso
A outlout occupation has
Paris     Several  doctors hav? re*  Oolantlfla Opinion Would Aopear to be
circular from at newly-form- Strongly  In the  Negative
y.  which offers'to  find  pa*      That   fascinating   speculation—the
nis for ihem.     Tho fees nre rath*  probability or tlm planots being inluih-
high.        Tliey vary from $-.<> to j ited—la  discussed  In  Hit. journal of
$100. On receipt of the fee tho doctor 1_ as-Hired » list ot -i* consumptives, 30 epileptics, 20 people suffering from cancer and bo forth. He
is then sit liberty to call and offer his
services. Tlu* agency's circular declares that tho lists of patients ai'6
tompiled from absolutely certain
sources nnd that the money will be re
turned ii there nre more than three
mistakes In eaoh list. This is
rather u grim proviso.
fi Remarkable Dog
A dog which had, during nine years
of its life, cpllected upwards of 15,000
coins under remarkable conditions,
died on Saturday at Reading, The
money had Been devoted to local charities, Tho dog uever carried n box,
hiii begged for a coin,     Por a hall
Dizziness, Sinking Spells and Excessive  Weakness  Disappear  With
Use of
Nearly every woman will read
with Interest the letter of Mrs. Geo.
Bradshaw, quoted below. It tells of
years of great suffering from Nervous
Headache and other symptoms arising from weak, watery blood and a
Btarved and exhausted condition of
the nervouj system. I ,"",' "'Tr'". " ' , ■" .   " ri '" ,  i
Mrs. Cocrge Bradshaw, Cosy Nook.) ,|)oniiy..tl!° do!- demanded a biscuit as | iter, bul It in probably not so far
Harlowe, Ont, writes:— "I am glad
to stat*' that 1 received benefits from |
Pr. Chns/s Nerve Food which I failed to gel any place    else.      I    was
troubled foi many year,,. In fact from | cuIts in U" ":i lnnthr0P-c ' '
my early   womanhood,   with   weak,! _ ...   ,   ...   ,,   .....
witery blood, nnd  given to dropsy. Co,,ier8 Nlmble Wlt
' Buffered untold agonies from uerv-      ^■■■■', the king was looking  at  a
i,   dizziness,   and   Pe' Pony which had been broughi up
fact  wua a semi*   ■'■'■'  bla Inspection  the  pony   proved
invalid for many   years.       I   tried   ao-newuai  restless,
manv kiida oi patent medicines, audi     ■ expect the daylight wont,..-' him,
1 said the king.
No, sir, replied the mirier, it is the
headstall, he doesn't like.     He can I
see your majesty    plain    enou [h
London Spectator,
Royal Astronomical society of
Canada oy Prof, Boberl Grunt Aitken
of the Lick Observatory. Prof. Aitken summari7.es all tho latest researches, nt i his conclusion in regard
to the possibility of tbe planets are
as follows:
Tho moon—Tlio moon must bo regarded as praotlcally a dead world,
although it may be tnnt low forms of
vegetable life are sustained by water
vapor BXUdlng through crevices from
tho moon's Ulterior,
Jupiter-—Obviously in sucb a world
there can be no question Of life. The
conditions are chaoTlc. Jupiter is j
a semlsun, probably gaseous through*
out, with matter distributed us on the'
sun, and there is no well defined surface or .tu.
condition ■..*■' reloaslng the coin.
! two biscuit.,   were   required    In
chauge fo  n penny or two coins,
| all.  the Cos had  earned   18 000
sick headr.ch
Binklng  spi
got no help, and tried every now doc*I
tor that earn* along, but all failed * i
help me. Doctors told me I had no
blood, mu. thai my heart and kidneys wer diseased, and that l bud
so many complaints there was uot
much U36 in doctoring up one or two.
Pour years apt I took six boxes of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and was glad
to see f felt better, and then got *.i\
more, and they have cured m: ef
many of my complaints. Wh -m '
began taking Nerve Food I welgied
110 pounds and to-day I weigh iio,
and am 15 yearj old.
Dr. Chate's Nerve food. 60c. a box,
6 fnr $2.60, at all dealers or Ed man-
son, Baton & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Anxious to Know
Officer, she --aid. hastening to the
policeman, tha'  person has been [ol
lowing t ie for au hour,
Do you want me to arrest him?
No, but 1 wish ■■ on w * ild find oul
whether  he   thinks   I'm   benutttul   or
1. just tunning around after me be-
eiuse I wear ... panler skirl aud carry
Belief  Growing  That   Man   Should  be
Why If If that we neglect to use
the left 'land j-o much?
Among English-speaking people 07
cut of every 100 are right-handed
when thej roach maturity. Out of
every lOfi such persons 17 are born
right-handed, three are born left-handed and the remaining 80 are born
without preference as to either hand.
Eighty nr-* Influenced to become j
strongly right-handed during early
No greal asset in the world is so
Beglecled as the average left hand.
Formerly all the world was ambidextrous. Primitive man had no preference Which ham he used. And In
various parts of the world efforts are
now being made to revive the use of
i_.e b-ft hand.
Japan haa for many years been
teaching two-handed ness to the men
of its arm,, and in its Public schools.
The Germa ■ Government is following
Japan's exam pi
a   i an ■
-TLe    Birmingham   Age-
Sometimes Lengthy
re honest)  paj s ii
I believe honest)  pays In th
run.     So do I;  but 1 often wish it
were nor cuch a mighty long run.—
Chlcag i Record-Herald,
iils planet resembles Jup
vattccd and is even less tit  for
it tlon than its neighbor,
Uranus and  Neptune   They are
«;ir away  lion,  the Min  lhal   its  ti
and light  can hardly be effective
protecting III i upon these two planets
e ■ ■    . ".ild  life  in au\   way  origin*
al ■ i here.
Satellites of Jupiter and  Saturn -
II is possl i" somo of them raaj have
water   ami   au     atmosphere   dense
tor Hfo.     This Is morel) con-
il und not verj probable,
Mercur. - it apparently aW ays
- thi Bam ■ faci tow irds the sun.
It i '■; Bei en times as much heat a*.
; he eat l li ind hei Its eternal nlghl
nor Its '-:. erlast Ine daj Is buII tibl [or
any form ol IJfe. l. seems tu iu\o
u i ai ino phei
Venus   i i  alio, mass, density and
rfa< e •:\n\ity It greatl) rosembtes
:';. earth H lias .t di iso, clou I-
(llled atmosphere The wholo
question as to llfo on Venus turns
on the prol lem as to the length of
Venus's day. it Its daj equals its
year thai planet musl be utterly desolate. The question is still an open
one, though tha evidence favors the
belief that the day and the year of
Venus are of equal length.
Mars --- There undoubtedly are
strong markings on Mars, but astronomers :tr.» not agreed as to whether
Black Fo.\ Farming
There If Ir Prince Kdward Island n
new development which is attracting
great attention iu the shape ot raising tur-beur'ug animals, ll has been
proved that the climate of the province is particularly suitable for the
breeding t; black foxes, and a number of farmers have embarked In the
ludustry with the most profitable results. The fur of the black fox, owing to its rarity, has become exceed
nigly  valuable,  and   the  Commission
le-.-cttab, Okla . at the state * r-
phans' home there was a lit! cl sp
who.-* wit was ahead of his memory,
Ffis teacher was having a tim< teaching him -.Ue Presidents In rotation.
Johnny, Johnny, she admonished, why
when I was your age I could say the
presidents' names forward and backward, anl begin in the middle and go
either way She was much taken;
back by the reply. Yes. but when
jou were my age there wasn't so:
many presidents.
,e markingsare natural or artificial| £-Jf A^Heuiture^'fV'prluee'Kdwuvd
Powell, hero of the Siege of Mafeking and founder of the Hoy Scouts,
does not consider a man n well trained soldier unless he cun mount equal
•y well on either side of his horse, use
tiie sword, revolver and lance equally
_K\l with both hands.
Calling Pa
Ma put over a good one on pa
right, ail right.
What was it?
Ho was patting up a shelf in the
pantry and accidentally hit bis thumb
With the hammer. While ho wus
dancing around, saying a lot of awful things, ma rushed Into the kitchen
Sir Robert Baden* J aud said:  John, stop that language,
* .-. - or mere earthquake crack;
The Martian atmosphere is rare and
there are no permanent bodies of
water on the planet, There is not
enough water un the whole of Mars to
fill one of the American great lakes.
The so-called polar iee caps and frost
on Mars may be deposits of carbon
dioxide, The bos. that ean be said
is that wlllie the temperature on Mars
is very low there may be on that p! in-
et, to a limited extent, tho condition-
essential * j life—probably only veg
etable ami animal life, but no beings
of Intelligence.
Island states that a pair of live foxes
were sold recently for $25,000 and another pair for over $20,000. The
price of this Spring's pups was over
$10,000 a i air and $5,000 a pair, while
a cash deposit varying from 10 to
25 per cent is being paid for fox
cubs that are due to be born in the
Spring of 1913. lilaek fox farming
as it is called, does not entail any
considerable expense, the ranches consisting usually of an acre of ground
witb a steel wire enclosure about fit)
feet square for two pairs, containing
little houses for tlio animals
j Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Guarding a Royal Train
Few people know that tho passage
of a  Royal  train la guarded almost
every yard of tho way, bo tho Journey of Ihe Sovereign short or long.
Many peoplo laugh when they read
of lines „pOt) lines of soldiers drawn
up along the railway metals In Rub-
tin where the C/nr travels; but the
samo thing practically occurs in Bug-
land, only without the ostentatious
display of uniforms. The Uneover
which the Itiiyil train Is to pass Is
quite us effectively guarded, though
to all appearance there Is nobody
right away. .lust remember you're
not out in a baseball park now.—Detroit Free Press.
Women ar- Inconsistent, always.
What   is the  matter now?
Mirrors at Street Corners
Mirrors at street comers to provide 	
for the drivers of vehicles a view of1 _ , ,   ..  .    .,
the cross-street have  been   Installed Science to Imitate Nature
.n at least two towns in Kngland. ac-! 'Hie view haa teen advanced la
wording to a recent issue of the Sur-; "*nore than one quarter that during the
veyor and .Municipal and County En-: uext two or three centuries Invention
i gltieer. In Folkestone there is an Probably will be In the direction of
acute angle s-treet crossing, where one imitating the wonderful economy and
corner is built up close to the curb, j tho simple, direct methods of Nature,
On this corner is placed a 24 bv 241 An instance in point is the electric
inch mirror, supported on gas pipe eel. Its electric organ is In i»
standard at such an angel that, drivers  sense a storage battery, but a contrlv
. of vehicles coming towards the built-, ance by which electric energy is lib-
That girl I was engaged to Insisted Up corner from either of the two op- j erated at the moment when it Is re-
upon giving me a loi of hor property! p0sitP streets can see up the street| Wired.     At rest the organ shows bo
aud   now  she  has  attached  lt  in  a
breach oi  promise action.
One Charitable Act
Hubby—Well, I did one charitable
act today.
Wifey— I'm so glad, dear. Tell
me all uliout it.
Hubby—-O, there Isn't much to tell
One of my clerks asked for an increase in salary sn that ho eould get
married uud I refused to give It to
A German merchant, resident
Moscow, has lefl nil his fortune,
mounting to half a million, to all those
of ills employees who have served
der blm 'or five years or more. Their
portions are to be reckoned on the
basis <>f the lirst annual wage multiplied by the number of years tliey
have boon in his service. Thi
%ho have worked for the linn loss
than five yenrs receive a Joint sum
of $50,000, which is to be divided no-
Cordlnng I" wages and length of sor
vice. Tie staff have decided to organize the business tnhorlted by them
Into a joint stock compnny.
Mrs, Kndon—Isn't tlmt u delightful
shortoaky  Henry?
Henry—I'll consider if innocent until It's been proven guilty.
Evidences of Experience
What  makes  you  think  that   man
has had   experience   with   sailboats
uud ennees?
Ho doesn't show any inclination to
get  into  uny of  them.—Washington
at right angles to their path.      Tno i small   nu  olectrie.  force  that  a gal-
engineer In charge states that dwflv  vanometei !s needed to detect It, but
to the Impossibility of motorists
ing any oncoming traffic several a't-
cidents and narrow escapes have ,>c-
curred at that point Since the mirror ha«. heen fixed he has not herrd
of anything approaching an accld-i.i.
'lhe damp, mist, rain or frost have
no Ill-eff->ct8 on the mirror, which is
occasionally cleaned by a passing
lamplighter whon cleaning his lamps.
At Mulinc.sbury, In Wiltshire, a mirror
five by eight feet In size, supported on
standards so that its top is 15 feet
above the street, occupies an angular
position it the apex of a closed right
As in a Mirror
Strangei at the door—l am trying
to find a lady whose name l have for-]
gotten, but 1 know she lives in this
neighborhood. She Is a singularly I
beautiful creature, with pink und'
white complexion, seashetl ears, lovely eyes, und buir such as a goddess j
might, envy.
Servant—Realty, sir.
I don't
Voice (from bond of
toll the gentleman I'll
stairs l —
bc down
. in a
Fought an Eagle
A strange combat occurred a few
mornings ago at Upper North Sydney
says a Cape Breton paper. Mr.
Marry Moore, a well known milk man,
noticing a commotion among his
three Ayreshires saw a large dark-
colored bird making repeated swoops
down among thc animals. On hurrying to the spot he discovered a
large eagle furiously attacking the
head nnd shoulders of a yearling bull.
The animal stood his ground well and
sudden nervous Impulse from the
eel's spinal cord raises a potential
of many volts with very little heat
and so "mall nn expenditure of matter as to defy the most expert chemist to weigh it. Fireflies, glow
worms, and many deep sea fishes produce light without heat at a cost
which would make a match an extravagant outlay.—Harper's Weekly.
Great Discovery
I tell you we live in an age of progress .
How now?
*Now some sharp has discovered that
you can shake fleas off a dog with
a vacuum cleaner.—Kansas City
The Pills That Bring Relief.—When,
after one has partaken of a meal he
la oppressed by feelings of fullness
and pain tn the stomach he suffers
from dy»pepsic, which will persist lf
It be not dealt with. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are the very best medicine that cnn be taken to bring relief.     These pills are specially com-
   a^.^—- pounded to deal with dyapepsln, and
tried to butt in to meet thp charge j their sterling qualities In'this respect
Schoolgirl An Athlete
For the fifth  year In succession a
Rothorhllhe girl has won the sports
championship of the London County! plncott'i
schools in smith London.
Nellie Stockwell is 13 nnd the
daughter of the keeper of ihe Roth*
erhlthe mortuary, Her latest trophy
was tho i h. mplonsbip medal won ut
the Bchool athletic meeting, where
she was 'im lu six events and lecond
In four others
Bhe won the championship first
when she was nine, and ha** secured
it every year since, although tho girl
compel tors have numbered more than
1,700 each time.
IFe~lf I    should    klBL    you,   what
..ould happen?
She-I should call father,
He   Then I won't do it.
She—But father's ln  Kurope.—Lip* j
Husband—Vou extravagance is awful. When i die you'll probably
have to beg,
Wife—Well I should he letter off
tlum lorn- poor women who never
had any practice.—London Opinion.
of tho savage bird, whose beak and
talons had loft several large gashes
in tbe bull's neck und shoulders. Mr.
Moore, armed with only a milk pail
rushed in to take a hand In the argument, when ho was Immediately attacked by the eagle on whom the resounding whacks of the milk pall
Beemed to have llttlo effect. Mr.
Moon- mlghl have fared badly from
scratched had not his neighbor, Thom-
08 Jackson, made a timely arrival
with a stott. stake. Wltll which the
b'rd was Irlveti off. Mr. Mooro has
several of the. larg*
ian be vouched
for   by   legions   of
A dime-ln-the-slot photographic machine Is, !t Is announced, about to
be put on the market. The sitter
places the coin In Iho slot nnd pulls
a lever; the mechanism turns on an
electric light, drops a plate Into position behind the lens, opens the
Shutters for three seconds, develops
Axes and washes tho plate, and ln
tlfty-seven seconds delivers tho picture, finished and in n neat frame,
quill fenthers of| If the mechanism should fail to work
the eagle UB a nieiiienlo of his unique! the
ix per len ce, I
dime Is  automatically  returned
That  New  Hat
The young wife, refused a new hat
bitterly complained that sh'- bod t
lot to put ui  with.
Yes,   r -piled   her   husband,   and
Prevailing Hard Luck
Tin fishes remember?     A scion! Ist
who has been investigating thc quea-
Suddenly bo stopped up to a gentle* It,on fovmd that ">' P"-oln8 n r«« <->'•
man. who" wus  waiting  for a train, "Mer containing food  nud also an
says   London   Answers,   unit   tupping! «-''-Pty green cylinder In the aquarium
If1 him lightly on the shoulder, suld, Ex*|
l dou'i train iu any special way. she! ynu knew how little I have to put up
paid. My father gives me plenty of with you t/puld not ask me to put up
BUgar, ami I have running exercises,   for a new hat,
Besides her sports trophies, Ne
baa a UrBt-claMH swimming cr*rtl1lral<\ ] In ine Court
nnd until recently elm was captain of     Lawyer   Vou claim tf. bo a profo«».
tho net ball team ot h.*r aohool. Aim ,,)r      wtia, ,;i your ((,.,.,„.. ,,,,,1 whoro
she can show flvo rni'ilalsi for i-ood  ,j1(j yOU .,,.: j,
conduct ami attendance. Witness- The  only  degree  I  over
l.'n to .iow ehe hae captured thirty-  BOl w_ the third degroe, und tho po*
one prizes ot different kinds, 1,,,. gavo It to me
lini. iliil In- prnpol
ll.. asked ll' In*
ilcnt,   Now Yi
mill li.
k Kun.
Tread soflly -     IjEiV
Stepsafelii. jjgjjj
Eabody the patented features
of Cats Paw H.cls.    ■■*_
Tli'' mo&l densely populated or nil
the nonntrh .-. of the world Is Belgium,
with 036 Inhabitants to ihr- square
I hear Nflss Strongmlnd has chucked poor Thompson  said Dabnoy.
S;hI, lm' true, raid Wllklns.
Why, i always thought Thompy
was n brick! Raid Dabney,
lie is. said Wllklns. ' That's why
she throw lilm  I guess    'Judge,
Very Likely
FTotiov (gnslng at  Intoxicated
ir)- Whal ii he charged with,
W.  N.  U.  012
r (newly appointed)— Ol don't
  /or honor,    but  l    think   It's
I Bblraight whisky.   Judgo,
but did you drop u live pound
note? at thi sntne time holding oul
In hiH hand the article.
Tlio gout Ionian Questioned gazed n
moment at the note, assumed au anx
ions look, made n hasty search of his
pockets and Bald: Why, so I did. and
I hadn'd missed it, holding out an
■•ager  hand.
'I'he elderly hlinler look ibe name
and address of tho loser, and putting
the note in his pocltot turned away,
Well, said Ibe olher, do you want
Ii nil na a reward?
oli, [ did not llml ono, returned iho
benevolent fine, with anothor heiuii;
Imi it struck mo thai In a big place
Ilka I.*>n ion thoro must, bo ii quantity or monev lost- and upon Inquiry
I found lhal you are iho lain! mun
who lias  lost u  live  pound  bole  thin
Her Gentle Hint
Borom- Home one imml liavo been
joking Mies Suburb!, aboul ma nud
t'dd her I owned the slroot railway
system here.
I'm em    What  in like a yon think ho?
Unrein -Why, I was oul  lo call on
her  last   night   nud  every  thnn  she
heard it uir hIh- snld:  Thero comes)    Tho tolow
your car, Mr, Dorem, lhaif trylnp
with a single ilsh lho latter soon
learned to enter tho rod cylinder
each time lt was Immersed nnd avoided the other one. Moreover, th
ilsh went Into thn red vessel and
Waited until some crumbs worn drop-
pod Into It, which he then ate. At
Other times tho fish entered tho baited rod vessel even though ho did not
appear to dostro food, seeing thai he
did not eat. nt suoh times. Tho fac-
tnr of hunger was thorofoi'o eliminated
here and Ilio existence of a habit or
a roflox notion was proved.
The Power of Sarcasm
Tlio rostdohts of ono or iho small
California towns near kos Angeles
were nnimyeil at tlfo constant Hpood*
!iiK of motor drivers ovor the good
mads of lhat Heel Ion, and no, niter
losing sovoral olitckone and dogt. undor lho WllOolS of passing cam, thoy
nuido a pro t os I by croc ting a sarcastically worded signboard, rond I tig,
Slow  down   lo  fifi   in 11 OB.       Many a
driver wbo would disregard tho ordinary caution tn run ut liio legal rato
of Un miles an hour In forced to gilu
at lho humor or lhls appeal nml proceeds ut a moro reasonable Bpcod.—
Strand Magazine.
