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The Prospector Jul 19, 1913

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Array *•**>   M**** ""roblT
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee Vou a.Fit
fV ffiagpt&itf.
The  Leading Newipaper
in. tbe
$2.00 Per Yetr
JULY 19th, 1913
Council Meeting
Regular Monthly Meeting of City Council—Passing
of Accounts and Receiving of Reports
The city council met lor th.lr'
monthly meeting and for the passing of monthly accounts nn Monday
afternoon iu the council chambers of
the city hall. There were present
Mayor A. C. Bowness nnd Aldermen
Olapp, Purr, Kennedy, I.easi
Thc reading nnd passing of Ihe inln
tites of the last meeting was the
lirst item on the paper which waB
duly   conformed with,
Thc presentation of the accounts
for ihe month by the finance committee amovntlng in all to '5,117.50
and tho passing ol the same (allowed
An itemized list of which we here append:
Beattie-Murphy Co-, Ltd. ..
Beatty, w.R	
Motnls.     Ltd  55.50
Manning, Ira R  7.80
Nibloek, Geo  60.00
Police Payroll   395.00
Patmore Bros.
Parrett. T. N. ..
anl Parks, P. i Co
Quain Elee, Co
Smith, L. M	
Salmon, Mrs. A	
Sehool Board Pay-roll
School Board Order        111.30
Western Municipal News         5.10
Beattie-Murphy Co         -75
I Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., 1.05
1.50! City Transfer & Warehouse Co. 1.00
3.00 McBride,  J.    11      4.30
B. O. Livery (Deacon)     10.00 Washington B. L. & S. Pipe
Burns, P _ Co       7.50
Cranbrook   Foun.lry        7.50
Canadian Falrhan''s-Morso Co.   20.00
City Engineer's Pa'-roll       983.55
Calgary   Drnftlng   Co.   Ltd.... 126.75
Canailisn Brass Co. Ltd      24.00
Cron'.rco't Garage Co., Ltd.... 2.50
Cranbrook Sash - Door Co ... 30.66
Craabroo'i Cartn.e & Transfer 1.00
Cranbrook Drug Sr. Book Co. 2.05
Cranbrook Trading Co, Ltd. 1.30
City Transfer & Warehouse Co.   84.58
Cranbrook Steam Laundry 75
Craabronk Elec. Let. Co    197,;18
City Clerk's Sundries   127.15
City    Officials    Pay-roll   355.110
City Livery -Mncdonaldi        19.50
Deznll,   Prank        13.50
Pink Mercantile   Co      82.00
Fire De-it. Pay-rol    (ii    260.00
Fuiljaines,   H.   _   K     13.33
Herald  Publ shlng Co      28.00
Kootenay Tile. Lines       15.00
Lognn,  James       60.00
McBrlde,    ,1.    B    21.22
A report v.'-is received and filed
wh ch came from the City Engineer
noting the progress of the work of
his department for June.
Itwas moved by the City aMermen
that the City Engineer he instructed
to enforce the Fire Limits and Bull.!
Inu By-Laws In respect to Pan Quan.
By-law No. 125 wna read i nd approved being the Liquor Licence
Amendment By-Law. It might be
well to point out that this by-law is
not a new nne but rather a re-drafting of the old by-law which had been
found not to be ns clear as it might
be fnr the purposes df administration nnd justice, none of the pilncip-
ies of the old by-law was altered only a rearrangement of the wording
ofthe whole.
Council Adjourned,
How it Works
An Apt Illustration of  the   Financially  Strung  East
and the Semi-Dependent  West
soon   as the weBt
They are telling us that In the coming, and as
East the lnrge population conters -etB thl, money It will begin to pass
are anticipating hnrd times this com L. out 0ne ,„,„„ abojt tne „,.„._
Ing winter.   All signs point that way
and it wouldu't be surprising if it
happened. Already manufacturing
plants are closing down rr working
half time and the out-of-workB ate
becoming Increasingly numerous on
the street corners. When this sort
of th'ng beg ni In midsummer it is
pretty safe betting something un
pleasant will occur belore winter is
Of course the rinsing down 0I mnn
iiini'tiiiiiii; plants, and pnitiuilarly
those in ngrirulturnl lines, is due to
the fact tbnt lh* west is not buying
as freely ns usual, nnd thc we-it is
not buying because the west hns no
cash to buy with. So here we lind
the treat making or breaking the
prosperity of the east. And lf we
wait awhile we will see the west doing something else too.
Thore is every e.-iil.n-e nf a line
harvest through tne west country lo
.Inv and i nli-HH nil ho.tie fn I hlg
crops will he gathered in nnd shipped..   Money for those will be for'li
it is no hoarder of coin. It is moving too rapidly to get Into the miser
hah t and when it get n oney it
spends lt, not recklessly or I. ollshly,
but tor its own advancement. And
the minute that harvest money gets
going, the east will feel the benefit
and Its out.of-works wlll he employed again.
Whlcb ought to make lt clear to
Ihe oast thnt it should have _ kindly feeling for the west, even if at
these times does come from this
part of the Bomlnion a note thnt
sounds as i'i we nf the west had an
Idea we were the big circumstance;
which,if the east wlll permit, we
really nre, as the ultimate relieving
of existing financial stringency will
show. It Is merely an exemplification of the truth that all wealth
conies from the soil, nnd thc west
having the soil, it naturally follows
it muat be the wealth bringer and
giver, both for Its-lf and the east as
well.—Lethbridge News.
Trunks By Freight
i Canadian    railways    unless   trunks
were boxed, bud steel bands, or were
wired   to   provent possible pilfering,
Ottawa—Henceforth trim's muy be .or whlch the rnllway would be held
sent bv freight nil Cnnndil n railways  responsible.
If corded securely,   This means tliiitj
the   public w II nnt huve to pay oi-
"Do  you    think    the ordinary wo
pre is   charges,   which   were   n-lerred man    packing   up a trunk could set
to by Chairman Drayton at thc Railway CommlsBion ns "enormous."
Championship Baseball
Cranbrook Fans Treated to an Exhibition of Fast
Ball—Locals take Three out of Four Games
..urge crowds witnessed thi; games
on Monday between the ifamous nine
from Snnd Point, Idaho, nnd thfl
local nine. The visitors h.ivc been
eonrnr eastern Washington _\- Idaho,
and n^e considered one of the strongest tennis in the state, hut thev met
their  Waterloo in Cranhrook.
In the afternoon eame. thi locals
in the first innings ran their winning
Btreak for five scores, una" ing th..*
heart of the Sand Pointeis. In the
second innings, Crowley f r San.l
Point, secured ft home run which was
the only run made hy the rtkeeters
from Sand Point, while the locals
filed up iiftetn runs. Umpiie Chas.
Thayer. Batteries: Sand lo.nt Bor-
wals, Coachman and Crow;ey; Cranbrook, Stinson, Galvin j nd Burr.
the loral*, and MulUn for the visitors: Three base hits; McNabb: Home
runs; Burr and Ada'.nson. Calvin
struck oul 9 men and Walked 1.
Borwafd struck out .* men and walked 2. Tho Ci'anbrook nine bad a
whale of a team on the Held and
their win 0f both panics was no tluke
although ia the aftt-mo. n tame they
gathered iu 16 run-** while the toys
from the burning sands picked up
but one rin white trying to latbom
the strength of the locals. In the
evening the game was exciting from
start to finish, fans und roosters being nn their tr.es all of tbe time.
Uoth teams received nn ovation at.
the close of the game.
Summary: Two base hits: Sulll- Burr is a sterling player and is
van, Hedigan and Sims; Three base th.-re with the stick or out in the
hits; McNabb and Myers; Home runs ■ field.    ^   ■
Crowley. Struck out by Calvin 12; Calvin s a pitcher that i.,a''es all
by Borwald 7; Bates on ball*., Gal- visltin.. teams s:t up and ta'-e no-
vin 2: Borwn.d 4. tice,   he   i.*i   thero with the gooi s at
EVENING   GAME ftU flmeB' **«,PCil,1,V '» "Pinch.
Old    "Dad"   Stinson    is   the right
The    attendance    at     the    evening; mim    t,ehlnd  the  plate and  very  few
game   was    conoid, rably larger then  balls   get.   away    from   him and he
in    the    afternoon    and it was any- i reaches second  every  time he throws
body's   game up to the eight lnnln_|to that base.
when the locals pulled off four runs. ■    McNabb is good  with the Btic't or
In   tho   first    Inning   boh   teams'behind the plate, and in the field in
Bcortd three runs, f.o.n then on until the first of the sixth, no scores
were made. In the sixth Myers scored a run '.'or the visitors,and iu the
last of the eight, Cranbroo': scoied
'four runs.
Batteries' Cranbrook, Stinson ami
Gal*, in; Sand Point, Growley and
Summary: Stolen* bases Adam-
son, McNabb and Sims; Two bass
hits:  Sims,  Hedigan and Stinson for
a few years "Mic! ey" wid le playing in first-class company in one of
the big league teams,
Hediganas manager of the team is
a grand success, his playing an 1
batting is above the average.
"Tom" is all right wherever you
put him.
There is not the least doubt but
that the Cranbrook nine are the
champions of the Kootenai8—-Vloy
Additional Locals
tlatly denii'H.   Thc niiiclilne won bail-
ly smashed and F-rris was •triicli on
  the head with a sword hut not ser-
Miss    Service*,    asslHt: nt    io    the i lously   Injured.   Peiu-ing   «   riot   the
city clerk, lelt. in Tuom'av to spend: police   did   not    interler.*   ulthoiuh
her   vacation visiting various points called upon to do so.
In the FaBt ,
By en-julry at the Employment
Agencies in the city ive learn that
there is nt present a great scarcity
intlic lahor market, men nre wanted
for all kinds of jobs in thc district
and an enquiry at any of th? ofRceB
will undoubtedly result In one Cndln*.
something- to do.
MajorSoper, sister to Mrs Ccnerai
Bramwell Booth, wlll visit Cran
brook on Monday, July 28th. Thc
meeting place wlll he announced n
later Issue as full arrangements have
not at present been made for her reception. Major Soper is a good
speaker and well known in connection with her work on behnli of the
Rescue homes in connection wiih the
Hnlvatirn Army, and on whojc behalf nhe Is making the present tour
through Canada.
We carry the largest stock of
Linoleums in the ('row's Nest Pass.
l.ot   of Shirts and
at  the Cranbroo't
The Cheapest
Collars in B.C
"We were going nlong nt .-in awful
spied," he said. "I didn't see the
dog. but I lienrd his 'i.i-yi,' so I ordered the chauffeur to stop, doing
bnck, we found an Irate worn
standing over her dead ilog one of
the ugliest dogs you eicr saw. SIe
met us with a tirade of remar.-s,te 1-
ing lis ill no uncertain terms whnt
she thought of us nnd motorists In
general, finishing np hy call ng us the
murderers of lier .log. It wus lh n
that I thoutht I would pacify her.
'Madam,' i said, 'I will replace your
do.;.' 'Sir,' ihe said, in a free Ing
tone of voice, 'you (latter yourseW '
—N'oin.*'s Magazine.
feot wide at
old   country,   made six
r,r,c sq yd at the C.C.S.
In tlic list of results received from
Victoria ior some r ason or other.
