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The Prospector Jun 28, 1913

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 Provin-in!   ,._,,
iv" Aistniij.
We Test Eyes
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Guarantee .You alFit
%\\t Wfu^tiUx.
B. G*,The -Leading Newspaper
in. the
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IliN'K   28th,   1913.
NUMBER    26.
Gun Club Meet
A number ol members ol the Gun
Club visited Wyc'.iflc on Mom ay to
engage in trap shooting. Tile weu-
tlier was excellent anil laiily good
"Corei* were ninde, which follow:—
T. Crowe,   19.
J. F. Plnkham,   17.
C. O. Stat-lea,   17.
Mrs. Dr. Green,   16,
Mrs. C. O. Staples,   12.
Mrs. K. L. Staples,   111.
W. J. Nlchol, 20.
The regulnr weekly rthoot ol the
Oun Club will tnke plnco (hi. attjr-
noon, when the Ilrst event will he ('.
0. Staples tophy, ulso the t-tivins
Arms trophy, and wilh wia.h-.-r i-er
mitting there should he n large attendance. The Diipont trophy will
He shot for on July Is:, lint ad of
July   2nd, ns was tirst announced.
Additional Locals
*♦*. K. JonnK, of Klmberley, spent
aeveral d iys in town this wee'*:. Mr.
Jones is a ] minim nt ti Inlng man o,
this district, and has large mlnine.
Interests on ttie North Stnr Hill near
George Geary of Fort St.ele wae
in town Monday. Mr. Geary is an
old timer \_ the district, und ha
considering rrnching property in the
Kootenay Valley north ol For
Steele. _
The wind storm of last week done
an linnr nse amount of damage in the
vicinity ol Fort Steele. It is Bald
by old t'mere thnt it equalled in
strength and velocity the big storm
of   1894.
Sir Rlchnul Mc3ride, minister of
mines, Inspected the mineral collection of tha Chamber of Mines, on
Wednesday. There were two lar^e
mineral exhibits to taining ore specimens (rom all parts ot thc Province.
Frank Carlson opemd h's n*w bil
Hard parlor on Thursdny. It ts one
of the best places In town to spend
a short time in pushing thc ivory
balls, while smoking a good ha'ana
B. L. Davis, *.« the Quain Elc:t-i;
Company and H. I.. I ot-*., manager'
*t..\r^uWliV*-X*Siit „v k-a.h.hr;-!,*-.,
of thla week, and left on Wednesday
afternoon (or Spokane.
Despite the fact lhat rain fell very
heavy on Tuesday in Lethbridge there
was an exceptionally I .rge attend ince
at the Fair. An exhibi 1 n which attracted especial attention was the
"Made in Lethbridge" exhibit.
' Very special l'rices will be made on
many lines ot groceries at the Fin
Mercantile store for the week bev in
nlng July 2nd. This will be done In
order to save moving the stock.—Ira
R. Manning.
Only three days more to make up
your mind, a< to where you will to
to celebrate Dominion Day. How
at o it Klml erley? Good linhing, lo.s
of pleasant walks, and a **cry pleasant time crn he had in the little
mountain t -wn.
Geo. Scott, nl Nelson, and T.
Cor hill ol Michel, were in town on
Monduy. They left on Tuesday fo
Perry Creek to do thc annual as., b.
ment work on a large mining proper
ty in that vicinity in which tliey ni-,
The City Bund gave an open nr
concert on Sunday evening, which
was listened to by a large number ol
cltlM-ns, who appreciated the really
exi-ellint music rendered. ThleJh*an
attraction whlcb s'lould be liberally
pntniniwd on Sunday openings.
Thi re are nnw five steamers plyln
on In- Upper Columbia river between
Golden nnd Windermere, All h*»
sli-ainers arc lining a hlg businc .
-freighting, currying provliIons nn
railway supplies to the con true I n
Very Hpeciat lu'li'is will be made on
mnny lines ol groceries nt the Flu
Merenntlle store lor lhe week begin
nn; July 2nd. Thin wlll he done In
ordjr to save moving the stock,—Ira
It. Manning.
The Crnnhro-ik U.i-win* Cumin n ■
received a cni'loml ol i anndlan null
on Tuesday, The company h ■ leei
brewing for nearly two mo-it' fl, and
have on hand a large amount oi
beer which Is In condition (or ship,
The report being spread nround the
City that Lionel Le.isk is going blind
Is flatly denied hy his ra her. How
tbese rumors are begun Is a mystery
and tbe pen-o'i i r *in il-ing such
•hoi 11 be nur- currtul of tlm truth
ol the statement bclora piuiui* It
The Brl ish-Cnnnillan Lumber Company at ( r.*sci nt Vullcy co nmenced
operations on Tuesday. Tho mill
has been o ,'trh.iuled and repnlred and
the new bin ner hns bcen complete I.
Ihe cut tha year wlll he einildi-i«'ilv
Increased over that ol 1912, Thi
mill wilt employ  loo men,
The regular meeting et th» Women'.
Institute wlll be held on the kccoikI
Tuesday ol July at the home ot Mrs,
Tho heavy damage done by thu
atorm wan reported and the grounds'
committee wns Infltructad to see to
repairing the same. An offer of a
quarter page free advertising In tils
[ r.ispector helped to put the -dire-tors*
in better heart, aB it i-ee.ned as if
they were getting more kicks tha
nickels this year. It was received
and very much appreciated.
Mr. J, p. Fink al.o h.ui a BUrprlsa
packet in the shape of a telegram
from our esteemed member, Mr. T. 1).
Caven. notifying him that a grnnt of
$1,000 hn'd been c_ta-red from tha
government to h dp clear up the damage to the exhibition bui dings. After
this, th ngs beg.mi to hum like a beehive during a honey flow. A com-
pnhensi e program of athletics anl
pony racing are being arranged, and
substantial sums will he given for
cont stunts in logsawing and log
$750 for Railway Spine
Moosejaiv.—A ca<-e ol exceptional
local interest to railway men of th-
Saskatchewan Division of the C. P. R,
wns decided today in the Supreroa
Court, when Mr. Justice Lamon
gave an award, of $750 to K, Elword
a brakemnn who was injured In a
.reight collision last November.
Elword, who is adm tted by tha five
doctors giving evidence to be more or
lees a nervous wreck, claimed $15,000
for permanent Injury to his general
One doctor diagnosed his case as
"railway spine," which he said wa*. a
condition caused in men who are subjected to the shock of great forces iin
awares. Elword, th> judge said, was
negligent in his duty.
Dan Campbell, residence Armstro i^
Ave., at 7.30 p.m., when Mrs. J. H.
McClure and Mrs. Campbell will t_\<-<-
a demonstration on ice-:) Drin.B aud
Iced DehSjrti. A full attendance is
A special meeting of the City Council wns held in the council chamber
on Monday afternoon, the object of
the meeting was the passing of amendments to a number of by-laws. but
tttf.. mayor consider.ng that more
amendments, the Council adjourned,
to ,meet on Friday next.
...During the wind storm on Thursday
■ast the main building of the Agricultural association on the Fa-r Ground i
was removed i.n 1 con-j.dernbly twisted out of sb ipe. Fences are down
and the poultry houses, catt e sheds
and Mr. Murray's exhibition shed aie
all Mown to pieces. The race trac.
has several large trees lying ncross
At least eight L'mn.t ministers
will visit British Columbia this summer. Those who have d«.f-nttely "de
elded to travel as far as the coast
are:—Premier Borden, Hon. W. T.
White; Hon. Robert Rogeis, Colonel
Sam. Hughes; Hon. L. P. Peletier,
Hon. Louis Coderre, Hon. T. W. Crothers and Hon. Frank Cochrane.
Each of th.'se ministers will have important business in British Columbia.
On Si-nday list J. Shaw Parker, a
Skookumchuck rancher has tbe mls-
t'prtuna to lose his house by (ire. Mr.
Parker bad I een heating water for
stoct purpose, some of his hOfcB being
ill, and Ht his house to attend to
the hogs nnd while away, the tire
started, mipi uscdly from a spark 0-
oul falling through the floor. '. h
b'oii-S and contents were entirely destroyed.
Work wn-e commenced nn Tuesday
on the construct ion of the new cement sidewalks on Lewis strict. The
new walks will all be ten feet in
width, all telephone nnd ele.trlc light
poles will I v placed at the outer edge
of tbe walks. Messrs. Llddo out &
Waller have the contract for laying
thc sidewalks. Walks will be laid on
I it-wis afreet, and on both sid-s o.'
Norbury nnd Ar. strew; avenues,
fiom Lewis to Hitler street.
In spite of a he ivy fin wer, a large
audience greeted the Pantages vaudeville compnny at the Auditorium on
Wednesday niJit. Iha show was Ilrst
class In every respect. Petite Alva,
the little comedienne is a clever einn
cer as well as singer, the to.lige trio
were well up in tbelr business, an I
Chi-. Km-in, ns the ttr.tt f k r, kep
the audience hub hlng while doing his
turn, sh? Pan tag oa Ih cm of the best
allows now on iht Crow circuit, and
will hn here on Wednesday n.xt with
a new bill,
The date for thfl visit of tin1 Agri-
c ilturnl ro.uml.-H.on to Crnn'roo*
has been changed, owing lo the ol
ui mil dute, July 1st, f.illlng on a
pill llo holiday. ThO date now fixed
for the meeting will be Mon la/, .Tune
30th, antl will be held in the Cover"
m ii1. Iluildin s at 9,10 a.m. 'Md
meeting thjuUI be hrgoly loprcta.n'nd
by all interested In the ftgrtculttu
welfare of the district; the ( o mi nit,
sinners are coming here for BU_g08
(Ions upon wbl li it Is to be iuhiuii i
tint future leglstntlon will bc mid
to the benefit of the ngrlcuUurlHtn i-
gcneral In British Columbia,
Disastrous Wreck of Immigrant Train
8 Killed, 60 Injured
Ottawa, June 25.—Bight people
were killed and over 50 injured as
the result of a wreck this afternoon of a westbound Canadian Faslflc
railway train at McKellnrs, a suburb
of Ottawa, half way to Britannia,
caused by a spreading ra 1 The train
lea) ed the trnc; just where it runs
beside the Ottawa ri- er, and two
colonist c.irs plunged into the water,
lip to 4 p.m. the bodies of four men,
three women and a child had be n
taken out. Apparently all of the vie
titns were immigrants bound for the
The dead:—
Patiick Mtllpenna of County Antrim, Ireland, aged 25 years, sing!,',
passenger to Winnipeg.
John Moodin of Sunday, Orkney,
Scotlnnd, aged 17 .* ingle, passenger to
.John Hogg of County Perry, Ireland, aged 30, single, passenger to
Mrs. Jane McNealy of Gla-tgow,
Sc, t'and, aged 40, passenger to Edmonton.       •*
John Peace, Ol Glasgow, Scotland,
aged 21, single, passenger to Edmonton.
Mrs, F. W. Buntini, aged 38, 368
Broadway, Winnipeg, wife of Fred W.
Buntin; of the Canad an No.thern
railway, Winnipeg.
Baby* daughter, of F. W. Bunting,
aged nine months,
U/Identified hoy, about eight; no
pnrticulars known.
Injur ti—Thomas Philips, Ir lind,
not expected to recover; James Mc
Nealy, s n of Mrs. Jane McNealy win
was killed, not expected to recover;
Christina McKeever, a joung Seo-
tlsh woman, two frt.ctur-.-d ri;s; Jemima Forter, Ireland, bruteed el o.\
and stiff neck-; Mabel Crombie, Brora,
["Caithness, Sc tland, face bruised
Florence Strachan, Scotland, bruised
head, lip cut; Mrs. Isa.ela Crombie
nnd ehild, Brora, Scotland, woman
hns f» reh ad cut, ch Id uninjured, Isi-
bella  Wallace,   Scotland,   right   ea
Uttby uninjured; Mrs. Annie Woods,
Ireland, seriously injir d, both face
bones broken, right collir-bone broken, face bruised nnd seal;) wo.im's
Lizzie Dunbar, Bel ast, Ireland, bruie-
Scotland, bruised thigh* Miss May
ed an'.le; Corja e la Smith, Aberdeen,
Scotland, b?uised thigh; Miss Mary
Woids, Ireland, elbow and thumb cut.
Jessie Mllanhope, Ire a id, I r.iised
tore he d, salp wound* and wound*
on a"iu; Mrs. Mai.Ian I, Seo land,
very slightly injured- Po'icrt McNee-
ly, Glasgow, Scotlnnd, sha en up;
Maggie McNeely, GI: sgow, Scotland,
shaKen up; Angus Gunn, Castleton
Srotlnnd, brul.ed thi h; James Cal
d-r, Scotland, broken forearm in
dislocated chow' Alex Gray, Gambia
land, Scotland, 1 nelly sprainel tack
and cuts on right foot; John Ra.v
(lall, Or: ney Islands, tract* red arm
Alexander Crombie, a Scotch boy,
s?nlp woiin s John Donnery, Gin
arm, Ireland, nearly drowned, i;nder
scat; Edward Quia mi. Irel.nd,
sprained back and bruis.d kidneys.
Hamilton Dimont, County Down; Ire-
and, right el ow cut anl bruised;
Fa il Potten, Ottawa, slight a* .loin
inal injury; Mrs. Robert Met all wn,
Greenock, t-cotlund, wound on arm,
head bruised (sh.' had two cbildr.n
who were unhurt); John Poyce, Ire*
land, light eye wounded, ion head
Aimee (lienor, Rollwny, Ont., badly
bruised le-, light gho lier strained;
George Stewart, Gins ow, seal-
wotnd, Alex Monroe, Glasgow, hemorrhage from thc ear; Pat DcvLie,
London,  Enulnnd,  nruis.-d s a'p;  Pat
ftiley, Ca\'an county, Ireland, bruisod
arm nnd head; Thomas Fitzpatric ,
Cuver- county Ireland, brills d wrist,
William Pringle, Edinburgh, ribhteye
cut; John Friel, Ireland, f.nger cut,
Frederick McBilde, finger cut; Ar.hui
Brady', Ireland, bruised; Rob.rt Allen,
Glasgow, bruis.d l)g, Edward l-ha'pe.
Glasgow, bruised arm, head and eye,
Daniel Cameron, contluetor, Ottawa,
ditdocuted shoulder.
The PattOn family of Armagh, Ir.;
lind, bound for Winnipeg to net
husband and f.tther—Mrs. Georg-3 Pat
ton, aged 38, badly bruised shemldcr,
Georg , 15; Jessie, l'l; Mnml •, 10;
Harod, 7; Josib, 'J, all slightly
Injured. Peter Gienier, St. Lco.i,
Quebec, sli ht injuries.
The train, wh ch left Bro^d street
station at 2 p.m. was travelling ata
swift pace, and was in charge of
Conductor Daniel Camercn, He sus-
ta'ned a dis ocated shoulder. Follow-
.ng dcralment of the trnin mts tg s
were hurried into Ottawa, while residents of the surrounling country
hastened to. the scene anl began the
work of rescuing the injured. Eight
bodies were quickly recovered from
the cars in the river. Doctors, nurses an I all the ambulances in the city
were rushed to the icen:, while the
police department patrols were press
ed into service. Mrny of the injure:,
were carried nto nearby houses,
where they received medical aid,
while others were brought to the city
in automobiles and other vehicles,
'lhe engin;er oi t e train was Ben
. hipmen, who resides at 00 Division
street of this city. The train was
carrying passengers who came to
Canada on the Pretorian of the Allan
line, which left Glasgow on June 15
nd carried people from Scotlan
bound for the west.
The train consisted of baggage am
mail cars, three colonist, one firs.
class, two toursts, a dine;* and a
Pulliran car. Two o: the colon! !i
cars turned completely over and ia
on their sides in the Ottawa river. It
was from thoso two cars that the
dead were taken.
Daniel Carve.on- i.Vx •rtiidiiftor   o.i
___aB3Scv-3-_'YinIn,  was in  one en tin;
colonist cafs which t>ppled into tut
river, and was in the act of punch,n
a ticket. He escaped with a dis!o;at
• d shoulder, and was the only n.em
ber of the crew injured.
From the stories told by passengers
on the train and by eye-witnesses wh
resile at tbe McKellar townsiu., the
rural subdivision just in the rear o.
which the accident occurred, thai train
wns travelling at the rate of about
25 miles an hour. ( hildren and wo
men in the enrs were waving to people along the track when auddely. th.'
cars began to rock and the train to
twist. The next instant there was ■
crash aB the centre of the train lef.
the in ns, and then the cries of th.
injured and dying.
The engine, baggage and mail cars,
with one of the colonit-t cars, remained on the rails. The next two cars
were colonists and both toppled into
the river, one turning over twice,
while th? second simply shot on* its
true a md fell on its side. These
two cars broke from thc o.hera, th'
, rat class, which followed, rumainlng
i n the railroad bed with its nose
pointing toward tie river. Tho tour
ist enrs, which were next, went to
the side farthest from the il er and
remuiued tilted at an angle of nbout
4"i degrees. The din ng car left the
rails, but remained pmctical.y in a
straight line, while the Pullmnn cur,
which  was last,    had  only    ts  front
trucks off the rails.
Messages were sent to the city for
help, and in a short time there were
many volunteers with motor ambulances, doctors and nurses. As thc
cars were not demolished, It was a
Comparatively e-asy mult-r to get out
the injured, and they were Immediately rushed in motor curs to the eity
hospitals. The Canadian Pacific railway otticials in Ottawa despatch,* I
medical men and others tn the scene
of the accident as roon As posslbh
and did noUy in caring tor the injured. 1 aisen ers who were abl ■ to con-
tlnue ihri- jo.ltney were ta'un west
tonight n a special by way of
Kempt Wile,
Wrecking  crews  from  O.tnwa   an
Smiths Falls were promptly on hand,
and it is said that the track will be
clear for traffic early toxorrow. The
tra'n for Tor nto was sj'nt around ib
way of  Memptville.    There  was rc-
markally little pnnlc among the pes
seugers.     'lhe  Russians  toot   things
stolidly, whi.e the British im mi gran*
showed their breed by those who es
Captd or who were only slightly in*
ji.r d hei, ing the   1 ss fortunate   to
extricate themselves. Those wbo were
njured bore up most pluc'.tily   attar
the tirst alarmed cried, and their grit
wa-i  eotnmented  upon   by  phjs cians
and others.   There were many  path*
stic  scenes  as    women   and   children
uoinir to j< in their h isbands and fath
ers, or whole families   going to th
west, were removed in.ured,       .Some
members who were inured were hurried to the hospitnls ko quickly that
th ir  relatives  did  not  know   where
they had gone.
Most of the deaths were caused by
the people being hurled aga'n-rt th-
sides of tbe cars when they toppled
by drownin?. one little boy was
drowned, having been hurled throigb
a window into the river. One woman
and a toy. who were apparently leaning out ef the window were caught
underneath, and their bodies were the
the last ta he removed. While the two
three feet of water where th'-y fell,
it is not thought there are any bodies
when have not been recovered.
Montreal, Jin- 25,— An olficiil
statement by Pa Id McNicoll, \ lie-
president rJf tha Cnnadlnn Pacific
railway, tonight gave the number of
dead as eight and Injured ns numte-
!ng 30. Of these InttT some 10 or 12
were in a serious ro-dition.  No   ex-
plmitirm e'f the accident hat l-j_en
obtained and it was only known thut
the middle portion of the train had
left the trac't. By midnight it was
expected to have the wreckage denied and the line rej aired so that It
could be used again. Tbe dead hai
all been removed and the injured were
now in hospitnls h- ing cared for. tin
latest adviceB recked tonight at the
Canadian Pacific railway offices gave
the following list of the dead the
names of the injured not being yel
John    Hogi,   Gli:gow;   Mrs.    McNeill! ' of GI .ennw. on way to Edmonton; a woman, name unknown,   but
address   0338 Broadway, New York; a
baby with en.> of the above women;
unidentified boy; John Woodle of the
Orkney Islands, on way to Winnipeg
Patrick Mttlvaney, e.-.* Ballymeney, ire
land; John Pence, whose father li.'e
in Winnipeg.
—From the "NeUon News"
Baseball Meeting
The Cranbroo't senior baseball clul
held iheir organization meetinj in
the parlors of the ('ranbrook Hotel
Friday evening, with n fairly goo I
attendance present. 0 tli cer s were el-
ccted as follows:
Hon,    Presidents—V.    Hyde Ba' e
and Mavor A, 0. Bowness,
Hon. . Ice-Pres,—Nels Hun ion, 'l
Caven, M.P.P., A. B, Mn donald, R.
E. Beattie.
President—Frank  Murphy,
Vice-President—R. p. Moflatt,
Seo.-Treas,- i:. _,. Sate.
Manager   Thus. Hedlgan.
Executive Committee — WebstBt
Burton, A. L. McDermot, Job Damp
bell, W. H. Wilson, J. I). McBrlde, J.
Edmonton Disaster
Edmonton,   Alta.,   dune   2G„—  liefore hundreds of spectators, who wer,
enjoying    themselves   un   the   rlvei
hauls this evening   nt   8.30 o'cloc
six well-known Ifidmonti n young pe
pic were drowned tonight close to Hi
low  level  bridge by thi o.ertmn ■
of a gasoline  launch.   Amid frill le
cries for aid, six of the occpants o
the boat sank in the fast-running rt.
tr.    Everett Case clung to ihe bon
and was eventually rescued.
R. c. Hooper, manager of the Mft'
shall-Wc l*i company, nnd Mrs. Hi o',>
er, his wife.
Mrs. Everett CiB:, wife of the num
ager of the west end branch of th
Imperial bank.
Earl C. Meredith, superinti ndmt o
Marshall Wel Is   company,    and   M i
Robert Patton, mechanician, open,
ting the boat.
The saved is Everett Case, mnnn
ger of thc west end branch of tbe Im
penal   bank.
Ore shipments from min-js in the
Oranbrook district for tbe past year
and to date, were as follows:—
Sullivan          247   17,073
Other mines  75fi
Total          247   17,830
The Eight English Kosts-At the Auditorium Wednesday July 2nd
Standardizing all Cars
Ottawa.—Alternative order suggest
ed by Ohairmao Drayton of the rail
way commission us to the standard
ization of the beliht of freight cars
to thirteen feet six inche. on lines
under the jurisdiction of the railway
commission, raised s.ime olijewtions
on the trroiind of discrimination this
The proposal to limit th-! height <>f
cars has for its object tne safeguard'
ing of tbe lives id trainmen who are
compelled at times to walk along the
rcofs e>f cars. The question was discussed at great length. The chair
man '."inJilly suggested that an orcH
should be made that no freight ear
on any line under the Jurisdiction n
the railway commission Bhould be
higher than 13 feet, G Inches. He
abo suggested that tbe rei rtctlon
'should apply to cars loaded with
freight originating in any point iu
Canada and destined for any point in
thc United States or vice* versa.
