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The Prospector Feb 15, 1913

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Array Provincial   Legislative Assembly
We Teat Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Guarantee You a Fit
/,      I '' 4e-i^-
I     FEB 31 [013    *
-^PRTK-i *.ejiii'il5 Newspaper
*•** -™-"--**^ in the
S2.00 1'er Vear
Meeting of City Fathers
Meeting Adjourned until Monday, Feb. 17th.
A regular monthly meeting ol tbe
City Council wan held In the Council
chambers on Monday atternoon.There
were present Mayor Bowness, and
Aldermen Erickson, Clapp, Kennedy,
Carr, Ward, and Leask.
Recorda ol the last regular and
special meetings were read and on mo
tlon ol Aldermen Clapp and Ward
wsb adopted as read.
A communication Irom the Unit En
gineerlng Co., referring to a settlement ol the Sewar accounts waa read
and on motion hied.
A communication trom Measra. Mc-
Galium 4 Oo. re concrete sidewalks
and connecting sewers waa read, asking tor a rebate o( diRereence between
the ccet ol cement and wooden sidewalks, tbe amount involved was 185.
Moved by Aldermen Erickson and
Kennedy that Measra. McCallum 4 Co
notified that allowance on sidewalk
cannot be allowed, but that a refund
would be made on sewer account.
It waa moved that the detegat on
from the City Band be heard.
Mr. J. P. Fink representing the
band, aald: Mr. Austin had assumed
the management of the band, and
that the band would ask the City to
give tbem an appropriation ol 150.00
per montb. The Mayor stated that
the application would be c'Lsi'crcd
and the matter attended re'.e red to
the Finance Conimlttc-.
A delegation Iron, im Young Mens
club was heard. Mr. T. II. BoaSel'd
aaidithc club was not a denominational in-tlttition and that the swim
ming tank would bold about 85,000
gallons and that in emptying the
same would auk for permission to em
pty the same through the aewer at
least once a week, and that a Iee ot
$1.50 be charged for s-me. The pe'i-
tlon was referred to the Wnter committee for conilderation.
Hr. J. Tnamer asked permission to
number the houses ln tbe city and to
lurniah street signa tor eacb and e-
very st eet. The street a gns to be
ol enamelled galvanised Iron. On mo
tlon of Aldermen Oarr and Clapp the
matter waa referred to the Board of
Wm. Bargett, representing a targe
number ol ranchers, spoke to the cou
ncll of matters pertaining to the
Pound Feea. The ranchers generally
desired that the Pound Fees be removed. Tbe Mayor .stated in reply
tbat It waa the Intention ol the coun
ell to amend tbe Pound and Dog Tax
W. B, MacFarlane In rising aad
that he was present to ask tire Council to give tbe Agricultural association a grant of 11,000 for the year
1918. Mr. T. 8. OiU stated that the
Provincial government would not
give the Association any grant this
year; alao that the Association was
audly IB seed of fundi. Mr. O'Con-
nell In speaking to the Council on
tba subject said thit he thought lt
was only right for the Council to
give this small donation, it would
ouly amount to about three cents per
The Mayor ln reply said: that the
ratepayers were loud tu rh?lr demand
for lower rates nnd tbat It was tbo
duty of the council to con-reive tbelr
interests as much as possible; but later on when the entlmatea wars considered il ths olty could do anything
lor the Association the Council would
do so.
It was moved by Aldermen Olnpp
and Oarr that the petition ot the
Cranbrook   Agricultural   Association
Loyal Order of Moose
AU holders ot receipts from Organisers ol tbe Loyal Order of Moose for
Oranbrook Lodge, No. 1049, are hire-
by notlhed that the charter for the
above Lodge waa closed on December
Slst, 1912, and tbat you are request.
ed to eommunlsate wtth the secretary
R. S, Garrett.
And further, tbat receipts lor Charter Fm Membership will not ba accepted nnleaa presented belore tbe ei-
plrntlon of 60 daya from that date.
By Order,
Fred W. Bwatn, Dictator
7-4t R. B. Garrett, Secretary
be roterrod to the Finance Committee
The   Finance   Conrm ttee then presented their regularly monthly report
aud  recommended   that   accounts to
tbe amount of (7,823.12 be paid.
$5-00   Bell, J. H. M.
7.80   Beattle-Murpby Co., Ltd.
10,00   Messrs. Beale and Elwoll
2*50   B.C. Gazette
109.65   City Clerk sundries
1.12  Cranbrook Saah _ Door
4.50   City L very
4.00  C. C. S.
202.''.tl   Electric Light Co.. Ltd.
162.69   ditto for thawing
62.19   C. P. R. frleght
53.70  City Transler Cof
6.25   Cranbrook Cartage Co.
44G.S5   Engineer's Payroll  (Parker
9.15   Cranbrook! Drug & Book Co
169.F.0   Canada Brass Co.
6.55   Cranbrook Bteam Laundry
340.(0   City Officials
6.C0   Cranston Novelty  Co.  dog
209.80   City Engineer's Payroll    c
250.00   Clroldltch, John—Auditor
284.20   Christian & Jones
8.1'S   Deacon, J, F'
10.00  Davie. Bros.  Electric Llgnt
22.1,5   Dozall, Frank
3.00   East Kootenay Livery
1I.C5   Best Root-nay Mercantile
2:0.00  Fire Pay Roll
8.00   Fink Mercantile Co.
10.00  Hnlsall, W, -poll clork.
60.00 Herald Publish ng Co.
»4.:i5  Telephone Lines
1.50   Lajole, Medley
23.10  Liddlcoatt, V. S.
2.03   McBride, J. D.
34.64   McBride, J. D.
8500  Neptune Meter Company
21.86   Parker, H. Y. (sundries)
12.50  Pnrrett, T. N-
7.50 Patmore Bros.
48.55   Parks, F. & Co.
380.001-olice Pay-roll
«s.:i5   Prospector Publishing Co.
25.00   Roberts, T.    M.    returning
2486.06   School Board Pay-roll
997.00   School Board Orders
432.00   Manual Training School
465.00   Wattsburg Lumbar Co.
9.90   Ward & Harris
1    7623.11!  Total lor month
It was moved by Aldermen Carr and
Olapp that the accounts be rendered
for thawing out pipes Insldo of property lines and collected from the ow
Moved by Aldermen Kennedy and
Ward that the request ot Mr. Hanson for an entrance to tho basement
of his building on Norbury Avenue
nnd that it be referred to tbe Board
ot Works.
It was moved by Aldermen Ward
and Leask that the assistant city engineer be instructed to make plana,
and estimates lor the diverting the
water ot the Creek which flows down
Edward Street and round pnat tho
Bchool house to and through th? 0.
P.R. sewer on Van Home Street.
A report from the Assistant City
engineer waa read, w th out regard
to connecting tbe St. Eugene Hos-
tema. Tbe matter was referred tn
the Sewerage coinm ttee.
During the sitting nl tho council It
was announced that Mrs. Hunt, wile
of Ex-Mayor P. DeVere Hunt hail
passed away
On motion tbe lollowlng resolution
was adopted—"Moveil by Aldermen
Oarr and Ward, "That this Council
out of respect to the late Mrs. Hunt
do now adjourn and that tho city
clerk do convey to Ex-Mayor Hunt
the condolence of this body.
Council adjourned.
Heavy Seas Battered
Up the Mauretanla
New York, Feb. 8.-Huch a battering aa lhe never before experienced
in her ocean voyages was the treatment the sens accorded the liner
Mauritania, which ended 11 tempestuous trip from Liverpool here today
On tbe trip a teak rail was torn
from the entire forward bulkhead
and the steel Itsell twlstod and bent
Inward for a length of more than 30
feet Plate glaisea halt Inches
thick were ahattersd and the overhang ol the bridge was ripped oil. ox
posing the wiring of the signalling
apparatus and putting some ol the
signals out of commission.
Snow Trampers
Mi'.s Eil th McBride was hottcss at
a very enjoyable enowshoe tramp on
Wednesday evening. The party consisted (if Miriae-s Stewart, MncDonald.
David, GartwrigUt., Darkies, HUcock,
Wheliwn, Pye an I Cranston; and
Messrs. McCr-ory, pye, Sullivan,
LaUbach, Newton, Davis, Morris, Raworth, Harris, McLean and McKwen.
After several hours of tramping
ihe hungry eiiowehoora returned to
the McBrlde home and did Justice to
Mrs. McBrlde's sumptuous repast.
After which dancing was indulged in
until the «arly hours.
Manitoba Solons would
Legislate Against
Winnipeg—A real oriental question
Is be ng forced by the province of
Manitoba. The government is fore
ing a bill through the legislature
which fiays that no person shall employ in any capacity any white women or girl, or permit any white woman 01 girl to reside or lodgo in or
work In or serve un bone fide customer in a public apartment thereof only
to IreijUent any restaurant, laundry
or other places of iiusiness or amusement owned, kept or managed by any
Japanese, Chinese, or other oriental
Mr. Bdltor:
Allow me to pen you a lew lines aa
one interested in Poultry.
During the month of January my
liens bid 708 egiis. I have 43 hens
and ke*p them in a house 10x18, pul-
iets and old hens run together. Their
feed was only wheat and oats, ..ran
mash about three times a week wi*b
plenty of oyster grit before them also water, tho water will freeze when
tbe weitber is cold enough, which
shows that the hen house is not
warm enough.
Hoping to read more about my
friends in Cranbrook and tbelr poul*
try raising.
I remain, yours truly,
Refuse Miners'Demand
A report from Ottawa received on
Tuesday, ls to tbre cflect that the
commi sion appointed to consider
tire miners' employed at SO mines in
the Knot-nay Dlatrlct, t'.:e board ol
conciliation hns brought ln a majority report declaring thc increase ol 80
cents i>«r day asked tor all classes ol
labor fn the mines Is not justified.
This report is slgneil by w. H. Bullock-Webster, chalrmnn, and C. R.
Hamilton, K. O.*, representatives on
thc board ot the mini- owners.
J. W. Bennett, ieprnse-rtatlve ol the
minor,., submits a minority report in
which he urges that the rrren bo grant
ed the Increase demanded, rrrgi rg tiie
lncreafed ccst ot living as the ctni.>f
ren<on for his decision.
Minister to Visit
Tho "Prospector'' Is in receipt ot
information that Hon. W. H. Hobs,
minister ol lands, will visit the Cran
brook and Fernio ridings In tbo near
Iuture. II It ls possible for the
Promier, Mir Richard MoBrldo to get
away, lie will accompany Mr. Boss.
Spokane Fair
The 20th Annual Spokane Interstate Kulr will be hold orr September
16th to 21st inclusive, 11)13. Tbe
fair ot last year and tbo success
whlcb wns attained will be well re-
inorrrbered by all those who made it
their purpose. Several ol Cranbrooka
tradesmen mado a prrrposo of being in
attendance last year and can speak
well for the laments accruing to all
who take la tire Fair. Tiro interests
nre almost International, therefor the
suggestions obtained aro of great
Overseas Club
A woll attended mseelng ol tho Ovor
sons Club was held llr tbo Carmen's
Hull on tho Uth ho.. I'roHldont l'l.
V. Drake mado a (ow remarks on tho
programme lor tb': next three months
which lunl boon outlined by the Eio-
riitlve committor.
Tho first mooting In carrli month to
consist nt reading th" minutes ot tho
1'lxoi'iitlve committee mooting, followed by a whist drive, Intermixed with
songs, lectures, etc.
Thc second meeting In each month
to be devoted to a dance trom 9 to
12 p.m. This met with a hearty approval by all present. These dune™
which wo hope will bo well patronized
w 11 be open to tiie public, making a
nominal charge of 50c. lor lady snd
gentlemen and 25c for ostra lady.
Good music will be. obtained and re
freshments served.
Tho tirst of the.se dances will take
placo on February 25th, in the Carmen's Hall,   The neit an March 25th.
After the programme had been endorsed by the members a delightful
evening was apent ln whist; lecture on
die West Indies by Mr. W. O. Cr.bbtn
and songs by. Messrs. ti. Sims and ti.
Ilougbum. The winners ot the whist
drive were—Ladies: Mrs. A. Strachan
gentlemen: Mr. H. Cridley.
The next whist drive and a locture
on thc great cngltah esploaer "Livingstone" will bo glveu on Mnrch 11,
for members ouly. The evening
came to a cloaj by tho singing of the
National Anthem.
Death of Mrs. Hunt
It te with deep regret that the Proa
pector has to chronicle the death of
Mrs. P. DeVere Hunt, wife of Mr. l\
DeVere Hunt, which occurred at 4 p.
m. Monday afternoon, at the St. Bu-
sene Hospital.
News of her demise was received
with sorrow and regrot by the community at large.
Mrs. Hunt, during ber residence in
Cranhrook, hnd endeared herself to a
large number of friends, both herself
und her husband have been active
workd'*-. in church nnd social circles.
Rhe leaves a husbnnd and three children to mourn her loss.
The deceased was the daughter of
the late John M. Bruce of Hamilton,
Ont., where she wns united in marriage to Mr' Hutu. WUh her husband
she has resided in Cranbrook about
12 years, and during that time made
a host of friends and acquaintances
who express their heartfelt sympathy
to the ber-n* -:d husband and children
The funeral took place on Friday
from the residence of Mr. and Mrs,
Harold Darling, Luu.i-.den Avenue.
Mrs. Hunt, her mother, nnd Mro.
Harry Hunt arrived Thursday fsom
Toronto to attend the funeral.
Bev. B. P. Flewelllng was the minister in attendance and Undertaker F.
M. MacPherson had charge of tbe
funeral arrangements.
The funeral was largely attended,
whilst the majority of the business
houses along the route were closed
during tho passing of the cortege. A
large number of local members of
the Masonic and K. P. fraternity
were iu attendance.
Meeting of Farmers'
The Farmers Institute held a meeting
on Wednesday evening at thn residence
of Mr. T. S. QUI. The meeting was
very well attended and great enthusiasm was shown as different subjects
wero discussed. The most popular
one waa Co-openation. A committee
was formed to take thla matter up
and report ne tho next meeting.
The delegate n, the Central Conven
gave his report showing the value of
those meetings tn the Farmers of the
Province. Several measures have
been passed during the Inst few years
hy the Local houas which was brought forward by the Central Conventions.
A vote of thanks wns then tendered
the host and hostess, Mr, and Mra.
rilll lor their kindness lor cntertnln-
tlrerrr after- tin. meeting snd served re
Corporation of the City of
PUBLIC NOTICR Is horoby (riven
thai the Court ol Kevin on will alt
on Wednesday, March r.tlr, 1912, at
the hour ol 111.30 a.m. lineal time)
at the Municipal IlulldlngH, Crnnbrook, 11.C, fur the purpose ol correcting and reel,lug tho aHstasmont
roll ol th" city nt Oranbrook,
Any poi'Hon complaining uf an error
or omission iu tire said roll shall
give notice ot bis cunrplrrlriL In writing lo the Assessor, and the grounds
nl his complaint, at lonsl ton (ID)
days hefore tho sltt rig ol the said
Cranbrook, B.C.
Corporation of the City of
In order to facilitate the preparation of osr mates for the prer-errt year
Ratepayers and Property Owners are
requested to file petitions stating any
work ln the nature of improvements
they desire carried out on ths city
property adjoining the block in which
they are Interested. Ry "Improvements" is meant: Construction of
cement walks, roads, culverts, sewers and nny work, other than relative
to water works.
NOTIS.—Petitions (or cement walks
will only be entertained when Blgned
by a majority nf the property owners
In the block froutlng the proposed
walk. Property owners pay a pro-
port on of tbe cost of the walk us
decided on by the council.
Petitions for Improvements orlrer
than for cerrrcnt. walks must Ire sign
ed by a majority ol the ratepayers or
property owners of the block.
Petition forms ean be obtained nt
the City Clerk's otlice and muat be
llled on or before thc 28th February
Approprfariorrs will not be made
for work other than ehat requested
by petition unless said work be deemed necessary.
OEO.   LEASK,      ...
Cha r-mnn Property and Works Committee. 7-2t.
The Hockey game at the arena rink
on Tuesday evening, between JaBray
and Crnnbrook was exciting, good
hockey being played. Crnnbrook
won by a score of fi tn 2.
The local buys were in Hire form ns
were also the visitors, hut the former
were determined to wipe out a previous defeat and the latter were unable to came through with tho goods
Tiie game was clean, nnd the excel
lent stick handling nf the local hoys
won tbem the game.
Items of Local Interest
n.   II.   Bohart
town Friday-
is    KTNH
of Wardner.
Elmore Staples of Wjeliffe. wns In
the city transacting business on Er ■
Thc Customs olllce has been removed to its new quarters in the
new Post Office building.
tt. Hugnrd of Marysville, waa in
town Friday. "Bob" says that the
snow in thc mountains it, at iea.it t.
feet in depth,
THE white is fully Cluaranteed
Wm, White of -Spokane, was in fie
c'ty Friday. Mr. White In an old
t mer 'in this district having been
here in 1893-4
Fred Blnmoro, A. Doyle, It. T.
Richardson, nnd T. T. McVittie all of
Fort Steel-, were in town Friday attending a meeting of the District
Conservative  Association.
Pressing and Cleaning neatly and
quickly done at Fink Mercuutlle fo.
Good second h.inil machines, all
makes, for sale at Singer Store, from
$5.00 up.     Also to rent.     Phono tf»7
LOST—A Black Velvet Belt with
ateele trimmings. Finder please vill
bring to this office.
Mr. Simon Taylor in now on the
road io recovery from his ifioent Illness nud is expected shortly to bo
out nnd attending to him.ness as u
Singer Sowing Machines thu world
over arc conceded the best machine,
Why? Because they have mude good,
h is no experiment wben you bay a
Singer, and you have the Singer To.
guarantee. This moans a whole lot.
SoM on small monthly payments at
Singer Store, •.'ranbrook St. Phone
Ole W, \ottllii, nan bursled n the
Wardner Gometry, The service was o
(Delated over by tho Rev. W. Stephen
The child wns two months old and
died very suddenly at the Nordeu
rnmp. Bull River.
N. Hnnson, returned home Tuesday
from n short visit to Portland V.
Hyde Baker nnd Oeo. Hoggarth who
uccompanlcd him have gone to San
Francisco, I.os Angel?s nnd other
Oalltornia cities.
THE WHITE is fvillv Guaranteed
Clearance Bale, end February 18th.
e cyt-iing 2"> per- cent of- Don't fall
to take advantage of this unle at th«
Model Variety Store.
■Tames Ferris, who wan injured on
Sunday by being run over by a mine
rar at the Coal Creek mine, was tak
en to the hospital, He is quite bad
ly hurt but nn bones were fortunately broken.
The Fernie intermediate defeated
the Cranhrook intermediates on Wednesday nicht at. Fernie. The scort
was 3 to 2 In favor of Fernie. There
was a lar ?e attendance of enthusiastic fans, and tbo boys dished up some
nterestlng hockey.
Colonel Turner of Toronto, will
bold special garvlcea in the Salvation
Army Hall on Monday, February 17,
a good treat is iu store for all who
can make it u purpose to attend.
A quarterly meeting of the Crnnbrook District Conservative association was held on Friday ovening in
Mathe.wn's hall, them was n fairly
good attendance, and matters pertaining to the district was discussed.
A. 15. Watts, of Wattsburg, was in
the city Friday.
H. L. Sawyer, of Marysville wub
In town Friday attending the Conservative meeting.
Thc Women's Institute social in the
Carmen's hall on Friday night was
a complete success in every detail.
The Kootenay Valley is an agricultural district with large areas of arable land of great fertility, and is
capable of producing much more than
is required by its present population.
The mining und lumbering IndustrllaV
has so completely occupied thc attention of its inhabitants that but little
attention hns been paid to farming.
South-east Kootenay, though rich In
minerals, coal, oil and timber, has
sutllctent agricultural lands to produce enough to feed its inhabitants
and supply the various mining nnd
lumbering cuinps of the district.
Mr. It. H. Rudd, representing 'he
British Columbia Magazine( was ln
Oranbrook tins week canvassing for
subscriptions to thnt. magazine. Ah
an inducement the llrm are giving a
way a lot In the White Hock Division 33x11.4, .vitli each subscription.
White BocK is a small summer resort
about 28 miles out ide Vancouver.
An extra charge afoo/e the usual cost
of the magaKlno is being made to cover the price of surveying. Mr. Rudd
>uts hooka I s-veinl subscription*, in
('ranbrook, unc mnn taking as many
as 9 of them, while others range from
one upwards,
The cold weathei nf the past tbi***
weiks has probably hit the umplny-
e;a of the witter department of the
city about ns hnrd as any branch of
the city departments. The men have
worked in tiie cold of the night snd
dny; ivany pipes hava bue-i fro/.' n,
aud thero is still a constant dmni nd
fnr the Juice wagon. ln mnny cu es
It has heen hard to discriminate as
to who should foot Uie bill, hut ibe
department are doing their hest to
Iteep the supply pipes in order ind
are Incited to sbnre the roels with
property owners. ©
THE    WHITE    IS    KINti
It is expected that the Finance Mln
Ister will bring down the Budget
spcec'i next week whith indicates Bn
early presentation of the provincial
It was decided nt a well attended
meeting nn Tuesday to form a Shake
spoaro Club In this town. A constitution was drawn up and it was unanimously voted that "Hamlet'* be
the Rrit plav studed.
This club will meet on Monday
sleighing parties, who desire a reed
^oo'l  time   will   do   well  to  consider
Perry  Creek.   It is one of the most
attractive places near Cranhrook.   It
There is   no sewing machine    made bas n tlr«t claes hotel where you will
iu -the same class as a Singer      The Hnd  warm nnd  plengnnt rooms,  al*o
public nt largo will tell you they are net a first class meal, tbe best that
the best   machine.—Singer        Store,   mon«T c«n procure,
phone 157 THK   WHITH    IS    KINO
FOR SALB—I have three .'.-roomed
plastered houses for sale at reasonable prlco>; and term**. Also I'ortuble
Tie Mill. Most any offer takes tbls
Phone 318,  Kd.  ShncUeton.        *7-4t.
Pressing nnd Gleaning neatly and
iltilckly  done at Fink  Mercantile Co.
During the rece.-*s the Liberal party
was f>eling the pulse ol the aleotor-
ate. The result was not favorable
for obstructing the Borden's Naval
Spr ng shipment of Implements,
Wagons, carriages, JTJ8T IN. Call
und see our stock-CRANBROOK
THK WHITE is fully Guaranteed
Ted Wntts of Wattsburg, was trans
acting business in tlic city ou Tuesday, and lncldentty attended the meet
Ing ol the Agricultural Association
during the evening.
police Magistrate Joseph Ryan left
A ulii'ht fire in q bedroom over A.
Nicholas1 Shoe Shop on Armstrong
Avenue brought out the Fire Dept-
on Thursday afternoon, The Are
was emitted by the children playing
with matches, which set lire to some
clothing and extended to some loose
paper on the wall. The fire was extinguished by Mr. Nicholas belore tba
arrival of the Fire Brigade.
The house-seeker should near In
mind that in the Cranbrook District
can be obtained as cheaply as lands
fn any portion of the uorth-west.
The price varies with the location,
local production never exceeds consumption. The mines and lumbering
camps of the district furnish a borne
market for all kinds of home produce. Kvery acre of cleared land ls
sure to yield a crop the year It Is
planted. The climate ia perfect and
one of tbe prlnc pal advantages of
this district iB the unlimited range
for grazing. The prospective settler
can find land to suit most any kind
n buslnsn trip to California last "' *■""■"•- •» th-jCruDbrook district.
Tuesday,   He  will  visit  -*rirr Krrinrls
co. I.os Anseles, arrd ..ther southarnl -  —
,      The <lre|i nrrow ts driving wild an-
polnts More returning to Cranbrook
  I minis clnsar to tire city.   (lu. Cham.
THE    WHITB    IH    NOISK1.KHH    | hers   hod   aonM csperlence with two
eotlgars on Monday. He lives about
throe mill's north ot town, and when
wiilklni; Irr to Iris work saw two cou-
crrrs neur the rond; be reports that
tils collie dog w-iis attacked but got
1,-vj.y from rh.' animals wtth a taw
scratches. m
The mnn wns frightened hence can
not give n clear nud ...ini.rebeualva
InaratlVS ot wlrtit wus done.
Proiaing un.l Cleaning neatly and j Stopl Itond tills' Irron Head, best
lUlclily done ni  Kink Mercantile Co. jfllrish, Singer   Sewing Machines    are
sold lor (60.00. Tcrrnn: IS 00 cash
anil t.'t.Oil per month       No tntasrest
| SSS.00 II pnld regularly nt JS.00 per
month,   or (50.00 rash.     So you sew
' tln-v cost very little more than the
chenp mrii'hlne and you kuow you
have the heat mni'tririo nu tire market.
Il'hnne 157 (or a tree I mil lor onn
w,,-oh      This will convince yotl.
Closing out. our s och ol Mrs. Lea's
I'lcklet,, regular inc. line, now ar.c.,
every bottle guaranteed—Cantpboll $•
Ti.nlght nt thc BtllSOn Theatre will
he nlii'Wh the sperlnl three reel lea-
lure entitled "Aulo Bandits ol Paris'
also "Kelly goes to War" and the
"Threo Corne'iil  Wadding,"
Next week there will he .avrrnl
ii|ieclnl Isatlires at the Kdison Thon-
tre Ineliid ng the "llreul Mine Dlens
ier." Three lllins roe the l,e.t thut
money enn procure nnd nro interist-
Its-a. nml Instructive.
