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The Prospector Sep 21, 1912

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 ' Ibrary Lee. Assem
SEP   ; 1912
&£TomA. *__?r
They Came, They Saw, and Were Co'nquerea
of Every Discription
The  Leading Newspaper
in the
$2.00 Per Year
VOL. 18
No: SI
The 1912 Fair Now Is History
Largest   Crowd   Ever   In
Attendance At Fair
Public Sees the Development of the District in the
Exhibits of its Products—Huge Strides
Made Within the Year
The List of Prize
Winner is on
Page 5
Tha various committees which have   Auction of vegetables.    An exhibit of
hud   the work in hand in connection  potatoes was brought In from Perry
with the Cranbrook Pall Pair are
more than satisfied with tho results
obtained. The weather, which for
the last few days has been inclined
to be a little boisterous, settled
down towards Thursday morning
and an afternoon resembling an
autumn day greeted tbe crowds of
people as they came into the city
from all directions. Vehicles ol every
description and automobiles were called into use to bring into our fair
city people whose desires and ambitions were solely to see the products
which it is possible to raise in the
city and district of Cranbrook.
Many outsiders have often been
beard*to express sceptical expressions as to the possibilities of the
soil in tbe Hunt Kootenay District,
As the old adage m.ys "Tbe Proof
of the Pudding is iu the Eating there
ot," so was it clearly proved by the
exhibits shown at this year's fair.
That all these scepticisms were unfounded, and the facts as shown by
the exhibits cnn be clearly proved.
Cranbrook, therefore, cnn now, even
more than ever before, still hold
tlrst place for small fruit farming,
vegetable growing, and general farming of all kinds and classes. Some
ot the wheat, rye, oats, alfalfa and
other well known varieties of grasses
were of such excellent quality, that
the Association have deemed it wise
to reserve many of these for the exhibit that is being prepared lor the
Lethbrldge Dry Farming Congress.
The interest in the Pall Fair this
year was very notably remarked upon
by    the   officials    of the  Association
('reek and shown at the Fair which
were grown at the height of 6,750
feet above sea level.
As one, after buying the entrance
ticket to the Exhibition grounds, enters through the gate a person might
easily imagine one's self on Coney
Island; for to look and behold on
your right are gathered together for*
tune tellers, Clairvoyants, shooting
galleries, nigger throwers, etc., etc.,
which afford vast amusement to all
sight seers and children in general
To one's left, however, one is again
impressed with the large display in
the permanent building of tbe East
Kootenay Mercantile Co. Their One
showing of democruts, heavy wagons,
agricultural implements, harness, etc.
Next to this exhibit is the large refreshment booth which, this year
was conducted by the ladles of
Christ Church. This booth, through
out the whole of the Fair, received a
large patronage, and did ample justice to the needs of the visiting populace. Reaching the larger permanent building In which are place the
various exhibits, one again observes
the interest taken by local tradesmen. To the left of the entrance,
W. H. Wilson is to be seen with his
excellent display of cut-glass, watches and jewelry of all kinds, also
his optical instruments which were
often hrought into use by enquiring
visitors. To the right, the Patmore
Bros, have a splendid showing of
Bathroom requisites of all kinds.
On the opposite aide of the Hall are
We have in the brief review already
given, called attention to tbe Siberian, German and Hogg millet, also
the- rye samples shown one of which
reached the height of 7 feet, but In
addition to these he had a general
display of various fruits, vegetables
and other grains and grasses. It
might be said in passing, that the
whole of this display was grown,
practically, on uncultivated ground.
This should be particularity noted on
account of the fine quality of the exhibit. Next to this was an exhibit
which drew the attention and admiration of all sight-seers. In the centre one beheld the sign, "Creston
Exhibit." We would like to draw to
the attention of our readers that this,
exhibit was not sent In by the Creston Fruit Growers' association, as
many observers thought. It was tbe
particular exhibit of two inhabitants of Creston; namely, Mrs. W. S,
Hyckman and Mrs. J. W. Dow. The
former's part of this selection consisted principally of various kinds of
HORSES—James   Fuz.ee, Waldo.
Webb, Victoria.
POULTRY-J. Pagiter, Victoria
PET   STOCK—Dr.  Green,   Cranbrook
slow, Victoria.
and Joe Martin.
CUl-INARY-Mrs. W. F. Doran nnd
Mrs. G. P. Tlsdale.
APIARY—R. E. Wlnslow and John
ART—Mrs,  C. Rogers, Creston.
FANCY WORK-Miss McLoy, Lethbridge, Alta.
Mrs. H. McKowan
FLOWERS ft PLANTS—Rev. Madden, Waldo.
Joe Mott and B, B. Winslow.
BABIES—Mrs. Rogers of Creston,
Mrs. Robs or Waldo, Mrs. Gilchrist of Fernie.
carries a high percentage of gold.
By the side of tbe ore lay a special
exhibit of potatoes grown near the
claim at an altitude of 6,780 feet.
The Staples ranch sent in from WyclitTe nn exceptionally fine display of
vegetables of all kinds. Tbeir cabbages   especially   were ao large that
fruits, apples, plums, peas and peach, ,   „ ....
,     ! an   unbeliever could  safely  say they
es.      The    latter'B   exhibit was also; ,
. were phenomenal,  reaching as afore-
composed of apples, plums pears and       .,     , , ..-_,*.
, said,    to    a   maximum of 17} inches
ne a clips
, ln   diameter   and 37} lbs in weight.
Next to these came the Industrial j TheRe however ftre on,y typicftl of
School's exhibit. This was varied in, the largenMB o( the other vegetables
its collection and stood out promin-1-orminK pnrt of their excellent diB.
ently in tbe quality of the various^ Nq Qne ^^ m_ ^^
vegetables shown. Here were fruits { rould p08fribly retahl the fllmdow 0(
displayed, which would easily dispell R douht reapect.n,- the possibilities
any scepticism that could possibly; ftnd proba*,nUieB this district now
enter a pessimist's mind. All vegeta | en(old(, For ^tables, tbe Otis
bles were of such high quality, that gtl.ples (*0-< have been HomeWhat of
to    specialise    would    be   difficult, j ploneers   in   this   direction and can
Crossing the Hall again one is parti
to be found the Fink  Mercantile Co. I culnrly drawn hy the curious onlook-
who have on display numerous arti-1 ers   to a wonderful display of bees,
leading   citizens.    Never before j cleB   from   tbelr   pure   food   Groceryj In   tbeir   processes  of  honey-making.
has the Interest of the general public been so aroused in the productiveness of our soils, or the power to
prove by results from the ranches tn
tbe Immediate vicinity of Cranbrook
been shown so clearly as by the gate
receipts of a record attendance on
the first day of the Fair. No matter
how small the ranches or gardens
were, no matter how small or insignificant the gardens of the working men of Oranbrook, nil of
them hnd results to show in small
fruits which were surprizing to tho
beholder, Larger farms, us for instance the Indian Industrial School,
Ht. Eugene Mission, A. K. Watta,
Wattsburg; Wycllfte (Staples Farm);
produced exhibits which brought
forth acclamations of HtirprlHing won
derment at the size and quality of
the products shown. Special reference should really he made of the
summer cabbages brought In by the
Wycllfle (Staples Farm), which reach
ed an average weight of about 32
lbs each, measuring aome 12-14 Inches In diameter, tbe largest one exhibited at the Fair was the product
of this ranch and reached the enormous weight of 87 J lbs, and measuring 17! Inches In diameter. Of tho
Wattsburg farm exhibits special men
tlon should ho drawn to the three
vuritles; Siberian, Gorman and
Hogg Millet, which Is supposed to he
the first grown in this district.
This was grown on uncultivated
ground, at altitude of over 3,000
feet and Is of the highest possible
quality; the rye shown In this exhibit stood over 7 feet in height.
Altitude   apparently   hns no effect
and proves no hindrance to the pro-
department; especially are they making n showing of Purity Flour.
Throughout the whole of the exhibition this company handed out cups
of tea nnd coffee to the ladies and
gentlemen in passing. On the other
side ot the entrance hall Campbell &
Manning's have again their old
stand with a goodly display of pure
health foods. It, might here be said
in passing that the display of Limoges China shown by this tirm drew
greal attention.
The p. Burns ft Oo, this year hnd
on display a first-class line of animal food fertilizers suitable for the
farmer, cattle raiser, poultry keeper,
and gardener. These fertilizers ure
almost a nnw product in the west
and drew much attention from the
enquiring public. The next stand
on exhibit was arranged by tho Women's Institute of Crnnbrook in
which was shown a wonderful display
of ferns and flowering plants, also a
splendid example of cakes by members were here exhibited. Next to
this was a flue display of Singer Sewing Machln?s as has ever heen shown
In Cranbrook, under the personal direction of their local agent, Mr. G.
Powell. Mr. Powell, for tbo convenience of numerous enquirers had a
demonstrator at work proving the
numerous usages to which a lady can
mako of the machine.
On the opposite cowee of the Exhibition Hall, Mr. A, K. Watts, very
generously sent in an exhibit (rom
his Wattsburg ranch, which was not
to he onterod for prizes,but solely to
show the possibilities and productive
neBs of tbe soil In, and around, the
district In  which he has his abode.
Mr. T. S. Gill, the owner thereof, is
the pioneer of the bee industry in
Eastern B.C., and some of the results of his work were displayed to
great advantage in this exhibit. On
this table Mr. Gill had some of the
honey bottled, which tor its transparency, clearness and quality would
he hard to excell. The owner had
also a large square hlock of wax on j
still lay claim to be pre-emlnegt in
♦heir capabilities along this line.
The exhibition of Flowering plants
FernB, Cut-Flowers and Bouquets re
celved a considerable amount of admiration from the ladles.
In the centre of tbe Hall, opposite
the stairwny. there wns arranged in
a specially prepared glass ense, one
of the finest nnd best exhibits ot
bottled fruits ever seen in the dis
trict. These were the property and
work of Mrs. W. F. Doran. The exhibit was not made ns nn entrant to
Sporting   Events   Happily
Fortune and the Weather Man are both Propitious
No Serious Accident Mars the  Events
Cranbrook   Wins   Lacrosse
At 10:45 the Nelson and Cranbrook
Lacrosse teams started their first
game in the contest for the championship of the Kootenays, a full
account will be found in another col*
Promptly at 2 o'clock the races
were on, uud the afternoon events
commenced. The Crnnbrook City
Band was In attendance) and discour
sed lively nnd tuneful music at intervals between the races.
The first race was for the Matinee ;
Cup donuted by the Fink Mercantile
Company with a purse of $120.00.
In this event there were three entries
Babe, entered by J. Brown; Cranbrook Girl, entered by D. Deznll;
and Irish Hose.
Babe    won   the   tirst    heat   in 1:24,
with Crnnbrook Girl  a  close second.
piled on  top.    Things looked serious   Lacrosse— Nelson vs Cranbrook
ns drivers and horses were all mixed J    The lacrosse games between Nelson
up iu a struggling mass of humanity j and Cranbrook were closely contested
and horses.    Fortunately no one wasj    These two teams had met twice be
hurt, the only damage being the destruction of two sulkies. No decision
was announced, as to whether the
race was off or to be run again nn
Tbe tirst rare ou Friday afternoon
was the harness race, mile heats, best
in three, for a purse of 1250.00
Irish Rose 1st; Richard 2nd; and
Onward Lee 3rd.
The first heat In this race was a
procession, Irish Rose taking tbe lend
and keeping it to tho win.
2nd Heat—Irish Rose 1st; Richard
2nd; and Onward Lee 3rd.
Irish Rose wins the heat and race.
The Second event was of five-eighth
..       ,, , .    . .      ,    ,     i any of the classes,  but  was put  on
Mr.    Harry    Sninsbury also had a     ,
view ns a special exhibit of fruits of
the   district.      Mrs.   Doran is to be
congratulated   upon the excellent exhibit thus arranged.
fruits,    (>n the gecon(J floo|1 of thf KlhlMt.
good   displny    of   bees   and   honey.
His   bee hives drew the attention of
the visitors.
The   exhibition    of   bottled
and jellies prepared hy Cranhrook la., ion    RflI|   [n   thp flpnce 8p«lally set
dies   wns   of such high quality, and   ,lSid0  fnr   that   purpose, were to be
showed   the   result of great care be-j found   the   results   of weeks, and ini
Ing taken in their preparation as to Home   cnMB   months   of   patient toil
make it hnrd work for the Judges in  painstaking perseverance on the part
proclaming their decision.   The agrl-  0f   the   exhibitors.     The samples of j
cultural display of cereals and grass-   wor(.   here displayed  are  typical  of I
es   was  the best that has ever been   mflny   details  seen In our homes; of [
seen in any exhibit previously shown  the charncteristic taste possessed by
In   Eastern   B.O.   This exhibit drew  crnnhrook's      ladles.       Nrodlework, ■
the particular attention of the numor  crochet work, painting, amateur jmo , Oswald Lee third.
The second heat was a repetition nf j '"ile dash for a purBe of $120.00
the   flrst   beat, Babe winning Oran-   ^Phillipsburg  1st;  Shoe String 2nd;
brook Girl second, time 1:30. ■ und Kootenay Bay 3rd.
During the interval which followed j This race wns ^run in fairly good
little Miss Marcella Armstrong, sang time with Phillipsburg leading in «ic
a song entitled "Kingston" which | ■'nw t0 the &niBa
was rendered in a very creditable
manner, and received considerable applause from those present.    -
Tho next on the progenia was a
pony rnce for a purse of 180.00.
In this race there wuh three entrees,
all the ponies being entered by Kootenny Indians. Phillipsburg won the.
first heat In 58 Heconds, with Shoe
string second.
The second heat was a complete
repetition of the flrst in both places
nnd in time, Phillipsburg winning in
r>8 seconds with Shoestring second.
Then followed a vaudeville stunt
pulled ofi by two very euergetic artists. It was very hard to hoar what
was said, but from the forcible manner in which their expressions were
made possibly they were more interesting than the words or story of
tho act.
The next race was a half-mile heat
race, hest three iu five (or a purse of
1200.00.    In this rare there were five1
entries.      Richnrd,    entered    by    Dr.
Rutledge, Oswald Lee, by I). Burton,
i Bob, by J. Browu.and  Irish Rose by
D. Dezall. Considerable time was
. spent by the drivers in starting in
! the first heat, eventually they got off
to a good start.    Irish Rose won the
heat  In   1,18,   with  Oswald   Itee   and
Babe tied for iter ond place.
The second heat was a trllle luster
than    first,    Habe    winning in 115J,
Irish    Rose   aeeond   and Oswald  Lee
The    third   heat was a cracker-jack
and very exciting.    Itichard, the  out
side horse fn the previous heats com-1
ing in in 1:19, with Babe second and
Third race was a scratch race of
half mile, heats, between two horses
Irom Medicine Hat. for a purse of
Midget K. 1st: and Freeh Breeze
Second beat -Fresh  Breeze  1st
Midget K. 2nd.
Third   heat—Fresb   Breeze   int;
Midget K. 2nd.
Fresh Breeze won tbe Ueut and rare
The next race was a half-mile dash
with several entries, for a prize of
Phillipsburg 1st; Kootenay Bay 2nd
und Ralnhow 3rd.
Phillipsburg  won first  money  wltb
Kootenny Bay second.
Shoe  String's  rider  was  thrown  at
the first quarter.
The fifth race for local green horses
owner to drive, half mile heats, beat
3 In 5 for a purseof $100.00
fore this year, with tbe result that
each team had one game to its credit
The Nelson team is the undisputed
champions of West Kootenay as exponents of our national game.
Cranbrook team has won all their
games in East Kootenay.
Tho contest between tbem for tbe
Championship of the two Kootenays
promised to be a good exhibition.
Lacrosse has taken a good hold
here this year and it deserves the pat
ronage of every lover of good clean
strenuous sport It is a hard game
to play as eacb and every participant
in the game must be in good clean
health and In the pink of condition.
