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The Prospector May 24, 1913

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 Pro-lnclnl   legislative Aineml.ly
We Test Eyes
Otind Onr Own Unset ua
Gusrantes Yon a Pit
*E- '•aw  Leading Newspaper
Wl ^ 0 I " n      ri     in the
jj     Koot«*n«>*s
^gJb&iA \\£r        The
s*#_s^-ss**T  "Prospector"
$2.00 Per Year
Death of J. A. Martin
On Wcdncsd".. of last week, I'r. J.
T. Martin was en o ing Beamingly
bood health, even nssistin* Mrs. » ar-
tin around tho house, wh n very
suddenlv he was taken sick and hai
to be removed to the Bt. Eug.ns
Hosltnl, Cranbroor, where be wac
foind to be suffering from cere'ernl
bemorrhuge. On Thursday it wni
obsirved thnt his end war n ar and
hlB tnmllv waB BUirmo- d *n hi* side
and remain-"] ln attendance to the
• nil, wlil h came on Saturday m.ini-
Ow'n** to the son* h.vin" to r'turn
to their so* eral i lacs of bull obi,
the funeral wns arra g d to ta e
i*lnce on Sun _v i nd*r ht aus i*e
of the Knlchts of P.. thi-a. A cm
sldera'l- numier ot '"'gh't toioveil
htm to his re t up rlace in s' ito o'
the fact that rain was falling the
whole time.
Mr. Martin is "n old timer of
Wn**dn»r, having corns i^to the dls
tilit before cn tec'ion on the C.
". R. wsb commenced, He f-.'1-wv*
the o-e'i-at'oi if tl' i"s e tor for
a, considerable time-, inter rn account
of his siiflern" from rheumatism, he
did   a little book-keening.
Mr, Martin w»s wll '1 tl for hit
unrg'itress, and since-ly of pvrpo e
effectionate husband and a'rue father. Several wr rths of beautiful
fowers mark bis list resMng n'ac\
and ere but emblems ot the rates n
In which he was held by his friends.
To all the friends whose sympathy
and services were so kindly tendered
ln our time of bereavement, we desire to extend our sincere thanks.
Especially do we wish to thank the
Catholic Fathers and Slst-ra; also
the Knlfhts ot Pythias for th.lr kind
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. J. T. Martin and family.
J. T. Martin, Jr.
;      Chas, Martin.
Clarence Martlne.
Verlle Martin.
New Picture Show
Fort Steele is to hare a Mo Ing
Picture Theatre. Mr. J. W. Maugham, formerly of Bonnera Ferry, wlll
o-ien this week a Mo ing Picture
Theatre, to be popularly known as
the Star Theatre. This will be located in the St. Mary's Inn, Just opposite to the Windsor Hotel.
Mr. Maugham is having the place
redscorated and the accommodations
of Uio geniral public wll be well
cared for. The Theatre will be open
for the present on every Wednesday
end Saturday, when the pictures
sto ra will be from the Calrary Film
Bxcnange. The general admission
will be 25c and (Oc, and Ib claimed
by the proprietors to be "The Place
to Cure the Blues."
In addition to the above and at
other times -at hla difosal, Mr.
Maugham, wbo ls a practical plumber, will follow hla oan trade. Everyone in Fort Steele, who is in
need ot plumbing done in first class
style, will do well to consult THE
practical men.
MAY  54th, 1913
.'UMBER   21
St. Joseph's River to the east ot
tha City ls overf owing and lf tome-
thing ls not done immediately the
small ranchert will suffer tig 1)11 s
through the water covering their
small farms. Canaldcrable counter-
nation ls to be observed at
the ?fforts of the various mra
to divert the water in'o ohann'la on
the highway.   The overflow it caused
Beauty Chorus in the Georgeous Musical Spectacle ''The Prince of Tonight"
At the Auditorium, Tuesday. May 27th, 1913
through the snow being melted in the
summer heat and coming down the
tiilla ln such large qtiantitl s. Along
the river various dams have be n erected to conserve the water tor miration which Ib good in the latter
months of- the yean; at the some time
now, that the fanners have Just sot
their seeds in it might be rossible
to remove some of these and al.ow
the water a freer flow, as these can,
and do, and it is naturally to be ex-
oected will, hold the water in check,
thereby helping the water to run at
a furious rate just where it is not
wanted. In places along tho river
there have been several trees fled
and other debris can plainly be seen
ln the river, which, is removed,
would greatly alleviate the suffering
which will undoubtedly be caused, if
the river ls allowed to overflow at
its present rate. Several ot the small
ranchers bave hod to bank up whole
fields to stop the Inflow at considerable expense and for a while It ia
standing tbe strain; but how long
will it last? It is a question that
la being asked.
Court of Assizes
The Court of assizes ooened at Fernie on Monday with Mr. Justice Murphy on tbe bench. The cas:s were
prosecuted for the Crown by Fred C.
Moffat of Nelson. The grand jury
was composed of A. B. Tiltes, as
Chairman; N. C. Kendall, of Hosmer;
W. J. Morrison. J. R. McEwlng, O.
J. D. Quail I. Bell, J. L. Gates, R.
Duthle, and J. F. MacDonald of Fernie; C. D. McNabb, of Waldi; J. It.
Agnew, of Elko: J. F. Laidlaw anl
V. Hyde Baker, of Cranbroo'.. Only
two cases were up for consideration
and both were statutory charres. In
the caae of Res vs. Wallace, no bill
Banff-Windermere Road
Description of Route Traversed by New Government Motor Road
There is a great .rotor road now
now in course of con truction from
Janff to Windermere, in the Colum-
!a Valley, eighty-five miles south of
.olden. Prom Calvary to Banff the
road ninety miles long, is now com-
i-l.te. From Banff, Alta., on the eastern Bio s cf the  i.oc.y  .-.ount ins
o WinJermcre, B. 0., is nuDther
ninety miles. It is thc in ten .ion to
construct such a motor road that the
crip <an be made in four or five hours
between Eanff _nd Windermere,
where the   C.   p.   R. proi-03e,   upon
ompleticn of the motor road nnd of
the railway now being b.ilt south
from Golden to Winderirero, to establish at lnvermere, on lovely Lake
Windermere, one of ita largest to.ir-
st hotels.
Ia time this great national hi bwaj
will be continued from lnvermere
•cross th? Splv'rk *'o n i/iw *o W"flt
Kootenay, and from thence by way
of the Mona-.hce Pass to Vernon,
in the cenu. of the northern u a...--
ian distrirt, connecting at tins point
ith p\1 the Okara an r ads- froii
ehere by way of Grand prairie   to
Nicola, Pr.nvton and serosa the
Hope Rantre Into the Fraser Valley nt
Hupam ihcnce to  Vancouver.
Tho totul distance from Calgary to
Vancouver by suc„ a road, for thj
most part remote from the main line
of talwnjs, will bc six hundred anu
fifty mi;-~s; lt is ta-rd to re [Ue,
much less describe, the possibilities
it ofiers. The traveller la.in* Calvary in the mo.ning couM lun.h a.
is...)ii and s.ind ihe night at Inver-
Ufcre, luiu'h the following day cn the
west side of ; he Sel irk Mountains
and sleep at the Arrowhead Lakes.
With un l'hvIv start on the third day,
he n.uld lunch nt Vernon and spen,
the night in the Nicola Valley, The
fourth day would take him through
the llopi. Ridge, aud with a good run I
he coul;! mako Vancouver that
The specifications call for a road at
l.a-a twelve feet iu width, with ade- !
-luate drainage, built in the best
pcssiUc grades and alignment. The
surf Tim' of thn ro ul will rovust o j
"n six-metal surface rolled with a five-
ton roller. J
Returning to the Banfl-Windermere
secti n of this route, 1 find that the
Dominion Government is building
that part within ttie present Rocky
Mountain Van, a distance from Banfl
to the summit of a--uroxi irately
twenty-six miles. The Provincial
Government of British Columbia and
tbe C. P. R. are uniting in building
the British Columbia Rectlon from
Vermillion summit to tbe Columbia
Valley Government road at Sinclair
Hot Springs, a distance of sixty-two
miles, The Dominion Government
has built a bridge over the Bow
River and has two large parties of
men working on the Castle division.
Tbe work between the Vermillion
summit and Sinclair Hot Springs has
been late and will bc finished in 1913.
The Castle division, where the Dominion Government Is now at work,
consists of an eii.ht-.nile ascent cn an
average grade of not over two per
cent., through   a   co       which has
been partly burnt, but commands
from practically all points of the
road a magnificent view of the Bow
River valley with Castle and Storm
mountains close at hand. Two nretty
takes lie at the summit, and no
doubt at tbis point within a short
Tramp and Margaret.  Scene UL  "Passers By"
Local Items
Allan A. Moore, of Cnl,ary, was in
town Friday.
Mrs. A. Mellor, of Marysville, was
in town Monday.
bill wus returned an 1 the accused was
taken before the petit jury,
Mr. and Mrs. Moffat of Nelson were
Oranbroolt visitors Friday.
J, McBride of Marysville, was transacting business at Ornnbrook Monday.
Mr. and Mrs J. Mclntyre, of Vancouver, were ' Or-Mibrook visitors
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Hiclm. of Nan ton,
Alta., wore registered at tha Oran-
hrook Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Macdonald lef
on Saturday last on a hull lay visit
to Vancouver.
Mr. and'Mrs. .1. F. Smith, nn'1
Misa linil_v   of   Vancouver n o' ore
to Klko on Friday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J, V. Smith Wll1
leave on Wednesday next on a holiday trip to Toronto.
Mrs. h. Lundeen and children of
Marysville, were in the Citv Monday.
Court of Assizes at Pernio.
Mrs. W. K, Thomson, wife of the
Rev. Thomson cf the Peeshyterlnn
Church left on Mon lav f >r Edmonton for a visit.
At the Ret Theatre the attractions
will consist, of the fol'ow'ttg films,
1 'The Farm Bully," *'Parcel Post
Johnnie;," nnl the God Within."
Little Miss Marguerite Oaven  will
break thu fin", at the demons!ration
of schoi.l    chlldrm  on   Km lie  Day,
when   tho  children   sing   that   grand
< old tottg, "Oli Canada."
I Mrs. F. MacMnhon and Children,
nnd Mr, M. W. Drew, of Mnrvs lie,
were In the City Monday and tnol-
d-n-uM" too'< in the big circus before
returning homo.
At   11 o'clon'' ihT'. at tho Auditorium   the school chlldrrn nnd their
parents will hn given a free exhibition.     Special  lllrn, have been pro-
jvlded for the oocailoa,
J. Chasi-av of Bull River, who has
been ill at the ht. Eugene Hospital
for several wee.*.s, has t.ai-tiuil/ recovered and is now recei.lng the
congratultitious of his ma.iy friends.
Mr. W. A. Nesbitt left on Thursday
night for Al..uii.i.i.n, 0„t., in response to a telegram stating that his
bro cher, Mr. Bert Nesuite, was
drowned in Algonquin La-e on Wednesday.
Buffalo Bill is rusticating in the
wilds of Bull River thiSe ..o,s, helping on the hig dii.-e whlcb Is now
-a.ing place, "bill" says lhat he
nas a bach every dav, which lasts
.nl dav long.
Local liihcrals are quoting Senator Bostocs as saying, "that there
will be a. general election inside of
wight weeks." 'lhis is why the Lib-
drall arc so active in their mo.e-
ments just at  present.
Charles Gal fin and Husky Barr
left on Thuisd.iy for Trail, where
(hev will f»111v with the Trail nine on
(Umpire day. Potter has a good team
which will be strengthened materially hv thfl boys from ('ranbrook.
The New York Yacbt Club has ac-
cp*M  th i:i,.cngo  ol  -Sir Thomas
Llpton foi the America cup. The
.•aces will due place in September,
101*1 under the present rules of th.-
fOW York club na to time nl ownnce
md racing rules.
A reception was held at the resl-
lonco of Mrs. Harold Darling nn
fhursdftv afternoon, when a large
number of /il nils assembled and
gave a tin shower in honor of Misi
Vera Krlrkson. The afternoon wae
thoroughly onjoyed by thoso in nt
Mrs. II I'.obichaud left on Wednesday for tho coast where she will visit
several of hcr relatives and incident
ly pav a Visit to the (.Irnnd Lodge ol
the Pythian Sisters to he held in
Vancouvor, In • conl unction with th
Knights of liV'-iins.
A Apodal line of films will be
shown at the Kilismi Theatre lon'ght
Among theso will ho thfl celebrate;'
1(11 feature entitled "A l-Vontl-r My
story," also "Half WAV to K no." '
verv laUghnblo comedy and the "Bu
gie Cull," in ithar  un toituro,
The (ireat Northern railway bas an
nounced the following rates for shl|>
meat of fruits from Wenatehee, Wash.
to the following points in Canada.
To Lethbridge. 97J cents- to Calgary
$1.05); to Kdmontcn, $1,151. ThU
is a substantial reduction over those
The new McLaughlan automobile
for Road Superintendent John Reed
arrived ln Cranbrook Friday, May
ICth. and waB put in commission this
week. It Is a five pass.nger car,
and is Just what was needed for dis
patch in travel iin , from point to
point in the district.
The Dorothv M,, n new steamboat
built at SpSlimachcne by Burns &
Jordan, Kootenay Central contractors, was launched on Tuesday. Mrs.
Jordan acted aB sponsor. This boat
will bo used in carry ip - sunallps for
the construction of the railway in tbe
vicinity of Wilmer and Windermere.
The supplementary estimat's hue
heen brought down in ths Dominion
House. British Cnliiiul.li will receive $62,005. A total vote of $3,-
300,000 on capital account Ib pro
vided for harbors ami rivers. It in
eludes $500,000 for n dry dock at Ks
(liilmalt, and $600,000 for improvements to Victoria harbor,
Mr. .Haslewood, of the firm o'
lliulewood & M orr If on, is being kept
Susy these days with insurnn e business. Two claims he Paid lad week,
one tn .IntTrav and another in Manistee, claims ii'/ninst tbe lute-nit ion.i'
Casualty Co., of which he is the
district manager. Mr. Ha lew* o ■
was down in Wardner thiB w-*e*t look*
'n» over some of his baslnes*- in this
The Cranbroo. Automobile Association are cxpectim- *o hive na nit-
ng on July 1st, wh-.ii in company
vlth tbe ladies, tbey will tl'e over
ho Kimberley anl enjoy ■■ splondld
llme. It is to !■(• hoped that •■ largi
lumber of thn automobile (.warns in
"he Olty belonviftg to the Assoc).
'Ion, will hear the date iu m'ul.   A
ood outing Is ho ed for. Further
a-iiiouiiCHiiienls of tblt will ha m idint a  later date.
Rev. W. K. Thorns n, Pr'shytor-
'"ii Minister* will leave f r Toronto
next Tuesday, to attend the PrcsSy
-rtan Conference to In- held In thai
Itv. Mr. Thomson will be awnv for
leveral weeks. During h's nlsence
hellaptist Minister. Rev. 0. K. Kci
'all, vvi'l hold Jo'n* services wlt'i
'Us own for tho first three wro'isaiil
'Uw. W. K. Dunham. Methodist minister ddring the othor two Sundnyn
also bold union servicer
time a stopping place will  he erected.
The scenery near the summit Is
very beautiful. Several creeks run
down from glaciers at the bead of
the valbys, while radiating from the
summit are Indian trails up these
valleys, to ths glucicrs. with lakes
nestling at their feet.
The main range of tho Rockies at
tbls point combines some of the finest
panoramic views in any part of
America. Paradise Valley nnd the
far-tamed Lake Louise district 11'
close to the northwest, with I-mul
and Mount Assiniboine to the southwest. The Vermillion Valley dtrops
quietly down between these two
■■roups of mountains at an easy rate
with an average of two per cent, and
into this valley run th? vnrinus
mountain streams that rise in th .
glaciers of the main range.
At a point ten miles south of tbe
summit' tho celebrated ochre teds are
situated; tbey have been deposlto
from a mountain of Iron ore. nud the
Indirns fer num centuries here obtained their red paint from this
On tbe west side of the valley nc„r
here extend great grassy slopes,
locally called slides, for avalanches
of snow have cleared off alt th 1"
timber, and on these moose, aheap
and goats may frequently bo seen.
Kxcellent pasturage is obtainable
here. The camping ground on the
banks of th*. Vermll'ion is rwallv |
'deal. From this point southward
the valley of the Vermillion widen-
and the motor road travers a bi:h
benches, crossing the cree'*. cnlv once
at the canyon. There are two of
theae cunyons on the river, caused by
limestone intrusion; both are very
picturesque, though ehallow. In the
deep pools below them, which are
easily   accessible   to   tbe  ti-hernia...,
The location of tbe tend through
the valley ban been cnrefully selected; in some places It boldly crosses
the foot of huge slides In order to
obtain better points of view nnd
avoid lon<r detours. The Vermillion
River loins *hp Simpson on thi west
•dope of the Rockies, at a point no'
•nore than thirty-five m'.l-B from
Banff b« trail. The h.gbwav 'rllows
♦he north bank of the Vermillion be-
'ow its Junction with tho Simpson,
;n full view of Coat Mount nin, which
has alwavs been famous among hunters for its sheen and --oits.
Throughout this section o' the
roid and down the wid" •tratcbos of
'he Kootenay Vstlev the charm o'
he environment 1s remarka* I*.
ther hunter nor tourist could find n
•nore attractive region on this continent.
Though there are over one million
ncres of fairly level land in the upnef
stretches of the Kootenay Valle
traversed by tbe motor road, all of
It lies above an elevation of -Moo
ft., and, while en-oying a mild climate. It is safe to predict that it
Will never support env large agricultural population. Ihe road through
♦he Kooteney lection follows wide
benches on level grades for twenty
•iiilt-h. No high pcaSl are visible
here, the timber prow n-r clnie 111* e
ton of the adjoining lan-es, huf t'-c
valley   is   wide   nnd  the forests nn
To Banquet Green
The Hon. H. F. Green, has accepted an invitation to a banquet to he
held in Fernie on bis return from
Ottawa, which is expected about the
end of May. A Kootenay 0 nsjrva-
tivo Btn iiiet Committee lias been
formed for thc purpose of entertaining public servants who een do
things which produce tangl le results fer their consti.uents the Hon.
R. F. Gseen has proved hy p act.eal
experience that he Is tne of t at
kind, and lt li our duty to *h_w
wt niMireti it© bis efforts.
A. B. Trltes, of Kernie, is the pre-
e id ont of the committee; T. D. Cav-
<ii, M.P.P, of Crunbroo. is Viae President; anil a. Oarniy, of i-asto, is
Treasurer;   a!l    the   ine nbrrsf   t*ie
Provincial Parliament f >r l ..o i-
tenays have hem In 1 tt U to act < n
this committee; several of them bnve
wired their acceptance and ezprestsd
their approval. Sir itl bird McBride
writes that lie will atttnl if Hi -i.ili',
ami there is no doubt but that ba
will come with seven. 1 members of
liis cabinet. The mem'ers of the Dominion and Provincial Parliaments
md tho mayors of all the ci ies in
tho interior of British (l.mbia hive
been invited, and the Pren lar, the
Right Honorable R, L. Borden, has
also been invited. It Ib expected.th t
lilts will be one of the grcnf-Ht recaptions ami banquets e-er b Ul in
British Columhla. Tho committee on
this occasion propose to meet the
guest, on arrival at Pernio, with the
best band obtainable, The taniuet
will be tbe finest und the truest!, the
most eminent that Canada contains.
Mr. R. F. Green wires that he will
arrive on May,   28th.
Cranbrook will he well represented
at the big reception, at Fernie, tendered to Hon. R. F. Green; already
a large number of Conservatives
bave signified their intention to be
present on that occasion.
A Contradiction
Confi'lcrable comment is being
made at an article appearing in this
week's "Herald," und.T the caption
of "How Graft Is Be ng Wor ed In
British Columbia." In ano her c d-
umn of tbe same paper th.re a>
lears another article Wllh uno'.her
statement credited to have come
all the way from Ottawa, which
states tbat the Senate have
in their all wise wisdom, Been ft o
announce that iu all pro tt* illty
there will be a general (lection in
about eight week's time or thereabouts. Wc might ask in view ot
these two facts: "If th:s is Boms
work of the etectioneeriu - party and
ir they hope bv the*, means to blind
tbo eves of the electorate of the Koj-
tenavs to tho cood wor'. bel g dono
by the Provinciul Government. The
article em:nites from Vancouver and
it might easily be accredited to one
of those proverbinl groucbers vho
move about the country frenn rlace
to place and knock eacb place
as the worst place they have
-jver seen. Cranhrook is th. onlv live
live place to be found In the country
today and small notice is neccsstry
for the kind as states these "sup-
nosed facts."
spoiled by fire. It abounds in game
and tho Upper reaches of the Kooten
•iy -River as well as its main tributary, the Vermillion, are full of char
and rainbow trout. In the autumn
grouse and partridge are plentiful,
while hlnck-und-white.tnil deer can
be Boon fording the river at their
favorite crossing places
Thc ascent over the Briscoe Range
from    the    Kootenay    Valley is six
miles  long,  with a maximum grade
of five per cent., the total rise being
which   lies  at  an  elevation  of  4,630
feet.      The descent  to   th?   Sinclair
Hot Springs Is on an average grade
of about four and u uuarter, and follow*. ,i narrow tract in thc mountain
passing  through various can.ons anj
recrossing Sinclair Ores'-. Ibe Biii-
coe   Range   of   tbe   Rockies at this
point has very light tfm.er, abounds
in deer, and is remarkable, as is all
tbe Kooten iv Vallev, for its profusion of wild fruit.     Tbe red cllfis in
thc  pass  traversed  by the road are
brilliant bits of color.     An  Km: 1 ish
syndicate bas ac mr. d the tot springs
(in the West entrance to the puss and
is  now developing   a    health    resort
there.     The   motor   roud   runs  close
to th."so sprints,   Oroilln"   the Creek
lower    down,    and    avoiding a deep
Catty OP,   it  joinB the  pr.sent  Columbia   Valley Government road  on the
south side, fn miles from lnvermere
and    Windermere,    and    seventy-two
miles   from   Golden.   Saturday   Sunset,
Scene from Life of "Petrosino" ' the padspEcton. crawjjbook, b. g.<
Sunburn,  blistering,  ami  Irritation
sip the commonest form of su miner
Klein troubles, nnd SStim-Buh ends these
very quick I J'.     It works in two ways
Paper Making In Japan
Next to cotton spinning, tba production of paper is Japan's greatest
Industry. Centuries before Occidental people tea rued to manufacture pa*
per from rags it was being made in
China from actual fibres, From
china Mils art was carried to Europe
No Music at Windsor Castle
u Wind.-or Castlo, if anywhere in
'.ngiaml. ono mlghl expect to tind tho
iiluibltuuiB puftctlllous iu tho obser-
auce of all the usual outward dem*
astral Ions In loyalty to the crown.
As soon as   applied,   iis   antiseptic I But the Colonel in command uf the
powers gei (o work aud kill all the Socond Life Guards, the regiment at
poison tn a wound, a sling or a sore. I present, stationed ;.*" Windsor, has ; through Central Asia by lhe Arab;
Tld.-. gencrnlly ontte the smarting and j found tin townspeople remiss ami has! It Is c/lmed that Egyptians were the
thu pnln. Then /.am Blllc begins the j tnken the only means open to hliu first to manufacture paper, but their
healing process, and rresh healthy tis* J of punishing them, papyr,ua was not real   paper,   being
hup Is built up. For sore, blistered One of thu three regiments of merely tlw peeled hark of lhe reeds
feet, sore hands beat rashes, baby's Household Cavalry Is always stationed growlug on tho banks ot the Nile.
heat spots, rove places due t.i persplr- iir Windsor, and for generations It | The material for first malting paper
atlon, etc., you can'l equal SSam-Bnk. lias been the custom of the towns- employed by the Chinese was tho soli also cm-is mils, ulcers, abscesses, p-ople to go to the barracks after called paper mulberry bush, which
piles, and all Inflamed and diseased church parade aud listen to the reg- Is known as "lcozu" In Japan. The vnl-
conditions of skin and subjacent Us* j j men lal band One Sunday recently ue of the annual production of Japan-
Colonel l-'erguson, the commanding ese machine-equipped mills Is about
officer, was present In the barrack eight million dollars, aad lhat of the
square when the baud played the na- hand mills reaches over nine million
tlonal nullum a* the close of lis pro-  dollars.
gramme ami wns sn struck with ihe Thousands of natives are employed
apparenl disrespect of mnny of the'la paper manufacture. llnml-mmle
civilian listener.' who did not raise . paper is produced mainly by farmers
their hats or salute in any fashion las a Becondarj occupation which limy
that on the following day lie Issued can pursue lu seasons when there is
an onicr prohibiting ihe bami from nothing t\ be. done In the fields There
playing In the square till further or* are no less than sixty thousand lain
ders,—McC'all's Magazlue. piles engaged  lu the industry.  Print-
  ing paper in tbo most Important kind
Tommy, said the fa-  produced  In  Japan,     Th
sue.       Druggists  ami    stores
where sell Xnm-Buk. 50c. hox.      Ubi
Kam-_.uk Soap nlso. 25c.  per tablet.
'All stores  or /..uur-nl. Co., Toronto.
AM Made Clear
A woman missionary In Chlus waa
tailing tea with a mandarin's eight
wives. The Chinese Indies examined
bor clothing, her hair, her te. th. nnd
s i on bm her feel especial.} amazed
them. "Why," cried one, ■"you cnn
walk am: run ns well ns a maul '
"Ves, io he Mire." Bald the missionary
"Can von rid.' a horae, nud swim,
too?" ' "Yes" "Then you nuts' be
as Htrong as a mnn!' ' I nm " And
yon wouldn't lei s man bi al you nol
even If he was yeur htiBhand -would
y. u?" "Indeed I wouldn't." Ihe mis
s mary snld. The mandarin's elghl
wives looki il nl one another, nodding
their h nds Then the old) -■ said
Bofiiy: 'Nov l understand why the
foreign devil nevev hns mor
one wife.     Hi- Is afraid."
Sing Me the Good Old Songs
Oh, sins me the songs that once you
In tbo days that have gone hy,
Tha sailor songs and the shepherd's
And the songs »f sea and skjr.
