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The Prospector Feb 17, 1912

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Array Torlo Lenses
While You Wait
jp* f ttt§pt£Uff
The Leadlns' Newspaper
ui tin'
We Believe in Cranbrook
We are Working Continually tor It's Good
We have nilloll lo loniu, that Is
very ovlilent, ll a person were to ronil
the eilllorlal coIuiiiiih of the "Herald" this wook nml take It sni-loiisly
to heart he wmilll think that every
ono hail been Imilly ilooalvotl; unit
Instead ol having the soberest, most
resuoctnble, anil cleanest city In the
west we actually havo been living lu
a very holl on earth. Wo lu last
Week'* Issue s|u,ke wolds ol coiniiinn-
datlou for the admirable wny thi'
new Mayor ami council have iirulor-
taketi their ilutles and the many now
suggestion* they hnve innile for the
city's Improvement: also for the WBy
they aro endeavoring to carry out
the auggoHlluu* made; at tlio sn'mi
time we should very much regret to
have to say thnt Ornnbrook hail become a hye-woril among respectable
people, as does the Herald In their
All through the columns of the
"Prospector" Irom week to week onv-
one can observe that our endeavor*
are all lor * larger, better t'ran-
brook, believing that we have tho
beet city In the west; placed in the
best and largest in,biatrial centre In
th* west, and has the largest and
best surroun,lines thnt pertain lo the
steady successful growth ns nn Industrial and aitrlcultural centre of any
elty In the west today.
There can be no doubt but what
Improvements In our civic llle can be
lii'oiltahly curried out but to give the
Impression that Oranbrook, at the
I beginning oi thn year was nothing
I more or loss thnn I loll on earth] nml
> the homo for nothing bettor than a
| sot. ot tho people the Herald would
have ii* believe existed hero wn
We realise that in our midst wo
have some who live not the lives wo
should like to havo thom live; wo
have a few whoso oharurliirs ran nut
be hold up for examples; but, on the
olhor hand we lMVIu some of the
llnest class of people, people whoso
lives can bear the light ol day and
whose characters stand out in prom
ineee for their excellence; nnd he-
i-aiise wo have a lew of tbo other
kind we must not (orget that, thoy
are not in the majority liy any means
and that thoy are largely nutshml
r>woit by the mnforlty of tho hotter
and more respostatilo class ol eltl
Ken. that are a credit tu any commit'
nlty nnd worthy ol being placed
along side the tiost In the land.
t'rnnbrook Is one of the cities ol
the west thnt nny man or woman cHn
be proud to claim citizenship ol and
a city no mnn need be afraid to re-
i-ommond to tholr best friend as "tho
best city in the wost In which to take
u|i residence."
"Hurrah for Oranbrook" the be*t
City ol the West today.
Fire in Cranbrook
At 11 o'clock yesterday morning nn
alarm ol Ure wns mug in from the
Oranbrook Dry Cleaning Works situated on Cranbrook Htreot. it appears
that In heating the gasoline whlcb I*
used In cleaning tho clothes, some
ol the gasoline boiled ovor the side
ol tho reeoptlcal In which It waa being heated, and heenme Ignited with
the are In the furnace room adjoin
ing in which the holler which goner
ate* the steam used to take away tho
fumes that remain on gasoline-cleaned clothe*.
The proprietor ol the establishment
Mr. Geo. Powell, and hi* assistant
Mr. 0. Hernial, wero busy with their
work, both were experienced mo,
wben, without any warning the explosion took place, severely burning
Mr. Powell nnd his assistant, Mr.
Rendal. The      gasoline      Imme
diately Ignited several Indamahle
articles, and the interior ol the building a mass ol flames. Whon tlio
Pire Brigade arrived tho building
was well ablaze, nn being Informed
that all the gasoline had heen removed from the building, the flromen
approached closer to tho burning
building , and just, us the Fire Chief
called lor the firemen to look out, a
a second explosion nccured, this time
Chlel Poster, It. J. Oavnoy, W. flo-
den, and 0, Brady, all member! of
the tiro tirigndo wore Injured. Further precautions were now taken, as
it was possible that more gasoline
wns in tho burning building. It took
llle lire laddies but a short timo to
extinguish the Are.
Tho damage to tho building and its
ouutpmont is cstimnted at about
It is feared tbat Mr. Powell will be
contlneu to hi* home tor some time.
Mr. Soden, a fireman 1* In ths 'hospital.
It is perhaps a curious Incident
that such an accident should have
occurml at this time. Mr. Powell has
for some time boon contemplating
the installation of new nnd Improved
machinery, whoreby the danger from
lire would bo lessened, and nn improvement in the clothes cleaning
business. Mr. Powell 1* an old timer
In Cranhrook, and a rustler for business, and we trust that be, and nil
ol the Injured will soon be able to resume their relative duties.
At 1:45 another alarm was rung in
lor a small fire at Mr. Russet's residence on French Avenue, caused by
an overheated stove pipe, this was
extinguished before the arrival ol the
Around the  Churches
Baptist Church
K«v. 0. B. Kendall, Pastor
At 11 a. m. Hublect: "Christ, tbe
Ooapel ol God."
Sunday School and Bible Class at
9 p. m.
7:80 p. m, Subject-. "Four Cranbrook Men In tho Melting Pot."
Knox Presbyterian Church
(Rev. 0, O. Main;   Pastor.)
Preaching at 11 a. in. Rev. N. Mentation ol Fort Steele will occupy
tbe pulpit.
Sunday School at 3 p. mf
Preaching-  service:    7:30  p.  m. The
Pastor will preach.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Iiion Dunham, Paator.
Morning service at u a. m.
Sunday School and Bible Hlass at
3 p. m.
Evening service at 7:3c p. in
Rev. principal 0. W. Kerby, B A.
ol Mount Royal College, Calgary,
will occupy tbe pulpit at both nervines. Mr. Ktrby Is one ol the ablest
sponkere and strongest leader* In the
Christian work In the went.
The choir will render special music
at both servicee. Tbe special music
lor the evening service follows:
Soprano eolo-"0 Divine Redeemer!
Mrs. Geo. Stevenson.
Boss solo—"King David's Lament"
Mr. Geo. Stevenson.
Anthem—"Blessed he the God and
Father," choir.
All are invited tn the above services.
What   the Churches are   Doing.
The   young peoples    guild   ol tbe
PrcBbytcrlnn Church will meet on
Thursday evening at 11 o'clock. Mr.
Main the retiring pastor ol tbo
church will deliver an address. This
will he Mr. Main's last meeting with
the young people.
The touchers training clas* ol tbe
Baptist church meet* every Monday
evening at 11 o'clock. Tho class has
started oil with considerable enthusiasm and appears to have a bright
The Hpworth League ol the Methodist church has withdrawn Its home
meeting lor next Tuesday in favor of
the musical evening at the home of
Mra. J. D. Murray under the auspi
ces of the Ladles Aid ol the Church.
A general invitation is extended to
all to attend this social entertainment.
A meeting tor men will be held in
tho Y.M.C.A. on Sunday afternoon
at 4 o'clock. Rev. Geo. W. Ker|>y will
make the address. Mr. Kerby Is one
ot the ablest leaders of men In the
ontira west This treat should not
tie missed.
Tho young men ol the Methodist
church aro to give a Maple Sugar
Social lu the Gymnasium ol the
Church Friday ovonlng Feb. 23rd. A
good program will he given in the
church prior to the Hugarlng Off Ho
rial; included m which will be a ahort
lecture bv tho pastor entitled on
Yukon Trails.
The tlrst ol n series nl tllble CIkhb
meetings was held in tho Y.M.C.A.
Parlors nn Wednesday, Feb. 14. .1.
B. Stanley as the tender, nnd the
to-les taken will lie from tbo special
Y.M.C.A. In "Men of Stool."
A hoarfv Invitation is nttendeil t„
oil men to ntt<n I tbls "Ins* hoi*
each week on Thursday evening a*
8 o'clock.
1TKWHB                                                                                                                                     «>ww».
k       ' ^Mtfc$!BS^^                                               -.
llll   u      *t,                                                                                   w*>v*-.-»•"'■■.       *" '■"               i\             "a          vw               n                       r        M
x, rv
'   r.     f*
MT i V■ .TIJLlCMiillilMY
Pi *
kl$b   •?
f 9
th..~£3~ -J--JKl ,.j
IPS-   ^
•- *c ' ' -
Local Talent of which Cranbrook is Proud
From "THE COUNTRY GIRL" Given at the Auditorium
Tuesday and Wednesday, February 6th fir 7th
Bur it'll Greets Fruit Men
Ottawa, Feb. 14.—The Dominion
conference of fruit-growers opened In
St. Patricks Hall this afternoon. The
most representative exhibit of fruit
Is here. "Made in Canada" Is arranged ncross tbe platform ot tho
hall. The exhibit* rome trom every
province In the Dominion except Alberta and Saskatchewan. Tho conference will last until Friday afternoon.
At tho opening session this afternoon, an address of welcome was given by Hon. Martin llurrcll, minister
ol agriculture A paper on "Co-operation nnd Fruit-growing" was pre-
sonted by Alox McNeil, chief of the
fruit division anil one on "No* Vo,
rlotlos of Fruits," by W. T. Macoun,
Dominion horticulturist. On Thursday evening a public meeting will be
held when premier llorden will speak.
Delegates   Named
In attendance at tho Northwest
Mining convention liemg held Tiiurs-
lay, Friday nnd Saturday ol thi*
week at Spokane, Wash., will be a
strong delegation of mining men appointed by tho governors of the various western mining states. The
commercial oiganUntlous also have
appointed delegates to Introduce sub,
jeets of interest to the section represented.
It la expected thnt much general
good to tho industry will result Irom
thla meeting, nt which time an expression Irom tho various mining district* on matter* affecting tbe mining industry, it Is oxpected will In
duence legislation in congress, and
through the medium of the convention a hotter genoral knowledge ot
what other sections nre doing in the
mining lino will aid In bringing about
greater co-operation among those engaged in the business. Tno meeting
will n'so provide a means ol securing
up-to-date information an to developments In different camps, whlcb
will tend to revive the interest ol
the general public in mining.
Ladies' Aid
church will give a inuslcale at the
home ol Mra. J. D. Murray, on Wednesday. Feb. 21st, at 8 pm. A collection will be taken.
Instrumental duet, by Mrs. Weis-
brod and Mrs. Manning. -AJas Oriol-
los; Gottachalk.
Mlna Preet.—Instrumental Solo, selected.
Miss Harrison,—Spanish Bolero—
Mrs.   Stevenson.—Solo,  selected.
Mrs.   Woishrod,—Instrumental  Solo
Faust --l.eybach.
MrH.  McPhorson.—Solo—selected.
Mrs.  Wclsbrod.- Solo-Plum roses
Seymour F.lllot.
Honor for Grey
London. Kng.,—The King has ap-
imlntod Sir Kdward Grey, lorelgn
•e-retarv, a Knlirht of the Garter.
This distinction has been conferred
upon Sir Kdward Grey undoubtedly
nt tho premier's suggestion and In
construed as the government's answer to the attacks, particularly on
the part ol tho liberals on Sir F.d
ward's foreign policy.
Viscount Hnldnno, war secretary,
Is steadfast in declining to discuss
the object ol his visit to Berlin. He
returned to London today. Public
opinion is Inclined to connect the bestowal ol the unusual honor ot tbe
garter knighthood on Sir Kdward
Grey with tbe Haldane mission
Interests  Safeguarded
A lull report of the correspondence
memoranda, etc, relating to the recent mission to Ottawa ot Premier
McBrlde, Attorney General Bowser,
and Hon. W. It. Ross, was on Monday brought down In tbe legislature.
In addition to touching upon almost
evecy matter in which the Dominion
und Provincial authorities have Joint
Interests It contain* the lollowlng
telegram received by the Premier
Irom Mr. Borden bearing date ol Ottawa, Jan. 25 last:
"Respecting the claim ol llrltlsh
Columbia for eiceptlonal treatment
by reason of permanent physical con
aitiuu* aud o»*«.<•..>». w* »,« pr*n*.r<
ed to appoint a commission to investigate tbe merits mada by your
province in thi* regard, one commissioner to he named by this government, one by your government and
the third to bo selected by agree
ment of the two commissioners, or
(ailing auch agreement by the secretary ol state lor the colonic*."
This question is to be taken up
as soon a* possible In connection
with the new treaty with Japan, to
which Canada haa not yet Bcceded.
The interest* of Canada in reepect nl
Immigration will be safeguarded and
your government will be consulted
wltb regard to consideration* spec
tally affecting BrltWh Columbia."
Two resolutions endoralng the attitude of tbe Dominion government in
the above premises and showing a
determination to strongly urge British Columbia's claims have been given notice ol by tbe premier In the
Battle for Grain Cars
On Monday a pitched battle took
place among a hundred Galtciana and
lloukhohor larmers at Blaine lake,
Soak. One Doukhobor suffered s broken skull, and lt Ib reported that he
will die. Stones, clubs, bottle* and
whip* were used by the combatant*
in the fighting, which was over the
possession of grain cars.
Two hundred Cars are needed at
Blaine lake to carry off the surplus,
urain and only a scattering lew arrived there yesterday. A* the drat
man reaching the car 1* entitled to
have his grain carried away in it
there waa a general rush ol larmers
when the cara pulled in.
Overseas Club
At a meeting held Inst Saturday, lt
was decided to hold our opening
Over Seas reception next Tuesday
nigbt, Feb. 2Mb, at 3 p. m. in the
Carmen'* Hall.
All members, and prospective mem-
here who can possibly attend will he
assured a good time.
The following local artists have
already kindly promised to take part
In the musical program: Mr. and
Mrs. 0. F. Stevenson; Messrs Brymner, Klwell and Darling. Tbe lady
members ot tbe club hnve kindly undertaken to regale those present with
light refreshment*.
There will be no Over Se«« meeting
on Tuesday, February 27.
F. D. Hopkln* was arrested Thurs
day on suspicion ol stealing about
140.00 from the Salvation Army liar-
racks. It appears Uiat Captain
Stride hns been helping this mnn lor
some time, but tlm temptation wns
great, and 140 was the sum that he
needed to take him to more genial
cllmos, but (Nonstable Baxter ho. n
placed blm behind tho barn, and be
will be doing time at Neleon Jail.
Fireman Killed
Grand Forks, Feb. 14. -An unsl.
bound frolght ran into „ rocksliile n
fow miles wost of this city this morn
ing, resulting In tho death ol M.
Moore, llreman of Rholt, Tho train
was running slowly and but for this
the whole train would havo been at
the bottom ol the bill. As It is the
engine in lying on Its side In a tick
lish position to handle, with Moore's
body pinned underneath, Death war-
Instantaneous. Two crews, one from
Klnilt and the otber frum Nelson arc
working at the wreck tonight and II
is hoped to have tin- track cleared by
On the nth the long promised Hag
station wn* installed just half wny
between Yahk and Kingsgato.
Now! Just-Yon watch lllenlily
growl! Tho dance hold in the boIiooI
house on Friday night week waf
rather poorly attended, owing to tin
Inclemency of the weather, but linn"
rial results wore fairly satisfactory;
all credit to the Yahk contingent
who turned out In lull strength.
Proceeds weni towards tlio building
Innd. Why cannot the proper step,
tie takon to have an assessment roll
completed, Atnl a businesslike tiuinug
oment of school affairs Inaugurated?
Mr. 0. Hilton of Yahk In bulldlnj
a neat siihstnnllul cottage and Mr.
J. T "".;ppor ol Olenllly is complot
ing n six room frame building that
is certainly a credit to the valley.
One or two of the primitive log
type of dwellings are also being completed, A man must of course build
according to his means.
We have all Joined the tiro brigade
and off to Nelson. Any doubt about
returning? Woll! I.ets hope wo get
out in time lor the apple crop.
Chinese New Year
l.o?al "Chinks" will celebrate New
Year on Saturday Februay 17. This
will he the linal celebration under tho
old regime. Hereafter the nation will
adopt tbe Julian calendar, and New
Year will (all on Jan. 1st. A special
disponent inn has been granted exiled
Chinamen to have a last celebration.
The "Hun Nln" ns It Is called, extends for ten days. Actually tho
New Year begins Saturday. February
17, but the "Big Tl-Yee" says It will
get under way the day before. To be
fn line with tho "CliinVs" and nn entering their residences, you should
lenrn the following greeting: "Kim»
'lee Fat Choy," the Cbinese greeting
■ind its response: "Kung Hor Sun
Three Thousand for Rink
Frlendlv hocgOV I'nnios are bein ■
•ilnved  every   Week   between  tbe  local
aggregation, from Windermere and
Mhnlmer. on the lake at WHmcr.Thc
hookey enthnslnnta of Athnlmor have
*rranged their finance, 'n *tich a w„v
as to commence the con*trnctintt nl
il IS.nnO rink that Will nit„nl norom
modntlon for the combined .port* ,,t
hookey, curling end  sKHtln1!.
For the lirst time In „ nnmher „t
vears on active interest I* hfllng ink
„n in "Hkle-ln"". The. weather hm
von "tirtici'ler'v favornlde lor tt
nnd tb*H exciting wnnrt hns heen on
gaged In on the hll's and surround
<ng villages.
Til •'() 1912    WOYearl)
Blame Railway tor Fire
No   7
Hlu/.i' in Rusi Kooii'iuiy Causes Suit.
Tin.' notion to iirit'i'iiiiui' whotliei
tl)D tMMl. is lifttllO (Or 'litiHiii'-ri .■.,
'Inmti'tl ui uii.nit $1110,0110, pftltl tn
|lftV0 bOOtl miirii-'l t.i llm Minl'ii llm
tn u[ tint Uui" Millibar th,, u-iu
itilir., by n iin- which i'ftfjo.1 'lur ti i
In- i'urly imii nl Jul), I UO, itinn
iini'M in tIin Rii|i|'on,n cnurl s> tot
iny brfaro Mr. JiMtlaa 01 i mm nn I
. Hin!i!lnl Jury, Hftyn llm NoUon Nnwa
\ funuitlftiili*   army o( lo«tti   tnlont
llll  |l  llOHt   Of  WltllMHfH ni'P ItnlCI Hli'il
ii tho on so, whlfit in Bxpoetml tu ln«t
ii'ViTiil ilnyu,   H, R, Tnylnr,    K, L\;
•I. a. Mnodoiiftlfl nml \   II   Mnoriaii
iiii mi' .,|I"iiinii,'   fni  tlio   plftlntiil
'itnpiiiiv,  nml   iipinwliiu    fni   Hi"  C,
'. it. nro k. i'. Olivia, K   (' . J, K
lo Mul L« it  mul  W   V. I In Ml,
Tlinv wlin 'HIM worn Dxniuli.Pi] ilui
lit; iin- ilnv.     Tin' nvtiUnro     h iwo'
Iml    ib"   Hru     Ktnrtoil   In n   tutu
iIoiir llm rnllwri) ui'in -it ftivj   nn
tftur tiui'iniii! vlnwly im ii i"'\v ilny*
mih fnnnoil   Intn n bin    (unm \u<-
I'bfti   iiiic ini'     nl ilpfonoo would lio
bul tho tli'f win niniii'.l by iiinriit'i'-
llltlR tho rik'ln  nl way im n rnnil w„n
nd 1 Oft tot]  bv  Mr.  Diivih" aronH'QXftti
Ufttlon uf it  witni'rin.    Although    Hi'1
ivldenoa wan ol a ho mow lift] ilry
turc tho dftllory wni woll niln) by tho
Miiiiic during ibe afti'i'iiHiui.
Tbe ipoolAl inry h on ring tho oanc
iitiHintH of BI. W QlKOt, fiHi'iima, T,
i>. Stark, AlOX Ultll, W. -I Moaghor.
W. M, Citulll.iv ,1, II, Wallmv, A, D.
RImory, nml ,1. A, IrviliK.
Dr.  Klim TOltHlOfl
Tin- tiiHt wltnwB cflllod was iir ,i
I, King, of Clranbroolt, proaldont oi
he King Uumhor mmih, 11 ml tod i win
ixplalnod tin* loontlon ol tlio ooinpn
uy'H iuIUh nt VnhU nnd noftr Ornn
irnolt, nnd Hip llttiltH daniftgod by
iro, Whon travailing on tho Orow'n
<w\ line* ho Imd at nlghl-tlmo olwor
wi Bpnrka (lying from tha O.P.R, lo
To h quoatlon from Mr Dnvla ni
it whothor tho O.P.R. In tho Inal
hroo yi'ufH had no! purchaaod a vory
iii'i'i' amonnl of lumbor (mm thi
ilalntlff, about $800,(100, Dr Klnu
alii that in' bmi im information on
bo ay!) loo ti Rflnphorji ii'twi'i'u Viihk
mil Ourr.on maufe ,, prnellco nf trav
Minn* ovor tbi* railway track, in*
Prlaa Plghl fixed Dato,
Olauda Marry, mi oxporlpncod biirtb
nan from Wiacnnaln, sat.I thai lie
forked for the plain tin compnny for
■I'vi'ii months iih bualt foreman Af
iTwanls be bad fnuglit flro for thi
l,p.*Il. ut Wattshurg In Auguat 1910.
'n .luly 19101 ha workod (or J amen
'<onny, n logging contractor working
in tho O.P.R. faun, about n mllo
vo«t of Vnhk.
"What i'iiuhimI vim to romomboi
Inly 4th 1910"" Mr. Taylor aakod \Uc
"Tho Johniott nnd JolTrloa fight."
<ald Mr. Hnriry without any hoaltft
Wltb Alfred Underbill on tbo after
noun of the Rono prlao tight, witn-'H**
•flturnod from Oranbrook and arrived
it Yahk at '*■ o'clock, Walking went
ilong tbe track after tin* Spokano
Iyer bad paaaod tlint aftornoon wit-
nous naw a tire about 25 fool frum the
■rack, about one third ..f R mile from
Vehlt. Tbe tire was tn ri Rtump and
hi noticed tbat Romethlng bad net
iHre some grasa below, Ho -lid not
item, but went right to the logging
DoHcrihea Progreas of Hlaze.
Al ont 7 n'doek, in compnny with
''nderhill, he returned along the track
o Yahk. At that time the tlrn wns
ipreadlng slowly. At 9 o'clock the
'.alley Ten
ire waa still burning, He saw n..
one attempt to put ft out. Hn the
'ollowing day the tire had spread to
m area of    about 7B feet.   The    tire
muild in- wi'i-ii irom whoro witnoas wan
working m tlio O.P.R, farm     Aftoi
BIlppBI      nil   July   I,  oi   7,   be   WftH     mil
ooi tain ol Hie 'ini.'. tiir gootton orow
workod about Lhroa liouin In an effort
in atop tlio hia/u Ha .ii.i noi i-tiiiik
thoy   <ii.i much (•und, bul    tba wind
iV'ftfl   llgftlnHi    lllrlll.     Hn   July    |,   lie  he
llovod, Mi Qook, tin* i'i' it i.iu
Wfti'don, nn i aomo moil wore ai work
ilglitlng tho lilaxe and auaooadod In
itopping tin1 nn* [rom going eaat. On
| July u Hn- wind roao f,i t noon, ba
I'll Mid q ii 1 to Rtrong, aad  tlio lii'is lump
i.i iit*- Moyie rlvor "n JnlylO ho join
odi a' tlio roqiioal of   Mr, Oook,    a
caim ol in n whn imd i n brought
from Oranhrnok to flgltl tho blade.
