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The Prospector Dec 7, 1912

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Array We Have
An  Exceptional Good   Assortment
Ladies' Bracelets
From $3.50 Up
' ll-mry Lac. A.,am . ^ /
HFC 1.0 1912   __\
S_\?ln*.     I'heJ.tGiUjriij Newspaper
^-^ORIA;^^ *e
S2.00 Per Vear
City  Council   Meeting
Passing of  Accounts
A apecinl meeting of the city 1:01m-
cll wna held on Tti'irmlny even ng ln
the Council Chamber. There wer* pre
Bent Mayor A. 0, Bnwnetiit, anil Alder
men Clapp, Erlckaon, Cameron, Atchison and Campbell.
J. G. Cummlniia beltii; prcaent waa
given permission to address the council. Mr. Cummlnga tmltl that lie wua
building n cottage Just outside of the
Olty UmiiH nnd deslre*l that thu city
ahould extend the sewer h distance of
about 120 feet; and objected to a
clause in a proposed ngreement,
whereby all damage 01- necidonts In-
enrrod in tho construction of aald ee-
t wer ahould be provided lor hy the
linrti.'H of the second part. Mr. Cum
niinna was Informed thnt th. City
was not contracting for the building
of the sewt-r, hut was Himply over-
arcing the work,. That the pnrty of
ths second part coul! inmirc the work
in n against all accidente. Mr. (.'11111-
mings snid that this plan would be
most satisfactory to lilm. The city
clerk wus Instructed to tnke t'lis mat
ter up with the insurance compnny.
The finance committee then presented their regulnr monthly report nnk
recommended thnt accounts to the n-
mount of *5,946.01 be paid
The following accounts were presented for payment :-
Beattie-Murphy   Co  21.65
Davis Bros.  Klec. Co., Ltd.... 2.00
Atkins, H. B  161.82
B. C. Uvery   to.50
Bell, ,t. H. M  6.00
City Engineer's Pay-roll   8C6.50
City Clerk's Sundries   15.00
Cranbrook Trading Co.,  Ltd. 40.76
City Engineers Pay-roll (com 57.50
Jolliffe A  3.50
Electric Light Co., Ltd  20G.50
C.P.R. (freight) May A Coal 158.12
Cranbrook Steam Laundry ... .80
Cranbrook Bnkery   25.65
City Officials Payroll   o40.no
City Transfer Co.    87.23
Corbin Conl A Coal Co  125.28
Poster. R.  A  10.00
Cranbrook Cartage ft   Trnns. 2.00
Fairbanks Mora* Co  18.76
Davla Bros. Electric Co  5.40
East Kootenay Mercantile Co. 9,
Plre-dept r.-,y roll     250.00
Heruld Publishing Co  11.60
Kootenny   Telephone Lines,... 2.40
McCreery   Bros  4,75
McBride  .1.  I)  6.60
McNeill, R. S  93.75
Parker H. Y  8.60
Pittsburg Meter Co  i.u
Parrett t. n  6.80
Parka, Frank 4 Co      24.96
Patmore Bros   100.00
Prospector Pub.  Co.,  Ltd. 10.10
Police Pay-roll     380.00
Post Olllce  Ho*  Rent         2.00
Rumsey O. F, B       3.50
School Bonrd Orders     1414.96
School Board Order (C.R.Leiuik) KOO
Thompson Stationery Co     21.00
Ward ft Hurris        10.26
Beattie-Murphy  Co.   Ltd 60
City Transfer          42.65
Cranbrook Caitage       2.76
McBrlde, J. D    24.20
Parts, Frank ft Co       45.45
Pay-roll        708.50
On motion of Aldermen Cameron
and Clapp tiie accounts aB presented
by the Finance Committee, not other
wise provided lor, was ordered paid.
lt wns moved hy Aldermen Cameron
nnd Clapp that the adverse accounts
presented by the School Board be
pnld in tbe estimates of 1913.
It was moved by Aldermen Erickson
and Atchison that the place of holding the Municipal election be the
Court House in the City of Cranbrook, that T. M. Roberts be appoint
cdreturning officer with power to appoint a poll clerk.
In retard to the janitor of the Olty
building, who lt was complained was
Inefficient in his duties. The City
Clerk was instructed to secure the
services of another janitor. $
It was suggested that tbe City
team, teamster and one man bo employed in hauling gravel for grading
avenue as long as the season will
Council adjourned.
Gift is $35,000,000
from Canada
The naval policy of premier Borden wnB announced In thc HoUBe
Commons Thursday. Mr. Borden, in
a cnrefully prepared speech, reviewed
the status of naval affairs of tbe
world and told of the burden thrown
on the Mother Couotry through thc
aggressive   naval policy ot (Iermany.
He snld: "Canada propose to add
three ol the most powerful battleships ailoat at a cost of 135.000,000
to the naval defense of the British
Empire. These vessels are to he
built in Great Hritlnn und will form
part of the British licet, but tbey
can he recalled to form part ol a
Canadian navy should such a step
be necessary."
Expressions of Gratitude
London, Nov. 22—An outburst of
British pride and gratitude greets
whatthe Morning Post calls '^he
simple hut inspiring announcement"
n the Klug's speech at Ottawa.
"Who," sayB tbe Post, "could fail
to be deeply touched by thc spectacle
of this young nation resolutely
shouldering Its responsibilities as a
partner of the empire and stepping
forth ragerlv to take part In safeguarding from attack the heritage of
the British race.   Contributions from
Canada and other partner states
must be regarded Blmply as reinforcements which are Intended to render
the task of uny possible enemy still
more formidable."
The Daily Telegraph says:
"Tho heart;- of tbe llrltlsh people
go out In unrestrained admiration
and deep gratitude to the Canad un
nation lor their generous promise
when Britain is confronted by an
emergency of unexampled gravity
owing to the rnpid expansion of foreign fleets. The motherland finds
that she will not have to face the
world in urnis alone. Spontaneous
oflers of help come from all quarters.
The ruling princes of the federated
Malay states spring forward wltb
the gift of n lirst-class cruiser. New
Zealand haa given u splend d liuttle-
shlp-crnisoi' to the metropollean tleet.
South Africa Is considering what
share she will take in Imperinl destiny. Australia is creutlng a smull
hut oflicicnt navy to relieve thc British Heel of the responsibility of policing her distant fleet. Egypt is
about to provide mobile defences for
her own littoral.
"Now Canada advances, stowing
her loyalty to one throne und one
Hag and the British conception ot
wider   life   among   her offspring—al
lied nations—and t'mir mission.
This unity carries witli it saie component puns that wilt assure the
peace of tbe world. We In tlio United Kingdom must bu prepnred to
meet the dawn of this fresb day with
a glnd welcome to tuese daughter
lnnds which huve a right to some
voice jn shaping an l-'licli.-h policy.
We shirk this fresh responsibility onlj at grave peril to tlmt Empire."
The Dally Graphic (Unionist) says
the emergence ot thc German navy
has completely chnnct-d the Dominions point ,.( view. They previously
considered tliey hnd done nil to be
expected of thom In contrlbutetng towards local defence.
The Morning Tout (Unionist) Is
certain that Hon. E. Louis Godeere's
victory shows that Pnemler llorden
has the support of the people la his
naval proposals.
The Pall Mall Gazette (Uutonist)
I suys the whole movement (or empire
[ defense and union will be ruined II
j the Canadian ships are absorbed into
■ the home guard and kept clamped to
; the North Sea and the Mediterran-
; ean. Canada and other dominions
j nre conscious of other clouds no big
j ger than a man's hnnd and will expect their own ships to defend their
own Interests.
Important Awards Given
Special  to the "Prospector"
FRRNIH Dec. 3th.-In tue .Supn-me
Court, today, Justice Clement ren-
ilorwl a decision in [avor of the
plaintiff*, Mews. Laidlaw, White,
OummingB, Korr and Karquuharson
u13.iin.st the O.P.h. The plaintiffs
f,ued the O.P.R, for damages resul-
titiK from ilrea started by engines,
and the suit has been in progress
Hince    Monday,    and    its result in a
matter   of  much   inte-reut to   owners
of land in Kast Kootenay,
W. 0. Macdonald, K.C,, represent
•1 VVhitf- and Cumminga; Law and
Fisher rei-n-BPnted Kerr; A. U. Mao*
donaM rcprescnteil Laidlaw; and H
W. llereh-raer represented the Far-
fjuahnrnon interests.
K. Bo-dwell nmj ;.)   Hcrchmei  represented  t.-o -iefeudants,  the C.P.R.
Uni.i.'U'pp .vf-re awarded in each case
Order of Foresters
A very successful evening was spent
laat Thursday in the Carmen's Hall
by the members of the Ancient Order
of .Foresters and their friends.
A large number of membera and
friends gathered and enjoyed the e-
vening very much.
The ladies of the Pride of Cranbrook Circle had charge of the evening entertainment and for the ocens-
ion had provided a good programme
wtth the double advantage ot tree u*.
lent coming mostly from the Court
and the Circle.
The winners of the whist drive for
the lad es were Mrn. Oeo. Couldwell,
and for the gentlemen Mr. F. Lower.
Refreshments were served by the entertainment ei . nfter which
various songs and recitations were
rendered; dancing was afterwards Indulged in until the wee small hours
of the morning.
It is tiie intention of the Companion Cirri,* assisted by the members of
the Court to hold these socials regularly during the winter months, and
we are all looking forward expectant
ly to having soin-* ■ *■•*.. *-,u*-ul uu.*--*.
The next social Is to be held on
Thursday, December 26th, and will be
formembers only.
About the Ice
The Ice Committee of the Cranbrook Curling Association have been
very bimy this week preparing a good
foundation for the ice; thc rinks have
been doodad and it in expected that
if the present weather continues good
ice will be made by the first of the
coming week-.
u   ih   now announced mm thfl an
nual buimpiel ot tiie Hritisb Columbia Association will be held at Trail.
Cranbrook as usual will hold a to
<-h1 bonnpiel, with visiting rinks from
Fernie, Nolson, and other points jn
Kast  Kootenay.
Fernie will ulsu hold a boiispiol at
which a number of rinkfl from the
prairie provinces will attend. It is
rxpectcd that Cranbrook will be ne-
iected as the place for holding the
big provincial bonsplel next year and
that not less than ir>t) rink*, from alt
■iver British Columbia. Mborta and
Manitoba will contest for a large •■.*
mount of silver-warn .uui other jewelry.
C.P.R. Spending more than double
any other railway
The Winnipeg Telegram siys on
Saturday list:
"Forty-eight millions of dollars in
rolling stock ordered in one year.
Thnt is what the O.P.R. has dono
during 1912. It is an enormous sum
of money for one corporation to purchase in twelve months for ei-uip-
"It is double the amount ever ordered bv nny other railway system
in North Arr-aricn in the q.-.me period
and is evidence thnt the C.P.R. Ib
i-M-ping pace with the dcvelopcment
,n Canada—no mrtter how swift it
may br. Pnrt of the orders have already been dolhvred and the balance
are to he fum'shod ns quickly as the,
shop;: cnn turn out the work.
"When tho orders ure completely
filled, the O.P.R. will have In commission     2,225     locomotives,    90,416
freigl.t cars and stock cars of all
laud*., :!,it,: first and second class
passenger c mchea and 612 tourist
sleepers, Btandurd .-leept-r*. dining
and cafe cars, 1383 conductors vans,
4,329 boardirif.-, tool and auxiliary
cars and steam shovels*--to be opera
ted on over  12,600  miles of track...
ol t
n lo
Masonic    fraternity    of Crno-
nttended divine servior* on
iv afternoon in the chapel room
'ie Masonic Temple. There waa
re attendance from Crnnbrook
Q A.F, & A.M.. Rocky Mouu*
Chapter R.A.M., and Selkirk,
iptory. The service wiih under
direction ol Hev. K. p. Klewell
and Hev. W. K. Thompson
bed    an    excellent   sermon to a
.'.nrrceiative audience. The
ugytf divine service in -the lodge
w ns m Innovation that:
ht forth many pleasing econ-
s frum  those attending.
Encourage them
The Acadia Trust Company, Limited, of Vancouver, are proposing to
establish a branch of their business
in Cranbrook. Mr. Tyler Hcovllle,
their representative, is in town at
present making all the necessary arrangements. The Acadia are establishing branches in every city in
ilrltiflh Columbia of nny Bize and
with aufficlent subrrt-antiabllity to
warrant the tu*ed of such an instltu.
One of the greatest pleasures of the
Yule-tide season is the giving of gifts.
There is always a certain amount of genuine
joy in remembering a friend or relative at
Christmas time.
The one ever present question that troubles us all is "What Shall I
Give?" You  don't  want  to  slight your relatives and then you
must remember a few friends. In short, how to spread the glad
Christmas joy to everyone seems to be the greatest  trouble  at this
Here is the answer. This store has gathered superior stocks in
all manner of desireable, acceptable gift things. Bring your prob
lems here. With our suggestions of popular priced things, you
will find it extremely easy to solve the problem.
Gifts for Baby
IIAIIY llONNOTH      81.50 to 12.51)
UAHY MITTS  25 to     .76
BABY BIBS  IS to     .76
BABY DRKSSKS    1.00 to M0
BABY BOOTHKB 25 to  .70
BABY MUFFS  SO to ..r>0
Gifts for Boys
NKCKWKAII   I .35 tu ll.f.0
SCARFB    50 to   3.60
(5LOVI.S     60 tO   3.50
HOX    26 to   ..CO
Gifts for Wife
A 8UIT      815.00 to »45.00
A COAT         S.00 to   36.CO
An KviinliiK DrwH   ...   20.00 to   76.00
KUB8           7.00 to 160.00
Onrpe. BqunrtH         8.00 to   55.00
Table Olothl       1.75 to   10.00
Gifts for Women
Kiini-y l.lncim   I   .16 to 110.00
(■(ilium mnl Jaliotl          .15 to 3.00
llml Room Slipper"        ,60 to 2.75
Hllk Hose    76 to 3.00
Comforter"   2.00 to W.OO
IJmbrclli\»       2.00 to 16.00
Klmonni        3.50 to *.W
Kootwoiir        S.O0 to 6.00
Fttticy Cushion Top"        .60 to 2.00
lleniHtitrheil  HhwU    ... 2.75 tn 3.00
Sweater Coot"        2.60 to    8.60
Undersklrta       1.75 to 7.50
Noveltiea    ;i? to 5.00
Gifts for Friends
BKLTH   I M to 83.00
OUIVKH    35 to   3.60
HANDKHRCHIBFS ...     .06 to   1.50
CUFF LINKS    60 to   200
SHIRT   STUDS     25 to     .75
SKATING 8HOKH     2.75 to   400
Gifts for Girls
HAND IIAOS     11.50 to J10.00
BLOUSES         1.25 to     10.00
Ol'HRA SCARFS     2.011 to   16.00
Kvenlnit Slipper*       3.50 to    6.00
Gifts for Husband
llri-HHlni; Clown*     , H.60 tn 17 60
(All Wool)
Hllk Horn)  76 to 2.011
Fiincy   Vent"       4.00 to 6.00
OVhlitCOATH     12.00 to 20.00
McCreery Bros
Cranbrook's   Dry   Goods   and   Clothing   Stores
Cranbrook  Operatic
By   Lionel  Monkton
December 17 & 18
At The
Auditorium Theatre
Special Costumes       New Scenery
Full Orchestra
Chorus of Fifty Voices
++++-H-H -■••.■ 11 I l ii .• I i-i-.-i- «HH--M--H»H"H^-H^-H-l«H-h •
Gooderham & Worts, special
B.   C.   Distillery   Co.,   special   reserve
Corby's Special select
Sparkling Burgundy     Pommery 8ec
Mumm's Extra Dry     White Seal
Dawson's Old Currio
Dawson's Rare Uqueui
Dawson's Special
Dewar's Special
King George IV
Black & White
White Horde  Liqueur
White Horse Cellai
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
Tippo Ohfante
Italian Orappn
Qresta Blanca
Vermont li
Family (irdera Promptly Filled
A   Full Line of otber Choice Brands of Wines, Spirits and I.i
(tueurs.    Citfi.ru ami Bar (Haunt's
Hliuiie 95—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box 8
Cranbrook, B.C.
M-M-f-M■******+*** * 1***4**** ■**** -I- **********
The School Report
For the month of November
Ornnston,   i.
Miss   Dick  ol   28
Miss Unrkis   29   -S
Miss Bechtcl     'Si
MIkk Suttaby  i'i
Miss Richard*   ...
Mish Eilscootte ...
Miss Oortwrlght
Miss Faulkner
Miss Mac-Donald
S3 88
SH 84
55 88
28 85
ss s:i
53 82
46 80
1)7 SS
16 S5
■j. 4.4 1 in ,| M4*M4-M-t*H*M" h-H-M-H- t**\**4*4*-H-r** * \
f Central   Meat
Dairy Butter 30 cents
per. pound
A. Jolliffe, Prop. Norbury Ave.    t
, n„t„|„|„|, || wi**}********     ***4***4***4 | * n ****
**** II I I I-1 I-1-1-t-T-l-.-l-l I-1 I- **'* i-l I "I I H
\PHONE 340 |
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do   it  and   guarantee   our  work
:   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and ::
Heating Company
\V. K. Johnson,  Prop , P.O   Box 90*1
VVUKKS   Edward Streel Cranbrook, B.C.
'++++MM •*•-'•" l"-'-^
138  377,62   86 M
Summary of attendance for Novum
ber. Division T (Miss Hlacoqlte,
Teacher) wIub tbe "Nelson Shield"
ini  attendance.
JeMnit- Kenned]
Wilfred Dallaa
Tom Peunefathei
Arthur   Boreb
Melton! Oarson
Delia Crenves
Gladys  Htekenbottaam
liracit-   Higgtns
Robert Pye
..-,-■-.    r lyll :
Vinc**iit  Kinb
Wanda Kink
Marlon Leitoh
Harry Uont*
Charlutte L-easi*.
Merritt l.easa
Orma UcNabfa
George   Pratt
Uoru Pye
Rainsford Parks
Gordon  Arpue
Mary Bernhardt
Kt.th.er Hrndley
Melville Dallas
Willie Daniels
Milu   DHlllllllond
Clarence Hickenbothain
Mnry  Malcolm
Sidney Murgatroyd
Mury Bambei
Muriel Battel
Irene Beech
Mali Blng
Gladys Brookes
tQtldlo Brawn
Mabel Brown
QraCO   Doris
Rutb Kendall
Nellie McKeuun
Dorothy Reed
lions Sainsbury
Viola Sarvls
violet Simpson
Keith Waasou
1 >.. \ ut Watson
fvnnto McBlrnl*
Sum Belnuge.