,',-ho can win by only
,■(.>■ ioU  .i  new mark!
*-  _-
like this
won a prize
last year.
"T^HE drawing was made
irom a photograph of
the   root-cellar with which  D.
A. Purdy, of Lumsden, Sask., won
a cash prize in last year's. contest,    in that last
contest there were 36 prizes.   There will be fftree
rimes as many prizes (108) in thc
TpHUS you will have three times as many chances of winning a
pri«, Vou do not have to use any certain amount of Canada Ce
towinaprize.    There arc absolutely no "strings'* to this offer.
There are twelve prizes for each Province (three of $50 ; three of $25} three of
$15; and three of $10) and you compete only with other farmers in your own Province and not with those all over Canada.
It makes no difference whether you have ever used cement.   Many of last year's winners
had not used it until they entered the contest.   When you write for full particulars, we will
send you, fr:et a book, " What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete," which tells everything:
you need to know about concrete,    hi. absolutely free, and you are under no
obligation to buy " Canada " Cement or to do anything else for us.
\\TMTl. r*ur -ihi.' and lilfru ou the coupon, ml null it, or me letter er pntt card, and
*T W! will lead you itonce ihe hook and full »tnku_ri ol ihe 1913 Pri*t-. Comert.
i Cemat Cnpatv Limited
Ad-f-oi, Publlcttr MaMfc-r
Herat. BailJiaf, UettreeX
Longest English Word
What la thc longest word ln our
language. The query has heen suggested to a correspondent by the pre-
bent discussion as to disestablishment.
Our reader has found disestablishmentarian In his dictionary, and presume there ts no objection to adding
the prolix antl, and so obtaining a
word of twenty-five letters. A goodly number and one which ought to
carry conviction by sheer weight.—
London Chronicle.
In 1882 the women of Germany employed ln occupations other thnn do*
i.icstlc service were over four million;
twenty-five years later tho figures
Uood at eight millions, which Is an Increase relatively much greater than
tho grain in population. While the
employment of tho men has Increased
20 per cent, during the lust twelve
years, the employment of women has
Increased 57 per cent, during the
same time. At present a full third
of tho economic labor ot the empire
Is being carried on by women. Statistics recently published show that
there aro 0,600,000 wage-earning wo-
nit'ii lu (Iermany. which menus that
nearly evory second adult woman Is
earning her owa living and directly
contributing to tho wealth of tho
Pound of Suds, Please
When eggs and vegetables are sold
by weight, as lt is proposed, and as
they should be, the next step, we presume, will be a demand for a pound
of beer for a nickel.—Troy Standard-
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ete.
His Flower
Cronkl'-y—The white carnation Is
the emblem of Mother's day. Is
there any Hewer thut Ib worn on
Father's day?
Joakley—Yes, I think It Is the poppy.—Judge,
Australia has taller trees than
A Frenchman invented the envoi-
rje In 10511.
Very few hairpins nro made In
France, most of Its supply coming
from .England and Germany.
k -pills 4.
Lew Shank, the Indianapolis mayor,
went to a convention ont ot town and
rcgititered at a hotel under the name
of Frank Dawson. An acquaintance
of his aoundi'b lilm on tbe alias, to
which Mr. Shank responded.
It's this way. When a mnn in
public llfu travels around ho is frequently annoyed by visitor' nnd
cranks. If I put down my right
name I wouldn't havo a minute to
I'm not alone In this Idea. Nowadays many a public man navels mix
Appreciated It
Father—How Is it that I find you
kissing my daughter? Answer ine,
Blr! How Is It?
Young Man—Fine, sir, fine!—Satire.
Modern Boy
Teacher—What Ib   thn   stuff
negroes nro made of, Tommie?
Tommie—You'll huve to excuse me,
teacher, but. I'm not booming any particular breakfast food.—Yonkers
Site—Pardon me, sir, for walking
on your foet.
He—Oh, don't mention It, I walk
on thom myseir, you know.—Boston
January derives Its name from the
Ilcman gul Janus, who was represented with two faces; one was ttio faco
of an old man, typifying the last year
nnd Iho othor that of a youth, in re-
forenoe to tlio new year.
A Wise Child
Trof. Httlrlioad tells a:i experience
of ills In examining some lilrmlngliiiui
children In moral touching, He asked
them to wrlto an essay on tho three
B'.agen of life. Ono bright child ro-
t.Tiicd the following: There aro threo
stages of life, Tile lirst is when wo
are very young, and think of tlio wicked things Whloh wo shall bo able to
do when we are oldor; and tills Is
,lie nge of innocence, Tho Bocond
Is whon wo aro older, nnd nro able to
do tho wicked things which wo
thought nbout whon wo wero young;
nnd thin Is tlio prime of life. The
third Is when wo nro dotty and repent
lho wicked things which wo did when
wo were ynungor' nnd tills is lho
c'ologe.— Uollmnn.
Weirh Doctors' Odd Fees
Welsh monarchs used to pay their
doctors on a singular scale. At the
court of tho Gyynedd Kings the physician or Burgeon ranked twelfth In
order of precedence among the household officials, Mid his fees were carefully defined. For curing a flesh
wound that was not dangerous thu
doctor was allowed no other perquisite than such of tho garments ot the
wounded person as were stained with
hlood. But for curing any of what
were called the three dangerous
wounds, ho was granted a fee of 130
pence and his maintenance during
tho cure, boside the blood stained %*f
monts.— London Chronicle.
■■ '"""1
Technically Accurate
Yes, said the visitor from Pumpln-
ville, you have Borne pretty tall structures here, but our town erected a
building with more than a thousand
stories last summer and—
A building of moro than a thousand
stories! echoed his friend. What
brand do you smoko?
It's a fact, rejoined the l'umpln*
vlllo native I was referring to our
uew library.—TitnilB.
Handsome profits nre being realised
by the whaling Industry, which tins
recently experienced n revival.
Hli Bank
Whllo an Aberdeen pawnbroker
was endeavoring to dispose of an old
silk hut on Friday sho discovered III
thn lining bnnk deposit receipts for
$",000. Fortunately the pawnbroker
knew thnt the hat had belonged lo a
local gentleman who had died three
years ago, and on communicating with
his representatives she was Informed
that tho missing securities had been
the subject of prolonged search and
litigation. Thetr discovery cleared
the deceased's lawyers of a suspicion
of carolepsnoBS. The deceased had
boen In tho habit of using his hat
us a bank.—London Standard.
15c • Tin.
8-a'll-ttliMfMt^iiiwmiftelteftptmtUti "i
IIUI> l. tht OMOlNat, iml llKB'll IUIIU
OI.KANKK. Wlll r..D.u,« U»..Q an.l l_l«.
Hands Cracked, io Could  not Wo,"k
—Cures Effected by
A Splendidly Virile Type Tbat Has
Not Changed In Seventy Years
Of all clauses ol laborers, tliu East*
ern Canadian shantymnn—particularly the Freuoh-Caaadlun woodsman of
Quebec Province—Is the most strenuous, while al tlio same timo Ilio most
genial of workers.
Skilful In all that pertains to log-
making nml Hie use of the axe, which
li i has learned to handle from early
childhood, he Is ever at home In the
forest anil wlltls. I.Ik - the Indian,
were lie unable to tlml his campground before nightfall, he would nsl
It does not take loug for Dr.
Chase's Ointment to prove Its magic
healing power A single night ia
often sufficient to produce thu most
startling results.
internal treatment for skin diseases is uearly always disappointing,
liy applying Dr. chase's Ointment t"
the diseased purls relief Is obtained
almost Immediately, nnd gradually
the sores lieal up ami disappear, Hero
are two letters wlileli will interest
Mr... Clias. (illliert Haystack, Bin*
centla' May, Nlld., writes:—"1 was a
sufferer from Salt Rheum for teu
years, and bad uliout despaired ot
ever helng cured, so many treatments hail failed. Reading of the
wonderful euros effected by Ur.
Chase's Ointment, l commenced using
It, and was entirely cured by eight
boxes. I wanl to express my gratitude Tor Dr. ('base's Ointment, and to
recommend it to all sufferers."
Mr Stanley Merrill. Delaware, Ont.,
writ*is:--"Kor years I was troubled
witli my hands cracking, often becoming ao sore that I eould hardly do any
work. I got some of Dr. Clinae's
Ointment, nnd happily llml that one
or two applications of same to the
affected parts make them well. I
have; had no trouble since using thej
ointment for sore bauds yricea B.ck lo ,h, T|m. of Am0. |n
Dr. Chase i Ointment. 80c. a box. at
Daddy's Bedtime
Story— c
The Song
Ol the First
Tht Sohoolmastif
Whipptd Will.
t ACK nnd Evelyn told daddy that Dlnnb was a good dent upset.
"She snid tiie clli.ckwtl.s widow waa calling round here laat nlgbt,"
■aid they,   "Daddy, do you know the cliiK-kwlli'g widow?"
"There," said daddy; "just listen.   I think you can hear It calling
sure that ll was   not   he,   but   tho I uow.,
camp, that is lost, tor ho is at homo        A      ■   *., _  _       ,..    . ,. ■_'_*"_'""_"*"_,'_'"
everywhere in tlio forest, while oold '       °Ter ,n tlie wooda beyond the house could be beard a voice wblcb seemed
Jj and hardship have no terrors for him, I *° n* ^"ite pMnlJS
'        ■ "Whippoorwill!   Whippoorwill!"
"What Is It, daddyV" the children cried. "Wby does It want Will wblppedr
"My dears, If you could see orer among those trees you would very likely
see a little bird no larger than a robin and wltb mottled, brown, black, buff,
gray and while fenthers—n llttlo bird that Is io nearly the same color as tbe
branch or the stone on which ho situ tbnt yon would scarcely notice blm.
"Kvery now nnd thuu bo opens bis mouth and gives tbe cry wblcb you
bave just heard.
"Tbe whtppuorwlllfi fly shout nt nljflit catching Insects thnt would other*
wlso annoy us. Tbe chuck will's widow nud tbe whippoorwill ore bird*, llml
look so much alike nnd n-uke so nearly tbe same cry Unit oue sometimes Is
mistakenly called by tbe other's name.
"When 1 was a boy I asked grandfather wby tbe whippoorwill was so
inoo he can usually make himself I
comfortable lu spite uf the worst conditions Imaginable.
Tracing the history or the Bhanty-
man through the romantic legeudB of
the contours do coute, the Impression
Is gained lhat thoso uf the curly lumbering days were of tin. roughest uud
most formidable character— physical
giants wllh whom tlio sli'iuiyim-u ot
iio* present duy would be but miserably contrasted. From truer, |
though less romantic sources, it is |
found, however, lhat tliosf old husb-
whaokers eould  not chop more logs' flown oo poor Will.
in a givon time than the present day
lumberman, lu fad, the whole sya-
torn of log-miiking in Eastern Canada1
Is. witli few exceptions, the wimu today as it was sonic sixty or seventy
yeat'fl ago.—British Columbia Mag-1
az Ino.
Two aeroplanes  wero used    at
wedding In Mlnetlola, Long Island, fori tbe egga.   But ne wouldn't
"(irnndfather said: 'Once there was a had boy nniued Will who stole tbe
eggs out of tbe uests of birds, ond one duy be found two dull white eggs on
the ground. They were marked wllli Iliac and had gray spots on them. Tbe
bey picked tbem up and started home with them lu his lint Me hud not gone
far when a bird caught up with blm nud cried so plteously that he could not
help knowing the eggs were hers, Ho only hurried nlong faster. The father
bird soon joined the mother, aud both of them begged him to give them back
the purpose of showeriug rice and con- j
fetti ou ibe newly-married couple,
all  dealer.1., or Kdmanson,  Bates
Co., Limited, Toronlo.
The Cool Stranger
Business was brisk in the village
store when the stranger entered.
Any of you drive in a trap? he asked casually.
Yes, I did, said Farmer Turnpike
-"disinterestedly.     Wby?
Gray horse, and an old lady inside.
Yea, that's right.    But—
Can she manage him all right? said
the st. .tiger. .
I ah.uld think so, replied Turnpike.
Why, my wife's drove that horse ever
since h. was a 3-year-old.
Thiii.'., all right, then, said the
si ranis' r. 1 merely asked because
(lit. gruy has just gone down the
street like a mad butt, and the old
lady's hanging onto tbe back of the
trap, screaming murder! Still, lf
she can manage lii in, there's nothing
to get excited about. How's the
price o' 'lalers dowu yQiir way?—
London Answers.
All that nlgbt outside tbe house Id whlcb be lived voices wero heard saying whippoorwill till ail tbe neighbors wondered wbat particularly naughty
thing naughty Wlll bad been doing.
" 'And uext day at school Will did not know bis lesson, and tbo schoolmaster whipped blm, aud that nlgbt bis father whipped him and so on till he
wished be bad never seen the bird's eggs. The whippings came so thick aud
fast tbat tbey did him good.   He let tbe birds' nests alone after that'
"And grandfather snld be was only sorry there wasu't a whippoorwill like
The Oil of Power.—It is not claimed for Dr- Thomas' Klectrlc Oil that
It wlll cure every 111, but its uses are
so various that It may be looked upon
as a General pain killer. It has
achieved that greatness for Itself
and any attempts to surpass it have
failed- Its excellence is known to
all wLc have tested its virtues and
leirnt by experience
Ancient Egypt
The origin of gloves Is traced to the
lime uf Anion of the twenty-first dyn    _._._, .    . . ,       ..   . ,,  ■ .
asty by M. Daresay in a recent article I WW«« ««7 bad boy who robbed birds nest*
In the Egyptian Review.
Mittens ar_ among the dress accessories found with tho mummies of
priestesses dating from that period.
Tliey were made of the same material as that of the upper garment.
It is probable that actual gloves
were also worn to correspond with
the foot covering of thin pink or red
kid, which was more than a mere
Stocking, for It was so made as to
separate the big toe from Ihe otliers.
This insured the safety of the white
leather sandal, whloh was fastened hy
two straps, one of which passed between the flrst and second toe, the
other going over the Instep.
Years ago a young colored boy
named Douglass went to Europe and
studied the violin under the celebrated
Hapoldi. a pupil of the master Spohr.
Ile returned to America: but what
was there In America for a colored
man who knew music and who knew
ft better than his white contemporaries?     He could do   little,   but   one
The Simplest of Remedies
Jobn Drew was interviewed by a
newspaper man ln a hotel in Chicago ou- night, and at last realized
that he would have a hard time getting rid of the visitor. The writer
seemed determined to sit forever, in
spite of the signs of sleepiness . exhibited by the actor.
I suppose I seem like a night owl,
said the visitor when the clock pointed -to nearly three o'clock In the
morning As a matter of /act, I'm
jusb'-febat. I suffer Intolerably with
insomnia, I wonder what's the best.
thing to do for It.
Go to sleep, suggested Drew
smoothly.    If you'll   step   into   theJ JJJJand'aiid mtaT.T.
next room while I undress, I'll show
you hew to do it*
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
food of the body. Complex carbohydrates are resolved into sugar; fats
are split, into glycerol and fatty acids;
proteins yield an aggregation of char-
act er Is'.ie substances simple "building
s'ones" at the disposal of Uie internal
tissue cells so that they can select
or further rearrange them as the
special functions require. Whether
It Is meat or cereals that we eat is,
after all, largely a matter of indifference, for they all furnish similar dl-
thing he dlFdo"which'bora fruit. Tie geatton fragments, so long as the dl*
saw a little white boy trying to teach I gOBtlve processes perform their duty,
himself   to   play   the   fiddle.       He |  —
Body Cells and Foods The Solution of a Mystery
The cells of our body never learn | Job Hedges, the New Vork lawyer,
what, the character of the food which wit, and after-dinner speaker, waB
we eat really is." With, this sen-j called upon on one occasion to give
tetice delivered at. a recent meeting j advice to a young man who was
of Swiss men of science, Professor thinking ot taking up the study of
Kmil Abmen has concisely defined a | law.
modern viewpoint of nutrition which] My young friend, said Hedges, I
is rapidly becoming prominent. Before ■ was once standing outside of it big
they leave the alimentary tract the music Btore In the city of New Vork.
foodstuffs which we eat are broken up | and was lost in admiration or the nun
into fragments that serve as the real! oles and sinews of the men wlio lift
The female house fly lays from 120
to 150 eggs at a time, and these
mature In two weeks. Under favorable conditions the descendants of a
siugle pair will number millions In
three mouths. Therefore all housekeepers should commence using
early in tiie season, and thus cut 08
a large proportion of the summer
Hearing a nolso at midnight in 0:10
] of Mb rooms, a gentleman tiptoed to
'he spot, thinking to t.iko tho burglar
unawares. Siting, however, whs not
'0 be caught napping, and before tbe
owner of the bouse fully realized
what was happening, he was looking
] down the muzzle of a revolver.     You
, realize that  you are tit  my  mercy?
j Ves, replied the house owner. And
uIbo realize Hint I could shoot you
d.'ad lf 1 wished?    Another trembling
i affirmative.      Vou  did  not hear me
! enter tho house? No. Well, if
you had your windows fitted with
one of Ketchunis new patent biirslur
alarms, this wouldn't have happened,
I I am an agent   for   the—   Hm   the
I house owner had swooned.
Asthma Is Torture. No one who
bisn'l gasped for breath In the power
of asthma knows what such suffering
Is. Thousands do know, however,
from experience how immeasurable
Is Ihe relief provided by thai mar*
'.'lluus preparation, Dr, .1 11 Kellogg's ABtlima Remedy, I'or years
It lias been relieving ami rurlng the
most severe rases. If you are a sufferer do not delay a day In securing
ibis remedy from your druggist
Best Interests
demand that every woman should
spare herself unnatural suffering
by obtaininii- sate and proper help
when physical ills and nervous
depression occur. When ailments
aud suftcring come to you remember there is one safe, effective
if en tie  and  well-tried   remedy —
After tha plumber had finished!
lome repairs about his office, the
kind-hearted business man said to'
Vou will ilt-'l soap and clean Lowola :
in there when you nre through
Tho plumber spruced up after ho,
had finished his work. bnt. to the as-'
lotil8hme.it of Hie bUBinoHH man, he'
appeared n few minutes later with
his face daubod with din and urease.
Why iu tha world did you blaohoii
your face up attain    after    yon    had
washed  yourself? the business man'
Grinning gullllly, the plumber replied, If I wimi hack to tho otlice with
a clean face, the boss would think l
had been loaflpg nn ihn Job.
pensive. The constant u
"i      drugs
i-i in.. ...
Nature find i.- >oi i urn |.ii/»..-l..i.
It |a noi hnrd to tin not ■.Mii--uii i<
learn. Nulura'i Ian tu h Hlmiita
Wli-m lhe it.'.* biirn-i low, you il m
um fm* iii.  tlticlor or iti ua Mori' ••> iljJ
I fulfill    divine-   lJO.lt-     vou   slmt-l-
I-m   on   mul.   fuel.    So   wl lieetW*
rn sbknetta attack* Ihe bod) ... >	
si if   hi   an;,   uieinbei   of   < mn   fwiiil .
i;  Nature's va»i sio
hi 111 \ .111.1 draw thei' fl
alining fores whlrh Ln
•n,.i  make  yon  writ
Send for Our Fre-1
Book   and   Enjov
Good Health With
out   Doctor.,    or
taught this little boy, and the boy is
now David Mantles, director of the
New York Music School Settlement.
Is lt not fitting that David Maunes
should be the prime mover in the establishment of a music school for negroes now conducted In tbis city by
David Irwin Maunes?—The Crisis.
New Zealand Believes Women's Votes
.are Responsible for Island's Record
-New Zealand is proud of Us modern
legislation—far lu advance of most
other lands of the globe—and Its results, particularly regarding infant
mortal.ty. The votes of women are
deemed a valuable adjunct lu this
Here are the figures denoting the
The Dangers of a Great City
A young mau who had been born
and reared in tbe backwoods went to
Chicago and made a lot of money.
Then he returned to bis native village and asked his father to take a
trip to the Windy City. The old
man. however, was nol enthusiastic
over the prooosftlon lie liad read
of the fires, automobile accidents, and
other catastrophles lu big cities.
Finally, after much argument, and
persuasion on the part of his son,
the father reluctantly agreed to undertake the journey. At the little
country station he was panic-stricken
ami tiled to get permission to go back
home. Once on the train, his nerve
began to revive, and all went well
until the train dashed Into a tunnel
black as night. When this happen
Comparative infant-aortal Ity per thou-j ed, the old mau grabbed his umbrol-
sand in various nations for one year.   | la. hit his son a whack on tiie head
German Empire  ,
Commonwealth  of Australia   .