Vice  President    Da'rympte    of the
Orand Trunk, objected to the a;
rungement, on the ground that it
would prc\ent the sending back of
cars ol larger size which bid come
from th,' United States unless th >y
were sent back empty. Thc commission declared that such cats should
not he ..d.iiitti-ii at all in the tlrst
place. However, he thought that
part of tbe order might be omitted.
James   E,   Walsh,   traffic expert  for
the Canadian manuf icturers, point ■.
mt at this juncture that the preven- j
tion of Cnnadlnn manufacturers and
shippers from usim: the large cars,
while the United states shippers were
allowed to USJ the high mr would
ia--.. a inwer rate than the Canadian
hip per who wns to be nsttict'd. In
it her words the mini mum car load
rates are based on the length of ears
and not ou the cubical capacity so
that the sum total paid by the Ci n
udiun ship]er ic carload would ho
larger tli Ml  Unit   paid by  the user ol
thc high cm. The American shlppoi
lilppin.'  to  Cnnadlnn  points  would j
have tbe advantage over the Ca:i..-
lian shipper to Blmllnr points.
Mr. Walsh Bllggeateri that the mini
mum should lie based oa cubical cup
'I h • board will consider the uu tt-i
nd an o'd.M will he given lalcr.
Thero was Home mole diHOtiflsion of
tho uatt.'i  of rod]ro nl demurrnMo,
Mr. Wntts, Apponrlnn for the Dom
I til on Millers' association ami tlu-on
luiio nssoclatod boards <■. trade, to
fui    llll'   adOptll M   Wli h   autoilliitU
pannlties on the railways,
Mr. Marshall, on behalf cd the Toronto   bonrd   oi   trade,   presumed a
haft Hiiggi'MiHii for a reciprocal de
iniu rage   system   hy   which   the ship
ier who claimed a penalty aguust a
railway would bnve to file it claim
with n statement of facts nnd mil
davit that the delay had caused bim
Lecture on Explosives
A most cnterta nin«; and Instructive
lecture was delivered [n the Railway
Y. M. C, A. lust night by Col. Tay-
I r Ol Lha International Railway As-
socia'ion. The attendance was not
what it should have been, cOnstde Ing
the eminence of tbe speaker and the
impoit nco of th- siiuject, which was
'■Safe Handling of High Explosives."
Col. Taylor is a fluent speaker, has
a pleasant snd expressive lullvery
and a th .[■.,u..|1 krujcl d. ■ of h s sttb-
ei't. Ho slated thai In addition to
h s I.', ye ire ol b rvlc-i as a ratUo id
man m ih: er nt (nparlttes, ho ,\ns
trofni d for the army and had seen
service in the wnrs of tbe sixties. Ho
compared the r llroad men of ths
pivs-i.t day i. the modern soldier-
He must be physically perfeel to bo
gin with, must be Lright anl Intel
ligent, adaptable, and have the mak-
in-,s of a reliable and ethcicnl member of the service or he is no usi'.
The standard f*>t railroad nen Is
becoming higher from time to time.
Only int-n wbo are men are want.-d,
men in the highest sense ol thi wont
as tbey have to give their highest
and best. Ihey have to bo efficient,
devoted, loyal, ambitious aud senl-
oub. No men an* wanted who nre
only llvintj on tio pay-roll fro:n ono
payday to the next, Aim hive no
ambition, no em uiat on beyond that,
The record on both aid s of tbe
line is bad regard ng dis eter and It
is caused by Carelessness and lgnor-
aaee. No man can cull himself a
railroad man W he does n it know nil
about bis job and it is for the pur*
ose ii iducatlni ;he nen along this
line that the rallrod companies had
.one to the trouble aad expense of
giving them tins lecture free in most
of the important centres over this
Ci ntinent.
A man who docs not know how to
handle high explosives la a dangerous
man to himself, to his fellow employees, to those dependent on him,
to the public at large and to the
company who employs bim. Many
instances Illustrated by actual photographs were shown how carelessness In handling might hive resulted
in dreadful loss ol life and property
and information given of Bomo of the
dreadful results of such carelessness
mid Ignorance.
Pictures of the propel methods ol
parkins and handling and the difter-
ent kinds of labels Indicating tbo
cmlriits were shown in color also
charts showing precautions to bo
taken in shipping ami photos of actual explosions. The meeting ter
mlnated at 2_ o'clock, after having
recorded their appreciation by hearty
Suit against Victoria
Vancouver. — Arising out, of the
3ooke 1-a'c water works scheme thc
.ontrnct for which was awarded to
rhe Westholme Lumber company by
the City of Victoria on December 22,
1-111, a lawb.iIt bus been begun iu the
supreme court in Vancouver, in which
sensational charges are made.
Thr suit is on beb df of the lumber
company against tin* Citv oi Victoria, its waler commission, its mayor,
consulting engineer and other officials. Recently tho lumber company
threw up the Job and the city i.-, now
trying to linis i,
The   plaintiffs  allege   that  the  defendants made misrepresentations and
defamed  the compnny  in  and  out of
newspapers with the object of forcing
ihe contractors to a. nndon ihe work
while  at   the  same   time  en lea .oiin.,
to conceal the true faffs which were
that  the corporation of  Victoria was
financially embarrassed.    Counsel for
Victoria today made j n unsuccessful
attempt  to have va-ious sections of
claim iirlcken out on tbe ground that
the  allegations   were  scandalous,   unnecessary and embarrassing,
Band Concert
The   Usual   wee  ly   hand  concert   Will
be played   n *xt   Sunday   evening   al
S.-lft when   the following programme
ill   be   rendered
Man h   i n the Beach Vokauu
Overt ne   Norman Is  Mil lei
Waltzes  The Seraph ,   Lafferty
tiloam.ii     Tliu   for   two-Altois   an I
baiitnii•     1 eyec
Randsmi n A, and 0, Uhenuz
and Thompson,
Medley—The < Umax 	
      Air, by o. ti. Hare
March "Slim Jim   Carlton
Cod Have the King,
lames   Ailsl iu,   1 an Imnslei.
Canada hni lost n noted nnd offec
live bade anioni her rural clergy in
Ir untimely dentb of Hev, Hi ml
I e n  ,\. II,  RoherUon ol ( orkihlra,
t-lUel-eC, He was n man of Aide cul
(lire,   wider  sympathies  nud a  wh.de
h in-led enthusiasm for the uplifting
o| the economic, social ami i ilfgloua
I fi-  of   Ho"   pOO|lo   that   he   llVOd   Wid
labored anongil I'ossibly he did
n ore tlinn any other rural minister
mi Canada to foster the study mnl en
courage the practice <'. scientific agriculture aiming the people he served,
il Is to the type of rural clergymen
represented m the late Dean Rohort*
son, Mint the church of Canada must
Itobert   llrown  on    Wednesday   after
look for strengthening its hold upon
the lives and hearts of the people—
M.J.P. ^
sho*i!o. Lave rich, red blood I
and sturdy, healthy bodies to I
withstand cold rains, changing I
season? and winter storms.
If your child is weary whc
using lacks energy and ambition —has no appetite or
poi sibly sallow skin orn pinched
face—it is for want of \ iul body-
nourishment; this growing
period demands special, ron-
ccntrated, easily digested food
for body-development -mental
strain- -physical changes.
Svoti's Emulsion is tie
greatest body-bulldcr known it
is nature's wholesome strength-
maker—without alcohol nr
stimulant—-mah** roty chethi,
nc'/llf blood, tturdy frame, *nd
Bound lioiliet.
Bat you r.tutt have SCOTT'S.
i :oll* _**rae, Toronto 0 lUrlo - - -
Easily Understood
There arc. words that ave co„nuon la
all tongues alike
On t:*e hearl and tympanum they tune*
awfully sti-ifco
Though ■.-..-. can't tulle In Turkish and
von'! try to bluff,
Why, we kuow that the Bullae la yell
Ing "Enough."
B.iron Rothsohlld Complains of Ef',*et»
of Vit'ratlon in Csliar
Baron Henri do Itothschllil
complains tlmt wine In hia cell;,:- is
suffering detevloratlon as Lho result
ot the Blinking caused hy rootor*om*
nlhttses lu tho Fatihourg Salut-Hon*
oro. l.epi'eseutatillona have al3a
been beon mado by tlio Tiri.i-.ii om*
bassy to tho -ourd ot works In White* i
hall with tho object of suggesting aj
remedy I'm- tho motor-omnibus aula*'
auco in tho b.._o Btreet.
Today tlio Pai-i-i munlolpal oounctl I
decided to open an Inquiry Into thai
quostlou of uiotor*oinnlbiis vibration. ■
The blunt-faced man did not look
uji from his desk when tho woman
wiiii tho subscription book entered
his otlice.
I hopo sir, lhe caller began ton-
tatlvely, that you nro familiar with
foreign missions?
Mad: m, lie snarled, his eyes si ill
unriitsed, nil missions are foreign lo
i mc.
Of courso, yon wouldn't got so angry
talking polities if Uio other fellow had
any boubs or icason.
Thousands of mothers
t.i riio \ [rttte of Mother Gr
i.lMcniiiti.iuii'. because tin-:.
ixp -.:■ ioq how useful it
Worm i
w from I
iics to there
for It.
convince   ii
ever net up
When tlic now minister, a hand-■
some und unmarried man, made bis
flrst pastoral call at tli.* Pn .dicks,
iio took little Anna up ia his alius
and tried to kiss li r. But tlio child
r 'usi I to he l-.inMii,.-,.: struggled
ii:.is.- ciiil ran off Into the next to ini
whero h -i* mother ivns gotting a fow
lhiis'iiiei touches io her ador
before gi .-.-. i o;. Into tho drafl Ing
room to greet    ie eh rgymi n.
Menu i.   l'- ■   ll ■:,-  e;.-:   ,vh   ,    ed,
''.io man In tho dm - ml
ed mi     i klaa him.
v.  "...;.'    I mi 1 didn't
:  -i lot hint;     i    o ild If l nn ro yu.:.
rhen   ;  -. \ . j .-..: back Into   ho
 1      ...a      .....  I
Lnaril'a 1... a.- al Co., Limited ■
Oontl -M n,   d - I reoeivod
groat hi -l'tl: from liie use of ,MI,s'-
.Miivs i,ixi.'.ii-:\ T in a severe attack of LaOrlppe, an l I liavo frequent
ly proved it to I-.- verj  effi etl a In
- i::- -     : I   Ha "   :i [i
lV      A      MI'H'I!!\S|1N*
awing room, aud tiie mlal
I •■'    lady   -        .   ; ki
Xo, I won't, replied .Vnnn promptly,
but mamma   ■ i* - Bhe wiil
Mlnard's   Liniment  Cur.s  Gargt'.
Trailed by Passengers They are Cap-
lured and Put In Irons by
Thieves lmvo recently heen »etlvs
recently cn hoard steamers voyaging
doivu tho Brazilian const, nnd tho experiences ot tho British Hoyal Mall
Company's ship Amazon on her last
homeward voyago probably supply the
A few hours afier tho imazon left
Santos a man wearing a utartlltift
gray suit was seen to enter several
of (ho first clasH oabins ,-ib lf iio wore
looking for hia own.
When the passengers went down to
(oa ono ot them said: A man camo
Into my cabin whllo I was resting. As
i thought ho looked rathor a suspicious ohoractc-? I followed lilm to an-
other cabin belonging to a Mend of
mine, ami found him putting hia band
into the wardrobe, I a shed hint what
ho was doiuft, whereupon ho liod,
A man t-auio Into my cabin, Ivo.
said another passenger, l wondor if
i; was the sumo man?
The news can?",', general exolte-
mi nl .-n ilea;,i and Inqulrlos showed
Hun a quantity of mom; am1, lowi
. . hi en stolen,
Tho captain ordered u special
watch I-* im kept at night.
it was then dlsoovered thai I s two
."i   wore   prl ion -.-.*   reoohlly   .lis-
i irgod from San I'aulo jail, and put
on i -ai',1 I,. ..ivo at Santos wltttoul
any warning to tho captain, Two
other i -. mis,-a, is had also been put
on board al Sai ,
' he a ion Ies ■' uio Janeiro re*
fused to accept tho mon, ami they
liad to he takon to Lisbon. Tliey
woro kept In Irons, nml woro con*
initially wat. led during Iho voyago.
Ever) ono ia the ship wa I relieved
is last man   waited   off
la -.lew of the fact that tiie Fort
Carry hotel at Winnipeg 's aow an-
preaching completion, - -a- the Mao-
donal-.l, at Edmonton :: rrell under,
way. and liiat work has heen - .. ted
on tho Qu'Appcllo at Reglna, tno duties of Mr. I'. W. Bergman, Mana
o: Gra'itl Trunk .-;-;-<.m hotels
become rery much moro - nerotis la
the near futire. Several othi r no*
tela aro to follow ut such poluts ou
tho Grand Trunk Pacific line as .Mount
Itobson and Princo Itup.-rt so that, in
order to keep in Bufllcteutly close
toiich witii the eutlro chain Mr, Bergman, who has hitherto made his head*
Qiiartors a: thc Chateau Ijaurior, tiie
i-bmpany's pioneer hotel in Ottawa,
*Siii lake up his residence ia WInai-
'.'ti while Mr. A. T. Fofgcr -..ill as.
g, sir, said thi
i book a   oi ci eei   liy.
Dgh, grunted        pi
■ ■ -
[f '] .   shi
I   -
n.•■ books
[.!.'. -
Pardi a me,     ':;■-::-.
I ; tl In!   ■
I dou' I tell y
ot  or I'll throi
yi i* ihe: ■ : bi   -.-
Yts you  ii--.      Vo-i  need
is. one i       -.-. mar and this
ono i n < :'.'i lette.     i   .    .
, bnt—
wei    ...
save argumenl.
•   call   must go
v, a can j-i*: .■     ol •   •  '•
...  .
:     ■ .. folks ai   oxp -   tii  mo
:-. :..-:*.: h Uiem   hai  you're ■ ol is
■ i *-.:,.
I'm sorry, hu: if i ...    I'm 1
m   loa   ;-      -,: .-' -i dolls    on I u   dei   I
Id you ot
,,       ..,,.. . .  , ..  . .,-      -..   g-i ■ ;wa* at I.'shou
ai ager has -■• ril -    - ■ that ui'
sa . ■<:... i.■;   ; toi
v -s, o-,' afrnid     nssiim
.,■   respi asl '    fio   busl
..-  .. i.i i..* . ii i igl
is a: uie -ting ot :iic
• ■■ to -    that I lealiy must an-ml.
Oh, thi i   I'   all ■ ;.;'  * 111
1 0 ; I.::,     h *   01 ..   '■'.' to Btay
i fact   -    .  rs  ro u ma
.   I -mi .-
■   il  ease 1 supi        yi a
■c to ko.     Be si.ee and
- ...:: ..-   ' a month > I
John Drowe, tho actor, at tho ngo of
CD lookes no moro than 86, Complimented on this fact, Mr. Drow said:
I try to keep my hair on and my
stomach oft—that ls tho true secret
of perennial youth.
Then ho lold ouo of his siorles Illustrative of tho horrors of corpulence.
A fat num, ho said, could not help
laughing ono duy at lho ludicrous appearance of .. very how-logged chap
—ono of those nrcli-lookiii£ chaps, you
Though a total Btranger to him, the
fat man slapped tho bow-leggod man
on tho hack and said:
liy lingo, brother, you look as lf
you'd hern ridln;,' a barrel,
Tlio bow-leggod chap smiled nnd
poked his nuger doop in!o tho fat
man's soft, loose stomach.
Anil jou lock ns lf jou lind been
BWnllowhlg one, ho said.
To  Cure   Common   Ailments the
Blood Must   be Made Rich
and Red
Xo man can
!.Ii_:il I'asriiij
stand to bl
'   II   3_.lt.n-*'
Oirsct Legislation
Slra. Kxticki:- -Did you .u'M a .*-'-•■.',-
■ - aatod  with  :■ our husband*?     Mr?.
'. >■.  -v .*. ' :v-.   './ had him vu^a
. . .■■ pi prial on '■. '.
mme charge ot lh.
.cut Mjinngr
;n Is Indt-cd a clovi
i.^iiawau aa Umi- \ Is too clover i.o show
Tramr'-l.ii(l.1',  I  sav/cd
er.ud ter.'pay ?or dut meul -i
1 trim dc lawn, too?
M*on.ai.  AVW.}', as a t'.p.
TUo llj
A .nan i'
\nz it.
Natural Curiosity
Mamie -Olndyfl    liad   u
,'iov.ii cu last ntght thnL w
bj- raerd rovii'o o! w
Heli n ■ WIH who
Take Your Clicice*
Where cihi l :-co ;i good i
of Hamlot7 Inquired Hi" :■'!
Keiv Vor]:.
Well, nuau-ored tlic li
iitivo »  .vomari Hamlet pinjiiim
the Kibosh theatro; H103
fo music ;«r the frlvolltj: j
uiliifiii  bono !'iil!  player f
Jn Uio pm'l a! Lho Oazi
ccrd  0! J
iy shb'uW 1
Ti • Vm* lomo .1 "sou J plala
Cixiii." r— sucii i-^ 'Iio pvc-sor.a
ani-itio:i of many women vre.I known
In tho London social v;orld. And l-l
r-'spcziic  to  tlio call cf Viscountess
mld-ho   plain
dertqp  strcc!
io  fii'osvcnor
esson  in p!ai
1 coo*';-
j Nearly all Uio diseases iimt aft'll
I humanity are caused hy hail blood
! weak, watery hlooil poisoned hy lm*
I pnrltlos. Kail blood Is thc canso of
headaches nnd backaches, lumbago
an(l rheumatism; debility ami Indigestion, UOurolgla and other nerve
troubles, and disfiguring skin diseases like eczema nud salt rheum show
how lmpiiro the hlood aetunlly ls. No
uso trying a different remedy for each
dl-seaso, because tliey all spring from
the one cause—had hlood. To cure
any of these troubles you must get
light down lo the root ot* tlio trouble
lu the hlood. and that, is just what.
Dr. Williams' l'inlc Pills do. They
make no?,*, rich blood and thus cure
these diseases when common modicine
fails. J.Irs. John Jackson, Woodstock. Ont.. Buffered from both nervous troubles nml a iiin down condition
anil experienced a complete euro
through the use ct Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, Hhn says: "( was a sufferer
for n numboi* cf years from neuralgia,
and a general debility of the nerves
am! system.     I had tried „reral doc-
■fab rur ^Itleii'^!
_t. -Jd MnyiA
t mu ditjAc
Srntl fot . re. c Intor C-n_, ttorj
litntrlniraiulu t,t Oytlnsovi
" Mmi'iril, <llil.i*.
HrltlLI-f.   tllJ
r..tl.-*i colon,
tt. Untilttf.
names for the courso of
Tl.e wonld-bo cooks ait?
' much    'n    o;ir;ic*it.   As    tholi*
port to tho opening Ieeturo they
•xto bringing a white npron. u pair o."
-,..mo tleovf.-i and a kitchen cloth.
Thus ..quipped for the fray, they
will be initiated into (he art ur past-.y
muUj._  in ..11  its plainer branehe**.
2urly in tiio courso conies a lesso-i
in the niaiiu^^mi^ir at cooking stove.:,
nud by tho timo the last; IcE?on hai
n ihe ftmionts will bo \\o\p
) undortako single handed thc p-o-
y oi' (he following dis:'.*
tomdto*%oup, filed Hsh,
isl. pn^Liet*, rock calces
dealer pays
more for. this
flour than for
any other, but
he's satisfied
boiled and mashed
hiiltumi Bcones and Christmas pudding,
1,-nly Ali.imimt and hor daiightcvs, l.ady Helen Ili-assey, Lady Dyce
Duckworth, Lady Margaret Graham, Lady Monntgnrrot Lady Klehurd
Wellcsloy, l.ady Helen Dootlo-Wllbrahnni, Lady Nunhurnliolino and Lady
Fcrrotl are anions tho students past and present, at Lady Usher's horn,
1 ':-   *
v;-.' cooking lessons aro lu connection wiih Lady Kshcr's well-known
ombulancc c irps work, and n knowledge of cooking is ouo of lhe quellf!
cations r iiuircd heforo n voluntcor may get her amhulanco certificate.
V rn would be surprised lo >:-■(■ the eagerness and enthusiasm which tli*
so-called "kilo iiiii" ladles display a; then.* classes, said a lady well known
III  ■'■■:.    . and :i mcmhi .- of li - classes,   l-'requ mtly we go te a Ii o'eloe't
tea after ..ur leBsons, ;t:iii. .:s a rule, nfter tea our conversation deals almost |
01       - with i hai we may have made and learned.
Many - f those ivh - . ti ad ::■•■ cooking classes do a great deal of soei,-l
-. ... nnd tbey find n working knowledge > i' plain cookery of tnesthnnblo
valuo 1 hen i li I ing th   pi i;-.
No 1. ' -    wnj '    helping a ,-■.' - woman could bo found. Ihan to show htr
prepare -   In n quiet, oc nomlcnl   end   appotlzlng
'.1..iu:i r.
i'lie ilociriion of Ihn Qrand Trunk
r.'iiii.' Railway to nnmo its ne,v
$1,000,000 hold lu ileglnn, "Tho
Qu'Appollc," lius been genorally wol-
.-nn 1 by Uiat olty. 'Ilio historic
iniino is on., (that inn a wnrtn pitied
in ih,- hearts of all westernors nnl
llie l.inutlliil logond llttncllcd to It hull
.1 wldo appeal An ii.t.l by the oelo*
fi.at.'d Indian Pootow, Mias Paulino
l-i. Johnson, It li „1bi "An Indian
voyagour on tho ove ot his wedding
1i.11 11 paddling hin ciuioo swiftly
along across tha watare or Doho f.nhc,
wosl from tho prcaont alto of Fort
Qu'Appelle, As lie paddios he slags:
"(Ini- voice; keep liiiio uud our oars
keop timo." Suddonly the stllluoss
of ibe ulnlit ,:i iii-okeu by a sharp ci-y.
lie ceasos his soiij- antl rests hi:
paddle, Ustouliig for a further sound,
fancying Unit ho has heard his name
ttttored by sonieono, Agnln across
the wators tlioro conn s n tihriil cry.