As a clean body engenders a clean
mind it is to be sincerely hoped tba'.
our you..*, b4ys will be encouraged tu
take up "this King of Sports" next
year and the years to come.
Thursday's game was closely contested, hut Crnnbrook won with a
score of 5 to 4.
Friday's game was an exhibition
that was worth going miles to see,
nnd was keenly conteste-d from start
to finish, Nelsnn winning by a score
of 3 to 2.
As it was understood that the
points in the two games was to count
at the finish, and Cranbrook bolng 7
nud Nelson 7, the managoment ot tbe
Cranbrook team asked tbe Nelson
team to play the tie ot! imt Nelson
declined. The referee then ordered
the teams to Dne up, aud Cranhrook
scoring was declared tbe winner of
the series.
The Boy Scouts rendered excellent
service to the various officers during
both the Fair Days on the Exhibition Grounds. They looked well in
their uniforms and filled the duties
allotted to them as would have done
credit to many of their older bretn-
The winners of the tirst heat were) ren.      During   the   three    nights    in
ous visiting farmers, who were loud tography, art work, form some of
In their praise of the quality and the exhibits so tastefully displayed.
quantity here shown. j Much or the needlework and painting
These exhibits were such as to war
rant several of them being reserved
for the Lethbridge Dry Farming Congress.
On the table nearby an interesting
exhibit of gold quart/, from Perry
('reek drew considerable attention.
Ous Thels and Geo. T. Cuit had one
large hlock of ore from their quart!!
claim which the assayors gave report as running $Mi to the ton.
Another smaller sample of the gold
quart/, was shown from the Sunny-
side Claim at Perry Creek which alio
Is especially worthy of attention, being drawn to them, the work aa a
whole was wonderfully varied in
character mtd numerous in exhibit.
Tho cookery department nn represented by the various entries In the
culllnary rlasses ' showed a wide
scope of usefulness In Its character
Many expressions were to be hoard
by onlookers of the comment given,
respecting the qualities and the
"why" and tbe "wherefore" of the
article exhibited Bread is tbo staff
Continued   from   Page   3
Thc fourth heat was another hotly;
eontested run, with another surprise
for the spectators. Oswald Lee, who
had boon trailing In second and third
place in the previous heats, came in
first In BIG, with Irish Hose second,
mid Itichard third.
Something was looked (or in the
fifth beat, four out the five entries
had won a first, and matters In rr
1'iirit to second place were badly mix
nd. Aud that something surely hap
pened. After scoring several times,
tho horses got oil to a fairly good
start with Richard in the lead at the
first quarter, he stumbled, then fell,
Oswald    Lee   going down, aud Babe
Bessie with Dr. Hall 1st; Topsey with
I). Burton 2nd; Colorado with Clifford 3rd; and; and Eddy B. with J.,
Bates 4th.
For the sreond heat the horses finished in the same position—Reesie 1st
Topsey 2nd; Colorado 3rd; anh Eddy
B. 4th.
Then followed tbe hundred yards
loot race with four entries. Broulette
finished 1st with Frid n close second
and Bishop third. ,
A half mile dash was next run for
a purse of $..i..0o with several entries
Kootenay Bay carried oil the first
money with Kootenay Girl 2nd and
Jimmy third.
The next event was thn Marathon
to be run for five miles, there were
four aitries for this race being much
below  what had been expected.
Archie Elwell finished 1st, with
Rumsey 2nd. I', Fried and G. O.
Parkin  did  not nutsh  the  distance.
Arcliiii Elwell takes the Flnlay Cup
and tbe IK..0U cash ami lluinscy WlTlfl
Judge Wilson tn a very appropriate
speech presented the Cup to Mr, Elwell, who responded with n few re
After this followed the third heat
in tbe Green ran-, whlcb was won hy
Bessie,   with  Topsey   a  close  second.
There being no entries for the
Hquaw race the Meet now came to a
which the Exhibits amounting in to
tal to a very costly sum, was undet,
their charge they equipped themselves well and only the highest expressions of praise can be said of
them. Rev. W. E. Dunham was their
commander-in-chief, with
Bertram Murgatroyd, Sen. Pat.
Hollo Johnson. 2nd Patrol
Joseph Atkinson. Corporal
Gorden Walllnger, Corporal
Sydney Vurtrntroyd.  Bugler
Douglas Finnis
The success o( the Fair throughout
has been  principally  in tbe hands of
General Manager   Kred   Russell,   and
the best of thanks nre coming to him
for the coiirteousness and  amiability
be has shown to everyone under oft-
times most trying circumstances.    In
thle   he   has   heen   ably   assisted   by
Secretary Robert F.  Davis.    For the
Inst  few  days  when   the larger  rush
of entries began to pour into the office  the  services  of   Mr.   Fred   Ryck-
man, an  old timer at   the  work,  was
secured.    This  left   Mr.   Davis  some'
what  free  to  attend   to  many  other
details that were wlthlu the scope of
his office.
The attendance at both days of the
Fair passed away beyond tbe estlm
nte suggested bv several leading citizens. Tiie firnt day was considered
good when It passed the 1,000 mark;
but on the ,-neroiid when Home 1,600
turned tbe style It was a bin surprise and will do much to encourage
the management In their plans for a-
nother year. Already suggestions nre
be Ine, thrown out for next yoar'B Fair
these nre mnny and will be treated
lo our next week's issue. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C
Visitors to Fall Fair Take Notice
TICKETS ON SALE from tha 18th to the .Oth, and the RETURN
Exhibitors Notice
Kor the convenience ol exhibitor",, us  Judirt-s,   the  Director0 hnve  en
the main building will he open nnd ' glided  competent  un-lnterested   pnrt
ready lor eiliibitrt on the ISth. All
Exhibits must bo In plucc by 10 a.m.
on the 19th. Doors will he locked
from 10 a.m. to 12 in., ou thc 18th,
lu order to nllow tbe Judges to a-
wnrd tbe prizes.
Owing to the dlB-satlslnctlon In lor |
mer years by having local people act  a t(
ies   from   outside   towns   to   net   ae
.Judges in the various classes.
By order of the Hoard of Directors
the above rules regarding exhibits
will tie strictly enforced.
Cranbrook  Agricultural  Asst.
Robort  K   Huvts.   Sec
TLJERE arc two
smart and
snappy styles in 3
button Sack Suits
for fall wear.
They emphasize
Fit-Reform's position as the leader
of the Canadian
world of fashion.
Men who want
something extra
good in style and
value, should see
the new fall styles
in Fit-Reform
Cranbrook, B. C.
.+ • H I I H M-M*****M****4*******************
Drinks   nl   all   kinds  can lie had at my store (or
use during lhe coining hot weather.
Thirteen different flavours,
Dalton's Lemonade
| & Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of Six Hundred Cases
Fremont  Grape  Juice.    An   unfermented
Grape    Temperance   Wine.
A lull line ot domestii  and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigars,     Bar Glasses,  etc,
* -H-H--I--M-+4--M--M- * *** * **** **********
Mounted         (-.Specialty
s,,\,-lties Made I Ip Siuli .is
Ink Wells,   Pet! Holders,   S  Thermometers
Cranhrook. B.C.                       P, <) Box 296
The Milkado's Funeral
Shinto Services for the Dead Emperor at the Pali
at Ayohama
TOKIO, SKPT U.-TUe tunernl
truiu bearing the body ot Emperor
Mutsuhlto left Aoyamn at i o'clock
this morning lor Monoyaraa, The
Japanese fleet in Toklo buy saluted
ns the train passed.
Tlio .satire, route to Yokohama waa
electrically lighted. When Hearing
Yokohama the warshlpB In tbo bur
bor tired a salute.
AOYAMA, Sept 13.—Both the Qm
peror aud the people of Japan to
night paid homage t-> the memory ol
Qmpefor Muteuhlto al the funor.il
hull Ht Aoyaina-
Iu (rout ot thu great cofltn the
young emperor read an addreti ol
Lamentation In which be referred to
the events iu tbo lift- of hia great  tn
the. Then in behalf ol the people oi
Japan, the premier. MarqolS Balonjt,
delivered a patriotic address aad waa
followed by the miniate. ol the house
bold, who apolte loi the dead sniper*
or'a attendants The hall waa crowd
ed with thousands ol high dlgnltarlea
among whom was sprinkled n conald*
erable number ot foreigners.
When tin1 great proceaslou accom
panlng the bod) [rom the Imperial
Palace In Toklo arrived at the eu
trance to the grounds ol the place at
\  >■.,    . :.. t*e   ..-- lateri ti    wen
lighted. Ritualists then arranged
white curtains at the back and Bide
ui the Mer and a half-drawn blind in
front While the preparatii na were
[n pr igreas, the emperor ami u-
ther members ol the imperial family
waited in .i resting room.
The many battalions comprising
the military and naval escorts lined
up outside of the entrance while the
bearers of military emblems and
golden "sun" ank silver "moon"
banners assembled In columns just
in-tide Others formed alone both
sides of the space in front of the catafalque ami a pair of immense aa-
cred treea were placed in position
From the entrance to the grounds
up to the funeral hall a special road
bad been built to accommodate the
funeral car. Along this road the
the car passed slowly, drawn by five
oxen, and halted at the door. As
the coffin was taken from the car the
officiating priests and musicians
passed to tbeir positions in tbe vacant space around the bier. The em
peror and empress and the imperial
princes und princesses with their
suites, joined tbe procession and followed at a slow march. All bowed
In salute as the casket was placed
on   tbe bier.
The ritualistic ceremonies then began . the chief ritualist reciting a
prayer, which was followed by a
mournful Shinto hymn, chante to
tbe accompaniment of sacred instruments. Then offerings was made to
tbe spirit of tbe departed, consisting
of divine food, composed of rice, Hake, seaweed and salt and vegetables,
and articles of clothing made ol brocade, figured silk and other textiles.
Further prayers were read and
hymns chanted and then the young
emperor, with bis relatives, knelt lu
silent prayer In front of tbe bior.
lt was an affecting scene aud un
additional    mournful note was added
to it by the playing und chanting of
the dirge known as "itui Kit," taken
from tbe oldest written mualc of Jn
Tbis part of tbe function completed
the oraperor read his address ol lamentation and paid bis respects to
his dead father by bowing low to
wards the coffin.
Ml tbe other persofthfeea, according
to rank, next came forward and (mid
tholr respects, after Which the oiler
Inga of food and clothing were with
This concluded the ceremony al
Aoyamn uud the coffin wus prepared
(or departure by special train to
MonOynma, >■ di-.t nice of 3RQ miles
The lecond parf ol the cerohidhtos
ui connection wltb the funeral ot tbe
late MutBuhlto, emperor of Japan,
took place tonight when the casket
contain tun the body -tinted on us
[ourney to Vyohanm, where It wilt
be taken to Monoyama for burial.
The passage ot the funeral car
through the street*, of tiie capitol to
nlghl   wna Very   impressive     Hundreds
of thousands stood for hours In absolute alienee along the route the coffin passed The streets and boulevards were brilliantly lighted with
torches* and arc lights. Intersecting
the Lights were placet! large sacred
trees and nt frequent intervals black
and white covered poles, surmounted
by wreaths of evergreens, had been
The foreign princes and special embassies, Including tbat from the United States, headed by P. C. Knox,
secretary of state, did not take part
in this ceremony. The special envoys
and the foreign diplomats resident
In Tokio went directly after the ceremony to Ayohama.
All the officials gathered at the entrance of the palace, where a double
line was formed. The great funeral
car, attended by a large number of
Japanese of hit*h rank, wearing the
ancient, notional court mourning
costume, consisting of an upper robe
of horse chestnut color, dull colored
loose trousers and coronet caps of
black silk, was then brought to the
To the wailing notes of u Shinto
dirge, tbe immense coffin was
wheeled in solemn procession from
the main hall. Chamberlains marched in front of the funeral car and foi
lowing it were the grand master of
ceremonies, bearing the departed mon
arch's sword and the master of the
household, carrying the imperial
sword of state. On each aide of the
casket walked high officials of the
household,   carrying  lighted candles.
Prolound silence prevnlled as the
casket was placed on the funeral car
and all those withered lU the vicinity
of the palace bowed their headB. On
the top of the coffin repose^ a small
white wooden tray, on which the Imperial sword was placed. Then the
doors of the car were shut and locked, the candles extinguished and torches lighted by those who were to
march alongside.
When   all   arrangements   had heen
completed,    Emperor   Yoshlhito   and
Empress   Hadako,    Princess   Takeda,
representing    the     Empress-downgar,
whose physicians prohibited her from
taklnir   pnrt   in   the ceremonies, and .
the princesses of the imperial family ;
came   through the hull, entered their.
carriages   and  started oil alone.fori
\y obf.lt. ft tu order to be ready to re- I
celVO the casket   on its arrival  there, i
After the departure of their males- ;
ttos,  tho groat procoBalou formed in
line     It   wus headed by   1;! police  Inspectors   and   tbe Inspector general
These   were    followed  by  titrong eon
tlngentt. of military and naval guard
of honor Then mine the attendants
bearing torches uud wearing garment
,«f hotnp Others carried drums and
musical Instruments of ancient types
on which thev played dirges
Retalnors  currying   white  and  yel
low banners representing the sun and
the moon  in figured damask silk, tbe
nun    iu gold und  the mooa iu silver, :
accompanied   the  procession,    Others
hearing bows and arrows, shields (tint
hnlberts und other old marital equip
menta   followed,    still   other utten-:
danta carried sacred trees, cuskets ot
offerings,    paper prayer slips, gongs,
peculiar   shaped   drums   and   flutes. '
Interspersed   among   them were hundreds of Shinto ritualists and officer.*.
of the funeral corps.
Tbe car bearing the casket was of I
hard   Japanese   wood, of very heavy ;
structure,   and   wns   borne   on only
twelve wheels.    It was drawn by five j
oxen, each attended by seven drivers.
Alongside   marched   fifty    young far-
mers from the village of Ynse, near j
Kioto,   bearers of the imperml pala-;
tiuin on ceremonial occasions.
Fourteen high naval and military
officers acted as a special escort.
Many other army nnd navy officers, j
chamberlains, civil officers and torch
bearers came next and proceeding
Prince Kanin, the representative of
Emperor Yoshlhito, in the process-
ion. After him came Heveral princes
of the blood with their aides and the ■
representatives, of peers. The late:
emperor's physicians followed and I
then the ministers of state and more
officials, the procession concluding
with some thousand of soldiers and
The entire division of the Imperial
bodyguard marched behind the coffin,
as did the representatives of all tbe
army divisions and 1000 sailors from
the fleet. Thousands of other troops
lined the route from the palace to
All those who participated in tbe J
funeral were on foot. Tbe procession
moved from the palace through the
grounds and over the great double
bridge used only by tbe emperor himself and by foreign ambassadors and
great dignitaries.
A great throng tilled tbe space on
the other side of the bridge and a
peculiar effect was produced aa the
procession passed through their mute
ranks, only the sound of weird Shinto music being heard. The scene wus
and impressive and spectacular one.
The route took the procession past
most of the public buildings and embassies, including tbat of the United
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(___, ata.t..I.J        »-■-»        »_£—__________________________*
i "r rTTTTTTi"l"l"l"n TTTTTT< >
Central   Meat
Hero of Port Arthur Follows His Chief
^♦'l''l''l''l"l»l''l''l''l-'l"|'-l''l''l''t-'l-»'|''|''l"|"|"|"|"|"M*l"l">"t"l">"l't'>"l"l"M . ■
Automobile   will  In' nin   weekly   nn
between Cranbrook and Wasa con
necting with incoming ami outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
rt********** I:**4H\4 4l***********+*++******
TOKIO, Sopt 18.- '-"iienil Count
Uaruuke Nogl, supreme military
councillor ol tho empire, uuil h!n wife
Oounten Nogl, committed suicide tu*
iiiiiiit in aceordAnce with the atv
cleat Japanese oustom ne b final trl-
iiiit,- to theli departed emperor Hml
friend, Muteuhlto.
