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The Prospector Dec 28, 1912

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We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenwt »nd
Guuutte You a Fit
V Wt$\§ptiUt
The  Leading! Newspaper
m  the
$2.00 Per Year
NUMBER   52.
Pythian Social
On Thursday, J»nuary 2nd., tho
Knights ol Pythias aud .he Pythian
Histcrs are joining hands in giving a
Social evening and Christmas Tree,
This social wns to have been held
ii week previous to ChristraiiB but
owing to the various ones in charge
ol tbe arrangement" boiug very busy
with their own occupations it was
found Impossible to bold it on tbe
night first arrunged. Nevertheless,
tbe lun and irolic to be enjoyed during the evening ot the '-'nd will not
be ln anyway diminished on that account.
The plan ot the evening win be
more particularly laid aside lor tbe
children, although suHlcient entertainment will be provided lor the elders to make it worth a special el-
tort on tbelr part to attend.
Now that the Christmas season
has almost pnssed by. it may occur
to the minds ol some oi our readers
several names ol children who have
not enjoyed the festivities oi the
t«ason_!ike their more favorably
situated children have, and it would
he doing an act of charity it tbe
names ol these were sent into us,
address Prospector otto, when we
will undertake to s;c that thes.■ children will receive an invitation to attend this Christmas Tree and have
an enjoyable time—the time ol their
■Raga and Tatters" -Silks and
Satins" upon this night will be on
equal looting, tbe purpose ol the eve
nlng will be lun and Irolic. Joy to
the Heart and a Day's Remembrance to start the year with, an
evenings entertainment which will
give Inspiration during its progress
'Do unto others as we would wish
to be done unto" and send us the
names and directions where we can
find them and you will le wen re
paid lor the halp afforded.
Fatal Accident
A man named Roy Kcycs was killed on Thursday night while walking
on the track near Jallrny.
Not much Is known about the nc-
cldent, but is aaid tbat the man waB
in the employ ol the Jewell Lumber
Co.. and was on his way to the
camp   when the accident took place.
The remains was brought to Cranbrook on the local in charge ol undertaker P. M. MacPherson
Midnight Mass
The custom of celebrating the Savior's birthday all through the
Catholic world Is to oiler Mosb.
Alter tbe last stroke of twelve the
church was crowded to tbo door, tbe
altar was nicely decorated with
lights and flowers and the choir
rendered music in n very creditable
Tbe Musical program was as loliows
LoerchH;     Gloria;    Kriidci,
('outline In Pi Agmofl; Dei;
D; AiiHtiie, FlgellO; No-
Hofewlgf   in
Mrs J. K. Kennedy sang the ho
pcona solo in her usual pleasing
voice. The nltn solo which makes
Locsclm No 9 so popular wiih sung
by Mrs   A   L   Mcllennott.
The offertory, Ol Holy Nlgbt by
Adams: was well sung by Mr A I..
McDcrmott who wuh nlso bass soloist. Mr (iiierard sung tenor and
"UoeontKo Agnes Dm" wns bis hest
number. The choir singers were
soprano. Mesdames Mackay. Doris.
Drummond. and Godard.tho M'sbcs
P. Drummond, D. Greaves, D. Mckay
and J. Brault. Messrs Rumsey und
Thompson played the vio'ln with
line effect, nnd Mrs. Guornrd was organist and choir lender.
A. F. & A. M.
A meeting ot Cranbrook Lodge A
P. & A. M.. was held In the Masonic
Temple on Tuesday nlgbt, at which
the following was elected (or tha an-
suing year:—
W.M.   P. B. Miles
S  W    II. White
.1 W    H. Hickenbotham
3.   J   B. Peck
T.   J   P  Pink
S. D.   T  H. Bamfisld
J. Ii   .1  H. Sprnca
J G    J. I!  Davis
3. S    A. B. Norrls
J. 8    W. B  Worden
T.   H. B. Carter
D. C.   W  H. Wilson
Baptist Church
Rev.  0.  B.  KENDALL
Morning worship, 11.00 o'clock.
Bvening Worship 7:80 o'clock.
Suuday services wtll be held morning and evemnp. The pastor will
proach, using for the topic in the
morning "Retrospection;! ln the eva-
ning the topic will be "The Tale of
LIfe,"-It'B Character: Ita Turning
point: Its Climax: Its Brevity. A
cordial welcome and the season's
greetings are extended to all.
Thc Annual Concert and Christmas
Tree ot the BaptiBt Church Sunday
School were held in the meeting
house on Monday evening. The
children in full force were present
to participate in the ]oy of the occasion, and they did full justice to
all that was required of them. Parents and friends were present In
lurgc numbers and enjoyed the carefully prepared program. Gifts In the
shape of useful articles with a bag
of candies were tbe recipient ol each
child present. Great credit is due
the committee (or the ardent manner in which they undertook and
conducted this annual celebration.    .
A Watchnight service will be held
in the Baptist Church. Tuesday,
Decern oer :tl The (rinds and mem-
hers ol tbe congregation will gather
at ten p.m.. and will spend a social
hour till eleven o'clock. Refreshments will be served by the ladiea
consisting of cake and coffee. The
closing hour will be given to devotion and consecration concluding
with Nosology and Congratulations
A cordial welcome is extended to all
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elton Dunham
The pastor will preach at HOO
a.m. and 7nop m.
Morning Subject: "The Appeal ol
the Past."
Bvening subject "Opportunity and
It's Divine Overture."
There will be a special program ol
music, pipe orpin and vocal. Both
services will bo appropriate to the
New Year     Ail are cordially invited
Tho l'l;iwnrtli League ol tbe Methodist Church will hold a skating par
ty. social nnd watchnight service ou
New Year's Kve The stating party
win meet nt the Church nt eight
o'clock returning at ten-thirty
Refreshments will then be s>rved including "Yukon Strawberries "
AH are Invited to attend.
The infant son ol Mr. nnd Mrs
Alex. Henderson pnssed away on
Saturday last. The funeral took
place Irom the Catholic Church on
Tuesday morning, the Itov. Puttier
Plomondon officiating. The tuneral
was attended by . W%* number ot
symjiathlalng frlenda. and wnn under
the direction of W  R   Beatty.
Catholic Church
Sundaya—LOW i.mas at B'.IO a.m.,
high maaa, 10:30 a.m., Hundny school
trom 2 to > p.m., Rosary and Bene-
fiction at 7:10 p.m.
Mondays and holy daya ol obligation—Mnas nt s a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
P.IMamondon, O.M.I.
School Report
List of Promotions
I     »
»       H   I
Salvation Army
11:00 a.m. Holiness Service.
300   p m   Sunday School and Bible
SOU   Salvation     Service.    Subject:
"So Near and yet so Fnr."
The Army In this elty have once
more bcen enabled by tbe kindness ot
Irlends to distribute n number ol
Christmas dinners to deserving lam
Hies. Any wbo ore still in need will
receive our promi>t  attention.
Friday. December 97th,, is the
date a:t tor the Army Sunday
Bchool Christmas Treo. All are invited to attend. A smnll gilt will be
given to ovcrv child present.
Special services will he conducted
on Sunday at lllOOi aim and SiOO
p.m.   All Welcome.
W.  J. CARRtlTHBRS. Captain
W   COOPHR, Lieut.
fl. S. Concert, Friday Dec 27th, at
HOO p.m.
Division I,-
L. J. Cranston „. 16 14.1.1 88.31
Division it-
Miss Dick   32    39.70   02.81
Division 3—
Miss Darkis       SO    26.83   89.43
Division 4—
Miss Bechtel ... . 50 46.13 90.46
Division 5—
Miss Suttaby .... 42 39.33 93.63
Division 6—
Miss Richards ... 46 36.70 79.78
Division 7—
Miss Hiscocks ... 53 49.40 93.21
Division 8-
Miss Cartwright 32 49.33 94.87
Division 9—
Miss Faulkner . 45 39.62 88.05
Division 10—
Miss McDonald ... 52    60.06  90.67
420   381.23   90.12
Division 8 (Miss Cartwright, teacher) wins Nelson Shield lor attendance.
Division 1.
Tom Pennetather.
Wilfrid Dallas.
Division i.
Vera Bradwin.
Melford Carson
Delia Dow.
Oracie Higgine
Hollo Johnston.
Albert Laurie.
Edith McDonald.
John Pye.
Robert Pye.
Gordon Walllnger
Eric Spence
Hazel Taylor.
Wanda Fink.
Marion Leitch.
Douglas Finnias.
Dorothy Mackoy.
Gladys Johnston.
Division 3
Philip Krigga.
Grace Bardgett.
Alice Brown.
Harry Doris,
llernadette Doyle
Hilda Hood.
Charlotte Leask
Merritt Leask
George Pratt
Dora Pye.
Ilainsford Parks.
Russell St. Eloi
Merle Taylor
Division 4
Howard Armstrong
Mary llarnhardt
Armour Brault
Mllo Drummond.
Mary Dunning
Hugh Fraser
Dorothy McLean.
Barclay McNeil.
Lottie Moore.
Margaret Mullen.
Sidney Murgatroyd.
Grcnville Musser.
Gladys Parnaby
Agnes Reekie
Nettie Robinson.
May Smith
May Small.
Gladys Spence.
Margaret St. Eloi
Doris Walllnger
Horatio .leeks.
Division 5
Muriel Baxter.
Irene Beech.
John Brake
Romeo Brault
Grace Doris
Harold Haslam
Hat tie Hollander
Ng Wai Hoy.
Ruth Kendall
A11 n Lacey
Harold Leask
Grace McFarlane.
Nellie McKenna.
Dewey McNeil
Evelyn Moore.
Mary Mullen
Dorothy Reed.
Viola Sarvis.
Allred Slndall.
Violet Simpson.
Clifford St. Elof.
Keith Wasson.
David Watson.
Arthur Willis.
Annie McBlrnle.
Division 6
Nina Belanger. f
Allan Brown.
Charlie Chapman.
Christine Carson.
Jennie Hopkins.
Thin a Jobnaon.
Jeannette Jones
Wilfrid Kennedy.
Harry Musser.
Margaret Morrison
Warren Spence.
Harold Hood.
Division in
Robert Eakin.
Gerald Cllne.
Stanley Blower.
Gilbert Brault.
Nora Findlay.
Vivian Kummer.
Kuby Lister.
Vera Lister-
Edward McLean.
Mina Moore.
Ernest South.
Kathleen Tito.
Douglas Thompson.
Gerald Hart lam
Edward Stone.
Wilfred Jollffe.
Dorothy Dufort
Moon San.
Raymond St. Eloi.
Bernice Pratt
Bertie George.
Douglas Russell
Division X. to Sr. 1st Primer
Gilbert Brault.
Marjorie Burton.
Harold Dow
Robert Ealsen
Don Ewin.
Nora Findlay.
Edna Freek.
Francis Guerard.
Marion Henderson
Mac Kirkland.
Vivian Kummer
Walter Lee.
Vera Lister
Ruby Lister.
Kathleen Tito
Edward McLean
Nina Moore
Moon Snn.
Ruby Scott.
John Shaw.
Ernest South.
Douglas Thlmpson
Hugh Willard.
Gerald Cllne.
Stanley Blower.
Erma McNeil.
From Division   IX to  Division VIII.
Second Primer
Gordon Armstrong.
Winiiiln-d Armitage.
Dorothy Basset
Vera Baxter.
Chrlstiplier Duekerlng
Ida Dunning
James George
William George
Kntherine Hunt.
Archie llorrie
Lenorn Hill
Thomas Hoggarth
Encas llnggnrth.
Stella John ju-
Annie Johns n
Ella Kendall
Jaioes Logai.
Patricia McDermot
Mash Mow
On Mow
Donald Morrison
Kitty llosindale
Gilbert. Simmons
Phylls Small
Bertie Townsend
Jack Ward
Jack Stephens
Promoted on Trial
Jean Donaldson
Isabel Parker
Division VII1-,   Promoted   to Senior
Second Primer
Gertrude Willis.
. Katherine Atchison
Uabriella Hamilton.
Alfred Joliffe.
Charles Musser.
Hieve Parker
Edward Taylor.
Jackie Moffat
Nettie Johnson.
Alice Brake
Annie Gibson
Jack Kirkland.
James Kemball
Leo Frost
Ethel Clapp
Stanley Fyles
Margaret Carr
Gladys Shackleton
Allan Livingstone
Arthur Gill.
Elizabeth Chapman
Howard Brogan.
Division   VIII.,   Promoted    to First
Norman Beech.
Leonard Burton
Faith Ewin
Annie Parnaby
Maude Malcolm
Irene l.innel
Gertrude Parnaby
Ruth Simpson
Wallace Demeres
Ada HcKenna
Stanley Moffat
Freddy Briggs
John Townsend
Sam Watson
Dudley Stone
Louise Kelsey
Camilla Tito
Jim Tito
Senior First Reader
Joe Frost
Oertrude Hopkins
Margaret Lacey
Cyril Selby
Sadie Lacey
Bruce Laurie
Annie Shaw
Sam Speers
Norman Wasson
Bella Foster
Donald Dallas.
Denys Simmons
Maud Scott
Ray Scott
Palmer Rutledge
Cecil Taylor
Hilda Smith
Oeorge Orr
Malcolm Belanger
Promoted   to Reader II
Mamie llartl.im
Merle Bennett
Kathleen Brown
Mary Carson
Charles Clapp
Edith CuiumingN.
Marion Drummond
Vivian Fraser
Hugh Hannah.
Fanny Gartside
Harold Kuiutner
Russell Leaak
Mary Mann.
Eric MacKinnon.
Marion MaoKItllloo
Ma l\ wniir.
Pearl Pratt
Winnie Phillips
David Heckle
Flossie Robinson
Alma Sarvis.
Harry Smith.
Everett Williams
Helen Worden
Li-iSic Piggott
The Coming Election
Before another lasue of our {taper
thc orverai names will be iu the
liandB o( the City Clerk for nominations (or tbe Mayor and Aldermen
who will represent tlu- cty in civic
affairs for the i-onimK year. It 18
hoped that the mums submitted will
be selected with care antl prudence
and with due consideration for the
responsibilities tha t pertain to the
position of the advisory board ol a
city in progress and with the future
ahead oi it u» we fully believe Cranhrook has to|day. There is one thing
we Bhould particularly like to Hue in
the choosing oi the new Aldormen
and that is Miat the dwelling places
of those elected were better distributed, for Instance, at the pret-#nt
time the residences o> all the alder
men are situated on what is commonly known as 'The Hill" we
■think it would he wise 'I due -.unsld-
eratian was paid to the needs of the
northern auction of the city and one
member of the council at leutt elected from tbat part. Another one,
perhaps, couid be elected from the
southwest section and thc others
elected with due thought to tiie need
of a fast growing city. By so doing
tho care of thc city would be better
distributed and the different portions
of the city would be under tliu more
watchful eye of the inhabitants there
of who would have some 0ne
through whom tbey could upeak
their needs anh voire tbeir wants,
the elected aldermen would more particularly leei the responsibility imposed upon bim in his representation
Take up Miners' Case
Will take up Miner's dispute
W. H. Unllock Webster, barrister ot
Victoria     lor some years resident ol
Nelson,  will be ebalrmun of tbe con
clllntlon board appointed by tlic mln-
later of labor to investigate the dis- j
pure wl-lolj bas arisen between     tbe
mine  operators   ou   the  board, and
Kootenny  diatrict  rcpardlnp,  the de-1
mand for an Inci-can" of 60 cents per '
day  wages.
O.R.Hamilton, K.C., represents the'
mlnr operators on the board, and
John W Ueanett of Fernle le repre
limitative or the tnitieis The board
will convene In Nelson loi thc ilrst
sitting January 6.
Ida Jognson
otto GUI
Joseph Swain
Hoy Hohichaud
Kdith Could-vell
Ella McOoldrlc
Hohert Beaton
On Trial:
I'.Mic Bernhardt
Mabel Findlcy
Barry MacDonnld
Knid Sanderson
May Drake.
Division V! ,   Junior Second Reader
to Senior Second
Donna Argue
Allan Drown
Nina Belanger
Merle Bathie
Annie Dlayney
Wilfred Cadwallader
Jennie Hopkins
Harold Hood
Herman Hollander
Violet Jones,
Jeftnetto Jones
Vhlrza Johnson
Ellen 'Johnson
Willriil Kennedy
I'.iith Kendall
Kdith Murgatroyd
Margaret Morrison
M'ilma MoNtth
Irma Ward.
Muriel Walllnger
Division V., Promoted   From Senior
Second to Junior Third
Muriel Baxter
Mabel Drown
liuby Deacoh
Harold I.eask
N'irlllt.. McKenna
Grace MoParlano
Dorothy Reed
Elide Tnvlot
Arthur, wilhr,
Florence Rutledge
No   on   Hull
■ It      II al
Sr   II 18
Ir   III 10
Si iii * ir iv io
Si   IV .11
High 8
P I'
71 I
iiii a
87 7
fl. <l
OS 3
Alb   II   Webb,
Wedding Bells
A quiet and pretty wedding took
place un Christmas Day at the residence of Mr and Mrs. John Bennett,
at Murvs.Uie, wheu tbe Rev. B. P
Fiewel [ng united in marriage Mr
Richard Moore, of Cranhrook. to
Miss Marguerite Bennett of Marys-
vi.lt- Pbfl newly wedded OOUple Will
iiiiii-''  their home in  Cranhrook.
At t'hr.st Church. Cranhrook, B.C
ou December mibi ion. William Rob-
crt Qlbbfl and Dora Elizabeth Barrett were united in the Bunds of mat
nmony hy Bev, I-. p Fieweuiog-
Tho contracting parties are both
residents of Cranhrook.
a very pretty wedding took place
iii the residence of Mr. -.nd Mrs. W.
J. Johnson when den elder daughter, Kila, was united In matrimony
to Henry J. RendeU oi this city, on
Christmas Day. The Rev W. Bison
Dunham officiating.
The Bride wore a Creme alhotros<i
(.-own with a Tu.lc Veil nnd carried a
bouquet ol Cream Bridal Hoses.
MUn Ada Hickenbotham wae biidea-
maid and Mr. .) B Beck was Best
man Alter     the     ceremony   the
quests, to the number ol eighteen
sat down to a very dainty breukiast,
The hur>py pair lelt un the Flyer
tlio .same afternoon for Spokane
where they wid B.tend the.r Honeymoon .
Local Items
FOR BALHV-ln excellent condition,
One Karn Organ, S stops Apply 'X'
I roBpector's Office. 46-tf
George Watson, ot Fort Steele,
Chief Fire Hanger for Cranbrook
District, was in town Thursday.
Burge comfortable furnished room
to let suitable ror two gentlemen—
phone too
Mrs. .1 aiuet. Carroll returned Mem-
day from a two mouths visit wltb
friends m Manitoba
Mrs. A. Woodland will receive on
Thursday, January Bad . and on tb«
second   Wednesday   thereafter.
Mr and Mrs. M A Mucdonn.d, of
Vancouver spent Christmas in Cran
brook the guests of Mr   aud Mrs. A.
B   Macdonald
George Hoggarth, proprietor of
tho   Ornnbrook   Hotel  presented all
Ihr employers with a Five Dollar
gold piece on Christ man.
Must Be Hold—One new Morris Plauo
Prlco $250.00, part cash, balance
termB. Thia Ih a $-B>0.00 instrument
Apply al Hlnger Btore, Phone IC7
The local brotherhood of railway
employees, who have been out on
strike ror the pust month returned
to work on Friday.
At the Auditorium t' night will be
shown the special three reel feature
entitled "Tom Butler.' —This world
Is not large enough to hold us both
NOTIOB:—Customers oi the Fink
Mercantile Co., who hnve not aire tdy been presented witli a piece ot
Xmas China are invited to call and
make their selection
A meeting of the Oame and Fisb
Protective association or Cranbrook
was held on Friday evening in the
committee room ol the Cranbrook
At the Aud.tornim tonight, Paths*
animated Gazette, showing the lat-
eit pictures ol the Balkan War; a
big floating dock, als.. ,. tug m« m
India at wh'ch many girls lost their
"1 need the money.' I will aril
ni Mocks to suit, seven tbouaand
shares in the Society Girl Mine.
write ljr apply to W R. Beattie.
Oranbrook, B «
A meeting of the International
protective Association of Aviators,
Ornnbrook Bodge will be held in the
Cosmopolitan Hot I at 912:80, Decern
her    Ul.     AM members are requested
to he present.
NOTIOH:—Customers of the Fink
Mercantile 00„ who have not already been presented With a piece of
Xmns China are Invited to call aud
make their selection
The Fire Brigade in In receipt ot
n handsome choquo a-, a chru.tii.ait
present from Mr V Hyde linker, for
whirh   the  Deportment  dc-sirrs to ei
press their sincere thunkH
The new hotel at Bull River win
he opened on Jnnunry 1st. The for
mnl opining wtll take plnce on January Band, With a lOClal dance, wltb
the bent m-USlC that can be eccured
This will he a nice chnnce (or an
Ollting and a good time had by all
who attend THE PROSPECTOB. CllANllltOOK. B.C.
.4 Modern Romance
Ii Is Mr, Clay, tho chauffeur replied. 1 am afraid he is badly injured, ls there any placo near here
where we could take him.
My cottage. It is only a few
yards ofl, Lei me help you to carry him, she cried tremulously.
And bo David Clay met tho dangh*
ti r of the man who had given his
lit" for him,
With the help of Hilda the chauffeur succeeded in carrying David
Clay into the cottage. Hor bedroom was on tlio ground floor, and
they placed him on the bed. His
face wag deadly white, and his ey.-s
v ere .dosed, but now and '.hen his
lips would "mil a feeble groan.
I v. ill run'to Uu; house Miss and
get unolhor car, tho chauffeur ?aid.
h won't take m* long to fetch a doctor from I.ognor.
She dreaded being lefl  alone .   In
this  man   who    appeared    as  If    hi
might dio at any moraeut, but thero •
was no alternative, and she sat be-1
side  1:1m,  her  hand   resting  on   Ul
forehead.      His    breath    camo
gasps, and he Boon began
His  eye.-  opened,   but   they   wore  a
vacant   look,  and   he   was     .id en tly
Stephen, old chap, T am
Don't you hear me, (Iran:, m:
are wrackinc with pain. G
some quininj
With a suppressed cry Hilda rose
to her feet.
Now I  remember—David Clay—he
was my father's friend.     W ia)   I -
it  mean?
II ei cars wore strained to catch
every word that he uttered in his
delirium, for it came as a flash to
her mind that there was a mystery.
Hilda, my darling, l love you.
I Know you love mo. Vou daren't
lie to me. Vou cannot deny it.
The touch of your lips is i k a
glimpse of heaven
Then he broke off In! , unintelligible words. Why was he Hiving
that ho loved hor?     lint once more
v.ttouiobi*:*, 30 Horse Power McLaughlin; firs' class condition, for good quarter or half seotion of land.