The Bongo of peace and tlio songs of
Of the buccaneor bold nnd free
Who roamed tho main for gatu and
Till ho hung ou Ilio gallows tree.
(»f horsemen who rodo through blood
und  lire
Never heeding Hip hellUh blast,
or cannon's boom and mortar's hiss
Where the "Jpeftth King" followed
Oh,  sltig me  the  songs of lo
We heard In our youthful glee,
When our hearts were light and our
spirits bright
As the bird that sings on the Ion.
-   Mail  nml   I5u.plre
I'm surpr
ther,  reprovingly, that    you   should | Importance is oardboard
Btrike vour im'*. brother      Don*, you 	
know  thnl   ir   is cowardly to Btrike       meeting a fishing bear
anyon   smaller than yourself?     Yes, 	
answered Tommy Bul when you
spanked hip yi sterdoy I was too polite to mention It
Towns Without t.ix.h
11 wan recently reported from tier-
nuiiy that lliere was U llttlo town
wlthlu Ibe Kmplre In which there
»ere no taxes The town possessed
bene faction 8, Ihe revenues from which
enabled II lo pa) II way without the
inter..mtion of Iho tax gntheror,
.•'ranee  in ver Its n lo bo outdone
troyed. ..nnv bears visit r  ** ;,,""li"« Owumn  ion.Paris con-
,....;„.,.      , ,, ,.,„   ■... ,,,.,.   tempoiary has iel   Itaoll  the tusk of
A  Hunter Watched  Bruin  Procure an
Evening Meal
This year, the berries   being deii-
for Huh.     I was wai kin rh   r
tind lug a parallel     Somethlug mm
slmre    one    evening    aboul    itinsel   ,.
tor a dee* Rounding » ['l". ", „™."?1 .*-.• 1":"" ."".*_
ia in relit ,1 upon a Mat rock
m,. tea, feel rrom the shore u largs
black bear I could nol lell al llrsi
whnl he '..i*. doing He wan Btoop
log down with one paw In tin water
waving ll gentl* to and fro I watch
u close!*,  and saw Just  beyond  lii.*:
ror nol onlj are thero uu taxes hm
ui.' timber* on the romuinnliil lands
ari Miiii.i, in in iirnnl each person a
stnull annuity I'hls happy land is
Montiuarlon In lhe Midi. Thoro arc
Beveii electors In the liamitM, si. in
a. ..id an] tiling like rivalry lhe Boven
return themselves (o ilu* local coun
I'll.* transition  from  winter's f.-l.l
to sin r's heal  frequently  puts  a By Toning up the Stomach to do the
strain upon the system thai  produces Work  Nature  Intend. It Should
Internal complications, always painful I    indigestion should nol  be tieglecl
and often serious.     A common form ed for a moment, for by depriving the .,,„-,,  , large male salmon  eo nearlj
of disorder is djsentei,.   to   wnicn bod)   ol    lis    proper    nourishment j,,„i ibat lie could nol -wlm       I'he
many  arc  prone  lu  the  spring ana trough  lhe  food, tbe trouble grow, beat   was   using   his   paw   lo   create
summer. . The very   nc,t    mil. i • s-„,|n*, worse     Neither should sum a„ eddy  which would draw ih,* ilsh
to use In subduing thisjminiui aliment „idtlng medicines   which ruin the al within his grasp:     SIowli lhe salmou
Is Dr. .1. IJ. Kellogg « liys..,.'.-r. Cord* ,.,„,,.      ...,;,   ..omaclj   „.   mMag   ,. irmei  .oward  lh|, |w!k*
lal.     n Is a standard lemeo*  „ork  ,._.,„_ •,,   .,,„„,,,,   ,„. „.,..       „ »-as amuslni; to watch hot, care
everywhere. nur pre-digested foods, which do nol fully  lhe bear moved Ins paw   so as
  "',:'" ''' ""',l  "' ,;,:' digestive fluids not   to  frighten   his  pre*       Al   lasl   .,      „»-,— .—».»«. .... _
*  Poet Successful aed lazy »"'l   b>   >H-:ii*f cause the  stomach  I" ill,-  lisli  cam-   within  reach.       Ilruil    Nil   f |PKk ATlIlN   W_\
uii,i ar" di-- -''"'"  weaker     Nowhere Is the tonic reached ovei   gave   a   quick    slap,  llv  VI UlHlIvll   IrrtiJ
rlj  rising ol treatment h.v I'r   Williams' Pink Pills selaed  II  In  m>    Jaws   and    leaped CUPD  MCCnCH UCDE
think  nt  lln- "'-"i'''  'Icarii   useful       Tii,   prnici|.:,. ashcie   The   whole  performance   tick LTLiY  il&Ial/_I/   tlCKL
oral be com* '"' '::--* '■■•   ment !- to   enable    the led me so thai  I Iel Iiim tin off. He
Crsjaiv SOOftS
Tlm MOONEY way mentis more biscuits, less home cooking:
Because. MOONEY'S BISCUITS uro fresh enough anil appiaWng
piuuigli lo lake the place of the protiuct of jour own oven.   For tho duily meal
you'll llko
They're Ihe orlspost, creamiest, most dolloiousBodu,
biscuits ever produced and they'ro mado in Winnipeg.   A Western biscuit for Western people.
1 In air-tight packages or scaled tins.
t'uttlng down tr.es nnd selling them
is sufficient u. provide a livelihood
tor (lies,- Btinple people, whose tastes
are so modes! thai Ihoy may bq termed hi soni' uncivilised. London
Aspirants to Buccess
coitraged by the ver) i
(olie am',  Kant should
r.'.ri'e'iT    ' I1'." Thomson  was  oue  of stoma,* to do its own work by build-   salmon dangling in his mouth, with    BECAUSE   MRS   GOODINE     us Ell
the laziest men thol  ever lived, and Ins np 'he hlood and giving toi          oul even    taking   a shot    al    him -
seldom rose before noon. ''"   nerves       Wben  theae .ire  once  Charles Stuart  Moody in Uie Outln
And vel in "The Season-" lie man stored to their normal h _i,:, imli    Magazine
i_d to aivi  us one of our finest des-   gestlcn  disappears  and   th,   cnn   Is 	
•rip Ions of a sunrise      II   Is   said permanent.      Kere  Is an  experience    still   OBSERVE   market   day        dergo operation, but Dodd s Kidney
Doctor  said   she   would   have   to   un-l
of Iiim lhut lie would
side off Hie peaches
with   his hands  In  hi
even such late rising nnd 1
or Indolence did  not prevei
coming famous.—London Ch
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
A member or the Chicago bar told
this storj or a lawyer's dinner In
A farmer's son Ir. Illinois conceived
1 desire lo shine as n legal light.
Accordingly he went to Springfield,
where lie accepted employment nl a
small sum Irom a [airly well known
lawyer. At thc end of three days'
study ' o returned lo lhe form
Well, Bill, hoiVd ye like lhe law?
asked the father.
it. aill't  Whal   H'S . racked   up lo lie.
responded Hill, gloomily.     I'm sorry
I learned It.—Chicago livening Post
he sunny   with this treatment      Mr  John Bre   Pills cured her.
h, garden   nenstal,  Calgary.  Alia    says-     'For  Canadian  Cities  Preserve  a  Worthy
diets,  bul   years I  ivas r.n almosl constant suf- old Institution
a Castle   ferer f.om Indigestion, and natural!:
his be-   because there  '.li-  much    nutrition
r.uicle.      food which I
in  and  discomfort   which   (ol-   wi,,, interest  by the tourist wlio vis-   mark, for ull need of the dreaded op-
"  its Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Charlotte- eratlou had vanished.     Mrs. Uoodlue
Central Klngsclear, York Co., N.B.
Special)—"The doctor said I  would |
"Market  Day" [or ag. s an  in-iiin   have to undergo an operntlon."    So
tion in tCnglcnd, stiil .xisis in oertaln   said .Mrs .1, V. Qoodlhe, oi' this place.
0   localities,  aud   mo)   still   be  studied ' But she smiled as she mado the re-
lowed. I  v.a
diwii.      [tried  many medicines  but to"Wii."'prtoce  Kdward" island, "where   used Dodos'Kidney  nils''und'"i's''n
1  ': ' helped nr until 1 be- |ar„„  enclosures and   roomy   ntlkethvell woman.     Qlven in brier and in
e use oi   iir   Williams   Pink houses a-P maintained [or the bene*  her own words, Mrs. Goodine's exper*
■   '   ' ' fit or lhe country people and mich oil*   lence is as follows:
.as   mueh  better and   ill   the
izens ;..,-• bavi   established  a  regular      "1 was very miserable with Kidney
or a couple ol mouths was quite well, market business. Everything from Disease nnd unable to do my ow..
a id^ could eal any rood sol before l|ve Block to a hoipiet ol Mowers may work. The doctor said 1 woulil have
111,. be brought here   for sale, ilie owner   lo undergo an operation.     After us-
.i you a ri  n  sufferer Irom Indlges-   being  allotted  a  snhable  place  nnd   Ini; Ihree boxes   of Dodd's    Kidney
uon.  or any  trouble    ,1 in-    to    bad  charged a small fee ror his accommo* . Pills 1 wus all bettor and nhlo to do
hi md or weak nerves, you can begin   datlon, and while most of tl irk-  my  work.      This statement  i.s ime.
to cure yourself today by taking Dr. ..(..p, „r,. fUr from being rusty in their as you can easily prove by enquiring
Ulllianis' Pink Pills, Sold by all I el are tar from bains rustic In their among my neighbors."
medicine dealers or by mail al 60 dress or speech, the variety and ! Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the Kid
| cents a box or six hoxes for *.,60 from sometimes the peculiarity of tbeir of* neys; cured kidneys strain nil the
The Iir Williams' Medlcino Co.,lferlngs still suggest the important J poisons und other causes of disease
Brockvllle, Out, pari  which the English .Market and  out of the hlood.    Thus Dodd's Kid-
**-" — ' iis legal cuttiol planned in the local   ney Pills nre n natural cure for all
There Is Mich a Ihlng as overdoing  anl  business  ff,. of tin  countries i Kidney diseases nnd llll  ills caused
Would not Save His Heroine |||U .'|,|.|g|,|  B|,|n« business, recently  ago.—Charles Wlnslow Hall   in    Na*   ny diseased kidneys.
Balfour's loast of Hie "literature In  observed  a crusty old  bachelor,  as tlonal Magazine. 	
particular whloh  sorves    lhe    gronl   was evidenced recently In the house.,   England's Last Fatal Duel
cause oi cheering n» llll up ' reminds   | , „ rrlend o[ mine, whose wire j The Company She Kept ,. „.„„,,, b mcuU ,,, „n(1 a„,.,m(iv
ono how nu arts   «as once   ennileil   |ma „hv„,., „,.|,,,,,| h,.,.M.u „„ ,Ue ,.|,, |    A ^...^ „„,. „, mMdIe -g. „„(1   wh() ,.,.„11,m|„.,.a (be last fulal duel iii
to give his bet i health ami hnppl*  eumsUiuoe lhal  she looks    on    the  kind  beans,   spent    ihelr   vacation I Bngland.     The dale  was  .May  20,
""'" .bright side. | „ ,„,. Augusta. Oa„ and during their   1845. and  the place a  spot  ou  the
The husband,   an absent    minded visit took a greal   fancy to an  old  shore near Gosporl. Lieutenant Hawk-
Issued   periodically,  aud   sort, uf a chap, put the lighted end of; „„_•„ woman.     When tbey left  Au-  ev. of the  Itoyal  Murines,  believing
"Clarissn  Harlow.
ln  volumi
al the cud of lhe sidli Clarissa was I bis cigar In his inoutli as be sat read
ied dying.     Tills so affected u mis- j |Ug one evening
guided etithuslnsl lhalL he at once of- humped up anl made a dreadful rank-1 understanding Ibat Ihey wer
fored Richardson $a.«uu l[ in ihe next   et ror a moment.     Then wlfey, an
gusta tliey in*, it**. 1 her lo pay them a ; Lieutenant Scion had paid too much
volume   *h.   would    restore
Richardson refused. I
lu heroes.
Of   course,   be | v|„|ti W|,|n|, Kiu. accepted   with   the
to pay
"a-j her  expense
to   ions In live up lo her reputation of!    Having arrived in Hoslon. she was
helng  e and ell tul and encour-  given  a   room  in  the house  of tile
ims'iieum. smiled blandly  1 observed—  white folks, and was Invited to hav
"•' '"'-J' r * dear. It was most for*  her meals at the same table wllh her
lunate that you dis
Thc Oldest Newspaper —-
\ clans was recruiting a lesson in I     Waller was S y,
anclont   hlslory,   says   n     Laohlne  1"'"" '''''>' naughty
Bchool lenclier and one of lhe pupils  '"' lli"1 emptied a holtl
was describing tho Olympian games.
A great  many    people went    to   see |
them, she said, because e was put i
Hie   paper   when   lliey   w
il it at once, i tost and hostess,
— ■   Mrs.  .Tones,  said  the hostess,  you
Id.     He had ■ were a slave weren't you'.'
lu point of fact i    Mrs. .Tones replied  that   such   had
I  ink   been her condition or servitude.
r's white Pomeranian—      1 suppose your master never invit•
course led you to eal at his table, hazarded
uT.   Did  they  lime papers In  those
iluys'.'      Why,  yes.  was the reply
li   sa;,"   so   in   llle  book   anyway.    It
says III'* Hi raid proclaimed Ihem!
er his mul
ii li.r [tin
•Jaw lhe price had to be paid for ihe ! the Boston woman.
I,,,.   enjoyment, ami fattier was taking n|    No, honey, dal    lle dldn'l    replied
attention to Iils wife al a South Sea
[unction, culled him a villiaii und
blackguard, threatening In horsewhip
him aud attempted to kick him.
Although dueling liad been forbid*
den by urtioles of war lu 1SI-1. nftor
tb" horror caused by the death of Colonel Knwcelt nl the bauds of bis
brother-in-law. I.leuteimnl Munro. in
18.11), the piovocatlon in the i'lawkey-
Setou case wus such linn a meeting
resulted, Scion fired and missed. The
hammer Of Hawkey's pistol being sel I
on lhe safety notch, fi would not go j
off. Al the second discharge Setou |
tell,      Hawkey ded lo I'ranc
Cotton Is grown
teal or   eiiii-iriiplenl   regions,
wool comefl nltnos! entlrel* from ih
temperate regions,
mud In ilie game, | Mrs. Jonas.     My master was a gen
Llttlo Lucy, Walter's sister, was In I il.-m.iii.     He ain't never iel  no rilu-1 . ... ., M. , .
llm room ni the lime of the contllcl    gns si t at tho lable 'longsldc of him M ","8n* m'»M""
Thud, iliud. thud, tell father's baud.  ,  i   At a recent football match one of the
_ pu.ieluat.il by Walter's walllngs. Poetic Justice in France | players cntlglll the ball heavily In tbe
Ai lasi Lucy could stand It iio lone-1    The following is n case of poetic 1 <"1''1- ""'• l',',,l "' ,',',i,''" •*»' '",""■' "","'•
'■'    '       '" Burstlug, with Indignation, she jusilce ns meted out In I'ranoe A ",a  the crowd, conspicuous by
i.imne: her iluy loot on ihe Iloor. "a" weii-liitown"   PiirislnV   arc'hlteol ""•' "«u«™i si"0 <" llis "o"1'* suddenly
!Tr I o" Ills corn, Wai," she cried,   was sitting in Iris offlco   when    he """j1™''*-.       , ,,      ,
' I,,,,,- a knock at ihe door.     As he i    Bali, some of the ilnyers now iys
wished to i one. i„. mnk no noticeh-™ mi"il' ot gingerbread.     Why, In
„r ii„  knock imi wenl on wltb hi, my youngor days, when   »j.s playing
1  .......I V     fen        „„,„,,.,, l.       lal,.,        ha    °H    OlIC   OCCIISIOII    111,"    llllll    llll    UU'   OU
absent-minded    prolessor        •      ■   I        ™>  ' nts   Intel    lie ,,       fc f  (|     ,    „ (Q
;" ■■■ ' "?Z !^A%SW*-S\ lm*|^j^ ""' ' ■""'""' J ' ""
And   so  did   tbe  crowd.   1   suppose,
"That'll stop bim
An Absent  Minded Professor
i   lhe  nur-. opeiieil    ' s ••<•>>  ..."  -.e.,„ a „  •">••■   I      , „.,.,,„,,
door ami   announced   »  l»r. the architect armed himself wltb I ■"J.J!!1"™*,
t.n busll;
title problen
th.* library
'.rent rainiii event
'lhe Mule itxanger hai arrived, pn
Eh ' .aid the professor
It i. a littl,  bo)   said lhe nurse
l.ltth   hoy. Ilule boj,   mused    ib
a revolver and   quietly   hid    behind , ,   ,,   ,
I'reseiiiiv ihe thief  "!il"''1 s foil, behind.
''oriiiiiily not, why should Ihoy?
' Well. Ii looks ii) me us though thoy
i left your nose on I In* Hold und liiouglii
ilie football av ay In mistake, replied
I tit*, olher. ile suddenly became en-
! glossed iu tin. pliy.
some curtains
entered snd pr 'dod   lo   rifle   Ihe
place.     Tli' n suddenly lie started and
grow iiah-      In :. minor be lunl seen
lule boy,     ii used    -iel0  revolvel   leveled ai  bis bend  from
i" if.   ..       IVel    ash him whal he  l*"1*'"** ' '"'" ■   ,
itil,    Woman    Home Companion '"I"'"  ,!"'  -"Mow,    ordered    lbs
  il, "and sliiint "iKillee!" ____—_.
A Boon for lh    Bilious—Th.   u ,., '    The bu«lnr lunl Iio alternnilve Iiiii I But He Had to Slay
icrv sensitive orean -.ml e-.llv   '""hey Mul so siimmoiied the oltlcor      ,\t   a   fashionable   parly   held   the
d ram .    Wh*,, „l._m.»ibe?el, l\'    _^_   "" """ '" "" "lr"    ' otter m ig, ono of the mon guest,
undue secretion of bile and the acrid  ,'1''1'" "'"• |s I Jieur the door yawning,
li mid  flowi Into the    itomsch    ami
sonn It.    li is a   mosi   distressing  ,,   ,     , .  ..,.,„    ,     ..,,,,   ..,,..      , ,,,...
ailment, and many er.. prone lo li        '    "',,...,    .'lV1'' !*.!.'!.• ...L0.!! I    Aro you very much bored. Blr?
     An .1.    .!.„    l         HilU-     ,1      WM
.  'I    sii.-iinii;  Uol men, iu..i.,..i*  critical* a(i<
Ua   moat   dlstreulns   ,.,   ,lt   „ ,„„-„  ,.,,.,,,  mUii  ..Voil
in thin condition n man flint- the Ijphi
remedy In Parmalee'n Vegetable r.i'-
\'.!iitli are warranted la ipeedlly cor-
recl the dlaorder.    There la nn bptter
Another mun, t>iuiuiin_ neur, ask
Soap and Ointment I::
» I" very rt ly j     v,,s, dreadfully, cum
ami buys im i ol new gowns against An dyou?
your  will.      Tbeu ynu bave four or j     j!,,'.;   oil, 1 am bored half lo dentb.
live daughters who do likewise,     You      Tll0 nrBi nilill yawned tijiuln.
|m_lcltte  In  the  entire  list  of  pill |!!rM?»r-J!7o_a"°n„,rvm,aim_,n      H"" « «e clear out together? he
' II1Q    I   It'll     WMU    DJI.S.    .Mil      Ull     MUVfl   .1   i  .'in...(.-.In
j i"-."'ra"""_<_  mortgage on your house. I ""fB0"'
Mnn   That  Is riuiii  iu every  way
Itut   (Ileal   Scott.   Ilow  lllll   you   |{|iow
Kberioeii. hiconlcnlly ■um-yliig Ilu
cigar   The olgtir.
1    ti,,,. ,;..,  Mail, Twain    was   being
1 aha* "ii hy a very talkative barber I
was  forced   l"  listen  to  many   of  his
'I'll-- barber had i" strop his razor
land  when he  vas ready,    brush    In
hand, to commence again, ho o ked:
Shall I ko on*,, ii again?
No thanks, drawled    Mark Its
irdly   nee. ssiuy.   I   think   I   can   ie
•tuber every word    Everybody's,
I'll let  lillle Mrs  (lot[I  wus afraid
| to ask ilu" grumpy husband of hers
for 11   new   While   willow  |illllue
I  leii  lliere awhile iii'.o, nml  1 ns-
ini" vou Hit., was showing the wllll.e
! f other.
No Other  emollient!) do BO milCh   Min.rd'.   Liniment,  ths   Lumb.rnUn'S I
for pimples, blackheads, ral, j Friend.
rough   ami   oily   skin,   itching, j Why Not?
HC-tly -calps, (Iry, lliin find falling      nonsu a physician thla morning
hair, i happed hands nnd shapeless   and In* ndvlsed me to glvo up my pipe.
nails. They do even more for sltln. i   (llv" "" '"'"' "1|"' "l,:    Whnl M
.    ,       iii, , i he charge ynu for Unit.
tortured ana disfigured Infants,       t,.„ dollars    i guess h. ihoughi
AltlKi'ith  fiiliriir.   M.nn   .ml  otnttnpnt  nn | for the Inoiuent  lie  wa. ti  plillnhei.   .
Boston 'I'ramiei i|ii
The Point of View
The I'Olioly Visitor tal a small ho-
leii. very much on n branch line) -
1 Hiipposo visitors liern are not very
'I'he Superior Wail, i Indeed lliey
ore. sir painfully so mosl on 'ein.- •
.',1,1 I., .1   ...-.■ i re„| ilriir,, ,.v>-ivfti'.|<*. ll llti
WaUll. "f Mfll, Wltll .'I'.'-J'IB'* linOklClon U' ,.,.........
ilfaklB nel li.lr. win l„. ,;■■..!   IKiaU'r-M, en .pplll i-
ale. n ' UUI Iniu.," lli'l'l '.''  Ilonl,>tl. I . s. ...
VV.  N.  U. 90}
Wns lie cool on ib,.
Ves. ll'illl tin' law.
aide began io ronil bim,
ivltnem stand?
on tbo other
Speaking From experience
Tiny   say   money   talk-.      Well,
whnl does II say?
I'm sorry 1 can't.     I'm lhe host.
War  Against the  Fly
The typhoid (ly Ih the   nume   by
which the United states Government
does nut hesitate io cull i hte common
bouse tly, which Is believed lo be the
ni'iHl deadly enemy of man, klllin'*
more people Hutu lions, tigers, snakes
or eveu wars.
Uy sprinkling red powder over
piles ot garbnge ii has been possible
to follow the Joitmeylngs ot tiles and
to trace litany epidemics that had
formerly been attributed to drinking
water or milk supply to their actual
agency or transmission, the fly. Not
only typhoid but other dangerous
intestinal diseases are known lo be
spreud by (lies and germs of tuber*
culosis, cholera Infant um. .spinal meningitis and infantile paralysis are curried far and wide by llie same little
The United Stales Is engaged iu a
systematic crusade against the house
hy, und utmost every stale has con-
trlhuted io the methods used. One
state has Issued two pamphlets; one
on "Ply Hiiblts" pud the other on
"Fly Catechism," which the youngest
child can understand; another publishes u quarterly document ou "The
Anti-Ply Crusade." Many reach those
wlio cannot or will not read the ordinary colored posters; while Indian*
as slate board of health has kept local newspapers ull over the commonwealth supplied which muy lie t|ui*k*
ly read and easily remembered.
Trial's have been offered for th-3
lurgest number of (Ilea killed In a
Hivou period, and Worcester. Massachusetts, collected forty bushels in
this nay iu a few weeks, but one boy
who won Jltitl fur briUKing In ninety,
flvo quarts was found to be breeding
thenl In lisli offal, so prizes are nuw
offered Instead for flyless blocks of
houses, or farms or barns.
Women's organisations are taking
the matter up uud philanthropic individuals providing funds. Hdward
Hutch, jr., of New Vork, takes a very
deep interest in the work, and aent
a man to London at llis ow-n expense
to secure microscopic photographs of
(lies and their dangerous activities
from which a moving-picture fllni bus
been made and shown all over the
country. Mr. Hutch litis also sent
out several hundred thousand bullet*
ins explaining what should be done
to gel rid of Hies and Ims offered two
sets of prizes iu each of u number of
cities for essays ou this subject by-
boys und girls under sixteen yenrs
uf age.
A small pamnhlel prepared by Jeau
Dawson of Ibe CTevelund Normal
School—Clevolund, by tbo way, is
rapidly becotuiiic uu tllniosl fly-less
city—adopts the question ami answer plan of instruction, uud lu answer
to ii question as to how we may pro-
tecl ourselvos against Hies mora thnn
we already have done suySi- -(ill Hy
killing all winter lllos llmt imve I ii
hiding iu buildings us fast, as they
come oul (which means killing the
mother i*ies before they enn lay eggs
lu lite spring), (In My cleaning up ull
manure and iilili in which flies breed,
(el hy keeping traps net in covers
of garbage ciiiih and ou porches
where Hie flies ure llliekisl, lo catch
llicm boforo Ihey can enter our
bo s,   Toronto lllobo-
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,   with  silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Eddy's Katc'ies have satisfied Canadians since 1851—accept r.» cthirfc
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
The Clinton Motor Car Co., Limited
*    Will Shew a full line of
Motor Cars, Delivery Waggons, and Heavy Trucks, at the Winnipeg Fair
July 10th, to July 20th.
You are cordially Invited to inspect these Canadian made cars If you
visit the Fair.   •
We want agents In all the centres of Manitoba and Alberta, that are
net already signed up.   For Information address
E. D. Cleghorn, Sales Manager,
Queen', Hotel. Winnipeg
Agents lor the Province of Saskatchewan:
I'lver   turesletl   before'.'     Ilskeil
Never, roplled ihe prisoner,
Vour honor, said the prosecutor, iho
ilefentlillll's stltlement sIlOWS llle fill-
ally of his statement Hint be lias seen
lietier dnys, li |iro\os conclusively
lhal lie neitr onin-ii ii motor cur.
The Average Income
The average income is sorely tried
In the striiRRle lo make ends meet-
To pay the wages ot those who help
And the bills for the food wo eal.
Tor iml ter I-i up, potatoes aro up.
