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The Prospector Jan 20, 1912

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 Lumbermen    Meet    At
Lumbermen from all portions ot
East and West Kootenay will gather
at Nelson un Friday January 19 tor
the annual meeting of the Mountain
Lumber Manufacture*' aBfloakaition.
At thiB meeting tbe following resolution will be presented by A. U.
Watts, of Wattsbitrg.
"Tbat this association tenders Its
thanks for, and expresses Its high
appreciation of tht* muny efforts made
with tho view 0t obtaining justice and
protection for the lumber Industry
by thelariuus boards ol' trade in the
province during several years past,
and that we wish especially to convey our thanks to tbe president ot
the associated boards of trade and
the citizens of Nelson for their moral
support and the many courtesies extended to this association, which
have been a source ot gratification
felt by every individual member, but
so far left without official recognition.
"That, whereas at the last annual
meeting resolutions were unanimously passed condemning roclptoctty as
being Injurious to tho fruit nnd lumber Industries, that we are aware of
the fact that afterwards a few individuate who voted fur the resolutions
publicaly declared in favor of the
opposite, but that no official of this
association was ever authorized to
speak in favor of reciprocity; that
we were and are in favor of protection not only of the lumber Industry
but all others in Canada and consider \that the frdtt Industry should be
encouraged by every possible means,
and placed at least m an equal ha
sis ot exchange with American fruit.
That the encouragement and fostering of tho mining Industry in of
paramount Importance to thla province.
"It la therefore resolved that the
executive board of this association Is
hereby empowered nnd directed to
work In unison wltb the boards of
trade and tho representatives of other industries for tbe purpose of maintaining a vigorous and united campaign to educate the public ot Canada, and win their support in aid of
Justice, being aware of tbo fact that
no wrongs can be righted nor much
impression made on the authorities
without tbe support of public opln-
"That this association wishes to
call the attention of the chlof officers
of the various railway companies pur
chasing ties, timber and other articles of wood In the United States,
lor use on Canadian lines heavily
subsidized at tbe expense of Ute Ca
nadian people, that we consider such
a policy 1b not true economy, and 1b
Inimical to tbe interests of the Canadian public from where the railway
companies obtain their subsidies, and
from whom they obtain kingdoms ot
laud, timber and other concessions,
besides huge sums of money,
"That the railway companies owe
the public some consideration In return for favors granted and owe It
especially to the only unprotected industry In Canada, now languishing
and prostrated under the dumping of
foreign lumber on their unrestricted
"That all mills in the interior are
closed down and logging operations
practically suspended, and these operations usually provided the means
of subsistence to thousands of poor
homesteaders from the prairies during the winter, large numbers coming
this winter looking (or the usual
work had to walk back hundreds of
miles. The many million dollars
usually paid to the prairie provinces
for agricultural products used in the
mills and camps have gone to support a foreign country, the far reaching effect Is felt by farmers, lumbermen of all kinds and the allied trades and merchants.
"In tho production of lumber labor
Is the chief Item; therefore the workmen of Canada are hit the hardest
by the dumping of the foreign product. Next to labor the heaviest
tax on lumber is levied hy the railway companies for freight, UBera of
the foreign products pay tor the loug
haul to American and the short haul
lo Canadian railways.
"From a national standpoint those
who assist in fostering a foreign industry tn preference to the Canadian
are following principles of false economy, which cannot show compensating advantages for the Canadian
cash paid to foreigners.
"That in times of acute depression
in the lumber trade the effect of this
dumping of foreign product Is roost
keenly felt, and In tbe opinion of this
association Is worthy of tho consideration of railway companies who
are supporting foreign Industries to
the detriment of 'be people of Canada, and also to the direct injury ot
one of the moBt profitable customers,
the railway companies have, the
lumber trade.
That a copy of these resotutianr
be sent to each British Columbia
member of parliament at Ottawa, to
the president of each railway company, to each cabinet minister, and
to the presidents of the boards of
Stampede to  Gold   Fields
Intense excitement prevailed in
Mlnitoiuis last Monday when the business men 'dosed their shops and made
a rush for the gold flolda situated
about four miles southwest of here
to stake out claims.
A week or ten days ago a former
named Elliot found several nuggets
iu tbo crops of turkeys that he had
killed. This discovery was not taken seriously by the citizens at the
time. Other turkeys were killed and
with tho exception of two or three
traces of gold were found upon all
the birds.
This gold was found on a black
sand ridge which runs oast and west
through Elliots' farm and extends
from Fisher's Home 50 miles along
the old Indian trail toward Polly,
Saskatchewan, at the foot of Duck
mountain. Andrew Armstrong a
farmer living five milee west of Elliott, has alpo located a small nugget In a fowl he killed.
James H. Hunter, a thresher,
claims to have Mund R small nugget
in the nozzle of hia hose that he was
using to 611 the engine with water
out of the creek in the same locality.
Upwards of 50 claims have been stak-
od in the rush that has apparently
only begun.
A Klondike prosr^ctor waa on the
ground and claims the nnd to be the
••tehest in his experience. He examined the nuggets and pronounced
them genuine. Some black send was
washed and which also showed traces
of gold.
Good Roads Command
Nsw Westminster, .Ihu. 17.—Dig i»|>
protirlatluns will lie made by Ibe
provincial government, at thn present
cession,    for the    construction,    I tb i
provtmont and maintenance ol rondo
In ltrlt.l-.ls Columbia. Thll minnim
cement wiiii iniiili. hy Nun. Thiimns
Taylor, Minister nl Public Works, to
twenty eight   Canadian  Highway   As
cuciation riprtaootatlvtB, wbo wiiiuiii
upon tbe Provincial ICxocuUvo at
Victoria tills week.
in speaking hu roproaantatlvo of the
HHSoclntlon, President W. .1. Kerr,
of New Westminster, hhIiI that the
attention paid to roads by the do
pnrtini'iit ol pilbllo works was very
gratifying and augurod v. «.u lor the
future. Ho realised that with tho
many calls Blade upon tho llnnncos
ol tbo province, ibe department
could not pomilhly aocomplleh nl
that It might Wish, but be hoped to
see work of u pormiincnl. niiUU'S carried on without n halt for many
years to come. In his opinion It.
was bettor to eonetruot a tew mlloH
of permanent roads that would Uo a
credit to the province, nnd that will
remain an a monument to the prcn
ent administration; pcrmency, Instead of mileage, Hhoulil ho the aim
ol tho dopurtment. When an at
tempt is Hindu to Construct a lone;
stretch of ro.ni with only a limited
amount of luonoy, the work must
necessarily be more ot lens ol a •*"*■
pornry nature, und thin means that,
every few yearn extensive repaint
must he mndo.
Sponklng more particularly of tho
Ynlo road, tbo highway ovor   which
New   Capital   For  India
A recent dispatch from India, says:
'King (leoigo'u transfer of the neat
ol government from Calcutta to Delhi was no whim, not- wns It Ill-considered. Calcutta, a hugs commonplace soaeoaat city, Is practically do-
fenMloa*. Delhi „ stronghold ol the
bills, has mora than one* proved IU
thousands of American tourists will
he coining to Canada this summer,
Mr Kerr called attention to the
necessity of laying a hard surface
pavement over this road from Now
Westminster to Blaine, Wash, while
the cost ot this might seem to hr
heavy, whon It was ronHldorod thnt
this work would be ot a permanent
nature, and that no repairs would
he nercHenry for perhaps lllty years,
the economy of ths proceeding wan
nt. once apparent. The nature o'
the "hard eurfneo pavement" wai
not spoi'llled In tbe riiioliitlon. In
replying to the request of the ilepu
tatlon, the Hon. Thomas Taylor
dwelt at some length on tbe wort
accomplished hy his department on
the Yaln road during the pant twelve
months, lie ntated that bis de
Piirtment was now In a position   to
proceed with this Improvement with
nmre diligence on account ot the
establisuh ■ n( three stone bunkorn
one at Hulllvnn • mlin, ono nl.
Oloverdale and the third n'
Tho minister also Intimatod that the
department would pay particular at
toutlon to the trunk rondo ol tin
province thlB yenr, leaving to the
municipalities the cure of the lenders
of theso highways, without wholly
withdrawing the support given In tbr
past to theso cross roads.
Mr. Taylor promised that hn woul I
look carefully Into the advisability
ol putting down hard pavement or-
suggested hy tho Canadian Illghwn"
Association, and thnt ns the scheme
had his entire sympathy he would
consider It favorably.
strength against siege. And a call
Ini thnt can withstand siege Is likely
to be needed by Hrltlsb officialdom
In India before long.
Homebody once christened the torn
tory Immodlatoly about Delhi the
"oookplt of Ashi," hiicintso of Ibe
numerous hattlm that have Ihiiiii
(ought there. There Is every likelihood tbat tho old-time title will re
deem lttell baton long.
Millions for Double Track
Vancouver, Jan. 16.—It in stated
here that surveys for double tracking
tho C.P.R. between Spence's Bridge
and Hope have been completed. This
proposed vast Improvement will coat
between ttO.OOfl.OOO and 128,000,000,
and the work It Is understood will bo
commenced early nest year.
Tt hns heen lone under consideration nnd Is now deemed a necessity
with the early ndvent of a competitor In tho Canadian Northern and
Increasing east bound freight with
the openine of the Panama eeonl.
The distance involved Is nearly 100
miles, with -Trades much greater thnn
thnt secured by the Canadian Northern. Surveys for a similar double
track between flpence's Itrldge and
Kamloops have also been made, but
thin Improvement is not regarded as
Imperative as the other.
Prominent   Mining   Men;
to Gather
Meetings are being held dally by
tho committees In charge ot the details of preparation (or the coming
convention In Spokane of the mining
men of the Northwest. The annual
reports of mining corporations are
showing much improvement in conditions, and there is now an increasing
interest in the possibilities ahead for
the mining industry. "We only need
to place the (acts betoro the people
to Insure cordial support, and this
will lie done by the February Convention," Is the way a prominent operator expressed it at the dinner o(
tho Mining Men'e Club, Thursday of
this week,
Among the speakers oi national reputation who have already sent in
their acceptance are Governors Hay
of Washington, ans Hawley of Idaho.
Seattle, Tacoma, and Butte will send
strong delegations, and tho Artie
Club of Seattle will be represented by
delegates and wilt provide a speaker
to present the Alaskan situation
from the standpoint of those interested in the development o( that vust
mineral territory. James H. Lynch
S. W, Kemper, and Senator H. A.
Railway, and others well represent
tho City ot Butt*, and one of these
men will place before tho convention
a resolution in (avor ol an increased
coinage ot silver dollars at a mint to
located in the Northwest, and will
ask the convention to endorse an aggressive move ol a national character in (avor of such legislation by
As this convention will be a representative gathering ol mining men
men from all the mining states west
ol the Mississippi River, It is lair to
presume that any action taken on
questions ol needed legislation will
have weight with the State Legislatures, and with Congress at Washington. All papers presented by the
principal speakers will receive consideration in detail, and the broadest
diseuaslon will be permitted on all
phases ot tire mining Industry
Publicity buttons are being issued,
and a souvenir badge ol the convention has been adopted which will
he both n surprise and delight to its
possessors Inr all time to come, as a
reminder ol tho Spokane convention
of tbe mining Interests ol the groat
West and Northwest.
Spend MilJHon Monthly |0H,       ^        COUntTy    Gilf
Vancouver, Jan. 14.—Thu Canadian J
| Northern's expenditure    in     British
Columbia for December approxin ates
(825,000, an against   2707,000 In
vember and $700,000 in October.
December an expenditure of $61)
went tor work on the section between
Hope and Kamloops.
According to official returns seit to
tbe company's head ottlce here, the
number of laborers employed on construction on Vancouver island and
the mainland for the same month is
5,COO, and promises to be largely Increased, possibly to 10,000, early next
spring. The total dlsbiirscucnts
wil then, It Is estimated, reach $1,-
OOO.OOu a month, a total that is like
ly to be maintained for nine months,
when the bulk of the grading will
have been finished, five huidred
horses are also employed on the work
in addition to a score of itcani
Chief Kngineer White is at vised
that Moore & Pithick have conmen-
ced grading on the 40-milc section of
the island line in the vicinity of
lchan lake.     Track laying    t
main line In the FraBor river
has been extended east an far
mas mountain, and    Chtlliwnck will
be reached within t\ tew weeks.
Borden and the Red-skins
A deputation of British Columbia
Indian chiefs waited on Premie* Borden last week to air their grievances
and, if one report is to be beloved
this is the answer given by Canada's
Prime minister as interpreted to tbe
"Tell the chiefs that alncn their
last visit a new chelf sits In the
chair. Tell them that since lu, came
to this cl-air be has received many
grievances, as many greievances In
(act as the leaves which fall from the
trees on their reservation In tbe autumn.
"Tell them that the new chief has
received many petitions, as muny as
the snowflakcs which are now falling
outside (at which all the chiefs looked out of the window at the swirling
"But tell tlhr-m also that their
grievances will receive Just treatment
that there will be fBlr piny and tho
new chief will give them as fair
treatment as If be were ono of themselves."
It would not be surprising II .Premier Korden were to he made Ml honorary chief of the British Columbia
bands, and thus once more duplicate
the honors of Sir Wilfrid  Lourier.
Everone is  Talking about Her and She  will
be seen at the Auditorium Keb. 6 and 7.
New Mayor and Alderman
Meet in New Council Chambers
Program For New Year Outlined
The first mooting of the new City
Council was bold last Monday In the
new City Council Chamber, at which
ii goodl] number of ratepayers were
In attemlunco.
Thoro we:,, present Mayor Hownoee
and Aldermen Johnson, Campboll,
Cameron nnd   xtchlson,
Tho Mayor In his opening address
matin several recommendations lo tho
council (or the coming year. He
would like to see n oomnilttoe appointed for tho purposs ot securing
ground enough for a public park; alio something dono In connection with
the comoti'Y, Mention was also made
to tho probable laying of coment
walks along Maker street, und ns
soon as eoii.eiilent on all the streets
In the principle centre ot the city.
"Tho BUOCCBt of the coming year
rests with you, gentlemen," said the
Mayor, nnd linked each ono of tho
Aldermen t.. do all In their power
for the welfare nnd Interest ol the
olty. In connection with tbo success
of tho sewerage system that has been
schlovod by our former council
thn Mayor recommended that tho old
committee, who are In the new council Htlll keen hold ol tho work ns
with the knowledge already gained
It will enable thom to again take up
the rolnii an soon ns tho work Is opened up in the spring. Aldermen
Johnson noil Campboll wore tho com-
mltteo refoii'd to.
Mayor Hiiwnrns closed with saying
bow much he appreciated the' honor
that had been conferred upon him by
bis clertion to the civic, chnlr and
promised In return to do nil he possibly could for thn cltlzonn and city's
welfnro nml progress.
Tbo standing committees wore then
Ore Shipments'
Ore shipments from mines In the
Crnnhrook district for thn pnat wewk
and year to date, aro as follows.
Sullivan  m       G18
HI.    Hltgeno  410        MO
Finance— Aldermen Campbell, Uric
knon and Clapp
Works and Property—Aldermen
Hrlckson, Clapp and Johnson.
Fire and Police— Aldermen Cameron
and Campbell,
Water—Aldermen Atchison, Johnson and Cameron.
Health and Relief- Aldermen Atchison and Campbell,
legislation Aldermen Clapp and
On motion ol Aldermen Atchison
and Clapp, it wns moved and passed
that the procedure by-law be amended. Thin will allow of the appointment of a regular sewerage committee.
It was moved by Aldermen Campbell and Atchison that the regular
meetings ot the council be held on
the first Monday In each month at 3
p. m. in the afternoon—Panned.
The Court of Revision which will
sit on March 4th, at 10:30 aim..will
be composed ol the Mayor, and Aldermen Campbell, Cameron, Clapp
and Atchison.
Ks-Mayor Hunt, was given permission to address'the council In tho Interest of the Agricultural Association. In his opening remarks ho
said" He was glad that the opportunity had been given him, to congratulate the council elect, nt their first,
meeting on having a business council,
Mr. Hunt showed that during thn
last year the Agricultural Assocln
Hon had handled some 111,000. But
owing to so many calls lining made
there was still a deficit of 1441, and
as F, J. Beano, was going to thn
const to ascertain what appropriation tbe provincial government wnn
going to give the association, It was
hotter lor him to ho able to nay Unit
the Association has a clean hulnticii
sheet, iim it would carry ,, much better ImproHHlon with tbe Finance Minister. Therefore bo asked tne council to appropriate *8ou to this end.
It, K. ilenttlu wan almi given par"
mlnslon to address the council. "He
snld that tbe Agrlcullural    AsHorla
Hon   was   a permanent   Oranbrook
fixture, and tluil tho city was gutting
a largo amount of advertising Irom
the fairs which nre being In Id every
year, and that It wan the opinion of
a largo number of morohfl its und
property-holders that a certain
amount of assistance nbould be given
to the association hy the city.
The council then dinciinnni the request, and the now blood certainly
pleasure lor anyone, presents were
ones Pnrtnko of It could lave been
showed they were ntlve to Ibe city's
Interest. After conflldorahl) dellbor
atlon nnd examination of thn Anno
elntlonn auditors report, It vas moved by Aldermen Johnson aid Camp
That the city ol Oranbrook is rich in musical and histronic talent is
now an assured fact, and the citizens will have in the forthcoming production of "The Oountry Girl," another opportunity of proving tbat
fact. The "Country Girl" ranks hign as a musical comedy, and proved
to he one o( the biggest of Mr. George Bdwarde'B successes; over one
thousand consecutive performances of this) famous comedy heme; given iu
Loudon, hlngland.
The local production bids fair toecllpse any local talent production
ever produced here, and a glance at the accompanying cast will convince
everyone that a thoroughly enjoyable entertainment will be the result.
It would be well worth ones while to reserve the dates ol this performance, and to procure their scat* as early as possible. Seat sale opens
at the Beattie Murphy Co's on February 2nd.
Ktitire new scenery and special costumes will lie used, and some novel electrical effects will be introduced   The following is the complete cast:
Geoffrey Challoner Mr.   George  Stevenson
The Rajah ot Bhong Mr. R. T. Brymner
Sir Joseph Verity  Mr.  Lnuhach
Douglas Verity  Mr.   Harold  Darling
Cranfer Mummery Mr. Allan Graham
Lord Anchcstcr  Mr.  K.  H.  McPhee
Lord Grassmcro  Mr.   S.   Paternon
Major Vlcat  Mr.  D. J.  McSwoyn
Sir Chas. Oortolyou  Mr.  It. McCreery
Rube Fairway  Mr. V. Bray
Harry       Mr.   Archie Raworth
Marjorle  Joy   sirs. R. II.  Benedict
Princess Mehelaneh of Bhong Mra. Geo. F. Stevenson
Madame Sophie MIsb Margaret  Kennedy
Mrs. Tunlton Rnlkes Mrs. A.  I.. McDennott
Nurse      ■ Miss T. Klnnlss
Miss Carruthers   Miss M.  Rumsey
Lady Ancheater Miss Flnniss
Nan .....Mrs. F. Bouchard
SPECIAL DANCK8 by  Mlas M. Rumsey
Stage Director Mr. Louhach
Musical Director   Mr. Geo D. Ingram
Business Manager  Mr. R. T. Brymner
Treasurer Mr, D. J. McHweyn
Conductor     Mr. Ceo. 0. Ingram
Planlste      Mrs. Irs Manning
Violin      Mr. W. Ouernrd
" Mr.  J. Rumsey
"  Mr. W. O. Thompson
Clarinet      Mr! R. W, Russell
"  , , Mr. C. McCowan
"  Mr. R. Palmet
Flute      Mr. R. II. Benedict
Piccolo      Mr. E. H. Reed
Cornet Mr   Ceo. Pratt .
" Mr. K. Leamon
"  Mr. H.  Robinson
 Mr. W. Cartwrlght
Trombone      Mr. W. H. Wilson
Trombone      Mr. R. Thompson
DrumB     Mr. A. Creator
Canal May  Open  Within
One Year
bell thnt the sum of gr.titi he granted
to the Agricultural  Association.
AMortnan Campbell nt this time
suggested that, although thoy had
one of the finest  council chambers In
the province, it seemed to him that
onn thing had Imin OVOI'loo'tOd which
bn should like attended to at once.
He referred to the iiUlnrmnhlr chairs
which were not. In keeping 'villi the
nnw quarters', and were no; as COW
I fortable as they might he,and that.
It beci|inn unite tiresome to occupy
thom for several boom nt n time.
The suggestion mot with he unanimous approval  of  the  com ell,      and
Aldermen Campbell and clapp wore
delegated to Bee what could he pro
vlded nt n reiuioiiahlo cost.
On motion of Aldortnot Cameron
and Clapp, the council ndjiurne.
71C   lb   1411
G. T. P Issue* Bonds
Ottawa, Jan. 15,—Formal notice
given In the Canada Oaiette that tbo
Grand Trunk I'arlllc will apply to
parliament lor an act authorising
the further issue ol perpetual or terminal debenture stock to on amount
not exceeding lli,IHM,«N.
Mineral* Advance
(lanmliiin mineral prediction. Ittll
your totaled 11 ltd, unit, nun, mi incrntino
ot 14 por cent. (Jolt! production
amounted to more thnn 110,000,000
Silver 1)7,000,0110. Nickel 111,01)0,000
and pig Iron til.ooo.tiog
Ships will he passing through the
Panama canal about January, 1913,
Tho canal will hove a summit elevation ol eighty-live feet above the sea
to bo reached by a night ol three
locks located at Gatiin,   on   tho At-
| liintlc side, ami by one lock nt Pedro
Miguel and u flight of two nt Mini
dor, on the Pacific aide; all locks to
bo In duplicate, that In, tn havo two
| chambers nldo by side.     Each    lock
; win have an usual length ol 1,000 (tot
| nnd a width of 110 feet.     The suiii-
i mil  level extending from Gutiiti     to
i Pedro Miguel, it distance   ol about
13,10 iiiiIob. In to regulated between
| eighty-two nnl eighty-seven loot a-
boVO sea leavel hy moans of the spillway in the ilnin nt Gntun. The On-
tun lake, which will have an area of
I 104.33 square miles, will he maintained hy earth dams nt. Gatun and I'o
dro Miguel. Tho Chngren river and
other ut rams will empty Into this
lake. A small lake, about two tqil«
oro mileB tn area with a surface ele-
vatlon of llfty-flve feet, will lie formed tietween Pedro Miguel nnd Mlrn-
Holes, tho vnllov of the Ilio Grande
lining closed by an earth dnm on the
wont side nnd a ConcretO dnm with
iipilwny on the eimf side of Mlra-
The approaches from deep water to
Ihe (Intnn lorkn on the Atlantic nldo,
and from deep Water to the lockn nt
Mlrafloros on the Pacific side win ho
soi, level channels, about seven and
niglit miles 111 length, respectively,
and enrh r.OO feet wide.
The ennnl Is tn hn about, lllty miles
tn long-th from deep water In the Car
nbhellii sea to deep water In tlm Pa
eille ocean. 'I'll" dlntniu-e Irom deep
water in Llmoti Mny to about four
milts, nnd from the Pacific shore lino
to deep water Ih about four inline
henee  the  length of  the    ealtal    from
niinro to shore win im approximately j
42 i mllos,
The   channel irom mile o   in    tbo
t'nrrllibeiin una to mile r„7n ul     tlio
north end of the Oatun looks win ha
BOO feet wide; floin thn south olid of
f 1 ,t* nil locks lo Mile 38,HO tint losn
than 1,000 feet wide; Irom mile 33,60
to mile SO.nO, HOII tent wide; from
mile M.fiO to mile 27, 100 loot wide;
from mile 37 to mile 81,38, 800 feel
from mile 31,28 to I'edro Miguel lock
(mile ii Mi, 300 feet wide, and from
Pedro Mlguol lock to Mlrafloros lock
and from Mlraliores lock to deep wa-
tor In Panamn bay 800 feet wide.
The average width of the channel
In thin project is lit'J feet and the
minimum width 300 feet. Tbo canal
will have „ minimum depth ot 41 feet
Tha depth of the approach channel
In this project Is H4tt foot and the
minimum width sou feet. The canal
will have n minimum depth ol 41 loot
Tho depth ol tho approach channel
on the Atlantic side, whero tbe mail-
milm tide oscillation la 3 , loot, will
be 41 feet nt mean tide, and on the
Pacific nldo, where tne maximum oscillation Is 31 feet, the depth will tie
I'i feet at. mean tide.
Ono peculiar geographical feature of
the rutin! that Is at Hint contusing is
the general direction of tho canal.
From Colon on tbe Caribbean side
tho canal rutiB south of east and going from the Pacltlc side the canal
runs a bit north of west. There Is
a peculiar crook In the Isthmus at
that point that caiieen this freakish
The Galim dam, which will lorm
I Oatltn lake by Impounding the titers
of the Chngroe and Its tributaries,
; will he nearly 1 ymlleH long, ineaaured
ion its creBt, nearly one-halt mile wide
i nt Its base, about ton fcot wide at
1 the water surface, about 100 loot
.wide nt the top, and Its crest as
I planned, will he nt an elevation of
I 118 feet, above Gatum nea level, or
| thirty feet above the normal level of
' the lake. Ot the total length ol tbe
'dam only 8nu feet, or 1-18, will be
ei|iosnd to tho maximum water head
| of "8 foot. Tho Interior ol tho dam
J will be formed of a general mixture
nl sand and clay, dredged by hydraii-
lle process from pits shove nnd he-
low the dam, and placed between two
Inrgo mnnsoH ol IOCS and mlscellnnn-
onus mntorliil obtained from steam
Shovel cxrnvnlloll nt vnltoilH points
nlolig the ennnl, The top ami up-
: stream slopo will he thoroughly rip
InPPOd, Tbo entire dam will contain
iiboul 3l.oiHt.iioo alible yards ol ma-
The iillhvav Is a concrele-llned
opening, l,3i>ll loot long and 300 loot
I wide, cut through ,, hill of rock near
ly In tho centre of Iho dam, tho hot-
| torn ol the opthlng being III feet
(Continued on Page   I) TIIE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
He Tells Limekiln Club Where
Danger Lies.
Man Who Swears OH on Bad Habit*
on New Year's Immediately Begins to
Encounter Trouble—Truthfulness Not
an Asset In Trading Mules.
[Copyright   1911,  by   Aiioclated   Literary
•' V  HEV to announce dttt euvenlnV'
■    siitd   Brother   UtirUner  nt   the
m    last   uieeiluj:   ol  tbe   Limekiln
cub.   "Uat   Brudtler  CutnulouH
Jones nin ivin' Bleb nl borae an' tlat
ne baa uppenled to dls clnh fur tifip
to tide  li im ob'T     In* secretary  bus
Lip instructed to lote him up a live
dullur  hill,   an'   wheu  dat'.i  goue   Hl'
shan't see him snivr
"Hrudder J mien ittu i up ot de sehen
or eight milium pm-miis in de C tilted
(Sii.lts wlm made wirtln resolves ou
New Y'nr's day, an' I tins bin wateblo'
ills ease wid interest. He am fo'ty-
luo y'nrs uie. nn' his character may be
minted as fn'r lo niediitm-dat ts. be
nut au alverage man. jesi like de rest
of us    When I 1'arned from his own
sw'arlu an' iliawiu' an' sninkiii. I
nev bis siiit'iim promise il.it tie will
set bis dawi; on he next nu.vliur who
eomea tu his eahiu io Uorry auytanr,
lie bus glhhen up de Idee ot beio'
uouest. au  It Mrs. Junes tries to Ham |otw ,.„|0t   whelhei
Don't  Have  Too  Muen  Conn   ir.
Bedt'imiiiih   are   iiMiuil)   lunii-n
out Utfin. she'll Kit tliiiuipfd till stiu
au'l holler, i'ze uwiuc to sot up wid
iilio ton lu hi. We inn hopln' to wive
tils life an' restore iiiih io de world,
| out   realize   Oat   it   will   he   a   el us.
j shave."
Honesty in  Mul* Trad*.
j   The Bpealtui- puuwtl to tune a drink
of hard elder and I lieu euiitlmied:
I    "l>eaeon  Simmons of dls eluh  waa
ober lu my liuuse last ulght.    He emu
iober to eomplillu to me dai  Waydowu
Itehee. also of  d
de best of blm on n trade.    Hrudder
Itehee had  traded  him a  meWI  for a    <iei.  table en
shotgun, a huojo, n dawg aud a dream   t'»o 'urge put
book,   hat mewl 'peared to he full o
I bl/.uess while de trade was pwiue un~
earned out on  tne ttl'sl   Pout  ol   uol
riie I'umr should depend "ii ine ;*•
I'Utlou ut Uie room     lot a north ■	
yellow ts desirable, as it iluhteu* im
room lot a room whh'h nels mueu
BUiisiiine greet) is enui iilul re*o iih
While is pretty and diillity, htli enui
luo king; piuK and uiue ni*e tuvunie
colors, hut are apt to tnde
in furuiMhlug in I'oim   uvniri too mv
tfill   use  ut   it       I he  culoi   *.HomU   unl
•nib, bad (luu got   be  too  intrusive,     it   me   walla  are
lulu use tlRiirpd spread, bureau run
■s aud pillows   uoi ut
t|H      IlitWi'l l'l I   Sllllll,\
all while I'unmns are more sailsfae
tors at tile windows, thuvuti a horizon
Conference of W. C. T. U. to Do
Held   at   Milwaukee,   Oct.   27.
i privneto' around wid his bend lu de ulr j WI strip ot the tluureii roou> nun dee
Oh' his heels tlyln out at eUeri'thlO'- | orate the valmn-e ai the tup ul the win
I hut de deitcou had akassly toted blm   dow    If the walls are papered or steti
home when he wrier eoilnpsed an' fell
down,   un'   de   last   report   was   to  de
effect dal his hours war' numbered'
"I want to take advuuiage of dls oc-
tiled in u design, a solid color,
that is likely to he to., predumiunot
! white with bands or border*) ol solid
color  will he  more pleasing     Yellow
is bun td say a few words to yo' OU    Bltab curtains may ue used advantuge-
-le subject of honesty     A frond many    ously  in  a   north   room   furnished   in
yellow.     They   seem   to   Indicate  suu
Don't let yourself use too  many  de-
y'ars ago dar was n strictly honest
man. lit began lire wid a determlna-
shun to do de s.|uar' thing under all
circumstances    lie had a insb capital    slj-'us In your  umtemiis   ll   the  wall
of $25,000 an' lots
faith tn human    paper   Is   in   chrysanthemum   design
natur*.   lie planted watermlllyons au' , dou't use roses, ebrysuutbemuma and
didn't hire nobody to watch de patch.
;Ie  kept  chickens  au'  didn't   bev   no
ock on de douh     fie leut   money au*    make the room smaller    (iniy Is da In-
popploa  together     Ketl  is   unrestfu
Don't   use   much   of   It     It
lidu't as fur no I. 0. 0, He signed
bonds an' notes an didn't ax fur no
Fortune Gone In Nine Year*.
"If  he  bought  a   mewl  he took de
>wner's word fur it: if he sold oue lie
onsclentlously   p'In ted   out   de   ring-
ty, but must be relieved wltb another
color A warm brown suits shabby
furulshlm-s best a mi Is a color of
which one doesn't tit'*.
Housekeeping  Helps  For the  Bride.
A   guest   book   which  contains  d ite
I bones an'spavins an'owned up dat de    <**-d   ■•"■Sth   of   visit   us   well   as   the
east was gwiue on twenty y'ars ole.    deuus served to each guest Is of Mr*
My dear fretis, how long du so' reckon
hit man lasted?    lu Jest nine y'ars he
was In de porebouse, an' he neber dun
i not out again. Ir was an experiment
, All do rest of de kentry  wns  wateblo'
Kl( lii l>  I-'Oit  tllS  HI HILlTV
lips dal he was gwllie lo sw'ar off on
New V'ar'fl day, I struggled wid him.
bul hu was sol lu hla ways, au' 1
couldn't move hltu,
"Urudder .loite.s gol up In de mawniif
of dat fateful day an' resolved to he ■
kinder husband. Mra. Jones am a
woman who has gut tu he kept down
hy bulldozlti*. Dc mlull her husband
took a new tacit she bobbed off un'
run him lu debt Hcbenteen dollars, an'
dea cum huine an' cracked hla head
wid de rolliu' pin.
Being a Better Neighbor.
"Itrmldci Jooei took a long breff nn'
resolved to be a heller uaybur De re
x'ult was dnt Inside of a week he
couldn't find hla snow shovel, wheel
.bairer. market basket, clothesline,
ithttlfons, wash h'ller. kerosene can ur
umbrella, nn' iweniytwo dlffcrelH pus-
Koua bad got mud nl him hekase he
had abet down un deli burruwln' any
inn' lea an' sugar
''Urtuhler Jones stood up straight nn
resolved lu he nn honcsl man On de
we cry next day he found 'leben dollars
ou de sireel an bunded ll ober to a
policeman, an' ut po'80 dal  policeman
pui K right down m bin pocket nit'
Nl/.ed llrmlder .loiies up fur a fille
On dc next day he went au' paid a
debt which was twenty two y'nrs ole
an' den round out dal his creditor had
dun forimi all about It twenty one
y'ars rtgu
"ltrmiii''r ltonan Imd ncpimhiiiinlly b'fi
plnylu' de races wben be had a dead
filial) thing. He rl/ up an' resolved lu
piny no inn'.   In de co'np of a few days
a feller cum lo him wid II P'J Wllllf
ii Id   bev   got   fo'ty   fill" nun,     lie
lllld fin In cash, hut he hud uoue outer
de beltln' L llll hew 'HI end of maklu'
a eletiu 1100 oo dat boss he didn't
make a  red
Danger In Homht* Attitude.
"Druddor .lonen iiaod to be u bad
man fur while folk <■. io step on lie
ll no wed he had rights, on' he dared
tmilula*11 i'ih Dm man who (lushed
him off de plfllfortn or n street kyar
or elbowed him Into de gutter had tu
'pologl/.n or take n clip on de ear On
de fusl of de y'ar he resolved lo tnlte
a tun' humble nttltood. an' wtiai wns
de result'.' lu de co'kii uf a week he
was frowi'd down ober Rl fleet) times
nn* received 'bout a down kicks He
found a thousand nl* more people jest
9 waliln' fur nomebody wid u humble
ntlllood to come along
"Urudder .lotion, ns auroi* of yo' know,
was In de hit hi I of ehew.tr terbaeker
an' Htnoklu' a pipe an' h -vlii' a glass
uf  beer oi'ciishuioi'lv      ||i- resolved  lo
fibonotnlRe He went nrouod phtwln'
hemp an' Jute au' NtnnldfV almvltl's an'
npllniers.     nn      hi      water    wasn't
liaitdy he took anow IrtNteud In ten
days he lost elizht pounds of fat an'
got ho tar on I cranky dn his own dog
WOUldnM wag \\n lull for III CD Dat
crankiness led up to n pout wid Mrud
der Waydown Itche", an' lirmlder
tlOOOfl was a licked man hefo' he
krinweil whal was g\- hie on
Swwarlno to Lit Off 9t*am.
"Bi'Hiblor Jo HUH   used  lo iW'flf.    Oo
vice to the housekeeper, who entertains frequently. Hays Woman's World
Cover the uew cookbook  with  white
oilcloth and use a small pane of glass
how  de experiment   wou.d  pan    tlJ bold ft open.    This protects both in
It was a dead failure au' a solemn    *»lt-«-t **!lJ outside of the book, and pre-
Tents the ieaves from stl. king together
where   particles   of   foed   sp.uter  ou
ore of    Uh'U-.*
dat de       include a measuring cup in tbv k'tch
eu equipment
Buv u lirst class cookbook ind study
The bulletins which r.re furnished
free by the United States government
are a valuable aid to tiouieumking
Apply to your lenator. representative
or delegate to congress or to the sec*
rotary of agriculture,  Washington.
The following bulletins are both instructive uud practical for housekeepers:
Farmers' bulletin; bulletin 391. economical use of meats; bulletin ?4. the
use of milk as a food; bulletin 41.'!, the
cure of milk nnd Its use lu the home;
bulletin 3o"J. outs and their uses ns a
,,,,,,, ,. food: bulletin 85, fish as food; bulletin
yo   full  to  bljnesH yo r creditors am , m b        manufacture and use of un-
prepared to admire yor lenle scheme   ferme[Urf .   ^.^   M
by  which yo   beat   em.     Ve an. al  , BMtl( ConipiJlrttton and cook,n|r: bullfr
honest up to low water mark; arter dat   ^ m M a fo|ld. bH|tet|n m
doan gib odds to nobody. j UM of fm M food  bl)lletln m caB.
••Deacon Hlmiuons  pears to feel It ( ned fn]U preMnH ftntl ,emet. bttU«,
mo  bekase he nn   Hrudder Behee be- , t|D 375 cflre of foQ(| |n tQ(, homfi
lung tu de same club, an' he reckons      T|]e .Jn|ttM, SmcB departmei,, of fl|r.
dure orter he a  fraternal feel In.   »«   rleuiture  will   supply   the   following:
dere orter. bui nil fraternal feelln'i I Bulletin Ml. Instructions in cooking;
warn in .
"I say to yo'." continued the o'J man
•is he looked down upon ihe
huld heads ou the front seats,
world has no use fur a strictly honest
man If yo' urn In de ptm'offlce doan
-leal no letters. If yo' am lu de hank
doan' steal no money. Doao' beat yo'r
landlord nor butcher nor grocer Doan'
rob a blind man nor cheat au orphan.
Aside from dat yo' am expected to take
-are of uo ono
Where Honeaty Slops.
"If yo'r mewl has got de spavins
trade him off in de night, if somebody sticks yo' wid a plugged coin yo'
atn expected to pass it off on a street
kyar conductor. In* tax assessor expects yo' to prevaricate. De gas man
Hggera dat yo' will turn ou all de burners If de meter gits outer order.    1!
melt away when yo' swap watches or
trade mewls. I am a deacon lu da
church, bin do yo' reckon that I'd
lend one of de udder deacons f2
wldout I had security for $Ttt I's bin
libit)1 right alongside of a preacher for
nigh outer leu y'nrs. hut would I swap
watches wid him wldout look hi' to see
If he hadn't taken out some of de
wheels? As I said hefo', be honest
up tu n sari In p'lm. Ai'ler dat all men
expect yo' to take keor oh yo'nelfi
bulletin 0, bread aud brendmaklng.
Idea For Ih* N**dl*womsn.
When the fascination of ornamental
Seedlework has once laid hold upon I
woman it Is hard for her to resist the
temptation to continue the work after
back and eyes give warning tbat It is
time to lay It down, ur the piece- of
work  may be something that has lu
be finished within n limited space of
Dlt  mewl  Will  tio doubt  die on di | time If it is to be of any use at all.
dei n's hand's, nn'  while he will bu ' •» that case here Is an idea thai may
$11 ouier pocket he will bev gained |'J3 ! tfl of service:   IiiHtead Of continuing
The annual conference of tho Na
liohal Woman's Christian Temperance
Union will be held this year at .Mil
WflUkee on Oct. "JT     AtUOUg the prOUl!
Dent speakers upun this occasion will
be Mrs. IJIIlau M  N. Stevens, president
t of the W. 0, T. U.
Mrs.  Stevens,   who  has  been elected
thirteen times preside ut of this organ
Untlou. gives pnii tlcally all of hoi
time to her ufllclul duties. Through
correepoudence ami travel she is In
constant touch with the work all ovei
the United states. Shu Is » woman ul
narked executive ability, with un at
tractive personality.
To Dottle Tp-i*i*toss.
Tomatoes are excellent bottled, but
on fortunately the skins ofteu crack
and quite spoil their appearance. Mere
Is a useful hint In a professional cuok
I'rick the tomato once or iwtee at Ihe
stalk end where the holes will noi
show- This doe-, away wilh the risk
uf the skins shrinking,
Bear in mind that nefnre using run
her rings on the bottles rhey -liould
be washed In water cotifilttllng n miie
soda and then be thoroughly dried
Before putilim away the hnltlltlg apparatus rub the metal springs over
with a little vaseline iu prevent them
from getting rusty
Never use. Chipped or cracked |ars.
for If rhe Jars nre not absolutely sir
tight tbe contents wih uot keep,
Millinery Smartness.
The autumn hats are sure in he popular, for many ot them are made of
black relret, the moMt beeumiua ma
ferial always fur nuts, aud must or
them are quite large, with drooping
brims, which torm a softening frame
Willi!   o'  OX|lcrlc||rO      I,ft   us  now   turn
out de llghl au' go tiuliiu,"
What   Temper  Does.