This lime tlicro ls no doubt hut that
it is tlm iitime of lho voyaseur. Tlac-
inn liis hands to his mouth, he shout",
"Qu'Appolo" (who calls?) For answer
comes onco more thc cry of a woman's
voicu sounding his name. Tho Indian recognizes tlio voice of his Sweetheart und fearing some nitschnnco puis
nil his strength into his paddle. Looking over his shoulder to judgo of his
position he sees the moon rising. At
length arrival, nt tlio roserratlo'*
where tlic Indians ure camped he finds
thom mourning and ia told that his
suv,. [heart, is dead, that she has passed away just as tlio moon was risinc
in tho east, after having called Ids
name threo times." And thus was
given to the river, lake and town, th
name Qii'Appello. To this day the
Indians declare that when tho moon
rises to a certain point on Echo Lake
0110 can hear tho spirit of the girl
calllu-- to her lover as sho hauuts tho
Revolver and Pistol Cartridges
Some people take a lot of care In gelecting a revolver or
pistol, and then buy anr cartridees whatever. No v/onder
they don't always get eood results. There ia just as much
difference ln cartridges as in lirearms. Always get Winchester make of cartridges and you will have cartridges
that are reliable and uniform In shooting and give maximum velocity.    They cost no more than inferior makes.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,  witb silent   tip.    Wil)
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's Matches have unified Cu-
,   -ti*%t since Illil—accept ro tthtr**.
The I. jj Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Throe cariboo and two moose head:
which seasoned hunters declare are
most Interesting specimens of what
tho north country holds in tho way
of big game were brought to Edmonton a few days ago hy a hunting party.
They bagged tiie heads 25 miles northeast of Holmes' Crossing, SCO miles up
the Athabasca" Itlver, whero lhe only
sign of civilization is some grading
for thc Oraud Trunk Pacific transcontinental line.
Aldose and cariboo? One or thc-m
repealed thc words in' response tn
a question.' Woll, I should say wo
did see 'em.      Wo saw    hundreds.
.avail;ii'irul"l'lVoKn*«'-'IKl'W8,,.toS„ti),u1-;  She moos.* u-aclts u.ou„   thi*...rlvQ.
Pills. At llie timo I began the Pills
I had grown so imd that i could hardly bo on my feet and was forced to
drink, aro oui into the otherwise ua.
tracked wilderness to a depth of sl*"
and eight inches.   The region is their
wear clasUo bandages about the ank-| own and they roam It as if man were
Its.      Tho pain I suffered nt times  unheard ot.
from tho neuralgia wns terrible. 11 Before going on lhis trip, I ivas un-
h.-.d almost given up hope v.lieu f be- der the Impression I had seen an
gan the use of Dr. Williams' Pink abundance of big game and scenery
Pills. In the course of a few week3 j worth lho while; hut now I am ready
[ felt mi improvoinottt, and I gladly | t0 confess that n new paradise ha3
continued llm use of (lie Pills until been opened lo tho sportsman and
[ was onco more quite well and able! natnro-lover. The country Is as uai-
to attend to all my household duties." \ uro left it, and it is picturesque aud
If you aro ailing begin to curo your* | interesting and holds a combination
self today with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. Sold hy all medicine dealers
or hy niail at i.0 cents' a hox or six
boxes for *...!*0 from Tho Dr. Wil-
llnnis' Medicine Co., Drockvllle, tint.
Whllo travelling through the west
a man lost a valuable dog nud Immediately proceeded to lhe olllce of the
Hustler's ltevlew in the town whore
ho wns stopping. Entering abruptly
he said to the editor: I've lost a dog.
I'd like to have you insert (his ad for
Sevonty five dollars reward for the
return ol' a French bulldog answering
to the name of Darwin. Last i-o.-u
ou Turner's read.
We're just going lo jircs:-, said Ihe
editor, but we'li maiingo to hold the
edition for yeur ad.
After returning to tlm hotot, tho
owner of tile dog decided U might hi*
boFt io udd to his advortisemeiit: N'o
questions asked He returned to tlm
edict- lo Had I ic place ontlrely deserted, save for a red-linlrci youth, who
sat gaaiug Intonlly out oi' tin* window.
Where !■; everybody? he nsked,
(lone to hunt Hi' dawn, replied the
ot elements which take the kinks out
of the tired brain and make the traveler feel as if ho were bom again—
a now man.
Fresh evidences of the unsurpassed
mineral wealth opened np by the
main lino of lho Grand Trunk- Pacific
Railway ia Western Canada are
brought to light nlmost day by dav
and tiie latest find is mentioned in a
report just received from Ilazelton
whloh slates tlmt a body of high-grade
coking ooal has been discovered lying south of that town.' The property in question is on tlic Kltsoguldn
River, 12 miles from tho C..T.P. and
contain. Ill seams, two of which have
been partially developed. Of Ihose
last one is seven foet in thickness
and lho other four. According to
unsays made in Vancouver the coal
yields lia.f, per cent of coke, hut It
is also high grade steaming and domestic fuel.
kid without ii-inouug
tile  dlStalll   fields.
glllEQ from
A O.-st Little Keeper
* i   :. Mrs, le.        ■ .. ■■ .
i;   ryihlng  I
11   "I-    I r    Into     ica
u ! -        away   tho   lining.
aging about dan      i dl  oni
ma      ... ■   di :i -'.     li.'. •'.  D.
i"    ci   •    tloi Hi I   olea
io b mis thai
e. .. ■ ,    . .;:, ,,;i ..-   , und bi  protecting lining Irom       hei   i .
igea rostori    thom to health   condlt
mbjti     i .   dyscntcrj
thould i "   i ■ -■ ■
...     li  !.. .
Gum 3-llitKi iu London
\      uow      Industry      has
till '  '..lBtonci  li! London since
the  i. in-'- -i cullod nr.. utlon  to the
. . ri i| , tlon  ":  chewlug   gum    Into
iv.; laud      v ■ dei-. bearing trays of
gum are i" l"- Boon in nil
).   pr ::--:piil s-.i-eels.
11.. iiium.  -'.'lier..  i*. ri
BOOil uV.
unr..*t in itif country,
Mm., Itqnlmin ■ Thoro
k<> muoh ii' vvlvofl illdn
l lmvo t
up lor Lhelr tiiii'lianil.-.
Mr.  A. K.
pioneer of ilu
I*.h Columbia,
country  from
llourcliier, tlio or!
Port settlement in
who   went   Inlo
Ashoroft iu Juut.
ns a
.Tones  i.-ilird   out;
:i .i liurrj 7    Coin;
Hi I nud a queer i!
I • .;....
;i-.■: i ii   am
.. i..i in i    Hall i    i
ill :
to do
so in order
More Bread
and Better
a Bread .-*
I Et  |
.     .   .   ■    ,    ■    SRi '■'< '" u ('
'  ■ ,..■ i
foi   ii   ■•""'    '•'   h   I   ■■"-■ -
Yes, hul  In  '  i   ■   iin ■    ■■       '■■ ild
niford i" kIi '■ ■•' ■> I   i ■  -■•
■ !       i   ii ioh il   I   ■
I;..-. ■
ivliei.   i'i'*  rrioi -t
Halloa. Iin.--' It.
■■I i '.vie l'l '.' ,
Ko pins lii.- Uroalh tor other pur-
pi its* itiiH.'ii nuido no reply, but h*
iln-f'rniloud io tulto n tcrrlblo rovonsa
Ujoui i o'clook next morning ho ciUl-
■-i .tones ;iji ui tho tolopliouo. Aftr-r
;i dcHil ot Hngliiff, ;i Bleopy loloo at
tho otln r ond "t ili.' wlro tolii lum
,i ;,'    i .■:! : ii' t-f.
Tlm!  ' ou Jones?
wiiiit. do '."M iva.ii!.? tiaiicd Jouea
j ■.!• hooii in '.>• il Hii'-T two hours.
i in Dlluon, wi ni mi thQ uihr r, |; ■■
i.i- mljor wooing ii. ■ ruunlnR this morn-
lllll,   C-h? i'OS?        VVl'll,   i    WUV.   f.t'lA.-
un ft where, und I was in   a   hurry,
r,., id i lull!, ■      «
Tin ii HI lunn hung up tlio ro.*i*k-*r
"fl ;,■    '■ ■.•.'■\. Into lied a hnppy man.
Tha fv'iiiKino News I.cm
U'o hu.nv snini tiiinj; wns misting,
And l!"n Ju-it got in our lii'iid
ftho Is a stout man. was run-  ifftV0 tho givl's ull Ht<wd proposlngl throughout   thn   Hun
i trmu ino other dny,     To Hottj  Sroon's son, Nod? mouths,     On tUo m
iffrfl to
■',     v uro I!
i1:   'rio'.' mire
did mnl,,- i
'.lei'   I.e.'.    1,1   Ml"
'/,'■',;<      line.   (,:,
11! -1 y« ■■
wy II I
..  . :■,.    Ill   :i  |llllll
elll,l-l  Id,.,..'
nud ■ topped ovol
.■Ihiin; for 1
v. !i . -,  ;t '.( d   III
orator, woul I -
not for woi      '
Hli • pi i n nd      ■:   ■:
nround tie- hall.
I ropont, : In nati] iron I mftti
;,  I...I-I-.  If 'in   foi   ioniati?
II. M hi In th I.. ..I ■ ' i lob.i i- •
iio: i.,,.'■• ti I ;. .ni .in voloo
ii "io ' li   gallur'.
Illll'Colegato had
li.ii-nanl la   honest,   nny.]od up to the «
i..|ted dem if tli.'.-'-  v
hte him.     Did il-!
tai.e the pi.oresi nml rolla ;u tho racii. I collared and ouffed li!
a hlg fins
ii ii onulor to un broki
ilum It is in gel rich iiiiii-
-l'ie  honril  lio'd .-ilivnyii
lie.      1 le Willi -
•r dal town nu'
""hi clothe uu'
1    No, but der
Ace Accounted Kor
Al>. Ko :',ni in tho oldest Inhabitant'' i.aid the city man. A veucr*
ablo figure, truly. How do you no*
count I'm- his lun in,",' llreil all IhoBO
yciii'H "
Woll,  ll   Irllie ael
landlord of tin- Sltco
il's   beclla   ho'.-,   nol'
illy, replied llie
I tavern, I guess
:-r done anything
freighter of supplies  for liio (Irnnd
Trunk Paclllo construction camps, bos
insl arrived in Edmonton ami statui
Unit wiiii a gap ol' 125 miles between
| Fort Oeorge nud Friusoi* [/alto nnd a
Cow minor gipn, tlio roadbed of lhe
' il.'l'.l'. han nil been ni-.-uled I'lolil lhe
I end of iiice! at Tci„ .'nun,, Cnchc to
| the end of slcol ul  llazellon,      Tlio
! right of wny is now   .iraotlcally  cut
i through from Hu- onBtorn lo Mm v.-e.:t-
1 '-ni ''ids of Ihn eonslriiclIiiii and hv
I next spring will lmvo been complotod,
Itapld   progrona   has     been     nuule
nor   nud    full
end rn end Mr.
VV,   0,   fl.   Melion, (leiieral slipoi'Ill*
liudeiit roports lhat tho lino Is com-
plotod und ready lo operate an far u«
Mud Creel; beyond    Ilu/clton.        It
should llii'ii-toro only he a short time
before this extended lino Is thrown
open from Princo Itupcrt.
She Had Such
Beautiful Hands
.leaner, '
move Ilio
ef  llOll.t
llllllll "I.
I.y any
11.011*.   ill
i iwrfcclly evident
ii'.I  fUtAI',   lln-
The Jose  Paralyzed  Him
(lllibii—Wlmt did you do when the
footpad demanded your watch.
Iilbbs—Told hliu I had no time to
spare and hurried ou.
Tlio fisherman in hoi.k- pnrta or Portugal mako material InoroasoB lu tho
amount of tholr oatoh hy tho unn of
llimlnoiis halt, This Ih dono hy .,
ilijicl DQOui'od trom tho body of a 1T.I1
whloh in qulto pi out) fill lu tlm wators
of that country, wlfllo It la qulto
mn* iu othor parts <»f Mm world. The
fluid in Bprond in n i>looo of moat hall
nnd Uio offoot of tho application mny
lm obsorvod at. onoo. Tho Jumtnos"
ity Inei-flBOf, iim lhe bait Ih placed hi
tho wator, nud tho attcnilon ot Up
iiiiji i.i nttvno'.otf to it at onoo,
Mnny a man wlio IiowIh for Juatlea
would probably iry to Bnoal*. up nn
alloy it in.' i aw it coming,
Economic Suggestion
LotllM -Tlm man thut Kdllb mar-
rlod in a r.'fur.ner.
Julln   Ilow did Mo lost Wa monoy*
How Much of Your Road Money is
Spent in Filling RuU?
TF the millions ol dollar, that have been spent repairing wori:-
out, washed-out streets and roads had been usedto build
more miles of good highways, fewer farmers would now be
wasting valuable time and money taking "round-about" routes
to town.
FIRST cost of an ordinary dirt or macadam road is usually
only a "starter," The cost of upkeep soon equals that
first cost and there is always an ever-increasing annual expense
for repairs. The worst feature of il it that'such a road is
never a really first-class highway.
TN estimating the cost of a road you should include the ex-
*■ pense of keeping it in good condition for at least twenty
years. If you don't, you're figuring on the first payment for
ibat road, only. And the remaining payments arc as certain
as taxes. Tiie upkeep cost of concrete roads is practically
Concrete roads ara tha beat road* (tornilka lint-and
the bast and cheapeit road* at tho end ef ten, fifteen
and twenty yean.
CONCRKTEI. the Mnl paving in.t-rial fer stretu ia M—1 torni. i.
well a. lor main highway, in ilie country.
Edward N. Hint., Wayne County, Michigan. Koia* CemmiHiontr,
nnd one of America's fetemost auilinritie. on good road., nyn
Anr cax—llr tk.l w ul. • m4 «••. • »••* •">•< •• «k-J»w '".•J",* !K*"
tiaa. _«-..- (•»!» k.a.r lleM. t—m ... .lh.. **»* MM, • rM-lIM I.!«•*>
pndf «lr Balnblnd. • ...J C«.«l...n.l«)r t.i dttalla.. • ...iI Ih.l11. Ml
■llvai.tr,. ...J .1... -M-nU mlm.llMf.remrtr*.•• ..Wolf MI Set. f*
lh. w, • r..J U»l la Ik. Ini .... ur 10. ■•. M IIM '•* U-S.I, I. lho
. I......I ol .11 aem* ••—•■ em.tM I....U..1. Ik. ■...K. •» ««*.
WRITE lot the fad. about Concrsts highway.   When conrinced,
use your Influence to have tlit tela, lor ninth you pay built to la.t.
W- bave highway expert, who will villi any community Intending
to build mere road, and explain just why and hew cumin, i.ad.air bnt
ami cheapest,
Canada Cement Company Limited
(•lo- H.r.l. BulMiSf, Montml
un 4t (i.i.. I
i/ml.ailujiru. m.n.itAulr/i
III Hliu t'l'.-at and glorlout country
ot' ours, exchliucd lhe 'lolltlcal orator, thoro la i-i' niiiih, no wiuih, uu
cunt, un west.
N'o wonder we don't Knew whero we
ure nl, eiinie a tiUorillOUB voice Irom
the outskirts of thu orowd,
Tlio old Indy (rom the country and
her uiunll enn were drlvliiK to town
when n hiiKO niotor cur horo down
ui.oii Uiem. TllO homo was badly
rrightonod nnd htwiin to prance, where*
upon the old lady leaped down and
v.uveil wildly to lhe chauffeur, nercuni*
Ihr nt. tho top of hcr voice.
TllO ehnuffeiir stopjiod Uio car nnd
itn'm-eil to help In gel the hofSB (pilot
That's nil right, snld the hoy, who
i-etniiiui il cnitipoHudly In Uio onrrlago,
I cuu luiinui;.. Ihe horn-. Yuu juut
I- nil uuillici- past,
Mil Limit
I'lilhei'- -('iiii jou support my
lo wlileli idle
tlniightor in iim styl-
llllll bi-ell uci UHlolllcd
Tli.. Hiilini- —Yos, bul not In the
stylo lu which her mother uuil you
liavo boon trying to muke mo llihik
for llie past Bl*- mouths bhe has been
iicciintnniol •
Southern Editor's Wish
liy Ilio wny wo wish thora peopl i
win. refer to ih ns "Col." would BBOll
It right out bravoly: Colonel—llko
Hint. "Col." iiiniidH for colored, lu
the olty directory.
Henry it. (Vllliams, when president
of lho PiiBot Bniiml oxlonslon nt tho
Chicago, Milwaukee ft St. Paul ml!*
rond, gavo u grent denl of hln tltno 'o
:i personal aupoi'vlaloti of Uio luiprovo*
mouts on thu lino, especially bolllit
Interested In lho growth of lhe new
towns nud their various business, n.>
heard Unit n burlier luul Incnleil at
Maiden, u division point In Washing.
lun, nnd upon vlsltlni! thn placo proceeded to patronise tho ra«or artist.
Tho barber Inthored nnd ntroppoil
and then took a bwIiiu down Ihe olioelt
of hla eiiHlouier. Williams wlnccJ
whereupon Mm burlier nsked.
D0CB Ihe razor hull, you, sir?
Thnt depniuls, dryly answered Uu
victim. It you are skinning me -t
don'l, hut It' you tiro vlmrlug uio il
A Woman's Sonne of Honor
Ou Ihln point, women nro still not
entirely in agTOOmoilt, Heiine of honor? suld one young woman to whom
tho nucHlIoii wiih brought up. Woman'.
Retifio nf honor? They hnven't nny.
On the othor hand, nu elderly Indy-*"
onn who Ih itffso thvoUgh long antl
rweol. Hying. sttnsWOI'odl Hciihu nt
lionor'.' ( 01' emu-He women liavo It- *
mi high hh nny 'nan's, only l should
want tu choiiHu iny Woman, Whcrj
then, docs tlm Iriilh llo?
Borrowing Trouble
might—What Ih your.Idea ot hor-
rowing trouble?
Tight—laptllutr lho nelnliliore   usj
your telephone.
__m ,
Read How Useful It Proved In These
Widely Different Cases
Zam-Buk'a Strongest point is Its ef-
CootlVenaBS Ir, nit Kinds of skin ills-
ruses and Injuries Just nolo how excellent these persons proved It in
widely different directions.
Sore Heel.—Mrs C. A. Campbell, of
Powassan Out, writes: "One of my
lie el 3 wai- very badly blistered by a
pair of now shoes- and the poisonous
dye from my stocking got Into it. and
made a bad sore. For a week I eould
not, put on a shoe, and suffered greal
pain. I applied Zam-Buk, and in a
lew days li drew tUe poison out and
healed tho wound."
Bad Cut—Mrs. ,T. Virgin., ot Onondaga. Out., writes: "Zam-Buk healed
a had cut which I sustained. I was
hurry'ng across my yard ono duy
when 1 Flipped nnd fell heavily, my
knee striking a sharp stone. At the
moment . did not realize how badly
1 waa hurt, but I round 1 had a bud
CUt nbou. two Inches long, very .las-
Red und very deep, We bathed the
cut and applied Zam-Buk. This stopped lho Bimirtlng very quickly, nnd
In a few days It had healed tho wound
completely For cul a and bruises
Zam-Buk ii. a splendid remedy."
Eczema Cured.—Mra. Anlolne Ar-
seunu.t or Maxlamville, P.E.I., writes:
"t cnn highly recommend Zam-Buk to
any person suffering from eczema. 1
hud this disease and waa under doctors' treatment for two years, without any good result 1 then tried
Zam-Buk and in tho ond It cured me."
Zam-Buk la jusl as good for piles,
blood-poison, festering sores, pimples,
eruptions, cuts, burns, bruises, and
all akin Injuries and diseases. GOc.
box all druggists aud stores, or post
free for price from Znm-Huk Co., Toronto. Try Zam-Buk Soap, 25c.
Has Marvellous Escape.
A veteran engine-driver of Porto*
DOllO, near ICdiliburgh, luul a marvellous escape from death iu Portobelio
Station, not long ago. He was coming off duty from Portobelio (ioods
Yard, accompanied liy his stoker and
hurried ncross the lines to tbe island
platform In order to catch tho train
for Ptershill uud Edinburgh. Just at
that moment, a light engine was coming from Edinburgh direction. The
engineer got confused, thinking it.
wns on the outer express route, ami
thought he would cleat*. The stoker
did not cross, nnd shouted to his
mate, wbo, however, crossed and
scrambled n*> on the platform. Ills
legs were still projecting over tho
edge of Hie wall wheu the engine
was upon him, aud to the horror of
thoso on the platform, the buffer
beam struck his loot und whirled
him on to tin. platform surface. He
was nelped to lila feet, and taken Into
tho stat Ion master's office, where ho
com plained of pain in his foot, but
was otherwise uninjured.
Mixed Morals-
Logan M. Bullit discussing grafting
In Philadelphia  said the other day.
"These people have a mixed moral
sense.   They remind  me  of a little
Wlssahlckou girl.
" 'Oh.,  mamma/  she    said,    you'll
have  to  discharge  the   new  govern*
esB.   She's  awfully  wicked!''
"'She tells us,' said the liltle girl.
'Bible   stories    on    week    days.' "—
Washington   Star
Hibernation of Mosquitoes.
Dr. Howard, of ihe United Slates
department of agriculture, who probably knows us much of tbe mosquito
and ita habits as any other man in
the world, contends that this cosmopolitan pest doea not necessarily perish with the coming of winter. On
tho contrary, mosquitoes have heen
observed to hibernate, adult specimens living from November until tbe
succeeding April or May with all their
powers of torment unimpowered, although their activity ia suspended In
winter. The mosquito needs but little food and It ia the female that
thirsts for blood, the males contenting themselves with water and veg-
i ctable fluids. The fact tbat. mosquitoes are often found upon dry prairies many miles from water is ascribed to the longevity of the adults of
certain species which enables them
to survive seasons of drought Rail-
roads Jiave heen responsible for tbe
transmission of mosquitos into regions wliere tbey were previously rare.