And meals were never ho dear
But the average income Just stuiuls
Or else grows smaller eacll year.
The euok III lhe kitchen asks for mure
And so does Ihe serving multl.
And then, porforce, as a matter of
The increase must bc paid.
We nt-e lohl llie coal Is aboul lo rise
The gas bills nru Iwlce as large--
Anil for every strike which threatens
the bind
'Die fiuu*",uici- musl pay lhe charge,
Sn.  whnl a"> the people Ruing lo do,
And how lire wn going 10 live,
When the average Income Is stretched
and strained
Beyond uImt It's able lo give?
M.S. WiasLowa SooTHINd SYBIL ll.. bMg
■Md 'i>ri>--r SIXTY VEAKSIiy MILLIONS et
MorilltllH (ur Ihelr CltlLlUIRN WHII.lt
I. the beat remedy ter DlAnKHOiA.   It I. **»
Mhtlely hirmle... he .nre .nd a.k for " Mnl
" .-/'. B-wuhint Svrup," and take ae otbef
Twe»ty«.ecent., home. '
Tht Arlington Co. ol Canada,
Lloyd's reports fur the II nionths
cnillng lice. 1 Ins., BllOW llle loss
or condemnation of 986 ships of one
hundred ions nr over. Ot theso -4
were ubaiuliiucii nt Ben, seven burned,
•jl wero lost by collision, :m toundorod
itu.l  l_  wrecked.
They huil heen hnvlng n Utile tiff.
(III. Ill' course, Ml.ill lie. wrnthftilly, I
nm always In iho wrong.
Not always, suid nhe, onlnily, l,usi
week you ndmlltod lliat you lybro In
the wrong -
Weil, whnt's Umi ''.nl lo do wllh it?
he demanded,
Nothing,  cvecnl   thut   yoil   were  per
(colly right when you llilmlttcd II, sho
A Man's Wanlt
Whnl more should n mini wnul Ilinn
good health, a good Job uud u good
Well, ti good reputation mlghl conn
In handy,   Chicago Rocord lloruldl
Mother's c.iiiiioo
Dobby—O-oliI   Mammal   Here's   a
lillle green Bitake,
Milluniu    Keep nwny  fl i  11, ilem'
Other side of thc Window
"Why,  lirltlgel, you    surely    don't
consider those    windows   washed'.'"
snlii tho lady of tlu house reproach*
"Sure, I washed 'cm nicely on Ilio
inside, 'mum, so yo can look out,'' re*
nlieil Bridget, "hm I intentionally lift
Hum ,i iiuli> dirty ou ihe nnlsldo su
thim lafiiortiul Jones children nlxt
dour couldn't look in."
\a far ns 1 nut concerned It gen-  It "1|J,* he just us daugorous us u rlpp |
,11,.    o.., J    "It,     1,1/ " I n",' 1
orally a
"Bi by
Constipation -
is an enemy witliut the camp. It will
undermine lhe eiroiiRrst constitution
ami rum llie most vigorous health.
It lr„d. io Indigestion, bllouKlcn,
Impure blood, bad complexion, lick
kcndaclioi, and is one of ,tj><* moil
frequent cause- oi appbntllclil*, lo
nctlcct ft li slow suicide. DrvMonc ■
Indi.lll Knot Pills positively cure
Consllnntloil,    They   (ire jjfaHrvIy
veerlnlile In fAmpoillion ami nil "ier
llcketl, weaken or gripe. Preserve
jrour health by taking
Dr. Morse's   "
Indian Root Pills
The Japanese Beggar
liireclly n policeman of one stutlou
llosorloa ii beggar be klckH Iiiiii away,
uo matter whither, uud another i»i-
llceman if another station ditches
hold of the fellow nud throws lilm
mil of his urea, and so on, with the
eonsetiuence (hat beggars nfter wandering from tine wanl to another aud
bnck again ultimately nettle down Itl
the regions uf tho leiisi resistance
namely, ihe suburbs. The latest hup*
pollings prove that the suburbs ure
fast becoming the centre of uumdicity
nml crlmluallty. The Mulnlchi there*
for begs* the authorities "Lo utlopt a
positive instead of patchwork poljee"
ailvocallng ar. exhaustive study of tho
Another plan Is that the teachers
of primary schools bo called upon to
Impress upon the emotional young,
sters the utter tlesplcabillty of beg
gars, ho thai the younger generation
may consider hoggars nH those deserving lu hn kicked out for Ihelr limitless or lu lm imiintiiiiieil by public
charity, rather titan hh poor follows
meriting liulii IiIiiiiI assistance.--.''rom
tho Toklo iMallllchi.
Church I see II Is anld'UuiTlli ilie
Ilini. Nile region iii Kgypt a unlive bib*
ot-i't- run live very enmfortubly on six
to olgl't < Is n day,    (Itilham—Ves,
bill I Hlippose Ibe i rouble Is Itl llnillu?
nut Jusl where lho six tu eight cent"
a dny Js coming from,—Yonkcrj
M.v ilnui'hlcr suys 1 hovn n gontl
}«* tor music. What tloeii she menu
i.v thatv ! dmi'i (mow tanotly, l'"i
nfraltl sho rotora"".* the '"<'■ "mt, •
run lisle  somo of in"-***U4»Ji''
plays Without Killing the oaraciiT-**
Wasb'ngion Star
The Wrong Pert
Mrs. Neurltch—So you heard from
your sister. Ilow did she enjoy the
trip across?
Miss Voting—Well, she wrote lhat
she waa very glnd when tbey reached
terra lit-pis.
Mrs. Neurltch—Terra Itraial Why,
I thought she wua to land ai Liverpool.
A lillle buy who was vory much
pu/.-'Icd over lhe theory of evolution
questioned his mother thus:
Mantina,   um   1   descended   from  *,
1 don't know, the mother replied, I
never knew any of yuur fullier'w people. •
Husband    (cheerily)—Well,
have yor hail a pleasant day?
Wife—Oh,    splendid! After    I
dressed the children and got them
off, washed the dishes antl made somo
pies, cleared away the luncheon la*
lile nntl answered snme letters, I still
had time enough left, to dam iny
stockings.—Harper's Bn/nr.
Husband—But you musl admit lliat
men Imve better judgment I bun women. Wife—Oh, yes—you married
me, nnd 1, ynu—Life.
Willis—Whnt posil hm do yon occupy in your household? (lillls t
am treasurer in my wife's social sec.
rotary.' -Judge.
The term reverend was first nn»
piled to a clergyman In 1057-.
in -Ml) wasps' nesls there wero aa
average tf 25,0(1(1 lusccts. -i
Large llody—Long sleeves.    Juat
ihu altirt fer Big Men
For sale by Dealers Mverywhere
Made by
W. H. Storey &Son, Aclon, Ont.
anil till Melnla, welded lo perfection
hy the Oxy-Aeelylenn Process
Rear of 253 Shcrbrooke Street,
Veribrite Venoil
Cleans and dlsinfeotH
everything In your
liotti*, from the eel-
Itir tn Uio ntti.-. Put
It nn yonr ((until' tinil
.lust Hardwood Floors,
Woodwork, Linoleums,
Pianos, Furniture,
nto. Makes everything JUBt like
new. Money refunded
if tn,i satisfactory.
Mado by tho
Hamilton,  Canada.
If your Clothier does not sell
see the other fellow
!*■ A tew doors aouth or C.P.R. Depot
Ratts I, 50 te 12.00 per day
Culilna unexcelled
fist and cold water In every rears
Hot.l   practically   Flropreet
All Outside Rooms
Engineers antt Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds— En-jlnea,
Pumpa. aud Heavy Pla's Work
Write us for Priest
14 Stracli.in Ave., Toronto, Canada
Are the lies* over made and are guar,
anteed to Blv-j you satisfaction. Al
all dealers, or send us 25 cents stat
tng stv • and size required.
Thi Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd-,
61 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
By the Rev. Forbes Phillips. Author
of "Cassock and Comedy," etc.
To discover suddenly Mint you nre
■diatributlnK a pack ot ordinary 'ilio-
ing cards anioiig your congregation
ls disconcerting enough, It happened to a clert.vyman once. •
The old mnu was fond of a quiet
game ot patience, ami luul slipped a
pack Into his cassock-pocket, for u
lonely game in tho vestry, where In;
had somo time to wait alter tlio service, before takltic a wedding, .lust
before giving out tills textile had occasion to use his handkerchief, llo
pulled lt out with a jerk. Tbo next
moment his cards wero fluttering
down from tlio pulpit to tiie powa.
On onu occasion, Just before Uie
sermon, u curate noticed that the
electric light was fading. Ho entered the pulpit quickly, then culmly gave
out the *oxt: "Aud there was darkness." Three seconds afterwards
there was, for liio electric, light was
extinguished altogether, but lho people thought It had been done purposely. .Tho humor ot the situation was
forthcoming In au augry letter trom
Ihe bishop to -the curate, doniamllng
to know whal now ritualistic idea was
A cathedral dignitary ln Ibe North
had left him hy Ills great uncle, an
IriEli doan. among other things a
number of sermons In manuscript.
One Sunday morning lie preached
one of these, nnd the congregation
wore atari led and amused by hearing
lilm say: I remember being ln Florence lu the year 17911. There was
a slight Utter. "Says lhe Dean of St
Patrick's," added the preacher with
a smile. Another Sunday ho spoke
of tho "benoflcent rule of our sovereign, George IV," but with a slight
cough ho corrected this saying: "Victoria, by tho grace of God!"
A young minister, on ills way to
a camp meeting, stopped and bought
a couple of meat-pies, which bo put
ln his frock coat. A hungry dog, attracted by ilia scent, followed, making snaps at his tails. Arriving at
tbe gathering, he ascended the wagon,
and begau lus iliscour.se. A worthy
elder tugged his coat-tall at the end
ot bait an hour; then he tugged again,
just to remind him that he was exceeding his time.
A lew mote seconds, nnd the official pulled tlio preacher'* coat-tail
once inure. This time ho received a
back ltlok from tbo young minister.
Without looking round, tbo minister
begau nn explanation. The fact Is,
he said, I havo two pork pics ln my
pocket, and that beast bas been trying
to get litem for the lasl. hour.
A dear old country pai'Bon was taking a holiday with a rich old rector.
Ous Sunday morning iiis host eald:
How fortunate you are ixetfil There's
a message from the next parish. The
vicar is III. Will you take his place?
I don't mind taking (he service, but
I hnve no sermon with me, ho said
That's all right! was the reply. Help
yourself to one of mine—which he
did. Later he found himself preach-
Ing a sermon on the "Value of Time."
He was a nervous man. Presently
to h.ls consternation, he discovered
ihnt he wai offering to glvo n clock
to tills particular church.
The preacher perspired, lost his
head, and went on committing himself
wholly to a somewhat generous responsibility. Ho comforted himself
with tlic idea of explaining matters
afterwards, btrt when ho entered the
veslry, tho churchwarden seized Ids
hand. Fortunate'thing our vicar is
takeu 111. We have wanted a clock
iu this villago for years.
Meanwhile the news had spread far
and wide, and a gratiful people cheered him as he drove away. IIo gave
the clock. There was uo other solution to the problem.
_u*,*vVttw.ow'a SooTitiao svaup has beea
■and for over sixty YKVRSby MI I.UONS of
MorilBKS for Ihelr CHI..UR8N Wltlf.B
sooth its ile ciut.o. softkns in. oums,
_,l.*.Y*>ull PAIN; CURES WIND COI.IC. and
i. Ui. txtt rrinrdy for 1,1 AKKWi-.V , It Is absolutely liannlea!,. Ile siir-- antl B.k for "Mr..
-Window's SoutlUnp; Syrup," aod tskt* ao other
kind.  Twenty-five acutsa bottle.
Sappho Up to Date
Encouraged by success in ihe small
towns, a building manager decided to
take out a Snppbo  company  for a
tour of the second class cities.
To play It right we will have to
carry our own stairway, bis singe man*
ager told lilm.
Stairway nothing, replied lite manager, this is going to be a city show.
Get an elevator.
Too Much Competition
1 hnve decided to quit smoking aaid
Mr, Biggins, seriously.
Pooler's orders?
No, I'm lireil of hearing lite varlou* members of my family wrangling
over thn kind ot pictures and cerHII
cntes I shall he compelled to collect.
Tlio alatlsllcs ot French Insurance
compaulea prove beyond qneatlnn lhal
woman live longer than men: nor ls
lho feminine advantage 111 longevity a
matter ot a few months, or oven j ears
The difference Is one of almost a
third. Vl.ua the average age of
death for womon annullnnla ou the
Woke of one company la seventy, aud
(or men a barn fitly. Another company lias aaveral uiMitenarinns, all wo*
Sien, on Us booka. This company
■ now thinking of revising tho tariffs
nnl making one law for lhe man and
another for the woman.
He. a box or tin boxy tor f2,60,
M all 4-aUra, or Tha bedda Midi.
_h» 0»*n»any, Limit,*.,   Toronto,
V*. N, U, 923
Latest Marvel of Engine'rlnfl
The construction   of   Uie   Panama
Canal across the narrowest part of
Central America—the total length of
Hie cnnnl In iug about lliitly-llve miles
■ - -lias cost $560,000,000,
For nearly 100 yenr iho Joining up
of ilio Atlsnlic nnd PaciUc Oceans by
I means of a cnnal out at I'niiiiuin has
j been ihe dream of engineers and nav-
j igiilors. Tlio suggestion that such a
' eunul could bo constructed wns Ilrst
niiule in lho sixteenth century.
But although surveys woro made by
such countries us Spain, Holland and
America, with a view to cutting a
great canal, nothing wns dono to curry
out imy plan until Ferdinand do Lea-
sops, the lunn who constructed the
Suez Canal, convened in Paris ln
1879 an International congress to dlS'
cuss a plan for cutting through the
Isthmus of Panama, Do I.osseps'a
plnu was adopted, money got togothor
ond two years later a commencement
was made on the work. •
At nrst De Lcshcpd's Engineering
Commission to Panama estimated tbat
lho cost of tlio canal would be "-00,-
000,000, but tho great engineer reduced their llguioa to $120,000,000,
and announced lhat a tide-level canal
eould be completed for that sum.
Tlio history of Do I.esseps's Iraglo
[allure is well known, Year nttor
year the work wont on, and llttlo progress seemed to be made. Moro mil-
lions were borrowed until, at the ond
ot eight years, $350,000,000 had been
expended In endeavoring to carry out
his projeot—a sum three times aa
lnrgo as tho whole cost of tho Suoz
Canal, completed and available for
Then the crash came, and some
800,000 helders ot shares ln France
1-jst their money; and the story of
mismanagement, bribery of public
persons and journals in Franco, and
tho investigations, prosecutions, and
imprisonment ot Do i.esseps and his
son Charles and others, which damaged tho credit ot many eminent men,
shook the Republto to Its foundations.
Alter.thej* Panama scnndals practically nothing was done for len years
and then tho French company which
had been formed by De I.esseps sold
the canal to the United States for
$50,000,000. Then came another difficulty. Columbia, which is connected with Costa Hlca by the Isthmus,
refused to grant territorial rights to
the States with n view to the completion ot the canal. Thereupon occurred startling developments, for
Panama, anxious for tho coustructlon
of tho canal, revolted, declared Itself
nn Independent State, and was duly
recognized as such by the United
With little loss of time a treaty was
signed, by which tho Statu ot Panama
granted tlio uso ln perpetuity ot a
zone ten miles wide, with all rights
ot proprietorship to tho United
States. In consequence ot this the
State paid tho llttlo Republic $10,000,-
000 down nnd an annual subsidy of
$2,500,000, which si,i)sldy begins this
year. Altogether the canal has cost
the States $200,000,000, which includes
tho $50,000,000 paid to tho French
company, $10,000,000 to Panama and
$140,000,000 Tor construction.
Years ago, uncording to tho Hay-
Pauneefoto Trenty, it was agreed that
tho canal should bo neutral and open
to the coiuiuerco of tha world, but
the exclusive coutrol and management waa left to tho United States.
And it ls becauso America now de-
ninnda that nil vessels, other thnn
those belonging to the Stulcs, shall
pay a toll for passing through the
canal that tlio indignation of European countries has been aroused.
How It Feels   to Fly
Dr. von Schrotter, a doctor practising In Vienna, describes the curious sensiiti uu. encountered by aviators when ln tho air.
Ho soys tnat apart from the strain
on tbo nervotiH and physical organs,
the sudden chnngo ot tho pressure of
(lie atmosphere, and consequently of
its oxygen component, nffects tho circulation as Ihe gradual aBcent ln
mountain climbing does.
The powerful draught causes a keen
sensation of cold, which is the.ilrst
symptom complained nf, and deafness
is very soon experienced. The reduced
supply of oxygen caused hy tho rapid
movement end the fall of iho atmospheric pressure gives rise to vomiting nud visual hallucinations.
A dangerous and frequent symptom
Is tho desire for sleep, occurring come
tinio during flying, iu spilo ot tho
aviator's strenuous efforts to keep
A very "unpleasant sensation Is that,
ol dizziness caused by lho altitude of
tho aeroplane the result being that
objeots on lhe ground appear lo he
distorted, displaced, or In rapid unwonted movement, and lhat the aviator Is often nt a loss us lo his actual
position. Perhaps this condition is
responsible for Inexplicable falls nf
aeroplanes from n model nto height.
Sometimes tlio avlnlnr does not know
whether ho is In the horizontal position or not, espoolall) when ho Is surrounded by clouds.
Tliu late Mr. ..album tohl Dr. von
Schrotter (lint on one occasion ho was
.ompletoly bewildered after u fow
minutes' experience ot tills kind, uuil
ume to the ground without llis know,
ledge. It is believed that flying nitty
easily cause a nervous breakdown.
Pertalnlpg te Parke
In Kiiglan 1 the tlrst large park opeu
to (he public was Woodslock, formed
by Henry 1, In 1125. Of modern
(linos the most famous parks known
to dwellers of. (he molropolis arc Regent's and Hyde.
The former was originally the
grounds of a palace belonging to good
Queen Bess, while Hyde Park belong.
ed to the Abbey ot Westminster, nud
becamo Crown properly in 1535. when
the Abbey was dissolved.
The United Kingdom, however, cannot rival America for the size and
splendor of Its public parks. The
famous Yolloffitono Park, Wyoming,
conslBls of no fewer than 11,300 square
miles, and Includes mountains, forests
nnd volcanic geysers.
Another wonderful product of America Is a park built by a Mr, Duke, n
wealthy tobacco manufacturer, of
Somervlllo. New Jersey. It cost
$15,000,000 to form. In Its grotuids
aro 40,000,000 plants and trees, nud
the fountains urn tho most magnificent In tho world.
Ikey—This coat is green I Vou said
It was plum color von 1 bought It Inst
Moses—That's all right, iny boy, It
ain't turned ripe yet,
In England and Wales there arc
thirty-five Parllomciilary boroughs
which contain n population of J00,-
000 and upwards,
Royal Fanciers
Tlio lato King Edward VII. is the
only English monarch to have owned
a National pigeon-race winner. In
1800, when Prince of Wales, bo supplied the first National flier from
Iiorwlck—n flight, cf over 510 miles
—and although the bird was entered
ln lite name of Mr. Jackson, the chlof
keeper at Sandrlngiiam, tho Pence-
maker, with ills usual guod judgment,
allowed lt to bo public knowledge that
the winner was from Sandrlngiiam,
Singularly enough tho third, fourth
and eleventh prizes In the same event
went to King Oeorge V , then Duke of
York. Our present King is still an
ardent pigcon-'anoler, being president
ot tbe National Flying Club; whilst
both kings havo given cups fur racing pigeons, and theso are keenly contested each year.
Queen Alexandra, too, was a generous supporter of tho feathered fancy.
Ilnntama wore lier favorites, and tho
Sandrlngiiam slud mot with much sue.
cess at tbo shows. Old English
game, Kosecoiubs, Cold anl Silver
Sebrights, Pokins. anl Japanese were
tho miniatures In which site showed
great Interest. Her lovo of dumb
animals caused hor lo make u stand
against tin, practice of dubbing game
fowls, aud her humaneness ln this
made her exceedingly popular
amongst lady fanciers.
Ostrich Plttnia In Jars
Thero ls no place llko a pawnshop
for picking up useful hints, suld (he
Improvident man. Bvery time my
circumstances compel me to patronize one I glean somu Hem of general
Information thai almost reconciles me
tn the noOOSSity of being there. Ou
my lasl visit. 1 saw a mini redeeming
ostrloh feathors, Our uncle brought
them oul. tightly sealed lu n glu.s
What .11.1 you can Ihem for? lite
man asked.
So tliey wouldn't spoil, said ilie
pawnbroker. A glass Jar is thu
safest thing on earth to keep feathers
lu. Mollis and dust cannot get nt
litem. Besides, you can keep nn
eye on litem easily, nntl any troublo
that mlftlii. have been breeding when
lho feathors were brought in can be
discovered nntl nipped In Ibo bud.
That hint i consider worth going
to a pu'wnsiinp for. The way things
look now nooody belonging lo ine will
over have any oslrloh plumes lo Inko
care of,, but If wo ever have any I
shall know what fo do wllb thom,
Primary Education In Russia
A llussiau newspaper prints nn historic apereti of lho development of
primary education in Itussla, Elementary schools woro founded in 1800,
and at. tho end of Iho reign of Alexander 11, (heir number had reached
tho llgtiro of 22,700, wllli an attendance of n million pupils,
Thero are now In Russia over 100,-
000 primary schools with six million
pupils. Tlio expense of upkeep fnr tho
present yenr has been estimated at
63,000,000 rubles which amount lias
liton duly (appropriated liy the stale.
The total amount voted for educational purposes In Iho Itnssluu Empire
Is 114,000,000 rubles, but anothor tlfty
millions accrue from private dona
tions and appropriations from local
Rates and the Coat of Living
A citizen ot Western Canada |g
breakfasting at an Ottawa hotel on
broad and butter, bacon, egga and
coffee. The waiter hands him tht
itlil, which Is mora than It used to tat
when he waa there a tow yeara ago,
aud, ot courso, he laya the blame oa
rail tales.
Let us consider the facts, Th*
rate on flour from Winnipeg to Ottawa In car-load lota, nlhrall, ls 30 cents
per 100 pounds, eay 60 cents for a
barrel of 196 pounds, Manitoba flour
being strong and well-matured, th»
Ottawa baker ls able to make 196
oaves, eaoh weighing l'". pounds, from
a barr*!, th* addition of water und
yeast accounting for the seomlngly
miraculous Increase In ths flour. Assuming that our friend oats heartily
ot bread, wo get down to this atrm
in Uui* of Three:—If the rail rate on
the principal raw material of 190
loaves ls 60 conls, what portion ot lt
la paid by the consumer of half n loaf.
Tho hotel pays flvo cents or so per
loaf, but may charge htm twlco or
threo times that much for half a one.
In any event it 13 evident tbat t!*e
rail rato conslltuteo tlio merest fraction of tho first cost ot tho bread.
That a barrel of dour should bo carried 1300 mllos for 00 cents is, lf ono
comes to think of It, nothing short of
wonderful. ln Eastern (,'amula It
costs 25 cen's or thereabouts to move
a barrel by hois-e and wagon frum the
railway station to liio nearest bouse
in town,
The bacon lit brought lo Ottawa from
Toronto ami the Cnuailiuu Pttcllln tate
for car-load lots Is 20 cents por 100
putuuls. Tbo butter and eggs como
from Smith's Falls nod tbe rato for
Ies', than car-load lots ls 15 uud 19
cenls per 10U pounds respectively. We
need not trouble ourselves about the
Bacon retails ln Ottawa Just now
for 25 nnd butter for 30 cenls per
pound, and eggs for 30 cents per dozen. Onco more, therefore, the rail
rate Is a wholly Insignificant factor
in the composition of the price, tint!
consequently in the Westerner's hotel
Here, however, we see lhe beneficent working of lhe prfiieiple of
charging what the traffic will bear,
which be 6ays ls an outrageous principle because lt moans that the railways mulct tho settler for all he can
pay and llvo. In reality it means
quite tho opposite. The bacon' butter and eggs pay a higher rate by a
good deal ln proportion to length of
haul than the flour, in order thnt the
flout* may be shipped from Manitoba
to distant markets and leave tbo miller and the farmer a tolerably good
profit. But for this system the Cuu-
adlan West would still bo to a great
extent a desert place.
Dragged Down by Asthma—Tho
man or woman who is continually subject to asthma is unfitted for his or
her llfo's work. Strength departn
and energy ls taken away uutll llfo
becomes a dreary exlstoncc. And
yet. this ls needless. Dr. J, D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has brought
a great change to au army of sufferers. It relieves tho rest rioted air
tubes and guards against ftilt.ro trouble.     Try lt.
Visitor—That's llie village doctor,
Isn't lt?
Visltoi—Is he n good doctor?
Native—Oh, ho's all right if you've
got a strong constitution.
Mlnard'a  Liniment  Cures Garget  In
The Othe.- Half
Tho nnrish tea was over, and the
curate stood up to say a few words
to tlio recipients boforo they dis-
perse4- He spoke in eloquent terms
of the Inipocunloslly of curates In general and then wont, on to suy, in apparently touching tones: Why, oven
as I stand before you now I have only
half a shirt on my back.
A fow days Inter Hie reverend gentleman received a parcol containing
liall'-a-dozen new shirts, accompanied
hy a card hearing tlio name of one of
iiis fair (though, alas! no longer
young) parishioners, At the earliest
opportunity ho called upon the lady,
antl thanked her for tho glfr. nnd then
proceeded to ask what bail prompted
tho kind notion,
Why? she replied, you told tis the
other night that you had only half n
shirt to your back.
True, Iio answered, but the olhor
half was in front.
Minard'e Liniment  Cures Colds, dc.
Making It Up
What? shrieked tho visitor, in an
Indignant, voice You're going to
charge me llvo shillings for that poky
little room I bad lust night? It's preposterous.
Well. sir. roplled tho landlady, that's
our charge, and I cannot, ulicr It.
The visitor nearly burst himself
witli wrath.
Anyhow, I refuse to pny it, ho went
on. Especially as 1 didn't got n
wink of sleep Inst night. I was walking up and down Iho whole llmo with
raging toulhache.
Tho landlady smiled, ns only landladies call smile.