'    Tlm   -tenth   hy tholr own hiiiiil" ill
the fiimnr.H KcniTiil nnd hln wlfo wus
. ns   dramatic   na  it   wnn   sad.   The
I Kominil cut hiH throat  with  n Hhort
sword   mnl   the countess committed
j h'irti kin
Following tbo Bamural custom,
the couple luul carefully prepared
their pluiiH for killing themselves aud
timed them so that tlmy could be co
Inddonl with tho departure forevor
from Tokio of the iioiul emperor,
KirKt, the general wrote n letter lo
his   new  Omperor,   Yoshlhito, whlrh
inter wus  found   i iih-   the body.
Then lie draped iii mourning u por-
truit on the wull of iim Into empofdf
umi ufterwnnl h,> nnd his wlfadrOMAfld
thnniHolves in full .Inpnnnse coSttimo
und drunk q farewell cup ol suite
from cufis   whlob hml heen presented
to them hy Mutnulnto.
Darkness had fallen and (lenerul
NorI und tho Countess wit nml waited
tho siisnal thoy hnd aKreed upon to
announce tlinlr loiive-tuklng. This
wns the hoomlng ot u mi'-ml gun In
the palace mounds nt Toklo, which
wiib to let the people know thut tbe
body of the emperor wns starting on
tbo funeral cur for lt» lust resting
As the boom of the gun resounded
Oeneral Nogl arose, nnd, grasping la
his linml a short sword, plunged tt
into his theout, while the countess
stabbed horself through the hndy.
A Student who resided lu the Nogl
homo hoard the full of tho hodles and
rnnlu'il   into the room.
I,ylnit upon the Hour wore the hero
of Port Arthur und his wife. Ilnth
wore utill hreuttilng, tint their spun*
imiillc gnnpn Hbowod plainly that
doath wus nenr, The student hurried
for   nld,   hut whon lie returned tioih
the  general   nnd   tin, eotihteas woro
IIAIl llllll,I.IANT (1AltKK.lt
Qonoral Nogl wna born ,n lew und
bad   linil   mi   ciitemled und brilliant
career, He wnn u colonel tn the 8»-
Hiimn rebellion, attained distinction
In severul engagements and wae
twice severely wounded. In the
('htiio-.luimneee war, as the commander of the flrst brigade, he conducted the attack on Port Arthur.
His greatest achievements were In
the ItiuMti. Japanese war, of whlob he
was the moat conspicuous military
Ugure, attaining a lame nnd glory
only rivaled by thut of Admiral Togo, commander nf the Japanese
At tiie buttle of Mukden be made
history by turning the right wing ol
the Hiisslan army nnd ndnilnlsterlni
a crushing blow to the dear's arras.
He wan created a baron In 1HW and
u count in I't'lii.
The countess Nogt was a daughter
of Vui'lil Hndnvilkl, Samurai of Kioto-
slilmu ''Inn
The truitoily cienteil profound nen i
sutton unit expremtiou!* of sorrow
were heard on every hand tonight,
■"specially grtef-Htrlckon wus Prince
Arthur of Connaught the llrltlsh
apeciul envoy to the funernl nf Mutsuhlto. Prince Arthur wns to have
gone witli (lenerul Nogo to the form
ei cupltul of    the shogunuto, Kama-
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• 'fMHuiii 111 "!■ 11 ui i inn hi 1111111 in i in!'
Confined to His Home for Weeks.
••nea^Wftrlf.iwTpr^Btm.iilrifr find etithnbit* Io youth brought on
Vsrlooso V»iua.   Wln.ii I worked hard Uie achtnff would become
wveroundl *.viiHof.i-..lu.d tip fur a woek at a tfino,   My Umiiy
tpliy-.ii-i.m t-11 mt< nn "iifi-Uioii w.ismy rnily lioi»'-l m I droftded it.
trii-d stwi'nil h|r<'d!tl.*u-", Imt. (toon found nut all ...<-.' WnlHi'd Via ■ my
money,  lv t.i.-i.i-'-i. Ml'-'-k u-oiinililn.'toMu-* lutlu baiter limn
rr>suoH. Uiut dny my DOMUkOd iimwhy 1 waiolT w'.rlcDo Bltioll BOlij
I told him my opi.dft.oa. Uo advised mo to consult Dm, Ki'im-'y £
K.,i.m*«ly,nsin'hiiil tukffii tn-atmi'iit from tllctn mmitoU otid knew
thoy wi'iu R'luiire and BklUftil. I wroio then) aul k<h T.ik Niw
JlETiionTnrATMtsT. M,v iirorrpnswiiK somowhat alow and dtitlus
the llmt muntli'rt tn-atmi'ut I WMROItiowliat discouraged. Howi-vcr.
Ii*rmtii.»i.'dtivti,nu-!it for tbr«e months IcmRflfand was rewarded
vilhar.miiil'-li-c'iiri*.    1 rrrnld only i-fl'ii PI: a w** lr in » iiutchim.
•hop Mforotroatment.no*-' I nmesH.tiivnt tnd n6V*t'loose a day.
I w.h)i ah HUil.-rut'H kuuvr of your valuable treat m-nt.
m.OOD roiSONf) are the mosl m-oTalfnt and most Hrioui tUaenM. Thoy sap the
ter/llfs blood of tlm vktbnniidutiVa*i'iitlpdycru.iieat4--l from t!io system will eayvi
imri'.us compiii-at inm, Bownroof twenty,  ll may suppress Uts lymptomo-our NBW
Ul.TllOU cures all Uood diseauos.
YOU.N'CI OH MIDDLE Ai.V.U MEK.-Imprudent acts or later oicphw's have l.ro!-<*n
down your system.   You feet Ihrti*-mp!niiH!i:.'ii)in;fm-cr von.   Montnily. jiliyKleitlly ami
fiully you are not tho man you uiod to he nr should he. >\ ill youat*ed taednuBerilfffinl-il
Aroyouavleilmt naTi»voulo--tho*w>r Aro you Intoflillng to mariyf Has
your btiHal been riiseit '-dr Havn you any w«i,!.n«nt »>ur JiSW HRTnoD
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Fraa.   No nuiit'T who hns tKfltejJ y )U. writs for an honest Opinion Froa ol CMtga.
■eeksFree—"boyhood, Manbiiod, Fuiiierhood." (Jllastrated)oii i'i,.i'-*-es*n; Mon.
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Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
AU letters from Cu inula isir.-t ln-atlilrcssed
to cur Cnnadinii CorreRj>on(leticc Dcpdtt-*
ment in Wiiulwir, Ont. li you desltt to
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no paiiants in our \\*ii«lftor olllcea wlilch arc for CorrcppoiKlonH awl
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At the Auditorium Theatre, To-Night
By special request "The Gladstone! Sisters" will give a series of Scotch Dances
News of the World — Pathes Weekly—Special Comedies   Real   Side   Bursters
■ .4-H-H-fr-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i***************************1j    i ocal  News
• •     >*' I *V f^\ a _     '.'.   Nothing   miccoedH   HI
.1   \J Ojjljl   LolllCll.     -ability    Kllby From.
Just  Unpacked a Big
Consignment of
7x7 10 x 12 12 x 16
Winchester, Ross and
Let me tit you up.
Nothing BiicceedH like huccohh, Tbe
succeHH we bave secured proves our
ublllty.    Kllby Frames Pictures.
"      A.II.  Kenwick  was ln town Friday.
1)111    Pickles   at    FINK'S    PURE
"HOOT MON"  nt the    Auditorium
An   entire   change   of   program at
the EdlBon tonight.
± j    Kll.HY     FRAMES     PIOTURBS
A. E. Wntts, of Wnttsliiirg, was In
town this week attending the Fair.
Paul Handlcy, of    Marysville,  win ,
in the city Tuoaday.
Fancy Elherta Peaches at FINK'S
Mr, and Mrs. W. Campbell, ol Mac
Lood, were in town Monday.
Harry Uimmock, of Movie was   in j
the city Tuesday.
' J i    Eating and   Cooking  apples,  extra
Nothing   succeeds,   like  ttuccoes, Tbe
ULICCOHS      WU      llllVO   M.'lMllI'll   pi'uVt'S   mil*
ubillty.    Kllby Frames Pictures.
Klko,      -       B.C.
per case at Cranhrook
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Elmore and Chester HtapleB. of Wy
! clifle, were in town Thursdny with a
hlg exhibit for the big Fair.
Two days of exceptionally good
weather gave an impetus to the proceedings at the Big Fair.
Pumpkins mid Squash at Finks
Pure Food (Irocery.
Mr. and Mrs. J. MucDonald and
children, of Vancouver, were Cran- ]
brook visitors, Friday.
Nothing succeeds like success. The |
success we have secured proves our
ability.    Kllby FrameB Pictures.
|    A.   Carney,   of   Kaslo,   Provincial
government timber inspector was In
1 town Fridny.
j    Mrs.   0.   Burge,    Mr. and Mrs. A.,
I Burge,   of   Perry   Creek, wero Oranbrook'visitors Friday.
i    Creston    Corn   at    FINK'S PURE!
}    Mr. and Mrs. Gus. Andeen und fain
i liy, of Kitchener, were in town atten
|*******************4*  **********************\ ding the big fair on Friday.
,. ,_„      ,.   ,    . i       M    |    Mr.   and   Mrs.   T. T. McVittie, of
j Fort Steele, were in town during the
latter part of the week.
♦ .--I--H H-H-'l**■ I I-M-S--H--H-I- •MH-++-M-+-H--M-+-M-++-H-I''I*+
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Cranbrook .... B.C.
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Blanketts, Blanketts, Blunketts, all
prices, a large shipment ready for
cold weather.   Cranhrook Trading Co
By special request the Gladstone
Sisters will give a series of Scotch
dances tonight.
Wm. Kerr, Sid Hummell and Nels
Nelson, of Elko, were in the city Friday.
Jelly Glasses, at Finks Pure Food
Jim Reburn had his little wiger
pinched off Wednesday morning ln
the 0. P. R.  yards.
"News of the World" Pathe's j
Weekly, Special Comedies. At the!
Auditorium to night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Benton, of Spokane were Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
B. Riley, proprietor of the Yahk
Hotel, at Yahk, was in towh Tuesday
on business.
Are coming into Cranhrook aud District DAILY mul
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Fancy Klbertu     Peached ut
Pure Food Qrocery.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. Edwards., of Vancouver, were Cranbrook visitora on
E. K. Jones, a Ktraberley mining
man, spent Heveral dayn this week ln
Hurtlet's Pears
who scrutinize.! any uuv nf flic
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A  Full and Complete
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Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Mr. and Mrs. J, B, Van Wftgnor,
ami Miss E. M. Van Wagner, of
Pittsburg, Pa., were Ornnbrook visitors tills week.
Wanted to trade. We have lliqulr*
lea foi' second hand rde.i-.is and cutters, Anybody witli an old btio, wc
will take In part payment on a new
nne.   Oranbrook Tradlug Oo,
A    representative  number  of   set*
tiers   from   the Klnthead valley and
Tobacco   plains,   were lu attendance
I nt thc big fair Friday.
Paisley Flour at FINK'S PURE
! North Star Lodge, A.F. & A.M.
i held a regular monthly meeting on
! Thursdny evening in the Masonic
; Temple.
WORK WANTEO-Udles and dents
underdo tiling, socks and stockings
mended. Unlit*, Hutler, French Ave.,
north of creek.
Rooky Mountain Chapter il.A.Al.
held an emergent convocation in the
chapter room of the Masonic Tem
pie on Friday evening.
j Key City Lodge No. 42 will meet
', on Monday evening at KM when the
1 initory dogree will be conferred in-
' stead of the first degree nt* previous
; notice.
Call up Ed. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate of the
cost of your sewer connections.
'Phone 267. —tf
The Gladstone .sisters, and Miss
Edna Randal have been playing to
large audiences at the Auditorium
during the past week. Their pro
gramme has been very attractive und
pleasing. Tbey make a complete
change of programme every night.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Hox 802 Cranbrook, B.O.
Methodist Church
Held in Carmen's Hall
Conducted by
Mrs. R. A. Racklyeft
Certificate Teacher Irom
London School   Hoard
10:00   u. in.  io 12:00 nl,
2:00 p. Ill, to -1:00 p. m.
Phone 220 P. O. Box 238
W. Bison Dunham
Tbe pastor will preach
Harvest Home will lie observed at
both services, the church will be
tastefully decorated with Irults ol
the field.
Morniuc subject: "Tbe Duty of
the Gleaning."
KveniiiK subject: "Harvest Festl-
The   following,
gram of music:
Processional "Melody" T. Klrchner
Anthem "Ye Hhall Dwell in the
Land." J. Statncr
Offertory "Andante Relluioao"
Clement Lorob
Solo "Selected
Solo "Selected"
Recessional "March in K" Henry
Baptist Church
J. H. Smith
Practical Hatter
Masonic  Temple
Fenwick Ave., Cranbrook
O.   R.   KRNDAM.
Tbe pastor, Hev. O. R*. Kendall,
will preach morning and evening concluding the serifs of sermons on
"Soul WinniiiK." In tbe morning,
the topic will bo "The Use of the
Bible in Soul Winning." In the evening, the topic will be "The Baptism
of the Holy OlioBt, the Necessary
Preparation for Soul Winning." An
invitation is extended to all.
H. R. Patterson, of McBrldes Hardware, who hns been at Spokane on
company business, returned Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Bell, of Freder-
tctnn, N. B,, were Crnnhrook visitors
A SNAP—Adams Farm Wagon, a
'i ' steel ii ile, 3 Inch tire, WG.OO,
with box 1110.00. Ornnbrook Trading
R. D. Huggnrt, who has beeu visiting In the prairie provinces for the
post month returned to Oranbrook on
Oeo. WatBon and S. P. Chambers,
of Fort Steele, were transacting business at Cranhrook on Monday.
Jolly Jars, with    screw tops,    at
I Finks Pure Food (Irocery.
' Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Haundersoii, of
i Seattle wero guestH nt the Cran-
| brook Monday.
j Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Mansllold, of
Winona, Minn., wore guests at the
Ornnbrook  Monday.
I lf yon want a reliable and reasonable Job of plumbing done or sower
| ago connections niailn, call up Kd. F.
, Johnson, 'phone 2f>7. tf
Now   that   Indian summer has arrived   we   can look for pleasant and
I beautiful weather until November.
PIANO FOR SALE—Will sell cheap,
In splendid condition. Apply Box
311 or Phone 221 for further particulars. *8-2t.
WANTBD—Plain Needlework, Dressmaking, etc. Apply Miss N. Burn,
llox 348, Cranbrook. 37-iit
J. 8. Mennie, corner Lumsden Ave.,
and Clnrke St.    Phone 374.
Nurse Bent will have the institute
fully equipped to receive patients for
the Famous Three Day treatment of
the I.Ilium- Habit by October 1st, nt
Fenwick Ave., Oranbrook.
The Herald this week is sending n
rumor of a coming provincial elec
tion perambulating through the prov
Ince. The wish is father to the
thought, and though the Herald
might welcome an election, tho bus!
ness men of the province don't want
Anothor carload of grease, coal oil
and gasoline on thc way. Don't for
get where t.o buy the cheapost. and
bout ill this line is tho Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Salvation Army.
Fred. A. Stride-Captain
Sun. Morn.11 a.m.—Holiness Meeting
Sun. Aft. 3 p.m.—Free nnd Easy
Sun.  Night S p.m.—Salvation  Meet.
Tues. night n p.m.—Salvation Meet.
Thurs. night H p.in.— Holiness Meet.
Sat. night 8 p.m.—Praise Meeting.