The   lulant    son
ot Mr. ami Mra.
A Modem Romance
Bald triumph-
alow mo with
io the devil's
»atly concern'
Wanted Good Farm Land
We have clients who will pay ca.lr for Improved or unimproved faritt
Quote legal dlact-Ipllon, Improvements, bed price nnd terms. A good
Investment-! Is worth a life of labor. Let us obtain lhls by cxohanglie
Wbat you lmvo for what you want. Whirr have you for nalo or exchange''
We hive Investments for ?100 upwtu-d lu Winnipeg wliere lho population is increasing 110,000 per year, building permits for 1019, $20,000,001),
which is sufllclout guarantee llml prices will ilmible Jn the ensuing year,
Wrlio for liar or Investments.
Good representatives \vnut6d al every point,
22 Canada Life Building Winnipeg, Man.
Daddy's Bedtime
When Daisy's
Lillle Friend
Moved Away
Daisy Wrote ts All
ths Ciila.
looks I
ley li'.
'The case  ;'">
suit braini
■' -ye-
Tire L.-.test Sunijestlon
ill have
ain't floor Craw- i ***"■ s'"'"'     *5ve" "Kl1 stimulant did | Advanced lirsislatlon wo al! must nd-
,„!,     ^jaag llOl       IS'Sl'     hlS     SpI'VUS     UlUl     lit!     ViCWCtl IllJl'P.
Ure do:  befot'o him Willi dread,     lie]     Tiro" most of it Is lull a bubblo:
1 am sur.- ot 11
t, but ii Iscvl    -yo}'11"!   ■'":"   '■
tolls       vYo Irnow tlmt  '"'■"l   "     " " '
Inckgunrd, brrl  I  ler-i Vl"'S
reputation Is nor ba;!.
!"t other people knov
'er, and so would Miss
must avoid that,
in his I Thnt p-edoi-nl Bureau of Wornon's
rin.-l I        tiro
uot      Would   prove   but   ft   bureau     of
He caugh   .*■ tral i which would en-;   -—
abi.' hiru to roach tho pollco court     When Uto average man does make
jusl in  in)  for tho bear-lug, but when ■'■" honest confession, he makes It In
he an-ived he found   that   tho   case | strict confldenco to himself,
would not bo hoard till twolvo o'clock.      ,.      , " ' " j
Uo st oiled along tho front, and tire     QlT0 ""' ''•-'> •' !M dinner lull and
:,,.,;    :.: oze drove awaj it little r-wl" io liil';- liml ho will he happy,
of hts dospondoucy; hut as ho return-     A llttlo le
Brann Is
stand lhal
w hat w-» '<■
You WOl
s afford,
pos.lbh .     If not-
Then v, e musl .-., ■ whal we km
Don't consider lire, sho mid Urnil*
t.'!   vo" '' "'  '■ '. "'''a'i.L'audi cd he snw'inium'ilor'im'mi'uro^uieTl o1^ ;" ':" "Ig couci il lhal goes with I the right thing nt tha right time,
.ho did        ' ■- '-!"■     Willi htm wero two gentlemen,  *'• "'Wo musthave a farm rli i
In  lhe    ...     ■,    frawley   Brann i   I Bn   i started i-lol nily when he . ;';   ," imon are known I     I   hi
vas in the depths i f di spnlr.    When   saw lhat one of thom was .Mr. nan:.-, t*"c*s '■"-■' i-upport.
he |i ft ths ho ■.: Ire kuov, not whal top, the K.C, who was tamed for his ,,.,...'- N
,Io       Hi   bad never Inteirded to go  criminal d fences  and his i rarer of  „~™J'  -"L0"10    ExM"*    N«rv";-
"o Wrivlii r-ilr"-, foriber thi   (|cr anrlnaU,       [Ir    li   -   bar   ,N «<• _*>, _»«___>,;    '!'.'•:.•".■'   "'.;
UL best of Mends must some day part, daddy bud Bald Tfkoa Jack told j
lilm that his friends st tlio ooriroi- were going to uiovo away,
•Tes, and wo s'pose we'll never boo lliein nnv more," wnilcl
Evolyu. ;
"Oh, it may uol, be so li.-rd as nil lhat," daddy answered cheerfully, "Wlier*!
si's tliey joing lo ruovo,"
It lurried out lo bo only lo llie uexl town, an.l d.'idd.v laughed,
"Dearl dear! Hull's Just no movo Bt all," ho snld.   "Thoro nne Daisy mid i
ber- friend Battle.  Tliey had been frloffds for ever so imniT years.  Then liar
tie's father found out tlmt It was best for thom to llvo In Ibe city.
"Daisy cried when she hoard tlio was lo loso llnlllu.   And Battle cried I
when sho learned that she must mors sway from I'nlsv and all lier nice
friends In the country.
"Grandpa talked to Daisy nnd told her what s Jolly pines the city mis,
wilh candy shops on every COl'UOC mul UiloresUng sljlilK iiii every baud.
"Daisy said thnt would bs very nl.'o for lisilie, hut, oh, whal would sbs
'Then mother spoke I'p-soniii wa.v motliora seem lo know Jusl borr lo ■•<-
It's all rlshf. my dear; go -nliead,
and call mo down.
1 will, and you deserve lt, too.
That's rigid. Hub It into mo trow.
Havo Uro last word If you want to.
Hnve the last hundred words, if yon
like, but I'll got 0V--1 with you.
Oh, you will, ell!
Ves, you bet I will. I'll square this
little iti'gninont,
And whnl may i oBit are vou going
to do?
Do! I'm going lo vole against glv-
lull you ilu. ballot; that's .what I'm
suing to do.
And wiiii u tWirmphant air ho walked out ot Ilio bouse.
 .      . |    ],,,]„,,
Do yon bellovo lu love at flrst sight' j lhat tht
or course I (|n, my dear.     Du you | manner-
supposo I'd liavo urni'i'iod your rather     l'njor—Gad, ys
If I'd taken it scooud look. , my money in It.
Constipation -
Is SR enemy within the camp. 11 will
urrderruinn the strongest constitution
sod ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness,
impure blued, bad complexion, sick
headaches, arrd is one ol die most
frequent causes of appendioitls. To
neglect it Is slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills positively cure
Conslinuiion. Tliey, are entirely
vegetable in computation and do not
tlilcrn, weaken or gripe. Preset\e
your health by taking
Dr. Morse's    M
Indian Root Villa
mi muat ad
is very p.ilis
l can nlmust
buti bio ■ • d foci It o dlgi .-:; m, as i:i.-
parly before she moves.'  Daisy began lo get!
ready for lbs party.
"Afler the luvltalloua bad been sent Daisy was L.*|.| inuy thinking about j
ths pretty new dress sho was to wear, tho nice thinga Itio.v wero lo have to !
eat and Cio Jolly tames lliey were r.i play.
When (ho dny of die parly como Dais) om ready to welcome her friends I
The best for
all occasions
Always suitable. Always stylish
So doubt yon will be pleased  to side showed I  n
- tlrcy havo arrested Mr. Sey- bell      iki    Li        case, and he smiled
inoui', he udded quietly. gi-        as    •• nrade nis  ...
Crawles Brinn turned to him quick- ir.      Even -.licit rs' bench rv.i
I iiad ....'. heard tl at,   ltd he. ■•   ■ sai -.
'i'iiey liavo   only   Just   taken   bim      -      i up
sway from hero.     1 thoughi tin n "
would .uteres! you, tin   manager nd to  the   Hankers'
d.d significantly, who had und
Bognor was sn small i   pi
fr-awley li
\ ■     young lad; '   ni I ..
was        Lhe i '■ ..■ isl Ip quay,  whore'
a    i tr:. girl ■ I  Ing   0*6   . ,
in aa idi ter   leji. ■ I
and d spatr.
Poor .  •
Sho   ) prabahl)   alone
*   I  n  stranger,      li'1:- p le      seks
■.'.'.. ell of a broke!
.. ■     nit     . - ti  thy
.   ; -■,'.-.
F. tnd rful]
the city soon,'
"'And my niolhet -ays you must come often to seo me here lu Ihe country,' said Daisy,
"•Why, If It's coins to be IiU« tbst; Untile said, 'moving isn't so bsd.'"
kod    .   .
did nor rule to go lo
iiiii.thor hotel.     According., hi   I ■■',    : ■•     id B
train to i hi ■ u iter nr i  tel   ed him-
..-.If thi re       llo did not rem rmbi     ',: ' ' ■•'   ■ :'
he had nol  lasted food since break   ' ■''   •• -
fast, bul ,."■:'- to his roi rn and order   i   A
the waiter to bring trim a bottlo of r
brandy and ., syphon of soda xa .        '■'*    '   ■ I' "'
He realised tin I he i i    at thi en I  '
of his resources, and Ihero   ■'.-' but
little prospect of obtaining    .   I oney ! HAPTER  '-.'.■
tlml  ho ."i  u.'geutl}  needed.   There Seymour rn 	
• .an still  an mf charreo tha!   Ullda   Inga arrest and looked I       .       Ertrj    lay  '      have   letters  trom
Brarit might pay him, If ho could hold   ■ lund    '■   ■ rvbl   tin    '   •   ■'•'  mothers    telling   rrs    what
out  r.i her hopes ot being  able   u  found    i  ns For   .■ b    ■     i-'sOv,,   r.,',iv.^
savo hoi  1: ver ho ghl  he   ... i di aming mem-
jj,.  (ya« i inffden   llml   should  ii    ,;:.'      ,:i ■'   :r:i' l nnd he i se with
not losn his liood, Vaughan' Seymour\\shudder      I!"   ,-as convinced
would bo commlr cd for trial ror forg-   ,l":"  ■ "■ ' ' ' '•' ■' ' ■ ';" helng c a-
ing the cheque, for Iris Pliuis had heen h'icted, and  II  was from i   sense oi
loo carefully laid to odiull ot mlstako; outraged prldo that ho bu«   ed
Thero wns tha visit'thnt hi mlgln bel    A* *>n  early  hour  Hiram  Horner
cross-examined witli reference to bis came to seo him, und ho brought  a. .     ,
denlingn with Lady Barton and Vera '°ng lo  er from Hilda, which Sc* s Own Tablet
Stafford, but ho counted upon their | eagerly n   I
'■ .  Httle ones,    S  -■■.  pr.!.;~ them
| for constipation.  Dtbera for teething
-. and  BtHl others Cor vomit-
ng,  Indigeaacn and the many other
; ilia oT babyhood and childhood.   We
ave  : i ■■•. ■     Ehousa idi   of le)
': eWin«   oraiee.       Mrs.    "V\
Cro« . Midland, O
Dr-sseil tn Man's Clothing. Mrs   Mar
guerlte Kibv Tr.ivelc 3&00 Miles
:       *i irgui rite    Itohy    has    re*
. :        ' ■   L/3Udo:.     after   a   3B00
Ue Journej iu the Congo. She Traveled lu tniau's clothing, and was at*
tended only by a constantly changing
company of huli-eivllized blacks.
Mrs,   lioby,  who is still Buffering
■oni   the effects of tropical  illness,
■.-'"■' I her adventure iu uu iuter-
She was frequently deserted by her
porters und guides and left stranded.
Sho narrowly escaped death in a
charge made by a herd of wild but-
falos. She Bhotrfour oi ih. aniniala
in less Lhan twenty minutes, wheu ail
hor attendants had fled,
ln many districts she was iho first
white woman to ho seen by the nat-
English woman    Places      Proverbial
Father  of   Evil   In   Favorable
A novel and entirely new
conception of saiau was nn inter..j'.-
ins feature of tho Hon. Sybil Aim
herst'B dramatized version ol the l.oo.i.
of Job, performed hy iho Norwich
Players at tiie King's Hall. Coveut
Garden, on November 28, I
Instead of following the popular notion, satan was represented as Au
Angel of Trial.
Many learned professors have indorsed tliis theory, reading the Bool.
of Job, as meaning Umt iffctan only act- f
ed as a judgo of (Iig evildoer. Instead j
of being tho Evil One himself. .
Miss Amherst's reading (.1 Job Is
that satan is depleted as one of the!
Sons of (Jod-'or-iiie Elohlm,
He is represented,1' said Miss Am-
naLnral  dialihe ot publicity   to  uai
lilm front that,
lite ihougfets wenl ahead and lie
tieoldotl that i'i Uio event r>r Vauglmii
Poymour bolng committed fur trial ho
would propose lo Hilda thnl h-- should
disappear abroad in eousldornllou of
Sho is ;i dear girl, he said, .* to
himself, ",i-*n ho had finished.
Itnukin will b»* here econ, and you
musl tell him ; our story,
ten you mean the famous K,*.'.'.'
. -...
Hut thai will cost a irenu ndou I 1   ,
her giving hlni  a  HUfflclenl   aum  ofl aud I shatu hn ablo to pay his fee, stor—\*ew  Elmer pon v. u tell
!»«■ '    \ caable hln. to make good      A„ yon toore to do la to mind your me what a geSuemanls?
Wi flofiUcatlaiM ana to gIvo him a  own  business.   1  am   looking  after\uMz^ ES-Ye?  sir    He's    a
1'n.i ninl iu.-   ,i|,|,i'-i.i'Mi    iiiiii    uro er-vai-'ls, . ■   ,:,,.■.
mvonl of Dnm ii-ii'ii u:.n Hiulaloed by     h lvaa 1(1>; m[i] hn nttrce_ „, ■;„. 	
n very Blouilor lln-ouili nnrl Ural n-i; I jmii.-r, 0oui-t thnt Vuugban Irtrrl bin in-
inomrnl ll mlslil fall. tervlotv   witli llniiKin.   wbo   listened
Jto%g1id1'ti!r,?0wul!.e.. Kci,™'lo nl' r",1,0'.'. ""w" ' " "'1!' '"" T'n''   ■  ■   ;    Suiall Tommy burl We flnKer and Wn
looklnff-lilii.il.     M.« Iii-o w«a -.brunt!)   „„,,„. ,„. r,.„j;„.,„,,.     „v „,n b)1,  ,| ^ u> ^^
Ives.   Orr one ocoaelou she liad a live-
-Ui'y !'<>:lr °r two in a wild, almost Irar-1 heret yesterday, "us Iho   Angel    of
°„  ' bailo pan of the lower Congo.     She I Trial or-the Accuser.   Ills function la I
: had only one lilacl; boy lo escort her i to search out and weigh tho deeds of
and the Bat down by tho side of :i|men, to see if their service 10 Uotlj
narrow road. i Is perfotly ilisirrierestcd or rrot.
Everything  was  still,  Mrs.   Rohy ,    It is only. In Inter years that satan
said, aud t)io country around seemed  was thought of as nn evildoer, probes lonely and iiiiinliabi'ed as a ions ably owing ro tho misiindorstnudlnj I
forgotten graveyard.     In a moment | of his function ns judge.
two  or  three thousand  savage-eyed j    Among soholai'a who ure lnterenlotl
in this theory, aud who will probably
attend the performance, are Prof. A. !
9. Poake. of Manchester University; j
bshv wheu trnuh-
led with constipation and they helped
her so much I always l:r"p them In
thc houso and new use no oilier mod- j
ieiiie."   The Tablets arc sold hy med-j
icine dealers or by inall at 25 cents, a bIack Berf wllh 3 aud „,„,., ...
box from The Dr. Williams  Medicine  peare(1 as ., ,,okl Ule g,.oimat '-_„',.
o. Ont. I surrounded mn.     The men v.-ere re
pulsively ugly, and fearsomo streaks
Mlnard'e Liniment Cores Coldi, Ac.
snd each Iin- upon ii hnd rlor-porrod. I hought n book at the station this mom-
Ills nyew wero hioodHliol nud !il» imi"!   (,,a in n Vuiiglinn Seymour
iromMeil «s bo n-fiilu J'li.-d lho glrrs-i     .j.|,„{ i:l ,„!,,,., vaughon suid eng i
'"   iliri   li|»M. ]y
Ho look on*, lilx   sovereign   purse,   ",,..,    .        .,,. „■ ■     ...
.^:i:^t%;::.:',•.„,;:::;;,r,\.■.- :^n,;.:,o-:r"ii Xui lS I
1 ft'worth a few UiouBttUd copies.
Ity thfl bye, havo yuu had an an*.
iiiii  covered  with  Bllvor papa*, a*. Ij
hold   i'   between   hie   fingera.      lila
hand slowly roue to bin mouth, bul
he drew It bach aitddonly.
No. \ will figbl ii oul to the bitter
end, Mtor dl, Ihero la a chanco. '
lie Carofull) replueed tho |»ill, and
Ihrust ihi- enao bach In hi*** pocket,
lie wont l.» iiis drosalug caa&uud rum |
bled aboul for a while, and thon un-
tin um i wul ...■'" on lho bed.
A nllghl lii.-*.- ;•- the hypodermic :,..-
I)-di»ii*. wine m-my eye? yet, m-mam-
ma, ahe sobbed.    I atnt done c-cryln',
Warts .ire dlLflBureinonts that dls*
anponr whop, treated with nolloway's
Com Cure.
wer to your \.ln* from Ilrann? he ask*
rd of Mr. Wilson, tno solicitor who
wan Instructing hint.
Not yet, if iiflccssarj wo must askl
for nn adjournment,
Vt Inst Vajghan was usliered luto
the court by a policeman, una he,
threw bach hte Bhould era and gave aj
half defiant look at tho gnplug crowd;!
Imitation humor may provoJfe more
genuine lnn^hf.cr than the real tli lug,
Somo men nre modest enough Itt
admit that they only know everything
worth Itnowlng,
bul bis - yes Immedlatoly
Hilda who gave him   a i
tigled nm
T< ai her Ts (here nny  connection
etween  mind and matter?
Smull Boy—Yos, If a   boy   doesn't
somethlii*; the niff
riugu Kintknl In Um HOlnlion of mdr of PUCourageinent
,mii,. Ahnofil yleioualy ho thrust 1:,. hI;j(;(l ,n UlG ,,I(I.K a:, i fyeed ,„e
Ho needle Inlo hhi arm, and PU«he>1 jnaglBtralea, his lips drawn Into i
homo the piston, il. Inj bach n Uio Krln) |ino, ,,,. MBWored the charge-
,Hl !l".'1 " :* r: '■ "; ,Vi,f- ■", " M-' In .- firm roico, and almosl Immodlotd I
bronthiUK  betokened  Bleep. thp. eouneel for lho bank rose and
In the morning .-aliened, weak gave ri nhor( resum   of the facts.
and trembling, and b fore in al ■■.;;.' j    Vaughan started violently when he
■  ■;;       —. ,   - ii i of tho discover) of Lhe acid In
, bl i   ;■ ih and hte fae • i xpressed i,;
I utter bt (rlldormt ut.       llo   Hsteni 1
[ with  strained attention, and H sud*f
' donl ■  &ecmed to him
; as Bl
W:   li
or any
mm Ira
Ui.til She 'A>t3 Nearly Crazy( Began
with VVatery Bligters. On Ears,
EwSj Hands and Ankles. CohIJ
Not Sleep for Scratching. Cut!*
curs Soap and Ointment Cured.
■ i.- ■       '. ■        ;.    i
hml i* verj I ■' l'b»tro .'..-•
bcgRn '■■'" . ' ■ :   •   ■ I li':"' i ao ■
hurned inlll ' hi ' n* en . ll wanun
my rari.  ■ .■■■■- . twl ■    '■ .   t could
nol keep ■ het\ \ .- o' « ua ■■'. ntght
top thft iomrtliti i     .   .-!■-' ears
■would***.!!. I wouldicrsttfl ui i 6blood
lrould r to and ihm form a ■ ib, i i » u
if] could '-•«•■ aknlfi   - Uio tl   i ....
myhuidj. ll .*■• litdlaflnu inij Rteesml
inal •■ 11 ■ inart : nd bura i id i »*■'' I ce :!■!
not itwp ..', algl' fi r    ..   lUoi.
■■i tried •*. .-;■ ■'! un t l» ird *. irittio it
<vr ihk ni'. benefl i -' i loll of non.H
rsmedle*. ita ii aa iar-.i nnd lulphur, u»-l alio
Waa ireated for j , Thnn i tried I 'i li ira
MoapandOlntmon andtbs; ta imegre
tUftM. I i-.-lI Ui«n ihi nt Tour monlbaand I
amb&pp] '•" »J I ■* " •■-*■'"''"■ '''-"I aov.
'1'hcCtiii' urn . oap .tr.' ■ Untme I ruml ma
completely."   t*ltaeti  Mw, *.. fl, Thomp*
twn, Mir. 0, I'M.'.
Tho regular ueofC itlnra Snap for toilet
and bath uol onlj tendi ti art* one, purify
and bfsutll. tbn ihbii RS '•'- tmli" I nd btad .
bul Mlllll Ifl I    '.-ir.ni' lnH«mr,-ultiiii. Irrl-
m\ imi and i Uniting <-r I lm poi -1 -. i boconunon
ifuie ff plnipli -■ I l»i id ■. radi •    nnd
roughne-u yellow, ollj\ niotlij RudoUieriui«
arjioli omecondtl on-iofllio kin, Ciitleum
,*<".» god ■' il ■ hm Oliftsnint are iotd
ilirouihouh Ibo world, Lilm al wimple or
eacb limited free -ahh 11 u. HUin Hook,
AiMreN ptwl, curd I'oiier llrug a. CliBftt.
■Cory, jmr.i. ill', UosUffl, i .;.. A.
I, jir -■ ii ■ .1 n  blach appear-
that li   bad no   li inglni I to bs
■ ii- ■ dblo.
Tho ■ . . atemen
and . pi ■.   M .   C'n .'ley
1    i'ou ■-.*■■
,    i . .-.•.
• Did j'oii
I did
'    ;. ' d
i      ii
I did.
,   .  ■
I To ■ ■   ■   ..       .   .'
er One Humlrfld Dollars Reward
'■1.--0 o* ..''.ti.i'1'li thiit -jaimcit be
Knit's Cnlan-h Cnro.
.T. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
We, tho undfi-fliimed, lmvo known 1'.
I. Cheney for 'ho lael IJ yeai-A, nnd be.
hero him cerfeoll*  honest in nil buelnese
'.:•.*:. ■. Uo tn an . nnanclolly i-l*l.-» I.-, carry
■ut any ohHtratlon" mnde l,v bin firm.
\;in.l.-...i- Dragglstfl, Toledo, O,
IlaH'a Catarrh Cui*e i.. inkcn Internally,
liai   the cose   -: Una 'hr etly upon the blood nnd nme*
'   ■..» utirfac  : <-f tho system, Testlmontnh.
aenl fi*eo.     rtico 75 cents   ner   bottle,
Sol 11     nil  Dmgfilsts, ■'
Taho If i'J'3 Fan liy fllla for constlpa*
of brilliant red paint marlted out tho
lines of tholr eyea and mouths.
The chief demauded Uiat 1 should
stay In his village, but I refused.
Fortunately 1 hae my revolver and sev*
eral gnus with me, and that Beumod
<o terrify the most evil-looking of my
unwelcome visitors but, it was a long
time before I could Quite placate
them. Thc chief I heard later had
Bounded tho war drum lhat night and
had railed his peoplo from mlleg
around to seo the white woman dance,
but fortunately fo$ the audience I did
not attend.
Mrs, Roby hag n very poor opinion
of the native,1 of the lower Congo.
She doolaroa that the niisaioi.arioi,
havo spoiled Lhcra; Their insolence
is absolutely abominable, sho said.
T wou't work, they will say, and if yoi
touch me I -.hall make a report t>
the magistrate.
My e:;pcrienco has taught me tnat
the mission boy Is the biggest rogue,
thief, nnd murderer, even th..t one
ean Hnd.
This Is Die second journey, Mra.
Rofey haa undertake,! In tho Congo
and Jn all she has covered some 8v00
m'leg through soma of Uio wildest
and most Isolated parts of tbo conn*
Canon Kennelt, reglus   professor
Hebrew,  Cambridge;   Canon  Driver., |
rogius professor of Ilobrew, Oxford; j
and Prof. C. M. Montlfioro, who cd-i
Ited the Kible for home reading,
The drama aroused Intense entlius*
jiMJin ii mon s nbureh sLddcnts when
produoed laat year at Norwich, " and I
Miss Amherst received groat praise
for he.' beautiful and delicate render- j
ing of tho book for stage purposes. It
has received 'he approval of ihe Eirh*
op of London. '
No objection can he taken to the
performance en ihr ground of want
of reverence. Thn Divinity is repre*
sen ted by a Voice.