In wn   pnitl for 'iir work by the 0.
'    H     ' 'n      tllfl     name  dnv     Ilie   wind
ti un i 'i and dro' n thn hlnmo toward
' n I   ii.Mii.'t    intn tin- King
mil       iu    i   iv   i:i the life    hftd BI
'ii led aim il  rt mile  louth from   tho
Ivpi ami ai  n mllo wi»al Irom ""h
i.P.R  farm
Wltn i i..id Mi in, in thai the
ituinp whore tho blnao waa hollow at
top uui might have boon hollow right
rhrougb, Whon lie urn naw the bla«e
tin* whole top Mf tile stump was liiii'n
tu:. He ami Undorblt) bad talked
Ol  it   in   llm ramp,  but  witness    bad
novor reported II to any ono.
Mr. Dnvla' croflfl-oxaminfttlon brought
int tin- (nrt that witness had bean
•aid  Ih per dav nnd his oxpenies   to
iomo hack to iiritiab Columbia from
viichogan. where be went aftor    iia*
Alfred r Underlllll, Who farms in
Vflohognn, ntao romomborod July . ou
iCCOUnt   of (lie  Menu hllttle
l'n lor oroaa examination witness
aid tbat a week ago tho stump
■ here the Hro had started bad boon
iloarod away
To another quoation from Mr. Da
m Underbill nuts "Thoy were all
ilarmod al Yahk nhout tho Are."
Mr   Dnvla   Were vou told to    "ay
Wltnoaa   Ko,  I  wm. nut,
Witness declared that    he was   at
iit-rnm-   ituiilg  paw    -" a  Utt*     I'HIEM
ind exponeoa by tho plaintiff oompi
Council Kngage in Mot Argument
Rtating that m. n King had been
■een apeaklng to one 0t the wltnoaaoa
rhn are to he called for the plain
ids in Kun: Lumber Mills, va the 0,
1 It tin* $140,000 da inn go suit, and
ihjoctlng on tho ground that as   all
VltlieaaOH     wete     excluded   (loin       the
unit dutlng the bearing Mr. King
ihould not discuss matters with any
mi' likely tn he called as a witftPHK.
'•:. P, Davis K. ('. wbo is appnal'iiii-
'or tllfl railway, precipitated a hot
irgumont with H. rt. Taylor. K. 0,
Mr. Taylor Immediately asked Mr
'iavis what  lie atiggeatod and   aftor
.nne   warm  remarks bad  paaBOd     bfl
ween counaol Mr. Juattce Clement
leolarcd that Mr, Davis was parfect-
'v right in bringing tho mutter up
ind that there should he no conin.ii
nicalion between the pliijiitiflH and
belt- wltnoaaea during tho trial.
Tl vldonce     throughout  tho day
was very much ..n tho Hues of that
lUhmltted nn Tuesday. Several lutn-
bcrjaoka were culled nnd testified as
(.i where the lire started and tins
nanner In which it spread. M. B,
King was „n the atand when court
adjourned. He stated that tew people travollpd along the trnrk where
tbe blaze started, that th" eight ot
way was "dirty!' on account of brush
md old stumps nnd that he*bad seen
tparke fly from freight engines nam
ed In the suit. The aparka came from
♦he smokeatack in ereatest volume
A'hen a train was being started, he
Agricultural Association
The postponed annual goneral meet-moat representative exhibition, one
ing of the Oranbrook Agricultural that will he worthy of the district
association  was largely attended on [and which it is possible will be open
Monday night,      The chief      husineasl    '   '     ''      " "•        ""
of the meeting was the election     ol
officers for tbe ensuing year, and the
PaBBlng of tin* auditor's report,
The following offlcers were sleeted
H    H    McOHire,  president
Wm.  Rardgett,  Honorary pies
Dr    H    K.  Mall,   vice pros
K.   Dunham.  2nd  vlro pres
P, DeVere Hunt, Hee Treaa
Directors  Messra W  n, Meirarlano,
i   l'  Kink. J   Brunlt, w   ll   Wilson,
.1   Levett,  l   Oampbell,
K   \   Riimoll, H  Tnylo
i;   it   Aahwortli. «»"
audi tot.
Tbe financial condition nf ihe asan
ilatlon ia excellenti the auditors   ro
lort.   which   wns published In   Tho
Pmopoctor  Home   timo  ngo,   shows  a
bnlnnco of assets   ovoi  liabilities ot
It   wjll  Ih<  the aim  ot  the asaocla
tlon this year to have •• large     nnd
d by the Hon,  Price Kllison,  Miniti-
ot rVgrlculture,
S   rtanti
a.I  K    I"
electml as
Order Engines.
Canadian railways wltlnii the punt
ui months have ordered two hum!
red and Bitty new locomotive*, rep-
resenting » capital outlay of about
four million dollars, ami the greater
number of which an* for use oa tbe
\   lew   uie  [ol   the    east,   ii  (ew     ol
special   typo  foi   tin*   mountains,    ten
me yard onglnoa and the balance
roproaenl an Important addition to
locomotive power between tho bead
of tbe lakea and the foothills. Of
ih<' total 176 arc for the Canadian
Pacific,85 being from tho American
Wn title and Locomotive company, and
the rOBl from Canadian shops; aixty
for tho Canadian Northern, nnd twenty-five for the Grand Trunk  Pacific. ttmuaun.Mt<MimMiV»niMi*.xi^nrt mourn** **■<*
*H<t*H*HnHt"H*H*H*H^>t*H' i-n-it111m 111 ri-!• i•h •!• i- 111111111111-im 1111 +i ih 111iih111111>•l•i^•^•.|.+++^.^^^.^^^1^-H^.^.++++^,^.+^.+^.^^.++^.^.+^.H).^H•^)
A Slogan for Cranbrook
.   i   : \ ,.i i rnnbrooli ' I " tlm man
ippi i|mi.   .I.,jnn foi this iautre ol iho
lii.- ol $io on in CiikIi,
in,  umccI   In  ntliei i un'-'     ' \\ uii li I ni tuna
ivoilli   lo mil; .        I uruilti i   il"' I'ni'ii ( u\  ■
M i lei ) mn utiii't in Calgai \
Sets ilu' Pace; (let the Stride
Calls I        R   U  On
I'hi- Municipal Pattern foi the World,
Phe I Ionic ul (Ipportunii s
Foi  I lealth, Wealth and I lappiness
rhe Eldorado ol (lanada.
The Oasis ol the West,
The Gateway of Greal Opportunities,
The Best Market in the World for Brain, Muscle and Energy,
i'hi- Citj nt Prosperitj.
I lu' City Where They All Come Muck.
Cranbrook Delivers the Goods.
Cranbrook the City of Prosperity,
Watch the Cranbrook Skyline,
Make Good in Cranbrook,
A Sale Investment,
The City with a Future,
A City on It's Own Merits.
A city of Sunshine.
A City of Certainties.
The City that Delivers the Goods.
Cranbrook the Slogan of Every Young Man.
She Needs No Eulogy—She Speaks for Herself.
Cranbrook the  City of Prosperity.
The Best in rhe   West,
The Favorite City of the West,
The City of Smiles,
Come to Cranbrook the City of the Lust, Best West.
Cranbrook  Means Business,
Come to Cranbrook if You Want to Make Good.
The City of Progress.
The City of Big Opportunities.
Cranbrook for Health. Wealth and   Prosperity.
The  Pest in the West.
These .up a few   "I  the slogans  suggested in the   "PROSPECTOR'S"   contest
lor the prize ol s to.oo.
Send ni as many slogans as you like,  bul even  one must appear on the acconv
paning Coupon.
Contest Editor,   "PROSPEC 11 IR",'—
Please entei the fallowing slu;;.m in ynui contest closing date March 31st,  1912
S ou i ii
l-H-1 111 I t I I I I I . ■ +1 I ^M-*+-M"M-»W'44-M.'H'-l-+^^
Iliinll'liilil,  N.ll.
"ll llffuuli, uui Kii'iil iiloiisiii'tt In imu
vny mil only In you Iml lo nil mili.'r-
*ra I'l'oni liiiiiliat'hii mul lllitniiiimlHui,
llm ni'i'iii ii'liiif | Iim„ iiIiiimii ,1 in,in
ilu, 11*11 ol (Ilu I'llla. I fiml I lm n Mn I
lo yuu. I nun,iniimnil (Ilu I'llla lu
•veryouo .iilfuriuu aa I did."
Wrllu u* lor Iron mmpla ul' riiu
1*111* to try. Ttimi K"l Hu, i.iiinii,.'
•Imi linxim nl your itiwIm'H or tliivn
Irom iih dun. u IMS, II lor (lUill. Moll'
il' rnfiiiiiluil 11 (ilu Pill* 1*11 In ulirs.
\»llnn»l l)ru( mid I'limnlial Op, of
I'tnul., l.lmlltid. Ilcpt. N. I'., 'i'liiuiiln.
"I liavu mn ml myui'lf by limrnliiK lu
,'luiw my I'unil."
"Wlliil luira you uiirnd JniiiHi'K nf')"
"Tho lii'llnf llml If 1 roiimliiiul iiwiiy
from Ilie offliw for moru Hum Ini mln
»n>» nl luiirli lime mwytliln* would
Ho lo Ilie illi'liium"
Tht  Manor F isulllo'i
TILL    HE    POUND    RELIEF       IN
Frtd. Swan.on, ol Saskatchewan,
••nil. » m.oag* of cheer to those
who f*ol th* marinate nnd diu-
couragenient that com.a from
broken real.
Matilillii, riiiHk..— (Hpiinliill— ■ 'J'Ijpsii
who auffnr from sleonliwa iiIrIuh mill
gni uu In thu iniirulnii tiivllng Iiinii
and dlauotiratud will find rimowwl
hopo In lho autamout imidn hy r'rwl
Hwansou of thla plain, llo could nnl
aloop ul iilgliis ||n dlaitovurnil Ih*
cauae. It waa Kidnuy trouhlo. llo
dlMwivnri'il thil nun' It |u llml,11,
Kliluuy I'IIIh.
"Yn»," Mr. Hwiiiimm nny* III nn In
li'l'vlnw I'itiii'iIIiih IiIh (11118, " I will
Iruuhli'il wllh my Id,In,mm for QVel' n
Ofal*, 80 lui'l llm' I enui.I nnl u|,'i,|i ul
llllllll AftOr IIHllIK nil,, IllIX uf IIiiiIiIh
Klillli',1' I'IIIh I found III nil ri'iinl',
h'nur hns,'* rniunvi'il nil my imlii umi
now 1 hIiii'ii well mul I mn as hII'oiik
ii my Khliicyii iih nny mnn,"
If thn Kiiliu'vii urn winun llm lilnml
',1'i'oiiu'h I'liiRKinl with linpurliii'* mid
iiiduriil mat la uu ImpoHHlhllliy.
iiriiiiK, lu'iililiy Klilnc.vH in,nn pure
blniul, now llfn nil ovor Ihn huily mul
llmt dollnlitful mat Hud la llm awnnl-
•iHt. Milan In llfn,   Dodd'* Kidney I'llla
Iwaja mako strone,, healthy Kidnora.
Men luivu um I'l'.ic liupiiii.o In must
|uf ilium nvoiythlim In luimiuai Hint
DtlStll lo li • iiliilnjllliial, mill rn'i! ihliii;
IiiiiiIi I'liuiHi iluii iiiiiiu in he iiiipei'Qiofit.,
i■ iii'ii'.iii', ni.i mi inline i,nci( mill
InilriOM wiiIUIiik." 'Ihe uui.•• Html
linil nf Ilu, iiiiin's itiitiu,, I.-, iui|i|iirhHcil
nml lioilil,'ll miili'i' I'nitt; mul III" S&T«
ill'    lll'U,    Hllli'll    lllllllll     10    ll,'    IIUlll'l
linn icsii'iiIiii liy n aim' luitiit, tii'i, lou
ullim llturoniOi uml wilil work roiutiu
nl tlml. Win ij ynu imi tlic cii|iiuli) mul
llle nfflOOi'S, mid .ivi'i'ylioily nn linnl'li
tlml Iin,mn uiiylliliiH iihniil luivlmillun,
inln Iioiiii, mul im,li >n doivn the linlvli-
i s on llicm, nml lot Iiic cinw nml ciililn
lioyn lulio I lm lii'lm mul iliinol llm
t'liin, II Ih mil llki'lv Hud the vriynBo
wlil mul miywlmic lint on ilie rnoku.
MllltillllllVI   IIIC    llllllll    III I'M   lit    lllll'l'lll-
fiilnass, uimi'ly lipniitiati tlu\v liuvo net
tiie Inwnal iiiii'Ih nf iliolr niitiiio upon
Hie lliiiiiie, umi Hiilionlliiideil llm hlrji
Good Definitions
l)eB|ioiii|eney.—Tile vtisallim mill
duaiuilr uf ii ci ivimlly pride,- I'ViicIimi.
(Innecll.—A H|iul lliul Is easily
lu'iilhcil mul lici'iih siii-c n leiiH time;
a* liml us ii cmieni', mul ncudH limiiiiii
l>cH|iiilr ■ One Blllo ut licll'ti Olftoll'
j.olnn." Deelier,
Tlic ih vll h loeli la liniiniillciii')'.—
/miliary Ol'OftOU,
Kiiney, A Invely li.iy, of rillo mi-
|iee.l anil liii'oiii|imiil>le liemily.--H|ieii-
Tlm fneiilly w,lii'ieliy iIor.-i ilrenm,
mul animals UOI'foi'lU llieli mdilial OS'
A OfiM'tsr'ff Iiiir, stiilTeil wllh a wnrld
nl |etti,|H, linvliir. nu ile|ieiiilenen ii|inn
(ne mini her, aiiiiie cuniuliilim luminous
anil ntliiii'H nniliiiir, Imi Irotli,—l!lnti'-
No Flra Thar*
Mrs. Nnicliei'. -"I mininmo ho |irnm.
(Hnd In uu llii'uunh fire mul wilier fnr
Mrs. 'I'lelter. "Ves, anil nnw lm
wiiiiT men wnler llm plants,"
A cuiil nu yiuii' client winiliimn yonr
lUIIKH. Tllhereiiliu Uri'nm altncll llle
,'nllll H|llllH. Kee|i yuilr Iiiiirh hll'oim
hy eiirlim cnlil* quickly wlili llmulliiH
Vl/iinl nil mul yon will nut uut i.'uu-
"Say. Wnary, hire** a foliar lu dla
linnci' who aaya do r.t*> I* dnvolnpln'
ii kind of arllntlu Idlonoaa." "Flno.
Iley'll Iihiii In admit rial we're do pioneer* In ill* field, Minpy."
Don'l Hava tha Laat Word
Quarrels," wi,,ie an annnynmiis
llUlllor, "heiilu an tnslilnoiiHly Hint onii
Ih ill-awn Into them lui|iiii'cn|itlhly. Hut
lliey wnuiii soon ilie nwny It 11. were
nnl for thin UllWOI'lil" conicat Inr ili»
Inal word.   Hi If ynu eidiiuil uvold un
 ■Klmmlly   dlapulo   wllh   your   Imn
band—unri, nflor nil, n iiiiiini'l, II It U
nnl. (nu bluer, ts a Hurl nf Hiifcty
vnlvo—lot your hiislimul Imve Ihe laat
wnul aiinmilmeii. It will iileusc lilm,
and dn ynu know harm.
Women's Secrets
Thera i, one maa ia tho United State, who be. eerhep. hoard
mora women'* seeret. than any oilier men or woman ia (he
country.   Tbeao eeerota aro aot aaerela of guilt or sham*, bul
the secret, of suferinl, ud Iboy havo booa Maided lo Dr.
It. V. I'i.roe ia Ih* hope ead eipootollon ol odvio* end help.
Th.t law ol llano women have boon dleeppoiated ia taoir «•
pecl.lion, la proved by tho feel thai 91 per cent, at ell women
treated by Dr. Pieree or bie oblo etatf, have booa ebooluterr
nnd eltofelber cured.   Such o record would be remarboble II
th. cue, treated worn numbered by hundred, only.  But whoa
that record oaplloo lo tbo treetmeat ol mora tboa hall-e-mll-
lion women, In a preeliee ot over *0 yeere, il I. ph.nora.nel,
and eniide. Dr. Pieree lo the lratlti.de accorded him by women, oa lb* lm of
epeeleliai, ia lho treatment ot women'e diauie*.
Kvery ilek women may conault u. by letter, ebiulutely wilhoul cher|e.
All reiilic, era meiled, Holed ia perfectly plain envelopes, without nay print-
in. or edvortleind whatever, upon them. Write without (ear a. without
lee, to YYorld'e Diepeniery Medleal Aeaoolitloa, Dr. R. V. Pierce, Prooldeai,
663 M,in Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Doctor's Book Free
Tu any man or womfln whn will mall m. this coupon, I will eenit fru.
((.lo..ly sealed,, my finely lllustrat",! book rcKurillng Hie cause nml care •/
diaease. Tills book I. written In pluln Isnaiuia,., nail explains in.my eccrela
you ahnulil know. It tella liuw yon can cure yoancU In thu privacy of yonr
own home without th* uee of «lri,as.
Iion't epeml another cent on itoelora and Ihelr worthless mcdtclnea
Nalnre'a remedy cures lo slay cared.   Yen shoulil snow shout It.
If ynu suffer from weakness ,.f any kind, rheunlatl.m, lam., hack, acl.l-
lii'.. lunibago, dehlllty, drains, loss of pniver er nloiniich, kidney, liver or
bowel troubles, you must not fall to get  (his book.
Don'l  iv.it another minute.
Cut out this coupon right now and mall It. I'll lend the hook without
delay  absolutely fre*.
M. G. McLaughlin, 214 St. James St., Montreal, Can.
Dear Sir.—Please forward me one of your Books, aa advcrtlaed.
NAMR ...,	
Office Hour.—9 a.m. to . p.m.   Wednesday And Saturday until 1.30 p.m.
Write plainly. ,
Ill Home of Ilie (Inal I'lalila ilu ,
I'aniiliiK ill-Hii.'li, tin eiiililem nl' ,|U>
i'1'snl'lilly   inevclllllK   Ilie   lilowlltK   u i
iiin'la |« mm linil ileiminils a id'oa' " 'i I
nf alii'iiilnu iiotii Hie laiiiiii mul oitm !
id cnilHliic.ulile illsi'iiiirmieiiieiit wlc "
j Ilio ,i|irl nt ut' limi liei'll nil ,1,1,' III livi||
'entlio  Ilie  eolullitlollfi,
j Al llm is'cenl eiMiveiitkiii nf llle Kn'i
i a;. Oi'y.|''m'iulnK AdnuclmliNi, u Ri'cil
|tinniher  of  iiu'inr.iti  atikcil  (lie Hiinn1
iiut'blinii: "liuw cau I nrovoill my null I
from uwivltiK nwny frmu my nrowlim ]
ciimf" llr. 19,  H.  Free mul i'lol'. ,1,1
M.  WcHtiiuite uf llii,  lliiieaii uf Paiai
liuliii.liy.  11.  ti.   |ii'|iuiliil,'iil   ol'  Al'.il-
I'lilliire, huie idw ii ciiiinldoriihlii tlinn
In   liivctillmililiiH   hliiwlnn   iinl'n,   and
iiialil.iiii a iiiiiiiliei' of viilanlilii Miiiii, ,-
Horn,, iHull,'iin  till),
II Ih Wily where llierc Ih qxoomIvo
liluwiim of soil tlml ilaniai'.e ueelliH. It
In a well It it <, w ii fuel lluil If nne enn
lu'cviuil the null from hIiii'Miiu uii Ilie
wliiilwaiit iilili', the inolilcni Iiiih heen
kKlvod. When mme llm whnl lienlua
to niiive Ilie null frum llm wilmdwnril
alllo uf the ll"1 it. Ilie line Inn till I nets
iiiiieli like mi miner, wi-ililnn mul lnisi
Inn, Inniietilnii mul lirhii'iiiim tlm hhII
III I'mill nf II, llllil.il Hie wlliil HV.',v|>H
I'lccly lliiouiili anil aeinsH the I'lelil,
taliiaii the lootitiiii.il taill mul lc.nvl.iiii
Ilie ex|inrcil innln to wilhrr mid ills.
Tile ninveiiieliil of Hull U liatiinil
llnlli wltul nml Wii.ter serve iih vehicle,;!
I'm' tiie rniitliiind eari'vlnit nf tllrl from
place In iitiK'n. If. wnul.I he iiiille Iim
|l»3»!lile tu lucvenil ItbiailtltOly Ilie
liloveiiienl of i.ikIIb, Iml: II Is hy no
IllellllH ml Iiiiiiu',sllilllly In pi'evsllt
ilu me a, ills llinvemeliit.
Long, Pulling Winds,
Kveti lii tlm litimlil il'iHlilcIa thcie
Ih i, sill uiovcmcnl, cnniiVaiilly raum,
on,' hill In tlm Ureal IMalna, na
will nu In |||o South wchI, mul la snine
liiirlii nf Ilie Krciil Norlliweal, light
snllH em licit aliinil hy (lie wIiiiIh, i. io
n einiuiam lOlll'OO. of muinyiinei, iiml
A lirlii Roll, Hidul or Hiiiiily, in mnrn
apt lu cause trouble In a ilnnounhb
eiilllialul field tllllll claeivlieic, he-
"Aiiay minim lendu In hl'onll up llm
heavier elniiii ur balls of cm'lh anil lo
llllllle lllelll mule ciihII.V pol'llllile. Hone'
lol'la blow iciy eiis.||y, ami even llnhl
wIii'Ih emue iliutii,,io to (lie I'a.rinei',
(irilliiinlly, however, tlm hoM, oven
ih, nsli fairly well Ulleil, lias nnl lie, n
Kroiinil ItlitO tl'iHt nnfflcleiilly fine tn
ull,iw an ordinal'}' Wind lo move any
except thai Jinitlim which lias been ac-
clileiilally pulviM'1/.cil.
ll Ih tint alivnya Ilio velocity nf Ilio
wind Hull frcu,'tw the ilnmiiKc A dlr-
cot, cnnitmit, hut, tlry wind Id more
nnl tn Imlil an itnvaryhm comae imirl
to bun ilmiily tn the ciii'IIi'h iiiii'fiicu,
and tu tllM mmiiiei' the Iidi'Iiik uioilon
aralnsi he dirt In Ihe field booomu
u movement wblcb, with (Iin continued Biieiluii nf the w+tiil. may doatrny
linniciiite iirooa. Compact wills, that
1*, noil* whM'ii tliwre 1* a eel'lulll per-
ecntiiKc of cJuy nr Riimho lo orentc
n oohMlon, nro not In mnh danger nn
are light nulls. If n (armor Ih abln to
prevent the wind from Blurting at tlm
nlge of the Hold, and lm usually Is,
llierc la lltlilo probability nf Heilmis
Seeking Remodlt.
Varloua cover orop* are Imltig te*t.
ed, all more or load aiteooaafiilly. Wind
hroaka on the windward «lde of tbo
field have iilnn boon aliown to lie cb-
pcctally offlcncloiis. Tbo careful ad-
illilmi of humus or vogotablo matter
lo the soil, by plowing undor crops for
groen manure, ban been found tn bo
moat valuable. Hut In thn plain* re-
glon and upon the now fa/ma, whore
wind-breaks aro not eiwlly i.ninl,Huh-
ed and huniuii ciinnut bn quickly ad-
dcd. it cropping nyetetu alioilld bo
followed whereby the movement of
tho wind near tho aurfneo enn ho retarded and movement of eoll prevented.