All are heartily welcome to the a-
Imve services
Captain Stride will conduct a Spec
lal Memorial Service at Creston, B.C
on Sunday night, Sept. 22nd. Tbe
Churches are uniting and nn impres-
sive soevlce will he conducted.
! Opon airs services will proceed each
j of tho above services, to which all
! are Invited.
i Special Announcement. Harvest
i Festival Sorvlces to be held Sopt.
' 29th.  and 30th.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Keliuan Thomson
Morning Service, 11.00 a.m.
Kvcniug Service, 7.30 p.m.
Sunday   Bchool  and  llllile Class :t
Guild, WeiliicHilny at X p.m. to Yotl
an  invitation In nccurilod.
'H"l"t"l"t"l"l"l"«-"H.i"t"|-l"l"l"l"l"t"fr •l-'l~l"t-'l''l--|"l"|"t"l"t"l"t"l"t"»-|--H'
is the month of weddings
Ami what is mora appropriate foi'
GIFT thim I, pica piece ol
Cut Glass
We handle   the  "Gundy
Clapperton" Line
exclusively. Thin im "MADE hi Uau
imIu" nini cuiinrtjiitiiitly yuu .;ot mum
valut. for yuur money tlitin In aay
Imported   Kiiu.b   that   you  cuu   buy.
Sec Our Windows
Beattie-Murphy Co.
We have an exceptional offer to
make you in the above property—requires a cash payment of
One-third down, balance in 12
and 18 Months, No Interest.
Call and Sec Us at Once.
the special pro-     ' j
I Beale & Elwell
-.    CRANBROOK, - - B.C.
******************** *.***********) |.| 11 nil Hi
»<,| |,|,,|,,|.|,,l.<.,l.,l,,1,,l,,|,,l.j^,l,,l.,l,,l.t,|.1,,l,,|,.|,,l,,l.,1.l,,l„t,,l,,l.,l,,|.,|,lt.1.,l.<->
'.'.      HEAD   OFFICE CALGARY. Alta
On  Meats and  I.aids Guarantee Their yindity
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. I
I.X.I.J.iI.lI. L.l.il  I  1 .  Ill  I lini  t   I  I  I
■M-MH-H--M-M-H-M-M--I-.- .--M-H-fr* MH-M«HH-M-M»H-4-M«(l
, 1 It
When You:
0.  10,   Hi'ihIi'I'i'.iii.     picH.iliuit, of  the
returned   from Ohlongo.    Hfl wiih ar-
1 5cobeH's Liquor, Tobacco j
Hull Rlvor Tower compnny,  Iiiih ^lst I flnH   DfW ClirC  p"min",l,» ***\
  ,, Alcohol, Tobacco and Druti.  It counfmcti (nt
compiinicd    by    Mr.    V.   G.  Low,  of I qfTccll ulniimt Inimmh -rtmo-rti ail cmv.»«i.
r*hii*iit?n      who    tu    it if nut   (.ir   n   lur.*.. ' **,,ei •Wfll '■", ■'CBtinfiit Hino Will tieTir he iny
UllUiagOi     wno    IH    iiKCUt  fni   11   lar(-«   „„,1 t<*Jtink lnto»|«iiUoruM<liufiiiil». Un ;
municlpiil    InvnHtment   rotnpftny  wlio   )>« (tiven lecmily,  Wt li*>v« yet to haat ol onn I
in looking   ovor water power ami „-   lililiri^^i'^r^TO^SI'ifi'i.V'Vli
tbar public iitllltea. | »«.»eil Ur»g Cu., fl-CMtarisM, Out.
ii Our  Hardware
New 6? Up-to-date
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C,
■  »■■■■■■»■> ««>«a«i«aaa  __*__*
.'hone 5 ■ ■
1912 Fall  Fair Prize  Results
A Complete List of the Prize Winners
Glass i
i    stallion, any age, registered
Oblate Futhcrs, St   Eugoue
8,   StalllohB, any age or grade
John Reed
8,   Brood mare, foal at foot
John Reed; Ohlate fathers
4    No entry.
fi  One-yenr old Mly or i*eliliug
.1,ilia Heed
i.    Foal l"i* 1918
.1,ilia   II i
7    Team In harness
If, B, Worden
»   Lumberman's team
Hindi Ai Door Company
GENERAL  1-l'Hl-tiSK  H0RBH8
Olass. |"
Bee, j
l    Team In harness—Lionel Leask    j '•'
3,   Mine and foal-Wm,   Hamilton    .
3,   Two-year-old coll   John BrennBB  '»•
I    Best farmer's outfit—Jobn  Hoed
Olass 3
I.   Stallion, uny age
Al Doyle. Fort Steele
B. J. Oapwell, Medicine Hat
POULTRY—Oluss 11
Plymouth Rocks, barred, cook
Mrs, J, P, Leslie
Plymouth Hocks, bat-rod, cockerel
Mrs, J. P. Leslie
Plymouth Rooks, barrod, hen
A. M. Beattie, Waldo;
Mra. J. P. Leslie
Plymouth Rocks,  barrod,  pullet
Mrs J, P. Leslie
\   M   Beattie, Waldu
0, 7, s, lJ, mid In—No entries
Wyandottes, white, cook
li   K  Btarrltt; H   ll   Blatei
Wyandottes, white, cockerel
B. II   Blater; Wm   Harvey
Wyandottes   white, hen
li   y   Btarrltt; .1   Bandersou
Wy.nnl,,ill's   white,  pullett
E  ll  Slater; Wm   Harvey
WyandotteB,  bu"  mals
Mrs   i   E. Jones
Wyaiulott.es,  bull   female
Mrs   \   E  Jones
Wyandottes,  Columbian,  male
A   M. Beattie, Waldo
Wyandottes, Columbian  female
A. M. Beattie   Waldo
2fi und 21—No entries
Rhode   Isliuiii   Keili.,   rose   comb
John Levett,  Sam Macdouald
No entries
Aslatlo, best cockerel
A. 11. Webb, 1st and imt
Asiatics,  best   pullot
A. II   Wilit,. 1st and and
Best    Brnbmti   typo,   any sex or
A   11   Webb
N itry
Othoi  Btandard breeds, nol else
whore Bpeclllod, mnlo
I   H   Plggotl
Other Btniulard breeds, nol else
where specified   female
\   v,   Beattie,   Waldo,   I il uud
IllllltlllliS,    llllllll'      m.ill'
Sum MucUonnld   E   II   Slatoi
Bantams, Giitne, female
Sum MaoDonalil; B   II   Slatel
Black Cochim, male
s   Macdonald; I,   r   Bultlvtin
Bantatnis, Bufl Oochli le
a   M   Beattie   Waldo;  Sum M K
Bl ick Cochim, lemale
s   Macdonald   L   P   Bulllvan
Bnntiinis   Bufl Cochim, female
\   M   Beattie   Waldo   San   Vtni
Barrod Rocks,   Mrs   J P.l.eslie
Buff Cochim, male
\   \1   Bo ittle   s ii    Macdi i
i. Hud Cochim, female
i   M   Beattie   Sam Macdonald
Turkoys, Bronze, nvalo
Sam Mui'douiilii. Jobn Bronnan |
TurkoyB, bronze, fotunlo
John llrennnn; Sum MnoUonnld  80
im   luo, iih nml 108 No outrlos
100    I'lii'iisuuts, Ring Neck, (emu
A. M. Heuiiii' Waldo
iiii.   Pheasnnts, Goltlou, malo
l M He,.in... Waldo
in:.    Pheasants, Gotdon, female
i \l Boattlo, Waldo
108    Pheasants, Bllvor, tunlo
\ \i Boattlo, Waldo
107    Phoasnnts, Sllvor,  female
\   \i   Beattie   Waldo
Cranbrook's   Public   High  School
Class 18
PlgoonB, Homei    pah
,i   Klrkl   i     H   ll   sluii'i
P     ons,   l''nntiiils,   iiihi
in    Mitchell, Klugsgnte
and 4.  No entrlos
Canaries, cock
K   ll   siuti'i. Bertha Hickonbotb
Cannrlcs, hen
Berthn Hickenbotham
Rabbits, Bolglan Haro, pair
Sum MacDonald, 1st mul gild
N.i entrlos
Ruhbits, otber varieties, pair
Ernest Jones; Prank Ooddons
nt hei-   ret stock, not elsewhere
mentioned, pair
Mrs   M   Oampbell
Hent dlBplny nl Orub Vpplos by
ri'iildi'iil nl Ornnbrook '{llootoi-nl
Mrs .1    P   Leslie i'lll
Hi'iii    display ,,i  Apples liy real
llml ,,f IQnsI  Kiu'ii'iiui
Wm iinmiliiiiii, Ornnbrook
Class ii>    Vogolahloa and Roots
.   13
Glass ..
1. Mares—.lames llrown
2. No entries
3. Two-year-old lilly or golding.
J. K icssoy; W. B. Hnrgett
I.   nm' vi'ur old lilly ui golllltlg
Mrs, W. V. Doran; W   Hamilton
ft & li.   No entries
7.   Simile driver in harness
Jainea llrown. E.  .1    Cnpwetl of
Meilii'ino  Hat
Class >i
1. Oontlemnn's Baddlc horse
p. Clifford; John Patterson
i.   Ladies' sntldlo borso
F. Clifford; Mrs. W. F   Doran
3.   Hove' add girls' Boddle pony
John Pye; Edith OnBlakO
l    N,, entries
0.   Special—loe  Patterson;  I.i",nur,1
Burton; Joe Pattoraon
Wordon's Special—Mrs   w   P   Doran;
Mrs   D. Burton
class 8.
1 Single delivery horse nnd rig
Hash A Dooi Go    W   K   Worden
2 No enlni's
;i    iirny it'iim and rig
w   E  Worden
'Muss 1
I    No entries
2. Two dairy rows In milk
Jobn Brennnn; .Lie Taylor
3. Two dairy cows
F   Doris; Joe Taylor
1     No entries
5,   Two-year-old  heifer
.Inr Taylor 1st and 2ml.
fi.   One-year old heifer
Jut' Taylor Ist. and 2nd.
7.   Oalf nl 1911, dairy type
John Brennan; Joe Taylor
K.   Cow In milk—fames Carroll
-l.    Fur boat COW and mill
Joe Taylor   John Bronnan
PtOB- riuss 'i
1. Bonr,  pure bred   I   Hayaknwa
2. Sow,   any   breed—No   Int   award;
John Brennan 2nd
IHiATS    l'l,,,,,,  Ill
Hoc. " *"" 1
4.   Kilobit, of goats— J. I'roverr/.nnn,
T. Christian
24,    Rhode Island   Itt'ds.  rose com!)
John Levett; Sam Macdonald
'in.    Rhode   Island   lleils,   single  comb
Mrs.  L.   I'    Sullivan
2C.   Rhode  Island Rods,  single comb
Mra.  L.   1'.  Sullivan  1st aud 2nd
'XI.   Rhode  Island  Reds, single comb
Mra. K. llrown; Mrs. L. Sullivan
2«.   Rhode  Island  HciIh. single comb
Mrs. I.. Sullivan;  Mi's. R.  Brown
2D.   Orpingtons, Hull, cock
A. II   Webb;  A. M. Beattie, Waldo.
30. Orpingtons, Hull, cockerel
A. M.  Beattie,    Waldo,   1st and
31. Orpingtons, Buff, hen
A. M   Beattie,   Waldo,   1st and
;i2.  Orpingtons, Una. pullet
.1   Snunderson;     A   M. Benttle,
33   Orpingtons, White, cock
Rev, n    K   Ki'ndull  1st and 2nd.
34. Orpingtons, White, cockerel
Rev, ii   E. Kendall, 1st and 2nd
35. Orpingtons, white, cock
Hev. ii. E   Kendall   1st und 2nd
iiii.   Ni, entry
37.   Leghorns, White, cock
E   II   si.iier   1st and .'ml
38    Leghorns   white, cockerel
M,  .1   Smoke; C.  Hilton.  Yahk
:i'.i    Leghorns, White, hen
K   il   Blater 1st and 2ml
in    Leghorns, White, pullei
M    I   Brooke; .1   Baunderson
11 N., entries
12 Leghorns   Brown, cockerel
F.   ll   Reed; Mrs   F.   Balnabury
18     N<, ,'litnce
14    LeitliornH, Brown,  pullet
F.   II   Head 1st. and 2nd
4.-,. and 4ii.   No entries
17    Minorca, Mack, cock
A   M. Beattie, Waldo
lv   No entry
I'i     Minorca.  Hlark.   hen
F.   II   Slater
GO    Minorca, Black, pullet
a   M   Beattie    Waldo   1st    mnl
■SI. 52, 58, unil 54 No entries
55.   Game,    Cornish,     Mai,',   special
Mrs.  A    fS.   Jones
56    Game,    i',,rnish,   lemale   apodal
Mrs.  A,  K.   Jones
57.   and 5h No entries
■ I      llllllle,   lllll   English   ..I   I'll     mull-.
spoolnl prize
M   .1    Smoke
GO,   Game, Old   English   ot  Pit,   le
mule,  sperm]   prize
M    .1    Smoke
111.   Aslnt.lcn,   beet, cock
A    II.  Webb
1,2    Anilities, best hen
A. 11. Webb, 1st and 2nd
White Wyandottes, beat eihibition lien (;t females and 1 mate)
Wm. Harris
Rhode Island Red. best exhibition pen (3 femaleH and 1 inalei
Mrs. R. Brown
Orpingtons, llufl, best eihilu
tin npen (3 Icmales and 1 malo)
A. M. Beattie, Waldo
Orpingtons, White, beat exhibition pen (3 females and 1 male)
Rev. O. E. Kendall
Leghorns, White, best exhibition pen (3 females and 1 mule)
E. H. Slater
Leghorns,    llrown.    best   eihibition pen (3 tetanies und 1 male)
E. H. Reed
No entries
Fuverolle   cockerel     John Bron
Favemlle pullet; John Bron
White Crested 1'olish. male: J.
White Crested Polish, female J.
