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The Prospector Jun 22, 1912

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Array Unrary Leg. Assem.  Sept. t.._».
If You Want nil
Appropriate   Present
Por The
$2.(11) Per Year
VOL. 18
No: 25
Thining Fruit Trees
Horticultural Branch—Department uf Agriculture
It.    M     fflNSLOW,   B.S.A,
Provincial Horticulturist
The very favorable weathor which
Iiiih occurred throughout tin1 blooming
season in nil the fruit districts of the
province hns favored the setting of u
very large percentage of blossoms.
There are very few trees which will
not hnve all the fruit tliey can carry,
and probably the majority of them
will have more than they can curry,
with profit, This brings ua the question of the thinning of fruit, n practice well recognised in the Stntes to
the south of us, but not generally understood throughout British Columbia, A discussion of the methods nnd
results of thinning Ib at the present
time very much in order, because the
work must be undertaken in the very
near future.
ln discussing ihe question of thinning, we admit that it tree muy set
more fruit thnn it can possibly bring
to perfection, ns the fruit-grower understands perfection. Nature cures
nothing for the fruit except us they
nre necesBury to the .production of
seed: the orchnrdist cures nothing for
seeds except ns they nre necessary to
tbe production of fruit.. Wc wish
each tree to carry nil the fruit it can
bring to commercial perfection, nnd
uo more.
At the same time, the tree must
make new vegetative growth consistent with its age and the variety.
The third requisite is thnt it should
also form enough fruit-spurs for a
similar crop in the following year.
This idenl is the foundation of our
orchard practice.
When a tree is fulfilling these throe
requirements it is performing its mux
imum duty to the owner. If it falls
short in any one of them, he is not
getting his maximum of profit, either immediate or prospective, from it.
The removal of some of thc fruit.
at au early stage in its growth helps
materially towards securing the max
imum duty of the tier in certain hell
nlte ways:—
tl.) The average size of the fruit
left un the trees is increased; this is
the most obvious result of thinning.
Trees overburdened with fruit produce a greater percentage of No. t
apples. The increase in size of the remainder, nfter the flrst and second
pickings of Bartlett pears is made, is
a striking instance of the increase in
size wben the number of fruits is reduced.
CI.) The fruit borne is more uniform in sL/e and shape. On the overloaded tree there Es much variation
in size, and especially where two or
more fruit remains on a spur, they
are variable In shape as well. The
fruits from the side blossoms of the
cluster are in many varieties much
different from those from the centre
blossom, usually being flutter in
shape und having a considerably longer stem. Uniformity in Bize und
shape is nn important essential of
commercial perfection.
(3.) The color is materially bettered, more uniform, ami comes earlier.
The remarkable increase In color
which occurs when rt first picking is
made from heavily bearing trees of
even the winter varieties, such us
Jonathan nnd Wngener, furnishes
striking confirmation of this point.
While color seems largely related to
sunshine, it is a well-known fact that
on a heavily loaded tree the fruit has
less color, which is less evenly distributed and more slowly ucquired.
(4.) Thinning improves the quality.
This is especially the case where the
soil is deficient in moisture or plunt-
(5.) The fruit is freer of diseases
nnd insect pests, because wormy apples, limb-bruised, or diseased fruit,
of nny kind, can be removed*at the
thinning time. On plums umi peaches in moist regions, fruits thinned so
thnt no two touch when fully grown
Continued on page \).
An Opinion of Cranbrook
By a Visitor
To the Editor of the "Prospector",
Dear Sir-
Will you kindly give me space in
your paper to explain my ideas ns to
your city and its surroundings. With
n view to raise discussion und possibly lead to action!
When here some 2 or :t yenrs ago I
thought well of Crnnbrook, believing
its location good, and tbe idle land
around you capable of producing much
wealth nnd prosperity if properly
handled. I nm a mixed farming enthusiast and am delighted to see so
much attention being given to poultry. In old Ireland it is snid to be
"the pig that pays the rent"—here 1
think it mny yet he said that the
poultry, cow and pig paid for the
Since my tlrst visit I bnve spoken
many a word In Europe In favor of
Crnnbrook und have induced some
good mon to come . and see It for
themselves. One gentleman with a
large available Capital for investment
came to yonr station ut my suggestion, but looking round, wuh iinfuv
orable Impressed uud lefl again by
the same train- litter advising ute
that "he thought Cranhrook only u
■mall mining town" uiifortunutely
he did not see it to advantage,
Although some splendid Improve
meats have BlnCO heen mnde on the
main business street, uud mnny lovely Httle homes bllllt on the avenues,
there Ih yet room for much to he done
if Crnnbrook Is to he nn up-to-date
Ideal city—us it can and should bo—
and for which I think the time is ripe
for action.
What seems to me to be needed Is
a strong public opinion uud action
backing up your council in their evident progressive Inclinations.
Although only n stranger, nnd at
president non-roHldcnt, liuving secured
a considerable interest in thc district, I venture, with ull respect, to
make n few suggestions—
To capture those capitalists from
the home Innd nnd down east—who
are passing through looking for it location wltb u view to sottlo you
should improve the nppeurnnce of tho
town us seen from the railway train.
And to InereuHP the interest und
hold those who stup over to look a
round—you should improve your
streets nnd ns fur us pOMlbto prevent
the inconvenience of flying dust, and
provide pretty nnd convenient parks
for reBt, fresh air and reereutlon, not
only for the boys but for the mother
and her baby.   Such cities us Toron
to, Ottawa, and Spokane are good
Why not muke a start on Bnker
street between the station and station and the government buildings'.'
I I notice u few of your public spirit -
led citizens living on tlu- avenue.s are
1 making excellent efforts in laying
down grass, boulevards und cement
side wulks. These are good samples
Muke this general and add thereto
' rows of trees both sides nnd you will
, be u long way towards u pretty city.
Mountain \sh nud Maples make a
pretty combination.
Then you want a pretty drive—why
not put in  trees both sides of Koo-
; tenay street out to the boundary  hi
the north und  I-alwani street to the
:boundary    in    the    east    .thence up
I boundary avenue northward,    I feel
j sure those  owning   the  luiid  between
'these  points north  of the town  site
would gladly cooperate with the couu
ell  to have u  similarly  pretty   rond
j from   west  lo eust,   thus   making  a
most enjoyable ti to 7 mile drive, giv
] lug Visitors uii opportunity to see the
city and  its surrounding-, to udviin
tage.   They would find It delightfully
cool on the mountain side in summer
und 1 noi told much warmer und less
I frosty thnn In the vnlley in winter.
\    I huve I a looking for your parks
nnd, upon enquiry( um told thut thoy
have been under consideration for
veins—but hnve not materialized,
| Don'l wall until land is dear before
you secure fresh uir spots for the poo
pie, tills would be mosl unwise, and
i we may be much neurer to dearer
laud than many In your midst would
admit. As I understand Cranbrook
' bus not yet. been InllllOncod liy the up
ward trend throughout the west-
| Why not'.'
I It seems to me there are two ideal
|spots for parks, one a .-mull plot, of
> land between the railway Btatlon and
the station muster's house on the
\ west nnd tbe other north of the gov
j eminent buildings on Maker street,
i whom the boys now play busebull
Probably the c. p u ,-wu both
these properties, umi they ure demon
strut Ing their views In this direction
up and down the line ity beautifying
their station ynrds, ole, surely n
strong citizen commlttoe would secure
their sympathy nml cooperation,
Apologising for tbe length of this
I am,  Sir, yours truly.
$2,000.00 in Prizes will bej$100'00<*.ooo for Railways
Awarded in the "Prospector's" Great
Prize Voting Contest
Railway Developement to be Stupendous
Prizes  to   the   above Value will be .Given   to   People   who  Seeure the  Most
Subscriptions for the "Prospector".—Contest opens next Saturday.
See the Annouiuenient on the  Lust Page.
Commencing Suturilny June 89th, tlic "PROSPBOTOR" will Inaugurate tin. greatest subscription cum-
palgn ever attempted by n weekly newspaper in Inland Uritisli Columbia. This campaign will take the (i.rin
ot a voting contest, anil illiriug its progress prizes to tbe value af i'i,HUH.nu will be given away to the people
of Cranbrook and District.
Tbe "PROSPBOTOR" contest will be a reward for merit and enterprize, nnd it may be participated in
by any person of good character residing within the circulation zone of the paper. [ Contest votes will be allow-
eil on all subscription payments, newor renewal to tbe "PRQjjPHCTOR"nnd Tbe Canadian Home Journal.
Tbe vote value of subscriptions may be determined by relerence to tbo vote schedule which appear on the back
page ol this issue.
4. '7110.00 IN OOLD.
Thc winner of thc grand prize will be paid nt the rate of more than $500 a month. This is equivalent to
a Hillary of $BO0t> a year. The only mnn or woman who cannot afford to enter this contest at once aud try for
the big prize is tbe one who is making over $li00l) per year. You may have the splendid prize if you make up
your mind to have it.   See that you claim the opportunity while it lasts. .
Manufactured by the William'*! Piano Co., Osliawu, Ontario,
Four  Diamond Rings
Four Gold  Watches
Will the Contest Pay
This is a question which will naturally occur to all who read tbe announcement of this campaign. Ye.*,
It will pay—not fn dollars and cents perhaps, for the expenses of. the undertaking is pery great, hut there are
other dividends which newspapersenrn other than the. profits expressed In the termB of money. During the
contest, n great many people will join the "PROSPECTOR'S" large family of renders—nnd there will be satis-
faction in all that. Then too, a grent numbor of people will he made huppy by the prlzeB— they will be given
nwny on Aur.ust  17th, regardless of the work required to win them.
Any person of good repute residing within the circulation zone of the "PROSPECTOR" may eater the
contest and compete for the prizes.
Men ami women, boys and girls, nil have un equal chance for the prizes.
Send in your name at once.    Use the nomination blank.
If you wish to have further particulars before deciding send ia the Information blank. A representative
nf  the   PROSPECTOR   will  call   andexplain everything.
Ab soon as your name lias been entered as a candidate get a receipt hook and start to work.
The contest opens June 29th, but candidates may start to work securing subscriptions at once.
Votes will be allowed ou all subscription payments to the "PUOSPKCTOR" Votes will be allowed on
last due, new or renewal subscription payments, Votes will also he allowed on subscriptions to the Canadian Home Journal.
The subscriptions secured during the first period of the contest will count the most votes, The six weeks
ol the campaign have heen divided into three periods. The moBt votes will he allowed during the tlrst period.
During the second period, twenty per cent loss votes will he blven on all straight subscriptions than will be
•riven during the lirst period.    After the second period a further reduction of twenty per cent, will be made.
Send for a receipt book today.
If you are not a subscriber to the "PROSPECTOR" and wish to hecome one, you need not wait for your
favorite enndidnte to call on you, but you may send your subscription direct to thc ofllce at once, naming the
candidate for whom you wish to vote. Don't fail however, to accompany your subscription with the amount
covering it as votes will only be issued on prepaid, subscriptions. . If youhnve no favorite among the candi
dates, nominate yourself.   You understand, of coarse, that you may vote for yourself.
Tlu* PROSPECTOR has printed a large number of receipt books for the use of the cundidates and their
friends. The receipt hooks will be mailed out as fast us nominations are received ulid will be delivered to those
who call at the contest office for them. The system of accounts that will he used during the contest demands
that the receipt books he used by all the candidates, They hnve been prepared in such a manner as to make
tlit- work of the contestants very easy
As soon us your name has been entered, go among your friends and tell them you are in thc contest, and
iu tu win. One day's laird work early In the contest may mean the difference between success nnd failure itt
the close.
Any time you are In doubt as to the conditions governing the contest, tin« up the contest manager, at
Phono 11*1. and all questions will be cheerfully answered.
Toronto Youth Gets The
Prize  for  Good   Roads  Essay is won by
Cieman—- Westminster Boy Second-
Two Third Prizes
First prize for Good Roads Kssay
is won by S. Clemnii--Westminster
boy second'  two Hunt prizes.
After an exhaustive examination
lusting over two WOOkfl the judges
selected to award the prizes In tbe
Canadian Highway Essay Competition on "What Good Roads Mean to
Canada," have submitted the report
to President W. ,!. Kerr, donor of
the gold, silver gilt, uud silver med
I The winner of the llrsi prize Is S.
Cieman, of 'MM Mnjor St reel, Toronto, whose paper Is exceptionally
good for a hoy under eighteen. The
second prize winner Is Albert Walsoii
(17)    ot   New  West minster,      David
#'IVvtotdnle (Ui ..2 Hellamy Street,
1 Hid mon ton, and Christine Lanoville,
Minder eighteen) of South Vancouver,
I tied for third place and will each re
| reive a silver medal. Next in order
| of merit came Mahle Eyres, (Cu xnu
'Orosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg, Gladys
| Guild,   (Mi  (129  Slnchir "'
jmonton,     1 nurd    Miirehlson    (10)
llairlston, Out..  Velum   Welch    UO)
1 H42 7th Ave., West  Vancouver, ll   0,
| Bessie Kraser (Un  HA  Eleventh  St.,
Edmonton,     E.  Stanley    Scott   (17)
liln 2b th Bt,, Edmonton,Altn., Anule
Shore (IU)  North Vancouver, R, C.
The Interest  taken In the competl
Hon exceeded all expectations, no less
than  to.'.'- emiuys being  received from
Canada, and quite a number from
England, Including nine from Park
street School. Brighton,
The majority of the essuys reached
the ofllce of Secretary P, W. Luce on
May 14 and IR, some of thc papers
coming lu by express, uthers by par
eel post. Several schools sent In
from ten to thirty essays evidently
the best of a number written by the
students or that Institution.
The JmU-es were Messrs. J. W. Oni-
niiiifhaui, li. A., editor of the llrillsh
Columbian, a graduate of Toronto
University, ami for several years n
teacher la Toronto schools, Mr.
Charles A. Sutherland, a newspapei
(Continued un Page   2.)
Extensive us was the railway programme of the provincial government
on thc occasion of its appeal tu the
country, it hus since expanded und it
is now stated ua the authority of
Sn- Richard McBrlde that the sum tt*
be spent upon the entire programme
during the next [our years will easi
ly exceed tbe $100,000,000 mark. Tbe
additions immediately roferred tn
consists of the projected operations
of the Greal Northern Railway nn
the mn inland and Vancouver Island,
that corporation having just announced its intention nt going ahead nt.
once with its extensions on tbe V. V,
and E. mi the mainland and one or
two pieces nf construction work on
the island,
"With reference to the rumors nf
Great Northern development in tins
province," said Sir Richard, "you
limy say that it Is my understanding
from my conversations with Mr.
Louis Hill, who was in tbe capital
recently, that the (1 rent Northern
has decided to proceed with its operations here. As yon know tbey own
the V. V. und B., and it is their intention to extend the system considerably, .fust what their plans ure of
course, it is impossible to suy, but
ut the present time it should sulliee,
thnt very shortly they will start upon this work. I am informed that it
is their intention to let contracts for
construction work in u few days nub
that no time will be lost in getting
.ahead  with the work.
"And added to that addltionnd
work there has to be taken into consideration the determination of the
O.P.R. to double track to the coust
all uf which materially adds to tbe
estimate made some time ago as covering the railway construction to be
undertaken within the provincial limits during the next four years. It is
imt necessary t«. turn to ligures but
I am satisfied tbat if the work wus
represented by cash deposits now it
wi mid aggregate a sum deposit of
$100,000,000. I do nut think that the
total f have mentioned is at all extravagant.
"Now, 1 make the claim that a pro
gramme like that lias never beeu undertaken by a provincial government
in history, and if ynu ask me how it
is that we are able to do it in British Columbia, I must answer that it
is rendered possible on account of the
splendid financial status which the
province enjoys. It. has been argued
tlmt undertaking such an immense
work represents recklessness, hut I do
not think that statement is, or can,
the credit of the country is getting
be serious, for the simple reason that
; better than ever. As a business proposition, it is tbe desire of tbe government to get the best value for
every dollar spent, and with special
reference to tbe railway programme I
think it must be conceded that we are
getting it.
Big Provincial Display
British Columbia to he Properly Displayed
The provincial display of British Ices and potentiality of our province
Columbia will be one of tbe most at- than for competition," aays Minister
tractive features of the Dry-Farming Scott. "We do not have in view the
Exposition, at Lethbrldge, next Oct- competing for prizes offered for dry-
obcr, and a large area, 100 lineal farmed products exclusively, because
feet by a depth of 20 feet has been j wfl tmVe only a very limited territory
reserved. I ,n which the precipitation is less than
Writing Chairman J. W. McNieol of 20 inches. But much of our fruit and
the Exposition Conuuittci
Scott says that it. planned to bring
to Lethbrldge one of the finest ex
hi bits ever gathered in Western Canada of an extensive and diversified
nature, tbe feature of which will be
the fruit grown without
and     specimens     of tin-
some of our vegetables are grown by
dry-farming methods, and we desire
tbe world to see what we are producing, and we certainly feel thnt we
shall win the merits of praise of all
delegates to the     Dry Farming Con-
Irrlgatlon grcss.
Umber for     jt, N. Winslow, horticulturist of tbe
which the province is famous. Tbe Department of Agriculture, writes
rruit exhibit will probably be sent that he is arranging to .collect an ue-
from Lethbrldge to Chicago and New im||y |arge exhibit of fruit and that
York land shows, and it is expected ; |lti \Viii advised all commercial organ-
tbat fully a carload of choice apples hzattons iu the various district* of
will lie collected for this exhibit. British Columbia to make a display
Our exhibit     will be mnde
with the idea of showing the
and will  personally     supervise
gathering of the fruit exhibit.
Overseas Club's   Welcome
Arrangement for Entertainment of Founder
The Over-seas Club Founder will visit Crnnbrook on tbe 27th
(Motto of tbe Over-Sens Oluq.)
"We sailed wherever ships could sail,
We founded muiiy a mighty state; I
1'ray God our greatness may not fail.
Through craven fears of being great
Next Thursday the 27th will be an
important day in tbe annals nf tbe
local branch of the Over seas Club, It
being the omission of the visit of
Mr. Kvelyn Wrench of London. Kug.,
the founder and orgunlzi-i of the
world wide over-sens.
This gentleman and Mis** Wrench
are expected by the noon train, when
tliey will be mei by the olll Cera ol the
Club nnd escorted to tho hotel Cran
brook,   Which   will   be   theli   beadi|iial'
tore during their   short   sojourn   a
inongll  UK, as lhe guests uf the mem
hers of Ihe local branch
tn the afternoon it is proposed to
i.'ive them an opportunity of seeing
tbe surrounding  district   by  means nf
au automobile trip.
Between fi and 0,80 p.in. will he devoted tu a Reception in ihe Auditor
ium for the members of tba local
branch with the object of becoming
acquainted with tbeir organizer..
At 9.80 on the Auditorium will be
thrown open to the general public
who will Imve an opportunity to bear
lirst hand thc aims, object, and ideal
of the greatest non-party patriotic
Institution iu the British Empire.
At all the meetings where Mr.
Wrench has been present enthusiasm
has run high und a iMT.it deal of Interest lias been aroused in the movement.
It is hoped that all Cranbrook will
turn out to this meeting and show
10 the places visited and yet to be
visited tint the "Star City of the
Kootenay" belleVCS in the member's
'•reed, which in as follows:--
"Bellevtnu the British Empire to
stand for luetics, liefdnin. order and
good government, we pledge ourselves
as citizens o| the greatest Empire In
the world, to maintain the heritage
handed down tu us by our fathers."
Owing to this visit nn the 27th the
usual social evening of tbe Club will
not he held next Tuesday.
Gun Club's First Shoot
Tin' ('riiiilii'Mnk Dun I'luli hold u |-*K
Itlnr wi'i'hly Hliitnt nn Wi'ilni'Hiliiy ul
tornoon. Thla ho|i)g tin- fli-at Hlmut
nf Ilio hi-iihi.ii, mi Mimr iii-w grolindl
ni'iir tho nlil North Btnr Mill, the nt'
Iriiiliiiit'i' wnn hiiiuII, umi the shotting
rnthor imliiw the nvorng*i bul ■ > the
inoniherN become batter noqllnlnt**
with the ground nnd Unlit, nlmuting
will Improve
Id until BHI0BP8TAKH
Ml Hit iliiii I "milium I Iiiiiiu   ;l
I'liturmui    nl lllllllluuuuinilliiiiiin. 17
CiimpBtll nm luul iiiiiiu I ioiiii 111000-14
if, lilllli   BHHPBTAKB
M 111... 0ll0IHI0IUIIOI0O-«
Pntemon imuoiiiouiiiuo t
IS  Willi.--    HKIIIII.AI'    BIKX'T
Mi'lniwn nil ium llul nil I luinliuuoi-l'j
OrnCC llinnllnluililllnlliluillllllNKIII-   »
uiiiiiiw uiiiiiiuiiiiuinunuiniHoovL-it
Pntjrion umi i liiiiiin im looioioiou-M
. Mclmwn lit 11II KHll111tllllOOOOOOlOl-l*
UllllUW iiiiiliiliiiiiuiiliili-iiluniiOlllMI
Piitormiu luuiiiuiillliilllololOl.oOMo THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, 15. C.
June 27
Toronto Youth Gets The
wr^k^m c T
Representative Show'
The vvuiidruua Weit of itory and
tradition. The West of the Indian
■nd the Buffulo, of the Cowpuncher,
tti<- Pioneer and the Homesteader.
The Weil that ia peaiing and hat
almost passed
Direct  and  intact frum the great  Oklahoma Ranch, whose name it bears and -whose fame
It proudly conserves
Cowboys, Cowgirls, Indians. Vaonueme, llmales, r-eiiorltaa, Hunters, Xtanpeia, Scouts Raoaws. l-whrvltn.
I.«i.:k.ng"ilt*r .*■-,, UutluloM, Uns-bori.*--. **w ■•(-,, miii etery and nil other  H-.-i.n- aud tentunu ol the i*itle
'ln.il riiJ Itn-iiul-up.   .■'iiatr.hlQRftoin oblivion md reviving lor nubile protit i pleasure the r-oraaacw. .N-rili
lun-iiUii/i, chi\alrie-i ami apectamdar routine of the Great rt'ttteru Out-loon
Greater America's
Ui record of growth without parallel
Iu the history of amusement*.
More and greater variety and mul*
tiplicity of novel, original and solidly
worthy features than any other
•olely western institution in existence
- V-.tii-li.-i! Bor-Jrr ami ilwwrnJ Dg, *iie,> byitap.
Kill retuts lhe puciuachmeata of adMu^iug
itoui til 'tie nutge
Only rusti. who ever bftttled, hareliarnlerl nrlrii .. Bpwifeh bull .1 positive feature of every exliibitlo'.   •
.ti.   -HIUtSLV     INAlULU.vlt.L      —< .     j%
. \ i ml tht-rtty'fl !:. r..tJi-iit*rt*a ■
ii«* iin •■' entcrorlK
Commencing at 2:00 o'clock p. m.
Reserved Seats on Sale ou Day of Kxhibition
At Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store
Dare You. 3\££tx»i.*y?
Statement* made by patients liking the Ht": Method Treatment.   They know it Cures
t-f~ Nu N**n*-» ar Tt-stimonii.il u.nl without written cement
( n-r   St..   IHKHH.     >-m|i   itns   Wlien  If
I'ailrnt N«. Htm.   "Th.* spots are all \  itm-toil treatment;—Attn !t, ilnBle, In*
' I .?,
Varl.-nia Veins mi t-.m. -mi
on   il»-   rue-.   ate. After   i
He i. t,i I,.- .Mil' - -is folk
1-,-lt.S 1     .-. llllllll     '.ti
. ,.i to -.iv thnl  I ittiiiri in
Hy  \ ifli -■■.,-  Vi hh 1- I ■-   i ■■!■■
. !,
any luffr-rer. 1 mn Ktiina tn v
,w\ snail. Thank.mi ym »nc
elt-'." I „ :    .' ,i    h  -    i ■<>
: ■ r- "i.   i liavo no iii Hir,  (or tli n  li ibli
SAVH TWO MONTHS CritRI)  HlH. i,        , ami     i i ■-.•    i-   il
i   ..     ....       tu :.. :., .-   i   	
1'iiiii-ni  Nu.  IfllBS,    u-.. -1 - ■ - ■! -      i ,.i.!n.« ...ii fui i'.'i: ktml tti
liKtu!" i iii iintnnml linlli   i vimri.   P ■   '   ,
-1   I
II,   '
t -Mux i »" mom >■-   i re i
j ., -,   ■ ■ ii-   nf   them   ■ mi In ,
back '"'"' >• •" i
•rur. WO KM) hkkmh nn ii:mknt.
roil  xu i-iojiii   "i ' ■ ■
n ,■■  ni ii    I il  ..     :...
nt!   ,in  i I
■tll.-Ki'llM I    lllll. I. lit    I"    >1.'      U.I    1    '.
I1...1   f Ill- - i    .        '  .•    |   ,  \   .'I i      I     ii.-
bsi-n   till   Imli.-t   iluutnr   ftllll   >i" "
. uxbi) ii POI nu- in n\i; month.
iMifiu \.,. I :..*,*•?.   Tills pail,   il ■ ■■■■ I
.   , ...
mil     ■ >' ■
i  iui fi ■ lln - , '.*   ■
ll ,,■,.,'. in ....
... ,   i in "   i. ii •
I nm l ■ . ; ■ ,.,r.
I   i
i        ■   i-
i. i .
i       moitl ..;.,,■ ■      | |
.    i ■ ■      I    ' 1)011 i
1    i :       ■   i- i.
fl   i .   I hi   -i.il!  -ui-1 ynu
hint* rami im."
W. Iraal sad turf VAMCOSfc YWNS, NESVOU3 DEMI ITY.  BLOOD and
ptttulior t'j mm
CONSUL I A HON FREE    liUUK.**) rHr.r..   U umblr to ..II writs lur ■ Qutltlon
UUnk lor Horns Trsstmsnt,
ISj-i^TI^F A" '*->'•*'■ irom Caiuds mun bt Sttdrsuid  la our Cnn-
INw   I   IV^fc sdlsit Currfipondrnc- D«p«rlnir-nl si followi-
1    Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griiwold St.,   Detroit, Mich.
',     PIIONK 1110 tllMHTHONCI   \ \'I.. I-   I),  nu\   IM
';    The Cranbrook Exchange
1 VV   I'1   Dun \ S   IVoprlcloi
I Wc   Buy, Sell or Exchange
! Goods of ull Inscription
Circus Day
Cole  Brothers  Shows
Thnt time honored yet hiukIchI
phntHe "nre you f*olnf- to the show?"
Is the query moot frequently heard
tin-si- ilayn upon <-vt*ry hand both lu
Cranbrook and for miles out into the
surrounding country. The world famed Cole Brothers United Shows are
responsible for the question, arrange*
menttt having heen completed for
them to exhibit mi June 21.th, after
noon and evening iu Oranbrook on
the open ground bark of the Government building. The small boy and
girl are correspondingly happy and It
goes without saying that their elders
have the day marked on tbe calendar
too, Fresh from their triumphs
abroad, the Cole Brothers have greatly augmented their shows In every
department, This Reason their spread
ol canvas covers an area of about
nine acres ami when erected tbe big
tent alone allords comfortable art-oui-
modntlom lor 12,000 peraonfl. Over-
capplng the hlg flngii thrw elevated
staues and vaKt lilppoilronw track Is
a veritable mane of trapeze riggings,
bars, rim's, ropes and apparatus tlp-
on which linilntleflfl queens and kings
of the air twice dally defy death tn
entertaining the thousands of pa
trims. Over .'100 men, women nnd
children ami educated nulmals are
employed in the presentation of the
astounding program, Prom the tlrst
tn the last number, act follows act
ii, rapid succession and with such
precision ami skill as can be only
found in Cole lirothon United shows
Throughout the performance as many
mi fifteen separate features are simultaneously presented on the ground or
in tho ah and one Is kept right busy
in watching the myriad Of wonders.
All Importniit departments free to all
who al tend the big show, lu the
tuple menagerie which ,» unqueHtlon-
nbly tin- largest and most complete
travelling '/oo known. The mammoth
tent in which this Is exhibited Is llll
ed wltb rare ami costly specimens or
nnimul lite from all quarters of the
globe, captured and shipped direct to
these shows by Mcsiuh. Cole's own
special agents A visit to the display
will prove of tni more Interest and
educational value thnn a tour of the
best known xoologlcal garden In this
country or Butopii
(Continued   From   Cage 1.)
man of many years   experience, and
r. W. Luce.
A large number of essays wen-
thrown out on the Ilrst reading
und they gradually dwindled down
until about 70 papers remained. Thes0
were carefully considered by the
judges, and the best eleven picked
out. Mr. Cleman's essay was easily
lirst among these, but the difficulty
arose in awarding the second ami
thud prizes. Bach paper was critically examined, aud the judges limit
ly decided iu the awards as ithove
In addition to the medals, I'resl-
dent w. J, Kerr announced some time
ago that he would give a silver sou
venlr pin to every entrant whose ch
say attained a ceitaiu standard of
merit. Seventy of these pins will be
awarded, Including one to the young
est essayist, Muster Thomas Hud,
who has seen nine summers on the
west coast Of Vancouver Island
The Carthaginians were tbe first
people to make systematic practice
of road -building , but no nation de*
rived so many various benefits as
that of Home. Oreat aud wonderful
are the monuments that perpetuate
the name ol Koine and everything
connected with it, hut none are ao
famous us her roads. Koine's military, commercial and Imperial success
was due, primuril) to ber splendid
system Of highways, the relics of
which extend from the Pillars of
Hercules to the Temple ot Jerusalem
Hut the Roman road-makers have a
far more important lesson for Canada. The world will, for all time, remember the message of Christ, which
waB delivered to humanity tbrougb
the medium of the Koman roads.
There me thousands of people existing in hamlets scattered throughout
Canada, who are awaiting religious
instruction. They will not emerge
from their semi-barbarous state until the "Good Koads Movement" has
won its way into every nook of this
new country.
The attendance to the rural meeting place is diminishing; the attendance to the school-house is dwindling, friendship is being severed with
the neighbor living a short distance
away; and with the person to whom
you regularly send n letter; and the
village preacher is being discouraged.
What is the reason for this.' Impassable roads and nothing else. Country communities are uot going to
wnde through mud to post a letter,
to ?o to school, to go to church, or
visit a friend, neither will they suffer
their horses to attempt it. They will
hot be pestered with doctor's bills
because the road is transformed into
a qnadmire. Rural inhabitants arc
being degraded educationally, socially and morally. Country folk are not
migrating to cities because they don't
like rural life, but because the roads,
if they may be called sa, are impassa
hie. These people are intelligent e-
nough to see that nil the discomfort
nnd prevention of social enjoyment of
the Roman road-builders. You cannot estimate in dollars and cents the
national loss entailed by the constant
withdrawal of labor from farms, and
by the fading of the influence of the
character-building institutions of the
Bushnell, a great American thinker
says: "If new ideas are abroad, new
hopes arising, you will see it by tbe
roads that are building." Simultaneously with the movement for tbe
need of good-roads arises one far-
reaching Idea, even more profound
than the enhancing of land values.
It Is the social betterment by which
Canada is playing a distinguishing
part in tbe uplift of the world.
Now we turn to tbe meaning of
roads in the economic sphere. It is
& good business policy? Canada's
manufacturers, men of commerce and
business admit     that Canada   needs
Boy Scouts
On Saturday Inst despite the inclement weather .10 enthusiastic scout
turned up at the Gym. .'
As the rain did not cease the scout
masters decided that an out-door excursion was impossible so the scout
boys turned in and enjoyed it game of
basket ball.
Drilling uud au address from scout
master l*eslle and Dunham on Trust-
worthiness und obedience. The boys
enjoyed their afternoon and are look-
lug forward all the more eargerly for
the excursiuu neit Saturday.
Assembly wilt take place at tbe
Gym at 'A o'clock and march out at
HMO prompt. The scouts are requested to bring lunch as before, note
hook, also staves, patrol leaders will
bring their armlets. liA drilling Instruction was given nn Wednesday to
about .'tO scouts at the Gym.
Look out and he Crepared.
These mottoes are being rapidly tyi
drrstood liy the Hoy Scouts.
such a policy, but because they cannot see any solid, unrestricted and
available gain that would accrue,
tbey .don't care. The cost of u breakfast roll would be trifling did it not
cost • the farmer eighteen cents a
bushel more to transport wheat nine
miles to a railway station than It.
did from New York to Liverpool, a
distance of three thousand one hundred tulles.   The cost  of a boiled egg
is the payment of transportation
from the ben to the household. The
intrinsic value of the egg is a mere
tittle compared with the expense of
carriage through  two (eet  of mud.
Over tht* deep rutted roads, as thoy
i*xtst at present, a fanner ran haul,
on an average, six hundred pounds
in live hours with two horses. If
good roads weie constructed( howcv
tr, it has been calculated thnt one
horse could draw twelve hundred
pounds and more In two hours. Not
only would the fanner save time, COII
serve bis energies, make better use of
his vehicles and horses and 0 ■" •*>
save money; but tbe consumer, l o,
would receive his needs nt I i
prices. Ami as Canada's agricultural
product Ion Is annually increasing by
leaps and bounds, a greater proportion of money would be saved by all
classes of people year by year; and,
probably, the high cost of living tn
urban districts would recede to the
"It costs the average Canadian
farmer two dollars it ton to haul his
produce to the market town, to the
railway station or lake port, lt Is
known that the production of Held
crops alone amounts to about 40,000,
000 tons a year. It would be ntoder
ate to estimate that 2.r>1000,000 of
this tonnage is hauled over roads,
one way or another; so we have
150,000,000 as cost of teaming Held
crops hy the farmers. This cost
could be reduced if we had first-class
roads, to 120,000,000, a saving of tiO
per cent, leaving $30,000,000 as a sav
tug on one class of product alone."
