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The Prospector May 25, 1912

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Array For Perfect
1) I A M 0 N I) S
You Should See
The   I.radingC Newspaper
in the
The    •
$2.00 Per Year
Building Bee In Cranbrook
The  following   buildings   nre   under
construction  nt the  ju-eseut   time in
Julius  Mouller—addition   to
 '.... | 150.00
Jnllics   Sncco—stlllilo         200.00
T. Bcclcs—cottage     1400.00
H.  Hlckeilbothnm-sheil          50.00
II. Piilljiinies—cottnKe      600.00
W. ll. Beattie-carriage house   :I00.00
0, R. Unnk—store    1000.00
T.  Eccles-cottage     1400.00
H.   A.   Btlnson—arlilltlon    700.00
J. A. Murrny—sherl        50.00
J. Leiiak—building      700.00
T. Provcnria -store     4000.00
J. C. Ulendny-Bhed        50.00
J. H.  Bullock—nrlditlnti       800.00
W. J. Atchlson-store     1600.00
Armour & Kennedy—etore ....   1600.00
W. R. Beattie-cottuge     1000.00
W. R. Stewnrt—cottage     2000.00
Salvation Army—shed        50.00
Crnnbrook Brewer*   lOOOO.OO
B.  Pnttersen—residence  '.   5000.00
P. Matheson—residence     5000.00
R. Hill-residence     5000.00
T. L. Oorp—residence  '.   2600.00
Post Office building  75000.00
J.  F.  Broughton—residence...    000.00
H. Howlett—residence      900.00
St. Eugene Hospitnl—Impro-
hements   45000.00
J. Pnrklns—residence     7000.00
Mr.  Stevens—residence     2500.00
Mr. Muir—cottage      800.00
Total-        165,750.00
It is understood thnt the Cnthollc
Church Society will build n church
that will cost in tbe vicinity of
175,000.00 neit spring.
Denied Use of Panama Canal
Canndinn Railways which own, o-
perate, or control steamships will receive a severe blow if the Adainson
Cunul Bill is passed by the United
States Congress.
By the Hay-Pnuncefote Treaty 'The
Pnnnmn Cnnal shall be free and open
to the vessels of Commerce of all nations." By the Adnmson Bill it will
he unlawful for Canadian rnilways to
operate ships in American waters, on
the C.reat Lake.* or on tl.- sea, within territorial limits, or the Panama
The passing of this bill would be
of great injury to the Commerce of
British Columbln, and give to the
United States west an unfair advantage over this province.
May 18th In History
1900.—Mnfeking is an insignificant
village in Rhodesia almost on tbe
western boundry of the Transvaal.
Its fame, which was great [or u few
months, has gone into history simply
and solely because of the siege It
stood successfully for seven months
during the South African War. This
is the date of the raising ot the siege,
which hnd commenced on the eleventh
of the previous October. When war
wus declared by the Transvaal a-
gainst Oreat Britain General Cronje
was In command of tbe Boer forces
on the western boundry to the niim
ber of six thousand. With a view to
lessening the number of British troop
by taking them prisoners he laid
siege to bothMnfeking and Klmherley
with the uneipected result that he
found his own forces held up by the
successful resistance of the besieged
under the resource command of Gen
eral Baden-Powell at Mafeking mid ol
Col. Kekewich at Kiniberley. The
Importance of this hold up is seen
when one rernlls the fact that Gen
eral Methiien, commander of the Bri
tlsh relieving force, fought the but
ties of Mndder River and Mngersfon
teln tile in November and early in
December ol lS'J'J General Cronje
raised the siege of Klmherley at the
middle of February on the approach
of Lord Roberts' army, only to be
overtaken nnd forced to surrender n
few dnys later at Paurilehurg. The
siege of Mafeking wns ruined by Col.
As Good as Elected
On Thursday, May 30th, nominations
for n candidate to represent Kuotenay
in the Dominion House will be received bv returning officer I). 0, Mc
Morris, at Nelson,
From all appearances no other than
a Conservative will he nominated,
and the Candidate will be Robert
Francis Green of Kaslo,-
Mr. Green is well known in this pro
vincc, especially in the Kootenays.
He has represented Kaslo riding in
the Provincial House several terms,
and will be a credit to Ills const.itu
ency if elected for the Dominion.
A large number of Crnnhrook citizens signed his nomination papers In
this city on Wednesday.
At a meeting of the Crnnbrook Ub-
r-rul Association held in Clnpp's Hall
on Tuesday evening, it was decided
not to contest the Kootenay Bye-
clectlon; consequently they could elect
no member for the seat in the Domin
ion House made vacant by the resignation of A. S. Goodeve.
A Good Wager
John Pollack of Fernle, nnd Otto
Myers of Michel are now engaged In
trying to settle the question of good
roads in Kootenay.
Mr. Myers wagers $.100.00 that he
can drive from Fernle to Hpoknne In
125 hours.
Mr. Myers, nccompgnled hy Mr. C.
Whllnn of Kernie, referee, arrived at
Cranbrook on Tuesday evening, covering the distance between these cities
in less than ten hours. Tbey left, on
Wednesday morning at 6:1)0 a.m., expecting to reach Klngsgnte In about
ten hours.
The distance between Hpoknne nnd
Fernle is estimated at about 280
miles, nnd the party will have to travel at a rate of 50 to 00 miles dally.
The roads lu Rust Kootenay, with
the possible exception of that portion
between Ryan and Ynhk, Is reported
to be In fairly good condition nnd
bnrlng n breakdown, the journey
will be nccnmpllshed well within the
time limit.
Fatal Accident
At about 8 p.m. on Thursday morning, while assisting to unload a carload of logs at the Standard Mill,
Wm. -Ciilbain wns instantly killed.
The car on which the logs were load
cd had heen run to the mill pond and
the necessary preparations made, the
jerk hook was In position, and the deceased was walking to the end of the
car, when he fell; it is supposed that
he pulled the jerk line, letting tbe
logsdown on top of him. He was instantly killed, his body being carried
nto the pond with the logs. The de
ceased was about 44 years of age. An
inquiry was made by Dr. J. M. Bell,
who decided that an Inquest was unnecessary.
R. H. Taylor, superintendent at the
mill hod a very narrow escape from
being caught from the falling logs.
McBrlde to Visit Ottawa
"retnler McBrlde of B.C., who hus
been on nn extended trip to Great
Britain, will stop oft in Ottawa on
his way home for several days. While
in the capital he will discuss matters
of Interest to British Columbia, more
particularly the question of better financial terms which  the const  pro-
(nce has demanded.
The British Coltlmhin case is now
helng prepared and lt will be laid before Premier Borden and bis colleagues by Mr. McBrlde. A possible result of the conference may be the appointment of a royal commission to
inquire into nnd report on British
Columbia's claims.
Hope for Reclamation
The hope'that the Kootenay valley
flat lands will soon be reclaimed was
strengthened hy the visit of Chief Hy-
drographer Grey Donald to Creston.
For the pnst two days he has been
looking over the situation, going
from the mouth ot the Kootenay to
the International line. How soon reclamation may be commenced Mr.
Donald would not say, hut there is
reason to believe tbat several parties
of surveyors will be put to work nlong
the river soon. The hydrogrnpher
says that tbe tints can be reclaimed
at a small cost.
20,000 Men on Strike
No progress hns been made toward
a settlement of the London port
strike. The Rlgnt Hon. Hir Kdward
Clarke, former solicitor general, has
been appointed to conduct the government inquiry which will open on
Friday. The transport workers' federation 'will meet tomorrow to discuss the situation and it in expected
they will cull a general strike.
Obey 'Leave on Work' Orders
While the Industrial Workers of the
world have not yielded In the strikes
on the Cnniidirin Northern grade,
many of the members hnve gone to
work,   for   fully   2000 nre employed.
Lust week they were given orders
by the Superintendent of the Provincial Police that men idle ln Ynle, Ash
croft, and other towns alone the line
of grade must either leave or work.
This order bus been strictly enforced.
"Victoria Day" Celebration
A Great Success
Thousand—Citizens  and   Visitors—Witnessed
the Best Sport Ever Held on the
Fair Grounds
'Kiddies" Were All Made  Happy  Through  'Joy
To the Sports
Rides' and   Free   Admission
The celebration of Victoria Day
was a gala day for Cranhrook. The
weather was all that could he desired
the crowd was one of the largest ever
seen on the grounds nnd the most en
To make a good set off the various
owners of automobiles gathered at
the school house and conveyed Borne
400 school children to the fine Fair
Grounds, to say that the children
was pleases and hnd the time ol their
lives goes without, saving, riding in
the automobiles was such a novelty
for them; the tlinnks they gave for
the prlvelege wns expressed by their
childish   laughter   and   happy   faces.
Tbe sports and entertainment which j
had been arranged in their behatl
reached the heigbth ol their expectations. Oh! but you should Just have
seen the way they Jumped and skilled about those grounds! it would
have done nny of the stay-at-home's
heart good. They did enjoy themselves.
Special care of the children was taken during the afternoon's sports.
The Crnnbrnoli City Hand, under
the leadership ol Bandmaster Russell,
furnished some high-cliiBs music at
intervals during the afternoon.
The judges for the afternoon were
Messrs. J. P, Fink, .1. W. Robertson,
James Bates. Dr. Rutledge. nnd W.
A. Rollins.
The programme was one of the largest ever seen in Crnnhrook being of
considerable length the judges are to
be congratulated on the proniptneBB
and despatch in bringlui! the dideront
The Children's Sports
The Ilrst Annual Outing given by
the Overseas Club wns held on Empire dny 21th inst., under exceptionally happy auspices.
To begin with the weather was perfect and this enhnnced the enjoyment
to a considerable degree. The list of
races made up for the children was a
lengthy one hut was carried through
without a hitch; nnd the Oversens
Club is to he congratulated on the
success they attained.
The object of tbe club was the happiness of the children andsiirely this
object wns more than obtained, judg-
inir from apparent Joyollsucss manifes
ted throughout.
The refreshments were served at 4
o'clock and added to the merriment
tbe disappearance of two boxes of
Oranges being nearly Instantaneous
as can be imagined.
The thanks of the Olub are due the
Sports committee nnd to Mrs. Brake
and Mr. Leslie.
The following list of races nnd
prize wlnnerB will give some idea of
the tnBk the Overseas Club act themselves:—
Ladies' race—Mrs. Turner Ist; Mrs.
Clark 2nd.
Girls    race,    13   to   16   years—1).
Greaves 1st; F. Drumin I 2nd; nod
A. Brown 3rd.
Boys' race, 13 to 16 years—T.
nefutber 1st;
Olll 3rd.
Girls' race
mond    1st;
llrenvcs 3rd.
Boys' race
cveutB to such a successful and satisfactory finish.
The matinee race wiib tho Ilrst e-
vent with   three   competitors   for   a
purse of $100.00; »60 to lirst and $40
to second.   Three horses started.
Richard, entered hy J. Macdonald
Little Joe, entered by G. Hoggnrth
Cranbrook Olrl, ont. by F. Dnzell
Richard,   driven   by   Dr.   Rutledge
won the lirst hent in 1.251, with Little Joe Becond.
In the Indian pony race there were
seven entrlos. They got away with
an excellent start and mnde some
I good   running.      The tlrst heat was
won by Billy In 5C seconds, with Weasel 2nd and Kootenny Bay 3rd.
While running In the second heat ol
the Matinee race Little Joe broke a
shaft and wheel and was coinpeled to
withdraw from the race. Richard
won the hent and race in 1.17, with
Crnnhrook Olrl 2nd.
The second heat ol the Indian pony
race resulted in Shoe String being
ilrst in 58 seconds, Kootenny Bay ind
•.vlth Billy 3rd.
Next followed tbe hundred yards
loot race with eight entries. F.Nute
won in 15 secondB, with Besnno 2nd,
and Albert an Indian 3rd.
In the live-eighths mile dash there
were live entries. The purse was lor
$120.00 to 1st and $80.00 to 2nd. Jim
O'Day took first money in 1.06 with
riycklese 2nd, and Youmo 3rd.
The Indian Pony race, with half-
mile heats had four entries and was
one of the best, contested races of the
day's sports. The prize was $u0.0u
to 1st; 725.00 to Dud; uud $10.00 tn
3rd. The first heat was won by
Queen of the Woods in 54) seconds,
with Lady D 2nd, nnd Shoestring 3rd
The tinnl heat of the Indian rure
was won by Shoestring in 68 necouds.
with Billy 2nd, nnd Kootenay Buy 3.
The 220 yards Foot race lor a purs,
ot $10.00 to 1st and $5.00 to second,
was won by F. Nute, of Nelson, wltl
BcBundo 2nd and Albert 3rd. time3U
The one mile Foot race was a Bur
prize for n good many of the spec
tutors, the entrants putting up at
good a piece ol foot work as has beer-
seen on this truck. The local man.
Archie Rlwell, to the surprize of ever
bis friends certainly showed the len
ther of his heels to the Nelson boy.
Archie took the mile In 4 mln. 4H Sec.
with Coles of Nelson 2nd, and Phllll).
an Indian 3rd.
The next race was the tinnl heat in
the pony nice. In this heat Queen ol
the Woods won the beat and race In
54 seconds, Lady D 2nd, and Shoe
string 3rd.
There were several entries for thi
Squaw race. This is one race that
always causes a lot of fun uud man)
jokes to be cracked. The race was ur
open dash of half-mile tor n purse ol
$15.00 to 1st; $10.00 to 2nd; und $5.0(
to the 3rd.
Susie won first money. Mnry war
2nd, and Theresa third.
There was six entries for the next
half-mile dash for u purse ot $106.Ot
to 1st; and $70.00 to 2nd. Voann
was first in 52 secouds and Angelina
Junior Base Ball
The Fernle Jiinlorbnll team defeated
the Cranbrook ijunlorn by a score of
14 to 19. Hard bitting was the predominating feature of the gnine.
Walllnger,'8. Murgatroyd. preferred and debenture stock, Bold in
Scouts-special—M. Dallas, Allen I London Just at the end of last year.
Lucy. ' Besides   thnt,  the   company,   it   ir
Girls' Consolntion—M. StKloi, M. pointed out, ordinarily has on hand
Barnhnrdt, L. Carson. a working cash balance of $50,000,00*
Boys' race, 8 to 10 -W. Woodman, or thereabouts. It could thus throw
R. Turner. J, Bright. $80,000,000   into   construction   wort
Girls' race, under 8—C. Corrison, this year without resorting to e
N. McNabb, Vera Baiter. stock   issue.      When   one   stops   tr
Boys' race, under 8—R. Leask, R. think how much work.ng capital it
Dnllas, B. Bateman. requires to run 12,000 miles of rail
Under 6—Ellen McLean, R. Donald- road, transoceanic fleets on botl
son, Allen Brake. sides of the continent, a hugh Irrlga
Wheelbarrow race—L. Beattie and: tlon project gnd the construction at
f. Swnin, G. Hnnnnh nnd rt. Murgn- nil times of 500 to MO miles of ne«
troyd, Charles Rimer and 0. Argue,  line, it Is no wonder If the Caaadiat
Mrs. Brake kindly presented the' Pacific mnnngement Is already lajrlnf
prizes and Mr. Leslie gave a few 1 plans tor a stock issue; but that doei
words on the objects of the Club nnd I not necessarily mean thnt the Issur
also on the Boy Scouts, which he ls ; wUI be mnde tor some time yet.
trying to organize, nfter which the "How much money the compsnj
National Anthem wns sung and three will use this year depends largely up
cheers given to emphasize the real let' on the amount of second track laid
ter days—"'Brnplre Day" 'after that upon the mileage of new
line which the labor supply and nat
Mrs.     Hnnnant    nnd    children   of
urnl obstacles allow to be built. Tbi
Skookumchuck   were
Royal Wednesday.
guests at
tne profrnmme for tbe year calls for 501
miles or more of new routes and i
considerable amount of double-track
ing between Winnipeg and Vancouver
besides station improvements and ei
largement of terminals, building nue
Apropos the rumors circulating In Jj**-*** °< "•*• hotels and the like
New York thnt the 0. P. R. ls about T,h"* <*<'*n **_*_ '° """ "•"T
C.P.R's New Financing
to issue new stock, the London Flnun
clal News states:
j    "Notwithstanding    the    (act    th.it
Pen- ooly two out ot live instalments huva
11. Bridges 2nd; und C.  been pnld by Canadian Pacific stock
I holders on the $18,000,000 new Block
12 to 14 years—F. Druml' ottered nt 150 In Jnnunry, New York
F.   L'ren   2nd;   and   1)., advices state that the management is
| working
12 to 14—A. Carson 1st
D.  McNeill 2nd; and 11. Chaw 3rd.
Girls'   rare,    10   to   14—Edith   M. I the time lor this oiler
$5,0OO,rno nn.! (10,000,000
Saving the Potatoes
The Canadian Potatoe will be saved from the dnnger of canker, threatening from Europe, if the department
of agricultural can save it. Potatoe
canker Is declared by the department
experts to be the most dreaded ot the
potatoe diseases, being practically Ir
radicahle. It stays in the ground for
yeurs. It is a fungus growth and If
very prevalent in continental Europe,
and in England where it has wrought
havoc with the tuber crops. The dls
nase was recently discovered in Canada in an Imported shipment of Euro
penn potatoes, and the consignment
wns destroyed instanter.
Since then the regulations huve
been amended and circulars will be
issued broadcast over the Dominion
Warning potato,, planters against the
use of seed potatoes they are required
to obtain u certificate that the potatoes are not diseased and are not lm-
ported from Europe. The. new regulations will lie rigidly enforced.
Claims He is King
Therowns n sitiKular judgement in
summons enne in tho county court ot
Westminster yesterday, Kustace Miles
the restndranttuir, sued one Smith,
who denied liability on the ground
thnt he is n kini*. He siRnod himself
"Charlex Hei" in a letter which he
wrote to the plaintiff, in which he
•laid: "1 fully expect to comply with
the request to pay a bill by the date
uimed, but a legitimate king of Knj*-
land reserves his prerogative in re-
rani to the fnltitlment of such nu
To this tbe plaintiffs replied tbat
they coulti not rely on his royal word
)f honor. The letter paper and post
■nrds used by the defendent were em
bossed with the royal crown and mon
oj-rram and the word "RosWKnm."
The judife issued a committal order
for seven days.
Mo: SI
Cranbrook District
The valley In whlrh la located the
■ity of Crnnbrook is destined, In the
iear future, to be of considerable hor
icultunil importance.
Probably no pnrt of Britluh Columbia is better adapted for fruits of all
tinds ih the greatest perfection, and
the question hns been asked. "Is not
fruit growing the most profitable in-
lustry for ranchers to turn their attention to"" This has been answered
ind demonstrated in  the affirmative.
Practically all the leading varieties
>f apples have proved surronsful in
the Cranbrook District.
Berries and small fruit do eitreme-
!y well, and this district gives pro-
nise of being the horticultural centre
'or those fruits most greatly in demand.
The Lacross Gamt
The first half of the game was slow
and showed a lack of practice on the
part of both teums. A Nelson man
was struck and hnd his ear split, necessitating an emergency call for a
physician. After 20 minutes play
Vlson scored, und one minute later
t'ranbrook scored.
In the second ball considerable Improvement was noticeable. It took
N'elson 12 minutes to score; Cranbrook immediately pulled together
.ind inside of the next 3 minutes equal
/•'d. At this stage of the game RK-
bnrn stepped on a rock and sprained
his ankle. Time wns called for the
application of Arnica and other liniments.
Tbe  score  u>>w   stood  Nelson  2  and
In tbe third quarter there was good
playing, with the advantage going to
Nolson who again scored in the next
10 minutes, following this with ■ a-
nother one two minutes later.
Manhart got a clip over tbe bead
and was laid out but waa able to resume piny.
The lust quarter was played rapidly and wan cliwely contested. No
Hcores were made. The game closing
in Nelson's f«vor by i\ score of 4 to m
Well  done  Nelson.
The line-up nt the *t*nnin wan nn follows:—-
Cranbrook Position Netson
McKay Goal Bell
Scott Point WlHiamoon
Leach Cover  Point       Manhart
Huffy 1st defense Pearce
Chambers.    2nd defense  II. Ferguaoo
VcWhiirt 3rd defense Gazelle
Hrechen centre     H.Ferguaeou
t-tUKNOl 3rd Home Nute
Callahan 2nd Home W.Fergoson
Mathews-    outside borne       Oununina
Garrett Inside home Curran
The following gentlemen have been
appointed Fire Wardens for the Cranbrook district:—
Fort Hteele Chief Warden
both of Cranbrook
St.  Mary's Prairie
, ndlnn Pacific stockholders nre warned
, by   American  financial   writers   that
I they may as well prepare to take $40
0. Argue, H. Han-,000,000  to  $50,000,000  of   new   stock,
The Independent Order of Foresters
will give a social dance in the Cm-
men's Hnll on Thursday, Mny 30th.
Good music and refreshments may be
Mr. R. Palmer, who has been visiting nt the const returned home Thursday.
The Titanic pictures of tbo dltmstnr
will be shown at the Auditorium next
McDonald 1st and O. McNabb 2nd.
Boys—10 to 12—M. Drummond, W.
W. l.amio, C. McNabb.
Hurdle race—J. Patterson. (J. Beat-
tic, M. Dallas.
Hurdlc-8 to 12
nali. W. Laurie.
BkippinR race I). Greaves. K. Bath
lo, M. Johnson.
I'Vl' and Spoon race- G.  Parnaby.
Girls' race—fi to in—a. Beech, J.
Bernard, J, Jones.
iMogged race, Hoys—T. Laurie and 0
Driinimond,    M.    Turner    and  R.  Mc
Hicvcnbutlinm, 1).    fironves   and    V.
8-leftged race, Girls F. Uron and 0
argue, W. Laurie and w. Ond wai laden, M. Leask and o. Thompson.
Thread and nei-diV-D. Greavos ami
F. Drummond, K. RntlllO and (J. Mr
Donald, M. Turner and A. Brown,
Hark race--B, Lnurio, W. Laurlo, I,
Girls' potatoe race— K. Taylor, G
Hfckcnhotliuni, M. Turner.
Boys'    Potatoe   race—H. Chaw, 0
Byc-Klection Polling Places
Proclamations t'lvlug May 30 as thi
date for nominations nnd June 20 foi
.    ,       , ,.        .    _   polling, In the event of a contest, Ir
nit plan, or Mattelrtook „le ,orth<oraln, ,,,„,,„„ „„ bl
uue of larger amount,  Th. director inmA Hll0rtI   „   r   t „ ,, MoM
lit la aald   hav   not d.Anat-1- ■»*   „ ntnni     j^' n,
tlm. lor thla oner   ind therefor,      ,„       ,        ,   ,M
there  la  no  use looking for official ,,„,      a     ,
, conllrmntion yet.   Nevertheleaii,  Ciin-
Hc«H are:
Ornnbrook riding—Yahk, Morle
Crnnbrook,   live   booths;  Marysville,
Klmherley, Port   Steele. Kort Hteelr
Junction, WiiH.i,  WirttslMiri-, llenedlrl
.„■ nhunt»\^*\*ToTalSTprmsi  S"11"",' *"'*""■   W'0''1-' •»'"*«*"«-.
Ht.   Rllgene   Mission,   f'rothers'   Mill
holdings in the nenr future. This
presumption pre-suppoaes thnt the
directors will be asking power to increase tin- nuthori/cd capital. The
authorized capital Is now *2OO,ooo,000
oi which •m.iioo.iBiii is issued, Laving only >2,(imi,mill that run lie Issued
without specinl nuthotiiatloa, Ooiv
ulileriitlnn of the position leads to
the conclusion that the new stock Issues Is hi,iiii-wh.it premature.
"Thn t'liiifiilinii Paclllc is by no
means, twinl up for money, nltlioui{b
the niiiiiiiiteiiient Is contlnuiilly en-
enl'ir-rliii' Its building programme mid
llllllllll- more facilities that have to
be provided, The (18,000,00(1 par val
ue Issue now being pnld (or will have
brought »27,ono,000 by October, added
to   whlrh  there   Is  ll.|||,000  nub   of
Leiisk * Johnson's Mill.
Oolumbla riding—Windermere, Ath
aimer, Wilmer, (jalenti, (.olden, Pal
liner, Field, Thunder lllll, Heaver
mouth, llogrr's 1'iiiwi, llrlsco, Mc
fernle rlillni;— Krurt Wardner, Jaf
Ifrny, Klkn, Morrlssey Junction,t'oil
('reek, Penile, four booths; Kernie
West, llosmer, Hparwood, Michel,
(Irows Nest, Sew Mlclu'l, Corbln.
Haynes, Wnlilo. Krag, Flagstone,
Knslo riding—Alnawortb, Knslo.twn
booths; Whitewater, fjirdo, Poplar
ilerrnrd, Trout hake, Kergiisson. HU
ver Cup Mine, Rlondel, Orawlord,
Mirror l.nke. Argenta, gueen'a Hay.
Salvation Army
3un. Morn. II a.m.—Holiness Meeting
lun. Aft. 2 p.m.-Hundsy Hchool
lun. Aft. 3:30 p.m.—Pre. and Kuiy
lun.   Night 8 p.m.-Hnlvation   Meet
Dlble Lesson
" \ Messing nnd a Curse"
Tuesday   ».   p.m.—Salvation   Meeting
rhursdny   R   p.m.—Holiness   Meeting
laturdav B p.m.—Praia. Meeting
Kverfkody  heartily Invited  to the
last services.
rnv.a a. stkiuk,
Captain Stride wishes to thank all
those who ao liberally helped toward
:he Helf-nentnl Rdort.
1 man be born again, he cannot tee
th. Kingdom of (lod."
The Pastor, llev. 0. K. Kendall will
'ead the services of the day, preaching in the morning on the topic—
"The Second Coming of Christ."
In the evening lending the service*
with the topic-"Lord, 1 will lollo.
thee. Hut."
The Sunday School will be held In
the afternoon at 3 p.m.
Pray for the pence ol Jerusalem,
taey ahall prosper that love thee.