Charlie Gbapman
Danny Daniels
Jennie Etopktns
Btlen Johnson
Jeannette Jones
KuitU  Keudali
Wilfred Kennedy
Mar;.  Lacey
Edith Lervls
Margaret MorrlBson
Oarfleld Taylor
irmu Ward
DlMStON  7
Mamie Bnrtlnn.
Merle Bennett
Malcolm Belanger
Robert Beaton
Mury Oarson
1'barley Clapp
Marion  Drummond
Mabel Flndley
Hugh  Hannah
Gertrude Hopkins
Fanny  Gartside
Russell Leask
Brie MacKinnon
Winnie  Phillip*.
David  Reekie
Flossie Robinson
Alma Sarvis
Harry  Smith
Sam Speers
Cyril Selhy
Norman Wasson
isverett jviihums
Lizzie Regcott
Donald Dallas
Donys Simmons
Palmer Rutledge
Roj Roblchaud
Norman Beocli
Freddy Brlggs
Leonard Burton
Nor vel ('asluke
[Sllsnbetli  Ohnpman
Onbrlello Hamilton
Notttu .loluiHon
Alfred Jolllflo
Lonore Little
Ulan Livingstone
Charles  Munite.'
Vdn McKonun
Rlavs Porkoi
Pom iu.-l.it-
ttlndys Bhnoleton
Dudloy st,	
Hope Tnyloi
Oomllla Tito
.Inn Tito
Snm Watson
Gertrude   WUUs
Gordon Woodman
Freda Osboin
Gordon Armstrong
Albert  Aubeitui
Vera Baxter
Oeorge Coleman
Christopher Duekerlng
Ida Dunning
Stella Johnson
Kila Kendall
Theresa Lacy
James Logan
Mush Mow
AU Mow
Kirty Rosindalo
Gilbert Simmons
Jack Ward
Mary Sumnierville
Kllen  Sumnierville
Flossie CJard
Annie Johnson
John Hyde
Brnest South
Bdward Stone
Douglas Thompson
Dorothy Dupont
Gerald Bartlam
Helen Bremen
Morjorie Burton
Stanley Kemhall
Wllfihl   Jolliff.-
Vera Lister
Ruby Lister
Kathleen Tito
Bdward McLean
■ t-HHH-l HfWl^^-^-i^-H**-!^H^fr-MH-H^i^i^H* *
Professional   £arfcs
— an!)
£obae   Hotices
•**** ****** -M-I-!-+-M
McVI-i'TlK  ,4   PARKBR
P.Li.B.    ii    O.B*.
URANBROOK,     ...    B.O,
ff.   B\   ll U It D
UarrlHtor, Bollcltor, etc.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
11 \ll\ BV, McOAB'l'KU, MAODONAU)
nml NIHIll-!.'
BurrlBtei's', Solicitors and NotHrie«
Money   tu  I.aiui
'   imperial  Bank  Building
ORANBROOK,     -    llriUsli Ciiliiinlilii
J.    T.    I. A I I) I, A W,
Mining Rnglneer nntl B.O.
band Survoyor,
P.O. Bos 236        Phone in
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
r**' 4'********* 1 <
Oourt Crnnbrook No. 81)411.
M.-.-t tn Caimpn's Hall, ou   'inti aud
4th ThurtHlny of oai-.h month.
I.oiiIh Pflnraon, Bee, P.O. Box iUI.
ViiiltioK Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Ornnhrook  Branch)
Meets   in   the   CnrBien'a   Hall -nd
and 'Hi Tiioeday. in every montb, ut
H   p.m.   Membership  open  to  British
N   A.  Walllnger, t'res
w. i.'  Orohbln, Soc't
P.O.  Bos 425.
Visiting membera cordially welcome
Ure.   K 1 N ii   Ji   li R B K N
l-bysicians und Surgeons
l mice at  Hesldence,   Armetrong  Ave.
Office Hours:—
F-orenoona - - 9.1)0 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   1.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays   - - - 2.30 to   1.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
ORANBBOOK    LODGE    No.   34
A. V.  A A.  M.
Hegulnr   meetings   on   tbe
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
.1. McSweyn, Worshlpiul Maaier
J,  S.  Peck,  Secretary
No. 125,  R.  A.  M.
Uegulur mcetinge:—2nd Tuesday  In
each month ut eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Qomp.—A. C.  Shnnklund.  E.
Cranhrook. B.C.
Dr.    f,    U.    M 1 I. E S
Olllce In Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O
T.    M.    R 1 X E N
Auditor and AaCouiituni
P.O.   Hot   373
N E ti S 0 N. B.C.      47-3-n*
Railway Commissioners
Proposed Extended Jurisdiction and Power
for them
—ao*. mam
V.'oixi-rful Ntrvoui Byelt i
The nerves control all acti. di of the body to that any*
Lllll.. tlml . [tal l li :n i III a .... it ..-I rgai * >l
tho  ivatoin   L^ily Indliwttloiu w I Bxcmw*   ■*■'■'■
. ... lu      [pi ml ... ■    in - :■- n   Utuuturil
Draliu ■   '•■■' i.. ■       i-- nr*i8Vi i .;>
., ,   t  .. twin v..-,.,;.
-, ii, i tal mi: -   w      H«w youtii-i'l
-..   j-ou i.-i    .    ii i   ■   i     ■   ■ on   i' an I ■ I ■ ■> I ■
...    .,- . |      .  :.    ... i i iwiler -..I'M.
lm     .    ua    ,,        ■   pa    ta       ol tha ht-iu-t,
iful   li 1)11 I at »t.g tlraAin   • .-■•■:   In uHtw plmplaa
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Ion poor memory, Itfolati il  ... tmi. Itolt t-iierny
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it lumuode. prenMituraJectytbona pa.tu. balr looae. etc
Thta i»*..ou0nd.i.ono.jt- Naw Matko-J Tra««a»l u
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Ume ond do »<>*■ ha*'- '" eiperlmeot.  LoL-iuit m|
and we win toil you   har you an sntibli oroote]
W<* |uaranlaa annbla ..»«» ot
' >...i U...iUl*-i un Diie*.'-* *>f Man.   '■ unable i<- celll
■vfite (or
Cor. Michtjan Ave. and dri-wold St.,   Detroit, Mich.
,\n I 'tu     froi; Connd i maul l» nililreniw-l
i   oui *   ■■       i Cnrre ponileni i J li |*flrl
in. i.i i1: M'itil.,.r  i Int.   [f yolt 'loin  '
m - ti, -■"■'..,r .,'   .  '1   i <m.   Mdillcul IuMlinl       i" ■ ■ i I   ,   ■■    «cnii.l tri.i.1
n„ pallenli in nm   Win I It. i ■■   ivhirli   i     . r Corn i|ion<lencc  1
Ulmratorj  tin t I.u .in Ui       ill I tlcra u lulloi-"
DRS, KENNEDY 0. KENNEDY, Wlndior, Oat.
, i
, Wil',. for ui
^fc.-,;,y.. <w»HHi ,:■..',
•    :■■•  '    V.T
Advertising in The
"Prospeetor" brings returns
The following HugRestions nnd the
principles expressed therein ore endorsed by K. J. Preara, SccretHry of
the United Farmers' Association,
and will be snbtnitted to the Board
of Railway OommiBSioners at Nelson,
B.C., on Dec 9th, by A. K. Watts,
ol WattBhurg, B.C.
1. Notice is given to the Board
and all railway companies in Western Canada that a petition will he
presented to tbe Board at Nelson
for approval and after that to Parliament, asking tor extended powers
and    Jurisdiction   tor   the    Railway
| Commissioners suggesting that they
: shall have power to enforce their
orders by the Infliction ol fines, and
j to recompeiiBe those who suffer loss
I by the Injustices perpetrated by rail-
I way corporations whether they be
their employees or the general public.
2. That measures be taken to refl-
i train railway companies from at-
; tractlng new settlers until such time
| ns the companies can satisfactorily
1 handle bbe trnftlc.
8,   Tlmt   rulings    «.-1   thfl   Board
shall    be 'mnl and no appeal allowed
. without   the   special    permission   ol
tbe Premier of Canada.
» Tbnt till Board shall have pow
er tn fully Investigate the tlnanclal
1 methods adopted by the manlpulat-
] ors of Railway corporations, with a
view ol ascertaining how pome Indi-
■ viduals became premature millionaires, and to recommend legislation
tO moderate It in the future.
AND  PUBTH10H   to   consider various     complaints   of   which   notices
dated    Nov. Mb.  Uth,  IGth and 21st
' have    liefli)    served    on    the  Hallway
l. The illegal discrimination In
the  distribution   of cars to shippers
tbe satin-
and    to    adopt   monsitrUB  to  prevent
'.'. Application for tlm appoint*
rncnl ol ua olllclal or olflclola with
power to Hubpoenn Hallway ofllcials
ami   oxamlne   tbem  under   oath, on
Hip above subject
3. Tlmt all railway companion
operating in Onnndn shall he compelled to supply small box cars of
from fi to 10 tons capacity lor the ■
convenience of the public, thus atrlk-i
' Ing   at the root of one ofthe princl*
' pal   cntises   of   exorbitant prices for
the   necessaries of life, and to lessen
the   extraordinary    difference between
I the prices paid by the consumer and
1 the prices obtained by the producer.
■I.   To   compel railway companies
: to restore ehe public roads destroyed
by   tbem   during   and after the construction of railways.
5. Kor advice aB to the most et-
1 fective method to rcnu-aln the Government ol the Province of B.C. from
paying one million six hundred thousand dollars or any other sum to
the Canadian Pacific Ry, Co. for the
return oi a portion of four million
acres of land granted to the said
Company, the latter never having
earned tbe grant of land nor any
portion thereof,
6. Thnt the Board use its mtlu
ence to prevent the 'C.P.U, Co. from
obtaining from Parliament a further
extension of time for tbe completion of tbe Crows' Nest Puss Kail
7. An order to compel the C.P.U.
Co. to restore a steamer landing and
buildings destroyed by them.
8. Whether the Jurisdiction of tbe
Hoard extends over trattle on Inland waters, tlmt is tbe l.aku and
Itlver service operated by Hallway
'.1. An order to compel Hallway
Companies to fonce their right-of-
ways through all nettled districts,
aud more especially those mentioned
In notices served on the C.P.lty. Co,
Nov. 7th.
It). To compel liailway Companies
to provided proper cuttle guards and
crossings, suitable for the purpose
tbey ure intended.
II. To compel Hallway Companies
to more effectively clear their right*
of ways of Inlliimahle material (or
thu prevention of tires and damage
to property,
\2. To order the C.P.Hy. Co. to
produce witnesses who were shipped
to Italy ami whose evidence was
necessary nml material In a suit or
suits agaltint  lhat Company.
13, That, the Board use Its Intlu
onee In Investigating and making
known to tbe public the amount of
watered   stock   disposed   ot by the
various Railway Corporations, and
ascertain who received the proceeds.
14. That iu the mountainous
regions where clltls of rock endanger
tbo lives ot tbe employees of Ry.
Co.'b and the traveling public, by
falling on ths railway track and
wrecking trains, officials shall be up-
pointed by the Board with full power
to examine and to direct t hei.ail way
Co.'s to take proper precautions tor
the prevention of accidents.
1G, 1 shall call attention to tbe
fact that the C.P.Hy. Co. ignored
the order of the Board and did not
fulfill promiha-s of the chief officers of
the C.P.Hy Co. made to me and to
the late Chairman of thelloard, Mr.
Justice Mabee. in the matter of restoring certain public roads the Company had destroyed) during and after tbe construction of their Hallway.
16. That the Hoard order an investigation as tt> why Railway officials are permitted to persecute persons who dare to criticise Hallway
Protection of Timber Lands
The Canadian Board of Hallway
Commissioners has recently prescribed regulations for tbfi prevention
of tires and for regulating the opera
tlon of loromotives in the dry season in the province of British Col.
This order provides tbat every locomotive must be fully equipped
witli spark arresters of a specified
size, wltb sheet iron dampers, overflow pipes and division points. The
company must examine, at least once
a week, the nettings, dead plates,
ash pans, dampers, slides, and tire
protective apparatus of each locomotive and keep a record of each Inspection for tiie Government's special
inspectors who are to make an independent monthly examination. The
hoard of railway commissioners Is
given power to remove from si-rviee
any    locomotive    found    defect Ive In
lire-protect ve apparatus, The ror.de
are prohibited from burning lignite
coal without Bpnc.nl permission from
the hoard, and between April and No
vemher, the burning ol tics and o*
ther return- along the tracks is forbidden. Any Ore starting or burning within llllll (eet nf the railway
track shall tie. presumed tu huve
started from the railway.
F. M. MacPherson
Nuttmty Avenue Next tu City  Hall
Open .Jay anil Night Phuut in
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, Ko. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, 0. C.
K. A. Stride, K. R. & B.
R. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially luvlted
to attend.
W.   K.   BEATTY
K'iiu:['ul Dlri-L'tur,
Uo. 42
Meet, every Mondny night
ut  How   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cor.
.11,,liy Invited.
H. !■;   Stephens W. M. Hurrl-
N. Q Sec'y
Cottage Hospital
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at It p.m.
ln   Royal   Blnck   Knights   Hull
R. S. Garrett, Sec
I' It 1 li K    OF    IMtANBROOK
Circle No.   15a
(-oinpanlons of the Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth  Thursday  of  each Month at
Mrs    A   S'llmmi   '':°° '""" "•"•r|--
.virs. a. salmon M.Bi u Whltt_j„. a c.
Terms oil Application
Phon.' 2S'> P   <)   Hox H4S
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pc-i-l penmanship nml fascinating lONOU in .liiil'tllilli.l.
Blair  Business  College
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I inn Interested ■■■ Rhel-
neftfl Education, Pleinto eoml
me full information about
yonr College, ami especially
nbout ibf subject* ubeolted
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All Repairs Dour ;ii Keusoiv
al>le Cost,
Works:      Oppoaite Depot
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Visiting Companions vordlnily welcome. 36tf
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Genuine  French   Syilom   nf  Dry
I .ItMiiitiK. Strum ciiMiiiiut miiiJ itiralr
ilyrlitK l.iulli'i I'inr l.:iriui-itti a IMC*
iulty. 1-ijtln-ts, I'tin, OloVCtj l.:nlii-t
.mil Men's .I'i-.. (.If-nei. Of lllm.kf.1
Of Dyt'tl in. Ity It, rn-.ii.iii unit It*
itjuiih; ni-,nK .ium- ut r«H.iiaulilc
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prompt U
Phone 144
It-ii wi... AVc   Mfitr Hukur St
'''xpert Clrniirr and Dyer
Slit ^ankrJi
THE STANDARD Ir the National
Woakly Nawspnpor of tbo Dominion
at Canada* tt u national In all lm
ii hhi'h the mosl expensive ongrav'
Iiikh, procurlnn thi- photOKraphfl from
nil over Iho world.
lln nrtloloa ii iv cnroCully nolooted and
ltd Qtllinrlul policy is thoroughly
A nubaortptloti In Thn Standard
tjoi.18 ^2.00 pir ye.ir tu iny address la
Canada nr Qront Hrltnln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard  Puhliihlng  Co,
Limited, Publiihtri. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Bmerfcan women, marrtnfl tn Englishmen, donned the
flowing trout-era and defied couvcttUon in lhal si tinge
full dress. Blie wits the ha rem dress prophetess thai day
to such beauties us Mrs, Waldorf Astor and Mra. Sam ict
Kewhouse, who were Nannie Langhornc and Ida String-
lay, of Virginia, and Mrs, Cecil Bingham, who waa the
lovely Alice Carr, of Kentucky.
Tha fact waa that Lady Lister-Kaye, tliat clover
Natica Yanaga, was one of the favorites of Queen Maty.
Thero waa something nbout her breezy brightness that
charmed the austere queen, even when she wus princess
ef Wales, Lady Lister-Kayo had been lier lios-tct-s repeatedly. Then, too, tho queen of England haa a sort
of motherly feeling for all her nobility, painfully as It
has heen expressed In her growing aversion to pretty
nearly all other social leaders In London. Sho thought,
as plenty of her subjects thought, that Lord Lister-Kaye
had done more tlian his chare for the empire.
It was ho who sunk looo.ooo '.r. the vain endeavor—
lsocau.se It was some few years before lis appointed time-
to establish English farmers as colonists In Canada,
England thought of him as a raro good sport. lie and
his wife were extensive travelers, too; and there wuh a
feeling that wherever Lord Lister-Kayo fared, he was
keen of eye for England's enterprises.
Best ot all, tn tho estimation of English society, he
wan groom-In-wat ting to King Edward, That set the
royal seal on hhn, nnd meant that he and hla wife, who
united with her experience of New York society the
graceful courtesy of her Louisiana ancestry, were personages to whom all but the highest must pay respect
Jt would bo hard to Jin ti any English nobleman und hla
wife who could he let-* looked to for participation in a
scandal of suoli International proportions as the cruelties
to ti>e rubber gatherers of i-eru.
yet It was strange—no ono could quiie a-vmmt for it-
thai King George showed no alacrity in continuing Mir
joim in nis court functions, so satisfactorily performed
in the glad old days of King George's cheerful parent.
And II wus curious, too, that tho Bocial activities of tha
delightful pair, after 1811s gayety, should seem to proceed
less under royal favor than before.
(.'anon Menson's terrible sermon shed tho flood of
light lhat explained why the royal favor had been so
hastily obsi ured.  wnn
The Power of thefiL
Pulpit in London, As
Shown by the Ostra
cism of the Lister
Kayes, Accused or
Interest in Rubber
Jmffaf M>t$(*r m Jhtfi {fm*rr<&
rTlHE power of the church, so often de-
m        dared to be weaning by reason of
"**•        modem man's indiference to his religion, remains still a vital factor in society.
It may not now incorporate the faith
that once moved mountains; that made and
unmade kings; that hurled England against
Asia in the epochal conflicts of the Crusades*
Perhaps that is because the need for such
overwhelming earnestness has passed; per-
hup because it is not realized.
But when a single sermon can arouse the
spirit of all society in a leading nation of the
western world, when the utterance of one
man, in a single pulpit, can make social exiles
of those who have bcen looked up to and flattered as leaders, decade after decade, it must
be premature to accuse religion of old age and
And society—heedless and haughty—
dare no longer swing on in its wonted, reckless way, carelessly confident that it is at least
ai law unto itself, with no power except its
own "public opinion" to eall it to account.
Even those of its sins that are committed
vicariously in distant continents have the
tribunal of religion's conscience to appeal to,
aud the sentence of the pulpit to endure.