Provinces of Ontario, Canada,
.109   and cried out:
.120      I knew something   would   happen.
Among the coffee-drinkers a high
place must be given to Blsmark. He; ZZ™*)]' ',1'V' *'
liked coffee unadulterated. While'" -/-">*-*>'-" ■•■
with the Prussian Army iu France he
one day entered n country inu and
asked the host If ho had any chicory in the house. He hud* Blsmark said, Well, bring It to me; all
you have. The man obeyed and
.handed Bismarck a canister full of
chicory. Are you sure this is all
you have? demanded the Chancellor-
Yea, my lord, every grain. Then,
said Bismarck, keeping the canister
by biin, go now and make me a pot
of coffee.
Somo friends were talking of sue
n>hs. A certain man wbo bad made
1 fnrlti ie was mentioned
When lhat man came to New York
I few years ago, one said, everything
ie pos*. "-.aed was tied up In a hand-
erchlt*'.     Today—
The speaker smiled und stroked his
dose-clipped mustache,
Today everything he possesses Is
'led up lu his wife's name, he added.
A poor woman was telling a kind-
ie.nlid visitor bow tbe doctor came
nd suid she hud a sluggish liver.
'.IiiI beats me, she added, Is how
!iem slin;t. gel   Inside Ihe Iher
Both Had the Same Faults
An old farmer went, to a cattle
llOW to exhibit H favorite cow. with
,,llch lie had high hopes of winning
'nVflihl prize. On learning the 10-
'ill, and that his cow hud been placed
Tth, his auger knew no bounds, and,
mm log Into the ring, he attackej the
Why is my cow not. first? What
re hor faults, I'd tike to know?
At tbis point one of the judges np
reached hint and answered:—Her
•ultfl, my good man, are somewhat
tin to your own.     She lacks good
^  DOODS '/
%   PILLS 4
_ 'AurTC' ' „.'< '.V
W- N. U. 908
Good and Bad Humor
Since both are very much under out-
own  control,   we  cannot  escape  the
The only country  which attained I responsibility If we more frequently
to reallv low death rate without help d^ay  the  latter   ban  the former.
of the women's vote is Sweden, audi J.1*10. !8_^°_^*^„SllL°™™°re«"PJI1!??;1;
lliere  women  lias a great  influence.
We offer Onn Bun-red Dollnra Reward
tor nny case of Catnrrh thai cannot •J'-'
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEV & CO., Toledo, O.
Wn the undersigned have known I**,
J. Cheney for the last 16 yeara mnl believe mm perfectly honorable tn nil hu'sl-
n._s tiitnsa.'iioiis, nnd financially able in
carry oui anv obligations made by his
Waldlng.  Klnnnn & Marvin.
Wholesale   Druggists,   Toledo,   o.
li.iir.-i Catarrh Cure is taken Inturnal-
■*".'    " '.","":   ,"" hii-.---i-.iu--.i---*.,    U4   in   cnnicniniftiit i'V' acting directly upon  tin*-  hlood aud
burning summers, be able to keep iis humor disposes   us   io   contentment  n.liroUii mrtat.VH „r tin- system.     Tea-
babies alive better than Ontario? If; *'_h_»?!_____ ^Ji J„ ^55™**- Ii? ! !i^on,'.."i ""v S'** ?-r&e-7Dc- pel' bot"
and take a great Interest in politics.
In the German empire women are
not even allowed to attend a political meeting, and thoy take no part in
Why   should     Australia, with   Its
able to ourselves or more agreeable
lo others than good humor.
It Is to the mind what good health
Is to the body. It gives us the capacity to enjoy everything that Is
pleasant In life and of using every
faculty without    Impediment.     Good
il llie piano on and off the drays. I
was joined by a middle-aged man who
looked like an Irishman.
I love to watch those fellows, I remarked casually. Their strength Is
Yes. agreed the Irishman, and they
are lul cresting for -another reason.
Whenever I see a lot of piano movers
aud hack drivers, 1 am reminded that
every year the colleges turn oul a lot
of graduate lawyers who never i rac-
lic.e their professions.
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled with worms is Mother
Graves' Worm l.\terminator.
of special value to women.
Beecham's Pills remove the cause
of suffering; they dear tlu* system
and by their tonic, helpful action
relieve you ot* headaches- backaches, lassitude and nerve rebellion.
Try a few doses and know the
difference—know bow Beeeliam's
Fills will help your feelings;
bow tbey   strengthen,   invigorate
and Protect
Every wnmnn almulit bn mire to r.., *
tin* .pvciul dircaiion. witli every twx.
Suld everywhere,     a       .      In boa.., 25c.
Labor Lost
I'l-iliiy was tnliiiiK IiIm iiitlii'r'a din*
m>r, ami on III*, way lie saw 11 work,
mail emptying a drain, Tlmt drain
salil 1'ivilil.v lo Hn* workman, la Ihe
one ratltor liwr n sliilliiii* down, Oh,
nalil llie workman, and liia fuce
brightened. Now thnn. ymmgator.
hurry on with Hint dinner before it
■.-eta cold. When |.'n-ddy returned
half-an-hour Inter the workman was
Btill working on the wirim drain, tiIh
faee was Unshed nud e.veiled, and bin
hands were black wiih mud. Are
you sure, he asked, that this Is the
drain your father lost ttie money In'.'
Quite sure, piped I'Veddy. because 1
saw rather i*ci  li oul myself.
361   V\'_l  S:    Catherine St..
Montri nl. Cn niida
Botany v. Mercury
The   Eclectine Botanic  Treatment
Mlnard'a  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
Examination Time
The eagle-eyed examiner was sure
.tones was cheating, Twenty times
during the lanl hour that individual
had pulieit out tits Watch and examined if closely* Jones, suddenly
roared ihe mastei, bring your watch]
to me! Jones reluctantly banded
over the timepiece, but all the dls-
«usted examiner found wua a small
slip pasled to the dial on which was
written "Fooled 1" Jones waa allow-.
ed to resume hla work, but ho atlll
referred to his watch so frequently j
that the examiner again grew simple-!
Ions. Suddenly an Idea si ruck hltn.!
Jones, he shouted, I'll see your watch
again, pleadej With eager hands I
lhe examiner seized the watch, but
thin time ho devoted his attention to
tbe buck of the cane. Sure enough
there waa a scrap oT paper inside
for It bore the inscription—"Fooled
again!" Then Jones was allowed to
work In peace.
should carry a atock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device of seamloai
metal, unteakable, and the sure exterminator of every kind of fly and
mosquito. Retails at 15c. General
agent, Joseph H. Wilson. 204 Stair
Building, Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain In Alberta, and RscotJ & Manner
for Manltobn and Saskatchewan.
Polite ConimigHloner If you w *ro
ordered to disperse a mob. whu !
would /on doV
Applicant—Pass nround tbe hat,
Police Commissioner-*-That'll do
You're engaged.
Warts on the hands Is a disfigurement that troubles many ladies. Hot j
loway's Corn Cure will remote tht-1
blemlsl-es without pain
i an- j i-i.u-H by Uu..i uio
Treatment, Sktu and Wood <li.-...i.i--.*t.
HvphlllH. Idsi vitality, I-nn.*-*-im i.s .uui gt-n-
Ito-urlnury comptatnts, chronic nnij *
rom nil cn ted diseases of nun am) women
\ fi-.*.! to Botanic Treatment when all
(i.l-i'i means have fulled. Our m-ennra*
tlona were Riven the Bold modal ns lili.lt-
fKl awaul ni th- IntornnUottsI I.ymi.i-
Hi*-!** in iiinsy.-is ]*.(i:i i.«.niliHi linn fail*)
11)11 Consulmllnn free, tprtrional n- hy
i ■' i.-r       Opi-n   i"   i Jin
ffcc Eclectine Botanic Remedy Co.
203-265   Yontje   Street.   Toronto,
A fsw doors soyth of C P.R   D:f
Rates $1 50 to $2.00 per d-tj
Chinamen are Great Saver3
The Chinese never waate auything,
A shopmnn puts up parcels wiih half
the paper nnd string used hy Europeans. Servants rolled and sell
match boxes uud things which seem
to us to he useless. In the couniiy
yon will see a boy in a tree beating
down a single leaf with a slick for
fuel. Women, when too old for any
work collect dry grass for the same   __
purpose.       A   man   eollevls   bis   fowl J   ...
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water in every roar.
.',,   ' ,    ,    ;. . ', : l Are the bea* ever made and are gua-**
ml tban boat- .,1.1 .lamp mat- ..r mat*, „„,„,,,, „,   |v„      , M.tafaouon      A(
lag.    Cockroaol ea and other vermin . „„ ,,,  •*_    ... ,.
limp out, and tho fowl- have a meal   ,      , ,   .„„,   ,    ,.-qll|.-d,
that costs nothing,    von glvo a coolie      ■ '
nn uld coal iiiiii you un. aahamed in j Ihi'Arlington Lo,, ol Canada,  LU,,
wear antl ho will probably get a tail*        58 Fr       A      Toronto, bnt,
nr tn transform It for 30 or r.o .-.-uts | '
into two pairs of excellent trousers
fur himself,—Detroit Proe Proas.
It is the cold that kills them, Norway
has as Bevere a climate as Canada.
Did Not Ring Out Independence, Says
Joseph Jackson, Philadelphia hlalor-
inn, conins forward with a statement
that tho old cracked bell which Is
treasured as an historic rello in Indo*
pondence Hall was not used in proclaiming liberty throughout Iho innd.
Jackson doolaros thai tbe thousands
wbo camo yearly to Independence
Hall to View the iilil aliened mouth*
piece ot ni'wly-linrn liberty wero lm-
posed on Mr Jackson then takoa up
the alleged rlnglna ol lhe bell and tbe
claim lhat It proclaimed llhorty on
July l. 177't So far as he has been
alilu to discover alter years of research, tltli misleading statement Is
the Distressed and to kindness to all
1 cannot conceive a person naturally I
good-humored being unkind.
(loud humor enables ua to look al i
things In Ihe most favorable light und
lo avoid giving or taking offence. Had
hiinuir Ib quite sufficient to make anybody unhappy; it tinges everything
wltb its own dismal color, and, like
a Bore plant* on line's urm tt ts hurl
by everything   thai touches  It.     It
takes offence where minn was meant,
and creates a spirit of general dls-
content and unlnipplnctia.
Inld by nil  DrilBirlslH.
Take Hull',
Family pills   for   Constt-
H.d Hli Doubts
Harry Lauder once scored wllh a
neal Impromptu ut a Scottish theatre,
lie Inti jusl finished hla third sung,
nnd llie audience were vehemently do*
mantling moro Some of his admirers were culling Olll Uie names of the
snugs tliey wanted to hear.   One en-
directly traconblo to 'Wataon's Annals Ibiialaatlo young man In • prominent
ol Philadelphia," wblcb was published | seal, was particularly Insistent, I
In 18aU.     Prior to lhe publication of  '
that wnrii the hell was known na the
Slate house bell anil not Liberty bell,
aud nothing hud boon said about Its
use In proclaiming Independence, Even
as late as 18:10 It was knnvvu aa the
Slate House boll even afler that building had ceased to bc the assembly ami
title bud passed to Philadelphia.
Animals In the Dock
Sixty sheep were arresleil wltb solemn formality In th* eiij* of London
recently, They -..or" charged wltb
entering Ibo clly without a permit,
Afler being oxiimlin d for signa of ihn
foul and nuuitli disease, tho** wero
pronounced innocent and roleasod,
Hash-iil Youth—I'm afraid to «eo
your father, Uld uny oue duo ovor
ask lilm?
The Maiden—Yos, Arthur, and thoy
si*"*',-"l lilto heroes.
In the Last Division
Jnlwiny, do yuu think your sister
llk_ mo.
I ili.niin, air, Wonien nro a hard
lot. ■•*•>>''
Have you briird bor spcai about
nm in uny wny 7 *<■ ■
Yes, ab', In a *,vay, I heard her loll
pa you'd never Iio n pennant wlnnnr
If yer slid tho bason around hero, lor
len y.-iiH..- St.. Lou'j HeiniVii),
a lassie. I love a lassie, he kept
shouting. Tim genial comedian looked blm over, shuok Ilia head, and remarked gravely: I hae mn doola. my
laddie, If you did you'd ha' retched
hor wilh yuu.
Mother Was Puzjled
A man who has an office downtown
called his wlfo h.v telephone lho other
morning, and during lhe conversation
asked whal the baby was doing.
She wus crying her e.\es out, re-
nlleil the mother.
Whal aliout?
I don't know whether It is hocnuse
she has eaten too many strawberries
or heoaitbe she wants   mure,   replied
ilie discouraged   tiler.—ludliniapo-
lls News.
What it was Worlh
A Scottish lady, who waa spending
her holidays In London, entered a
bric-a-brac shop In search of something .uld in take Iiiiiiu* to Scotland
with her After shn bad Inspected
several articles, Imt liad found none
to aiiit her. she noticed a quaint figure, the head and shoulders of which
appeared above the counter. What
is thut .lananes*. idol over thero
worth? she Inquired of tho salesman,
The salesman's reply was given In a
subdued tone. Worth about half-a
million, mads in That's the proprietor.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Got What he Liked
The proseut King or Saxony is a
stout, florid person of democratic
tastes, who likes nothing better than
lo be taken for one of Ills own sub-
j^ets. One but afternoon, while bo
was ilding. accompanied by bul nne
attendant, lie camo, it is suiil, upon
a liuloher who was trying to repair tbo
broken axle of bis curt.
The King at onco offered his assist-
an;?, and for over an hour the three
men—-butcher, King and attendant
M.s. Wissi..,w . aoo-rlliNU s\.i ir lu- I teem
■,.it tor over fttXTV VKARSbv millions ot
MDIIIKKS f.,r U.r.r lllll.l.l'.IN Wllll.lt
TKUTIIINO, Willi l'Kltll-VT bUCCr*****. It
SOUTH!'!* tlu* Cllll.li. SOI-'IFNS lhe '.I'll-.
I, lie-Ik*,! p-nitf-lv l'l LUARKIICRA,    11 I. » "•
Mlutety li.riuleM, lie .ure snd a.k for "Mi,,
WmhIow-, Sooihing Syrup," an.l tak. ae alfcc.
kind.   Vwcnu-livc acni. . boulc
One Tiling Lacking
TIip lotter 1 gave you this morn:::*,
did ynu post It? naked tbe wife, look*
iug at lier husband out ot tbe cornc.*
of hex eye. No, dear, I did not, iai.1
tbe man bodily.     Of course you did*
Gracious! exclaimed Mr. Swell,
man. ' e boliy bus Just eaten a lot
of that dog-buscull
Never mind, replied Mrs. Swell-
man; It hist serves Kldo right, for
ho has often eaten the baby's food.
A Legal Precedent
Tho court wiii please observe, remarked this licule counsel, with much
deliberation nnd In u most pompous
manner, that In.the case or Shylock
vs Antonio, although judgment wns
rendered lu favor ol the plaintiff, yet
-li'cjiuistancos proventod thn oxocu*
llo** which had Issued from helng ear-
ru'u Into Olloot, In spite of lhal. fuel,
To what course. Inquired tho Juslloo
wllh ii fttCO overspread wltll perplexity, did lho court iinderniuiiil the gen-
tlomnn lo rotor?
I'hylork vn. Antonio, 2d Shake-
Biit'i.re, lingo '!■«■', Johnson's edit Ion, returned' tlio counsel Kiilomuiy. The
courl wlll Ihero llml lho case rooort;
ed In full ijgJ^iiSJlJg^Jlli..
Though bacteria of ninny kinds llvo
In niin.l animals, a I'ronoll experimenter lias dlsproven thn theory thai
they nro essenllul to life. lt was
tjjatmeuvhal a chicken lived absolute*
ly freo from liilci'osirgiinlsius, nnd
growth aud doyulopuiout wtmt ou as
i U-M-J.i
Why He Wanted Milk
A clergyman had been displeased
with the quality of the milk served
him Ai length he determined to re*
nionstrato with his milkman ror sun-
plying siieb unworthy stuff. He be*
gnu mildly, I've been wanting to see
j.jii wiib regard to the quality of
in 11U with whloh you ure serving me.
Yes. sir. uneasily answered tin. trados*
man. I only wanted to nay, continued the minister, lliat I use tin* milk
ror drinking purposes exclusively ninl
mil for christening
Yes. reninrkeil the telephone girl
us she gawd Olll at the wines and
wondered what their number was. I
nm connect oil wltll tbo best families
lu oui city.
••—— — - —       ,,,,
worked In silence beneath Hie blazing I n't,     And I told you ii  was Import
sun. I ant that  it  should go to-day      Ye-«,
When they hail Mulshed, the butch* dear. And of course you forgot to
er stared stolidly al the King for u ,,(,st |. if that's not Just like a
moment. Then his phlegmatic conn-1 man! But dear- Don't but me. I'm
tenanoe lighted up ns he thought angry. Hut. dear, look hen* el t!i i
thai he saw the explanation of the letter You forgot to address It.
Oh. lie said, vou also are a butcher?
No, replied the King regretfully, 1
only look like one!
Going Up
Aviators appear to lie a modest set
They     probably   appreciate     the
i triiili of the silage, 'Pride goes
. To Reform Fashion
Fashion Is a shy bird, ami nn observant critic hns noticed lhal tailors
are not advising Ihn frock ( I and
fancy waistcoat, whlob nm becoming
unpopular beociso Mr. Suoddon was
so dressed In lho duck.     The passing
of lhe frock eoal Will be weleo I by
many, an.l by many who iin nut re*
meuibor Ibe execution of Mrs Manning In 184:.. who swung In black sal-
lu, and made Hint iiiiiterhil unriishlnn-
able for inioiy years. Thoro Is an
upeniug ror reformers  who  wish  to
change Ihn I'.isliinu i nml urn willing
to go lo thn slake ror tliolr boliof,
Qbs m tta\t. i) dw ttiis, ijju
commit a mill'dor In order lo he hong.
•j'1 '...u,|wWty S-WJl*lW.-r**P Bl","'
bo no move bobbl, SnlUJ III the fashionable world. Anil ibe enthusiastic
vegetarian might, kill snino otber
donkey und tliu in leather hoots, with
thu idea of bringing vegetable, \>tltt
lulo fashion. There Mo iiM? floW
biiiilmi for the reformers who wlll
consent to wear tlio wrong clothes on
Uie light occu4ou,-^ud9iL_roulclo,
Little and Big Religion
This slory comes from    Australia,
here all oonversttlloii  turns eventually to Ilia I tors eilui'lil liinnl. because
every parent is painfully anxious that
his sons hIh.11 pass the Btandnrd which
will freo tbem rrom cerlnln years of
military sorvlco,    A visitor was oon*
erslug witli hh hOBI's s II son, and
illiquid, as a matter of course, wllb
the words, "Do you go lo school, uow?"
Ami whni  do you learn! Reading,
Kngland  can   lionsl   thai   no other
country possesses so many Scriptural
place  names as II  does        The llllllle
of Jerloho occurs six times ou Hie
! Ordinance maps, Paradise five times,
1 and Nineveh. Mount /Ion Mount Arn-
' int. and Moiiiii Kplirului three tunes
! eaoh, In Bedfordshire lliere Is n Cal*
vary Wood ami iu Dorsetshire a Jordan mil
A Sample
uv dear girl, exclaimed an old.tr!
lady, do you know thai Hi.* man y.
are Intending to njairy drinks heavl'
aud ganibies.
Yes. 1 know; I a/u going tu marr
him to reform bim.
Listen*to me, my wlrl Try i-
txperimenl before you do that.
Whnl experiment?
Take In a week's washing to do s
see bow you like It,  -Town Topics
A Safely Device
I    A good, kind clergyman took a num*
j ber  of  boys   to  the  Zoo   111  order  I I
■ touch uiem natural history
H • look lliein to see Hi.. Il.uis teed.
and. lu his genlsl way, he Inquired of
- the keeper if one of these gigantic
i and ferocious carnivore contrived to
—      —~*        " I emancipate Itself, and to burl Its pro.
Experiments with man power aero-   dlglous strength Into our midst what
planes in Franco have led lo the of , steps would you take
ferlng or several prizes lor succoaa*      Bloomln' long stopa, snld Hut man;
' fui (lights. ' and the boys tillered
\Mliing,  sums'
Oh, yes, ami I lenrn rollgloll. too,
Yes, I lenrn III., lillle religion. Wllloll
lenelies Hint we all eome from Ailnin.
