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The Prospector Sep 7, 1912

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Fountain  Pen's
1 he flLf&aint Newspapet-.;,/^.
$2.(10 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: a1'1
Womens' Institute Meeting
Recipes for Preserving Fruits and Pickles
In the Carmen's Hall on Tuesday
afternoon aome 110 or ro members
nnd several friends gathered together
to see n praetlcal demonstration on
the canning of fruits, The demonstrator wiih Mrs. W. P, Dorun and
very attentive she found her audience
because they were so interested with
the subject that was being demonstrated to them ho well. We give he
low some of.the receipes thnt. were
used in the demonstration and ut
the same time thoroughly explained
by Mrs. Doran.
It was very evident that the lessons taught and learned at the meeting were taken to heart, for next
morning several of the attendants
were seen purchasing fruits, etc., hav
Ing mnde up their minds that they
too would do for themselves along
the lines suggested hy Mrs. Doran.
The following are a few hints that
should he observed if cunning is to
done successfully.
FruitH should never stand long al
ready fill the cans full and seal.
Glass should always he used for
The secret of canning Is having the
cans air-tight; as the fruit and cans
become cool the glass will contract,
turn the stopper down frequently until entirely air-tight.
Light is very injurious to ull fruit
therefore all fruits should be kept in
a dark, dry cool place. Heat and
light are often the cause for much of
the fruit spoiling.
Tin or steel should never be used
when canning us it discolors tli
Select-free-stone peaches, pare, rut
in two and stone them, then immerse
in cold water taking care not tu
break tbe fruit; see that the peaches
are not over-ripe. Make a syrup of
granulated sugar to one quart of water, boll and skim.
(1). Put the fruit on a dish and
place   in a steamer over boiling wa
ter    being   picked,    especially   small | ^   w||en   u   is foun(i that a straw
Fruit retains its flavor best when
left whole or without being pared,
and hy preserving it so will keep
much longer.
In canning none but the best, sugar
should he used.
When the fruit is ready to be canned, the glass jars should be put in a
holler   of warm wnter and pluced on
will pierce the fruit easily it has
steamed enough. Lift carefully with
a wire spoon and place in the cans,
then pour the boiling syrup over the
fruit, filling the runs very full and
seal up at once.
(2.) Take your fruit and place in
syrup nnd cook until a straw will
pierce them, put in cans and seal.
(3.)     Take   the   raw  fruit and till
the back of the stove, or they can be j your cam, then till the cans with sy-
put into the reservoir to beat. In the
meantime tbe syrup should be made
ready, using a porcelain kettle.
When the cans are hot and the fruit
rup,   put   in a boiler of warm water
und let. them come slowly to u boil,
try   with   a   straw and when tender
(Continued on Page   2.)
Lacrosse at Hosmer
The fourth game of the series of]
games between Cranbrook and Fernie
was played in Hosmer on Labor Day.
Tbe game wus keenly contested
throughout and over 500 spectators
and fans cheered and rooted all throu
the game.
Hosmer people were greatly interest
ed in the national game, and are determined on having u locul team
neit year.
Game was called at 2 o'clock und
inside of one minute Reud scored for
Cranbrook, again Rend scored, and
Manahan scored ten minutes later.
Fernle secured a goal in the tlrst
At half-time Oranbrook had 5 goals
to their credit und Fernie 2.
During the third quarter Matthews
scored  for  Cranbrook,   und   Dorlund
for Fernie. In the last quarter Cranbrook secured two more goals nnd
Fernie one.
The game finished—
Cranbrook  8
Fernle  4
Judge of Play—Haus.
Cranbrook and Nelson will pftiy off
their tie game on September 20th, on
the Recreation Grounds.
Cranbrobk has hnd an excellent
team this year and oue fully worth
all your support. They have won live
out of six games played this year. It
is expected that a large number of
lacrosse fans from Hosmer, Fernle,
and other towns in the pass will he
at Cranbrook to witness the Crau-
brook-Nelson game on the 20th.
Wante d!
Board of Trade Meeting Monday Night
The Board of Trade meeting whlrh ;
was called for last Tuesday did not
materialize because of insufficient
attendance to form a quorum. The
invitations to the meeting were
sent out to every member of the
Board and as thereare about 61 mem
hers, this certainly looks as though
there was a lack of interest somewhere. Matters of importance both
to the city and district were to have
been discussed; especially was this so
lu reference to nn exhihit being arranged for to be shown at the Lethbridge Fair.
This matter is not in any way personal hut one that can uot help but
be of vital interest to every person
in the city individually as well as to
tbe district at lurge; if, therefore
such apathy of feeling is allowed to
exist those few memhers who ure try
ing to do the bcBt they can for the
benefit of all will also stop working
and the Board will die a natural
Arouse yourselves, cit zens of Cranhrook, and let the country at large
see that the city is composed of real
live business men, of men who are
not afraid of doing; of men who have
something to show and hnve proof in
the assertion they make by the stuff
tbey grow and mnke. Now is the
chance iu a lifetime to advertise the
city and district, don't let the oppor
tunity puss, seize the opportunity
and bring the results. From all over
the continent and perhaps from other
parts' of the world men will go
to the Lethbrldge Fair, and CAN
KNOW that a little farther west,
there is a city worth seeing, a city
worth prospecting. Stop that inertness ut once and wake up. By doing
this YOU  will reap results,  the
trict will  he benefitted and all  will
feel better for it.
Cranbrook undoubtedly has heen
quiet now for some time but there
are better times coming, everything
points toward one of the best Fall
seasons Cranhrook has ever enjoyed,
if we all pulled together we can assuredly make Cranbrook the city of
the west.—Why can't we?
ing something to say.
The Board of Trade are arranging
to have a Bungalow built at the
Lethbrldge Fair in which are to be
included rooms [or the Agricultural
Association's use as also the Board
of Trade; other rooms also are being
provided for to be used [or, otber pur
poses but in connection with the
Cranhrook District, The plans for
this were prepared hy F, 8. Rossiter',
one of Oran brook's Architects, and
have met with the official approval
of the management of the Fair. The
Lethbridge Fair management arc giving $200.00 toward the erection and
the lumbermen of Cranhrook district
are furnishing the lumber. This is to
be built in a most conspicuous place
in the Fair Grounds. Various plans
and photographs of the city and dis
trict will be on view, representatives
of the Board of Trade uud the Agrt
cultural association will be un the
grounds all the time to give any information    respecting   the   city   and
There will be a Board of Trade! district which may he asked for. Mr.
meeting in the City Hall on Monday j Fred Russell has charge of the ex-
night at 8-30 sharp. Try aud attend: hi hi t s so we can he well assured that
and come with the intention of hav-i they will he well looked after.
Memorial Service for General Booth
English Boat Wins Race
The Royal Motor Yacht club of
England today lifted the Harms-
worth trophy. In tbe most spectacular race since the Americans brought
the trophy across the Atlantic five
yenrs ago, the British built hydro
plane, Maple Leaf IV. won thc deciding race of the series on Huntington
bay this afternoon, the 4th Inst.
She covered the Ufl-mlle course iu 47
minutes 4R seconds, defeating tbe
only American entry then running,
Baby Reliance III., by one minute
and five seconds.
Weather Reports
Th« WdRther or Metenraluglcal Report for the month of AuguBt for
1911 and 191!! compHrc very f..vornjhly
tht minimum reiwh~.il u Httle higher
thia year but the minimum Ih exactly the name. Thle clwirly proves
that the climate In thin district lu
regular anil ihI.Ih much to the calculi,
tlonii of the fruit --rower* and aitrl-
"iilti.raliotH. The actual rainfall Ih ii
little lower but thla waa counterbalanced hy the night miata that prevailed.
A1JOU8T    1912
Ther Mai Auguat 2"nl, 87 degree*
Ther Mini       "    30th, 30 degrees
Rainfall - 1.111 Inchon
AIIOUHT    1911
Ther Max August 18th, 81 degrees
Ther MIm       "    20th, 30 degrees
Rainfall 1.84 Inches
Another ot the American defenders,
the 32-foot Ankle Deep, had led the
race by about halt a mile for 'it. mile
but when in aight of lite goal the
propeller mmppeil off.
The Maple Leaf [V. in bt 7110 horsepower. After she hail raced around
the course today more t Ium a full
minute faater than ever before, the
owner claimed the boat to be the
"faateat in the world.' Her speed
was at the rate of 87.68 knots, 43.33
statute miles an hour
' Ore Shipments
Ore shipments frum the mines in
the Cranhrook illstrlct for the pant
week and year to date were as follow
Sullivan' Mine   Ii3'j  211,744
Monarch    02      886
Cutting Affair in City
Pure, Unadulterated Devilment the Cause.
Van Horne Street, un Tuesday, wus
the scene of (what might have been
a more serious matter than it was)
a cutting affair when Frank EBggle-
son maliciously cut the wrist of a
chinaman clean through to the hone,
hy name Dan Lee, Upon a phone
message being sent In Officer C. Baxter was almost Immediately on the
scene where he wiih directed tu the
Saratoga restaurant, where the man
had gone after he had done the deed.
Eggleson vigorously resisted arrest
and on his way to the goul attempted to knife the constable, his tit
tempt was happily frustrated and
the knife taken from his possession.
On Wednesday, the criminal was up
before Justices .1. A. Arnold and K.
A. Hill i.n ii charge «.f as sun It with
intent to do bodily harm.
In the evidence given, the china
man Dan l.ec, said that he was n
porter at several offices in the city
and that he was then proceeding t
one of the offices to work. He passed
tho accused near tbe Century r«etaur
ant who bad two other men with
him. Dan Lee went on to say that
he had his hands in his pockets when
tbe man slushed me across the wrist
with a knife. The knife shown to
him in court was Immediately recognized. No word whatever passed be
tween them before the blow was
struck but afterwards 1 nsked him
what be had done it for, he replied,
that he would kill every chinaman in
the city, one of tlu* Justices noticing a mark on the chinaman's trousers asked whnt. it was, and Dan Lee
replied   that   it   was    where be was
struck clearly shown.-- to the justices that if the hand had not heen In
the position it was more serious
damage might possibly have heen
done, bun said that he was walking
quietly down the street and was surprised at the deed.
Dr. Bell gave evidence ot having
dressed the wound and of buving
found that it was Inflicted hy a sharp
Instrument and of recent origin.
Constable   Baxter  was next called
and    said    that    be   was   culled    by
plume  from   the   Victoria   restaurant,
when he arrived he saw the chinaman
with   his    hand    bleeding   fast    and
found    out    where the man  had gone
to    who    had    done the cutting.    He
win* found in  the Saratoga restaurant
when approached the man said  that
he.   wus not going io j--il and resisted   the   arrest   with   all   his   might.
In his struggles on tbe way to the po
lice    station     he     several    times    fell
down and  had   to  literally  he  picked
up, upon reaching the Quain Electric
Co.,   store   be threatened to cut the
heart out of the officer.    The officer
threw   him   on the ground and held
him   while a workman from the new
building    took    the    knife away, the
man In bis struggles even broke the
chnins he was held hy, Chief Dow and
Walker    coining  by  assisted  me  then
to the station.
The accused had simply nothing to
say in his defence.
After hearing tbe evidence tbe Justices found  that  there was sufficient
evidence   to   warrant the sending up
f   the   accused    for   trial   before a
ourt of higher jurisdiction.
Auditorium the Scene of a Notable Gathering—Multitude Hear  Expressions of
Appreciation and Gratitude Regarding the Life and Work
of this Eminent Christian Soldier
7U1   n.ZKi
Owing to the large number of exhibits that nre anticipated at the
coming Fall Fair it Is to be hoped
that exhibitors will do tbelr utmost
to have all exhibits on the grounds
by the lath Inst. This will assist
the Judges in their various work affording them more time In which to
Judge the various exhibits, Hy do
Ing tbls everyone will receive better
Tbe assembling of the band in1
front of tbe Cranbrook Hotel wns
the beginning of u lusting tribute
that was afterward to be paid to the
Inte General William Booth in the
Auditorium. Punctually at B o'clock
the hand began to play "Abide wltb
me," marching Immediately toward
thu Auditorium where standing they
played "Moonlight Serenade" and repeated  "Abide with Me."
Wben the hugb audience gathered
In the Auditorium afterward It was
to pay their lasting respect to the
memory of one of the world's greatest
successful men In the truest sense of
the word—Oeneral William Booth.
Verv seldom is it. that tbe people of
ull continents Joined so unanimously
In their expressions of respect for
one man. Seldom is it that one mnn
hns wrought so much and lived as
the General lived, as one man snld,
"He practised what be preached,"
im man can do more and the Influence hus been felt, and will be felt
in a multitude of ways even until
the end.
At   the   beginning   of   tbe meeting
the   audience   stood and raised tbelr
voice   |n   that   wondneful   old,   yet
.fresh   and    truthful  hymn  "0 God,
tljour Help in Ages Past," afterwards
followed    an   appropriate   prayer by
the Rev. W. K. Dunham.
Captain F. Stride read the lesson
Bev. VII, verses 9-17, after which he
made a few remarks on the work of
the army and the power aud grace
with which tbe General's inllueuce
was felt In every branch of the work.
of the many tokens of remembrance
the General hnd for every unit of tbe
Army at every point and place In the
whole wide world. Of the letters of
encouragement the officers received
from time to time; of the advice given In time of need; of the counsel
where necessary; und of the feeling of
brotherhood that existed between all
from the highest to the lowest was
a matter that tbe General at nil
tlineH was forums* In encouraging.
The Captain read to the audience
tho following letter which wiih also
the Inst, letter the Oeneral ever sent
out to the ofllcers of thc Army cleat'
ly portraying the spirit in which he
worked and the almost, fatherly fool
lug he had for thoHe who have so
faithfully heen with hliu in building
up the great work he set himnelf out
many years ago to build up because
of the love In which ho held his foi
low men:
"My Bear Officers:
"Never again to see the light of
"day—never again to heboid the
"countenances of my friends -never
"again to look into the Hynipathetl'
"eyes of my comrades- -never again
"to witness that which for sixty
"years gone hy has been to me the
"sight of all Bights—mon und women
"kneeling at the mercy seat.
"Well pile up my losses, and ley
"ale many and serious, I admit, hut
"look as I have been looking those
"last few hours—at all the mercies
"that, are left to me, and If I bave
"lust some things, there were other;.
"I desire to possess-- blessing.* which
"in aplto of circumstances are within
"my reach whlcb my soul is bent on
my   dear   comrades,   in
lu    durkncHs,    you    may
evangel Illation of the world is clearly
seen; also the almost childlike trust
he had for his maker stands out prominently as an example for tbe army
in general to take to heart.
"My  Dear Comrades and   Friends:
"On every hand tbe nations are
•'culling us, on every hand new doors
"are open to us. on every hand the
"need is seen to he greater then ever
"And from this my chamber of
"darkness, I call upon every officer
"soldier and friend to step out more
"quickly ami persistently for tbe ac
"compllshmenl of those great pur-
"poses for which Ood 17 years ago
"brought the Army into existence.
"The saving .of men, women ami
"children of every class from the po*
"wer of curse and sin, and the set-
"ting of Jesus Christ un His Throne
"In the World.
Yours affectionately,
William  Ilooth,
Another message was also read that
bail been received from Commission
er liees, head of the Salvation Army
in the Dominion of Canada:
My  Dear Comrades ami  Friends:
I am writing with a heart numb
with sorrow and with eyes that are
at times blinded With tears, lor the
man that was more to me, than any
otber mortal man, lies dead.
The news bus been circulated throughout the universe that our dear
General  has gone.
That he who at last could no longer see the faces of his family, and
the countenances of loyal comrades,
now beholds the King iu His Beauty,
he who could tint see through a glass
darkly now sees His Saviour face to
face iu the sunlight of the Celestial
I would fain close my eyes to the
truth, hut I cannot. The telegraph
form with Its mystic code words,
Which deciphered, read thus "The
Oeneral died at ID.80," stare me In
the face and I with others can only
lay my head Upon my hands ami
with tenrs streaming upon my lingers
sob out tbe words' "Even ho Father,
for il secmeth good In Thy sight."
In   these  snd  hours.   I   am   silt's   we
have im a I to ask you t" oar neatly
Hfl up before God, tbo bereaved ones,
hosoochlng thnl lu His own way He
may at ibis nine uphold thom .with
His Everthslmi- Arms.
1   take   tlllS Opportunity   US   head  Of
the Halvation Army In the Dominion
of Canada, Hi thanking you, fur your
groat sympathy shown  In this, oui
great |0RS<
Yours faithfully
D M. Ween
llev. Thunipni.ii, visiting MfttllO
diet minister, In RpoaklllK *>f the
greatness nf thO General said "I
think lie was esteemed and lever
enced    because   he Incarnated  within
"light or
"count   upon    your Oeneral to trust
"In Ood and go forward.
"Yours affectionately,
William liooth
111 his last lctt'-r to the world read
before the tremendous niidlence (bat
tilled the Royal .Mhert Hall. London
FOnglnnd on bis -nth Anniversary,
the   purpose   be   had In view of tho I hlmeelf the simple truths of tho Go
spel," "He was a great Christian
in the truest sense of the word, he
was also successful!, as evidenced In
his boyhood and afterward by his
clear cut conviction of duty, Thank
God for William Booth and for his
message to this generation.'' The
Hev. Thooipson took n very wide
view ui the General's work, begin
nlng with tbe time of his wonderful
conversion and of how he went a-
round the district he lived in doing
good, the parting of the ways of the,
Methodist   Fathers   whom   he   left   be-
causo   of   bis   definite conviction of
duty in another direction, how lie
lefl the conference and went out into
the world without literally where tu
lay liis bead, of the staunch companionship of his faithful wife and the
help her loving counsel oft.times was
to hliu in his work, ami took the au
dfence in big steps connecting the
same with little illustrations to the
time when he should he the friend of
> princes and kings, also as counselor
I of the poor.