If ono will notice, evon In the drieat
and Mindieat ragloua whore conalder-
nble aage liruali envoi'* tlm ground In
will be observed ttutt thoro I* very llttlo hoII movement owing to tho foot
tbat the Biiae brush act* un a windbreak for the lower ulr-atratum, pro-
Make Hard Roada Easy-
Make  Long Drives Short.
investment    and    Loan.    Negotiated.
Out of Fashion
For exneil)   three  would ahe  hud
been u iiicmhcr of the unit cliili, anil
wuh muliiiH Hud  every   one    hIioiiIiI i
liiimv It,    Hhe Iniulcil hpr way iilonu
Ihe  link    wllh  a  Iiiik rail  nf    liliiin:',
dllllld, llulle of ivhleli she know lioiv lu '
line, nml wheiicvei' kIui wan liivlieil nut j
In tea slie lllllied Ihe UQIlVOrsftllUtl Ini
gull', ami Inieilaiileil It prnfiiHely wllb!
hiioIi   lei'ins  as  "hiinluu',"    "Hiyinlo," t
'divot,' mul eo on.
At Iiihi a nice yonim IIIoil lieiuireil ]
nfier liei' hiiiulieap, aiblliia'.—
i    "I HiipiuiMi the liulles nf yonr club
lllne lialllllenpH','"
I    Toi' ii innmenl slic nan nuiipliisseil, '
hm mil., tor a momeiii. ,
,,..,.. ,   ,,    ,    , "Oil," aim repllell nllhly, "ilnll'l  jnn
William mul Port Al |,now ,|inl oaus in mil of fnalil	
Iiiih been furiiicil .huwevcr liaiiil) limy mny he'.1 lie-
fIJCs we nil prefer in Ho I'Ollllll lime.
Iieiuleil." |
Grain !Gxchang(
Is  lo iirtilse Ilie Tunic
Thla llnllei
lllld Ilio For
lliur Oiiitii K.vehaniii
lo iiioitioie ilie baiiillliiH of Waaler
ill.iin at llm lleml of Ilie l.iilicH,
Fllll  pal'lli'liliira  lid  lo  ttliunheiallli
etc,   llllllllHH
Till-: HWIlKT.MIf
Fort Wlllliiin nml I'm I  Arllinr flinlil
Knelnillge, FOI't William-
Mlnard'i, Liniment Cure* Colds, Ac.
A paii'lui In a man who ailooaastully
ilinolii. Ills wll'o'S clullieii,
[    A innilyi' la a iihiii who iiinlieH Ilio
I'hilcnvnr mill falls,
j    A her,i In a man who rofimOB lo try.
A  now.ii'tt  Ih a  man   who reiiiiiinu
BlllUlo lu ir old II,
CiiiisIi'.ii your Kliiln to un.   The nel
mil grain yen iilili, tela our |n raoiml 10fl
attenllnii.   tt'e nell nu SOIIlpIo mill net  Mynbne ISlipi
lilllh III loop,   Wille na.
n. m. patbhSon « 00,,
Full   Willi un
"Ilnll'l  bus n nnieihly child's oai'R,
llnii'i ijIIiiw any pioiueatlnii In leiapi
yuu lu slrllie a cbllil on Ilio bond," Is
tlm Injunction ociivlaliu .1 in oil n-1 i.i 1
kali'   Issued by Hie InturttiilInmil
III I   lllciiip'll     Cnr-
thin your aruiii lo B, 11 way-
LAND, (Iriiln lirolier, Fun William
Highest prioes,   Iteforanoosi  Douitib
lull  llllllll, Fun   Wiliialii.
pill II
of nny li
ml, «s
11 Ihe
r Is
in when
Ihe h
,ul Is
if enlilii
1 lielwr
It the
iiihi y
paielll   al
il  III
'  c
lllil  Hm
.     Ill
1 oni
11   11
11 "/hum
11 child
en  as
in, III
b >
Innv ilia
llm  1
1   si
la    mil
H|ipi'iaii,it. Ti Col logo s>n Toronto,
rmiiiit,   PV0I1   In  ntlit'i wlrif   ii'HiMnl   Iin-
Itlllll   llllllllri,   mill   (III'   IMIUCH   uf   lllMllli
which nro Hhilotl mi oiirtla ntlnuliotl to
llli*   RkllllB,   HU'   ini.'ipl. i!   lo   KPl'VO   IIH
tviiriil'ir'.ii iii    |i:iit'iitn     ti'iii liciti    unit
Color Trjn»ltion
Ail ngOtl colored man wiui OTIftUROd III
hmiiliiK  (lie niHHri off iliu lawn ol' ii
younff bvokor. whon the ldttov rotuviior 1 ,.        ,       ,,,
"'"" "'" "■"" "" "''' '"""' ""'' EUEBvnAv aii mikit. |HI,1U„ or wh|,.|, „ie tialoablo in every
You often need some heat
in early Fall, when you have
not yet started the furnace.
In whatever part of tlio house yoii want it, you can get it
best and quickest wilh a Perfection Smokeless Oil Healer.
Ilio Perfi'cliun is llm mast reliublo licnter on ihe uiurLrt, and you
can move il wherever you plonio,
Star) li In bsilroom or bilhroom, mil y,u dun li comlail n« iU eold.M
inraiiiiij. I As 11 In llm >!iiiiii|.iii„in ..ml, uly btwlliil liaeomai a t,lr...ni
iwf iu'.I.   A I'm,Iml e nialili at ,l„ I, .,„|„:|„ Ulliljot ill, ov,illtl|,
1 lie Perletli.m BmoMlH Gil 11*01*1 ii lif.ulilnll, li „il,s,l ,11' nir.m.M
auyivlieie.     Diilin, ill plain Heel m niiaintllr I in Plus | usl.l nllt.1,
A ipod.1 aiaomaiir. davlia main nnokiiig Imponllik   Buiaat body mu
liecotiia w«l|ird,  All pitlt ssilly clisnnl,  Datoptnop,  Conhinduv
IJriUi, amiuli.i. |, r wiil. |al lllurlnllTI llmilif lu w •<•.«» *l
The Imperial Oil Company, Limited
' Hnniho, If ynu bum thut iti'uau the,                          , . , , , , ,,, , -
entire lawn will bo ua black ua yon1                    op *-'"E I*• '''•„""' '.! „"||'V,' y*"' *''„""«''»•
„..,,„   In prolli nr 'Jim lo IKIII p, c.   Wn luivu
"llut'a nil r llll I  still " rennnndod tbe     Too llttlo blood—llml la whal iiialiea BlOllta eurnliiR |r,.OII to |1U.0II por ilay
ncBru   "Hume o11lieae iluvs tluit uruiiH ,n0" l""1 Wl"  I""1' l>AlO and Sallow |"l*■J'"*" round.   Ilu un agent.   Kend
will erow nn' hn aa nrccn'an vou ure " 'a1"1 '""' latitmlil.   Thai Ih wind iiiiiIi,ih al oui'o rur our spaolal iiRenln prlco
am giow nn no aa arccu as you ure.  i,.,,,,, |„lt,KI,v „„„, adl|rollttliolr food ""'•   l'',ii'i  overlook thla o o, It
, .    IhreathleHH mul pulplliillnu at Ihe heun .nmatiii ilollnrs In you,   Write al nne*.
nouce um i no. braathlesa and pal pltailn nor the heart'  TUF F E   KAHN 00   LIMITFn
'nfter  kIIkIii   oserilun, an Hint  II    In „', ,' ™  lv"n" »'"'' "."l"'
wnurhiiinie even to go un stairs,  i>  CanadaV Oreatast  Cut   Rote   Drug,
to™ loll thom that they ure "anaemia"  Houe«, Toronto, Ont,
the  i.1 ii 1 ii   Kniiliiili  ImiiiK  tun lllthi
MoFooslo—Wlliil I lie
iim wrong, oaddlo?
The Caddie (In his element)- Why.
ycr atnnee la rotten, un' yer piillin'
ver drive, an' alleln' yer brassy, Ver
loo low wl' yer Iron, un' yer inppln'
wl' yer innsble; yer fnllln' buck all'
drnwlti' In. Ycr don'l beep yer eye
on the ball, and ycr can't put fur
bliiiid. If your fuce la pule ur hiiIIov.,
If your gitiua are pain Innteml of IioIiik
Heiirlet; If yon in euiilly III nil anil
freiiuenlly ileapnniletit: If yuu do not
relliih yonr meals, and hiuiiII linn I si's
irritate you, It  ta ii iilnn  thai  you
Patient.—I he.tr lhe«'ro saving that blood In thin untl watery "and that'you [aiLX, iT„
Jonea, the limn yoirve been trnnling are on lho verge of u complain break-1
Would be Adjuaied
Horrors, John!    U'o imvu como off
unit left Ihe cut und punoi   wllhuui
,uiy i I.i iih lo cut."
"Well, i wouldn't worry.      Tbeau
tbitigH generally   iidjiint   ibemsplvos,
t will eat Urn parrotl'
'i'tii,   ,,i,i,
iniiinil.i, iiis-
r.ir five Vs
I'.ie-h iiinii,
Hssi.ll,,,. llKhtlll* s-.slin,
,1 III I'nliinln nml snsiem,, ,1
un hy ii I'loniili.iii OuiiitiHiiy.
ilii.'ii nun 111, I'm,,ii,,i|
leii,-i-ut,»r_  N,,   , I, iinliiu
for liver complaint, lias died of In nil down.
trouble. ...... I    Morn  wonlt,  iiiiaeiul,-   peoplo  have)
Doctor   lucidly I.-When   I   trottl   a  heen   made  utronc,,    onorgotlc    nnd
mnn for liver trouble he dies of liver olioorflit hy lablns Dr. Williams' I'iult
trouble. jPIII* than by uny othor means.   Thoy
actually malic new I,Innd, which reach.
o» ovory part of ihe body, hracos Uio
nervcH and bring* now heullli mid
now Htrenglli. Tbo cuan of MIhh Nellie Welch. Ilanox, Ont., la prnur of Ihn
groat curative power* of Dr. William*'
I'lllll I'llla. Miss Welch iinyu: "A fnw
year* mm I waa gnlng Into whut my
friends believed in be a bopcleaii it
S.lobly alaaa eo*dha« cure, cold., heal,
a ikraaj a id lu»J.
Lump wicka can be iiievenicd frtiiii
smoking by soaking litem in vIiichui',
then drying tliiiruu.hly.
Minard'a  Liniment  Curee  Dlatompor.
1!3 te*l».
"Ian't It rnmnntle, John, dear," aald
aim, ua tbey sal lu the Utile Veitetluu !
Harden,  "lo  alt   bore  und   lisieu   lo
llllln   hopo   for   iny   i-ecovcry.
OtllOI'8 I bad often rend of   111',
teotlnf the earth'* aurfueo from high these Ita aa trouliadors alnglng tholr \$.5t ,ul"" "i1''^ J° ""'° .,, '*' ,
wind velocity. Tho uae of quick-grow-! ballad* bathed In the modnllgnt?'1 SJ J,*'dffJiJ*LJH'"J,1.";. w".". .' JJ™
Ing cropa alternatuig In dtvt.lona or "Ye*, dear," replied John with a J™",, ."ie"I m, *,'"':,.., ''.''"".
long, nurrow field*, extetittlng at rlglvt doep-drawn sigh. "Bul I sometimes ! ' ,,Host in th * oart ho c,. in v
nliglea to prevailing winds wlUi mere 'wish they'd bathe In something besides n,, „! ,i Iim Vhe , n Hi
alow growing cropa ha* been found moonlight, don'l you? It might be ! , ,,nJ,'"'ff. \!' ,,,', «.,,'",
quite oftk'tcnt.    Cropping ahoukl be leas  rnmantle, but  It   would a darn Jf !" *r,f, '\\*" *""',' "    *"","
San*"..""*.,w"i'!w"r"ii"".:>t""■ "Bl" °°" ">,g1""" 55S3 ".,'11.0 ".',,,,.1,0,1,
field ftlint is, the aide of the field from | ■
which an- expected normal or inorei    If abooo bnvo been  wet. don't nt
cojalaiiit  ana  ccnilnuona  wind.)   In tempt to dry then, near tlm   atovo. |||0I)11), ,,,„,, ,,m    „m| ,,,„   ,, u    ,,„,,.
order to  tiroab Immedlflto protection Kuh In plenty of vaaollne   or   plain tor „„„„„„ y UMug ihem , ,,,,,„,,
for Uio plantings lu follow. 1 lard,   and let them aland in a cool ,..,,.,„, V. 'lv™ ',,.*, ,. . ,.|.,.  „, i ,„ ,
Mllo, aorghuma. dwiirf mllo. Kaffir place until tnoroughly dry, und touch | S,tVwoVbo5e^bl «s ti bo llvtha
nnd broom corn nre unod protectors of I of tbo original oil will bo restored.       |„ ,hn m|aory | WI1B |„    |„ n nionth
lho alow-growlng  crop*.    Hedge* of j       -■■■„-.. „ .■j-y,..'...,,.        Utter beginning to take ibe pills I was
quick-growing habit*, trees or bun tea,        FIGURE8 OF IMMIGRATION        Lp  „,„,  aroun(1        ,„   „m]    ,    j,,
make goo,  wltid-breaka. and aomcl ,11. —— growing Btronge'r until  I  wns again
es tbo old method of "topping     the ; Department at Ottawa Explains How enjoying the blessing ot perfect health,
They Aro Computed ISever.il years ban, stllco elapsed nnd
An answer to the charge that u loose thy health Iiiih been the very IiohI. II
system of immigration Is responsible Is therefore with  gratitude    Um,
tor lho big discrepancy between the write you In the hope that my ettpor
To keep milk fresh und sweet In
111,miner, try in-aliliin, the pun., wlih
suila wider, aim Itietu well, havo I'.ni.u
cold wben null, In put lulu tli.ini, thou
set the pans lu cool water, changing
the wnler once nr twice tinul Ibe mlili
Is thoroughly cold
'saury hy the user. Whs,, you l„,r,'l„ls.
11 I,,iliiiitn s soil, 1,1,1' 11,,. i,w,t „,, Ih.
nuit-ltsl- coslii  11,1  m„r„  limn   the   eli,-n|i
or III,nl.   'l'n.,1,sun,1, e, dally us,-.   Hun-
pllsii for nnv lluhtlur, eysli-m In Otoe* at
ll'-l;l,is - Write Un   suinilv Us,
Local  Apent,  Wanted
The percentage of womon who make
Ihelr own  wny lu  tbe world  Iiiih in-
creased t.i in iim United states with.
ill recent  year*.
"Mow do you get cajier*? Do yuu
dig 'oui, or wbutV" "Ivo heard of cutting tbem,   That'* al! I know."
For donning lluvute, mare la noth-
Ini; better thnn drv flour applied ivllh
Wring ehutuolti oul of aoapy water
wllhuui   rinsing;   when II drys It I.
Working   lilrl.- "ion   don'l    know
what It Is to bo poor."   I'lub visitor—,    ,       ,,,,,, .    .    , .
"Don't I.   l'n loul bo much money laat jenft and plluhlc lnaln.il of stiff
year that  wo hnd lo keep our  Iiihi I	
BOason'B 1111.I1.' In our automobile.
Worms sap tho Htt-euKth ami undor*
mine the vitality of children. Strong'
tlieti   (lieu,   hy   llHlllg   Mother  (.ritlcH'
Worm Exterminator to drive out tlio
Ily rubbing nh.kol and silver nrna-
tucitls with 1 wollen cloth Ratiira.leil
with spiriis of ammonia, thoy may Ik-
l„.pi very bright with but little trouble,
movement  of  Btlow  observed   uWttg
ritllioad cuts, la used lo grout ndvmil-
Got Humus In the Soil
Cure should bo token In tbe districts
where soils are apt to blow, In study
the conditions mid requirements nf the
.to1).,. Some soils w'll stand rollltr.,
.ui','.* ''arrow.eg. sonic .,, comae i '.J
Borne n fine mulch. Fields that uie
npt to move under high wind proujiro
ahould be plowed tiansveisely tu the
Perhaps the most Important suges-
tlons of all arc to got humus In tin
roll ns quickly ua possible, to use the j
The Good Listener,
•oultl  only  hold  my own
inlgnttiuii brunch nf the Department
of the Inferior. First of all'It Is contended by the chiefs of Ibe Immigration Branch that: "Our fli;incs are
not open to fair criticism until there
Is handed out by tbe Census Bureau
a compilation snowing tbe places of
birth of the seven  million odd who
  e    ....   have been counted,  tbe Immigration
disc "burrow' freeiy' on windward side! count made at ocean port** and points
of field it noil begins to move, and Ion tho International boundary. In tbe
to plant mllo, Kaffir corn, etc., In long latter case by officers going through
ulternalive strips wltb smnll    grain lb! trains.
riops nnd wllh fa!lo.w. A very careful I At ocean ports tho manifests of the
atmlv ahould be made of the crops j number of passengers me furnished
and method* whereby humus may be by the steamship company. These
Iadded successfully and at least ex- manifests mo checked hy Iminlsrntlon
cense. officers und only those entering I'nn-
  nda for the first time and declaring
How to Mako a Sundial that they Intend tn stay in Canada aro
To mnko n scout's Bundtul, prepare counted  as    Immigrants,    either    ut
in smooth board about fifteen Inches ocean ports or nt Ibe boundary.    No
"If  I
conversation!" exclaimed one of the
j tonguetied sisterhood when she came
    came home from nn afternoon    ten,
ac\uiVl"c™eu»,''flgure*''tui'd "tiie "eight lionce inoy bo of benefit io conic other I"'!1"0',.11' ."■?.".': ,"'"' had been Borne.
million estimate, Is made by the lm-1sufferer." w.ltat Silent.     Although 1 havo ideas
Sold by nil medicine dealers or by I"1"' we'll on, they forsake me In
mall nl BO ecnl.i a box nr six boxes company, and Ihe Ihlng I dread so
for $5.50 from    The   Dr.    Williams I'bat 1 have n creepy sensation all the
Try This Pinax "Sixteen
Ounces of Cough Syrup"
A Ktmlly Supply for Slo, Saving S2.  Tht
Siirt.it, Quick!it fWmetfy Vou Evar
Used Of Monty Refunded.
A cough remedy that n*ivt»n yon |3, and
U fritan.iitD.tl to glvo quicker, b»tU*r re*
mil's thnn an-rthlng vim, Im giiraly worth
trying. And one trial will ibpW you wlir
I'liii'i Is 11*1*1 In mora homra In tho U. n.
ami ('.iiittdu than any other cmurh nunndy.
You will Im plenstuitly BitrjiriKud by the
way it takeo right hold of a cough, fffvlog
nlimtKt in.iJint r«lh>f. It will iiaually stop
tho must ubtttinaU',dd'p-w>ntMl cough In
S4 himi'H, und Ih iinefiuallecl for prompt
results In \tbooplUtf oough.
A 60-t.vtit bottle of 1'Itin, when mixed
with home*nuult*sugar Kyrun, makoH six-
... .. . .   . jfir       "
Medlclno Co., BrockvHIe, Ont.
Percy.—"Lead me a five, old chap,
teen ouuopo of tho brut cough remedy ot or
used. Kanlly prepurod tn five minutes—
dlret-tions In rtaokago.
The toato u pleawint—children take ll.
willingly.   Stlroulnu-9 the appotltia and la
sllgtiily larativo—hoth excellent features.
■lpfat "-  '
Eddy's Matches
Cover Canada like Sunshine!
IMdy's "Rojrol Oeorge" combine Bnfety, Surety anil Sllcnro
In Matches and sell at about 1,000 tor 10 cents.   There e
notblng "Just aa good.
across, with a circle divided Into 21
orjual parts, and a temporarily hinged
pointer, whose tipper edge la In the
mlibll" ul tho tllnl. Pluco on aome
dead level, solid post nr stump In Ihe
on,mi. At night fix Ihe dial an that
[thi! 12 o'clock line points exactly to
I north, na determined by Ilio polealnr.
Then, using  two temporary slghllng
kicks ol exactly the siime height (so passengers entered Canada at orenti
its to permit sighting cleur above tho porta, ol whom 1,3*4,009 were coinit-
cilge yl Ibe board)    bc! the   pointer «l n* Ininilgronls.    In ibe census   of
record la or ever bus been kept of the
number ot those declaring their Intention ot remaining In Cnnutlu und
who croas the border Into the United
United Stale* Immigration returns
for the luat decade places the total
Immigration from Canada at 380,000,
From  1897 tilt  tbls year, 1,657,868
way down my spine aud do nut know ;
whut to do with my hanila und ivlsh
iho floor would open and swallow me,'
Ik being introduced to u sirnngei- audi
finning  myself embarrassed  *■*—••--  j»rT--J"-. *--~--—y'"*•—~"~**„ji
and I'll be cvcrlaatitigly indebted to all I can manage lo murmur Is 'yes' or  bronnhitia and other thnaa* SftmWeo, ana
you." 'no'".    The  diffident  nnd  unlet   wo-  • highly euoouoatul reaoodjr for inoiplens
Ueggle.—"Taat'a    Just    what    I'm pan who bewails the slowness of her  '"WJJJfflJVarfJ *«d hurhir aaaaan.
afraid of. old fellow." iitterunee would be ooMoled If    she   t^^^StStS$*£^EvE.
  knew thu, no one I. so sue to be a | ntnot ^Jon (uaawdanoallwr aataral
-wet blanket socially, ns the one of i healing pin* elemeata Simply mli with
either sex who ndvnnces to the centre j sugar tyrup or .trained honey, In a 16-oa.
nf the stage umi monopolizes tbe talk, i bottle, and It ta ready for uae.
/rhe bright and clever talker ia always ; Vinci ha* oftonlieen Imitated, last never
lu peiii of becoming unpopular, while sueoeaalully, for nothing also will produce,
iin. u.ir.i. iis'.-nei' la sure nl b«lnu « thesamoresults. The gaoulpeteguaran-
tlie gooo siener "sure o oeing , toed to gyo absolute saUstaetlon or money
.wcleoma gpesl on nn> pecasion, Lord , relnnd^, Csrtlfloate ol guarantee u
SlacCauley was much given lo brilliant i wranpni in each paokage. Vour druggUI
monologue, nnd in conoecnence, his . hm l^inex or will gladly got it for you.
fellow guesta were greatly delighted i lt not, send to The Plnex Co., Toronto,
when now nml thin lie gave them an i On*
opportunity to sneak and htmselt bad j - -
whut Sliltiey Smith called "flashes" of
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE,
t     Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HameSS Oil  The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
pointing exactly lu Ihe polealnr, thai
ia, the a'inie angle of the latitude of
the place, und fix it here immovably.
Then, lomovc Ihe two atleka. Aa n
time piece, Ibis dial will he found
.roughly correct for thut latitude. Tlio
angle nf the pointer, or style, must be
changed for encli latitude,
"Du yon think that under uny circumstances li minister la Justified III
using another clergyman's sermon*"
I    "Well, yes."
"Indeed, sir! Please Bttitc the cir-
"If It wua n very short sermon."