This is the great and startling lesson
which has been brought home to Great Britain, its nobility and its people, by the sudden,
crushing ostracism which has befallen England's best-liked baronet and his wife, a
woman who has been famed as among the
loveliest and cleverest of the American
heiresses whose wealth helped to give English society the renewed prosperity it enjoyed.
IT WAS Stevenson, most friendly yet shrewd of
philosophers, who cited the instance of the boy who
throws a stone nt random and brings down somo
old bird sitting cannlly behind the hedge, confident
he Is safe from all harm.
The bird that was struck down this lime waa Sir
John Lister-Kayo, the brilliant baronet who, many
Z'eurs ago, married Natica Yznaga, of Louisiana and
New York, American heiress then, and afterward
among* tho most popular of English hostesses lu
But the stono that found him out was not idly
flung. It came ln tho form of a sermon delivered of
eet and solemn purpose by Canon Henson, from the
pulpit of Westminster Abbey; nnd v.-hen the distinguished preacher quit the pulpit, after tho fateful
application of Christianity's teachings to English
Christianity's practice, Lord Lister-Kayo was a broken
nan, his wife u heartbroken woman.
When England, mote than two years ago, during the
thrills attending the wild speculation In rubber which
had set her peopl* afire with greed, complained to the
United States of the horrible atrocities practiced by the
Peruvian-Amazon Rubber Company on the natives In
the far interior, no one dreamed that so dismaying a
Jlareback could ultimately come.
Whatever might be the knowledge possessed by thoss
In the secrets of the British government when 8lr Edward
Grey, of the foreign ofllce, asked Washington to use Us
power to unearth the crimes, the people at large ..ad only
the familiar British feeling that no such scandul could
smirch their escutcheon, held aloft In the pride of years
devoted to warring against human slavery.
Thero was a long lull, after denials and the brand
of recrimination which declared thnt thc natives wero
bloodthirsty, Ignorant savages, who were dangerous to
a',1 who invaded their territory, and shifted the blame
for Inhumanity lo tlic distant shoulders of Peru. Especially was the blame dumped on the shoulders of Peru.
But it was curiously remarkable that, with the appointment of a committee of investigation under Sir Roger
Casement, the whole ensanguined topic was allowed to
drop out of sight, and so mostly out of mind. Very
different was the scandal of the Amazon's headwaters,
in which some Englishmen might be concerned, from
that of the Congo Free State, in which Leopold of Belgium was pilloried as a royal vanvire.
England has always been the world's premier laundress for dirty linen; no other nation lias ever known so
well how to do its foulest washing at home. From the
lirst alarm of the revelations, when some few horrified
Colombians were making sworn depositions of the hideoui,
truth and the British Anti-Slavery Society waa spurring
Karl Orey to the action he took in notifying Washington
the team play In British ruling circles had been up to
the highest standard of home laundering.
Prominent in English society were Sir John and
Lady Lister-Kaye, honored for the husband's inherited
station and moro noted for the wife's wealth and social
Sir John Ih now .*•!) yenrs old, the third baronet of his
name, son of tho daughter of the earl of Cottenham. He
has ltls country scut fn Yorkshire, where he i_ deputy
lieutenant for the county; and ho bns his town houso in
Manchester square, whore ho has been host on many
notable occasions, a distinguished man of affairs Is
Sir John, peculiarly secured In his wealth and his social
influence by his marriage, contracted some thirty years
ago, five years after the sister of his bride had become
Viscountess Mandevllle.
Vor Lady Lister-Kaye is no other than lhe charming Natica Yznaga, sister of that brilliant Consuelo
Txnaga who later became duchess of .Manchester. Slender, where her sister became plump; clever In repartee;
full of blithe humor; dark eyed and of medium heigh;,
she has been for years ona of the conspicuous figures in
London society and a hostess Who could choose her
guests for Derby Orange. In Yorkshire, wltll perhap-4
more nicety of discrimination than her aister, the duchess,
She never gave u sign of abdication from the social
throne she assumed In England soon after her marriage.
Only last J**ar, when Queen Mury was letting fall those
hints of patriotism which told American women the door
was open for the parting guests, while the chill wind of
hospitality, wearied, nipped their warm smiles and airy
Biace.*., Lady Lister-Kaye created a sensation In London
by giving a harem skirt dinner party, nt which several
in in the
Ami   ca-
l hut
'Is of thousands of persons In Englan
lime has come for thj-i. chanj
J and
commercial law as shall render it impossible for ihose
who make money by tiie oppression of native races to
wash their hand.-- of the responsibility for the crimes of
their agents. j3 it not the Irreducible demand of justice
that these men be arrested and brought to pub!.- trial?'
A whole st ason of absence <*f entertainments by La"9y
Lister-Kaye and of no mention of the name of Litter*
Kaye In the society Journals had preceded this Indictment from the pulpit. The announcement of air John's
serious illness hastily followed it. And iheie came at
onco a generul report of tho sermon, a notoriety that
seemed to bo the coup de grace on a perishing honey.
The Casement report, ln Its first and second Installments, fully Justiilcd all the accusations of atro It - s
which hnd been made in 3010. The slaughters of lhe
Which had been made in 1910. The slaughters of r -
natives, by the Per....an agents and tholr worse than
mott hardened listeners, even among tho Peruvians
"The crimes of the Futumsyo," said Sir Roger, ' have
their counterpart, l nm assured, in other remi -  regions
of the same forest, although posslblj   not to the   ..
terrifying cxieM."
In that dark and deadly zone, when  the whin   i an
haa gone with his weapons that hla bretl ret: maj  i
civilization's latest luxuries, one ton oi      bher I    -.,.
represent the life of one man.   A thousa id nati
for the Peruvian Rubber Companj s • iterpi
estimate made by Romulo Parades, npi  lai .   um i
of iho Peruvian government,  with thi
guilty of the stain of blood,
Ciuns ami mat hoti i auppli ment iht- v        I - , ■
of which rivals the knout of Russia    The . ,i.      ■
erer who has escaped death hj gunshot is    I   .-..
<*f wales frum the lashing,   he Ima
vived,   Whole viiinsfB have been mast?)   red   '       ■■-
nave   been   nlat'(.hured,   w hen   ...
sought to flee frum the pursuing i ■
mn pr
id biiiiigui'd tho Bngllsh capitalta!..
activities  lu  tlio
controlled ihu rubber-gathertriR activities in the upper
reaches of tho Amazon, there were explanations in order
from all concerned, Lord Lister-Kaye anxiously declared he hnd no power to control thu deadly activity of
those distant agents, although his name appearod on the
prospectus as one of the directors, in i omnany with
Henry M. Road ami John itusseii Qlbbons, The terrible
canon, lu the Burred pulpit of the abbey, showed them no
mercy, Kvery mime lie listed, und .Sir John's led the rest
"How did these gentlemen deserve the confidence, they
Invited?' he demanded,   "Were ihey eager to tlml out
the truth and separate themselves from such abominable
proceedings? Far from It. I desire the church, the
shrino of English-speaking Christendom, to express what
There was i,.> sumhia ce of ei i   ij ■     .
wat, slm pi j   ire selsure oi tha In. pies*  •'..■•..,
reduction to the slavery or rubbci  gathering   wi     't .-■   '•
oruelesl of deaths—by drowning,   ■   iotlni    llsim-mbi     v
or  crushing   blows  from  clubs-tf  the)   tndc u
jiuike. their escape,
The manner in which the Indii b were ed I ■ ■
inils w.ih t-implr. umi brutal. -An expedition rindlt.f a
.■i]inR.\ look p"s."eiinii)ti of those who had nut fled nnd
ir fortunate, captured tho chief, In me such i tei rise,
after several hours or wafttng, scouts »*.■.' sew out and
some of the rughiw natives tvers rounded up nnd broughl
in. it the hlouih fnih'.i to bring in n.o Indians, i..r\
wero expected to fetch tholr heads, ut least.
The chief, bound with ropes, was taken to \ic main
camp of lhe company's agent In ihi Held, Tin re, . Intoned
In a trap that held Um mollonlesa, he was given " itoe
days iu make his men come in for work, They did |
come, lie was given ihreo days moro. Still none am.
Dragged into the open by the manager, hi wai shot
dead, The women of the i aptured li bt wen I irnpd ovei
to the brutes employed lo capture them, The nal ca
were put tn work In the rubber forest.
the next  expedition  wns .rn Its wit)   »     '    i   fo [.
night after Die tlrst, umi won  ked h>  uirocltic.   that
surpassed   the others,    A   f.nn-: .   -. m,. ...i    ■ -unshed
three men. three women and ■■ child,   Thi   oi lei    ■    .
th» men were loaded with baggage oi in.   -.:.■■   -..
and tiie women and the child were slain heron •    in  <-.
Then the expedition wt nt on
Jt came upon a village ot threes ore Indians, i
Ing a danco, The raiders, their guna In ■■■■■■ , is . tbe
dwellings and, mm the surprised natives tried io i-t-rape,
shot them down, using the butts of their weapon! to
oruBh tho children's .skull.1*!, becauso cartridges were t>.■
expensive to waste on such helpless victims. Those who
survived the attack were Lied, ss usual, and herded hack
to the central point, to b» forced info tin gathering of
ilibber, under pain of outrageous suffering if rhey
worked, nnd of horrible death if they refused or sought
to escape,
These were some Of the facts whli It. at last forced
into the open In i-.nsimid. whli three Kngllshmen en the
company's board of directors, evoked from Westminster
Abbey's canon the thunders or horrified Christianity', and
drove inlo oblivion u nobloman whose career has been
one of the must admlrod, with an American wlf«- n • ■ ■■
nodal triumphs have been envied of all London.
'fcffafoZlttr (owfry—Ubmrfr IfsfMhh^iQ^enifafanfaj. of/fc/y
Mam Servants
MANY" servants, ninny grafters. That is llie
maxim fit' American society people, if
tbo testimony of loading dealers in provisions of ull sorts is to bo rclind upon.
Aud it doesn't apply to the United Suites ulone,
if tlio experience of tliose who hnve traveled in tho
fur east, us well as Europe, is to carry proper
Thc scule nppeais (o bo nn ascending one, tlio
ascension of tho graft, being strictly in accordance
with lhe number of persons it takes to look nfter
lho conveniences and luxuries of uny given family
of employers.
*Ufa-'etrfft/3yt* #/t
Hut there is something more: Xut. only docs
tho graft exist, but it is known; and not only is it
known, but it is, in effect, licensed by tho mutual
knowledge possessed by both grafters nnd grafted;
and not only is it licensed, but it is almost sanctified hy reason of long tradition,
So the future of graft in the resilience, if not
in tho simple home, appeal's lo bt; a factor that is
assured;   and  American   social  life,  onco  to  lie
the day of reckoning with the wicked BervantB who
were proving unfaithful to their Irusls.
afny one of Llicm who took the trouble tn conduct
a real Invent Ration ronld have learned iiow reliable
were the reports that servants and tradesmen were Tn
collusion, and probably most of those who did just
closed discreet eyes and let the collusion go right ou,
It wus the easiest, and often the cheapest, way out.
Yet there are BOme hoiiHeholds—usually those In cities
other than New York and conducted on le^s extravagant linos—where ihe suspicion of servants' graft
cannot lie, and ilie tine old tradition of complete
loyalty to an employer presents to bribery a front as
stern as it did two generations ago.
The new order exists chiefly among tiie very
wealthy and socially ambitious people, who have
organised households on a large scale within the' last
twenty*Jive years* The mlstresaes of these establishments   have   their  hands  more   than   full   with   social
activities, which leaves ihem no Ume whatever to give
to lhe supply depart merit thc close scrutiny which Is
the sole efficient -i.-r.-nuard ;,(,.uhm thievery In somo
form or another. Opportunities for graft present
themselves In all forms of household supplies, from
tho cigars that go to the master to thn linen that
goes on the table.
To iuch residences, the salesman is a regular
Visitor, lie Roes the telephone ono better by being
personally on the snpt, .md giving his personal attention to the wishes of ihe housekeeper, the cook, th«
but lor, or whichever functionary has charge of the
suppijii _
long f-i'uidhii;   .md
Inudcd ns the essence of honesty nntl justice, Booms
doomed to sink to the level of a continuul struggle
to inlnimizo robbery rather tban a free, honest,
healthy administration of household finance., on
thn basis of known expenditures and wngos.
WB HAVEN'T Imported our praft, although we
have Imported plenty uf our servants. It hoti
beeu  Indigenous,  flourishing  on   the  native
soil Just about us soon as the soil becomes
fleh rtiniigli to nourish the poisonous plant.
.Newport, when Its society this uuinnicr surprised
(is colony liy staying at hnnm ond undertaking tt'
l.iep h-nihe lu lho full extent of cuttaKe-pitl.ice
resources, suddenly revealed Itself ns reeking with
Servants' graft.
If0rrIflod, Mrs. O. IT. P. in linoiit rejoiced to under-
lake lhe reform, u lone female ftauro of Hit*vplum
lolling forever at <t -itoiio which pcretstod In rolling
down hill. Bhe showed how the groeers were In league
with lhe conks and how ilw hollers gazed with Indulgent eyes upon favored merchant., of winen. It war*
nil too nudly true; and mme nadly (rue Hint most of
tlm oilier women In Newport society went eqUnbly
along the happy tenor of ihelr ways( trying to outdo
one i i ether In novel conceits and strangely pot-tponltig
there  are  chiefly  grocers  nf
long Htiintlinu nml of high reputation for the finality
of ihelr goods, who render o m-mihiy etstement, in
gio.it*. of the amounts furnished during the thirty
days preeodlng, Tho woman who can remember just
how many pounds of butter, or sugar, or bacon, came
intn her kitchen during u Whole month iH a wonder)
nud, if she Irlett (o keep trucl. of it nil, elm haa to
depend on the t-muutt, for check nc-jouiits on the
ijUnntllfes received.
The usual method where graft rilsts Is for the
dealer to nrtfullv crowd up (he itemized account, a
couple i,t pounds here, it few Sgtro uuur.s there, until
about Mt per cent hit*i been udded to tin- totul charge*.
The system pays both  ways,   The dealer gets his
goodn m>ld, nt |irlceH which are distinctly high, on lh"
score of the quality he handles; ihe grafting cook or
housekeeper gets the oxtortod if per cent,   in a large
hou.Hfhohl a bill Mf 5'.'"'" u month on tho grocery supplies alone would bo small; whore ho has the good
luck to (.nnl.di the v. it. .-.*. nml ll-iufds, |H<Hl would not
be too large, Ten per cent on any such sums constitutes a material ioUiiuou to the wages paid butler or
wine and liquor salesmen have learned to take the
grnfi Item as n in at tor or course nnd meet the occasion
os ti mere Incident »f trade, The rake-off in generally
in t-uHh; Imt even nn in-m-m butler will huve n warm
spot in hiit appreciative heart, or stomach, for iho
salesman who instructs his Arm's driver to lug a cose
uf extra good whisky up to the butlern own room nnd
shove il under the bed, wiih no iiuetjtlotiH a-lied on
either fide,
Tho   renl   priift    goes,   »s   »    Hlle,    tei   lhe   tipper
servants, to thoso wno exorolee administrative functions of soin" Bort, dtroctly or Indirectly, under the
orders of ihe inlslrcis of tlio liOUgo,   Botnottn.es ll is a
favored maid who gives the orders to tbe trades*
people and no finds herself in u position to dem am
the graft; then, us a rule, Bbe has lo divide hei
profits with .thnt particular servant wlm would enjoj
the opportunity she hus usurped—-common 1) the cook.
Women are conceded, by ihose dealers who cnn
afford to be candid, to be ai Insistent on getting graft
;m are men; but women housekeepers present an
exception. The majority uf them arc acknowledged
to bo above the practice, Yot the most flngn nt
example was given by n housekeeper, new)) appointed
to a large residence In lho east, who promptly i hose a
firm of grocers noted for their up-to-date methods and
high-class goods, she stated coolly thai Bhe i» ust
have a full 10 per cent on every dollar*.* worth they
sob) during htr administration; they, In return, could
have a monopoly on every item to which their stock
applied. Hhn was shocked and Indignant when sbo
was Informed that not ouo penny would he paid B)id
ihe bills rendered would be dally hills, even though
they were nol gone over until lhe month's end.
Thnt housekeeper merely bad the courage of her
convictions nnd took the modern mistress at her own
appraisement, she knew that wherever the mistress
of ihe house i urns over her duty of guardian of iho
pantry to u stranger, the must expect jo bo robbed,
Tho case was paralleled in « great factory, one of
lhe lending textile plants In ihls country. A friend of
tho owner, in need of a position nnd highly qualified
by reason of expert knowledge, askod to be i. de
superintendent of the djehmise. The owner said he
liad un etll.it i.i   mini ,,i,d was nuuUllna lo change.
"Well," rejoined his friend, "you'd better. He's
grafting em you in ail the supplies. I can sa\e his
wages for you by being honest,
"Tut!" comment-id the m..ner. "What if he does7
lii-'*- making Mh department pin me returns fm above
anv union..i „f graft In* can get; why should I risk
spoiling a depsi Lmont n.-.t is uiwng me satisfactory
Thin  graft  extends  Into stables  nnl   g&ragcs   has
■iiiunciil     Tin
chauffeurs w ho mnde. in
rako-offfl on repalri merely evoked cynical Hinlles from
owners of homes who hud foughi the tight with
grooms, und mi.i been u« iKuoiiituemsh  beaten,
"it in the oldest story iti trado," declared one Lf
the oldest grocers in tiiti United Slates, "Prpporibm-
rifely, graft Is now no worse than it was twenty-five
yoars ago; actually, it is immensely greater, because
actually there nre so fuuey more i ie.-*. rich   mo to
servants, more dealer* tigiuing for ihe tiHde. »ii„-
cerlos, meats, butter, eggs, linens—everything (hat
goes into Un house—affords ihe io per cent the grafters look for. and every household wilh hnlf i, OOSell
aervunts nnd no mlHiress to watch them like a hawk
In  open  tO Suspicion,  The  only   pjaoCS  v. here  graft   in
down to practically nothing are (he nig hotels and
dubs. There t net king accounts era kept with ihe precision "I* n department store, und Hie steward or chef
who uui gel away with nnyiliing Ih not Hilly n w ier
for  shrewdness,   hut   Hli   exception   foi'  dlshoin-My  '
"i should nf   iimt gr.irt Ifl nhoiii   ns   common."
udded   Dr.  Jesse  |i.   limits, director cf  the bureau  of
munlclpnl research in rhfii.dciphbt. "In the i-hnip-
plnea lis in New York. Von give .voir Chinese si rvunt
I.: io provide your dinner tn ihe orient, ium he pro*
vldes nn line n dinner hh vou can ask; but be sure he
buys  ll   fnr  lens  1 Im.ti   lhe  %_   vou   k'-m-   hltn.     In   New
York the mllhmiin und the Icemen htm- only one wnv
of gettina past ihe janitor, Tbora app s i<> ba nn
statistics of graft, hut there Is plenty of glnft, never-
JOHNSON BROS. Proprietors A. A. JOHNSON, Manager
Lot ol Snap   and   Crisp.   Bristling   Fun   to it.     I he  Captain   helps  his  friend,
Bunce,   out   oi  another  scrape,     lt   has  the   proper spirit
and we  ^et   right  intn it
Justice as dealt to Horse-thieves In  Wai   Manoeuvers
An   Interesting    link   Comedy—Will   keep   Everyone   iii   a   iiij^c
ui   wonderment  js   to  how   it is dune
imperialism    wblcb    'very     member
ought to bear.