Through representations being I Fort Steele results were omitted. We
mnde to the authorities, fie stage-herewith give, for the benefit of the
running at present between Cran-, friends of the children who entered
brook and the northern country, in-. thc examinations from Fort Hteele
elusive ol Wilmer, Athalmer, Inver- and in justice to thc teacher who
mere and Windermere and Wnsa, will was tiie means qf bringing the cblld-
nov\* leaves Oranbrook on Tuesday at ren up to so high a standard, Miss
1 o'clock instead of Monday as form-, Woodland, the names of the girls
merly. Bv dating this It wlll enable who passed with thr number o'
all the tradesmen to answer all cor- marks obtained: Units Helen Ker-
respondenee' in good time and he at shnw.  688;  Katherine i.lad>s Hayes,
Linen Collars 3*,c by the loien-
Crnnbrcok F.xchange,
On Friday afternoon the Cranbrt.uk
learn proved vicioriors over the
much talked nine (rom Wardn-r.
Great interist hns been aroused us
the local boys had defeated Suu'l-
point, end Ihe nine from "A'ar.in-i-
had a strong reputation. A large
crowd witnessed the came which was
interesting   but too much tne sided.
Calvin struck out three men.
Lund struck out four men.
Two base h'ts Sullivan, Sims,
Sherdalil,  Adamson, Crowley.
Three hase hits Bell, Crowley, Sul.
livan Hedigan, Coiuhman.
Umpire-Wm. Mathews.
Battel 1.8—G-alvin and Coachman
Batteries—Lund and Davis.
The local team is playing tirst
class I all these days, and the large
crowds thnt attend Ins gam.s are
g v-ing the boys good financial support.
A considerable number of Wardner
people were in attendance at tbe
game on Friday ivlternoon.
'I he evening game was a comedy of
crrois and 'fault tind ng. Umpire
Lindsey left tbe field in disgust,then
a citizen from Wardner fried his hand
at umpiring and proved a total failure. The first six inn ngs wns fairl.v
good, the umpire favoring his own
team; in the seventh gave Wardner
six runs, in the last half ol the 7th
thc locals batted 2 runs. In the 8th
Wardner made a run, C!r*>n'.roo*- in
the last half also nade H run.
(lame was called at the. ind ol th-
8th   innings  on  account  of  ilnr-ne-s.
Score Wardner 13.
Score ('ranbrook 12-
ly to recall the Cranbrook team of
twoor thr.e years ago who rrs/le a
tour through the western coi ntry
and returned victors of every game,
iieiii the boys as much as you ean.
Ilyheli ing them you help yourself,
the citv and th- grneral good of
"BOB'S   n.ACB" for CIGARS
Constable Fred Ryckmnn. who of-
tic a*, h nn Intli n policeman, was iu
from the Mission on Monday, lie
visited the pool room of l'on Quon,
on Durlek avenue, nnd nrresteil Francis and Alexander, tvo Mi slon ln
■lians, for being drunk and hav In-
liquor in their possession. The Indiana were up bi'I. re Judge Ryan i n
Wednesday, Frinis wes fo-ind gul
ty of being drunk nnd disorderly Bn.|
was fined $20 and costs; Ale-and-r
wns also found guilty-m two tha -
gis, drunk and disorderly and hav-
two bottles of liquor in his posse s
ion. On thc flrst charge he was
!.n-il 520, and on the second }2i> and
costs. On Tuesday Constab'e Ryck
man arrested A. I.ainge oa a charge
of supplying li.iuor to Indians
Laingc, who has been in Cr n roo
but a short time pleaded guilty, ana
i;nonince of the law in r-gard to
liquor nnd ln-lians. He it a mere
youth, only Is years if age. He
wns found gmlty as charg.d, and
smtence was remanded until Thursday.
W.   W.   ICILBT
P.O. Hoc IM flranhrcek. ■ c
to work and wire ft so it could not
lie    opened?"   nsked   the
Blackmore Weds
An order was Issued by thc board w th indignation. "I s.c
Hitter hearing of the case that trunks. jtl the world why you should'nt cur-
he accepted as freight if securely ry this business,
corded. This was e'one in s. ito ol I Thc present limited liability ad-
tlie strenuous objections ot the rail- m|ttcd by the Chairman, Iti. was, lie
ways, aa voiced by Mr. George Ran- aiB0 thought, too low, and more will
some ol the Canadian Freight Assoc-\_ heard ol this, wM'.e an ordor wll
latlon. {go  forth  ordering trunks to be ac
"It would lead to objectionable cepted as freight, A release of lln
truffle," said Mr. Ransoms. "Cheap | unity may be made u condition of
Johns would be offered to us for this
transportation as freight. Home of
tho immigrants trim** we get now
for instance, nre of cheap coihtruct-
lon nd hnve a Piece of clothes tin*
wrapped around them,"
"The reason this matter is up Is
the tremendous charges made liy the
express companies fm- ta' Ing trunks
by themselves," Bald the Chairman.
"There is one ease l have in mind
where 18.10 wns charged, three cents
per pound.   This is perfectly absurd.
Mr. ltansome contended that such
baggage   was   not   accepted  ln  nny
ottier   freight   classification, and he ]    iioost for tlic Fall Fair,
thought lt should not be accepted by and 19th.
least some improvement over the old
W. M. liunlop, inspector for the
Dominion Government at Ottawa,
visited Cranhrook on Tuesday. Dur-
his stay in the city he inspected the
workings at the Government Buildings particularly the books. Inspector I)iinlo|> Is travelling tlir.uigli the
western iirovini-es wl'h the intention
of Installing n new system of ho ik-
keep'n*- and checking; a system
which is supposed to bc tar iu uil-
Cha rinan | vnnce of the i resent system, more
no reason I accurate in detnil and far simpler in
Its workings.
1)81; Million Francis Thomas, 625.
Wc wish to congratulate the children
on the success they attained and bespeak for the others, encouragement
In another year's effort.
Mr. Harry Mathers, of Fort Steil*
was   transacting   bus,ness   at   Crnn-
brook on Tuesday.   The way the new
; Koot.-nnv Cl ntrnl Hallway is rapidly
ly  niutrlnp coinphtion and  the nea*-
i connection    it   will have with Cran-
11 rook   will   muke  the  Windsor Hotel,
of   which Mr. Mathers Is proprietor,
.n meeting  place (or tr.rell is.   'ihe
Hotel    Is    splendidly    situated overlooking as it does the Kootenay River und a stretch ot country thnt for j
scenic   beauty  will  be  hard to bent
In Southern British Oolumbla,   Har'
H.    R.    MacMillan,    chief   forester!'V is a genial host and anyone Btop-
and   Overton    W.    f'rlcc,   consulting. Pins;  at   his hotel ran be assured ol
forester,   are   expected    to airivc in   a   hearty   welcome   and at the same
thc   city   today   for   thc purprsc ot time be mnde to feel right nt I is,
conferring with the lumbermen ol Ihi
dlstiict on the Forestry quest!- n. lie sure etui ac- tie Olo'h'ng nl
Mr. MucMlllun and Mr. Pries are the Ci-anbrook Exchange before buy-
Just returning home to the const.||ng elsewhere,
from tiie successful  Forestry Confer '
Summer Sales for ''lem-in- Up on
Suit   Cases,    Trunks, Harness, Cur-
rlngis,    Wagons    nnd     Implements
Crnnhrook Trading Co,
Benefit the Crow
Canadian Pacific to Divert Tourist Traffic Over
Crow's Nest Line
tinished   to   Ruby  creek bv tbe date
"This v'-sr the Canadian f'acllic
railway is carrying-out the greatest
construction program in its history,
observed .Mr, Bury, le'eiring to the
Imrr.jvement    schemes     which   have
VANCOUVER—With a vie* ol encouraging tourist travel arji nd the
Crow's N'est and Airowhetd La'ies
route of the Canadian Pacific railway, H. W- Brolie, general passenger agent tor British Coluiuila. has
been makiug arrangements ;, r -top-
overs and   special   transportation I*.. neeu ; l.-nn  I ... .1 „,, ,    „„ i„   .....
Cllltles in Kootenay and EOaiilary "Camps bave been established at
districts. He has just returned from R0gers Pass In Prepsraticn for the
....    ,u»ie,t„.„    ,,,i   .,(   sect, „m in gjBMtic  _,-,ng   prolei.,.   Thc   K_0i„
■ work is to be linisbed  in 12 months,
With regsrd t., the lira-icial ttti a-
tlon   Mr.   Bury  said   that  despite   the
.on   u„d   s„,ro„nl,ng   di.tni,   .re financial   stringency    wh ch has been
""ij affecting   a|l     the    markets    of the
inat Part of the province.
Discussing   hia trip he »tut«d that ,
general    business   renditions  in  Nel*
showing marked improvement
that trattic is increasiug on the
pany's lines in Kootenav- Now 'hit
the company has- its new hotel at
Balfour in operation ..tensive plans
for diverting a large share ,,f tourist travel around by the Inland British Columbia la''es has been drafted.
Vice-President Bury ol the Canadian Pac tic railway, from Winnipeg
expects to spend a week or ten .leys
the coast. He expects to iave
double tracking completed and in t p-
eration between Ml.si n Junction
and Ruby creek bv September |,
Tra'ns are already being operated
over the completed double tri.c'is be
tween there and Mission The bridge
over Pitt river will not he completed
until later, hut with that exception
the   double  track   will    be all ready
world   th-   Canadian Pacific railway
was   i„,i   curtailing expenditures as
were many  other large corporations,
but   woe. proceeding  with  Us  S100,00il
000 program.   A tribute to the flnan
cial fore-tgbt ol Sir Thomas Sbaugb
nessy   wat  paid   by   Mr.   Bury   In   this
connection.   He   snid    he    considered
that the (act ol the Canadian I'aeibc
railway   s; ending    such   large    sums
of money rrdouu led  tn  the credit r.'f
the    Dominion,    and it was in itself
a splendid advertisement abroad.
Mr. Hurt denied thc report to the
effect that the Canadian lacitic railway contemplated issti ng stock f.,r
another 5100,000,000.
Concerning the outlook 0n tbe
rrairies Mr. Bury said all indteni
tions pointed to one ol the best
crops in the history of the west.
R. T. Brymner to Leave
Popular Manauer of the Bank of Commerce is
moted to Lethbridge
"Mr. Brymner is leaving the city;
he's beeu Transferred to Lethbridge;
he will be missed."
Thus was tbe ilrst news of Mr. R.
T. Hi)inner and family's remittal
spread around tbe city this week.
In bunking circles it seems to be this
usual thing to always expect remov
uls, and then when it do s come, it
comes as a surprise.
Mr. brymner has been the manager(Junior .-lerk in the Canadian Bank nl
ot the local branch of the Bank of Commerce in Montreal; transferred
Commerce for live ye ire. and since from there to Winnipeg ,n 1S0H. He
the day of his taking chirge the did net long remain long here until
business bas steadily Increased; I he was transferred _> Crnnbron-t In
thus exemplifying his i uslness ecu-,the same
men und popularity among the husi- served as
ness portion of the city and district Commerce
Almost trom h a ent ring the city
be wss a member of the Board of ;somi-tliing „| , „„| ,„,, ,„,„ ,,- „,„„,
Trade and so great was the c, s I having served with the Victoria Hi
hence which tbe members lul cl his lies, Montreal He has now ree.Led
executive ability and his g asp et his march ng orders to Lethbrldje,
local affnirs thsi they elected him ' which can aga n be regarded as an
president within the lirst year vt „ther step in tbe Iin.* ,,f the promo
residence, -.gain snd again he was; tion Isdder
elected president of thst aiigist body
Three times i„ ,11.