Hut  my elder  brother Is  III ii  hlghi'l I
olass; fi" learns Ibe hlif religion, um'
thnt tenches thai, wn all Cl I froi
Her Reason
Mistress   Well, I'm sorry ynu want
to leave mo, Mury,     Hul wInn's your
reason?        --..a,..,...- -a*
(Mary keeps silent).
it"3Sr-SgMPthliiR Pi'lvn'o.
nry tp_u.ouly)—No, mum,
iihiii), li" a t\
t rated Tlli i.
'    * •-dJjlitl!!'1 &5!1'-' ' ■'
JCIderly Spliister—wlioii I was your
niio Ihu men lusno.t    round   mo   like
flic's i.n ii iiou*y frit.■>*b~,\%'i4MJit.
Yniihg One -H'm. Not one spems
lo lmvo stuck, though.-i'lici'i'iide
Thai i. ihe nature ol Dr. Pierce'. I'svnriio Prescription—the one remedy lor
wnmen which contain, on alcohol snd no hahll-lurmll.g dru**.. Made Irum native
medicinal lores! root.. Dr. Pierce tell, il. every ingredient on tbe holtle-wr.n*
per. Prominent physician, and aome nl the b«.l medical aiilhoritiea endorae llie.s
iugrrdle.it*. a. bein(l (he  very heal known remedic. lor ailmenl. and meaknnie.
peculiar to wmnca.
This Is wlmt MM, Ghnrcti IS, Corvxv, of l-ongsirrot,
Ky., snys:   "I (mil It my duly lo writ.* ami t*U ynu what
your modlclnos havo done for tun,   1 was a great sulferer
for six years from a troublo peculiar to women, but I itn
Ibanltliil to .ay. alter taking imu botllos ol your' Vavorite.
l't(iacrlpllo_a_l_ USi botl|-red wltji thtt.t_—»■■' "ZZZ
j nn? rUSye.'"j ]oel Ilka i tuiw ••»"„„.   when 1 lint wrote
,/ you fneW[*,aD | ,lfliy weighed II.*. pounds—now I weigh IDS,
"I thank ynu very iniii'b fnr your kindness.   Yon have
been ns n Intlier lo um In u.lvlslng mi. whut. lo do, so may
Hod bless you Iii every effort ynu put, forth for good,
"I hopo litis testimonial will bu >«* »»«' ••' loinn poof
sulTiiiiiig woman sooltlog health.*
Dr. Pierce'. Medical Adviner, newly revised up-to-date edition, •n.wei. no.,*
•i dtlic.te uuMtiun. about which every woman, ainglo or married ought lo know. THE PROSPECTOR, CRTU-TBROOK, fl. C.
* ***'* * 11 III HI 1111 * * I ****** Ir******* ****** I ***
Professional   Carbs
£obge   iHotices
***** I III M'-H-H-H 11 H-HII III HHI11 llllllll.
P.L.S,   ft. C.B.
CRANBKOOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   F.   0 D R D
Barrister, Solicitor, etc,
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Back Building
ORANBROOK,    •    Brltlsb Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
F.O. Box 236 Phone 2.2
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   a.   GREEN
physicians and Surgeons
0—ce at Residence,  Armstrong Ave
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B0*
F. M. MacPherson
Nortm— A».nii« Nm u> City Hall
Opeo Oar and Night Pboa. lu
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meat In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd asl
4th Thursday ot each month.
Louts Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi Oil.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Granbrook Branch)
Meets   in   tbe   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4tb Tuesdays in every mouth, at
8 p.m.   Membership open  to  British
E. Y. Brake. Pres.
L. Pearron,  Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
Utixe ^Koapectov, (&vanbvook,, #. (Ll,
PtbUfM Story Saturday   Moraln-* at OraabToet, B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager,
Pottage to Amerioan, European and other foreign countries,   60 cents  a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS-Advertlslng rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those ot a reputable character wlll be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSORIBEns-Unlese notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertisements and subscripttous will be kept
running aad charged up against their account.
No  19
A.  F.   4  A.   M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
tblrd   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B  Miles, Worshipful Master.
J.  Lee Cranston,  Actio,;   Sec
No. _5, R   A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday   In
each month at eight o'clock
Sojourning    Companion,   are    cordially invited.
Ex. Comp—A.  O,  Shankland.  K.
Cranbrook, B.C.
The bullet ie thnt the consideration
ct the Naval Bin will be resumed on
Tuesday, and thnt tho government
will endeavor to ensure Its passago
tbis week, Tbls cun be done by the
application ot the now closure rules
without much delay, und It would not
bc surprising il tbo final decision took
place yesterday, Friday. The division wlll be mude tho tlrat application
oi the closure, and no doubt tilers
was some   scenes   lu    tbo commons
wheu tin.* rule wuu upiilU'd.
Mr   Churchill, the First Lord ol tbo
Admlrnlty says thnt ho bus (ull cou-
avde&Cfl  in   ttie  Hritisb   navy       tie   Is
not the only ouo thut has accepted
tbat   confidence,     lor    the   world   ut
Large   has   the   same    inspiration   ot
Tills  ls ti  time  wheu  everyone can
! afford to pray lor peace, for 11 Aue
1 trm provokes a  European  war,   wo
'shall   nl!   he    "dead   broke,"   lor   the
present tightness of money is mainly
j due to tbe "hoarding" ol it by the
' European powers  lu  anticipation oi
war cold
Funeral Director,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormiclc
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
AU Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Box 325      Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor. F.IU-ka Av.. and K.iaa St.
Notice ol Application for tbe Approval o! Works.
TAKB NOTICE! that Alexander Mc-
Dougall will apply to the Comptroller of Water Rights for the approval
ol the plans of the works t.o be constructed tor the utilization of the
water from Fairy Creek, wblcb the
applicant Is, by Water Licence No.
1&26, authorized to tuke, store, nnd
use for inumlng Snw i.ogH, etc.
The plans and particulars required
by subsection (1) of section 711 of tbe
"Water Act" na nrnended hnve been
filed wltb the Comptroller of Wator
Rights at Vlctorln ant with tho Water Recordor at Cranhrook, U.C.
Oblectlons to the application may
be filed with tho Comptroller uf Water Rights, Parliament buildings,
Pated at Pernio this   Uth dsy ol
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodgs, No. S3
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft B.
B. A. Hill, M   F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Vo. 43
Meats every Monday night
at Hew   Fraternity   Hall.
Bojournlng Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. B. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  158
Companions of tbe Forest
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thureday of each Month at
300 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker. O. C.
Mrs. A. E. Bhaw, Bee.
Visiting   Companions   oordlally  welcome. 3vtf
Oranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets overy Wednesday at 8 p. tn.,
ln Royal Black
Knigbfa Hall on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. 8. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Black Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday
of each month at 9 p.m. sharp.
.Mrs. L. Hayward, Ree. Sec
Geo. Ladds, chief ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
President—C.  R.  Sheppard
Meets regularly on tbe First Friday
evening of eacb month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary-A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Cranhrook, B.O.
April,  mi,
Agent of the Applicant
(Rectlon 48).
on the 20th day of May neit, nppll
cation will he made to the Superln
tendent of Provincial Police for tbs
transfer ot ths llcenco for the ualo ot
liquor by retail In and upon tbe premises known as the "Wardnor Hotel," situate at. Wardner, Hritisb Columbia, from Robert il. Ilohart to
Frank Carlson, of Cranbroolt, British
Dated this Mtb day of April, 1918.
(Signed) It. II. BOHART,
Holder of Licence.
Applicant lor transler
Barnes' Circus
Tucke i away somewhere deeply in
the innermost conscioiisneua of every
human being is the remembrance oi
the first circus ever attended. Time
b:.-- wrought many changes, but the
circus has not gone backwards. In
the onward progress, the .*U C3
Barnes Big Three Ring Wild Animal
Circus hai forged tu the front until
it is tbe largest exhibition of Us
-and in the world This big show
will glv_ two full and complete performances, In Cranbrook on Monday,
May   \.tt_.
There is not a village of any size In
the United States or in Canada where
the name of the Al. G Barnes Circus
is not a household word. With the
show is carried the greatest and
most varied collection of animals ever assembled together at one time.
With the show is carried 350 educated and trained animals. Among
them are twenty African forest bred
lions, „ herd of elephants, a caravan
of came.*-., including a baby "ship of
the desert," leopards, royal Bengal
tigers, pumas, bears, jaguars, hyenas, zebras, monkeys of every known
species, dogs and ponies. Every animal carried with the show ls a performer.
Among the many favorites to be
seen will be Herr Louis Roth and bis
twenty performing lions, Major Robert Thornton and bis troupe of performing bears, Prof. Emery and his
heard of Siamese elephants, Mme.
Florlne and her educated Persian leopards, Capt. Stonewall and his sea
lions, Miss Ethel Bonde and ber
trained Arabian Stallions, lions,
monkeys, dogs and ponieB and Mme,
La Monte and ber Royal Bengal
Some Idea of tho magnitude of tbe
show may be obtained when one
takes into consideration that it requires twenty-eight specially con
structed railroad cars to transport
tbis zoological paradise. Three hundred employes are required to operate
Al. O. BarneB is familiarly known
everywhere aB "the animal master or
America's greatest showman." He
personally supervises and directs
each and every performance. He
prides himself with the clean and
high  tone standard  he   ban always
held for the bIiow. No gambling U
allowed upon the show grouuds or
city streets on the day of .vbtbltlou.
A gorgeous street parade, one milt'
in length headed by two trim., ottnn
military bunds will leavo the show
grounds at 10.30 o'clock uu tho duy
of the exhibition. Two pwformanooa
Wlll be given In tho waUr proof tents
at   _ and   8 p.m.
Reserve and Resort
A forest reserve, tn eptto ol ita
name, Is uot an nren intended to be
rtearved altogether from public use.
On the contrary, the idea in setting
It neide le not to keep It Irom the
use .'i the public, but rather no to
manage iin* area Hint, while tbe penned ussra nn1 aOordsd tbs freest possible USS ol the tract, the natural re**
sources contained in it mny he continued tintinpnricd [nr the line of Iuture generations
Following out thia general policy
and Btrtvlng to make tlio arena now
reserved o( use to the people, who-e
property tbey are. the Forestry
blanch ol lho Department ot the Interior is endeavoring to make known
to the public of the neighboring country tht* advantages oi the Turtle
Mountain Forest Reserve us n summer resort, ln wblcb people may
spend a period of vacation during tbe
su miner months.
Tho reserve is located immediately
north of the international boundary
and approximately llfty miles east ot
the boundary between Manitoba and
Saskatchewan. It can easily be
reached, by motor or by horse vehicle
irom Bolssevain or Whitewater, two
points which arc easily accessible by
either C. p. R. or C. N. R. By
motor the journey is accomplished in
un hour, by horses ln about two and
u half hours.
Laken well stocked with flab ure
numerous throughout the reserve;
wild fruits abound in tbelr season,
and mosquitoes are mucb less troublesome tban on ths pnairieB. On
Lake Max, the largeBt of the lakes
of the reserve, are three Inlands, on
the largest of wblcb (Arbor Island)
villa lots bave been laid out by tbe
government. Several motor boats
and skills are now on tbe lake, and
bathing facilities are first-class, especially tor tbe children. Tbe Island
is well stocked with trees and the
grateful shade and tbe constant
breeze during tbe beat ol summer go
to make a vacation spent here very
Gordon Lake and Lakes William
and Oscar also oBer many attractions.
Oood maps ol the reserve will
shortly be available, and these, as
well as othor Information concerning
the resort, may be obtained Irom the
Director of Forestry, Ottawa, or the
Suprevisor of tbe Turtle Mountain
Forest Reserve, Whitewater, Man.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kslmaa Thomson
Morning Hervlce   at   11.00   A. M.
Subject—TheHand That Rocks The
Sunday School and Bible Class at
3 p.m.—Young people Invited.
Subject—Home, Sweet Home.
Special Music—Quartette.
Mid-week Service Wednesday 8 p.m.
Bible Study.
Baptist Church
Kit. o. B. KENDALL
Morning services at 11 n*ni.
Subject—"Hesoklah'a Revival '
Sunday School—!i.Oil p.m.
Evening services et 7..10 p.m.
In tbe evening Mothers Day will be
observed with appropriate services.
Alt are invited,
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avt-nue
Captain W. ,1. Oarrutheri
l.lcutonnnt W. Cooper
Sunday BervdccB—
ll a.m.—Holiness Servloe
8 p.m.-  lilble Olasn
ii p.m.—Sunday Sobool
8 p.m.—Halvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday,  and  Haturdny,
seiviv.**. »t 8 p.m.
Catholic Church
Sundays-Low muse at 8 80 a.m.,
high mass, lu an a.m., Sunday school
from a to 8 p.m., Rosary and Bens-
action at 7:80 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 u.m
Week days—Mass at t a.m. at the
I'Tlaiiiotrdon, O.M.I.
Methodist Church
Rsv. W. Rlson Dunham
Morning worship,  11:00 o'clock.
Kvenlng Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Dare "you. MLaj£_r_r ?
StitMett* wde by patients taking Ihe New Method Treitaeit.   They taw il Ctrei
%W~ No Ntn-u or TeitimomtU
l-ntknt No, 161*14. "Tlio apoti are all
Bon.: from my Un a"**-** armi uud i tvi
goij-j ni.w.   I am very (fateful to yr»u
ana «li-itll MVtU t*r*t:l the Mvor your
muJltlnt-N have iiim.- ror ma. You can
uio my immu ln ri-t'ommftullnn It to
any ■ufTerer. 1 um roIiik to pel mfti-
rini  ioon.    Thanking  yju  once  mi.r.>,
I'l-llml Nu. 18.01.. A,'.- II, HlnitU.
IndulK-**. in immoral hatta -I yenn. Do.
pom in mini' umi ilralna nt itl--hi.
VnrleoM '■< 11.H nn ■"■'ii i-m-m. paint In
uunk,   weak   ■e-xiiullv.      Hu   wrttoil— "I
ractlvid y«.ur letter ot recent tiuiu ami
m reply i nm pleaeod to lay lhat alter
ukm*- two month!1 treatment i weald
roni Ider myiulf OOfnplOte.y cured, aa I
have ■*■•-" no algm of them coining
back (one year).
l-tient No. 16981, "i have nol had
u miliar ttmlaelon I don'l know when
■nd um feeling lino,   Tim world leetna
filtnK»tlii>r different 10 mu und  I tli.itilt
Ood for dlrdetlai me to you.   You lmvo
..-.'ii an hntii-sl  doOtOI   with  me."
mtd without written content
Cane No.  1M8B.   f-)ym|>ti>ma when he
etnrtetl   Ir.i.t iti--nt:—Ai--***  'il,  elniile.  Iti -
iiuiKi'-i in uniminii hablti eevorai yoari,
Vnrli-na<~*  Wlmt  un ti.>tli  -*id.-i*—plrnplve
nu  thu   fa-'c,  .'li'.    ..fi. i   iwo    nt ti-i"
treatment he wrltei ai tollowa.—"Your
.'.!'!• i.nf letter tu linml nml um very
iTi.nl to nay that 1 think myutf Olired.
My VarlooM Velna have completely die*
nppi'urcil fur unit" a 'vhll-1 mul It n m
a oun. I worn lutnli-r and fu-t Ium-*
tired. I lin.i- uu dt-alin (or that habit
whatever and ir i amy iiku thla, wiik-h
I hav,- -very ruaaou tu believe I wlll.
Thanking ynu tor your kind attention,"
I-iiHenl No, lUS'.'f.  Thle patlunt (..(-erf
t.M imd a ohronlo oaee of Nervoue t>.--
tin*, and Moxual Wenknuae and waa run
down In vlfor uud vitality. After mio
month'e treatment he report* ua fol-
Iowai—"I um feellm very well. 1 have
gained 14 pounda In one month, eo that
I mil hii,v., to cutiKratulato you." Later
report:—"I um bt't*lnnliiic to feel more
like a man. I (eel my eondltlon ll
K-iiln-r bolter every w-.uk." Ills laat re-
pmi;—"Dear DOOtore— Au 1 (eel thle la
the laal ttt.iiiili'i tn-ntment tlmt I will
have to net. I ilmui'ln ut one time I
would never bu cured but I put uoii-
pdence In you frum the atari and you
Imir i iirnl me."
u-tcuhar to man.
CONSULTATION FNI.1.    UOOKS FREE.   If unable to cell write for ■ Qu.-l.oe
Blank lor Mom-* Traatnient.
^____—*W_\r_~r\\f*K!' All lallari from Canada muat he addrcaaad to our Can-
*_______¥     M~\\tw I l\^M adUiiCorr-nuondtinca Depertmeat a* follow* i
Cor. Michigan At*, and Griiwold St, Detroit, Mich.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by ths Minister ot Lands not later
thanmoon on thc 18th day ol May,
1913, (or the purchuse of Licence No.
X3. to cut 7,198,217 feet ol timber
186,897 railway-ties, 448,291 mine-
props, 86C cedar poles, and 2,721
posts on lands within Lot 4591,
Group 1, Kootenay, near Moyie Lake,
Three years wiii be allowed tor the
removal of this timber. Particulars
ot Chief Forester, Victoria, B.O.
; •* H 11 It 11111II l-l-l-M |.11-I"H'111HH lllll *****>;
Favorite Shows
Coming on its Own Special Railroad Trains of
25 Double-length Cars.
Will Exhibit at Cranbrook
Monday May IQth
Two Performances at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.
I Al. O. Barnes j
: bio 3  riinci wil,d animal,::
SEALED TENDERS will be recclv
ed by tbe Minister of Lands not later
than soon on the 13th day ot May
1912, for the purchase of the timber
in a flume 9,640 feet In length, situate on lands within Lot' 4591, Group
1, Kootenay, near Moyle Lake, Three
years will be allowed for removing
this timber. Particulars of Chief Forester, Victoria, B. O. 12-9t
District ot South-East Kootenay,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Thomas
Christian, contractor, intend, tnirty
days atter date to apply to the Minister ol Lands for permission to purchase the following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
the Eaat hank of the Moyle river,
near the southeast corner ol lot
10106, thence eaat 10 chains; thence
soutb 40 chains; thence west 20
chains; thence north 40 ehalni to
point of commencement.
A. B. QRACE, Wltneas.
Dated, March 29, 1913. 14-9t
Notice la hereby given that on the
2nd. day of May, 1913.
Oeorge H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of
the County Court of East Kootonny,
that James A. Arnold,Olllcinl Admlnls
trator for that portion of tho County
nf Kootenay included in the Elec-
toral Dlstr ct ol Cranbrook be Administrator of all und singular the
estate of Charles WatBon, deceased
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to make pay
ment forthwith to the undersigned.
Bvery person having in possession
effects belonging to tbo decenBcd is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
nnvlnic any claim upon or intorost
in the distribution of tlio estate of
tbs said doceased In required .to solid
before thc 13th duy of Juno, 1913
next, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, Iils name and
address and the full particulars of
llis claim or interest, and a statement ol his account nnd the nature
of the security (ff any. hold by him.
After tbe aaid laat mentioned date
the Administrator wlll proceed with
tbe distribution ol ths estate having
regard to those datum only ol which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 2nd day of
May,   1913.
20-St Official Administrator.
$ 350  •   ANIMAL ACTORS  -   350
Lions,  Bears, Leopards—Ride Arabian Stallions j;
Herds  of   Elephants,   Camels,   Zebras,   Zulus, ::
India  Sacred  Cattle,  Arctic Sea Lions
(Ifl   Groups of Savage Beasts in Heart-   (lf_ ','.
ou Thrilling Acts ™ '•
1 CO   High  School  Horses,   Ponies,   lCO-:
xo"      Dogs, Apes, Merry Clowns,      xovr *
and a Host of Novel Features
3 ::
New Free Street Parade at 10:30 A. M.
Monday May IQth
Coal tnlnlnr. rlghta ol the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
bsrta, the Yukon Territory, tiie North
west Territories and in a portion ol
tbe Province of British Oolumbla,
may lie leased for n term of twenty
one yenrs at uu annual rental of 11
an acre. Nut more thnn 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Apiiliciitn.il for a lease must bs
made by the applicant In person ta
ths Agent or Sub-Agent of the dlstrlot Id wblcb the rlfbta applied lor
P. O. BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing: and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works Edward Street.,       -       Cranbrook
are situated.
In surveyed territory the innd must
be dsscrlbed by sections, or legal subdivisions ol sections, nnd iu iinsur-
vsysd territory the trnct applied lor
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee ol IS which will bs
refunded lf the rights applied for are
not available, but not otborwlss. A
royalty shall bs paid on tha merchantable output ol tbs mine at the
rate of five cent, per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agsnt with sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay ths
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
returns should be furnished at least
once a yenr.
