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The Prospector Nov 23, 1912

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Array We Have
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All Were in Danger
Mr.   A.   E.  Watts,  of  Wattsburg,  Make  Another
Felicitous "Call" upon the C.P.R.
Wattsburg, B.C.
November 15, HH
A. D. Cartwright, Raq.,
Sec'y Board of Railway Commissioners
Ottawa, Canada.
Dear Sin-
Owing      to     various    complaint!
brought   to   my   notice by perrons
who take an Interest   n public attalre
I aent the following telegram to you:
"I   mailed   on   the   12th Inst, notice*   of further applications.    I served copies on Railway Company and
give notice today of lurther applications   regarding   fences,   destruction
of public roads, dangerous rock slides
which   endanger   the lives of passengers.   Details follow by mail."
(signed) A. E. Wntts.
[ alao served copies of thc above on
the Solicitor and the Superintendent
of the Canadian Paclflc Railway at
Cranbrook, today.
With reference to tbe dangerous
rock slides in the precipitous portions of the mountainous districts,
many warnings have been given to
the Railway Company not only by
the travelling public, but also by
the employees whose lives are endangered every day and night by the
parsimonious management in matters
relating to precautions which should
be taken for the safety of all who
travel by rail.
For instance, one old pioneer, a
moat respected Individual, swore to
an affidavit before me to the follow:
ing effect: That he was travelling
on the Spokane Flyer from Moyie to
Cranbrook when thc train ran into a
rock which had rolled down from a
cliff at the bottom ot which the
road bed runs, and at the foot of
the   cliff   is   the   deep Moyie Lake.
nne of tbe rock) which rolled down,
the deponent states, waa tour feet
thick, twelve feet wide and about
sixteen feet long, and another rock
about four teet square fell and landed close beside the steel rails. The
engine by its Impact with thla rook
i snapped the stay rods underneath
the paaaenger coach. Thla took
place on a dark and rainy night, and
had the rock referred to atruck tha
railway track it would have thrown
the track Into the lake. Had thla
occurred, the Spokane Flyer, ona ol
fastest trains in the West, would
have been at the bottom ot the Moyie Lake with all Its passengers and
crew as tbe Lake ls very deep at
the point where thla occurred.
The deponent further states tbat
he helped to break the rock mention-
I ed, so that the train could paaa on
i its way, and he says further,that aa
. a practical miner he considers tbe
tools carried on the trains for this
purpose are only su table for ornaments. He also adds that there are
many other points in tbe mountain-
ousreglons that ore exceedingly dan
i-erous in thia respect and that tha
railway Company pays very Httle
heed to repeated warnlnga aa to the
danger and peril Ho whlcb the travelling public is subjected to. Further evidence in this respect haa been
given by Engineers and otber employees who naturally do not like to
lay sworn information against their
employers,- but along the same linea
I may mention the fact that onooe
occasion I was travelling on a paaaenger train when It had to atop owing to the tact that a freight train
had run into a mass of rocks which
had fallen down on to the track.
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To Consolidate Empire
Lord Landown's Recent Declaration of the Unionist's Principles Makes the Following
Article Opportune
Lord   Lanedown*.   ln   a epeeeh to' Talk   of   annexation   airl   What wa
which reference was made ln The Col want   la   annexation   to the Mother
onlst   (Victoria)   dlapatchea   Friday Country.    Talk   of   a  union of the
November   is,   practically announced provinces,   whlcb,   lf   unaccompanied
that the Unionist Party   haa   made with other provlatons, would lead to
tba  consolidation of the Empire one separation!   What   we require la tha
of   IU objects.   We were aware that union   of the Empire, an Investiture
Mr.    Asquith   not very long ago ex- with the rights and dignity of Brlt-
preaaed hla opinion that steps ln
this direction will be found necessary
in the near future, and we think Mr.
lab citizenship." It Is interesting to
recall tbat when ten years later tbe
question of   Confederation becama a
Additional Locals
Just unloaded a ear ot Cracked
•nd whole Corn—Get our Prices on
Quantities—Campbell ft Manning.
While unloading a cur on Saturday
last W. E. Worden was struck on the
bead by a heavy plank, and rendered
unconscious. While suffering from the
accident he has been attending to ble
usual duties throughout the week.
W. H. Giggle, F.I.G.C.M., tha
great English Souso, will be aeen at
tha Auditorium, Wednesday, Nov.
17th' with tbe Imperial English Hand
Ball Ringers.   Admission 75c and Mc
Overcoats tbat fit und wear, trom
19.00 up; at the East Kootenay Mercantile House.
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Nixon, of Loa
Angeles, Cal., were in town Tuesday.
Mn. Nixon ls a daughter of Mrs. J.
T. Oalbralth, and was formerly a
realdent of Fort Steele, where ber
bar childhood days were spent.
We are dally b-.-ing congratulated
on the exceptionally fine quality ot
our apple*. Our stock this season Ib
the finest we have ever procured;
let us send you a box, we know they
will please you-The FINK MKRCAN
Mr. Geo. A. Staples, C. P. R.
Freight Agent at Nelson, was ln
Cranbrook tbls week attending to
some of the work attached to his department. Hi- left here tor Fernie
on Thursday afternoon.
Don't forgst the Ilenent Ball on
Thursday, November 28, Tickets 11.00
Mrs. C. T. Town'ey, of Vancouver,
and Miss A. Taylor, of New Westmln
•tar, will address tbe member* of the
Woman's Institute nt the -Gym' on
Thursday and Friday of next week.
It la hoped that the Indies ot Cranbrook will be present at these meeting* all are welcome.
Singers Sewing Machines do the
belt work and laat a life time. They
coat very little more than cheap mac
bine* and no more than any high
trad* machine made. Thev are *old
on imall monthly payment* without
Interest. For Sale nt the Singer
Store or you can phone 157.       46-tf.
It is officially stated that the British Columbian Lumber and Shingle
manufacturers wtll appeal to the
Privy Council ngrlnst the Judgement
In th* ease ol fie Foss Lumber Co.,
Of Winnipeg against tba association.
We ean (upply your re iiilrements
wtth anything In tha Hay, Grain or
Feed ltne of Poultry Fooda-Oamp
bell ft Manning.
A Dance will be given nt Fort
Steele on November 29th, Bt. Andrew'* night, In alii ol the hospital
lund to which everybody is Invited.
Local ontl'm prevails In Consttntl-
nonle alnce the wnter mains ware cut
ol the city want dry.
Did you know that our Crockery
la selling at one third off tb* reprice—C. C. S.
At the Provincial Court of Revl*
ion held on Monday in tha Court
House, Cranbrook, before A. C. Ne!
eon, regiatrar of voter*, out ot U0
name* objected to there were 114
struck oil the 1 st; in addition to
tbis however 66 new names were ad
ded. W. Halaall wa* there to look
after the Liberal*' Interests and J.
Henderson for the Conservatives.
Buy Christmas Fruits at FINK'S
make a specialty of laney Imported
Iruit* and dellcacle*.
The Knights of Columbua guve an
enjoyable dancing party on Wednesday evening ln the Auditorium
There were a lame number of invited guests and one and all were
pleased with the evening'* entertainment.     The Guerard Orchestra turn
shed the mude. Refreshments wer*
also served at the Interval.
Bed Mattress and Spring tll;C.C.S
General Superintendent Price, ot
the westsrn line* of tb* C.P.R., local Hup*. HarUhaw, and Engineer
Brooks visited "The Prospector" olllce on Tuesday In connection with
several articles wh ch we have been
publishing in reference to tbe striket
There wns considerable speculation
among the local striker* at to what
waa the motive governing the vlalt.
. When you are considering buying
your Xmas presents see our stock
of China, ths Largest In th* City-
Campbell ft Manning.
We have apoken through these columns several time* ol the growing
Interest wblcb Is being taken In th*
local Poultry Association. Th* executive of the same met at the bom*
of Mr*. R. Drown recently and after
considering a request trom the B.C.
Poultry Association decided to do.
ante n bronze medal at the coming
winter show at Victoria next January. Now you local fancier*, look
your atock over and ae* If you cannot enter aome bird*.
Vancouver is Shaken
Vancouver, Nov. *1—Two brief but
pronounced earthquake ahocV* war*.
felt today throughout the city and
surrounding towns, nnd although little damage was recorded beyond a
nunntlty of broken China and a few
billiard tables put out of plumb.
The quake !s stattd to be V-* most
nevere   in ths hlatory of Vancouver.
Turks Reject Terms
Constantinople, Nov. II .-"Ph* bat-
lis at the Tchntnllo line: ha* been
reaumed. Cannonading wns re-opened with great violence tils evening.
Th* term* offered hy tl-e Balkan al-
UM ar* uaacc*ptabl* to tb* Turk*.
Winston Churchill haa also Indicated matter of public discussion, the op-
•lmlllar view*; but the speech ol' ponents of that measure iu the Marl-
Lord Lansdowne appears to be tbe time Provinces contended that it
first occasion iu which either of the! would lead to separation. On the o-
great   British    political   part es has. ther   hand   some of those who advo
cated it contended that it was only
the first step towards an imperial
been   directly   identified with such a
policy.    To those persons, who have
exerted   themselves   to promote this
great  cause, the action ot tbe noble
Marquis   ls   full   of encouragement.!   l^ng the early years of Conleder-
Imperlal    consolidation,   federation,! «*•<»   P«M c   attention was so much
unification,   or whatever may be the. engrossed with tbe work of organlxa-
correct term for it, 1* not. never wa* iio" ■»* ">• adjustment of the varl
and ought not to become a party
queation; but as we bave not got beyond party government as yet, It
seems to be inevitable that some political organization must take the
question in hand, It lt is to be taken
out ot the sphere ot academic Discus-
Ion and brought within the scope of
practical politic*. We may all be a-
greed upon the principle, but aome
one   act   of   public men must make
ous Interests making up the Domin
ion, tbat the question of the larger
unions was not much In evidence; but
in 1871 a conference was held at
which it waa discussed. In 1876 Sir
Frederick Young published a work entitled "Imperial Federation" and in
1884 the Imperial Federation League
waa formed, chiefly through the Instrumentality of Lord Rosebery, although W. E. Forster, a member of
themselves responsible tor placing it one nl Gladstons's cabinets was very
before the people ln definite form, "lonely identified with it- The most
Tho*e who ire able to recall the Con prominent Canadian to associate him
federation campaign w 11 bear us out """ "-ith tn* league was Sir Charles
in tbe .tataraent tbat there wa* very Tupper. In 1898 a committee ot the
Httle difference ot opinion a* to tbe League presented a plan of ledera-
desirabtllty of a union of aome aort "on, which proposed an Imperial
between th* provinces ot Brlttah council ot defence. There wa* ao
Nortb America. Such divergence ol "■■«• a divergence of view aa to tb*
vl*w a* was menifeated was over the tea«ibtlity ol tbi* plan among the
plan of union. members of the League, that the or-
'   ■ 'ganization   waa dlsolved in 1898.   A
As lar a* th* Information belore ue Canadian branch ol tbla League wa*
anablaa ua to lay, th* tint occasion founded tn 1885. It may be mention-
when the unification of the Empire ed tbat Dr. Geo-\»«,R. Parkiu mad* a
wa* discussed In public wa* fifty- tour of Canada addressing public
eight year* ago, when the union ot meetings in favor of the object* ot
the provinces wa* under discussionj tb* League, and subsequently at the
tn the Nova Scotia legislature. Two expense, we think, of Lord Rosebery,
great spa cues were delivered on that made a tour of the whole Empire
occasion, one hy J. W. Johnson and! with the sami object In view. It
the other by Joseph Howe. Mr. < wilt thu* be seen that the question is
Johnson spoke chiefly ot the union ot
tbe province*, although all through
hia speech wa find language ahowlng
that he regarded such a step aa calculated to strengthen the Empire;
but How* was very definite as to Ua
views. We quote: "I know th* men
wbo alt around me here, already I
cin bear th* heart-beat of a generation which I* to take our places; and
I lo not hesitate to say tbat room
must be mad* oa the loon ot Parliament and within tbe departmental offices ot England for tb* aspiring and
energetic iplrlt* of thi* continent, or
tbey will, by and by, assert their *u-
pertorlty in tb* Intellectual conflict
whlcb tho**, wbo attempt systematically to exclude tbem, must provoke.
very far from being a new one, or
one favored by one political party
more than another. It has heen regarded far more than half a century
a* the inevitable outcome of the evolution ol the Empire. Indeed, as lar
back as the Eighteenth Century, Edmund Burke claimed that In some
•ort of federation would be found the
only permanent frame work of tbe
Empire. He realized, however, that
difficulties ot lnter-communlcation
rendered lt useless to deal wltb th*
question In a practical way.
If the condition* to be taken Into
account in devising any plan ot closer Imperial union were difficult In
Burke'* day, and lf the realisation ot
hi* dream seemed to Howe to be far
lu tbe future, lt cannot be denied
tbat tbe problem of details la far
from being an easy one today, al
1 though we can look forward more
hopefully for an early solution than
, did the advocates ot the great union
even a quarter of a century ago. We
propose to state some of these difficulties, but not to discuss tbem, for
j at this stage discussion would be pre
j mature. Lord Lansdown suggested
I what may he called ante-Imperial
I trade preference as a step towards
| consolidation. It ia true that he on-
. ly spoke of the extension by the United Kingdom of certain tariff advantages to the overseas dominions, and
this was aa far aB he could go when
speaking for a political party. It
would not have heen good taste for
him to bave suggested to the Dominions what tbey ought to do lnthls
way. But lt seems to follow as a
matter ot course that, it the adjustment ot tariflB is to be employed as
a mean* of bringing about federation
thlamust not be confined to the Mother Country alone, but must be re
ciprocal movement throughout the
Empire. Here we encounter a dlffl
culty of serious magnitude, but one
that is by no means Insurmountable,
tt may be overcome hy confining the
adjustment to certain specific articles
It would be entirely o\ercome by a-
dopttng the policy of inter-tmperhl
free-trade. We are fnr from saying
that tariff readjustment is essential
to an advance tn tbe direction of
closer union, and mention it flrst, only because Lord Lansdown laid stress
upon it.
Defence Is a common ground upon
which all parts of the Empire can
stand, and muat In fact stand whether they will or no. Community of
interest and common Hues of action
on this subject arise out of the prln-
cipleof seli-iiremrvatiua. A working
agreement on tbls subject can readily be reached at any time necessity
call* for It, but we think something
more ls necessary than temporary >-x-
pedients to meet special emergencies
ns tbey arise. During the past summer the ideu of an imperial council
of defence bus been revived. The formation of such a body would call tor
a readjustment of our relations to
the United Kingdom, and, wbat is ot
lar greater Importance, of the relations ot the United Kingddom to the
Dominion*. At present the question
of peace or war, the arrangement ot
alliances, the conduct ot international relations, ls vested wholly ln the
Home government although In matter* directly affecting the Dominion*
alone, th* conduct of negotiations
will be entrusted to the governments
of those Dominions. Just to wbat
extent representations of the Dominions upon a council of defence would
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Fatal Accident
Unfortunate Young  Man,  Fooling  with   Revolver,
Accidentally Kills  Himself
Conciliation Board
Ottawa, Nov. 11.—Th* Canadian
Brotherhood of Railroad Employ***
bava renewed their application to the
minister of labor for aboard ot
conciliation and investigation but
limited lt* scope to Inqu re into certain differences existing for some
time between th* Canadian Pacific
railway .company, and for auch limited purpose a board haa bean eatab-
liahed and on the recommendation
ot the applicant* the m nlster bas
appointed J. A. Macdonald ot Hall-
fax a member ot the board. Th*
company will now be asked to recom
mend a member and If tt refuses, or
falls to do ao, tha minister will appoint one on Its bshali. The minuter will alao appoint a third member thereof II the other two fall to
choose ona and th* Investigation,
limited In acope aa aforesaid, will
forthwith proceed.
The-s nre ground* tor hope that a
fair nnd *qultabl* conclusion may bs
reached by the hoard which will
prov* adaptable to both sides to
tba dlaput*.
Rex Theatre Opens
The new Rex Threntre la rapidly
approaching completion. The plate
glaaa mirror* and trimming* nnd th*
radiator* are on the way, alao tha
Important machinery for the opera-
Ing room, but thla fact will not da-
lay tb* openlm; on Thurslay Nov.
Ml.., Th* proceeds nl the Initial
performance will he ntven to tbe St.
Eugene hnap til. Tha pro-tram* wtll
■'on'lat of high elnaa picture* and
Illustrated song*. A complete writ*
up ot thi* new pleisi.re resort will
be given In tbe neit Issue ol the
Wedding Bells
A vary quiet but pretty wedding
itook place on Wednesday morning at
the St. Mary'a Church when the Rev.
Father Plamondon united ln holy
wedlock Mr. Frederick Dennlson, ot
Blatrmore, to Mias Louisa Drummond of thla city.
The brlde'a brother, Mylo Drummond, gave tbe bride away. Mr.
James Martin waa groomsman and
j tbe bride's sister, MIsb Eltrlda Drum-
I mond, was bridesmaid.
Mra. W. J. B. Guerard presided at
tbe organ upon whlcb she played
tba wadding march; Mrs Guerard also
favored the company with a solo.
A rsther unique circumstance waa
the fact that Mra. Guerard waa the
bride's first school teacher.
The bride waa dressed In a rich
navy blue travelling dress with hat
to match. The bridesmaid wore a
gown ot blue with a white hat:
durlngthe ceremony the bride carried
a bouquet of red rones and the brides
maid a bouquet, ol carnations.
The groom presented the bride wltb
a bandaom* set ot black fox (urs and
the groomsman with a pearl .tick
pin, nnd to the bridesmaid a necklace of pearls.
The prenents were very numerous
consisting of a quantity of cut glass
and silverware, etc.
As the hour sot tor the ceremony
was nt 6 a.m. only a few of the rein,
tlves and frlenda of the contracting
parties were present. The happy
couple left on the 7:15 a.m. train for
lllnlrmnra where they will In future
AT th* Baptist Church at 11 no a.
m., on tba loth ln*t., by Pastor Ken
•all,   Mr.   Evan   William* aad MIM
Elizabeth Blayney, both ol Cranhrook were united ln marriage In
the presence of a company of Immediate family friends. The happy couple left Cranbrook the same evening
to spend three months abroad, visiting tbe borne and relatives ot Mr.
Williams in Wale*.
Bitter Terms t Indian Reserves
Hon. W. J. Bowser, attorney-gen
eral, returned to Vancouver from
Ottawa Monday, November Hth,
where, with Sir Richard McBride, he
arranged lor the appointment of a
commission of five members to investigate Indian affairs in British
Columbia. The commission is to be
Civen power* to mn^e smaller Indian
reserves of land held throughout the
country according to the demands ol
tbe natives and the inroads of set
Another commission of three h
soon to he appointed to take np the
question of better term* for the provlnre, as this province hns for many
years claimed that she has been get
ting the worst of the deal. 0 •
member of the commission Is to be
appointed by the provincial government, nne hy the Dominion nnd one
by the Imperial secretary of the col
Cow Soldjor $1275
"V »' ' t prlc* tew paid In Can.
ada tor a cow, namely 81276 wiih
flveu hy Mr. Thompson, of Dowdney,
for "Madam I'osch" at tbe Ilrst H.C.
provincial gavernincnt mile of pure
bred stock held nt the Coquitlam
Asylum farm near New Westminister
on November 19th. Brent IntcreHt
was shown In the wbole sale anil a
crowd of over two hundred farmers
from all over the province was present.   Bidding was of tba .esnist na
At ten minutes to twelve un Wed-
neaday Chief of Police Dow was informed that a man bad committed
suicide in the Imperial Hotel. Upon
hastening to the scene he lound s
man of the name ol Smith lying over
the arm ot a chair with a bullet
wound in his head, bin right hand
holding a revolver.
It appeals that this mun Smith
arrived In the city on Saturday from
Mayook, where he had been employed
witih the C.P.R. at one ol their comp
ln company with a mun named Mac-
donal'd. Smith reelstered at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where he stopped
ovor Sunday night. On Monday he
went to the Imperial Hotel where he
waB Joined by three other men.
On Wednesday morning about 11:45
the party wer- sitting in the parlor
of the Imperial singing nnd having
n sociable time, wben Smith took
from bin pocket a revolver and tor
whnt wan apparently curiosity opened it out nnd showed his companions
that it contained tbree loaded car
tridges and two other chambers
which were empty. H<; then opened
the gun afl if to eject the cartridges
for shortly nrterwnrris he pointed the
gun nt the wall and snapped the trig
er, then placing the end of it to his
bead he remarked to his companions:
"Don't think 1 mean lt" nnd again
pulled the trigger, this time the gun
nctunllv went, off with the ultimate
result he shot himself.