In that cose, sir. she snld. I must
charge you an oxtrn shilling for wour
of the carpel.
Fully Explained
Look here, stormed the customer,
pointing to tile lureull, what ls the
meaning of linn dead ii\ lu the soup?
I regret, air, until the waller, politely, I cannot supply you with the desired Information. 1 nm only supposed to serve lhe Hotip, not explain
the ingredients.
Uut a dead fly, man, persisted iho
customer, a dead flyl flow did it
I am sorry lo ssy, sir, replied the
waiter, I line no Idea'low lhe poor
creature mot lis fate. Possibly it
bti'l not lalfiii any food for u long
lime, and illlltorlng near lite soup,
found the flavour particularly pleasing
nntl, eating ino heartily, contrnatotl
appendicitis or some kindred tillment.
which, In llie absence of no opportunity lor lhe application of ihe X-rays
nml the resilllapt opcriilloii, caused
Its untimely' end.
He   Understood
A Scolllsh duchess, ami In order at
a supper parly n certain young dninly
wns ulttlng  next to  gain hei- good
graces utfc-lcd  u  knowledge of lhe
Bcottlsli longuo, declaring ihem was
not a Scolllsh phrase lie tlbl uol understand,
Rax mn a spraw o1 Ihnt bubbly-
Jock, roplled iim duchess, scarcely
Moving a mllsolo of her face,
The rxftulvjlo looked appnlieil, and
then slunk away in Contusion, while
Uio commission was oxeoulod by n
cavalier bulling fioiii north of the
Tweed. The tluchess wanted a turkey wing,
. Tb* mutation ot th* goose from tb*
North to th* South, and again baok
trots th* South to the North, Is one
ot th* myattrles of natur* which has
not ytt beta explained, but the big
annual wtourslon miration of Western Canadians to Oreat Britain, Eastern Canada and ths United States is
more easily explalnod.
The migration Is looked forward to
by all the big railroads interested ln
lho truffle It was etartod 25 years
ago end has been growing ln volume
yearly slnoo.
Hosts of pasBengor traffic solicitors from tho railroads ln tho United
Slates and Canada Invade Western
Canada at this timo of year to point
out tho undoubted advantages of tliolr
lines with suro and certain conviction
that their revenues will bo boosted.
This year tho Canadian Northern
Railway Is helping tho migration by
strong arguments put up in dainty
booklets, distributed by their agents.
These booklets contain full information regarding tbe vory low laves to
Eastern Canada nnd England, when
and where tickets "may bo purchased,
details ot time tables nnd choice of
Aid Trouble Disappeared   When   the
Liver and Bowels Were Set
Right by
You cannot make a greater mistake
than to think that indigestion is confined to tho stomach, it is a disease
of the liver and bowels, und it ls only
by getting theso organs healthy nnd
active that you can ever hope to curd
chronic Indigestion.
Hero aro two cases reported by ?.Ir.
Skinner which will tell of continued
failure to euro indigestion by dosing
the stomach. Iloth wero cured thoroughly by using Dr. UhMO'i Kidney-
Liver I'llls.
Mr. A. C. Skinner, Atlantic St.,
llardwnralhill, Sydney. CD., writes:
-".My wife was troubled with ludi-
geslinn and tried nil sorts nf medicines In vain. Hearing about Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, I got hoi
to try them, and to our great delight
site was cured. We would not. think
ot being without them In the houso
for uso when the liver aud bowels became sluggish,
"I told a friend about Ihem and
gavo lilm a box. He had Buffered
from Indigestion for years ami tried
most everything ho could got. iir.
Chuso's Kidney-Liver PIIIb were also
successful iii bis caae, und ho says
they beat any medtclno he ever came
Dr, t'baso's Klilney-I.iver Pill?, one
pill a dose, Mr. ii box, at all dealers
or |Sdmanson, Utiles & Co., Limited,
Willie's Deal
Willie had a yellow dug lhat was a
perfect nuisance, but so devoted was
tho boy lo iiim tbnt be could not bo
persuaded to have bim killed. One
day when his father hnd beeu unusually annoyed by tbo unties of the dog
bo called Willie In from play and
said: —
My boy, I'll give you a sovereign
if you get rid ot that dog.
Willie's fn co expressed great amazement at tbo thought of so much money
belonging in him, IIo looked long at
the dog, uud finally told his father he
would givo lilm his decision tbo next
The following day Wiliie sought bis
fathor nml said:   •
I've got till of Max, father.
lh more than glad, Willie, snld lhe
father. Hero's your money; you've
earned It. How tlbl you get rid of
Why, answered Willie, lis Iin put Ibo
money In his pocket, 1 swopped him to
Dill Morgan for two yellow pups.
Very many persons rile annually
from cholera antl kindred summer
complaints, who might havo heon
saved it proper remedies hail been
used. It attacked do not delay lu
getting n bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, tho medicine that
never foils lo effect a cure. Those
who have used It sny It acts promptly
nnd thoroughly subdues lhe pain und
His Only Claim '
Little Mr. Spluks was an excelleut
man nf business, and falrlv prosperous ln a modest way, but he lacked:
artistic talent
For the Slate
Without the slightest ceretui ni   lhe
"id dairy farmer bundled Into :... nl*
toady overorowded railway   compart-
The i articular custom*    was rather
a dandified person, and  by  ws    "t
pleasantry asked the far r tin   tu
ture of the contents ol the box In b id
under bis arm.
Well, said the dalt  mai. as n mat*
Superstitious people ln Franco ere
worried liy tho new mot hod of count-
lug the hours. Trains wlileli start
at 1 p.m. (now thirteen o'clock) uro
much less crowded Ihan others, especially on Fridays, It Is curious
how tho superstition of thirteen
persists. Massonot never dated his
letters on tbo fatal day. Even bis
manuscripts he numbered thus: 12, 12
bin, M, Ily a strange coincidence
or fatality Hie great composer died on
(he thirteenth of the luiutlli in a year
whose flgurts added up amount to
ary and artistic set as being u remarkably brilliant woman, and one
with great powers of entertaining.
It elinm-eii that both Mr. nml .Mrs. I
splnka wore Inadvertently asked to a
largo party togothet it, nohemlan
gathorlng, whloh wns not rjulte lu the!
utile num's line. During the course'
ot the evening bis wife Bang, nml the I
richness ot bor voloo attracted u well-
known mun who happened to he present.
lie nsked lo be introduced to lur.
This was dono by tbe hostess, but ln
about livo minutes after effecting the
introduction she hurried up, and carried Mrs. Sptnks oft again, telling
tho discomfited stranger that he must,
n't monopolise tbo celebrated woman.
Dut I'll Introduce you (o Mr. Splnks,
sbo added, by way of consolation.
Mr. Spiuks! ejaculated tho great
one. Nover heard of lilm. Ifo's a
stranger, Isn't he? What's ho famous
Br—well, his wife!
.Minard's Lliijmont Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—I can recommend vour
MINAUD'S liniment for   Rheumatism and Sprains, ns I havo used It
for bolh with excellent, results.
Yours truly,
St  John.
Trying a caso over the telephone ia
tin. novel method adopted by u New-
York coroner lu order to nave llmo
Mr. Hellensteln, a coroner, took the
ovldonco uf witnesses, listened to arguments and gave bis decision without
leaving his study chair.
It all Depended
Fair Elizabeth tripped blithely Into tho country post, olllce.
Now, I want to kuow, sho demanded, wllh a tell talo blush, as site
handed tho clerk u pink communication addressed lo her lover, bow long
It will be heforo I get an answer to
thin Iel ter?
That depends, be answered, If he's
In Jail they will lot him write once a
week, or maybo once u mouth only.
If he's dead broke he'll have to wnit
till ho can eiirn tho pr! if a slump.
and I havo no data upon which to base
nu opinion ot his earning capacities, !
If he's ill in bed he muy not enre lo
dlcintohls heart's sentiments lo a cold
disinterested third party; and If it'sj
smallpox they won't lot blm write nt I
all; ditto If he's dead.   Then again,
it' lie's gni a new girl- -
At which moment, ho realized that!
Lln,< fair Elizabeth hail down,
ler of foot, sir, tills ,.- ii box of <■ milt,
I see, replied tho young man, with
au air ..I fact wisdom,   (.'hall for the
Well, not. exactly, drawled the man
ot tho soil.       1 ve   don,-   _   ,„,.,.,
chalklng-up tor the milk you've ban
on tick, that I've .id to buy another
, box ot chalk,
The mother can guar.] her little
ones from colds during the damp, cold
fall days by tho ubo oi lia-o "ri own
Tablets. The Tablets act ..-, a g< ;.-
tie laxative, keeping the bowels working freely and th- stomach sweet—-
that Ib the secret of preventing colds.
Tho Tablets will not only prevent or
banish colds, but will euro constipation, lndige3tloii, expi I worms and
make teething easy. Tliey are sold
tnder tho guarantee of n government
malyst to contain no harmful drag?
ami may safely be given to the newborn babe, Sold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box from Tho
Dr. Williams' Medicine ra nroel-.
vllle, Ont.
An Oklahoma resldont has petitioned Mm authorities to hav.. an tlio
Btroet lamps turned out by midnight
alleging that bin fowls feast all night
on tho grasshoppers attracted bv the
electric lights, Thfl hens are drowsy next day and do uot lay,
Olasgow Rangers won overy match
iu the Scottish League Competition in
189!.-18..ii, and no other club hai  n
compllshed this performance.
An extraordinary scene was witnessed at Calcutta recently when ;. small
| trolly, studded with rows of iron
; spikes, on which a Hindu wan lying nt
■ full length, was being pulled Llirougli
'_ the streets, A large crowd was foi-
1 lowing. Inquiries elicited the lnfor-
' mat ton tlmt tlio 111:111 was doing pon-
I ance, and was on h's way to t'n.- tem-
: pie nf tho goddess Kail at Kalfghat
1 Tho Hindu bud been several days 011
; tiio Journey, and was in a terrlbto condition. The spikes, which numbered
about J"»", wero quite sharp, and Ilia
l man worn only 11 Join cloth, il-- must
havo boon Buffering aeulo pain from
tlm fact that 1Mb body uaw bruised and
lacerated all over as a result of lying
on tho sharp nails. Neither thc police nor any passer by made any attempt to stop the self-impus, | i< .-
Waiter's Rebuke
Sims—While In Paris I paid $;*."■ in
ftps alone.
Walter assisting him on with his
coat)—You must liavo lived there a
good many years, sir.
At a recent birthday party a young
Imly begau a Bong:
Thn autumn days havo come; ten
thousand leaves nn* fulling.
Sho began ton high. Ten tlinus—she
screamed, and thon stopped.
Start her at flvo thousand, cried an
auctioneer who waa present.
A  Helping  H-.nl
MlstreBS   (hurrying   frnncl
Mary, what time ia I' now'.'
Maid   Half paal   two.
Mistress—Oh, I thought it waa later.
I Btill bave twenty minutes Lo catch
tho steamer.
Maid—Ycb, mum, 1 kuew yo'd be
rushed, bo 1 art tho clock back thirty
minutes tu give ye more time.
Since 18;J7. the largest Liberal majority in Britain was 884, in 1006,
ani the smallest waa 1 in 18.7; whllo
tho largest Unionist majority waa 163
in IM., and tlio smallest 46 In lss:<.
Australian Government's Gift of 1,000
Speaking ai a mooting of tho Child
Emigration society at Dolgrava square,
London, under Ilio prosldonoy of Lord
a revile, J. n. Jefferson, of the executive committee, Bald tlmt the Australian Government waa ko pleased with
tin* society's sahemo that thoy liad
given thom |,000 acres of laud outright, nnd hm sores itsd already boon
taken up lu I'oitli. Hulldliiga wore
bolng erootod, and thoy hoped to Bond
out ibo first party of children iu Sent*
ember. Thoy tntonded that each
child should bco-jmo a sbnrer In ihe
profit fl ot the lai 111. Ho would not
be paid much por week, but Ilio bai*
nnco of tlio amount bn oarnod would
bo banked, no thai whon thn child toft
them ho would havo something to coirt-
UieilOO llfn Oil. Thoy Intended, ton,
to bring Up Ibo children aa a family,
aud any lal 111 of JriHlitutintittllHin would
bo ellmlunloil,
Tho sooloty wnnlod to draw upon
tho l!;-,uim children whom It bad been
atalod worn under ihn onrn nf tho
poor law. They wanted to omlgrflto
thorn -both girls and boys—to Australia, whoro they would bo brought up
on lho ininl, whloh would In fuLtiro bo
tholr homo, tmd hn thoroughly trained
in all doparttuonia or {arming, Thoy
wanted to got hold of tho children
whllo they wore between tho ages ot
eight and len yonr*, and keop them
until thoy were 1(1, do that (hero
should bo no dangor of tholr being
exploited as child lauorers, Alongside
ihe technical Instruction would go
elementary education, which the Australian Oov'intuent had promised ta
give, and Indoed, to erect schools If
, necessary.
What the Old Pilot Says t
"To steer • ship ufelf to
port It no easy job. On or off duty,
there is great comfort In Emplro Navy
Plug Chewing Tobacco." THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
n 1111111111111 IIH 1111 *** " " I H f' M ' ****** ****************** **■ I * I *■* * 1111 * Ir****** l'l 111 III 11 * * ll'l 111«.H-t-l-ln llllllllllll I !• ******** I*******************''
IllllSIt^^ 11111111111 ."i"M 111 n 11111 h 11111 n 11 ** i *** * "i •*•** ■*■*•* "i "i 11 * "i "i ** ******* 'i-i "i-i "i "i "i "i "i "i "i "i "i "i "i "i"i "i"i:::;
Auditorium I^______, May 27th
LeComte & Flesher  Offer
The Gorgeous Musical Spectacle
"The Prince of Tonight"
Overflowing with Now Song Hits and Stunning Girls   Excellent Cast and Chorus
The Dancing Eight in "The Prince of Tonight"
f| The Blue and Silver Ballet
::| Transformation to the Land of the Moon
il The Brilliant Water Fete
i| The Banquet at "The Breakers"
I The Changes of Custumes   and Scene are
Bewildering in their Frequency
n * 11* ■_!Ifl  _\M
_i    sis
__. ■
■_ 1__G_BKI_-*4I__I
\WI Jt* _
1      ■
r      .__■■__     ____.      __r__
I     ^_Ww     ] _■    ■ ^1
*   i    *f'   „__r _a    _J
.a-"      j    \ ,         -mam     J^^B     . jH
_l_^"'ii___^ "_■
___r   !___! ■' i^B
' ': k*■''■"■   ■
I              __■          . .'M              ^D
L__l ill 1
■■ im
ill         1
I ' •1
r i-'i
.      Jl
Stunning Girls in Stunning Gowns with "The Prince of Tonight"
■ »
The Entire Chicago Production will be  Presented Here as produced there 260 times il
—. A Brilliant Spectacle of Flowers and Lights —=     	
PRICES $ .50. S1.00 & $1.50.
mi m nim-m-. whwiii i i i i i i i i i i i u i i i ***** ihi i *** ***********************.*** 1111 ***** hi ******************** 11 in +** hi1 **■* ********************* n***t
I********************** I ************ I ***** ********* I II I I I I I III ****** ************ llll I I HI *** II llllllll iiiii n ********************* **************************
Cranhrook and Fernie Water
Before the Hoard of Investigation
NOTIOH IS HKIlKltY QIVHN tltttt tlic clniiiiH to wnter rights In the
Crnubi k nml i.*.i-i,n- Wntoi  Districts „ntl objections tt. the said claims
will l,o heard mul ilotorminod nt tin- I'ltit'.'H hereinafter mentioned, vta
t\l  the ('..nit  id.ntti'. drunbronk  on   in.'   Uth (inu   17th days ol
.lune,   1913, nl nl 'clock In t ie [orenoon local time, tor all claims
t,. tvntor [towing !i,,tn the Wenl i:,t.> tho Kootenay Kiver nml Its western  trlhiitniles, Including the  Moyie lliver and (tn tributaries,
At the Courl Houso in Pernio on the isth day "I .lime, 1913, at
mn.' o'clock in id- I'i "it  local timo, lor nil claims to wuter (low-
lilt! into the Kik Itlver and its tributaries above the Canadian l'acWk
Hallway Bridge ovor tho sni.l Kik Kiver. At tin* Lock-up in Klko un
the 19th day ol June, 1913, nt nin- o'clock In the forenoon local time
fnr iiii claims to waters II.mm; from tlio Bast Into the Kootenay
River mul Its tributaries between Canadinn Pacific Railway Undue at
Wtirtln.T itii'l tho Intornntlonal Boundary.
~ Al th,. I'l.tit-i House in Fort Steele on tin* 2ntli day of June, 1913,
al ten o'clock In tin lorencon for all claims to wnter (lowing from the
lOtiHi Into the Kii.ti't-av Kiver an d its tributaries between the Canadian
Pacific Kitilwiiy Bridge al Wardner ami the Southern boundary of the
Holder  Water  District.
By Order ol the Board,
,1    I*'   ARMSTRONG,
Victoria,  li.  ('. Chairman
lllth  Mny,    1913.
..      HEAD   OFFICE
CALOAKY, Alt*       .,
On Meals and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. 1
Today in Umpire Imy and will be
observod aa a national holiday, nil
bUllfltaa hoiiHCN ami l-iink*- .vill ba
closed. Tin- day will bo celebrated
nt the Kmr Ground*), by horse racing and  other athletic Bvonte whlrh
will   he.   tree   to   all   RClll -»l   children,
It. iti expected that ii inr«o numbor
ol   vlHitdin   will   he  horo   to    wltmsHH
the sports. Tho Turf Awtoclatlon
iuih provided a larno and Interesting
nrogrnmmo with appropriate nurm'H,
and a large numbor   ol good i> iroes
(rom   Alberta   and   Spokane   are   ex
j iti,ii.iuii from Windermere, Tobacco
j Plalm, and Croston arrived in ('ran
I brook thirt week to attend the te.ati
I vui «>( Oorpui Obrtstl at tbe Ht. Ku
! gene Mlsalon bn Thu.ti.iay. Cor pun
Obrtstl Sunday wlll be celebrated at
| the MlHrtlon tomorrow
Corpus chriHii in ,■ festival of the
1 Church ut Romo, and ih obierved on
: the first thundny alter Trinity Bun-
day, Iii honor of the donntnen of th'!
DJuehai'1st,     it   wuh   instituted   by
I Pope Urban IV, In   IUM, and la atlll
i colobratod    aH on<e    of   the grestest
j li'tmti: of thr church
Paradejsat Noon
Yankee Robinson Circus and Wild
West Parade Takes Place at Noon.
In order that the country folks cun
have as much time at home on circuB
day as is possible, also that incoming excursionists can have the opportunity of witnessine; the immense
circus and wild west parade of Yankee Robinson and Texas Bill, the event does not take place until hle.h
noon. Promptly at tbat time the
parade moves, then all tbe outs! le
free exhibitions arc Riven at the
show .rounds. For those who come
in early there is plenty of amusement, however, and it is advit-mble
when convenient, to come in as early as possible.
Only American There
Miss Oretta Borup, daughter of
Lieutenant Colonel H. I). Borup, will
be the onlv amerlcan who will attend
the wedding of Princess Victoria
Louise today, according to a special
Berlin dispatch published at Wew
York no Wednesday. Miss Borun went
to school with tbe Emperor's daughter in the exclusive Kalserin Auguste
institute in  rotsdam.
A Notable_Suggestion
Lord Norton haa written to The
London Morning Poet to suggest
that the United Klncdom, the United States and Germany shall enter
Into what he calls "an international
arhltratlon convention," and that
tliey should agree to n reduction of
armaments and comhlne to enforce
peace throughout the world. Lord
Norton says that a heavy resronEi-
liility rests u»on the statesmen of
the three nations to find a way to
bring about such an achievement.
The suggestion ls timely. Lord Mor.
Icy ls shortly to visit Berlin, and,
although it is said that his visit is
purely n private one, there is hardly
any doubt connected with the rflorts
being put forward to bring about a
reapproachement between Great Britain and Germany. The very Interesting announcement is made that
that the British Government will no
longer interpose any oMectlon to Germany acquiring a foothold in the Persian liiilf. This satisfactory trend
of iilliiirH synchronizes with the effort
being made by Mr. William J. Bryan, United States Secretary ol State,
to promote an arhltrarlon convention.
It is unlikely that, in the event of
such a convention ta Lord Norton
proposes becoming an accomplished
fact, France would have any desire
to hold aloof. .The two gren*. obstacles in the way ot disarmament
are the antagonism between Germany
and France and a belief by the former that Great Britain does not wish
hcr to have "o place in the sun."
Great Britain can easily remove tbe
latter and it ought not to be impossible to overcome the former.—Victoria Colonist.
Corporation of the City of
Notice of Local Improvements
Second Scene of "Pantrs By "
The Big Circus
The Yankee Robinson circus is just
as big as it can get. It has three
rings and two elevated stages—and
that is as large as any circus can
grow in this day and nge. The en
Ure performance is given in the three
rings and the stages—is presented in
such a manner that no matter at
What angle you are seated in the canvas you can see every act—sometimes
fifteen of them gong on at one time
-wltb perfect caFe. The Wild West
performance takes place on the race
track, so that every part of this performance pnsees you from two to
three times..
The big ahow will appear at Crnnbrook Mny   9th.
(Section   53).
on 'bl 1 Ot ti day of June ii-Xt, appli
cation wll'  be made to tbe Huperln
■end-lit of po'ice for thc transfer o
the licence for the sale of 11 Tor by
wholes I., in and upon thc premises
Down as the  "Mo le Br:wcry" sit
ntc at Moy'e, II.  ('., fro-n the sat
uremia h   lo  the   premies on  lot 21
Group 1, ad'n'n'ng ths City of I ran
l;roo\ D. 0.
Dated tlii.   ICth dn   of Mav,   1913.
Mueller & Hesse,
^ fit lTo|d«r*» o' the |*C«nce,
Wanted—Cedar Poles
THNIIKIIH wlll ne received hy the
undersigned up to Mav ai for tin
l i('o'"lng iratorliils to i'c shipped to
Nutiil Hliilii.n on the (I. P, 11., or
"■'lnlrl nn thn 0, N. II. wl'Iiiii IIO
dnys of awarding of contraet:
'I'lV 21 lo it polos, i, Inches a', top.
3 111, foot lu.li'ii, 7 Inches at top.
Poles uii ill lie i>o mil, reasonably
nl Might, peeled cedar. Mark all re-
lilies to this advt. "Tenders fnr
pi I ia" ninl nildi-CHs to
ao-at Cranbrook, B.C
in pursuance
ol a
resolution  raised
lu  Council assent
,leil    on thc   28th
lay ol April
1013,    the    Munici.ai
Council  of the
lorporation  ni th.
City of Cranbroolt,  inttn a to cnn
struct the following work:—
"A   10 foot cement sidewalk on
the East
nf   Clock   90,   on
the enst
west side nf Bloc
89, the west si
le of Ulock   88 and
the south
of Ulock   88, from
the west
corner of thc Block   to
the west side nf the allev,   and on
the south
ol Uloci   89, und
nu   the  south
side of Blor'<   00,
from  the
cnriur  nf   the al-
The Lnnds tn h*
iminedlatilv bene*
lite.l by the said wnrlts and Improve
nun's are ,ts
Ft. f*rontfl ;e
Ft. Fr.iutn^e.
H             12 ft li in.
N             12 ft. 6 In
Ft. Frontage.
36 2.1
37 2.1
,18 25
Oil 39 25
90 40 2.1
90 41 north 9
00 41 south 16
90 42 25
00 43 25
00 44 25
00 4.1 25
90 41! 25
00 46 122'
•—Cn Louis Street.
thut the report nl tho City Bnglneer
mnl Assessor made In pursuance o
Ilu* Lor-i.l Improvement (lin.rnl By-
Law is open for Insre-tlon ut the olllce of the City Clerk at the City
Hall, Cri.uliroo', B. C, during oltlce
hours, uud that It Is the Intention
of the Council to mu.o auch usiasa-
ment upon said lund or real property immediately benefited for th.;
works or improvements as In the
snid report sot out and for the
amount set nut in auch report.
And further ta tc notice that all persons concerned are hereby notl.lej thai.
unless the majority of the owners ol
the land or real property to he aa-
seescd or charged in respect of such
work representing nt loast one-hull
In value thereof, petition the Council
against such asscssmtnt with llfteon
days after publication of tbls notlco,
such worka shall be underta en and
proceeded with hy the Council and
tbe costs thereof nssossed against
the property nllectiid us provld d for
by the by-law In thnt behalf i nl by
the snid report and resolution.
Dated tbls 16th dny nf May, 1913.
f III 1111111III IUM II *Y* It l-l III III IIIII IH*t
Professional   Carbs
Cobge   Hotices
En,-„*,*,*„H,I llllll III11 M I ****** 11 IU nn mi..
P.L.S.   ft, C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   V.  OURD
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barrister!, Solicitor! and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    •    Britiah Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 818
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KING   ft   ORBBN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armatrong Av*.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 8.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.80
Sundays 8.30 to   4.80
Cranbrook,    -    -    •    •    •    B.O.
F. Ai. MacPherson
Norbury A.m.. Neat to Clly Hall
Op.n Day and Nljht PhlnUI
Funeral Dlreotor,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
President-O. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the Flrat Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry mature
Address the Secretary—A. B. Smith
P.O. Boi 8.12, Cranbrook, B.O.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943,
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Bee, P.O. Box i"18,
Visiting Brothere Cordially Welcomed
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   ln   the   Carmen's  Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays ln every month, at
8 p.m.   Membership open to British
B. Y. Brake, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  the
third  Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
No. 128, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tueeday In
each montb at eight o'cloek.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cor
dially invited.
Xx. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 23
Haiti every Tueeday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, O. C.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S,
Bl. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 48
Meet* every Monday night
■t Eew  Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
, B. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  188
Companions of the Foreet
Meett in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thuraday ol each Month at
8:00 p.m., aharp.
Mra. L. Whlttaker, O. O.
Mrs. A. B. Shaw, Bee.
Vleltlng  Companions  cordially welcome. 86tf
Cranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m.,
in Royal Black
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
Meet! in Royal Black Knlghte Hall
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday
ol each month at » p.m. aharp.
Mra, L. Hayward, Ree. Sec.