The building of good roads would
increase the value of taxable lands
not only in the vicinity but also
the most remote parts. Stupendous
amounts could he collected in taxes
and the assets of the nation as well
as the landlord would increase. New
towns would spring up; new railway
branches would he built; and Canada
would be settled and developed at a
miraculous rate.
Our convicts could be profitably
employed building roads. Of course,
it is useless to have them constructed unless carried on in n systematic
and seientitlc way. The roads must
be "graded, topped and rolled," they
should be constructed so thut water
will quickly drain off nnd so that the
greatest applied pressure will uot
force upon the foundation and cause
mud to ooze up and ruts to be renewed.
Well constructed roads shorten distances by reducing the time to travel
They would give rise to a further exploration of sparsely settled districts
and would result in tbe discovery
and the shipping of more mineral
and timber wealth.
I feel confident that smooth hard
roads would mean more to Canada
than any other project. I believe
that a remarkable awgvenlng, a renaissance would take place. The- eco
nomlc and national advantages that
would ensue are incalculable. The energetic settlement and development
of Canada would swell the treasury
and the country would enjoy an era
of prosperity unequalled in Its his
tory. flood roads in Canada would
mean a higher standard of citizen
bhlp; a people pervaded by education
and good morals; and a better understanding and a mutual sympathy be
tween the diverse peoples tu the Do
2G2 Major Street,
Toronto, Ont.
coming joint celebration of the nun
dred years of peace between the twt
peoples, the Canadian Government
will semi back to Boston the bun,
which has always stood us a proof
that has been Used by Oanitdiun and
British historians in their contention
that this much disputed battle was
actually won by the British troops.
■j* ft-*! *i'Ff"|,r|<*t*'l
A. Jnlliife, Prop.
Norburv Ave.
1 Central   Meat
!       Market
Ball Game
At   lln- hull triune   nn     Wi>ilneailii>
evening the OommerelBls delented the
flulie, liy it ".cure ul 17 to 8.
Kiilliiwinii Ih tin- wore liy lolling*:
Cube, 20003 1 0 0 2— »
OommerelAla * l o 2 'i 2 :i 8—1"
Some of Our ;
Prairie Creamery Butter
Good  Dairy  Butter
F T'PTT 'f™f** r *|* •f**f" ■!**!" |"|* ■Ht*| ■ "I **| • *|" •f"T"|"f,"l"T,T -T*f"T *rT*T"r*TTTVTlTlTlT-
.,..(,I..,..,.., ,..|..|.| ,..,..,.,(..,.1,.|..,.+.,.++ | i+i t-|-|.l-l-n-i-l-H-+-t-»"t"*-H
X. a. DOWNING, Manager.
I Under New Management
.•.n.-..:..i^..t..|..|..i..i..n.■.■.■-(.•.-.+■. ■.+-.++1.-.■.■.■..(.■.■.+++.|_h-+++
j   HOTEL £-"brook-
Is a large and attractive hotel of superior
elpf-am:e in all its appointments, wilh  a
cuisine of superior excellence.    Kailway
i. men, Lumbermen and Muiei-,   all   £0   to
The   Wentworth
J. McTAVISH    -   Proprietor
Get Historic Gun
Tin- department nl nvllltla, nt. Ot-
iiwh,     Iiiih Jiint     rerelveil n rri|iu>rit
Irom tin- Hunker nm Memorlnl An-
Herniation nl llimtim, that one nl the
DViiliitliinnry mini ruptured hy the
nrltlHli linnini nt Unit lint tin. nml
which HOW     ri-Htu nt the rltnilel    lit
1'iietiec, in- returned to the United
In view    nl the nnilcnhle relntlon"
hetwei-n the imi cuuntrlee, nnd    the
Mr. Kred. lli.lt-. Ki-M.P. Inr Onrlo-
inn. New Brnnnwlck, died midd-mly mi
Kridny evening Inst, nt hie hnme In
Vnncouvor nltcr nn IlliieHH which wnn
not considered nerloUB, which linn
liei'ii trouhllllK lilm (or Home time.
Mr. Iliilc wim n prominent liimhor-
mun ol HolltheiiKt Kooteuny, uud WUH
cni'iiinl lu the lumber hiwIncHH nl
Kernie, und hud liirffo IihIiIIiiiih of
tlmlier in the Kootenny vnlley none
While lliver.
The dnci'iiHi'il lenvi'H n wife, thrie
hiiiih, two iliiHifliti'iH, umi two tiroth'
em, llvlm: in ilitlerent |iurtn ol ('unn-
Hln mnny frlemlu In thin dlHtrlct.
will he uot ntily Hiirprleeil, hut grieve
to leurii ol hla uudden deinlee.
Sioux   Indians with the Famous '101' Ranch   Wild
West" which Kxhibits in Cranbrook next
Thursday Afternoon Only
June   27th   1012
Alfalfa   Maxims
1. Alfulln iiiiihI. lie Inmiculiituil.
2, Alfnlfn cnunot Htuml wet feet.
:i  Alfnlfn neodH u well drained noil
4.  Alfnlfn    Ih ii poor   wend ll-ilitor
till-   lil'Ht.   HIIIIHIill. ,
fi, Alfnlfn iloeii not thrive when not
II. Alfnlfn mIi.nilil lie cut when one
tenth III IiIoiiiii
7. Alfnlfn HllOllld mil he cut too lute
In the HeuHiin.
8. Alfnlfn rootfl ro doop,
II. Alfulln Ih tliu prilii'e of drouKht
10. Allulln needs a deep, well packed Heed hed
11. Alfulln does hent on     manured
12. Alfulln Ih   Hlludeil     Without     a
nui'Me crop,
III. Alfulln hIkhiIiI im Heeded with a
II. Alfnlfn Hholild  not he pnntuied
until well established,
1.1.   Alfalfa hIioiiIiI not he pictured
In the Hprim;, whim nl.iiii.im; hrowth.
III. Alfnlfn hoards     Ituell and pays
for the privilege.
17. Alfnlfn adds llllmllB to the soil.
IH. Alfnlfn Hod pIiiwh hard.
19. Alfulln Hod produces good crops
20. Alfalfa yleldH are large.
21. Allulfa bay represents quality. TTIF, T-nOSPKCTOT?. CRANflTWOiT. B. C.
A Wonderful Discovery;
a. a, p. Mcdowell.
An eminent BCleutist, Ilie other day,
gave lilii opinion Hint tho moot won-
tlorful discovery ot recent yeni-B was 1
the discovery ot Huni-lluk. Just:
think! As Hf.un na ;i .single iiiiu Inyor!
of J-iuii-liuk Im applied to a wound or I
,■ soro, such Injury Ih Insured agatiisl I
Moo.l poison! Not one bpocIob of;
mtoroho Iiiih heen found Unit /.am-;
Hm!! does no. Iilli!
Then again. As booh as Zam-Butt
ts appliod lo il son-, or n cut, or lo |
skin disonst il stops tho sniiii-lliu-,.
Tlini In why chlldron nro such frlonda
ol' /nm link. Thoy cure nothing lor
tlio colonce ol lho thing All Ihcy
know ti Hml y.ain-l'.nk Btopa tliolr
pnln. Mothora should never torgol
this. |
Again. /. ■ aoon as 5*niii-lliili Is np-
plied in n wound nr in n dlaonBod
pari, Hm tolls L-onealli lho skin's snr
face nro so Btlmulatod thai now
healthy ttasiia ts quickly tormed This
tormlng ot fresh healthy Hsbuo from
bolow is /.ainlli.k's aecrol nl healing.
Tlio tissue thus formed is worked up .
to Hie ni.lure mul literally casts off
Hie 'li leased ilssiie nhovo il. This Is
why Zam link euros nre permanent.
Only ike oilier day .Mr. Marsh, "t
mi Hiiiirlniier Ave., Montreal, railed
upon Hie Zam Huh Co. nml told thorn
Uuil for over Iwenty-flve years lie
had keen n martyr in eczema Ills
I iiiiils ivero nl nue I line io covered
wllh sores llml ho had lo sleep In
aloves. Knur years ago Zmn-Huk wns
Introduced to him. and In a few
months ,l cured hliu. Today—over
Ihreo years after his cure of n disease he had for twenty live yearn—
ho Ib still oured, and has had no
irare or any return or ihe eczema!
All druggists sell Znni'Duk ul f.Or.
box. ir we will semi free trial hox If
you send  this 'ndvortlBomonl  and n I f."lv" "" '">'" tlio*
lo.  stamp   (to  pay   return  postage)
Address Zam-Blllt Co., Toronto.
L'l'  111
The  Word
The   earliest    ua,
of   the
A. A. 1-. MoDojroll publisher
PresB, ai lkiyslnnil, Alhertn, is a native or Ontario, having been bum nl
Tlllsoiihurg in  isuii.     Shortly after
lhe publlontlon of Hie Liberal begun,
liy Dress, r    ->  MofJuIro, tho subjocl
of this Bkotch began the inaslory of
1 llm printers' art, mul when  William
, MoQuIro    asauined  entire charge of
lho Liberal romalned wilh blm, put-
ting In moro lhau four yenra In one
ofllco,     lie wnn aftorwards employ-
eil    mi    lb,,    TIllBoliburg  observer,
| sponl sum,' lime ou tlio I'acllie Conn
i where In, wu i   employed lu Seattle
mul     \vii;ii,■,,!),     (mm-   Uolllngham).
In .lho Imi' i  place In  had churgi  ot
Hi" inii   dopnrtm   in ihe ofllco of
| ilie Itevclllo, inn gave up Ilie noil-
i lion in return to Ontario Just previous to bis motbor's -loath in the
full of 188!)., In 18110 umi 1801 lie
sorved n i foreman in the ofllco of
lho llornld-Roco.nl ul Wnllaceburg,
Ont., Un-ii wont in Michigan, nccopl
Ing n position on the i*uterprlso ut
Cuss Clly nml In Hi" following yenr
buying n bull' InteroBl In Him pnpor.
In l«'il he beenmo solo owner of tho
| linlorprrso and continued ns such until lho spring of r.iuii, when he suld
his buslnosB intoroBts in n compotl-
mr nml came tn Alberlu. lie ui
Aral in ei'pieil n position In ihe olllce
of Ilie Edmonton Bulletin, lirst in
llle news room uud later in Hie Job
department, lu the fall of 1000 he
weni as foreman in lhe olfioo of ilu-
i Mull (nnw defunct) in Cumrose, re-
muliilng uiiill ilie spring of 1007, when
he located lu Dnysland nnd commenced the publication of tho Press,
then the only paper between Cam-
rose ami Saskatoon, either on Ihe
C.P.R or tho ii.T.I'.. Notwithstanding tlio fuel, that now nearly every
lines of railway
paper of its own, the Press
continues to bold a uood patronage
nod has moved lo very desirable
quartoi'S of Its own, on one of tho
very best corners in town. This
has only    been   possible because ot
London bus 5f) uienln - llecnsei
for the porformunce of slugo plays,
'Willi seating oapuoity fnr i:u.si:i net'.
I suns and is music nulls cnpnblo of
I '11111111; OSJS'i.
Tho Idea tlmt hn'lstorms can In
prevented or controlled sill! pi rstst-
iu l-'runce m:.I Italy, iii spite of the
'lulliirrs of Hn |;ni. Experiments
with electrical masts one hundred feet
high Imve been made liy M. de Heau-
There  Is WEALTH   In yoo; joi
"strike" In lhe sense nt Btopplng ) thb editor's high ideals ot journalism
work ocours in London Chronicle fur ami bis determination io earn them
September, 17(15, in connection with out iib far n« can be made practical
a coal strike. This publication re- lu so small a town in ao new a disports a greal suspension of labor in trior, It Is generally recognized as
tho Northumberland coalfields, anil j being one of Hie best local weeklies
tho colliers are stilted lo Imve "struck , in Alberta.
out'- for a higher bounty before enter->	
ing Into their usual yearly "bond."1 ll is said thai llm oldest invest-
The time-honored illustration or pro-, m?nl security la Uio real islut» niort-
fltless labor, "carrying coals to New- gage, motley having been tamed on
castle." appears lo have received Its land in Unbylon as Inn-; ngo us four
flrst  slap in  the    face   during this  thousand years ago.
Btriko.    The  Chronicle reports that I  ■——
"several pokes of conl were brought How The
from Durham to Newcastle by ono of
the common carriers, and solil on tho
sandhill lor nd u poke, by which ho
cleared lid a poke."—London Chronicle.
, Amalile Lamarohe Telle How H|3 Kidney Dlsoaa-i Developed and How he
1     Got Relief When he Used the One
Sure Cure.
Lefaivre, (int.. (Special).—Another
splendid euro liy Dodd's Kidney Pills
is ilie lulu uf this village,   Mr. Am-
j aid:'   Lnniuielie   Is   llle   person   cured
i and tbe cure is vouclied  fur by his
; numerous friends.
, "ll wns 11 sprain nnd a cold Hint
was   Ihn    beginning of my trouble"
i Mr. Lamarohe Bays iu telling bis
story. "I could no! sleep, my appetite
wna III fill ami I fell heavy uui sleepy
I afler meals,    I  was always thirsty,
[ had .. bitter lusto iu my mouth uud
I perspired    freely.    My    limbs    were
I heavy nnd  I had  a drugging sensti-
'lion ; cross the loins.
, "When in;.' syn-ptonis developed
inlo rheumatism I realized  lhat my
1 kidneys were tho eauae of the trouble nnd 1 started to take Dodd's Kid-
| ney lilla. Si:, boxes made me a well
j    Kidney    trouble    quickly develops
: Into painful and often fatal diseases.
To ensure good health, cure tlic Ilrst
Symptoms  with  Dodd's  Kidney  Pills.
I Tbey never fail.
Turkish  Women  at  tho Theatre.
A notice whlcb Is to be seen in ono
of tho theatres of Constantinople ot-
festively solves tlio problem ot people at lhe back 'obtaining a clear
view aud Is very much more radical
than the polite request mad) 111 English am! French theatres lliat ladles
should uut mar the view of tlio slago
willi lingo hats.
'lho notice rends: "In order to render tho performance agreeable to all
those present lhe management of tho
theulro ban decided that tho spectn-
I tors of the Ural. Ihreo rows should recline, Ihosn of the next three rows
he on their knees and all Iho others
he standing up. in that wny everybody will be able in enjoy lhe play."
Thla mil lee Is followed by a suggestion Implying the Turkish woman's
lack of romance: "It is strictly forbidden to laugh, for It Is a tragedy
iimt is being performed."—Lo Monde
Men prominent In Hallway, Bank* I
Ing, end Commercial circles have
been advising tho Wost to adopt
mixed farming. It is easy to glvo
advice, and frequently thosu who arc
so freo ln handing out advloo,
do do without having comprehensive   kuowlctlgo   of tuu uubjject
Slckheadaches1—neuralgic headaohes—splitting,
blinding headaches—all vanish when you take
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They  do not  contain   phcr.acctin,   aoetanilld,
morphine, opium cr any other dangero
25c. a box at your Druggist's.
National d-h;-, l CHLMicALCo.orc*MAo».Lii.t
An electrically driven maohlno thai
weighs U.-s than fifty pounds lias been
Invented to ucrub ilootu.
A motal box in which an Incandescent lamp can he. Inserted for warm*
Ing a bed lias been patented by nn
Idaho man.
Ox    Avoids
It has been a matter of wonder to
many bow the cow grazing in a meadow    avoid    eat ing    certain    plants
I growing    thickly    among the grass.
[ Thi sis well shown in a meadow full
of buttercups.     Kor on wntchingthe
I grazing animals there it will be seen
1 bow   cleverly    they avoid tbe acrid
i ranunculus.
'     It cannot    be    by sight, since the
| position of the eyes  would  seem to
prevent    the cow seeing what it Is
\   recent study by Mr D.
A commercial traveller at a railway
restaurant tn one of our southern
towns included, In his order for breakfast, two boiled ee;gs. The old darkey
who served liln-. brought three.
"Uncle" t,,iid the travelling man,
"why in the world did you bring me   eating.
threw   boiled eggs?    I only ordered   Tretjakoff    suggests  that  the  hairs
two." about the lips and   snout of the ox
"Yes, sir." said the old darkey, i ma>' P*a>* an Important part in en-
bowing und smiling. "1 know ymi .aiding the animal to recognise differ*
did order two, air, but I brought three, | >'nl  species of plants
A strange discovery lately made in
.the walls of tho old palace of tlic
j Louvre shows that reinforced concrete was by no means unknown In
Purls as far bank as the six teen tu
century, when the building of the
(Louvre was undertaken liy that Industrious builder, Francis I, The
! Builder states that, when executing
worl.s in connection with tbo application of a modern lift, tiie workmen
nnployed found It necessary to cut
through some of tiie old walls, which
wore, apparently, of dressed! masonry. But, to tbo surprise of the con-
j I motors, It was found that the stone
was nothing but the outer shell of
construction, largely composed of a
kind of r.-in forced concrete. In view
of ihe generally entertained bellei
that this is an essentially modern
variety of structural material, the
j proof of Us employment between
three- hundred and four hundred
years ago is distinctly interesting,
A relic of ihn days of tenor in lho
revolution, when tbo aristocrats were
strung tip to lanterns in ibe Paris
istreets, has disappeared. Until a few
!days ago tiie lasl. of these, old Ian*
terns, which wore pulled tip and down
on a pulley to a gallows shaped iron
rod, still hung opposite the Hotel de
Lausanne on the Qttal des CelestinB.
Bomo necessary repairs to the quay
made it imperative to pull down uie
wall and the lantern lias been sent to
the Musee Caniavalet. It was the last
oil lamp In the I'aris streets and up
to this time was tilled and lighted
every evening.—Paris Le Soil*.
at t
Ihe c
n  all
III     c
I win
Mini* i
Harness Oil
Keeps your Harness S0FTAS A GLOVE
Sold hy Dea'ers Everywhere.
bec.au™ I juo' naturally felt dat ono
of dem might fall you, sir."—Harper'" Weekly
Lady Smuggler's Ingenuity.
One of the most Ingenious or mod
Ml smugglers has heen trapped.   A ! ,„" "SaiicB  malady, who travelled frequentl-  across    L.V,_'TJWotn
the Atlantic had a Belgian dog which'
was always with her.
Not until many trips had beeu mad'
did the Custom officials discover tha'.
lu addition to the shaggy coat provided for it by nature the dog hail
been furnished by its owner with
lt appears, says the Globe, that
there are numerous important nerve
endings in connection with these
hairs which make it probable that
they are sense organs.
The amount of absinthe consumed
from  15,521   hecto-
•is.ooo hectolitres in
No Unusual Sight.
Mr. Xewlyrlch    (who   has at last
j manoeuvred his ruby ring under the
 jp.ves of the great foreign banker)—
secouii skin, formerly"the covering' ol Ah> ''aron, I see you've at last noticed
a larger animal.   Under its artificial m>' beautiful rubies!
coat Ihe dog carried a small fortune!   Thc BRron  <»"'">'— Ach, yes!  Dey
iu diamonds every time lt landed ini"*ak<* "io think of home.    I  hat a
New York. mantlepleth of dem dere.—Sketch.
'Did vou hear about Plckleham?"
He  went    home    last night nnd
The latent   appropriations witli regard to aviation In  Prance are $1,.
600,000 for aeroplanes and $l,(i0O,000 • broke up the furniture and a lot. of
for airships. Fifteen or tlic latter 'dishes and chased his wife out Into
type will he constructed, ami at the I "10 street."
end or 1912 II is proposed lo have "What was the matter wllh him?"
381 aeroplanes lu operation. At pro-' "Why, some woman In one of these
sent lhe French army has o\ei- twp suffrage meetings alluded to hliu as
"I have always wondered," said lhe
newly-arrived missionary to tlic genial cannibal, "what became of my
"Oh, he," returned tho cannibal—
"he lias gone Into the Interior."
TelU How She Keeps Her
Health—Happiness For
Those Who Take
Her Advice.
model husband-"—Cleveland Plain
"My dad knows inor'n George Washington did" said the small boy.
"How's that?" queried the grocer.
'Last nlghl." continued the Binnll
boy, vhen I told dud I hadn't been
skiitiir he snld he Itnew'd better, im'
gimme n lickiif fer lyin'. Oeorge
Washington couldn't lelt n lie, but
dad kin til one the nilnule her hears
It." -Chicago Socialisl.
Six horses draw the Slate coach of
lhe Lord Mayor: and Its weight Is
:i tons lii hundredweights.
Canada possesses over 1,2011 newspaper*!, or which III are published
Scottville, Mich. -' 1 want to tell you
how much good I.ydin K. Plnkham's Veg-
. eUbleCompoundtnd
Sanative Wash have
done me. I live on *
farm and haveworked
very hard. I am
forty-live yean old,
and am the mother
of thirteen children.
Many people think
it strange that I am
not broken down
with hard work and
the care of my family, but I tell them of my good friend,
Lydia E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound, and that there will be no back-
•che and bearing down pains for them it
they will take it as I have, lam scarcely
iver without it In the house.
"I will lay also that I think there li
no better medicine to be found for young
girls. My eldest daughter haa taken
Lydia K. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound for painful periods and irregularity, and it haa helped her.
'I am always ready and willing ts
speak a good word for Lydia E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound. I tell every
one I meet 'that 1 owe my health and
happiness to your wonderful medicine."
-Mrs. J.O. Johnson, Bcottville, Mich.,
It F D.».
Lydia K. Plnkham'a Vegetable Con*
pound, made from native roots and herbs,
contains no narcotics or harmful drugs,
and today holds the record of being the
moat suce-imf ul remedy for woman'* llla
Nothing Te Regret.
"Vou llnd !t vein of humor sometimes behind lhe blue uniform of a
railroad conducttlr," snld tho old
"I had occasion to ro up to the
Susquehanna Itallroad during the recent cold simp. It was hard slenin-
lug fnr lhe looomollvo, nnd when we
got. lo Newfoundland tho train wus
three-quarters of an hour lute. A
fussy pass.'iiger ncross tlionlslofrom
ine 'vus ruining at Ilie delay.
"I wonder how Inle we shall be
ut Slroudsburg?' said he to the conductor, who camo through the car
just then.
I " '.Maybe a', hour and a half,' was
lho response.
"Tho funny pusenger ripped out a
cuss word.
'My friend,' said the conductor,
gently, 'how long are you going to
Slav In Stioudsbiirg?"
'"All night and all day tomorrow.
'"Well, my friend, nfler you have
boon In StroudBbui'g twelve hours
you will wish thut this train had
been i.bout Iwonly years late.'"
Internally and Externally It Is
Good.—The crowning property of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil ls that It cnn be
used Internally for many complaints
as well as externally. For sore
throat, croup, whooping cough, pains
tn the chest, colic, and many klndre I
ailments it has curative qualities that
are unsurpassed. A bottle of lt
costs little and there Is no.loss ln always having It at hnuil.
Nephew (just returned from
abroad)—This franc piece, aunt, I got
la Farls.    ■-
Aunt llopsy—I wish, nephew, you'd
fetch home one of them Latin quarters thoy talk so muoh about.—Chicago Tribune.
The best remedy to alleviate
toothache Is either oil of cloves or
creosote, or a mixture of equal parls
ot both. These substances continually fall to be of service because
applied to the tooth whllo it ls wet.
To give them a fair chance of acliou,
themouth should bo kept open with
a cork while the aching member is
thoroughly dried with two or three
pellets of lint; .the oil may then be
applied with something like certainty of relief.
Economies In Coal.
A wad of newspapers, live or six.
damped and rolled tightly together,
nud hound at each cud with a twist
of wire, will burn like logs. Chalk,
placed ut the back of the Pre, in
quantities almost equal to the eoal detracts mulling from warmth or cheerfulness, does not bum away, and sav-
is 25 per cent, of coul.
Hut much belter nnd simpler than
either of these devices is un ordinary
builder's brick, broken Into three
pieces and dropped niuoug thc coal
when the tiro Is laid. The brick bents
llirougli and gives out substained
heal, besides taking on tlio appear-
ance of ordinary coal. Newspuper.s
rolled up tightly lulu a bull will light
any ordinary coal without slicks.
Buch me iho suggestions made by a
lionsowlfi In the Glasgow Herald,
Wouldn't be Cheated.
An old north-country farmer visiting London put np at one of the big
hotels., Ho had barely turned in on
tho first night, when the "buttons"
rushed into tlio room and switched
on the electric, light, exclaiming;
"Make haste, sir! Get up! The
hotel is ou fire!"
Tlio old man slowly raised himself
on one elbow and. fixing the boy
with a determined look, remarked:
"Mind yo, if 1 do I wlnna pay for
the bed."—Tit-Bits.
A Cheerful Patient.
A persistent ringing at the door
hell brought the sleep:.- physician
down to his door In a hurry.
"Well, what do you want?" he ite.
manded, as a dilapidated tramp walk
ed In and planted himself ln a chair.
"Treatment, Doc, and I ain't got a
cent." was the announcement.
Well, let's have It over with: I
want to got back to bed- What's the
trouble wllh. you?"
"Snake bite. Due: nnd the antldoi >
Is whisky!"—Norman B, Mack's National Monthly.
Fathel—What! Another now dress?
Daughter—You needn't bo cross. I
bought it with iny own money.
Father—Wliere did you get It?
Daughter—I sold yonr fur coat—
Illustrated Bits.
With a view to making tanners'
uuiigliters more content to remain -it
home, the Government or tho Netherlands has established ill various purls
of the nation schools of housewifery,
which other branches eventually
will be added.
I consider MINAUD'S LlNIJlhlNT
tlio BI5ST Liniment ln use.
I got my foot badly jammed lately.
bathed It well with MINARD'S
LINIMENT, aud It was ns well as
ever next day.
Yours very truly,
t. a. Mcmullen.
Th' two hundredth anniversary o(
the loundatlon ot the Iloyal Society
or London will be celebrated July 10
to IS. 1912.
After 10 years of Asthma Dr. .1. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy proved the
only relief for one grateful user, and
Ills is hut nne euro mining many.
Little wonder thai It has now become
the ono recognized remedy on tho
markol. It has earned Its fame by
its never falling effcctlvonesB. It Is
earning It to-day, as it has done for
years. It Is tin; greatest Aslhnia
speeillc   wllhln   reach   ol   SUlfei'lng
On Ml. Einn ls a chestnut tree 2,nn.',
years old and 212 feet lu circumference.
The Siamese Twine.
Thev were coming out of lho
thirty-fourth Street sldo or tho hotel
Where one o! the most important of
Ihospeculallvo cliques now in control cf ho market mnkcB Its nightly
Tbo young man was   enthusiastic,
"Tliero's a small fortune In Ihls
turn In Union," he was saying.
"Ivo got aome, and to-morrow, Just
after the opening, I'm going lo get
aome more. You don't get a tip
like that every day. It comes
straight froi. tb- Inside."
"Sure," remarked the other, cynically. "It cornea with tho stock."—
"Judge, I've Just seen u big news
Item t» the effect that your boy m.
college lias ninri-luil ti chorus girl umi
loft Bchool,"
"Confound ilu- boy! Whnl dors ho
moan? Here I've Intended hliu nl!
along I'lii- the luw, and now lie's gone
Into the advertising business!"--CI"
iili'inl l'l.iin Deukir.
Swallow Builds on Train.
From time lo limn orlllihologlatH
record strange nosllllg places of blrd.i.
One of tho most. Iiileriistlng of recent
examples Is that quoted by Iho Meld,
from uu Australian ornithological
Journal the Emu.
Tbls nest, according In lho account,
was built under the Iron framework
of a railway carriage, which mado a
dally JOUI-liey of 15 miles, from Strong
i'olnt lo Mornliigloti Junction, mid
back, The birds wero not observed
to follow the train nil the wny, but
would Join II. ut vurious illation:.
where It stopped.
I'erliaps they added a pellet of mini,
gathered in the Interval, at. each station, Five weeks were occupied In
building, nnd in December Inst the
nest contained llvo eggs, still warm.
Whether the (wallow succeeded in
hatching them, ami rearing a brood
is not relatod.
Bacon: "Somebody sold thore wan
something stunning aboil t your
Wife s new dress.     1 don't seo. ll "
Egbert: 'Of course you don't. You
don't suppose she'd leave the pi'ce
mark on it, do you?"
Doctoi—Well, bow aro you today.'
Patient—No bolter, dootor,
Doctor—ll'iii. I Ihlnk you luul heller leave Oil tallltg those pills  I ordered you,
Patient—I haven't tnlton any o!
them yet.
Dootor—For gooilucss sake tnon,
(aim thom,
Mrs. Brown never sits up to wail
for her husband."
"No. When she expects lilm to he
out late idiu retlrea early, s'ls the
alarm-clock at throe o'olook, and wlcn
it goes off she guts up and drosses,
and Is ready, refreshed and reproachful."
Severely Logical,
ll was a Welsh minister who described tin- devil to n llttl" congregation In a remote Welsh valley. Bald
tho minister: "Tho devil Is bound
round the middle with onnlus, and
round the arms with chains, and
round the legs with chains. Hut John
Jones" pointing to n man lu tlio
front vow. "he can r.-eeh you: and
vou, David ISvnna," pointing to one in
the middle row, "ho can roach you,"
and, pointing to one ul. the back,
"John Williams, ho can reach you.''
And Ihen u man In tlio gallery culled
o.it, "Why, ht might ua well be louso.
Mln.fd's Liniment Curee Burns, Etc.
pjrsotl—"Well, deacon, l hope my
seiinon Ihls morning proved restful
lo your doubts"
Mrs. Deacon—"It oerlalnly did, parson llo slop' like a baby through it
which their aclvlco    Is  i
II is not   m lie   wondered   at lhat
those    In    charge    o(  the  railways
should seek means to divert
ics  from    themselves.      U le
said and dune, however, it \Y
iu:ai* thin men charged with
duel of largo opiiatljnn,  at
success deponds upon the c
wlileli thoy are nblo i" Instil In tlio
nubile,- would be  cttroful  before  expressing [heir views on anj  subjucl
It will bo conceded Llml nllpartsot
our Nortlt-Wesl are noi equally suii
able for mixed farming, Tho
greater pari ol the North-West, hm-
ever. Is entirely suitable to i-nislng
of cattle, hogs and horses. .
Al the outset, ti might bu points
out Hint this year, while tlio mil i
or grain shipped   Irom Southern Alberta,  which  Is lllmosl   WllOllj   grain
raising, h-:.s heen llvo Uipes as much I
as It was last year, the credit in that
eCtlOn   Of   llle   COUlltry   iS   lllll   US   gOOil     ^lannanil   „r,,.|-      Tn   nrlo
as II   ls In  Northern  Alberta, whon  nunK. i will ioi'dnSS.
r-iixnl farming is the rule?. | to caoh ladv sendlus mo her address." Mfl8.>'RA'riC~EVs,''cljRRA^rWre3tor, OntTa
Ever since the railways I'nst  pen
Women's ,-,',• ,.T.m,, »-.-.,j-, ,|,|d
rrom Ilia very lioslnnlrta of 'h.
in Ainu i.'   t,» tlio   mild,  i.'it  i Ffoi -
tlve,   action   of   Orange   Ll!,-.   W.lliln
iwu or three day, afn-r vununnnclna'
Im ui ■' tlio Improvement i. u ■ mo.i
nolli caliio,   nml   itiii   Impn venv i.i
continues until Hi- imtlein i. .'oin-
plotely inr-.I. Or.inflB Lily In Hfl
nnrjlled or local treatmont, nnd seta
directly n-i  llm womanly nrsiui-i ln-
movlng iim comresUon, loiunu aud
Ftrpi!silii.iniig the nervee, nnl restoring   pei feel   rlrciilutlon   In   iho
In convlneo all oufforlnit woiaen nf   Um   vnlue   of   Mil.
nl hox, Miougtl "tcJrn A'^Lt'enliiij-lit. id'i-oliil'lv F/'.iJK
Irated lhe   U'c»t,   iho   peopl
(■limited every fall for curs to ship mil I
tin; grain, but notwithstanding Hint I
thousands of miles of railways have
been built, no greater proportion ol'
grain has been alilppeil    out    before i
the close of navigation than In earlier years.     It would    seem that  nu!
mutter* what Is done, the most  that
can over ho expected Is thai  sixty per,
cent, of tho wheat crop will lie shipped before the   close of navigation,
and tlio amount that, will bo shipped I
from    tho    close    to tho opening of
lu.-iizii, nink eye, ep-aajMo. aiatompor and an am ...a
rout diseases euraS, ana all Mhara, no manor "JT -T,.
snd." kept fiotn ha\lna anv of th.r... Jis.-o'e- „,,»,
'OHM'S LIQUID DISTCnTPEB CU),E. Tlir-" io »n aoiea
,-ti   t'Urtt   a.   i'iij.i'.      One.   Rfl-roni    Kntiia    _-.  . •    ...
often  curt a cane.    Ono   60-cpnt   bottle   fu«mm»^d-toW\.(i
to.    no«t thlnie for brood mares,   Acta on tlio blood    joa
ond It a bottle.   II   and   111   a   doien   bottle-*     inuj,-' ..,,*.
find   hameOB   ehopa.       Dlttrlbuiori —ALL     WHOLKSAi.U
DRUGGISTS, '"wikua
SPOHN    MEDICAL CO., Chamlitt, OMhtm, Indlina, U.S.A.