The lenae will include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
lis permitted to purchase whatever
availabln surface rights muy be cou*
sldered necessary tor the working of
the mine nt the rate of 110,00 an acre
For full Information upplicutlon
should lie mnde to the, Secretary of
the Department nf the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agsnt or Huh Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.   001.Y,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.U.—Uiinullioriziiil piililiciitlon ol
this advertisement will not'bo paid
lor. jap, 4tb-tl 1
Steam Boiler,  Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a ipeclaltjr
Coat and atook estimates
furnished on application.
Aad..,. 1 P. O. Boi I.., Craabi..k
District of South-East Kootenay
TAKE! NOTICE that John Hsary
I.lsmer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, Intends tu apply for
permission to purcliaae tut following described lands —
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9617,
Oroup 1, Kootenay l)|»trlct, thence
west lill chains, tlience north 40
chnins, thence east .11 chains, thencs
south -in ohnlns to ibe point of
commencement   an.)   containing   so
ncres mure or Ichh.
Dated March 38tb, I.U, 14.1t '.
At   ranbrook, British Columbia
Under the Auspices of
Grand Free-for-AU Harness Race
Purse $450.00
Trot or Pace, Mile Heats, 3 in 5 First Prize $225.00
Second Prize $150.00. Third Prize $75.00 Four
Starters to Secure Third Prize.
Matinee Cup Race-Purse $250.00
For Local Harness Horses. Half-milt Heats. 2 in 3.
First Prize $150.00 aud Fink Mercantile Co's Cup
Second Prize $100.00
Half-mile Dash-Purse $150.00
Open Event.   First Prize $90 00.    Second Prize S60 00
Indian Pony Race
Indian   Riders.   Half-mile   Heats.   2 in 3    First  Prize
$35.00.   Second Prize $15.00
Pony Race—Local
Other than Indian Ponies,    Half-mile Heuis     2   in   3,
First Prize $50.00.   Second Prize $2500
One Mile Foot Race
First Price $15.00.   Second Prize $10.00
100 Yards Foot Race
First Prize $15.00.    Second Prizt $1000
Three-quarter Mile Dash-Purse $175.00 tl
Open Event.   First Prize $100.00.   Second Prize $75.00
Cranbrook City Band in Attendance
General Admission 50c.
School Children Free
_a__5___g_giBaia-aai_u_-____aiaii...ii...i-^ THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,   B.C.
His Chance
Wimi do yon men know at women's
V i !.: Hern l.v queried  ibe lady orator      U llierc .1 in ni hero, she inn
tinned,   ro Id I tut  liei   arms,  that   liaa
i! i •  itiei tluj gol up 'ii the morningI general
and :■ ni" nuleilj    downstairs,   made
ti." iti-,-. cooked his   own   breakfast,
hewed   the  missing   buttons  on   ttie
children's   clothes   denned   tbe   pots   United Stntes
im I  kettles, .nnl swepl  tbe kitchen?
If ther.' ii such   ' man In this and-  William Howard Tart
S-.'vent It    International      Dry* Farming
Congress to ba Held at Lethbridge
Attrnets  Widespread  Attention
T!it'   Seventh   International     Dry-
inlng Congress, whlcb will be bold
ut Lethbrldge, October 81-26 uext, will
be tbe world's greatesl gut boring o[
farmersi aud while overy nailon In
tlw world will probably send olllclal
delegates hi the parsonages of diplomats, or agriculturists, or practical
farmers, li wlll Ua the farmers tbem*
Belves wbo will predominate on the
program of the convention. Many of
ilie most notable men nnd women of
tin- United Stales nud Canada will
address the nix days' meeting, nud
among the delegates participating will
be souu* of the governors of American states, goverumeul olllclals of the
United -Slates and Canada, representatives of n large number of cities,
agricultural bodies and commercial or-
BUiIzatious on the American continent, ami olllclal representatives of possibly Jit nations
Rayalty to Open the Congress
Tlu' Congress will be formally open-
ii .ii ll o'clock on Monday morning,
J.-ol.ir 21st, by His lioyal Highness
rhe Duke of   Connaught.   governor-
Canada, as the otiieiai representative of the   government    of
Great  Britain, and  Hon, .lame*, Wilson, secretary of agriculture   of   tha
respond   to   the
tings in behalf of Ills Bxcelleucy,
b the person
leiue. lei lihn rise up; I should like at representative o; lhe President
t. see blm In tbe rear of tbe hall The Congress will hold dally spn-|
n mild-looking man In spectacles In -1 um, both afternoou aud eveulng
obedience ta lhe .summons, timidly through the week presided over by Di.
arose He was the husband of the John A. Wtdstoe, International presl
eloquent speaker. it was the first dem. who Is president of the Utah
time ho had -ver had a chance to stute Agricultural College, an I one of
asserl  hhn,-if the I'oretnosi men lu the dry-farming
-   . ——- movement, an auihoi of renown and
When going away from home, or at _-■ authority on agricultural develop-
any change of habitat, ho Is a wise men) and agricultural education In
man who numbers among his belong- addition to the business sessions er
lugs a bottle ol l>r .1 i>* Kellogg's the Congress, there wlll be nine * c
Dysentery Cordial, ('han.'- •• '■"• H inal conventions, (o be held in as
and water In some Btrangi place -,■.,*,■. \_%\\a every morning, with pos
where there are no doctors may bring . .■ ■. leveral special meetings ol some
on an attack of dysentery, He then ,-■ these sections. These e cl ma
baa a standard remedy al hand with I conventions will comprise eonf.
whlrh to eope wltb the disorder, andjon soil :. lagi me bods and maebfn-
successfully Bgut er)" crop and crop breeding ag
nlil'1 !' iural foiestij   livestock and da rytni
  igrli i   iral a   eges  an I  exp* i
al sta  on     h     h Is an Interna
forearm -d ba can
the ailment and s
Worthy   ot   ShdrlocV   Hoim-s
Tommy's mother had taken him to
church lo hear the evening sermon,
and they oci upied Beal * In the gal
lery Tommy tried nol to allow his
attention to wander from the preach
inference  of   men   who   are   giving
*   to    ig     ilturs
boi li In the
the Intern itlonal   i 'ongress  of  Farm
Women, an aujtflls ■ kn •■■ a as tl    rti
er. but it did.
tlcularl)   in
i  family  n ho
sat   in   uui-i   in   ,. nd   when  the
sermon was about half over he wills
pered lo hi-, mother—Mam™* r •"**"»■
saw those people hefo
ed to be par   ra      m e i -
their  names.
Hush   dear!
i never
Exposition to be a  Feature
in addition there will he the   urges!
Exposition of   Dry-Farmed    Products
ever held  thai Is, those products that
grown under dry-farming ■      .■■*-
time tbo prenche
will llfi up mine
those two bla girl.
do. persisted Tommy      Their names
How  do  vou  know"     Every
says  his  text. "I
•yes to tlio hills."
look at each other  vlnces
and     smile.       Subsequent    Inquli
proved that Tommy was quite correc
Father Bernard Vaughan gave sun
advice to young men in a humoroi
Popularity   popularity   anion
ladies. Is a grea   help to any voting
nun. said he   and  there  Is nothing
like geuernsltj to make a young man
heard a lady praising   a    young
miin lhe other evening
It.- I-i so generous, ahe said. He
lakes .mother and mo oul to dinner
n -arly every week. Wn dote on
Then she smiled and added:
In fart, we table d'hote mi hltn
But  I  In a district with au annual average
For a
rgulng Uiat
our '
. oi Id is
one   of
mnny.  Gloi
turned ;
.. deuth in I
In IflOO.
f 20 indies precipitation, (evapora
Hon deducted), and this will be a notable feaini-e of the meeting. ,\- I fast
12 of the w< stern states and four pro*
t Canada will contest for supremacy in the growing of grain,
grasses, forage crops, roots, vegetables and fruits, while then- will be
federal exhibits from the United
States, Canada, Uruguay, Australia.
Bolivia, Russia, Hungary, Turkey and
other countries,
There will be a machinery exhibit.
thai promises to in' the mosi complete
farm   machine  slur,    and   tillage  and
ration  ever    held    on
Upwards    of    200
to   lhe     exposition
■ used for Held demon-
Some of the largest
offered will be given,
. i
a i-i
iis  wll
llll    WO|
i ii
inns   e
Not  Alwiv'i
Whu Is your name" nsked the new
('•aelu'i. hh le- was lolling a roll call
Of   her   uew    elllRfl,   h"foiv   disluildltU*
for the Bummer.
.lule   Imt  .lullus. said  tho
ror sho    di liked    nbbrevlo-
Noxl  hoy what's your nam
No.  not
Iml  i
el >i
Good R;
rain   whit
led   tin
nll'iil valley. Hi
■ persisted In (ticking hi.*, hei
of tbe window to gel a better vl
thn scenery.
Keep your head inside can't
shouted the conductor
So's yuu  won't  damage any <
Ironwork nn the bridges
V.'h. -i   Oreek   in '
tl ? nsked llm teacher
Wise little Johtno prompt I
Oue hays to ibe other  II
fin*' business?
Oreek    what   |
v is the
Put Off
Borrows—Say   old  man,  I'm  badly
hi need of a V oi Iwo ...
Holdtlte   Well  you'll hnd plenty of  t«o weeks each and will be conducted
for dry-fanned products, the premier
being » Rum el y traction engine valued al |2,G00. fur tlio best bushel of,
hard wheal grown iu  1012.
EntaTlalnment Features
While thle is to be Utrlctly a farmers business Congress, there will be
considerable diversion, wltb plenty ofl
music by several of the best known
bands of the west, the celebrated
I-elhbrtdge pipers In their kilties, ami
a chorus of 100 voices of lhe famous
Cards Ion Choral Society, There will
also he drills by Ibe Royal Northwest
Mounted Police, the most picturesque
organization lu the northwest, the |
great frontier police force which has
conquered reds and whites aud maintained discipline and wholesome respect fm- iin- law throughout the
thousands of    tulles    of   frontier   of]
western Canada in tho past century.1,
! Then, too, there will be a pyrotech-
; tile frontier drama, a public reception,;
banquets, and further entertainment
I f a* tbe distinguished visitors who will ■
' e ia attendance,
Tours of Western Canada
Upon the conclusion of the Congress
it is proponed to have several excuB*
sinus throughout Western Canada, ex!
tending ov. r the agricultural province
~'   *\lbcrta  and   Saskatchewan, cover-'
ng aluo the fruit districts and the
picturesque mountain .scenery of tbe'
wonderful foothills and passes of the*
Rocky Mountain-, and across the vast 1
prairies and coulees, touring every-.
where thai man has opened up to the
world li" vast great last beat land on
the North American continent  These'
xcurslons   '-'ill  occupy  from  one to j
in of Nebraska Agricultural Col-
:o; Prof. it. w. Thatcher, director
Washington Slate Agricultural College Uxporimenl Station; Prof. V. 1>.
Parrel) Of thr> Bureau it. Plant Industry of ibe t'uited Slates Department
Df Agrlculturae; Prof.W, ll. Falrford,
director of tho Dominion of Canada
13.x perl mental Farm at Lethbrldge:
Dltuo.tl Marshall, minister of agriculture of Alberta; Hon. W. R. Mother*
woll, minister of agriculture of Bask;'
lion. Robert Rogers, minister Of the
Interior of the Dominion of Canada;
Hon. Martin Burrell, minister of agriculture of lhe Dominion of Canada;
lion, tleorge Lawrence, minister of
agriculture of Manitoba; lion. Price
I'.Nison, minister of agriculture ami finance of Brlllsh Columbia; Professor i
Carleton A. Ball, Prof. J. s, Cole.!
and Charles O, Bales of the United1
States Department of Agriculture;
Hon. Frank W. Mondoll, member ot
congress from Wyoming; Hon. Reed
Smoui, United States Senator rrom1
Utah;  K\ iio-.   Bryant B. Brooks, of
Wyoming; Oov, Fdwlu L, Norrls of
Moniana; President J, M Hamilton
of Montana Agricultural College; Hon.'
Hewitt BoBtook of Brlllsh Columbia;
Prof. \Y. J. Black, principal of Manitoba Agricultural College; Dr. Theodore Kryshlofovlch, commissioner io
the United States of tho Russian Mln
Istry of Agriculture; Dr, Aaron Aaron
sohu, the lainoiis agricultural cxploi
er of Palestine who heads the great
Jewish Agricultural movemeul In
northern Afi lea; Hon v p Von Eg
art, the famous agriculturist of Hus
ela; Sr, lug Romulo Escobar, presl
dent of .liiatc Agricultural College of
Mexico; Hon Carl Von Leldenfrost,
mull i millionaire landou ner of Hun
gar j, Hon Zolton Sbltassj chief boc
retarj of th ■ National Agricultural
Sooletj or Hungary; Hon K it
\. uie, superintendent of tt grlculturo of
C >xas; J W I. Corley, agricultural
commissioner of Oklahoma; Prol .'
n Hnslej of New Mexico; Prol S
\ Bedford, deputy minister of agrl-
c ilture of Manitoba; A P Mantle.
deputy minister of agriculture of Saskatchewan . Hon (lesa Koppel) of
Hangar); and Prof w M Jardlue
ol Kansas Agricultural Cottej
Special  City of Special Trains
There wiii   be   numerous   special
iraius from all directions, and these
a pai i.'* I on tbe broad plateau
tb ■ cltj  in close proximity to
■ e Exposition grounds  and adjacent
sei eral    ireel car   lines,    making
■ its  -     plug car city convenient  to
C   igress  meetings and    K\posl-
i .■   pa tt »IU    be    brilliantly:
.. • i at  night, equipped will   city;
■'.*.:   sewer connections, telephones,
sanitary devices   et( . and will be ex-'
. ■ poll* - .1, and there will be a1
half mile of dining cars, in fact, every convenience for the comforts of;
tbe visitors who come Ions distances,
The hotels and lodging houses and the;
homes of the hospitable citizens of j
Lethbrldge wlll accommodate several
thousand delegate**, while the farmers
aud others wbo come from points;
within 100 miles or so will camp under
the broad sky in a teot city especially,
constructed and equipped for the oc-j
The most unique and helpful service
will be that of the Boy Scouts. 100,
of whom, in new uniforms, will act;
as guides and escorts to the women
and children, and every means will
Uo taken to care for all who visit
Lethbrldge during tli* week of the1
grear Congress.
The Canadian railroads have announced a rate of one fare for thej
round trip from all points in Canada1
upon the certificate plan, the purchasers to obtain from ibe ticket agent
from whom he buys his ticket a certificate which will be validated for
I'i" return trip and will be accepted
as a first class ticket. The American railroads have been asked for
special low rates front the States, ami
it is anticipated Ibat this will he announce'. In ample season, ao that all
who wish may take advantage of
tbem. Already the Soo-Spoltnne aud
the Oreat Northern have announced
li mieseekers tickets, with first class
privileges, on sale at St. Paul from
Octoher 15th to iStli inclusive, at
$39.50, good for return 25 days after
sale, white the regular llomeseekers
excursion tickets, with second class
prlvlllges, may be obtained at any of
the common railroad points In the
Failed Slates on October 15th, giving I
ample time to reach Lethbrldge be-;
fore the opening of the Exposition on j
Saturday. October 19th, two days In,
advance of the formal opening of the
Rate of Growth Studied In Canada and
United States
Tho aspon poplar, frequently spoken of as tho white poplar, Is one of
lho most common trees all over Canada (at any rato In tbnt portion of
tho Dominion east of tbe Rocky
Mountains). In many parts of tbo
Dominion it forms unite extensive forests (especially lu dlstrlots that have
been burned over). This fact gives
It a place of some importance In tho
forestry or (lie Dominion, although It
is one of iho Inferior woods.
Some years ago flu 1906) tbo Forestry Branch of tho Department or
Tie Interior made a careful survey of
tllfl Turtle Mountain forest reserve lu
Soul hern  Manitoba,   on    which    this
poplar is by all odds the most plenll
im tree,    Aa a result of Investigation
on the basis of data collected during
lhls survey, It was estimated that, If
the  poplar  wero  allowed   to grow   to
the age of forty years, there would be,
an average growth, for the whole of |
Hml iiim*. of one i-oid per year on a
fully stocked aero,     Al  lho end of
Ulttl (Ime there would lie standing olll
each  acre about  860  trees, of un u\
a rage height of 46 feel and au mer
age diameter, at  *t*'-  \r*o  abovo the
ground, of .» inches, these would yield
some  40  curds  i'i   wood
Reoentl) the United Stales Korea!
Service published iholi Unllotln No,
93, entitled the Aspens." ami n Is
Interesting to note that tholr results
co close to the (tgures made oul bj
■ii-' Canadian bui ■*'*      Volume tables,
given al the conclusion of this build
lu shew that trees of the helghl and
diameter given above wtll each ylold
between one twentieth and one twon-l
lv l-l fl It of a COrd Of wood apiece Thus i
th,' S.et acres would give somewhere
between thirty-four and forty two
cords of wood Tho average of the
two amouuts gives thirty-eight cords,
. figure nearly the same as Lhat ob-
taluecLbj tin- Canadians
As There are 66,000   acres   In   the
Purtle  Mountain reserve that are capable of growlug timber, it is a reasonable  Interstice thai    the    reserve
may bo counted ou to produce 66,000
cords, or thereabouts, of    wood    per.
year.     At the low rate of %l per cord
on the slump, this would mean an annual revenue to the state of $55,000.
Or, to take another point  of view  it
would give to each inhabitant of the'
electorlal district   of   Sourts   almost:
two cords of wood per year.
My mare, a very valuable one. was
badly bruised and cut by helng
caught In a wire fence. Some of
the wounds would not heal, although
1 trie,| many different medicines. Dr
Hell advised me to use MINARD'S
LINIMENT, diluted at lirst. then
stronger us the sores began to look
better, until after lliree weeks, the
sores have healed, and best of all. the
balr Is growing well, and ls NOT
WHITE as is most always the case in
horse wounds.
For a Late Crop
Rev. .Tohn B. Craft was conducting
a series of meetings in a rural neighborhood of BOiithwest Virginia. One
night he waa trying to bring the necessity of early embracing a religions
hope to bear upon his congregation,
Said be. "We'll just Illustrate: You
begin In February or Mnrch to prepare tiie ground for plaullng out your
spring crop.' You plant lu April to
be on time. Suppose you neglect this
work. May will Uo lute but perhaps
will answer. Let the! work go undone
till June, then what will you do?
Toi> late, too late!  will be ihe cry.
Just   sow li   hi   buckwheat,  called
oul an obi farmer from Ihe rear seat.
The   preacher  sat  down. -National
.. Pessimistic
What a pessimist that new base-
hall   writer  is.
Why so?
lie doesn't think (bat every new
player in ilu- training camp is going
t i lead tiie league this year.
The Orphans
A clergyman was once asked lo a
farmhouse for dinner. Some time
during ibe evening he overheard one
of the children of the houses talking
to a brood cf chickens crying outside
the door, and saying Poor wee things,
poor wee things, The minister eat
your mother.
Mark Cole, Hip first hatter In Montgomery County, Missouri, made a hut
for William Logan whlcb served Logan 20 years. It was composed of
20 ounces of muskrat fur mixed with
13 ounces of lyceoon fur. and held an
even half bushel, The crown was
IS inches high and the brim six
Inches wide.
x Perfectly Dige-steci Sreakt.-iat Makes
Nerve  Force for    thr 0„y
Everything   gow   wrong     if   tht
■ t ■ ikl isi lie   In youi    ■  ... N .   lk ■ .i
nud pie      What you e u  does h irm
yo ■ can i tllgei t I     it t urn   lo pol
,\   bright   ladj   teacher   found   thla
■ i be true   ■■ pii of an ordinal     ' iht
■ reakl i il   til  eggs  nnd   toast       Sh
"; ii , ears ago 1 contracted *. ■> ei ■
"moving form * i llgestion Mj
-i mi tch • ■ in Bitch - ondition thoj
t simple breakfast of rruR. toasi and
• Jg got --1,1        ■ -:   rilsti.Bs
"I was si ■■' i" I ellei ■ thai trouble
cftuld con.- from such a slmpb dlel
hul Ruallj bad to give it np and
found .   grent ch
lm; Postum o.i d drape-Nuts with
mi ntjrnlng menl For
yeai I ha»*e In Id tc lb -
lm i p noi suffered ■■ 11
'loufilj . &rj ing mj i ■ I
!">u n leni hor in ei i ,\
years und llml tlinI my rtssllj digested
br ■ ii.r isl moans n :■■>•■ Ing of ner. ou *
force fur llle ■ nliro dnj My gala
if ten 11. mil'' fn wol hi   ;i; 11   ■ ansps
cream,   tor
inure than
.-uiir.e and
v. ii ti in  ■
"I n
m  * nul Ui lea
i ,   ■ **. it.