'.ri- C.t'.l! Transooua, Clear title and some cash for
wild cr improved land.
Houses, .''ix fully modern w 'll rentrd, close to center of
Wlnmpog, for section or more of wild land
Agents wanted in ©very town to whom wo wilt pay a liberal
commission "or all business transacted for us. Write for nur
list ot snaps i<i Farm Lands, City Property and Acreage
22 Canada Lile Huildinjf, Winnipeg, Man.
Their    Funny
id her;
his words I ecatni* coherent, ami sii
listened  Intently.
1 swore I would look after Uiid
and 1 will. No, Stephen-, vou mus
not blame inc. It was nor
thai si.* disappeared. I
IliiiiR 1 could to find her-;
ceeded. No wonder you
so dearly. How beautiful la my
Hilda. I have kept my promise.
What would havo hern yours I've
given to her.-and I will give my life
to mako her happy. No, don't
thank ine, (Irani, it is my own selfishness, for lt ls perfect joy to do
anything for her.
iionor seized Hilda In Its grip,
aud she trembled violently as she began to understand tho meaning of
what he said. Slowly she placed
together lho happenings of the lasl
few weeks; Vera's sudden accession
to foitunoi the brlnglijg of her to
this cottage; Vera's visit lo Radnor
Manor; the strnngeno-s of her manner: Ibe fact lhat she bad not ask-1
cd her to visit her; liranp's curious
conduct and Ibe hlnl that she was!
entitled lo a large sum of money. It |
all became only too clear, and she
shuddered as she thoughi of tho
treachery or Ibe friend that she liad
loved so dearly. Her hearl tbrob-
I ed with a dull pain, but it was ou
account of Vera, tind not of her own
loss o,' tbe money (If thai she
cared uol at all. lu fact sin- loathed the thought of the fortune thai
was rightly hers; and lhis feeling
Increased when she romc-mborod
Vaughnn's Independence of character
ami lho probability that tbi: money
iniglii ciime between them,
Thoso lhoughls were driven away
by the arrival ol lhe doctor, who Immediately attended  lo his patient,
Concussion   of   Ibe   brain,   he   said
at lasl.     I must Bond a nurso, Can
yon follow a few plain directions iiu-l
ill she arrives, be asked with a keen
look at   Hilda.
I think so  shejinswei'i d 'irmly.
I can do t'otbiu", more al present.
l'n   will   • roliali]'   I'"  ll'tentiuelous  fori
snmo hours,     Sn saying Iho doctor
lock  his .eavi   and  Hilda was nnee t
moro ii lum.        She sal. down anil be-j
c.iii to 111 lit II out her Strang ■ discovery i
aa:! what it moanl In her.     Woman-
lliie, sin; first confl'lored it from ib-
point oi' view as to bow  it would affile! herself and she was sorely tempt*
il to let the deception continue. Why
should  she no'  have an  explanation]
wiii Vera and consent to Inr keep
ing -he money?     She herself would |
iiiaCh rather be without i'..  for sh  j
greatly dreaaed lis effect upon Viuijh-
a:i.     \'o, that would not do. for there
.vas Crawley  Iirunn to lie rock .Mr'
• ;::i. fn- 'ni evidently was aware   .'.'|
i i.i deception.    She remembered '!:.'!
■j ent encounter between   him   aad
','-:.i ami for ihe Mrs', lime her ne" .' |
i.; an to soften towards Vera, for she
Iporeclnteil 'hat she must he sai'f.-r
.'ng.     Al.-o she   thought   of   Vera's
many klm'.-iosses, of   her   eagei   at-
lemp :. to give Iter pleasure, but she
...j i .i nol understand the power of the
temptation  to which she  had  given
:.„..:   for riches and luxury did no:
appeal to her ■" lhe least.
l- was -h" thai took m, papei -.   u
-,,; .i Luddcnl)
,   . .. .,,,.,! ., her l ■'" » ivso I inn
the Imposture Itself, and  n hei  m i I
.'   .,'.'■■ 1 II theft.
II uld she I" II ! Bhe crlod, ami
.. ...:, ...i .. though In : hearl would
i'"'-"  urea -      Tl o groundwork of ber llle
. ..-,,. j    ,   hai.' beeu  shattered;   for
. :.. t trull  In  \ ira bad been absolute.
She had - i leaned upon her stronger
■ n : ow she sei a   I   " be be-
...... ,,( ■> si
The hours pass' d   -'■" '     "''d   l"
: ih,,- - mrl time -he obtained a ki*o»
lodgi  of David   ''lay   tha    .1   dozi a
,.„  .        ■'- ,., lahlp  would  ti-'    h.i" >'
.    , .  her   for his mind  was at ber
■ :■■;■ . .      From    abject  to -:;
.,,..,   gi, ng ;...;  glluips is ol a kind-
h,. .■:        .  itralg   forward manlj
. ,:• : .:■..„■, ii ol a:, ol his Intense
.... Mid   levotlou toi  " » he
;.., igi    to h   ii.   ' Grant.
ie. s ''■ ra '>ve him?
She asked herself the q
isweri d .   In the affirmative.    I'o:
th'. flrst    ai   a nee        lis
..,.i ' ive  '01  Vera regi aee
Shi   -.1 bi r»1 tb 1    Vi ...  ha ;     fused
0 ind       Hild i's honest
: nature   lhis   -    mi i   almost
done :'• c greal 1 rime
l    She  looked  ai'  - iddenly
■!  '.1  David
ive me
Hew    Insect*    Make
In .11: Interesting article [11 tiie Octoher Woman's home Companion appears the following:
Many of llle little folks of field and
foiesl have lino musical Instruments
i.i'il play on them nighl and day, for
fhree or four months of the year. Tho
long-horned grasshopper, or true katydid, Is tlio leader of llie band. He
ban two sets of wings, the outer ones
used for Hying. Ihe inner ones mako
up lhe bow nnd flililli-. Near lhe
1 acto of 1 hose inner wings is fastened
ii sel of strong veins. When be
moves them so that lhe veins on each
wing rub together, It makes a
tunny little wlerd sound, and that Is
what is said to be grasshopper's Addling.
Our eo nuioil  lillle green  grasslion
per is another line player.   His fiddle
is attached to one wing, and he uses
iis 1,iml leg for a bow.     On his leg
'■: a line uf little bead-like lumps, from
each  of  whlob   grous a  number  of
line hairs.     When Mr   Grasshopper
iraws his leg back and forth over bis
s, his lovosontts irlll oul  on the
Ir.     ills poor lillle mate
10 make lho same kind 01'
mi■..!■: she goes Ihrnugh Ihe anme mo-
lions I- e ' an never protluoe n single
-.iiinii      She never -rows dtscout'iig-
,,1. bul keeps it up nighi and dns and
'   mi  lier 'ove Ulki      llo VI '!   or
Ibe leed rial loves her jn-l lho
\      llrsi   ■;.. is  fiddler  I",  the
.-lick, t, His 11.ne i. i.iiiii ami shrill
One tune by night, one by dav, 's his
rule. 11,. has evi a been known to
change his uole whon lhe clouds ii.nl,
lie sua  for a  whllo in the 'lav
Some ai-  a. .1' III lo drums when
tliey v, 11 10 mako music, The nov
■ ,, a yeai  old loe nl bas two tiny
* Memory Device
Tbe flrst mechanical apparatus in | A tourist
fended to prevent the busy man from ' eso sturo :
forgoltlng twiy ot hia engagements has! to find tin
Just beeu devised by 11 New York In-1 pounds of
venter, ami is described, with  illus-i two doll,
summer lu
"il'l   it.Ilu
Children Sold  Into Slavery
Hitl you know lhat tbe selling of
rhiltlroti into aclual slavery still exists
as a recognised institution in a civilized community9 .
The slavery referred to is a practice
nl Frledrlchsliafen, on lhe Lake of
Consume*, where there Is an annual
x.irkct for children. They ar.' sold
ei right ty their parents lo peasant
fanners from Wurti inlieig, Baden, and
Bavaria, for a season's work on the
larms. Hero aro seou boys ind
Slrls from eleven years of age to si\-
.eeii children, for the most part, ot
Tyrolcse woodsmen who are driven
by sheer destitution 10 semi tholr offspring :.' work fo ■ ihe fai mors and re-
1 -..e -lie money for them
Tie e!i rar,.: ar.- r. i here,! together
indi; i" care ot a pi i"?: ar 1 laken
i, le t, where th- y are put up
at auction ami Inspected hy prospec
, , nasi rs Ilk ' many cattle.
'i Iils ■ '..i, i.y. i>..:.. snd tweii i girls
■\ere sold lining to the demand
lhe in.irke' was strong: :i sillily lad
of sis ■ e i. al,:.. to suing the Bcythe
all day, b •ougb  a   much as 170. Borne
ot tb   older girls uetted theli pari ttts  imm ,; ,, „,,,, ,„ u, abdomen. They
tinier weir for ...   , ,. ,',... i ,, -,
*'el.   -''.lie.'   -0111.'  "'  lile
'in   -., ■ ,- ti-ago I-   [ith a high |1n*
or ... the dramatic,   tor        is   well
:.  o  ■: !,.  iii.. parents thai maps  ol
the childreu ui.' no. come back in tho
winter,   when   they   are   BUPP ■     I     '
n lum home      The)  » II bavi   - u
.... ov ruork and und rl    (111
and a    - '■>■ treaUrii nl and lion
neas,     Evi ry yi ai u anj tl ■ "ft   The
rriests tn  -■ tho dati      by a
black  lisl   a       Bl   fan ers       whoso
each yoju-
•:. ire ■'
,    -•■■".'
,    asl in
(ration in the Bepember Popular Me
(liiinlcs Magazine
'I'he now niomory device is opera
by a large spring, released at predetermined Intervals   by   an   ordinary I
It la a desk fixture which keeps accurate lime, and    occupies   a   desk!
space only Gin.   in height anil  Sin.
II has (he appearance nf a desk-
clock with ihree sols of pigeon-holes,
one series for (he months of lho year,
another tor lho dnys of lhe month,
and lho third for each Quarter of an
Hour of he day.
A busy professional or business mnn
wishing to in, reminded of something
he Is In do lu the fiiiiirc, makes a
I.., niorauilnin or ll on a cnril ami drops I
il inlo the case lu lhe pigeon-hole set
aside for tin,,  purpose.
No matter whether lho engngoinont
Is for a year ahe.nl, or for lhe noxl |
fifteen iiiiiiu es, a bell rings when Ilia! :
particular linn cantos and n card nu-
tomntloiil!) drops down before bim.
pounds tl
I The tour
d   that sue,
Chinos Logla
lu pricing tea in a Chin-
Shanghai, was surprised
hn onnlil purchaso live
. certain kind of tea for
but that If he bought lea
price would bo live dollars.
argued with the Chinaman
u arrangement was ridiculous, lul the proprietor of Ibe store
insisted that log'i was on his side.
More bn.,-, moro rich. Moro rich,
moro can pny, be explained;
It Is Ibe duly of every nne ol you |
lo mako at leas' ouo person Happy
during lhe week, 'said lho Sunday-j
aCbool tcieher.      Have you?
I did. snld .lo'niiny promptly.
That's nice. Ami what did yon I
I went to seo my aunt nnd she's always happy when 1 go homo again.
Of    III
■ m-,
reason  na i
..I'll' •'!
I  '.11
■ asked weakly.
n      Vou have been
s tiie man bur
yon? he asked curiously.
Vol must not talk.
Jt seemed to me—tbat—thai Stephen
Grant was with me—I though   I heard
him speaking.
Hash, she repeated gently.
And he closed hia eyes.
(To bo Coutlnuedl
The   Engineering   Course   Chosen   by
Mai-ion  Manley  of  K.U.
Miss   Marion   Manley,   last   year  a
freshman in the college,
engineering school I
Switzerland s Eaales
The latter-day lourisl is ver)    .1
: - tnailo
8aw I by guides era    i Ss
'''   7or:,,:: I 'a.. P nsisted
upon by vlsll e i   b    -,   tb I   - iou ;
be able to aei     ■■       soaring
tiie mountaln-toi ? and '..;. -   i
..... ind       lhe globe-
tro ter.
Eag es  how ver, ai    not ol an ae-
ommoda i:.a natni  -  ::ii cannot easily be furnished oa demand, th- only
way to secure their lordly presence
bein;: to leav- them to their own de- .jn|nf
llxi .1 in,i .nnl 'mil., ami to ' neb
.,.   Is .. I lOtlOll .1 shell: nuise'.   wllloll
'.,■ lusoel ..ni lighten or relax al will.
': nn.;,es ,i sound ..eiii'Miing llko heal
iig'Oli a 'ill nan. aai! will drown oul
l-l ., uthi r musical nole of the sum-
101' ,:.''
(nother Quoev nlaver Is the death-
itch beet! •       He burrows into old
■■ ee I. and ia.tie s a :.i|»  la", lap. as he
iishi - along.     Tic longlcorn beetle
i ro luces .' i-attltng sound by the trie-
. scaly neck.     Many others
it oiir faii.v like friends have musical
n lugemeuts that make ns think of
' 1 ■: ■ lu fact, tho violins of our
own us,- i,. re probably suggested by
Lhi Be ' ttlc lldiilerfl of nature.
A bath house has been lltled up in
lav -a  s - te in  the basement of the
'•Union Station'   a' Winnipeg,     Partitions and wall panelling are carried
ont in so'iii' marble, anil (be floor is
•f marble mosaic.      No expense lias
..'■ a spared iu   the   decoration   and I
furnishing of those apartments. Rich]
; igs are on the doors, and tho barber l
shop adjoining is modern and luxurious in its appointments,     An idea i
of tiie  slyle  of  this  place  may  be
;alned  trom  tbe fact thai the shoo;
lu sica'-ing ef lhe two new sieanl
."hips the "KiuproRH of llii.isln" and
lhe "Empress of Asia." which the Can-
oli.in raeille Railway Is building for
s; rv iee on Ibe raeille Oiciin between
Canada and the Orient, a C.r.li. of-
ilclal remarked yosterday thai ho fell
lusllfieil In saying llml the two uew
boats would  be    tho    salt si    vessels
"lu preparing the plans for lho new
"Empresses," he remarked, "we took
; iirilciilar care In make provision for
nil exlgouolos, and as a result the
tuials are as near to being unsluknlile
as can hn built 'ihe   new   "Bim
presses" arc being built with double
bottoms umi watertight compartments, the lul'or beljig numerous aud
liosely placed. Ordinarily, if a ship
's designed lo don! wllh only two com-
nr! ntetiis flooded, a Btifflclcnt margin
ot aatet" Is thought to have
been allowed, bnt in lhe eases of the
new "Empress of Russia" and "Empress of Asia." should four compartments he flooded Ihey will slill float,
'u Ihe matter of safety, theso aro the
first vessels built to fulfill these conditions."
It was also slalcd that tbe new
steamships would be enulpped with all
the other latest devices making for
safety, such as wireless apparatus,
search lights, submarine signals, and
from lhe verv moment tbey are assembled, the members of the crews
vill he trained in tbo life saving, Pre.
and other drills, which are a feature
of all this Company's steamships.
Factories in tiie West
'st   is ripe for III
ii factories ami many
opportunities exist for tiie building up
of flourishing Industries, When the
nesi is doited Willi factories there
will be an Intermingling of Interests
and it beiier understanding between
the farmor and the iiitinufactiirei'. Tho
protective policy has been adopted by
Canada, ami Is not likely lo bo relinquished, hul every factory in ibe west
would be an object lesson ot Its ben-
cill and would make moro ililficult the
task of those who seek lo piomote
hostility and misunderstanding between iho two greal sections of the
Apropos or the queation whether w*
should pray for weather changes, alt
amusing slory is lold in tho West
Country. A rector was approached
by lhe churchwardens of a neighbor-
ing parish wilh a request that In*
would offer up prayers for the eessa-
Hon of a lung spell of rain. They*
were naturally asked why they did not
go lo their own rector.
'Tain't no use going lo be; he's too
fond of lisbin' wn:; tiie reply.
Another story on tho same subject
ls Hint when a clergyman was asked
to pray for tain ho replied:
My good friends, wiiat'a tbo use of
praying for rain whilst tbo wind Is In
the east?
Women's commonest ailment
t.it. root of so much of their
I -health—--promptly yields to
the gentle but certain action
cf Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25a. a box at your druggist's.
NfttlOim DftU* AND CHIMICM 00.
Not Accepted
A t.fo of prof ps? I on ;il Btory-tellers
wove in a oosy conici' of the club,
spinning yarns. Broun liatt Just told
;i most tmlH-lievablo story, nntl tha
other two usance., nt ench other questioning.y.
Well, I aoaure yon, f^ntloiuen, aahl
lirown, if I hadn't seen it myself I
shouldn't have believed it.
Ua—h'm—-veil, nahl ono of the two
doubtful ones, you must remember
old, man, that wo didn't soo it.
A lawyer was ernsK-exaiuiniiiK an
old German nlnut the posiMon of the
t'oors, windows, and so forth, ln n
houso in whlfth a. certain transaction
And now. my good mnu, said the
lawyer, will you be good enough to
tell the court how the stairs run ln
the hoitpe,
The {Jenuan loohed dazed nnd un-
settled for a moment.
How do tho blairs run? he ques*
1 ioned.
Yen, ho.v do ihe stairs run?
Veil, continued lho witness, after
a moment's Ihought; ven 1 am up
stairs d<-y run down, i>nd ven I am
down stairs dey run up.
Salfot'd cattle market, tiie largest ir.
tho North of England, supnlu-s meat
to a population of 10,00n,ofl0.
Dieialed newspaper matter to a total of ono thousand words has been
taken down ln shorthand in live minutes.
How's This?
I Oft«r One numlrcil  Dollar!, Ill-war-* far |
of (*at«rrh tint "-
rrh Cure.
 -        .Jf      &
-Mi ot ('atarih tint    i :tniK-t be ctiretl  by  HM*
ntered the
week and will
her whole time to regular
freshman engineering work aloug with
several hundred otber entering engin*
I shall take a year of elementary
work here to get the hang ol things,
Miss Manley said, hut. expect to enter
.!.•> University of Illinois next year,
whero I Bhall Bpeclatl2e iu architect-
ual work. 1 have no fear of beiui;
unable to do the work and rather ex-
pcrfc lo enjoy U-
.Ulna Manley will carry the regulnr
freshman \<nrk, consisting of almost
half mathematics, rhetoric, language
and mechanical drawing, and will
oven laKe nil .-hop work roqulred of
engineers, consisting of blacksmith-
mi;- ami forging Ilrst term, aud wood
UrnlnK and pattern making second
l,-ini. Tin' ctfttrso is h.v no means au
ci-.v one, but. .Miss Manley will take
,i. a';;.
.Miss Mauley's case is almosl unique
.ii tlio history of the school. one
girl before .her is known to have taken
Mich work! Including shop, later till*
Ing a good position very acceptably
with an engineering firm
Ices, and. above a.., not to iM-ri'.-r-e
with their predatory propensities bj
untimely rid-  bullets  nr  wiih   their
) domestic arransou.e.1.5    by    stealing
j their csp.s.
Consequent!* tin- Helvetian Govern-
'ment has resolved to const: Itself
the official protector   of   any   eagles
| which may deign to choose that eoun-
I Iry for their residence, and the national yamekeepers in ihavce of the valley!* of Muotta, Sihl. and Dtete. which
i ..pbolstered in real leather.
. CHENEY A CO,. Tolrfo O,
.   ,   ,.,.,,.. .     . ._,.,„,  i     We. the iiDtte-n-teneil.  Imve known F. J, che-Mf j
: is of solid marble block?,} w ,j,e i„t -•, ,Tari, aill- mtvtl h-m )M.rtrVny ho£
; Mmblf.  In  til buMnrsK  iraiiMi-'t.o.iA aim  fi.i.vu*latlf ,
[ tblc to carry nut nny obtlg&lIons aiailn by bis Ann.     i
  WAJJ)1.\0. KlN\AS ft  MAR". IS.
tit.. ,,.,« ha-M.™- iinnn-aDiiLic.-    i.nti. - WIioIoiIbDnwgliti,Toledo,Ok■
Mar vw.l ue-aOiue impo.--siUie.— how ,   H,„.jra.wrh Cure „ ,ak(,n  inll.rnmiy, acum
many times that prediction has been i ii*'tiy v.yw ttr Mood ana raueoua lurticea ol
made during the last five or six de-       ""'    ' "'"'
To filter pni-wnniii actdx And wa»t« mattor from th-i
syetein, What Ihapprnt if the Icidnryn ara cot in
perfect contlition'* l'luy cannot (iroperly 6Iter (h«
-loisonn from the Mood. Whnt then? Firxt backachea,
pninn in the jointa and inuulos, frequent hcaiiai'.liei-,
then epi'ta before the ryn, rheumatic paiui, theu
cl.roniQ kitlney -iiMWi- in which—at great expciiM
—nnly (etnporary relief can be had. Finally, coo-
itant   Buffering   enrtinjt   in   premature  death.
The nllerniUive, whan the kidneys beam to warn of their linhealthv cmnlit.on, in to
take DR.OLAJIK'S SWEET NITRE PILLS. They will help the kidney-, and keep
tbem liealihy lor the future.   Sold everywhere at fifty cents a box or mailed direct by
cades! Machine guns were to make
war fnipos-iible. High explosives
■.■ere to do tho same tiling. So wore
submarines. Uut there is still war,
there are -till rumors of war. War
is more destructive, the aeroplane will
he favorite hunting proumk ofl add to its dancers and terrors. And
ha*e th*-* *-triete.-4 In* S*et ■-■" human animal, in spite of all
li!s failinfcs. Is a most courageous animal. No machtro will ever be invented so dangerous that he will be
afraid to operate; no weapon will ever
bo made so deadly that he will not
have tho courage to faeo it.
lake Hall s Family Pills tar rotvBtlr.vtiaa
a cent* |
. are
the royal birds
j structlous lo watch over   their   com-
; .'■ rt.      They arc neither to be trap*
i ped nor shot at. and the Treasury undertakes to pay for all damages com-"
I milted by the krucs of th" air.  The
; lirst bill "has already come in for four-
j  een lam'jS. four sheep, and ono cat—
1 'i.ul $40; bul history sayoth not how
long a perloi' this list covers, nor Tor
how many eagles.
The decision of the Government
will certainly be approved by nil bird-
.overs, aid flrsi. and foremost by tho
eagles themselves, who may be ex-
i eeted very quickly lo find out the
favors they on.*oy and tn invite their
persecuted brethren from north, south
and cast to sharr In the paternal pro-
leulior of Helvetia.
Hnw   Much  for the  New  Broom?
The propii isive party te the first
greal political party to declare posi*
lively for effectual government regulation lo he rich in tbe interests of
•', . ■ ui ni- ■ Th1, now party strikes
for economic j;iii-*o; for freeing wage
Blavos from tin sweating processes of
Lho rich; fo-1 paswins prosperity
ii,,- Is il an ordinary political
. mi .If ii, it Is a i rusadi . It i;-
m,- p..:;! :   r. Hgion.