When the devil discovers a
temper lu a family be hustles
away and lets it do the rest.-
New York I'ruaii
to leave over the work, lot tile worker
take the flit test, softest sofa pillow
available and put It in her lap. If the
irtnfl are allowed to rest ou It It will
Kive several kinds of relief, The
clianged foUUS relieves the si rain un at
teutlvu eyes. The altered position nut
only rests the muscles of thu back,
but those uf the lungs, which too
often become unconsciously cramped
by the forward droop uf weary shuuh
tiers, until  the seamstress Is taking
Hit Doubt* Lots. n     ... ,
Tba dinner  was over   and the Inst    <"»'* "quarter slsed   breaths.
man io leave the cloakroom saw hit.
the  custodian   of   the  coats,   looking ' Ths Aeroplane 9l**v*.
very miserable It must he ii biplane lieciiuao of Its
"Well.   I'at."   he  said,   "what's the   sleeves, for there's always a pair of
matter?    Haven t  they paid you Very
well for looking after the things?"
"Sure, sor." replied the dejected one.
"It Isn't that they haven't paid tne,
but, begorra. they've taken the uunrter
I put In the piute as a decoy."-Bostuu
sleeves. Whether a woman actually
can fly with them or not la a quoiUOU.
Certainly they look big enough ami
t'liotigh like wings.
The aeroplane wings grow up from
the  waist   line  and  dmvu  from  the
shoulder   and   come   together   In   s
gg but lot  at  the  wrist, so that when
Two Kinds of Writing. | the arms of the wearer aro stretched
Kidder   Oo vou write for ort'l sake   out the sleeves nre seen to he huge.
or for money? bulllku nffnlrs, extending the sides uf
Scribbler   For ho-li     I write fur tbe   the blouse tu unheard of proportions.
OlOgflfllnes  for  art's "ake and tu my   They  are as  big  aud  floppy  ss tbe
faiher for money -Toledo Binds. ; aieeves of a college gown,    The or*
—    —   ' dlnary kimono type Is quite put Into
Improved. i the shade.    However, as they are the
Bates- 1  hear that JnneS Is mulling    Latest thing lu fly over from Paris It
his home more aitractive j, certain that they will "take."
Yntes   Yew; be bBS suld bis plauo. -
t'hlliideinhlu   I ■■ f.-llioli.
".loilnh." asked Mm. (jUlfffttOli "what
is abuse of tbo franking prlfllegst*'
"Congrssamsn potnpoJHng it to oorry
thfllr   IpOeobas    ItbOUt,    Maria,"   aald   lOOtUW In toe oily  where I spent my
Not So Excusable.
"Yes, my buabfllld Iiiih made n great
name f.,r hi 171 BO If lu literature."
"DOOB he uol go ou (he lecture plat
form this spring?"
"Yes.   I am Just trying tn have him
New   Y'nr'i
iw'ar no  i
I Mir a m a
III'  blllo   c
day he SWOfl
o' U'li.tl mn
-ni of sixain a
nilnttfllly gwiu
he would
le   result'/
on down
valve lu
In   Ills   llllllll   wid   Uii  OBi'llpO
lei off do pru  im i m nervous.
Irrtttibli iih' can i stuy sol down in n
rheer ober I wo uiliilta at a time.    Us
has jest osenped a itrottfl a* pitmlysis
im dls aceouiii   an'  ai w  Ion  weak
to  walk   10 losi do  Hlieel
"My liens. ( \W\ on SUV ITU I ocra
iliuim waiucd yuu flgllln hlistlll' out
all In oin i' im li'.viii to cimilgtl >o
Helves obet. It Has nil IIH bio Clllhgar-
tills an' alius will lev In- average
man urn gouii nulT flip dls colli an
SfllOl world Nobody looks tur wlin;s
DU Iih Hhoulder blades. II luo imd, hn
may be rem lo prison, bill it Km ifhud
Ida pUhUllUlt'lll Will lie nimosi aa bud.
lie will bo called a f	
"Il" Udei    (*VUUS   bus  guiui   buck   to
Qulggtss. -Drowning1! Mngnsine.
Hia Pint Toppir.
"When n man ptlLs on bin flr*'l hlfftl
hut," retnarkfld Ihe nhsertor of events
and ihluirs.  'lie poll dn I look niiv more
Imporiuni if he had been handed u
halo."—Vonkors Stutosmfln-
"Hu Unit  you can  slsiw  him off to
1 your friends'/ An oxctisahlo ambit Ion."
"No, ||)d 00(11  Ho lhal I can show 111 111
olf to my enemies!"   HoiiHlou rout,
'ih*.  Win  Ib.pffoi.
"I fi-ar," mild Ilia I■ I I of the fain.
My, "thai your weilded happlmviii will
■ ho of niiort duration"
Roll of ftnob Ps-ilflly. |    "Well."  rojolllOd  HlO  fair  tiiiild  who
Murk  i understand Him van nyka   |tmi jusl been nnuoxod hy mi ngoil
has been dropped by soelPi;    Wjfld- I mUltlinllllohalfO, "I 1 0 your fonr Is
I nut    without    rouiiilailon,"    Chicago
Yes; he made hlm-elf OtlpOptllir be
riUII he paid his debt* Instead uf his
-locini  obltgallnns.    I'hek.
Not Muoh,
frlMe-Ars .mn ffnlflfl to lit that
'•nnuK actor fni low his nnfurnl blUtf
Hinoe Manager Mn! much | ami
'Is'h no' In piny a straight part- UaJ-
'Imurv Miiei'lean.
The 8ympatlil/er.
"Cionlier seems to feel fl great sympathy for any one who la III."
"Hull! Ills I (foil uf sympathy Is In
gel soma poor Invalid In a corner and
tell h|in how iiil'ionible lie's luukliig."—
Calhollc : liimlanl and Tliuea.
to the face.   Then lhe> uued scarcely
any trimming.
Ku much in favor ts (he velvet hat
that It Is worn in seasou and out of
seusou Many huts made entirely of
a light quality of black velvet, with
not even a suspicion ot straw about
them, were worn m tbe summer Many
of these were kccu nt .Snrrugiiiisctt
and Newport and at other faslihiuutile
resorts The hats pictured are bulb uf
black velvet trimmed with perkj nnws
of ribbon lu one instance and a cum
bluntloti uf silk sud velvet ribbou on
the other model
Kssp Oven Clssn.
Where (he oven is us'sj every day It
should be thoroughly cleaned out uuca
a week. With a hiiiut ktnre scrape off
any particles uf burned pastry, sirup
or gravy, then brush all out. Have
ready a pall of hoi water with some
C0U1 ItlOtl washing soda in It, and with
a Hint brush scour the top, sides sud
bottom uf the oven Wring a cloth
out of fresh hut water and wipe all
the parts previously scoured l.esve
the dour upen until the ovuu Is quite
Maple Sugar Prallnea,
Cook a pound of maple Sulplf. grilled
or broken In small pieces, In waler
euoiiuh to keep It from burning and
until Ihe ulriip spins a thread Add a
pound  of  blanched  nlhiunds,  cut   In
aimill pieces, nml a tOHS| hflll uf hub
ter ami silr  until   It   commences to
grain    Hpr I on a sliailnw buttered
mute and when cool cut Hi autiares.
TH* Wis* Bachelor.
"They tell urn." said the fair wlrlnw,
"thnl yuu are a student of human nature!" "Yes," admitted the old btiche.
lor, "and I have learned a few things
ibout womeu also/'-Clilffttfo Newt.
It must be a good farm work-
man to whom the exclusive care
ot the uogN ran be given. Ihe
musters f.ve siiouid ne upou
tbem everj day.
The pig can cat more than he
can digest and digest more than
he can use. So it Is not a (act
(hat a pig can take care of all
he can eat.
There la no feed better for
young plga nnd can es (nan sweet
Hklmunlk right from the supu
IMgB, sown and fnllciil'g/ hogs
should i>e kept in sepiiriilo in
closures They will be beulthlur
lllld derive mul'e henelll Irolu
their feeds hy sin h luindllug
The most pi'olllahiu pork ts pro
dined by iislnt- as largely as pus
Bible other feeds than corn.
Sows that come iioni proline
families are mtil'0 carta lu to in
bcrli those qualities and become
good mothers than those that de
see ml from families that are less
Where It ts possible It ts best
to defer selection of sow pigs
for ihe breeding herd until they
have made considerable growth.
8yst.rn.lio    Dipping    Witt    Fre.    Ihe
8h«ep Flock of This Post.
Bcob is citiiitptl by the Irrlttttlott of n
1 tultiiiiu ItisiH't Unit lives und propii'
gate* ot> the sUln of Bbecp. it nlso
lives, more ur i..^m. on the wool ttlterg.
Away front tbe Btt..^p. on posts or on
tbe .'ttrttt. II nin itls.i live for tin Imlef
Inlte tti.it>. perbttpe for several weeks,
writes Joseph U. SVlug lu tbe Breeder's
The setib Insect cotuos from un egg
I This ens Is uot easily destroyed by
dipping. I'erliaps there ta no known
dip Ihnt will surely destroy both the
Insects and ilie e«^s. Therefore, ll a
man dips tils sheep nt Intervals of
three mouths lie will almost eul'titltlly
have always scab to eotnliat. The lime
neednl for the developing uf an eK»
laying Insect front the ecu Itself Is it
variable quantity One should nut
give n second dipping sooner than
seven days after the tlrst, lest some
eggs survive both dippings. Me should
not delny Ihe second dipping more
tbun eleven days, lest some Insects may
have hutched, attained maturity and
themselves laid eggs tignlti.
No oue can surely free n (lock of
•.beep of seub wltb oue dipping. Nor
Is It ut all necessary to be forever dip.
plug sheep. Bcub Is comparatively
easy it eradication, If certain principles
are observed. I'lrst, be very enrefut
In gutlieriug tbe sbeep that none Is
left lu the pasture. Neit. lie very
thoiotigh III tbe operation of dipping.
We will uot here discuss the formulas
for dips; there are many elliclent prep
nrations on tbe market, and there Is
tbe exceedingly elliclent lime nnd sulphur preparation, whlcb wben careful,
ly made la very effective and may have
considerable virtue as a deterrent of
There seems little doubt that dips
used as hot os one can bear to thrust
his naked arm In and hold It there for
I half nilnnte are more elliclent than
hose used cold. Also If the waler with
whlcb tbe dip Is mixed Is lime Itnpreg
tinted und "bard" II la better to soften
It with lye. though an excess of lye
will Injure the wool, lu ten days dip
the entire tluck again, using Ibe saute
care. If now It can he put on clean.
uuliifesteil ground, no further dipping
will he needed. The Hook should, however, be carefully watched and ttti.v
Nuspecled Individual taken hold of ill
once. If the sheep must be turned
buck In the old and Infested pasture
dip the third time within ten or twelve
days. To do these three dippings at
one time Will cost no more lliati lo do
them nl Intervals of uinntlis. The three
dippings will, If thoroughly .lone, absolutely clean tbo Docks uf scab, Now
watch for lis reappearance fruui chuncc
infect lou.
Dolly Madison's Formulae In Us* al
White Hou».
When you are Invited to an after
noon ten at the While House, whatever else may he served jou will iu-
variably be offered u cup of tho most
delicious bouillon you have ever tasted
In any quarter of the globe. And with
your cup of ten (here will he handed
on one or the small Kold rimmed plates
a •■■lire of the famous While House
layer cuUe, Bays tiood  Ilousekeephi'-.
This bouillon mid cuke will hnve
been made from the uiiiiiuscrlpt re-
l'l pea, which, exclusively the While
House property, have literally heen
handed down ft-um one mistress of the
executive   rUflOBloU   lo  another.      Who
lirst Introduced aud ninda them a dls
tlnctlve feature of even the must lu
formal gatherings is not known.
That Dolly Mndlsuii used these two
recipes und dispensed the bouillon at
her stately gathei'lugS H a mutter of
tradition which curb attcccedlug ill'st
lady of the land hears with fluttering
pride lu her own immediate possession.   The recipes are as follows:
Dolly Madison Houlllon, - Four
pound of Juicy beef, one knuckle of
veal, two small turnips, two small
carrots, one soup bunch, one small pod
of red pepper, two small white onions,
salt, six quarts of water.   Blmmer foe
six h mrs. Then strain through a dno
sieve. Let stand overnight und coo*
geal. Skim off till the grease. 1'ut
into a kettle to belli and Just before
serving udd sherry to taste.
Dolly Madison l.uyef Cake. — The
whites of eight egus beaten stiff, two
and one-half cupl'uls of sugar, one
small cup of butter, one cup of milk,
three-quarters of 11 cup of cornstarch,
three cups of dour, two and oue-hulf
teaspoonfuls of vanilla. Follow general dlrectlcns fur making. Tula
amount makes four layers.
Caramel For Iletwecu tbe Ijiyera.-
Tbree cupa of browu sugar, oue cup ot
sweet cream, butter the size of un egg,
one te.spoouful of vanilla Just before
removing from tire. Cook ou double
boiler for tweuty minutes. If nut aa
much as dealred, udd augar.
Dimpl.  In th. Elbow.
Women who .vent to I'urla ibis summer hud ihe pleasure ol seeing the
Htephnnlc elbow Stephanie Is au actress, and uie elbow Is seen to best
advantage when she Is dinlug or sup*
ping nt a smart restaurant Steptniule'a
chief cliui'tu Is her elbow Vour first
Impression Is that It Is very pretty In
shape. Then comes a glimpse uf a
sbupely arm with u gleam ur Ivory
white skin, and llnully you see tba
dimple In the elbow
Whether tier arm Is straight or bent
or lying long and graceful in ber lap.
Ibe dimple Is there It Is not a thing
that depends upon position. The dim.
pie Is a II st ii re. und nil wbo puss Ste
plianle's table enn see It. It Is deep
and pink, alluring and pretty
It was an American woman who
first tried to gel a dimple like It
"I must have the Stcphunie dimple.*
she declared to a French beauty
Tbat was the beginning nf the
beauty maker's trade. Now she baa
done hundreds of elbows, and Stephanie
Is) uo lunger the only oue wbo has elbow dimples, though bera ure still tbe
most uuturol and the most youthful.
"How do you do It?" asked a woman
of one of tbe most successful of the
French dimple makers.
"My method Is difficult" was the
reply.   "1 use the knife."
"Dreadful," was tbe comment
"Yet not so when you come to think
of It," rejoined the beauty artist "I
merely make a cut, a sharp, not too
deep little tuclsiou, and wheu It beale
tbere la a slight depression. It la
really a scar, but It looks like a dimple."
"Hut Isn't It painful and dangerous?"
"It might be. Hut It Isn't the way I
do it uud tbereln lies my secret"
To B.autlfy the Hair.
When the buir begins fulling out by
reason of dandi-tiir try shampooing
without soap. A shampoo for tbls
purpose Is made of tbe beaten yolks
I of two eggs In llinewuter. Massage
1 this well into tbe scalp, wash out with
i warm witter aud tinlnli wttb a rinse
I of cold water to avoid taking cold.
| Make a lotion ot one uud one-naif
drams of pure glycerin wltb two
ounces of llinewuter Every fortnight
make a tburuugb application uf thla
lotion to tbe scalp by separating tbe
! balr In atranda aud putting the liquid
I on wltb a smnll soft brush. Arter the
'treatment tbe scalp must be carefully
massaged wltb the Utiger tips, stluiu-
8oms Silo Cautions.
Rhould the unisons lie careless and
nut wet the stones when Applying the
mortar tlio stones will drew Ihe witter
from tbe titurlar nml It will crumble.
Then wheu Ihe trcllielldOIIS pressure
of KM) tuns of silage Is applied disinter results. Po It Is better to use wire
or rods every lew incites.
A good llltlll; people In northern lull-
tildes do nut provide a roof for Ihelr
silo. Just license Hint Is all right lit
milder seel ions does not make II sue
cessful there An open silo will freeze
easily, lienor roof It lightly aud keep
tbe doors closed lu winter,
He sure to set tbe foundation ou solid
ground; otherwise the silo limy himiIm
tu one side and crack, milking expensive repairs necessary. II rock pre*
vents Ihe digging of t. deep foiiiidutloii,
blast It out, lint remove Ibe windows
from tbe burn before tbe etpli.al.iti,-
Wllllam A. I'l-ooliofl lu I'urui aud Kite
Hla Thoughtful Wife.
'I bote to boast." said a Cleveland
lawyer to tho Press man, "but my wife
Is one of thu tuost econuinlcul women
In Ihe world. The other day she luld
mo sho needed n new suit I said she
ought to have it hy all mciins, but
nsl.cd her not to spend u big bunch or
money without lotting me know about
| It. Well, the next dny she snld: 'The
itullor said he COUldll'l make that suit
for less Hum (100. I thought It wits
luo much, but told til tn to go iiljeud.'
"'Well, I suppose It Is till right,' I
said, 'but why didn't you consult uie
"'Why, dearie. I didn't trout to
ineud ciirfuro for two visiis.'
"1 loll you, It's tbolO Ullle eriuio.nles
Unit count, oil!"—I'lnhidclphhi Itoconl,
Pretty Tbinas In Jswelry,
Jeweled watches arc a '..,.' of lbs
moment. The UQtf of these, thin as a
loaf, nro eiiiiiucled. ofleu In pule pink
or pale green, wilh etllicr one big din-
nioiiil In the cooler ur else surrounded
by small diamond* The Hiuiirt watch
uf today bus a llllllll ullui-lici! und Is
worn on the neck us t. pendant, Tin'
face of Ihe w.itcli Is, of course, ul tbe
buck of the ornament. And some of
these dainty toys ure first rule Iline-
keepers. A gold hm; h another useful
possession. Many of tiie new bugs nre
In gold In different shinies or color,
whlie olbers ure In gold aud platinum
lo give Ihu effort of a sttlped tnulerhil.
latltig circulation and bringing oour-
lahment lo the dry cuticle.
After two applications add to tho
lotion an ounce of tincture of can-
tbarldea. Apply every nlgbt for two
weeks. Tbe treatment may be gradually left off aa tbe dandruff diminishes.
Wben tho balr la eiceaalvely oil/
Umewater applied wltb a small epongo
will Improve the condition. Only a
until amount should be used, enough
to moisten the scalp without making
ll damp.
Tbe business of curing dandruff If
often a slow one, but patience nrtugo
•bout Ita Just reword tn a glossy, silken new growth of buir and an Incalculable Improvement to stieti ita does
not yield to tbe Inroads ot scalp sickness Under no conditions should
dandruff lie neglected, ns sooner or
Inter It will cause un uncomfortable
Itching and a must unattractive Head
of balr.
Plenty of fresh air and sunshine are
excellent tonics lu bu used lo conjunction with tbe given lotion.
Dairy Notes.
Cooling tbe milk us soon an ll It
drawn from the cow will Improve Us
quality, and It must lie remembered
thut it lirst class price eitn be dettiii tided only hy n product ol high quality.
Tbe best slock Is Hie stock that is
never permuted to slop growing. Heed
the calves so Hint their development
will he nullum front birth tu maturity
The dairy fanner who has plenty of
timothy hay should sell (Ids and hay
•ilfnirn or elnver II ts puor policy tn
feed timothy to the cows.
A herd of good dairy cows Is the limit
lnsiirat.ee against hard times or s
•lump It. prosperity,
Blight Mlsundsrstandlng,
"I'lirdoii tne," niilil Ihe iiinaletir artist, "bul didn't I uvcrticuryoii speak nf
my latest picture as a rare paliilhiK?"
"No, ynu dliln'l," growled the erlllc.
"I tinld It wus raw,"- IIiihIiii. 'Iran
Vsll.d Threat.
Mrs. lleiibani-.Mother says thai she
would not live always.
Ileiiham Ynu bet she wouldn't, unless JtiHlltlnhle homicide went out of
stylo.   New York I'ross,
Suggestion* to  Mothers,
A pinch uf bono le acid hi water will
allay Itching from inosiptllo biles.
Insist on tbo children's Inking time
to eat properly, as iinicli suffering la
caused by hasty swulluwlng of food.
Dn not permit your children lo be
much incited during tbe healed days,
Tho mora qttleily uud byglettleally
they live the mure comfort for tbem
and their mother.
Keep the baby covered, even on eery
warm nights, If only a very light
shawl. He must he kept away from
drafts, which dry Hie skin too quickly
and lower the temperature of the body.
Te Improvs Tough Pees,.
When peas are rnllier touch and big
a pleasant varliillou Is lo cook tlt.Mii
lo a soft pulp, press Ihroiigb a flue
sieve and season Willi plenty of butler,
suit and pepper ns lu mushing potatoes.
A llttlo grilled cheese mined through
ihe pen» at the last Improves them.
JillOtllor variation Is to garnish with a
border of fried onions.
A Bonania,
First HUrvltig Author-What would
yuu do, old mail, If you could get II
cenls a word fur your sniff?
H ml Hln iv Ini. Author- The I'll easy.
I'd write a dlctlnutiry.-Tuwii aud
Ths Care of tha Tttth,
Fruit stains may be removed from
Ibe teeth by rubbing them with salt or
brushing tbem with a toothbrush that
baa been dipped In sail. The mouth
should be well rimed nfter this treatment
One ofleu finds himself without ■
tmthhriHh vihen spending Hie day
or the night uiicipccicdly away from
' limits.. Ill such an emergency it rinse
of soda water will prove effective lo
idealising the mouth and teelb Harm
water Is also nt. etccllcnl substlfulo,
ind one or Ibe other of these simple
remedies la certain It. lie al liinitl
Fur dully use one of tbe most plese-
int anil beiieflclnl washes la a weakened solution or cologne witter A luble-
ipiKinful uf a favorite odor to hair •
pint of water Is the correct proper
lion, and Ibis tulitiire should he bullied
mil kept with ilie toothbrush where It
! la alwaya bandy
Dull Praaohor flssponilhle.
Wife John, dear, your I miners bad-
ly need preiislnu. Thoy look na If
you'd been sleeping In Iheiii.
Ilttbby-I have. These are the ones
I woro to church,   Huston Transcript.
Bleep at a Restorative.
Any uiiiubei of women wbo nre cub
Hug ruthlessly Into their allowance to
• well tbe cash drawer of tbe beamy
parlors Could solve the riddle or appearing freab and animated If lliey would
bul make a practice of taking the
proper aiuou.it uf sleep 'lite value of
Hoop as a restorative and ss s fountain
of youth la unbelievable until one hue
bathed regularly therein. II inmost
teems magic In Its effect, and many ■
woman who has discovered the secret
la the envy and admiration of ber
beauty . parloi friends. IClgbl hours
lor work, eight hours for sleep and
eight fur piny la Hie old rule Up tu
now uo one htta Improved on tbls pru
portion. If you enre more fur tho
preservation uf your youth and at
Iractlveuess than fur your pleasure
lake not less (linn Hie allotted eight
Hours uf Bleep from ihe twenty fun*
"What kind of a head shall I put oa
this article about Iho ntnli.it uf Liberty?"
"If yuu wiinf lo lie tient and appropriate I should suggest Itoiiuin cups."
Ititllliiioro American,
Hew She Won Out.
"How did you uiiiunge to catch tho
man you wanted?" we asked of Iho
"Hy protending In try to catch n mnn
I dliln'l iiuui/' she confessed -Chlci-
Investment    and    Loans    Negotiated.
Heforo leaving Canaan. Mr. llamnr
Greenwood. Member uf Parliament,
British House of Commons, wrote io
tho Grand Trunk Hallway System. In
connection with IiIh trip ovor their
lines in Canada, nnd lu which ho Buys.
"Wo especially on Joy oil the journey
from Edmonton to Winnipeg which
we made on your system In iho host
equipped train I over saw lu my lire.
You have fixed i. very high standard,
if this train is tho standard up to
Which you urn working."
It Led Him to Appreciate the Hospitality cf the Canadian Pacific
Rp.il way.
(Japuti Gazette, September 2(1.)
On hla return trip   from   England,
which he attended u« ono of the suite
of tho  Imperial Japanese delegation
to the coronation, Admiral   Count Togo  travelled across Canada hy    the
Canadian Paclfla Hallway—-which has
boon called tho "Alliance, Route," and j
wus, therefore,   rather   appropriately
chosen ou ilils occasion by tills dis-
tlngulshod  representative of an  em-
hassy between the allies.   By instruction ol' the pic-iidon! of tlm Canadian
Pacific Railway Company, sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, Admiral Togo was the
The Common Good
There are hours in every life and
lives in every generation which be*
long to the common good. No life,
indeed, belongs anywhere else except
us by devoting tt to tho Individual
self ii lends to make thai self more
fit for individual service. We musl
get to give, we must, climb that we
may lilt, wo must be strong to aid
Iho weak; that is the law of tho
In the Lead of all  Others.
Zam-Buk is so Very Useful.
Read   How   Beneficial   it   Proved
a little duck?"
Lord Kitoluier Is a,man of kin/lly
[Impulse, One* » ft'JegrapbU* in -is1
employ came a Bm and said no]
wished to go home to be mapiej. .
in Kitchener remonstrated with him I
pointing out that he wus throwing
Ont., away a good career, but the man wus
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cure3  Diphtheria.
"Tommy, I noticed you In Hie fronl
row last, night. How did you like tho
'Best thing I ever seen! The drummer lu tbo orchestra made twenty*
seven different noises with his Instrumental    1 counted 'cin "
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Howard
for niiv  ciist'  nl* Calm ill lliat   cannot  Ijo
cured  by  Hall's Catarrh Cure,
h\ J. C'UKNKV & CO.. Toledo, 0.
Wc, tin- untiei'staned have known F. J.
Cheney for tin last Ifi years, aud believe
him perfectly honorable In nil Business
transactions; and financially able to curry
out anv niillKUliuns riimli* by bis lino.
Walflliii'.   Kinnan   &.   Marvin,
WliultMili'   l>nn;i-Lst.s.   Ti'lfiio.   0.
Hall'." Ciiiiirrti < ni** ly taken Internally,
actii.p; directly upon Iho blood and niui*-
oua surfaces nr Hie rtygtetrh Testimonials
sent free. Price. 7Bc. per bottle. Sold
bv nil Drugststs,
Take haira Family Pills for Constipation,
"I don't think my husband loves mo
any more."
"Why not?"
"The other day I said to him: 'John,
if I should die would you gal married
again?' and he said ho wouldn't,"
"Isn't that right?"
"Yes, but I wish you could havo
heard the positive way he said it"
Aslc yourself the Important question
whether you arc us strong as you
were a year ago, as bodily fit us you
would bu. Many a reader has lo confess "No." Some weakening ailment
has during the past yetir laid hold of
tho yysto. i, unfitting you for the duties of life und seriously clouding the
outlook of the coming days. It may
be rhcumatlBin with Its shurp twinges
of pain, Indigestion, lieudache, nervous debility, depression and laolfot
energy, ur tho pains uud ailments
which only common folk know. It lu
well to know tbat ail these weakening
disorders arise from an Impoverished
condition of (he blood. Uonew aud
enrich your blood uud till your troubles
will cease. This Is a strong statement, but It Is made on tho testimony
of thousands who once suffered, bul
who have gained health and strength
by the aid of tlio now, rich blood Blip-
plied by Dr. Williams' Pink Pllln. Wo
can quote thousands of cases similar
to tho following; Mr. Jos. Grand*
niulsou Is n young man well known
in tho town of St. .lerumn, Que. lie
says: "Kor a couple of years I began
to find my strength failing, but did
not* dream thai Hie trouble was serious. As I grew weaker I began to
doctor, but It did not help me, Tho
least exertion made my heart palpitate violently, my stomach seemed
out of order nnd my whole system became so mn down that I wus finally
forced to quit work. I had now boon
doctoring for over six mouths nnd
was very naturally growing d I scour*
aged. At thin Juncture I rend of n
ease similar to mine, en red through
Ihe use nr Dr. Wllllutns' Pink Pills,
nnd doclded to try them. I took the
Pills faithfully for about two months,
gradually growing stronger und ul the
end of thai Hmo I was as well ns any
man could he. I shall always pralso
iho medicine Hint mined me from despair to llle blessing of good health."
Bold by medicine doalen everywhere or lonl by mull nt 60 cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 from The
T)r. Williams' Medicine Co., Hroelnllle,
How   Beneficial   it
This Case
Mrs.  n. Sawyer, of  Keene,
guest of the Company throughout, and |wrlto6.—"My husband Is engaged on firm	
every effort was made to make his fl **'■"'• am' <mc day. while chopping Well, said Kitchener, I tlilnlc
trip uteasanl wood, tho top Of the axe broke and fell ou*re a fool but—er—here's something
The Admiral took the private car! ■' lllf' ■*••**• cutting a nasty gash, to buy yourself a wedding present,'
"Canada" al Niagara Falls proceed* i'*'10 wound was so bad that, we first the something being $50. No. Lord
Ing to Banff and thence to Vancouver thought that wo would have to got a Kitchener is not a cold hearted man
Tho "Canada," It should  be explain   ' " "   " "         ' """ """***         "
ed, wns the car specially built for the
present King and Queen of England,
a few years ago, when they made
their notable Canadian trip.
On  arrival  al   Vancouver  Admiral  , , ,    ,
Togo    telegraphed    to    Sir    Thomas;11"1-' fho cut began to heal.
ShaughnbsBy bis heartfelt thanks for j 5°5?-?ie9LJ?,**1!!?.. aJLd..m&
doctor, but. we finally decided lo dress nor is he by any moans an ascetic. The
the cut with Zam-Buk. splendor of his entertainments in In-
"Well, the Zam-Buk treatment prov- jdia are well known and even on active j
ed a great success.   It not. only eased service he always lived well, even lux-j
the pain but it prevented influmnia- uriously.    Did not the champagne he;
Lion;and right from first applying Zam [he sent to Marchand ut Fashoda go j
It is now a long way toward making the nego-
husband nations easy?
the services and   arrangements   ac-l****-**8 ll0 would not bo without a box!   The  next   allegation   against   Lord
corded him on the Canadian Pacific °' Zam-lluk in the house, for we are Kitchener Is that he works his»sub-
Roll way. and assuring tho president  8ure " saved us a great deal of ex* ordlnates  Lo death,  and   then  tosses
that his  trip had   been  exceedingly ipem-e." them oside.pnee they have served his
pleasant. j   Over and ever again Zam-Buk has purpose.    This Is grotesquely untrue.
Tt is   evident that such Indications heen proved lo bo the worker's best The man who serves Lord Kitchener
of a broad spirit of hospitality as that [remedy.   As soon ns applied lo a cut, must he prepared to work al full pies-
shown by the Canadian Pacific Hail- u hurn, a scald, or any skin injury, It sure, and the moment he shows signs ;
way on this occasion makes materl* relieves Hie pain and ll sets up heal- of thing Lord Kitchener   scuds   fori
ally for the promotion of pleasant In- •**■?■   ll alb0 prevents blood-poisoning fhim.   Not, however, to dismiss htm
ternational relations, and Admiral To' '"" '"'',	
go ia only one In a long list of   distinguished Japanese who have   thus [wounds, had  leg,
travelled  over  the  Canadian  Pacific' '"   '""' "
Indeed, It may confidently bo stated
that attentions of this kind to one so
much respected and beloved as Admiral Togo arc deeply appreciated in
the highest quarters in this country.
More than a hundred thousand stray
cats and dogs were killed this summer by the New York Society for the
Prevention oi' Cruelty to Animals.
Doubtless many of them were pets
which their owners abandoned when
they went away for the summer.
It requires a great many cow horns
to buy an auto-horn and all that goes
M   r him.   Not, howevoy   	
or inflammation.    It Is a sure cure, but to tell him in a brusque, kindly j
too, for   eczema,   piles,   ulcers,   old way that he needs a rest, and that by
ringworm,    scalp order lie Is to take n real good holiday,
sores, festering, running sores, erup* atffl if funds are any obstacle—well,
lions, cold sores, chapped hands, etc. he. Kitchener, will be happy to be liis|
t'B absolute purity, also,,makes it the banker.   Loyalty to those who serve!
I(I«hI balni for babies. him well is one of Lord Kitchener's
Zam-Buk Soap should be used along strongest characteristics, and largely |
With the balm  for washing all  sore explains the persona! devotion he de-
places.    The soap will  be  found  ex* rnahds.    In  Egypt,  he never Inspired
cellent  for baby's hath, even where as a leader just the same enthusiasm
be'tug used. that MaeDonald or Hunter did.   Lord
All druggists an'd stores sell Zam* Kitchener is a bravo man. He lias tbe
Buk at due. a box, und Zam-Buk Soap highest form of courage—that which
at 2tie. tablet, or post free from Zam- iu cold blood will face Hie risk of
Buk Co.. Toronto, upon receipt of capture and torture, as he did when
price.   Refuse harmful substitutes.      ihe went about dinguised us an Arab.
  'Brave as he undoubtedly Is In battle
CHARACTER OF LORD KITCHENER like many large men. he Is apt to think
  he Is going to die if he lias a pain in
Is by No Means a Man of Cold and his big toe    lie had the confidence.
Unemotional Temperament. | respect, and  liking of  his men, but
r...iim-'i1   lit   NVvnt      Mn 1« denieted  as  iuulki.   win,   nun    evil-aoerfl,   llicom-
taSanly 'old,'" bo!'' ,'v S of **""* "° * "™ml
.ordinary human emotions or frailties.
I Poor O.W. Bteevenss description of     Tommy—I don't  think  aunty  will
Well, Well!
„!!?»♦ ANYONE
.een use
Ifp^racr*** .-
I dyed ALL these
of Goods
--tilth Ihe SAME »«-•
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.
NO chine? of uilntt the WRONG Dye for Ihu Good'
one hailu cnltiT. All color* from your DniKnlil i,
Dealer. MtCKColorliiriliiid M'OHY l)t.<.|J, i I"
'III* Johnson-HiclmrtUun Co.. LIiiijIl-J, Montreal
This notice la to advise tbe Trade
that the For' William and Port Arthur Grain Exchange has been formed
to promote the handling of Western
Grain at the Head of the Lakes.
Full particulars as to membership,
etc., address
Fort William and Port Arthur Grain
Exchange, Fort William.
The. imly Kasuiiru! lighting nystom
manufactured in Canada and guaranteed
for Five years by u, LViiiadlan Comiun>\
Each luni|> ruti'»l with R-K Patent*")
lit*movabl« Generator—No cleaning necessary by ths user. When vou purchase
a Itglitlns system buy the best on iao
market—costs no more than tin* chm i»-
ev  kind.    Thousands  In  dally   une     BUP*
piles for anv lighting system In stivk at
Reglna—Write for supply list
Local Aoents Wanted
Consign your grain to us.   The actual grain you ship pets our personal
attention.   We sell on sample and get j
high prices.    Write us.
Fort William
"What did  ma nay  to you    when
you came in?" Inquired Johnny of his
friend who had come to ten.
"Hlie said she was very pleased lo
see mo." _ _  r
;Tm glad," said Johnny In a relieved! him as "a brain  working  in a boxlstay; t»ho didn't, bring Iter trunk,
tone.    "Online she said thin morning of Ice,"  took  tho public's  fancy  and      Johnny—Well,   look   how  long  the,
sh'r hoped you wouldn't come!" (stuck.   Yet Lord Kitchener la a very baby lies stayed, and ho didn't bring!
human man, and no more perfect than .anything.
any other man that In bom of woman, j 	
lie has a temper, and lie sometimes :   stranger—Can you direct mo to tt
pushes firmness io the verge of mulish bank?
ff  Baby's  <|
"4 Own Soap t8
Best for Baby, best fur you
Avoid substitutes.
>.Albnt foufii LU. Mj> i., Montreal
Trf "Albert"
Scented and
. Ship you" unilii to E. It. WAY-
LAND, Grain Broker, Kor'l William,
Highest prices. References: Dominion Hank. Fort Wlllliim.
specialist. 5 College St.. Toronto,
The second
edition of the
of Heating" is
now ready for
; gunrlhtbed '
' lion. AUllfli
■ver mad'qiai'id.ttTji
) give yoO B^Hstaa,-;
Thos. Griffin, of Peace River Landing,
Tells how he Got Rid of His Rheumatism—Honestly earned popularity.
During the Dongola Expedition lie
wished General Sir Archibald Hunter
lo make a forced march to a certain
point. Kor once In hln life General
Hunter demurred. There wan no particular object to bo gained by tho
march, and it meant certain Iohh of
life owing to tho lack of water.   Kit*
lener lost his temper.   "Either you I
Villager-—Sorry, sir, hut I'm not a
hank director
Things Wfc want  seldom please iih
after we get them.
'Ijfitrilintf'Styio Sid  sUe.rea.ulririd'fy;
th*ArHBgtori Co, of Canada^tt'd
' 18 FfSset /tvt,Toronto, OntirlV'c?
Wo Bin j you fin p.c. on all drug
store goods- Patent Medicine, Rubber UoodH, TrusBee, Blectrlo Belts, ICI-
astio Hosiery, Elastic Supporters, etc.
Our large Illustrated catalogue should
bo In every home. A handy reforenco
and help lu ordering goods by mail.
(Sent free upon rcmieat.
iSan.Ma's   Greatest   Cut   Rale   Drug
House, Toronto, Ont.
Write    for    It.      Postpaid
to any addresB In'Canada
Hot Water
Bo)lc;n Dn'J
i adlatorv
Mkb. Winilow'iI Boothiko Bvhuh Iim li****ii
iucu for over BIXTY VJIARBUy millions -if
MUTHKKS P>i tilth i ini.iiiu[H wiim.H
is ihel>c»t remedy for plARltHUiA. it I- "i»-
wlutcly imrmirss lie mire and n+v. for "Mrt,
Winnlnv-.i Boothlng Bynip." I oil take no oilier
kind.  Twenu/tfiyoccotia itcitie.
Cold Sprliigs, Poooe Rlvot Landing, l"1"^' your ordem or ro homo by tho i Minimi'*. Llnlmonl Co.. i.til.
Altu. (SpeolaD.—Jusl why Doild's Kid- ««xt bout." ho stormed. Onornl Hun
ney Pills retain their wondorful pop-!*' Oboyod, und on Lord Kitchenere
tilurlty In easily shown by n trip MM I'"1"!' 'h U'o UBelosi saorlfloe or
ncrosH the prairies. • Every town, vil- ver sevi'iily liven.
Iug« ami postottloo Iiiih at least ono ,Mri Mli'lii-nnr's Icy exterior Is
limn or woman who Is rwidy to tell of ininlnly a mask. Ho Is nt heart nn oiiiu-
pains relieved ami strength restored I11"""1 ?>""• lienwinber that he has
by tho gt eat Canadian Kldnoynomedy. I Wsh blood In him.   Ilomember
Let Tims, tirlffln of this plaeo add his
stiitetuent to the hosts ulrendy lutbllsh'
"When I enmc lo this part of the,              . ,      .-..,,,
country," snyn Mr. Cirirfln.    "I    was apart 0" tho poles, but In truth he Is
troubled with a bad bark and Rheum- J, neofflUve, Imaginative man.   1 saw
IntlHtii  In my shoulders and hips.    I MM mice burst lulu tours when a cli
.......  f.... uiv I.,..-.... ,.r n...t,i'a K'l.l 	
thnt ns u young, mun Kitchener wuntod
to "chuck" Ilie Service nml become un
nctor. Lord Kitchener nnd the "art*
Istlo temperament.' may seem at: wit!
. I
I    was
lujiirluit I
lit'llllelllt'll.- In July. 100
thrown from a road inuttlilu
my hip and buck badly and was obllg
ctl to use a crutch for 11 montliii. In
Hept., 1000 Mr. Win. Outrldgo of l.u-
chine in-Red me lo try MINAltD'S LINIMENT, which I did wltb the iiiiist sal-
Infuclory results and today I ant as
well an over In my life.
Yours sincerely,
riled, imd I s:tw him
n child at the thiinkn-
nt   Khartoum.      Lord
sent for sis boxes of Dodd'S Kidney jl'1"'1' phtti mis
ll-ills und lliey gave me relief at once, ,'ifum 0"y HM        ,.,    , ,     ,,   „,,      ., ,,     ,
I alio recommended them to my oldest R!vn8 "flfvloe ut Kharlouni,     Lord    Whon fishing for compllmonte It lo
Bon who was confined to his bed from KItohoner hns the power of touts anil important that we ure tho proper Hurl
Rheumatism. |«'iu"ll-v "T,"11:" !>„"' I"m''1" I"1"*1"'0"' 'of bait.
"Now 1 know that Ilodd'ii Kidney1, Among Ills A.D.C.S ut otic time was
H'llls are Hie best meillelnti for RIloU- Lord Alhliininey Ascend ng he Nile,
imailsin and the Kldiieys.    I I'ecom- one day lit a. gunboat Lore Attlumney
mend them lo every pen in    I    hear received his "baptism Of Nre   litun a lit surgery au X-penso tines   on   the
complaining ol uol feeling well.''
Dodd's Kidney Pills made tholr not
uhirlly by curing sick Kidneys.   They
to B4W«^ Witty, Wttfarj-IrM*' f
MuilneDotBn't Smart-Soothes Ey * Pata
Mario. Ey« Salro, tu AtoptU Tubw, Iflc tlJto
Murine EyvRomMtyConClalsago
C.P.R. Largest Steel Ralls Consumer
Ii Ih umlm-HtoiHl Unit the Canadian
Pacific Hallway In in Lho inurlcet fov
50,000 toiiH uf iilocl niilii. 'I'IiIh would
nci'iii lo strangthon (hu Hlatuinonl Unit
iim Canadian Pacific Ih iuihIiIiik liu
now Wofltorn linos to complaUoii.
liuiiiHn;;. im li Ik now, Hourly (wo
milob of new Irach every worklna day
In the year the O.P.It. Ih probably the
larffeat liullviiinui consumer of iiiuol
falls on (lie r iiiiiiH-iil.