S. S, Hambtu-gs Cecil 11. Ross.
Ducks.  Pekln, male, old
Sum MncDonald; I). F   Starrit
Ducks, Pekln, female, old
Mrs   c   R, Sboppord; 1). F. Star
Ducka. I'ekln. male, young
Mrs  0   11   Bheppard; D. F. Star
DuckB. Pekln, female, young
Mrs. 0   R, Bheppard; 11. F   Star
Darks. Rouen, male, old
Mrs.  Join Willnrd
Ducks, Rouen, female, old
Mre.  Join Willard
Ducks, Rouen, male, young
II.  E. Stevens
Ducks, Rouen, female, young
II.  E. Stevens
Darks,    other    variation,    male,
apodal prize
John Brennnn
Ducks,   othei    varieties.,   female,
speolal prize
Jobn Hruunali
GOOSC,   'I'i,ub,uae,   mule
John Brennan
Qoeso, Toulouse, tomato
John Bronnan
Geese,     other     varieties,    male,
special prize
Mrs Cndwiillandrr
(Jeese,     other     varieties,    lemale
■pedal prize
John llrennnn
1.   Collies,  registered,  dog
Ceo.  A.  Martin; Joe Patterson
2    cities, registered, bitch
Geo.  A. Martin; H. E.  Stevens
3. Collies, dog, open clnss
No First; Dewey McNeill; 0. Mil
ton, Yahk, (Aword of Morlt)
4. 5 and 6 No entries
7    Fox Terriers, open class, dog
No Firsts; Charles Clapp
8.   Fox Terriers, open clnss bitch
Donald Burton;  Bertha Oill
'i.   Setters, dog
M. J. Smoke
10. Setters, bitch
M.  J. Smoke
11. .'imi  12 No entries
1.1.   Cocker Spaniel, dog
Walter Laurie
14. dicker Spaniel, bitch
Nu First; E. H.  Slater
15. Irish Water Spaniel, doit
Florence ITren
16. Irish Water Spaniel, bitch
No First; Walter Laurie
17. No entries
19.   Bull Terrier, hitch
Mrs. E. J. Brake
19, 20 and 21 No entries
22.   St. Bernnrd, bitch
No First; Sam MncDonald
(Mass 14.—Cats
1. Best Cat on exhibition
Mrs. M. Campbell; Mrs Ondwal-
2. Best Kitten on exhibition
Alice Brown; Misa E. Wells
Class   15.—Fruits
I.    Api-les,  hox fall
Mrs.   W.    S. Ryckman, Creston;
Wm. Hnmillton, Crnnbrook
•}.    A utiles, box winter
Mrs. W. S. Ryckman. Creston;
Wm. Hnmillton, Crnnbrook
3. Apples, fall, 5 fruit
Mrs. W. S. Ryckman. Crcston;
Mrs. W. S. Ryckman, Creston;
Mrs.   W     S. Ryckman. Creston;
4. Apples, winter. 5 fruit
Mra. W, S. Ryckman, Crcston;
Mrs. W. S. Ryckman. Creston;
Mra. J. w. Dow, Creston
5     Pears, best box
Mra.   W.    S.  Ryckman, Creston;
Mrs.   W,    S.  Ryckmnn, Creston;
ti.   Penr. plate full, in fruit
Mra.   W.    S. Ryckman, Creston;
Mrs. .1. W. Dow. Creston
Mrs. J. W. Row, Creston
7. Pens, plate, winter, 1» Iruit
Mrs.   W.    S.  Ryckman. Creston;
Mrs.   W.    S.  Ryckman,  Creston;
Wm. Hnmillton, Cranbrook
8. Prunes, plate, 2(1 fruit
No First; Wm.  Hnmlltnn, city
9. Plums, plate, 20 fruit
Mrs.   W,    S. Ryckman. Creston;
Mrs.   W.    S. Ryckman, Creston;
Sirs. J. W. Dow. Creston
19 and 11  No entries
12. Quinces, plate, 5 fruit
Mrs.   W.    S. Ryckmnn. Creston;
13. Peaches, plate, 5 fruit
Mm. J. W. Dow, Creston
14. No entry
15. Crab Apples, hox
Mrn.   W.    S.  Ryckmnn.  Creston;
Mrs. .1.  I'. Leslie;   Wm.   Hamilton, Cranbrook
11,.   Grab Apples. Ilyslop, 12 fruit
F    H.   Wortliliigton.   Crnnbrook
Mrn.   W.    S   Ryckmnn. Crcston;
Mm. .1   i'  Leslie, Ornnbrook
17.   Grab Apples,   Trnnsce-ndnnt,   12
F, ll. Worthlngton; .1. Bnundor
nun. 2nd uud 3rd
IH    Crab Apples,   nny other variety
12 fruit
Mrs   J   W   Dow, Creston;  Mrs.
J. P. Leslie
1    Potatoes, bushel, an)   variety
Win    lliiiniH,.,,.  ll    F   Stoddard,
ci.iiiiu,,.,k, 10   Midorooii * Sou.
Wii i.i	
;'    Potatoes, collodion named vim
el leu   ;. ol null
.I,'I'll    ll'M'll
:<    Turnip, table :, roots
John llronnnn,   Finn! (loildorls
1    Turnip, Bwodo, ,r, roots
Rov   IV   Mi,.I,Imi    Wtililo;   John
;,    Cnrrots,  table,  In roots
Wm   Harris; Flunk Godderls
1.    Carrots, stock,  m roots
Wm   Harris
-    PnrsnlpBi lu roots
Jobn Levett
8    Cabbages, 3 summer
Frank Godiloris;  A.  .1    Miller
'.i.   Onbhages, ;> winter
John Levett, Otis Stnples Lum
lier Co.
Hi    No entries
11. Cauliflowor, 3 heads
No First;  Jobn Levett
Ha. Exhibit ot Onulltlowoi- und Cabbage
John Levett
12. Corn,  ti ears
No First; John Mitchell
13. Beets, tnble, f, routs
10.    Anderson   A:   Son.   Wardner;
Hev. W. Madden, Waldo
14. Beets, stock, mangels 5 roots
John Levett; Otis Staples Lum-
ber Co., Wyclifto
15. Heets, SiiL'ar. 5 roots
No FirBt; Otis Staples L umber
Hi.   Celery. I', bunches
H.   H.    McOluro;   Otis   Staples
Lumber Oo.
17, IS, t',1 nud 20 No entries
21. Squnsli. Winter. 1
Mrs. J. P. Leslie
22. Si|iiasb. summer  I
Mrs. J. I'. Leslie; John Mitchell
23. Pumpkin, I
John Mitchell
24. Cucumbers, Table. ;t
Frank Godderls; Mrs. J. P, Leslie
25. 20, and 27—No entries
iiatn, slieuf ot white
11.  II   McClur..;   O. 1'. Tlu.lale
Exhibit of tiitrsiied grains, lulbs
(I. P, Tlsdale
Exhibit oi shoal oi arums small
II.  P, Tlsdale
ami  II  No onirics
Exhibit ui noxious woods ol the
dlstrlot wiiii iiumes attached
and shorl notos 011 crop alleotod
soils Ihey air loiiiul on, and
methods ui propagation and
rradleit Iiiii
Sam MaoDonalil
Exhibit native grnesos, small
ihonvoB, with names and notes
mi odaptahlllty to cultivation,
soil   prcforencofli   und quality us
fomgC    'I   pasture
il. P. Tludule
Hent   collodion   ol    grains   in
shenvos   of not more tban ti Inches in diameter
1;   p. Tlsdnle
Class IK
Honey,extracted,  I quart
B, Salisbury: 0. Oill
Honey, comb, 5 lbs.
K. Sainsluiry; Ci. (lill
Hest Bee Keeper's exhibit
Protest entered
Clnss 19
Bread, white, 'i loftvw
Mrs. McNeil; Mrs. W. Haywood
Bread, graham, 2 loaves
Mrs. McDonald; Mrs. Kink
2 loavos bread, made [rom Pur
ity Flour
Mrs.      Doyle;      Mrs.    0.  Hilton
Buns mnde from    Purity    Klonr
not leaa than 12
Mrs. Pnvle;  Mrs.  i.nmfnrd;  Mrs.
Best  general   exhibit    of    bread
buns   and    pastry,    made   from
Purity Flour
Mrs. BurRe
fake, layer, iced
Mrs. Haslem,   Mrs.  J    Atkinson
Cake, loaf
Mrs.  J. Atchison; Mrs. Haslem
Cake, fruit
Mrs. Haslem; Mrs. H.  Brlggs
Pie, apple
Mrs.  Haslem;  Mrs.   Pallas
Pie. lemon
Mrs. Haslem;  Mrs. Dallas
Pie. pumpkin
Mrs.   Dallas:  Mrs.   Haslem
Mrs. J.   Atkinson;   Mrs.   H   11.
Cluns 2il
1. Astors
Bertha Hlokonbothnni
2. No entries
it.    PnliHies
Mrs.    V,   Harris;   Miss II.  Hick
4 and 5 No entries
I'..   Bust, General Exhibit
Miss II. Iliekiuliotliiim
7.  Geranium i plant
a. Hiiirii'; Mrs. a. K. Jones
K.   other variety floworlng plant
Mrs. II, F. Johnson; Mrn  A. o.
Hill 1
D.   Fern,  I plant.
Mrs. H. Brlggs; Mrs.  A.  Hurrlo
in    Othor variety, foliage plant
Mrs. 15, F. Johnson; Mrs. A. (.!.
11. Best General  exhibit   foliage  aud
floworlng house pluutn
Mrs. A. Hiinii'
12. Bouquet, cut Mowers
Mrs. J. F, Smith; Mine Flnness
«T 1.1
13. Bouquet    wild    llowers aud foliage
Miss K. Macdonald;    Mrs. J. P.
14. No entries
SPECIAL:    Hxhibit by Woman's Institute for potted plants
Mrs. Lyman, 1st and 2nd
8PH0IAL: Exhibit, hy   Women's Institute, fur Table decorations,
Mrs. J. F. Smith
(Government Prize--Mrs.  Lyman)
ClaBs 21
Sec. ■"'"I
1. Hand writing for ehildreu under
Mury Mann; Iruiu Ward
2. Handwriting  for  children  under
Rose Fenwick, Fort Hteele; Doris  Kershaw,  Fort  Steele
3. Handwriting  for  shildren   under
Kdith Caslnke; Gertrude Mathers
Fort Steele
4. Handwriting    for   school  pupils,
any nge
Astrld  Skretteberg,  Fort Steele
Mah Bing
5. Children under 12 yenrs
Marion I.ench; Berthn Gill
B.   Children under 15
Laura Richards; Wanda Fink
Cranbrook's   Y.M.C.A.   Building
! 28.   Rhubarb, 12 ntulka
John Brennan;   Fred Clark, Wy
: 29.   Tomatoes, plate, li
Mrs.   W.   B.   Ryckiutiu.    Crcston
Mrs  Geo. Tuylor, city
; -lu.   Onions, white or yellow,  12
Rev. W. Muddon,   Waldo;    John
ill.   Onion, red 12
Frank   Godderls;   Rev   W. Mad-
don, Waldo
32.     No Kntrles
Clasn 17,—Grnlns   and   Grasses
1. Rye, shoal ot
Geo.  Iliimnmnt,  Wnsu
2. Wheat, abeaf ot winter
II. II. McOllirn; G. P. Tlsdale
H.    Wbent, nbenf of Bprlllg
II.  F.  Stnrrilt
4.   Barley, slieut ot bllllesH
Fred Clnrke, Wyclllle
8,   Hurley, slieuf of hourtlod
floo,  Hniimiiuit
0,   Hutu, nbenf of black
G. P. Tlsdolo
Doughnuts or fried cakes
Mrs.    J.    Atkinson;     Mrs.    M.
Gamp bell
Kxhlbit ol prenerved fruits
Mrs.   Haslem;   Mrs. S, Mnrdnn-
Kilobit  jellies
Mrs. W. Harris; Mrs H. Macdonald
Exhibit spired Irults
Mrs. S. Macdonald
Real    exhibit   junis   and   jellies,
home made
Mrs. H. A. Mott
Kxhihit pickles nnd catsups
Mrs. H, McDonald; Mrs Haslem
Exhibit   wild  native fruits,  preserved
Mrs. 11. A   Mott; Mrn. llurgo
Exhibit     ol    lellica    from    wild
native, fruit
Mrs. Burge; Mrs. Mott
liOBt display iu  Culinary class
Mrn. J. McCluro;
BCIAL;  Women's    Institute Prize
Mrn. Bruge
For   the   heat    display of homo
made butter
Miss    K,    McPhee;    Mrs.   A.    0.
Cranbrook Trading Co. special
Children under 12
Alex Mcnnie; Hilda Hooo
Children tinder 15
Carl  Gill;  John W.  Dallas
Best essay on Kast Kooteuny
K. Caslake; W. J. Dallas; Jessie
Flowered drawing, natural color
Jack Haslem; Dorothy Webb;
Carl Olll
Class 22
Embroidery, with silk on linen
Mrs.  J.   S.   Brake; Mrs. James
or satin
Mrs. J. H.
Miss Wiule,
wltb   silk   ou silk
3. Embroidery,   valeaclennes
1st. and 2nd
4. Embroidery, shadow work
Mrs. J. Mott
5. Embroidery, eyelet
Mrs. J. H. Brake, Ist and 2nd
8,   Embroidered collar
Mrs. A. G. Hill; Miss Wade
7.   Embroidered    handkerchiefs,    3,
Initials or monograms
Mils H. Hickenbotham THE  PROSPECTOR CRANBROOK,  R. C.
Cranbrook' Baby Show
The Prettiest, and By Far, the Sweetest,  Tenderest
Event of the Fair
One of 3 of Cranbrook's substantial bank buildings
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
The Royal Bank of Canada
The Imperial Bank of Canada
©he yvoei'-ectov, (Hvauln*<.c»lt, $, Qui3'
Published Every Saturday   Morning at ('rant-rook, B.C.
V. M. Christian, Manager.
Pottage to American, European and   other foreign countries,   50 cents   a
year  extra.
ADVBRTI8HMKNTS—Advertising rates furnished on application.    No
advertisements hut those of a reputahle character wilt be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to the contrary
Is given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will he kept
running and charged up against their account.
Z.   Crochet work In silk
Mra,    E.   lsmay;   Mrs.
A.  Ber-
18th Year
t). Embroidered 5 o'clock tea cloth
Mrs. J. A. Murray; Mrs. S.
9.   Center piece embroidered in colored silk or linen
Miss Van Slyke; Miss Wade
Center     piece    embroidered    In
white or linen
Mra. R. Tiffin; Mrs.  J. fl. Mounts
Tray cloth, emhroiderod
Mrs.    J. H,   Boyle;   Mrs. J. P.'
Fink t
Pin cushion, any othor kind
Mrs. J. S. Brake
Embroidered photo frame
Mrs.    Harrison,    Yahk; Mrs. W.
Handkerchief nnd tic case
Mrs. A. G. Hill
Table doylies (G>
Mrs. Haslem;   Mrs. (leo. Taylor
Tray cloth, any other kind
Mrs. J. F. Smith; Mrs. Howard
14. Sideboard scarf, embroidered
Mrs. F. M. Christian; Mrs. J. F.
15. No entries
16. Embroidered towels, 1 pair
Mrs. K.  R.      Foster,   Gateway;
Mrs. W. Haslam
Sofa pillow, embroidered in silk
Mrs. J. A. Murray, 1st and 2nd i
IS.   Sofa pillow, collection
Mrs.   J.  A.  Murray;    Mrs.  Fred 132
19, Tea cosy, embroidered
Mrs. W. Haslam; Mrn. S. I
20. Pin cushion, embroidered
Mrs. W. Haslam; Mrs.
Foster,  Gateway
K.  It.
24. Embroidered blouse, French eye
Mrs. V. I.iddicoat, 1st and 2nd
25. Embroidered pillow case, I pair j 47
Bertha Hickenbotham; Mrs. Harrison, Yahk
25a. Embroidered sheets, 1 pair
Mrs.  W.   Haslem;   Mrs.  Shackle-
26. and 27 No entries
28. Embroidered linen suit
Mrs. J as. Bates; Mrs. Haslem
29. Hnrd&ngar embroidery
Miss Lena Cartwright; Mrs. Har
rlson, Ynhk
Point Lace
Mrs. J. F. Smith
H oni ton Ince
Mrs.    .1. F. Smith;   Mrs. .T. H.
Bnttenhurg lace
Mrs.   J, F.    Smith;    Mrs. C. 0.
Rogers, Creston
Irish crochet Ince
Miss    E.   Maystre;   Mrs.    J.  S.
Crochet work [il cotton
Mrs, ,!. S. Brake, 1st and 2nd
('rochet work in wool
Mrs.    J.  Roberts;  Mrs. W. Haslam
Crochet tattle mats
Mrs.   0.    P.   Tlsdala;    Mrs.   H.
Center piece ince work
Mrs. J. Mott; Mrs. J. F. Smith
Raffia work
Mrs. D.    Barrett;  Mrs.  W. Haslam
Drawn work
Mrs. C. O. Rogers, Creston; Mrs
J. S. Brake
Huckahnck darning
Mrs. .T.  S. Brake; Mrs.  J. Roberts
Coronntion braid work
Miss M. Mott;   Mrs. K. ll. Foster, Gateway
Mrs. James Bates; Mrs. W. Har-
Mrs. C. Hilton, Ynhk;    Mrs.   J,
S. Minnie
. BeBt display of button holes
Mrs. Jas. Bates; Mrs. 0. Hilton.
Mrs. W. J. Mnnlcy; Mrs Maystre
Knitting in cotton
Mrs.    H.    Argue;    Mrs.    J.    S.