This pr * ■• - Ive party Is a new
broom wl h • - tl ou ands of the
ab i     --ii I cleanest mea In the i mn
Where He Drew the Line
.\n BugKalt earl lately deceased,
who had no family, whs notorious for
his hatred or children, antl on one occasion ho engaged as lodeg keeper
an army penslouor named McMlckeh,
Somo few mouths later McMicken'-*"
■iie pioscnteil bim with a son and
heir, on learning of tlio occurrence
his lordship rode down to tho lodge
In a terrible rage.
I hear, said he to Mr. McMIcken,
•hai your wife haa a son.
Yes, my lord said ihe mau proudly.
Woll. now, look lor,-. Mr. McMIok-
"*i. when l mi; you there, II was io
intn and shut a Rati. tout by the T.ord
!larr>. nm to props-gate.
Premiev Koblir. lold a friend Uie
other day that ono danger of fluency
was talking too fast. It reminded
him of a 1 aiiquot at which the walls
were adorned with many beautiful
paintings nnd a well known college
presldenl was called upon lo respond
io a loast
In the oour-n of hte remarks, wish*
ing to pay a compliment to the iailios
present, and designating the paintings
with one of his characteristic gestures, he said: Wlmt need is there
of these painted beauties when wo
have so many with us at this table?
The Retort
Wife—It makes me so unhappy to
think that I have married a fool.
Husband—Don't, worry about that!
Only a fool voul.. have married you.
A Compliment Analyzed
Marie—Huns says I grow prettier
'•very day.
Groichen-now horrid of him.
Marie**—I don't see that. '
fi rot ehen—Look  what a fright
makes out vou wore at the start.
Grain Conimlsjton  Merchants Wlnnlpeq.  M.inJtobi
Make Hills Laatng roadi
Co.. Winnlpetf.
Liberal Adv-ir*ces
Tort Arthur or Fc.t Willlar
Prompt Returns
Notify Peter Jnnacn
Der* Grades
The Farewell Habit
Lady de Ikithe, better known asj
Mrs. Laristry, is coming to this conn-1
try to make anothor farewell tour. It'
is a habit that seems to fasten itself!
upon all tn them sooner or later.
It Hubs Pain Away.— There Is no
liniment •< efficacious In overcoming
pain em iir 'P'omas' Electric on. Tbo
hand thai rubs it In rubs the pain
tway on'J en thi: account thrre Is no . .. ,
urenaratlon that stands so high lnlftL1 i,„.i \
public esteem      There te   no   surer
,.,! 0p|    , | ij   .... by all those  nnJn-klllo-  procurable,  ng  thousands
The Best Treatment
for Itching Scalps
and Falling Hair
To llla7 ltrlilnjai.il *Tt*.l!on of ll.ft-.r-.!--,
prerrnt <hy, thin ai.-i falling hair, removo
crusti, nr,*.!.'** nh'l dtfidruff, and promote thn
ernv.'iit and beauty of Hm tin!., tho following
t*mU\ troetment In mott effocttr-,, Bcceahia
ar.d economical, (m retiring, comb Hi', hair
out strajeht nil around,then t eqln «t tin- si 'a
a-nl molt* fcpirtlng. gently riit.l.iiiKi mini »
ointment tnt.i th.t parting wllh a hit pfipft
flannel held over lh» end of thoOngr' Mm]
additional part uibi about half utWchapnft
um il iii- fftiala ■.' aln Itasbnf-; treated, the puf-
iu,n- l*i"lns loif.'l "••,., mi* ma nin I mriii on tl "
icalpnhln r-.:,lft, than on the hair, li hwcll
;-,   -iiCfl i, IIbIiI covering over tin hair tn
fcroleCt tin- I'lll"*.' tl ■'" P-Atll'lr Htiillt.    Tllfl
rint morning, Bhamp o »uii Cuticura f>no
and hot wut'-r. Btiampooii aloiia may bo
pied hi often ai agrewble, but onco or
fwlce a month fo «ngf»li| imtnri.iii f.<r
thti| npcctal treatment lor women's hair n< ••
WltU>UiuIln|Outlnira ««;; _.,* olfitminl n'l
•nlil rv--;;-,rier<', thnie WUnlni 10 tl"!';-t
Ireatmeiil mav do.19 wllr"*'.:* fkp.    a hi
lending to 'lOutinira.1- ?»»-i>t. 4M, Doilon, V.
H. A . RJf a free lample of Cuticura ioap ana
oliilineut, wilh uJ*p. I'ook ou bkm and tiau,
ahn wil an I i   I •■■■■■•■ if ho h-i' i
en! for the
..  lofli   .;•■:.-     '
\ ■,   t :■  parlj   wai n
,    . nd ■ ol  l.;: i oln,
. try i   ■
els, their time, their
norg »• nml lh to I   ance tin
■    for Ju   -■ ■  l ■'  slave
■ i give lo help al >i a
.:   tho fi filnn  Df BO
n,l  io     ■       fp men and won
pcnnom     ■ ■■''
How mm    i" .   ■ ■      - ■. - ■ ■'-..'• '
How i:.. . tim   i -; ■ I yi
irivo io ed .- nting i'o trsoli mj the prln
dpi m     platform and talh
ing i* i'" . -'"i'i tintancoa?
'I ...■ -v  .  I  ii .... •    onlj b   ai . ii
of       . i Itvidual      Yo i aro ,;:   ...-:.
dual ■  A norU an Exchi -11
ittest who have used If. succesf
in treating many ailmonts,
r ml im, irtcl from iho [Jnlted Klnjz«
dom Insl vpar pvoeedetl sixty-four and
ill million "in-.
on  (hint:
!. .ii'.i
l.i.ei.i lotlve bolt
, toi d momeni
i iin tl:
Whj do '>'.< v boll locomotivea'
1    n aki   ' in tender said Tom
replied Tom.
silence Laura In-
Within u period of fifty years the
popul it Ion of tho United States hns
!ni reasi d 330 per cenl.
To the Letter
e Rreai i dl ■>■'.
-.,- tre i  ' ho motto;    J * ■
motto tlia' was hammered into every
mombi:'   . iho i all  ■ Itli p il i   - pi
,   h nre.
One da;  dam   he lali.-' ( ih n porl
I    So you were bound nnd gnpRPil by
itandita whllo ii  Italy, were ynu? a»k«
ed a Rarcaatlc man of a friend who
"P"  bad iravelled,     lloftulnr comlc-oporn
"    il    rr.li.JifH. -h?
No   laid  tho other, thoro wnn nothing of Hi" comic-opera ntylo about
lie  ffagi they lined were all
W.N    U.  'J20
< r, Bent iu a new i pai if.ro       ■	
int.  Hi       'i   ini   mj Btcrlou     talc-
'I hree h indrud and n not" n ni  i
tt ere lixed upon tho Rpenki r
Thi <i< Mit'jiii nl  i aa haled hi fore hifl
Vouti ■   n nn   demand il   lhe  edllor
lornly, «ral . * tho nr unln ■ ul  Lhfi
i 'i.' nln i ■   infemant?
rli - ouh ffua nol abatihed, and ono
Wcrud tittlchly;
Sir,  (.aid   In',  an  old   man   in   Me
luidlcnco wan blind lu one eyo.
A man mny do intnothltiR worthy
ff 3 ■ tvoi'i a youiif; man In lho
bloom of ii'-aMi, hand io mc, ol rohusl
I'hyi l(|ue, pultun tl, posionsoil of five
i,iilllon dollar", j.imI unmarried, whnl
'•i|   llll '   UHllll   till
Wo wouldn'l i
i   a   Mn
1 •
il nnic
: uccootl i In dlRcountlnfl
A T' in.iiii womnn who pnralslpd In
iii nu- taxlcabi iiiunili sli'1 linil no
'mills wllli whlcli '•' pny for Hum wns
ii'iiliiri-fi ii Itincllc by Uio maKliti-flte,
iin- doilrn in oreapo from Toronto hh
iiiiiltiy a. imihmiiiI" j. not cn-ljenoo of
infinity; it fndloat*! tuunil Q0tDHI0.ll
ii nso.
A Pair of   Them
At a recent parly given al the
(nuiitry nou-e of a well-known ariist,
at which many-distinguished men of
letters ami persons IiIrIi BOOlally anil
in pro!c88ional life were present, a
cortain social leadej- or Chicago had
been Invited in company with her husband.
Tho lady In qiiosllon bad mine lulu
her social poiilllou of late years due
lo ber husband's uood luck in cleiin-
lii!; up a fortune by ooi-nerlng some
Commodity ut a time whon prices wero
lilnli nml Hi   demand was laree.
Her early liln bud not been wasled
as she had onco put it, on tedious
text books, though sbn posed In ber
home 'own as a critic ami connoisseur
of all that 's best In modern litem-
ure, i.nil lent her nniiu; and siibserlb-
every niineinonl on foot
ihni hml as ii basis something connected wllh culture, tboreby earning
lho reputation of iielm; a patron of
'lie urls and sciences.
The dinner 'ind progressed favorably, nml ibe conversation turnod to-
•.'nnl i iciatiire, sculpturo, art, and
lilailriii subjects, Iii which all bul tin-
'inly In ii lesiloi. look part.
Noiii Ing h   s iiiia dlBo'oinfort, ihe
host, lo make be- feel moro nt ease
..skijd her!
Do you cire for Bottlcolll, Mrs.
\o. she answered! to tell ibe irutli
1 never did care lor those Italian
IIo'i husband, nottolng the subdued
grins about the lablc, rushed lo bis
wife's icse.iie and, loaning over, wills-
pored tin- Information:
Botticelli, my dear, In not a wine;
it's a cbc *'-e.
The Old Fashion
Mrs Shortlcy was discussing Ibe
latest fashions with a young lady
Did yo-: say Hint your husband was
fond of tboB-i clinging gowns,  Mae?
Yes, he likes one to cling to me
fer about three years.
Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere
A Moving 8tory
A debato was overheard between
some working me ns to whether Jt
was cheaper to move or lo pay rent.
Opinion being about equally divided,
lliey referred lhe question to the oldest man llu-y knew.
Is it cheaper to move or to pav rent.
said he: Weill mates, ye see l ain't
exactly in a position to say. I've
always moved.
The La»t Asthma Attack may really
bo tho lust one If prompt measures
nre taken Dr. J D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will safeguard you. lt
-f:lli pei.etrnln to lhe smallest bronchial
passage .-.ml bring about a healthy
condition, It always relieves ami Its
contlin.ed lino often effects a pcrintiu-
rnl. cure. Why not pel lhis long-
famous rcn.eily today and commence
lis use? Inhaled ns smnko or vapor
■ Is OQUUlly effective.
His  Escape  Was  Timely
When Prank King returned from
tlio Bparilsli-Amcrlcan war be wns asked In toll of some of Ills experiences.
How long were you 111 the hospllul
when you woro shot? lie was asked.
Hinyil just llvo 'lays, coiililn'i sliiml
I   any longer,
WllV BO? Were you not well llTnlwIY
Well, you see, when 1 wenl In ibere
were six pnll"iiis TllO Ilrst day
l, ev buried < ne,
Woll, whnl of llml?
Nothing, only the next day Ihey bur-
lot! another.    : know my lum would
ionic lu 'line. I went lu ou Momlny
■ ml I knew I would In- curried out on
Saturday, so I paokod my knap*
aell mul l< it on I'rldiiy. If I hailii'l
til Biiroly luiie been hurled on Sun<
Iny. Hl\ iluys-one man each day.
'  coul.lu'i   sl'iinl  Mini.
A ''...en Mic
j ll loo good lo
V, wife never thinks be
IT-Jor.es -II,.1 you iro lo the Iiion-
ire la.n evonlng, Peroy?       '
Tie llrown N'o, I nlleniled a sleight;
i r-h.inil performanoo,
PltaJOIICB— Where?
De llro.vn—', went to cull on Miss
iio Stnvthi' '"id ol*ered her mv hum!
but she sllghttd It.
More About
The Loading Platform
The presont generation of Wostern farmer- will never know the
difficulties a it 1 vexation? experienced \y their predecessors iu ths
earlier years when no ono could get. a carload of grain shipped, in
hulk except hv loading It through nn elevator The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell their grain lo tlm elevator owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution of cars ns fixed by tbo Grain Act and tho use of tho
loading platform, provide faciliti :s which enable the farmer io secure
satisfactory treatment in the disposal of his grain, and tho highest
market prices at time of sale. "Overy farmer therefore, should moro
and more endeavor to uso the loading platlofm Ir shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It !s the safeguard of the farmers' freedom in disposing of hte grain to the best advantage for himself. If
farmers tefrain from using ihe loading platfonn freely, it might re*
suit In its being done away with, because railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to it. It li easy to understand
why elovat')!' people desire the loading platform abolished. The railway people oi their part say it delays the loading of cars and helps to
ensure car Bhortage. This wo know t.) he nonsense, because fre-
p-inntl*' n'**>r '"•■■'■* nre loaded, whether with Grain, eoal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they aro Bid?tracked for days and even week-,
ftiiiea-i nf bo-pa promptly moved Forward lo ile.-,Hm.iton. it is engine
pbnvtpii-fi -md whortsae of competent train men that mostly causes
grain blookaleS on railways and not lack of cut;-. T.et every farmer
therefore, do all he can to Uso ihi loading platform and become an independent shit per, In suhsci.cnt advertisements we will state in
detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading Into cars
compared Vvlth loading through elevators.
We handle Ihe farmers grain strictly on commission, mako liberal
advances' on car bills of lading, supervise tli? grading at limo cars
•are Inspected, secure tt.e highest, prices nt time of sale and mako
prompt rchi.-is when sold. Wrlto us for shipping instructions ami
Ui'K'ket information. *■
Thompson Sons & Company
Royal Mail Steamships
Baltimore, Md., Nov! 11, mon,
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Umltert.
Sirs.—T came across n bottle, of vour
of one of the si lid on ts at (hn Unlver-
f.ily  of  Maryland,  and   lie. being  so
kind ns to lot mo use it for a very
bad sprain, which 1 obtained In (mining for foot races, and lo say lhat It
helped  me would  be putting It very
mildly,  nnd  I   therefore  nsk  if you j
would let me know of   one   of   ynur
pgents   Lhttt   Is  clot.est  lo  Tlaltinioro |
(-11 that I may   obtain   some   of   it.
Thanking you in advance I remain,
yours truly,
W, c. McCUBJANi'
14 M. Pan] street,
Cnif Oliver Tvpewrller Co.
I'.H.    Kindly answer at onco.
Victorian   ..   Oct. 10
Tunisian ,,.,    "     18
Virginian   ..    "     24
Corsican   ..   Nov,   1
Victorian ..     "       7
Tunisian   .,      "15
Virginian ..     "     21
Grampian   ,.   Oct. 12
Pretorlan ..     "     19
Heiperlan   ..    "     26
Scandinavian   Nov.  2
Grampian   ..      "9
Pretorlan ..     "     16
Heiperlan ..     "     23
Scotlan   ....   Oct. 13
Ionian   ....    "     20
Lake Erie .,   "     27
Corinthian     Nov.   3
Sicilian   ....   "     10
Scotlan ..  ..   "     17
Ionian   ..   ..   "     24
Ionian   .
Diirlnii n illsotisslon ol tho nin-i.:! bl
iliincii in gonortili somoojio nnko-l:—
If a yomiR man taltfifl hln host olH
lo UlO Ri'anil opera, Bpondtl Hrir"ii alill i
Un«H on a Riippot* aftnr tlio -irrform-
anrr-, anil Mini takos 'of'!' homo In *
(-Utl-oau, hIioii'-, he |il«a hrr gmiil
' Ail nlil linfholor whn was prrsont
I don't Ihlnli sho oiirIi! tn MJieot
II, Hciirns In mu lip haa dmip onollgri
for her.
Reduced Mate Tickets on Sale November 7th, to December 31st
Special Christmas Sailings
Tunisian   ..   Nov. 15 Pretorlan   ..   Nov. 16
Virginian   ..   "     21 Hesperian .,     "     23
"VICTORIAN," to Liverpool, from St. John ...
"GRAMPIAN,'' to Liverpool, from 8t. John ..
"SCANDINAVIAN," to Ola.gow, from Portland
"LAKE ERIK,' to Havre, and London, from St
PlflST   CLASS $80.00 upwa-ds
■iECOND  C ,A8S       $47.00      "
THIRD CLASS $31.2S      "
Ask ai.y llallwoy or Btotimsuli) Arohi for reaorvotlon of liurilia nn-l
f'lriin'i- purtloulars,
S64 Main St , Winnipeg. Genrr:
Nov. 17
....      "     24
December   e
"      12
"       12
ru-rvnUon of Berths and
tal Nerthwecl*rn A;:' *■    j TIIE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK,  1.. C.
Zam-Buk Has Cured These!
Friction on tho hemorrhoid veins
■lwt aro swollen, Inflamed and gorged
ivlth blood, ts wha: causes the terrible
vain tnd stinging aud smarting of
piles. Zam-Buk applied at night will
lie found to glvo ease before morning.
Thousands ot persons have proved
this. Why no1 bo guided by tho experience if others?
Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Prlnee Al-
bf-rt, Sask., writes; "I must thank
you lor '.ho benell-. I lmvo received
from Hum-link. Last summer 1 suffered greatly from piles. I stiirted
to use Zam-Buk nnd found it gave mo
■ cllcf, so I continued tt, and nftor using three cr four boxes I nm pleased
to say It has effected a complete
Mr. 0. A. Dllfl-Oflno, 18M85 St.
Joseph Street, St. Rncli, Quebec, P.
(J., writes. "I ean highly recommend
f'am-Bul- to everyone who suffers from
Magistrate Sanford, of Weston,
King's Co., N.S.. nays; "1 suffered
long from Itching piles, but Zam-Buk
hi.s now cured mo."
Mr. William Kcnty, of Upper Nine
Kilo Itlver Hants Co., N.S., says:
••I suffered terribly from piles, lho
pain at t.mos being almost unbearable. I 'rid vat-lolls ointments, hut
everything I tried failed tn do mo tlio
slightest good. I was tired of trying
various remedies, when I heard of
Zam-Buk ami thought as n last resource 1 wculil give this halm n trial.
After a very short time Zam-Buk effected a tvmplete cure."
Zam-Buk ls also a sure cure for skin
injuries end diseases, eczema, ulcers,
wlcose veins, cuts, burns, bruises,
chaps, cold Bores, etc. 50c. box from
nil druggists and stores, or post free
from Zan.-llulc Co.. Toronto, for price.
Refuse harmful imitations.
Try Zam-Buk Soap, 2ric. tablet.
A few doora south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates 11.60 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
Are the be>* ever mado and aro guaranteed to glv;' you satisfaction. Al
•11 dealors, or send ua 'ii cents stab
Ing st*- • and slzo required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,
63 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont
D1W   CUD   a-ain.1   a   rapidly   .piMoacliini.
raw run h.™ jou Jicijid »i.». i>
rrarkrt your caUedj.il. .      _
Toronto*, thc chitf l-iiimanuficliiiini c.nrfiwC.n-
.,!.. Do biabeHdiifetaiid get llie liill value for youi
Prompt call for your rnniignrnfnti, Nitre or small
WriteMwIoromlradenewflettel lo lie iiiuej nm
Add*. WACNEI. IHASIE", Jr CO., Dut. C.
HFr.it St., Cut, T.r.iU. QaUrl.
Wonderful lum- it Improve-
tlu-in.   Heifers  ilovt'ltiji  Into
bettor milkers. Steers fatten
does lt. Cuts cloan- hurts
Utile—tloen not bruise 'lei.lt
nr crush bono. Wrlto for
flee   tiiKililcl.
Robert St.  -Jiuuiitu, One.  Mention
Mabel—So you havo broken off the
engagement. Have vou returned his
Amy—Why noi That wouldn't be
reasonable. Of course, I havo
changed my opinion of Oeorge, but t
admire tho ring ns much as ever.
Mrs. Green—Vou spoke Just now of
social tact. Precisely just what do
you mean?
Mrs. Wyse—By soclnl tact I mean
gottlng familiar witli nil sorts nf people without Iclling them get familiar
with you.
Berloa Arnauil. a French bandsman,
l cabling at HI. I .mils, having recently
"out nn arm hi an accident has formed
on orchostru composed entirely of nne-
nrnied musicians, who nre now nightly
I performing wllh great SUOOOBS ut lho
.'        music halls.
The Rev. Henry Ward Bnecher wns
a great wll, and now nnd then he was
ramrod ullli a wrltton protest from
ono of his hoarora, which he would
rond to his coiigrrgnilon and then crll-
.clzc.     One Sunday morning hn said:
t havo In call your attention to a
ritr.iiinn couimuuli-ntlon that has lust,
reached mo. It la half a Kheet of
note paper on which nothing has been
vrrllten but Iho word fool. It Is no
uncommon thin: for tho writer of a
lottcr to forget to sign his name, but
'his Is the first timo I have over
known a man lo sign his name and
forget to write tho letter.
The pretty young matron having
come unexpectedly Into llie nursery,
found hor youngest, the blue-eyed
golden-haired Ireuo, lu tears, and
Smlfkius, the ntlrso. vainly endeavoring to comfort her.
Why, what's the lnattrr wllh my
wee pet? asked tlio fond mother, taking the agitated child Into her om-
I race. What's mamtulo's ilarllug crying for?
She's cross, mum, explained the
nurse, hceatiBo I wouldn't let her go
to tho Brown's birthday party across
iho way.
Oh, I quite forgot lhat Invitation,
snld lho mistress: but why ls Miss
Irono not to go?
Because, mum, tbe Browns 'ave got
charades, so MiSB Bella says, and I
wasn't sure whether Miss Irene 'as
had 'em or not. Somo things Is so
very eatchln'.
•a.       "ll||    T   |    *.     "   ...   .
(Oc. a box er six boxes tor }2.D0,
•t III dealers, or The Oodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
WeddlngRIng Lore
111 lhe Ise of Man the wedding ring
was formerly used as nn Instrument
of torture. Cyril Davenport, ln bl
book on Jewellery, remarks that there
onco existed n custom iu that Island
according to which au unmarried girl
who had bcen ofi'er.dod hy a man could
bring him to trial, and lf he were
found guilty she would be presented
with n sword, a rope and a ring.
With lhe sword sho might cut off
his head, wllh the rope sho might
lung him, or wllh tho ring sho might
marry bin-.. It is said lhat lho latter punishment was Invariably Inflicted.
Tlio wedding ring was anathema to
the early Puritans, who regarded per-
EonaJ adornment as one of the many
mares of Satan. In tho old English
marriage service It was the custom
foi tho bridegroom to put tho ring on
tho thumb of tho bride, saylug: In
tho tiiinie oi the Father; then ou tbe
the next finger, saying: and tho Son,
and then on the second finger, saylug:
end of the Holy Ohosl; Dually ou the
Ihlrd finger, with the word Amen.