He Suffered Tortures and tha Doctor
Failed to Give Relief But Three
Boxes Cured Him.
Butter Station, Out, (Special).—
"I got perfect results from Dodd's
Kidney Pills." So says Mr. Sam Mai-
lette of this place, And ho baa a
"My sickness started from a
strain," Mr. Mellette continues, "and
for a year I did not know a well dny.
My sleep was broken and unrefresh-
ing, my appetite was fitful and my
limbs would swell.
"Thon rheumatism set In and neuralgia, backache, headache and heart
troublo added to my tortures. I was
attended by u doctor but ho did me
no lasting good.
"Finally, wheu Bright. Disease had
mo In iis grasp, I decided to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, und after taking
three boxes, I was as well as ever I
was in my life 1 have had no pain
since and advise all my' friends who
suffer from kidney disease to take
Dodd's Kidney Pills and bo cured."
Mr, Marietta's case shows what neglected kidney disease will result lu
and what BPlenflld results Dodd's Kidney Pills give.
Tho ingredients of Magic Baking
Powder are plainly printed on each
package. Tho makers of the numerous Plum baking powders never do
this, but they have been known to
print the words "No Alum" on their
labels, This is no guarantee—it is
fraudr See that all ingredients are
That Impudent Question.
.Tust as Rivers was about to sit.
flown to dinner there came a ring at
his telephone.
"Woll?" he said, placing the receiver to his ear.
"Who is this?" demanded a high-
pitched. Impatient voice,
"This," pleasantly answered Rivers, "Is Don Hlppollto T,ope/, Pom
poso Antonla Ricardo Doloroso. U
that all you wish to know'.' Good-bye."
Hanging up the receiver, ho sat
aware "ffiftlir ti!_lfly TOTgiltmry_r_ini
at the other end of the, wire wa*!
storming at central for giving him the
wrong number.
Deafness Cannot Tie Cured
_*■ local h]>Diinliuii-.. tii ihoy cannot reach llie ill*,
■ued purlin of Min ear. JIiito la only tine way ta
cure dendieti, aurt tbat ii by cunatltuiional reutedlea.
Ueafneaa it rtvitml by an Inflamed coadltion of the
miicoin llnhc, ol the l.ustadil*n Tube. When tliU
tune I*, 'nl.-.m-l yotl liavo ft nimbi Ing sound or lin-
lii-rfM ficaMr,.-, and wlu-n It la entirely cloanl, I>e*t-
nen Is tbe rc-.ii... and nnlm tho Intl-immatton can be
Ukeu out nnd .hi. tube rente-red to Ita normal condition, bearing . Ill bn destroyed forever; nine can's
nut tit ten are causi-d by Oiurrb, which la nothing
bul nn LiilimeJ condition ot the tnticou. surface*.
We wlll xlva Our. Hundred Dollars for any case of
Deafness .i-,-t,ii..l by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by Hall'i tatairh Cure.  Send fnr circular-), tree.
p. j. cun.NKV * co.. Toledo, 0.
8o\d hv Pruutata, 78c.
lake Hall's latnilr fills tor constInatlon.
Water Cannot Harm.
The people of Limekilns and Char-
lestown, Flfeshlre, nre singing the
praises of Captain John Barber, a
native of the former village, and aged
more than eighty years. A little child
fell off the Old Pier at Limekilns,
not long ago, and the tide was carrying him seaward when the attention
of Captain Barber was called to the
hoy's perilous situation, Without any
hesitation the captain went into the
water until he was about breast high
and succeeded In bringing the lad to
shore. On being afterwards offered
a glasB of brandy as a preventive of
a chill, Mio aged captain exclaimed-—
"What, do you think the water will
do me any harm?" On the gallantry
of a man of his age being commended, he declared that he would not be
ohl until he was ninety.
He  Wouldn't Spoil  Business
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, at a dinner
in Washington, discussed those ex*
ports who would urge the brewers of
America to make beer out of cabbage leaves -
"The cabbage leave beer advocate,"
said Dr. Wily, "cares nothing, It is
evident, for tiie welfare of tho human
stomach. His attitude Is exactly tha*;
ol a man in black I saw the other day.
".•\s this man In black was walking
along one of our streets, a beggar
whined plteonsly in his ear:—
" 'Would you give a poor feller a
dime to save his life boss?"
"'Certainly not!" the man In black
eplied. Certainly, not! I'm an undertaker, sir."—Detroit Free Press.
The  Farmer  With a  Pay Day
The Importation of milk and cream
luto Manitoba from across tho United
States line ls another strong argument in favor of mixed farming, and,
particularly dairying.
The scarcity of milk tn Winnipeg
has necessitated (he sending to tho
United Siates dairymen for needed
supplies, and the clly has bcen receiving GOO to 1000 pounds of cream
dally, besides large shipments of milk,
The Winnipeg dairies are even now
employing buyers to travel the country und purchase supplies for cash.
A similar condition exists nbout
Kdmouton, Calgnry nnd Lethbrldge,
an well as olher cities in tho Province
of Alberta, and tho milk problem will
become a serious one in time unless
more farmers go Into dairying.
Tho attention or the tanners of
Western Canada is being called to
tho positive necessity for mixed farming by the International Dry-Farming
Congress. Ai its big convention to
be held at Lethbrldge, October 21-
20, one of tho features will be addresses and discussions on mixed
farming by some of the ablest aud
most far-sighted railroad magnates
and agricultural experts.
The grain fanner only gels a payday onco a year—and somo years the
paymaster doesn't come around at all
-while n dairy la a constant sou
of revenue. Whenever there Is a erop
failure tho prospects, with a long BO
vere winter ahead, nro generally dubious, but. the fanner who has a fow
cows and other live stock doesn't
have to worry —he's on a steady
Rain Miter.
Rain water ls not always pure or
nearly so, for under unusual conditions lt brings down with it various
small bodies present In tho atmosphere. Thus there nro "blood rain,"
due to the presence of vast number*?
of the minute organism Haemato-
coccus, and "sulphur rain," contain
ing pollen grains of pines when these
nre set freo nbout the end of May.
During recent gales lt was found
that rain falling In tbe midlands consisted of strong brine, leaving a salt
nomstation on windows and wall-
after evaporation- Apparently tne
sea spray had been carried by the
high wind as far as seventy miles
inland before coming down as rain.—
University Correspondent.
The Old Folks
find advancing years bring an Increasing tendency
to constipation.    The corrective they need Is
NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Entirely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
dtses never needed. Compounded, like all the 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemists. Money back if not satisfactory.
2_. a box.   II your druggisl has not yd slocked Ihcrr
send 25c. and wc will r.ail them.
pjiruuoiia, uy
Four druggist will i-efund money ir PAZO
OINTMENT  falls  lo  curs  any   cas«  ol
Itching.    Blind.    Bleeding or  I'mtruding
flit. In < lo 1, day,.   Mc.
A Hint.
Two wiuu'SKcs wer..* at tho Water-
ford Assizes In a case which concerned longcontiuiied poultry stealing.
As usual, nothing eoutd be got from
them in the wny of evidence until
the nearl* baffled prosecuting counsel nsked, iu au nngry tone of voice:
"Will you swear on your soul, Pat
Murphy, that Phnily Hooligan has
-°_er to yonr knowledge stolen chick-
The responsibility nf this was too
much eveu for Pat. "Bedad, t would
hardly swear by my soul," he said;
"but I do know that if I was a
chicken and Phady about I'd roost
Dr. J. I). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial Is compounded specially to combat dysentery, cholera morbus and all
Inflammatory disorders that change
ot food or wnter may set. up in the
stomach and Intestines. These complaints aro more common in summer
than in winter, but they are not confined to the warm months, as undue
laxness of the bowels may seize a
man at any time. Such a sufferer
will find speed;* relief In this Cordial.
In the middle of tho tilth century
a professor of theology in Strassburg
insisted upon having Individual communion cups, and during the plague
tn 1GIM his demand was enforced.
Minards  Liniment fo-late everywhere
Soap exports trom Great Britain
continue lo grow, reaching almost
•10,000,00(1 last. year. Although, Americans have been lho beat customers
of Kngllsh toilet soap, sales lu tho
United States have hern declining,
hence what is probably lhe largest
concern Is ubout to establish a factory thero.
Fire-Rockets From Aeroplanes.
Int?restlng cxperiemenls with lire-
rockets dropped from an aeroplane
are being dally carried out on tlio
military ground al. Viucennes,
France. Theae rockets, arc the Invention of a French olllccr, and catch
fire as tliey fall, spreading nut and
setting light to everything Inflammable they touch.
Four aviators are regularly employed to carry Uio mall dally In tier-
many, iu a service maintained between Cologne. liucsHclduiT and
Wireless Stations Run by Windmills,
TUo Dutch colony of Curacao, which
lies lu Ihn permanent trade wind
hell, hns three wlrelean stations—ono
witli a radius of 110(1 miles—nil of
which are run chiefly by wind power.
It Is rale that the winds are not
strong enough for the purport.-, and
ihen ii gasoline outfit Is used.
• Oldtinier:    "Is your    married life
one grand, sweet song?"
Newly wed: "Well, alnce nur
baby's been born It's been like nu
opera, full of grand marches, villi
loud calls for tho author every night."
:" DODD'S"''
'//   PILLS
'-  KIDNI 1
W. N. JJ. No. 894.
He Guessed Right.
The story was told at a jn'otnineitt
club the other day by a man who had
Just come from London and while
there had met Lord Decles. Although
Lord Decles is an experienced and
travelled man ot tne world, heMloes
uot believe lu throwing away money
In those extravagant tips lhat characterize Americans, and which are
very often mistaken generosity. The
Englishman, alao, Is quite able to
take hie own part if his reasonable
tips are taken unreasonably, aa waa
evidenced one day when he had taken
a cab to the club
When he alighted and pnld the
driver, cabby seemed to think his tip
was too small.
"Wots this 'ere tor. me lord?'- said
the cabby, regarding wltll some contempt llie coin he held In llis hand.
"Drink. I should be inclined to
think, judging by your nose," wns the
polite aud effective reply of Lord
Decles as he vanished into the club.
The fflotorman's Sally.
A Washington street car was galling under way when two women,
rushing from opposite,sides of the cur
lo greet each othar, met right ln th •
middle of the car track and ln front
of the car. There the two stopped
and began to talk. The car stopped.
too, but the women did not appear to
realize it was there. Certain of tha
passengers, whose heads were ini-
medially thrust out of the windows
to ascertain what the trouble was,
began to make sarcastic remarks, bu:
Finally the motorman showed that
he had a saving souse of humor.
Leaning over the dash board, he in*
'-nlred in the gentlest of tones:--
"Pardon me. ladles, but shall 1 get
you a couple of chairs?"—Llpplncott's
The Tramp—My pal says as 'ow
you've lust give 'lm sixpence fer
'avln' one teg.
The Old Lady—Yes. I did.
The Tramp—Well, ihen, gl' me a
shlllln' cos I've got two.—Sketch,
Baby'., little ills nre mnny
and need close attention.
Worms aro among thc most
common of theso ailments—
thore being scarcely a child
who Ij not afflicted by tbem nt
some timo or other. These,
though, can bo readily banished by the frequent use of Baby's
Own Tablets—the only remedy
sold under the guarantee of a
government analyst to contain
uo opiate or other harmful drug.
Concerning them Mrs. Jos. Dal-
gie, Ste. Perpelue, Que., writes:
—"My baby was troubled with
worms; he was nervous and
had no appetite. I gave him
Baby's Own Tablets and lie was
soon well again." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Sav.dinl  may    not   appeal to the
palate as a digestible or appetizing
substitute for flour, In the making of
bread, but all the same thoro Is a
large hnki-ry In Berlin    turning out
twenty thousand    loaves of sawdust
1 bread dally.   Tho sawdusl Is first sub-
I Jectet: to a process of fermentation
; and various chemical manipulations.
| Finally I. la mixed with one-third part
of rye (lour, formed Into loaves, and
baked In ovens like any other bread,
; Although lhls now "palll de hois," ns
j the French call it, Is meant for con-
] suniptl. u  by   horses  ouly,  claim   Is
made by (ho manufacturers that  in
case of iainlne It would furnish a nutritious and highly satisfactory  rood
i for human beings.
Orange Lily Is dally cur!:.* the
most obstinate cases ot Kemale m-*-
ord-.rs. Fulling of thr. Womb, i.eu-
loiri.iM, .l-.ii.fu. ami Suppressed
Menstruation,   etc.,   etc,   urn  all   -uf
them relieved from tho start by iti
uie, and a few week*' or monih.v
treatment accomplishes a ,•>■:■..■•*
•-nre.    This  remedy    i_   n   posit Ive,
Bolenttflo preparation, una :-. ukv-i
(in iho dlscoverfen of Pasteur and
Uiter. it ii an applied treatment;
lliat is. it li not t....,j-. Internally.
but la applied direct to tlic suttennjj
parti! and It. therefore, acti with
tt.: the .-t-riali.ty uf ihs knoivti lum
- —    of chemical action.   An it cornea u»
tia-i.e. i'i anUiepuo and nerve-food proper!lea
tnuenoe.   I receive from 10 to t>o loiters daily,
uud no sure nm I that It will
y tree, a ■^-"■, box to every ■uf-
direct   contact  With   the  diseased
cannot help have u benafloent Ir
ipoaklni of the benefUrand cures It i
do what Is -tainted for It thut 1 will
(erlri- - -
niiai. is iin-in---. iu, ii iniu i wm ncna, ainoiutciv Trc, a ■..if nox to every sni*
ng woman who will write for Ir, Price, tl ner box, whloh Is ■ufflclem for one
n.u treatment.  Address, mrs. f-range, e. gurrah, Windsor, ont.   •
Tt .vill b« news to most persons Hml.
; tlid FroitCh navy Iiiih no chaplains
: afloat, although a moment, considora-
I tion would bring to romombranco the
; fact of the complete divorce between
' Church and Stato in Franco. The
j subject in brought prominently Into
not lee by a petition signed by a
great aumboi' of the mothers or widows of tho sailors who were victims of tiie accident on the Qlolre or
the Mborte. Tho petitioners are to
^ bo found in tbe Midi, Brittany, Var
and Finisterro, and they pray t.ho
Senate for the reappointment of chaplains on warships..—London Qlqbe.
nk Eye,  Epliootle
Mppln-j  Fever
Catarrhal  fever
o and positive preventive, no matter how hom-i
mv Infecti'd nr "cxpuseU." U'l-Jlti. given on lln-
is on lho Blood and .lunds, expels tho poleonous
i iho body. Cures Distemper In Doge und Sheop
a m Poultry, i.it.-ffei-t se!lii.*c llvo stock remedy.
Irlppe among human beings nnd is a nne Kidney
0c and ti u bottlo; (fl nnd til a down,   Cut ihi.-*
 >  II*    Show  in  vour druggist,   Wh.   Will  Rto   It  for
yon.   Fro. BooUlct, "Dlstompcr, Causes and Chips"
vIEDlCAL CO.. Chemists and Bacteriologists, GOSHEN,      IND.. U.S.A.
Whers the Trick Failed.
In the men's coat room in a home
where he had been engaged to entertain the company stood a professional "mind reader". He hud given a
"wonderful performance," which included finding pins that liad been put
lu Impossible places while he was not
in the room, placing IiIh finger on the
page, line and word selected by the
Tost Committee, and reading the
thoughts of a "subject" by simply
grasping the end of a gold chain held
at the other end by thc subject.. He
had found a ring in a room far removed from the oun ln which tho en*
pjrx__l_g lhe hand of tiie person
who had hidden It, and his select
audience had indulged In exclamations like "Marvelous!" "Womlerful!"
etc.* whllo h • bowed and smiled in
acknowledgment of their appreciation. Ho stood In the coatroom after
all had departed, and the butler asked politely whether lie could be of
service. "Yes," said lie, "I wish you'd
lind my hat tor me—I can't."—New
Vcrk Tribune.
Men's Foolis.i questions
Tlte  husband    and  tke  wife  were
| starting for tho theatre.    As usual.
: the husban*.! was kicking because tho
wife spent Bitch an awful timo dressing.
"What, delayed yon Hits time?" be
growled, as they left the house.
"Heetug rhe children to bed," she
responded, quietly.
;    "What's the    nurse  ror?" snapped
thfl man.
"The nurse is for our convenience
--yours    and    mine,    hut especially
j mine,"  she answered,  evenly.    "But
. the  boy  certainly    takes  after you.
: lie asked tbe same  kind  of a  fool
question, just as l wan kissing him
"Fool question eh? Woll, whal
, was It?"
"1 asked him if be had said Ills
; prayers. And lie said no, And 1 ask*
! ed him If he didn't want (lod to tuke
j care of him during tlio night. And
I be answered. 'What's the nurse
! for?' "—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
PI   Every Eddy Match in a Sure, Safe I jght
WHEN you strike an Eddy Match It always lights easily
and   burns  smoothly, with a steady even flams.
THESE perfect matches cams from first olass materials
anJ  mechanically perfect  machines—under  ths  supervision of skilled workmen.
EDDY'S Matches ara alwaya full M.M. count—for sals by
all good dealers everywhere.
Makers also et Wooden
Palls, Tubs, ate.
Durbar  Rupee to be Called  In        fl^ )(m £yftS ||e6(| C|f0
Indian gossip has it  that, lhe new   _" ._".    ..    ..     *            _...-
rupee, which was Issued at the time
uf the Durbar, is to bo withdrawn
from circulation. Th- engraver attempted to reproduce the details of
a herald'c collar—that, of the order
of the Indian Empire—which thc
King in wearing, and has succeded In
making the llttlo eiepbauis which
bang from it look exactly like piss.
This, of course, is a horrible idea to
native minds, ond so the issue will
probably he called in.
Try Murine Eye Remtajr. Jfo Smarting—Keels
Flue—Aute Quickly. Try tt for Reil-Weaa,
Watery  t-.w-. Hml Uinnulaleil Eyellili.   I'lur
tmtetl Book iii -'aril Package.    Marine la
rotiiLuun-lod hy t"ir O-'iil.Ms-n-ji n."1'uu-i.t Mm-
liin«'—but -isr-l In nimr-mful tMiyilt-Ino* I'no-
tiie for tnun-r Trnr*t. N---v d-nlli-iiTrd m th*. rap*
Hi- mid fiitlil l>» liniHiitiN u* -iio »nd Wu ■KrHirtllo.
Miiiiiii.  Kyo Kalinin A»epi.i* TUbet. toe und GSc.
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
Tenuis, In which tht- «mg 13 finding
recreation from the pressure of the
work that accumulated on bis Indian
tour, is the game of kings. The oldest of existing ball games—it Is mentioned tu the Arthurian romances-
tennis was originally the pastime of
the kings and nobles, and it. wus long
before lit descendant—lawn tennis-
became popular with all classes. The
game readied Kngland from Franco
and Italy, und by the time of Henry
VII. v.*o find a royal tennis court at
Windsor. Henry VIII, was an expert
at the game,—London Chronicle.
Detective Burns Is a greal bollev-
cr lu tuck us an element, in hunting
out crimes and catching criminals.
He was discussing various Insurance frauds cubch when be said:—
"Here Is an Instance ot un easy eu.-t.
thnt grew out of u cotivoVsutlon
luckily overheard by one of my
mon: —
"Two elderly business min wco
seated side by side on a i;.i.:. in
front of my mnn. Suddenly one of
tin-in put down ihe i.ftvspnpci- it><
it,is reading, winked ae i suld _,• thy
"'Uy the way, how did you nril.n
oni. aboul ibui lln- of yoiii'fl lasl
" 'Shul up. Mm fool.' said ih ■ mil i',
'It's not till next .Sunday'."
Royal Quill Cutter.
Kor ordinary persons Ibe groat
draw-buck to quill pens Is the constant mending Ihey reijuire. Alexander 1. of Russia thought ll necessary lo employ a man whose sole
duty consisted In cutting pens. He
wus required to huve fl supply of not
less than one hundred quill., always
ready. This number was by no
menus oxcosslve, for Alexandi r would
never uso the same pen twice. Evoti
the writing of a signature spoiled a
pen, lu his opinion, for subsequent
use. The qtiU! cutler, who received
a salary of .U..4I. a year, accompanied
thu Tsar lu all hts journeys, oven Into
the field against Napoleon,—London
A   Plea   Rejected.
"I  made a in Ifl tako said    Plodding
Pete.   "1 told that man up the road
I  needed  a  little help 'cause I was
lookin' fur me family, from whom  I
had been separated fur years-" .
Didn't that make lilm come across?"
"He cpuldu't see It.   He said thai
he dldn'l  know my  faintly,    but    he
wasn'l goin' to help lu bringing any
such   trouble   on    em."— Wushlugion
Wild Bird Returns to Captivity.
Are birds able to think and remember where they have been well cared
for? A gentleman living in Lolth i:*.
in the habit of feeding the birds
which frequen, his garden during the
Winter mouths. Some lime In January, 1911, he enticed a greenfinch to
enter a cago and so captured It. it
was wearing a ring ou its log marked ."Aberdeen University, 7185."
In the following March hu set it at
liberty. He was much surprised
wheu on January IK, 1912, the bird
returned. On his cago being presented to him, Hie Lilrtl hopped contentedly Intc It ami settled comfortably
down for the severe season. An examination of the ring left no doubt
as to tbe Identity of the bird.—The
He Was Helping
A Baltimore man, whose sou Is a
j student ut Princeton, has liad frequent occasion to remonstrate with his
i boy touching his extravagance, but
i the lather Invariably "comes to the
I front" when request is made for further funds.
'     In  his  hi .■ i   lul ler  I o  It is  son   t bo
: father, aftor the usual recital, stated
! that lie was forwarding a check for
$j>0, and he wound up wltll!
;    "Mv son, vour studies are costing
me a great deal."
To whlcb the hopeful, iu his uext
' Idter, reuUed:
"1 know It. father; and I don't study
, very bard, either."—Christina.-. Week.
It liar, been  l-nown during a long
lime iha:. in Western Europe man ex-
isteo during tho glacial epoch.    We
now know that the great ice age consisted    of    different    glacial    times
separated  by  interglaclal  times,    ln
glacial times the huow line dropped
three thousand or four thousand foet
below Us present  level in tbe Alps,
I whereas in Interglaclal periods It. lay
1 about one thousand feet higher than
{at  present.    Thus    the  temperature
seems fo havo been higher in tho iti-
: lergluciai periods thnn It Is uow.