Advantages and Saving- by Using
The Loading Platform
In thft writing wc floslre io put. before oar Wciitera Tanners th*
savine and advantage'or loading grain fllretrt nn can. ^hipping grain
through an elevator, it matters no? whothov h Government el«.vater or
one run by aa elevator company or individual owner, does not add
tho lenct fraction of a cent to.the valuo of .be grain, nor docs It zte*
tha fnnnc'-' any better chanoe ol marJiotinc It to advantage than when
loaded direct on cars, Pot loading direct. n cara cuts out I., tb-> first
plfiee tto elevator charge, which is usually i\c. por bushel, say
$17.6) en n thousand bushel car, Tho olavator dock;igo Is rIso
eavcil: this iuay bo worth more or less, depending partly on how dirty
the grain Is, but mostly en tho farmer's tib'iity In holding his own
With :..j elevator man taking ll In. On thc average ibe dockage
may h« considered worth 3c per bushel to i.*e farmer, or say $.10 per
car of 1,000 bushels. When grain te load 3d direct Into car over, thi?
Loading Platform, iho farmer knows for su'-i? that. It Is his very own
grain that will be graded by the inspector, nnd that he t,fil without
doubt receive tho full and exact outturn of Ms gar at whichever ter-
julual elevator it. Is unloaded; for all grata 's unloaded from the cars
under government, superintendsncs and WoUhefl by properly rjuallftp'l
government welghnidn under the rules anl rupcrvlslon of^uo^SoailB*
Ion Government Board of Grai^Commlsslpners,
Of '-o^irpe, it makes no difference in nur leading of the farmers*
grain whether it has beon'shlpped through sn elevator or over tho
Loading Platform, but ir can easily bo ki'-mi from what wo have stated
above whove.the farmer's advantage lies, when it saves him around
$50 or more on every car he ships.
We ront.Inuo to net as the farmers' agen'. hi looking after and disposing of carlot shipments of wheat, oats, barley and tlxx strictly oa
a commission or 1 cent per bushel, Wo i.re not connected with,
nor Interested In any elevator companies ot elevators, either local or
terminal, neither are wo track buyers, in Met, wo never buy farm-
era' grain on our own account, but only to lu.ndlo and .dispose, of -h*
grain fntruBted to us as tbo agents of those who employ us. Many
y.av*' experience, with a wide connection and aniplo fabilities fir .v.*
paging I:i this special branch of the grain trade, have given ns a reputation of the highest chavnctei; fn it. vVt make liberal advances
on car bills of lading. Write m for shipping instructions .ind mark*
ot information, Wo give as references to our reliability, efftcien-v
and financial standing any city oi country H*nk Manager In Weatera
Thompson Sons & Company
731-733 .Y Qrahi  Exchange.
Winnipeg, Ca^j'Jj.
!  .'
3 idgd Qllos Baiter, of n Potrni-ylvan
.' . unty, *-*rti likewise cashier ..f kin
iDiue bank, A mir-.i presented :.
bo,: I one rlaj .'>r payment, lie
was a Mir.,-.--. Hfs evldenco of
Identification was not Bntlsfaotory to
ibo casbler,
Why jmlfi". said    Ilio   man,    I'vo
'.    ■.. . yon lo ... nlence mon   io   bo
liango-1 on lo better ovldoncn than "f"1* •* •'"••owii" inftolrino dooa so a
bis own riBli.    I sball slvo jiidffmcnt
for si.ri nnd oo»ls.
A/intor Has to Pay $80 for Killing
Her With Machine
Ml*. Curly was street j-econtly
nt tbe Farnham County court by
John Mnynard, a. farmer, of Cove, for
C-lOii for tbo loats ot it row which was
killed by Mr. Cody's mononlruio on
Covo coniino.i.
Our contention, r^aid Mr, .Tnckson,
v.lro roprosonted Mr. Cody, N rhrrt ibe
cow committed Miicidr. ii crossod
tlio monoplane.
1 mn surprised at tho cow, rcmai'kod
.Tudgo tfarrtnglon i
The Judgo snld lhls wna lire flrst
rn.„* of ilio kind that Imd como I'llls iioiicc,
I run qulto FalisfloJ Unit lho aero-
plant! iiiiil bo ilufhifiod as tr (liiiiitcr-
ous maohlno, ho added, aad a person
More Than Hall the Size of the Culli-i
nan Its Value is not Estimated j
Air article in the Hand Daily
Mall stats5 that a diamond of 10191
carats was found In Uio Premier mino, I
this bolng tho second largest diamond
over found in tlio world.
The now stone is more Ulan hairj
Uio sizo of ilio Culllnan diamond,;
which cnnio from tlio same mine.
The now sronc has black slroaks Imi j
lho or-perla consider that (ho flaws
arc only on I he surface.
Tlio weights of Horn; of (lie most i
famous diamonds in lire world nr.\
us follows:
Culllnan   3025%    |
Koh-1-nor   iso'i,
Oreat Mogul  787
'The Culllnan diamond was also
found In tlio Transvaal nl flic Premier
Transvaal diamond inlno, and was
named after lire then cbnlrinnn of the
company, lt was presentod lo lhe
lilnc by ilio Transvaal government, I
and was out Inlo eleven flawless
stones, Tho largest of C16J4 ear-1
ats, Is In Uio Imperial crown and two
groat Btonos aro worn hy lho rjtiooii!
ns jewels , us ir pondant on t:'a'o oo-'
Sppiklng  the Tr.,tH
T       . .       •    Do von li       ■ al
yon i    i    :    ed a ha I ng ill
i  in?
The accuse.'   1. right,   Judge,
ono M Ipp rl ill.   pi
e him     i bout,
.■    liad a i
.   pa "-a -.'.I .. barbr r.
I COll     .     '.■   itllS  '   - .,- ■ .) :.
ti   . l.o don   i  o] ■ ted iho Brli
... i          :■    .. mny, ove
lob      ig n ■ '■■ I  on   '    ch   wi
II r*     S7
i '..■      -.     , ■ ■   :    I, md
'  lis    'i .   von   ■.   : oul   of  Itrol
»■ II, laid 8»m,     I io lid   i     II
Very !'.!;• ly, replied tho Judge, imt
I v aon ii comes to letUng go of cold
'ash wo have to bo mighty careful.
We bear much ol c impvomlse nowadays, said a politician reocntly, and
..nne lini.!- a   uood    llilng.    llo
l:i,o-.- ;, young man who gol married
about a your art", aad be and his .vlfo
ere i on itnnlly at-gulng ns lo whelb.
er ibcy hhotild buy Iwo cyclea or rrn
■ > ■ wlato motorcycle     Meeting hl.n
,,.■,,. duy, ho said:
My wife and I wrangl I for months
ank goodnesB, wo've comprotn-
,."l   al   Ifl  '.
v.'iiat have you compromlsod on?
v bal    i in :*';". im proudly an.-
\    ii.. li prlvalo •• as culled hof	
lUo adjii ai   ': irs ri gitm nt, who had
rooolvod .•',,'Mia.iiiiii (hul  ihu it; 'i
...'   u        of loi i :■     ,.    man !...'! in : wr tli n homo for : nnrs
I lied Ir in.
Pre* a       ....     foi   .   I   enr'j
s i| ,.i crop In lho Weal Indli   u ■■ ■ «
cei (lin| "  Blo.il . ■ ■'   I It I   I ■■ li  ill
considered lh.il, or en -villi go .1 rain
from nov, on '.i Hi   i ml ot llie ; ear,
only  :'   '   hi   - ' ago i rop i ni
w n u m
Tin ri lhal t-au'i i liu; und won'i
Iry io ''ok' is a bird thai onj youfiij
mail ihoiifrl iio anxious io iurnliii t
,.  r. '.,-..
li..-  , up, ne,. i  i-:,'iii-',  "Can'l   wr
was offered,
Can'l ui'llo tin Id tho offlcoi-, Izlnu
I Is pi ii Well Jusl dictate while |
I ;■:■.■ yo : letli r.
v.'i- huve tbo bast cornmniulfiifj nf.
fli or in Ibo   orvlco, dlclali ri Pal,
ll'i'i imlsed Uio inljiiiaiii. lo .1 ne
up,     Woll?
*l,l"   li'aj' .'   Is   llko   ■:    fa   ':'■;■   lo   llie
111. II.
aVnylhlng .i.-e'.' asked llie ndjiitnnl?
liiaiii! cjcii,. bud wrfUna and i po*>
Inr. added p«t.
My denr, said ho lo his wife, wiio
waa Btandlug before tho mirror trying
on one nt i!ie latest millinery ci-oa-
tlons, ii-.r of living la gotUng lo be
Bomothing awful. We've Just not to
ocouomlzei Now, for instance, to-
day I walkod bomo rnrd saved car
fore, imd Tin going lo do Hint overy
day. And I'm noliig lo shave myself
too. Now, whal uro you goinj;- to do
lo cut down expenses?
(Hi, sho c-iel.'ilni.'d. I'm thought
of Honii'lliltig.     I'll r-iil, your balr.
Ilohrrl lliirns' tumor ls to
lo be sold al Sotheby's, in London, In
a fortnight's time. It lia^ a bone ban-
din hearing silver platen, which oivoi
iis pedigree—Tho lust i-av.or iliai Iron-
r .-I. Dums ovor shaved wl tli. Kachi
Bucoosslvo owner since ir. was pro*
Benlod by Robert Burns, dr., lo Wll |
llu.m Dtltlbar, In 1S8D, has adde.l a
plate, Indicating Uio purohase, i'io last
iicing lMward <"'i.ii]lc, who dl"d In
3ixty-Eialit Yc.-in In the Army
After hoing on Hie ucllvo
llsl of.lho iri'liinli ai'iuy for sixty-
.■ii;)'i years, Clunnoi* Hninuel Pai-sons,
ibe Itlng'n giinnoi- si Ibo Round Tower,
Windsor Castlo, bus retired, lln ll
S7 ycni'H old, nnd nnv son Ice In Iho
Crimea, receiving iho modal and
clasps (or Balaclava, lnltoi'innn, and
Gmiriiatioii to Avoid War Service
When tlio alien lllimlgltltloll
board ind y-sirrday nfloi'noon at
llm olllc.c.'i, lln-al Tower slrocl. It vas
staled that in. Ilussln Hiwo is feur
Hist lhe ooun'.i-y mrly go lo war uv.d
lt'l  Ilio cas'i.H llilug In llie world
io go from laid lo woi'io,
A young lawyer bad boon appointed
by tbe court I a defend a Iilnn oharged
With larceny. Ill his orguinonl
tiio jury lie pleadod for ilio acQuUUI
ol his ollont, lie i.iid of iils linioconl
boyhood days, of Rood cllUl'UCtl I', of
bis feilicr, mother and bi-olhoi-s. In
shorl, bo launi lird for.li Inlo a family
The prlsono:-, an old diirlu-y, bad lis-
tniH-ii with growing unoneliioaB to bis
couuboI's plea and as ilio nllorney
v. eal on wiihoiii ir lilnt of ntopplng,
iii" negrp wna ilrlvon to dospoi-atlon.
Jumping io his fcol, bo yelled to tin.
I's gnllly, >"' boiiali; I'm nullly. Do
Jury i-iiu'i. tin uo mob .Inn send ino
io jail for six months, iml if dal fool
lawyer donu slop, dc;,'ll bain; me, for
Voting wife—Know where ific sell*
HOI'S Is, Polly?
yoiillB IlUBbnnd—Wlinl do you
want II. fer, dcirlo'.'
Voting wife--Wlill.) 1 have Mine I
want lo eul. nil our bills In Iwo, M
you BuggogttiO.
It takoi ■' rinart man to coiicenl his
There are Four Things which never
come back
There Is an old saying tSiat "Opportrrni y
lias hair In front and Is bnld behind. If
you selao hrr by tbo forelock you may dc-
lain her. but if you ruffor her to escape not
orer] Jupiter Irhnsslt cnn catch her again."
Many people do With "Oppiirtiinlly" r.i
children do at tho Boa-shoro—they (ill their
hands wiih sand and lot tlio cniins fall
through, one by one, till they are gone.
Tbis is Uie day of Uie farmers' oppof
'-.nitty, wllh n new country where new in-
."-'.'lutitnis und new lines of DU&lhA*S8 are
coming up. Why ml change.the order .•!
things? Tin' old mothods have heen a fall-
-::-o so far as the runner waa concoruedi i;»
produced liio wenlUi and banded It over io
c(!ici' corporal Ions fop dlslilbiitloii. getting
back tlio measly .- iiaro lliey grudgingly i-.ave
Tblbk Ihla over anil deildo to help build
up u new order of flings.
The Spoken Word
The Sped Arroto
The Pust Life
The Neglected
Subscribe for Slock
antl ship
Your Grain to
Winnipeg, Mnn.
vm\WafeVSru   Canary, Alta.
Pri*9t as Arclrilect
li Ij Hlalcd lhat Father llouu-1
diet, i-ector of lho I'iarlulleld Itoiniin'
Catholic Church, has oxeouled lhe I
plans for a new Iloiiian Cathollo j
c.biirci], io be orocted near wimble-1
don i.ill way .llutloll, llo has also do-
nlgnod plans for a hinio church fori
lilmsoif, nr Hiirslliiiil, wblcb will lie I
a veplici'. ot oi'vlolo Cathedral, Paly.
Kolhlng shocks a girl unite as much
an hearing air ofdorly wonlan laugh i
over ilu. love dlsapnoilttiuoht slo- lind'
when young.
Cnrelul of His Purse
Wuuld Mm nir.- your hand lo nils
rnggod Bconii.lrel? j
Cerlalnly, for so long as I shflUoj
his blind llO eaiinot put ll  iiiln in;
lie And so .vour wealthy old uuolo
iim baron Is dead? Did he ri'imilii
In bis rlali! mind to tlio Inst7
Hlio~Wo don't, know, lor tbo Will
lirisnl been iponcil yd.
noy Climb- i-O-Foct Chimney
('!iii)l,'iiv:l by somo othe.- boya
a 10-ycaiolii Dlll'lon ecboolboy line
Just nooompllsliod tbo daring teat nt
lliiibiiia n chlmliey shaft 1t»o feet in
Imight, which is Loins repaired. Uy,
lho limo tho iulrojild yonngsloi- had
I'.'ucbcii lho rep.ot ilie ladder, n largo
crowd h(id roilceted, nnd Iho onlook-
ois bad cii nn-doii* fow minutes whllo
iin- Uny llgiii-u van soon walking oalm-
ly do-.', :i a small, iiiiTirctrotctl rstnElnc.
Kir a long I line, mild llle servant
lo her liiJetivsir, 1 havo watllfd to as:
wlm LboJo bi tcit facoH arc In liio pi-
lufo OVoi' Hi-' writing lably.
Tlioso are sllhoiielt.'a, evplnlncl lii •
mistress. 'lliey nro ui.< grai'dprn
ents of my husband, and ihu i".t u
girl is hla mother as a child.
V.i.  bill   i'h"   IlllllR  Iliai   SOI 111 I
Klialifin lo mo is that yom-, liuslmii r
is gillie, uli'lc Ins   iioccstoi's   K-er
Ileiiiii. Is . nly skill deep, bill (or
ihm n.nit'i' in are freckles,
A biiiik-l,' cur out of u Jo. It ng'..
urslly a man of no account..
Help comes in i.io.'j
iiiii lo p»i for II.
are actually weak, fun-
down—they are slowly
deteriorating—they need
strength and nourishment
for body and brain.
Scott's Emulsion corrects
nervousness—it is essentially ^
food—a concentrated, nourishing, curative food lo restore the
healthy action of body cells,
fortify the blood, sharpen the
appetite, make strength,
health, energy and vigor.
As pure as milk, it is readily
assimilated—nourishes every
organ and every tissue. Physicians everywhere recommend Scott's Emulsion with
absolute confidence in its
beneficial results. Don't wait
—start now, but insist on
No alcohol or drugs.
Scott & Byu-t.r. Toronto. Ontario  12-65
Made a Difference
Uncle Henry Altmnn had a two-year
old colt of which he wna very proud.
Many were the disputes ho had with
his nolghbors over tho weight of tho
animal, and he considered that lt was
jealousy that caused many of them
who were regarded as experts to put
the weight at a figure a few hundred
pounds below tho weight on which he
had set his heart.
One day he sent him to town with
tfte boys to have him weighed. A
few days later a neighbor came along
and said to htm:
Woll, Uncle Henry, did the colt
weigh as much ns you expected?
He might have been a trifle shy,
satd tho old man, but I can explain
that. It was all on account of a mistake by the boys. I told them to
bave htm weighed on a scale they
weigh coal on to sell, and they bud
him weighed on the scalc3 of a fellow
wbo buys hay.
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures  Diphtheria
The Responsible Party
I am looking for the man higher
Ip, said the fltern officer of the law,
stepping stealthily Into tho mahogany furnished olllce of Percy Pigs-
feet, the originator and head perpetrator of the odorous cigar clipper
Percy tossed tho better two-thirds
of a forty cent cigar Into the cut
glass cuspidor and trembled visibly.
Well ho know on whose trail the relentless sleuths of the law were camping, but he determined to bear the
blows with fortitude.
Tho man higher up? he inquired
Yes, hissed the detective, biting a
chunk out of the back of a chair In
unison to show that he meant business.
Oh, very well, said Percy, touching
a button nnd turning to a messenger
as he said: Call the office boy. Some
men are here after him.
A PHI for Brain Workers.—Thc
man who works with hts brains ia
more liable to derangement of the digestive system than the man who
works with his hands, because tho one
calls upon his nervous energy while
the other applies only his muscular
strength. Brain fag begets Irregularities of thc stomach and liver, and
the best remedy that can be used Is
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. They
are specially compounded for such
cases and all those who use tbem can
certify to their superior power.
Pheasant Visits a Town
A fine plump young cock pheasant which flew Into Melbourne street,
Royston, ller.s, alighted in tho roadway, and was promptly captured by a
motor scout stationed close by.
Much of the original sin to be observed about us doesn't show many
signs of originality.
A bright tran will know whether hi
ls guilty or not before a jury tells him,
Many a man who tries to be a ray
of sunshine only succeeds In becoming
a pest.
The man   who   lives   beyond   hi*,
means pays for It, If not In cash.
Second Choice
T hear thut tlio Bro Wll 8 nre gotnf
to lend thc simple life this summer
Thnl Is news to me.
That they aro to live that way?
No; that Brown te so deeply Involved.
Rulers of Austria and Turkey Appeal
for  His   Friendly   Intervention
From Berlin, the German emperor hns apparently been Intrusted
hy tht* Austrian emperor, his ally, and
by the sultan, his friend, with a difficult double task, first of Interna*
lug in the Austro-Serviiui difficulty,
and second, of obtaining from Bulgaria moro moderate peace terms.
Whether lhe kaiser will bo successful In both cases te doubtful, but there
are signs that ho bas sot to work with
will, in tho ilrst lustance, the kaiser
will. In ho first Instance, ttio kaiser
used all his personal Influence to obtain a promise from tbo Russian government that Servia could not count
on Russian support for her demands,
regarding Albania ami tho Adriatic,
and Russia lias now given tills promise, as is Indicated In a semi-official
telegram to the Cologne Gazette;
Russian support of Servian policy
stops whero the Servian territorial
claim on Alhr.nl hegins, sayfl thi3
journal. Russia Is not likely to allow tho partition of Albania. We have
every reason to be sure of that.
The other task which the kaiser has
been asked to undertake is duo to an
autograph letter from the sultan, pre*
sen ted by tho Turkish ambassador,
The sultan reminds tho kaiser of old
German-Turkish friendship, and expresses the hope that his majesty'*.
Influence In Sofia nnd his friendly relationship with King Ferdinand will
enable him to obtain reasonable peace
terms for Turkey, especially terms
safeguarding Turkey's dignity as a
sovereign power. It ls doubtful
whoiher the kaiser wtll he able *o
tako tbe Initiative of such a person.il
Btep, as since the beginning of the
war the question has been watched
equally by all the great powers. On
tho other hand, it Is obvlojas that any
such step as Is demanded by the sultan would be considered In Sofia as
unfriendly meddling.
Well, Where?
Larry wns a cowboy bold
Who went out on a bat.
Ue whirled his lasso once or twice,
And whero was lariat?
Novel Swindle Worked by Thieves on
Their Too Confiding Victims
Franz Kugler, resident of Berlin, a
retired draper, while walking along
tbe banks of ihe Rhine, near Cologne,
was victimized In a curious way by
On arriving at a cross-road, Herr
Kugler surprised two rough-looking
men In the act of robbing a young and
elegantly dressed woman.
Alone and unarmed as he was Herr
Kugler was unable to interfere, but
bo coughed loudly, and the men took
to their heels.
While he was being effusively thanked by "tho young woman, a well-dressed Btranger emerged from behind a
boulder, and stating that he was the
manager of a cinematograph company,
thanked Herr Kugler for tho appropriate part he had taken In the little
comedy. Ho then proposed that
Herr Kugler should join tho company
as a cinematograph actor.
Herr Kugler accepted, and soon after It was his turn to be attacked and
robbed by tho robbers. Accordingly
be allowed himself to he deprived of
his watch and chain, his purse, ond hla
pocket book, after which he was
knocked down and stunned.
On regaining consciousness and obtaining no answer to his cries he discovered that he had been duped.
Old Woman Lives on Her Wits and
Uses Motorcars
In Paris, a very extraordinary
old woman of 70 years, who calls herself Mme. Aquatitp, but whose real
name Is Helene Bolsmacl, was arrested by tho Parlo Police.
She has been an Invalid for years
and has driven about Paris ln motorcars, and before motorcars were Invented, tn carriages, obtaining small
sums of money by false pretences and
working eight hours every day at the
Mme. Aquatlta has been a criminal
for fifty-two years. Her method was
to drive up to small shops in different
corners of the town, make a small purchase, and instead of paying, borrow
as much money as she thought she
could get, because she had como out
without her purse.
Crew of French Submarine Has Exciting Experience
An unusual and exciting accident happened during torpedo firing
practice by the submarine Fresnel.
Tbo torpedo was fired, but owing to
tho device which controls the direct-
Ion of the projectile becoming blocked, lt took a circular course round and
round the aubmarino at a speed ot
thirty knots Instead of a straight
course out to aca.
. The circle ft desc.'ibed gradually became smaller and smaller, and there
was Immediate danger of the vessel
being struck. A serious accident was
only averted hy the prompt action of
the commander, who kept the vessel
turning round in the same direction
as the torpedo, so that when the projectile struck the submnvlno It was
spent and tlio only effect thn crew
experienced waa a slight shaking.
Six Walk From Edinburgh to London,
With Petition to Prime Minister      !
The six young, and pretty women suffragists in brown and green j
wbo have marched from Edlnburgn
with a petition to tho prime minister
completed ihelr journey, They
tramped 803 miles in five weeks.
Tiiliy-llo Darner, Finohley, waa the
starting point of the last stage. A
procession of 4000 or ijouo sympathizers joined Uie band and to lhe stirring
strains of the "Women's March" and
"Soo tho Conquering Hero Comes,"
the women marched, to Trafalgar
square, whero a demonstration was
Mrs. de Foublanque, the organlzar
of the campiisn, was ar tbeir head
and the cart, containing the petition
brought un the rear. Afler tho demonstration two of the marchers, Mrs,
do Fonblnnque and Miss Byham, too it
the petition to 10 Downing street,
wliere it was received by uno of Mv.
Asqullh's secretaries.
All along our march wn found every
class of person, exoeytlng the liooll*
gati, absolutely friendly towards us,
said Mrs. de Fonblanque, and in all
parts of the country wo have been
Incited to kill Lloyd George.
Usually wo had breakfast nt 8.SO
and fell In to start walking at 9.30 or
10. Luncheon was a ve y light affair
of bread and cheeso by the wayside,
and ns a rule wo reached our night's
headquarters about (! o'clock.
On an average wo walked fifteen
miles a day, except on Sundays when
we rested, but of course sometimes wo
put iu an extra ten miles or more.
On moro than one occasion wo were
the guests of the townpeople. Except
though, for thoso spells ot hospitality
we each stood our own expenses
Roughly speaking, I should say we did
lt on $3.25 a week per head.
The  Old  Pains and Aehej are  Now
Only a Memory
Telia of the Wondertul Benefits   Obtained From
Llko many another Newfoundlander living far- from doctors. Mr. Stono
tecls unbounded gratitude for the
benefits obtained from the use of Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
For years he had suffered from a
congested condition of tho liver and
kidneys, wltll headaches, backaches,
pains in limbs and body. Words fall
to describe Iris sufferings aa well as
the gratitude ho wants to express for
the cure.
Mr. Alex ,T. Stone, West Point,
Nfld , writes:—"I suppose you thought
I had forgotten all about you when
I got Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills,
but 1 haven't. You must excuse mistakes, for like many Newfoundland
men I have not much education, but
I want lo thank you many times for
your medicine.
"I cannot tell you what I suffered
from liver and kidney derangements,
Indigestion and constipation, nor can
I find words to express how much good
this medicine has dono me. 1 feel
better than I have for Ave years and
have given some of theso pills to
friends, who tell me Ihey havo done
them a wonderful lot of good. I
want to express my heartfelt -sratltrid.
for the benefit derived from the great
Dr. Chase's Kldney-IJver Pills, on-r
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers
or Edmirrrsorr, Bates & Co., Limited,
No Size to It
Ho ls a big man—In his own opinion. ,   .       ,, ,
Don't sec how that could be.
Why? .   ,
Never thought he had the capacity
to carry an opinion of any dimension.	
Obeyed Orders
I thought I told you not to cut your
corns with my razor! rliurrdered rhe
exasperated husband who was trylnts
to lose a few of iris whiskers.