Tho ring was loft there, because, as
the Snium ruberle says, a vein proceeds thenco to the heart. In the
modern marriage service the ring ls
placed nt onco upon the third linger,
'ho Invocation to the Trinity being
An Imaginary Loaf
At the ration store of oue of our
Irish regiments, Mike Rafferty, an old
soldier, was engaged In handing the
.oavos of broad to the elderly men in
tholr turn. Suddenly he turned to
the Quartermaster, and with a twinkle
in his eye said—
Av yo plazc, sor, there's a loaf short,
who'll I givo It to?
Keep It yourself, Mike, replied the
Through indiscretion In eating green
fruit in summer many children become
subject to cholera morbus caused by
Irritating acids that act violently ou
tho lining of the intestines. Pains
uud dangerous purglngs ensue and tbo
delicate system of tbe child suffers under the drain. In such cases the
.safest and surest medicine is Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It
will check the inflammation and save
the child's life.
The Good-Night Message
The evening callers wero chatting
gaily with the Kinterbys when a patter of llttlo feet was heard from tho
head of the stalra. Mrs. Klnterby
raised her hand, warning tho others
to silence.
Hush, she said softly. The children are going to deliver their goodnight message. It always gives me
n feeling of reverence to hear them—
thoy are so much nearer tho Creator
than wo are, and they speak the love
that ls ln their little hearts never so
fully as when the dark has come,
There was a moment of tense silence.     Then—
Mamma, came tho message ln a
shrill whisper. Willy found a bedbug!
For aome time ln Vienna street savings banks havo been ln vogue with
considerable success. Theso savings
banks are an adaptation of the penny-
in-the-slot machine. Anyone passing
wishing to deposit a small sum drops
his money Into the slot. Instead ot
receiving bon-bona or chocolate In return, he gets a ticket for tho coin deposited. The tickets aro later honored on presentation ot a (lorornmeut
Department,. Encouraged by the
success of the Vienna experiment tho
peoplo or Paris aro to introduce tho
same system Into their streots.
Ke Scored With the Report
There Is a story told of it. 0. Hamilton, tlio once Glasgow Hangers' famous centre-forw-nrd. when bis team
were playing n holiday match lu the
North of Scotland. Tin- Rangers-
team had it regular day out, as ono
might suy; all tho forwards scoring
with tho exception of Hamilton. Under these circumstances tlio team unanimously selected Hamilton to wrllo
an account of tho match, as his version would be tho most unbiased.
Thoy were a bit taken back to read
when the report' appeared lu print,
to tho effect lhat so-and-so scored
Koala for llie Hangers, tho entire credit of which was due to thc admirable
passing of Hamilton!
A liighlshlp has Just been placed In
commission i'i Germany that is provided with a complete equipment of
Ihe most modem devices for aiding
and warning mariners. ' In place of
lhe old-fUBhToued mast-beacons, thc
vessel curries a single powerful electric light set on top of a hollow mast
or shaft, through which the light cnn
be reached In stormy weathor. Tho
lightship has wireless telegraph and
fog and suhn arlne signals*: Diesel oilengines run a dynamo, and two largo
accumulator batteries store the electric
current for emergency uso. The now
vessel Is 150ft. long nnd 2Sft. wldo.
It. will bo stationed near tho shallows
at lhe mouth of tho Itlver Elbe.
JW, N,. U, 920
Habits of Animals
A liy on a window pauo will crawl
lip In thn tep liy back tn tho bottom
and crnwl up again. This order Is
seldom ijcvorscd. It ts on record
that a fly crawled up u window pane
thirty two times, returning eacli lime
lo the snmo place.
liens tilwayn scratch for food wllh
Ilio sun behl-ul tlii'in, the reason be-
.ng lhat the rays show up minute par-
Helen. A blind hen will pick up
grain and mil miss u kernel. Cats
bchlom lie wllh Ihelr feci, lo lhe lire,
and usually on Ihelr lefl side. Dogs
Ilu with their forepnws In lhe llr..'.
A inoiiso will ignore a rood supply suf-
flolollt for a meul, and run great risks
to nl>,hlii ni a largo supply. OoUHlsli
usually swiir round a globe to Ihe
light. Tiny can be lauglil lo Inke
a fly out of tin hand In sh weeks,
sheep spond moro lime Brazing than
do eallle and horses, nml Ihey will
eat for Uvclvt hours out of twenty-
Handi Cracked, so Could not Work—
Cures Effected by
It does not tnko long for Dr. Chases'
Ointment .o prove Its maglo healing
power. A single night is often sufficient to produce the most startling re-
Internal treatment for skin diseases
is nearly always disappointing. By
applying Dr. Chase's Ointment to the
diseased parts relief is obtained almost Immediately, and gradually the
sores heal np ond disappear. Here
uio two letters which will Interest
Mrs. C.ias. Gilbert, Haystack, Pla-
ccntla Hay, Nfld., writes-.—"I was a
sufferer from Salt Ilheum for ten
years, and had about despaired of ever
being cured, so many treatments had
'ailed. Iteadlng of the wonderful
cures effected by Dr. Chase's Ointment, I commenced using lt, and waB
entirely cured by eight boxes. I
want to express my gratitude for Dr.
Chase's Ointment and to recommend
It to all lufferors."
Mr. Stanley Merrill, Delaware, Ont.,
writes:—"For years I was troubled
with my hands cracking, often becoming so sore that I could hardly do
any work. I got some of Dr. Chase's
rintmeut, and happily find that one
or two applications of same to the
affected verts make them woll. 1
'lave had r,o trouble since using the
ointment for soro hands.
Dr. Ch.-.se's Ointment, (inc. a box, at
all dealera, or Kdinanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
A Slight Mistake
There Ip a railroad out In Colorado,
according to the story of a Western
tralllo manager, which seems unable
to form anything like an intimate acquaintanceship between Us trains and
tho advertised schedules. Its trains
are so proverbially late that thero ls
a mild celebration every time ouo
reaches Its terminal on time.
A few weeks ago the word was
passed about tho little town that No,
2 would get in ou time, and there was
a. big crowd at the station. Somo
generous citizen provided quantities of
red fire, and set it off along the track.
What's the celebration? the conductor asked when He jumped off at the
Train actually got In on time! explained the crowd.
Put out your lires, the conductor
snorted. Don't you know that wo're
just twenty-four hours late?
Merchant (to clerk)'—This won't do.
Every time you see a 6 you call lt
a 2. What is tho matter with you,
near sighted?
Clerk—No sir. It's a matter of
habit. I used to work ln a ladles
shoe shop.
Last night my wife and myself had
the most foolish squabble ot our married career.
What was the subject ot your dispute?
How we would invest our money if
we had any.
A pet cat belonging to Miss Christie Macdonald, tbo actress, has hee.i
given a remaritevrlc funeral. Tho
cat, which was named Prow, went to
sleep in the actress's trunk, and somebody shut down the lid with the result
that the animal was suffocated. The
actress ordered a rosewood and silver
coffin, 'SCO, from a firm of undertakers ln New York, and ln this the cat
was buried.
Tho list ct strange gifts to modern
monarchs contains somo curious
Horns. King Edward, shortly after
bis coronation, received a registered
packet from Vermont, USA, addressed to Ills Majesty the King of
England, House of Parliament, LJng-
and, containing a gigantic pilzo potato, which tlio sender begged him to
accept. Another strange present to
bis late Majesty was tho niuinuillled
hand of an Egyptian princess, which
the King kept an his writing-desk at
Sandrlngiinm, aud used as a paperweight .
Tho Kaiser, too, was greatly
amused seven years ago when a letter
was delivered at tho palace ln Berlin,
containing a bank note for 100 murks
and an anonymous note begging tho
Emperor to use the money for the purchase of warm underclothing. For,
wrote the douor, 1 saw your .Majesty
at tho review yesterday, and lt seemed to me that you were not so warmly
ilad as yuu should be.
A Confirmed Drinker Take* to Postum
A housewife wan recently surprised
when cook served Postum Instead of
■cu nnd coffee.    Sho says:
•'For tho last llvo or six years I
lmvo been troubled with nervousness,
.ndlgesllon and heart trouble. I
couldn't get any benefit from lhe doctor's medicine, so finally ho ordered
nio lo slop drinking coffee, which 1
(Id, iT'ca Is just us Injurious bo-
cniiso it contains caffeine- lho drug
hi coffee.)
"I drank hot waler while laklng the
doctor's medicine, wllh somo Improvement, then wont buck lo coffee Willi
the same eld trouble as before,
"A uew sorvunt girl told luo about
Postum—said her folks used It and
iiked It lu place of coffee. Wo got a
package but I told her I did not be-
llovo my husband would like lt, as ho
was a groat coffeo drinker,
"To ray surprise ho called for a
third cup, raid II wns "good stuff" and
wanted to know what. It was. Wc
have used Postum ever since and bolh
feel bettor thnn wo have lu years.
"My hushiiiid used lo havo bad
spells with his stomach and would 1)0
sick three or four days, during wlileli
llmo ho eeuld not eat or drink any-
thing, Hut. nlnce he liavo up coffee
ami look lo Postum, ho has had no
moro trouble, and we now fully believe It wi.s all caused by coli'eo.
"I ham not had any rotltrll of my
runner troubles allien drinking Postum, nnd feel heller nnd can do moro
work than In Ihe last leu years. We
lelt everyone about It—sumo Buy lliey
liled It ami did not llko It. I tell
lliein ll makes nil tho difference as lo
how Rs made. lt should bn made
according to directions—then It lo dc-
Nnmo ghep by Cnniiiliati Poslum
Co., Windsor, Out, Head Ilio book,
"Tliii Itond to   VVollvlllo,"   ln   pligs.
"Ilioro's a reason,"
Ever read ihe above letter*    A new
one appears from lime lo lime. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Profeisor's Theory of "Dull Member*
of th* Family
If the ilea ot thousand! of flit*.
allona ago had found themselves tblt
to hold their own with Us* other animals, end not take to the trees, Ul*
human race, as lt Is to-day would not
exist. So Professor O. ID. Smith
told the anthropological section of th*
Ki It Ish Association.
The primates, as our ancestors wen
called, at Prat were a very small and
humble folk. It seems, who led a quite
unobtruilv* and safe life ln the
branches ot trees, taking small part
in tho fierce competition for size and
supremaoy that was belnk waged upon the earth beneath tbem. But
til the time they were cultivating that
equable development of all their
senses and limbs, and that special development of the more Intellectually
useful faculties of the mind which, la
tbe long run, wer-! to make them tlio
pi --ronltors cf liie dominant maa-.m.il
—the mammal who was to obtain the
supremacy over all others whllo still
retaining muoh of the primitive structure of limb that his competitors had
The primates, said the Fr.ofossor,
found in the branches of trees the
asj-lum and protection necessary for
the cultivation of brain and limbs
during the period of their obscurity as
an insignificant tribe, but when Ihey
became powerful enough to hold their
own end wax great, both in size and
power, thoy had maintained sufficient
ol their primitive characters, and tho
plasticity that goes with them, to ho
able giadually to give up Hie arboreal
.node of living and to re-establish
themselves once more as dwellers on
tne solid earth, competent to hold
their own against all comers,
Ot course there were backsliders.
I should bo Inclined to look upon thc
orang, the chimpanzee, and the gorilla not as ancestral forms qf man:
out as Ihe more unenterprising members of man's family, who were not
able lo maintain Ihe high level of development of tho feeble-bodied human, but saved themselves from extinction by lhe acquisition of great
-'Heneth and a certain degree of specialisation of structure. The feebler
man was able lo overcome his enemies nnd maintain himself In the
struggle for existenco by his nimble-
nrss or wit and his superior adapt-
ability to varying clrciinislauces.
Story of a Boston Bull, Prize Winner,
Stolen and Sold In Bondage
This Is the romance of a dog. It
might bo called "The Tenth Clew."
Five months ago tho pet Boston
bull terrier of the children of lho family of S. Oppehhelmer of s. Oppen-
helnier & Co., 2700 Wabash Avenue,
was stolen. The dog, a winner or
five prizes, was valued at ?u00, and
was the pride of the Oppenheliner
Mr. Oppenheliner, seeking lo assuage this grief of Ills children over
ihe loss of their pet, offered rewards
and employed detectives to find tho
animal. Nine clews were run down,
and nine times the owners faced disappointment.
Now comes tlio next chapter. Threo
weeks ago Charles I,oo Caswell Jr.,
son of Mr and Mrs. Charles Lee
Caswell of 041 Aldine square, returned with his bride from their European wedding trip;
Mrs, Caswell is fond of dogs and
Mr. Caswell as a gift to his bride
sought one or pedigree. A dog fancier whom he consulted sent him to
.-i friend, who was believed to possess
the breed of dog desired by Mr. Caswell. Thn friend did possess the
dog. Ho Is said to havo declared
hn had raised It from a puppy and
owned tho brother. Mr. Caswell
paid $100 and sent the dog home.
Last Thursday Mr. Caswell's mother gave nu afternoon bridge party for
her bride daughter-in-law. In lho
•nldst of the receiving of the guests
'.here came :i request from a detective
to seo the hostess. Mrs. Caswell
went to the door.     Said tho caller:
A stolen do- has been traced to
your residence.
But I never owned a dog, replied
Mrs.  Caswell.
Nevertheless a valuable dog stolen
Ive nionlhs ago has been seen with
a woman and n man In a car which
bears your number.
The new pet camp to Mrs. Cas-
well'B mind and tho detective was sent
,n search of Mrs. Caswell, junior. Mr.
Oppenheliner went along to present
credentials rs owner of the aristocratic
We certainly do not want stolen pro-
peily, agreed Mr. and Mrs. Caswell.
Prlng your proof of ownership and
lhe dog Is yours.
To satisf- al! concerned the Oppen-
hclmor children wero taken to the
new Caswell residence at Central avenue and Seventeenth street ou Sat-,
•inlay afternoon. At sight ot Ills
former Playmates Iho dog wont Into
n frenzy of delight. No further proof
was necessary.
Mr, and Mrs. Caswell waived rewards and ignored Mr. Oppeiiheliner's
remarks that If ho bad been worth
$5110 before, It. was worth $5,000 to
hnve blm back. They released the
dog for the $IO(i Ihey had paid and on
Sunday Ihe Boston bull went back to
'lie bosom of Hi loved ones.
It mny be pertinent lo ndd lhat Mr.
a.'d Mrs. Caswell have anoiher dog.
The Ready Definition
Papa, what Is a baretle?
A burette, my sou ls n place whore
Ihey dispense soft drinks.
Now under construction, Ihe super-
Droadnougkl Delhi will curry 111.5
guiiB, throwing a shell of 1,4001b.
During Die last threo hundred years
a Pope lias only preached a sermon
Similar Tastes
Bull Bul  do you  think  you and
.lack aro suited lo each oilier?
Nell-Ob. perfectly! Our tastes
aro quite s'nillar. I don't cure very
muoh for lilm, and he doesn't earu
very much for mo.
Glut Fleiwra
Id th* Unlverelty Museum ot Harvard tl a collection of plants modelled ln glaii. It ll a wonderful collection both ln size snd In the beauty
tnd accuracy ct the work. It Includes flowering plants, from the simplest to the molt elaborate and complex, being done ln the natural color of tb* particular flower modelled,
with buds, leaves and stems.
This li known as the Ware collection. The plants were modelled by
Leopold Blasehka, founder of the art
ot modelling specimens ln glass. He
was born May 27th, 1822, In Alcha, a
town ln Northern Bohemia. His
father was a mechanician ln electrical apparatus and an artificer ln glass.
Leopold began work as a goldsmith,
devoting hlmsell to cutting and setting precious stones, but later changed to metal and glass work.
In 1843 he made a voyage to the
United States In a sailing vessel, making drawings of marine invertebrates
which he collected and from which he
constructed ln 1S53 the flrst glass
models foi the Natural History Museum of Dresdon Theso attracted
wide notice, and wero the beginnings
of a business that was limited only
becauso he employed no assistant but
his son.
Itudolph, Ihe son, born In 1857, was
educated to be a naturalist, and readily entered into his work will his
father Tliey studied nud made ir.nl
els of marine form ln glass, which
have been Bought by collectors and
are treasured In museums.
In 1854 Leopold made models of
plants in flower. Iu 1802 ho hnd
completed a collection of about sixty
r-poolmens of orchids modelled in
In 1888 Iho Blaschkaa were induced
to resume the consructton of plants
tn flower They also constructed
models for zoology. Since 1890 all
Ihelr timo lias been given to llowers.
They used only fresh -material so had
to obtain It closo nt hand from llie
neighboring greenhouses and gardens,
drawing from (lie Itoyal gardens of
Elaxony and Dresden. America was
drawn upon, plants being sent to be
cultivated in the garden of lhe lllas-
clika studio.
In 1802 Rudolph Blasehka went lo
America lo study the flora, lie uiade
a most thorough study of plants us to
color, also mado microscopic drawings of details and or species, and
took back specimens preserved lu alcohol ami dried for study. Ho made
collections from all parts of the conn-
try, even lo the Pacific Coast. During
a second journey iu 1SH5 lie was called home hy the death of his father.
Thc sou la still living but so far has
not disclosed ihe secret or of making
tlass models from plants, and If ho
docs not before his dealli Hu; art will
pass away.
Clergy In llelginm urn allowed Ihree
votes, on ihu ground ot superior education,
A College Talk Lesson
After listening to thn superior con-
versailon ot their son nnd daughter,
bolh ol the varsity lho mooll- parent"
apoke together In a low iislde. We
li.ul a malrli'iilali'd curriculum once
— don', you remember? it stood in
Ihn front hall, suld pa.
No, dear, answered tatt, you are mistaken. That wus au alumni. I ro-
Dear tne, no, retorted pa. Thc nl
iiiiiiiI was that set or pepper and salt
shakers that ml pn the sophomore by
the suiieslei'!      Why -
Hut the subdued young varsity hope
lulj had crept silcnlly trom the room.
Not Yet
. The Genera! was Inspecting a regiment of Territorials, the Colonel ol
which was a notoriously bad horse-
man. As tho band struck up the
march-past the Colonel's horse plunged
violently, and the officer was noarl*
unaoatcd, Kvery man In the loading
company was very Interested In bis
efforts lo retain his seat, with the result lhat the front rank became bunched up and ladiy out of line.
Kasn off Ibere, shouted tho Captain
He ain't, replied ii laughing recruit,
hut I'll bet ho won't keop on for anothor two minutes.
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Complainant—Your worship, she
struck ine in tho face witli her
clenched fist. That cut was caused
by her ring.
Magistrate—Whore did Bhe gel tin
Complainant—1 cave It to her. li
was our engagement ring.
Maglstrati—Tho prlsonor Is ills-
charged. That is clearly n case of
contributory negligence.
Nearly all children are subject Io
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare them suffering by using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator, tlu, besl
remedy of lho kind that cun be had.
Once a mother has used Baby's Own
Tablets she will always wc them as
long as there ave little ones In the
Noiise. They are absolutely aafe und I
never fall to cure constipation, col.C,|
indigestion or tlio many other baby-'
iiood aud childhood ailments, Con*
eerniug them Mrs. K. Simmons, Hamilton, Out., says: "I have not been
without Baby's Own Tablets for six
years. I havo given them to my
three little ones und Hurl them excellent during teething aud at other
times." The Tablets aro sold by
medicino dealers or by mail at 25
•tents a box from Tito Or. Willlama1
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont,
Tho residents of one of tiie .small
California tow iir-. near l.os Angeles
wero annoyed at the coustant speeding of motor drivers over the gocij
roads of that section, and so, after
losing several chickens uud dogs under tlio wheels of passing cars, they
made a protest by erecting a sarcastically worded signboard, reading •
Blow down to Cf) miles.
.Many a driver who would disregard!
Jie ordinary caution to run at the
legal rate of twenty miles an hour
.s forced to grin at the humour of this
appeal and proceed at a more reason*
thle speed.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Burni, Etc.
A hone In thc field Is mirll
ia Hi** bum.   Von .-j:i i prevent
Bpavln, Ringbone, Splint, 11 Curl, fr
putting your iiur-tc in the barn hut you
can prevent the*c trouble**- from keeping
hones In die bent very ! m ;.   You- in get
"I hnve iim-'I Kendall •* Bpavln Curs fot
over t-t years curing two n*--; Spavlni, one
Curb, one Bone Sinn in anil a Rfnt*t>unc--flll
Pad cases,   Vour mcdii Ine is ihr beat in tli
wt-.m." jo si ah kjunc
Price ?i per bottle—6 bottles f<.. A
druggist fur (-.cr book "TrotUse on t
tXone 'ur write direct tons vc
Dr. B. J, Kendall Ccinpany
Enostiura Kail*, Vennoat, U. S. A. J
lias Polly got lt«r music lesson mixed up witli her gymnasium hour?
Of course not.     Wby do you ask?
I thought from tbo way alio was
playing'she might have thoughtlessly
taken tho piano for a punclilng-bag,
You ought to Wear
Reliable Merchants have them
in stock
Women Pearl Divers
The pearl-divers «f .Japan are women. Along the coast of tiie Hay of
Ago and the Hay of KoIuihIio the thirteen and fourteen year old girls, after
they have finished their primary
school work, go to sea and learn to
dive. They are in the water and
learn to awliu almost, from babyhood.
They spond most of tbeir time in the
water, except In tbe coldest season
—from the end of December to the
beginning of February. Even during thc most inclement of seasons
thoy sometimes dive fur pearls. They
wear a special dress, with tbo buir
twisted up into a bard knot. Tlic
eyes are protected by glasses to pro-
vent the entrance of water.
A boat in command of men ts assigned to'every five or ten women
divers to CM'ry tlieni to and from the
nulling grounds. When tho divers
arrive on tho grounds they leap Into
tho water at once, and begin to gather oysters at tho bottom. Tho oysters ore dropped into tubs suspend-!
cd from their waists.
When these are filled the divers are
raised to tho Biirfaco and jump into i
tbo boats. They dlvo to a depth of
irom five to thirty fathom without1
any special apparatus, and retain their
breath from ono tc throe minutes.
Their ages vary from thirteen to forty
years, and between twenty-five and
thirty five they aro at their prime.
Maudie—Ha. will our new mamma
go mad after a while?
Father—'What a question! Why do
you thin!; such a tiling'.'
Maudie—Well, I beard her tell cook
yesterday that nhe got bmliy bitten
when tho married .vou!
The deaths In Irish Workhouses
during Um past year Included those
of no fewer than seventeen eenlenar-
laiis. .(.tne of thoso person:, was
stated to be 110 years uud another
108 years of nge, while two hat! readied L07 and three 100 years.
Bugge—Have yon ever tried bring'
lug oft chlolnns hy hand?