"All animal produela, you know,"
said Ibe teacher, "arc. perishable, and
soon decay, If not artificially preserved."
"Yes, sir." cordially answered tho
aoli'tnn young mnn with the wicked
oye, "especially elephants' |vory,"
He.—"Were you ever In lovo before
you met me?"
She—'Yes, but not since,**      . . ,
uu, the Immigrant population of
Canada was placed al 6(17, 824, and lu
1881 nt (101U18, alibonnh the liuinlgia-
llun figures for Ibe len yours showed
30,048 arrivals. In Hie next len
/oars the arrivals totalled 880,17;. in
ism Ihe Immigration population waa
returned nt 047,302 In len yens. In
1900 there arrived ;il'i,'JHl Immigrant*,
but the Immigration population in
1801 census totalled 048,071,
According lo ihe Immigration de.
partment, a large number of Italians,
who come Into Canada, do not atay,
but gu back to Italy alter obtaining n
eompelency. OI Ibe seven thousand
Hindoos who entered Canada, 8,501)
went lo Ihe Culled Stnteu. Iu the
wise ot Oliinamon, Canada Imposes a
(500 head tax. while In a number ot
caeca the Cnllcd Slalca gets the
It ia believed by the officials thnt
tho final ccnsiln returns will bring up
lho Increase In population 83 per
cent, to 35 per cent., which ts really
a greater Increase than has been
Young and old have
them. Some abuse them.
They get tired, starved.
sleep and appetite, in-
digeition, irritability,
eventually wrecked con-
Alcoholic remedies
stimulate only.
Scott's Emulsion
soothes and nourishes,
feeds the nerves. A
natural nerve-food, containing the salts of Hypo-
phosphites, Iodine and
W.N.U.   No. 870
The Golden Opportunity
I Among the persons wm* have recently niflde provisions for old age
when li comos aro two sisters aged
respectively '.','i nnd .(I years.    They
i have purcnasod from Ihe Canadian
Oo vara m nnl n Last Survivor Annuity,
h Imi u, ii ti Annuity -a ti t<*ii win glvo.
thnn together nn Income ol J",|f> »
yciir  tin long  nn  lliry  both  live,  nud
iin bo continued m the survivor so long
inn flu* lives.
T|io eosl of this Annuity, 13,8*13.00.|
bad been Invented at r> iier conl , and
imd brought in less than $iSuno nn*
lllinliy,   with   lho   dtrflOUlt)   and   un
noyanoe of i elnvestment, Tho An-,
imi i y becomes payable when the
votingest ststor aunlma ihe ago <>f B8,1
and Hboiild both tlio boforo tbat  lime,
iin* purchase money will be refunded
to their heirs with '."• por com. com-:
pound in'fjcft.
Knell Ib now earning ber own living,
and tlio sura pdld h tin1 fruit of theft
labors for n number of years.   Tbey '
were thua ni>io the bettor to appreciate Ihelr Splendid opportunity.
An jnnocenl mon wnn Impilconcd audi
broke jells and wns then sentenced io'
[twenty days for jnt! breaking. Tbon
why didn't they arrest Mm   on   the
Ichargc of being falsely Imprisoned.      j
Well, WeU!
, can use
-Zi^' •- WrTkWOW Kilt US
—? *-—'       of Goods
•s-sr-  "iih ihe SAME d«».
11        I used
OLIAN and SIMPLE to Uee.
NOihliict>of llllntrt'ir WhONn Dvt f"r llir V.ttaAt
»n» tin t.i .■'.I..r, All. i'1'iM lr-m ^ mi. Drii|rvitl or
I'culi'r. tRi:i. r„!i,tr:urd nifl MDHV H'.-.ktrt Is),
Ilia Ji.liii.uii-lt.ili4iJi.,n CO.,  I lniil#J, Mcntrrsl, , "H-H-M I I 1 l-l-H-l- I -M-M--M- fHIHHI ♦» t"M III HI I' j
T   H   E   A   T   1<   E
MONDAY  NIGHT,   FEBRUARY   19th,   1 *> 12
Transcontinental  Tour
"The Barrier"
Kex Beach's Masterpiece
A   Thrilling,    Heart-Gripping
Story of the Last Frontier
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m the
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Elko Notes
Mr. A< MniilH, ol thu Klho Mvm-y
trlUbluH vUlted Kollilu uu tUituiilny
of hint  wtii'K.
"Wlllii)" Wood (WODd) a liunulu Iftia,
mid auro tlO'fl won lii'i'.   Anotlivr \uttr
rings in niho Hoon<
it IiIh hinted t.i»t ut louat |»i'' mora
J lllltLllllollilO   Will   III)   SOOIl        lU    tilt)   tllrl-
', j trkt iu ttu- sarly wring.
I Dbl happy in Ibe iniui wlio Imni'H in
iHtrnt'tioiiH warning.voice anU does not
I venture Jusl ta near where "Jack" ih
out ting iosi
Kiko ia enjoying mild weather  at
prwent, and ovsrybhlng points to an
early spring, Bet the red iftpple trees
' planted al Hllko
only one solitary '" IWldual trav
ailed from [lltko to Waldo to Join tbo
moiiiuerado danoe party. Huh tho
dance lever subsldod,
a voi > worthy objeol Is   Uie   Leap
, year ball winch in being arranged by
tin' ladies of Baynos and ffaldoi  tor
tbv bonefli oi ilu* Pierce family    11
J in hint to bo 11 sneoees
' There Is signs ol activity in thi
yards ol tbo Saskatoon Lumbei Do ,
Waldo, managed bj  ths gonial   Mi
,Koss, Tin* mill will resume opera
tlons mi tin* 1Mb ><t nesl month
ORANBROOK, it.i:.lKl*:iilti:Al(V   17.
Tlic iiniui nf treating those wbo
are nearest and doarost to lis wltb
dlscourtsoy nml disregard, ih one tbat
cIoihIh tbi* hiiuhIiiim* ot loo many
Nothing ho boipH 11 woman through
tbe long woary dnyB of work an tbo
knowledge thai what rIio does lu au
preolatod by those she lovos and for
wboni nln* tollK. Tlunii ot this, Iiiih
hamlK nml fathers, and rcmiMiibfi'
tbat fi kind word i:t   always In Hca
• •   •   •
in too mnny families tho mother
assumes 'be euro ul everything nml
ber daughtern nro bul the gontoel
loungers in the household. Tbn work
which could bo ro easily nnd quick 1$
done if each bnro h Bharo, in loft lor
the hands already wonkenod by heavy
• •  • •
Paronts do yon wish lor your cbil
rtri-n to love arid respect  you'1 If you
do. when your rhiM cornea to you tor
advice bo nun* to Rive .rood advice
don't Hiiy,  "Oh iro  way, don't both
er me, km nwk your mother," or Borne
Hnch   answer,   Or if    tbey   come to
their mother perhapH nhe nays,  "Go
to yonr    father,   l nm busy."    Tb-
cblld will soon cot afraid to itfik advice for fear   of being rebuked, nn'1
it will    bo apt  to    Mwk ndvire snmf
whore else.    If  vou   tnkr nn   Interest
In your children then tbey will take
nn Interest In vou.
• •   •   •
He who Iovqb beauty nnd la looking for it will Hnd it everywhere, And
tbe mother who keeps her enthusiasm
alive by work ine with Inr children
develo'dnr their perrentinn of beauty
and love for the beautiful truths divine, will irive them P blessed mher
itnnee wblcb will lighten their burden n« tbay (trow beyond her shelter
ine care, and bring more nf cheerful
nesR, nnd honefnlncRB, and youthful
neBs into their tlvnn,
Probably nineteen twentieths of the
hanpin-'ss you will evei have ynu wil1
get nt home The independence tha'
eomes to n man when hi* work Is
over, and he [eels rhnl he has mn
nut of the storm Info the unlet bar
bor of home, where he can rent Ir
peace with hi*- family Is uomethtn«*
renl. It rli ns not n ike much differ
enee whether vou own *nnr bn"«e nr
have one little n  in thai house
vou rnn make that little room rt
homo to  vui
•        >        a        4
"TV' old »nmnn." v nice phrase
to be ufll'ne about tbo dear soul who
kent. heT vii'M over vou in vour in
fanev, klBSOfl n«'iiv vntir tenrs In
chtMbnnd nnd remalnlnii vo«r trusted friend in maturity, tn this all the
love vou have Tor     the nllvor heired
mother who bathed your scorching
brow nil through the lotm nleenloBn
nlehtfl of nfflic*lf>n, when vo'ir brain
wnn wild with burning fever? Tn
there no other term vou enn find tor
her    whose     lovo   ban followed you
through every trial, tribulation nnd
misfortune nf your life? HaH mother,
through 11 ll thofio years of labor,
watching and waiting, boon wasting
ber love on a worthless bunch of
clay, wbo, In tlio rosy dawn of manhood lias no other term more iltting
that, "tlio old woman" by which to
addrosB or speak of IiIh mother?
HI very huBband rait hnve uood coffee if on Homo morning, the cofloe in
a shade to brown to suit your taste,
do not scold about it; and, on every
otber morning when it is delicious,
nay so. Try this Way, anil you will
llnd your CofToo and everything else,
to your taste much oftener; and be*
Hides, you will give the ones you
ought to love best the sweetest consciousness that they arc doing the
work well, and giving satisfaction to
the one, of all others, they most desire to pleane—thus inspiring them
with renewed energy to strive for the
merited reward of kind, appreciative
words. An 1 so shall an atmosphere
of pence and sweet home happiness
como to pervade the whole bouse,
bom and nurtuered into beautiful fragrant blossoming by your own kind
fords and deeds.
You look at the housewife who has
place for her things, and those
things in tbelr places, and you find
a woman who is systematic In her
work; and when nhe nce<ls anything
she ran put her hands on it in a nin"
nent. She plans and calculates
whenever there is to be extra work,
<--£tra cook ine. extra washing, etc.,
ind she knows before hand just what
'here is to do, and whnt she wants
to do it with And this name womnn
*o exact In her doings, gets more
Mine to rpst and read and instruct
her children in the path of right and
the social duties they oWfl to all.
ladies, wp hope yon nre m this
Mass. receiving the blessings of your
husband, and the praise of nil who
know you,
a- ac stood m front of the post
office yesterday we were forced to
bear n [>nrt of a conversation be-
tweon two young ladles. Tbey were
tAlkini* about a third party nnl
christened her nn "old maid " We
'•ame nn near getting mad an an ed
ftor ever (Iooh. Yon know an editor
never Ioboh hln temper lie still linn
It all In almost, every circle of our
kindred there hns been some nueen of
<iel( sacrifice to whom some Jeweled
hand was offered In marriage, hut
who staved on the old tdnce becnusf
of the senne of filial obligations ugtll
the health nnd the attractiveness ol
nereonnl presence imd vanished. Brutal rorlety tnnv call such a fine by
;i nickname, God mllo her daughter,
and heaven calls ber saint.
The Waldo   Hockey utub arc am
IOUS loi      11  mutch   mill  Klko      I'li.-v
wnnl to wrestle the laurels Ir  the
champions Will the) luoeeedf Ko
nays Klko The match ll arranged
should prove interesting
Oh I   Blko folks me  g liy  I oiks,
the* nevei work on Bunda) Dul
just keep playing pool the while from
Baturdaj to Uondaj But now s
ehurcfa then n going to have, ut
laast they've my donation, well, theu
its jnst rij-ht to subscribe, that's the
iiiy explanation.
Can the orter in* genuine? say the
majorltj of the people in Klko.
The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal, the beautiful pre
mlutn picture entitled "Home Again"
'all three for 13.60 Yen it in genuine and the best bargain ever offer
ed Subscribe for tbe Prospector, J.
\i   Taylor, our special correspondent
for Klko, will see that your order is
The 1,-ng spoken of mil often postponed masquerade and dance actually
look place at Waldo on Friday, lJth
February. Tt was voted a perfect
success. The costumes were varied
and original. The prize offered for
the best dressed lady, was won by
Miss McVoety, school teacher, and
the  best  dressed  gentleman  was  Mr.
I Bonger. Mr. H. Ross and Mr. Robertson acted ns Judge**. The writer
visited  Waldo on Beturday and    tbe
, dance was all the talk.
Will the new 0. P.    Hallway track
effect  Blko? speaking on the subject
; to a well known commercial man the
i other day,    he considered     that tbo
| railway would be of little service to
1 them, nnd would not effect Klko   so
far as the hiring branches were con-
, cemed,   Travellers as n rule carried
I scvecal trunks, and these would have
to be conveyed to the various lumber
I lards and    stores, therefore,    hiring
would be necessary from the various
points touched by the railway.   Hiring direct from Klko, through to the
various lunihol yards would still be
the most effective way of doing business,
ment. Tbe basis of our work is the
individual: our motto, "do". From
lbs individual wo mako couuty and
state orgaul/iitloiiH, instead ol forming tho siate organisation flrit with
the expectation that local organl/a-
tinun will follow, which In some In-
HtniicoH thoy have not doiio. Farm
home management was bogun September i. iui.> al the university ol
Missouri, iu do-ope ration with tnode-
partmont of farm management, which
has been doing much    for    Missouri
(armors slnoo its establishment a llt
tin more than one vear ago.
A  women asks nn to nssiHt her   to
mako por home bettor*  i arrange to
visit the farm nod go over the housn,
tbe yard, poultry house, garden ami
I orchard with hor   If hIio is the man
ager ol either ot the liittcr-uud
! ninny u fanner'n wife Is, in tho ftVOV
' age  MiHHoiirl farm.
We talk ovor the possible improve
iiientH thut can bo made with the
I amount ot money thai lho can spare
| (or this purpose. Wo look into tbo
I future and decide on the end wo hope1
to roach, thou work towards thai  as
fast as linanoos will permit
Uhangei Plans  tb Have mops.
| nu ono farm, which 1 visited noli
'long ago, lho hoUSfl bad boon llllllll
' only a tow years previously to moot I
the needs q| a family of eight. It
' wan thought at thai  lime lo bo   g|
nearly ideal as IIiiiiucch WQllW permit
Fortunately,   the upstairs bad    not
been liniHhed, h,i thin gave iih a chance
to maKu Home change*, without   iiimh
dinioult)    rhe home wan built that
lu each ol  the live bodinoitiH it    was
possible to put In nnothei window,
mi ih.ii oroM ventilation nud mure
light eould )<e seoured nml ibe rooms
made iiimh pliosantsi Closets foi
iiith bedroom wore arranged for, also
a bath loom    My moving tbe kitchen
sink, all     plumbing Cull Id be   easily
made  Into otic system
The kitchen was very dark  bocaiiHo
ol a >er\ dark green paint upon the
wail*. Changing this tO a white with
a stencil border   lu iigt't blue    will
make it groat diderence in the light
hi  the  room.   The dining room Join
ed the kitchen   al nne  corner, while
lust In front ol tho kitchen was a
bed room. The closet and bedroom
aio to be made into    a dining-room |
and the former dining-room win   be
come a sitting room.   This will save
many  steps in placing ami removing
dishes and food from  tbe dining tn-
' ble.   Convenient cupboards can easily be built in the kitchen.
,    liy cutting an outside door into the
, reception   room   ol the    bouse   and
building a small porch over it,    the
entrance can easily be changed to the
side nearest the drive instead of the
, opposite where it in at present. With
i these changes, one farmer's wife vill
J he saved unnecessary steps now tak-
I en and a llttlo time will be found for
j much ncedod rest.   The poultry house |
| garden, and orchard on this farm ate.
1 in good condition, so our advice will
be directed towards getting larger ee-
I turns from poultry and more variety
in the vegetable garden,
HomettmcH the bouse is a log one,
with sunken floors nnd lenky roof,
which must be made comfortable for
the winter; sometimes tt is to small
aim must have an addition. Again
the ceilings nnd floors will need raising and the upstairs rooms need
more windows.
Water Supply and Drainage.
A good supply of pure water Ib another thing tbnt I try to get on each
farm that I visit, also good drainage
for the waste water, which is so
often thrown between the well and
kitchen doqr. The purchase of conveniences, household furniture, wall
paper, and tloor coverings are other
problems which I try to meet. Color
combinations and good line enter into house furnishings and the lay-out
We Have Been Advised
That our Entire Order of
Men's Spring Clothing will arrive here on or about the 20th of
the mouth.
This is the Largest and Best
Assorted Order we have ever
placed and it will require a lot of
room to display it.
To make space we must clear
out all winter lines, and to do this
we are Placing On Sale  at the
Greatest, Unheard-of
Ever Offered in Cranbrook,   All
Men's Suits and Overcoats.
Remember — We have no
special sale goods brought in
especially for sale purposes, we
are not afraid to stand behind
everything we sell. If you are
not satisfied your money will be
refunded— You Can't Lose — It's
at Our Loss but we must have
the space.
Kami Home Management.
A wiM man baa said: "As your
women are, so will tbe nation be.
No nation can rise above tbe .level of
its women. Tbe country woman has
her part, An important part, to play
iu the nation's development."
In no other occupation is tbo wife
her husband's business partner so
much us on the farm. Until recently
she has usually been a silent partner, but now both are coming to
realize that the silent partner needs
i get in touch with the outside world
I as much as the active partner.
While ho inlorn.H himself on the best
methods of dry-farming, she must
learn hnw to improve conditions in
the home and to establish higher
ideals in her community, and togath-
er they will manage the farm better
than even before.
In my town several years ago, there
wan a small pox scare and many of
the children were vaccinated. A neighbor hoy of four came to play with
his friend who had the mumps, I met
him at the door and explained that
In* would get the mumps if he came
in. He put his right band upon his
left arm and in n surprised voice said
I   I've been wnxinntod."
Sometimes In solving the problems
of rural life, like this hoy, we think
one preventative) or cure, is all we
need tn apply. The problems are
complex, Borne of us are working tor
better schools, some for better
churches, others for hotter social and
political activities, good roods, lar
eer   financial    returns,   and   bettor
homes It Ih only by working to
gethor, the scientist and practical
farmer, that wo enn solve the problems of rural life, t'rolltnhlo farm
Ing leads the way to the solution of
"winy of the other problems, but will
not. solve them nnnidml.
Unit Is the rndlvldual.
Knrm home mnnngnment aims to
belli farm women by meeting their
problems nn their own ground. It
nlms tn put into practice on Missouri Parma those principles of home
economics nnd agriculture whlcn liave
been tested out by    scientlllc experi
ot the yard. This is an opportunity
for the farmer's wife to increase some
of her love for the beautiful.
Pood tor the farmer's table is another problem I try to meet In some
farm homes I have visited the same
food remains on the table from one
meal to another, except such as is
served hot, until it Is eaten up. There
are often several kinds of Jellies or
preserves and canned fruit on tbe table at one meal. If bot food Is left
over, it will be served in the same
form at the next meal. The baby
with two teeth will be fed on meat
and then the mother wonders why
the bnhy cries, or is sick. These
farm women have been so busy with
the details of washing, ironing,
sweeping and cooking, that they have
fallen into the habit of cooking the
same tood in the same way and do
not think of the many possibilities
of change.
Tbe keeping of farm accounts has
shown several farmers where they
have made poor investments. We expect the accounts of poultry, the
home dairy, the garden, the orchard,
snd the household expenses to show
how the farm home can be better
managed to get more for the time
and money expended. In some homes
a needless amount ot time Is spent
in the kitchen; in others not enough.
W.th the same expenditure of time
nnd energy the few pounds of surplus
butter over tbnt used by the family
will often bring 0 of IT. cents more a
pound If the milk and cream are bet-*
ter cared for nnd the product put up
in brick molds, Hy cure In gathering
eggs nnd in selecting poultry larger!
returns will tie received.
The women on demonstration farms
I .lirtiitiili.li-ti.l.iliili.liititli.I.ilifl) rieiterli.il tt. l-irii Julnlnl, .Intnl.,!. il..*..l. t, J. *«-■- e    lt.ee   t 4
There is No Danger
From   Fire    Through   Bad   Wiring  If   Your
House Is Wired By
il The Empire Electric Co. I;
Phone 129 Opposite City Hall Night Phone 215
Maurice Quain,   General Manager
t it iin, ti 11
r1, ,!, , ','•,
J.I".'   HI]   <!KAIIl|)lt>       to   tlll'il'     ||l'H:ll|wtrH
who Inquire Imw cvrtAin rmmltH hit
Obtained. All tlio tanner's wives In
the notRbhoiiiood nre holpeil hy lmv-
im; nn example, of m>o<I homo man-
nuetnent liefore them yenr nller yenr.
They nee nml believe anil try the
nnme thins In Ihelr own home". The
plnn Ih to hnve only one ilemoiiHtrn-
tlon Inrni in „ eonnty nml to hold n
public meeting on thin Inrm once n
yenr to show whnt roHiilts hnve Jteon
obtained, In the bouw nnd In the'
The farmer who recelvee the oasis-
twice of the department ol farm
management pays nothing for the
service, neither does the department
pay the farmer or lonn him money.
Those who become members of the
(arm management association may
become co-operators. From the co-
operators, one demonstrator for a
county 18 chosen. His fnrm la called
n demonstration fnrm. There Ih a
long waiting list of nnniea of those
who want ua to visit their larnis.
Heveral farmers with whom the department l» now working were planning to move to town because fnrm-
inx would not pay. After n year's
trlnl tbey were convinced tbnt a well
managed fnrm would pay nnd inpre
nre now glad to stuy on tbe farm.
Through farm home management
we believe farm life enn be partly relieved of its drudgery, that the allont
partner will nilvlse remnlnlng on the
fnrm, nnd thnt both the farmer and
his wife enn Inter br Interested In the
Improvement of the rural schnolu nnd
To Raise Flag on Maine
The bulk of the Maine wns raised
to the water level of llnvann linrhor
on Tuesday nnd is now lying securely moored within the cofferdam. A
Jury mast hns heen erected to raise
nn American (log on February lr.th,
the ioiirteimt.li anniversary of the
destruction of the ship.
1 House For Sale ii
Near School House
iin, i, i,ii,n,,M,n,„,I,,„,■■,,.,.,...... j
This house lias Two Good Bedrooms, One Living Room, Kitchen,
Good Sized Pannry and Cellar, and
is Electrically Wired Throughout.
There is also a front and back
veranda in connection.
$500.00 Cash—Balance   to  suit   requirements of purchaser.
Enquire at
Prospector   Office
or write Box "M" Mrs. Housewife
Stop Cleaning Smoky Lamp Chimneys
*    and Old Burners
Our New Lamp Burner will jjive light six times as much as the old
style lamp humeri and a clear while light. You can turn li^lil as high as ynu
want to—it is impossible lo smoke chimney, You can burn lamp in room all
night, No bad smell irom Kerosene. Given a steady, even Unlit, does not
hurl the eves, burns any grade of Kerosene Oil, tits any No. 2 lamp, no mantle to
break, no black chimney to wash every day, always clean, Burner will last
several years—made ol the best steel and brass.
Our Guarantee
Send us 35 cents in coin or money order, and we will send you one o( these
burners prepaid, You use burner 00 days and if you don't say it is the best lamp
burner vou ever saw , and you are not well pleased, just write U8 a postal uu I'd
stating you are not satisfied with burner and we will promptly return  your money.
This is the best burner yet, All we ask is for you to give us a tiial,
We guarantee  burner to give satisfaction .me year or give you new one, FREE.