Robert Orineney, one of hln companions, Irrmedlntely c-illed Chief Dow,
who, on arriving at the pcone found
the mnn with his head nnd shoulders
laving over the left arm of the chair
nnd hln right hand clutching the gun.
He took the gun from tbe man's
hand nnd called (or tbe doctor; upon
Dr. McKinnon arriving he ordered
the man to he taken to the St. Eugene Hospital, where he could he better attended to. Chief Dow placed
the companions ot the man under arrest to nwnit the findings of tho Coroners inquest.
From the effects ol the deceased, we
'earn thnt his right nnms was Willie
Crant. nln mother's name is Mrs. J.
H. Scott, address Kerfcbuldbank, Lan
nrk. Scotland.
Coroner J. H. M. Dell subpoenaed
the following gentlemen as a Jury to
nvestigute tbe shooting:—W. Halsall
A. Henderson. O. Lenak, E. Hill, E.
H. Smnll. L. Clapp, and J. Armour.
Thn following Ih the testimony of
thoso present at tbe tlrrfl ot shooting
Dr. McKinnon—I wns cnlled to the
Tmperlnl Hotel nt noon yesterday,
ilecensed wnn in the parlor In n chair
lnylne- over the left side, unconscious
nnd still breathing, but bleeding from
ii bullet wound In the head, the hole
or cnur«e of the bullet was upward
nnd n n backward direction. There
was no pistol tn bis hand. I could
not nay how clime tbe L'un wns to
his he-id when the shot wan fired. He
lived until 3 p.m. without again recovering consciousness nt all. I did
uot see nnv powder around the wouod
He was hIbo bleed ng from the right
nostril nnd there wns blood In the
right e-ir. The course of the bullet
suggested that he shot himself. \
Robert Orkeney:—I identified the de
censed bis name was Smith, I have
known h m nhont a month, wc were
working together nt Mayook for the
C.P.R. We left our work on Saturday. November 16th. He came to
Cranbrook on Saturday and I came
on Monday. We had been drinking
together, and wben at the Imperial
he asked me to get a bottle ol Whiskey the barkeeper asked me not to
drink It in the sitting room. He
took his gun out, tbe gun contained
threi cartridges, too chambers being
unloaded, and before I could do anything the deed was accomplished. He
botlfht the pistol on Saturday and
tiled to sell it on Monday. 1 never
heard him makr; nny turcntB to take
his llle and my opinion Is that he
thought tho chamber was unloaded.
He retained prssrsslon of the pis-
tolnnd would not let nny one handle
it. I know thnt there were three
chambers lor I saw them. The pistol wus here shown to and examined
by the Jury.
I thought the dere-ised was only
trylnc the pistol thinking It to be
emnty. He only snapped tbe tr gger
once. I then went for the pollen nnd
n doctor.
Hn hnd tried to sell the pistol on
Mondnv mornln« nnd would not accept one dollar for It saying thnt he
would throw  It  away first.
Ohnrles Or gi-s:—I hnve known the
deceased nbout one month. I was
with him on Monday, we stopped at
the Imperial. We only had about 3
drinks wa both slept In the same
room. He was undor the Influence of
drinkthe night before. He bought
the gun on Tuesday paying 110 for
it, I don't know who from. He waa
a Jolly sort of a fellow.
I don't think he bought thc gun to
kill himself with for he was a good
natured Bort of fellow. He had been
sine Ing nil the morning.
I don't know how long he had been
in the country, he wnH not drinking
in the camp. We went In the parlor
of the Imperial and he snapped the
pistol nt the wall, then turned it to
his h-ad, saying: "Don't think 1
menn It Hob." I don't think he had
any rensons for doing t, he made no
remarks when hn bought the gun. We
CLtme to Crnnbrook on Monday morning.
Frank Macdonald:—I did not eee
the shooting. I wns asleep. The first
I knew was the people coming In, I
never heard him sny that he was going to commit suicide. I have
known the deceased about amonth.
I did not see him buy the gun. He
had been drinking considerable at
Wardner whero we stayed about 3
hours. He told ine be had heen away
from his people about eight years. 1
think that he wns about 2S or 26
yearn old.
Chief of Police Dow:-- I was called
to the Imperial hotel on Wednesday
morning by a man saying tbat another mnn was shot, I found the deceased in a chair with a gun in bis
right hand; I took It away, then
went for a doctor. The gun had two
empty cartridges in It, and two loaded cartridges wen on the floor. The
man was removed to the St. Eugene
The   findings   of the Jury was that
the   deceased    wus   accidently kllbvl
while  hnndl ng   a gun thut was supposed to he empty or unloaded.
From the evidence submitted there
Is no doubt but that the deceased
had thought that he had emptied tbe
cartridges from the gun. and that he
had no intention of taking his own
lite. The dere.mod was n native ol
Scotland, and had been in this country about eight years.
tuee and a record average price tor
dairy cows for the Dominion of Canada wan established besides that for
tbe Individual cow.
Speaking ot the sale Dr. C. E.
Doherty, Superintendent of tbe Asylum expressed himself as delighted
with the results. 'In my opinion,"
he said, "It was far nnd awny the
best sale of stock ever held In Wet-
tern Onnndn or on the l-aclllc Coast.
The priceH realized exceeded thoss
obtained at the tamoue Syracuse
sale at New York, ll was n wonder
lul proof nf the splendid demand tor
the hest dairy nit ft- and horses In
the Fraser vnlley nnd tbe whole ol
the Province, nnd nlso nf the unexampled opportunities before the dairy
farmer uround New Westminister and
throughout the valley."
The average price received for
cows, 7 nil HolsU'ln-Frelslans, wae
I61G.CI1, n record Inr the Horn nlon:
for heller calves 1226.66 and fnr bull
calves 1285,41. <Ker 117,000.0(1 was
realized by tbe whole sale.
Among the distinguished purchasers wore Hon. Price Ellison, Minister of Finance and Agriculture, and.
Hon. .Ins. DunSmulr, Just after thn
sale wns cloned the latter gentleman
paid (600.0H l.ii n hull call only
tbree weeks old
The horsi'M also obtained splendid
prices. Cnn of the best sales was
that ol l.nily l.aurler to Hon. Price
Ellison for 1050.00, Eleven hundred
and ten dollars were pnld hy Mr. Mo
Ksnnon lor the pair, (jneeni- Carru
chun and Prince ol Carruchan
The Corporation of Iho City
of Cranbrook
Now that the cement sidewalks
have been completed the following
figures showing the actual cost will
nn doubt be of Interest to property
owners, especially those on Baker
Hlock M        I 961.63
Block 89     648.04
Block 90    992.70
Dlock 91    576.76
Hlock 93    1177.98
Block 94    691.S9
A total of 15,047.60
of which the property owners pay I
or I3,7«s 63. and the City I or 11,151.
Mrn     Anna    Reynold!   died  at  th*
, reHldencr- <>f her (lj.tij-htei,  Mm Chan.
i It    Hheppard  ut Cnnnbrook,  ou  Hun
■ dny   morning,   Nov.    17th    The de-
r.rnaed   wuh   7[> yeiim of age Hnd hnd
hnd    been    fftlllitK   In health (or tbe
punt    tew    month*.      Hpertal  funeral
nervier-*   wer*.   held Ht the Method!*!
Church   on   Tuesday   nt which Hev.
W. K. Ulinhnm    made   nonir very ap-
prm>i late   reference*   to her eplendid
life   nnd    tti.    IfFwoiiH   to   um today
Rev.  O.   K,   Kendall  iilnn imntHted  nt
:the   IriHt    rltei.     Undertaker   K    M.
MaoPhertoo hu* chnrne of the funeral arrauMcmenU. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,, B. C,,
■aH*~M"H*H"M>+ l-'l-l-l- :-H-H-M~H-I-I-H-I ■****
Now! |
Is the Time |
To Get Ready For the Winter J
Felt Weather Strip |
Window Glass *
Tar Paper     Building Paper ?
Comfort Felt l
Ready    Roofing
of It.
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. Phone 5   ?
t "?■•*" i**i**I**"i**i'*ff**i**r *•**»* *i**l"l"l"f ■■|"I"*I"T ****,|"i,ir*i ■ *f"l,,l,'i,"f"li f**T*"*' I "I* I '*■ I1"— l**e-
Kootenay's Leading Taxidermist
a Specialty
Fancy   Moccasins    for   Ladies,   Misses  and
Children.   Indian   Bead  Work
Burnt Leather Goods
Cranbrook, B.C. P. O. Box 2*ih
i^H-^H--l*-l*-l--l-l"r--l-l--l-Wtr-M--t-M- -M-*^-W+-H-+-HH-+++++-l--«-M-
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee  our work
ranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
; Heating Company
? W. F. Johnson.  Prop..  P.O.  box 904
T        WORKS    Kdward Street Cranbrook.  B.C.     "
The   unvarying    fairness    uf   the
Mounted   Police   in dealing with tbe
; Indiana   had   a marked etlect on old
j Sitting Hull, when, Bhortly after the
. Custer    n.i.t.H.icrt-,    he came with Mb
band   ol   Sioux   across   the border,
, says c. v.. Armstrong, recounting in
I November CANADA MONTHLY some
reminiscences   of   n   former mounted
policeman   a the Cypress Hills divis*
' ion of the force.
One day away back In the seven*
; ties, breathless Blackfeet scouts came
to the police post ut Cypress Hills
! with the startling news that the
whole American army bad been wiped
out to the soutb and that the terrible Sioux were hitting the trail
northward fur the boundary,
This news could not but fait to pro
duce some uneasiness among tha
handful ol red-ooated trooper., who,
although thev had no other thought
than to stand their ground mul put
up ii hold front, come what might,
felt very dubimit. hh to the outcome
\ when a thousand or more Hioux,
wtth the blood lust strong in them,
Hooded tbo boundary country Boouts
were thrown out to Hive word oi
the approach ol Sitting Bull's war
riors, and the da ly routine ol the
post whs carried on quite an usual,
single constables riding !iu and wide
dome then duty, despite all the red
skins on ttie plains Then, over
night and us silently as Uie stars,
the Sioux Invaded the Cypress Mills,
snd when morning broke the smoke
from their c&mp lires roue id the
clear air from the ridge of b.lls completely   surrounding the httle police
■ post. Tips of tepees appeared abovn
the trees, and the si^ht was omui
ous to the little troop of police in
the  valley  below      Colonel  Walsh  -ie-
' cided that a bold stroke without delay was imperative, and mounting
every available man he rode at the
' head of bis small force into the
! Sioux camp Ht sought out Sitting
I Bull for a pow-wow. The Sioux
'. chief was reticent at tirst. but the
Canadian officer told him through an
■ Interpreter that while he sojourned
in Canada he must respect the laws
and behave himself or disaster would
come to him and his warriors, they
wmiltl be hunted as a coyote is hunted,driven from bluff to bluff, from
slough to slough, until not one of
them remained.
Hitting Hull heard this ultimatum
in silence. Then, drawing himself up
and streeching lii, arm out to indicate the wide range, he said, in a
few words, that the Sioux were not
at war with their white brothers of
Cnnada, that they enme as peaceful
men with no malice in their hearts,
and thnt they would respect the laws
of tbe white meu.
Premier Accused
Hir Redmond Rolilln, premier ol
Manitoba, umi Hon. Robert Rogers,
lutely appointod dominion minister
ol public works, ure named us principals in a case allcK ng tbe violation
of Canada's election lawa In Mc
Donald district. The trial promises
to be tbe most sensational in Canadian political blBtory owing to tba
prominence ol those involved.
Not YetJIected
Dr. Woodrow Wilson at present only holds the title ol President Elect
Ol the United Stntes by courtesy
The stages In the election ol tlio
president oi the republic are ns foi
lows November S. 1913— Votei-B ln
each stnte chooso presidential electors. January 13, 1918—Presidential
electors of ouch stnte, forming tbe
electoral college, .meet lu tbe state
Capitols nnd eust their votes tor
president and vice president. The
list of votes recorded is sent by mes
Benger—'Usually one of the electors—
to the president ol the senate, wash
ington. February 12. 1913—The
president ol tbe senate ui the presence ol both house ol congress opeue
nnd counts the stnte returns, and
announces the result. The candidate
loi president who receives at least
itn- electoral votes, winch is n majority ol the total eleotoral vote
15311 eust. then becomes legally the
President-Elect, u title which popu
lm usage hns given him from November -t Tiie same applies to tbe
choosing ol a vice-president. Murcb
'. 1913—The new president takes tbe
oath ol -'"ice in the Capitol Build
tun   and is Inaugerated Into otlice.
north   54.80   to   tbe   point ol   commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Uctober 28,  1912. 46-9t
■ HH HIIIH-III111111 l|c| I lilt. 111 11111 lllll;-
For a licence to take  and use water. '' J
NOTICE! ts hereby given that'Harry Kdwards ol Wyellfle, B.C., wtll
apply tor a licence to tnke and use
271) acre feet of wnter out ol perry
Oreek, which flows in u north easterly direction through various lands
and empties Into Ht. Mary's River,
Tho water will bo diverted nt SOO
yards from the mouth of creek and
will he used for Irrigation purposes
on tho laud described ns Lot 3019.
This notice wa» posted on the
ground on the 7th day ol October.
1912. The application will be llled
In the otlice ol the Water Recorder at
Oranbrook, B.O.
Objections mny ha lllod with said
Wator Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water ltle,hts, Parliament
Buildings,  Victoria, B.O.
-l-5t Applicant.
professional   Curbs
- au6 -
£ob$e   Ilotices
****4- ** i -I i in i ii ii 111 'Ihi m 11» 1111111 n i m»
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
OIVBN    that    tbe Court of Revision
(or the purpose of correcting antl re-
visuii;  the voters' list of the City ot
Craabrook, -ind to determine any duplication    to strike out the name of
I any person which haa been impropet*-
! ly    placed   thereon,   nnd to place on
'. auch list the name of any person im-
' properly omitted from such list, will
I sit   on   the   10th    day    of December,
' 1912, nt    thehour   of 11 o'clock a.in,
I (local   timet    in   the Council Chamber! in the City of Cranbrook.
16-41 O.M.C.
District of Bast Kootenay
TAKK NOTICB that I, Reginald J.
l-.ydn.tt,    ol   Calgary,    Alberta,    intend to apply for the purchase of tbe
following  described lands.    Conunenc
j ing   at   a post planted ut the north-
! west   corner of   lot 6622 thence run-
j nlng  eaat   80   chains,   thence soutb
1 78.00      chains,   tbence      west    50.75
! chains,    thence     north    25      chains,
! thence    weat    31.25    chains,    tbence
: HH HI 111 II I HIIIH- H-H-M HH lllll I IIIIH- ■ -
\ Central   Meat
Tiliil   I   li I   HXAAJJ   I   ■   t—m—M—m—M—taJLA
rl'TT I TTIT'T TT Tl   r I   I   I   I   I   I   P~
the Tfutlmn of ear • lndl«retlont and ir..**.-*•*..
i »r» me
.1 irvl
,- , ii
I) !-.■.. ' I
el     nil i   tried
in r - l ■•■ i
■ r en rgy and *•■ ■■<■■;■   I   n i i'i*-*.
i tr bee    ••* *.-<■■■. 1 o»u (-.*..■■■'  ■- .[.
HP nn
ot'iur do-*-) 1.  u i -i «*
variuii-. tlrug storo no..tr
0'ir N«w Mot'-n-d '1 ft.li*.—■: I i Ft •»Hl.-'<l
bundrnUlr in Uw hi ... -f un . hu i >•
htorsd b&pplotii to 1 nd -■■■ f n Mid
hoi mado smxcttCut m .i uf iho«o     ia ■■-•
■•down end out."   Vfo ptwurl -   >  Hfl m
odioe for eaoh fadtvUlifiu caw a     i Iio
symptomi  iml   cor-mijenil'ini   ■■ ■•        ■*  no
patent modicinea.  'ihlilsouenfi
hup wonderful (hccm*. ai our tr***.   ■ i    cannot fall, for we prescribe rented i ..>:    i***i v>
paell inrtlvi.liinl--.I*** Oit'.v Olll -, ■■ ,.■■■•• ;■•■-
OPpted, W« h*vn Hone butint-M Uu-.u<fboUt
CsuiatU fir ovor 20 V -.tn.
Dairy Butter 30 cents
per pound
LA. Jolliffe, Prop.       -      Norbury Ave.
******************    ***************
j..* -|*-[-*("| ■i»|-}'-t'f.r|.4"i*T*i"i"l"l"i*'i,*l'  TTi"TTT*l"i""ri"rT^wl,*i'^'1"*I^T'l** '
a rn ye
Rare you lout
lias your uluuil beeu dlKtaetll 1,--■■■- you id**
rreakneuf Our New Mttftod Traalmtnt will
euro you. Whnt it im« dona f'tr oUiaiti II "111
tjo for yoili   Camullatinn Fre*. matt«l
who hns trfldifl-i you, wntu fi.r an hoosat
'-pitiloii       Fr*>«   of   U,-tf.      B-..il<-   Pr««-
"ii iyiiiift-1, Mn'.ii'H. i Patuernooii iiiukirut
od M>i> Uiiwuei of tubi
NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT.   No nini«-n **•■•>■ or a**«L
mm.   Ef •mhing Conf id«nli-J.   (jii'-uon |.ui »ml Uit ui I ratuntoi I-HEl FOR HOME
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.,  Detroit, Mich.
Dooderbam Ht W.utH, upecinl
li. 0, Ui.tlllery Co., apodal
Oorby'a y|i«ciat H.«l»rt.
Sparkling Burgundy
.Milium'. I'Jxt.m Dry
I'ulilliiury   tine
Wllltu ..oul
Tippn OlilanLa
Italian (lrn|>|ia
(IroKtii Blanco
Kacmly (Hilara
Oawaon'a Old Ottrrlo
tlawaon'a Huri* Mquoui
Dawaon'a Hpoclal
UcwHr'a flparinl
King (leori-o IV
Hluck ty whito
Whito Homo Llquaur
White lloraa dollar
(Hon Arthur
Hp»y lloynl
Dlatlllora liliiuaur
romptly Flllod
iee ui |**r'"f-ii'il1v call 'it our M
■o  palle«U   in  our   Wimlwr   ufli
UamtiXoty tor Ciinndinti buiHtieM only
Wrltn for our private ntlriroaa.
All letters from Cnnnd.i must l*e addressed
to our Canadian Corriipondence f)«part«
nietit In \v'it»<l»*»r. Ont. H you dei.ro
Ileal lii'<iitiitr jn Detroit an we iee nnd trc.it
which nre for Correspondence and
Address nil iruer* nu follows
A   Full I.Iiii- nr other Choice Iinuids   uf Wlm-n, Spirits nuil 1.1
(lUSUrS,      CtKUI'H   lllld   Mill    (llllNHI'H
Phone 95—Wholesale WitifcB and Spirits—Hox 8
Cranbrook, B.C.
Dlatrlct ol lo.i.i Kuotmiay
TA.KB NOTIOB tlmt 1, R. l'owero,
ol C'aUuiy, Alliertu, Uitcuil to apply
lor the purehu-Ki ol tlio lollowlng
described landa. Ooinmenoin*| at a
poat planted at the southwest cornel- ol lot 6621, tlience enst 80 chains
tlience north 80 chains, thonoo west
SU chains, theneo south mi chains to
iho point of commencement.
H. POWERS, Locator
.1   Laurie, Agout
iiute.i Uctober U. 1»1-. «6-«
Sealed Tenders, supe'racribed "Tan-
der lor Coal Oreek School," will be
received by the Honorable tha Minister ot Public Worka up to noon ol
Monday, the 25th day ol November,
1912, lor the erection and completion
ol an additional frame class-room between and connecting tbe two exist
ing schools, witb lurnace-room, base
ment, new entrance and vestibule at
Coal Creek, about Ave miles trom
City ot Fernie, in the Fernie Elector
al District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forma ol tender may be seen on and
nfter the 4th day ol November, 1912,
at the ofllce of J. S. T. Alexander,
Esq., Government Agent, Fernie; H.
G. Mlnrd, Esq., Secretary ol School
Board, Coal Creek, B.C.; and the Department ol. Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank ot Cnnada, made payable to the
Honourable the Minister ol Public
Works, lor u sum equal to 10 per
cent, ot their tender, whlcb shall ba
forfeited il the party tendering de-.
cline so enter into contract wben eal
led upon to do so, or il be tail to
complete the work contracted tor.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
ol unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution ot
the contract.