Muggo—Yes, but It was not quite H'
Bugge—-How was that? |
Mugge- I was caught In lho act]
aid got 'i month for it.
Ready for the Holiday,-.
An bote! keeper who happened ti
have a fair-sized nasal organ wai ou :
dny mending a wheelbarrow, when a
piece of wood jumped up and hit him
on tbe bridgo of the nosi, cutting
ll right across. Ills wife droesi-t] It
wry carefully, and put on n largo
patch of Rtlcklng-plaster. An hour or
Iwo after a woman wbo was passing
hrotlgh tin- tillage called at the house
and ordered a pint of !.•"..■:■. On paying for thc beer sho looked nt the
note! keeper and snld—
Are yni going fur your holiday?,
No.     What makes you ssk?
oil. nothing) said the woman. I
thoughi perhaps you wore when I s.t
you've got your trunk Libelled.
Said one man nn ilie street, speaking to a friend—Well, money talks.
May bo It docs, answered the Other, but
all It ever said to mo was good-byo.
Young Wlfo (proudly) - Alfred nl-
svays says thero's no cooking llko
Undo -"rust; (with a disdainful
nolle.—Docs ho? Well, he's about
light  there, poor chap.
Down East
Did you get that   job   as   t:
agent you applied fnr.
No; it was to sell stool bridges.
Why did they turn you down?
The managers said I hardly looked
strong enough to curr) the samples
Why are men so old fashioned in
ihotr Ideas? asked tho Inti lleetual wc*
i m afraid, replied Mr. Meek.on,
lhat it's because they g-t An Idea
lhat every now fashion means ino.e
expense f:»r gowns and lints.
Experience Unnecessary
Tlio fashionable practitioner threw a
glance nt tho dust rond and rubbed
his bunds gleefully. His trunk was
packed, his professional attitude wol
us ill aside, and hte carriage was due.
Hut tho ussistaut who wan to act as
administering angel during his ob«
tfenoe did not share his master's good
I hopo everything will he all right
while you're away, sir, he said norv-
Sure to—sure to, replied lUn great
I've—-I've had such llttlo experience
f-.tamiuertd the young man desperate.
No ll Ben set You don't need experience wlh fasltlonablo patients, rx-
cluimed he who knew their wnys.
grabbing his hat, They're as simple
ns A, II, (! Find out what they've
boon eating and stop It. And nsh
them whero tho'ro going for their boi*
Mays, und semi thom somewhere else.
Scientists in Kngland ami Germany
both claim to havo been tbe first to
discover how to make rubber from
f larch,      Wll loll ono claims the dls
II no tlon of un earthing tho rubber
r eok?
Chinese uiorehantn In ITODfl Kong
Rto establishing department stores
modelled on tho Canadian plan,
iI pose It Is possible now to got vclly
Alio dishes of chop suey.
London, England, has about, n.ooo
millt-shopfl and au almosl similar number of publlr-housoH,
In Mel boil mo no Sunday papers aro
i,ermltted. no hotels are allowed to
Open Lholr barn from mld-nlght on Saturday Until Monday morning, and any*
ono driving pflst a place of tvorslilp nt
a fastor puce than a walk whllo ger«
- loe Is In progress ll liable to bo ar-
What the Old
Salt Says:
"It's many years
since I started to
follow the sea,
and like most
seamen I have
always chewed
They ull say ns
1 say, that
Navy Plug
Tobacco is
If You See Our Displays You'll Buy
Your Christmas Goods From
Because   the   lines   which   we   suggest are so
practical, so useful  and   so attractive.     The
prices, too, invite your attention.
Give Mother a
Coffee Percolator
From $4.75 to $6.50
I live a good
Shaving Brush
The very best makes here
35c to $3.50
Pocket Knives
Are as  (lojinlar us  ever
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How about ;t
Tool Chest
for the smi and heir
"The best Gift
F.   PARKS & CO.
Cranbrook - - \_,tQ
She ycoepectov, Craubvoolt, $♦ OT.
l-ub.ie.taed Bvery Saturday   Morning at (Jranbroott, B.O.
K. M. Christian, Manager.
■'ofltflgi' tn American, K urn peat, and other foreign countries.   60 oenti  a
year  extra.
ADVERTIBKMKNT3—Advertising  rates furnished on upplicutlon.     No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Dnlesa notice to the contrary
Ib given to local manager advertise moots nnd subscriptions wilt he kept
running and charged up aguinst their account.
Hib Year
No. sa
The    I'hriMtums     Season    hus come
I uud goue. unuth-er closing yeur is ut
•  hand    und    we ure glad   tu suy thut
■ the   season    bus    been crowned with
blessing    to   many   a    weary   heart.
| Tbrougb   tbe   year   many have been
the trials mid perplexities that have j
! beset the nun. of business, the house j
wile   and even the children; uud thi»
season    oi   joy   und   entertainment
1 comes   us   a restiu: brauk ivtore the
New    Yeai   enters   into   its owu     in
the    district   there are hundreds und I
perhaps thousands ol citizens who
have loved ones in (ur oR lands who
ure not forgotteu iu the midst of the
enjoyment their thoughts reach out
many tones to those loved ones and
many wishes are expressed on their
behalf, Canada ia but a new land
and the West is the newest BQCtlou of
the groat Doratuioil new settlers ure
forever coming into the West and
new enquiries ure being sent in to
the   already   settled  sett er    01 the
West    un truer   word  Can be snid  but
that it Ib the best ever nud in grutl-
tude for the blessings so bounteouidy
bestowed upon us give the right
k*nd of reply to the enquiry, "Boost
for the West" 'Roost for Cranbrook'
and make the yeur 1918 tho most
prosperous the city has ever had.
Resolve that in the beginning no
word ol ours shall over lull from our
lips but wlmt will be a tokeu of
commendation of the possibilities of
the city and district
•   •   •   •
The beginning, tbe tlrst word taaB
been spoken Judge Ryan with his
wonderful show of minerals and tlio
Agricultural Association with the
haul products spoke good and bard
to tho people at Lethbrldge with re-
sults obtained and the possibilities
oi tl»' future; again. Judge Ryan
spoke hard In Chicago to a people
! sceptical of the conditions as pre-
i .vail in the west, ll is now Up to the
people oi the city and immediate
district to cinch the truths already
told and make mire the victory nl
remly    looming so brightly  ahead
Erectile Restorer for Men
PhOSphOHOl !«i«M every uom lu Mia j>«i.
K n> iu t'i-M>ei Ionium | reitort-i
fin. -.nd vitality. .'remit mo ile. «-, -in.I nil ttcxuaj
makltOU ii veiled .ii oiuo. I*ltuiphnu.*l will
' liui.1* \<in -i new iii.ui I'ikc llla Inn. .or (wn It
1 ii Mailed M .I'M r-ddrc.-. ThaNvutir.il Drug
Co., St. ■ aiti*.tnat, Out.
, +>t*ii>n>i'W*wn'M
professional   (£arbs
Cobae   Hotices
la^.■^■■^.,|..^..^..|■^,,^.^^■^^^^J■^■1'^^■l■^■H^-H-^^^^M-^^^••^•^■ ■
McVITTIli!   -i   PARKER
I'.L.H. i O.B.
Oourt Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, un   2nd and
'tli Thilisiluy of each month.
W. ****INDBR80N, O. R.
Louis i-'.isrson, Bee, P.O. Box Cia.
Visiting Bi then Cordially Welcomed
■H*^H*-H--M-H-H*-a^M*^l-H-H-'l-'l'-l' 1111 |"l 11 11 11111.|.|.|.|,
itooderham & Worts, special
B.  C.   Distillery  Co.,  special  r*-*erv*i
Corby's Special select
Sparkling Burgundy   Ponunery dec
Munim's Extra Dry     White Seal
Tippo Ohiantt.
Itnlian Grappa
Oresta Blanca
Dawson's Old Currio
Daarson's Rare Liqueur
Dawson's Special
Dewar's Special
King George IV
Black A White
White Horse Liqueur
White Horse Cellar
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
Family Orders Promptly Filled
X      A   Full Line <if other Choice Brands of Winea, Bplrita and Ll
•f* queurs.   Cigars and Bar Glasses.
"lunn- 95—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box S
Cranbrook. H.C
***4-r*l*****l********* I I "I I II I I I * * *** ********
| PHONE 340 |
A If  You want   your house  connected
T with  the  new  sewerage   system,  we
can do   it and   guarantee   our work
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
w. P  Johnson, Prop . IJ O   hox 904
WORKS   Edward Street Cranbrook, B.C.
*4..r i.*.}**.***.r*************************** I I ***
How ma., young tii'-n
can look back on tti> tr
early lile snd regret tin ir
im-.■'»•■ -Is. "Bowing tin ir
wild oats" In vari iu ■ waj i<
Rxcesses, violation of na*
im i laws, "wine, wotn.-n
and '"ii.;"— all have th ir
victim i. v<m bave i •*
(oruit'ii hut what about tbe
seed you have eown—wl at
about tbe harvest?   Don t
trust to luck.    If you . re
ut p reie nt wit lun fie
dutches oi sny eecret habit
which te happing )our l-fc
by degrees; if you nr<- iuf«
wing from the mult-, of
piibt indiscretions; if y nr
id. i'>« I lias teen tainted Iron,
any prh its diseaseand you
dare not marry; it you are married and In*' iu dread ot symptom* breaking
out am! exposing your past; if you .ire Miif'Ting as tbe result of n mlsspi nt
life -DRS. K. 6\ K. ARE YOUR REFUGE. Uf your case bolore
them confident] illy and they will bell you honestly it ><>u are uiraUe,
f..a.C.,aa.d  a||   (», ,,-»..,.  PSCQlUr   '<>   "-.'H
CONSULTATION FRKI-   Uo.,.. Pn. o> 1)1...... nl M.n.   II tuubl. lo e.ll. writ.
I,., .(iu.,1,.11 ill..... I.r uiiil .■■  Till*.1 I'M,'■ NT ■
Cor. Michi|{an Avo. and Griawold St., Detroit, Micb.
'NOTICE   All letler. Irom Cnnadn rauit I.r addrane-l U, ..ar
ili.iu *.*<». t , ipondence Depfflrttiionl In Win*l- *.r.
Imi II vm ilr-nite tn ko ii. pi'rvni.illv i.ill .1 our Modioli Inatllulo In
licin.it as wc .ce nnd ti' <i no patient! In • ui Windsor oIDccii wlileli iro
tinrl f<it corroRpondeiico nnd Lriibornlory foi Cnuoxtlaii buitnoM only.
Addreunll li Hon u lullown
is, Ms, Puis
McLaughlin  & Studebaker's
Call in and See our Stock
Cranbrook Trading Co.
FREEto "Prospector" Subscribers
The Greatest Bargain of
the Century
A Picture to brighten every home "Mother's Treasures'
Size 25 x 29 inches all ready for framing. A delightful
Scene of Domestic Happiness.
The Prospector has concluded arrangements with
that great family paper, The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal, by which we can make the following
"The Prospector" for twelve months
"The Family Herald and Weekly Star"
for twelve months and a copy of the
beautiful premium picture "Mothers
Treasures" size 23 x 29 inches ready
for framing
All For $2.50
The Bargain of the Age
Address all Orders to
"The Prospector"
Cranbrook, B. C.
w.  v. ii u n u
Han iHit'i. Solicitor, etc.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Dunlatcro, Solicitor! and Notnrle"
Money to Loan
Impuriiil  Hunt-  ltuiWini!
ORANIIROOK.    -    DrltUh Oolumbla
,1.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
l-.O. Box 236         Phone 2211
ORANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
Drs.   KING   4   ORRKN
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Atternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - • - 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Dr.    F.    B.    MI L B S
Office In Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,     ...     B.O.
OVKHSEAS    01,1111
(Oranbrook  Hr.'ich)
Meets   in   tbe  Oar-wra'.   Hnll 2nd
und 4tb Tuesdays In every month, at
» p.m.   Membership open to .ritlsli
N. A. WalUngor, Pre*
W. C. Orelibln, Sec'y.
P.O. Bo\ 426.
Visiting members cordlnlly welcome
ORANBROOK    I.ODOB    No.  »4
A. F. A A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
,  J. McSweyn, W-rsblplul Master
J. 8. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:— 2nd Tuesday In
ench montb at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompnnlons   nre   cordlnlly Invited.
Br. Comp.—A. O. Shankland,  H.
Cranhrook, B.O.
T.    M.   RIXEN
Auditor und Accountant
P.O.   Bos  373
NELSON, B.C.      47-3ra"
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avanu. Next to City H.ll
Op.il D.y .nd Night t'lion. IU
Funeral Dlt-eotor,
Oranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meete every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. 8. Houston, O. O.
F. A. Stride, K. R. _ 8.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Co. 42   •
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddlellows cordlnlly Invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
In   Royal   Black   Knights   Hall.
R. S. Onrrett, flee.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs
Terms on Application
Phone .59 P  G. Box 845
Circle No.   153
Companions ol tbe Forest
i Meets In Carmen's Hull, Second and
I Fourth  Thursdny ol  each Month at
A   *viltii<in   *-:0° pm- ■•"••'''•
i\. amnion „.. _ whlttaker. o. c
Mrs. I. Helgb, Bee.
Visiting Oompnnlons cordially welcome, sett
Cf»QQ tn those who lill out,
.100 mid mall till" OOU'toll
AT 0N0E: t'atii|ilu ol our en-
pert piiiiiiiitiii,lii|i and IumiiI.
lulling lii-mon 111 uliorlliiiiul.
Blair Business College ;;
Spokane, Wash.
I am Ititarcetoil In llml-
ne.. Education, Pleaeo .end
me full information alwut
yum- College, and o.jiecially
about thn Hithjects checked
Bookk.opiii(   . Shortli.nd    I*-"***      '
i .    . Typewriting    .Penm.rtahlp Pail    ' '
. Quirk-fiuur In... Lclt.r-writ lug . '
|)      I call begin a course about
, a   Nnmo
, a    Atldivlti
Frank Dezall
A|-ent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Kigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable (Just.
Works:      Oppoiitc Depot
Cleaning & Dye Works
(.rn-iiitr l-'rriii'h Syit.'m nf I try
C.lctlllni. Slram Cli.iimif. ■nil kllRlll'
'lyriim Liiliti hm- (..uim-nu ■ iptJO*
lllty, Fruthri-.. 1 in h. Gin ven, I ml in
end Mrii'e Hilt, Clt-itiiatl Of lll.n krtl
or UyvA any ilyie. Proillni lltfl Uu-
I'nirum ttftltly ilniu- ill iinsiiiinlilr
prlt-ri. Out nl town iv.uk rcturncil
Phone 144
Fcnwkk Ave. m*-*.   linker St.
Expert Cleaner uui Dyer
THE 8TANOARO lu ihu National
WeuUly N-ewnpuper of tho Dominion
of Canada. It is national In nil Its
lt uses thu nioHl expensive, engrav-
Inns, procurltiK Iho photograph, from
all ovor the world.
Its urilclim uro can fully snlocled and
lis editorial policy lo thoroughly
liiilrpi iiilent.
A siihsi'rliitlon in Tho Standard
costs $2,00 p.r y.ar to uny uddross In
Caiindu or Omit Britain,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montre.l   8l.,n,<. ,,i   Piihli.hlng   Co,
Limited, Publiih.ri.
S7TT*T |**(*t*|,'*!,*VV"I,*|,,|*^
ii Cranbrook
ll Dairy for Milk ||
Our Milk is ol the purest and
best quality. We know, because
we have our own cattle and
know how  to feed them.
Send us a Post Card and we will deliver
the Milk at your door.
ii W. Bargett, Proprietor   I
■ 4IH 1111 H lll-l 11 ***** **********************
m    *****    *    *._*..*.    *.**„*,****.*_**    *   -I-,! ,|.  I..I  .t..l-.l.r.brl1.l.....f    *********
TTTTTlTTTTTTTTn*IXrrrl "v TTT TT TTTT * l"|"l I TTT llll"!
The Great Essential
at the Festive Season to make  the   good  housewife really happy   is a nice plump
Everything in season can   be obtained from us.
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
~A Phone 72 ^X
*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *..»        * *        |        *.*.*.*.*..*.•   ..*..*.     * alaalaalaaf * ., I „| ,, * . . f . -| ,, | .     j jj | .1 ,, I „t.   | I. ,l,|| „ t 1 , J ,    Ji
1'lTITIl rlTTrlTI T l'l irl TT TTT • ■**F*TTni TTTTTTTTTTTTT
I Our Many Customers
and Friends
A Happy
and Prosperous
New Year
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. g S Phone 5
.■ i *. ■ ■ ■■■ ■■■!■ ■ ■■» iiifiii„i,.fc
htMla.la.t.llnlirl.rlirl..t..l.rf1rl.rll.t-la.t.rtwtlal..la-JaJ. I*        fctl        I       I     J "* '
Automobile   will  be run   weekly   on !
between  Cranbrook  and  Wasa   con- J
necting  with  incoming  and  outgoing J
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation. J
N. Hanson I
+•: ********* .********* * ** **t iiihi it»111111 ■
Canadian Pacific Railway
EXCURSIONS   ;::      ::
Cranbrook to Toronto and Return $72.15
Cranbrook to Montreal and Return $77.15
Corresponding low rates tu points In Ontnrlo, Quolioc antl Maratlmt .'ro-
Ticket* on Bale December 1st to Slat., Inclusive.
Oood to return within three months.
l.llllflllAl,    HXTKNHION   I'ltlVII.KURH
1-takrt* laeued In connection with Trnnn-Atlnntlc   trips   on sale Nov. 7th
to Dec. iltt., Inrluslve. and limited to five   months   Iron)  date  ol Issue,
with -irlvllo|-c* of extension.
Fluest Hdtulpment, Standard nntl Ton rlnt HImmiIhk   Can,   Dlnlnn Ours oo
all through trains,    Oompartmsnt-Lllirnr- Observation Can on
Special tbroitfrh Tourlat Oar Service In connection with thesn l*xcurs4ons
For dates ol departure anil reservations n|ipl; to I,ocnl Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that an
application will be mnde to the licence Commissioners fur the City ol
Cranbrook at tbeir next meeting
held at le.'ist thirty days hereafter,
for tbi transfer of the hotel liquor
licence lor the premises known as the
"Royal Hotel," Cranbrook, B.C.,
Irom myself to William Steward ol
the same place, Hotel-keeper.
Dated tills 30th day of November,
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, George Herbert Ashworth, ot Cranbrook, B. 0.,
occupation Accountant, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase tbe
lollowlng described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North-west cornor ol Lot 8317,
thence South 40 chains, thence West
40 chains, thence North 40 chains,
thence East 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing 1G0 n-
cres, more or less.
Dated December 4th, 1012 49-9t
DiBtrlct ol East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, I. R. Boyd,
ol Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
lor the purchase ol thc following
described lands commencing at a
poat planted at the east corner ot
iot 6625, thence running west G8.7D
chains, thence south 54.80 chaiiiB,
thence eaat 69.75 chains, thence north
54.80 chains, to the point of com-
I.  R. BOYD, Locator
J. Laurie, Agont
Dated October 2D, 1912. 45-!lt
For Ticket-i and further information of the above apply to
J. W. Spence, ticket agent, Cranbrook; or
R. G. Mc.Nei.lie, district pas§«ng«r agent, Calgary, Alta.
District ot Baat Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that I, Rev.
Sebrog, ol Oalgary, Alberta, intend
to apply for tbe purchase ol the following described lands. Commencing at a poat planted at the northwest corner ol lot 339, thence west
80 chains, thence south 58 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
58 chaina to the point of commencement.
RBV. SOHROG, locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister ol Lands uot later
than noon on the 3rd day ot March
1913, for the purchnsc of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 leet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, 1G.0OO cedar polos
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. I-J 13t
TIMBER 8AI.K No.  Xll.
SEALED TENDERS will he received
hy tbe Minister ol Lnnds nut later
than noon on the 3rd day ot March
1913, lor the piii'cliiisc of Licence No.
Xll to cut 2„r,20,noo feet B.M.,
45,000 ratlwny-ties, 4,600 cedar poles
on Lots 3877, 3S78, Oroup 1, Kootenay District, near Creston.
Partlculnrs   ol Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will he received
hy the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day ot March
1913, for the purchase of Licence No.
X12 to cut 6,440.000 feet B.M.,
10,600 railway-ties, 8,500 cedar poles
on Lot 491, Group 1, Kootonny
District, near Crcston.
Particulars   of Cblel Forester, Victoria, B.O. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister ol Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day ot March
1913, for the piirchiine ot Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,16fl,000 leet B.M., and
C50 cedar poles on Lot 281, Group 1,
Kootenny District, near Crcston.
Particulars   ot Chief Forostor, Victoria, B.O. 49-13t
District ol Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that I. John
Laurie, of Cranbrook, B.C., Intend
to apply lor the purchase of the following deecrlbed lands. Commencing et a post planted at tbe Houtb-
eaet corner ol Lot (620 thenco north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 74.11 ehalni, thence east
11.15 chains, thence aouth 5.18 ehalni
thence east 68.75 chains to point of
Dated October 28, 1912 It H
District ol Bast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I,H. O. Ilio*
nf Calgnry, Allierln, Intend to apply
for the purchase ol the following
described lnnds commencing at a post
planted nt the southeast corner of
Lot 6624, tlience running north 40
chaina. thenc west 160 chains,
thence smith 40 chains, thenc* cast
160 chains to the point ot commencement.
II.  O.  BLOW,  locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October II, 1911. U-9t
District ol Enst Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
MillhollniHl, of Calgury, Alberta, Intend to apply lor the purchase of
the following described lands commencing at « post planted at the
southwest corner of lot 6623, tbence
eaBt 125.57 cliuins. thence north 80
chains, thenco west 58 chnins, tlience
north 80 chains, thence west 10.82
chains, tbence south 145 chnins,
thence west 50.75 chains tbence
south 15 chains to the point of commencement.
.1. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 15-9t
District ol East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Reginald J.
Lydratt, ol Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply tor the purchase of tbe
following described lands. Commeuc
ing at a post planted at the northwest corner of lot 6622 thence run
nlng east 80 chains, thence south
78.80 chains, thence west 50.75
chnins, thence north 25 chains,
tlience west 31.25 ,chains, thence
north 54.80 to tbe point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
District ol East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, R. PowerB,
ot Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
(or the purchase of the lollowlng
described lands. Commencing at a
post planted at tho southwest corner ot lot 6621, thence east 80 chains
thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, tbence south 80 chains to
tbe point of commencement.
R. POWERS, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTICE Is hereby given that
II. W. Drew ot Klmberley, B.C.,
will apply lor a licence to take and
use one cubic loot per second ot
water out of Klmberley Creak, which
flows In a south easterly direction
through Klmherley townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near and
east of Block 1. The water will he
diverted at. a dam on Sullivan Hill
nnd will be used for Domestic purposes on the land described as Lots
12 ft 13, Block 6, Klmberley townsite
This notice waa posted on the
ground on tha 4th day ot November
1912. The application will be tiled
In tbe olllce ol the Water Recorder,at
Crnnbrook, B.C.,
Objections may be Hied with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Wnter Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
•IT, '.it Applicant
For a licence to take And use wuter.