No nation denied his Army hospitality, no people turned away from
the truths taught welcome everywhere, loved by all. the Army under
bis lead are doing wonderful things
towards tbe betterment of mankind;
a work that will make his generation indissuluhly connected with the
name of General William Booth.
The Baptist Church Quartette rendered a very pleasing hymn entitled
"Under the Flag."
Bro, and Mrs   Hyslop gave a duet
which  was one of  Hie General's favorites  "Only   Itememher."
Mr. g.  Stevenson rendered a solo
In his usual excellent style entitled
"Itlver of Time,"
Mrs. F. Chapman also favored the
audience with her sweet voice with a
nolo entitled "Host in the Lord."
Rev. Kendall spoke of the abstin
onceln habits also of the work be
he performed among tbe pour as well
ni the rich; uf his Influence In nil
rlassPH,   both  bfgti  and tow.
Rev, w. K. Thomson, Presbyterian
minister, In his address told of tho
his   open benrtediiess.    (if one  of  the
General's   implicit faith in Ood- of
thoughts be always carried with htm
tbnt "Bvery Man is the Child of God
ami    "All    men    are Brothers."    Mr.
Thomson drew speolnl attention In a
very forceful way to wbat he might
term "The Magnitude of Ills Miracles
iih we can plainly U00 in larger cities
uf the World when we look nt. some
of the work being dope in the slums
nnd the regeneration of fallen women
Closing Ins short address by quoting
Tennyson's "Grossing tho Bar,"
The meeting wits hi ought to a
Close by an old livmn often used by
the army tn theli work "When I survey the woiindrouM OrOflfl." The buns
diction was then delivered. THE PROSPECTOR., CRANBROOK,  B.C.
HOTEL §^b-ook'
Is a largs and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all  go to
The   Wentworth
D. McDonald      -     Proprietor
******************* **********************
Halifax Man Starts on Trip
to Coast by Auto
Under Auspices of the Canadian Highway Association, Mr. Thomas W. Wilby leaves with
Message for Pres. W. J. Kerr.
♦'HI I-HI I I I M I I I I IIIIH I I Mill H-H-I-H----H-H-H-
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee  our work
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
W. F. .Johnson,  Prop.,  P.O   Box 904
WOKKS—Kdward Street       -    -      Cranbrook, B.C.
t|..t»t"t''t**t'1'1i'n"l'1'ilt1"l'1'^H'11ii'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1"l"i'l"l"l''l^ . +
Halifax, N. B.—At three o'clock
Tuesday, August 27th, Mr. Thomas
W. Wilby started trom tbe Olty hall
! on an automobile trip which be plans
i tn end on tin- western coast o( Vtw
couver Island about six weeks hence,
thereby demonstrating the practice
bility of the Canadian Highway. He
is ttn* official representative ot tho
Canadian Highway \ssoQtation, and
tlics tiie pennant of that organisation
on his automobile, This, and the
Sag ol tlu* Automobile Olub of Oana
da, are the only decorations which
lie spurts
Por Beveral moathB preparationsj
have been going »>n [or tins first
cross Canada Journey. Co-operating
with the energetic pathfindor, the of
Beers of the Canadian Highway Association have prepared maps, plans.
charts, etc , which will be invalua i
ble to Mr Wilby. A --ham ol pilots
has also hoeu provided across the
continent Those in Eastern Canada
as far as the Great Lakes, have been
selected by different automobile clubs
in these districts, while west of this
point the men have been appointed
by the Canadian Highway Association. In most cases the pilot is a
member, frequently an officer, of the
association, ami it is his intention
to accompany Mr. Wilby for at least
one hundred miles un his journey,
resigning his services as guide when
the district  served by another officer
(Special tu the
is re;
There are, of course, great  illfflQUl
tuts to hn met witli on the journey.
Por  many     weeks it   seemed  us If  tbe
trip would have to be abandoned hh
there seemed no possibility of getting
beyond the great Lakes, short ol
shipping the ear over the railroad ur
on one of the boats plying on the In
land    sea      but a few   weeks ago  Mr,
Wilby     was    advised    that     a     party
Whlob    had    been sent out to investl  ;
Rate conditions In that locality, bad
reported thai B route which appeared
to be passable had at length been
Before leaving Halifax for bis
western destination, Mr. Wilby wns,
presented with a number of letters
to he delivered enroute. these; being
trom acting Mayor Martin to representative western men. One of these
letters is to His Royal Highness,
the Huke ol Connaught, patron, und'
another to Mr. W. J. Kerr, President, of the Canadian Highway A880
Valauable assistance is being given by Victor Parker, editor of the
Modern power Magazine, of Winnipeg, who lias volunteered to pilot
Mr Wilby for 10U miles outside of
Winnipeg. Mayor Fleming, of Brandon, has arranged for a pilot from;
bis town [or n considerable, distance
westward, where be will relinquish
his   task to the Kegiua pilot.    Mem-1
hers uf the Medicine Hat Autoino
bile ClUb nn- to take charge of Mi.
Wilby   In   Alberta  nud eonvoy bim   to
ihe    Mntisn    Columbia     boundary,
when-    he   will   nu-t   by   Mr. tiny   Low
enborg, who will have charge of him
as far aa Castlogar, where Mr. Jobn
D Mideison. another Vice piesldent,
will mtdeitake it. pilot the em ae
far as (Irnnd Forks from which point
Mi Wilby will have the -issistanee
Of    Mi       Jeff Mavis      At  Princeton an
experienced packer will be in waiting with horses Which it is expected
will he necessary iu crossing the two
divides on the Hope mountains.
This part of the trip, it is believed
will he the most difficult, of the
whole undertaking, and, iu the event
of Mr. Wilby negotiating this obstacle, be will he met at the town of
Hope hy President W. J,* Kerr, who
will escort bim tu Ohilllwack and a-
cross the Fraser Valley to Westminster antl Vancouver, stopping at
Westminster long enough to entertain the patb-llnder at a luncheon tu
he given iu his honor.
From Nanaiino to the western
const uf Vancouver Island no great
difficulty is to he encountered, the
roads as far as Sprout Lako being
in excellent condition. An attempt
may be made to reach the coast at
Long lleach, but if this is not feasible, tbo journey will come to an official end at Strathcona Park.
', Automobile   will   be  run   weekly   on
between  Cranbrook'  and  Wasa   con-
necting   witli   incoming  and  outgoing
trains. Goud Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
^--i: i- tit tit i-: it tt- it t-i. >-*--*--■-++++++-*-++---*-♦--*-*-+-■-+
International Egg-Laying
;|    Drinks   of   all   kinds can be bad at my store for
t use during the coming hut weather.
T Thirteen different flavours,
Dalton's Lemonade
& Lime Juice
£    Just   received   a   Carload   ot   Six  Hundred Cases
' Fremont Grape Juice.    An  unfermented
Grape   Temperance   Wine.
A lull line uf domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors   JJ
and "cigars,    Bar Glasses, eti.
Breed and Stamina Now Showing well to the Fore
Intrrnntioiiul Egg-laying mutest
held under the joint nuspices o[ the-
llrltlsh Oolumbla Poultry Association, Vancouver Exhibition Hoard,
ami  the Provincial government.
80 .
211 .
No. C1Q8B  I. l-'t-HH  1
  Whito   Loghorns 	
...  Hull
ICggs l,ald
White   Wynndottes   ....
Barred   Rocks 	
HtifT   orphingtons 	
Ithotle   Island  Reds ....
Barred    Rocks 	
Bun* "      	
White   Wyandottes   ....
Hull  Orpingtons 	
Partridge Wyandottes
Silver Laced      "
27   Sliver Pencilled
37 .
29 .
25 .
30 .
40 .
28 .
While    Wynndottes     092
Rhode Island  Beds  087
"       0311
Burred   Boeks   004
Fears were expressed that the egg
yield would stiller during the past
month, owing to the Vancouver Exhibition being held on the grounds.
From ii perusal of the records, opposite results were ohtnlned. owing,
no doubt, io the (act that blasting
was discontinued during tbe Kxhibltlon. The egg yield was higher Irom
August 13th to 10th than during the
enrller period of the mouth.    During
•he Ilrst   duy  ol the  I Itry  Show,
the   birds  were greatly disturbed by
the crowing,
Pen 2 in Class One still torges a
head, increasing its lend river pen it
by 17 eggs during the month. Pen
lit displaces Pen 4 in fourth place,
and tics Pen 14 lor 3rd place. Pen in
creeps up nearer io Pen 4. six eggs
only being the dilTcronco this month,
Pen   5 drops Irom 7th to 12th placo,
Pen   20 jumps Irom 12th to Oth, tie-
ing with Pen 02.
Following ure the highest producers during the month:
Pens;    7   (109), 2 (107),   10   and   20
j (105) ench.  18 (1031), 1  (102), 12 (091
! 21 (96), 18 (95), 9 (90).   pen 3 scored
I 17   eggs, and Pen 17, 24 eggs during
the   month.     Tbe   lormer   Pen    is
moulting, and appear very listless.
In Class Two. Pen 38 increases its
lead by one egg (luring the month,
over pen 33. Pen 20 sepeparatcs from
Pen 39 in fourth place, and reduces
Sl'a lend by 10 eggs during the
month. Pen 32 reduces 37's lead by
20 eggs during the month.
Top scores lor tlio month: Pen 32
(108), Pen 20 (95), 37 (88), 38 (80),
33, 31, 34, 35 (85) each.
Broodies:, Pen 30 (5), 25, 29 (4)
each, 35 13), 07, 34, 30 (21 each, 20,
31, 32, 33, 39 (1) each.
It will he noticed that, In (Mans I,
unite a lew pens huve equal records.
Pens 14 and 19, 12 and 20, 3 ami 21,
ure running neck and nook,
As corroborating the oft repeated
assertion that strirln and stamina Is
more Important than breed, it may
he mentioned that lour or live of the
leading polls ill Cluss I nre reluied,
and are all close up,
w. n. btroyan,     ,i. rt, Tunny,
Superintendent Secretary
****************************** II II I *******
The Lund Land
& Development Co., Ltd. I
I'. I.UNI).   I'residt-nt
Sec- us about  lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard fa Garden Tracts
Grazing   Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at !
llritish Columbia .
■ I I. 1.1 1 J. tiiliiti I I. Im-LImI- liiiiiliil- 4-AJ.Ji,l..l.ili1l..l1A.l.l.M.aLJ.X,l..l,,l..l.....l. J
Women's Institute Meeting
Recipes for Preserving Fruits and Pickles.
Continued Mom page I
1  llll    Olll    llllll   Hl'lll.
I iiii.i.    PTOKMCf*
' To make lllll Ploklofl wash the en
riimltein ninl lay lu wntol over night,
in tie- morning pack tightly m cans
ioi.I Ml the holes wltb dill, pom ,i
vi lilli, 0 minle ml follows three
quarts of wnter, one quart ol vine
em nnd one largo cupful ol milt,
boll all together nnd while hot pour
over the pickle., nml Lighten the rami
These pirklcH enn tie iittoiii.ly rrroin
rilll.I BAUOIU
To make    Chill   Sauce lake 34 ripe
tomatoes,   4 Inli'e    onions, 3 cups ol
peppers, hull cup of sugar, one table
spoonful ol each, allspice, cloves and
nutmegs,  one tcuHpoiitihil  hluck  pep-
! pel's, chop the lomatoes, onions, pop.
I pent very line unit cook over n slow
1 lire for three hours.
"Wc lmvo iilwuvn hoard and rend ti
great lloal nlintlt the 'Brotherhood of
Muii" hut I tlilnh it was lelt for the
oiganlmitlon known us the Women's
Institute to bring out the true ulgni
leance of the 'Sisterhood of Women"
Mrs.   Brelhoiir,   Itlirlord   Women's
Institute, Ontario,
Ornnbrooh's   Institute in uniting a
warm place in lite hearts of the iiinin-
1 hers   and   ihcy   are   proposing some
good things lor the Iuture mootltlgs.
The ntixt meeting will ho hold the
Ilrst Tuesday in October ami Is going
to be the bout tliey huve yet hold.
At tiie meeting Just closed there wore
six friends dropped In to see whut
the meetings were like, nud, nn sur
prised were they ut the useful hints
tbey received thnt tliey hI'-iiIIIciI
tbelr Intention ol bolng present nt,
the next mooting undor any olrctiin
stance. All billion are Invited nud
cordlnlly welcomed; every member
having nt view thn principle of holp-
lllg each other to lighten tho tusks
of hoilMholll cure us It comes Irom
tiny to day.
\. hi.i. mil Nt-rvoui Syitotn
Tlm norriw control nil actions of the body so tlmt anything tlmttlobltitntoB tliem Mill wciilteu .ill oi-gttua ot
III.,   system,    Early   ...iJ.i'Cretioi.*.   ttlld   Exeeinei    lmvo
i-idiied tliotiBiwds ol ■jromislni* yoiinu num. Unnatural
DwlniWitHlifti'vigor nud vitality nnd tlioynoverduvulop
ionin'o|.ori*ondlt.ouof mnidiood, Thoy rcmnln wuulc-
llii„"i, mentally, I'liyslcnlly and wxunlly. How you fed?
An) you nui-vous mnl weal', dcBpoiulout und gloomy,
Bjioclw beforo tliooyos .villi dnrk circles tinder them,
■vualc hack, leidiioyB Irritable, *-o.|*Unllou of ihu heart,
im ihful, dobilltatlliB dreoniB, soillmaut in urlno, pimples
.m tho faco, oyoB%ml(en hollow ohcakB, careworn ox-
l it-. -Iiiii, poor memory, lltelosa, distrustful, lack energy
nml strength, tired mornings, rostlesB ulghls, change-
Hi,i.i moods, prematuredeuay, bone piiius, balr looso, etc.
Tlittlstheconditionour New Method Treatment ii
\\*o liavo treated Diseases or Vten tor almost n lite-
hinii imd du uut have to experlmout. Consult ub
aad wo will tell you whether you are curable omot.
We guarantee curable enact of
true Booklet on Dlieaien of Men.   lt unable to  call
write for
Cr. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.,   Detroit, Mich.
All letters from Cumula nmst be addressed
to our Cantullau Correspondence Department in Windsor, out. II you desire to
. n rsonnllj' cull at our Medical Institute ia Detroit os we sec ami treat
no patitnta iii our Windsor oflices which arc for Correspondence and
l.ilioraiory for C.uiadiiii business onlv. Address all letters us follows
private mldi-eu.
.-- +-WH--H*-.*-!* ."H-H--I-I •+**• i*-H****************** *
Central   Meat i
If you are tired of eating salty
Hams and Bacon, try some of
the   "Mistletoe   Sugar   Cured"
A. Jolliffe, Prop.       -       Norbury Ave.
yff(/ Miss. SPOKANE
Invites you io fine
Tke Mand Empires JJolicle*-/
Seven days and S/x ni^lilsof
education and amusement
Somcthmd to interestevrn • vautop
Reduced-*Railway Rates
S,>,  •*-   -"i
\*it- to Flolil I' drihwe Socy for Premium Lwlaivl
llluillyal.d  Daily IVnlr.im   Dj     . —, .      tii _*_.•      Ua
\ "Makesmore
|       bread
and better bread"
^^n CASH nrsa^
Gomfort and Beauty In the Modern Outdoor Dining Room
Tilt*, de.lg.it8 of oul door life are
having a decided effect upon
the architecture. of summer
homes. Sun parlors und porch
parlors, with their charming decorations, uro lixed features of homo life
nowadays, and somo of tlio summer
furnishings to be hud for theso apartments tend to make thoso places vie
with tho garden ItBelf In attractiveness.
For iloor coverings there ore quaint
effcctB In colonial rag ruga, Grass
mats nro also In favor, us they not only
Impart a cool and attractive atmosphere to the summer living room, but
they are easily kept clean. The rag
rugs, though, aro u trllle newer and In
ft colonial house aro moro appropriate
than the grass floor coverings,
Kor the outdoor dining room nothing
could be in better style thun the beau
tiful set of white enameled furniture
seen In the Illustration. The lines are
simple and good, and tho yellow and
brown rag rug that adorns (ho Iloor
makes a delightful background for the
cool white furniture.
ln furniture for outdoor porches and
living rooms wicker Is Uie most popular. Chairs cuire tn almost every
shape, from the stiff, straight variety
to a couch chair, a particularly desirable shape for comfort being un adaptation of tho old English wing chair,
This has a high back nnd wing shape I
extensions to the shies, with u wrlt'ng
rest arranged on the right arm ond i
magazine pockot on the left arm.
The latest couch chair Is somewhat
like a luxurious morris chair and U
fitted with a very low sent, an adjustable back and a foot rest arranged be
neath the chair, which may be drawn
out. On either sldo of this commodious
contrivance Is a newspaper rack, and
In the right Him is a llttlo round hola
to hold a refreshing glass of lemonade.
A handy stool to hold a Jardiniere
filled with a phmt la designed to be
reversed and serve as a scrap basket.
The rail of tho porch, of course, ls
never forgotten In tho decorative
scheme. Hustle boxes (llled with bright
hued geraniums and marguerites with
long, hanging vines give a graceful effect along the straight bare rail. When
shaded with an awning In shades harmonizing with tiie other furnishinKH
tho porch parlor may become a placo
of recreation and a bower of artistic
The new awnings havo fnlnge Instead of tho more usual substan
tial scallops that we are all familiar
with In these sun protectors. And In
certain places a khaki colored awning
finished with red fringe is most effective and wears much better than the
striped awning material, which has an
unpleasant fashion of fading and running when the summer rains play
havoc wilh the canvas.
Chintz and cretonne offer no end of
variety In pretty colorings for pillow
and table covers and without these
decorations would hardly seem complete, so fond have we become of their
cheerful and dainty appear;.nro. In
both potch and garden furnishings
heltery-skelteryncss, that bane of
American homemaklng, should be
avoided. Select some central plan,
some dominant key not *\ nnd stick to IL
TF a woman thinks she can be smart
**• without considering the lines and
material of her petticoat she Is very
much mistaken. As skirt foundation,*.
are still almost as tight as bolster slips
the underskirt must be of tho softest
fabric and made to fit like skin.