Oeo. Ladils, chlel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
P. O. BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years -Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything- in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works: Edward Street.,       •       Cranbrook
Don't Pay to Borrow
They used to say "Nobody loves a
fat man." Gee whiz—a fat man, be
he egostlcal, bombastic or stubborn
is a physical paradise compared to a
man who is too stingy to buy his
home town paper, says the Philadelphia Press. Just read this story
from the Mahahoy City Daily Record, and Bee what happens to
stingy man:
A man who was too economical to
take thiB paper sent his little boy to
borrow the copy taken hy hia neigh-
bor. In his haste the boy ran over
a $4 stand of bees, and in 10 minutes looked like a warty summer
squash. His cries reached his father, wbo ran to his assistance, and
failing to notice « barbed wire fence
ran into that, breaking it down, cutting a handful of flesh trom his anatomy and ruining n 84 pair of pants.
The old cow took advantage of the
gap in the fence and got into the
cornfield and killed herself eating
green corn. Hearing the racket, the
wife ran out, upset . a four-gallon
churn full of rich cream into a bask-
et of kittens, drowning the whole
flock. In tbe hurry she dropped a 87
set of false teeth. The baby, left
alone, crawled through the spilled
cream and into the parlor, ruining a
brand-new J20 carpet. During the
excitement the oldest daughter ran
away with the hired man, the dog
broke up 11 Betting hens, and the
calves got out and ate the tails off
four fine shirts.
NOTICE is hereby given that slit
(60) days from date I intend to l,p-
ply to the Minister of Lands for &
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the lollowlng described
lands situate in Lot 459*1 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia'.
Commencing at a post planted nl
about 20 chains East of ithe Nortli
west corner of Lot 11140 anil on*,
mile North oi the International
Boundary thence South 80 chains,
West 80 chains, North 80 chains and
Kast 80 chains to point of commencement,
Locnteil this 241 b day .if March,
Kiehard Helm,' Locator.
James Fisher. Ageut.
NOTICE is hereby Riven that si* y
(CO) days from date I intend to np
ply to the Minister of Lands lor a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate In Lot 4C.93 Southeast
Kootenny, British Columhla.
Commencing at a post planted nt
about HO chains East ol the Northwest corner of Lot 11140 and olio
mile North ol th. International Boundary, thence North 80 chains, West
30 chains, South 30 chains and East
80 chains to point of Commencement.
Located this 24th day of Msrrh.
Edward E. Md'lintock, Locator
.lames Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby Riven th it -in
(60) days from dute I intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to proB.icet for Coal nnd Petroleum over thi following desert<ed
'ands situate in Lot 4698 Southeast
Kcotenay, British Oolumbla,
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
ii*nee North 40 chains, East about
0 chains. South 40 eh tins and West
about 70 chains, to point of com-
Located this 24th dny of March,
T. O. Procter, Locator.
Jnmes Fisher,  Agent,
Steam Boiler,  Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
• ipecialtj*
Coat and itook estimates
furniihed un application.
I    A-Mrau 1 P. O. lei IM, C-aabi...
Only 3 Ring Circus Coming
THE ORIGINAL  organized team—73rp annual TOUR—wow *.t.
NOTICE is hereby given that six'y
(60) days from date I intend to apply to the Minister ot Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over tha following described
anils situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
cCcotcmvy, British Coliniaia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
hence about 70 chains South, East
about 70 era ns, North about 70
•halna and West about 60 chains to
,ioint of commencement*.
Located this 24th 'lay ol March,
T. Q. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty
(60) days from date I intend to apply to the MinlBter of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate In Lot 4593 Southeast
lacotenny, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7337,
thence South 80 chains, East about
10 chains, North about 20 chains,
East about 50 chains, North about
50 chains, and West about 50 chains
:o noint of commencement.
Located this 24th day of March,
T. G. Procter, Locator.
JameB Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty
(60) days from date I intend to i p-
ply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southwest corner of Lot 7286
thence 120 chains North, 400 feet
West, 120 chains South and 400 feet
Bast, claiming all ground lying between lots 7286, 7285, 7137 and 7136.
Located this 22nd day of March,
.lamps Fisher, Locator.
NOTICE Is hereby given that sixty
(60) days from date I Intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for ('oul and Petroleum over the following descri .ed
lands situnte In Lot 4593 Southeast
Krotcnay, British Columbia.
CoiniiieiicinR at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7397,
thenco North 80 chains, Kast 80
chalns, South about 20 chains, West
about 10 chuins, South at-out 40
chains. West nbout 20 chuins, South
about 20 chains and West about 50
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 24th day ol March,
T. O. Procter, locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that on th*
2nd. dav of Mav,   1913.
Oeorge H. Thompson, En-., Judge ot
the County Court of Bast Kootenay,
Drs. K. & K. TAKE ALL RI8K8
ThAuruta of young and mldillMgfld mm wo annually swept to a pwmMui. ttrat*
"   '   lailMfttiMM. EictMM and DUo. DUt-M*.   U you hft» any •>( the M*
 nynipf-iiiii cmmuU iu Srfof- It la !•» lata.   Art you Mr-rout Mil weak, df-ipon
doiitauilKl'rtiii.y, KiMwki Mora Mm eyea, with dnrk circlet under thom, weak buck*
kidney* Irritable, palpitation of tht heart, baaliful, dreamt aad Iowa, pediment In urine.
plinpleiion Iha faue. uvea minln-ii, hollow cImtUn. careworn eipreaalon, pour memory,
llfclfM, dUiruitful, lack eaerny ami itrcni;tb, li.-.-d mornlnRH, rmtlent tit;*MH, (.-ha.iKe.ibla
mood* weak manhood, preuiuLura decay, bouo palua, balr looae, tort throat, etc
Om New Methed Treatment cnn cure you ami make a mnn of you.  t|nder Ita Influ
ence the brain iwcuiiieiactive, the blood purified, no tbnt all plmphu, btot-'hr-aau-l ul.erg
dliappeor, tiie ntM-ft* become atrong oa kUh-I, k<> that imrvoiiituwu, Ijaahfulneai and dee*
KnuWy vanlah, the eye lx>i>omi>sbrlffht, thu face full and clear, energy r-'iiirim lo tbe
ilV nml llm moral, pliyitlcnl and aeiunl nyntoiiii are invigorated; oil drain*, oi-iue-no
Bions vlinl wnate from llm iyituu. Jion'tletqiuwka ami fakir* rob you of your bard
eeruud ilu.ta.-i.   We will ture you er ne pay.
READER*  Vo matter who Ima treatoi) you, write foraubom-stoplnlou Free el Ckarge.
-ookaFra*   "The Caldan Monitor"  (Illimimted) •» Sacret EHmmm ef Mea.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
All letters (rom Canada must lie uddreaied
to our Canadian Correspondence Depart-
inriit In Windsor, Ont. II you desire to
see us personally call at our Medical Institute iu Detroit aa rvc set* and lrr.it
M palMata in our Windsor oflices which arc for Correspondence und
Laboratory lor Canadian Inn-Incus only.   Address all letters ss follows:
Write for e_g___Mjegj.
3 Rings.   * Elevated Stages.
IOOO People.
8 Trains, ol Cars,
a Herds Elephants.
Ol.000.000 Invested.
S4.700 Daily Expenses.
300 Circus Artists.
S Parades on Show Day.
Capt. Hu.k's Sea Lions.
10- Kuyal r.kiii J.purw Treepe.
Greatest I'iding Sh.m entaru..
Texas mil's Co.. buys.
Sioux Indians.   Cowgirls.
Mexicans.   SJn-Eulees.
IS _liowg> I-'or One Price.
_>*r <r^*-.-_?r! '■:
On all Railroads
To thu Double Show
Cotoaaat Collection of Wild animal*.
Black Diamond. The Ball-Room Horse
ROYAL TOKIO JAPS-Thrilliiin Acrobat
THRU Ulatlnct SHOWS   unit pniCf.
larger than Jumho.
_ WO MILES OF parade: daily], PMitlvely ivlth Ynnkcf Rnblnron
y .•.••■•:
Cranbrook, Mon. June 9th
that James A.Arnolil.Ofllcial Admlnls
trator lor tlmt portion of the County
ot Kootenny inclmleil in ths Elec*
toral Dlstr ct ol Oranbroolt he Administrator of nil nnd singular the
estate of rliiuli's Wiitson, ileceiiKril
Intestate. ____
Bvery person Indebted tn the sniil
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
elects belonging to tbe deceased Is
required forthwith to notily the
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon nr interest
in the distribution ol the estate ot
tbe said deceased is required to send
before the 13th day of Jun;, 191:
neit, by registered mail addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and thc full particulars ol
his claim or interest, nnd a statement of his account nnd the nature
of the security (If nny) held by him.
After the aald last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed witb
tbe distribution of tbe estate having
regard to those claims only ol whlcb
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranhrook tbls 2nd day ol
May,   1913.
2<Mit Olllclal Administrator.
(Section 48).
on the 20th dny of Mny next, application will he made tn the Siiperln
tendent ol Provincial Police lor thc
transfer ol tbe licence for thc sule ol
'lquor by retnil In and upon the pre
mises known as the "Wardnor Ho
tel," situate at Wardner, llrltlsh Columbia, from Robert 11. Ilohart. to
Frank Carlson, nl Crnnbrook, llrlliali
Dated this 18tb day ol April, 11113
(Signed) R. H. HOHAI'T.
Holder ol Licence.
(Signed) FRANK 0ARL8ON,
Appliennt for transfer
by subsection (1) of section 7(1 of the
"Water Acf as nmonded have been
filed with the Comptroller ol Water
Rights at. Victoria mil with tho Wn
trr llnrorilei- nt Oranbrook, D.O,
Objections to the application mny
he filed with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Dated at Fernie this lf.th day ol
April,   1913.
IB-It Agent, ol tlm Applicant
Notice of Application for the APhrov
nl ol Works
TAKE NOTICE that. Aleinnder Mc
Dougall will apply to tho Com|itrol
ler of Water Rights for the approval
of the plans of tho works to he con*
atructeil for the iitlllzntlon of thr
water from Fairy Creek, which the
applicant is, by Water Licence No
1626, authorised to tnke, store, and
use for Pluming Saw Logs, etc.
Tbe plans and particulars required
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province ol British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of fl
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant
Application for a leaBe must ti.
made hy the applicant in person to,
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the ills-
trict In which the rights applied for;
nre situated.
In surveyed territory tlic land must
be described by sections, ur legal subdivisions of sections, and In iinstii'-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each npplicntlon must lie accompanied hy a tee. ut $6 which wlll be
refunded' If the rlghtB applied for are
not available, hut not. otherwise, A
royalty shall lie paid on the mer
chantahle output of the mine ut tbe
rate nf five cents per tun.
The person operating the mine ahnll
lurnlsh the Agent with iworu leturiw
accounting for tho full quantity ol
merchantable conl mined and pay th.
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not holng operated, such
returns ahould tie furnished at least
once a yenr.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, hut. Hie leasee may
he permitted to purchnse whatever
available surface rights may he con-
sldnred neccHsiiry for the working ol
the mln.. at. the rate ol flu ml an acre
Kor  full   information   application
should be made to the Secretary nl
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent, or Sllb-Agonl of
Dominion Lnnds.
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ..f the Interior
N.ll.—Unauthorized   publication   of
this advertisement will  not he paid
far. Jan. Itb-tt
SEALED TENDERS will he received hy the Minister ol Lands not later
than-fioon on the 13th day of May,
1913, for the purchase of Licence N'o.
X34 to cut 7,198,217 leet ol timber
180,897 railway-ties, 4'8,291 mine-
props, SBC cedar poles, and 2,721
posts on lands within Lot 4591,
Oroup 1, Kootonny, near Moyie Lake.
Three years will ho allowed for the
removal of this timber. Particulars
of Chief Forester,  Victoria,  B.C.
SEALED TENDERS will be receiv-
ed by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 1.1th day of May,
1913, for the purclinso of tbe timber
in a flume 9,i;4.> feet in length, situate on lnnds within Lot'4591, Group
1, Kootenay, near Moyie Lake, Three
yenrs wilt ho allowed lor removing
this timber. Particulars ol Chief Forester, Victoria, H. C. 12-9t
District ol South-ait Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Tbomaa
ChriBttan, contractor, intend, tnlrty
days after date to apply to tbe Minister of Lands for permission to purchase the following descrlhed land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
lhe East, hank ol the Moyie river,
near the southeast corner of lot
10106, thence east 20 limine; tbence
soutb 411 chains; thence west 20
chains; thence north 41) chains to
point of commencement.
THos. CHRISTIAN, Locator,
A.  B    (lll.M'E,  Witness.
Dated. March 29. 1913. 14-'Jt
District  of  South-East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE thnt John Hoary
Lisiner of Crnnhrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the lollowlng described  lands:—
Commencing at a posl planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9687,
Oroup I, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, thonce north 40
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
smith 40 chains to the point of
commencement and containing 80
acres more or loss.
Dated Marcb 28th, IMI. M-.t THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK. 1$. C.
In the Treatment
Scott's Emulsion is
nature'*' nourishing,
rative-food; prompt,
sure and permanent.
Rely on SCOTT'S and
insist on SCOTT'S.
A Lawyer's Views cn a Woman.
Right to "Dush" Her Husband
If there is oue tiling more Limn another which giveB Eotno austona moments to 'the young married mun, il
la that nf the wife's right to pledge
his credit, and tti-n limit of such right, i
Everybody knows cases which have
come under their persoual notice
where the husband is a steady, hardworking fellow, and tho wife Is a
thoughtless, extravagant person,
tho inevitable consequence beiug
that the man is ruined,
Tho way to avoid thin is well worth
knowing, and i-j in addition very interesting and instinctive. First of
all, it is a mistake to suppose that a
husband is ..sponsible for his wife's
dobts. He is not, unless he has In
somo way allowed Iter to pledge his
credit. This he may do In several
ways. For Instance ho may tell ills
wife straight out to buy things on his
credit, and in that event ho i| Ihi bio
for all she does buy.
Again, If ho pays to? tilings she has
purchased on credit, it is regarded by
the courts an equivalent to a promise
to •the tradesmen to pay future hills
as well. Therefore, If a hu--.ba.id
pays ono bill which has been run up
without his knowledge or permission,
he should, without fall, forbid tiis wife
to do It again, and tell tho tradesmen
Dot to glvo her credit for the future
To Care for the  Growing Family
and Her Household Caret
When thero is a growing family to
care for and lho mother falls ill, It
is a serious matter. Many mothers
who nro on tho go from morning to
niiilit whose work apparently, ia uever
done, heroically try lo disguise tliolr
sufferings, and keep an appeaVauco of
cheerfulness before their family. Only
themselves know how they aro dls-
trossed by headaches and backaches.
dragging down pains and nervous
weakness; h iw their nights aro often
jrioapisu, anilI ihey arise to  n  nawl ie'-faliy'resp'orBrbtefoT'tho'proPerraSi
.'."?*•    sh "0,"iers b!"""   "",'     anything of in**, subjoot.    The latter
The sad Sid* ef • Lift on tht Oetan
lit loue-L ftverlshly In Ui dutow
bunk ln CTt dlui-lit, cvll-smtlllng
fo'o'e-Ie. Above and below ana
nround lilm art similar bunk*. Some
aro occupied. Of others, the owneri
are sprawling on tht floor, gossiping
and swearing In foreign tongnti ot
playing cards.
'l'lili la how the sailor on board an
ocean-going cargo steamer finds himself situated when he falls sick ot any-
llilng but an Infectious disease the
symptoms ot which nro easily recognised by a liuman, for a cargo steamer
ls not compelled to carry a doctor.
As a result tlio only person to tleclilo
whether a snllor is malingering or
really IU is llie captain, who, thou
tbat ibeso sufferings aro usually duo
to a lack of good nourishing blood.
They should know that the tiling
abovo all others  tliey need to give
is generally the ease.
As a rule, u mtilor ultl delay reporting sick until ilie liiBt moment. On*
reason Is tlint bis males are Inclined
them new health and -Hreuglh Is rich,! t0 believe that lis tl anxious to shirk
red blood, ami that among all_ inedl-! llU „.orlt| „„,, ,. ■„£.. *.,,„ „„„.„ .„ ,,.
done by ihem.     The oilier reason Is
lliat most BGa ,-apin!nn luiio one stock
clues there is none can eoual Ur. i
Williams' Pluk fills for their blood-
making, health restoring qualities.
Kvery suffering woman, every woman
with a home und family lo earn for
slic nlil giro these pills a lair I rial, for
they wlll keep ber In health and
strength, and make lier work easy.
remedy -a powerful dose of salts ■
whloh quite possibly nuiy mnko Ilia
uomplalnt considerably worse instead
of better, '   And you have not to take
  ihose abominable salts, whothor you
leaves her without   mouey   or   food,Lj0 wn^ j, qjtjnied. for them      Mis  '    " **■'••'■ "ot 1'° forgotten that lho
clothing and lodgings for her-cilland ,,,,,„.,, ->•.-__, .„ ca-:i,   Oni .   Bays*   """"'"''' '""■"
the children, then she   inuy   obtain  ■•,Viiei. in. second child was bom  I
things on credit, mid her husband wlll   lvn,  .„ -,.,„>,  „„•  »„„  l](,,ul .,,.,.  ,
have to pay; at least, he Is liable for | ,.„uM ._,.0a|y «,»••, „,..-., .*,, lwm„
Quaint Old Wedding Id...
the amount.     Tbls particular law ls
Just the same lu Scotland as ln Kug-
aptaln's position is very ditllcult, lf
be ls nice and sympathetic, and ever
i.ady to grant absence from work, ho
wlll havo ball the i reW laid up with
Indefinable maladies.
And. on the olher lund, If lie fulls
to recognise that a man Is really bad,
and death or a serious Illness reauliB
My baby wa* small und wink also
aud cried aud worried night uud day
until I discovered thai the child was
staniug. us my nurse had turned a
" SU.lVegaViVkinV;''iheni.'''nVliiai'l""l,J''<'' I" »'hloh he bus recolved uo
effects were noticed In lhat  instruction 	
  began to thrive, ai mj muse      •*•••)  "alter ol experience will toll
bans on his first appearance on tne coniracieu ey my wire, conn*. **._• uegau to Improve, and baby slept bet- '"" fmu" of sickness at sea that
■•redding morning. This was eup-i Knowablt." ter and naturally, it was not long would oomlderably etartlo the average
BOied to secure hie love and loyalty, l Notices of '_» kind are really until I began to feel the improvement landiman. There was the case of
and to make her happv for ever. ! nothing at all, They do no good myself, aud ! dally gained new an Irishman, who, In the oourae of a
In Vorliahlrs tho old eupentltloni whatever, and ltga',> (hey do not itrength, and baby waa growing very voyage from San Frabolico to Liver-
 * ■•- ! alter the position one iota.     Often| roiy and fat.     I continued using the| Wed asked tor exemption from duty
Superstition never clustered round\ land.
any episode ot lite more than that of;    One often sees in the columns of  (Uu-vlng, as my nurse Had turnee. at-i  - ,        -,~ ■;-	
th* wedding-day, especially In olden ; newspapers  the  bold  advertisemen:   mos* to water      My husband gol mo *** *■"•« happens, he can baldly be
times. ' ! -*1*-- runs something like   this:    "I,  a supply of Dr   Wiilianis' Pink Pills   ""nied tor Ignorauce   of   a   diilleult
Then It waa customary tor the bride John Knowabtt, ot 20, Wisdom Street and I l>ei '  ""'"'"'  ■■'"'* **- ' »"-i.—i ....
to present her future husband with a Such-a-town, hereby give notice that! beneficial
bunch ot rosemary, tied up wllh lib- I will not be responsible for any debts j rav cblj<l
hone  on his first'aopearance on the   contracted by  my wi.e, Selina Also  begau to
The Bull Moos* Parly believes in U 'oman's Suffrage and vlhtr appeals to women.
No   lianl work
about "Black
KnlgUt", A few
^^^^^^^ rubs bring  the
Not a powder or
a li,it'll cake. -
but a soft paste,
ready to use.
-arty neneves in 11 Oman's .iu/jrage ana oi/ur
Black Knight
Still abounds that nothing more un-1 liter tho position one lota. Utteniroiy and fat. 1 continued using uie ; j™*" «■»=>
Itlokv could happen than for a newly* j tbey are pnt In to score off U e « te ''.::• while I was nurilng him and because h
msd'e bride to leave the church by a What Is tire bee*, thing for a hue* found myself with all the vigor nt, >''«"■ H>
•"liferent door from that by which she, band to do, (hen? good health, and able lo easily do my   'ng, compi
ftfferent door from tha*.
Auother quaint custom, for
!    — _       ourse is to niaks the wife I housework, which had beeu so great
a regular weekly allowance tor house-J a drag on me before.      1   am   uow
thertTls no known origin, Is that prac-< keeping and clothing, and ask ier not uever without Pr. Williams' Pink Pills
Hied la some of   the   Midland   aud   to buy anything whatever on credi' • :e house, nnd take au occasional
Xortliem counties. TIilB ls to ring If ihe husband does this, and the wife ' dose wben I feel tired. 1 can strong-
B merry pea! of the church bells at lire ' should run up a debt or two on credit' ly recommend these Pills to all nnrs-
first reading of the banns of an Intend-; then the tradesman wiii :un a risk [ng women, especially lt weak or run
log matilmonlal couple.     It is called   of losing his money, because the bus- down."
tho spur peal, which In old Anglo-; band will net be liable for one penny*: Sold by all medicine dealers or by
Bason means simply "ask." piece of these debts. f mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
Of course, it Is well known tbat It;    The writer has known eases of the  for '-.50 from Tho   Dr.    Williams'
Is the height of luck for a bride-to-be   kind Just mentioned, but the husband   Medicine Co., Brockville, 0:.:,
to dream of fairies the night before   lias spoilt himself by a slight lack ofl 	
liio actual ceremony.     So much was   caution.     When the bill came lu to Quite Satisfied
'his idea believe ln, that many girls him, he lias treated lt with contempt.: , .minlne ,t0i*v of Iwrninr inumi
would peruee fairy tales before going and pitched it Into the warper [ ukyn0„'^^.J™f*R puP 1 u fep vh g
*» "eel-. , basket  unopened  and  uncared-for     | ,„',„, ques*'tJott. „- VJ <v.lmJln. &
_ |    lhls is a inisttibie.     It ougut to bc! ^.j
The llev. It. r. Tyson, known as! answered ut. once, and the example1    And „t_ded   the   class   for
. .-    -.  followed ot an Irishman-needless to   _,_«_,,„.,,  ,.„,d  t,„., „a!kli:  n.
say—who received a strong letter de- am[„er
B_«-u» He Took GI N PILLS
Mr. II. A, Jukes ot Winnipeg writes:
'*! li»veheru» sufferer from *Hiubai[0
for aotun years past, I met your Mr.
Kilt and Ue adviser! me lo take GIN
ril.T.H. I have been taking them at
intervals during the early part of the
present winter, and up-to-date have bad
no return of my old tro^lfl--in fact X
feel I ft ter than I have for yeara, and
think that my old enemy has vautshed
for good and all."
, 50c. a brjr, 6 for fa.jo. Sample free if
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, I.iuiltfil, Toroutu,    1 -30
It. r. Tyson, knowp
tha carpeftiter-paraon, ia superintending tlio erection of the now Taylor ., 	
Memorial M-etbodlflt Church at New manning payment of Buph a debt. Ho
Vork, ami will do much of the car- replied *"!_, ol    .8:,    Slr«—J   r"Lurn
penterlng work UlmaeU.     lie waa a fTLfcuIrtIoif! "!    'l'P "no-ien,:'1 and
builder be!oro ha becamo a minister. ! T deslre t0 a,lfl lbat l trcat !t wltb -•
had B^veVe point* ln hia'
was accused of malinger-
ipelled lu continue bis dutloa
mul when his less litei'ally gavo way
under him, ho was left unuoticed for
some hours.
On being carried to Uie hospital at
port, ll^o doctor found that iio wus suf-
fering from gangrene arising from neglected frostbite, and both his logs
had to be amputated. Tbls would
have bepu avoided if he bad received
proper treatment when tho pain flrat
The worst part is that, oven If ihe
captain do©3 realise that tho man is j Clever Business Men
really ill, ihe most lie can do is to j The ability to seize an opportunity
grant exemptlou from duty. lt Is wlien tit presents Itself Is a useful bus-
Impossible for him to glvo tiie invalid' ines-j asset.
anything like proper and efficient Tlio following Ib an instance of how
medical attention. disaster was turned to good account
Tlio groat majority of cargo steam-  by a French cloth manufacturing con-
Ladles to do plain and llRht sewing at homo, whole or sparo time,
good pay; work gent any distance.
charges prepaid, send stump for full
particulars. National Manufacturing
Company, .Montreal.
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria
How many sides has a circle?
Two, said tho student,
What aro they?
What n laugh ln the class tbe si ti
ers are undermanned. When one
man falls Bid. his loss is immediately
felt, and if two more were taken from
duly to look after him, the ship might
well become unuavlgable.
Handkerchief Esperanto
It may not he generally known that
lout contempt."     Although eharact-
_,M^^yrC,".l|',i,'9!,|t'l1'.'!;^-,.t.nI*'' r1*'* a_*ver"prod.,c-.d whan be said
Bollier aUoT*An ln-H!o and nn outside:
It. sounds strange to talk of marry*
ii::!:;l Ki;:Mrewv!._™™hatn w.;i|n* ^to ^smde,u: -^ ^0^10™. m**
>ramon pra( ut e j cars ago. _ it uas, attended lhQ luoral phUoa0phy C]a8B( r    Sh(mM a n,..n m. damsel ])resB thfl
falso? added, -Wol!, you would hear | handkerchief against tbo lips, lt slgnl-
cern. Tbls concern actually doubled Its profits through a balloon disaster near Rouen. In this disaster the
car of the balloon had broken away.
The aeronaut and his elder son were
thrown downwards; but tho son had
No Use
In the telephone office there was one
girl wljo was always late in the morning.
Time and timo again lhe local manager requcatod her to be more punctual; but ber tardiness still continued
until lie waj moved to use desperate
Now, Miss -, said he, as he eame
to her exchange board ono morning
carrying a packago In his hands, I
have a little scheme that I hope will
Induce you to arrive at tho olllce In
time, I havo bought this line alarm
clock for you. Please promise me
that you will mako proper use of it.