Old Soreta. Iturnpi
in Brr*.s;,(.iigwtli-i
removed and heal'
rd by a simple
Home Treatment
No pain.    Describe the trouble, we v.ut ,.-■■.-»
book and tetlimonitU free.
10 Chuckill Ave.. Toronto.
TUer Less the More.
Aland (throwing down apple)—l.'gh!
Doesn't  It make you  sick  Id  tlml  a
Worm In something you-fuv eating?
.Inck—.No. only when I find   half   a
worm- -Boston .Transcript.
Bobby's Memory.
Visitor You remember ine. don'l
you, little man?
Bobby—Course I do, You're the
samo man pa brought home last summer-an' ma got so mad about it, tdic
didn't speak lo p.. for a wbole week.
—Boston Transcript.
No Rest With Asthma, Asthma
usually attacks at night, tho one timo
wheu rest is needed mosl. Hence tho
loss oi' strength, tho nervous debility,
tho loss of flush and other evils which
must, be expected unless relief is secured Fortunately relief is possible.
Dr. if H. Kellogg S Asihinu Remedy
has proved its merit through yoars
of service. A trial will surely convince jou.
"I told him there were a dozen
people right here In town who had
never heard or blm,"
"I guess tlml took lilm down a peg
or two."
"I guess ll dldn'l. He started right
out. to find Uiem and borrow money."
Houston Post
The   Real   Thing.
A gri at painter was naked by Ills
Httle sen: —
"Father what is a connoisseur?"
"Well, my son," lhe rather answer-
ed, "did you notlco that tali, white
halr.d gentleman at my studio ten
Tho oue wllh the sable-lined overcoat, father?   Oh, yes, I noticed him."
"Well, my son, be Is a connoisseur."
"Hut how do you kuow he is a coif
noisseiir, father?
"Hy Iils notions, my son."
"nut, father, he tided like every
oue else  ut  the tea,  dldn'l   he?"
Certainly not, m,v boy: Certainly
noli The otliers drank my Russian
It a, ale my l'oie-j'iiis sandwiches uud
look leave. But ho—he bought u
A Time Monopoly. ,
An Irishman (Tossed to Canada on
a Canadian Pacific steamer, took the
Canadian Pacific train for-Vancouver,
ate at O.P.R. eating houses, stopped
at C.P.R. hotels, was shown C.P.R,
land, and finally got to Yaucotiver,
mueh impressed wllh the greatness
of that Institution.
He went to a hotel, registered and
I asked the clerk bow soon breakfast
j would be ready.
"Broakfast Is over," said the clerk.
;    The Irishman looked nt bis watch.
i "It Isn't time for It to bo over," be
' answered,
;    "Ob,  yes,  It    is,"    said  the clerk.
'"You seo jour watch isn't right.   We
I run our dining room ou Canadian Pa*
I cilic time."
"Oood Lord!" said tiie Irishman, Iu
ian awed voice "Hoes the Canadian
j Pacific own the time, too?"—Salur-
day  Kvenlng Posl.
| — ———
j    "Speaking of etiquette, did you scud
the money for those advertised inlet motions on 'what to do at table?"
1    "Yes."
!    ".And what, did you get?"
i     "A slip With the world printed on
It:   'Eat!"
Europe's   Highest   Station.
!   The tunnel contluulng   tbe   .Tung-
f:au Railway from the Klsuieer Station to the .Tungfrau Joch  (saddle),
which is 11,400 reet above sea-level,
has Jusl   heen   pierced.    The  tunnel
emorges at lho .lungfrau .loch in the
midst of glaciers,    only    about   two
thousand  feet   below  the  summit   of
i he    mountain    (18,66V    feet).    The
I building  of   the  railway   was   begun
j sixteen years ago, and it is expected
i to reach the [Summit of the Jtfngfrau
i in about three years from now.   This
j is lho third stage of the enterprise.
The  first   party  to  ascend   emerged
from the tunnel    und    halted at the
station  which Is the highest  In Europe '
Several projects for making Home
a sea port by providing a waterway
from the coast to tho city have been
discussed for some years.
nr.it Collier: "1 suppose you've
heard lhal the strike leader is trying
to stop Jack Johnson, the famous
pugilist from ...Ming Ibis town?"
Second Collie.*: "No. Why?"
First Collier: "Because Johnson ii
bringing black legs with him."
Lightning Scares Train.
1 Passengers 1 ravelling by tho passenger train from Sydney to Orange,
j X.S.W., one recent evening, hnd uu
i unusual experience. A storm burst
I over tho district, accompanied hy
| heavy thunder aud lightning. There
was a terrible 'lap of thunder and
a vivid flash of lightning and slm-
1 ultaneously alt the windows on one
j side of tlte carriages were shaiter-
fed. The. passengers were greatly
J alarmed, but no one was injured. It
i It surmised that the lightning struck
j the telegraph wires alongside tho
1 line as tho train was passing.
When equipping the rrnm tor tlic
expedition to tho South Pole, Capt. I
Kouid Amundsen decided to use oil;
engines, because with tiie samo en pa* i
city for the storage of fuel, lho oil ;
Oil glues gavo a far greater radius oi
action than bulky steam engines re-.
quiring coal.
No really self-controlled mnn ever.
yel bragged aboul the possession uf
iimt trait!
They're making kitchens so small
nowadays that the grown up git la
can't gel. In to help mother If thoy
want to.—Detroit Free Press.
In ono year R0,707,0flfl telegrams
'were dispatched In the United Kingdom,
Bhe: "Oh, yes, nhe mniT.ed a man
wllb a highly honored mime."
He: "Why, 1 never const du rod
Sploggs n highly honored mime."
She: "Well, you Should BOG the
way it'a liouorcd at tbe bank."
Nearly every member of the Royal
family adopts fl pseudonym when
travelling otherwise than ou state occasions. The Duko nud Duchess of
Connaught chose the incognito t ll It*
Of Karl and Coinless of Sussex wheu
they i.inde Ihelr Coiitlnonlul journeys,
uuil Princess Louise, Duchess of
Argyll, and the Duke of Argyll (ravel
ns Lord und l.ii'ly Suubrldge, this being one of tho Argyll minor titles.
Russia tins an army of 1,200,000
men In lime of peace, and 4,500,000
In time of war.
The llrlilsli Museum Library in
crease a at au average rah' ol lun
a day,
Of tho 2*1,802 world's postage
stamp:', the British Umpire has Issued over seven thousand.
At Ohrlstle's £10.000 was pnld for
a magnificent pearl rope, it is composed of.210 well-mulched nnd gra
duated pearls of the finest orient.
In Gormany,   the   Importation of |
American meal was prohibited. j
Sign Here-
your Pert Office
', j-our Pmrince
WRITE your nntnc and address in thc lines above, clip
out this ad, nnd mull tt now.    Wn will Hend,  by
return mall, n book tl-.-i tells how to mul.-** yours a
"Twentieth Ceniury" farm. \     •_?  ~ - ,?
You wouldn't he satisfied io usa s teytbs t*1 out your urnin,     \ ■_.. <*-*.
when o modern harvester ean do it no much better, would .vou?
Nur to use the nlil Boft-linu plough'Share that your ancestors
walked behind, when you ean gel on up-to-date riding plough?
Bvery Canadian fsrtncr rflaii7.es th* advantages of Twentieth
Contury Implements.   ■ - ■
Th- next atop Is
The 20th Century Material Concrete
Co nore to tn ns fsr ahead of brick, stone,  or wood nn tlm
harvester i* ahead ..f thi* scythe or tho riding-plough ia ahead
uf ihu old Iron plough-share.
Com rot', lu easily mixed, and easily placed.   It restsls heat and
old as no othor iiuiioriai ban; hence i» hest for las-houses- root*
collars, barns, silos and homes.   It never needs repair; therefore
ii makes tht bust walks, fo noo-posts, cul vor is, drain*tlleii survey
monuments, bridges and oulvorts,  ll cannot burn; you uu. clean
n concrete pouUry*houso by lining it wllh straw and sotting tne
tr,iw utiro.   The llco, llcki und en gormi win bo burned, but
the house Is uninjured.       -,,
v   It Is cheap— sand and gravel can bo taken from your own
farm.    Cuim-nt,  lho only material you must buy, forms from
i-jit'-iiuvuMh  io oiiu-tonth of tho whole volume.
.,  Do you wanl to know more about Concrete on the Furm?
'J'libii write your nnmo und nddrccM [a tho lluon above, or on a
postcard, mall it to us, and you wlll rucvlvo by roturn mull
copy vf
!'Wh«.t the Farmer Can Do With Concrete"
> i
Nnl n OfUalociifi, l.ui n L.O-pai* l.rivlt. ■it-i-i-iimI-' lllii.trnl-'d,
.-■.lulntiig how you call us..- t-onci-tt'.- 0*1 Y'H'K farm, ,
r«kl_sked Bvery Saturday   Mornl-n> at Or.__bro_.-t. B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manage.
Poetai* to American, Europeau tj_d other foreign c_m.tr.ti,   So cents   a.
year extra.
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
advertisements but those ol a reputable character will be accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless notice to tbe contrary
le given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will be kept
running and charged up against tbeir account.
19th YEAR
bendlt to tin-
At the directors' meeting of the Cranbrook Agricultural Assoriatton
it surprise paciu-t was presented to the meeting, Mr. j. v. Una
iiutioiinced that he had received ;. t legram trom our local member in the house, Mr, T, 1) Caven, to the e feet tbat the pro
vlncia) Government hns made the Association n grant t ( 41,000.00
town itl b helplnp to d fray the expenses of repairing the damage done t >
the Exhibition Buildings and grounds. This news was somewhat gratify
ing to the committee, as with ono thing nnd anoth-r they ato having tin
up-hill fight of It just uow, Th trc me constant requests coming in to
th- manager, P. Russell, for Prize Lists, which bespeak for itself tly in
torest being created in the Fall Fair. From now on to September 18th
and 19th, the days of the Fair, everyone do their hest in helping to
make tho Pair as widely known a** possible, and not this onlv. but the
manager is always open to receiving any suggestions which may hei
make the Fair this year n larger BUCCtss and to reap
district, than ever before.
.Now that the City authorities have, in a certain measure, succeeded
in persuading the owners, ur inha I tents of property, to have their
yards and gardens cleaned it would be well to suggest that the city go
one step further to prevent the regatbering of waste products at tuu
back of all properties, We would s if each yi rd and the team
he placed close to the gate the streets, in its spate time
used at present for sprinkling nds ot thi City Hnd collecting tYis
be utilized in going the ro' rounds of the City and collecting tins
waste material and taking it out to the dumping grounds and having tbe
same burnt. The benefits from some such course would he manifold U
would tend first of all to create cleanliness tn the hearts Jt the inhabitants, it would do away with all untidiness in our alleys, nnd ato .all
it would be the means of warding off all possibilities o' disea.se that are
ever | r stnt from the stench*!- formed from th_u> waste gatherings. On the otl er h md every hoU» hobier ti is his o: ber
duty to perfcrm and we would tike tb emphashe the fact
that without the full co-operation o' the latter the city's <nde.i o: to
ward hav ng n clean . ity is futll ai <1 practically nil in its effectiveness.
So therefore, it If up to you to see that ail waste pan.-) and ashes, and
other wastes which are to be thrown away be. as far as possible, thrown
in one place and not distributed all over the  yards.
.John D, Rockefeller forty year? aso believed in the future of his
country, bought oil on a big ecile, nnd became the wo.ll's richest man.
Andrew Carnegie says he borrowed every cent he could get to invest in
his steel mill, and later sold out for something like three hundred millions. J. P, Morgan himself avowed that he was always a "bull on the
country," and he died leaving a great name in the financial world and a
monumental fortune.
Bismark was the prince of optimists, and the Herman Empire is the
sequel. In his own day William Pitt outshone every other Englishman
in the belief in his country's coming gretitnes.s, and to him more than to
any other one man can he given credit for an empire on whose dominions the sun never sets.
Every prospector who ever tramped the hills of this glorious Kootenay was an optimist. There are some of the typical sort in our
midst right now, nnd, while they have not the price of a meal in their
pockets, they believe. In the depth of their hearts that, the prospect they
havc been nursing for years will yield them millions. Content to spend
nine months n lard work with a band drill, with no fare but bacon and
Hour, or such as they can pack upon their backs, they come to town
with enthusiasm oozing out of them. A little lubricant, helps the flow
at times, but who ever knew these old characters to back up or for a
moment lose faith In their biddings. Theirs is a splendid example in optimism for some of our merchants and others who voice ffifllr nonius
about those who are striving to develop and produre, no matter in what
line. The Christian religion itself is founded on optimism, as is everv
other gr-ftt rellgiob. Omit faith from them nnd tbe corner stone is
gone. When you have troubles or doubts as to the future of th e great
country juut think of the tireless, persistent, hopeful and1 o; ti-nistii- prospectors wbo never lose hope and are always willing to wait (or what
they are sure Is buried in the claims they have staked.—Star.
Most Cnnutlinu cities and towns are spending too much money on
their residential streets. Canadians arc possessed of the idea that the
whole width of a high-class residential Btreet must bc pnved. This idea
would not prevail long if people here could but get a glimpse of the residential streets In English garden Miburbs, where far more serviceable
and far more beautiful streets me maintained at only a fraction of tbj
cost of those in Canada.
Canadians wrongly assume that residential streets are to be used to*
heavy traflic and pave them with expensive pavements from sidewalk to
sidewalk. As a matter of fact, the traffic on a residential street consists only of light delivery waggons and a fow cnrriagiB. The volume
of truffle is so small that, when we really come to think it over, it. is a
wonder why wo consider fully 50 '.'i. of the width of a (id ft. street nec-
ccsury to accommodate it. tjuite a part from the expense of construction
and maintenance, a pavement on this wide roadway has thc additional
disadvantage of being noisy, ot reflecting a burning heat in summer timo
und of re.(Hiring the attention of the sprinkling cart too often (or it takes
but a few moments tor tbe water to dry up on a hot asphalt pavement.
Most of all, auch a street is not beautiful.
Why not adopt the type 0f residential street used by older countries
who have had greater experience in these matters than we. To Illustrate
this, a 60 ft. street designed iu this approved manner is given. Tho
roadway, though only 2*1 feet wide, ls wide enough to accommodate all
the trattic. Macadam, instead of asphalt, is used ror pitvin-r it. This is
cheaper, cooler, less noisy, requires less sprinkling and is much more satisfactory in every way. On each Bide it is flanked by a strip of grass
ten feet wide, in which a row of shade trees is planted. These Hh ide bo u
the roadway and the sidewalk, which runs on the other side of the grassy
strip. A shady street like this throws a restful
business man on his return from tli,. day's work,
that will keep
'a bower quiet  for us, find n sleep
Full of sweet dreams and health and  qUlet   breathing." --M..1 .P
influence over ttie tired
A home upon it Is one
International Egg-Laying Contest
Secotid  International l£gg-taylng Contest, held under Bupervteicn ot
'inclal Department ol Agriculture, nt the Blxhiblelon  Grounds, VlctJila,
Total Eggs laid from Dei-ember -',   1918.  to  Ji-.ne Snd,  1913 -
class 1—Non-Weight Varletl a, ell birds to a pon
No. 01
Pen. Owner, Rreed. Egga.
i.   T.  P   Stamer, Cawlchan Aiieouus    i'»2»
-   V   Cleaves,   Snnnichton   W.  Leghorn*.     581
3 It. \v. Russell, Naualmo	
- A   I'nsworth, Snrdia  	
5 E. A. Orr, Chllllwack 	
o v   li.  Wilson, KoSsilah 	
7 J. Emery,   Sidney, B.  C	
S W   Senkbell,  Hritcolu P.O	
$ F    Preston,   Vancouver   	
10 H.  Nicholson,  ?a n'citon 	
11 C. E. Borton, Summerland 	
U \. H. An ler-; in, Port Hammond ...
13 Mrs. Cross, Victoria 	
:t A. Easton, Duncan. B. C	
IS None Bros,  Cowichan 	
lii J. An's.ten, Deerhohre  W. Let-horns
IT E,   Soo'e,   t'owiehan W,  Leghorns
...w. Leghorns   €15
...W.  Leghorns   080
...W.  Leghorn.  514
,.W. Leghorns   509
...W.  Ughpras   603
...11. Minorcaa   897
...Anconas     19-1
...Vi.   Leghorns  50C
..Blown Leghorns   486
...S. S. Haltibtirgs   572
...W. Leghorns   860
...W.  Leghorns  6C0
...W.  Leghorns   728
18 Seymour tire n, Dm-an, B.C W. Leghoins   696
19 J   E.  BaineB,  S;.a-iichton  W. Leghorns   593
20 J.  Allen.  Fort  Langley  Bull Leghorns    531
CLASS   II—Weight   Varieties.
21 R. Wilson,  Langley Prairie  Bnrred  Rods     422
.2   L. F.  Solly. Westbolme  W.   Wyandottes     532
23   A. ('. LoveMn, Metchosin  Barrel Rocks     454
20   O. E. Henning, Mead, Nebraska Black Orp'a  464
25 Joseph  Arnould, Sardis  W.   Wyandottes    514
26 J.  Wood,  Victoria  Bufl    Orpintons     351
27 D-an Bros. Keatings  W. Wynndottes     490
18   W. Mill r-Higgs, Victoria  W. Cor. Game   849
29 J.  J.  Dougan. Cobble Hill  S. C. Reds   439
30 P. North, Sie'n y Col. Wyandottes  480
HI   O,  ..dims,   Victoria  W.   Wyaodo'.tes     525
32   C.  W.   Robbins,  Chilliwack  Buff   Orp's  693
ii   v.,-,1   u-.Masu_A_E_nl03Ps  Barred  Rocs   541
34 O.  B. Ormond,   Victoria    ..,   *'•   •»"i*.    ■.'.«
35 H. K. Waby, Kn leri.y  Baired Rocks   544
36 Dr. W. H. E.  Mcdi, Mt. Tolmie Blac't Orp'B  254
37   Mrs.   B.   Mc. Mottley, Kamloops S.  C.  Reds   589
38 W. H. Van Arum, Victoria  W. Orp's  341
39 A. E. Smith, Victor's  S. C. Reds   659
ill   S.  D. Evans,  Penticton  W. Orp's  419
.|..|a|,H.|-H 111 l*H + ^
The   East   Kootenay   Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th 6? 19th
Write for Prize List
This Space Reserved for
announcements re the
Exhibition        ::       ::       •■
Classes for Live Stock, Poultry,
Agricultural Produce, etc.
Kred A. Russell, Manaf-er;      Albert H. Webh, Secretary
jUwH****+*******H********M*********t "HII I..+.I. ........♦..."m.-W-1-H-H.HI'M II11
We beg to Announce that
we have disposed of our
Grocery Business to Ira R.
Manning who will take
charge   on   July   Second.
Our stuck is very large and in order to
reduce it we are ottering some
Great Reductions
Which Will Continue
Until June 30th
We will not, herein,  quote prices but
can assure you it will pay you well to
visit our store as the  stock  must  be
reduced before July Second
On August  First
We hope to be ready to open a
Strictly Up-to-date
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Full  Announcement will  be made through this space at a later date
wc ii.*..*. y_u 101 yuur patronage during past years and we hope
to have your consideration in our new undertaking.
Secret ofjjig Trees
In the da.s ol the Prophet Elijah
sore famine ulllictcd thc land ol Palestine. No rnin tel, the broo:s ran
dry, nnd dire distress prevailed. "Go
through thc land," aaid King Ahub
to the Prophet Obntllnh, "unto all
the founts na ot wnter and unto all
the brooks; perndventiire we may
lind grann and snve thc hoisjs and
the mules alive, that we lose not all
the beasts." When Obndiah wen
forth In search of forage t.e fell in
with his chief Elijah, ai.d brought
him to A hah, who greeted him as the
trouhler of Israel. " Then Blljl h prayed for rnin, according to the Bible
story, nnd the famine wns stayed.
Prom thia famine ln I'al.-st.int-, some
H70 yenrs before Christ, to thc lor
cwts of the Sierra Nevadas, in th -
twentieth century, In a fnr cry, but
the connecting link between the pnsl
nd tbe present, betwe. n tbe ancient
cast and thc modern West, Is found
in the lug trees of Gallfointn, tbe
liuge anodes known ns Sequoia Wash-
In a book entitled "The Secret ol
ihe Big Trees," by Kllswo tn Huntington, recently publl he.l, It Is
shown that the growth rings in th*
I.i*. trees of Cul.lornla indicate thai
in general thc same set|lltn.e of ell
mntic changes took place in Oni tor-
nla and Asia Minor. Curves indicating climatic conditions in Oaliti rnin
and Asia Min ir bIiow a remarkable
rcsemblanco bttwecn the two re„t..*ns.
Thc curves begin with the epoch o
thc Tro.nn War, aliout 1200 B. 0.
'ih re both curves dip very lo.v, indicating an epoch of sudd, n and severe dcsiic illmi. 'ih.it particular period, liit-t .rliius tell im, wns one ol tlio
most chaotic In all hi.tory.
The famine in thc days of Ell.n'i
appeal's in liotli curves. Appaiontly
at that time the climate did not be
eon «• extremely dry, nothing lt <• so
bad as it had been a few hundred
years earlier dining thc twelfth c n
tury, but there wnn rather a distinct
railing olt In thc amount of rainfall
ns compared with tho uncomtntnly
gnutl con HtlollH nl the preceding century. About seven bund-id yiars before Ohrlsl both curves -.tend high lu
the day, Wlll n the (Irceks wore laying
thc foundation ol tholr future groat-
nn s nnd the empires of Mesopotamia
were at their height. Ihen cornea a
pronounced fulling off, with a recovery three or foLir hundred years :-c-
f. re Christ, anolh.r decline culminating about 200 B. ('., mil a recovery renching a high roint abodt 50
B. II. Thc time of Christ, the tr.at
era of universal penc> under the sway
of Home, wai apparently an ei o_ of
favorable climate, j, time of abundant
rain and consequent gotr.l crops in
all the* countries around the Mediterranean Sea und eastward In Asia, ns
well ns in ('alitor,iin. Next coinee i.
long period or d.Cl na culm,luting
six or scvin centuries alter tlie tint,
of Christ. No period in all hlstoy,
snve that which enters about 121).