Tbe wbiBt drive will commence at
8.30 p.m. shurp. Helresbmeuta will be
served by a committee of ladies.
Cut Flowers unci Hotted Plants for
Numb—Campbell and Manning.
Heal    of    Alberta,     "Tbe Faultless
Flour"—11.00 per sack   J    Manning.
Tlio Wmtern Forestry and Conservation association, representing tlu)
five timber Pacific states, sets the
standard tor forest fighting, Among
its methods is the circulation among
tho people of hundreds of thousands
of pntnphletB, piny curds, stickers
uppeals, and sometimes warnings, as
to tho Importance ol the toroHtB
und whal a loss would he involved
through the community at large and
whnt a loss would l>o involved lu
East Kootenay
A  Full and Complete-
Line of Harness
Saddles. Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a  Specialty
Tha Girl in the Case
Liquor Habit Cured
in Three Days
No Hypodermic. Injection.    S,-ml
for  freo  Ixmklst
Box 325 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick Ave. & Kains St
East Kootenay
Rutcher Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
Meats, Fish, Game
& Poultry
Phone   57
Portland girls imve organlnd a
society pledging themsolvej nut to
give Christmas presents exceeding lo
value 15 «i.ts. The 15 cent limit
: Joes not apply to present!, they may
! receive.
at fink s PURS Koon
may want 1 watch herself— and
pcrhapi it is up to you to buy
her one If you are goinji to
buy a Watch, or any other article of Jewelry, and want to
get the best value for the least
outlay, it will pay you to come
here where you will find an infinite variety to select from
and where you may rely on being courteously and honestly
Jewelers I Opticians
Classes in Drawing
Water Uolors. Pastels, Oils and
China Painting will be opened the
second week of November. For fur
ther Information inti-.nl.n^ pupils
should call or write
Miss IM. A. Doyle
at   tht   residence   of   Mr     l.outs Mc
Beattie-Murphy Co. deserves praise
from Cranbrook people for Introducing here the simple buckthorn hark
und glycerine mixture, known as
Adler-i-ka. Thin simple German remedy flrst became famous by curing
appendicitis anil it hits now been discovered that A SINGLE) DOBS re
lievea sour stomach, gat* on the
storaacb and constipation INSTANTLY. It's quick action is a nit: surprise to people 48-1
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during 1913 and for all years to <*ome
send a dollar to The Family Herald
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all ready for framing, It is the
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KICK        mnl      0 0 It t»      W O 0 1)
For Hale
M. 11. Knight, Wood Merchant
Phone yonr Orders to Phone IK
KOR     HAI.K--H01.se   on   firanhrou
fltreet,    4   mom*    and large pantry
apply  christian  A   Jnnes,    terms    to
suit  purchaser.
Foil BALR—111 nicellent condition.
One Karn Organ 1 6 stops Apply 'X'
prospector's Office 45-tt
Maternity Nurse
OtitM-n CharlotteS Hospital
London, KnK.and
Patients attended in City
or District
Box 112 Phone 339
Thin is the season Of the year
when the small boys display an enthusiastic interest in Sunday school
*ork. After the Christmas trees are
stripped of their fruit, interest tends
towards the frozen pond and skates
Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Hoses
! Violets and Lily of the Valley for
[ your Xmas—Campbell and Manning.
The Bchool Trustees met on Tuee.
I day nipht at 8:30, for tbe purpose
of passing the monthly accounts.
Tbe regular and last meeting of the
year will be held on Friday night at
Get those hens laying by (ceding
ii variety ot food. Bee. Scraps, Dlood
meal, C.rit. Oyster Shell, are some of
the necessary things—Campbell and
The ladies of the Christ Church
Guild will hold a Work and Cookery
Sale on December 1-ith in the Carmen
Hall. In the evening a mock trial
will be given with the trial of Jenny
Over half tbe assortment of Royal
Doulton Artware that we displayed
in our window last week was sold—
Better secure a piece before it is all
Local  Notes
HORN—At Cranhrook, on December
5th, to Mr. nnd Mrs. W. J. Robinson, « daughter.
At the Auditorium tonight the
following dims will be shown:
"Levy, the Cop," "See the Conquering Hero Comes," very funny.
W. H. Wilson has been appointed
.special agent for the Studebaker Automobile Co. from Fernie to Kootenay Landing, also thc Windermere Dis
Oorgonsola, Edam, Limberger
'Yearn Brick, Swiss and Stilton'
''lieeses at  Campbell and Manning.
Th** time for holding the municipal election Is approaching. Nominations will be made on tbe 2nd
Monday in January and tba election
on the Thursday following.
The fixtures and furnitur*" for the
new post office has arrived and is
now being (.stalled under the direction ot Mr. Macdonald, an expert
from Ottawa
Carpets    Lifted  and  Relaid,   Furni-
ire packed etc.,—Furlong a. Fergus-
son,   Armstrong  Avenue. *t-*-2t
Canadian wheat in   Europe  Is   in
demand.      Tt    Is being   stored  as a
ivar    precaution. Wheat    und   corn
have also l:*en ordered from the
United Htntes.
Wanted to Trade—New Sleighs or
Cutters for second-hand ones of any
kind or wi'l sell the new ones- at
Bargain Rates.—Cranbrook Trading
Company. 44-tf.
The Women's Institute will hold a
Fancy Work meeting ln the Carmen's
Hall on Friday next, Dec. 13th, at
at 8 p.m., sharp, refreshments will
be served and a good timcis assured.
All ladles Invited. Mrs. R. Brown
and Mrs. J. Roberts will have charge
of the Fancy  Needlework
Some beautiful stock in Limoges
hand painted China just tho right
thing for a Xmas present—Campbell
and Manning.
Pathe's Weekly. King Manuel wit
nesses a review of Fire nrigndos at
Crystal Palce. The Duke of Lancar-
ter, the Floods near Peterboro, Re
cord Diving, A Wonderful Feat of
Championship Diving and the LntCS1
Fashions nt the Auditorium tonight.
California Cauliflowers, iviery.pep
pore and Tomatoes, Hot-bouse Oucura
hers and Lettuce—Canupbell and Man
Remember it pays to deal at the
Oranbrook    Trading    Company   for
CAHH tf.
TO RBNT—First bouse north of the
hospital on the Mlnribn road, ft room
summer kitchen, cellar, city water,
and  woodshed' -Apply noxt door.
Gamong's O.B. Chocolates always
• please—Campbell and Manning.
Ther.    Max. 48 degrees on Nov. 2lst.
Ther   Mlm.    * degrees   ,.n Nov. 27th-
Total snow and rain fall one aud one
tenth inches*
Ther.  Max. 60 degrees   on   Nov. Sth.
Ther. Mlm, 2.t degrees below Nov. 10.
Just unloaded another car of Green
Oat Hay—Oampbell and Manning.
A French Heeresu predicts dire doings on this old planet tli* coming
year. It contains the unlucky "13"
and only lacks a day of starting on
Friday. What can you expect but
tbe worst it; to come! Purls is to
be destroyed by fire, theCernmn Em-
I eror is to go to Paris in chains,
and the Prlro of Wntes will reign.
The year will he a fiery and bloody
one. Canada will be free of catastrophes of all kinds. In the meantime do your Christmas shopping
Mother's Favorite Flour cwt. $3.40|
30n> $1.75; Mlti 1.90. Pride of Alr««
ta Hour, cwt. $8,85; 501b $1.86; 2Mb
$.95, Five per rent of! for cash
Oranbrook Trading Oo.np-.iy
Leave your orders early fur XtnuH
Flowers—Oampbell and Manning,
Oo the 10th Inst., tbe members of
the Over-Heaa Club, will hold tbelr
regular social and dance in the Car
men's Hall,
An attractive program has li<-en arranged by the committee lu charge
and the members nre assured of n
good time. Beside dancing there Is
to be a whist drive and a lecture on
St-imsl)       Camplwll     mul
At 18:15 a.m.. on Wednesday the
tire brigade responded to ao alarm
sent tu by phone trom Futa's store
Tbe tire occured in u small cottage
on Clark Avenue and was caused by
a gap being open in the chimney,
in.I sparks fatliug on a Iked. The
building was occupied by some Ual-
luiiH The (Ire had gained considerable headway belore it wnn discovered The brigade responded promptly and soon had the lire under control The building was gutted aud
a targe portion of the roof was destroyed. The !- ;u,l:tui was owned by
IV Matheson ami was insured by
Hunt St Darling in the Hudson Bay
Insurance Company for $1,000.00
THK BIG l*>-l*.l> STORE-Rvery-
thing lu Reed (or animals, hlrds, etc.
hy the pound ut train loud at the
Oranbrook Trading Oo,
W     w.    KILBY
P 0   Box Ut Cranbrook.  B.O.
Trail ma> secure tbe annual bon-
spiel of the British Columbia Curling Association tbis year. At the
annual meeting of the association it
was decided that the big spiel should
take place at Nelson, but because
Trail's new rink bas now beeu completed it is posbible that the honor
may pass to Trail, as that city is
very anxious to secure the Spell.
Thematter will be decided at the annual meeting of the Nelson Curling
Club which will be held Tuesday,
The Cranbrook Club Is organlz ng
with a membership of over 50 nnd
will be represented at tbe honsplel
by at least three rinks.
Bliss Dorothy Davis, organizer of
tbe Hr tlsh Columbia Political E-
.■juality l.eat-ue, addressed a meeting
at the Y.M.C.A. on Wednesday night
Miss Dnvis is a British Suffragette
ind is engaged in organizing branches in this Province. She believes
that the militant methods of the old
country are unnecessary under the
conditions which prevail in this
Miss Davis is nforcible speaker
and during her address expressed her
willingness to hear and to reply to
objections from her audience.
Mr.P. E, Wilson occupied the chair
and introduced Miss Davis to the
ludience. Miss Davis said that women wanted to vote to safeguard the
Interests, social and industrial, of
Women and Children. Men have
found thro.it.; h ages of bitter exper-
ence tbat an unrepresented clnss always suffers certain unavoidable in
justices, that women were fighting
for freedom and justice.
The following resolution was mov-
edby Mrs. J. F. Smith, seconded by
Mrs. W. B. MacFarlane and adopted
"Resolved, that this meeting realizes the urgent need that the Women's
ioint of view should be directly rep-
csenfed in the legislature and In all
if tbt: attain, of the nation, and do
'lores the injustice to herself and the
loss io tiie state involved in her pre-
pent political position, and preferring
that British Columbln should lead
the otber provinces of Canada in all
uatti r.. of progressive reform rather
thnn follow, it calls upon thc provln-
ilol government to Introduce nnd car
*y, during the coming session a hill
jiving the Votes to Women on the
tame terms na it is or may he given
to men,
A vote of thanks was tendered to
the chairman. Tt is possible that a
branch of th- organization may be ln
tltut-d at Cranbrook.
The National Aseocintlon for protection aanli.it Ure has issued a bulle
tin thnt des:-rves to be learned ln
ivcry community |n tula province.
It deals with fires that nre due to
the celebration of Christmas. It
Tarn* bazaars, churches, homes and
schools with practical counsel. Beware of inilamahie decorations it
Hays. They make it c-\sy for fires to
tart that spread with alarming
inlr-kness and may be hnrd to put
'uit. If vou attempt to hnve decor-
tlons that might occasion a fire
make sure that the decorations do
not increase the hazard covered in
'lie Insurance eontrnct and thus ma he
oho policy wholly void. If your In*
Hired home burnt, your want your In
(enmity and conHeouently should dn
lothlng that would Impair your contract. Wverv Christmas* ih saddened
by the deaths of many children In
Ires caused by candles or decorations of the Christmas tree, fiunrd-
nn angles or children and good luck
ire not trusted hy sensible folks at
bbrl.-ttn.flfl, They take pains to protect, tbelr children and homes from
juvenile carelessness In holiday festlv
ties. No risk should he incurred
that could pi twiblv turn the home of
merriment   into   a   house of noun-
We Have the Reputation
of carrying the Largest
and Best Stock of Christmas Goods in the interior
of British Columbia, and
this year is no exception
unless it is that the stock
is more varied.
If vou are in doubt what tu give this is the place
to come,   Our clerks are experts in Christmas
(lifts aad their experience will   prove   invaluable  to  you   in  choosing.
Our Toy  Department
is full to overflowing with the Best of Toys
Dolls of all descriptions including the Character Dolls:
Campbell Kids
Baby Dolls of all sizes
We also have a full line of Doll's Dresses,
Stockings, Fur Sets, Muffs, Doll's Cabs, Furniture, Etc., in fact everything to make Dolly
Animals Include
Elephants, Etc.
Mechanical and Electrical Toys—Games of all
sorts,   including the   New,   Popular  Game  of
We are giving a Special Discount of 10 per
cent for Cash on all Toys bought before
Beattie-Murphy Co. Ltd
More humun lives arc
in the keeping of tine lock
when it is placed un a railroad switch than in any other
Gieat railroads like the
Pennsylvania and Union Pacific that tnko even possible
precaution to safeguard their
patrons, use Yale & Towne
Bronze Padlocks.
There are many imitations
that resemble the Yale Lock.
We .sell genuine Yale Padlocks.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware & Yale Locks
Cranbrook. B.C.
Inr. Prudence In the sole mean* of
parents securing themselves from
Illume nnd tlio possibility ol life
Ionic regret.
It la only two weeks to Christmas,
only 11 sbopplng dnys remain. The
early bird rets the worm. The early
shopper Kefs the best bargains und
the most helpful attention. Htocks
nf goods nr* fresh and full now,
clerks arc n line fettle (or nerving
pntrons. Ijitrr on stocks wtll bt depleted nnd clerk" fni-geil und (added.
It lu n front deal easier and more
satisfying   to  chop   during tb* first
r I I I TII II'. I 'I' rrrl*
Milk Milk Milk
Hillside Dairy
Experience has taught us every precaution necessary for the. production of the
highest grade of milk.
We feel sute that one trial will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone-" Hillside Dairy," Box 373
Milk can always be obtained from!
************************* 11il11*************
****************************  I   I  l'l .11 I I  I I  I -"I  I
.      HEAD   OFFICE
On Meuti' and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All out Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. Si
**** *************** III I ****** 11III WH IH
weeks   In December than on the laat
week before Chrlstmns.
Tho Hlx rules lor care wltb fire In
the mountains:
If overy member of ths public
strictly observes th«B0 simple rules
the (.rest, annual losw by forost tires
will be reduced to a minimum.
t. lle sure your mutch Is out before you throw It nwny.
2. Knock out your pipe ashes or
throw your cigar or .cigarette stump
where there Is nothliiK tu catch lire.
8. Don't build n camp lire any
larger   than If absolutely necMMry.
Never leave It even for a short time,
without putting It out with water or
4. Don't build n camp Ure against
a tree or log. Build a amall on*
where you can scrape away the needles, leaves or grass from all sides ol
5. Don't build bontlres. The wind
mny come up any time nnd start a
Ore which you cannot control.
7. II you discover a nre, put It
out If possible; It you can't, get
word of it to thc nearest forest ranger or Arc warden ai quickly aa you
possibly can. ...    . THE   1'ROSPECTOR,  CRAM BROOK,  B. C.
Everybody's Surprised At The
Offered at PYE'S Sale
Not a person disappointed. Not a Sale made but what has made another -Booster" for this Sale.
Not an article sold anywhere near its actual value. Never before such a complete surrender of values,
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and neighbors of their great bargains and so tne good news
Here are the Prevailing Prices at Our Sale
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Mens Underwear
Pure   Wool,   Shepherd Brand, winter weight, Regular |2.60 __
SALE PRICK                  1.55
Pure    Wool,    Sbeperil Brand, extra
heavy weight, Regular $3.00
Heavy Ribbed, All Wool, some
slightly soiled, prices range Irom
11.00 to 11.75 per garment.    *
Hewson's     Underwear,    Stanneld'e
Regular Price per garment 11.75
Regular Price per garment 12.00
Regular Price per gar
ment 12.60
Mens Work Shirts
Blue Flannel, Regular Price
Heavy Tweed, Regular Price
Kersey Flannel, Regular Price
Heavy Orey, All Wool, Regular Price KM
We   have a line ol light gray oxford
shirts always sold for 76c
and 1.90
Mens Work Gloves
Genuine Deerskin, Pull overs, Regular Price $1.25
Genuine Deerskin Pull overs, made
with string back Regular Price
fle-nillne   Deerskin    Cloves,   i
curling      glove,        Regular
Genuine   Buck lined gauntlets,
Inr Prlee 12.60
Heavy   lln-*   Elk Gloves,
wrist, Regular Price 11.60
Hen's   Horsehlde   Pull   overs,
back, Regular Price 11.00
Tan   Horsehlde   Gauntlets,   s
railroad      glove,      Regular
Sheepskin . Gauntlets,     Fine,
pliable, Regular Price 1.75
Lamb-linen Driving Mitts, Blaatlc
knit wrist, Regular Price
Horsehlde, Wool Lined Mitts, Buck
Tan, Regulnr Price 11.60
Fancy Gray Wool Gloves, Regular
Prlee 1.65 ..
Black Wool Gloves, Regular Prlee
Scotch Knit Wool Olovea, Regular
Price 11.00 _„
wool knit
Celluloid .15 or Two lor .15
Linen,   .10, Three lor ,16 or .75 dos.
That  it is  possible  to
sell is being sold to make
room for our new stock
of Boots and Shoes
Fancy   Knit,   Regular   Price
Blue and Brown, Fancy Knit, Regu.
lar Price $.66
White and Red trimmed, Extra Una
quality, Regular Price 1.75 _
Very Fine Knit, White and Red,
Regular Price 1.75 ee
Very Fine Knit, Blue and White.