Awarded first prize at World's K"
poiiliioti oil Its work nnd methods,
Write for a free catalogue.   We also
:give Instruction by mall,
The X-ray plays as Iniporliinl n pari i »'
ulvkly •.t,i|,, ooufillt, curitv c.,1,1.. 1,,-nl,
ill, llt.'dMl n nl luilii'l ■       «■'» . 'ill,.
porvlsh, who kept anlplng al hltn from | farm,
behind n rook.   Lord Attiiumjiey ttoto'd
the rock,  nnd  when   Ihe enemy  had
Volushle Wsttr.Power
it lu Hinted thnt the t'anitillnii I'ae-
Iflc Itullway bus secured a vnluable
walet'iinwer In llrlilsh Columbia,
which It will utilize In Ihe near fu>
fure for tratisuortiMloti purposes, TliO
water power teotiisu in un ihe AdntiK
le 11 "iv which flows out nf AiIiiiiih l,tke
nml Into tho Hoiilli 'rhotiiiisiiti rlvot'.
near the west, end ol Hhtiswnii Lake;
l(c|iiirls havo reported thai It In Oftpi
able or ilt'VeliiplllK Iimi.iiimi li,|,,, al two
piilitln lieiween AiIiiiiih Lake nml Its
riiuMiifi  with the Hiitith 'l'liiitn|ison,
The I'linnilhiii l'.n-lfle Hallway It it
Mated, hits In view the Kciieruiloii nf
power llll' thll eleclllfleiitliiil of a pill'.
tliin of Its lines iliniiiiili the tnoiltn
liilnii. Thin step will nut ho taken (ur
Hume years yet, of cniirse, but tho
railway ban secured tlm power tvllh
an eye lu tho future.
koop tholr  ularfty 'by"TiMPl»i"on ,l,1'"" " m went to It and picked Up
curing sick kidneys. u "'Idy oai'trldgei   IS found there
 -    Returning lo oetnp It"
in iiniiiuid. the rights of parents
ure strictly maintained that u man er
Woman under thirty vents of wto mny
not   marry wllhout their eminent.
ns nu mentis
showed un them lu Lord Kltchoher't
"Hid lie llll yuu?" Hnni '";,' nelied.
"Oh, im." replied Allilttmnsy, nro-
fcnillii]'  In licmble. "I  wus    lll0Klng|
100 much tn llllllle n good tillgnt "
Plosslsvlllo, Que. I
"I suffered from Kldnoy Trouble (or
The Ides of the liuiunn moving pic* several yours, end   tried   numerous
lure target seemed to   tickle   Lord remedies und lienor's   proscriptions
I.',,..,    r.... I... I I....I ll.. I...II..   I    ...       . ..   -•
Iir. J. li. Kellogg's Dysentery Cor
dial is ootnpoundod spoololly to cum .„         	
bat. dysenlcry, oholoi'O   tiiiirhiis    uiel [Kltoltoni r. fur be hiugbeil lloineilc.illy. w|thoul liermii I relief, my case I
all liilliiminiiliirv disorders thnl
cluing" of fund ur water imiy sol
lip in ibe stomach and Intestines
jThcHo complaints are more common
in summer ihan in winter, inn they
are not rinillued In the warm IIIOIllllS
iih undue Iaxdoss uf the bowels may
Si'lZC   II   im:,ii   III   Bliy   Ilinil, Knell   II
Hufleter will llml speedy relief In
thin t'lirilliil.
Colors Hsvt    Wide    Ranpo—Notiirnl
.'.-..     -rrrr ANO'I-iJF -fcfef ;
Scott's Emulsion
are the
Two Great Creators
of Energy
Energy means power- -
power to work, to I liink,
to throw olf and keep
oft disease.
Get all the sunshine
you can, nnd (akrj
Scott's Emulsion
regularly. It will give
you ntrongth, fl'mh nnd
Be tare lo gel SCOTT3
it'l (At Standard and ahvayi
the beet.
AU. DlttftlOle/M
VV.N.U. No. U'l.
Lord Kllohenor enn onloy p joke uud |n. obroulo.   After seeing about (Hu
ue enn nine miilie nee.   Iinr nn u visit pfjn, ((I1<|. , H II In n well imown fuel
tn New '/nilniid he wns lulu u round thai .liuilinr ullliuiii iilciiliul Is e\ •
the sights i.y a famous Maori guide, t,,,, fur ihe Klduiys I deoldod to tri
a lady of very oltarnilng u-rspno Hy. om puis, oue slglo pill gav greal
Among other pjnOM -.1 ok him in n rollof.   I havo now tiiki-n iilinusi four
cave, riiiittil  which  there cnlrcn  th<
following Muni i sloryi   I'lrsi, im it
prontlHd    that    there are    no swear-
Words  In  Iho  Manil  language,    If n
Mnutl WlsllOl  to swenr be resorts to
HtlXOIt, nnd If he wlnlies In Insult ale ,
other   Mmii I   III   Ills  nWII  InngUUgO  he1
0X0S of tllu fills nml llml myself enui
plololy cured.   No more bud liiimur
Increase In weight- clear oyes—froth
color—more slrength nnd vigor.   Thin
In what Hln rills hnve done for me."
<;in nun win dn it," same fur
If our mistakes loach us nothing It
Mere hardly worth while to mnko
They Soolhi.  Excited Nerves.—Xer-
iiiiih ai'teciiiinii ure usually attributed
iu defoctlve dlgesllou, as the slomaoh
ihiintnaie.i Ilia nerve centres. A course
nt' I'lirmeh'.i'ii Vogolablo 1*11 la win mm
nil disturbances <>r ibis oharaclor, and
by rostorlng the stomach to normal
aotlou rollovo the uorvos from trrl'u-
Hun. There Is lm sedallvo like tlieiii
nml in the oorroollon nf Irregularities
uf the dlgeetlvo processes, no propara*
Hon ban ibiue so effootlve work, as
cult he testified lo by thniinaiids.
Theru are lew things that malic onu
feel so comfortable us money In ilio
Mlnard's  Liniment   Cures  Distemper.
Though we may never have IohI any,
most of us nre looking fur money all
tile   llllllll',
....       . „    ..   .       ,             or million, Of sinnelhltiR like thai
Wooden of South America „„, „|,| |I||V|, M,|„ m , „ t>1ot>t1 feud.
lu bin article on his reconl okplpra- and long ngu one Maori chief called
I hum ul' the ureal rIVors of Kuiilli Iniuillirr roast Veal, end then fled In
Anierica,  Casper   Whllnoy   lleBcrlboS the bush, where he rnund Ihe eavii In
an Intorostlng oharaotorlstlo pi iheso iiuosllon,  Thoro he managed lo hide
rivers. fnr four yearn, bul at Ins! he wits cap-
"due or the phenomena of thin hind lured, bis head mil off and his brains
nf v.aleru," he imys, "Is Ihn relenllun lenleii, nn wnt Iho custom In lltuse
by ench of IIh nun color without tlIV- merry days.
fusiuii lu tho very iniliii of actual con- This was Ihe story llml the guide
tact, even where the rivers differ told Lord Kitchener, and when she
vustly In volume   llhicii Waters I'luwlmd finished, ho turned   round   and
lllteiis hint with food, calling hltn pork |f ,„„ |luvo nny troublo wilh your Hid-J
In Inoys or Bladder—or If you suffer with
Into while otmii, nnd while ones duply
Into black ones, retaining Ihelr liullv
Itltmllty nti to the very dago, u visible
linn of doniureal luu—oii one sido
white, on the other side l.lncli- ine
mingled mul unexplained,   Thus the
puny iilnek Atuhpu JijIiih the uurglng
while Orinoco tu n lues of Integrity:
the black Negro receives almost at
right angles the odious while I'nsl-
guars and not so much iih lingltig the
miideohireil waters of Ihe mighty ilv-
nr. Iluttihuldt reports on the liisver
t'lisliliiliire which I dltl not visit, it
black linil ti while stream, both cum.
Ing from the oast, while of Ilio rivers
flowing In from lho west, Homo are of
while ntid some of liluek walnr, Of
Ihe hlimbQf uf iimnll streams miming
lulu Ibe Upper i'ir hinl'iie lie ii 11 lho
ounl, tltOSO I liOlOd were olive. These
colors, which ntnong while waters
range from Hie renllv white llrmieii
lliruiigh mini, yellowish mini oliadol,
and or black wulol'H from tlm greenish nml bluish nml deep brnwuhih lo
Ihu I'oally deep, nlmuiil  Itlnoll uf the
Negrn, high tip—are explained,   the
seleiilhilii uinliilitlii, 111 Ihe clinrncier
of the soil whence they Inlie llmlr
(Ot'i'nO and llll'Ollgll whli Ii they fluw,
Tl  to rising  among   the   decaying
rpOlSi leaves mul vegelable miilier nf
Ih" rorpitfl nre lho black, UU'I the
whli,, tin.,;!■ llml hnve their uuiirce
mul course In thu mint Ini mul clnyey
llllllll.    Vet the OrjIIOGO hits llll lltlltrce
III   Ihe  hourl  of Hie  t hi In   fnl'CHl,
nml rlnwi utuhu' Ihe very sltiidnw un
lho north until II scuds off Ihn pest,
laden l'niili|iihiro to lho noiilh."
DO ..^___
"Ah, then, I stiiipmie 11  would    be
highly ihingerous lo cull it Maul Imly
Used in Canada for
over half a century
—used in every corner
of the world where
people suffer from
Constipation and its
resulting troubles—
Dr. Morse's
Root Pills,
stand higher in public
estimation than any
others, and their ever-
increasing gales prove
their merit. Physician*
proscribe thom, .
25c. a box.
l'nln lu too Hack ur llheniuaHsm. Try
thorn before yuu buy thom. Write Na-
limtil lirug * Chomlcal t'o. or Canada,
Limited. Hept. N. I'.. Toronto, for free
Sample. Then g"l tho regular else
lioxnn nt your dealer's—Cue. box, ll foi
Ths original
nin Mills made hy
National Drugsna
Chomlcal Co. o<
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are sold
only In this box.
No Prisons Needed
III Iceland there are no prisons, mul
the Itiliahllmiln are so honest In Ihelr
halills thill such tmilerllll defences In
properly us locks, bulls und burs, nre
uol reiiiilred.   Vol Ms history for the
puHt tiiuiiHiiiiii years records no more
Hiiiii iwu tltefts,
Of Ihuse two is'ii;' otto wan Hint of
a native, who wan dotoatsd aflor steal.
Ing several Slioep, bill SS IS bail dune
so lo supply bin fiimlly. who were niif,
fl'l'lllg   fl'lilll   Wliul   'T   fund,   wlmll   be
had broken his arm, provisions were
furnished  fm  llinm, mul  work    wiih
fitiiud for blm wl  able lu do ll, nnd
meanwhile, he was plaood under mod
Ian! care, hm Ihe iiilttma aliached In
bis crime wan con ildorod suffliileill
The other Hll'fl H'HH llllllle by It Her'
limn, who stule stiveiilooti sheep, Hut
as lie ,lns III riimnillllhlo elrcuilllllllim
es mul the nihil"!', wmi Inulhiloiin,
Ihn BolltOllCO iiarim'l upmi blm was
tl.it   he ihiiiihl nl   once  Hell all  bin
prpperty, roslpro tu bin vieiim the
Vlllltn 111 wlllll ll" bud Hllllell. lllld < lull
leave the country «t I moiitod lln
decided to leave ni niios.
Tho man Iwhlnd iho alow   it  nil
rlghi   iirnvhli'il  be doe's not gol Inu
far behind
The einiiiiiiin council of Now York hi
11)07 ordered tho city to be lighted m
night by InuleniH SUSponded from
polos thnl projected from every seventh In,'I..
"We dined ni the liliz last evening.
Pa disgraced iih iih uhiiuI."
'Ah Io how'.'"
"Uol lo the end of tiie dinner with
three forks and throe spoons sun unused." .
A Pies for tbo Lonuly
' Tho merry world goes round, time
(lies, and we eagerly grasp every
pleasure that comes within our reach;
but how often do we pause and con-
sldor tho lonely ones, of whom thoro
ure so many in mir midst? At our
cry doors there hi someone who needs
a cheering word uud u helping hand.
it is not money or alms that arc want*
ed, but human sympathy.
j Vou who have dear linen around
your hearth Cannot realise what tl
moons to t,e ii slrungor in a strange
'city with mine in oxtond a friendly
baud. Klohos may buy false friendship, but povorly Gars even that, and
the lonely lollcr finds llniic Who cure
or sympathise, mul tbo paili hi haul
Tho girl iu the offlco lives, maybe,
list alone in rooms; fine folk don't ush
her out because she in In business;
nml Just the saiilff'sppllos lo tho boy
nl ths desk. Ihu ihcv are human, and
doing Ihelr duly bravoly, llpllt llvotl
Would be brlghtanod if ynu unfed tin in
,lo your I in nml Irlod to banish ibe
hbmosloknoss nml louollnoss by jyim
pathy nml friendliness.
Wuu'i ynu try mid bring n lit la
cheer in lonely hearts ttint coma your
way?   Von won't have far lo   Book
II I   If  ynu   Wish   In   Play   Hie   heller
purl. Never mind i( the lonely ones
ure uol in whal you call your "sot"i
lliey ure your brothers ami sisters lu
ibe' eyes nf Hnd, nml noi enn exouso
your nogleel ol their olulms,
Foolish   Question
' The ediinr of the woman's pai o was
,on IiIh vnoatloft uud ttm sporting e,i
llor Imd jiimiicd inin Hm breaeli
1 "Weil, whal do ynu think ol this?"
I he snorted, os lie held up u porftimod
coinniiiiiicnilnn. "Here's a fool wo-
mini win,i , to know bow to tnilke n
j lemon tnrl.  Just an though » lemon
I wasn't im-t enough Already,"
Women urn vain, bui men sre much
'iiiiiio so with fur less reason.
Many n mini is iii greal fear that be
will gel nil that Is coming to him.
In Mining Builntw
"I think ynu said, tlasl.us, Hint you
had a brother lu Iho mining business
In tho west."
"Ves, tiuiiH, that's right." "What
kind of mini iih—gold mining, silver
mining or copper mining'.'" "No sub,
lliine nf those; ciilolinlnlllfi."
"flay, boss, give inu a dime to buy
inmcililii' ti) en' with".
"I  decline,  sir,   for  lho   very  good
reason thai it is n mutter of impos
nihility to piircluiHo a net uf (also mol-
mil fur BUOll a ridiculous small sum."
l.i still offorod for the young man
William IDddloston, or weak Intel	
in.,- 30 years, helghi ohoul r. feel o
Inches, dark complexion, with whiskers nml moustaoho, and small mouth,
who lofl his iiiimi nn Juno i. toil.
Any Information loading in bis din-
emery will he liniiililiilly received by
bis anxious parents al 007 Manitoba
Avouuo, Winnipeg.
MlnlstuiB of nil d mlnaltons will
inunr ii great favor by making im*
annuuncomoni from their pulpits und
ibus nsslsl us 111 our H"IiitIi
Take speolal pains to see thai the
buys ntid girls are In tebniil every day.
Thure arc so. iniitiy Olevbr peoplo lit
Hie world nowadays that the l!l-ln<
formed are seriously liandicap|n'<l.
(ihe your cblldien us thoroiign mental
equipment as yuu can, besides tench'
lug them bow to do honest ivotk.
m^tlmr, p;optt do, and suffer,
ictu^e lb-, stomach balks.
Ale Unwisely? £	
rellr.vs ths discomfort St onoei and help dir-r.t ths ovetloid.   Tha lover of gerd
llilni;i may feel qultn ills with t boi ol NA hl'U CO DyipepiliTibletstlhaiid.
Wo. t hot.   11 your dmccbt bat not Slooksd tbem yet Mud 60o. tnd we
will mull their                                . 34
NtllsMl Pjij sad CJMja|sej Ce. tl Ctsifs. UajUtf,    . . ____•     •     M.eh..L
Economy  in little things is just as
important  ns economy  in bit; things
will ntittwer one of your "economy questions, 60 yean
of constant battcrmenl hat brounnl thom to men perfect
lion ilmi one Eddy Match dooi Ilia work of several otnen
of inferior make,
'' ■^^®JUi)Chuit->
Diamond flings- lllgltosi (Jrado  uii
Miniiil,  Uii hlr Cut.  Legal  fluaruiiiee
liXOliallgO I'ertlflellle  seiil   wilh   each
I lllng. All >il/.en, Men and Women $10.00
I     Wrlle tor Free Diamond Booklet
123 H«y St., Toronto,
I llefercnco:— llouiii Hunk,
Harness Oil ti,,
Keeps your HarnstB 30FT AS A GLOVE
Sold liy Drillers tvorywlu'tc,
Hr*i**i**4* *i
r i r'I"rTttrt" r*r
Water Freezes and Bursts
the best thing to do then is to
for the
;   Plumbers, Tinsmiths, Steam or Hot Water Experts
Prompt Attention Given
England engages to join his imperial
majesty the Sultun to tletond them
by force of arms." I.oril lieiiconiiold
churned immediately afterwards that
this removed all apprehensions that
tbe establishment, and inllueuce
Great   Briain   in   the Persian
Churchill Turns Navy Tactics
London, Jan. 15.—Winston Churchill at the British adinirality is making things hum.   The wholesale way
ot | in which he is scrapping rear.admi-
gult j rala and making way for younger and
would be seriously endangered; while j more alert men has ruflled the devcr
Lord Salisbury, then his foreign Bac- j tees of society and roused conflicting
retary, declared that, "whatever hap-1 emotions as to tbe daring young ad-
pens,  what ever ministry may be in j ministrator who    turns one depart-
ll Phone 340
A. C. Bowness
Wine  and  Spirit  Merchant
Manufacturer of all kinds
Only First-Class Union Men Employed
Skates   Ground   and   Repaired
i Plumbing Tinsmithing & Heating Co.;;
W. F. JOHNSON & SON,  Props. P- O Box 904 !
■ •f**T**f* *l** r*i** l**r*l**f**l**r* r*l**I**f**v*f**f**f**f**f"
Hoodoo Rests on Homes
The UertiHfortiti are nut tho only
bad-luck, family In thu peerage by
j any manner ot means, though the
eleven year old marquiti ut WatetiuiM
may well think, on recalling hu,
father's tragic- end, that he has a
1 monopoly ot trouble.
Strange misfortunes are found tn
i tbe history ot ut least one othor no
hie Irish family. With one except*
iou, a father lias never been succeed
ed by an eldest son in the Kantham
' peerage amce 1800. 01 seven holders
of that peerage, Including the present
peer, one only has been an eldest
No story ->1 ancient curse or prop-
! esy is in existence to account for this
run of ill luck, as is usually the case
wheu blue-blooded Britishers are dag-
ged by misfortune. On that account
the Farnhams are less heard of thai*
the earl of Mar's family, a notorious
sample of a family reputed to roller
from a way-back curse. It was predicted lone years ago that horses
would lie stabled :n the tower (,f Mar.
that the tower should be H ruin, and
that at the lowest 'ebb of its fortunes
a turn (or the better would come in
, the affairs of the family, but that
tb1) line would be broken and the
honors doubled, SupfefitiUous Triple are fond ol pointing out that bv
ery item in that prediction has come
Better known is the curse attached
i to the lovely cantle of Pyvle, owned
j by Lord and Lady Keith, "that the
I castle should not pans from father tc
I son till the third of the stones known
i as the weeping stones" was recovered.     Again win acrcH     can point to
the sudden death of tho owners eldest son In the South African war at*
a fulfilment of that prophesy.   Home
wicked old spell is also supposed to
rest on Cowdray Park, one     of thi
country    mansions owned   by   Lord
Oowdray, who    was    Hlr   Weetman
Pearson,     the    famous    contractor,
through his eminently Hiiccessful ca
reer certainly gives the He to     any
bad omen that may he attached    to
his property.
Agent for
Anheuser Busch Budweiser and
Fernie Beers.
Melcher's  Red Cross Gin   and
P. Dawson Scotch Whisky.
Importer of all kinds of Foreign and
Wines aud Spirits
D .mastic
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B. C.
BBBBBM mamBlffiMlilglinuttliilHlHiiaWlill
HOTEL Cranbrook,
Is i large and attractive hotel of superior
elegance in all it* appointments, with a
cuisine of superior excellence. Railway
men, Lumbermen and Miners all go to
The   Wentworth
J, McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
power, the people id hhi}*laud will
never allow Russian inllueuce to be
supreme in the valleys of the Euphrates and Tigris."
Boom Is thrown at Yuan Ski Kai
Peking, Jan. 10.- A bomb wan
thrown at Premier Yuan Bbt Kftl'S
carrlago this morning, Two soldiers and thu horses attached to the
carriage were killed.
Yuan Shi Kai has been warned repeatedly that an attempt would be
made against his life. Friends have
urged the premier to capitulate and
others, fearing his assassination,
urged him to take refuge in some
foreign legation. The revolutionists
have more than unco threatened
Yuan with dynamite. Thu premier
however, informed Blr John Gordon,
British minister, that he did not
fear assassination. A guard o( U5
cavalrymen escorted him, usually,
through the streets of  Peking.
In November, according to t'hiuese
reports, an attempt was made to
assassinate Yuan but this report was
never continued.
It is understood plum tor the abdication have undergone delay, pending tinai arrangements, including the
place of the court's retirement, the
guaranty of pensions and other terms
tidered by the republicans.
There has been difficulty in obtain*
Ing assurances for carrying out the
republican pledgeB. No confidence
exists in the ability of the intentions
of the republicans to observe their
It is believed eertaiu legations have
been approached by Yuan Shi Kai,
and these have telegraphed tu their
governments to ascertain whether
any measures of foreign mediation
which would result in foreign guaranties could be devised.
Tbe provinces or Shensl and Shan-
si, from which the reported massacre
of lu.000 Manchus by rebels is aow
continued, have been hotbeds of revolution for some mouths. On December 8 news was received by messenger from Sinn Fu, the capital of
Sh.-.nii, that 1,000 Manchus had been
slain in the provlnco up to that date.
A column of imperialist troops has
been operating In the district to suppress tho rebellion, but the slaying
of the Manchus has steadily continued.
Hatred of England
a, v. dm-*, fNpritttM.g
********************** **********************
Pound 1
On Baker stteet. one floor west
ol Messrs. Mill 4 Co,, the only
place in town that can make
lift worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel'
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
W^F^^W^'^f^W^fWW^rWWW V4F*4F WW W^L^W ^
Thugi Saw Bars
Veniwuver, ,l*n. M.-ICilimiiiil Win
kl«r, * lil'tiwayman multir wiitminn tn
ths l'rnvlnrl»l pi linn nt New Wml
lulHtti. mil J   t'nlliut. Mil Rw.it
llllt Hlnl nil s I'llnlKr ol th.lt, strap
nl from thn rlly |nl| Iwlny hy new
Mi" thromll Hm l,i,rt, in f.linlr rails.
Iinih iiiimi, tlm offlCUFfl say, renin trnm
Ihn I'nlliM Hint's nml nr" trull kniiwn
tu fin. |iullct nf tin mast si tint
Odessa, .Inr. IS.—Hert at Russia's
ililrl lllnrk sra pnrt, thrniiith whlcli
much ol the trnfllc tn Persia Knee,
unit where the et-shnh's wife Is mil
ernhly t<>rt,;p<| with her three yi>niu
er chlldron, Un. tnlk Ih nil nf the de
velniinicnt In Teheran.
Htll running tn tho hope nl retrain-
ine his throne, the ei-shah, Mehmeit
All, Is In Imd shape, fnr hit Incur
"Inn Into PsrtlS Ims led to the for
felture nf the 11*0,000 n year allowed
lii in by the Persian Knvernmrnt alter
his abdication, Hut his wile Is In
ivoriin plight still, for she le torn
with nnilsty ne to her eon, the tin I
ly mis rnll"! ruler of Persia today.
OuNoUll* enoiiith JI It nKnltitt Knit
Innd thnt their anger Is strongeit,
Inst nt In Persia Itself London I" nnw
regarded n« n hotbed ol Ignoble pfpfc
tings nml duplicity, It is contended
Ihnt when till Anclnllutmlnn nuree
nieiit wiih arrived at the Persians
were told It only referred to the relations of the tWO powers rnneerneil
nnd In no way threatened Persian
Interests—yet ever slnen the elaws of
hear nnd Hon havo heen thrust deeper nml deeper Into the Persian lamb.
And now clearly, Oorinnny In tnk-
nir ii hand, fnr nn etpert In already
on the ground lor the Deutsche llnnk
with the approval ol the Gorman for-
Otgfl office, oetenHltily to report on
what measures can he taken to er
tend eoniinercn. Both hero and In
Persin this In regarded b« suspicious
ly reminiscent of Ihe Moroccan affair,
for nlrendy unofficial Ooriiuin doman
de have heen heard for "enmpenna
Hon" lor llerninn nloufness In thi
Aii|.|.,.|(iiiiiiiiin Intervention. Dill
these siisidclnna are entirely dwarfed
iiy ihe hatred of everything Bngllih
Hint inn, drown up amoni(   the Per
elnnii nf every elann nnd party.
There in eonntnnt wntrhfulnnaa on
the eolith Hiinnlnii count an to Turkish activity, for IIioiikIi the Pnrt.e
le luiey enough wilh the llallnn war
there in nn drain of troops in that
direction imd there Is a strong under
current of denlrn ninonit thn Turks
for „ Imly wnr ncnliifit Kuniiln.
Anv 'inch ilnvelopiiieiit. would lead
In nil n,ti*nelve tnlt-iip, fnr it linn
been recnlled here, nnd In Periili, too,
Hint  under     elit,  Anitlo-Turkliili  con
volition of IM7M. hv which Unglsnil
iihinineii rjyprus, Rnglonil undertook
If nny attempt   nhnll   ho mndo nl
nny future  lime hy  Itnnsln to    take
nnnesiilnn  nf nnv  further  terrltorloH
f hie Imperial majesty the  riuitnn
In Anln. ns lined hy Ihe definitive
treaty of ptact (the treaty uf Uerllal
Brltlan has Another
Portsmouth, .Inn. 16.—The keel
plate of Great Hrliinu's twenty-eighth ship ol the dreadnought class was
laid today In Portsmouth dockyard.
The new vessel la tbe lirst to be tie-
i:iin of tbo five armored ships provided for in tho llrltlsh naval program
of 1911-12. It will he completed lu
ths year 1914. When It has been
added tn the licet Great Urltlan will
have 32 dreadnaiigbtn or supordread-
naughta, half of which will be armed
with 13.6-lnch guns. The vessel laid
down today hns not yet heen named.
It will be tho largest battle ship
hitherto constructed In England, displacing between ZS.000 and 26,001)
tons. Although the drcadnaught
cruisers ol the Mon class ars much
larger, the new vessel will bo slightly heavier, heslded throwing heavier
sholls than ber Immediate successors.
Heveral Improvements have been
Introduced hy Ihe constructors In the
arrangements ol the Internal subdivisions Intended to minimise the danger of a torpedo attack, while her
nntl-torpedo battery will consist ol
IGslt-lnih Kims, whereas her prude
cesmirs have been armed with only
fuur-lnrh guns for ths purpose ol en-
"oiinterlng torpedo hunts.
ment ot state after auotber Inside
out In his determination to secure
llle latent selections are all approved by the nmbltlouH men in the
service, for It proves to them that
while Churchill controls the navy
ability aud leadership will be recoK-
uUeil over family datum, political
"pull" or seniority. Hitherto Kng-
Iiiih hnd the reputation of Kolng into
Warn With her navy under old adml-
■'alH and puior^ltip; with young ones
in command. Obureblll ban deter
mined that the young ones shall be
there nt the start.
Society ilnineH wlio have hitherto
been nblo tn pull the strings nl Influence at the nduiliallty are wrath he-
caiino they llnd "no admittance"
Staring thom In the face when they
attempt to secure a fancy bit of lav-
orltlHin. Society was angry whea
Obureblll chungm! hlH party; now the
dnwapern positively froth at tbe mention ut bin name.
Hut nnval-elHclency men ol all parties are with htm and eome prominent Conservatives have lately declared "Churchill Is tho best asset
the Liberate have," Arnold White, a
prominent Conservative publicist,
t,-nes nut ol hlH way to commend the
Churchill changes anil slURles out tor
special praise the appointment of
Prince l.oulH of Battenburg ns Hecond
lord of the admlralttjr. Prince Louis
he declares to he the ablest officer In
the llrltish navy, yet he hns been
attacked with amazing virulence by
a section ot hlirb society who contend
that his German birth precludes him
from carrying on his responsible duties In the British Navy. Aronld
White declares he himself has beon
asked to participate In the campaign
of villdcatlon against the prince but
has declined because of the prince's
rrent ability and the fact that he
is more F.nglleh than tbe English,
The prince's handling nf warships,
say the keenest officers of the navy,
makes men hold their breaths at
times—It Is so brilliantly daring. Hi
Is the idol of the lower deck and
there arc those who etpect blm tr
work mlrnclcH tn his way, In course
of time, from second lord to first
lord of tho adinirality.
Barrister, Solictor, and
Notary Public
Offleo-ltcld Uutulings.
P.L.8. & C.B.
W.  F.  GURD,
Barrlstur,   Solicitor,  <ito.,
Uarriatera and Solicitors!,
Oranbrook Lodgi No 14    A.F.ft A.M.
lingular meetings on
tha third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting bratbran
Coal!   Coal!
C. H. Trites
General Coal Merchant
Orders taken for Coal
and delivered promptly
Phone 139   P.O. Box86
PECK, Sec.
[ Rocky Mountain Chapter
I NO. 125. it. A. M.
[ Regular meetings:- 2nd Tuet
I day In each munth al eight
I   o'clock.
• Sojourning Companion, are
I   cordially Invited.
|W. V. Attrtdge, Scribe B.
Works Ruse In Battle
Franchise War Opens
Vancouver, ,lan. H.--Ileuinrkalilc
IsvelopinetitH have necurred in the
Inst dny nr twn In cimnectlnn with
the Vnip'ouver trnnrhlse with the
llrltlsh Columbia railway.
FrnnchlsCK fnr the Ires uss ol Vancouver's streets wero given to the
company mnnv yenrn ago, hut these
nil rnn nut In 1910, whin the city
has nn option nl purchnso ol the
plant, otc. In the Inst couple nl
years when the suburbs have heen
growing rapidly, tho llrltlsh Columbia electric people hnve negotiated
Independent forms of franchises with
llnrnaby, floiith Vancouvor and Point
Drey which adlnlne lbs present city
limits, hut which In time must all
be greater Vancouver. Thn company
secured franchises running 30 to II:
years and In one Instance ol 100
This wns done at. „ violent, protest
from the elty, which Intends to Include nil these suburbs In Its limits,
uud which doeii mil wish tu he saddled wllli Iiiiik frnnchlseii.
lllHsnllulled rlll/ens tnnk the matter tn the eniins, which dednred the
frnnclieii void, Yesterday sew uninl
rlpnl (lection    I, Point drey    when
hundreds nt ihe city voters ilsolared
themselves nunluiil "Ivlnn nnv Irnn-
ehlse In Ihe llrltlnh f'uliimhln electric, The new councils elected nre
plodceil In give molar nfld llltO service nnd will Invite Ibe llrltlsh On-
lllthllln electric rallwny lo remove the
Irnclni Inhl down under Its void frnn
fllllMl, The matter Is likely In de-
veloii inln n big row between the
city and all the euburbs aflsctsd.
Rome, Jan. IS.—The minister ol
marlns has received a report from
the commander of the Italian naval
forces on the Red Bea reporting the
notion of January 7 outside tbe bay
of Kiinfada.
In tbe belief that the Turkish gunboats had taken reluce In the canals
behind the Parson islands, the Italian commander decided to attempt a
combined operation,
In order to disguise hie Intentions
by a diversion he eent the cruisers
Calabria und Puglla to bombard the
camp at Gibraltar and sent the destroyer (iarahaldinn and others to
explore the canal behind the Faraans.
As sonn ns the Puglla and Cala
brla returned they were sent to l.o
hela, 60 miles down the coast, where
they bombarded and destroyed Fort
Mldy, In the meantime the three
Italian warships came upon eeven
Turkish gun bouts and the armed
yacht Fauvette, which they pursued.
The Turks opened fire at about
C000 yards, and a brisk firing followed. It lasted three and a halt hours
and terminated at dusk, the Turks
abandoned their ships, some ol which
they scuttled,
The following day the Italian ships
completed Ihe destruction nf the gunboats by shelling them.
Knights of Pythias
Cnnbroek, B.C.
Crescent  Lodge,   No.
Masts   every
•t I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
C. Porter C. C
J. M. Boyce,
K. ot R. ft B.
Visiting   brethren eor-
dlally   Invited   to attend.
Funeral Director,
:Mrs. W. Edmondson:
',', WATT AVENUE ',',
. , liraiiuati.   of i ,
;; Loudon College of  Music ';
: | Receives Pupils for ! '■
;; Pianoforte         ;
I Organ and Vocal   ;;
! Instruction         ',',
$M H I HI II III 111! U* »
Court Cranbrook No. 8913.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each month.
A. CLARK,Jr., See.    P. O. Box 248
Visiting Druthers Cordially Welcomed
Want Tax_on_ Shingles
Vnnrouver thlncle manufacture
have petloned the federal cuvernnyn'
tn Impose nn Import duty on shingles
from tho United States. Shingles
are nnw Imported duty free and ovor
Iii.Oihi came In last year, chiefly frnm
the eastern states. Haetsrn Canadian enneerns have been practically
driven out of the United States because of the duty nf 110 per thousand
Imposed hy that government,
Strong Tow Horses
No less thnn forty big locomotives
will he required for handling ships in
lho locks of the Panama cnnal, for
under nn circumstances will a shin
be allowed to navigate the locks under her own power. Two locomotives will tow each ship, and two
will be fastened to thn stern to net
as brakes.
Ths cnnal commission has just
awarded a contract for one locomotive to the General Blectrlc Connanv,
and If It Is satisfactory, thirty-nine
others will ho called lor at a total
cost of 1498,01".
Claim Bank Robbing Plot
An nflldnvltt tendlna to show tbat
n Plot stinted to rob hnnks In Stevenson and Woodland, Wa«h., between
Innnnrv fl nnd .lanunry 80 resulted
Irom disclosures mode todnv allseed
In have been made hy one Mnrehnll
Mnnn, while under Ihe Influence of
Honor, Mann Is In lull at Stevenson.
Act'nc on Information seen roil from
Menu. -, tdstsellv" ,,t»encv ret'ited the
nrrcnl here, veiilerdnv, of trnrl Ohnr-
llon. n restanrnnt emnlove. After
cnntlilernhle nersunnlon, it in ntnled.
Charlton lolnv made nn affidavit,
giving the details ol the alleged plot
M.M.V.,   VI.
Oraduate of Ontario Veterinary
college, Toronto In tali. Orad-
ate and medalist of HcKIIIlp
Veterinary college, Chicago, III.
la IIM. Reglettred member ol
. British Columbia aatoclatloa.
u etui sient e o»v sbomstlv tTTsnasa to
Holy Names Academy
and Normal School
For Young; Women
Under the direction of the Bitters
of tbe Holy Names of Jesus ut
Mary. First daaa boarding aad day
school primary and grammar gradta.
Stats accredited high school. Advanced normal course of two yeare ao-
croditcd by the state of Washington.
State diplomas conferred. Music
and art studio.
Write to Sister Supeilor for Year
Book, Spokane, Wash.
Mlulng KnKitiner and
HO. Lttid Surveyor,
I'.O Una IIM.        phone III.
B  0
HhyHiciam and Suri;a;t>ii*t
met at Keeldence,   Armetrong Ave.
ornoi hours
Forenoone • • • - t.00 to ll.M
Afternoana - - - - i.oo to l.M
■venlaga • • • ■ T.IO to l.ll
Sundays lie to «.M
Frank Dezall
Rubber Tlree Applied
To Uuggy Wheelt
RepairiiiK a Specialty.
Pkoie H     •  •  t     p. 0. ^g in,
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean
All klnda of Hociiiiil Hand ({inula
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Haga'a Old  Hland. Manann Ave
Phoae III.
tate aa Halt at Reuoaable
< •♦♦♦•4>4>4>t)e)*t)*t>«t>t>4>t>e>
Lumsden and Lewis St.
Phone No. III.
Roomed House
For Sale
Centrally Located
Thm minute*'**-*- linvernment
Term* to  anlj,  liuyor, no
riinaiiiinliln (ilfar rffiiwul
| Knr (urtlinr niirtlciilnrH up.
ply nl tlm
Prospector Office,
Mown Uollor,   Kurntce,
and Knpiic. Tnnk work
a a|ifclalty
Onat and atook ontimatea
furniahcd on itppllciitlon.
>    AdSritt i P. 0. let IN, CrtaWteh    I
F. M. MacPherson
Nertniry Attnst Nnl tt City Htll
Opts D., ind NIlM Phtntlu
Century Restaurant
K. Y. tlyematau, Prop.
Oppoalte C. P, R. Depot,
Phoae HI  P, O, Bog 104
>»v>AiSi*^»»*«>»»vt/»>vvvvy»»vvv THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK", R. C
Q Just a Word, Please!
LEST you forget—
Am you bIihI that .ynu ure not living in tlio stono ago, when a
brutal cave man snlliod forlli and, by tho inlghl of his strong riulit
liiniil (that usually flourished n dub), choso u nrato!
Am you sufficiently thankful that you am not a inecliovul Indyo, with
no opportunity to lie moru than u dpeorntlvo flgurohond ut hor lord anil
Blfietcr'e table,
Uo you fool truly griitoful fnr tin: fact llml, in llns ago nml in Hns
Messed country, you arc recognized as n lining with a soul, with its chaws?
to livn iiI'Iit death! Do you realize that yours is the rhjht to livi—
broadly, deeply und Ions—with tho opportunity to "do noblo things" ami to
leave the world or some one bettor than you foiiml it!
Is there, in your heart, u feeling of true grntitudo for Ihe {rifts of
body, mind anil soul!   As a thinking, feeling women, pause ou Ihn threshold of another iluy to look ut your life from all points of View-
Ami be thankful I a
^Thank^ivrnJ fco^
gpod for ni/ p8W%
Ufa Gpwrib Art f
*«W .-
, l,,l
r <Wt*~
iJ  tiie
aid,   Midi
LORD, thou hast Riven me a cell,
Wherein to dwell;
A Utile house, whoso humble roof
Is weatherproof;
tinder tho spurn of which I Ho
Iltith soft and dry;
"Where thou my chamber for to ward
Hast set a guard
Of harmless thoughts to watch and keep
Mo wlillo I sleep.
T,ow le my porch, as le my fate;
Both void of state;
And yet the threshold of my door
Is worn by the poor,
Who (.hither come and freely get
(load word* or meat.
I.lke «vt my parlor, so my ball
And kitchen's small; . -'
A llttlo buttery and therein
A HHlO bin.
Whlrfc keep" my little loaf of bTKnJ
l'u.-liljjt, unflead;
th-ine Utile sticks of thorn or briar
Make me a fire,
Close by whosa living coal 1 ■!••
And glow like 11.
Lord, i confess, too, when I dine
The pulee Is thine,
And all other bits that bo
There placed by thee;
Tho worts, the purslaln and the mess
Of watercress,
Which Of thy kindness thou hast sent;
And my content
Wakes these, nnd my beloved beet,
To be more sweet.
'TU thou that crown's!  my (-littering
With Rulltlesw mirth,
Anil Klv'st mo wiisslll bowls to drink,
Bpired to- the brink.
Lord, 'lis thy plenty-dropping hand
That soils my laud,
And Klv'st me, for my bushel sown.
Twice ten for otic;
Thou milk'st my teeming hen to lay
Her I'KK each dny;
Hesldes my faithful own to bear
.Me twins each year;
Tbo while thn conduits of my klne
Hun cream, for wine-
All these and better thou doit send
Me, to this end,
That I should render, for my part,
A thankful heart.      -Robert Herrlek
HavM yuu tvef thought of the in-
llnlto Joy nf detail? There ll
nnihljiK on earth, It seems lo ine.
which affoffli more M*Ti titrien delight than
thn planning of something which shall
"match nil over'' and be complete oven
lo thu imalloil pin In the pliicunhlon oil
tho droit im: tabic lu the gUOgt room.