II. II., wns more cbnotii; nnd Iha.
early period also ap|je<ars to bavi
been a time of gieitly diminish il
This publication, which may be pur-
ihisi'd from tin* Supi'i'lut ndent "1
Documents, Oovor.iment Printing ofllco, for live cults, gives a detail >d
account ol the reasons aid the wor.i
ibat id to the conclusions liven
above. It contains 111 Illustrations,
Showing lho i,lg trees iu the Yosc-
milc, Sequeii i, and (lenei*al (irniil
Natl, nal Parks.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dinkm
Morning worship, WM o'ctosk.
"Onward Bible Class" at 3 p.m.
tnttght by the pi s or.
Evening Worship 7:10 o'clock.
ltov. J. p. West-nan ol Calgary will
preach at both mornn; and evening
s r.-ices. During the warm weather
thc services e>f this church will be
confined to one hour. All are cordially invited.
Ca'gnry, Alta.—Thc unnoiincement
wns made today that Calgary has
secured *.ie 1914 convention ot the
Brotherhood eif Locomotive Flremei
nnd Englneert, entailing an attend
mice of 5,000 dclegntes and visitors
The convention will meet in Calgary
during the Ilrst week in August.
MASONIC. rillV'l)  LUillili.
Eew WiSaiiiinsl.-r, B. 0.—The An
mini Ci-n.-eutlon ot thn Mun, ni
gri n I lodge of British Collim' la, In
ii.-HHi.in here, elected the tallowing of
Hc.ro: Cr. ml must r, Willi,.m Hem
derson, Victoria: de.mty gruiid mas
ter, .limns Stark, Vuli'oiiver; Bin o
griiiid warden,, Willlnm BcT. Murs,
Vancouver; Junior irnnd n alter, Will
lain 'H. ey, Vancouver; grnnd sec e
l.nry, Dr. W. A. Dewed! Smith, row
Westminster; grand tjlir, Theodore
Melchelll, VoBoottver,
Baptist Church
Morning services kt 11 a-m.
Subject "The Divine Rule In Benevolence."
Sunday School—3.00 p.m.
Evening services at T.M p.m.
Subject—"Feiund-itlon Stones for
tho Temple ol tind."
Con, reiatlon ,1 singing will bc a feature of the evening meeting. Corns
nnd enjoy it.
Presbyterian Church
W. Ktlman Thomson
During the absence of thc pastor,
Rev. W. Rleon Dunham, of the Methodist Church, will preach, '
Morning Service   at   11.00   A. M.
Subject—"Learning to Choose."
Evening Service,   7.30 p.m.
Subject—"Tlic Kingdom of Ood."
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Aveaus
Captain W. J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Sunday Service)—
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
> p.m.—Bible Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
I p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
eel vies at I p.m. '
t|.l.|IMi'ilti-lllll*l'lll_l'lllltl **** **********
Professional   CatbtQ
Cobge   ;Hotices
4.4*fi*fn4Himii nm.. ♦♦tiii-ninimnirin-.
Oourt Oranbrook No. 8943.
Meet ln Carmen's Hall, on   2nd ud
4th Thureday of each month.
Louie Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box Ml.
Tutting Brothere Cordially Welcomed
(•ranbrook Branch)
Meets  in  Carmen's  Hall   1st  and
3rd Thursdays    in every  month, at
I p.m.  Membership open to Brltleh
E. Y, Brake, Pree.
L. Pearron, Secretory
Box 613
Tlelting members cordially welcome
A. F. _ A. M.
Regular   meetinge   on   fhe
third   Thureday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Soc.
No. 115, R. A. M.
Regular meetinge:—2nd Tueeday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ex. Comp—A. 0. Shankland, E.
Oranbrook, B.O.
P.L.8.   Jt, O.I.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Berrlctero, Solicitore and Notarise
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    •    Brltleh Oolumbla
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236        Phone Ml
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Dre.   KINO   4   a RE EN
Phyeiclane and Surgeone
Ofllce at Residence, Armetrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenlnge 7.30 to  1.10
Sundays • - - 1.30 to   4.10
Oranbrook,    .....    B.O.
Oranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. II
Meets every Tueeday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, O. G.
F. M. Christian, K of R. ft S.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 41
Meets every Monday night
at Dew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellowe cordially invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Hnrris,
N. a. Sec'y
Circle No.  lit
Compantone of the Foreet
Meete In Oarmen'e Hall, Second and
Fourth Thureday of each Month at
1:00 p.m., sharp.
Mre. L. Whlttaker, O. O.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Sec.
Vleltlng  Compantone  eardtally  welcome. Iltf
Oranbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wed-
nelday at » p. m.,
In Royal Blaek
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets ln Royal Black Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets every Ind and Ith Thureday
of each month at » p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Hayward, Roc. Sec,
Geo, Ladele, chief ranger
Vleltlng brethren made welcome.
President—O. R. Bheppard
Meete regularly on the First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry mattere
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 862, Cranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orangt
Lodge No. 1871
Meets 1st and
3rd Thursday in
Royal Black
Knights of Ireland Hall at 8 p.m. sharp. Visitors
Fred W. Swali, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Scobell _ Liquor, Tobacco
and Drug Cure Lr&"M.
AMohelTobuteaedpnigt. It cou.l-i.ei. ike
■feci, a moat l..l.ill»-i.mo... sli cil'lap.
AlU. l.tlQl th. tn.lm.ol thai, will ■..., ...a,
•Md i<*lil_ laleslcu'i.or see (True igtls. Cu
-J-ffUly. .We h... yet to kTai of see
• ■•HS'-H*' "*>•■•'• cover lo __.<•
•-"SftJH*' "ojo'olo cow lo left'.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Anna. Noil lo Clly HsU
Open Day ood Night PhososU
Funeral Dlreetor,
The Hop Growers
of old Bohemia know that Anheuser-Busch are
by far the world s largest buyers of Saaier Hops.
It s the exclusive Hop flavor which makes
Popular Everywhere
Its high reputation is not the result of accident but the product of brewing and agin?
irom only the best materials grown.
Bottled only at the home plant in St. Loui.
Anheuser-Busch Brewery St. Louis
A. C. BOWNESS, Distributor
r**+9fr* Hosoital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Steam BoiUr,  Furnace,
and Styptic Tank work
a •pc-oialtj
Cost and itook estimates
"urniehed un application.
AS4i<» ■ P. O. too OH, C'eekveol
In tho mutter ul an sl>|iliciitinn tor
tho issuo ol ii duplieate ceriiilr.utc ol
Title to Lot 707 Ormip One, Knotrn
uy District.
NOTII'K Is hrroby givon that It ts
my Intention tu issuo ut tin* oiplru-
tion of ono month alter tho Ilrst publication hereof a elupllcutu of the certificate ol Title to the above mentioned lot In tho name ot Charles Le
Roy Itechtel llechtel, which rerttll-
e-iite Is elnteil the 18th April, 1907
and numbered C835A.
Dated at Nolson, ll. C,
April  22nd,   1913,
»••« h, n. not.,
District Itrgistriir
NOTIOB Ie hereby given thnt the
partnership between T. H, Christian
and A. B. Jones of Oranbrook, D.O.,
who traded under the Arm name of
Messrs, Christian a Jones, wae dissolved on the 2.1rd ilav ol Muy, 1913,
by mutual consent.
T. H. Oh-lBllnn.
A, K. Jones. 22 41.
(SECTION   48).
on the  21st day of July next, appli-
ation will be mnde to the Super;,,
tondont of Provincial Police f r the
ransfer of the licence for tbe sale o*
liquor by retail in aid upon the pre.
miees known as the "Wasa Hotel,"
situate at Wasa, British Columbia,
rom Nils Hanson to the Unionist In-
■estment   Company,    Ltd , ol Wnsn,
Dated tils  25th day of Juno,   1913.
Holder of License.
Tho Unionist Investment Co.  Ltd.
Per C. W. Johnson,
Applicant lor Transfer.
TO   THE   OWRBRS   OP   LOT    3912
A meeting of the owners ot Lot
1912 will be held on Wednesday the
16th dsy of July, 1913, at four
o'clo-k p.m. at the oilicc of Beale &
Elwell fn the Hanson Block, Cranbrook to mako regulations as to tli -
supply, use, and distribution of wuter
available for irrigation pt r, uses tor
said lot 3912, as to the niiiintiiln-
anco of tho main canal, latera's mil
other irrigation works and in particular to arrange for the work fur the
-lirr. nt your.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. O. this 25tb
day of Juno,   1913.
Malcolm  Horie.
J. W. Hnllott,
J, G. Ciimniings,
Notice is hereby given that on the
29th day of May, 1913.
Oeorge H. Thompson, Be..., Judge ol
the County Court of Enst Kootenay,
that James A.Arnnld.Oftlclnl Admlnls
trator tor that portion nf lln* County
of Kootenay Included In tho Electoral Dietr ct of Crnnbrook be Administrator of nil und singular the
estate of Frederick Aaron Oggcr deceased Intestate.
Every person Indebted to the enid
deceased is required to mnko payment forthwith to tho undersigned.
Bvery person having In possession
oflects belonging to tho deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the
Bvery creditor or other person
having any claim upon or Interest
In the distribution of the estate ol
the eald deceased ie required to eend
belore the 4th day of July, 1913
neit, by registered mail sddreoeed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and tho full particulars of
his claim or interest, und a stnte*
ment ol his account nnd the nature
of the security (If any/ bold by him.
After the suid lust mentioned dute
the Administrator will proceed with
tho distribution nt the estate having
regard to those claims only nf which
he sliull have had notice.
Dated ut Crnnhrook this 29th day
of Muy,   HU,
22-4t. Olllcinl Admlnls! i-ntor.
NOTICE is hereby given thut meetings of the Provincial Agricultural
Commission will he held at the foi
lowing places:—
Balfour—June  27th,   10 a.m.
Creston—June 28th, 2 p.m.
Crnnbrook—July Ist, 9.30 a.m.
niiiuennert- July ini, T.30 p.m.
Wilmer—July 3rd, 10 a.m.
Oo|den—July f.th, 10 a.m.
The Commission wlll hear evidence
on nil matters affecting agricultural
conditions in the Province.   All persons interested nre invited to be present.
C. B, Christoiioi-ii,
Secretary. 24-4t.
For a License to take and use water
NOTICE Is hereby given that Peter
W. Bull of Wasa, B.C., will apply lor
a licence to take and use one cubic
foot per second ot water out of Tat;
Creek, which flows in a south-easterly direction through Lot C682 and
empties Into Kootenny rlvor. The
wnter will be diverted ut 150 loot
west of west line of Lot CC82 and will
he used for irrigation purposes on
the land described as Lot 1,1182, Koo
This notice was posted on the
ground on thc 10th day ol June, 1913
The application will be liled ln the
office of the Water Recorder j,t Cran-
libjei'tioiis    may    be  tiled  with the
said   Water   Recorder   or   with   the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Purlin-
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C,
24-4t Applicant
Department of Works
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
'Tender fnr two-room addlllo.1 to
school -lm ii ae nt Hosmer (Fertile District)," will he received hy the linn
ourahle the Mln I Bt_r of Public Works
up to noon of Monday, the 80th d iy
nf June, 1918, (or the orcctlon nml
completion for tt twu>room Addition
with heating chain] e to existing
school* holise nt Hosmor (Fertile-Din
trict). Work to he started 1u.iii.hI
lately nn ACCOptnnCO iK tender nnd
Completed ready (nr occupation na
nr before August 85th, 1018.
Plain., specifications, contract, and
forms ol tender may he Kern on nnd
after the Urli dny n( .lime, 1.11.1, it
the office nf Mi. .1. H. T. Ale Kinder,
Government Agent, Fernle, iu\; Mr.
Ti Ayre, Secretary School Bonrd,
llnHiiH-i, B.C.J nnd tbe Department
of Public Works, Victnrfn.
Intending  tended* run for  lhe hiiiii
of $10 (ten dollars) obtain one copy
of the plans and specifications, by
applying to the undersigned. Tbis
sum will be refunded on return of
plans In good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank ch<<|itc or
certillcate nf deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, for a sum e,ual to 10 per
cent of tinder, which shall i>e forfeited if tbe party tendering decline
to enter into contract wben called
upon to do so, or if he fail to complete the work contracted (or. 'lhe
cheques or *-*•■•"■■■«•.»•■-/ •■* **P-»*u «
unauixeKsnii tenderers will he return
■ed to them upon the execution of
the contract.
Tenders will not he considered un
Ies*. made out on tiie forms supplied
signed witb the actual signature o.
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnit-hed.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public   Works   Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., June 16th, 1913.
Department of Works
Notice to Contractors
"Creston School."
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
'Tender for Cresti n School Extension," will be received by the Honorable, the Minister of Public Works
up to noon or Monday, the 30th day
of June, 1913, for the erection and
completion of n two room extension
to the scho si-bouse nt Creston, in
the Vmir Electoral District.
The work to be started immediately nn acceptance of tender and finished and handed over ready for occupation on or hefore August 2r,th, 1913.
Plans, specifications, rontract, an I
forms of tender may he seen on nnl
after the Kith day <1 June, PJ13, at
office of Mr. W. K. TeeUel, (io.eminent Agent, Nelron; Mr. J. Cromp-
ton, Secretary to the School Iio ird,
Creston; and the Department of Pub
llc Work.'   Victoria.
Intending tenderers can, for the sum
nf ten dollars it)0i, obtain one copy ot
the plans and specifications by applying to the undeiHUn'd. This sum
ill be refunded w-I-i-n tbe plans are
returned in good order,
Kitrh prnpn.nl must he accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque nr eerti
.irate of deposit na a chartered bank
of Cntlftdu, mjhde payable to the Hon
i.arable, the Minister nf Public ■>' nrks,
for a Hum equal to 10 per cent, ol
tender, which shall be forfeited if the
party tendering declin' tn enter into
Contract whrn culled uj mi tn dn no,
If he fail to complete the work
Contracted for. 'lhe che.iuea nr cer
tlfioatei of dejoHit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to tbem
upon the execution nf the contract.
Tenders will not be CODsl tered i u
ess made out on the forms supplied.
signed with the actual alginture of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.
The lowest or nny tender not nee
essaiily  accepted.
Public   Works   Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, June 10th, 1918.
NOTICE is hereby given that slxtv
(60) days from date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lnnds for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4-VJ.l Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
t-'ommenciag at a post planted at
about 20 chains Kast of ithe Northwest curner of Lot 11140 and one
mile North of the International
Boundary thence South 80 chains,
West 80 chains, North 80 chains and
East 80 chains tu point nf commence
Located this 22nd day of March,
Richard Heltne Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICK is hereby given that sixty
(GO) days from date I intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for n
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4598 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe Southeast corner of Lot 73'j",
thence South 80 chains, Kast about
10 chains, North about 20 chains,
East about 50 chains, North about
60 chains, and West about 50 chains
to point of commencement.
Located this 24th day of March,
T. G. Procter, Locator.
.lames  Fisher,  Ageut.
NOTICE is hereby given that slxtj
(60j days from date I intend to I ;■
ply to the Minister of Lands for n
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4598 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southwest corner of Lot 7286
thence 120 cbalns North, 4uo feet
West, 120 chains South ulld 400 feet
East, claiming all ground lying be
tween lots 7286, 7285, 7137 and 7136,
Located tbls 22nd day of March,
James Fisher.  Locator.
NOTICK Is hereby given that sixty
,00) days from date 1 Intend to ap
ply to tho Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coai and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate In Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7397,
thence North 80 chains, Kast 811
chAIns, South about 20 chains, West
about 10 chains, South about 40
chains, West almiit 20 chains, South
about 20 chains and West about 50
chains to point of commencement.
Located this 24th day of March,
T.  CI.  Procter,  Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICK is hereby given that sIj**j
(60) days from date 1 intend to ap
ply to the Minister of Uinds fur a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over thc following described
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a pust planted at
about 20 chains East of the Northwest corner ot Lot 11140 and one
mile North of the International Boundary, thence North 80 chains, West
80 chains, South 80 chains and East
80 chains to point of Commencement.
Located tbia 22nd day of March,
Edward E. McClintock, Locator
James Fisher,  Agent.
NOTIOB is hereby given that sixty
ifiO) days from date 1 intend to apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate in Lot 4598 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
tbence North 40 chains, Kast about
70 chains, South 4o chains and West
about 70 chains, to point of com
Located this 24th day of March,
T. G, Procter, Locator.
James Klsher,   Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat nix*)
(60) days from date 1 intend tn apply tn the Minister of Lands fur a
licence to pros) t  for Coat ami Pet.
roleum ovor the following described
lands situate in Lot 4893 Southeast
Kootenay,  British Columbln,
Commencing at. a post planted itl
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
thenee about 70 chains South, Kast
about 70 chains, North about 70
chains and Weat about i.n chains to
point of cnmtuenecnicne.
Located this 24tli dav nf Mutch,
T. O. Procter, Locator,
•lames Fisher Ageut,
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion
Id Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al- -
btrta, ths Yukon Territory, tbe North
west Territories and in a portion of
ths Province of British Columbia,
may bs leaied tor a term ot twenty-
one years at an annual rental ol |1
an acre. Not more tban 2,560 -ore*
will bs leased to one applicant.
Application for a lesse mutt bs
made by ths applicant in parson te
the Agent or Sub-A gent of the dletrlct in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land mnst
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, nnd In uneur-
veysd territory the tract applied for
shall bs staked out by tbe applicant
Eacb application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied (or ars
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output of tiie mine at tbs
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting tor tbe full quantity ut
merchantable coal mined and pay tbs
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, auch
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for tbe working of
tbe mine at tbe rate of $10.00 an acre
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.*—Unauthorized    publication    of
this advertisement  will  not be  paid
for. Jan. 4th-tf
District of Sontb-East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Thomai
Christian, contractor, intend, tnlity
days after date to apply to the Minister of Lands for permission to purchase the following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
thn East bank of tin* Moyie river,
near the southeast corner of lot
1010C, tbence east 20 chains; thence
south 40 chains; thence west 10
chains; thence north 40 chains to
point uf commencement.
A. R. GRACE, Witness.
Dnted, March 29, 1913. 14-lt
District of South-East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE tbnt Jobn Henry
Lismer of Oraabrook, B.O,, occupation laborer, intends to Apply for
permission to purchase tbe following described  lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South went corner of Lot KI7,
Croup I, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, tbence north 40
chains, thence enst 20 chains, thence
south 40 chnins to the point of
commencement and containing 10
acres more or less.
Dated  June   23rd,   1913. 2-i-.il, THE PHOSPECTOtt. CRANHROOK. V. C.
Nature Needs Aid In Making New
Health-Giving Blood
In the spring tho system needs ti
tonic. To be healthy you must huve
new blood just aa tho trees must
have new sup to renew their vitality. Nature demands It, nnd without
this mnv blood you Will feel weak
and languid. You may havo twinge.-.
of. rheumatism or the sharp, stabbing
pains of neuralgia. Often there nro
disfiguring pimples or eruptions on
the skin. In other cases there Is
. merely a feeling of tiredness and a
variable appetite. Any of these are
signs thnt the blood is out of order
—that the indoor llfo of winter has
lessened your vitality. What you
need iu sprlnR is a tonic medicine to
put you right, and in all the world
of medicine there is no tonic can
equal Dr. Williams' I'iuk Pills. These
pills actually inal.fi new, rich, red
blood--jour greatest need In spring.
This uew blood drives oul the seeds
of disease and makes, easily tiled
men, women and children bright, active and strong, Mrs. Murray Marshall, Zephyr, Ont., says: "I do nol
believe I would ever have boon well
and stroug again but for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. 1 was so weak and
nervous that I eould imt be left In
■ lie house alone. 1 would take weak
spells with my heart and think I was
going lo die. I tried doctors and
electric bells, but they did me no
good. Then a friend urged me lo try
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills To my surprise I sorn noticed my appetite improving, and from thai on I Improved rapidly until 1 was enjoying the
best of health, and 1 have not been
troubled with weakness or nervousness slnco."
These pills are sold hy all medicine
dealers or can he had by mail at. 60
cents a hox or six boxes tor $2.50
from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
A Careful Diet.
Sir Richard .Tebb, the eminent
Blcian,  was rt man  of  irri.aMe
per;  and  when borol by the qti
ous complaints of some of his
ents eould not always force hln
to roHirn a civil answer.   A trot
some patient, whose Illness was p
ly fntngiiiary   pestered  him one
with questions as to what he sh<
"My directions on thai point." .
Sir Itlchard, "will be few and sJm
You must not ent tho shovel, pn
or tongs, for thoy arc hard of till
tion: nor tbe bellows, for the)
windy, but anything els? you pleas
Children and  Good   Roads.
It is pleasing to learn from the officers of the Canadian Highway Association that tbo children throughout
Canada are taking a keen Interest lu
tlio assay competition on "What Cood
Hoads Mean to Canada" ami that
from all parts of tho Dominion papers aro being forwarded to the head*
Quarters of the association at New
Westminster, B.C.
As an encouragement to the- Children to busy themaelvos tn the preparation of those essays, tho president of the Canadian Highway Association, Mr. W, -J. Kerr, Is offering
valuable gold, silver and silver gilt
medals, and also a souvenir silver
pin to all competitors whose paper
attains e. certain standard of merit.
While it should not be necessary
for this incentive to interest the
young people of Canada iu Cood
Roads, and their relation to the well-
being of the country- the fact remains
that, in tbis, as In otber things, some
Inducement is often necessary lu order to awaken the younger generation to tho economic needs of this
flood Roads, as everyone will admit aro badly needed in Canada at
, ihe present timo, but tt is only when
the pfople at   large are ready to demand this   not merely to request It,
i thai we eau ci'pecl  the authorities,
I whether local,  municipal, provincial
nr feder.il, Lo act on this matter on
I anything l^ke a large scale.   The aim
I ami purpose cf tho Canadian  High
way Association, us is  well known,
is to establish   a   Transcontinental
road that will reach from Halifax, N.
|S.,  to Albernl,  B.C., and  while ii  Is
not the Intention of this organization
to do mor:  than educate the public
and act in an unofficial advisory cap
acity, it is yet dong much good work
In this cause aud will be largely instrumental in getting this Highway,
roar thousand  miles long, completed
•a [thin five years.
Wt- in thla district must do our
share of this work, and it behooves
the Cood Roads advocates to bestir
themselves and lend all tho assistance thej ' an to the officers of the
Canadian fllghwaj Assoi la o
good  work t.R*i ure doing  fo
Prearranged Accldente.