Mrs. J. fl. Brake; Mrs .1. Mott
Bead work
Miss H.   Cooper;    Miss E. May-
Needle work f girls under 15)
Miss B. Doyle, 1st and 2nd
Old   ladies'    needlework    (CO or
Mrs. Maystre; Mrs. .1. S. Brake
Special hy Royal Bank
Miss M.   Mott
For best collection in the above
Miss E, Mnyatre
(Mass 23
Tbis was the puss-word ol the Agri
tlirnl Fair Grounds When it became
known there were fit ontrles for thc
Bnby Show competition,
...This competition was arranged nn
der the auspices of tiie Women's Institute, the prizes wero given by local
tradesmen f< r the prettiest baby, undor eighteen months, plainly dressed,
ami living in East Kootonny, B.C.
The tirst prize con sis tod of a Seven
Drawer Sewing Machine valued at
165.00 donated by Gen. Powell, agent
for the Singer Sowing Machine Co.,
and was won by "Beulah" daughter
ot Mr. nnd Mrs. A. G, Hill of Cranhrook.
ttie second prize consisted of a
Wagner Go-cart, donated by the
0. c. s Oo, valued at $15.00 and
was won by "Gerald Alexander"
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. I).Laidlaw,
of Cranbrook.
The third prize was jtfi.OU In cash,
donated by (ins. Thols of Perry Creek
and was won by the daughtcs of
Mr, nnd Mrs. Nelson, of Yahk,  B.C.
The judges In this contest were
obtained from outside the city and
consisted of Mrs. Rogers of Creston,
Mrs. Ross of Waldo, aud Mrs Gilchrist of Fernie.
Unfortunately, owing to a mistake
that arose, many of the mothers
brought their little mites to the
booth on the first day, only tn Ond
to their disappointment that the
judging was to be done on the second day; however,nt the time of
judging eveyone began to wonder
where all the children were comng
from. Never has it been our pleasure to see so many smiling faces
nud to hear such good.naturedly
jokes as those passed by the mothers who wece confident their bnby
was tlic prettiest and the best.
The bnbies must really have known
what was expected of them, for
scarcely a cry arose or a whimper
was to be hoard, all wanted to do
the hest they could for their uarents
and uphold the confidence which was
so openly displayed in them. Ab one
gazed at their happy little faces we
can   easily   bring   to   mind a scrap
from an old song:—
"They   are   idols   of   hearts   and of
They ale angels of God in disguise."
AU the ladles in Uie Exhibition
Hall, those who had heen visiting I
the sports, those also who had been
in various parts of tlio grounds, as
the time drew near for the judging
tobegin, all turned their steps towards the spcciiil booth provided by
the 0. 0. S. Co for this purpose,
all deeply interested In the result ol
the judging, Mr. McFarlane hnd
very thoughtfully provided a liirgo
number uf Chairs for the mothers to
recline in duoiug the period ot wklv
iug—and they were appreciated too.
The task before the Judges wns no
light one to have in view but tbey
did not shirk their task. As they
biowed the little babies, one by one,
and considered the merits of each,
Ilrst one und then another was puss
ed by until the result narrowed
down to the few. Again and again
they were sorted out until dually
the allottod prizes were awarded.
And then the hubbub, the talk, oh
dear! ono had to hold their ears or
he deafened by the tumult, the why
and the wherefores where asked and
All was now over and the mothers
of the winning ones were the proud
recipients of numerous congratulations. As these were taken home
and the mother showed the baby tu
the fatjer, well might ■ one repeat
some more lines thnt come to mind
"As summer stars, in  tholr serenest
Shine down on Earth's fair flowerets
from above,
So shine   tho   mother's eye—so fond
so tender-
On   her   yodng child—the fair flower
of love.
And    proudly    as    the   morning sun
To look on earth,
To look on Earth, when ehe is glad
and bright
The   happy   father turns, with radi
ant glances
To    the   two   forms   that make his
World of Light."
Incidents of the Fair
Use it for
bread, pies,
cakes, biscuits,
~   everything
It's the
Western   Canada   Flour Mills   Company,   Limited
Sold By
The  Fink  Mercantile Co.j
1 nnd 2 No entries
.1.   Landscape or marine
Mrs.   W.    J.    Manley;   Rev.   W.
Madden, Waldo
(til    Colors and Wnter Colors (open)
4. Portraits
Miss H. Mnddc-...  Waldo; Mrs. W
.1. Manley
5. Animals
Clara Whitehead, Moylo; Mrs. W
.1. Manley
6. Landscape or Marine
Mrs. J. C. Bartlett,  1st and 2nd
7. Emit or llowers
Miss   Cl-ira    Whitehead,    Moylo;
Mrs. J, E. Bartlett
7a. Painting on silk, satin or velvet
Mrs. I, A. McPonald; Mrs. J. E
8. Landscape or marine
Mrs. W. J. Manley
it,.   No entries
10.   portrait or figure
Miss   Annie   ityckman, Ores ton,
1st and .md
tl.   Pen and ink drawings
Miss   Annie  Ryckman, Crcston,
Mrs. W. .T. Mat.ley
12, 18, M, and 15 No entries
Painting tin China—Hest  Half  Dozen
1 1(1.   Ornamental piece
Mrs. II   A. McKowan; Mrs. W,  .1
Collection of decorated china
Mrs. II.   A,  McKowun;  Mrs   W.
No entries
A Hindu bucked up against a shar
per and lost something over a hundred dollars in cash.
A Cranbrook man took a band in
a stranger's game and now ia in a-
bout $250.00 loser.
There was a large attendance Friday, attractions were flrst-claan,
and everybody was satisfied.
The fruit and vegetable exhibits
were first-clas-v—something that the
Cranbrook district can be proud of.
Any woman that entered a baby in
the Singer Sewing Machine prize can
got a discount of $5. off, ansh and
credit sales during the next 30 days.
A pony , owned by Harry White,
which was hitched to n fence, broke
loose, running through the exposition grounds and nearly destroying
several tents and injuring two Laby
children. Most fortunately nothing
serious resulted.
There seemed to have been a misr
understanding in regard to the "Baby" show nt the Foir. Many mothers hnd the opinion that the show
was to have taken place on Thursday
when It was announced for Friday.
Owing to this mistake a large number of those entered did not appear
on Friday. There was thirty babies,
everyone of which should have been
a prize winner.
Miss Olara Whitehead of Moyie,
won 2 firsts with her paintings in the
Animal and Fruit classes. These pictures are exceptionally worthy of
special mention, being executed by
this student of the Art and she is only 1G years old. Thoy drew considerable attention among the Art lovers
because of tbelr excellency and the
transparent colors used in producing
such fruit. One of these, the fruit
scene, is 30x45 inches in size, tho model fruits were grown in this district
Tho other landscape scene with cattle
this was 36x48 inches in size. Several
Scotchmen thought this was a scene
from dear old Scotland as it resembled in a very striking way the hoa
ther hills with cattle grazing in the
valley. Miss Whitehead is to bo con
gratulated on her skill which predict*
a big future in store for her.
IMQ11L _
And sold with our
guarantee of perfect tit
quality and  style.   We
think moro of our good name at
this store than we do of money,
That's why you always get satisfaction from mir shoes or irione, refunded,
o.ir footwear is not only built on honoi
Inn sold on honor,
Contt) hore wlmn you want thut noxl
puir nml li'i ni show you. Wc HHue
you nl utisoliitt- salisf.L'ticn
* i i-i ********* i *****************
of the Methodist Church
will give a
Chicken Dinner
in the Gymnasium
Tuesday Evening, Sept. 24
Commencing at 6 o'clock
TICKETS      -     50c
The   Dinner' will   lie  an Old-Time,  Medio-
(list Harvest Home Festival ol good tilings,
•H~M~---~M--H< *\**4 **** * ********* ***************
Burnt Wood
Mrs. 0, Hood; Miss MacFurluno
18.   No entries
19a, Pierced Hruaa
MIhh Viiii Slyke  Int  and 2nd
lili.   Must Kootenny scenery
II. J. Ilinnini; 1st nnd 'inti
21. Hix mounted photos on Vetox
MIhh M. Mott; .InmeH Mutes
22. Six mounted photon on Velox
MIhh OartwriKht: Mth. McKownn
IHstrlrt  Kihihlt   No.  6,  Ht.  Hll-jeno
Mission Int.
District  Hxhlbit—No.  .I,   Hamilton's
lllll 2nd.
Cotton Root Compound Tablets
Theso Pill
l,.Ifl   ll.MII  H.
hy llie iiiiil <
to nl, I. lill.
A ni-i.iAiu.i- iti'.niii.Aiiin
impounded with tli, p-oatoH
Ji ii no lii'iiiii mod wllli muchluccou
t colobrnlcd pliyilciini kis.wii
., .|"'i ni,. iiiiilm mitiesijnj! dlsordon
,; lciiuluniiMltutii.il inlliible.
1 l)QX,      NO. I| (llMK-l, .lli.lilcli,  III B
boi.  sold ill nil <i"ig .lute., 01 hy 11..1I i, .ut Tha
Unl l"i ui <Jo., It. 1'eUurl.ot, Oat.
Signs Come Down
Instructions were issued on Monday
to storekeepers that they must  comply   with   thc  by-law   in   regard to
signs projecting over the   sidewalks. ',
Ten   days   from   Monday,   last, are
given to have all signs that projen ;
more than  two teet  over  tht!   walks !
!:*% mI
mm-Mmmamw    mm
IViviies you io ike
Sep* 30 io Oci. 61912
Tke Hand En^iresI loWay-
Seven days and six nidhisof
education and amusement
Somet/iind fo interesteyet^' visitor
ReducedRaihrqys Rates
Wries lo B*l " Coojrovo Secy (or Prenuum Inlaid
flltdh-olr. D«>T"J.«a 09 ^—t__ ta „<-—•   03
H \ T S        II I, O C K K I)
.1. H. Smith
Practical   Hatter
Kenwick Avenue,      Oranbrook, B.O.
Opposite  Masonic  Temple
2flt* tStsmtoft
THE STANDARD Is ihe National
Weekly N'owapupor nf tliu rjninihlnn
of Cnnndn, H is national n, .ill 111
Il iisi-s th,' niiiHt uxponftlvo onftrav
Iiikh. prucurlnK ihu pholoKrnpho from
nil ovor Hi,' world.
lis nrtlclan nro carefully eoloolod und
lis eilllnrlnl policy Ih tlinrouKhl)
A    BUlncrll n   to   Tho   Hlnlidiinl
00HIX '2.00 por year I., ;ni>  .nhlri'ss In
Canada or Clrooi llrllulu.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publllhlny Co.,
Limited,  Publishers.
■***•'■ ~_._  it_V^ .  \__     ■   •i-*i*~*-1*m.   ■
Ni,  i-*^**-,; <\  tT^-v'***"*,
Cranbrook Trading Co
A Special Shipment of Fruit in
for Fair  Trade
**** ************* THE   PROSPECTOR, CHAN BROOK,  B.C.
H W-++++++++-H *•+«•++•• -+-H-+-H-++++-M■•! ■'• '    ' ' ' ' * ' • ' -i-;-'-'--t-H--M''M»M*M--M--W
> II11 III I I -H-H-H--H-'H'"H--T-"H~fr.'-H^ I 1*1 ** I111 * lllll I- I -M-i-fr t-l- ***'* I H* II * I I I -M*M*M*H
This is Past Half-way Mark
of this   GREAT   MONEY   RAISING   SALE   where   every   item   throughout
this   entire   $37,000.00   stock   is   to   be   sold   for   less   than
value,   and   better   still   we   are   absolutely
Giving   Away $300.00
Worth of Merchandise
and   it   will   all   be   over—but   hundreds   have   taken   advantage   of   it,   and
as some lines   are   reduced   to   small   quantities   even   more
ridiculous    prices    are    being   made.
East Kootenay Mercantile -2o.
P. O. BOX 891
**** I l-l- l-4^-H^F-l-l-H-H-H-*H- -H-H-I-H--I-N-I- III I 14^I^^I^♦•^■^-H^^^^M•^■^^^H^^-H•^^H4-^H^	
i444444444444^^44^4^^a-«H^H*>-M I ***** * 1*1* ***** *************************************** <
***** I II ***********************, ,i.
The 1912 Fair Is Now
Continued from page I
ot lite and naturally formed the
chief exhibit of this soc tion. Buns
Apple pies und fancy cakes were well
represented. Tin- public school exhib
it gave one thfl Impression that our
children were receiving the tuition
we    would    have    thom    to    receive.
Cfltid to the poultry exhibit. In conjunction therewith there was also to
he found exhibits of cats, dogs and
rabbits. Tbe quality shown in all
these clauses represented a very high
Btandard, The cat and rabbit exhibits,   this   year,   drew forth an extra
Care, tidiness and thoroughness are inrge number of entrants. The dogs
a few of the principle features which ■ were of somewhat smaller variety
stand out prominently In this dis- : this year than those of previous
play. The exhibit was carefully ar- | years, but quality upholds them still
ranged to bring out 08 near as posi ■ fn the poultry class it was much to
ble all the liner details of the childs|be regretted that Mr. Beattie, of
work. This thoughtful ness on the Waldo, unfortunately lost a tine
part of the committee of this sec- j pheasant in moving it to the cage.
tion wuh very much appreciated by j The live stock section was a little
tbe parents ot the children m view-, abOT0 the average this year in
ing their offspring's work. Hearts 1 --uality but not in numbers. The
there are which will beat with joy at, horses,    the   judges   hud   never seen
World's Greatest Fair Held
Annually in Russia
will i
their     successes     and     others
mourn the disappointment
on   little   ones,   next   year   perhaps,
it will   he   your    turn and  Mien you
can enjoy your success.
After leaving the large hall we pro-
the    like of hefore in B.C.    A really
'interesting  feature  of   the  live   stock
i section  und  one which drew the at-
j tentlon   of   a  laree number of ladies
wus a pen of g-.ats.
Overseas' Dance
The tirst Grand Hall of the sea
son was given by the overseaa flub
on Friday last, in benefit of Mr. Oeo
Lynch, one of tbe members of the
club, who has been incapacitated
from following his employment.
The attendance was very large and
showed to whnt extent the interest
in the object of the dance hud been
The hall was tastefully decorated
with electric bulbs hy the Davis
Bros. Tn the centre of the hall they
had arranged the overseas Club flag.
The music was provided by the
Querard Orchestrn und wan good In
variety, excellent In quality and
proved all that a dancer could wish
0. H   Knoeke again proved himself
ol door
u     pustmaster
The refreshments provided were
under tbe care of Mesdames H.
tiridlev and K. lsmay, providing for
the wants of the crowd In an able
manner, the tables being especially
tastefully decorated
Dancing was kept up until the
early hours of the morning Tbe
committee huve asked hh to express
thmucrh these column*, their appreciation for the help given by vurious
members oi the order and other outside friends who ho kindly helped to
make   the   ball   the   success   it   was.
After ull expenses nre paid it is expected that tne club will bo able to
hand over to Mr Lynch the wim of
The're all doing it—What ?
Advertising in the Prospector
"Do Thou Likewise"
To find the world's greatest fj.ii
it Is necessary to go to Russia,
where the remarkable fair in the
world is held annually. It is suid
that there has been an annual fair at
Nijni Novgorod ever since the middle
of the Fourteenth Century, and it is
reasonable to suppose that as long
us there was a desire on the part of
the people of Asia to exchange their
raw materials for the more finished
products of tSuropeau industry there
would be considerable trading at Nij-
ni. since it is the nntural meeting-
place between the two continents as
far as the Russian (Umpire is concerned. The city stands nt the confluence of the two great Russian rivers, the Olga and the Volga.
The market place is in the very-
centre of tbat water communication
that joins the Caspian nnd the Black
sea to the White flea and tbe Baltic.