"f;,..;,  tints in '.
■ii li Ilio i.ii .. il
I.i Ural ranti nl our
iiilili '
*:.,.,...   *'    n I,
Co   v, Iml or, "hi
■"1 in i ,*'.'. ii  roil.
il**   "Tlic It*
r!-inni]i..i    roalum
ni*," R.-o 1 Hi" in
■ill. v..-.:■ |||o," in
t_v*:r   r'!.*V   the
.-■tiv.i   latter!     ".
■i!w oni* appear*
They ttee g.:m inc.
n*.in  Inlrrf.l.
f.om tlo-o to llmo.
true and IVI ol hu*
W    N    U   9C8
inder tbe i usplces of the provincial
gjvernments, with a view to showing
d ■ egal the great resources, ibe *
wonderful development and the re*
markaul" possibilities of Western
■ ' mad i.
Men of Fame to Speak
iti th   official pro tram of tb • Con-
Ki        upwards   of loe   world fai I
men    will    participate        Invitations
hnvi   bi ei pted :    .1 mies J. Hill
the great railroad i illder of tbe
North west    l^ouls VV    Hill, chairman
■ I  the .*■ - ul.    t oard ol  Hu   Oreat
' irthen     Ra I way;    W. C.    Brown
iu •■ iid   ■'   "i   ' he   New   Vork  Central,
I   :,' -     nd one ol th** foremost  men
le ••: ipmeni i' agriculture In ■
the -■ istprn Btates, Blr Thomas
Sti-i ighni -•*'• prpsldeni of tin- Canadian Pai ill Rallwaj Deorgo Bury ;
vlce-nr'-stdent and aeneral maunaer of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, who is
tpon a cup of*" prominent ad ocate or diversified
farmtng In thi prairie provinces; .1
3 Dennis assistant to the president
nnd I'M. f of the Department of Nat*
m i U i, ii- -ii the Canadian Paelf*
I, Railway, who hos tho supervision
<. millions of agricultural laud and
Hi n *'i rlollai • lm ■■ '"I In colon
lotion project ■ Irrlgatl >n ditches,
i r , ■!. m ni ■ i u i* ■ ■■i'i ■ -i d dry land
f-..-ins by tho Cnnnd an Pacific lull-
v ay 'I io'V** men v ill t 'present tho
n .1 viiv ''■ ' lopm^nt and I in iportn
:.■■ e ' ■ In c ■■■ noi tlon villi agrl
An m ■    tbo; i '■■■. ter • -vill - o Dr,
I 'l ■ i",-   II     Bl   1   ■       nl ■     il    '   DllUlOl
ul ;.-i i nil iii d :■■.'■ d    . nd ■ icyi lo
p 'din i, and di fin of lbs agrb    lural
c illcpfl < ' Cornell  ! nlvi ri Ity;  Mr. J.
■ n   "v ir-jt. at of :.' rth DakoU
i '.prb i*.' leal - .■:! 'pt ■ Ptot Ed. IT,
Wobsl r, den ot Kan a i '■ jfrlcu!turpi
Collej-f; Prof .1   !;. Bhoppird, dean
■ >f Nftrlh Dakoia ARrlcullural Cnll 'ge;
DP. Chnrles A   I-or;   president of Col-
' or*do College;   Prol   R    A    B-jiantt,
Sishop's Travels in Siberia
Bishop Bury, Bishop of North and
Central I'urope, arrived in England recently on the conclusion of a pioneer
mission In the mining districts of Siberia.
la speaking of his Journey the Bishop said: I visited Kish'tin mines and
Troitsk nud Spassky, tiie last-named of
which involves a thousand mile drive
across ihe steppes In a rough, spring-
less carr. l-'roui Moscow 1 traveled
along tlu- Trans-Siberian Hallway to
Pet ro pai lovsk, proceeding afterward
nortli to K Ish tlu, Ekaterinburg and Tinmen and south to lhe Kirghiz country
for Spasskj The accommodation
was i*ei*j rough, ami al limes rood was
short, but 1 found the Kirghiz peaceable and hospitable.
lu no single case was one of my own
countrymen obsonl from the services I
held, and sometime.* Hits Involved
I rave'ing all nlghl both before and
after the service. The services wero
always Iseld in lhe houses of the
English people. Wo bad baptisms,
confirmation ami communion services,
and at spassky the Russians co-operated with us ami expected us to attend their services after our own, -
Pall Mall (ia/e.n.
Enough for Ono
_herldaii was once slaying al Ihel
houso or an elderly maiden lady In
tbo country, who wauled mon- of his
compnny than ho was wining io give.
Proposing on > day to lake u stroll
with htm, li • excused himself on no-1
count of ttie badness nf tho woathor.j
Bliorliy    all- rwai'd-'i    Film      niel    him  •
sneaking Olll al !  So, Mr. Kl.eridnil, j
said she, it has cleared up?   ,iust n] I
little, in i-laiii    enough for    one,    but
not enough i m two
There were some questions In geography required In the preliminary
examinations for law students who
aspired to admission to the bar-
Among Ihem was—"Name ten animals that live lu the Arctic /.one.
One young man wrote: Five polar
bears und five seals. N.B—Permit
me lo call your attention lo the fact
thai the quest Ion does nol specify
thai the animals should be of different  varieties.
His Real Name
In some of the country districts of
Ireland It ls not an uncommon thing
to see carts with the owner's names
chalked OU to save the expense of
painting. Practical jokers delight
lu rubbing out these signs, to annoy
tho owners.
A constabulary sergeant one day
accosted a cou in ry man whose name
had been thus wiped out UtlkllOWtl to
Is this your cart, my good man?
Of course It Is! was tbe reply. Do
you see anything lhe matter wllh ll ?
I observe, aald the pompous police
man. Ibat your name is 0-1)1 liberated,
Then ye're wrong, QUOtll lhe countryman, wbo had never conn- acroas
the long word before, for me name's
O'Flalierty, and I don't care wbo
knows lt.
A Financial  Limit
Bob; y had worn his mother's patience to the limit.
You are a perfect liltle heathen!
she remarked, giving way at, last.
Do you mean II? demanded Bobble.
I do. Indeed, said bis mother.
Then say, ma, said Hobby, why
OttU't I keep Unit penny a week you
glminlt for lhe Sunday school collection? I guess I'm as hard up as any
of   the   rest   of   'em,
What Ib Faith
Fflltll Is believing tllO denllst when
li- says it Isn'l going lo hurl
troll  FlOO Press
Mlfliross Jano, whal do you meflll
ty having ii< blouses oul diving on
tho ili.o? It In quite nbsiml, My
daughter can do Willi two a week.
Jano- Well, you aw, mum, Miss
Matilda Is courtln' a bunk clerk, ntid
('go courtln' a sweep,
Treaa soilly •      -£_)tl
Stepsafelij. ISP'8
fmboiiy Ihe patentee, features
of Cali Paw Heels.    -«,
Tliut makes tbom noator, orlspor, daintier, muro appotlntnui
Tho Dun biscuit Rimil onough to tako tlio placo of your own baking,
ItiisIi ns Iiii) blsouits from your own oven,
Think what Ibat raoansl Freodoin from a broiling kitchen—leisure on the porch
or in llm parlor,   Timo to do tho lilllo knick-knacks tlmt liavo boon neglected.
Are the creamiest, orlspost crackers made.
Thoy aro baked in the big sanitary factory In Winnipeg—
right ill. your very door.
Use MOONEY'S nml  be  suro  of a  biscuit  that  iu
alisolutely fresh; a bisoult that *■ ill satisfy tlio family,
Ia tempting packages or sealed tins
as you prefer.
Conductor (to countryman)—lf you
saw him picking tlm gentleman's
pocket, why didn't  you Interfere'.'
Countryman—I saw that sign up
there, Beware of Pickpockets, uud I
was a feared to!
And bo this is tbe end. nuid tbe
hero, as lie bent, over the form of
tin dying heroine, while tbe orchestra played soft, sad music.
Thank heaven for that! exclalmert
a pathetic voice from the gallery.      j
Orator—I  thought your  paper  was
friendly to me?
Editor—So it ii.     What's the mat-,
.Orator—I made a speech al. lhe dinner last night aud you didn't print
a line of it-
I'M!lor— Well,   what   further   proof
do you want?
Do   you    ht-rp      football      nn ■ iiinii c*.
here? asked a gloomy-browed young,
man the other day, na he entered a
sporting-goods store.
Then you may wrap me up a bottle'
of arnica, a paper of court-plaster, j
and an arm-sllng. I am going to'
play in a match this afternoon.
You'd better fumigate these bills
before you go home. They may be
cover*.d with microbes, said tbe druggist one Saturday evening as he
handed a few faded, worn and Boiled *
silver certificates to his clerk.        -  .
Xo danger from Ibat source, responded tbe latter, a microbe could
not live on a drug-clerk's salary.
A Pill That Lightens Life—To the
man wbo is a victim of Indigestion
the transaction of business becomes
an added -misery. lie cannol concentrate his mind upon IiIh tasks and
loss and vexation attend blm. To
such a man Pur melee's Vegetable;
Pills offer relief. A course of treatment, according to directions, will j
convince lilm of their great excellence. They aro confidently recommended because they will do all that'
is claimed for ihem.
Anyone, even *>
little girl, can
make toast on the
— in nr-ji-ni i—
Oil Cook-stove
She will not bum the toast, and she
will-.not burn her lingers either, if
she uses the New Perfection Toaster.
For toast or roast \ ,'i*!re ■*no °*^a **,ov<! ,*ia|»»*
/ quid, and at handy al the New
FOr boll Or brOil Perfection Oil Coot-stove — the
■w- - .    , \ convenient s'.ove (or all purpasei,
For fry or bake    / ,n the year ro_d.
Every dealer liai it. Handsomely finished in nickel, wilh Cabinet
top. drop shelves, towel racks, etc. Long chimneys, enameled turquoise-blue. Made with 1, 2 and 3 burners. Free Cook-Bock with
every stove. Cook-Book also given to anyone sending 5 cents to cover
mailing cost.
The Northern Trusts Company
En lal In (elderly heiress)—Do you
think Iho Baron regards me seriously?
Hosn—Seriously? Why, my dear
every time 1 mention you he looks
positively Bad.
Aren't you afraid you will catch
cold ou sucb a night as tbis, my boy?
Nt), fir- Selling papers keeps up
the circulation.
Provided by a British Officer for the
Entertainment of 6,000 Guests
Some or the papers have recently
devoted attention to the origin of
punch, that famous seventeenth drink
which has long lost Us popularity In
lhls country, though il still survives on
tin- continent.
Owing to its fni I male connection
wllh ruin oue might easily bave imagined ibai punch originated In tbo
West indies. In fact, however, It actually came from the Kast ladles and
the name Is said lo be derived from
tbe Sanskrit "panscha," live, ou account of lis live Ingredients—arrak,
(afterwards rum), (ea. sugar, lemon,
nnd hot water.
Tbe most inagiillieenl bowl of punch
Ibe world has ever seen was probably
lhal provided by (he Right Hon. Kdward itusseil, who, when commanding
bis Majesty's Torres In the Mediterranean In 1694, entertained 6,000 guests
al Alicante, wliere a large marble fouu*
Inln was (11 lod with lhe liquor, the Ingredients being:
Pour hogsheads of brandy, a pipe of
Malaga wine, 2,500 lemons, twenty gallons of llmo Juice, elghl hogsheads ol
wnler. live pounds ol' grated nutiiicr-
ni weight, 800   I ousted   biscuits   and
ihi  n h lied weight of llm whit"
sugar.—The Ciilerer.
This company acts in the capacity of
and we ahull be glad to forward copy of    our    Hooklot    "Soinethinii
r.bout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request.
Sick headaches neuralgic headaches—splitting,
blinding headaches—all vanish when you lake
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do not contain plionacetlii, aoelanllld,
morphine, opium or tny other dangerous drug.
25c. a box al your Druggist's. 123
Investigations mnde over Kurope
seem lo justify Ibo belief that tliu
damage by lightning, lu (he cities particularly, has decreased to a very
marked degree lu recent years, and
It Is explained by the presence of
electric wires, which act as a protection In (livening the electric bolts. As
(ho wires are put underground It Is
expected that there will be noticed a
great Increase fn thu amount of damage by lightning and a return wlll be
generally made to the use of lightning rods.
Had Quite a Few
i     Have you any children, Jones?
!     Oil, yea,    Vou know Itobluson?
!    Which Itobluson  -Jonathan *
I    Know him very well.     What's that
got to do with it?
I'm going to lell you      He and I
have fifty-one between ua.
What are you talking about?     You
miisi he crazy.     Whal dn you mean?
Ob, he liven on one side of tbe orphan asylum and I'm on tbe other.
From a height of .i.u.in feel a mnn
lu nu aeroplane cnn see n submarine
gliding IS feel below waler.
^. *-, . •<_>«rt*rtlp>MU- *i n
Congenial        7n       t.
Ilonl    Kslnt •    Agenl    You'll    huve
sonic very tin • neighbors horo?
IJuyor- is that so?
itcjii 13blute Agont—Ves; wllh your
Mllo you'll  have  no trouble    gelling
ii <m to rid,' with you.—ChlcuRo News.
She Was Wise
He—I .banded in my resignation at
the club last nlghl.
She—lf that Is how you wish in* to
believe you came mil of lho plnce
you should have brushed a lot of the
diii off firsts—London opinion
Rllllnger seems lo have great cniili*
deuce tu  his  wife.
Ves. It'B really ejilraorillnary. Ho
would even be wlMlng lo stav In th"
yniil wlil fo she was rufinlpiiTiiflng llle
hose.   Chicago Kecordllcr.ild.
1 ' Plg_ Galore
,\ .veil Itnow il judge, when bo firs!
wenl   to Mie  llnr. was n very blunder
l"g fillQito (■'; "i'^A^'r-Vt fv-"-
ho was engaged ui * WS3 lu.olviug a
ilghl  In n lul of pigs, Tie 831(1,
tietilleineii of ilie Jury, there wero
jusl. L'l pigs in that drove; Just 'Jt.
goulloinen, exactly twice as tu.iuy as
there '.to in Hull Jury box-
An'   Oversight
,T Barker Sourfnce—See here, you,
I just now paid my poll lax und your
young man gave me a receipt Tor a
dog lax.
The Mun al thn Window—And forgot io give you ti tag lo wear. How
careless of bim.
You It-eat  (bnt gen Uo ma ll very rev
Hpecijully- , * ■-.
Yes, lie's one of our oa rl y Bet tiers,
An early Bottler?    Why, man, he's
uol   more  I linn   forty  yenrs  old.
No.   hut   be  pays  his  hills on   Um
Jjist  or every month. , .
The   Most  Unklndest Cut  of All
The Sloul Lady—All this tnlk of thn
Incivility  of  men  towurd   women  ta
Vhliblsli.    'This tflonitug iu the lubo
three men < tiered mo Ihelr seats.
Her slim NleCP—Old you lake tbem.
uui.iicV   London Opinion THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
There are no dead flies
lying about when
are used as directed.
All Druggists, Grocers and General Dealers sell them.
Are tho lies' ovor made und arc guaranteed to Blva you satisfaction. At
all ileiiltir.:, ur send us _ cents stat*
Ing stylo and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd.,
68 Fraser Ave,, Toronto, Ont.
Guns. Rifles,
and all
Hunters1 Equipment
Write for Illustrated Catalogue 51U
The Hingston Smith Arms Co.,
488 Main Street, Winnipeg.
On the Job
In a quiet little country town, so
quiet that the silence Hurt, a com*
merclnl tiaveler entered the general
store. Going through to the parlor
at the bask he found the proprietor
and a friend having a game of checkers.
Here, Mr. Slocum, he said In an en-
vrgetlc whisper, there are two customers In the shop.
Slocum never raised his eyes from
tho board. He merely shook his
head anj whispered In reply—
That's all right. Keep quiet and
they'll gc away again.
How he Stopped
How did tho doctor persuade you to
give up smoking?
Made his bill so big I couldn't afford to buv any more tobacco.—Milwaukee Sentinel.
$100 Reward, $iw.
Uhi mdeit of thll paper will be pleased to lean
that there !■ at leaa. one dreadnl dlaeaae that irienn
haa bcen able to cure In all ita •itm*t, and that la
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh cure la the only positive
ture aow known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional <ltonu», requires a conitltu-
tlonal treatment. Haifa Catarrh Cure la taken internally, act'af directly upon lho blood and mucous
wfacei or the lyitcm, thereby destroyInK the
foundation ol the dlaeaae. ml giving the patient
trenith by building up tho constitution and assisting nature In doing its work, llie proprietors have
ao much faith In lu curalrv* powers that ther otter
Ono Hundred Dollars for any cm* that It falls to
tan.  Send for UK ot testimonials
Art-tress F. J. CHENEY * CO Toledo. O.
Sc.d by all Druggist*. T*c.
nit Hall's Family Pills for aoutlpaUon.
No Milksops
One great mistake made by many
Ot the patents who object to training
young children Is the notion that discipline connotes harshness. It need
do nothing of the kind.
How did you bring your sons up
to bo so obedient and dutiful? we
said. Tliey defer to you in
everything, and yet there Isn't a bit
bt the milksop about them, and they
are not a bit afraid of you. You
seem to be such friends, and yet I
have heard you say you have strong
Ideas about obedience. Ilow did you
manage It?
I made them obey absolutely; I
was strict In my discipline; I tried
to be entirely just, and I loved them
to death, was the answer.
So lone: as your children are persuaded that devoted love Is the cause
and accompaniment ot the discipline
you need not be afraid that they will
drift away from you, tf you make justice one ot the foundations ot your
Begin with your tiny baby and, as
you drill him In regular hablta of eating iutM sleeping, accustom him to
tho method of obedience. Wheu the
time comes—aB lt may—when we
will attempt a small revolt, don't glvo
way, but lold your own. Avoid Issues as much as possible, but when
they come meet them squarely.
A Sea Sandstorm
With !ls decks covered with an
Inch or moro of sand, nnd the ofllcers
and crow looking as if tbey had returned from a desert trip, the schooner Alvcna, twenty-seven daya from
Columbia lliver, ln command of Captain Abrahamson, arrived In San Diego, Cat., recently. While tho vos*
Bel was coming alone under a light
wind seventy-five miles off shore
and 125 miles north of San Diego, It
becamo enveloped in a cloud of Due
sand. The sea was smooth and the
wind from the south-east, The dust
seemed to drop from the sky.
This condition prevailed for two
days, according to the crew, and not
until Point Koinu was sighted did they
get out of the dust. From that time
until the schooner got Into port tho
crow was busy sweeping the accumulated sand off the lumber cargo nnd
decks, and getting the fine particles
of grit out of their oyes and hair.—
McCall's Magazine,
Unsanitary   Handling  of Grain  Mainly   Responsible  for   Deteriorated
Tn a young country like Cannda
where the soil is new und generally
vory fertile v_ may often ho puzzling
to account for crop discuses which
must ine It nlil) bring failure in
ordor to Improve the deteriorating
quality of grain seeds, successful results cnn only bo arrived at by taking
certain steps of farm procedure. Kx-
pcr Intents have shown that the causo
for deteriorated seed does not lie In
lost fertility, but from unB.1nit.117
r. nulling.
Great care should be takeu to see
thnt a pure variety of seed Is selected. On no account should a mixture
he used. Each crop curries with It
Us nwn discuses, and If these aro not
weeded out, the ground becomes full
of the sporo'i of the disease, wllli tho
result that lho Boll loses 11 ability
to produce a crop, A crop rotation
counteracts ihls to n large extent, and
Is therefore absolutely necessary.
Of Ilrst Importance, however, Is the
fact that no matter how fertile the
soil, tho quality of tho grain oannot
be Improved unless weed seeds, and
light weight stuff, Including dirt, dust
si raw, and chaff nro weeded out of It.
Very often good seed, spoiled by gelling wet In the slack or In tho liln
Is undoubtedly Injured and where a
good erop has resulted it Is only by
working on new land or clean summer
fallow land, freo from disease.
According to H, L, Itolley, botanist tho essential steps to get hotter
flood are-—Raise your own seed; harvest the seed when mature; thresh lt
as soon iir dry; store the seed dry;
grade out of it all weed seeds; nnd
always use a pure-variety of Keed.