Tenders will not be considered un
less made out on the forms supplied,
signed wltb tho actual signature ol
the tenderer, and enclosed In the envelopes (urniahed.
The lowest or any tender not noceas
arily accepted..
Public Worka Bnglneer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., October 30th, 191*
P.L.B.   Il   O.B.
ORANBHOOK,     ...     B.O.
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
Oourt Cranbrook No. 8949.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each montb.
Louia Pearaon, Sac., P.O. Box Oil.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
Barristers,  Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 222
ORANBROOK.    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KINO   ftORBEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Odlca at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
OIHcs Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 tu 10.00
Alternoone - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings - - - 7.90 to 9.90
Sundays 2.30 to 4.30
Oranbrook, B.C.
guarantees the
'Kootenay' Steel Runge
to be a perfect cooker
and bnker as well as a
durable range. We
also guarantee the
'Kootenay' to be a permanent investment .Call
and see It before you
decide on the
-". V.     STEEL        **
c Ran5e .
MhiIh Specially lu Hum H. 0.
p'ut-l, repairs! wlu-u imc-.t--.nry,
ill way* in slunk   at  Vuucouver
Dr.    F.   B.    MILES
Office In Hanson Block
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Notburj Avwoo Nut to Citr Hall
Opoo Dsy and Nlgbt Phono Ul
Funeral Director,
■■HONK 34H
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   ln   tbe   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and Ith Tuesdays ln every month, at
8  p.m.   Membership open to British
N.  A.  Walllnger, Pies
W. C. Crebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Box 425.
Visiting members cordially welcome '
A. F. * A. H.
Regular   meetings   on   tbe
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, w™-shlpiul Master
J,  S. Peck, Secretary
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S» P. O. Box 845
************** III ll..*-
At, *
' l-roo l" '-"""' '*'"'"" ""l
\ liCC and mall this coupon
•' AT ONCE: Sample ol our ex-
J pert   penumiiMliip and  laoul*
i natlng Ihhhoii ln shorthand.
i The
• Blair Business College
[ Spokane, Waah.
1 I   am   Interested   lu Bind-
! ne». Education.   Please send
1 ma   full   Information   about
| your Collage, and especially
• about lho subjects checked
| below:
* Bookkooplog   ..Shorthorn!    I*"*1
i . Typewriting     Poiiminililp  '^1    '*
, .Qukk-Biutrog..LoUoc.wrltln»           ■>
',', 1 can iM-gln a course about     ..
, i    Name
Frank Dezall
A^ent for
Deering Sf McCormick
Mowers tt1 Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reason
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ex.  Comp.—A.  C.  Hhankland,  B.
Cranhrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 32
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
N. B. Houston, C. O.
.     F. A. Stride, K. R. ft S.
K. A. Hill. M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at  Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows, cordially Invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
No. 1042
Meats every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
In   Royal   Black   Knlghta   Hall.
R. S. ftarrett, See.
Circle No. 463
Companions ol the Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourtb Thursday of each Month at
3:(K) p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. O.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions  cordially   welcome. 36tl
Men's  Hats   Made  Over Any
Ladies'   Beaver   or   Felt  Hats
Cleaned or Dyed  any Color-
Blocked over the Newest Styles
at Reasonable Rates
Wo hove no A.oiiL or Sullcltor.
J. H. Smith
M atonic  Tempi*
THE STANDARD It tho National
Weekly Newspaper of tht* Dominion
of Cunada, It l* national In all Ita
It uaea thu moat expttnatvu enyrav-
IfittB, procuring tlm photo-craplM trom
all qvor thu world.
Ita article* am '.itn-fully atMected and
Um udltorlal policy li iii.truuglily
A HiiliHcrlpt inn to Thi) Stitndstrd
coata |2.00 par yaar to nny uddreaa ln
Canadu ih- Gr«at Mrllnln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montraal Standard Publishing Co,
.   Limited, Publlshsrs. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK,  11. C.
ot   1
lifafl>*r. ^ J 3
It's Right in Washing
ton, Where Society
and Officialdom Have
Fallen for the Earlyj
Morning Dip in the
Municipal Bathing Pool
rI III ERE lift' people who consider Wash-
M ington society snobbish. There are
■*•*■ certain fresh-grown millionaires who,
afler n season ai lhe capital, consider Wash-
ington society nl Ira-snobbish,
And ■eel, for lhe lasl six weeks Washington society has been proving ilself so thoroughly democratic lhal even the lone Socialist of congress must be amazed at its telling
down lhe burs.
for Washington society hits taken to
fal ionizing lhe bul king beach!
The summer session of congress has kept
tt large number of men and women of lhe
'carious sets which go lo make up national
capital excltisiveness maty from their usual
warni-wealher haunts, and ihcy Imve bcen
having to cool, breakfast a get their men full: off
to work or do any of tl-.e myriad detMIs hampering
tho early day of the poor woman, always have the
advantage of arriving first. So they have rather appropriated the end pool, which is the only one with
a diving' board.
The beach In open from 830 to .ft. bul by !i all
the best If now n poople have departed breakfastword,
leaving the place In possession of thp jrenera] public.
Thc G. P., however, doea not seem to relish this second
chance at the water, There has been much dissatisfaction over .\ hat i» termed the ''Invasion" down
The pavilion la surrounded by a wire fence, which
is quite Inadequate lo protect tho bathers from the
vulgar gaxe. Hn during thc hours set spaii for
"mixed" bathing two policemen solemnly patrol the
outside, keeping away tho 'overcurioui masculinity.
To aome this seems rather Inconsistent, when any
woman may take a man Inside whn happens to be her
escort. At nrst the peace guardians duties were
rather light, hm now that society has grown oallous
of association with tin- masses mid comes down In
equally large number*, for the afternoon bathing from
4 to fl, tho task of keeping back lho crowds Ih much
At this later session about every section of the city
and .stratum of society is represented, The millionaire
woman and her laundress bathe in serene proximity,
if the washerwoman can manage to force a way Into
the  diving   pool,    Members   of  congress   and   truck
toners fc*iv*. tnv*- ttp the controversy, and th«
rlntendent ai this writing finds himself in t. very
easant position officially, through no fault of his
According to a section of the district appro-
tlon bill, which provides for the bathing beach,
ni.i section 222 of the revised statutes, it Is
r and Illegal" for employes of the muilclpal
use them nfter specified hours for the pur-
slvir*Bf swimming lessons for pay. Hep re -
Jieu Johnson, chairman of the house diatrict
r-, itti-ps one view of (he matter, and Com-
• Rudolph, of Washington, quite another,
according to interview.'* wiih them. The former maintains that there ia nn law prohibiting- the compound-
ins; ut salaries unless the person drawing more than
one salary is the incumbent of hu administrative
ofl.ee. So it all hinges on whether or not Mr, Hudson's office comes under the prohibitive "clause. As
the only statutory prohibition as to the number of
positions a person may hold Is that the combined
salaries must, not exceed 92600 annually, and Hudson's totals $2200, It would appear that ht is not
engaging In anything Illegal.
But th*- Innocent dse-ire t-f r few fashionable
women to learn swimming has brought about u district and congr«-pBin]iRi wrangle worthy of a- comic-
opera setting. Whatever ihe verdict, U will be a
hollow victory for the lifeguards. Even if they win
out on the right to accept tips for swimming lessor.*-,
they have already been denied lhe right t„ make use
of tiie governmental pools for private profit. Po it
will be a case of tba nursery rhyme, "Ves, you may
go In swimming, dear, but don't go near the water:"
Meanwhile wealthy women are having a beautiful
timo learning to swim during ihe regulation hours
They are as entitled lo he taught as if they did not
have a  hia.is   farthing1,    And  if  thev   want   to Blip  u
few  pennies   to  tho stalwart  youth   who Instructs,
neither Mr. Hudson nor the whole United States government COUld Intimidate tbem.
COUld Intimidate then
ly, that congressional committee hai
!ts--ir rather blind io good business opnortunl
the presence of Society, with a capital "8,"
l-aiiiiui. iieaih lias given ll an amount »f fi**p
Using  that would make r   proas
with   envy.    Shortly  after  it  wa;
guards  must  refrain   from   "after
SO, for
at the.
;c advtr-
;u aretn
that the
would have scorned to attend them, Obviously tliey
were for "the poor." Obviously, because overy thing
connected With tho beach is free. Individual bath-
houses, towels, services of the lifeguards, all wero
and are to be had for the asking; and for the meager
sum of 15 cents a man or woman may hire a bathing
suit. Very many of the dally attendants at the beach
cannot even think of affording any such luxury, and
In the previous seasons have placidly worn whatever
they could concoct nt home oa a proper costume for
"taking the water."
Onco society put the seal of approval on such
democratic bathing*, however, all the hundreds of
women in Washington wbo bang perilously to the
out'-r edge of social recognition proceeded to buy
bathing stilts ami rise car],y enough to wash In the
same water with women they had previously known
only  through the newspaper.".
Incidentally tbey have found the road to auch
fashionable association a weary one, since lt lead**
across the .Mall for a good mllo from any street ear.
yet who would consider distance or heat when
braving them moans bathing in the pool favored by
Mrs. Nicholas Longworth, or the Misses ltlvero, daughters of tho Spanish minister, or Mrs. Jones, wife of
the United states consul general to Canada?
Certainly not the social climbers with which Washington abounds.
Si.-. -
* ~Ai *-*»*v-t._. •-
1/ -Jtvmm/ne-jtt\i7 -* ~r
7fo &Ar<vI>ytyfvrrmr7fir4 /BrV*v
hard pressed lo find amusement, with humidity and high temperature having a daily battle.
'Members of the senatorial and congressional
sets; of the army and navy, of Uie diplomatic and just plain resident sets had ex-
hausled the towns resources for enjoyment by
July first, when the municipal swimming pool
opened for Ihe season.
1 Then a genius of Ihe smart set had an
inspiration. Some accredit it to Mrs. Nicholas Longworth—possibly because she has been
the organizer of so many unique ventures in
Washington social circles. At any rale, she
mid her husband'Nicholas Longworth, have
from the first been among the most ardent
patrons of the pools.
WHOEVKU originated llle plan decided that tiie
only way to patronize a bathing beach was
to go there and bathe. At first, efrovta
were made to obtain oxclustve use of the
pools during certain evening hours. Superintendent
William H. Uudion refused to imako any distinction.
The water wns tlieru and the bathing facilities anil
llfegua.ru. free to llle public, but only at stipulated
Than Borlvly did a hli of thinking and decided
lhat the way out of too general association with folk
not on |ts vlslllng list wus to battle very early In the
morning, before tho pools had been "soiled'- by the
Waslilngli.ii streels are Ideal for automobiles, especially electrics, and most wealthy women own and
operate Ihem. So, how easy to rise with the city's
tqulvalenl for the lark and, first donning a bathing
•ult st home, motor down lo what all fashionable
•lies lioi.slst In calling "llie Buttling UCacll"!
And. naturally, this unexpected Influx greatly taxed
the capacity of the place. Provision wae made for 1000
bathers, or for 00) comfortably. When the women
from the unfashionable sections were augmented by
tbelr atstera from the northwest and the husbands,
brothers, cousins and sweethearts of said sisters, the
"beach" became a literal swarm of humanity.
But society has proved too democratic to mind any
inconvenience so long as the water continues wet and
the towels plentiful. For weeks Ilk has been regarded
as the regular thing to get up at daybreak and be
down at tho pools at 6 o'clock, when they open. There
are three of the latter along In a row, with the largest and most deslrablo at one end.   Smart folks, not
drivers, army officers and car conductors with an
"afternoon off" commingle; and the woman who would
rather perish than be fushluiiable. and she whoso sole
umbftlon is to be rated with thc elect swim shoulder
to shoulder wltb somebody like MIsh Isabel Crosby,
a, noted belle and a daughter or Colonel Crosby, IT,
S. A., now In charge of the Soldiers' Home, or M.
Lutle, chancellor of the Swiss legation.
Of all the representatives ln congress, none enjoys
a more favorable social position In Washington than
Albert Sidney Burleson, of Texas. Both he and bin
family are what the milliner terms a high-priced
creation, "rich, but not Kay." When tliey indorse anything It taken on an air not always to he furnished
by the extreme smart set. And the Burlssbns have
been, from the opening day, keen patrons of the bath-
Ing beach.
Very early In the summer certain young women
who rather neglected swimming lessons during childhood realized the municipal pools would afford them
excellent opportunity to lenrn swimming before going
away to Newport or Har Harbor. So they have
nol been content to merely go down to Iho bathing
beach and wade about. The llfegunrds are splendidly
proportioned fellows—all of them are college men—
and it is no hardship for them to Instruct natty
young women In perfectly fitting bathing suit;, how
not to drink When they go under water mul bow to
breathe when on top of It. Equally lt seemed a fair
proposition that ihe would-be swimmers pay the
handsome young men of small salary for their efforts
to teach t-raoe and daring In the water.
Hut the girl with the euine physical assets who
foolishly chose poor parents for herself bas bitterly
resented   this   arrangement,   The   Washington   com-
leBsons, s eoierte of Washington belles, w
always Just on the toppling point of audacl
peered at the pools in very abbreviated bat bin
with regulation half-length masculine socks
again scandalized com uum folk once
sir with walls of Indignation.   When
to    buy    full-length    base,    surely    lli>
might do the same. Onco more congressional
mlttees and commissioners were lnt olvefl,
But   no   musty  hook   could  be   f I   uny win
the whole legal library to cover the vase of a v,
wearing socks at a bathing beach. Mr. tludsoi
the stand that a fair bather was al liberty t-
them   preference   over  stockings—"if  she  can
lea.    The
rent   the
i com-
Of   Ilu
He ftif-'lr-tt-d lhat It would pro
women have mastered It, however,
sights of the "beach" on* an aftorno
lo see some widely known social light poised
ilie edge of the springboard arrayed In n pn
short,   loose    knickerbockers,   or   bloomers,
socks   and   a   Jersey.
With   one   accord    those    feminine.';
whose  doings   are   flashed   around   th
elected lo doff their skirls when diving.   Very
•'fancy work" can he done in thix connection,
ever, mm the deepest pool  is only a  nn  ovei   *
feet.   It is JU0 feet In length by 46 feet lu wldtl
contains 235,000 gallons of water,   it has
re in
I   glvo
r,  ond
ut    Ihr
SI li
ipiai di
ople li
" t-i
UIEHE hav* been queens who wielded greater
power; princessi-a who gained more fame;
but few are the women in the roster of
royalty who hare so long aud so happily
enjoyed the dignity of royalty as Augusta Caroline
Charlotte Elizabeth Mary Sophia Louise, dowager
grand i1u-.-1m.ss of Mccklenburg-Strt-litz, the royal
aunt of Europe.
Her name merely happened thnt wny; it wasn't
her fault. If you wero to east about in the Almanac!, de Gothfl. you would probably find scores with,
names as high-powered nnd dozens with n few
yards more tanked on. The helpless baby in a
royal family is juBt loaded up with names to satisfy
all tho mothers-in-law, grandmother* and dead and
gone ancestors who may be loafing around outf.ide
of perdition or bliss and liable to be sore if their
memory is neglected. When the baby reaches the
age of discretion, the useless luggage of nomenclature is dumped overboard and the -child has. a
chance to swim out.
That is what the dowager grand duchess did
long before alio annexed the Meeklenburg-Stnlita
title; and sensible she was, for whnt woman could
have expected lo survive with Mecklcnhuvg-StrcliU
bumping along after all Ihe other names sho had
to bear up under? Paring it down to simple Augusta Caroline, she has managed to survive for a
full ninety years, a living and shining example of
tho simple life in tho mutter of Christian names,
and also of the longevity of the British and German royal families.
The place open
hours tbree  dnys
•d on July I, with morning bathing
a week "for women alone or for
women Wllh escorts'—there being Beparate hours provided, for Just men and boys. On tho tlrst Wednesday after the opening curly morning pedestrians
across the Mall, back of tbe State, War and Navy Department liiilltliiig, weija nstonlshed almost into stupor
by seeing three or four private automobiles wending
Ihelr way down toward the Speedway, In them was
tho advance guard ol fashionables going for a sun-
Ana here ono r>T ihe mosl peculiar phases of their
SepartuVe from ways conventional manifested Itself,
iioclely had ruilier hesitated over the Idea of "mixed"
battling as npplied to the classes and the musses. Dut
the iHttm- elrmcut did not hesitate at till. In tones
more happily suited to Willow Tree alley than Connecticut avenue, they voiced their Indignation over
this Invasion of tiie smart set, thinking, of course, It
was merely a freak notion of tho moment. But tlio.
disturbing element had come lo stay. Friday.;,.orntiig
the automobiles had doubled lu nun'^cT, nnd by lho
nest Wednesday lhe llue-u'' 0f Pveiicli bathing regalia
would have put Troovitle to shame.
Hln Id nismu^s nh<\ maiden sunts who used to don
a prose I--, *-n*-.ppei- und pair of nondescript bloomers
w*li> -iiCi.iidaUi.ed by tho appearonoe of fashionable
yonuk women fund even some nol so young) In regulation diving attire sons the usual skirt, but pUljrary
jjiajy-ly jfilk stnoklni** i«j ***'" to muicii lho suit.
j n« pools were, of course, meant for the general
public, yoi n mlddta-olali womon of comfortable means
THAT Is her royal blood line. Augusta Caroline
waa the sister of the late duke of t'ambridgo
and thc girlhood playmate of Queen Victoria.
Her brother George, of Cambridge, died In 1904,
aud people then exclaimed over tho grim fashion In
which hie lino hung ou to its royal perquisites and
prerogatives. They had largely forgotten lho existence of his aged sister, lost to view lu the German
principality of Mocklonburg-Strollta. But they were
reminded of lt almost at onco by tho death of her
husband, the grand duke, whoso end came In the samo
year us thut of her brother. She has been a widow,
therefore, during tho lust eight years; but both ber
losses have failed to weaken noticeably the grip her
halo old body holds on tho life which bus passed so
happily for her.
Her descent from the royal Hue of Great Britain
and tho German houso of Hohenzollern made her kin
to practically all of the ruling houses of Europe, In
some degree of relationship, and It even Invaded her
marriage tie. Georgo m of England espoused Char-
lotto Sophia, who wua tho daughter of diaries Louis
Frederick, the duke of Mo'eklenburg-Btrellti-, So Bhe
was directly of thc ruling bouse ol the German grand
duchy aB lhe duke's granddaughter; she wus the niece
of George IV of Kngland and cousin of Queen Victoria,
Bhe wns also full cousin to young Frederick, heir
to the duchy of her grandmother's birth, when, In the
early forties of tlio last century, she noticed that agreeable nnd very clever young Gorman prince looking at
ber wllh glances thut were rapidly becoming too
ardent for cousinly affection, ye h-i-i ove." advantage
of noiUlGli A.'.-' wealth; nnfl, while ihelr consanguinity
w«s dose, Hie peculiar advantages offered by the
match were eo niinictivo to tho tluko of Kont, her
father, that he gave bis consent. The wedding tool!
place in Buckingham Palace on June nn, iss
uers was an alliance which promised only lhe
quietest, most uneventful of futures. Mul both sorrow
snd Joy came lu Unlooked-for Ways to her and her
husband,   she hud HKtirWl a handsome, alert, brilliant
iigure among the minor sovereigns or iQurope,   But
more than   half ti   century  ago,   while  tliolr  sou   and
heir, prince George, was playing, the hoy flung a bull
that Btruok bis father full In the left eye. The sight
of lhat eye wus destroyed on the Spot, und ll"- OgOtiy
that ensued was so intense tlmt the grand duke's right
eye went blind ulso. lie wag not disfigured, but he
was totally blind until tbe day of his death, Wbat a
difference such an affliction cnn make tn the enjoyment of life by any married pair 1ms been known to
these two and to tho remorseful sou c.er since,
But thc grand duke's spirit wns Spartan nnd his
Intelligence exceptional. He so used his aides-decamp that only his Intimates were aware of his affliction; and IiIh wife, by dlni of persistent endeavors
to keep ills mlml from dwelling on It, herself attained
lo a cheerfulness which hns been a byword through"
out Hie continent.
