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The Prospector Jun 21, 1913

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 Provinclnl  I.t-lii'ntlv* Assembly
We Teat Eyes
Grind Our Own Leant and
Guarantee You »iFit
3Pbe Ifr#$pt£Ut
Tht*   •a-i-iding.-'Nt.wspaper
'l'..,'.    *'       ini-*h*P
$2.00 Per Year
JUNK 21»t   191.1
The Timber Industry
British Columbia's Valuable Possession-Soms Very
Necessary Precautions.
British Columbia possesses one dl
the few great timber areas ot the
world. While tho countries of the far
Bast havo lost all tho timber thoy
ever had, while European nations ore
are planting trees by hand over great
areas to ensure crops In the futuro;
while Eastern Cnnada and the New
Kngland States nre clamoring for
lumber nnd viewing with alarm the
rapidly diminishing supplies In their
country, British Columbia has a vast
area ol aver 66 million acrea of tlm-
Merland, which eould produce, according to estimates of experts, at least
one hundred board feet per acre pi
annum, or a total of sir and a hnlf
billion feet. This would return to
the Government over six and a I
million dollars every year. The
vrovtnce lo the possessor dl a glo
ious heritsge of over 300 billion feet
of timber, which Ib quite hall of all
that standing In the Dominion at the
present time. At the present rate ot
cutting, the loggoro of tho province
nre taking annually one fifth of the
amount which Is added by the natural processes of growth.
If one looks over tbe industries I
the province, the shipping and all th
silled and dependent trades, one will
see thnt at least three ont of ever;
Ave men ln the country are lookin
to the forest to supply their ltveli
hood.   There are kery few industries
which are not to a greater or less ex
tent under obligation for their exi.
tence to the forest resource.   Outside
altogether ol   the   loggers, millmen,
transport   men,   builders,   and   all
those who use wood in a secondary
way, the vast majority of the great
farming population are dependent upon the forest-clad hills for the water
which brings fertility and wealth tr
the   wonderful   natural   soils   from
which spring the crops which have
become renowned the world over.
But the timber products themselves
are gaing out ot the province,in lur
ber; they are giving labor to thousands upon thousands of men here,
and building up the prairie, (rom
which so great a proportion of the
wealth of the Kast is derived. Without the vast (orest wealth of British
Columbia lt .would be impose ble to
build up the great farming areas on
the other side of the Rockies.
The average citizen of British Columbia has a much greater interest
than all this, however, in the great
forests of which he is part owner and
administrator, in co-operation with
progressive hundreds of thousands
who are making this Great Last West
the mighty and potent fattor ln the
nation's prosperity. In the past seven years enough money bas been paid
into the Provincial Treasury in the
Provlbclsl Treasury in tbe form of
fees, licence returns and royalties to
pay for all the roads, bridges and
wharves which have been constructed
in that time. Today one dollar out
of every four which comes Into the
public coffer is the product of the
forest. Greater even than the value
of the agricultural products Is that
of the timber which ia manufactured
h B.nd s cul, given by the
Crinbrook Bra is Band on Tuesday
inln , on the Catholic ( lurch lav.n
was an un*ua!l°cd su.cees, There
was a large crowd in atte d ince.
The programme commened at 8 p.m.
and was comln ed unl 1 tea thirty.
Tbe music was excellent, and much
enjoyed by ill. The flower booth
was in charge of Miss Bella Drum
mond who did a rushing business.
Ths candy booth was ln charge o
Mesdames W. H. Wilson and J. R.
Thompson, who dispensed a large
■unnt ti ofb ome-mnde candy. Mrs.
A. VTtc enie and Ms. Fred Webb
ha. a tith rond, and many o' th
girl* md boys were caught; but th it
ls not surprising when you go fishing aa you are liable to catch any
old thing, even a cold. J. LeSeur
won the bean guessing contest taking
a box of candy. Rd.'rcsbmenti were
sin el by Mesdames McGoldic,
Greaves and Whebell, assisted by tbe
Mls.es Krnn-dy, Hlcken o'ham, Purl
Cooper nnd Belnu. lhe ground
were hand omtly decorated with bunt
ini and Chinese lanterns. The even*
was a nn mcial success, the net re
selpts will amount to over 6100, and
the Cranbrook Band desires to ex
press their sincere thanks to thos
who so freely assisted in the work,
and to tbe general public who so Ub
orally patronised the event,
within tho province Into lumber, pulp
and other wood products.
It is plainly evident, thorefore, that
to maintain the prosperity of the
Province, it ls necessary to maintain
tho Forest Resource. This resource
la subject to one of the greatest dangers In tho world, tho dangor which
which brings havoc into towns, cities
and settled - communities, which
mounts Into the hundreds of millions
overy year. And the Forest has no
protection such ns hnve tho buildings
In the grent cities. When the great
enemy—fire—breaks out In tho forest,
there ls practically nothing to Impede its progress or check its work ol
devastation, snve favorable climatic
conditions or somo peculiar configuration of the ground. The trees stand
closo together; 11 one tree goes the
one next it will; Bro reaches up from
the ground, gets into the crowns,
and then sweeps ovor mountains and
a.less without any possibility oi being checked, ln the cities there are
are patrols, somo ol thom on motor
trucks which can speed as high as
sixty miles an hour. In the forest,
on the other hand, there may be no
one to see the f re until says after it
has begun. The gospel of an'ounce of
prevention being better than a pound
ol cure applloa so thoroughly to tho
(orest that every efiort which Is being made, and should be made ln tbe
iuture, should look to thc early extinguishing of a lire belore It attains
a size which renders lt impossible to
put out.
The cauaes of the vast pro. o*tion
of forest fires today nre in the carelessness ol people who bave fires and
do not properly extinguish them. According to the report ol thc Chlel
Forester for the past year, over 70
per cent of the blazes which originated in other ways thin Irom lightning were from sheer carelessness on
the part ol campers, i,r.ish burne s,
land clearers, etc. Th.re were a great
number of conflagrations traceable,
lt Is true, to railways whose lln-.s
were not cleared of brush, and sparks
from the passing in;in=s eet blazes in
he debris by the right of way witb
lisastroUB results to the surrounding
There are numerous methods devised by tbe Provincial Forest Branch
luth.rltl.a to prevent and extlnsusb
torest fires. There were employed
'ast summer o'er 150 forest rangers
whose sole duty waa to saleguard th >
tanln; timber and collect and or-
anl-e (ire f gluing parties in case of
an outbrea'c. The money expended
on the work of thes* men ran into
h; hnnd.cds of thousands of dollars.
They assisted In extinguishing blazes
to such an extent that there was
buro-d only over 116,000 acres, with
a total money losa of 6300.000. Th
cost of thetr upkeep ran into $745,
000, ln comparison with the tremendous vnlue of ih' tlm'cr s-ived, their
(Continued m Pace  4)
Accidents at Hanbury
John Camalick, an employee of the
North Star Lumber company, who
had Just Btarted to work on Wednesday morning waj c night between the
ssw and tho belt pulley and narrowly escaped being cut In two; It was
only fie presence ol mind displayed
by tho sawyer that he eicnped In-
stsnt death. Having received several severe brulsis he was brought to
tbe St. Eugene Hospital for treatment.
Later In the a'.'ternoon D. F. Cameron, a lumber jack, whle assisting
'n loading cars, the cars having g t
a start, attempted to Jump on th;
car to set the branes, slipped and fell
the wheels passing over and cutting
ofl both legs. He was rushed to the
Hospital by asocial train, but his
limbs were crushed bo badly tbat
noth'n- could be do e for bim, am!
he died Irom the efonts cl the oc*.l-
dent lo about two hours. The deceased wa, about 30 years ol age,
waa unmarried' and leaves a brother
peter Cameron, in Alberta.
The dti-ens of Atluilmer nro preparing nn attractive prorramine ol
snorts to bo held on Domini- n Day.
The programme will Include aquatic
and Held game, nnd a basi lal gaire
between Athalmer and lnvermere.
Thursdays Storm
On Thursday aftcrm.on ubout fou
o'clock, a severe hurricane visited
Oranbrook, lt lasted but a shut
time, during which a large amount
if damage was dono, Th- rain wa
cons.iint and heavy and flooded a
number of oflices and stor.s; th
ghtning incessant nnd blinding, do
Ing much damage to telephone anil e-
lei'trlc light lines.
The trim f.inner nt the corner ol
Baker street oni Norbury avenue Wat
burned out, shutting ofl the power
and tbo lights, n cross, d wire In the
Beattie-Murphy store caused a slight
fire whl-ih brought the Ate deportment to the sc.ne. Conluson reign
ed complete In mnny places. Heveral
houses wero nn-oofed, some small
buildings overturned, trees uproot nl,
and many natrow escapes from personal Injury are reporeed.
Thc big display building nt th)
Fair Ground wna removed from ita
foundation nnd Is badly twisted, ol
he outbuildings are unrooted or destroyed, and several hundred let ol
fence is down.
The cleaning shop ot Geo, Powtll
was unroofed, a chimney on the re-
sidtn.c of .1.1'.Fink blow down; nlso
a number o: small houses west of the
town were overturned an well as
many chicken houses.
Stones Irom an intervening wall
between th; Clapp nnd McBrlde store
came down, falling into the McBrld
store room. The blower pipes at the
King mills nre down, windows In the
Wentworth hotel tell Into the street,
and part of the roof of tbe Cosmopolitan hotel was torn ofl,
A considerable amount of timber
near Wattsburg was blowa to th.*
ground. Between Crnnbrook nud
Yabk a hundred or more trees were
blown eust across the railway track;
almost every road out ol Cranbroo:
lending cast obstructed by trees, and
which wlll take scvu* 1 days to re
move. Near the Leit.h residmce to
the west of the town a large numbei
of trees are down, one ol whiib I
lying on the top d! an outbuilding
The wind was travelling at a out
80 to 100 miles an hour, nnd accord-
to old timers, was the most s-vere
ln the history of the district.
Reports received from Blko are to
the effect that the wind blew a hurricane, accompanied by torrents ol
rain and heavy Hashes di Ughtnin..
Very little damage was dene at Fernie, but the storm was exceedingly
heavy at Michel and the Crows Nest
much damage being done.
Rainbow Dismantled
VICTORIA, B.C., June 17th.—The
warship Ra nbow ls in i r dock for
scraping prior to beinj laid up. With
in the next week tho crilitr wl 1
have ceased to be an active unit of
the Can .dian navy, as It Is'the Intention of the government to place
hcr in charge of a skeleton crow and
lay her up at Esquimau for an in
dettnate period. At present timo the
majotity of the warship's co (pigment
are making plans to retain to England and by July 1st a large number
of them will have left the ship to entrain for the old country.
A number of the guns have tesn
removed from their positions aboard
the cruiser. Four 12-pounders anl
all the Maxims have been unshipped
and the heavier pieces ol urmuinm
nre being prepared for shipment,
Burrill Visits Europe
Ottawa—Hon. Martin Burrell, mln
ister ol agriculture, will sail In July
for Europe to visit tbe Ghent exhibition in the Interests of Canada. Mr.
Burrell wh le there will consult wi h
William Hutc'icHon, exhi' ltion commissioner, ln regard to tbe Panama
exhibition, which will be held ln Ban
Francisco In 1915. Mr. Burrell feels
that Canada should make a special
efiort to be well represent d at Son
Francisco, (specially in view ol tho
value of the opening of tie Panama
c inal to the Pacil.c coast and thc
prairie provinces.
Baptist Church
Morning services at 11 am.
Morning Topic; "Jesus Is Coming,
How shull wo meet Him?"
Sunday School—3.00 p.m.
Evening services at 7.80 p.m.
Evening Topic: "Josus ls Coming
The Purpose of His Delay."
Additional Local
A. C, Smith, clerk for Lester Clap
loft on Wednesday for nn holldny to
the const.
Mossrs. Kred Russell, VV. B. Mac-
Fnrlnnc. J. D. MoBllile nnd W. H.
Wilson, motored to Waldo on Frldny
on liiis,ness connected with the com
Ing Fall Fair.
Captain L, l>. Pumpolly ol Po t
land, Ore, arrived in limn Tueiday.
lie ls actively oogaged in mining or,
Luke Creek, nnd will leave in a fe;
days for a trip to Ills mine.
Messrs, Ilowncss, Smnll, Matheson
nnd Dcncon, took the bnse ball team
over to Wyclifle on Sunday last In
their automobiles for which the men,
hers ol tho team arc very grateful.
James llyan of Vnncouver, was lu
Cranbrook this week attend n? a
meeting of the direct,), s ol the Baker
Lumber Co, "Uncle" Jim has a hosi
nt friends in Crnnbrook who were
pleased to see him.
Mrsf Hmry Kershaw, Sr., of Fori
Dteele, was ln town Thuisday, Mrs,
fCeis'iaW leturned during thc nltir
noon a'comparted by her gran J
daughter who hgs Just finished her
exams for the high school.
Geo. Powell left on Wednesday on
a business trip to the Winderme.-,
country. George la a rustier, and
is finding that hts new Mctz car is ■
great help In getting to the dlftcrcn
points in the Kootenay valley.
At the Edison theatre tonight wlll
he shown tho following dims: "Sunn
Smith" a very 1,'unny    drama;   "the
Ideal   ol    Power"; and "Fresh i Ir
Tin. Edison theatre ia tbe most com-
'ortafole' show house in the city.
Under instruction, from his bro
ther, the remains of Fred D. Cnmer
ou, who died from injuries receive'
at Hanbury on Wednesday, was shipp
ed by Undertaker llenttie to Lanlgau
Allerta, on Friday, for interment.
Bargains, thc 11 :c of which you
never belore saw, in our grocery de
pertinent.—Ira 11. Manning.
A large number of base ball fans
motored to Wycllfte on Sunday lat
'to try conclusions with a nine in
(hat enterprising lillle town. The.
had a nice time and defeated the W.
cllffe bunch by a score of 28 to 8.
Workmen tbi. week were engaged
in putting in new nnd longer pipes
for the wnter service on Armstron;
avenue; this has bcen made necessnr*,
on account of the new cement si 'c
walks which arc to be laid In the
near future.
Don't forget the Ladies of the Ue-
beknh Lodge will give n strawberry
and Ice cream Social on Tuesday
evening, June 24th, on T, Gill's lawn
dnncing pavilion in connection, music
by Rex Orchestra. Everybody wel
come.'   Admission Free.
A special meeting of tbe City Coun
ill will le held on Monday afternoon
June 23rd, to amend certain moiey
by-laws. It is the intention ol th
Council to complete thi Beweragi
system, also to pro.id,, money to
put the water system in perfect con
dition for the coming winter, and
thereby make a savin-; of s:>me $2,001
In thawing out pipeB during the con
ing winter.
In order to take care ol tli- i
creasing grocery business I find lt
will be necessary to close out the
china and glassware stock. Every-
th.ng must go regardless of price.—
—Ira R. Munn nr.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 1049, Loyil
Order of Moose, has re-opened their
charter, and will now rece ve mem
bera at $5.00 memheis'iip lee. Th
membership nt present Is about 300,
and it Is the intention to Increase i,
to 700 or even to 800, with the ob*
,'o-t of building a lodge building am
club room. The organization is un
der the personal direction Ol Wm. Er
ler, who wlll receive all applications
Fred Carlson haa secured a leas.
of the two vacant atores in the Hm
sen Block and will hnve the parii
tion tnlen out, and tbe whole mail.
Into one store. He purposes -itso to
open a billiard nnd pool room; nlso
to have n ci *ar store in con*i icti in.
He expects to open up nbout the lot
of July.
Mr. T. E. modal**, till re entlj
Euro'-c. n Carpet buyer for the Murray Kny Oo. of Toronto, is ths
guest ol Mr. and Mrs. (leorge ft,
Hougham for the weok end. Mr.
Dlsdule has been making a tour of
the principal Canadian und American
(itles, and s now in route to Eng
land wliere be proposes to reside per
20 per cent discount on nil staple
chlnn and 25 per rent cn all fancy
goods; cons'dorably less than coot
—Ira It. Mann ng.
J. F. Armstrong, K. Davis, nnd J.
R. Mountain, water ro.nmlssiin-rs,
accompanied hy H. J. Matter, of Vic-
Stefansson [Banqueted
VICTORIA, Monday was a day ot
official ceremonies lor Dr. VilhJiilmar
Stcfanson and his men ol the tllnrluk
who leave tomorrow on nn expedition in tho artlc. At 11:30 a.m. the
official photograph of the mcmlbrs ot
the scientific staff wns taken at the
navy yard by the government photographer lor tho government archives.
At  1:30 a luncheon  was given nt
he Empress hotol to Mr, Stelnnss n
by the members ill the government, ot
British Oolumbla, Tbo government
wns represented by T. W. I'aterson,
lieutenant government; the premier,
Sir Rlchnrd McBrlde; D. M. Eberts,
speaker ot the house; A. G. Morley,
.nayor   of   Victoria,   nnd   about 20
ther provincial, city and naaal of
At the end of the luncheon Sir
.iehnril McBride, on behalf ol the
leoplo of British Columbia, presented
to Mr. Stefansson n sliver plate, en-
,raved with a suitable lgend nnd
ontalnlng a,so tbe names of all tho
nembers of the stall. In his s.eech
it presentation Sir Richard declared
be satisfaction ol the people of Bri-
ish Oolumbla in their broadmlnded-
iess of the government of the domin
on in equipping an expedition ol
ueh broul scicntlllc character. In
lis reply Mr. Stolons on complimented tbe navy yard on the remarkable
speed made In outlining th.i largo
Dr, Anderson, who commands'the
Ictorin island division, and Captain
Bartlett ot the Knrldk also replied
on behall of thc expedition,
At 5 o'clock n the afternoon Mayor
Morley and the aldermen ol the city
isited tbe Kniluk nnd presmted the
■xpediticn with n set ol flags to bc
used lu taking possession of new
landa Bhould they be discover?d. At
10:30 In the morning the Kniluk went
under her own st_m a quarter of a
mile to the naval coaling wharf,
whero sho took on n deck cargo of 50
tons of the beat Welch coal. Thc
public was not allowed to inspect
the vessel owing to tbe tendency ol
crowds to carry away movable articles as momentocs. The sciintlsts'
work will commence almost as soon
as the vessel clears port. Oceano
graphers Murray and Johnson wlll
conduct constant investigations of
the Hsh life and chemi try ol the sea
temperatures, current!, etc. A special
laboratory has been installed on the
Knrluk tor this work.
Coderre Coming West
Ottawa—Hon. Louis Coderre, secretary of state, who ia now ftlflj
milliliter of mines, that branch having recently been transferred to this
portfolio, his decided to make a
meet extensive west-rn trip, fcoln.;
as far as Dawson City, this summer.
Mr. Coderre will travel west with
Delegates of the International Gos-
ogical congress, which meets in Toronto in August. He will visit ali
the important western mi nln* centres
and in that way will be able t, mftkt
a personal study of the needs of tht
department and become acquainted
with the mining retources of the
Preserving the Empire
Policy that Created  the  British   tinpire Should be
Ahle to Maintain it.
The aim of mi article ln "Tbe
Hound Table," -, non-party peril (Ileal
published in Kngland, Is to point out
two (nets which ths Imperliilisl ol th
past lias too olten ignored;' Ilrst
that the Justification lor the policy
ol Imperial Union, if lt is to be real,
must In bnsul on smooth n; d opcr
than considerations nf mire advan
luge, however important Uicbs muy
be, iiiiii seconlly, that unless thi.
Mud ol Justification is urged, and
strongly urged by the Imperialist hi
need not expect to find the demoera
clcs ot thiB and the other Ht ites it
tbo Empire supporting bis policy
with any (logroii ol enthusiasm,
"To live well a people must Ilrst
live; and i,n ideal that ignores the
primary ecu lltions ol national cxls
tence is n castle in thc air. Uut Hugos' of a nation Is to live well, and
the policy of closer union has in view
a moro extended purpose thnn co-op
rent loll lor mutual defence. A policy
grounded solely on this motive muy
win acceptance, but the acceptance
will be reluctant., under the prcs.-u-i
of fncta. lt will he the outcome of
compulsion from without, not of national aspiration iimii within, . ■ .
Neither a Kollvcreln nor n Krleis.-cr
ein will sulllce to .o'.vc the Iinperiul
problem, The conception of a Bri
tiah Elliptic, wolded Into, a Bolid unu
ondurlng political anion, must be
shown to be the mutual and ncccs
sury satisfaction of thc moral Inter
eats of its members, It must np
lieal convincingly na an ideal ol mor.
ul welfare to the ardour i nd linngin
atiou of a democratic people,   ..."
The writer is aware that this last
statement may sound paradoxical
but be supports its truth tro.n his
own experience ol the working-man
und by inst. n in,' such movements a=
Socialism and Lord Huberts' National Service Damualgn, thc strin:th of
which he conceives to lie pre-eminent
ty In their moral appeal and in tli -ir
call lor duty and se'f-ia-riflcc.
Alter pointing out how history be-
les the reproach of thi Little Eng
lander tbnt tbe story of thc building
up ot the Empire is one long record
f bloody conquest and sell-iiggrnnd
iaCtuent, the writer goes (n to suggest one or two of the moral pilncl
pleB ujon which the movenvn' tor
closer union ultinintely rests.
He shows how, nftor the'r long submission nt the hamlB ot tho Utilitarian School, who btl'.leked that thi on
ly  motives  which  Impelled  mankind
wore ultimately pleasures and pains
and   uho  looked  on  government  as
one vast vast evil, the Ideas of duty
and personality hnve once again emerged and with their emergence ha o
completely    altered  and   greatly  en
riched our conception of the commonwealth.
Instead, therefore, ol regarding the
colonies as useless burdens to be
dropped, now that they have emerged
erged from tutelage, like ripe fruit
from the tree, we are beginning to
realize the immense possibilities
which thc new situation has created
torla, held a sitting ol the commis
slon in Crunbrook on Monday an-
Tuesday of this week. Tbe Commissioners were nt Klko on We.lncsda,
returning to Cranbrook on Tbilisi
leaving lor Fort Steele Friday, Mai
water rights throughout thc district
hive hern in 'esiigated, and but a
tew cancelled.
The Fink Mercantile company lias
decided to close out tbeir gTOCsry
business, which has been disposed ol
to Ira H. Manning, who will take
over t'.ie atock on .Inly lit. 1 b
good will of the company wlll go ti
Mr. Manning who w II Increase his
11 ill, aa well as h\s bo .> to ace im
nodate the Increase in bis bu.hOBS,
The Fink company will put In a Hni
of I.ud es' won lug aPParols, and will
I avo one ol tho I'ncst departmental
itoros n the interior of Iri.i.h Columbia.
In another e. ilinun ol this week's
issue will be found an un louiiceiueiii
of tin opening of Mr. Oharlea Bmallo
of a tents' furnishing store on Armstrong Avenue In thc store recently
owned hy Mr. II II. Short. Mr.
Kmslie was formerly of Scotland
wh'.re he had Considerable oxperlen.e
ln thia lino of go.nds, coining to Crnn
hrook about a year ago. Knowln...
something of tbe business and 'e -1 n
duty   which it. In-
and the
vol veil.
A  proif ol this Is to be found in
the  awakened  interest  of  tlio  Radical party, hitherto for the most part
Llttlo  Eiii'latidcrH,  in  tho   deal  Imperialism,   and   the    writes  quotes   a
striking passggo in support of his ar-
umeiit Irom a speech by Mr. Morel
"Wn must make It door that the
Empire, as wc regard tt Is an inotru-
nt forgod   by   tl"'   British   race,
whlcb  has to  Its cscdlt  marvellous
nchlevemonti In the cause ol human
liberties   .   .   .To prcocrvc thnt lorce
nnd also its glorious trndltlons, nnd
ao to pn feet the Imperial edllleo that
It   may   successfully    weather   the
growing seriousness ot tho problems
with  which   its   architects have   to
(.raPI'lc-sucli. 1 in"1"' boW tn "tatl''
Is the Ideal which should commend itself to Mbornllsm."
On the Bide of the other Idea already   mentioned,   that  ot   personal-
allty,   wc come   to realise  that the
end of the state 1s to make men, and
its strength is measured not in terms
of defenelve armaments or eoo'ii..io
prosperity, but by the mor.il nersoil-
ality of its cltizcns"-an(l ln this respect what is most needed In these
days of monotonous industrialism is
„„ enlarged outlook upon life nud ..
wide Hold for individual energy.
-\  policy  ol closer union in tho
Empire is lull significance ia relation
to this demand.   It promises a life of
energetic activity to those who settle
In countries beyond tho ocas,  whero
capacity and merit are less hampered
by tradition and social custom than
Bt home.    But what Is perhaps less
obvious, but even more important is
tbe enlargement ol outlook and responsibility  that  most result as the
Empire glows in solidarity.  The Bn-
tiflh  anh  Colonial  democracies  alike
suffer from political  parochialism.   .
There Is hut one wny ol promise.   It
Is  that  thc  peoples  of  tho  Empire
shnll realize their national unity and
drnw from that Ideal an inspiration
to common endeavor In tho fullilment
of the moral obligations which their
membership  of  the   Empire entails.
Thc recognition of common Imporlul
InterestB  Is bound  to broaden  both
their basis ot public action and their
whole (low ol life.    Public life Is fn
nobled by grent causes and by theso
alone.   II It bo true thnt 'a groat empire ond Httle minds go ill together,'
It Is true. alBo that the conduct ol
great ulliiirs Inspires the Imagination
and elevates the chnracter ot those
who Bhorc In It."
This being so, it becomes plain
that, so Inr from being ln antagonism os they are olten thought to he,
the problems of Empire and domestic
reform cnn only be solved n correlation.
"It is not merely tbat n heightened
sense of respolsiWIity will strengthen
thc nerve of the notion to grapple
withpoverty nnd crime, but tbat the
welfare o» one member of on organ i •
body can only be realized through
the welfare of the body as a whole.
The social problems in these islands,
like those in India and the Domin
ions, demand for their soldtion the
efforts of a united Empire."
the   n*ed   for  another   store   of   tbls
character in the citv he haa put in a
very  appropriate stock  to suit  th
nei'ds of the most fastidous.
The storm which swept over thc
city on Thursdny was unprecedented
in its severity und th* wor.t known
by thc oldest inhabitant ol thc .lis-
trict. Tlic thunder was heavy and
thc lightning da-.zllng in Its brilliant
cy; the rain and hall which lell dur
ing the storm did onsiderahlc damme to th? crops in the district. Thc
rond.-, on all sides of thc c.ty nre reported to he blocked by In'lin trees
and especially to the east of us the
roads will he several days before they
will  be  ready  for  tbelr usual  trallic
It Is announced thnt the Post onice
department at Ottawa is proceeding
with the Parcel Pod scheme wllb
the idea of having It In foic.. by Jan
uury 1st of next year. A cent,route
will shortly b.* nrriin.ed with l1!.
railway companies and the rates will
largely be based upon the outcome ot
this. It is thc Intention also to ap-
l.o'nt two supervisors li r the Byotem
without delay and generally laciil
tatc tho details ()| the Hyalcm with a
view to Its operation as soon as
W.   W.   KILBT
P.O. Bo* Nt traateMt, l.O.