Chatter and Chaff {
•t''H'++'l"l"l"l'l"l"l"l"l"l"l'+'l",'l"t"l'l"M'l H'H'l"l'l"l'l't"l"l'rl"t-,+t
NATIONAL I.111HT Uo, N...uac
llnrnitn.    Michigan
Kudosed llml BU cent* for which
send ine one nf your White
Light Lump Humeri) per your
Advertisement, with Understanding I ran line limner 00
day* nnd II I mn nor well plea-
sed with Hnme my money wilt
he returned,
Name of Qrooer of your City
Will Send Three Burners Postpaid $1.(10
National Light
On Baker stteet, one door west
ol Messrs. Hill & Co., the only
place in town that can make
life worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
********************** i
AU Our Meats are Government
Head Office - • -        Calgary, Alta.
H.M.I.   8*-Mtl«l   twite
Th. earliest. t*.t "avpr.il .nd
Mnoothwl In the World.
What's coming? Why Seedtime, then the
Harvest but the Harvest depends very
largely on the quality of the Seeds you
sow. Our Catalogue for 1912 is bigger and
better than ever. Tells you all about over
1,5(10 kinds ot Field Roots, Grains, Vegetables, and Flower Seeds, Small Fruits,
Flowering Shrubs, Plants, Implements, etc.
If you cut tills nut HHidlni, It tn us with yuur nun,*
iml Post Owe- Atlilrw. „ur CiLhisuo will ts! *rni
yuu .ml ii imiwM with It.   IV> 11 In-diy. AOIIKBMS.
Oarch & Hunter Seed Co., Limited,
Dept. 79 London, Ont. n
(Water Act.    Ultra.)
To all holders of land within the
limits of Lot 4, Group 1. Kootenny
District and to all holders of Water
Records on Josephs Prairie Creek.
Application of William A. Rollins
tor the apportionment of part of the
M0 inches ot water from said crook
recorded In favor of John T. (Sal
braith on the 2M, day of May, 1872,
(or the purpose of irrigating Jllock
195, of the said Lot 4, In the Town
site of Crnnhrook according to u ninl'
or plan tiled In the ljind Registry
Office at Nelson, 11. C, an 6690] and
for permission to change the point of
diversion and the course of the ditch
for the diversion of part of said
water, will be heard before me
at my office on the 18th day
of March, 1912, at eleven o'clock In
the forenoon, local time, under the
authority of the said Water Act,
Objections should he tiled with >nc
on or before the 11th day of March,
Dated at Cranbrook, 11. ('.. the 14th
day ot February, 1912.
A. C. NBl.HON,
Acting    Assistant    Commissioner of Lands for the Southern
Division of Bast Kootenay.        7-41
(Water Act, 1909.)
Trade Marl
That means
Success in
The dependable
flour' is
To all holders of land within the
limits of Lot 4, Oroup 1, Kootenay
District and to all holders of Water
Records on Josephs Prairie Creek.
Application of William D. Bnrdgett
for the apportionment of part of the
300 inches of water from said creek
recorded in favor of John T. Ual-
hraith on the 23rd day.of May 1872
(or the purpose of irrigating Block
183 of the said lot 4, in the Town
site of Oranbrook according to a map
or plan Sled In the [.and Registry
Office at Nelson, B. C, as 669C; and
(or permission to change the > point of
diversion and the course of the ditch
for the diversion of part of the said
water, will be heard before me at my
office on the 18th day of March, 1912
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon lo
cat time, under the authority of tho
said water act.
Objections should be tiled with tno
on or before the 11th day of March,
Dated at Cranbrook, B. O. tho 14th
day of February, 1912.
Acting   Assistant  Commissioner of Lands for the Southern
Division of Kaat Kootenay. 7-4t
Lord Strathcona to Build
Hunting Lodge.
Lord Htrathcona has again shown
his good will for Canada hy giving
an order (or the building of a I7.IM0
hunting lodge to be placed at the
diapoual ot It. R. H. the Duke of
Connaught. The order tor the plans
Waa given to Marchand a, Haskell,of
Montreal, to prepare plans, nnd these
ban been accepted. The lodge will
be built on tbe island in Hevcn Mile
pool, Toblque river, N. II.
Oeorge William Frederick Carter,
of Oranbrook, has been appointed a
Court ol Revleion and Appeal lor the
Fort Hteele Assessment District In
tbe place ol J. F. Armstrong, resigned.
Earnest and Facetious
Wnn Tung:- We nre thankful tortile
nice ton-cl)OHt you gent uu, hut are
utterly uiuthle to decipher the in
Hr.ript.hni enclosed with It, As for
your iiuory in I'lngllHli It Is not ho
miii'h "Whnt Iim, civilization done
lor China," nu "Whnt has Chins
iloiu, for Olvlllmtlon." The Intter
would ilo a lot. more thnn It baa il
yuu would only let   It,
The worthy clinlrnmn ol the Innin
mi London ICtliical society has "de-
cldeil"—lu'OHuninbly alter adequate
nnd thoughtful deliberation—that the
status of the American WIFIC Ih
•yuonymioal with that of hi.avh,
has evidently not tni'i'iml long or
tlilH Hide of the "herring pond" in
Imd his sojourn been of longer dura
tlon he would havo altered bis opinions eonuldornbly. Furthermore the
Inlcntcd geiitleuinn Iiiih obviously never observed the hnugbty dlgnliled attitude of the pour down-trodden Persecuted American wife at a social
dilution nud contrasted Hnme wltb
tile timid deferentlnl mien of her
"lord nnd muster."
Doubtful -Nonsense; Ho In anil
win. Vou need not lie disturbed because the girl of your heart Isn't
hntiilsiinie. If whut you suy Is true,
Hint hIic iiohhohhoh llfty thousand dollars of ber own, alio Iiiih n good
KIHI'ltlO anyway- The average young
mnn would, we think, be satisfied
with Hint.
An excellent ultliough somewhat
novel competition Ih meeting with
great huccchh in tho Old Country, inaugurated with n view to encouraging children to tnke enn' of tholr
teeth; valuable prides sre given, und
the school children are specially en
tluiHlastic, The rivalry Is keen nnd
healthy, it Ih sincerely hoped that
the oiampte will he emulated In Canada, ns utiiiuostionnbly tbe importance of good sound teeth to the
rising generation cannot lie overestimated. To secure really iwrfect
teeth one must commence very young
to give them systematic and careful
William ,1; We were sure "William'
was a ",I" before we struck biH signature, because be writes to tell us
thnt he is contemplating marrlagel
and wants to know if wo can offer
him any really useful ndvicc. Course
we can. Go on contemplating and
vou won't get hurt. Next:
Jucko: (Not a monkey, we hope.)
Yours Is certainly a cjueer experience,
but the world is full of them, hlvcn
postmen get contused In tbeir dally
actions if we were not constantly
giving them directions.
Fancier:—If your dickey-bird is
really so bad as you say, you bad
better consult an expert. After all,
a bird that can and won't sing is
better by far than a bird thnt. can't
sing nnd will.
Johnny flush:—You arc mistaken
In saying the New Yenr poem you
sent us poHsesses only three stanzas.
We make It four, for In addition to
tbe three you are wotrying about
we notice It "stan/a" chance ol going Into the W. P. B. Don't you
know poets have heen barred for a
hundred yearn.   Mend again then.
The deplorable sad tragedy, witnessed hy thousands of people, which
iccurred at Niagara Falls B few days
ago, when a man and woman—be-
lioved to be Mr. nnd Mrs. Stanton,
of Toronto—lost their lives through
the breaking of the ice bridge; is illuminated by the splendor of the selt-
lcnying heroism nnd gallantry of the
husband to rescue his exhnusted and
borrow-stricken wife from the jaws of
dentil. That he could have saved his
own life Is generally admitted, hut
the noble fellow contemptously ignored assistance for himself on two
or three occasions. He made several
courageous albeit unfortunately unavailing attempts to save the woman
he hnd promised to love and protect.
When the last vestige of hope had
vanished—realizing that death won
Inevitable—he tenderly lifted his wife,
affectionately kissed her, clasped her
in his arms and sank to a watery
grave in the tumultuous whirlpool
beneath. What an exquisitely beautiful Illustration nf unselfish devotion.
Whnt a mugiilllcieiil object Ichhoii to
the vnst crowd ol niilonkrru. Whnt „
splendid ocular demonstrution of
genuine IjOVK—the deliberate sncrl-
iico of one'n life—nn inspiring lormon
grajiblc, convincing and Irrelragu
Inquisitive—No, it- is not Indlipon-
Hlble for humorous writers to have a
senso of humor.   Take the lollowlng
Mn Mr. iireserveH one day;
"I 8 them," bo little boy aald,
Why, Peter, whnt tor? "nnld mania,
Aud Ultn she St. Peter to bed.
Jack N.M.K.—Yon know where good
Intentions lend. Don't hnve so many
nl 'em, and you'll last longer yet.
Water-Wagon Bill:—Wo are obliged
for your nice little tract on 'water'.
Kindly    accept tbe    following little
pomelet in return.
Pure water Ih the best of gifts
Thnt man to man can bring
Hut who mn I thai I should seek
Let prlneeH revel at the Hprlng
Peers nt tiie pump mnko free,
Whiskey or wine—or even beer
Is good enough tor me.
IOiI. Start, wlio tiled n unit recent
ly to reoover twenty-live thousand
dollars Irom Helen M'Murry lor
broach of promise Ih to be rredlted
with original Ideas if not chivalrlc.
We suppoHO, in view of the reign of
iniich-vniinted emaneljuited modern
woman, he is a believer In tho old
adage "What's Hiiuec for the goose, is
huiico for the guilder;" and he does
not wlHh to lie guilty ol the sin of In-
vidlousnosH where the fair sex are
concorned fully recognizing tbelr
equality with the "more man," Ot
course thle Is merely a surmise on
our part, Bid. Is suld to he a lieutenant In the Austrian cavalry, while
Helen is the daughter of a wealthy
New Yorkor. The poor army oltlcor'H
heart has ticen severely bruised if uot
Irretrievably lacerated by tbe American lady's conduct In "showing him
tho door." It Is really shocking as
ho was much In love, nnd even
bought numerous suits of dottles to
adorn hln person with the commends
ble desire to render himself doubly
acceptable In the eyoH ol his sweet
tlnncer. In addition to this praiseworthy work, the poor man endured
the terrlablc strain consequent on
acquiring a knowledge of the F,ng-
liHh language; ho thnt bis melodious
and dittelfluous notes of love-making
might lie Imbued with nn additional
fascinntion.   Poor old chappie.
Repentant John:—Oo Htraight back
and bog the dear dirl's pardon. You
say you have been a Jealous foot, so
ns you recognize the fnct there is
some hope for you. Many a fool has
sense enough to win a good wife,
but not sense enough to know it.
The clergymen and non-conformist
ministers of Hotherham are out on a
strike. No more Monday funerals.
Not on your life. There ure six days
(or Interments. Sympathisers and
their friends will kindly arrange to
"die" accordingly.
When a woman has a secret,
Although she mny not show 1t,
Mhe's Just as angry as can tie,
If no one wants to know It.
The inhuman OnlnshielbB woman,
who when making porridge for her
children threw In a handful of saw-
lust to offset the inadequate supply
of meal, ought to lie forced to eat
i few "meals" of ber own "dope."
Friend (noticing the confused heap
)f goods qt every descriqtion scattered hsomiscuousty qhnut the shop,:
"Hello: what's happened? Been taking an inventory, had a lire, or are
you going to move out?"
Hhopkccper:"That shows how little
you know about business. We have
merely been waiting on a lady who
dropped In for n packett of pins."
"Clara"wants to know what Bhe
is to think of a bridegroom who kept
his bride waiting at the altar for
thirty minutes the other day. Well,
charitably, of course. We knew one
who kept a woman waiting thirty
yearB, and when he eventually turned
up with the ring, she smiled.
'The Barriers" Company.
To accurately cast this latest and
greatest success of Rex Beach for its
Drat transcontinental    tour hns been
heavy   responsibility.     Tho clean-
cut and pronounced characters in the
story must have their realistic eoun
ter part upon the stage.
Those world    wide   bonv favorites,
'Captain Barrel!," of the I). H. A.,
'(laic," the inyHterioua, with a shadow on his pnst; "Poleon," the light!
hearted   French Canadian,   who sings
bis way on to tho stag,', und into the
hearts ot all.    nnd   lovos   in   vain;
■Htarh" who has never been aurpes
sod ns a     stage vlllian; "Hunnlon,"
his   confederate,   who   so faithfully
represents the lower life of  Alosknn
bad men; "No Creek 1*0," a unique
omedy character of   the Inst West;
'Corporal Thomas," who allows his
honesty to overshadow his discretion;
Alunnn,"     the    faithful squaw   ol
Hale" and the supposed mother ol
Nccin;" and     lust of    all "Noclo"
hersell, who is led to believe tbat
her "Barrier" to Captain Burrell
and haPPinesH, Is the taint of Indian
blood running through bor veins, will
all tit into the stage pictures with
realistic accuracy, when the company lllls its bookings, apjiearing at
the Auditorium on Monday next,
Feb. 19th.
('.. P. R. Dividend
At a mcrt.ini* uf tlir ilirurtni-H of the
i'miiiii inn radii.' railway held in
Montreal mi Monday, tlio tnllowlnt*
dividend! were deolAred!
on tiie preferred stock t per   wnt
for the half yonr ending Dec* BI, lnnt;
.>n tho common Htoek, 'i\ por cent for
the nunrter ended Dee, si lnnt, iiofnie
at thi' rate of 7 centw per nnmim
from rovonue ami S per cent per annum on proceeds of land sjiIph nnd
other rtSflotfl, Moth rllvltlends me puy-
nhle April I next to nhareholdern of
-word Bt a o'clock •>. tu.
The Germ-Killer For
Floors and Carpets
Full Barrell $7.25
Half Barrells        4.00
Bulk 7c lb
I J. D. McBride
i;   Crunhrnok, It. (',.
I'hoiie r>
4.|^.|..M4-+HI I+-H+4-HH H H^
} Central Meat
I Dealer in
J   Fresh and Cured Meats  ii
Creamery Butter
and Fresh Eggs   ::
A. Jolliffe,   Proprietor
Norbury Avenue
+ |   | .a..*..*   | J .». • _*   *   I   J. tntiitiitiitiilnliilirH
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
THK   DKNNKTT  ia    the    ideal
Typewriter (or the business man,
whn doee not leel Jusllled In tying
up 1100 to '125 In a large machine
but would like to send out business-like,    neat    and    up-tp-date
work.   The little Dennett enables
him to do thin, as it is the only
small   typewriter    that  is  practical.   While     there   have been   a
number of small machines on the
market, they did not stay.
,1. H.  SANKOHI),
Hole  Agent  lor the  Kootenays.
P. 0. Ilov. JH3
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
I'hone 2.19 I'  O. H»\ N45
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and iSeejOur
Side Lines
Palace Cigar Store
A l'honneur de preven-
ir sa nombreuse clientele
qu'il vient de recevoir un
nouvel assortment de cigars de premiere classe.
Nous sollicitons votre visile et profile/, de cette
nouvclle aubaine.
Forest Act Discussed
The greater pari ,,( tbe time ol the
legislature nn Monday was occupied
with 11 iliHciission in committee of
clauses oi tiie Forest not, a bill to
lameiiii tho special surveys, net   was
explained  by  Mr.   Oowaor ami  allow
l«l to pass through committee without amendment, tt is Intended to
give the attorney general power to
order a resurvey o( detective sub-di
visions in district municipalities, a
Jurisdiction which Is at present conferred tn cities.
(In motion of attorney genoral
Bowser a bill to amend the I.lquer
j act and to amend chapter three ol
1 the revised statutes were given first
I readings, The former contnlns most
j drastic regulations as to Interdicts
and against habitual drunkards and
Ihe latter simply changes the title
I of the Insane Asylums act to the
Mental Hospitals act. Tin*: PBOSPECTOH, chanihiooit, b. im
*>■• i,.', i,   ', ••
Ai. your hands chnppod, cracked
or son? Have you "eoMoacU"
Which o;j«u snd bleed whon Ilio skin
It drawn light I Havo yon a cold
aoro, (ror.t bile, ohllblslns, or a "raw"
place). Which ut limes ir ll.es It ui;onv
lor yoo to uo about your household
dutlen ? II no, "sm-Uuk will glvo yoo
itliili ami wilt heal iio Irost-dsmeged
akin, A.iolnt lho eoie plaicu in night,
Zttn-Buk1) rich hcallrnr oiaouoes will
■Ink Into iho wounds, end tbo um«i-
liiu, and win heal quickly,    »
Mn. Vollon, nl Portlsnil, «r, i "My
lunula w,i„ «o .mo .n'l orwkod tli-1 tt
wm »>; «v to put then noar »ai r.
When I did »o they would smart end
l,ui a sail I hadtoaldciUbotn.  I wonted
quite umblo to gob r,iu,l f, anything
I put on Utoni until I trio I asni.ttuk.
ami in sueooedod when nil else bad
lalltd, It closed tke big oraoli, na,"
me tut, icotbod tke Inutmmalloni n„l
iu a rory snort Unit healed my kudt."
/r.si "»«*'.. <„i'» «*"17, ""*" '•""""'
„vn.,i-uii, Hwn./mtrru* .»>". «>'.. /<'„>',
in,/ 6. I., «k.et...i, filMfffl, ."V >rt>,w*, tl .,
.un, t,„rHi, *<■„„.,, t*.:Ji, ttretM, ii/ atf
SrsMfif,enditorw.or pe»i }<■** frtntk, fist,
flut LV, i '.'Mj    rft„ *' ' a U.i.
t *e second
edition of thn
of Heating" is
now ready for
Write    for    it
to any addrosi
Hot Wttter
Oollert and
i aril n tor-,.
The Arlington Co. o! Canada, Ltd.
18 FraseT Ave.,Toronto, Ontario
, KUhi mill a from » milwu.v MimUm,
null In iv clone i>Hi\hnliv ui' fleer lot'*
In1.,  Bioiuo  iiim.u. and ultd "I  Ilio
bCHl ^'llllOll I'H'PTfl 111 Ulfi (M'UlMy, tth1
KliiRtt' Sooitlt.li rtilUdico mMI dcaon'*
|u ii*. pill ,ii ttlvo ilealmuillon of UU
| iMfji rti.v'H "HIbIiIuuiI Home.1)   Tlio en*
doftrlufl appt llatlou■ iliiilim In ruulliy
ii.nin Quern  Vlotoilu'B iH-tMipuMnn    It)
oilutwlHf    i no oo,Uu pi y    iiiUMiiiiilin *.
Hn moral Cuitlo i* iii Hn* flour! ci' Hn1
ALit'win "i-i'iir MlglUnnrifl, lUnillni ul
tin   BltltUdO   "I    l.OOO   foel   ItbOVO   RWl
level, mul it* uurrouiidUius nro tho*y
of tht- mountain mul ilio foroui, I'lciih-
ailtly locntQll. »t the foot of a wood oil
liiiii wlileli slopes ffraop(iil.j down tn
;tli.- Pti*. li cmmiiiiiiilti ii uiaimilfiupiii
[pvoaiiool ot iiw river vntlci' westward
j tt it tl ibo dlttunl luountnUw beyond, tho
vlow on.bruolng tho npl9i.illd foiwl
'ni' Qnllouohbtiloi fa 11,0118 for tin plnos,
Tbo vn It y, wldo ami open to the south
Mn enooiod on the north by 11 kuqocui-
Nlon ol In luii'H, riiiuT ilt>n»lo} wood
I oil or clothed with heather, lho pur-
>]ii> hue oi which contributes au added
glory to tin* liiiuUoape In miiiiiiiii, mill
wbove Hn m towers inuJostlcuU) the
j stimuli 1 nf Loo Imager, rightly deicrlh-
nl ii\ Byron it** "Mm mr.ni suhllme i«U'*
tun sf|tve of tlio Celedonlitn Alps."
Has Hid Various Poinrttoori
! Bel tliui niiilil nature cenerj o[ n
I wlkl mtd romantic ohm icier whloh
! pott*< -> 'i innnj Ti mnn ol h anlj
j mi ii ntti i' ih' in **, l-uluioral has all i
, iiuuciatlons that \u\» u wllh tho tron
h!i ii hlntor) o( the HlgJilutiili In Un™
past tlm ■ It waa ovw Hoyal prop
(.i!> lonj iiiitf.'I'd.'Hi i-> ui'' Is il 1 «i>
,. :■[ fo forming pari ol th< iu
, |i oi'. :iit' in m Mur. it wu oooas
ilumitl* In ilu* Imtid*. ot h.'v.'i ,1 8col
[tlsh kini;* wbo d!<l uol   >" uple to an
j l *'ii()l'lntr tlii* MfldOH) .it  il'i.iM'r   ,1111
;iviIkh li tn their tavorUt'i  L'lilumti 13
del ",1" 'i from '!"■ 1 n I Umi Balmoral
wan t'"i it cetvtury .m.i ,t hall   11 the
I DOMOSSlOl    "I     1    bl Hi,'I     .'I    Hi,'    g| 1 ,,i
FarquahanoD C'Ati, o*ice omnipotent
Ion Uppi i  Di -ul"    Th* CI in « ■    J
(voted to 1 Up Stuai t dj ns it)    umI lb
■ i.i'-i Farqoarhai ion ol Bithno il toon
||iatt  In  both  'I'.    Incob M
; i;i.', and ll IE   lying iboi i|y
.Ihitti r. fin  tli" pariii Ipa-ilon   11 »ut- 1
' -hi* wai Indicted fw nigh Ires  >n
Story of .i Present Connection
l*Ue -i'!'-  ■'! the -  i*n*»oHoa ol the
pre fieri l Royal family wltli Balmoral la
nnv."  wel   known, and does  noi  ro*
qu.' 1   1 ■■I'.ijiMi.uitii  ri  iin>   1 i>-i!i.
Qui^ii Vjetorki and tit   Pi luce l   nsorl
took a If kins to Scotland afti r ono
or two vUlta, and (h shlod lo eel ib-
lUh a pummcr resldtmec in that part
at Uie kingdom.   Thp cliolce [ell (or*
nii'.if. ly ,.1  Balmoral, part y on  tbe
augffestlcn of the fourth Barl ol Ab*
erdoi n (the Grand Ifythor of titv or*.-**;-
* uf viceroy of Irolaad), who rocotn*
nvon.da fi for Ita amonltlea ami sport*
ling facilities, and partly on tbe advice
of .S'r James Clark, tii»* Queen's physician, this advice being dictated by tha
'salubrity of tho climate,    Balmoral,
by  Ihe way. has ubimt the mosl In
cquully favored, A leaso nf Bnlmoial
('■i*il »* with taken In IKIT, and tli*
Queen, Prtnco Albert, end Ihe it.i .1
children pi*id their first vlaii on Sip
•oinber k. 1848, having sallod to Ab'<r*
d'rit und then up Deeatdo, there boh.*,
no nillwny communication with iho
(irnnlit* City nt thai dnto, Four yea*H
Inter Prlnoo Alhpit immin Balmoral
Cnstlo from the Karl of Fife (the D.iko
or Fife's grand unc'o) imd shortly ?if
torwards orectad tho present cnstl'*,
which wns completed in I8"i6.