The epochnl series of events which attended tho
formation of tho modern Gorman empire Involved ihn
rulers of all the lesser states of which It was composed, und Involved mnny of them reluctantly, But
tho Grand Duke Frederick of Mocklenburg-Strellta
rose magnificently to tlm occasion and proved to be a
worthy co-operator wiih Bismarck and un Invaluable
nlly of 1-lmpcror William J. Tho f.innd duohess found
horself, although married lo a blind prince, thn con-
sort of a ruler lu united Germany who bad won fur
himself tho highest rospocl nnd gratitude,
Life for these two ondurod very long, far ling-
than   It  dovs   for most   hushundH  und
Inch  main
This   is   the   one   designated   "society
omuse of the social prominence of tho i>
noted   tn   und   around    It    during   the   n
afternoon   bathing   hours   of   Mondays,
and Fridays.
Such leading Ughti or Washington drawing
rooms, army and navy and mugresslonul circles und
of Metropolitan clubdom as General Clarence Edwards, r. S. A.; fienor Velcs, of iho Cuban legation;
Major Rhodes, l/. 8. .v ; Representative and Mrs.
Knowlaud, of California; Judge Her ron; Senator
mid Mrs. Kern, of California, und Miss Mabel Jones,
who Is Identified with everything "smart"' In society at the capital, are becoming such enthusiasts
over tho pleasure of open-air bathing within a
stone's throw of the White House that they t-re
going about among their friends making dally converts.
One   hundred
pavilion about At
posal  of  batbeis.
these are used u
cents apiei-e.
new   lockt
s   und
added   to   thi
OW at tbe dls
-ladies' " day
rented f
mug, fn
7fr&v*_?c7m tfo?K?P<vefajr it*A
Hint In thc histories of royal houses there have been
few, if any, Instances of such protracted yenr* of
When they bud been married half a century tbey
celebrated their golden Jubilee mnl mude It one uf
ibe happy suspb-es unending the woddlng of King
Goorge und yucrn Mnry when, us the heir presumptive to the British throne, tho surviving son of Edward VII espoused bis deud brother's betrothed to
assure the succession of his line, it was very encouraging for Ihe  bride lo see her mint  there,  with  fifty
years of wedded happiness kindling the glance of tho
ohi eyes, us she pledged herself for nil tho years to
come, ■■
Ten years later the grand duke nnd duohess celebrated tholr diamond Jubilee, for sixty yenrs i» royalty's limit for thnt exceptional event, probably because
ll is the only wny nny of tbem cun ever hopo to enjoy
It, Three-quarters of n ccptury of married life Ii a
period royalty hus never attained.
Since   lier   bur-bund's   dei,lh   some   yenrs   ago   Hi"
grand duchess bus devoted herself f<> her son. prince
George; bui flu- hns maintained most of tim cheering
activities of her curlier life, especially hooping In touch
with the younger princes und princesses who come
within lho limitless range pt hor kinship, They find her
ii delightful ci-nndiuilo ond n 1-hurmlnn goicipcr, with
nearly a whole century of Europe's history Mlva at
her  iiiunili s end,   villi  h"i- sympathies nml   luhiesls
Hfl been now us thai wore whon she was n girl herself.
Thai is om, of the surest' ways of hooping young
krtown (o mnn or woman
Rome of tbe women of promlnenc
going through nil the wuter exercti
helpful In reducing weight, and boast
spproach to that slenderness now so
hy thin women who possess it. The 1
there trying to mukt. Ihetnselve
getting stout. Mrs. Long worth,
anything but "Alice Roosevelt"
rom tho willow
ularly eager to
gone a long Wl
hood, and is pe
surplus pounds
Many, howe
Joyment of it.
has  the   honor
the   United  states.
at tbe sight of him
priced bathing suit
girls  and  fresh-air  maidens  and  .*!..
women of tho uncorseltd variety,
Miss  Balllngor,  dougim v of  f< rmi
the Interior luiniiai . Is n regulai   -
is nne who did not  hesitate I id
slips i'i,i .ti.- io . uii guests of the oIbi
Almost   unanimously,   however,   the
unloss they were f-tin in their earlj
ugo line   blank,    The  exceptions w»i
ninnies  of  guile  *l   few   seasons   posl
down   BS   'Mil   qiillr   you(lifli)
nre zealously
' s j-uid to bo
of their nearer
lest red—--except
itter are down
they   ui*
will never be
ie public, has
is of her girl-
WBJ   with  her
?r, are merely but hem fur the en ■
Among these is Charlie Taft. who
f being lhe son of tho president of
es, Diplomats * in- d open-mouthed
■■ed in a regulation, medium-
* Into lho won r wllh shop*
< rets
i,   and  sh
age lo ti
mini)' ii
r   woni'-n
18- lafl   the
Mci.it  deb-
pill     lilt 111-
Among iii-
Fisher,   wl,
Wlllclt    Is   ibe   flecp.ili-    .
aires;   Miss   Louise   C
Mis.   Loud,   of   Mb hlgfl
ihe   Misses   Foster,   of
bridge, gn hlldren i
Wesl Virginia; Major :■
hIkiiuI corps, nnd fatnll;
mi,.ii.i'- joting matron <
Lieu tens n I Patent, L. B
ICdwIn Rlmerflon, u, s.
Miss If out, of Nevada
icntollvo Mnl Mrs Denl
lor nho is ii direct «b
 I ii iilu of ' harming
WIIJS   llhHrV   1   I'll   i   l       i
it. i;. pnnu. ■.   ind Mi
tell    Wlfo  ■ f   Ll"
4i,il Mill  i lennoi   h
seen   bulhi
Inent    Hi
UK   mi;
,.   Ileprei
f lhe liil
Mrs, ll
■ f lho nm
A., of Fl
A .  Rani
,   it--   Ml
, of Al
Mrs.   M.   F.
circles   or
OrvatlVe element
H'poliun miillon-
preaentntlve ami
alive Foster and
io Misses Trow
• nator Kikinn. of
i!<-' trnlted sinh-s
llot.b.llU.   U   fesn-
rt My
csontattve Kent und
nm Shnfrn. Ilepre
mn; MIsh Imihfl Tny-
-,r Preildonl Taylor,
h-lv   women  who ul
nnen Mnude Mny nnd
■i ihi rt are Mrs Mm-
li ri nn,  of  the  navy, i THE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he yroepcctav, ©tanbrooh, il. Oi.
Published Every Saturday   Morning at Cranbrook. B.C.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
Poetage to American, European and  other foreign countries,   50 cents   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising  rati* turnlBhed on application.     N„
advertisements but thoae ol a reputable character will be accepted    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS-Unlcss notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertisetiieuts nnd BUhBcriptious will be kept
running and charged up against their  account.
CRANBROOK, B.C.,  NOVEMBER 23rd. No.  47
Hth Year
ing    camps
brook    is    prosperous    i
growing   in   population.
W th n Payroll ol $80,000.00 month-1 destroyed during the construction ol
ly Irom the ra Iwny compnny, and the Spokane International Railway
another from the lumber ng and mln- between Yahk und Kingsgate, alao
ehe    district,   Crun-   between  Ynhk and  Tie.ton.
d rapidly In addition to the lorego ng nppli-
The city's cations I shall ask your Board to ap
prosperity was never on a sounder ' point an official with lull power to
basis, and with thc agricultural re- thoroughly Investigate and report
sources ol the district rapidly com-i upon the various methods by which
ing to the front Cruubrook ls the the Canadian I'aciiic Kai.way Com
banner town ol the Kootenays. [pnny    and   othei   greal  corporation!
succeed in obtaining a dominance ov
er   the   press of Canada and an un
When Parliament assembled on
Thursday there was in attendance
the largest crowd that ever witnessed the opening of the House since
Confederation, yuite apart from the
opening ceremonies there is apparently great interest throughout the
country in Premier Borden's naval
policy, and it is expected that all records for attendance in the galleries
have been broken. The debate on the
speech Irom the throne will be brief,
and Boon alter, it is expected, that
Mr.    Borden    will    BUbmtt his naval
Next year the Montana railway
field will be invaded by the Soo line.
Jim Hill is quoted ns saying "Invade Montana, and we will parallel
in Canada with two miles of track
to one of the O.P.R.'a   n thc States.
due power In political centers, and I
Blit.ll ask th.it tiie results of this in
".estigntion he made public and that
the matter he laid before Parliament
with suggestions for legislation with
the view of preventing these huge
corporations from thwarting the
will of the people and throttling the
voice of public opinion.
Yours very truly.
a. b. watts
All were in^Danger
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The engine and tender were practi
tally telescoped nnd the fireman was
pinned hetwecn tbe two and all
efforts of thfl passengers ttnd railway crew could not extricate the
body and nearly all the employees
on board the freight trnin were more
or less injured. These cruel and un-
necewwiry cutaHtrophiea could eusily
be obviated hy n little expenditure ut
the enormous amount ol capital so
extravuRTintiy tiHod In other ways by
Hf.ilway (Jompnn.es.
1 therefore glvo notice acenrdinj;
to the telegram mentioned, that 1
■■.hall upply for un order to compel
nil Kailwuy Companies, and moro ea
pActally the Canadian Pacific Railway Company when) Kb lines traverse the mounta mum regions, ti ■
t.ike precautions to protect travel
lers, and also thut an Inspector
shall be appniutml hy the Hoard of
Hallway Commissioners at the ex
pense of the Uuil way Companies,
who ithail periodically Inspect these
dangerous places, and that the in
spector Hhall have full power to d
rect the Hallway Company to at
once remove thc rocks in danger of
rolling on the railway track fur the
protection of the trnvelllng public
And the employees of the Railway
I shall also ask for an order of
tbe Board to compel the Railway
Company to comply w th the terms
as imposed hy the late Mr. Justice
Mahee with reguni to the restoration
of public roads destroyed by the
Company between Moyle and Yahk.
I shall further ask that the Company
be    compelled    to    restore th<- roads
To Consolidate the Empire
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carry with it the right to he consul
ted on matters affecting such things
for example, us the attitude of the
Triple Entente towards tiie Triple .Al
llance, and how far such representation would he compatible w.th local
autonomy must (or the present remain open questions, We can conceive of a very much easier solution
to the second aspect of tins question
than to the lirHt. Local autonomy
uld not necessarily he interfere
wltb by an agreement as to parttd
putiun in defence. The i-ther •■ues-
t.6n presents -.cry BerloUB difficulties.
Granting the difficulty attending the
solution nl these phases of the case,
we think the history of tiie British
people Bhows that when once a principle ik recognized and the tirst step
taken towards its realization, time
shows the way fnr.var... In working
ut our Institutions it has always
heen the lirst step that counted.
it hardly seems practicable to hopt
for an early realization of Howo'f
proposnl tlmt ovoineas represents
tlves should have seuts in tin* Brit
ish Parliament, it i-i very clear that
this im uut expected at present, am
possibly it Mill nuver he found prac
tu-alile. It jn very denr that unti
the British Parliament lias hit upon
some satisfactory plan of devolution
of its powers to subordinate bodies
tbo presence ol representatives from
the Dominion would only load to embarrassment. No one tins yet pro
posed a working plan for a represen
tatlve imperial parliament, and this
is .nm of the questions 'or the ans
wer to which wo must wait for the
voire of time,
Having thus briefly reviewed the
history of the movement for Imperii! Federation and pointed nut the
nature of some of the problems that
will* Imve to be dealt with, we may
idd a tew words as to the necessity
of an early be-ilnning of efforts t
bring it about. In bo doing we shall
refer   clii*fly   to Canada, because wt-
10 not claim to be able to speak j
wttbkn owl edge ol other parts of ths
Empire to a degree sufficient to en-
able us to e-*.press any useful opinloD
on tho subject. We are witnessing a
rapid Inliux of people into Canada,
und they are hy no means all ot Brit I
ish origin. We have native ln the
country a very considerable proportion of tbe population which te of
French origin.    More than a quarter
of a century htiB passed since the Imperial Federation League was formed
and yet it seems ns if t were only
yesterday that Lord Rosebery thre
his energy into the promulgation ot
the imperial idea. What will Canada be a quarter of a century from
now1' If tiie problems referred to
the three proceeding paragraphs seem
difficult now, are they not likely t
bo more difficult, when we have-perhaps twenty-five millions of people In
Canada, vary in origin, ideas of government and In their sense of attach
ment to the Mother Dountry? We
think no on* will answer this nuestion in the negative. Hence the gra
• ity of the responsibility resting up*
.ii the present generation ol Cans
Han public men to do wnnt in them
lies to promote Imperial conBollda-
It is too much to expect that
can more than -,'ive the movi
in that direction an Impetus
will have ..lusting effect; but
can do that, and when we say
we are speaking ol Liberals aa
as Conservatives. There cuu ' i
aa standing still In this matter. We
must draw closer together or drltt
.part The Imperial tie is one ol
>entiment. and it must always he so
oo matter what formal bonds may be
rested. But sentiment to he u**ful
mast take practical form. The Km
plre needs something more than Platonic affection between its parts.
Therefore we fee' grateful t-< Lor-'
-.ansdown for having l rought the
■nestion of imparl -1 unity forward
in such a definite way as a part of
the    pol cy   ol a political party, for
11 shows that the people of the United Kingdom are being aroused to
on appreciation of the need of some
thing being done to cons illdate the
Rmp re.- Victoria Colonist.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Cranbrook to Toronto and Return $72.15
Cranbrook to Montreal and Return $77.15
Corresponding l„w rates to Point* in   Ontario, yuehec nnd Maratlme Pro-
Ticket* on Hnle December 1st to :llflt... Inclusive,
flood to return within three month*.
Ticket* iBsued In connection with Trans-Atlantic   tripe   on mile Nov. 7th
to Dae. Hat., inclusive, nnd limited to live    monthi    Irom   data   ol lama,
with privilege of extern-Inn.
r'lnast W<|iiipeiient, Standard und Tourist Hleepinp.    Cm-     Iniilnr Cure on
nil through trains.    Ooinpnrtment-Ul.niry Observation f'urs on
Hpecisl through Tourlit rinr Hrrvlco in connection with then. Hiciirnlon"
Kor dittce ol departure nnd  rna-rviiMon- npply to l.ocnl  Agent
For Tickets anil further information of (he Above apply to
.1. W. Spence, ticket agent, Cranhrook; or
K. G, McNeillie, district passenger agent, Calvary, Alta.
Six New Senators
Ottawa. Nov. 19.—It ib understood thnt nt this afternoon's ait
tine ol the cabinet, six new senators
[rom the maritime provinces were
created its follows
Nathaniel Curry ol Amherst, N.S.,
in place of the late Senator McKay.
W. B. Foss, K.C. of Middleton, N.
S., in place of the lute Senator Bell.
B. Ia. Girroir, M.P.P., uf Antason-
lah, in place of the late Senator Co
W.lllani Dennis of Halifax, in place
ol the late Senator W. Boss.
Dr. William McKay of Reserve
Mines, C.B., former Conservative
leader in Nova Scotia, in place of
the late Sena tar Miller
Dr. p C- Murphy, of Tlgnlah, P.B
I., in place af the lute Senator Fer
The six gentlemen eievated to tbe
.-■emit" are all well known in the Industrial, professional or political
life of Canada. Mr. Curry is head
uf the Canada Car & Foundry company nnd one of the founders of the
Rhodes and Curry Car Works. He
rVaa president ol the Canadian .Manufacturers' association lust year.
Mr. Dennis is editor and proprietor
f the  Halifax  Herald.    Mr. Ross is
prominent lawyer of Middleton,
formerly   of Hal fax.    Mr. Girroir i
lawyer and local member (or Anti-
i^onish. Mr. McKay w. a former
leader of the opposition in the Nova
Scotia legislature Dr. Murphy ih »
well known physician and was the
successful candidate for the commons
Prince at the lust general election.
The vacancy caused hy the death
ff Senator Macdonald still remains
to he Riled. There will he another
vacancy as soon ns the senate meets
■:. Senator Sullivan of Kingston
ha* not bftsn In attendance for two
years and will automatically forfeit
his sent.
When all the appointments have
t.een made the I.iheral majority will
he  reduced  to 30.
$20.00 CM FM!
To each of the Ten Rooms in the Public School we will give a Cash Prize of
$2.00 for the pupil spelling the greatest
number of words with the letters
which are contained in Our Firm Name
(in abbreviated form thus)
The Fink Merc. Co., Ltd.
The words must be spelled correctly according lo (lie
dictionary now int use in the school. Any word not appearing
in the school dictionary will not ber allowed.
No letter can be used more than once in one word unless such letter appears more than once: in the Finn Name.
All ties, if any, will be decided by a committee composed
of three uninterested persons, who will judge same according
to, i.e. neatness of writing and correctness of spelling. T his
Competition closes Saturday, December 21st at .18k. All
papers must be in our"hands by that time.
Each Competitor Jmust sign Name in Full, and give
Number of Room and Name of Teacher.
Kidnapping a fine art
Denton M. Crowe, n Hpoknne lawyer, jinri (I Luke, ol Lethbrldge, arrived at Crnnhrook on Huturday
night nnd registered at the Crnnhrook hotel. Shortly nlterwurds
Crowe wiih arrested hy Chief ol Police Dow on I, charge ol kldnnpptng.
tn nn Interview with a representative ol the "ProBjiector" Mr. Crowe
itated Hint the hoy wiih turned over
to him hy n pnrty at Lethbrldge
'iniltlmt. he wiih well within the Inw
in regnrd to whnt notion lie hnd
taken in the matter.
There in n divorce hlntory connected  with the rune  thnt lum nn  Inter-
national aspect. On September mth,
I'll?, Mrn. A. Luke, nl Hpoknne, ne
cured n divorce Irom tier htiahitnd ln
the Hpnknnc County Court nnd wne
awarded tlic custody ol thc child, toother with latum per month all
mony.     Mr     Luke   In the meantime
coming to Canada, taking up hie
residence nt Lethbridge..
Un Saturday last, Mr. Crowe, Mrs.
Luke's lawyer, arrived at Lethbrldge
with papers for the custody lor the
After the urreet of Crowe, Ohiel
How called Chief Davis ol Lcthbrldg,.
on the phone and informed him that
Crowe claimed the right to proceed
on his way to Spokane, thnt he bad
the papers for the custody of the boy
nnd that Probation officer Lamb
had helped him get the boy, even going so far as Kipp with hira on bis
return journey. Chief Dow was requested to hold Crowe and on Sunday afternoon, Detective Kroning
of Lethbridge, arrived ut Cranbrook,
and on Monday he returned to
Lethbrldge having in costody Crowe
nnd the boy Luke.
As h sequence to the arrest, Crowe
wbo Is n prominent Spokane lawyer,
is under arrest charged with "kidnapping" and William Lamb, Probation officer at Lethbridge, le also
under arrest charged wltb assisting
Crowe In kldnnpplng Oarnet Luke.
It Is alleged in this connection that
Crowe found tiie probation officer
on Saturday afternoon and together
they hunted up the boy. It ls also
claimed thnt the probation officer
prevented the boy from returning to
IiIb home, nnd that he accompanied
Crowe to the depot, going as lar ae
Kipp with him.
Crowe will hnve to stand trial on
tie churte oi "kidnapping" and alao
on the charge of procuring tbe entry
into the United States of a risl-
dent ol Canada.
Probation Otl'cer Lamb will be arranged on a slm Inr charge. The
cases will be heard on November 87th
The law ageinst procuring entry
oi residents of Canada into the Doited States Is very strict, the extreme pennlty being 25 years lmprls-
lethbrldge, Nev. 19.-Denton M.
Crowe, the Hpoknne lawyer ls a tree
man tonight. Chorees ol "kidnapping" nnd unlawlul deportation preferred againnt blm by Albert Luke
werrf dismissed at a preliminary
'■earing lnt- f Is e en Ing. The evidence ot little Oarnet Luke, wbo
bu d he had coaxed Crowe to take
him back to Spokane and to hla
mother weighed heavily with the
court, setting aside the charge ot
The accused at tbe hearing produced papers showing that the Spokane courts hnd given the custody ot
the child to his mother, and these
with the br el evldance ol the boy.
and Crowe'B straightforward story,
waB enough to obtain judgement In
Crowe   will   remain In Lett-bridge
lor a lew daya making arrangements
for    securing   control   of    the   boy
trough proper channels.
To My Beloved Wife
Had we ons blanket, and tbe night were cold
I'd shnre It with her, but to And the truth—
Thnt while I slept, she shivered and forsooth
Had taken here and round my shoulders rolled;
her wnist nnd pettlcont she folded neat
And laid across my warm unworthy feet.
One day she called me to a secret place
And pulled out little things of noftest down;
odd shirts, und wraps, and many a little gown,
Bedecked with braid and silk, with strings and lacs;
Then, glancing up to meet my glad surprise,
Plnshed the sweet love-light Irom her tender eyes.