Farming Congrats Invitations
The executive committee of the
board ol control ol the dry farming
congress met this evening and decided
to give n reception nnd luncheon cm
Wedneaday evening neit to all tbe
members of the board of control residing in Alberta and Saskatchewan
The local board of trade waa authorised to extent the invitations. At
thla luncheon there will be pretest
Daniel Morgnnof Spokane; Hon. Duncan Marshall, (leorge Harcourt, Ohar
lea P. Hotchktss, who will leave tbe
next day for 11 tour ol the State, aa
far na Teios to urge tbat delegations
and exhibit, be sent from each state
to tbe congress. Secretary Hums re-
ported that during bis recent trip
many of the state governers had announced their Intentions of sending
delegations which would include 50
each. To accommodate the visitor.,
M Pullman cars will be located ln tbe
city on sidings throughout the con
Today the Dominion government
sent out the formal elaborately en
graved Invitations to 59 nation., Inviting them to each appoint two delegates to the congress. Tbe Invttation.
were signed by bis royal hlghuea. the
Duke of Connaught.
Knights of Pythias
Nelson city—Five booths,
Revelstoke riding—flevelstoke, thre.
booths; nip fiend (Richard's Cubin),
Mlg Henri (Pritersen's Ranch), Albert
Canyon, (Under, Wigwam. Twenty-
four mile Board, Hull's handing, Arrowhead. Cnmirpllf, Heaton, Cam-
bourne, Onlenn liny, St. I^on.
Ilnasland city   Klve booths.
Slocnn riding- -Kuril's Siding, Slo-
cnn, Sllveiion, New lienver, Rose-
irerrv, Snn.lon, Noble Klve Mine.
Three Korks. MrOtllgnU, Nnkusp, Rur-
ton. Deer Park, Knterprlse Mine,
Ymlr riding-Knlrview. Ymir.Salmo
^iilmo IQtleen Mine), Krle, Arlington
Mine, Krultvnle, Hnywnrd, Trnll, two
booths; Ofl.tl.gnr, Westley, China
Creek, (iranlte. f>, llevlnea. Hlocan
Junction, Kdgewooil. Needles, Willow
I'olnt, Harrop, Koknnee, Proctor,
Ureys Creek, Rvkerts, Sirdar,Creston
Kitchener, Brlckson, Thrums. Arrow
Park.  Roswell.  Koch'. Rldlgg
That the order was founded on Keb
ruary 19th. 1»M. by Justice H. Rath-
bone at Wa.hingt.rn, D.C.
Thnt the Order had on Dec. 31. UW
7.SIT,  Subordinate  Lodge.
S5 Crand Lodges
711,311 Members
Subordinate Lodge assets of 117,8117
That Subordinate Lodge, paid for
relief In 1910 11.701,421.2*.
That this year Is Pythian Period
That the filiform Rank ha. 30,000
That there are two lodge. In Ala.va
two In China, one In Cuba, all In
Honolulu, one In Philippine Inland.,
and nine In the Omul /.one, all under
Supreme Lodge Jurisdiction.
That there are sli Pythian Horn..
for widows, orphan, and aged m.in-
bers. and sli more under wny.
Visit of the Duke
The [Hike ol Connaught Is booked
to appear at Nelson on the 7th ot
October. This news waB brought In
by a letter received by BUpheu H.
Hrarkln. Secretary of the Nalaoa
branch of the Over Sea. Olub. THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK, B. C.
clntokc   riding—llavolatoka,
lbs; lllu Bond  (Itli'liiinl's OaDin),
Hind (I'atorson's llniicli), Albert
Canyon,   Cllnoior,   Wigwam,   Twenty
Ini'l  uii'r llonnl, Hull's handing, Ar
rowlio nl,   Comaplix,   lloiiton
binirne, Ottlenn Hay, si. Loon.
li, M I mil iny   Five bootba.
Slociin  riding—Koch's Sluing
c ui,    Rllverion,    New   Denver
.',    Slllldon,     Noble    Klve
Three Fork", McUlilgan, Murium.
■mi,    I'l-i-r   Park,   Bntcrprlae   Minn,
Vn ii iiiiiiu'   li'iilrvu'w, Ytnlr,8iUmo
(Queen Mum, Brio, Arlington
'iim-. l-'i-int.v.il,-, Bnywurd, Trnil, two
booths;    Canlli'i'.ar,     WoBtlOy,    Cliiiiu
Creek,   Grnnltc,    t'. DovlilOB,   HI,,can
I unction,  Rdgowooil   Ncoillos, Willow
I olnl     Hurron,    Koknnaa,   Proctor,
UrcyH ('reck, RykerU, Sirdar,Creston
Itchcner, lUrickson, Thruma,  Arrow
l*nl'k,   HOBWell,   Koch's  Sidigg.
*te&*>m_ * t. ■■ /~-?&#^i&N$*to.< ■■■'        V —t ^— ^	
m piic    Linked
Where to Obtain the Staff of Life
CRANBROOK  BAKERY-K.  W. Kummer,  Proprietor
Nervous Debility
rum w-pti* MtrTHnn TBEATMENT will cure vow aiut make a man of
R NEW METHOD TREATMENT will cure vou ami make a man of
udei-tt-. intlittiu'.-e tlm ijr.iu becomes active, the blood purlUed m ti.-.i all
i, blotches, and ulcers^heal up: tne uervea become »' ■'■:*-•      -'■■     -   tbai
you.   tn(__.
pimples, blotches and uw-.n u~~, -?. —- ■-—  — -
ot-rvunsne-is, basntulness and despondency disappear; thee; i too-un* uncut, ibe
face full ana clear, energy returns to the body, an-l ih»» tnor I, physical ami mental
■ystemsare Invlaorateui r.ll dr ins cense—no more vital waste i ■ tna •vat*....
You feel yourself a, man ao4 know marriace cauu-jt be a f-iiiun*. Don't let quacks
•nd fnklr'a rob you _t your har.1 earaea dollars.
r^-i-r v.. Summers relates bis experience:
'*I was trou Jedwl b Ni rvoiw Debility
for many years,   IJ ■•■it to .uiilacretwu
and excesses tn youth.  I t-ucuma ve
despondent and didn't care *.l.-tht?r I |
worlfod or n-t.    I iinacii-'-d everybody
•tlio looked at tne gueawd my secret
tive dreams at ci^ht weakened
line—my back ached, bad pains in t:. ■
'backof my headi hands and feet were
cold, tired in tli-' morning, poor a] petite,
Angers were shaky, eyes olurretl, hair
10080, memory poor, eta  Kumbnessln
tliftlin-.'i'.Bt'tinaiU t!. ■ doct r told m*1
bo feared paralysis,  I took ad ki-ids oi
medicines and   tried  mnny fl»t*ctass
physicians, wore an electri • beltforthreeu
montln,  tut  re ■ . ■! :i ile benefit.  1*
w i Induced toe a alt Drs. Iv-mikI** ■'
Kennedy, though I tod lost nil fair', i
doctors. Like ft drowning man I commen l the New Meti. —  - _ _
saved my life. The Improvement w ■ li':-; magic—I could feel tiie vigor going through
the nerves, I was cured mentally and physically, lhavo Bent them many patients
•nil coutinue to do -.-•>.
peculiar to Man.
CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS FREE. If unabl. to call writ* for a Quittion
Blank for Homo Treatment.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
M^HVtellOTIaC^F "'*'' 'ettt'r'* 1r'm Cau.-icl., must lie aililrcssed
■pWW I IVL to our C.iniiiliiiii Correspondence Depart-
mm^^Sr .^■■mmnm ment in Windsor, Out, II vou desire to
sec us personally rail nl our Medical Institute in ijiiruii a. we see nnd tre.it
ao p.iient. in nur Windsor offices wlileli are for Correspondence and
I,aliuratory /or Canadian business only. Address all letters as follows:
"f  TftEATltKST   and   it
^_Wrlto for our private address.
It's the
Use it for
bread, pies,
cakes, biscuits,
Western   Canada   Floqr Nlill9   Company,   Limited
Sold   liy
The   Fink  Mercantile  Co.
Wht £tantoirt
THE   STANDARD    . ■   tl
Weekly   Nawspuper   of   th«   |>i,m<nW.ii
uf ciiti-iiiu.      It ts nati'H
It iihi-h the tnoel  ■ \|,i nsl
Iiikm, procuring thi   phi
all ovor tin- world.
Its article* ure i irel        si-li   ted ui
its    i-dilnrbil    polli )
A    subscription    n-    Th.'    .-' imliu
(•itritx $2.00 por year  to Htiy   ultln ti
Canada or Ureal  llrlhiin,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montrtal  'it.m.i.i.■!  Publishing Co.,
Limit.d, Publishers,
Td.DI M.uki
CotavniGHTS AC.
tpnilll. a»W"t'tl »r|.lrt..rrl[it|. -   :   ...
':" !'r.'.',";.''..V.i"'HAHORboK '■ '■'■ V- .' '•,
Scientific Inieflcaii.
a  tinn*i*-'«if!*' illiuiraifvl mtkWj,    Un	
■ ition (.1 imj'  .i-iiiiiii'  foflnml,    i<-    foi
I   umilAi   %■'■"■   i    •'-■!.   IfMlUKf  l-li-jwii-l.     .-.,,-1   1<1
nil videalsrs.
MUNN & Co.30""0*"3-* New York
rJranon utiles, oM v hi , rVuhfoirton, i». *'.
Can a wunutn keep a uecret? hhKh
an exchange. Shfl can Thai \t\ to
suy sho cun koep toll.ntt it
Make   y-mrm-lf   ''■ollil"  wii.li every
llnlnt* creature on  the  'arm.     'Mnh
blnft a   hull  Of  kirk Ini'  a COW   will  Mot
Ibtrlduce you Into thru lavor
When n young mini ih writing a love
tartUr he mhould keep constdtltly ho
fort bla mind huw It wuuld look In
~ j Borne people 8ecm to he obliged t-i
■talk mean «.( others, Tlml Hecinn i"
in' their "iily etihject ol luterent nn
which to spend tin hour In nelKhhoi
ly convernfttion Hoon you will hear
what they mild and naturally ynu got
na mail mi n hornet, uhIoha yon nro
un angel, Since that le noldom tho
COflfl, wi- would (idVtHfl yon to he winland COO] Oil. Ki'iiii'inlici that t,*fiHH||i-
i't» havr   very   llttlo   judgement   and
common wmip.
The Anti-Fly Campaign
All over the En«t ol Canada and
the United RtateB there in an active
campaign against the house liy. 1"
some parts ol the United States It lo
assuming very grotesque forms. We
commend the anti fly campaign to
the consideration ol the people ot
:'• tisl Columbia, but suggest that it
li |» directed against tne source
thi   pest.
It - better to prevent the breeding
: Hies than to try and kill them
when they are on the wing. One fre
■■cent and very dangerous scource ol
flies - the cans in which fruit or vegetable*: have been snld. V. these nre
thrown out without care being taken
see that they are clean, there Ie
always sure to be more or less of the
contents adhering to them. In this
dies are bred, or ut least they feed on
:t. and they are likely to carry away
from it germs of the most poisonous
Stables are nreedine places of flies.
and every person owning one should
see to it that it and its surroundings
are kept as clean as possible. There
should he no open receptacles of kitchen refuse. Tho common house-fly
is a sure indication that there is liltli
somewhere at hand. Professor Hodge
of the Clark University, siys:—-
The extermination of the fly as the
universal distributor of filth and disease, is ttie lirst step in the prcven
tlon of disease. We are living in
what is being called the age of good
health. We are in the dawning of
that ago nf good health and we shall
save in the coming years enormously
through  prevention of diseases.
Fly screens no more settle the (i'1Pt!
tlon for us than a mud hole does for
hogs. The hogs hide from the Hies in
the mud, but still the flies carry hog
cholera to the animals'food. We must
place to place. When your fly-trap If
filled, hold it under the hot water
faucet—and feed the Hies to tllfl flower bed or to the chickens.
uenta i
a Inch
25,000 Men for Sewers
.1. W, Collins, president, and D. O.
Dennis, engineer of construction of
the (Ireat Northern Construction Oo.
of New York city, a Arm which they
assert, hns carried out sewerage work
of the first magnitude there and in
other large American centres, arc
here for the purpose of laying a pro
position before the city council for
the installation of a complete new
high pressure sewerage system.
They assert that they can complot'
this work within the next »ix montb
by putting on an army of 25,0011 b
borers whom they would bring frop
Europe if necessary and who would
be controlled *n camps of military
pattern. ,
The system would have a pressure
of 1700 pounds per cubic inch am'
would   solve   for   all   time   Winnipeg *
sewerage problem. They exprosa then
selves willing to li nance the work,
which would run Into many millions
with city ■■ per cent, bonds nt 98, re
deemable after ten years.
1 Bye-Election Polling Places
proclamations giving May no no the
date b,r nominations and .June 20 for
polling, in the event of n contest, tn
the forth-coming byo election will be
I issued nbortly by Oapt, I). ('. MeMor-
j iih, returning officer, The number of
polling places is 139 My provincial
! ridings tllfl polling places are:
>   Crnnhrook riding—Yahk, Moyie
i 'ranbrook,   five   booths;   Marysvil
I Klmherley,   Fori     Steele,   Fort   Stcelo
Junction, Wnoa, Wattsburg, Benedict
Riding, Wardner. Wyellfl, Klngflgnte,
St. -W ii gone Mission, Crothora' Mill
I Leask & Johnson's Mill.
Collimblu riding- Windermere, Athalmer, Wilmer, (lalenn, Goldon, 1'nl-
llaor, Field, Thunder mil, Menve.r-
mniit.li, Rogor'fl i'aan, Bl'lHCO, Mc.
Fernie riding     Rant Wardner, ,laf-
liay. Klkn, MofliHf.ey Jiliiel iuii.t'n il
Crook, Fernie, four booths; Fernie
West, lloMinei, Hparwond, Michel,
CroWO Neilt. Sew Michel, Gortllfli
Mnyneft, Waldo, Krng, FlagHtono,
On to way
Kaslo rifling Aim-Worth, Itnfllo.tWO
booths; Whitewater, hnrdo, Poplnr
fierrard. Troul l.aiie, Fnrguoflon, H|l-
vor Clip Mine, ici'.tidel, Crawford,
Mirror Lake, \rgentu. Qlioon'fl May,
Nelson city  Five hoothH. I
lid encircling chain of wUv
leg- st ttloua foi tbe British Govern
Meat, i.nnied (or the past year, ts
.mn  t.i  be  it  material  fad      Mtei
ianv   delays   tbe   British   I'ostin.iStei
lenoral, acting on behalf ot his gov
rament and the governments o! the
tomlnionfl and   colonies,   has  (ormetly
notified the Marconi Company ol the
iicceptance ol their terms tor erect mc.
..ll the long distance stations require
loi the wlrolesa scheme decided upon
by the Imperial Conference last Juno
says the BHectrlcal Revlow and Wes
tern Fleet ncuui (Chicago), which
goes on to  glvo   these further details
The construction of stations will
proceed forthwith at London, GQgypt,
vden Dangnlore, Pretoria, and Siug
Tins chain ol stations repro
>nly the beginning d( the schem
will be carried further in the
near future throughout the Elm pi re so
s to enable the Umpire to he tu a
reat extent independent of the ault-
narine cables. There is no doubt
lhat stations will be established in
countries contiguous to the colonies
[oe communication with them, in
which case the colonies will he in a
lositlon of being able to communicate
■heaply and directly with any coun-
ry with which they are doing business within a range of two or three
thousand miles. The erection of such
tations should within a very short
Lime enormously reduce the rates now
barged to many colonies for tele-
-raphic communication with other
'olanies and with the mother country
Postmaster General Samuel, in submitting the postoffice budget in the
house of commons, London, England,
n Monday, snid: the questions of
compulsory wireless Installation on
hips und the conditions that should
e imposed for continuous service
vere matters that were engaging the
lose attention of the president of the
lOnrd of trade and himself. Probably
• hey would he considered at the inter-
tntionnl conference on wireless tele-
raphy in London next month.
Provisional arrangements, added
•Ir. Samuel, had heen made with the
Marconi Company for the erection
through the British empire of wire-
ess stations able to communicate
with each other at a distance of 2000
•idles or more. Six stations would
he erected at tirst. One would be in
England, probably the next two
would be located respectively in E-
gypt and British East Africa. There
would he another in India, another
in South Africa, and the Australian
government would erect one for itself
The cost in round figures, for each
station, excluding the sites of the
buildings, would be cco.noo ($800,000)
Mr. Samuel, referring to the growth of the postal business in London,
said the postoffice contemplated constructing its own tube railway, ran-
Ring east nnd weBt, for the convenience of mails and parcels. Mr. Samuel said a SO per cent reduction In tel
isphone charges between England and
France had not yet In en effected because the new cables had not yet been
connected by land lines to Paris,
'ti'ps were being taken to extend tele
hone communication with the con
Inent and it would not bo long he-
ore London was in communication
■vith Merlin.
C.P.R's New Financing
Apropos the rumors circulating In
Now York that, the O, P. R. is about
to issue new stock, the London Fiimn
Rial News states
"Notwithstanding tho fact that
■ inly two out of live instalments have
been pnld hy Canadian Pacific stock
holders on the $18,000,000 new stuck
offered at 160 In January, New York
■idvices Btnte that the inanageinenl is
working out plans for another stock
issue of larger amount. The director
It Is snid, have not dellnately fixed
the time for this offer, and therefore
there Is no use looking for official
confirmation yet. .Nevertheless, Canadian Pacific stockholders are warned
by American financial writers that
they may as well prepare to take ?4(>
000,000 to $50,000,000 of new stock,
or about ^0 per cent, of their present
holdings In the near future. This
presumption pre-supposos that the
directors will be asking power to increase the authorized capital. The
authorized capital is now $200,000,000
of which fiQft,umi,000 is Issued, leaving only $2,000,000 that can be issued
without special authorization. f'on-
iiideration of Ihe position leads to
the conclusion that tllO new stock issues Ih somewhat premature.
"Thn   Canadian   Pnoffln   Is   by   no,
moans hard  up for money, altl i-h
tho   munagomont   Is continually  on !
three I pointed out, ordinarily has on hand
a working cash balance of $50,000,000
or thereabouts. It could thus throw
$80,000,000 into construction work
this year without resorting to a
stock Issue. When one stops to
think how much work.ug capital it
requires to run 12,000 miles of ruil-
rond, trans oceanic fleets on both
sides of the continent, a liugh irrigation project gud the construction at
all times of MM to mm miles of new
lino, It ia uo wonder if the Canadian
pacific management is already laying
plans for a stock issue; hut thnt does
aot nocOBSal'lly menu that the issue
will be made for some time yet.
"How much money the company
will use this year depends largely upon the amouul of B03OIU1 track laid,
after that upon the mileage of new
line which the tabor supply and natural obstacles allow to bu built, The
profrnmiUQ for the year calls (or MM
Utiles or more or new routes and a
•"l-mdevnhle amount ol double tracking bet WOO ii Winnipeg and Vancouver,
amides station improvements and en
largomont of terminals, building and
eqdlpmont of new hotols and the like.
Throe DCOftn ste one.rs to cost between
55,000,000 and $10,000,000 are under
ay nes
Them* n
ote.8 woi
id too late for
LIUI'l !
.ni in ,
week's issue
|     A. J oil if te, Prop.
Norbury Ave.     +
Central   Meat f
Rosedale Dairy Butter
Mrs.  Prod  Adolph and daughter
veil home on Thursday
The lake is looking very pretty at
present especially in the -ive.iing,
when white wings, in full sail, ,s
speeding over the waters (and logs)
Another boat would be very acceptable, as white Wings is rather crowded at times.
Mrs. Tormoy and family have removed to Spokane, where they Intend
to llvo for awhile.
The Land Company seem mighty
slow in commencing operations on the
new ditch, as we understand the surveyors are nearly through.
Mr. and Mrs. Williams have rented
the house lately occupied hy Mr. Tormoy and have moved in there this
Good reports are to hand from Mrs
I. D. Aye, who 1ms recently undergone an operation in Spokane, we
shall be glad to see her hack again.
We congratulate Mr. P. Backs on
having the smartest looking house In
Haynes, it is surprising what a little
paint will do.
Mr. and Mrs. Pensom and daughter
arrived tn Baynes last Sunday, from
the old country also bringing Mr. and
Mrs. Blake, sister and brother-in-law
to Mrs. Pensom,
Mr. D. Stilling has contracted for
the plumbing in the now hotel. Mr.
Hob Edmondson tor the electric fit
tings, both are busy.
Mr. Radford's horse, who recently
met with an accident by running in
to some barbed wire, is progressing
famous, under the care of Mr. D. W
A meeting was held in the new Hall
last week to consider the offer made
by the government of a new school in
Baynes. After a long discussion on
the sdbject it was finally put to the
vote and finally decided to reject the
offer made by the Government and en
large the old school.
Mr. G, Sllvorlock left for Calgary
laBt Wednesday, to take up a position
with Pryce Jones & Co. in the Grocery department.
Mr. W. H. Griffiths arrived back
Spokane, bringing with him a fine
bunch of horses.
Mme Steinhield's Memoirs
Messrs.Bell announce that they have
Messrs. Bell announce that they
just published the Colonial Edition
of Madame Steinheil's Memoirs,
Rumor has already been busy w th
this latest "sensation" and it is said
that in Prance determined efforts
wero mnde by those most interested
to prevent Madame Steinhell's revelations from seeing light In the country of her birth. Indeed this is not
to he wondered at, for Madame Htiln
holt's a mil'/. Ing experiences during the
famous Stelnheil Murder affair—her
acknowledged position as the intimate
friend of President. Kaare and n
leader of French society—place her in
a position to "lift the veil" of dls
eretlon tu the consternation of some
and the entertainment of the world
at large,
The experience of being charged,
tried and acquitted of the crime of
strangling one's own husband and
mother Is so rare that It is no sur
prise to learn that Madame fltelnheil
devotes a considerable portion of her
llfp. Wo now have the full story—the
murder—Madame Steinheil's arrest
and imprisonment In Saint Laznrre,
where for ,153 days she awaited tiie
final trial—the magisterial lnulry
and the trial itself.
Madame Stelnheil keeps back nothing; on the contrary she discloses certain facts which, noting under the advice of her counsel Maitre Auhln,
were concealed nt tho trial, but which
it Is now deemed udhfsabln to reveal.
These facts place an entirely fresh
aspect upon tiie still unsolved
mystery of the murder of M. Htoln*
hell and Madame Japy, her mother,
and  we understand  that  in addition
to these revelations, Madame fltolll-
enlarging Its building programme and!hell brings nn Indictment, of a most
finding more facilities thnt Imve to flflnBiltlOfifll character agalnut a cer-
hn provided Tho $18,000,000 pur val tall! French newspaper for tho part
UO Issue now being paid for will have it played in "solving" the mystery.
brought $27,000,000 bv October, added1 The happier side of Madame Hteln-
to which there pi fl.|$|,000 eacli of httll'fl life Is extensively dealt with m
preferred mid debenture stock, sold in the first portion of ber memoirs, lu
London Just at the end of last year, which she Booms she is seen presiding
Besides   thai,   the   company,    it   Is over   hor   brilliant  salon,   which   la-
Carload of Cood Fat Steet s
from the Prairie
******** ;*********
T TTtWtITtM'ItTTTT tt XT t T T •§* t**I* 'f,ll,ll',lT,,l,T'l',l'TTli,T'll -W
(G. DOWNING, Manager.
Under New Management
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The Cranbrook Exchange
W. P. DORAS,  Proprietor
JVe   Buy, Sell or Exchange
Goods of all Discription
HOTEL g:c"brook'
Is ii large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
|   The   Wentworth j
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
clniled among its froiint-nters such
noted men ns Honnet tlic painter
Zola, Massenet the CompOHOr, and
Francois Ooppoe,
In tel Iim- the story of her friendship with President Felt* Fa nre she
takes us behind the hccmcb in the political world, and ghowfl him, to^ether
wiili DelraSHf-, t'lemenceau,  llaiiotaax
ami all the lending French statesmen
OXCitlng times of the Dreyfus affair
aud the Kashodn Incident.
More Works ForCarneigte
People speak of the American continent as the New World, hut there Is
a reason to hcllevs that the civilization ut the central parts of America
Is one of the oldest of tlm known
world. Among the hooka recently
added to the Oarnlglo lihrary is an
interesting account of the journeys
made hy Mr. J. I.. Stephens into (len
tral America over Till years ago.
They were the most extensive pioneer Journeys ever made hy a stranger
in the peninsular nud his hook contains a ACOOtlnt of visits to li ruined
cities or places where remains or vob-
tlgen of ancient population were to
he found.
The oxlstance of most of those ruins
whb entirely unknown to arclineolo
Kisis generally. They were doHolnto
and overgrown with trees, hot for n
brief space the silence that had overhung them for centuries was broken
hy Mr. Htephens aud again left to
solitude and silence, and lime und
the elements are hnstenillg them to
utter destruction. In a few genera*
tlons these grent edlllees,  then  sides
covered with sculptured ornaments,
already cracked aud yawning, mast
fall and heroine mere shapeless
A wonderful civilization appears to
have existed there in the past. Hiero-
glyplllce have heen dm- up, hut no
one has yet heen nhle to decipher
(hem; ami tin- history of these lost
peopled Ih helieved to he entirely unknown to the archaeologists of today
Hooks containing nu account of
these marvelous remains, profusely Illustrated hy Otlgravingfl, are now in
the Onmegie lihrary and can he seen
hy anyone  interested  in  the subject.
Then* was nlso a certain standard
of civilization reached hy the early
inhabitants of the Mississippi Valley,
and the Carnevie library has obtained a remarkable hook hy K. 0, Hi|ulra
and K. H. Mavis published by the
Smithsonian Institution of Washington, in 1847, lu the ancient monu-
tiicnts of the Mississippi Valley com-
prlBinir the results of original surveys
aad explorations. This splendid
volutnnc contains numerous plates,
charts, and maps of the ancient remains.