Mr. and Mrs. lr,nin?r have both
ass, c ated themselves closely with
social affairs a which circle ihey
wil both be virv mueh missed. In
music  circles   thev    have    interested
themselves considerably taking as
they did leading parts In the productions .,( the Cranbroo'i Operatic So
Mr. Brymner wan bom in Ottawa
on May 21th, 1»7S, and is the son ot
Douglas and Jean Brymner, He re
celved bis edu.-atii n at the Collegi
nte Institute, Ottawa, and ilrst received   hi.   banking    instruction    as
year  e 190s i   »here he  has
manager  for tbs  i.'nnt  ,.(
since    tbat      time.    It
might be well to mention that he is
Social Evening
lencc recently held In Wlnilpcg. Dur
j ing tbelr return trip they nre miring a tour of inspection of tho va"-
ions posts through the Province,
William   Blakemore,   editor of the
Victoria Week, and who officiated ub
Dnukhobor commissioner recently,' Vou like to be shown a varl-tv ot
wub married In Victoria curly this pattern* when buying Floor Cover
month   to Mrs Mnry Catherine Blln. in-N
..„ . .   .    terns
Tho   ccreinoney    was    performed   by ,. (..
Rev, Dr. Campbell. Mrs. Blin was
given away by her son, Arthur Blin,
nnd Mr. Blakemore wns attended by
his son, Shirley hlal e i ore of Vancouver,
We nre showing over
Prices lower than ovt
Illil |.nt
r before,
The    i*. marital     side    of    Holiest
Sp.irt nnd Hn m liienco ou tho city
was tlrst Lilly upprec ated by the
city ol Hi ss no, ond thev rrall-'nl it
tliey built qp n Inse ball t nu see
ond to noun in the country. Did Itl
Pav   ihoin?    Of  c.tllisc  II   lid,  pill.tle
flocked to the olty anil the merchants
were th" 'urges! reapers of the profits.   Wily   ia.n't.   we   do   the s line in
  j Ornnbrook'.'   Crnnbro .k  has te bsit | wl
In the parade of Orangemen at I'd-  material   possible,   it . nlv wants I'e   the
montin on Saturday Inst, an itntor-1 veloplng,   and   by   tin* el*oits ol the not.
ti.n-ite Incident occurred brought man .gi'iiiemt. nl Hie local team at | rates would In olve the appointment
about by nn attnek, by thc members the pre ent time nc.rrnl oiitiid.' of a commission. Certain Investlgit
of   tlic   Order,   upon nn auto driven  tenuis arc coming to th? city.   Ami tions   would   have to he undertaken,
 —'by   Dr. W. T. Ferris,    whom   it wes they   do   not come alone, they bring  however,    nnl    be .iU-gisted .hat hi
Sopt 18th thoui-ht  was   trying   to run llirougli   ihelr   frlontll    and    ndniir.rs    which would nrohahl)  look into them bin
I tbe   parade,   which,    by the way, he  cause   i(rioinll)  rivalry,   We have on   self.—Colonist.
Did NotShow Up
Hon.     W.     It.     Runs,        MlniHttT     uf
Lands, expected an importunt dele-
nation df thr Prn'.inca, lumbermen
to meet him yet-Unlay tor th" pur
potte of iIhcuhhIiu; the royalty qtieH-
tioti and endeavoring to arrive at a i
proper haHlu for tiling tiie rates ilvf-
inat-lv inn! permanently, hut th'
delegation did not come on acroin.
of the fact thnt the .netting of thc
Lumbermen'** AHHociallonfl, representative nf tlip Const nml Mountain
OiHtricts, held in Vnncouver on the
previous day, did not miccetd ln
bringing together n quorum iff the
membera, and consequently the business had to he abandoned.
ll waa intend ii that, the meeting
of thn lumbermen ehould drnw up a
liHt ot propOHalH in regard lo tbe
royalty queation for Huhmlr.ulon to
the Minister, but falling thla. tbt
Hftcrctary of the Mount:*!.. I.umhe
men'* Aaaoclntioh, Mr. A- K. Prank,
came over to the rnpltol and informed thn MmtHter of the nit nation.
Aa no arrangement wtrt made (or
another meeting, it In tint-it oi tbi"
when the matter w II dome up ngaJn,
lion.   Mr.    Hoi.fi,    in   convcrHatlon
"•' h   n   «oloni«t   rrmrnpflntaH t   on
hiiI.leet,    intimated   that  he did
think the queation of filing tht
Considerable   regret   *ill   be   felt   at
b.i leaving, but ns is to* olten said:
"What is one man's loss Ih another*!
gain" and no ont will retain in their
hearts anything but the best  wishes
for hi* future micctsi- anl liappintas
in bin new home.
('ulahflO;   the   randy   booth   by   Misses
J, Murgatroyd and K. Caslake; tbe
flu wit tables by yesd-uner. -.'-ilab-in
and Kay. The soft drlnts and clears
served under the guidance o( Mr. t..
Johnson f*-,v*. entire satisfaction.
Tiit ladies „f tut (.rt-m international Amilary to the Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen b Id ft very en-
/oyablt bop hi time on tht lawn adjoining T. Gill's residence. Only
one unpleasant oecuran:e took place
to mar ita complete success and that
was the neither elirk took it into
bis head lo unlock tht kev to thn ter of fact, she
shower baih and let the water fall qulslte renitrinj;
in good style, wetlng the lawn and
Bomewhat destroying the bunting
and other beautiful decoration.*-
which took sii hours nf patience and
toil to put up.
Diitingtbe even ng the Hei urrh*s
tra Minis!,nl musjc fur tht guests on
:i specially prepared platform over
which  Mr.   .!    Itoy  had charge,
Around the grounds various stalls I'OWJ
were   erected,    the    Ice    cream    and   ' '"
strawberry   stall was under the cart     ...  . ....        ....     ...
..,__.' „ .    ;,    „ Visitor*    nt     tht   Wasa     lintel   will
ol   Mesdames   itov  and   Mac Ken tie; flnd ft bl(,   |arprtol  BWftlt,ng   thim;
she     rtlrt-hiit,,t    tables    were    well   jor „omfl reason or other not ut pre
lo »ked    alter,    the   lad Ira must have  sent tipla ned, the llquOl   license has
Miss Dorothy Toye gave an excel'
Unr itcital at the AudltOitUm on
Tuesday evening. Her singing wa.**
all tha* could 'je desired, te a mat-
iccl id in ber ei
nything  ever heard
in Cranbrook. Comparison was m.i't,.
Ihy several ot i.tr bearers «lth the
If amors ■.itssit McQlochen," who
■ islttd heie on her way home after
htr successful \ustralian tour, the
favor litlnn all with Miss Toye, Possessed of ,| double poice oh. provided
all the variety needed fur an evening
fully s irprtSing tnr heaieri, with the
(IUn 1 Ity of her tenor sin;lng I od t.li
[ing thtm witb admiration lor her
iih ,1 soprano; she v. an the re-
of tremendous applause.
bad  in mind  tiiii   old  qutstiun often.
asked "llnu  Can   ■  make mf  husband
been suspended Mnn. na onn are
given for ibis unseemly hehavionr on
the pari of the authorities; howevei
happy," and tbe answer comes ru,nt ((, wrotu t,iev ,VR) be time a
"Keed    the    Unite;" audlce it to say  lout ran  tell,  this much ci n be an!*!
lhat all who partook of ihe refresh   f,f   inv   l"!"">i"ai>»''tit   of   the  hotel,
«     bl-hl,   eleiia,',,*!    w,.h Ti^'tllaUt^ItT^ S&J
the i/irr tlmt una t„k,ii „| thnn, , purpose of visiting llie hotel «■
tlir refreshment Ubl'S w.re well this tune wlll hnve to forego the-it
rh.rge ol Mnseliinies ll»ld*ln, Camp-I'1"1"*1 rrfrmhnent. A b.tUr place
,   it     ..-.« ..      ,.   ,    ,       ., Miiia a. i   I"''  .-.   tea   iIiivh  VAOAtlOn  rai  no'   Iir
irl ,   I'smi'v,   llobertt,   DsMlle »mi . .,',      .,   .,       ,, .., ,  ,. , .„.,
. fo'inil  tn  Southern  llrltl.li lolnmlili
■i"1""'"1* I    We*   k„V(   m   our   Ins'    l-siie   tha
The ten snd COIIee stiill wss isken' threst    Issued    by   Iht  foresters "
I I osre of l.j Mewiiiii.es i'env nnd  K»*l»>!  the Y.M-t'.A. Kootlsll Team,
Wb-n th*» were hroilpht un for trl il
     ■  how their in-iilr did fsil «Hh „ good
,     , .  . ..   HeklUai ol ;i to 2 ronls.    And thi- V
the Mil I* sir. Sept l«th|tnT, ,,„, ,„,y ra„  Kiv, ,t them s-
ll.lOHt   foi
i «nU 1Mb.
©he gfrMpertor, CfarantoooH, §* OL
fabUabed Ivtry Baf_r__y   Morning at Craabrook. B.O.
V. M. Christian, Manager.
Poatage to Araerioan, European and other foreign countries,   50 cents   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS-Unlesa notice to tbe contrary
le given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
runmlng and charged up against their account. 	
was an inveterate reader and was
well posted on the works of every
author, his particular interest was
in music, and there was not a composer or a composition witb which
he wa4* not familiar. He was always alive to the welfare of Rossland, and truly, it may Imi said thnt
In all tbe duties ol life ho bus, done
the work of a true man. No duty
could overtax him und no purer, nob
ler, trustier heart, more loving or
more loyal, ever bent within -•, bu
man breast.—-Rossland Miner
19th YEAR
casket will be
pall  bearers
among  his ol I
floral tokens is
wreath   from   Hi?  city
Tbe   Winnipeg   Free Preaa bad the er's Union hall, where, from --...JO to
formal   opening   of   their new print 9:80, any may eaU to pay their hnal
Hhop   on   Tuesday   last.   This     new tribute.   At 9:80,  the
building  is   fitted   throughout with taken  to   the   depot,
the    latest    iu    newspaper    printing will  bo  chosen from
machinery and  appliances,   and  situ-  friends.    Among the
ated as it is, it will be near the ceil-   a   beautiful
tie  of  the fit-,   of  Winnipeg.   At  the   couodl.
opening all their numerous subscribers    were   given   an invitation to be
present and make a personal inspection,    and a glorioiiR time they bad.
the reception will be Ions remembered by all wlm attended.
Col. John (.;. Egan
Br„ncli is jru*e,    that
spreading     this    Ifl a been as yet surveyed f<
wiih   this end iu Vi,***.   Will    be   all located t.
If tbe war us it is now being raged
in Southern Europe is modern warfare, down with the makings, ''he
acta of harbarity committ-d by the
Bulgarians land probably by the
Greeks in n smaller way) are such as
to make civilization cry with agony
and hide its face in very shame.
The allowing of such beasts in human form to hold their sway ts a
disgrace to Ml civilized nations.