For best street wear the Jupon, as
Uie French call this article, ls made
oftener of crepe de chine than of silk.
The skirt Is gored closely over the hips
and fits about tho waist without a
gather, thin plaited lace In Vandyke
points or deep fringes trimming the
bottom. The skirt matches the gown
or else the color of the hat, for, as
many outside skirts are slashed at the
sides or rounded up over the Instep, tho
petticoat frequently shows.
A skirt for solid wear ts a plain tailored affair of black satin without a
stitch of trimming, this fastening at
the left front with snap fasteners such
na ere used on gloves. A whito satin
skirt In the same model, curiously
enough, Is offered for linen coat suits
In any color or white. The satins used
for these underskirts are of the softest
and finest sort, but women who have
tried them declare that they are worth
their price.
Among the silk petticoats softness of
weave ls everywhere seen, and the
■cant little skirts seem delicate enough
to pass through the proverbial wedding 1
ring. Novelty silks make a somewhat
smarter effect than the plain ones, nnd
some odd ways of trimming the bottoms seem delightfully novel and sensible. None of the trimmings is put
on the outside of the skirt Tlio bottoms are cut up into square blocks,
and scalloped or shaped In deep points
along this treatment underneath scant
frills of the same material or plaited
ones of lace are set. This arrangement Is far prettier when the outside
skirt Is slashed than If the plaiting
were put outside, making the skirt
seem a more dress up offolr.
For fine evening use the petticoat
often seems more elegant than tiie
dress. With a French gown of white
satin worn at one of the recent dress
shows ttio accompanying petticoat was
of thin val lace under flesh chiffon.
The lovely thing had plenty of opportunity of displaying Its charms, ns the
outside dress, which was a sort of princess robe, was slashed at tho two sides
up as far as the knee. Tet the two
articles were to be sold separately.
Other elegant petticoats are of thin
silk stockinet, with lho bottoms exquisitely trimmed with flno laces and
wee artificial flowers or ribbon. A
chiffon flounce over lace nnd decked nt
the edge with a trull of fragile (lowers
Is   quite   a   common   sight—in    fact,
among the party jupons.
The petticoat which will wash sr.d
serve for every day and look well and
not cost too much is made In a number
of dainty cotton textures. Gingham,
seersucker and calico appear In these,
but the new weaving of these oid fabrics bends to the present nee.is, no
material seeming the clumsy ll-klng it
was of yore. Black ond white is always s good venture for tho wash cotton underskirt, but If milady wishes ■
she can have one to match every colored frock In her wardrobe. Folded up
on tables or hanging about, as the case
may be, the dainty colors of these
skirts and their pretty stripes, checks
and figures are very Inviting, although
one needs to have a good mode! in wen
a cheap cotton skirt.
Wash ailks and pongees nre among
the other tub textures displayed hy
petticoats In good models and fairly
cheap, and women who like very «r,ft
skirts favor those with lavish purchaa-
Ing. For hard use the pongee or wash
Kllk skirt Is always self trimmed, narrow bound frills being considered the
most washable garnishing*. A good
pongee petticoat can be had for Jfl.
Well made models In the striped
French calico's, seersuckers and ginghams cost from J1.50 up.
The Useful Newspaper
Hints About the Household
QNE hears ao frequently nowadays
v the terms "fumed oak" and "golden oak" lhat the question naturally
arises as to the meaning of the terms.
The best "golden" effect Is obtained
with what Is known as quartered oak,
lhe log being sawed In half and then
these halves sawed In half again, making quarters. Eucti of these quarters
Is then sawed at right angles, with
two sawed sides parallel with the bark
ltde, this giving the flakes of the woods
in their greatest area and beauty. The
wood Is then filled und stained. None
of thla treatment, however, affects the
Hakes, which show up a golden yellow,
•specially after the varnish coats have
been applied.
"Fumed oak" Is oak that has been
treated with (he fumes uf ammonia.
The effect of the ammonia Is to darken
tha wood, and It also cuts the grain,
roughing It up. After the wood has
been treated with the fumes of the ammonia It Is sandpapered down and
■tulned or waxed, as the case may be.
A COI.I.APSIIII.B .crop bujlict, a nl-
**■ inn liunlit'1 nml n writing paper
box, all itimlo of ptiHiolioaril covered
witli cool grotin nnd White*cretonne,
nre hor* pictured. Thoy offer nn Rgree-
nliln chmiKo from tlio lienvler ImiHH nnd
wood ai-Uolo* used during the winter.
nplll-. proper placing of nn upright
piano In a room of moderate ntea
Is to turn it at right angles lo thu sldo
Wit II, having room between the key-
'ninl and the oppnslto wall for the
layer. Thin stand n table, If possible
tl old fashioned mahogany one, with
aiding leaf, which can bo turned up
"Tnihi, of CouTfio! Tie minis drapery lo
'over thn Unpolished hack of (lie plum. A niece of good hiking I it pes try,
Vocndf'J silk, omurblderoi! crapi or
even orfl toft hfl, drapfld loosely over lho
top nnd hack, hut not laid In set folds,
would bu suitable, On (he table stand
a plant, n bit of pottery, a brass can-
lli'Siick or possibly n lamp.
From a niUHii.nl standpoint the piano
Is plnred In the best position, for the
notes are free Instead of muffled,
Recipes From Here and There
Delicious Duchess Soup.
A DELICIOUS duchess soup is made
from this formula of a Boston
cooking teacher: Cook two slices each
of carrot and onion In a tablespoonful
of butter until the onion yellows, then
turn In a quart of white stock and a
blade of mace and cook a quarter of
on hour. Strain the soup and add two
cupfuls of milk and thicken with two
tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour
blended together. Season with salt and
pepper and stir ln nt ths last four
rounded tablespoonfuls of grated
cheese. Cook a couple of minutes and
send to the table.
Mini Paste.
Soak three tablespoon Ms of granulated gelatin In ono cup of cold water
for half an hour. To two cups of sugar add a cup of cold water and bring
to the boiling point. Add the gelatin
and let boll,for twenty minutes. Take
from the fire and add two tablespoonfuls of lemon Juice, four tablespoonfuls
of cremo de month* and a few grains
of salt Pour Into a pan and let stand
until stiff enough to cut Into cubes,
Roll In confectioner's sugar.
Curry Omelet.
Take six eggs, one ounce and a half
of fresh butter, one tablespoonful of
milk, ono ounce of rice cooked In white
stuck, curry sauce, ono dessertspoonful
of madras chutney, salt and pepper and
two sluillols. Hrcak tho eggs Into n
saucepan, add the milk, season to taste
and boat tho eggfl until thu whites and
yolks tiro well mixed, Pflol and chop
finely tho BhntlotS, fry Ihem a light
color In a llttlo butler-In an omelet
pan, add tho remainder of tho butter,
Ah soon as the butler Is melted (not
oily) pour In tho boalen egg*. HIIr
quickly over a brisk flro until thu mixture begins to set, then shape Into
cushion form on oue side of thu pan.
Pill the center of the omelet with cooked ond well flavored rlcu. Into which
mix the chutney finely chopped and a
little curry sauce also If liked. Fold
the omelet, allow it to get a nlco (-olden
brown and turn carefully out on un oblong dish. Pour some curry sauce previously heated round the omelet and
serve quickly.
Cinnamon Cake.
Take the yolks of six eggs, six table*
spoonfuls of sugar nnd a small teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and put
them all In a saucepan. Heat the mixture for half un hour without changing
the direction und at the end or that
time add to It the six whites of the
eggs beaten to a stiff froth Sift In
six tablespoonfuls of Hour and blike the
cake In u modes ale oven in a Hat
greased tin.
Orange Shortcake.
One quart of (lour, two teaspoonfuls
of baking powder, one-half teuspoonful
of salt, one-half tenuupfUl uf butler,
one-half pint of milk, Take half uf
this ami roll half inch thick, place In
a dripping ran und spread with butler, then roll die other part nnd put it
on top of tlrst. Hake In a hut oven.
Peel, seed and slice thin elghl oranges
and add enough sugar to make ihem
sweet. I'lnee tnene In lho cake as si-on
ns It is taken from ihe oven Serve at
Imitation Pumpkin Pie.
The following If ii unique fnrm of apple pie, which testes ami looks much
like u pumpkin pie: (irate some ruiher
iweel apples, am] for i>vory ihree apples use a cupful of •■■■gar, (wo Cggs, a
toaapoonful of powdu - ginger, u scant
tablespoonful of innro, nlso powdered,
and a half teaspoonful of termed nutmeg. Heat the grated applies wllh the
sugar and iptcei, Ihen stir In tlm eg/;*.
I hike wllh un undeii-riisi only
rpnERli is a place In the summer toi-
•*■ let year after yenr fur spotted
muslin. Here we have a rubric that
has never been so great a favorite
among women that It became commonplace In their estimation. Modest and
demure It Is, but withal very charming.
There ure dainty white muslins with
colored rosebuds and green leaves
scuiiered over the surface, und there
nre others spotted with white that aro
given colored borders In tho delicate
summer shades that are always delightful, the pale blue, the clear pink,
the soft mauve and green shades.
Serve These With the Cup of Tea
THKRIfi are mnny tidbits delicious for
serving with the social li o'clock
cup which are unknown to the average
Unions ...0 itceps well abreast of Ihe
timet accompaniment! uro apt to he
limited tu shop bought wafers of a con*
volitional order or cukes, frequently
Wlthi.nl robbing the occnslon of Its
principal Charm by making a formal
reception of it and serving an elaborate
repast It Is possible lo discover new
things and to meet the variations of
Individual taste.
l-'ur Instance, tho dainty finger rolls
may bo spill lengthwise and llm soft
crumb In one half removed Tlm hollow thus formed is (o bo filled with
cream cheese softcnod wllh a Utile
whipped cream.    Put  11)0 two halves
Jf-gelher   ami   llr*   iHljj   MhtJ   Mht«*n   UJ
i.iisul coiu Or Buini finely eliiSbpuo
walnuts may be stirred Into the chcoso,
which li_ to gyve as filling, wllli or
will,out Hie addition of mined olives.
AffD|n, the following mUluro, which
Is Just a 1 rifle more elaborate, will up*
penl to many pal A left]
Due roll of cream cheese, n lenspoon*-
fnl of pimentos, chopped linn, nnd a
full tablespoonful of mayonnaise. The
Olives should be ehnpped by hand   Mis
Lllll iisv en aim•.*-.
Another gout) ,i»r     r sandwich, muds
this time Of ...m. 'Ui-m-l slices uf.
bread, require* r-,ut heaping table-
spounfuls of ml'.. 1.1 chicken and three
of mayonnaise   a umnm dressing cun
he suhsllluted for the one ot oil. Spread
the mixture un three squares or oblongs of whole when I bread and cover
with smaller pieces or chop line some
blanched almonds, toastud, but • not
salted, grind llicm In thu meal chopper
or crush in a mortar ami spread between delicate squares of buttered
r l-'ur s single sandwich- (hat Is, hav*
Ing but one lllce of bread In Us com*
position-— this combination of ingredients Is considered cliolcoi Over a doner)
largo plump olives pour boiling wnler,
allowing them lo aland 0 fow minutes ■
then drain and put on the Iro. Now
chnn Mmj enou-Hi njm^tns le form r\
Unffponnru! of Uio' mfnej; Qwp' the
olives and add the pimentos wllh on«
tnbh'.ipootifuj of fine crncker crumbs
Crush nil the mayonnaise and spread
on shapes cut from thin, ralher stale
Por  a   gmnsv.  nllv   shin   put   some
&str1hQ<-iii   a   iiiih'      or  toilet
flntgar. 'nt*- Ui* wash water
QFTEN old newspapers are thrown
away or sold for practically nothing, though there are scores of ways In
which they may be made useful—practical ways.
Layers of newspaper are bettor than
any felt for padding beneath a carpet
or linoleum. Several thicknesses of
newspaper put evenly over tho floor
before the covering proper Is laid down
will double and treble the life of the
latter. With stairs too. A good oven
wad of newspaper should be tacked
firmly over the edge of each stair. This
prevents the carpet or linoleum wearing quickly away at the edge. When
oilcloth or like materials are used for
coverings, shelves ln the kitchen and
such like, It should always be padded
with several layers of newspaper.
This adds greatly to the wearing power.
Nothing beats old newspaper for
cleaning and polishing purposes. Windows and all kinds of glass gain a very
bright luster if rubbed up with a good
pad of old newspaper. It Is equally efficient for polishing brass and silver
plate. Many people regularly use
newspaper in preference to chamois]
leather for such polishing purposes.
Mottles which require cleaning Inside
can also be cleaned by filling with water and some strips ot newspaper, lf
well shaken the paper swirls round and
detaches the dirt from the side of tha
Por all sorts of packing, newspapers
ar« simply Invaluable. When clothes
are being put away Ihey should always
be well wrapped In sheets of newspaper, while sleeves and auch like should
be stuffed with crumpled sheets so as
not to lone their shape. Newspaper Is
really far better than tissue paper for
this, «ven though It does not look so
nice. It has tho advantage of nctlng
preventive from moths, A good
way or storing furs for ths summer
months ts to sprinkle them with carbon and fasten up In an air tight newspaper packet. Paste together/two fairly thick newspapers In bog form, put
In the furs and then fasten up the ends
so that no air or anything els* can get
Cutlery nnd china which have to be
stored should always be wrapped l»
newspaper. Nothing preserves their
color nnd freshness In a better wny.
Steel cutlery so stored ought to be
greased before being wrapped up,
keep It from rusting.
Newspaper made Intn a pulp Is
most excellent thing for stopping draft
holes tn Poor hoards, skirtings and
walls. Thi nuip must be pressed tight
ly Into the hole, nnd when dry the
place can he oalntftd or papered If nto-
I-'or fire purposes old newspapers an
very useful outsldr the ordinary recog
nh/.ed way. Newspapers soaked In 1
bucket of water and pressed tightly
Into balls mako nn excellent backing
for a fire which requires to he kept go
Ing for any length of time. First rate
fire lighters nlso can be muds In this
manner. Take a newspapor lengthwise
nnd fold It tightly until there Is
thick wad measuring about an Inch
across. Tie each end firmly. Fold each
length Into threw ond tie tightly again
wliere the ends cross each other.
Greasy pans of all kinds clean more
easily with newspaper than cloths,
Oroase which: resists tho efforts of soap
nnd water can frequently bu removed
by rubbing well with sheets of newspaper.
It often hnnpens thai paopl* wish to
paint something temporarily—something from which pnlnt cannot be re<
moved if tho surface Is ones covered,
in mr-lt a case It Is u goud plan to cover
the thing with several thicknesses of
newspaper and paint the newspaper
covering with the same number of
coats of pnlnt as would have been applied to tht* thing; Itself. Ths painted
newspaper can bs stripped off when
you Ilka    	
To Whiten Clothes.
rpo whiten clothes which have turned
a bad color try the following plan
Prepare a solution of pipeclay and
warm water and soak them overnight
In this. Then wash and boll next da;*
In the usual way, and they will come
out looking as fresh and white as when
New Blinds,
When nalltng new blinds on the rollers try nailing a length of tape on to
ihe roller with them. If this ts dono
there ts no chance of the blind tearing
from the roller.
For Jap Silk-
Many people do not know thnt If .lap
silk ,1s stitched with colton Instead of
silk the seams nre not so likely to
cockle In the wash. This is of grent
saving when Ironing.
To Remove) Creases.
When clothes have been hanging in
the wardrobe for nny length of  time
they are opt to become creased looking. This can he remedied by banglpg
them In front of the lire for a lew minutes, when the creases win vanish
New Tins.
New tinware should be ruhbed well
all over with lard, heated for a moment
in the oven or on top of the rahge and
then well wiped. Tins treated m this
way seldom, If ever, tarnish.
TJEADACHE  Is  often   tho   re-
Indigestion. No woman, however
perfect of feature, can be truly beautiful when a racking pain deans her
lace full of lino lines and dulls the expression of the eyes. The nexi time
you   are   suffering   With   headache   try
drinking a half glass ef cold wnler into
which has been squeezed the Juice *.f
half a lemon and a half ioa*»poonrul at
soda.   The drink te not unpleasant.
V-0 more knapping uf rtnger nails iry*
*"• lug lu open a tight glass Jar cover,
This handy Implement does lhe (rick
as easily as 11 bottle opener whisks off
a metal (up, In fact, tho Jar opener Is
really n replica of thu buttle opener,
wllh n strong spring bundle nt the
bach, The scot)pi Is another new invention thai the housewife Is particularly
Interested In at Ihln lime of the year,
\ CHEAP and effective cedar chest
** cun he made as follows: (Jet n
number or cigar boxes, pull nut the
small nulls holding ihem together and
lino a box of any kind vm desire with
the pieces, gluing <" tnrklnit Ihem nn
The eh; 11 UuXeS "i* linul* ul cnUur and,
being Impregnated with tobacco, cause
ths '*«il to be moth prooL
TAN shoes srs again tn fashion. That
A light putly color which was so
muoh in fashion in Prance Inst wintar
nnd   which   one  feared   would   become
fashionable here is fortunately missing.
All the rtusslan inns aro usud In
pumps, in oxfords and In two »-yolet
ties rtucklcs sllll lake precedence
over ribbons, sreopt In ths oxford and
on pumps.
True, n wide number of women prefer lho more or less huge buckle on
their pumps, bul vou will notlOO that
the well dreitsed woman who li smartly
turned out lit every del nil will wear
thn plain pump, with Us flat bow of
curded ribbon, such ns ths men wear,
no maljer what Up HmL
Buukfol Sightly nuTOlTi •" slippers,
but there Is no breach of good ttislo In
'•housing one of kid, of gun metal ut nf
Japanned metal on s pump of dull kid.