When I wan a girl there was a very
popular book, which is not road so much
now-"Tho Wide, Wide World," ll Is a
must pious nnd dhlncllc In If1, as Hume of
j0,1 know who huvo reml It; hut ll had
<uto chapter that hnn never yet fulled lu
thrill me. It Is the scene wlmro Uio
herolriei JCIIen, Is H'>U\k hwiiv, and hor
mother purchases for I ii'I' a willing desk,
which she Ills out rom|ilele|y, even lo
the wiu candles for the scaling wax. If
you din pore over such n ilesrripthn a*
1 can, noun* with indtell delight tl")
•ddlllun or atoll tlnw accessory, you will
know what I menu hy tho Joy of dttull.
Jlow many huusei tmvo 1 furiiMiod In
Tux Jorr
my Imnglnallonl   How ninny costumes
S planned! How umiiy libraries tilled! Who
nays that lists and statistics nre dry »s
drsrrla? I run Hnd Joy even In keeping
iny account book, though more In planning ahead Just what I shall spend and
To stand In one',, own kitchen, to look
around nt the pots and pans and kettles
and patent cabinets and stationary tubs,
und to feel thnl absolutely nothing Is
mlDslng-thera Is it Joy In this that Is
like n draught of clear water or thu
deepest or deep breaths. And when It
comes to one's entire houne so furnished, tho thought 1b simply Intoxicating,
Try It some iluy when you ure blue and
Innoly. Hlurt to dream, uud dream details. Man thing* to tho last minute
touch) try to obtain absolute comploic*
liens. Vou will lift surprised to Hnd what
a tonic It Is. You will gnln n new love
for fashion* and dress, for the matching
of colors and the lining out of costumes,
oven tu tho hnir ornament and  tho
buckles 01) the sllppcri, 00 further, and
III OUt your friends menially and morally also. I'lau your Ideals; ll helps
ulnug your reals.
Wnrn  you  carry  this  tendency   far
enough It makes you an Interior did*
Oralor, or a designer, or u landscape
uanh flftf, ut a  poet   or n  lunatic    Hut
k.M'p ll ill n safe |«Vftl ll ll DM W
overheard a
conversa 11 o n
between' two very
well-dressed and good-looking women. Thoy were seated
behind me In a train, and they were interested lu the
absorbing topic of gratitude—which proves that now and
then fair wome'J are relevant. ■     . .
"Why. Bob," said the llttlo brunette, "are you still working down In that horrid olty? Haven't you nnd George/
come to n golden understanding yet? My, but you tire a
foolish girl! I'm thankful that I um uot us you ure Just
now t never could stand the daily grind of work, and
although you may descant long and loud on the independ-
enco of the bachelor girl, give me tho llfo of the plunging
vine. It's nlco to have some ono that's willing to have
you cling, and I don't know of anything more comforting
than a big shoulder on which to rest one's latest acquisition
of cluster curls. I'm thankful that I went out on Ed's
•yachting party last summer—I might not have met my
husband. Yea," and she sighed long and gratefully, "I am
thankful—all over!"
"But you are sorry for mo, aren't you?" said her friend. ,
Her voice wus the
crisp    businesslike |
one of tho success*
ful working woman.     Her   strictly j
tailored   suit  contrasted   eloquently
with   thO' velvet J
and    furs   of   her
married    friend.
Her    chin    settled
11 so 1 f  reaolutely j
over tbe linen collar and she smiled
In  a siitlsflcd ,wny
at tho dark beauty
besldo   her.     Evidently a battle was
on,   and   I   forgot
that  I  was eaves-
dropping.      I    felt
that  I   wus   wit*
nesslng some one's
"Sincerely sorry
for you, Uoo,"
smiled back the
"Well, I am
glad for myself,
and Just ns thankful as you. I um
grateful t«i my fate
that l didn't marry when I wrb swoet and silly 18. I've
seen too many of the repentant, sorry, old-young wives
who Jumped Into the matrimonial ring ami aro tired of the
dully dependent* on husbands who do not command their
love or reipoot,
"Do you remember Hobs, who was the epitome of Irresponsible Joy? 'Sunshine,' we called her In the days when
we dl SOU lied tho betterliatlon of tho heathen In the fnr
enst.    Can   you   recall   the   wedding,   with   Its   flowers   and
went off?
•I saw  Hess last week, bul she
mo first and hastened down a side
and out "f the atore, I'll nut pain you
by tin* recounting of n tale that Is usu-
idly tho result of youthful marrlagi •,
There was disappointment writ large in
every line of her face and In tho car.
rlage of her head. A clinging vine) J am thankful that
I am not one.
"Then, If you will allow an old friend to monopolise the
conversation, I thought of what she might have been If the
'.adding promises
in her nature had
necn allowed to
mature — and 1
wept. No, little
one, do not be
sorry for me. 1
prefer to go alone
on the great road
of life. I could not
possibly lead the
dependent, supplicating, 'leau-on-inc'
life that most of
you seem to be
thankful for. 1
draw a breath of
gladness e v e r y
time the eagles on
my well - earned
dollars shout t lis
battle cry of freedom!"
"W li e w!" ox«
claimed the other
"Bob, you Shout*"
have been a man.
I'm afraid of you
when you put on
the oratorical cup
— and bells" —and
she laughed. "Because, dear, you will never know what
you miss, when you pocket your very own salary you cannot understand what It in to take from the one who Is the
best In the World a sum lo pay for Muffy ruffles. The Joy
of taking is aonrotliing Unit I fear you will not understand.
Tho working together at one's own fireside la far bettor
tljan the pulling alone. Every day I grow moru thankful,
Every year my heart offers up Its gratitude."
"And so docs mine. Ltlten to ine Juki before we come to
the station. I was never destined for marriage, No longer
is disputed Hie fact ttiat all women are not home makers.
(Some are home*breakers, but that's another story.) i am
one of the minority, I admit, who loves to he loved, but who*
refuses to be taken under the protecting- wing of home and
husband. It is better so. 'Sonic must watch nml some
must play.* There must bo a few women In this world
who will contribute to tlio sum of happiness via ihelr
offices.   I am thankful that I um ono of those,"
Ho tin y stepped from the car and walked down the broad
stairs ot tho suilon.  l followed.
A llttlo Street rowdy about as big us a live-cent piece
was lounging on the corner. His bcadllko eyes, grown
keen from much looking out for himself and for easy
marks, spotted the two women. "Carry your bundle?" hu
nslted us he turned himself around the bundling of lit*
smuller one,
"(Hi, dear, no!" screamed she.
Then he surveyed tho tallor-mald, dope) on I she evidently kept ready money in un Inside pocket nml her hands
were trip,
"Gaol'1 mid he took a contented draw at the butt in his
hand, "ain't I glad I'm a mnn I" BAIUMHA MflJB,
HE day was propi-
Uous for a shopping expedition. I
it o n ;i e d .. short
fltiri nnd shirtwaist, -mouldered,
nr. to he niji'i explicit, armed my
handy leather hag
nnd boarded a oar
hound i* o r the
b u s loess section
with a feeling of
elevation. 1 had
the entire morning ahcn«! and
only a few pur-
chasea to make,
80 decided to get
nil the pleasure l
could out of thn
V/ trip.    How  mer
rily wo plan and   how ruthk-^ly dotii
fate banish our well-ordered ideas!
I bad scarcely become comfortably
seated when a rather harsh female
voice rounded not loo plensairtly in my
ears, and looking up I saw that the
Jarring sound emanated from a figure
most strikingly arrayed ns regarded apparel, nnd most InartlattcaUy decorated
as regarded the many cunning devices
or so-culled enhancements of feminine
My thoughts forgot their pleasant
trend in listening to  the following:
"Yes, I lohl her i could gel Just as
good girls as she for Ihe fame money,
who would not expect me to turn my
house into a private orphan asylum
for destitute youngsters—you know Mte
has a child of .!, who was with lis
grandmother until lust winter, and
nfter shO died, Mary nslted me If she
might bring the child to live wilh us
for n while-imagine! There would
probably bo nothing left of Fldo hy the
end of three weeks."
Her friend was a good  listener.
■lust here the conversation took n
turn, for the car was making a rather
lengthy stop to permit a Mind gentleman to hoard. Ho found bis wny slowly
lo n sent on the opposite Bide a little
distance down, carefully attended hy a
woman,   whose   fare   told  plainly  die
beautiful story of self-iacrlfXco lu the
loving cause.
The   short   silence   wns   broken   by   a
murmur of disapproval from my recent*
1) discovered entoi Laindr,
"Just iliin'i of being iled to a pare
like ttu*t ail one's lire—the nurrowlng
tendency   It   must   have-we   have   such
gooii homes now Tor that purpose, nud
ibey ure really better off the re-1  I do
not   Know   what   might   hnve   hem   the
reply   to   this   h"nrtbnn   comment,   for
just here the cor reached u fashionable
store,   nnd   mv   lm. n ..\\uu   folluw-pni*
seniors preiured to alight.   1 decided
to follow—the occurrence wai growing
£ sfkapi a Diary
II,,- „,'«! im.-i. mlmi mi.l fasi'limtlna "'".
r„i„,n„„s iimi i hnuw of.   Try it tini
A flrlnf for the- Ipinitcr
KIN'l hn old msid" iitislit not to
he a Filfijeiil   Inr Hdlciife,   t,.ji   on
llll' .
nlllitllet).' Ir imli the men ninl
•• mi.<<u vim IhiiK'i III "HM Mill.I*." "iiild
lili.iiv boiI uildeiMtsiid linw mniie of the**
tiiliulrrs hnve lovijtt ami Hfteillh'rih th»r
wuiilil IiIiimIi tor ilininn snl niiohiKli"-
ti.r Inivliik mlnlht'M'.ii'l.-d n> dhhie Mild
ImVly ft devotion -ihiviitloil no uimHII-li awl
lefty Hint liuiiiv ii imiriJHl *uuuiii wmild *
I.N.iiil to inssl ri7.lt. / we NWI4 .'ear IM
esimo of i'wiv iniiMni N'l)'" ">HRle hlrnMHl-
iiiim Miplit wmiltl hu M'V«iiled, In im si'ine "'
•Tlio ii'ililetl  Idrils of lovr mid Ilie stmiiReNt
tiiintli'im llml over I lirfil h liinaiin henrl.
lunliise in hy ho hisntip a turfWlty to
trim liivt, ll In. or.renMs, oim of the lesls
ft trim love, but by no menm Is It the
■lentMl   est,
•1'liere li, In Wt mortem lie, ileyotiou
jvsry bli ■■ treit /at thjit ur j,,,-----— -
HvitiRellni, tits
MvaftBellne, the nnl* dlffereitei.Mill that
Hit world (■ ■« rmoly engroired in jeJHni
luve f«r money init iiier.t! uflRMnotal Mvo»
ilntis urn not t-eeognUeil mid rrniftln titi-
liwrd of, Then, Ami, IJierti are, fifiMA
pMimlMs mint- to Oecftsefl on**, wlileli, If
tci't, •icimlp ill rlihu loinmry. Again,
Mii'ip imiy lm one iiTii-rlirtitul in dearlv tlmf ,
♦ vpii  thi tmro uiriiiory or tdtii  Is more
'llmlr hulk )■ Imlui,  llmlr I'nii'h la lUldlf*
TO   llll   III   I-oMm'V.
IhihnM the woiiii Hiiilhis   it   iin-in,   ■•
'twere elmme,
TIlll inslileii isiijhf*. long alter youth's rlf*
Hal   in   ui'tfi's   book   limy   bear 'timtnir
Until"   '
"Tin.  Knlili'iil  I llll (III,"
I'ullliful In life ami fttlllifnl llflio death,
tuu'h sou's.   In  Kiulti,  llhuni with  Inner
'Mint "Villi"l'»H    Hll'l    luti'l    wliftela    till
vlnlnn snlttii ,  , ,,
"Bulli's wrongs uie •iirletK'
■ nifiiurd hm ion.  .
Thnt l« n liraiilirul trlljill* to aidimtera,
It In tlm hind nf npints 111* world ulioiihl,
[nil thin Bqii Uly In Hum.       ., ■ ■ . j\.    *
Who Iimt linn rend tti» nrellv stnry of
"Lavender and Old Uee* eui foigel tlm
htautlfiil-nilndeft MIm Alii'he, lite e-veet
old imiy win. wnlihnl and wnlled hsr WlirM
lite tliroimli for tlm turn mun lu tlm world
(o whom she invs hor heart and wli'iim
fnvorlte fifllor sbe WfJll to the day
Al  hi
lit  "'.I
li'inn* ttisti the llvlns  presunee of any
•Vtlier iiillor,   Then « eumtieim*
In   "niilimterhoinl."     How   ftinoh
li reinimniiftilon even
- nwiy
1 -dm
t wnti or Ifint lilin, man tn* women who
ftt-ldi te anv lover thn nnv I'iis her wirl
ties th for inimiory'l sskeT . Who
-    —J |ufty
y imd u. r-
sint lobdnil'i y' till* I" lnf> *tcU:i\tnl tltla
.1....^   i...i,.u„.i   ,,■„.ii    in,,<qr| |eil
„ eri"l'**'ler   10 leteim mid lofty   in      .
Malil"T   Hlie wna Uio vety MUVoi V".1.1.'/
■ ''-I Is Ins wielehfi
m'ul lofii'er'iir Hm, woman will wiiri owiy
In-r llfs for only one lover, eheilitilng httr
tft  llm einf  nf  Imr esletemt.   wlmtlier f™
tiia won or lost him, thill tlm woinftn »
vleldi t« anv lover lliat uisy i>Ma tier .way. I
MIm   should   M   RWll«fl-tlm   Itiistieil   at, „ril|(Il
i.ovfiiiy ol1 this nature ll rar« uu-i uti|ht to ^W"'
tajlven trtlt credit. ii„,  ,
Mrtp II brotiiht forHhlv to my mind; a IBM
titaltllflil pmni, Nirti.e] wlileli nie lllimtra- |(J#   ,
I hey lis vn limtowfij uiion unmahleil »
aiiit aim. If aim had res ly lived
have had to take It JUL Thu MM tor the
return or lirr lovor wai tha one Dung wUhdi
kapt up hnr Interrat In llle, glio avldent'v
Oiouglil. "It was Imtter io have hivad niii)
loM lInu never to liaya loved at nil'
There nrn ninny Mi«a Alttileea living riant
nrmitol in. »jn/ 'toy, bjjt^jfc Af%
on'y i-'iot
a every day, _„-
 iir lovfna  ihivotlorl
f-flffift*™   '
{eaiilliul pneni, (jarti.e] *    -
Ive af mnur unmarried wmnin a dwuttun.
t run- like tklai
OK TIlbMS   WllO WAtdC   Al.nNW
Women ihera ifl on em Hi. most iweei mid
"rVholoae Ihelr own unit walk lore ft ami
latnide of loyally! we on'y ptllfl at
will a iniiis im i« reajif lo amity
ienplaai) I Hla, 'Old Maid.'' , Is ft
iT   Nnl  w« wftll know  It Isn't,    he-
i  the
-lin a
Hffll t
o her,
And aolllrv never <me; bailrie them mow
''lilt'fteti, iviio-n lomltiB Is like innutli or
f'filiS'ded ley euhtlerlovi'N, the 1111*0 t« know,
•Ihtouaii eldldleHS limirs,
flood deeds tlmy doj tlmy riitiifnrt nnd lliey
1,1,1.11 -' ' , l  leeneve  inai  iiiohi
In dtitle", otheis put uff till tbi uiurrowi       faithful hvartad kiwi
iuitk ,■
iBUmi n wmnan dnta not or «nntiid wiilk
atinu Itt the put.lle aaie Mild* the fin*
JlCi hi htr affaciiuiii la not Ulj rlan .lliti.t'
■Tia Km toVir loyea t>r ehjmllntl loJni wii,
'l-li,muli lm mny lm loat fwerlr to her, her
In 0   n.iiy  he 10 «i"iit  tint aim eini   never
ie nnv oilier mnn Itiln emiNlderauon.
'imn llm FpllvKl f the lii'imMfiil flinty.
he   Itlithl   uf AVny,"   can' I"} mm mi-
it mr eKiimple of n\at|ni-t(ni  love on  Ilia
part of tlm lieiolile, IWII iei ■
"It   wae  MillH-Hiii, to  hnnw   whllhet   he,
hnd ROlte,  mid llml   lie hid liM-l) Ice for ft
hilef iiresnt or lira,   it waa hatter tgjiflvi
Iveil tlm mm attort MulllltiR hour, with nil
ita imlii, linn fievei to hnvn loiow 1 whnl
aim knew, tit hit wtial elie Imd f||l
Wlleve tltat uioal "ilia Mania" hi/ lh>
NUXT Thursday Is ThonklglVJIlB dnyt
1 kepi -nylnft thnt over mul oVW
Oil tho way homo today und trying
suitirhow to Hnd aonut now meaning in It
for me, It lu my hlrtluLiiy, ton, this
year, I'eihupi Hint In why il M4IDI to
slrlke mo mori criu.'lly limn over,
TlutiihtiKlvInK dayl Whal on eiulli
litt*T ) to lm MiartkfUl for? Ilioilth.'
Thi* Is my second iniiilverMary ut tha
day, no'inded 011 your lirst paae, iny
only diary mul cunllilunt, when tho tlmi-
tors nl thn huspltitl tf.ivo uio fuur .veaiu
to live, Kor two years now I havo foi*.
thin double pain llm 01)0 that ll killing
iny body mul Ilio other ttirtl ,1a iiiniim
my soul. No, (li'tdilcdly I'm nut urulcful
for hchltlit
Wenlih, then? lu> you lUtipMQ, my
jtooi' diary, that I should lm pduu
aroimil iu my wlioclchatr solllnK my eut-
liruhlery, ii'ilna from hmtpltul tu curt-
■Joiner uud from customer lu hospital, If
1 hud money euuutfli to korp nllvo other-
wliov Oh, no, my dear; 1 am very poor
and not so awfully proud,   You would
never think my Rreat-Ki-nndfathor wa«
ihopMiKiiiy at li'Mtio In tho iinirt of
France and culled thu klim uf Kuulund
hy llll Hint name, would you, to luok at
And luve7 Oh, diary, If 1 could imly
■lie tii.iiikrol fur love! Yon never know
my laiher, of cuiiIho; neltlier did 1 much,
for ho died bfifOTfl 1 could talk or wnlk.
Hut t um sure he loved mo, I uflou
thlnh uf It and inuifclne Mint il must hu
true. Mother brought me up after that,
and ,1 was a ureal dlHupiiolnlmriii to
mollier, Yoii eiee, I was the only child,
uud mollier was A hillllunt wotnnn, nnd
heiiutlftil, am) tetrlhly iimhllluus, and I
wns none ut LtlOlO HiIuks ami did not
oven ley tu ho. I wns vrv ohslluuto
when I VYMH.yuui.ti( diary. Then aflor a
Mills ihfl died, too, and I Jjlsl |ol uioiift
eornriiow,     Nunc  of lho   Ullflltm   nnd
■ aimtM I Wai foliled on wanh-d me very
tiiuc'i. They would tfllk abotll their duty
to * *io.ir llnimit'a child" and nVe me on
I was Kind when I Boi tM O/iOUgll lo IfO
, to work mul to net rid or all o   them
You see, my dear, since yoiir Afluuit ul-
anen with mn heNllli) Witt «"i THA'J day,
I you do n'l realise lhat I  won ollOfl like
finttr   MOIllll   my   Imi'k   was   perfet ily
naa mid ( walked nml went tit phtees
■ and   wiih   «r -ally   ilulle   comiiolonl,
You'd  liiiuk   I'd havo had miim rOAl
friends then, wouldn't you, aud per-
lini'ti a lover or two? Hut then, you HO,
I went so much from city to elty-mother'* fumlly wijh sealtered like the atari
In the Milky Way-thnt I never trlayctl
lonif enough anywhero to mnko very
lasting tics. Desidct, It is hard for mc
to inako friends. I'm not attractive, nml
J used to ho 'pille. shy and have a very
had temper. I'm nfrald I have that etllt.
Ho somehow UllngV have Jlfll sllppdl hy
mo, and I havo had lo he ahout Ih"
ntosi self-sulllclenl ptriotl on thu fnce of
the i.ni 111, with iiolhliiii- hut il diary (no
Insult Intended, tn) dearll and aacnae of
hutmir to keep mn Milling al all. And,
ik) ynu know, when Thanklglvlng day
comrs around I do IO fotl ihe need nf
001110tiling real and living were It only
u pet turkey, lo keep my splrllii up)
That reminds me ihm | lmve ono fenr.
I am nlwayi lUfOd to <teath ahotii t da
time of year; I'm no afiald tomo chat
Ity person will think I mn poorer than I
niu and come uud vivo me a turkey  n
hair ll.-cd nnd wore an otd*roia drain
that I had then, Well, one day I went
to lho Ihoator In It. I hud done tome
Work for a mini, ami lie hail two th-koln
ho dtdh't want and gave them to me; so
I gOVO nnn to the auni 1 wan living
unit ami wont myself with Ihe oilier,
lm llm other rdde of me lliorfl wai a per-
foriiy mognif1oont*looklng young man.
He had yollow hnlr ninl Vlolol eyi-M it ml
opera glaiioi, and he lent litem to ine-
iho opera glanoe, I moan, My aunt was
lllOCkbdi no I Ihiuiked him  I tvenl mi
tnlkliiir io him. Hu wuh a ptTfOat H'n-
tlemnu, | amstirOI let mo tell yon why,
When 1 woni I dropped tny cttrdcaao,
Mv mint aald I did It ou piilpore,
hill I didn't- "lily half 10, And the MXL
•lay ll wai rent hack lo me, and with it,
una the most heaiitlful hilihh Of VlOlltl,
I never heard or ihaf man okiIii, hut I
'hall never forgtl him, and ( have tlm
ribbon yet that wan nround Ihe vIolelN,
My aunt mild  llll lllppoild  hn  wm u
When I lOOti I hill over ll doesn't M*M
llltloh In tweiily.fi iff ylam bill It wiib
thO Mi!!'"il   iIiIiik   I   haVA     I   hope yon
won't taugli, dear dlaiy.  Now I muil uo
nut again,    (loodhy.
It'S HlOMUItlO el•■ \ ■   at   pMSl   |t'i
thu nest inumliiK, bul I Itltl
When I aot to the hoapilal there was a
new dOQtOfVp: mail WllO'd heen nhrtmd,
lining wonderful thliiKS, for seven venrs.
Have you gUOHOd It, diary? It WM tie,
he! I knew him hlglll away, and afU'r
a while he knew me, And, oh, diary! He
iayi there In HOIDOtltlng new Hint lulu
heen discovered; thai It's not two years
or twenty years 1 can live yet, hut a
whole lifetime. And he's coming tOfflOf-
row-COMINM, diary Mo tell tne about
It.     1 told htm abOUt Ihe VlOlfil Mb Lion,
and ho says he haw L.OTB lo tell me.
dead one, for OOOltlllg,
iluori I'll tllfOW ll lu In
wilt. (1 gUOA I hltiil i
thoilgfll I Wits.)
I'vn keen luoUlllft 0V<
thla, Hi»l II eurlnliily d
fill, I fttlnpoiB II wns 1
eiime frufii Ihe |iun|illi
morn lliau uniial today
UMo of ItlUlBlHS up In-
iun lo stop woilt noi
I'm noted now, nnl I
ftlK SO dl'U'ii'dhie.U   iih
'   'mi tell
  Jhl.tff 1	
linen I lllld ii ltnMAN<
Inc. l
>t luo tell you, dl
el  thing thnl
nltuilt  "'veil  VMl'M Hi:'
1  wn Hl't IV l.«\ \" '1- ■-
I mean. If 'din
■ flier; 1 IWOAf I
0 ploUdoi th an I
Ihn tlrsl part Of
M Hound nmiirn-
I'ttUkd 1 had Jlllt
1, nnd they hurl
I doit'I nee lho
den llml are go*
it anyway, Hut
• ashumnil of hr-
iry, nf Ihe very
iiiiipetiiul to un-.
'MI     It Imppeio'd
. when I was 17,
1 when 1 gut mv
1NMVKH   e.jttld    l.elleve   that    prnvl-
deiti'b   had noni a few men Inlo the
world ready boolsd omi opurred lo
ride,   nnd   miIIIIoiih   ready   siiildhd   nnd
h rid lad to he rlddem—nichard Itutnbolil,
An OXOOMO uf one 7|iinllly Is always
hotiKht nt ihe OXpeilNt uf iiuolher, If
a mini he nbiolutoly Just hu will lm
HbMlUtOly   ineielleMi,   I   Would  110t   iHllI
iiltfioliite Jiudlee  lo  nny  hut  a goili
Aithur Hliciliiunrt  Hnrdy.
M.snellie.Ft III llltlg ttllHRI I" » WOlK
dcrful noun o uf i hoeiTuiiK io, I1', W.
Tffo esei ncN; OXUlUdf reitMUi, admit
only reason.-  I'liacal,
I like not only In In" lOVOll, Iml lu ha
tithl  fun   I  mn  loved;   the   rflllllll   or
idleme   Is   lafg UUfltl    tcymd    (hi
grUVO.   Heoiiie I'.llol,
"To ho miKi'v wTlli a weak man Is
proof that -oil ni* nuL veiy al'oua
In Intereit, for I wai recelvtns itde*
llghti o i a lypa of womanh d nhlcl
eu, n little alien to my g« icral ideas.
They lingered for a momei : I i survey Uie handsoma gowna i" tha win*
dnw, While ti,us engaged n pah
little child with a bask el of sweoi
violets atepped up to the lady will
th.. "ultra" manner:
"Please, ma'am, won i ynu huy i
bunch of Bweet violets; brother ii
sick und-'' she got no further "No,
I never buy flowers on the street;
they wilt whh ten minutes- wearing/
l paw the comers of ibe Utile i hdd*
Ish iiToutli droop iilteoualy with (he
ret.i.fr, and, touched to the quick, i
stepped up and slipped into the <mmll
white bund the rjuarter I had been
expecting to Invest in a dainty piece
of neckwear, for which Impulsive act
I wns rewarded by n Hash of Joy
from tho blue eyes I stiall never for-
got, I was not through with my
"friends," however; j wanted io pursue Ihe experience further. 1 entered
tho store and soon discovered them
ut a distant counter flngerlnR some
expensive   BtlkS.    I    ste d    in,    nnd
asked to nee a lino
of  foulards     Tha
i'-~ "A* 1 lady in attendance
\JJ bad   scarcely   laid
several bolts of
shimmering Hillts
before me, when
i hoard the re-
"Why, Nell, you
will suroly go with
me to Marl on'i tor
lunch; phe will bo
s o disappointed,
slm expects us
both." And then
1 received a shock
that sent me out
of the store wondering who t li i
my universe wn;
siiii working in an
orderly manner an
topgy - turvy   d I il
everything suddenly bocome, for this
was  tho  reply:
"Ob, no, i cannot possibly do it,
Horn." (This from (he ulmrmlng
actress In tbo previously cited episode.*.'
"i hnve nn Important committed
mealing at 1.30 o'clock of (be Society
for  tiie  Prevention   ot   Cruelty    to
Minors,   and   you   know   ,   am  one  of
their right It audi," umi aha gave a
blond, lelf-nnttiflod imllo, nud together
they passed nit of my hearing,
Only one sen tones crowded Into my
niittd a mid i be mi -im: sensations
that pervaded It, and this kepi recurring to mo an dny,   "inasmuch n« yo
have done It to Ihe leafM or 000 or thill.
ye hnve also done It onto me."
\>    -*
pin nUOItloil In going llm rounijp,
"Hhouid a woman bo allowed a
sent   In   ooiirl   on   tin*   Judge's
come lo us; tnko brn<li)g wnlka,
which, If in a lUte ot vigorous liaalth,
puti onn lu a pleasing habit of 1
and body; prevents one from i omnia- morbid atnl frotful, which is tba
iuiiip of many of our iex<
Nothing Ih mors conducive to tbo
preservation or youth and youthful
looks limn lo pOMOiSi tbo ohgracter*
Is tics that love motion, variety, music,
laughter, frlemta; havo kind  feeling
and   tllOUghl   for othera;   ihesit  me   n't
hidden louroos of real plea sure, and
will help I" heep nwny Ihe wilulih-i
and    "erownfi el."     If    HO    lake    exer-
eiiie regularly, pei'ilstanlly and intsl-
llgontly,   wo  need   bother   bul   inn*
about diet  ihnt win generally lake cor*
or itKclf.
A   love of nonitnil nml jollity Is a
distinct old iu i orvlng youth,   Lafa
In gfnefali we know, in mo una greats
grand,  happy  holiday, but do lei  ui
latlgll  with  the rhll'lre, I  play  with
iiieio, ki'p our eyes und sari open for
n wood, nmuilng story, poas it on to
our frlondi, and thus itlmittali a fowl*
nisi for really he«ithf>i< mlnh   h n
OthtfWtlO,   la   Hint   nttOd   lo   lm      pOOptl   uiilunilly III tb.' hum
s Judge?" Woll. wby mil'.' If she ll
able to mutir all the Inirh'acles of
lllaekKtotie,   Littleton   aiol   "olio,  nnd
prove In ne |( a good lawyer, why not?
HI iu ban well enrnad lilt way into several of Ihe piofeHsbiim, it11el the <|iihn-
MOII used to hu naked, "Why fhoulg
women Htndy law','''
Hut uot so today, Itnilier Is II. why
Humid fi,,. not studs law'/ It hud he*
i omit almost n matter of |imillion
that a Womall should 1101 heemue a
lawyer, 1'erhaps (but can lm explained through a misconception on
the part of (he public of the character root
or tho profession, Among 10till per-
hoiih the Idea prewills Unit the lawyer
iniirit bu u person constantly engaged
In lurmoll and itflffl) whoso hard,
threatening voice und "bullyragging"
propensities iinmt  ■ortro timid wit*
iiohsoii, nud tmpt'lll JuHlli ami till
lUOll i
Out no one ItnoWl bOttlf tllBll mem*
hers of the profoilton how remote
such an bleu is from Ihe fnctt. When
n woman knows' she mull work for a
livelihood, li Ih well rm lor io choose
nil   avenue   not    already    too   i rOWdfldi
Hluee many or tbe collegoi have opiuid
their dOOri lo UM, we nun inke our
iholeo  of a   pfOfOSSlon,  ami   with  will
nud del I lift I lull f-uccood lu It.   The
Hume raason ph valid (tu hlaho a ilv-
iim) ivJisil women hecmun pliyslolallli
lirtlillM,   hi lontlstl,    inltiliilnrri,   cdilca*
lorn,  Ahanoiac*!  odltui1*, and  nutuse
In   nlniosl   oil   11116111111   which,   11   few
years ago, worn emu Idornd the ogolu*
slve pioporly or men. Many a litis*
blind can bo found who will tell you
Umi 1 miliars Me wlfs'n Jinlgmonl
hidler I lm 11 hln OWIIi In KOITH lui|>tr-
1 mi and ivolgbly mat left, nnd rw«
laliily ibis lypo or man win vole for
women || judgll  when (hat ntalu uf
i>f   llle,   tbo   kind   in tl,   tbi   pliaitnl
COlari,   Dm   graceful   outline,   Ihl   loses
mid tbo iwaolii A liabli of i«-iug
Itliaied wuh mmiiII ihiiiKi im an st«
iiih" 1 mental aitltudi to eultivata,
Hundred* at women spend (hilr Ivm
In no. long dream of what they WOUllI
llO,   hOW   they   WOUld   dflll,   what   tiiey
H 1<I  li ay,  If (bey only had till '■   Itl
plenty. To llieil dlS'o|t("iile.| Iplfl'
mens (and lofry I am (0 tee so many
»r Iheiitf money s'Clos to be Ihe * un
tolal of bapplniM. Instead of. s« OUf
old copybooki lohl ns, "Money is the
>t   all    OVll,"    I etn    It    reads,
y ll th" ".nr if all good."
Thoy would he much happier did
Ihey learn to ottjoy the trifles lu uhhli
they may ncoailonully Indulge, und tha
pictures, the jew. in, ihe sea and (he
sky upull Which lltoy may feast ihelr
even, 1 yen though poiscisloii he denied, and mostly without a prlco being
demanded.   The Ability to enjoy beauty
for Itself, ftporl  n 1 tbo thought of
possession, iu-Im mm an .ill In thi preserving of u happy, contented spirit.
Anything thai OWakOM pleusure In tba
mind is 01 pressed iiT the face, and mat
fiKo  whl b  conslnnlly  tetlocl* sunny,
happy tllOUghlS conn n lo Wcaf an is-
irressloil   Wbloll  'very  one  lilies  to  BIO,
Have you not ieon facoi wbloli havo
been plain in foAttiroi, hot such happy
one* they went Inspiring to look upon?
Wo  learn   lo admire them I   blCUUlO
of Ihelr plain fenturoi, or tha lack of
1 ty, iml in npiio or 11.   drowning
and a rnnli-Jlmliuii osprnialoil of! Spoil*
•Ah.tt  othiewlsi  wmhi 1   pious ing
fir,.;    1   ir   11.0   mind   bihind   it
wlllHpcru     uol     lilvlPO     lo      ihii"     hi
break  up inii had  habit,  no on nt
D| phyagtHj rttlliiM'. wallui hod or
I (,   Whl   iwt-  undo  II      i'oilh •■   beast
smiles gwwraliy and hanlah thi eloudi
Ihltlgl eomes lu piisH. ,ll»t  birk  In IIUhURioi     ."Jji'fiS'iiMl1
III   the    meaulllim   let    Ihe   Ililnliltm ^'j  f.1,'^^1 |',HJ fuff^ui  luUflI  WllS   IU
ones   of   nor   lag    dike   guod   cure   of (gj? ||  |h fni lo all   (llioll pnrliik" of lL
health, the gTOutoil blOlllUB Lhll cull ''■ '  '   "'   *'
AI NT   IO. >
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P. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Grace,   Editor.
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18th Year
A fire-bug tried bard to burn down'that in which it can mul no comfort
the buildings of the   Toronto Globe
and also of the Mail and Empire.
It ts not "Sir Rob" alter all but
"the Right Honorable R. L. Borden"
A seat in the Privy Council ol Great
Britain is an honor tbat comes to
most colonial statesmen after knighthood, but in  Premier    Bo nl en's case
It has come before.
• •   •   •
Rumors are extant of a provincial
election in March.
• •   •
Tbe Grand  Trunk  Pacific is  in  the
field with its  programme for    spring
construction-      1S12 should easily   be
a record year for railway building in
British Columbia.
•   •   •   *
Italy and Turkey, according to a
PariB press report, are negotiating
conditions that promise an early end
to the war in Tripoli. The statement may well be true. Tbe situation la such that Turkey cannot hope
to hold Tripoli by war, and every
day that hostilities continue means
loaa of money, men and prestage to
Italy.    Each might well wish to drop
The man who has a birthday anniversary only once in four years must
be looking forward eagerly for February 29.
* •   *   *
Forty big electric Locomotives will
be provided to haul ships through
the Panama canal, the plan being to
have two locomotives ahetul to pull
each ship and two fastened aster*-, to
act as brakes. Thus we see illustrated the process of evolution from
the towpath mule.
The Provincial estimates lor this
year will be swelled by M91.71H additional subsidy from Ottawa. This
comes from the increase ot population.
• •   •   •
The Kinx and Uueeu are on their
way home again. We voice the sentiments of all true Britons everywhere when we express the profound*
est satisfaction at the success which
attended this unprecedented journey,
and our hope that they will hnve a
safe return.
The Great Grievance
The grievance tbat overshadows ail
others In the Canadian west is railway rates and railway service, and
this includes freight, express, passenger, telegraph and the equipment and
trackage necessary to give a Rood
At last tbe board of railway commissioners propose to go into the
tariffs of the railways in the west
ahh they are asking tbe government
to appoint counsel to represent the
Why does not the government appoint a permanent counsel to enforce
the Railway Act with power to name
as many others as are neoessary   to
aid  the    public  In    presenting
There   were  two  marked   characteristics of the  late  government     they
were   slow   to enforce     the  Railway
Act, they     neglected to    provide for
the appointment of counsel In the in-
Iterest of the public.
j    The efficacy  of  tbe  interstate com-
; mission rests on    two things:     thai
, the    attorney general    of  the  United
! States Is    specially charged    by  tbe
I act to see that     It is enforced    and
1 funds are by the act set apart     for
I that purpose., and It    also provides
for a special counnel and all accessories    tn the same end -News  Advertiser,
Canada as an Investment Field
Regtna, Mask.—The recently issued
handbook of the hoard of trade m he
Ing given an enormous circulation,
and has already created a very fnv«
rable ItnpreHHlon abroad. As lllun
(rutin,: thn substantial growth of the
city, It is shown that eleven Canndi
an banks now have hranrheu In lie
glna, although there was no clearing
house here until October ViW) HUH
another chartered hank will shortly
commence the election nf a handsome new building, the site of which
has already hew, purrhnseil. English
capitalists who recently toured the
prairie provlflCM hnve eipressed them
selves lu unstinted terms an to tbelr
imprmtslnns of Reglna. Annmg these
James McKay of Liverpool, Eiig.,
stated In it rerunt Interview "Where
ever -me stops, Winnipeg, Calgary,
ItegiiiH, Vniiciitiver or Prince Rupert,
the slgnH ai« the same progress mid
optimism, If England would wake
up to the opportunities whlchCann
da affords both for the Investment of
money and the plnring of men. her
returns would he i*renter than from
any of her other investment, in 0t>
Innlnl dwvelnpmnit." Mr. MeKay's
rwent trip was arrnnged to rover every Important illstrlrt In the west
with n view to the investment of
private capital.
Free Wood Pulp
Wflshlnrtnn, ,Jnn. Ifi.-Tn he entitled to entry into tho United State*
from (.flfiadfl wood Oil If) and tinner
must be the product, of the Wflndfl nf
the pomfnlnn nnd not. n fVn'idinn
mnnufnrtiire of fnfftlpt. material, ar-
eordlng to n deOlfllOfl l>v thp H*rretarv
of tlm trensttrv todnv. Thi» iiuestlon
was rnlHpd nn a Meant lmnort"*lrn*
at Detroit nf paner from f'nn"dr». It
developed that, thla **'ir»*r waa mnrie
In Oflndrifl from wood pulp Imnoftfi^
from  BWedeH,
Amerlrnn Imonrtera nf fl«*a4ieV
wood ptilp nfld nnrw»r vrr»r*> a**-nn *
those Who HWflfltl* MJflWiled UfHeT t'"1
most fnvnred nntlnn rlniter nf the
enmmerrinl fcfAflr.lM fnr tba ntirlHttnfl
nf tlm 'nrlff nn tlm-ri *tHMi»*i Imnnr
ted direct Into the CnUed FWafcM
Thin f|iicHtlrin hi now hef^m the hoard
Of general APPfftlfloTfl n> New Ynr*
nn itii wnv to III" fulled Btfttnl
court of customs Hl-Wfllfl.
lumber, such as laths or for pulp, Is
used for firewood.
The ex|>endltiires for salaries, for-
ast cultivation aud road building
amounted to approximately $7M,0l)0,
and the total gross income (from
lumber and firewood) was $1,161,931.
The capital represented by the forest
(|G*Vi66,346) brought interest accordingly at 2.21 per cent. Where
extensive forestry ol this kind Is
practised, fortstt fires are unknown,
Sufficient money spent on Canadian
Forest Reserves would greatly reduce the fire danger, maintain an ad
equate lumber supply for the country and In time become a source ol
revenue to the government.
Coming From the States
Forestry In Europe
The productive forest, area In lion
on the Grand Dtiehv of Mesne In Bill
rnne amounted to L|B(B68 nrreti. In
general the stnnillnp timber Is compound of slitv nine per rent hard
wood and thirty -one per cent ennl-
raroitw forest, The fir rntiku first.
among the rnnlfnrnils sperles. The
total vl"M of lumber In 1U0K wtm
4,fi7r.,(KH) oUblc feet. RflfuM In Bo
far as II. In nor suitable for lighter
Kenoro, Hask.~"The surgical operation of removing an American and
grafting blm onto the Canadian tree
Ih not altogether easy, simple ot
painless In most cases; but oiicv they
aTl hnre, you have got thmn," says
president D, M. Frederlkson of thu
Hr-inilinavtftii Cnnndinn Land company of Chlrago. This company has
rncfnlly loiatwl not fewer than BOO
families of Mcnndlnavlans In the Ke-
ti'na district. The company's plan
is to In Unit large and small farmers and locate them In the spring up
on land when- Improvements are already under way, thus enabling them
to harvest rropn the first year. "By
thH plan" says Mr. Frederlkson, "no
matter whether they locate In town
or country, It become* a question of
time wben they will be well-to-do.
They mn't help hut make money."
Mr. Frederlkson also Instances one
Iowa fanner who recently became Interested in Kenoro lands, and wbo is
coming out In the spring with all
carloads of stuff, horses, traction engines and general supplies. An It
happens, the man is a German, sho*
Ing that all Is not Clcandlvavian
even with a company dealing In that
New School District
On Monday school was opened at
Glenllly in Yahk, Klngngntp vallsy
Ou Friday last, a dftOM celebrated
thn opHiIng of ths new school, and
was attended by oflf thirty couples
who were, by the kind AMI nf tnnut
i utters of the dlatrlr.t, eotiveyml by
sleigh tO and from the school iioiiae.