The stronger nntions of tbe World
ought tn interfere nnl put a stop to
tbe wbole thing without allowing it
to go any finb ,r. Anil now we
Jeaen tho Turks nre again taking ■,
hand in tbe combat. Oh, for the
strong hund which will protect the
weak    and   sulTering—fearless    of no
one but to do tho right.
•   a   •   •
Passing of the Editorial Staff
Col, John t). l-.i,an. fnr sixteen
years n resident nf Rossland. and
editor of tbe Rossland Miner, pam-d
away Thursday, at the Sisters' hospital. Col, Egan underwent an operation nearly a month ago, and had
(fully recovered from it. and hopes
were entertained that lie would eoon
leave tV hospital, but henrt trouble, to which be bad been subject,
developed in an acute form, and the!
end came more suddenly than bad |
been expected. Interment will be in
Seattle, and the remains will leave
here Saturday morning on the hi
o'clock train. Acting Mayor Hmblo-j
ton iisf-tH timt all business be sue-1
pended during the hour of the fnntir-
Men    thin    away    to
When Col. John G. Egan, editor ol
The Miner, was summoned to the
great beyond early That slay morn
ing, tbere closed a Uie., each duy of
which, had been governed by love,
honor, loyalty and good deeds. His
heart was always with the children
and their welfare and his purse never cloned when need or distress were
known. His friends were legion and
hiB religion was to think right, to
do right and to live right His days
were of faithful toil, t-n.1 his cheery pick s
greetings wera always welcome, .,*•■ b< Harsh councils h
made his daily rounds, ruin or Bhlne, are like ban n ers
among   such   avenues ol news as ' '.-'■■ by the aiv
city affords. F r nearly sixteen
years, except for ,*. short intenlal,
Colqnel Fgan has been editor of this
paper. He, with J, B. Sorbin, was
a California pioneer, when bis fat:.- |
er's cattle roamed thi- li nitles-j hills.
Aa soon as he was ahle to shift for
bin Ei»lf he went to San Francisco,
and became a printer, on the old Alta I'aliforn.an, published in the middle of the century. He and Mr. Sorbin were members of the volunteer
tire department of San Francisco in|fft'tes *iway
the early sixties, and those were |
BtrenuoUs times with tights and tires]
nearly every night. He was vigorous
active and o( wonderful strength,
and with a'healthy body, his inclinations naturally turned to sport. He
was a boxer against whom it was
not alwaya nute to go. Then he became a dancing master of the old
school,   but settled down to n.wspa-
The former erroneous Impression
that forest reaerves are areas set a
part by the Government to be reserved from use and development ia glv ftliiftn Commission
Ing way to tha correct view that
they are for the general USO of the
Th    Dominion   Porosery
desirous    ol
abroad,   ,-ihI
has iiiaugeiated the policy ot survey
ing  summer-resorts  lota  around  con
venlent   lakes    In    forest    reserves.
These   tots   are   ol   two Wnfla, via,
building   lots   and   camping lota, ho
that   the demands ol both cottagers
and campers may be met.   Such lots
I are   leased   to the public (or „ term
of years at n very nominal figure.
It  iv hoped  that   ut   this   way   a
start may be made In bringing to tho
public ■• rcalllatton ol the opportun
| tics  an'!   advantages   which   the  res-
.   ol tlu-se great  areas ol tho
public domain affords tbe country at
no eflect; the
ilch  are alway
nuite a> often for not making tbe
most v.; good SJ ■'.*..- when they have
them ■■.** by lacking goo,, spirit.*? when
they are Indispensable—T. Hardy.
Greek is the morning land ot lan-
guagee, and has the freshness of early ilen- In it which will never exhale
—Harriet  Ueecher  Stove.
Boost for tbe Fall Fair, Sept 18th
and l.-tli.
People who love downy peaches nro
apt not to think ift the stone, nnd
sometimes jar their teeth terribly a-
gainst it.—George Rlliot.
The Forest Wealth
VTOTOniA, B.O,—Por the tir.-t time
in the history ot the province a complete estimate 0( the forest wealth
of Brit sh Columhla is to he made.
The compilation of data, a map aud
a general roport on the timber ro
sources of the entire province will bo
carried out by the joint efforts of
tbe Forestry department of the
Provincial Government and the Oan-
on conservation.
au the information iu the bands ol
the Forestry branch will be corral it
ed, Tho blank spares in tbe proV
these that havo not
their timber
.lUlereni par
ties sent out Jointly bv the provln
olal government and the ConsarVQ
tlon I'oiiimirtrtioii. As vet ther(. Is
but scant information ol tbe extent
ol the timber areas ,.t llie e'lulcotcn
distin-t. ia the Peace Kiver area and
in many otber parts of the t'assiar.
All these will be thoroughly surveyed
au    estimate    will   be    made   ot  the
amount ol standing timber, (l general report on conditions throughout
the different .sections will be prepared
and a complete timber map ol the
province will ba drawn* The object*!
.-.f this new development work can
be briefly summarized:
Correct information will be furnished regarding the extent, character
and conditions of the forest resources oi the provinces,
Tbis information will form a basis
upon wh ch the government can expand or modify its policy bolh as
regards the crown and the province
at large.
The Survey will be made by fo:est-
ere who eau describe the conditions
When   the    figures are forthcoming
tfc ___•_____. aft_l____ ■______■ ■_> tl—t—__________ -.
T "11 1^ n IITITTT'I I I'l'ITri'l
British Columbia Nurseries Co. Ltd. ii
of Vancouver, R. C.
are in a position to furnish THE BEST grade of
slock to be had anywhere, at prices that will he appreciated. Planters who want the BEST TREES
that experience anel capital can produce should enquire ol us for proofs of the above assertion.
The largest planters and the best horticultural
authorities in the province will bear out our statements
when we say that no trees can be procured that are as
GOOD and as TRUE-TO-NAME as those we are
furnishing our customers in this province.
Our eighty-page Catalogue, and pictures from our
Nurseries, mailed free, on application. Write for
them if you are interested.
Wo have a liberal proposition to offer any LIVE
man who will represent us in districts not at present
covered by us. We wantonly first-class, honest, energetic men to act in the capacity of Salesmen. If you
can till the bill and want a permanent position with us,
write immediately, giving references. Do not apply
unless you mean business.
Yours for fair dealing,
The B. C. Nurseries Co., Ltd.
l »
IT tulillllll i.fjLt.itnli.l..>..l.i■.■■..■..■■■■.■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■.■ ■■.■.-  a
Carolntb, a Irt nd d." the Emperor,
and wns i-'o convlncad by thc real
power of the divining rod that it
lias oTclally and with grent success
applied rhabrtomaney to the discovery of subttrranpnn sources of wat-
es in its West Afii-nn co'oires.
Tho   French   Academy   of   Science
accurate   statistics   cnn be  kept of j hus   "een   studying   the   subject for
i   day
gives   us
per work again in the early days of
Portland, and with some printers,
stalled n portlnnb newspaper, coning to Seattle, he became an editor
on the Post Intelligencer, editor of
tho Seattle Telegraph nnd then start
ed   nn   afternoon   penny   paper,   In
al, from ii io io o'clock. in ordor
that all friends amy hue an opportunity to look ui on tho fan- if the
dear old Colonel for thn Inst time
the casket will he laken to 'be Min-
tbe early days ol Rosftland he became
editor 6f the miner and with the exception of a brief period, when he
took charge of the Nelson Newa, has
been    here   since.   While tltf Colonel
Between the ereat things we cannot
do and the email things we will not
do, the danger is that we shall do
The truth, bitterly told by an enemy with a vivid power of statement, Is a tonic oftentimes too
strong lor one's powers of enduranc
—Harriet lieechnr Stowe.
the   depletion    of the resources year
another.by year.
j It will be possible to estimate the
percentage of loss from forest tires,
a thing hitherto impossible.
Special figures will be forthcoming
of the amount of land which wi 1 „e
available for agricultural purposes
when   the timber hns been removed.
Divining Rod Tested
A philosopher ol the golden time
wns nalet to have (lied trom vlolen-
laughter, produced by seeing an ass
browsing upon roses. |
Scientific teats recently made in
Germany nnd Frnnce seen-, to prove
that there Is really something in rba'i
tloninncy, or • the art ol discover ng
springB ol water ein.1 deposits ol metal by means rli the so-called ilivin-
To follow faithfully one's highest Ing rod. The matter has not yet
idcnls. even when these are nt vari- been explained, but sufficient has
ance with accepted notions anil prac- been learned to make the most Bkep-
tices. Is the way to enter large and ticnl ol scientists confess that tt is
true life. There is no other failure not o mere relic a: mcdievgl magic
comparable with _ failure to obey The German Government watched
the inner voice. some   experiment*   made   by   Prince
M-H-l li-H-H 11-t-l 1-h
The  East   Kootenay  Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th 8? 19th
See the Prize List for Horses
Premiums $500.00
Seven (Masses—Draft, General Purpose, Standard
Bred, Local Thoroughbred, Roadsters—including
four-in-hand, Saddle Horses fi? Mercantile Horses
Athletics $450.00
Albert H. Webb, Secretary,     P.O. Box 605
some time, ond thc French Minister
of Agriculture nppolnted a commission about two years ago to invest*,.
gate it. When the Congress 01 Experimental Psychology met, in Farts
in March, one ol its branch;s wna
that of rhabdomantists. These came
from all over Europe, and the Trench
commission was directed to supervise
their experiments. The chairman til
this eommission was GUBtave Le Hon
aa outspoken skeptic, an 1 an enthusiastic exposer ol nil mediums and
dabblers in the occult.
The first test was made by taking
five diviners wltb their roals over the
site of an anci nt ell r, the situation of which was known only to
members ol the Government
cominl°s!oli. All the rlialilornniiists
discovered it, and one of them, Mr.
Probst, pointed out by means ol his
divining roil tho exact pos tlon ol
each ot thc pillars thnt supported
its roof and the prerlse dimensions
ol some ot these. All asserted that
there was no water, which, on Investigation, proved to be true.
They discovered easily n mass ol
cast iron antl a copper bowl that
had been buried at two different
places In the country. Father Mer-
raet, -, SwIsb priest, discovered tho
spot under which n lew gold coin.,
hnilbeen burled. M. Heme.ii. professor of philosophy in thc l.ycco Ampere, applied his divining foil to Fix
envelopes, In ench ol which n different metal hud been sealeel—tin, Iron,
zinc, antimony, copper anel lead.   He
us right three times out ot lour.
The tests lasted several days, and
even the skeptic I.o Uon confessed
that Ibere was "something in it."
The strangest, thing about rhnbho-
iiiaiicy is that its protcssoiH have
not thc faintest idea how it operates
The science or art Is almost universal nmong primitive people, 'lhe
practitioner takes a rod of wltch-ha-
eel, lorked at one end, balances It. In
his bunds and walks over i.ho ground
Ifwater bo sought, the rod points
downward to it when passing over a
subterranean spring. Ir precious metal, It behaves In the same wny.
Two hundred years ago llie Jesuit
Klrclirr advance the theory that water nml metals exerted a magnetic
attraction upon the divining rod.