The library has also secured the Ar
hor reprint of the first three English
books on America, published 1511 to
lMi.'i ond translated into Kngllsh hy
Richard Wden, with extracts from
the works of Spanish, Italian, and
(lennan writers of the time, This is
n most Interesting work on enrly A-
morlonnn ami should be consulted hy
all who take an Interest in early A-
aierlcan exploration.
Another hook which deals with
more recent time, hut is none the less
Interesting on that account, Is n
translation of Charlevoix's History
and Honora! Description of New
Franco, helm: an account of the occupation of lower Ontario from the
earliest days. tiie rnosrECTOR, cnAximooir, 7?. c.
I i**********A******rw**0*mmt >      +0>***0WW**0W*j*0WWWWWW**2
Sermon by     '
Pastor Brooklyi
Rrooklyn,   N.Y., '.-Pnalnr
Russell ..I Uio Brooklyn Tubermclo
preached in lho Academy of Music
to-diiy tu nearly Iweuly-flvo hundred
liourors. His lopio was, "Why Christ
Aroso from Uio Dcnd"; bis text, "if
Christ lm not risen, then is our
preaching ruin, and your fuith nU*.
vain j yea, and we aro found fulse
witnesses of God. " * " Then thoy
nlso which nre fallen hslcep in Christ
nro porisued." (I. Corinthians xv,
14, 15, 18.)   Ho said:
The fnilh i.noe delivered to lho
saints by Josus und tho Apostles in
respect to tlio resurrootion oi tliu
dead Jms been very generally losl.
Christian people profess u belief in
lho resurrection, becauso they find it
stntod in lho Bible, yet they nre eon-
linually in difficulty in their endeavor to mako llm Scriptural teaching
on tho subject squnro with, somo of
tho uuscriptursl theories received
Into Uu- Church, und incorporated
into runny of the orcods during the
"llnrlt Ages."
I St, Paul warned the Church against
these human philosophies, and railed
them "science, falsely so called,"
which makes void lhe Word of Cod.
Those errors have been instrumental
iu dividing ilio fnith of Cod's people
into six hundred denominations, witli
aix hundred different professions. If
Cod's peopl,.- could nil come Imck to
the simplicity of ibe Bible's tokening
in respect lo the resurrection of the
dead, nil of these differences would
speedily dispapear. Clod'-* Word
would bo seen to be beautiful nnd
harmonious, satisfactory to the consecrated intellect, lis none of our
sectarian creeds nre.
Itoully the doctrine of tlio resurrection of lho deud has bcen repudiated
by ull denominations, not willingly,
not intentionally, but perforce, us it
were. An opposite theory received
and intrenched in the minds gives
no place lor the doctrine of lhe re-
surrcction, us the Bible presents it.
Consequently wo hnve twistod the
doctrine oi Die resurrection end re.
cite, "I believe in Uie resurrection
of the body."
V'l cv.-n this perverted view oi Ilie
resurrection is not satisfactory to
1b.is,; who hold il.   They wish many
II timo Hint the doctrine of the resurrection woro nut in the Bible, so
luiie'i difference does it cause. For
Instance, how Inconsistent it seems
that they should* sny, "1 believe in
the resurrection of lhe body," nnd
then suy. ns mnny do, Dying is but
going home, getting rid of tlio mortal
Hesh, and being freed from its limitations, lf it is u blessing t<i die and
get free from the limitations of the
body, how. could it be il blessing to
be reincarcerated in the body, and be
obliged to keep it tbrougb nil eternity ''. Such is the inconsistency of the
resurrection, however, from the gen-
em! view.
There is nothing inconsistent ill the
Biblo presentation ol the resurrection. Not from the Bible. Inn from
men, comes the suggestion of the
resurrection of the body. The, Bible
invariably refer: to the resurrection
of the soul. It is lho soul thnt dies;
ns w,. rend. "The soul Hint sinuoth,
it. shall die." Adam wns created n
living s il, bnt his living soul came
under the dentb aenteno I beams'- he
disobeyed Clod. It wns his soul thnt
was redeemed from dentb. not his
body. "I will redeem thy life (look
up the word life lo see if it is from
Hie 11,1,lew word meaning soul, und
if so, udd the word soul after the
word life, in parenthesis) from de.
hltiietion."—l'snlm eiii, 4.
To accomplish this redemption we
read llml Christ Jesus "pound oul
His soul unto dentli"; "He made His
soul uu offering for sin." Moreover,
wo are particularly told that it was
tb" soul of .lesus Hint was raised
from the >li nil: "Thou wilt not leave
My soul in sliool." HI. Peter quotes
this statement as prophetical of Hi"
resurrection of Jesus, that. HU soul
wus not left ill hades; God riiis-il
Jems from the deud on lhe third iluy.
With whut body do they c 'ine? is n
totally different question. Some of
the d"ud souls, iu the resiirreetion,
will coin" forth with spirit bodies,
uud others with human bodies, according to Hie Bible Bul the Important point is, Ihnt il. is the soul, lhe
being. Hint comes forth, lliat is resurrected—noi lhe body. If tho soul
die-, lis tb" Ilibl" declares, llien
inniilfistly tho soul should bo resurrected,
The ilillicnlty with in bus been Hint
we "bnve mnde void the Word ol
Clod" by olll' "tiiulitii.n-." Wu r •
reived from ih" Grecian philosophers
n liiiditioii which Bocnile* mul Plato
both advocated, namely, Hml when n
IlUI'llHI   bring  dies  he  does  Hot   I'clillv
die.   The soul, it is claim d, cannot
ilie,  bul, whenever Ibe  I fell out
,.( ibe body, the body din. How
.tiling i It iociiii thnl we ull. ns in.
tciligont. thoughtful beings, have ne-
("pted this heathen philosophy, wlt.li.
nil5 ii word of Heriplur i for its sup-
port, and with hundreds of Scripture!
to eoiiib inn it!
Wc Cllll .'00 how lho hrnliicn philosopher? might be led lo conjure up
such n theory, I nine of their desire
to l,"li"ve in a lultiro life und because
Ihcy liiid no rrvchitiou from (lod
respecting a fiilure llle. They Ibere
(..ie tried their best lo convince them,
selves Hint man really does not dip—
llml. no mnu can die. The Bible
theory is the very reverse of Ibis.
iiHine'ly, Hint u limn is not merely a
body, 'llml he Is a soul, u thinking,
sentient being, Neither is lie a
bodiless being, uud iml..' I he cannot
b" ii bring i.t nil without a body, His
body may change, us science declare*
it (Joes gradually, hour by hour, Until
t complete chon i in effected in sevn
Thu- ii mull, a roul. n seiilicnl being, mny iu a life ol illly years bnve
sloughed off gradually suflfoloiil mutter In   have composed   seven   bodies.
But ihe moment lhe sloughing off of
.Ibis  living  ii".llr   no.I   'f;i   ItlllStltU'
ti-'n of Ilvltl" lini" vc
ilclllli; und lis soon ns tbe body dlOS
Ibe soul dlcn-lluil is. Ihe int Illjofll
being ceases, There ran ba no liiinl;.
ing without a brain, no breathing
Without lungs. i:o iniiliitenuiic' of
life iu nny a'liae of lhe wind without
• body,
What It Proved and What
It Guarantees—The Core
of tie Gospel.
^*++*0**fl+0*m0*0*0*0>0*0*t*0*f*0***f*0)$\ ■
This would have heen a totul de.
■truotion <•! tho soul luul not God
Bpooinlly provided, as the Pro-.hpt
declares, thnt Ho would redeem man's
lift; (sou!) from destruction, through
tlio redemptive work accomplished
hy J0SU3 in giving Hus soul an offering fuv nmii'fi sin, and thus intiliiiiK
possible man's resurrection from tin-
It is in consequonc& of this Divine
phies and idolatries, which did so
much to make ihn Word of God of
hone efffiot; and tho fact should be
noted that it is tho name of a Greek
Kodiies.'i. The oomj-romisinff spirit
Induced some of the early Church to
admit Uie heatlin philosophies and to
oonunlngle with these tho Inspired
teachings of the Bible; hut now thorn
is the loud cull to true Christians to
rid themselves of science anil philosophy "falsely .so-called," und to return
lo the Biblical simplicity id the Divine Revelation.
Of tliis Revelation alone St. Pi-tor
declares, "it is aide to make you
wise unto salvation," ami to "give
you au inheritance among all them
which an- sanctified'," And again,
"The Word of God Is sufficient, tlm.
: Puzzle   ol   the   Curious   Twin   Sl3M
Known as Delle. Crphfi.
Nono of th,' modern incandescent,
nre or other lights are half as wi n-
derfiil as llo- light thai nature provides nl nil timo.-. There nn in lhe
sky inaiiy lights Unit the layman lias
never heard of that are brighter than
. Many of those aro noted
brilliancy of their color and
the ranee of their variations.
Great-Graudfalher    of    th.    Present
Sovereign Spent Soon Tlrna In the
Dominion   Many   Years   Ago,   and j""'  '
Was   Widely    Popular   Wilh    All      >r '
Classes—Was Very Quiet and Re- j    Kor Instance, there is a star named
served In His Manner. j Helta Cephei, which in the course cf
... i about   three   days   nltenintelv   gains
When  the orders cf tin day were 1 and  losoa a  largo  part of  its  light,
railed in lhe House of Commons dur-   The spectroscope has proved tlml Del-
.„„„.„.„•   ,„„.'"»  »  ''ecent  sitting,  the  Hon.   P.   ta Cephei consists  oi two stars reman of (lod mny be thoroughly !     ,* *.l,n'*»t c' Public Works, rcso   volving   around   one   another,   much
furnished unto every good work." let'    ,?,,. o!    i      ,,       ,   ., like a pair of double pinY-heela. ah
us 'to-day, then, rejoice in Him who "'I-"leaker, before tbo House pro- though they never get far enough
died'for our sins and who rose on lhe Mea" W'Ui lho orders ol the day. I apart to he separately visible from
third-day for our justification. Sin?  l0  "mlom",°  that  Her   tho earth.
 iioyit Highness, tho Princess Louisa, !    Even when viewed with a telescope
lias been pleased to present to Can- their light is blended into a simile
aui, through His Royal Highness, ths ' star disk, although if we could go
(iovernof-Uei:ernl.   for   our   national
Those Who Comnocf It Found Amon»
Rich   end   Poor   Alike.
Whether wo agree with whal men
accounted the world's greatest thinkers Imve had to say on various
ieols of interest t" us nil i- a qtfi
each of us has the blessed privili
deciding for himself.   But it di
hurt an
. I
w  mnu
st   hm
f.et us rid our minds of the foi
thought llml He did not really die,
that He only seemed to die—that
when the Roman soldiers erueilied
Him. He simply uot out of His body,
lunched at them, and snid, "I huv
national j near enough to them we should find I „„,!
i learn the points ol
by thinkers who at
faculty enjoyed hy
very few of us — tlmt oi expressing
themselves plainly and saying exactly
what, they want to suy. No man wns
more gifted iu this direction than the
■.-rent Ruskin and Ihe following liiti.'
talk < u work nn.i whnl it really means
•- quit - worth while, however much
the youncer generation may look upon
the {.'rent writer, along with others of
his day, as u back number.
There are, says Ruskin, idle poor
and idle rich; and Ibere are busy
poor and busy rich, Many a beggar is
'a/.y as il be had JIO.BOO a yenr;
f large lorlu
inform:rs have always been
reg'.rded with odium.
l.'oses Started Ihe Business S3 Fer 31
History Is Concerned—Tcslimony
of the Traitor Is Alwa/i Taker
With Suspicion—Spies' Work Be.
lore Bonaparte':. Threatened Invasion of   England Cause   Excitemcnl
Tin  nil -gi
1 spies who hove firuvtd-
ed "copy ' o
internatioual interest foi
render-s    during    recent
months wet
■ follow ing an occupation
oi  very  am
ient  origin;  for did  not
immandmcnt of the Lord''
r-t-lld OUt tW(
Ivj spies into the land ol
Cannon?    "
l'l spy"   nowoday-3   i-   11
K«in°«fth«^i?h«,t.f7i " IT-"'"   -wfdiea «t all; 1 could not die; you
notion of humanity >hnt the Scrip-  0(Ju]d not kj]1 'jM(l/.   Lefc M m|1Hll.
tur-es speak of death as merely
falling asleep hir h time, to wait for
tho now body in the resurrection,
r.'iMif'v than to speak oi us ns dying aa
the bruto beasts. The word sleep implies that in tho Divine purpose n
future life is Intended, and will eventually ho givon.
St. 1'tiul does not leave Uie matte
l"!iDnk6VKeoiJ'e-,'l'0Vlr"^i'n 0U °'!*'l1l lh"y Hi" f-l'ft "I1!1,'0"8 Sl bSsier,timn"hiTerrandboy.a'nd ™ve,
t.ie ijuke of hent.   J his painting, eie-   miles apart.   When brightest tbe unit-1 „„,'i,i .,,:„,. ,,   ', in„ f.   ,i,„ ,,.,„, I
cuted  by Sir Willis,,,   I'eeohey.  will   ed light ol the twin stars |. tivn or   !"'il,,', ,avbles    So tl?a    i   a laree
farm n verv inpnnUhA -.'l-mf*,- i« -»*   ti.m.. i:.*.,«, ,, „« ,i, un„ ;„:..».   " piaj  iubioim,   oo iiiai, in n iirva
hor rather the Divino Word on iho
subject: "Christ died for our s-tna",
j "Ho pourdd out His sofil unto death";
"He made  His void an offering foi'
I/'t us remember the assuran
of   Christ's   r MiiTPoti.ni   undecided.   Aposlli  that Hi* soul wna not left in
Ho positively affirms that, "Christ is hade
risen from the dead," nnd that, thus
risen, "He is tho First-fruits of those
thnt slept." which implies that wlie-n
Ho was raised the others still slept, Ipenalty upon'Adam and Ids rac
Jesus slept a part of those three, days, j not h(en met.   Those who clain
!.X,X!'a1i^^ b'roaler uwn ""r" ",mt'i riew, 'the distinction  between work*
SfnZriiil* MnJ ^f "  f      '-. ' i       t ii , „     n     ers and idler*, as between knave, and
Aiemorinl Miiietitn, wlierd it u oni one nf the explannlions offered by ilon0Bl ..,.,„ runs thrQ,1Bi, ,|h. VOrv
view. The Government, in accepting astronomers lo account for theso Siilndl nerm ■ , ,,IL ,( ,, n
and aoknow edging this welcome gift  changes ia that ono of the stars com- j  f   ,'"J ,,' '',\   '?    ;/ ^ Vri   ' e"
  , hM ukfld His fioyal irigliness to con- i poaing Delta Ccpliel has a very thick ; UV len       a work n ■   *l.     - " Vrnn-.
of the Bible that eventually "He shall yey to tho donor, the Princess Louise, , atmospheric veil, consisting of clouds I „„ , > ' , '  J „',  ,?, V ti,
he thanks of the Canadian people for I of condensed   metallic   vapors,  and   *   '..     ' ,,  ,     '   Si
her generous   remembrance." that when  lhe stars draw  near uii» ■ ■ ■ ■' -       ■
nils gift recalls many memories as-   another  In  their orbital motion th
sociatod with persons and places that | increnso  of  heat  disalpatos  the  ol
soul Hi
fruits of Die travail <<f His
shall be aatiafled." Let ua
tlio assurance <>f ih
li and :
heol,   dentb, but   thnt Owl  have contributed to our history.  The   scoring veil and permits the star to
raised Hin
ihtfd day.
If Christ did uol die. tnen tin* death
. .   that
from   the   time   Ho  died  until  the  He did noC die, that merely His body
Father   raised Him from   the   dead,   died, are  illogical.   They profess to
from hatle.1,  frum eheol,   from   thejbeliev.* that Jesus   nccomplished fori Louise,  now the "Ducbesa of Argyll.
tive work, that He died,  nnd a granddaughter uf the Duke of
Duke of Kent is best remembered ni [which it belongs to   shino   with   n I
the father of Her lnte Majesty Queen   splendor that it cannot obtain when i
Victoria,   Ho wns, therefore, grand*   its rays are interrupted ly its envo-
falher of our Governor-General", und   lope of cloud*,
great-gra'ndfather of  our  King;  and      It Is difficult, lo believe that inhabit*
fo; several yeuxa he wn? n resident, of   ed worlds could exist iu tho nefglibor-1
tn;i country. The t'ift is ftom rrincess ' hood of such a pair of suns ns that.    I
tomb, on the third day.   He, as the
Fdrst-fruits of the sleeping onea, if an j "Tiie JuM
example and a guar un tee of the fui*   the* iCede
filhnent of ihe Divine promise, that   unto [lent'!
thero shall lie a resurrection of thi
dead, both of the just and of the unjust."
It behooves us (o take a decided
stand, either with the Grecian philosophers and their theories, or with
the Bible. The ,two ure in conflict
and whoever attempts to hold both
is in confusion, If the dead are not
dead, then no human being i** dead.
And jf no ono is dead, ihow could
there be a resurrection of the dead?
Tiie inconsistency of the theory
held respecting the resurrection of
the body bus invited a very reason-
aid1 and just criticism. The skeptic
sks. "How could the body be resur*
r the unjust." if Christ,
t, "poured out Hi* soul
and if His resurrection
recovery of His eoul or
being out. of death, wherein is the
logic in the declaration of somi
.'Hl'.t     111-
Terror.Strickcn  Paris,
tlio    beautiful    capital
Kent, who fer five years was mistre33
of Kiilenu  Hall, whon her husband, ' |->,,
then Marquis of Lome, was Governor- j den
General of Canada.
The   picture   carries   one   buck
that Canadian history more than a contury, I after dark, fearing some violence t„
*m   .'.      lh?„w,ft,!h <- um-h  nor> t.|,, days when Kent House bad a   themselves  or lhat their hemes may
wilh tho world?   f! Jesus didjiot go |royal master.   Let us glance bileil;   bo   broken   into  and   robbed   during
over those far away years. tlieir absence.    Tho resources of the
Kdward  Uulu of Kent, the fourth   police department are being taxed to
son of Ling Oeorge III., was born ut   their  utmost  and  vet ths  wave  c.t
Buckingham Palace ou Nov. 2. I7ti7- U-rlme sweeps onward,
lust "no. hundred years before Cnim*      With  murders,   robberies   nnd as-
dian Confederation. ',.ul|t-  nf  almost  hourly  occurrence.
When a boy lie was sent to school !ami manv suicides as 'well, no part
on the continent under Baron Wan- I ,„■ the citv seems to bo immune from
Sjenhoim, with whom he spent two this strange outbreak, The most ■■-•-
yours nt Geneva, Tho Dictionary of
National Biography says that "Wan*
genheim treated him with needless
to Hfinven when He died-—if He wont
into hades, into the grave, into sheol,
auto d-Jatli, who has tne lemerity to
say that others go direct to Heaven
or Hell or Purgatory? Let us be con*
sislent. The wages of sin is not
Purgatory,' nor a. Hell of torture, in
soma far-off place. On the contrary,
"The wages of sin is death." The
Redeemer died and ro3ej and this is
the assurance, that Ho who raised
up .lesus from the dead will raise us
s terror-stricken by> a  aud-
reaso   of  crime  of   all   soils
from thievery to murder.    Many eiti-
are afraid to go upon the streets
, ,v;-ted   after it has" gone lo dust nml j up also, by Josus. through His spirit H        allowed him   onlv  n  guinea
i fl.fter,,l1" djwi hns been scattered to i and power; and not only so, but also ffeek p0ck«.money out of nn annuity
'the four winds?     They tell us of a    he world of mankind, all who were L, mm provided for Ilia mainteii
grave that was opened near au apple   involved in the death sentence upon1
tree,  nnd  it was found   that a root I the first mun.
from the tree bud entered the coffin j    Therefor;-,  the ftntiro world is in-
and  practically absorbed the corpse, 'eluded in tiie death payment made by  fjeneva witJiooit leu
from which it had produced thousands  the Great Redeemer, that "As by man        ■   ,lt*«..-.«.eil _\\a
•>f apples, which in  turn  had  been  came death, by a man also shall cornel"        '  |IUl,t" H,lU
shipped to various parts of tbe world, j the  resurrection of liie dead: for as
some of lb.' poorer grades being fed j all in Adam die, even sn all in Christ
to hogs, whose hams were cured aud   shall be made alive,"   But, hays the
sent abroad  and   thus   passed   into   Apostle, while   every man   who   will
other human beings, to become parts
of still other human bodies. The
question is a proper one. but it is au
unanswerable one from the standpoint of our former misbelief aud our
poor attempt, io combine human
philosophy and Divine Revelation.
But such a question brings no eon- J ing.
f $30,000 provided for hi.*
atico,    and    intercepted    h
"in June. 1713. be camo home from
The King whs
javo him  peremptory orders to embark for Gibraltar.   At Gibraltor he wus put in com*
'maud of the "th  Regiment of Foot,
|known  ns  the  Royal  Fusiliers,    lu
May. J79I, be was sent lo Canada.'
co.. e into Chriat shall be mud* alive.) ,,.-. „„„,,- ,. . , , . . ...
each will come- forth "in bis own L J «» °Pono! * e chapter of Ills life
order."   The Christ   company   ehall | Hl?> ??™* P"rfc of«»? htetory.
etrleled aristocratic boulevards nnd
lh» vilest alley in the city nre alike
the scenes of violence iu the present
crisis, l-'rom the wealthy Champs
Klysee to the poorest district of Mont-
, uinitre every quarter has been visited. The fashionable Bois d: Bou
logne )ms been the scene of one nui*.-
[ der and a double suicide already tUs
Kvdr since tho daring daylight rJ
bery some ti
Iseuger by bighwnymen in an nutomc
bile, who escaped utter u running hat-
, tie with the crowd, this epidemic of
wicked and miserable - among both
rich and poor. And tho worst of the
misunderstandings arising between
the two orders oome of the unlucky
tact that the wise of ono class habitually contemplate the foolish of the
li the busy rich people watched
and rebuked the idle rich people, all
would be right; and if the busy poor
people watched and rebuked the idle
poor people, nil would be right. Hu*
each class has a tendency to look b r
the faults of tbe other. A hard-working loan of property Is particularly
offended by nn idle beggar; and an
orderly, bul poor, workman ia naturally inlolerate of the licentious luxury of the rich, And what is severe
judgment in the minds of the just Ncverthe!
men of either cla-s becomes fierce enmity in the unjust—but among the
unjust only.
.None but the dissolute among lho
poor look upon tho rich ns their natural enemies, or desire to pillage their
bouse and divide tbeir properly. None
but tho dissolute among the rich
spunk in opprobrious terms of the
vices and follies of tbe poor.
Boiled Salad'Dressing.
The following boiled dressing i-»
very nice with tomato jelly, tisli salads' mid fresh green salad herbs and
with a bit of onion or cress makes a
delicious filling for sandwiches; it
may also be used on bread or roll-
when h butler famine shoots up
pi ices: Beat two eggs together, add n
me ago of a i.auk mea-   U»y pInc,V° ,8IH| 1   1' ffZ      it
,u„.nt....... ;.. »  lof sugar, hah a scant leaspoonfu   o
ground mustard and half a eupflli u
milk. Mix well and then stir in a
quarter of a cupful of vinegar, Cook
the mixture until it thickens,.taking
"the Church of the
It, was on August ll, 1791, that the
mimes are  written
Duke of Kent, with the Royal Fu
sternatioii to the Bible student who
follows the Scriptures aion?. The
Scriptures never speak of lhe re.suri
t rectlon of our bodies. Tliey do til or
[the resurrection of the soul, and that
■ in thu resurrection God giveth it !tli!'
: soul J a body as it pleaseth Him.
I How reueonable it will be for the
: world to he awakened in practically
the condition in which they went
down into death! And these will ex-
i perience, if willing Hnd obedient, n
I gradual resurrection or raising up to
the image and likeness of Father
Adam iu his perfection. But some in
lhe resurrection will receive spirit
bodies like uut-') ibe angels, and some
like unto the body of Christ in His
resurrection, which Saul of Tarsus
beheld—"shining above tb ■ brightness
of the sun at noonday,"
The class thut is promised h resur*
rectlon in spirit bodies is the Church
|—the  saintly  few  who walk  in  the
I footsteps of Josus.   The begetting of
I the Holy Spirit which comes to these
-changes'llwir nature from earthly to
! spiritual.   If they aro faithful to their
j oovenant their resurrootion will be
I to glory, honor and Immortality, as
explained by St. Paul in Ihe context. |jJig"heatl
saying. "It is BOWIt in weakness, it is |
raised in power; it is sown in dii.
honor, it it raised in glory: it is sown
au animal body, it if raised a spirit
This Is a dose rip tion of tiie resur-
rectlon which Ood has promised to
iill tin- members of the Body of Cllrill,
which is tho Church. St. Paul de-
clares that the members of this Body
fall md.'cp. to awaken in tbe glorious
luoriilug of ttio New Dispensation.