Balmoral coatlo Ih an Imposing;
structuro In tho Scot Huh Ijaronlal sty!"
of architecture, deriving no little char:
abler from the light groy color of i\v<
native granite of whloh it in bul'.t.
Deaigned by an eminent Anerfleeh 'it-
i-hiterl. the late Mr. William Smith, It
conalata of iwo hloukH nonnoctod hy
wlitf*H, encloalttfi a umill (iiiadnuigle,
the prhii'ipl** oxtorlor feature being u
wiiuire t'vwci' at the eaat end. 115 feet
wide and no feel high, a clroniar turret with a ilan-po'■:* at one cornov rising 20 foot higher Conclal turret ».i
Mo-' other ooiiMrs add to the elfeotlve*
tic'tiR of tho lower while the lines of
the rest of iho building are artlsttcal-
'Plrut Aid to Injuird' Compntltlon
The auiioiiio'i'tni'iii \* madd thnt ihu
t'uniidlmi Pact I |e Itallwny lini idminod
a bin cuiiipollilou fur the moiuhciB o(
In ■■i',h-i Aid in the injiihil" olimsos,
Tho Cunudlun I'hcWIij litis gono Into
ih" in,mi -, vi i; thoroughiy mid li
now iin* iiiii'inoHi iiiltwny in A morion
i,i icaohlug iii* omplo*fooi "fiiwi aiii,"
111  llll' COmpOtltlun to In-  In lit 1|| u ft'W
weeks praotlunll) uvory mat) ou iho
( umpuny'a nu■.. lmidio^ a oorUfloato
will lio I'liii'iod. Tlio ooai|iotuloii will
I So llo' loim ol a h am DOQlOSl In
vhicli there will bu liva men lo thu
Mum. birai oi nil examinations will
i- held to ilotormUie tim otiaiuylona of
the llnoh Kail mul West of Fori W'll
limn ami Port Arthur, and lltnilly Lhoso
littor two mama will meet to dooldu
llo* Champloii team or the C.P.R,
vystom,  in each division ihu wlunliiB
train will n oolvo n altvor cup and
tnoiliils Hh'-n Ui the u» neim Bupvrlu-
(eudontn for tho wiiuioru of tlio lt,ast<
i*Vn ami Wettorn lines compoiUloii,
Thoro win in- Hiiti'idh glvon bj other
ottlcluli ul lho (J imi. nud Un- the
team winning thu ChiinvplonBhip oi
iho whole system Ibore "ill ho a beau*
umi ihieltl glvi n bj tho lion. \V. Ni-a-
bill Of Tnrouto.
Among iin' cltli s which Mil he rop
i ■ tited in ihls competition win bo
ii iin ix, Hi John, Montreal, Ottawa,
Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vaucouv-
(i .uui Vlotorla.
Spring   BtylSS.
Have j -mi  nn)    ancestors,    Mra.
Ri ll)    naked Mra, O'lrrien
Vtid phwuta hiu ostorsl"
v lij  people )ou ahprung from "
i,. ""ii lo mi.  Mi t  ii iii'ini," said
Mi ■   ■■ oily,  improssUoly    "Ul camo
from the rale gtoek ol Donahues thai
shpruug from uobodj    Tht j  shprlni
i,i ihiin "
a Rural- V«9»t ibli PHI Pin obi< i
lugittdieuts "i Parmolee \»gi»tab i
i''. i,, ■' maud ak ■ and damldfti i i I
nil mil put gatl ■ hm p' rfw I)
hn mloss u i    ri lion       Thi i
I     i ■ |l        Hid    llU   '■   :i    111081
lipulthl      sffeel       on tha Bt
■ ■I   . . ■■ d" ii ■'!■
ind ...   « ho ■ ■ i-'i Croiu   I ■ ■    tud
.. in     itii                nd ii' tb#sp pills
the mo       fii liclue In oon
centratcil    mi    a >-■' boon oftor-
ed to ii"' suffi ring
\\\ i Kewlj wad I proudly). ' cooked
ihu' dish ■ yi ptl
Mi Newlj a-i i aftei lasting), Vud
yo   .ti" roIiib lu cook the contouta
l.t'M    till
Mirarii'a linlma-nt ru-es e*rget in cow»
A Chater
'Bul   'oha, how did you ROt rid of
a,, the crodttort?"
i lit on*? ot your dgait."
Hall and  Half.
Customer,* "How muoh tor llmt
suit ot clothes, if 1 pay cash?"
Taiiyr.   "Forty dollars."
Customer.—"How ninrh on orodltl"
Tailor. - ICJghty dollars, half or tt
What did yon do With yonr straw
!hut—throw ti nwny?" "] huudud tt to
tbo hotel oheok boy, ami tbeu saved
the tip by not calling for II."
oftVi on   Humtred DoUan Rawacd
h    ui   Catarrh tioo umnui be
tij   Hall
i •>   vui.tnh  Curu.
iiii.NKV .t i'o. Tblado
vlgoratlng climate tn the British lah
i and  tho  whole of upper Deealde
r j  i'hi'..nky .t co.. roiadp. o.
\\f, tne utt'i.Tuiitni-'i ns*'« kiiowti c. J.
Chritev fui th. la»t 15 yeara, ami believe
tit in  ii.'i'f.-i'th   honorable In  all  euilncaa
tmneaciious. nnd nnancially able in ourry
out an*. obUKtUloni made i»j' hla firm.
WaldiiiL*.   K Inn an  &  Marvin,
Whole-tale Intisfflatu, Toledo, O.
h.iH'h Catarrh Cure i> lutcn Internally.
art in k directly upon the blood and muq-
ouh surfu.-f** uf lor »j-oi*ui    Teitimonjala
sent ir.-..    Price.   i5c.  per bottle,    Sul.l
uv  nl!   tinu-Kif'tN.
Take  huira  b'amlly   Pills for Constipation.
Patient.—"1 hoar they're saying thai
Joo08, ilio man you've been treating
for liver complaint, has dlad of heart
trouble?" i>r. lacidly)—"Wheu I treat
a man for llvor trouble, he dies of
llvev trouble."
j    Mrs,  II.  Y. OBBlnger, Tiverton, N.
IS., nays: "We havo uaml Unhy's Own
!Tablets since our little boy was throo
days old uud know of not hint- to equal
tbem.   He la now twolvo months old
land on joys perfect health. Haby tak«s
tho TablotH easily and we always keep
thom In tho hoiu-io."   Mra. Osslngcr'a
< experience ia that of thousands of
other mothers.   An occasional doso of
jthe Tablets will keep the well child
| In excellent health, or If tho baby
la til wllh any of thu many all-
moms that afflict llltlo ones, thoy will
, speedily restore him to health again
and make hltn thrive and grow fat,
rosy and airont*.   The Tablets are sold
; by medicine dealers or by mail at 35o,
ja box from The Dr, Williams Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Forty  "f tba monl iiupninr noiibi f»pr
MTlltfn.  '■lr:irl.v   ixliitctl  nnd  iM'iilly  li.Miiiil
in a book whli ii pretty colored Rover.
Words roinpteta, nml muite fur Imtii iinnd*.
Send in*' n -.v st p nml I win iii,ill you n
<<>*IV       I'o.lllvrly   the*   lilKurnt   It1«»l0   liar-   , lv   t'OllOVl d   h\   Window   pt'dinh'llts   mill
The change of dietary that comos
with spring and summer hns the effect,
in wenlt stomachs of setting un in-
Iflamination, resulting in dysentery and
cholera morbus. The abnirmul conui*
!tlon will continue If not avondeJ i.
innd win cause an exhaustive drain oa
jtbti system. The best available moil*
clue is Dr. .1.1). Kellogg's Dysent*ty
Cordial, lr Hears tiie stomach mid
{bowels of Irritants, countcract-i tiie
inflammation mid restores the organs
to healthy notion.
Cold wntor, a toaspoonful of nmmo*
nia and hohp will remove innchlno
srenso whore other means would not
answer on account ol colors running
Could'nt Walt
Tom.—Did hor last nuaband die.'
Jack.—No, he resigned.
■nln evfr •>tterct\.   A. H. .11 11%'. MlUlfl ll'
Depl ^,',N'IV
for men. Canadian-made. Guar*
aiiteed belt hat value in Canada,
ill sizes and shapes In soft and
stiff foltfl. -Ask your Dealer, or
write at once to
CHAS.   C.   PUNCHARD     &     CO.
Toronto, Ont.
Awarded first prize at World's Ex- :
position on lis work and methods.       i   <>•
Write for n free catalogue.   We also   can.
sivf? Instruction bv mail. [who
 j Hrijj
: mad'
projections nnd crow-stepped Rabies,
I with coiner turret!!. The chief on-
trance is on the smith side, and the
Royal apaitnmels face the west, und
I Micro Is ii handsome ballroom on a
JBllshtly lower level on thn north side,
j The internal decorations were orlg*
I Inally cf severely phi in character,
hangings of Royal Stuart tartans be*
!lii.g conspicuous. Tho -decorations
S wero entirely recast by Kdward VII.,
and some alterations in the interior
arrange-menta have lately betn carried
ioni by tbo Inatructlona of King Oeorge
■•"-"—■.. : ! Numerous memorials to various mem*
SCHOOL |nera "■ Queen Victoria's family have
heen er*cted 'a the grounds, In addition to statues of Her Majesty and
'? iPrlnce Abort and several eminences
n iin oclghbothood are crowned with
"I take a good aenl of pride In my
cousin Hector." said Mrs. Lupsllng.
'"lie paid his own way through tho
.medical college, gol his diploma, and
| now Is a full fledged disciple of Oa-
quickly slop* coutth.i* cures coldrit livtitx
tlm throat und lua&u      -      •      2Q t'eat.i.
A drugirist can obtain uu imltaiton
1 r MINARD'S UN'llttENT from a Tu-
[rollto bouse nt a very low price, and
nave it labeled his own product.
j   This greasy imitation ts the Doornst
one we have yet K-jen of tho many
hat every Tom, Dick ami Harry has
tried to introduce-
i   Ask for MINARD'S and you will get
Coronition Stone Sold to be the One
On Which Joseph nested His Head
Tho belief ot an tvnttnunvy, quoted
by Arehdoneoii WUherforce, that tho
Coroiuilloii Mi ono wax the rock struck
by Mc-sm and thai form Ji flowed the
waler for the thirsty lsrtiliics, miidit
vtsltoiH to WeHtnitiiHior Abbey more
than usually koott to fee the coronation chair and the famous relic which
il Incloses.
The Arcbdoacoii prwichlng In tbe
Abbey, staled that a well known nn-
tlqtHUry, who had made a special study
of the history eotii.neol.ed wllh tho
stotto, won convinced thnt It wns the
stone on which .Jacob rented his head
when ho had the vision of angels at
Bethel, and that from that iiIkIii it was
Considered sacred, and can led from
place to place, Me believed It. was
this stone that Muses struck, nnd that
it was carried by the Israelites during
their forty years of wandering. He
showed mo a hlg cleft lit the back
from, which he believed ihe watfi/v
gualied out." The antiquary traced the
stone from Solomon's temple to Spain.
then co to Ireland, thence to Scotland,
then to Westminster.
Only the front and sides of Iho rtone
could bo seen by visitors to the Abbey, for the top is hidden by the seat
of ibe coronation chair for un inspection of the back. To appearance, It
is a piece of pearllsh-gray rock, about
two foot long, sixteen inches wide and
10 Inches (Wop. At each end Is a
much rusted, deep sunken Iron staple.
Whatever IU early hls-tory, there ia
little doubt that kings of Scotland were
crowned on it at Sccaw, end lh*r«* is
uo doubt that Edward I. brought lt to
\Vestnittuster. and that on it ull the
sovereigns of England have been
crowned from the time of Edward II.
"It's tho first thousand dollnrs
that's liai d to get," explained the eminent millionaire. "I Itnow that," responded tlio mero man. "I've boon
trying to accumulate ii for the past
forty years."
- _ _ . i.n im oeigiiDoinoaa are crowueu wnn
y&& cairns, the principle being In mem*
'7       jory of tho Prince Consort.
Quqeq Victoi-ji added to Estate
a the Prince's death, ilalmoral be-
e the property nf Qiw-en Victoria,
i, In lu.n. beqtioathed it to the
•*g sovereign. Her Majesty
a gre&l addition to the estate,
Relief for Suffering Everywhere. —
He whose life is made miserable by
t'.te the suffering thut comes from indigestion and has not tried Pnrme-
he's Vegetable PHIs does uot know
Low easily this formidable foo can be
dealt With. Those pills will relieve
vhore others fall. They nro tho re-
sult of long and patient study and are
confidently pui forward or u sure corrector of disorders of the digestive
organs, from which :;» mnny suffer.
A Thoutjnt
T believe that the popular idea for
happiness Is to bo able to live in
luxury. 1 have never tried it. but I
feel somehow that It would be irksome. Thero must be more zest In
living the closer one geta to the rudiments of life. Money und society Hnd
.colleges, and even travel, have little
j to teach in comparison with life. Ue
i careful, then, how yotl say of a friend
.who has known the storm and stress
I of poverty. "It Is a pity,"—From
J "Tales of a Plain Country Woman."
"I thought I told you to present the
bill to number twelve."
"Yea, clr, I have."
"Impossible! I can still bear him
A Ready Weapon Against Pain—
There Is nothing equal to Ur. Thomas
E dec trie Oil when well rubbed In-
Jt. penetrates tho tissues nml pain
disappears before It. There is no
known preparation that will reach the
pot quicker than this magic Oil- In
con.sequence It ranks first among lini-
Intents'now offered to tho public ami
|ls accorded lirst place among nil lis
t.i.iONSo'f jits amenities, by purchasing the Hal
Mn.  VVtJtSLOW'S BUOTflff*!
Hied for over SIXTY vi:ak.-
mothrkh tor  their ciiii.uuKN   .viui,B  loctibute   Foreat,  which  embraces
^V,1'/'.'-''1; wr;\,,'ukl\>'->^{\i^l-v<   '''■■■■ -■•■■■ b« lv,n n« extensive wood-
SM(I I 111:'i til.' (. IIII.l'.   MO' I !.:..■> Hit' '-l .M>.     .        . ...       ,  .     .        . , .     . ,
AUtAVaniiPAlNtCCKUswiNucouc Ptia  lands.    Ballochbule  la  said  to  have
is tltelieat remeily fcr UlARklimA.   It iRtiti-  Con3C  brio  the  possession of the Far-
!&?E!^%,wt&'u»&'"& nual;* "    I" «<*■»«   tor   totom
kiwi,   rweaty.fiveceaum bottle. plaid; and to an Inaorlptjon on a cairn
_^_M_____B„_  .. _ . , ,....   marking   tbi   Quettrs  purchase  was
added:  "Tin   Bonnleat Plaid in Scot-
Irremedlable Mistakea. '■ ::.i      H i t(a]est] also bought Blrk*
Try not to mala- mistakes which do ba I an ci ate sdjotnlng Balmoral,
not admit of rectify lug A stors la and leaci l \lMrbeldle; and altogether
told about Dean Swift and liU cook the Royal Estate ou Drrelde extends
when the Dean "had reason to complain '<> 10,000 ai s, stretching alonp the
that the joint was ovor done. "Take It south h-.nk of the Di i fcr six miles
down and do it less." Swl mid "Voni and including Uwknagar rbey are
Reverence, tbat Is Impossible." replied highly plcturea&iue in mnny places, a
the cock. "Well.'* answered her mas* seen spol much frequented by visi*
ter, "let ibis be q lessi n to rou, that, to:* being the Pa U of lho Oarrp.wall
If you mtiai commit mistakes, iinn'r jn ; Hal loch but*, white the btrch
make them Impossible to correct."       ■■,.-   which  are  abundant,   '• nd  a
  giaceful ch rm lo the wliolo region
"Charley, dear," eald young Mr.-. Vhi peWle Caatlo, two mi: down
Torklns, "whal Is n Jackpot?" '"Why— it'. Dei from Balmoral I e nualnl o.d
er a Jackpot Im a general contribution adiflce, conat*tlng mnlnlj of fl wua/fl
for purposes ot cltarltablo donation." tower with it-i atnill windows and slop
"oti, do you know, i iboughi ii had \xt$ rocf surmounted by p belfry, li
something to do with the wlokedness Is on? u thn old< t bul Wings on 1»"'-
0r politics." |slu>, and the estate has boon in the
  ipntseasion of a branch of tho Great
_„        .       ~, ., "I   m iii i« ,\,  Oowlon family ccmilnuously for ovw
When n lamp wok g-jis tig    In lho f     ,(I:!lM,, Ti,o ,,„. sovereign and
turner mid It hard to move, di,iw_ out j,|l(   )(1(,.H, lronarrll 1((<ll occupied It
when each wan prince of Wales, lilt Jc
ball Is situated in Olen Mulck, amid
|extensive WOOds If Ih a plain unpre
iinilous dwelling house dating frcm
171.'), a modern iiddltloii hitvliiK been
made n fow years »ko, The house
awl esiiil.* were bought In 181 ft for Ilio
Prince of Wales (Kdward VIIi and
Bold by him lo hla mother in 1885,
l!l:t [VtaJOBly, UlOUgll lie is not likely
Try to be Agreeable
people find it easier io do gen-
, draw out
one or two threads of the wlck frum
one end This will remedy the tight*
I 'wl
Fef Kai Weak, Weary, WsUry Eyee aad
r«.iMi M MnlM tf iMWr. U«I4.2St, Ste, tMS
Morlaa Eye SiJvt, UAiSSWTNMfc WtllM    to  make  tbe  pro.mii'ed  coJolO'llH  -it   It
cyi uooks amd advicb rn»K by MAtt   !''■.'  hlfl grandmother did, Ih undor*
MuriiwKystRwnstdyCo^ChlOfp stood to ho very fond of Balmoral, and
 „  It In expected that  he will ci-rtulnly
— "" vlrili li oftene-r than I1I3 father and ie*
W.N U.   No. 8/0 main longcr-
erous and charitable acts ocoaBsIonnlly
than to do llttlo courteous acts continually, Iu the Hist case ihe oxhtl-
aratlon that comes front dolus noble
thinga overlays for the moment the
love of ease, while to be always gracious demands constant self-restraint.
One of the exacting tents of good
breeding la a perfect equanimity when
our doarenl convictions ure assailed.
The superficial person who is willing
Ito accept the troth and light coin
nf social Intercourse for conversation
has no temptation to disagree, for
ihe does noi roe! many questions vl-
tolly, nnd passes over uny statement
with perfect grace; hut It Is more dlf-
flcult for one nl niroiig opinions, who
bus conscientiously studied a subject,
I to have lor ground contested, It hi
Hon nho musI bo thankful if alio has
formod the undovlatlng habit of un*
rufflod composure In argument,
with the acquaintance whom we
meal occasionally w« ividom have
need to oxen l 0 ri strulnt In ni-gu-
ment. and conventional society Uvea
(certain Hindu 10 repartee, but barriers
bntwecn InttmoloB ure loo noon broken
uv.ny, and we come lo a piano that
has mnny pitfalls. The dnnger Is not
in relapsing Into ahsoluto rudeness,
imi of appronchlna the friend's pro-
IrogaMvo—so eonslderdd — of plain
speech, which CXOOlds tllfl border llllllll of courtesy.
j That oil of civility and ftuebenrnnce
which keepn the wheels of society In
good working order needs to lie gen-
|eroiuiy applied botwoon friends,, nnd
above all, between nirmbera of ono
1 family. Wo should lenrn lo respect
each other's IndlvldunlltliH nnd nnt
handle tbem roughly, Dr, John son
Bomellmes sit Id to friends who dls*
agreed with him, "You llo, air!" und
Oarlyle wnn intolerant to such nn extent thai he repelled many who would
have bred him for his genius.
For Diseases
of the Skin
THERE    13  NO    TREATMENT    80
Dr. Chase's
' Tlio one common feature, of nearly
oJUsldn tlUeasea i» Itching, ftntioyfiin
and cillentimiis almost unendurablo
I 'I'lio Btroug point about Dr. (Ilinse's
Olnlnlenl i* Unit liy roanon ol Its re-
tnarkablo Boothing .jnuUtU.a, it rolioveB
itolllng from lho moniont It Ih ui,iiii,'il.
Itut Dr. t'liuso'K ointment iloee more
than iihk. ii is conipoBecl of tlio great-
cat healing lugroillunlii liiiuwn lo
Bclonco, and Its hciilliig powers nro
often described na maglrai
| Atluylng Hm liiiliiniiiiiiil.nl, relieving
'tlio Itching and gmduuily and natural*
ly honling Ihe raw, naming lloah, Dr.
[ChnBe'B Olnlinonl Im tlio moat elloollvo
treatment for ocTionin ami salt rhoilil)
mat was over discovered.
Thero nro ninny binds of ocv.omii,
uud nearly all llolilng shin dloaacH
como undor tills houd< In childron It
la known aa teething cozenm, and
many a fond mollier will toll you
with heartfelt gratitude of how her
little one w.iii rescued from torturing,
Itching cc/oma by tho use of this
grout ointment,
Wherever there Is Itching skin or a
nore that refuses, to heal Dr. Chase's
Olnl ment will positively prove effective ns a relief and cure.
Dr. Chase's Onlment hns nn unparalleled record of cures! 00c u box, al
ull doulcrs, or Edmanson, Bates ft
Co., Toronto.
Not the Same
A child of strict parents, whoso
greatest Joy had hitherto been Ilie
weekly prayer-meeting, was taken hy
llo nurBe to the circus for tho first
timo. When he camo home, he exclaimed:
"Oh, luamnia. If you once went to
tho circus you'd never, nover go to
prayer-meeting again In all your life."
"Vou still assert that competition
IB tlio life of trade?" "Oh, yos," replied Sir. Dustln Btax. "But we don't
caro to cordpeto fo> a chance to sell
our goods. What we want is to find
people with theli- money out competing for tlio privilege ot buying thom."
Ilanl nud soft corns both yield lo
Holioway's Com Curo wlileli la entirely aafe to use, and certain and Bat*
lafactory in its uctlon.
Knlcker—"Thought your ooy's college oxj.onses wero over?" Booker.—
"No, lie wants money now to contribute as an alumnus."
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Seme,in,' hus heen sitting up nights
trying to figure nut out whether a man
should save Ills wife or his mother
first In cuse they nre drowning. Tlic
man should consider nothing Iml age,
und save whichever one happens to
bo the older .
Do Not Use It
Do not use what? Why, the peppor
box or satire in writing to u friend nf
a fault, or concerning an offence which
lie may lime given ut all. When suspicions arise, write or Bpoak concerning them kindly, bo that you may not
only right tlio wrong, but also win and
comfort the ono who may havo made
u mistake, nr who may be as innocent
its nn angel.
In the Jul ter case, If the poison to
whom you wrllo or spenk In criticism
is really Innocent, (is those whom wo
accuse often nro, then lt Would bo
doubly sad und hurtful In use the pepper box. Rather let the ointment of
pity, tlio "balm ot ailcud", no freely
used Instead of pepper, and then the
hurt of many hearts will be healed,
Tlio true philosophy ot llfo Ib to bo
and net kind to nil, even though they
may have harmed you. Popper Is
good to season food, but It Is very
painful to tho heart, especially when
tt Is wounded or broken.
The Value of a Pawn
A long lime nun, In luOC, when
Quuen MUalictli was playing chess,
the French aniliassatloi eniered her
room, and white watching the progross
of Ihe game, he aaid to iier, "Madam,
.vou have before you the game of life.