Whero these steps aro followed the
seed will each year become more and
more ro-dstant until eventually you
have a saed that Is practically disease
resistant fo:* tho land.—Winnipeg
'J clegram.
The Mukden Cemetery
A recent traveler through Manchuria gives ns a picture and description
cf the groat cemetery which the Japanese have nenrly completed and
which some time ago they consecrated to the Russian dead who fell
In tho battles about Mukden. In
their precipitate retreat the armies of
the Czar left thousands upon thousands of their fallen comrades unbur-
led. After the signing of the treaty
of peace the soldiers of the Mikado
collected every last bone nnd every
bit of ragged uniform and every broken weapon which the Russians had
left upon the field, and buried them
with soldierly honors. In the centre
of this vast plot they enclosed by a
white marble fencing a reserved space
for those who had eyjdently been officers. Over the graves of tho common soldiers Iron crosses In the
Creek form were erected, and over
the graves of the commanding officers
crosses of white marble. Then as
a pivot to the converging lines they
reared a terrace and on the terrace
built a marble temple, all at a cost of
50,000 yen. When the work was
ready for dedicatory rites they Invited Russian ecclesiastics from Pekln,
Harbin and Vladlvostock, together
with such military commanders as
were near, to assemble for religious
service ln this chapel, where, amid
the assembled men of both races, the
iand was solemnly consecrated as a
resting place for the Russian dead.
We think we have not done badly
when 50 years after the Battle of
OettysTJurg we invite the surviving
Confederates to meet us where they
fought us, and with their Northern
fellow-citizens give thanks to-day for
a united country. But the Japs have
bettered, as well as anticipated, our
act. For within Ave years of the
battle of Mukden they laid out the
field as a cemetery for their conquered enemies, burled them decently, had
religious rites celebrated by priests of
their own faith, and paid personal
tribute to the courage and loyalty of
the men they had vanquished. All
of this without one word of suggestion from outside.
An Agricultural Jubilee
Mr. Marcus Woodward, writing ln
the Contemporary Review for July,
enlarges on the fact that this year
marks the jubilee of a most remark*
able and significant experiment ln
scientific farming nt mounts Farm,
Sawbrldgeworth, Hertfordshire. For
Olty years past corn, and nothing but
corn, has been grown continuously,
on a certain definite system, on this
1.1 rm of 450 acres. There has been
no rotation of crops and no keeping
of stock; year after year for half a
century the same land has been made
to yield corn crops only. A record
kept for the past 25 years shows that
this land has yielded, of wheat, 35
bushels per acre, as against the United
Kingdom's 30 bushels per acre as a
wbole, and Canada's 18 bushels per
acre. The experiment has been
[roved a sound one, Kb success has
been established beyond any quetfon.
It has paid, and tho land has not been
impoverished, rather lt haH been improved and seems good for nt least
another it'ty years of continuous
The system was Inaugurated by the
late Mr. .1. Prout, wlmste son has carried on tho work since 1894. The
whole article is well worth a study.
Of Course
Mrs. ftpende says they have a
harder time than they used to trying
to live on their Income.
That's natural enough—Spendo has
hnd his -'alary Increased.—Judge.
'■ Odd Occurrence
How extraordinarily attentive Bow-
per Is to tho lady hu took to dinner.
That's his wife.
I said his attention was extraordinary.— Exchange,
His Accomplishment
Our now bookkeeper seems to have
a wonderful grasp of detail.
That's  right, declared  the Junior
pan nor.     Ho knows tho records of
most of tho ballplayers.
W_ N, U, 912
Her Restriction
Chairwoman of the Suffragette
Meeting—Docs any lady wish to make
,1 motion'?
Voice—Yes, I do; but my gown's
too tight —Satire.
The Annual Convention to be Held at
Lethbrldge This Year, Attracting
Dry-Farming means bettor farming
according to the otllclal call of tho
International Dry-Farming Congress,
the annua convention of the dry-land
fanners of tho world, which meets
October 19-_<J next at Lethbrldge, in
Southern Alberta, In the heart of ono
of tho greatest grain belts. The definition or tho term "dry-farming,"
which is coming Into such general use
everywhere and of which thousands
have never learned tho essentials, In
moat Interesting, nnd, furthermore, it
ls logical, and tbo adaptation of Its
precepts bus brought reward to those
farmers who have looked to _olonce
to uld them where misfortune and
hard luck through unfavorable weather conditions pursued their neighbors
Wright—Thoy say tho now school of
Journalism Is exploiting clean methods .
Penman- -What! Do you mean to
say that they have no-office towels?
Fitting the   Case
With a faeo that vainly endeavored
to tir-peiir mournful, and eyes that
vainly strove to produce a roBpectnblo
flow :of -ears, Patrick Murray O'Do-
Ian strolled Into a dry goodB store.
I wnnt yor to toll me, he murmored,
phwat tho custom Is for th' wcurlu'
lv mournln'7
Well, mused tho assistant, of courso
It varies. If It's a very doar relative
you should wear black clothes; If It's
a less near relative, 11 band of black
on Iho hIoovc or hnt; or, If it'a a
friend, Just a black tie.     '
For Bomo moments Patrick Murphy
O'Dolnu considered.
Well, ho whispered nt length, give
me a shoo lace, H's my wife's
who farmed   as   their   fathers   and
grandfathtrs did before them.
Every civilized country in tho world
Is now studying the tillage and cropping methods taught by the International Dry-Farming Congress, and Ita
monthly scientific bulletins and reports go to the four corners of tbe
earth. Its corps of instructors Is
famed world-wide, and Its next Convention promises to be attended by
agriculturists from some 50 nations
and official delegations from some 30
states and provinces of the United
States and Canada, upholding the
great agricultural interests of the
North Amorlcan Continent.
Dry-Farming, says the call, la a
scientific term used hy colleges and
authors to differentiate between the
new system of agriculture and the
older methods utilized In the rain-
bells and Irrigation districts. A
special system of tillage of the soil
for the purpose of moisture and fertility conservation is known to be
necessary for at least 63 per cent of
the agriculture acreage of the world,
and the Dry-Farming Congress was
brought into existence for the purpose
of working out these problems and ;
remedies for the troubles confronting
farmers of the sub-humid districts, or
ln districts where there are frequent
droughts or falling Boils. Dry-Farming ls free from mystery ot any kind!
Any farmer on any soil and In any
climate can Increase production, crop
quality and bank account.
Dry-Farming methods can be utilized wlti profit upon every acre In
every district of the world. The
phrase does' not mean the operation
of farms where no moisture is obtain-1
able, but does mean the utilization of
such tillage methods as are from time
to time demonstrated to bo most efficient in ihe reduction of evaporation
aud the production of a practical stor-
age reservoir In the soil, the utilization of m-nlmum or untimely moistures, etc. The work of the Congress
includes He study of farm machinery,
tillage, the development of drought-resistant piants and better methods on
the farm.
The sectional conventions of the
great Congress will be In charge of
tho following prominent men;
Crops and breeding—Chairman,
Prof. Alfred Atkinson, Montana; Agricultural College, Bozcman, Montana;
Secretary, Prof. F. D. Farrell, Bureau of Plant Industry, Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
Livestock and Dairying—Chairman
Prof. Ed. H. Webster, Dean Kansas
Agricultural College, Manhattan,
Kansas; Secretary, Prof. J. H. Shep-
perd. Dean North Dakota Agricultural College, Agricultural College, N.D.
Farm Management — Chairman,
James Murray, Suffield, Alta.; Secretary. Prof. Ed. II. Watson, Cheyenne, Wyoming,
Scientific Research — Chairman,
Prof. R. W. Thatcher, Director
Washington State Agricultural College Experiment Station, Pullman,
Washington; Secretary, Prof. F. J.
Alway, Nebraska Agricultural College, Lincoln, Neb.
Agricultural Colleges aiyl Experimental Stations—International Conference—President, Dr. Charles A.
Lory, President Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colorado;
Secretary, Prof. E. A. Burnett, Dean
Nebraska Agricultural College, Lincoln, Neb.
Rural Homes-International Congress
of Farm Women—President, Mrs.
Byrtha i.. Stavart, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Secretary, Mrs. Eleanor L.
Burns, Lelhbrldgo, Alta.
Agricultural Forestry — Chairman,
Carlos G. Bates, United States Forest
Assistant, Denver, Colorado; Secretary, Chas. A. Scott, Stato Forester
of Kansa... Manhattan, Kansas.
Soil, Tiilngo methods and machinery—Chairman, H. M. Bai nor, Am-
arlllo, Tex,; Secretary, Prof, A. M.
McOrnle, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.
Agricultural Education—Chairman,
Dr. J. H, Connell, President Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, Okla; Secretnry,
Prof. E, j. Oddinga, Idaho Agricultural Collf*ge, Moscow, Idaho.
He—And do yyu believe In lovo at
first sight?
She—Yes, Indeed. But experience
has taught 1110 to nlwnya tako a good
second look.
Tardy Honors for Lady Hamilton
An extraordinary proposal has boon
made, apparently In good faith, to ex-
humo tbe remains of Emma, Lady
Hamilton, from her grave In Calais
and transport them to Westminster
Abbey, Tho argument Is that Nelson bequ-.-r.thed her to the country,
and sentimentalists think thut some
amends for letting her die in poverty
may be made by burying her nearly
a century later ln the "national Valhalla."
It is „rgued that it was only
through her Influence that Nelson
went to tea again and so fought and
won his greatest victory at Trafalgar. He hnd formed a desire to settle down to a country life, but Lady
Hamilton persuaded him to mako ono
more orutse ln the service of bis
Those ivho oppose the transfer suggest that her motive was not patriot-
Ism, but a desiro for a little more
limelight, and they ndd that although
It Is truo she ran through n property
of $2,000 i. year of hor own she was
no*: oxoctly starving wheu she died,
as she was In the enjoyment of an
annuity of $200 settled upon hcr by
hor daughter Horatio,*
What do you think of this scheme
of having tho countries exchange
What's  the Idea?
An English family, for Instance, cx-
rhanges children for u couple of
years with a German family. Thus
both sets of children gel a chance to
learn another language. References
are exchanged and ull that sort of
It's an elegant scheme. My
neighbors have a kid that I would
like to see exchanged with some family In Siberia.—Louisville Courier-
Journal .
The Bummer months arc the most
dangerous to little ones. The complaints of that season which are
cholera infantum, colic, diarrhoeu
and dysentery come on so quickly that
often a Utile one Is beyond aid before
the motlur realizes he ls really ill.
The moth.-r must bo on her guard to
prevent these troubles or if they do
come on suddenly to euro them. No
other medicine Is of such aid to the
mother dining hot weather as is
Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate the bowels and stomach and are
absolutely safe. Sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co..
Brockville, Out.
The curfew tolls the knell of parting
The lowing herd wends slowing o'er
tho lea-
Ann auto wends Its record breaking
The lowing herd wends to eternity.
Royal Relict
Notwithstanding the efforts of
stewards to keep track of royal relics,
such thing-, turn up in odd places
from time to time. For Instance the
silk stockings which Queen Victoria
is aaid to hav. worn on her wedding
day and a piece of orange blossom
from her bridal bouqunt. were among
a number of royal bits and scraps
sold a day or two ago at tho Manor
House, Knarcbborough, near Harrogate. They fetched $77. They
were found in a bijou table which
also contained pieces of tho bridal
cake of King Edward and King
George, Lord Nelson's garter and a
pair of Lhoes once worn by Pauline
Bonaparte, sister of the groat Napoleon.
The services .of the ushers or announcers nov/ employed ln large railroad stations for the purpose of
keeping persons informed of the train
movements are threatened by the Introduction of a telephonic system by
which th-jso ennoiincements are made
by a single person, but conveyed to
many different parts of the building
simultaneously. Thc announcement
coming from many different parts of
a large hall, such as most waiting
rooms are at present, is dona in a
much more satisfactory manner than
by the u-herc, na the confusing echoes
of a direct announcement Is avoided.
A New York inventor has combined
an incandescent, lamp with an ordinary electric driver, so that a person's
hair can he given a light bath and
dried at the same time.
Stout Lady—Are you quite suro you
can swim, George?
George—Of course I can. Why do
you ask?
Stout Lady—I feel so relieved. I
don't know whnt I should do if Fldo
•ell Into the water!—London Opinion.
Sj,nce the first of tho year several
rich discoveries of gold have been
made In the interior of Venezuela.
Vicar to Mrs, Thnlchbng (whoso
baby has recently boon chrlBtonod)—
Ah, Mrs. Thatchhng, I nevor remember any baby behaving so well lu tho
Mrs. Thntehbog—Lor' Blr, that was
bocause .no and Jim 'od boen practicing on 'lm for about a week before
with a watering can,
Wise Doctor Gives  Postum to Convalescents.
A wise doctor tries to give nnture
Its best chnnce by saving the little
strength of the already exhausted
patient, and building up wasted energy with simple but powerful nourishment.
"Flvo years ago," writes a doctor,
"I commenced to use Postum in my
own family instead of coffee." (It's
a well-known fact that tea is just as
Injurious as coffee because lt contains
caffeine, thc same drug found in coffee). "I was so woll pleased with
the results that I had two grocers
pl.ee lt ln stock, guaranteeing Its
"1 then commenced to recommend
it to my pntlents in place of coffee, nu
a nutritious bovorago, Tho consequence Is, every store In town is now
selling it ub it. hns become a houso-
hold necessity lu many homes,
I'm sure l prescribe Postum as often as any one remedy In the Materia
Mod lea—III almost every caso of Indigestion and nervousness I treat,
and with the best results.
Whon I once introduce It Into a family, It Is quite sure lo remain. I
shall continue to use It and proscribe
ll In famUlo:  where I prnellee.
"In convalescence from pneumonia,
typhoid (OVor and oilier cases 1 give
It, ns a liquid, easily absorbed lllOt,
You may l.se my Idler iih a reference
any way you seo lit." Name given
by Canadian Poulum Co., Windsor,
Read "The Road to Welhillc" lu
pkgs,     '.here's u reason."
Ever read the   above   letter?     A
new one appears from time to time
They are genuine, true, and full of
human interest.
What a Rat Will Do
Almost unbelievable are some ot
the things done by the nt, the squealing, filthy gluttonous, all-pervading
and all-destroying brown rat. Rats
often gnaw tho hoofB of horses until
the bloo.l comes. They have been
known to attack fat hogs and eat
holes In their bodies, causing death.
They will light human beings if cornered.' They often steal valuable
articles, to help them In building
The following were found In a single nest* Three bedroom towels, two
serviettes, .iva dust cloths, two pairs
of linen knickerbockers, six linen
pocket handkerchiefs, and 0110 silk
handkerchief. This rat, which was
a model of industry and thrift, had
carried away nnd stored near Its nest
I-,-, lbs of sugar, a pudding, ft stalk
of celery, a beet, carrots, turnips and
In the last dozen years over 6,000,-
000 human belngH have died of plague
lu India alone, The Indian Plague
Commission, after careful enquiry,
found thin bubonic plague lu man Is
entirely dependent on tho disease of
the rat.
Marvelous In its destruotiveness is
tho common house-mouse, closely re-
lilted to tbe rat, The field-mouse,
too, is highly destructive, the most
destructive of all the rodents.
This Is to certify Unit I havo used
MINARD'fl Liniment In my family
for yearn, and consider it tho best,
llnlmont cn the market. I have
found it excellent for horse flesh.
W   S   PINKO.
"Woodlands," Middleton, N.S.
A/T ANY brands of Baking Powder contain alum.
. which is an injurious acid. The ingredients of
alum baking powder are never printed on the label.
Magic Baking Powder,
contains no alum and is the
only baking powder made
in Canada that has all the
ingredients plainly printed
on the label.
Pave One for Her
Kdith -.vas light-hearted and merry
over everything. Nothing .appealed
to her seriously. So one day her
mother decided to Invite a very serious young parson to dinner, and ho
wns placed next the light-hearted girl.
Kverythlng went well until she asked
You speak of everybody having a
mission,      What ls yours?
My mission, said thc parson, Is to
oave young men.
Good, .eplled tho J;lrl, I'm glad to
meet you. I wish you'd save one
for me.
Thc cheapness of Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator puts it within
reach of &H, and it can he got at any
The Psychology of Italics
Doctors of style In the writing of
English .lt-clara that the use of italics
for emphasis Is a positive fault, showing weakness of construction and inability to express Ideas strongly by a
right arrangement of words. Nevertheless, Italics are used deliberately
by Borne forceful writers to gain added
effect and to fasten the eye and tho
mind of tl e reader upon Important
points somewhat as a speaker will
strengthen his oration by vocal emphasis and gesture. Whatever may
be said for or against the use of italics
they certainly reveal the writer's
sense ot relative importance In tlio
things ho has written. He has
selected woids and phrases, and has
given thom special prominence. As
we note their significance wo begin
to know more of tho man behind
the words. His choice of emphasis
tells us what manner of man he is.
His italics are either an Index of his
mental or moral character.
We ar;. all writing history day by
day. On every page some things
are written small, others stand out
boldly In italics. Tako up the book
at night and read the story of the
day. It will he an interesting record—perhaps a startling one. Doubtless wo shall feel very much llko correcting the proof when we find where
the Italics are set.—Christian Herald.
An Oil That it Pri«d Everywhere.—
Dr. Thomas* Electric Oil was put
upon tho market without any flourish
over thirty years ago. lt was put
up to meet the wants of a small section, but as soon as Its merits became known It had n whole continent for a field, and It Ib now known
and prized throughout this hemisphere. There is nothing equal to
Association to Foster Interest In Agricultural Matter Among Children
Tho Canadian Seed Growers association haa made the announcement
of the prizes to be given for seed
selected by boys and girls between
the ages of 12 and 18, aud shown at
thc next punual wlntor fair or provincial seed exhibition.
Besides many substantial cash
prizes and trophies a gold medal has
been donated by Dr. James W. Robertson, honorary president of thc association, to be given to the boy or
girl having tho host -xhibit of oats
In the maritime provL* ces, Quebec and
Ontario, and wheat lu each of the
provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Those proposing to compete for
ihe.se prices and trophies should arrange at. once to make arrangements
for the necessary selections and should
also write to the secretary of tho
Canadian Seed Growers' association,
Ottawa, and obtain a copy of the prize
list ami r.peclut arrangements regard*
ing the transportation of exhibits.
Size of Future Ships
Sir William White, n lending naval
architect, declared recently that, tbe
facts that tend to limit the increase
in the size of ships are chiefly commercial, Largo nhips cost more to
build than small ones, and are more
expensive to operate. Moreover
they nro lint ho sure nf obtain It) J
their complements of passengora or
cargo without delay. In addition,
comparatively few    harbors    pOSHOBS
channels «>f BUflloleni depth or dooks
large enough, to accommodate vessels oven of lho length and weight of
ibo Monro tun la. uir William believes thn*. RltllOUgh large idiips wilt
Continue to ply but ween a fow favor
ed pot I ii iur special services, and
even larger OUOB may bo built, the
groat bulk of ocean trallic will continue to be carried by vessels of moderate size.
Does your wlfo   always   havo   hor
own way?
Does she?    Why, mnn, sbo's tho
Den .lohiiEon of our household.—Do-
i trolt Free Press.
Geo. Ham's Laundry
T story la told of a party of east-
ern manufacturers who were making
a trip through the Canadian North*1
West, The train was running about;
throe ho.irs la to nud It was essential;
that they reach a certain point A—
on time to make train connections
without dolay. As ihey proceeded
however, the train lost more time and
the easterners began 10 get nervous.
They hunted up ihe conductor and
had iiim interview tho crow, but
there wbb no gain In speed. Al a
Stopping point Ihey Interviewed lhe
crew personally and threatened to
telegraph Blr Thomas Shaughnessy,
but  this had no effect.
Finally a happy thought Btruck one
of the Montreal travellers. lie
knew that George Ham was travelling ,
lu the west wiih an English party,
Ho also knew that George Ham always sent his laundry to Montreal
and It. was forwarded to bim whore-
ever be happened to be. He told his
confreres, and hunting up the conductor had blm send a note to tho
engine driver tbnt George Ham's
laundry was on board nnd that the
train must reach him at A— in
time lo deliver It to him. Tl*-- hint
of George Ham's laundry being on
board was sufficient. The train began to gain time and that afternoon
they steamed into A— three minutes
ahead of time.
Power From the Tides
Study has been made of a proposition for generating power for Sohles-
w.g-Hclstc*n by utilizing the obb and
Iluw of tiie tide, and work Is under
construction. The Island of Nord-
Btrand .'.. being connected with the
mainland by a high-water reservoir
of 1,501) acres nnd a low-water reservoir of 3,250 acres. There will always be k head of water In one or
other of lie reservoirs, which will be
available for operating turbines constantly.