NOTICE ls hereby given that
Mary A. Soper of Klmberley, I). 0„
will apply for a licence to take and
use six (6) Inches ot water out. ol
Klmberley Creek, which flows In a
South Easterly direction through
Klmberley townsite and emptlea Into
Sullivan Creek near and Bast ol
Block 1.
The water will be diverted at or
near Lot 5, Block 11, and will ha
used lor Domestic purposes on the
land described aa Lots 1 aud 2, Block
5, and Lot 5, Block 12, Klmberley
This notice wae posted on the
ground on the 4th dny ot November
1912. Tbe application will be filed
In the ofllce of the Water Recorder,nt
Cranhrook, B.C.,
Objections may be filed with the
snid Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.O,
45-9t H. W. Drew, Agent
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Liquor Habit Cured
in Three Days    |
No Hypodermic injection.   Sand
for fi-ois booklet
Box j.1, Cranbrook, B. C,
Cor Fenwick Ave. dt Kaiu. St.
NOTICE is hereby given that CO
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands fur a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum ovor
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenay, Brit
ish Columbia, in Lot 4,"93:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West line ot Lot 7844 at or near
one mile North of the International
Boundary, and being the Northeast,
corner poBt of Clmrles E. Webb's
claim, tbence South eighty chains;
thence West eighty chains; thence
North eighty chains; thence East
eighty chains to the point of commencement, making (',40 acres, more
or less.
Located tills 15th day of October,
Eathen W. Butts
50-5t Agent
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Wholesale ami Retail
Dealers inj
Meats, Fish, Game
& Poultry
Phone   57
Maternit}  Nurse
Queen Charlotte's Hospital
London, t iiwI^thI
Patients attended in City
or District
Box  112 Phone 339
notick ia hereby givon that 60
daya after date I Intend to apply to
the Minister ut Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following lands situate in the
Diatrict of Southeast Kootenay, Brit
ish Columbia, In Lot 159;.:
Commencing at a post planted on
the Went boundary line of Lot 8588
at or near two miles north of the
International Boundary, and being
the Northeast corner post of Charles
K. Webb's claim tlience South eighty
chulns; thence West eighty
thence Rust, uit-hty chains to the:
point of commencement, making 840 j
ncres more or less.
Located    this 15th day of October, I
Bathen W. Butts I
50-5t Agent i
f      HEAD   OFFICE CALGARY, Alta       1
1       OUR BRANDS
t    l'n Me.it» and Lards Guarantee   Their Quality
All oui l'n ducts are Government Inspected
'The Kind Thai '1 astes Good.'
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
CRANBROOK,        •        B.   C, X
\****4**** 4. ***** .|.|.| •+***t ** ■**** **************
200 Cartoons M More
Than 200 (tataniits
The World's Best Ench Month
Cnrtoona from dailies and weeklies puhlUhed m
...m ci.ni.iiv. U'1'..-ii. .Hiuiin, I'.ui-. It.ili.i,
Munich, Vienna, w-n-nw, l.-KbjH-M. St. Iv*.-iv
bura.Amstcrtnni.Stut gnrtiTurln. Rome, i.- ben.
'.tmch, Toklo, Shanghai, Sydney, Cannda, and
dm.Ut Amcnc'i, and ..il the t':eat ci.ics i>( lhe
world. 0:i!y Ihe 2N beat out of l),0O cartoons
each month, are selected.
A Plc.urt. Kislory of World's Events tach Month
campaign lit Cartoons :i"-'i watch the oni* .
mgpattlca caricature each other,
VURlY SUFISCHir*TIO':*,i.?:»: •INai.BCOPV ii.
One .'■<* nmpld bob-1 nfl. be imiled br atM-tnl u tl i* ••  -
^i{\jj_) v'.y ii PtL____\ i5j
>lvJ~')   i'v-Jto" 'I'
St'>!uu   Ijdii.ii',    i''iiriiiu:<<,
antl Se-'tic Tank wdiU     ♦
a specialty *
Cost and rjtDCrt estlnjtUiH
furnished un application    z
AitdrtM I I*. O. Bui   1U.  CrAftlmol.      *
""WWW". "."."■ ■■▼■."■■■""■■""■■■■■/
We Deal in Everything l-'iou
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second lliinil Ooodi
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Sage's Old   Stand,   Hhii-.mii  .Wi
Phon, Id.
•H"l~H«~HM-l"l-l-H-.-l*.-l"W-+ II 1-H-l-M-l-l-H-l-l-l-l-H+-I-++
Milk Milk Milk!
Hillside Dairy
Experience has naif-lit us every precau
' lion necessary foi the production ol the
iiif-lit-si grade oi milk,
We feel sine iliai one inal will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone—"Hillside Dairy," Box 373
T Milk can always he obtained from
****h*l**** *****,***** **********************
Classes in Drawing
Writi-i I'.ilnn, Pmtoll, Olla iiiiiI
China rnlntinr- will lie o-ieaed the
secotul week ol November, e'ur lur-
ther Intormatlon lnt ■ii.lii.,; pu-illi
Bhould call or write
Miss HI. A. Doyle
nt   the   reeitlntire   of   Mr     Louil Mc
. rYiakos Short Work of
Dtrfp-BMtfd  Mil U
Bria m. I.u ni'., ■ i-
for-tun. Ith'um it im,
Fl hoti malic
tly hortli 11 i:.-.    o
'.■ml. Ne i ini Ik itl ntnl ul; 0 In
iiji-M r..uii"-tnAi.lMi Li
I  kO i*') iiiih1'! oi* ii.     I  ll
hiHHiv -i.liiiU'.* i*-!,**f l..-lr.(j.f..r«l.i    u
It (uii iii.-ni fi im heae ut igony ind f<i V ;■ •
In- heen mnu' i    n, .■■■•■-.■n nnd   hihlnn
..I, ii, |i.,-r» BtM-n.nl no help,   Jum ii  ff ■   ■   ■■
hi •■ cu .ii r-,, te nf from B0 I r«n ' rinratlm
nit'l todiylt "tniiii nnrirtil'ol nn ■< qui i     "'■ iikI
nl. Oluloff irlUl  ■■•  ■ ■ '  '        II  llriC U.vl ill-
ni.-, wink hull.-'      'c    In u dollnr I- • la ol
Abbott Bror,^) ilionmatlc Romidy
ood your pnian a\ \ ■       tatt •■■■•r • ■■• today.
Mint prepaid ' v Al lint l 11 oi . Til :. I'•-;.-fun nSUf
ctiiiHH'i. in . K •••m -i* intUt doM nol hut* ii
Sol I By the
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
ovrn on YtAno
Cotton knot Compound Tablets
A l-.l'I.I.MH.I! int..l'l..-. nin
■1 III .• IMI i >ll com-inuliagd xltll III, <r-.ti..|
It. I,um llo iii.»«l  li-ll,il,ltt I L,llr. knnai, li,
Kloncci io.li oi mc l*ii.ii uud«ll|iinacliiucci
lyll mill .1 1,1.1 ii. i.u. Ini.nll.
'Hi.,.*., i iiecll   i. ,<iii"liiii....ii^ iIkoi.i.m
,. , I i.i. i|,.; I |.M..iMil.HI„ii llllabl.
Price f- ii li... Mo. « (ii..ir.li »h .hki'ii. I* »
Imi. .-,.. I.,I „ll.lit e -'".' ... I i i. a ■ ii ii 'I !»•>
L...I Uruf Co., *%. Calhtartnae, Out,
ii ..-.I i-.i,i..u... ..!,; iiAtiondOI...i'.
"j-'itiiiT, i'.'.'.'i n,','.'.'.'..'... '.lilii'-'i"!*!.','.','.
f,«   all *i> tic; »l'l...lltt'. .1.,'. Ill till
Scientific Hticrtcan-
f lltnaiimlarl «*ikly    i iff ■■  ■
a y it, i-'***i" **"V'.''   '   i
\   hrdttlntMlf  tlliuim'-.t •••••>
fill* '   "'.7    *■ I 'U      '*    ' »*.      ""     ■    I"-
i    mill, »  :; n y if, i-i-u i*> yi-i".i<l     twirl U|
»rw» r BU WubliiiiVtT, Ii. u"
C. P. R.
Special Train
from Spokane, Wash.
Tuesday. January 7th, 1913
Ticltetfi   on    Hnle hy    fun.  I'iik. liy.
Ticket   Agontfl In Allmrta and Mimt-
i*rn  U.O..   on   January   \, r, unil 6,
Final   return   limit  April   80,   iin
Kurt' Irom
to Lou Angeles und Return
Going and Returning via
r~H\ Going via Spokane
Returning via Seattle
I Special Trmn trip [roiu Spokane tu
i Lob Angelu covera 7 day«i Btopt tic-
'. 'iic made at PortlBnd, Baa BYanoU-
•o, Ban -Ioihc, rfjititjt Clara, Sunta
j I r\u, Monterey, \)e\ Montr-, Paeo Ro*
iilr***,.   Banta   Unrhnra, Rlvoreide and
Kara on .■<■ n« n ri nn Bpokone In
leltnlei berth nnd ineala on train or
I al hotel, and :i number d) wt^iit i-tr-jr*
nn* trtpB    Return it by regular ner-
i t\co, menin and berth not Included
for deBortptlvn phamplet apply
It.  C,    McNKII-LIK.
niBtrlAt pttBBengei  Agent,
Onlgary   Kite
If ymi  ivnnl   I"  treat   yoniH'-lf to D
'inniiiif bargain that win please you
luring 1913 umi for nil yenre to comi
end n doltnr to Tim family Meruit
nd tt.'.Mv hi.ii nl Montreal, lor i
oare lubaorlfitlon to that real pa
•er, mill you will nlito receive a ci*i»j
>l tiirir now picture entitled, "Moth
r'i Treaiurei," eitto 2:1 by 2') Inchei
11 ready lor framing. 11 ti Uu
"Hi dollar'e worth to lm bad.
The picture, "Mothor'a Treaeureg,'
ip be a surprise to yon. it it
"iih, , i 1 ic• in the best immpK
lm family Herald nnd w«rkly Btai
, known t/i everyone hh Uio greatee
iwspapor nn Mm Ci-iitiimnt. Om
oil it- cannot be bettor spent Trj it
ami be convinced.
Ooal mining rlghta of tbe Dominion
In Manitoba, SaHkrttchewan and Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, tbe North
wr>Ht Territories und in a portion ol
tbe Province of Britiah Columbia,
nmy be leased for a term of twenty-
one y.'.irn nt an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more tban J.W.O acres
will bo leaaerl to one applicant.
Application tor a leaae must be
made by the applicant lu person to
tho Agent or Bub Agent of tbe die
trict iu which the rlghte applied for
are nltnated.
In surveyed territory the land muat
be described hy Hoctionn, or legal sub-
dlvlslona of aecttonf-, nnd iu uaaur-
veyed territory the tract applied (or
shall be aUkcil out by tbe applicant
Bach ntM-ltottion muat be accompanied hy a fee nf |5 which will be
refunded if thc righto applied for are
not nv-iilnble, but not otherwise. A
royalty (.hall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cent.-, per ton.
Tbe person operating tbe mine ehalt
' .rniHli the Agent with dworn return*
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon- If the coal mining
tights are not being operated, such
returns Bhould be (uniicbed at least
once a year,
The lease will include tbe coal mining rights only, hut the leaeee may
be permitted to purcbaso whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working ot
tbe mine at the rate of f 10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
tlic Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minlstei  of the interior
N.U.--Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will uot be paid
for, March 26-Cai,
Newspapers publiehere and citizens
generally throughout the Dominion
nre unanimous in tbalr opinion that
tiie picture entitled "Mother's Treae-
um-h" given with The Family Herald
and Weekly Star of Montreal, thle
season, Ih a most delightful and
beautiful subject. Mere is the opin-
|00 of one publisher: "Mother's
Treasures,"   is   n marvel of beauty.
I lm   subject   Ih one that will have a
tendency to strengthen home ties.
Wi-, in the same business wonder
bow you can afford to give auch val-
iie in pictures besides the vast a*
mount of gorx) things in The Family
Herald mid Weekly Star." Signed
K W Richards, The Mirror, Mill-
I.rook. N'o home in Cannda should
be with out thiH beautiful picture.
"im- dollar pays a full yeiir'a sub-
■crlpUon to the Family Herald and
Weekly Btar, including the picture,
which ih ready for framing, size 21
by 89 Inches, It Is n big dollars
worth Indeed
i-i. ■   i-.-.i  n    :    . ■.!. iillll (IT UM (11 ifl If ■IB, IIS
In ffhui t-er-rrCy.    Wt h»*t vtt to bint of oil
)..■!<:.    *- .   ■ '. uti'lst if pn rat a coftr to tOVtC-
i*\U*^K'i**w&'%2^ tttk PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
DYE, one can buy.-Wliy yuu don't rven have in
know whit KlNDol Cloth your Good* are made
ol.—So MUUke* *" Illlimtsibl*.
Send l»r I re* Color Cud, Story Booklet, end
Hi. .L'n eUing irvitu nl I )> rm. over other Colon.
Mimti-ril. f. 114.U
*%    CANCER
Book Free.     A iiu-pl.*
Homo   treatment removed
lump from thia ]ad> 'i lire -i..l ;
Old sores, ulcers  and
————■ JfOWlbl cured,     Describe
. our trouble ; we will send book «n.H teslinoaials.
Engineers and noilemakerB
Boilers   of   all     kinds—Engines,
Pumps, unci Heavy Place Work
Write ua ft-r Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Tne Reporter   Seru   Its    Life?    From
Above, rrom Below, xml From
AM Sides
Among the sous of uion ihevo Is
uouo who ron 11 j   known ;i ureal city
poricr hi It. llo has sounded its
depths, li-- hns como to know tho
house of crime, lhe house of worship
nud lho house of fostivnl. Ho ts fa*
mlJIar with ths church and with the
n ther world. Ho 1ms soon Uio
greater and tho leaser wheels of nd*
I inlnistrnttre luaehlnery In motion. Ile
has learned how to reach 'that bu*
piowe potentate, tho police sergeant,
behind his desk, and how to unravel
and Unit together iho varying tales of
rhe streets of Hie city aro known
io him, bared in the gray morn whon
the vast comniisary of a great city
Is converging on the markets, throng*
cl Ly tho rising und ebbing tides of
those who no t-i their work and return, tt jostling In the crowded hours,
suddenly emptying In mldevq as the
ide sweeps strips iho estuary of its
water, and full again when the hen*
tres empty,
He know? thi streets of dangor ."nil
of news, and the street- of safety Cull
-if newspaper readers, comfort clog-
Red. Hi comes to liavo iin Instinct
.;» to the trail of news, and he discovers ns perhaps no other man does,
bow often the intelligent, the educated, the wellbred and the advantaged
ne dull and hackneyed by a safe lii".
and how keen and swift and quick
comes to be the greal guarrllla horde
that knows the stroel as Its hunting
proimd and wins by wit and not by
v ork.
-lilng i
Mrs, Wiksww's Boothiko Svrdp lia-i btea
lised for over SIXTY VKARSby MILLIONS of
MOTHUKS ror their CHILDREN   wnn.K
TKJ.TI.I.nG, -villi ri'Kl'I.CT SUCCESS, It
in the hent remedy lor DIARKHCEA. It Is ib-
colutcly li a mi lex i. I!e Mire and a-.L for "Mr*.
Wfnalow'a Soothing Syrup." and lake no other
kind.   Twenty-fit c cents a bgttle.
New-paper Announcements are Popular
ago !n normany, • like every-
ise I- iho Fatfcerland. Is put
on ;i sslontlflc buslnoss basis. Cupid's
antics lind expression through the buslnoss cunning of the marriage broker
nnd pounds, shillings and pence play
a very Important Part ln tho joining
of two hearts, Fraud and misrepresentation are naturally a necessary
outcome; hardly a day passes but
some Cupid Is arreted for obtaining
money fraiuleutly in attempting to
mako ono heart of two and thereby
Increase bis income.
The decidedly practical character of
Lho nmrriag1 transactions may be
noted ,n iho Sunday newspapers,
display advertisements nro quite common. Hero ts one that waa heavily
bordered, somewhat Iu the stylo of
death notices: Cultured gentleman te
offered opportunity to marry Into lucrative Berlin laundry machine factory.
In another advortisement a man con-
fosses to being physically defective,
but continues: Ac only like and like
t.an bo endurlngly happy, I desire a
wife who has a similar physical affliction. Artificial leg not excluded.
Give ago, description, and a history
or iho defect. V young man. mechanically Inclined, Bought the advertising columns for o wife with artificial leg and some means.
'i he advert! pmonts usually cover
ivo pa , ■.« - r a Sunday Issue. Tbey
are frank In giving motives and fixing
Qualifications, and freely disclose physical or oven moral defections. An
advertisi r urgently dcBlrouB of taking
unto himself a spouse closes his per*
sonal notice with: Widows and guiltless divorcees not excluded.
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Simply use the Soap -  Save the  Coupons - Send for a Catalogue
exchange for the number of coupons and wrappers you have  saved.
Secure your  Premiums in
Capacity "* lb", hv ounces: no -vt'iuMs to
not lost, absolutely automatic. ffixtra large
dial, with i-.ii.er centre mul gold border,
t'PHutifuiiy iiiiInIk--. in blaok onomol.
Prudent Housekeeper*, use fuiullv hi-hIc*
fer   DheoklUB   lltfir   iMU'i'hiwos.      tin ulual'lf.
for preserving, inttlBpeiutable for proper
cooking. They soon pay f-n* thenisolvee.
three for GOi) Royal Crown Soup wrappers.
Bvory stale   waruintri.   by QoverUMOUt   In-
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Kvery boy nnd (jhl want* a
watch. We havo u great variety of thom. Bocuro -Hir. frua
wiih   your   soap    wrappers.
TheflO aro iill hlffll i'las*
watches and Will cive every
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1 lold
■ion \vr«
i.r.o wri
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er Vi
C0.    IllaO
• 111 If.
iM't) wrapporB
If ynu
Iin ve
not tl.
of aoi
li writ.ir.i.r:
ua in.' i
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e lie-
b'r...l «•
loh i
llll Hi
S t'O
in satin ongrav*
i-il. gold lined,
luadruple idato
hi whllo metal,
it la givon free
for CIO Royal
Crown      Boap
WraiipriH ur  l!5
\Vrapporfl ond
53.00, Send 2fio,
fur poslugo.
t.-i .•-■.:'u engraroui rococo herder an-i henv*
liy ellvor j'lntvil. An exoslloni and useful
article ireo for r.r.o Royal Crown Boap
Wrappers, or Cfi Wrappers anil tl.ti. Bend
^0i'.   fur pi.8ti.Bi,.
sion for local representatives;
either sex, permanent; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare
time accepted. Nichols, Limited, publishers. Toronto, Canada.
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones,
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundreds   of   cured   patients   can
provo our statement),
Sufferer*, will receive pamphlet free
en request.
Sanol. PRICE $1.50 per bottlo In
liquid from Druggists, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
Veribrite Venoil
Clean*, and dlelnfecta
everything In your
homo from i>"> collar to ilu. nirii-. I'ni
ll nu your ihiKi'T an.l
•hiit llai-hv I i-'Iivth,
Woodwork, Mnolounm,
1'llUlUH, I'lll'tlillllK,
olo. MakeH everything just Hie.
now. Monoy rofuudod
ir   ri<>t   satlsfactoiy.
Hnnillton,   Can.ut.l.
Tl-e  Grand Trunk System
A visitor a. the Grand Trunk Pacific headquarters recently, was Mr,
ii. (.'. Good ot the prominent Boston
financial firm, Good & Doherty. connected wllh which is Col. Thomas P,
Ooherty, a well   known    Massachusetts supporter of Roosevelt, who re-9
cently refmed   the   nomination   for |
Lieutenant Governor of his   state   on
■he progressive ticket,       Mr.   Good;
lias just rel n ned from Edmonton and I
Northern Alberta, where he has been
[.lacing farm mortgage-? and securing :
Inside city properties.   So successful
has he bee t that he   haa   ma
rangements I r pla< eg mortgages toi
tbe   amount   of   $210,000   a   month
through his   firm.       "I   heard   nil
through the   West,   but   prh
nround Ed mon on,'  Bald Mr. Good in
conversation, "that the Grand Trunk
Iacific was the   best   road   running;
through that territory.     Tho   equip- _
ment and courtesy of employees being particularly    noticeable.       The
Gtand Trunk Pacific roadbed Is real,:
something that will stand. If you talk
to an Edmonton   business   myn   ho.
places great confidence in what this:
railway will do for tho city. Ground'
„as iust been broken for a new hotel.
and people are very Interested to see:
that.    The aulck run from Winnipeg'
to Edmonton on tho O.T.P. is another;
big feature lhat Is taking.a lot of traf* j
fie, both freight and passenger, that j
way,     The entry of tho road has done
much to elevate real estato values in
that city,   Tho wholo district sterns \
to he hinging on the completion of the '
Transcontinental line,     lt win then1
have the first opportunity of reaching
ihe Pnclfio (-oast without first, going
JU'0 miles,     The hig wholesale houses
;.re waiting for this, aud tho arriving
of ihe mixed farm products of British
Columbia is also eagerly looked for.
Trial  Is Expensive—To those who
suffer   from   dyspepsia,   indigestion, i
ihcumaUsm or any ailment arising
trom derangement   of   the  digestive
system, a trial of Parmelees's Vegetable Pills Is recommended, should the |
Fufferer b ■ be unacquainted with them, i
Tho trial will be Inexpensive and the
result will be another customor  tor
this excellent medicine,    So offectlve'
is their action that many curea can
erta nly be traced to their use whero
■ pil    have proved Ineffective.      J
A Liberal Offer
Mra. Y iiingbrlih (at tho baker's)—
Tho holes In theso doughnuts aro very
.argo. Vou ought to mako Homo reduction.
Baker-—Can't do Unit, mum; hut
I'll allow you ;i rent each for lhe holes
jf you'll return them.
Affection Is blind, said the ready*
mado philosopher.
i know if, roplle I Mr. l-'iingilt. When
it nomas rlgh' down to facts I know
I'm n heap better looking than that
bulldog my v.itt- makes such a fuss
On Use of Explosives
Somo valuable hints which should
conduco to the safety of the general
public nn well as to that of those who
hoard  them, woro given to nn aud-
I fonoo of ti.T.lt. employes in Ottawa by Col. J. I.. Taylor, special
agent of tho International Bureau of
j Explosive?, with [leadquarters at Now
; York.