1 fell upon her neck enwrapt with Joy;
Hhe Inid her gentle head upon my breast,
Then rntsed her eager UpB to be carreBaed
And Boltly whispered ol some little boy.
I blushed nnd smiled and snld: I'd call him Jim,
But she said- "Charlie" Is the nume lor him.
o womankind, whnt sweet entrancing grace
Links In the Inmost liber ol thy soul.
I'l'en when life's darkest pains nnd anguish roll
Through thy torn henrtl; still lives the human race.
Vou fight alone to give the new-born brenth,
Yon etenl within the very jaws of death.
Hweet snlnted soul, thy voice la with me still;
Fnrewell, my heart shnll never say to thee
KV-i henven Itsell Is brighter now Inr me
Hince tbv pure spirit went Its pines to Oil.
♦ ml thnui-h Dentil'-. Hood may rage and chill and roar,
I'll hear thee calling from the lurther shore.
IIII 11 HI 1111111 HUH *********************_
-,       I Have
Secured the Agency   \',
for the
H. Granite
Will Call or  Make  ;.
With Catalogues and Samples
J. M. McPherson
1111* I ****** 11 III-11 III ***** M-l ***** IIIHI »■*■
j Free!
i. a   a. .    *   |„|„| .j -I r|„J„|,,t..l rli,I..I.J,,l ilnliJi Ll •
r'rTT I  rTTTl 1TI rt TII'T'tTTTr
I >
Fine Engraving : \
in Sepia of the
Borden Cabinet for Readers
of  the   "News-Advertiser.^
t* VKKYONK wants a picture ol the members ol the Oovern-
•-» ment ol Cnnada. The "News-Advertiser" hue had prepared
lor the exclusive use ol its readers in this province a large engraved plate nl Rt. Hon. it. L. llorden and his Ministers.
The group Is redrawn Irom the latest photographs ol the
eighteen Ministers, who compose the advisors nl hia Royal High-
ness the Oovernor-Qeneral. It la printed In eapia on heavy
I |) board ready lor training, and will be ol the greatest educational
value ln the home, the school and the library.
The Prime Minister, HON. R. L. BORDEN, occupies a central position, nnd in shown standing at the head ol the council
table.    Seated about hln. are his colleagues.
Dimly ln ths background the features ot Sir John Macdonald
look   down upon hla nuccca.ors.
Tbls   line   engraving, ol whlcb   a   limited   number   have beeu
\ \     prepared, will lie aent
to new subscribers, or to old subscribers, who renew their sub
ecrlptlnna lor one yenr (IS.00).
Kor out nf town BUhacrihere ths picture will be tutted and
postage prepaid.
Non-subscrlhers may obtain copies on payment ol 60 cents.
Il mailed, ten cents extra lor tubing and postage.
Applications nnd remittances (cash must accompany ordsr)
must be made to
The Circulation Manager
"News-Advertiser," Vancouver, B.C
Have Been Attending The
Gigantic Winding Up
Sale at Pye's—Everybody has the Same Story to Tell
There Is No Sale Like
A Pye's Sale
We honestly believe that never have the people of this community been offered such a chance
for substantial money saving on high grade goods,
and at a time when the goods are wanted most.
Real cold weather is yet to come, most of you
have a lot of winter clothes and shoes yet to buy.
You are offered at this sale a chance to pocket
immense savings—but you must act quickly.
Don't make the mistake of waiting until the
last days of the sale- This is the time when you
need these clothes and these remarkable prices.
We expect this Saturday to be the busiest yet, so
Shop Early.
BaOtYi.orrik.of       Every article 8old atthcse big
.IXClllCIlllJCl— Reductions is Fully Guaranteed just the same as when 9old at regular prices.
FREE to "Prospector Subscribers
The Greatest Bargain of
the Century
A Picture to brighten every home "Mother's Treasures'
Size 25 x 29 inches all ready for framing. A delightful
Scene of Domestic Happiness.
The Prospector has concluded arrangements with
that great family paper, The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal,  by which we can make the following
"The Prospector" for twelve ironths
"The Family Herald and Weekly Star"
for twelve months and a copy of the
beautiful premium picture "Mothers
Treasures" size 23 x 29 inches ready
for framing
All For $2.50
The Bargain of the Age
Address all Orders to
"The Prospector"
Cranbrook, B. C.
Methodist Church
Rav. W. Elson Dunham
Horning Service tl a.m.
Bvening Service IM p.m.
Pipe organ and vocal .elections at
every service.    All are Welcome.
Baptist Church
Rev. 0. B. KKNDAI.I.
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Horning worship: Topic "The Law
of Christ," Its Measure, Fulfillment
•nd Results ol Fulfillment.
Bvening Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Bvening worship: "A Man shall be
a   Hiding Place from the Tempest."
The privileges ol our Psther'e
House ere tfeely eitended to all.
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kelman Thomson
Morning Service at 11 A. M.
Morning subject: "The Parables ol
Our Lord"—"The Talents."
Sunday School and B,ble Clans at
I p.m.
Bvening Service at T:30 p.m.
Bvening subject: "The Dying
Catholic Church
Sundays—Low   mass  at 1:10 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
from 1 to 8 p.m.,   Rosary and Bene
' Action at 7:30 p.m.
Mondays  and holy daya ol obllga-
j tlon—Mass at I a.in
I    Week days—Mass at   6 a.m. at the
P.plamondon, (I.M.I.
Mining News
It is reported that a rich strike
hae been made ln the Society flirt
mine at Moyie. The new strl' e con-
slate ol about 11 lnchra ol high
grade ore carrying silver, lead, copper and gold.
The Big Hteuni Shovel company nt
Perry Creek continues tn prosue-.t
their ground by menns ol a si«-Inch
Keystone drill, a large number nl
holes have been drilled nnd the
ground is showing up satisfactory.
Wenther conditions permitting the
drill will be kept gning nil winter
Brltleh Oulumbla Is the banner
mining province ol Onnndn, nnd It a
no more thnn right llmt n Minister
of Mines ahould be n man who is
thoroughly   conversant    wltb mln ng
| In all Its brunches. Robert P.
rireen M.P., lor Knotenny. Ih the
man   we   want and he will assist ua
■ In developing tlio mining as -veil ns
all   the   various   resource*   ol   this
! provlaee.
It's a distinct advantage, in
business as in social lite, to wear
Fit-Reform Suits and Overcoats.
Made by the founders in
Can add of highest grade hand
tailored garments, they win for
their wearers respectful recognition in any company.
The model illustrated here
is exceptionally dressy. Come
in and see the other Fit-Reform
styles as well. m
Cranbrook. B C
Automobile   will   he  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa connecting wuh incoming and outgoing
trains, (.ood Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
i +•!***H***-*****************t***4 IIIIH 11 H*»+
Advertising in The
"Prospector" brings returns THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  U. C.
are entirely different from
Others both In their composition aiid their effect—complete
evacuation without purging or
2Ec. abox at your druggist's.
.(fro ihi^y  are,  he
banded them to her.
Aro Ihey ull there
j plclouBly.
[    Yee.     .
Hero Is your Olieque.
s.iiii.    nml    lie
she asked bus*
THE l|i
A Modern Romance
to Lady Barton, ami Ir there
aro any missing, 1 warn you that
1 .--hall stop the cheque,
Will.out waiting lo listen to his pro
testation!., sho hastened to Lady Barton,., room.
Here is a present for you, sho suid
Lady Uarton took up    the   packet,
aud her fingers trembled as she tried
'o untie tho tape.
Let me help you, Vera said.
The papers fell on the bed and Lady
Barton seized ihem with a glad cry,
(or she had recognized her own con*
fession.       Tears   of   joy   streamed
down hor cheeks, and she was tncap-
II able of speech.     Vera was frightened at her emotion, and she look her
in her arms.
'I    Tho load is lifted from your life—
j . oold that mine were!
i Dry yctti" tears aud   run   downstairs.
II-Mr. Horner will be wondering what
has become of you, Vera said playful*
I    Au oraiuenl BOientlBt, the other day,
j gave his opinion that tlio most, won-
I shall show   derful discovery of recent years was
tlio discovery ot Zam-Buk, Just
think! As soon as a single thin layer of Zam-Buk is applied to a wound
or a sore, such injury is insured
against hlood poison! Not one species of microbe has been found that
Zaui-ltul. does not kill!
Then again. As soon as X.aniHuk
is applied lo a sore, or a out, or to
skin disease, tt slops the Binnrllug.
That is why children are such frlenda
of Zam-Buk. Thev care nothlug for
the science of the thing. All they
know is that Zam-Buk stops their pain.
Mothers should never forget this.
Again, As soon as Zam-Buk is ap-1
piled to a wound or to a diseased j
part, the cells beneath the skin's sur-;
face are so stimulated that new
healthy tissue Is quickly formed,'
This forming of fresh healthy tissue ,
from below is Zam*Buk's secret of
healing. The tissue thus formed is ■
worked up to the surface and literary j
easts on* the diseased tissue above ,
ii. Thla is why Zam-Buk cures, are |
Where Flirting is Forbidden
Many eminent doctors regard UIsb*
tttg as a dangerous umi obnoxious hah-
it; but there aro places-—happily
abroad—where kissing and flirting Is
an offence against tlio laws or the
lu Paris recently a couple were
railway train- -au offence against thuj
publicly reproved tor hissing lu al
bylaws of the company,
It is, however, iu America thai the]
laws against making love are most
stringent. Seven young men lu Virginia have jusl been prosecuted for
flirting with College glrla in thai
state. At a certain cemetery in a
small town of Pennsylvania loving
couples found the place so convon*
lent lhat notices were put up: Flirting (
is Prohibited.
But America und Paris stand not :
alone iu this respect. It ts a crime
in Uussiu for lovers to kiss In pub
lie To kiss In street in this happy
land will coat you fifteen shillings;
while should you meoi tho lips of yonr
adored one in tiie tram-car, you will -
be mulcted lu precisely ten shillings
Crawley Brann had gone
room in which there wttB a
table.. He sat down before
look out his cheque book. 11
The outlook waa black aud dreary,
for if she were to owu her treachery
to David she did not imagine that he
wVtild forgive such sordid deceit; and
if. on tli- other hand, sh-' was successful in fending off Its discovery,
ihe could not hope to be happy with
this terrible load on her conscience.. n
Bbe kiieft uot why Bhe liad told him for it to dry. Nexl he took the ;<":.!
that she would give him an answer from his pocket und with great ear-
in-a fortnight'.! time. II was but a [placed it on some words and figures
very human desire to postpone the that he had written, The ink quick-
evil day, hul she did not see the fain! i:. disappeared uud( r Its action. He
«.'-•! hope of happiness. If her sin -,,.... up | , pen again and manuipla-
h:.il  been any other  bul   ..is  mean [ted the  words and figures until tne
to his f    Only the other day Mr.  Marsh, of
writing   tOl Detorimier Ave,, Montreal, called
It, and   Upon Die Zam-Buk Co., and told them
e 'care- '< that for over twenty-five   yeara   he
fully  removed a blank cheque from I had been a martyr to e./.ma.     His:
the counterfeit and proceeded to fill  bauds were at one tlmt   bo covered
It  in--all save the name of the pal  ' ul,h 8(-rcs that   he  had   to sleep   a
The   amount    was   clear   two   gloves.      Foui   years    ago    Zam-imk,
pounds -both In words   und   figure*.   wafl Introduced to blm and in a few]
H» did not tdoi the Ink but  waited   months it. cured him
supplanting -if her friend, she would
willingly bave trusted to his gen
ity. aud have thrown herself on hhi
<A ilia
aljou;  tn turn iii'u \\> v .•■ 1
card a tap at the'door,
to her call  Lads  Bi
. mi;* appeared to
a verj neai ph ce of
witli much eatlsfaction.
He folded 'ii' the ch)
thn •■ years alter his cure of u dl
case he had for twenty-five years   he
Is still t un d, and ha- had no trace of
anj return uf the eccma!
All druggists sen Zam Buk at  60c,
, box, or we wili send  nee trial  bos
i if you semi this advertisement   ind a
ip   i to   pay   return   postage I
Zam Buk Co,  Toronto
Condemned to Death
The voice of the elderly gentleman
rose In ac ems of augoi and wrath
from ii    table bj tho w ludow
Ves sir. replied the waiter, bustllui
u rward
The customc, swallow od sovot itl
times qulcklj before he could com
maud bis volotf,
Here take take this e ■■■. awaj! ho
roa ed, with an effoi \
Ves. sir,   aid the waiter obllglti ;!'
ns in   npptoachi d tho ofteudlug urn-'
cle     And   what  shall  l  do with 11,1
the elderly gentleman rose menac
his chair,
Do with it" lie bellowed Da with
It? Wi ■-.'.   Ita ui -1(
d i placed   in  bis   Docket,   toki thi C with
l"|ii"  bottle of acid.      This done, he
In. [looked for Clay, and told him that he
in glad ymi have not gone to fled,   would have to go into Bognor on busi-
wanted to talk to you.      Mr.(ness, but he refua   * ike the car
er has asked me to marry him. which h - I •■-   offered to place
bus lost no time.     Ol course disposal.
-aid : en.   I think he is a dear o'd      H,    walked   brlskl sunnico
;.     Vou didn't refuse him'.' Ve:-a| v.;..  . und thut Hilda wi
b .-.. at v o\ '.i      his book,
i        •_•■  ting ■ n '■■■■
remarked | l ■'
j, :.-- nearly finished .
■,■.   me   see,    I   gav*
Men's prerogative
Mrs   Neeps, the buss and
wife of a  farmer   has  no
notions  about   men       She
too occupied in  do ug  the ■
is  much
ivork   her
saw the dejected expr.
friend's face.
could I do? Lar;-.   B; :
Vou forgi
husband leaves undone to bother wl
auch trials.
So thi  em rgi      fi mah  with sp< - ■
acles wh i ■■.-. klefi hi c on I
for Wonu ■      ..,,.-.■.. ed a verj
chilly   re. i ■■■ on,   and   no
. ..
But, mj
you  want
Mrs. Neei     -'     ■■  h< i   li ad   - Igor-
■ .   ■   .   most dett     1 m.
u he
ely refuse
pounds.      If I  pa-   >■■
lat satisfj you? So          ■  ■   -■■■■■.    3       Whal 1 say
Ves.     It la a good price. i;* tha; If there   • oi e th ug thai men-
1 haven'l  the monej 1   toXk can do bj themselv«e ti
The  Lighthouse on  Bird  Rocks
The   111 ■    Ul    th '    lighthouse    keeper
;s a drear* and monotonous one. There
are .'men-;   the  trianj   stations along
. Cai td an    Vtlantlc    seaboard    a
aumlM i ot Isolated and barren places
on which it is uecessarj to maintain
for  the  guidance of tho
mariner,     Oue of tbem Is Bird Hocks,
al ml   ton miles from  Hagda
rial -t  In  the tlutl  oi   st    Law-
■■.;-. ,-        Phe rock la  110 feet above
-   -olid red slate and does
nol   poss -.-  ■ no gh   soil   to  grow   a
lt is the haunt
lirda and the home
To   reach   the
e lias to climb a
er    130     feet   in
— —      ■ ■ • I,
Any man addicted to llm drink habit  can  banish  his craving  for
alcoholic stimulants forever.
The Drink Habit Can Be Cured
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nltli st„ Reglna
Broadway, Winnipeg
820 Thirteenth Ave., W., Calgary
A Prompter of Peace
Teacher Johnny, whnl la the mime
of tiie city wliere peace is promoted?
Johnnj lteno, ma'am,
A Sad Thought
1   think, saitl  the astronomer, that
1   have   discovered  a   new   canal  r-ii*J|
Is  :
hoy nie what is iu those lee, rs. that
Brann holds?
I look money from iny lati husband
-I stole It,
Whal for? Wouldn't he give it to
So* for the purpose I wanted :*.
My young brother had gol Into a serious mess, and unless he had two hum,
dred and fifty pounds be would have
been mined, u happened thnl my
husband had a loi of money In the1
safe- some rents lhal had been paid,
I uot hold of the key and took it out.
My husband never forgave me, and',
six months afterwards my brother
was killed in South Africa.
The bCftat! No ono would blame]
yuu fur whal yuu did. How did
Crawley Brann bud our.'
My husband rorccd nu to sign a
confession. Itrann was his solicitor,!
aud after his death found it among
tho pnpors.
The low cur, ami since then he has'
held 'his over you. i don'l believe;
the man con id have done anything.'
I wish to Heaven that my sin was no:
bequi  cas tu d In
stayed a few moments and made
■f us pleasant as possible. Hog-
bis destination, and lu*
ir, aud welcome.
When Charles P,  N'orcross, now a
well-known   Wasiiinet on   correspond-
i one. was a n port c on tin   Mew York
an  unusually rapid   Tribune,   he   was   sent   c.\i   Saturday
ce. He quickly found Blenheim
i-sc-nf, and asked for Seymour
mghan, who was    writing    In   his
, If lliat Is
ceptlng bin!
Lady linni
lo ami toll Mr. Horn-
ir only reiisui. for not
Do you care Tor hhn?
blushed a deep crlra*
r >ii
uu do, Vt
must mil worry,
make ymi stay iu
row  unlit   I   (•■!''■
musl lmvo a sevei
laid softly,
am   gnln
ir loom ti
u  down.
ciiAPTion xvi
Crawley Urn tin did nol waste much
Ilini' iu London, for directly he arrived Uo drove round to his office, and
look llie papOl'B from tho sale. All
the clerks bad gone aud be carefully
looked around until ho found a small
bottle, which be placed in his pocket.
llo stayed the niali' ni his chambers, aud catigbl the earliest train to
llnrnbam ■Tunofejon, having tlrst advised Clay b> telegram of lhe time
of his arrival. As promised, a ear
was in waiting, which took him to
Iladnor Manor.     After he had spoken
Brann did uot appear to notice tha$
his reception waa the reverse of cord;
ini, for bo liad no Intention of being I church, and that 1
rebuffed, lie talked to him for somej
time on literary matters, and with
auch Ignorance that Vaughan began
to wonder what lie could want.
I have Juat received an order for
a serial, he remarked with a longing
glance at bis writing desk, which
was of the roll top species, and which
ho bad brought down from London,
Have \ou auch a ihln^ as whiake/
nnd soda? Brunii asked. 1 havo liad
a long walk and I'm very dry.
Vaughan rose and produced a bottle or whiskey.
I'll get some soda, and lie leTL the
In a second Brann had laken ibe
botlle of acid from his pocket am*
placed it lu ono of the compartments
uf ibe desk, which appeared io bo i
least, in use. Then ho look oul the
cheque which he had prepared, and
when Vaughan returned be had Just
Finished writing tbe words:—Mr.
Vaughan Seymour, In the place b ft
biank for lho name of lhe payee.
(To be Continued]
night to Interview Father Duce; a
priest famous In New York both for
hla wl   and his good deeds.
Father Ducey was In the confessional. Norcross said, he would wait, (
bul was told that nobody was in the
could in and see
Father Ducey and come out before
anybody wen*. In, without any doubt.
He found the reverend father wailing
and began a 'imorous conversation,
with him, being somewhat awed by his
unaccustomed  surroundings.
Qood-evening, Father.
Good-evening, my son.
father, I  am a reporter from tho
New York Tribune,
Very well; 1 absolve yon from that.
First Student—What   makes   the
red spot on yuur nose?
Second Student—Glasses.
First Student—-Glasses of what?
peck of potatoes
of innumerable set
light-kei p
top ot the rock -
perpi udlcular Uu
During the month of March last
the Halifax steamer Seal, then hunting for seals, observed the ling at the
light station half-mast. Captain Far-
quhar forced the vessel through the
hoary ice ;o the barricade of Ice
which waa between forty aud fifty
f- fi high and on climbing the ladder
found the Inhabitants—one woman,
one young man and a little girl—in
deep distress. The Ilghtkeeper'a
body was in au outhouse, lie was'
drowned two days previously while j
duck shooting. The Seal took the'
body to Magdalen Islands for burial
and (he widow took up tho duties of
tending the Ight,
Mis. Bournuc is not likely to see
.mother visitor's face until thc government steamer arrives there during
ihe summer with the regular supplies.
Hers is a weary vigil, a lonesome die.
l)7 replied the New Orleans ;
man. absent-mindedly, I wonder I
what town's goln , to yet the celebra- j
i Ion ?