If ono wears pa lent leather slippers
wllh Spanish heels then Iho buckle mny
he of silver, of gilt or uf cut steel, but It
Is to be hoped ihnt Ann-Hern "'omen
wlil go buck to their original method
snd keep this brilliant fooiwi
»*MSts lii ths inurnln* hours,
Oesignsd by May Men ton.
riMIK shirt waist Is one of the gar
menu worn ut all seasons, but Is
In speclnl demand during the warmer
month!, More are two costumes that
ihOW wuhta of quite different sorts.
In one case there Is a huparule wnlsl
worn with a (allured sklit, whllo In lho
cither there Is a guwn of thu pretty and
quaint flowered tftffotn that mul.es
Hitch a feature of tho lOOSOn,
The costume nt (he left shows one
or the simple waists thai nre nlwavs
smart It can bo either tucked or gnth-
id st the front and mado With n
shaped or plain yoke ul (ho hack, and
the sleeves run bu llnllhod with rolled
over or straight cuffs. In tho WQlsl
Illustrated the material Is iwidriis, mul
the rolled over cuffs nml collar hold by
linns are used, Tho wall! Is sn ot-
ccemiifpy siu.ul ona. The skirl Is made
In three pieces that are lapped on to
ponols, and these panels can be mode
ot a contrasting material ni in lhls
Instance, or of Ini flime foa,LonalDa*na<
ed or trimmed In any similar wny. The
overlapped   points   mako   an   especial
fci e
Kor the mrrtium els* the waist  will
r t*fj Ih*I require t,\ ysrrts nt mnicrlsl «7 Inches
wide  ','% rsrds xi inch**- wids, I yards
•J*] iches wide. For ths skirt will bs
needed 3-!i yards 27 or ii Inches wldo,
iMi yards 44 Inoheg wldo. with IM
yards of any width fur the panels. Tha
width of lhe skirt at tho lower edge Is
t\A yards
Thu soeond flgura shows a novel
blouse of tha shirt waist order. It Is
tucked attractively, and It Includes »
iiiih! yoke with narrow plastron or
center portion that renders It Individual and distinctive. It cun bs finisher)
with ur WltllOUl the collar, and (he
Sleeves can be mnde long ur In three*
quarter length. Tho model is n rood
mm for silk and also for th* various
Washable materials. The frill makes
n dainty finish, but Is nut necessary.
Thu skirt Is Junt a simple one. with
only two seams to hn sewed up. It Is
cut afler the very latest model, which
means (hat It Is becomingly full, and
It has a luck st the lower edge. It can
be cut to either th* high or natural
waist line,
For the medium slue the waist win
require &'* yards of material 27 Inches
wide.   IH   vnrfl"  H   ifieh***  WW*   ?H
yards 44 Inches        ■"--■'  •■"   •'■■■'
win bs needed  * .     "•.►  . >
wid*, IM u-idt tv -   i* *•-•■'   •''" THE PROSPECTOR, CHAN HROOK,  H. C.
©he yvoei-ectov, ©vitubvook, -6. C
Published Bvery Saturday   Morning at Oranbrook, 11.U.
F, M. ChriBtlan, Manager.
Postage to American. European and   otber foreign countries,    50 cents   a
year  extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rates furnished ou application,     No
advertisement., but those uf a reputable character  will he accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND Sl'USURIBERS-Unless notice to tbe contrary
Is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
Local pride is n great bumm-sH
builder -knocking Ul the surest way
to wipe u place ofl the map. Let's
all be practical boosters lor the old
town. Lets start today! And lets
keep it up all the time.
j     Every good citizen should  take  the
keenest  interest  In  the welfare of his
Uth Year
There is one class of laborers who
never strike and seldom colnplain,
They get up at ftVe o'clock in tbe
morning and never get back to bed
until ten or eleven at night; they
work without ceasing the whole of
that   tune,    and receive no other e*
molument  than (ood nnd the   plainest
kind of clothing; they understand
something of every branch of econom
lea and labor, from finance to cooking; though barrassed by a hundred
responsibilities, though driven and
worried, though reproached and look
ed down upon they never revolt, and
they cannot organize for their own
protection. Not even sickness re-
lenses them from their posts. No
sacrifice Is deemed too great for
them to make and nu incompetency
in any branch of their work is excused, No essays, books, or poems
are written in tribute to their steadfastness, They die in the harness
and are supplanted an quickly as amy
be. These are the housekeeping wiveB
o( the laboring men.
A good neighbor \n always the most
desirable of possessions, although in
some cases their social value is un
der-estlmated. What constitutes ;i
good neighbor is also frequently
misconstrued, although the sensible
acception of the term it. the neighbor who is friendly without being officious, helpful without being super
flouely so and finally, one who respects the privacy of other's household affaire by certain degree of
formality of manner,
own town,—the stores, the churches,
in fact, everything that goes to make
prosperity and happiness. When this
is done there is never any need to
apologise for a town's existence or
for anything u contains.
A community torn by dlssRntlonB,
rent assuiuler by strife and contention—the people ready always to liy
at each other's throats on account
of  rivalry  and   petty   ie ilouslea -can
drawn to please them, turn a deaf
ear to the strains of music that are
vibrating the air about us, and murmur   ol   hunger   when   rare   fruits   but i never hope to succeed      The universal
brotherhood Of man   [S constantly de
ferred ami  the end  of time  will  ap-
| need the gathering?   Can't we -1
part a little better?    Can't  we
Is it right for us to complain so
much of our hardships and our disap
polntmenta? Can wc expect, to hear
a "Well done, thou good and faithful
servant," when we are doing so
little   with   the   talents   given   us''     Is
lt reasonable that wo should expect
to be given a world that is full of
beauty and of richness, if we spend
our time here in lamenting (.he cross
es of life? Must a fairer home than
this be given us if we close our eyes
to   all    pictures   which    Nature   hits
others about us to raise the curtain
• if Ignorance, doubt or despondency
which is shutting out the light of
Joy which shines for all? 'Thou
hast been fuUhful over one city, 1
will make thee ruler over many " It
is not likely that yotl or I were made
to rule cities, hut we huve been given
our work to do, Will we he faithful
to the trust?
People who don't mind their own
business, bring more misery into f&m
ilies, societies and churches than
everything else. They turn the pleasant, peaceful stream or uood will
into u loathsome pool, they intrude
on ground where angels would even
tear to tread Now, minding ones
own business is the very best remedy
fnr the itching ears that are never
satisfied with bearing and the busy
tongue that hurries to speak cruel
words Mm.imt; vour own business
will turn your attention to sell ind
you will forget to watch bo closely
the shortcomings of others; it will
make peaceful homes, happy neigh
bors. and quite consciences; and you
will be able to realize and more fully to comprehend the truth spoken in
holy writ. "Blessed are the peacemakers.
A man who sets hy the lire; smokes
hia pipe and reads the newspaper,
while his little frail wife carries the
water und fuel, tixea up the tire to
keep him warm, is not worthy of
such a woman's willitii'uess.
Some  people never hand in  an  item
i>f news foi publication But if we
happen to miss an item in which
thev are interested they are sure to
hand us a north pole stare that
would freeze a polar bear. If you
have   any   ite.im of news you would
like publishing, Phone 145,
ih interesting.
All   tll'WH
W. J  B. Guerard, Manager J
Saturday, Sept. 7th, 12
1  Billy "Single"
"The Girl, The Man 'and
The Game
WHISTl.v   sum; HITS.
Seiti on Sale at Beattie—Murphy    Price. SI.50   SI.OO,   JOc
*i*.t"l**l"t"<"l"l"t"l"l"l"l"*">-.>' t"l ■l">">"t'.l"|-».'l"t"l"l"l"l»f"t-l-l"l-l-l"l"t"l"t"l*>>'
Visitors to Fall Fair Take Notice
TIOKHTS ON HALK from tha 18th to ths 20th, nnd ths RETURN
Exhibitors  Notice
For the oonvonlencfl of inhibitors,. ns Judges, the Directors hnve en
the iniiin building will hi* open nnd gaged competent uninterested purl
ready for exhibits on the uth. All i«m from outside towns to nd ns
Eft hi bits must be in plncfl by 10 n.m, I Judges in tin* various classes
on the Ifltb, Doors will be locked Uy order of tin- Bonrd nl Directors
from io /un. to 12 m., on lho L8th, thfl nbova rules reunrdlnj. sihlhlls
In order to nllow the Judges to a will hn strictly enforced
w-nttl the prl7.ee.
Owing to th« rtls-sntlsfactlon in for | Ornnbrook Agricultural Asst
mer y*mm by (uivIng local people act   M-tl Robert  F.   D&Vll-   Her,,
pear before this greal desideratum
can be realised unless man Bhall be
brought to the realisation -•( thin,
his dominant weakness. Lei blm in
quire   "Who is my neighbor "
Salvation Anm
Fred   A   Stride   Captain
Captain Stride whlsl.es to thank
those \\Uo offered then services Foi
the Memorial Service ■ ( General |
Booth --n Sunday nighl lael il the
Auditorium, Also for the very sympathetic feeline of the citieens oi the
nn  toward the   v " s
Sunday Morning, n q m
Holiness   Meeting
Sun lay Alternoon, 3 p.m.
Fret* and Easy Meeting
-   ■     . >   •*'•,-.■' ii       S   p.m.
Salvation Meeting
" \ Universal Savior "
Tuesd iy Evening, 8 p.m.
Salvatl  ■   Meeting
Thura I ■■•■ Evening   3 p m
Holiness  Meeting
Saturday Evening, S p.m.
All are in1 ited to these meetings.
Praise Meeting
If you have any old clothing that
you   do  not   need,   we   caa    disperse
with Rome to needy gases.
Kindly send ro the Army Hull or
nhoiip 263.
Owing to the large number ->f exhibits that are anticipated at the
coming Fall Fair it Is to be hoped
thnt exhibitors will do their utmost
to have all exhibits on the grounds
by the 18th inst. This will assist
the Judges in their various work af-
fordlng them more time in which to
judge the various exhibits. By doing this everyone will receive better
satisfaction. tf
Wardner Notes
.1. I>. McBrlde ami party passed
through town last Thursday on their
way to the  Stampede at   Calgary,
Henry Ilohart ami Miss Pearl were
married at the bride's home in Bose*
inont, Mont., lust Thursday. The
happy couple arrived in town Friday
afternoon and will reside at the Ward
ner Hotel. The Incnl hand very properly serenaded the couple Friday
Messrs. l.ovick and McKen/ie returned fmm Calgary Wednesday, and
report a time at the Stampede,
Mr Thos. Gaffney left on Wednesday's local for the Stampede and will
also visit mast points before return-
Monday was a wel nnd dull day
hut the Bports secured good hags ol
birds, Partridge are plentiful this
vear ami some good sport mn he lind
m the neighboring hills,
The local bnnd made their lust appearance on tbo streets Friday evening, later adjourning to the Hull
whore thoy rurntihed free music for
thfl most aucceasful dance ol the year,
The boys nro certainly to bo congratulated  for  the  class  of  mimic  they
have [nit   up   this BOOBOn  ntid   we hope
to see them all together in the spring
Mi Koch Ion dot of the band, lofl
lor bis home in Elmo, Wash , last
Saturday,   and   will   later   attend   tllfl
-tat*-  University  at  Pullman,  Wash.
In flutlodge of Cranbrook, wns In
town on business Tuesday nml  Wed.
Ml   ll   Orny, a loyotl nl tbo O.P.
ll.  Milln for lhe prod  two  yenrs hits
lefl   foi   Vale,   B.C.,   wlim-   he   has  Hfl
cured n good position with Burns a
Jordon, Contractors.
Mi nml Mrs Wilson, Mum Donnlioo
and Edgar Wilson, ramped at Hull
Itlver over the holiday.
Hi is is an opportune
time to have your requirements for Blankets for win
ters use
We have secured at an
extremely low price, a large
quantity of  Grey   Blankets.
We have priced these
according to cost—not what
they are actually worth, so
better not delay. See our
East Window.
Always Our First
Are Always
Brick, Lime, Cement Coal Oil & Gasoline
East Kootenay Mercantile House
P. O. BOX 891
"The Store Where You
Get the Big Dollars Worth"
J. D. MURRAY, Proprietor
■H-H-H-M-H ■!••
■■■'•■ t** +.n.-n-n-n-.|..n..H-i-i-r-H*+-l*+
ii Sure! they wear them out
|| fast—for boys will be boys.  But
we have studied the question, madam, and
offer you shoes that ure strong and well made—just
suited to ihe healthy pranks of your boy so far as wear
is concerned.
They are neat and smart on his feet—give
him that clean, "younggentlemen" appearance, that makes you proud uf hint.
Come in and let us show you a few of our styles.
The   prices  are  right   here  are  some  of   them:
Boy's   B.   0.   Blutohers
$2.00, 3.00
ii     Youths'  Tan   Blutohers
$1.75, $2.50
Youths' ('rriin
$1.50,  $2.25
Boy's Tan   Calf
$2.50, $3.00
offered by Oampbell & Manning.
We are giving tbe equivalent to
$35.Uii for prizes tor bread made Irom
OgUvie's Royal Household Flour, get
busy and win some of them,—Campbell and Manning.
Have you seen nur special prize of- ,
fer for Bread made from OgUvie's <
Royal Household Flour.—Oampbell & '
Mien Dorothy DeVaude, a ballonlst!
has been secured by the management
Of tile  Agricultural  Association,   who j
will make daily ascensions in the afternoons  during the  Fair.   Miss  De- ,
Vaude will also descend by tbe Parachute route.
Dave Griffith of Wild Horse Oreek
was lu the city Friday mi business,
The Duke of Ooiinaught and  pnrty
will push through Oranbrook on their j
way east or west.   Thit will be some I
time about the 6th to the Sth Oct. '
i It is to be hoped that someone with j
. authority will see thnt a fitting re-1
, ceptlon is given the party, even thn j
his stay in the city be brief.
■    Athalmer  is  to  have  a  Fall  Fair
1 on September 20 and 21, it iB to be
: hoped thnt they will have a bin 9u*>
j cess.   The valley and  the people are
I progressing  perhaps  more  than   any
I other for its size than any other in
] B.C. todav, in spite of many  incon-
I ventences they are subjected to auch
! as proper connections with the out-
| side world and the poor transit nr-1
* | rangements in vogue at present. Step
j. are being taken to remedy  these as
', nlso the  postal arrangements.
Mor eft
er song   Service on Monday next, nt
I the dining ball of the King's ('amp,
when   it is hoped n larger gathering
will meet,    All are Welcome.
We are pleased to hear Mrs. Larson '
■ health is Improving and hope soon to :
see her home again.
We're ready for every
demand for fall suits.
Arirlitinndl Lordls    ! Bake your Breml t,mt y°u e*pect
  I to win a prize with at the Oranbrook
At the Kdison tonight will be show I Fair with OgUvie's Royal Household
ti special film entitled: "When Hearts j Flour. Tt always makes thft hest and
are True." I >'ou cnn also win the special prizes
■ A meeting of the Farmer's Institute
1 Is  called   for  Wednesday   evening  at
the Government Building. Rev. Mr.
' Kendall will give a talk on the Thilo
System of keeping Poultry" Mr. 8.
1 Macdonald   will  also   give    a   short
■ paper on "Noxious Weeds". Anyone
interested in either of these subjects
are  cordially  invited  to  be  present.
H. .lames and A. McDermot of St.
| Thomas, Ont., are paying a visit to
Cranbrook.   Mr. James has a brother
here with whom he Ib staying, afterwards the two are going dgwn to the
Should a man speak to n neighbor
,n the stentorian tones he often uses
to his children, a knock-down would
ensue. A courteous tone to a child is
as essential as a corteoiis tone to a
Yahk Notes
(From our Special Correspondent)
The evening service held at thc
Yagk Camp on Monday evening drew
a good attendance. Tbe new organ
arrived in good time and the service
was composed of music and singing
with short address from Mr. McGook
in, of Moyie.
Mr. McUookin hopes to hold anoth
Mrs. Bleasdale Dead
Fernie, Sopt. 5—A wire from Sea-
forth, Ont., announces tbe death ui
Mrs. A. W. Bleasdell Inst night, wife
of Mflyor Blptistlpll ol tliis city.
Mrs. Bleasdell hu.s bcen seriously ill
for nearly a year, tlic dread disease,
cancer, gradually wearing away a
life which waa an Inspiration for all
who knew tier intimately, for her
cheerfulness under all dlftlcultioB,
Mr. and Mrs. Bleasdell have been
reeidents of Fernle (or many years,
having come here from Fort Steele.
They came to Fort Steele from Mni'-
leod, Alberta, in the boom times of
the first town in the Kootenny, and
are   known   to   a   very   wide   circle   ui
Mnyor Bleasdell has been in Sea
forth with bia wife (or several weeks
leaving his ornctul duties in the hand
of the acting major, .1. A. Broley.
Here are the
Suits that well
dressed men
are wearing
this fall.
Here the  new
fall   Suits that
you will be
proud to wear
on all
occasions.      ...
Made by the
founder in
Canada of
highest grade
hand tailored
garments- who
specialize on
Let us show
you these Suits.
Stage Time Table
The mail service Lo Bull Kiver will
be Inaugerated on the 17th, they will
have  three  mails  a   week   as  follows:
Leave Bull River Tuesday, Thursday and Sntnrnay at 85.00K,
Arrive Wardner Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at lfi.ooK.
Leave Wnrdner Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 17.00K.
Arrive Hull River Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 18.00K.
Mr. Thou. Casaidy has been appoint
ed Postmaster and Mr, William Shad
has the Mail Contract.
Fred Wells Injured
Mr. Fred Wells, who was at Oal
gary 'this week attending the big
stampede, was injured iu a wreck,
caused hy a run-away street car. Mr.
Wells wns sitting on a rear scat and
wus thrown from the car injuring his
back. He was picked up unconscious
nnd taken to the hospital. Mr. Wells
is expected home h.v the lirst of the
Cranbrook. B. C.
The  Kootenay's Leading Taxidermist I
Mounted   GaillC   Heads   A S-,ecialtV
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Rugs
I'. O   Box 296
coining week.