.. w«, mi; ".iiuoa.; I VI     l|(**     II III   II lilt;     Ul
tlm severity of the wc-nrner, which, nsyueheut price nml is in grent demand
we know, is very uncertain, Tuoso who profer tlio factory Bys
But, assuming thai thn railway*
wero built to transport the grain aa
lust as it could be marketed, !s ex-
ive grain growing bi-i-i for tho
farmer ami for (lie country? Thc
history or the world shows that land
cannot be cropped continuously without destroying its fertility, ami Ilia'
after a time tho vitality of the soil
has to be restored through fcrtiiizeru.
The    amount    of    money    spent In
urope and elsewhere for tVrtilizms
of nil kinds reaches il treniendotia
We know that the average numbei
of bushels of grain raised per acre
iu the United  States    has    steadily
and establish cream*
■se factories on t bland operate them in
Um ciiiilil unit
ci Its and cli
f-anie principle!
lhe same wny.
Tho benefits resulting from dairy
farming would ho manifest on overy
acre of farm. It. would increase ths
fertility of the soil, and there is no
brunch of (lie farmers calling thai
would give beter returns on the capital ami labor invested. The breed
inn and fattening of .logs in conn.ee*
u.m with the dairying Industry would   , *^j- £ [^ h  ,      d   , t, ,
■X «^t.r^%°Ltgg1„reynrfnr.   ***• " » w'"-""' """" ■«*■ "lr'-">-
mei'B and dairymen, iho Qoverninenl
Whittling   Kettles.
The newest In kettles is a "whistling keitle," a kettle which is not
content with merely singing, hut.
whistles shrilly the moment lis contents arn boiling, so that tbe every
day tragedy of the boiling over of
waler is prevented if the housewlfo
but pays attention to thp signal. Tim
new kettle has a long narrow neck,
at the top, by which it is both filled
and  emptied.
This is covered by a cancover, the
the water boils, by reason of the
steam passing through it. Another
good point we note with the new kettle is the large base presenting a
larger heating area to tho nro or ga«
ring. This Is likely to ensure
quicker boiling and a resultant saving of fuel.
Should furnish capital tu assist iu th
, ,    „        ,,. ■   erection and equipment of hour mill>.
dropped off .We also know lhat in h,Bet ami pork packing houses, beet
Iho older parts of Manitoba tiie aver- SUgar factories, and other organized
age number ot ushels of grain ralbse.1 industries to help fanners to dispose
per acre is steadily diminishing, aul 0f their products in a concentrated
we all realize thai tt will ho but a Worm..       By   this   means,    farmers
comparatively    short   time  when tho WOulil    be   encouraged to grow less j ■
same thing will happen iu the uewer wheat  and direct their attention,   tot Envv
portions of tho North-West. othlM, i)rftllchGs of agriculture. • *'
We must net only look to ihr pre- Klnallv, tbo establishment of dairy Flgff—what do you do when your
sent, but to tilt future. A Gotl-fenr* | industries would lesson tho acreage ' wife tells you ahout ner first hus
hi'; man who is illlitg the soil looks'devoted  to wheat    raising, and thus  bund?
tlon companies, and tend ro prevent j    Fogg—Envy him.—New York World
relieve tho pressure on the transpor-1 =
tation companies,   and tend to pre- [
vent such a wheat Mockado as the
western    fanner    is    now   suffering
to tho tlm-3 when he will be succeeded by his children, and ho should
preserve to these ehil.'ren their birthright, instead of wasting It.
Is ft not a shame when wo go
llirougli the country in thu full, to
find our whole North-West lighted up
at night from burning straw, straw
Una might he used to feed cnttleV
which would bring a handsome return to their owner.
We must recognise    (he fact   thai
more or less capital Is required lo en-
are success in  to   (!air.\   Industry,
Borrowing money at 10 to 2.') per cent.
is out of tho question.
The Government ought to establish
farmers' banks, where fanners could
get loans to buy cattle, erect build*
ings on the most modern principles
in which to house them, said loans Lo
bear a low rate of interest, say at
lour or five per cent, repayable lu installments running over a number of
years, secured on the stock purchased, and the buildings creeled by
the money borrowed. The Government ought, also to appoint thoroughly qualified men to superintend the
erection of the buildings, and teaeli
the fanners ho.: to make muter and
clieese on thc most approved principles. The marketing of the pro-
dace should he done by men appointed by the Government, who know all
about the market, mid tho valuo of
dairy products, so that farmers may
get full value for their products,
This plan was adopted in Denmark
many years uro, and Is In operation
to-day. Follow out this scheme and
the farmers would have money in
the bunk all the year round and
would pay cash for everything they
needed, and get 11 substantial dis
count on their purchases.
It would be a wise expenditure if
the Government wero to import the
best breeds of dairy cuttle, and establish u dairy farm as an object lesson
to tho dairymen- Tiie Increase of
llm herd could be sold to lie* proprietors of private dairy farms, al a reasonable price.
Fort) years ago Denmark butler
was unknown in bhiglaud; Imt ai the
present time it is pcltnowledged to ba
of the best    quality,    command-; the
May Adoot The Metric System.
The civilized world has only one
unit of measurement in common--
time, The second is based upon a
60th pnrt of a 60th part of a 24th
part ef the time it lakes the earth to
revolve. Other weights and measure systems vary. However, it now
haa beet- roppoaed that this country
shall adopt the metric system, whlcb
was Invented In France. It has for:
Its basic unit the meter, a fraction of
the distance from the earth's eu.ua-
tor to the pole.
The Navy of the German Kmplro
Is under lhe supremo command of
tho German Emperor.
Dr. Mortt-'a Indian Root Pill*
HoBlod Mr. Wilton'* Soro*
When Iiic scwrrs ot ilir nody—bowel,,
kidneys and sfcin duels - i;i-l clogged nn,
lhe blood quickly become. Impure nud
frequently snres break out over ilie body,
Tlic wuy lo beal llieni, ns Mr. Kiclinrd
Wilson, who lives near bond  Ont.,
found,   I.  to  purity   Ihe   blood.   Ile
"l'or some lime I hud been iu a low,
depressed condition. My appetite lelt
me and 1.0011 began to Buffer from indigestion. Quite 11 uuifihrr ol small sore,
and blotch, s formed all over my skin. I
tried medicine for the blood and used
many kinds ol ointment., but without
latlsfactory results. What was wauled
was a thorough cleansing ol Ibe blood
aud I looked about ln vain Inr some medi
cine that Would nccomulisli ibis.
At last Hr. Morse's Indian Kool I'illi
were brought lo my notice, and they are
ene of tbe most wonderful medicines 1
hare ever known.   My blood waa purl-
"Halloa,     Hill! How     prccioua
whllo you look iliia morning!" ex-
claimed u fnoetloua cabby, addressing :i brother whip who hud suddenly achieved notoriety by signing tho
pledge, "Whatever nuido you ko
and turn yourself Into a water-butt?"
•- Voh I knowed I should be better
able to hold rein 1" was tlio curt but
conclusive reply,.
"I thought tbat In flfteeu yiara of
iny pi-aotico of medicine," wild tbo
physician, "I hud nnswered almosl
every possible foolish question; but 11
new ono was sprung on me recently.
A young mun came in with nil Inflamed eve, for which I prescribed
liniment — to be dropped Into the eye
linen limes u iluy. Ile lelt the mir-
gerv. hut returned In a few minutes,
poked his "cad lu tlio dorway, and
astu-d: —
• Shall I drop thla lu the eye he
fore nieiils or after'.'' "
"Those people suy Ihcy don't believe you hnve readied tbe pole"
■Thill's nil right," replied the »»•
plorer us be looked up from hla
munu.orlpl. "Tho more doubts
there are as lo wh.-_lli.-i- I lunded or
noi lhe longor this rather remuner-
nllvo discussion Is going to but."—
Washington star.
Mowers "If you love the girl, why
don't you propose?"
Mowers "I'm afraid alio would In-
Hint on having lhe picture of her father mul mother hanging In our par*
•umm«r Servrs*.
Montreal • Quebec • Liverpool.
Empreoi ot Britain ..  Friday, Mm    1
Lake Champ.au.  ....  Thura., May    9
Empr<-m< of Ireland ..  Friday, May 17
l.ako Manitoba    Thurs.. May .'I
Empreas nf Britain . ■ Friday, alay tl
and weekly then-after.
Empreisee:  $??.50  Saloon,  $53.75  So*
cuml. $82.60 Third t'lflM
'Other   Shlpa:     luO.W   «!''•'""'.     *-■' -I
Peaerratfoni  antl  aVtalla  fro»  aa/
P.allway  Aieent  nr  write
J. S. CARTER, Genl. Apt
ftt Poitaoo Ave.,  Wlnnrpea.
Special Notice
Agents wanted to buy junk for
Cor. King -1 Sutherland, Winnipeg,
Maypole Soap
Givei rich ilowtag
coImi. ladelewia •un
ot iudl. Dyetcotloa,
•ilk, wooloi miituiei.
Uie   it  vounell   al
heae. NoUouUe-*■
a* mum. 24 entai -
will five any ihadV.
ColoHlOcWack15c, --j
I at yow dealti'i oi I
I pottpald wilh booklet ■
I  "Mow lo Dye" linn,      B;
Julius, li negro, who lived ou a plan- A0CNT8 WANTED
!","",", '",,1- l"s,e','''ilu,'.''l,' m&Sm Wrl" 'a' •"""'c' ,or 0Ur' "•",<;"" ">
■Mod to Ilia inaslei '" ' ""'' ** ". erdtr tailoring for your towa. 'I'hert
apl niiirrled and usk.'d It he would lot j (§ m {« |fc    m_ Dtv,0B, ui_
llllll g llei'lis.1. r-horrh H'    Toronto
"(ill, yes. Julius;  I will aee to lhal"! *-nurcn s •  WWIIW.
Uui when ho wiih to tho eou'rt homo j
lo gol   Ilio  lloeosi'  hi' iliil  nnl know I
of Julius- Intondod  bride. I DU. BI.MOTT,    SPECIALIST,   Pill.
lhe   natlie
Dr, Mortt'a Indian Root Pills clunae
the system thoroughly. Sold by ell
dulua at laic a bo*. I
thought,    however, that  be  llllll <
ml iin- iihiii paying nttonlton lo
ii certain girl nnd bad iho IIcoubo
niiiiii' out in hor nniiie, Martha,
"Yoiinll illdn'l forgot that Ili-ens >,
illd you'."' nslted Julius, anxiously, in
lB i ns ns bis omployor roturnod,
"No, Julius; bul you didn't tell ma
lho girl's iiiiiiu'.   Wns li Martha?"
"Nu, sah; It wasn't Marlhii, ll was
"Well, flint's too had. Vou wll
Imve In wall until I go lo town again
gtltl I will gel annUli'l' lleense."
"How muoh dat lleense coat?" Inquired Julius.
"J*ifty ccnla."
"Well, I don't rookoil Ihe's llfly
nulls' worth o' dlffeionco 'tween dem.
.its' Rib me de Uueiiso au' I'll marry
vain   diseases   and    drink    habit.
Write M Queen Must. Toronto,
llllllllll > I > 11 I HlH I I 11111 H-frH
JRiverview Outing Place!:
The Best Uutin« Camp in East Kootenay
Good Accommodations
Gasoline Launch   and Boats
Will Open June 15th 1912
H. LUNN, Proprietor
******************  ****** I -i-H-H-M-H H--HH--V
Athalmere, near Cranbrook
Our Phone No. is 124
You can 'Phone us and we will
deliver your order to any place in
Cranbrook, and you will save
money by buying your Groceries
A capital place for boating aiul tishin--,
■- Practical Hints for Motorists
**HHinh«hw»wwwwwww| An r(jeai Spot f()r A.utomobileists
t    Drinks   ol   all   kinds can be liad at in) store foi
| use during the coming hot weather,
f Thirteen different Havours.
i Dalton's Lemonade
j 6? Lime Juice
Just   received   a   Carload   of  Six  Hundred Cases
I Fremont  Grape  Juice.    An   unfermented
T Grape    Temperance    Wine.
\ tull line ot domestic and foreign   wines,   liquors
and cigar--.     Bar Glasses,  etc.
;; +++++4-r.,.,4 || iiiUHWfH-HH *************
Copy No. 1175
J.-M"I'M********,*******•***"I"I l-H"M"l"l "H "1111 * I ,
PHONE 340 P- 0. BOX 404    ;
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing    and
Heating Company
25 Years' Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert for
Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin  and Iron  Made-to-Order
Blower Systems,   Mines,   Ventilation   Experts
Estimates Given
Works, Edward St.        - Cranbrook   j
■ -l-H-H--H--M-H"M--r i-l-1--M--r **********************'
Automobile   will   lie  run   weekly   on
between   Cranlnook   anil   Wasa    connecting  with   incoming   and   uutuoiny;
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation,
N. Hanson
•Ae have iu Oranbrook and district
; about   so   Automobiles unit perhaps
some   ol   the   following   suggeatloaB
, will not come amiss,    in Oranbrook,
though us yet  the city  can not be
called :t large city, at the Bame 111110
it Is progressive; and tbe automobile
centre It is today is a sure token ol
1 the progress it is making and the a-
, mount ol Interest it is drawing to lt-
. self of late speaks well (or its future.
Kubber  Insulation   does   not  stand
beat   or   ..   plentiful   daubing   with
cylinder oil, and the primary and sec-
.iu:.-r>     wires    -should    not    be    run
through a tube on top of the motor.
but Should be supported by » bracket.
By carrying 15 or 20 yards of strong
twine in the tool  box,  the  motorist
will  find  that  he  can  readily   repair
! weak  spots  in   tires,   protect  chafed
wires and bind ton-ether -split sections
of the steerirg.
• •   •   •
A piece of string placed under a nut
, will  keep  it  from  slipping,  provided
; it is so placed that it will come be-
' tween the threads of the bolt and tbe
erooves ol the nut.    ln case the nut
is in a place which becomes very hot
some such material as asbestos cord
■ with a wire core will be found more
satisfactory,   A thin copper wire will
answer in either case.
It is ns well  to inspect the lining
1 of the brake at frequent intervals and
I be mire it is in a condition to do the
I work it may  lie called upon to per-
j form.     An asbestos  brake  linint*  will
j not burn and will have a better effect
, on a drum because it will grip it at
I once, and while  this makes the friction a little greater, the turns made
before the brake acts are less, consequently the rub and wear are eliminated.
• *   •   •
No matter how much care may be
taken in adjusting the porcelain body
of a spark plug by the hexagonal
nut, the points of the plug are very
liable to he affected. The consequent
turning af the centre point will cause
j either a misfire or a complete failure
ot the spark, and no explosion would
! result. Therefore, after a plug has
been  adjusted,   the  points should  be
I examined  to  see  that   they  are  set
1 correctly.
• •   •   •
Smoke coming from the exhaust of
1 a'gnsoline motor is due to one of two
conditions: Over-luhrifjntion — too
much lubricating oil being fed to the
. cylinder of the motor- or too rich
! mixture; that is, too much gasoline
and an insufficient supply of nir. The
first condition may be readily detect
ed by the smell of bun-
yellowish smoke The
dense white nntoke ace
11 pungent odor.
id  oil  and a
lecoud by  d
lupitiued   by
A   brush,   attachable  to   a   host*   and
so constructed that a constant flow
of water follows the bristles, has been
placed on the market and motorists
will tind it an exceedingly handy device for cleaning thc cars, particularly at this season of the year, when
when mud, is one oi the principal
constituents of the roads. One of the;
features of the brush is that the
hands are  kept free of  water   while
doing the work.
* •   »   *
When replacing a tight shoe ou <i ,
rim it often is difficult to replace the
last few inches of the bead. This is j
particularly true if an internal shield.
is beintr used to protect a weak place
in the tire If, however, the tube is j
Slightly inflated when ns much of the'
shoe is put on as is possible, and the
tire gently lowered to the ground until the obdurate side is pressed, the
weight of the car Invariably gets the
tire in position, ('ore should he taken
not to injure the inner tube.
* •   •   •
To insure proper compression, it is
absolutely essential that the piston
rings should be kept lubricated consequently wben the motor has heen
idle for some time, the compression
at the start is often poor. Any failure in  the lubrication  while running
will, of course, have the siime effect.
• •••>*
H the transmission appears unusually noisy 011 cold days, tbe trouble probably will be found to he due
to a hardening or thir.kening of the
lubricant. It the latter becomes sum"
ciently hard the cenrs will merely cut.
a channel through it nnd they will
not be properly lubricated. Tbe remedy is simple and consists of adding a little oil to that already in the
transmission case or removing It all
and substituting a lighter grease or
* •   *   *
Although a knack is required to
crank a motor, the cranking often
can be rendered ansier by the substitution of a lighter releasing spring.
When the spring is too strong the
slighe.st relaxing of pressure on the
part of the person crnnking the en
glne causes the handle to Hy out and
disengage itself, necessitating its being turned around and pressed in
place ngnin. As a rule a much lii*ht-
er spring than is commonly used will
serve to keep the ratchet out of engagement while the motor is running.
The only Bottled Beer in constant demand on
Land and Sea, on all Buffet and Dining Gars,
at Hotels. Glubs, Oafes nnd homes.
BcltM ulln Cninn. or Cork. Only nl
Ih. Home Plant in St. Loot.
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louia, Mo.
A. C. Bowness
Cranbrook, B. C.
Death of Master George Valentine Small only son of
Mr. and Mrs. li. H. Small
Don't Get Excited
1 1 have just unpacked a Big
1 Shipment ol
Screen Doors
Meat Safes
Screen Windows
& Sprinkling Cans
AIUWkIiIis in Screen Wife
Everything for the  Hot   Days
Klko        -        I*. C.
It li with most profound regret
I liai we have to chronicle the death
Of little master li. Valentine Hmall,
son ,.f Mr. nnd Mn, B. ll. Hmall of
thla city; which occurred during thc
curly houra on  Wi-dnesday  morning.
Qeorge Valentino was about two
yeari of age, lie wna it very bright
and pleasant little fellow who endear
ed himself t<> every peraon to whom
be becamo acquainted; he was physically Btrong and the picture of good
health, and his sudden Illness came
as a surprise to Ins parents, relatives*
and friends.
He was taken 111 on Monday even-
inh and the attending physician pro
nouncod appendicitis the cause of bis
ailment, he was taken to the hospital
und a most successful -operation was
performed, bul porltonltla sot in and
In- died al 2.80 a.m. on Wednesday
Mr   Small  who was In the Winder-
t more country waa wired, and arrived
home about three houra after the
death of his son.
'I'lii: bereaved parents have the
lionrtfelt sympathy nf the entire com
inanity In the loss of their Hon, and
; we are nt. a loss to adequately ei
press the many exproaalonti of condolence OlprofllOd hy the large circle ot
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Hmall.
The funeral took place Thursday
afternoon from the family residence
Armatrong Avenue, Hev. E. IV Klew-
'elllni- officiating. The enaket, entirely covered by tluwera, was bourne to
the hearse by Master s Klmer, It.
Flnley, ml. Carson, and 0, M. Croatian
students of the Cranhrook school.
The remains of the deceased waa as
OOPted to the 1'iave hy a large number nf relatives, and friends of the
family. The ceremony at the grave
aide was conducted by llev. Klewell-
lug and was very imprest-rive.
Undertaker w. H. Beattie had
charge of the funeral arrangements,
Wreaths were received from the following friends wbo in this way but
slightly showed their tokens of the
sympathy they felt:
Hev.  K.  1,.  Klowelllng
Mr. and Mrs. I). J. Klmer
Mr, and Mrs. A. A. McKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. fi. Krlckson
Mr. and Mra. P. A. Hmall
Mr. and Mrs. (I. II. floggarth
Mr. and Mrs. V. II. linker
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Morris
Mr, and Mrs. A. 0. Howness
Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs,  Ira Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Kred Oonefft
Mrs. and Dr. llreen
Mr. C. M. Edwards
Eunice and Reggie Parrot*
Miss Helen Worden
MIhh Murray
Mr. Kred Hheldon
Master John Drake
The "Prospector" extends Its most
heartfelt   sympathy  to  Mr.  and  Mra.
Hmall  lu their bereavement
Additional Local
Crockery and glassware of all kindj
going nt Kink's Closing Out Hale at
Dr. R. B. Ralph, buyer for the International Securities Co., of Winnipeg, exclusive sales agent for the
Grand Trunk Pacific has purchased
1,000 acres of choice land from D.
I Burton of Cranhrook. The land In
{question lies four miles south of
j this city. Evidently the G.T.P. haa
} something up their sleeve that will he
i ol interest to Oranqrook.
The Prize Fight wns not altogether
a success, tbe promotora did not take
into account that the young men of
the town had been for two days previous to the tight spending freely at
the C.C.S. Cloalng-Out Sale. $6.00
Shoes at $3.95 is a big tern patton,
j W. B. Bargett wishes to thank nil
! his old patrons who have so well
: stood hy him during tlic last nine
years.     Mr.    Bargett   lies   Fold   out
■ tbe good will of his daily bi'nlness to
Dr. Hall who will carry on the dairy
business  with  a  manager In  charge.
; Mr. Bargett has bought another pure
; of land closer to the creek upon whic
i hu proposes building a substantia) re*
j fildence.
■ 0. O. H. - 0. 0. H.
The Agricultural Association are
considering the advisability of securing an Aeroplane for the September
Fair. The following letter ia self «x
plauatory and waa received by Mayor
i Bowness Thursday:
Vancouver, June IB til
I Mayor of Cranbrook,
Cranbrook, H.C.
I Dear Sir:
j We understand that ymi are mavlug
] enquire regarding the services of an
I Aviator, and aa that is our business
I we take the liberty of writing you to
; inform you that W. M. Htark is now
j in Wlonipeg working weat, and will
j he in Cranbrook in about a week's
! time when he will call on you.
He la an expert Aviator and Hies
with a 75 H.P. 8-cylinder Curtis Aero
plane, the fastest machine made hy
these people. If you are, as we are
! informed, negotiating for an Aviator
, it will he to your advantage to wait
i and see him. Might state that he
I has an engagement to fly at Armstrong on .Inly let.
Youth respectfully,
" w. w, icit.iW
Not True
A report was In circulation during
Krlday that Vancouper had heen visited hy an earthquake, also that com
munlcatlona with the coast city had
heen cut off,    The "PROSPECTOR"
immediately wired for confirmation
of this report, also for full particulars and received the following answer:—
Calgary, June 21st
The "Prospector"
Cranbrook, B.C.
No  truth   in  report,   Vancouver  is
still on the map and no trouble reported.
Sweet for Government
ST. JOHN, N.B. -The provincial
elections today resulted in practically
a clean sweep for the government on
ly two opposition men, Dugnl and
Pelletier in Madawaska being elected,
In Northumherlnnd, where three independent Conservatives ran, two of
them were elected, la Ht. Jobn city
York and Himhury counties tbe oppos
Itlon candidates lost their deooaits
A. B. Goopp, the opposition leader,
was badly beaten In Westmoreland
Premier Klemming headed the poll In
Oarleton, The results of today's vot
Ing gives the government 40 Heats, in
dependents 2; and opposition 2; Gloucester polling takes place Monday
Baptist Church
Preaching services will be held 11
a.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Sunday school at ,t p.m.
Bubjoct for tho morning service will
be- "Three Calls to the King's Service.
In the evening "The House of Mary
Mansions" will he continued (mm
lust Sunday's Service, dealing with
"What John saw in the House of
many Mansions"
The Pastor will lead the Hrrvirea of
the day.
You and your friends are Invited.
Methodist Church
Hev.   W.   hllson   Dunham,   Pastor.
Sunday   services:   the   Pastor   will
preach at II a.m., and 7:110 p.m.
Morning    subject:     "Over-Organised
IS von Ing subject:  "The Bllssfulness
(if Ignorance."
Anthem   lor   the  evening  service: ■
"O Saviour of the World."
All are Invited to the above services
Salvation Army
Sun. Morn. II ii.tn.--llolinc.sH Meeting
Sun. Aft. 2 p.m.- Sunday School
Hun. Aft. 8:80 p,m.--Freo aud Easy
Hun.   Night R p.m.--Salvation   Meet
Bible Lesson
Tuesday   S   p.m.-  Salvation   Meeting
Thursday   H   p.m.   Holiness   Meeting
Saturday 8 p.m.—Praise Meeting
Everyqody invited to these services
irrespective of class or creed.
Visitors Jo the City
H. R. Huzelwooil.     Moyle
8. D. Brown,    Calgary
0. B. Strachan,    New Michel
G. Darting, Vancouver
A. J. Campbell,     Vancouver
H.  Heines,     portlaud
A. Robson,     Fernle
•1. H. Ohassny,     Bull River
A. Brydle,    Winnipeg
K. Dickinson,     Jaflray
C. U. McNabb, Waldo
C. L. Whelan, Kernie
T. F. Dunn, Victoria
H. McConib,     Victoria
B. C. Elliott,     Oswego, N.T.
D. C. Brownlee,     Moo* Jaw
H. J. Morrow,     Vancouver
J. S. Kennedy,     Winnipeg
J. W. Mcintosh,    Victoria
A. Doyle of Port Steele
J. Oliver,     Vancouver
H. Thompson,     Vancouver
W. Heup Holland,     Palrmount
Q.   I'hlilips,     Knlrmount
lj. J. Colson,    Knlrmount
P. It. Alexander,    Calgnry
L. H. Peacock, Calgnry
A. Sutherland,    Nelson
W.  A. Wnldron,     Detroit, Mich.
C W. ('opium,     Detroit, Mlcli.
.1. M. Knl 1 in,     Kilmonton
A. 0, Cmtwrlght,    Montreal
J. Payne,    Calgnry
W. ll. Hilrlbert,    Calgary
H. ('.. Thriischer,     Jaflray
II. A. Macintosh,     Koaslunil
W. II. Kelly,    Odessa, Wash.
8, 8. Harney.    Odessa, Wash.
J. II. Crossncld, Uthlvidge
H. II   (Irllllth, Baynes Lake
A. K. Mclngre, Brandou
P. K. Klnch, Kdmontnn
John Rogers, Winnipeg
MrB, K. C. Dawson
Miss c. Dennlsoo. ol Kernie.
Mr. nnd Mrs. K. L. Lewis of
Montreal        '
It. M. Held, Creston
K. T. Crowley, Mnryspille
A. K. Forest, Winnipeg
Frank Wright, Winnipeg
J, V, Dwyer, Fertile
J. A. Hluck, Vancouver
K. A. Coverall, Spokane
.1. Ryan, Vancouver
.1. M. Hni|hlc,     Juflrny
M. I). Irvine,    Saskatoon
John Anderson, Saskatoon
H. W. Ksllcb,    Wasa
It. Orenuild,     Vancouver
Allan MiiiiHon,     Cnllray
A. II. Lalirow,     Mnyle
K. MrMnhon,    Cnftray
P. Jones.    Jaflray
(1.   Illllltlllllt.   WllHIl
John Oallii'ultb, Lethbrldge TI1F, PROSPECTOR. CRANI-mOOK. T?. C.'
r-   —..
ntriJv &tW at
WHAT- niLADf-WANTS -TO-'—i*™
Many women wbo uio careful
und economical buys re uf
every other pnrt ot Ihelr ward*
robo nro npt to Io.ho tbeir
bends n bit wben it coinoa to tbo purchase of neckwour»aitd veils. Temptation Is not to bo resisted when ono sees
these niiny things displayed In nil Boris
uf attractive shapes ami alluring combinations,
Thero is no end to tbo Inventions
along ibis neckwear line, ami clever
design-is have opened simps whero
their wines bring high prices, .and in a
smaller way a  number of glt'ls handy
in fashion im- stunning nockwoar are
making jabots, collars and lho llko for
their friends and thereby gaining nice
liiiie sums for tholr work.
Then again (hero nro a number of
women who maKo these fascinating
i. dm-nm on is for themselves, Tho delightful voguo of black and white com*
blnallons has brought out magpie
nookwoar that is thought to bo grando
ohlo this season, This neckwear Is considered correct tu wear with plain
white, plain black, ns well us with any
color ono chooses.
Tbo turnover collars which nre worn
at tbo neckband, uot iho kind worn ut
llm lop of lhe Block, aro now made nf
ihln while nnd black net, Again thoy
will bo edged wllh ruffles of black not
heavily spotted with white or white
Utile with ii narrow bemutltchod bum of
black chiffon cloth.
There Is n good  looking collar made the buck  nnd  turned over In  front  tn
of shadow luce wblcb Is quite high at [two points. somethiiin un tho order of a
— *&L_
ninn's collar. It la boned and finished shaped pieces uf spoiled net edged with
with a quarter inch turnover of black baby Irish,
chiffon cloth, Attached to the collar Is Whito not am) crenm not nockwoar
n ni but of knife plaited shadow laco, lis moro fashionable Just now than bo*
deeper nt tho loft Fide thnn at tho rlj-hl ] longings made of batiste, and Btnart lit-
nnd odgod wlijh an olghth of an Inch of lie bows ndd chlo to almost every
black. [sloe];, rnli.it nnd Jubot.
No. 4 is a side frill Jabot ot net nnd
plaited vel lace, Pump bow of black
velvet at tbo throat.
No. fi ts a slock collar of net luce.
Side ripple Jabot of net nnd not laco,
Lace haw- wllh Hack velvet loops at the
The waist depth collars nre very new    Five new Btyles of Jabots made of I   in the center of tho ilium
and add much to the appearance of njplnlicd not and laco nro pictured, and'shown a practical fichu thai
lark frock.   A collar or this kind Is es- ono stylo shown Mm modish usout black
pecially good fir those who arc light*- buttons en iho whito not
oniiiK Ihelr mourning wllh white.    It No. 1 shows a Hlock collar nf vnlen-
rests llko a Hat fichu about tho neck clennos lace with a side Jobot of not
und bust, nnd Ilio middle li filled In wllh
a V shaped ploCO of chiffon cloth or nut,
which mny or may not en 1 111 a stook,
Indian bead work, which disports Itself on huts und blouses. Is nlso used
for trimming up nockwoar, and bars
uui loaves nml buttorlly bows ot tho
beads aro used ns foundations in plaited cuds ot cluny lace or to edgo fan
will ilud very usi fui to put in her suit
enso   when she goes uu  a   week   end
Purchase n utile more material tban
nnd tha vol, Tho touch of black Is Iyou need fur tlio new evening frock
found In the velvet boWi and mako ono of these offoctlvo Utile
No, 2 is a slock collar of inco wtib fichus, which may bo drape.i ovor the
sldo jubot of net edged with laco. low neokod bodice on occasions, chang-
13lack velvet bow at iho tbroBt, ing iho dancing costume Into a more
No. 8 If a Jabot of not with, edging of Informal affair, Tho fichu Is trimmed
fancy patterned not lope, Black satin with shirred ribbon and has o llounce
bow at tho throat and three groups ot|of la<u and ml which droops ovor \\\%\
(hut- Bntln butiuns.
No. 1.—Stock Collar and Jabot of Nst    No. 2.—Stunning Black and White Combination.
A Practical Fichu For the Week End Suit Cast.
No. 3.—Effective Ua* of Net and Satin.  Ne. 4— Rabat of Net and Plaited Lace.
No. 5,—Side Ripple Jabot ot Net.
f++ + *♦* ■M-+*+*Mf*+*M"M' ■* -H* *+**!•** ■H*****'M'**+4**^-M^-J,*>**>*
I      GOOD THINGS TO EAT      !
Golf Sweaters and Accessories
silces of bacon Into small pieces,
fry and strain oft tbo hot fat Set into
a saucepan. Add three-fourths of a
cnn of tomatoes, ono sliced onion, one-
fourth teaspobnftil each of mace and
ullsplce, one-efghth teaspoonful of
cayenne ond a bit of bay leaf. Bring
to the. boiling point, simmer one hour
nnd Reason with salt aud popper. Add
cooked macaroni or spaghetti cut Into
two inch strips (of which thero should
bo two cupfuls) and cook until tbe
macaroni is thoroughly boated. Servo
very hot
Creamed Chicken Fricassee.—Cut a
flue, well cleaned chicken of from three
to four pounds Into ten pieces, put
them Into n largo saucepan of boiling water for three minutes, then drain
Into a colander and Instantly plunge
Into cold water, letting thom remain
live minutes. Take out tbe chicken,
place in a clean saucepan over the fire,
cover wltb boiling water, ndd one heaping teaspoonful of salt, two white
onions and a bunch of herbs. Cover
and boil slowly until tender. Drain off
the broth nnd strain It. Melt two
ounces of butter ln a saucepan, add
two heaping teaspoonfuls of Hour, stir
and cook two minutes, add tho chicken
broth and half a can of mushrooms, remove all fat from tho sauco and add
more salt If necessary. Mix the yolks
of three eggs with half a pint of crenm,
ndd it slowly to tbo gravy, and. lastly,
tbo juice of half a lemon. Arrange the
chicken ou a bot dish, pour over lho
gravy, lay tiie mushrooms In clusters
nround and garnish wllb sprigs ot
I tars Icy,
English Muffins.—One quart of flour,
finlf a teaspoonful of salt, one-lblrd
cake of yeast, ono nnd ono-half cups of
warm water. Dissolve tho yeast In
ono-third of n cup of cold water, odd
[ It's Simple, but Attractive
fPHK strong contrast of white collar
■*" and cuffs and black velvet bands
with this green linen frock Is very l'a*
rlatnn and elite. Tho design I.i exceedingly simple, but Is made distinctive
try Its effective trimmings. The eyelet
embroidery collar and cufi'a nro detachable, and tho velvet bands may be slipped out of tbo whllo crocheted rings
when the ftock Is Iniindcrcd. Whllo
aocks aro worn wllh childish buttoned
■trap slippers.
salt ond tho warm waler. Gradually
stir in tlio flour. Beat thoroughly, cover nnd let It rise In a warm place until
spongy, which will bo about five hour
Then shape tbe dough on a floured
board into halls twice lhe slsyj of on
egg and flatten them to one-third of an
inch thick. Set on a warm griddle that
has bcen slightly greased and place on
tha back of tho stove to rise slowly.