Regular Price 6.75 ,,
Men and Boys Caps
Fancy Tweed, Fur lined, Knit visor,
Regular price (1.60 nA
Fancy Tweed, Fur lined, Knit visor,
Regular Price 61.25 _-
Boy's Fur lined, ln Black1, Brown or
Blue Melton
We have a specially well assorted
line of winter caps to choose from.
Men and Boys Shoes
"Just Wright" Shoes, Any Style in
Black, Tan or Patent, tiutgoii or lace
Regular Price 16.00
High   Top   Shoes, In
Tan     Regular     Price
Boy's   High Cut Shoes, extra Heavy
Soles,   a splendid school shoe, Regular Price $4.00 _
SALE PRICE                  2.85
These shoes are exceptional value.
Boy's Scout Shoes in Bos Calf
8Ues 11-2
Slles JJ-6 . a.
Boy's Gun Metal, Best in the Trade,
Good   Last,   2|—5).     Regular Price
Classic Shoes for Boy'a
Tan Calf Sixes 5-7)
Tan Calf Sixes 8-10J
Tan Calf Sizes 11-2
Compare these prices and values with
Catalogue Prlcesf
Hockey Shoes
Men's Lightning Hitch, Ankle Protector, Regulnr price $5.00
Black Calf. Lightning Hitch, Regular Price $4.00.
Boy'a Lightning Hitch, Rises 1-6.
■tegular Price $3. and $1.60
SALE PitlOB 2,35
Men's Reiidy-to-Wear Clothing Is
selling at Very Low Prices. See Our
Prices hefore buying
Boy's Overcoats, Good, All Wool
Tweeds, heavy lined, Slaea 21—22
Regular Price $8.00
Mackinaw Coats, Bird's Best Mackinaw, Leather Trimmed, 16.60
Value for
Curlers Macklnnwa, Red Piping, Regular Price $8.00
Any Soft Hat in the store for
Any Hard Hat in thc store for
Negligee Shirts
In 141 and 17 only
Flue Flannel Shirts, Reversible Collar. Regular Price $1.50
Women's   and   Children's Shoes
We are clearing a number of Hues of
the Celebrated Cross' Shoes tor Women ln Black, Tan or Patent, Lace
or Button, Regular Price $5.00 and
This price ls for Saturday only.
Patent,   Gray    Suede    Top,    JUST
Patent White Top
White Kubreck Button
. SALE PRICE -       3.85
All other lines of Cross' Shoes ou
Sale at
House Shoes
Buskins Elastic Front, low heel on
sale for
Patent, one strap slipper
SALE PRICB "     1.85
One Strap Vici Kid slipper
The Plyde Cushion Bole and Rubber
Heel Shoe, makes an ideal house
si ppers, They are very light and
flexible. Either Patent Top or Plain
Toe.   Regular Price $2.76
Womens Elastic Side Shoes Regular
Price $3.50
Big Girls' Shoes
Gun   Metal   Button,    Sizes   1
Regular Price $4.00
Big Girl's Button, Vici
Misses' Shoes
Vici. Lace or Button 11—2
Oun Metal, Button, 11—2
Gun Metal, Lace, 11—2
Tan Calf, Lace, 11-2
Tan Call, Button, 11-2
Girls' Shoes
Vici Kid, Lace or Button Sixes
Tan Calf, Lace, 8lzea 8-10J
Patent    Colt,     Brown    Top, Sixes
Child's High Cut, Button, Oun Metal
or Tan Calf, Sizes 8-10J
Rises 5-7|
Child's High Cut, Red Roxod, Button
Sizes 8-10|
That  it  is   possible  to
sell is being sold to make
room for our new stock
of Boots and Shoes
Sleighs, Cutters, Is, P
McLaughlin &? Studebaker's
Call in and See our Stock
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Rex Theatre
The Rex Theatre which opened Ita
doors to the public on Thursday
night, November 28th, is one of the
best moving picture houses to be
found anywhere in the West today,
and will stand for some time to
come as an example to the city of
Cranbrook, in archetecture and for
the method of providing general coin-
fort to ita patrons. Its decorations
and general appearance is par excellence, und can easily be considered
tbe neatest and best equipped building in the city.
At tbe openin night the proprietors very generously gave all thc
proceeds to Charity—Tho St. Eugene
Hospital—which amounted to a good
round sum, tor the house was packed
to the doors and many were turned
The building presents several special features in the line of Moving
Picture show houses. The room n
which the operator in stationed and
where all Inflnmnble material ls to
found is encased with fire,proof walls
and all openings arc fitted «-ith automatic shutters so that a lire could
be burning furiously inside and no
one in the building be aware of the
fact. Th s is an admirable arrangement as the lesion only taught u
few weeks ago in ono of these houses
in tho Stntes where a lire began and
several mot their death and many
were Injured, will never bo forgetten,
The Special caro which has been
mode for tho comfort of thc eyes Is
also an added adjunct to the well-
faro of the patrons. Tbo whole of
the Interior has been fitted with a
special light called "Eye Comfort
System" designed by A. A. Johnson,
manager of thc Rex and manufactured by thc Alhort RechrlBt Manufacturing Co., Denver Colorado, which
tirm makes a specialty of this class
of electrical fittings; the Qualn Electrical Co-, nre their local agents and
all the electrical fittings tn the
'Rex"   were obtained through them.
Another strong feature ls ths
method of exfts. There ore at tho
back ot the building two large exits
provided; at the side of which there
Is,   during the preforniance, theword
Exit" showing in large red letters,
lit up by enclosed electric lights.
Itmight he specially remarked that
all doors in the building open outward—a good feature in Itself.
It was throuhh the C. C. S. that
all the furnishings hnve been obtained, the seats whlcb nre so comfortable were made by specialists the
American Senting Co., who hnve
appointed thc C.C.S. as their local representatives.
All   the designing and architecture
l the building was done by A. A.
Johnson, the manager himself, and
be is to lie congratulated on thc exquisite taste he has displayed. Tbe
Painting and Decorating ol the
Theatre wns In the hands ol Messrs.
Johnson & Thompson
Tho building wns built by Geo,
Leask who Is also Its proprietor and
Irom whom tho Lohnson HroB. have
a live years lease.
The Johnson Bros are worthy ot
all th..- support that can be glveu
them on account ofthelr enterprise
ond their confidence In the city to
make thom put up such u large
guarantee to make such un olegaut
place possible.
Danger Signals
Reports that India Ih giving **•
warships, according tn thn llrilln
correspondent of tlm Daily Kxpross,
ia responsible fnr the re .mirk Mile
propoi.nl of (Iermany abandoning hor
effort to control thn sea, for an attempt  to  win Hiipremnry of tho nlr.
Tbo National Zoltung propone,, a
fleet or 100 Zeppelins divided Into 2C
squadrons of four eacli, which whllo
tho coot Ih only nn much nn ono
Dn-iultimiKht, eoitld eventually don-
troy England'.* fleet,
Tho pro-HH-iil In endorsed enthui*
ii.Hticiiiiy throughout Germany, where
aa each alrahlp it. mild to ho able to
carry a vast quantity of ex pi onlv bit
It le iicN'-v'-it thut the Fatherland
ruling tho air will eveutually conquer tbe at*
What a Prominent Business
Man Thinks of the Neal
Three Day Liquor Cure
This conversation wot. overboard in it, paid -. hundred-fold." "Well, but
a prominent club room, between two Jim, they tell me that it hurts a
prominent business men, when one of man to tnke the Huuor cure." Not
the men, called Jim, entered after, the Meal Cure, There th': Neal Cure.
having been abHent for several daya. j There jn nothing to it to hurt a Ave
"Why, hello, Jim, where huve you'year old child. I know for I have
been?" "Why I have been out of j tried it. They iih** no hypodermic In-
town visiting a friend of mine." j jectlons. And it only took tbem
"Well, you must have bad n good J three daya. That in all. T waa
time, for I have never Beenyou look- cured, and 1 bave no more desire for
ing better than you do now. You alcohol than I have for vinegar or
certainly do look line. Huppoa.- we kerosene oil. And look at my eyes.
&o and take a drink." "No, you ns clear as a bell—bo In my brain,
will have to excuse me. 1 bnve quit. | ami when I wont to the office this
"Whut?" "Yes, r have cut thc morning and got to work, I waa aur-
liriak out, tbat is why I look aud prised at the amount of work 1
[eel so tine." "Well, that ia a sur- ci uld do, ami how oafty it was for in-*
prise to me—come aud sit down and and when I bad finished it, I knew it
bow   you   did it.'
right     And talk about eating,
went out   to the Neal Institute and
took the   Neal    Three   Day   Liquor
Cure. If   you   could   have seen my
little wiu-   when    I   came home and
to be honest with you I I can eat everything in sight, sleep
like a log, and wake up in the morning feeling fine." "Well Jim, could
you not have stopped without taking
tho cure?" "Well, you know I havo
told her what I had done, you would I been going it rather stiff tor tv-vertil
have said it paid, If that wus all the; months, and I made up my mind
good It hnd done. When I came In j to stop several times aB I could aee
the nrst thing she said to me was, : it wan worrying my wife, but I could
"Why, Jim, what have you been do- make all the good resolves, and try
ing to yourself?" and when I asked jus hard as I could, and before I
her why, she said. "I have never seen I knew what I was doing I,had taken
you looking no well,' and when llo drink and, of course, that settled
told her where I had been und what jit. It is ton had that some of the
I liad done, do youknow that little other hnTB !ier(. <-on-t tH|-e it. They
woman   sat   right   down on my lap;... ,. . ^ dfl   tUem |of
and cried with Joy.   Then she Jumped I
up and went to the phone   and called jf know wh,lt ll hflfl (lone for «•. and
my  mother and told ber.     As quick  I know •*• "'ill do the same for tbem
as they could ret there    father   and1 if they will take It."
mother   were   both   ovor,   and   say,'    "Where did you say this wonderful
talk    about   a    happy lot, they were   Neal    Cure   is   located?"      Why this
certainly happy. And if you could
have seen th*. expression on my dear
old mother's face you would say tbat
particular oue ia at tbe corner of
Fenwick Avenue and Rains Street,
Cranbrook,  B.C.
I;Conservative □  Meeting:!
A Meeting of the Cranhrook Conservative
Association will he held in
Armstrong Avenue.
Monday, December 9th,
at 8 p.m.
For the purpose of  Electing an  Executive
Committee  to represent the Association in
the District Association.
J W. A. ROLLINS, President       J. A. Arnold, Secretary J
****** III I III 11 M I l'l I'M . ■ IIH M IIIUIIIII M4
Presbyterian Church
Ret.  W.  Kiilmnn  Thomson
Morning Service nt  tl   ".. M.
MornliiK rt.rvlcc "Wholesome
Rlllldiiy RotlOOl uii.l IMil- i'Ih.h nt
il p.m.
Evening Hervire nt 7:31) p.m.
Evening Mrvica:   "Judge-riant.!1
Catholic Church
Hundnye—I,ow mtiNH nt H:*0 a.m.,
high iniiiw, 10-11) n.in., rltiiiilny school
I Irom 1 to I p.m., Roaury anil lime
| notion nt 7:30 p.m.
J Monday* mul holy .lay. of ohllga
i linn Mkhn nt H n.m.
' Weak day*- Mass at t. a.m. at the
! hospital.
I' PluiiK.ftilon. O.M.I.
U-aptist Church
Ret. O. E.  KKNIiAl.l.
Morning worship,  IV.00 o'clock.
Kvenlin*  Wor-hip  7:30 o'clock.
Tbe topic for the morning Mr-flee-
"The World'* Crisis, Butan Detbron
«<l." The evening subject will be
-"Thn Idpatrlatlon of an Unclean
Spirit," "I wua cliol when they
Niiid unto me, l.et ue go Into tb*
iioiin- of ihe Lord."
Methodist Church
Hev. w   Kl-.ui Dunham
Morning Hervlw II n,ni
livening Horvlce 7.30 p.m.
ripe organ and vocal welectlona at
every eervlce.    All ere Welcome
"Prospector" brings returns THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B. C.
A Modern Romance
as lho uiiiir; ' Grace Darlln.'a Sweetheart
I cannol tell .you. but loi uie "nlBh.     m,   jlmnl, Gu.s „f ipswlolll „■-,„
She spoke of all Vera'B kindness, and  r,„. „„.,l.h. .,,„. v„11.„ wal ao0k.gate-
her having nuratuu-ea* the papers. m-„ „nd ,,ssi„iall', 6nginoor, is a won-
.„'.!!l,B     x!:'.!  ..'I,!'1''''!.. ' '."„,>   i..!!'-''''---1 "nk with the past, Inasmuch M
'     "'in' was Hn> sweetheart of draco liar-
Vera was surprised tc> find that
David Clay whs uol home to dinner,
and ll appeared thai Mrs. de Lisle hail
also been called to town, as her mother was daiiKeroualy ill, and thoy had
both gone bj motor far. Clay left
word thai li" did uut expect lo return
thai night. Th'1 news came as a ra
ting.     Listen to tha following fragmentary eon vernal ion   with   tho   old
lilt to 1
er, nlthoug
i ilio mere tact of
ble in
ICO lv." lii-
lull nny.
her, :,in
ct:li ii- r  Hll
his  face
am Horner joined
vore a benevolent
smile. r
I have good uewa fnr you. There
has bfen n bij boom in Vankea Hails
and l Intoml to realise,     l phall have
a nil
e liiilo
Tor von.
1 .
■■.■ muc!
■: she
thai j
isked breathlesBly.
• <n will have made
n i-i
igh twi
••ii and fifty thou-
sand dollars.
She made n rapid mental calculatlpn.
When can i hai i   lho mom j'.'
To*inoi row If yon like.
Shalt wi motor up to town yo i,
Lads Barton an I mj Could you
tel in" have n clu qim Ihen?
^i -■-. .:' you '.'..ur tl
1    d i- b
me   '■'.;.;,.
luck   again.
You nn;. be able to spend a few
pounds i'i London to-morrow on a
Excuse m-, Misa Grant.
And without another word he
crossed tho hall, where Lady Barton
was seated alone, for Brann was talking to Mrs. de Lisle.
May 1 ask you to give me another
lesson In billiards?
With pleasure.
Vera watched them go to tho billiard
room, and she saw that Brann was
also Interested In their departure.
Lady Barion, 1 am Rolng to town
to-morrow, he began gravely, but
thero was ;i merry twinkle In his eye.
Yi>n are not leaving, .-•!;', cried anx*
Jusl for n day, and you are coming
too, Lady Barton, also Miss Cram. I
ivanl yon to help me in the ciioiee of
n purchase I am going*to make.
Do you require two ladies for that?
No, ono would have done. By the
bye, ilie article te an engagement
Oh, was all slit- could sny.
Hie took  her hand in his and she!
did  nol   resist,      Then  be  became
Ifraver ami Insinuated hla arm round
hor waist.
Vou women are funny creatures.
Why wouldn't you say yes when I
asked you lasl  night?
I haven't said yes to-night, Bhe said.
Not In words, hut your eye? have
told ni"   something.       How   pretty
they are, and they aren't a hit sad.•
Afler all. I do believe you will care,
for me, astonishing aB ii may seem,
I think you nre a dear, Bha replied1
and \hat was ihe nearest that Hiram
ever got to a formal acceptance of his
offer, but ili.u wns evidently sufficient
for liim.
But Lady Barton was nol content.
ond sho was summoning all her pluck j
to make the plunge.
T musl lelt you » little of my story.
1 cannol como to you with unclean
hands. I must wipe oul all the pas I -
and slarl afresh, for I do uot. wish
thore to be anything between us—Ii
owe   \on  thai.
Whal Is It? Si
your past?
Am I concorne
No, save iimt
everything of ilu
vour wife.
I iim content
are. ho said cemlorly.
Bui I will not come to you unless
you know. If || hud not been for
this thing I ihould noi have refused
you yesterday. I llttlo thought lt
possible that n few hours would on-
able me to nucepl you now. I have
io thank Miss Grant.
She's a right gooil soil.
1 know iimt, but you must listen to
me, Hiram!
She began lier story, only suppressing the name of Brann,     His face
grew stern as ho listened, nml for
motiu nt bIio desp
became slow.
My poor girl, he said pityingly.
She took fresh courage, and told
him of the terror that had been held
over her, and tho years of misery
that she imd endured,
The  hound, ho  said  fiercely,   who
I Interest.       The  man,   too,   sliull
puulahed,      Tell me his name.
The whole aspect of his face bad
changed, and sho began to fear him.
Tho hluo grey eyes had turned to a
steely hue, and tils lips were nres&e.!
Into a thin line,
I    I daren't, Hiram.     I   don't,   know
! what you- would  do.      Vou  will
j angry, and perhaps---
Tell me (he man's name, lie Insist-1
i ed.
|    But think of the scandal, she said,
■and   she  was  thoroughly   frightened.!
' What will Mr. Clay say?
|    If vas Brann.     I lid not llko lhe |
'man from the tirst.      I will— i
She laid her hand on his arm. j
)>on't do anything rash, she Implored him,     There aro reasons, many
What are they? he asked gruffly,     i
They don't concern me, 1 swear, but
1 he is dangerous.
Moro blackmail? he demanded, nml;
'. she was silent.
Come with me, he said almost
Whi u thej reached the halt, Brann
v as Just n i oi i ring from thi effects
of the amiounc. ment by Vera lhal sh<\
I ■ .f ii that Mr Horner was
asking Ladv Barton to be his wife,
. o . Bwindh d me i Thoso papers
•■ ould have bi en worth a fortune, Instead of a miserable thousand b<
-...; :■.'■ ri)
Hiram \ . ki d [i etly toward I ti
': s eyes glean ini tli reel),
Brann, you ai ■■ ling cur
! .    .-...-'■       dnutes to gel ou
of i   - ;    ilse you pill be
fired.     D'you understand?
Brai ■ rose quti klj and put himself
on ■ .■' lefensive
Il   s onlj the   ; ■■• seui      of   these
ht re, bul I am bu a he will back me, __
up iu what i am doing, Hiram Baldh08fl 0f the Porta
coldl). [tlu .'i her ow n   xptotl
seaman, and live over again the mem-   Nobody
orloa of that brave exploit near Long-   ,,;
stone Lighthouse Lhat made immortal
When a young mini I took a cargo
of salt from Ipswich to Sunderland.