A modern theory is ibat the roil is
unnecessary, tbat rhalidoinaacists dis
cover by Borne subconscious clairvoyance whatever tliey muy be seoielng,
nnd the rod merely roglstcia tbelr
automatic movements,
Fall Fair Sept/ 18th & 19th
I    I Jl   llllllllll   ll   JllllllllllllllllltullltlTl.ll.lt.il    ■*-*-*-*.I.J. I    I   ll.Jl.tllll   ll   t    _______!    ___*_*    _      I    I
• i^i.|.i|i<|ii|ii|i|i.|ii|i.|.i|<i|ii|ii|ii| ll'1,lll|''|',|,lfTTIl'l 111 I'l'TTlTYTTTT
I Chop Sueyli
i Specially Prepared
; Served Every Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
♦ I * 111111111II ** 11II11 11 ************ HH * I
in spots dt Its artistic pat'era. In only by an occasional log rolling
one corner of the room etoo.l _n air- lazily alon* with the current, tt sign
tight heating stove barking defiance „f active logging operations son-c-
ut the blizzard raging in nil its where on thc upper renches. A few
force outside. {cattle are gcn'-in- near the water's
Seated around the stove five of us, edge, and above high wnter level are
all fruit growers In thc Crcston Val- a "tepee" and a few log buildings,
ley, smoked and talked, tbo convcr- probably the homo ot some old In-
sat ion drifting unchecked from one dian warrior, who, could be speak
subject, to another nnd inelud ng I'sh English, would tell of his younger
ing trips, camping, and expeditions dnys wben lighting was play and
to the tall timbers In scareh of hear,hunting bis only means of existen *.
and doer.   Tho subject of iil'es was The fringe of trees continues beyond
Fishing in jhe Kootenay
"Swapping lies," that's wbat we
were doing. The scene wns the parlor of an orchnrd homestead In lbo
Creston Valley, one ol llrltlsh Co
luinbln's beauty spots. Hpnrsoly fill
unking,   with   burn   necessities   BUch'river, 800 yards wlele, Is fringed
of course discussed, eacb one expatiating on tiie utility of the one to
which bo had been most accustomed.
Ono mnn spoke strongly in favor of
the riflo that will hit a penny every
tlmo at. one hundred yards.' At the
time of writing my memory fulls or
the maker of that gun might be of
somo Interest, perhaps a good substitute would br a letter eil introduction to the man behind it.
Alter hearing how two ol lho imi-l ,
were kept busy Hie [reUous August
on a two day Inp, one with a rod
aim tho other with a gaff, landing
salmon trout uelvhiug up to tight
pounds from the big pool up Etummlt
Creek, It was suggested thnt wo
should mnko * trip thore again next
"It's twenty miles trom the ranch
on a good trail," said H, and 1 can
park all that (our of us would want
fnr a weok on one of the mules. After
discussing the kind of tackle to c
i|iiip ourselvcH with '/or mich Ilsh It
wna ogrecd that four of ub should
mnke the trip the following August.
Six months later V . I)	
and myself found ourselves driving n-
eross the Creston Flnts, llvn miles ol
nbsoliitely lint meadow Innd. through
which like twei nugh snakes tbe wn-
lera of the Goat and Kootonny Itiv
ers rontlnue to wend their wny to
Kootenny Lake. Doth Ol these riveiie!
hnd to be crossed, the Ilrst |,V bridge
hut Ihe second by lorry,   Tills bitten
witli a purple background of n branch
nf the I'urcell Mountains in the lar
distance. As we approach tbe e>ppn-
site bank a kingfisher darts nut before ns. A V ot ducks cross over in
search ol nn evening feeding ground
and nwny over e.ur heads the "honk,
lioiili" ol the geese Can plainly lie
***** I III*****************
nli'hcil it was us must homes In the
as a table ami a few chairs, two
doulilo barreled shol. guns, a w">
Chester Aiiloiiinfle and a bundle ol
rods, together with a lev l.rnili'Binoiia
calendars which iirokn the monotony
ot the four walls, while the nakedness   ol
cither bnnk with n belt of notion'
wood and poplar trees whose lower
mud stained .brancbos plainly show
Its high water murk, and even then,
nt low water, n wns several bun
di-cels of foot deep Ip places. Few
wbo Iniulile into ll can hope tn es-
tiie   two windows wns imlyjcnpc from  the cruel clutches Of  its
rolloved    hy   gr«M blinds, undor currents.
y "    ai
"• ly.
Another two und n hull miles and
we left the meadow Innd behind us
and soon began to climb tho hill to
whoro we were tei snenil the night.
Armed io the teeth with tly rods,
gaffs, landing nots, and, in tact, all
the necessary equipment a whaling
outfit In the North Hen wnuld'nt
want, we were greeted  In real Irish
fashion by S nnd his lather at
their ranch.   Well, lhe d 1   Is It
the Ilshlng tbnt you're cenno lor?
Come on in, don't .tend out there
in the hot sun. It's .11.nigh t0 singe
the bristles on the old hog's hack.
Corns on in,
Some of us slept In Ihe hay loft
I bet nlghl, umi in spite nf it being
one of the most comfortahlo beds we
could wish for, we managed to have
Ihe mules ready to start tor our
Ilshlng ground, twenty miles distant,
liy 7 a.m. Tho trail Inr the first
six miles wns not of the best, follow
Ing an If. did along tho base of tho
bills, which rise abruptly (ram the
meadow land, lead Ini. us sometimes
llirougli marsh, sometimes through
acres of splendid hny up to our
waists, now and then climbing the
hill in avoid an Impassable slough
or ledge of ruck below until wo
jieneliid thn point wliere Hummit
I Creok leave's tho hills and cntirn
the lints, becoming on contrast to
Its upper rearlies, deep and sluggish,
winding its wny tn the big Koottnay
, Fording the creek em n gravel bar
' (Continued em  Page   .1)
strip of linoleum showing signs "'; ly «croBa wo have ample time tn take
eon-tant u»c with rough-shod boots ■„ the scene belore us; a »nst stretch
to the almost  complete obliteration ol  water In the fnre-grnnnd,
llniiat lor
broken end I'llb
'•t"ll"t'l'l"1*11 t-i't'I.H-|.11.-|.|..|^-| |.l |-|...|..|*|.|...|..|~t-|.|.i-|■«■_
Professional   Curbs
———aitt* —	
£ob$e   Hotices
,      .*-■■■_.    _    ■_.    at.    ■   ■■■    ___J    .»..■■    ■ ■■■■    ■■■■
Court Oranbrook Mo. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each month.
J.  McI.ACHI.IIN,   O.R.
Louis Pearson, Sac, P.O. Box 911.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
McVITTIR   ft   (_RKBR
P.L.B.   ft. 0.1.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
(■ranbrook Branch)
Moots  in  Carmen's  Hull   1st and
3rd Thursdays    in every  month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to British
Fl. Y. Brake, Pres.
L, Pearron, Recretary
Box f,18
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. V. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  ths
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Oolumbls
trans.er ol the licence for the sale o
liquor by retail in and upon the pre.
miBes  known  as   the   "Wasn  Hotel,'
situate  at  Wasa,   British  Columbia,
from Nils Hanson to the Unionist Investment   Company,    Ltd , ot Was :
B. C.
Dated tils 25th day ol June,   1913
Holder of License.
The  Unionist Investment Co.   Ltd,
Per 0, W. .Johnson,
Applicant for Transfer.
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone ill
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
sacb montb at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Bx. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, B.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Orescent Lodge, No. SI
Masts every Tuesday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, C. 0.
F. M. Christian, K ol R, ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Drs.   KINO   ft   QREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Avs.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evsnlngs - - - 7.30 to   1.30
Sundays 1.30 to   4.10
Oranbrook,     .....    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbuey Av.nu. N.it to City Hall
Op.n Day Md Night Phoa. ill
Uo. 41
Meats avery Monday night
at Bsw   Fraternity   Hall,
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
J. Turnlcy, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  IIS
Oompanlona ol the Forest
Meets In Oarmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each Month at
1:00 p.m., sharp.
Mra. I*. Whlttaker, O. O.
Mrs. A. Fi. Bhaw, Bee.
Visiting   Companions   cordially  wal-
coms. tit!
W. M. Frier,
Oranbrook      I,oilge
No. 1049
Meets every .nl nm1
1th Wi-dii.'shiiy nt 3
l>.in., in Royal Muck
Knight's Hnll on
Hn'or St ree I.
R, S. (larrett, Sec'y
Meets in Royal Block Knights Hall
Hatter Street
Meeta every 2nd and 4th Thursday
ol each month at » p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, Hoc. Sec.
Goo. I.udels, chief ranger
Visiting brethren mado welcome.
Prssldsnt-O. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on ths First Friday
svenlng ot each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A'. B, Smith
P.O. Box 862, Cranbrook, B.O.
land iinll at  8 p.m.
Fred W. Swain, W.M
S. L, Williams, Secy.
Loyal Orangi
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday In
It o y a 1 Black
Knights ot Ire-
sharp,   Visitors
-ScobcH'a. Liquor, Tobacco
■nd Druir Cure ''••"■••■M'irs'.-
T. .. tfz   "  ...        _*> "■• at*d hr
Alcohol, lobue-oend Ileum. It c.teumcu ibe
•Ski. •Imo.t loiiiaily-e.nie.vM sli trs.lsn.
An./ tsklu tlu ln.lni.ui thai. «lll atm b.uy
s_l 'eMilok iBtesiuntf or mm druf a asala, Cts
Es sHaaaaceally. Ws h". yet le hear of «.
lalliiia.   Mailed_nd.r e.parel. com ie •olid.
Funeral Dirsolor,
TO   TIIK   OWRBRS   OF   LOT    3912,
A meeting of the owners of I.o
3912 wi 1 bc held on Wednesday tb
ICtli day of July, 1913, nt fom
o'elo-k p.m. nt the office of Beale fi
Klwell in the Hanson Meek, Crnn
biook to make regulations us io th
supply, use, and eli,str;'i.iltion of watc
available for irrigation ptr, oses for
snld lot .,912, as to tho mi.iitnli-
ance of the main canal, lutein's an
ither irrigation works and In particular to arrange for the work for tbe
chit nt. yei r.
Dated'nt Ornnbrook, 11. I', this 25th
day of Juno,   1913.
Mulcolm Horie.
J. W. Hollett,
J. O. Cummiugs,
weBt corner of Lot 11140 and one
mile North o! the International
Boundary thence South 80 chains,
West 80 chains, North 80 chains and
Kast 80 chains to point ot commence,
Located tbie   22nd day of March,
Richard Helme Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
For a License to take and use water
NOTICE is hereby given that Peter
W. Bull of Wasa, B.C., will apply lor
a licence to take and line one cubic
foot per second of water out of Tat
Creek, which tlows in u south-onster-
ly 'direction through Lot 0682 and
empties into Kootenay river. The
water will bc diverted nt ISO feet
west of west line of Lot r,l',82 and will
be used for irrigntion purposes on
the land described as Lot 6<>H2. Kootenay,
This notice was posted on thi
ground on the 10th day of June, 1913
'lhj application will l.c liled in ths
office ol the Water Recorder at Ci-nn-
Objection,   may    be tiled with the
said   Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptl oiler of Water Rights, Par!! -
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C,
24-lt Applicant
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty
|C0) dnys from date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situato in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7397,
thence North 80 chains. East
chains, South about 20 chains, West
about 10 chains, South about 40
chains, West about 20 chains, South
aliout 20 chains aad West about 50
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 24th dny of March,
T. C.. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that Bl.')
160) dayB from date I intend to ap
ply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect tor Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay. British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7101,
thence nbout 70 chains South, East
about 70 chains, North about 70
bains nud WeBt about 60 chains to
point of eommencemene.