As soon as thoy begin to rise a little
draw them forward ond cook slowly,
turning often. Tbey should take about
twenty minutes to raise and about fifteen to bako. Tear them apart and
butter while hot
Strawberry Cocktail.-—Cut the strawberries into slices and cover them with
tbe juice of an orange and let them
stand until serving timo. Put them
Into the glasses with enough powdered
sugar to sweeten them and a table-
spoonful of shaved ice. Servo in cocktail glasses.
Green Handkerchiefs Now
"PMERALD green handkerchiefs are
tho.very latest novelties for feminine wear.
Made of silk wllb a hemstitched edge,
the handkerchief ia lho dominating
model of tho moment, even though there
bo mnny rivals. Its most doughty competitor Is the whito ono of llltlputlan
size, nlso made of silk and finished wltb
a tiny hemstitched edgo.
It Is a pretty notion to "announce"
(bo lining of a coat by lho color ot the
handkerchief tucked Into tbo front
pocket of the Jacket. A dark blue serge
coat with an emerald green lining has
tho .collar emphasized by a handkerchief of lho salmi tint.
Many of Iho now blouses for morning
wear havo breast pockets, and into
these a tiny handkerchief may bu tucked with one corner protruding. Tbo
Bpcclal advantngo of the silk handkerchief Is ihnt il takes up very lilllo
room and has rather a masculine air
Hint accords with tbo habit .of tho
tailor mnde shirt, it is n trifle more
for show than for nee. Indeed, it Ij
wise to took ii iuio the pocket.
Floral Table Decorations
11 AVE you ever seen a table In sum-
mer doebraled wiih wild carrol?
It costs nothing and when arranged In
mosses In a deep green bowl is cool and
dainty. If you can got tho seed pods
to mix In With the carrot lhe effect is
heightened. In selecting a floral centerpiece strive for variety. Have a different decoration for each meal. PJvcn
if flowors must be used moro tban
once, as is natural where one 1ms a
small garden, It lakes liulo time tu
have a separata decoration fnr each
n-enl. At breakfast keep, the scheme
simple. Boms pcopto will not use flowers nt ihls mcnl, but a few frosh blooms
In a slender vnso aro sure to ntlract.
The dinner decoration should have
ih-jiii'M put on it
White For Mourning
JO much whllo ts being Introduced
3 Inlo mourning these days thai even
first mourning hats aro allowed to show
a relieving lino of whllo, and many
models aro elaborately trimmed with
whito crape, which Is very effective
ngnlnst thc blaok crape or dull mourning silk.
Ono of tho quaintest models of this
sort scon recently Is a largo bonnet
shape that would look especially well
o.n a young face, The bonnet proper is
of heavy mourning silk, but It tins a
narrow turned back brim nil nround of
whito crape, and tbcro nro broad bonnet strings of tho white crape to tie
under tbo chin.
rpiIE newest golf sweater, modeled
x after tbo original jersey, whlcb la
drawn over the head. Is tbo smartest
garment Imaginable and exceptionally
becoming unless the wearer of it Is excessively thin. For lliat sort of figure
the best sweater Is tbo ono of white or
light colored worsted, widely bordered
with red, French blue, bright*green or
durk tan. This model has light fitting
mousquetatre cuffs and a wide sailor
collar which V's deeply In front to reveal ihe prettily rounded throat, which
not infrequently is tbe possession of a
very slender girl.
Another golf sweater which Is popular Is basket woven, extends well over
thc hips, has contrasting stripes bordering its turned back cuffs and a low
rolling shawl collar outlining Its single breasted fronts. One of thc same
length Is a closely fitted Norfolk Jacket lis nautical collar, extending halfway down tbo back, lias star decorated
comers, and on the upper arm portion
of the left sleeve an anchor is embroidered.
Golf caps nre somewhat smaller tn
slxe than were tbe models brought out
last autumn, have a lower crown and
a brim tbat rolls boldly. They ore
knitted on large needles so that thc
coarse meshes shall allow tho air to
reach the hair and prevent It from fatl-
Ing out because of getting overheated.
Uolf (-loves of white ncltcd silk have
perforated palms and inside fingers of
natural colored Chamois and fasten
Witli heavy brass or whito composition
clasps attached to an Inch wide stitched bracelet band of tho chamois lined
netted bilk. Gold sho.es have Blucher
vamps of black or tan leather, heavy
projecting soles and wide, fiat heels.
Their extra high tops of white canvas
are less heating than are those of Illicit
pelt and prevent Uio ankles from
spreading If lhe golfer Is of extraordinary weight
A Difference In Buttons
T5LTTTONS make tho supremo and
mysterious separation of tlio sexes. And buttonholes! If ns a man you
will go through your clothes, from
overcoat to the underclothes, you will
find that tho buttons are on tho right
and the buttonholes on*the left
But you will notice that tho feminine
garments close up tbe other way and
that the woman demands her buttonhole to correspond. Feminine clothes
fold from right to left, masculine from
left to right And thero Is the problem.
fpTTfi rainproof and dust proof Cftpo pictured here Is ot light tan rubberized
-1- fabrlo lined with a contrasting color. The hood muy bo drawn Up over
tbo pretty llttlo bonnet of straw and tho c-opo buttoned securely across tbo
front Tho collapsible straw auto hood also pictured is a mighty convenient
llttlo ftftlolo for motor wear, ua tt may bo tucked up and put In the pocket with
tho greatest ease, The nunlnr Quaker creation Is "I grnV nnrt pink straw with
u Cat Ing wf ftln'rt tal/eu una trimm-ngnf gray and rose -.luce silk.
Spring Housecleaning Hint
TKflTH the spring housecieanlng going
on many women who take care of
their own homes will find it necessary to
turn Ihelr carpets nbout Into different
positions In a room before laying tbem
again. Perhaps the carpets will have
to bo made over, ripped in tho scams
and turned about to meet the needs of
the readjustment
If this is tho case use a sharp penknife or a small paring knife with a
sharp edge. Turning tin! carpet on the
wrong side so tho seams are exposed,
cut tho stitches exactly between the
scam, taking care not to cut the carpet.
After tho breadths havo been turned
nbout they must bo sewed together
again. First pick out all the threads
from each side of the seams, then lay
tho breadths together, right fildo to
right side, and sew with waxed carpet
thread, using a long, heavy needle
which comes for the purpose, Tbo
stitch most commonly used Is the simple over and over slltch.
Stitches should not bo taken too
close together and should not be drawn
tight Just draw them so Ibcy will be
firm and allow thc scam to llo fiat
whon tbe carpet Is laid on tbe floor.
Some persons prefer Iho cross or cat
stitch for sewing Ingrain carpets, but
the easiest and quickest is to uso the
over and over stitch.
Old carpets that have outlived their
usefulness as entire floor coverings
may bo converted Into useful rugs by
ripping up each breadth, selecting tho
best parts nnd sewing them together,
to make as large a rug as possible with
tbo usable carpet The ends of these
carpet rugs may be bound with stout
cloth or finished with fringe that
matches tho predominating color In tbo
A housekeeper who Is forced to economize lu every possible wny mado three
good sized rugs from an old brussets
carpet    .
Tlio nnp was so worn from the right
side that she found It almost worthless,
so sho turned the carpet wrong side
up, making It into rugs, then applied
muhognny stain lo them, making tbem
rich red brown color that harmonized well with tho otber furnishings of
tho room. 	
About Pictures
ptCTUBEfl aro often neglected nnd
* allowed to get dull and faded from
want of a little attention, lt tbey bo
engravings or water colors, ns soon as
any deposit of dust Is seen to have
worked It self through tho frnmo the
picture should bo carefully taken out
nud cleaned by crumbling a piece of
soft bread and rubbing It over the surface of tlio plcluro. Tbls will remove
all dust and any olher mark tb.it tins
been mado on thc print.
Oil paintings should bo carefully
sponged with COld water and polished
wllh a soft silk cloth.
Valuable oils Should bo protected
with glass. Tbls has all thu good effect of varnish without any of Its disadvantages.
When choosing pictures, If you have
no nrllst le sense, havo some arlbitlc
friend or an artist go wllh ymi to buy.
Also follow this rulo when banging lho
painting, It Will Pay In tho end, lor
pictures carelessly arranged will mar
lho beauty of nn otherwise hnud.-mimdy
furnished room.
I soon discovered that she was being
cheated on all sides. Her douse wns in
confusion, ber lands neglected, und lier
stock rapidly became n source or toss
instead of profit In her distress 'die
consulted a friend, who told her lo visit
lally not only every room of her mnn*
-dun, but also every shed and stable on
her farms. Bhe was tn bow to each of
tbelr four corners, notice what sho saw
and correct what she knew to be wrong.
She obeyed and very uhurily came to
tell lhe result of her obedience. She
bad discovered which of ber servants
woro dishonest and had replaced tbem
with those who could be trusted Sho
had absorbed household knowledge almost unconsciously. Sho now Knew
bow- things ought to be done, and In her
daily tour of inspection she delected
any carelessness or neglect und ordered It lo be rectified.
'"THE need for training, schools for
servants Is by no means such a
crying ono ae that of housewifery for
mistresses. If every girl on leaving
school were to go through a course of
practical household training sho would
than bave some Idea of bow to manage
a home of ber own. It would enable
her both to teach Inefficient servants
and lo detect waste, and while materially decreasing expenses sbo would
bo In a position to add greatly to the
comfort and well being of tho members
of ber household.
Kvery girl, no matter what her social
status, should know all about housekeeping, from cleaning n saucepan to
darning lho finest household linen.
In tbe days of long ago there lived a
grent lady who bad Inherited vast possessions, but owing to ber general Incompetence and want of knowledge sho
For Superstitious People
AN English paper says: There Is
comfort for tho superstitious, lf
you wero asked lo select on unlucky
country you would not, doubtless,
think of tbo United States. Itut almost every emblem and a good deal of
the history of the United States are concerned with tho ominous number 13.
We knew, of course, that at thc timo of
the Declaration of Independence there
wero thirteen slates and therefore
thirteen stars and stripes on tho flag-
But now some ruthless person points
out that tbcro ts a good deal more of
the ill omened number ln lhe national
emblems. Tho motto "B Plurlbus
Unum" contains thirteen letters. The
crown of Liberty has thirteen Stan
Tho American eaglo hns a thunderbolt
ln one of Its talons which contains
thirteen darts ond In the other un olive
branch of thirteen leaves. As if that
wero not enough, there are thirteen
feathers ln each of the eagle's wings.
China Silk For Petticoats
vyoMK.v in Increasing numbers aro
*     turning to ohina silk as tho solution
to tho present petticoat problem, ll outwears tbo usual pcttlcnat SllltS and t-iit-
Ins by fnr, and If of an ordinarily good
quality will launder without thn least
damaging efTeet.    Not  Uie smaller of
its advantages ts its light, supple nature, which dors not permit the ttnkst
Suggestion Of Clumsiness, nud, moreover, It can be had In any suit or dress
A Burglar Proof Device
A VERY simple window fastening
** can bs arranged io give additional security against burglars. About
an Inch from the frame on the right ol
every window a small hole may be
bored In tbo overlapping sashes, going
entirely through the Inner and I0W0I
sash and almost through thn outer.
When tho window Is shut n three Inch
wlro nail must bo pushed Into this bole
until It ts burled to Ibe head, This nail
should hn snugly fitted In tbo bole
but capable of being easily withdrawn
with Iho fingers. Tho ordinary sash
lock can bo pried open With tbo burglar's Jimmy, but with tbo addition of
the wire nail that (rick is Impossible
To Be Graceful
JF" yoil want to bo graceful don't look
A nt your feet, but hold your bead up
In tho air. Don't shuffle. A lilllo
lln,light fulness and practice In high
stepping soon break you of tilts' Ugly
habit   Don't bund your bach at lho
Waist under tho Impression that yotl
nro thereby walking oroctly. It throws
tbo stomach forward and Is almost nt*
Inimical to grace nn round shoulders'
Filially, don't allow yourself to walk
"pigeon toed"—that is, wllh tho torn
turned In or straight You ran never
be graceful lu movements whllo you do.
Spring Co.its For Girls
flMIK coats for schoolgirls* rn-tumen
L   ui-1 of the simplest possible kind,
double broOStOd and fastened with da ill
pearl or bono buttons. With theso
coats and skirts blouses in fine French
fiannr-i *** ■*■ rilly v*nrn, with some*
thiiiK bright m the wny of
■ilk ernvit and » lenthnr belt *o mutch.
To Make a Tea Tray
rpriR daintiest tea tray may bo rash-
loned frum tbe lid of a cheese bos
In this manner!
First sandpaper tbe wood umil It Is
perfectly smooth and stain It a mahogany color. Tbe stain may Uo purchased already prepared.
Polish tho wood with turpentine und
Unseed oil.
Attach brass handle's. Which may ba
obtained at the upholsterer's Bhop for
a very small sum,
A round, embroidered dolly placed In
the bottom adds io tbe appearance of
I bo tray.
What Is Smart In Marquisette
110RDERS are very effectively used
on many of the best costumes
of tbe season, but on the skirl of
such models tbey are seldom applied
straight, graceful oblique effects liv
ing tno piefcrcnce, Thla very charming
COStumc of gray and white i.i:t r i tie
l« mml grneefitllv draped, find the con-
knitted] trait or tno mm. boiuti ui.i        .. «
Pounce makes an SXCOllont effect THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
©he yvoeiiectov, -QDranbvook, §. (£.
BSTAHI.lrlHKl)    1Mb
PubUehed Bvery Saturday   Morning at ('rant-rook, B.O.     	
F. M. Christian, Manager.
A. B. Orace,   Editor.
Pottage lo Auierieau. European an-1  other toiislgii countries,   50 iitotl   a
year  extra.
ADVBRTI8BMBNTS—Advertising  rates furnished ou application.     No
advertisements bul thoBe ot a reputable character will lie accepted    tor
ADVEKT1MEHS AND SUBSI'RIBERS-Uuless uotlce to tbe contrary
la given to local manager advertiaementa and subscription, will bt kept
luuniug anil charged up against tbelr account.
Mnny un iiilult culled upon to pre-
purf ii thesis on "Whnt Good Roads
Menu to Ciuiiulit" would And himself
nonpliiHseil. lie would know perhaps,
In u vague Indefinite way tlmt Good
Roinls would menu much fur this
country, tbnt It wuuld make for Its
betterment socially, its advancement
commercially, nud its rapid develop
stances the stress the children placed
upon tin' soclnl aspoct. Canada, per
Imps uncouclouaty, is striving for i
higher moral plane, mul the children
recognise the lactor tlmt Good Roadi
would ho in thla The boy
is the mnn ol tomorrow.
Roads question will   not
The Home Circle Column
Pleasant Evening Reveries—A Column Dedicated
to Tired Mothers as  They  Join   the
Home Circle at Evening Tide
Thoughts from the Editorial Pen
Hpniy ttio wife who mcoIiIh ami the nf life und chnnirter. Thc doiiiK of
husband who comes in with muddy the oommouplnoo work achieves the
boots. I welfare of the world,   We love     the
yomiR graduate that does not olalm
to Know more thnn other people;    it
in not riKht unit then it ih not wit.'*,
Life is ti failure tlmt iitukH hui-k
(rom u pw-iisureU-HH ago, arid wished
for ii return of the years that u different course might be pursued,
Nothing is teuer than thut    tiuwo
who ure imHHh.R through the "Iireu ot
adversity" need every expression
helpful    ttympiitUy from   thom'    upon
whom Bueh trials have uol fallen
Heal i
ol today
Phe Cloud
"' rtmUM|tv..-m\
ment, He would understand that l" this or the next decade, and tno i WRn( QC
Uood Bonds    would bring la a large study ol tbe subject   which the  pre I
leereime    the- partition of these emmys hns involved)    Kill  y
viiiniuiliiiess    i
boauty  and  n
light  hours nu
t-tit   three   men
the sunny Hi.it'
influx of tourists,
young i pie #111
;i desire [or better
not  bo eradicated
ol  time.    Siuiu1 day
children wboBe ■■ftaiiys
tbe Westminstor
[judges such a trying time will be oc-
nchool chll-|cupying high places In tbe Dominion.
dreu have done.   The Canadian High
way  Association, some time ago, o(
cost of living. But if requested to ion the part of th*
state these farts in a clear, logical Inoulcnto iu them
manner, and draw deductions and '-"ads. Which will
conclusions therefrom, the average by the passing o
man would confess his inability to some of the
prepare a satisfactory paper, [havo
And yet this Is Just     what nearly
live hundred  of Canada
fered  valuable prizes for     the
essays nn "What Good Roads
tti Canada." Evidently this waa ft
popular subject, tor students trom
all parts of the Dominion sent papers to the headquarters ol the association in  New  Westminster,    Includ-
Soine will be reeves or councillors ol
municipalities; Home mayors or aldermen of cities, some will be mem
bers uf parliament, one may be pre
mier of Canada. Because ol thie
study of the question In their youth,
they will bave a truer, clearer
knowledge >>f conditions than could
Otherwise have hi-en the case, and the
when sorrow
shadows will
with richness, ihen
nines to you, lit-i Mack
be  parted   iut
lor it is such a good way of cheating
ourselves,    rtiuiu-t lines,   other    poople
who have been schooled in the untver
slty of tho   world, could   touch    the
q|   the new graduate many things    that
are valuable, Ot which she bus never
heard,    All great truths are not always    grammatically   spokon,    uud
woman's everything that can be known ts not
winning   found tu books.     It is right for   tho
young people  to have opinions about
everything  thnt  comes before them;
imt ii   would be  well lo   remember
that the great achievements ot life
have been accomplished by men nud
women In the gray ol life, uot tu the
downy years of youth. Lot them
1,1,.,-   look  for  the  best   in everything    ttiul
ol the twen
a   tiny     nml
if tbe way
rifts by  your  gathered stuishine
•   •   •   •
When conversing,  oh<
and  Interesting  topics,
ut  your  acquaintances
mention   their
their faults.
very bod j nnd "do nil the good you
an  in  nil  ways    you can,"  in  what
DSC    pleasant   soever    place    clrcumstunces    beyond
if speaking your control    place you     a college
to   Strangers,   education      is  a  valuable    possession
good qualities,     not
Uo not (ret. If you want any one
about you to accomplish anything,
do not enfeeble them by fretting, do
not destroy all desire, and crush out
life Itself by your tret, tret, fretting.
the   spirit
mid a serp
What  appears
often the source
Ing essays ho carefully prepared thut j result of their study in 1912 will
the judges took over two weeks to I make for the benefit and the better-
decide tbe three prize winners. j ment ol    their communities ten     or
ThlB inducement to the children to I twenty  years  hence.      The  Canadian!    gomebwjy   -,
study the question of better roads Is Highway     Association     has already j fpww precepta
commendable in every way, and it is j accomplished     much      commendable L^
gratifying tbnt this nrst propaganda work, but it Is doughtful if its prop ,
among   the young  people    has    met ■ agenda and Its     deputations to par-
with such signal success. Ii.tn.ent will  have done as much    to
In their report, the judges mention I awaken the public concience as this
the thoroughness with which the oiler ol medals to tho children of
children  treated the subject,  and  in-1 Canada.
ol (milt finding    ii'
3 bo colamith
of  fortunes
lists the children neei
>iud  more  good  exam
In too many fatolles tbe mother
assumes the care of everything and
her daughters are but genteel loung
ers in the household.
Coming   Attractions
During the next week Cranhrook
tind district will be given over somewhat to that visit ol tbe two largest
shows travelling in the west today.
Because of the close proximity of
dates the citizens will have to exercise care in their preference. The 101
has tor some time now aonounced its
intention ol showlnc in Cranbrook on
the 27th Thursday; whilst the Cole
Bros.are proclaiming by posters and
advertisements that they will show
on Wednesday,
The Cole Bros, will give perform
unces both afternoon and evening.
hut the I'll Ranch which everyone
has been talking about, now for some
time will only be able to show an afternoon performance, owing to them
having to appear in l.etbhridge ami
Oalgary on specified dfttes, The man
nger perticularly asked us to state
through the medium of the "Prospector" how sorry they were not to he
able to gratify the wishes irf the cit
izeiiM   with   an   ovonfng   performance
Boh. Pltzslmmons—the original
lighting "Boh" will appear at the
Auditorium in company with u troupe
of artists on .Milv 13th, Kvery one
should keep this date in mind. Further particulars will be announced
Your visit to Cole Brothers United
Shows on June 26th, afternoon
evening will not be complete without
a tour of the colossal canvas equerry.
Even though you are not a lover and
admirer of blooded stock, it is claimed yovi will find an hour tit genuine
pleasure and much to interest you inspecting the droves of horses and
ponies. For the last year agents
have beeu In different parts of the
world making purchases for this department, with the result that today
Cole Brothers possess one of the largest, most varied and costliest collection of representative members of
the equine family which wealth can
procure, and it is doubtful If anywhere near the like has ever been exhibited before. Certainly never hy
any traveling shows, There are herds
of powerful blocky Normans, sturdy
western and Canadian draughts, coquettish Arabian stallions, English
hred long distance lumpers, fleetfoot-
ed Kentucky runners, wild speeding
Konmii chariot Myers, tiny Shetland
Welch and native ponies and other
high grade specimens of Earth's finest
horseflesh, Ladies and children are
particularly invited to visit this
horse lair, which all mny safely do
without an escort as uniformed and
courteous attendants are always present to look after the welfare of
N\> boy ur girl can ever come to
be utterly bad who remembers only
love and tenderness and sweetness
as associated with father tind mother
tn the old-time home.
Children should be Influenced unconsciously; they should be surrounded by an atmosphere of goodness,
and iwn,cn they should breath as unconsciously as tbey breathe the air, "Example is better than precept." To
successfully Influence your children
for good, you must not do as . you
would have them do. K you would
have them polite, be polite to them,
and to the inferiors of the household
Teach them to be considerate for
others, hy showing that you have
consideration for everybody. Children are imitative, and monkey attributes may be turned to good uses by
presenting to them qualities worthy
of imitation.
.    Under the auspices of the Women's
In the Auditorium Theatre for one   Institute, Mrs. 8. H. DavleB of Van-
night only, on July 2nd, that clever couver, graduate Wnrwicvs Agricultur
comedian, Harry Bulger, in his new-! al College for Ladies,     will give two
est edition of the    musical     success j lectures on  Wednesday next,  June 2ti
"The Flirting  Princess".   This  is   a
mimical    comedy  ol   tho      latter   day
period and marks a new departure ol
the clever Bulger,  who was last seen
in us Blue Jay in Henry W. Savages
wonderful   production  of  Woodland."
It is said that  Bulger has never had
a part  that fits him to such a  nicety
hh  In   "The  FHrtlng  Princess"   which
Is styled  S   "nonsenre  farce."
"The Princess" is a disguised
Egyptian girl with just enough ol an
adventurous spirit to enjoy the flirtations of her would-be wooers, while
SbS is seeking fur the man she would
care to kiss for the second tune. Her
experience proves the tlrst kiss is
dlOOSterous tr. uny further enchantment. Bbe surrounds bersilf with un
atmosphere uf mystery, and finds enjoyable recreation  among  the guests
of  the  Hotel  Olaremont,   where    tht
authors,  Adams, Hough and Howard,
see At to let everything happen. Several  things  do  happen,   and  in   rapid
succession between six o'clock   on   a
summer's evening and the wee small
hours of the next morning.   The rime
Wv all love the young graduate who
comes home and takes her right place
in her family unit seeks iu a pleasant
unaffected manner to improve tbe
home life aud teach and guide tbe
younger ones of that home; better
is she now ahle to till her place in
the church and among her young
friends wbo have not had her advantages; where can she hnd a broader
field for good work? Commonplace
though it may appear, this doing of
one's duty embodies the highest ideal
ind greatly to be desired, but vf tt
(mis to broaden the heart us well us
tbe mind,  it  is a failure
• •   •   •
U you would be happy as a child,
please one.
childish wonder is the first step iu
human wisdom.
To best pietise a child is the high
est triumph ol philosophy.
A happy child is most likely to
mike an  honest  man.
To stimulate wholesome curiosity
in the mind ot n child is to plant
■olden seed.
1 would rather be called tbe chtl-
, dmi's friend than the world's king.
He that makes useful knowledge
most attractive to the young is the
ting of sages.
Childish laughter is the echo of
heavenly music
The noblest act is that of making
others happy.
Innocent amusements transforms
tears into rainbows.
The author of harmless mirth is a
public benefactor.
Amusement to children is like rain
to flowers,
Wholesome recreations conquers evil
Kill the spirit of fault-finding us
you would a serpent.
It is a cruel mistake for anyone to
take their surplus of kittens to a
neighboring town and let them loose
thinking perhaps they will find 8
borne for themselves, More often the
>ittle pets wander about half starved
chased by dogs and undergo mnny
cruel abuses. How much better it
would be to put the pets out ol misery in the first place instead ol a
long tortured death.
• •   •   •
The egg market needs a breed of
hens that can be tooled or coaxed into laying eggs lute in the fall and in
the first half of the winter, when
other hens nre taking vacations.
At best, the storage eggs are not
like fresh ones. And under present
circumstances the realty fresh egg is
not produced, except in meagre quantities,   from   November to February.
• •   •   •
A society for the prevention of tuberculosis sends out the following
bulletin:   "Don't   complain   If    your
alloted proves sufficient to bring]pHahmenta that appeal to lovers
forth seventeen musical numbers of
the whistles hie variety, and gives
Mr. Bulger opportunity for three
hours of his inimitable style of fun
making Mr. Bulger is surrounded by
un exceptional cast, including Helen
Darling, Eileen Sheridan, Hale Fuller
and the prettiest and most vivacious
chorus that has come out of the
East in many a day. "The Flirting
Princess" might aptly he styled a
UrpslehoroenO carnival, as it simply |H[ln!
teems with unique dances In the presentation of the "Oogle" and "Oloo*
my GtoOntS" dances, and the latest
sensation whlrh society is only now
taking up, styled the "Egyptian Turkey Trot."
"Tbo Flirting Princess" Is undor
the able management nud direction
ot Mort II   Singer
In the afternnon at 2-30 on the lawn
ol Mrs. Murgatroyd's residence, on
Armstrong Avenue, suMjcct Floriculture for proflt and pleasure; ice
cream and cuke will be served after
the   lecture. In  tbe evening  at    8
o'clock, Mrs. Davies will lecture In
the Carmen's Hall, subject, poultry
for profit. Everyone interested ore
heartily invited to -,ttend
With the 1»1 Ranch Heal Wild West
Show which wilt be here on June J7
will be full compnny of the Mexican
Insurrectors who have been carrying
on the war against the Madero government ol Mexico. While tbe greater part of the dimctilty between the
Mexican government and the insurrectors has been adjusted the opportunity ot seeing tho men who were 1
among those who waged the war will
be one that all will take advantage
of. Aside from the fact that these
men are Insurrectors and the tierce
ness with which they fought almost
made them oiljerts of admiration,
they    possess   many   natural    accom*
As horsemen they are almost un
equally proficient as the American
cowboy but their style of riding is
much different. They have no regard tor their horse and their cruelty
Is ho pronounced that, it would make
D cowboy's blood boil to witness.
They are hold In check when with the
| Show for should they ever attempt to
Spur and whit*  tbe    horses with    the |
as they do in their own country
there   would    be   an    uprising    which |   ~"""m • -—*-•■— -—n*-*--*-*-*- — *■*-*» »,«-*«■..-■.■■..•:«■. --»-.«.*., ^_«,.^_.«. .««.*.-'--**--.-
would result.  In  the  annihilation    of [However,   when  it conies to straight substantial reward while the Mexican
the Mexicans,       They nre   not    only i riding  the  cowboys  have  tbem  beat' will sacrifice everything for a   smile
nd   accomplished   rulers    but. j ((|   .   fr(l/zI),     Thf   M#tjrjr||nH  ,„   „-,  „, frmn Hom„ („|,.   [J|(,y of ft |mU(.||(.t Jt1
i'i»re  'iiui    'IO|their work court applause more than Cowers from
anything else while the
only   for   substantial   reuults.     The, Applause   is   loHt
Typical  Cow-Girl   with   "101   Ranch   Wild   West"
Which  Kxhihits in Cranbrook  next
Thursday   Afternoon Only
June 27th, 1912
they carry with it.
cowboy has ever been ahle to affect
With the lasso and iarlnt they aro
experts and for fancy roping and
trick roping they etcell the cowboys.
cowboy     wll
practical  result
the Hiuue source.     Tho
ne cowboy looks   iaUer hliB nil ,hurm  fop ^ MiW|
results.     The   Applause   is   lost   to him   and     he
take long   chances   for   strives only for that whlcb ls practl-
lts       which   will     brlllK    eal  And  HUhflt.iit.tt»i
will    bring   cat and substantial.
We  have   decided   to   quit   the Crockery   Business.    We
desire to force these goods out quick    Tha
ottered should attract the attention of nil Economical Buyers
because they are Cut to Cost and
Less Than Cost
lhe  Goods  have  got to go as we want the room and
want it quick.   The stock contains
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Chocolate Sets, Fancy Plates, Cups
and Saucers, Berry Sets, Plain
Whiteware, Cut Glass, Pess-
cut Glass, Salad Dishes, Fruit
Dishes, Pickle Dishes, Celery
Dishes, Tumblers and Bar
Glasses of all kinds.
The Quality
4 & 14
coal bills are nigh thin winter. It
will be your own fault. To llll one's
house with hot. dry nlr. as most people do Ih both expensive ami unhealthy
Tuberculosis, pnuemonla and colds
lie ln wait (or persons living in thi.
kind ot atmosphere. On the other
hand properly moistened nlr does not
have to he heated to ns great a temperature as dry air in order to be
made comfortable. When you feci
cold, therefore, instead ot seeing
whether the furnace needs fuel, find
out if the air does not wnnt water.
On a cold day the windows of your
room should have n perspired look
of a kitchen window on wash day.
In very cold weather the panes ought
to he frosted. If you tind this is not
the case the air probably needs a
drink. Place a pan of water in the
room, or If you have steam heat, allow a little of the steam to escape.
Yon will soon feel comfortable, although the temperature of the room
will not have risen. With properly
moistened air a room need not be
heated to more than 64 degrees.
a    •    a    •
Who Is thc knocker" This question
is easily answered. You will nsiplly
"nd him on some corner when tin-
iiollce nre not present; his nmount ol
ivork during the dny is represented
by the algebraic figure X. nnd bis occupation, if ynu nsked him, would
liu-Mlc him more thnn the solution of
the number of summers seen by tbe
ficticious Ann. Still, he knows how
the entire city should he regulated
nlthougli he docs not know and does
not enre, how he will pny his prill
tni. He couldn't go on the bond of
a man lined ten cents, yet he discusses the "nances ot the city as If he
bail the combination to the city
treasurer at his finger's end. Nothing thnt happens In his town Is nny
irooil; it can never he. He Judges the
town from his own standard and the
conclusion Is obvious. Dees kill out
the drones; the law prevents our foi
lowing the example ot the industrious
in sects.
.   *   •   a
The "denth penalty" and thc
spunking of children are two Institutions thnt will be abolished ere
long If the Humnne society succeeds
In Its plans. Now, there Is the <|iics
Mnn. It snys In the good hook
"thou shnlt not kill,"but does it
say thou shalt not spank? Kar from
It. tint contrawlse It snlth "spare
the rod nnd spoil the child," or
wordB to thnt effect. Verily, it seem
ith unto one who hns survived many
spankings, that mamma's slipper
rightly administered would greatly
decrease the necessity for n "death
penalty." That time honored woodshed debate with father and the barrel stave getting the best ot the argument hnB saved many a man from
the gallows.   Perhaps-perhaps not
For Sale By
ii Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd i
*** 11 h i iii 111 n ii 11 until 111 ******** i tn ii
, ,-H-H III I I II IIIH ****** lllllinillt IIIHII-t- •
ii Investor's Snaps I
:: Store and Two-Story Apartment House and all nee-
cessary    furniture,    including     Lot,    etc.,
Price $7,000
Lots 4, 5, and 6, in Block 92 corner ol  Van Home
Street and Clarke Avenue, including stables
and warehouses. prjce $1,600
Lots 9 and 10 in Biock 92 including building and
store fixtures corner Van Home Street and
Dun. k Avenue. pr|ce J^qq
il    Lot 18 in BlOCk 36 comer Louis and   Clark Avenue
Price $450
;; 113 3-4 Acre Ranch to the south cast of city. 3
Stables and Hay Ham wiih all necessary
implements. 00 acres already cleared. 250
.- wai old apple trees on premises. Price on
Kor further Particulars Apply to
At Grocery Store Opposite C. P. R. Station
. I-HW*W44j^*ti*LLti,i ■... 1111 H I M 11 Ml 11111
Where is my hoy tonight?   You are)
bis   father or mother, unit if you desire to lay your linnils upon your boy j
within    (Ive mlnut.es any night,  you I
wouldn't    know   where   to llnd him.