And I haven't Blnoo you lold mc
you were so particular with your- old
butcher knife, replied the wife sweetly.
Well, lt feels that way.
1 did open a can of tomatoes with
it. Would that hurt it any. You
didn't sny I wasn't to do tlrat.
100S saw active service as a naval
ofllcer in the Crimea; while his
-grand-father, Iho fourth earl, was also
In the navy and had some exciting
experiences in connection with the
suppression of piracy in the Mediterranean. Air earlier border of the
title was tiro Lord Lieutenant of Ireland at tho time of Holrert Emmet's
rebellion and his action or- lack of
action, at tire time was the subject of
considerable debate in the Imperial
An Even Break
The roads today are overrun by automobiles.
Well, the roads haven't got anything
on the pedestrians.
Only 1 per cent of the cablegram-
sent overseas are concerned with family or private matters.   Tho rest aro
- commercial, Journalistic or official.
Chipped Bauds
if Instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains uo lye or
acids, but glycerine anil neutral
oils which keep thc skin smooth
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week and notice
the (lllTcrciicc. 47
.■r-.tr rmtm yi.nr dealer to-diy.  Bar* couponi.
W.  N.  U.
Bullet Proof Shields
A report states that the Creusot
Work), hnve ottered 100,000 bullet*
proof shields to Uie allies nt 36 shillings each. These weigh seven
pounds and proteet Mio greater part
at the body, resisting bullets at 20-)
yards. Theso were originally ordered by Turkey.
Death From Gluttony
It Is reported that Jnso Vnrgos,
of Ovledo, won ii wager by consuming
at one meal, half a lamb, washed down
with a gallon of sherry. After smoking tho last of twenty cfgars whle..
formed tho prize, ho died tho some
Family Pride
Girl—My farver once broke In n
shop and plnchrd n diamond brooch,
Police-man's Son—That ain't nut*
fln.   My farver pinched 'lm.
Youth Is full of confidence, saith
the cynjo, until It finds that life ls a
conf.dbi.co game,
Beware of the Fan
BloouttonlBt—Slrlkol For your uitnrs
nnd your fires! Strike! Till tho lust
armed foe—
Pan—Dai's two strlkos, mister! One
moru an' yer outl
Playing Even
Can't you set your husband to give
up smoking?
I don't want to.
Do you like smoke?
I am not particularly enamored of
ii, but there are too many things I
might bave to give up in return.
Fixed for Emergencies
I shall alwaya  wear your  picture
next my heart,
Hul.  supposo  yuu   ihould   learn   'o
love another?
Oh, that pocket will Until a dozen.
Earl of Hardwicke Once Worked aa a
Tlio Earl of Hardwicke, informed the
House of Lords recently that he had
worked underground for two years as
a miner in Canada. Ho would hold
the title of Baron Morden, In addition
to tho others which ho poss'-aseB, but
for ilie fact Lliat his great-great-graml-
fnthor Lord Chancollor York declln-.il
on his deathbed to authenticate tho
patent of lhe peerage conferred upoi
Iiim on his elevation to the Woolsack,
tm which iio never sat. The second
son of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, he
attained his ambition to reach some
high oiilce as bis father, but survived
his appointment only by threo days.
The present peer is not the first of
hln family to have seen the rough
side of life.     His father who died in
Your Liver
is Clogged up
Theft Why. You're Tirad-0«t tl
Sorti— Have ae Appetite.
vill put you
:i a fr* 1
few days.
They do
llieir duty.
Bilioasatsi, Indigestion, oral Sic* Headach.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine nmstbeai Signature
Leaves Berlin for Remote Corner of
Europe to Honor Austrian
At Baden, In tho presence of
the kaiser, the wedding of Princess
Leontlno Furstenberg, daughter of
Prince Max Rgon Furstenberg, the emperor's most Intimate friend, with
Prince Hugo Viuzenz zu Wiudisch-
Qraets. took place at Dunauescbiugen,
in Baden, where Prince Furstenberg
has his family seat.
The fact that tbe emperor consented
to leave Berlin for this remote corner
of southern Germany in timo of acute
international crisis shows to what extent Prlnco Furstenberg enjoys the
kaiser's friendship and affection.
Never, Indeed, lias any one, save
members of the Imperial family, and
very fow of these, been so close to thi
Gorman sovereign as Prince Fur-ate*.*
berg, uud It Is an open secret tbat
were the latter a true-born German
and not an Austrian, as is the ease, hu
would stand a good chance of becoming imperial chancellor one day.
Tho marriage celebration was
charming and gorgeous. The municipality had been at pains to decorate
the tiny city, which lies In the midst
of the Swablan mountains, and there
woro arches ol triumph in every street,
Thc wedding gave occasion to great
demonstrations of loyalty on the part
of tho villagers to the Furstenberg
The emperor arrived' In Donauesc.i-
ingen early In the morning, and Immediately after his arrival In the old
family castle tiie marriage ceremony
was performed in the magnificent ancestors' hall by tho burgomaster oil
Donaueschtngen, a simple villager,
who scorned extremely bashful in the
presence of the kaiser and some I.u
German and Austrian princes.
A long procession of motorcars then
took the wholo company to the small
village church, where tho religious
marriage was celebrated. After the
return of the married couple to the
castle, all the Donaueschlngon peasants wero allowed to congratulate
prince and princess zu Wlndlsch-
Graetz, and wero authorized to express
any wish they could think of.
The kaiser has given princess zu-
Wlmllscb-Graet'/. somo beautiful jov-
els as a wedding present, and will give
her consort a commission "a la suite,"
iu the Prussian army.
Clothing Made for Poor by Queen,
Son and Daughter
It Is reported lhat Prlnco George,
their majesties' fourth son, Is something moro than a lively boy who will
bo 10 years at age this month.
He has developed the troUBUal talent
for a hoy of knitting. And so expert
Is he with wiih needle and wool that
ho haa knitted a pair of red mittens
for the Londtn Needlework Guild.
His work witli that at Queen and
Princess Mary, is Included in nn exhibition at the Imperial Institute,
South Kensington.
The total number of articles contributed this year by members ot the
guild Ih 60,230, and nil wtll shortly
bi> distributed free to the sick and
Prlnco George has also presented
two woolen scarfs and two pairs of
socks, while Prince Albert and Prince
Henry present two pairs of socks,
none of the articles being tholr own
Queen Mary has worked hard, however, in making six petticoats for
children, while Princess Mary has
made no fewer than nine woolen
hoods, one pair of mittens, one comforter and nue hug-me-tight jacket
He married a woman who likes to
That la lucky for him and pleasant
Oh, I don't know.
She believes In self sacrifice and is
Inclined to deny herself the pleasure.
No Dream
Suddenly, said tho mau with a three
days' growth of beard aud an out of
date necktie: I found myself falling
100.000 feet Into thc depths of a bottomless pit.
Dreaming, 1 suppose,
No; just getting from under a corner lu wheat.
T was cured of Rheumatic Gout by
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
I was cured of Acute Rheumatism by
iMarkham, Out.       C.S. BILLING
Lakefleld, Que., Oct. 9, 1D07
Novel In a Nutshell
Nicomedes Monde?, who was the
former chief executioner of Spain,
has died at Barcelona from grief at
the death of bis daughter, who never
recovered from a nervous shook
caused by being abandoned by hor
.sweetheart when he learned the nature of her father's occupation.
Ideal Gte-: Party
One of the Items appearing on
the program t>£ a charily concert at
Lllligow, New South Wales, was a
vocal quartet in which the singers
were the Anglican minister, tho local
doctor, the coroner and the under
Steady Increase In Price Make Them
Good Speculation
In London, pearls bought as an Investment are extremely popular today,
said the manager ot Messrs. Elklng-
ton's yesterday.
During tho last ten years they have
increased ln price by more than 50
per cent, and at tho moment the demand for them Is greater than ever.
There is little fluctuation in the supply, which Is controlled by a pearl-
fishing ring, and the number of jewels
thrown for a second time on the market ls not enough sufficient to mako
much difference.
The consequence I.i that many peoplo are buying pearls just ns they
might buy securities, confident of a
considerable further Increase In their
value—lt has been 6 per cent per
year for some time—-with the additional assurance that tliey form beautiful
Pearls, he added, will he the dominant note or high-class jewelry this
for G.rll Stor.es, Kldrrey Tr-m-
ble, Kidney and l'larlihr
Stones, Gravel, Lumbago,
Uric Acid.
Prleo  $1.50,   Moat   Load'a;
Winnipeg, Man.
I S.-ikI Posl r ard to-
and   "Easy Pocket
iNo-yithivTIiue, A-v.,
I P.O.Box 1266, Moot
Oli for Toothache.—There Is no
pain so acute am' distressing as
toothache, When you have so unwelcome a visitor apply Dr. Thomas'
Klectrlc Oil according to directions
and you will find immediate relief.
It touches the nerve with soothing of-
f.-et and the pain departs at once.
That it wiil ease toothache is another
flue quality of tills Oil, showing the
many uses it has.
Kills Hl» Infant Boy In Perambulataor,
Then Cuts His Own Throat
The result <>f a violent toothache
is believed to have been tlio cau_e ot
a terrible tragedy which occurred at
Bromley-by-Bow, the victims being!
a waterside laborer named Ager and
his little son, a blind boy nearly 2
Ager, who was ..3 years of age, ls
stated to havo been an Industrious
wovkot and to havo lived happily with
his wife and two children at IS Fern
street. For some time ho had suffered from violent toothache, and yesterday morning ho went In to the
London Hospital to ask that two teeth
might ho drawn, He was too late,
however, and on being given a card
with which to attend this morning he
returned home.
He declined dinner, saying his teeth
were too bad for him, and sat In the I
kitchen while his wife returned to her'
work in tho scullery;   A few minutes
later Mrs.   Ager  missed htm.    Shof
cent her boy upstairs to see lf his
father liad gono to bed,   but the lad
could uot find him.   She then went
herself, and was horrified to discover
her husband lying at the foot of the
bod with his throat, cut. evidently by
a razor which the boy had seen him
take from a kitchen drawer.
Mrs. Ager rushed to a neighbor,
and together they made the further
terrible discovery that Ager bad slain
his Infant boy as lie lay ln his perambulator. There 13 little doubt
that Ager's mind had be«n deranged
by the pain through which he had
Handbells at the Graveside
As a sign of respect at the funeral nf
Henry Hopson, a noted Suffolk   hell-
ringer at Beccles, a peal of handbells
was rung at the graveside.
Coal- 1*1 *<**. A imtplfl
Horn-* trtalmenl reanvnn
limp (rem ths |atty'_ breitl
Ohl  lores,  ulcer*   tnd
ji-n-.u-n cttrrm,   Daaerlbt
your troul-l ■ ; we will send boot, ai.-l I r-li.'-ou.-.*.
$65 to $200
A Mmilti. Irani n new nrnfusilitna
N.*»«ii W'4'i'U. V..*.,.*.. J..-- U.rthrttT,
I.tin..red wen before Mny 1(1,1018.
*• 100 PINE LAKE AVE.. LAP0RTE, IN!.. '
Maft.'WiHsiow'i Boothiwn bvuxp ..*.- u
used for over sixty yka.ub.iv million-.
MOTHRUB f«r liifir IHILUKLN Will
TUUTHINO, witli l'KUl-1-.i'l BUCCRSrt
BOOTIlKs tht- iiill.l). s(ii-ti-.ns the < i
ii ilie beat remedy for DIAKKHCUA. i« Is
BOlutely h~.rn.leM, lie sure ami RBk U>t "t
Winslow'x i-.ooii.iiig Syrup." ami take au ol
kind.   Iv.j.i'y-iive -.em-* a bgltlc.
Engineers and Boilermaker.,
Boilers   of   all     klnde--lSn_1r.ce.
Pumpo, and Heavy Plals Work
Wrlt# us f_r Prlc.f
14 fttraehan Ave., Torontp, Canada
All  grocere 25c. Ib.   Tin
John Kuszenoff of St. Petersburg,
who was formerly Labor deputy in th**
last Russian duma, was caught, in the
act of committing a burglary at a St
Petersburg mansion.
Ship Your
Winnipeg, Manitoba   '
Centenarian's 600 Mile Walk
It is stilted tlrut .Mr.1). N'anri Slrlm
oolra, certified to Iio 118 years old,
walked G.itr miles from lit-r nativL' vitiligo of Vrrmayirclrl to Toklo In order
to render homage to tire new emperor.
A Hot Time
What In lire reason they carr't Bet
alone together?
A mutter of temperament.
Matter ot temperature, I should
Daylight Saving, In Schools
In London, tha Wllleeden education authorities havo offectcd con-
alderahlo economy ln warming und
lililitlng fclr 'oln hy an experiment of
beginning nnd ending the nftertroorr
srltool session half an hour earlier din-
In" tho winter and have now decided
to" oxtend tho principle to other
Schoolmaster as Mayor
Recently six daya leave of
absence has heen granted hy the Loudon county council to Mr, Welsh, a
head master, that he may attend
functions as mayor of Chelsea during
tho year.
Calendars with whito figures on a
dark background arc more easily read
In arr InsufllcleirJIy lighted room than
those with black llgrrres uporr whito
Glass Windows
filass windows were first used for
flight In 1180.
Bread In Germany
Tho Hermans, comparatively, do not
oat much bread.     On many tables of
well to rlo persons ,t. Is noVer oaten
ut Ihe principal meal of tho dny,
Bomo people Can't worry over big
thliras becauso they are ho busy doing n similar service for too llttlo
It Is comforting to observe that tho
crazy people rrlwayr take u view contrary to our own.
What nppear- to he ltilo tears
often tiro busiest ones.
Pessimism ts another name for Indigestion,
If a snail could make up to look Ilk*
a race horso it would find plenty, of
men ready to bet on It.
Two-Roomed Palace for King
X comfortable small two-roomed
collage ( r palace, its It is described In-
the aborigines Is being built by orders
or .im New south w-ilcs government
for lhe olil black warrior. King Honey
and his Queen Caroline, at Oration.
Painting the Town Red
It la staled that recently the London
county council suggests to tho borough councils that they should paint
red thoso lamp posts which adjoin
[Ire alarms In order thut tho posirloa
of tho alarms may ho moro i-eadll/
What She Could do
Mistress  (to newly   arrived    Norwegian girl)—Cun you cook!
Olrl   Nnw.
Mistress   Can you do washing?
Olrl   Now.
Mistress—Can you wall on lable?
Mistress—Wall, What can you do?
Olrl-Ah can milk reindeers.
Hopeless Cases
Speak gently, it Is better far,
But with some men you know
Vou throw n brick to turn tlio trick.
That kind of argument you pick,
I-'or It is all they know.
A llo will travel faster than the
truth, but It will not bo tho first to
arrive at tho deslnatlon, because lt
must double orr its tracks so often.
Irrigation !s more profitable when
applied to the soil than to thc throat.
Between Friends
St. Paul and St. Peter were strolling
one day
Over the stones of the Applan way.
Tliey enure to a lavet'li. •   Said Peter,
-''would he well here   to   tarry   and
shake for the drinks,
Thn very first, throw Peter threw live
Paul was surprised   and   exclaimed-
Oood Heavens!
That's a wonderful throwl     Dut all
tho same,
Miracles don't go In a friendly gamol
One  Man Who Came Back
Two light fans were dismissing llie
Jeffrli s-.lohuann light.
U'h Hie old story—tliey never come
13xcopt Mrrocli Al'don,    replied    Ilio
other, and he had to go away again
The buss Isn't round loudly proclaiming who he Is,
Don't finil 'unit. You probably
couldn't rlo half as well OS thc people
you crltlso.
Kvery dog Iras his day, though soma
| of tlicm should be given thirty dnys.
Advtoo lo children nol aocompnntod
by example might as well bo thrown
ul. the birds.
Your true pi el puH'.es a barber shap
orr the other side Of tho street.
In the spring the young man's fancy
gets a hunch thai ho will have lo got
busy or there won't be any siiuiin-r
clothes tor blm.
The man who walta for opportunity
to knock finds lho waiting good.
$8200 for a Manuscript
In London an old illuminated
manuscript of "Tho Chronicles of
ltugland," with ornamental Initials
and miniatures, was sold for i'i'inn at
Sotheby's yesterday.
What are you waiting for?
First ot July, replied Mr. Smartle.
Why not kill two birds with one
stone and wait for Christmas at the
samu time.
A few -ion south of C.P.R. Btpot
Relet ti.10 to $2.00 per d*y
Culilnt unexc«llt_
Hit m4 etld »_t#r In every rion
Httel   practically   Flraprtal
All Outald* Room*
If your Clothier docs not sell
Disposition Faultless
T-. sho a Rood musician?
Unod musician?
You bet.     She always Gtop* when
you tell ber '.o.
He culls M)!b a historical romance,
I believe so.
Whero did lie get hte history?
Tbe same place lie Rot his romance.
Proper Treatment
A big fish has bo<?n playing around
here for some time, but it is a bad
Give It the hook.
No More Than Natural
Tbat girl may bo a popular favorite, but she is entirely too protn.ne.it,
not to say spectacular,
That's all right, Isn't it ri^ht and
proper for r. belle to have a striking
see the other fellow
The Limit
I Bupposo the office furnlahesxthe
typewriters supplies?
Everything but chewing gum, ex*
plained the cashier
Made a Good Record
The Bympathiaing neighbor was
condoling with Uncle Oabe.
Yonr wife, uncle, was a wonderful
Sho wero Indeed, suh. See dat
li'l chap phtyin' Jes1 outside de gate?
Well, hijIi, he's our six lee ut',
In.sift nn
on nil your
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
for all the year
around is a      H	
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your   nearest  Columbia
dealer to play you the specia
Xmas Columbia Records.  (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Ont.
Territory Opon to Dealer*
Woman's Best Help
to the p-rrod health which comes
from regular action of lire organs
of digestion and elimination—to
freedom from pain and sutToring—■
to physical grace ond beanty—
is thc harndess, vegetable remedy
M«     __. ______■__.
Maybe So
She-It Is In ih«' spring tha! the
world waken up from lis Ion;; winter
Ho -And if we Itnow tho (ruth,
kicks hcoauao ii can't sleep a month
or two longer, Mi bet,
Tho dootor nays 1 Ihuo mental Indigestion.
What on oarth la that?
Booms I'm rending more baioball
news than I can assimilate,
Make   Him   Prove   it
Du 1 look like an Idiot?
I rotusQ to commit myseit
itut ii fellow Jii-d railed me one.
('bunco  of  a  llMinic.      Sue  hltn
for libel and hee what the Jury says.
A hen Is a versatile creature,   Aitor
her lay sho chants her lay.
The private opinion Is apt  to bo
that thc general is an old blockhead
Extraordinary Kindness
Mrs.   HHnkH te at:    awfully    klnl
hearted woman.     There ll hardly an-
other like her In this town.
What charities ls she moat interested In?
I don't think sin; is Interested in any
charity, but she had a dressmaker in
her house tbo other day, and when I
asked her to glvq mo the woman's ad-
dress Bho did lt without trying for n
moment to convince me that n would
be udeless lo try lo ongngo her.
Common Supply Point
Did she got her hufkuid at the bargain OOUUtor or tho second hand
lie looks It.
Well, whloh one?    ....
Neiih.'i; at tho bar of lujni.t!ce.
What is a to-worker?
One who helps you work somebody
of course,
lf the harem skirts are too contribute- to the emancipation of women.
much will depend on whether they,
bave porkets or uot. ^
Hovers report that aerophtncB com*
high,'hut what could they expect? tl--M-'H--.H'H'.'H************* I**************
-  I
Professional   -iaror*      I
-an,- |
Cobge    notices {
,     If
District    ui    South-Bluet    Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that John Henry
Lismer ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
. permission to purchase the follow*
! ing described lands:*
j Commenring nt u post planted at
! the 3outli-we_t corner of Lot .'687,
'•roup 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 2U chains, theuce uoi th 40
chains, tbence oast -0 chains, theuce
south Ul chains to the point of
commencement and containing SO
acres more or lea...
Dated December 2xth.  1912. 4-9t
point    of    conintoncenieiit,    and  con-
i talcing .■■io acre?, moru or lose.
Located   this "th day ;f January,
i_. K.  LARSON,
James l-Maher
4-6t Agent
t' •*a«.'.la^.,5'.i*
■*&» j_"_? iSK
t'.I.S.   A   O.S.
r'RiVNBttirOK,     ...     B.O
ANCIENT JKDtaH Of Kr.iriK--rvKf.fc*
Cnrrrt t-'ranlrrout No. K'Htl
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   -'"''• na.i
.tb Thursday ot each month,
J.   Mcl.ACHI.UN,    O.R
Louts 1'earson, Sec. P.O. Hox all,
 ViultinK Brothers Cordially irelcomed
Dlatrlct of Kernl..
!•-     li ll II I)
Barrister, Solicitor, etc
ORANBROOK,   ..       UO
I Ornnbrook  Branch,.
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hnll .nd
and rtti Tiieo-days In every mouth, nt
ii  p.m.   Membership  open  t..  llmisu
—— —— N    a.  Walllnger,   Pres
W   0   I'rel.lnii   8«C'J
jn.I t*I8BIaT Visum.- members oordlnlty  welcome
riniri!*terri.  Solicitors uuil  Notariss
•    Money to Loan
lu.perl.il   Bank   Uiill.liu,;
ORANBROOK, lintiBh Oolumbla
r- A
J.    T     I, A II) LAW.
Miuiug Engineer nnd B.C.
Land Surveyor.
V.0. Boi 230 Phone lit
CRANBKOOK.        .     B.C
('RANBROOK     LODGE    No    3,
A.  *■*    S  A    M
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday     >(    every
visiting brethren -relcome
t)   J    McSweyn,  Worshipful Master
J.   ei.  Peck.   Secretary
TAKE NOTICK that I, Sidney S.
McClintock, of Spokane, Wat-a.,
Merchant, intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands, (or
u licence ro prospect (or Conl nud
Petroleum over the following described lands situate In Block '3S3,
[ s.-nrh Bast Kootenay
Commencing at a post planted on
the fYestorn boundary ol Lot B589,
rboul 10 chalas south ol the Southwest cornei ol Li t 8590, tbence so
cbalns south, 80 chains west ho
chains north, 80 chains east to the
point of coinmencemont, and oont lining .Mil acres tnort' or less.
Located tbis Bth dav ol January,
.1 nines Pisht-r
■I 51 Agent
District of Bust Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that. 1, George Her
hert Aahworth, of Cranbrook, B. 0.,
ocoupntlon Acco*ttntnnt, lutend to ap-
ply for permission to purchase the
following described  lands-—
Commencing nt a post planted nt
the North-west corner ,-.! Lot son,
tla-nce South 10 chains, tbence West
-tr- chains, theuce North 40 chains,,
theuce Kutit 40 chains to point of,
commencement nnd containing lto a-
cretf, moro or- leea.
Hated December ith. 1912        49-9t
District .a Fernie
Physicians and Hnrgeous N'o. 125,  R   A.  M.
ufuve   at   1'esidenie.   Armstrong   Ave       Regular  meetings:—2nd   Tuesday   In
Office Hours - i each month at eight o'cli -.--.
{forenoons - - 9.00 to 10 00 Sojourning    Companions   are    cor-
Afternoons    ■ 2.00 to   ..irt 'iilly invite...
Svenings    -    r*.30 to   3.JO Bx.  Comp.—A. C.  Shankland.  B.
Sundays      ■ • 2.3D to   1.30
Craubrook, B.C. J —
Craubrook   B.C
T     II     R I X B N
Auditor  and   tceountent
P.O.   Hot  37;i
N K I, S O N. B.C.        If-Jro*
P. M. MacPhersou
Norlauy A.enua N.,t .... City Hail
Opati Day ami Nl^l.t I'ticn. 11}
TAKK NOTICK that 1 .lames Kis-
her. Agent, ol Rossland ll. 0.,
Intend ro       apply      to      the
chie! Commissioner or Lands, tor
a licence tr prospet r foi Coal aud
Pet over    rhe  following  dee-
;ribed landa lituate In Hlock ,r.s3,
S .uth  r'  st   Ki otenay:
encing .-.t a post planted on
tbe Western noundary of Lot S5S0,
about 40 chains south of the South-
west    corner    of Lot B690,  tl-ence 80
... north, tbence SO chains west,
SO chains south, and 8y chains east
to the point of commencement, and
Containing  040 acres more or lets.
Located this Sth day of January,
lot Locator
District of Kast Kootenay,
TAKE    NOTICK   that Helen Mury
Kassle.    ol    Port    Stoele   occupation
married woman, intend, to upply for
permission to pun-has., the following
; descrlhed lands
I    Commencing  „t   „ post planted at
! the   Intersection    or    tbe   West boun-
j dary   or the Kootenay Central right- J
i oi-way   with   tbe   East bank nf thej
Kootenay   River   160   ieet.   south of I
the    Bouth    West    corner     of    l.'JSI
tlience   Southerly .-.a ehalni following I
the    said    boundary    ,4   the right of- j
way    to   its    re-lntersivtion with the
Kootenay     Hirer     thence   northerly t
fi Mowing the Kast bank ol Kooteuny I
Rlvor upstream t.i place of comiuonco
ment     containing    IO acres, more or
:ess j
Wm   ll. Kussio. Ageut.
| Dute.)  Nov    .loth   ima ->9-9t
(Section 1SI
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by lire Minister ot Lauds not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for the piirelu.se of 1 icence No.