Telegraphers to Strike
It is possible tlmt within a few day
the 1300 railway telegraphers employ
ed   mi   the  Canadian   Pacific   railway
on the lines between the two seaboards will be on strike because ol
the refusal of thc company tu grant
the 17 per cent increase in wagei
with an eight hour per dav for most
of the operators and time and a half
(or overtime.
Cranbrook, B.C., September 19 and 20, 1912
For Sale at All C.P.R.
1 1-3 Fare
Good to Return up to
the 21st inclusive
Under the Patronage and Authority of the Provincial Government of
British  Columbia  and the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Live Stoek, Agricultural and Hortieultaral Produets, Arts,
Manufactures, Fisheries and Mines
$5,000.00 IN PRIZES
For Sale at All C.P.R.
1 1-3 Fare
(iood to Return up to
the 21st. inclusive
Don't Forget the Date September 19-20
A   Five Mile Foot Race for a Silver Cup and $25.00 in Cash  Donated  by James Finlay
For Further Information Apply to
Robert F. Davis, Secretary THE   PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  II. C.
THE   ' ^
A Modern Romance
0S9   nl    Dut ill
II nin  In ii il;
yon win inn
pr; of ii
(Jluy.      I  will
il   op two,  win
That   is scarcely possible,
A gaol would not be u pleasnut
abode after all ihls luxury. Is there I
need for ine to say more''
Vou must please yourself I lake :
uui the slightest interest in wbat youi
ure saying, ehe cried wllh a reckless!
Vou will before 1 have finished. Lis-
"ten to me Miss Vera Stafford.
She started as she heard him prc*i
nouuee her true name.
Ah! That touches you. In* cried
triumphantly, I knew ol your barefaced imposture Irom the beginning.
Today l hnve seen the real Hilda
Grant, and—
Vou lohl her the truth? **he asked '
Oo you take iih- for a fool? he answered, 1 want you to und. rstnud
lhat our Interests are Identical. With
my aid you will be able to keep Uie |
money, nud i am willing lo assisl you
pro. Ided -
Thnl 1 marry you aud share the
■poll. Von needn't finish tbe si i
ii nee, ror I tell you at om i thai I
would rather be dragged to prison
thin be joined to such a blackmailing cur-      Vou can do your worst.
lle Blared at hev in amazement, f*»r !
Iter voice was firm, and he began to
t.e\ the around "-lipping from beneath \
[in you think l am happy In this
poblth ii'.' The suspense is killing
me, and  l  would suffer anything to
Good-night, she repeated dully.
The door closed quietly^ and alone,
she gave full vein to her misery. She
fell baok Into ti chnlr, and heart-rending sobs shook her body. She could
noi think, for [he strain had been Intolerable. Suddenly a cool hand was
Placed on her forehead, and she looked llirougli her tears.
Don'l cry, dear. Uidv Bartc
Whal must yon think of me
Ing like n silly child.
I have heard something of
passed, and 1 am sorry for yoi
Barton said gently.
Hilda  n
>f terror.
io her  fi-
.'hat ^hatl you do? Vi
[>H't   te|
ling to be
ate i'.
And what will Mr. Clay say when!
he knows ihe truth; thai you are a'
fruul—a thief—who has robbed her
dearest friend.
It was a random sho' but he quickly Baw lhal it had gone home- He
had n< t dreamt it possible that Vera
could have fallen in love with David
Clay, lut ber sudden agitation pointed in that direction.
Vou won't tell him, she I
mantel y.
Tbat depends   upon    ■ ■■ . *
■ii marry tne-
IJer answer  was a shttddi r  of
•use loathing, and   ir  Biung
llm quick-
I prefer your haip,
Then yuu shall have ir. he fried
.irlously. To-morrow 1 will see this
precious lover of yours and expose
He wouldn't believe yon, she bs d
i sperately
Ir would be easy enough to prova
I have onlj to produce the true'
lllda  Oram, and  she  will   be  glad
enough to come, when she knows ol
your meanni ss,
■Illdii dorsn'l care n bll aboul
i loney.
Hut there's- thnl young man of hers.
He   would   consider   the   monej   n
irse, for he has always said that, hei
onld never marry a rich wife. i
lie was speaking llgurntlvcjly, bul
-ben be knows lhal Ihls fortune Is In
is grasp he will qulcklj change. Hard
ash haa a wonderful power hi remov
ug coiisctcntlous scruples.  Vou must
io! reckon on Ihnt, mj  dear young
Vou ean do your worsl, she repeat*
il llBtlossly.
lie rose from Ilia scat am) wenl lo-
aids Uie door, but she did  noi  Hp
ear t.   nollco his movement.
We i eed not be more than n form-
.1 biisbaud nml wife. In- nnUJ i nn
iug bach.
Now you are coming to the point,
'fl ihe money yuu want,
Vou an* wrong, he orlnd He reel)     I
'mid glvo my soul to make you mine.
she shrank trom the passion bias.*
ng In bis eyes.
Itut   |   nuts!   have  mono). be  eot 'in
il more quietly
I shall noi give -ni j      n iS nol
.lue, you ItftVo told me so, and sure
you, a respectable solicitor, would
irver share hi the   proceed*    <>f   a
• ime.
I warn fifty lliousnnd pounds,
Vim are modesl iu your demands.
f a ti\v pound unit- is of nnv use you
ire welcome to it
Vou think I do not menu whal I
*■ y. 1 am uol bluffing. In the
n truing 1 shall go to Unvld Ola)
Vou have already said thnt,  Pleaso
uish,   lor   I   am   very   tired,   sin   snld
Vou  defy  ine.
Cull It what you like.    Good night
she moved away towards the door;
n- hesitated ror a moment ami then he
look up his hat
1 v. ill give vim one mon clt&nci
ii   ts ' tily  fair  Hia'   vou  should  have
It is Criminal
to Neglect the
Skin and Hair
THINK of Uio Buffering
entailed by neglected skin
11 mil ilcs — mental because
df disfiguration, physical because nf pain. Think of the
pleasure of o i lear Bkin, softt
white hands, and good hair.
These blessings, .so essential
lo happiness and even success in life, are often only a
matter of a little thoughtful
care in the selection of effective remedial agents. Cuti-
cura Soap imp. Cuticura Oinfc-
iri'Til (If) bo much for poor
complexions, re<l, rough
hands, and dry, thin and
falling hair, and cost so
little, thai it is almosl criminal nol to use tlifiii.
Although Cuiloiirft Soap tool Olnt-
im-nt nre soli I |jy druggists nml ilentorH
i-veryuherc,   ft   pOStlM    In   "( minim,''
]ic|.t CM, Boston, l.s A,, will secure*
liberal Mitnpla of cuch, wJt.fi il!i*pngif
tonkli-t nn Hkln imd Benlp Treatment.
I am
will al
1 am so unhappy, Vera wallet
Hie elder woman took her in hev arms
and tried to comfort her.
Don't let us talk tonight.     Vou are
tired out. and no wonder.     Come to
bed. dear.      I will give you bo me of
in; drops, to make you sleep.    I. too,
have my troubles, aud I also am iu
ilie clutches of Crawley Brann,     Bul
I will tell yon t*very*h'lng to-morrow, j
and perhaps we maj be able lo help j
one another, Lady Barton said hopi
Vi ra allowed her lo lead her lo bi d
She swallowed the sleeping draught
which was given to bi r, aud Ladj
Barton Pat by the bedside until she
-aw hi i fall sslei p; she Hon leant
over the bed and kissed her tender lj
How could .-h- do it' ihe asked herself, as she lookt d wondei uglj a the
sleeping girl.
!V> next morning Vera awoke with
a severe hi adai h< md It waa a few
moments i re Bhe n ■■■<}^ cted the
• *. i ni. ol the previous ■ ■ • ,;"-c S s
mt mor) i ami back to her, an • xpress*
Ion ol h ipeless mlai rj was In her eyes
for there appeared to be w
hope to brig] ten lhe res
Sh*1 carefully though it had
passed bet v, i o d :■■■-■ II Shi
was by i * -      I, and she soon
.   me  ■ ■  the
d i       ipproa
id nothl      l
to [ll ■■-.
I " ■
waa it born fighter, ami 8
Fiat -.      ■■":■■
\ suddei     [.pulse       .   . lis
ii-].- a:*  and   ea moue
Wealth  . .. :   ■ llstastel
mid    ive faced | ■    ■      a
g .      eart,  bill   her  Invi 'arid
i  ,.;.   ,>■■■  pi - ■,-.    I id   ier  ■ ■    -..
and il r\ as to pri vent hU
her fraud that   she   wou d
with her last breath
>',. 11 in- mbere i r la I >ndi ri eai aa
he had spoken of the man hi
thought to be hei fai n r Sh at
Ined that he could ne. er forgl ■ e her
:!' iu knew i.; her deception, and she
i, ns: conceal ii nl all costs. Sb
could i ol determine her line of ■ on-
duct. If she had dared, she would
hav. ivilllngly gone to him and confessed lie truth li was only the lear
ol lulu? his love that prevented her
from doing sn she recollected thai
l.ady Barton |tnew the truth, and she'
wondet-i-d whal attitude she would
t.ilie up. She muat know and at
once, eo she rang the bi 11. and told
her maid lo nek her t.i come to lor
Vera wan nol left long In doubl as
in iiei IniouUona, ror Nad) Barton
a' once hastened to her side.
VI) poor child. How ill you look,
ahe said sympathetically.
Whal do you think of me? Whal
are vou going to do? Vera demanded harshly
Wi must Hill, ii ovi r      l leave my*
-ill  in  your hands entirely.     I  do
not  understand  everything  Hint  has
happened, and If vou wish it I am willing io remain in Ignorance,   Perhaps
li  would he bettor ko.   i only know
I thnl you ure nt the power of Craw-
, liy  lin-iiu, ami my  heart  goes *"H  lo
you in sympathy.    Once I committed
I a meil  that   brought   me  within  Hut
| shadow of Hie law.      lie was the onlv
| ono that knew of it, nnd since then
■ mj  llfn has nol been worth tho llv*
Ing      I am nsh anted to own It, hut
' otii'i  i liked him, ore l knew hte true
. nature,     The man Is capable of anything to
I your soft'
ron i in i.i-
lei" lis.
I     I mav trust you, Vera asked plead*
in ily,
Absolutely, Udy Marion replied, as
kIh- it ant over and kissed her.
(To be Continued)
l'OUNQ tt(M AL L0Vj3I
Prince Boris, heir   o the throne   of   Bulgaria
Jaugter of the crown prince ol Roumanla. who
uouueed Bhortly.
ieess   BlUabeth,
ent te to he an<
The World's Largest Fish Hatchery
The largest and most elaborate iish
hatchery In the world te now in process o' construction at Pratt, Kan..
aaya L, William Thavls In Popular
Mechanics Magazine. This project
waa authorized and provided for hy
the Kansas Legislature last yenr. li
will cost $150,oou. None of iho fish
hatcheries ever built by the Government has exceeded the cost of $25,*
The   Kansas   halehery   will   bo  one
mile lu  length   ami  a  quarter  ol a
i mile in width, It will contain 100
size and six leet deep. When compared to other hateherloa already In
j existence this project seems n stupendous undertaking since most of tho
i largest hatcheries of the country oni)
j cover a domett acres or moro of water.
'    The building of thla grent  Kansas
fish hatchery Includes lho conalruct j
ion ot a concrete dam, BOO feel long.)
■ ac'oss   the   NMnnescnh   lliver,   which j
will Im-nlsh a supply lake of 111 acres, i
Wnler from this hike will bo carried
io Hie  hatchery, nearly  throe miles
distant, through UHm.li pipes which j
conned   separately   with   each   iudi
vi luul pond       I'll
eludes   IDO   Blulco
slructures.  800 galvai
screens ami various
' and appurtenances fi
oiling the water
Hi- Last Three Dollar Bill
lhis illustrates the tremendous, as
Lound.ug, and gorgeous value ol mak
in i  i big show as a last resort.     it \
dlcates thai brasB, bravery and bunk
prjperl   connected with an opera hat v
'  !;;";;;';;; The Blood Supply Must   be  Made
Rich, Red nnd Pure
Whei   von build up the blood
c >aquo Ip   ol    \l. xnnder
ink like a   five-Cent    moving plctnri
s\u'   when Hu* lights are bad.
Tbe hero is Fred T    Dul
The Celestial Surgeon
if i imve faltered moro or Icbb
In mj great task of happiness;
If 1 hnve nun id among my race
And shown no glorious morning lac.
If heiii is Irom happy human eyes
Have moved me noi; If morning Bid
Books  and my food, ami summer ratn
Knocked on iny sullen heart In vain
Thy must pointed pleasure tak
i,ih ni)  spirit broad awake.
-   Holier!  Louis Stevenson, j
uhi' '
sl i' tlgthen tho n
ii- rvea get theli
blood Von i tu
with tuedlctno
blood this is a
tew people reall:
i an fully  searching  him    are p lo people.
o'clock  li afti  ■ i on   becnus   they are
hag been many things al man) tlinea.
Onci       waa :i merchant, and once he
was s Republican Un ted Stati ■   -
atm*. a id onei  ■■■ .- i   I     v aa a Demo-
i Uie ->ei . lo v    'i i te   another
nn      o«   vei   he n ls •'■ ■■
Bell at  fl
■! \ es.
ne ii...; Ihret  -;.''i    bo   thin  and   v
,  ol   nourish the uei
a   |   ..   |,    ,tg      .,;■        li.    mean Bdatlca, t
iiii n tire   tratlon   paralys
Dr   William
lollnrs had given
was ^*  ■ Ing ■■■     i ids
.   e   thai    swept
ided    In    a
in usual sag      j   hai this   .'as
mself. I'll ]       ip th
..■■-,.- -. ays its
in my    hard    upon    my
tbroai       : pera   this
■ ig -."  ■ ■ m ng
.'■■;..     be arrayed hii  -■  I   ike
: _ .        Btrollfd '      the
.:.i"-        Hi    was   | arth ular  thai   it
Lisle seal        Then he
I iwn the aisle wi*h the de-
ere  and  the haughtl-
is ol an Indich d millionaire.
The  ipsl  ■    1 El "-as that bis seal
hap,pent d i" t e next  to s man  who
was  u: accomi anted  ai   Hie theatre.
At tht flrsi Intermission the stranger
In Ited Oubi ;- oul to have a drink. As
■h the nerves
through tho
great medical truth
e Nervous people
riiey are uervous
pale. ' The blood is
.-iv thai il cannot
■s Starved nerves
iralgln, nervous pros*
Dr   WllHams"   Pink  Pills   for
People are a real nerve Lonl
supply plenty of nourishing r
to tht exhausted nerves, thus
thi m to ■ o the work nature Intended
they should do      This is the simple I
secret ol the success ol Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills in   curing   nerve   troubles- j
As to their value in case*; of sciatica. |
Mrs,   lob Palmer. Keuelon Falls. Ont.,
says" "Por seven weeks 1 suffered untold acony    from    sciatica-   1    tried
everything to case the pain,  but  It
steadily grew worse.    Liniments had
That Was Willie
The tale Bishop William X
Vicar of Rhode Island hnrhoi
large soul In a body to match,
was a bachelor, whose sister
house for him.
On one occasion he telephoned to
his tailor lhat he wished to have a
pair ol trousers pressed, and the tailor seul a boy to his residence to get
The  Bishop's  sinter admilted    the
messenger and called upstairs: Willie
pt   I the boy has come for your trousers.
Th v !•    ^ hen her   brother   appeared   the
d blood i >ni,i'* -^ astonished gaze traversed the
nabllng -     dale's Impressive corporoslty, then
no more effect upon the trouble than : Zlon Evangelical Lutheran Church a
water Then the doctor told me to i piece of laud on which to put ihe
apply a hoi iron to the afflicted part < church building, and a clause In the
and 1 did so morning nfter morning. ! deed read: "Aud yielding and paying
but my leg had become so numb with ! therefor untc the said Henry William
the pain that 1 could hardly feel the Stlegel, heirs and assigns, at Man-
heat of Hi.' iron- I never expected to helm, 'n the month of .lime, yearly
be able to walk again my leg was bo forever hereafter, the rent of one red
drawn up.   I had tried so many things' rote. If the Fame shall be lawfully de-
"I have a money-saving invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
he nun inured.
Gee!  Is that  Willie
The Cheapest Rent Ever Paid
There is a   church   at   Manhelm, j
Pennsylvania, which every year pays
a.i lis rent otic red rose.    This is be- |
cause in  17"- a man named stlegel
being wealthy ns well as    religious.
L-eded to the   congregation   of   the
"Thsit Eratiarieg come in compact
bundles. A boy can set up and bolt
one together in a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on tlia^.dt- or
into roof manhole—saves work during threshing. Yonr grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. IJ Sell
it wben you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it. no musty or heated
grain. (JGet my granary and be independent of elevators for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary prutet's yon."
■■■ iio-r profitable my
"My IH.t-u-linlGianarr.rhi
uii" iluiir.    ,\l.«t n-tl-ouf
if cl-Biri.il.   blicw-i liow rL   .
br-K Di-ii". «'li'it "lini..,f.Ot l-f-r
ri.t-u I, fi. t-litiH'M j.-iort '<-rtiRii'l
The Book Tells of IUr  Honey (or You."
Writ, for Bookl.t No 82 OSHAWA. ONT.
tli l-ui.il-.inl St.    Crown ttlMk        .63 :-t.| BI.W.
Dr»*>«r 1645 M-« Whit lock & Hulatt       Brt Fifth St. S,
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar plac-
you  promptly  and     s«
The Pedlar Granary is flre-prcof-
neatest yeu     They will    answer
'e   you   time
Think what that means!
that 1 had given up hope, yet at the
urging of iny brother I decided to try I
Dr. William
Pink   Pills.
j   > rolled up the street after the   surprise in two weeks I was
1 to try
To   my
fruit tit
able tu
perfot tnance, the other, Impressed
wllh Fred's superb appearance and
'(■-,- r conversation, closed a business
deal with bim Mia- set Mm on bis fr-et
and gave him a new atari In life.