He's   on the street somewhere or at
the railroad depot Jumping on freight
trains, but Just where, with whom,
In whnt engaged, what plotting or
what executing for thc shrewder ones
who plot for him, you couldn't tell
for the life of you. He hns a good
home and ought to be there nt night
He desires to lie somewhere else with
the boys, and ynu lack the moral
courage to Insist thnt he shall he
where he Is wanted. You hope that
he will escape the pitfalls, hut you
know tho chances are agnlnst him.
Why don't you do the boy the kindness to keep lilm home night*? The
time will come when he will thnnv
you for It or will reproach you for
not doing It.
Children should be trained to behave
at home as you would hnve them
behave   abroad.   It is the  home lib
which they act out when away. Ia
the actions of children, strangers can
read a hlBtory of home life. Something is wrong in those homes where
the little courtesies of speech an Ignored In the everyday home life.
...    a
Don't be a knocker. Hide your little hammer and try to speak wen of
others no mattor how smnll you may
really know yourself to be. When a
stranger drops In, Jolly him. Tell
him this Is the greatest town on
earth—and It Is. Don't discourage
lilm by speaking ill of your neighbors. There's no end of fun mind-
the people like you. Nohndy get"
the ueople like you. Nobody get!
•tuck on a knocker. ADMISSION
10c A 15c
Pictures at Auditorium
10c & 15c
■ i«thh1111nhihi• «*♦ 111ii11h11H'tii111111   Local  News
The Lund Land
& Development Co., Ltd.
P. LUND, President
See us about  lands in the
Beautiful Kootenay Valley
Orchard & Garden Tracts
Grazing  Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at
British Columbia
iiiiiiu n i mm hum if 11 *** iiii in iihiii
The 41 Market Co.
We   make   n   Specialty nf
None Hei ter- -A Tlini will
Convlnoo Yuu of their El-
Wn   Imve   It In nil lluee.
♦•I-H-M-H-M-M--H -I -11111 *******
See Our Window
for nice line
Aluminum II
Kitchen Utensils
F. PARKS & Co.
HI IUM inilllllllHIIIHMIt-'
r-H HI 11 III 1111111 H I l-H-H-H-t
"Mother' Favorite"
$3.50 Cwt.
Buv Your Flour from Us.
We are the Miller's Agents.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
C-H-H III llll III M H \ ******
< ****** III I-11 I l-'H-t-H-t-H-l
JiWhite Addition:
Is the time to secure a good building lot in what is daily growing into
the BEST residential portion of the
City, facing on Norbury and Armstrong. Lots are all ploughed and
$200.00   Easy Terms
**************** 11 hi n iiii un ium mi ii i»
O. O. fl. - (!. O. H.
I Harry Whit* returned from a vlelt
I to tbe couHt on Thursday.
i Headuunrtera tor ull klmlH nl Iresh
limit, etc., ut Oumphell nml Manning
| Mre, Kred Eggc, of Klmherley, wuh
•hopping In drnnbrook Monday.
I BOllN-At the Cottage Hospital to
| Mr. and Mra. llnrclity ol Maryeville,
on Tuesday June mth, a duugbter.
! Don't (ell to attend Kink's cloning
Out dale.
; Mra. Carrie Wlllard ot Heattle, wae
a guest at the Cranbrook Friday.
V 0 U-I  Mean   Y 0 U-Remember-
Kilhy   r'rnmee   pictures.
■■ There la no doubt but tbat the Boy
! Scouts are tbe hope ol the future.
| We enw a 112.00 Suit selling lor |!i.
at the C.C.fl. (.'losing-Out Sale.
J. K. Karrell, of Moyie, waa a
fuett at Ibe Cosmopolitan Tueaday.
South-east, the garden of llrltlsh
Columbia, Is at her beat these dnys.
Preserving Pine Apples now In
atock, at Campbell and Manning's.
Mrs. (len. It. Lennk, and Mlas l.nn
don, are visiting at the coast this
C. O. S. - C. C. 8.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor ol Lethbrldge were Cranbrook visitors on
C. N. Corwln and M. L. Bruce will
open a real estate office In this city
•bout July 1st.
R. L. T. Oalbralth, ol Fort Steele,
Indian Agent, was at Spokane this
week on business.
Mother and child saved 12.86 on u
purchase of 4 pair of Children's shoe*
at tbe CCS. Cloning-Out Sale.
Maurice Qualn left on Tuesday for
Ottawa and Chicago to attend an
electrical convention.
A. C. Bowneas, J. McTavish and J.
Whitehead, drove over to Klmherley
in an auto on Wedneaday.
C. O. 8. - C. C. 8.
Tbe city has a force ot men at work
grading Cranbrook street, lt is a
much needed improvement.
Tbe "eiams" at the Public School
were completed this week; and tbe
summer holidays are now on.
Fink is closing out the Crockery department at less than cost. Don't
tail to send ln your requirements.
Messrs. Oorwin and Henderson was
looking up land in the vicinity of
Sheep Creek on Saturday last.
BORN—At the Cottage Hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. Whalen ot Jaflray, on
Wednesday June 10th, a son.
Y O ll-I  Mean  Y O U—Remember-
Kllby   Frames   Pictures.
Friday, June 21st, waa the longest
day in the year. Yesterday the sun
commenced ita southern journey.
We bought this week at the closing
out Sale a 114.00 Restmore Mattress
| (or 19.75 that waa going some.
! Mr. and Mrs. J. (1. Cummins re-
, turned home the first ot the week,
: from a trip to the old country.
i Mrs. W. J. Rutledge and child lelt
I on Saturday last on a visit to some
| of her relatives in Ooderich, Ont.
Preserving Strawberries neit week
leave your order early at Campbell
and Manning's.
A large number ot pleasure seekers
attended the dance given ln Fort
Steele by the Edison Orchestra last
0, O. 8. - C. O. 8.
It Is reported thnt Huker and Ban-
Held have tbe contract (or the building of a hotel at Bull River (or Jaa.
Y O U-I  Mean  Y O 11—Remamber-
Kilby   Frames   Pictures.
Mrs. J. W. Foster and children lelt
nn Thursday for Galloway and Oalgary. She will be away about a
The C. 0. 8. Closing-Out Sale is
truly a aiierehandlee carnival that thai
people rarely have tbe opportunity of
enjoying in a western town.
Geo. R. Leask has the contract lor
the erection of a building on Norbury
Avenue, which will be used for moving pictures.
We are of tbe opinion that a little
good organizing and a little judicious
advertising would make Cranbrook
grow much falter.
J. W. Stewart, Hum Patton nml A.
0, MiinkhniiHi' nf Kinilii'i-li'y. hnve
been Gazetted un coinuiissinnci's under the Provincial Election Act.
All The Latest Designs
1912   STOCK
liwalirs l> Opticians
Do vou know thnt Crockery Is selling nt hnlf-prlce at the CCS. Closing Out Sale.
A. J. Mott, manager ot the Kootenay Oarage Co., wat at Spokane,
Wednesday on business connected with
the Ford Automobile Co.
0. 0. 8. - COS.
Oeo. R. Leask has secured the contract lor tbe erection ot a building
rannual training school trom the trus
tees ol the Cranbrook District.
HORN—At the Cottage Hospital to
Mr. and Mm. K. Dnvin on Thursdny,
June uiiih, n daughter,
There is no doubt, but the (!. c. S
mean business on their cloning-Out
the price goods nre Helling ut in surprising.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilson, Mian
Uartwrlght, and Mr. Stanley Peck,
automohlled to the Windermere coun
try on Thursday, returning today
This Sale of Kink's |H u genuine
closing out sale, tbey mean business
and It will pny ynu to attend.
J. B. Henderson    will soon     cum
tnenc* the construction of n new not*
tage on Norburty  Avenue.      It .will
PRICES $1.00  tO   $100.00|coat in the neighborhood nf (11,111X1.
—— Y O U-I   .Menu   Y 0 U—Remember-
Kllby   Frames   Pictures.
James Flnlny returned to Crnnhrook on Wednesday from llellevicw.
He eipects to leave shortly for Pals-
ley, Scotland, on a visit to his sister
0. 0. S. - C. 0. S.
Robt. F. Green, M.P., lor Knntouuy
has already directed the attention of
the Dominion Government to many
matters nf importance to thin dint-let,
Heads you win, tails we lose, Wagner Go Carta 17.116. Guaranteed
one yenr.
Tbe School Trustees have awarded
the contract for a two-room school-
house, to be erected just south ol the
city limits to V. Llddlcoat nnd A.
The store tor Fresh Fruits and vegetables— Enst Kootenny Merenntlle
Store. adv
Mra. W. M. Rlckson and Miss Nellie Hunt of Vancouver passed through
Cranbrook Tuesday enroute to Fort
Steele to visit their sister Mrs. J.
A   (iOOU
HOUSK   to
Repair-, lo.
Send  Your
Kor Sales List.
KOR SALK-Whlte 8.C. Legborn-
Wykoft straln.heuviest layers 11.60
tor IS eggs. 8.0. Rhode Island
Red, (1.60 for 16 eggs; Pekin
Strain Duck Eggs, |1.60 (or 12
eggs. All eggs from ilrst class
stock. —Swansea Poultry Farm.
Wattsburg, B.C.
Apply to Mrs. T. Walker
Burwell Avenue
P.O. Boj 318, Cranlirnok. B.C.—l».4t
FOR SALE-Two-team good work
horses with wagon and hnrness,
etc. Apply Boi 374, or Phone
305, Cranbrook. -,t.
WANTED—Situation wanted by man
and wife on farm. No children
English.—Apply Box M, City.
WANTED—Position wanted by young
Englishman on gentleman's
fruit (arm, together vlth wife
as housekeeper. A. Bererldge,
Summerberry, Sask.
FOUND—Gold Locket or pendant, inlaid with jewels, heart shape,
containing lock of hair, picked
up on Baseball ground, Thursday, owner can have same by
calling at Kootenay Telephone
Office and paying lor thia advert
All parties not having ticket* from
the Carmen, wanting dinner at I'erry
Creek, will please leave orders with
W. L. Johnson aasearly ns possible.
Furnished Apartments and Board to
Rent—First clnss rooms in fully modern house, recently Improved and re-
uopated. On Lumsden Avenue, opposite south corner Baker Park—Apply to Mrs. J. S. Mennle. 26-t
FOR SALE—A sit room house on
corner lot opposite school house, including outbuildings, at a bargain lf
sold by July 1st; terms to suit, apply to O. W. Ladd, City. 26 3t
TO RENT—Furnished houses to rent
ln Moyie. Splendid boating and fishing. A good opportunity tor the
holiday season, to have a good time.
Apply Prospector office lor particulars. 26 tl
WANTED.—Capable stenographer,
immediately. Apply to Boi M, or to
Prospector Office.
.*H-+-H--I-++-I--M--|--M-l-l***•*** I-I-I H-I-| I M-H rH +-H ++ +
li um are going
Don't Forget the Number
gets Blondy the Auto Man
A Menace to Health
The creek which runs across the
flats near the school house is at tbe
present time in a shocking condition,
the channel proper is so (nil of refuse
ot all description, causing the water
to run in otber channels, that diseases of every kind can easily nnd a
good bed to mature in. Tbe stench
arising (rom such putrid gathering ot
waste rubbish ls simply awful these
hot days; our representative's attention was particularly drawn to a
swarm ol flies crawling over the decaying carcas ol n big dog. lt la
pretty nearly time our health inspec
C 0. S. - C 0. S.
Special fllma nt the Edison Theatre tonight.—The Telegraph Post; n
special two reel feature of the llinon
type. You can't afford ta miss this
line of picturea.
When Iron Beda get down tn *2.76,
and Bedroom Dresser worth $16.00
sell at (9.00 it begins to look like u
real Closing-Out Proposition nt tbe
C. C. S.
A most interesting programme will
he shown at the Edison Theatre to-
uigbt. The Post Telegrapher is pronounced as the very bent of Bison pic
ture». Two electric fans keep the
Edison cool and comfortable.
The opportunity of getting guaranteed goods at cost prices doeH not often occur.    Fink  Is closing  nut the
Mrn. L. L. Lungln. who Iiiih been nt
the coast for the past Un days, returned to Cranbrook on Thursdny
evening. We learn that Mra. Langin
haa accepted a position with the Fink
Mercaotlle Co.
Y O U—I   Mean   Y O U—Remember—
Kllby   Frames   Pictures.
Tonigbt nt the Auditorium will he
shown some interesting and amusing
subjects:-Fred Tate and his dog; tbe
new stenographer; a romance of the
country, a war picture ol special interest; together with Pathe's weekly.
C. O. 8. - C. C. 8.
James Ryan of Vancouver, arrived
in Cranbrook Thursday night, and on
Friday wns receiving the congratulations of hla many friends. "Uncle
Jim" carries his 6S years nn lightly
as a mnn of lesser time.
That with the bent intentions the
popular verdict will be that the
School Trustees bave done a good
stroke of business In having the lire
escapes erected nn the school building
even though there will be a all week's
A lot of nerve is required to publicly announce "Going Out of Business
and It takes eitraordinary low prices
to convince people you menu business
We have made the announcement und
the people are convinced.—CCS.
Mra. Racklyeft has cloned her Kindergarten school for the summer holidays. Mrs. Racklyeft reports thut
the children have made wonderful pro
grens during the last few months nnd
Is looking forward to hAving some
far better In the future.
The store lor Frenh Fruits and vegetables—East Kootenay Mercantile
Store. adv
The premises receutly occupied by
Dr. J. M. M. Bell on Armstrong Ave-
will liefore very long be demolished.
Several contractors have the plans In
Picnicing or on uny other  Outing,   don't  target
tu   Like  d
Thermos   Bottle
Keeps   Liquids   .it   just   ihr  right temperature
ami is always sanitary,    We have them in all
si/i-a ami ,ii   prices nevei   heard ul  before,
Thermos' Carafe
Newest   Mrinlji-i   ul    tins    most    populai    line.
Have  You  Seen It?
All   Sickle  Plated  finish  only  jo.uu
Beattie-Murphy Co. '-td
CRANBROOK.   It. (*..
H.-.-^.i.-.'.-_|-l-H"M-l- -H-H-**** ■•++•■•■•+■■+X
************4 ■+++H-l + r I -I -M r I- l-l I H I-M-+++++-M--M-
I    e ■     H *
Just  a  rew
of the
II 5 Acre Tracts i!
:: Now is Your Chance ;
For a Good Buy
I Beale & Elwell i
:: ii
•H-H-m-H "H•*** 4* 4****. ************ III I llll I *
HEAD   OFFICE CALGARY, Alta        ! !
I P. BURNS 6? CO. Ltd. i
"Shamrock Brand"
^>H-l-^-H••l^■^-^-^^^H^^•^^■l■^•■^■^•■^i-H'IH-i-i-h-ihwiihiiii .
tor cot busy and loosed into some of hand to llj-ure on the work of erect
these disease-breeding plncen nnd | ine; a store on the site. This will
have something done to remove thejmnke another addition to the grow-
same. There iu another open place line business activity nl Armstrong;
where this name creek enters the city Avenue,
alonit Edward street which would be '
better for a spring cleaning. The °- °- B- c- '- "
children tnke a delight In nndlng the Oranbrook was visited with a pecil-
| dirtiest places to play In, nnd It In\u_. ,,„„, HiaTm on |»r|(|„y T|„ ,|„Ht
as much for tbelr snkes and on tholr; ,,„,, „,,, „,„„„,.„„„ „, volcnnic origin
behalf aa tor the general cleanliness wnBn clntnf> „n WneH wfT(, cmereA,
ol the city we want to draw the wltn „ y,||„w|„h substance, elenrly
Health Inspector's attention lo these lowing Indications of sulphur, whlrh
disease breeding hnunts. seemed to destroy or burn the Inline I
. touched by the dust.    Visitors from
Vancouver say that city was visited
Y O II—I  Mean  Y O U-Retnember-  w|th a ,|mllftr Btorni ,Mt Mondtty
Kllby   Frames  pictures. , crockery department.
ill III"H-H-M-H--M-H".-H--H-M-I-'.*************■***_
On Hand
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B. C.
"la I    I    I    I,  I. I..!..!..!. '   ■*■-■-■■   ■    ■    ■   ■    at. ■   ■-■■    J    ■    ■    ■    ■
Phone 5 '< *r<jYV v..»o9-pvrroT-'   ^FAWTmOOlT. T» Cv
.1 Modern Romance
I'll L
ii   i-ninn   "i change them.'
mr uu I'liu'iii'iis umi good
silllll  Hint',     lull run i   U'll '
mm    worried me linn   «'u :
I'i'li ilhle in K'l 111088 mints ;
Ilu   I
ll lllll
- i Tec
ii.l bright.
OWIIl-llB   111
» ol lhe pi
.ni nugagi
III'!'  iiulur
niggle foi
■ o loeraue;' i\
.mil sill' tlll'lll
. Weal I'm1.
Inn her eyes were
igsing crowd, for lier
ii in ii bitter iii-lii
. liiinl.' n brave • ii-
ascendency, sml tno
I i
-.1 fi.i
uii-   liln-   luul
irllllerlng Jewels, nml sofl
i off her beauty.     Hor nn-
, Burvi il,    mul noi  ''von 10
lm spoken of the doalre
m,*   consuming   her,     l'  linil
.in- doalre -.hm she luul chonen
tune na n |iii.ii'.--lnii, fill  ii poi
sensed llle quicken mi hub ol Brnllf)
im, in i- wish.
•Illlihi will iii'v.-r miss It. Heslitei
nho ivoiild nevi i- I"' nble In extract
,., propi r onjoynienl from nil Ihls
money, ,-;ii.. |b pertectl! ronteni lu
I.i-i- love im VuiiKhaii, "n'l l i"'-' ■'"
thnl ihe) wonlil both bo linpplei wllh-
mn  im   raipnnslblllt)    ol    Ihln  - uol-.
1111111-   Ml llll h "
Sn bIio ui-giieil -i> clously with hei'.
;, |f, nnil I'll" «.'- lionesi In thoughi
■■l um look utter hor     I shall ioe
•ii.ii «bi  lucks for nothing '
Nnl lor n moment did (In edi ililei
il, noBslbillli nl lhe decepllon beliiD
, -.,„. red for hor onpuhle mind deall
with ever- eventuality. Sho kuew nl-
mosl ns much of Siepben Oram as did
Iils daughter, She hnd road all hla let-
lis nml waa ucqualntod ivitlt ever;
Inolilenl In bis life The only l>"l"i
ilini troubled hor wns the probability
or r.iniii huvlng hn.I « photograph ol
lllliln In his posBesHlon i.i Hm time ol
ids death, und sin- determined I i
i.iiiln. mrn ol mis li--r.li- Bhe paid h r
\\fli in Hi" morning to Crnwli :■
lir.ii.n; Imi sh.. could noi n nioinboi
thai lllldii Imd hnd her phol (graph
token during ih" Infll few yenrs. Thi n,
inu iliero wns it .■' rtnln re mbl nci
between  tin-in.    for    "a"li  hnd
I"   iv llh   hliu
mly. imi her
Mi 1.1  il   1.
limn lho
mill ..inn
"l uu uiv vi i'y Itlltil, tlt'iir."
"Vou'vo BOI 10 slop llllll num." Win
will, iiinitisi llei-oely. Thero fun be
Inu i|ii"siliiu of kindness between us."
1 Then followed it sllenco Hint «us
j almost oinbumiBBliig, which Vera was
' Ui" ium to break.
I    "I nm sli'k nf those photographs ni
| mine,' she suld suddenly, wilh it look
in ui" muntr-lptooE-i ii iIoob look so
Ilk,,    vunlly,     Why havt-u'l  wo um
soni" of yours up thore?"
•i iiiiv,-n'i hml mi" tnken tor
you fovgei that — "
"llndnl yev fatliei'
lu Africa?" sli" asked
eves engei'ly awaited lho anBwei-,
' -II" mny have had one taken when
I mis a lliiln lililili".   Hllila illil utii
notice ih" twtfl look ol triumph tlml '
came to \'em'B face, hm sh" tnrueil
ongeiiy lo her.
"Whal ni'" intn' plans?   I can fcard-
ly realise Ihnl you are rich."
--iu- llrsi Ihlng Is i" gel inu well.'
"Alii I'm ii"i going io live on you,"
liiiiln suld wltll n iliniii"-- Hun  -in  :
prlted Vera     ''As Boon na i cnn I
Bhall start work ngalu, and keep my ■
"Whal il" you sn-  I leai  '
•! age near the Ben?   Vou could
.-..ii 1,  there  lusl  as ensil-
-l   hould love ii   bul ivouliln'i (oil
soon gron llrpd of It ?"
Vera i le  uu ri ply, foi   - I
no Intention of Binylm Hi '•■ wltn ,
IIII I.,, bill Bhe illtl noi lull ml '" give i „;„
expn bsIoii to lier liotights The collage ■.. ■ the ver- thing, tor she re
ill ,. j ■ ml Him.i would be bettei tar
awayi where theb.' paths wore liol
llkel* to cross.
"Vim niiisi go in Bleep now, dear;
we have an exciting 'lay before ub
Vera   proc led   to make up lhe
A Remarkable and Convincing Statement of tho Success or Cuticura
Soap and Ointment in theTrcat-
ment of the Pain, Itching and
Burning of Eczema
I, the iniiii-i-iitii'-'i, '
,.,-mill-milium, Ur
mi nil) foi ul least ii
lii.il. 1 lm.I nl.-il tin
in uvtill.   Win-n ii vi
imrii cive eneiieli
li-illri.    1 llli'l tl
nu Inr t-ririiiii mi
i.t actor ii.iiii.r nil
ill- Kill I .inniliul
Inn-, paylnn lull-
doctor.   II.
u riii.ni bona
- ni n urn. ii
His Awakening.
The   hall wan dark, and  Oharli*
Blrulleil up Btiflly li.liliul Agulhn nnd
kissed her lightly on iim cheek, she
did ii i oven lunk around, so lie darted
away uiidlBoovered.
Noi Inui! atter he inel lier In tho
dllitllg iiiiiiti. hut sho illilu'l. lilui.li olio >li Hurried In tho least.
"Then yuu knew who lt was?" lm
remark, it.
"Know wlin II wits'.'" I'titue hor cold
"Vos; yt u know wlm kissed ynu'.'"
Iio naked ngaln.
She gave n Btidtlon start, bul illil
mil blush.
"(ituitl heavens, ymi don't nienn lo
say ll was yotl?" alio miltl, lu biting
Then ho inolioil nwny.
In loi
iillc t
.|H..l.l t.i
. lm
Question of v.iiurp,
i Ik* \\ I io Ir-  jtml lull  Wntor «H Ml<-  IHU''.
"Mv tuiibaurl mul mv loiiij wtfroup nlghl
nml tiiiy whw-lhiK mo f t loin to in ■
other in tin' hopo nr Riving nte noma ri-lief,
1 would nil foi hotin i.i ,i iim.' in troul o(
Hm fireplace hoping  for Uny lircuk.    Tha
liltlll   \.,. .   bO   luti u-i'   1   WM   .ill I   i'i.h
in fui i, I would hue mi n-imon for hotii i
ui ii   ii ni »fiii-mi nf nun.- dropped
111 10   ..- Ilie,     Nn li-  lllld Mill i:' :   ll
mj hn • Iiion - mliiUned.  \U* i-miu.-i-.iu,
l | ■   in Hie world 1lr.11 r you try I
i'i ,i i;,-iiiHlk i'    If" Inu ill gu -I wll     	
Hit)  lh. ii   llli*iIII in—,  ami  HOI   1" iui[
..I.,- '., kni „i all, I italdod to glvu lho
ium ui.i tjonp mul Cntlciitu O', ni i m li
trlul \:i-1 ii lug iu- ni thrco ubh tlmt
nn-hi  I h)pnt ..- -mn it n* it   liver dollnr
- : ■  ■ • lotuthoin ■.   I nwoki i'i '  ■     in     :
t ven  linlr Iviiu, In fn. t, 1 tlioiiKht
1 wn* in i,-.iMM     ,\i'i iihIiik llm i'','i. i.'.i
Hi'iut-tlli - toi Mi  Iiion  ,- I t*   - i-  '.. lln
irsior«l   i" hwlih,   h H  t..  (1 .- I   :■■   ;■ v
1 tiodp umi Ointments    l will hi  hlxi   four
\.,ns ol nge mj  iipjci  bliil duy. hai    ai I
hen h ■■■ [«■ hi- " .si,;,i.,i' Mi. jullaFiim.-
(;.iH,::.tlll.lMHSt.,Si  1,-mI-.Mi>.M.H.T.'II.
rtiuriirti Snail uii.i Ohitmuiit an- told
lliroiiRhoul ih.' world. Brnd lo Potter p, \
c Corp.,-17 Columbus Wo. Rotton, i a. A.,
tot freo taiupiu ui cbcIj wuh 32-p, book,
luinutirnl   ttfiUI
Woiltli nitr. '
il   tlio   '
nf Ve
Lhuugli out,
tii.it only un
beds, and Ln .1 fi \ mlmti ea she i t< ke<l
tin- bed clothes round Hilda Khef
wards *Ue drew a screen aero
she went bat V to her chair bes ■■ the
(ire aud wait* ■■ Imi atlently till the
regular trea told thai eras
aslei p
She  crept and 11
screen, and n as app^i
[or sh 1 moved 1 01    r s de -
•:.     •    tn     md opl ned a
trunk.   The bingi - creaked, and she
looked up ■   b a] 1
screen     d   1       bed --'■'  and
the ' r 'gular    br< ath ag    wa
irbi ■'
Tho   ear     was rapidly 1 I
she 1 ame b n t with a --
i um h of keys.
'l'li-- box was opened, and she   a.
fully wenl through the couti ats, no»A
ami then piecing a paper un one side.
She read all the letters, and ft couple
ni..- training i( houM ]iA^(tl] ,1(.,-nl.„ Bhe hu[ i]n
stead,   tier 1 ._,.„,,    •,-,,.
was fairer, and
dull goldon red
- --real bi sutli s.
e calmed her mind, and
ns came the deliberate
,-iu- ,ould strive to oh-
, ,i. 1 . . Blephen Oram's
fie  1 I    BhQ  I   r ' .
md  bIi ■  was confident
untoward chance could
ieme.   She had no lack
-.■*■■-: 1 > - * ■ M •■•• ' •■  ■'•
BAJL.T, Wh> ihot&yoabouwr with wt tut
"c»lcc«" ,\t h.*v*4 MR tot!., « hen you z*n set
\M\DSCR5-UT/ ,    ,     .
Windsor .- It   - - 11    ill- w lutcly p" •*
, ■    - cr ■:.: — -■'. ■ gmlu ■<■ petd'}
.:■- -:..:.    .twntii i-J •■:■■ fc*>
of conddence In hor ability to carry
nnl, ibe role, and hor si
would stand her in good aieau.   *,tMr! iHh.d.   The* bos was returned to I
nei'vo was steady and she wa.t fun or. tnmk ,iml afterwards she wrapped np
courage, but It was tho thoughi that
ii   was her life-long friend thai  she
would be robbing that troubled b
She roughl hard to subdue this lasl
flicker ot her conBclence, and before
sb«- reached tbeir house Bhe had decided in doing so.
ll was wllb eiilm face and normal
milliner lhal Bhe filtered the room,
ni llml tlml Hilda had once more ink-
up her work,
tho pape
and eoni
sh,.   uulcklj
putting out ilu-
| I'M'   I
lhat she had  taken
led ihem under her mat-
undn ssed, at
lump, got Intc
j Continued.)
il after
'IMI llllll ll
■ saiil. sn 111
lv llllll   llllllll
il i
|i III BIII-prlBO,
"Tlll.l'0'B   11
i   in-
or work n
Sill'   llllll illlli'i
n   i
iilil i-u-ii i
"Tlml man »
l  li
ilun' yon.
rillilii    In    ti-
1   in
al  un unci
' In
Aiistrnliil luul
n fortune.'
lllliln rum'
illl|.|'IIIIHIsl\     lllll-M
r  arm.s     ri
lii-r rrioiiil'8 ii
"1 mn sn jil
il, il
' she sniil \
11 sob.
.   "Vo».    Ii   1
tori iiiiaii'
minus ilu. i-i
.1 III
ihln wreli
■lovi-rty," llll,!
1 I'd
, as shii ni'
11 lv
ilisi-llllllllrtl   III
•  anils
frniii hor n
"Vim tiuisl |ui
•li III
ir llilliKH in
tiinriiiti-l, fui'
III! in lulu
to   llll'   MI'IISllll
SOIIll   liiiv..
inlnr back In
lis." sin- Ill
"llul,   Vera
i'i   lake   your
inoniiy," llilili
"linn i tnlli
whin's uiim-'s
yom-H   ii lint's
S   is   llllllP.      'II
linvi' always
of the parii
tentlon m i
I  ill..I him
Tin. falliei
Sheathing Paper
—a lii^h-grade paper, '..dories,
tailless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally :.'.rong
- will not tear. A Unable
and effective Interlining lor
walls, fleers and celling.*,
Examine DURO carefully it
your dealer's, cr v/rite lor sample
and Booklet to l!:e IS
*ula Canadian Manilla' hirer.
thi: standard taint co.
ot < •n'td*, I 'tnil**'].
Manlrral, Hlnitl^ff, (alfsir>. V*nri»u.*r
An   Imperial   Chicken   Fancier.
It may be Interesting to owners ot
■ fbickiti farms iu know tHat » genuine   enthusiast    In the paattmo of
1 poultry-raising lived and nourished us
| fur back us the year 410 A, R when
.Alarlc ilif Goth wuh busying himself
I iiIk'ui tho H.'iili or Koine Tho Hev.
'■ Dr. Oeorge Mod (jo's' "Saints aud Kef*
oes" Is Hie authority for the story.
1    Only  the  Romnn  emperor seemed
unmoved by ibis tremendous calam-
J liy. He wus In u Bttfe retreat at itu-
! venna whon Ibe news cume.   It is re-.
membored   of   Honorlus Lhat there  j1"68'
were only two matters in which he!11'   ''''
was ever known lo show Interest One j
| wan the safely of IiIh own imperial
; person, the other wus the raising of J
i liens, iu which be wus very success- j a
! fui      His    favorite hen was named
i Home.
! "Your Majesty Homo has perished!"
I tliey came crying,
"Wby," i.e said, "only an hour apo
sb" wus feeding out of my hand!"
And when they told him it was the
capital of the  world  thai   bud  been
destroyed he wai much relieved.
Method in His Madness.
! Ilo's really the nicest, boy I know,
■ So I take hint along wherever I go:
To theatre, party, baseball game,
-. Or any place else that a boy can name.
! Ills every wish is at my command
' Ami all lie wants i« right al hand.
\ Dut  ibis confession 1 have to make.
1 do IL all for his sister's sake.
T'.irn!n£  the  Tahiti.
Mnny sre I fl good  sti ries told -1
I interviews which took place between
; ehaucelli rs aud clergymen suing lor
preferment,   A clerical applicant whn
was sustained  by  Queen Charlotte's
per? nal favor «tnl intercession with
Tlmrlow felt so sme of obtaining the
valuable living which was the object
' of lii- ambition that he regarded lib
I interview  with  Uie  chancellor  a**  n
purelv formal affair.
I    "I have; sir." observed Lord Thur-
; low, "received h letter from the curat-t
i to which it i* my in-
i fer you, aud on inquiry
i !.<■ a very worthy man
f it large family, and a
lm has lobored zealously in
-h  for  many  yenr.-.  he  lias
written to me-tut. asking for the living,  but modestly entreating me to
ask the new rector to retain him
.nute.   Now
by promising to employ the poor
! man In that capacity."
! "My lord," replied Queen Char-
i ]ott«v protege, "it would give tne great
! pleasure to oblige your lordship in
! iiii- mutter, but. unfortunately, 1 Imve
! arranged Lo take n personal friend
I for tnv curate*."
t    Mis'eyes Hashing angrily. Tuurlow
I answered:
"Sir. 1 cannot force you to take
j ihi** worthy mnn for your curate. Imt
I I chii make him the rector, and lie
| shall have the living, and be In h
I position to offer vou the curacy.
1    And  forthwith,  t.-  the  applicant's
Jam always did atlracl little VrtUur,
and be persisted in helping bims'it.
In spite of his mother's orih PS
One day nlie Caufthl hllll III tl ' ft'd,
the jam pol m ot o hand hi! ii lm -.e
spoon in ihe other,
■ Vrthur, you uaufthtj boj'" she • aid
sadly, "\\ii\  Bo you always dlsobe)
in.- .n ,i   ■   il tli
I    Arthur«   jweol    blue ej ss lm ned
lu'.i- en ward, and u llttlo ■ mile i lolo
', round the lips,
I wuh Jusl wond i 'UK  mother," ho
What do you mean,
child?" nskod tho (pxaspni'ii ed parent
■\\ oil, mother, I haveu'l laati d the
i ■ i- . ■ tplalued ii"' hnl, "and I
was just wonder Ium if li 'b Rood
etnuiKh to bo whlppi d for!"   London
\ ii- ^ , i B.