You lose :i pawn; it seems u small
mutter: hut Willi Ilio pawn you lose
the game,"
The IJueen undo: aloud Ills meaning
and saw the moral—that her 11100811
in life ns u queen depended upon
prompt and rlidit action in Utile
things; that a pawn tn the game of
life must not he lost; that Us value in
tire problem of life Is tnculcnnblc. Tlic
lesson taught to tiie queen Is a good
losson for all young readers. Small
mistakes in life are often serious In
result. If you would win the game of
life, you must move your pawns wllh
camion and skill. Small leaking* will
sink  >i ship.    Little foxes  spell the
vinos, A single word Is not muoh;
bill II may separate fust friends. Thu
cost of nne cigar Is a smnll mutter;
hut It often creates au appetite that
destroys a fortune. One glass of nr-
dent spirits Is a llttlo thing, but when
II Is drunk, tho pawn may be lost that
loses the game of life.
A step may bo a, short one, and, In
Itself, hut of Utile account; but. If It.
is taken In the wrong direction it will
affect your deal Iny. uud turn you away
from tho pathway of success uud
"I envy the mnn who believes that
superstition about Friday," said Mr.
"I consider It depressing."
"Not bi nil. A man ought to be
mighty comfortable who can feel suro
there's only one unlucky day tn the
Wise Men and Women Know
that most of the sicknesses of life come from inactive bowels and
from unhealthy condition of the organs of digestion. If your
digestive system Is not working right, your food does not nourish
you—poor lilood nnd weakness follow; If your bowels are inactive
:—wnste matter poisons the whole system and serious sickness is
■ure to follow.   To take promptly
la to save yourself trouble and expense. Gentle, but quick", safe,
but thorough, they enable the bowels to carry .away waste matter
naturally and tone up the whole digestive system. They will
not Injure the most delicate. They help you to get yo.ir bowels
and your digestive organs in that condition when they con
take flood care of themselves and of you.   Beecluua'i  Pilli
Do Good Naturally
F.rftmila,Bmh.m'iPllliar.»Kl.Himilldh. &• liunoclswvjl.Mrlifa».
PrtBirri onlr by Thorn, tmesm, St. Heknu, Lnoubira, Et|l«d-
Sold eftrrwbm le Cud. mi U. S. Angle le eene II eewe.
The Rayo Lamp is die best and most serviceable lamp you can und
(or any part of your home.
It is in use in million, cf families. Its strong while light hn made
it famous.   And il never flickers.
la the dialog-room or the parlor the Rayo give. Just the light that it esest effective. It It a becoming lamp—ia ittell snd lo you. J ml ihe limp, loo, ler bedroom
or library, where a clear, tie.dy light i, Deeded.
The Rayo it nude of,olid brat,, nickel-plated s ebo ia aamerout other rtylet ead
nniikei, Easily lighted without removing di.de or chimney; etiy lo clean aadrewick.
The Imperial Oil Ceapujr, limited
The beat knowu sntl moat mll.tite Stock Food on the market.
Fanner,, Stockmen nnd Breeder, all aee Used pnlM
It because It givee animal, new alrenglli anil endurance—
purlBea the blood-Improve, llielc nnpearancc-nad at too
■erne lime, save, core aud oats, and only cotta yon
Por ea*e by Dealers everywhere, and tile price will be
refunded If tt don't Bare you money.
Write for copy of our "M.OOO Block Book"—the moit
helpful Book ever vubtlahed (or ihe Former aud gtockmaa,
Sent free.
Mra It mates* Ml
Salter sow
!»Al.enviu.K. QOS.
J,-a, TorMfeOst
iimwunMU stock rem co., uurm,
•ucUnt tot mj Un* ana
ntti,, eosi*. ll ,n>
Ev.n ma whf ..tkAcUnn,
IM f would i, a. b« ■,, uu,,,,.
It, UtMis,mrttSnt
«upw I. llm.Vfl 1 .bMI
,-ml.fii,tl>,r new.
flfplMV l,v,«SS*t,
P,L,8, & O.K,
bivi'i'Ulsr,  buliutloi', ou',
Bivi'i'lsiUra luicl Sollultui'Si
Coal!   Coal!
Ormtbruuk   Lodge No  K    iir.il AM,
lt,-i;ulur iiiri,lllli> on
vyMA lllu   Lhll'll    I'lini-tilll,!
*™    ol oven illulllll,
VUilillu   iMnllliell
U. J. MoSWUYN, W. M.
.1, H. I'Ut'U, Boo
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
i ii iIn s taken fui Ctml
.nnl delivered |">romptl>
Phone 139   P.O. Box86
^W.Vrt. ...■,„,„.„„„„..,„.,„.„V..i¥<^
RooK')1 Mountain Chapter
No.   lid,   ll. A. M.
tl,-...,,,,.- meetings! itn.l Tuea
day In mi,'li iiioiiili ut oiyt.i
Sojournine, • uut|intiluns are
enrillitlly Invite,i
J\V   V. Attildito. Hoi Ilio 10.
Kuiioiul I'li'tfuiiir,
ruin,ic   NOTIOH
.   To ull holders   al Innd within lho
limits ot  Lota    I  uud   -'.'   Hi,ui),    I,
Kootenay Diatrlot mul lu all holders
of wmei Records „n Jououu'n I'rnlrlo
Application ol ValoiHliio ii''1
Hater loi Hu, apporttonmoul ol lunt
uf U.   !<UU luetloe ol iviitii  lloui tiiild
orooi recorded lo fevoi ,,i John 1'
(Itltiaitl, >,n IS,' aOtd ,luy of Mny,
1171!, for tha piirpovu ul iiiiitntiiifi
tke nctrliitii'l.v Uv„ oiti'h ,,i lll,,cli If,
ia ths ToWBHile ,,l Ol'illllH'iloll ftOUOl
diau to t ii.ni> oi iilnn Med 111 tho
l.eiiil HsiiiHtry lllllee ul Nelson, 11,U.,
oe li.'ii'. uud uu Application Inr the
Apportionment ol pari ol thu llllll
laches of iTtit.iu hum mud Ovoolt I'O
rorried in luvor of Jiuui'ii llilkei ou
ths 1st (lay of Marrh, 188.0, for the
luiriioss ol iri'iyiilliu: lln- Houtlieiiy
lea a i'i,,,, of mod III; mul for por
miMsioe (,, oIlKtlgfl Hie paint of dlvor
elou anil His QQlirao ol tlm ditch lor
the ilivM'uioii of pari ol laid water,
will lit Ueard Iml,,iu me ill my olllou
oa the mth ,l«i uf ii'i'luunry, 1*1!!,
at. aIsvku ,,'elouk lu tlio forenoon,
local timo, under tlm authority of
sa>' Water Act.
Oblnllons should be Iliad Willi lilu
ua or holore the Mil dny of I'VMu
sir,   ISM.
Uat.a at I'ruuliriiok, Hi,, lard day
ef Dieimbir,   llll,
A. ('. NHUBON,
Aetiai Wotiu OommlMluuoi Oni
hrook Wat.ui  Dlitrlct
iruuT rthhw* \bbhb8mwnt     -j-i-i-i (--i-j-i-i-i-i-t->--i-i-i-i--j-i-i-»-i- -t-t-t-t■i--r.|--|.-i.-M--i--i--i-.r-i--i-'i--i"|..|-+'i"i"i"i"i"i"H'i"H'i''i'+'i'-i-++-H-++
111,1,1       ^
llllll   I
NOTIOB m luiri'liy iilvon llmt ull
luxes |„i' lie, yi'iii I'M:.1 I,,i propel"
ties situate mil"' l"ort Btooio Assess
iiii-ul District ni'' nasi dm- ami pnya-
1,1,'   nl   my   .,111,',,   in   lllu     linM'lllui,'
Building, cay ol Oi'nnbi'aolt,
And tmtin-,- mi,,' uutloo umi i
outioii ,,f tills notice is doemod to bo
l„,lliyitlelll    l,<   u   I'Ui',,,,i,„l   demuuil   l,v
tllfl  OollOOtol'  of  ull   luxe,,  due     uuil
payablo.by persons liutilu to pay hi.
i lutniii.
N     \.   yVAI.I.INHKIt,
Acting Oollootor,
|,',,11 Btooio AuHoasiuout District
Unti'il ul  t'l'iinliiiiuBi  H   i'    ''Hi iluy
of .Iniiiiiiij. HUS Mt
NOTIOH n|i'    lilHStil.liTltiN  tilf
tlio partnership horotalol'O uiil,ststla|
hetwoon na, tiie undersigned, us thn
"AglloWrMoOuill Hardware nud Trading, Oompnny", In tho 'i'owa of
ifllitu, Iiuh 11,Ih day dioiolved by uui'
tllul I'oiiHCUt.      All  dubtu offlllll     to
.'in,! partnership aro to be t>ut,i to
Joseph m. Agiow nt Blko alow said,
lllld nil elnlms mtuilist tbu sulil part*
iionttilp ure to lm presented lu Hit
OAld   JOIOpb M,   Allium,  by  whom tllr
suuui win bo settled,
Dated ut. Blko, H. 0, Hits   Hnd day
nl .lummy   A   D   11111,
,1. ,\l   AUNUW
10.  llullAlN
Witness I'   0, l.i'adly. i It
Water Freezes and  Bursts Pipes       f
the best thing tn dn then ia tu I
im tin
I.O.O.F., KKV i'ITV  l.lllllSK, No   ii ,
Frank Dezall
Itiilihtr Tlree Applied
To lluny  Wheele
Meets every Monday
nlitlil nt New Pre I
tornlty    Hull      So-1
U>Mm* °'"""""W '""">' "IVI""1' , AOBNTB   rOH~i*7Al..AN OVOI.II
H, J. Roiidnll. IV   M   Harris]     AND MUTOH OO'S BKYHI.IilH
N    ll Beo'y. ,   —*>—       .
repairing a Specialty,
Henna   10      ...       »   D.   Hot   III.
Knights of  Pythias
Crsnbriios. lie
Crescent   Lodge,   No,   ,u
Wit Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Meets   every    luesdo, JOSepIl  H. Mc'Leail
"«   »  P-i'i'  at DIMI.DH  IN
I' intiuuity Hall
t'. 1'orter C, (!. I'll' ICI lids Of SoCOtld-Hand (iooils
J,  M, lluyce,
K. ol it. A  3.
VlHitlutj   brethrtiu cor- —°—
dlally   invited   te at-|        BUYER   OF   FURS
Furniture a SPECIALTY
NOTIOH is lini'tby ||V0H Hint llilr
j ty days after ditto, I liitoml to niiply
; to   Idliel   I'nlllUllssloni'l'   ol   luilkds   (l)l'
a lii'emiii tn pioHpei't. for QOfll     uad
petroleum no the fallowing laadi
Hvtiietti. iu tin, iiistnet oi Boutb Baal
Kbotefto*, Hiit.uh t'oluiiibin lloui
meseioK at a post plnaloil 11,811
ehalas tail ,,t tht N W. otiriier nf lot
Il'l", (Iihiii, I, tbonon uuil! 40,111
uSaim.   iiiiiio   or   liuw,   to thu iveut
[boundary ,,t lot TB07, ironp i, tbon
u« ii«i , tt 00,70 .'tini.... more or less.
lo B.hl. Comer of lot 7800, group I,
tfcaara west 40.BI ohnillH iiuiri) or
less to ii point dim not tli ,,l Ilu-
lolut of i-oliiiiuiBC'ineut; tlii'liei' solitb
1I.7U t'lialtis, moru or Ichh, to tbe
polal of tumtiiuiiiceiiiwui, coitttiinlai,
,111 ,111'i.s, more or loll,
Located thu  r,ia day ot Docombor,
I'ui   W.  II   Moss, Afflllt,
H,  S.  Mill lis. 51-,'it
District ,,i Houtiieniii Kootenay
Tnlio notice Hint Wllltuiii llniiiHoii
ol t'riiBtirnoU, ocoitpatlon rnllwiiyiiian
latends to apply tor iiiuiiilssion to
pnriihas,. Hu< liillowtau dlioiihotl
Inadn :—
I'oiiinu'iirltii,' nt n po.it iilant.tiil al
the North Went coiner of l.ol A744
,,ii ICnut nidi, qI niilii ul wny, thonoo
west .In ehnlnii more or Iiimh to Tlm
lioi License 11181, tbiuice .South to
Lot 10098; UieilOO oast to l'l ill I ol
way; thonoo tollowiac, rlKbl >•> way
I,, point ot i-omituiucnincal.
Nniiie  ,,l   A|i|dii'uot
iiatnd   nail Dooetnbor,   mil.    l-tt
Sage's Ohl  Stand, Hanson Av<"
Court Cranbrook No. 1048,
Meet in Oarmoa's Hall, on   2nd nnd	
tth Thursday of each month, #e>e>e)e>e>**e)e)e>e>e>*e>e)e)*e>*e>e)
W, HBNDBnBON, O. 11. « «,
A. CLAKK.Jr .  See.      1'.  n.   Dos 248   ♦     A,     WAIjIjXaR.     X
mnn 1 T T
Vtslttne Brothera Cordially Welcomed
M.MV.    VI
firaduate of Uutarlo Veterlnarr
eollege, Toronto in lull. Oral-
ate aad nitdallst of McKllilp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
ta 1100. Registered member ol
Biltleh Columbia aeeoclatlua.
Sten in Boiler,   Furnace,
nnd SeptlO'Tftilll woi'li
u speolally
(Joal und sioolt estiuiatei
funii«,lied uu application.
Adilr.,1 ; P. 0. Bo. MS. Crsubruok
Mining ISngtneer mul
B.C. Laud Surveyor,
P.O   Bolt 1188, I'boiio 113,
Physicians und Surgeons
Utlse at Reeldence,   Armetroag Ave.
Foreuoons - - - -  9.01) to 10.01
Afloruoons . - - - 1.00 to   4.01
Bveulnge  - - - -   7.10 te  I.M
Bundaye 1.10 ta  4.11
1RANBROOK :     ! 1. O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Av.nue Nest tu City Hall
Open Day and Nl|[lit Phon. »)
'or   Bale or Rest ot Reaeoaahle
Liiinsden untl  Lewis St.
Phone No. 111.
7 Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally located
Three minutes from Government
Tonus  In   suit,   buyer,   no
roHsonable offer refused
For further particulars up-
' ply at the
Prospector Office
Century Restaurant
K. Y. Uyemateu, Prop.
0|i|>oslte O. P. R. Depot.
Phone  119   P. O. llo,   104
Tlit llritiHl, Oolumbla Boutheii
Railway Company |lva notice that on
the Tth of February, 101°, tt. la
lauds to apply to   tin. Water Ooui
nustlollei at hie itlllni tn (.!l'alllil'o,,lt,
for a license to takr unit use 1(
| cubic fmit of wat.r per kiu'iuuI from
I Little Sand Oreek iu Oranbrook Wat
er Dletrlet, Th. water Ib to be tak
jen from ih. stream about >*ot! let
northeast of the northoal corner of
Lot !IS40, to lie used on 20 aorou of
Lot tr,uii, helm; n atrip oi Innd 10
ehalns e/ido from north to south nd-
JoinlnB Lot 3548, Oroup 1. to th.
north, for domestla purposes,
Dated   t.tu  .Inuuary,   101°
Per W. P. Ourd. Oranbrook, B.O,
I 51
Wt. William   Whjte, sail Frederick
Tlioiuae Orlfflo, of Wiunlpei, Manito
I ba.    Hallway   officials,    cive aotlee
that   ,ii tho    7th   day of February,
; I'M-', we intend to apply to tht Wai.
or t'oinniisaioaor ot bis ,,ftne la I'rau
' brook, for a license to take unit use
1| ruble feet   of    water   per secoad
from Little Band Creek iu Cranbrook
Water District.     The water is to be
taken from the    stream about   1100
i feet northeast of tht northeast cora-
| er of Lot   3543, to he used on Lot
8548, for irrl|iatloo purposes
Dateil   nth January.   1918.
Per W. K. Ourd, Oraabrook, B.C.
WATBR    No'llt'K
Wilmer, lit'., Oct.   :l,    Ull.
'i',, Qeoi'se Hurt, Spokane, Weill,
TAKB NOTIOH thnl 1, Allison S.
Palmer, Freo miiioh Llcemc No, fi,
(1641, actlti" inyHoll anil un aBOnt for
•laiittt l.analiee, Free Mlaei-'u Llooneo
No. II 08050; O, I). FiUuiiiiiuoiiH,
Free Mlaer's LloeaBo No. II 1110 aut-
ln| under seetlon 34 of the net ro-
liitlaa: to itnlil anil other minerals
hereby give miticii to tile ualil Oeorge
Hurt nf Bpokitnii, WhhIi., hs etoreiaid
thut If be, the KHbl OeOl'gO Hurt,
foils to contribute tbe Htm ol one
liuailred and two dollars and llfty
rents his proportion of expenditure
ot the um,! mine ns required by seetlon 84 of the Hrt lelntini; to gold
aad other iiiini'inlu together with bhe
costs nl edvertieing before the expiration of ninety ilnyu thut ho ahull
forfeit, his claim tu the said mineral
claim under Beotlon 2f, D of the «old
aud other minerals net.
This notice will appear in tlic Col
iittiljif.li    newnpaper [or the purioil ,,l
ninety iloyu nu required liy law.
(Transferred from Wllinnr Colltmblao)
t    Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water F.xperts
t Prompl Attention Given
j Only First-Class Union Men Employed
I Skates    Ground    and    Repaiied
Plumbing Tinsmithing <fe Heating Co.|
Phone 340 W. F. JOHNSON & SON,   Props V  O   Mux 904?
f I
A litMiuiiiii] llarsi'st
"Am k man     BQWOtli,  mi hIiiiII      ln>   ■*
l'CU|l,"    llllll      yillltll    Ih       llll'      IIIIH-      111    -.f
wliii*li to llo III" HUWlllU il Hi" hi,ui ■
Ary Ih not to |io iinijity wln'ii olll lt(|a   [J
QVOHftkOI   lilm,   HM   It    Will    ll    111-   llVi'rl    'h
long I'liniinh 'I'lic ihaKIiih >'i manoy
nml tti<< Having oi tuunoyi >\» illntliv
It u I ill od    Ir  iin' mlnorly lovo    '»i
nioiiny, nlnnilil |n< iin* nmtiitloii nl
.'Yrryonr, bill H lloOB nul ui'n'rinHnly
follow tlml if you UlftKa 111111.17 yon
will hftVfl it in yonr ohl m>v, hh ninny
11 oni* timo nillilonnlro hnu tlleil in
tlio poor hoimo. 11 nt if you inkt* mi
vantaso of tlio Oitniullan Oovoriiinoi,,!  £
Aniiiiitii'H syriMnn, nilil out of yum w|
WftROH) Hiilnry or In como pny ilie'E
iimr   """'' *■   ' '    ■"' ''
A. C. Bowness
Wint' ninl  Spirit  Merchant
Mat ul ■     er "' ni  •
Agent inr
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
»""1 «'*-'i'i i""" »mi» wiik I   Melcher's   Reel   Cross   Gin    and
ititli or yonr,  or nn ottlorwlHO ur    ft n     ^   „     ^.,0   .    «
rnnuotl, provision for old tiffo may -J*
in* mado with altRolnto cortnlnty ami «
nt muoh l08fl cost tlini) on nny otlioi'Nl
•>iifti iilnn. Vou may lone ovorything Im
ftlfto you own hut  tlio Annuity cannot    *'
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
taken    from ynu by
Illl|i(il'lt)l' ul' till li
-, ul'  Kut'i'ii;!)  uui]    lliiliinsli
itml Spll'lls]
process ,,f law, no matter how long H
yuu ...ny live.   Ask your pofltmnHtor|j|j
rj   liakur si.
Cranhrook, It. C.
Inr lltornttiro nu tin, subject, ,,t write
nf" Aimuii',','!"' tlttnwa, To' wl!on|l"1nll   »b"*IW»l-|si|i'l«l"lalii|nl«l«l«l"l"l«l*l«:ia,!M»llU'««llll«l«"UII"llll»JlUltl"li
iflttot'H   mny in*   ndtlroHftoil froo.    ol
1 KOR BALE -MUBt ho hoM at R<*nn-
tno hHrtriun:.. two Morris u,>-to-ilate,
U|>nt*lit   plano'B,    I'art   t'loih,   tmlHiin*
: enn he nrriiiiiKPil.    TIh-kp nv« Al  In-
1 strumentB.
Crnnhronk   Steftin    rieanlm;   Works
Office, 6-tf
We.   William  Whyte.  iBd  Fi-Aderlck
ThoniAi tlrlilin, of WiiioinrR, Manitoba.   Railway    Officials.    giv«    aotlcf
tlini  or the   7th    day of February,
1912, wi intearl to »nvly to the Water CniumiMioiior at his otlici in Gran
hrook. for « lloenne to take ami List
11 cubic [cat   of   water   per second
from Little Haatl Creek ia Oranbroolt
Water Dlotriftt.     Tht water in to ha
taken  from  the    stream about.    U0U
feet ii'irthea.it of the nortkOABt cora
er of  Lot   8648,  to he Med on  Lot
M;t, for domestic purposes.
iiataii  sth January,   1912,
Per w K third, Oranbraok, H.r.
I st
"Tin* Ibirni'i" Ih q at I'O UK ofToi'lng T
—Dny of Nortlilnnd und alipoftle   tn {
InfRo audlonco at   Bpohnne, "  "The
alnromont of Maskan life Ih oarofnl
ly  proBorvod 111 "Tho Barrtor",   Hu1
dramatisation of Hex Boach'B novel
a bis audlonoo wltnoBsod the prod notion  liiHt ovonlnRj nml    with Ulioral
applaltBO tOHtiflod it -1 approntatlon «if
tho oxcollont work nf ilu- oast   ninl
tin*    101 mi ni hh-    stnir*'     settlnga."
Bpokes Rovlow.
HOTEL Cranbrook,
Is a large .mm) tltrat live hutrl of luporioi
elegance in all its appointments, with a
cuisine <>t superior* excellence. Railwt)'
iiicn. Luuibennen and Mineis  all  ^o to
Notice of Ootirt of Revision
1    PUBLIC    NoTK'K      IM    HKRKRY
OIVBN that the Court of Revision
: will Hit on Monday March 4th. VM'i
I nt. the hour of 10:U<i a. m. (local
! time) at the Municipal RulMlni-s,
I Cranhrook. li. 0, for tllfl purpose ol
, correct Inn nnd rovtslng tho   Ashcbb-
nifiil Roll of the City of Crnnhrook.
; Any petrion c,>iiiplnininn of 11 u error
1 or omlBSlon in    tin1 Raid    Roll    shall
glvo notice of biH complaint In wfit
i Inj* to tlm AflflflBor, und the grounds
! ot biH complulnt    nt leant ten   f 10)
days before   the Hitting of the   said
The Rntiieh Columbia Railway
Company. |lv« aotlct that on the
Tth of February, I9U, tt Inteada to
apply io the Watt-r OommlBBloner a1
hm nfflce ia Craabrook, for « license
lu take aad use li cubic teet of wat
er per second irom Little Hand Creek
ia Craahrook Watei District The
water is to be taken from the Btream
about lion feet northern!* of Us
■ortheast coraer of Lot 3S43, to he
iiki-kI on :'" acrea of Lot 4(190, tide*
a strip of Uud 111 chains wide from
north to nun Hi ad]olnlmj Lot 3548,
Oroup 1, tn tht north, lot Irrigation
: purpose*.