All 11 which Indicates "mr. while
you have n dress suit, you Btand a
char.'*-   ii hypnotize ready money.
a man is caught with stolen
other men stand around ami
Stand on my fret with but Utrle pain,      Not nil of the heroes go   to    war.
and soon after I  was able lo walk   Some cf them marry and rear large
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Colds,   Etc,
Gig Feet
polite Inspector's  face turned
with rage as he rated a raw
>crull for his awkwardness.
O'Connor, you'll spoil the line
with ihose fret. Draw instantly,
man. and gel ihem In line!
O'Connor's dignity was hurt.
ria/L Inspector, he drawled sob mu-
ly, they're I'.it Murphy's in the rem
about again.     1 continued taking the
Pills for aboul two months, but somo
time before 1 discontinued their use
my leg had become normal again, nnd
the agony of the trouble had disappear*
e1, and I bave not since had a twinge
nf it.    Words fail to express my gratitude for what the  Pills did  for me
1 and 1 BM'ongl:' recommend them to all
sufferers from sciatica.
I    The every day mission of Dr. Wll*
| Hams' Pink Pills is to cure cases like
the above, and  they  will  not  dlsap-
I point if given a fair trial.     Sold by
' all medicine dealers or by mall al 50
! cents a box or  six  boxes  for  $2-1.0
| from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
After you ha\i once watched a
man mow your lawn you know why
he Is mowing limits fur a living.
his cuds He will watch
(-ring v. Ith a smile, and will
10 torture you until be sue*
Ail  Classes ol   Egyptians  Ask   Advice
o*   Noted   General
Vi. m.a    General Sir Rudolph Slat*
in Pasha, 'in- Inspector general of the
Soudan, who Is spending   the    tirst
pnrl ol bis nununl leave here, states
. th.it Lord Kitchener Ifl k< eplng peo-
t pie i-n Uo* move.
The main par* ol ihe population, he
sayi      i    i mini   to r< allze ihut it is
-  -- important for them lo on-
pi ■■    tin ■ financial   and   economic
, • .'ii,!' im  than  to * oni lii ie  lo  tvnste
! the ;  t;.ne In political agitation of a
■ ibffu   valui
i        Ktti   em : -  i op larlty  might
I r |  tnei -ii from ihe * rowded state
■   . . -i       when   people of  nil
PHITt-    I   .1 I'   ,     tO    l«'l4    hlS
ml ,.              ■   ■ mi •  .ii all kinds of
attPi     ..-,    ■ trivial pi Ivnti  al
'fall   ■ ■   . -     ■ ■• .i
.!:.[■■ they knew Lord
| Kiti     :       ii sde ->   point   ot   n celv-
it. - . ■.:  bod) III   miked lo thi in
i    *      i    -,.i     I     ed a gen iliu   dt
; • ;  ihem
A Tale of Letters
1 Which letters are the hardest
ers?   The Pees til's)-
j    Which are the mosl extensl
l ten-'.'     The Seas (C's).
j    Which letters are the most fond of
; comfort 1    Tho Base (B's),
Which letters have the most to say
for themselves?    The l's-
Whlc.  are ihe noisiest loiters? The
JayB i.n.
Which arc the longest letters? The
' Ulls (L's).
Which art- the [.oorcst letters? The
Owes (O's).
■    Whlc.i   letters    are   the   greatest
bores    The Tease (T's),
Whh h  arc  the   most   sensible  let*
i rs?   ' I"- Wise (Y'a) —TIt-Blts.
ve let-
ni io nn Insurance offico
/ io ha\e hte life Insured,
de? the insurance ngt nt
A  nun W
the othi r dt
Ho ;ou 0
Mo,  said  the  man.
Do you motor?
Do vou. then, perhaps ny?
No, j ii. Bald the applicant Inughlr
1 have no dangerous—
hip tho ngt ni Intorrupti .1 him c i
.-*;.■■■■*'  sir, he snld, but wo uo lor
r Insure pi deal)Inns,
Dlicursed in a Recent Bulletin of the
Forestry Branch
Ever since the Province of Quebec
forhadi the export of pulpwood cut
from Clown lands, considerable Interest hns been taken In the question
as to how the price of pulpwood would
be aftecled. A leading paper trade
pvio,.ic,il estimated thnt. the price of
pulpwood had advanced one dollar
per ootd. This Is corroborated by
the bulletin on pulpwood lately compiled by the Forestry Branch of the
Department of the Interior. Accord*
ing to this bulletin, the average price
of pu-pwood iu Quebec province during litll was higher by ninety seven
cents than during 1 f*10. In Ontario
the price actually fell twenty een I a
per ioj',1. while In Nova Scotia and
New Brunswick Increases of twenty
nine an I twenty two cents respective
ly are announced.
A question thp.l Is just beginning lo
come Into notice 111 the Dominion is
th • i.'l.lzBt'oii of saw-mill wnBte w8
materiel for pulp making. A very
smnll quantity or such waste Is so
Utilized by ihreo firms which own
both raw-mllhi and pulp-mills,
If a thing palpably is rubbish a loi
of people will believe In It. If It Is
obvious y Irue not one person in ten
will acept It.
. We lave noticed thai the man who
attends properly to bis duties seldom
has time tc hang a motto over his
The theory that it is healthful to
have a goat around is a poor one but
It is the only excuse that can be advanced for the goat.
If Esau collected the mess of pottage for which, it Will be recalled, he
traded his birthright, he did much bet
ur than most, of the spendthrifts.
The Northern Trusts Company
This company  acts '.n the capacity of
and we shall be ulad to forward copy ot    our    Booklm   "Some-blu.
r.bcut Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies.1' ou requeat.
Atllllnte] wiih Uie University of Toronto and under ihe control, of
the Department of Agriculture of Ontario.
College  reopens  October  lit. 1612.    N.B.— Calendar on application
E. A. A. GRANGE, V. S., M.Sc Principal
The Orlqlnal Self-Male Man
The Riddle
Doctor -Mary Walker, who    wears j planted a seed 111 my neighbor's gar.
trouBer* and a thoroughly masculine i        _ev
costume. Including the coal, and thej     (pair| W(,e garden where    Wonder
derby hat, hud Just concluded before
the Senate committee on pensions a
few   remarks   regarding   a   bill   in
which she was interested
Whin Your Eyes Head Cm
Try M..rl««E»« It <-iuc'r. NoNrnttriinK—Ff#l#
fine—Acti QHlfil.tr, Try 1
Wf.tei-7 K>i*c »i.il (iiRiMilBicl E*elli.F.
An she went ont of the commit.ee
room, Senator Bob Taylor, of Tentu i-
i-oe. slid far down In hi.- chair and remarked:
There rocs the only telf-mado man
In history.
I.   lllnr
trited' Book  In  end.   l-oi-k-t^-r.     Hnrli.*-   ft
a-rmi-t.. onuipu'jt.r'i.fl by o*r Octilliti-not _, "PatentMea*
...     **,,*"      . ,    _    ,. ....    lt*l*J*i"-b«t «rtd t« iUiveMful I'hynlHaiih'j;im.
Wet with a   tear   that   it   may   not   du tor mum ye»™.  Now dcdlwud to the Pnb»
i)HH|pn lie and Bold by pntullitl ttSftc unit Um uei IfnitlD.
naiuen fauriut Bj* tmiitiu AitpUo VubtMriio tuXM*
heed of a Hope that the dear God | mwin9 iyt H©m»dy CoH Chicago
'■ :        en fi	
■ i
Wli] don • ihej n ■  * '■■■■
li ton i.'-'
...■;,,       ■ ii, 1 i li an
Cu  drat year of married life li -l-
. ed lo * i perlmenlfi bj Iml h huaband
,.;.. the   i ■ pei moni ■    bolng
pi., npti , i.j ;i denlre lo li in ii who te
Bhe  Had the Last  Word
.   '.     -i' il
ii; . full       i]	
i don I p |n i' yon 1*1 bo i
\.i. dnrllt-i     'i
lm iiwr i)    (!■■■■.   'i
","■ ii
Anothci Danger of the Rummer Season
Clmriei i»   Hlllea, tha   Presldenl'a
, iii;,iv. a I way h nccomjmnlGfl 'ho
chief cxeeutlve on bin trtpa to Uever-
ly, MnaaachiiaottH, in the summer.
h. i oulalde "f Beverly there nre
many fashionable homes, with
ground which Incltido private bath-
Ing benchca.
I wonder why »n many people have
i mn private beachoa, commented- the
PreHldenl onn afternoon, when ho wna
milnln    up Un- North Shore
aome of them, aald IIIIIph. appro*
i |ale th.- value, nn dmlbl. "f thin
moajifl uf   hilling   the   family   akole-
'   ill !."       «,   ,UU, '*,„..-- «,
I     And  what do you i-nll
Ilohb;    Wi
fei nil dal, ih
\ Let ■ Have  It
Tlil. Itltfli cosl of living te a florloui
ucHllon, bawled tho campaign orn
im        |i  l» a Kif.it nilosllnil, a  VOfJ
erlous (|UOBllon  Intlood.
Wo know It'a a (jtioatlnn, yelled i
.,,iU  coarse mnn In the audience.    Whal'i
itho onswor?   Knnana Clly Journal.
.-nil   i in   ii,-   Wn- || ,  hul
implio'd alwa: a atlngln'
ii *•
W    N     i)    «JUW
mil \t lor i ■ hi pone Hod nay f'dt
awful win n ho played lo the empty
iout aV
' " h  '11  pplnn   'i here   wna   aouio
| mn.. - c    •.     •;•'■ don't throw
nnylhing ni >i
The noli '»r Cuhn te oxtrotnoly fruit
fui. Habbngofl thoro am no lai'gn
ihnt lii-nii.-. weighing 301ba, ench uro
cijiiinon Ml vogctablea do woll.
ItadlabeH nipy bo oalen rrom fourteen
to olg'nteeii dnys lifter saw inn. letluce
in tl'c weeks aftor aowliig, whllo corn
in.*;: ■■:■ Ihreo Top** per year. Sweot
(i.i'aioc   kicw ull the yonr.
I,otn.*on.--Tiu* follow int' communication from a Went African trailer to
n Leeds manufacturer la published In
"Men'P Wear":
"My Oootl Pl'leild and Sir This
(hat I write i-t to ranks you limned-
la.ely award nnd obvious that I am
wish to aell your clothes, mul especially :our trouBors. here tn this coun*j
try. Here there Ih ureal chance for
KngllUi clothes, and Rreat future for J
I5n gl I ah trouaors.    Ah, very great,    i
"iit't'o whers ns everyone wishes to}
be up to fashion, and everything all |
right to, wear which is  I3ngllflh and |
prope.'i 'especially   troiiaers.       I   am
old eslnbllshcd helng now gone many
years, and nyney wllh me is good for
I am I'aiihlul I am always, and when
1 havo your clothos (He Irousera es«
poclally you will have money remit-
Ifinooa When I have sell them.
"If you would prefer no. I enn trade
with you goodfl rrom this country
gootla that an- qui to all rli'hl, or will
sell fir cash. If for cash, (hough
yoil tllllBl si ml money boforo I send
gootla.     it. win bo nil right,
"Sir I want your trotlsefS, everyone
h to wants your trousers which liave
a groat futtil'fi,
"I shoinil llko also Kngllah boots if
you can arrange thoy are also In fashion n' d I soil woll, If you remit
Ini in I roinl! ynu Olisll everytlinn all
Clghl I I runt good frlontl you semi
tr.iusi'ii ami boots, especially your
tl'OUSOI'B 'hut nre ijiillo up to fanhlou."
Tor the Time Being
My    husband   cured   himself   by
drinking buitormllk,
Whnl llhl ho have?
A -lilt-al - Chicago Record llorald*
Comment on Current Fashions
This happened when the tight and
h>t bled skirt, which ia regarded by
some as a revolution in anatomy, first
came Into fashion In the national capital. A smartly dressed woman, who
was r'ght there with the hobble,
rang the bell of a fashionable home In I
Connecticut Avenue, and Inquired furl
her friend the lady of the bouse.        ;
Bridget, a new  servant, took one)
look ut her, and demanded indignant* i
Suit, an' where Is your card? (
The visitor explained that she had
forgotten her cardcase, whereupon
Bridget went to her mistress and announced that tt person wanted to see
Who is si e, Bridget? naked the mis.
It can't bo no fib nd of yours, said
Bridget, with disdain. Sure an' alio
is standing out there iu the streel in
It*; ahnpe.
And for Its cover
1 fo'6ed over
Five slim petals of a litilt- Wild Hose,
O. I.ni.y-I.lege of ihe Wonder-Garden,
Riddle me, bow Is that seed to be-
Quick Villi the sun of thy smile anil
Or dead aad dust   for   despair   of
t ute ?
Will thou It. hltioni as   a    flower    in
Will thou It perish before we S< e'.'
win thy palm forget
Where my hiss was set
To grow for a though) of me?
Ry Charles K.   I.uinmls
Lead production In ihe United
States laat year reached one billion
pound.', an increase of forty million
pounds ovor UNO, Imports last year
wero 180 million pounds, n decreaao
of thirty-seven million pounds.
Partly True
Ma, wbnt Is meant by the
Ive parly?
The progressiva party, n
why that's whero all Ihe
change after overy gamo,
Tree  I'ress.
uio i-resiueni oi Hie university had
da.-k circles under hln eyes. Ills
cheek was pallid, his lips wove iri-mb-
llng; he wore a hunted expression.
You look ill. suld bis wife.    What
is wrong, dear?
Noth.ng mueh, he roulled.    Hut—I
I lm' a fearful dream nist night, ami
j 1 feel ihls morning as IT 1-as If I—"
j It was evident lhat Iils nervoun eys*
] lem was shattered.
I 'rog less-1     Wbu I   wuh   I ne   d rea in ?   nsked   t h o
I wife.
iy dear? I 1—1" dreamed the trustees required
partners Hittf 1 should that I should pas:' tho
—Detroit I frenhmau examination for admission,
| sighed tho 'president.— Youth's Tom-
A Puzzler
Tbe proprietor of a lanyard was
anxious to (In a suitable sign to his
premises, finally a happy thought
Struck I lm. He bored a hole through
the doi .- post and utuck a calf's tail
Into it, with lhe lulled end oulslde.
Afler a While be saw a solemn facet)
man standing near ihe door looking
al the sign. The tanner watched
lilm a minute, uud then stepped out
and addressed lilm.
I'lood morning, sir. bo said.
Good morning, said the other, witli*
OUl Hiking his eyes off the sign,
hid joil want to buy loather? asked
lho lannor.
Perhaps you've got some hides lo
Are you a farmer?
Wliul are you, then?
1 am n philosopher. I've been
standing here for nearly an hour trying lo find uu) how (be calf gol
i'. ougll ihnt hole.
Very many persons die annually
from clioleni and kindred summer
com plaints, w bo might bave been
snved If proper remedies had been
used. If all licked do not delay In
getting a bottle of Pr. .1. I). Kill
ogga DyBontery Cordial, tbo medicine that never fulls lo effect a cure.
Those who have used It say It acta
promptly, and thoroughly subdues ihe
pain and dlHeuse.
A man may be said to be making
progre&H ns soon hr he discovers that
the soap box at tbo corner grocery
is a n Ighly poor seat.
A Born Candidate
Willis- I suppose you think ih.it
baby nf youra will Liecomo prcsldi ut
somo day?
Qllllc—Mnyho not president bul bo
will be In the race afler Iho uomiii-
utloii all right lle keeps the Whblo
place lu au uproar, use.) Indescribable
language, nnd can go without Bleep
fir a week    Brooklyn i-ife
When a lecture Is free you are ex*
pecLed to buy a book or a shaving-
strop from tho man who delivered
Whei: a millionaire dies il generally
dovelopn that he wua worth aboul
$100,000 and llml be bad been paying
i,inch on a valuation of $..u,hihi,
Mf6 has tunny Inequalities, The
piccolo player, who never has an Idle
moment, geta llie sainn pny nn lhe
bass drummer, wbu luafB twulhiuls
of tbo Jme^i
NATURE'S ESSENCE.---Extracted From Forest Plants.
Nature', law. in p»rlect, but di.e.«e follow, if time l«w. nro nol otayeil.
Oo .ir.i.tit lo oiture lor the cure, lo thc lore.t i there are my»t»rie« lirre lli.l »•
can fathom (or you.   Tnkt tha bark ol Ihe wild-cherry Iri-r, the rnol nl Irake,
alone, Ore<on (rape root, queen', root, hloodroot anJ (olden ical, make .1 «-i«,-
tific. non-alcoholic -.tract of them with Juki Ihe right proportion um, you have
Doctor Pierce'", (.olden  Medical  UlNt-ovri.v.
It took Dr. Pierce, with Ihe «.ni.tance ol two learned ohemllt., ei(ht year, ol
hard work eiperitnenlln( to nwke Ihi. pure (lyo-rio e.tract and alleralive ol lh.
(reatol efScieney nnd without the ute ol a particle ol alcohol. .,,„,,
Ju.l the aort "I remedy ynu need to make rich, red
blood, ond cure that lauitudo and lcclin( of nerve elhau.lion.
Dr. fierce'. Golden Medical Di.covery beam the .lamp 01
I'tm.lO ArraiiVAl aud ha. .old more l.,(|ely in tiie pa.l lorty
year. Ihau any other blood punfier and tlomach louio.
"Same limn ats I nol oni «f b-»IUi t,tnv itortach K«r,rf t" be the
■rat ol il.. trouHa," «•,»-■ Mn Kr.«A WILLIAM*, et ll.ll.vIII., Kan..
* 11 eotnmonMd t» ilerlni with .11 Uio ilMtort .1 tan-) " "'I1 S ••ft
nlhrr Miwiallnifl en .tomaeli and i«#.wt'Vf aiK-";
fund   In fart. niml. nl Ihf iieil'-1 ' "" '
H.n. i*mr,*l t. 4.
rin.llj. I "tfiLa
,0: Iir. Htm, linhalo, N Y„ wW rfiiilH, JI'M.**."!*' !u_J.._IS_
lalnl will, ltnlite.fin-1 «•"! eomumilian. aad ..l.i.e. I), nm* . Oal-a.