But lie add«, "We shell not all sleep"
-some will be alive and rnuaiu till
tin second coming of Jcsiii. Those,
however, will not toko precedence
over the sleeping one-, for, "Tbe doad
iu Christ shall rise lli-f; llo n WO
which are alive aud remain "ahull be
changed In « moment, in l.ho twinkling of uu eve," • * • breiiu-io
"fle.-h  umi  bin. d  cHiiuof   inherit  tli
; valued rit several thousand dollars
' ll is only one among hundreds uf other cases that might b« Qieptlpned.
come forth first
First-born, wbosr n.mi.'- <■-<   ■■.■ii---. .. ■,./,,-      -,.-,
in  hoaven."    Afterwards  will  come «***, arrived »SQuebec from Olbrollar
thos,- who will lieoome His at, or dtir- »n tl,e ■'•'•''■P' Wi?se' »ml 'I"'31*
His nrosence-durlne  Hi:   iiion- l»"C(!-      Quebec liarbor preient-d  »
I'cui's ol His Kingdom glory. br«ve sight on lliat long;a-o nildsum-
pnortunily  ol  lhat  thousand m" day, lor be-ides lho ships that Hi. Lii.rary To.t..
yurs will mean to   ivory man Ihe brought the duke and lis Msiliers, » .   .    .    ,  fe
.Hvil'L.f. of   wrmlno into   felloAvshin "'ere were tnen in port   ve s I ps-ol-   ,  '"■  >"U"S   "•»'   iookou auoui, t-e
priniege oi   coming um   leiiowejiip h»lon»ln»   in   Pnmmnrlnn, Rn«-   l"'"k ilcpartmeiit in some dismay.
will.   th.  Hcdeemer  mid King, Em- »»r belowig   lo   Co iimodo re Say d   fe ,-,,'„ h|
manucl.  Whoever will accept the op- ters squaaron anu lour tranaporls llll-     ,   ,
portunlty will receive the blessing ol.ed with British regulars lor service it ""-if'1*    . ....ii..,- romance-*
an admission lo Messiah's family. Aa ullferonl Canadian posts. "'"   |V "" •""1""1     »
the Apostle says, they will become ' On the following day tliero was a
His. Under His heavenly guldanco levee, nltemlcri by the authorities,
mid blessing und regenerating inllu- eivll and military. Hie clergy of Ihu
once, all such muy Hltuin again to a city, and all the gentry,
full imago mul likeness ol God, lost : At Iho levee were men whose names
in Kd n, redeemed at Calvary. wll! ever have a plate in the history
——  it  Canada,    l-'oreiiios.t  among   them
A  Boomerang. of cpurse, was the Oovernor:Oeneral,	
Lord Dorchester, known a few years !
A iiiit lor repartee is nn Invaluable !ear:i,,| as Sir (iiiy (,'arlelon—the man , Thomas Parr,
weapon In the armory of Jho political I W|1P|  ;,,  1774.78,  hud  held  (Juebeo |   Among tho extraordinary
I crime has raged
An apartment lii the Champ, Ely. constantly to ptevon'
ecc, just above lhat occupied by ins.   *-■" '
tlordoli Hennett, was, visited early in
tile weeii by thieve?, wbo got plunder
"Hire   is  nu
detective   story
1 young  woman.
will llko it."
[ The young man looked doubtful
' "Its got a red cover," ho said, "
lib' last boolt in a red cover I r
I was punk.   Ain't you got nothin'
green t"
replied   the   brU«
111 quite sure you
curdling. Upon removing trom lho
lire let it cool and then add a lew-
drops of (dive oil.
Toothpicks were in common use in
ancient Rome. Sometimes they were
made of quills, but preferably of tlu
wood of the mastic or Ientlsk tree,
whose astringent und aromatic gum
is known to modern dentistry, Martial's epigrams frequently mention the
dentiscalpiuni or toolliplck and rocmu.
mended ihe wooden kind above the
quill. The toothpick was taken to
1-Ingland by travelers from Italy and
As Narcs toys. "The using of it ill
public wan long deemed on affected
mark of gentility."
Tbe most fantastic use to which llm
toothpick has ever been put wns the
sixteenth   and   seventeenth
fashion of wearing it in tho
1 almost reproachful meaning.
3 In dictionary lonsuogo it means "Ij
j search by nrlHtee."
I Uut there ia a second claaa oi spy
-tho traitor, la wit; and Uie man
who pursue.- this tailing is invariably
considered to bave no shred- of honui
left—u being belonging lo the drega ot
society—a creature without shame.
Vet tbe rations of the world place
much reliance on spies and traitors.
especially in war. For it must he
weak, I remembored that there are, besides
th: spies ol the army ami navy—
euphemistically embraced in tiie "In*
telligence Ucpartment"—the spies <f
politics, of police, and other circles,
Informers have been regarded with
odium since the palmy doys of Athens, and iu latter-day Ireland the reputation of beiii',' an informer m.-nnt
that the person concerned was excommunicated from association with
large numbers of people. "Approvers"
me iu l-lnglish law persons who have
been tho accomplice of a criminal,
l oi wbu ore brought forward aa wit*
nesa against that offender.
To be an approver lo>day i- liter*
ally to "turn  King's evidence"; but
the testimony ui >, traitor ia always
pted with n measure of suspicion,
ss, Governments, the world
I over, encourage Uie traitor nnd the
spy - cr execute him; it depends
whether be is "for" or "against" lho
Government thai linds him in possession of valuable facts.
Tin- Government of Britain haa
about $1/6,000 a year at disposal fur
Secret Service iMoney; and in tho
case of r.o Caron, who was prominent
in tiie memorable l-ornell ease of IS80,
no doubt Die authorities though} their
outlay bad been judfiious. fie k'.-pt
th; Government iu touch witli all
that was going ou in the Fenian • r-
gauizatlon — the United Brotherhood
nr Clan ua Gael; und threu yeoia later wrote 11 bonk entitled "Twei.ty-iivo
Years in the Secret SarvJco."
Le Caron lived to loll the tale. Oilier spies have riot boon so fnrtunal •.
John Andre, a traitor to Benedict
Arnold, whs a prominent por.vmngd
amongst the "haul ton" of I'liiladel-
phia when the British army was
there in 1777--1, but two yenr- biter
be suffered deaih by banging. It wu*
poor consolation In linvc a monument
eroctrd at Wi tmin-t.r by order of
tha King; but thwe fuels show tlmt
even traitors may bo esteemed hy
In war tin: spy, however, is regarded as a parodox- useful, hut net highly honored, lie was cunning anil
capable on behalf nf tbo Japanese in
their war with Russia* and he played
no small part in tint lamented liner
war in tho Ilrst year of thla century.
II is odd that the use of the spy is
allowed by the Law ■ I' Nations, aud a
general Is not less imputable far employing him; but the "medium" carries' his lifa In his hands, though hia
financial reward may be great,
When found oul, lie meets au end
ignominious and merciless, A ime
lino is drawn between spy ami nun-
spy. Whether iu uniform o.* otherwise
man found in tho enemy's camp must
give a good account of himself, or bo
is   marked   as   a  spy,  with  the   pi
bat ai a
u-ator wben missiles are Hying about |Saafnst Montgomery and Arnold, uud |longevity on record and well attested   trophy or n
Home years ago a meeting was held |wiu, |intj finally driven from Canada   i< thut "of  the  Uugllshmon, Thomas j ——~ "	
iu  a west country constituency* in u,e forcos of Congress. Near Dorchos- l»arr, who lived happily in Shropshire                 ll WM Meavv*
Kngland, which was largely ottondod Uev  Bloo,i   H  ta||t   athlette,   military I at Uie  ago   of   152.    Tbo  celebrated ;    "Winn 1 was in Ireland.'  said the
by men on tbo other side. One of tho tuaii. Sir AI tired Clark, who, r. week Harvov,   who   dissected   him   after  funny  man,  "my  landlady  made  a
"arguments" addressed to the conui- j after that levee, became Deputy Gov- death,' found his body in excellent cake.  Well. I tried to oat this cake,
dato took tho form of a particularly ernoi-.General    during    Dorchester's condition and stated that bad it not,and then 1 threw it in the tire,  lhe
large cabbage. It missed its aim, how- |flbsenco •*« England. And around were been fnr bis intemperance ho might lire went out. The landlady bad
opponents appears to have
London Chronicle
nt rived ^to |t|)g judges, the executive councillors, j imve lived much longer,
ever,   a« tlio   sneaker
"field" it and. holding it up to the i(|I0 'M|jno>, Qn_ Uie other lights of
'•'■owd, exclaimed, "Gue of our poll* lfi..*k.. i-*..
The Chance Hs Lost.
"Wby are you f*o sad, AHc
mother asked.
"I've decided not to keep company
wilh Mr. Jonesby any more."
"Dear ine I   Have you heard  anything   about   him
Quebec society. A Dcn-ble Request,
I   Kvery  tourist   visiting Quebec al- ;   "Are von lho answers to correspond-
ways goes out to the Folic c  Mont-i ,nN w'anF«  imnrd lho dyspeptic
limrency, about nine miles belcw thu I loolttiiK caller
city. Close to the brink tf the chasm     -j 8III« ref>11od the gentleman ad.
her   nto which  the  Montmorency   liver dressed,  "What can 1 do for your"
| hurls itself there  stood in  1701, as     "Flratlv, what will dissolve a chunk
ibeie stands to-day with some addi-(l( 1(l(1(1 ni llie human stomach? Sec- 0,1CU
lions, a country  resldcnco of wood,  otl(]|v_ wo,,«t vou p|0M0 lt»n\n imil\
lucks, ao I thought I would reven
mysell by giving it to"—
"Ves."'   came   lho   chortlS,   "we
know that story.   Tho ducks died.1
"Oh, no, tbey didn't!" canto tht
reply. That's where you're wrong
TllO ducks ate the cake, went for 8
hwim und they  sank!"
Aud  then there was a painful ill
two storeys in height, plainly built.
and yet not without a certain air ol ;
tublisuiug recipes for plum puddin-.'
No,   But UHt night when J said I   beauty and dignity.   Its builder wa*
wished that 1 was a man lie merely   Gen. Sir Frederick  llaldlmand, Gov-;
asked me why, Instead of getting ex- ernor ol Canada during tha dosing
eitod and Haying that, life would  I a*,  years of tho War ol the Revolution. L ,    .       , ..   u -, ,    ., v.
baleful   to  him   if  1   had   not   been |To thll buMdlng, Hajdimsnd gave the ; impordent nMrumenlr Ilnnmell Sou
I born a tfir) "
Not a Somnambuliit.
A certain playwright and novelist.
Su-bird  of  Musical Value.
The Boater oi the Brass Drum—Un-
Horses In Battle.
Arabia?, horses show i
courage In battle, ll Is
when a horse of his breed
self wounded and know-. Instinctively
that lie will not be able to carry llll
Kingdom of God," Aa tho death of [rider much longer ho quickly retires,
Jesus was absolutely necessary as (he bearing bis master to a place ol safety
atoning price for human sin, so tin* while ho ban yet sufficient strength,
resurrection ol Jesus was absolutely Bul if. on the other hand, ihu rmor
j neofssory, llmt Ho might not remain l Is wounded and falls to tha ground ttio
I dead   through   all eternity, hut  be | faithful animal remains bosfil
besid ■ him
mindful of danger, neighing until
laiii'v  is brought.
I L'N.i Mi, d, and in due time, coil i-ai.t
to   effect   the   resurrection   of    Mis
Ohm oh and, subsequently i the awak- ■
Dtiing nnd npiiliiti" ol mi Ui i litmllici' Vtm%-nd Hi' MM'' ,. ,
„l (•„. cnr|],, i 'IVIion In Venlw Mum, tin- »rt,l
th.<  iptclHl   nroinlwIfliidlnil lliat ll nllvo wninflii dull'
Ion rlii 'ii
nimlr. tn ilu- Church: "Ble««i'«l nilil I'd po»lnj fnr iii'lUU, li nd » "Hop
Irolv i- Iio thin Imlll pun in tint I'IhI «nd atoohed it willi Irlnkoli «i"l cIimp
Ki'.-iiiri'i'llmi; mi mii'Ii llm Sroond jowolry, Wlillo lili ngont l)»w«lnoU
Uemli luiili no uowoti Iml Uiev ^luil11 wllh llia cuitomon xiwn, lildilon iwn
bo pi leal- "I 0<nl. mul nl C'hriiil. nnd  ;     "      '    ''   ''   '"     "' '"
llllllll li'ill'l will) f] III, II tlioii-unil
yenrt." (tleVolnllon xx, fl.) Also
noti Um proniina ul Hie noild'i
romiri'QQlloui "Tlioi'o .-Imli lm n r*.
Kurrccllon, bold ol (ho jtinl und tlic
iiiijiut." (Ai'ii xxlv, It,) Again.
"Tli.'y tlmt .Iiiivi: linn I ivil" nlmll
oomo forth, tlml tliey mny. onjoy u
rcurrcollon (Heeled by "Jud«m>nl«."
ditolnlinosj ohtiatlsemenl,, wnloli will
develop In llr in flmi'iirli i", nml Hi*1
glory which will l1* nllnlnoil will ho
pi'iii'iitiiin- n riii-iiiu uu tu nil nl Ilrst
loaioaicd   by   I'nlTior   Ailnm,   Infl
i'hrUllgll' lliao'll: llil'IH'.',    llllll    li'llC'IIH'il
by tlm proolnus blood ol Clirlil,  J.ilin
i.j*. at, ii. v.
I'.vi'iy Humbiy i* n iii, inorjul "I i|in
roiurrootion "l  oui Lord   li""'   Li*, ■    .
(toad, and j( a pmpar oOTMjillon '•'i"",',/",,,„ pimingranh,," rcplla.l
tin- Mm. ern rMtirrcellon wero Ifpt I., •" ,. .„,'.„, , vui ,, , lv'.y „
In mlml iv,. would noi think »l .ini.--! ■'»'•""•'•<"'" '.',"■,, «''"' '. '
rli.iK wllh the I'-preiilon "Killer OT'« folloi II" big ncn rt,p illllc
Sun(fny," lllll nln., tbi, noma liniler dldn'l lako lonr ,,. „„. „,.I uol
il aiaoolaliul will,  luutliu  philoU; »havod »'d ,hay,« lliolf h-lr ouV,
tbo buck ul llla -Imp,
akotcbon. not caring wba'i lili
'vn- sol.I du provided m.ly tl
| gllng uvit it occupied plenty ol lime.
D-. ilillul.
I   "limy loll me," ."ni'l liltl" IlinkJ,
, "Hint I'liiiiilli'iiM ns n i'Iiihh nro very
auporatltlnua. I wnndor il it i< Iruor
|    "I rbmlit II," sniil lfmlmwny. "Tliey
iilun't Ijollovo in ilgn*i tnyliow, Wd
t Imve n aign up nt aqusohav'kQll rood-
liner, 'Sfiouil limit in lllll Inwn clghl
j iiiili'-,' nml nnl mn' cliniiftour In a
■ IiiiikIi'ciI pny» nny attOlltlull I" It."
name ol "Mattilon House," mul hem ' * violin nialga u mladalg, wll i know'r
bo rosiiloil during a number ol year-. ' »ut V( n do pig drum maip a lid'lle
|   lu Docombor, 1701—that it, about | ail'dalg ctorybody tnowi.
emarkabla llluec nionlli. alter tho arrival at Que-; r„ZZ_~i„. Th.i. ram
Mild lhat Ibec ot ihe Duko .-I Kenl-lhe proptr-' , V nek, ror Th.lr Ull.
flnda lilm- ly waa olfcrt'd lor *«le. II Ihe follow-' II" flat-tailed breed ol sheep lining idvortlionunt rend*: "For Mil, bun known ixnn very early timo,
tllOllenill villa ol the lata Sir fred- ' »"d still exllll in Alu-i and Asm.
•it.k Haldiinaiid, K.ll., dallgbllully In th**" ihoop practically ill lb * lal
•itunted neur Hie lulls nl Monlmor* In Uu body collocti In Ilia tillii which
ency, with the (arm houio."
'iiie propirty passed In' i (he pb|.
aesalou ol tlm Duke nl Kent, and It
liernmo hi. Iivorltl summer rilldinil
It wn, enllcil "Kent llnine," and ,n
It. in   l,ii .un   to   Ihi. day.    A   lari
very curly riser, und when the
liinglllll playwright nnd novelist Am-
vi Ileniiclt visited liiin nt his homo
lho bust said Ilie lirst evening nt dinner
"i believe iu tlit simple Ilio.   I get  ™I''"|-','J.*'
up  with the sun.   Will  >"ii tnke »
tan mile walk with mo ut sn o'olock
to-morrow morning!'"
"Thank you," Hie Knclishniuii un-
jworod, "Iml 1 diui't walk in my
pect nl bcilil! shut nr lllll'.'. Hi' life
limy ilept'ini on lhe lugontlity wilh
which he unsweis qucation-, He iuu-l
b ■ audaeloua and feorloaa. Tiie tiuit-
or is neither; lie sells hia couulry, and
his   lii'iiciiii'tnrs  i..r  money,
Long boforo Houenarto'a tlireatenoil
inviisiiin nl l''n|-laiid lie, nin • a li'v'ey
thnl dinvc Ihouaanda wllhln ling-
In.nl Into insomnia, and his apica wore
picking up ull the newa they could,
a" rlu'i'i, hail bicn nllicr ncou' at w..rk.
Uetwocii I l'l and H5 yenrs aiin,
schcni.'s wero draftotl on lho continent
wilh n view tn Knglund coming under
tb ' thumb r| one power o; another,
mid "lntclligenco" wus garnered in
1*1 'nty.
These were the days ..I the tir-t
Karl nf Cliulhuiii; ami in his paper,
(according to it communication Iroui
Miss Mary Morlion to the Royal
Historical Society), then, havo boon
lound ."ine rotating I'i u Scnlliah spy,
ii military expert, who hid been iu
the pay ol the Minister ol War in
Prance,    T. ■    northern  traitor was
wlni!   haa   I een   added,   pinclicaily . Cloijl Or.
doubling lhe capacily ol llm Ihiiit. . -,|l: '""
but most lortuiiately the new pari U 	
buill In exactly the same alyle aa that T» Certify  Porting.
of tbo old  pari, ,o thai, thn simple .    T,, met II,c ri'i|iiireiu..|its nf very
bannly nl the building haa uot been  , i  poraona imt wishing to gn In
destroyed.   'IVdny  Kent Home  Is I llho expense  ..I  roglalorlng  a  loiter,
place ol public cull iiiiiuineiit (imi deairirlg meraly tn havo proof <<(
The duKO'l winter resldenco atood polling, whlob may ho produced In till
nearly opposite, llll old VJiinbee (Joint | event ol a dispute, arrangomoiltl
llmise, which wna 1 nue I in l«7i
Clover M».i..n(|er,.
 '.   "-I, .   ,i. Clin   iorty poilllll . I    1'b' "hail mini nl the l,.,i.d..ii D.-triet
In such case, th,, inii is mipporlid Meaaongor Ci iny, In proieiiling H
nn u little truck, wllh which iheihiop mouonger boy will  a medal lor *
Is [iirnisheill.v lhe shepherd* In uvni.l I cleiicy  illowii  in  bearing  a si     •
rui.iiniK it  nnv n^ninsi the ground, irioiioge lo l.lei
This practice wus known lo tlm uii'lthnt inaiMngari
ok writer llorodotua
l we ooii.ervottoni.ts.
"NnihliiR loll hero bul the iq'ueal,"
deilnreil the p irk picker, "Are yoil nf
ecniiiiini. nl  in i luollllg your 'm-i-
".Iml nl."ill." ailiworod lhe vi-ilnr.
"I'm iu the lumbor builnen.   Wo
wart.' nothing lull the link."
i    "Wliiil, mikes ynu Ihlnli
pnhlic men don'l work a  hard us liny
tliili'.li  Bicli"""  Metho.li.
"Hns vui,- '..ii  br .nilil hack   nnj
bii.lnoi- incilinil- Irom l,i nih nr"
1     "III,, y.-.    II"  lllillka  we  ill"hl   li
serve lea nlloriim n- nml llml al
ur urc.it I iteiiogniplier* uuylil lo ho blondt
Up   10   I).lie
"I ice ihcy have lotn d iwil a Iwoult
slmv sl.iid, in N.w Vmli tu got n -iir
'ml a hml'l
In  i,nt  n  lilllkllllg  ' u.
"V.-. und Hit*) arc imIiio la.-t yo
UrtMUUllght, i"i I'UaU."
laVO  been   linide  by  tlm  J'nslmnsliT-
(leneini nl (iieni. Britain whoroby a
ccilillcale nl puatlng mny bo oblalnod
Inr I .-.-nt mi npplicntlon nl any poet-
Urnr.uf In Immlgrnllon.
\   While   Paper  lllOWa  Hm  nunilier
nl   pa-scllKi'ls   win.   led   the   UllllOd
Kinuib.iii iluring the yenr Clllloil Dc-
.cinbi-i HI, lllll. In bo WBeW". ns n-
niiieil with 820,00(1 during I0IO,  Thll
liiinl  mi   liiiliiiicn  IiieluibiI  I'ngllili
I7H.7M.  Wolih, 6,(1001 Scotllrh
,'i:,»; Irlah, M.BI7.
In  ("l.unly  Coik.
"I sllpl 0,0 V.'ll liaVO Ull nlll lice pi II
■ion, Mi. Kelly?"
iiiilil in1' penaloilf   linllll an' Oi
euddn'l t'U' i, wim, the iiiiil luck iii ly
Iilili)..   Lull III Ih" lillllllicr nf I'll I.I ago
nonaia s lies dyln' Ivory yiitl' —
London Ooliilon,
moke n minute liupoctl >u
of the loulheru comt, nml pick up
every potafblo detail ai lo (fie best
rnute inr an invading army In roach
London, the ultlmato ■ r chief nbjoc<
live ul iho imitineritii! enemy.
\.e now know whnl too -fccnlinian
compiled for tlms" who woro wllllnu
t'i purchnto Ins Iroicherouiiy'galned
knowledge, lie drew up lueli a do-
lai'ii'd map "I lhe country between
the I'hniii"- and l.n Miiii.-li- lhal niter
advnenting Deal n- the Inn.line plnco.
he Indicated not only vlllngoa nml
haiulot,, lm'. ul-" farina, and the
nimiunt nf tnnispnit nud proviaiunhl**
.that would bo aultablo lo his iciiotiie,
The spy-tinitnr waui liirlli.r, III
ur icnttored garrlaeua
uld   net  l|lllokly   I '   in, liili/cl;    he
| hold "in mllllln up lo opprobrium
iu these li'inio—they "only naVoinblod
new nml Rialoui nllicer "I onco n year undor ofllcora iinnraiil dl
tlm law, laying u linn hand mi llm thu ml nl war": lie anoered at tlio
ariii of tho needy young man who wat I puerility of Ihelr drill, nml rocoiu.
iiiakiiiK night iililooua wllh a ooniot. inended lhal 4,000 I'ronch Urouartera
"I'eitiiiiily." siiiil lho muilclon, af- ' would bo nulla aullfclont to decluiatd
locllonatoly linking his arm in lho ill the mllllln in Unglm-d,
imliccmiiii'V.   "Whnt dn you wllh to     "l'n Miiplo mou"—a si.i. nne- wan
ling andln what key?" 'his   onllhot u|    Kngl ler-:   ihcy
 ^_.—i  were  i iririiiil   ol   inln-.  nml    eared
nml  Britliell.   aid
I the compoiiy hud
repeais'iHy been tout Irom London ti
Italy. Bwllioriand, Turkoy, France,
Oormuny, Am. rlci nnd South Alrlco. I d^wed"Tiow
Id   tin
A  Nocturne.
ll will Iiiivi; 10 ncciiliipnny mi
"Ar. Cannot Wilher." I inly lor C
"Vou ilill illck lo that old lon-yonr. Urilalii is
(,'„l    lllll!   Ol   ynlll.'.    I    sec,    llllllll'l-."
laid Diiiiblci'.ih. "V hy di n i you get
a motor!"
"Woll," sui'l   lllillu N, ' 1 VO sell ol
found ihnt Hn in It moro ilylo lo a ;
piii',1 i lei borne tin,n there is tu a i
UHT"  in .del  rill."
iliililelciiil I'liin."   A'
printed tod mi tli.
.1 still
lllll p.
No Ch:in-.,.«.
"Why don't you work up toino im-
I ni- iii ihi. doparlmoiitl" do-
nimidod lho proprlolor,
"Well, sir, Uio work lint ninny.
boon done Ihll wny. (Juuld I hlivo an
liicrcii I ml.'iryi"
"Why .-I Id y..ilP This Job bus lb
wt). 'iiii..n V'.' a week."
FI.Kibl, Bnglllh.
Siuiie ul lho pocpllnrlllc? "I llll
I,sb Innguogo mc amualngly ihown
in ibe following bine dlnlogtio;
"You'll ""I iiiii llli" aald a i "do*-
Irian in a wlicelninn wllhuui n light.
"You'll gel run Inln." aavijoly.ro
nnondod  Ilio cycllal  n-
Ilie  pi desliinu down.
"You'll gel  inn  in.
policeman,  tl»ppln«  fro
And   Juil   llioil    another   icorclicl
cninc  i g  wlllioul  u  llgh   -n th»
pollcenia.ti [in In Iwo. riondun ai.ni.
I     knocked
."   <al.l
®he gfroepector, ©rmtltvook, 13. (Lr.
Published Every Saturday   Morning at Oranbiook, B.C.
V. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Grace,    Bdltor.
Postage to American, European nnd  other foreign countries,   5u ceiita   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rateB furnlsLeil un applieatlou.     No
advertisements but those ul a reputable charaeter will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertteementa ami BUbacrlptlons will lie kept
running and charged uu against tholr account.
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to   Tired Mothers as  They  Join  the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
llth Year
The School Board
A number ol inquires have been
made lately in regard to tbe buying
ut land, and the building of a new
school house outside of the corporative limits of the city, with a certain
amount of censure directed to the
Council for same.
In explanation we would say that
the School Board is an elective body
and is not responsible to the Council
aa to itB actions in any particular.
Its duty is to provide sufficient school
accommodation and tuition; it also
has the power to buy lands, erect
bulldtnps and establish as many-
schools according to the requirements
of tbe district.
The Board of Trustees have the power  to  make by-laws,   aud  such  by- ,
laws shall be submitted to the municipal council to be placed before the
people for tbeir approval or dissent.
At any time the School Board may
prepare and lay before the City Council a demand for cush to pay for additional buildings, teachers, and nr
structure, and the Council is compelled to furnish the necessary sum of
money. In reference to the item of
an account for f'ftSl.M which appeared
in tbe expenditures, as published in
the last issue of "The Prospector"
and made payable to V. Hyde Baker.
tbis was for land upon which at soma
future time the School Board wish to
build a school to meet the needs of
that district—when it ffrows—but at
present it lays outside of the corporate limits of the city. We might
ed say that the payment was strong
ly opposed by tbe City Council when
It was first brought before them,
but—they afterwards found out from
the city solicitor that they were com-!
pelled to pay it.
It would seem that the Board
of Trustees can levy a tax of 5 mills
or In extraordinary cases increase it
to ten or twenty mills; there does not
seem to be any limit aa to what can
be done by the Board.