A  Dtngtroui  Plrs Abojud  His  Shrp
DiJo't   Evcit*  tno  Admiral,
Xwo or three iluys before the bottle
of Trafalgar u boj on ihe victory care*
less I y set tiro to a bottlo ot other, Tho
resu't was Ihnt the Qames extended to
pome sails, and also lo a part of the
stiip. There was a geiiorsl confusion—
running with buckets and whut not—
and, to make matters worse, tbe lire
whs becoming dangerous, ns It Wtta
rapidly extending to the powder magn*
During the hubbub Lord Nelson wus
iu the chief cabin writing dispatches.
His lordship heard tbe noise-be could
not iio otherwise—antt so In a loud
voice be called ont:
"What's all tbat noise about?"
The boatswain answered:
'My lord, tho loblolly boy's net fire
to an empty bottle and Jt'n net tire to
tbe ship."
"Ob:'* said Nelson. "That's all, is It?
I thought Hie enemy had hoarded us
und taken us all prisoners, Vou and
loblolly must- put it out and take care
we're not blown up, Hue pruy mnko
ns little noise about It as you can or 1
can't go on wltb my dispatches." And
with these words Nelson went to Ins
desk nud continued Lis writing wilh
the greatest coolness.
A Dodge) Tbat Failed.
A parly of four--two young ladles
aud two young men bocaipo acquainted at a dunce ami atter it was
over the young nu u requested tbe
Measure or seeing tho ladies home,
which wus giunleil, and the four mnde
their wny towards the fashionable
Part or lhe town,
Stopping outBldo a large bouse in
the best sireci of tha uelghboVhood,
Hie ulrts Indicated lliat this was tliell*
"I'll Jusl run In and see whal nititu*
nm is doing," exclaimed one or ihem,
ami forthwith she ran up the path
leading to the fronl door, returning In
a short timo minus conl uud Iml,
"Mammii suy. wn niusl hurry' tn
now dear, ns it |fl gottlng late," ahe
said lo ihe othor
Tbey mood talking nml buiglilim for
somo time when, much to the girls'
"ouatoi-nniloti, a gonilomuu camo down
tho path carrying a lady's coal und
hat nnd addressing the lady, mild
"Oo these belong (o you? I found
them hanging ou the door hnudlo of
nn house.
VePdless lo say, lho coat and hat
wen* acknowledged, bul tho young
lady never again attempted to make
herself nut  to hu what  she Is not,
"i think «
Ium  wini er,
familiar in "
"nm l .liiinl i.ii
"No|  Imt I illil.
moi ni UiIn ro
inui  iivprt-oni
JOHN   M'EUROY'8   HEAHT   TROUBLE     CURED     BY     DODD'S        ,
Conlil Not Work All Suinnic,-, and
Dootor Tailed to Help, bill Cure
Was Quick When lie Used Dodd's
Kidney   PiMa.
Benton, \ ii -(Special.)—13oi-d»r-
lug nn the miraculous i» lhe ouro . f
John McBlroy, n young mnn we.l
known here, llo was Buffering from .
:.nuri trouhlo iiiiil was sn luul Hun all
last summer ho was not r.lilo lo dn a '
day's work. Dodd's Kidney Pills
cnn il him. In uilinu iim story nf his
cure, Mr. McElroy says:
i wenl to ii doctor, wlm snid I had
palpitation, bul his medicine did nnl!
ge< in  to reach Hu> spot.   I suflVri'd :
tor over a year nnd all lasl summer
I was noi atilo lo do a day's work. My
sleep was broken and um-cfreslilng, I j
felt heavy and sleepy alter meals, mid
I  was always tired  nnd  nervous'.    I
inTspired freely with the least exertion. I
"After I had Mulshed tailing the j
doctor's medicine, and as 1 felt no.
belter. I read In an almanac what I
Dodd's Kidney Pills could do and
made up my mind to try ihem. Before
I had finished Uie first, box I felt dir-;
fei-eni. and by ihe time the second :
was half gone I was working In lhe I
woods and dolug uood work." '
The Latest
Thing in Stoves
For a midnight supper, ai for any other meal at any
olhcr time, the very latest thin-- in stoves—the best
that stove-artists can do—is u
Gil Cook-stove
Ii eoncenli alei iSr licit wlien yon witil il
nml wliere you want it. Iti-uanuicl. «bm,
ilr-atlicr ai'.cj handier llion co*-.,*(rie*,pcr than
"Hie New Pfrleellon Stove lui lonn. rninwlu).
iui.(iii*itc-lilur chimneyt, It is htntaonwlv iini*liftl
in pielel, witli cabinet lop, rlrcp in-Wei, towel
leelii, ne.   Mioewiln I. - *»r i liutmn
All J*»l*ft carry the New Perleelion Stove.
Free* Cd&BmIi with ev«y Hove. Coolt.n.>r.k «l>i
(■ht-.* lo ani'tme i-in.' i • 5 cent1 lo cover mailins tu'l-
It Burns Oil
—JVo Athes
It  Concentrates Heat
.-No Watte
It is Handy
It is Ready
—Ao Dtky
Teheran li One of tht Dream Cities ef
the Orient.
According to n Persia., proverb, "Ispahan Is iK'niiiiful. Sli Ira/. Is lovely, but
'Joboran is most bountiful of nil." Tbe '■
Perglnna call Teheran the "Purls ot
Persia." Tbls city lies on a sandy level. 'Iliero ure penile bills lo tbe north,,
uud fur In tho distance ono may aee a
range of mountains crowned by n ma*
Jestic and snow covered peak. . f
Tbe features of Teheran (but attract i
tbo traveler's attention first are its city
walls nml Its hundred towers that stand ,
u would obligo ! nt Intervals in tbe wide circle of tbe
ramparts.  In tbe center of tbe town Is!
the Bient square of the arsenal, where '
hh enormous number of now obsolete
arms are stored.  Tbe great Boulevard
defl   Ambussr.dei.rs,   as   tbe   French
would call it, which is near (be arsenal, j
ls one of the Quest to be found outside
While we were playing carda one
evening, my Utile niece Hazel, :t years
Old, got rather tired of our playing,
so what did sho do but gather the
cards up in it neat lluk- pile and,
with the seven spot of spades on top,
started to talk, and said: "What!
Are you tired of playing tarda (cards)?
Alwtte (all right), then we'll put you
in the hox." She didn't, want to "toll
us to quit, so she got around it an-
oi her way.
Keep Mlnard's Liniment In u,e house.
Tho Veracious Verger-—In the far
corner lies William tho Conqueror;
behind the organ, wliere you can't see
'em, are the tooius o' Guy Fox, Robin
'Ood, and Cardinal Wolsey. Now does
that guide hook as I sees yon 'ave
in your 'and, tell you who is lyin' 'ere,
The Skeptical Tourist—No, but I
cnn guest*.
Better Still.
Kdna -Did -Mabel get lhat six-
shooter she spoke of providing herself as a protection against burglars?
Eva—No-; sho got a six-footer.—
China's Opium Trade.
The Vtiiled Stales consul at Hong
. Kong reports thai in l!»0!i Hie Imports
of opium into China constituted aboul
y.ti per cent, of the total Imper-a,
while in CM', .ib an immense -i-•
crease in the volume or the imports
and with very little increase in lhe
total import trade of the country, the
\ imports of opium constituted about 12
per cent of the whole. However,
ihls increase in price and the entire
imports of opium Into China during
1910, may he taken as the culminating
point in tbe contest against the use
of tho drug in China. The imports,
though small as compared with tbe
year before, were nevertheless made
largely In anticipation of further restriction of Imports by law—an anticipation which is in a considerable do*
;re? already justified. The aclual-
imports for actual consumption are
less now ihan before, and are growing smaller and smaller monili by
From the Faco, Armi and Neck Told Freo
Foclety women nnd actrei-i-irs ull over
Europe ere strongly Indorsing a new
marvellous dlicovery of how to remov<
rupcrnunit-i linlr from tho face, nrmd nnd
peck. This now discovery in row for tlm
first ttmo Introduced. Into Canada. Anv
Woman toileted -with tho growth of etip*
M-fluous hair can obtain tho Information
free of charge, flend vou t*n:<ie nnd aS*>
dross together with a 2 con.t stimn M
Madame Fsyard, Room fl, Btotmrt Block*
Unappreciated Optimist.
"Thatman lias a most irritating complacency,'1   'said Hie nervous person.
"Every time be seed ma,he pats nm
on    the   back   and tells me noi  to
"Why don't you irke bis ndviee?"
"1   can't help worrying constantly
for fear 1 am going to meet him."—
Washington Star.
For Pure Sweets.
London.—Owing to the unsatisfactory conditions under which caramel
f tbls part of the town has n modem , wrapping has been carried    on    In
inexpressible  surprise
tlu* chancellor's word*
and   cho
aspect the southern part of the city has
retained its oriental character, and here
palaces, bazaars and mosques jostle
oue nuother, surrounded by narrow,
g I winding, mysterious streets. Teherau
la ouo of the dream cities of tbe e:
London Family Herald.
Wnirir*. i > : !yt il
onr npeialinii, giving lemfttkably
l-ii;. t. .,-■''. lui
cototr.Dyei cotton,
wool, (ilk ot mil-
tine*. i4
Hiilgi*.c any •..-.i.e.
Colon 10c, black
15c fttyourdcalct'i
ot po:ip'd m'lhblc*
let "I fo.% io Dye*
F. L. BENEDICT £ CQ. Montreal
A Statesman'* Reply.
A story Is told of the visit to England of the lale Sir George Ktimue
Cartler, when h** was a leading figure
in the Canadian Government, and of I
an answer he made to the late Queen
Victoria that won her Majesty's lavor.
and caused the Queen to take a friend-;
ly interest In the Canadian statesman.
Sir George- *or Mr Cartler, as be !
was then- waa .i gueai of (be Queen
[ at Windsor Castle, and In the course
of n conversation Her Majesty Inquired aboul the great brldgi at Montreal.
"Mr Cartler," said the Queen, "I
hi ar 'ii.it tha Victoria bridge at Montreal la a vorj fine structure How
many feel Is II from shoro to shore?"
•■When    wo    Canadians    build    a
bridge,'  was the reply, "ami dedicate
Ma i * :■   wo measure H uol
•■.. t i,     .    m les"
The Queen was io pb used wlU  ••■
answer thai  she talked for an hour
aboul tha bridge and the railway sys*
-■ m.
The   Leaf   Butterfly.
homes of out-workers In Islington, lhe
borough council made representations
to the Home Ofllce, with the result
thai the home work provisions of
the factory aud workshop act of 1901
have now been made applicable to
the manufacture of chocolates nnd
s "I tell you, advertising 'pays.'
j "Well, what is o.'. your inind?" "Some
I time ago 1 advertised for a lost live*
1 dollar bill, and a stranger who had
i picked one up on the street restored
j it to mo. This morning while look*
' ing through an old suit I found Hie
V I thought I'd lost."—Boston Transcript.
"Judge," said the guilty man, "1 !n-
herh tins felonious habit—1 c'aii't to-
sist it. My father was a poacher and
my mother a photographer, l can't
help taking things.*'
"Then lake seven years al hunt labor," sai-; the Judge, kindly.
Ministerial Perquisites.
Not only Mntlonery olllce officials, but
cabinet ministers, used formerly to en-
„:i,r.I"',tu.";„iu" nLXX-1* «*r..mu> perq.l-11-. «oW no
bulteitl)-, wlilch it lo be tound
"W.'ve n brand new umtiopnny
pianu." KiiUI Mr. Cumrox. "But no-
body ln youi- family can play It."
"V^«, lhat'a the best thing aboul It."
Moore—My s'-nse or hearing in ol
the keenest llo you kliow, I can
hear yonr witch ticking, althongh
you are uix feet away.
Poore—Then you are a wonder. My
watt-li ia at the pawnbroker's, six
streets away.
China Forging Ahead.
Pekin.—At Ilie trial of u Cliilm.in'i
In Nankins recently a jury or twolvo ,
>( his fellow-ioiimrymen war. Impanelled aud a translation of the Ui  isii
aalh ndinlnlslercd io ihem.
".Mrs. Brown Defer Kit« up to wait
for lier husband''
"No. When she expects hln, to bo
out late alie retires early, sots ilie
alarm clock for " o'clook, and when
ii goes off alie gets up ami dressos.
nntl is ready, refreshed and reproachful."
I longer legitimate. At ono lime, ror
Instance, each secretary of state re- j
i eelved ou bis appointment n silver Ink-
I staud which he could retain and baud
! down as a kecpsako to bis children,
j but Mr. Cludstouc when chancellor of
,-1, brilliant, I'lue i the (vrhequer abolished this little per-
.,,.,:nK example j   „,„„,,_ „I1(1 tbe on), (oLen of omc, an
in Assam,   India,   Imitate* exactly,
both  in  Inrmatlnn and coloring, tlio I
leave? ol the tree it Inhabits.   When
.-. ti lng;s are extended, this huUerlly \
mea--ure, hIh-iii 4 inches Irftiu tip
tip. and U
color.' It Bffonls a ,
of the wonderful power, given to these | ■       ■ (     ,,,,.„ w,(h ,,„„ ,
'"' ""'u """ '"' "V"'   I, bis dispatch box.   Tbe -rife of a
' minister who had long occupied an of-
! flr-lnl residence on being evicted satd
at   Willi n pensive nigh. "I hopo I am uot
a I avaricious, but 1 must say when ouo
u  was banging up pictures It was very .
lain n I pleasant to liave lho hoard of works
stripes • carpenter and n bug of nails for noln-
"'":   lug."—l.uiiilou i.'lironlcle.
Donk.y and Z.'ir.l Tio.
A euliusily. wlm
the London /.ooloj
croM-hred nninial,
ESomaliland wild
i may ue --
,■«; uardeni
its  sire  li-
,-   1111,1   its
beautifully marked xobrn,  The
,i i extend lilgher thsn tli
while tha markings on its hack and
shoulder, lorm ilu- cuss so notice*I
able in every lie oilier ol the as. tube.
Iho animal makes a noise which
sounds like the hee-haw of uu ordinary donkey.,
A Costly Gamble.
Mr. Marslii.ll Hull, lhe well-known
K i'. tells the following storj ol a
Count) Courl action In v^i.ch be took
part: "I remember many years ago
lieltiK taken down to a County Court.
I hulked at the brh f nnd found thai
Hi- whole amounl tn be sued l*>r was
|30, while my own fee was more than
Ove times ihat sum, and 1 .could not
make the matter out. It wuh an action for trespass seising a horse In
execution, and Mn* sorl or horse it
was can I >• imagined and In the end j Woollen blankets are 1111111111; lln
I won. The cas-i look the whole day ! household articles mudo In other land
Then when h was all over l heard   thai tyinenl mosl iiromOy lo the pee
Ter  Heal'icii Chinee.
The Stratford Herald :„iys thai lu .1
ChiniBO stilpwreck tho iiilc 1.1 tu save
i men Ilrst. then children, thon women.
' the ■ ico. \   helng thai  men arc  1
valuable to the state, while iloslltulo
woman nre a burdon, However, vv
ii.uhi remember lliat thing! ure Uniir.
ing in China,
(.11 III
■'I  give  litfttr-r  sails'ii
11  niiisi   innlo-a     Thf.
ler-  the  remit   ,.f  r,U  /SATS'   SO-
rumulated knowledn anj .«
narlenco in building ihnh Driao
nti,,,.. (tockjd By Isu.lln/:
't'nlst,  '■',,,---iTisri; tn  Canada.
Tee   JOHN    Mr.PliF'.H'.'-iN
Limit.il.  Ilarr
thal thoro
. IllK oil Ml
. parlies wi
1 thoy km
wa . ,1 I,, 1 of 12,(00 depend
result  t,f the ease     The
j*- --ii horsi y people, nud
,1,, v   would  Kel  n  J»l;   ,1ln
llle   III  I'M
their nioin-:
purposi   ol
Tliey Hi
d mo
Gilbert and the Dandy.
.iir William H (illhirl was • Dlglll
,orIslanding In Iho porch of n I Ton
illtoil, Ci"t
Ull. 1.1,MOTT. SPECIALIST, l-lti-
vnto disiiisen and drink habit,
ivntu til Quoen Mast. Toronto,
W. n. u. 698.
(apnn luul aboul   I.Jen, „ n  in
I0OO   tully   trained   nnd completely
rr.uly io be neibii.I'v1 Ifitn ".rdlvo '■■1
r*.■.-.." in ens-, uf snd' ,., ■.,■,■,.' nil in
tno :iv.i'inir, artt'y already. This
number, according to 11 writer on
Km lorn   ntib'eot*, will lie Increased
hy  inui 10 I.in?.     Theso   llsures
loavo out of the 1 ckonlng B40.000
partly trained men available to (nake
good Un- losses ln tin- ranks b> the
(asuttllies uf war.
Ire alter tho play, Whon a stylishly
dressed voiin^ dnui'y, mlslaklUB 11111
im «n att'iidan', approached him and
'■'l say. call me n enb, will yoilV
fixing tin stilish (ilie coldly Willi
his 1 je. Sli William replied;
'Sir. veil ore a end."
Kor a ition.en* the ati'iinkcr wns too
amatctl 10 move, Inf. realising bis
mistake, hnslllv tuok »lf hla Iih1,
bowed tu Sir William, arid lied hasilly
Into ihe night,
Nat Ihe Same.
It wns lu the smoking cur, and Ihe
two fat men were talkluifT*
••Well, 1 have 11 good deal of tronblo
wllh my kidneys," snld Ilio Ilrst.
"Can't seem to get 'em Just right
How nbout youi"
"Olii my kidneys arc generally nil
right; It's liver wltll me," snld Ihe second. "Heen ruuulng wroug nil season."
"Excuse uio fur nulling In," said tbo
drummer for 11 paleul medicine house, J
, "but If you gentlemen will lako Peter-
1 kill's Pepper Pellel* Pur Peevish l'n-
] lleuls they will relievo yon lustnnlly."
"Whal's llml gol |0 do Willi usV" nuk-
eil Ibe fal men slmullnneoiisly.   "Wo 1
I ain't alck; we're relall bulchcrs."-llar-
pel's Weekly.
Why Bother About the Rest.
"Di.i h jour hiis'iiaiul cnti} any life
"1 don't know."
'1 si, in uii limit, .von would vvanl to '
he    Informed    ahmu  n  matter Hint
would be so si rloilli in you."
■How cmiiil 11 he serious lo ino?"
"Wliy,  11   be  ilini  yoil   wuuld   Wish ■
lo know whether lie bad lefl you anything or nut, woiiltln'l j oil 7'
"Oh; If be llled be would leave mo 1
a widow, ami I should know Hint right'
nwny-   ( hlcngo nocofd-Horald, |
Which is his
THERE'S no mistaking the expression of a man whose farm is well "Improved."
He looks as prosperous as he feels.
Il isn't the size of a place lhat counts most, nor ils aclual dollars and cents
Mine.   It's rather that "well-kept," thrifty appearance; tin appearance that makes
you think of fat stock, and well-filled barns, and*comfortable, contented living,
Neat, permanent improvements go further in givisg a fnrm this appearance than
any oilier feature.
Concrete Is The Ideal Material
for supIi improvements, It Is neat, harmonizing with its surroundings In tits country.
EBvarlaaUng, it cannot bo Injured by fire, front, wind or lightning, Age—Instead of
causing it to decay—actually mukea It ulronger.
Uonorote never'tiMda repair—Ural coat in last cost. New Improvement a can be nddnd
yenr i.ftnr year with Ii-ih exponse thun would bu required tu Uoej) wooden Biriicturcs
In repair.
Concrete wnllui, fending flimm, iluiry-li.irim. lce-hoii8eii, root-celluro, well-curbing,
fi'in'e pontx, lllod—whlchidf tbnHii tloet your furm nued most? Whatever you want lo
bulhi. ii'ii best tu build it of concrete.
Do you want lu know moro about thla subject of iH-rmnneiit furm Improvements?
Then write for your copy of
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete."
tt'. • book of ISO pao.a, telling how other
farmer, hava ua.d the "handy material" to
good ndv.nl.j-. Publlahed to .all at Mc. •
copy. II I. now bolng offend fret to .11 farmer,
who writ, for It    Addrr.a
"°-   Nadoiul Bank Building, Monlreal I
I Cauda Cement Co., Ltd., THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK.  B. C.
I-H"I"I"I"I"I-'I"I"|"|..|.|.|..| I.|,(„(.|,
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for a few weeks effort.
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Rise to the occasion Today. Claim the opportunity while it is yours.
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June 29th
August 17th
Potato Field Near Cranbrook
Thining Fruit Trees
Horticultural Branch-Department of Agriculture    ;:
H.    M.    WINSLOW,    B.8.A.
Provincial Horticulturist
(Continued    from page one.)
nre much Ireer ol hrown-rot.
(6.) Thc removal ol misshapen Iruit
lowers the percentage ol low.grade
(7.i Thinning prevents premature
dropping. A familiar Instance is that,
of the Mcintosh Red, which ia especially HnMo to drop where two fruits
are left on the one spur. Premature
dropping is quite largely due to the
inability of the tree to Biipply moisture to an excessive crop.
(8.) The load ol fruit Is more even
ly distributed and this Is a very important feature in preventing the
breaking down of trees.
(9.) The cost ol picking is reduced
considerably, and the labor ol pick-
cue im
WORLD      T 0 U R E D
Will Exhibit Afternoon and Night
1 Cranbrook
June 26
ing is divided more evenly over the
season. This ls an Important advantage where the supply ol labor is deficient In picking time. Costs ot grading nnd packing are nlso much lessened.
(10.) LeBS fertility is removed from
the soil. A ton of apples takes out
approximately 1.2 lb. ol.nitrogen, 1.6
lb. ol potash, and 0.6 lb. of phosphoric acid. A ton of pears removes the
same amount of nitrogen and about
twice as much of the other elements.
The seeds take the great bulk ol these
amounts, the pulp ol the fruit taking
hut a small portion. As the number
ol seed is roughly in proportion to
the number ol apples, and not their
size, the removal ol Irults loaves a
much greater supply ol plant-food
for the balance of the crop, for the
growth ol the trees, and in the soil.
(11.) The tree Is less liable to win-
tor injury. The ripening of the heavy
crop drains the vitality ol the tree,
so leaving It in poor shape to withstand the winter. Trees bearing mod
erate crops lor which there is an adequate supply of plant tood and an
adequate supply of moisture have
sufficient vitality to ripen the crop,
and to ripen the fruit-buds and new
shoots as well.
(12.) One of the most important results of thinning Ib that the trees will
bear a larger and more uniform crop
the following year. The tendency towards biennial bearing is materially
reduced, much depending in this, however, on the variety,
Kor various reasons, then, thinning
helps materially to secure the minimum duty from tho tree.
whkn to thin-
as soon ns the crop can be determined and the supply of labor permits, thinning should be commenced.
Htart with those varletleB which are
most advanced. Oenerally, npples,
pears, nnd peaches are thinned when
about the sine ol a hickory-nut, and
the thinning should be completed he-
lore thay are double that size. On
the various plums thc work should be
commenced as soon as possible after
the dropping, familiarly known nn
'-the June drop," is over.
To set rules lor thinning Is even
more difficult than to set rules lor
pruning. The Iruit-grower must determine (or himself just bow much
crop the tree will be able to carry.
Much depends nn the vitality ,thc soil
cultivation, cllmnte, and dlatrlct. Un
der equal conditions the Wlneanp may
be thinned to say, 5 inches, where the
Jonnthnn would be thinned to 6 nr 7
und the Northern Hpy to H. In climates Such as that nf Vancouver Island where nn Irrigation is available,
and the rainfall averages about hull
an Inch per month during the summer
season, or one-lllth that ol the average Ontario district, all varieties are
thinned to a greater distance than in
districts ol greater rainfall nr where
irrigation is available. In this district It is advisable to thin many
crops, the wbole of which could be
carried to advantage under othor cnn
dltions. Unhealthy nr diseased trees
shodld nut br expected to grow as
great a loud as those In perlect
health, while trees making extensive
growth may very well be allowed to
carry much more than average trees
under the same conditions.
Hy one rule which Is practised to
some extent the grower sizes up all
the conditions and determines how
many boxes ol Iruit the tree will curry     It Is a small matter   then   to
determine   bow    many   Irults   there
should be left on the tree.
Another rule which might be taken
in connection with the previous one
is to thin plums to about 2, 2', or 3
Inches; peaches, 4 to 8, depending on
tbe enrlinesB ol the variety; pears and
apples, 5 or 7 inches apart.   In thinning pears and apples, it is only with
varieties that more than one should be
left on any fruit-spur, and with these
early varieties part of the crop may
be removed ln one  picking and the
balance later.    With winter varieties
of apples It is a safe rule to leave
fruit only on each alternate spur, lo
encourage annual bearing.    On slender twigs and on wood of the past
season's growth (where many varieties bear heavist in British Oolumbla
it is well to thin  to  a greater iHb-
tance than on strong fruit-spurs ln
the body of the tree.    On  the outside twtgB and shoots the fruit will
average smaller than on the stouter
branches; they are unable to grow a
close crop of fruit to perfection.
A very important point, well Illustrated by the Yellow  Newton apple,
Is tbat the centre apple nt the cluster
and not one of the side apples, should
remain.    The  centre   blnssom   of  tbe
cluster comes out first;   Its stem ls
usually    shorter    and    stneker   than
those of ths outside blusBnms, and at
the   time  of   thinning   the apple Is
usually larger than the others and Ion
a shorter   stem.     The   centre  apple
usually hangs better to the tree, is
the typical  apple of tbe variety,  Is
less liable to variation in shape, und
having a shorter stem is better for
packing and lor appearance sake.
Fruit-spurs vary greatly in Bine and
vitality; the best spurs bear the best
Iruit; the weaker spurs sln.iilil be given a chance to develop into strong
ones before next year's crop.
In the production  ol   fancy  fruit,
thinning,  pays,   and   pnys   well.   It
means much in the assurance ol crop
ol high.class fruit.    It is not likely
to be of value unless the orchard is
right in the matter of variety, fertility, cultivation, pruning, and spraying; it ls not likely to give good returns unless the high-class article pro
duced is properly packed and marketed hy business-like methods.    Thinu-
ing is an essential feature of the new
orchard culture.
Present   Indicntions   are tbat this
year will see the largest crop ol tree-
fruits Hritisli Oolumbla bus yet had.
Throughout the  Province Irom Vancouver  Island  to the  Kootenays the
apple, prune, peach, pear, and plumi
trees have been full of blossom, audi
there hue heen nn loss (rom Irost or j
unfavorable   weather.     Must  ul   the
trees are certain tu have a heavy luad
uf fruit, of which very niucli will he
undersized   unless   thinning   is   practised.   It Is hoped that frtiit-gruwers
will grasp tiie situation rightly.   The
prices for undersized Iruit nra never
very remunerative.    It Is always the
good, large, perfect fruits tliitt bring
paying returns.   Tbls year tiie dlfler-
I'lice In price hetween Inney and low
grade fruit will lie emphasized, Large
yields nf fruit nre prnmlseil in Ontario, In the Middle  Htates. Colorado,
California, Montana,  Idaho, Oregon,
and  Washington,  as  well  as  in  llrit
i.ili    Oolumbla.      The    North western
Htatcs, In fact, bave the bumper crop
ol their history; and tbey look tn the
Canadian prairies tn buy*«i great deal
of It, aB times are good In Canada,
while money Is scarce In the United
Htntes.    This menus that there will
lie plenty ot poor fruit fur sale In our
markets   without   any Irom   British
Columbln, and  tbe  returns fur  this
class ol Iruit are hound tu lie low.
Neither do tbe canneries want small
iruit; there la no money in plepeaclies,
fnr any one.   Kvery gruwer should re- j
snlve   that   he   will   nut   grnw   and I
peaches   smaller  than -".Hi's."     Any
shipper knows that  there will Ihi nn
tmirkt't  fnr Ihe siuall stuff, and that'
even In the earliest varieties we can | - - - - - -
prow, returns will be unsatisfactory
for  the  small   grades.    Fortunately enough
n     11. K V A T li I)
«*-         STA G B S
41     CLOWNS
g e  Aerial
Superb Trained
Animal Exhibit
We Never
Never Change
Never Deceive
Don't Miss The
$1,000,000.00  FREE STREET PARADE
On the Show Grounds after the Parade
, ,4'W4HW-l~H-l-l"l-l-H'H-VHI I llll ****** *******',',
'****l *********************
In Prizes
"Tht   MAGNET   of   EAST    KOOTENAY"
Sept. 19-20th, 1912
Special  Attractions,     Air Ships,     Horse Racing)
Athletic   Sports
Every City,   Town and  Hamlet in   East   Koolenay
will place on exhibition  the  resources  oi  their respective districts.
Don't Forget the Date-September 19-20th., 1912
Cranbrook, B.C
All < JimmutiiiiuliniiK to  lie Addri-ased In
P. De Vere Hunt - Sec-Treas.
Trade Marl
That means
Success in
The dependable
flour is
Sold By
The   Fink  Mercantile Co.
While tin- average mnn mny   large   nnd   hiiii.I1   alien.    TIium iimii
time Ih no rtnBon  why any grower kI10W Bt)ntit thinning, lie Ih abort the   aee the lltuntlon clearly nnd win. w-
htiinilil   hnve   nny   percentile ol the .               ....               .....
mull h17»h tn mnrkit n'      "<ic*""l>ry to curry It out. Moel   cognize the lundormentnl neceaalty lor
It Ih unlikely thnt nny fruit-grower "•  th»  growere  In llrltlsh Columbia I adequate thinning ahould un tbelr tn-
wlll thin too much; It Ih uulte cer- '"'v" "°l "*■• h"'1 emmii eiperlence   flUence by getting th.tr neighbor, to
tain tbat moat grow.r. will not thin to r.allM tha difference in proUt. on' uk. it un. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. cJ
Croat Car Shops to be Erected by the
C.P.R. at Calgary, to bo Known
r.c The Ogden Shops,
i  Wl
Many Colds
Ch the Can-   A|ld  0o|ds 8r0  ,he  st.-lrtlng   Poln- of
la erecting Serious Diseases.
ndiiui I'm itlc Ilailway Ci
near ( nlgary, Alberta, will rani
;S,;,'?;v:,:,'Sa;,sco"Mneu!ar,;;a:i>ot, Can Make Short Work of a Cold
They are happily named the "Dgdcn | Dy vs'"'-<
Shops" ic honor of Mr. I. Ci. Ogden,
one i ( thc vice-presidents of tho company, and tbe town which will grow-
up around til nr. Is also to be called
Ogden. Tho bltoiis are of course, to
be ef tho most modern construction
au i i■ ■■ Ipmeiit, and will consist of a
11 nip 11 twenty buildings, and occupy un nren o! 120 ncres ot bind, the
live     works
Sudden chtuifi
covering I tow in •■esuHa
In   (lust peo*
rywhere you
rhe bL
-Ti-B^niriion l**unian system is mora ini
l/l'mfde  .V-."i'-.i il.i:. j"-- «'»«■'■ ««  'V.1'
,                    .,:,'. m nnnlnment hear snecslng and coughing.
Pr°'  : "'V"'""J' ,"  ,"'   i Yen   may   be   sure   thai i
I"" nf :<■"'"■■; '"'.'.',,::.. _VuZ c   thw Ids will develop   Into   pi   u
have plan y of work 1- do Is evldenc ,   ul. ,,,.,,„,   ,„,,,.     ,„.,,,.<  „,,
, I ii.ni, Un' fact tha     "'*■"'• jottleon tho kldu?ys, and  i-i
Pacific Hallway makes I   a point to ,,-,         rh
completely ovo ul It* rolllnj al   i. .            ,ns
nl i nnl once ,, year    rhhicompan- ,   Th               ,   ,    ,eU1     , ,
"              ;'" •■"•   "-1"","!|""'".'!;•'. nn    Hv beginning rrotnptl    \ I h D
always be in   the   hlghesl  possioi ( , ^  ■  gv        ( . ;   , (   (      {   ,
stal   ol    luc-loncy    A   e»  -ears n a  [ak,      Bmn    ()u
the Ingu* shops n   »«"'";   •'■"     ■ ,,    .,   ...,, ,..,„ kM,„ ih.. ,,„..
"hopi a   Wlnnli y-■;',''," ■"l-l.'-l check I
thl» lv,ork, bul the <   ft     ll.f eouip. ,.,,. _,„,. ,,,,..  ,„  „    , .
meni has Incn iseil so grea I, v, lh .
lasl few years, thai the Ogden shops . |t ;        _    |
are u  necoasliy     Between two and ,,
rli re
net ii -"ii wanl
and lho) "ill be systematically ti ma o
ed on n modern plan thai will make _       ;      , ,;|  [|cl|)( |roye|| 1|||H
lhe town ol Ogden  I the worm -     ,    ,...     ,,      ,„,, ,.,„ .,..,„.,,., ,„, |„
model hives ol Industry nnd an lueai (lm( o( Blcknelu,  ,,„, wll| ,„   BatlsBed
resldentini place for the workingman ,..,,,,,,.    chase's   Byritp o   Una
ri10 „nm|„g ,,r the shops a ter Mi       , .,.,,, „, .,,,,„,
Ogd, ii la .-i itarilt-uhirif ■ h-il'P >.'_ilB ■-■     chlidrta U-*.a 11   Being ci     ii     I   il
simp!"  Ingredients, II  la particular!..
by Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, for that
gentleman is one ot the real old
guard of the C.P.K., n veteran Indeed, having for thirty-one years
en tho best ot his talents to the company's service.