The young woman promised, and
tho first night sot the alarm at the
required hour for rising tbe ne.xt
.\t the indicated hour the clock set
up a tremendous Whirring, loud
enough to awaken tho whole house
Hut tiie sleepy Httle lassie turned over
In bed, and said in hcr sweetest tone:
Line's engaged; please call f.galn.
An Enormous Appetite
An amusing story cornea to us from
the capital of ono of the amall l» M-man
principalities. Tho Orand Duke
gavo a big masked ball, at which
everybody had to appear In fancy
dress or in a long domino cloa'c.
In one of the rooms of the palace a
well-stocked buffet had beeu arranged,
and tlio waiters soon began to comment upon tlio unusually hearty ap-
petlto of ono guest, duly mas ted and
cloaked, who consumed largo quantl-
been caught by a hook that pierced I ties of food nrd wine.     It was ob*
his coat.                                                served that alter several minutes of
He was carried in this way for some' eating and drinking he would leave tlic
Little Willie's grandmother had
been telling him Bible Btorios, his
favorite being that of Daniel in the
lion's den.     At the ago of four bo1 before the Married Women's Property I"!
was taken to a circua   for   a   timo I \ct of 188° '  - _______
Whon lhe Jiuii-tamer pul lii** head In-   ' Tn con torn elation of law tliehusband   k'('lmvH there on   varIous   subjects   iie?, that they wish to become acquaint
■    -- :.".,    __._.__ I Did you ever hear one on cause and  ed with one another.     To let it. fall
one. and the husband
Then,   If   the   bride
, he gleefully screamed: j owed nny debts before marriage, ihey      „"!,  „,.  .-
mat knock, spots   off | dovolved on the  newly-married   bus* caiJ8e7
to the lloa'e mouth llttlo Willie's o..-ian(] Wifi
qjtement knew no bounds.   .lumping [ KaJi n,.,; (,)u.
up and down
Uii. my!        ^^^^^^^^^^
Dan I el I j iinnd, and he liad to pay Lho piper
'  ' I Tilts led in somo extraordinary fanes
A    Thorough    PHI.—To clear lho  being enacted.
Stoma oh nud bowels of Impurity and:     Women wbo were overloaded with
Irritants la neoesBary when tholr aot-| debts actually got rid of them by mar
u„- no. u-.a. „Aii !-.->   „„„  ■_.-. witi. I " ha?ak*rcuIe' language <*Y.*i6 V,     ' mi!eB aild at lHRt cam<- safely to the   buffet  and    disappear    among
v-    '     * lii      t P ^SKI™ Tfi»   ta e«tr«moly ■IpPte. »» w«?l "-V0111* around.     His coat was re-purchaeed danceri, only to return again ln a
what followed.      rhe examiner hav-| th0 mnguage of exceeding excellence | by the nmk(,r3 aIld lumg in [ho ghow., slim<t Umej hu appotlto apparently as
windows with a full description of how; strong us ever,
it saved the wearer's llfo. |    Aftor i-,0 jiad pa|d a number of via*
A Welsh miller bad lost- a sovereign! it8 t0 the buffet the head waiter bo
piece in a bin of flour, and nfter spend- j came uneaav, and called the attentio
Many a farmer has boon
seriously Injured by vicious
cattle. Don't run rli-lts.
Dehorn yours with tlifi
Quick -—easy —bumauo —
inakoa clean, aharp cut from
4 sides, (.'oats littl.-. WilUi
for tno booklet.
fin   Itobert   St.   Toronto,   Ont.   Mention
tills  pnper.
Book Tree.    A implo
Homo   Ircitmeol removed
lump fromtt.il Udy'fl breiat
Old toreo, ulctra  ind
(rowthi cured.    Deocribt
rtnr (ronble | wt will irad book un-i teatimooiulf.
After tho busy Reason ls over, pack
up and come oast and spend threo
months in one of our schools. Business education wlll help you to win
out. It costs but llttlo to got It.
Write us for our new curriculum nnd
plan to let us help you. Address VV.
11. Shaw, President, "Shnw'fl Schools,"
Toronto, Canada.
go before
(live me nn Instance.
A man wheeling a barro
'i'he examiner proposed
I is i" Bingo further, and means, "Shall
! we bo friends?"    If held to the right j j,"j[._'
, cheek the answer is Yes; to the left
cheek, No,     But Bhould either hold
It in both hanls, It simply shows indifference.
However, by holding It In tbe left
ore . baud, the lady who dues not wish to j £ Jj; jffair'oltte gold piece.     His
I jjd any further in tho matter speaks,  BaIe_ troblet, Ux ,. „.£_,. 0? 80%ml"-'
though dumbly, tlio words, I wish to   waB     Id many u • J     ^
ing liianyhoursjn unavailing marehj of one~of'tiie Court officials tothe eat*
for It, told a friend of ids misfor*
■erhaps II will turn up in one of tlic
sacks, suggested tho friend. Whereupon tlio miller waa seized with a brilliant idea. Via advertised his loss
in the local papers, offering a reward
Boys Who Did Thingi
Some of tho greatest
Jon Is irregular. The pills that will rylng Rome pool1 bankrupt, imprisoned
do ibis work thoroughly uro Purine j for debt. Theso men did not. mind
lee's Vegetable I'llls whlrh are mild  whether Ihey wore liable for hundreds
Jn action but mighty in rosulls. They or thousand*,, and the   wife   usually 	
purge painlessly nud erfeciiv.-iy, and paid Lho husband a lew pounds fori in the world have boen made by youth
work u permanent, cure. They ran tbe protection of his mime, aud then Und if, will always bo so in human
be used without fonr by tho most deli-1 sho  would  snap hev angers ui her history      David  the sweet singer of
ottoly constituted, as there   nro   no baffled creditors, and gaily set about Israel' was a she-herd a noef and n  — —-.- - -   . 7   _ ,.
palntul effects preceding thetr gentle] incurring fresh debts. geuerkl before he was twenty,' and n ?» sives permission to be followed.
The law which eettled and removed' king at. the age of eighteen. Raphael!' ubb !'* ^Ti_Bt -^A^lftiSi *Z
er had practically completed   his ' life- - Ration f love,   while   drawing   itl
  "a work ai the age of thlriysoven.   He     tf1 the liands is one of  nteuse
did no grent artistic work after Iha ' JWUte:  , Wrapping it round  he first
~  ! age.     lames Watt, even ns a hov, as: ' fl*w.^ oltens au engagement, round
Gave Him Away j ho watched the steam coming out of j tn° miud,e J11'Bt"'' ma-'«aBe-
1 get rid or you. ()n\ on lho other
i hand, if she folds the dainty bit of
I cambric, it signifies her wish to speak
] Again, she may hold it at the Oppo-
j site corners, which means just Walt.!
i By throwing it over her right shoulder
of bis sovereign,
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, whlob is entirely safe to use, and certain and
satisfactory in lis action.
Bobble—My dance, 1 think!
Madgfr—Vtn sorry.    It's   Dune
Bobble—Oh, that's   all   right!
! this sorl   'if thing deserve
1 title ihan tho colloquial one
I hass."
bough) you from hliu tor two shillings,
Her  Father  Scored , (
Miss Rosy Nohall had just returned iondent wh^sends
from a finishing school and had evi- ponaenl *no H,mls
den tly fulfilled all that was required I
of her In (ho scholasbic line.
Sho and her fa! her were sitting In
the dining-room.
That air—, remarked her relarlvp.'
Father,    dear,    Interrupted    Rosy,
It's vulgar lo sny   that   nlr.      You]
ehould say tnaf something hcr''', or
preferably, Just Uiat.
it Is refreshing to hoar a telephone' ll'c teakettle- saw in It the new world
story nowadays thnt does not. Blander j ° 'necha ileal power made possible by
The   corrcs-i   ir"    ^ element turned and driven by
^^^^^^^^^ is proud of the
ability in tell a telephone joke without casting refleotlons on harmless
young maldons who servo the publii
Well, tbls ear—, commenced her
father; but he wns cut short again.
No father, smirked tlio dutiful
daughted. Thai's Just ua vulgar Vou
must avoid him ii expressions a* this
father became Irate.
Ia-ook here- my girl, sold lie, I'm
going to say what I menu. That, air
Is bad for tills ear of mine, and I'm
going to abut tho window!
And after that Rosy laid no more,
85,253 Miles an Hour
Been  out for a stroll—eh? Well,
n simple appliance. | mid bow far do you think you havo
Cortes was master of Mexico before  travelled?   Perhaps you   will   reply
_  he was thirty-six.     Schubort died at  that you haven't walked fast, aud you
clthe age of thityr-one,   after   having! have only been three miles or so.
so willingly, hut Is sorry the man con-1 composed what may perhaps be called      But wait .1 minute.     Vou know that
In some ways the most entrancing the earth turns onco on its own axis
melody ever written. Charlemagne In tho course of twenty four hours.
was mauler of France and the great-1 Taking tho circumference of the earth
est emperor of tbo world at the ago of at roughly :M,000 mile**, during your
thirl). Shelley wrote Queen Mah ! hour's strolling you have covered one-
when lie was ouly twenty-one, and twouty-fourtii part of tbls distance-
was a master of poetry before ho was * i.e., 1,001* miles.
twenty-live. |    Again, the earth travels round the
Patrick Henry was aide lo slinpe tho I sun once a year.    Ii completes a olr-
revolutionary history of a new conn-[ole of 578,000,000 miles.     Divide this
before he was thirty, nud aston-j by 805, and ihe result by IM, nml you
waa ihen iu bis
I cerned can on
Robinson, 11 set
ii}) the other day.
j    Don't wait dinner tor me this 0'
1 ing. ho said. I shall bo detained
boast, of tiie  name
rang his  w|fei
Utter Ignorance,
V noted Kansas City charae.l
clinging to a lump post ono Sunday
morning when a rjranger cam.* along
and nuii■.-•.*■ -<1 blm:
Sir, Inquired the stranger, can you
tell me where the Second Presbyter-
Ian Church lb*
.Mister, answered the weai. one,
T don't even know where tbe First
Presbyterian Church is!
business, deal
Very well, answered Mrs. Robinson
in a tone of voice that sounded genuinely regretful; bul business la busl-.
nes-!. I suppose, Wlftero ure you now?  f1?' -:~   ...    ;,       _■■   .  _     -*■-.--• — -______.
■   - - 1 inu the world by his oratory before he   will find thai In tho hour you have
was twenty-sis years old,     At  the  travollod iu round figures 60,000 miles
a no ot twenty-four Ruskin had writ*      Btill there is more.     The sun and
ton '■.Modern Painters"   and    Bryant  the surrounding pianola aro passing
while still a boy of litgh-SChool age,   through space all the time at the rate
^^ had wrltton "ThanatopBia."      Roborl   of 18,860 miles nn hour.
Oeorgo aa'd ho would: whal did she ' H,iniri wl*""' Bomo   "f   lllH   B^ateal 1    Bo, altogether,   during your   lillle
1 wanl to r.i 0* '     He put hli .inner In ' wngH while he wns u ploughboy,        . stroll, you have travelled sotnotlilug
> hli other ear and listened attentively   like 85,863 miles,
■fw  nn tho familiar voice asked: him lost tn connection wiiii the '	
Uow can yon keep youi mind on tho j Piiush  mercantile  marl no hist  year'    An act, nono the less brave for be-
HobitiS(»u  HHld  li ^^^^^^^^
office, of course, and added that it
whs a very busy day with thero,
It's too bid thnt you hum to work
so hard. Qeorgo, his wife observed;
but. teil me something
A Cry From Western Canada
There's u loud complaiut  from  tbe
farming men
In tho land of the western sun,
Kor there isn't ft wife for ono iu ten
They say, nnd ihey can't get on,
Unless some    vessel    witli    crowded
Her topsails soon shall furl,
Aud land a load of the other sox—
A load of assorted girl.
Tho cry   rings   out   or   a thousand
In piteous minor chords;
As a hustling cablegram it floats
To thc hind of tho House of Lords,
It says: Don't scud us your woollen
Tho sons of your bankrupt earls,
Vour calico stuff or your patent foods,
Hul. semi lis a lot of girls.
(iirls to Iron and girls to cook,
Who haven't got time to cry;
Who'll give us 11 sympathetic look
If we can't digest tholr pie.
So don't bo sending us useless things
In return for our gold nnd pesrlH,
But send us a ton of wedding rings,
And n hundred tons of girls!
Ing capacities of the gueBt. The official agreed to stay beside tbo buffet
for a few minutes, and euro enough
up cunte thc guesh again. Ho wus
served with food and wine he ordered
nnd after anther hearty meal ho was
Just about to turn away wltcu the official stepped forward.
Kxcusc me, sir, he said, hut may I
see your card of invitation to tbe ball?
Tho other became greatly agitated,:
and the card not being forthcoming,
the official said, sternly: I must ask
you, sir, to remove your mask and
Several peoplo bad now paused to
watcii the «cuuc. and when ttie hungry
man bad unwillingly slipped off his
mask and cloak a ripple of laughter
went round. Thc guest turned out to
bo ono of tho soldiers of the guard
on duty in tho hall below!
Tho soldiers had. found a domino
and mask lying in the hall, and they
had boen putting them on one by one
so as to bo able to go boldly into tho
ball room and havo each a good feed
ai the buffet.
OYE, mm can b-iy-Wlij' you -fon't even have tu
know what KIND of Cloth ynurCooda are made
--f.»s-- MUuketj ar* Imp"*-) hi a.
S«nd for Era* Color Canl, Story Booklet, and
Booklet giving rat ulli of llyelni over olher oolOM.
Montreal. Canada.
iw oan yon keop youi mind on ino 1 p...ish mercantile man no last year     ft" Iir|. »«»■*' ,"r ":rn »■«*' •»• .<■ 1   - -•
1 whei irehestra Is playing totalled 1,021, of whom only twenty- Ing distinctly novel and   Ingenious, Is linlle*
Alexander Ragtime? , *,,■■<   ..„.,. passengers,     Tier.' woro was porformod by Policeman Lowe,  lofcrm,
—  I nearly ijfiO.000   seamen   engaged   In  with iho co-opi-railou   of   Policeman
Court Newt I British morohanl ships. ■ Mallon, of the New Vork City Forco
French Post 0(11 ct-s wlll lu future he
ovided officially with stamp tnolst-
ulug appliances, un innovation which
a balled by tho Press at a hygiene
It would be a grea
lovo our nolghbor !f his hobby were
not chickens and ours wero not ft
Mr. Browning (pompously)
la :i gr--ut day for us a. home
daughter comes oui tonight,
Mrs, Diggie (surprised) -Yon don'l
leal easier to  H:|'' ri"' m*8tor* s" ",,"ri ■■'-• husband;
h -'a been In for a month,
1 don'l ear - much foi  1 .in
:;    'll.*  -Why not?
She    i".,.,.;i'i- - j   .  I *.,   ',1 «]i. tan-
i -I..-1I "II Ilio lllll. .
i 111
19c ■ Tin.
».,.*.I.Uh... tool -on .HI, a • „-.,. 1-tll.tl,,.
IMAri.th.oiiiaiNAri.il i hbht ihm.
oi.KAriati   wiii rmor. .........t .i.iu.
W   N. U. 922
mailer ..f fur!.. Mm Tiaii--
Jtlllri    nil    '.tllfl    Mlllwfiyrf    IO
Por (iin'-'limn tu" charge,
am about two*tlilrda or n penny wt
mlloi aocond lonly a little Inferior),
k*« than n halfponny fo; the (llelanco
wltll.* ir yon eoro to iiHk >i Lhlrrl-claa,
Jniirnry jou KM your four inll.tii for
11 penny. Even thi, u \u- iiciRiii o(
extortion when compared with lho emigrant rato. Thin worka our ul
aomethlng like n Hiiilllni: r-,r n linn
dn"t mllca, and if iho emlgranl _o,
noi poaamm tho ahllllng Iho Uovorn*
lll.-liI will I. nil It lilm.
I|, Hi,.mi 11 woman whon hiio'h innr-
ilid expeel her hiiahoud to toll hor
his bualnesi nfTuiihv
She ■ I don': know, hut n woman ex.
Ti.-.-irt a iihiii to lulk liii.-inonfl when
tto'n coiirlltiK her.
 j .\ li™ win raging In Broome Street
 ,,, and two mi*,1 mi Mi.' alxlh (lour werol
A , otaohmoni or soldlora wae iiiioui ,.,,m,.MuK „„ _,. nre-e-cape unable to
0 attack Lho enemy, who awnltod „, ,.,- -,„„,.. nlli Bmo|to Mow,
loom drawn up In battlo order. A J,,,,,,,,, „,„, ,,,„,.,, 0b«ervlng them.liur*
aea-oned old aergonni noticed - youtif , , ,„ .,,„ „„„. „r „„ adjoining build-
joldler froBh Iron, homo visibly ul ■ „,„, „,.,„„„ „,„ ,.„„• of Ml(. ,„„.„.
footed by the uoarne8H or Hi** coming
iibI.i      Hla faco waj pale, hla toolh |" "iviSiibii then -elzod Lowe's anklea
Qhattorlng nud hla knees tried
knock eaoh other oul, n was sheer
nerrousneai, bnl the sorgcant thoughi
lt wan downright funk,
Tompkins, ho whispered, Is n iromb-
IIiik yo aro for your own dirty ekln?
No, no, sorgeant, said   Tumpklns,
IllllklllK   11   litlllo   llll.'llllll   In   llllll  liln
ihaklng limbs I'm Irembllng for
I'm. .'nouiy. Thoy don'l know Ton.ii>
IiIiih Ih horo.
Author- Why, nil Hint hook wlll bo
road with pleasure whon Dlcliem mul
'lhnckoray aro rorgotton,
I'nlillHh.'i    I don'l dmil.l  II. Iml  wn
can'l wnn ihnt. loim for rcBtilis,
Back to Hi-! Old llrh.alilr
The Olrl l» this thesmalleil Hiving
log porih H'l.'il yuu havo?
Tho Clorlt-Yea, iiiIhm.
Tin* Olrl Vim iin- sure jou limen'l
any for Just two pot'Bonj"
No, misa.
Tlien I'll Uke n hiuntiiucl:.
Ing Qfto,
nml ihoiinii nl mosl nhoiii'ii by iii" rising Biuoko, In. nmimgod tu grasp thai
mils ul tin. Ilre>o8oapo and Inatruotod j
iin* men to climb ii'i his body, Tho
foal wa 1 aocouipllshod lu Bnfoty mul j
Mallon thou pulled his companion
ri mn bin trying iiohIiIoii and limy lied
qr i|iilrlily hh jiOBBlhlo to the mifiily of
iim iii.xi roof, nnd thonce to tho
ih.* Blrcol,
Your Hon, h.-.IiI lho profoBsor, litis
boon laboring undor n inlBiipprchon*
Whal' "viImIiiii'iI tin- llllllllllo hul
honbsl imi' ni, with Joi In his Milne
Vo don'l in.in II'.'
Moan Wjlttt?
Thnl llerl lias hi'on workln'l
11 htijH hero thnl 11 cow In New
Vorli catches Ilsh with lln lull, snld
tlm old funny. I don'l hi Hove It,
Wllttl 1.1 rial of Hsh could a nnv niii'liT
Suckers, replied the ohoorful idiot.
TakeGood Cafe
Of The ColU
It's cheaper to misa cells than to
hue horns. But It's costly If you lost
tliocolta. Keep n liolilo of Ktiii.tnll'a
Bpavln Curo lmwly. For thlrtv-flve
yoara bun proved lt tho aafe, rollnble
remedy for spavin, splint, curb, ring*-
bone, bony growtliu and lameneit
(rom olher causes.
Till .Villi-.:-, OiL
Dfii. l»iti, I'Jll,
"I h»v 1 niiM ti •
l-Mvln villi *i»if
N|«flfi''i.fa, ntid iw
lm•* tt.in( a on iH-
ti!l»-r wll* (imt in
•iiln, I iu I1.al.l7
rTn-M   wllli   jwur
f, wi-inni,
lUtntU* -«br|l.
A*v.1iuf|t*t for rt«t
1 '.tj t-f7-A TmUM
m,.iii* iimir vt
Dr. B. $. Kei-Un Cem^Mf    W
ajiMfctirt Vt.\U, Vtrm»mt. U. »• *
Would Save Canadian Railways Vait
Suma Yearly
Thoro wero 1:1.88:1,770 orous-tloa
purohftBod in Canada lu mil. according to BtatlatlCfl oompllod hy tliu I-'or-
eatry Branch of Uio Department of
tlio interior,
Thli in nn Inoreaioof 4,40!i,ROft (18.5
per cent) ovor thn ntiuihor pun-liaH-'U
in litU». Tin* Inoreaia la largoly due
to railway comtrttotlou, which wtut
oipeoially noticeable U\ tho Woatorn
Provlnoei on tho now trantieontluont-
nl linea. Tho rApliLRomniit of (Ioh on
exlnliiiK Mil'.'k umountod tu about
KlKlitccii hinds of wood wore uied,
•luck plno fltnndliiK llral in Importum-i*,
numerically, with about 40 por cent of
thn total. Taiiuiruck Hlood aocond
with fltmn.-t 19 per rout, and Oouglaa
fir with 11 per cent and hemlock with
VI per cent occupied third and fourth
place* reaped ivoly.
The iiveruK'-' prion of ties In 1011
wan ;iu centH, one cunt more than ln
11.10. Southern plno tie* at $1.10 imported from tho United Statea were'
the most expensive, nnd aprtice lies
at 2.i oontfl wore tho clioapeat. The
Biiv.n Mo in lncreaBlng In favor, evi*
deuily. UK 70 per cent, or 'A per cent
moro Ihan !•* 1910, wero the proiuct
of the mill. Sawn ilea coat, on tho
average, 41 conta a piece, or 4 conU
morn Ihuu hewn ties, whllo in 1910
tho hi-wit Ilea wero the moro expensive hy :t oenta,
Only 800-200 Hen, or 1,0 per cent of
t.ho total numbor purc)inH{td wero given
prepel'VatlVO treatment. Howover,
Ui Ih U pmcllonlly a clear advance over
1010, Two troubling eHtnhliHhmonta
aro now in operation. On lho nver-
nito, the ti'i'iilnu'iit of Mom prolongK
their Uf" by ton years, It hi ostl*
muled that nl leaat HM) million feet,
hoard (heanuro, could ho unveil annually tbrougb lii I-i proceie.
Thoro nro many camma hi tho bottom
"f an attack nf lefdnoy trouble,—ovor-oat-
Iiib, ovor-drltiklng, heavy colda,—theae
ami othor caueea often causo lilneaaoa
auch n» kidney trouble frall-stonea, kid-
11 i.y.ntoneB,   Ki'iiv.-I,   liniiliaK".        Hut    i.'i
matter what le at tin' bottom «f tho dls*
unto, there Ih now « euro unll «i»f.' curo,
ono iimt ids quickly nn-1 wiil.out full.
Tnat remedy la Bauol, whlob ip ni ready
Wt>ll Iim.wn In tlio nit-dlt'iil iirrifubitli.u « f
Cmuuln iih wi-lt oh in tlmiit-nnitH <>f cu'-
fon'i'B from tin* olBeaBe niitnul almvu.
On.- H'lnnlpi'K imly wlm tti W--I1 nml wldn-
ly krmwn, wim ourea <>f iiiill-HinDo-- bv
HANOI, nfter Buffering f'*r 13 yean.     Bn
Hint, fni wiih h1h>, llml Hln* Iiiih ncnt tn iih
11 littie- innitlit-r nf pi'nplo tn tin r-ll-v.-.t
of Miiillnr (-onipluliilk*.      We do not enrn
whero tin- reader nf tiii« imraKinph re-
Hlilin, wn <un Klvo lilm rn- lii-r iintiii'H nnd
li.lilii'iiHfH nf iMMipIo In  IiIh own  luwn nml
looatliy wbo lmvo been cured by sanoi.,
Wh will iilnn Rlvo tho nnmo ntid iidrtr.-n
of tlu- Imly referred in. wtmm f-nnipl*iiit
had trniil'l.-d hcr for Hindi a lona poilnd,
and whn Ih now completely cured,
HANOI, In inmiufni-tiiri-d only hy thn
OF CANADA, LTD., 977 Main Hlriiei.
WlnnlpoK. Vav Mil.- hy nil dnw.clnli or
direct from tliu nitiuufnctiirrtn nt ft .09
par bottlo.
A l.'illilni; rlnclt Iiim Ihvii plni'i'd nn
tin* IkiH-rlc-t lit Hrrllii. ItiRtcnil of
•liiiiiin; iinrliiilli'iilly Ilio clack cnlln*
out l.lio nxncl I Inn. ovory qtiartor nf
An hour lu it rt.'ni' liiminn vnlcn. ths
nu'i'limil-m cnn ho no iiiljuntod t'.nl
thi'n<* fttrignnceniflntd cotuw nt n cor.
tnln time and rnnllnuo ni:»ln nut'
matlcnlly yftpi* n utltiiilntod Intorinl.
Mrn. Fltzliriiwii (to lier IiiihIiiiiuIi- -
Do you remember ileur, tbat heforo
we wero married you nlweyn offoreil
me your left arm?
nizlirown—Yee, 1 wnnteil lo lmvo
my right hand freo. You nee 1 lu.d
a lover'u fear that eoinrono would try
to ,take you from 1110, und 1 hIm -i> ,i
kupt It lu reuillnoKH for defence, ,
Sirs. Fltzbrown-.lnw Hwoet! nut
how Ih It that now yotl ffonorully otter m« your right arm?
Kltzbrowu—-Well, I am not no afin!d
ot IobIdk you iih I waa.
Cyprus, under n convontlon of IF"?,,
pnya nn Htiniuil trlbilto of $800,000 to
lho Sultan of Turkey.
A recent. Pnrlliituentiiry comma of
I'lfiitlnnil und Wnl.'H kIiowh Huh oxolti.
alvn of t.ho Unlvornlllon, there nn* 408
rarllamonlniy nreim. •
Hoiine'iRonla lotting furlllllll d
hoiiMt ai n rem eiceedlng Hoo tt year
In tbo United Kingdom mint lain nut
an annual license coming $10,
In Kranco, the nvorngo iiminl vV'OI'If.