Methodist Church
Rtv. W. Eleon Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Morninn    Bervlci     Worshiping    In
oint     service    in   the    Presbyterian
Church,   the pastor will preach, sub-
Vet:   "Th- Coal ot thc Soul."
Evening Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Joint s r.'ice witb the Presbyter-
Ian churrh but held in the Methodist Church, th-? pastor will preach:
Subject, "Th~ Church's Foundation"
Tbe services during tbo wnrm weather   will lie c n ined to one hour.
All are cordially invited.
lsmay Resigns
LONDON, June in.-In consequencc
of the retirement of J. Bruce imiiay,
Harold A. MandcrKon, Uio Ilrst vice-
president, becomes p re aid out of the
International Mercantile Mnrino com
pony.    P. fl). Curry!   manftger   at
Southampton "f the American line,
han been appoint") manager of thr
White Htar line at Houthitnpton.not
a director of the International Mercantile compnny as pre Inusly roported. THE PROSPECTOR, CRAN_I-.00.-r, R. C
Her Health Mu:t Be Carefully Guarded As She Comes to
Every molher who calls to mind her
own girlhood knows how urgontly her
daughter lu likely to need help and
strength during the years between he.
school dnys nud womanhood. Then
it Is that growing girls droop, become fragile, bloodless nnd nervous.
Nature Is calling lor moro nourish*
ment thnn the hlood can supply, and
si_iis of distress nro plainly evident
in dull eyeB, pallid obnoks, weak
and aching hacks, a languid step, fits
oi' depression, nervousness ami n dislike for proper food, These Signs
mean anaemia—thai. Is bloodlessuess.
The watchful mother takes prompt
steps io give her girl the uew, rich
hlood her weak system is thirstlnp,
for by giving her Dr. Williams* Plnlc
Pills, because so many thousand!* of
feeble, anaemic, unhappy girls have
been transformed Into robust women
through the rich, red blood theae
puis actually make. No other modi*
clue has ovor succeeded like them,
nud thousands Of mothers have proven ihelr worth. The curo or Miss
Marguerite Boltvlolr Ht. Jerome.'
Quo., proves Lho truth ot these statements. MIsh Bolsolafr is sixteen years
of age, nnd says that sine*, the ago »!
thirteen or louilccn sho had bee.;
a IH llc tod with extreme weakness, and
seemed lo he Roinij Into a decline
Tho loast effort left her weak and
breathless, no that sin.  was   unable
The Kinn/a Cock Crowcr
a singular custom of matchless ad-
surdity, formerly existed in the Kng
Nsh court, During Lout, uu un clout
officer of the crown styled tho King's
Cook Grower, crowed tho hour each
night within tho precincts of Uie pat
are. On the .Ash Wednesday ufler Ihe
accession ol the House of Hanover, as
the Prluco or Wales (afterwards
George 11.) snl down to supper, this
oillcer abruptly entered the apartment,
aud in n sound resombllng the shrill
pipe of a cock, crowed past i -it
o'clock! The astonished Prince at
ilrst coucelvlug ii to be a premeditated Insult, rose to resent the affront,
but upon lho nature of the c
being explained to him, ho \\
fled. Since that period the
has been disestablished.
i iromouy
as satis-
-Minaid's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—My daughter, 13 y
old,  wua thrown from u si
elgb umi
Injured lier i
liiow so badly 1
ed   stiff
verv   piiltit'iil
or three
buttles    of    MINAUD'S
N'T completely curei
her nnd
slui Uae
been troublod
for mo
Yours truly,
.1. 11. 1,1 VI
ih, 1'
0.. 18th .Mis..
*'    svery of Speed of Light
Ono of tho greatest discoveries of
clence Is duo to observation of   the
clipsec of Jupiter's moons,     it was
[found that when the earth was In ti:
.-r.atiHtss, so that hUl  «...*,    unauio  '" ;■   ; '""•.-■'"   ;  r    »   ,.
to do anv honseboiu work.   Bhe had Jf* oI ,ls orblt »ettr«s(: t0 JupUer
no appetite, suffered from    terrible °f°?« ecltpaes ucoiured   lu   minutes
Poultry Raising a.   a   Diversification
of Dry.farming    In i
Alberta !
From lho time our forefathers Innd* I
ed on ilu* Atlantic shores and   their
little colonies desired to expand either becauso of tho ovoiMncreaslng population, or tlio depletion of the   soil,
the tendency of the movement,    hns'
been westward, across mountain rang-1
es, pralrlos, rivers and forests    until j
tho Pacific was reached. In Mils greal
westward progrosB of the pant   iiftyi
years llie pioneers have always kept
in advance of ihe general settlement
and have located lu the most fertile
purls nud where there appeared to be
possibilities at transportation In (he1
nenr i'tilnre.       These    "pathtlnders"
have passed by certain portions of tho
great west lying east of the Rocky
mountains boeauso they did not con-
I alder the rainfall sufficient to produce
\ satisfactory crops.
j During tho past few years ihe Pro-
j vlnco of Alberta, comprising LUO,000.-
* 000 acres of the most fertile   laud,
(has   been   lhe   niceia  of  laildhUUlei'S
! from all parts of the globo. Tho prov-
' ine- oifers splendid opportunities for
gralu growing on the prairies. Irrigntion and dry-fnrmlng lu the dry bell
ami mheii    farming in the wooded
.nun r to the north.
Poultry-Raising Is Successful
While dlfferenl pans of the proi
lUCO may bo OSpet lally adapted to different tn* in products pouttrj raisins
muy be successfully undertaken lu all
sections ol tli" country. Tho opportunities for poultrj raising, i lllu . as
:i side Issue on the farm, m n - n com
merciul undertaking, aro very gronl
The  market  deiuauda  as  much    in
headaches, dizziness and sometimes
fp.lntlllg spells.   She was under medical  treat ■   hmi  *•*.-. ■    absolutely
no Improvement, In fact seemed to he
steadily growing weaker. When her
case seemed most hopeless a lady
friend advised tho use of Dr. Will-
lams' Pink Pills. After taWng a few
boxes she began to gain new strength,
and alter the continued  use of    the
pills for about two months she was
again as well and strong as over shi   curately   to «  later
had been, and has since enjoyed the ««■*«—< :"^'  M   :: '
best, of health.
Sold by alt dealer*. In medicine oi
by mall at 50 cuts u box or six box
es for 9_,60 from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvillo, Ont.
earlier than when it was in the fai
therraost part; whereas, by nil rules
of astronomy they should bar occurred at thc samo minute each Ume.
It was deduced from this that ttie
li_hi was aot Instantaneous, and consequently looft sixteen minutes to in.
verse ibe diameter of tho earth's orbit, n distance of about 200.0ft
i b, thus giving ' * light a v*i loclt; ot
ISO,  miles a -      id, n bi ■.. was ae
t ™ : .
Redd—I'i'i you ever Ume yi
in your automobile?
Oreeno—Oh yes;  it took   ra
ei en hour to start it y :■■     I
ken. Statesman.
A yopng man lately railed i
house of Ida sweetheart and w;
mltted by a new maid.
"Is Miss Dash In? This fa
Blank/' ho explained.
Tho maid smiled knowingly. ''Oh,
yes," elm said, and led him into the
After throe-quarters of an hour of
waiting, ho rang again for tho maid.
"Did you forget to tell Miss Dash 1
was here?" ho asked.
"No, Fir,' the new maid explained.
"Sho Is not back from shopping yet."
"But you told mo she was In!"
"Yos, elr, She told mo sho was always at home to you, sir!"
i,r>'>k for the signature of B. W, aUOVI*
Used the World over to Cure a (.■■.■. In
One Dai*.    EBo.
Laughed Out of His Name.
It is hard lo bo laughed out of one's
surname.    Thnt Is what, occurred to
an   Inoffensive   gentleman,   Charles
Sainsbury Pickwick. ISaq., who arte
tho  publication  of  Dickens'  famous
novel felt constrained to advertise lu
the Times Informing the world that
owing (o Its having been brought into
ridicuio and made a byword by tlio
novelist he lnt on (led to abandon   his
nnmo  forever.    This   was  tho  more
hard in his caso because he proudly
traced his name lo a knightly origin
— from "Piquez-vlto"—"spur   fast,"—
London Chronicle.
Larry Nooks—"Say. fellers,
weildin' tonight I don't want
to throw old shoes at him."
The Crowd—"Why not?"
Larry Nooks—"He's gola'
my plug bat."
il Bill's
His  Specialty
She—Rev. Wilkins ts something of
faith healer, you   know,   and I'm
thinking of attending his church for
my rheumatism.
llo—l can recommend him for insomnia.—Sydney  Bulletin.
'* ■ -
_     m
k«      SI   __■
s? * :;-''v'*aK^-^W|
That's your reward if you let MOONEY'S BISCUITS take
Uio jilaco of tlio broad ami biscuits you balto yourself.
You'll find MOONEY'S a delightful substitute for your own,'
best efforts— liio family will liko them.   Bgcauss
comb to you Blralglit from (Iio oven in liio big Winnipeg factory,1
Tliey liavo that freshness and crlspnoss only to bo found in a
newly mado biscuit. No oilier biscuit can como to your table at)
fresh from tlio ovon ns MOONEY'S.
Get tho bii* package or tlio sealed tin—,
both of them damp proof, dust proof,
dirt proof—and
After-Dinner Mints
Sho—Will yon marry mo?
ile—You'll have to ask father
Bhe—I did, bul he refused me.
"The   audience   doesn't treat
right," growled the had actor.
"No.*' replied the local manager,
never knew it lo he ao tolerant..'
creasing population, in" farmers have
heen ho engrossed in the great possibilities of grain growing thai poultry
'i'he first patrol'propolled tramcars keeping has  been  overlooked,    and
used In England on u track have Just ,]„, province as a whole Is a consum-
heen    inaugurated    at     Morecambo, hug rather Ihan  a producing people,
when large numbers of oxperts gath-JThis applies not only to poultry, hut
To Thc Queen's Taste
I   The King has   brought much Indian
treasure   back   wkh him—that ... to
say, the Medina carried on the homeward journey many things   which hia
Msjebty. as a collector, regards   ar?
.'.ather tvensuvable.    For each    thing
that i-i brought home, iL may ho said.
roughly, something haa Wen lefl behind.   Tho ship's bouk-shelves, even,
have beeu overhauled.    Many n vol
ume went out on its trial, and did not
\ survive the close scrutiny under which
■ It passed during the days of dreadful
Iseas.    Certain  books OU Indian    history seived their purpose hefore   the
Dunbar, nud tbo encounter with the
descendants of innumerable royal Indian houses, and wlll not be called upon, in these particular editions, again.
j Ot the Action, since his -Majesty is n
| close follower of such llterntuo,   no
giMat clearance need havo been made,
for tlio hooks were not chosen at haphazard.   "A good hook for a journey,
uir," does not pass for sufilclcnt recommendation in his Majesty's case
■   i ., —— ■-  ■ M | jf the rathtrr unexpected    volumes,
futcosH nf the supply—to such an ex- nvo may mention Wordsworth's poems,
tent that hundreds of thousands of George Borrow's 'Xavengro," and Sir
dollars worth are imported annual!j William Butler's "Memoirs" as indlca-
10 nfeet the demands of the ever-in-jtive of tho breadth  of the    King's
In hte in serious literature.—Sketch.
Deputy   Minister   of   Agriculture   of i
Alberta   and   Chairman   of   Board    of-
Governors  of   International   Dry Farm-
log Congress.
ered to witness ttio trial of the new
system. The cost of fuel Is stated
to bo only a poiuiv per mile.
"Her I
"Sure It's
the linos'!"
"There's only on
ejects me -finally and
Nothing between
.■ lino."—Louisville
A simple ami pood rule to remember and to follow is to buy nothing
In tho baking powder line unless nit
tho ingredients ure plainly printed
iu English on tho label. This information  la stated oa every  package |markets  offer every
to all lines of food products,
Poultry raisins ami market gardening make a splendid combination. Not
only is the market for poultry products unlimited but the prices are in
keeping with the demand. Eggs sell
at from 20 to CU cents per dozen, aud
dressed poultry of good quality from
18 to oO cents per pound. Wuile tho
inducement   to
Chinese View of Millinery
Speaking to ii Chinese gentloman
tho other day. an Englishman asked
hltn If the Chinese ladles will emulatae
tho men and go in for Western headgear. In reply ho beamed a smile
most childlike ami Maud.
Pressed for something more definite
lie remarked: "Did you not kuow
that If Is a well known fun among
the Chinese that the reason so many
European husbands look harassed
aiul carerldden and mo fusilier reason why so mnny of your young men
refrain from marriage is this very
question of millinery. Ladies' hats
cost so much that they spell ruin,
and so we Chinese have told our women folk that wo absolutely forbid
them to follow Western fashions in
this regard, whatever they may do in
other directions."—•Pekln News.
of  Magic  Baking Powder.    All Oro* commercial poultry raising thero    is
cers Bell It. also au exceptional demand for high
  class utility and exhibition stock for
X coffln-tramcar is going to appear hreedlug purposes and eggs for
shortlv in Paris. The cemetery of hatching. The poultrymen of the
Vincennes is full, and n now burial province supply but a small portion
ground has been made throe miles I (»f this demand and carinas of pure-
out.   This Is too great a distance for' bred poultry are imporiod  from the
eastern province:! to help meet tnesc
unce for
tlm ordinary funeral procession, and
the municipality lias solved the problem by having a special coffin-tram
ear constructed and laying down a
lino right to thy gates of the come
l cry.
Climatic Conditions
Climatic conditions    are also very
favorable,     it is   not necessary   to
build expensive houses.    Many poultrymen making a decided success   of
Jamie, having como into lhe possession of considerable wealth through
the death of relatives, was thus addressed by ono of his neighbors:
"Ay. Jamie, it was a good thing for
you that your rich froens waur bora
afore ye."
"Weel," said Jamie, "I'm ime sae
sure nboot that—but if. was n gttid
thing that thev dee'd afore mc."
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc ■ winter egg production nre using cot- containing
Sweect  Little   Harry
said  lilt!.-    Harry. "I'll
ton front houses, in may cases built, of
one thickness of lumber.     Occasion-
Ma," said little    Harry, "111    tell  ally   the   thermometer   drops   rather
you." how, but wltn the Btill, dry air ami
'What, dear?' bis mother asked bright suulight no unfavorable con-
"You ought to go over and live In dlUona result. As a matter of fact,
some country whero  tho people aroldurlng the months of December, .Inn-
id.   d;
Coy—How few people attended Ihi
funeral of Dr. rillman!
Roy—Well, they do say tilings lhat
most ol hla patients went baton him
"What on earth ever put
thoughi. as that Into your he
" 'Cause over there they think
fat women are beautlrul."
"Harry: If you dare to open
mouth again this evening you wl
sent to bed witli nothing to Lat.1'
uary nml February wltn the exception of a few days early iu the year
ih«- thermometer has   scarcely reach*
1  zero, and a large part    of    the
has been above freezing point,
snowfall    Is very light and    in
I some parts of the province lies   only
fl few hours after it has fallen. Hair.
seldom falls in the sprlug months until the latter part  of May,    making
jtho conditions most favorable for the
scheme'early stages of rearing alt  kinds of
all The
Miss Simpson—Kin you cut mah In
I Hals on de ice, Mlatah Johnson? Ma country, notably by English Inter
name's Gertrude Llzbeth Anges May  it Is th    Intention i<> la)  two llm
Gladys Ponelojjo Dorothy Simpson.      each of four Inches diameter, onefo.
Mr.   Johnson    (dubiously)—Wai, I heavy crude and the oth«" for light,
could do that, Miss Simpson, but It between Moroni and Ploestt.
would  spoil  de pond    fo'    skatln.'—   ■
Puck. Some Interesting experiments show<
 '                   jlng that thfl yield of plains may    hi
Navvy—Yus. docto.-, l still got that [increased by electricity an  described
awful pain. in a recent oftlclai  report published
Doctor—Does it hurt you much?      In Berlin.    Success
Navvy—Yus, it Rives a awful twins,- in hastening the
every time I twist. berries by several day?, thus enablin
Doctor—Hut you mustn't, twist.       I tho growers tn command the hlghi
Navvy—I don't.—Punch. price at the beginning of the  eai ou
While the prea*- Koiimaii-
for a pipeline irom the oil Holds "f poultry
the sea bangs lire, several new pipe-1   On the date this article was writ-
lines are being constructed   lu    thc|teu the writer received an unsolicited
report from a poultryman at Lacombo
Rulers' Peculiar Homes
The craze for peculiar homes h**-*
never been apparent In the character
of a King or Queen of England, bur.
In many other countries reigning mon-
aichs have fallen to tho fancy.
I-'or instance, a native Prince ot
.lava has cooled hla palace by making
a stream fall in a cascade over the
The Czar Paul constructed a   room
formed entirely of enormous mirrors,
when; lie spent bonis walking too and
fro iu lull uniform—a pec til tnr   tnsto,
seeing tlmt ho was one of tbe ugliest
uf rulers.
Ouo Russian Empress built a   pal-
V  '""j"    "ilniaini tho value of tho industry   to nee of ice nnd when a courtier offend-
Hi nmil  d        ,■<•'■• Province established a bidding ■'< ber he was condemned to spend a
lv  gtation w  ,a »"''.... iha _t._»m»i-_ nlcht  In  tho
loii of th*
m central Alberta, stating that he
Imd received ■\:M'l eggs from 200
liens and pullets from January 1 to
February 21, Eggs wen- selling during this time at from 50 to Ou cents
per do&en.
Government Breeding Station
The Ciovernmont of Aiborta recog
Sheep as Burden Bearers
In tho northern part Of India sheep
are put to a use un thought of In European countries. The mountain
paths among the foothills of tho Himalayas aro so precipitous that Uie
sheep, more sure-footed than larger
beasts, are preferred as burden carriers
The load for each sheep Is from IC
to 20 pounds. The sheep are driven
from village to village with the wool
still growing, and in each lown the
farmer shears as much wool as lie
can sell there and lends the sheep
With the grain he receives in exchange. After his dock 1ms been
sheared he turns it homeward, each
sbeep having on its hack a small bag
containing iho purchased grain.-*-
Westminster Gazette.
Not only this
as well
barn, of •
ready yet.
DOX'T think that concrete can be used
only for building bridges, silos, walls
and walks; because if you do, you will
probably overlook all the places where yon
can use it now.
T. I.. Irving, of *\'orth Georgetown, Quebec,
used concrete for 81 different purposes on bis
farm in 1911.
There are probably at least a dozen profitable uses for concrete on your farm at the present moment.
Perhaps you haven't thought of Concrete, except for a new
silo, or some other big improvement for which you aren't quite
That's why you should read
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
It will open your eyes to the hundreds of uses that other farmers Have
found for this material. In plain language, and with tha
afd of many photograph*, it explains just what these use-
arc, und how they can be applied to yonr farm.
Concrete can not only -be used for all the purposes to
which wood hns been applied, but also many others for
which wood would never be suitable.
It is not only a building material; It's a "handy" material, something that you'll grow to depend upon more
aud more, as you learn Us p uss ib 1 titles.
80 write for this book. You'll find It Isn't a
catalogue, nor an argument for you to buy our
cement. Every one of Its 160 pages Is devottd to
telling you what farmers have done and can O
wtth concrete.
Tour name on a postal, or In a letter,
wlU bring the book to you by return
mall.   Or use the coupon.     Address
68-63 National B*nlc Building
Wii'i'lpsa communication is to be
maintained with Dr, Mawsou'a expedition to tbo South Polo by liii'iins of
Intermediate atntlona between the ex-
ploriug party and Hobart
Locating the Heat
Smith—-How Ik your now furnace
working tb.'so cold days?
Jones—It doesn't give as liiucli hot
air as tho man who sold it lo mc—
Cleveland Plain-Dealer.
Some women complain that they periodically Miffer from dull mnl heavy [eel*
initt, or ttizzines. in the head, nervouiOMI. p.in end hearintt'dtivvn lectin,'', which
should not oucur to thc normal healthy womiin. Hul molt every Woman ll .object
to theae puiii. at some time in ber life, due to abnormal <-..millions in life, -,uch
a. oonet., -tver-taxed atreudlb, had air, poor or Improper food wel leet, llu||ilh
liver, etc. A rcffulatur and female tunic mad.- from native medicinal root! '.'itli
pure •tlycerin. nnd withnut Ihe o.e oi alcohol, called
haa proven it. value in thousand, of case., like* lhe fullowind :
Mnn Don* M Martim. of Anlairn. N-I.r   r.,..,'p I, U,,- hi, ..rl*.
"I 11 1-1.1 I would Writ, yon In ri-panl la wlm. yo.ir -,„.l„,!,,..' It.va
.Ion. r.,r in..   I liavr tuol Uwrn '.„ il.inv ,-ar. f*.. fmnalfl trout-la
and in-n-Tnl >.,,...,l,i(-- will, th. very l--»t n* ,11, and lii-y hava «.v,\l
Rlf li'mil-i'da »f rlnllaara jn dOOton* bill., I I-i- III. l-avoil... I'rr.rrlii.
lion'nnd '(loldrn Hod'cal Di.eov.ry' anil i„i, ili.m toi.Uiar, I BOVH
w.a ili.HI'Pollitail In yn'ir retntkllu an,] tal '■ plM.un .'i r.r„.nain„l,iiif
than, to an, Miitr-rliii- l.dy.   I am now nlmoal Bfl) raara „l,l. at forty.
live I Ow.li ymif 111.-II1 inaa, both Kilwll.and I pUM ll.-.l p.ilod very
fn.lly ..nl l-rt 111. fat nml haeltiu..    I r.-.l Iim. :. vi.ina alrl.
' li' nny mf r.re, ti. writ. ni«, I will ,'  "
th. teetl wort of voir meolelnei,"
Dn. I'll',,,-;"'* (iat-Ar Family Doctor Book.Tbe People'.
Common Sen.e Medical Adviser, newly revised up*to*dlle
■dltlon—ol IH.'H peifes, unnwer. hosts ol delicate question,
which every woman, siny-lc or married, ih,Ii. to know.
Scot fret in cloth biudln, In any iddreil on receipt nl M
tnic ■--■cut .limp., to cover coat oi wr«ppin*| and mailiufl only.
I h.r rni're ibou*
licit  Ifl iinih'i' Ibo supi'ivl
poultry branch or the Do.
leni of Agrlotilturo,      Tho
utility breeds nro l«'|il ond
tin- bli'.bi ami 0BB" supplied al. n ttotu-
: Iiml prlee.     Tbo In Iiii*; station   Ls
|iih,o used us n tlemonettullon und ox*
]., rim.-nt RtnUon.
i A greal denl of etlucntlonnl worl. Is
also iiiidei-tnlii n iii ihe wny nt rai-iu-
:.-n,' iii'dliiiies where Information   Ih
Kiveli  by priietii-iil  leeluii r.s  whn lire
pernoiiiitly ongngotl In i Itry raising
III  III"  pI'OVlllCO.    lllllb-lhis lili'    ulso
pnbllehoil on practical mallora.
whn.- ih- governnienl offers nsslsl'
nnco lo .'inuiiiereliii poultry Itoopoi'S,
the fancy mul exhibition side nl'
poultry boeplng Is nlio encouragctl, lu
tbe AKrlcullural Boclolles Ortllnatioe
provision lu mado lor poultry shows,
1 ibe ii. piiitiui-iii paying Hu* actual
monoy pnld oul In iirlten up lo .$:ion.
I As many nf tbo larger poultry uIiowb
I Havo outgrown tlio gram furlhor pro*
liuiei; In miidi. Hint where *'.i«i or
'more Is paid miL lu prizes Ilio RoV-
lornment poyi two*thlrds of tho aolnitl
prize money.—Written for Dry-Farm-
[Ing by Prof. \. W. l'n!.--, Hnporlntonil.
nl nf Poultry, Depnrlmeiil  of Agrl-
culture, Hdiiiniilun, Aliu,
night In lho chilly silence of the
cbamber of State, where he was nl*
most Crozon to death.
The West
I will sine n sous of die Weatlant! wild,
Where the plaius are like a Iloor,
Whero heavens by sinolto nro undo-
And tbo tompests rnge and roar:
Where the sky is like a grent   blue
Above a stretch of wblte,
Aud wide liio lumbloweods run nud
(Inbludorod in their flight.
1 sin*,- you n sons; of tha level laud,
Where thft winds nra fresh ami t'tr.o;
Whero never ti but   In    the slleucu
Ami never a leafless Iron:
Whoro tbo wolf nnd the coyote roam
the snow
Ami .•.cud througn iho sullen nlgbt
To hunt for lho wounded burfaln
Thai has vanished away trom sight,
I hie-* you   a ron-;   of tlm boundless
t)f iii! groat liln. roof, the sky,
And the tide of pride that lills the
bl'i .1st
When prairies r'.i.-I. ttio i','..i
Of the traobless wastes cf sr.ow that
In Ilu* smite of tbe Wcnlot'tl sun;
Whero   tho   grasses lash the   frireon
And the snowdrifts r.nu 1 ail''. 1 i-n.
—.lack Remington, iu lho tn. Paul
PKiucit   I'lC'a.i.
Doing the Courageous.
Oourago la a most oxcellent tiunllly
of soul, bill, like Home olher excellent
Ililni'S, It is not always accurately es-
ilinaied. Wc think nf It generally as
an nggrosslvo virtue, hut uh ofton uh
llul II Is Ibe very Opposite of Ibat. .To
admit. Uuil. one Is wrong; to tin at the
call of duly lb" Insk we do not like,
when wo might escape It for some
tiling moro plonslng; to endure inis-
repreHi'iiiailoii and mlsundorstandlng
ralher ihuu aggravalo the situation by
trying to explain—any ono nf thoBO
Ihliirtii niiiy rotjlllro of un the llnest
lype of eoltrngo of wlileli we nre cap.
tthlo, Cotlrago uiiiHt lu* nggrosslvo on
oQcaslon. but the musl beaulltul exlii-
bllloiiii ol II. lh" world bus ever seen
huve been niiiile by men who refused
10 he nggrcsslvOi boeauso thorn was
u IllglW, It a barder, way.--I'lirlstiun
Women use seventeen times ns
many glovos us nien. Every year
AilHlialla exports one luilldred Ions
of ['.loves.