Mimic was furnished hy M weirs .Rid
path    and Gammon, and    lo Mr. T.
(Maimer,  who n't-il an floor    lAflttfAF,
I All are much Indebted for (heir con
trlhiiliottn towards a fflost  enloyahU
I Mme -the first It Is to 1st iped of
Wftfiy there, now that. a Mfltfal place
of meeting has  been  pmvllnd   in  thn
I valley.    The amount renllsed in aid
of the building fund  Wftl  •: i at
ooti raging.
• ti
Canal May Open Within
One Year
above flea level. It will contain a-
bout 226.000 cubic yards of concrete.
During tbe construction of the dam
all the water discharged from the
Cbagros and its tributaries will Bow
through this opening. When construction has advanced sufficiently to
permit the lake to be formed, the
spillway will be closed with a concrete dam. lilted with gates and machinery for regulating the water level
of the lake.
Ilatun lake will Impound tbe waters ot the basin comprising L,820
square miles. Wheu tbe surface ot
the water is at KG feet above tbe sea
level, the lake will have an area ol
about 164 square miles, ami will contain 206,000,000,000 cubic feet of water. ___^	
The water surface of the lake will
lie maintained during the rainy season at *7 feet above sea level, making
the minimum channel depth in the
canal of 11 teat, there will be stored
for dry season a surplus over live
feet CI waiter. Making dufc allowance
for evaporation, seepage, leakage at
the gtites, aud power consumption,this
of water. Making due allowance for
evaporation, seepage, leakage at the
gates, and power consumption, this
•vould be ample for 41 passages dally
through the locks, using them at full
length, or about 58 lockages u day
when partial length Is used, as would
Is- usually tbe cuse. wheu cross lUling
from one lock to the other through
the central wall is employed. Thle
would be a larger number of lockage*
than would be possible lu a single
Tbe average number ol lockage*
through the Sault Ste. Marie caual
on the American side was 37 per day
:ii the season ol navigation of lyoil.
which was about eight months long.
The average number ol ships paaeed
was about one ami one-half per lock
age The freight carried was more
than 3C.W0.00O tons. The Suet canal passed about 12 vessels per day.
with a total tonnage for the year of
I 15.500,000.
I The water level ot Catun lake extending through the Oulebra cut, will
lie maintained at the south end by
an earth dam connectiog the locks at
1'e.lro Miguel with the high ground
to the westward, about 1,400 feet
long, with its crest at an elevation
if 105 feet above nnean tide. A concrete core wall containing about 70tt
cubic yarda. will connect the locks
with the hills to the eastward; this
core wall will rest directly on the
rock surface and is designed to prevent percolation through the earth,
the surface of which Is above the lake
A small lake between the locks at
Pedro Miguel and Mtraflores trill be
formed hy the dams connecting the
walls ol Mlraflores locks with the
high ground on either aide. The dam
to the westward will be of earth,
about 2,700 feet long, having Ita crest
about 15 feet above tho water at
Mlraflores lake. Tbe east dam will
he of concrete, containing about 74,-
000 cubic yards; will be about flon
leet long, and will form a spillway
lor Mirations lake, wltb crett gatos
at ilatun dam.
There will be ait double locks In
the canal, three palra in flight at
ilatun, with a combined lilt ol Ml
feet; one pair at Pedro Miguel, wltb
a lilt of 30 and one-third leet, and
two pairs at Mlraflores wltb a combined lift of 64 and two-thirds feet
at mean tide.    The usual dimensions
01 all are the same—a length nl 1,000
leet, and width ol 110 feet. Harh
lock will be a chamber, with walls'
and door ol concrete, and mitering
gates at each end.
The side walla will he 46 to 60 leet
wide at the surface of tbe floor; will
be iierpendlcular'on the toot, and will
narrow from a point 24 I feet above
the floor until Ihey are eight leet
wide at the top. The middle wai
will be fill feel wide, approtlinntely
»l feet high, nnd each lace will be
vertical. At a point 43 | leet above
the middle culvert, this wall will ill-
vide Into two parta, leaving „ apace
down the centre much like the letter
"11". which will he 19 leet wide al
the bottom and 44 [eel. wide at the
top, tn thin centre space will he a
tunnel divided Into threo stories, nr
galleries. The Inwett gallery will he
for drainage, the middle tor the
wlr«s that will carry the electric current to operate tbe gate and valve
machinery Installed In the centra wall
and the upper will be a passageway
for tbe operatois.
The lock gates will he steel structures seven leet thick, 66 leet long,
and from 47 to HZ teet high. They
will weigh from 300 to 600 tone each.
Ninety-two leaves will be required
tor the rtit'i.. Canal, the total welgh-
Inc 5/,iioo tons. Intermediate gate*
will Is. used In the lock*, In order to
save water and time, If desired, In
locking small vessels through, the
gates being no placed ns to divide the
lock Into chambers 6011 and 400 feet
long, respectively. Ninety-live per
cent nl the vessels navigating the
high seas are less than 600 teet long
Bleetrltlty will bo used In tow the
vessels lnt;i and through thn locks,
nnd to operate nil gates and valves,
power being generated hy water turbines Irom the head created by flat
un lake. Vessels will not. be pnrnll
ted to enter or nana through the
locks under their own power, but will
be towed through by eleri,rle locomotives rmiulng on rogralls laid oil the
tops of the loek walls. There will
lie two towing •racks, nun for each
flight of locks, one on Hie aide and
one on Hie mld'lle wall. On each
aide wall there will be one return
track and on Hie middle wall a third
common to both of Ihe twin lockn.
All tracks will run continuously
the entile length of lbs     tenperllve
flights and will extend some distance
on the guide approach walls at each
end. The number of locomotives used will vary with the sue of tho vessel. The usual uumbei required will
be four; two ahead, oue ou each wail,
Imparting motion tu tbe vessel, and
two astern, one on each wall, to aid
In keeping the vessel lu a central position and to bring it to reat whan
entirely within Uw lock chamber.
They will be equipped with a ship
drum, towing windlass and hawser,
which will permit the towing line to
be taken In or paid out without actual motion of tho locomotive oa the
The locks will be tilled and emptied
through a system of culverts. One
culvert, 264 square feet lu area ol
cross section, about tbo area ol the
Hudson river tunnel* of the Pamnayl-
vania railroad, ettimds the entire
length of the middle aud tide wallt
and from each of these culverts there
are smaller culverts, 33 tu 44 square
feet lu area, which ottend under the
floor ot the lock and communicate
with the lock chamber through holes
in the floor. The Large culverts are
controlled at poluts uear the mitered
gates by large valves and each oi
the small culverts oitctlillug from
tbe middle wall culvert Into the twin
chambers is controlled by a efliatlri
cal valve. Tbe large culvert la the
middle wall feeds In both directlotu,
through laterals, thus peroiittiug the
passage of water from oue twla look
to another, effecting a saving of water.
To fill a lock tbe valves at the upper end are opened and the lower
valves closed. Tbe water down Irom
the upper pool through the large culverts luto ths latteral culverts and
thence through the boles In the door
into tho lock chamber To empty
a lock the valves at the upper end
are closed and tbe water flows into
the lower Lock or pool In a similar
manner. This system distributes
the water as evenly as posutble over
the entire horizontal area of the
lock and reduces the disturbance In
tbe chamber when tt is being tilled
or emptied.
Tbe average time of tilting and em-
i*tylng a lock will be about 11 minutes, without opening the valves go
suddenly as to create disturbing currents In the locks or approaches.
The time required to pass a taatel
through ail the locks la estimated at
three hours; one hour and a hall In
tbe three locks at Uatua, and about
the same time In the three locks at
tbe Pacific side. Tbe time ot passage of a vessel through the entire
canal is estimated aa ranging Irom
10 to 12 hours according bo the site
ot the ship and the rate ot weed at
which it can travel.
Breakwater! are under eonntruotioa
at the Atlantic and Pacific entrance*
to the canal. That In Mnon bay,
or Colon harbor, extends into tbe
hay Irom Toro point at an angle ot
I! degrees and' 63 uUnutes northward
from a base line drawn from Toro
point to Colon light, and will be
10,500 feet in length, or 11,700 leet,
Including the shore connection, and
wltb a width at the top ot 11 teet
and a height above mean sea level ol
10 teet. The width at the bottom
will dopmd largely on the depth ol
water. It will contain approximately 2,840,000 cubic yards ol rock, the
core being formed of rock quarried
on tbe mainland near Torn point armored with hard rock Irom Porto
Hollo. Work began on the breakwater in August, 1910, and on May
1, 1911, the Oil hnd been extended
6,214 leet. The estimated eo*t ll
A second breakwater hae been pro
poted tor Union bay, but tbln part
nl the protect hat not been formally
acted upon.
Canal May be used within a Tear.
(lain By Canal.
The following table ntuwi th* din
lance In mile* Irom varlou* ablpplng
port* ol th* «*st and Hurop* to Han
Pedro harbor by way ol tbe Panama
canal end the HtraiU til Magellan,
nnd tin gain In mile* by way of tbe
Via Pan- Via Mag- (lain
ama     gellnn     Pan.
New York .,
.... 4,719
.... 4,597
... 4.SM
It. Tampa
..  4,011
N. Orleans
» 4,191
Ualvmton ,.,
... 1,299
Liverpool .,,
... 7,531
Hamburg ...
... 7.96T
Antwerp   ...
... 7,MI
Bordeaui   ...
... 7,411
(libralter   ..
.... 7,471
The Legislature
session ot the twelfth parliament ot
llrltlsh Columbia WI* opened with
tha utual ceremony on Thursday
Inst. It was gratifying to not* that
tha general public took considerable
interest In Ihe proceeding*, a* In Addition to the three hundred Invited
guests, the gallcrle* were packed and
a large concourse ol people atteem-
bled ou thn terrace In Iron! ol the
Parliament llillldlngt. The touch ot
oinateiioss which characterised th*
proceedings I* both attractive and
popular. It Impart* an air of reality and serloiiiuiKiM to what would
othsrwlsn lie an aliuoet monotonous
function. In tba legislative Cham
bar the bright diesis* ol the ladlaa
and th* brighter uniforms of tha
olllcers who lorm * guard ol honor
ndd to thn |ilcliirnti|iiene*t of th*
animated went, and th* Lieutenant
Governor In hit handsome uniform
In always an imputing figure. The
prewint Incumbent nf thn high riffle*
lookn nvnry Inch a (lovernor, and tn
acquit himself moat admirably. To
the   more   popular lunation  M*ot*d*
+-. 11 ii 1111 in n..t h iHiiiun n i in 11. i u 11 n i' 11 mm 1111 in i m »t • * n
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T M 111II H H IIIII 11111111111' 111111111111111 H 111 mi
th* routla* ol prayer and notice*,
rounded up by tb* pr**entatlon ol
the Mtimattg) by the popular Finance
Minister. Mr. Price Klllson, and the
varlou* raport* on health and education by tt* Provincial Secretary, Pr.
Young. Than on motion ol th*
Premier, Um bourn adjourn* till tb*
nagt day. Th* address to th* throne
naturally dealt n   a.itiea.   Tin
.niaiii ot th* government policy
await th* *l»boratloa ot tb* varlou*
bill* to b* presented to th* house.
It I* po*eiblt, hotr»v«r, to glean
from th* addree* that tb* two Important «ub|**U to b* dealt with
thla ****loa nn th* utaoalv* amend-
a*at» to th* Land Act and a Railway Policy, Th* former la In v*ry
capable hand* la th* paraon ol th*
lat**t ministerial recruit, Mr. W. H.
Hues, Mialeter ol Lands, and wben
tb* measure I* lubinltted It will be
found that th* subject baa been *i-
baustivaly considered and the altera
Hon* eoacelved for th* purpose of pro
looting and protecting th* pTMuiptor
Aa to th* Hallway Polity of the government, whlltt th* detail* art withheld, It I* known that Mr. Hcllrlde
I* hut following out th* programme
which It* sketched at th* last provincial election. H* wid thn that th*
great Canadian Nnribnn scheme
which ha* *lnc* been eo *uece**tuiy
lnltlatad, wn* hut an instalment, and
would laad oa to otter trunk llm*
and lumtrou* branches. It la now
known that a tew trunk line will enn
Met Vancouver with th* Pear* lllver
country; and that tt* 0. P. H. and
C. N. B. will build to th* north ot
Vancouver laUad, and tK* another
railway dtettntd to become * treat
continental railway will M ***i*ted
between th* Pacific Coatt and the
Rocklta In tt* northern portion ot
tt* Province. Th* Houa* I* alr**dy
•ettllng down to work and th* a**-
slot! I* not expected to be a lengthy
on*, but It will be memorable a* the
flrat tanMon tn tt* history ol British
Columbia whta th* government wm
•bt* ts announee a revenue ol 110,-
000,000 and an estimated •iptndltur*
ol 11,000,000. It, a* I* rumored, Mr,
McBrld* dMldM to appeal to tt*
electorate In the near futur*, be can
nalely do eo on *ueh a iplandld record.—The W«*k.
To Reap_Beneflt
Victoria, January nth.
Daring tha coiir** of tt* continuation of tbe debate thi* afternoon,
Premier McBrlde In an addreat of
over *n hour.* duration, took miration to assure th* leader of Ihn op-
noaltiflo that hi* fear*, a* etpramed
earlier In Ih* afternoon that the government would b* found rami** In
safeguarding the Interests of th* people uf Urttmh Columbia In tt* mat-
Mr of **UtiOT*d taglalatlua W*r* quit*
ground,***. Premier McBrld* without
In any way dlecloelng detail* of the
question of railway development, declared that wben the railway legislation wm brought down It would be
found that th* Interest* of both the
mainland of tt* province and Vancouver Inland had been equally eared
II* announced tbat tt* railway pot-
ley of th* government would be
laid down on *ueb brand guage line*
that alt portion* ol Brltieb Columbia
would be benefited and ot tt* Judgment of tt* people on thi* matter
he had *v*ry confidence.
Mr. MeBrldt also dealt with th*
land policy ol the government u It
had bain called into question by thi
member for Albernl, Mr. Ilrewater.
Th* latter had declared that th* government had no land policy, tbat It
had bean faced with th* necessity of
either adopting th* policy of th*
Liberals In this connection or doing
without on*, and had chosen the
latter alternative.
Th* pr*ml*r refused tbln suggestion
and, amid th* applause nl tbe hoiitn,
demonstrated that the action* ot
tb* government In regard to th*
throwing ol the land* of the pro,
Ine* open to settlement had been all
that could be desired from the point
of view of those desirous of going on
th* land. Mr. Mcllrld* *tat*d thit
tb* policy ol th* government had
been In th* matter nl land*, an In
all other matterc, to confer ths ben
•fit* of legislation on all tbe people,
Irrespective of their alllllatlons, and
declared that whli* he had never
gun* ov*r thi list* of land advertise
meat* be had ben Informed that
even mora I,lb*raln than Conservative* might be found taking up Und,
and that tven Hoclallsta might be
very well represented.
Th* opening report ol th* royal
commission on taxation wm referred
to by th* premier, who pointed out
that wh*n In 1904 It bad been found
necessary to ask the farmer* of British Columbia for heavier contribution* to th* treasiirry, they had liberally renpondnd because they recog
nlMd th* great need of placing th* finance* of th* province on a nound
ball*. Hubsequently It had been
found possible to reduce taxation
and m a result of th* Investigation
of th* eommlMlon on tgtftt.li n lant
year It might ' • o 'nd that further
red'1'..n* might be advisable. He
promised th* hull** thnt every con
tliletatlon would be glvtn In the re-
commendations the cnmnil"idon would
make In Ita report and that legists
lion of a character which ronld not
fail to meet Ihe wishes of thn people
of Brltlah Columbia   would follow. [
Mr. Brewster resumed Ihe adloiiiu
ed debet* o* tbe address in reply to
the speech from tha throne. He
criticised the apeech m not oootalntng
tbe forecast of tt* legislation which
would be of benefit to the people of
llrltlsh Columbia. It* declared the
•peeefa contained no reference to tt*
edoption by thi government of a
land policy and he adversely critic,-
•ed tt* government for having leet
year by mean* of aa order In council Increased tt* price of land*. Th*
member for Albernl ttprteeed th* opinion that tt* people of the province
had last year beta forced to pay
114,000,000 for Imported agricultural
product* because tt* policy of tt*
government, bt aald, had permitted
speculator* to r*mov* all readily accessible agricultural laad* from tt*
possibility of development by actual
settlers In tt* opinion ol Mr.
Ilrewater * rerommendatlon might
tie expected from the royal commission on taxation that the poll Ui
should he abolished. He also aald
be thought the commission should
urge the removal of tt* Ul on lm-
pn.vement* and he declared that II
the government bad In th* past been
In earoeat In It* desire to pa** the
Natal Act It could now he Introduced and placed on th* statutes, and
It might be **nt to Ottawa without
tear of disallowance there because
there war* "no bad grit*" In pow*r
at th* federal capital. The debate
wm adjourned by T. I. Tltdale af
Vancouver. t
To Eneouran Poultry Raising
Winnipeg, Men-It I* the porno**
of th* organiser* of Manitoba'* .recently launched publicity campaign
to make a epeelal feature of the future possibilities of the province In
the way of poultry product* and market gardening. Discussing thee* «ub-
lecta a well-known local real ******
operator nay*: "Th* belt buy today
for tb* average Inventor I* property
suitable lor market gardening or
poultry raiting. Buch a purchase
I* a real investment, beeau** It tan
be mad* to produce Immediately a
dividend on th* amount Inveeted.Th*
future value of a deelrahle merktt
properly I* determined only on tt*
growth nl Wlnnlpeg-en ebeolutaly
sure thing; because Jnnt as turely a*
Winnipeg grow* and It* p*opVt heroine wealthy, Just *o luraly will the
prices advance--of egg*, potato**,
and garden truck of (very variety.
To the south good land cloaa to the
big cltlee eultabl* lor merktt gardening ol- poultry raising can be eearee-
ly be purchased at any price, Vu
same thing will be true of Winnipeg
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Novelized From Eugene
Walter's Greal flay
CmftitttU 1MB. wf 0. '*• OillinjhM'. C*.
i suppose you don't think l ought to | Kinea. souip wriimit ihiimt, envelopes.
insli.    Why shouldn't 1?    Who did  I   pt-ns rind Ink. were ti Huge tin box of
6t<'ui ibe money for
you iniide mi'!"
"That's » lie!"
"Ynu know it's the truth.    When  I
married you your father was to help
1 did It Itocuuse   lounj^o and n nut; containing |ifpcs of
wood  nnd   luoorsebtiutii  of nil  sixes.
shapes and colors.   Itntuili'kable ntuong
the few chairs of rattan or rusli wns
n  torso rocking clntlr, partially
me, and lie died, and then you had to   constructed of two small anchors, lho
,1a your own work, and you whined
nnd complained."
"That's another He!"
"Oh, .vou never said so In so many
, words, but 1 saw It—for four years
around the house.   1 saw you sighing
IIlikes forming tho rockers, In a corner over a coipfortablo loungo was a
canopy made of a piece of sail canvas supported hy south sea island
spears nud decorated with leather
shields,    wnrclubs,   boomerangs   and
and  moping because you didn't  have oilier  native   weapons,   together   with
enough  lo live on.    Then  there  were nccLlnccs   and   various  onianjculs  of
that molher of yours aud your Bister- sharks1    teeth.   Covering   tho   walls
they never stopped.   You tried to make were   BtUfTed   (lsb.es  of   weird   shape.
yourself a martyr.    lOvery moment of Over the entrance door  was ir ship's
your life Was n  mute protest against wheel and on lho maiilel a  model of
our poverty—yes. It was, and you know *,•* old time trading schooner with nil
It   Do you remember that night when -alls set    Among other objects 0Q the
mantel also was a faded daguerreotype showing Captain Williams as a
young man, in uniform. On each side
of the capstan wns a dirty cuspidor.
F-, you said you couldn't go lo the theater
Oil   a   long   time   Mrs.   Brooks because you didn't have clothes? Thai
stood  8Bilng  it. silence at  her was ihe tlrst time I look mouey. Thafs
husbaial.   her   heart   rent   with w||en * fa        „
pi,..7T^z*";:z .zxzv wnMU'{ have8ono" n,it?i,!rT^?,r«snotlcd'
had   been   built   upon  tbe  precarious ' !^ Tdld go-yo«  kept on w- X^VlL^ ^^
foundation of iicniiiiiimi.   Ob, tne bor- .„„       . . ,.... „„ .,„n„„ ,,.. ,.,„,    „    ,   ,               ,    ...
.„.    ...    ...         ,, ,,,    ,, „ inB. nuti ' '•"I" °" «*«llog ror you.   lived none, sine for Sato, n Japanese
ror     Oli. tbo Bbume or It!    On  Uio ..   . ,,.w r.«. w„rY„r..,i in,«n,  ,ni.n.a       , .      .    ,   ,           ....
, uoa. non i v* suirorea tor you, ror tue   valet, who bod served  um for manv
rery morrow tbo untuo she bore would sMa „„  v„ur ,,.K.k     B,01.,  niRllt         *
be Hold up io disgrace nnd derision hus „„„ „ ,llt.„unaru.   Now fm going f The  massive  form  of  tbe cnptnlr,
Ho would be cast  Into prison.      be ,„ ,„„, vou kuow {lal   ,-,„ golng ,,„
misery of lUoIr struggles wltb poverty tllere „„ Ul0 rlver for v,ar3 becaaB0
was at nothing compared wltb tbat or ,ou „„„., ao follr pim...                                 h t|M           Qf        ^       ) »
ibe r sudden downfall -I can't do what you want" llmt envo ed him nn He ut rending
Numbed though ber heart «as with I!e  „«.„„,„ Batunrically  persuasive   „  „         ,. „,      „„u, „ft„r ,„„ d*
the   Shock,   shrunk   hy   the  terror  of -.guln.
their ghastly position, It was yet not "Why can't you?" ho arged,   "Other
part ure   from   the  home   of   Mr.   and
Mrs.  Brooks.    He was rather annoyed
Impervious  to pity, and  (he  hopeless   women have for less reason-one to get    wluM1 t|]U telephone, bell rang and bad
wretchedness of her husband inspired control of a transcontinental railroad
it,   She thought of how he Imd lavish- for   her  husband.    I've  risked  every-
ed his stealings upon her. how be up- thing for you.   If you gti there toulgbt
pen red to be moved by the one desire 1 won't go lo jail; I  won't be hauled
to make her comfortable and happy. Into court: uo one will know but the
.She went to him and put her br.nd three of us.   No one will think the less
on his head, smoothing his hair, of you,    I've gone through to ibe limit
"Oh,  Joe!    Oh,   my   boy!"  she  sold for yuu; it's up to you lo go through
brokenly,    "How could  you do It?" for inc."
be not been expecting Smith would
not bavo troubled to answer tt. As It
was, ho swore a little and rose lazily
to respond
iTO  HK  10-ITlM'Kp)
Didn't you know sooner or later you'd
tie found out? Now I know why you've
been Interested In the races—you've
been betting on the horses."
"t—1 wanted to get Llie money back,1'
be sobbed.
"Hut didn't you know you couldn't?
Oh, why didn't you leave things as
they were—the Hat, the struggle and   loathing
all that?    Why did you bring me here      "* "~*
und show me nil this—this happiness—
With money that you stole?"
Ills sobbing ceased, and  be pushed
fcer away ami rose.
'That's rlnlit.   Vou call me a thief!
If there was one person In the world I
thought I could turn to It's you. and
you (urn on me."
",!oc, you mustn't say that.  I haven't
"Then If you go to jail you mean
that I've sent you there';"
"Yes, nnd down in your heart juu
know you have."
Every instinct of ber pure womanhood, every fiber of her flesh, revolted
>t this cynical exhibition of bis vile-
oess     She   contemplated   til iu   with
If v..
that  I   see yen  naked  !■  all
four natty meanness, your contempt!
b!e vlctousaess, I woiider how I pyw
made tb>* mistake of thinking you even
half n man."'she said.
This scut blag denunciation made no !
Impression nn his deadened scitse of
honor and decency.
"You can't dodge the responsibility
with Hue speeches," he replied, shrug-
turned on you.  Only I can't help but   j^~ buYboiuiers.   "I've'gone wrong
"What? That mnn Williams drove
me lo inking money,"
"Drove you?"
"Yes, he did. lie went away «o I
roQld tflke tt.  I expected yon to stand
for yon. What are you going to do?
Ik* square With me and take thi*
idiance-an easy chance—and you know
you're safe."
She did not answer, but stood there,
her face set in its expression of abhor-
by me. Do you know the hole I'm in? r'e,"t(.e'and ludlgnaUon. deliberating as
There are three central office men to llle best course to pursue toward
downstairs watching, If 1 make a this unspeakable villain to whom silt
move I'll bo nabbed. It's all very well ; WI18 bound and who watched her with
{or you to BtOp and preach—you always | unxlous, cringing mien
omd live on Ihlriy Cfitltl
ak, H9 periona do
Who come to us frOltl foreign port!
An.I si.iy a year or iwo,
Ts o soon could be ns ik-h as thc>*
Arvl of tii» landlord rr«
if. ■*.■• worked on ar»t didn't spend.
Bet whore would business be?
Thi* In a world of give and tasa
And not of calm repose.
If no one twugl i ft ipoul of threat
Th* mills would  have  to close.
if   •    :!j; was o:t bread and cheSM
And i^thcr things as cheap
The men who ma-ie iha tuxuriae
Could put their works to ttlesp.
In theory it Is verj  fine
To Ited the timpJe ll/e,
Tet one may come in conttet wltV
,   Tho uotlon> of his wife.
S.-e artll not wear the same c'J hal
forever and a day.
ArJ If 'tor clothes ai* not In style
There's nveitl thinss to pay,
The gentleman ot foreign birth
Who has that sort of skill
M.i.. save oat ninety cents or more
rrorn every oottar bin,
Itut he hi few tn quite a crowd.
If every one would drop
Hla speadlngs to hla barest needs
\v»'j have to shut up eiion.
furnace r.:AKAa:
How to S.cure H.at With a Minimum
Consumption ol Coal.
Tlio old practice of shaking a fire
ilowu. removing tiie uslics. tilling tip
with coal ami turning on all Hie ilanip-
crfl Is oue of tlio most wasteful innig-
inublc, writes G. E. Walsh In tho Scientific American. Blight shaking several
limes through ilie day, a few shovels
of coal applied every few hours nnd
wilh drafts half open, means a uniform, steudy lire Mint will give the
grentast amount o( heat ut a minimum
consumption of coal.
II is possible wllli skillful sinking or
tiring of this nnlure In hum soft coul
ill nmny of our stoves nnd furluices
without smudging Ilie landscape with
Boot nud smoke, liet il good bed of
lint coalt iiiid thou fed gradually and
shako lightly, The result In cotubui-
Hon Is uniform und Ilio heal units
utilized greater Hum by any oilier
mottled. If tho chimney draft is good
und Ihe furnace well designed there
i.tiould be lew occasions when all of
Ihe ilrufls  will  bo needed  If skillful
stoking is adopted.  There win alto bo
ll eoiuplele reduction of tho conl to
toft   nslies.    leaving   no   hull   burnt
piives.    Poking will ■* unnecessary
unless  clinkers  accumulate  111   places
lo retard  .linking down.
,    This method of treating the ful'liuee
has been  tried lime and again,   with
I the result o( u saving of from two to
, live tons of colli  in  the siime  house
French  Detective Got Wrong Clue to
"Mom Lisa."
FOU  Uoura tbe  Kicm.-h sleuth  Imd
followed tbe tuiiu tliruiigh deri-
una h!gbwH.V8 and  bj'wuys,  ttio
unsuspecting   fellow   sloiiciilny   uluug
wltb Ms cunras roll held ilgbtly under
bis arm,
"Aha." hissed the smiling deteftlve,
"I bnre beem at /e InsiJ"
Be cuinc a little closer. Spots of
paint were distinctly visible on tbe
cunvits roll.
The slentb spnnig forwtird and
snatched ttwny tbe pnukuge,
sr-r-rest  yon."   he  drMtOfltleally
Text. "The Lord was with Joseph, and
he **,:ik a luclty fellow" ('I'yndale'a Irane-
lHtlnu).-Ceiie*jla xxxlx. 2.
Ills nuuie WUS Joseph, lie rose from
' the slave pen lo tbe throne. The Dibit
suys be whs "a lucky fellow." As ihe
jptber sluvea silw blm rise tbey said.
| "What ii lucky fellowl"   Of course be
cried,"for«etjieftoflegrr-reai'Moml I-rjlied  while other slaves slept.    He
\Am7 '
The suspect • tared nl ilio sleiilh. nnd
the sleuth stared at the unrolled can
"Monsieur." wild the suspect calmly.
looked nfter Potlpbar's uffoll's, while
the otber slaves looked aft or iliem
anlves. He busied himself liederluj*
the pl'lson, white others busied diem
solves trying to break out.   There tire
iu it single whiter.   The lulerlor teiu   ,
periiturc 'of tho bouse was kept more | bit nervous when BhebeKttn otic of her
uniform also because of the more uniform heat maintained In the furnace.
"I will thank you to return to uie my j ,,|US ant\ mlom |M!0p|e>    jowpb xvn(l
overallal" ,,IUS>   atm fjml and man ssid Joseph
And InUug tbe canvas garment from i wrtB ■•„ il|r|;v fellow."
the   detective's   nerveless   lingers   he j    0;i(. 0Ugbk ,0 dett'ne ..,m.k/.    ..T,in)
continued Along tbo roitd to Pussy.- I wl)frh chnnceg t() fl p#,rBon for KmHi t,r
Cleveland PjjUu Dealer. |H."   Hut wheu you any "cbunce" you
- ' confess Ignoi'flnfP.   The very flip of the
Dangerous Story. .| cni„   \H  ^orerued   by   nerve,   muscle.
A Yale undergraduate una been bsv- |,|mmb and Vain that flip It. If yon
Ing a fairly lively time of It during nis collil, ca|Culnte the mental nnd physl
auiumer vacotlou and when the allow- , 1(.n| f0IVPS Uetween ,|je coin's leap and
auce hns not been keeping schedule \wt}trn V«JU could buy the world. Itut
tlme- I too cunt.    And It's Just Hint hit ot
Ho was Invited out to dinner with j |K1,oranCt3 we call "chance." If n h»i
his mother, and he was seen to get A | ,|fUc(, to saw WO)ldi nilU of tlie lnil(j i(f
Try lho method ouce and sen the difference. The chief thing la always to
keep a uniform bed of but COttls lu the
furnace unit never wait until the fuel
Is all burnt oul before adding new.
Bbulte ilu' furnace down lightly every
I iim* fresh coal is put ou. and keep the
dumpers ur draft only half or tliree-
QUIVtcrs open. In very cold weather
they may have to he opened full, but
not very often or for very long.
Over a petticoat of red velvet this
moire silk tunic, also In tho rich red
almde, Is most gracefully draped to
suggest folds of fabric swathing the
tlgurc. Above tho tunic Is a llttlo [ Warning Apparatus Designed For U«
bodice or red oWstut). spOWtOg the new | on Electric Railroads,
doubl# 8lee^  ,    "Autoirintlc flagmen" are being In-
stalled   on   tho   Hum   of   lho   Pacific
Padding Embroidery. j Kleetrli
on   the   lines
ltoilway company of Los Au*
i geles after a series of tests.   The fen-
Wbere heavy padding Is desired un ^^^^^^^
der embroidery try using little wads j turo 0f die apparatus 13 a disk pen
or raw cotton instead of lilting In the ; dulnm which awiugs back and forth
added   space  with  many  stitches ot j when a  car approaches'.    The other
favorite stories. Thla concerned the
burning of ihelr home, on which occasion the son's watch, left on a bureau.
was found licking In the ruins after
the house had been destroyed.
At the conclusion of the story the
college hoy jumped up abruptly and
left the room with his handkerchief
over his fnce aa if suddenly seized
wilh nosebleed, tic did not return
for several minutes, by which time
the conversation drifted.
pine, hickory und beech most of the
pine fell to hla brother'** side, rod the
hard, knotty wood fell 10 Uai, b-
would say ho had bad luctt. NeveM;.*■
less there would he it Causo for Hit-
wood so falling. If, however, the
boy's father had so stocked the wooc
that the pine fell to one aud the
hickory to another, because oul* wit?
better lifted for his lot than the other.
the word "chance" would have in
place there. If one sawed wood while
the other taught bis dog to balance a
After dinner tho "imdergrad's" cbum I ITT-."'* V""" .'     '" " '.. > .
-..-.. ...- „. im • .i,„ ,M„„.        culp of wood on hia nose there might
asked the Blgnltlcnnce of the move.
"I'll tell you. hut nobody else," said
ho. "When mother told that story I
was afraid she wns going to ask me
to show the wstcb."—Chicago Post.
be stilt another reason.
The Luck of Having a Job,
Joseph's j;ood Hick wus in having an
opportunity of demonstrating his lit
Iness for doing lar^e things by faith
, fulness to small things. He bad the
luck of being a servant,   That wa*
were so d—d saintly—but what of
rao7 That's tbo question—what ot
Ho thumped his breast violently.
She drew back, hurt by his reproaches.
"If I thought you were yourself I'd
never forgive you for saying dint in
me," she declared.
"I'm uol nsltlug your forgiveticss,
nor yuwr mother's, imr your sister's.
Whai I unut new w somebody to help
mo out. I don't want to go lo. Jail, It
would kill me."
"Do yoll think I want ynu lo go to
]ali? Do ynu Ihlnk I want the disgrace"-
"The disgrace- Mint's it: i know
that would como sooner or III lor, but 1
didn't Ciiuk It would como from you.
There's always somebody to' haninier
thal lut 1 a fellow when he's down."
"I'm not trying to hn minor ttnylhlug
Into you. What 1 want to know ts
what can be done, what are wo going
lo do?"
"1 don't know-unless"—
"Union wo cati get I tie money to
pay back,  There's .Iltnsy."
"Thnt won't do.   It's loo much.
Iinill'l   gOl    It.     Mesides,   It's   too   llltc
Williams nieiins bUlltlOSS,  lie wouldn't
lake tne money,   lie's not that kind "
"Oil,   If   1   only   kflOW   a   way-If
could only help!"
She wrung bOf hands and sank hops'
It'HMlr inhi a Chair by the table.
Drooki poood tho fooin foilloiily,
like a wild animal In a COgO, Now and
llii'ii he shot n peculiar, fntilve glunCO
in tho direction of his wife,   trinallj
he sat opposite lo licr, leaned toward
her on tho tabic nud mild lu 11 low, lu
tonio rolooi
"If anything is to he done It's got to
ho dune [anight* Mintna,   Wllllnmi u
(he only man. Vou can sipiaru ll with
"I can?"
"Yes, and no ono but yon,"
"Whnt can I do?"
Ho looked al ln-r meaningly,
"JIc likes you."
Btnrtlod)  she  returned   his  gaze  In*
"Yes, ho docs," he went on. "Ho always did. Women are his weak point.
lie's liked you for years. That's why
he haul's around. I've seen It and
heard whal lie said tonight about what |
he'd do for a j-lrl like you lie meant
that, Emma, He'll dn anything you
llSlf bin if—If you go to him right."
llegluiilng tn understand what he
wonted of her, Mm rose slowly, lu
credulous honor In her eyes, llo rose
»ilr-o jiiiil went toward hot*,
"Hc'h homo now." he urgod csyerly.
"You can go. No OHO will know but
Just Williams, you and uie. Aud you
ran do more (linn thnl-yoii can mnko
him give us money, more money, to
keep mi living like IhIs, unit there won't
bo tiny risk."
film recoiled from him.consumed wilh
rage nun siiume, Uor oi'OI mazing,
"1 hope I don't undoritAUd (ll'lglltl11
The words cnmii lu quivering gasps.
"You menu mo lo go lo iih aparlr.-.cnt
tonight to see him   ntid- atid"-
"Nu one fflM know tiie (llffftfoncff,"
ho coniod  sotdy.
She addressed him finally iu cold,
harsh tones:
"Whatever I may do or promise t<
tin, 1 promise simply because you
bin mo mo."
"Kiunin, I knew you'd"—
"Hon't make the mistake that I cure
for you. Whatever I felt for you, and
I I bought It was love, you've nssassl-
"Do you believe in love ot first
"You Ihiuk there Is something In It,
do you?"
"Sure. It Is Ilio only limn that I
over 11111 In love. The next lime I see
ber It's all off."
darning thread,
To pad a scallop catch up a bit of
raw cotton In your lingers nud roll It
\ between   the   thumb   and   forefinger
nntll It Is the length ot tbe scallop,
thick In the center, but tapering to s
, mere thread at ench end. Ley tbls
, ou the scallop and wltb a few mate*
; rial. Embroider over it In ths usual
I way.
'    Flowers bnve ihelr petals padded by
making little cushion-tike weds of cot*
, tou und catching them down to the
' material, well Inside the working lino,
j wltb ordinary sewing cotton.
I Coin dots nnd ribbon designs are
; treated accordingly.
"1'oti ort/i nviiu fttffl i/irt un money."
natid in the lost ten minutes. Hut 1
don't wnnt you to go (o Jail pointing a
DngOf of accusation at ine."
"Then you'll ho BfjUUre—yOU'll help-
"You iiiiderstiiml that If I bargain
with Captain Williams for your freedom I make Ihe bargain."
"I know.  I'll never nsk "
"It will bo my business alone."
"Yea, Just yours."
"is he bowel"
'Yes, I think so. He said ue vn'*
gnlnp there."
"Telephone and auk him If he can
see me— now-alone."
Ho Jumped 10 thu lit'trument, but ns
his band grRRpod tbe receiver he hesitated, and n flti.d' BU.Tu.tod his white,
drawn cheeks, brought lliete hy the
Ih.'it   true  COhsOloUBttOM  of  Ilie  enoi-
tiiiiy of his crime,  lie looked a round
guiltily at his wife Hhe win siaudlnn
rigid, her hack toward hltn. Ho took
down thu receiver,
"Seven sit • eight-(our Hrynni,' hi
en lied.
01 ad.
"I just hate Brown."
"What are you going to his wedding
for then?"
"'Cause I want logical."
"Clout V"
"Yes. t know the girl he's marry*
Her Firnt Ques*
"I wonder whnt
a woman suya
whon she gels to
lion ven?"
"1    should    not
think    any    ono,
need   wonder
iiisMit ihnt."
"BccuUBe uny
ono might know
that after asking
St. I'etor If her
hut is on straight
fho would nsk If
ihe place Is stonm
. Midline Teeted  Piles.
The   (oOttng of  tilt-;  has   been  less
■llllplo tbflU ono would expect, and ma
chine toiling, loihstltuted a few years
ago for hand testing by etpert  workmen, luis given results far from uniform,    It  has condemned   many   (lies
known to be good.   At last It was derided in test ihe machine llsclf, and
Professor W, Hipper, Hrltish engineer,
reports that muuy experiments hnve
been made and thai some hnve given
normal   results,   while   others   have
itiown extraordinary differences in the
[cutting power of tiles appear tug to he
exactly alike and even of dm opposlto
■Idea or the same llle.   The conclusion
I has boon  reached that  lllliig tu ono
groove seems occasionally to develop
it resistant glaea on the work, prevent-
Ing further cutting or at least retard*
I Ing It    To remedy this the machine
has boon given an addlilon causing Ilio
'tile to bbongo lis (1111li Irom stroke lo
HtrottOi as In hand tiling, and the ro-
1 <uii is much greater appareul accuracy
In   he lead made.
A Winttr Motor Coat.
T'ndyed son I skin Is not nearly as ox-
pcuslvu ns the glossy dyed pelt, which
Is taken from n part of the animal
warning iustruments provided are a
trolley car bell and two electric lights.
About I.BOO foot from tho highway
crossing thus protected a number of
six foot sections of contact rails are
boiled to tho regular tracks. To theso
are connected starting relays In such a
munuer diui the trend of the wheels
i makes a contact as the car pusses over.
j hut there are uo mining parts. Tbe
passing of a car over the contact mnk-
j lag device simply starts the mechntt-
Imiii acluutlng the pendulum und gong,
which, being provided wilh u liming
element, runs a given length of time
before stopping, thus warning all who
approach.   Popular Mechanics.
The Appearance af Evil.
"Sister   Ueuderson,"   aald   Deacon
Hypers, "you should avoid even Ihe   his chance.    Every follow who has a
appearance of evil." Job hus a chin ice,    Don't think (or a
"Why, dencon. whnt do you mean?" moment that ihlugs went smooth nnd
uiked Slater Henderson. ! without opposition.   There were conn
"I observe tbnt on your sideboard ' intrigues und high officials, who en
you have several cut glass decanters 1 vied him and tried to knife him un
end tbat each of tbem is half filled tbo sly. Let's adroit for tbe mo
wltb wbat appear to be ardent splr 'moot tbnt there's "luck." Well, to
its." Joseph  It  "broke  wrong."    He  was
"Well, now, deacon, It Isn't anything Isold a slave. Pleased Is tne man
ot tbe kind. The bottles look ao whom misfortune doesn't amir. If our
pretty on the sideboard that I Just llll luck makes us sour we're "goner*."
li!>d them halfway wltb some float j If we aro brave and smile things siari
ittaln and furniture polish. Just for ap- 'to "come our way." Some men are
peorancea." cradled ou  feathers, some on rocks.