Located  this   2-ttb  day of  Mutch
T. O. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher Agent.
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Keasoa-
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Steam Boiler,   Viiruace,
and Septic Tauk work
• ipeoikltj
Cod end ito-ok estimates
furnished on application.
A4.I... I r. O. In IM, Ce.a.e...
NOTICE Is hereby iclvrn that sixty
(00) days from date I intend to apply to tho Minister of Lands for s
licence to prospect for Coul and Pot
roleum over the following descri cd
lands Bltuate in l.ot l.".'.i:i Southeast
Kootenny, Hritisb Columbia,
Commencing nt u post planted al
thc Southeast corner of Lot 7.T.H.
(hence South K0 cbalna, Eust about
io chain., North about 'hi chains
East about 50 chains, North about
00 cbalns, and West nbout 50 chains
to point, of commencement.
Located this .41 h day ot March,
T. fl. Proctor, Locator,
.lames '.'Islier, Agont.
(SECTION   4").
NOTICE IH lll'lltEIlY OIVKN fiat,
on the 21st dny nf July ni't., application will be made to the Super,n
te udeiit of  rrovlnrial  police f. r the
Ooal mining rights of the Dominion
ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tba Yukon Territory, tbe North
west Territories and in a portion ol
tba Prorlnoa of British Oolumbla,
may bs Isased Ior a term ot twssty*
one yeara at an annual rental ol 11
an acre. Not more tban >,M0 aersa
will be leassd to ons applieant.
Application lor a leass must bs
made by tha applieant In parson ta
tba Agsnt or Sub-Agent ol the district in whlcb the rights applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
bs described by sections, or legal subdivisions ol seetione, and in unsur-
vsysd tsrritory ths tract applied tor
shall bs staked out by the applieant
Each application must bs accompanied by a fee of |5 which will be
refunded if the rlghte applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall bs paid on ths merchantable output ol the mine at tbe
rata ol Ove cents per ton.
Ths person opsrating the mine shall
furnish tha Agsnt with sworn returns
accounting for tba full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rlghta are not being operated, tusk
returns ahould bs furnished at least
ones a year.
Tbs lease will include the coal mining rlghta only, but the lessee may
ba permitted to purchase whatevsr
available aurlace rights may bs considered necessary for ths working of
ths mins at ths rats of 110.00 an acre
For full information application
ahould bs made to tbe Secretary ol
tke Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands,
W.   W.   CORY.
Dsputy Minister of tbe Interior
N.D.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement wlll not bs paid
Inr. Jan. 4th-tf
NOTICK Is hereby given that si ' -
(1,0) days from date I intend to in
ply to the .Minister of Und*. for i
licence to prospect for Coul and 1'ei
roleum over thc folleiwing described
lands situate in Lnt 45911 Southeast
Kootenny, British Columbia.
Commencing at u post planted ut
about 20 ehalna East of the North
west corner of Lot 11140 and one
mile North of the International Boundary, thence North 80 chains, West
SO chains, South FIO chains and East
ko chains to point of commencement,
Located tbls 22nd day nf March,
Edward E. MeCliiilnc.k, Locator
James Elslier, Agont.
NOTICE is hereby given thut siit.
(00) days from date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 1593 Southeast
Kootenay, IJritisli Columbia.
* Commencing at a post planted a
the Southeast corner of l.ot 7401,
thence North 40 cbalns, East about
70 chuins, South 40 chains and West
about 70 chains, to point of com
Located this   24th day of March.
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James Klshor, Agent.
District of South-East Kooteaay
TAKE NOTICK that Joha Hear;
Lismer of Craabrook, B.O., occupation laborer, intends to spply tor
permission to purchase ths following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner ot Lot 1617,
Oroup 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 20 cbalns, thence
eouth 40 chains to tha point ol
commencement and containing 10
acree more or less.
Dated June   .3rd,   1913. 2■■-.<,
For the Household
Delivered to your kitchen
door, like groceries
175,000,000 Bottles Yearly
That was the eiemienil for llueiweiiscr lust
The Anheuser-Biiscli Plant covers today
more than 112 acres — equal to 70 city
blocks. It gives steady employment io
6,000 people, and lo 1,500 more in iis
Every process, every room, le immaculate.
Every hemic is Pasteurized and inspected,
This Quality-Plant, starleet nearly 5(1 years
ago, is a inoelcl of modern facilities.
Tlic hundreds of visitors wbo go through
every day know that neiiliinu nf its kind
could be made any better than Budweiser.
Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis
The Largest Plant of Its Kind
in the World
1' t^T_^_\-_?__l_WWWS%
Some n/ the Principal
I BS-.'
j th H et M r
- '. W*_
■y_jA-g^g,gs :&&4j_mmf_^ IM
Distributor CRANBROOK, B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that sini.,
(00) days from date 1 intend to i ;>
ply to the Minister of ..anils for -
licence to prospect for Conl and Pet
roleum over the following described
lands situate In Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted n'
thc Southwest corner of Lot 72SI
thenco 120 chains Nortli, 400 feet
West, 120 cha'.iiB South and 400 fee:
East, claiming nil ground lying be
tween lots 7280, 7285. 71S7 and 7186.
Located this 2.ini dny of March
James Fisher, Locator,
NOTIOH Is hereby given lhat slilv
(CO) days from date 1 Intend tn M>
ply to the Minister of Lands fnr n
licence lo prospect for Coul and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenny, British Columbia,
Commencing nt. a post planted at
about   20 chains l-'sst ot ithe North
For n Licence tn Tnke and I'ee water
The Consolidated Mining ,. Smelting Co., of Canada, Ltd.. of Trail,
B.O,, will apply fnr a licence to take
and use one-half cubic toot per ete-
ond of wnter out off an in named
creek, which Hows In a KOjther.y
direction through the "Hope" M,
Cliiini and sinks on the "Hidden
Hand" Mineral Clnlm. The water
will be diverted nnnr the N. llo n
ory of the "Hope" Mineral Claim
anil will he used for mining purposes
on the Innd described as the "Hope"
"Hamlet" and "Hidden Hand" M
This notice wus posted nil the
ground on the llth day ol July. 1913
The application will bo liled In the
otlice of the Hnter Recorder at Cran
Objections may be llled with tin*
said Water llecoriler or with the
Comptroller ol Wnter Rlxhts, I'nrliu
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
The Consolidated Mining *. Smell lm
Coma my of Canada, Limited
Hy 0, II. Mcl.oignl
ttuSv 11 li."
would inevitably be left and th reby
robbed of all revenue producing
ejllality The aiTanjefment simply a-
mounts tn quoting the logger or
purchaser figures at which this brush
wood may be had, but Its elirrt in
addition to giving the logger an
opportunity of cutting into the business tor himself, ensures the clearing
of the land and its opening up for
agricultural purvoses.
Each month a number of such sales
are recorded in the Forestry branch
estnhtlsheh themselves since the tire.
About tblrte n miles up this tributary we decided to make ,uir camp.
so after relieving the mules ol their
loads and satisfying th* nne- mnn.
we put our tackle toed her , nil went
to the pool alu.nt two lininlre 1 yards
above  as.
Thu pool was not largo, an orelln
arv enst would reach the opposite
bank from almost any point. The
water above sliding in stiong, green
sheets round nnd over smooth, giant
New Forestry Policy
VICTORIA, II. C.-In connection
with the timber pulley of tho provinclnl government an arrangement has
niw boon mails that goes „ long way
towards clearing the cruised area,
not only ol heavy timber hut ol the
smaller   material   also.   This   luttor
tit   the    depnrtment.   A verv notable boulders   Into   whitened 'loam   as   it
sale   ol   this   character   referred   to j tell   through  a   narrow  canyon   Into
two million leet ol timber located on | the pool below.
Denmen Island.   By virtue of the re- j    At lirst nothing was ast r,   Then 8
gulation referred to the price of tlm- [nookod a  trout  weigh ng about two
pounds,    ai'd    though    this  was  the
smallest tisn we tijok out ol tiie pool
he    fought    better   than nnv of tbe
others,     Tbe   pool   seenji',1   too  small
for him for round and round hi went i
every now  and  then   loaping  "ut  0
the wnter.  silvering and  licilng to
free himself nt every nttemi t to get
the net  under blm.    Another frantic
dusli lor the deep, bloc'i hoi s of tbe i
I pool, the strn'n Increases alarmingly
i there is a  moment  of suspense and
j then-wlmt  has  happened?      An  attempt to make sure that the line lias
not   Milled  aroek   wns answerel   by  a
huge   salmon-trout    rising    near the
surface   w th    tin* trottl  in tns jaws
' but he let   tie.  the  momi nt  be suw liy
on tbe bnnk. lending th- trout easy
, to   land,   Hunting on Ins bnck  with*
| out s kick left  In bim.
I   From mo. ,n the pool soemod nllvo
wllb neb. ami several weighing lr..m
i three and u half pounds to tive
; pounds each h id  been  bin.lo.l.      I r.i
fesotIns   from   undor   a   roc'i   about
most    throe     feet      telow      Oil*    a-ltl-iC*   |n   „
well small nl.lv, what appeared lo be the
tail   of   a   Ian:.-   (Ish llnpr-cd Intlly
slant    use    by    pack    train*   tO   anil   from  side  to  side.       A   well   directed
from the rich mining districts ed lln Icaol with a live minnow ami il h
ynnno nnd sheep Creek. Following leet mo veil; a homl with huge up
the trull, which kept lor llie most turned eye" appeared beyond, only
inrt nlont the creek bnnk we past- to return In a moment to bis tunnel
ed a number of likely looking |onle position Anothor ens! was made nt
fur trout but the big lish ab.ue were „ tempting distance. TllO minnow
what we were after. imd scarcely touched thn wntor when
The* country on each side nf us had . folnwod bv a mighty riloh, lhe wn
been'burnt over,,nnd.the hills sloped! lc- heaved ami can hu.. was a
away from either bnnk of the eeeek, i splnsli nnd a lightening dnsli across
open eioi.pt inr a scattering ol blink , the pool us the bnrhs buried them
ened stamps. A frame-work eif giant Solves In bis mouth. Rushing round
trees, white and leafless, stood oul ' nnl across In his maddened fury
like lonv skeletons against the green'each time he s uigbl lolure In the
of young hlrrh and mnple whlrh hnd  deepest    and    IdAckest    parts,    sacb
ber was Increase,I by the sun ol
11,500* and the purchasers were given
two years' time in which tn efleet
the clearance.
Another etample Occurred in connection with the sale nf 200 acres at
Fanny Bay, Ramsay Arm, where tlio
timber amounted to 3,000,0011 leet.
The sum of I4,r,00 was added tn the
upset price te r the removal of the
brushwood and two years was sii n
lated for tho carrying of this vork.
At Haslem Cave near Powell I I or,
two and ,, half million let of timber brought In eitra revenue to th"
eitent nl nearly 82,000, A block of
timber estimated st 7,O0n.fi0il leet,
located on Jarvls Ini -t brought in
over 1700.00; and yet another bloc
amounting to 90 acres sltuateh at.