A bom in tho del-Hi worth two  "^
la th: barn. Vou on 1 pt>e*«ni      1
Spavin, Itlttgbofie, Splint, it Curb from
pUtllng yoUl   llOTM lit IllS t.o;i bttt you
■in prevent LhcK troublti from keeping
hur-x-s in lhe bam very long,  Vm. cnn ^n
Aci T-.VK.11, <int. March v-ti., 1911.
"Iliavp -,..r.| KetuUU't Spavin 1 ure fot
nvcr 14 yean curing iwu I;-.*-- Spavin*, one
Curb, one Ooite Spavin ami ;i y I nnl tone -ull
bad cases. V'oui medicine lithe ben In Hit*
World," TOSIA.lt KJtUlCK.
Price'fi p" bottle-* bottlei $*.   a*-_ _,
druggist for free  book   "Treatise ,*n  lhe I
Hone" or write direct to us 1.       I
Dr. B. J. Kandall Company I
Eaotburff Folk, Vermont, U. S. A. |
Tn the causes of Infant mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently.
and it mny be said tbat complaints
of the bowels aro great destroyers of
child life. If all mothers would avail
themselves of so effective a remedy
as Dr. J, D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial mnny a little one could be
saved, This Cordial cun be given
with safety to the smallest child, as
there is no injurious substance in it.
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally strong
—will not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining (or
walls, floors and ceiling.'*..
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or write for sample
and Booklet to the ts
Sola C_nodU_ Manufacturer!
•I Canto, United,
Montreal, Wlan1»ej, Caliarj, Vaneawr.
A Voice of Experience
I can't understand why married
couples ever have a disagreement, Bhe
said. I don't seo why those mat-
tera can't be so adjusted that thero
will he no friction. Now, my husband and I understand each other
Indeed, ho replied. How long
have yoa been married?
Nearly threo days.—Judgo.
Nothing Serious
Young IHIfur and Miss Wapple fell
out. yesterday.
Do you think they will make up
I'm sure Miss Wapple will. They
fell out of n motor bout,—Birmingham Age Herald.
Miss Thrill—Do yon find yachting
as exhlliunting as motoring?
Tom—Nol There's no thrill In It
at all. Vou see, there's nobody to
dodge ami cuss you when you're
A lew doori aouth of C.P.R. Ospot
Rjte» I ..SO to $2.00 per day
Culilne unexcelled
Hot and cold water In avary room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outalde Rooms
mr md num n mothei m chiu.
fa. Wilts u>w'« Sooth 1 Ma Sv»_r baa baa*
forovtr I1XTV YSARSby MILLIONS flj
[-KKB lk? CHILD, SOFTBN9 th« OOMfc
mtl.PAINiCtiRMW-*NDCOL.C, aa*
1 beat remedy (or Dl A a Mia. a. \\ u «<_.
•ttuttly hami«M. Ba sura aad aa_ toi "Mra,
WlMlaw'a ■nothing Syrup." and U_a em Mbst
kind.   Twtntjr-fin etnu a botUOk
The meanest man ln Kngland has
just been discovered. A cottager
was asked by his wire to dig the potatoes tn tho garden. lie consent
ed, nnd after digging for a few mln-
nt-38 went Into the house, remarking
that he had found a coin. He washed
the dirt off, and it proved to bo a
half crown. He put it In his pocket and want back to work. Presently
he returned to the house, saying he
had found another coin, which on being washed turned out to be a two-
shilling piece. Te put this In his
pocket. . have worked pretty hard,
said he to hla wife. I think I'll tako
a short nap. When ho awoke he
found that his wife had dug the remainder of the potatoes, but she had
found no coin. It at last dawned upon hor that bIic had been taken in.
How do you tell the difference between a yacht nnd a Bailbont? said the
girl with the Inquiring mind.
By look.iir into the pantry, replied
Captain ClOOt. If Bhe carries plenty
of refreshments mid cigars, she a
yacht. If It's mostly plain Victual*
she's a sailboat.— Washington Btar,
Managed to See It
Walter—Woll sir, bow did jou find
tho beef?
Diner—Ohl     1 happened  to shift
a potato, and—well, thero It was.—
Tempted by Sauaage
A policeman, was passing down ono
of tbe bystreet.. In Hamburg when ho
espied an attractive piece of saii-tago
In a shop window. Ho was hungry
and the sausage was alluring. lie
was moreover on economical man nnd
a person of resource. Why buy
sausage when ouo can have it for
nothing? he asked himself, and drawing his sword, he thrust It through an
aperture ln the glass and neatly lm*
pnled thc morsel on the point.
He was just about to devour hla
•poil when a civilian who had seen
the theft, came up and told him sharply to follow him to tho police station Tho man was so taken aback
that he forgot he was a policeman
and made no attempt tn r?slst. He
implored tho amateur to forgive Mm
iiiid not to cause his arrest, but en-
Ueatles wore useless, and, as if met*
merited he meekly followed his cap! .1
t" the B tat 101*, where ho was duly *'V
ensed of li!* laicency a.ii is no**
awaiting trial.
So, satd tho Goddess of Fortune,
you nro weary of steam yachts and
special trains?
Yes, replied her especial favorite,
And you havo ceased to care for
motorcars and aeroplanes?
Well, whnt do you desire now?
1 want to go into a convention with
my private steam-roller.—Washington Stnr.
Serious Costly Sickness
Is fur loo sure to romo when your bodily strength hai been undermined
tty tliu poison of bile. IIendae1ie.<i, sour Mmimrh, iinplcitsiiht brcuth,
nervousness, and a wish to do nothing ore nil Mgus of biliousness—signs*
too, that your Bystom needs help, .lust the right help is given and tbo
bodily condition which Invites serious sickness
Is Prevented By
Tba dbt«_Mis with veerrhot ar«*a.utU**-t»imI*nrl_w.»«_.
SolJ avarrwhne,   In baaw, 26c, THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
n.   ARE YOU   )
Assets over $700,000.00
Insures Against
Accidents, Sickness
and Death
Reliable, Prompt, Safe
Hazlewood & Morrison
General Agents       -       Cranbrook,   B. C.
P. O. Box 574 Hanson Building Phone 45S
Every Suit in this stock is a success. There's
no "perhaps" or "maybe" about the styles.
They have won the unqualified approval of
well dressed men. Let us show you some
of these very new and very attractive Suits.   78i
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, B. C.
_"l" M' "I''I '*l *■ I ■ _*T*r_"l' *r ■ ■ *_**l *-|-*-|-*|"f-*J- _
HEAD   OFFICE      -      -
I.,Intnl.it   .Int.,Llllllllll I.
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
I P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd. |
CRANBROOK,        - B.   C.
ifl H 11111 M 111111 I H I H-I-HIII ***** 11 UMIIII
flowers, why not
have i photograph
taken Inanorlgin-
•1 pose with soma
ol your favorites'-
They engrois
your attention and
add to the un*
atudled grace of
the portrait.
We havti aever-
*\ new suggestions
to offer ln
that   cannot   (ail
to   pleaae.    Call
and let ug ezplaln
them to you.
The Star Photo Studio
P. O. Box 527
Baker St'    Cranbrook, B.C.
Branch at Tllairmorc, Alta
To Be Held
May 23rd '13
in aid of
All Are Welcome
Good Time Assured
Musi.: will be
Parnisbed by
From Oranbrook
Tickets   $1.00
Including Refreshment!
Local News
Pictures, not 2 pictures nor 1 picture, there nre nil kinds ot pictures.
Moving pictures and otherwise; the
others aro the oneB we are most interested in nt the present time—Kllby Frames Pictures,
J. A. Ferguson, of Fernlo wns in
town Monday.
Building cotton, O. 0, 8.
W. Cl. Scott, of Nelson, waB in the
City Tuesday.
Creston rhubarb at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
J. Annnblo of KoBsland was In
town Tuesday,
W. McBenn, of Oroston, spent Sunday last 1u Crnnbrook.
tills. Andean was up from Kitchener
thlB week on busincBs.
O. D. Blackwood of Nelsou wua at
the (.'ranbrook Tuesday,
Del Monte young lima lieann at
b'iuk's Pure Food Grocery.
Tom Iln-nrriihiuii, well
tbe courteous delivery nn for thn
Dominion Express Co. wlll be lcnv
log Cranbrook during the coming
weok for Nelaon, whore ho Intends
taking up hli future home
There   will   bo   u   mooting   of    the
Cranbrook   Conservative   A.aoclatlon
known na j |„ Muthrsnn's Hnll. on Monday evening, May   12th et  8 p.m.
Building cotton, C. 0. S.
Mrs. Donahue, of Wasa was sliup
ping tn Cranbrook  Monday.
Mrs. Geo. Hogguith left ou Tuesday on a visit to tho Coast
Wm. Carlin and A. Doyle of Fort
Steele was iu town Thuraday
Mrs. Dennett of Marysville wus vis
iting in Oranbrook Monday.
A. B. Fenwick, of Fort Steele, was
in town on bUBlnoBS Tuesday
F 11 I'earsoii. ol Fort Steele was
in town Monday on bustueBS.        "*
ti. Kiley, ol Yahk was transacting
! business at Crnnbrook Monday
!    Mrs     Bennett    ol    Marysville   was
J shopping in  Craubrook TbursJay,
'     KILBY      FRAMES      PlCTl'RKS
Mr. George Longpre ol Kingsgate
was visiting at Cranbrook Monday.
ff. J. Gamble of Montreal was re,
istered  at   the   Cranbrook  Monday.
A. Carney of K:.slo, was ln town
iur.ng the early part of this week.
The Cinderella Dlub will give a
dance in  the  Auditorium on May 2'
Mrs. H. L. Sawyer vi Marysville
was shopping in Cranaiook Tuesday.
A. E. Watts, ol Wattsburg was
transacting business in the City Tuesday,
Wm. White, of Spokane was transacting business at Craubrook Monday.
Wm. French of the Grange, Wolf
Creek, was ln town on business
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trenton, of Victoria, were Cranbrook visitors on
Mrs. H, R. Mather and daughter of
Fort Steele were Cranbrook visitors
on Tuesday.
New shipment of Cadbury'a world
famous chocolates at Fink's Pure
Food Orocery.
0. S. Galbraith, and L. M. Ellis,
of Calgary, were guests at the Crin-
l.rook Sunday last.
Sanatas oil cloth with border for
bath rooms. Price   35 cents per yd.
. O. S, ^^
P. MoMahon, and L. Dupont of Jaffray were registered at tbe Cranbrook Sunday last.
A swimming carnival will be the
great event at tbe Young Men's Club
on Tuesday, May   13.
Mr. and Mrs, Bruce Herrington lelt
on Monday for Edmonton, where they
wlll reside in the future.
Mrs. Geo. Sadler will not receive
rn the 2nd Wednesday of the month,
nor any more this season.
A. C, Bowness and James Buchanan, motored to Elko on business, re-
turning Tuesday afternoon.
F. J. Griffith, W. M. Hay, J.
O'Conner and J. T. Glddings, of Fernie, were guests at tbe Cranbrook
D. McFarlane of Klmberley, book-
teeper for the Taylor Lumber Company, was in town on company business Monday.
James Finlay was down from the
Maple Leaf Coil Mines, at Passbere
Monday. Mrs. Finlay returned with
turn to Passberg on Thursday.
We are cleaning out our large assortment of chlldrens und infant,
bonnets at 25 per crnt on regular
prices at the Model Variety Store.
Just as tbe big pulp mill at Vancouvor was ready to commence operations, tho Ocean Falls Compan*.
rlosed down tho entire plant and discharged over  400 men.
HPIIDS—Aro tbo potatoes you get
wet or frozen. Try some of ours.
Might from St.. Mary's Prairies, price
11.Mi per cwt 45c cash, Oranbrook
Trading Co.
Mrs. R. A. FritHor, anil Miss llernlco
Fraser left on Tuesday on ,. visit to
Spokane, l'n tholr return lliey will
go to Grand Forks, where thoy will
reside. Mr. Frnscr will Irnvo today
to engage In bUJlncei In that city.
Hiinatna oil cloth with bonier lor
hath rooms. Price US cents per yd.
0. 0. B,
Gem of a Girl
We always advise people who have
•toraach or bowel trouble to fee a
doctor. But to those who do not
wish to do this we will say: try the
mixture nt simple buckthorn bark
glycerine, etc., known as Adler-1-kal
This simple new remedy in so powerful that JUST ONK DOSH ueually
relieves sour Btouu-cii, gas on the
stomach and constipation QUICKLY.
People who try Adler-i-ka are surprised at Its QUICK action. The
Beattie-Murphy Co. 43--U
may have ruby lips, pearly teeth,
diamond eyes. She may chain
you to her service and watch vou
well to aee if you are k*-11|K •■»
brooch the subject of an engagement or wedding ring. If you
have such a precious gem, you
ought to know where to come to
get what she wants vn the Jewelry line aud to get thc beit values for the lowest outlay Here
they are.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale Rents & Wants
RHUS Full HATl illl'.ll-A list Ot
local poultry breeder, wltb varieties
kept will bt* supplied (iee to ail en-
tiulrere by applying to the Secretary
of the Craolm.uk Poultry Association.
Address,   A.  II.   Smith,
lil-lst Boi 858, Olty.
FUR SALE—Two Peerless Broodors,
good as new. J. Uartside, Cranbrook,   I'honc Ranch. 15-tf
KOR SALE—Two 5 roomed plastered
cottages, "800.00 each. Terms.
Phone 318, 1*1,1. Shackleton.
WANTED—Spring Bear Hides by tbe
Cranbrook Taxidermist. P. O.
Bos   512, Cranbrook. 19-Bt.
Shrubs, Gladiolas, Dahlias and Bedding out and
and Vegetable Plants
of All Kinds.
Amongst 100 Varieties
of Rose Bushes we have
the wonderful, beautiful
new rose "Sunburst"—
Rhea Reid, Killarney
Queen, these are the
finest roses in cultivation
Write for Our descriptive Price
Frache Bros.
Lethbridire.Alta. Columbia,B.O.
through the
Farmer's Institute
la offering substantial assistance to any ranchers desiring to
purchase pure-bred male animals
for Improvement ol their atock in
Bulls, Rams, or Boara.
Full information can be obtained by applying to
Secretary Farmers'
To-Morrow May Never
YOU MAY fully intend to Insure to
morrow I How do you know there
will be a tomorrow—for you? Insure
today. Don't wait because of your present inability to carry a large
amount; a smalt policy ls better than
none. Besides, while you are waiting, the cost Is increasing! Take o,ut
a policy lor BOMB! amount ln The
Mutual Life of New York now, while
you cun get it. The more convenient
season, for which so many wait, may
never come to you.
Local Agents.
Hanson Building, Crnnbrook, B. O.
P. O. Boi,   674. Telephone, 458.
Ore Shippment
Following are tho ore shipments
from mines In the Oranbrook District lor the past week aud year to
Bulllvan »M   18,408
Otber Mines  488
Total        U..IC
0, '1'hayoi of Grows NobI was In tbo
City Wednesday
New Oallloi'uia oabbngo at Fiuk'B
Pure Food Qrocery,
\V. G. Watson, ol IStliuouton, was
In the Olty Thursday.
Threo new automobiles arrived at
Oranbrook on Thursday,
hi T. Fir-'.stiiimonH of lioyitl View,
was iu town Wednesday.
,i. li. Taylor, ot Toronto was at
the Oranbrook Wednesday,
Ingorsoll cream cheese, frcsli today
at Fink's Pure Food llrucory.
Mrs. P. 11. Hope, ol Marysville was
a Cranbrook  visitor Tluirsduy.
II Bunnell, of lluflalo, N. Y., was
a guest at the Oranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 11. Ollmmlngo lelt
on Monday on a holiday trip to tho
Building cotton, 0, O. 8,
Mrs, H. A. MoKowan Will not ro-
eelve again dining tho summer
Misa May Whitehead and Miss Lo-
Unrge went to Jaflray Thursday on a
short visit.
A. Mayers, and L. Wilcoi, of Elko,
wore rcglsternd ut the Cranbrook
Mrs. T. M. Roberts left on Monday
for Bittern Lake, Alta., on a visit to
her parents.
BORN-At thc Cottage Hospital, May
6th. to Mr. and Mrs. C. Barr oi llan-
oury, a uauglilt:*.
J. Mclntyre, of Montague, p. E. I„
is the guest of his cousin, Mrs. A. O.
Bowness this week.
Our full line of sporting goods and
fishing tackle is now on display at
the Model Variety Store.
Building cotton, C. C. S.
G. A. Donahoe, and R. H. Bohart
of Wardner, wero transacting business
at Cranbrook Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Townsend, and Mr.
and Mrs. Metcnlf and child of Creston were in town Thursday.
Oranbrook has u lacrosse toam. Nelson, Rossland, and Trail should have
some good games this summer.
E. Elwell, of Beale & Elwell, left
on Sunday for Kaslo on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Henderson.
The base ball team practices almost
every afternoon, tbe first game of the
season to be played wltb Wardner.
Mrs. E Norman of Mirror Lake,
and Mrs, F. B. Atkinson, of Nelson,
were Oranbrook visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. John Carpenter ot Spokane,
and Mrs. M. A. Allen, of Los Angeles, were guests at thc Crnnhrook Friday.
Sbutlng, HI yds wldo, 40 cents.
C. 0. 8.
Walter F. Baker, of Spokane, representing tbe Columbia Underwriters,
was in tho City transacting business
O. 0. Staples of Wyclifle wan in
town Thuraday Mr. Staples has received his new American automobile,
and it Is a daudy.
W. F. JohiiBon left on Thursday for
Blko to do a considerable amount of
blower work for the North Star
Mills ln tbat place.
M. A. Bolalo left on Friday for tbe
coast where he will spend some time
with Mr. and Mra. J. F. Armstrong,
parents of Mrs, Deals.
We have just received our complete
summer stock of chlldrens and Infanta coats anil dresses ut the Model
Variety Btore.
Raymond T. Marquis, of Spokane,
representing the Now World Life lu-
suranoe Company was In town Tuesday on company business.
Our apples are H-8'> a boi, (1.71.
cash. Some Creston Jonathans lelt.
Fine eating apples, ovory hot picked
over.   Cranbrook Trading Co.
Tbe weather we are now enjoying is
making everyon; with gardens smile.
It Ib beautiful and can bo considered
regular Cranhrook weather and Just
the right kind to make tho crops nnd
gardens grow.
Our lire sale is still ou snd will
continue till we clear the ontlro
stock. Everything goon at reduced
prices at tho Model Varioty Store.
I'he local branch of the Knights of
Pythias aro Issuing invitations to
tholr members and a (ew friends to
nn Informal evening nnd smoker for
Tuesday next, May 13th, ut which
the boys are all anticipating having
a real good time.
HnnaliiH oil cloth with border for
bath rooms. Price 15 cents per yd.
0, 0. 8.
Lowest Prices
Come in and see
our samples
Company, Limited
l..t ..*..!.... «._- t. S
;;   PHONE
::   109
p.o. box ;:
443     ■ ■
il  W. M. PARK 6? CO.  ii
Harness, Horse Collars, Riding Saddles, Trunks,
j Valises,   Etc.
Domestic and Imported Leather Blankets und Ruga
Also All Kinds of Leather Goods
■M-W^-M-W-'H^ ■
;; i M111111 ■. Hiniiii *** ****** ******* hi in..;;
jj Refrigerators Ij
Let us show you
what  we  have
especially one
enameled lined
P. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill Supplies
CRANBROOK, - - - B. C.
•; in 111111 mu 1111 hi i m 11 iiiih iiiih*.
********************* i
Take Notice
The Second Regular Quarterly
Meeting of the Cranbrook District  Conservative  Association
will be held io
Matheson's Hall
May Uth, 1913
at 8:30 p.m.
»I»H WHH. I III 11 HU Mill 11 IU IUI1U lf»f..
.1. ,1. Hughes, II, W. Clark, E. J.
Roberts anil T II. Bturhli',1, all ol
Hpokano, wure guests at tho Cran
hrook Tuesday.
A business meeting of the Ladles
Auxiliary of the Youni; Menu Club
will be hold nt the Olub Thursday,
Muy Kith, for tho purpose ol electing ofllcers lur the year. All members are urged to attend.
"Whito Plumes are soiled" says the
Ilevelslu'ie Heruld ill nn article dealing with Hir Wilfrid Laurior's course
in placing Canada in a false ll-ht before the world by bis attitude against
Cnnadlan contribution tn tbo Imperial Navy "
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Bm M •iMtfMk, B.O.


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