Iwllral IH.reveiy sn'l Tla»,i,nl I'lleL,
& WlLUlUU, ta*
fii""Ci«re'erj' and"'Pallet*' have 'put n" an m, '*•'*•"'*'-.
ed to b» juit vilurtl D«.«d. I •ould »<n l'a»e laouvarad wltVmt UVrm
*. wtMt-a nmttt e-uu «• nr in*- m+ THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANHROOK,  B. C.
•la rfirtrltlltil.l.,ti....al.l„ti.l, t.lfnri
r'r'i'T^'T'rT'W'T'r* >
Professional   c£arbs
Cobge   Hottces
M »| i ill .|. >|. JdJ*>|<J«t|d*|rt|**|«*|« t|*t|< »|«*|<*|«*|dt|d* lf-*f**f"|J b|**|**|w|*A*|«l
Careful Thought Required in its Preparation
P.L.S.   &
w. f. yu u n u
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
snd N1HBET
Barristers, Hulleltors uuil Notaries
Money tu Loan
Imperial Dunk BulliliiiK
CRANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
J.   T.   L AJ D L A VV,
Mining Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
Box 23G
Phone 222
...    B.C.
KING   ft   0 R K E N
Physicians and Surgeons
Olllce at
Armstrong Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Office in Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.C.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenue Neat tu City Hall
Opeu Day and Night Phone lii
Funeral Director,
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
I   4th Thursday or each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box ,'lu.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranhrook  Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays iu every month, ut
8  p.m.   Membership open  to British
N. A. Walllnger, Proa
W. C. Crebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Box 425.
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   of   every
Vlaitlng brethren welcome.
. J. McSweyn, Worshipful Master
J. S. Peck,  Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetlnga:—2nd Tuesday in
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cor-
ilitilly invited.
Ex. Comp— A. C. Suankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, C. C.
F. A. Stride, K. R. ft S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
ViBltlng brethren cordially invited
to attend.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
time for the reception of tenders for
the construction of the Victoria Harbour, B.C., Breakwater, is extended
to Wednesday, September 18, 1912.
By order,
Department of Public Worka,
-27452. Ottawa, August 23, 1812.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Hew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellowa cordially invited.
. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. G. Sec'y
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
in   Royal   Black   Knights   Hall.
R. S. Garrett, Sec.
Referred to us thc ilrst
week in August
Lumber Oo., Elk, Stenographer   »«6
Power  Co.,   City " I150
Railroad,   City " V'"
Lumber Co.,8t.Marlos,Bookkceper $75
Harvester Oo.,MoBcow,Stenog'phr $60
Commission, City, Stenographer...*50
Hdw. Co., St.Marles, Bookkeeper 160
Lumber Co.. Palouse, Stenog'her $65
And others. We cmild'nt fill all of
those culls. We'll have a good position waiting fot YOU when you coin-
plote your courso.
Write lor Free Lesson in Gregg
Shorthand, Penmanship Booklet or
34* ISt
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meets fn Carmen's Hall, Second aud
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. I,. Whittt.ker, O. 0.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Bee.
Visiting   Companions   cordliiliy   welcome. S6ti
It wus Win. J. Bryan, I think, whn
Bald: "Home advertising reminds me
of the young man throwing a kiss to
his girt in the dark: he knows what
he is doing but Bhe doesn't,"
And while the comparison is rather
crude, it certainly carries home in a
telling way. Anyone who makes it a
practice to study the current advertisements sees dozens of illustrations
of advertisers who are, ilguratively
speaking, "throwing kisses in the
dark," in the fond imagination that
the public is anxiously watching and
That these advertisers do not spend
much time in preparing their public
Ity is apparent to the moBt casual ob
server. They accept a certain amount
of publicity aB neccessnry and then
proceed to get it oft their minds ln
the shortest time possible.
"Its eaBier to critise than to do,"
you say. True, but there Is so much
advertising that is non-productive,
more through lack of effort than
through lack of ability to do, that
one can be readily pardoned. I believe
for speaking of It,
Wake up*—you who have been
thoughtlessly paying advertising bills
as an expense item and consider the
money you pay out for publicity as
an investment.
This   investment  feature  of  adver
tising is au old, old story, tint none
less true because of its age.
Thousands and thousands of merchants have built their business reputations with the aid of thoughtful
and careful publicity—and some of
them started in a pretty small way.
If you have been iu the habit of
letting your bookkeeper or otlice assistant "fix up an ailvertlsment for
the paper," see that he writes it in a
careful and convincing manner. Even
if It ia. only a Binall advertisement,
you cannot afford to let it be carelessly prepared.
Set aside a monthly or a yearly ap
propriation for your advertising and
then put the spending of that amount
in the hands of someone who knows
his business, if you have not time to
attend to It yourself. See that every
cent paid out is put where return's
are most certain.
You will not realize returns on
your advertising policy in a week or
In a month—hut by persistently keeping at it and carefully figuring out
every move in advance—you will boou
And that advertising pays—and pays
And when you have your policy
formulated, stick to it. Do not become discouraged because you cannot
see results right away.
.'V 4   -S$h* •
Slack Barrels
Made in Canada-Worth Half a Million Dollars
That Canada Is fast losing her possibilities as a producer of tight cooperage is brought out by statistics
compiled by the Forestry Branch of
of the Department of tbe Interior.
These show that, whereas 2,768,000
oak staves were cut. in the Dominion
in 1911, 7,2993,000 were imported.
In the manufacture of tight cooper
age, UBed for the dry rough commodities such as lime, potatoes, apples,
dry Hsh, flour, cereals, etc., which
predominate in Canada's products.
Kim is the principle wood employed,
forming over tlfty per cent of the total consumption. Spruce is rapidly
coming into more general use as a
source of stave supply, eleven million
more spruce staves and nine million
fewer elm staves having heen used in
1911 than in 1910. When elm is exhausted birch will probably take its
place, being comparatively flexible
und available in great quantity.
The total value of the materials
used in the slack cooperage industry
in Canada for the past year was $1,
465,702. In 1910 it was $1,595,119 or
some $130,000 more. Imports and ex
port of materials aud llnished product were, respectively, $329,992 and
$135,463, an excess of imports over
exports of $194,529.
The total amount of material used,
accord-fig to an estimate of tile Forestry Branch, wus over 6,000,000
feet, board measure. Through check-
Quite a large number nf Cranbrook
etc., etc., there ls also a great deal
of waste not accounted for.
To Think About
Forces for Good or Evil in Moving Pictures
For Certillcnte ol Improvement
Dardanelles nnd Mother-lode Mineral Claims situate in the Fort Steele
Mining Division ot blast Kootenay
District, on the smith side ol Wild
Horse Creek, about three miles ubove
old camp.
Take notice that I Thos. T McVittie F. M. C.,No. 3727011. agent for
Albert Hanks, Free Miner's Certillcnte No. 3727011, Intend, sixty duys
from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining ltecordcr for n Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certillcnte
of Improvements.
Thos. T. McVittie, Agent.
Dated this 22nd day of .Inly, A.D.1912
One of the greatest forces for good
or evil today Ib the moving picture
show. Almost every hamlet, town
nnd city in thiB grent land hnve from
one to several hundred of these show
They ure open to the public practically every evening, and in many
places they are also allowed to do
business on Sunday evenings. Now,
it is not our purpose to condemn mo
vlng picture shows ln general. We
realize that proper moving pictures
may have a very considerable educational value. Hut it is our Intention
to Bound a note of warning In regard to these moving pictures, tor
we do believe that lilms arc often
sent out which ought not to be exhibited whore children are allowed to be
The power of suggestion ls tremendous. Psychologists are realizing   this   fact more and more every
Presbyterian Church
"The   V
)f the
Sun."   >
TAKE NOTICE that I, Johu Livingston of Oraubrool., B.C., Miner,
intend tu apply for permission to
prospect for roal und petroleum over
the following described lands situate
in   Uie   Flathead    District of BritlBh
! Oolumbla:—*
| COMMENCING .it ii pent placed at
or near ..ne mile east of 31-mile
post    on    the    O.P.R.   survey    line;
j thence   8(1    chains   south;   thence so
I chains west; tlience KO chains north;
thence   80   chains  eust   to   plnce   of
i commencement.
John Livingston
j Dated this Hist day of July, 1912.
District of Kast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that. I. Mahelle
Cornelia Corwln of Cranbrook, D. 0,
Married woman, intend tu apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands Commencing at a
post planted at the south-west cor
ner or Lot 6117, tbence north forty
HO) chains; thence went forty (40*
chains; thence south forty [40, chains
thence enst forty (4iii chnins to the
point of commencement, containing
1D0 acres more or less.
(Sgd.)  Mabtlle Cornelia Corwln
Dated  June 15,  1912. 28-9t
Notice is hereiiy given that tbe reserve existin^'over Lot 'JH74, Group I
Kootenay District, by reason *if the
notice published in the British Columbia (.a/ette of the JTth of Decem-
ber, 1907, is cancelled.
Deputy  -Minister  of  Lauds
Lands Department,
Victoria. B.C., 1 Sth May.1913.   21-13t
Rev.   W.
Morning Service, 11.011 a.m.
Evening Service, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday   School  and  Bible  OIhsb 3
Guild, Wednesday at 8 p.m. to YOU
an Invitation in accorded.
First Ave. and Madison,
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Tl-ca.i IM118 ntc Culli|iUUll(lod With th. .(r.-uloHt
Hti "nm tee itwrt orh.ii.ic rotiicdtea knowo to
£"-.«;h«cI. .*« ,o, li,h., ii*.*. »">'»'<"'«■««■
by tlm nuitii ct.it.ht.net iiiisilcimi-i known.
■11,,'v iftu i iir-i im- l'ii <.]■*■ dMitnwli.1. dlsorilem
rtfi u Ii* *-   *■»■ * (much ■•■W'l ihi
lm. n>-ui-i.--imi b itoroi. or.by null from Tim
Lftv*l Drug Co
District of Kast  Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Palethorpe ut Kingsgnto, B.C., Intend
to apply to the commissioner of land
and works for permission to purchase
1(10 acres of land, bounded hh follows
Commencing at. n post planted at
the south weHt corner of P.H, Record 11 IH or Lot No. 10817, thence
west :.(( chains, thence north 80
cholns, thence east 20 chniim, thence
south HU chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 12th dny of August, 1912
William pnletliorpa
35-9t W. 11. McFarlane, Agent.
Home is a place where a man can
do as he pleases if be is married to
the right woman.
To nm it newspaper wltaout occa
elonally publishing an item that te
untrue, or without giving oltonre, is
like running a railroad without having accidents and smash ups. It
can't be done.
Owing to the large number of nx-
loi.its that are anticipated at the
coming Fall Fair It Is to be hoped
Hint exhibitors will do tbelr utmost
to have all exhibits on the grounds
by the I Nth Iimt. This will assist
the judges in their various work af
fording tbem more time in which to
judge the various exhibits, By doing this everyone will receive better
satisfaction. U
pay. And at no age is tbis power
greater than in childhood, when the
mind is plastic and easily influenced.
Pictures which represent hold-ups,
burglaries, nnd trickery of any kind,
nre responsible for many committments to the reform school, for they
leave suggestions in the minds of the
young which sooner or later tend to
work themselves out in such crimes.
It ls a well known truth tbat a
child Is an imaginative being. Every
child will unconsciously imitate that
which it admires. If then tbe hero
in a moving picture is represented as
committing some act of trickery
without being caught, how very natural that the child should try to do
likewise. Since then we have tbis
force with us, would It not be well
for us to keep n vigilant eye on our
children least they see pictures which
are full of evil suggestions.
Baptist Church
Rev. 0.  H.  KENDALL
Morning Scrvirc-ILOO a.m.
"Three Contrasts between Slnnen-
and Unsaved" will he presented at
the morning service.
Evening service 7.30 p.m.
"Hell Fire Extinguished by Vote"
will he tbe topic in tbe evening.
This discourse will he Paator Ken
dall's answer to, and reasons for not
subscribing to the resolution recent
ty presented to the ministers of this
city, viz: "Wft now unreservedly ro
pudiutc as thoroughly  iinecrlptural,
the teaching of a place, state or
condition of it literal Make of lire and
brimstone' for the torment of tho
wicked; and, further, we believe from
mnny personal testimonies that the
vast majority of ministers of all
Protestant denominations jjavo pri
vately repudiated the 'Hell Fire"
theory, but have for supposedly good
reasons, hesitated to inform tbelr
congregations etc,"
special music will be rendered by
the choir.
A cordial invitation is eiitendei] to
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan nnd Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
weflt Territories and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of fl
an acre. Not more than 2,&i;0 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
he described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, nml in uiisur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of _|6 which will be
refunded if tbe rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty Bhall be paid ou the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting lor the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pny the
royalty thereon, lf the coul mining
rights nre not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Thc lease will include the coal mining rights only, but. the lessee may
be permitted to 'purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ol
the mine at thc rate of $10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy  Minister of tbe Interior
N.U.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for, March 25*6m.
Department of Militia
And Defence
Dudley Alexander, Major; and tbe
Right Honorable John Mark. Karl of
Ranfurley, of London, England, will
apply for a licence to take and use
three hundred (Kill)) cubic feet per second of water out of Kik River, which
tlows in a southerly direction through
the Fernie Riding and empties into
the Kootenay  River near Krag.
The water will be diverted at tho
upper falls on Lot 227, and will be
used, 70 cubic feet irrigation, 230
cubic feet pumping purposes on the
land described as (pumping Lot 227
(irrigation) Lot 132.
Tbis notice was posted on tbe
•-round on tbe 23rd day of August.
1912. Tbe application will be llled in
tbe office of the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook on the 6th day of October.
Objections may he filed with the
Water Recorder or with the Oomp-
■roller of Water Rights. Parliament
Buildings, Victoria. B.C.
Tbe Earl of Ranfurley
Dudley  Alexander
35-4t by  C  M.  Edwards,   Agent
200 Cartoons Teil More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartoons from dallies and WMklle. published in
Hn, country, London, Dulilin, Paris. Berlin.
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budape t, St Peters-
1 urs. Amsterdam, Stuttaart.Turin, Rome. Lisbon,
lurich, Toklo, Shanghai, Sydney, Ca i, and
South Allien..,, and ; 11 the greal cities ol tha
world. Only ilie 2'f) best nut ol 9,000 curtu.iu
each inniith, art. selected.
A Pioturt History ot World's Events Each Month
i ampaiBn in   Cartoons   and watch the opining parties caricature ea.-h other.
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TENDERS marked cm envelope "Tendei' for Oonstructton ol
New Drill Hull, Kernie. B.O." nnd ni)
ilreBsetl to the Director of Oontractg,
Department of Militia nnd Defence,
Ottawa, will he reeeiveil until noun
September 2lnt, 1918, lor the construction ol u New Drill Hull at Fernie, B.C.
Specifications mny he seen nnd full
particulars obtained at the ofllce ol
the District nfllcer Commanding Mil
Itury District No. II, Victoria, B.C.,
the tiillce of the Town Clerk, Pernio,
B.C., Officer Commanding "A" Company Kootenny Milieu, Feline, B.C.,
and the Director of Engineer Services, Headquarters, Ottawa.
Tenders must he made on the form
supplied hy tho Department and ac
companied hv an accepted ehenuo on
a Canadian Chartered Bank, for ten
per cent, (10 p.c) "f the amount ol
,tho tendei, pnynblo to the order of
the Honorable tho MlnlBtor ol MilH
ia and Defence whlrh amount will bo
(orteltod  if   tho  party t lorlng do
ollnes to outer Into nr falls to com
plots the Unci iii accordance witli
hiH  tendei.
The Dopnrtinont does not bind Itsoll
to nccopi tho lowest or any toiidor.
BUOBNH I'MHI'lT, Colnnol,
Deputy Mliiluliu
Dopartmont o( Mllltln and Dotonco,
OtlllWI,   Allgllsl   "8,   1912
Newspapers will nnt ho paid If thi-
idvertisemi'iil Is Inserted without an
thorlty from the Dopnrtinont,
H.i-    II 171 I.    H7r>IH 30 21
SEALED TENDEHS addressed ta
tbe undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Wharf at Sliutty Bench,
B.C." will be received at this olllce
until 4 p.TH., on Monday, September
:10, 1912, for the construction of a
Pile Hent mul timber decking wharf
nt Bhutty Bench, District of Kootenay, B.O.
Plans, specifications nnd form of
contract ean be Keen nnd forms of ten
tier obtained at this Department and
at tbe oflices of P, W. Aylmer, Esq.,
District Engineer, Ohane, B.O., 0. C,
Worsfold, Esq., District. Engineer,
New Westminster, H.C, and on application to the Postmaster at Kaslo, B.O.
Persons tendering nro notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stnting their occupations and
places of residence, In the case of
tinns, the actual signature, the
ture of the occupation, and place ot
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Each tender must he accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on n chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable tbe Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (Hi p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will lie forfeited if the person tender
ing decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or tail to
complete the contract. 11 the tender
be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not hind Itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Hy  order,
It. 0. DE8R00HERB,
Department,of Public Works.
Ottawa, August 31, L912
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the ilepart-
ment.—26801, u-'lt
Frank Dezall
Agent lor
Deering fc? McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
II Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:       Opposite Depot
St.euiii  Boiler,   Purnaca,
and Septic Tank work
a specialty
Cost and .stock estimates
I'urnislied on application,
Addr... i P. o. Box lit. Crsnbrool,
We Deal in Everything From
■_ Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
.■Ml kinds of Second Hand Good.
Kurniuiro a SPECIALTY
•Sage's Old   Stand.  Hanson
l'bons 161.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 25<* P. O. Box S45
Makes Short Work of
lieu. l.UI
» of Iih,
.li.in >i. 1,1 lit one
.■ly.    Uka un Bnff.1 "1 i
IN THK MATT Kit OF the estate
Qoorge 0oldie, late ol tho ('ity
Crnnbrook, in the Province of Hi
tiHlt Columbln, deceased.