Remarkable Discovery
An engineer ot I-'ulda, It ls stated,
hns discovered a means by wlileli
suliiunrlne mines mny bo exploded by
Hertzian waves, Ho has, lt appears,
Invented a powder ns explosive ns It
Is sensitive. It ls snld thnt tho explosion is brought nbout by the influence
of tbe electricity upon the powder.
Miss Vocolo—I'm nover happy unless I'm breaking inlo song.
Bright Young Man.—Why don't you
got the key and you won't hnvo to
break In?—Now Orleans Times-Demo
Serviceable Anyhow
The unanswerable retort was hoard
at a north country do;; show lust
week. At thc man who brought u.) a
brisk bul undecorativo whippet, an
attendant scoffed.
■"That'll win no prlzo, lad," ho remarked finally What's wrong wl'
him?" was the surprised answer.
"Wrong? Haven't A boon tollln' you'.'
Wby. look at his legs. Thoso logs nro
no' lung enough." "No long enough?
Why, limy touoli th" ground—did ye
want, tin-in liny Inngei ■?"-- London
The Toronto World speaking of Ibe
enunelalion of English actors, hi-
nil-ills thai there Is no such Ihlng ns
a goiul Toronto Voloo, Thnt may bo
so, hut lho Toronto TIH.'i' In world*
famod.—Montreal Herald.
The annual profll from tbe Post (If-
noo revenues In llie United Kingdom,
Is fi4,000,.00, while lis estimated expenses uro £SiiO_.466.
A sort nf bathtub epidemic has
struck this here burg. 'Julio a number of the neighbors nro getting all
ready for n bath when the borough
water Ih turned on next spring or
summer.—Sprlngdnle correspondence,
Alleghany Valley I.lfo.
Jllsn An;i Teek—I'd like lo go shopping with you this afternoon, but tho
dentist Is to llx my teeth.
Miss Pert—Well, can't you shop
with me while he's doing It?—Boston
Sneezing as an Omen
Tho only attention wc pny to a
sneeze at thc present day is to in-
leaver to get rid of tno chill which
causes lt; but a sneeze lu tbo days ot
oltl li recce wns a matter ol great
concern nnd import.
There was then a god of sneezing.
and great undertakings would even ba
abandoned if a mau sneezed ut an
Inappropriate moment, thc net being
looked upon ns Ihe oracle of the god.
A sneeze hctwoon midnight unit
noon wns looked upon as n fnrlumtto
sign, but between noon and midnight,
it betokened great misfortune. To
sneeze to your right was lucky; lo the
left, unlucky. Two or four sueezes
were lucky, one or threo very unlucky, and any undertaking lu hand
should If possible ho abandoned.
moro thnn tour sneezes did not count.
There Is a saying In mnny parts ot
I'liunind to-day, "Onco a wish, twice,
a kiss, three times a letter, four times
something better." If people Bnoozod
together It was n goon* sign, particularly If thoy happened to bo discussing business.—Answers.
A method of planting eyelashes and
eyebrows has been developed by a
French surgeon.
NA-DRU-CO Tasteless  ftp
Cod Liver OU Compound itzWzl
Till! "building-up" value ef Cod
Liver Oil is well known, but it,
drs whack a have been ita nasty
tnute and iniligeRtlbility.
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Cod Liver Oil
Compound has the nutritions qualities
of the Cod Liver Oil, without tha
slightest disagreeable flavor. In It the
Oil Is skilfully combined witb P.xtract
of Malt, Extraot of Wild Cherry, and
Ilypophosphites, making a splendid
tonic as well or a valuable food,
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless Cod Liver Oil
Compound is particularly good fer
growing children who are puny or
Iu joe. snd J1.00 bottles,  at your
dragglit't, ut
W. N. U. No. 890.
Ur every III,   g$5,
Bt_______t TTT1,  l'H.'Sri.r.Tol',  CKANTmOOK,   H.C;
nut only keeps cold out but
fat serves the same purpose,
it enables lis to resist iitiaettleol
elements and serves as the
fjreat source o! our body-heat,
Greater body-warmth means
richer blood, more (at, not
obesity but fat which the body
consumes for wnrnith, vitality,
resistance-power as a furnace
consumes coal for heat—
Scott's Emulsion does this.
A teaspoonful after each
meal makes body-warmth—
healthy,  active blood	
aharpens the* appetite and
makes all good food do good.
If drivtt ant amilie.pt out caf.fi
by raising endurance-power
and creating strength.
Reject aahatitutaa far SCOTT'S.
Scott It J*,*wiip,Toraata,Oat.ilt» u-61
White Pine Culls Now In Demand
A peculiar feature of current lumber demand tn tlio old while plno sue*
yens o! tlic North ls tho extraordinary vemilromont for low grade stock.
It Is so persistent uud ilevourliiii that
It takon in i'lillD so ranks that -0 or
10 years ago tliey would have been
considered reruse, lit ouly for the
.'(Highest kind of patching up of sheds,
nnd wlieu accumulation became too
burdensome lliey were thrown into
the burner or used to build wharves
er roadways, cf for firewood. Grading
downward has come with ttio demand
for box material, until three-men
hoards, as they have been jocosely
called, are now graded as N'o. 5 or
suy thing below tliat. 't'ho call for
low-crado stuff has become so general and insistent that auch stuff ls
more saleable than tho medium and
belter qualities. This feature Is true
not only of thr lumber market of the
Northern State", but pertains also to
that of Canada. At Toronto tho demand for tho lower grades of pine
U eepeolally active ami large, so that
•hero Is a veritable Bhortago of mill
culls nnd what are called deud pickings, in It. Tills condition with respect to the lumber market of Ontario shows how closely the lumber trade
of Hint province is connected with
that of Ibis country, the 3111110 requirements for cull lumber—namely, for
box manufacture—prevailing In that
proiitico os in tiie northern part ot
the United States. The wny in
which thc cull lumber of Uio Northern States nnd Canada Is- being used
up rimes' to thn last carload has
moro than ordinary significance, it
means that anything In tho shape of
a tree or log is being utilized in the
way of sawed product, and that timber that was once considered usable
only ns firewood Is now bpliip, converted Into lumber that actually soils
quicker than good stock.- American
■Poor old Patrick! Ho v.-us but the
shadow of bis olil self, lie was a soldier boy who'd been serving in a miner war in the bill country of India,
and he'd had a rough time, bedad.
So seedy, ,*o thin und worn Indeed,
was Patrick thnt he was invalided
homo that he might have nn early opportunity of pulling Iitiusclt together,
and showing that be was truthfully
it brawny son of Erin.
As he stepped ashore from the troop*
*iil> at Southampton his rousiu Timothy stepped, up to meet him',
Why, Patsy, my bhoy, remarked tho
cousin, It's right glad thnt Ol nm to
fife ye'ro back from the front.
Patrick looked grieved and sad.
chastened and ill-ai-ease.
Bedad, Tim, be said. Ol knew Oi
wn; thin, but Oi'm bothered if OI
titoliglit I was ns thin as lhat.
The Etiquette of War
War -Uuil is Warfare between civilised nations—has Us code of < 11-
quette, known ns (bo Customs of War,
somo of which uro written, others lac*
niy agreed to.
obvious examples of lighting sit-
nuetli! arc lho rules which protect Ihe
Ited Cross flag of the ambulance, and
forbid llm use of explosive, or within
limits] expanding builds.
Nominally, a general may use any
iiu'iiiis in his power to bring Ills too
LO aiihjecllou. A loader may out off
his enemy's f; od and water supplies,
lie may subject him to all tho horrors
of lamiiio and thirst; but he iiinst not
poison bis fond or water.
Suppose ;i placo Is beselged nnd
dial oul side thu walls are wells which
.lho beseigers cannot effectively hold,
I und which tho besoignd can reach
1 under cover of night. The bosetRors
I would lie justified lu sending parties
lo All up Uie wells wllh earth and
stones, or lo destroy thom with dynamite. On lho other hand, to pollute
the wells with poleon or to throw dead
animals Into Hiem, would bo an Infamy.
A prisoner of war has his rights.
Ile may be asked to glvo his parole—
to promise not io escape; but be must
not be forced lo give his parole, nnd
la not lo bo punished for refusing to
do so. A prisoner on parole who at-
tempts io escape Is Halite to bo shot,
either when escaping or If retaken
An unporolod prisoner may also bo
shot while In the act ot escnplng;
but if recaptured, lt would bo murder
to shoot hliu, though he may bo
placed In ;noro rigorous confine-
A prisoner may be compelled to
earn his keep by working at his trade
If ho hos one, or by doing work for
bis captors not of a purely military
nature. Thus, ho may be ordered to
nsslst In draining the camp ln whloh
he ls a prisoner; but it would not ho
fair to put htm to building fortifications.
Tho customs of war justify the employment of spies, but under certain
rules, 1! a soldier voluntarily turns
traitor, the other sldo nro entitled to
make use ot him; but lt ls not right
to tempt a soldier to betray his own
it thus tempted, a man may pretend to turn traitor, and deceive the
onemy with false Information. On the
other hand, voluntarily to go over to
tbo enemy, pretending to be a traitor
or deserter, would be dishonorable
conduct—that Is if Iho pretended
traitor ls an officer or soldier.
A spy. of course, lias no rights, and
Is nt all limes liable to be shot or
hanged at sight.
Au otllcor or soldier, however,
caught in the enemy's camp must not
be treated as a spy, but as a prisoner
of war, provided ho Is not disguised.
lf n commander takes part ln a
charge, or persistently exposes himself lo lire, he must, take his chance
of being shot; but ln big nffalrs lt ls
not tho game to detail marksmon to
try to pink off your opponent's general, though every effort may bc made
lo capture lilm.
When a city or town Is bombarded,
ptibliie buildings'-unless used for defensive purposes—should be eparod
as far as possible. When a place ls
captured, the victorious fee is entitled
to seize art treasures and so on, and
to hold them to ransom. To injure
or destroy them would be the act of a
When n country Is iuvnded, tho Invader can compel the luhabitants to
supply htm wiiii food and other supplies, nnd lo act as guides, workmen,
and drivers,
A person who, not belonging to any
recognized military force, takes up
arms against an invader Is liable to
be Bitot like n dog when captured. Retaliation is sanctioned by the customs
of war. -It 19 military vengeance
nnd takes placo when an outrago
committed on one side is avenged by
the commission of a similar act on the
Thus, an unjust execution of prisoners by the enemy may be followed by
the execution of an equal number of
prisoners held by the opponents.
The Cheery Ad. Man
New Merchant—How   big   an   ad
would you advise'.'
Adi'd-li-ln*-, Man -Thai depends on
faow liaiuy tons ol customers your
'•tore floor will sustain. You would
not waul 'em lo break llirougli Into
tbe cellar, ot course.
The man who has n photograph of
bis wife nnd kids on ids desk may be
ti sentimentalist—but he's a dependable sort >:f a coot.
'i'he Milliliter girl hns resigned in
favor of tho ctiddlcsomo girl.
Beggar Cmi you help n peer gent,
tab i.v:
Passerby—Hum, wlmt soil of a gent
do you call yoiirsolt?
I!.'.,|:ar   \ ItldlgeUt, sir.
Sabbath Desecration
In Illustration of the dreary Glasgow Sunday a lecturer told tills story
of the late J. I,. Toole. He was leaving Ills .hotel iu Glasgow ono fine Sunday morning when the sun was shining brightly. As ho was strolling
long George Square 11 polleoman
j-yed lilm suspiciously, and at last approached anil said:
Ve lind better tak' care what ye're
What am I dolus" Inquired Toole,
ami added wltll n merry wink, wby,
I'm nol even whistling.
N'o. replied lhe Glaswegian ln .sol-
emu and reproving tones; lint ye're
looking almosl as happy as If It were
Wlut! iiiiiiiahiui-ii! did Hu
ing banker get'.'
I understand his lawyer
hltn $40,000.
' He Knew
Mrs. Gotham—Tills paper says a
familiar face nnd form musl lie recognized at from fifty to one hundred
.Mr. Gotham—Yes, 1 know. That's
lhe gns man.
When you begin to Miiff aad feci a
•limingsensation in ihr uns-l passages,
•r vrhea a tickling Irritation iu your
throat starts you coughing, the lirst
Important tiling is load at once. It's
ibe neglected cold lhal becomes trouble,
aetiie and dangerous.
'['lie second itupoit.nt tiling to do i.
to Uie Na-l)ru Co Syrup of Unseed,
Licorice and Chlorodyue, aud keep it up
tilt tha cold disappears entirely.
, ,**fa-Dru*C»Syrnpof Unseed, Licorice
ini Chlorodyne is ab.oliit.ly free limn
harmful drugs, aud can safely be given
eveu to moderately young" children.
It ls pleasant lasllug aad quick acllug,
*u-.iiiipl!y relieviug the irritation of the
throat and nostrils, loosening Ibe
mucus, promoting expectoration, and
checking the cold.
Vour druggist bas Na-Drll Co Syrup
•f Tiiuaead, Jdcoitce ami Chlorodyne iu
tic aud .loe lK>llles, or can quickly gel
t'. foryuii. l'ooi|muiided by the National
fcrtig and Chemical Co. of Cauadn,
I.iliuli'il. 315
W.N.U.   926
Tbe prisoner is discharged.
What's Uiat, Judge? '
You are discharged. 1 say.
Mut judge 1 pleaded guilty
I can't help that.   Go on away.
1 pleaded guilty, your honor, and
guilty I was. and I think I ought to go
to Jail.
Will yon keep slill? The court |3
ihinn wltll your _.e.
Tin- ludlotmenl charged tne wllli using poisonous flavors In soda wuter,
judge- aud 1 certalnlj did. Now 1
wanl lu pay tin* penalty,
Once and for nil, my man. I order
you to iiult bothering lhis court. You
were charged with adulterating soda
water. The or-ldenco showed thai
you labelled your bottles Body waler.
Thai Ins you out. There Is 110 law
against pulling Impurities In Body water. The Inw refers ouly lo soda wnler, sir.
1 hud no Intention or evading lhe
law, .hiiige. I 'spelt, li sody through.
Ignorauco, Can't ynu semi mo up for
u mouth or so?
No, sir, not for a minute. The law
ls tho law and I am lure to defend It
from violation. Ofiloer, throw tbls
person inlo the street.
Brutal Exhibition In an English Town
is Stopped by Audience
An exciting scone occurred a*. »
music hall, lu which the audience tom
in a body and protested against thi
performance was described to the
Scarborough magistrates yesterday
when John tloudrii-kson, proprlotor of
an animal circus, was summoned for
cruelty to a amall boar and n monkey,
It was allo:;od that on Monday night
defendant lnl reduced at the Peoplo'*
I'nlnco and Aquarium what wns described us a il-;ht between tho hoar and
the monkey. T'ho latter had tied to
Us neck a heavy weight, which prevented lt from moving easily; nud a
small black bear was dragged on to
tho stnge, evidently very much against
Kb will.
I am now Introducing John John*
son, defendant told tho audience. You
will now see a fight between black and
white. llo then Incited the animals
to fight.
Tho monkey Jumped upon the bear'i
back and bit It about tho eyes, The
bear attempted to escape from the
stage, but the defendant dragged It
forward again nnd a tlcrco Btrnggle of
ubout ono minute's duration ensued
Iieiv.ecn tho animals.
Tho henr fi'eed Itself, but the defendant again brought It up te the
scratch and n turlhor fight look place.
The audience rose almost en masse
and protested against the cotillnuanco
of the disgraceful exhibition and subsequently the manager barred the per
formnnce for the rest of the week,
Dofcndant told the magistrates that
he was very sorry ihnt he had ever
shown the bear. The two nnlmall
had played togothor like kittens.
The magistrates Imposed a fine of
*o and cost.'.
Nine Out  oi Erery  Ten  Show
Symptoms  of  This   Serious
-   Trouble
So steadily dees anaemia undermine
the (health of young, growing girls and
young women that It Is rightly regarded aa ona ot tho greatest enemiea ol
her sex. Nine women out of ten
aro bloodless, moro or loss, and ln
many eases neglect has allowed anaemia to develop Into hopeless decline.
Thero ls a security and new strong*"*
for weak, tired girls and women in
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pnlo
People. They actually mako the
now, good blood of health that banishes tho "nlwnps tired" weakness, and
tho continual backaches of anaemia.
Thoy drive away headaches, tho low
spirits, tho palpitation of the overworked heart and the fits of nervousness that mark the women whose
weak blood Is unable to nourish their
wasting frames. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills havo given healtli to unhappy
anaemics in casos too numerous to
record. Here ls one example. Miss
Hattie B. White, Whitehall, Ont.,
says:—"Somo two years ago I became
very much run down. I consulted a
doctor who told mo Uiat It wns a bad
case of anaemia ond nervousness. I
had most of the symptoms that accompany this trouble, such as headaches,
a tired feeling, poor appetite, and pallor. The doctor's medicine did not
seem to help me and then I began
changing from ono medicine to another, but with no better results.
Finally at the suggestion of my mother 1 decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I got two boies and by the
time I Uad taken them 1 began to feel
better. This cheered me very much.
and I continued using the Pills until
I had takon Tine or ten boxes, when
I was again enjoying the very boat
of health, and had galnod ln weight as
well. 1 havo proved In my caso that
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro a curo
for anaemia, und can recommend
them to similar sufferers."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall at 60 cents a box, or six boxes
for $2.50. from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Matter of Taste
He was the sort of young men who
takes a girl out and talks a lot ol
pretty things, but never dreams of buying anything, not even a penny bar of
cocoanut taffy. They hnd been walking out together for quite a time, and
she was getting a bit tired of lt. One
evening tbey camo to a pause outside
a gaily decorated confectioner's shop.
Look, darling, he whispered gushingly,
I can seo yeur beautiful sweet fnce
qulto clearly ln that window,
Cut she was determined on making
a change That's all right, George,
about my sweet, fuce. she said, coldly,
I'm t.i red of hearing about It. I wlsli
you'd remember my sweet tooth now
and then Instead.
Triad to Keep Them on
They „••*•» tatting eloae _ _a M>
light, aad .T«rt oSiervtnj the aeon-
omy _ __•» v,__ is usuil to tut*
lovexi, mil an hour before be t_t
Vhlspeitd. tha old, old etory, not t»
say otoriw, u she nestled t*. Ot
breast, and reflected that In the course
ot a few months she could tell _•
shopwalker to see If lhe could fry —*
face into a better -Efbapei she felt that
nho wai the happiest girl ta all fall
Suddenly she started, frowned, and
looked him full In the face.
Harold, she said, you ar-e untrue to
Jly darling—
You are. Why, you're malting
Sa.mo of" me—you'ra—you're making
faces nt mo.   1 liata you.
I can't help lt, darling, he said
plaintively. My glasses are falling
oil and I don't want to let go of your
dear little hands.
.■r w
In Practice
Husband—Your extravagance is awful. When I ilie you'll probably
have to beg?
Wlfo-Well. I should be better oft
than some poor women who never
havo any practice.
Well fitted.—Campaign Manager—
I onn hear poor John has lost, ihls
memory, don't remember a tiling
from ono day to another.
Secretary—Wouldn't .ho be a good
man to tako charge of tlio campaign
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Oil ou! ntll.-llc. anj purjitl-.a.   Th.r ir»
»r«t.l-h.ral,-iiBaKfmry. Try
Pu«lyvif»t_h!_ Act
«f tuebowet.
IJ-flft ~w mw~W~' ————'»*SSZ^
Sick Hrtida-hi ini Inditttlitm, mi miW/oni -Ww.
Small Pill Small Doit. Small Price.
Genuine must hm Signature
The Central Business College, Toronto, wllh I-'otir City llranch Schools.
—Tho Central Telegraph nnd Itallroad
School nnd Tho Shaw Correspondenoi
School, nro now commonly known as
"Shaw8 Bahopil," In thoso schools
a grent work Is.belOJ* dono in training
young peoplo for business pursuits
and for earning good salaries, The
annual curriculum Is interesting and
is mailed free on sending request to
W. If, Shaw, President, Toronto,
lieorgo lias lold me nil ills secrets
of his past.
Mercy. What did you think ot
I was awfully disappointed.
In a description of a rhinoceros It
Is stated that ho Is a powerful beast,
with a mouth ranging from an open
portmanteau to a political candidate's
What. Fifty cents putting ln lhat
load of coal? You charged only a
quarter lho last time.
Yes, mum; but coal has rlz.
Wheu a man does tall; sense, at
least 'half Ilia people don't recognize
Where Victoria Drew the Line
It is a well-known fact that Queen
Victoria was, to say the least, somewhat stralght-laced aud possessed
somo remarkable 'Ideas regarding
propriety and dignity. A -story
which -Sir Frederick Wcdmore tells iu
a recent book of Memories', Illustrates
this characteristic.
One day, dining a conversation, her
Intimate friend, Lady Southampton,
who, by reason of age, long-proved de-
votedness, and reciprocated friendship, was privileged to talk of many
things, addressed Her Majesty as follows:
Do not you think, ma'am, ono ot
the satisfactions of tho future state
will bo not only our reunion with
tkoso whom wo have loved mi earth,
but our opportunities of seeing faco to
face so many of llie noble figures of
the past—of other lands and times?
Bible times, for instance. Abraham
will be there, ma'am, Isnac too, and
Jacob. Think ol what Ihcy will bo
llko. And lhe sweet singer of Israel
--lie too. Yes, ina'ntn, King David
we shall *ce.
And after a moment's silence, with
perfect dignity and decision, the great
Quoen made answer: I will not meet
One Saturday night, as lho hour
struck eight, a small llBurn might have
been seen sitting up In its cot, and
gazing thoughtfully inlo space. The
(hlnkor was little Bobble and he was
up against lhe biggest problem he had
ever had In tackle in nil ihe vast experience of ills six years,
Wero father, mother and brother
-lack going out whllo ho wai put safely to bed? That was tbe question
antl oh! how to bud out.
Stay! A thought suddenly struck
Master Bobblo, aged six, and he called
to brother Jack to come at once.
Brother Jack came and was hugged
violently for two or threo moments
and then thrust on one Bide.
Call muiumle now! demanded Bobble.
Mummlo was called and subjected
to Identically tho samo treatment, except after pushing her away from
him, Hobble looked slnadily at her,
triumph struggling wilh sorrow ln his
faco as ho exclaimed.
There! I knew lt. Yon aro all going out without mc! I cnn smell
fresh soap on your faces!
Used according to directions, Or. J.
D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial will
afford relief In tho most acute form of
summer complaint. Wbenovor tho
attack manifests 11 self no timo Bhould
bo lost In seeking the aid of tho Cordial. It will act Immediately on the
stomach and Intestines and wllay lho
irritation and pain, A trial of It. wlll
convince anyone of lhe truth of these
An Automatic Walter
An Australian has Invented nn electric waiter for hotels nnd reslAuranls
operated liy Iho customer seated at
his table. A wooden Cranio holding
the menu cnril Is 111 ted with push but-
tons opposite each iteni, and "pressing Iho button rings a boll tn tho
kitchen nnd dlspluys lho order aud
the Iiil.l.. number.
'J'ho I,lichen apparatus nlso print"
a check, 'lln* original ol' which comes
in the customer with a duplicate on
nil endless lapo. This device hns
been in sticeesstul use in New Zealand,
The strenuous minister dispenses
religion by tlio pound.
Andrew CarOeglO tells a talc about
laklng a Oormon financier travelling
In America on a visit to Niagara Calls.
Tho millionaire, accustomed to out-
burslB of wonderment nnd enthusiasm
was not u little astonished to see his
Teutonic friend Bland nnd gaze stolidly upon lliat roaring cataract with-
out oiliiclng the faintest emotion.
'•*iiiiil]y, unable ns lie admits, any
longer to conceal Jils ohagrln nud <Us
appointment Mr. Carnegie turned to
iiin companion nud asked
Don't you tl'.til. Unit's a wond-i'iil
Yot? asked  tbe Cei'iiilll
Why, Hun glgantln bod
pouring over llml lofty pt
The gentleman trom the fatherland
Blood for n fow seconds longer, ihct1
I looked up blandly and naked:
Veil.    Vat's to hinder II?
Wheu anyone says to a wise man;
Isn't that the besl. way': lie always
says ves.
Many a boy has acquired some very
good biibliri bj not following in the
footstops of Ills father.
Mlnard'a   Liniment   Cure.  Garget   In
Edward denned up .$10,000 yesterday .
l-jlvvln   Croat.     How did lie do 11?
Edward—Oh, eusy onotigh, _,oA
one ot these new machines fm- washing bank notes.
When ibiesVoiir liiisbniul Ond llmo
lo do nil bis muling?
Usually when 1 wanl  11 bim
something important,
No Likeness
(ler-se are supposed to lie symbolic
of nil that Is foolish,
Well, go on.
lint you never bcc tin obi gnndor
hoard un » million kernels of corn
and Ihen go nround trying to mate
with a gosling,
The (luiliy Pnrty—Judgo (sternly)
-• To what do you attribute your downfall?
Cnlfiii! The llrsi drink I ever look
wob one you bought me when you were
trying 10 '.ret my vote.
Eating an Apple
Do you know What you're eating?
said the doctor to the girl.
An apple, of course.
You are eating, Buid tho doctor,
albumen, sugar, gum, malic acid, gallic acid, fibre, wator and phosphorus'.
I diopa thoso things are good. They
souud alarming.
Nothing cotild be better. Vou ate
I observed, rather too much meat at
dinner; tho malic acid of iho applo
neutralizes the excess of chalky matter caused by too much meat and
thereby helps to keop you young. Apples are good tor your complexion.
Their acids drive out the noxious mutter wlilch cause skin eruptions. They
are good for your brain, which 'those
same noxious mntters lf retained render sluggish, Moreover tlio -icids
of_tho npplo diminish the acldlly of
the stomach that comes wllh some
forms ol indigestion. Tho phosphorus, of nhlch apples contain a larger
percentage than any other fruit or
vegetable, renews the essential nervous matter of tho brain and spinal
column. Oh, tho ancients were not
wrong when they esteemed tho apple
the food of the gods—the -magic re-
uoner of youth to which the gods resorted whon they felt themselves
growing old and feeble.
There are beds ot crimson clover
In that grey land far away,
And tho hawthorn boughs droop over
Km'raid slopes whero rabbits play;
There ore grey trout glancing, darling,
In the pool beneath the fall,
l-'efltb'ry  llr frees, swaying  parting
W'iltft*l!eoked azure over all.
There nro bells of purple heather
Ou the bonny trystlng brae
Where wo Bought white   sprays   to*
On tho dreary purling day.