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
is mercury •mi iurp|j* destroy tiia ii-me of «m*-ij i
ftiul completely tteraneo ihr whole <yatcm wtieo
entering it throiiuii I Iio niucoui mirUn-n. sneb '■
Utile'3- fhimltl revr- be uwrt cittPl on iin-wrl,**
liana trom rp>>i!i-.bi<- niij-iicinns, ri the iUihikc tt.ey
will uu Ii Ini Mil 10 (lit- BOOll >'0II ta" punlbly de*
rive from them, iisit'ii catarrh Cure, manuliciuml
by P. J. dumpy a Co.. Toledo, o. coutatiti no mer*
sury, ami Is i*.krii Internally, or Hue directly umu
Ihe blood ind miii-oiif- ciirfttcm of tiie •.yitem. In
buviiu! Hall'i i atarrli niri» lie mire you get till
feiiulue. It If tulo-'i li-icrnally mid made In Toledcn
Ohli>, by I". ,t. rlicm-v .* Co. Teiiliyionlale *ree.
Bojd by i»ra«'"i. Price, lie, per hoitlnj
lake Hull's l amlly rill* for .-omlfDrtkn
Little George*a mama left him in the
bathroom, brushing his teeth, in a
few minutes he ran to Mb mother
and said: Look, mama! Ain't they
clean? I used all the brushes up
there! .     .
Hold ye' head high when you meet
Thouble an* let him pass on. complain-
in' dat you te too proud to recernlze
lv bi
few words lu David 'May, he sought I"-6
Vera, and at last found ber i
tin- drawing-room.
Have   ynu  tbe  papers?  sh
CO I'll j?
Could Read Face*
»a, Mr, wenl  on  Profem
niteniau to whom be hud recent-
mi introduced, 1 have given aome
attention to lho study of human ua*
lure, ami I rarely fail to read a face
correctly.     Now, there Is a lady, he
continued, pointing across ibe room,
ihe linen uf whose countenance are
as clear to tne aa type,     The chin
nhowa      firmness      of     disposition, i
amounting to obstinacy;   the   sharp*
pointed nose, u vicious temperament; ■
mouth, volubility; tlu
ne In j
Iryneaa of noul
Wonderful, profe
Vou know Boraethin
Children Only
It's :i wonderful ride io the Land of
thu' li "s funny how short, the journey
Por ii's ever so far.
The  Dream-man  warbles his  whistle
aud lo!
You're off—and  you're there before
you Itnow
Where you really are.
See a little head on the pillow Inid
Two  eves    with    a    heavy    burden
That suddenly close.
Two winks—and he's there, and the
game's begun—
That nobody knows.
How often we grown-up folks would
•Thai  'ho    deninland    people    would
build a train
So big as to let «■
Ua all embark Tor the country wliere
A man ean get rid of his load of care,
And, perhaps, forget! "s
of tiie lady,
ihen? said the professor, complac
Eczema Always
iny wife
Took Care of it
now mnckinuish was
seven-year  old
Used Box of Cuticura Oinhnent and
It Completely Disappeared.
''thvreiufttred from er-ernn for (■.■•> year-.
Ths iioiiblt' befall on one arm wliere there
RPpeared a red ipol of about a fiviw'-nt nite,
mid it alwaya widened, ill tha lime Itching
ami burning. Che first dayi. I didn't «re(
Uut nelng that it gained In ulna, I tried
-— Ointment ami — Ointment, but both
without lucceaa, it wu alwaya buratni and ■
Itclilng. Having wen in the netvapapcr tha
advertisement c.f the Cuticura Kemediw, t
\-.ift\ a iiitlo, and keefng liioi u linprovorl,
1 hought .i nox of tho Cuticura Ointment,
After having uieri one ho-c, mv eeacmaeom'
plciely disappeared, Tho Cuticura Ointment
aliouM ha v.-i»t in arery home." iNigued)
H.Osilguy, UarlerlUo,Que,, Jan, ii, tun,
A Generation of Success
For won than a jeneraflon Cuticura Soap
ami (hitlctirti Olnl ment imve afforded iim
apeadleal and most economleil treatmenl fur
lichltufi burning, ecaly nml bleeillng akin md<
icalp hiinmra, ot young and old. A wh,i.iti
■n i.< (;fiin lufflt-lenl, h-.i.| i»v drugghia
■ml doalen avorywhore, t'"r u. liberal nampla
nf Cuticura Boap nnd Ointment, poit-froa
wllh 33-p, booh km 'kin empllonii send tn
l'otler ftrug a th'iti. Corp,, aoto ww*., ua
(tolumbua Aro.! MoiMiUi u. ti, A._^
W   N   u   910
Bi - .'- birthday
father, and lhe
\'-i> proud of it.
Thai  very morning', aa ahe ael oul
for -hebool proudly attired    In    the
■    nr.. hi )■ called after ber:
Yo.rn be Verj nareful of that  nice
di tr,     '-..    : ou?
, n   thei    -i ■! Beaala dutifully,
■ in i   m ng out   ol   at hool,   Beaalo
■■ .-i ed   In  n ■!roi       ll     aa  pouring
hard;   great   b)i   drops  of rain  that
■ ■■ ii on  'i> ■ pavement   Haatlly
in ih ■ nlco, m .'.  macklntoah
ahe thnwl II under her little pinafore
And alarted lor home,
Wh). dearie, you*re drenched' ■ i led
ber mothi r, In aurprlae,     Why didn't
>ou pul ' n your mat htntoah?
Hi Bale >■■ ed hi r In tot rov fui anger
m- i   old ni lo '.ii •■ care
of It! ah   Bobbed Indignantly,
Bri'ia-h down Tobacco
• The Brltleh Rmplre holds a pre-eminent  placo nmongat  lho nations of
the world in the matter of tea-plant-
I Ing, and there is evidence lhat It will
[hold a similar position lu the matter
1 of tobacco and rubber growing.
Already tobacco   te   cultivated   In
liriti!-li North Borneo, India, aud Jamaica, while crops are also cultivated
In niiodealn and Cape Colony.    There
in mi reason, moreover, why tobacco
a^puld nol tie planted In other British
tropical   possessions.      SanipleB  of
cigars,  made  from  tobacco grown  in
\ roylon, show   highly   promising   re-
Itubbor, of course, Is extensively
grown in the tropica!   purls   or   the
1 British fOmplra nnd rubber holh from
India ami the Bahamn Islands will
probably soon be Hold in London at a
Blight!) -mull, r figure than the (1 ileal
, Para.
Nececsary to Go
Yea, 1 really must go tomorrow.
You can jusl as well stay till Monday.
But ihe folks are expecting me,
Telegraph them lhat. you're going
to stay.
I'm sorry, but. if I stay I'm liable
to lose $1,000 on that deal I told you
Oh, pshaw, the deal can wait a few
My manager has written me that
my business needs my attention,
Yea, hut he is only afraid to assume
a little responsibility, The business
will bo all right,
There is an important meeting of
the directors that 1 really must attend .
Oh, they'll gel along nil right without you.
You know bow much I'd like stay,
but the fuc ia my railroad ticket runs
opt tomorrow.
Well, in that case, 1 suppose you
will have to go. Bn suro and come
up to see us again In a month or two.
The Other View
William M. Chase at the recent sale
of his pictures in New Yorlt. «ald to a
Yes, those are all   good   things--
tillnga col tec tod with great euro.    You
can't comment on them as tbo tench*
or once commented   on   the   pupil's
i drawing.     I draw what, I see, the pit*
j pil  said complacently.     Well, the
I Chock will eomo the teacher answered.
j when you see what, you hnvn drawn.
The  sandy
'lime a loiter,
lie Bald <o Hi
the other nlghl:
atory you ovi r h
fragotles,     It'j
Oo all-ad  and
haired  lillle   mun   wus
-  hoys  lu  the  lobby
I've got the best
iard on the male auf*
i lien-am.
loll It, Plnlcey, said
Quaint Oatha
The Ural nppeunince In nn Kngllsh
Divorce Court of the t'hlneai- form of
oath by breaking a saucer recalls
other quaint   forms of swearing,
In AaBftin the on Hi is laken by stand-
Ing within u rope circle, to imply a
wish io rol as the rope doea If the
swearer does not ull the triilh. in
lawsuits bo tween Russians and the
Ostlolta '.f Siberia q bear's head 1h
brought info court, nud lhe Ostlitk,
making ihe gosjuro of eating, cuIIh on
the lu ur to devour hliu If be Ilea,
There are tribes of India thnt swear
by the head of a tiger, while others
chop a dog In two us emblematic of
the fate of the perjurer. But the
simplest method la lhat of the Quaker
v.ho swears nol at nil, hul Just tells
whut he thinks.
It Is In Demand.—So great Is tbe
demand for Dr, Thomas' Klectrlc Oil
that a large factory la kept continually busy making aud bottling it. To
be In demand shows popular appreciation of ihts preparation, which
stands at the head of proprietary
compounds as the leading Oil in the
market, and it Is generally admitted
that it is deserving of the lead.
More About
The Loading Platform
Tho proajni t,c.i^ri.llon or Western fifrr.»r= will B«vcr "-now tja
difficulties i.ml viatl.ns e-iporlcnced, by tlielr predecessors In tbaj
curlier yc.irs iv'jtti no ono could Eet a carload of grain shipped ln
built except !y 'joidlug It through an elevator. Tho system forced
the majority of farmers to soil their grain to tho elevator owners
at arbitrary jrics, .tnd oft tlmoa to submit to heavy dockar-o aud
othor annoyances causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o'. ..irs as fixed by the Grain Act, and tho use of the
loading platform, provide facilities which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory lreal-«tnt in the disposal of his grain, and tho liighost
market priced at time cf sale. Every farmer therefore, should moro
ond more e'ideavor lo use the loading pit Harm In shipping his grain
to the terminal elevators. It is the safcK'innl ot the fanners- freedom In disponing et his grain to the be.4 advantage for himself. II
farmers refrain [rom using tho loading n'atform freely. It might result In Its bolng dnne away with, becar.ee railway companies and
elevator owners era strongly opposed lo It. It Is easy to under-
stand why ^levator people desire the loading platform abolished.
Tho railway 'ooplo on their part sny I delays the loading of cars
and helps b came enr shortage. Th's we know to bo nonsense,
because frequently nfter cars aro loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, ,'hey are sidetracks* for days and even
weeks Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
Is engine s'.ioiage and shortage of competent trait, men thnt mostly
causes uram llockndes on railways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmer therefore, n, ail he ran to use t'e loading platform and become an ImHpoiideut shipper. tn sub.ennent advertisements we
will state 111 detail the savings and other advantages nf direct loading Into rars compared with loading thi nigh elevators.
We handle .he farmers grain strlclly on commission, mnk" liberal
advonres on -ar bills of lading, supervise the grading at time cars
are Inspected, so.uro the highest price, at time of sale and make
prompt returns whan sold. Write as for shipping instructions and
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703 Y.  GRAIN  EXCHANGE.
Mental Treatment
The cyclist jvho'a just come In wants
new-laid eggs with his tea. Cackle a
bit while I run over to the store.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Complete Reform
My wife married me to reform me.
Did she succeed?
Yes, thoroughly. I wouldn't mar
ry agniii if 1 lived to be aa old as Me
She put down the hook with n si;
Whut l& It darling? ho nuked.
Ah. dearest, I'm no happy, she replied.
Hut you had sni-ITa sad look in your
eyes just now.
I know. I've been reading aboil
the unbapplneas that tho wives of men
of genius have always hnd to bear.
Ob, Alfred, denr, I'm so j:lad you're
JitHi an ordinary sort of a fellow.
Only the uninformed end uro tbo
agony of corns. The knowing ones
apply HollQway's Corn Cure and get
Wha*  Did  Mother Say
The kitehen -.us deserted. Through
■ in- >'■'•■ l.ei it b niil'i ■-■ tli- last red raj s
of ihe setting sun poured Into the
room, making mi the commonplace
things crimson and fearful. Groat,
lurid stains lay on thc floor, nnd dyed
'ti-* window -blinds
On ih-- hen thi tone lay n hfllehol
•villi omtnoutt rod steins on It. Tlio
floor near hj va I Id * Iih n greal
. ■ nrlei splodgo The very air Boomed '■! .juiver with horrid tnyi h ry.
Blow Ij  the door opened, and a ui rl
p i.   .iiin". ol faci and steal thy ni
tii ad.     Hot i":i;'   i -I ; tli   ■■ >    ■■':.
r-red In .i nnrolos I, untidy knot..   Hhc
ii i s i , bathed in lhe lurid light
from   In   window, her eye   Jlxed eon-l    frnlfl  fiilhor—I'm  gutting UretT of
lalvelj -"I 'iin lildcous liatcliel and  ti.-H nonsense.     Vou'vo boon engaged
 elMala  italn on tho floor, Then  \„ tlini  young mnn for Mx month1;.
,i  shudder ran through hor slender) p0ea lie ovor intend to marry yptt?
Name nnd she despairingly throw her 1    Dnugblor- You musl ba\e patlanoo,
hands aloft, j papa,    llpmombor. he's un aptor,
Whnl   oh, whal will mottmtr say, shft     Iralo Father—What lias that to do
gaspod    Won'i she ho furious when  with It?
she finds oul Mini I tried lo open the     Daughter—Why, he's feud of long
mi of (omntoei with lhe chopper 1     | engngcmoutSt
one of the^llatoncrs.
All rlg'tl, Wt" Bandy bnlrod man ro«
sponded; Don h< chuckled nnd looked an'imd . May 1)0 I'd belter ask
flrsi if thoro's nny male suffragotto
in ilu- party.
A hlg iiuiii wllli thick Bhouldors, n
bf,:tvy lower Jaw and largo, kuoiieii
hands, crowded n mile closer,
I'm mi" ol 'fin, Iio Bnld, Lot'B
hear lho story,
itui Jusl i'i tlml jnomonl Plnkoy
tiii'l'-d lie nnw u friend over pettr
Ihn idt; doors and hurried nwny.
And Hie ccreui uiuhis uiilold.
Stltl With Ua
A member of tha firm thai publish-
cd the original edition of 'Uncle Tom's
Cabin' has just died. Iim the girl
who played Little Kve when the atory
was flrsi staged Is still playing the
1 can'l - nderstund why you Wlflh lo
lavish your affection ou a dog. Why
don't you adopt a child.
Oh, I -hould be itfrulil to become
fond of a Child, II ll should die
one Could n'l have ll stuffed aud put
in n corner if lhe library, you know.
"I h*Te a monsy-saving invention-
handy granaries to allow field threshing oyer your farm. Move them about
each year.   You aave long haull at
harveit time.   In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
l-orporal Mechanics
The mo tor*1 bus Hnortod slowly along
tho street, gave three loud groans, and
slopped v-l-li a jerk right opposite the
The driver gol off, hurriedly dived
lif'tietith Hie botinnl, and then, throwing himself on thn ground, crawled
underneath Iho 'bus.
Afler u whllo he camo out again,
nml, with ;i confident nmlli\ attempted,!
lo  t-estlit't   the   OllgltIO,       lllll   1)0,   tile ;
iiiKlne wouldn't go.
Then he glared nt the sllenl ma
■ ti I in< uud scratched bin lund, nud his
tnoiiih worked an II' ho communed
with hli if.
A cabby slloiilly tool! hln whip mil
of tho sockol, nnd, orosslng to lho lib
liirliiled nuin, held It out. to hltn.
'Kre yiirc, mnlol ho m\U\, with n
glut. I of 'i Htiiile.     *lt 'lm!
TheOld Reliable
Horse Remedy
Al 'plIOUSAMXS ^<i^k
^^K M and 11 fit ^M^|
^^K^jM have saved money HH
wjl bv )>'i* s^K^
and horsemen
have saved money
by using Ran*
lorfipavlii'i. Cuib, Klii|[bon*>,Splint, Bony
Gmwthi and Luiururmi (torn many other
fau-t 'i. 'I"ti**-e* men know that Kfndall's
U a uintiey nuvrr mid a hone ssver. We
Can prove It by ilioiiiaudi of
Oraltlul Ltttera Frew Users
I.ftNunay, Bxttt,, nm, i-Oi, t-ttt.
An E-xchnnfle of Troubles
JotlCB  baa found  a euro for Ure
rouble, ,
IChl Mint's ibntT
Uo'h bouplit a motorboat.,
"I liavr a li-itr i.l-n V of liutifi «ni1
ol IvrmUll nSim.lii Cute,    J mil1
I ilwitvii hatl luc brirt Mti-tfni fu»n front
I musl Hjy
. . rgesi
UM-l «t Kruit4irntl|
lliat __:
ItM lur,   linil   I'MII   ii*-*.**»iiii*t**f!'1ril  It
hoiarowuer." JOBBril I'IM'MJ.
I'U.I-'i'l 1,'ltt, TlAN. DlC. .'I'll, lill.
"I linvr ii-w.i Kcadatl'i spavin CtifS ter
flvcyeaii. I lunl ItRSIttflCurs for S*iavtnn,"
rrlM fi Ittf betUf~A trn,\irn |5. A-k
itm-iKlit f»r trff book --TretUM oil tlir
ll'iinc ' 01 i-iitctow«. 'ii
Dr. B. J. Kendi.ll Company
FaHa, Vt.moi.1, X). .1. A,
"ThMt grsnsriiB romi lo compact
bundUi. A boy can set up end bolt
one together to a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout ou the side er
into roof Manhole— saves work during threshing. Your grain te protected
from vermin, wet and thieves, Sj Sell
it when you are ready, loading direct
from tbe granary into your wagon,
or bagging It. Ne musty or heated
grain. SJGet my granary and be Independent of elevators' for selling.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
bow long you store your grein.
The Pedlar Granary protei'i you."
"Willi- mr for my booklet    n shows >"<w profitable mv
(•luiiary ll even on . miiwI**  mii .n.i re-lion lam.     i   r
It lur tvw.   'iin* ituok Telle n| itii Money lor Von"
W.ii. t.t Bani 1.1 Noil OSH AW A. ONT.
7. [..„..», J-».    tir.MiBI.rk      Mlrdat.W,
IAMATOOM   * 1-OOIE jaw       lETWiirod**:
  -...*.„.. kiHarl.H       Uhluu.!..
... ...In, wh.li a.„|r.«*	
1.1 1. H .tu,w. .BOUt far bhlld
■ idMutaiiir..n
flJIim .. .ll.fli.il (v r,r.nn -
Oiract your Inquiry lo tha Padlar pla e« nemaat you
you promptly an*    aava you tim.
Tha Padl«r Granary It Kra-prMf.   Think wh»t that meana!
Thoy will   ini-r***
Exit tha Cl.iqucra
When lho Alliainlini Thonlro, Loudon, rropciiH In Ilio oin-ly ..illnil.tl  II
win have ulspt-nso-l pormanoiHIy wllli
Uio Hci-vlroH or Iho olmiuo Hint Tor
many yoni-a hurt boon iintUtiloti in tho
falloi-y to applaud tneln-ll'tB.
TllolO paid iippliiiiilorn, Mm lunl ol
lliolr raoo, ho rur nn London In oon-
oonit'il, havo oxtBtod In ilio Ihoati-loal
world for nonrly n liunilroil yeara. Ho
Ions ago hh in'M M, Bititlou oslnlillttli.
oil  111  I'nrls nn ofllco to outturn Ilio
tiuoooB* or dramntlo pIooob hy ineans
or ptn-Bona iml.l to clap  llioli-  luintlH.
Mo wnn, Intloi-il, Ilio Ih-at I 'Ifantae
Uio olaQlle,
in iliono daya Uio inanagor ol Uio
particular thoatro would Bond nn ordor
Tor liny numbor   of   oliiqiioin - noniiv
1'tiion iih many nn titio. Corlnln ol
Ilio oliiqiiorn worn told off lo try 'liln!'
lho otiiilvnlonl; In our 'Biioortj,' mul
woro onlled 'IiIhhouih.'
Tlio liihlllnllon of Uio olmiuo HUM
iionriiiiioH in   Conllnonlnl   tlioalroai
and ovon In Irfiiulon Htmio nrllHtit, who
aro cnmiiuriillvti ntrnngorn, aro willing
io pny for a rooopllon during tho Ural
ni^iiiH of tholr ougagomotit, Thoro
Ih fiTinlnly ill Imnl Olio olaqlia-mnBti r
In   London   VtllO   IIhiIh   tin-   Iniflnona
inor-i or icrib luoratlv*.
Tho Greater TroQetly
Tlm mini wIiobij daught*r hnd .hint
boon united to tha liuaband ol her
oholco looitoti a lit tin miii.