Cracrnft Island brnurht in eitra
revenue lo ihe eitenl (if 11,000.
Fishing in the Kootenay
whori!   the   wMt-r
only   knefl-  deep,
worn  .mil  kept   in
W.'IH    At    till1
ft'fl     1,1 I lll'ln      ||
condition by
diiBh becoming feebler ami feebler
until, recle.l In for tin1 last time, be
gnvc ii ltn.il kick as he felt the gafl
in hie (tilts. A fine specimen ho was.
turning; thc scnlea at aeven and &
linU pounds-,. Hy aix o'clocH tlmt
evoninft we hnd twenty-one fish,
weighing ninety pounds, and we all
agreed to Rive thc pool a reflt and
next dny to flu), the main creek for
Though   we   bad   wtth   a   strip of
canvas  tu form n  Hlielter  in  cunt- o'
'bad   weather    that   nlffht    we   slept
I without    it.   A    littl*-    before    day-
i break   neit   morning    I   woke up to
j Hnd a Iiiiri- porcupine, weighing pro
j bably     thiryt-five   pounds,    chewing
somothtng nt * fur* foot of a tree and
close tn the heads m tin' others who
were   Mt ill asleep.   Afterwards  I  dls
covered tlmt  my camera strap muat
have proven very appetizing tn him,
for    he ha*! onlv left me about eighteen inches of  ltd original  length dl
four    feet.    \»    1    moved lie climbed
slowly up „ tree and lat on n branfh
about   six feet  from the giound and
Im .lately above those sleeping below.    I  wn,.' ..ni* o| tt'Cin ,t-jd point-
eii   up the tree.   Don't H»k me what
he said,   but   you   would   never   believe   bow   quick]]-   a man CAN jot
out ..f bed
The neit two days were Bpent on
the main creek where the. trout g»v,.
um splendid r| orl.
After two moif Walts to the big
pool we decided to rotraco our steps
t<> Creston, hnvlng now ali the tihh
we  wanted  to  pack  do„n,
Loading one mule with salted t'i.h
nin! tin' other \>iih our lilnhkcts,
etc.,   wo   lnt    down the trail, doing
twenty miles to the ranch i nf .rt
able time f. r BtippCI Kioni om
point of vnntnge hen- on the hill wi
im i n grntid panorama before'its,
foi it ih early mornings and late
evenings when the sun is not light
inr. up the landscape with one huge
inr.mtcM'itif |-litM\ thnl the Kooten
av looks mosl beautiful. Kven ng
drops down on her purple waUrai n
|oii< silver band of mi'.! tiHPH below-
iis whip' Creston in the distance
throbs vet uiiiler the I'livs of the sit.
tint: huu. In tbe far distance and up
tbe valley tu Idaho a tinge of ted
on the highest peaks am the evonl.ig
falts, stands out above the deep,
purple lulls below,-  A.  B   Fitzgerald.-,
in Rod and Uun. , ..., THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
Light Summer
We have a number of Good Books
by such Authors as
Fred White
and Others
Which we are Offering at
20c each
or 3 for 50c
Company, Limited
Local News
If a job is worth -loin-.' it Is worth
doing well. We do our work well. -
Kill)** Frames 'Pictures.
The pound nml 'loe* tnx Ik to lie
Btrictly enforced.
P. A. Sandberg, ..'I Waldo, was In
town Wednesday.
. Linoleum, old country, made nix
feet wide nt 55c au. yd at the C.C.S.
ff, (i. Chester, ot Winnipeg, was in'
' the c ty Thursday,
j a. c. Bowness wuh .-et. WycUfto on
Friday on business,
W. Rankin of Hull River, was In
' the city Wednesday.
!    .1.    I'.   Fink    was    ut Windermere
' thle week o nbUBlness,
I Are you going to take a holiday
trip? Buy a suitcase or Trim'* at
Eaatern    Prices   nt   tin*   Cranhrook
; Trading Co.
j    MIbs   Vlnie   Doris   ia   spending   her
i holidays ni Creston.
Mrs.   Q. A. Qrogan,   ,.(   Montreal,
I wns iu town Wednesday,
i McTavlsh, of Hull BWer, una a
visitor over nlghl  Thursday,
11    Teiiii.iein.in.  ol   Hull  Hint the Cranbroolt Wednesday,
J.    Fortelr, ol Moyle, was a guest
at the Cosmopolitan Wednesday,
We   carry    the    largest    stock   ol
I  „ ,1,    : b  in  the Crow'B N.-st  Pass.
Mrs, Donahoe ol Wasa,   spent   sev
eral days this week In onn rook.
Mi. H. i    Sawyer ami children, ol
Marysville, wen. in town Monday.
A Young Girls Sight
i* a very precious thing, lt iluuiUl
not he uegle- led it she complaint
ut' headnches. rtio chances nre
they are cAuifid hy defective eye-
light We can letucdy all BUCh
troubles quickly by piovuhn^ |uit
the right kind* of ►,U*,s.*-. that will
enable hei to l(K betlot and to ids*
peine with the headachei, Out
nrvici is u]> to date ami om thinges fait
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sale Rents & Wants
***** m ***** n i-i ii ********* **************]
i- a feature of our road hai-uei*
There Is no; an ounce of unneces
-..ii-.v weight, but it i. made ,o hon-
e^tly and strongly that it will .»
-rand any -train. If your horse
liad the say he would i-hoose one
of these set.-.. Why not act on
ilist assumption.
aish    and    daughter, ol
were lu town Thursday.
Mrs. W,  H.  Johnson, ol    Creston,
wgs shopping ;,t Cranbrook Thursday
FOR BALE—Chicken Ranch ol 3|
er.s, new S-room house, 24x22
and fui niiiiie, three largo h -n
houses 100x1', root done with
jabber roofing, $550.uo takes it
*' nillea 'rom town. Apply by
letter to XVZ,  Hox 320, City
W. M. PARK & CO.  I
Phone 109  Cranbrook, B.C.  P.O. Box 443
Linoleum   at    15c    per
Cranhrook   b.uhange.
Bq yd nt    I
ol   Klmberley,   spent
i  cranbroo.  Wednes-
Wm.    C.re.n.
several  hours
Mrs. C, Evans, ol Vancouver, wns
register**! at the Cranbroolt o.i Wednesday.
Linoleum, old country, made six
feet wide at Sec s,i yd at the 0.0.8.
.....    .........    a.    .......   ,  ,
fTTTTTiH rn nil nil 11 r
iiRiverview Outing Place;:
The Best Outing Camp in East Kootenay
Good  Accomodations
Gasoline Launch and Boats
Will Open June 22nd 1913
H. LUND, Proprietor
X ******* 111M llllllll' M41 * l ♦ III llllllll ****
********** llllllllll IIHWIHII1111111111 If '
! Cranbrook i
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to  Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our  Beers
ii Phone 171
P.O. Box 264 i|
H.  A. Miller, Are   warden   lu   the
Skookumchuck  district,  was  in  town
Fred Wasson ran purchased Irom
P. Math.San a McLaughlin Uuie'i
motor car.
Mrs. A. Hurrie lelt last week to
spend a le-iy weeks with friends in
Loduc, Alta.
E. Dlngman, of Neleon. was looking after some business In the city
on TueBilay.
A. M. Fletcher, of Hosmer, was
transacting bus nese at Cranbroo'i
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Burdette, ol
Marysville, were rranbroo, vlsl.ors
on Mondny.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Hill ol Lethbrldge
are the guests ol Mr. and MrB. E. A.
Hill this week.
Mrs. D. Watson and her two son
1 lelt for the coast Wednesday for a
j months vacation	
Mrs. 1). Wilson and Mrs. T. Freeman of Wattsburg, ware Cranbroo'-
: visitors ThursJay.
| BORN—At. Craubrook em Friday,
1 July 13th, to Mr. and Mrs. K. Pat*
| turnon, a daughter*
Linoleum, old Country, made six
leet. wide at 650 By yd nt the C.C.S.
Joseph  White-head  and  Miss Glaru
Whitehead,    of    Moyle,  were visitors
I in the u ty yesterday.
I W. W. Phillips and F. M. Slither-
t land, of Victoria, were guests nt the
Cranbrook on Monday.
Mrs. O. Conover, ol Klmhorloy was
among th- visitors vlaltlng Crnn
brook nn Tuesday, I,
BORN—At ('rnii'iioo'i in Sntur-
, day, July Hth, to Mr. and Mis
Medley Mcl'loiid, a daughter.
, Mr. and Mrs. i.. J- Cranston, who
have been visit Ing at Crcston, returned home on Saturday,
. Crnnbrook Exchange.
Cnlon Made Overalls at 7.1c—
Cranbrooh _-cb&nj-e,
Mr     nnd    Mis.    u.    p,   Helm mil
, laniiiy,   oi   Oalgary, were registered
ut the Oranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Staples, Mr.
and    Mrs.    Chester   Htai-lru motored
,u from Wyclllle on Wednesday.
Are yuu a Moobii?   li not, whv not
See    Bill   [Drier and he will tell you
what   the   Bull   Moobc hoys are do-
;  nc
Linoleum,   old   country,   made six
leet, wide at. 55o mi yd at tho C.C.S.
;    II. W. Drew, ,,f Klmlierlev, propri-
I etor   of   tin   North Star Hotol, wns
In Cranbrook mi Monday transacting
I business,
! Mrs. I'\ MeMnlloii nml rhllilrill ol
: Klmberley   wore In  llie city Mondny
vlaltlng   a    few fill nils   nnd doing n
littl,, shopping,
ii. il. liiniiioek, p, Conrad und
films. '■',.i Iiiiiiii. iill ol Moylo, were
registered mi guests nt tin* Cosmo*
polltan on Tuoiday,
■ •j    KILBY     FltAMIilS     I'ICTIIHHB
Mr. nnd Mrs, I*. Doran loft on
Weidnii'ilav on n hllldav trip to lull
Inst Inland, Thoy will be away a-
bout Ilium inoothti.
T. Manning, of Wardnor, manager
of the C.P.R. Iiimb r mills a'. Hull
llivor was In town Wednesday on
Company biiNlneiH.
* I H 11III III 11111 ****** I ********** III IMI I * ',
This week the clly commollfOd the
extension of its soworngo syatsm on
Harold street, a large number of
men being employed,
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elson Dunham
Sunday Services: I'he pastor wlll
preach at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Morning Subject: "The Courage or
Evening Subject: Driven by Distress."
All are cordially invited.
Baptist Church
Rev.  O.   E.   KENDALL
Presbyterian Church
Rsv.  W. Kslman Thomson
Morning Service at 11:80 a.m. iu
the Presbyterian Church.
Even tig Service at. 7:30 p.m. in the
Baptist Cnurch.
W. Kelman Thomson preacher at
both services.
S.S. & Bible Class 3:00 p.m.
Linoleum, old country, made six
feet wide at 55c sq yd at. the C.C.S.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Curry motored to
Wasa on Sunday last nnl report
having a very pleasant trip.
Mr. Bnd Mrs. .1. Balkwell, Mr. and
Mrs. (J, H. Staples und Mrs S. A.
Brewster, ol Wyclllle, were Cranbrook visitors on Wednesday.
Sam Baldwin has Bold his Overland
car to the Chapman Agency.