Ing hnura per week ol the liuliimrlal
piipulatlnn urn 117 per lent, of limit
In l'lnglund. THK WOST-Tr-TOT;. CRAXTmOOl-T. V. c1
4 H. P.„
Caih Prices F.O.B. Winnipeg
See  your   local   dealer  .ind   lie
will sell yon on terms no doubt.
Write Tor catalogue anyway.
189 Notre Dame, East.     Winnipeg
When Baking
er* yoil ni caredd nliotit the *»1t ynu tiie, ns
yon sue a!i<mt iiic flour or baUtmi powder 1
Poor ult will ruin :t taking, Jitlt an mively
at mar 11 mi'. In Uio kitchen uud un the
Utile, use lite lino, nutt- b&
Power of Vegetable Growth
A tar macadam pavement strvtch*
iiitf from lhe school of gunnery at
SHtfeburynesa to tho sea is at present
in a state of- violent silent eruption.
About a fortnight ago the surface became covered with what may be culled "blisters,":raised a Utile above the
common level, which attracted much
wonderful attention,
they brood foxes in Prince Bdward Is-!    Jj™ jnoli of theae, in a few days
i_»„      ^ i- —,,.„„,..., *,.„. ,i  „..-'a series of crack • appeared, extending
themselves in rays from a centre. Fin-
Many of the  Animals  in  Prince  Edward Island.
In some countries the fox is hunted
and killed for sport, hut if you killed
a fox in the Canadian Province of j
Prince Kdward Island you might, wipe
out three or four thousand dollars of
the assets of some    citizen.       For |
laud. It is estimated that there are
about 500 foxes on the various ranches in lhat province at. ihe present time
und Oharlea Dal ton, a member of the
Legislature, said recently that, last
year $250,000 had changed hands in
the fox business.
The success which has attended
some bleeders of foxes bus caused
very many others to go into the ranching business, and there are before Hie
Provincial Legislature, now hi session
eight or nine bills Incorporating fox
ranching companies. While the particular fox is sought to produce what
is called the black fox, it is really the
animal known on the London fur
market as the silver gray, it was
the pell of a fox from Prince Kdward
Island that brought the world's record
price, $2,900, in tbe London market
ten years ago,
ally came up a broad, soft shoot,
looking extremely welt pleased with
itself and Us work, which proved Io
be so old nnd well known a friend
i:k the thistle. At this moment there
aro hundreds nf those bold intruders
showing defiantly through the pavement., affording a most interesting 11-
lustration of the power of vegetable
growth.—London Globe,
I'd I avo you know Mrs. Blythe, said
Airs. King, lhat mv brother was a
banister of the law. Mrs. Blythe
turned up lier nose scornfully. A lig
for your banister*., she retorted, that's
nothing. I have a'brother who Is a
corridor in the navy.—Satire.
Sardines and Sprats
Though tbey are   totally   different
The explanation of the high price j species of tish. sprats are sometimes
paid for the skin of the so-culled black
fox Is that tiie quantity otlered on
the London market has fallen lu 30
years from 2,000 to about 300. Two
years ago the number offered In London wus 900 skins, and On per cent
of them brought $500 each.
So Important has the Industry he-
come In Prince Edward Island that
the Government is regarding it with
nu eye to revenue, and is is suggested
that a tux of $10 on each fox be lev
sold as nardlues, and few people
know of lite distinctions hei ween
Ihem. Briefly, a sardine is a young
pit chard. In its Immature state It,
lives in the warm waters off Ibe
Hhores of Prance. Italy and Spain,
though occasionally it is found not far
from Hie coast of Devon and Corn-
will. The mature pilchard, Is, however, a well-known Cornish ilsh. Ou
the other bund, a sprat  is a sprat
When She Attempted to Work, so Exhausted Was the Nervous System
The Feeble, Wasted Nerves Were Re-
stored and    Revitalized by
The  President of Switzerland
The  President of Switzerland   ls
so hedged about by tho Constitution
thut. except for otlicial purposes and
to facilitate the exchange of courtesies aud of amicable understandings
with foreign nations, he has no more
standing than the other six members ,
of the council of which ho forms a
part.     He is elected for one year, has !
no official residence,   and   his   chief i
business is to sign the documents of:
the Bundesrat or Council of   Seven.,
His salary is, In our money, equal to
about $..,000 a year, and ibere Is no-
provision for private expenses, such !
as traveling or entertaining.     He is'
expected to live in the capital of thej
country during the.year be holds ofllce.     His associate members in the '
Bundesrat get $3,000 a year, and they
. are elected for Ihree years, their votes
having the same force as that ot the
terrible       As a rule Ihe President of Swil/et-
and    Us ! land is before election a member of
sufferer | 'his council, and is elected    to    the
higher otlice without opposition;  but
in   las;:  be had a rival, and  ihough
he won in the election he was unable
to   support   what iu  his  country  Is
Nervous   Prostration   Is  i
disease to all    who    under,
symptoms.     At. times    the
slight exertion tho dreadful helpless*
less returns and all strength and vitality seems to leave tho system.
This letter from Mrs. Martin very,
well describes the terrible condition   looked upon us au affront, and com
■     :;1I !
illiS' HSiSiBIHlBlffll
lf       MAKES LIGHT
In which many a sulTer.V duds her
self. Sho also tells bow she regained health and strength by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Pood after all oilier
ireatmenls had failed.
Mrs. Edwin Martin, Ayct's Cliff,
Que., writes:—"Before I began UBing
Dr. Cbuse's Nerve Pood I was in a
terrible condition from nervous exhaustion and prostration. Dizzy TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES ARE
spells would come over ine    and    I
mined suicide before his Inauguration.
In this connection it mlghl he well
to note, too, that Switzerland Is the
one country on the globe whero it
costs nothing to die, us in certain
enntons rich and poor are buried at
the expense of tho State,-Harper's
What is your idea of classical music?
Well, replied Mr. Ctimrox. I don't
profess to know much about it. Hut
it always seems to me that when a
man writes classical music he simply
takes a tune and bees how much lie
imi muss it up.
would fall to the floor. The weakness was so great that I could not so
much as sweep lhe floor without faint
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally strong
—will not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining for
walls, floors and ceilings.
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or write for sample
and Booklet to the (5
Sal. Canadian M-Ru'.ctur.ra
* ol Cula, Limited.
-Unlr-al. tvlnnlDef, C.t|.rj/. V.ic.f r.
iiiid the uiiiall speolmons one Bees in
ieil. producing 'something like $6,0001 the shops are fully 'grown nsh. Sprats I Ing, but Hip nerve food helped  me
tm the present estimated fox popula-1 are caught in enormous quantities off! after the doctors fulled.     It lias done
tlon of the Inland ranchers, lour coasts and in Norwegian wuter".
Not every man who Rets a pair of i In France there are no fewer than
foxes, whether of the silver gray or 170 factories engaged lu llie trade of
common red variety, is on the high preparing anil.tinning sardines. To*
I'oad to fortune One of them may i wards the middle of the eighteenth
die. or their progeny may die, or they | century, at Nantes, sardines were first
may be stolen. Mr. Dalton says thai i pr.'pared In olive-oil and packed in
fl.,000 worth of foxes were stolen I barrels, nntl there are no fewer than
in his district last year. As much as one hundred and sixty-one different
$7,000. and, it is suld even more, has methods of cooking this dclectabi'.
been paid for a desirable pair of fish. Enormous exportation* ot sar*
breeding foxes, dines nre made annually to Aujira-
An Illustration of the  uncertainty j lia and South Africa.
of the Industry  when conducted byi —>—————
beginners is found iu Hie story of one
man who one day found in the fox
enclosure a litter of seven pups, but
the next time lie saw them they were
dead. Another lost a litter llirougli
I unwise feeding.
I'ox ranching has spread from
Prliice Edward Island to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. A company
incorporated in New Brunswick has
dlst*ministers, two physicians, an!
editor, a school Inspector, two mer-
chants, two manufacturers and several larmers.
•MUHHuttnuwhi PuriflM €•.. trligekvrg, flat,
YRte disease.-, aud drink habit.
Write 81 Queen East. Toronto.
Whin Your Eyn Nnd Can
Try llurlnt Ey* Rawed.r. No Smarting—Feel*
mnn— A--t« Quick..?. Trv it Jor R««l. Weak,
Watery Ej«* and UrauulatM _yeU.li. lllu*
traied Book lu each PM-kAfo. Harlue la
(vinpuuii-lftd !>/ tnr OcmlUla-not a "Patent Med-
lailn*" —but mod In ■iiecf«fiil Ptayiklant- t'rao-
S» for man-* jtmn. ■)*->* dedtcattd to th* e.>
* awl told br Drag!lit i at Ko and Km Mr BottIA
urioa Ufa bh-ala AmpUo TntM, _£] art Ma,
Murln* Ey* flemtdy Co* Chicago
Waltz Composed in Prison
Tbe principals in tbe Haverdn
murder case, a Hungarian cause eel-
ebre, bave been employing tbelr time
in prison In musical composition.
Marie Haverda, wbo was tried for
having instigated ber lover to murder
ber mother in order to Inherit ber
Tort nne, has published a wait/ entitled the "Mini" from prison.
A n t on   Voider,   the   lover,   who   is
undergoing penal servitude for killing
Frau Haverda having obiained   permission  of the    prist-'']    authorities,
i sent a large bundle   of    manuscript
Roosevelt the Phrase Maker music to his lawyer, with tb% request
The strenuous life, the square deal, < tbat. a publisher be found for It. All
the larger good, mollycoddles and the compositions are of a cheerful
i weaklings, tbe predatory rich, unde- character. Another man tried for
jslrable citizens, civic righteousness, complicity In the crime is composing
1 deliberate and  infamous    mendacity,  an operetta.—London Standard.
' and  beaten to a  frazzle  are only a _	
i few of Roosevelt's  many    contrlbut- Clever Willie
ions to the expansion, if not to the      ...      ...      . .   ■   , ,
enrichment of   our mother    tongue.'    ^ippincott's: A «">S» looklDg man
Nine tenths of   these   have   sprung TO*?   he tll0me ,of a fnllei,ia11 "'
spontaneously to hla lips in the course ; a ft ****** clt> aml. seeinK   »»*»•
of a speech or a dictation;  the rest ] 8r?»"d hul a small boy named Willie,
li-we been thought oui with more'or  ««  ,0  '"'"•    "  >*<?« '""'»   te"  me
less car* wliere he bas wished to e*  $"?? ffuJ ^ther keeps his money
press a particular shade of meaning. nt knock your top-knott off au after-
The universality of tbeir use has not ■ ™8 eal f*r-      ._   .......        „    ,..
obliterated Irom the minds of the pub- j „ %****  don l  saitl ,? I1,lp; .    ^ ou "
lie  tbeir  association   with   their  hl. I «'»<! «H the money we ve gotiu an old
ven tor, aud his faculty  for putting
inlo terse terms so many Ideas which
i coat In the kitchen.
Two minute.*, later
bruised   and
wonders In building up my nervous
system- I can do my own housework now and washing, and feel tbat
this great medicine has been a Godsend to me 1 think it is (be best of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50e. a box,
6 for $2.50, at all dealers or Ed man-
son, Bates & Co., Limited. Toronto.
Extermination Of Rats and Mice
If  it  were  generally   known   that
there is no troublo to rid    a bouse,
At the "Made in-Canada" Train
The exhibits on the "Made-ln-r-.n-
ada train, wblcb Is new louring W.st-
om Camilla, are op* i ing tba ej'.-s of
thousands or vhltors. .Many of rs
are too prone to be-little our own goods
and to consider that the word "imported" covers a multitude of virtues.
Thoso who go to see the "Made-Iu-
Cauada" goods on the "Made-ln-Can-
ada" train discover tbe fact that the
"iMade-iu-Canada" is a mark of honor.
An exhibit, which is doubly Interesting to the men is that of the imperial Tobacco Company of Canada
Limited, the largest manufacturers of
Uncle (leorge- "What! Hate all yonr
lessons? Come, now, you don't mean
lo say you bate history? Niece—Yes,
1 do, To tell yuu the truth, uncle.
1 don't cure ;t bit whal anybody ever
Forgotten so Soon
Small Boy—Please, I want lho dootor to come and see mother.
Servant—Doctor's out. Where da
you come from?
Small Hoy---What! J">on*l you know
me? Why, we deal with yon. Wa
hud a baby from here only last week!
barn^-rYny buUdlng of rats and'm'K j ^H?**.*?,? n,_°nl!l!:\.!ilaCC0S' and
by the use of Gillett's Lye, it is
doubtful If the article could be made
as fast as it would be used for this
purpose alone. The process connected with using It is very simple, the
plan being to sprinkle a Hltle of tbe
article in ant' around the holes mude
by these pests in floors, partitions,
et.-. In addition to this It is well
to use a thin piece of board about a
foot square, or even smaller, and
make a complete circle of the Lye
on the board about a quarter of an
Inch  deep,  and   inside of the circle
place some meat or cheese.     In en- 	
devorlug to get, at the bait the feet i r . ~   7
of the rats and mice will be burned j cauae and ErTecl
and the whole colony, whether large. Look heah, duttah; I've takon
or small, will immediately disappear 1 >ouah advice and tried a cautah
from lhe premises. | wound the park hefore breakfast, but
The plan is worth trying, but (be 'ir doesn't do my livah a bit. of good,
good   kind—Uillett's   Lye—should   be]   _Ml!      lm **.-*a>d tbe good effects
procured.      Ilefuse  the many  cheap
cigarettes in the Dominion.
True to their reputation as liberal
advertisers, the Imperial Tobacco
Company of Canada Limited arc presenting visitors lo the "Made-in-Can-j
ada" train, with attractive souvenirs
and samples of brands that Western
men like—namely "Black Watch"
Chewing Tobacco, "Shamrock" Quality Hlu£ Smoking Tobacco. "Old
('hum" Pipe Tobacco, "Meerschaum"
Cul Plug Smoking Tobacco. "Player's
Navy Cut" Cigarettes. "Sweet Capor-
al" Cigarettes and "Columbia" Little
Parson—So your busbaud la sick.
Maybe he has been throwing hlmsolt
too heavily Into his work. Mrs, Casey
—Not on your loifol Ilo's been tbrow-
ing bis wu-urk too hlvlly Into him.
That's what's the throuble wid blm.
He's .. bartinder,—Judge.
The city nephew was showing his
country uncle the town from a Beat
in the opeu-alr street car.
You don't often g-'t a chance io
rldo on a street car uucle, saitl ihe
No,'said unci'1. I don'l belie..' I'vo
rid on a street ear since wo got utir
new automobile.*  Argonaut.
Commander Sponsom - Christen
htm as you will, my dear, but. remember he's ouly a baby and not a dashed battleship, and I won't liavo the
parson breaking champaign bottles
over his little head.—Life.
Prior In tho year 3GTi7 tea was very
rarely sold in the United Kingdom,
and tbeu only at from $;)0 to $10 per
Bibbs—Nothing is lost through po-
Dlbbs—I don't know; there's your
seat in a crowded street car. -Boston
At birth Hie pulse of a normal individual beats 133 tln.es per minute
at the age of thirty, Tu times,
People think i married you for your
money What makes ihem think
that? Your looks, 1 suppose.—Houston Post.
There is a crisis coming In China.
I told ray wife a as soon as I saw ih-n
new cook handle the dishes. -Baltimore American.
Postcards, chiefly Illustrated ones,
to the number ot" 109,500,000, were sent
through the Swiss post olllce ladt
Willi tn annual rateable value of
over six millions sterling, Westminster Is greater Jq this respect than t.ia
city of London.
Nobody    ever  recovered    a    "Inst j
nerve" by retracing   the    path    ou , 1
which he lost it. | \
ler Legacy Did your liiiBband
ve you much? Oh. about otic** a.
eki on tho average   -Judge.
Fourteen  per
cent of  llie
Eg   is
Wh.jt are your politics?   I'm a Republican.   Which   section?  —Detroit
Iniiiatlons and   substitutes.
We All Would
Old man. we want you lu our cleanup campaign.
All right.
Well, name your preference Committee ou dumps, alleys or brickyards.
What would you llko to clean up?
I'd like to clean up about a million
dolla rs.—Courier-Journal.
of the canter before   breakfast,
counteracted by tbe bad effect of tbe
decanter after dinner.—Tatler.
lay inarticulate in the thought of other I -■■t.tered wreck was pitched through
men, has added vastly to his power thf.?»"' (i0?!' °r W!l.e? ».omo aml
of touching their sympathles.-Francis 'Ba r n.!*?.«" ,pi' aml bI*»^(l
K. l.eupp, in the June Atlantic.
A Neat Coin Trick
Tske two plus, one Jn each hand,
aud pick up a coin with them by
pressing ono to each side of the edge.
When you have got it firmly held,
blow on the coin, and it will revolve
rapidly- A coin with a rough edge
—a 50 cent piece, quarter or dime—is
the best to use. A dime, because the
figures on it are smaller than on the
other pieces, can be made to spin so
fast that It looks as IE It were spherical lust-cad of flat. The trick Is
very easy to do, although It may
look hard. All that is needed is
steady hands.
Maud Muller ou a summer's morn
Heard the toot of an auto horn,
"aee!" said Maud, "ain't ho going fast
And then ahe thought of the sighs and
The judge hud caused hcr all these
So sho set   her   teeth   and    never
But took his number and  had  him
—Worcester Academy Begonia.
Mlnard's Liniment used by Physician)
Two egga of the great auk wort*
sold recently In Loudon, one al 150
guineas, as agslnsi an auction price
of ISO gulit-Ms (Mime yearn ago, and
lh" other for 140 guineas. There are
now iu existence eighty skins and
seventy lliree egg-i of lhls extinct Mea
"theatre for Clean-minded
A minister, head of the Investigating Committee of the Toronto Vigilance Association, attended a theatrical performance and Included in his
report verbatim statements of some
things Bald ou the stage.     When he
That kid's loo smart, said lite man.
N-iver said a word about tho old man
belli* Inside of tbe coat.
The Only Way
An elder, while baptizing converts
at a revival meeting, advanced with
a wiry, sharp-eyed old chap Into the
water,     he asked the usual question.
"Let us nip this monster in tbe bud
before It overwhelms us as an oncoming tidal wave!" shouted the young
•Perbai-s" said au experienced
campaigner in the back of the hull,
"ll would be better to smoke It oui
of its lair before it becomes a festering canker."—Judges Library.
gave out his report, h? was arrested *bel*SPl ,Uere W a',y T,Wh?
on a charge of circulating improper £• .fiSj-8"? bnf sm ^i1'"1 not
literature. And yet it goes-'m the j be admlnlatered. After a pause
stage. No wonder lhe theatre, aiV «■■ Powerfi -looking man who was
losing patronage. Most people are 00.kil? I"1? > ™> «"«*««. ™er,
clean In mind and do not wish to be ,lo» 'J™* to »*"*«* t\ ^T b,f
befotlled'. lt would pay some thea- j m?s8' bn ' Jank to my t,,a* * 9 '?
tre in every big town to maintain such an,0< 8lnner ™ ^ ft1h1old of-
a standard that it could proclaim itself '"id that one dip won't do him any
uo ih,* 11.-.a"ra f,--- tut. ~i--ti-tni,iAaA 1 Sood', you'll have to anchor him out
as the theatre for tho clean-minded,
aud or comae. Justify the claim. -St.
Paul Despatch.
In Line
What makes you think the baby Is
going to be a great politician'.' asked
the young mother, anxiously.
I'll tell you, answered the young
father* Confidently; he eau say more
things that sound well and mean
nothing at all than uny kid I ever
saw.-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
you'll Have to anchor
lu dee., waler over ntght"—Life.
The fact that corporal punishment
In ill'-conraged In Ihe public schools
or Chicago Is what led Bobby's tracker to address tbls nolo to the boy'a
Dear .Madam. -1 regret very much
to haw to id) you Ibat your sou Itobert Idles nwny his lime Is disobedient,
quarieim 'lie nud disturbs the pupils
who are trying to study their lessons.
II * needs a good whipping, aud 1
strongly recommend that you give
him one     Your., truly, Miss Blank.
To this Bobby's mollier responded
an follows: Dear Miss Blank,-—Lick
him yourself, 1 ain't mad at him.
Yours truly. Mrs. na sii.—The Youth's
Compan Ion
V,1 Kl0Nn <-',.
• ,'U, 'Hl''r*l-*.■''■ V/
!''_   ",<-HT b   Ol\f,' ',  .
-Senator Rayner was condemning the
argument m a political opponent.
This man, he said, misunderstood
me. lle ml:'understood me as completely as iii > little boy misunderstood the ear trumpet.
Cine Sunday morning In church, as
Ihe hymn was beginning, he saw a
min lake a-i ear trumpet from his
bosom and clap It to bis ear.
Oh, ma, look, he whispered excitedly ht Ills moth01*. Tlml there gentle-
man niusl be go In;, lo play by ear! -
i.os Angeles Timet..
SUM had a profit
The new drug-clerk had just filled
a pre-1 rlpttou for a woman customer
for which he charged her $1.10. After
her departure thle clerk discovered
that the dollar was a counterfeit.
lie went hurriedly to the proprietor
and Informed him of the fact.
Mow about the ten cents'.' asked
the proprietor—Is that good?
Yes, sir. answered the clerk, that
seems to he all right.
Well, said the proprietor, don't worry about tt—we still make a nickel.
Boy, lake these llowers to .Wis*. Bertie. Hi.hoo, room i:'.
My. iir. you're tbe fourth gentleman
wot's sent her flowers to-day.
What's that? What the deuce! Who
sent lho others?
Oh, they didn't send any names.
They nil said. "She'll know where
they came from."
Well, here, Inke my card and lell
her these are from the same one who
sent the other three boxes.
Like Old Times
Singleton—What's ibe matter, old
man? Vou look as If you'd been making a night of it wllh Ihn boys.
Nowpop—You've struck il! The
twins kept me up till It o'clock lhis
morning.—Besl on Transcripi.
Her   Family
An nrllst wbo occupied a studio on
lhe top floor of a large building was
always friendly with the woman who
cleaned bis rooms.
How many children have you. Molly? In1 asked one morning as she was
polishing the floor.
It's slveu I have. sir. thank ye for
askln*. It's lucky I am. sir, bless
Vm. I have four be the Ihlrd wife
of me second husband, nud three be
th" second  wife of me first-
Are you going to forgive your
daughter for eloping With the son of
the great trusl magnate?
1 don't, know yet. U will depend
a good deal on whether the young
man's father's attorneys succeed in
getting the Indictment quashed or
nol .—Chicago Record-Hera Id.
I suppose your object In conducting
elections is io find nut which Is the
best man. Yes, replied tbe plain citizen. But I'm afraid we've drifted out
of lho course. Tbe debates seem lo
be directed exclusively lo discovering
the worst man.—Washington Star.
Worms cause fretfulness and rob
the Infant, of Bleep, the great nourishes Mother Craves* Worm Uxter-
mlna-or will clear the stoni.ieh and
Intestines and  restore h.-.tltiifiilu.'ss
Externally or Internally, ii Is Good
-When applied  externally by brisk ^	
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil op- j -—-—;
ens the pores and penetrates the lis-      Husband of Militant Suffragette (to
sue as few liniments do, touching the j j"8 seoretary,—Take lhis note around
seat of the trouble and immediately  t0_my vv"e» Pjpn»©.
affording relief.   Administered Intern-     Secretary--Certainly.     sir, At
ally, It will still the Irritation in thowm,fln er~*-an lrt st"-' Stopping?—Har-
throat  which induces coughing and nera Bazaar.
will cure affections of the bronchial i ^~	
lubes aud  respiratory organs.     Try
It und be convinced.
The Voice
Dn you believe In ttie voice of Hl*3 | atail_T**lIerc ''ittlld'
The Officer Took no Chances
The Prisoner—There goes my bat.
Shall 1 run after it?
Policeman Casey—Phut? Huu away
| and never come bad*, again'.'      Vou
run after
Yep, replied  Parmer   Corntossol;
when some o' these candidates who
want lo do all the talking will give
It a chanco to be heard.--Washington
Truthful Story-Teller
William had been west with his
mother, and had enjoyed lhe trip In
the glass-botlomed boat. lln was
telling II to a little friend.
Yes, Edgar, were COUld see the fish
laying on the bottom of the ocean.
Lying, dear, put In his mother.
Nn, I'm not, mollier, he replied
Mrs. Post—Have   yoii   any
who can make mayonnaise,
New burg, and croquettes V
Proprietor or   Intelligence
(proudly)—Lots of Vm.
Mra. Post (sadly)- Bring me one
of the olher Mud. i'vo got dyspepsia.   Harper's Bazar.
Clerk—Cau you lot me off to-morrow
ofternoon?    My wire wants mo to go
Employer—Cerlalnly not.
Clerk -Thank you very much, sir,
You ate very kind.--London Opluluus.
W. N. U. 903
A horror is where something dreadful happen1) to a number nf people of
J whom the newspapers have portraits
_ ready. --Buck*
Victim's Sarcasm
do you consider the runs! Im-
evoill iu the history of 1'arla'.'
replied lhe tourist, who had
grown weary of distributing tips, ko
far us flnuncliil prosperity Is concerned. I should say Hie discovery of
Amol'lcn was the making of tills
lown.- -Wiisliliiglon Herald.
The person who n'dvcrllsod for "a
mnu who Hpeuks Gomv.li and under-
Bland a horses" was satisfied with ihe
wording at bin udvcrHsemenr until
Ihe first, applicant nrrlved. "Veil,"
suld tho would-be stableman, soberly, scratching his bend, "I schpenks
Shalrmaii all 'Iglldt, but I don't know
dot I cnn understand dOSo horses*
Vnat laitgqiilchcH  to tey schpeak?—
Christian Register,
Nothing   Serious
1 henr your wife hud to be carried
home yesterday.
Ves. she had to be carried.
Nothing serious, I hope. What
does the doctor say?
\Ve have called in no doctor, The
dressmaker says she made the gown
a trifle loo tight.
Phrase    Illustrated
Ragged Rogers—Hear about Ousty?
lie picked up a quart er, gol  roarln'
drunk an' the judge sent hliu up for
ninety days.