I toll yi ii, nqulro, lm said to onn
or tlm w I'll ill hr gnosis, ii nuin of hi*
own uro, nud himself llm rattier ol
a number ot unmarrlad girl*' I l0"
yotl II Ih n Bolomil IliliiR for u» when
our daughlerB marry and r,o awayi
The Biiulro asaentod nol a'.iogrthor
1   nlipinil'ii   it   IB,   In'   i"iliroil"il,   hut
l mil you, it is mora solomn wiicn
thoy don't,
llomoi'i H"oi ", vns oxplallilng Uio
in tint n lend pm-cll to his Hltle frlihl.
"•l-.ls, iiolnlli r, 10 ti'0 iihni'iioimil liai,
Is Ilio ond yo'l lilllo wllli, mul I'i..'.
iiiii.Una in ilio rul-bor oi-nBor, is wi-.-.
you wrllo ull'i wl on you don'l lliio
v.ntil you  i-it'i.
Thoro arrived rooontly at Prlnco
iiupori. ihu Inrgcal Bhlpmont of Ore-
osotod I'lloa ovot- noul. tni far north,
TIiob'o aro to im iihoiI for bracing iim
pIIob of tho now govornmont drj iim-u
in t'oursn of construction nnd made np
n tniiii nlilpmont of iipiiiI) 1.09,000
tool of lumber.! THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
.   ',
Our Columns are The Best for
"The Advertiser"
The "Prospector" is read all over the Kootenays
Dlatrlct ol Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTIOB that I, John
Laurie of Cranbrook, B.C., Intend
to apply for the purchase ul the following described landa. Commencing at a post planted nt the South-
eaat corner ol Lot 6620 theace north
80 ehalna, thence weat SO ehalna,
tbence aouth 74.89 ehalna, thence eaet
11.25 ehalna, tbence aouth 5.18 cbalna
tlience eaat 68.75 ehalna to point ol
Dated October 28, I'm. K 9t
(Section 41)
NOTICE! is hereby given that, on
tbe Brat day ol December neit, application will he made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal ol the hotel llcenae to aell
lit-uor by retail iu the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at
Marysville, ia the Province ol British
Dated this Uth day ol October,
4.-4t Applicant.
Diatrict ol Baat Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I, I. R. Boyd,
of Calgnry, Alberta, Intend to apply
for the purchase of the following
described landa commencing at a}
post planted at the east corner of
lot 6625, thence running west 68.75
chains, thence south 54.80 chains,
thence eaat 68.75 chnins, thence north
54.80 chains, to the point of com- j
mencement. i
I. R. BOYD,  Locator]
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
(Section 41)
NOTICB Is hereby given that, on
tbe flrat day of December next, application will be made to bhe Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
aa the Kootenay Hotel, situate at
the Town ol Moyle, In the Province
ol British Oolumbla.
Dated tbls ICth day of October,
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE ls hereby given that, on
the flrat day ol December next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Perry Oreek Hotel, situate at
Perry Oreek, in the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated this 16th day of October,
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICB Is hereby given that, on
the Brat day ol December next, application will lie made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ol the hotel llcenae to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Moyie Hotel, situate at Moyie
in the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated tbis 16th day of October
42-4t Applicant.
Kor a licence to take and use water
Leask & Johnson ot Blko, B.C., will
apply for a llcenae to take and uae
one Inch ol water out ol Blko Spring
The water will be diverted at Blko
and will be uaed lor Industrial purposes on tbe land described aa Lot
Thia notice waa poated on tbe
ground on the Hth day ol October,
1912. The application will be died
in the office ol the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook, B.O,
Objections may be Hied with said
Water Recorder or tbe Comptroller
ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Thoa. W. Leaak
42-5t Agent.
District of Southeast Kootenay
TAKB notice that I, John Hobert-
Bon, of Kingsgate, B.C., occupation
larmer, intend to upply Tor permission to lease tlic [ollowlhg described
Commencing at n post planted nt
the southeast corner of P.R, 12/5;
thence east to L10199; tlience north
80 chains; theuce west 80 chulns;
thence south to P.R. 1279; thence
eaat to the northenst etirner of P.R.
1279; thence south to the point ot
Nnme of  Applicant
Date September 23rd, 1912. 40-at
District of Southeast Kootenay
TAKB notice thnt Jessie A Walllnger, of Cranbrook, occupation married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described Lands:—
Commencing at u post plunted 'u
chains north of the southeast corner
of Lot 9970, thence east 40 chnins,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
40 chains, theace north 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing
320 acres more or less.
Name ol  Applicant
Date  September   11th,1912 40-9t
Notice is hereby ynen tbat tin iluys
utter ilate I intend to apply Lo tun
.Minister ol i.auus. tot u licence u
prospect for coal and petroleum ovei
tbe following lands situate m ini
ijistrict of Southeast Kooteuny. hill
Ish Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post plunted at
or neur oue mile due Soutb ol thi
Northeast corner ol Lot f>68;>, anu
being Lue Northwest comer post .
George iiyites' claim; tlience South
hu cuains; Ltieuce hlast SO chums,
theuce North SO chuins; theuce Vtisl
su chains to tne point ol commencement, making 640 acre*, more or less.
Located this 28rd day of July, 191.
GEORGE  WYK.E8,Locator
Bathen W.  Butts, Agent
37-'Jt Win.  II.   Drown,  Witness
Dlatrlct of Eaat Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, Rev.
Schrog, of Oalgary, Alberta, Intend
to apply lor the purchase ol the following described landa. Commencing at a post planted at tbe north-
weat corner of lot 339, thence weat
80 chaina, thence south 58 chains,
thence eaat 80 chains, thence north
II chaina to the point ol commencement.
REV. SCHROG, locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
Dlatrlct of Baat Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, H. ». Qlo.v
of Oalgary, Alberta, intend to apply
lor tbe purchase of bbe following
described lands commencing at a post
planted at the southeast corner of
Lot 6624, thence running north 40
ehalna, thence weat 160 ehalni,
thence aouth 40 chaina, thence eaat
160 ehalna to the point ot commencement.
H. G. BLOW, locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Oetober 28, 1912. 45-9t
Diatrict of Baat Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that f, William
Mulholland, ol Calgary, Alberta, inland to apply lor the purchaae of
Ua lollowlng described lands commencing at a post planted at tbe
aouth west corner ol lot 6623, thence
eaat 115.57 chains, thence north 80
ehalna, thence weat 58 chaina, thence
north 10 chaina, tbence weat 16.82
chaina, thence south 145 chains,
thence went 50.75 ehalna thence
aouth 15 ehalna to the point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 28, 1912. 45-9t
Diatrict of East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, 8. J. Mc
Parians, of Cranhrotik, B.C., occupation married woman, Intends to
apply to the commissioner ol lands
and worka lor permission to purchaae 140 acres of land, bounded aa
Commencing at a poat planted 20
ehalna weat ol tbe Northwest corner
of P.R. No. 1119 thence Baat 70
chaina, thence North 20 chaina,
thence Weet 70 chaina, thence Houth
M chaina to point ol commencement,
Dated thle 10th day of August, 1912
Sadie Jane McFarlane
IT-tt W. B. McFarlane, Agent
(Section 41)
NOTIOB ia hereby given that, on
the flrat day ot December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot the hotel llcenae to aell
liquor by retnil in the hotel known
ae the International Hotel, situate
at Moyie, in the Province ol British Oolumbla.
Dated tbis 16th day ol October,
42-41 Applicants
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the drat day ol December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot the hotel license to aell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, in the Province ol British Oolumbla,
Dated this tilth day ol October
42-4t Applicant. I
(Section 41)
NOTICE ls hereby given that, on
the flrat day ot December next, ap-1
puliation will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police tor renewal of the hotel license to aell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
aa the Windsor Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, ln the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated   tbls   16th   day ol Oetober
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the flrat day ol December next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for renewal ol the hotel license to aell
liquor hy retail ln tbe hotel known
as the Wyclllle Hotel, situate at
WyclitTe, in . the Province ol Brltleh
Dated this 1Mb day ol Octoher
42-4t Applicant.
For a licence to take and use water
Leaak A Johnson ol Blko, B.C., will
apply lor a license to take and uae
one inch ol water oOt ol Blko River
which flows ln a southerly direction
through Bast Kootenay and empties
into Kootenay River. The water
will be diverted at Blko, and will be
used for Industrial purposes on the
land described as Lot 321.
Thla notice was posted on the
ground on the 11th day of October,
1912. The application will he tiled
tn tbe office of the Wnter Recorder
at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with said
Water Recorder or the Comptroller
of Water Rlghta, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Thoa. W. Leaak
41-St Agent.
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the flrat day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to aell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the International Hotel, situate
at Kingagabe, In the Province ol
British Columbia,
Dated tbia 16th day of October,
42-4t Applicant!
(Section 41)
NOTICE ia hereby given that, on
the flrat day of December next, application will be mail- to the Superintendent ol Provinclnl Police lor renewal of the hotel licenae to aell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
aa the North Star Hotel, sltunte at
Klmherley, in the Proflnce ol Brit-
lab Columbia.
Dated thla 16th day ol October
H. W. IlltBW,
42-4t Applicant.
for a llcenae to take and uae water.
France* Blake ol Waaa, B.C., will
apply for a llcenae to take and uae
100 acre feet of water out ol Skookumchuck creek, which Howe In a
■aaterly direction through 6616 and
amptlea into Kootenay near Waaa.
Th* water will be diverted at i mile
upatream Irom loot bridge on the
Bkookumehuck-Oranhrook road and
will ha uaed lor irrigation purpoeee
os the land described aa 6(11.
Thla notice waa poated on the
ground on the lab day ol November,
llll. Th* application will ba Iliad
In tb* oltlce of the Water Recorder at
Objection*   may   be   Hied with the
aald   Water   Recorder   or   with tha
Comptroller of Water Rlghta, Parliament Building*, Victoria, B.O.
Franc** Blak*.
by J. A. Arnold,
IMt. Afttt.
(Section 41)
NOTICB la hereby given that, on
the flrat day ol December uext, application will be made to the Superintendent nf Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel llcenae to aell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa tha Central Hotel, situate at
Moyle, in tbe Province of Brltleh
Dated this 16th day of October
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE ta hereby given that, on
the Bret day of December uext, application will he made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal of tbe hotel llcenae to aell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
aa the Waaa Hotel, situate at Waaa,
In the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated this 16th day of October,
42 4t Applicant.
(Section 18)
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the flrat day ol December next, application will he made to the Superintendent ol Provinclnl Police lor renewal of the hotel llcenae to aell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
aa the Falls View Hotel, situate at
Maryavllle, In the Province of Brlt-
tlah Columbia.
Dated this 16th day of Octoher,
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the flrst day ol December next, application will lie made tu tbe Superintendent of Provinclnl Police lor renewal ol the hotel licence to aell
liquor by retail In tliu hotel known
ae the Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
In the Province ol British Oolumbla,
Dated this 16th day ol October,
I.-U Applicant.
NOTICK la hereby given that, on
the flrat day ol December next, application will he made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal of the llcenae to cell liquor by
wholesale In and upon the premlaea
known aa the Moyle Brewery, Bltuate
at Moyle, upon the landa deecrlbed
aa Lota 4 and 5, Block 1 town ol
Moyle, In the Province ot Brltleh Columbia.
Dated this 16th day of October,
42 4t Applicant*
For a licence to take and use water
Alex. Herbert Smith ol Bonners Ferry Ranch, Gateway, B.C., will apply
for a llcenae to take and use 300
lnchea (all) ol water out of a aprlng
which flows in a southerly direction
through lot 328 and emptlea into
Llnklater Creek on anme lot. The
water will be diverted at the aald
apring and will be uaed for domestic
and irrigation purposes on the land
deecrlbed aa sub-lota 11 and 12. part
ol lot 828.
Thla notice was posted on the
ground on the 7th day ol October,
1912. The application will be Bled
ln the olllce ol the Water Recorder
at Oranbrook, B.O.
Objections may be tiled with said
Water Recorder or the Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Build
inga, Victoria, B.C.
41-et Applicant
For a licence to take and use water
Alex. Herbert Smith of Bonners Ferry Ranch, Gateway, B.O,, will apply
lor a license to take and use
4 cubic leet ol water out ol Llnklater Oreek, which Howe in a southerly
direction through Lot 328 and empties Into Kootenay River near International Boundary. The water will
be diverted at the north side ol biiIi-
lot 11 of Lot 321 and will be uaed
lor Irrigation purpoaea on the land
deecrlbed as auh-lot 11 of Lot 328.
This notice wna posted' on the
ground un the 7th day ol October,
1912. The application will he tiled
at Oranbrook, II.0,
Objections may lie llled with aald
Water Recorder or the Comptroller
nl Water Rlghta, Parliament Build
Inge, Victoria, B.C.
41-6t Applicant.
For a licence to take and use wuter
NOTICE is hereby given thnt Alex
Herbert Smith, of Ilonners Ferry
Ranch, Gateway, B.C., will apply
for a license to take and .i&e one nnd
three-quarters (lf) cubic teet ot vra
ter per second out of Linklater creek
which flows in a southerly direction
through lots 326 and 328 and empties
into Kootenay river near International Boundary. The water wtll be
diverted at 900 feet in a westerly
direction from the north-west corner
of Sub-lot 13 of lot 326 will he used
for irrigntion purposes on the land
descrlhed as sub-lot 4 of lot 326.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 18th day of October
1912. The application will be tiled
in tbe ofllce of tbe Water Recorder
at Oranbrook, B. O.
Objections mny be Bled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ot Wnter Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victorin, B.O.
44-5t Applicant.
For a licence to take nnd iibo witter.
NOTICE ia hereby given that
H. W. Drew ot Kimherley, B.C.,
wilt apply for a licence to take and
use one ctuilc foot per second of
water out ot Klmherley Cree'*, whlih
flows ln a south easterly direction
through Kimherley townsite and empties into Sullivan Creek near and
east of Block 1. Tbe wnter wtll he
diverted at a ilatn ou Sullivan Hill
and will he used for Domestic pur
poses on the land described ns Lots
12 & 13, Block 6, KI tile lev t iwnsite
.This notice was posted on the
ground on the Ith day of November
1912. The application will he llled
in the ofllce of the Wnter Recorder,at
Cranbrook, B.O.,
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
45-9t Applicant
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Mary A. Soper ol Klmherley, B. ('.,
will apply for a licence to take und
use Bix (6) Inches or wuter out ot
Klmberley Creek, which flows in a
South Easterly direction through
Kimherley townsite and omptlea Into
Sullivan Creek near and East ot
Block 1.
The water will be diverted at or
near Lot 5, Block 11, and will bo
used lor Domestic purposes ou the
land described as Lots I und 2, Block
.*, and Lot 5, Block 12, Klmberley
This notice was posted on tbo
ground on tbe 4th day ol November
1912. Tne application will be llled
In the olllce ol tho Water Recorder,at
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may he died with the
said Water Recorder or with tne
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.O,
45-91 H.  VV   Drew.  Agent
Notice is hereby given thai 60 day.
utter dute i intend to appty to tlu
Minister of Lands lor a Licence to
prospect for coul uiui petroleum ovei
the following lands situate in tbe
DiBtrlr.t ol Southeast Kootenay, Bnt
inti Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing ut a post planted at
or near cue Northeast coruci ul i.<
i2B7, and being ihu Nortliv.esL coruei
post oi Joseph S. Duniicr s claim,
thence Enst mi chains, thence Soutb
n'l chnins; tbence West so chains,
tbence North mj chuins to tbo point
ol commencement, making b'u acres,
more or less.
Located tbis 28rd day of July, 1912
Eathen W.  Butts,  Agent
iT-'Jt Wm. ll. Brown. Witness
Notice is hereby given tbat 60 days
alter date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lunds for u licence tu
prospect for coul nnd petroleum ovei
the lollowlng lands situate in the
District of SoiitheaBt Kootenay, British Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Commencing nt a post plunted ut
or near one mile due South of the
Northeast    corner   of   Lot  8fiH6,   and
being  the  Southwest  corner  post  ol
George   Wykes'   claim;   thence   North
Ko   chains;   tbence   East   nu   chains;
thence South  HO chuins;  thence West
80 chains  to the point of commence
neut, making i.4u ncres, more or less
Located this 23rd day ot July, 1912
Eathen W.   Butts,  Agent
37-9t Wm. H. Brown, witness
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
utter dnte I intend to upply lo the
Minister of Lands for u licence to
prospect tor conl nnd petroleum over
the following lnnds situnte in the
Diatrict ot Southeast Kootenny. Bril
ihIi Columbia, in Lot 459:1:
Commencing at ll post plunted nt
or nenr the Southeast comer ol Lot
7284, and being the SouthweBt corner
post ot Joseph S. Danner's claim,
tbence North ko dnimn; thence Bast
K0 chuins; tlience South KO chains;
theuce West KO chains to the point ol
-oimnencetnent, making li-to acres,
more or leBS,
Located this 28rd day ol July, 1912
Eathen W.  Butts.  Agenl
17-llt Wm. H.  Brown, Witness
Notice Is hereby given that lill days
after date 1 intend to upply to the
Minister of Lunds loi i licence to
prospect (or coul ami petroleum over
the following lands situate In the
District ol Solltheust Kootenny, British Columbia, In Lot 4593:
Commencing ut a post plunted on
tbe West boundury ol Lot K',89 ut or
neur three miles North of the International Boundary, and being the
Southeast corner post of Anna K.
Webb's claim, theuce West 80 chains;
thence North K0 cbalna; thence East
K0 chnins; tbencs South KU chains to
the point ot commencement, making
640 acres, more or less.
Located tbln 23rd day ot July, 1912
ANNA   K.   WEBB,  Locntor
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Wm. H. llrown, Witness
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
■vest Territories and in a portion of
the Province of BritiBh Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental ot il
aa acre. Not more thnn 2,f>*;o acres
will he leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe district in which tbe rights applied lor
are situated.
tn surveyed territory the land must
he described hy sections, or legal sub-
llvlsionB of sections, and in unsur-
ceyed territory the tract applied for
-hall he staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by u fee ot So which will be
refunded if the rights applied (or are
aot available, but not otherwise, A
loyalty shall lie puid on the merchantable output of tbe mine at tbe
:ate of live cents per ton.
i'he person operating the mine shall
uriiisli the Agent with sworn returns
uxountlng lor the full quantity of
ueichnntnhle coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
lights are not being opernted, auch
I', turns should be furnished at leust
,nce a year.
Tbe lease will include the coul mln
.ng rights only, but the lesBee may
lie permitted to purchase whatever
ivatlable surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working ot
the mine nt the rate of tit).00 an acre
I-'or full information application
ihould he made to the Secretary ot
ihe Department of the Interior, OUa-
.vu, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lends.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy  Minister  ot  the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   ol
ihls advertisement  will  not be paid
for. March 25-firo.
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Furniture a SPECIALTY
Liyiloll LICKNSh* ACT
iHert.lim IH)
NOTICK la hereby given that, on
Ibe llrat day of December neit, ap
plication will lie made to the Superintendent ol 1'rnvlnclal Police lor the
renewal ol a llcenae lor the aala ol
liquor by wholesale In nnd upon tbe
premises known aa my store, altuate
at. Cranhrook upon the landa de*
rilbed aa Lnt It, Hlock 98, Olty ol
Oranbrook, D, 0,
Dated thla mth day ol October,
«•« Auplieaat
For a licence to tnke and uae water
Alei. Herbert Smith nf thinners Kerry Handi, tlnteway, H.C, will apply
lor a llcenae to take and uae
one cubic foot of water nut nl Link
laaer Creek, which flows In a souther
ly direction through Lot 3!«, and
emptlea Into Kootenay Itlver near
International lloundnry. The water
will be diverted at about 1000 feet
weat ol the weat boundary ol nub-lot
i and will he uaed lor Irrigation purpoaea on the land deecrlbed aa 2»
acrea ol aub lot ,s.
Thla notice waa poated on the
ground on the 7th day of Octoher,
1912. Tho application will be Died
in the inllce of the Water ltecurder
at cranbrook, H.C.
Objections may b* filed with aald
Water ltecurder or the Comptroller
of Water Hlghta, Parliament ilnll'l-
Inga, Victoria, H.C.
It-It Appllcaat.
(Section 411
NOTICB    is hereby given that, on
tbe   brat   day ol I» mlu-r next, ap
plication will he nni'le to Ihn rluper-
lntendem of Provincial Police tor re
newal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In.the hotel known
aa the Wardner Hotel, situate at
Wardner, in the Provlnre of llrltlsh
Hated   this    lb tli    day of Octoher,
It   II. I10HART,
int Applicant,
Notice Is hereby given tbat litl dnyH
after date I intend to apply to the!