XI0    to     rut    12,180,000    feet    B.M.,
'.1:1,0110 railway ties, 16,000 cedar poles.
on Lot No. 274, Oroup 1 Kootenny
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of chief Forester, Vic-
torla, Hi'. .'M3t
T1M11KR  SALE No.   Xll.
HEALED TENDERS will be received
by tht. Minister of Lauds not Inter
thnn noun ou the 3rd day of March
1913, for the purchase o' Llcenco No.
XII (o cut 8,820,000 feet II.M.,
45.000 railway-ties, 4.COO cedar poles
on I...U IS77, *!.», Oroup t, Kootenai District, near Creston.
Particulars   ,.f chief Forester, Vic
torla, B.O
SEALED TENDERS will be recolved
hy tbe Minister of Lands not inter
than noon on the 3rd day of March
11113, for the ptirchnBO of 1.Icence No.
XL' to cut 0,440,000 feet B.M.,
10,890 railway ties, 8,50(1 cedar poles
on Lot 131, Oroup I. Kootenay
District,  neat- Creston.
Particulars   ot chief Forester, Victoria, B.C 49-13t
W. k
BliA'i I'Y
[at* taker,
eral Diruoi.tT,
i?ook  it<;
).VK   fl'.
Craabrook. B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday nt 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
:,. Hurtle, 0. c.
F. M. Christian, K of ll   A S.
B. A. Hill, M. F,
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to  attend
Instrict of Kernif
Uo. 42
M'-otj every  Monday night
»t   Eew    Fraternity   Hnll
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
II.  K. Stephens IV.  M   Harris
N. O. Hec'v
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
i'h.iue JSV
I- H I I) K    O F    O RANBROOK
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Maols in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of ench Month at
8:00 p.m., sharp
Mrs   L. Whlttaker, O. O
Mra. I. HciKb, Sec.
P. O. Hox M4.S i Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome, :ir,t.f
TAKE NOTICK thnt I, Julian B.
Teetzol, of Nelson, B. 0., Married
Woman intend to apply to the
chief Commissioner of Lands, tor
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum ovor the following describe! lands fl'tuate in Block 4593,
South East Kootenay
Commencing at a post planted nt
the North East corner of Let 7287,
thence 80 chains soutb, 80 chains
east, 80 chains north, nnd 80 chnins
■vest to the point of commencement,
and containing 610 acres more or
Located th'e 7th day of January,
James Fisher
1-f.t Agent
District of Fernle
NOTICE is hereby niven that on
the nth day of February, 1913. ap-1
plication will he made to the Super-
intendent of Provincial Police for n !
licence to sell liquor nt wholesale on
tbe premises situate oir Lot 0, Block
93, Bni-er street rn the City of Cranbrook, B.O
Dated this llth day of January.
1913. 2-Gt
NOTICE is hereby riven, in accordance with the Statutes, that nil assessed taies nnd income tss and
school tax u^sessed end levied under
the "Tnxactlon Act" are due nnd
oayoble on the 2nd dny of January,
1913. All Uses collectable for tbe
Fort Steele Assess >-ent District are
due and payable ut my ofllce, s'trrn-
ted nt the Government Offices, Cranbrook. This notice, in terms of law,
is equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Dated   nt   Crnnbrook,  B.C., the 7th
dny oi January, 1913.
Deputy  Assessor and Collector. Fort
Hteele 2-tt
TIMBER   SALE   No.   X13
SEALED TENDERS will he received
hy the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for thc purchase of Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,160,000 feet B.M.. and
C50 cedar poles ou Lot 281, Group 1,
Kootenay District, neur Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
Frank Dezall
Ageot lm
Deering & McCorrnick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale
AM Repair's Dour at Reasonable Com.
Wurky       Oppositf Depot
Oranbrook      Isidire
No.      1049
M.ets    every    Wod-
nesday   at 9 p. tn.,
*>7     in      Royal     Black
Knight's    Hall    on
Baker  Street
F.  iv   Swum. Dictator
it, S. Garrett,  Sec'y
200 Cartoons Tel! More
Than 200 Columns
Tiie World's Best Ench Month
Cart-roil!, from 'I.nip aim wecklta publUhfd bl
th' ■ country, loi..: m, D :>>:-.. Pari . Hsrllii.
Munich, ■ .• una, \ n .a" . Bu I .in-1, st. I'*-it*is«
bora. An. t2nlnm,Stmt . rutin, Kume. Lisbon,
lunch, i'Lt,. SH.nhi.hiii, Sydney, Cntiada, hhi-i
South A_nei.cs, und -n ,:.■■ _rent :« aa oi tbe
worM. Only mc* '.'<>) i-.-ii out <■! **/*"J ■.•.rtot-n*.
■•-iiii month, arc (elected
A Picture History et Won'tJ'i Events ben Month
jampaicn m    CARTOuMI    -m1 w.nctilh». npjKr-iv
fbgpartioi cancntur- each other,
VUHLV «U*»CRIP1ION|..aOi fcU-tClffCOPY 11..
Om I"-* wt-:.--v .,11- Mil  I er nrWwiliM'Ae .■■■■
lllr**. il   ll.....:i'■'•!.. llo IV, Wt_WB| -  I *****.CHICAGO
East Kootenay
A  Full and Complete
I.int- of Harness
Saddles, (itc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
TAK'.' NOTJOK thnt I, George Ben-
i well, Hotel Proprietor, ot Nelson,
ll. O., Intend to apply to the
(Jhief Commissioner of Lands, (or
a licence, to prospect for C'oat anil
Petroleum over- the following describe:! lands 8,tnnte in Block 4598,
South "'est Kootenay:
Commencing at u rOBt planted at
the North Kast corner of Lot 7287,
thence 80 chains north, 80 chaina
oant, 80 chains eolith, and 80 charnr
west to the point of commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or
Located this 7th day of January,
James FiHher
4-at Ap-erit
N'OTICK ie hereby given th, t a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
tbe provisions of the "Taxation
Act" und the "Public School Act'
for tho Fort Steele Assessment Dls
trict, will be held as follows:
At Cranhrook in the Government
Ofllce on MondBy, 27th of January,
MIS, nt 11 o'clock In tbe forenoon.
At Fernie in the Government Ofllce
nn Wednesday 29th of January, 191S,
nt lt o'clock In the forenoon.
Dated   nt    Cranbrook, B.C., tbo 7th
day of January, 1913.
Judge   of   the   Court af Revision _
Appeal 2-4t
Irlstrlrt ol  Fcillie
Slic Statefc
%r>if_m., «
fd^w<_ Y_r u\
.  , - -* m
Efecti le Restorer for Ater
Phoiphonal '"\?» '"•'» ■""•ln"" h-"-. -
*  *   *x '" ", i""lier t.iialin ; twr.if..
flu, Ua vlluln </. i'i i-iiiuiu.r dnrav ,n't nil .eAUaj
ivukniM iv.rled at ,nc. Pho.pi.upol wll
attkt ynu ■ new n.«n.   l',a« 181 lm,, or iwi. I..,
&   Mailed Ii) sn> Mildiw,    Tli. H—W.M Urmf
„«,. <;.al_rl....,o.t
THE STANOARD l„ tli- \„llr,,ia|
Weekly Kewspaper of thfl Dominion
oi' Canada. it is national In ..n Its
It uses tin' mosl expenelvi snarav.
inns, proourlnK the photographs from
nil over thi   world'
its i.i ttcles -in- carefully select!.; and
Its    ■ tutorial    policy     i.    thoro II
A subscription in The Htnndnrd
costs $2.00 p-r y0,r ,,, „,,,,. ,,,1,1,,,, |n
Canadn ."- Oreai iti Italn,
!TAKF. NOTICK that I, Harry S-.
i Muerline, of Nelson, B.C., Engineer,
I Intend to        apply       to       the
i Chief Commissioner ol Lunds, for
, a licence to prospect lor Conl and
I Petroleum over lhe following den
: irll.id 1 .mil situato in Block IMS,
I south Blast Kootenay:
! Commencing at a posl planted
,bout in chains South ol the South-
I enst corner of Lot 8S86 tlionco 80
j cbalns aoilt-t, SO cbalns oast, 80
chains nortli, and 80 ,-liains west to
point of commencement, and con-
! ttilning Cto acres triorc or less.
; Located ibis 7th day of January,
I 1918
.lames Fisher
4-St Agent
For n License to Take and Uso Water
tlmt (leorge W. Hade, oi Milton,
Oregon, will apply for a ticriiKO to
take and use one and three-fifths
cubic fret ol water out ol an iin-
amed swamp creek rising In ,i timber reserve formerly covered hy Tim
la-r License No. 21(1117, which flows
in ;, northerly direction through Lot
HUH anil empties into Ilooth Creek
ii.-iit the north line of l.ot til8-1 The
water will i,e diverted al a point
lion yards south ol ll«i south line ol
Lot (1181 ami will be used for irrigation purposes on the land described
as l.ot 816S
This notice was posted on the
ground on the .Kth day of January,
PHI The application will he filed
In the   olllce ol    tin- Water Itcniiiler
at Cranbrook, n C
Objections   may be Hind   with the
Yatei   Recorder or   with the Comptroller of Water    Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoiia, 11. C.
Cl   W. liiidc, Applicant,
hy M   B   Knight, Agent    5-3f
Coal mining rights of tbe Domiutoi
tn Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion of
the Province ot British Columbia,
may be leased for a term of twenty-
oue years nt an auuual rental of $1
an acre. Not more than 2,M0 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application tor a le >se must be
made by the applicant in person to
tbe Agent or Sub Agent of tbe district iu which the lights applied tor
.ire situated.
In surveyed territory the laud must
he described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, and in uneur
.eyed territory the tract applied lor
'hall be staked out hy tbe applicant
Each application must be accott.
parried by a fee of ).*. which will be
retumted if the rights applied for are
nut available, but not otherwise. A
royattj shall be paid on the me,
chaatable output ol the mine at th.
rate of five centj per ton.
rhe person operating the mine abuli
iitnleh the Agent ".Hi swi   :•   otu    .
accounting   for   the   full    ,u, t>t>  nl
merchantable coal intticd ..ml paj  r
royalty thereon.   It the >•<'.,!  .-rnt-1 ■
rights are not   oeiu.    'ie- . e .   ...
r turns shor.1.1  .,e I in
..uce u yeai.
Thc lease will uicluue tae coul luiu
Ing rights ouly, hut the leasee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working of
tbe mine ut the rate of $10.00 an aero
For (ull information application
should he matin to the Secretary ol
tho Department ol tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to nny Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B,—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
(or. Jan. itb-tf
District oi Fernle
Mc.ntr.nl  Standard  Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publishers,
TAKIC NOTICR tbnt I, L. K. Lnr-
ion, of Nelson II. (:., Morrliunt,
Intend to upply        to       tho
fillet Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to prospSCl for Conl and
Petroleum over llie following tlen
cribod lands situate, in Block ,wt;t.
Houth Enst Kootenny
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chnlne South ol the South-
-n(it. corner nl Lot ar.SS lltonre 80
elininri north, HO chains east, 80
chains tontb. and 80 chains west to
For a License to Take and Use Water
that George \V Bade, nt Milton,
Oregon, will apply lor u license to
tako aad use one and three-fifths
miners feet of water oul of Booth
Creek, which (Iowa In a northerly
direction through Lot eio-l and empties Into St. Mary's Rivet neur Wy-
clllto Tin- water will b,- diverted al
a point 375 v.irdr. south of the soutb
line .ii Lot 016. in j. timber reserve-
formerly covered by Timber Llccns*
N'o 219U7, and will be used for irrigation purposes on the land dos-
crlh-rtl ns Lot 8184.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day ol January,
10,18, The application nlil be filed
ill the   ofllco of   the Water lU-coider
at Cranbrook, n. c.
Objections may he filed with the
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller ni Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
(I. W. Bade, Applicant.
bv M   II   Knight, Agent    Mt
TNau IVUnss
OopvntONTa ko.
An,-liA..tiSltlf s.liptrli ntiddi'.clie 1.,n mm
- ', .ar..tnin enr <>|itiil..n trw. wIimi, - -■■
Scientific flnteriCi....
A tiitll-alOlrlP^ llll.pfl.l'r-1. Wf:kl7, LfH M (It-
filiiii-iM nf iinj * lmll.fi} i^-irti..' i. -.• I ,
f-iiiiKli, IMS n j" .'. i""trf" ifH,>i>'l.    ■ -ni i<t
(Section 18)
NOTICK is horehv given that on
the llth day nf February, 191.1, application will be made to tho Licence
OommlMlonerg of the city of Cran
broo't for a licence for tho sale of II-
iiunr by wholes le ,,„ the premlaea
sllunte „n Lot 6, Block »», Baker
Itreol In the City of Crnnbrook, B.O.
Dated this llth di.y ot January.
MM. *%\
Always Will
the Gent
( c
4 2
Subscribe for the
$2.00 Yearly
•" Short Work of
ill 'rt l.inn fr..in Ik.I., ef ,.miy ,„d Kf_JVz2_
.' re in Mi-ja nn—i-l no tidp.   Just o £»_■_!
'"a".","*. " *•" ■* '•»•»•» t> WnuPaiSiS
fflfi!!! S_2_Tjlhwjas!io n__4i
Htaam  Urtilnr,   Furtiiu:f>,
•nd S«|>tio Tank work
a specialty
Uoit and atook ealimataa
furmahnd un application.
SUnnt r. I'Imm C-saerash
•        • _- W     ^     Ik
* Cranbmk Orai ft ImH oi. THK  PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK,  B.C.
fthe glroftpectov, ftxatibvook, g$ (£
Puhllabed Kvery Saturday   Morning at Craabtoo.. 8.0.
If. M. Christian. Manager.
Postage to American, European and  other foreign countries,   GO cents   a
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates lurnlshed on application. N0
advertisements but those of a re-rutable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to tho contrary
la givon to local manager advertisements nnd subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against their account.
Owing to schedule changes ln the legal  rate   nt   Victoria   and  consequent changes lu the various papers throughout the Province the "Prosl
pector" announces that beginning with January lot, the following rhargce
will be mode for advertising all legal notices:
Application for liquor license, $6.00; liquor license transfer $8.60;
land purchase 17.00; land lesse 57,00; certllicnle of improvement
10 cents per line first insertion and 5 cents each subsequent Insertion; delinquent co-ownership notice, 10 cents nnd S cents; duplicate certiUc-ite 10 eo-t- nnl 5 cents; water notice 10 cents nnd 6
cents;   conl and petroleum notise $6.00
Special Forestry Items.
Special Recommedations for the Preservation of the
Timbers of Canada.
British Columbia lumbermen confidently expect tbat the provincial
government will lend a favorable ear
to their request that the personnel of
tbe forestry board be so enlarged aa
to Include two practical lumbermen-
one from the coast and one from tbe
Interior. The new members will act
—If appointed—in an advisory capacity only. It goes without eaying that
the expert knowledge ot mon experienced in the various phases ot the
lumber industry throughout the province meet necessarily prove of great
value to the board, and it iB a wonder that the proposed change was not
thought ot before.
Timbered Areas to be Given
Better Protection
H, R. MacMillan, superintendent of
between agricultural and forest land.
They memorialize the government
and use their personal influence to secure grants of land to applicants
wherever they may chance to etalre It
regardless of the considerations which
make for a permanent and thrifty
- It Is recognized that British Colum
hia needs Battlers who wtll actually
produce agricultural crops, aad every
encouragement should bo given t
such. There are millions of acres of
good land awaiting tbe settlers as
soon as surveys are made and transportation afforded but there is wttbiu
the psovince at least 50,000,000 acres
which should be reserved for production of timber, ss lt ls moro valuable
for that purpose than any otber. A
very small percentage of this land Is
suitable for agriculture, even after it
in thut way in Canada tor the sake
ot clearing small patches ol lend.
which later hnd been abandoned by
tbe once optimistic settlers, \-*hcri
they round it difficult to market what
thoy could grow, and impossible to
live as civilized people In a country
like Cnnada should. The result is
that tliey denounce tbo government
for ever letting them inke up such
lund, nm! for not adviBing tuem to
go to better districts where others,
coming tn the country at tho same
timo, had made fortunes. They ultimately leave the country to spend
the report that Canada Is no plnce
for a wince man.
The Land Act nt Urltish Columbia
prohibits the grant ng ot pre-emption
on land which carries more than 8t)0U
bonrd feet of merchantable timber
per acre when east of tbat rouge,
Cascade range nnd 5,000 board foet
per acre when or.at of thnt rang?,
Tho Minister- of Lnnds mny refuse lo
grant preemption records ou lnnds
which are bounded ou two ot- three
sides by timber lands, as defined a-
bove, but owing to Inadequate facilities lor Inspecting lands applied for
these regulations have been very liberally Interpreted, nt: n rule.
Thc   lumbermen   of   the   province
would be the last oneii to wish to retard settlement, as they are vitally
Interested ln the. increase in population to supply labor, and nlso in the
Increase in supply of farm products,
j but they fool thut, in the interests of
the forest, protection on which depend
. the continuance of tie lumber industry, settlement should be prohibited
on timbered landa, and in distr cts
whero the available agricultural Innd
Ib not oi greater value than the timber which is endangered hy the pre
sence of settlers. The duty of the
government in regard to applications
which ure made simply to obtain lhe
timber is realized, and tbe Forestry
Blanch is actively trying to prevent
the granting, of these, but the lack of
inspectors makes tt impossible to
watch tho applications unrest they
are brought to their attention. "It
would be well, therefore, for- thos
who are interested to br ng lo tho at
.onttoii   oi tbe   chief forester all in
Poultry Association
The   Poultry   Association   held   a
very interesting meeting last Friday
evening in P. Matheson's Hall, about '
25 members and friends being present
Mrs. H. Brown gave a report of I
the Convention at Victoria and the j
Directors' Mooting nt whicli the up- j
per country this year' elected the
President Mr, Luiny of Revelstoke,
and tho Vice-President Mr. MoOnlltim
of Grand Forks. I
Grand Forks secured the Provincial
Show lor nest winter.
Alter the disposal of other business
tbe study ol LeghorttB was taken up
with a pair ol S.C. Brown Leghorns,
one rose comb brown nnd one single
comb white bird under examination.
A number of those press-it took parr
In the discussion ami ull present slu,
wed they w-re Interested In this line
of work.
At the close ol tbo discission Duff
Orpingtons were eolootod for tho next
meeting, and the President Mr. C-
Sheppard apoko of tho opportunity of
tbo meeting lor the kiiidiie.s shown
hy those who lent their birds lor tbe
occasion without which tho meeting
would have lacked much of Its Interesting work.
The White is  Ki
Fernie News Notes
Thos. Uphill, who wos recently o-
lected as Alde.rirnn, waa unseated because of not being the registered owner of property for six- months previous to the election. As the necessary time litis now elapsed, nud a
new election called, it Is probable
that Mr- Uphill will bu elected by
acclamation' *
J. 0. Martin, returned Sunday,
from a trip to the east, bringing
with him his wife, win. was formerly
Miss Mnry MacAdarr-.s of Hiduey, N.
S. They were married In Toronto by
Archbishop MacNcil, who is a Iriend
of Mrs. Mac Adams family.
A representative of the Prospector
while in search of news on Tuesday
night, cume upon a party ot three
young men and threo young ladies,
aear the corner of Clark street and
Hanson Avenue,
.BeCaUSe   t will turn out mure and better sewing with less labor
IjCCailSe of its light runniriK ami easy sewihg qualities.
13eCaiJSe of its fine mechanical adjustment.
OcCailSe of its beauty of construction and durability.
JieCaUSe of its incomparable labor saving devices which are
exclusively WHITK.
JDeCailSe of its attachment! and tension regulators which enable
one to remove n piece of work unfinished, put it back again at any
time and complete it under exactly the conditions ir was begun.
We don't say the WHITE is a better machine tli-.tn any other,
but we DO SAY that it ii AS GOOD as jiiv machine in ilu-
WORLD, bar none.
The price is a little less than other machines of the same
When you buy a White you net Three protections:—First,
White Quality, Second, White Guarantee, and Third. Kink
Guarantee of Satisfaction.
Call at the store and let us demonstrate this
to you
Qoodcrbnm ft Worts, Bpeclnl
H. C. Distillery Co., special
Corby's Special select
Hparkling Hitrgundy   Pommel
Mumrn's Rxtrn Dry    White •-'
Tippo Olilnn'e
rtniitin Ornppn
Orestn Hlnnen
Family Order'
A  Pull Line o! other Choice I
quetirs.   Cignr
ihiwson's Old Currio
eservs Dawson's Hare Liqueur
linwsou'a Special
Dewni's 8p*ciol
King Oeorge lii
8m black ti White
Wblte Horse Liqueur
Wblte Horse Cellar
Ulen Arthur
Hpey Royal
Distiller* Liqueur
Promptly Killed
it and* ot Wines, Spirits and I.I-
id Bar Classes.
The Otis Staples Lumber Co., Wycliffe, B.C.
Typical Lumber Yards of Cranbrook District
the provincial forestry department,
am aireauy made it plain tbat the
conservation and protection ol tbe
Umber of Drltith Columbia will be
continued during 1913 on an even
more extensive and enlightened plan
than in the past. Tbe number of Are
ranger* will be increased by at least
one-third and attention, will be given
not only to the protection of mature
timber, but also to tbe sale guarding
ol young and second growth forest*.
There ara several big areae in the
province which will provide for furure
generations resources upon which
they will be able to draw. Thee* a-
rea* are In tbe majority ol cases not
available lor agricultural purposes
but they will represent a valuable asset In the future, and ot course, It is
• duty ol the government to wisely
conserve resource* not only tor pre-
•ent, but lor Iuture um.
Special ateentlon will be given to
the protection against Ore of timbered watersheds in irrigated districts,
•ueh, as for Instance, as the Okanagan Valley. The advent ol the Kettle
Valley Railway and other lines in
the irrigated districts of ths Interior
haa necessitated the augmentation of
the fire-fighting there.
Settlement on Timber Lands
There Is considerable agitation lu
British Columbia at Ihe present time
in favor of encor-rnglng settlement on
the land Tula is an excellent thing,
*• .iii will agree, when applied to ag
rteultural land, but tbe difllculty le
that, In their snthusinetn over grievances of the land seeker then public
•plrlted agitator* tall to distinguish
ie cleared, and the email valley bottoms whose sue.r land ia lound, are
top smalt and too Isolated (or the dc
velopment ol a prosperous and Intel,
llgent community. It is the duty of
the government to direct settlers to
districts in which they con produce
profitable crops, and where It ls possible to build up a community ol
homes where the advantages ol
achools, churches nnd social Intercourse can be obtained, Noglect ol
these considerations will necessarily
result in dlss-itiatied settlers, nbon
'doned claims, and an injury to the
reputation nt the whole country, a-
•ids altogether from tho hardships
and privations afflicted ou the settlers themselves.
To clear forest land in British Columbia ia a more difficult, operation
than in eastern Canada. Tho trees
are Inn or, nnd roalst decay, and it Is
pract'cilly Impoi s hie even tor the
hnrdiest pionesr without considerable
capital, to clear sufficient of this tlm
bered land In ten or even twenty year
to support himee'l und family. Pcr-
Inps the rerlou* problem produced by
the location nf settlers in fore ted
districts, Is the increase ol t' e fire
hasard. The axe and fire nro the only weapons tbo poor settler has with
which to clear his land, Hln natural
nttltude Is one ol antipathy to the
forest as tho i routes', obstacle to bin
wnr'-, nnd even undor tho most Rtrin-
■•.cut laws he Is upt to start a Uro
too hilt for hhn ta control, wllh the
result that it destroys timber adjoining bis property of tar greater vnlue
than his f.rm. Mllllors of do'hts
worth of timber bave been destroyed
stances of attempts to take up land
on which tho nd.ls u.llity of its belli
a,rantied is questionable,
Conserve British CoiutiLiia
An articlo in the Monetary Times,
discussing the conservation of British Columbia timber, says tho lact
that stumpage on available timber
with tbe most modern methods of
logging has advanced from r,t| cents
per liluu feet to (8,00, nud on some
seloctel 3T0wn granted arena has
rent'.led 3.00 per imni feet, would
seem to Indicate that gooJ timbered
areas are eu«|ly obtainable Tbe
owner ol good timber' In llt'itlsh Columbia need not drspalr as to whetlur
or not his investment is a good one,
lf be has timber nl tun qUnl ty and
quantity situated on ground whloh
will nllow logging same at reason*
able cost, bo is just as sum in making a Rood return on his money us ll'
invested In Ontario or eastern land t
some lew years ago. All adjectives
each as Inexuauetlblo, enormous, etc.
which ure generally applied to thu
timber resources ol luitish Columbia
can be disregarded. The next ten
yenrs nr so will show a gronl Increase in cost oi stumpage in iiritish
Columbia, ami prices ol lumber from
this tine forward will have a ten,
■iimv t<> advance, To the timber h l
der the writer ol thc story mihcsltii-
tlnuly ens "Conserve your Timber
-Dully World, Vancouver,
Tliu party hud just como out ol a
Chinese restaurant, aud were in a
playful niuo.I they danced the "Bonnie Hug" "The Turkey Trot," arrd o
ther dnrrees on the sidewalk, making
tha night hldloua with tholr outcries.