Paul Hatidley. ol Marysville, was
in town Thursday on business.
Cement, walks are being constructed at the public school., also a large
plot of ground has been seeded down
for n play-ground Vor the pup.ls.
You like to he shown a variety o'
nnttetns when buying Floor Coverings. Wo uro showing over 100 patterns. PrieeB lower than ever before.
C, C. B,
Mr.  nnd   Mrs,   A. McKinnon   and
A man named Hall had hla leg bro
ken on Tuesday al  Fornle. caused by
brine* kicked by u horse While 0OU.pl-
n: ears In the Coal Creek mine,
A. 1-:. Wntts wns visiting the property ol the Boundary Mining und Ex
loratlon comi any at. Midway last
woett, he returned home on Tuesday,
W, S. Santo can now he numbered
among tha numerous autnmnhile owners ol the city, having recently purchased a (our-piiBSenger Kord enr
from the Hanson Oarage.
Tho making ol cement sidewalks on
Armstrong avenue will he commenced
bi aliout two or three weeks. The
work on Norbury avenue is rapidly
approaching completion-
There are few more Bull Moo id
rrnnlng wild in Kooten iy and Win.
Erler is out to catch them. When in
town call oil "11,11" nnd lind o it
what the corralled Moonc aro iloln^.
Andrew Hne.iett and W. Ill'ele, ol
Spokane, wero In the citv on Tuesday. Mr. Hackott is an old-timer lu
thn district, nnd wae heaillv Interested In conl claims In the Flathead
linoleum, old country, made six
feet wide at 550 ni| yd at. the O.O.S,
Cliff Hteovos, clerk at the Cranhrook hotol, jeft Wednesday for u
holiday trip tn Monkton, N.B., and
proposes to he away from lhe city
aliout. a month. Have a good time
Cllll, and do tha right, thing,
lt. D, Cameron, aeere'nry ol the
Y.M.C.A. In leaving In a low days
lot- linlllii, (int.. where he proposes
attending the y.m.c.a. training col
legs, whilst Mr. Cameron is in thn
east ho wlll visit. vurloiiH friends In
unvornl of tho linger eastern olll s.
The reiiinlnn of Frank A till *f Bon,
who committed suicide ut Fort
Htoo'e last wes'i, wen in o'red In
tho Orniibrro'' comet'ry on Tuo'dnv.
Rov. W. K. Thomson ei'l'eln'ed und
undertaker W. R. Iloatty bail charge
of the funeral. 	
Roost for the Pall Fair, Sept. Mth
and 19th.
Mrs, H. R. M Her, e'.de.t daughter
of Mrs. H. Hlnkley, has lelt for Calgary, where ehe will enter the gen-
ernl hospital training school for a
throe vt'nr cuiirse. Her many friends
wish her every success.
Yon like to be shown a variety of
patterns when buying Floor Coverings, We are allowing over 100 patterns. Prices lower than ever belore.
0, 0, s.
Win. Rollins nnd B. McMunn wlll
leave today for Foil Fiaa.r. whore
Mr Rollins hns a large, ranch property. Horses, wagons, nnd Iiu'in lul
plementa will in, Bhipped by rail and
K1L1IY      FIlAMli'.S      PIOTURBS
The Tolephono Co, ima inn-chased a
new Ford nuloniol l'n from ttie Hanson Oarago, The old car wbl, h has
been lu use (,n- over a year will be
Bhipped to Fernle for company use
lu  thai   city.
Mr uud Mis. W. II. Wilson enler-
tanieil al a dollglltlul lea on Tiles
day allelllooli, III honor ol tholr
guests,    MIhh   ll.iiothv Toye;  Mrs. P.
McPhersoti and Mrs. A. ll. Bagor, of
I liioleuiu, old country, made six
feet wide at  BBC si| yd at the C.C.S.
II. [,. Stevens, ol Culgury, was lu
town on Tuesday, BUaklng hands
with Heveral of IiIh old time frluuds.
Mr. Pt?vena ia nu old-timer lu the
Kootenays, having come here before
the advent ol the Crow line,
Mrs. Robert J, Crooks has left for
un extended visit to Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal und oilier hastern
point*;. Her sister, Mrs. Yolin.', wlll
join her at Mncleod and accompany
Cnlon Made Overalls nl 75c—
Crnnbrook hixchunge.
Mis. J. Sarvls and her children,
Viola and Elmer left, last week to
spend a vacation in the east. It lo
their purpose to spend a few days in
several of the larger cities aud return to Cranbrook In about three
This week get our "Merry-C.O
Hound Prices" on C.ro"erles-Cran
brook Trailing Co.
Mr, and Mrs. F. Kummer nnd
children lelt. on Wednesday for a visit to Spokane where one ol the children will be attended to by an eye
specialist. Mrs. Kummer and children will afterwards visit several
other points c/i interest in the State
dl Washington.
We carry the largest atoe'e of
Linoleums in the Crow's Nest Pass.
Brigadier and Mrs. Green arrived
in the city today* and will conduct a
series of special evangelistic services
ia the Salvation Army Citadel tonight and tomorrow. A special invitation is extended to all to attend
these services. Saturday at 8 p.m.
Sunday at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m
Mr. T. Clark returned home on
Saturday last from bis visit to the
Band Springs which h- too': to recuperate his health which was somewhat poor owing to his recent 111-
nesa. Mr. Clark will return to tbe
springs snortly where be is taking
lip a situation with the C.P.R.
inoleum, old country, made six
[eet. wide at. 55c aij yd at the C.C.S.
Fernie was the scene of several
holdups this week, A Chinaman'Was
robbed of 86, and a woman of a Bat-
rhel containing $200.00, lilt » couple
of men who wltnees.d the affair
caught, the mnn nnd retuiuod the
satchel to tho woman. No arrests
hnve been made,
Attho Auditorium ton ght will bo
shown the Grand Historical Pictures
entitled "Capt, Scott" at thc eouth
po'e. These nre the only genu'ni
pictures of the exploration partv to
the polo. Another striding feature
ntitled "Was shs to Blame."
Dem't fall  to see these pictures.
The Cheapest Lot ni shirts and
Collars In B.C. a*, the Cranbroo't
Tho Conservatives of Bull River
District. B.C., wlll hold a meeting
In Bull River on Saturday evening,
July nth, 1913, lor the purpose nf
organising a Conservative Association for the Bull River District. All
Conservatives of tin dletrlct are Invited to attend. T. II. CnsHlily, acting Secretary.
The Pantages Vaudeville company
played to H crowded bouse on Thursday nmlil at the Auditorium, A Mar
shall tin* heavy weight juggler was
good, ns was also Hilly Vans, th *
blaek face eniiicdim; po'otil and
Beunott In I bnlr dream dunce wan far
above the averagO; Clayton and Lon-
Ic as an EngllBli ohopp,c and tho
Johnnie  were very clever.
lle sure and see tho Clothing nt
th* Oranbrook Exchange before buying elsewhere.
At the I'MIboii several |uiiKlmblo
comedy pictures will ho shown tonight. "Cupid iu PtiPorm" or Billy's Board Bill: "the Mutual Kri nd''
or Haunted, end lt Does nt Pay nre
woll wortl, seeing. Iho Ellison still
! olds the reputation ot being the
cosies' theatre in Cranbroo't.
Head the Prospector and get the
latest neWH.
I Inoleiini, old coiinlry, made six
feet, wide ,,t 55c si| yd nt the C.C.S,
llr. Ilrinlersi.il turned loose Hnme.
10 Ohln.so piioiuiiiiits in Cm Crest in
district during the early part of turn
year, nnd so 1,'ns tu date somo 50 or
1,0   have been counted,  It Is not too
imiiii io presume that the lumber is
nearer 75. Lhe birds bave been
found to withstand tbo wet wtat.or
and Ihn mnv nxtromolv well. The
wllel borrlos provide them with ample food,
Union     Made    Overalls    at   75c-
Tlin Haiie Hall Team is providing
Plenty ol sport lor the citizens of
Oranbrook just now and drsnrveH nil
tlm Iii'"t ol eiiei.iii'ngoiiienl. When
the boys approach vol with tho sale
ol one nl the bomters, Just buy ntie,
unit rnmeiiiber It Is In llminlir Hln
oi honest sport, it is taking „ considerable amount of expense ml
troublo to bring outside teams to iho
city. Ho help the 1 oys by a small
; *«4«*M.-M**M-*«f-H***+++*l . ...'H. II lit III I I IIIIH
: Official Announcement
The Hanson Garage has just received a
shipment of Six Ford Automobiles, which
will be sold at Factory Prices, with
freight added. The Ford is the cheapest
and most durable car on the market, it is
cheap only in price, it is the strongest
and most serviceable car in the world,
and just what is required for travelling
in this district. There is but one price
for the Ford cars.
"You can't buy gold dollars at a discount—
nor l-'oeds curs st speeial prices—any time-
anywhere. We've never made enough cars to
nat'.fy the demand—at regular prices. Don't
be deceived. Kurd prices are wonderfully low
—and absolutely net."
The Hanson Garage has a large stoek of
Ford ears on hand, also all necessary
parts for repairing, which will be done in
short order
Cars for Touring, Outing, or Commercial purposes to let with a competent
For Further particulars Apply to
Hanson Garage
:! Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook, B.C. ;;
^.^^.^af 4^4.4^^^ -.4^.aH-^.H>^4^4^^^a-^4^^4^44^.^4I ,
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
B.   C
HUHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIt +-l*'l44-l-*H*+*M*«*++sH*'H*+++
Tailoring Company
Gents Suits Made-to-Order at $25.00 and
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits $28.00 and $29,00
Best of Material and Good
Perfect Fit Guaranteed
Cleaning and Pressing
Garments Called For and Returned when
ii Wah Sung Tailoring Co.
Custom Tailors
: I Van Horne St. P. O. Box 642
M41 * I' I **** | II HH *** * ************** l * 11. ****
Steel Fishing Rods
We have them
Split Bamboo
F. Parks & Company
Hardware & Mill Supplies »
Cranbrook       -      *      -       British Columbia
'      ■        ■..■■■■.     ■■■■-■■■■.■■       ■        ■        ■        l-l.     ■..■_   Il|l|l     ,l„l|.l. J_      I        ■■■■■■■       a...!.     _.._..-       _     ■■■■■■■    ■■■■■     .
The 1,'iwn Hoelal given by tha l<a-
d ss' Md ol ths Catholic church wns
hold oil Wednesday evening. It wi >
a gMBt tnirriim freitn a sry po nt of
'law and there" wns a I rge ntton-
elatice. The mini c hy tlic City hand
wan o.celliht nnd everybody en oyed
tlii'iiis-dvcN. Mrs Chas, t'oglty and
MIbb atanton hnd ebargo of the (lonely   liootli, Miss Van Slyke and Miss
Kennedy the llowi-r stand, Jnmss
! llrown Hi* cigar.. Mrs. Macllnnnld
told forum.a, while Miss lirumii ond
and Mils Keating had chnrge ol the
lh li i nnl. The Ice croam and light
rofri'Flunent stand did a, big business,
Tho r.iiiltiil prim, a s-t oi Carving
Knives aid Korku, was won by Mr.
a.i,. MoDormott.
Boost for the Pall Kalr, Sept 18th
and l»lh.


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