While there 1 left my brig and wuh
made coxswain of a coble lhat supplied Longstoo Lnlghthouae with provisions. This was In 18:tii nnd as
Grace's great deed took place the previous year I was anxious to meet tho
famous girl. On my first trip In the
coble I saw her standing at the lighthouse door, bul although I tried to
draw her attention she got behind tha
door.    The next time 1   visited   the
Never Aikcd a Fee
A granite shaft erected by popular
subscription soon will murk the grave
or Dr. Joseph Dawson, a physician
who never asked a fee.
Dawson wait burled In the little
town cemetery two years ago, but
hja grave always has been unmarked,
knew    just    when    Dawson
me. IIo arrived with one friend
—tt collie dog nnd soon established
a Wide practice. Those who wished
to pay for his services could do ho,
but he never Insisted on a fee. What
money he did not use for the actual
necessities of lire he gave to charity.
To tlio curious ho said:
I came here from California. There
i have a wife and child. I like yonr
town and I'm going to stay here.
For 10 years Dawson .lined with
his dog as a sole companion. When
he died the trlbut
..From My Hunting Day Book
The Mussou (look Company, Limited havo been honored hy tbo Crown
Prince of Germany's Instructions to
Issuo Immediately a translation of his
volume "From Mv Hunting Day Book"
In Canada.
In lhls book, the    preliminary   announcement of which has existed ihe
utmost  interest,  the  German  Crown
Prince records his spun in;, experience
In Europe and America the work has
been  produced throughout  under the
most careful supervision of the Crown
Prince himself, and is illustrated by
a large number of photographs taken
by the Crown Princess and the author.
The   future   Emperor   of   Germany
tolls of his nch'onturea in n particular
j ly bright nnd pleasing manner. While
j modestly disclaiming in his introduction, any pretentious to literary merit
when von have tamp back, frer-utmt headaobu, rlir-ii-
nuilir- ■■•.ni.-, sent*, liefoio Ihr ■*>«•-., l-viiif-fi. in ibe joints,
rlt- . IIine-t'iinrteVB ut nil human iiiliiir-iits am due to
ihe litliipy.i fitilme ir. properly frw the syilim of
p-)if.i)ii<mn Ufi.lt* uiid Wiwlc itmllcr.
Tn Mitmili ;o. tmip.f leuii'-'-niid nf reuullicii the kidneys,
alto Wl. CWRK-B SWEET NITR1-. 1-.U..S. Take
llii-ui the flnt dsy you have cause to think your kid*
h>\tt up.*-, intention. Tliey .'untttiii sweet nitre and
nye other sovereign ouratlve Hgents.   Acute or chronlo
Hi ni. n.AUK'H BWJOT NlTfflD I'lLLB.  Sold everywhere at
malted direct by .„
paid lo bim wuh:    lho writes or btinaolt as a man who
;   moro  friends  than  any  loves genuine Bport, nntl to whom tbo
I pootrj   and  grandeur of  Nature  aro
In lnoxhauHlKle source of .li'llght end
mun tn the country
linlitliou.se I took a silk handkerchief ;"  '
full  of grapes ami  gave  the lot   to      Long Standing Asthma.—Ma
Grace when I saw her.     She thank : suffered   so   long   from   asthma   and J    The hook Is more than a volute.- of
ed me, and we got on woll. We walk*  havo  tried so many  so-called ronn-d-   Sporting reminiscences for Irom time
oil and sat aboul on the rocks, and  Im thej  tHIuk Lhal there la no real to timo dlgrrsBluB from his subject,
i one day we paid a vlsil t.i Bainboi'-help  for ihem.      They  should rend  the Crown  Prince speaks with con*
'l* ough to see the castle.     Am she had   the letters received by tin- manufact* siderablo franknesB of his Inclinations
I to return earl}   to Bee to lho light*  urers of Dr, -], n   Kellogg's Asthma and hia rending, of hla friendships and
i house 1 rowed her back, , Remed) irom hundreds of case?, once1 bis dislikes,     Canadian renders wll'
Qrace was nol handsome, bul she  M desperate as ihelr own      ■     ■   ■    •
wns passable, with darlt pye   and hair  long*uegleoted
and .i  a« ■■ brou**« d bj   he lea ■< v und
comej Ing u Bonai of purltj and innocence thai I ha ■ o ne pr b  -   il
other,     Shi   ffon   ver>  short iklrts
ami  ;i  .I n;h   blm   3co    i cap,  which
B lite I  her  « - 11        Shi   v. ni as Rood
it ■ any sailor, and coul I set a
pull an oar w.'•■. ,!i   b<     ol 'hem
ithei   .'ii old mau, i
Even in
this famous pre
para tion brings prompt help.
General Booth's Will
Bj ■ ■■ thi tats Oeneral Dooth
not onlj all that was \ Bled
in htm as General, bul also ins private
ii upei j amout I :'.'t to JJ -ist IDs to
the Salvation \rmy, while the proper
tj  i now \ allied ai   : 5,205) which thi
lj waB b ■■  ry old med man  nnd   ,,-.. n,... .  i(.   |       Vl. ,]u, General
always wore drab ki md
■■ . ■/■ | jhoos, « :-..   ■■■        coat
aud big wall ■ oa    and a round skull j
....   ■ |i   nod   w th  fci        Ho   lldn'l
Inga .-
Uer,      Qrace often  referred  io
bul  made lit ] WerP iofl l0 tx\\ bl
owed   iji  ■   ii law
bo cs|icc|nl!y Interettteil In lhe account
of his i'mh'iienc.%: iu iiiiiiu ami among
a shooting pnrty lu Scotland.
"Now Rivera or tho Is'orlh" h. Uut
bort Footiuu'. mnkos no pretence to
be a Hfieuiiiii' worh. The author
aeoki onlj to aharo thi dollghl of two
amateurs In descending sfronmfl of
which no mau could   say   what   I to
around the next bend, und to convey
u   SOt)BO  Of   the   pleasure  one   feels   III
beholding sights thai have not boon
e—and which had"enabTed PuMlihod to the world al large. The
thi Oeneral lo live wlthoui drawlnp \ftoYy te n dally rocord of tho expor-
anything rrom tht Urns fundi haa f wnoei of two meu who launched them-
bi ti livlded among his children BelVM Into tha wilderness wltbou
Bramwell. Cathi \lnrlnn, Herbert,   Buhloi, and after travelling some 8,000
)'  . and i icj      Personal mementoea  "•'i*,» '» ■• 1-f,,"t   -.•ollupaiblo   boat,
bront'ht home au unexplored river and
hlldren and ehtl-
1 Ie rang th« bell aud a footman ap-;nu  presents, lucluding  i gold slipper
peared ' .*  .. bi irh      o b the  Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff,
Pack up Mr. Brann's bag a   onci    Czar ol  Kussla sen She was 	
Bring ,: down her.'and ste 'hat a mo   often nski I to ao to London, but she Extravagcnt M P's.
tor i ar te ready, Hiram ordered1; wouldnl leave Daddj       Vnd al hough      ..     .        f lh   n        '     '
Don't move. Brann, 1 sham.- let you  | becam   tier BWeethes      h*\ was I is
out of my Bigh'. he continued grimly,  reason  she  gave  v-   not marr.
You are not going to have tht     ifli [ted a| in
of worrying tl   ••      ■ sga a -
tf 'here Is anj   more  Interference  I       \ quai w ol a ml   ion do «
I    •   you    a    sound
D'you understand
n new
the w
latnract to lake its placi
>nders of Canada.
A  Demon Bowler
Tor many years llrown nnd Bagga
i v.. .    go. 1 sh ill wait for
Ur,  ■   i '
Lad Bai on, M -*.- Grant, would you
mind leaving tbe ball. I see this
man wail's something. He Bhall
have it.
Don'', go. Brann cried hare!
I don'l think we liad better have a
scandal. Vera broke ln.      After all,
Members of the House of Commons had been cricketers, and each thought
when they light-heartedly assented at he was a better player than his friend.
the  beginning ot the season to thej At last. Brown challenged  Baggs to
aapp   nt meul oi l he select committee   meet   him  In a  slngle-wlcket  match
to Inquire in the expenditure on sta*  ami the wager was accepted.
tlonery and printing for the House of     Brown halted Tirst. and made nine-,
S Commons and the Public Service gen- teen runs.   Thou Baggs took his stand
;'   craliv  did not presumably anticipate against Brown's   howling.    Brown's
that some of their own little Parlla-1 bowling  was so erratic that   It  was!
mentary   foibles  would be ruthlessly   impossible for anyone to play It. Half
exposed  to the public gaze by their  an hour  rasBod,  then  au  hour,  and j
colleagues. j Baggs bad not scored.     At last the,
a pan, of wdth} fliM-ncler* > -   Fl"*' >w0|'le.-»:i.11. l""asVee Kllcn *lle'V i tat9n-»» nun« **ow" '-is h»t ln dla-'
Brann        '■ . - .,-■    nil ■ ling a: their mines In
be wns a eowai ■ Jasper Nat onal Park on ... i
shall pay for this, he said Must* of ihe Grand Trunk  Pacific railway
>st of Edmont
ba< '-.'■ i by   \m*
The mines are
and   local  cap:-
must consider  Mr.     flay,
all interested In the mine are in Edmonton, having just returned from a
trip '.." weal where the) have spent
several days goiug over tho property.
Right in The heart of The Jasper
N.■*:■ nal Park, si  is - i on a high plat-
learn that $45,000 worth of paper is'gnat.
used at Westminster every year audi     I'm going home to tea, bo growled.
that of this sum $10,000 is for special j Go on bowling, and if you hit tbo wick*
More About
The Loading Platform
The present g-saerttfon or Western farmem will never know th*
difficult!os and r-.iallcna experienced by their predecessors In tha
earlier years when no one could get a carload of gralu shipped ln
hulk except ly loullng It through an elevator, Tho system forced
the majority of farmers to soil their grain to the elevator owners
at arbitrary tries, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dlsintlsfaotlon. Now however
ths distribution o! .iva ns fixed by the Grain Act, and lho use of thfl
loading platform, provide facilities Which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory 'regiment In tha disposal or his grain, ami the highest
marks! prices at time of snl«. Kvery farmer therefore, should more
mid more p'ldeavor to uho (he loading plittorm In shipping hln grain
to the terminal rlovators. It Is the safeguard of the fanners' freedom In utfllioo.ng of his grain to the boil advantage for himself. If
farmers refrain from using the loading platform freely, It might result In Its being dine awsy with, becAuf* railway companies and
elevator owners ar* strongly opposed lo It, It Ifl easy to understand why tlevato: people desire tbo loading platform abolished.
Thfl railway leoplo on their part say It dolayB the loading of can
and helps to rinse ear shortage. This we know to be nonsense.
because frenuently after ears are loaded whether with grain, coal
lum.ter or otber merchandise, they are 8ldet-*acke'. for days and even
weeks Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
Is engine Bh.vtsge and shortage of competent trait, men that mostly
causes gram llocVndes on railways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmer thwrftfore, ds all he can to use tie loading platform and become an Independent shipper. Tn subsequent advertisement! w»
Will state In detail tho saving*; and other advantages of direct load*
Ing Into ears compared with loading thvmgh elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, msk** liberal
advances on car bills of lading, supervise ths grading at time cars
are Inspected, se-.uro thfl highest price* at time of sale and make
prompt returns when sold. Write us for shipping Instructions and
market Information,
Thompson Sons & Company
701703 Y.   CHAIN   EXCHANGE.
papers to suit individual preference)
doubt Mr. Hrann will think better ••''■
No   • au, commanding magnificent views of
M«nv's This?
:ould hi
door, i
fore Hi
ed will
Mr. Horn
the door ant
Don't fitop 'ti
ham Junction.
there and leavi
lo the chauffeu
ami thrust in h
1 can breaths
,r a motor pull up held a footman appear-
dressing'Case In his
pushed Brann
icompanled hii
, you got to Barnham
.insi dump him down
him, Mr. Horner said
, who touched his hat
s clutch.
freely now he's gone,
Mount Miette and the other Btalwar
peaks of tbe Canadian Rockies, ls
springing up a well-ordered and well-
built mining village, having Ita own
church and stores, school nnd hospital.
About fifty houses have already been
built,  of  which  40  are  occupied  by
i the men and the res' are adapted for
,] offices, stores   and   for   management  twrtlj si.ui ty nil urnccww.
" i*l..   i'.,,    1....,.,    I>IIla   ti
wntA fOf m
. ri!*i.-.'t  lie rural bj* Uuw*
We offer Ore Hundred Doiturs Ri
stm  Of   r-ttsirrli   thut
tSuWrrh •■■■■■
* l. CHENEY*CO..Toledo, Ol
We,  the  ni'tltrrtlRtipd.  hai'**  knuivn  i\  J. ClieDtf
ot tbe lutit 10 yrars, f.nil br-iicve him perlectly bon*
arable   in   all   liiiRim-M  tniiis-ai-tKiHfi  and  fln-.tirlatl*'
kbie io ■ f.-[v out imy obligation*, nmde ly hla firm.
Waluimi. Kiwav 4 Mahvjn,
W liul(*ale MiiKHiHn, Toledo, O.
Hr.""* i"...srrl.   Cure   In   taken   Internally, acting
Iir**.! •   utxiii the Mood and iniirnua Hnrfaeea ol tto
i.-»"t.;      l'«tiiiimit<tla tent tree,   i'riee 7C ccata
ct I'm out.
When BugBfl returned from tea lie
found the stumps drawn, and thej
friend they had appointed as umpire]
waiting patiently for him.
You've won, he Bald.
What, do you mean? ] haven't said
Yea, you have, repeated tbe umpire.
Brown bowled thirty wides. You've
won by eleven runs,
Tftka lia-i' 1 tit.i;.j I'llls tor toOEtli;uloti
he mi id to the ladies when h
etl to tiie hall
He had been watching Vera closely during lhls scene and he approach
ed her quietly,
('ome into tin
to speak to you
able  there.       He
■ •Mill
lo do wilh
through   Lady   Marion's  and   led
purposes.     Another 40 houses for the
men will be erected almost at once.
.V water plant, with reservoir ou the
mountain side above the village bas
been put In at a cost of $10,000.   The
machine  shop,  power  house,  supply
shops, etc., are nearly completed and
It is expected tha* the mines will be
in full operation hy December 1.
Last month tho number of men on
I the pay roll was 227, and when the
billiard room. 1 want i mine is in full operation, producing its
lt Is more comfort-  full output of 2,0u» ton-1 per day of I policeman, who asked
lipped   bis   arm   ten hours, the numbor will bo Increas-      I say, you, what you been doin
Blocking Traffic
There were times when McFee gloried In the fact lhat he was the father
of nine children, even if they were
on the lines of thc proverbial human
stepladder, but on the day when he
whs taking tbem out for a walk he
felt clmrgrlned.
He was walking along at. n fairly
good gait when he was halted by a
A Bad Slip
The barber (unaware that he has
tbo honor of attending Professor Von
Bllnkboltle. tho world-famous violinist)—Really, sir, you ought to have
juBt a little more off, or people will
take you for ono of them fiddlers.
We are bavins (he greater iiiccejtin treating the follnwini du-n-i --Ik.uaittlni, SclMIca, N«f-»a»
Trealil*., Staaactt, Kither, Lif tt Caaalaiab, Saia Diwaiti, C«*1i»iti*a.
Scad Fart Card far Praiptda*.
DB.   a.    P.   CARSCALLEN.  Superintendent.
I in any way.
you    BllOUld
woman who i-
to be
lake you  as you
Terrible Itching
Got Little
.Miss Grant, you.
friend lo my little woman, und yon can
command mo in any way you please.
Have you anything io tell me? 1 nm
no fool, thank Ood. Vou musn't
blame Muriel here, but I rather gath-
i red thai this man has some hold
over you, Ije continued kindly.
1 tlldn'1 sa\ so, l.ady Uarton said
I know thai' It Is an Impression,
that'll all.
Ho was looking sharply at Vera,
and her face was pale. lie placed
his arm on her shoulder and his voice
took an appealing note.
Trust me, I'll help vou, mv child.
Toll him all, II will be best, lady
Barton Bald Imploringly. Perhaps
he will he able to lind some way,
Vera hesitated,  for she could  not!
I  -ii -I her speech   bring   herself  to   tell   her   shameful'
| story.     Hiram waited patiently audi
! at lasi be was rewarded.      In a low
trembling voice she began to lelt lier I
1 history of the last few fateful weeks. I
llo listened, and until her miserable
. story was finished he uttered no word.!
She was sobbing quietly, and l.ady!
Barton Bat beside her, and drew hor j
, near to her btart.
it's a pretty kettle of iish.    T don't
pretend   that   I   blame   yon.   Miss'
Grant, bul after all there's no very'
0I.TJAH , great harm done.     1 suppose that isi
ulvCD 'air.ii    money    so    bally?;
\>     What, were you going to
Replace all that I had.
And leave a'nice lit'le balance to
ko along «tth, Vou women are
queer cattle, and your Ileal *>t mor
iilltj are quaint, But thero, dry your
tears, I will Jusl think It over in my
mind. We'll settle tba money ban
<        b n we nre in u,w * to-morro* .
McFee.      Why?
crowd   following
A Leader's Responsibility
If you want to realize your Importance, says Robert Burdett, just put
your finger in a bowl of water, take
lt out and look at tbe bole. It is
said, there is very little difference between one man and another, but that
little ie very Important.
A man is said to stand on a little
pedestal of his own who makes the
! most ot what Ib given him.     A man
the led to .100.      At present a number of      Nothing,  replied
men are employed   on   development!    Well what's the
x true [work, though ihe mine. Is producing'you for?
nbout 10,000 tons of coal per month.] '—*- ■—
Practically every ton of coal tbat I a Pill Thai it Prized.—There have who stands on a pedestal Is looked up
tbe company can produce is taken by been many plllB put. upon the market ■ Co—Is a leader. A leader Is one lo
the Grand Trunk railway, which is [and pressed upon public attention,; whom some one looks for guidance,
using tho Jasper Park Colliers' coal.i but none has endured ao long or met i When the guidance is wrong some oue
on tlic service west of Edmonton and' with  so  much  favor as Parmeless'sj buffers:     When the guidance is right
also on the main line cast for the two  Vegetable Pills.     Widespread use of  aome one ls made happier—hence a
section?.      Tho G.T.P.  will shortly [them haa nttestedNhoir grent valuo,  leader's responsibility
put the three sections east of Edmon-[ and they need no further advertise*
to.i on Jasper Park coal. The coal J ment than this. Having firmly es-
Is a high grade bituminous coal, of tablished themselves In public esteem
very fine cooking quality, and it is, they now rank without a peer In tbe
able to taltc the place of the coal now
being imported from lhe Crow's Neat
and Pennsylvania.