Oh. tbo scent ot beans like honey
lu tho gloaming grey und .sweet,
Oh, ttie tlnys bo long nnd sunny
Popples flaming, 'mong the wheat.
Tiie small applicant for asslstanoe
was being Itilcivlowed by 11 member
of the local cbuiliablo organisation.
What Is your father? nsked the
charily worker.
'Pi's 1:10 father, was Ihe reply.
Yes, yee, but what is lis?
(lb, tic's me stepfather, was llie
urchin's Irritating response.
No, no, you stupid child,   I moan
whal   is  Ills occupation, linos     iio
sweep chlmueys, or drive 'liu-.es, or
A dawning llghl nf < prehension
broke over tin- bid's tentiiros,
o -ow, -ho ci-l.-d. 'B nln'l dono
no'hiu' hIuco we'in 'nil him.
Tbe Innocent Cut Off
tlnrogouernte Employi r Uo you
Applicant ror rlerkfllilii   No, sir.
Dnrogonornto Employer   in ink?
Appliennt lm- I'b-rkshlp   No, sir.
Ciircgciieiaie  Employer— Prpqilont
-ah—places ot culeitiilnnu'iH?
Applicant for Clorlnhlp—No, »lt.
rnrcgenernto Employer -Admirable,
admirable—bul II would be criminal
(0 submit such n moral tone as yours
lo association with ono of my low
typo,    tloo-.l dny.
Here's n man wlio Iiiib a queer Job,
said tho Cheerful Idiot, u in- looked
up from his paper.
What does be do? asked tiie Doob.
lie Is book'koeper for a book rell"r,
A physician tells a story ot a philanthropic doctor in a Pennsylvania
coul mining town wlio presented ench
household with a nlco new thermometer and told tho people tho necessity
of maliilalnlng proper temperature.
When making his rounds ono day he
observed his thermometer hanging in
tho room. Ho enquired of tho woman ot the house if sho had remembered hla instructions.
Indeed, sir, I do, was the response.
I hang tho thing right up thero and
I watch It carefully to seo it does not
get*too high.
Oood, exclaimed the doctor. And
wlmt do you do when the temperature
rises above 70 degrees?
Why, sir. answered the woman, with
taie nlr of one faithful to a trust,
when it gets too high T take It down
and put it outsldo until It cools off.
Tho average woman knows moro
nbout her neighbor than sho knows
about herself,
Wilson-Why do you roll your cigarettes?
Nelson—Well, old chappie, I must
lake some exercise, you know.-
Tbe lawyer, doe! or, merchant or
blacksmith dreads having another ot
his kind movo luto tiie place, especially lf the now comer excels an Ills
business. Tho farmer welcomes other good farmers and his farm is made
moro valuablo by tholr coming.
Nobody likes tho man who thinks
ho knows it all
lt ls easier to rest loo much than
work too Hiard.
Tho average man'.* popularity sol
dom outlasts his money.
A Treat
C risp, delicately
Ready to serve without
further cooking by adding
cream or milk.
Often used with frrsli
or canned fruit.
"The Memorii Lingers"
Canadian  Postum  C'oreal  Co.,
Ltd., Windsor. Onlarlo.
Distribution From tbe Oomlnlon    Es*
parlmental   Farms.    1912*1913
fly Instructions ot the Hor,. Minister ot Agriculture a distribution o!
superior sorts ot grain and potatoes
will bo mado during tho coming win*
ler aud spring to Canadian farmers
The samples for general distrlhvloa
wlll consist ot spring Wheat, U lhs|
white outs, 4 lbs; barley, 5 lbs; and
Held peas 5 lbs. These will us sor.:
out from Ottawa. A distribution of
potatoes In li lb samples wlll be carried on from several of the expert.
mental farms, the Central Farm at
Ottawa supplying only the provinces
of Ontario and Quebec. All samp! *
will be sent free, by mall.
Applicants must glvo particulars Ini
regard to the soil on their forms, antl,
somo account ot their experience with I
such kinds of grain {or potatoesi os
tliey havo grown, so that a promising
sort for tliolr conditions may be selected,
Cacti application must .<e separate
nnd must be signed by tiie applicant.
Only ono sample of grain and one of
potatoes can be sent to each farm, j
Applications on tiny kind nt printed
form cannol bo accepted, ll -■ sr
more sample! are asked for in the
lame loiter only one will be s^n:.
As Iho supply or seed !s limit, d
farmers are advised to apply early;
but lho applications will not m-rr-,-::;■
ily be niied ln the exaot order
which tbey nro recelvrd. Prefer*
enuo will nl-.viiys be given to tho moat
thoughtful ana explicit reqnosts. Applications received after ilio end ol
January win probably bo too late,
All applications for grain- (anil oil-
plications from tho produces ct On*
tario nnd Quebec for potatoes) Bhould
bo addressed to iho Dominion Cereal
1st. Central Gxporlmontal Farm, Ottawa, Suoh applications require no
postage, lt otherwise addressed tie-
lay and disappointment may occur.
Applications, fur potatoes, from
farmers ln any other province ahould
be addressed (postage prepaid) to the
Superintendent of ibo nearest Branch
Mxpcrimenlal Farm ln that province.
Awful Asthma Attacks, ls then* a
member ot your family who is 1n tihe
power of this distressing trouble? NO
service you can render iiim will ec.ial
the bringing to his attention of Dr.
J, D. Kellogg's Aslhma Itemed/. This
remarkable remedy rests Its reputation upon w-hat It has dono for others.
It has a truly wonderful record, covering years and years or buccoss in
almost every part ot this continent,
and even beyond the seas.
A Matter of no Importance
Little Kitty, with arms spread we1! J
across tho tal lo, and with llttlo tongto
well out, was bonding ovor 0 piece of
papor, ou which sho made tptecr ar.j
Illogical dots nnd murks.
Darling, cried her mother, ns she
came into the dining-room and found
the curly head flo low ovor It* task,
what uro you doing?
Oh. JtiBt writing to my friend, IdUle
Smith! answered Kltly Quietly, and
resumed her wayward scratches.
Her mother suppressed a laugh as
sho walhetl the earnest little dashes
scrawled across tlio whllo paper.
Then she llnnlly salJ, trying to Bpeak
wllli us much Indifference In ber voice
aB had her little daughter:
Dut, dearest, you don't know how
to wrlto, do you?
No, mumsle, replied tho small
scribe, as oho glanced round pityingly
at her parent. tint whnt docs tba'.
matter? Lilllo Smith can't rend.
Connuored by GI N l'l LLS
Mr. W,t>.Reld, II.u:iltou,Ont.,vi:!-.:
''I have been lor tbe last two years a
cripple with Muscular aud funawinatory
Rheumatism I tried almost everything
known 10 medical science .ud sought
change of cliuuta without relief. Vour
manager in this city recommended Glii
Pills and I have.llucetakeu eight boxea
a«d am now icred. I consider Gin
Pllla the ■Milt-tutor ef RhnimtHsm and
iaidat/ i.'i.e.-f, -.
STW. a bor, 6 lor J.'.-o. Sample irre
»you write National Drugaud Chemical
Co, ol Canada, Liailted. Vo- 1 • ■      . ..:
A taw al.tra aoutli of C.P.R. D.pol
State- li SO to $2,00 par day
Culaln. unaxcsllt!
Hat an. .aid water In .vary rtwt
H.t.l   practically' Flrapr.al
All   O.ila da   Koaitit
Everybody likes the
"The House of Plenty"
American and European Plans
Ceo.   Wright i.   Mack  C.irrol1
—tab.   on   A'elirlit   ra.l
niHkii n.:.t..i- b,. 1   ....■
horned.     Couth    i i...    mu
milk—and I1.-.I1' tin ■-- ut
sblppin-r ii;   rail or i,.--.
doea tll'l v.,-ili ii, " 111!	
Cut* fiuni  1 aldea .••; ••
Write fm- froo hoohl t.
■II  Robert  it.   Toronto,   Out,   .Mm!'.-i
tbia  paper.
_Mb maple
All groccra 25c. Ib. Tb
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colda, Ac
Made to Measure
The traveller was watting at thc
little countryalilo station r.iion he '.van
suddenly Btartlod by a sharp ringing
of a bell.
Instantly threo of the railway employees ranged themselves up Ir. a
line on the platform, nnd stood nt at*
A moment later a locomoUve Unshed by with a slnfilo oarrlogc. Out ot
tbo window ot tbo carriage. 0 man
was lcjinlng, He made hurried notes
in n pocket-booh ns lie passed.
Tho traveller marvelled greatly, and
inquired ot tho station-master tiie
meaning ot tbo strange scene lie hid
That" roplled the odiclnl. Thai ua?.
tho company's lailor measuring us for-
new sultn. '
Then tho traveller wenl mad ;.nd 1
promptly bought o station sandwich.
Very Evident
An old l)on*iKant who hept n fine
establishment received n visit from
his maldon-aunt, He toolt great pride
ln showing hcr over tho plarc audi
pointing out its many treasures, remarks Llpplncott'S. Aa a special I
favor he let her have a glimpse of (his |
fatuous wine cellar.
You're the first woman Who fcas |
over set foot In here, he said.
Gracious. I should sny I was, aif 1
replied. Why the place Is full of cob*!
If your Clothier dues nol sell
see thc other felloi
Wlillo the rev.* Orand Trunk Pacific
hotel lu Edmonton lias been christen- [
nd after Sir .lo'un A. Macdonald the
Oreat Canadian statesman I; U also'
said to bo a fact that the original net-
tier Ui the Albertan Capitol was n man
named John Maodonald, who camel
from Garth at ibo close of the eight*I
couth century nnd established what
is today 11 thriving city of 66,000 before the Hudson's nay Company erort-
cd lis fort ninl irnding station on tlu,
banks of iho Saskatchewan 1:1.1:   It
Is said Unit he crossed tbe plains wltb
on ox team In the summer of lib!1 and :
located on a farm ovcr-looltlng Un*!
river, within a siune's throw of whal
is now tin- principal   business   thor |
oughfaro.   Thus tbo "Oluitenn Moi-,
donottl," will havo double associations'
and 11 link with tin- history of the
city In which It is situated as woll us
with the history of the entire Domin -
Tbo  Dril   lime, a   youi I-   I":-     talli;
I Iii lun-, In- dm sn': land 111 in- i.-ci
j    A loan Bomotlmoi sees things, fro
a dllToronl  point of ii. .-   nfte
I wile niiilo'H  up  ber  mind
Clf-anfl  umi   dis.nfeel ■   eve \.. uv
la your home from tin cellar to thc
tittle,     Put it on your tlimtor and
dust .Inrdwood Floors, Woodwork.
Linoleum:*., Plan.****, furniture, etc.
Maltes o.'eryti..].--.  ju.-n llko  ne*
Money refunded if not BtttlBfuctorv,
Made by the
Hamilton, Canada
When Papa Sleeps
"When my pa's awnko lie's s;;i;.
Dls like you and me,
.Vever rankr-i n hit ot nolso
Dis Btill as lie tau k\
But when he goes to Bleep, oh,
Ho makps such n clatter
Scares you almost halt' to ilooth
AVond'rlng what'.-*, the matter,
fir-it ho gives a growl or two,
Then ht-pina to nimble;
Then Jets out a BOort cr two,
Then he'll groan and grumh ■
Wonder If pa'-j broke Inside.
(>r boi>n getting rusted,
'.•-.pect I'd he* ter hava him fixed
Or bo'll wske up busted,
All young widows ;■' uol
but dime of thom will i"' l( '
say yes. befw-p leap yeai ends.
We would Ilk*' to see a plctur*   ■
the man who ran always pics  • :
Self ami Ills wife a' tflo flam ■ till
Truth Is stranger Hum fl< -;.i      i'i
equally dangorous.
People nro alwnj« doing Lhli
Would condemn  in others.
A Hstoner mny bear good 11  Itlin
self   ul^cr talking Into a plioungnu. i,
'Tis jimi what we aro mul -ia:
Then give lo the world tho besl yon
have,        ,
\ud the best Mil come baek lo you.
Afier 11 man holdi ■> public O01cl.
' in' is hardly ovor ngaln willing lo
wash' Ibo llmo iiocosimo •"'■ earning
n imhk by working,
.\ girl of imi bates to bo 1(1 §o I al
most o^   mueh  OS  (I   girl  of  Urnlyj
Uui. n'l.
11 In fully  to dlTiT a Wise man a
penny  tor big Uioufthts.
Tne Playing of It
;    Town Hand Leadof—Thle Is pre.
j Most of the audience Is wooplt.'.
i    ObOO plaver- Aw, l hr*. It isn'l '
\ :V"..,rtA..J cf ilio pleeo—H's the v,
wc played It.
1    Naturally nn neirn*-* thinks shr'** i\
Btar when rtie'i pra'<«-1 to lln  i kb
She Had Such
Beautiful Hands
thai It wtn perfectly cedent
Ui..l   »...f   a.n\    8SA1',    tlir
c.iiKlnul   haitid
lO  I'-
jf homework,
I ratal tlntiifM
by oiiy olhet
nniiif tin Ml
ttuell ri -.-Titt,
•V v -> i U r a n V
Imitation*, and
remtuitar the
pirns        3s
©he IPvospectoe, ttrantivook, §* dt*
PibUefafd Ivery Saturday   Mora log at Oraabrook, B.O.
F. M. Obriiti__, Manager.
PoeUge to American, European aad other foreign countries,   60 e»U   a
year extra.
ADVBRTISEMBNTa-Adv.rtiBlng ratea furnlahed on appllcatioa. No
•dverttetmeBts but thoii of a reputable character will be accepted    for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSORIBBRS-Unleoe notice to tbe contrary
U given to local manager advertisements and aubflcriptloni will bt kept
runaing aad charged up against their accouat.
19th YEAR
N'o 25
Now that the time la fn.t approach
inn   wben   Cranbrook   should   make
some  arrangements   f"!   cclehratlntt
Dominion   Dny.   we   would   suggest
that a ball game with somo outs tie
team would be a drawing attraction
also there might be a lacn sse game.
Oranbrook has ■■ nine Bocond to none
in the amateur line.   Get tbe ground
ready—and play the game-
t • *  •
There   .•■•   considerable speculation
as to how  th*.1 six  additional  seat
to which British Columbia will be eu
titled to In the next House of Common-,  w 1!   be   apportioned.     There
will be 13 Beats, ns at present there
are Beven,  nnd  under  redistribution
there will be Bix mme.      Vancouvet
already churns three of tiie new seat-
and  has a  population  of   123,002  to
back up its claims.    The question is
where  the other three seats  to go.
Taking  in the situation  as a  whole,
and giving Vnncouvei three. Victoria
one, Nanaimo one, Comox-Atlln two
Westminster two,   Vnle-Cariboo  two,
and  Kootenay  two,    it    would    .-"-*.
that the question is fully answer:.-.!
Kootenay, according to the new cn-
whlch surely entitles it  to a  representation •■/ two, which will give to
West Kootenny one,  and  Kast  Koo
tenny one.    There ahould be no difficulty in solving thla problem, though
there will  be many  ways suggested;
but population, commercial, and ngri
c iltural  In ten s*rs,  and   the  progrcs
give r dations of the Kootenays demands Increased reprosontatloa
•  •  •  •
The prophets who havo been taking ■
advantage of the bearish turn which'
the tlghtn«sa of the   money market |
has given to business condltlont to
predict that Canada Is In for a disastrous   time   are looking Into the I
big * nd of the telescope, and In thfl
contraction which thnt point of view
gives    them    they seem to overlook ;
certain .'actors In the situation which '
dlflerentlatfl Canada, and particular '
lv Western Canada, from almost any
other  country  under  the  sun.     The
tirst point Is thnt Canada Is only in
the development stage.     Her natural
resource are only just beginning t.i
be   brought Into use.     The wea'tb .
which    is   lying   latent  in these re-j
Fources is alor.e enough  to  warran
Canada   in  beta? nu.te confident    la
the  face  of  even  greater   strlngencj
than is apparent just now.     It  will
: require    money  to develop  thee*  re
joirces,  .*n.l while that development
I ts fn  pro jress Canada  will h i.e to
'borrow  that   money.     And  as  Can
sda  becomet  bt-tter  known from  ,n
investment point of view to the caun
rri's which have th;1 money to lend.
that money will be forthcoming just
as  soon   and   just   as  often   as   it   Is
needed.     The pessimists also fail to
take into consideration the enormous
Immigration   which   is   cominij into
Can ida  annually,   nnd   which  shows
no sign of decrease--and will show
no such sign until bur reeo'irces Rre
far more developed than they are at
present. Four hundred thousand re
pie added to n population ot sjmc
eight millions in a year Is nn addition of live per cent., without taking
into consideration the natural increase. That is to sny, that Canada
purchasing power and producing pow
er is being added to nt an extmor
dinarily rapid rate. All these newcomers mean added business in eviT
line of Industry; and so long as that
increase con tin ties, Canada's business
will increase in due ratio. Tbe whol
trouble appears to he in the inability
of those wbo have the task ol .inane-
[Ug this extraordinary development
to keep UP with it. This is due puit
ly tO lack oi foresight, but also large
ly to thfl unfilled need for an educa
tlonal campaign of advertising, so
far ao Qnanelng is concerned. Ther,'
is plenty of money to be bad. if th
returns promised aro good enough.
The over subscription to thfl Chinese
oiii mowed tlwit emphatically. The
trouble is that tbe people who hav.
that money and are eager to Invee
it are not well enough acquainted
with the soundness ol tbe Held fo
investment in Canada to turn thi
attention In our direct on. That is
,t [fault which Is remedying itself l
degrees, but it is not remedying tt
sell fa^t enough to kejp faoj with
thi Irements.    Bach little Indue
io each little municlpallt/, eacb
nd company oi mortgage coo
pony goes ov_r and does its littl-,
best to drive Into the heads of in-
test rs on t-he other side of the At
lautit the truths with which we are
: amttlai here; but these effort*-
are ■■•■■... and Spasmodic, and almost
futib • ;-,:■ as reaching tbe great
mass investors ts concern 3d. 'I'he
manner In which Canada is advertised among the Knro;ean :airestor.
has abort a-; much general e3e.,t rs
sh oting spit balls through & tin tube
at an ironclad. What is require 1 it
a great big properly organ zed campaign of advertisement of Canada's
financial opportunities, similar to
the    advertising    propaganda    which
YOUR best play on the "19th."
Tee off with a bite to eat, and follow through
with that incomparable after-golf refreshment—
From an Immaculate Plant
has been so successful _« a means of
Inciting Immigration. The immigration campaign had to be or ani.ed
tn a big nnd comprehensive a ale before it became effective—Just es I. the
rase In up-to-date commercial advertising. Until that organization is off
Opted on a big enough scale, and on
a basis which will he bacl eil by a
authority which will c .iry the po
per weight, Canada will never bo abl
to touch the pockets of tho InVtB o
in general in a manner any whei e
nearly commensurate with her needs
I'he Domin.on governomout has d n
splendidly with its advei Using rum
paign (or the aoqulii i n uf lundt) for
financing the enterprises which th
advent of theae s t.tiers has mad'
poOstble i n 1 necessary Winnipeg 8ft1
utday Post,
Pantages Vaudeville
8 tart In < with Wednesday, June -J:-.
i'ranSrook will i.e q regular point of
the Pantages Circuit, one of the Inr
•est Vttundeviile circuits In Amar.0.1,
On ihe opening bill will be ono ot
Vaudeville's best "Charles K-n in'
oi his origin il character monologue,
"lhe Street   Fakir."    Kiuiui is a poa
itive scream, llis impersonation o
ihe Fakir one see*, on the street coiner ij. a continuous laugh from start
to finish.
Harry Perns, Mien Dennett and
company wl.1 io seen in a dramatic
race track oplsode, ontl I'd "The
Favorite." This company is credited wtth an exceptionally clever play
let aad scored heavily in Calgary
last week.
La petite Alva vaudeville's daln
test juvenile comedienne, will oiler
something distinctly original in the
way of character Bon.s and dances.
This charming youngster is ouly
eight years of age; but whit she lack
in years, she more than makes up by
her clever performance.
The three Troubadours, a trio cf
singing comedt ins, who are said to
make the late rag success sound like
grand opera, will be found a very a
teptable feature. Theso boys were a
nig success all through the East dur-
,ng   the   current   season,   and   wil
doubtlessly   repeat that performana
on this, tbeir tirst trip to the west
The LaVoles, a duo of se.isationa,
slack wire artists will pie.e it a
thriller entitled "A sensation on th.
wire" consisting of seemingly impo.*)
sible feats. This act mist be see.,
to be apprec'a.ed-
All lovers of good clean refined
vaudeville will no doubt be on hand
Wed i sd .y evening to bee the opening
jf Pantiges attractlo a in (ranbrook
and no doubt is enterta n id as to
these shows being a perms a nt f a
ture at the Auditorium every wee-..
Tl.e m.On  plant  of   Anbeuier-Ruscl.   require* 1 lo separate building!!.
It covers 142 acres, equal to 7(>chy blocks.
6,000 peopla art- employed here and l ,g00
others  iii  branrbi-s.
Home cleanliness is maintained In every
nook und corner of this institution.
One can't ko through on a  tour of  inspection, as hundreds do each duy, and not
lift a quality •impression.
Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis
The Largest Plant nf Its Kind
in the World
Soma nl the Principal
—   ...    -_.   r    ,  .*1I>ITT> I
irfmmi\_~_K._tl I. li:, l|-,;,i il li II i'ILUlai..hy|l*v:-:'
z_zmi.M_i_.xmm_m U_^_M^_^fE^>rW'"''ll
t^UmP    V •'     - ■"""*" '■*       •*__<>  'j_ ****** ''.^r'ti*,* _      £j. '"•'»-...•*'    **jJ**»i 6),,,
liiiiiiiiiiliiSiliiliiliailiillliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiitnr  iiiiiiniNniiiilliiKilillllllillllllllillillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllin^
Distributor CRANBROOK, B. C.
iiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiini niiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii! '■, e^^iiMr,',;-.;-:/'!!'^ -:_ , ■.
The rapidity with which cars ar.
made in the plant of the Kord Motoi
; company, was shown recently whin &
j gang ussembled a car complete   an_
■ ran It off under its own power in just
. two and one-half minutes.
The   operation was performed for
i the benefit of a picture concern, ant.
the picture will be shown thto-ighoji
the country.
Under  the  manufacturing  schedule
now current at the Ford plant a  cn
! ia produced every 40 seconds, but, oi
- course, a number of cars ure bein
assembled at tbe same time.
For thc motion picture machine,
however, thc entire operation was
gone through singly. A place was
cleared on tbe assembling floor a.
the camera focused. Then eight men
went to work. The frame was set up,
the axles placed, the motor installed
the wheels attached, the transmission
connected up, the body bolted i
place, all necessories including lamp
, horn, etc., fastened on properly, ten
filled  and  the  crank  given  a  turn,
which started the motor as a drivei
(took his sent.   The car moved out to
tbe loading platform in just two and
one-half minutes.
A  number  nl   pictures  were  take.
, around the Ford plant and the ope
ator was fortunate enough to catch
Mr. Ford personally testing the big
i 5,000 horse power gas engine which
1 will Boon be supplying power to tht
' Ford Factory,
Novel JExhibits
In connection with the Canadian
Koreetry Association Cunndlan Con-
I vention in Winnipeg, on the 7th, Hth
nnd '.Uh (if .Inly, there will be inter-
.'iitlnj! i-xhil.itk oi (nreHt woods nud
forest Insects, which will eniilili* the
people of the (iriilrieH to nee nt oni-c
I he quality of the vurioUH kinds of
timber growing in llm province, mul
tbo |ieiitn which mr most d'fttructlvc
to them. HupcrtH hnve been engaged
in rciiciireh und collection with the
object of milking the form of thes.
exhlbiti! ne Interesting ne possible lo
the general public.
It le expected that then will he n
We beg to Announce that
we have disposed of our
Grocery Business to Ira R.
Manning who will take
charge   on   July   Second.
Our stock is very large and in order to
reduce it we are offering some
Great Reductions
Which Will Continue
Until June 30th
We will not, herein, quote prices but
can assure you it will pay you well to
visit our store as the stock must be reduced before July Second.
On August First
We hope to be ready to
open a strictly Up-to-Date
Full Announcement will be made through
this space at a later date.
We thank you for your patronage
during past years and we hope to have
your consideration in our new undertaking.
number of other features ln connec-
tlan wltb the convention whi.h will
give it a distinctly unique interest
to all those attending. There are
assurances from a large number of
forestry experts and officials, both
in Canada and the United States,
that they will be in attendance, and
it ia assured that the convention will
be one ot the beet In the hie ory of
the Association.
Mr. Lawler, the secretary of th
Association, reports thut the recto
advances In Ideas of wise use of thc
forest resource are very noticeable In
lhe We-t at the present time, nnd
that it Is not unlikely, consid rin.■
thc deinunilH whloh arc being mud:
on nil sides for f irtlii-r sciin'.ltic mnn
agerhent, und In view of ths Importance 01 thc questions to he cone'd*
ered at the Winnipeg Convention
lhat considerable progress n tould be
the outcome of the present activities
The Timber Industry
(Comtlnued irom Page One)
extcn.e wiih piactlcnlly nothing. In
compariso i with the revenue return tt
to the Crown, the money invented in
thin way wa*. tut a tenth. More and
n ore money can he Rpent upon this
wor it w thOut injuring to the plight
est extent the income of the Province.
Hut greater than the work of tho
ranger,-., and vaHtly more importnn
than tbe expni liture tor their activities Ik the expenditure by -every citizen or tho province of care over all
the sources of damter which enter into hit. every day life. A t-in'le clg
arette butt thrown i.nreh->sly by lh'
road-Hide will occasion a fire which
will wipe out more value in timber
than would buy the Province cigar
ettes for tbe neit tlfty yeara} a Httle
careleHStieHH with brush biirnln * mu
occasion a fire which will burn u
more than the  cleared land   of  the
Cranbrook and Fernie Water
Before the Board of Investigation
NOTICI*' IH IflCURIIY GIVP-N tlmt thc iliilms tn wnter right* in tbe
Cranbrook nnd Kernie Water Districts nml objections to the suid claims
will be lii'iiiil anil determined nt the places hereinafter mentioned, vie:
At the Court House, Oranbrook  on  the   Iiiih  and   17th  days ot
.lime,   1913, at nine o'clock in tlio forenoon local time, for all claims
to water flowing li'onl the Went Intn the Kootenay Itlver nml Its western tributaries, Inollldlng the Moyie Blvor nml its tributaries.