Frayed Phillip (iee! Dat's What
you might call trouble from an unexpected   quarter.    Boston  Transcript
I wanl you to build ma a fiishloiiablo
Have you any special ideas as to Iho
stylo of house you want'.' asked the
Not exactly. I want one of thoso
modern places. Vou know the kind
I mean—oue with a living room ton big
to keep warm, and a kitchen loo small
to cock In.
MINAUD'S   LINIMENT  Is  the only
Liniment asked for at my store and
tho only ono we keep for sale.
All the poople use It.
P! 'iisntit  Buy, C.B-
Our New Perfection Broiler
Is pleasing many women. It enables the housewife to broil
as well on the New Perfection Stove as over a coal fire.
*   ,#
It  ttt€& oil tht hiw-t. II   '^n(* °' C0UT*e -f™ vt l*miliaT with lite
It cooks ev^ly.     « \\  NcW Pcr/fect JOIX
ft broili both sides at once.
It doesn't smoke.
^t-_____m^-\x    ii
ll imuch i convenieace all the ye_t
round, ll will btkf, btoil, io*»t and tout
i'lrt it well •• a regular coal range.
Ail lo ice ttie New Pe-fecltM Stove it your
dealer-. It ji httndtumr!-- finkhrd in ■ktel, with
■.•Un--. lop, drop thflvei. lawel racti, er.. ll hai
lone, en-nelei., tltfqOf—t-JxiM cfuMMn, Ma*-*
wrth I, 2 or 3 tuirntu Krae Coo-Bool will.
every atove, Cook-Bool alto fi'**1 to a• y■***■•*
aeadinf 5 testa to covet merlaf coat.
The British Government's plum for
development of aviation con I cm pint u
the establishment of a dentrnl tiytin:
school on Qsllshury Plain, ai which
17!) imiiii:; win in- Instructed annually, of whom fifteen are to bu civ-
lliu ns.
The free lodglUg-ltOUSO III Iloiljo
Wnrd. Toklo, Imih boused 855,000 per-
s IRS since H-i liiHt il nt Ion eleven years
UK". Most of lite lodgers have been
men between the a_es of twciily and
Live lues fti" allowed lo pABfl by*
letter or parcel post wll hln Hit
United Kingdom, provided Ihey am
packed In lultablu receptaclcj,
Lidy I didn't know your Iilili- hoy
wore glasses, Mri.. Miiillh.
Mrs. Smith- Well, yer see, miss,
they belonged to Is porn farver ami I
thought It. was u pity lo waste 'cm, •
ExpOftdllurO upon lho navies of (III
world last yeur totalled lib mllllom
Seventy ions Is Ilio weight of Ilu
new ludder o( tlic nuw lluur Aoult
Do yon expect to BOlld your boy
to college?
Yos, Afler the bard studying be
Is compelled to do lu high school I
think It Is no mon- Ihan right thai
lie should have a fow years of play
before bn goes lo work -Chicago
Jtceord-llerald.     '
Dootor—What make*1 you think the
boy isn't normal?
Mother Kvery thing. lie wns 16
years old last June, ami > ol lie doc-Tut
think he knows more than lint father.
-   Philadelphia Itecord.
'Captain1' said u wealthy passenger
who was about to take bis tlrst 1 rip
across the ocean, "i understand UiIh
ship has gol several .valor-tight com-
"Ven, sir,'1 wns the reply.
"Captain," the pnssoiignr went on
decidedly, "I want one of those com
parttnouts I don'l cars whal I' cosisl'
London Telegraph.
There arc morn Hum six thousand
known langungoi and dlnlccts.
Mn, Mnin IIiibhoII, Qrnmim, Min,
hiij-h : "I havo tiH.-il HiiI'v'h Own Tub-
intn in plaod ot ctutor oil nnd now
li Ih nu moro iiii. I imiiii not do
without lho Tflblol*, tli.-y nro won
dorftit. (Vhonovor baby l« fovorlsli
i p;lvo him iho Tablets nntl tlio rovor
iii'ini iUtmpp-.''>.'H, i iiI'miM koop tlii'in
In iho liouio nnd rooomnioinl thom to
my trlondi." Baby'a Own Tablotn
iio nol ci'ipo. Thoy arc oimy io tnko
linil abiolutol** safe, Thoy aro noM
by iilSfioliU detltraor by mall at tt
conta n box from ','tio *)". "'IHlnmn'
Mvdlolua Co., Ui-ockvUlv. Out.
"I have * moniy-saving invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year. You cave long hauls at
harvest time. In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
"TIi-h grtfitrli. com. In compact
bundle:'. A boy on let up and bolt
one tnfethir in a few boure. Four
peillu -h'l protect the eja'tn. Separator
delivery into a .pout on the tide or
into roof manbote -aaeea work ilui-
ln;; tbte.hina. Your crain ii protected
from vermin, wet and thieve., *J Sell
it when you are ready, loading direct
from the Rranary into your wagon,
or luiwiiiK il. No musty or heated
(rain, *|(..*t my granary and be Independent of elevator, for eelllng.
Sell at the highest price, nn'mnltrr
how long you ntore your grain.
The Pedlar Granary prulcc's you."
"Write mr f„t n,v i„k,u,.i    n .lm-, lm.. prnAtable my
t.ittitiirv I, rvrt. nn  M|r  nuartei hrtlofl I.Hit     I -r
II  [01  1913.   Tli, n„„k |>||, ,,|  ,„„ ,|on<y (,„ v..i, ■'
Writ, tat Bo„t.i n, it OSHAWA. ONT.
7r,l.,,n,l..rrtM.    l.u.nHM      mMIUV,
Ilr.wtrl.la Mr. *VI„!l„rkA atarlatt       Ut llllll It, ti.
I'.ill M r-
"M, IU hii'MIOfaawr,.!*.'..
In. ,Iau. AIM wllhaul da...
Ir ,!,.<...1 Ma,w.l,.w..ar...
I... Rn »l*» wanl.u. Int.-
>ula.l,'t.ha.t.|a,ul f.,rt,.n,|
aillof u atlarh. 41. i;,a„ai -."
Direct your inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.   They will «*iawe,* yotl
promptly ond   aave you time. _
•Tht   Padlar   Qranary   It   fireproof.   Think what that meant!" THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
-       May 26th       -
— One Night Only -
Romantic Daring Run Riot
Depiction in Life of the World's
Greatest Detective
Shown for the First Time
Direct from Sherman Grand
10c and 25c
Book News
SI.SO each
"V" vs. Kyes.   By the Author of "Queed"
"Smoke Bellew."   By Jack London.
$1.25 each
"The Mind the Paint Girl."    By Louis Tracy
"Stella Maris"    By William Locke.
"Murder Limited"    By Ranger Gull.
"Bobbie, General Manager"
"Blue Anchor Inn"
75 cts. each
"The Dop Doctor"
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
"The Wild Olive"
"The Prodigal Judge"
"His Hour"
"The Garden of Allah"
"The Shuttle"
Company, Limited
Local News
all kinds of pictures, moving pic
urea and otherwise?, the others an
the ones wc are most interested in
tc tlu pie.itMtt time- Kllby Framet.
. IctureB.
J. Taylor of Moyie, was in town
Mrs.  J. F. Brett, ol Wasa, was iu
town Thursday.
T. B. Tuill of Lethbrldge, was in
town Wednesday.
A. N. James, of Calgary, was in
the Olty Tuesday,
Police Magistrate J. Ryan has gone
to Calpary on business..
J. Laurie drove over to Fort
Steele Monday on business.
Mrs. Jordan, of Invar-more wan a
Crnnbrook  visitor Thursday.
Mr. ami .Mrs. A. C. Bowness motored to Fort Steele Tuesday,
C. A. Giant of Montreal, wan a
KUeBt at the Cranbrook Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. F, Johnson, of Moyie
were  Cranbrook   visitors  on   Monday
Miss Stapleton—DreBsmaber-*-Axm-
Btrou-R Ave. Phone   444. IMt
E. Blum en thai, of Scotland, was
registered at the Cranbrook Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. M, McCarthy, ol
Creston,    were   Cranbrook    visitors
Mrs. R. ll. Mordoek ol Oalgary
was a Cranbraok visitor ,,n Wednes
James Bates of Bull River was
1 transacting business at Cranbroo.*.
i Thursday
Mrs. QeorpQ James and children of
j alaryevllle attended the circua at
|  'ranbrook  Monday,
The Western Onion Telegraph Oo.,
j  .ill observe Sundav hours on Satur-
j  lav 24th, Empire Fay.
|     W.  B.   McFarlane leaves today  for
i Victoria   on business.    He    will   be
i.wav about  ten days.
Want a Wedding Ring?
"Passors-By"     it*«-i»HHiiHuiiiHH>i«-iiiMiiiiiiiiuiiii;;
You can get the best In weight ard
workmanship here for little money
and any other kind of Rings at a
considerable reduction. We have
a large assortment of very fine
Jewelry aud precious stones and
will be glad to have you call nud
inspect them nt your leisure. There
will be no pressure to buy unless
the goods tempt yon to rlo so.
Jewelers & Opticians
for Sale Rents & Wants
/OR SALB—Two Poorless Brooders,
good as new. J, i.artsldo, Cran
brook,   I hone Ranch. 15-tf
■ li SALE—Two 5 roomed plastered
Cottages, $800,00 each. Terms.
Pnone 318, Ed. Shackleton,
16 5t
■^ i ^. l-l 11 111 i-IMU 11 H. Hi hh. 11111111 M M 11 *.
and Uo hiiu \*a if your horse
wears a nut of harness of our providing. Don't bo afraid ol tjtraps
breaking- etttohtng ripping or
buckles parting. Our hat ness
Isn't built tfiat_way.It is built
for service and plenty of it. It
Is no more like mail order
harneBS thim polished Steele in
like tin. We sell real harness
noi pictures of it,
W. M. PARK & CO.  ij
Phone 10.9     Cranbrook, B.C.
p.o. Box 443 ;:
M. B. King of Vancouver, was in
own this week on business connected
■ tth the Kin.: Lumber t-o.
Studies in express ou—The fa'e?
sen at the Edison a'most anv old
ven.ng v.hen there is a   101 show.
Mr, and .Mrs. E'aul Har.dley and
.hildren of Marysville, were in town
Monday,  attending  the hig circus.
Chicago and Boston have just a
half dozen perfect babies. You can
..nd more than that number in Cranbrook.
Seeds, seeds, seeds, we still have a
good assortment—Cranbrook Trading
Mr. and -Mrs. P. Matheson, and J,
A. Macdonald motored to Mr. .Matheson's ranch on Wednesday, returning
in the evening.
Mnlcolm Mclnnes of Crows Neat*
waa in town Thursday. Mr. Mclnnes is ono of the pioneer lumbermen
ut East Kootenay.
Liberal senators in caucus have
-greed to reject the naval hill. \.on~
der lf this information is the cus;.
of the present activity In local Liberal circles.
A P P L E S will grow again.
Hot weather ;ind Flies will
lie here any day now.
Lei    vis    .ittend    to    voui
Screen  Door
Window Screens
Wa its
Closed To-day
Mr. ami Mra, I*'. Kuitrmor lelt. on
Tuesday fnr a til I to tho const, On
their way, th»v will look several aid
friends In Trail anil KobbIiiiuI. pro-
cecding trom there to Vnnroiivcr. Mr.
Kummer In onn of two representative! which Crtioont  Lodge No.   _,
Of   llll'   l.l'.ll'l-   of   KnlglllH   ol   I'ythl'IB,
will hav-. representing them al tholr
Orand Loilgo to bt held In Vtucouviir
il-i_l   lata
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,      -      B. C.
Mrn. H. B, Christian and Mill B.
Mills, mother and aunt, resn.ctlvelv
Lf Tom and Frank Christian, anl
Mra. J. rioberts. of thin city, ar
rlvod from QrJmiby. Kn»taid, 01
Widneidp   •! iit's local,   Thev both
roport Imvln? made a radtnl Jour
ii-v und are dnllirhted with the nnw
QXperiflhOfl throm'li whlcb Ihey have
putt intHHi-d. They are both KoIuk
to make Oranbrook their future
home. Tbe reunion wm a happy
A large number of people fi'o.-n
Purt Steele, Marysville. Kimberley,
Moyle, and other towns in ths dlntrlct, were at Cranbrook Monday at-~
tending the hie circus.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Bowness left
on Wednesday morning for Oalgary,
on a visit to their son, who is
at college in thnt city, and who is to
have his  examinations this  wee.-,.
On Empire Day Nelson will have
a hard time to carry off baseball honors in a game with Kaslo. Spokane
will send four crack players and
Cranbrook two to help the Kaslo
hoys win,
BORN—At the Cottage Hospital on
Saturday, May 17th, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. K. Livingston, a son.
BORN—At the Cottage Hospital on
Friday, May 6th, to Mr. and Mrs.
R. S. Garrett. -■ daughter.
MftVor IJownesH entertained n huge
number of children at the auditorium
>n Mctiday, The moving pictures
were excellent, and the * kiddles,"
Bome four hundred th ruurll; appreciated   the  efforts    of  the   Mayor  in
heir behalf.
Arrangenunts air being made for
the openin» of the flolden-Spillinn-
Bbane section of the Kootenay Central railway ou June 1st. After
which a mixed train wilt run over
this 7ft miles of the new line three
timet each  week.
B tNTfilO— Spring Hear Hides hy the
Cranbroolt Taxidermist. 1'. O,
Box   513, Oranbrook, ID-tit
IR S vi,]-: Two Peerloes Brcoler.
also 2-22S egg Peerless Incubator
good as new, J. Gartatde, CrRn
brook, Phone Ranch, 15-t
'OK SALE Oottago uu Dewar Avr
Cash or terms. Apply W. M<
Cready.  Box   897, City.        20-3
POR RENT—Rooms in moder
house. Phone 37*1, corner Et*
ward Street nnd Lumsc'en Ave.
through the
Farmer's Institute
Ts offering substantial assistance to any ranchers desir'ng to
purchasa pure-bred male animals
for improvement of their stock in
Bulls, Hams, or Boars.
Full Information cun he obtained by applying to
Secretary! Farmers'
To-Morrow May Never
YOU MAY fully ntend to insure to
morrow! How do you know tharo
will he a tomorrow—for you? Insure
today, Don't wait beenvss of your pre
sent Inability to carry a large
amount; a smnll policy if. better than
.ona. Besides, while you are wait
ng, the cost is Increasing! Take o,ut
:i policy for BOME amount in Tlr
Vflltual Life of New Yor": now, v-hll-
vou can get it. The more convenient
cn-urn, for which so mnn/ wait, may
never come to you,
Locul Agents,
Hanson Bullrtfn-r. Cranbrook, B. ('.
P.O. Box,   574. Telephone, 458
A o&bby. » tmtnp. a mother aad
her loving child, a wealthy bachelor,
a man servant, the pampered daughter of an historic English family and
the careful chaperone of a well regulated English household are some
of the characters nresentcd in C.
Hadden Chamber's four act comedy
the attraction at the Auditorium on
May Slat. No play of recent years
has attracted more cennent fiom critics and public than th s 1 test wort
from the pen of the in n who gave
us a decade a o "Tha Tyranny of
Toars." "Passers-By" wrs t'rat sth
In London at the Wyndham tleatr\
where it r. n for over a year and a
half and wa* tho reig-ifii' success iu
New York nil last season at t*e Cri-
■orlon t'hoiitre, where it was present
3d hv Oharlea Frohman.
j, O. Dennis, of Edmonton, waa tn
town Thuraday.
Moyie,   waB   in
For one night only will he prosev
■unted the most dramatic and thrill-
n» motion pictures over s' own h re
ihen Sid Bluementhal bring, to the
Vuditorium next Mondav e tn'ng,
May 28tb, in the soonefl miitouii Ing |
be murder of I Iflllt, Joieph Petro-
lino, the New Vo-k det-e'i/c nt Pal'
•irino, It/ilv, when be was set ir on
over a year ago by members of the
Blaok Hand BOOlCty who Imd f llow-
•<l  hirn  from  America.
Mr. Hr inn. nth;il, who olTerfl the
vlf-WH. h'ivh Mi't it was niress ry to
obtain th" cons-rot of Mrro I otro'lno,
wife of the Into det/c'lve, h< f rn tho
views Oil)Id he o' tal ■• d. No 1 .ss
than 112.000 was OpfUt In tbln direction ftlcmt, it Is a Id.
Among the BCOD'B ihn-n are the
march of the great New Vor Police
Force nt the fun-irnl v hi h fol owed
the b'lnMDt bnck to Am-rica of P"-
troilno's body. POpllxr »rlces wll
prevail at thi Auditorium theatre
-tarlAf tbi run of thnt plotum,      ,
Blitkh Columbia Timber Holders
A wealthy eastern corpora-
tlon is in iim marl'el for never.
nl well located bodies of timber
in south -eastern B, C. MUST
BE NEAR railway transport*.-
linn, good lutfglng chance and
fire risk
Smiil full Information of your
oft'oring giving quantities, do-
la ledestlmaies, stumpage prices
uud maps in Box i'tii) 21 4t
Cniiilini.ik ptfoplo lmvo fmitul out
that A SINOliB lii'HI'l ol Hlmpln
liuehtliorn hurk, i:lyciirilin, etc., nil
coiiipouiidoil In AdlW-I'lM, thc G«r-
nmn Imwi'l mnl Htuiiiiicli rcniody. rc-
IIhv.'h cuiiHtlpiitlnii, Hour Btnmnch or
i-n" on the Htunmili 1NHTANTI.Y.
Thin nlmplc mixture Imcnmo fnuioii*
by curing npponillcltla and It nntl-
Bcptlclzcn the dlgottlvo orgnnn nnd
ilmwH oil tlm ImpurltloB. It Ih nur-
prlllng bow tjlJIi.'KLY lt hilpi. THU
m»tti*-Mun*hy 0» IMt
M>,   ,1.   llounur   ol
town ThurHilny.
It. A. Smith ol MiiryH.'illc wnn In
town Wuilncnilny,
J. T. Chipholm, o( Vnncouver, w:'n
In the Olty Thursday,
J. HoIikoii, of Kernie, wna In the
I'ltv Pii'lnv on liiisl*nt!Hn.
W, Wentworth, ol Jnllray, wan In
tho citv ETrlday on biiBinegs.
Mrs, ,1. H. King returneil (rom n
Spo nne visit on Hundnv taut.
O. B, OrelRhton, ol Mo'ie, wnn In
the Citv Thursday on business.
Blinore and Chester staples motored in (rom Wyclifle ou business.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Wnson are visiting  friends nt  MacLeod  this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ohas, Gill, of Seat^e
wore ('ranbrook visitors on Tuesday.
R. P. Stowed, of HoBton, Mass.,
wub a guest at the Craubrook Mondav.
Stenographer wnnted. Apply Box
B. llilev, proprietor of the Yah',
Hotel, spent Sunday last in Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. J. JarvlB, of Bow
Island, Alta., were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Mrs. H. K. Mather and daughter,
of Fort Steele, were Cranbrook visitors on Wednesday.
At the Bdlson theatre tr night aprc.
lal features will be shown a. 1 able
to holiday observers.
A large party of active workers of
the Liberal narty motored to Fort
Steele Thuraday evening.
T. T. McVittie and A. B. Fenwick
of Fort Steele, were transacting bus
iness at Cranbroo't Thursday.
Spuds, the very beat, 11.00 cwt.,
95c cash—Cranbroo'-. Trading Co.
Wm, Oreen went to Klmbrrley on
Monday, he has accented a position
with the Sullivan mining company.
The railway comm<s~ion ba "ing
completed Its work in Vancouver,
will hotd Its next sitting at Victor
N. Burdette of Marvsvi'le book-
deeper for the Sullivan Mining Com
rany, was in the city Friday on com
pany business.
Fred, Coffey, manager for P..Burns
& Co. was at Feme this week, attending a el-tlng of the superior
court, as Juryman
There ls a great demand for a go id
ball team, a lacrosse team, anl fo't
ball teams, the summer even'n 8
would be much enjoyed by everybody
In the City.      	
On Sunday afternoon the new In
dustrial School at the rt. Eugene
Mission wl I be dedlc t d by the
Most Reverend Archbishop T. Casey,
D.D., of Vancouver.
Mrs. A. Naslund, of Wvellle, was
in town Monday, Mrs. Naslinl lost
a sunburst set with pearls, the Under wi'l be rewarded hy leaving the
same at the Prospector office.
I-nBt vrnr the Canadian PaclPc railway company served about 10,«OD,
000 meals on its Ir ins ad steamships, and its hotels. The a er ge
was more thnn   30,000 meals a day.
A number of Llbernls motored to
Klmberley on Tuesday. Among these
faithful were J. Kennidv, Oeo. Utv:-
enrth, Dr. Miles, C, H. Ward, T. H.
Roberts, B. Paterson, W, Nesblt and
T. fl. Olll.
The Ladl*s Auxiliary ot the Young
Mrn. Club 11*1.1 a business meeting
on Thursday the 15th for the pun...so
nl electing officers for the vear. The
followim- o.llccrs were elected: President, Mrs. J, McNabb; Vice President, Mrs. O, Hogarth; Secretary-
Treasurer, Miss L. Cartwright.
HAS Three Rings Full Of Acts.
The Princejf Tonight
A vast amount of mon-y was spent
in producing "Thc Prince of Tonight," ci>niln< to tbe Audi'o-i m
Tuesdnv, Mny 27th, there are three
acts and four scenes in t**is g-or-
..eoiis cxtravngnnin. Tha nrst ae n-
ls that of tho farro'S hotel "The
llreii'-ers," nt I'i'lm Beach, Florida,
nresen'lng the i-l-as'int surroundings
•f thnt famous r-aort where e ry
one h*iB moniv. Tho B"i* •>>■■ acneof
the snme net is the tra*.afnrm'i(lon
plctiirlnr th»> mvthleal Ivd of T.uni-
i"iilii, sbowln" bowlldrrlng ejects.
Thi s'Tind act takes tlic auditor
buck to Palm Beach showing -n 'li-
hornte house l*o*t durln*. an •..»>«,n"
i.l  tlio Wntor Fete,  ''hlh t**e th'rt
PB''   1'lBt   "Ct   Is   <he   t>"B   "'t   O"     O'
lawn. It la In this act that 'h*> e'-
pr*rl'—l nKeets °ro *h*i m*at *.'lUla*lt
of anythlnv over att-.nvt'fl on " ro\d
tour. Tlm rntlre nrodurt,''n Fll ho
produced in thia citv e'a'tlv ns presented during Ita loag stay la Ohlca-
i! Auditorium:!
MAY 31st
1913 ;:
Geo. W. McGregor Company
By Special Arrangement with Charles Frohman J
1 The LONDON and NEW YORK  humorously human >
comedy drama success '
"Passers-by"   !
with ;
Selected English Company from London )
First Canadian Tour
16 Months at Wyndham Theatre, London
6 Months at Criterion Theatre, New York
PRICES-      SOc.   $1.00,   $1.50 j
Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store i
* •H-HHHI'I'HIIIHIM-. --H-t*** .H* 111IIII M 111**
Spokane - - Washington
Assets over $700,000.00
Insures Against
Accidents, Sickness
and Death
Reliable, Prompt, Safe
Hazlewood & Morrison
General Agents      -       Cranbrook,  B. C.
P. O. Box 574 Hanson Building Phone 458
Mrs. H. White will not receive
again this season.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables—Tho
Cranbrook Trading Co.
A large number oi Indiana were lu
town Thursday enroute to Ht, Kugene Mission,
At the Edison Ih-atre tonight .pec-
•al fat*rea vill be so.n suitable
to holiday occasions.
The Yan'iee Robinson circus will
show ln Cranbroo't on June 9th and
there wlll be afternoon and evening
A large number of Born-rs Ferry
cltizena will viait Creaton on Vic or-
ia Day. A return visit wl'l be made
by Creatonltea to the Ferry .Iry on
July   Fourth.
The annual bill In a'd of the Diamond Jubilee Hospital waa hell list
ni»ht at Fort Steele. There was a
large attendance, a consld ra .le
number of CranbrooWtes b 1-g re*
sent, the music excellent, and a ren-
eral good timo was en.'oyed by all.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Boi mi OBnhrn-.it   a r*
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson avenue
Captain IT. J. Carruthers
Lieutaaant W. Cooper
Sunday Servlcee—
I 11 a.m.—Holiness Servloe
3 p.m.-Blble Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
| 8 p.m.-Salvation -.enlca
Tueaday, Thursday, and Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
in evory dotal 1
are our muthnds
of hirtrultiiro and
Wo take partln-
ulur pains in jki--
ing tlmsi; who sit
for un and chooie
tho most artiatio
Thnn overy pro-
co-b of develop-
reoaives p:iin--
(aklng uttuutlon.
Iligll rlll-M llii'lll-
ihIb only am oh-
Biirvod in our
Make an ap>
pninttnimt with iih
anil haVI' »IIIIIu
I'll.. tOg I'll |l h B
niiiile here.
The Star Photo Studio
P. O. Box 527
Baker St    Cranbrook, B.C.
Branch at Blairfflora, Alta.
Catholic Church
Sunday*-Low hum at 1:10 a.m.,
Ugh masa, lo:U a.m., Sunday school
from I to 3 p.m., Roaary and Bene-
ttctlon at 7:10 p.m.
Mondays and holy daya of obligation—Maaa at 8 a.m.
Weak days-Maes at • a.m. at tba
P.Plamoadoa, O.M.I.
Methodist Church
Ray. W. Blaoa Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Bvening Worahlp 7:30 o'clock.
Presbyterian Church
Rar. W. Kalman Thomson
Morning Ser lea   nt   11/0   A. M.
Hu*.',(*>—The ""ae*   "'•'•*
Sunday Sehool and Bible Class at
3 p.m.—Young people Invited.
"lib -c'—f'o d in en l'n .
flelprtloi   *-v Q"ar
Mid-week Hervlce Wednesday I p.m.
Bible Study.
Baptist Church
Paetor —
Rev. f>.  HI   "PV    ij
Morning service at 11 a-m.
Subject—"Laughter 'a the Wilderness"
Sunday Sc'inol—3.00 p.m.
BVenlni' e rlres at 7.30 p.tn
Sub)rctr~"The W^t of ,*oiner."
The e enng err Ice will a a Mr-
vice of aong. All ara corllally Invited.
ih.. ua   1 a     r•    ' ,
obner   il at lhe o   nig of   h
ng.    An   iavitatloa ie extended to


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