Elghtoon months' Imprisonment,
with hard labor, waa the aotitonco recently given to a man in London,
thirty-seven years old, who in three
.yeara has "inked" about two hundred
) accidents, for .which he was paid var-
i Urns amounts, mostly by BhopUeep*
ers, rather than light tho cases !;i
court.- He would fall down and then
make claim to havo heen injured
through the negligence of the persons
whom he made his victims. Had the
cases come into court he would bnve
been detected. His deception was
favored by n malformed wrist, which
ho represented as duo to the accident.
A confederate accompanied hltn,
making notes of each accident, with
the particulars of the name and address of those from whom the money
was to be obtained. Some years ago
a man in this city received damages
afier falling through an open grating In a sidewalk and breaking all
arm. It was strongly surmised that
previous to his coming here he had
| broken Lhe same arm and had been
paid for it. Later on ho went lo Chicago, wliere lie again met w Uh all
accident, lie was thi-n discovered t"
be u fraud ami was punished
Old Country Tour For Soy Scout*
Plans for :i tour of Kngland, Ire
land and Bcotland by several hundred
United States boyfl during the sum
in-'.- vacation this year are being
made by Colin N. Livingstone, head
■ ol the .■<-■■ scouts ol the United States
It Is proposed to send the boys over
accompanied by competent Scout
n.asu rs and physicians, ns soon as
the schools close. The youngsters
will be drawn from all puns oi the
country, and It u sufficient number
will make th,* trip a steamer will be
The plan also contemplated » trip
to the United States by Hritisb boys
on tbe same steamer .Mr Living
stone '.wis encouraged to attempt this
undertaking by the marked success
of the recent tour of Australian Boj
Hi. Half Share
"Willie, why don't you lei your tittle brother have your sled part o'
the time?"
"I do, ma.   T lake it going down
bill and he has it going back,
ton Transcript.
The Result of Angc.
' I*;very tion yon give v. ay to impatience or anger you shorten your
lit. by a calculable portion of ume
The next time you get very angry
Jus! study yourself during the reai
tfonary period. Vou will notice that
you are very depressed and Bad, that
your hlood is sluggish, and that your
digestion Is all wrong, The reason
for this is that In jour moment of
anger you expended three or four
times th** ordinary amount of bodily
lis****,.*. As a consequence, you cannol bo your normal self until the
overdrawn tissue is replaced.
You will note that people with very
had tempers uever live long, the excessive drafts ou the physical makeup, eventually exhausting the latter.
A certain amount of reasonable an-
',.:■.r, as occasion may require, often,
however, acts on the system as a
veritable tonic.
The  Power  of  Money.
A well known hotel keeper of N'ewd
Vork gave, not long ago, a famous1
banquet at which was displayed aud i
used a service of gold plate valued at [
5 Some one commented on the ;
- linear of the dinner, whereupon'
the p-*oprietor satd:  -
it Is only typically American, In
eleganci as in wealth we lead the *
worl! to-day. We have passed that
stage In our development wherein the
newly rich studying tiie French lu despair U3*?d to tell the waiter to bring
him fifty dollars' worth of ham and
eggs. And we have passed that stage
where if a child should whisper ro its
mother, '.Mamma. Uncle Coldreef eats
with hi_ knife," the mothec would
reply: —
"Hush, darling! Vour Uncle Cold-
reef Is so rich that he can eat with
a pick and shovel if he so desires.'"
Mcliorry—- I'll buy ye/, no new hat,
d'ye*, moind that? Ve are vain en-
ough 'ihiriddy
Mr*. McOorry—Me vain? Oi'm
not! sin,ie, oi don't t'lnk mesilf halt'
as good lookln' as Oi am.--Christian
aalckly stops couJhj. cures colds. heala
I-*  ■.irci-l a .d  luoa-l
i!A teals.
Muscular   Rheumatism   Subdued.— ' Manitoba'3 Grain Crop
When one Is a sufferer from muscnb ; The greal grain cron of Mnnltohn
ar rheumatism he cannot do belter had been marketed nl ttio end nf 10 1
than to have the region nibbed with, pnlv -0 the exteul of 5-1 nl I 11 - ,
Dr. Thomas' Keleci.ru: Oil. There Is Uplto (ho facl that 3103 li'.-lui.', -.,'."
no oil that so speedily shows its et* (Un had been operated Ihroughoui the
feet in subduing pain. Let tho rub- roll. While this shows the emu-mi-
lilng be brisk and continue until ease ty of iin- crop, It is also used as an ar
Is secured. Thete is more virtue in gtimeni fur diversified farming, bell bottle of it than can be fully ostlm-jcnuso (lie to llmt. to speedily mai'Kel
D.i-I   Outlook.
"No. I can'l gel up enough courage
(o ask old Patterson for hla daughter."
"And why nol?"
"Becauso I'm a builder of absolutely tlic proof buildings ami be Is a lire
In.-mr'-neo   agent."—Cleveland.   Plain
a crop means delay iu payments to)
ilie farmer, whereas If he was dairying or raising live stock ho would
have au Income Independent of his
The Manitoba Department of Imml-
graiion aud Agriculture in Bulletin
No. S-t estimates 22,001,211 bushels of
grain bad been marketed up to December,    and    gives   the total crop j
A Pill tor All Seaaons.—Wintei
Hummer  In  any  latitude,  whelh
lorried none or Arctic   tem porn ture
Fartnolce's Vegetable Pills ean bu de
l figures are follows:    Wheat, 3,339,072
[acres, 01,058,780    bushels,    average
1 18.29;   oats.   1,028,502    acres,  73,786,-
and CSIl  bushels,    average    (3.3;    burhn
f In 1759,977    acres,    23,099,239    bushels,
average    31.5;     Max,    85,830   acres,
1,205,727 bushela,   average Jl
---------------------------------  ...  ...     rye,
pended upon (0 do their work. The fl,l07 acres, 130,007 bushels, average
dyspeptic will tind them n friend 0,1-22; peas. 2,260 acres, 45,985 bushels]
ways and Bhould carry tbem with average 20,4; potatoes, 44,47ft ncres
bim everywhere Tbey are made to 18,317.241 bushels, average is;, roots!
withstand any climate and ure war* 13,448 acres, 3,084,808 bushels, aver*
ranied to keep their freshness and age 274; hay, all kinds, h0,2SS acre.-.'
strength They do nol grow stale, a 249,802 tons, average 1.78 tons
quality no-  possessed iu man}   pills     The total area prepared   for   the
The Memory of the Ant.
Experiments are continually being
made to test the memory of animals,
such as the elephant, the dog. the
bull; bur it would seem a thankless
undertaking to ascertain whether the
ant bas a memory. Nevertheless, a
scientist. In South America thinks lie
has succeeded. Isolating two of the
largest species of tropical ants lie
_....u «.-._. u- ... —.uePtj their receptacle that they eoulo pot --*-■ -.wu
WithOUt climbing over n circular slam
Into another compartment. Over
this slant, when the food was not
there, he placed n crimson cord and
the anis very soon learned ta interpret, the signal und never attempted
to climb over It. Thinking, after a
time, that there might be something
in the color thnt repelled them, automatically, as ihe bull Is affected unpleasantly by red, he replaced the
red cord by cords of varying colors,
always with the same result after the
ants had made a few excursions over
the slant and come back hungry.
Then, be tried plain cloth, and even
paper but the result was invariably
Ibe snme. After a number of trials
the tints refused to climb tho slam
when there was uny sort of a "signal."
Finally, the scientist reversed lhe
signal, having food beyond tbe slant
only when it was vl&lblo, and after
an Infinite number ol' trials the ants
accommodated themselves to tho
Canaries in Mines.
The use of the canary as a warner
of the existence of foul air iu a mine
has long been familiar iu this country. A similar use Is-uow mnde of
ii on the other side of the Atlantic.
It was first of all thus used after the
explosion ut Cross Mountain Mine,
Brldevllle, Tenn. it esc tiers with machines for making oxygen on their
backs went ilrst. currying canaries in
cages. They were followed hy others
who were unprotected. When tho
wings of the canaries were seen to
droop the latter turned back. lt. was
thus known that the air was unfit for
them to breathe.
Refreshing to an Expert.
A stylishly dressed woman In a
smarMooklng brougham narrowly averted running over 11 Western Union
messenger boy riding a bicycle in
Kast Ninth street a few days ago.
Tho woman stopped her cur and
opened the door of the electric to ox-
press her sympathy.
But tho hoy was ahead of her. nnd
lu a harangue that for emphasis
would have made Capt. Kldd or any
of the old buccaneers green wltll envy, told her exactly what he thought
of tho incident.
The woman, closed tho door hurriedly, and, turning to her 8-year-old
son, who, dressed like Lord Faunt-
leroy, sat demurely beside her, said
in a shocked voice:
"I never beard such language in my
"Oh. that's nothing," the little fellow told his mother. "You ought to
hava heard the cook talking to tho
neighbors about you the other day."—
Kansas City Journal.
lie—Before I married you I never
thought oi saving.
She—And now'.'
lie—Now, Tin always thinking .
whal a iol I could have saved if 1 f
hadn't  married    you.—London  Opin- j
Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia.
Convicts ut the State prison have
been given permission to smoke in
their cells after each meal. Warden
Codding gave them this privilege.
The reason ilie warden gives for
granting them this privilege is that
it will make the men more contented.
Often men have heen unable to work
for weeks after they come to prison
because of the condition their nerv-
pyft ijff #%tteu.AwfiCM$ 0Y-jynio#
I nal.
Cruel Papa.
.Million—"Did      you     say
doesn't know his own mind'.'"
Marion's Papa—"He doesn't unless
some one Introduced him to It lately."
Children at. Dr.   Barnado's Homes
now  number over 9,000.
A Pill For Brain Workers.—The
mau .who works with his brains is
more liable to derangement of the
digostivo system thnn tbe man who
works with his hands, because Ihe
one calls upon his nervous energy
while tho oilier applies only bis muscular strength. Brain fag begets irregularities of the stomach und liver
and the hest remedy that nan be used
is'Parmulee'H Vegetable Pills. They
are specially compounded for such
cases und all those wbu use them can
certify to their superior power.
the UKST Liniment in use.
. got iry foot badly jammed lately.
I bathed it woll with MINARD'S LIN*
[MENT, and it was as well aa ever
next day.
Yours very truly,
t t:. Mcmullen.
' Granary
"I have a money-saving invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Hove them about
each year. You save long hauls at
harvest time. In
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning
Full He:....re
"Write me for
("ranary is ev
it for 1912.
"Tiw-e pantries com* ln compact
btiDdles. A boy can set up and bolt
one together in a few hour--. Four
pallo-lis protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on the side or
into roof manhole —saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. tJSell
it when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging it. No musty or heated
grain. _ .Ottm___vtNv,gr\__^
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protects you."
my linoklet. It sltons how profitable null on a single qitart-r-scelinti farm. I'-e
Tile Hook Tells of Ilia Money for Vou.'
n. door. A a. witlatat doer,
if deair... Mama Iim* .... to
bag .rain, when want-d. othar
<•„. Bt left .how. spu.it tor hand
Ailing aa attached to tlranar-."
Writ. for Booklet No •_ OSHAWA, ONT.
7G Lumbar J St.    Cr own Hlock       f63 3rd St.VV.   1W1 Railway St.?.
Drawer lit. ten Whitlock A Harlatt       3.3Fifth 9t. S.
nov. i>n tlio market.
crop of 1912 In 2,175,620 acres, ns foi-
low.: limit in,. 2:)3f0lJ_ m res. sum*
mer follow 30-1.12.. acres ami (all
plowing 078,130 acres.
Chinese   Porcelains,
An   Knglleli  authority  on    nurlos,'
J, !'.  Blacker, Hees no limit  to the _'       ',     I~~.     '
prices thai mn)  be achieved for cer- Fruitarian Tobacco,
tain  Chinese porcelains,  bo  heen  is!    A fruitarian variety of tobacco has
the desire ror their possession  This made Us appearance In a tew London
Ih especially truo or whal are called sll"',y    'n'l>"-il  "  "'•*•"'d  he idle to
■linwihonr    |>orceia|u.    Ii     ts   bow- iU«Ml ti,tlf tllcro ,B a tobncco "avor
ever tho wild    plum,    iiml  not  the about, tho "weed/* It Is at least pleas-
hawthorn,   thai    adorns  this    ware ■"■' ■" (i" ,;isr" ;"H| jt ° correspond-
Many  blue  and   white  singer    (are enl  v-hn has ,^:,,,1 "  lUl,i  -Hag-nosed
■bow this flower on tho blue ground hops as one of the Ingredients proves
under tho glaze.   There nr- grounds correct    In   his   suspicion, tbls fact
of oilier colors, red, black, green and <"-■<■•■ "■ com.nend It, prima facie, lo
yellow, which In Mun* nn si  produi a bla section of the public    U comon
nous, command Immense prices,   Ri from tbe Continent, is extremely light
..■ni!.'  four    black    vases  sold    for and rather hulk)   probablj  costs no
■C25,000 (thai Is aboul |12_, i, imi mor- than B0 cents a pound, judging
two colored (Igurcs for    -Mo.ouo:   i* by the its* of tin  packet offered for
musl   howevei   be  remember ti,  layc. I cent
Mr Blacker, tha! in i blna IIicbh w*i-j 	
|K)SA Ltslons  nr  lhe   imperial   fa mil) :    T!tt*re nro  now  6,600    women em
of  ih"   ruling  anil   wealth:   nlassi     flfoyi rt German rail*. ay«    The lav-
In  the  later half ot  tho  nineteen tli soil  representation ol  women In In-
century   Buropo   awoke   and   found duitrlal pursuits   in   Germany In In
niiiy   a    P"a  etaol   ptaptn   elaolnol tbe clothing and    allied    trades,  In
ilnn,i beautiful.   Two cups and snui which 1,662,000 are oro ployed
en whli ii  brough    (5,000 Uio   utin '
dav. will,   It    Ii predict!
held ni $7/nu.
Dr. Johnson's Sunday.
i    Dr. Johnson—probably   tbe    mosl
genuinely   pious   Englishman or the]
eighteenth century—may be claimed
las a supporter of lho cheerful Sun*'
day.    To a gentleman who objected
1 to bird-catchfng at Slrcnihain on a I
Sunday he said: '■While half thej
Christian word Is permitted to dnnco <
aud sine and celebrate Sunday ns a '
, duy of festivity, how comes your purl- '■
i tan leal sphii so offended with frivol-
ous and empty deviations from exact-
, ness?'' Johnson held, however, that
Sunday should ba a distinctive- dny.
"Peopla mny walk, hut not throw
stones ai  birds.    Ther.- may bo re-
I taxation, bul thru- should bo no levl*
t; '    Loudon chronicle.
Wn.re Justice Dawdles.
In Kansus the condemned rulhau
had jusi been found guilty and given
;i .ia.'. sentqnee.
"lint bofoi ■ you begin your term or
lmpriaouim.nl " suid the kind judge,
"vou limy t;o home nnd settle up your
"It Will take Houif time/' explained
the condemned one.
"No doubt, no doubt," said the kind
jtndr\o. "Do the I,-"s1 you can. Charlie, aud when you are ready to vlsll
the Jnil Just drop me a postal or step
in thc next time you lutppcn to be
golnt. by, Nl lay, Isn'l ll?"—Cleveland Plain Healer.
Newfoundland Is t
Colony, nud wus dl>
Cabut in ill-:.
ted, socu be I Ait swelled  Up
0-   "What  i-  ; ii   matter  v Hi  Jones?
7 \Ho -iro-d in Uf i modes I  sort of fel-
Idesl  British ! \0Vt *_*.. 1(..;. ;...     ..„,. -.,,„/.. ,,(i..*.
"'' b)  John   |ng avitti self-importance."
_^^__ ■    "Jlaven'l you heard?   Mrs Jones Is
suing another   voman  ror al matin ■
Amusing s a-favorite threat of .tho  his affections  a   I put    l   i damages
famous Dr. Keate, who used to say:      at i,;v   th n and dollars."—Judge
"Kemember,   boys,   you      ■     '--
pun- in heart, or i ll flog :•
re  to   be
till your
The first record we bave of coal Is
aboul three hundred years before the
Christian era.
Thero are noarl) 21 sh.
person lu New Zealand.
Tread '.oftly -
Step safely.
"What'n ■ ■• ■ i latter  Joi n <'.-." Vou
look a ..i    i," said \\;. bl .,
lympnthu leal ■
■ l am  bin ,"  :■' ■' ed  Jorroclu    "1
peni .- 10,000 ; ■ 'v.- a divorce from
my wife, and nl i r I _oi  tt, hlesl tr
she dldu I  luhmll th ■ nuestion lo the
1,1 every ■ people, and  by a majority of 337 l
am still  mt rricd  to In 11"   Ilarpoi 'i
Thi Smallpox  Regiment.
:   Things have altered vastly in Bus-
I si duriiiB the last llft> years, nud the
M.IVa now visiting the csor will seo
n< freak reglmeuts of soldiers such
os Kredorlcl, I.oveson-Gowei1 inn In
is.*.;.   "The ini" Emperor," he relnt-
|ed,  "i"! I  recruits off sceordlns    lo
theli   look ■    Thero Is ono  reglmeul
of men nil marked   with   smallpox.
rins Paulovikl regiment did a   thiugl
which onjused me.   Just   before   lhe
cortege came up they all blew their I
nosea ai    Hie    wont    or   command, j
This was lu order that none of them
sneeze   when the    Rmporor   passcd,|
[an their doing so would bring hixu bad
Economical  Dodge.
Mrs Dooley—Ol'm takin' me twelvo
children back to Olrolnnd an' do ho
j nttln' i loir I Volvo tickets foi the
price or eleven.
Mrs.    Murphy   ralth,  nn* n  Inrgo
family h* n groin savin' io n persoul
Th.ii  fs  |<AXAT1VR  UltOMO QUINMN'n.
I.m.l. fur tli.' slgunturfl of IB, YV. CIJtOVB.
Used Hi'- World over tu Cure a Cold In
Quo Day,    Hlc,
Wi-hin the last ten yenrs tho horses In Ihn United States Increased
from about eighteen million to nearly twenty millions, ami In prlee from
nboil- 000 million, dollars to more itian
2,000 «11:1111 u dollars
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, ard many are born wltll them,
spare Uiem suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm ICxtormttiatOr,
the best remedy of the kind tha*. can
he 'iml.
Tilt the ;' ir 1831, ait (oalx Import-
id Into Hi" Thames, Instead of being
•.olil   by   \f I [lit,   i  -ru  sold   l.v   ineu
tmborfij the patented features
of Cat's Paw Heels.
W. N. U. No, 894.
i lhal iii- Admiralty nro
Bngt-ri i*i maturing plane
r-drawn warship of large
During    11113    there    will  he two
ellipses   of   Hie   flUU   Iiml   tWO   of   [Ik-
Diamonds have Leon dlscovored in
| meteoric atones.
His Accomplishment.
Setllemenl Worker—Sp this Is your
smalt brother. What does ho do all
day.' Utile Mother—Smoke a cigar-
cll'n for lho lady, bub, ami swallow do
stubl--Harper's Bazaar,
His  Masterpiece.
Tiie youi'.g novel Ifl t had had a tough
time of It ami so had his dear wife.
She he'd his talents in poor esteem
nnd t ficn urged him to try something
else, for sho was sometimes" hungry,
and all the time ill clad. Bnt one day
his luck changed, He began to make
money. And there came a duy when
he was able to write his cheqtio for
$100 and pass It to his wife.
Her eyes tilled wltll tears as bhe
read it,
'W-lllhraud, darting," she Bald, hh
Bho hastened around .the table and
put hcr arms about his neck. "I'll
take hack all lhe mean things I ever
said about your work. Tbls is the
best thing yo;i ever wrote!"
Tho various bodies of Volorana
Situated 111 a'.l parts of Western mid
Central Canada, attltlaled with the
Veterans Brigade, will honor Decoration I ay. on Sunday, May 1211). This
year extensive arrangements are he
Ing made by Hu: Winnipeg Headquarters of ihn Veterans llrlgadn to welcome a large number of cnmrndcH
who wlll come In to Ihe Clly to march
onoo more with old iime comrades
nf Hie Boer War, l-'milau Hafd, or
Nortii-West Rebellious, A Grand Entertainment Ih to take place uu Friday evening. May 8th at the new
Hull of Industry. On Saturday there
will he a Camp-Fire Concert an I
Holt-Call, am] ou May 12th, the hlg
parade of the Veterans Brigade,
beaded by their own brass baud.
All Veterans from outside places are
to bo acccorded the place of honor in
the parade, colonel Scott will be In
command of Hie Brigade.
At a meting of the   French   Agricultural Society,    M. Vacher    spoke
of the good results obtained in Normandy  by a  milk  controlling socie
ty.    Following  the  example of  slml
Inr bodies iu Denmark and   Sweden
i a herd hook Is used io keep track of
j the cows and  their descendants, so
(that  only tlio  best  animals for'milk
producing are selected.   This applies
also to the males, whose qualities are
transmitted.    Such animals are much
preferred    by    buyers and  bring    n
higher  price.
Write for agency for our special to-
order tailoring for your town.   There
Is money in It.   John Dawson, Ltd,
Church S.., Toronto.
"Ever been locked up?" demanded
counsel. '
"I havo been,'' admitted tho witness.
"Aha! And what had you been doing to get yourself locked up'"'
"I had beeu doing jury duty."
Wireless   In   French    Fishing    Boats-
In pursuance of the example set by
tho Herman Government in granting
a subvention for tho encouragemon-;
of  wireless    telegraphy    In    Ilshlng
boats a credit of $50,000 has been asl«-1
ed   from   the  French  Hoveriiiueut   lo.
encourage   Ihe  Installation  of  wire*
less  telegraphy  hi    French    fishing
smacks.   Boats   < orrj ing  their   own .
apparatus will receive an Insinuation
bounty of $200 lind au upkeep allow- '
a nee.
"Why are you ko vexed, Irnia'.'"
"I am exuspeiaieii: I attended ilie
mooting of <he social Humility Leuguo
nnd my parlormaid presided, nml sue
had the audacity to call nto nu( of
order ihree tlmos."
The small hoy of the household
was not notably proficient lu sacred
lore, but when his sister asked him,
"Where wuh Solomon's temple'.'" ho
Indignantly resented tho supposed
Impeachment of his slock of Information, and retorted:--
"Don't you think I know anything?"