All this at the midnight hour.
Why do young glrh go to the bad?
This Is a question thnt should he
eonsldered by pnronts, Girls of the
nue of M to 10 should NOT bo allowed on the street at unseemly hours,
mul II the pnrents are neglectful of
tbeir children they and they alone
are responsible lor tbelr children's
wrong doings.
The Cranbrook Poultry
and Pet Stock
Preside ,t-c. It.  Shoppard
Meets regular ly ou tho First Friday
ovohlnr of each month.
Information    on    Poultry    matters
Address the Secretary—-A. n. Smith
P.O. llox 812. Oranbrook, B.C.
Baptist Church
Ore Shipments
I'he IoIIowIiik me the tire shipment
from mines in lho Oranbrook Ills,
trict foi tho poat week ..ml year tt.
Sullivan  385 iota
Bt.   ISugeiio  78  160
Morning services at 11 u-ni.
Subject—"A Twentieth Century
Kvenlng s-rvlres ot 7.30 p.m.
Subject—Continuance ot tho Pas
tor's series "Conversions In tbe
Acts," presenting    the   Conversion of Simon Magus.
A service ol song will bt rouductcd
during the first  hall nl  the eveulne
An luvitutlon to participate in the
enjoyment ol the day', worship Is
(reely extended to all,
Presbeytriau Church
Rsv. W. Kidman Thomson
Morning sorvlco at 10 a.m.
SiibJoet.-"Wbure it find "
Sunday  Sehool i.u !  IMIile Class ut
3 p.m.—Young people Invited
Bvening service at 7-;io p.m.
Subject—"Btlidy   In   Old Tenia-
merit Characters, David."
Mid-week' Sol'VlCO, Wednesday 8 p.m
um  95—Wholes-Hie Wines and Spirits—Bos 8
£ Cranbrook* B.C.
Salvation A'my Hull
lliinsou Avenue
Captain w. <i. onrrutbets
l.iouto.-uni w. Cooper
Holiday Hei licit.
li a.m.—Holiness Service
3 p.m.—Bible Class
ii ii.nl.- Sunday School
8 p.in,—Salvation Sorvlco
Tuesday, Thursday   mul Saturday
aorvlcei nt 8 p.m.
A special Invitation is exteudeil in
ull tu attend tbrss .ervlccs.
Hi*l'liM-l"H il"l"t"l'-t-fri''t-t*1!--!*^******* t*********** ***
1 PHONE 840 !
It You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do   it and   guarantee   our work
•   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and :
Heating Company
• VV, P .lolinsort, Prop,, KO, Hox ium
WORKS-EtlwRi-d. Siruai Crnnbrook, Hi'    <
******** 1-M ******** *** *********** | | ****** . 4
•'- Autoinohiie  will  In- nm   weekl)   on
j between Cranbrook and Wasi  con
t nrriiti.; wub incoming «niii outpoint-
r turns. Good Passcngei AccorjiixJatlon,
N. Hanson
* •,•.■********■:*****, **41************H »t**** > TKE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B.C.
Mo.i  Military  Men   Except    German.:
Conclude That France has Best
Artillery in the World
The French durlug the timo of the
the Turks had heen hu.-tetl Irom thel
fortress of Ferlsovio,    He could not'
have paid n belter tribute to thn wis-  sl'  John. N •!-.. Canada's Only City
tlot.i of Kiutv Voter, who learned tho With a Commission Mayor
art ot war us n pupil nt tbo military     The eyes of ths world nro watoulng
eollose  of St.   Cyr  and   know  wll.it   with a groat deal ol Interest the Now
French methods and French artillery Wouder City of tho Hast, St.  Johu,
were capable or.   Tho  hest officers [and lis Ilrst (,'oniinlssloii Mayor, Ur.
Russo-Japanese campaign Fron Clemen I,',',' ',t,/"''',','L ~a'.'.,,..*".'     ~ ' m ",' - —
-    ■   .*** . *.."   , .,.. ,... jln Ilio Servian army have nil pnssed {James II. Fi-inlr.
hae'tptl the wrong horse, and tht humiliation of their allies was a r.orc
disappointment to them.   -.a the Bulk-1 ","™.'1'- ",'?  *.'!.'" '." "'
en war, however, F^^m^T^^^^
periods int the French army and
thp  feole  Superletit'e  do  Guerre,
was reor-
that  Import-
have front the Btart been with the al-1 •„■ . ,„„,. „, - „._«,,", . „ ....„,..
lied state.-, and their victories have  ""' '"J1* waa c0"r,,lcd to ** F,en-11
been hailed wiih Jubilant satisfaction.   rali8'0"' , ,,     	
But apart from he pleasure felt by Fo- a wore of years the it.ridsi
Frenchmen at the successful efforts f™-' ,,;as **■ "'" ••""•l8 pr Germany8
of the little powera lo overthrow the '***,trictoI ' „5h.? °*""-"*" P?e-E?"
Turk, there Is a national pride bora I *™ 1'1°. "'"'I1"*, ' "•*- celebrated Von
of the convlotton that the Bulgarians A^ Q°"»' u"il tholr military tuition
nnd the Servians and rhe Creeks have ™*'^ iv 'ii\ ^ '^ ' " • "
vanquished the troops of rhe sultan;1" Berlin. '• thn «"_*«.' *■****,!«
because thev learned the art of warh*°w **r»f'n« ,0 « close   .th?   T"f!«,
■S_T^__Z r0UeSCS "na t0US'1 St  "m> ^aT an^ Tu '
wltt French cannon. .Balkan troops have put into practice
When, further, it is remembered the ,....„. ,,,.„ lMraea |„ Fren-„
that at Kirk Klllsse ami Lule Burgas! mj]!,.,n. BCi,00Is, and their gunners
the French gun- were matched against, ,,.„., <.„,.,„, ,,,.„„„,, .„.,merv. The I
German artillery, it will be conceded ,,,,„, botween Krupp and Creusnt has'
that the crushing defeat inflicted on. „..,, -n to t)j. nilva„tage of tho
the Turks  at  these hatilo3 Is some ]a.te.
Justlflcatlon for French complacency.      W|,„t  ,.  th.  |nf.ron..  ...,_„ t.
The Balkan war has boon very largel)   frenchmen? A verv natural one-that
a question of guns, and the due  he- ,, Buch -,im,..,,,. ...uUs h(lv. ,
tween the French ortlller- of the al-, „,,,„„, ,   ,h   , ,   ,       ,   , ,
%re?^7ndota&% by fc| Jj^ JJ^J^-J^
nr. Prink ia a good example of a
man who pro-revs to play hla own hand
—and wins, Tho citizens of St.
John, wearied with the cumbersome
aldermanic system, with a mayor and
seventeen mehibers voted three to one
(or the adoption of tlio commission
form of government. The new plan
of city government wns placed before
the people na Ibe result of tlio recommendation of the advertising committee of tho Hoard of Trade.
Tlio city feels proud of its chief
migistrate.       Puro   English    blood
T. A. Crtrar, E. J. Fr»m, John Kennedy, William Moffat,.
Manitoba—T.  A.  Crerar   John Kennedy, Win. Moffat, R.  McKcnBle.   Saskatchewan—Geo,
Langley, J.   A.   Mohurg,   V.  W.   Ureen,  J.   Morrison.    Alberta—10.   J.   Freani.
If you consign your grain to ui It will be locked after ln the best possible manner,
To better th* condition of the farmer and cut out tho spread between the producer nnd tha.
consumer, . „    c
nrmlea of the allies was not due to ac-
cldent or hazard. Those responsible
for the war materia!, which was to decide the future of the Balkans knew
that ihey could take no chances, that
their very existence was at stake, and
army has no reason  to f>;ir a wa
with Germany,   The kalaer may prid t 11
himself on possessing the most col. I
ossal army in  Kurope,    but    If    the
enemy has the best guns In the world,
"""»,""_'  .1 "   ._ .   < i    *    ..then  superior  numbers  are  onlv  bo,
80, afler testing the  material of!    11,        h   &       cftnon       D   h   , f H J
tho ordinance manufacturers of Eur-j tu.   Rnd  Btrategy-no    one    denies
theso qualities to the French, and j
when the race from which King Ferdinand sprang asserts that French In*]
telligenee has been victorious In the j
and that the triumph «f the '
ope they came to the concl-islon that
the Schneider gur.3 were the most
suitable for their purpose. That is
why General Savofl, who recognized
the Bulgarian army, selected the splen*! nflljvnL*i''
did 75-mlllimeter French gun to annl-. £,,**£
i.u.»- ii,- T..-1- --a ♦*,*«,«- «,i«ta.t-.DI allies is a moral victory for Franc*.,
hilate the Turk, and the war ministers | ,_._
Daddy's Bedtime
1 lianksgiving
. |   Surprise
He Carved a Little
Summer Homo.
of Servla and Greece did the same,
that events have largely Justified f
Most of their material te comparative; . . rtlalma
ly modern nnd bears the date of 1901, i mou ciaim:'
1905,  and  1907.
Most military men—Kaiser Wll-
helm's nfTicers excepted—openly admit
that the French have the best artillery in the world. It is especially
suitable for a eampaij-rr. In the hilly
jountry of the Balkans, because of Its
Bghtness, The nature of the terrain.
which has been reddened by the blood
of Bulgarians and Turks, precludes the
use of heavy, cumbersome cnn.-. and
that Is why the light, handy field and; ls ■•'<' onl>* "Ittnteei doctor working
mountain guns of   the    allies    bave I1" the camp.
proved invaluable. Foreign attaches! w,th Hoffman Philip, the b< it I ry
who have followed tho operation.-? in ■ of lho United States embassy, and
the Balkans during the last few weeks i Maurice Baring, the well-known writ-
are at one in Ihelr admiration of thej er, ho goes out to San Stefano each
rapidity, accuracy and murderous ef-Jday. and hopes to be able to save i
feet of the French-made puns, [ number of lives.    The flrst work, bow
A German artillery officer, who wit-J 8Ver- consfst3 "Imply In clearing up
nessed lhe battle of Lule Burpas, de-
OR     JAMES   H.    FR1NK
HEROINE OF SIXTY IN FRONT    i tlows In Mayor Frlnk's veins, a fact
  attested by his pre** dency ol the local
St. George's 3ociety.
The mayor holds ofllce for two
year?, aud the commission for four.
The mayor receives (3,600,00 a yea:
Working Eleven Hours a Dav Focd'ess
In Turkish Cholera Camp
From    Constantinople,    the    Rev.
I Ttobc-rt Frew, a   Scottish   clergym
j here has gone to the San Stefai
' era crimp, and will rema a there, foi
' lowing the example of Miss Alt.     So
i far Major F.   S.  Ford, an America:
ACK and Evelyn said tliey wanted a true story, and fio daddy replied that
he would tell them iho story of the fairy forest.
"Boggle was a little boy who could not walk.   Thero was something
wrong with his splno*   Maybe somo day the doctors could mako lilm
well.   Ills mother and father hoped so," said daddy.
••Mo could not go out tu the woods llko olher boyB, and whon hla little
friends came in to tell til in of the walks they had enjoyed under the tall trees
Ills eyes opened longingly.
'"I think II would bo lovely to go out Inlo (he woods,' he Bflld to his neighbors, Harold and Jennie.
'"I've got tbe besl Idea,' snld Jennie to ber brother. 'Let's mnko Harold
a fairy forest.'
"Tbo next day, when lossoUS were over, Jennie nnd Harold went out to
(he woods with u basket. 'Ihey gathered acorns and beechnuts and tiorao
chestnuts nnd peeled great strips of green moss irom tho ground. When
they reached homo Ihey lilted a big bowl wilh carlh aud covered ihe top of It
wilh moss,
"And underneath ibo moss they plant
tba chestnuts.
"They w.ilcl.ed Uie bowl from flay to day und! the acorns and Iho nuts
Bprouted and the baby trees poked their Uny heads Unougli the moss, and It
was ready for Rcgglo about Tbnnksgtvlug day.
"Then they carried the bowl iu to Itoggle,
"*Sce,' they said to him; 'we've brought you a wood of your own. It's
your Thanksgiving day present'
"When he saw tbo lltllo trees growing in the bowl Reggie clflpped bis
bands and cried out with Joy.
■■'Why,' he said, 'it looks Just like a fairy forest.'
"Fvery day the trees grew n little mere, but they never became very large.
With ids pocketknlfe Boggle carved n lilllo summer house to stand under tbe
trees, and his father pul Itl a tiny fountain.
"When autumn came the tiny leaves fell off the branches Just ns they did
off the trees in tho real forest, aud Itegglo waited eagerly till spring came.
"Then Iteggle's father had n surprise for him. Ue bad a good sized box
tilled with earth aud covered with moss. Tho trees wero taken out of the
bowl and planted iu tbo box so that they would have room to spread.
Hut, best of all, before the nest Thanksgiving itoggle could go out Into
e enraged in his own bus!- the real woods, for a wonderful doctor came aloug and cured his poor sick
ness while   Uie   commissioners   are back."
paid $3,000.00 a year, and are not a.- ,
■   ; under *he charter to be active-
ngaged  in  any  other  calling  or DRESSED AS MAN TO GET WORK
L'uder the old system the city was   Sex of Woman Worker In  Dockyard
governed by a mayor and seventeen} Disclosed by an Accident
a.deraien, four at large and thirteen!
from tho wards.
An accident In  Londc/i,    Kngland,
which occurred on the   Rlvor   Tyne
number of lives
ever, consist;
Uie camp. ^^^^^^^^
All who visit Ran Stefano agree !
declaring that Miss Alt, who origi
elared that the day was won not by
the rifle lire of the Bulgarians, but,   „ ,        _  ,.     ,    .   .   4
by their cannon, the batteries p.acinc I f^ Jame from. fv}**]* n?f .■>« haJ
shell afler shell with astonishing rap-| ^J?!!? !_K?!*l!t!_?lJ.?!,|SI'
ilsblng i
Idity at points Ave feet apart. The
gunners fired wltll automatic precision
tnd the officer added that he was con-
rlnced that one of tbo most Important results of the present, war would
he a modification of the flermnn artillery. Krupp guns, be declared, can
neither Are ro rapidly nor wllh so
much precision as tho murderous
Crousot guns.
Hut it la 'he special pneumatic
brake that give.*; the man who serves
tho French-made nrttllery hla greatest
odvantnge, When the shot is f!r?J
and ihn recoil tnkoj place, the gm
conies back In a a trail lit tine, and is
ready to lie rodtscharged Immediately
That Is lo ray, once the gunner has
pot tho rang.1 ,')« !."s nn further Iron*
ble, He get orally gels the rnng.» *;i
tho firs, threw ohots, and he can ke'*r-
(he gun guliig at .hn rate of fr•*»]
twenty-fir- in thirty Ave shols a minute, Vet (lie cairfago remain; no
Bfenfly (hat If a glass of water ha
placed on tho wheel during lhe firing
not a drop will bo spilled, On the
other hand, when the Krupp gun re-
colls, Ihrre In alwaya a certain amount
of lateral displacement- and the cannon has to be rcslghted every lime,
Thn murderous effect of Hie allies'
nrttllery van demonstrated during Mia
bombardment ot Prcschovo, when til"
Servians had He ven I y men rendered
hors do combat, whllo tho Turkish
Iohhos exceeded a thousand. Tho
Bulgarians and Lhelr comradea-ln-armo
never flred at random. Taking Ids
orders from tlio officer beside hlni,
who through his glasses watclios tha
results oT the firing, tho gunner lands
his projectiles exactly In the zone corresponding to Uie square marked on
tlio Hlllo chart before lilm, And,
whether tho enemy bo slow-moving
Infantry, or galloping cavalry, the
gunner does not need to wait for tho
officer's assurance, when the smoke
has cleared away, thai not a living
tiling remains In the fatal zone.
The terrible ravages of modern
shrapnel can hardly be exaggerated,
and remembering how (U*prepared
were the sultan's troops—starving,
disorganized, and dispirited—to Klve
battle to the enemy, ifl it any wonder
that in the accounts of successive on-
gagements wo find the same snd record of what happened io Uie Turks'
Panic broke out in their ranks, they
quickly became disorganized, find the
defeat became a rout. In every nr
tlilery comhaf since the outbreak of
hostilities (lie ranks of the Turk! have
been decimated by the swift and dead"
ly balterlea of their enemies, and as
One  of the   Remarkable   Engineering
Feats of the Age
The Roose-eU dam ln Arizona, tho
asl most important masonry structure yet
I  undertaken by the reclamation service,
brought to light the fact that a work-jAnd called it a bum diagnosis
man who was known as George Palmer was actually a married woman.
George Palmer had been working
at loading and unloading on a wherry,
for six months, unsuspected of being
otiier than a male.
In  May
Acers, the government engineers and! ot a wherry, unloading steel  plates] will   .   .
.._.    „ lt   -—    -,._ ' ness conies unexpectedly.     Mrs. L
.^a^ofaT^^h^^^T^^^ formaU* detlicared on the ^er .
Sh? «7» it,nLmft^J kiDd' . noon c(  Marcu  18  by  former  Pros.-1 of complexion, applied for work and
with hln? 1   H-   TV, °/ 0VeI S!xtr' ^ dent Theodore Roosevelt in the pres-' was engaged.
■     1     teal*\*w I, ii      ■' B"!° ™'enco of t!,e Prominent territorial of-!    While she w
Ave this £n?hfi Jm    I ?0)?ln$ F 'ficer8' the Sovernment engineers and, 	
Inter n :     -     u,,, .?'!     nn< i naT\ .cl^-™« 'rom all parts of" the south- from the   Consett   Iron    Company
orn vMi!   _, , •"  n tl^ chnH west. works for carriage down the river, one
woW^ Thi8 dam !s on: of thp mof;t !m-!of'Uio plates fell upon her. injuring
revolting fifth, heedless of contamina-  presslve Irrigation structures in the  her  somewhat  severely.     Workmen
a.',  ,ii„,i,. n     i , I world, and its construction I? one of carried her to a shed on the wharf,
loin".! imV woma« has now the great engineering feats of the ag j. and Dr. Herbert McAIeemnn, of Blay-
a nnfSti.'i. «,««*. .. . , . . . Frnm -foundation reck to top of para- don was called to attend to the Injur-
in 4h, „ 1 .^0,nmn.nttempted to help pet walls lt is 284 feet, high, its length ed person, and upon his arrival Palm-
l7jn°; ,m;,,y- l'Mt.tnf ror*'-itlonsi on crest Is l,oso feet, and its cubical er requested blm to clear all the men
wero so nauseating that she colhpscd I contents are 326,000 yards.     Its base  out of the shed.
covers approximately an acre of! This was done nnd Palmer Ihen In-
ground, The first stone was laid onj formed lhe doctor that sho was not a
Sept. 20, ItiOC, and the structure was '"iin, but a woman. She, however,
finally comploted on Feb. 5, 11)11. wished this to he kejjt secret,      She
Thn Roosevelt dam serves a dual! said she was SI years old, and wai
purpose—first as a con server of floods married. Tier name was not Palm-
nnd, second, to develop power. The er, she declared, but her renl name
storage reservoir created by the dam! or any Information concerning herself
is one of (Iip largest artificial bodies she refused to give, beyond volunteer-
of waler In the world. Spread out at Ing a statement that her husband wns
foot deep, il would more than cover j a German seafaring man. and that be*'
the entire state of Delaware. cause nf his ill-treatment of her she
Willi tho water supply now gunran-} had to leave him.
teed by the Roosevelt reservoir near-;    In order to get food for herself and
ly a quarter nf a million acres will j her two children sbo had been obliged
soon be in cultivation,     The annual[ to sock employment as a mnn.
income from tula land when fully de-
and waj compelled to retire.
Watered Walnuts
In Paris a new method of preventing (he fraudulent preparation or
walnuts by treating them with salt
water, thus adding to their weight, is
being considered by the French mln
later of agriculture Not only does
the customer receive false weight,
bn' the nuts so treated almost always
go bad. Over 2000,000 pounds of walnuts have beeu sold in Paris th.3
Sea In a Cemetery
Messina, Sicily, lu Rome,
tho sea, lushed by a furious storm,
rose and Invtidcd Uie cemetery where
were buried many of tho victims of
the earthquake In December, 1A08.
Several bodies were dislodged from
their graves and carried out into the
Bca. A dismal spoctaclo te presented.
veloped will he greater fhau the onlir<
cost of the whole project, which is
estimated at approximately $9,000,000.
So rich Is the sofl and so assured nnd
abundant nre tho crops. It Is conservative   to   estimate   that   the   irrigable
Cross When He Cams
Did be come across?
I should say iin did.
And shell out?
I don't get. yuu.
Come across with Uie coin?
No; hn cam-' serosa the street and
biffed me ono when I mentioned lt.
French   President    Admires    Animal
Owned by a Woman
In Paris, a lion cub,   about   thirty
area la capable of supporting In com-l two days old, attracted the attention
fort and In Immes of their own not| «t_pf?»_?_?ilt TSi116"8*I^"laB?* W»u"
less than 1!>,000 families on the farms.
Cry of Fire Causes Panic In Which
Tots Wero Trampled to Death
It Is reported that a terrible disaster, in which forty children nnd ono
woman were killed, occurred In a mov-
Ing-plcturo show at Uilbno.
The building was crowded with
spectators, composed almost excluslv
What I Uio Land playing? _______________________-____—_____^______-__-,
See—the Conquorlng Hero Comes, [ly of women and children, especially
Where is the conquering hero?
You cannot seo him for the reception committee.
Como.prclalized Art
He is Borne painter, believe me.
To what IChool does Iio belong?
To tho utlltarl in,
Oh, signs and fences.
A simplified X ray by which a bill
"iii--' tor coul i iee b '■*.' much money
^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^-—_^_—        I ri^ii lii'd In his poclii-i. would lill a
thoy Watched the broken rolnmns nfjlong felt wanl
their foes   foattertng   before   their1 *	
victors broke Into :    Ph-m" men ure ko cross grained In
in the galleries and balconies, Sud
denly a cry of "Fire!" was raised,
and the audience rushed ln panic for
tho exits.
Tlio police and staff oT Ihe rlrcus
were powerless to check Uio panic,
and moro than twenty children lost.
their lives, being trampled to death
or suffocated.
Ah soon as the news became generally known In Dllbao, crowds gathered outside '.he building, nnd heart*
rending Boenes wero witnessed as par-
enti and rrlendfl recognized tho victims,
Tho cry of Fire!  appOflTB fo have
ho opened tho International Bird
Show at the Grand Palais.
The cub, which bas a sheep dog as
a foster mother, is the property ot
a young woman naturalist who keeps
all sorls of animals to servo as models for Paris artists.
Tho president was greatly Interested In Uio lion cub and stroked It for
some timo while asking questions
about it.
Chief  Warder,   His  Wife,  an  Assistant and a Mutineer
In Paris, some horrible scenos
of slaughter accompanied the revolt
of t\ number of prisoners In the civil
and naval prison of Itochefort,
The mutineers killed the chief warder, his wife, and Uio chief assistant.
warder. A number ot other people
woro badly hurt. Tho mutineers
shut IhoiiiHeUes Into one of the cells,
and whon lliey wero overpowered ono
man waa killed and tho ringleader of
tho mutiny hanged himself.
Tho mutiny began at 4.30 In tho
afternoon, when the prisoners' evening meal was being takeu orouud. It
began with a violent complaint against
lho food by a navy cook, a man
named lirahounet.
Tho chief warder ordered the man
to bo quiet, and threatened him with
punishment.   Drahounet who had a
j razor hidden In his right hand, rushed
at tho chief warder, Arcblnard, and
, as Arohtnard tried to get nt hla revolver other prisoners dashed at him
.1 the acorns and the bOOCbnutfl and   llIlt- Drahounet cut his thront.
I Archinard'S wife heard his shrieks
as ho fell. She rushed into the mob
of mutineers aud flew at lho ringleader. A prisoner tried to help her
to seize Drahounet, but tho man, who
was a giant iu stature and In strength,
caught Mme. Arcblnard by the balr,
bent her bade over hla knee and with'
one stroke severed her head from her
The assistant, chief warder, Bonnet,
who had been in another part of tho
prison, hurried up with other warders
nnd a pitched bailie began in tho corridors of the prison.
Drahonnet bad found n long-handled
hatchet wiih which he did terrible
damage, and a few minutes after the
death of his chief, Bonnet waa killed
by n crushing stroke of the ringleader's axe Whiaih cleft his skull In
The fight had taken place on the
ground floor of the prison. The
noise was heard outside, and a lieutenant of Colonial Infantry, Lieutenant Pernin, who happened to be passing, rushed In to give assistance to tlio
warders. He received two knife
wounds In the throat and another in
the left side, and is not expected to
Close en the hcols of Lieutenant
Pernin camo the commissioner of po-i
lice, but the mutineers toro his clothes
to pieces, rushed blm out of the prls-|
on and locked the doors. The warders followed, for by this time the prisoners on -the upper floors had been
released, and outnumbering their jailors, they expelled them and barricaded themselves in tho prison.
An Immense crowd of civilians, police, gendarmes and soldiers surrounded the prison. Tho representative of
Uie government and the commissioner
of police took command, and after
three hours' seige the outer doors
wero forced.