Electric Restorer for Mer
Phosnhonol '"---■'," «v«ry nerve In ihr bod .
r""!>l" ■■■ ill |>.<>pei ii.-iiii.iii ; irut in,
vim n'ii'1 vitality.   I'tnnialutu ilnrny nml "II l(UtU»]
weak nl- ss  Hvurtc<l ut ome.    Phuiptioim
mike vmi ii uuw mnu.   I'i Ice llla box.oi two 101
tr,    Mwli-I t-.itnv ii'Mii".-,    Thl8oob*i'l Uru|
0*4It. CMliarHiM, OM.
NOTIOH nt hereby given tlmt all
noraone having claims against the estate <»f the snld Qoorgo (.oldie, de-
censod, nre required ta send by post
prepaid ur to dollvei to Anna it. Mo
Vlttlo of Kort H lo, U.O., executrix
uf Ibe Hiild estate, on or before the
1st dny of Octohor, 1912, their nnmo a
addresses nnd description mnl n full
itntemant ol particulars nf their
claims nml the nnturo of the security
if any, hold by tbem duly cortlllod,
nntl Mutt nfter the imlil dny the exe
cutrtx will proceed to distribute the
.iHHftH of ibi> docenaod ntnong the pur
lies entitled thereto, having regard
only tn tbe clnlitiB of which aha Htmil
thon havo notice.
Duled this 112nd duy of AUgUBt,1912
Kxecut.rlx of the Batata Of
34-4t George  Goldie,  deceased
tnd foi
hat in---ti curing iNi-t., women tnd children (or
v ii im Hut omnl na help.   Jutt a iVw bottle*
trive cured ci .- ..f from 8Q to flO yann'daretion
nnd I'hI iy it Handi nnnvu.iio.1 hn a quick, life and
il* olutolVreliabletronimonl (..mil i.ri.- wid -li-,-
«■ im, w.-i-k kfdnoyi, ete   Ut a dollar bottle of
Abbott Bros. Rhiumitlo Remedy
-*m| your ("uii*. nt onco* itart yonr run- today.
S.-ui liropali] by Abbott Hr.,.., 711 S D.-urUirn St.,
Chicago, in, If your -iruKimi iIovb not im,<-m
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. ]
Scientific American.
■ l'l- I'lll'l
MUNN& Co." ■•*■•-'*•.• New York
Ulaiwh ll"*™. law I* »U 'VMtllll.lull. ft C, THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
At the Auditorium
To Night Only Saturday September 7th
The Newest Musical
Stampede With An
All Star Cast
14  Song  Hits   14
In His Latest
. j
U l
Brimful of
Not Blushes
K K K P      SMILING- ll r T
Oft Yuur   Pictures  Ki'iiineil   ;il
Uoiiril   o!   Trade Meeting,  Monda;
night, in the i-ity Hall at s 30.
srlect   trult   i
i  to
>k Exchange.
are tiie  days
11 heglu high
a vl
nun* seeing liill>
itiirinin To in
. ,«-H~H-t-H-H**** I-H-.***r*****4**********i*r* * LOClll      NeWS
; To   Sportsmen!
Just  Unpacked a Big
Consignment uf
7x7 10 x 12 12 x 16
Winchester, Ross and
Let nit- fit you up.
J Elko.       -       B.C.
+ •H"H-H-H-H-H"t-H"H-I--H"H' -M-H-H-+-I-I-+-I--I-I-+++H-H-
Dinner Table Ornaments
\\    B. McFarlane waa .it  Kingsgute
Friday on business,
Mis   Brlggs aud children are visit
mi'   relatives   in Creston ;it present
Lots of opportunities lefl :»i tli'1 C
C   s   Closing oui Sale
Chester    StapteB   was   down   Irom
Wycllfte Wednesday on business
Mi   Jack FroBt itt'nt an appreciated
addition t-i tin- Indian Summer
Board   ■>[   Trade Meetlm-   Mondftj
night, in tin- Citj  Hall nl  S SO
And now toi a record breaking full   |
>•■.■-■ ■■    ■.  Ibe   \.iv   ol  prosperltj   foi
ui ilu-  mosl   pn» tieallj   useful
kind   .nt-   .uitst■«.silly   designed
sih ci wm •■      NN i'   .ui-   offering
some beautiful examples ut the
silversmith's .in in nut estnMlsh
meui ii present, in plum and or
nate designs .iml solid or plated
metal     Everything you need in
sih ci w are mul  i utlei \   Is   hei e
ni ilu besl i| untitle* .11 (he u>«
est market prices
Jewelers & Opticians
I A. Barry uf Montreal, representing
tlm Royal Exchange Assurance Cu.,
of London, Hnglnnu, wns In town
lust Saturday.     H*' wnn accompnn
. led by Mr. .1. A. Jessup, manugor of
Um Ciisimil-v dopartmont.
Call up Hu, V. Johnson, llcettBed
plumber, and got un estimate of tin*
cosl of your newer connections.
'Phono 867. tf
There won- a Inrgo nuinhor "f nu
ttvo nlmrnds visiting tlio UHliing
grounds mi Mondny, whilst othors uf
tho sporting BpocleH shot thn-kH und
chtokens, nil •>( whloli roturnod homo
with well HUod bags nml buskots
The Uunlit ICloctrlo Co., uuw have
a canine auiHutolntor ut tliolr corner
Dogs announco thomsolvos by loud
howls, grndually lading nwny Into hi
lencc m tiie dim distance.—Fornle
Free Hross
1++++^^'J^+-^-i*-l"^-l-i*++*fr-»*'|*^*** -|*^*f-t'-i--i-*t-'i-+++^+++-i-i'+-l*-*-
| September ||
is the month of weddings
And whut. is moro appropriate for a
GIFT than u nice piece of
Wo it
tc iinxion
s   In
clean "in   nil
Suits    .'llll
1  Kin
lll«llltll!H    IM till 11
Hu- noj
i thirty .1
r  C, s.
Mondny wits l.i.bor Dny nnd n large i
numbor .if Crnnhrook pooplo tunk ad*
vnntngo ol tho fnct to go to Crouton!
i.i colBbrato the tiny, roturnlug in tho
ovonlnp much plonsod with their Bhott T
visit   to  ihe  fruit   contro  uf   Smith- '
Blast Kootenny.
Uling   t.   '.'..v   I.
,r     fo
: Market   Company
! A   full  line  of Fresh and Smoked Meats,
', Poultry,   Fish,   etc.,  ete.   Try   Our Premium
; Cooked Ham and Brookfield Creamery Butter.
i "PHONE  72"
Miss   Alice   Pye
Monda)   i   tlm.  •■   resume her music
*    LBS
v J  Mrs    V    M     Stearns    ol
Wardner  were in towi   Thursday, en
.*    ■  ■  H;'- kane
Mrs P Woods and sou if Cherry
Creek, left on Thursday's flyer on un
eastern  visit.
For perfect fruit Jars go to the
rranbrool*   Bxchanee
Mr, and Mrs W K Gurd returned
Monday from a holiday visit to the
Vic Rollins <tf Vancouver, is in the
city   tbis   week   visiting   his   i-rother
\   Rollins
Kast Kootenay
A   Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Quite a large number of Cranbrook
people are at Calgary this week, ut
tending the Stampede.
X************************^ r^-nZne\T"T\iTltX
Cranbrook Trading Company.
Will Give Your Home
A Tone
i See   our
Window   for   Particulars of a Unique
Guessing   Contest
Some Lucky Individual Will  Get  a   Glass   Jar
Containing Over  $50  and Less
than $500.00 Dollars
See Our Mr. Haynes for full Particulars
F. Parks & Company
J Cranbrook •
+++I + ■• ***** -IM- "• "•' I -4 " I •"• + I I-It-" -I "I-++++++++++++++
Mr. mul Mrs. F. U, Young an.l Mr.
Geo. Watson, ol Fort Steele, came
over to Crnnbrook on Tuesday.
I Mrs. Oliver Hurge ol Perry Creek.
i wae in the olty na Wednesday en
! route to Kaltspell, Mont.
| Board of Trade Meeting, Monday
! nlutit. in the Citv Hull at 8:30.
You should see the
at the O. O. 8.
J      BORN to Mr. and Mra. T. Haley of'
Cranhrook   on Thursday.   September
* I .Ith. a son.
Mrs.   .1.  RoberlB and  Miss M.  Roll
ei ts  were to Kernie this week  visit- '
ing friends.
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted by
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
Certificate  Teacher from
London School  Hoard
10:011    u. in.   tu   12;UU in.
'.':Lll p.  in,  to -J.Q0 p. Ill,
'Phone 220 p. o. Box 238
It 11 Short, the artist, ium been
Jj! putting nu llluniinnted gold sign on
the window -if Messrs. Ollne nml Wot)
ster'a barber shop. Tbis is truly a
work of art and will ever stand hh
bnt another of bis numerous works
In tiit- city,
WORK WANTRD—Ladles and dents
garments, -inckw, and stockings mended by Isabel Hut ler. French Avenue,
north nf Creek, ;'M
The Baptist Church Mission Circle
are holding a special meeting in the
church on Wednesday next, the meet
ing to begin at * p. in. prompt.
Special music nnd programme is being prepared. Everyone is invited
and assured ttf a good time.
A. McCowan, of Winnipeg, was in
thc city this week visiting his son
Charles. Mr. McCowan is Oar Super
Intendent of tbe west division of the
0. N. R. He was very much surprised and pleased with the progress the city has made since last be
was here.
Perfect fruit jars are essential for
the preserving of fruit, get them at
the Crnnbrook Exchange. '16
An automobile accident occured on
the Fort Steele rond about live miles
from Cranbrook on Tuesday night.
The Chafteur lost control of his machine which attempted to climb the
bank and was overturned. The occupants of tlm car fortunately escaped injury.
Any person requiring tbelr bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to tbe
sewer should see Ed. F. Johnson.
Estimates furnished. Cull 'Phone
No. 2C7. tf.
Maurice Quain, uf the (.Juaiu  Elec*
 ■ • trie Co., went up to the Windermerc-
Contractor Geo. Leask is iu Spok- Wilmer district this week on commie this week regarding some of the paby business. The Qualn Co. are
special materials tbat are to be used doing quite a business up in tbe val-
in connection with the new garage ley and It was in connection with
that is in course of construction. this business thnt compelled Maurice
KILBY     FRAMES     PICTURES     \     ur.v-ri.Mi    v  ~~7T   i    .   .. . to take the ****'
  WANTED—A girl 1u do light  house 	
4       Hon.  K. F. Green, M.P. and J. it \ work.     Apply   Mrs,   F.   MacPherson,'    Headquarters    for    Trunks,    Suit-
SchoQold,  M.P.P., addressed a large   Garden Avenue. j cases,   Travelling  Bags,  etc.,   Oran*
number of people n(  a Conservative]
Picnic held at Proctor nn Monday.    |
We   are   glad   to   see   that   Mr.
brook Trading Co.
Cut Glass
We handle   the "Gundy
Clapperton" Line
exclusively. This in "MADIS in Canada" and consequently you net more
value for your money than in any
Imported   gluss   that  you  can   buy.
See Our Windows
f   Beattie-Murphy Co.
•I- !-!••*• I..I--1-+.M-++++++++++-I-++++-I-++-H-++-H-H-H-+-M-I-
We have an exceptional offer to
make you in the above property—requires a cash payment of
One-third down, balance in 12
and 18 Months, No Interest.
Call and See Us at Once.
Mr    and   Mrs.   H.   Foster  of  Mon-
B.C   *f   treftl, who have been visiting nl  the
\ const, stopped of! on Thursday to see
their son F. A, Foster ol Klmherley.
F w Runkln ol Hull River, whs
. using a crutch on Thursday, the re
' suit of n twisted ankle caused hy
I some high kicking.
I (illl is getting about alright ia spite I The following was taken from the
uf his accident which be sustained; Winnipeg Free Press of last Monday:
two weeks ago and to know that his j —The funeral of James Page, who
wound  ik progressing favorably. j died   Sunday at the age of 62 years,
will  take place tomorrow at 2 oclock
2awfeit^?5 ***$•& ism
5-acre Ranch -
Phone 139
We    arc   anxlOUS   to   clean   out    all
Shoes, Suits, and Furnishings within
the next thirty days—C. O,  S.
J. P. Fink, who has been in the
Porl Oeorge country for the past
month returned tu Crnnhrook Sunday
A light touch of frost fell on Monday last biit was not heavy enough,
to   do  any  dauinge.    The   mountain ;
from 523 Hnnuntyne Ave., to Kin
wood cemetery. Members of Shakes
speare lodge, S.O.IS, are invited ti
lops in this vicinity were covered flttend.-The deceased was the fath
wltb snow.        ^^ |w Qf Mr8   Qeo   T|gd(Ue Qf thj(i p(ty
Groceries, cheapest and best. In
small or large quantities. Crnnbrook
Trading Compnny.
Cull up Kil. F. JohnSOlt, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate nf the
cost of your sewer contteotlOtlB.
'Phone 'li\7. -tf
Frank  iMinn,  who has  been  spend I
mi' his holidays in the far enst, re-j
fin ei to Crnnbrnoli Wed
pleased  with his trip,
High Chief Hanger visits
The infant daughter Ol Mr. iiiid
Mrs. Bartlett died on Wednesday. F.
M. Mcpherson bad charge uf the fun
Till arrangements, Hev. W. RJ, Dun
ham   olllclutlng.
It A. Ilimlon, High Chief Hanger
Now that funds are being solicited j of the Independent Order of Fores
j for tbe financing of the big Agricul ; ters will be in town mi Monday, and
lay much uraj ,(.aj|. tll|1 puidic-Bplrltod cltlaena » flpoclnl Meeting ol tho order will
j u( Cranbrook have nn excellent oppor 1)0 held in the I ininge Hall , All
Perfect fruit lars nre essential for tlinity of living up to their character I members are requested to attend.
he i-n-eivine nf fruit, got them at
he Cranbrook  Hxchnngo 86
Government A tent A C Nelson,
and Road Superintendent John Heed
were inspecting and locating roads
ne;ii rtkookiimcbuek on Wednesday.
Board    Of    Trad.'   Meeting.   Monday
night   in thc City Hall al 8 8u.
If yon want a reliable mid reason ' owing to the large number of ex-
able job of plumbing done or sewer , bibits that are anticipated at the
age connections made, call up -'•*■■ V. [ coming Full Fair It is to be hoped
Johnson, "phone l»(i7. tf I that exhibitors will do their utmost
  ! to  have   all exhibits on the grounds
sister Hyslop of the SalvationUy the 18th Inst. Thle wilt assist
Army spent l.nbor Day at Oreston. the Judges in their various work af-
S|1P   Mtur I   in   the   evening   much I fording them more time In which to
Foi   porfert   fruit
'ranhrnoli  Rt din nge
tn   the
| pi en sod   with  her   reccpMoi
fl'lllt town of the Kootenay
in    tlu>!
iidge the various uxhihlts. By do
I ing this everyone will receive better
K -o  Staple-,  who Han  been  at I »""■"»«"»'• «
. I'liluary mi ItiiHlnesa returned tn Oran|
I   tin-j In.ink Wi'illii'iuliiy.   Willie tlmiii lm ul
 ,lv | l''l"l,,|| H"' I'lR Btnmpoilo, mnl reportHl |,|y )n n,,, cjinptor rooiriB nl tho Mas-
i.niiiii-iniiiiiii  "Thn Eoiii I'-i'iimhIh" i iniviiii! n very plennnnt trip, -inlo Temple,  The onlor nl Roil Oroea
"The n.M.iir nenorallon" and "The     ___        ^  CnoiT"stovo   0   holes  wl" ' ilorroil nn n nunilier o( com
9 ini'lii-H acrnsH with wnrmlnil cloMt  ■*    oni ,—
Kim HALIC  Re-lsternil Hi Hi Col   mm reservoir; nlsu it ens.   Apply I..°" . I"™'"y . ""•"I'W..H'« .""'••'"! J
A muni-  tin-  nlt-'tnrns nl
Rillsnn  TONIOHT wll1  li
'I'lllil-H   '
Relklrk Preeeptnry will nn Mmulay
| nli;ht imlil a regulnr monthly iismin-
Beale & Elwell jj
CRANBROOK, -        -        - B.C.     '•[
******4****4*********. + 1-++ ■+++++.f^++* +++++++
HEAD   OFFICE CALGARY, Alta        %
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their yuality-
All oui  Products are Government Inspected
"Tiie Kind That   Tastes Guod."
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. 1
When Youi
! Our Hardware I
New & Up-to-date
In- pups    \|iplv Hi"
.1  Hospital
\   Martin  hiich   iimt   linn- n Arinsteonji Avenue or
SB n. { Phono 1(191 :tl 21
Full SAI.fll      A liiii-i ..t Iiiiii.Iiiiiiiii'.     nillv "Hinrln" ciifliinl at tho An
thorouKhbroil,   l.lncv    IHolil   Spnnlol I tllLorluni TONIOHT will present  his
Puppies, I iii'iiitii'. nil   im on In WO.   mlislcnl lm I    Tin- Olrl. lln- Mnn,
no each     M'i'iv ri »■• Wi'iin. cum  mnl   the   tlnino*."  It   in hrlmftil "l
ton, It.'' M catrhy   son-s,   ludicrous situations;
I mnl runny complications.
KIl.HV      I'-UAMUS     PICTI'REH      I - »«
Miiuntiiln Ohnptor, II.A.M., will linld]
u roRitlnr communlcntlon in . I,,- m„h   j"
onlo Tompla,   A Inrito ntimhor nl vis-  T
Hln]: riiiiipmiinnH from Creston und; *
Moylo win im iii attendant
w.   w.   KIl.HV
P.O. llox 802 Cranbrook, B.O.
J. D. McBride
%   Cranbrook, B. C, j
Phone 5   •>
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