Cranbrook this year is compelled to
•my a tax of 9 milts for educational
purposes, this may be increased later
on by a by-law glvlnj* the Trustees
$5,000.00 more on which interest will
have to be paid.
With street, new sewerage system,
and i'ther necessary Improvements
now heing made by the city, taxes
have reached the limit; and to be ex
tra burdened by the School Board for
a school house nnd rurnlture, outside
of the corporate limits of the city is
beyond reason, li would be far better for the property owners ot Cranbrook to confine its Bchool district to
the city proner, and let tbe Provln
cial Government take care of the unorganized portion of the district.
This is a matter which is at present
occupying the attention ol property
owners who consider that municipal
taxes have reached its limit, and who
don't want to be saddled with educational taxes that are unreasonable
and sxborbttant
The  question  ol  good   roads  is re
ceiving some attention by was ol ■-■
gliment these days. Agitation always
proceeds execution, let the good word
continue,   and   the   work   may  follow.
Your home r  is  really  a tire
less I' : writer, if nothing more-
..eek after week we prepare this
printed letter for those living her-'
and for those who have moved to
some other locality, telling of marriages, births, deaths, the coming and
going of people, o! business ertorts
and progress, accidents crops, improvements, meetings and so on. In
fact every thing of importance and
interest. If you should undertake to
write a letter to an absent friend
every week tellini* him all the news
you would get a faint idea of the
task in preparing a newspaper. Many
of our townspeople recognize this and
take pleasure in giving items of news
It helps us and is appreciated.
It is said that one night, when
some English soldiers were shivering
In the cold of a Crimean winter a
band struck up the familiar time,
"Home' Hweet Home!" then they all
burst out sobbing, because the air
went straight to their hearts. Yes!
"There is no place like home." One
of the sweetest words in the Kuglish
language is that little word. "Home"
•   «   •   *
Home should be—
"A world of strife shut out;
A world of love shut In."
Home is a harem of rest to a man
after a hard day's work. Mother, you
■ nay be tired after a trying day with
the children, but remember that others have trying days too. Father has
been in the office all day pouring over
business perplexities or financial
problems but now be locks the office
door and with a Sigh of relief he
thinks of his loved ones and turns
his [ace towards the rest and peace
of home. Don'i meet him at the door
with a look on your face that would
stop an eight .lay clock. Greet him
With a smile, make bun feel that
home Ts the sweetest mul most restful
place on earth.
He courteous in the home Hus
band, treat your wife like a lady in
the home as well as on tbe street If
you want your boy to be "a little
gentleman" when he is away from
home, he must have example as well
ss precept In the home Example
will do more for the boy and the girl
than any   book  on  ruler,  of etiquette.
Don't forget tint nine tenths of the
I happiness you will ever have, you
i will get at home. We talk about being independent, but the independence
that comes to a man when his work
.s over, and he feels that he has run
out ol the storm into the quiet of
the harbor of home where he can rest
in peace with his family, is an independence that is real.
Oh' tierce is the heat
And weary is the street,
And all day long
It is work. work, work;
But farewell work
When twilight's come
And the heart turns home.
Oh! the nest for the bird
And hive for the bee;
And home, home, home
For my dearies and me.
lt does not make much difference,
whether you own your house or home
but oue little room in that bouse you
can make that little room a home to
you. You can furnish it with such
beautifying thoughts, yuu can turn to
it with such sweet fancies, that It
will he fairly luminous with their
presence, and will be to you the very
perfection of a home.
• •   •   •
Wife, your power in the home Is
unlimited. You are its queen, Thoro
at least, yon sway is undisputed.
Thero is nothing that can so lift a
man up that can inspire him to
great achievement, ns the feeling that
be lias at his side a woman whom he
can truly love, whom he can fully
trust, and at whose feet he may bow
iu highest respect Vou intensify Mb
I joy and blunt the keen edge of his
sorrow. It >s true tlmt it takes a
grand woman to do this, but vou can
be that grand woman.
• •    •    *
Young man, when you think at mnk
ing a home and seek a mate, look for
the permanent qunlltlea Beauty is
only skin deep; character is eternal
The  Madonna  fflco  is  beautiful,   but
when you look closely you find that
it is beauty of expression. It shows
love, gentleness, self sacrifice and
sweetness Hers would be the wom-
tnly arms In which you would want
to lay your head wheu all the world
is failing from your sight. Her lingers may never have written a sentence tint will live, but it is those
fingers that  you  love and  will  want
Come  and  See Us and
Talk it Over
or write for our booklet.
Never before hus such an opportunity been
afforded   for  rhe   man of small capital to net a
fruit  farm.   veKctable  warden or chicken ranch
near an up-to-date and prosperous  town   as we
are to-day offering on easy terms of
S10.00 DOWN
AND $10.00 A MONTH
for a five acre block situated from one and one-
half to two and one-half miles from the post
office in the City of Cranbrook, Kast Kootenay
District. B. C.
R. G. Thompson
w3bK«r Winnipeg Man.
or J. W. Robinson
Van Horn Street
Cranbrook, H. C
Honor tlio father and the mother;
love the wife; reverence the husband;
provoke not the children to wrath; be
kindly affectionate one to another;
tender hearted, pitiful, forgiving, for-
hearing one to another in lovo; show
Ing mercy with cheerfulness: in honor
preferring one another; rejoicing and
.veepini* in sympathy; striving for
peaceful living; not rendering railing for railing, hut contrariwise
Careful observance of these rules
wonld drive out all jealousies and
1 ant-lings which rob the home of its
peace ami order.
• •   •   •
We are glnd to see and know of
voting men, either ns individuals or
in organizations, who are using the
golden hours of youth in suitable endeavor to tit themselves for useful,
honorable and christian manhood;
and for young men who spend their
leisure and their evenings in profitable employments, study or company.
We are deeply sorry for nny young
mnn who adopts the opposite course,
because we know his future will be
•mile less useful nnd hnppy hy it
popular though it. may be, and, alas,
is, to a deplorable extent. We would
not hy any means abridge anv lawful
employments or recreations we are
not advocating a hermit life, or low
and selfish exclusiveness—not at all.
Lot our young men he bouyant of
spirit, active, joyous and sociable
but always under the wholesome re
urnints thnt high aims, noble pur-
noses, and moral and religious mo-
lives Impose without oppressing; and
that are Intelligently recognised and
rheerfully accepted by them.
• •   •   •
The newspaper iu the great industrial educator of the age and Is the
channel of communication between
the producer and the consumer; it
brines the city to the farm and tbe
farm to the city, gives information
of the markets, etc., and reading the
naper should he ns much a part of
'he work of the farmer as feeding hlH
• •   •   •
If vou know or hear of an inter
estlng item in the community make
it a point to see tbat it ilnds a pin00
in your local paper. We would appreciate your effort and will send our
reporter to uHcertnln or verify any
lacking points. Anything which tends
to better or brighten the news ser
vice of a paper makes it of ko much
more value to the rommunity and
the subscribers are the ones mostly
benefitted thereby.
A fellow ran have a dish of ham
and eirgH now and then since thn egg
corner collapsed without borrowing
money on his life Insurance policy to
loot the hill. Ham nnd eggs used to
taste protty good, but It was ko long
ago the mosl of us will have to learn
nil over again.
• •   ■   •
One of our leading metropolitan
papers was kind enough to publish
the following which contains more or
Iohs "poetry:" Our state Ik dotted
with Hmall villages, In each of which
one or more small newspapers arc
published. They, do not make any
claim to being a review of the entire
world, even though they do not. carry
feature articles of n general nature,
nor do they boast that their circulation is something prodigious. v»t
those country newspapers appearing
faithfully week after week, recording
tlio happenings of the neighborhood,
lending assistance to the unfortunate
eitendlng iiympathy and consolation
tn the bereaved, chronicling with par
donablfl pridfl any Improvements in
the town and bringing to the IIreside
a record of those apparently trifling
happening*, Umi are really of moro
Unpiu'timco f«. the renders than tho
erownlng of deni-go the Tilth uh Emperor of India, meet u demand In our
rural life. T||,, country newspaper is
of Inestimable vnlue in maintaining
thu moral and iiuanclal standards of,
Curtain Clothes
We have just received another large consignment of Curtains
including Lace; in White and Eucre: Novelty Net Trimmed; in
Blue, Rose and Green: X-Ray in Green, Rose and B!u3.
X-RAY CLOTH - 90c pr yd
MADRAS, in all colors, 15c to 35c     "
SCRIMS, - 20c to 35c     "
AND MUSLIN       15c     "
Plush, single or double-faced; Tapestries in all shades suitable for either Curtains or Furniture Coverings; Colonial Drapery
Cloths with border on two edges.   Also a full line of
We are adding to this department every day and it is our aim
to make it one the largest in the store if prices will do it.
Second Floor
the community. It Is something in
which the entire neighborhood can
[eel a common intereat. lt ia deser-
ving of the stendy support, not only
ot the hometolks, but nlso ol thoae
who look back with cherished memor
ies to their lite In the little town.
A fervid orator' at u political meet
ing, suid: "K I had the wings ol a
bird, I would Hy to every village and
hamlet in the broad land, nnd carry
the glnd tidlngB that-" And then a
voice cried out: "You'd be shot for
a goose belore you had flown a mile.
. . . .
How many bushels of corn w 11 it
take to cover n checker board placing
n kernel on the lirst square and doubling the amount of each share? The
school hoy that tells us first gets n
Additional Local
HOKN—At Crnnhrook on Wednesday
May 22nd, to Mr. and Mra. F. Coney
a daughter.
Train despatcher W. ('line, who hits
been spending a few weeks at the
Coast, returned home Friday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. PI. Johnson, who
hnve bcen visiting the far Rant, returned home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. I). MrNelsh nnd daugh
ter of Fernle were Crnnbrook visitors
nn Victoria Day.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Frnser ot .Medicine
Hat were Cranbrook visitors ill \ic
tnria Day.
K. H. Jones of Klmherley spent
Victoria Day In Crnnbrook.
We wonder what la the matter with
the School Trustees. Fire escapes
have heen on the ground lor over
three months and nothing hns been
done In regard tn placing then) In
position. The fouce, placed last year
nround the lawn Is not an ornament,
anil should he taken down.
Chirk Komi, crushed bono, ground
bone, beef scraps, blood meal—In fact
all kinds nf chicken foods cnn be luul
at Campbell and Manning's.
The site tor the new brewery bus
been cleared anil the excavation will
he completed today. Oo Monday
wnrv nn the concrete foundation will
commence. The eust of tbe building
When completed will ho In the vicinity
of inuwo.no. Messrs. Christian ft
Jones hnve the contract and work Is
is tn he pushed on as rapidly as
,1 II HT    TO    It K M I N ll     Y 0 II
Kllby   Frames   Pictures
Liberals nf Quebec are milking pre
paiiitlons fnr a hiimiuiil to he tendered to Hir Wilfrid Liuirler, ut Mnn-
treni on Wednesday, May 20th. Bvery
Liberal province will he represented
by Its premier, und the Cnnservntlvcs
provinces hy opposition lenders, except llrltlsh Column'*,, as there le no
lender, nr in fnct no liberal ln the
Provincial Legislature.
Fresh Vegetables arriving daily at
Campbell and Manning's.
Road .Superintendent Held and who
was assisted by his rond foreman W.
A. Chisbolm, is to be congratulated
on the road which has just been completed east of Cranbrook. tt Is the
best road in the Cranbrook district.
The Crnnhrook Board of Works
should get busy und improve Cranbrook street which connects with this
important highway.
The show window ol the Kink Mercantile Co. is resplendent with the
finest assortment of Cut Glass ever
shown in this district. Formerly
when cut glass has been shown, it has
always been placed on a dark background; n new departure is mnde ln
this display by placing the ware on n
perfectly white ground, which makes
It sparkle equal to diamonds.
From a scenic point nf view thero
ia no more nttrnctlve country thnn
the mountain region in the vicinity of
Crnnbrook. The time Is not far distant when lt will become a great
pleasure resort which will uttract
tourists, aiitoinnblllsts, the moun-
tnln climber nnd truvellern, they will
be strongly In evidence during the
two years.
of Crnnhrook did not go dnwn on
Titanic, ns Ilrst reported. Has returned nnd will make his hnme In
tbln city until further notice.
17-tf IILONDY,
Dining the past 19 yenrs the alms
nf the "Proepeetor" bus been to show
to tho world the wonderful resources
ol the Crnnbrook district unit H. K.
Kootonny. Thnt Its efforts hnve been
appreciated is bourne out by the fact
that there hns linen, especially dining
the past your, much inquiry from the
outside world inr additional information regarding this district.
New shipment nf white ami gold
llmngese Chlnn-Just unpacked cnn be
had nt Campbell und Manning's.
H, H. Chapman has been appointed
agent for the Mogul Tire Co., having
the sole right for sale between tlio |
Kontenay Landing and Calgary, Attn'
fie says that tbe "Mogul" ls the best
tyre on the market today. J. p.
Myros sava that ho has run over 12(10
miles with n pair nl these tiros nn
his inachino nml Iiiiiiu tliniu the best
tires he ever used. Mr, Chapman Is
making Ills nlflce headquarters with
the Chapman Real Kstnte Agency on !
Nnrbury Avenue.
W.  W.  K1LIIY
11. A. Hunt, Nelson
R. M. Smith, Montreal
C, 0. Rodgers, Creston
D. R. Morgan, Pompvn
J.G. Potts, Vancouper
J. Joyce, Klko
C. H. Crawford, Spokane
H. M. Johnson, Montreal
R. G. Dnrd, Vancouver
K. H. Hnllister, Buflalo, N.Y.
L. M. Boss,
A. Cameron, Vancouver
F. McGregor, Vancouver
M.  Hlllmore, Vnncouver
J.  Dnvls,  Spokime
F. Knert, Fernle
K. Home, Jaffray
J. Undsey, Ottawa
P. N. Andrews, Calgary
T. T. McVlttee, Fort Steele
C. D. Hanchett, Hnndcock, MIc
K. llottcrlll, Crestou
J. Robson
H. B. Thompson, Hpovnne
H. Bolnnd, Spokane
C. R. Williams, Spokane
W. Manson, Macleod
P. Jordon, Rellvuo
C. H. Skinner. Fornie
con. Whilnn, Fernie
H. F. Lloyh, Frank
Win. Allnn, Vnncouver
W. A, Pratt, Vancouver
H   A. Bevy, Frank
J. H. Berry, Vancouver
F. B. Deacon, Vancouver
J. Milne, V. >\',o
Miss McLen.l, M ,iin
Miss R. Muolca, M.■villi. K. Junes, Sp.ik... 'i
J. H. Chn.Kjv, null River
(1. 0, Tnggnrt, Kellonn
H. D. Runkcl, Spokane
II. D. Knnwley, Spokane
C, Fl. Hauliers, Hpoknne
H. L. Suwycr, Marysvillo
Wilson, Lundhi'lck
F. kiddy, Lundbrlc"
t'arke, Calgary
w. Mowi.-.. Mmysville
W. Colburn, Kitchener
A. Smith, Mnyle
H. Smith, Mnyle
HI, Wntsnn, Curlew, Wash.
Hannurd, Wuna
W. Larson, Moyle
J. Mnrgnn, Nelsnn
,1. Bull, Nelsnn
Makes Short Work of
Visitors to the City
W. H. Chnppollo
P. Lund, Wardnor
W. H. Bush, Hlriitlicniiii.
R. Oriibb, Nelson
W. W. Shannon, Jaffray
W. 0. Scott, Nolson
hopeloaa cuaea ut
'-'- ainl.ll oilier
Deep-aaitn) .nil apparently hop.
Willi™, f.iiiiioaii,,, flout, .Neuralgia L,„ ,
riirmii of llhfumnl am yield el enee te Abbott lima,
tlioiiinutlii Kcineily Uk. an angel of merer hi
JJ ",'!;'"'"",""" I?"*' ••"■"P-'or.akniauflan.r.,
inn III,.in from beila of agony ond fnr HI year,
Ima Mail rurlog n  woman .nil children for
\vhmi limit arriniil un help.   Juat a few tall,.
Iiw.miiw oa ea of from* lo an year.' duration
ninl mliiy ll olitii.la um Ivnllal a< a i,ul«k, aafa anil
nliHiiliiloly reliable trralmetit for .11 uric aolil ilia,
eia <, weak kidney., etc    Let a dollar bottle of
*nbolt Brot, Rh-umHlo lUi-udy
enil yonr imln   at nnee-atart your cure lunar.
■H.-nl ,., -■ ,1 l» Ahboll Bio,.. 711 H. Dearborn Hi.,
l.liiruso, 111., If your ilruggl.t ilooa not hav. It,
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug I Book Co. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, «. C.
"Beauty is as Beauty does"—
and the Ford's a joy. It's
the one car that has stood all
the tests. And that's the reason we will make and sell this
year seventy - five thousand
Ford cars to seventy - five
thousand delighted users.
The world over there Is no uther car
like tbe FORD MODEL T. It's
lightest, rlghtest—most economical.
Tho two-paseengcr car coBts but $775
f.o.b., Walkervllle, Ontario, complete
with all equipment,—the Sve passenger but 1850. Today get latest cut-
ulogue-from the FORD MOTOR CO.
ol Canada, Limited, Madison and
Eleventh, or from our Walkervllle
Kootenay Garage Company
Cranbrook. B. C.
"Nearer, My God, to
The Churches of Cranbrook
X.   W.   SAIW,   Vrops-Utor.!
One of the incidents of the sinking
of the Titanic which wuh of peculiarly human interest wan the playing by
the steamship's band of the hymn,
"Nearer, My God, to Thee," just be-
t'oro the vessel began to settle for her
Hurl plunge.
Explain It an we may, a (ine anthem
will excite the devotion of people
more certainly than the most logical
discourse, just as a martial strain
will urge n man into the front rank
of battle sooner than an argument.
And so, it is probable, the echo of
the invisible world, the note of the
divine concord, which the universe is
destined one day to sound, which the
hymn of Mrs. Adams produced had an
effect upon the hundreds confronted
by Inevitable death which nothing
but music could have caused.
I There are many hymns that are
! sung in the churches which have little
either of harmony or meaning to com
mend them. But, on the other hand,
the hymnology of the language In
well represented hy noble and uplifting compositions, of which "Nearer,
My God, to Thee" and the "Lend
Kindly Light" of Cardinal Newman
are Inspiring examples.
Music moves us on, and we know-
not why; we feel the tears, but cannot trace their source. Is it the lan-
L'liagc of some other state, born of
its memory? For what can wake the
soul's strong instinct of another
world like music!
"Let me hnve music dying, and I
seek no more delight," wrote Keats.
And while it would he a mockery to
say that delight wns the lot of the
unfortunate souls which sank to their
deaths when the Titanic went down,
certain it is thnt their last moments
were the less harrowing for the strain
of the band which played during
those last terrible moments.
The meaning of the song goes deep.
It must have led the victims of the
Titanic to the edge of the inunnte
nnd let tbem gaze into that.
A4'»,ll1,1l1l»ltt>1^Jl1JJ'1Jl1-1"i'-i'1-1l1'<l1"l"t''l''l'll'1''IJ''l'll'l'-il<l»t' A
Drinks   of   all   kinds can be had at my store for
use during the coming hot weather.
Thirteen different flavours.
Dalton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of Six Hundred Cases
Fremont  Grape  Juice.    An   unlei merited
Grape    Temperance    Wine.
A full line of domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars.     Bar Glasses, etc.
■.*,*, I n,| in in 1111111111 il ll ***************
Baptist Presbyrterian
Roman Catholic
Methodist English
Poultry Titbits of
Breed and Vitality
************************** III 11 HI 111111II
PHONE 340 P. O. BOX 904
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing   and
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
S win ton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron  Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,  Mines,  Ventilation   Experts
Estimates Given
Works, Edward St.       -       •       Cranbrook
■|.,|,*.*.,|..|..|.|,| H 111 HI III HlH I Hill III 11111 H*
*************** 1111111 III llllllllll 111 in
Automobile   will  be run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
The lirst question n farmer or poultry mnn asks ia: "What is the most
profitable breed, or which breed lays
_ j the most egga?" The anBwer to thlB
question is, that there is more in the
strain than there Is ln the breed.
There are good and had Individuals,
good or bad families. In nil the breed
In the laying competitions, sometimes one breed will win and sometimes another, sn It Is impossible to
select birds by a breed that will lay
the most eggs. The trap-nest has revealed the fact that hens vary in egg
yield from less than a dozen eggs a
year to more than twenty dozen, and
this variation extends to all breeds
nnd varieties, ('.nod layers can not
be selected by shape and varieties.
For practical or useful purposes
fowls may be divided into four classes, as follows:
1. Egg Breeds.—The most noteworthy characteristics of tbe egg
breeds ure: small size, active and
nervous disposition, early maturity,
poor sitters, good foragers, sensitiveness to cold. The princinal represent
atives of the egg breeds are Leghorns
Mlnorcns, Spanish, Andaluslan and
2. Meat Breeds.—Among the characteristics of the meat breeds may be
mentioned large size, gentleness in
disposition, slow In movement, not
good foragers, easily confined; as u
rule, poor layers; late in maturing,
persistent sitters. Brahmus, Cochins
and Lungshnns arc the principal meat
S. Oeneral Purpose Breeds—These
are of modlum size, gnod table fowls,
fair layers, less active than the egg
breeds, hut more so thnn the meat
breeds; gnod mothers. l'lymouth
(locks, Wviindnttes, llhmlc Island Red
and Orpingtons belong to this class.
t. Knncy Breeds.—Bnntums ol various varieties, Polish and rlllklos
come under this head, and are raised
chiefly for some peculiarity nf fnrm
or feather without regard tn uaeful
Of the egg breeds, the White I,eg-
linrii Is the must popular, and in
those markets which roquire white
egga this breed has the call and Is
used almost eicluslvely, nnd on the
large Intensive plants, for the reason
that, although the Leghorn Is a very
active bird, It stands rnnflnoment and
crowding In large numbers better thu
nny other variety. Homo Leghorn
strains aro good winter layers, but,
as a rule, the general-purpose (owls
nre considered better fnr winter eggs,
tbe must popular breed among the
generiil-purpose fnwlshelng the Ply
mouth Mock, with tha Rhode Island
Reds, Orpingtons and Wyandottes In
close order. Any nf these breeds,whon
the winter strain Is secured, will produce winter eggs In large quantities.
In England nud upon Ihe continent
—Prance nnd Belgium—lliey hnve regulnr ment breeds, bred for lorclng
crnte feeding nnd finishing hy cram
mini:, but no such breeds exist or nro
bred tn nny eitent on this continent
Our consumers do not, as yet, do
iiiniiil tbls kind ol poultry meat. Our
I climate la not suitable lor many of
! these varieties. Tho different classes
\',  merge Into ouch other, so thut any
classification will not always hold
good. At Cornell, Professor Rice has
bred tne White Leghorn for meat,
while retaining the egg production.
They are quick growers, hnve large,
meaty bodies and approach the general-purpose fowl in general utility.
The nearest approach we have to the
meat bird nre some special struinB
of Plymouth RockB such ns are bred
at Quelph station, Ontario. We aUo
hnd superior laying strains among
the Plymouth Rocks, such as hnve
heen developed at tbe Maine stntion.
Then, there nre the standard exhibition strains of Plymouth Rocks. So,
even among one breed, you find
strains showing ns much difference in
the way of eggs or flesh, shape, type
aud practical qualities ns ezlst between the different breeds.
The main thing in the selection of
breed Is to secure breeding stock of
exceptlonnl strength, or as strong a
vitality as possible, for, without such
foundation, it is Impossible, (or to
attain to any permanent success. We
must have vitality, no matter whether the birds are bred for flesh, lor
eggs or for general-purposes.
To select birds with strong vitality
from characteristics, see Cornell Read
Ing Course for Farmers No. 45—"Importance of Constitutional Vigor In
the Breeding of Poultry"—(rom which
we make a few free extracts.
Among the contributory causes to
the loss of physlcnl vigor nre the tol-
lowing: The greatest and most potent
cause Is soil contamination, congestion und crowding of breeding stock
upon limited nrciis, bringing with It
Inck of exercise, Improper housing
nnd feeding; in-nnd-ln breeding, without selecting the most vigorous birds
the ton-common use of pullets, instead of matured fowls, for breeding
stock; forced egg yield by heavy feeding during the winter; carelessness In
keeping eggs tor Incubation; (nulty
methods of Incubation; the use ol
poor Incubators nnd brooders; ton ra
pld forcing on rich, enslly assimilated
Inod, with lack of exercise; general
violation of the principles ot sanitation nnd brooding, housing and riin.-o
failure to select breeding stock of recognized superior physlcnl vigor; the
use ol birds thnt hnve been hatched
too enrly—thnt wero stunted In growth or hntchod tnn late, and were tint
grnwn under proper conditions, nnd
do not reach full size when breeding
season commences.
It In impossible to pass judgement
nn the merits of nny particular variety or Individual of tbe breed without knowing how thoy havo heon bred
nnd bundled, but there urn some physlcnl characteristics that will aid any
one In selecting brooders tbat are apt
to turn out to he ol strong vitality
nml vigor, nnd only nuch ahould be
placed In the breeding ynriln. If your
birds show anv Indication of Inck of
vigor, we would tint udvise tho use of
pullet Is Inr breeders; use full matured
fnwls nr hens. When nnce up tn the
normnl amount of vigor, wo see no
roiisiiii why woll-ilovolopcil pullets ran
not he iisml Inr breeding stock the
Ilrst yenr, If tint forced during the
winter months, und If they ure properly bnused und ranged.
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Home
Plant in St Louis
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Covers an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,   upon  which  are   located 110  Individual  buildings.
Brewing Capacity .   .   .   2,500,000 barrels per year
Malting Capacity   .    .    .   2,000,000 bushels per year
Bottling Works     .   .    .   1,000,M0 bottleo dally
Qraln Storage ElcVatorn 1,750,000 bushels
Stockhouooc (for lugcr Ing)    600,000 barrels
Steam Power Plant
Eluctrlc Power Plant
Refrlflerator Plant   .