"Tbat'e wby Pin cautioning you. sis- j Runyan lu Bedford jail was better np
ter." replied tbe deacon. "Feeling a than the king of England, John tin
trifle weak and faint, 1 helped myself Baptist In duueeon at Ma cb Hor us ou-j
dose from the big bottle Is the tie wus in belter "luck" than Hern.
Ion the throne, (hough the former was
beheaded. I'rnukliu munching hi»
penny roll ou tbo afreets of Philadelphia looking for a Job, (Jeorge W.
Cbllds wheeling his harrow when the
other boys had --oue home, the New
: York Judge who rammed paving'
stonea on the street to get money to
make a start nre instances of hard
"luck." When some ofilclal pushed n
stumbling block lu Joseph's way be
| stepped up on It. A postal clerk lu
A Valuable Man. > Washington got "bounced." had saved
"Yes, he bod some rare trouble wltn  gino, v.nrired tils wny to .Inpan. start*
his eyes," said (he celebrated oculist   ed there a postal system und got 111.*
"Every time be went to read be would  000 a year,
read double." A Bibit Cinderella?
"Poor teltow," remarked the lymp* | m 1]0 m9te or miracle about It.
lb Otic person.    "1 suppose tbat Inter |„n- hl|l| fl ..,.,„,.,,    Vw; ,„ „ wtm
middles-London Telegraph.
J Danger tn Delay. "
• Men wbo admire many girts •
J and hesitate too long lu msk- J
• log a selection ure liable to see a
{ the whole flock Uy south.-Kpo- J
e kune Spokesman Itevlpw.    , a
fored  with bis holding a good position?"
He took Iih III luck**!. «., his brother's
envy, father's foolishness, boyish van-
HI)N .11 mny Hmllli linil (old
W.ilt In tho Cosl Bill.
Ono pound uf conl mny lid Iiikpii Io
inivii iiiuornoil" 10,000 work units, of
tiifi.o \n.om potslblo wm\> millii ;lou
mo Wuoluil Iii (lio ash I'll, 1,0110 In Mm
ititclr. COO in IjiiiiIiIiis Drn, 800 III fiidl"
lion mul mltoolliinoout Iomhom. in oiboi1
ivoiiiH, in ilio iiuiiiT room ii.ii^o word
.itnit.'i tii-i. u-iniii'ii   in tlio outflno room
ITO moro ivotll unlit lll'ij toil by iiiiIIii-
lion of lioul from llit? plpos mul Ijlo
witili   mills nm Blltll'IIICQd In  Mm '.'lill-
liMi'U'i1, hu Mini Mm lolfll 0U8III0 room
I'.iiinui nml Jon Mini ('up ionn |H n.lHii tvorli nnll'i. In ollmi'
inln Wllllmnt liw.l In n in   n-arda, only 1,900 worll nnll'i tire im-
Mi' sniiiii  tra   Island  iinnk  hl„nv , |,|0 mn „f ii,,. pomlbla m.
nimni Inln nit "nl nnd llml 11 wni  'mn ',Vnrk imiiH iii 11 pound of npnl,
"Ymi run liuiidle   iiiiiy llle dMcrlptlon hnd don* luillro  rjno-llftli of II oni bill In |*nld ulliiply
blm til right,   neildoi, j«n know how  to lho pines in" oancrnl wnj. 11 wns Uo prndneii n drnfi in il"' imoltpnlnnld
fnr you otii bt 11 mini go—nil tvotiioii  In n holol not fm from Umi in which 1
know Mull," Mm tlrnnktt'S linil in 11 nlly lukuii up
"(lb, I ninl liilli'ii' I'm llntnillll" In Hu'lr  reslili'itrc.  1111,1  lho  Mrlmi  riinm
i'OUl   A littHliiiiiil in imli n nifi'"- wnt 11 'iiilniit cniubliinlliin nf inlltiml
Bbo [lopped,  pi'OHlnu  inn  cliivM hi tar* luiitfttm nnd "hip's ciililn,
bi'iwi'i.'ii Iml1 clllicliod Imildfi iitipnllcd     \ wondi'h (nipflliii to Mir cwntof (Mil
ul bis Infiiiny. duly tin 11 rmilid Inlili', no,I oil It, III	
••Then 5011  won't dn ItV"  lm Orled Kddltlon lo 1111 oloclflo rrndlng lump,   J".1'   '    ."'", "™*
liurrllr. "Von Won't COMO In the frou|i | In uullilr litter of mi hits und IlitBil- I0""*111* ln '»• "m"".
O.ni,  ot  Cr.mhn.
Rdfll nrile., uiir 01 im\ nniiiit nn nut
tllp nnd 1 'pmn'011 on flnnlhcl nl b'lilll
(nny im itrltlen mi mm. .Ml me lllllt<
tlm nml iiinnn     Au niisnor to Ml*
■oTna coat nr imisuin shd tuostou.
when, lho fur It rlehest nnd Milium.
This motor eoni of undyeil sealskin I*
Imlll on new, itruieful Hues nnd I* effectively trimmed with Australian
Msinln* el Nemet,
Adda, Allele, Arlelelde, Adellna- N»
Amiel-A lamb.
Amr-femtls frl»nd.
Allee, Alerln, Allen—A profei'trstt.
Aniiobi, AtiKi'lInn, Antcllrn-A nisi-
Ann, Aunt, Annie-(irnrefui, ehnrtii'
j   Anioliielin-Tlit pril.*worth.r,
Arsbelln-Tlic lolcly.
Aunnlinl- llenullful Anns.
Autnisln—(JiHoiily, glmioiii, naered.
rrnno**, I'tniij', KrnnvMen« I'tM,
Noi a Merry Lltr.
"lie hi 11 ii'itiilnr loinbnlnlie,"
"Why iln yini .nil him Hull?"
"IIWDIIMI lm Ill's to illMimlly."
Pi'.iiDiiii'i Tor th. Ordeal.
"TlllilllU ,11 'III- Vlli'lllllMI iinw'l"
"Nn; Jusl iwlli'D up for II,"
Soinetiiu^s Unwatlittl.
In puicliti nn mi npi'lu
1 ivuiii n|i i-i ih. Bland.
The umilcr lltliily ilusls It with
Ills llm n.'iinu hind.
Origin of Otent.
Oziuip, which Is nn atloll'Opla form
of utygiui, bus luntt been recucnl/ud
ss 1111 milvo piii'llyliiu nw.'iit In ths
nlniosphiTp orlnft lo Its powerful otl-
db.lu|t i|tiulllles, but tbe question uf lis
origin hus been much disputed. The
Inrsstltslluns uf llrnrli'l, lu I'runee,
bare led hint lo the COtlolllllOn llml.
OIUMIO forms In lho upper reflont of
the ulr, pi'iiimiily under Ibe Intlueneo
of llm u 11 in -violet indlnlluns from Mm
sun, uud Mini It Is brought downwurd
Inwiiiil llm surf nre nf the enrlh both
by ilrHi'iuidlntt (!lr euirenls nud by
drops of ruin. Afler 11 shower nf rain
Ihe quitnllly of ouniie lu Ihe nlr Is nl
wnyt rmiiiil lo hure been Increistd,
An Ancl.nt Ironmt.ttr.
IIoKiie's lloiuio nt lliisied, Susset,
1,'iiltliuiil, In thi duller of llm old Iron
district, wus formerly tho residence of
Itnlph Hocite, un Ironmaster. Ho Is
cetebriited as buvlnit lieeu Ibe llrtt lo
eusl 11 eunnon In one piece. This OO'
1'iiiTcd In IM.'I. Orlitlmilly big puis
were hunped and dniiKorouH. to uiuntfre.
Tbe worthy inercbiint's discovery revo-
litllonlM'd the trade and brought hint
we.illh nnd fame. Ills ancient borne,
embowered In tree". Is still In good
condition, well worth seeing nnd quite
close to the church, On lis fnciidc Is u
hog lu bu-rellrf.
W.rk *f ths Wtvtl.
Iii   twenty live  .reins  ibe aea  has
w'lislird nwny IIP acres of lend from
Not nt «1L 'lbs gas "oopno* «., |oreof monw, il womnns Hl»l. I*
gobbled turn up and gnre blm • luera- ,„„ n „„ „„„„,„,„„ mltft f„rRC,.
UT. job rending gst meteri."-Llppln ] ,lllncMi „ dt.BM-H c„,)r||.c. troubled
c0"'' : dreams nnd Ignornnt tunglelniis, strung
thom together Into n ro|» to "ptiir
himself lo Ihe throne nest to Pharaoh
"He wns fnlibfiil." the bonk says. In
Mils shoddy ago, shoddy clothes, shod
•ly Ideas, shoddy morals, "faithful"
needs emphuslir.lug. llo had a clear
record. Ileineinher John II. !lough*
hut trordi—"Young mnn. keep your
rucord elnnr." No skeleton III lilt soul's
closet: no Itniniun'H ghost; no llelshnr.
r.ur's fenr of ebndows: no ninetieth cry-
Ing "Out, dnnined sput." And In pros.
•» .   . »*m*tim*s rl«gpini. Iperltjrl   Adversity develops chnrncter:
Pt end-Yot. took -our son Inlo your j pl.Mp'j,r|„ demands It   Welglil of prls
Mow did lis turn onll
lliisluets Man (weurlljl-tlrml 1110'
en*. He's ttut'blng ut* III* bilsluett
now.-T'nli'du llluilc.
H* Kn*w HI* English.
"Then I'm to tell tbo nrni." the bill
eollK'tor said, making a memorandum
In bis notebook, "that you'll prubniuy
settle this account nett week!"
"Well, I'd hardly put It thnt wny,"
hesitatingly answered tbe 01 Per,
"Trobnhiy I* a pretty lining word!
better msk* It 'potilbljf.' "-I'nleigo
N.t tl Ih* Smart III.
Ir.dlgnniit Mother-Don't yuu ever
dir* to play with tb* est next dour
■gain. You know ver* well that th*
has no license.
Mm Hellish Isles, hut at Ibe tame time ]provided by law.
Whin Marketing.
A bushel of potatoes should weigh
slily pounds without lho basket, us
It has milled :tii,(«)n lOWS, Tho laud
iiiken, however, was much mure vtlu-
Kbit) Hutu Mist milled.
Our Rittiurinli.
"Why, Ih* men mil pnlnlon sr*
quite cold,"
"Vol, sir; you would hnve done hot
ler tu hnve ordered n tauilwlch hi Mil.
lime of dny, Iml yon piii'il.tilurly n.lt-
e.i foi tiimitbing inn!'. London opinion
Hsrbor Worho In ll.ly
Tbe llalhlll iitltil-lei' uf public wnrkt
Is rei'iirlnl lo hnve ii|ipt'iivoil the phint
for  the rniiHlruiMloil of  ihe  Vlllorlo
liDlllllllClQ. 111. duel; nud for tlm Isiiglh
The eyes of u fresh gill are bright,
not glnzed, Tho flesh Is linn, Ihe gills
red und tho udur nnluinl, but not offensive.
There ll no bin* or green ling*
kbollt llm veins nf good poultry. Thll
It u mirk of decay Ihe careful buyer
iboulil not fall lu observe,
Yellow feet nud bills lire Iht mark
of a young goose.
riowers llmt bloom under snow
wither under sun. l-'rom slate pen to
throne wns Iml a night; prison rags
lo pallet rob*, fetter uf Irnn lo rliiiln
of gold, bed of straw to couch of down'
-•II lu 11 dny? No; It took 11 lifetime
Th* C,since *f Luck.
The great word In Joseph's voeuhu
Isry was not "luck," but "Hod." No
accident to him Ihnt "The Lord wns
Willi Joseph." Joseph was with the
Lord. Mod's baud wns on the helm ot
bis life. II* acknowledged (lod, ns did
Csptuln I'blllp on Ihe deck of Ibe I'es
is nfter bottle of Hnntlago. like (Irani
declining roynl reception lu Murope ou
Kuiidiiy, like Victoria telling Indian
princes secret of her empire's isiwer
was the Itlble. Joseph found Hod's
will nnd went thnt way. He Inoked it
his difficulties through liod, not (t Hod
through bis difficulties. "Commit thy
way unto tho I.nrd; trust also In him
nnd he shall bring It lo piss," wns Ibe
lirst article In bis cieotl. section one In
his constitution. Ills disappointments
were Hod's appointments, lie ssw Hod
III slaee pen, prison,- temptation, be
fur* Phnrnoh. "Them Ibst honor mi
I will honor," Joseph wns I rue lo (lod
Hod lo Joseph. The secrel or his sue
»ess wns Hod. Del tbnt, frlendJ "The
Lord wns with Joseph, nud lie was •
lucky fellow." ni* wa» th* Uol ol
lb* luck*.
T* Ttnifh Armhol.t.
tine Is 11 neul wn.v to lliilili the
llrTUliOlU of 11 nny line lingerie, wnlst,
! Iiiiileml uf lilndlni! It In Mm ordinary
'wily liullonbole tilicb Ilio eilgei with
1 ooldly   twlsloil   i.'iubrolilicy   collon,
Sueb Impudtnotl
Mrs,  Nowed- The cuok Is nn
dent thing, so she Isl
Neweil   Wlint's the trouble, dear?
Mrs, Newed   Why, I discharged h*f
this moftllllg nml tbo refuted lo go.—
rtil'.-ntro Nlttfl,
c„'i,lg oV.be Hnllien, mol. it {MM   LWAWs^fe^^
ll n cost ot 'll,<i:!0,000.
will b* Invlilbl* from the rlchl tld*.
Ytl, but Not Avowtilly.
"Sluill I," iiHkcil llllle llemlo, "ever
he 111 old as graii'liiiiiV''
"Von, denr, If you live," replied her
iiiucle, "but you'll never nilinll II."-
it'blcngo lie.in il llci c lii. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Tbe Kootenay Central Railway Oo.
will apply to tbe Parliament ot Canada at iti next session [or aa Act
authorising it to construct a branch
Irom * point on ths Crow'i Ne*t
branch ol the Canadian Paoibc railway at or near Galloway in a louth-
srly direction to the International
Boundary, and attending tbe tint*
within which It may construct th*
railways heretofore authorttid, and
lor other purposes.
Oattd at Montreal, tbit ird day
of November,   1911.
H. C. OBWALU, Sec.
rrtngli, Thompion 4 Burg***,
Ottawa Agents
District ol Houtk Bait Kootway
TAK.B NOTIOhl tbat B. D. tlllllet,
ol Vancouver, B.C., intends tu apply
for a Ucensi to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on tb* following described
land*, Commencing at a post planted
oa th* north east corner ol lot 7J87
thtnet east 10 chains, thence south
10 ehalni. thence wttt 10 chain*,
thence north 80 chalm lo point ol
Dated Auguit   10th,   till.
tilt Lsjoatof
Dlttriet of South Bait Koottnay
TAKE NOTIOB that David Jenklui
at Vaacouvar, B.C., lntende to apply
tor a llcenu to pr ct lor coal aad
Patrolwm on * ' eg described
land*, Commencing at a post planted
oa KUth *a*t corner ol lot 7284,
thtnet tatt 80 chain*, thenci north
It ebalna, thiaei wttt 80 ehalni,
thtnet louth 10 ehalni to point of
Dated Auguet   10th,   llll.
U-0t Loaator.
Dlitrlct of South But Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE tbat J. Bdwardi
Lseklt ol Cobalt, Ontario, Inttndi to
applr <or a Uctni* to proiptct lor
coal and petroleum on the following
anerlbtd land*, Oomminelng at a
pott planted on the South Bait cor
atr ol lot 7288 on the dividing Hat
af lot 7288 and 7287 do** to a Wit-
aat* pott marked W.P. 11.80, thane*
south 10 chain*, thence west 10
•halo*; thane* north 80 chain*;
theace .lit 80 chain* to point ot
Dat*d Augu.t   80th,   llll.
«l»t LooaUr.
DUtrlet ol South Bait Kootmay
TAKB NOTIOB that Margaret Oil
ll**, of Vaneoueir, Intend! to apply
lor a licence to proipiet lor coal aad
pHroliuro on Ut* lollowlng described
land*, Commencing at a pott planted
on th* aouth eaet coiner ol lot TM7
thence aaet 10 chain*; thence tout*
80 chain*, thane* watt 80 chain*,
thmci north SO ehalni, ter point of
tomm.net ment.
Dated Auguit   Uth,   llll.
•S-tt Loaator.
I. William Thom** Lie;, ol Galloway, B.C., by occupation a tarmir,
gie* aotloc that I intend, on tha Ith
tag ot D*eimbir nut, at I o'clock
la th* afternoon, to applr to th*
Water Oommistiootr at hi* olBcc,
Oranbrook, B.C. lor a Heen** to
take and u*e one-quarter cubic loot
■I water per aeeond from Spring riling near e*ntr* of Sub-lot 7 ol lot
MM. Oroop 1, Kootenar Dlttriet,
and which link* on *am* Lot.
Th* water will bi und on P»rt ol
lab-lot 4 of Bnb-lot 7, ol lot
♦110, Oroitp 1, TCoottuay Dlitrlct he-
lag At* (I) nem ownid br thi *p-
plleant, and th* point ot dlearatoa It
whir* aald Spring rl*n.
Dated   thi*    I0U.   day ol OMoMr,
Mil. it-it
an application will be made tn the
legislative Assembly ol the Province
of llrltlsh Columbia at its neit •••-
•lon for an Act to amend tbe "Houth
Bait Kootenar Railway Oompanr
Act, 1906," as amended br thi
"South Hail, Kootenar Hallwar Act,
Amendment Act., 1900," to al to «i-
tend th* tlm* within which to commence construction ol the railway
authorised br Chapter 11 ol the
Statute* of British Columbia, MM,
and to axpend fifteen per cent. nf
th* authorised,.share capital of the
Oompanr In, upon and toward* the
•onatruetlon of Ita rallwar.
Dated thi* Ith day ol December,
A.D.,   llll.
Solicitors lor the Applicant*
WATER ACT,   1909
To all bolder*   ol land within the
limite of Lots   4 and  22, Group   1,
Kootenar District end to all holders!
ot Water Records on Joseph's Prairie'
Application ol Valentine Hyde
Baker for the apportionment of part
of the 900 inches of water from eald '
Creek recorded In lavor of John T.
Galbraith on the 23rd day ot May,
1872, lor the purpose ol Irrigating
the northerly five acres of Block 45
In the Townsite qt Cranbrook according to a map or plan hied In the
Land Registry Office at Nelson, B.C.,
al 8690; and an application lor the
apportionment ol part ol the SCO
Inchei ol water Irom said Creek recorded In favor of James Baker oa
the 1st day of March, 1886, for the
purpose ol Irrigating the southerly
ten acres ol Block 46; and lor permission to change the point ul diversion and the course •( the ditch tor
the diversion ot part of aald water,
will be heard before me at my office
on the 12th day ol February, 1912,
at eleven o'clock In tbe lorenoon,
local time, under tbe authority ol
laid Wat*r Act. , "s>
Objections should be hied with mi
on or before the Sth day of February,   1911.
Dated at Oranbrook, the 83rd day
of December,   1911.
Acting Water Commissioner Cranbrook Water District.
NOTIOB ia hereby given tbat thirty days after date, I Intend to aPply
to Chief Commissioner ol Lands for
a license to prospect for eoal and
petroleum on the following, lands
situate In tha district ot South Bast
Kbotenay, British Columbia :-Oom-
menclng at a post planted 11.18
chains east of the N.W. corner of lot
8769, Oroup 1, thence east 49.51
chain*, more or less, to th* west
boundary of lot 7507, group 1, thence north 65.70 chain*, more or less,
to U.K. Corner of lot 75C9, group 1,
thence wait 49.51 chalm more or
lee* to a Point due north of the
point of commencement; thence south
65.70 chain*, more or leas, to the
point of commencement, containing
325 acre*, more or lea*.
Located thi* Sth day ol December,
Per W. H. Mo**, Agent.
H. B. Morrle. fl-lt
The British Columbia Southern
Rallwar Company give notice that on
the 7th of February, 1911, It Intends to apply to the Water Commissioner at hi* office In Cranbrook,
for a license to take and use 1)
cubic feet of water per second from
Little Sand Creek In Oranbrook Water District. Tbe water Is to be taken Irom the stream about 1800 leet
northeast of the northeat corner ol
Lot IS48, to he used on 20 acre* of
Lot 4590, being a atrip ol land 10
chains wide Irom north to south adjoining Lot 3S4S, Oroup 1, to the
north, for domestic purposes.
Dated  Cth January,   1912.
Per W. F. Ourd, Cranbrook, B.C.
We, William   Whyte, and Frederick
Thomaa Origin, of Winnipeg, Manitoba,   Rallwar   Officials,   give notice
that on the    7th   day ol February,
1911, we Intend to applr to the Water Commissioner at his office In Cranbrook, for a license to take and use
li cubic feet   of   water   per second
from Little Band Creek In Oranbrook
Water District,    The water Is to be
taken from the   stream about   1800
leet northeaat of the northeast corner ol Lot   1643, to he used on Lot
3541, for Irrigation purposes.
Dated  6th Jnnuary,   1912.
Per W. F. Ourd, Cranhrook, B.C.
We, William Whyte, and Frederick
Thomas Griffin, nl Winnipeg, Manito
ba, Railway Officials, give notice
that on the 7th day of February,
1911, ws Intend to apply to the Water Commissioner at his office In Cranhrook, for a license to tuke and use
It cubic feet of water per second
from Little Band Creek In Oranbrook
Water District. The water Is to Is)
taken from the stream about 1800
feet northeast of the northeast corner ol Lot   1548, to be used on Lot
641, tor domestic purposes.
Dated  Ith January,   1912.
Per W. F. Ourd, Cranbrook, B.C.
Th* British Columbia Railway
Company, give notice thnt on the
7th ol February, 1912, It Intend* to
apply to the Water tlniiimlssloner Rt
hi* office In Cranhrook, lor a license
to Ink* and urn It cubic leet ol wat-
•r per second Irom Little Hand Creek
ll Oranbrook Water District, The
water I* ID be taken Irom the stream
about 1800 teet northeast, ot the
northeast corner of Lot aS43, to be
used on 10 acres of dot. 4690, being
a atrip ot Inn I 10 chains wide Irom
north to ■ottlh adjoining Lot 3B43,
Oroup li to the north, lor Irrigation
Dated  ltd January,   HU.
F»r W. F. Ourd, Oranbrook, B.O,
A OOURT ol Revision and Appeal
under the "Assessment Act, 1903",
tor the Fort Steele Assessment District will be held on Monday the 29ui
day of January, 1912, at 10 o'clock
In the forenoon, at the Court House
at Fernie, and on Wednesday, the
31st day ot January, 1912, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon at the Court
House at Oranbrook.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 5th day of
January, 1912.
Court of Revision and Appeal.     2-Ut
Lead Producers want Protection
B. C. Board Convenes
NOTICE Is hereby given that all
taies for the year 1912, for properties situate In tbe Fort Steele Assess
ment District are now due and payable at my office tn the Government
Building, City ol Cranbrook.
And further take notice that publication of tbls notice Is deemed to be
equivalent to a personal demand by
the Collector ot all taxes due and
payable by portions liable to pay tbe
Acting Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District
Dated at Cranbrook, B. 0„ 9th day
of January, 1912. 8-4t
the partnership heretofore subsisting
between us, the undersigned, as the
"Agnew-McBaln Hardware and Trading Company", In the Town ol
Elko, has this day dissolved by mutual consent. Alt debts owing to
said partnership are to be paid to
Joseph M. Agnew at Elko aforesaid,
and all claims against the said partnership are to be presented to the
said Joseph M. Agnew, hy trhom the
same will be settled.
Dated at Rlko, B. 0-. this ind day
ol January, A. D. 1911.
witness P. G. Leadly. 2-4t
District ol Southeast Kootenay
Take notice that William Harrison
ol Cranbrook, occupation railwayman
Intends to apply tor permission to
purchase tbe lollowlng described
lands ;—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North West corner nl Lot 8744
on East side ol right ol way, thence
west 10 chains more or less to Timber License 43351, thence South to
Lot 10093; thence east to right of
wag; thence following right ot way
to point ol commencement.
Name ol Applicant,
Dated   Uth December,   1911.     l-9t
Wilmer, B.C., Oct.   8,   1911.
To George Burt, Spokane, Wash,
TAKB NOTICE that I, Allison 8.
Palmer, Free Mines License No. B,
68S45, acting myself and as agent for
James Larrahee, Free Miner's License
No. B 68660: 0. D. Fttiettirmons,
Free Miner's License No. It 190 acting under section 24 of the act relating to gold and other minerals
hereby give notice to the said George
Burt of Spokane, Wash., aa aforesaid
that if he, the said George Hurt,
tall* to contribute the sum ol on*
hundred and two dollar* and fifty
cents hi* proportion ot expenditure
of the said initio as required by section 24 of the act relating to gold
and other minerals together with the
coata ol advertising before the ei-
plratlon ol ninety day* that he ahall
forfeit hln I'lnlin In the said mineral
claim under Section 25 B ol the gold
and other mineral* act.
This notice will appear In the Columbian   newspaper lor the period of
ninety days ns required by law.
(Transferred Irom Wilmer Columbian)
For Sale
For Rant
A ranch 110 acres being S.D. 4 nl
Lot 840, I mill! from Cranhrook on
St. Mary'* Prairie, containing 130
acre* of good (arm land, balance
contain! good timber. Will rent, lor
a term ol live years lor cash, rent to
be paid evory year In advnnoe. Apply
Mrs. Mary Mnrlel, High River, A Ita
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Termi on Application
•hoot 319 P. O. Box Ml
25 to 35 Acre* of Land
on tbe wcit side ol road, a portion
of the well-known Frultlandi Farm.
Sheltered on the northeast by
Rocky Mountain range. Free from
similiter Irosi. Tomatoes, Melons,
and Cucumbers grow In open garden.
A beautiful spot lor a residence.
Good Bhootliu- and fishing.
Price |t60 per acre, will easily Mil
lor twice the price tn th* early
Apply to J. A. Harvey, K.O., V,n
coiiver, B.C., or to
MICHAEL   PHILLIPS   on    th*
farm, Blko, P.O.
Notice of Court   ol Revision.
GIVEN that the Court ot Hevlelon
will alt on Monday March Ith.,1911
at the hour ot 10:30 a. hi. (local
time) at the Municipal Buildings
Oranbrook, II. 0„ fnr the purpose of
correcting and revising tbe assessment Roll ot the City nt Cranbrook.
Any person complaining ot an error
nr omission In the said Hull eball
give notice ot his mtnplnlnt In writing to the Assessor, and the grounds
ot his complaint, at least ten (10)
days bnlure the sitting ol the said
"There eecmi to be Borne misunderstanding on the part of American
lead mine owners as to what we are
endeavoring to do in Canada," said
C, F. Caldwell, ot Kaslo, president
and manager ot the Utica mine, at
the    Hotel Spokane   on    Thursday.
"We do not seek admission to the
American market for our ores. All
that we want is our own market,
which is amply able to take care ot
all that we can produce. We do,
however, wont more adequate protection than we enjoy at present, and
out ideal is legislation along lines of
the lead schedule of the Dlngley hill.
We have good hopes that we shall be
able to get such a measure passed at
this session of the Dominion parliament. It would result In the Canadian lead producer obtaining about
4 | cents a pound lor his lead, where
he now gets about 3 cents.
"On five cars of ore recently shipped by roe Irom the Utlca, tor which
Bmelter returns have been received, I
was paid by tbe smelter approximately 12.40 a hundred pounds for the
lead contents. On top of this I get
a bounty from the Dominion government ol 75 cents a hundred pounds.
We wish to have this bounty abolished and a straight measure ot protection Instituted in its place. At
the present time our smelter settlements are on the basis ot tne London
price of lead, less one cent a pound
lor freight to that market. Not a
pound ot lead produced In Canada
ever is exported, so that the freight
deduction is unjustified.
"The smelter returns Irom the five
cars I hnve shipped showed values ot
147 to 158 ounceB In silver to the
ton, around 10 per cent in lead and
20 per cent In sine. On thie class ot
ore the treatment rate at the Trail
smelter Is 17.90 a ton, with a Penalty for excess tine ol 60 cents a .unit,
aggregating trom 16 to $8 a ton. I
am shipping at the rate of tour cars
a month and am atoriog ore at a
warehouse on the Kaslo & Slocan
railway until it resumea operations
next spring.
Connaught to Visit New York
New York, Jan. 17.-The duke ol
Connaught, the governor-general ol
Canada, accompanied by the duchess
and their daughter, Princess Patricia
are coming to this city Monday tor
a brief visit with Ambassador and
Mrs. Whltelaw Reld, who will give a
dinner lor them on Tuesday.
The shortneBS ot tbe time at the
disposal ol the duke, who must return to Ottawa on the following
Thursday, It Is stated, will preclude
a trip to Washington to pay his respects to President Tatt.
The visit of ths party will be
purely informal.
London, Jan. 17.—The newapapero
here are making a special feature of
the projected visit ot the duke and
duchess ol Connaught and their
daughter, Princess Patricia, to New
York, where Ambassador and Mrs.
Whltelaw Reld are to give a dinner
In their honor.
Articles referring to the visit ol
the governor general ol Canada emphasise Its significance in commenting
on the friendship ' ixliting between
Great Brlain and tbe United States
and a* "kely to assist In the passage
of the arbitration treaties.
Odd Fallow* Funeral Aid
One of ths newer teaturei of Odd
Fellowship In British Columbia Is
what Is popularly known a* The Funeral Aid. Thi* waa authorised by
ths Grand Lodge at Its meeting in
Kamloops in 1110. The formal organization , however, wn* not •fleeted till much later In the same year.
Th* object ol this latest expression
ol fraternal Odd Fellowship is to
place such Immediate financial assistance In the hand* of the famillci ol
deceased Odd Fellows a* will meet
the crisis caused hy the removal ot
the head ol the family and the consequent disarrangement ol his busl-
nl** attain, pending the legal *dju*t-
ment of his istate.
Th* British Columbia Funeral Aid
I* organised on lines similar In most
respects to what Is known as the
Manitoba Association which has been
In existence for nearly thirty yeare
and which hns a membership of over
3,500 and has relieved over 200 families.
Notwithstanding the growth and
the success of the Manitoba Association, th* British Columbia Association has made a larger gain In the
first year ot Its existence than was
made In Manitoba during the first
six rears ol that organisation.
A* it* aim and object* become better known to the membership at
large tha directors have every reason
lor feeling confident that they will
im tha membership reach the one
thotiiand mark during the year 1912.
The Association ha* representatives
in ths various local lodges ol the
province. Mr. Harry White is the
local director tor the Oranbrook district,
Rossland, Jan. 17.—The fourth an-
boards ot trade ot eastern British
Columbia opened at the Ilosslond
court house today under the presidency of F. A. Starkey ot Nelson.
After routine business thesldent'a
address was read and a vote of
thanks was given him.
First Vice President Glegerich, In
his address said last year had not
been particularly prosperious for the
districts represented by that body,
but there are reasons to believe that
the Slocan-Kaslo district will ia the
near tuture have adequate railway
facilities and that many mines will
enter the active shipping lists again
and bring prosperity to the whole
He said the Dominion government
was to nppolnt a special commission
to consider the lead-zinc industry
from a commercial standpoint and to
aesiet it by proper tariff or bonus or
both. The lead bounty, was of great
assistance to that industry, expired
June, 1913, and while it was generally understood that a tariff commission was to be appointed by the Dominion government at the present
sesBion, he said it was tbe opinion
of the mine owners that the work of
a general tarlfl board could not well
be completed in time to have the
findings acted upon, and it was deemed urgent that a Bpccial tarill com-
misston be appointed.
The fruit industry, he declared was
making great strides, but the lumber
industry in the Kaslo district was
rather inactive. With the nitrcetnciit
however, that insured a continuous
coal and coke supply (or smelters
and mines; the encouraging condition
ot the mines, with good prices (or
silver, lead and copper; an assured
market at good prices for all fruit,
and a continuous growing market (or
lumber, there is a bright outlook for
The election of officers resulted as
follows: President, F. A. Starkey,
first vice president, H. Giegerich,
secretary-treasurer,  A. 11.  McKcnzic.
The convention adopted resolutions
offered by Crcston, ndvocntiog the
survey of a road from KitBhaaook to
Cranbrook and the appointment ot
an engineer to inquire into the reclaiming of 30,000 acres ot land in
Oreston valley subject to annual
Nelson urged the construction of
roads Irom Nelson to Ainsworth, via
Balfour to Sloenn City, including a
bridge over the Kootr-iiay river to
Ymlr, and these were concurred in,
and all other matters brought forward by Nelson were agreed to.
Resolutions from other boards included the following, which were accepted:
Reduction of import duties ou fruit
will work hardship ou the province;
for establishment al experimental
larms in the southeast part of the
ptovince; for control over personal
log-driving licenses; for a fair share
of publicity ttnd advertising for British Columbia; tor mail clerk service
on the Nelson-Kasln-Lardo route;
tbat post office lobbies lie opened
Sunday to box holders.
Rossland submitted a resolution
that steps be taken to Insure the
public against the dangers of adulterants In loud, and that n Canadian
national highway be Imlll from Atlantic to Pacific.
Moyle proposed, Rnd it wus agreed
to, thnt an Import duty of 12 n thou
sand bo Imposed on rough lumber.
President Sharkey was uppolutcd n
delegate to go to Ottawa
Tho lollowlng delegates wero In attendance:
F. A, Starkey,     Nelson
Wm. Ounllff,     Nelson
C. F. Mi'.llsrdy.     Nelson
W. C. Foster,     Nelson
O, A. M.  Young,     CrcKton
O. Lowcnlinry,     Crcston
J. B. Dcschainpe,     Hossland
J. 8. 0. Eraser,     llosuland
L. A. Campbell
A.  II. KenwIrk,     Fori   Steelo
H. Glcgcrlch,     Kaslo
J. L. Ilelnllark,     Kaslo
H. H. Htewnrt,    Trail
T. W. Illngcy,    Trail
O. A. Mackey,     Moyle
Among othors present were: Cnpl-
aln J. Gore, Nelson; W. I). Miller, II.
W, Drew, C. It. Barker, all it Nelson;
J. D. Macdonald, W .1 Tnrnan, and
C. A. Peters, ol Ilosslnnil; H. II.
Currle, ol Nelson; nnd J. Kemp, acting secretary of the associated
No Election* In Quebec
Quebec, J«n. 17,-A caucus was
hsld this morning at which It ts understood the question nl provincial
election wa* dlscmsed. Premier
Ontiln lounded the opinion nf his followers on this matter, the general
opinion ol hln provincial following
being that there would he none liefore
It wai pointed out that redistribution would prevent the government
from going to tbi country at inch
an tarty daw a* wm aaUilpattd
Stoves and  Ranges
I wish to reduce my stock
of Heater and Cook Stoves
and Ranges and in order
to do so, 1 am giving a
Cash Discount of 15 per
cent off all th.e above lines.
These are the Moffatt
National Stoves & Ranges
and the Best.
J. M. Agnew
Elko Notes
The storm has ceased, and Sunday
in  Elko was tike Sunday  iu  April.
The "(spring poets" ouRht to he
Retting; a supply ot writing mntor>>Li
Irom The "Prospector" Oiiice, Cranhrook.
"Tuti spring breezes
Blowing through the treeKes."
How's that?
Elko's string band, conductor Mr.
Dave Eaaton, can be heard in Mr.
Birnie's store every evening.
From t; o'clock to midnight, Dutch
Irish and Canadian selections. The
"Muckin 0'Gcordif>B Bfre, a specialty." 	
Mr. Fred Gladblll, who haH acted
as head book-keeper to the Star Lumber Co., has left to All a similar appointment at Brandon- Mr. nnd Mrs
Gladhill were good citizens of Elko,
and their lose will be felt.
The school was re-opened on Monday last, with Miss Bessie Pye of
Cranbrook as teacher. Miss Pye is
a popular teacher, nnd the scholars
have progressed under her tution.
Elko in a storm. Although the
cold was intense in Elko lust week,
yet there was something grand in
the storm. The fury of the wind ns
it swept a^ng the valleys and monn
tain passes, whirling the drift like
great clouds of smoke. Bnd piling tt
up In secluded nooks.
There was fury In the blast, and
no mistake, and a gramleaur that
can only he appreciated by a nature
Deplete Palace of Treasures
Pekin, Jan. 17.--Many of the treasures of the Pekln and Mukden palaces are being offered for sale. Tbelr
value    amount s    to several    million
The Rev. Mr. Stephens, Cranbrook,
who is in charge of the mid week
service in Klko at present in conjunction itflth the Home Mission ia hopeful of being aide to build a Presbyterian church in Elko. Mr. Stephens is to tie in the district the most
of the week to further the scheme. It
is a very laudable object, and It is
to be hoped that the citizens will
view in in that light, when their subscriptions are asked tor. Some
place for Bunday worship is essential
if we ure to keep up the good name
nml  fair fame of Elko.
The best town in the pass, we will
"pass" that over however. Let a
Christian spirit prevail.
I cull a verse from Cotton's Saturday nieht, for the benefit of Elko
couples. They may be premature,
ho far as the scent of flowers is concerned, but they will come:—
'Mi happy love; where love like tbls
Is found,
Oh heart felt rapture; bless beyond
Galley Ten
I've faced  much this    weary  mortal
And  sage  experience  bids    me    thus
It   heaven   a   draught    of heavenly
pleasure spare;
One cordial in this melancholly vale,
T'ls when n   youthful modest loving
In other's arms breath out the tender tale,
Beneath the    milk-white thorn   that
scents the evening gale.
dollars- A number of American and
European agents arc here negotiating
for their acquisition. The minor
palaces and also tho Forbidden City
arc being depleted in a similar way,
and works of art from their collections are being disposed of.
Miners Vote to Strike
litxlon, Jan. l!,—0oal dealers hire
art reaping a rich harvest ns n tun
sequence nt the ballot at Ilio conl
miners which unofficial reports state
to he In lavor nt a strike tor „ fixed
minimum wago. The dispute afteets
900,000 men.
The result Is that, the price ot cunl
at the mine head hns hern raised fio
cents a ton fnr the beat household
coal while retail dealers have lB.0fe.aa
ed the price hy from 7fi to Wi cents
a ton.
The government In greatly alarmed
ovor the prospects taj LhO Coal miner's
strike Mmrli I. Tho olllrlnls nre
preparing to othaunt. nil poflllhllltloi
nf mediation, bul lho iiroinioti nre
gloomy, as the nperatorn declare they
Will not Sllhmlt to Ihe employees' do
mauds tor » minimum Hi'nle.
Lashes For Bandits
Vancouver, ,lan. 17, The sharpen!
sentence ever handed out In Ih" pi>-
lice eomi wns Impocd toiluy on !■'.
Hnnnull, convicted ol robtnwy with
violence frnm Mrs, Mny lllohni'ilni n
He entered the house, knocked Ihe
woman down, and stole 172 The
ttatisct wai 10 ytart and 10 laabt*
"Home Again"
I'hr Beautiful Picture given with our Combination  offer of
"The Prospector" and the "Family Herald and Weekly
Star" Subscribers this Season.   An Inspiration
of   Love and  Affection—A   Picture
that will be like a Member of
the Family—A Daily
Study for Old
and Youiik.
Thi family liemld and Weekly star ol Montreal, acknowledged to ho the greatest and best family and larm paper on
tbe Continent bus on many occasions given Its reader* most
delightful premium picture! but Ibis season they have secured
what Is beyond nny quoetlou of doiibfTthe best picture ever ottered newspaper readers, it is entitled "Home Aguln" and
describe! a touching but joylul Incident hetween two friend*
who meet after nniioui separation.
"baddle," „ collie dog, tamous for his beauty and gentlemen, winner ol many prizes at dm: shows, the pride ol th*
family and neighborhood, has been stolen, and atter many
days absence be oscupeH one night trom his captor and return*
home nn a snowy winter's morning with the rope which he
broke In his struggle* tor freedom dandling Irom his collar.
His familiar I ark brings his little mistress, Majorle, to
the door and she throws her arms around ber trusty playmate's neck with cries nl joy which bring hor mother and brother to the door, "lsiddlo" in eu,ually delighted tn be "Horn*
Again" and answers her welcome by putting his paws on her
shoulder and resting his head against her breast with A llttlt
whine, which, in his dog innguegs means—"Where I lov* 1*
The iweet faced young moth ir, a woman of soft curves, Under eyes and parted lips—tile two glad eyed children—an eager
liny with hair like bis mother's and the quick gesture of Slotted boyhood; the wnrmhesrteil girl with rippling lock*, her
afleetlonnto arms around tbe shaggy neck ol tbo heautllul cuius, all go to form a picture that, will win a favoured place on
the walls ol any home
The picture is hy the celebrated artist Arthur .1. ICIsley,
fnmoiis tor hie skilful ntid nympntliotlr palnllng nt children
nnd anlmnln
The beantilul picture "Hoiiio Again" on heavy pinto paper
'i'ixn luihi'B nil rendy lor iramini:    will    be    mulled KltWfl lo
ivary combination lubwrlbif lor  ID1I.