'   The International Bureau of Kxplo*
j r.Ives Is nn organization supporlod by
;ail railroads nud having for its object
tho cmorcoment of the regulations al*
-eady existing In both United Statos
ami Canada for the transportation of
I combustibles uud tho instruction of
railway omployos to this end.
Col, Taylor last night explained thc
regulations In detail, rousing his
bearers to u realization of the dangor*
ous nnturo .f the stuff they handled.
Dynamite, black powder, fireworks,
gopolene, nclds, compressed gases,
cartridges, oto., were all touched on
and the proper, methods to suit tholr
separate cases Illustrated. Ottawa
IS particularly Interested in this mailer from the presence near tho city
of Heveral fowdor magazines, one of
which blew up at Hull a few years
ago with disastrous results.
With Col, Taylor was Mr. A. II.
.Mc.Uul.cii, local Inspector of tho International bureau, whoso Ucadouar*
•its Is In Toronto
Good Posts tn the Civil Service
Wiih the view of supplying the
( h : Sei rice of th. Straits Settlement
and Federated Malay States, cadet-
ships have been established, tho holders of which are required to devote
hemselves for a certain timo after
*...;■ arrival In tho East to learning
a native . ;,!.£i.ai:-.'. The Cadets, who
must he uatural-born British subjects.
:• s■'■. by open competitive examination held by the Civil Service
, nlssii ners, to whom al! Inquiries
on the subject should be addressed.
The examination ?or these appoint-
ments is, as a rule, held in the
month of August In those years in
••hich vacancies occur simultaneously
with the examination for the Civil
Service of India. Candidates must
be between the ages of twenty-two
and twenty-four on the first day of
August in the year In which tho examination Is held.
Tho selected candidates are expected to leave England about a month
niter they have been finally selected
'or appointment.
Each candidal e receives salary at
the rate of $1250 per annum, half salary to commence from tbo day of leav-
'ng England, and full salary from the
-.lay of his arrival in the colony or
State to which ho may be sent. Cadets are provided with free furnished
quarters. A free passage to the colony or State is provided for the cadet
subject to an undertaking to refund
the cost of his passage iu tho event
of his relinquishing the appointment
within three years for any other reason than mental or physical Infirmity.
A cadet who passes examination in
native language Is paid at tho rate of
$1500 per annum, with freo furnished
Teachei  -Johnnv. how ean yotl tei
toadstool** from mushrooms?
Johnny—My the stomach-ttche.
A Happier
will lie youri if to-night you will
seek tbe beneficial aid nf lhe famoui
jjnd ideal family remedy Beecham'*
Pills. Nervous depreulon, or the
"blues," is one of the s.jmpioms
of a condition quickly corrected
by Ibe reliable anil quick-acting
When the system Is clogged—the
bowels nnd liver and kidneys in-
■Ctive- then the digestion is sire
to lie impaired and the nerves lo
lose their tone. Bcci ham's I'i Is
induce lhe organs nl digestion to
Work properly and Ihu • lhls unrivaled medicine has a Ionic efTeet
upon tho whole »j item, Bcci lunn'.
i'ills d > not vm ihcy act always
in accordance  wish  Hnir greal
reputation ; mildly and safely lllll
quickly. In every way—In feelings, looks and vlgoi -il bellcr
condition lini kirn'., Pills
Assure You
.'mid Bvtrywbtrt,    •   23>-.
flitUreeUfuwttbtTtrrlrei iff very ttilpfiil
Train Namei
Unlike .several of thc English com-
j panics, tho .American railways do not
give names to tho engines ou their
| lines.   Instead they   give   attractive
I titles to tholr mosl Important trains.
.    Thus they hav*- their "Twilight K\--
j press," running from Boston to Xow
York. Other names of trains from
Boston to New Vork are: The owl,
j and the Bay S ate Limited.
■ In the h n. .:>.»■ i mon tha tit«*ro Is a
train i iunin# .rom New Vork Into the
hilly conn' ; it Massachusetts called
the IV'iifto   Mountain   Express,      A
i train running llirougli tho coal region!
of I*cnn Ivai I termed the Black
I il mon i I cp ■   -
|   in tho t'nlted Kingdom ve -.■• i d
ki rlptlve  UMoi   !" o  I ■■'■  of our big
tcli ii- the Plying Scotsman,
; <'■ K< ui Coo ■ i. tpri ■ , the I 'ornisli
:. ... rn  Expi'•-    and    tho   Southern
' Uelle .-■ Orel v.'. ■ rn Company Is
famous i'u. Th Hying Dutchman, a
well known V\'ei oi England oipresj*,
and the Xoi' i ft'osl i n Railway still
: lias the Wild [Huhman The Zulu Is
. in lei ol ■■. ■ Qronl Western it; ei r.
An Income From Mushrooms
In many countries the mushroom ls
a decidedly valuable product. Wo usually think of raising them in cellars
or other nark places, and can hardly
picture them as growing In any other
[spot; yet the Japanese method is as
; peculiar as it Is interesting, for with
one species, known as Chlltake, experiments have been made   of   growing
them in trees.
The trees used are oak from twenty-
| live to thirty years of age.      Thoy
I are cut down In the autumn, and at
intervals of Gin.  or 6in. gashes nre
j made witli an axe all up ami down the
i trunk.     The tree., aro then hauled to
j little frequented parts of the forest
I and left there.
j    At the md of three   years   mushrooms appear In   the   Incisions,   and
1 furnish a erop whlob  lasts tho year
round, Ihose of the autumn being thc
most valuable.
This method of raising mushrooms
Is probably the least troublosomo in
| the entire world. What a vast differ
t-renco between this way of doing ihe
work and the method used in under
ground Paris and elsewhere, where
the people who attend to the cultivation of the mushrooms live In a lit-
lie world of their own ami seldom seo
daylight from week's end to another.
A Great OpnortunUy
|    I want a hoy about your age, said
; iho butcher, pud  will give you $i. a
Shall I have a chance to rise',' ask-
J tho boy.
'    Ye-, rep liod ihn butcher.    I want
, vou to br hero at   4   o'clock   every
j Overheard on Second avenue yesler*
day, I mu.-it admit that my flaUCOQ
i ,ni'i cook,
That's nothing, said tho othor follow,
tvhat Is hor attitude about not knowing how to cook, dues she brag about
ji, or (loos Him talk llko nho would
nakc an effor' to learn?
W.  (J.  U. '..IO
In order to fulfil n promise to his
den i wife, a San DIeg - Call for nln
i .i   :-,,., -led . .. .  ■ ond t. Ife r. co I
twcnl    bom    aftor the dentil ot
i : first v Ifi   and twelve hours bi fore
Iio : iineral had occurred,     A Jti il la
. tli ■ Pe ii ■ i fill luted.     The lun r;.1
tha man's fire   wlfo wa i held the
| i.c.xi  .'-.■■■i  oon       Thero wero Lhn
nail ■ iilldron by tho first marrlnga
tnd foi  tholr  rvelfnre, it i,i said, Lht
i iio ivlft1 nsh 'i In r husband to lo ■
no lime 'n filling ir p plat '•.
i ■ ■    young   dm tor)    Voui
I i.H't.' • t ■ ivnltln ■.. i     i
(how him In?
The  Wilnes-.
Bo you v er   < loito by whon th ■ no
' ii a ii fired tii - flrsi shol ?
Vos, Iml i
How rar in ui lilm wer- you?
Ton fool
And when ho llreil the soc md shol '
1    A huudi'd or moro
A Mifrtako
'.fillI i son an olectrla soarchllghl
lo bo attached to tho barrel of a gun
will aid Hi'- llll li tor lo soo game at
dgbl a Gorman Invention,
Greene -Tho poor guides won*I even
affl imw when Ihey'iv homo fast
asloop  iu  bed.
May pol* Soap
W„,h---.,. Mv-aa.
F. L. BENEDICT A CO. Monirul
Postage Stamps Umlcr Escort
A low yeara ago a simill procossloo
i: .iiinpliiiitily esoorted » Borgoiuit fin'-
rylug two poutiiRi- Btampa. Tlio
Btory ol tlio liiit.-r is liiU-i'ostius. Tlm
Borgcnnt, belooglug to Uio I'lviu-li
conllngoti! ol the troops ot QcoupaUon
arrived in Oratq witli u young Creole
wife, whom ho had married whllo ho
...is serving in n 1'roiu-h I'liluiiy. Sho
brought him no dower In mouoy, but
u baudsome inarriago portion nil tlio
sumo, consist ini; of two postage
stamps. Those aro rare specimens
u[ Mauritian Issues, ami havo boon
estimated by exports as worth 'SHOO.
Tho Boi-goant was told that their
value would Increase, and Instead ot
seding ihem ho bad Ihem [rniiieil and
placed his treasure In a Cretan hank.
As the linn- was approaching tor the
departure or the troops ot occupation
he went to the lank with his wit'o to
withdraw his d.'posit, and his com-
iadea formed a procession to escort
the '-oup'o currying homo tltclp for-
nine In two posiaae stamps.
All Provided
Mr. Waller Joyce, 'The Youth ot
'.lie Strand,' as Ueovse ll. Sims onco
called bim, attributed his perennial
>outbfillness lo tbe fact thnt he onco
know Henry J. Byron. lie used to
tell a good story of tbo ready wit of
the lri-epresriblo humorist.
In company with Byron, ho was proceeding along the Strand, whon another member of tho parly drew tliolr
attention to the unusually pathetic
figure of n sandwich-nan. whoso faco
seemed to betoken n knowledge of better day.
Deplorable, Isn't It? he said. Nine-
pence a day.
Yes, added Byron, quickly, and his
According to recent statistics, Germany Is a nation of law-breakers, ll
appears that ono person out of overy
twelve has been convicted for some
transgression of tho law. One girl
out of every 213, one boy out of forty-
threo. one woman out of twenty-live,
a. il one man out of six have como Into
conflict with tho authorities over
some detail o:- other of German law.
The Lest Extremity
Mr. .Tamos Payn, speaking of Individual Interpretations of general rules,
said In going round ono nlgbt with
the officer on guard at one of the English dockyards be beard nu amusing
illustration by an IrlBh sentry ot tbls
If you see a convict escaping, said
tho officer, what Is It your duty to do?
Sure, sir, and I'm not to lire till tho
last extremity.
Quito right But what do you consider the las', extremity to be?
Just round tlio corner of the dockyard there, sir! was the reply.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Dandruff.
The biggest can
of easy shining
stove polish on
the market. A
paste—read? to
John Bull discovers another important German Secret—
Fran Germanicus uses twilling but Black Knight Stove Polish.
Black Knight
Equally good for
Stoves, Grates,
Pipes and Iron
Work. Not
affected by heat.
| Canadian Northern S. S., Ltd. |
Good Idea
Ho was a burly, oldfashloned skipper nnd had not yet become acquainted with all the latest Improvements
on steamers, Whon be went on thc
bridge of his now steam collier tbe
engine room telegraph was thc first
thing that caught his eye.
What's that for? ho demanded.
That goes down to tbe engine-room
loplled tho mate, who was explaining
things to him. You see nil tho orders on It-rPull speed, Hulf, Slow,
Stop. All you havo to do ls Just to
•novo lho handle and the thing's done.
If I put tbo handle to Full, will she
p,o full speod? asked tho captain, And
it I turn It to stop, will It slop?
Certainly  Buhl Iho male.
Ah, man, said tho skipper, a slow
glad smile lighting his face nfter a
long silence, that's clever. It does
away With all thom imps ot engineers.
Wh) suffer from corns when Ihey
ran be painlessly rooted out hy using
'lolloway's Corn Cure.
Tho rector of a Bmnll vlllnge In Ireland recently met ono of his parishioners who wan a farmer and a great
dog-fancier, i-.nil who was nlso fond
or a glass of whisky. Ab they walked together nwhllo the rector, admiring soma of lho dogs he hud with him
inld to tho farmor!
Did you ovor bear thai by giving a
pup whlBky you kept lilm from growing?
Yos, replied llie runner, nnd I tilod
Wilh what resiills?
The pup died.
Ami now my frlond, snld (lie rootor,
wnsn'l lhal ii I'ooil lesson for you?
Ilediiil It wiiii, Blr, for I huvo never
wiiHteil n drop of good whisky on any
of my dogs since.
A Poor Excuse
Wanli-r (on'orliig coll)—.Your wlfo
la bore, oaklllg to soo yer, seventy-
(Innvlot   lln   dospi'l'iitlon) -I'liew!
ell 'er I'm lioiltl
An eminent ineilleal apooinllsl w
wry much In Ihn habit of using
nnle book lo insist memory anil C
Bliro precision.      In course of 11 111 0
happened llm' liW ngeil "iillior die
The worthy dootor nttonded tho obi
'iiiles in chief moiirni r wiih duo sole
■'">-.      A', llle cliiiie be wns i.lnvri.
In draw on! a nolo book anil to om
llm words: —
Mem—Dur}' rather.
a*l,crlert rem. In Londofl »nj co:ain;nt on 12.000
Next Sailings from Montreal
"•OtAl EDWARD" Od.30ih
' 10TAI KOMIE" N«. II*
Xmai Sailings—From Halifax
"■OVAL EDWAttD" N«. 27A
"lOTAL IXO«GI" 0,c. I lib
Further Information from any rati
or steamship agent, or write.
A. H.  DAVIS, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Street Winnipeg
Miss Frances Bnrratt, the ten year
old daughter of Mr. W. Barratt, ot
Northampton, has just achieved an
extraordinary distinction nt n French
school. She was the only English
Sirl at the National School at Hlouy
aud beat all tho Ftonoh girls at tbeir
own language, winning lho first prlzo
for French composition, besides firs:
lor geography and arithmetic, and second for writing.
Frnu'cln Brunuhllde, tho Gorman
giantess who Is now on a \Isii to London, may be as Is staled, the tallest
girl In lit.' world, hut she Is by no
means tbo tallest who has bcen seen
In tho Metropolis. About thirty yours
ago a performance cntitlod 'Babel unit
Bijou' drew enormous audiences to the
old Albambrii. The chief attraction
wus tbo Amazon Queen, Impersonated
by a young German girl nniiiod Mar-
Inn, lift. .In. In height, who made a
great, sensation ns she simile on lo
'hn slage c'ud In n gorgeous metal-
covered costume. Afler Ibe piny had
mil Uu course she went back lo Germany, wnere alio tiled nt the ago of
Nol   Intended
Mary—I was pouring myself out. a
glusn of wlnn In tho drawing-room
when Iho butler pounces on mo and
says: Hollo! I will havo none of tbat.
And wlmt did you nny, Mury.
I said 5 did nol intend to offer blm
any of lt.
Did you tear about the defacement
of Skinner's Joiubslonc?
No.     What was It?
Someone added lho word 'friends'
to the opl tall.
What was tho epiluh?
llo did his best.
ISe • Tin. ,
»'«'! l.ttka., -„<U '.» allh . nh.a, laK.lh.
ltUJ> I,tht OMGINAti •«. ni'S'r 'UNO
lll.if.lNF.il Will na... ai.u. .ad .lain,
•fall Mite ,
New Song of the Shirt
With Cngers rigid and numb,
With eyelids heavy and red,
The fellow stands   by   bis   bureau
Scratching his swollen head.
Bing! Bang! Biff!
Ho goes ot the drawer with n spurt,
And sings with a voice which is far
from sweet.
Tbo Song of tho Duttonless Shirt.
One, two, tbree!
Out of the drawer thoy fly;
Four, live, six!
Nol a button on ono! his cry.
lie puts one over his head
Aud clutches lt under his chin,
And trios—with some words—to fasten It or
With a measely safety-pin.
Oh. mothers and sisters dear!
Oh. mothers-in-law and wives!
It Ib not the linen you'ro wearing out
Hut patience and human lives!
Please try aud ge'. busy, do;
Give up building that hat or skirt,
Just long ei,iiiiii'ii to sow at least
A button upon one shirt.
Illhtl whispered Paddy.
Ho was crouching beneath the sign
of tho threo balls, watching, alert,
aud ho had no ears for tho pleasantries of his old friend Mick.
What'a tho matter, Patrick? whispered Mick, anxiously.
Tndily laid a flngor on his litis.
'lave you gono ornnky? nursupil
Hick, unheeding. Toll mo, Pulrlclt,
what la It?
It'a llko this, whispered Paddy, It's
ust twelve months today I pawned
iny suit, i nd I'm told lu n twelve
month It'll run mil. Novor a word.
Mlclt, Im slnndln' here walling to
uo ready for It ns It cornea running
llirougli tho doorway,
Jimmy, like all healthy boys, was
fond of plnyl-g out of doors, and, llko
hoys In general, be usually got himself eoandn'otiaty dirty. Ho was
about to sit down to dinner one dsy
when his mother happened tn police
the soiled condition of his hands, nu'
sent blm on', to the Itltcben to wash
Ynu incorrigible hoy! she ricclnlm-
ed, as soon ns she saw.the basin of
water In which llo had performed the
roQiilred ablutions. How In the
world do vou innnagft to get your
hands sn dirty?
That dldn'l all come from my hands!
indignantly answered Vmmy. T washed my faco In that w"*>r, too!
He Knew
Knlckor— Do you understand nui't,
Docker—Yes; the first Is for thfl cr.i
and tho second ia for thc upkeep.
A great prima donna's Idea of at
expensive fiat may bo one that slu
can buy for a song.
A remarkable instance of red-tape
en the part of railway officials has occurred on the Hungarian State Hallways near Neutra. Whllo a '.rain
was passing across thc bridge over the
Waag lliver a passenger saw a boat
keel uppermost and a man struggling
In the water below. Ho slopped the
train by pulling tho cord, jumped Into
tho river, and brought tho drowning
man safely to the bank. Ho then
got Into the train again and was enthusiastically received by his fellow-
passengers, who viewed with each
other In offering clothes. The guar I.
however, was not sympathetic, and
when tho (rain reached Neutra the llfn
.•aver was arrested for .having pulled
thc cord when no one in thc train was
in danger.
We glvo you a Homo Study Cottrso
which will cnnblo you to prepare for
hotter things by using your spnre time.
We teach all Commercial branches.
Illslict Accounting. Drawing, Illustrating, nnd fit young people for good
positions at good salaries. Write ua
lor particulars and lot us know what
position you would llko to prepare
ror. Do It now. Address W. II,
llliaw. President, Shaw ("orrospond-
ence School. Toronto, Canada.
dealer pays
more for this
flour than for
any other, but
he's satisfied
Surprised the Sinner
Somo half a century ago (ho lato
r-iniH Reovos wan living nt a Smith
Cons!, hotol, llo wagorod a Aver
with ti brother vocalist (hat. lm would
black Ills faco, walg on tho boach and
rondor hit. rouioin. songs without re*
oojmltlon. With obony physlog, he
tfiivo In his host form Tom Howling,
mul .My Protty Jam*. WJien ho look
round tho Iml hu did not rooolvo n
solitary Btlvor.
Ilomen.bor, tho singer, «ir, ho wild
in nu elderly gentleman trom Hdln*
burgh. Tho roBponso, n startler in
its wny. was an follows J
No' the dny, Mnlstor Sims Roevofll
Vo'vo Ji.'*( troato.1 mo tu the luxury
o' ^stoning to yo ivttl.out nny ruinous
ot))oiiBO bolng at.uchod to It, Tit ore's
.io' it mnn lit J&tftlAtld cnn say a
,u.;:'.i an tliftil
Hamburg, tho first city to perceive
tho danger or tho modern long hatpin, hnn provided itn tram conductors
with boxes or hatpin nolnt-protootors.
Ladles will, iingui'dotl .imp;...-, may
now ohooso between rotting down
from tlm car ahd giving lho conductor
an extra penny for a ooitpte of tht
municipal po)nt*pratoctorB.
to do
so in order
to sell you
the best-
More Bread
and Better
T/!e> <£//& fipnmer/)7-0unc?<s large tfed?///<x>
VERILY, the artist's touch finds ample
means oi: expression in the fashions
of the new gowns, for drapery is the
noticeable feature that gives the stamp of
the advanced modes in afternoon and evening dresses. Grace is the result if drapery-
be done with an experienced hand; if a
clumsy, unlovely disposition of folds be
made, the result is—disgrace. The general
rule for drapery is to pull the material
from one stationary point to the other
place of attachment, hold tightly with the
left hand and then pull out the folds and
loosen all lines with the right. Plenty of
pins are required and frequent experiments
are necessary to obtain just the curved line
which our copybooks tell us "is the line of
In this season the supple fabrics admirably lend themselves to drapery. There
is an art in draping a gown. It is not difficult, and the main ways of this fashionable
feature are here exemplified.
The chantilly lace-trimmed evening
gown shows the new way of edging a chiffon tunic over the satin slip. Broad black
lace is placed on the edge of a piece o.f
chiffon and attached to the waist line.
This is passed down in a curve toward the
back, and the long folds of chiffon are
draped up to the center of the back. The
other side shows the slashed tunic in front,
and hangs in the same way, a deep strip
of beads and fringe weighting down the
chiffon folds. The bodice of the gown is
chiffon, draped in surplice fashion over an
undervest of contrasting net. The drapery
of chiffon is held down at the girdle by n
broad fold of satin and a beaded ornament
to give the favorite one-sided efTeet.
The draped sleeve is shown in the
model with the long pointed train. One
Straight piece of chiffon is attached to the
armhole, draped around the arm and
caught at the shoulders, a slight opening
being allowed to show the arm. There is
an edging of round beads, and the fullness
is confined by a double chain of beads
above the elbow. The bodice is of chiffon,
folded over the form, a V-shaped space
being filled in with shirred mull at the
front and back.
Something new in the art of drapery
is shown in the black satin dress over
black point d'esprit. The material is attached in front under a narrow girdle.
The length of the goods is then swirled
down in graceful lines around the large
oval ornament at the side, then up the
back. After these folds are "just right,"
the upper edge of the satin is caught by
slipstitches to the jet ornament.
Crossed draperies are new and easily
made. The narrow ends of satin are laid
flat, one on the other, in diagonal lines.
The material widens out and falls easily
into graceful folds at the bottom of the
modified pannier.
In the dress of soft blue taffeta there
is a high girdle draped on the form before
being sewn, you may be sure. Horizontal
folds have been laid on the stiff lining,
then the silk has been turned over and
falls in slanting lines toward the waist
line. Sleeves have their fullness ilraped in
similar manner, while the skirt shows an
original disposition of the material by horizontal drapery below the knees. The fullness swings back, one side draped over the
other in the fastening.
The art of draping a gown need not
baffle any one. Perfection comes with
practice, and a "dress rehearsal," witli soft
cheesecloth for the "property," will give a
cleverness and deftness that will add
greatly to thc charm of a new dress.
Drapery is a salient feature of fashion.  The art is yours for the trying!