A New Yorkei hy birth, bel inging
io a family of llnanclere, his tore-
fathers having been bankers. Mr. linden haa spent the larger pon ion ol
bis busy lite lu the finance departments of railways, ln IST1 he became
paymaster and accountant of t
Chicago    -;•    Pacific     Rail
Bulted i" their i eeds.     Its enormou
sales    prove    i i   efti <■'■ I rem ss       .:
cents ,. botth. family sin  i
II tli al rs,-  or   ISdmansou, ;
Co., Limited, Toronto.
WKy One Wift  Is Enough.
\ Swedish woman inia
...   Irom   China   to her
Europe, gives    Ihi   Ch  lesi   i ■ ' i
tioj lo- Occidental nionogatu*     ti
and   ;. |ni j that s        "ited a mai
live years Intel  was auditor of that     ,;,.;,,    ;,,,,>    ■ .   ,\  •.-.■ ;..   -
company     The  hieh    reputation  he  rx-imincd her ■ ts   -  snd Un.l
gained with the C & P.R attracted at- ..... horrified al  t!
tentlon towards him, and at the birib   (i.
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Com-      ,you   , ,„   Kii_   a,uI rl„
pauy in 1881 be wan selected t.i take   mi;|     8aM ( . .  Chinese |„ ,.
charge of Uie finances ot the western     .,,,, ,,,...,.    nB\ie_ ,  .      . • ■
division or the road, with headquar-     . Vim ilr„ ,H, ,,,,„,.   ,, ,.-,,._   ,.   ,
ters in Winnipeg.   Two years excel-  nwl)1-   „,,.,, anotneI. Chinese,
lent  work in the west was followed
Alexanders    Elephant    and'   Caesar's
Undoubtedly tho longest-lived nnl
mul mi eurth is the whale, lis span of
oxls.tenco being ostiinnted by Culver
al 1,000 years. The next larircst
animal, the elephant, will, under favorable conditions, live 100 years.
When Alexander lho Ureal con-
qnored Poms. King or India, he took
a greal olephnnt thnt had fought gill-
lanily for the defeated king, nnmed
Ajnx, dedicated lilm to ilie sun nnd
placed upon him a motal batul with
lhe Inscription, "Aloxunder, tho Bon
oi' Jupiter, dedicated Ajax lo the
inn." The elephant was found alive
230 years Inter.
The riveroge m-o or eats is fifteen
years, of squirrels, seven or elghl
yenrs; of rabbits, even; n bear
rarely exceeds twenty years; a wolf,
twenty; a fox, fourteen to sixteen.
I.inns are comparatively long-lived,
n ...nuii .1 having ti, -ii lee,.id..'
whero they r< ached the age ol e ivi u
lj years,
Pigs  have  be. n  known  to  llvo to
.:     ol  i ■■■' ul)   years, and     n
lo ilxty, bul Ihe averugi ol the lion ■
.   twent) Bve    to thir I        Cumi! i
sometimes llvo to I i   mj   ol oue hun-'
,1     ii 1  ...      :il     v  l'l   Ions llvod,
ono having    '    n   i iki n by Chivth s
\'i  ui tli ■ tore i ol s nils which bore
lock u collar ou wll i li w
, ugruved "cnesui   hoc mlhi donavlt.'
win ther or noi tbls stag bad acl
ually lived slue, the days o oni ol
tbe Cai »nrs ll Is Impoi slbie I i aj
bul the e* id. in e ... ems good
cce I'.nalK and ravi a    frc
quenll) reach the ig    e liundn d
\   ii .. an I  bw nns b. .    bi en kuov n
',, live three hundred year,. to
tulgi In    bei ii known tu llvo one hm
11'., I   BI i   llll      '     .
Eiforts hai l,i i n mad - lo eonni 11
■ 1,. rapidity ol the pulse beni Willi
long 'vlt;    :'     no losl   -    i ni ci    lo
.    ..I, as will be Been from bi
. ,'■,.. ih,  pulse ol .. Hon beats       »   lady,"  he  said.  "Imd
,.,,'■: thai of n III - .. Hi        sipate I  Inisbuud   and uae
I i„. B;    ol  a 1     10 Umea;  of n    :''   snld lo it [rleu.l
Inn       "i  i  fos   13 t      -       "'I
o   ,, |, ai    '' Umi <   nnd oi an i ..ni.'. was!'
II   b is  been  Imiiosalble        I'he
,,,.,. .    I,,.     ,, ■ .     , i ... uu b  -.ii I. I'niiil: .
.a   butterfly uo     "■ I  presume,
itmi.-   .
\ protessor rebuked tho hidebound      Red snow Is often seen in Spring j
umiirhui at o dluuoi with n Btory.  nt the Lead ot Alpine glaciers,   Sol-
-li    1    kne
iin r( elitists used to believe that llle hue
nin;   was due lo the presence of Innumor-:
able  tiny  reddish  insects;   bill   ll Is]
eorgo \ now known to bo cattseil by a micro- j
i scopical  plan*,  which  is  pink when
wife,, growing and a deep crimson when In '.
I n stat.' of maturity.
'.—Dumb Animals
N.i.   I   dn
ue,I with  blno
headache.    1
he was:' "
I aope so.
-And no man could Rive you a
thrashing, not even It you were married?"
"No. It would not be good for him
if he tried It.."
The  mandarin's  elghl   wives  look-
led nt each other and then tbe oldest
I said reflectively:
Now  I know why the foreign devil
! never has more than one wife   be is
by his promotion to the position of
chief auditor of Ihe entire system.
the higher title of controller being
bestowed upon hini in 1S87. Other
honors quickly followed, and In HKil
he w-as mado vice-president of the
Company, having naturally the finances of tliu large corporation parti-;
eularly unde. It's charge.
During all Ihese yenrs Mr. Ogden j
displayed rare financial ability and ; .
acumen, and in the Btrcggllng dnys i ",r-lm
of tho company—and ibere wero not
a lew of llieui In tho eighties and Ihe
earlv nineties—hia advice and know-1 A single wind was often sntii. lent
ledge materially aided in titling the (or Talleyrand to make bis keeneal
C.P.R. over many a financial dlfll- retort, Whon a hypochondriac,
culty.   lib work, Indeed, would form i who had notoriously led a profllgati
Age of The Earth
. ng to Profi ssor Vllen ol
Manitoba tiuveisity. ih. disco. t>
radium has upset all Lord Kelvin'.:
ihi orii - ns to "i- nge of the i anil.
Lord Kehln, w io cotnp il d thai tin
ivas I    nt*    million year,  old,
,< -I,i,i, m v waj of I o".;.
producing h-.-at 1 i arth'f ■- irface :     Brown
■-•Ai be  'u'liul   fe's caltJiattous weiv '■.'*"•''■ "*
| lllll lei
Minards   Liniment fo-sale everywhere
Matching Them Up..
Mrs De Style—"Marie, 1 shall take
one ot the children to church-with
I    The Maid—"Yes'm,"
Mrs De Style—"Which one will go
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
Thty have a true safety
head,   with  silent   tip
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's  Matches  liavo utlafied Cuv
adlans since 18S1—accept no other*.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
The   Power  Of   A   Word.
The    Neurilches    have    tl
nd  lie's n  most remarkable ] best with    my purple gown?"—Ans-
i wers.
■   Why.   i    understand   ho j ■ —.
regulation English article, i The Japanese Women's Education
hm. ue Ves. but his name isn't Society, which Is now nearly 25'
>uih a new waj has actually beeij James and lie doesn't apeak with a ! years old, lias done more than any'
discovered In radium, which has the cockney accent.—The Catholic Stan- other one organization lu .la- j
power    of    Kiving  out  heat   without  davd nud Times. i Pan     to     promote     education     a-1
diminishing In weight,   tine pound of! .  motig      women. Tho       society'
radium would keep a house wnrm for     The Beautv of a Clear 8kln—The,  l1,"?   ,ta   ""'"   bull(lll>S»   and   pub-1
J.     years.    Radium    is    scattcre.*.;      „ ,      ',,»,, '   ,lv'! .pm,,., L Vh,,: ll8he8    "    nionthly  maga-slne..     Its _.._.. .      _   .
throughoot the earths   BUrface, and ^0,1™ of the blood     A disordered  TS^1*-   1<',t"1'cs-  **lv™  by ,lls,i,1B    \X7ooUUno*r>rle       Wrtorl     Pails    Sflfl     TllK*
therifore radium gives oh helium  and ,llv",',',;„„,,   lm3'es in the blood '■ "lshei1 '"achers, are largely attended [ W aShDOaraS,       VV OOO     TaiI8_ OXIO       I UDS,
Helium is scattered    throughout the and lhcse gl|0 wtnem9eiveg ln blem- *•?.**   ,lv,v '"spirited many to work to,
earth's crust. ,   tahes on the skin.    Parmelee's Vega-! •"te"'*  *lln i*,1Pano"u    Women's Unl-
Hv   comparing the amount of rati-hal)le puis   in acting upon the liver y' '      "3 university, which is	
ium and ot helium In a piece ot rod; a01    u,)0]1    ,,„,    M,m[    anc] a (,,eal. ' ten years old, now has 1300 students, j	
it would he possible to form an est!   heam,v ,Kj„  „.,„    f„u„w    i„t0|]iWnt   ;;i"!,"'' w"om boanl '" 1|"- university   1   DCIIADIC MFnlflNF
mate of the earthy age. which he a»- \        , thl(| sUin,(,„.,| „,e(llcln,.. Udles,  hulldlngs. ;fl 1UUADLC^U/KAintj
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
stM'ted was over 1 SOO.UUU.OOO
a large part or the history ol ilio t
V. It.
In having Uig Company's huge
works ni (lie foothlilB of tin* Canadian
Ilockloa named arior lilm, Mr. Ogden
la paid a jimtiy deserved tribute—a
tribute nono tlio leaa to ins many excellent 'iimliucH nf bead ond heart
tban <o hi.'Pgrf-.ii financial genius ami
to hi.', long yours ot loyally and faith-
fulness to tb*) groal corporation with
which he Iiuh been associated rrom n**
Infancy, and with which be has grown
to boo ii lake tlic foremost place mn*
fljiif-Hi the greal transportation cotn-
piuien of tho world.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
win drivo worms rrom tin- system
wltboul Injury lo lhe child, because
lu action, walla fully effective, Is
tJhtn Oranges Were Taboo in Holland.
Oranges wore tor some years h pro*
it I bl tod tin 11 In Holland. Wben the
Qatavtan republic wag established the
badge and color of tlio Btndbolder's
family bocama ho hateful to tbe popular parly thai mtl KiiliHih-il with expelling their prime, they passed n
law   t.H'lHifil'mt.   Ilie  Hale  of  orang<
lif«-. complained lo the diplomatist
tlmt be was enduring the tortures o(
hell. Talleyrand almplj answered,
To a woman who had left her
husband Talleyrand once addressed
a letter of condolence iu two words:
"Oh, madamet"
lu lens thiin a year the woman had
married again, and then his letter of
congratulation wuh:
"Ah, madamet"
who will fully appreciate this prim
quality or Ihesc? pills, run use them
Various Customs with Hi" certainty that tho effect will
"In f'h na a line is imposed when .1 |be most gratifying*
train is late.   Queer custom, eh?"
(iii, I don'l kiio-v. fiver notice
wimi hapsens when a boat cornea In
li.ii' lu ilils country?"
"No; what happens?"
"•"he is promptly docked."—Exchange.
"I inn ftorry in he critical, my dear,
hut'Mils pie la mil the kind lli.it uui
ther used tu mako, nm liy u long,
allot. "
"It's toe Imd." alio answered, amiably, "1 don't know what to do uliout
It, I'm sure. I'orhapa it would be
a good Idea for you to call lier up
ami tell her. She aent li over this
all munll."
Bt-lggt (at picture exhibition)—
SecniB to me I've seen this "ICnrly
Spring" i-aiivns or Dauber'a before.
Ql-lggs—Shouldn't wonderl It's lhe
Miine one he had on view last December as "l.ate Autumn.."—Boston Transcript.
There are si.xtocf. rn-jle. across the
North Atlantic Ocean.
Of the tolal gold nm of lhe world
in„  llrltlsh  Empire    supidle.  mail:
sixty per cont.
Nowlywed   I didn't   see you Sunday.     Hid yen slay at homo?
Iililliiil,In    Yes.    my     wile   launht
uie a new name called llashmarah.
Ncwlywe.l    How  did  you  play  It?
OldnubbJ    Vou hang a carpet, on a
, ,, 1 line aud see    how inanv  limes ynu
and carrots, and ordering nil persons ,        h,   „    ,t|      „.,,k,_*.Bxohang0.
who grow lilies or marliiiilils In their I
gardenB to phicli up the plants and
destroy thom.   This   prohibition remained in force until IHnii. when Nil-      t>n
poleou maiie hlB brothor lamia King ''""''
of Holland.   London Cnronlolo.
'lliere are more museles in a rat's
lull than 111 a man's hand,
Ancient Well Uncovered.
An undent well hns been uncover.
id durlug excavations at the old
Castle of Ardroi nn, Ayrshire. A
llliilit of Iwent* seven stop., In i down
(., 11. and lie. v/ali r w.'i l el. a.' slid
v. noi.,home ninnaji II ■ woll hns bl   II
c ivored f> r ceuturie
Publi.hed at The Pole
of iin-   ninety   copies of the
"Aurora Australls," which wnl
Ipubllshed In 1U07 In lhe South Polar
regions, ni im- winter quarten of tin
Hhackleton  \ntarotji   Qxpedttlou, was
sold il Ihi 1   day al o colli ctor's
100ms in Ijondon, England, for II-.
Tlio covers ol I ii book iverj nniil" of
the wood nt |.,ii*.nr can ■ which had
COntillll. il   |.l". i  loll
Implanting  Hair In a  Bald-Scalp.
'i'he bald headed will ho Interested
in a Hungarian doctor's method of
hair transplantation. Ur. Szelcely recently explained his method. He ties
together un extremely Ihln gold wire
ami sterilized hair, Implanting tne latter by means of a thin Injection syringe In tno scalp, where It ls Oxod
With small hooks of gold wire.
lie suites iIiiii in this painless way
I au Implant BOO to .'ion hairs per
hour. Ol course, the hair will noi
grow, niiii the transplantatlnn only
produces a new rtind of wig. Dr.
Stoliely   presented lo his colleagues
j three 1  wearing these wigs, which
(says im Morning Lender, Vienna cor
respnuilcnl old um In- illstliiuulsh.
ed from natural lialr
Some Good in Him.
"Willie's tsachei- was -telling-.mo to- „. ,, ..•,„,„
day," said Mrs. Skemei-, "thai  Willie,    Baby's Own '1 ablets are a sale me- |
  ,novel- gets his arithmetic sums right  dlclne tor ull little ones,    lliey are
,„,, ,.,. ., ,        ,        . Ui a|i •• guaranteed hv n government analyst ;
JS*. d"men^aclv-e'aSt   tl^l    "»«U It's all   tor  the  best."  re-' She absolutely free from opiates and
""'   ' ' '""   "   "' '' " filled SUmner.   -||,. may mm out to  otlier 1'arintul drugs-thai Is why so
be a:i  expect Bliort-chiinge ni-tM "—  ninnv  mothers will  give their  baby
Ca'.holic Staudard and 'limes.   " '     i nothing else in tho way ot medicine.
i Conooruing then;  Mrs. John Thoinp-
"1 have
list,  lu  the  llrhls'n   Navy   is
skeleton alone of an average
weighs twenty-live tons.
Warts are unsightly blemishes, and
corns ure painful growths. Hoi-
low.iy's  Corh Cure will remove them.
"Shopping   again!    I should think   son'  !-'t'"•t:,' , *»••*•"    T. a   ,. ,   ■
you'd save your money and tiranarol.8lTen.my bnby, when needed. Hab> s
oney nnd prepare
for a rainy dny!"
"That's what  I'm doing.    What uo ;
you suppose I  bought all these sun
  stockings for?"
Black ruin haH fallen at least ' "
twice in England during the last een- ' strange Bird on Liner.
tui-y, but on these occasions the col-' Winn the Paoific ilnoi; Oronsa,
or has been due, uot to soot, but to I which has arrived ill Ilie Meisoy, was
the presence of millions or little |on Hie Patagoulnn coast, a valuable
Week liiBCCls. while bird, with brilliant orange-col
 ,                bred beak,
Own Tablets and think they are the
best -oinedy Cor constipation I have
over used 1 would not be without
them ill the house." The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mall
al 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., lirocltvlll", Oni.
"How do 1 kaow lhat Wiaata T.M. Sab
la pur.?   I'll «how you.
"Look at Ilie salt mpll—Fee nnw clear nnd
transparent and peri-,t Hie crysul. arc—
.jiarUIin;: like littln diiiiiioiu!..
"Now luate tliuu—ajlicu lliat thev dlflMjlv.
Ma'am—it', the onh- aalt we reconnu.ml
for tahle use and for cooking",
Souidn't Help It.
Simeon Kurd was talking to a New
uggled gamely on 5oni-ii, I York  reporter aboul  the breakages
Growth  of  The  Aluminium   Induatrv  :" h-"' bee" "'"''" ca" ""' °' "s iall-I that happen In hotels.
orowth of The Aluminium  industry. n||](i  b||, beJ     _ |u|i< ,s,t|     f „An „voraga amoullt (,r breakages   =
Although the early expectations ot \_ug\Mi lmtm.„|  Watory „  V..IS CIire.  you uon't mind," he said, "but now  .
the iiholesale   suhstliui on ol alum-ilunv |„ok,,,| ,,fl.,,. ,lv lho ,„„.„„    The an(1 a,,.,, you happen on a waiter or
Inlum for steel and Iron have not  for W|„sa slrelc|, ,„„ Bome rom. toot      ,i      ohambennnid    whose   breakages
very good reasons,   materialized, it
lias shewn such u perfect adaptability lo certain ol the arts that the do-
il is of the ctane oi heron family,
A friend wns one.   talking wllh a
niund  for the now alloy hus grown   r,..lz).    wollml,     ,vllp|1 „ bU„      ,„„„
onormously.- : |)llsii,.d hy.
From a pfoduotlon 111 the United ;    «Do ynu see that man?" she aald.
Stnteo of less than 100,000 pounds In   „.im ., oum,ing   sl„||lv     "y0(l „mM
18811 In 1808 the output hud grown to   uinvv  his    sonl  Ihrough a sparrow's
860,000 pounds,  In   1903 to  7,500,0001 m    m,u   „   „v'8   e*e  ,ll„l1 tht. „
pounds, and to-day It is iu excess of i wouldn't -.villi. "
50,010,000 pounds. ' '
in here
v.-'ir.y half nf the ratal accident*
in -Mill minei arj due to railing roolc
nr r tut I it mi u-Hri Mm ii one-fourth in
t-MtloHlriiiH     "1*  llloH
Howell      "Do you belli
Powell: "! ihould mj I dldt I
married the dnuxhter of ■ Judge, and
ihe I* hIwh>h laying down the Ian to
Tho  Natural  Conclusion.
'U'hiu I wna ;i Uny Imy wltll riiu- •   _■; .\~ » ~~il ~   ,c~ ■    t
Inlo*'   si..I.I   (ha   mnn   will.   Iittt..   I,.,i.   i Qo'eVly •top» CouMhs, tiirca cold.-i, lir«l-i
leu,   •.uui tiie iii.iii  wnn lutii' noli,  J„ throat MgiMS-i •    UOcoats.
"they iihimI in call ine Arclilc." —■
"I MitHKMi  now thoy call you Arch 1*1   Dtvlcos of uiIIIuiik   cows hy eke-
lulil,"- Chi'lstlnn Itcglfllei', lilclty nro In common ine In ttmuy
  ;,,,,,-;„  :il  ,||(l  |- f-, v
"Wlm1 'lid her lather nn;. whui you i 	
ytltod for her linml?" A Jolt to Romance.
•s.ihi he'd heen wondering whal  \     "How about    thnt   young doctor?
\murla*Hui)garj hai Mn- leail tele
Chairman laddrowilng n mei lln ■■
I r..x»iAJ.W ■        ,;,;,";;/ , T^TlJe'Z
if ,nm.iur.,i ,i,.-.'.„. „  1 1 i„   I do IP)   ••  ml--  1- 1,1'inii face.
Importance of Detail-
Charles HYoliman was talking to a
Philadelphia ninrtor aboul tin- lm-
p.iiinn if detail, i.i'il lioeu pnsslini him Iwii*nr-IM|III r   |jna |„, pro|ioBCll
•Thos- who work fur me." ho aald, tu- ciuiirs for so rtgul'iK-r ol late." -     "n*„i.   vet.     i>„,i„    nearly
"follow   my    directions down to tliopoti-iill I'rui  I'rtti, evorythhiK lUBt night,"
veri small, si Hem.   To 110 wrong Iii I   ",|M„|  ,|K ||H. doctor was pleading
detail, ion liiiinv. Is often to uo Bl- The world's largest bird of prey Is \rat „ peep at mv eyes, papn came In
logether wrong lllio Iho dissipated I ihu bearded vulture Prom Up la tip nml ashed hltn lo lake a look at ni)
husbntid, Int v/lng H inenaurei nine or ton teet,-|tonsils."
A lllsilpated liiishand. as lie aloud
pass all bounds of reason.'
Mr Ford then recounted the break-
Old Sorea. Lump.
In Breast, Orowth.
removed and h..l.
ed by a almpt.
Hone Treatneal
ages achieved in one day by a cliatn-   Nopaln.    Deacribe the trouble, w. will ae.4
bermnid of thla stamp.. Seal and t.«lmoal«l»f«..      	
-1 found out afler she left," he end-  *■ CAHADA CANCER mSnTOIC, Vmutt
cd, "that she wasn't n genuine chain- 10 Caerealll A..., TacMla.
Ik■rmuid    at all      She was au elet- i ^—~————————————————~
phant    trainer   really, but she bad .
been compelled to give up that, pro-      _   ,   .    _ . ,. , .
ossion becaiiBO she couldn't  handle '    .-Jocl< A» Reservoir, of Moi. ur..
lho elephants wllliout breaking their      n"'   "»PMlt>" « roM" "> ia.al.lU*
uskB."-Noy York l'ress.. njolBttu-e  varies with theli-.|iliy»ictti
'    __ ttiuctilre, says the Sclonllnc Anierl-
,7   .,   .    , ,    ,     . can.    Most of lhe water lu rock oc-
It was his llrsi   visit  to America, Inl,.s |„ ,„,„.„  Inloi'Stlcea, t'ae lui-g-
and he was anxious to see na much  e| ,,,„., „t „„, votW_ well.waUl- Blip-
of It as pnssihle In a short tl    In ,,.y |,0|ng derived   from   oaverna or
a brief visit lu lhe South he met an  (,„.„(, cnvllle«
aged negro who had been a slave.      |    prUfltloall>- all rocks, however, con,
liaol   lliey   may  appear  In  the  eye.
he remarked,
you had your |jjj;   |',VlVi:ii'i'iViVm   ami   small cavllles)
lu which wai,-a  may in   ntortd.   Tlm
.     . , woolly head, and aald:
inincdi    „No H|lh    , ,,!,!„., g|| ||0 ,rea|,om_
I went and got uuirrleil."
11 ronr leafeii i inver ware foiiinl In
trouldi pfltoheSi aome ol us could
pick a loin' of them With our eyes
Stella—Is It a one-piece frock?
Ilelln No. she told nn herself thai
Ii Inculdes three pieces of her hut
band's mind.—Harper's Bazaar
To lessen Ihe (Ire risk n Oerman
compan)    li    making a .peclalty of
steel fninli.ir • for ship-, pall I .1  i
grained to n M mole wood
before his house In the small hours
searching foi his latchkey, muiieivu
i,vi r and over to himself:
" Sow,  which  did  ni.v   wife  say
hlc have two whiskies un' get home
hv twelve in -hh—have twelve wills
kii ■ nn' gol home by two?
Till.   Mother    Is    Quito   Enthusiastic
Over a Well Known Food-
The. secret of acquiring w null ll
In spending -.hai we havo lo spi ml.
Instead of speeding whal we have lu
Judge Basin laid down nn iinohol   B1l"■,"l    ;M"''''lv, "., 1"."" ",' """""'
Ic-ugable principle when lie said to a ""' ™P""*" '•' '"   l'1'"" i'1-""-
"Vou   should   not   get   ilriinl.   If   ll-_
makes you slnil horses."    Anv man ','"'
who cannoi gei driinli without .t«»i   Al-'"  modestl) annonneea:     Head
Vn ndvertlaomenl    of   "Imaglnar-
he." published In the New Vorlt
Capi  I'la/.za is iii command of the;   Mrs. .1. w. Patomnn, ::i Harriot Bl„
Italian Heel of iieroiilancs,   The oa|i- Toronlo, In willing   about   Neavo'a
i.iin 'nun Is nunc Hi.n ii lionl porcli l-'ianl says "When I llret knew one of
ii,,,,, mi nviiiioi. my friends, her baby .lack was elgiu
  mouths old and dying by inches,  bue
t. had   tried   three   foods   because   her
ing cups was noted nl least »*ii vanral-Tnoll could mil dlgesl milk.   At laat,
"How Interesting!
"And after the war
The "Id  nuiii  looked  Bt him  half I ,,   , |f      ,.„„„: of ,.,„.,„ v,rlel
sadly,   half   sheepish ly.   shook    hla | UXg lilghaBt lii" pi xlnr-d sands,
iiindsloni s,      gravels    lor    Imbibing
wntor, umi lowest lu close textured
clays, slates,    marbles mid  grnulliia,
inheriin i Miiiinn ! which  luivu very  small capacity foi
l-rlce iioodwi!! Henvln Ullio uui.,,- "UbotUIiib and tran.ni|tling waier.
ill a farm laborer,   lu   Brcooiislllre, i ,,  _ _ ,_
Wales, who Is acclaimed as tho heir Up-Te-Djle.
lo  £200,000— ono   million   dollars—     N'elh—"I nova lho nicest new spring
loft lo him by his   father, Richard [lint,   it's n perlncl ilh'iiw •
(liMidwln, who tiled III Ti sa.i six weeks \    Bollo   "Is II hlyllsh?"
ago.   The farm Inl-oror lias employed |   Nolle—"Stylish?   1   should suy bo,
(• solicllor nf l.iiuiliiniloil Wells to dc- ll Is the most illicolnfoltabic lliing !
iioiuninbieo.il, vote iua iira,, |„ gecui'lug the Inner'- evor wore." -Plilladelphlii Kecord
France, nearly 8, ) vipers were kill- ,illlcei ul„i p,-jco Goodwin Boavau bus   .
jelt thu farm at l.lwynillly, _exclia.llg; | ah Depends.
The   tolal   number of Territorials
In New Zealand exceeds 30,01)11.
! Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
In    Ike    forest
id iu the course of ono year.
The dangor nf Infection from drink-
 50 years
ago and probably before Hint lime.
"I.tisl night my wlfo nml mjspir
htd 111..' most foolish Hiiitniibie of our
married career,"
"Whnt v,as lho subject of yonr ills-
"How we would Invest our money if
We luul uny,"
nil;  horses slim
I real War.
id keep
•Mon |
of tlrst large ediilnii nearly exhaust.
HAf.iar'o*LBa\1*a'KM '
15c o Tin. i   -.
BN.W i. il.aoltu.(-.,(,„„.I tlhMT IIANII
lll.l.riRII.    Will rami,'. ,i-a«. a„l .t.lti.
■'•ii'ii-:. /
Ministerial   Perr,iil&itel.
. Not only Statlonorj Office ofllclals
but L'ablnot Ministers used formerly
| to enjoy sundry little porqulsltoi
now no longer legitimate . Al ono
time, ror Instance, each Heorotary of
suit" rceeivi-i* a' his appointment s
silver inkstand,   which in- could re
tain and lialiil down as u keepsnk" lo
hln iiiiidriii, imt Mr Gladstone, when
I'liiinceilor   of Hi"  Bxohequer, uliol-
Ished this ll-lle peri|lllslte, llllll lhe
only token of ofllce an outgoing Mini
ster can lake with him is his des-
palch hox . The wife nf ii Minister
who luul long occupied an olllcial re
sideline, on being ovlctod, said wllh
a pensive sigh: I hope I nm nnl
avaricious, bul I must nay, when one
was hanging up pictures II w-ns very
plcnnaiii to have the Hoard of
Works carpenter and n bag of nails
for nothing."—London Cbrotilolo.
"Whal    Iiii     beoomo   of tho cam
pair.ii hen?"
"The campaign hen*"
"The one lhal used lo lay lho oggs
I fetched her a tin of Neavo's Food,
i.M lhe end of a month, .lack was rap- 	
' "y gaining Mesh and was bright ninl!    profl|gn|   Bon-Father
Ing his slouch bul, corduroys und
gaiters for a new black suit umi bard
felt hat. HeaViin Is now being delug-
cd wllh hundreds of bugging letters
nml litters suggesting Investments
lor his money, besides which lm la
asked lo contribute to scoria of benevolent and church projects.
, ..,,,, .      ■ i".,'i..."   .„,,,   ,„,„,,,   . liavo ro-
happy.    He Is n  lovely hoy now and I tUrttedl
she declares Neavo's Pood saved his     i*«i her - Yes,   gol   dern   ye,     1
uie.   una it aio.      | tltoUKlit you'd   »how   up about the
,   Then I ii conn dell 11 to a tl'loml I tinin nnrlnif ntnwln1 m> ttnmVl
hearing   the Initials ol tho favorite on Vlclorln Avenue.   Blio had a baby I     * "   . pm%:VM Uo"0'
oandldnloa." in moi
"Oh,   I   suppose   slie baa Joined a lill,   She put ilu baby on Neuv
Uio suffragette    movomoiil."   Wash- Food aud at Iho end nf threo moutha,
Iftglon Herald. lhe ball) wns Iwlec lhe slue.
■—■  I    I have never seen two bigger, slron
lleiiiiany    poasesBOB    only    85,207 gel-  hoys  than   mine  for  Ihelr ages
miles of railway. |„,„|  „.,, „wc, n  „|| |„ Nonvo's Food.
I  hare lhe  utmost faith  lu  Nome's
Id that wus not thriving Through Indiscretion In eating
gl'oon fruit In summer many children
becomo Biibjoot to cholera morbus
canted by Irritating ncldi Unit net
violently on the lining of l/iu inlos-
•Iiion. Pains ami datigciins purg.
Illgfl I'lisiiu iiiiiI lhe i|, i;cal" system of
the child sufii'is iiiii'ier ihe drain. In
such   cases   the   safest mid atiroot
which heoesalln  lhe nilipilll ll ofltnil oldalu n free Hi. ..I' Neavo's Food M'-?■''"''   ■: r*''.?ulW» .-3>'-"!»'
one of his    lens       Writing    home lo llllll  n   Vlllilahle     hook     'Minis  About
Ills family, lie very naturally  wished |Unity"  hy  willing  Hdwln   I'tlcy,  1 lu
to break lhe news of his loss lo them Frutil   sit I   lOast,  Toronto,   who til
ns gently as possible before they aaw tbo t'linaillati llgOIlt,    For siile by all
hliu      Aftor  1'illy dcserlblnu  Ills no-llll'tlgglsll,
A man who hail none In Australia F I
mi II visit    met    wllh    au    Itcoltloiil I    .MotInn
iiiiiI   iirospcelhe   mothci'l
Cordial.     II  will rhivk lhe In-
iflnniii'iilloii and save tin- child's life.
ciileiil  nml  the  Injuries  to Ills  llml
and how Iho.v took blm down to Byd-
ney. In. Ilnlslied by Baying:—
"On arrival   I Interviewed the hu,-
Igeons Henceforward    1  shall  re
ignlrc only one boot."
Lawyer iin wllncssi: "Now. then.
Mr. Miirnhy, glvo us your last real-
Alni|ih\ :    "Faith, snr, I dliuuo;  ln,t
'It'll bo Um clmltery, Ol-m thlnkln'!"
Couldn't Aflord to Then.
Scribbler—"It tnok mo nearly  lei
yints to li'iirn  that I couldn't write
Prloud- "(lavi II up Ihen, did you"
l-crlhblcr -"Oil, uo.   liy that time I
had a reputation." -Pneli.	
VV. N. U. No, IM.
"My boy Is undecided nbout what
collegiate course to take."
"What would yon advise?"
"That depends, Does he want tn
1'iilld up his hack miisel: s or his
wind*"—Loulsvlllo  Courier Journal.