Ice Plants	
Liii.il   Ul.i-.J	
12,000 horse power
4,000 horse power
4,000 tons per day
1,200 tons per day
325 tons per day
Inbound and Outbound   ,   .    50,000 car* per yeur
Refrigerator freight ears .
Horses at home plant . .
Wagons at home plant . .
Auto Trucks at home plant
Horses at Branches .   .   .
Wagon* at Branches 430
Auto Truck* at Branch** ...     47
At 8t. Louis Plant   .   6,000 people
At 36 Branch**    .   .   1,500 peopl*
Total Sales, 1911-1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiier Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottles
Entered according io act of Parliament <"'( Canada in tha year 101J by
Amy n. Keaii'S, at ilie Department
of Agriculture.)
Maypole Soap
line opeiition, giving idintikal'ly
clean, bii^ht, lait
colors. Dyes totton,
wool, sillt en mtX"
lutes. 24 colcii,
will Hive any sliadt.
Colors 10c. black
15c al youidcaln'*-
orpoilp'd with It laid "Mow to Dye*
[torn   F, L. BENEDICT & CO. Montreal
years later   our   old frieud
iemltle. whoso hair haa grown
nnd    shoulders   considerably
more  henl   is   .seated   In   his  of&ce,
hurrying through  n goodly heap of
correspondence.    Ho has almost finished when he seems to meet with
something more ilitlk-i.lt to decipher
Hutu usual.   Ho stops suddenly, takes
«>ff his glasses, rubs them over care* j
fully with his white   sllh handlcer*-
chief, then carefully re-adjusts them,
und starts at the letter again, as If
certain  that his  eyes had deceived
him on his lirst persual of it.   There
Is un doubt thai  this letter contains
startling news of some kind, as the
old gentleman barely glances at the
remaining mall, hurriedly leaves his
office, halls a cab  aud drives rapidly
Fully live hour.- liavo passed away
wheu the same cab stops In front of
the  Judge's   Fifth   .Avenue  Mansion.
Uui   now  the Judge ts accompanied
by a lady, dressed In black and thickly veiled.    Leaving her in lho draw*
ing-room the old Judge goes In search
of his wife, saying   apologetlcall)
"Vou seo. my dear, most women, unless   posted   beforehand,  are apt  to i
lo,*-*- ihelr heads just when you want
them to have u Utile common sense.'' ■
lie   soon   returned   with  his   wife.;
who  warmly embraced  the stranger
saying—"Vou  poor  deat   child—why. |
my dear, can it he possible that you i
have lived near us so long, and we]
never even ri roamed of such a  poa-
Yes, it was Edith,—-not Edith,
beautiful, queenly, the admired of all,
as we saw her on her wedding-mom,
but Edith,-—hollow-eyed, emaciated,
diffident ami depressed in manner,—
Kdith. the gambler's wife.
Her aunt carried her off to her old
rooms, where one- again Edith went
over the sad storj of her life with
Hardy He had been so kind and
loving at flrsl and had made such
seemingly sincere promises tn amend, >
and she had also found his cousin's family so really respectable
aud "well-to-do," that, she had hopes ,
of reforming lilm and promised to
help him if he would keep to his
business and try to make his living
honestly. For u time she had very
sanguine hopes thai she hnd not given up love for duty iu vain.
Then came tho    timo when after
repeated   assurances    that,  he could
Invest her money to better advantage
than she herself could anil appealing
to  her trust  in   him,  which  had  already made a new man of him, she
was  persuaded  into giving him- the
control  of  it   all.    From  that time
forth, he began  to show mon; and
more of his real self to her.    Dally,
hourly, was she upbraided for exlra-
vagances, which were of his contracting, and little by little, one comfort
after another was curtailed aud finally denied altogether,
Whon she would ask if his business was making no rot urns, lie
would always remind her thai his
bushies;; was ruined, through acting
upon her novice, when ho had novel"
bo much as consult ed lier in anything.
They remove* to smaller apartments, iii a poorer neighborhood,
wliere tbeir furniture was limited lo
the barest nucessarles, where sin-
would he lefl for days, sometimes
weeks, alone, to provide food, etc..
for herself and hobo as best she
might, Thou ho would return more
sullen and querulous than ovor. Sho
took in lino sowing and was fortunate oiioilglt to gel somo pupils in
music and singing, Sho thought of
her baby* hor lovely, clover little
boy, Willie, rave her courage and
heart (o work. Often when worn out
with work and utterly dis'iearlened,
particularly nfter one of her husband's fault-finding visits, she would
try lo relieve hor burdened heart in
tears. Hut llttlo Willie would climb
upon hor lap and with his little anus
tightly clasped round hor neck, tell
bor tba! ho '"oved mamma'1 till she
would start at. her work again wllh
renewed vigor.
One day hor husband returned
brluglng with him a woman whom he
Introduced nn bis cousin. Poor little
Willie had md boon quite so well for
somo lime before they came the
heal and being confined so closely to
the bouse making him dull and weak.
She had been saving her small earnings, so its to get her darling some
extra comforts, but nnw they wero
spent In providing for her visitors.
Poor Willie grew rapidly worse, and
when sho appealed to her husband to
do something to save her darling's
life, be answered her hy a storm ol
abuse saying 'bat it was all caused
hy her neglect und want of management. A' the same tints she was
thoroughly shocked ami disgusted
with the behaviours o( her husband
and his cousin and one day coming
home from a music lesson, and .hiding the poor little babe struggling between life and death, ami Ihe woman
in a Boml-intoxlcated stale, lying on
the bed and  nearly  smothering  the
Utile sufferer, she was beside herself
with anger and ■'oar for her child's
lite. She shook the creature off the
bed and ordered her to leave the
house The woman retorted by telling her that "they wore mates'' that
she (Edith) was no more bis wife
than she was bis cousin; it' she
thought so to go to JerseyvtUe and
noticed    thai    Rdllh    bad  Improved
wonderfully.   The haggard careworn
look had given place to a quiet sad
uess of expression,  the step
ginning    lo    resume   it;
spring, and now und  ll
mille   would   heat
wns he-
old   elastic
Mrs.  He-
of  some
tn    be.
Hobby That
Probably collections of posinge
stamps were begun simultaneously
i with the Issue til' tho first stamps,
old favorite song, and nod hor head whlcb took place al Loudon In May.
wllb a pleased look us If to say, 1 s 10—a circumstance lhat favors Hiis
"She'll soon be all right again." , view being; lhal, in 1842, Punch rlrii-
it was the second day after their culed collectors, It waa almost (won-
arrival at Naples, and Judge and Mrs. ly yenrs later, however, that stamp
Demllle had been looking for Oharlea collecting began to be systematically
all  dav. and   Kdith  though   Charles' j oairled on, and the recorded history
name hud noi been mentioned, and
though she told herself over and over
again, that it was Impossible thai
he could recognize her as his wife after all that had passed, was never-hyet
IhetesB conscious of a vague achlng|tno
longing ami sense of disappointment
over his continued silence.
That evening. Edith had heen plu>-
(ug some old Italian melodies, and
finding tbat she had lulled bor «: '
lo sleep, stepped out on the piur/a
to enjoy tho beaul> of the night. It
Mas a peerless sight. The moon bad
risen over the waters, ihe various
sounds of city-life seemed to strike
upon Edith's ears like tbe full grand
harmony of seine mighty organ, while
the soft plashing of tho waves near
at band seemed to be keeping time
witli the play of emotions in her
heart,   Some lines of 'Regret' came
Into her mind as she
ihe moonill  waters:
"I don'l believe
Of  lives i!u.i  :t
thai an* dead
Lives well-ordered will
And hearts oi true iu
the worse
ii  poets have
k. n and hearts
itund i't their
\   ril.ld
Injj. out  t
ii  th.'
oi   the
ol   her
a on
er  t hrough
Edith saw
tlu- strong arms
onlv one slu bad ever loved
all ihe Btrange vicissitudes
And as he preasi d lu r i
. art, an.l tooK tht tils i
loublj   swe<     bj   love's   loni
.1- [i   ■'   hi :   OUO    .i-.i ..   tl
of bis undying Un- mid o
prayt rs and hopei for
these loug years ol patu,
a: last ;:.< dawn ol thai happiness
she !:.■,! sought In vain before; no:
Ihi bap] : i of t ''>; Igi trance
:■.:..'. selfishness; not ihe happiness of
the frlvoli -:■- pleasures and giddy
companions :-• be found to the gay
world called societj. but the truest
and li gl si hapi im *-s that life can
offer a love that means perfect understanding of md enth e sympathy
wit! Its object—a love capable of
■,-'. * selt-renum lalIon
"But now, darling, how have you
borne it. let. me Bee," sad Charlie.
gently turn inn the flushed fact* towards the moonlight.
"06 Charlie." sho answered, "It i^
soon told—1 bave beetuso tired, but
ask for Mrs. Fred. Latham and Bhe'd .spoken
(ind  out  what her claims amounted i strangely
to.   Edith said she had taken a men*  turulug In  Its direcl
tal not of the name and place Intend*   c!
ing to ask her husband when he came
in, but her poor darling grew worse
every moment   and   she could think
of nothing else.   Thai night ber baby
died—it was such agony to hold :' e
poor Httle wasted form in hi
and   sei   him  battling so hard   with
death and nor be able to rt Ih   ■
, Her bnshaml and tus companion lefl
thai aighl also, but .-lie heeded them
not    She can I '     uoth --- witl   ■■■'
■ darling little Willi,     lying i
lifeless there before her,
A kind old couple who lived
rooms next hers, and who pitied her
In her misery, looked after the burying ot her little treasure. The necessity of hjvlng to work kepi bet
sinking utterly under the blow; and
then the thought, of her brutal husband whom sho blamed for lur child's
death, returning again to use up her
earnings, nerved her to fresh efforts.
Sbo would nor live with him any longer, what if thai creature Bpoke
truth, and she wore no' bis wife at*
lor all!
Fortune favored her. In gathering
up lier poor Willie's clothes and playthings she* came across an old envelope addressed to ibis Mrs. Frederick Latham, Jerseyville, New York.
There was a. hloi of ink on it and it
1 had evidently heen thrown aside as
I useless. Mere was the very name
j ami address. Sho must see this wo-
I man!
Hy   working    incessantly  she  soon
hnd   enough  to  take her to Jersey*
villo.    she called on  Mrs.  UUham,
who did not seem at all surprised by
' ner story, saying It was quite in keeping  wilh  the resl   of her  husband's
j conduct,      There    she    learned    the
truth.    Mrs.    Latham    produced her
i marriage certificate,    which  showed
j Kdith thai her supposed husband had
been married to another woman four
j yours before her own mock-marriage
With  lilm.    She  visited  the old  cler-
] gyman  who had  performed the cer*
j oniony, and every doubt removed, she
! returned to hor lonely lodgings,
{     Her darling llttlo Willie had boon
, taken from her, and perhaps Charles
I was happily married to another.   Sho
felt that  she  was destined  lo  bring
j misery and disgrace on all who had
over loved her, ami    determined to
end her wrotched life.    She wanted
to ho buried in C'anipdou, where she
had spent her happy girlhood: and j four,
perhaps passing by   the old graveyard Charlie would sometimes be re-1
minded of what she had suffered, nnd
forgive  her   Ihe  trouble  and   shame
sho had  brought   upon hint.
ulou h-ad
piazza, '''''' naniu was
voh e    thai    sounded
n     and   familiar,   ami
Kdith  was
_t the science or ai'i or pastime, which
ever one may choose to call it, appears lo dale from lS(i2- The Ilrst
Kngluh and •American catalogues
wero published in lhal year, so was
ilrst attempl at a stamp album,
iho periodical literature or the
hobby started in England during the
same twelvemonth, It was noi until
180(1 that the greal club of collectors,
tho Philatelic Society of London, was
orgunlaed, ami, though several local
associations precluded our own national body, tho American Philatelic Fo
clcty, delayed to be born until hovpu
teen years after that. Now th,
nations are filled with municipal "t
general associations v tho last British philatelic congress more ihnn
forty were represented, and the number of tbem in ibe wort.l at large is
said i.i - xceod 100.
During the fifty Mars, armies oi
coin ctors have assembled, i-» bo nun
aha 11 eil nu rrilj by bands of dealer*
always In the direction of ndvnuclug
prices,   ii would rjufu to say thai foi
i. i lain Mam inn*- slumps there Is a
Standing offer ol $10,000 apiece, and
il is believed that the world's sroatesl
collection COS) bs owner, a French
nobleman, more than a million dollars,   Sue.i Incidental details   ol    ii..
ante prompts one l-> think lespcet-
full) of the avocation lo which they
ai'i related, and one's reepeci would
Burt Ij im ii use ii. In May of this
(ubllee yonr. be should visit the Bill
Mi philatelic congress, or if in August
he should go io Springfield lo am ml
the nnual meeting ot our American association,    Noith'v   chlhlreu nor crnzj
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, c dorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptions!!;' strong
—will not tear. A durable
and effective Interlining (or
V/alls, fleers and ceilings.
Examine DURO carefully nl
your dealer's, or write for sample
and Booklet to tho 85
Sola I ana.!,,,,, Manufai lm', >«
nl , ■nttila, Limited,
Manlrr.il. Winnipeg, Calgary. Vancouver.
TelcKTlllillora    mul    SlalInn  Agents
wanted for new railways, Wages *ui»
in $7,ri par nuiiiili in sunt. We specialise in tins work, having railway
tolcgreiili win's umi regular Btatton
books lor practical use. b'reo lkiolt
i'i explains work mul wngeB. l>ui
anil Mail Coursos. Dominion School
Telograpliy. Toronto.
V. 1,1,
..... ,1
will    1
.!(>■ -   noi
sllOlllll   1!"
stamp col
should ho
Sil)illttCS   .
sn.] mon'
graph} .ii
gained b;
I. rttinctoi
- riio ito
these gather
ideil i-ltl.. so.
i possensod uf subatau-
louut. That, uf course.
no  Uuil   young    people
encouraged to lake up
ng, hm rather thai they
is iiii more expensive
?i hubby, a offers pes-
is.i  profit, ami incident-
ihe reward of a wide ■
untie knowledge of goo-
Istory ilinn was ever
iy   lad   fi oil!   lho   USUttl
alias's with text boohs.
Summer Seiw-c.
Montreal • Quebec - Liverpool.
Empra.fi of ltrltii!u .. Friday, May   .1
l.iilio I'liuiiil'laiii   ....   Tinas., May    :i
I'.'iiiI'hs.'. or lii'l.uul ..  I'll.lay. May li
lull,'  .ILinltolirt       Tlll.rs.. May 21
ISroprcaa of Britain . ■ Friday, May 31
mul weekly thereafter,
Eni|ireii.es:   $■»!.'sn   S.-.I001'
550.00   H,'
. S03.75 Se-
I'ltlid Class
'iml.   s:ti;-,
taservatlonn  anil   details  from
llwnv   Arrant   or   write
J.  S,  CARTER.  Genl.  Apt.
P10   Po.-t.ine   Ave..   Winnipeg.
! Curious   Detail!   of   Oriental   Wall-
Wlthlr-Wall  Life.
It  ts ilitnoiiit    for    lhe Occidental
. mind to picture the wall-within-wall
J life of a Chinese home.   Down a narrow  lane 0110  passes    between  two
i walls, behind which may he hovels or
palaces, thero is   no   toiling which,
stnoe tlm one-storey root's beyond are
One pulls a striiiR at n gateway,
iho address of somo family of high
degree. A servant appears, leailB
through anothor gateway, a flowery,
courtyard n pussagoway, perhaps anothor courtyard), a little room or two,
and 11 mlly into c, reception room, with
its (lined wooii wainscoting ami furniture, Us porcelains and Jades and
brasses, its blue-and-greon-aid-goltl
! colling iimt its window pattern of
, paper piuies.
Here   ttio   host ess appears, offers
I bor   ocoidentnl   guest  ton or chain-1
' pngno, ur both   with ruk.s and can-
died  I'i nil or lotus buds.    Then she!
may  lead ouo   through other court-1
yards, all with ibe usual one-storey
I rooms around them, nud into ber so-1
1 citidcd garden of rooks and pools, of j
[preily paths iiiiil bridges, of cluster-
, In:; trees nntl Dowers. I
lu such ; [iiiluee ns ibis each courtyard,   with   its   surrounding rooms,
linii.v  iie tbe special home of one of j
; the sons ami bis wife and children; I
bul somewhere in tlio mazo ot walls.
undor one ot the low, tiled roors, is
lho    common   dining-room, with the'
Uiichen  beyond.    Here  the  men  of]
1I1.. family eat together twice a day.
anil  nftorward Uio women and chit
dren.   And somewhere also there is!
11 control family hair, with the niices-!
Hal  tablets,  w'tich  must have their
tribute oi incense at proper seasons, i
These  aro held    In  such reverence
Unit  no foot, may pass above thorn,
and    thereforo   two-storey dwellings
are unknown in regions uncontamin-
ated by foreign influence.—Tho Century.
The  Surfeit of the Wealthy.
Whal ;i 111:1.1 .*rj>eii(ls on himself ho
should havo earned hy service:* to tliu
race,   ai the present day, we of the
; easier vlasse-1. are in a slate ul* sur-
l'eit ami dlsgraco after meat.    Ploth-
ora has filled us with   Indifference;
aiid we arc covered frum head lo fool
with ilie eallosltos of habitual opul-
•loser  within ' eitee    Horn iito what is called a cer-
Bt." tain lank, w> live, as the saying is.
un to our station.
We  squander    without   enjoyment,
because our fui hers squandered.   We
eal oi the best, rot from delicacy, but
■spread eagle" nort  wan address-j from brazen habit    We do not keen-
inK a jtirv at event length  when his . ly enjoy  or  eagerly desire  the  pre*
legal opponent, growing' weary, went  sence of a luxury; wc arc unaccust*
outside 10 rest. joined to its absence.    And not only
"Old  IronBldes' is making a greal ! do  wo squander money  from habit.
;ald some one to the bored   but  s:ill   more  pitifully   waste  11  in
1 ostentation.
I can thlnl; of no mor
1 the
,i>   she  nesib'd
"now 1 can rest."
His "Great Speech."
lawyer whose eloquence was of >
Look better, nt bptter, weai
lunge, -mil pho bctLrr satlsfac
lion than other mnlo-s. Thrv
Hie tbe result cf fiti yenrs" nc-
ciiTTUiIate'] It-rrnvl'dge nnd experience In huildins High OrodP
Shoes. Storked by leadlnc
dealers everywhere ln Canada.
Limited, Hamilton, Ont.
Winnipeg, as many of our readers
j aro aware, is making progress in ov-
I ery direction, bnt in all its progress
it is uol forgetting the poor, abused
\ or  sick children  iu  its  midst gr in
[ Western Canada.   V. has many splen-
| did irsUlullons for the care and pro*
i toctloi)  of such  children,  but of all
; its enterpris'.'s iu this direction, none
: is mo'-e deserving than tbe Children's
Hospital, which a band of philanthropic  ladies    started  but  a few short
, years ago and  which  has grown  to | just docked my pay "
such an extent thai a large and com- j  •
modious hospital  building baa been j    Among the voluntary helpers in the
1 erected in the north end of the city. ' work ot ecmpillng  the Oxford  Kug*
[ This building is rapidly near Ing com*} Ush dictionary, the most learned au-
pletion and already is housing a lar* i thority on words and phrases of tbe
: gov number of   sick    children than ■ Elizabethan period, according to Dr.
How It Goes.
"Well, Ceorge," said the presideut
of the company to old George, "how
goes Wi"
"Pair to middlin'," Oeorge answered. And ho continued to currycomb
a bay horse. ".Me an* this here boss."
Oeorge said, suddenly, "has worked
for your firm sixteen years.''
"Well, well," said Lhe president,
thinking a little guiltily of George's
peven-dollar salary. "And 1 suppose
you are both pretty highly valued,
Oeorge, eh?"
"H'ni," said Oeorge, "tbe both of
us wsb took sick last week, and they
got a doctor for the boss, but  they
bave been treated at one time in the
j history of the Institution.
i     Tho new hospital is constructed up*
| on  entirely  modern    and    scientific
I lines hi all departments, and will un-
l doubted ly shine as the greatest children's- hospital of tbe Dominion wben
| it Is completed nnd in full operntlon. I
' Now that it. is ready    for    the tiny !
patients, Miss Ramsey, the able Sup-1
erlntcndent.  is desirous of enrolling
a limited number of Canadian girls j
1 as probationers.    As this is a very |
| exceptional opportunity for any young
woman who contemplates taking up
the profession of nursing, those who
Elizabethan period, according
II. A. Miers, principal of London University, vcaa a railway clerk.
Over  twelve mlTIlou  square milei
nro embraced by tin British Empire.
" 'Old Ironsides' always makes a
great speech," said the other. "If you
or I had occasion lo announce that
two and two make four, we'd be just
fools enough to blurt it right out.
Not so Old Ironside-*.' !lo would
"*lf by tba'- particular arithmetical
rule known as addition we desired to
arrive at the sum of two integers added to two integers we should find,
and 1 assert Oils boldly, sir, and without fear of successi'ul contradiction,
we. I repeat, should (Ind by tbe particular arithmetical formula before
ment ioned—and, sir, I hold myself
perfectly responsible for the assertion Lhat I am about to make—lhat
iho sum of two given Integers added
to tlte two other integers would be  whistle.
disgrace for a creature who professes:
olthei   reason    or    pleasure  for  bis
guide, than to    spend    the smallest
fraction    of    his    income upon that I
which he does noi desire; and to keep
B carriage in which you do not'wish;
to drive,  or a  butler of  whom  you
aro afraid, is a pathetic kind of folly.
Money, being a means of happiness,
should    make    both    parties   happy
when it change;* bunds;  rightly dis-
posed, il  should be twice blessed in'
its employment; and buyer and seller
should alike bave their twenty .millings  worth  of profit,    out of every
pound,     Benjamin    Franklin    went
through life au altered man, because i
he once paid too dearly for a itenny
Scottish Copper Discovery
What is confidently believed to he
a payable copper deposit has been
discovered at Ktlltinan,, in Argyllshire, near tbe shores of Loch Fyne.
For some weeks pnst a company has
been energetically prosecuting prospecting operations, and as a result ' aro thinking of i' should communicate
a lode at least 6 feet thick has been ' at fiUCe with M,SK Ramsey, The
proved for a considerable distance , course is three years, during the first
north and south of the polntatwhich vear *7 ne*' **-°**th is paid the pro-
it waa found. The copper is found ' hat loner, the second year $S and tho
lu the form of carbonate and sal- ilast >'ear ••*• A11 necessary books are
phide iu a limestone formation I supplied by the hospital. Affiliation
Mining operations are to be initiated witu tho hospitals in general, con-
on a considerable scale without de i tagioua and maternity nursing is also
lav. I ono oi* the features.    A post gradu-
—_____ i ate course of six  months  or  more
"Your husband says    he    leads a , nl!l-*' he added.
The World Knows
the best preventive and corrective of disorders or" the
digestive organs is the gentle,
harmless, vegetable, always
effective family remedy
Sold everywhere,
In boiM, 25c
dog's life" said one woman.
"Yes, it's very similar," answered
the other. "Ue comes in with muddy
feet, makes himself comfortable by
the fire aud waits to be fed."
Shiloffe (time
Mixed   Farming   Certain
In every country progress has been
attained only against opposition. Bys-
So she  tems ot farming,    as id    everything
[had herself mailed the note to the else, are improved only as the force
I Judge,  asking him  to  see  that   her of circumstances demand and old pre-
wishes in  regard to ber body were judices    die    out.   Everywhere    else
carried out, She bad said good bye there has been the same cry that tha
I to kind old Mrs. Wootton, tolling her : newer, progressive    diversified moth-
she had given up ber rooms, and re-jods,   that   made   for   permanency   in
turning to lier apartment  had taken'agriculture,  would    "not    pay."   Uut
the ratal dose, 'he '"en who raised Unit cry one by
Hut it was not io be Mrs. Wooltun   one bad to drop out of the race or
bad come to her rooms to call  ber -'hange the!
nfr. and surprised ai finding the door
fastened at once suspected what was
wrong and  despatched   ber husband
lm- tic doctor who bad hts ofllce In
tho adjoining building
My concern springs usually from a
deeper source, to wit, from having
bought a whistle when 1 did not want
one. I tind I regret, this, or would
regret it if 1 gave myself the time,
not only on personal but on moral and
philanthropies!  considerations.
For, first, jn a world where money
is wanted to buy hooks tor eager
sttnUnts and food and medicine for
pining children, aud where a large
majority are starved   in their most
RUlcklv atop* couttbsi cares
fi? tbtoat and lun.ii
(.olds. Lonl-j
"bi CCl
As no better opportunity could be
open to young women taking up the
honored and honorable profession of
nursing, those who wish to learn further details should communicate with
Miss Hainsey at once, care of Children's Hospital, Winnipeg.
Why suffer from corn*- ".hen they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
IIolloway'B Coru Cure.
Tommy—Pop, what is the difference hetwect an epithet and an epitaph?
Tommy's Pop—One Is npplied to a
mnu be fort he is dead, und the other
afterwards.—Philadelphia Hecord..
Uncle 'ieorge   could J--II Imt the
I rust;  an  for herself,  she could  hm
s»-r  whal   good  end  was  served  b>
: prolonging a  *i.»- that   was a burden
1 to herself and    a    dti grat e to hor
■;.. Ud
Mixed farming in Western Canada
will pay. and ln many of our older
districts it will br the only kind
c.| farming tba' Will pay. Weeds am]
', soil drifting and mortgages aud
'.nod Impoverishment byo and hje
will put th" man who says thai, mixed farming doesn't pny out of business, and the mixed l,inner will 1 he;
An attachment for a telephono receiver by which another person can
mmediate desires, it is surely base, j bear what Is being snid over a wire—
a stenographer, for instance, who is
to take both shUv, of a conversation—
has been invented.
stupid, and cruel lo squander money
when I am pushed by no appetite and
,njoy no return of genuine satisfaction.