The ground floor corridors wore
dark and silent. The mutineers had
cut on the electric light supply.
An acetylene lamp was brought and
the white walls were seen to be dripping with blood. There was not a
mutineer In sight, and in the middle
of tho corridor lay the bodies of tho
chief warder, his wife and his assistant. Mme, Archlnard'a head had
rolled down tho corridor, and was
stopped by the open door of an empty
With every precaution the soldiers
and gendarmes and police, with revolvers In their hands, marched up the
stairs to the second floor. The mut-;
Ineers were waiting for them, and,
when more doors were forced there i
was a short but fierce hand to hand)
struggle. i
A volley cowed the mutineers. One
of them, a sailor named Maguaud, was
found dead in a cell. Behind him
tbo dead body of Drahonnet, the ringleader, hung from a nail ln the ceiling.
The victims, dead and wounded,
were taken to the civil hospital and
alt tho mutineers wero safely locked
In cells by midnight. Today everything was calm in the prison.
Sanol's Anti-Diabetes
!s tho only romcely which lias
a record of complete euro.?.
Price $2.00 at Most Leading
Winnipeg, Man.
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All In
old  man
from Lake
Thero  -.
Whose ailment waa tuberculosis
He slept on the lawn
From sunset to dawn
The llttlo Ills of babyhood and child-
last Palmer dressed as a j hood should be treated promptly, ur
-mouth of cheek and ruddy  they may prove serious.     An occasional dose of Baby's Own Tablets will
, regulato the stomach und bowels and
working in tho hotel keep your little ones well.     Or they
 ' •■■"' promptly ri store health If sick-
I; Dpessina
nora M. Thompson, Oil Springs, Ont.,
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of the greatest help. No mother, ln
my opinion, should he without the Tab
lets." Sold by medicine dealers or
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A Humane Mistress
And are you still rejoicing in that
splendid cook, Mrs. Malaprop? inquired the caller.
Well, wo are and we ain't, said Mrs.
Malaprop. The fact is Mary wns so
completely procrastinated by the work
of my household that I've given her
a three weeks' vaccination. I was
afraid If I didn't she would he invalidated tcrniagantly.
Mlr.ird'i Liniment Cures Olstemptr
Heard Him
First Caddie—Billy got a crack on
do head dis mornin' but all he said
was: My goodness; Oh, sugar I My
gracious!. J wonder what's do mat
ter wid him
Second Caddie—lie's bcen caddylng
fer de past, week fer a preacher wot
joined de club.
In this nRe of rose..rob nnd experiment,
nil nature Is ransacked by the sclenUiio
for tho comfort and Impiilnesi. of man.
Science hns Indeed made giant strides
In tho past century, and among the—by
no means leant Important—discoveries tit
niedlclno Is thnt of Theraplon, which hu.*
been used wilh RTeat success In French
Hospitals and that It Is worthy the attention of those wbo suffer from kidney,
bladder, nervous discuses, chronic weaknesses, ulcers, skin eruptions, piles, &<..
thero is no doubt. In fact lt seems evident from the h'.g stir created amongst
specialists, that THERAPION is destined
to cast Into oblivion nil those questionable remedies thnt were formerly the
solo reliance ot medical men. It is of
course impossible lo idi sufferers nil wo
should like to tell them in tbls short
artlolei but those who would like to know
more ubout this remedy that has effected so many—we might almosl sny, miraculous cures, should send addressed envelope for FREE book to Dr. I-e Clew
Med Co.. Mav»r8tock Hoad. Ilnmp-
otcad, London, England, nnd doolde to.'
themselves whether the New French
Remedy "THEltAPIOX" No. l, No. 2 or
No. :i Is what they require and have been
Beeklng In vain during a life of misery,
suffering, ill health nnd unhapplness.
Theraplon Is sold by druggists nnd n:I
lending medicine dealers  In Canada.
We give you a Home Study Course
which wiil enable you to prepare for
hotter things hy using your spare time.
Wo teac'a all Commercial branches,
Illghei Accounting, Drawing. Illustrating, an.l fit young people for good
positions at good salaries. Write u»
for particulars and let us know what
position you would llko to prepare
for. Do lt now. Address W. II.'
Chaw, President, Shaw Correspond*
enco School. Toronto, Canada.
The pie crust would retire from lllO
Held vanquished and binding up the
wounds to Its pocket hook wero the
women to light lt with the kind of
pies that mother used to make.
merciless nr'*. th -  __^_^    u_^_mm_
fierce, exultant shouts of Joy and tho their dtipo I oi il ll is all they can been raised aa n practical Joke, wtoicn
guuneni klBfled the cannon whlrh had ,! ' ln ■■" D "^ • ""• tcrtni With tbem* DlUlt he con.-ilderod criminal, for no
won tbem conquest and glory selves outbreak seem* to have occurred.   A
Vos canons franoals sont operants! ' largo number of people are believed
(Your puna are ristrmlshlugi -xclnlm ! Beyond the Law to have been Injured.
ed Prince Alexis, cousin to ibe king; When Parmer Fnlrweighl came to Only one woman lost her life, hut
of Servla, when spoaking to the war London on a flylM v| tie discovered '■ largo number of women wero In-
Correspondent of a Paris paper after many 1:1111-■   ■iii..* lei.--   c-iiid go with-j Jured.
,   out hor.-** s. that you could walk for .1 ""— '
_Z '_ '__Z\ whole hour without Mriking a field or|    Sh" has given up tho Idea of got*
,   aa^'-M) CTt.    ',aa-
' jfjjj^E****
Wo. a box or tl. bone! tar (2.S0,
il all dtaltni, or Tha Oodda Mmll-
clna Oompaii/,  Limited,    Toronto,
an acqi-ajntanea and llnally llml *-ou|tlng u d'vorco.
couldn't till, a nollcamau  alniply  l.
rails., ii" cotnpola you ". mov • out of
NiinT people's way.
A. lie wai being takon to the hu
tlon lie iiii|n!r.'(i what the pollcomon
Inti ndod doing with him,
you'll find oui goon enough, eald tli"
policeman grlml* lovon days, proa,
Bovon days!     Ai., that's whoro I
havo yo, ol i bluebottlel ohuoklod Hi-
j Farmer triumphantly,   producing   the
I return halt of IiIh tlckol.    I've gol to
1 nu back 011 Monii.'o !
was determined?
sin. had her court
W.  N.  U    930
Juvenile Theory
Bunday School Teaohor   What
hIhh, Harold.
small iiiunili   Parents,
Sunday School Toncher why, how
il" you malic thai out?
Small Harold- -Woll, Iho good book
miyfl: llo suro Jour sins Will llml yoil
out, and Mini's wlmi parents arc nl-
wnvii doing.
Th.. politician   doesn't   npproclat"
persons with lour- memories.
I thought nln
dp »R"H plckod.
Hid ii" win hor back?
Nol she heard thut alimonies wer
nur bolng worn tt'.t largo hh forme
ly this nin. on.
An Old New York Crave
The oldcsl nn-avo In Trinity churol
yard, Now Vork olty, bo far tin can li
determined, Is that or lllcharil Cliurci
or,    Tho slono on tho  grave   lnrtl«
calos thai tho Imy died at tlic ago of
live uuil n linil' y 'B.   April B, I tin 1
Gray horsos nro tho longosl lived.
Creams an. usually dolicato ami nro
i.iiiouHiy   unvc.tt-ii   hy   vory   wiirui
R.ioid Shoamaklng
A piece of   leather   can
transformed into a pair nr
thirty four lulnulcH, |ntni.]iii:
the hands of slxty.tliroo pa
through llflcon machines,
now bo
boots in
'Pic and
Watch Wizard niirlmnk make It pea-
alhlo for ua io pick figs from thistles,
The ciiaime of dietary that cornea
with spring and summer hns the effect
l-i weak HliimaciiH of rcIIIiik up In-
llamniallon, ickiiIiIhk lu riyucutcry and
cholera morbus, Tho abnormal eon-
illilon will continue if not attended tn
and will cause au Q'thau-'tlvo drain on
the system, The best available modi*
nine is Dr. .1. I) Kollogg's Dysentery
Cordial. It clenra Mm Btnnmcli and
bowols of Irritants, counteracts tho
Inflammation and rcHtorm ihe or-.-uns
ij hcnllhy notion,
King Raises Wages
Tn London tlm king has recently
granted nn lncrca.no In wages of .11
cents per week to all tlio Frogmoro
garden laborers, In view of the In-
oronsed cost Of living. This Increase
waa made on Mm king's own lnintivo
Abacnt-Mlndcd Bridal Pair
A    (Jeimva couple    who    recently
lunl arranged for tholr  mnrrlago  by
tho ell II uuil  rellfilollH nilthorlllen at
Ciarus, Switzerland, failed in appear
at iiic appointed timo. having iih thoy
declared, forgotton all about It.
The Deeper Hurt
r.lo-v. blow, thou wlntor wlndl
Thou art not so unkind
As man's Ingratitude,
Thy tooth in not so keen
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath la rude
Kick, kick, thou soulless mule!
Thou dost not, as a rule,
Hurt, half as much, alack,
As he who Hatters mo
When I may hear nud see
Anil scoffs behind my back!
Honors Even
Yon nro Mm firH'. man I ever permitted lo kids me,
And you nre the nrst prlrl t ever
kissed.     Will you marry inc.
I wouldn't marry u liar,
I would.
Wlieiievcr tho weather man docs
turn out uu article gunrnnteod to milt
some storm or Othor comes aloni; nnd
spoils lt.
Man wants a little hero below every!
few minutes.
Persistent Asthma. A most distressing characteristic of this deblllta.
Iiik disease. Is tiie persistence with
which recurring attacks come to Bap
away Btrength and leavo the sufferer
iu a state of almost continual exhaustion. No wiser precaution can bo
taken than ihnt of kccpln-- nt hand a
supply of Dr. ,T. D. KuIIork's Asthma
Remedy, famous as tho most polent
remedy for eradicating the dlscnso
from tho lender nlr passages,
Feared the Worst
Oh, mother, cried llttlo Tlonny,
breathless to be Mm Ilrst with tho
news: Undo (leorge has ete souio-
thtng that don't ssi-en wiih him.
Say eaten, child. But what ot that*
Is bo sick?
Do you suppose It wus Aunt Ll---
uie or ouo of the children Mint ho
Whore did you get such nn Idea?
I heard you toll fattier that none
ot tlio family agreed with him.
It Is easier to bn foolish than dignified, and sometimes lt pays Just as
Tlm fellow who doesn't collldo with
some one's opinion every little whllo
Is so busy dodging that ho Isn't of
muoh forco.
Please Snlquor
Ho retiiriH'il from tlic club full of llq.
ills wlfo took one look nt ihe liquor;
'I hen nppying a ciino
Hh" cried: Do Ihls ui-nln, and
I'll Iiiunili you    with   ouo   Mutt   Is
A Squelcher
Misa Flirt Oil Mr. Junes, wouldn't
It he nice If -on wire not married;
If you were not, wbat would you rlo?
Jones 1 would got on Mm I rail of
Mrs. Jones again and annoy her until sho consented, Just as I did before.
Bleaching Ivory
Ivory may bo bleached by placln:
ll In a glass dish mini wltll turpentine anil exposing II. for two or three
days lo tho sunlight,
Signature Experts
A number of tho larger banking In-
nin ut [ium employ from mm to half -r
dune!! men whose sole duty Is lo ox-
amino every check Mint, comes In
tlniiiii'Ji Die clearing houso and vouch
for Iho genuineness of the signatures
Man's Brain
Thu lirnln of a mnn excoeds twlco
lhat of nny other animal,
No mun should buy a suit of clolhes
so loud Mint his olher creditors can
hear It culling.
A r.ood man Isn't a good liar, which
Is Mm difference between a good man
and a good fisherman,
Sweets of Unwelcome Lovo
It Is reported that MrB. Alexander rtoss, of Johannesburg, punish-
oil a man for pestering her with unwelcome attentions by pouring
tho contents of a gallon Jar of trenclo
over blm, ond then, wltb the assist-
a nee of her husband, rollod him In
stock broking business? I want a llvo
ambitious representative in every city
and town to handle mocks, bonus and
mortgages; nppllcnnt must furnish reference" and have from $100 to (500 personal canltal. Write or call M. It. Edgar
& Co., 84 Victoria Street, Toronto.
Economical Wife
Henry dear, the children are needing shoes.
Needing shoes again. Do you think
I nm mado of money. Whore nro
Mm ones I bought for them Just a
few days ago? I suppose you have
given them lo somo beggars under the
Impression that their father's amuse,
ment wns to buy now ones.
No, my dear, I have not Riven them
away. I htfi-o put them through Mm
meat chopper and will servo them tomorrow as barb. Bo homo early for
dlnnor, denr.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Coldi, 4e.i
Empress Approvea Deposition
In Peking, In n recent Interview
wtlh a Buddhist prelate the empress
dowager of China declared tbat the
establishment of the republic In China
marked tlm beginning of n bright
epoch for nil tho pooplo of thc country.
Girdle Mirrors
In tho slxloenlh century no lady wns
considered In full dross unless she
had a mirror at hor breast. It was
oval in shape, about four Inches in
New York's Speedway
Drivers of faBt horses ln Now Vork
city havo the costliest speedway In tho
world. It rosl },1,OO0,0O0 mid Is r
ECi-Votl by Mm city for the Bpeclal
use of drivers of fast horses. It begins nt Ono Hundred and fifty-fifth
street nnd exlends north to Dycknian
street, a distance of (our and one
quarter tulles.
A girl who knows she Is pretty likes
to have her suspicions corroborated
Help for the Dense
That wns a flue Joko you had lu Mio
(had you liked It.
Hut wasn't thero sonx thing missing?
What was It?
Don't you throw In n diagram?
The man who Is not on good term,
with his mother In-law Is not living
up to his opportunities.
A stlleli In tho side Is more distressing than a stitch In Mmo.
Give a reckless man rope enough
and ho will pawn It for a drink.
Every man miiBt put on tho boxing
gloves wllh .'ate, whether ho likes it
scrap or not.
Good digestion Is the main Ingredient of u snllsfactory dinner, but it
must have help.
Aftor n fow yenrs tho storage orr
must begin to think that this Is a cold
Unfailing Sign
They say ho Is a millionaire.
He may bo a wealthy mun, but I
nm iiullc certain ho Is nol worth a
Wby bo positive?
Ile pays more than ?10 for a suit of
An Ever Present Danger
I bellovo In giving tho devil his due,
Yes, but you generally overdo lt,
A woman with a chnrgo occount often forgets Unit tho flrst of the month
has ii way of coming round. THE PROSPECTOH, CRANBROOK,  15. C.
$Xooo jxYt;j\u Lf THE"
T E>ACEr Suicide- "Lmr
Professor Simon N. Patten Finds That
Americans Don't Want Babies So Much as
Automobiles When They Gain Prosperity
UIE 'race-suicide line begins now lit
$iooo a yenr.
Hut tt appears to he going still
iower, and with the advance of education he
would he a hold philosopher who would ven-
ture to suy where it is likely to stop.
One of lhis country's best-known authorities, Dr. Simon N* Patten, professor of economics in the Wharton School of thc University of Pennsylvania* draws that significant
inference, after reviewing the -carious considerations hearing on thc gradual disappearance of the child from western civilization,
and more especially from the civilization of
the United States,
The average young married pair these
days who believe they are ou the highroad to
prosperity take il wilh. a laugh in an atttomo-
bile, instead of taking il with a baby in a perambulator. Various observers have tried to
put the blame on oiie or the other of the iwo,
the arraignment of husbands as the guilty
pariks being the latest phase of the dispute.
Professor Patten will have none of thai; he
believes the modem recreancy to our ditty
toward the race is preily nearly equally shared
hy both sexes; and hefiuds that all the people
together are in a sort of national conspiracy
to have as few children as possible, and
becoming fewer.
Praf. Si mor?tflT&1lfe~
outer'<?€. £//?& #t Ptooo
Colics* men and women equally };uihy"
Nf» CLASS except tli* poorest J-j hotv exempt
from Uie reproach of race BUlcldei and even
Uie poorest shows signs of practicing it as
its educational facilities aro improved.
As for the remedy—well, thero may bo no remedy j
af, hc.it, the Indications nro llmt ultimately the whole
body social is liable to be Involved tn tho strange and.
traffic, conspiracy against tho frultf illness of our
1 branch of the human species,
The most impressive feature of tho retrogression
\n that it lias coma about in Epito or the-onward
in.'ir *h of medicine, through wblcb many of tho old
perils of maternity havo been removed. In the opinion of Dr. Charles 13, Kammack, who is professor of
clinical hiodlcine in Cornell's medical college, where
wo should havo reason to look for a. largo increase
lit the birth rate, the average number of children to
cacti marring'*, had declined from -J.5 at tlio close of
llie eighteenth century to . at the doge of the nineteenth.
in n merciless review of existing conditions. Professor Nrtmniai-i-. has pointed out tha fact that our
birthrato is lower than that of many European countries, and lu some states even Jew. Hum that of
l-'raiue. Dut in most of Lhe countries where statistics
havo been hept a dooltno of births, from l to fi per
HOO, has been noticed stuco 1875, Japan Is tho ono
I'l'Mliaiit exception.
Jit our own land the average number of ciilldien
to « marriage i« 8,] to every Amorlcan woman and
::.S to every woman foreign horn, Tho higher wo ko
in the social settle, observes Professor Kammack, corroborating tbo view bo graphically phrased by, Professor Pattoni and l)-.o higher .we go iu llie intellectual scale wiiii American women, the lower .].>
Uio figures fall, lie iinds that tho hiahoHt soolal
clnssos rbow 1,8 children to tbo couple, nnd ihc intellectual «lassos only 1.3,
'■i.i lutollootual Massachusetts,1' add:; Professor
j.'.iiuiiiiti'i., "among ihe native population a-study of
tho QOnsUS dhows a spo< lul birthrate of only 0,8 birth.*-,
for avory ioo adult women of child-bearing ago, Ji.
Now Vorli oily the statu tlon for the last yenr ot
births por IO0Q of population show -jo for Italian
mothers, '■'■■> for UebroMs, SI) for Irish and jj for
•■'rhe figures for American-born motliors are oven
lower than they wore iwonty»flvo yoarn ngo. nut it
jtH not th« Amertosu wife who reduces recti nd ity an
much as it is die American iiu«bnn»i. Thin in proved
by iho figures, whloh show Umi children or foreign
futiiMn who marry An(erlcan»Uorn «omen show u
higher numerical average than Ui-^se rejjufllng from
marriages whore both parent;] nro American.
"TIiIh race suicide modus tlio decay of spiritual
ideas and lhe death of truo pulrlniiimi. ICvery physician hnur.s tlmt the limitation of llie number of offspring Is mainly volitional."
With iliai emphatio arraignment for responsible
(Aj*, pi-ofe«sor Patten, tii*- ooouomlst, 1ms no quarrol.
. Jhit he dOuhtfl Whether Uio huHl-amlti are chiefly to
blame! nml lie hus found, from a long series of tests
which he h«u observed an thoy -were reported from
various' hUh(s of society, thai there can bo no mjos-
(lotl but thut lho decline «..f tlio birthrate is un ogo-
ifiomiu phase of our modern oxlslonce,
"It hi nn ncoompaiilmout of the high <■>; i of Mv-
inn," o*plained Professor Fatten, 'Must hh soon as iv
ft.Ti.lly reaches tin- point where tt rounds mi Hh in
com* in the form of a budget. Ihe limitation of resources begins to to-enh upon - hlklren, i.-b.i eniir'tituln
the chief, obvious HMlrii     An HOOn s>< a family begin;!
to have it real budget, li begins to have no more
"This condition te a common one all aver the o(v-
1 timed world. The railing off in the birthrate began
to hr» seen qlearlv about nny years ago in France,
snd about thirty years ego here. Hince that (tmft
statistics showing [He same tendency have coma from
" Young love prefers an automobile nowadays"
ail j.arts of I^urope except Russia, because there are
no statistics obtainable there. We havo the etatiK-
tlcs from Austria, Germany, Italy, Kngland and
France, The decline was apparent first in France;
thon in the United .States; then In England; then In
a spreading ebb over tho continent of Europe.
"flore the barrier against the child-call It tha
race-suicide line, if you will—begins to go up at tho
family budget disposing of $1000 a year. Tho distinction remains still a. matter of classes, although that
may not ultimately be the ease.
"That suoh a barrier was rising, ami In selected
divisions of the population, became apparent nud dln-
qutetlng until It called for f.ome floflnlto formulation
of  its  limits  aud   Its  extent.    Investigator.1:  realised
(lis! ihey must have some way tn separate tlio so-
called higher-'from liio so-called lower classes, The
statistics of individuals wbo had enjoyed a college
education appeared to nfford a go-id guide. The first
'lass In which ii. niiowed In college statistics wuh that"
of the girls; when they married, they did not havo
children In proportion to their numbers. But wit on
(he Inquiry was carried to college men, they in Ihelr
turn made no better showing thnn the women. Most
of iho statistics for collogo graduates showed no mora
than two to a family, nl though we must hear in mind
the fact that the^ierlod of possible parentage ts not
yet complete for many such couples,
"Tho nest stop lu the course of these Investigations
was In ask a number uf college women to sond the
statistics, each, of three among their friends who
were not college women. The outcome of this Inquiry
was evidence thai those other women, tn the same
class as Die college women, had the same limited
number of children; so it was not u college problem,
but a general one.
"Then, In England, Sidney Wolla sent oul n qties-
tlonatre, as It i.i termed, to two or throo thousand
peoplo with Iticomos between $2000 and $3000 ti year,
The answers were the same In England,
•There arc no complete statistics; but tbe fact ot
n. general falling off In the birth rate is certain, and
the details liavo come from thoso selected statistics,
'•'J'ho evidence Is enough to Bhow that tho decline
ht inking piece among people who are woll-to-do or
possessed of a competence. Wo have no evidence,
here or elsewhere, to show tbat the decline iH talcing
place among people with Incomes lower than $1000 a
year, uut I havo f.»oh statements Uiat the child labor
lawf, preventing tho employment of children under
ii yenrs of nge, arc limiting tlio number of children
horn lo the poor. 1 cannot confirm those statements;
but 1 do think that wherever Micro nro t'*ad schools,
the number of children horn is fewer. People who
want their ci-limes, to go to the high schools, to have
a s«od education generally, arc prone to set up a
standard and begin to say:
*' "j want iny children i«> he well educated, and I
can't afford to havo so many of ihem."
"But in ihls class ther*1 have been no questlonatres
and there are no statistics."
Professor Patten was asked whether tiie assumption of professor Nammack, that men are responsible
for our race suicide, ls correct.
"My opinion," be f-jolnfd, "is that the woman
thinks more and detei.nine.-i more about the family
■ huu does Uie husband, at least In lhe United (-Kates.
Professor Nammack may have assumed some thing*.
other than the statistics call for, The factor of the
foretgu-born father who marries on Amorlcan woman
must bo considered In llie light of Wider observation
than tlio ii'.e.re single fact of hi.*: foreign birth,   Tiie
irutl is that, an noon ..- you net a mi . ■■ native-
born and alien, you are dealing will   n   ■.-.-.- ,-i ,,f
Income, and you gol nn I nor ease iu i, ■■• ....
prised in tho family, whichever wsj i - foreign parentage may figure,
"Tho change that has eoi a in our bl • rate has
affected both sexes in (bi mutter *»f America i parents.
You sod a young couple In an a itomobilo. Thej aro
a young married pair, and tbey have their a   io,  Well,
rely upon it, thoy have been saving somen Iter  -.,-•
Jt; they have been sacrificing something Cor tin Bake
of owning it. The car i'i something both of them
wanted; Ihey have agreed, with equal roadlncss, to
make t ,-• sncrlfloc of what they desired less for the
sake of possessing wbat thej  doslre more.   TI :ty
lifo nf the present day puts :• lot of <. .« idlturcs
before the peoplo; all uf tbem doslre dl tbey "an get.
Now, where can thev cut down? in nluo fumlllcs out
of t"u, tbey cut down bn tbe children.
"2 And thai it i.** the rarest thing to seo moro tban
threo children in ti family; yet only a generation
ago ono could go Into a boo ohold and plump inn.
the midst of a whole brodd, as i isny as . I: or < )j,-i t
for a married couple.
".\:, i not', the neoplo commonly encountered In
social circles i here thoro is u fat.' Income * r a com-
potenoo, about :'■ per cent of them have no ehUdrcn
'i all; another .':. per cent have one child; io third
:Z pei cent l ave lwo children, and tin  remainder may
have throe,   n   ■•■ are vory row couples  >ng
wi ll-to do wl o . tn-e n ore than three.
"The line of i-iii'i ihiiitittion now may be sel ..i
$1000 a year, jjui It presents no assurance of staying ther**. with llie extension of education lending
to tin* setihiK np "f standards, among thohe who
have 1- ss, whicit call for outlays making nature's
normal limit beyond their calculations,
"But it cannot be laid to the dour ,-r the men, as
ProfcBsor Nammack thinks. It any shade of distinction h' to bo made,.] simuM say that the -".si-ana
Is .quail;,  responsible will. Uie wife."