Flnancled by English capital and
owning some 12,000 acres of land near
the point, where lhe main line of tho
1 Grand Trunk Pacific railway crosses
the Pembina river, the Pembina Coal
I'ompany, Ltd,, will also go right
ahead with the development of its
properly, and next spring will he
turning out hundreds of tons of coal
per day from Its mines.
list  of  standard  vegetable   preparations.
Now a Uovernor's Enemy
Governor Eberhardt or   Minnesota,
during an address, told lho following
story of his own experience:
Once  while travelling through  my
stme I was noticing in particular the
great amount of waste that was going on about me. During the afternoon I went Into the dining car which
Natural Query
The Old-T^mci—Yes, sir, we bad two
iee crops this winter.
The Newcomer to tbe Country—
That speaks pretty well for this section. I'm glad we moved out here.
What kind of water did you plant?
*To he ron-lti'i"-i*
'    was crowded, so I sat down near one
I end of tbe ear, opposite a fleshy woman, who I thought, weighed at least
, j,"." pounds.
As I looked past ihe woman through
} the ear window, not noticing bev par-
* licularly, l was Impressed by ihe vast
amount  of farm machinery that waB
unsheltered and exposed to the wealh*
Mlnard's Liniment for tale everywhere
First Club Man-Poor old Jonea
was terribly mean.
Second ditto—Mean! Why Ihey pay
that when he knew ho couldn't recover, bo trie;! lo walk to the cemetery to die. to savo his heirs thc ex-
ponso of oartlng him there.
Panama Canal and    thc    T.vo    President!
I    in 188.'.. when the late Orovei Cfeve-
. land, for elghl years President of tbe
Until Cubcura Remedies Cured Him
Tlio?*- who Iiim suffered lone and hope-
]..:.■ from '.*::.!■ fn.; tkiti eruptit.iin Mil read
wiih intrrrst tin., letter from Mr. T, Williams.
us Psdflo Ave.; Winnipeg [dated Jan. u,
1911):   "The Cuticura Remedies certainly
(lift work finely    nd I nm tliankful that t. ■ •<•
U nm h a remeuy, and tint I tried It, About
three months ago a terrible Itching commenced on my body, 1 < ould not understand
It.    It gu'li 'i;v irjt-w t-.nr"' ami covr-rr-d *
Urge portion nf my hod.?. There waa tho
a, Mlf-lit eruption of tin- M-ln, sort of a rath.
1 suffered greatly with ths Itchwi ami »t
Nlgbt thrift I hail lath sleep,    1 ttlrd our or
two remedies which did nn good, ami ihen
\ tried Cuticura 8osp, Ointment ami He
soU'-nt.  in about len days l wnr completely
For more then a generation the Cuticura
tomedlea have .<ffur.ii <i ttm speediest mnl
tacit economical treatment for Itching, burning, real,- fttltl likf'.f >: tlttfl ami BCSlp hu-
tiiiio.,, ot young snd old, Bold hy druggists
ftn'l df-iivi i r\ -y.-.iipte. Por a liberal simple
of Cntlcura Bosp ami Ointment, uiih 03-p,
book on the care of tho ia In and treatment of
Ii-, affections, send a posts! to His Potter
Drug * rii'iii. Corp,, *oi-i props,* .m (Juium-
in.! Ave, liOHon, u, H. A.
VV. N, U. I187
I'ul'ed States,    (-poke    Of .i    I'fltininn
| ('anal, the construction of which war.
■ thi n nebulous, bs laid
Whaievi ;•   highway   may
itructed across the   barrier
tne two greatesl maritime areas of
the world, must be for the world'i
benefit, in trust for mankind, to be re
moved from the chance of domination
' by any single power, nor beootno a
point of Invitation for hoiitiiiiies or a
prize for warlike ambition,
A a ihe canal nears completion Prei*
■ Id ont Taft H**iHin out hln message to
the world in regard to    It    In   these
{ terms: Tbe United Slates enjoys ab*
| solute right k of ownership and cr.n-
, trol, Including the right  to jillow   Its
umi could not help   hut   remark
Whal a v.ast.1
'ihe lady opposite mo faced me
rquarely and suid: Mister, you just
mind youi own IiuhIucbs,
own commerce ihe use of
upon such terms as be geei
<u ht
Virginia    Well, he teem.
to make nn hones!  living.
i 'ynthtn   * en,   but   heat
wants to marry a man of
When fl mnn gets np in tiie world,
he's like it flying machlno; no ono
cnn tell hov. long he will stay up.
In a COUtltrj town, a man nuiM he*
havo ni woll ns In heaven, if he hopes,
to avoid Icing talked about,
Brucc's Mother
The inspector   was   examining   a
claai "f boys, ami they bud heen specially told beforehand by tbelr mantcr:
dividing i iKiu't answer unless you are nlmoft
certain you are right.
Ulslory was the BUbJect,
Now,   tell   me,   said   lho  Inspector,
who was the mother of our great Scot-
tlsh hero, Robert llruco?
lie pointed lo lhe top boy, then
round in" class, There waa no fins*
v,< t. Then at last the heart of tho
teacher   leapt  Wltll   Joy.      The  boy
who was standing at the very foot
hnd held up his hand,
Well, my boy, Haid llr- [iiHpeelor, rn-
couraglngly, who wuh sho?
Ploaio, sir Mm. Bruco.
The Ruling Passion
lie took hte leave of this old world
And laid hliu down lo die,
Dul rose again when some ouo sold,
A   peach  In palling  by.
Rurle Treatment
A   knock kneed  tenor wing a song
Of hive nud love's ll oil gilt;
The crowd nrose, live hundred slnilig
Aud loud ot, ol aimed, Good night,
Yon cnn do more for yourself thnn
anyone can do for you.
Bill was Game
Hill had been attending a banquet
of bis lodge. ll was early when ho
got homo—very early—along about
r-.ao u.m. lie didn't know how ln
thunder he could explain It to Mrs.
lllll. So be took off hla slues aud
tiptoed very carefully.
Hut Mrs, H-M heard blm. What
time did you gel home last nlghl? nhe
Blked sleepily. Aboul twelve, lie
answered hurriedly.
What are you getting up so early
for? aikcd Mrs. IHU.
mil  waa all  iu  for  Kleep,  but   he
aroBo to tbo occasion.    My tooth Ib
aching like fury aud I'm going over
to tbo drug store to gel something
for It, he said, putting on his shoes
The weight of a leader's responsibility is not determined by the prominence of his leadership. It Is of Utile concern to him whether he be a
guide blo;;k to receive ropes or a driving wheel to a great engine. The important is this, is he In his own place
doing his own work, tilling his own
sphere, and holding his own post ln
the battle of life? It Is of life's ccr-
tainttcB—the absolute dependence one
upon another.
What would be Ihe forco or value of
a great locomotive but for the fire that
burns unnoticed beneath tbe boiler?
What would be the speed of the great
ocean liner but for the stokers who
keep up the steam pressure? The
full realisation of dependence and the
keen consciousness of the power of
example are elements thnt nre always
present when anything Important is
Thore Ifl comfort, for everybody. A
big man can carry twice as much but
a llttlo man gets nround twice as
A uew play Is entitled: Thou Shalt
Not. Thu Bontlment It. not usually
expressed ko elegantly. Don'l do
that' Is 'i more common way of nny*
Ing the name thing.
A woman complains thai, every time
bbe Ih with mon, one o' -he number
wants to explain bow a steam engine
Tread softly -
Step safely.
fa-bod-- tho patented featurot
of Cat's Paw Heels.    „0
That Wat All
A Western farmer, a Dano, appli.-il
for naturalization naprra. The judge
aakral Mm: Are yon rallsflnl with
the general conditions of the country.
Vas, drawled llie Dane.
Dooa the Government ' milt you?
queried the judge.
YaH, .vas, only I would like to see
moro rain, replied the fanner.
.. lie was vory affable aud free with
hiH opinions, was tills young man, hut
that was about all lie was free wltb.
To the man who had curried bis nol
unheavy bag to Ihn Utile countryside
station he had given ouo whole nickel.
Notwithstanding the forlorn look on
the mini's face, bo si ill continued to
c'-at in an easy manner.
1 shall never forget, he continued,
Ihe splendor of the scenery when 1
was In Switzerland. It was an education to see tho sun rise, tipping
the hills with gold-
All, interrupted the man wbo bad
lollcil with hli hag. Them Tils was
luckier than me, weren't they?
What haH become of your manners?
old-fnHhloned women asked tholr
children. And by tho way, whal has
become of your manners? Are you
polite? What Is said by l*.ioso most
Intimately associated wllh you?
Having fun Is dismal business afler
you pnss fifty,
A hero Is a man  wbo lnisii'l. bad
much b id ln.lt.
Hero or bile, wben a niiin is down
so many people offer in help llllll Hint
be Ih better off Hum the nvcrugc
who IB up.
were nol for jimt one 111 tin
j tblng. 1 01.ee hoard 1111 Inventor say, I
! would have the gri.blest Invention lu
j the world. That onn lilllo thing lo
1 tlio trouble In every man's lite.
Meddlesome People
Mules are about the most worthy
animals 1 know anything about. They
work hard, and live ou half that a
horse requires.       I never   knew   ap
mule to kick anyone, or run away, 1
yet no one ever looks nt n mule without saving, 'Whoa there!'
What He Would Say
Ills Hivereuce—What have you
done with the pij you stole from Widow Ryan?
Murphy—Killed lt an' ate lt, yer
Ills Riverence—Ah, Murphy, whatever will you he able to sny when you
aro brought face to face with Widow
Rvnn and the pig on Judgment nay?
Muhpry—Oh, I'll just say: Why,
Mrs. Ryan, there's your pig.—Thc
Press  Dressing
The- sad-looking man approached
the city editor.
1 was sent up here to whip you.
stated the visitor as he produced a
clipping. See* what you said about
my wife this morning.
Thc city editor read—Mrs. Griffin
Berved a dirty luncheon.
The word was dainty, sir, when my
wife wrote it, explained the visitor.
Now read further.
The city editor read:—Mrs. Griffin
was gowned In etaoinshrdlucmfwypvh
Now, Bald the visitor, my wife docs
not mind the Insult passed upon the
luncheon, but you must retract that
libel on her gown.
Nuff Said
And you like chicken, Sam?
Gee!  Ah certainly does, boss.
And you get 'em once ln a while?
Oh. sure, boss.     Ah gets 'em.
How do you gel *ein Sam?
Well, boss, you know dat ol" sayin*
Love will flnil de way.
Not Now
the    rummy    you've    just
n? inquired tho police ser-
brought :
He says he's   a emigres
sponded the patrulmun.
What district?
I asked 'ini that an' be said be was
a congressman at large.
Well, he isn't! snapped tbe sergeant.
Look bim up!
Spoiled the Scene
Many years ago .Miss Ellen Terry
was playing Naomi in Ibe "Green
Bushes" at an old Dublin theatre, und
towards the end of the play was supposed to commit suicide by jumping
into the river! Ono night, when she
reached the usual eminence of rock
to jump off. she found, to her dismay
that n.o mattress had heen placed lu
tkt river tor her to fall on, so down
she came on ihe bare boards with a
hard thud. Her confusion was intense, but it was Increased tenfold
when a voice from the gallery sang
out In a rich brogue, Och, be jabers,
the water's frozen! This remark set
lhe house ln a roar, and fairly spoiled
Miss Terry's sensational scene.
Shake the hand ot some men and
you shake a secret out of them.
Tobacco 1
What the Chief Gunner Says:
"There are two occasions when a Runner
feels perfectly happy,
-one is when his shot hits
the target and the other is
he can enjoy a chew of Einplro
Plug Chewing Tobacco."
~iJ f
Our Columns are The Best for
"The Advertiser"
The "Prospector" is read all over the Kootenays
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt an
application will be made tn thfl I.i-
j ceuce Commissioners for the City of
j Crnnbrook m tbeir next meeting
| held ut lesBt thirty days hereaftor,
for th transfer of the hotel liquor
t licence for tbe premises known ns the
! -'Royal Hotel." Oranbrook, B.O.,
I Irom mysolf to William Steward of
[ the same place, Hotel-keeper.
Dated this 30th dny nf November,
W. A.  Itlll.UNS
I    Is nt It The Truth?
SwitVs   Premium   Hams  ami   bacon
are  a  little   bettti   than the "Best"
Ftesh Stock of all Prime   Meats   al
ways on hand.
Premium Cooked Ham
Ideal for Luncheon
~J- Phone 72 ~A
!..(•+-^-M..M.-..|.-H--M--.--'^'H.+'H.+-H"H.+-|..-4-4-l-+' ■•++++*•+
Bank Loans for Farmer's
Hank Act to Permit Loans on
Agricultural Products
******4**********\ ,******'. :-H-l-t"l-l-'l-l-i-l-t"l-l-l--l-»t.
Of All Kinds
Including 4
Stoves and Ranges     \
Sole Agents for the Celebrated
Adam Hall Camp Range
See Us   For
ii   Camp Supplies of all Kinds
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. jj _   .       Phone 5
l-l  .*. ■ ■■■■ *   ■   *   m   w. ■. *..*   ■■■■»■•■>■ J, f „■,,t|.| ,«,.! ,|.,1, t.X.Lijt   ■   ■   «   ■ ■■■■■■■ I
****T****4**.**l*********.*i******i*****4*'. :..>
Automobile   will   be  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
Canadian Pacific Railway
Cranbrook to Toronto and Return. $72.15
Cranbrook to Montreal and Return $77.15
Corresponding low ratee to point., ln Ontario, Queb«c nnd Maraitlme Pro-
TloketH un Bale December Ut tn 'Mat., inclunive
flood to return within three mouth*.
Tlcketa lamed in connection with Trans-Atlantic   tripe   on sal* Nov. 7th
to Dec. 3Ut., inrluiive, and limited tn five   months   from  data   of Issue,
with  pi ivih-t-t't. of intension.
FlneHt lajquipment, Standard and Tourist Bleeping   Onrs.   Dining; Ours on
all through trains.   Oorapnrtment-Lilirory Observation Qwra on
Hpeclal through Tonrllt Oar Hervlce In connection with then KvcuftHtoiiR
Kor dates of departure and reservations apply to Loral Agent
Ottawa, Nov. 26.—When the house
met. J. A. M. Alkina, Brandon, introduced u hlH to amend the Hank
act. He explained thut section ss of
the net forbade a bank to lend money tn the farmer on his threshed
grain, no matter how (ireat tbe
quantity or how safely it te Stored,
The farmers may borrow on other
products, but the same privilege is
not accorded tbe producer of grain,
although it is probably the beBt security. That can be given. The proposed amendment provides that money may be loaned to farmers on the
security of his grain 51 nd the general
products of the farm.
Dr. Schaftner-What about livestock?
Mr. Atkins— I am in favor of tho
loaning of money upon live-stock but
the urgency is not so great nor the
reason so apparent.
The member for Drandoa then proceeded to give his reason for introducing the bill. The farmer, more
particularly in the west, requires
money us soon aa bis crop is bar-
vested and threshed. The time between the harvest and the coming 0?
winter   is very short, so it is necss-
sury   that   the farmer Bhould devote
ns much time as possible to thc pwl
paration of his land for the crop of
the   next    season.    However,  bo can
meets   hiH   pressing obligations only
by   taking bis grain to market.   He
proposed    to have loans on the products   of   tliu farm made on pledged
receipts,    and th b would obviate the
! necessity   for chattle mortgages,    It
would   tend to relieve congestion  In
I the   marketing   of   the   drain,    as it
i would leave thc farmer free to sell It
I when it best suits bis purposes,
I    W. F. Maclean    wus urging the in*
1 elusion of loans on live Btock in the
[bill   on the score that many farmers
devote themselves almost entirely to
that   line.     Hon. W. T. White   rose'
and informed the house that the new
bank act shortly to be brought down
would   authorize    ths   hank to make
loans   on   the   products of the farm,
live stock  included.    He would leave
it   to    the   member   for   Brandon in
view   of   this statement to withdraw
his   hill   or   allow lt to have a tlrst
Mr.  Aikins said he would prefer to
have the bill go to first rending.
District of Mast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that [, George Herbert Ash worth, of Oranbrook, n. 0,,
OCOUpatlon Accountant, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—
Oommencing at a post planted at
the North-west corner of Lot H'Jl7,
tbence Mouth 40 chains, tbence West
■10 chains, tlience North 40 chains,
thence Bast 40 chains to point of
commencement ami containing ico n-
crew, more ot less.
Dated December Hh, 1912        49-9t
District uf Kast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that I, 1. It. Boyd,
of Calgnry, Alberta, Intend to apply 1
for the purchase of the following |
ilescril-ed lands commencing at a
post planted at the east corner of
lot 6686, thence running west 68.75
chains, thence south 54.80 chains,
thence east ftH.7r* chains, thence north
54.80 chains, to the point of commencement.
- I.   R.   BOYD,  Locator
.1. Laurie, At-ent
Dated October 28,  1912. 45-9t
Dlstrlot of Bast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Reginald .1'
Lydratt, ol Oalgary, Alberta, intend to apply for the purchase of the
following described lauds. Qom-menc
Ing ;it 11 post planted at the northwest corner of lot 6622 thence running east So chnins, thence south
78.80 chains, thence west .10.75
chnins, thence north 26 chains,
thence west 31,25 chain-., thence
north 54.80 to the point of commencement,
J, Laurie, Agent
Dated Oetober 28, 1912, 46-9t
District of Kast  Kootenny
TAKK NOTICK that I, Rev.
Scbrog, of Oalgary, Alberta, intend
to apply for the purchase of the following described lands. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of lot 839, theuce west
80 chains, thence south 58 chains,
theace east SO chains, thence north
58 chains to the point of commencement.
RKV. SCHROO, locator
J, Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28,   1912. 46-9t
Break among the Powers
may come at any time
For Tickets and further information of the above apply to
J; W. Spence, ticket agent, Cranbrook; or
R. G. McNeillie, district passenger agent, Calgary, Aha
International relations in Europe,
as respects the situation created by ;
the Balkan war, appear to hnve altered for the worst within the last
ten days. Russia and Austria are
mobilising their troops on their mu-|
tual frontiers, the latter nlso on its-
southern boundaries, nnd Germany is
said to have notified its reserves to
hold themselves in readiness. England, France, Germany and Italy are
on tenterhooks, pulled different ways
by the understanding of the tirst two
with Russia and hy the alliance of
the last two with Austria, while at
the same time individual interests of
their own contllct with their obligations to Russia and Austria reflectively.