At tlic I'ourt House in Kernie on the mth day of June, 1913, at
nine o'clock in the forenoon locul time, for nil claims to water flowing into the Kik HI ver and its tributaries above the Canadian Pacific
Hallway llrnlge over the said P'lk Kiver. At the l.nck-up in Rlko on
the mill dny of June, 1913, at nine o'clock in tho forenoon local time
for ull eli.iiiiN to waters flowing from the Kast into the Kootenay
Hlvcr and lie tributaries between Canadian Piicillc Itnllway Bridge at
Wardner nnd tbe lnternutinnul lloiindnry,
At tiie Court House in Kort Hteele on the 20th day of June, 1913,
ut ten o'clock in the forenoon tor all claims to water flowing (rom the
laiist into the Kootenay Itiver an il Its tributaries between the Canadian
I'aclilc Itnllway Dridgo at Wardner nnd the Southern boundary ot the
Holder Wnter District.
By Order of the Board,
Victoria, II. 0, Chairman.
10th May,   1913. 205t
wh.'le valley will produce in the life
nf him whn neglected his blaze; if
hole punched In n donkey stuck, or
neglect in the use of fire pans might
consume tbe money which would be
devoted to logging machinery for
thnt timVcr district for the neit generation; nn iiiieari'il for cum->-tlrc
und Ibis is the greatest source of
dnnger of all—may burn away In tlu
ground nnd finally blli.e up In i
mighty oonNftgratlon which wil.
swoop nwny more wraith thnn wouli.
be produced by the mines, wh ch the
careless camper or prospector mlghl
uncover In nil IiIh gill geoklnK dnys.
If the nvorngo cltlnen will give hie
moral support to all the actlvitiee of
the Government in ita efforts to put
out flies; will work hnnd in hand
with the District Forest ofllcers and
i'cs|ond quickly when the call comes
for uiislHtnncii to n fire, he wlll build
fnr more timidly nnd serurely thnn
lie Imagines, thc basis ol prosperity
for himself, for Ihi peopla n hie
community and for the coning generation. Ihero dovnlvea upi n every
iihiii Iii the province a duty to hli
country In this regard, and be wlll
nerve bis native land who do • the
simple nets of carefulness and prevention In Uii- ordinary coi.rso ot his
daily occupation. I"
t *** M** 11 **** 11 ** I * 11. 111 lit MM I IIH 11 ***
professional   Carbs ]
£obge   Hotices
Court Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aid
4th Thuraday ol each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec., P.O. Boi Ml.
Tuning Brothere Cordially Welcomed
(•ranbrook Branch)
Meets  lu Carmen's  Hall   1st and
3rd Thursdays   in every  month, at
I p.m.  Membefehlp open to British
1.. T, Brake, Pres,
li. Pearron, Secretary
Box 618
▼letting members cordially welcome
A. F. * A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
tblrd  Thursday   ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
, B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
P.L.B.   <V C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   F.   SURD
Barrister, Solicitor, ete,
□RANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetlnge;—2nd Tueeday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Bi. Oomp.—A. 0. Shankland, B,
Cranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. 88
Meets every Tueeday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hnrrie, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S.
B. A. HIU, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Do. 41
Meats every Monday night
at Baw   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. 0. Sec'y
Circle No.  118
Companions ol the Forest
Meeta ln Oarmen'a Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each Month at
8:00 p.m., aharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, 0. 0.
Mra. A. B. Shaw, Sec.
Visiting  Companions  cordially  wen-
come. 8611
Oranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m.,
in Royal Blaek
Knight's HaU on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd nnd 4th Thuraday
ot each month at 9 p.m. aharp.
Mra. L. Hayward, Ree. 8ec.
Geo. Ladds, chlel ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
President—0. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry matUrs
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Onngi
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday in
Royal Black
Knlghta ol Ireland :iall at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitors
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Scob«..'* Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure pt___ti
Ale .hoi. Tobacco sad Drug..  It cnatmcM Ike
■an ilt-osi tn.UDilr-i.mo.M all cre-iafs.
"ler I.tlm the tt.ilm.nl (bin wlll sever be uy
M IcMilak Inloilc.ol. cr an dinf.af.le-.Cu
li.u.Hcrajl;. .We b.va yet te beer ef eat
' ^S5'SiVT"ii6»"«2
illSfa-  lsfiH*M{ «B(I«r "itMcitreoVtf'ioaoVjd-
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    •    British Oolumbla
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236        Phone 222
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Dre.   KINO  ft   QRBBN
Phyetciane and Surgeons
Ofllce at Residence, Armatrong Ave
Otlice Hours:—
Forenoons - • 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - • • 7.80 to   3.30
Sundays • - - 2,30 to   4.80
Oranbrook,     .....    B.O,
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenue Neat to City Hell
Op-n Day and Night Phase 111
Funeral Direotor,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering 6? McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Steam Boiler,  Furnace,
•nd Septic Tank work
a gpeolaltj
Coat and (took eitimatei
furnished on application.
I    AMraaa i P. O. lea He, Ctubreeh
Paper Hanging:, Painting and
Before consulting other, call
Phone it or 78
■tat Workmanship and Workman in Town
****** 1111111 IHI"I I. It'M 1H 1111111111111111 ***************** 11 ***•* t
" t
Ti*! 111111IIIH t T11 **************************
1111111 ii 1111 i i i ■ ■ 11'' '■■'' "«■«■«""""■»"'■'« !'■ "■
j;_l'Hl'H'H III 11 lllll I l-M'H't-H-l't I'H'111 I'I'I ***** 11 ***i . ******** '**** J J
Fall Fair
18th & 19th
•in *******************
NOTICE is hereby givm tbat meetings ot the Provinclnl Agricultural
Commission will be held at thc til
lowing places:—
Balfour—June  27th,   10 a.m.
Creston—June 28th, 2 p.m.
Cranbrook—July Is;, 9.30 a.m.
Wasa—July  1st,   7.30 p.m.
Windermere—July 2nd, 7.30 p.m.
Wilmer—July 3rd, 10 a.m.
Gojden-July Sth, 10 a.m.
The Commission will hear evidence
on nil matters aftectlng agricultural
conditions ln the Frovlnie. All per
sons interested are Invited to be present.
C. B. Christeneen,
Secretary. M**t.
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
E. H. McPhee, Secretary of the
Crnnbrook School Braid, will be received up to <6, p.m. Saturday, June
21st, 1913, for the Cement Work,
Painting and Plumbing at the Cranbrook School.
Specifications ot the work mny be
seen at the office of tbe Crnnbrook
Electric Light Co, Limited.
Separate tenders will be required
for eacb section of the work nn des
crlbcd in tbe specifications.
A marked cheque tor 10 p.c, of the
amount of each tender drawn on a
chartered bnnk of Cnnada, made pny-
ablo to tbo order of the Cranbrco
School Board, must accompany e-ch
All unsuccessful tender, ra will hav>
their cheques returned, The Board
will hold the cheques of tbe successful tenderers until the final comple
tion of the work, and should the sue
cesstul tenderers refuse to enter int<
a contract with the llo ird for the
work as tendered on, their cheques
will lie forfeited.
The lowest or nny tender not ne.
ccssurlly accepted.
E. H. Mcl'hee,
Sec'y. of School 1 oaid
Cranlirook, June  llth,   1,13.     24-21
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate certillcate of
Title to Lot 707 Group One, Kootm
ay District.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt lt is
my Intention to Issuo ut tlic expiration of one month after the first publication hereof n duplicate of the certificate of Title to the abovo mentioned lot in the name of Charlos Le
Roy Hochtel Bechtel, which certillcate Is dated the 18th* April, 1907
nnd numbered 683!iA.
Dnted at Nolson, 11. C,
April 22nd,  1913.
23-Mt S. R, ROE,
District lleglstrnr
Presbyterian Church
Pastoral—. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning Service   nt   11.00   A. H.
11 a.m.—Rev. W. Elson Duohum, of
the Methodist Church will be th
preacher.—Subject "The Goal of the
Sunday School and Bible Claas at
a p.m.—Young people invited.
Worshipping in the Methodist
Church.   All are invited.
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captaia W. J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Sunday Servlcoa-
11 a.m.—Holiness Servlee
3 p.m.—Bible Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Solvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
servloea at 8 p.m.
Catholic Church
Sundays—Low masa at 1:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
Irom 2 to 8 p.m., Rosary and Bens-
action at 7:80 p.m.
Mondaya and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Weak days-Mass at ( a.m. at the
P.Plamatrston, O.M.I.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership between T. H. Christian
and A. E. Jones of Cranbrook, B.C.,
who traded under the firm name of
MessrB, Christian & Jones, was dissolved on the 23rd day of May, 1913,
by mutual consent.
T. H, Christian.
a, _. Jones. 22-4t.
For n License to tn'ic nml use wuter
NOTICE Ib hereby givon that I'etir
W. Hull of Wasn, B.C., will npply for
n licence lo tn'ie i,nd lire ono cubicI
foot per second of wntor out of Tat.
Creek, which Hows in a south-castor,
ly direction through l.ot 6082 und
empties into Kootnuy river. Tho
wuter will be diverted nt ISO feet
wost ot west line of l.'ot GGH2 und will
bo used tor irrigation in -poses on
tin- land described ns Lot l',l)H2, Kootenay,
Th's notice wns posted on th'i
ground on the 10th dny of June, 1913
'lln implication will be tiled In tho
olllce of tho Wnter lleconlor «t Omn-
Objectioni   may   be Mini with th
snld   Water   Recordor   or   with   thc
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament lluildin s, Victoria, B.C.
2,-'t Applicant
Department of Works
Notice to Contractors
"Orestoli School."
SEALED TENDERS, superscribe*
"Tinder for Orestcn School Exlcn
slon," wlll be received by the Hon
ornlilo, the Minister of 1'llhllc Works
[tip to noon of Monday, the 80th iin
of June, 1913, lm- tin erection nnd
completion of n tno room extension
to the scho/l-bouso nt Creston, li
thc Ymlr Electoral Dlstrlot,
Tbo work to lie started Immediately on acceptance of tomlor nnd iiiui.li
ed nnd bunded over ready for oooupn
tlon nu or boforo August  25th, 1913
I'liuis, specifications, contract, i.n
fomiH of tender mny bo scon on un 1
nftor thc ICth dny rt' June, 1913, nl
iilllce of Mr. W. I'. TeOtKOl, liii.'vrii-
lii-nt Agent, Nelini; Mr. .1. Oromp-
ton, Secretary to the School Boird,
Creston; nml the Department of Public Work.'   Victoria.
Intend n'l tenderers can, for the sum
of ten dollars if nn, obtain one copy ol
the  pluns nml specifications hy ap
plying to the undnrsl' n d. This sum
will be refunded wben tbo pluns ure
returned in good order.
Euch in-iipo ul must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certi-
icate of deposit on u chartered bunk
of Cnnadii, mftde puyahle to the Honourable, the Minister of l'ublic i*'orks,
for a sum equal to 10 per cent, o'
tender, which thill be forfeited if the
pHrty tendering decline to enter into
contract, when called u* on to do so,
or if he (nil to complete the work
contracted for. 'I ho cheques or certificates of deioslt of unsuccessfu'
tenderers will be returned to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be consi lercd in
less made out on the forms supplied,
si*ned with tbe actual sign iture of
the tinderer, aid enclosed iu the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any t-ndor not necessarily accepted.
Public  Works  Engineer.
Department of l'ublic Works,
Victoria, B. C, June 10th, 1913.
SITTINGS of the Provinclnl Labour Commission wlll be held as follows:—
Golden—Frldny, June Gth, 10. a.
Athalmer—Monduy, Juno Oth, 10
Crnnbrook—Tuesdny, June 10th, 10
Klmberley—Wednesday. Juno llth,
2. p. m
Fernie—Thursday. Juno 12th, 8 p.
Michel-Saturday. June 14th, 11
Creston—Monday, June ICth. 8 p.m.
Kaslo-Wednesday, June 18tb, 2 p.
Nelson—Thursday, June 19th, 4 p.
The Commission Is empowered to
inquire into nil mutters uflecting tlic
conditions of labour in British Foi i
utnbin All persons interested are
Invited to nttend nnd glvo evidence.
f. n. mcnamara,
Secretary. 22 -,.t
to the undersigned, his name and
address and thc full particulars of
his claim ur interest, and a Btute-
ment ot his account and tbe nature
of tbe security (if any; held by him.
Atter tbo snld lust mentioned date
the Administrator wlll proceed with
tho distribution of the cBtutc having
regard to thoso claims ouly of which
he shull have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 29th day
of Mny,   1913.
22-4t. Omclal Admiujstrati
about lu chulnB, South nbout 40
chnins, West about 2(1 chuins, South
ubout 20 chains and WeBt about „u
chains, tu point  of commencement.
Locuteil   this    -tth   duy   of  March,
T. II. Procter, Locator.
Juntos Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that slit.
(GO) days from date 1 intend to i p*
ply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for t'oul and Pot*
roleum over the following described
landB situnte in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Commencing at a post planted nl
about 20 chulns Past uf 'the Northwest corner of Lot 11140 and one
milo North of the International
Boundary thence South su chains.
West U0 chains. Nortli Hn chains nml
East K0 chains to point of commence*
Located this   22nd day of March
Richard Holme Locatoi.
Jnmes Fisher, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that si •■>
(GO) days from date 1 intend to up
ply to tho Minister of Lnnds for u
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over tbe following descri ,uil
lands situnte In Lot 4.".-j;i Southeast
Kootenay, Dritisb Columbia,
Commencing at a post planted ut
about 20 chains Knst of the Northwest corner of Lot 11140 and one
mile North of tho Internutlonal Boun
dnry, thence North 80 chains, West
30 chains, South 80 chains and East
80 chaiiiH to Point of commencement.
Located this 22nd day of March,
Edward E, McClintock, Locator
.Tames Fisher, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tha* on tht
2nd day of May, 1913,
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge ot
tbe County Court of East Kootenay,
tbat James A.Arnold,Official Admlnls
trator for thnt portion of thc County
of Kootenny Included in the Electoral Distr ct tl Crnnbrook be Administrator of all and siugulur tbs
i-stute of Charles Watson, deceased
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to tho undersigned.
Every person having lu possession
effects  belonging  to  tl'e  deceased  ls
required    forthwith    to    notify    the
Every     creditor    or other   person
j bavlng nny claim    upon or   Interest
I iu the distribution of the estate   of
| the snld deceased is required .to send
before   the   13th   dny of Juno,   1913
next, by registerod    mail    addressed
to tho undersigned,   bis nume     and
address nnd the    full particulars   ot
bis claim or   interest, and    a statement of bis account  und  ttie uature
of the security (if any; bold by him.
Atter tlio snld last mentioned dute
tbo Administrator will procoed with
the distribution of ttie estate having
regard to those rlailna only of which
ho shall have bad notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 2nd day ot
Mny,   1913,
20-.lt Official Administrator.
NOTICE is beroby given thnt sixtj.
(60) days from date I intend to apply to tlio Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect tor Coul and Petroleum over the following deseri„ed
lands sitllllto in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, Hritisb Columbia,
Comincnciug at a post planted ut
the Southeast corner of Lot 7101,
thenco North 40 chnins, East about
70 chnins, South 40 chains and West
about 70 chains, to point of commencement.
Located this 24th day of March.
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that six*)
(60) days from dute I intend to apply to the Minister of Lnnds for i,
licence to prospeet for Coul and Petroleum over the following described
lands Bltuate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenny, Hritisb Columbln!
Commencing at a post planted ut
tbo Sunt heust comer of Lot 7401,
thenco ubout 70 chuins Soutb, East
about 70 chains, North about 70
chains nnd West aliout CO chains 11
point of commencemenc.
Locntcd this 24th day of Murcb,
T. 0. Procter, Locator,
JaiucB Fisher Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty
(GO) dnys trom date I intend to apply to tbe Minister of Lands tor n
licence to prospect for Conl and Petroleum over thc following described
lands situnte in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenny, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted nt
the Southeast corner of l.ot 73'j",
thence South 80 chains, East about
10 chnins, North nbout 20 chains,
Enst about 50 chains, North about
CO chuins, and West about 50 chains
to point ol commencement.
Located this 24th day of Mnrch.
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe North
west Territories snd in a portion of
tbs Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years st an annual rental of 11
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by tbe applicant in person ta
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district in which tbe rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and ln unsur-
veysd territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accotn- -
panied by a fee of fS which will be
refunded if the rights npplied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent wltb sworn return.
accounting tor tbe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined end pay ths
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, suoh
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
Tbe lease will Include tbe coal mining rights only, but tbe leasee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered nocessnry for tbe working ot
the mine at the rate of lio.oo an acre
For full information application
should be made to tbe Secretary ot
the Department of tbo Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agont or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion LandB,
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ot the Interior
N.U.—Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4th-U
-District of South-East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICK tbat I, Thomas
Christian, contractor, intend, tnlrty
days after date to apply to the Minister of Lands for permission to purchase tbe following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
the East bank of the Moyle river,
near tbe southeast corner ol lot
10106, thence east 10 chains; thenee
south 40 chains; theace weat 80
chains; thonce north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
A. B. GRACE, Wltneee.
Dated, March 29, 1913. 14-tt
Notice Is hereby given thnt on the
29th day of May, 1913.
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of
the County Court, of Bast Kootenny,
that James A.Armolil.tHllrinl Admlnls
trator for that portion of the County
of Kootenny Included in the Electoral Dlstr ct ot Crnnbrook be Administrator of all and singular the
estate of Frederick Aaron Ogger do
ceased Intestnte.
Every person indebted to the snid
decoased is required to make pay-
meat lorthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In possession
olliicta belonging to tbe deceased Is
required forthwith to notlty tbe
Kvery creditor or other person
having any claim upon or Interest
in ths distribution of the estate ol
tbe said deceased Is required to send
belore the Hh dny of July, 1913
neit, hr registered   mall   addressed
NOTICE is hereby given that mxl.
(60} days from dute 1 intend tu . ;>
ply to the Minister of laiu-l for n
licence to prospect for Coul und Pet
roleum over the following described
lands sltunte in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenny, British Columbln,
Commencing nt a post planted at
the Southwest corner ol Lot 72HC
tbence 120 chums North, 400 feot
West, 120 chnins South and toil foot
Eust, claiming ull ground lying be
tween  lots 72SC, 72H5, 7137 nml 713!,.
Lornlcd this 22nd day of March,
Jnmes Fisher, Loentor,
NOTICE Is beroby given thnt sixty
(CO) dnys from data I Intend to apply to thn Minister of Lands (or n
licence to prospect fur Coal nnd Pet
roleum over tllfl lollowlng described
lands sltunte in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootonny, Dritisb Columbia.
Commencing nt u post planted at
the Southoust corner of Lot 7397,
thonce North 30 cliuins, Eust 30
chains, Soutb about  20 chains, Wost
District of South-East Kootenar
TAKB NOTICE that Jobn Heiry
Llsmer of ('ranbrook, D.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing nt a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot I6J7,
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 ch-iins, tbence north 40
chains, thonce east 20 cbalna, thence
south 40 chains to the point ol
commencement, and containing 80
acres more or loss.
Dated March 28th, 1913. 14-tt
(Section   :,3j.
on tbo 16th day of June next, appll'
cation wil' lie mude to the Huporiu
lemlent of Police /or thu transfer of
the llcenco for the snle ot liquor by
wholesale In and upon the premises
'mown ns the "Moylo Brewery" sltunte ut Moylo, D. (!., from the snld
premises to the promises on lot SO,
Croup I, nillolnliig tho City of Crnnbrook, II. ('.
Dnted ibis   IClli dny of Mny,   1913.
Mueller & iiosso,
I'll St.. Holders of tbe lb-euro. THE  PllOSrECTOR, G'aiA.Ytfl'OOK, b. c.
SANOL   ii  the    Most    Reliable    and
R-ipicJ  C-re  for this   Painful  and
6a-.3c  ■■■.,■.     Disease.   Strong
ire Juinflrrds of Buffercra (rom
fali-utortoa wlio will be tilau to Itnow ot
ne great rasultn bottuj derived from t Ue
iis™ ot SAKOU the roinody thai Ib safe.
•Oi-. anj rcraarfcabl) rupld In Iih actlcii.
It rom .'i tho necessity ,-f no operation.
Relief cornea promptly, lho Rtones briny:
cH.se] 'ed or pawed oft in tho stool without danger to 11.0 pntlent n.vl without
pah BANOL haa cured hundreds vt
pet*, le li Canada or this painful and don>
f;oroua d lease. We have many testtmon-
b.!.' from people who have thua Ueon
cured, For obvious rensona we cannot
publtah their names but many o( these
who have been cured arc rmlte "-ininp tn
tall othern In confidence or thc results of
ub..'k fcLUVOLi We art able to (jive
names ana addresses of numbers of
thele and will glo...v do so to till who
Ir ::   e.
The following -■■:■::<' I la tulten from the
lettw  of .-   .-. 1:       •■■"  '*'":■'"
"Hi plying to ro , |i Lte ■ ' foi 1     I youi
in*':'. and 1 I two ■■■
HXSO i,. 1 ou 1 is ' *•■-■ dm hs un eh
..; tl < n i"    ',■.':■■!      (11 ■■ iy
way help the or.-'* ol 8AXOI. ond by doing so ni sonic oil unfoi tin ■ ■. 1
wi.i ta oni) ti o plead tl lo do m". as r
• .■)• ili er li the In it re ly 1 rer itimlt*.
ITou ' *■     .\ tnodiclne llmt la wui'th iiiil-
1!..' *i  '
.- rot* i.i 1 cad. • - -. ■.-■'.. 1 i*v
Iha *    '■ ■■■  prol ■ • li       I  Canada »-•* a
..-..• ■■■  ■ '.     fOT   K.'i"  .'"   ato    -■    - ill
ato < kid -■• fllsi.' w, ui avel, at ne ■ .-'
the i-i (Met ai < al oth 1 fl -■ a -
1 ie 1 . 1 ... :■ .*.' uric acid l-i iho •*>■■ stem.
BANOIi la ..;"- a great and 1 Ha a | n ■
v - r. d If talten at any time by those
wiii ■ •" ■■ I" • weaUness of the Ictuney nr
bladi .-'.  \. I    often pre >us il!
SANOL Is made oni tho  BANOZ.
077 Main Street Winnipeg H'oi lale bj
nl'. drua/eists or direct from the makers
nt ('."■• pe.  ' ittle.
T.-.-.W Tree.     A ■-.»,:.
n«m«  (realm*.! removed
-jap f:-)*-" ','■• Is!.   . U'-tit
Old ivres. uicen ..d
fr_*<*.hi ,- ■; -tl.     Desti-ib*
rear trail)!*: wt will ae*. kottkaad testfn«tlal«.
■__.aa.i_ and Ba'A^rma.ke.1
Better,   ot   all     -ludi   Bntfatf,
Pun?*, sod Heavy p!a -» rVork
Write us Ur Price*
14 fttrachsn Ave,. T.ronio. Ci/tada
itoifa 80-
«.-: i.-f.-'crs'trv vr;.v.
HOTIUtK-   f..i   Ui«it     '
.._-■ beea '
MItUONS of 1
 ._RK-N    U'HII.a ■
tOuTHits fie Cilit.t*. b<>. _EN3 the GUMS, |
ii i'■.fi.e-.i m.e-W lot DIARRIKBA. It 1* ab-
glutei? bsmlea*. B« mre tad a-k far ' Mra.
WlaBlow'- Boothiag Syrup/' -**<i take au otae*"
kind,  Iwe»ty*fi« ceati • botiic.
$65 to $200
A PTi-t,1lt. t *»»ri. n new i»r<*f<*sil«in.
t^r.t-ii v->-i.i Welin-niJ'iiiif.-fi'ii*-!-.
t i"-tirort 1111-11 l-i-fi.i--, Alny l-tl, 10i:i.
SWp Yonr
hides and furs
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lucy {3 Lady Byron, and Chrlstabel
ti»e   Militant   Suffragette
Under     ttio    headius     "A Soold-
Ing    for  Chrlstnbel,'       [.nils  Uj'roii
ImB  writiiMi iin  open  l&tter to Miss
Ohi-lBtftb.l  Ptt'ikhural  urging her to
abandon tho suicidal pollcj  or uiUi-
Uuu suffragist atothods,
Lady  Dyron saya  In  her letter:
Dear Misa Christabel Pankhural -
The name Christabol is a cltnrnilng
one—It conjures up a Melon of youtli
and beaut}*- -and ir suit.*, yon, for you
arc young,  beautiful and  brilliantly
clever, and because you art* except ion-
ally giftod 1 feel l must scold you,
Nobody Wees be.Ing scolded, bo 1 will
try to dq it as nicely na l cnn.
Wben I flrst becamo Interested tn
woman'-, suffrage T found that although many old-fnshioned people
thought it very shocking, tho majority were ready to admit Ita j ■ Uoe.
Had Friends In Parliament
rn parliament you had more friends
tban ftfes. The governinenl was constantly worried and hampered by year
unexpected and unwelcome attei [ons,
and when Wluston Churcbil] ivas ( im*«
pletely silenced by a pi ty rli
Ing a big dinner hell iho world laughed, if. was almost as rid ■ loua s
when be coll. tl out the ■ ■ deal
with tl    Sid no;  stro. I ■ irglars.
So loi g is 1 ■ ■■ lopti tl amusing
mel iodfl :■ m ;:-: ■■ 1 il the cause and
steadily goii ed ■, m pa thy from all
classes; but alas; yen were not eon-
ti ■" all a'ab R Ing well, Some
evil Bpirlt whispered In your car, Militancy, -Mid what has been the ri
Since the fatal day  .     a evi      one
was horrified to hear of reQned women deseendii.s 10 tbe level 1
j eons by smashing tne    '■ d ■»- ol In*
. nocent sbop-ki epi   - of       km
; pr        -:.    ■'■       ...      ,     -,* ■<.   tbe
! word suffragette  beenn     as 1    . ■■■
for a vulgar, I \ Irago.      The
■*■' - n rli
j.*-* io1  the moi it and
Ined Ink from
Why will   ou adi ocai    this suit
Lal policy? Yo ■ - the Suffrage
that yo - -■-•        an   :
How do you pro
gain woman's suffr        oless you can
. »mi      .■'-.. .
of v.  ...'■   tin *        . , * -,.       ,.0
Vindication of Violence
Vour i ehement vindh aU       '  ■; -
lance has made the cause s   1 ipi
lar that now yo ■■■'.   mls-
Vou hare done 1    cb, but
se> tn   I *  see  tba tittle   ■ • rid ,
wisdom la :.'■> sssarj Leava violence
to the vulgar and try tactfuj :.ic--
tics once mere,
Porglve me tor r:.'*< lee ure Uy
sympathy is with you, but as you love
'iio cause leave militancy—the argument of the prehistoric man <y
those   who  S;now   no  better.