Talking Loud to the Afflicted   •
s talk mud
than   a ith
iverso with
,i loud  lone
to  I'OtC
I'J' IS strange, hut true, thai many i
lo those v, oo are ;'ffii.-t-d <>
Those who are culled upon to con
deaf persons are more than apt to talk In ■•
to blind people and foreigners,   n m uniusl
thoso who \ tf it a sehool for (he hlhM ami	
occasion to speak to some of tbo pupils.   i's mllj they
shout as if the blind wero d.-uf instead of alffhtlcss,
Instances are not rare of laiuo people ivho notice
the rum*, tendency in persons addiessinK ihem, uiio
man who had but one leg declares he Ih t.ftt-u spoken
tn in n loud lone, *<•• if the person was afraid be could
not hear or understand.
Many of th»> educated blind say they notice peoplo
speaking unusually loud to them, and ihe*. ■,,!>■ -i seems
'■■•"'-i '■• ■- '■-■■ •"■ pes sympath) far another to
natural io a person wl
raise his tone of voice.
^hdTtks&rvmgf tbat Were
Noi So Popular
• h brought to an end the drought threatening
of the little settlement. .\ vaster, more awful
tended, and Impended longrr, during (''" dark
tho civil wnr, and doubt and dread still lingered
..■ tho ThanksgtvlnB Mncoln might Invoke; whlh
board lhal longed t.i bo restive with Rood cheer
ced by the proaenco "f some soldier furloughcd
Thanksgivings ot
ho waiting
"WashiiiKton's BOldUrs nu.le the best of their
Valley Forgo Thanks' giving"
AS A. NATION", wo baven't alwoya boon
ilitinl.fiil for 'i'hanltsgiviiiff, .Tl is nne of
lihoiO iinlioniil i'enstH Wllioh lias hml iU
vlolssitudos. v,\cn ni'tf-r cvoj'ybody ogrcod
iliai wo ought to obsorro it, .year In nml yoflr out.
Indood. wo woro protty loto in deciding that.
our nittiunitl blessing.) doeei'veil to bo romombored
with nny gonorfll Tbanksftivina nl nil. For many
years wo lot thin nUogotbor boatitifnl ami ijqcu"
linrly Aiiiorloaii fostivul peg along hnliinfely, on-
joyod hero nnd dledflincd there, *»r skipping whole
That was when Proildeni .lobnson, nt the request
of a committee  of the  Klrst  < .onvrogatlonii i
CEiurch,   set   apart   a  day   late   Jn   November,
IJift", for Its obHenance,
Popular tradition has It tui President Lincoln instituted t'ie regular observance of Thanksgiving,   ne did
name days or IhRnkflgklng, but far from regular one*.
"Thomas Jefferson wrote against it"
genera lions, a.-, lliougli it didn't make any diilVr-
miee lo na or ihn divino pvovidonco ubovo in
n'bothor wo opprooiatcd our forttuinlo dispensations or oddly despised lliom,
]t would go hard, now, with any person, how-
ovor influentialj who proposed tbnt v.o ovorlook
Thanksgiving,   H um.v uot bo quito on ibo exulted
Jovel ol'  ih .- ,. nnd Ohristn.-it   liuf, it
has loft such n good old Kuglish feast us Mow
Yoav's dny a moro relic of its barHor gi'andcur and
"Generil Thanksgiving came in Lincoln's day"
ii hiii-n'i been approached, in (bo intensity of
popular devotion acoorded it, oun by n holiday so
genuinoly nnd patriotically regarded a.-* Wnshing-
ion's bii'Uidiiy, If onn wpro to (ry to ohnractor-
izo it according to its placo in i.lu- American rcd-
lotter days, Thanksgiving might be acknowledged
ii«. lhe  prolLv sister of our boyishly boisterous
.. .. Vit,  t/l
ii roolly
nation's b
inrcoly liulf n eontui'y 1ms gone by since
rnooived its warrant}  to ho tho whole
«o far us his hnrd common senso couhl eisoorn, Il wasn't
usually worth while. There was In Abraham blnooln
a sense of humor vn aouto that lhe Idea «if tPhantosglv-*
Ing while ihe lute ot thn nation iifmbicd in ihe balance
-brought io his wuic lip.*, only Uie wry smite wllh wlil h
ho so often h'd iho angulnh In Ills benrt,
J3ut be hud, loo, Lha Inatlnctivo piety lhal InsplMtl
He was in Dosltlon io name them Just at a Ume whon^   lilm lo profound gratitude l" blm in whom hr trusted
for Iils country's salvation; aud when, in ihe mtdsi of
ii'in great strugnle, great fortune attended the Union's
tiauso, itiiicohi once or iv.f*o called on the people to
iiiiiie, on ono day for all, In giving Uianlis to tht Supreme lluler watching over them.
Heal 'J'hanltsavings (boss wore, more heartfelt nven
ihuu ihe very earliest Insttluttd by 'ho governor et
Plymouth Colopj  In 1031, In graitlude for the blessed
Uui ThanltsRivtni a* n idous ohservanco, even when
ill was brlglu, long wnitt i tin Indors ment of Uboso In
whose powei It In lo maki Rem al. Tl iroos Jcrffr-
son, In 1WS, empha laed In :. pri alo inter (he declaration of his second Inaugural address thi t ' o would
undertake on no occasion lo pres rlbe the reiislouj •■■x.-
erclsos of tho American people,
■i do not believe," ho wrote, "that It te for lie Interest of religion to Invito the civil magistrate to direct
Iih exercises, Its dlsi ipllne or Hn doctrines; uor of lho r -
Itgioua aocIeUes Uiat lhe general government should iio
nvested witli the power of ■ ??■• i!)'i>r any uulforinil
lime or matter anions them.   Fasting and prayer arc
religious exercl -•'■ *. Uio Joihlna of them an act of die I-
pi Ine, Kvery religious society has a right to determine
for i!s°)f tiio times ror ihesa exercl - i snd ibo nhjecn
iiim, . r for tbem, a*, 'oi-dii g i i lliolr ow i pa 'tl    lar te ■ *-.
and  ilil*1 Hglit ean  Imvor he safer ihan  In  th»*lr own
han":--,  Whore the constitution has OnpoktiUd  ii.   -   • •
ICreiy one must act according to the dictates of his own
reason, and mini.* tells me thai  civil powwj .''-lie have
been (Ivrti to the president of the United Stau-s, and n^i
nuthorlty to direct  the retlflioui   exercises of ids com
Jefferson, In hli lett r, was sftrly rapping jusl -.■-.'.
another Thanksslvlng ... VVs lilngtonU ■-* l*!i ioln so
modest); and grateful called for In later years, •.■■i>
oral ■A'aahlngton's worn and fro* n soldi* , ».• ■ down
nn lbs snow of I ■■'■■ ' ■- ■ lo give thanli - ror I ie
a-.: , ■ i i of life.and Dfhtli s i ■■■.« !> ■•* 11 n main*1
lng to '■-'.'-" 'J" el r n a Thanksgiving which wo of
loda; wo ild i ■%■ rd ai un ■ i oi mil t irli n . .-'•;. y
.*,, .i up tin .■ pro; of ri ait Hide with .• slneerltj
lhal w »utd make i sound like the vole -. uf tho an-
i lei i Pharisees,
■i ,» peoi ■' wl i pre Q wli them had not changed
in (ho Uiree deoadea elu i Ing lo Jefferson's '■..'! 10 make
li poltlto for him to openl) condemn the piety of a
Washington, an Adam., u A p Madison, nil of whom had
felt i.-i qualms whetevei   us i" their light of procla-
ll ■'(ion, .
^ BUI lhe preccdeiil o • tnbllshcd imd its conse-
,, ,,, -■ A store of j an ftcrward John Qalucj Adom.1
refused lo Isiue a Tb a utiilrini proolamaUun on similar
Tho exoeutlvs-mlghl doslra v«i*y slu eieli to left the
. nation unite In voicing lis gratitude, but iho conflict
of nuthorlllea persisted flown to (ho time <"r Uneoln,
whoso unfotllns tari found the waj o-ii i,\ making it
ThanksglvliiR r«rommendatlon m o.n Boveinors of tho
various etui"-*!!. Hot until Vn^idfi.t Jotinscn I'-miiv fiMtui
uir rlghl flats for our Thanks giving it wm* mostly «
louiter of iilMpoie hi 4 national fittuvsl, ant iim men
\,h« i')d p'-nei re ll !'• lbs nal lop nnill that l" •" woro
inalnl] aovernors, who >\"i.t. ii ibwr prerogative on
i .. prim (pin thm ui.» ..m w; vfrnor of Piymoutn knew
big iub< tiaterlal business
" Where Everybody Goes"
"Saturday, February 15th—Matinee 6? Evening
1912 Cheyenne Stampede
A Bis 3-Reel Western Feature
Among tli.- many things shown are—
Buffalo Vernou, Champion Roper of tlm World
Dick Stanley, Greatest Trick Rider ol the World
Misa St. Clair, the Noted l.ady Ducking Broncho Hide.
Captain Hardy, outlining an Indian's head with a ritle
Indian Ceremonies and Dances
Wild Horse Race
I'he only team of Buffaloes ever driven under harness and saddle
mi J
It may he that ynur eyes ate becoming wiak ami you are afraid
to acknowledge it. That is thc
way with a good many people,
both old and young. The young,
particularly, seem afraid to admit
their failing night, but it is no
novelty nowadays and ceitaiuly
uo disgrace. We will icmrdy
any defective eyesight und gum -
autec nat mad ton Delay* are
d.ingt-rouM   Come today
lawelers I Opticians
p,   ti
,-tcott   mn'   ll    li.  Mult  u(
Wtnnlptl   wnr.' lu town   1'liiilH.luy
•l-H-M-H 11 -l-H"H H-l-H'-H' +++++++++■: M-r-r-M-t-l-1-1- ■*-• **** ***:■******* *-■-•--|.-m-><*>
niinii ******* ************** ********* ***** ■■ +-■-+1 m-M-Ht+H+wim
lohnAtban Y'nney Bating Applea at
..I  Pink's Pure Pood Grocery
p     Th.. rity ol ffldroootoo win borrow
.  .   .a
! The  Advent of Spring
■ ► . i
Brings Yon Face ro Face with
T ■    Tile  Mmilttibil   LetjiNlalur"  prorogue
I |today
j i    KlUIV     FRAMBS     PIOTORBB
• ■ *\   B, T. iipie nl Wattsburg,   wat   la
1 Furniture Wants!
•ff   ___w___wm______t____m___w__m_m__w_m wm-mmw-mmmmmmmmmmr—   *
Our stock  is  complete now,
with   everything  required  in
The  Furniture   Line
Rugs, Floors Oils and Linoleum stock
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Our stoek is composed of the medium
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J; housekeeper to replace   the  old fur-
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||      =:SMALL   COST=
|350,000 i»t b vev cent
town on Wednesday.
T*      A. Doyle ot Fort .Steele, wiih In the
4* i city- on Thursday,
- | j    ('hoice Cooking and Hating Apples
at Oampbell *.- Manning's.
Mra.   W  W.  McGregor will receive
* j on the third Ttiurwlnye.
Mrs. Webster Burton will be ai
home tb.- 3rd Friday ot eacb month.
1). A. Foote of Moyie, was in the
city on Thursday.
I    A sure Blgn ot spring is the number
jol boys playing marbles.
Fred Peacock ol Vancouver was In
the city Thursday.
A. Lund of Wardner, whs iu town
Monday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ryan of Spokane,
spent Sunday last in Cranbrook.
Laureutiit Pasteurized Cream at
Fink'a Pure Food Grocery.
Frank Dicklnsou of Jadray, wae in
the city on Friday transacting some
Constable Joe Walsh nnd Mrs.
Walsh of Fort Steele were Cranbrook
visitors ou Friday.
See our tabic of China at half the
usual   price-Campbell ft Manning's.
Mr. nnd Mrs. P. Mcpherson of Win
nipsg, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
W.  H.  Wilson this weak.
ft. L. T- Oalbralth of Fort Steele,
Indian Agent, was traiiHactl.ig business at Cranbrook Wedh.-sday.
D. n. McLaws left on Wednesday
for Lethbridge to attend the big bonspiel
Ale. Taylor of Kimherley, was
transacting business ln Cranbrook. on
"BOB'S   PLACE" for 0.0AR8
lr******************************^ ******
t ***********+****4 11|.|.| llllll M-M M ***************
Don't Know they havo
Many I'ranhronk people whn have
'■hronit appendicitis, which Is not!
.cry painful, have doetortd lor yeara
for una 00 the stomach, soar stomach
or constipation, Tlm Heat tie-Murphy
00 states ,f these people will try A
HZNQLE OOHR ol simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc. ns compounded
In Adler-i-ka, the remedy which he
came famous by oUFing appendicitis,
Ihey rill be surprised at the QUICK
•.Muflt 'Mr
Goats for Sale
Nannie (juai $25.00
\ oung Billie s 10.00
Apply P. 0. Drawer "M"
Cranbrook, B.C.
To   whom    It   may concern  Taka
nOtlOfl  U>»t   Sun-   Dat  QODg  011      thn
99th of January, 1918, bought ow
from and pnld etiah for plgH, hOtBM,
hurnf^N, u'fifajnnH, tools and Implo-
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rhlnc Sling-a (JrinlRii tn whom nil
flu1 nliove hfloNi-i.il
fflJjgMd-  Mitt* Out QODg,
*fl-4t f'urrldist'l
Liquor Habit Cured
in Three Days
No Hypodarmln Injaotlon    Band
for   fifiii  tiookliti
Hox 335 Cranbrook, H C.
C01 Pen wick Avp  & Kmn .  I»
Thn Young People'! Bocial Olub in
connection with the BftpttBf Church
met Ht the home of Mr, A, liniment
Inut night mitl a good time waa en
Local  News
Home of the ('aleiidarw tor this
year are genuine worka of Art i ud
I well   w.aih   framing—nflMa.MBl.H-
hilby  KrameH   I'lctureH.
KIl.HV      KHAMKH      PI0TUBK9
:    It. Hi'liii... la.million taj-prosfl tape.
, tor *aa la town thin week.
0, A- lllll, ,1. P. wan ,,t Cranbrook
.Monday  on  logfl.1  hUBtnfiM.
Kllday waN '.alunline Dav, did you
forget your fin-win
"BOB'8   I'l.AOK" lor CMUAHH
and T0BA0C0E*
Harry Han  ol Tracy Qraek, vhn in
town Monday.
(V. II. WacKiirlani- went to Ward-
ner Thursday on twain'"*.
('o)ln v.- Brown of Vancouver waa
regiitereil al tba (.ranbrook Thursday
0. W. Johnson of Wa»H, waa in the
city on Thursday enroute to Spokane
un tiuatufim.
Born nt Cranbrook, Wednesday,
February 12th, to Mr- and Mra. n.
Niion, a boy.
Hweet Brlnr Boiled Ham nt Kink'h
pure Pood Oroccty.
0, H. Aabworth bna been appointed
a Commlaalonei to tnke nlililavlth uu
(ler tbe Provincial Klecti.nm Act.
Mra. Harry Mather and daughter,
ot Tort Stale, were Crnnbrook vial-
torn Thuraday.
WANTKIJ-Mnid for general house-
work. Apply Mm. 0. T. Bavla, Oar-
den Avrnile.
Head un your ordera for all kliulu
ot Hay, drain, and Feed for Poultry
Huppllea.   Campbell ft  Manning'".
0, H. McUougul ot Klmberley, man
ager of tho Mulllvan Mine*, spent
Huinlny laat in Cranbrook.
Mr- nod Mra. J. (1. McKenele of
Nelaon, were Cranbrook vial toil Bun-
day last
The Ladiea' Auxiliary to thc B. of
B-T. will hold their usual dance on
Wednesday evening, February Mth lu
the Carmen's Hull.
One pound Tin of Talcum Powder
at 26c per pound. Saturday tbo 16th
ONLY,     Model Variety Btore,
WANTED—Board and Room by respectable young lady Apply Drawer
"M" Prospector. tf
The tt Meat Markrt moved on
Thursday Into Its now quarters on
Norbury Avenue, wblcb the company
purchased  from  A.   Jolltffe.
lll'V your week's supply from thc
Cranbrook Trading Compiini''a Hut
urday  Bargain Tahiti.
Ml.   and   Mm.   IS.   I'.   Smith,    who
haa been vinitun; ut Spokane (or nov-
mul mouths ii'turiitii to Ornnbrook
this week
The Iteli.kalia and the I.O.O.P. nro
bOldtnn a social nu Wedla'sday, Peb-
liliuy 26th. Refreshment! will ho pro
vldeil and a  good tlmu Is insured.
The Ladies' Auxiliary lo thu 11. of
ii t will hold their usual dance on
Wedmi.Hilay ovenillg, Kehruarv 1'lth in
the  I'nr n'l  Hall
A toam belonging to the 0. 0. B,
wblltpaaaing through the alloy from
Norbury Avenue nn Tuesday, broko a
plate ([lats window in the Palm.
Messrs. Cameron, Bowness, Cham-
bers and K. Hill are representing the
Oranbrook teams ut the lethbrldge
Kred s Ryckman has been appointed a Commissioner for taking atli-
davits under the Provincial Klcctlon
Our Hale ol China will only last a
few dnys lonscr. Somo Bargains you
cau't afford to miss. Campbell and
The Ladies' Auxiliary to the B. of
R-T. will hold tneir usual dance on
Wednesday evening, February 19tb in
the Carmen's Hall.
FOB SAL15-A Complete Sawmill,
capacity 15,000 per day. For further
particulars apply ut the St. Kugene
Mission. 7-3t.
Mrs. Oliver Burge who haa been
viBiting her daughter at Kaliapel, for
the past tb?ee months, returned to
Cranbrook Monday.
Skates, Hociey Sticlis, nnd Skat]
Straps aud Shin Pads, 2r. per cent ofl
at the Model Variety Store.
A regular monthly convocation of
Rocky Mountain Chapter, R.A.M.,
waa held in the Masonic Temple on
Tueadny evening.
Th« "Thin Red Line" is soon to be
abolished. The Khaki servico dress
Is to be the new uniform of the British Army In the future.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Buchanan, Mrs
F. Davia and Mr... H. Davie were a-
rnouest the Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Come In and see our SATURDAY
BAROAIN TABLB-Cranbrook Trading Company.
The Ladiea' Auxiliary to the B. ot
R-T. will hold their usual dance on
Wedncsdny evening, Fobrunry 19th In
the Carmen's Hall.
ft is reported that the City Council has arranged with Mr, J. H.
Thamer to number the houses and
place th.' nnmes of the streets. He
will commence operations next week.
W.   W    KILBY
PO   Hoi set Oranbrook. BO.
15th February
25c. Bag Tags for - ISc.
25c. Shawl Straps for 15c.
25c Card Racks for 15c.
25c. Measuring Cups 15c,
25c Fire Shovels for 15c,
25c Candlesticks for 15c.
25c Garment Hangers 15c.
ami a host of other articles.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
The Greatest Care
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"The Rexall Store"
•A Trip to the Garden of AllabJ'
a three reel photo play will b- presented In the Ken Thentre for two
days only—February 19th and 20th;
and in offering tb s attraction tbe
management of this populnr photo
play theatre is indeed living up to
the atandard of showing quality, as
nothing but praise can he said of
this extraordinary photo play.
Final arrangements were made
Lleber & Co. to present their great
est New York stage success "The
Garden of Allah," in mot on pictures
The Garden of Allah, which baa
bad n continuous run of over one
year at the Century Theatre, New
Vork, Is said to he tbe greatest scenic production ever attempted and It.
thc most successful play that has
been presented In New York tor tbe
past 5 years.
The photo play ifl said to be even
_ lrtter production tl;»n t'.eplny, Inns much ns the piny wns preseut.d
with artificial scenery, while tbe
photo play wae mare right in the
Garden of Allah, nnd tuke. in all tbe
beautiful scenery c.intaiueu in th?
garden wblcb is considered the most
beautlfu' spot iu the world.
You will see the differs li Kgyptlan
cu&toms and all their national dances
Special and appropriate music and
vocal numbers will he rendered by tbe
Ilex popular orches-ra; and, even
though a large exr-ense nIiy i,a-n out-
layed in securing this protuctlon tor
the Rex Theatre, the management of
the Rex beg; leave to announce tbat
tho price of admission will remain
th; same as usual.
All those who have read the book
"The Garden of Allah,' written by
Robert Hlckin, of which over 1.250,-
iiOO copies have been sold, will especially enjoy thia picture.
Nervous Debility
OVR NEW METHOD TKSATMCNT rill er.m, you und iimke a mnn of
you, 1'nikri .infli.i-.i ■• Uio V .1 uccpaiu'aaX-VOt lh. M fl purLiuJ no thai all
pluptaa,blotchotwid t.lcera hoc.1 upi t.iu tiervt-j he..>:-n. *?'.ro:iT rs tt*' 1. ■*> Uiat
norvoututoaSi ba Iifulup 1«:. I 'I .p.-ii'■•■..■■.' disaj'Toar: t.m eyct 1 *■•-..uk- k-.-i.i, lho
face in Itmli'li*ir,»n rpyrrttiraltoCiO body.- a*-I tUQinor !. pnfiloal and mental
uv*-!-in*. ot*a Iqvl-iora tvi; : 11 «' ■ tan eeaao—no toon vital wo-tb iroii too syateiu.
Win 1-x-l juiir-cifti mam -i l 1 ■'■»' in n ■■ -i cannot lm :■. fauura I) n't let quack*
nod fufclro rub you <-i ,\ uur lun .1 v.inn-.l il ,.i..i.-..
I\it(n-EBiimmoiitrebtcAhl8OxpoHcu«0l      __^*a*~_\\
"|v .-'mi.'ledv !i ...-.v...., Ik:bili-.y    j^^
if.rin.ii> jv-ti'.,   i, \rl_ to IhJUb.'U;* .1   ilS Hi
ii.il o^oossoa lu ymi. h,  1 bwanio Ymy T*3r  "
tl«\ Hi.idiMtt mid «.l<::it enro wli-th-r I m
wpiiwd or 111,1.   1 loiasfcica owmoJif I
1.I1.) lootrnd fit tue pn^.'-d my Knot. ]>*-_**_. ««-v
kli)-ti;:l:mtiWidrcuf.M ut iil/ht wmLonrd J (*» m*.
Iiii-' -1:1 v tuu:.r iiiiittl, liud |'ilnH III  tbi.    '
/w >f.r mj 1, iinii'iiiii; 1 ii'tf. ven
colli, tlmt In tho ittoruiiiir. i-wiraiipetin*,
flii'cr;. were sbal", f*»Tiii-rrnu, hair
liv to, iiM-i.ir-ry p >r, e c.  K m-af tla
tli'.'iln:ri.iv tini'.nd t' - il-x-t>ptjld uio
Intf ua'dp-.j\j..ii.   1 tOOX ad kind*, of
iniHlk'i.ica ii'i'f trli'il 1.. .uy f..-.t'(.!..:*t
» n!iv.:'claiia. wyro rn e.tiOu 11 belt forum a
nt<mt!i->, im rood? 0 it iio betrtm, il
■croattrkatmcnt Tni *l**\ta , _yiXn; K.7'i,(T,VvC
h .111 ■". i.iirti * i 1 It ■ I I lit. 'I fidtft In
melon, Mi'-indi-ov.-t I■■ ;i 11 \ I oonnino: I tho Nnw Mrrnpn Tmrnw nml tt
MtVod t»y i.fi'. Tno ImproTomonb ira 1 li''*' nuw(H-I can) I fool tNi* *. ImrRolpi Uiroujra
1)10uervtt. Iwus(-iiri:diiicn(nllviindp''V»l'-,aiij*. Ibnvo m*iit Uit-m niany patients
mid coiiinnio t-» do no.
CONSpLTATTON FREE. BOOKS TRC2. V mmWU le call write for • QtieaUea
Blank fer Hetoe 1 re«bqenl.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Oriswold St, Detroit. Mich.
AU lctlciu from Cuun-tn uiust hcadilresied
tu our CanftdlAU Corret-|*ondenoe ncport-
vicnt in WindLor, Out,   If ynu de-irc to
• jicrsoiinlly call (it OM MtdlClU In.lituta iii Detroit aa t.-c b.c anil treat
no p.iirni. iii our Wlndtor ollico- which arc' tor Cnrrcapondence and
I.ulwruiory for Catiodleu biulueui ..iilv.   Addrcie nil lettott tu followe:
l\I'i iio for our nrlvutn ntUnjiiii.
Tlio l'ythlan aistore and KnlKhtH of j    HoiarigmirteM for Hli tlidny pre-enta
Pythias   arn   lioldlns   a joint whlit  at 5c, 10c, 1,1, and Sfc. each at the
Irlvo on Thursday, Kcliruniy 20th.
All lii'.itherH anil Nlstorii are cordially
Model Variety Htore
Mra. T   C. I'liilli n will give • tm
in connection with the Iatdle* A d ol
Wlecoiwln   Crenm    llrlck   Cheeet-j ibr Methodist Cnurch at her horn* oa
IiohIi thla week ,,t Ii'lnk'i Pure Food. Arumtronij Avenue, on Thursday after
Oroc,r'' | noon, Ken. 80th from t to C p.m.


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