It in the terminus of the railway
from MOSCOW, and the railway brings
the market in communication with
Russia in Kurope and the western
world, while tbe Volga does tho
same service for Asia. There is
every natural reason, therefore, for a
Nijni Novgorod to be a great center.
With all these advantages,  however
the   population   ot   the  citv fa only
about   50,00(1.     In   fact,   tbe fair is
bigger   than   the city.    It might almost   be said   to   be a   city    in    it
self,     and    to     be     independent   of j
Nljm     Novgorod,    for   the   citizens j
themselves have little or nothing beyond   feeding it's surplus population.
Tbe fair bus it's own streets! shops, j
hotels and places oi amusement, even
It's own churrh
The church,  indeed.  Is u very notable   one.    Hm    domes   being heavily I
coated   with   gold,   and    visible   for j
many mllOfl about.    The   admliiistra '
tlon of the fair Is bv no means equal
to it's reputation, for It  Ih c.onclud ,
ed on Oriental lines, und visitors run
the   rink of contracting n fever from
the   low   lands where the streots are
built     every    time   the? visit     the
grounds.    Nevertheless, they pour in
year after year in greater numbers
than the year before, and leave it to
European sightseers to make the
The Nijai Novgorod fair is different from such exhibitions as we are
familiar with because here the spectators form the bulk of the crowd.
In Russia, tive out of six people on
the fair grounds are there tor purely
business reasons. They want to buy
or sell. Few of them are there (or
the purpose of advertising goods
thnt mny be bought at some subsequent date.
All are to do business, and they
huve their goods to sell on the apot.
There is no fixed price for anything.
All business is done after a certain
amount of haggling. One price Is
asked another price Ih offered and
the deal is continued until the descent of one und the ascent of another
make it possible to close a bargain.
It ia suid thut the women vendors
are the worst oflendors in that they
Ilrst price, if they were the Hellers,
are au high, and so low if they are
purchasers, that n great amount ot
time is wasted before serious business Is approached. Practically every
sort of goods are bought and sold lu
the Nijni bazaar, from American
alarm clocks to Russian sables tbat
may some day form a part of a duch
ess' coronation robe, and from Oriental rugs to fountain pens.
The throe articles in which there is
tho greatest activity are ikons, samovars and furs. Kvery orthodox Run
slan has un Ikon, the religious emblem that plays auch a prominent
part in the ceremonies of tbe Greek
church. The fact, that a Russian has
one Ikon la the strongest reason for
blm to aupply himself wltb a hand
aomer one when he has the oppor
tunlty, and consequently there Is nov
or any slackening In the demand.
The Hamoval, which Is really a tea
urn, differing from the Kngllsh article ouly   l-ecuuse   tbe bot cinders to
boil the water are placed in an inner
tube Instead of underneath in a brazier, is probably the article most universally in use in Russia. Whole
streets are devoted to the sale of
snmovars, and the prices vary from
tbe peasants' samovar, which can be
bought tor a tew cents, to tbe ornate
samovar that costs mnny hundreds
of dollars.
The furs, though, are the great
feature of tbe show fair. Many acres
are devoted to shops that deal ln
furs alone. It would be expected
that only the furs taken in Russia
would be sold, hut tbe fur market nt
Nijni attracts hunters and dealers
from all parts of the world, and you
can buy a tiger skin .n the heart of
Russia as readily as in India.
It is tho fur market tbat has made
the great fair famous outside of Rus
Hia. It is said tbat tbe prices there
are much cheaper than those prevailing elsewhere, but the keen competition of rival bidders is surely forcing
them up to the standard, and the
sellers are becoming educated to the
fact The fair at Nijni Novgorod o-
penH in the latter part of July, but
there is not much doing until about
the middle of August.
From then until late in September
business never tings. When the fair
closes the unsold goods are packed
up and shipped away, the buildings
are cloned, the pontoon bridge connecting the fair grounds with the
town are removed and tho Governor-
General returns to hln residence. In
the Autumn the fair groimds is almost always under water and through
the Winter it remains a field of ice.
No attention Ih paid to the place until Hummer comes again, when a couple of week's preparation ih considered sufficient to put the place In
condition to receive the men-bantu
and tbe customers once more.
World Swinging to Republican Form of Government
The German emperor Ik reported to
have confessed to a historiun named
Kroon that "my (William's) Bon j
| will he the last of the emperors. All
the world within .IO years will be republican. Germany will be the last
ol the empires.   It Is* inevitable."
If Emperor William really uttered
this confession, which is startling ub I
coming Irom the staunchest modem
up-holder ol imperial perogatlve and
the divine right of kings, he showed
himself open-eyed to the signB ol tho
times. He is so far.sighted a states-1
man and so astute a politician, that
he can hardly be blind to tho
"Weighed and found wanting" that
democracy and socialism are writing
on the walls of the palace.
The   emperor   Is   right   nn   to tho j
growth of democratic ideals and re-
publican  Institutions throughout the
world.     Tho trend la unmintnkeahlc. :
Kven   China   has   nsrhleved   radical
changes in tbe shape and methods ol
government,   swim-in,:    in   n   single j
year    from absolutist  monarchy   to
representative monarchy to representative   democracy.    Republics, themselves,        whether      tiny     Switxer
laud,   aristocratic   Franco,  or  hugh
and plutocratic   America, evince     n
drift towards pure democracy. Nations of vast expanse nnd hugh population manifest a growing desire lor
direct government by tho people an
executive, judicary and legislative.
Whether thc present crown prince
ol Germany will prove to be the last
of thc German Emperors is another
question. The Germans, of course,
are capable of governing themselves
without uny over-ruling sovereign.
The day iB sure to dawn when they
will strip the Hohensollern dynnsty
ol its autocratic domination over ths
government. Bnt Kngland hns long
had a virtually ropublicnn government nnd yet remains satisfied to retain a king or queen. It cares more
lor the substance ol democracy than
for the name and enjoys the social
distinction conferred hy hnvlng a
sovereign and court. It mny be that
the Germans, likewise, will be con
lent to reduce their emperor to a dg-
urc head on the ship pf stnte, while .
putting ono ol thomoclvea on the
Captain's bridge. On the othor band
however, tho Germans aro more
thoroughgoing aud radical than the
Kngllsh anil may chop away tho royal figurehead altogether.
tU.A1.KD TKNDKRH addressed to
the undersigned, nnd endoriod "Tender lor Pile Wharl at Willow Point,
B.C.," will be received at thl3 office
until 4.00 P.M., on Frldny, October
11, 1912, for tbo construction of a
Pile bent nnd timber decking wharf
nt Willow Point, District of Kooten
ay, IlrltlBh Columbia.
Plans, specifications and form ol
contract can be men and forms of
tender obtained at this department
and nt the olllcos of K. W. Aylmor,
District Knglneor, Chase, 11.C C. C.
Worsfold. Ksq,, District Knglneor,
New Westminster, 11.0,, and on application to the Postmaster al Willow Point, B.C.
Persons tendering arc notllleil that
tenders will not bo considered unions
mudo on tho printed forms supplied
nnd signed with tbelr actual signatures, Hl.at.lng their occupations and
places of residence. In tbo casn of
Arms,   tho   actual signature, the na
ture ol the occupation und place of
residence of each member ol ths firm
must be given.
Much tender must bo accompanied
by un accepted chenr.e on a chartered
hank, payable to tho order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Work's, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.l
of the amount of the tender, which
will bo forfeited If the perBon tendering declino to enter into n contract
when cilleil upon to do ho, or fall to
complete the work contracted lor,
If tho tender be not accepted the
cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Hy ordor,
Department nl Public Works,
Ottawa, Hoptombor 13, 191.
Newspapers    will   not   bo    Paid lor
thin advertisement ll thoy insert it
without authority from tho Depart-
m«it.-.GS!21. 3»-2t. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
Professional   Curbs
Cobge   Hotices
♦4»H»H«t-M*W»H»M*H^^ ',
To Bake or Buy Bread
Oregon Woman Hands Out Figures
MoVITTIK   ft   .■AUK. UK
P.L.S.   *   (J.hi.
ORANBROOK,    ,..    B.O.
W.   V.   UUHU
B-UTlotor, Holivltur, otc,
ANOlhlNT OllDER OF FOItl.tlTl.Rtl
Court Oranbrook No. HMD.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   Had aad
tth Thursday of each inoatb,
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Boi all.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
Barristers. Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Hank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    BritlBh Oolumbla
(Oranbrook Branch)
Moots   In   tho   Carmen's   Hall lad
and Ith Tuesdays In every month, at
s p.m.   Membership open to British
N.  A. Walllnger, Tree
W. 0. Crebbln, Seo'-.
P.O. Boi 429.
Visiting members cordially welcome
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Euglnoor and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi m
Phono m
...    B.O.
Drs.    KIND    A    (1 R t* R N
Physicians aud Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Ofllco Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - ■ 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to 3.90
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to 4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Dr.    F.    B.    MILKS
Office ln Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenue Next to City Hell
Open Dey end Nif ht Phone Ul
•.tubal mer,
Funeral Director,
PHONG 1140
A. F. 4 A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  Uie
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, Worshipful Master.
J. S. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—ind Tuesday in
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Bi. Comp.—A. O. Shanklaad, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. M
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, 0. 0.
F. A. Stride, K. R. * 8.
K. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat the
time for the reception of tenders for
the construction of the Victoria Harbour, B.C., Breakwater, is eitonded
to Wednesday, September 18, 1012.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
-274S3. Ottawa.   August 23.  1812.
Uo. 42
Moots every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. K. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
No. 1040
Moots every Wednesday at > p.m.
In   Royal   Black   Knights   Hall.
R. S. Garrett, Sec.
Referred to us the ilrst
week in August
Lumber Co., Blk, Stouograpber   165
Power Co.,  Olty " 150
Railroad,  Olty " *'»
Lumber Oo.,Bt.Marlos,Bookkeepor 175
Harvester Co.,Moscov,,8tonog'phr $60
Commission, Olty, Stenographer...150
Hdw. Oo., St.Msrios, Bookkeeper (60
Lumber Co., Palouso, Stenog'ber $65
And others. We could'nt BU all ol
these calls. We'll havo a good position waiting lot YOU whon you complete your course.
Write for Free Lesson in Orogg
Shorthand, Penmanship Booklet or
First Ave. and Madison,
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Wbittakor, O. O.
Mrs. I. Heigh, 8m.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. HU
Fnr Certillcate ol Improvement
Dardanelles and Mother-lode Mineral Claims sltuats In ths Fort Steele
Mining Division of Kast Kootenay
District, on the south side ol WIM
Horse Creek, about thro* miles above
old camp.
Take notice that I Thoa. T McVittie F. M. (i.,No. II270B, agent lor
Albert Banks, Free Miner's Certificate No. 3727011, Intend, ality days
Irom date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor s Certillcate ol
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ol tbe above
And further take notice that action
undor section 37, must be ^commenced
before tbe issuance ol such certillcate
ol Improvements.
Thos. T. McVittie, Agent.
Dated this 22nd duy ol July, A..1.1913
(Special to tbo Prospector)
Shall bread be baked In the house?
Mrs. Henrietta W. Calvin, dean of
' the Home Bconomlcs department of
tbe Oregon Agricultural College be
llevte lt Is not only cheaper to bake
at home, hut that tho bread Is more
wholesome, nourishing aud cleaner.
She has figures to support her argument.
"All Intelligent women uro now
interested in discussing questions relating to industries in the homo und
those which can with advantage lie
taken out of the homo and carried on
In large factories or centres," says
Mrs. Calvin.
"In regard to tho production ot
bread, certain factors must bo considered, as the comparative cost of
the borne produced article and that
purchased, tb* comparative quality
and cleanliness and the general sunt
tary conditions.
"In considering ths cost ol home
baked bread, it may be figured as
Cost of flour lor 4 loaves, 3 lbs lie
Cost of liquid, lqt slcm. mlk 02.
Coat of yeast, 1 cake comp. 02
Cost of salt, sugar and lard 01
Total cost of materials 1»|
Cost ol materials, 1 loaf 04 i
"To ths cost of materials must bo
added the cost ol fuel used in the
baking. If gas ts used at 11. a thousand, it will add 2c to tho cost making each loaf cost 4|c. II gasoline
is used at .17 a gallon, tho luol will
cost .01| lor four loaves. It tha ordinary coal range Is used, the actual
A Pioneer Store
The Fink Mercantile Company, Limited, have been ln business in the
Cranbrook district for siiteen years.
During ail this time they have made
rapid and substantial progress
which, without doubt, must be attributed to their methods ol always
District of Kast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that I, 8. J. Mc
Farlane, ot Cranhrook, B.C., occupation married woman, intends to
apply to the commissioner of lands
and works tor permission to purchase 140 acres ot land, bounded as
Commencing at a poet planted 20
chains west ol the Northwest corner
of P.R. No. UU tbence Eeet 70
chains, tbence North 20 chains,
thenco West 70 chains, thenco South
20 chains to point ol commencement.
Dated this 10th day ol August, 1912
Sadie Jane McFarlane
37-st W. B. McFarlane, Agent
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to upply to tho
Minister of Lands tor a licence to
prospect tor coal and petroleum over
tne lollowlng lands situate in tbe
District of Southeast Kootenay, British Oolumbla, in Lot 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Southeast corner ol Lot
7854. and being the Southwest corner
post ot Joseph S. Danner's claim,
thence North 00 claims; thence East
BO chains; thence South SO chains;
thenco West SO chains to the point ol
commencement, making 640 acres,
more or less,
'Located thle 23rd day ol July, 1912
Hatheo W. Butts. Agent
17-K Wm. H, Brown, Witness
Notice Is hereby given that 60 daye
atter date I intend to apply to tho
Minister of Lands lor a licence to
prospect lor coal and petroleum over
the tallowing lands situate In tho
District ot Southeast Kootenay, Brit.
Isb Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West boundary line ol Lot MM
at or near two miles North ol the
International Boundary, and being
the Southeast corner post ol Anna K
Webb'e claim, tbence West 10 chains;
thenco North M chains; thence Knot
80 chains; thence South 80 chains to
the point of commencement, making
640 acres, more or less.
located tbis ttrd day nl July, 1013
ANNA K. WEBB, Locator
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Brown. Witness
cost ol baking will vary with the
use mnde ol othor ports ol the range
nt tho same time, since the thrifty
housewife will bake while cooking o-
ther foods or while Ironing. 11 uo
othor use Is made of the range heat,
the cost of linking will he nearly tho
same as when gasoline is used.
"Thus it is figured thnt the actual
cash cost of ono loaf of homo-made
bread will bo ,04| if made with com-
presBed yeast. Home-made yoaBt will
savo about .00, on each loaf, the actual cost being about .03|.
"This loaf will weigh one pound,
u baker's loaf weighs about 13 oz*.
and costs .05. That Is, lour loaves
ol baker's bread costs .25, and lour
pounds ol home-made broad about
18) o. gain lu money saved by home
baking ot nearly .07.
"The time required lor making
broad Is about ono hour. Thoro are
many hours ol a housewife's time
which do not not her .07c saving.
Thero ls little doubt but tbat tbo
majority of housekeepers can so manage their duties thnt homo baking
will pay from the cash standpoint.
A wage earning woman, such ns a
teacher, can not aflord to make hor
own bread II It is considered Irom
tho moneyed side only, nor could the
over-worked mother afford It If .07c
was all that was gained.
"Thus wo come to consider tho
question ol quality. The highest
grade of materials haB been used in
the making ol tho home-made article
It has tho highest nutritive value.
It rightly mado It Ib sweet, well-
baked     palatable     ond    attractive.
bolng   absolutely   lair   and   equaro.
Their sterling guarantee has always
been n toature ot tholr business because every "old timer" as woll as
the new-comers know thoroughly
well that they aro taking absolutely
no chance whon thoy deal with bo
reliable a business house.
Such business principles as thoy
have established go to make lor a
continuously increasing patronage.^
District ot Eaat Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB tbat I, Annie M.