P.S,—Vou Bay, Violence h ncces-j
sary, violence keeps ua lieforo the
publie. But !.-- there no other way?
I will make ynu a sporting offer.
If you will induce 670 of your friends!
ea_h to buy n parrot nnd" teach it to j
say "Vote*, for Women" by the 16th j
of next December, I wlll promise to;
supply tho vlolel and vrlUte cages
for them and .send them to each mem-!
ber ot parliament, wishing him a hap-]
py New Vein If women gel tht vi ;e.
Don't you think that might prove a.
perauasivo a.** Betting lire to their
The Plan That Failed
Up was n dear old professur, very
learned and very at<s.ii!-ra.nfled. And
Hip latter trait of his was constantly
gutting him IntD hot water. Thla
did not worry him so muoh as the
one fact lhat ho could never Had his
clothes lu the morning on getting up,
having completely forgotten where he
had laid them.
One memorable day, however, a
brilliant inspiration came to him. Ho
would devise a clothes plan. He did,
aud It ran something llko this:
Coat on third peg left hand corner
of room, waistcoat and truiiBers on
chair by bed, collar on door-handle,
tie through key of door, vest on floor
by window, cuffs on bedstead knobs,
shirt on portmanteau, socks on gas-
bracket, boots outside door, professor
In bed.
This worked splendidly, and next
morning the dear Old thing collected
hts wardrobe with lightning rapidity,
until he camo to tho last Item on hts
list. He rushed to the bed; but It
was emptj.
Running his hand through his
scanty grey locks, he exolalra _, lu
deep despnlr:
Thero! Now the profeBsor Is lest.
I'm much afraid after all this plan is
ao gi ->ii
Jo yo '. are going to school, my nt-
tie man'.' Well. well. And what do
yea learn at school?
Ftendin' an' wr]      .     u LhmeUc.
Why, l   didn't
tfti    .- ■  ose l ill      *     mors   \\   •■■
do     : I! e?
In that flat building?
Whlc'a fleer do you  live oni
1 don't know
Count up an I
I can't,
Vou can't,     1 thought        taJd fou
d artthmetlc?
I do, but 1 oan't count Uiat far   et
>i        '■ only got to ten In . ur 1 la tt
Raw. *n*)_med. Itcnin-fl Sk-n ia Sootlird 1 •
ar.d Heaied by
Far-Reaching Influence
What is meant by graft? -said the
inquiring foreigner.
Graft said Uio resident of n great
city, Is a system which ultimately re-
sul t in compelling a largo portion of
the population to apologize constantly
tor nol having money, and tho remainder lo explain how they gol I',
Nu one aeed coduro tho agony nt
corns witli Hollo way's Com Cure at
baud to romove them.
What are you doing dear'.' asked tho
Ut ■ gi ;'.- mother, as &be paused to
tool, ul some verj slrange marks the
child was making "ii a pleco ot piper
I'i - rtllng n letter lo Ullio Smith.
v.a, 1 lie answer.
But in] dear, laughed thr nu liter,
you don't  know   how lu write.
Oh, that doesn't mutter, mother,
ijilili  ili •■.•.'. know how to rend
Disdain for Dignity
\ Beot, whose namo was Macintosh,
fled wbo vas proud of tiie fact that
hn was directly tl scended from tbe
chief ot 11 e clan, wn 1 bai Iur a dls-
puto over the rare lie owed i" a taxi
drivt: -.v^i* lu ii transported lilm to his
home in Ibe Kast End.
'I be 1 •■■   >■ l motor 1
and harshly, un I El angi red
land 1 r,
Do you know 0 Im 1 am? he domain ed pro *!' drawing 11 ■■ ! up
to his f :' t ■• gi        i ■   ii Macintosh.
T  •• tfi)' :*: ■ .' '■ !
I don't 1 .-'■■■   .' ; in ■ ".1
1 ■■■   .- 1      I'll hs
*..  '.1   .■     allied mi '1       ■• 1,
t*o ir e  •  don    ti<
\, J bo    d
IVi'U, It ll ; ' ■   .
'-..;..■ ' .1    ■
Gout     ed 1 d r ■■ and
ma tc fat hi    I      1 ;->"
Forest Ranger's Houses
1 in order *° protect and ndminster
ihe Dominion Forest Itoserves to tho
hest advantage, thoy are being subdivided Into mnger districts and
houses are belug built nt strategic
points for Lho use of the rangers in
charge. Tim flrst of such houses to
be occupied on the Dud; Mountain
Forest 1-caorve is located at Madge
I-alee, a few miles from Kamsack,
Madge Lake i-i ji beautiful, island
studded Blioet of water, covering seven
square miles, and this ranger dwelling
Im plcturosquclj placed on it*-; south
shore, It Im a comfortable house,
welt planned and well lighted, containing living rooms, us well :is office. It will he painted a dark green
witli whito trimmings.
The trail irom tlds ranger slatlon
In Kamsack will next .-.-cur be widened and otherwise improved, Thia
will benofil tie ranger, convenience
the public wiio bave forest business
to transact, and induce au .neroaslng
number nr people lo enjoy the many
dellght-s of u summer outing a* Madge
The ranger at this station has direct charge of*some two hundred and
thirty square miles of highly valuable, young second-growth spruce and
poplar forest, and bis centra! object
and work will be lo safeguard it from
fire by evi rj p >ssl *'■■ mi ans, so that
lu two or three decades ii ra 13 yield
J welci tno and al tlant supplies of
. fuel and lumbei to bi •' *■■"• ■ od
Ihe prnli
Barbara KclJ la .1 '■ -■ ■ ni fUagsrorm
w__, when ont->? at&rted, 1* most an-
uoying an-.i unsiglitly, a:iU most tKfH-
cuit lo cure. Barb€r-> o'-.cn tei -is.* ij
shave anyone having 'nis disease, far
.ear o! passing '.: on '.0 other customers.
But 7011 can cure Barber's Itch and
keep rhe skin *,vc>ndcr!ullr sc.'i and
healthy by applying Dr. Chr.so's Ointment. Just r_.l iv hat this teacher
lia-i to say about tho healing power of
Dr. (.'base's Ointment.
Mr. Chas. C. Po'.rier, Vpper Car.*>.-
quet. N.B., writes:-—"Two years ago
whllo teaching at Shlppegt- 1 caught
Darbcr'a Itch. A friend told me Dr.
Chase's Ointment would cure me, na
It had him. When I went for n box
1 thou_it It denr. but when I found
how good It was 1 thought lt cheap.
"Not only was I cured by that single
box. but it also cured two of my pupils, ar.d tilts too fiuiclil.' to le believed. Ona ot them, a girl, bad a
running soro on the chin, which Ihe
doctor had tried ln tain to cute. Tho
olJier had a soro on thc enr; water
running out of It ail tho time. I
can certify to tho euro of these
Wherever there is Itching skin or
a soro that refuse.; to heal you can
npplv Dr. Chase's Ointment with posl-
llvo assurance that the result will ho
entirely satisfactory. Tlio soothing.
healing power of this great ointment
Is truly wonderful. COc. a bos. at all
dealers or Edmauson, Hates - Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
I tell vou, Edgely, saitl Jlr. Todd
as they sat ln the park, tho way women dress these days Is absurd. And
nine times out ot ten It la the fault
ot Ihe men. Just for instance, take
that woman coming down tho park.
Some fc.il husband has told her sU-
looks perfectly charming in that outrageous go'-up. lacking the stamina to
come right out bluntly and tell iter
that  sho looks positively ridiculous.
Since this remark, Mr. Todd bas
never beeu seen In public without his
glasses.   The woman was Mrs. Todd.
!    Gentlemen,—In July   ino."   I   was
j thrown from a road machine, injuring
my hip   aud   back   badly   and   w:m
obliged to use a crutch for 14 months.
In Sep'. 1CC0 Mr. Wm, Out ridge of
LaehtltO urged me lo try MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which I did with the most
satisfactory results ami today 1 am
_ ivel] ns ever in my llfo,
Fours sincerely,
Zam-Buk Will Cure Them.
'I'he particular danger ol chApped
hands and cnld rrftche (apart altogether from ibo palnj it that the cold
la likely to penetrate and sot up Inflammation, festering, or blood-polnon,
Directly tt... skin Is broken by a out
gruza or eoratoh, or chafed and crack*
ei by the action of tba cold winds
and wnter, tho one neoefiB&ry precaution ls to apply Zum-TluU freely.
The pure herbal Juices Trom which
Zam-Buk Is prepared are bo perfectly
combined and refined that tho Immediate effect oflbew Zau.-nult dressings
is soothing, antiseptic, and heating.
Pain and Inflammation uro allayed,
disease germ* oxpollod from tho
wound or sum and the Inltor la
quickly healed.
Zam-Buk; la not only a powerful
healer und Bktn purifier; it H strong"
ly antiseptic] and germicidal, and bo
forms tbe idea! protection ror tho skin
against disease germs.
It quickly heals cold oraoks, chapB,
chilblains, cold sores, etc
Mrs. o. M, Phoen. Neuchatel, Alta.,
{-/rites: "J must tell you how pleased
I am with Zam-Buk. My husband had
na old frvs-lllto ou lila tool Cor many
years, aad had tried almost every
known remedy without any otfeot, hut
ths (ir*-: application of '/an. Buk soi m-
ed to lielpthlm so much that be perse-
■ I ... a : tt> ■■■<• 1 now cured. \v_
would not hs v,' '.. ' 1 ■ _ ii, in the
Zam-Buk Is aU<> a suro cure for
piles, ecsema, ulcerSi abscesseSi Boalp
sores, blood-poison, bud leg. eruptions,
ete. Its purely herbal composition
mako.1. lt the Ideal balm for babies atul
young children. 6,11 druggists nnd
stores sell ESam-Buk BOo box or poat
free from Zam-Buk Co., Torooito, tor
prices i'i--- also Zam-Buk Soap, 25c,
MornUig, eald Buslman aa he mot an
acquaintance travelling up to town
on tho lato train Strange meeting
you. Vou generally 'travel up a bit
earlier than tbis. What's become ot
the train you used to caULi'.'
Oh, replied the other, that train's
boon taken off.
Takon off, Is it? asked Mr, ]1., witli
unnecessary curiosity, I suppose
yon miss It?
Net so often ns 1 used to, came the
An actor who i3 known as Lew Is of
German descent, ami his father speaks
broken English. Lew says the old
gentlemen went to n big art gallery
recently and came homo greatly enthused.
Saw a fin? painting, J.ouU, he said.
You did?
Yes H was a fine one—hundreds of
people looking at it. it must hat been
worth a hundred dollars, sure.
What was Its name asked Lew.
Dot I can tell jou not, but It vas a
lino picture.
Describe lt to mo.
Veil, said tho old gentleman, there
vas three toilers. Von waa playing
tho fife, von was playing the drum,
and the other had a headache.
Largs Foroe of Men to be Employed
Thle Winter on Western Extensions
In a recent Interview, Mr. Morley
Donaldson, vice president and general
manager of the Grand Trunk Pnclfio
Railway lias given nn interesting account of tho progress of that road.
Ho states that (1,000 men wlll be .employed by the Q.T.P. during the coming winter. On the westorn end
ftlone <Ui00 men aro now nt work and
before many weeks havo passed tills
number will havo increased to 6.000;
i whllo, working eastward from Hanoi-
ton thero nro at presofit 1,700 workmen on tlio mala lino, Practically
all tho necessary forco for tho sea-
sou's operations lu the mountains Is
now engaged ami although additional
men could ho sot to work thero wlll
bo no delay even 1( ttie present number talis io bo augmoutod. MJ- Don-
aldson Btatos that no exact forecast
can lm made as to tlio possibility ot
tho line being completed to the Tactile coast in 1013. Every effort ia
being mado to evpcdllti conntruclton
but until Juno of next yeaT it would
be Impossible to nay what ihe pros-
poets ot completing (he line would bo.
Tlio Grand Trunk Vaclllo baa nover
been In better shape io handle Its
share ot the western crop than has
been the case ibis year. About 8E>
per cent of iho nop 1ms already bean
removed to iho-lake ports, said Mr.
Donaldson, and although thn harvest
has been much heavier and much later
than in tint ihe proportion handlgd
by our company is already greater
than boforo, At Westport lhe Wg
3,500.000 elevator built by tho o.T.
P. wlil be ready for use in lho vory
near inline aud Ihls will serve to alleviate congestion very considerably.
Twenty tive new locomotives have
been coiunilsslnaod for lho western
trafllo and thero lias also been a big
Increase In tho number of gralu cars.
Not so much ns a whisper of complaint has been received and apparently the grain is being taken out ns
fast as dt can be brought In by tho
Tho construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific's dry dock at Prince
Rupert Is destined in the opinion of
experts to havo an important effect
upon Uie shipping trade of tho Pacific coast. In the first place when
the company lays up Its steamers ns
It does at this time of year they will
bo berthed In Prince Rupert preferably to any olher port end this will
he their her.dquarters in consequence.
Many of tho othor coast steamers
which aro at present forced to fjo
elsewhere for repairs ond overhauling
will tie up in future at the termin is
ol tho G.T.l'., whose new plant will
e_.iT.sc* anything of its kind upon '.he
Pacific coast, being capable of handling i.0.0.0 inn vessels. Alreadv a
300 foot pier has beeu erected end
rapid progress is bolng mnde lpon
tho mammoth structure.
For Frost Bites and Chilblains.—
Chilblains come from undue exposure
to plush and cold and frose-bito from
tbe ley winds of'Wlntor. In the treatment of cither there 3s no belter preparation Ihan Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil, as it counteracts the inflammation
and relieves the pain. The action of
the oil Is Instantaneous and its application Is extremely simple.
A tall, austere man. who was evidently a stranger In those parts entered a church In a small town in!
Maine.     Ho took n scat in tho rear'
of lhe church nnd listened apparently
Interested for a short while.    After
that he began to show nervousness.
Loaning over an old gentleman on his
right, evidently an old member of the!
congregation, he whispered:
Uow long bas be hi en preaching?
Thirty-five years. I think, responded
the old man; but I don't know exactly.
I'll Btay then, decided the si ranger.
He must be nearly finished.
Nn i :■■ ■ ■ are, you
are i      ■ a ■ ■  ■■■  l>ol
11      .   . f friends
i ■■> mu mi ch ro ..-   1;' ■!.■   .
Mr. S box or  d*  boc-n fur 12-60-
St •!. tittle.-., or Tha '■■..Wt Med I
cine Company,  Limited,    Toronto,
Dominion Too  Proipfrous for Toilers
to Seek  Seafaring   Life
. .: eal    de i       I ■■■ »culi a i
I ■■ . i  :.■   ■ e of ii Can
adian na :*   ■ i'm .■     i c, . imouth * d
i  naval roci i.' ■.•■■■
an    dVli  ■    it '-    nl M ■ i,.      . nil
at Halifax, Imi i ■  ■■ to open'
r*X%* offli     for 1 ie il   i
as * ■.     f -  ■ ■ ■ ■.-    '.
,   i  t arrive   here dur-
lu i •   em iei to -.
.-   m ■ -   ...
Lleutcuan    \Vh l ■   ■ :     n nke   * ie
Royal Na  il Bai pai Its al  Po
; b In .i Iqun   ■ die       bJuglnnd
A  pn mine      i i.M don
plained      i ri and i
! .■■;,.
i I.   r ason ■■       -'•     n       idln
•-:   >■!'■:     [.0    I.. ItS I     for   OW
naval nei d   . • I iuw v    in    mt gi
Majiis    iv.'. di i in i mads   i *   said
Onn ..  .  .- nen fa
1 ie nu     si    ni    to he to ind
'i     .. . .    i .;■*■.■■■■'
the pres< i   time tha       'mt a m
ii.      h      ri ■*■     ■■■■'■       "      . p ■ ','■■
■   in.'   : he   noniii ■        defense
* '.,r  -! ii i- Cs nnd in n naval uu
have in ii ol-; i li ew here, tin i
, tbo nbi i mu ng t he natural ro-
crul  ng gro    I of g    I I gbtlng ma-
11 rial   ■■-,., .-■ p
Vi-.i: ago the Vmei nan navy wan
I largely manned bj H i odas i imply bo-
' cause tli Amn li an n orklng i la ies
j made so mueh monoj ashore thai n
; wa-. nol ivo i ii ii ti I to in cnllsi
i in tho navy,
Wo in (Janadu nre suffering now
I from   lie mm   \ •■ • ible,
ii  Lbo now meter, thou stndoul
and  li im to be a ll(rtilntng calculator,
How old is your baby brother? asked Utile Tommy of a playmate.
One year old. replied .Johnny.
Ab, exclaimed Tommy, I've got a
dog a year old nnd be can walk twice
as well as your brother.
Well, ho ho ought to, replied Johnny,     lie's got twice as many ieps.
Not one of tho least important results or iho opening of lbo Grand
Trunk Pacific's new transcontinental
line Is the discovery of numerous coal
deposits of Important ai/.o which were
hitherto unknown. Among these
must be considered tho properly on
KItscuklfl Creek, J-' miles from tho
Grand Trunk Pacific itnllway nnd
nearly south ot Haaclton on thc Bulk*
ley Hirer, Advices from Urltlsb Cob
umbla state thai thoro uro Ui seams
of coul outcropping on tbls land und
iimt of tbese two Oavo boon partially
dovelonod, ono of ihem bolng "* foot
in tblclcnoBs and the other 4 feet. The
ooal is of tin- iiike variety nnd aooord*
iug in rocont assays yields 08.6 per
OOnl of i-oke in addition to bolng n
hiidi grade bteaming   ami   domestic
Did   her    futhi r    strike
Opt Ini
.Inch      Woll, hardly      i
stand tor a blow,   That's all
ii h< i'iiih porfectly natural ror some
women to bo arttfloial.
Perilous Place
Dl.t youse Bit anytiiiim'.' wlilspered
the burglar on gimrtJ as a pal emerged
from tho window .
[Stow, do bloke wot lives hero Is a
lav j b , roplb d tho otlu r In dlsgusl.
Dot's hard luck, satd lhe llr.! I did
yousi   lose anything'.'
i  i ■■   :.i    i.r Lbo Diiki
i no of my onci  U ri
# N U   0 ■'»
This : a po :.i nf Lho Duko of
Whnl do j •■   llilnli of him?
Well, my boy, wltb sueh « shirt
ou deserve cretlll for Miming oul a*
.■II as yon have,
ili> was standing near one of Mm
slump windows in tbo general post office. Hi1- faco ws i flushed and his
features distorted while hu lugged
..■ i !. h loi tb .<! n Itnnl In Ills band-
kerchief. When th.- knot gave wny
;i friend, wbo had been wntobtng Iho
unusual performanen, Btepped up and
:• kod: Whai. wu Mn- Itnol for to re*
•,. 'n',. ,• Bomotlilng?
Yea, 'ii iu o in* v.if''« umbrella
iiiii you lmvo it done?
Noi forgot tho blamed thing in lhe
mbwny. Dut l ro mo inhered tho knot
all i ;■■
All .lurk, old follow. llAvon'l seen
ynu slnoo you/ woddlng two years
ago,     How noes inatrlmotiy?
Very  well, thank!*.,   lint, Jovo, it's
oxpctislvo comfort, Tlio drossmaltor
alonn.     If I bad known •
Vou would havo remained single,
No, no. but I would have mnn'.ed
tho dre"siunker.
Th.» ohies- coiiegpi iim rsHala tlielr
Save your luoney and Uie olianoos
sre Mint yon Will novor regret I!.
Something Worth Listening To
A young man was advised by a
friend lo eot Grape-Nuts becauso ho
was itl! run down from a Spoil of fever.
Tie tells Iho Btory.
"l-nai BprJuc 1 bad en attack of
fever thai loft mc In a very weak eon-
dltlon. I had to quii work; hnd no
appetite, was nervous ami discouraged.
"A friend ndvlsod me in rat Grape-
N'uIh. imi I paid im attention to him
nud kepi getting worse n« llmo went
1 i look many kinds or modlctno imt
noilO of them Boomed In help me. My
systom was oompleloly run down( my
blood got out of order front want of
proper food, nml Boveral very lavgo
bolls broko out on my neck, i was
so weak I could hardly walk.
"One day mollier ordered somo
OnipO-NulS and liidiired nm In oat
some. 1 tilt. boMor nml thai night
rested line. As I nnntlnuod lo one
tho food overy day, I grew atrongor
steadily and now have rognlnod my
formor goed hoaUh, I would nnl bo
wlihnut Grnpo-NlltS as I bellovo M Is
Ilio mosl h.ullh-j.lvlng food In lhe
world." Name given by Cundlau
Piiatum Co,i Windsor, Oni.
Road lho hook, "The Road to Well-
ville," Jn pkgfl.     "ThOW's ti reason."
Ever read tbe above letter? A new
one appears from time to time, They
are Genuine, true, and full of human
Australian Scheme, They Say' Would
be Incentive to Immorality
The recent decision of tho labor government to grant to the mothers of all children born in Australia
a maternity bonus of $'2~* is attended
by many more difficulties than Its
authors anticipated. Thc sum of
$2,000,000 is te be distributed In tho
present financial year, ending Juno 00.
1913 and the next year a larger sum
will be sel aside.
Finance however, Is not the difficulty. The stumbling block is the question of tiie extension of tho grant to
to tho mothers of illegitimate children.
Tho prime minister, ln his capacity of
treasurer haa decided that the grant
shall be indiscriminate—In the sense
that no question as to whether the
mother was married or unmarried
siip.ll affect auy claim to tho $25.
The churches and particularly the
council of churches—a body ot Protestant dcuornlpntionallsts Interested
In social and political questions—
strongly resent ihls decision, and declare that lt is—
1—A slight on the sanctity of marriage .
2—An encouragement of vice.
"—A stlmi.us to Immorality.
4—An outrage on the moral sentiment of tlio community.
It Is urged that there were registered In Australia last year sbout 7200
Illegitimate children. A bonus of
$25 per child would nmount In theso
cases to $180,000 which it Is suggested might be far hotter spent In sub-
sldlztng maternity homes, refuges and
other voluntary agencies which aid
tiio fallen nnd thoso who have lost
their way In this young country.
Amid tills storm of agitation the
policy of the federal labor government, remains Unchanged, Mr.
Fisher devoted five minutes only to
Ids reply to the arguments of an Influential deputation of clergymen, who
implored lilm to stay his hand und
that Ilie minutes was absorbed by a
caudld declaration that the scheme
would go forward on the Hues proposed, and Mint ho was unconvinced
Hint tltere was any moral peril In nd-
lieslou to those line?. The government desired to come lo Ihe fiuanclul
nBBlstance of womon at lbo most trying period of their lives nml would
consider ihem simply as mothers.
Hi| Furlorn Hope
it was a thrilling atory that Drown
imd iii iidi; disaster umi shipwreck
bravery against   odds,   nnd   wisdom
whon all wits were scattered"-except
Brown's I
i had abandoned nil hope, lie said,
when Ids imrniMvo had run for ou
hour. It was the most hideous sen*
tuition imaginable; and as 1 sank for
the third time, my past life seemed to
risn before mo In a series of grim,
realistic pictures, i saw ovorythiug
J hnd ever done.
.\ murmur of sympathy rolled from
the lips of UhIciiIuk friendsi but just
n» Brown was preparing to resume,
Jones, wiio was Bitting quietly In a
coiner, interrupted blm, Bharply and
Ami did ymi happon lo nofce, he
asked, ii picture nl' mn lending you a
(Ivor in lho mil man of 10007
The average Bplnstor Insists Lhal fiie
is becnuso Bho wants to be,
An Idln rumor never spends much
timo iu lho otllcn of n busy man.
Tbcro nro spots nn the Bltn, yet
somo peoplo expect a small boy to lm
A happy man or woman Is a boiler
Milng to hml Ihan a live pmind nolo.
Uo or alio Is a radlailng tOOUB of
goodwill!  and  llmlr en I ranee inln n
roam is tw (hough another cnndlo
had boon lit.
Sometimes u burglar leaves lillle to
ho desired.
What He Gained
Mrs. Smith was grieved and disappointed at i'he conduct of her eon
Robert. She called him into her presence and questioned him freely as to
his latest enormity.
Mrs, Hayes tells me that you lied
a tin can to her dog's tail, she said.
Yes, mother.
What a shameful thing lo do.
Yes, ma'am.
Do you know that the poor dog ran
away so far lhat ;iie has never como
baok—-that he probably ron himself to
death V
Yes, ma'am.
Oh. Itobert. "What did yen gain
by such conduct?
1 gained a dollar from Mr. "Hayes.
But madam, said the surgeon, after
the woman had recovered consciousness In the hospltn'i why didn't you
stop when the crossing policeman held
up his hand? Then you wouldn't
havo been struck by the automobile
What. Mo stop when Jim Maglnnls
nolds up his hand? I'd let you know
I'm his wife ond he never saw thc day
when he could boss mc.
-Mrs. Ul'lerlo I'ol'frsc. Lnc Long,
Quo., writes:—"! have usal Baby's
Own Tftlilets for my bnby vlio suffered from Btomac-li trouble und vomiting, also from constipation nnd thoy
completely cured Qilm, I can recommend them to nil mother- ns» tho very
best medicine for young children. Tlio
Tablets nro superior to nil other med*
loines not only because tliey promptly
cure stomnch trouble, constipation,
colic, etc., but because tliey nre rum-
autoed to bo absolutely safe und freo
from all harmful drugs. Sold by medicine dealers or by mall nt _ cents
n box from The Pr. Williams' "Modi*
cine Co., Brocirtlls. Oct.
■&.■ no- ityleitfa
7_e - J& Mm/i/k
my dt/^M
Ja. «./«-.*-tilA.M
PtWHOl KINDS""*-'!
DYE, on* tin ln.f.-WhT -run don't even ltav« in
kllOW whit KIND of f.lotli v-irrt <>uii«'t ire iiu-l--
Cil.'.So MlittL'-i wir Iinp.ii'iht*.
Mr-r.d lor Tree Color Curd, StorJ  Hi-.-U.-i. »■..!
•c-efclet iking -Mial-- nf Dyrit-f ov-*r other ct-lof*.
M'.ltlfril. ('..Uii'.!-,.
A llttlo Irishman lu a slate oC great
excitement ami diahabllo ran luto iha
lobby of a hotel.
I want u room, he said to thc clct'.r,
and I want it .nick.
What room do you want? tu_uirod
the clerk politely".'
I want .17.
But y7 is already occupied -Muiil-
gan has that room.