Crossed pre/>erw
zS? /Yew cS/ee/t
Fb/c/ecf &?Jice
"Leet on
mHi desos
m m >
i /
KtfiwLrit   a-..,     -
/fie oS/ss/jet/
4'   ■
jj y-*"'*va,-i"'-*3 -
JOHNSON BROS.  Proprietors A. A. JOHNSON. Manager
" Where Everybody Goes"
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, December 28—Matinee fi? Evening
Wanted-"A   Baby"
Do Dreams Come True"
Capt. Rivers' Reward'
"Out of the Deep"
Make sure vou obtain your Coupon for thc Big Prize
Coupons  Riven  with   Purchase Tickets  commencing
Monday December 23rd 1912
Prize:   A Valuable Watch
Copyrljlit 1910, b, C. I 7Ama*tmsr, O. No. Tl
fV'er half the things bought in
" this store throughout the
year are gifts.
This is simply because our Jewelry Store
is a logical place to buy presents, for
here you will find every desireble article
made from gold or silver, always artistic,
unusual, and in good taste.
especially, vou desire in buy real gilts, soim'thing thut
is not .simply n token ol remembrance hut a joy in Itself
No matter what you want to spend, uo matter who the
present is for. you will tind our store the ideal plaee   to
puiiliuse il.
Raworth Bros.
We always advise people who have
stomach or bowel trouble to se
doctor. Hut to those who do not
wish to do tbis we will say try the
mixture of simple buckthorn bark
glycerine, etc., known nn Adler-.-kai
This simple new remedy is so power
fui that JUST ONK DOSE usually
relieves sour stomach, gas on the
stomach and constipation QUIOKliY
People who try Adler-i-Ka are surprised at its QUICK action. The
Beattie-Murphy Co. 4-J--U
District of East Kootenay.
TAKE    NOTICE   that Helen Mary
Eassie     oi    Fort    Steele   occupation
married woman   intends to apply for
permission  to purchase the following
described laads -
j     Commencing   Bt   a post planted at
i the   intersection   of   thc   West boun*
j dary   ol the Kooteuay Central right-
j or-way   with    the    East bank of the
I Kootenay    River    13"   feet   south of
| the   South   Weat   corner    of   L2S4
tbence   Southerly 53 chains following
thc   snid   boundary   of   the right-of-
way   to Ita   re-intersoction with the
KootiMiay     River,   thence   northerly
following the East bank of Kootenay
River upstream to place of commence
ment.   containing   40 acres, more or
Wm   H. Eassie, Agent.
Dated Nov.  .joth  cjij sa*9t
We Thank
the People of Cranbrook for ::
your Patronage during the past jj
year trusting for a continuance ;;
of the same during the coming il
year, we wish you all a pros- jj
perous and a happy New Year
Model Variety Store
R.  P. Moffatt fr Co.
******* ***** 1i ii h l^l■^■^-■-^l^^-^-l^'^^H^^^^^^^l-^-l■^^i•^l■^
Local  News
Por ii (treat big dollar's worth
the oiler thin season by tbe Family
Herald und Weekly Star ol Montreal cannot be beaten. A sample
copy ul tbeir new picture "Mother's
Treasures," size 23 by 29 Inches, all
ready lor framing, has reached this
ofllce. It certainly is beautiful and
every borne in Canada will be better (or having a copy in tbe boune.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star,
bigger, brighter and better tban ever
along w tb such a beautiful picture,
all for one dollar is a bargain tbat
should be taken advantage ol. It le
only the Family Herald and Weekly
Star that can offer such a p dure
free with a year's subscription.
People wonder bow It can be done,
yet st 11 It Is done, and tbe people
get the benefit.
After Wednesday next write it i"l;t
MKKT  MK nt  "BOB'S PliAOB."
It L. T. Oalbralth ,,( Fort Steele
Indian Agent wns In town Thursday
A I.ninl of Wardner, was in tli-
c ty Thursday.
Mrs A. Nnsliiiiil, ol Wyclllle, was
u Oranbrook visitor on Thursday
Ale*. Tuyl"r wi>h down Irom Kim
hurley   Thursday "ii business
Staffer flowing Machine [or wile ut
18-00 per montb Hyiyer SI,,re phone
167, 50
Four lliein shown every night ut
the lie. Theatre
,1. Maxwell of Porl Steele wuh in
town  Friday
Minn Ople  of Wasa, is ■ r. town mr
a few days.
.1. Kenny is [mek from Allisrti, al
ter a months absence
Kntlre change Ol programme nt
tile  I*-,1Ihi,i) Theatre totllKlit
.1. McTavlsh, ol Jaflriiy wn, .n the
nty  Monday
il. M Dibble „( Trail, woe the
Kilest of Dr   F   M.  Miles thll  week
Mr und Mrs T. T. MoVlttle Ol
Fort Steele were Ornnbrook visitors
on Mnniluy
.1 F Bridges, ol Fort Sttola wan
transacting   IiiihIih'sh   ut   Oranbrook
Furnished rooms nnd run ns lor
Ilk-lit housekeeping — Campbell anil
Muanlugs Ci tl
Mrs. John Richards, ol Boston,
Mass, was u guest at the Cranbrook
Mr. nnd Mrs. H Bennett ol Hiuir
mure, were registered at tbe Cran-
i,r,iok on Monday
Mrs A. II Bennett, ol Chntbani.
Out    wns vislt.n,-  lu Crnnbrook this
Oeorge (leury. ol Fort Steele was
transacting business at Craubrook
II you wnnt your Bowing Machine
put   in  good   running   order Phone
-iineer Store l.r,7.
Mrs nnd Mil* Stuart, mother and
sister ,,i Mis II T. Brymner. were
spending th? holidays in Crnnbruok.
Mr nnd Mm A .1. Miller ol Hkoo-
ktimchuck, were Crnnlirnnk vimrors
<,ii Mondny.
Mrs. Fred Blntltore nnd Mi's. B. J
Cann. oi Fort BtOBlo were Crunhrook
visitors on Mondny
At the Re. Tlmntrr tonight lour
line reels, instructive us well us lie
nig very Interesting.
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
GIVEN to the Electors of the Municipality ol the City ol Cranhrook
tbat I require the presence of the
aald Electors, at the Municipal Oflices on Norbury Avenue, iu the City
of Cranbrook, on thc thirteenth day
ot January, 1913, nt 12 o'clock noon
(t p.m., local time) foi the purpoM
of electing peiBona to represent them
in tbo Municipal Council as Mnyor
and Aldermen ant. public notice it
further given to the electors ol tile
Craubrook School District that I require the presence oi tho snld elect-
ore, at the same place and lime
(or the purpose of electing persons
to represent them on the Hoard
of School Trustees for tho
Cranbrook School District as iuch
School Tnistecs
The moJij of nomination of candidates shall be us follows
"Tbe candidates shall be uomina
ted in writing the writing shall be
subscribed by two voters oi the municipality, ns proposer and seconder
and shall he delivered to thfl Return-
ing Officer at nny Vine between the
date ol thc notice and '2 p.m. (» p
m. locul time) o( the day of nomination; and in the event ot a poll being necessary such poll will be op*
ened on the sixteenth duy of January. WIS, ut the Municipal Offices;,
Norbury Avenue. Crnnbrook. B. C,
from the hour ot 9 o'clock a.
(10 o'clock local time) and 7 p.
(8 pm local tune) of which every
person is hereby required to take
notice and govern himseli accordingly*
The ^ualilicatious by lliw re (Hired
to be possessed by the candidates lor
the office oi Mayor are us follows:
The i tbi.ns qualified to be nom
lnated lor aud elected al
Mayor of the city Bhall be such persons as are male British subjects ol
the tun age ol twenty-one years. anjbV
are not disqualified under any law
and have been for the six months
next preceding the day ol nomination the registered owner in the Innd
Registry Office, of land or real property in the City of the assessed value on the Inst Municipal Assessment
Roll, ot One Thousand Dollars or
or more over and above any registered judgment or chnrge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified ns Municipal voters. (1906, C. 32, 8. 14).
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidate*
lor the office ol Aldermen are oa loliows:
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen oi
the City shall be such person* a* are
male British subjects ol the lull age
of twenty-one years and are not dls-
qualified under any law, and have
been lor the six months uext preceding the day ol nomination the registered owner in tbe Land Registry
Ofllce. ol land or real property In the
Olty ol tbe assessed value on the Iut
Municipal Assessment Roll of five
hundred dollars or more over and
above any registered Judgement or
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qualified as Municipal voters. (1906,
0. 32, 8   14)
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidates
lor the ofllce o' Bchool Trustee are
as loliows:
Any person being a householder iu
tbe School District and being •
British subject ol the lull age 01
twenty-one years and otherwise qualified hy tbls Act to vote at an election ol School Trustees in th*
School District, shall be eligible to
be elected or to serve as a School
Trustee In such Municipal District,
(it-on, 0, 41, S  83).   ltioo, 0. 89, S
No Trustee shall hold the office ol
teacher within the District ot whlcb
be i* * Trustee, provided always
that no clergyman ol any denomination (haH be eligible lor the position
or Superintendent. Inspector, Teacher or Trustee.    (1008, C. 44. 8. ioo.
"Householder" ln ths cose ol Municipal School District shall mean and
Include any person ol the lull age ol
twenty-one years who occupies a
dwelling, tenement, hotel or boarding house, or any part or portion ol
u dwelling, tenement, hotel, or boarding house, and who (hall, unless
exempt by Htiitue or Municipal By-
Law, Imve paid directly to tbe Mun-
Icipnlity. ruti'K, taxes or lees ol not
less than two dollar* 'or tin- current
yenr    11 mm, 0, 80, R a )
Olven under my bund ut the Olty
ol criminous, tbls autb duy ol
December. A 11. 1018,
Returning Ofllcer.
Severul strong tentitres will be
idiowii nt the Kilt-on Theatre to
nlgbt Our piettires nre si-lect-od
with grent care. II,e finest tbat money cun pruenro No repeaters ar*
sbown    Spec,ul  feutures tonight
The Management
and Staff of t..^ Store hope
all their Friends and Customers had a very Merry Christmas and that 1912 has been
a happy and prosperous year
for you and that 1913 will
bring you still more happiness and prosperity.
Cranbrook and the Cranbrook District,
we have always claimed, are unsurpassed by any town or district in the
Province. 1912 has been good, 1913
will be better, boost for Cranbrook and
get your full share of the good things
We have to thank you for you patronage in the past and hope, by honest and
courteous treatment and prompt service
to merit your business in the future.
Honesty and
Courteous Service
Our  Rule
Quality Always
Our  First
*■• .
******** II III111111 ***** I I ' I- I-H--I-,-l-H-H- l-l I-
|4*Jl-)4-ft*|*^M|*^t|f*|*sf4<|4lJ*^ s|t
■   I   ill   a.   J.   ll.ll.aLll    I...    ,l..l.,t,   J.    I      !      t      1-4-
"I"*T*r*f"»*1 '*t**l"|**l"|-l-*nT1  I™I T
:: WHEREAS, in times past it has  been  the \\\\
|| custom in sundry places and divers manners on :::!
• i>,i
:: the recurrence of the day whereon is celebrated ?..
|j the Birth of Our Saviour for all good people to ||;
|| send felicitations and good wishes  to their best ::::
:: and dearest friends:
NOW, THEREFORE, know ye that the good
things said and done in the Olden Tyme be
not forgotten and fall into desuetude, to
the detriment ot the good feeling holding between friends, and
WHEREAS, it is good and profitable to the
soul's health to interchange sentiments of
goodwill, particularly at this time and especially toward those for whom a warm
regard is entertained, and
WHEREAS, It is desirable that this commendable custom should be maintainee, we
hereby in all good faith and honesty wish
our many friends and customers, Health,
Happiness, and all the compliments of this
Joyous Season.
+ ..
Stores, Ltd.
;;; j
:: \
iii:   t
'■M 111III IH 11 III Mil Ml II1111111111111111 HI "Ull I lllll ***********
Local  News
nuts ol Crnnbrook nnd the tuirround-
inp distr.ct lor tUe illit-rn) support afforded bim, bi-gs to inform them
thnt on Monday, December 2urd. he
will be found three doors lower down
Armstrong Avenue.
J. MoTavlsh lelt on Wednesday lor
West Kootenay on business.
Singer Sewing Mueliinc lor Bale ut
Jli-Utl per month—Sinner Store phone
157. 50
The    public   BChools closed on  Frl-
dny tor the Ohrlstmaa holidaj-B
A.   Cimi'ininiTs. ol    Kern,e.    was   tn
the city Wednesday
Oarabaa at  Oampbell & Mannings
J. ('. Hicks,    oi    Wycllfle.    .'.ib
town Wednesday
A   (Ire   on llurick  Avenue ^a\-e tV
brigade a run on Saturday afternoon
Hoy   Htnpies,    of    Wyclllle,   iaj in
town Tuesdny.
Mrsl J. Walsh, ol Fort Steele. 1 is
a Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday
I'ailliury b   Chocolates    at    Fink's
Cure Food Grocery
Hurry    F.ihvlirds     of    WycMfle   was
in town Tuesday.
Magic    Lanterns    and  Moving  Picture Machines at the Variety store.
Ice Hockey win he a strong leature
IB Cranhrook this season
Don t Fall to sec tho pictures nt
Ilex Theatre tonight. They are the
The Arena Skating Rink was open
ed Thursday night The ice wus
in  excellent condition.
MrB. Towers wiil sing a number ot
solos in the Baptist Church on Sunday night
Furnished rooms
light hoiiBelecepIng
and   rooms   lor
— Campbell   and
There will he a Booial dance at. the
Auditorium   on  Thursday,   Dee   27th.
Houses,    cottages,    nnd    furnished
shacks to rent by llenle & Elwell
A email force ure employed In the
lower tunnel ol the Aurora tnlue
Vancouver   wa« in
Mr. Fernier Is going to I'mcher
Creek to try nnd close an oiler lor
some of his land.
Genuine Turtle Ment and Turtle er
tracts at Campbell & Manning
The Store Windows ol every business house Is lull Ol ChrlBtrouB
"I need the money." I will sell
In blocks to suit, Reven thousand
shares in the Society Olrl Mine.
Write or apply to W. K. Beuttie,
Oranbrook, B. l'.i
0, D McMnhl), of Waldo, wan trans
acting husincsB in the city Wednesday
Harry Webb's English Plum pudd-
ng nt Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mr and Mrs. ChaB Stevens, ol
Tracy Creek, were Cranbrook visitors
on Wednesday.
Musical    Toys,     Tops   and     Roynl
Chimes ut tbe Variety Store.
have provided Souvenir China for Xmar
remembrances for all their Customers
and will be pleased to have them call
Monday or Tuesday Afternoon next
wh?n they will be given cut.
If you wnnt your Sewing Machine
put In good running order Phone
Singer Store 1">7.
Alei Taylor, of Kimherley. manager ol the Taylor Lumber Co.. wa*
in town Monday.
Sweet Brier Mince Ment nt Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Mr. anil Mrs. .Ionian and Miss
Patcrson. ol Spokane were Cranbrook visitors Monday-
FOlt SALE—In eiccllent condition,
line Knrn Organ, 5 stops. Apply 'X'
1'rofipector'B Office 45-tl
C. A. Foote and J. P. Farrell. of
Moyle. were registered nt the Cranbrook Tuesday
Christmas Boxes and Stockmen will
he given nwny to deserving children
todny. Mondny and Tuesday, FREE,
at Little & Atrhison, Grocery
The people ot the new town ol Bull
River will hnve n Christmas Tree
nnd festival on Monday, December
Nice   Assortment
the Variety Store
ot   Cut tl'iiiBS at
Nelson Conservatives nre boosting
the nnme ol Fred Stnsky, president
of the Kootenay Bonrd o' Trad* as a
candidate for a »eat in the senate
Smyrnia and Natural Pulled Figs
In one and live pounds boxes at Campbell & Mannings
W. F. Johnson has just completed
a contrnct with the Crnnbrook Gar-
•ige Co.. for the plumb ng and instillation ol o new heating system.
M ll   King,    of
tbe city Monday
  '    A     E   Watts,   ol   Watt.Biiurg,    mis
Olro.ee   Pal fori.',   drape   Fruit   at ' tmns„.tin„   business     t   Gran.-.  ,ok
Oampbell & Mannings I Tuesdayl
Don't    Fail   to   as* thi pictures at     Blan.h.d Almonds and  Shelled Pe-
llex    Theatre tonight.    Tliey are the
  j    M.    and   Mrs    T. T. Mcv'l'tio.   ot
Seal    of    Alberta.     "The Faultless I Fo.t st..le   „... cranbrook v s.tors
Flour"-HOO  per  sark-J.   Manning., Tl]eau,iy
40 t*j 	
   .   „, Remember   It   pays to deal at the
llorgonzoia   Cheese   at  Fink's  Pure   Cninhr0()k     Traaini,     Company   lor
Food Grocery CAgH t|
I cnn Nuts at Oampbell & Manning's
We wonder it there are any old-
lashloned children around town, who
have attended Sunday School faithfully during December.
Christie'sFrttlt Cake at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery
At 3 p.m. Thursday, the fire brl-
gnde responded to a fire ut t'te residence ot Mr. Moore in Slater/llle.
Very little damage was doan.
Brighten Your Home  for  1913
What will nrightt-n your home better than a beautiful phasing picture
on the wall. 'Mothers Treasures"
is just the picture you want It Is
fit tor nny home ,n Canada and cnn
be had free by subscribing tu Thc
Family Herald nnd Weekly Star of
Montreal, the greatest nnl best family pnper printed. It costs on'y ■ i.e.
dollar a year, and no home can al-
tord to bo without tt. Bvery ptea-
ent subscribers t i tbat paper should
send hiB renewal now and get a copy
of the beautiful picture. Am- one
not n su! BTilier Bhould order the
paper and picture :,t once They \,ill
help to niiiiie the New Vear brighter
for you.
Red nnd Pink Sii'nr for cake decor
atlng at CnmpheU & Mannings
W. B. MacFarlane and P. De Vere
Hunt left on Fnday. week, lor points
In West Kootenay on business. They
will he away about ten dayfl.
Mr Bohart. ol the Wardner Hotel.
Ib having the hotel building steam-
heated Mr. Ed. Johnson, of Cranbrook. is installing the plane.
Lester Clapp returned Mon', iv i '-'n
a hunting trip east of E'ko. Mr.
Clnpp got one deer.
English Holly at Fink a Pure Food
Frank Dickinson, of Jaflrny. was
tranaacting business in Cranbrook
Mrs. Towers will sing n number ot
boios in the Baptist Church on Sun-
dny night
All kinds ol table dclncaceB Figs.
Nuts Table Raisins and tresh Fruits
of nil kmdB.—Campbell & Manning.
Mr. and MrB. Bennett, ol Blair
more, were regietered at tbe Cranbrook  thia week.
W    W.   KILBY
P.O.  Box 802 Oranbrook, B.C.
Big Surprize to
Many in Cranbrook
Locnl people are surprized at the
QUICK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., aa
oiixed in Adler-i-ka, the German remedy which became famous by curing
appendicitis. Beattie-Murphy Co.,
stntes that this simple remedy antl-
septicizes tbe digestive By-stem and!
draws off thc impurities so thoroughly that A SINGLE DOSE relieves
sour stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. 43-3t
.-.*■. •  a.-.*-- *j*M,r, ..*-*£V*..cr
-'- 4 *i..ij 2»-
A   Merry   Christmas
Santa Claim !r Just reac,hed
, "*»*'*"*-»e5    Store       in      his
mobile from the noul, with his car loaded down with all kinds of
useful presents for both young and old consisting of a fine assortment of Brass Goods, Toilet Sets, Purses, Sewing Sets, Albums,
Stationery and Fancy Goods
Her-„t,fui Dolls Dressed or Undressed, Campbell Kids, Kidbody Dolls,
b-squimault Dolls and Dolls of All  Kinds
Mechanical Toys
.rams, Automobiles, Steamboats, Machine Shops, Sewing Machines,
■'•***-*s-j-ja}v     Typewriters,    Moving   Picture Ma
chines,  Mud Turtles.  Seals.   Ducks
^•fs^st-**-?--*,    *m.*~vn
•SfjLSlp-     ; if*-Av'^     "ml  Kv<-*l\Vtliing in the   Mechanical
-.,,..' '-V-B^-iK.-—' Toys.
Toy Tea Sets
Tea Sets in all Colors in Tin at 15c, 20c. LT,c, and 3'ic per set.    China Ten Sots at 15c,  25c,
50c nnd "5c per sot
Wooden   Toys
Pastry Sets.  [Online Builders,  Wash Boards antl Carpel Sweepers
All Kinds Of
Gaines,  Blocks, Puzzles,  Wood, Basket Work  Boxes and Surprise Boxes
Fine Line Of
Teddy   Bear    Blankets,     Boarskln   Coats,    Hoods,  Muds and Collars,   Mufflers,  Miffs,
Sweaters,  Jackets antl Mitts
Fine Assorment Wool Toys of All Kinds
Dors.   Cats,  Horses,  Lions, Elephants, Bears, Camels and Tigers at all Prices
Pine Assortment of Tin and Iron Toys at 15c, 20c, 25c, and 35c.
10 per cent off (or cash on all Toys purchased up to December 25th.    Special
Discount to all Churches and Sunday Schools
We extend to all a cordial Invitation to come in and look over our display whether you buy
or not.    Parcels delivered lo any part of the city up to Christinas eve
Model Variety Store
R   G. Moffatt 6? Co.
Santa Claus
Always comes to this store because
he wants the Best.   He, like all
other Careful people, to avoid all risk, buys Guaranteed Goods and Shops Early
THIS STORE is almost overflowing with good
things for Christmas, Every Department is offering
the Newest and the Best. Mr. Laidlaw, of the
Grocery Department; Mr. McSweyn, of the Men's
Department and Mr. Chapman, of the Furniture
Department have, for months, been preparing for the
great rush of Christmas business.
A Visit to the different Departn ents will convince
you that they have succeeded in gathering one of
the Largest and Best Stocks of Christmas Goods
ever shown in Cranbrook.
How about that Suit for Xmas? Mr. Mc
Sweyn gives this Department his personal
attention, which ensures perfect satisfaction.
We are Showing the Largest and Most
Beautiful Stock of Suitings we have ever had.
Slippers make beautiful presents. This
Store's reputation for handling good Footwear
is a most enviable one.   Satisfaction  Counts.
Ties, Shirts, Collars and Furnishings are
all good and useful presents. We have on
display every imaginable Style and Color of
Tie and Shirt, they are all beautiful and the
Prices are Right"
The Furniture Department abounds in
Beautiful and Useful Xmas Presents. Rugs,
Chairs, Lounges, Beds, Curtains, Smoker's
Sets, etc.    Vistt this Department and See.
The Grocery Department needs but little
introduction here. Mr. Laidlaw gives his per-
onal attention to all business of this Department.   He insists on Cleanliness and Courteous
and   Careful  attention   to all.
Don't   forget    that   you    can
buy Xmas Crockery   here   at
Cost.   Price.


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