Palethorpe ot Klngsgato, B.C., occupation married woman, Intends to
apply to the commissioner ol lands
and works for permission to purchase
50 acres of land moro or less, bounded as loliows:
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southwest corner ol T. Cadwal-
leder'B Purchase, thence South 20
chains more or less to MrB. S. J.
McFarlane's Purchase, thence Bast to
the Llttlo Moyle River 25 chnins
more or loss, thence North 20 chains
more or loss lollowlng tho river up
stream to south line ol T. Cndwal-
leder's Purchase, theneo Wost 25
chains more or less to point ol commencement.
Dated this 12th day ol August, 1912
Annie M. Palethrope
37-9t W. B. McFarlane, Agent
r Guaranteed
by McClary's  to
S:!\C   fuel—tO  CUt   out
dust, fuss and bother
and to heat  your  house
evenly and comfortably
in the coldest weather,   Wc
|guarantee  the   "Sunshine'
| Furnace to save cn<;uj;'. to
pay for   lUelf  quicker
i linn uny  o i 11 e r
furnace \nu can
b u y,
Notice Ib hereby givon that 60 days
after date I Intend to apply to the
Minister ot Lands tor a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
tbe lollowlng lands situate ln the
District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a poet planted at
or near one mllo duo South ol the
Northeast corner ot Lot 0685, and
being the Northwest corner post ol
Oeorge Wykes' claim; thenco South
80 chains; thence Bast 80 chains;
tbence North 80 chains; thence West
80 chains to the point ot commencement, making 640 acres, more or lees.
Located this 23rd day of July, 1912
Kathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Brown. Witness
Cotton Root Compound Tablet*
These I'llls em compounded wilh tlu .restest
Mr* Ifwtn the m.st reliable teiii'idles loiuwu to
fdeflce; such ee ste bents used Willi much success
Sy the omit eeTebteted uliyeiclene known,
Tbey Ae e sixtOu' I.relic tllstie.slmi disorder.
■|e which tho lem..leci,n*«IIBlltinlilliCte.
"lite I. > Imk. !*•. « (m uth slrunier), «I e
has. Sold Hi all ilrus •tote., or by tusil liom T»*
bnlDrs< Co.. it. CsUuulses. Oak
District of Bast Kootonny
Palethorpe ot Klngsgato, B.C., intend
to npply tn the commissioner ol laad
and works tor permission to purchase
160 acres of land, bounded as follows:
Commencing at a post planted ac
the south-west corner ol P.R. Record U1H or Lot No. 1*317, thence
wost 20 chains, theneo north *0
chains, thence enst 20 chains, thence
south 10 chains to pnlnt of commencement.
Dated this 12th dny nf August. 1912
William Palethorpe
35-9t W. B. McFarlane, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
aftor date I Intend to apply to the
Minister ol Lands lor a licence to
prospect tor coal ond petroleum over
the lollowlng lands situate In the
Dletrlct ot Bouthenst Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Cornmencrng at a post planted on
tlho Weat boundary ol Lot 8559 at or
-»itr throe miles North ol the Inter
asstional Boundary, nnd being the
■southeast corner post ot Anna K.
iVsM's clsim, thence West HO chains;
tl*m*-e North »0 chnins; thence Knot
HO chains; thence Houth HO chains to
the point of commencement, making
640 acreyi. mors or less.
Located* this 23rd day of July, 1912
ANNA K. WBBI1, locator
Ratnen W, Butts, Agent
*7-*t     .'   Wm. H. Brown, Witness
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to tbe
Minister ot Lands tor a licence to
prospect tor coal and petroleum over
tho lollowlng lands situate ln the
Dletrlct ol Southeast Kootenny, British Oolumbla, In Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the Northeast corner ol Lot
7287, and being the Northwest corner
post ol Joseph S. Danner's claims
theace Bast 80 chains; thence South
HO chains; thenco Wost HO chains;
thence North SO chnins to the point
of commencement, making 640 ncres,
more or less.
Located thla 23rd day ol July, 1912
Kathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Ilrowu, Witness
Notice Is hereby givon that 60 days
aftor date I Intend to apply to the
Minister of lainds for a licence to
prospect for coal nnd petroleum over
tho following lands situate In the
District ol Southeast Kootenny, lint
Ish Columbln. In Ix-t 4593:
Commencing ut n post planted nt
nr nenr nne mile due Houth ol the
Northeast corner of Lot H&H5, and
helng the Southwest cornor post ol
fleorge Wykes' claim; thence North
HO chums; thence Kast HO chains;
thenco South HO chains; thence Wenl
HO chnins to tho point ol commence
ment, making 640 acres, more or less
Located this 23rd day ot July, 1912
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Brown, Wltneas
Goal mining rlghta of tho Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province of Brltis.li Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will he leased to one applicant.
Application tor a leuse must he
made hy the applicant iu person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district ln which the rights applied tor
are situated.
In surveyed territory tbe land must
he described by sections, or legal subdivision.) of sections, and lu unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Bach applicntioii must be accompanied by a fee ot $!> which will be
refunded it the rights applied (or are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the mer
cbantabte output of tbe mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tbe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pny the
royalty thereon. If tlio conl mining
rights are not being operated, such
rot urns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Tbo lease will include tbo conl mln
ing rights only, but the low-tee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessnry for the working of
the mine at the rate of flO.0-0 an acre
For full information application
should be made to tbo Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent ut' Hub-Agent of
Dominion Lnnds,
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement wilt not be paid
for. March 25-6111.
Department of Militia
And Defence
Notice to Contractors
HEALED TENDERS marked on envelope "Tender lor Construction ol
New Drill Hull, Fernle, B.C." und ad
dressed to the Director ol Contracts,
Department ol Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, will no received until noon
September 21st, 1S12, lor tho construction of a New Drill Hull at Fornle, B.C.
Specifications may be seen nnd full
particulars obtained at the ofllco of
tho District Officer Commanding Military District No. 11, Victoria, B.C.,
tho Office of the Town Clork, Fernie,
B.C., Officer Cmnmnndlni; "A" Company Kootenay Rifles, Fernie, B.C.,
and the Director ol Knglneor Services, Hoaduunrters, Ottawa.
Tenders must be made on tbe form
supplied by the Department and accompanied by an accepted cheque on
a Cnnadian Chartered Bank, lor Un
per cent 110 p.c.) of tho amount ol
the tender, pnynble to the order of
the Honorable the Minister ol Militia and Defence which amount will he
forfeited If the pnrty tendering declines to enter into or lolls to complete the contract lu accordance with
his tender.
The Department does not bind Itself
to accept the lowest or nny tendon.
BUOBKB F1HKT, Colonel,
Deputy Minister
Department of Mllllln nnd Defence,
Ottawa, August 23, 1912.
Newspapers will not ho pnld If this
advertisement Is Inserted without au
thorltv from the Department.
H.q. H-17I-1.-27MS Sfi-zt
TAKK NOTICK that 1, John l.lv
ingston nf Cranbrook, H.C, Miner.
Intend to apply (or permission to
prospect for conl and petroleum over
ttio following described lands situate
in tho Flathead District of British
OOMMHNOING at n post placed ut
or nenr one mile east of 31-mlle
post ou the C.P.R. survey lino;
tbence SO chnins south; tbence no
chains west; theuce 80 cbaius north;
thenco HO chains east to place ol
John Livingston
Doted tbls Hist day of  July,  mil!.
District of Kast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICK tlmt I, Mahelle
Cornelia Corwln of Oranbrook, U. 0,
Married woman, Intend to apply tor
permission to purchase tlic following
descrllmil lnnds Commencing at a
post planted at the. south-west ror
nor of Lot 6117. ttionre north lortj
(40) chains; tbence nest forty (40)
chains; tbence south forty (40) chains
thence enst forty (10) chulns to the
point of commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
(Sgd.) Mnbllle Cornelia Corwln
Dated   June  15.  1912. 28-9t
Dudley Aleiundrr, Major; and the
Right HollOralilQ .lohn Murk, Karl of
Ranfurley, ,,f London, Knglnntl, will
apply (or n licence to tnke nnd use
three hundred (300) cubic feet per second of water out of Kik lliver, wblcb
Hows In it southerly direction through
the Fernle Riding nnd empties into
the Kootenny River nenr Krag.
The water will be diverted at the
upper falls on Lot 227, and will biased, 70 cubic feet irrigation, 230
cubic feet pumping purposes on the
land described ns (pumping Lot 227
(irrigation) Lot 132.
Tbis notice was posted on the
ground on the 23rd dny ol August,
1912. The application will be Hind in
the ofllce of the Wator Recorder at
Crnnbrook on the sth day of October.
Objections muy be filed with the
Wnter Recorder or with tbe Comptroller of Wnter Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.O.
The Knrl of Ranfurley
Dudley Alexnnder
:|5 It by 0. M. Bdwards, Agent
Notice is hereby given that the reserve existing ovor Lot 9874, Qroun I
Kootenay Dlstrlot, by reason >,( the
notice published in the British Columbia Gazette of the 27tb ol December, 1907, i. cancelled,
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria,  H.C,  mth  May,1912.    „1-I3t
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The World's Best Each Month
Cartoon*, limn dalli-a ami week! lee publl bed in
this cou iry, Undon, Dublin, Peril. feriC
Munkh. vicnnn, wnrtsw, Budapest, st h-rra*
'.urn. Am itenlnm.Stuttgart,Turin, Kgme.Li bag*
'.un-.li, Toklo, Snnnsha., Sydney. Canada, and
.■wtiiiii America, ami -ill the Kreat ritii mi ihu
wt.rld. Onlv tlta 200 boat i nt <■■'. 9,000 cuiio-jim
each month) in-* telected,
A Picture Hutory of World'. Evanti Each Month
cami)..ian in Caktoom .mil watch tha oppol-
inn pafuot caricature each other.
Un* fir- ■-■„..lf civ »ui Is* nwlltd if Mld.tutr.il ll - ■■.*>.
lui-w. ll, ll WINDSOR, 'i- w.u.-\   {\ r,S.n**,C.t.i \.k»
Electric Restorer for Mei*
PhOSDhOIIOl teite.ee e»er- oet.e lo Ike bod.
Tlm eod vllellly. Premetute decsv end ell sssu-J
ksssusss everted et once,    rrw.pbono! win
& kicks yuu e uew mea.   Price If e box. or two l'l
Helled tu eny address,  tks ■mWi lira*
.11. Colhsrlu.e.OoV
tha undersigned, and endorsed "Tender (or Wlutrf nt Shutty Bench
B.C." will be received nt this oftla-
until i p.m., on Monday, September
:.0. 1912, tor the construction of a
fMIe Dent and timber decking wharf
nt Shutty Hench, District of Kooten*
.iy, B.O.
Plans, specif,™tinii« and form ot
contract can be seen and forms of ten
der obtained at this Department and
at the offices ot V. W. Aylmer, Kaq..
District Engineer, QhtuM, B.O., 0. C
Worsfold, Km)., District Engineer,
New Westminster, B.C., and on application to the Postmaster at Kaslo, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signa
turea, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of the firm
must be given.
Eacb tender must he accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to the order ot the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to enter into a contract
when called upon to do so, or fall to
complete the contract. If the tender
be not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does uot bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa,  August SI, 1912
'   Newspapers   will   not   be paid tor
this  advertisement   ft they insert it
without   authority   from the department.— 26801. 36-l.t
Frank Dezall
A Hent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Kigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
stuu.ni Boiler,   Purutto**,
and Soi'iic Tuiik worta
a special ly
Cost aud stock estimates
funiis.li'--! on application.
Address , P. O. Boi IA*. Cr.nbreok
We Deal iii Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All kinds of Second-Hand Goods
•furniture a HI'EOIALTY
Sd,jr»'s Old  Stand. Hanson At*
Phone Ul.
IN THI. MATTl.lt or tbe eiitut- of
Osorge Ooldls, late af tbi City ul j
Oranbrook, In tba Province ol Hrl
ttsli Oolumblu, deceased.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
' Phone 25U P. O. Bos 845
Makes Short Work of
Daon-ietted and appHn-ntiy ii..|..-t»—■» ci.*-.-** <>f
• Bel ui- ii. Lumbago, Gout, Neuralgia and nil oUti r
f--nn-i nt Khounuttim yield at once io Abbott Btoi,
l.'mimaiic Remedy.   Like in ungfl of mercy ,t
h«tl •riven Initttnt relief toilee|i-for*iaken milTeri--.,
lined them firm Im-iIs of n^ony and for -M y.-ar-i
WM Invn eiirinr men, women and children for
vh m then .w-i'mtN. no help. Junta few bottle-.
h ivo cored ea-m of from ft) to B0 yearn' duration
; ami today It Kianda unrivalled ns a quick, aafc km.
ibtolutaly reliable treutment for all orbs acid die*
.; IIM. weak kidneys, etc.   Let a dollar bottle of
Abbott Brot. Wniumtlo Rimidy
I end your palnn at onw-atart your cure tatty.
Sent prepaid by Abbott Brot.. 711 8. Dearborn St.
Loivaifo, III., if your druggiit doea not have It,
Sold By tha
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co. 0
NnTH'K   ii   hereby   given   tbat  all
perHotiN having claim** uKtiimrt. the astute ol the Hitlri (JeorKe Ooldle,  de
cea«ed, are required to wild hy pout j
prepaid or to deliver tu Anna It. Mc
Vittle uf Kort Hteele, B.C., eiocutrii j
uf the hiiI11 eHti.tr,  nn or before the
Ut duy nf October, t'JIli. their numert '
uddrceMm nnd  description  and a full ,
Mtntument    of    particular.,    uf    their ■
claln.fi and the nature of the necurity
if  any,   held  hy   thnm  duly   certified,
and thnt after the Hiild day the ete- \
rutr11 will proceed to diHtrlhute the
iiNW'tH of the deceased anionic the pur
tlCfl  entitled   thereto,   having,   regard
only to the clalniH of which Rhe hIiuII
then hnve notice.
Dated thin 32nd dny of AuguHt,!.»'..
Kior/utrti of the Estate of
34-U 06orge UoldJe,  dtceaMd,
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
AnfoneMnrllnf axknlrli and (leirrlt'Mna ma*
> aii-jUt n«--ortulii oiir •i-iiti'-n freo *r*    	
nifoMtiaR te probably ynu.
n i m il at r I <i. IT •> 11 'fl ■ I. ■ 1111«. I. I
tie it lllliln,   J'i .in uui nit -i
i. handbook <'»n. ■■<<■•
- Mitt free. <lli|«»l hift'tic- fur »i"*uriiiM Jiatn"
I'-itoiiH taken llinxitrii Miitin jkVu.
tp*rMl witttt, •llhout olmruo, tn tlio
Scientific American.
A  nandenmelv lUintrated w»*k1y.    tan*-** clr-
r-il-jiti  <•!  r«if   •■ -1-'   l"->"'tl.     l**Mii»   d*
■ iitiiti*. p\'> * year- potUfl |>tvp*id.   hul-i ii- w
Tirre hope, for making the Fall
Fair such a big success.
We bespeak, for next year, your assistance in making it bigger and better than
ever. The District of South-east Kootenay need not be
ashamed of her Products— no other part of British Columbia, or Canada, can produce more or better Fruit or Vegetables, and, although not a grain district, the Grain Displays
were excellent.
THE DISTRICT DISPLAY, which is now being arranged for the Dry Farming Congress to
be held at Lethbridge next month, will not, we predict, be excelled. Yet it behoves you to lend your
assistance and make it so much better than any
other display that our ability will be heralded far
and wide
Below Are The Names Of The   Persons Winning The
Por Best Exhibit of Potatoes
Best Exhibit of Cauliflower and Cabbage
Best Buns Made From "Purity Flour"
Second Prize
Third Prize
Best Bread Made from "Purity Flour"
Best General Exhibit of Bread, Buns and Pastry
Made from "Purity Flower"


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