My philanthropy is wide enough in
scope lo include myself; and when
I have made myself happy. I have at
least otiO good argumetii lhat I have j
acted rightly: hut where that is not
so, and I have bought and not enjoy- j
ed, my mouth is closed, nnd 1 eon*
The Best Treatment
for Itching Scalps
and Falling Hair
To nil.* licliln* an.l Irritation of tli* trtfp,
ftrfmit ilrv, thla ami liiUlinf hair. m.. v.
emit., i..ul.". ai .1 dandniO, »n.l promoli lira
groKth .nil beauty ..111••- hair, llm lollo.lnj
.racial trcctmont I., rooitaffaBtlv , itn. cablo
unit eJonomlcol,   On tallrlnil conli'. ihilf
...it HtraJRtit i.llur'niii.l.itmn Wirlii at i m.i
ami i...i... i, tmrtl.M'. w n'.ly rul'litnltt'utl. lira
. inm.. 1.1 n.i.i tlii im > ."'"'i ablajiiaoil
tlai.ii.,! In I.I i. -.*« Hi" imi "f tlif *lnB«r. ....: '">
ui-liiU.il pOTtlnKN about l,»lf wilnrfufarl
untillli>-wliii|.'i..'»l|ili .l"'..'itiiati'il.|i."|iii:-
,.,,. ■ '-in.tii.vi tlm nub■uratiliil.i /. on II."
Iiiiil. .kill nu"    " "" ■'" lllllri  "I '"'""•'
i:;,,i;:'i;,::.'s:,;K:;i"iu,'t:;iM: U
licit mornlnjr, rtiamnoo v.itb L'utlcura toati
mul I-.i vnt. r. HIi.iiii|iii;i;i Mono, limy I.i
iiM.l an olt'n im iiii'.'i'iilili'. but mi'f or
HM... ii month m rjpntrnlt; miitlri.iit br
tliui.nacln] treatment for women'! hair, Not.
V. llll. I.iiiillnll (JUl ll 'im ".»|i"ini ■llnliu.'lillin,
wild iv.ijv.li"'", it  nbliliii tu try H1I1
trootmcnl i„»y 'i" ao wllhouf einenao by
...ii.Iiiii,. in "niti.'"!"." ti.'i.i 4M, It.i.ii.u, t'
H. /.. b.r 11I1..11.1111111I.' nt r.iiiiiiiiiiii.iiniiii.l
olntmout, wiih i'--i'. hook on iltln nn i imtr.
W. Ni U. No. 094.
I'.ltth wok noi bull.' in li'.'irniiiK that
thero In much Irutli in lho old nny-
i . ,, i- al.n... ;ii" dnrkcit imue
before, tho dawn'
j    ,sii>. ilium-."!.il tlini churl.'), unable
l,,   ..mini,    lb"   HiKlit   nt  nil   llml   l"
minded blm >i> forolblj ot her hml
; sob] Lho Villa nml aaoompanlcd by
1 hla   mollier   had   none t" Bngland
where ho aecured n llvlnu In Bttrrey
Mrs    li'iiiJb   s.ii.l   too,   Hint   hla   in"
th"r wae alwaya lamenting lhal
ili'i-nfiil marriage catastropho, ua nho
felt nuru that (.'harlea would never t".'
ih" Mun" Hgain.
Meanwhile the Judge hod ■'•ritten
to Charles giving him lu delnll th"
dad account nf tin- nndlng of Edltli
ami uf hor In   with Latham.   Ile lohl
Charles also thai Iio nml Mn   Dom
III" intended inking n good holiday,
! nnd would start lur Italy lho noxt
1 week.   They thought tho chango of
i sooiio and ih.- ion trip would bo Komi
I fur Edith", and bo himself "'tis badly
1 i.i uood of a thorough toot,
Noticing how "oailllvo Edith ««•!
on the subject ol li<r tnarrlago wllh
(liurli'o, Judge and Mm. Domlllc luul
Lcino to tin untlerslandlng in rofnilii'
from ni.'iitli.Hltn: 1 li.iib 1' linn" iii
I'.inii'.-' pro.enco,
I'.llllil   foil   I'll"   11.Ill   III"  .llllllll'   llllll
Oommtililcatod ovorylhlng lo riinrlns,
nml blushed with shaitio as sho
tliotighl nf bi'v. In- would rocoivo tbo
nown. How nnll'i b" bear lo havo
anything la da with one win hntl
iniifi'iivi nrlvatoly and lived lm yean
ivllh such n low villain an Latham?
'ihu pnssage across waa dollghtftil.
mul oven boforc thoy wore aeltled ut j
tholr bolol mi illinium; tho beautiful
I r.iiy ni Nnph b, bor Aunt anil Undo
1 in hi.- land ami main inonoy o
It—by  "iliviTnltli"l farming."
By nil means lot tin corrool nur:
Lconomlc wrongs: bul doui lei un say
tlmt progressive farming mothods are
ti mistake—Nor'-Wesl Parmer, Win-
nlpi g, Manitoba.
(jfj lu-lvo Umi I have
I ll. L. Stevenson,
I'tibbi-ti tin. poor,—
A Ceiinan Election Story
Blorlen with more ur loss fotiuda*
Hon In fuel nro. iih llllghi bo oxpoct'
ul. current jum now about the Oer
j man elections.   According to a Paris
The consumption of norso iloi.li In  eontomporary,   Dr,   Schlfforer, u nu-
Paris appears i» havo Inorenaod rap. ,|on:1|   Liberal   candldato   for   iho
Idly from IM' lo I0O7, whon ll roach- Reichstag, in thn course of his earned ih" maximum; since then n lum Dalgn, overlook in IiIh motor car a
slowly deorensod   Ifrom isu7 to 1000
tli.. a< ot'iiti" annual consumption wan
:hir,n,  kllogrammos, from llmo to
1000 li  wm in,"4:1 iiou kilogrammes,
|n 1007 i' aiui.illili.il to 14, 8M.IIII0 llllo-
grammes, In 1008 lo 14,405,000 kilo,
grammes, in mnn i" 14,184,000 kilo-
grammes and In 1010 li wnn 13,704,.
000 kllograinmos, coual lo 13,406 tons.
The Nervous
Far Greater Sufferer Than Man With
Broken Leg.
Both Mind and Body Are Restored by
tha Use of
There is no suffering   so keen as
herd of bullocks,   Tho doctor drow . that which iu-Ibch   from   disease of
up ai tlm able of tlio t'outl, whereupon I (j10 |,rHm arid nerves,
tho In-astH all stopped,   'thou ono of.
Dolls ef 2,500 Years Ago.
I    History falls to tell us the Inventor
I of the doll, which has heen bucIi a
boon to mankind, not only In quiet-
j Ing lho rowdy joungBter, but In stimulating a healthy Imagination aud
] affection. Five hundred years before
Christ little girls hnd dolls; there ls
such evidence of lt, nnd Edward Lov-
ett, nn enthusiast io collector, has a
doll 'rom those dim ages. It Is little
moro than a haltered stick now, but
Is unmistakably a doll. No ono could
inme a fnlr valuo for such a prize,
vili'eh stunds out ns a proof Hat the
child of today Is singularly llko her
llttlo sister some twenty-live hiintl-
ltd years ago,
Physical pain is Intermittent and
iho animals turned, nml facing tho
motor put Out his tongue. Dr. Hchlff-
erer, who is known for his attacks
ngnlnst   tlio  .Agrarian t,eague, waa I"0 biJokneVand' "dlaoouTagement To
furious,    llo surmised lhat Mils WSB  Ii. 8Uffeicr.
an not of Ills imlllical opponents, who'
i can bo relieved, but when tho nerve
l cells ueconio feeble nnd wasted mind
: as well as body Is affected, nud all
"(Hi, niinile. I ban such nn awful
iiri'.'im lad night "
"Whal  was lliat?"
"i dreamt your head
fitted your bat."
ihnd trained tho uniinul to put out his
The brain Is    slarvoil for lack of
The I rich blood, anil thoro are headaches,
nnd neuralgic   pains,    sleeplossnoss,
however, wus able to naolfy i v"V '.",.,";—'."., *"Ti '    ...'. '."""'
The beasts had lioon ! l"rit*Ji|lltJ-, ">'l'i!<"H<»' >">" ln»» "' nn-
tongue iu thi.; way In derision,
sOUl'To^narkot ud -^l-SSniu I fW a.^'vigor are among lhe symp.
ttitsnlit.   To moot tho reniitromonts of 1 ,tims.
Ilu. Department of Agrlotilturo thoy     Tho man with a broken leg lias tho
luul been o-taml l four timoo during | sympathy of all wltoknow him, but
the day by olllcinl voterlnnry sitr-
Ki'iuis. Booing tho motor stop, iim
Imlhirk  thought    Iho    doctor  wna u
volerlnary nml iiulomiit!ciilly put out
tona'i'.' for Inspi'elloii.
Why Certainly,
'(lirls,    What iio Ilio papers
inn llioy talk aboul  tlio son!
May ■
im an w
of war?'
Ella- "I don'l know, any moro than
whnl ii siiitiiling army is for."
Deli "How Ignorant you nre, doom
The iii'i'l of war Is for Iho nliiiiilliifi
iiriny to all ou
i IUI-,
tloiiiil Uiug * I'licuilcul to.. rowBtajB
I rim, strong.
iniii'i llml
the man who In broken In mind us
woll ns body by nervous exhiiiisllon Is
told Hint bo only Ihlnkn ho is slek.
Siiion Iho cause Is In lho condition
of lho nervous system, It. cull bo. removed by Ufa use of Dr, ClmBo'a
Nerve l'*ood,wlilcb Roes directly to 11 ac>
formation of rich blood and iho rosl-
nrnii'iii Of th') feeble, wasted nerve
I coils,
llonl, BOok cliierfnl compniilnns,
I llvo In Ihe BllllBllllIO mul by using Dr.
I ChnsqiB Nerve fnoil fill (he nervous
 „ ! ss'hl.em  with  now  VlgOl' and  energy.
Wheil'lt gelB tifed'"—I A few 'veelin of this (mniioiit will do
womlorn lor nny sufferer from an o.x-
liniislod i.ondlllnii Ol the nci'voa,
Dr. I'htise's Nerve Food, 50c a box.
( fnr |3.60, at all driilera or Edman-
■on, Hales ft CO., Limited, Toronto.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
European Lotteries.
Although lotteries arc lo be abolished In France, they are still flourishing Institutions In other purls of
Europe. Throughout the (lermaii Empire tliey are largely adopted fov
Stute "revenue purposes, III Prussia
nlono lotteries yield a profit to the
(Jovcrnmotit of over £4,600,000 a
vear. Ono (lerinnn lollery has been
established for 168 years. Lotteries
are also extensively used iu Italy,
Austria, Hungary and Holland. They
wero prohlblied In Franco sn far Back
as 18:16, and this prohibition remained In force until 1878, when a £480,-
000 lottery was authorized In connection with tho exhibition.—London
An Inquiry of vast sociological
valuo has just been concluded by
two Hrlllsli scientists, who Were sent
out lo (Ind how many of the employed
In lhe Lancashire cotton Industry had
been raised lo the rank nf employers.
Tbo results show that the scale of
promotion lu fur higher limn In public
professions, such us the army; and If
tlio siiino into of promotion prevails
in other trades, then it Is evident
Hint Hi mi' Is UB good a clianco to-day
of a rise III lho world ns ever there
anil snillll.
ami sound mliiil
i embrace equally
"What did that very polite man say
when you called lilm a member of Iho
Ananias Club? Hid Iio exclaim,
'Vuii'ro another1?"
"No, Indeed. Ile smiled nnd saitl,
'Welcome fel'ow-iiiouiboi'!'"
The cnslllcst fur Is Hint of tho sen
oiler. A single shin of Ibis animal
Will fetch as much as f 1,000.
Was. WiK.Low'a Soutiuno svkii. liaa li.ru
eaeil ter over SIXTY YKARS by MILLIONS ul
TKliTlllHU, wllh I'KlllliCT S1CCKSS. It
in lhe beat remedy fer IMARKIMl'A. II la *!■
aohltely hannleaa. ac aure and ask for ' Mm.
Wins low's Soothing Syrup," aad take BO Biker
kind. Tw.al.-tT.asli a bottle.
A 7% Safe Investment
I  pd  (.int. mumiuiili rd una u filial*
In furth.i* profit*
The above Motility ll th»> brut In-
diir-trlal ovor <»fforca in CnnHda.
Wl'ltO ul   Ol'.flfl  for  iHirtl.'UliirJi.
National   Sec.irltlra   Corporation,   Ltd.
Confcdcrnllon l.tfu HI-Ik- Toronto.
The Arlington Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
■ill li.W'1 A\',Toionlo, OntJiH.
Of 13,000,000 tons of cotton raised
ycnrly, ".f.OO.OOO come from India and
9,000,000 from America.
Well, Well!
jmiSi*-. HOME DYE.
.can um
:»Hh ihs SAME Oli*-
I used
P.L.S. *•. C.E.
B. U
Barrister,'  Solictor, etc.,
Hamsters, anil Solicitors,
Mining Engineer and
H.C. Lund Surveyor,
P.O  llox 236.        Phone 223.
B. 0.
Physicians and Surgeons
ifflee at Residence,   Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoaus - ■ - - 2.00 to   1.01
Evanlngs 7.10 ta   1,11
Sundays 1.10 ta   4.10
Funeral Director,
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds nf Second-Hand Goods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Old  Stand. Hanson Ave
Phone 161.
Steam  Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and stock estimates
funnelled on application.
Addrasa : P. O. Bos IM, Cranbr..k
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Av-nue Next to City H-tll
Open Dny and Night Phont U3
Cranbrook Lodge No 14    A.F.* A.M.
Regular meetings *)u
tha third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren
D. J. McSWBYN, W. M.
J. S. PECK, Sec.
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hull 2ml
anil 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
8  p.m.   Membership open to British
N. A.  Wallinger, PreB.
W. C. Crebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Box 426.
Visiting members cordially welcomed
Division of Naval Duties.
Speaking last night Rt. Winston
Churchill Baid that events have lately led up to the greater concentration
of the tleet iu home waters which
meant a relative reduction of its mobility, "In this" Mr. Churchill continued, " Is to be found the great opportunity, the great chance for the
self supporting dominions, those
strong young nations which have
grown up all over the world under
the shelter ot the British flag and by
the stimulus of its protection. They
have begun to seize their opportunities already. We have seen tbe development In Australia of a strong modern xeet unit. New Zealand has con
tributed a noble ship to the mother
navy; in Canada men of all rac'S hi d
all parties are deeply stirred upon
the problems of the share which the
Dominion should take in the protection ot the British empire and the;
means by which it and all parts of
the empire are to be kept free from
"We are soon to receive representations," he continued, "ot the new Canadian administration who are coming here to consult with the admiralty on the course of policy which is to
be adopted in the future. If the main
naval developments of the last ten
years have heen the concentration of
British fleets into decisine theatres it
seems to me most unlikely that the
main naval developments of the next
10 yenrs will he the growth of effective naval forces in the great dominions overseas. Then 1 think we shall
be able to make what I think will be
found to be the true division of labor
between the mother country and her
daughter states, which is, that we
should maintain the sea supremacy
against all comers at decisive points
and they should guard and patrol all
the rest of the British empire.
"I am certainly not going to attempt to forecast or prescribe the
exact form which those developments
should take though the march of opin
ion appears to be proceeding upon
thoroughly prnctical lineH. This,
however, I will venture to say: The
admiralty sees no reason why arrang-
ments should not be made to give the
dominions ncroBS the seas a full measure of control over the movements
in pence of any naval force which
with our help, they muy bring into
efficient exist a nee, In war we know
our country-men overseas will have
only one wish nnd that is to encounter the enemy wherever the need and
danger is most severe. The important thing is that gaps should be filled
so that while we In tbe old country
guard the decisive centre our comrades and brothers across the seas
shall keep the flag flying on the ocean
of the world."
Mosquito    Fleet
Highway Post Stolen
Criminal action to bo taken
New Westminster, U. C. —The first
hitter spirit of rivalry existing iu the
towns of Alberni, on the west conBt
of Vnncouver Island, culminated a
few days ago tn an act of vandalism,
tiie uprooting of the ilrst post of the
Canadian Highway, planted with imposing ceremony on Saturday, May
■1th, hy W. J. Kerr, president of the
Canadian Highway Association, iu
the presence of an assembly including
many of the prominent figures of Bri
tlsh Columbia and the state of Washington.
Port Alberni has heen a keen aspirant for the honor of providing the
rite ot the post; but, because of the
advantages of locution, this has been
awarded to the old town.
A few days ago after the poathad
heen planted, In the dead of night,
thtee of the residents of Port Alberni
stole out from their town, armed
with pickaxes, shovels, nnd crowbars,
and proceeded to the old town, where
they quickly uprooted the initial sign
post of the Canadian Highway, and
:arried it in triumph to Port Alberni.
The disappearance of the sign was
the one object of conversation in
Alberni the next morning, and early
in the day an emergency meeting of
the prominent men was called, and
immediate action decided upon. Concentrated suspicion pointed due south
but even before a dell nute plan of action was decided upon a group of men
waB seen approaching from Port Alberni, bringing with them tho desecrated sign, The hearers of the sign
post tendered the old town profuse a-
pologies from the Mayor A. E. Water
house and the members of his council.
Thus the matter is ended so far ai
the Albernta are concerned, but it is
probable that more will be heard of
it, as the officers of the Canadian
Hignwny Associntion arc extremely
annoyed at the liberty taken. The
tampering with signposts is a criminal offence in Canada, and liable to
severe punishment. Several prosecu
tions have heen instituted by the
Pacitlc Highway Association in the
past few months, when the proof
could be adduced against some party
or parties who had wilfully tampered
with or mutilated their signs.
In order to mitigate against the
possibility of the repetition of this
fool trick, it is the intention of the
Association to take proceedings a-
gainst the Port Alberni men who
tore up the post, nnd to make this
an example that will serve ns a warn
ing to others. Speaking on this subject yesterday, President Kerr said:
"I look upon the tearing up of the
first post of the Canadian Hihhway
as an act of desecration, inevcry way
as objectionable ns would be the removal of the corner stone of a sacred
edifice. This post was planted with
due form and ceremony in the presence of over 12000 people, men of pro
mlnence from all the coast cities and
from Seattle, Tacoma and Portland
taking part in the function. It is
certainly humiliating to these gentlemen to think thnt, after the expense
and inconvenience to which they were
put, such an unfortunate thing should
happen. I trust that the incident
will mark the culmination of the feel
ing between the towns of Alberni and
Port Alberni, and that from now on
these two places will cultivate a more
friendly spirit and some of that
sweetness of disposition and charity
which makcB for the betterment of all
ti .mini iqqtjq., llllllll .iiamimniiiuiiiu
Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO.  126.   It. A. M.
lingular meetings;—-2nd '1'ues
day in uauh mouth at eight
Sojourning  Companions   Are
j   cordially in.Hod.
|   Kx. Comp. A. 0. Shankland, E. *
^TIf'lllf*T\lTW*i"*f*nrT¥T\ (IMIIIrlllll'fl Mllllln"
Meets every Monday
night at  New   Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. J. Rendall, W. M. Harris
N.   G. Sec'y.
Knights of Pythias
Cranhruok, B.C.
Crescent   Lodge.   P°-
Meets   every
at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
O. Porter O. O.
J. M. Boyce,
K. Ot R. * 8.
Visiting   brethren cordially   Invited   to attend.
Court Oranbrook No. 894.1.
Meet in Carmen's HaH, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each month,
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi .'IB.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed' apparatus
Under a new scheme of defense Initiated by Winston Spencer Churchill,
flrst lord ot the admiralty, the destroyers of the British tleet commenced on May 1st a continuous patrol
of the coasts of the United Kingdom
The northeast coast, menaced as it iB
by the powerful fleet of the German
Empire, Ib necessarily most closely
guarded nnd there the most modern
and powerful vessels of the mosquito
fleet supported by submarines, have
been stntioned.
Heretofore the two battle squadrons of the home fleet have had attached to them a destroyer flotilla
with reserve flotillas at the naval
bases at Devonport, Portsmouth nnd
the Nore. The new scheme provides
thnt no destroyers are to be permanently attached to the battle Hleeta.
Instead, the whole available forces
have heen organized Into eight Hotil-
as four being in full commission nnd
four in reserve with necleus crews.
Of the tour active flotillas the first
and second composed of 30 of the
uewest and most powerful vessels
will have their base at the new naval
headquarters at Ronyth, on the east
of Scotland, and faring directly ac
ross to Germany, besides guarding
the north exit to the Atlantic. The
third flotilla will have its base at
Harwich another cist const port nnd
the fourth at Portland on the Hn-
glish channel where it will be available for work on any const. At each
of these bases there will he one reserve flotilla while other destroyers
will patrol othor parts of the coaRt
not covered by these.
No fewer than 165 destroyers are
Included In the new organization besides eight fast cruisers, eight BCOUts
nnd eight depot and repair ships. Of
this number one-third are assigned to
the North Sea, so tlmt with 24 submarines with bases at Dundee nml
Harwich, the coasts of hlngland
ihould ho well guarded. Naval ex
ports, In fact, estimate tbat the new
scheme doubles the effective strength
of the nilvniii'c guurd along the oust-
on. snapoard.
With the execution of the fifth flotilla, nil tho North Hen destroyers
are driven by turbines nnd the major
Ity burn oil, Most, of the vessels at
Rosyth hnve heen built, since 1010 and
Imve a speed of 29 knots and they
will ho shortly strengthened by the
new 27 knot boats. All have either
been designed or ulterod for rough
work in the rough waters of the
North Sen. The active flotillas are
fitted     with     wireless     telegraph
Mnde Especially to Burn ti. 0.
Repairs when necessary always
in stock at Vancouver.
District Division of South  Kast
Take notice that I, Robert Camp*
hell ot Moyie, B. C. occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted near
the South West corner post of Lot
2802, thence North 40 chains; thence
West 20 chains; thence South 40
chains to the North West point of Lot
2801, thence East 20 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
HO acres more or less exempting
therefrom the lands covered bv the
Rock Hill Mineral Claim.
Robert Campbell,
Dated February 27th 1912. 12-0t
Inspection of Engines
Tho railway board at its first sit-
ilng since the death of Judge Mabee,
this afternoon had under consideration draft regulations prepared by
the commission of conservation ln respect to lire protection.
Tlio commission asks that existing
regulations ho abandoned and a new
jet drafted by the commissioners be
adopted. These regulations, which are
somewhat lengthy, provide that all
engines must be fitted with netting
to prevent the escape of sparks and
that each railway company must pro
vide inspectors at terminal points
whose duties shall be to examine,
from April I to November 1 each year
all locomotives In use. The proposed regulations give the chief inspector or nny authorized ofllcers power
to Inspect locomotives at all times
and to reject those found to be defective in regard to lire arrangements
It is provided in the draft regulation
that the railways shall not permit
Are, live coal ashes to bo deposited
outside of yard limits exeopt they be
Immediately extinguished. Every rail
way company must provide fire break
ilong tllfl runic of Its line in nccord-
:inco with regulations prescribed by
the chief fire inspector of the board
lu Saskatchewan and Alberta the firt
breaks must consist of a ploughed
strip not loss than 10 foot in width
along the side of the right of way.
Ono of tho most important provisions calls Upon nil railway companies
to maintain a stalf of lire rangers for
paired and tire fighting duty exclus
Ively from April I to November 1
Tho size of this specially organized
force is to be fixed for each railway
by the chief Inspector of the hoard.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
nnd Works for a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the following lands situate In the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4503.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles east of the Southeast corner post of Lot 7510, and,being on the east boundary of Block
4593, and being the South west corner post of the John Virgo claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, tbence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to a point ot
commencement, making 64o acres
more or leBS.
Located tbls    24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th. 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
of the South east corner of Lot 7510,
on the east bouudury of Block 4593.
and helng the South West corner
poBt of the John Virgo claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres
more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent,
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-f
License to take aud ime Water
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the following lands situate in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, iu Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South Rust corner post
of Lot 7510 and being on the east
boundary of Block 1593, and being
the North West corner post of the
Roy Allen claim: Theuce south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; tbence west 80 chains
to a point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
Roy Allen, Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
NOTICK is hereby given that John
Fournier of Jaflray will apply for u
license to take and use one cubic foot
of water out of Lungley (.'reek,winch
riowe in an eastern ly direction
i through Lot 3055 and empties into
'Little Hand creek near Jaflray. The
water will be diverted at a point
midway on the Eastern Boundary of
Lot 3055 and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described
ae Lot 3055.
This notice wag posted on the
ground on .the l.ltb day of April 1912,
the application will be filled in the
office of the Water Recorder at Oranbrook
Objections    muy be tiled    with the
said Water Recorder or with the Com
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
15*5t. John Fournier, Applicant
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works tor a license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the following lands situate In the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Co
lumhia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the South Bast corner post
of lot 7510 and being on the east boun
dary of Block 4593, and being the
south west corner post ol the Roy Allen claim thence north 80 chains tbence
east 80 chains, theuce south 80 chains
thence west 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 640 acres
more or less.
Located this    24th day of February,
Roy Allen, Locator.
Witness John Virgo,
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
District ot East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK that Charles Grasley, 8r., of Waldo, British Columhla,
Rancher, intends to apply tor permission to purchase the following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North Kast corner of Lot 6231,
Oroup 1, Kootenay District; thence
East 20 chains; thence South 40
chains; tbence Must 60 chains; thence
South 11.91 chains; thence West Hfl
chains; thence North 51.91 chains to
the point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of May, A.D..
Located  30th  of  April.  1912.   20-
Notice Is hereby given tbat 30 days
after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon, Chief Commissioner ot Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
(or Coal and Petroleum on the following lands aituat* in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 mites east of the Southeast corner of Lot 75(0 on the East
boundary of Block 4593, and being
the South Enst corner post of the
Roy Allen claim, thence north 80
chains; thence west so chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
to u point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
Roy Allen, Locator
Witness John Virgo,
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
for Coul and Petroleum on the following lands situate in tbe District
of Southeast Kootenay, BritlBh Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile north of tbe S.Kast
corner post of Lot 7510, on the east
boundary of Block 4593, and being
the South west corner post ot the
John Virgo claim, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Alleu, Agent.