The small sum ol *2.Mr> will tenure that l>e»l ol all weekly
papers lor a lull year Inrluillm; n copy ol thai charming picture "Home Again" which alone Is easily worth a two dollar
bill, In tact It could not be hiinghl ut thnt price.
Every Home In this dlitrlct should take advantaKc of this
offer.      Call at our office and ace this picture. THE raOSFECTOR, CKA^ROOir, B. C.1
■ li\   i
to Pee
-. li
e the Tooth
■il ol three differ-
ntine,    which    i*
■ing ihe mosl lm-
1 1
un.   i
niii^r be taken tu
■s irvu
the ename
which is the out-
ng, bee
suae ii preserves tin'
e  teeth    and    In
i ri li;.
tny    sweels    are
ing aciiUty, eaily
li pi.
■ •- win
p tcetl
il I'
lie   witter   locks
almost universal
le.   This is seen
f A
istraliu mul Suiiiii
lii- ii--
v 1,
ml dentifrices are
en tin
HUM  s
e ninl Inexpensive.
ilk .u
I onis
.- tooth
1 r.i
: eombinetl being
■ders are not mil-
-iON'L   INV!£(.!TOil
many other
rescue nl ti
what l:r "all
.mil ly-eons'.i
COOl il  llOUEt'
i-.' Grnba
ii tbe
iim:    win 1,1    with
stove'.   ll i.-i n
Zeppelin Airship    Co.    Turning
Monster for German Army
A greal uerlal war vi ssi I hi being
built fur the German military authorities  .it   llo-  Zoppelin  Airship  Com-
• il apparatus thai will pany's works ai Fried: ikshafen,
li.at il  I
anlc ca
i win
ill  lliC  bOM
cgulai i
;■.    An i
ami oik
Uses Only Cuticura
Soap for Prize Baby
"I have always used Cuticura
Soap and no other for my baby, und
he naa never bad a sore of any kind.
lb does not even chafoas most h,\.
bus do. I feel thai it i< all owlne
to Cuticura Soap for he te flue and
healthy, n- i when five months old
won a prize in a baby contest, It
makes mv heart ache to £-c Into *o
ninnv homes ai.il nee a sweet faced
babv with tho vhole top of Its bead
a solid mass of scurf, <•&&■ -.: by tli-*
use of joor soap. I always rvcom-
m-nd Cuticura, and iiin» times out
of tenthenext time I see the mother
alio so/a ' Ob! I ;;m so glad you told
mt> of Cuticura.' " (Signed) Mrs.
G. A, Selby, JU-dondo Beach, Calif.
Altlinurli Cuttm** Swp ti wW br Sing.
glsU ood ilenwrn everywhere, h inioiai ti
"Cuiloum," Dept ZU, Boston, V S.A., will
Kcure ; Hbml WTiiplo, "lilt 31>p. two* ca
tbo can <.'■ «&£, biiUp usm balr,
able in even case, nut most prepnra-
lions containing a form of peppermint uui) be used without li Jtation,
Tl;.' tooth brush should be used nfter
evi ry nn nl, especially when mi it
f ii ins | art of the menu.
If ii hole appears lu the tooth an I
ii is not possible ti> have it ■■:■ nd I
to ;it once, the in st cli fttising agent
and decaj preventative is ;i small i loce
of cotton wi .:! dipped in tincture or
myi i h nd inset r,.'.l in the cavity,
Man) d< ntists do this to a tooth before •-!• pi in-: i', the wool should be
changed dail'
An  pxcflb ;'t  mouth  wash is m lcIi
"y, r* cold.w
is verj   b !   b
I- i- :: ii -a Ise to retin   to res! v itti
■ u    ■:■   .   ::..   ■'     teeth
i    When peoi I ■  sufl >r    fi ''in    gas) I
'acid  or ni - vou:   Illness '&,  it   is  vei >
i difficult  to pi- 'servi   i      ■ i imi I nnd
ci usb   pi '.  Ba,   the   '.  ter  being   tin1
Latin name for a bony tissue Which
c mn t ts tbe ;- el ti to the socket, th
fore ■■ ire must  be  taken of thi   -- n
(to the uiouti
stove, ami Prof. Bed
to take out un.'. lib
Invention should be fi
will iir glad lo ta.ko
lng( nutty in the Mi s-;
cis from boa ui!l en]
HeMless Before the Hent.
li ■ mm i*. be i ild th il thp Invention
is in any n spi i ma ktibl in fai '.
ii is disap] i In'ingly simple, und bul
ror ii:-' fact fhaf people of modi v.!.
means suffi ; n oi oui thi heal Mian
they do from Mi..- c ii ;■ would haruij
bi' worth mentioning The remark
able ihlei   !    Prol   V- V says, thai uo
me    of
kn  »
na i!' i
; not
deterred by tin- Inns series ot catnl
trophies which  has overtaken  tiioe.'-
.'.lilt' balloons of almost overy descrlp- j
(ion,   l'n' Germun Wai Office is con- !
tlnulng  its  Btrcnuout  end-envors    tn I
build an aerial navy-which will glvo |
Germany tho undisputed command of
un' uir, and iiu- new cruiser will in'
larger mul  more powerful  than any
does imi  mean aerial vessel yet built exclusively   for
wish is that this military purposes.   Shu will, in (art,
.■•■ to all. and he he only oljli' Muds shorter ilian Ilio
payjnonl tor his monster passenger airship Schwaben,
Ings that suffer- I ecently  completed  by  the  Zepp
1 down upon bis Company,  ami   will  In-  built   (in  tho
same general lines.
Tiie main differ, ma' will lie the ah
sonce of lho huge passenger car,
[which ii swung amidships mi the
Schwaben, anil which on the military
i.-5 I uui In- dispensed wlili. The
exlra margin of lifting power ilius ao-
' ;i d will be utlliied tn carry the
iii: ' it ai mnnioul unci umntunltlon,
II ir th'' new war vessel Is I.' a et| li
inal wltb artillery In tbe slr-inc nf light
machine guns The vessel wlil have
a total ii ngth nf 133 yards ami tltreo
. Maybach motors, two of which will he
th ■
c the
led n
six-cylinder mnchtni ■. dev
llorsepower   each.     She
rolled In'  four BQrews, *wr
stern  being    toui'-bladed
moi ,1 ovet  the forward
■i use ia tnnin
:i:     u tlflcial
|    Countless    have    been    ihe.   our
worked by Holloway's Corn Cure.
lias a powei of its own not found
rev,-;  been
On Ms rei
,,   ,    ■
a --''"-i--|i
Vou can never tell v.-heu 5?B-Ei!i{Lr
a horse is roIiik to ^L^,
develop a Curb, Splint,   '-SSfe.v:.'
Spavin, Ringbone or a
lameness.   Yet it is bound
to happen  sooner or late
And ynu can't afford to keep
him in the barn. Keep a bottle of
Kendall's Spavin Cure
handy nt all times. Mr. Riiem,
of Icelandic Kiver, Man., wriies :
"I have been using Kendall's
Spivin Cure nud Jind it sale and
Get Kendal!'*. Spavin   Cure at
anv drug-U's.   $i. per b ttio—
0 boltlea f"i $'.
"Treatise on tbe
■ write to
'\cn  Sc^.c Than  Cash
■ he
■ ■ fire   '■■       ment of i
m them     Don
'0     ;•■■    ■-    |i
■ : aically coolin]
ot s]        ■■ ■ il
:'      : ■ -.': was
-■       '  1 et'a  breuTk
ie cooiod   Rbl ■ habit,
hei ■!.-.'■ ' loring-
your own burden may be-a trifle ' "   "'
er.    four fan        -        ding still w ■        ■ '       '■• ■■" "--   The
you do that sort of ami not n
;■■■  pr igresi its con on eonsisted of
■ ■      '"o i, no i . ase
Ti' ■;.-  do  not   i -.I..-.       ;-.:'   li-ey an
:■.,- .:. you do—especially     yo d
sed the    high       ( lm il F
yo.. ■ ■   oh     n  ot \ht   fai ■ .' i     1.   .    I  . i     r
i!y la one o   the flneai   hlags anyone and r"nv*'s
can play, ami tt Ita one In which anv- chief!        a largi bos tha    s
one mny take a hand.   Bo tei hold 'o aa   nearl Ighi   tin   possible.    In
the .;.! Idi ala and  keep :;,■- boya Imthii      ■      ■ ■ boj
school.   !four eelf-rospect \\\\i Increase a ■ ■
you dn, and the harder il Is for you   ■■..   inch hoi   In '> ■ ■ A in the liotrom
stisfi-      order thu   fresh :i:i  raaj   b ■
tdnjitti : to thi   ]■]]'*•. nnd
■;■. "        i the ice hi x.   < In the ledgt
ol :•■       ii lo* enclosed ia the pipe, is
a    :.',:      ■  ■   ■   ■■■ ■    Kttache l  bj   ;i
svin   to iin i lectrtc :..■: socket.
Press the Button
\      , the   !urn nl i< turned <):i ilio
■'•'-". and instantly
suck:   In  ''■■■• f:i sh ;>'::■ from
nominal  speed  M alio
hour,   Tho preliminary  trials <
lal cruiser wlil probabl
[dace within the next I 'w w,\ It i,
Mtnard'a liniment :ure& ijarcjet tn cows
One fi' i In-  ft-oral
o answer for is lho habl   o\ putting
■ ■  i ■ Miii   overythini   we way.    ti
'weakens our tuik. beiltilea ua in the
eyoa ot those who love us, and tloa ns
baud and foot agalnat a good clean
w .'- of • peaking    ti la like throwing
Banco nght  Into the eyes of
people of ^M.>d. clean, s< naltive hearts.
tlvea v't' ibis miser*
\ collection of buttons dating frotr
the ninth century, toft by a man win
died a1 Ghent, has been found lo bt
worth $40,000, Ir Btaated with one
taken ::■,>::: iho robe of Charlemagne.
The Kidneys
tO do li. Ilie IIHT-
!;a '■ from your
satisfaction you yi iii
Boi! i
il.il li
Seldom See
ktjrnliL-rttiln.liti* ynn: '
Htttn ai ■ * |:
K-turcr bou
tvi't-i.ii in ini
ITrtvna  t'ltnfi
Alto ftaml ihed
ian  Production of Tin
iroduces ony-.'iuarier nf the
ittpul of ilie world.   Ui.'cent-
sold for $1.ikiu a ton,    The
cruln^ to itin Andean  Republic from  UiiK source  would  be a
simph* arithmetical  problem  if  thla
prhw was constant   Fortunately during tho pnM two years the va ue uf
,i ton of tin httfl nover gone much bt^
low s~Ti!v nml nt thai price tin* Bolivian Un miner i» assured a good profit, deaplto tho dtfflcuitiea of trans-
Certain economic  factories oporat*
1 agalni I Ihe highesl exploitation uf P-P^
n  in   Bolivia,  especially  i!i" neces- ,""^!<
trlly honvy froighl chargos, the do- * ■ c
mdenee on li;'1 price of straits tin, 'n^
o nxporl  duty nnd  tho fluctuation    l|1''
tbo Bolivian money,   lu time most  '*  '
riMfJiicS "i these linndlcapD wilt ba ovorcomo f-ooi
tjutoiS ,11Hi n„. piocoods of tb* tin miner ot|l*Bl>t
rcai.cniu  Bolivia proportionately Increased.
But  Many  People of Advanced Years
have learned how to keep these
rrg.ins healthy by using
The kidneys aro often the first organs of the body to cause trouble.
Their work of filtering tho blood is
greatly Increased by excessive eating
outsid'.*,' °r by the use of highly seasoned foods
aud alcoholic drinks.
As advanced age comes on most
people sUffer more or loss from derangements of the kldnovB. With
pain-; and
Financial  hea&or.s
Willie, mamma has a great surprise
for yon."
I   "Ah, 1 Know what It la—big bruvver
,is back from bis vacation."
"Mow did you know','"
"My bank won't rattle any more."
Mrs. B. s. Baker, Bast Margaret*
vllle, N. H., writes: "No mother would
recommend for her batty any medicine of which she was not absolutely
sure. A baby's life is too precious.
A mother is always pleased to recommend to oilier mothers something
iliat has been valuable in restoring
Iho health of her own child. Thnt Is
why I can highly recommend Baby's
Own Tablets.    They cured my baby
Largest Banquet in tbe World
The greatest banquet In history
took place ou August IS, 1889, when
the forty thousand mayors of Prance
sat at ;\ table in the Palais do l'lndim-
trle, in Paris. There wero three relays of about 13,000 guests each.     To { 	
H^.SS remiiied 75 chief Sor„ Hea| Qu|ok|y_Have you a
cooks, 13,000 waitern sen lions, cellar percent sore that refuses to heat?
i. en. and helpers 80£00 pialels, 5:!,000 ; Thell try Dr. Thomas'  Eclectrlo Oil
"        Only Technically
"Is your child in bed by eight every
evening?"    »
"Technically, yes. We begin arguing about that tune."
glasses, knives, forks and spoons in
proportion, 40,000 rolls, and fish and
meat and fowl by the ton.
Worms In children, if they be not
attended to, cause convulsions, and
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children
from these distressing afflictions.
in tho dressing. It will stop sloughing,
carry away the proud flesh, draw out
tho pus and prepare a clean way for
the new skin. It is the recognised
healer among oils and myriads of people can certify that it healed where
other oils failed utterly.
forcing 1   along the pipe to the box.
Another pipe leads from the box to
ihe rooms it i? desired to cool,     Tiie
■■ isslng over the ii    is Instautty
■   ill ■!    ind  Its pa   age  through  the\*oma there arc  ,. .   ,	
pipe   up  i.!..ii-   la   termltted  to  lose aches,   with   others   Brlgbt's  Disease  wj"-  BWKiy  babies  to  give  them  a  more confidence.    There  is  nothing
very llttlo of  its frigidity, since the *8 800n developed and the end comes | trial, jvell Kno.Nymg^ what the result | Hko quiet thought to help in tho at
e   heavily   covered   with   as*   ;^;i*ly-	
i': Pi if  Bell's home the pip-:
rooms through the eel"
A Hint to the Shy
. Shyness comes through lack of con-
who was suffering from constipation ! fidence. and to overcome shyness it
and I feel that I cannot praise them : ts therefore necessary to overcome
enough.    I would advise nil mothers | this   feeling  of  diffidence  and   gain
"Do you think be would be cool In
time of danger?"
"I think his feet would."
Do you ever have Headache, Tooth-
mho or Earache? Most peonlp io.
llamlins Wizard Oil is the, best
household remedy nud liniment
'"*''      We notice that most people who aro
A Bplondld cleaner In potato water
DroHses, car pots, tugs, and all hortii
ot woollen fabrlcB can lie cieuiietl with
potato watot without Injur) to tholr
Put a plnl  nf v uler Into u I a-i-i
und grate Into li  two ro tv   p dal i,
Then strain this through a sieve, allowing tin1 liquid tu fin into another
bow i < ontalnlng annthor pint of water. Lot tills settle ihon pour off the
clean pint into a hotllo lor fttrtlior
use, Dip a sponge Into >ho potato
water, with It ruh Ihe soiled gnnni nl
or article carefully, and thou wash
It  with clear, cold  water.
:.MI1 survive.
nd run (]ov,n the wall to about
Inches fn n; lite ground, whero
end. It Is necessary thai tho
iiml th9 walls be as nearly air-
as possible, since the coltl- nlr
being heavier than the warm nlr which
:t is to illaplncc would otherwise es*
.capo through the cracke as though it
waa so muc)i water: When the room
luis become sufflch ntly chilled, the
electric current may bo turned off and
the supply ol ley breeze will automatically cense The amount of Ice eon*
humi ii ih pi nils of cotirpe, on the
'speed of the fan, The faster ll forces
the hot fresh air trom outside ocrosa
tlio lei the more rapidly will Uie cake
U lho Ice stove Is air itghi
fan Is noi working tiie ice
will IukI it lonq time without melting.
Try if on the Furnace
It tntfthl l"1 easy lo transform an
ordinary  boi  ul.i   furnace Into an  let
will be.     Tlio Tablets are sold by talnment of self-confidence, nnd thelthese everyday
]iAV(% Imedicine dealers or  by mall  at 25 shy or timid person will gain much bv ,	
learned about Dr. Chase's Kidney and|c?n.ts a bos from The Dr. Williams|taking   a few   minutes   quiet   audi        Australian's "Stone Age.'
Liver Pills, and are enabled by their
use to keep the kidneys healthy and
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
j thought each day, during which time I
___„_..   j ||10 niiIU] [S f^ed on tho cause of the !
Of course a farm Is very much of a j shyness or flurry.   Do determined not
This medicine Is entirely different problem; good cultivation, good stock, :to become shy or nervous nnd reason I
from    ordinary   kidney    treatments, good tools and a good system of work with yourself as to why you should!
nd Invigorates tho action of tbe liver!are parts of the problem, if you leavo not become thus agitated. count 1
Sauerkraut ns a Lire Preserver
Sauerkaul Is to become noi only tbo dlssolv
staff bul an agotic* for prolonging life and the
in   thi-   Masai)Ion   State   hospital   In
Ohio,  provided the theory of a Cincinnati phyBlclnn proves correct.   The
i [aim ol  thla modh al t xporl  Is thai
• mm, i  ihu delh ■■■     will  add to the , ,
years or [be c inner.   Tho cabbage bos b-' [ -J"{W IneSe?,S"
crop ni the Instltuo was exceptionally l«« "n l ;■■'". ; ul(?n
huavj litis year, and of the 00,000 ?lmftJ.\n_t! JJ.!!!?I,!E i!1.
I load a raised on the farm of the asy*
linn, in,'inn havo beon made Into
sauerkraut. Dozena or barrels of the
□orman delicacy were packed for opening noxl vlnter, Tho pltyslclans at
the Institution will make observations
who aro loafing it  nn to the mental and physical condh
grocory  store   when  op-  lion   .f  the  patients uftor (oliowlnfl
i noi i Ing " thoh  door,     thi  dlt t
and bowels.   To this combined action any of tbem out, you will have a lot
Is attributed its remarkable success,   of difficulty in "working It" correctly.
Mr.     Richard    Preston,    Osborne. I '	
Lambton   county,   Ont,   writes:-**"! Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ac...
want to testify to the wonderful cur*	
atlve properties of Dr. A. W. Chase's If youth could only know the value
Kidney and Liver Pills. Seventeen; of its opportunities that come but
year;! ago I begin the use of this .once nnd pass so rapidly, it would
medicine, when my back was eo bad I be saved from any mistakes and fall-
that to sloop or rise was torture to ! ores of life, uud from much of the
I mo. The kidneys wero In bad eondl-'bitterness mid grief, the despair and'
| Hon,   hut   these   pills   entirely   freed ', gloom that often como wltb old age.;
| mo of buck wains.   1 have used thorn 	
ever since,  whenever    tho    kidneys     To this late day wolves do a vast;
would get out of order, nnd now, ntisnnounl of damage til  Russia,      The!
eighty years, am  well   and    hearty,  loss   of    the    people    in    domestic
thanks to this grand medicine." animals through tho depredations of I
Dr. A. W, Chase's Kidney iiiid Liver I wolves amounts to $10,000,000 every
Dr. Walter E. Itolh points out thnt
in northern Australia there are today
many connmtnltles of primitive people wearing no clothes,    unable    to
yond three, and still making
Determine to rule yourself by your and using the implements aud  w
own thoughts and by your own reasoning powers.
The trouble with n good many people Is that lho) tell i - all the) know
ths flrsl 'i'1 " we 'ii el tbem. and the
second meeting finds litem out of
mental coin.
Many thi n
the   vll.i. ■
porlunlty i
Itnc'l Pills, one pill a dose. :.l, cents a box
alius al all donlerB. or Kdmnnson, Bat$a to
furnace vIth Co., Limited, Toronto.
Ice.   The disturbing pipes nre ulreany  .	
I,, position and ihe cold could he reg* The Farmer's Workshop.
;^;::%^..^V:^Ll;:^.t;:;;:,^■h;;1,,';;n-l, unu^^y,u^iliyi,w^
i Hu ,  i: id for iin' its,- of olectrloll
:i iu. hi id in- worth Hit1 while nf tho
civic r f-clilcul coniminlon lo Blvo ii
little fiuilv to lho ciuestlon of Ihe "loo
Totoi to Stall unit  Umpire,
The Fountain Head of Life
Is The Stomach \
A men who iim * wi  snd Impaired itoraioh and who Ji't*1* not
property dl|«t hit food will ioon imd (hit bli blood has become
•vetitt .ind llUpOVtrllhed, nnd ihil  hli irhulc body i» improperly und
buuffleiontly oouriihod,
ma/res the wtomtcii wtrotti, protnottt at* ttow of
tf/jjesf/ye tulctt, feilores tho towt a/iptff/ei nttkta
ansimllatlon perfect, ttttifopattt thn lh-cr ami
purine* nnd onflOtfM the btOOttt It Im tho treat hh.od-mmktr.
ticr.h builder and rmMtoratlVO werire tunic. It tuaken men
strung   In   body,  active   i.-i   mind   nod  coot  In   iudiemtnt.
Tlm " Ducovcry" in   i pure,  fllyceriij c*:ir:ni ol   American naedlOel rooti,
absolutely tree from iloohoi and all Injurtoui! bsblt•forming drv|it Alt m
Inlrsdlenti ur*? printed on lu wrtpptrs, It Imi no relstloothlp with toorot
noitrumt,   Its every lo|redlent ii endonod by the leuders la »li the *<i;hool*, of
med'icini*. Don't ROCept u lOOret aottrum as u lUbttltUtfl for thi% lime.provpn
remedy ov KNOWN COMMSITlONi    Aj| VOUS   NBIOHIOU,    1 bey RlUll   Itn'iw nf
iiuiiv cures mid j bv it durln| put TO Kesrt, riilit in your own nalihborhood.
World's Dlspemsr) [Vfedleel A.sioolitloo, Dr. R,V, Pioroe, Pre*., Bunilot N. Y.
.401 Caliber
Self-Loading Rifle.
This new Wim-.henter In reloaded hy recoil,
the ropfistlng n-i well hi the ftrlng mechfln.
inm being imilcr control of the trimjer
linBer. A hullrt lireil Inim it strikes n blow
of 2'HB pound;) rone cnaiirjli lo toppln
Over tha blggeit |»imir    penetration enough
to reach the Innermont vital spot. Tho
wonderful In operation and powerful In
execution! thla riilo I* nelthor complicated
in construction nor eumboriORlO to handle.
It Hit* hike The Hammer Of Tlwr*
InvMtlgatlng High Cent of Living
The high cosi of living In Ihe Un-
rj Btatun has reached a degree ol
i mi compels the govern*
ti ont to tahe action of soino sort.
An Investigation htm been begun by
the Departmonl of Commerce und La-
hor for lho purpose of finding oul the
, ;i ne ■ i" 'ii' pi Dsoni high prices of
commodities. It Ih the ospeclnl aim
of this Investigation to ascertain tho
prh f farm produce tit the Bourcos
of their production aud tho roBpoctlvo
additions lo such prices on account
of transportation charges and the
profits of middlemen,
it ban been muted thai tho farmer
I gets about forty six per cent... of whnt
!s paid by th" consumer, the remaining
;»t per cont, gohig to the railroads and
the middlemen, chiefly to the latter.
An Investigation of thin charactor
may not only nerve tO pltOW who Ih
getting the consumer's money, but It.
may establish I'm-in that will lend ul-
tlmatoly to u more oconomtoal distribution or commodities of all IiIimIh.
The reports, when oomptetod, should
make Instructive reading ror Canadians, an we suffor iih muah an our
neighbors to Uie south do from the
same acute conditions, the onuses of
which ate, no doubt, atialngollB and
oapahlo of being ovorci hy similar
lo consider the Importance of n worlt
Ishop on thi' lanu'/ If yon havt not,
you may lie obllgod to do ho somo-
time when you break am Important
thing while tn the mlilHt of H busy
soasou, mul must go hIx miles for repairs,/Whereas, if you had a work-
shop,of your own right nt home, >ou
ootid make the tieeesunry repairs
yourself ni very small OOSt,
' To have 0 workshop with nil noons*
'wary tools for repnlr work In iur mere
Important than it ts givon credit, ror.
Ill enn he titlllzod to make profll lor
you lu many ways, During tho long
winter tuontliH thoro nro many art.-
lolea you could faBhlon into thiugH of
usoluluess, I know I'aiinei'H who, lu
|their own workshop, have turned out
I harrows, doubletree:;, hog racks, mud-
boats, nnd other articles various uud
I numoi'OUBi Home nro inmle for
nelgbbors and generously paid for,
The desk ul Which 1 am writing this
was made In our own workshop by
my brother, wbo is handy with the
tools.  Ho htjfl had  orders for book-
Beware of Matchmaking
Matchmaking is a dangerous business, Literally it Ih ho, for these little llgtltdnakers oflOIi burn tbelr own
fingors, if n mistake In made the
couple nro apt to blame the persona
who brought thom together nnd led
them inlo matrimony. To reeotu*
mend anyone for a husband or n wife
Ir a very responsible hutdiioHH, and It
Ih us a rule, best left alouo.
A Pill for All Boston I.—Winter and
Bltmmor, In tiny hiilliide, whether In
torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
1'iirinelee'n Vogelnblo Pills enn be depended upon to do their work. Tho
dysp&ptla will find them a friend always and should earry them with him
everywhere. They aro made to with-
Htand any ell mute nud are wurnt tiled
to keep their strength. They do not
grow stale, ii quality not posm-nned In
many pills now npou the market,
A Legal Mind
Harold, aged nine, came home one
dny ho bruised and dirty that hla mollier was thrown Into a state of marked perturbation.
"Mercy!" Bho exclaimed lu horror,
"How on earth did you get your
clothes and face Into such a stale?"
"I wan trying to keep a litle boy
from getting licked." whh Harold's virtuous, if hesitating reply.
"Well, thai was fine," said his
moellflotl parent. "I am proud of you
sonny.   Who was the little boy?"
pons oi* the stone age. Dr. Roth has
seen UiCBG people making their si ono
Implements, They manufacture "celts"
scrapers, knives, saws, hand-picks,
gouges, pounders, hammers nnd grinders from stone, They also use shells
and teeth for scrapers and drills, and
hone for awls and stilettos. He does
not share the opinion that those people nnd other savages, are stupid because they express no surprise al tlio
miracles performed in their presenco
by white men. Once, whon he had
struck matohee nud they showed no
astonishment, he asked his interpreter what they thought or it. "He say."
replied the Interpreter, "whnt for no
glvo It hint?   Vou fool throw It awny."
cases from uelghhni-H who have soon
bis work. I mention i It ts as an Illustration, that, you may son what profith
my bo realized from hours spent in
the workshop.
At ono llmo we woro threshing
wheat, when, without warning, the
feed board of the separator was
smashed to BmlthoreonH by the holt
flying <»u". "No more threshing today," the bttHH of the outfit said.
"I've gol to go lo town to have   tbln
tiling repaired."
"(live ll to mo," said the owner of
the farm, and ho took the wrecked
Quslmi  of  Conscience Ifocd board to IiIh worludiop, nnd out
An IntoroBtlnR story of n roprovlna ,lf ",,w '•",',,ri"1 ■■'' made pneflfl good
conscience   coition  irom  Sui -land. »■ Ul" brokon one.   hi an hour tho
Among  lho  i-rrccts of  the  tain  Mr   maohlno  wns humming at work    as
William vniiiiiMH, printer, tho r< w- merrily nn ovor beforo.   Tho work*
ins loner ^ai found:    "Dear Bit*,— h"0-1 lH " Vll|,m,,,p ,VA'M 1(» ■'!« r,nni:
It tiaven inoiioy to the fanner In luniiy
Ways, nit thoiie who li ii vo oue can
testify.*- ,I.A, llaliier, In Par in Journal,
Into your
simp when you were noxl door lo Iho
niai it Hull, nt the llmo whon you wore
■elllns youi gondii by nuallon, nml I
took from your shelf n farthing table
book, nnd now 1 know It wan wrong.
ThlB In 'ml In fun. I took what wan
not my own, nml Cltrlsl Iihh shown mo
mii, I em loo fartltlllg and OttO shilling
Interest, hoping li will repay you. and
I win be rlghi with my consulonco,—
; Flollovo mo, youra "V",
'   Tt hi not Worth while to sny forbear
|to a benr.   The safer plan Is to run,
W.N.U. No. 171.
The Origin of RettauranU    .
Tiie ri'HIuurni.i of Ilio prosent llmo
hud tin orliiln In Iho flrut Fronch
llovoliilliin lowiiidH lho clone of lho
olgktocnlh conliiry. And Uio reputation ot Ilio French for cookery nnd
tlio dollcacy of tntte In etitlne ut well
ub 111 producing loolheamo dlHlieH and
mortols dutcH pructlcully from the
tamo llmo.
That revolution meont rutn to many
noblo families, and meant ruin also
for their chefs, ho minie ot the luller
hit upon the Idea ot opening houtes
where dalntlet prepared hy their Bkll-
lod liunilH could bo ohtnlnoil. If the
oxporlnieiit auccoeded tho chefs would
he oh well off ah whon In nnrvlcc.
Tho Idea was pleasing lo tho public,
Iho rcstuiininla dill u largo hiislnots,
and tlio proprlelors Inn! no reason lo
regret the revolution from a mon'otary
point of view.
Thon II appeared In nlliors Hint, lho
people iiiIrIiI. appi'OOlatO being educal-
oil up In Ihls fine cookery and many
linolai of Ihe culinary art wore pub-
llslied. nnd sold well. One of tho
niiiiil uoled or l.lieiic was "The (lour.
iiuiiKl Alinniiucli," which n|ipeiired In
Itcnl,iiiriiiii really meont, 'renlorlng1
and Willi applied to these placen be-
cniise you went there lo luive some.
thing lo revive und I'flutoro your full-
lug iilrenglli.
Evor remnrk Hull II million you shiver to hear your lolophono bell very
early III the inornliig';
A liorne Is not of nny use until It It
broken, but It Is different with a plow.
Wby let tint headache spoil your dty't work or pleasure ?  Tak»
25c. a Don at your druggist's.
Guaranteed te contain no morphine, opium or other poisonous drugs, by tha   30
NfttlM.-J Drug and Ch«mic»l Cmpur «' C«.d«, l.imiud MuntrBtU.
An Innovation in Oil Heaters
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater, with its
drums enameled in turquoise, is an ornament to any
room, whether in the country or city home.
1 No home is quite complete without a Perfection OA
Heater. It is a necessity in the (all and spring, when it is (oo
warm to start the regular healing apparatus, and too coot to be
without lieat. In the midst of winter it is often convenient as
an auxiliary heater, as there are always some cold corners
in a '
" The enameled healer ilwayt pretend * nice appearance, as Ihe
cnomel will not tarnish or burn off. ll ia not nn "enamel point," but it
ii the same as the enamel of your cooling utensils
**" The Perfection it the moit reliable and convenient pnnablo heating
device you can find. An automatically-locking flame spreader prevents
turning the wick high enough to unolie.
D..W. ,wrywli»fe.  A.k ynur, tn .W
I'ntt lH. IVtfmlion t-btlef ,tttllttl,d I "f writ!
M iMKr«ili„ ciicuUr lg Ml' .s.scy ol
Tat hfnlil Oil Compmy, ItaltcJ
g^SS.-QJH '   ,
| A Halloween Story*
4*  Copyright by American Preae asm-  t
* otatlon, mil J
t^*>+*+*>***++* + *<'+**<t*+*WW
It was ii ditrk night, fnr there wns
oo nuiiiii on tins Halloween, nnd tbe
bare, rugged tinint -hes ot tbe locust
trees rubbed ercukingly lu tbe slight
wind Hint eume frdtu iiu* south.
The big clock in the lower ball
struck the three quarters nfter 11, and
AH the ehttne died tiwny Eve Kurutim
slipped out bt her pretty white bed
and si uie to tbe window. All she
could see wuti n black wall or darkness, but Klie could hear the creak of
.Ibe locust trees und tbe gentle sighing
of tbe south wind.
Eve shuddered u little nt tbe Idea
of cuing out Into tbat black void all
alone, for she win*, timid nt night
Fbe always scurried pant the dark corners of the hulls, and the tthadowa on
tbe stairways bad heen tier dread
since childhood. The ramming old
bouse afforded tiiiuiy shadows ind
.eerie powers, aud Kve bad uever outgrown her tittle jriri tern rs. much to
ibe ainuseuieut ot the rest or tbe family
But Give was eighteen now. und she
bad oeen rending nid romances until
tier pretty bead was tilled wltb fair
ladles uud guiiuut anights uud tbetr
deeds uf love uud daring. As oo romance bad chanted in tbe plactd routine of ber life, Kve Kuruaui had resolved to set ont this witches' night
aud. throwing fears to the wiud. give
(by spirits of Halloween an opportunity to net ber feet lu the paths of ro*
cm nee.
The rest of the household was asleep.
•for hive's matter ot fact parents bad
uever given a thought to the romantic
jiusslhllltles ot this merry eve Mr
J-'ariiuiu had removed the Iron gates
that uo mischievous Hoys might convey
Ibetn to the pnsiorbce steps or prop
them up ngutust the fountain lu the
public  square     He  had  aisu  niuined
BKt-olfK HKK,
the doorbells uud retired to bed at tbe
usual hour quite oblivious te the fact
that his young daughter would dearly
have loved to test her ftite and fortune lu nil the old fashioned ways of
apple parings, melted lead, roasted
•chestnuts aud mirrors
Kve dressed herself tn the darkness
aud. grasping tier hand mirror In one
ehaklug hand, opeued ber dour and
slipped oul lutu the Pluck tunnel of tbe
upper ball She tried to mill the ter
.■tiled beating of ber heart, for there lu
tbe silent bouse It sounded lo her ears
louder thai) the tl'king ot the great
•riiji-k ut Ihe foot ot the stairs
She groped for and found the banister uud went carefully down Hie
.softly carpeted stairs until she stood
breathless beside the tall clock. She
knew tlmt li was drawing uetir to mid-
ulght and she must lumteo outdoors If
tihe wanted to test the clmiiu
It required Shut her effort of hurriedly summoned courage lo enable ber lo
reach the Trout door and let herself
noiselessly outside Once ou the tuff
beneath tbe locust trees, for she had
immediately overstepped the narrow
tputli that encircled the house, she
gained confidence by closing tier eyes
uud groplug her wny back lo tbe gruv
•vied pufh
Kve bumped Into tbe trunk of n
locust tree slid scraped her baud on the
rough burlt of a nut tier, nud, although
she opeued ber eyes, she Immediately
closed them again, for the darkness
teemed quivering wltb ghostly shapes.
Tbeu tu the accompaniment of soughing wind uud rustling trees Kve began
tier wanderings. Kor ten minutes she
went around and around and back and
forth over tbe lawn, always fearful uf
trespassing on Ibe grounds that ad
Joined ber father's place Here wns
•set nuotber colonial house, patterned
after tbe Par nam home, for the two
places bad once belonged to brothers,
sud. although an Iron fence rati along
the entire front, the grounds had no
dividing line
Kve wus uot afraid of Judge Bucks*,
their ueit door uelghbor, ror ba tu
a venial soul ami devoted to bar, but
she was fearful ot discovery, nnd she
could lutcsee the hindering she must
undergo if her luneinil expedition wus
made known.
Ho when she felt the hrlers catching
tier sei'ge skirt she knew she whs on
Ihe borders ot Ibe rose garden, and she
turned und walked as directly as stiu
could In the opistsite directum, nnd as
bet feel grated against gravel site
opened tier eyes and was relieved to
see the taint blur ot while trimmings
that outlined the witiuowa of bar
Eve knew the path Well, aud It was
with entire cuutldeuce nnd uewborn
couruge thnt she snook out her golden fleece ot hair, lieitl the mirror liefore her face mid slowly oegun tu walk
backward uroiiud the pa Hi.
It the charm held good, nud Una Bid-
well bad assured tier u was Infallible.
Kve knew that before she regained
tbe starling point she would either
see ibe face ot her future husband
peering from the mirror or she would
meet the melancholy lute of old maid*
Step by step around the house, under the grape arhor thai Hpstined the
buck premises, under the rose treillsed
pergola oh the south, and the mirror
reumlued a black void. Kve knew she
would die ot tenor if a race should
appear In the minor, hut she felt that
death would tie preferable to a solitary existence without love or ro-
mn nee
! .Just ns she reached the southwest
comer of the house nnd as Ihe distant
chiming of the cluck proclaimed tho
last strokes ot l'.' Eve's heart and
breath seemed to suspend action for a
brief moment There was tile unmistakable   fragrance ot   a   good  cigar.
There np| red  it  red  glow  reflected
in the mirror, and before Kve could
< turn she walked into a pair of strung
arms, while over tier shoulder there
appeared for an Instant on astonished
; face lit up by the glow ot the cigar.
I She saw  a  pair ot dark  eyes  and
! caught a glimpse of handsome tea-
tures, and the mirror dropped to the
ground as Kve struggled to tree herself
j     It was easily dime, for her captor
] made no attempt lo hold her.    Indeed.
: It appeared thnt he wus ns much aa-
i tonlshed at tbe encounter ns was Kva
j herself, but he wus quicker to recoT*
, er bis equanimity.
J    "Oho:    Ro  you  are tempting  the
1 fates. Lucluda?" he laughed pleasantly
Luclndn wns the nnmeof Judge Feck-
er*s black cook, and Kve was engei
to grasp at this mistaken Identity.
"Yes." she said as huskily as sha
could. Luclndn nud a voice like a fog
A band caught ber thick golden ball
and held her prisoner. "So." be chuckled, "you hnve found a hair restorer,
Luclndn. something thnt has turned
your woolly tufts to long and silken
tresses?" He scratched a match and
held It before ber lovely, blushing,
shrinking face.
Tbe match fell from his fingers,
and bis hold of her buir wus loosened.
"Ob, I bog your pardon!" he cried instantly "I was surprised. You know
—at this hour."
There seemed nn Interrogation; at
tbe end of the sentence, and Kve found
herself explaining, coldly, haughtily.
"It's Halloween.' she said stiffly.
"1 was merely testing an old charm—
for—er-sc leu title reasons." She wns
gratlfled at ber own wit In flashing
tills reply, and she went on, "I might
ask an eiplunatlou of your presence
here In my father's grounds?" And
there was no doubt about the question
"Your father! Why. thla Is Judge
Becker's bouse] I am bis nephew, aud
I came out for s smoke before"—
"Oh, Indeed!" Interrupted Eve coolly. "1 must hove missed my way in
tbe dark. I belong next door." And,
Having become accustomed to the
darkness, she could now see the dim
bulk of her father's house serosa the
expanse of lawn and moved away
from ber new acquaintance.
Hut be caught up wltb ber and
pressed tbe forgotten mirror Into ber
"Your scientific Instrument, Miss
Parnam," be said courteously. "My
nncle promised to bring me over to
call upon your people tomorrow."
"We will be very glad to aee you,"
! faltered Kve, hastening her steps.
|    "Thank you," lie said softly.   "Uood
j night"
i "Hood night." hrenthed Eve, and,
> feeling dreadfully unconventional, she
1 fairly ran the distance to her own
1 house and lot herself noiselessly In*
I When she wns snfely In her room
! once more she regained her breath
\ and the realization of what hud really
happened. A warm color flew to her
' cheeks, and a little song almost burst
from her lips.
"Ue la handsome," she murmured,
"and Una Rldwell did say It was an
Infallible test. It was perfectly wonderful, though."
But of course everybody knows the
wonders of science nre Illimitable.
The next day the young man called,
but did not deem It necessary to bring
his uncle, the Judge, along with him.
Eve received him wltb n telltale blush
He seemed inclined to discuss Hnllow
een auhlecls. told her many legends
connected wltb the day, seemingly desirous of keeping tier mind glued to the
subject. He asked her if she believed
there wns any truth In the statement
'that a young girl will net, the face of
i ibe man she Is to marry In a looking
glnss ou Halloween, Eve said that she
believed lu nothing but pure science,
whereupon he asked her to explain
what scientific principle she was testing with ber mirror the night before.
Eve broke down at thla, and tbe path
of true love waa theneefo-th
Mtmbtra  Take   L.ttont  and   Show a
Few Sampltt.
TUB atteudama earned Ibe professor ol humor tenderly into Ida
laboratory aud after propping
blm up so that even tu ease ot a relapse De could not by auy possibility
slip to tbe boor left tbe room. 1 tie
hour sounded, aud tbe Btudeuta trooped lu, suuie of tbem butumlug sueb
merry dirges as tbe Cbuplu "Mari'ba
I'unebre" aa adapted by HlueLley da
KulKgles for use by college students
enamored of ragtime.