Minister of Lunds for n licence to I
prospect for coal and petroleum over [ *
tlm following  lands  situate  in  tbe Sage's Old   Stand, Hanson A»s
District, ol Bast  Ifo.ileiiay
TAKK    NOTICK    that    I.   William
Palethorpe ol Kingsgate, ne, Intend
to apply to the coiniiilaKliinei' nl luiul
nnd worka for pennlnsloti to purohase
Ian neres ot lund, bounded as loliows
Commencing at. ri post planted nl
the soutb went corner nt P.It. He
cord IIH or Lot No. 10.117, thence
went 20 chnins, thence north HO
chains, tbence east 20 chnins, tbence
south NO i-biilns to point ol com
Dated thle  12tli dny ol August.  1912
William  I'.lcthorpi'
M-.t W. B. McFarlune. Agent
Dlatrlct of Southeast Kootonny, Hritisb Columbln, In Lot l.v.i.i
Commencing nt n post planted on
the West liounilury line of Lot «S"»
at or near two miles North ot the
International Houndnry, nnd being,
the Southeast corner post of Annn K ;
Webb's Claim, thence West hii ohslni;
thence North hi) chains; thence Bast
mi ohnlns; thence South 80 chains to
the  point   ot  ciiiniiieliceinelit,   making
lilll acres, more ol  less
Located this Hard day ol duly, HU
ANNA K. Whllili, Locator
Kathen W. Hutu, Agenl
rl7-0t Win.  II.   llrown.  Witness
Phone Ml.
District of Bast Kootenay
TAKK, NOTICK that I, Annie M.
Palethorpe ol Klngsgato, B.O,, occupation married womnn. Intends to
apply to the commissioner of lauds
and works for permission to purchase
.'ill unreal of lund nude or less, I ml
ed us lollowa:
I'limiiieiicing   ut    u pi.nl planted at
llm   Hoiithwiut corner of T. Cadwal
loder's   Purchase   tbonco   Houth  20.
chains  mon   or loss   to Mrs  8. .1
Mi-fiil'lune's I'nrcllnse. thence Kast to
the Little Moyle Rlvor 2.. ohnlns
mote or Inns, thonoo North 20 chains
moro   or less lollowlng the rlvor up
str en in tu south line of T. Cadwal
leiler's I'lirelinsii, thenco West 1*5
Ohnlns more or leim to point of coul-
I luted thin 12th day of August, 1912
Annie M. I'lilclhrope
V-tl W. B. MoFarlane, Agent I
"akoa Short Work of
I',, i, a.-riMi nml RM-anTtlly hOMlttl ta..* ut
Hi .iiii, l.'nul.-i«n( ...nit, NtUnlfM mnl ill nlllfr
i i iti a <>f Rhetimittlffl -.n III ut onrf lii Abbott I Id-*).
Itht-umntir  Item.'tly     l.iki- m. tnft. Of nut.) it
ii i- h iVi'li itislll.lt rollfft I'i H.I.-.'.i-fiirnMt-1'Miiiiil.-n rr.
Itti t thom from b*di of Mgony Rtu tut in >.iir«
;..-. !..•.■•) ri.tmv n.'-n, wtitn*'*. «.fid chlliirfii tor
v ii t.i tin-,.. iftornBd i-n hi-ln.   Jutt n tew .-.-itu-*
' hns ciirH r-i ts ..f from .In tu KI yrom' diiiuti.m
And '--.--Y it Itnntll ■■-.n ilVI h- -niutek, mf.- »ni.
•■I., .'-t'. i. i. Imi I.- -i.-nnn.-i' fur nil .trip twin' «.■••
•• ■ |, wnh l.'.lniv. rto     |,i-i h ilnllfir la.nlc.if
Abbott Broi.'" Rhiumitle ttmtii
I *••... )■ -nr lining hi nni'*1- Mart your cum tnj*ty.
Bvnl i r--i  l,v Atibott Bros., 711 H IWrtxirn Ht.
j GMmvo,  111.. If your '.rufffait dow not havo ti
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug t Book Co.|
TruoK Mam*.*
COr*Vf1l(.MTI Ab.
tu t inn *i ti-lliiff ., ,..■.''■ nn.1 .1. < i ll'Muti inn*
n<-    < Ir ■     nil-.in i -ir i.i mi -m fffio wlintlim tn
i.  ,     ,  mini.I • |>nlu-ilnii1fl,    f'uitittnmli-'i
II.     ■■NI*IIt! hH.,»|,uP. WANOBWW <»•■ 1't.tnl.t.
  11fit. l.Mitl nt, ■. lnt i.--'iiri<i-n>-..*.iit*.
|',i... i, iiiki'ii ll.r.-.iifti Miilili 1 <». rtotTfi
ll-.tlilii 'fl", t>H limit,-lUrtrii. ItllUO
Scientific American.
r.i'i*ii-.t--il wmI-It.    .af.**r*>M fir-
•   Llllllll'     lirtmint.        I (.Mil*     t.i,
p.n, in-alii-..! '.t«Ls-.ltl,    Hull!  l'|
m mm.
Opens Thursday,
Nov. 28th
The Girl in the Case
A High-class Program of Moving
Pictures and Songs
The Proceeds of the Opening Night will be
given to the St. Eugene Hospital
Local   News
Philosophers tell lit, tbnt there is
nothitiK new under the sun—that is
where they ure wrong—we have some
thing new. Our new stock of mouldings consist., of uu different patterns
that are absolutely NEW. KILBY
Mr. and Mrs.  James F nlay left on      New    3toch    of   Dried  Fruits,   Sun-
Tuesdayfor a visit to the coB«t. I ■*•<■*■•■ and other well
R. D. Cameron, the new secretary
ror the V M.C.A. arrived in town
last Saturday .rom Kenora, Ont.
Rhubarb- Fresh today at PINK'S
Mth. W. D Laidlaw will not receive on Wednesday next nor again
this se>tson.
an brook Trading Ci
Don't forget the Benefit Hall on
Thursdny, November 25, Tickets 11.00
BORN   At     Cranbrook,      Thursday
No\    Zlflt.,  to  Mr   and  Mrs.  .1    Mac
lonald,  a son
"Blie Pearl" Currants—Tbe Fin
est Ever- ask to sec them at PINKs
Chester Staples, ol WyeUfle. was
Lransac Ing business tit Cranbrook
Tuesiia> ■
may want a watch herself—and
perhaps, it te up to you to buy
her one. If you art' going to
buy a Watch, or any other article of Jewelry, and want to
get the best value tor the least
outlay, it will pay you to come
hen- where you will And an infinite variety to select from
and where you im.\ rely du being courteously nntl honestly
Jewelers^ & Opticians
Bed Mattress and Spring |11;0.0.S|
Mrs.     J.    Htnples,  of  Wyclllle,   was
shopping   in   Cranbrook   Wednesday.
Sweet Cider—Campbell & Mannings
Nova    Scotia    has   produced a fine
crop of new Senators this year.
H.    Bex,    of  McLead,  was in town
H.   B.    Hicks,    of  Victoria,  was a
guest at the Cranhrook Friday.
Mrs a C. Harshaw will receive Apples—Don't forget to get our
on the first Thursday of -rhe month -.rices on apples and to see the qnnl-
during tbe season. ity.—Cranbrook  Trading  Company t.
Kice cakes at FINK'S PURE FOOD      Vr   -***d    Mrs.   J    Jordan and Miss
GROCERY. Andersen,    of    Spokane,  were  guests
                              j .t the  Cranbrook Wednesday
MissMartha Wise,  of  Detroit Lake, ""
Minn.,  is    visiting    her relatives and j
friends  in  Cranbrook,
T. Bell, of Fernie, was in the city
California Rhubarb and Fresb Ripe
Tomatoes—Campbell   &   Manning
Mr. E. F. Johnson will again be in
charge of tbe Skatlntj r uk this season.
If you are considering buying a
dinner set see some of our stock
patterns-Campbell   ti   Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. J, S. Teet leave today to take up their duties in a
new Held at Cartler, Ont.
Remember it pays to ileal at tbe
Cranbrook Trading Company for
Bed Mattress and Spring |11;C.C.S
D. J. McSweyn Left tin Tuesday
for Vancouver to attend a conven
tion of Shriners.
Seal    of     Alberta,     "The Faultless
Flour"—-$4,oo  per  sack—J.   Manning.
■40 tf
A special line of films will he
shown at the Edison Theatre on
Saturday  night.
St. Ivel Lobster tn Olass Jars at
Campbell ft Manning.
Good Second Hand Sewing machines in good condition, from $5.00
up  at   the  Singer  Store.   Phone  lf.7.
It L. T. Oalbralth, Indian Agent,
and    A.     Doyle,  of  Fort  Steele,   were
tf. ■ m town Tuesday.
*^^*4"M"H-*h+.1-i i-h•<■» •M*++-M>4^HH*+'H^-f*i*
Mother's Treasures"
Tlic Greatest Picture
Ever Produced
The Family Herald and
Weekly Star
t The Prospector
I For the whole Year j
[ Only $2.50 j
HI IIII I I I|I|||| | | | »| * ih *+++****+**********A
• ******* 11 H*************************
Santa is Ready i
He Iimh established hla Chrlitmns headquarters at I'ark'a
11  r.lwi.re   Htorc         It's  „   little  Surly   to  lis   tiilKine  Hh.Mlt '
Cnrlstmaa,  mayba,  but  ther-  is going  to l.c hiicIi n erem '
Onrlatmaa and irifts are sn plentiful tlmt tin- "nod old Saint !
-.'(Hided thn earlier be etarted the better it would he. t
Hadn't   Vol'  better take the  hint Irom  Santa and  -tart |
...rly, too?     Ohrlatmne shopping in ., big undertaking    »'« ',
found Unit out oureelvee when buying (or thin hig holiday .
demand      We are mighty glad we etnrted on time, nn other '
"iH.- we could'nt hnve arranged thln.'H ho favorably for you '
ta  buy.       Hut we—that   manna  Snnto Clnua   nnd   na—are ',
liled nnd lixed right. ,
Our stock Ih bigger and  better thnn any ever         We hnve i
gifts for overybody.      Ohildren ol nny nge up t.., ■ hundred '
tan ret then wnnte euppllad here '
our prices nre alwaya reasonable i
I' II M K         IN         AND         M A K B '
uspnovniT !
F. Parks & Company
♦muni ********************
Mrs. W. [) LAidlaw, we are sorry
to say is SLifTerinn (rom au attack ot
facial paralysis.
Benefit Ball will he given in the
Auditorium, Thursday. November 28,
Tickets fl.00
Gus Tbeis, a Perry Creek mining
man, was in town (or several days
tins week,
School children Bhould *-ee Kink's
Ad in thla weeka Proepeetor.
(.ales in J arnica Imve damaged tbe
banana crop. Thla never happens In
the "banana belt" o. Cranbrook,
Did you know that our Crockery
is Belling at one third ofl the reg-
price—C. 0. 8.
Mr and Mra. Alex Emery, of Sbeep
ltreek,    waa    a  Cranhrook  visitor on
Heinv's, .Sweet Mixed, (therklni
mid Bill Pickles, 40ct» per quart—
Oampbell & Manning.
0. W. Porter of Lancaster, Pa.,
was a truest at tbe Cranhrook on
Bed Mattress and Spring $U;C.C.S
BORN-At Cranbrook on Friday,
November ir-th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard, ■■ aon.
Mr. aud Mra. J. Walsh and daughter of Fort Steele were Cranbrook
visitors nn Wednesday.
Bed MattreBS and Spring $U;O.O.S
It is reported tbat Dr. H. Watt of
Kort Steele lias decided to prne.tce
medicine at Klko.
Cauliflower and Toinat.es -Fresh
toduy at KINK'S PURE FOOD GR<>
Mr and Mrs. K. Staples, ol Nol
on wore visiting at the home ol hei
sister,   Mrs    L.   Luii-'lln,  this  week.
THK   BB1   FH.HD    STORK-Kvery-
'hint; in Kred for animals, birds, etc.
by thfl pound or train load at the
Oranbrook Trailing Oo.
Don't full to liflnr the Imperial
Hand h.-ii Ringers nt the Auditor
■ i"i    Nm     27,     Admission    TSc   and
Our Furniture business in growing
sob month.   Tha reason in that our
litoch ii well anorted, popular priced
;mid modorataly pnefld—0  0  H.
Thfl next annual meetlnq nf the As
roc In tart Ronrds .f Trmle lor South
(•■nt Kootenaj will lm held nt Fort
Rteeto in January,
Hand Pulnted CllOCOlnU A Berry
Hdts, Somothlnff Nine lor Xmas presents   f'nmpl "il  n  Manning,
. K Humphrloa, of Lethbrldge,
li un urn tlon h'Spoctor pasHeil thru
Crnnbn oh Bandny li st on uin way
to Kim .ii-nte on official business,
Home speolnl prices on Dinner and
Toilet.  Sets-Campbell   ft   Manning.
Owing to tho resignation of Oapl
Btrlbfl   from   c o   Salvation   Army,
".i fWruthe a iiiih iieen appointed
iiiii suooeisor,
T.    Uormr    Jones  left Tuesday  lor
ttie Windermere dletrlct, wliere be win
t-ikfl  .-Inn,'.-  of   the  real  estate  liutri
ness of J.  McKay.
Kast Kootenay
A  Full and Complete
Line of Harness
•Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing  a Specialty
Liquor Habit Cured i
in  Ihree Days
No Hv|Mnl.T-mk- Injection.    Send
for treni booklot
Box 325 Crnnbrook, B C
•Cor Fenwick Ave. & Kaina St.
McLaughlin & btudebaker's
Call in and See our Stock
Cranbrook Trading Co.
T.     M.    n I X E N
Auditor and Accountant
P.O.   Box   373
NELSON, B.C.       47-3nV
Clarionet for «nlo~Key ol "C".
Uufiee Crampon Pari, make, a hlgh-
<rade instrument. Price 115.00.
Uoat *:'.',.(Hi. Onlj- slightly used. Applr to   Edward Hawkins 45-tl
FOK 8ALK—In eicellent condition,
One Kam Organ, 5 stops. Apply 'X'
Croapector'a Office. 45-tl
FOUND—A 12-loot chain, apply at
the Proejiector Office. 47-tt
IIKKSS.MAKINU - *.,00 per day -
Phone 15,  Miss B. H. Kalson. 46-lt
If you want a reliable and reaaon-
able Job of plumbing dona or atwar-
age connections made, call up Kd. V.
.lohnaon, 'phone 'int. 44-tl
fl)H    BALE—Houae on Oranbroo
Street,    4   rooms   and large pantry
ipply christian ,<■ .lonea.   terms   to
.nit purchaser.
Fiirnl-.he.l Koiinis to Kant, two mln
tites from Poat Office, enquire at thla
ilTlce, or write Hoi "M".
Classes in Drawing
Water Color*, Pnatela, Olla and
China Painting will he opanad tha
u-cond week of November. For further Information int"ndlng puplla
ihould call or write
Miss M, A. Dnylr*-
at  the   realdenre   nl   Mr    Louii Mc
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Wholesale and Katail
Dealers in
Meats, Fish, Game
& Poultry
To thn people of Maryaville nnd
Oranbrook wo am tlintiklul for tholr
kindly niuilatanre In our dny ol grlrrf,
III our and harrmvmimnt of our loving
wife uuil mot lur, I"-" nuill'-fi that we
warn not trontoil us outcnuts or
utrnngem nor wore we In nny way
II will ln< Mm source ol pleasant
rcmcniiinuire to us lu nfter yeara,
ami nlways ,, lieiillng balm for the
aorrow we have suflerail.
Yuu may waut n new Hug (or tha
Winter, wa invite you to' look
through our stork. 3x3 Taplstry at
•7.5U-0.   0.   B.
The Imperiiil Hand Hell Ringers
that will be heard at the Auditorium
Nov. 27 ure tne best in the world,
Admission 75e and 50c.
Mrs. E. lsmay and child lelt on
Tuesday for England to spend their
holidays. Mr. lsmay accompan ad
them as far as Medicine Hat.
One re.ison why you should have a
S nger is this—Our Agents are ln
Every town tc sUny and you can always get supplies without sending a-
way. 46-tf.
Tho Crnnhrook Liberal Association
I eld a mcctim: in Clapp's Hall on
Monday night. Dullness ol Importance was discussed.
Mrs.    T.   Boyter wns taken to the
St.    Eugene    hoa-ltal l.-st Saturday
suBorin» rrom pneumonia but li now
roereBBlng favorably.
You may want a new Rug for thfl
Winter, we invite you to look
through our stock. 3x3 Taplatry at
J7.50-C. C. 8.
Master H. France, 'Cello Soloist,
vlio ia with the Imperial Hand Bell
Kingers will nlso be heard on Wad-
•^esday, Nov, 27th, In the Auditorium, AdmisBion 75c nnd 50c.
Mother's Favorlta Flour cwt. 13.50-
50tb 11.76; .5fb 1.90. Prlda of M'bi-
to flour, cwt. 13.75; SOtti 11.90; Ulb
(1.00. Five par cent ol for eaah.
Ornnbrook Trading Compiiy.
A complete change of plcturea
every night ol next week ut the Bill-
son Theatre. No repeaters. All
uew lilms, interesting and very funny. '	
Overcoats, the latest styles and
patterns, up-to-date ln every parti
cular, 19.00 up ut the Eoal. Kootenay
Mercantile House.
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
rhur?h will hold their Bazaar and
Bean Supper on Saturday December
7th. Do not buy your Christmas
presents until you have visited the
Bazaar. adv
Menagera Sauce, a piquant relish
lor meals and fish— for aale at
The recent accident ahowa that tha
wisest course for every owner of a
revolver in to take it apart and
throw the parts away ln different
Benellt Rail will he given in the
Auditorium, Thursday, November 28,
Tickets 11.00     ...
Thc Imperial Hand Dell Ringers at
the Auditorium Wednesday, Nov. 27,
will he a treat In store for ths
Cranbrook Audience. Admission 75c
nnd 50c.
Wanted to Trade—New Sleighs or
Cutters lor -second-hand onea of any
kind or wl I aell tliu new ona* at
Bargain Rataa.-Oranbrook Trading
Company. 44-tl.
D. Anderson, H. Fisher, W. J.
Morrison, C. McKay, Dr. II. Coraun,
and J. R. Ewlng of Fernle, were In
town Thursday attend ng a eoniniun-
Icutlon of Cranhrook Lodge, A.F. a.
Al M.
lied MattreBS and Spring |ll;O.O.B
A regulnr Communication of Crnnbrook Lodge. A.F. & A.M. wna held
in the Masonic Temple on Thursday
evening. There wns a large attendance of via! lug brethren Irom Ferule in attendance.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O.  Hoi  Wi Cranium..,  B.C.
ii Leather Goods :
We are now Showing a
Splendid Assortment of New Goods
Hand Bags,   Purses
Music Rolls,    Wallets
Tobacco Pouches
Card Cases
Suit Cases and Bags in the Pig-skin
Finish.   Also a Swell Line of
Bull Sea Lion Goods
See our Window for new styles in
Leather Goods
Beattie-Murphy Co.
,,,,., 1 nn mn 11111 H r ■! I H H + ) III I I III 1111 ***
Is'nt It The Truth?
Swift's Premium Hums and Bacon
are a little betttr than the "Best"
Fresh Stock of all Prime Meats always on hand.
Premium Cooked Ham
Ideal for Luncheon
"•*•**- Phone 72 ^X
Don't know thnv havo
Man-/ Cranhrook people who have
chronic appendicitis, which Is not
very painful, have doctored fur yeara
for gas on thn stomach, sour stomach
or constipation, Thi. I'ciittls-Murphy
Co. states if ilii'si- people will try A
HINI1LI-' IIOSIC of simple hucktliorn
hark, iilycerlno, etc., as compounded
In Adlcr-l-kn, the remedy which Dentine (unions liy curlnK u.|ipeudlcltla,
they will ha aurprlaed at the QUICK
benefit. «»4t
Utility - Economy
Three Srong  Points in
Stoves and Ranges
The Production of a Celebrated Canadian
Manufacturer—At Prices
FROM S12.   TO  $75.
A Fine Selection of Heaters
FROM $2.50 TO $25.
Now on View at
Klko, B.C.
\___^A_____\__, ■■JiitiilriiiifnliJi  lent- liilnliil   li lill -»- *- * iImImIhUiJiT  I
i"l"rl'i"rr1 I rr I I Tf 1 'fT It II I' I i**f,,f"l"f"f,,f',F**T'*T"r i
Advertising in The
"Prospector" brings returns


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