Posted April Sth, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is hereby given tbat 30 days
after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for u license to prospect
for Coal and Petroleum on the foi
lowing lands situate in the District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles east of the South
enst corner post of Lot 7510, on tbe
east boundary of Block 4593, and be*
District of East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that Award Gar
held Stahl, of Waldo, British Columbia, Rancher, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land: —
Commencing nt a post planted 80
chains South of the North West cor
of Lot 9254, Group 1; thence South
80 chains; thence West 40 chains
thence North 80 chnins; tbence East
40 chains to point of commencement,
and containing 320 acres more or less
Dated this 10th day of May, A.D.,
Located 6th of May, 1912.       20-5t.
For a licence to take uud use water
Notice is hereby givon that Joseph
Taenhauser of Fort Steele, B.C. will
apply for n licence to take and use
one cubic foot of water out ot the
Wild Horse Creek, which flows in
Southerly direction along Lot 632 and
empties into Kootenay River near
Fort Steele.
The   water   will    be   diverted at
point near  where Creek  crosses  Lot
9804 and  will  he used for irrigation
purposes on the land described as Lot
This notice was posted on the
ground on the Uth day of May, 19U.
The application will he tiled in the
office of the Water Recorder at Cran
Objections   may   he tiled   with   the
said   Water    Recorder   or   with    tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, parli
ment Buildings,  Victoria,   B.C.
20*5t Applicant
licence  to take and  use  water
Notice   is   hereby   given that Wm
Bridges  of  Moyie,   will  apply   for  n
, licence to take and use one cubic foot
ing the north east corner post of ttte*0f WIlter out of   an   unnamed   creek
Roy   Allen claim,   thence south     80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, theuce eust 80 chains
to a point of commencement, making
640 acres more or less.
Located this    24th day of February,
Roy Allen, Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
i Manitoba, -Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of Hritisb Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twentymo years nt an annual rental of $1
tn iicrc. Not more than 2,500 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by tbe applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
lie described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur*
eyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a tee. of $5 which will be
refunded if tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shnll bo paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
ccountlng for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
vnilnhle surface rights may bo considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W,    W,    CORY,
Deputy  Minister of the  Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for. March 25-6m.
Notice is hereby given that ths reserve eiisting   over Lot 6623, Group
One, Kootenay District, formerly embraced in Timber License    No.  16727
by reason of a notice hearing date of
24th December 1907 and  publish**!  in
the British Columbia Gazette of 27th
December  1907, ie cancelled  in order
that a sale of the said lands may be
effected  to  Elizabeth Cummings.
Robt.  A. Kenwick
Deputy  Minister nf  Lands,
Lands Department
Victoria, B. C.
February 8th  1912. l-SMo.
rising on Lot 1247 und sinking
same Lot. Tho water will bo diverted
nt n point about '■'. chains in a south'
easterly direction trom the Northwest corner of Lot 9247 and will be
used for irrigation purposes ou the
land described as Lot 9247, Group 1,
Kootenay District.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 15th dny of May, 1912.
i The application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder, at Cran
For a licence to take and use water
Notice is hereby givon that George
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to tnke and use one
and three-llfths cubic toot of water
out of unnamed swamp creek rising in a timber reserve formerly covered by timber licence No. 21907,
which (lows in a northerly direction
through Lot 6164 and empties into
Booth Creek near the north line of
Lot 6164. The water will be diverted at a point 500 yards South of the
South line of Lot 61f.4 and will he
used for irrigation purposes on tbe
land described as Lot 6164.
This Notice was posted on the
ground on tho 15th day of May, 1912.
Ths application will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder nt Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with the
suid Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
20-5t Agent
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend to apply to    U*|"™?,
Hon.   Chier Commissioner of   Lands]   Objections
and WorkB for a license to   prospect f»d   Wn,tier       m
Petroleum on tbe (ol-1 Comptroller of Water Rights. Parlia
For a licence to take and use water
may   be llled   with
Recorder   or   with
for Conl and
lowing lands situate in the District
ol Southeast Kootenny, British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles east of the Southeast corner post of Lot 7510, and being on tbe    enst boundary ot   Block
ment Buildings.
Victoria,   B.<
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon.   Chief Commissioner ot   Lands
and Works tor a license to prospect I Jfc Mdbe|ng the Nort|j Wegt COf,
or Coa and Petroleum on the loi-1 ner po|t o( the Roy Allen claim
lowing lands situate in the District [ thMW „outh M0 eh(|, thMW eRHt
of Southeast Kootenay, British Co-,80 ehRina( thM|M north g0 chain8i
lumbia, in Block 4593. ,thence weHt „ cmM , t     f
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile north of the Southeast corner post of Lot 7510, and being on the east boundary of Block
4593, and being the south east corner
post of the John Virgo claim, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chnins
thence south 80 chains, tbence east 80
chains to a point of commencement,
making 640 acres more or less.
Located this 24th day of February,
John Virgo Locator
Roy Allen, Agent.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15-5
Notice Is horciy flivflll thnt the re-
sorvo existing over Loi 1)874, Group I
Kootenny District, by reunoli of the
uot.ee published In the British Columbia Oft/Otto Of the 27th of Decern
ber, 1007, Is cancollod.
Deputy Minister of Lunds
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C., Uth May,1012.   ai-Ut
Notice Is hereby given that 3d day*
after date I intend to apply to the
Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands
aad Works for a license to prospect
for (Nml and Petroleum on the foi
lowing lands situate in tho District
of Southeast Kootenay, British Co
lumhla, in Block 4593.
Commencing at. a post planted   nt| Dated this Mth dny
making    640
24th day of February
more or less.
Located this
1912. —i*.^_
Roy Allen,  Locator.
Witness John Virgo.
Posted April 9th, 1912. W.C.McC. 15 5
Notice in hereby given that George
W. Bade of Milton, Oregon, will apply for a licence to take and use one
and three-fifths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creok. which flows in a
j northerly direction through Lot 6164
[imd empties into St.Marys river near
WyclitTe. The wnter will he diverted
at  a   point  375  yards  South  ot  the
  South  line of  Lot 6164  in  a timber
TAKE NOTICE, that Winslow Kay. ,reaerve formerly covered by timber
of Wasa, occupation rancher, Intends lUcence No. 21907, and will be used
lo apply for permission to purchase *or irrigation purposes on the land
the following described lands: described as Lot 6164.
.    Commencing at a Post planted   at|   This   notice   was   posted   on   the
ftcr"!the North East   Corner of   L. BIOS, ground on the 15th day of May, 1912.
thence south 15-53 chains; thence eftlt  The application   will   bo filed  In  the
20 chains.     thence north    20 chains, I Office Of the Water Recorder at Cran-
west to the Kootenay  river,     down, brook. B.C.
(Southern Division Kast Kootenay)
(District ol   Kast Kootenny.)
I, Frank Henry     Pearson of   Fori !
Steele in the Province of British Co
lumhla,  Intend  to apply  for  permls
ston to purchase seventy live acres ot
land bounded ns follows:
Commencing at a post planted 311
chains east of the north enst coiner
of tot 125 on the hi.'I bank uf an
island; (Inure following the Shore
down stream lo Its most southerly
point; thence Up strenoi lu nn raster
ly and northerly direction lo Its
northerly extremity; thenco followliiK
lhe  west   brink   to  the  point  of coin
•f March, 1912
stream to point of commencement.
Datrd 21st November,  1911. 50-91
or near 1 mile north.then 1 mile east  IMt
(Southern Division Kast Kootenay)
TAKK notice that Charles Grasley
Senior, of linker, P.O., B.C., occupation fnrmer, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following de*
scribed lands
Commencing st a post planted nt 1
the north enst corner of Lot 6231,
thence enat 20 chains, thence south 40
cltnlllS, theuce oast i'i chains; tliencr
south 11,91 chains, thence west 80
(■linlns, thoure not tb M.'.H chains to
the point of commencement contain
mg 160 ncres mote or less,
('buries Grasley,  Senior.
E. G. Stahl, Agent.
, Dated Feb   24, 1912. 14 9 91
Objection* may be (Hod with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
20-5t Agent
(District ol Kiist Kootenay.)
Take notice tlmt I, Coutts Llndsey
Chambers, of Sheep Creek, farmer,
Intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following lands:
Commencing at S. West corner   of
Lot 6117, group I,  thence     west    40
chains, thenco north 40 chains, thence
east      to   chains,    thence   south   40
chains to the place of commencement
containing ICO acres more or less,
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated April 23rd.  1912 Mitt. THK  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  H. C.
10c & 15c
Pictures at Auditorium
10c & 15c
++++++++1    Local  News
The Lund Land
: & Development Co., Ltd.
P. LUND,  President
See us about lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden Tracts
Grazing   Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
* ■ ■  ■■■niii
r lllll I I I H-H-H + H-IH--H- +
"ttttt t*i*tt t** rrrt
To the House Owner
Our MR. S. p, C1YNK bus sized this town up and report*) ttmi
there are at least 20o huum-n that need paintlu**      He writes you
1       the following letter—
1 This Is the season uf the yenr thnt is   most  suitable  (or   tne
,       painting of your home—while the  weather is fair nud warm  ttnd
• before  the  annual  fly  pestilence  haa be»»un.
, While you are planning ymur spring improvement* we urg* you
• not to neglect painting your house. It adits beauty and preser*
vefl the wood. The money ynu save by not paintiu*-: will be lost
many times over hy the expense Of replacing rotten boards.
Nothing can be worse (or a house than cheap "dope" paint
When you are buying paint we recommend that you buy the best
—you will iind tbat it pays. Demand a strictly pure linseed oil
paint—do not accept substitutes.
We carry a thoroughly high grade paint, one that we can cheer
fully recommend. The reputation of the manufacturers has been
back of it for a score of years.
Come ia and let us show you our complete color cards, from
which you can make your selection for the paint for your house.
Fainting a house is an investment that adds to its value*—not
an expense.
Let us also show you our complete line of house paints, tlooi
paints, wall finishes, varnishes, stains, etc. We also have a very
complete line ol brushes tor domestic use.
F. PARKS & Co.
•H1 I II I»H"H-l-H••l-M* M*H-* -f-t-H-f |~H H-fr-H-fr f--H-M■»j
JUST    T 0    R B M I N D     YOU
Kilby    Frames    Pictures
U.  Staples of WyclitTe, was In town |
G. W. Mowatt of Marysville, was in
town Tuesday.
Wm,   i\   White  of  Spokane,   was  in
town on Tuesday.
j The last week of our Hale--Special
Bargains on Saturday. Kast Kooten
•iy Mercantile Go.
J.  M.   Agnew o(  Klko,  was m  the
city on Wednesday.
R,   A.   Praser  was at  Creston  Wed
nesduy on business
1 WANTED—Hens   with   cMcvs,   apply
Box  316,  Cranbrook.
WANTED—Chickens, one to Ave bun
dred      Boi 316, Cranbrook,
c.   H.    McDougall   ol    Klmberley,
spent Sunday lust in Cranbraok.
Mr. mul Mrs. .1   M  Strong of Bills-
worth, Wis., were Cranbrook visitors
I J U S T     T 0     R E3 M I N D     Y 0 V
Kilby   Frames   Pictures
j J V H T    T O     It K M l N D     Y 0 tl
, Kilby   Frames   Pictures
'    The   Nelson   Lacrosse   team   arrived
. In    Cranhrook    Thursday    afternoon,
Thev   were   accompanied   hy    "llyue
skookuni WaWa,"
A new aiut important industry will
he developed iu Cranbrook this month
, We refer to the new large Hrewery
now in course ol construction,
Walkley Addition—Lota for sale, 511
\ 130 feet, all fiontnge lots, only two
; minutes from the O.P.R. Simps, J151I
each on terms   apply   I'.ast   Kootenay
Butcher Co., Oranbrook,
IB,  WatHou tlall bus beeu appointed
trainmaster at  Maclcod, in place of
1',  Weisbrodl who lias been appointed
Satisfaction   guaranteed  with  Superintendent nt Moo— Jnw,
the most   troublesome
ol cases
Vor Sales List.
There will be a dance und social at
the Auditorium, given hy the Ladies
Utor Society of the st. Mary's
Church on Friday night, May ;ilst.
The Board ol Trade would help mat
tors along if they would suggest to
the School Trustees the necessity of
placing the lire escapes on the public
J       The
J   chanti
show windows of the wise mer
are found  in  the newspapers.
A new hotel will soon be construct
ed at the C   V   R. town Of Hull River
Miss Jean Logan of San Francisco,
was a Cranbrook visitor on Wednes
a flshing party .it Fish Lakes cup
Hired on Sunday last uearly 200 fine
Fresh   Strawberries    daily    at
Sast Kootenay Mercantile Co,
Mr.   and   Mrs.   J.   Walsh   of   Fort
Steele,   were   Cranbrook   visitors  last
Rev. 1
ved in
'. T. Macy aud family, arri-
Crauhruok,    Tuesday    from
Walkley  Addition—Lots for sale, 51)
x 130 feet, all frontage lots, only two
minutes from the O.P.R. Shops, $150
| FOR SALB—Two pieces of land each j each on terms—apply  Kast Kootenay
containing   four   15-looth   acres, 1 Butcher Co,   Crnnhrook,
one   thousand  dollars  each. ~
Malcolm Hone Land lots No. 1 Creston will cooperate with Cran-
and 16. One half cash balance tu brook' w,th a view °* nmklm- the bi«
suit, b per cent deferred payment A»rieultural Fair, to be held in Cran
tt     R    Beattie    City l8-4t|tir'       un ■■•'•P**--   the  18th aud  19th,  a
—1—  ' '_ big success.
FUR  SALE—Qoose Eggs   for   batch-      ,   ,„,._ .. ,   ,, ,   ... .„   ,
,   ,„    . A splendid   line   of   films   will   be
In*,   Pure   bred   Toulouse   ****«. L0WB ,lt tne Bdison Th.lltre ^^
• T    u vTT   ' N"* *** "B*Wo Bill's Big Wild
i raubrook Hotel. ».   , «. .. , ,      **
  nest Show,  h three reel feature will
FOR   SALH-Whlte    B.O.    Leghorn- ih0 «»lWUd.    	
Wykofl strnin.henvlest layers J1.50     ,,    n   McBride returned   home on
(or   15 eggs.   8.0.    Rhode   Island I Wednesday    from  Los  Angeles.      He
Red,   11.50   for   16   eggs;   pekln re|)ortB hnving „ splendid ti me, and
Strain   Duck   biggs,   $1.50 tor 12  ,,,,„ tuel.e .'Shriners'
eggs.   All   eggs   from   first class  [he biK ce|ebriittoii.
stock. —Swansea   Poultry   Fnrm.. 	
, ,lMTTTMTT1TTMHHH*14Tl,t,H,T i,ii|i.|.i|..|u|i^.(|..|..|.Mj.^Jii|ii|ii|iiJiJii|iiJii|,| ,
Sheet  Music
We now have a good s ock of new
music on hand, and will nt-t all tiie
lalesl ;is il conies out — lioth solids
and instrumental. Come in hear
some of the New Sonjjs.
This is our busy season in this line
hut we have a large stock to select
(rom, and every facility for showing
ane handling it. Our Prices are
Beattie-Murphy Co.
+ ** * I * 11' 11*************
week enjoying
Wattsburg, B.O.
h-H-l I *** II*** **********************
The 41 Market Co.
This name stands for what is best in
Fresh Meats, Fish, Poultry, Etc., Etc.,
Our Sole Aim is to Oive Satisfaction     This we can most
certainly do In tho avenl of yon giving us au opportunity
Try  our
Brookfield Sausage © Creamery Butter
"Socond  to  None"
"PHONE 72"
H"M"H"t--h**M"M- 4^+*f^+++-M^+4-M-M-H-f-l-+
T    TO     RRM IND     V 0U
Kilby    Frames    Picture**
Large number* ol trout hnve been
caught during the past week by local
The sounding of the fire alarm on
; Wednesday evening was ctiused by the
Mr. und Mrs. K. Demurest of Spokane were guests at the Cranbrook,
■■. Sunday last.
j Mr. and Mrs. G, F. McCallum of
Ktmherley, were guests at the Royal
I last Tuesday,
Brooms,    Tubs,    Scrubs,    Clothes,
■ > | Baskets, Etc. at popular prices at the
Kast Kootenay Mercantile Co.
A   party   of   Provincial   Surveyors
nre   surveying   a road   through    the
+ I Summit Pass.
"     " Kilby   Frames    Pictures
FUR    SALE—figgs     lor      hatchinti, j 	
White Wyandottes. $1.50   lor 13     A   suhscrlher  to  the   "Prospector"
eggs.      White    S.  C.  Leghorns,: Mr.  O. II. Furlong writes us saying
$1.00 for 13 eggs.     J.  Sander   that he is sailing from Kngland on
Bon.  SunnyBide Poultry Farm. 17-41 the 18th of May and is bring.ng two
  i good men back with him.
WANTED—100 chickens.    1 want    to:	
buy these at once. Write Rob ; The Price ••- *••• -**1-1*** of puper has
ert Taylor, Cranbrook, B. 0., been ndvflnced. However the brand
giving price and class „f I that is in most demand-bank notea-
birds. 17-4t      *wi'* not be nffected, the price being
  I marked in plain figures on the corner.
FOR SALE.—BggB for hatching, Cry 	
stal White Orpingtons,     special I    Qeor5e  Leask«   contractor,   haa In-
selected  breeders    from strictly I "tailed   a   Universal   Wood   Working
first class    stock.    Strong  win
ter laying strain   $3.00 per sit
t  iliilnli.ti.l.itnii.l. I. -rl.ali.l.,|-irt-i-|irli,t,i*', *    *  -*    *   J    *    »  -»    *    ____,*   I
rTTTTlTTTT TT1 ,*r*l"rT*l**r'|"|'TT'ir■r'|'T*l'"T-|-1 '
E, Howes of Jaflray, representing
11 the Enst Kootenay Lumber Co. was
i > j in the city on Wednesday.
' ■ .    On the evening of May 31st nil the
1 Miners'   Licenses expire.      Have  yon
J.   renewed  your license for 1912.
i Judge Thompson left Cranbrook,
1 ' ' Monday for Fernie,where he will hold
,]\ & sitting of the County Court.
Have you seen Fink's window ol
Cut Glass. It will pay you to note
the prices. Kvery piece marked in
plaiu figures.
A few more buyers for Our Stock of
Groceries, Feed, Flour,
Carriages, Wagons, Implements,
Saddlery, Etc.
Ciive Us a Trial
Cranbrook Trading Co.
J. F. Renwick n lumberman from 0«1-
•» ' lowiiy wus {lolriK considerable btisi
11 : ness in tiie city on Wednesday.
,,     The  Kootenny  siine  und politician
* j will be looking.Into things in Boiitb
: em Kootenay nfter re-dlstrlbutlon.
JUST    T ii    R K M I N I)    Y O I'
Kilby    Frames    1'icturen
■»      W. B, McFarlane was in Creston on
Wednesday, arranging further details
J   in respect to the Agricultural Fair.
The   Agricultural   Association   haH
+ I increased its membership liy over six
hundred during the      t three months
lt now appears to onlookers that
—l-l~I~t-l-1 --I -I -++-I- -I l-l l-l t'l-l ■ "-l-l-l-H-" ~****4- f   the Manual Training Hclionl Is a sort
j ol a nightmare to the School Hoard.
«l      Hydraulic   mining   Ir now   in   full
■f   swing at ferry Oreek.   Tbe companies
ill  soon 'In' hydraullelng night and
4 : day. 	
June is the month of weddings. Out
riluuH is moat acceptable as a bridal
j gift.   The enticing prices marked on
+   the  pretty   pieces  in   Fink's   window
will enable yon t<> remember any or
nil of your friends—see our display,
4 | and note the exceptional  values.
+     The many friends of Mrs.  II. Ken
[;  ai-.lv will he glad to know that she is
J   improving wonderfully these last few
; | Farmers are wearing a smile ttvone
dnyH on account of a copious supply
'.f   rain   which   fell on   Tuesday ami
J   Wednesday
H-.|-.(..'-i...-.| .|..,-.|.H'I+++-M
If You
! desire   to  obtain   ORCHARD LANDS   in the
Vicinity of Cranbrook or—
City Property
Life Insurance
Fire Insurance
Accident Insurance—
ting of 13, fertility guaranteed,
O. K. Kendall, Cranbrook, Box
4C6. tf
FOR HAI.R.-One Chatham Incubator
120 eggs, also black cochin bantam eggs, $2.00 per sitting. Oi
ders taken for tbe "Peerless1
and "Hamilton" incubators and
brooders. Apply S. Macdonald
P. 0. Boi 102 Cranbrook B. C.
RENT—Furnished Room with
bath, on Armstrong Avenue
Phone    406. 19-2t.
machine. The machine has appliance
for ill different kinds of work, and '•
a grent labor-saving piece of machinery.
Walkley Addition—Lots for sale, 50
x 130 feet, all frontage lots, only two
minutes from the C.P.lt. Hhops, $150
each on terms—apply Kast Kootenny
Butcher Co., Crnnbrook.
Mrs. J. F. Smith, Mrs. Wm. Doran,
Mrs. Murgntroyd, and Mrs. Whittnker
made a trip to Crestou Wednesday.
TO    RENT—Furnished    Room     with  in  tbe interests of tbe  Agricultural
Association.   Tbey  had a  most  sue-
cesful trip.
WANTED—Competent  maid for Gen-!    Walkley Addition—Lota for sale, 50
eral     Housework.        Applicant j x 130 feet, nll.frontnge lots, only two
must reside at home. Apply to I minutes from the C.P.R. Shops, 1150
Mrs. (.'. T. Davis. Garden Ave. | each on terms—apply East Kootenay
.„,_    ol,„   „ ,       .,     ,  Butcher Co., Crnnbrook.
FOR     SALE—One   pnir  of  registered I ,^__
Scotch Collie dogs; female bred     A hprse belonging to the Kast Koo-
to come in the 1st of July. Oncltenay Mercantile Co., got into the •«-
litter   will   more than pay for j war ditch on Monday, and ntter much
the price of both.   Address P.O. | trouble wns taken  out.   A consider-
Box 257, Cranhrook. 'It,  able portion ot the ditch caved ln be-
  i fore this wns accomplished.
■J-H-1+-H-H-H +++H-*-hH-H- **********************
I Safety Deposit jj
For Rent By
$5.00 a Year &
++++++++++++++++++-.-m.. 4H-H-H-t>H-t-H II ********
* I II I III I 11 ||.||-|-| .n-H-H
. >     HEAD   OPFICE
Apply to Mrs. T. Walker
Burwelt Avenue
P.O.  Box 3IS, Cranhrook, B.O.-
I The directors of the Agricultural
J Association held their regulur month-
I ly meeting on Tuesday. The quee-
| tlon ol a managing director wnB dis-
i cussed, and a number of names
19.U brought (orwnrd. but the matter waa
  j laid over until Friday.
FOR SALE—Morse, Buggy,  Harness j I U H T    TO    REMIND    V O U
complete,  apply 0.  II. Askey, city < Kllby    Frames    Pictures
"" j    A forest fire in the vicinity ol Mud
STRAYED    HORSE , Creek, which has been burning since
A black mare strayed Into'my place : Thlirsday of last week, wus eitlngulsh
on Friday ol last week, its weight Is J*1 M,0"ll'ly wltb' *"I»'*M* fl™. Oran
about eleven to twelve hundred, has KT°0lt.fi™ W"r,,enH Witr th" *"rec-
hrown nose, clipped mane, and shod I !ion ""■en- Wat""", ehlef fire warden
all round. Owner can have horse by | '"r *'"' ' "">»"»* ■""trlet.
paying for this advertisement nnd
keop ot horse.—Apply to I
Jaflray, B. C.
CALGARY. Alt*       . .
;i P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. ll
"Shamrock Brand"
H-WtHII 11 Ull 11»| |.|.J
• ■  If  there   is   anything   we   can do for you, our '•'■    M|»"y binrinoss houses m town havo
- ' . , ,   ,, ,. . ,,   la-en   greatly  ImprovOll   liv  a  coat   of
. services are cheerfully at your disposal. | point. This is dearly „ good sign „|
Frank Dezall
Anent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
ill Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Bvlander      Ut"e    R'0b*rt   *'ye   *nn   tn" Pon"
17-41    I Ri*' *h'm hy t'"! rnl>"ir* H**"1'1
   lor tbe largest number of subscribers
sent In. "Bobby" sent in 344,000
votes, beating his nearest competitor
by over 100,000. The Pony and Rig
arrived nt Crnnbrook this week.
A lull line ol Feed, Hay and Grain
' at Campbell and Manning's
About three weeks ago Mr. Beech,
ol the Bast Kootenny Mercantile Co.,
placed In an incubator and succeeded
In batching 40 cblckens-SO per cent
of the eggs placed In the incubator.
These chickens are in a brooder on ei
lilhltlon In the store window of the
• |*H^4H^*H-1-M«M*++++-.*++++*+i -1-l-l-H-M-l-H-i-H-H-++
il The Goods |!
ii Hose
Screen Doors ii
j Freezers
ft i.i nil t^^^fAxj..!.^! IIIIIIIIIIIMIIIHI ''
bettor times
J Oul glass Poppoi ami Hall Blinkers
wllh nickel tops II.nr. pair at Fink
Mercantile iIn    Soo Window.
Mr. Hugh Wnn nf Fori Hteele,
passed through Cranbrook, Saturday
last enroute to Vlctoriu, ou u visit
to his BOO.
Moler Halrdresslng Collage Cranbrook
.a. a ::r ":i;z ^>ttaKe Hospital
earn $IH to $25 a week.
Write for catalogue.
'.'s Sprugue Ave.   Spokane w«iii,       Terms on Application
11 12t
P. O. Box 145
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Refrigerators j
The Monarch Range
"The Best Made"
I Phone 25"
J. D. McBride
£   Cranbrook, B, C, ■ - Phone 5
WW-H-rHHWI 1111* **********************


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