"tientjeuipu," said tbe professor
family aa Hie rlass sealed Itself, "we
are today to eoiiMder pieiorlai buuior.
you nlll bud upon Ibe blackboard a
picture, drawu In tbe best maimer of
Mr Cbarlea Howard Montgomery, representing a young woman lu a bobble
skirl leaning agiilost tu ouyx mantelpiece, nblle ou a tiger sLIu rug at ber
teet a young man id riding breecbea
is discovered. Tbrougb the open win-
dun we notice au ocean steamer ou
us way out to sea. nblle back of tbe
young lady on tbe mantel a copy of
'Omar Kbayyaur Is seen leaning
against au ormolu clock. To the left
Is tbe eastern exposure ot a dltan.
The problem before tbo class la to Und
a biting Joke foi tbe picture. Mr.
Slaiwidea, what would you suggest')"
"She." aald Mr. 8iabsldes—"'Did yon.
tee Cbollle off tbls mornlug, Henry?'
Ue-'No; 1 saw blm off last nlgbt' She
-'Wby, I thought b. sailed thi. morning, lie—'Bo be did. But be waa off
last night'"
Tbe profesaor suppressed ft groan,
and tbeu be spoke.
"Mr. Lougears, If this picture were
tubmitted to you for a Jest, what would
you suggest?" be said.
"Weil." hesitated Mr Longeftrs, looking anxiously around to aee UT the exits were clear, "I'd have the girl aak,
'Bate you * liuhalyat. Ur. Bklllrog-
tonr To which tbe young man waa
to reply, 'No, Miss Wlskleton, I prefer
• derby.""
I A murmur of something went through
I the claas.
| "Order, gentlemen,* said the professor. "Mr. Longeara' Joke la not at
all * bad one. but it would go far better wltb what kind of * picture, Mr.
! "Why, under the rules." aald Mr.
I.yni. "I abould say tbat If placed un-
j der a black aud white drawing of a
young man Jumping a lady over tbe
wavea at torn, seaside resort It would
be more appropriate."
"Tery good. Indeed," .aid the professor. "Mr. Blinders, have you anything to auggest In respect to tnlft picture?"
"She," Mid Mr. Bllndert-'Would you
marry ■ girl for her money, Cbolller
He—i don't know, tiladya. Hew much
have yon got?'"
"Excellent!" aald tbe professor, nodding approvingly at Mr. Blinders.
"Can you Improve en that, Mr. Uubb-
"I think to. yea, sir." aald Dubblelgn.
"I'd put It tblt way: She-'l'hla la very
audden. Mr. Wiggles; 1 hardly know
What to say.' Tommy-'Doo't you believe It, Mr. wiggles. I team her tell
ma shed land you today or never.'"
Tbe profesaor removed his giaaaee.
"Tommy, air?' he frowned. "And
who. pray, la Tommy?"
"Ber little brother, air," aald Dubblelgn meekly.
"Ba bum!" aald tbe profeaaor. Inane, ting the picture closely. "That
sounds merltonoua, but I hardly aee
where Tommy cornea In."
"Bet bidden behind tbe divan, professor," explained Dnbbielgh.
At tbls point Ibe propa sustaining tba
professor In bis chair gave way. and
be toppled weakly to tbe floor, and by
tbe time tbe attendant, had restored
blm lo hit equilibrium tbe bell bad
sounded, and the students rushed madly from tbe room-llarper'a Weekly.
Benjamin Franklin Said to Ba Inventor of American Rockor.
Iu curly colonial times it was not
customary to hnve more than two or
three chain iu u lioiiae. Our people followed the English custom of their day
and sut upon st-.iis, or upon benches,
which they culled "rurnis" uud which
presently developed Into Ihe high
baclted settles, says Mary II. Northend
In the Boston Cooking School Maga
The middle of the seventeenth century buw clmlrs couie into inure common use.   Tliev were nf strong aud
THE things tbiU ■
figure iu court i
incut for tbe defeus
ii never tell don't
i |i;irt of tbe argu-
•VorWmen Weru  T0<   dusv to Luten to
His Harangue
*[]E mnn  w":>   i'-  tremulous sid"
hl-k'-l'*.  HliU   ■!'** StiltHl)   SI 111   nut
Bravery Is a habit of mind, but cow*
irdice often iilli-i'is iLie legs.
,i|ii„ij in
•<i ti<-
There are people
'fllte uulse tut logic
who always  mis-
ul    in   pUSU   llle   rt ucci
\n   my  friend     it  it* splendid tn
in (in
Honesty   Is   respectsble,   and   It   ts
furtunute tbat wo cuu suy that muvll .
tor It.
One   peculiarity
ippiider Is tins:
money he burns
bout Hip reckless.
seldom euens tlio
■r lection   ,it   ttic
sc Hen-, mid"
■   grnnted rl
ij wtlii in-   rt tie*
it ed   '<>   HiioUiW
lilt     Ul    llt'M .Mill
in i tie I'uii
—|rr    b
laborer, go
mow Tbe
in.(i*i,  who
Tli'* mnn who brenks his word tisti- ,
illy  tiles  to Bilrk   ii   lugclhcr agtiio
with the nine ut cusy promise.
The skeleton In Ih"
Rlts ou ihe tronl step.
clo.iet frequently
iitiiiii nnd «nu imd a [iii k uu his
ii personification of energy!" he
-tulieu. luaping ii' his rit'ht side whisk
m 'Kueitfy Ir Mi** Mays in rumc
mr chl dren ». i bbdreti  will ifit?.e upon
lie    mm hi J     eilili i-f    i tin I    «lm*>.    st ;i nil
ii-re. mid they will -et* the concrete
I'siiit ut i in- in-1 am tin-) ot lutmr
"i in ni; way'" i|iMiii"d a no* her mini
vvtlh a W'hHellHtrrott nud tne man with
tlm pick nuvlitg imli'ed m- pip.- stun
sd down the liuldei liirnniii -o thnt his
pick knocked nfl n<» slik iml nl the
enthusiastic iimn An me iiiu.-i >miop
ai to pick up tils tun lie was humped
.icvr can U-ll when yuu may be reco.fr I 0y „ wtlHHlhlimpvv. ,)(ld *,,,,„ ,)f, rtuau,
assembled   tliniseit   lie   WliU   tifluu   Slip
The only real live tux-ret ts tbe dead
The tilings a woman enn't tell aro
those she tiitiuuges tu give expression
to lu some wuy.
Speak   well  of  your  enpmles.    Too ,
[Those articles and Illustrations must not
be reprinted wltuoui Bpedal permit*
Rain, rain, rain, drop, drip, drop!
:   la it Noahs fioodt    WW It never -nop!
I  Wish it would get dry once morel
j Jly. but rain's un uwtut bore:
; Boo. hoo, hoo, this awful rain! ,
Hope It never rains again!
Dry. dry, dry!   Oh. ihe cloud nf d'-intl
i ]r li doesn't rain something's huiu to oust
\ God. Bond down a waterspout,
I'm dried up liieide and out.
lxit 'er flicker!   I-et 'er pourl
', Let 'er rain forevermorel
■fl'lnh you were a imy ajsnln
When th** BWltninlng's gun I?
Ton forget llmt you were Imewtso
Weary saw'iu; wood.
If the days »iifii you were youog
Have a brilliant  hue
To you now you may recall
Boys had worH tu do.
Could you turn ynu back to when
Boyhood alts und nmllen,
Could your feet bu down again
Ills enciuinied aisles,
Ton would Dial iiniiil'llng there,
Mingled with (hit |oy.
Tanks that were not any map
Fur you when a tioy.
There waa weeding to be dono
In thn i',finlfii hot.
There was Kruaa to be removed
From the corner lot.
illlklng waa another task.
Chortng after school
Took the time you might have spent
lu the swimming pool.
When our boyhood ta the themt
Memory hns a slip.
TV* remember happy daysj
Other ones we Bkip.
When the post we conjure up,
Much to our surprise,
Youthful days weie not all spent
Chasing butterflies.
Needed For Happiness.
Tbe Bible says It la not good
for man to live alone, whlcb
nnjilit seem to indicate tbat il la
necessary to have somebody to «,
quarrel will, in order to by nappy,—New York  Limes.
Weather Feracatt
Kve'i Oi-Hve.
The supposed uruve of Kve la visited
by over 40,000 pilgrims lu ouch year. It
Is to be seen at Jetldab In a cemetery
outside tbe city walls. The tomb ta
fifty cubits long nud twelve wide.
solid frame, with seat and back of duf*
able leather. The legs and stretcher!
were often plain, but sometimes both
legs and back posts were turned.
Tbe "slat back" cbalr was tbe kind
moat commonly In use from 1700 to
1700. Tbe number of slats lu tbe back
I varied from two to live; the shape varied alio, and one firm In Pennsylvania
made "alat back" cbulrs in which tbe
slats were curved to tit tbe figure und
furnish a more comfortable support to
1 tbe back. Benjamin Franklin fixed
one of these armchairs upon rockers,
and so invented tbe first American
rocking chair and set a fashion which
has  never   beeu   permitted  to   pttstt
1 sway.
| Of all these names tbat of Chippendale easily lends and was considered
supreme authority for thirty years. A
chair seems to have been bis favorite
piece of furniture, and for Its desi^'u
bo  blended   tbe   tluest   points  to  he
| found In lho .''reach, the Dutch nnd
the Chinese patterns. The result wus
a masterpiece, in which we bitve some
of Chlppetubile's best points, us shown
by tbe chair of bis seen in one of the
Illustrations.     The   broad   seal,   tho
; bow shaped top mil, (be nriiiH with
tbelr well known curve ending In
scroll work, the absence of stretchers,
tbe ornamentation con fl tied to ihe
front legs, while the back log* are
straight and plain, after the fashion
of the Chinese. The splat back and
bandy legs are copied from Ihe Dutch,
but tbe ornamentations of the splat
Is modified from CJotblc forms. Tbe
full curve of tbe bandy leg terminates
In the ball nud claw foot, which was
so commonly used by Chippendale uud
his imitators.
The Sheraton chair Is tiugther tine
example of curly -ilonlul furniture.
"Do you believe iu suffrage for women r
"I do."
"Want to vote, do yon?"
"Not especially myself." ^ „„„... „,.	
"Tbeu wby do you want the bat- J J^gJ^ trade on Saturday night's,
"Because then my mother-in-law will
be out electioneering most of the
Cold. cold, cold-
ay below zero!
jiriK to gof
here I
I ] filial I freeze to dei
Thunder, what a big coal bllll
j Hurry, I've another chili:
ported hy the crossitii; policeman, who j J» this awful winter never
held the wreck ot ihe hut in his free | Wish Iny wmmtr daya wer
"Ha »•»■»!" shouted the kindly man. j
"Coarse, unfeeling, unthinking]    I at'
tempt to show them iin- b lii her aide of
life, to awaken In them ihe"-
"Him on. now." suld Uie officer "it's
early in the day to* you to get atewed
this way, sir "
So the  man  went  to his office and |
dictated a complaint ugumst tne uih
cer, whose nuinbet he hud forgotten to
take.—4Jh leu go Kvetung rust.
Hot, hot. hot!   Ain't It awful hot?
Where on earth is there a one cool spotf
Take me up to Cook'd north pole.
Drop me down a deep ke hole
Rush us winter'    Ruab ll now!
Wuw, wow, wuwl
C.  M   HAftNITZ.
Sure to Miss.
An Irishman who. wuh nis wife, Is
employed ou a truck rurui in New Jer*
ftey recently round oiuixeit In a bud
predicament when in attempting to
evude the onslaught* of a savage dog
assistance came in ihe shape of his
When the womun come up the dog
bud fastened bis teeth in the calf of
ber bushund's leg and was holding on
for dear life. Seizing a atone in the
road, tbe irishman s wife was about
to hurl It wheu the husband, wltb
wonderful presence uf mind, shouted:
"Mary. Mary, don't throw the stone
at the dogi Throw It at mel"—Llppln-
A Busy Evening.
An old parrot used to live In a public bouse bar where there was always
Te Break Him Up.
"In some eastern countries a maa
may still have several wives."
"There ought to be a crusade organized against that."
"What form should it lake? Speech-
IB or pamphlets?"
"Paris hats."
One evening tbe parrot waa missed.
Search was made, and at length it
waa discovered In the middle of a
field, surrounded by crows, wbo were
steadily picking out Its feathers.
As tbe rescuers approached the now
half naked bird was heard to call out:
"One st a time, gentlemen, if yon
please. If you'll only wait you'll all
be served."—Ideas.
•t    It
Scared Back Into
"Hove you been
"Very sick!"
'That's too bnd.
Whnt cured you)'
K    It
»♦»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦»*-»*»i>e*♦»»■>see <
A Prnulin Wedtlln-r Feint,
A wealthy peasant living In west
Prussia Invited 1,1.00 guests to Ills
daughter's wedding. For each ho pro*
vlded one and a quarter pounds of
beef, one pound of pork, throe-quarters
of n pound of veal, half a pound of
mutton and half a fowl-goose, duck
or turkey—with nn unlimited supply of
vegetables, bread, wine and beer.
Hl'llH-'ft   .IriiloiiH-r.
When Heine was lu lovo lu> was so
jealous that bu poisoned a parrot bo*
longing to bis mistress for fear It
would claim loo much of ber affection.
To  Iteumve  the Smell  of Fnlnl.
Put a pall of fresh, cold water with a
slice of lemon In It In your newly paint*
ml rooms, The water should bo changed ovory few hours and if tbls Is done
will quite take away tho odor,
Te Hear the Nswt Later.
"That smart Aleck, juuug Suggs. U
going to quit Ills place with i-oggs,
Loggs St Duggleiou."
"Hoggs tell you so?"
"No; Foggs. Sutfiri doesn't knew II
vet."—Brow ulna's Mscaxinn.
Hla Saving Perhaps.
Tbe late Hill Harlow, editor of the
Laramie Uoomreuiig. believed no less
In  accurate  than  In  humorous Jour*
I nallsm.
"Vou can't achieve your effect." nnr-
1 low once said In nn address In Douglas.   Wyo.,   "unless   you're   accurate,
Uncertainly and Inaccuracy will spoil
the finest effect. whether It be comic
or whether It be pathetic.
|   "1 remember a funeral In Tin Can.
; The Widow  Wagg had lost  her third
In n pnker dive    (leorge Junes. D  l>-
delivered the fmiiM-al address, nnd an
eloquent and moving ml dress It  was,
but   IJeorgo,  In   his   lm urate   way,
hadn't made sure whether ll was her
third or ber fourth that the widow
Ungg was burying,
"Hence he spoiled a grand oration
with these concluding words:
"'And nnw we commend to the divine mercy this widowed handmaid
who hath been bereaved again und
again and nv'itti'-
"(Jeorge hesitated frowned, nnd added. 'And perhaps again.' " - Human
The Bathroom.
There need be not the slightest Jar
ring note In the color scheme of tba
bathroom now. A plak or blue or
lavender tiled room-If there be such-
wlth fittings to correspond) need not
be marred by dead white wash cloths
or bath towels. These, iu Turkish
towelin'*. come in all Ibe dainty pale
shades mentioned, and they fur the
{ first time may be called pretty.
The Way It Works.
"One way to get rid or a bore Is ta
put blm under obligations to you."
"Not on your life!"
|   "Don't you think so?"
I   "No.    He will think be hns a lift-
long mortgage ou yuu lu thai case,"
In Fly Tims.
•'Did you evict bim'/"
■'The Hy."
"No; ho claimed swatter's rights."
Tha Haughty Ont.
"1 guess I've a right to my own
"Yuu probably have as long as yoo
keep It to yuursell."
"I like pence."
"Well. I'd never guess It.'*
"1 don't want ll too long or too often,
but aiill I'm loud ot It."
Te Wash Silk Stockings.
It Is something of u puzzle how to
wash silk stockings successfully, but
the following method has been used
with satisfactory results: Make soapsuds of lukewarm water and a good
grade of custlle soap. Do not use hot
water, as it destroys tbe life of tbe
silk, llinse lu clear, cold water until
free from till suup, then pull the stocking* lengthwise and press with B
warm Iron, never a hot one. They
wilt be us glossy as wben new.
To Label Jelly.
Why not use while passepartout
paper for labeling your jelly glasses
nnd preserves? it saves an Interminable amount of pasting and auswers
every requirement.
Work  Wai Easy,
"I hnve alwuy-i nurkeu leu oi tHteen
hours a day," sstd the boastful man.
"Well." replied lb«> perverse pnitoso-
pber. "ll must he reinurkably easy
work or you couidu t do so much of
It"—Washington Ktur.
Before and After.
'Tie told me I whs simply stnnnlng
in my fancy costume."
"And what did he tell you when the
masks were removed r- Houston 1'osL
The Barber'a Delight
The only enjoyment a barber
seems to have—and this Is tbe
crystallization of years of obser- •
ration—la to aee Just bow much
tbe patleut will Jump when the • <
cold  water suddenly  la turned
ou the hack ot his neck.   This
propensity   lo   burners,   by   tbe «',
way.   reduces   the   volume   of
shampoo commerce 51 per cent
-New York Mull.
The Turk Awoke.
"The most uokludest rot of all."
-Shake* pes re.
Softeninq tha Blow.
"I thought be had u lite Job lu the
"They pardoned htm uut."
Hor Dofenso.
"Do you sing'.'"
"1 do unless 1 find my company en-
Carried the Sign.
Whnt rtnlH nud make of rar 1b that
Thnl bumped into thn irtiokT
a ■       --'ii ihlrteun, i fir««utna»
a brine from lit* luok,
t.irtn in Men's Clothes,
In   French  Switzerland  the sheperd
(.trot wear moil's clothes,
Hor Pattern
Little Rigrld wae imrn lo America of
Norwegian parents. "What Is your
natlouulKy, SigrtdV" nsked the teacher
Slgrld tossed her Unset' liralds "I'm
an American of Norwegian design,"
she said proudly.-Harper's Magazine.
| Then He'll Talk.
If yon want * mans candid
oplnlou of you. make mm angry
and you'll get it.--Washington
The   l.iirr-*
The inrgenl Islttlt
New flulnflu. Row
lu Ilie oiiler llllllll
nearly  four  Union
tt  I*Intttls,
Is In Ibe world 'ire
o ninl Miidngnscnt*.
I.    New On I non Is
the size uf Gro.it
Young Man Mn Ml** Kthel is yoni
oldest slstet     Who comes uttet tierV
Hmnli Hrother Nutmdy ami come
vet bul ps says the mil feimw that
somas enn have ber. - Mostou Itan-
He Kept   Quiet.
"is emit  motiiet painting sny still
nfe now?"
"Yes,     finliefa    portrait"- Meggeo-
lorfei blatter.
Chloroform  is  imvi   rar
surgeons to produce unites
hen the dose l- v
ties were too Ire
plained, so thnl the
too great i'uii i'<
French iiiitlnirlty u
aleation tn the I'm ■
idee assorts Hint  '
rnporu chloroform
n  *ii
'Nl.  i
I- used by
uwlii except
hi l'n i iHI
and   unei
'V.il|-(|ffl iu
The bndgi
of Olllt'l
Ihe lord
mayor of l.i
ml Hi cm
muuls lo
tho value o
1,   11
• tempo.
rnry owner
if II has
to |
bund fur
it bafora he
is swort
j    Tncle  Sum's chief  poultry  asset is
the farm Dock, and some government
I smart uleck gives It a knock by say-
| Ing that the average farm ben lays
but sixty eggs per year.
If nothing good came out of Nazareth, bow ubunt poultry statistics
from Washington? The farm Biddy
does a better egg stunt—accurate egg
records from Uncle Sam's O.tWO.000
furm flocks will prove It—but if the
farm ben on souie farms does not
reach her maximum It Is not generally
because she is a mongrel mutt, but because of lack of syvtem.
By system we do not refer to tbe
gold brick bonanza books, by which
one is able to become rich quick from
four bens on a' lot G by 10, but we
speak of scientific, sensible, natural
methods, by Ibe application of which ■
flock pays, aud pays tbe maximum.
On many farms there are uo special
breeding pens, where the best producers are penned to beget tbelr kind, but
eggs for batching are taken from tbe
general flock. These flocks often con*
elst of old and young, mature aud immature fowls. Ry such a hit or miss
method a strain frum best layers cannot be built up. With no selection
there can be no Improvement With
e mixed op flock one cannot expect
but tbelr like. Stamina, egg production, uniform bonton market carcass,
come from selected tborougbbred breeders bred straight.
On some farms all the eggs are not
found on tbe day laid, ileus lay In
any old place; heme the bud reputation of the haymow egg and tbe slander that farmers by careless nesting
end handling cause the rots and spots.
We are not knocking the farmer here,
but simply say that some farmers
should control their bens better.
should have better nesting facilities,
for tons of eggs are tost In hidden
nests, and many are spoiled for table
aud botching because they lie In the
beat Some farmers silll stick lo corn
the year around. This Is not egg
food, but fatiener and uot tbe best
fattener at that.
There is need for the study of content tables uud formulation of feed*
to suit tbe needs of the fowl for tba
purpose In view, so that fowls may
be flnely finished fur market or winter
eggs may be mure plentiful un sonw
As to bousing, there Is general Improvement Ir poultry house construction. Some farmers have yet to learn
tbat a henhouse is u"t Just for roosting, but thnt it should be a light dry,
clean, roomy, comfortable, well venH-
In ted hen home, a place for sleeping,
sunning, dtistlug. eating aud exercin-
Ing to bring those high priced winter
eggs and with the yards a comfortable place of confinement for bean
while crops ure growing.
Don't fall to spray mother hen's
quarters often for crawlers.
Don't preserve eggs tbat are over a
day old, nud keep tbe water glass ta
a "ool place.
Don't ship eggs nwny when It cestn
less money and trouble to secure a
higher priced private trade at home.
Don't neglect to flavor the mash wins
a reasonable amount of snlt and keep a
block of ruck salt In fbc pigeon loft
Don't go crazy when a hen louse Joy
rides on your bald top. Think of poor
Biddy wben John llughouse Is on the
Don't let the blood drip on the feathers while dry picking and always keep
white feather* separate, as they command the best price
Don't fall to dress poultry In tba
style your market demands. To get
snd hold good trade you must ester to
Its whims und throw In sumo extra for
good measure.
Don't dress fowls In a place unscreened from tiles (luo blowfly csn
spoil n whole shipment One mnggoe
may chase away your hest and meal
lenalblc customer.
It appears from the testimony of
flcrvns, ibe monk ot Canterbury, who
nourished uboilt the year l'Jini, iimt organs were Introduced nioru than a hundred years before ibis time.
• 'in
• iiiiini
■I   ,Mei|
Ojtitrr  CoektSlI,
An oyster cocktail Is imnte by putting Into » B.nss hair a doxon Uiiy nttio
oysters, to which udd » few drops of
labascn, a pinch or salt, a icnap'timful
nf Worcestershire sauce, a timspoonful
Htinim-iered ] uf totuiilo calcliup and a tiiblcspnuiiful
ie unruliest, I of lemon ji/**.
(old  lllooiled.
I In 1X711 Lord Kulmcs prosldod at the
trial of a mill) named Matthew Hay,
wilh whom lie li id been lu ihe habit of
ptnyltig choss, lie Hummed up against
the prisoner Olid when he was convicted excla lined. "That's checkmate tn
. -, •„«.■.,* | HI || | II |,|,,v.H.H-»HH^-l'4-i-H^4H-»H-H--H-t''fr
::   Samples and Prices of
Genuine Reduction of
33 1-3 per cent
and that's no lie
P. S.   Our
Assistant receipted a bill for
$2.00 and
overlooked the name of our
We should be obliged if the
person would Phone up No. 78 and let
us  know
who it was presented the ac-
count. The bill was receipted Wednesday
I F. Parks & Co. 1
Hardware, Stoves, House-furnishing Goods
.llllllll II I II II lill-l 111 illi-l II II II HH II I t-H-
:: phone
II 58
ii THE
Big Clearing Out Sale of Crockery,
China and Glassware. 25 per cent off
Everything except Limogese China on
which we will give IS per cent.
Greatest Bargains ever Offered—A
large stock to selec, from.
Campbell & Manning
<m I l-l-HI I im-l-H-l-H-t- +H-H l-H-H 11-111 l-l H-f H
Central Meat
Dealer in
il   Fresh and Cured Meats  ;:
All Kinds of Game and Fish
in Season
A. Joliffe, Proprietor
Norbury Avenue
♦ IIH 11III HI I II111 11 I I 11 11 l-HH I 11 II 11 I I H4.
Our  Local  News
We have some cutters that we will sell for cash fnr the
next sixty rkys at cost price $45.50 ,n's r-Utte' i"
well worth 165,00. Anv person who plans buying a
cutter this season will make money hy looking this
itock over before buying elsewhere. This stock is limited to a few cutters only.
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
OttANBROOK,  B,  0,
D. J. Elmer, was at Blku tuls week
ou business.
The Crattbrook Hockey teal" i« UuW
iu championship form.
Chester Staples, o( Wycllfle, won
in town Tuesday on business.
Owynne's clears, pipes aud tobacco's make good smokes.
Mrs. C. Llvealoy, of Moyle was a
Cranbrook visitor ou Tuesday.
J. M, Erby, and daughter ol Crcston. wore in the city Wedueedfty.
For chuico steaks, go tu the Wast
Kootenay Butcher Co.
Mrs. 0, M. Lonsley, ol SlrJar, Wa*
shoppiug ut   Cranbrook   Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Davidson, ot
Wyclllle,  were iu town  Wednesday.
Geo. M.  J udd, and Wm. Hassle, ol
Fort  Steele,   were  in      the city  Wednesday ou business.
George Miller, ul the J. U. Mc-
Bride hardware company was at Cres-
ton Monday on business.
Ripe Olives at FINKS l'URK FOOD
H. White, customs odlcor, was tn
Kingsgate, Thursday on otliciul business.
BURN—At the Home Hospital on
Thursday, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Tyler,
a sou.
Try Swifts White Lawn Soap at
Campbell & Mannings, absolutely
J. P, Fink was oonflnad to his
house several days this week with
a severe cold.
There are more thrills to tbe mm
ate In Ice Hockey than any other
irai"e aflords to the hour.
Joe.  Jackson has    returned to hie
1.1 job as conductor, anj    took out
Wednesday's west bound train.
BORN—At the Cottage hospital on
Friday January'. 19. to Mr. and Mrs.
R. H. Mosely. a. son.
Go to the East Kootenay Butcher
Co., lor dairy fed pork.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVlttie. and
Miss M. Galbraith, ol Fort Steele,
were Cranbrook  visitors Wednesday.
Alex. Taylor, ol Kimberley, manager ol the Taylor Lumber Co., was
in the city Monday on company business.
Beef, mutton and pork, of tbe beat
quality »t the East Kootenay Butcher Co.
There are many friends around the
city who will have lota of sympathy
for Fred Poor fellow his horse
has passed away.
Gogoozola Cheese at FINKS Pure
Food Grocery.
Tho timber-revenue o( the province
for the past month amounted to over
$225,000. Most ol It came Irom west
ol the Cascades.
Owynne's Store faces the Station,
obtain your fruits before boarding
the train.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Beale, who
have been visiting at the coast tor
the past month, returned home on
Blue papers were served on a number ol undeairables this week and a
number have left town. Lot the
good work go on.
Don't forget   the    dance at Fort
Stcelo   next    Thursday,   You know
that there 1s a good time in night,
so don't forget the date.
Rev.Pringlo ol Vernon gave a very'
interesting and Instructive talk of
his personal experiences in the Yukon
at tho Y.M.C.A. last Sunday.
WANTED-A maid, apply to Mra
W  F. Ourd. Adv
A game 0t hockey will be played at
the Arena rink on Tucadny evening
ol next week when a team from Fer-
nio will play against Cranbrook.
Mr. Sidney Potter, the old time
base ball player, hns decided to take
a few days vacation, and la at present visiting friendB in Fernle.
Ptmlentos,-At FINKS PURE
Geo. Smith, who has boon confined
to his home for the past two months
wn, a seven1 attnek of rheumatism
la now recovered, and ia receiving
congratulations fr"    '''■ mnny friends
Tbo 3rd degree team ol the Knights
ol Pythias will hold practice in Caa-
tlc Hal) on Sunday nt 3:30 p. m.
sharp. A good attendance ia requested.
Thn Htnblo of P. Burnt ft Co.,
which la located In the alley back ol
Mrhrldrs hardware atom was entered
Friday    last,  nud  15   aackii    of milji
were stoleu.
LOST—Gold bracelet between ('run-
l.rook Hotel and O.P.R. Station. Return to Mm. W. H. Hay ward, next
to central telephone ofllco, and receive reward.
W.    W     KILBY,
!       Gwyano's    chocolate*  make good
A meeting ol Durham Encampment
! will be held in the I.O.O.F. Hall on
Sunday afternoon at '1 P- in.prompt.
The business is Important and will
only take u very short time.
WANTED— Hlnulo room for young
man In modern house; apply to Box
M,  or Prospector olllce.
The Woman's Institute are preparing for a Valentine Social, which will
he held iu Carmen's Hall, Fob. 14.
at s p. tn. Refreshments and a
dance will follow.     Tickets 7,r> cents.
IMPORTANT—A meeting of tin'
Uniform Rank of the Knights of Pythias, will he held in Castle Hull on
Thursday next at S p. in., sharp. All
members are requested to appear tu
full uniform.
Owynne's picture Post cards always draw an answer.
William Shaw, of Golden, who has
had charge of the Golden branch of
P. Burns & Co.. arrived In town on
Saturday last to take charge, as
manager, of the same buainoaa hero
m Cranbrook.
j    Toilet Sets,  cheap.      36 ot these to
| he  disposed  of during  tho  next week
to  make  room  tor now  stock.— Campbell ,4 Manning.
The Ladtos Aid of the Methodist
Church will give a social to tho new
comers of the congregation in the
parsonage on Monday evening next
nt S o'clock. Alt interested ure urged to bo present.
The C.P.R. will spend 120,000,000
in British Columbia this year on construction and development work generally. That wilt provide British
Columbia with a little spending money tilt next Christmas.
W. O. Crlbben, secretary, is calling
a meeting tn the Y.M.C.A. rooms for
tonight to all members of the Over
Seas Club. There are so mnny members In Cranbrook at present that It
is felt that there is great need ol organization.
But your month supply of Groceries and get our special quantity
price it will save you Borne mooey,
everything guaranteed.—Campbell &
Wm. Small, ol Vancouver is in
town this week visiting bis brother
Mr. E. Small ol the Cosmopolitan
Hotel. Mr. Small Is an old timer
in the district having came to Cranbrook in 1898, and hae a host of
friends who were pleased to Bee him.
Great values in our Crockery department 76 cents buy a HOO worth.
A dance will be held In -he :. nil!"
Valley School house on 'rlday Feb.
9th., at 8 p. m„ the proceeds u. te
applied to the building fur... of the
aicnllly Valley School. A Brst-
class orchestra will lumHh ho music
and refreshments will e 6i..cd.
Come and have a good time.
Some ol the callenders this year
are real works ol art, and deserve
framing—KILBY framea pictures.
"Nufl said."
Can any ol our readers teU us who
was the first woman that ever rode a
train into Cranbrook, also the day
and year that the first train arrived.
It would add greatly to the general
interest if we could also obtain the
number ol the engine, and the name
o! the engineers, and conductors. We
should be glad to receive Information
as to the above,
Last Monday the members ol Selkirk Dlvlson, GJt.A.. (Grand International Auxiliary to the B. ot L.
B.) gave a tea party to the children
in the Carmen's Hall. A very enjoyable time was Bpcnt, the children
romping about nnd playing aa only
children can. Some 50 In number
look part. Tbore was a splendid
supper prepared, and to sec the little
afterwards distributed hy Messrs J
HarviB, and C. Harris.
Wo have a lew lines of fancy China
that we am selling at exceptionally
low pricea—Now la the time to pick
out a tew pretty pieces. The sale
will be od on Feb. Ist.-The FINK
The O.P.R.Ambulnnce corp left on
tho Flyer last Thursday lor Calgary
where they will take part Id the
fight lor Q. T. Bury's trophy. Mr.
Bury is vice-president of the C.P.R.
and is showing a great interest In
the men,apart from their dally work
The lollowlng are members ol the
team representing tbe Cranbrook division'.
J. Bennott,    Captain.
W. Olbbs, G. Plant, and B. Ultch.
The Prospector wishes thom all
r.ticcess in their attempt.
Pekin, Jan. 18.—Premier Yuan flhl
lOil proffered his resignation to tho
throne today, but It was not accepted.
At Uie last meeting ol Selkirk BI
vision No. 178, Grand   International
Auxiliary,  the Installation ot nfllcera
look place.     There wore a good attendance ami a good    Hot of officers
elected for the ensuing year.
Mrs. T. H. Gill,    Past IVwiidcnt.
MrH. Q. W. Johnson,     President
Mrs. J. Hiirvis,     Vice-President
• Mrs. (1. Harris,     Secretary
Mrs. !!. A. Murgatroyd,   Treasurer
Mra.  .1. FennoBoy,    Chaplain
Mra. W. McKeatie,    Ins. Secretary
t-H-K-H-t- +-H-I HI-x-H-H-HI't'i'H't'lJ
Watches, Clocks,
For really good value
Jewelers & Opticians
\ Safe place to leave a troublesome watch
All work guaranteed
Mrs. W.   Baldwin,     Musician
Mrs. A. Cameron,    s.
Mrs. T, Hoy,     11.
Mrs. o. M. Barney,    c. M.
Mrs. W. O'Hearn,   S. M.
Mrs. A.  Perry,    S.
Mrs. T. Wilson,    T.
Mrs. M. Canaban,    I.
Mrs T. Drunimond,   M.
Visitors to the City
At Royal
J. B. Gllmore,    Marysville
C. li. Lenry,    Nelson
I). McLeod,     Nelson
J. Heartcole,     Plncher Creek
Wm. Schard.     Bull River
At Cos
E. W. Holbrook,     Elko
Miss Bempsey,     Wardnor
C. J. Johnson,     Spokane
D. Vanlermun,    Wardner
C. Knake,     Morton Grove
F. Jettman,    Niles Lave
S. F. Mcintosh,    Moyle
At Cranbrook
At Cranbrook
J. H. Bennett,     Nelson
T. D. Bulyea,    Medicine Hat
J. Oliver,     Vancouver
J. Vcnerables,     Vancouver ...
J. McNIcoll,    Montreal
H.    A. Papo,     Vancouver
N. E. Broley,     Vancouver
C. G. Lange,    Fornle
H. H. Kent,    Truro, N. 8.
J. L. Humphreys,    Spokane.
E. L. Samelson,   Langdon,     Alt*.
J. Reekie,     Athalmar.
At Cranbrook
J. M. Day,    Calgary
H. H. Briggs,    freston.
T. H. Foster,    Kamloops.
J. J. Orady,    Creston.
Wm. Smith,     CreBton.
A. O. Gammon,    Winnipeg.
M. A. Hazlet,    Winnipeg.
A. G. MonkhouBe,    Moyle.
E. Dettlndge,     Winnipeg.
W. H. Griffith,    Baynes Lake.
T. M. Young,    Fort Bteele.
K. B. Carrutbars,     Moyle.
F. A. Fortier,    Moyle.
.!. M. Everett,    Nelson.
E. W. Drew,     Vancouver.
D. F. Whitney,     Calgary.
W. W. Douglas,    Tab'er.
H. Young,     Spokane.
E. C. Spronts,    Toronto.
P. Jones,     Toronto.
A. E. Thomas,    Fort Steele.
C. A. Hanson,    Star City, Oal.
F. Williams,     Vancouver,
E. W. Warren,    Fort Steele.
D. Vanderman, Wattsbtirg.
O. Hannant, Spring Wood.
J. O'Doyle,    ol Calgary
P. M. Iceman,     Seattle
D. O. Anderson, Wyclllle
O. 11. Ycamnn, Vancouver
J.  Joyce,     Elko
J. Toller, Fernle
S. Burnslde,     Spokane
J. J. Burns,    Hamilton
J. II. Mills,    Toronto
A. C. Mills,     Spokane
J. W. Freshman,    Mlnot, N. D.
R. B. McNanny,     Calgary
R. Brown,     Moyle
R. W. lnnls,    Moyle   '
F. Lambert, Calgary.
J. M. Doyle, Calgary
O. McLeod,     Toronto
The Germ-Killer For
Floors and Carpets
Full Barrell $7.25
Half Barrells        4.00
Bulk 7c lb
11 J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C. Phone 8   >'.
H-l-H-HIIIM-t- HWHIHI "I l"l"l' •'■M"H*W
'If you want to
Please a Man
feed the brute" is an old saying. If you want to put your
husband in such good humor
that he will stand for that new
dress or bonnet, set before him
a piece of our choice tender
roast beef. We never knew a
man who could refuse anything;
his wife wanted after eating
such delicious meats. Worth a
trial any way.
P. BURNS 6fc CO.
1   f i itiilnti tnl.i1-i.il t il-rliiliri
f 1" i V • ■*«r tr*i"l* ™*l"l~
G. DOWNING, Manager
Under New Management
11 ■■.I.IH-l I ■ 11..., m |,| H-t-fl 111 M 1111Ml MIM'
Public Guarantee
That moat beautiful picture entitled "Homo Again," has brought
such an enormous amount ot new
subscriptions to the Family Herald
and Weekly Star, that the publishers
are finding It impossible to keep up
with the filling of orders, but Is the
columns of that paper this week, wm
notice a positive guarantee from the
Pur/Ushers that every miliacrther to
thnt great weekly tor 1912 will receive a copy of the picture, "Home
Again," Their guarantee in ButMclent
and subscribers need not feel anxious
although the picture may he delayed
for a few weeks. Those who have
not yet subscribed to The Family
Herald and Wwikly Star should do
no at once nnd make sure ol having
a copy of the picture "Homo Again"
We learn that the Publishers, nre contemplating lor nest season what will
make thla picture nvon ' more valuable thnn at present. One dollar
paya for a lull years' subscription to
the paper, and the picture.
Fatal Railway Accident
By three or lour Inches, the "Flyer'
j while coming west on Wednesday es-
I raped being made a total wreck, aa
I it wai the   3 or 4    Inches   was the
means ol saving the   train   and Its
passengers.    The fireman, McCallum,
of Truro, N. S. waa killed, and T. S.
Gill, the engineer,  was slightly    Injured.
No. 11, waa about two hours and
forty minutes late, and the conductor bad received instructions that
all waa clear ahead. Tbe engineer
going at about 4S miles an hour,
on lookln ahead observed what he
thought was the arm of nn 100 ton
derrick move. The derrick was on
the aide track some live car lengths
nway on the loft side of the train.
Tbls being the fireman's alile ho
asked him 11 all was clear and us the
llreman called no, engineer (llll Immediately applied the emergency, nnd
then the crash came. The arm of
the derrick had swung around, and
tbe left aide ol the cab was demolished, tbe cab was twisted so that
the engineer's foot was pinioned In
(he wreck ol the cab, nnd bin back
was considerably bruised. The lire-
man waa knocked from Uie cab,and
thrown soma 40 feet, wben picked up
hla akull was fractured, hla left ankle
broken, and Internally Injured. The
work train waa Immediately dispatched to Michel with the .tenth tttriken
fireman who never regained conscious
neas, bur succumbed to his Injuries
nil houra alter tho accident.
It ia reported, tnat, II the big arm
ol tha derrick had moved but 3 or 4
Inchea more It would have caught
tbe big boiler and a most calaml-
tloua disaster have occurred, it would
have caught hold end swung the
whole train Into the river and many
Uvea would have been lost.
James McOallum, the llreman, haa
heen a resident of dranbronk lor a
number of years, end was a well respected citizen. Tho Prospector extends aympathy with suffering relations and friends.
A New Lot
at the
Palace Cigar
Come and See Our
Side Lines
Palace Cigar Store
A I'honneur de preven-
ir sa nombreuse clientele
qu'il vient de recevoir tin
nouvel assortment de cigars de primure clause.
Nous sollicitons votre visile et protitez de cette
nouvi'lle aubaine.
John Oliver, president, and old
time party "war horse" hae lasued
a call lor a Liberal convention to be
held Is Vancouver Feb. M.
The Liberals ol the Cranbrook district will shortly hold a meeting lor
the purpose of electing delegates to
attend the Vnncouvor convention.
There Is something original In John
Olivers methods ol calling a convention nn the 29th day ol February.
This being a day that cornea but
once in four yearn. John must expect tbat his party will be dead lor
tbat time.
At 9:16 on Friday night tbe Fire
lirlgade responded to an alatm et.ua-
cd by a tire in a shack on Lewie
street owned and occupied hy Harry
Fiilllnmcs. The inside was a mass ol
flames when the brigade arrived at
thn scene, hut was soon extinguished
when water waa thrown in the bull-
ding. Borne delay occured In getting
water by Iroat lo tha bytraat.


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