England and France alike sincerely desire peace. Germany seems to
be trying to restrain Austria from
going to war and to cow or bluff
Russia, but the unknown quantity
here is the sincerity of the German
government. The Italians detest thc
Austrians, and the govcrament of 1-
tuly dreads the ambitions of Austria
along the Adriatic and on the Aegean.     The  people of Italy may yet
force their sovereign to hreah with
the monarch of Aust-ria-pungnry.
The European air is loaded with
latent lightning. The Balkans are
exploding powder houses. The great
powers on the north and west are
powder-magazines that are dangerously I kely to he exploded by tho
Balkan war. The foreign department of each of these powers is in a
state of mind nnd temper where a
careless act or even and unguarded
utterance may be the spark to the
Ruchtensfon can not long continue.
The leash on the dogs of war may
snap at any moment. The break may
come while or after the Balkan allies and Turkey nre negotiating
peace. It may happen before. The
most that seems to be hoped this
week is that the great powers may
defer attempts to solve the problems
created by the war until they can
hold a conference on the tentative results of the Torco-Balkan settlement.
District of East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that I, H. G, Blow
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
for the purchase of the following
described lnnds commencing at a post
planted at the southeast, corner of
Lot 1)624, tlience running north 40
chains, thenco west 160 chains,
tbence south *J0 chains, thence endt
160 chains to the point of commencement.
H. (i. BLOW, locator
,1. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 2x.  1912, 46-9t
District of East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that I, William
Mulbollnttd, of Calgnry, All-crtu, Intend to apply for the purchase of
the following described lundS commencing at :« post planted at the
southwest corner of lot C623, thence
east 125.57 chains, theuce north B0
chains, thence west 58 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west Hi.82
chains, theuce soutb 115 chnins,
thence west 50.76 chnins thence
south 15 chains to the point of commencement,
.1. Laiiru-, Agent
Dated October 28,  1912. 46-9t
When you
'buy a "Kootenay"
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
Is guaranteed by
'makers and dealers ulikc*
to be a stmn--, durable
range and a  perfect
cooker and
li n k i
Miulu Specially u> Ilu™ It. C.
Punl. ropiiirs, when micossiu-y,
always in stock  ut   Vtmconvoi-
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister of Lands uot later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1013, for tho purchase of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, 16,000 cedar poles
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, H.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will he received
by tbo Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1918, for the purchase ut Licence No.
XII to cut 2,1120,1100 feet B.M-,,
45,000 rail way-ties, 4,000 cedar poles
Lots 3.S77, M78, Group 1, Kootenay District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   of chief Forester, Victoria B.C. 49-l.U
SEALED TENDERS will bo received
by the Minister of   Lands   not   later'
than    noon on the 3rd dny of March i
1913, for the purchnsi. of I ieence No.
XI2      to     cut    C,440,000    feet    B.M.,1'
10,000  railway-ties,   8,GOO  cedar  poles
tin Lot 491, Oroup I, Kootenny]
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Ohio! Forester, victoria, B.C. -49-lftt
SEALED TENDERS will bo received
by tho Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd dny of March
1918, for the purchase of Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,100,000 feet 11.M.. and
(i.M) cedar polflfl on Lot 2M, Group 1,
Kootenny  District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C 49-13t
DiBtrlct of Southeast Kootenay
TAKE notice that I. John Robertson, of Kingsgate, B.C., occupation
farmer, intend to apply for permission to lease the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
tho southeast corner of P.R. 1275;
thence eaat to L10199; thence north
80 chnins; thence west. 80 chains;
thence south to P.R. 127'J. thence
east to the northeast corner of P.R,
1279; tbence %oith to the point of
Name of   applicant
Date September 28rd,   1912. 10-91
District of HJnsjt Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOH that i. I!. Powers,
of Calgnry, Alberta, intend to apply
tor the purchase of tbe following
described lands i loinmencing at n
poet planted ot the southwest cor
nei of lot 6621, thence enst SO chain;
tbence north ho chains, thence wen
90 dm int., thence south so chains t<
the poinl of commencement,
ft.  POWERS,  Local.)
.1.  l.nune,  Agent
Dnted  OotObei   :!S,   1912. 4f.-*t
F01  u license to take mul nnn wnter
Frances !%■>• 1(f w..ia, B.C., w.n
apply ror ■'■ license to take and use
100 acre feet of wator out-ol Skook
umchuck creek, which flows in it
Easterly direction through 6Q16 and
empticH into Kootenay near Waia,
The water will be diverted at | mile
nimtioam from foot bridge ou the
Hkookiimchock-Cranhrook road and
will be used for irrigation purposes
on the I mul described as DfaU.
This notice wag posted on the
ground on the Ut day of November,
1'J12. The application will hi tiled
in the office uf tbe Water Recorder at
Objection*   may    he   filed with the
-.sill   Water   Recorder   or   with  the
Comptroller of Water Right*, Parliament  Buildlngi.  Victoria,  B.C
France* Blake,
by .1   A. -Arnold,
4* it Agent
For .1 licence to take and use water,
N f IT! (IE is hereby g i ven that
IL W. Drew of Kimherley, B.C.,
will apply for a licence to take and
use one cubic foot per second of
water out of Kimherley Cree1-, which
flow** in a south easterly direction
through Klmberley townsite and empties into Sullivan ('reek near and
enst of Block I, Tbe water will be
diverted at a dam on Sullivan Hill
and will be used for Domestic purposes on the land described as Lots
1? ft Ml, Block 6, Kimherley townsite
This uotice was posted on the
ground on the 4th day of November
1912, Tiie application will he llled
In the oltlce of the Wnter Hecorder.nt
Cranbrook, B.C.,
objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller nf Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, u.c.
45*9t Applicant
Ooa] mining rights of the Dominion
iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
.veH'. Territories and in a portion of
the Province <>f Hritisb Columbia,
may be leased for u term of twenty-
one yenrs at an jimual rental of %l
nu acre, Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to   •ii" applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agenl or Sab Agent of the district in which The rights applied for
are situated.
J In surveyed territory thu laud must
1 be described by sections, or legal eub
'divisions of sections, and in unsur
I veyed territory tbe tract applied for
.•mall be stsked out by tbe applicaat
1 himself.
, Each application must be accoiu
1 pnnied by n fee of $5 which will bs
refunded if the rights applied for are
uot -ivnilabio, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahull be pnld on the msi
chnntable output of the mine at the
rato of five cent** per ton,
rin- person operating the mine -.hat,
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
iccountlng for tbe full quantity 01
merchantable coal mined and pny tbe
royaltj thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not. being operated* such
returns should be furnished at least
nnce a year.
The lease will include the coai mln
iug rights only, but the lessee may
'je permitted to purchase whatevet
available surface right.-, may be cou-
Bidered necessary for the working ot
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should bo made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   w.   CORY, '
Dsput)   Minister ol tbe Interior
N.B,   Unauthorized   publication   ot
this  advertisement   will  not be paid
for. March 2&-fii...
of Vi* Wor'4
wm ncTMEs
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Than 200 Columns
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inr paitiea caricature eacb other.
une er- uBBlectMV ri;l I-* mailed bi* id&ewlftfl tlu pib.
litlitr, II, iMVJNDSOn, US.V.WuMn<nm&*rm,CHtCAGq
i CUD'
J.  -A..-?.U
Diatrict of {Southeast Kootenny
takk notice that Jessie A Wall
itu'ei, of Oranbrook, occupation mar*
lied woman, Intends to apply for
permission tt) purchase tho following
(lesrribetl Laiuls
Oommencing at n post planted 40
chafns north ol tbe southeast comer
of Lot 0970, theneo east in rliiuns,
thence south SU chnins, tbence west
4ii filial us, tbonce north in chains to
point of commoncomonl. containing
■i'.n ficroH more or le-s.
N'.'oiii- of   -tppllcnut
Unit- Sopteinhei   Uth,1912 i" 'tt j
DiBtrlct   >'(   Kast   Kootenay
TAKK Notick thnl I, John
Laurie. uf Crnnbrook, B.C., Intend
to apply fpr the purchase of the (ol*
inwiiu: described lands Ootnmene
mi: at a post planted ul the South
east corner uf LOI HGflO tbence north
HI) chaina. thence west 80 chnins,
theuce south 7*1.KM ohnlns, thenoe ^nut
ii in. chains, thenoe south .vi* chains
thence eeet 08.75 chnins to point of
JOHN l.AiitlK
Datsd October in   im 4ft tt
Kor a licence to take aud use water.
NOTICK is hereby given that
Mary A. Soper o(. Klmberley, D, 0„
will apply for a licence to take and
use bIi Cu) inches of water out ot j
Kimherley Creek, which tlows in at
South Easterly direction through!
Klmherley townsite and empties into!
.Sullivan Creek near and Kast of
Hlock 1.
Tbe water will he diverted at or
near Lot 5, Work U, and will be
used foi Domestic purposes on the
Land described as Lots 1 and 2, Hlock !
6, and Lot fi, Ulock 12, Kimherley
townsite. |
This   notice    was    posted   on    the,
ground on the 4th day of November
1912,     The application  will be tiled
in the otlice of the Wnter Recorder.nt
Oranbrook, B.O,,
Objections may he llled wuh the
Bald Water Recorder or with the
Oomptroller o( Water Rights, Parliament Rutldlugs, Victoria, B.O.
46*91 ti. W   Drew, Agent
" "
Kor a  lieonre.  i,) take ainl   |||«(water
NOTICK is hereby -,'lven that Alex
Herbert Smith, uf Moaners Kerry
Raneh, Ohteway, H.C. will apply
for a li<i«n.«' to take and ase one ind
three-quarters (Mi ruble lent of water per second out of Llnklater ereek
which flows in a southerly direction
through lots '.l-v am) 828 and empties
Into Kootenay river near International Boundary The water will he
diverted nt 900 feet in a westerly
ill roc tlon from the iiorfii-Went corner
of flub-lot U of lot .126 will bn used
for irrigation purposes on tho land
descrlhed ns mib-lot i of lot nt.
This notice was posted on ths
ground on the Ifcth day of October
Iff 12, Tbe appllciitit.ii will bs tiled
In the otlice ol the Wuter Ile-eorder
ut Ornnbrook, D. r
Objections mny be filed with tbe
Billd Wnter Hnronler or wltb the
Cotti|.tmile! of Water Rights, Parlin-
mcni  Mull-lings.  Victoria, B.O,
«•« Appliennt.'
."Si.s.ui  Boiler,   l-'iiruacu,
and Su'iik- Tank work
a specialty
'< kii,! ami stool)  e^lunalet
ftiniihli.'d mi application
Ad',.,. I P. O. Bo. IM. Cr.a.r.sk
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle lo a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kiml> of Second-Hand Coode
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sajfo'. Old   Stand. Haniou Are
Phon. Ul.
: lakes Short Work of
1'- i-   ■■ -i itt.-j Bpperently bopelwi ia---- ut
i t-'t. i.,.. t.i.*.., Gout. Neui-alffMantUn other
■■"' It n.ii4!..).iMalancM-iA...Mt Hn.»
ltli< ji. ..'..- u.-ii.-i)'.   Like in ins«l of tnercj it
- ifivt.fi lititontn lief it. ilMp-foruken Milfen n.
i tej tlivni from ImiIh of u*ony tnd tor 81 v»*tir.
i .. t-'-i, nurinR men, women »nd children fur
\.t, m Uiero miiMil ii.. help, Jimt ii i.-u l.iult-.
I . ■<■ ..-nl «*ji i-h „t from m tn QQ j-,*nr»' iltirutioi.
nt. I t > I ty |i ■IiuiJi ■:' i. ..: ■*! an ■ i-tii-'k, Ufa and
■'■ ..I rtefj r. Hrtli!.' irt-itim-nt fur nil uric f.olil ilit-
.-. ai. hldnoyk.ete   l«otadolliirbotUeof
*bboft flfet.*' Bhiumitlo t_*m*4j
rn <l j*i nr t-:<in:t Ht unci*—atart your cum rudw.
S.-tu iiropnld hv Abbott Brat., 711 l-l. OtwrliornaL
Chloart*, in.. It year drugalai doat not Kave •*
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug C Book Co.|
Tradi Mark*
OopvmaHTi Ac.
M.finn ,.
.... in-'-. ulntMl »■" wci foJTHmyifpeuiiii
i    ...t- taken lilt, uifli Miiioi a (.--.. !•'■'
ip  inlflofttf, ni-.-.i-.tcfinnra, la tho
Scientific Hmcrican.
A i ■ n .1..0.1--V iii.i-tiftt.-n warkly. Uu*** cli-
, i ,.,11 it uny *■ i nli-.r* )i.ninal, l-tu-. '..,
 in. |i.-, n )-'..', |..*-4ai.*! l-i |'ftI.I.    Huld k} THE   PROSPECTOR,  CRANHROOK,   B. C.
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Local  News
RBMBMBMR—We Imve 80 samples
ol moulding to choose from. No order too sniitll. No order too large—
How swiftly rune the yeniv
Here it is almost Christmas again.
N.  A.  Walllnger    was    at     Kernie!
Monday an legal business.
Tasabos    (winter   Onntnloues)    at |
Oranbrook stores are ready for
J, ll. Ohassay, oi Bull River, was
In town Monthly on business.
Mrs.   \.  Nnshlund   of Wyclllle was'
ii town  Wednesday.
Mrs,  H,  K. Sawyer, ol  Murysvllie,
was shoppin.; in t ilini r.-ok Tuesday.
Hdara   Cheese   at   kinks
BORN*—At     Cottage    Hospital,    uu
November   80th, to Mr   and MrB   K
\   Helse, a daughter.
BORN At Cottage Hospital on
November 80th, to Mr. nnd Mrs it
ff. 1* Imundaoo, .» daughter
■ I Furnished roo.ns and rooms [oi
[ it,bt housekeeping i !mnpbell and
[   \laiim igs. 19 tf
TO NIGHT it ilu' Itei Tlif ,tif
1 j i■•■ rltolen Gray," or luatice an
|   , sail i ■ i torse thei* i h
I WANTED   Teams    to   hire    toi   Lot
( ,ing.     Wattsburg   I umbei   t'oinpnuj
Vatti    irg,  B.C
The Toronto World *• lys that the
• ma -i the Lii oral part) Is to be
1 mown as tb   progressive party
Hki. ft ire repaired and   upholstered
, site   Impi ii I   Hotel    Armstrong
l veil ie 19 3t
\ stride ol -*■■ v-en feat ol uie is
teported [n the Society Olrl mine at
George Watsot . oi Fort Steele,
spent several days tbis week in
Oranbr ok on business
Mrs ffm. Knight, ol Obilhwhack,
s visiting tbls weeV at the resideuce
nt her Bun, R.  K.  Knteut
Bngiish Stilton Cheese at KINK'S
Kay Campbell, oi Butte, Mont.,
was -t Cranbro >k this week visiting his sister .Mrs Doran.
K. E, -Tones, .. Kimherley man,
was registered at the * Iranbrook
■ "Th'- Haunted Room,'' mi interesting trick comedy, at the Rex
Theatre Tonight.
J.  P,  Fink,  J.  Livingston aud Mr.
'.recti    leave    today    on    a   hunting
trip in the Blk  Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Ales. Taylor, of
Klmberley, were Cranbrook visitors
SEE FINK'S Window of Del
Monte Preserved Fruits, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lewis, of Kimherley, were registered at the Cranbrook Wednesday.
N. Hanson motored in from Wasa,
on Tuesday, he reports the roads in
fair condition.
G. G. Jewell, -,| Jaflray. a prominent lumberman, was transacting hus
mess at Cranbrook. Monday.
Beale & Elwell have large tract of
land for sale approximating 7,000
acres in South East Kootenay for
$6.00 per acre.     SEE THEM. 49
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bryan, of Wardner, were Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
"The Hidden Light," a splendid
drama will he shown st the Edison
Bro. Ward, of Fernie Salvation
Army was conducting the services
in   Cranhrook last Sunday.
Have tbat Old Ana Chair recovered for Xmas—-Furlong & Ferjjusson*—
Armstrong Avenue. 49-2t
0, H. MaeDoUgal, of Kimherley,
manager of the Sullivan in ties, was
in town Monday on Company business.
At the Edison Theatre Tonight—
"A Blind Musician," a drama; "The
Evidence," and "All for Love," two
thrilling dramas.
The man-tape of Miss Violet Marguerite Bennett, of Marysville, and
Mr. Dick Moore of this city has been
announced for the 26th instant.
"I    need    the    money."    I  will sell
| in    blocks    to   suit,    ten     thouaaad
Shares    in    the   Society   Girl    Mine.
j Write    or   apply   to   W.   R. Beatty, ]
[Cranhrook.  B.C. 49 :
That with the next general election
; at   least   three years   ahead,   it    Is
| quite early to begin to select the
| Liberal victim*.
I The Sullivan Mine at Klmberley
has established a record for the year
With Its shipment of M17 tons <*l
ore to the Trull smelter.
Again the Prospector nd vises its
readers to buy tbelr holiday pros. !
ents early ami thereby avoid the I
our Assortment of Oolburlp Chocolates is the largest m this community—Oomein early aad select yuur
packages -the kink mercantile
company, Limited,
Always Comes Here
because he wants
like all other careful
people takes no chances
but buys Guaranteed
Goods and Shops
THIS  STORE  is almost overflowing with good
things for Christmas, Every   Department   is   offering
the   Newest   and   the   Best.        Mr.   Laidlaw, of the
Grocery Department;   Mr.  McSweyn,   of   the   Men's
Department   and   Mr.   Chapman,   of   the   Furniture
Department have, for months,  been preparing for the
great rush of Christmas business.
A Visit to the different Departments will convince
you that they have succeeded in gathering one of
the Largest and Best Stocks of Christmas Goods
ever shown  in Cranbrook.
How about that Suit for Xmas? Mr. Mc
Sweyn gives this Department his personal
attention, which ensures perfect satisfaction.
We are Showing the Largest and Most
Beautiful Stock of Suitings we have ever had.
Slippers make beautiful presents. This
Store's reputation for handling good Footwear is
a most enviable one.   Satisfaction Counts.
Ties, Shirts, Collars and Furnishings are
all good and useful presents. We have on
display every imaginable Style and Color of
Tie and Shirt, they are all beautiful and the
Prices are Right.
The Furniture Department abounds in
Beautiful and Useful Xmas Presents. Rugs,
Chairs, Lounges, Beds, Curtains, Smoker's
Sets, etc.   Visit this Department   and See.
The Grocery Department needs but little
introduction here. Mr. Laidlaw gives his personal attention to all business of this Department.    He insists on Cleanliness and Courteous
and Careful Attention   to all.
Don't  Forget   that   you   can
buy   Xmas  Crockery here at
Cost  Price.


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