1   Dated   iith January,   1912
Per W. F. Ourd, Crmibruok, B C.
I. John T. Buanlon, of Crnnhrook,
B. Oe, by occupation h Rancher, give
notice that 1 Intend on tho .tilth day
of February, 1912, next, nt eleven
o'clock la the forenoon, to npply to
the Water Commissioner at his office
at Crnnhrook, It. (.'.. for a licence to
take nud HM 3-1000 of l cubic feet
of water per aecOnU from an un-nam-
vd spring risini: on Croy Kagle Mineral Claim, Lot 8915, Group 1, Kootenay. The water will lm used on pre-
umptiou record Nn. 1298, beiinr subdivision fi nf Lot 49RI5, Ornup 1 for
domestic purposes, the point ot diversion is at the fountain bend of the
Dated this Wk day nf .Tan. I'M:'   4-6
Notice in hereby given tbnt on the
12th day of January 1912.      It    was
ordered by Hifl Honor, Peter K. Wilson, Esquire.  Judge of tbe     County
Court of Bast Kootenay, hidden   at
Oranbrook,   that   James    Ferguson I
Armstrong. Offlolal Administrator (or I
thnt portion of the County of Koote*
nay included in   the Blectoral   Dis-1
trlcts of   Oranbrook nud Fernle,   !>'•;
AdmlniKtrntor    of  nil  nnd     Singular
the estate of Peter Person, of Wasa,]
B.  C, doceaSfld  intestate.
Kvery person Indebted to tbo Bald
deceased |b required to make pay
ment forthwith to the undersigned
Bvery person having In possession
effect*! belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify tbe un
Bvery crodttor or other person
having any claim upon or Interest In
the dlfltrlbUtlon of the estate q| the
Haiti [locensed in required to send he
fore the 7th dny of Mtirch next, hy
registered mail addressed to the un
derslgnod, hln numc und addresa mid
the full particulars of his claim or
Interest, and h statement ol hts ao
count and tlm nature of the security
Of any) held by him,
After tho Httid last mentioned dale
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
rej-nrd to thoSfl claims only ot which
ho nhnll bavo had notice,
Dated nt Cranbrook, this Int. dny of
February, 1912
4«-at Official Administrator
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
HHALHI) THNDERS fnr one or
more ol tlio lollowinjz hitiltlinge will
lio recolvoil ul the ofTieo ,,l tho O.P 11
Division Knejlneer, up to noon, Pell
2-etli, 1912 lm tlio orootlon mul com t
pletlon ni Hu- following buildings Z
following   points a
Webb,    Namnka,    Beven   Poreons,  ♦
WlUnlftWl,      DUmnOrO, OllVe,      NevlS. '    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^•$.»>ej>e>e}>e>^e>e>ej> e>e^^e^e>e^4e$>4e}>efe^4«>e>e>t}>e$.e^tfea.e]
Lougheod,   Mdcraydo,   J affray,   Uur   *"—
miss,   and Cnllinvny.   AIho >i
WESTERN LINES +^i"l"^^l-M"M^«l*i"l"r*l"ll"l"l^
nt Yahk.
I'bins   and   specifications   can    be X
Been at chief Engineers office, Wlnnl* *|»
pep,     Resident Knglneors   office    at T
Crnnhrook,  nml    Medicine  Hat,    nnl X
nt this office. I
O.P.R. nivfston (Engineer
Tin1 partnership hi»r«tr»fiir.' ftsistinicj
butwerii A l.iiniicnii noil F, W, Hum-
ble hHs boon illi-soivi»d. Mr. HumblelX
retiring. The new firm will rollect j J
nil outetaniilng accounts and pny ail j 2!
1.111k. j i
A. K.  Lanifrnn. I 4-
Dnt,',l      Ibis    29th    iluy  nf  J miliary,   y>
1912, 5-<t,I
An Act to amend tho
Iwish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, I am giving; a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all the above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
Tne    Municipal.   Incorporation  Art;
lm.. Iii'rn nini'ii'li'il hs follows
I. This Act may bo cited ns the
"Municipalities Incorporation Act
Amendmont Act, mi2,"
t The "Municipalities Ineorporn
ii,,n Act," being chapter 17:' of n„-
Rovleod       Htatutes      ol       British +■
Oolumbla, nil, Is lioreby amended by  ♦ 4.^M-M4H^t-H-'H"MM-W"l"M"l^
iiililiiiK »h sootlon   ia  il.,-   i,,11,.win,:,
"is   Tin, l,i,'iiti.in,iii      in   4^e>«>a>4>e>e)e>e>e>e)**e)e>e)e>e)e>e)e> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦e>e)e)e)#e>e>eje>
Council  may,  when  itrantinii  lotl
it Incorporation i<> h cltj  municipal    ♦
it v. vary tin* hotindai les   oi    redu
On* llmlle of the proposed municipal    *\
11v. us mentioned in the petition, lu
Hindi n  way ns may tn' considered  ri
podionl "
l, Bald chapter 17! Ik hereby amen
ded by Inserting the following nssec
t  5A
"5s When tIn* limits ,.( n inuinn
polity nro extended or reduced, it
hIuiII hi' lawful r<» tin* Lleutonanr
Governor In Council, In aud by let
tere patent oitonding or roduclngtbc
limitn, to inipoHc upon the uiiinicl
pality Hiich conditiutiK ns mnv ht
deemed proper."
W    ukkw    Proprietor, Our   Local  News
j. h. Ohassey, ,•'   null River was
iu town Wednesday,
Fancy Japanese Table Mats nl the
Model Variety Btore
Mrs. Johnson, ol Oroston was shop
plug in Oranbrook Monday,
K. I.. Staples mul 11. W, Davis, ol
Wyclllle, wcin 111 town Tuoadny.
Hitter Oranges fur  Mnriiiulailu    al
pink's Pure Pood Qrocery,
Mr, mul Mrs, W, P, Mnodonald,  of
Milk River, wen' in  town   I'liuis,lay
Mrs. H. Opie, ,,! Wattshurg was In
the city Thursday,
Toddy Boars, »ni Bahy rattles, anil
dolls, ui tho Mi'iii'i Variety Btore,
Mrs. J. Donnld, uf Moyie was shop
ping nt Oranbrook Thursday
Mrs.  J, Humble, nl Moyie, was   fl
gnoHt nt ilu- Oranbrook Thursday,
Hitter Oranges lor  Marmalade    al
Pink's Pure Pood Grocery,
Bntlro ohnngo ol prograrnrao at ihe
Edison Theatre tonigbl
i,oht.-a ladles hnndbngl The tlml-
,,r will in' rowardod by leaving it nl
tills olllee
Towell  Holder, mil  OlotbSI
ni the Model Variety Btore
Mr. nml  Mrs   .1    M'-Vny, ol Athal
mer, were guests   ui tin-   Orftnbrook
Mr. nn,l Mrs. f. MeOregor, ,,f Nel
son, were guests at tin, Itoynl Weil
Hitter Oranges for Marmalade at
Pink's I'nre Pood Grocery,
Mr. and Mrs, D, 0, Month of War
ilnnr, were Oranbrook visitors Tuesday.
Qoo. W. iionnh,,e, post-master at
Wanincr, was in Oranbrook Tuesday
on business.
Latest lilenri in Kitchen goods, tho
comb, paror, slloor, and cover, at the
Mixi.ll   Variety   Store.
Monday, fob, Uth wm oolohrateil
111 the I'lllled Htutcs as Lincoln's
Mr. and Mrs. Alex   Taylor, e* Kim
imriey, wero Oranbrook visitors uu
Bitter Oranges for Marmalade   at
Fink's Pure Fund llroccry,
10. Ilutlerlll, of OrOSton, was Iiiiiih
noting business at Oranbrook Thins-
Mrs. 0,  Ni'Ihou, uf Yahk, who tins
been staying at tho Homo Hospital
returned on Thursday to hor homo,
w.   w.   KILBY,
horn.-At Home Hospital, Oran
hrook, to Mr, and Mra, T, QhrlstleJli
n dnughtor
BORN,—At Home Hospital, Oran
brook, Pob. i. to Mr and Mrs, Oar
tsido, n daughetr,
hrook.    Fel,
Lester  Olftp
Home Hospital,   Oran
t,,   Mi   umi   Mrs,
, a daughter,
wantkii  a blaok and white lopp
eil rulihllt I Muck i must be large   Ap
ply tu Hu, m  Oranbrook
Mr .1 Twiiniiey who iins been "on
:n,.,i to in" boms tins week with «
•dight attack of ploUTAS)
Reading matter enough loi ibe
wiwk can be bad at the Pslacs Olgai
store u, tin- Hanoi n Block
Frank Christian, manager ol The
Prospector, was at Wilmer tins week
,,n hiislnens connected with Ins paper
Mr. ami Mrs 0, B Pryburgb, Ol
Spokane, were Cranbrook visitors on
25 CUNTS I'F.ll TIN at EAST Knu
Mrs Bblrwln nml Mrs. Lewis o!
Klmherley, were shopping iii I'i'flii
hrook Mnuday
don r
A Wiitoh i* a delicate,
piece "I machinery. It
call* for lest, attention
than iim.',! machinery, hm
must be denned ami oiled
oconslonnlly to keep good
time, l( will pay you
well to let us clean your
watch   every   12   or    18
C.P.R. Watch Inspectors
May We call for that clock
of yours which has sti pped
Hnvnl   Sims,  ,,(  Hie  Kilisnil  urrhea
tm has accepted an ongftgoniont with
Ms, Oiierurd, and will commeiicu
playing al the Auditorium on Monday lie,I, the llllll Inst,
Whim Spring I'leanlug, why not
have those old pictures framed in
some nf lill.liy -i latest style mould
ingu, Do it now'.' W. w. Kli.nv.
I'lactleal I'lrture Fraiiim.
Wn IHIN'T know the ilule ol Ilie
no«t I'riiylncliil I0lc.rt.lon hut we lit)
know WO can give you every hiiIihIiic
tlon for nny work entrusted tn uh in
I'lctiirn Framing.-IULHY PRAMBS
Ohostor tiwiunii, editor ol tho ores
tun Itevlnw, was in the city during
tbe curly purl nt thin week in the
Interest ol Ini paper, lie iiia-le u
very pleasant call ut Hm Prospootoi
Popular Magasines and Paper run
now he hml lit the t'nliice i'li;nr
Store lu Ilie llauiion Blook
Howling   Scores
i ++.H..M-I--I-I- l+l-H-H 44*444 ++-l-M"H"H"M"l-l-l"l-i-M-l"l"l
1 *
5*. i.
Will Find
Our Stock of
Game Traws li
Very Complete at Present
••   We can supply all requirements
with   dispatch
F. Parks & Co. I
Hardware. Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
•H-HH-H--I ■•!••■• 1- "• 1 t-l -l-M-l-W-+++■*
We   have   had   consigned to us this week
a lot of Good Oranges which we offer for sale
ISO's or 176's
And a full stock of the International Stock
Food Co's Poultry Roods, Etc., has been   received
Do not forget that we offer Whole  Corn
AT S2.75 per hundred pounds.'
The Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd
Cranbrook,   B. C
Kmiltigaiteii and
Infant's Schco
Miv    K     A      Uutltlj'l'll,
v Ul lilii'llli'il     lllnl      l'l ilill.il
'I'oiii-lioi   on  School lii'uiii
lor Loudon, «iii uonimuiiuo
;i   Km,l,', l'.ll lull    SollUOl    HI
l ill uu'll -.   llllll  nil   I'Vl'     ll1
Apply for  I'mlioulari
I'. 0. BOX 238 6tl
Tn   KKNT ■  r'l.lll.aneil     rOOISB    rOI
■enUemen.  Address Boi M  ai apply
at The Proepeetor utllce. Ml
iteailnii;   matter   eaougn   (or   the
week can  he hail at the Palace Otgar
store in the Hanson Ulock.
Owing tu the extreme milil weather of the past week, the bonspiel
which ha,l heen arranged, has been
Indsftnately postponed,
Popular MaKamues anil Paper can
now he hail at thu I'alace L'igar
Store in the Hanson Ulock.
FOR BALH.—Several llclslun HnrcH
carrying young; 12.Of. each. Address
Swansea Poultry Hanch, Wattsburg,
U. C. 7-tf
JuBt received—A carload ol Furniture. Cranhrook Kxchangc—Call anil
see what they cousiiit of. Prices
LOST.—Somewhere between Cranhrook anil Canal Flat, a small parcel
llndcr please return same to Tbe
Prospector Oftile, Cranhrook.
Galley Sixteen
There was a meeting of the Cranbrook Doaril of Trade beld on Tuesday night in tbe Oranbrook Hotel
committee rooms.
Sprint! travel to Canada by workmen, tourists and investment seekers
has already sot in according to local
officials of tbe Snu-Spokane railway.
at   the
Hanson Block
On monday night at Nelson, tbe
Cranhrook hockey team again defeated the crack Nelson team, by a score
of 9 to 2.
Mrs. T. T. McVlttle, Miss Oal-
hralth, and Mr. Oeorge Judd, of
Fort Steele, were Cranbrook visitor,
It the present soft weather continues, lt will lie in order for the May-
to issue orders regarding the annual cleanup day.
Mrs. R. B. Benedict will receive on
neit Tuesday afternoon trom four to
six p. in., and on the first Tueeday
of every month thereafter .
The Oranbrook Exchange has sold
to P. Matheenn, „ large consignment
nf furniture, sufficient to completely
fnrnisn M rooms, iu the new annex
oi the Imperial Hotel.
The fire brigade respondod to an
niarm on Tuesday night caused by
u lire iii one of Bentty's shacks, sit
lateil near the power house; the dam
Age was trifling.
at the
Hanson Block
k. II, Jones, of Klmherley, waH in
imi Thursday,     Mr. Jonea,   In en-
ltni(P<l  >n   mining, and     has   several
ry    promising   properties on Mark
Mnny will reniemlitir the HUgAI' cur
limit that    was held In thn   llviiinii
sunn aome >i yonrs aRO, Thero is in
im another nn Friday tin, i8i\l and
a cordial Invitation is extended    to
even,,lie   tn   Inlli  Uie  hnppy   tlnnlic,
There will lie a meeting nl the
Farmers Institute In the Ouvri mucin
building mi tiie list „f tin,, month
at h p. iii  sharp,   a cordial invita
I,nil  Is  glVen   In nil.   men,belli ol  nun
| members, to attend
'     Mrs     V.    E    ,lnlli'„.     letinued  linlue
| on Wednesday, alter undergoing uu
operation loi appendicitis in the BI
Hlugeni Hospital ll ii ta be hoped
that she will soon regain here won
i,,i good health
Mi-,  Housewife;
stop oionning old   smoky   lamp
chimneys, ssnd for "in1 nt   our Now
ll linn.lie Power white Light Burn
ere.  cut   the  coupon out    in oiig  hlg
Id in this   pupei today,     Nntlonal
Light  Company
The chairs that are to lie placed tn
the Oounoil Ohamber ure being purchased from the Oranbrook coper
ntive Stores, and not from the Fink
Mercantile Co., hh  was stated iiv the
report of the council meeting pub
Usheil last week,
Eggs lor Hatching, Crystal White
Orpingtons, special selected breeders
from strictly tlrst class class stock,
strong winter laving strain, $:l.nr.
per sittine of is, fertility guaranteed,
ii. E. KENDALL. Cranhrook, P. 0.
Box 400, 4-tt
Wo nre sorry to have to chronicle
'lie death of Mra. Kllxehoth Kerf.
the wife of the late Oenrge A. Kerr,
which took place on Thursday Fel'
IS, at the residence of her daughter
Mrs. Wm. J. Flowers. The funeral
service will he held in tho English
Church at 2 o'clock Sunday.
WANTED-WO have position lor a
uood man with a lair education who
can furnish referonco we will give
steady employment nnd pay a
straight salary to tbe right party
People using Intoxicating li.,uora—
.-lave your stamps, Bee our big "Ad"
In this paper today. National Light
Co.   Baraga, Mich.
There are a number of our sub-
srrlbere who keep the "Proepeetor"
on Die. In checking up our file we
find we are ehort of September 13,
No. '«, and October 21, No. 43; if
nuyone will kindly oblige by bringing
or sending thess copies to the office
we will give them double tbelr sale
price in value.
Visitors to the City
At Cranbrook
Ohae. Blom,     Calgary
C. ED. Belyea,    Toronto
R. J. Ralneford,     Calgary
N. McLeod,     Lethbrldge
W. B. Smith.     Hamilton
W. P. White,    Spokane
A. L. Stevens,    Vancouver
R. B. Burch,     Winnipeg
A. E. Hay,    Vancouver
J. E. Hargrave,    Vancouver
O. N. Davidson,    Fernle
Mrs.  J. A. Poison,     Vancouver
T. T. McVlttie,    Fort Steele
l<ee Wolf,     Chicago
J. R. Brown,     Grand Forks
H. Thomson,     Vancouver
W. Magoon,    Wardner
II. Bell,     Winnipeg
L. Pennock,     Galloway
C. Dlngwc-ll.    Vancouver
J. Betchet,     Vancouver
W. Cline,     Vancouver
W. H. DeLong,     Lethbrldge
Geo.  Reynolds,     lethbrldge
J. C, Leaf,     Montreal
J. J. Sims,    Vancouver
H. H. Blanchert,     Vancouver.
Carl Lovtck,     Wardner
R. I„ Fowler,    Calgary
O. G. Jewell,     Jaflray
F. H. Pearson,    Fort Steele
At Royal
S. O. Watson,    Sirdar
H. Reddy,    Calgary
G. 0. Randall,     Nelsou
T.  Nuttal,     Moyie
J. Blake,     Bkookumcbuck
F.  Linnell,     Medicine Hat
J. Roberts,     Moyle
J.   Mott,     Moyie
W. W. Cooper,    Moyle
P. PrIUker,     Toronto
Win. Mctloe,     Fort Steele
P. K. Daley,    Fort Steele
At Cosmopolitan
A. WilHon,    Moyle
L. W, IlarrlH,     Moyle
0, (Irassey,     Fort Steele Junction
B. Mcyuadc, Klmherley
W. Gorman, Klmherley
Allan Mnnson, Spokane
A. Dmpson, Bull River
J. Hannard, Wasa
Mrs. Donnhoe,    Wasa
linker Street vs Slunk,,
Baker Street
lu'i 178 UM
124 Us Ids
i;i7 im ills
180 mo lilt
UK |81 188
Total fun 108 188
fusil   Ull 110 ill
lillsey     ia» 100 HI
Hpcnoo   ua 12ft IWi
Hudson    1,1.1 Ilu 188
i'.   I've         Il.i, 188 llll)
Total 008   TOO   Mil
ItiiiuliliUii vn Simps.
< ,
i| Come   and  See  Our  Display
ii of Bargains in China    .    .    ,
.1    Tuiiilcy
ill. Tuiuli'v 	
pi I
4c. 1
No License on C, N. K.
viotoi Ia, (Pob, i.i in nniwor to it
leiogntlon trom tho loonl option
league .>f tho itvovltioo which wnltotl
'poll linn ."iluy, I'rmulur Mrlliiiln
Tho Kovortuuont (toot, uut liitonil
lo I'nrtH loonl option lawn thin hi'iwimu
hut  111,tllO nHH'iHlmiiitii tn thO IU|iior
luw whirl) tho nttovnoy RonorfU In
now introtluoliiR wo Himii mnko tt
poMlblo to on fnr co the law ho that
t win hottftttoiilt tn ovfttlo it. it win
show th»t your ofTortn havo nut boon
'it vaiu, wiuii' wi' oannot moot yon
on nil polntR wo approolato tho plena
you bnvo put  forward for tint brttrr-
mont of tlio province, in connection
with the construction on thfl t'nna-
llitn Northern not a Uconoo bftH boon
i*iHiitiHi Hml nrrnnsromontfi havottoon
made for such pollco BUporvlolon aH
will make illicit soiling oxcowiinj-iy
rt I ftMcult,    Nor hi\H any llccnHKN boon
granted along tin* Kottlo niver Valley lino, ho it Ih ovldont Uiat we are
Special Sale
Wi' will Sell China, Enamelwnre and
Wooilenware in Cups and Saucers,
Collanders, Wash Bowls ;ni<i Kollin«
Pins n 25 cents ICach on Saturday.
Wi' Imve ;i Special Line oi Stationery
UiuToltes, Hair Nets on our 5c, 10c,
und 15c  Pahles.
A Pine Assortment of Black Kocking-
huiii Teapots from 15c to 50c each, in
in Plain Blaok ami Decorated Styles.
Call and See Us and Look Over Our
NKVV STOCK  at the
Variety Store
fni III 11 l-H-H"l"»H'l HI III 111 I I "I !•»•» 11 I M ■» I I "H>T
tryltiB tn ilenl s,|imrely ffltli nil imr
ties oonoorneii
"Undor tlm proiont liquor »ot tiiere
nre no saloons   lu iilini'itinilceil    ilis-
Irlots uuil liy .liiininry 1914, thero will
j lis no snlonus left. In Ilrltlsli Oolltm-
' hln cities nr municipalities, un   ynu
sue. If wo nre not it"i'iK fnrwnnl    its
Inst us ynu wlsli    nt  loust you Imve
tin, oomfort nf BoelnR Hint we are not
Rnlnii liackwurtl by any means."
Tlm premier's    statement was    re-
celveil with  cm .ili'Miliie ilelltcht    by
tiie itelt'naU's.
Childrenl Ah, I'orsooth!
Thuy bring tiioir own lovo with tbem
when thoy cumo !
Hut If tbey cnnic not there in peace
anil rnst.
You know it is destined tn lie the (jreat industrial tenire
of the Vancouver Metropolitan district.
You know that the population of Coquitlam has already
increased 300 per cent—that the whole town is in a state of feverish
activity—that investors all over America are looking to Coquitlam,
and that within live years il will have a population of at least 25,000.
You know that the (.'. 1'. R. bought a thousand acres for their
terminals from and through the Coquitlam Terminal Co.
Your common sense will tell you that although Coquitlam will
in all probability have a population of 30,000 in a few years, this
centrally located property will be the first to increase in value, and
will make the most money for its owners. Take the city of Vancouver, for instance, its original area was only 3 1-2 miles, and it is
in this district, between F'"alse Creek and Buirard Inlet, in the vicinity
of the C. P. R. tracks, station, etc., that property has become most
valuable. History is repeating itself at Coquitlam. Investments
made near the terminals will become enormously profitable. Close
in property will here, as in every thriving city, be always in demand
at fabulous prices.
Get a map of Coquitlam. See the location of the terminals,
the new business centre, the industrial centres, and note lor yourself
that it is right here —in the very heart of the c< niing activin —that t,ur
property is located, Then come to our office. We believe we
are better informed as to the location of Coquitlam than any
other person or persons, and are, therefore, best qualified to advise
vou. The directors  and stockholders  of the Coquitlam Terminal
Company are men of prominence in Western Canada affairs—among
them half a dozen conservative bank managers—and undoubtedly
possess a more intimate knowledge of the developments taking place
in Vancouver to-day than any simili.n body of men.
Prices:       Lots from $150 to $1250.       Terms
Beale & Elwell


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