I know he has, responded the little
Irishman, I'm Mulligan, and 1 Jus:
tell out of tlio window.
Clean Milk Is High Class Milk
Tlio clly milk consumer wants dean
milk and should bave u. Olty boards
of health are working overtime in formulating regulations and re.-UrU-rlonn
Soy tho producors of milk. Sometlmos
their rcstrlctloni are not \t\s.o* most
tinn's they an*. Somotlmofl thoy
romomber that to conform to their
rule reQuiroe nn Inoroaeod outlay nud
a hirriier produotug cott, most 'timeR
Uiey do nor. When lho city lu ready
io pay for clean high-class milk It trill
bo tu.'!.billed. Uu: -the cheap milk
and tho clean rich milk which most
oldefl demand I.*; an Impos-lblo combination, Ii Ifl nnt fuir to the dairyman ti* nidi iimt 'lie fnrnlsh a euper-
product al nn luferior piioc. Tlio
reul solution for Ipsp bacteria Ib more
cents per QtiArti
The theatrical ageut was lutervi;.w
iiiB Hamlet Brown, tho tntgoiUan,
Ills object was to secure hts service*;
tor a new play which wan about to
be produced, The hitter, however,
did not Boom to take much Intorest in
the project.
What's It ahout. onyhowi ho asked.
Well, replied the other, tho play is
u historical one. Tlio sceno nt It lu
laid In Kuglantl; period, lleury \".
During tlio whole courso or tho ploct.
Um king Is absent lu Pranca. Now—
Say. no moro, interrupted Uio actor,
wiih n lordly wave of hts hand, I'M
take the purr, of tlm hint;. Uut, ot
courso, lie addod, I shall oxpcol my
expenses pnld to Praucc,
Sure Sign
H's almost certain Unit. Bho'll in
llmt good for mitliliig nhnp,
Has the   ensngomenl    been
Not yet.      DUt lliey'li get niiii
nil right.
What iimhos you think bo?
Her mother and father have
ulartcd to knock him.
Edrnedffim $50
Marriage may either form ©ne'i
clmrsirtcr or reform ll*
RBAO Mf   M--
'_•-! !•••* aM-otlt .■
Cunt Mnwd tilm 1 .'.
Tbt Mhtf l_ll ol'.Si   I
Mm» UK
tak<   •   b.wtnrit
lira;,.ii I.-*'-l>ii'*f.  mt* I \
i," f.iwtv. fwr smtmi   w-i/■u|-»i*MHit*,l
WlHi'innti--1 hu.. an Ohio 111tt.11 lull
Knm.. lnatuio from roadtng tlio Couki-ci
hUhuiI Roaord, *•
Cynloua—So? Woll, ho lum won
dtetlhotlon In 11 flolil Mini, iiovoi' liuforu
lum lielil nut lin|io In imy iinililllnu,
Oood for Evil
Young Mimlei- illlly Tllbbfi I'Gnolioil
homo reoohtly witli IiIh iiohq Blroam.
llIK (;nro.
(inniini..-,!-. groolouii! oxctnlmcil liln
UtmHiotirtod mothor, What over
haVo you boon dnlni;'.'
Uoo-hoo! lonrotl William tho lion*
Conquoroi', That hoy Bngga lilt my
hobo '<-u» l onlloil him ii bully!
Thore, thoro! poood his mothor, n*
who rostorod tho Btnall oountonnno«
to dt'tlor, I'll jalv.i you ._mothlng
nlco tu kIvi- lini,* iiuki'h. That wlll
in- returning good for ovll,
Accordingly nest rooming uilly
Btartod out «lili n wondorfitl plum.
caho (or llm warlllto Tummy DuggH,
uui illiinor-tlnio huh* bim minoarlug
In tho dlHiiiucn wltll two lovoly .'.vc»
BO black and BWOllon lhat II wub lilt"
flcult even to ory,
Willie, darling, whnt lum liunponctl?
nakod tho ireiiibiing mothor. im alio
drew lila iichhu- Mule bead I" bor
'I'm y BaggB—ho- be Hub'  Ullly
gaaped— be wnulH ti Unow It you'll
lend hliu li Jiini'lart Ihln linn-.
line ta Iho MOlpo fnr nuiUlnj- Wall
alrcet conaemnie: 'i'ahn n little com.
iiinii Hlock, uud seven llinca iih inia-li
waler- tben caleli your lamb. '
%_tpfll <*^
Overheard !■ a Street-Car.
There'* a tenon rlfht there I
Little bleralihei of complexion, email tore*, eruptloni,
■poti, are not only unpleasant
to the perion afflicted, but are
the f irtt thing noticed bjr other
A little Zam-Buk applied at
night to spots, eruptions, sores
of any kind will do wonders.
Zam-Buk Is not a greasy
preparation which will go rancid on yonr dressing table.
It is made from healing, herbal
extract* and essence*. Always
pure, fresh and ready for use.
Doesn't lose its power. Keeps
indefinitely. Healing, toothing
and antiseptic all th* time.
Try Itl
SOo. box all dm/gists and stmts.
hm Bu
Diamond Cutting.
At one Ume the diamond cullers
Industry was confined almost entirely
to Antwerp. Thero wero lu 1870
About three hundred diamond cutters
In the whole of Belgium, but today
the number haa grown to sixteen
thousand, thetr earnings on tbo aver*
ase being 40 franca a week, or about
il.s. Workshop and apparatus, wc
learn from a ParlB contemporary, for
the most part belongs lo the Syndicate
Anveraola. Many of' tho workers
come from Holland, Germany, and
Switzerland. There are specialists
who deal with the stones according
to size and quality. It is estimated
that the Dutch bouses And employment for 8,000 cutters, Germany for
SOU, Switzerland 400, America 300,
wlillo Paris and London only require
100 each.
agricultural   poBsibilltloa i,
nindnnee  ot tillable  urea >>;
When a cloud appears ln the sky,
which grows larger, it precedes a
storm. When you see a cloud that
grows smaller and melts away, it. la
going to be fair.
Mlnard's  Liniment Curei  Dandruff.
Over a hundred tnouaand pedes
trlaus pass over London Bridge In ono
uny, while the number of vehicles
which cross the bridge exceeds twenty thousand.
A Remedy for Earache,—To have
the earache le to endure torture. Tbe
ear la a delicate organ and few care
to deal with lt, considering it work
tor a doctor. Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil offers a simple remedy. A few
drops upon a piece ot lint or medicated cotton and placed in tbe enr will
work wonders tn relieving pain.
The strike of some five hundred
Paris seamstresses for better wages
bas disclosed the fact tbat tbey make
less tban tlfty centB a day, working
ten houra.
Shi loft's Cure
Xllobly •lop*, coadhit me* cold., heals
• ab.ia.al •_ hul*      .     •      US ceils.
"So. this Is gay New York," remarked a Plttaburgh mnn who waa
making hts first visit to that city.
"Tho gay New York that I have
heard so much about in the musical
"Quite so."
"And wbo nro theso aadluoking'
"Thoy are the gay New Yorkers."—
Pittsburgh Post.
Largo collections of biological mn*
ferial have been made within recent
montha In tha Panama Canal zone,
as It Ib expected that ninny distinctions now existing there ln various
organlsniB will be wiped out when
they are permitted to mingle by tlio
connection of different watersheds.
*• immm_mm-.aaa_B_*
"Hew did you ovor como lo marry,
uld man? Thought you'd determined
ki stay Blngle?" .
"I hnd: but I won Introduced one
Jay to a girl who had determined nov-
or to murry. nnd our thoughts scorned
lo harmonize an enmnMely that—well
wo married eaoh other."
ilu* efficacy  of
in the treatment
_*■/, N, U, No, 800.
Decreasing Production, and Great Increase in Consumption.
"The latea't figures ln my posccs-
alon point to a very serious falling
off ln boef production in Canada,
which situation Is made more grave
by the almoBt nlienomeiiiil Increase
in conminiption of meat Hint bus taken place In (bis country within ll'i*
past few years," declared Dr. J. ('..
Rutherford. Veterinary Director Oeneral aud Live Slock Commissioner, to
n representative ot the Weekly aiobe
und Cuniida Farmer,
Dr. Riilbei-tord who has a reputation for conservatism In hla stale-
menls, views tbe present.outlook Cor
the live atock industry of Onnudu'
Witli no little alarm. A complexity of
conditions existing iu the different
agricultural sections of Cannda haa
meant a aerious reduction in the
production of meal, whllo the rapid
Increase In population has lod to
greater consumption. The outlook is
for still greater inoroaBO in popula*
tlon and th'orefore iu coiiflumption
bo asaorla, and unless some action ls
tnken ai onn., tor ll sun greater lulling off In production. A country
with ih _~*^*_™
and the abundance
which Canada bua. now faces the problem of how In provide meat for hot'
scanty population, it. would appear,
therefore that tho situation is Indoo l
"Until iceenlly It appeared aa lf
Canada would always have an abundant supply of live Block of ull kinds,
not only for lier own uae, but for export ub well," said Dr. Rutherford,
"In fact, it seemed that the principal
difficulty with which thoso engaged
in tiie live atock business would have
to contend would be that of finding pro-
Stable markets for au ever Increasing
and practically limitless surplus.
"Circumstances liavo. however,
brought about a very great, and to
Iny llliud, s-..lions obungo iu llle live
stock outlook. Although many of
the new comers iu western Canada
aro on the land und are, therefore!
in a BonBe agrleutlaurists, the conditions are such that but few of them
are devoting any great attention to
animal husbandry, and pust experience indlcaleB that aome considerable time la likely to elapse before
they are compelled, by the gradual exhaustion of the soil, to mm to mixed
farming and the systematic production of commercial live Block. For
Borne time, therefore, the majority
of these people will themselves be
consumers rather than producers of
"The continued augmentation ot our
urban population, which I believe is
due to thc extraordinary industrial
and commercial activity, stimulated
by the rapid development of lbo west
aa well as tho general progress of tbe
country, baa alao largely increased
the consuming, as compared with the
producing public. Then, also, tbe
tastes and habits of tbe people have
changed with the timer, and all this
general prosperity has fraught about
a higher standard of living, resulting lu a grenter per caplla consuuip-
of ment and tbe common meat food
"It Is certainly somewhat remarkable," he went ou, "that lu view of
those conditions the general production of live stock Instead of showing
the distinct advance which might
reasonably have been expected, appears to have scarcely maintained a
normal rate of Increase."
Aa a consequence of these circumstances, Dr. ltuinerford stated that
tbe Canadian export trade in livestock fa decreasing ln volume, and
bids fair to shortly altogether disappear. Not only la thla tho caae, ho
aaid, but imports of meat arc Increasing from day to day from the
United States, the Argentine Republic and the Antipodean countries.
For a number of yeara back mutton
from Auatralla and New Zealand has
been competing in the BritlBh Columbia markets with tbat from Washington and Oregon, an occasional car
load being shipped ns far east as
Alberta. During tho past winter,
however, frozen mutton na well aa
frozen rabblta have been landed at
our Atlantic seaports and aold to
Canadian consumers ln Toronto and
"Recently." said he. "there has
sprung up un Import Hade In American sheep aud lambs and very considerable shipments hnve beeu made
from ilalfnlo and Chicago to Toronto
and Hamilton."
Dr. Rutherford spoke cniliualnall-
cally ot the report of MraBra. Drydeii
and Rltch, tho two Commissioners
who havo looked Into the ahe^p-ruls-
ing Industry In Cnnada and lately
submitted their report.
"But something more than literature, no matter how practical, la required," Haiti he. "I feel sullailcd
that an energetic, demonstrative campaign, conducted on well considered
lines and supported by liberal liimii-
clal assistance, would effect an Immense ninouui of good In bringing
many farmers to n realization of the
unfortunate position Into which Ihey
have allowed themselves lo drift, liy
neglecting tho main or fiindnmrniul
principles of livestock husbandry."
Not only Is tho livestock ultiiiiilon
in Canada Burkina, but Hie Issues Involved are of auch un lulrlente nut urn
Hint he and the othera officially and.
aa he put It, lo a degree morally P'B*
liiinaildi. for the rare and development of Canadian agriculture doubt
and hoallalo with respect to remedies
and Hie wisdom of their application,
The work of the Bwlno Commission*
era ami the Sheep Coiiinilasionor i s,ie.
dully appointed to curry on Invou'.l-
gntloiiB haa resulted lu much Mod,
Dr. Rutherford believed, nnd Hi) appointment ot a couple of Commluiilon*
oi-B wbo would emiiilre Into tbe cimdl
Rons of thn beef-producing Industry
and report upon tho samu would prove
equally benellrlnl.
These Commissioners wau'd li.id
that the serious falling off In prod i ••
Hon was due lu a large sense to the
chnnges that huve taken place In l!u
ranching Industry ot western Cannda.
They would ulso find that there are
other reasons, among which may be
reckoned tho rapid development of
lhe dairying Industry and the con*
tieuuent diminution of the number of
animula of tho heel-eat He breeds produced 111 tho older Provinces, lho
wholesale slaughter of young oah'OB,
and tho practice, rapidly growing
among dalrymon, especially thorn, engaged In milk production, or buying
cows frcsli und Boiling them dry for
Willi regard to tho divergency of
view held by Hliiek-rnlacrB and dairy*
mon, Dr. Rutherford declared thure
haa been u "moat rcgrotlnble failure
to Invuallgnte fully and fairly the
comparative merits of the milking
Shorthorns, or for thnt mailer uny
clnss of cattle combining milking
nunllticB with bocf-producllon."
Although tbo Cnnndlan swlue Industry Is recently showing somo signs
ot recovery In Ontario from the soil*
oun dcprcBHlon which nn n result, of
low prices overtook It several yearB
ago, it is capab.o of au innnttely larger development than it has over
Been, he opined. In Quebec nnd the
.Maritime Provinces tho pig industry
lia3 never received the attention
which it merltB, tho production being
far Bliort of the actual roi,ulromout&,
whereas under proper conditions, he
believed Ibere could be a large surplus for exiiort.
Hill 'il llie western Provinces, especially tho liog*rnistug brunch of Uio
livestock Industry bua never been taken np with anything like tho degree
of Interest or enthusiasm it warrants,
Hi siute of lho tact, lliat as Dr. Until-
orford believes, witli favorable marketing facilities, it la undoubtedly one
of Ibe best paying adjuncts of the
grain fiii-nt.
Call and let ua explain our Special Anti-Saggin_ Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing feature*.
The whales na':"lit last year In the
North Pacific wero the fattest ever
known. The blubber lay llfleeu inches deep.
We alter Oue Hundred rjolltrs P.w.rd
(or any ra... of Catarrh that cannot ti.
cured  Ity  Hall's  Catarrh Curt.
F. J. CHBNBS Sa CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the uraieinliciiccl have known P. J.
Chpnr-v for tlu- last 15 years, and bellovo
him perfectly honorable In all liuslncs.
liaiisActlons .ml financially able to parry
out any obllRntlon- made by Me flrat.
Wnldlim.   Klnnan  _  Marvin. I
wholesale DrnrRlsto.  Toledo. O.
fl.ll'e Catarrh Cure I. taken Internally, .
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ouo .tu-f.ee- of tho system.   Testlmunlnli
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all Ururslsto.
Tako  ..air.   '
r.i- bottlo.   Soli
Family  Pills  for  Coii.li-
Archdeacon Fisher was not without
a llttlo vanity in respect lo his sermon, nnd once received n quiet hint
from Constable on the subject, Hnvlng preached an old sermon once,
which he was not aware that Con-
slable had beard before, he nsked hlnl
bow lie liked It.
"Very much. Indeed, Flshor." replied Constable, "1 always did like
that sermon."
Bakers in Franco aro subjected to
certain unusual rules ami regulations.
In large forlllleii towns, for Instance,
Ihey must always have it certain slock
in hand in case of war. Not only this,
but everywhere they have to deposit
a sum of money iu Hie bands of tne
municipal authorities as a security of
good conduct; nud the Inw, not cou
tent with merely looking after tbelr
weights nud measures, actually decide the price at which bread Is
Asthma Dccsn't Wear Off Alone. Do
not make the mistake of waiting for'
asthma to wear away by Itself. While
you arc waiting Ibe disease ia surely
gathering a stronger foothold and you
live In danger of atronger and yet
stronger attacks. Dr. J. D. Kellogg'
Asthma Remedy taken early, will
prevent Incipient conditions from becoming chronic and saves hours of
awful suffering.
Labouchere, of Loudon Truth, In hla
long career na editor and publisher,
received hundreds of writs for libel,
but the highest damages over obtained
against Truth up to 1&10 amounted to
£000, and the nnper has only lost six
or eight actions.
Every year the United Stales Imports between two million and three
million pounds of camphor.
German postal authorities aro experimenting with a small throo-wheei-
ed automobile for the use of loiter
Mlnards Liniment for tal* everywhere.
Sense and Nonsense
A Kansas Judge rules that no man
who makes only $4 a week has a
right to got mart-led. No. indeed!
Not unless his bride ia a atcnograpber
or a manicurist.—Orand Rapids
A Lover of Silence.
Repreaentatlve Sulzer, In an Interview in Washington, compared Russia's silence on the passport question
to au unusually silent, uncommunicative man, says the St. Louis Republic.
"Tho man," he said, "bated lo talk,
as Russia hates all passport talk. He
went Into u barber shop the olher day
to be shaved, and before seating himself lu the chair, he handed tho barber a dime.
"Oh. thank you. sir," said the tar-
ber. I don't often get my tip before
1 begin.   Thank you, sir, very lunch.'
"'That isn't a tip,' aaid lho silent
man, sternly.   'It'a "hush" money."
World's Smallest Republic
A Utile island In the Mediterranean,
known ua Tavolara, a short distance
from Curdlnhi, hns this distinction.
Little more than a mile In length. It
bus a population of 65 souls. The
sovereignity of the Island was accord*
ed In lSIIC. by King Clrtrles Albert lo
the Kiirtoleoul family. Up to IKS.
I'nul I. reigned peacefully over lhis
Hltle Island kingdom, but ut hia death
lbo Islanders proclaimed a republic.
Hy Hie constitution of the republic the
president is elecled for ten yeara and
women oxerclso the franchise.
Eczema Always
Burning and Itching
Used Box o. Cuticura Ointment and
It Completely Disappeared.
"I liavo sufferi-il from nrM-ma for two yearn.
Thr trouble In,:;ni on one arm wliero tln'in
u|i|iran"l a mi ■■imt of aliniii n (Ivo-cent uke,
umi it uhv&yiJ Widened) nil tin- time Ifi-Jmu;
ami burning, Tho in i dnys I didn't cn.ro,
Itut neottig Hint Ir culm**) in hi?.-'. I tried
— Ollltmotll umi —-Ointment- but Imtlt
v.iiiupiii buccom. It wn** alwaya burning umi
iii'itiii,:. i.iiviiii. booh in tlif newspaper tlm
idvartuomant of tlm Cuticura Romulus- I
triad a nine, umi toeing tlmt u Improved,
I lioiifslit a tint of ihr- cuticura Ointments
Aftor Moving mod ono box, my ooxomi com*
jilotoly.ii.;i|.|"''iH'ii. TlioOutfouraolntim-nt
i.tuuM Iio .k.'iit lu every liomo." (Signed)
IV Uatife'uy, Uurluvlilu, tjuc.. Jan. 11. If 11.
A Generation of Success
For more Itlin n generation Cllttctim Honp
and Citllcunt ointment have AfTordoil tlm
ipoodlnt nnd mnnt cronomlcal treatment for
li- ium,'. burning, study nml bloodingilin umi
rn a Ip Imiimi.t, of young and old. A t-.ni.lo
net it (ifii'ii miitirl-'iit. Hold by rirt.iwlitti
ni.d dofllon every wlum For a liberal xamplo
of Cutl'-ura Hmip ami Ointment, poitt-fren
wltb .'I'.'-P- bonk on nkln eruptions, wild to
Potior Drug * Chom. Corp., aoto props,, Oi
Uluiubuj Are,. Uusluu. U, U. A.
Leaves Bile and Other Poisonous Impurities In the Blood.
The Whole System is Cleansed and
Invigorated by
l.ot tlio liver got sluggish and torpid
nnd thero it, trouble with all the vital
Tho tongue Is coated, the hend
aches, digestion fails. Thero lu fulness, fermentation, flatulency in tho
stomach. Tlio bowels aro constipated and loose hy turns. Tho kidneys
become clogged ami inactive, 13ven
lhe skin tells of thc poisoned stale of
the system by pimples, blotches and
liver spots.
Tho action of the   liver   must   he 1
awakened,    and nothing can accomplish this so quickly nnd so certainly
as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
It is through the liver and kidneys
alone thnt the blood can bc freed of
ail its impurities aud the morbid matter which collects there when the liver is torpid.
Many n suffering man and many a
despondent woman has been cured of
liver complaint and kidney derangements by Dr. Chaso's Kidney-Liver
Pills. By their direct and combined
action on both liver and kidneys they
have often proved successful when
mere kidney medicines have failed.
Backache,   Kidney   Disease,   Liver
Complaint,   Chronic   Indigestion and | clonic"  Is related  to n  (
Constipation are thoroughly cured by;which means "to snarl,
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.    Oue-donlc grin In merely n snarl.    Ill il
pill a dose, 25c a box, at all   dealers, the teeth aro shown with malicious
or I3dmanson, Bates & Co.,   Limited, | intent, and nol us thoy arc   In   tne
King George's Work-Room
The room ln which King George
transacts his business is conveniently
placed for hia private suite, and he
make it a rule only to receive official
visitors in his "ofllce," inviting such
personal friends as call upon him in
his private smoking-room, This ls
oue of the most handsomely fitted up
of the whole of the private suites of
the palace, nnd was carried out by
the direction, and under Ilio personal
supervision of tho late King Kdward.
II. ts uot very large and is a thorongn
"'man's room" iu every sense of the
word, containing, among other
Ih'ngs, shooting trophies, mostly testimonies to his Majesty's skill with
rifle, gnu and llie rod, Occasionally
the King will suggest (hiring tlio
course of n busy morning that Lord
Stamford ham, Col. Sir F. Ponsonby, oi
others ot his secretarial stair should
suspend their duties for a slioit It ran
and accompany him to the smoking*]
room, there to have a chat over n
brief sU.oko, The King dm s not BlUOko
lo anything lllto the same extent as
his late Majesty, of whom it, is on
record that he never was son. on
hts way to his bathroom of ft morning
without a cigar in his inomli. II is
very rarely that tin; King smokes
anything stronger than a cigarette.
though when ho is travelling on the
3*.:t, as in the case of Ihr Medina voyage, he will light a briar pipe with ou*
vlouu enjoyment He could never,
however, bo called n heavy smoker,
and this may he accounted for iu
some respect by ihe fact that ihe
Queen docs not like the smell of tobacco in any room she enter.*:.
Jtfeak Kidneys Don't Gure^
they need surh help ta Mature provide.
An excellent ui-i io iiiiimirril kidneys i*
veet nil re.    It u on.* nf il.e rural:*, *•
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Work byflTfl other Bplenafd tneii-
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ure When  you   Imve   Inn.e
baok, mine In tiie joints,
i|Kjts hefont tin' -.yea, fr-*.*u.**nt
headache*, e!0.   Ihey help youi
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r DD     ATLANTIC  f
_.,r K     STEAMSHIPS i.
Sir Ray LaiiUostr-r «.,*•>• In a recent
publication Hint tlio "sardonic Kinil-j"
nnd "sardonic laughter'' liavo been
supposed by some learned nion to refer to the smiles 6t tbe ancient Sardinians when stoning their aged parents. But they havo no more to do
with Sardinians thnn they have witb
iirdincs or sardonyx. Tlio word "sni--
reek wor J
md a   Bar
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Young Author—All, I cun read you
Uke a book.
Society Alius—Well, if you can road
mc the way your book has been read
I have nothing to fear.—Judge.
Dysentery corrodes the intestines
nnd speedily eats away the lining,
bringing about dangerous conditions
that may cause death. Dr. J, D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial clears the
Intestinal canals of the germs that
causes the inflammation, and by protecting the lining (rom further ravages restores them to healthy condition.
Those subject to dysentery should not
be without this simple yet powerful
Of the 822 vessels with n tonnogo
of 2,034,080 built at British shipyards
last year, practically all wore of steel,
and !M) per cent, or the tonnage consisted of steam craft.
A sash lock mauea nn effective substitute for a bolt ou a door and casing
ave flush with cac.i otner.
On Time
Some squander time, some Invest il,
some .kill It. That precious half uour
n day which many of us throw away,
rightly used, would save us from lhe
ignorance which mortifies us, the narrowness and pettiness which always
attend exclusive application to our
Recognized as the lending specific
for the destruction of worms, Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator lms proved a boon to suffering children everywhere.     It seldom falls.
Not In Style.
Everel t Wrest—Wot's do matter
Wit' my style of dress.
Felix llawsted—You're nol up to
date. Your John D. paper vest is
made out o' last week's edition.
benevolent appeal or truo laughter.
Mrs. Grote, the wife of tho great his
torlau (who was herself declared by a
French wil. to rurnisli the t-xplauation
of tho word, "groteacnie,") wroto of
"Owen's sugar-of-lead simile —referring to the groat naturalist,   Richard
Owen.    There was no  u"^    in the
description, for ho had, ns some others
have, a very sweet smile, accompanied by a strangely grave and disapproving glare in his lArge blue, prom*
Inent eyes. It was only apparently
sugar of lead; really, it was sugar of
mill.—the milk of human kindness.
Only tho uninformed endure tbo
agony of corns. The knowing ones
apply Ilolloway's Corn Cure aud got
Don't Wet the Cards.
Whether a pack of cards be new or
old. there are a groat number of people who seem to be nimble to deal
Ihem without wetting their thumb.
There are many objections (d thia
practice, tho spoliation of tbo raids
and hygienic considerations helng
probably the most important. Witli
whist drives the disagreeable i* -iiiiiit-
becomes more obvious, and y-t iho
difllculty ean bo overcome in a vory
sinijiio fashion.   Place over the ih.i	
a rubber ring such as may be oh utu-
cd from any aerated water boiMo,
ami dealing lhe cards will become an
easy matter oven wiUi a well-worn
pack. The rubber ring does nol need
to be loo tight, nor yel too .slack, but
it. is one of these little things which
a card player will always use after
once trying.
Years hnd passed, the political
equality of the sexes was fait accompli, and a certain eandidato for the
presidency had but now been knocked, In a dignified manner, Into a cocked hat.
Her humiliation was complete. Rut
although sho declined to talk for publication, her friends were less rotlct-
Flats of that shape," these protested, with much feeling, "went out
ages ago!"—Puck.