Nature', law. are perfect if only we obey Ihen, but diiesae follows dlaabedU
•not. llo iir.ii|ht lo Nature lor Ihe sun, lo lb* lord; there are my.teriea Ihen.
aome ol which we can fathom for you. Take Ibe bark ol lhe Wild-cherry Ine,
wilh mandrake root, Onfon (rape root, .lone root, queen', root, hloodrool ul
golden ae.l root, make a .eltaline, glyceric extract ol Ihem, with jutt lhe rilht
proportion., and you have
It look Dr, Pierce, wllh Ihe siii.lsnee of two learned obemlsl. and ph.rn...
ciila, many month, ol hard work experimenting lo perfect
Ihii vegetable .Iterative and Ionic extract ol Ihe |re.leil
Mn. ('. VV. Pawlkv, of Mlllvlllo, Callf.wrlleia I " I wish
to tell you that I have used yoiir'lloldr.n Medical Discovery' in my family for twenty years. Wo have had a
doctor called In but oucedurlng lhat limn. I have a family
ef ten children, all wall and hearty, for which, to a great
extent,, wo owe thanks to you aud your 'Golden Medical
Discovery' and' Fillets,' which we use when sick."
Or. Plena's Ple.iant Pallet* regulate aad InvlfonM
aw.lrtttM».t»     **ia*A Uvea mi towel*. >*«-c.ud. ti.. gnMls^i, THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANHROOK,  B. C.
P.L.S. 4s O.B.
B. (J
W.  F. GURD,
Hamster,  Holiotor, ste,
Btti-i-istei-a anil Solicitor.,
Mi-iiug Kiigiiieer and
B 0. Laud Surveyor,
KO   Box US. i'liima Uii".
Physicians and Surgeons
«9m at Hoaldonc,   Armatroni a...
oFnoa houm
Forenoon. >
Bv.nings •
Sunday. - -
•.DO to 10.M
1.00 to 4.S0
7.10 t* I.M
I.M ta   4.1.
W.   R.   BEATTY
Kuueral Dir.iitoi*,
I'llONK 34(1
We Deal in Everything From
a Needle to a Locomotive
Joseph H. McLean I
All If iuds of Socoinl Hand Goods
Fiirniture a SPECIALTY
tt*n»'* Old  Stand,  tlt.in.ou Ave
Phon. HI.
Steam Boiler,   Puruaca,
nntl Septic Tauk work
a apeuially
Ousl aud alock esliiuaise
furiiislied ou application.
i     A.diaia i ». 0. »— m. Cr.abrMk     i
F. M. MacPlierson
Noibuty Av.au. N.at tu City Halt
Open Day ami Ni.hl Phon. MI
Oranbrook Lodg. No 14
AT.* A.M.
[tegular uifceliima ou
ib. itiird Tbur.da)
of evert inoulb.
Visiting tuaihraii
D. J.  MrSvYKYN.  W. M.
j. a. pbok; s«c.
Rocky Mountain Chapter
NO. ISA.  n. a. M
Itagulac meelliig.: -ind l'n..
day  In  each   month   al alght
Sojourning   l'oiii|>aiiluu.   ar.
cordially Imiloil
:   Kl. Oiiiuii. A. 0. rlliauklanil, B.
NOTICK IB HEREBY OIVBN that the Cranbrook Ulviaiou ol Kootenay Land Itecordlng District ia Biibdivlded into the Oranbrook Laud Recording Division of the Kootenay Land District nnd the Fernie Land Recording Division of the Kootenay Land District in accordance with tbe
fallowing descriptions:—
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary line being the
S.E. corner ol Lot 4591; thence went along the International Boundary to
a point where the aald boundary intersects the height ot land separating
tbe drainage areas of the Moyle and Goat Rivers; thence northerly along
tha height of land separating the drainage area ol Moyie and Upper Kootenay Rivers on the east trom tbe drainage area ol the Goat River and
Kootenay Lake on tha weat to a point where such divide joins the height
ot land separating the drainage area of Ht. Mary's and Skookumchuck
Rivera on the aouth Irom the drainage area ol Flndlay Creek on the north;
thence easterly along such height ol land to a crossing ol the Kootenay
River Just below the mouth ol Flndlay Creek; theuce easterly and northerly along tha height ol land forming the divide between the waters Rowing into,the Kootenay River above the mouth ol Findlay Creek and those
"owing into the Kootenay River below tbe mouth ot Findlay Creek to the
point where auch height ol land intersect* the east boundary ol Ix>t 4696;
thence south along the eaat boundary of Lot 4596, the west boundary ol
Lot 4590 and the eaat boundary ol Lot 4591 to the point ol commencement.
Commencing at a point on the International Boundary where the same
Intersects the enstern boundary ol the Province; thence west along the
International Boundnry to the S.E. corner ot Lot 4591; thence urtrth along
tbe eaat boundary ol Lot 4591, tbe west boundary ol Lot 45911 aud the
east boundary ot Lot 4596 to the height ol land forming the divide between the waters Sowing into the Kootenny River above tbe mouth ol
Findlay Creek and those flowing Into Kootenay River below the mouth ot
Findlay Creek; tbence easterly and northerly along aald height ol land to
the eastern boundary of the Province; thence south-easterly along aald
eastern boundary to the point ol commencement.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department, Victoria, B.C., 13th June, 1912. 26-r.t
Dr.    V.    B.   MILES
Ofllce in Hanson Block
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.C
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4tb Tuesdaya in every month, at
II p.m.   Membership open  In British
Ci tineas
Poultry Notes
When feeding non-sitters wltb oats
and wheat alternately, a handful ot
good mixed corn to every four of oats
or wheat will greatly improve the
egg supply.
It is claimed that crossing several
different strains ol the same variety
will result in a lessened   egg   yield.
Whether this is   true or not we   do
not know, aud think it Is improba-
N.  A.  Wsllinger, Prea.jble.   If you hatch your pullets early
W. C. Crebbin, Sec'y.   j from strong, vigorous breeders,   and
P.O. Boi 425. j keep tbe chicks growing and well led,
Visiting memberB cordially welcomed you ought to get much earlier matu-
■    - — j ity aud hnve the pullets laying earlier
When one is unable to mix the
j chicks' soft feed with milk, melt a
little dripping and mix with the lood
j II this is not overdone it will prove
I a good substitute, but lor fattening
■ birds the quantity may be incrensed.
j When betiB show signs of being egg-
j hound, if noticed at the beginning,
I the bird affected should be put in a
| coop alone, and a pill consisting of
soot, and soap administered nt even-
All Repairs Done at Reason-ling time, if continued for about two
{or three nights this should effect a
I cure. The soap should be scraped off
j with a knife, and the soot mixed
| wltb it, then rolled into the shape ol
| a pill.
A beginner is sometime palmed off
Frank Dezall
Agent lor
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles- for Sale.
us Done al
able Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phnnr 2S»
P. O. Box N45
•• VCAM'
Meets every Monday
night at New   Fraternity    Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellow, cordially invited.
J. Kendall,
N.   II.
W. M. Harris
licliri'i'iikdaiillal. __„r..
 in. ■ quad u.imr (orawSVInivai
I'uh'iila IU.il thniufh Muliu.A Cu.
iion.■metiri ...
■"nl Mia. illrta.1
I.I liar all
ou r-al.nle
CoavmaHTe Ac.
an.nn. .ai'lllf a ...le. ana *_M(nm mat
iinti-.l. aaewlalil <>nr opinion fM._-.li.
" — '-•—.'•ntlf
 ._  .nriHlfr ..
.I'rrlul wl let, wll huul .bar... la lie
Scientific American.
.1 haiaMoiinl. lllnatistaHl WMarf. law* .;..■
nilall.iii ol all. a,'l>'iillil" Journal... mill, lur
.......l., »..;. • jm, ooauwa tnualJ.   hulil 17
I (Wlia. "ii r St, Wa.MMIon. II. I'.
Makes lighter,
whiter, better
flavored bread
more loaves
to bag.
For Sale By
Z\\t aS-ttrofcurl
Knights of Pythias
CiM.riH.il. B.C.
Creei-enl   Lodge.   Ns.   JJ
Maata   every   Tu.ada|
at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
0. Porter O. C.
J. M. Boyca,
K. ol R. * a.
Vi.ltlug   brethren cordially   Invite*   ta attend.
Court Cranbrook Nn. °943.
Mwit in Carmen's Hall    2nd and
4th Thursday ol earh month.
Louis Pearson, Hae., P.O. Roi .'It
THE STANDARD Is th.' National
Weekly Newspaper of tho Dominion
of Cnnnds, ll In national In all Its
It lines ihe most expensive engravings, iiroi'tirliiK tlic iilititiisruiilis from
ull ovor ih,' world.
its nrtiolos are carefully selected unit i eiy forget the hen.
policy    1.
with an old bird instead of a pullet,
and to him the following may be
useful. Lilt up the wing and examine the bare skin just at the root. II
this has a dry chalky appearance,
the bird is probably old, but if the
veins show plainly and tbe skin looks
fresh the bird may be relied upon to
be young.
Eggs minus the shell arises from
one of two causes—either disease of
opiduct, or more probably, deficiency
of calcareous matter supplied, ln
which case a cure may be effected In
two days by making the drinking
water one-half lime water, To make
lime-water, to a quarter pound of
lime, Ilrst slaved with a little water,
add Bix pints ol water. Shake well
together, and wben wnnted pour off
tbe clear. Por disease ol the oviduct
give one grain of compound antimony
powder every, night.
Insufficient  attention  is sometimes
puld to tbe fact that green food   is
beneficial  to poultry.    Unfortunately
fowls almost  invnriahly    eventually
destroy the grass of runs ol limited
size.   A good and easy method of restoring same is to Iny loose bundles
i ol pen-sticks over as much of the run
nn can lie temporarily sacritlced, and
I even    where the grass blades    have
i been previously ull picked off, a good
fresh growth    ot tender green  grass
will soon establish itself, when    the
bundles can be removed nnd applied
to     another spot.    Fowls especially
appreciate this fresh growth ol grasB
Mullen, and will avnll themselvea of
the opportunity thus afforded them.
When you feed    the    young chicks
with a natural mother, be sure and
give her a good feed    ot grain first.
Many   chickens    are     lost     yearly
through     the   mother   not brooding
Ihem enough.   Many a beginner    in
his    anxiety for the welfare of   the
chickens, only places enough food In
tbe coop for the chicks, and complet-
8he Is therelore
Mine-Rescue Stntiou,  Fernie
SEALED Tenders, superscribed 'Ten
der tor Mine-rescue Station, Fernle,"
will be received by the Hon. the Minister of Public .Works up to 12 o'clock
noon of Wednesday, the 'ini day of
.luly, 1912, for the erection and completion of a mine-rescue station at
Fernie, B.C.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
tonus ol tender mny he seen on and
after the 17th day of June, 1912, at
the offices ol the Covernment-AgentB,
Fernle and Cranbrook, B.C. and the
Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C,
Bach proposal must be accompanied by an accepted hank cheque or cer
tificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works,
for the sum of 1250, which ahull be
forfeited il the party tendering decline to enter Into contract whon
called upon to do so, or if he fail to
complete tbe work contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will hu returned to them upon the execution ol
the contract.
Tenders will not he considered unless made out on tbe forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature ol
the tenderer, und enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Vtctoria,B.C.,June 14th,1912      26-2t
Coal mining rights of the Dominiou
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
weat Territories and in a portion ot
the Province ol British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental nf 11
an acre. Not more tlitin 2,5tiil acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application (or a lease must tie
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent nf the district in which the rii-lits applied tot-
are situated.
In surveyed territory tiie land must
be described hy sections, or legal subdivisions ot sections, and in unsur
veyed territory the tract applied lor
shall he staked out by the npplicunt
Each application must be accompanied by a lee of J.i which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahnll be paid on the mer
chantuble output ol the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
turnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting lor the lull quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon. II the eoal mlnine
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at leant
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mill
ing rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may he con
sidered necessary for the working ot
the mine at the rate of |10.00 an acre
For full information application
should be made fn the Secretary ot
tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ol the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. March 25-6m.
For a Licence to take and use Wnter
Notice Is hereby given that George
W. Rude ol Milton, Oregon, will apply lor n licence to take and use one
and three-tilths miners feet of water
out of Booth Creek, which flows In n
northerly direction through Lot 011,4
and empties into St. Mary's river
near Wycllffe. The water will be diverted at a point 375 yards south ol
the Houth Hue or Lot H1C4 in n timber reserve lormerly covered hy tlmhor licence No. 21907, nnd will he used for irrigation purposes on the land
described as Lot 0104.
This notice wns posted on the
ground on the 15th day of May, 1912.
The application will be liled in the
office ol the Water Recorder ot Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections may be filed witli the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria II. ('.
For a licence to take and use water.
Notice ia hereby given, tb&t I, R.
L. T. Galbraith of Fort SteK, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply for a licence
to take and use six thousand gallons
por day ol water out of St. Mary's
River which flows ln nn Easterly direction through the St. Mary's Reserve and empties into the Kootenny
River near Fort Steele.
The water will be diverted at a-
liout three-quarters ol a mile west ol
the St. Eugene Indian Village, and
will be used lor domestic purposes
at the Kootenuy Industrial School
being on part ol Lot 1.
This notice wns posted on tbo
ground on the ir.th day ot June, 1912
The application will be tiled In the
office ol the Wnter Recorder at Cranbrook.
Objections may bo Died wltb tho
suid Water Recorder or with the'Com
ptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
lluildlnga, Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent,
20-5t. Applicant
District  Division of  South  Kast
Take notice that I, Robert Camp-
hell ol Moyie, 11. 0. occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission t-o purchase the following ile
scrllieil lands:
Commencing at h imst planted near
the Smith West corner post ,,f l.ot
-W02, thence North In chains; tlience
West 20 chains; thence South lu
chains to the North Wost |ioinl of Loi
2801, thence Kast ji) chnins to tli"
place of commencement, containing
.10 acres more or Irs.- exempting
therefrom the lands covered by the
Hock  Hill   .Mineral  Claim,
Ilohart Campbell,
Dated May  27th,  1912 22-91
"LAND    AIT."
(District   "f  Kast  Kootenay
TAKK notice that Charles llrasloy
Senior of Waldo llrltlsh Columbln
Runcher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described Lands:—
Commencing at it post plnnted at
the north east corner ol l.ot 11231,
Group one. Kootenay district, thence
a»t 20 chains, thenco south 10
chains, tlience east on chnins; thence
south U.UI chains, tlience woat »i>
chains, theuce north 51.91 chains to
the point of commenconient and containing I r,0 acres more or less.
Dated this lOtll day of May, A. I).
Charles  Grasley,   Sr.   Locator.
Kdward Gurlleld  Stall!.   Agent
Located .llllll  April,  1912. 20.91
Notice is bereiiy gfveu that the re-
serve existing over Lot 9874, Group I
Kootenay District, by reason ol the
notice published in the British Col
umbla Oazette of the 27th of Herein
ber, 1907, is' cancelled.
Deputy Minister ol Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C., 18th May,1912.   Jl-LIt
SKALKD Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Needles, B.C.", will be
received at this office until 4 I'M
on Thursdny, July 4, 1912, lor the
construction of a Pile Bent Wharf at
Needles, Division of Arrow Lake,
District of Kootenay.  B.O,
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at this Depnrttneni
and at the offices of 0. ('. Worafold,
Esq., District Engineer. New West
minster, B. C, and on application to
the Postmasters at Needles, H.C,
and Victoria, B.C.,
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on thc printed forms supplied,
and signed witli their actual signa
lares, stating their occupations ami
places nl residence. In the case of
linns, the actual signature, the nature ol the occupation, mul place of
residence ol each member ot the firm
must he given.
Each tender must he uccotnpunled
by an accepted ctie,|iii> on n chartered
bank, payable to the order ol the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
of Ihe amount of the tender, which
will he forfeited if tile person lender
Ing decline to enter into n contract
when called upon to do so, or fail tti
complete the work contracted for.
II the tender be not accepted the
cheque will  he retinue,I
The Department does not I,nnl it-
sell to accept the lowest or any tender.
Hy order,
R.  I'.   DKrlllllCIIKHH,
Department ol Pul,lie Works,
Ottawa, Jane 5,  1912
Newspapers will not he paid lor
this advertisement if they insert it
without   authority   irom the Depart
(District ol Bast Kootenny.)
Take notice that 1, Coutts Lindsey
Chambers, of Hheep Creek, farmer,
intend to apply lor permission to
purchase the following lands;
Commencing at S. West corner   ol
Lot CI 17, group I, thence    west   40
chains, thence north 40 chnins, tbence
enst     40   chulns,   thence   south   40
chains to the place ol commencement
containing 100 acres more or less,
Coutts Lindsay Chambers
Dated  April iSrtt,  1912 •l»-!ll
Notice is hereby given that the reserve existing   over Lot 0623, Group
nne, Kootenay District, formerly em-
hracod in Timber License   No. 10727
liy reason ol a notice dealing, dale of
-Mth December 1907 anil published  in
lhe British Columbia Gazette ol 27th
December 1907, is cancelled in order
hat a sale ,,[ ihe snid lands may lie
ellecled   to   Klizaheth  dimming..
Kont.  A.  Fenwick
Deputy Minister of Lands,
Lands Department
Victoria, B, C
February  Sth   1912. S-JMo.
For a  licence to take  and  use wuter
Notice is hereby given that Qeorg.
W. llaile of Milton, Oregon, will up-
ly lor a licence to take and use oue
nil three-fifths cubic loot ol wuter
nt of unnnmed swamp creek ris-
ng in a tlmhor reserve formerly cov-
ii'ii by timber licence Nu. 21907,
ihicb Hows iu ;i northerly direction
llirougli I,ol. I.IM uud empties luto
Ilooth Creek near the north line of
Lot 0104. The water will be divert-
il at a point 600 yards South ol tb.
South lino ol Lot 0104 aud will h.
used for Irrigation purposes on the
laud described ns Lot 0104.
This Notice was posted ou tb.
.'round oa tile 15th dny of Muy, I Sli.
Iho application will he filed lu lb.
ulllce ol tbo Water Recorder at, Ciuu-
brook, B.C,
Objections mny he filed with lho
said Water Recorder or with tbo
Comptroller ol Wutor 'lights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, 11.C.
M. 1). KNIGHT,
20-5t Agent
Kor a licence to take and use wuter
Notice is lieioliy glveu  that George
W. Bade oi Milton, Oregon, wilt apply foi  u licence to lake uud use ouo
nd ttireo-tlftha miners feet of wutor
llt ol Ilooth Creek,  which Hows Hi a
northerly dfreotion through Lot t.lt.4
I empties inlo St.Marys river near
Myelitic.   The  wilier   will   ho  diverted
t   a   point  375   yards   South  ul   tha
South   line  ol  Loi  0104   iu  a  timber
reserve   formerly   covered   by timber
Licence  No.  21907,  uuil  will  ho  used
lor irrlgntlon purposes uu lho laud
described us Lot 61G4.
This notice was posted ou tho
ground ou tlic 16th day ol May, 1912.
Tho application will be filed in lb.
otlice ol lhe Wnter Recorder at Orau-
brook, B.C.
Objections may be tiled with tbo
said Water Recorder or with tbo
Comptroller of Water Rights, parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
20-6t Agent
take iilid use water
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Taeliilallser of Kort Steele, B.C. will
apply lor a licence lo take and use
nne cubic foot of wntor out of tbo
Wild Horse Creok, which ffows.lu a
Southerly dilcclioa along Lot 032 aud
empties into Kootenay Itlver neur
I'ort Steele.
Tbo water will be diverted at a
point near where Creok crosses Lot
1)804 and will be used lor irrlgatiou
purposes ou lhe land described as Lot
til Li.
This notice was posted ou tbo
ground ou tiie Uth day ol May, 191-1.
Tlio application will be filed in tb.
olllce of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook.
Objections   may   he filed   with   the
said   Waler    Recorder   ur   with    lb.
11 Comptroller ul Water Rights,  I'atloa-
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders
lor Wharf at lloswell. DC.," will be
received at this olllce until 4 p. m. nt
Tuesday July 2nd. 1912. for the con
.traction of a Pile Hent Wluirt at
Boswell, Division oi Nelson, Koote
nay District, 11. 0,
Plans,    speciUcations and form    of
contract can he   seen and forms
tender obtained at  this   departmentjmeni Hutl'liugs,  Victoria,  B.C.
und at the offices of  G. A. Keefer.EBfl j JOSEPH TABNHAUBBH
District  Engineer,  New  Westminster,! 2u-5t Applicant
B.   C, and   on    application   to the | — —— ■■■
Postmaster at Victoria, B. C. WATKlt   NOTICE
Persons tendering are notified that  —
tenders will not be considered unless Vor a licence tu lake aud use wnUr
made on ibe printed forme supplied,
ind   signed   with   their  actual   signa
thoroughly hungry, becomes restless, cannot
supply warmth lor the chicks, will
t not brood thom, and thoy gradually
Cheap chicken foods contain so
much Indigestible matter that tho
' chicks have groat difficulty in finding
enough nutrition from tbem to preserve life and muke them grow.
Equal parts of wheat and oatmeal,
woll mixed,  make an eicellont grain
 . ...—, ration.   Hard-boiled eggs, ground line
MADAM LAVAL'S "hell and nil,     oatmeal and     broad
Botton Root Compound Tibliti1 "■"'■■"■' *■*■"•■ '****• t»»i'",i«hiy mix-
avium nuui  •yuiM-Juuiiu  ........ ti t(Wt|l(!r   |g _]m M n|M (ooi
A -.aU.lAm.1! HKiillLAliis Th,    KnKu„n    Kfnmm    hns    been
lis    "illlnrliil
A subscription tn The Standard
costs $2.00 per year to any address la
Cuiiii'in or Grant llrlttilu,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing Co,,
Limited, Publisher..
are (loin tli. lima! lellahl. r.uieilii.'. known lo   __._-__-_*   ,u_.   .„  „',..„.      ,.,.,   ___,
i Lnni racii a. h. li»hnf u.oil witli miiclieucc.se 1 determined tnat ln lining     his nest
'VM'.w •» 'rT **• cr!„r
.laiiMnlii'ieiii.if iniMliuiioai.llai'ie. ol chicken lice and mltea.   Hia bablt
hl'lX, ?&?J"o,tnWiftS »« HO--* "•*"» «»"» t0 '»"»   •*"•■••
,.VH.> .«-•<..,.., ..»-.,    .  ■ ,VA, sou at all at giipro.,orbyniuii|otaTBe       »-—•» ..
Tulllng Brothers Cordially Welcomed i»taii»ii(-;*„al.ceikatiae>,<vat, .Um a menace to tbe Hock.
For a licence to tnke and use water.
Notice is hereby given, thnt I, R.
L. T. Galbraith ol Fort Hteele, B.C.,
Indian Agent, will apply lor a licence
to tnke nnd use one fifth ol a cubic
toot per second of water out ol Ht.
Mary's River, which flows In nn easterly direction through the St. Marys
Reserve and empties intn the Kootenay River near Fort Hteele.
The water will be diverted at a-
botit three-quarters ol a mile west of
the Ht. Eugene Indian Village, and
will be used Inr Irrigation purposes
on the land described ns the Kootenny Industrial School Reserve, being
helng n part of Lot 1.
ThlH notice wns posted on the
ground nn the nth dny ol June, 1912.
The application will he llled In the
oilier ol the Water Recorder at Crun
Objections may be tiled with the
snid Water Heroriler or with the Coin
ptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament
Building., Victoria, B.C.
Indian Agent
Dlatrlct nl Bust Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICB that Edward Gar
Held Htahl, ol Waldo, llrltlsh Columbia, llnneher, intends to apply lur
permission to purchase the following
described land'—
Commencing ut a post planted M
chains Houth ol the North West cor
nor ol Lot'9254, Group 1; thence
Houth 80 chains; thenco West 40
chains; thenre North HO chains; thence
Bast 40 chains to point oi commence
ment, nnd containing ,120 acres more
ol  less.
Dated this loth day nt May A. II.
Located oth ol May, 1912 2H.-.H.
The 101 Ranch Wild West Show
which will he here on Thursday J title
27th will give but one performance
ill Cruuhrook and Hint one at 2
o'clock in the alter noon. Tills was
found necessary owing to the long
lump Irom here to Lrthbrldge. It.
will he welt for nil to bear this in
inlnil. All ol the advance printing
announce* two perlormiinces but Ihls
was put in circulation previous t
the determination ol giving one per-
lormunce being reached, Reuieinber
the date J line 27th nnd the lact that
hut one performance nud thnt one In
Notice is hereby given that Win.
Dodges uf Moyie, will apply lor a
licence to taKe and use ouo cubic loot
•f water out "I au uunumed creak
using on Lot J247 and .inking on
same Lot, The waler will be diverted
tares,  staling their occtipntlona and
places  of   resilience,    .i,   the  case  of
firms, the actual signatures, the ua
tare of occupation, ami place of resl-i
lence   „l   each   member   ol tho firm ~M~ "^ "^jY'e_'_i„', "fn ft" south'
M"ml •"' m'" easterly   direction   (rom   the   North
west comer ol Lot 9247 aud will ba
used lot irrigation purpuses on the
land described as Lot 9247, Gloup 1,
Kooteuny Dlatrlct,
Each tender must I"'
hy au accepted cheque l
bank, payable to the
Honourable the .Minis
Works, equal to ten- per
ol the amount  ol  the
a ii chartered 1
irtlor  "I   the I
or   oi public I
rent  llll  p.c.| i
tender,   which
will he (orielted If the person tender
Ing decline lo elltei into n contract
when called upon to do so, or (all to
complete the work contracted lor. II
the tender he not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department dues not hind It-
sell lo accept the lowest or any tender.
Hv order,
ll. c   HKSltorilKHS,
Deportment nl I'ulillc Works,
Otliiwn, May llll 1912. 22 it
This notice was posted ou tba
ground on the 15th day ol May, 1912.
The application will he liled iu the
olllce ol the Wnler Recorder, at Cruu
objections may be llled with tbe
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament  Buildings,   Victoria,   B.C.
"ii-r,t Applicant
Applicant the afternoon will be lives.
(Section IH)
NOTICE    is    hereby given that
the   Dgtll   dav   of   .llllie next, appl
tlon will be mnde to the Siiperinlen I
dent    ol    Provincial    Police   for the1
grant   oi u licence lor the sale of liquor   liy    wholesale in ami ill..... Ibe
premiHi'H known as my store, slt.iiali'j
on linker Street  III the City ol I'l'iin-
hrook, II. 0,
a. o, Bowtien
Dated tbls 25th day ol May, 1912.      j
Makes Short Work of
iii"-i>-*>'!'i--.t hi ii RDptranily hoiiflHi tun »t
S linen, I, iiiiiliui'.., l.onl. Niiu rain in umi ttll nllieJt
i H in*, nf llhr-umt.it*. j-lr-ld alone*loAbliQti llrof,
lllimiimilli   ltn ly      Ulkl »" *.!■■*■■■ "f imti". it
i. <■ im.-ii mi lnni M-iit-r loilMiMomksnftulfarrr*,
ii'iiii u i from IipiU of Moriy nnd foi p ymti
I iin i M curing ini-ti, women ■■"■! rtiil-tii-ii tor
• li ih Ihni- mriiii'.l mi Inlii.    Juat ll  Tt-W  bottltf
. hivoeurtHl en .-. »f from w* t» BOywri1 duration
itml if I iv It Hiumls mil Lull**., nn ■ >|inrh, *:ttr mul
nli*aluicf| rrllnlilo iroaimeni fm nil "»rt<- u< nl <tm*
o in*-, weak kltlnn   -it*   Ul idollar bottloof
Abbott Bros. Rhtumatlo Bimtdy
i'id >   in   [Mini  nl   onci!    --'■"i   )-">r  ''""•  tmluy.
Nwit i-tr-i'-n-i bi M-i.-.tt I..".. *n s DMrmrnSb*
Cliteogo.   Ill, if>"ui   ilniiml'it clotM mil hftVI 1%
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. THK PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK.  B. C.
Cranbrook •» Prospector's
Great Prize Voting Contest
The Prizes will be given to the People who secure the most
Subscriptions for the "PROSPECTOR" and the Canadian Home
Journal   during  the   next   six   weeks.    Here is a chance to secure a valuable Prize for an
effort.   Contest is open to all respectable men and women, boys and girls of Cranbrook
and District.    Nothing is ever gained by standing back and allowing others to have the best
things of life.    Enter Your Name To-day.
Rules of the Contest
Any man, woman, hoy or girl, whose residence in within tin* circulation zone o( THK "PROSPECTOR-- may enter the contest.
No employee ol THK PROSPECTOR or member uf hla or her family
ih eligible.
Contestants mny nominate themselves or be nominated by a friend.
The name ol a person who places a contestant in nomination will not
be divulged,
THK PR0SPB0TOH reserves the right to rejeet any nomination with
out giving the reason tor no doing.
Contestants mny secure subscriptions anywhere.
Votes will lie issued according to tho advertised schedules.
Any payment may he mnde hy a person now taking THK PROSPECTOR which extends the subscription (rom the date to which the subscribe!
hus paid. Old subscribers, nn well us new, by paying In advance or by
paying pnnt due accounts will  help the camliitutc.
THK PROSPECTOR reserves thu right to alter any contest rule or
condition, except thai tho value of thc prizes shall not be reduced.
Candidates  must   turn   in subscriptions as soon iih received.
In entering the contest candidates signify their Intention tn bo governed by the above rules.
Nomination Blank
Voting Contest
I desire to make the following nomination -
Name *......„
Nominated by
Add rest*  	
Note- Tins nomination blank is .rood for 1,000 fn**- votes only one
nomination will be accepted lor each cnndldnte The names of persons
making nominations will nut be divniifM
Grand Prize
1. Two   Passenger,   1912  Model
2. $1,000.00 New Scale Williams'
Player Piano.
3. Trip to New York, Atlantic
City and Seaside, for Party of
Two, all Expenses Paid.
4. $700.00 In GOLD.
Second Prize
Upright  Grand  Piano
Four Diamond Rings
The Candidates  who are Third. Fourth, Fifth, and
Sixth will each receive a Beautiful Solitaire Diamond
Four Gold Watches
The Candidates who stand Seventh, Eight, Ninth
and Tenth will each receive A Waltham Cold
The Vote Schedules
June 2»t'n to July 17th
line  Yenr   $2.00
Two   '
Three '
.   6.0U
.   8.00
. 10.00
2000 votes
0000 "
12000 "
20000 "
30000 "
7.1000     ''
I wo   '
Three -
Ten     '
• 3.00
. 5.00
1000 VOtOB
jouo "
40110 "
11000 "
1001)0 "
30000 "
August 1st to August 17th
One Yenr   $2.00 1200 '
Two   "     l.oo 1500 '
Three "     6.00 7500 '
Pour   •'     $.00 13.100 '
■■'ive      "       10.00 l$000
Ten     •'   20.00 48000 '
line  Yenr    $1,011
July   1 St li   to   July   31
Two   -
.   3.00
. 4.00
5 00
1000 vn
When the PROSPECTOR nnd the Call
ndinn Home Journal nre together
ordered lor. the name name nnd address, votes nre allowed us follows:—
one  Yenr    $1.00
Two   ■
Three '
801) vn
$3.0o    1000 votes
    6.00   10000     "
.    •1.00    1SO0O      "
. 12.00   80000    "
Five      "   	
15.00   40000     "
30.00   90000     "
Information Blank
Please .end me dctnllod Information concerning tlio "PROSPECTOR" n
CONTEST" nnd the method to he punned to win one nl tha ninny vnl
untile prizes.
Address    • -	
Telephone Nn    ...'.	
How to  Enter the Contest
Nominate yourself or a Iriend today-THIS MINUTE Oall up on the Telephone No. 145 or drop a card to
the Contest Manager, nnd you will be supplied with the necessary Information nnd stationery, (let your friend
unit acquaintances who nre not tnkins THK "PROSPECTOR" to subHcrihe. If thoy arc already suhscriqers,
get them to pny all past due accounts and then lubscrlbe loi n year or more In advance. See everybody—It
makes no difference where they live. Yon will receive votes for all the money turned iu lor or by you. Write
to your friends—all ol them. Early energy spells success. Six short, weeks of hustling will make you the, *ivin-
ner of e prise that would ordinarily tnke y. n several years to secure. Yonr friends will subHcrihe for THE
PROSPECTOR and they will be pleased to help von. f'.ive tbem the opportunity. Clip out the nomination
blank nnd Hcnd or hum; it to the contest ullicc. everything will be mnde plain to you. You call win the
Capital Prize if you make up your mind to do so
The Contest System
All ol the splendid prizes listed in this announcement, and possibly others to be announced Inter, will ne
awarded on the basis of votes secured in the contest. Votes will be allowed on all subscription payments
ol $1.00 or more to the "PROSPECTOR" nnd the Canadian Home Journal. Votes cannot he secured In any
other manner than as above mentioned. A subscription record will be issued lor each payment made. This
record will show the name and address of the subscriber, the amount paid nnd what for, the number of votes
issued and the contestant's nume. A duplicate will be kept on Hie at the Contest Olllce to be counted by the
.Indues at the close of the contest. The Judginr. Committee will he composed,of represcutiitive men. ami tbey
will award the prizes on the night of August 17th, The contest will be divided Into three periods. Twenty
per cent, more votes will be allowed during the tlrst period than the second period. The third period provides
for a further reduction of twenty per cent.    EARLY WORK COUNTS THK MOST VOTES.
Contest Opens
JUNE 29th
Send in Your Own Name or the Name
Of a Friend TO-DAY
Address all Communications, etc., to
Contest Manager
Drawer "M" Telephone 145
Contest under Direction of the Northern Circulation Co.
Contest Closes
A Prize for An   Effort.   An  Effort for
A  Prize


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