Jour druggist will refund money if PAHO
OINTMENT   full*   In   cur.!   tiny   cnao   of
It.-Iilnn.     I.Iiml.     BleCdllJS   or   I'i--nu !■...:
Piles in ('• to il ii.i.i i.   D0c.
He Got His Board Free
"There was never bu' one gues* at
this here hotel thai stung mo while
I was on the job," the landlord confided. "Several have beat, us, but -not
while I was awake. Bul this here feller certainly got one on me. Say,
he's liviu' here yet, an' he aiu'l never
pnld me a cent. Why don't I collect,
his 1)111? How cuu I? Walt till I
tell you.
"He's been stoppln' hero for near
two months when I approached him
on the subject of get tin' something on
account. Ile was cheerful. I wub polite. Finally I got mad and put It up
to him straight.
" 'Young man.' says I, 'you can't
leave this hotel till .vou pay your
" 'Will you put that    in   wriM*
says ho.   And before I knowed what I
was doing I liad done It!"
I want," explained the Advertising
mau, "I want a picture that has ibo
Idea of speed In 11—real speed. I
want it to go at a regular 21 a rat hoti.
Hut it's £Ot to be new."
"Ves, 1 spc," said the attlsl, picking
up a pencil. "How about Mercury ?
Something like this."
lie sketched rapidly the figure of
the messenger  of   Olympus, winged
sandal'., winged cap, symbolic stall
and all. The advertising man looked
it over approvingly.
"Seems ail right," he common tod,
But what does It mean?   Who's Mercury?"
"Oh, Mercury? lie was Ihe speediest ihlng thai ever lived," the artist
declared. "Mercury was the god of
speed, you know.
But tho advertising manager gave
io long regretful look al the skotoh
and shook his head.
Too bad,' be mm iuun><l sadly. "Too
bad; 1 like lis looks, but If won't do,
If wouldn't do, young man.   Wi
get. mixed up wllh anyone's in
tike that"—Philadelphia Lodgei
There is a forcible way of leaching
manners ln Russian trains, One day
a traveller persisted In smoking when
asked tO stop, uud when It had been
made clear to him thai ho was isolating tin* law. finally lho guard came
in with a Judge, who happened to bo
n passenger, The Judge placed ids
chain of ofllco round his liock, held a
courl, and lln«'d the offender 30 roubles labout $16) on lho spot.
'•Walter," he complained, "I smell
fresb paint,"
"If you'll Just wall a niiiiulc, sir."
answered tho obsequious functionary,
"those ladles will have gone away."
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Mm-lno Eye -lemeay. No Bmnrtlnir—FmI-j
Flno—Acta Quickly. Try il /nr KC(l,Weak,
Watery Eyes and Oranmatcd Eyelids, nius-
tralud Huok in t'.'n'ii Pavkngt'.    Marino i*
I'l'ini niir!i!"(J hv .mr OctlllMH—floi n --|„lt-nt MtKl-
l-t-Jni'" — but u-i-it in hiu sstul I'Ii.t-i.-Iuim'' 1'rin--
u.-t- for many renin.   Nnw aoulcateq lo tin- l*u6»
111- tllld Mild 1>V ilrlli.f-1-.l- III .'..'; .'Illil J-V J-**.'! Hull's.
Miulin, Ufa Sii hi. In .Am-.-'I.- Tubci, Ufa arid 00';,
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chlcaso
Railways catling for men with ■„
knowledge of Telegraphy, freight,
Ticket and Baggage work. Big demand owing to so much construction
Koinfi on. tiood salaries to begin.
Regular books and wires from railways insures you practical work ami
a position when qualified. Free Hook
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HAVF VflH  * Lun-P'■■ *l-r ■*--■>■••-•. oi
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the body, or a Soie that will not heal >
lf you hnve, writ-?, describe* tin- trouble, and
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la boict, 2Sc.
i look bettor, fit bolter, wear longer! nnd
I give belter (.ntlsfoctlon tban oib.-i niotceu.
I    Tboy aro tho roault <»f &'. ytmn uccu*
mulat-od hnowlodgo   .oict   cxpeiienco lu
building infill Orado Shoes.
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jn Canada.
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Troublesome Account
My husband huu glvgn tuu a chock*
ins; account."
"Isn't thnt lovely? Now ynu onn
buy anything you want and Just write
out n choquo lor it."
"Yor. rm rather sorry on ana Recount, thougn. It seems hucIi a lot
or trouble to Imvu to write out a
choquo for one's car rare, especially
when the cars are crowded."
ti soil 30 Beautiful  Souvenir., ut Sc.
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(rlrlfi.  We trust you. Write for Souvenir**.
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Thn International Dry Fnrm lug
Congress to ho held at Lethbrtdgo
next full Is to he attended by over
onn thousand over-sea delegates, representing practically alt
countries, The Duke and Duohess of
Connaught are expected to opou the
"Some of your friends sny yon wlll i0# t|l0 jjI|P
be a candidate   and   some say you j     "„,.      ' ,. ,,,
won't." .?_■>_• •.sn'tthls ihi
"Well," replied the wary ftlntesman,
"what do you e.vpect me to do nt this
filimn uf tho L'iinn''.' Ureal, in nnd try
to be umpire?"—Washington Star.
She wfla a very naughty girl to put
Hie subscriber on the wrong number,
„ -    and sho ought to have known better.
.S!"!!!'1!"  Being   In   a   hurry,   the   oUMcribor
promptly asked for a box for two.
"Uut we don't have boxes for two,''
said it startled Voice ut the other end
|atrn?" he Inquired.
j    ".No," was the reply.
os ihe undertaker."
Frlvality The-
■This is Orav-
SU languages lu ull nre spoken In
tlic British Isles—Engl ish, French,!
Many, Duello, Welsh, aud Irish,    ■
Thp steward of a Chicago hotel,
haH Invented n machine that will
wash and dry lS.OOO dishes oi plates
In an hour.
■ ,1     Laughter Is the pepsin for mental
A Pill for All Beaioni.—Winter and dyspepsia!
summer in uny latitude, whether   in     ' .
torrid /ono or Arolio temperature,; sir Walter s^-otf once did a mean
Parmoleo's Vogetable Pills ean be de-| thing nt. school, and the story shows
ponded upon to do their work. The ; \](tSV strong a habit may become,
dyspoptlo will Hnd them a friend al* There was a hoy In hln elans who
ways and should carry them with hliu , waH always at UlO top, nnd SCOtt COUld
everywhere. They ore made towlth* n0| dtsplaob him,
Btand any climate and are warranted one dav Bcott noticed thnt in unto keep their (roshnoss and strongUi. 8W0rlng tho leachor'ti nueitlons tba
They do not grow Ktalp, n quality not j boy always fumbled with hli Angers
button on his waistcoat, and lit
[iuKsess<*tl in many p
now   on the
Htr. Function
Victor It emery, tho noted French
lacing atitomo-Illst. was praising   tin
Amorlcan automobile,   "i dou'tluiow
why It Ktmulil he su unpopular,' lie
said. "Perhaps It. isn't advorltsp-i
enough, At any rale, it Is a vely
much iinder-niiiit nischliiG-" *'it re*
minds me id' ihe man whoso's wlfo
cnlletl to her llttlo Bon one oold win*
ter night; "Tommy, v.a bring mo up
(lie bi'd-wnrmrr." Tommy wllhuui
leaving his comfortnblo soal    before
can'l 'the clnnhlug
tllglon stairs; "Fulfil.
', moihi'i
iliOUleil down
wauls yuu! '
One of ihe mosi extraordinary frooh
societies ovor known lms lu«i been
Btartod in vlonnn by tho HnrouosH
Mohu, It. Is known as tho "Big Foot,"
lis object bolng i" spread tho theory
thnt big feot art* not only lunMny, but
You told mo nn hour ago," com*
plained lho man    with llm aatcliol,
that the train wns 20 minutes late."
"Well, lt was," replied lho 0 til (Ion
-1Dut It hasn't got here yel."
Oh, I  I nought    you were asking
about, tho train that had Just passed."
•d tr
Mrn. (iraminercy—If wo hn
onoiulze. I suppose you'll pi
give up the motor car?
0 ra mm orey—-I should sny noi. Wo'll
have to do It In Bomo way Uuil our
neighbors can't boo.—Puck.
Hydrophobia IS now Bo nne In Km-
opo that the cases have averaged only
onn per annum during the IiihI (oil
Hard Telling.
many   kittens
have   you,
Goorgto? ^^^^^^^
"I don't know for sure;  wo have
one of those no nice suicide cats."
Bank's Odd Callern.
The Rank of Kngland has jusl ills*
pensed wiih ihe services of the two
detectives who havo stood sentry at
lis fronI door for over a (jtinrtor of a
QOntury, During thai period many
were their Odd OSpoi'lcilCOS, lor Ilu ire
are ninny people ut large who think
Ihey own (lie l-.iiik of Kngland or part
of |t. nnd they call periodically wllh
the idea of making uu Inspection of
tin- premises, Then lliere hi ihe in-
dividual wlio would go up to tin* Ben-
try-box, lap lho detccilvo »\\, lho nun.
and ask lu an undertone, "Which Is
the way lo the cashier's desk'.' I
wanl lo change a choquo for a million
pounds." Another would ask lo he
dlrcclod io thi' strong room, "whoro
my large diamond collodion Is kept,
hv permission ot HIb jtlnjosly" Then
there were the "claimants"- -these
who Imagined they were heirs to the
throne, and that the haul, would he
theirs as soon ua Ihey bud proved
their claim, Kven visitors iu rags
would cull and demand lo he allowed
to count over their securities!
ked moment Sootl  out oil   the
button wltll his knlfo,
When lhe hoy was ijuestlpned again
he filt for tho button, and was so
confused that he lost his place, and
Scott, took It. lie gol to (he top. hut
ofleu In after life the thought of that
hoy and his failure filled him with ro-
Steamship companies in tho Urltlsh
[Bios own over S/100 ves^ds,
nr. one
Nearly 1R.000 people were
U'lini.'.-don into Canada las'. :
of the causes In the ltunilerunts' cod
Hllpnlstes thnt tbo newcomer   must
possess at least Hi to gotl
Groat Britain, n» woll ns Franco, l«
planning a chain of wireless Hiatfoim
around thn world, Gormany Is nt.
work on a plan to connect Merlin with
iis African colonies and Paolfto pon*
BOBBions,   Italy also propOSOS to mahu
connection with Africa.
Send (or free sample to Depl, N.l*.,Ns»
tlonal Drug *% Chemical Co., Toront% THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.C.
Book News
$1.50 each
"V" vs. Eyes.   By the Author of "Quoed"
"Smoke Bellew."   By Jttck London.
$1.25 each
"The Mind the Paint Girl."   By Louis Tracy.
"Stella Maris"   By William Locka.
"Murder Limited"   By Ranger Gull,
"Bobbie, General Manager"
"Blue Anchor Inn"
75 cts. each
"The Dop Doctor"
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
"The Wild Olive"
"The Prodigal Judge"
"His Hour"
"The Garden of Allah"
"The Shuttle"
Company, Limited
Local News
Nothing ,'idiit. to the appearance ol
n room like pictures, well and suitably framed—Kllby Frames Pictures.
J. Joyce of Rl to, wns in town oi
J.   Clinton  o.   Kovelstoke,   wuh  in
the city  Monday.
CJ. Sunbro n of I.os   Angeles,    wus
in town Wednesday.
I*.   Johnson  of  Kimberley,   wus  i
the city Sunday last.
A Pointer for You
A' complete   stock   of   fres-i   fruits
land  vegetables*,--:Ira  It-  Mnnnin -.
W. ff, Shannon   of   Jaffray,  spent
Inst nt the Cosmopolitan
B. Weston of Cal my. wis at the
Oranbrook  Sunday   In--t.
C. W. Beech In j; ol New York City, :
was in  tho town  Wsdn sduy.
Mr. and Mrs.  A. 0. BowntSj motor !
I ed over to Fott Steele. Monday,
j     M.   A.   Williamson    of    Kimberley   |
I spent Sunday last in Cranbrook,
Fresh Plums. I'euches, and Apricot
, —Ira R. Mann in.
I    F. m. Thomas   drove   over   from.
I Kurt Steele Monday on biBit.o-B,
f. .\, S. Dunn o[ Calgary, was at
t the Oranbrook hotel Wednesday.
It,  J, Long of Creaton, waj re^'t
''  trrod at thfl CmuhioiV.  Wednesday
It may he that your eyes are becoming; weak and you are afraid to
acknowledge it. That is the way
with a good many people, both old
and young. The young particularly, seem afraid to admit their failing sight, hut it is no novelty nowadays aud certainly no disgrace.
We will remedy any defective eye
light quiekly, accurately and at
low cost.
Jewelers t> Opticians
a horse if our harness has been
tried on him. He will stand
quite as a lamb to be hitched
for he knows tbe harness Isn't
going ro chafe or gall him In
tha least. If your old set is
about done stop in and see whut
„ rine new ono you can set here
at a very moderate price.
0. K. A>re and 0. E. Ayu\  Jr. o
Elko, were in Crnnbrco*t ol Wednes
*l   da,
For Sale Rents & Wants
i FOR SALE Two Peerless Brooders,
also 2-_2S «kk Peerless Incubators
good ns new. ,). Qartside, Cranbrook. Phone Ranch, 16-t!
ii   W. M. PARK & CO.   ii
Phone 109     Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443
Chop Suey
Specially Prepared
Served Every Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Mrs. M. Pnrrlfih and dHUghlft.' o
Spokane, were Cranbrook visitors on
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Gamblj of
Fairmont Springs, were in the city
i*. Woods of Cherry Creek, was lo
the city on .Monday trtn&cting some
Preserving Strawberries at Ira R.
Manning's next week.
W. Wilkinson ..ni A. Hanse of Winnipeg, were guests at ttie Cranbrook
property in thts vicinity 104 ncres
of land one mile from the city of
Matheson, Ontario. Apply A. C.
Pigott, P. 0. Hox, 515, Cranbrook, R. C. 22-St
POR RENT—Rooms with Hoard in
modern house, phone 374, corner Ed
ward street end Ldmsdju Avenue.
LOST—Bay Hors?, weight about 85
Its, white stripe down face
fhite stripe about' four in:h*„
long and one inch wide under thf
saddle on right side, branded ST-
in left hip. Finder will be re
warded.    L.Hilton,  Watts'iur*.
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
R.  Randolph Hn r ■ of Wilmer,  wus
■J>   transacting t-'isiness at Cranbio *k on
Mrs. P, Kge of Kim! erley, was in
J*   ths   city   dotog   some   shopping _.
1 * . Wednesday.
1'      Mr. nnd Mrs. P, G, Hergue of Van*
ai   couver,  were  Cranbrook   visitor,  oi
< ►    Sunday last.
A. C. Bowness received a carlo.d
of liquor direct from the o'.d country
on Wednesday.
E. Davis, J. R. Mountain, and H.
Egleston of Victoria, were in -the
city on Mondny.
There will he th; usual social
dance ot the Auditorium on Thur.-t
dny evening next.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davis nnd
J i child of Wyclifle, were Crnnbrook via
*   itors on Wednesday.
Preserving Strawberries at Ira R.
Manning's next week. ,
Wm. Long left on Tuesday tor McLeod, Alta., he will have a run n rtfc
on thc Calgnry branch.
»» H H M 111 lll>H llll I 11 >>l 1111 M 11II Mill ■
i_____._-L.___:--. *-*-**. .       -■      ■    -■-■     ■■■   -,-._..----_-_r.-:a--.-..^ _■■.._-■ ____l**n-—    ■_■■ 1   ■—_ .  '
WANTED TO BUY—Mare six or Bev
en years old, good traveller,
gentfe, broke single, either black,
chestnut, cr dnrk bay, weight
1100. Address Oeo. A. Martin,
Box 256, Cranbroo't,
KOR  8 ALE—Registered  Scotch  Col
lie Pup.    Address Geo. A. Martin
near Hospital.
WANTED-Positlon by Englishwoman
as housekeeper or companion,
help, and experienced. Address-
Prospector Office.
J.   McBride ot  Murysvlb,   v.a;  in
the city Monday, havln* l.u.*i.iess at
] ;-H*l'l*l-l-1-H^hH^^^^H*-"!-! .   I 11 I I I I II llllll I'l-lfl-lit   the Government Buildings.
' |      -mr -mr _*->* ' ''     ®**' Pnter!-on* °f the Fink Merca
• ■       I    I __-   -^ ,-.   —^ ^a— _W .*—* --..—.  _--__, _wm*.     J tile company, left on Wednesday for
:: Hanson Lrarage i:-**^«•*__•«•-•
' ' K-J ■ ■ ,    E  .Home  Oi  Ja^rij
Sole Dlstrlot A|fOnt Fnr
The Ford Automobile
Supplies of all  Kinds in Stock at all times; also
the Best Tires the market nliords
There are More than 220,000 Fords on
the World's  Highway
For   Prices and  Information r^anling Cars
Write or Apply to
a ,***************i*********4
. ,********** lllll ****** I I I m-l-HI I Ml . I I HM"'
Riverview Outing Place::
The Beji. Outing Camp in East  Kootenay
Good  Accomodations
(. -.i s. • I i n r Launch anil Bo its
ij    |Will Open June 22nd 1913
H. LUND, Proprietor
K .Home oi ,iapr iy, manager fo
ihe Rust Kootenay Lumber compan;
wus in the city Sunday InHt.
B. P. Edwards nud it. K. Tarbett
of Ppoknne,   were  registered  nt    h
; Crnnhrook ho.el on Monday,
J. A. Gllllsple, n real estate agent
from Vnncouver WOfl in th_ city du
ini: tho early part t.H this week.
2d  per cent discount on all Ht-pl-
chinn  and 2S  per cent  cn  a'l  fn ic;
1 .oh'h    coualdernhly   leBs than cost
I --Ira It. Mann n.'.
T. T, M< nttlo, P. I.. S., of Port
St Th' was In the city for Heveral
days this iveolt on business.
Applications nu* now coming lnJ
from nsw members who deilre to
|oin the Loyal Order of Mooho.
A. Carney <f Kss'.o, wns In tout
rhuiH.lay. Mr. Oalnoy has Ju-t re
turned    from    a    business    trip    tc
The children of the public a hoo-
hav,! had >_ very hiH/ we..k wieh their
exams. Next week will closo for th
J. P; Pink and James Ryan motor
■d to ffaldo on Friday, t,, ntti Ii 1 ii
mooting nf th" d rectors oi th- Unftr
Lumber Co.
Official notice of ■■■■■ establishmoht
j of a mme rescue nln Urn at Pernio in
1 the luut Issue ol the llrltlsh Col urn
1 uhi flu/ctt-'.
MIfh   Virgin   Hnnto  cntottilnoil a
numbor of hcr irl nds mi a lawn co
rial on  Wednesday evonfnR,    i.i ht
refreshments were nerved.
Mr. LfllltO J. Bruce ot Nelson, was
In town this week examining the pupils of tbe public school, Mr. l-rwe
Ih the. Hchool Inspector Vor the Kootenay district.
Mr. Charles Emslie
begs to announce to the
C i t i 7. e n s of Cranbrook
that he hat opened a
Furnishing Store
On Armstrong Ave
in the store recently occupied by B. H. Short
He is carrying a (ull line
of Men's Goods in Linen
and Clothing, and solicits
your patronage.
O. F. fiarton ot Vnncouver, was in
town Frldnj.
Mis.- Belle Taylor ot Klmtjoiliy.win
in th- city Friday.
C. R. Ward retunud Tuesday .com
ii business trip t . Culgury.
(J. C'orsnn of Vancouver, was at
thc Oranbroo'i Thursday.
The Public  Echoed  clo3ed  on Frf
day for tho sunmu-r holidays.
Fresh Plums, Peaches, and Apricot
-Ira K. Mnnn n,.
Mr. and Mis. II. II- Bohart and
daiiglit. r of Wnrdner, were Crnnhrook
visitors on Friday.
A. I,. MoDermot received a carload
,1. liquors from the Old Co ntry on
Mr, nnd Mrs. V. M. Youiik of Fort
Hteele,  were Oranbrook  visitors on
The liij-li water in tbe Kiotcuv
(i\vl- Ih fill tlft and all din er froi
llll-ll wnter Is  over.
Sir  Wilfrid   Laurie-'s  pel  warshi ,
he Unin' ow, is being disinni.t cd n
Kmiulintilt  navy yiiril.
A. J. Mlll.-r and T. Fl otwood of
Skooklluichuok, were in town Mt n In
attending a mcottng o'. the Wate
0, F. sicveiiron lift on Tuesda;
for Mo.itrenl., durln- h's abionce M
l.oulmcb wlll have ehnr e ot the
'ranbrco*. ,'o,bers' business.
$3.0(10.1111 s o.-'i of fancy cli'iia nn
glassware to be moved iu thirty di>
-lia 11. Mnnn at,
Kimberl*y will celebrate Dominion
Hay. A ling thy programme with 111
eral prlzen hns bsen nrr-nged. Th
sports of fie day will close ni h n
The renovating of tha Mcdil Variety tto-e has betn complct d, an. no*.
l-resents a very jood appearance; it
is one of the most up-to-dn'.e jtores
oi its kin 1 !n the city.    #
A meeting of lh* directors ot thi
Baker Lumber company waB hell at
Waldo on Friday. Direciors from
Vancouver, Cianbrook and o'.her
points in the province were in atten
dance.   „
At the Aud torlum, thi "Vortex,'
a very powerful westren c'ram. will
be shown, also "B2tty's Rev*n;e"
and the "Man OutBlde." Popular
piles, and the best pictures, ia the
motto at this theatre.
Lineaien and tcle.h ne ripnirers
were hiwy oni Friday puLt ng the various telephone lin:s in o.*der; also
the electric lis,ht lines. Every stree
light, except one was out of commission on Thursday evening.
$3,000.00 s'o-'i of fancy china and
glassware to be moved in thirty day
—Ira R. Mnnn n*.
Goe. Scott of Nelson, a nrom'iun
mining man was in tbe ct; Friday
Mr. Scott wns at El o Wedn sday
attend.ug a sltt n; of th' Water Com
mlssiouers, having n water light on
bis ranch at Totncco Plains.
A Traveller's Set
Alarm Clocks
Came to us
We  put  them on  Sale
Along Same Lines
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,     -      B. C.
Place your orders (or I'r.s-r.lng
Strawberries, etc, with ub and lit
us take curo of It for you; nlso
Fruit Jars,    Ornnbrook Trading Co,
In order to take I'vri' ot the in
creusing grocery business 1 I'nd it
will be necessary lo close out tbi-
clilna and glassware stock. Every
Ihlng must, go regnrdless ot prtc>.—
—lrn H. Mnnn in;.
P. B. Wilson met with ll serluii
accident on Monday; while work ng
ariiind hln enr, It- stuiti-il, running
over lilm nnd crushing his foot very
Department of Works
SKALEB TENDERS,    superscrf.-d
"Tender   for   two-room   nddl loi t
school-house nt Hosmer (Fernle Dis-
trict)," wi 1 be received by thc H0.1
ourabl... the Minister of Public Works
up to noon ol Mondny, the SOth d y
of  June,  1913, lor the er.ction    n
completion for a twu-room addition
with   hralng   chain) e.-   to ex,s In
schco* bouse at Hosmer (Fcrnle-liis
trict).   Vork  to  he started  linm.'il
lately  on  acceptance  Oi tender  nn
c miplcted  ready  for  occupation  o.i
or hi lire August 25th, 1913.
I'liins, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
nfter Ibe 18th duy of June. l'-l,1, . t
the olllce of Mr. J. S. T. Ale.under,
Government Agent, Fernh, B.C.; Mr.
T. Ayre, Secretary i-chool Boar J,
Hosmer, B.C.; nnd thi Depurtment
of Public Works, Victoria.
Inten.ling tenders can for the .um
ol flu (tin dollnrs) obtain one copy
of the plans aid s lecl-lcnt'ons, by
applying to lhe undersigned, This
sum wlll be rounded on return o
plnns In good order.
Each rrjpotal must be acconpan
ied by an accepted bank ch que o
ceitlllcate of deposit on a chartir_
bank of (a inda, made pnyn'il* il
tbe Hon Durable the Minister ol Pu-
lic. Wor! s, lor a sum c .mil to 10 psi
cunt of tinder, which sha 1 n* lo:
felted if the pnrty tendering de.l.ce
to enter Into rontrnct »h:n call.d
upon to do so, or If ho full to complete the work contracted tor. ,h.
cheilites 01- cji-tilirut H Ol tl*|ii sit o
unsuccessful Inulerers will le r.turn
ed to them ill on the execution ol
the co tenet.
Tenders will not, be considered un
lis 1 niiiile out on tin funis supplied
signed wltn On actual slgiiitir.i o
tli* tenderer, mid cnclofl-d In the envelopes fiirnlt-hed.
The lowest or any t nder i;ot u*ccs
lanly accepted,
,1. K. (IRIFF1TH
Pubic  Works Engineer
Depurtment ol Public Vio.'In,
Victoria, B.C., June loth, 1913.
1 ;-| IH 11111 HI I HI IH . I-H I HI M'l-Ull 1111 III * ■.
I I *
il Are You Going
For a Trip?
' '"'U-S__,. -Vi
Buy your Trunks, Suitcases,
At Cost
ii Cranbrook Trading Co ii
♦ l-l 14111 III IIIIIIUHHIIIMIIIl 1111| || H1::
<l-IIMMI_MI-l*IM»IMwl«l»B-llwlrtBIgiai:: l«l*i|-itoliiliilMl«l>ilalMl.-iMrt.il«h«H.lt*ihllrtl
PHONE 340 P. O. BOX 904
Plumbing,    Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to-Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works: Edward Street.,       -       Cranbrook
i ********** mn num. in iihiii ii n 111 - nt
THE   AT   R _E	
"The Street Fakir"
The Three Troubadours
"Those College Chaps"
La Petite Alva
"Juvenile Comedienne"
The La Volos
"A Sensation on the Wires"
Ferns, Bennett & Co.
In "The Favorite"
! Popular Prices: 25-50-75;
♦ll llll lllll l ll lllll I * 111 nun in n n m *.
Wt alwayi advlH peopla who have
•toraach or bowel trouble to ne a
doctor. But to tboie who do not
wleh to do thle wt will lay: try the
m-lrtm-a   ot  ilmple   buckthorn bark
glycerine, etc, known aa Adler-1-kti
Thin Hlmple new remedy la ao power*
fui that JUST ONK DOBE umally
relievos aour atomaeh, gaa on tb*
atomach and conitlpatlon Q0I0KL1.
People who try Adler-l-k* art mif
prlaed at IU QUICK action, TH
Beattlt-Murpby Oo. tl*i


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