She assured blm that she did not
doubt thut he knew, but urged him
to state ror her beneQt.
Though not crediting her sincerity,
he finally exclaimed, curtly:—
"On the side of his head, or course,
whero other folks' nre! D'you s'pusti
I'm a fool?"
Bweden's water courses tire efltl-
inutcil lo he able to produce in.inm,-
000 horse-power nine monihs in every
Mlnard's   Liniment   Curen   Dandruff.
The even!:. In Tripoli have shown
that in i lie noxl great Huropenn wnr
Hi.- llylnu lnach!nu musl be reckoned
with. 'Mi'- Italian commander knows
a t much nbouI ihn position ami I
strength of Iho Turkish fun-.i as tht
Turks il.cmi-clvfK. Scientific A inert
i an,
Patent medicines yield over t::\ui\,
ood to the liritish exchequer per uu
num 'u duty.
Well Named.
Mr, Droughl Is n cniulldute on ihe
prohibition ticket   in  Wisconsin  und
Joy Brothers run n gtirnge In .Minneapolis. -Milwaukee -l-'iiriial
Iferborl  Jones, the Kings jockey,
is also au .xeetloiit half-black,
From one pound of soap 38,34-1,000
iotp bubbles eau bo formed,
Library of Books Written by Women.
Misandry occasionally 1ms its uuos.
A Kussliiu woman, Mine, Klnasnvfrw,
who died Lun years ago In Ht. I-einrs-
burg, would UOt allow any hook writ-
leu by a man lo cuter her hoiiBo,
She was however, a voracious reader
and wealthy enough lo satisfy ber
cravings in this   direction,   On h'*r
death her library wan found to contain nearly 18,000 volumes—all urll-
lull by women. This was snld at the
time to be the njoat extensive collection Of ihls kind ever for llled.—Loudon Chronicle,
Made a Broad Appeal I    The world's large*! bnnk  Is helng
Willis-They say Dobber has sold j manufactured for ft Chinese medical
his painting; "The retreat from null Arm. If will weigh 1,200 pounds, bo
Kun," thai he has been trying lo sell' I fool thick when closed, und Its ill-
for years. Ilow did 1)0 iimuage It? men si ons wheu open will he :, !-:. feet
OIlllS—EJaslly Simply changed lho by 1 feet. There will be a specially
title io "Aiitomobilists Hoturnliig: constructed luble tor lhe bugo
Home"—ruck. i volume.
"Ilow do yon get along with the
follows In ihe regiment?''
"Oh, ull right. Hat hor decent. Johnnies—most of 'em. Two of 'em awful rotlahs, though."
"Ah!    Who's tho othah?"
The Victoria Cross was* established
fifty-four years ago.
During the lost flfly,, years Iho
deat ..-rate, from smallpox' has fallen
from 410 per million to 25.
The baromctoi  was discovered in
Tho multiplication sign was obtained liy changing the plus sign
Into a character resembling tho lot-
lor x. This wns done simply because multiplication is but a short
er form of addition.
Wireless Telephony.
Orenl Interest Is being displayed in
commercial circles in current oxperl
incnts  Willi device-,  for wireless tele
phono Inequations, Tlm problem is
ono of tiie most Interesting that culls
for solution \\\ tills srage, and el'-c j
trlcnl experts nre for tbo most pari
sanguine enough tu anticipate a sue* I
cessfni solutlou within no great spnc_
of time.
Creat   tit-Main  spends   upwards of
$225,000 each year on Secret Service,
The penny-postage scheme was llrsi
Adopted In Kngland in 18II3.
Mikes ■ |re«t difference in most women. They are troubled with "nervtt"-*
they iiiffcr Irom baeksche, headache, sleeplessness, ■ sensation ot irritability or
twitching, hot flashes, dizzy spelli, or many other symptoms of female weakness.
The local disorder and inflammation should be treated wilh Ur, I'iercc's Lotion
Tablets and the irregularity and weakness of the female system corrected und
strengthened witli Dr, Pierce a Favorite Prescription. The strain upon the youn_
woman or the woman of middle age—upon the nerve and hlood forming structures-
may be too great for her strength. This It the time to take this restorative tonio
fnd strength-giving nervine and regulator. For over forty years told by druggists
or woman's peculiar weaknesses and distressing ailments. Thi $ae remedy ao perfect ■
in composition and so good iu curative effects at to warrant
iti makers In printing its every ingredient on its outside
wrapper. The en* retntiy whlcb absolutely contains neither
alcohol nor injurious or habit-forming drugs. 1
Following letter selected at random from a large number
of similar onet and cited merely to illustrate thete remarks:    I
"In Iks vinW _t 1VH I became rrratlr run down and ii-rasular.**.
,..lui M!.?. ^-.IVRWW. Af Mm* f<M_t-Vk.lv   Wnul- 1  -•-^ ™
Inwly hut surety frcw w-.'in-\ and. alW, r«iolv«it to apph/to'thn doc-
.ur» fur liplp. Tha doctor said I bid Inflammation, enlargement and laceration,   I was In Led eleven weeks and cot no better.   The doctor satd I
■inwly -- «-- --. , --. r_... — ..... __.
tors fur help, 'i'hadoctor sild I bid Inflammation, enlargement and lacer
atlon. I was In bed eleven weeks and cot no better. I'he doctor said L
would hava to hava an operation, but to that I would not listen. My husband purchased two bottles ot Dr. Plerce'a Favorite rrewrlpUon. when
I started to Uke this remedy I could not walk across tha Sour, but after
Iiinii purchased two bottles of Dr. Pierce'a Favorite PreecrlpUon. When
1 started to Uke this remedy I could not walk across tha (lour, but after
I had taken three bottles I could foal myself ftinlnv, so 1 dropped tha
doctor and took Dr. Plena's Favarite Prescription. Only for It I think
IwoukttovobeeiiU-^-InaUvbattffetlaHadMylUa, I tool betufl
•ewUwau  ' " /
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Mief-*'Ptmanent Cure
fell.   Purely vegetable   act surely
but neatly i
lite fiver.
cli;ht'M    -j
gestion—improve tlm complexion--' briatitcil
Uie eyes. Smalt Pitt, Small Dost, Smelt Prire*
Genuine mud beu Signature
After tiie busy bghsoii is ovor, pack
up nnd (vine oust aud spend tbree
months tn one of our soUoola. IJual*
uess education wilt help you to win
out, It coata but llttlo to get ir..
Write tts for our new Cumiculmu and
plan h» let us help you. AdtU'CHS
\v. n. sttatv, Preildont, "Shaw's
.Schools/1 Toronto, Canada,
The Woman Thou    Gnvest    Me
EpQland and America
Hull C&lne U at present at -worl: on
a stage version ot' Ulu latest hook:
Tlio Woman Thou Oavost Me; and
thai, Uo has already entered into an
agrbpmout with tho woll-lcnown
Amerieaii theatrtcal managers, Messrs.
iCIaw and Brlanger, for its production
In New York lu the autumn at next
;.' cn v.
Negotiations are proceeding fnr an
olaborato presoutatton ot. tha play in
London, BirauItanoousJy witli that In
Now York, hut thoso negotiations nro
not yet far onougU advanced to jus-
tii'y an allusion to tlio management
concerned in thorn.
lr. will ho remembered that "The
CUrlsLlau," (iiiimnUi-eil hy himself,
whm tirst product d in America, and
"The .-Hermit City," In which Sir
Herbert Trco appeared ns Baron
Bonolll, hnd n Now Vork production
on Mio same day Hint It wub presented
at His Majosty's Tiieatre.
No matter wlyit yon wn.nl to cow or
darn, you'll find Just tin- neodte yon
CASE.      WOUld     OOSt      m»ub!«       K
bouffhl separately, Tlioao ifeedtc-i
ara the fltws. allver atoel and liiatoh--
tcsa for fliurimcH!! end UiiInIi, Hci.iI
B6o. for the Itomlly Necdlo dauu.
port J-iiid.
Montreal Canada
•In lid? ago of research und oxperlmont.
rli imtuiv Ih ini-sael.C'l by tiia aulfintlti*.
for tlio comfort nnd happlnesa of man.
golenco hae Indeed mado giant Btrldeti
in the pnvi century, and among tbo—hy
no means least Important—dlacovorlca in
inedlchio is Uiat ot Theraplon, whloh hatt
boon imt-a with gnat Bucceea tn l-Ycnoli
Hospitals and tbat it is worthy the attention ot thoed who nutter from Kidney,
bladder, nervous dlsooscs. chronla weak**
nesses. ulcere, nkln eruption.*-1, pit-.*.**, &c.-
ibc-ro Is no doubt. In fact It _a_ma evident from tlic .'■(? Htlr oiv.'Ltcd umong-st
ppeclallsts, that THERAPION Ih destined
to eaat Into oblivion nil thoso questionable remedies that vrero formorly tho
role reliance if medical men, it ta of
courso .nipoBfllMt-** lo tell sufferers all wo
tiliould Ulco to toll them In this hIioi t
article, but thoso who would like to know
more- nbonL tbln remedy tbat bus effected so many—we might almost suy, rtdrac-
iilous ciire"-. should pond eddroHscd on-
volopo for Fl.Kl-. boot. t.> i*r. l~.e CteiO
pt-.,l r- Hn'-rfiffK flow'!, Fliimn-
Ptoad, Londuii, l-'iiglm..], nnd doclda for
themselves whether tho New l-Vetioh
Remedy ""niKRAPiON- No. t. Xo. 3 or
No. " Is what thoy roqulro and lmvo been
nci-ttliiff hi vain during a llfo Of mtsor..-,
cuiici-ii'if, ill b.-ultli ami uuhuppincsH.
Vli'erapien is sold by-_ru«ftets nnd all
fiudlng medtc-ni! dealnra iu Canada*.
Vwn to Introduce our Hue to tlio puh-
tic; big money can ho made and permanent poflit'on secured, Apply to
Tiio Queen City Silver Co., Toronto.
Not Yet
Now that t'ae election is over let
119 quit regarding each oUiov us a
fool and he friends again.
urtfe_t Vft.'ir'^V',u,'iuV(H'ft,''ii.'t '•wll-.TItt
which makes, it necessary for you to
cat your hat,
For Asthma and Catarrh.—Tt Is one
or tho chief rocommoudattons of Dr.
Thomas' Klootrlo oil that It can bo
uaed Internally with as much bUCOQsh
nn it can outwardly. Sufferers from
asthma mul catarrh will find that the
Oil whim used nobordtug to dlreotloufl
will glvo Immediate relief. Many sufferers from these aliments havo found
relief in Mio Oil and have sent test..-.
uiouilals, "
Oood nftor no on, Jimmy, said Uie j
ntt-o young lady visiting his mother's
houso In tho sweet cause of charity.
Why don't you come to our Sunday
school? A lot of your little friends I
.iave joined and wo are going to have
a lovely party at Christinas,
•Tiuuny siioolt his head. Thon suddenly he exclaimed:
Has a boy called Snbolcs, wltll rej
hair, joined yet?
Ven denr, said the nice young lady,
nud ho seems to like it. Ho's such
11 good little hoy.
Huh, rn he? muttered Jimmy. Well
if he's thero I'll come, too, I'vo boon
looking for him for three months anJ
never knew where to find lilm before,
New  Light Thrown  Upon the  Mysterious lllnesa of the Llttlt
Tho Czar's eight year old heir,
hia only son, Is recovering from his
illness, but tho mystery maintained
by lho Russian court and pollco dally
Tlio report ot an attempt on his llfo
In tho imperial yacht Standart ls now
given in Paris with circumstantial detail. Tho explanation of tho ndmlr-
nl'fl suicide, followed by the attempted sulctdo of a girl wl-tu whom ho hud
relations, is sold to be that tho girl,
a revolutionary, used lier Influence
with tho admiral to secure tho presence of a nihilist in tho crow. Tho
other conflicting accounts ot tho ill-
nous or accident of thn czar's son as-
oriho It to a fall from a pony, or a
bicycle, or a eper in tho yacht, an
accident in Ills bath, a hemorrhage,
kidney disease, or peritonitis, in-
flamattau of tho mombrano lining
of t.ho Intestines,
Tho story accepted here as true ls
that the princo was phot with n
Browning pistol, and ho owed his
life to tho fact that when Iio snw nn
individual approaching witb n pistol
pointed at him ho attempted to escape, But Ills assailant wan too quloll
nnd in tho Btart led boy turned to one
Bide ho tired and tho bullet Inflicted
a deep wound In the lower part of
tho abdomen.
in tho confusion Ute person whn had
fired slid down a ropo over tbo sitlo
of tiio Standart unit escaped either
In a boat or by swimming ashore.
Ko has succeeded In getting out of
Russia, It was through his confession that tho attempt became
known oui nldo court otroles,
Admiral ChaglA was not on bonrd
tho yacht when tho prlnco was
wounded, Tlio role played by tho
girl student, Hetai Soqoloff, who tried
to commit suicide after tho admiral's
suloldo and to whom ho lott a sum
or money in his will, is moro serious
than 1ms been hinted at. umi in view
of her responsibility in tlio matter it
i3 perhaps not surprising that slie attempted her life.
It ia nccei-sary to recall that In
1883, the year following tho assassin-
In ihe crisp, bright October air. lhe
sweet young 1 nlng had been fur a drivo
witli her sweetheart and returned
freshened and glowing with oxcit*>
in out.
Oh, mother, sho cried, Tom and T
had ttie narrowest eseapo from au
awful accident. The horso nearly
bolted und I don't know what would
have happened.
We wero going through a narrow
lane when, -ull of u sudden a pheasant
got up from 'lie hedge and Hew across
the horse's head and boforo Tom could
grasp the reins—
Er, enqtlreii the young brother-—
wasn't ho holding them then?
And It tool; a long time to ox pin In
clearly what actually did happen.
 a.  1
___W    •    V   '^_i" __|
__r -'■ W v -H
Bt?'-*'-** **_•»
m          '^5?     ^
■ ^mS
-^"""-fla*           ^K                     *^           ..'          *"
^mttS&i'' ■• •- '* '■
\      -. ?%f% ■
*-'v         twV1,
V   >-v.   \          W '*>-,.*•
____^.*j__i      1
i^a    :■■'
"^ ■ '
a.iU  ■.•_\-.V    *.*-i
; Mi■'.
ift !.____,,.*. ^_w___m%
jfjfA- :
*                      'a*
BT^                                                                            1     a
:                 -«r_0r
1 . .    '*:■
\  '
- ■
* .
* 1 ■:''
<rr            .
, ■ ;
Unrecognlnd In London Store,, She
Purchase, Article* In the Or.
dlnary Way
Queen Mary luw ulreBdy lie-run hor
CliriBtmna Slionplng,
Her majesty likes to buy tilings
privately ta lier o**.*n qulot way, and
prefers to visit a Shop la person
rather than to havo a number of article*) sent to Biicklngliani palace from
which sh*, can malce a selection.
I'ow, It any, of the buoy crowds
of peoplo going tholr various ways
through Cambridge circua on Tliurs-
,day afternoon know that tho queen
,v.„ buying Christmas present, qulto
closo at hand.
Hundred*} passed and ropns&ed lhe
private motor brougham standing out*
sldo the ora bookritop at the corner
of Bhaftosbui-y avenue, aad within
tho boundaries of tho notorious Seven
Dlnla. without giving It tho slightest
The bookshop waa that ot Joseph
ZnchsuBdorf, Here her majesty,
who was accompanied by a lady in
wiiitin-*-. spent considerably more thnn
an hour, purchasing many hand*
bound volumes ou a variety of subjects, ns well as one or two novels.
Credited with being ail cxcecdlngi:-*
good shopper. Quoeu Mary gives a
minimum amount ot trouble to tlm.'o
detailed to attend to her require*
Sbo knew exactly what siie -wanted
when alio went, into Ilio bookshop, nntl
spared no pains to explain her wishes to the assistant.
Most of the time she iv;ib ln the
shop ber majesty was Inspecting
othor books, vhtc.h sbo had not como
to buy, but which Interested her.
She purchased soveral volumes,
which she at Ilrst picked off tho bookshelves and bookcases quilo casually,
The Feeble, Wasted Nerves Were Restored and Revitalized by
Nervous prostration Is a torriblo dis-
ease to all who understand its symptoms. At times tho sufferer feeli
comparatively well, but with slight
exertion the dreadful helplessness returns and all strength and vitality
Booms to leavo tho system.
This letter from Mrs. Martin very
well describes the terrible condition
In which ma n*-, u sufferer llnds herself. Sho also tolls how she regained health and strength by using Dr.
Chase's Nervo Food after all other
treatment hud failed.
Jlra. Edw-In Martin. Aycr's Cliff,
Que., writes:—"Heforo I began using
Dr, Chase's N'erve Food I was ln a
terrible condlthn from nervous exhaustion and prostration. Dlazy
spells would eoiuo over mo and I
would fall to the floor. The weakness was so great that t eould not so
much as sweep tlio floor without fainting, but the nerve f"*l '-*-1**-!, mo
•ess. tin* ...n.iui,, .,     it iias done
wonders lu building iny nenuuH sys*
tem. I can do my own housework now
and waBhing, and feel that this grent
medicine bas been a Cod-send to me.
1 think it is .ho best of medicines."
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, 30e. n bos*,
C for S'i.uO, ai all dealers or I'dui.-in-
son, Dates & Co.. Limited, Toronto,
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dlstempsr
(To lhe Olrl who sat on my pipe)
I loved you for your blushes ripe
And   k mptiiu*   lips -ahoin—
Until you flounced upon my pine
•And cruBhed lho amber stem.
Willie -Wily did lho boy stand en
Hie burning dock v.hcn all but lilm
had lied?
Tommy—I aipiioso he was the hero
In that moving film, nud bo was paid
to slnnd there.
The above snapshot of lho crown prince depicts this well-known roynl
sportsman with his wife nnd eldest sou, tho Prln.e Wilhelm. at Neu-lli*
muck near Allensleln, Mast Prussia. Kuinor has li that relations betwce.i
tbo emperor and Ms eldest son arc again of a soinowhnt strained description, which fact wa's particularly noticeable during the recent maneuvers
The crown prince, who is very popular and unassuming, Is a line shot and
sportsman. Ifis recently published "From My" Huutlng Day Hook" 's
also evidence that he is able lo write iu an lull-resting and lucid manner
regarding his sportlug travels.
Prlxo Fighter (entering school with
his bou)—Vou give lhis hoy ot mine
a thrashing yosterday, didn't yotl?
Schoolmaster (very norvously)—I—
I'riao Fighter—Well, give us your
hauil, you're u ohamplou. I can't dn
uothLug m ith him myself.
A fire Insurance! agent tells thla one,
We have some funny experiences ln
our business, fine day a small merchant of the Hill sen Ion camo to me
and Insured Iils stock of ready-mado
clothing for $3,000, Ite wus going
out with the policy whon I reminded
him that he had forgotten n, pay the
How lunch is it? enquired lhe customer.
Oh, Just a Httle matter of $.1.
Well, said lie, suppose you jitKt let
the premium Brand and deduct it when
the storo bums down,
Tn accordance with the tic culling
privileges grnuti d lo lho Clrand Trunk
Pacific K;iiiw,.y by iim Dominion olinrt-
er, ih.* company bus noUflcd Mr, it,
il. MficlUlllau, Chief Forostor of iirlt-
l»h   Cohnubi.1,   ihai   approximately
1100,000 I i.s will br- cut lu Mil*  ilclii.
Ity of Tele .Inline Caohoi Undor ha
agrrolnont the O.T.P. Is entitled to
lake all of ihese from llvo wood but
an nmiiiaeiiiciii has boon mado whore*
by luO.ouu wlll ho lal  from wood
flrekilhd lasl. year, This Is an OX-
pertinent lo toal the I'olallvo durability of lho nut rtro-Iclllod wood. The
llallrutid has fui-thri- agreed to burn
all iho bush for a distance of noo foot
on either side of the rlj-ht-nl'-way, As
an Indication of iho dovolopntont
which Is lo dike, place In lbo Upper
Fraser Valloy one firm hns mado ar*
raiigeinenlB to put In two sawmills,
which will each hnve it capacity of
17C000 feet per dav.
Help  for  Asthma.   Neglool  rir ^
lasibnni a groat advantage, The tr.nil.le
onoo It has secured a foothold, fusions lis grip en Ihe broiichhil passage*
I tenaciously.     Dr. J.    1).    Kellogg's'
i Asthma Iteiiudy Is dully curing casos
lot asthma ef long standing,    Vonrsl
I of sufforlng,   however,   might   liavo
! been proventod had lhe romedy boon !
i used when the troublo was lu Us llrsi
J Btagos.   Do net ii.-gleet asthina, bill
; use lhis prep.iraliun nt once.
No. ■ box tr six boxes for $2.60,
ll ill -lulora, or Th* Deddi Msdl-
tlm Cemptny, Limited,   Toronto,
V/.N.U, 927
A lawsuit was rooontly In full
skIiik and during lh.. iin.--r.-KS a wll-
ness, wna crcs8.0Xamlll4"d us lo thn
habits and eha.acli-i- of Hie defendant
lias Mr, M - a reputation for being
nbnoriniilly  lasy? iinki d  lho counsel
Well, sir, It's lhis way-
Will yon kindly answer Hie quoBtlou
Well, sir, " was going to say It's
lhls way. I don't wanl lo do Ihe gen-
tleiiian lu question an Injustice. And
I don't go so fur as to say, sir, that
he's lassy, exactly; but If It roqulred
any voluntary work on his pnrt to digest Ids food—why, he'd die from lack
of nourishment,
Mlnard's Liniment Cures DlphtherU
London * Subway Census
Motor Omnibuses nro now Inducing Londonors to mako more uso
of lho subways Ihan Ihey formerly
did. A census taken by lho City Corporation of tho users of the Mansion
lloiisojjid D'.r.ckfrlnrs Brldgo subways Wiws that on an nveruito iv
7ii!l paBfl dally tbrougb lho former and
10,103 through the lullor,
The Reason Why.
Ida No, I can't possibly iniiiry Al-
Sophie-Havo ynu learned some*
thing bad about him?
Ida—No, but 1 can't possibly bring
lilm lo the point ol proposing to m*>.
Even light wlno has been known to
produce a dark brown tnsl*.
atlon of lho CVar Alexander II, hy n
bomb, u military reyolutionary party
was formed In St, Petersburg, wltb
tranches al CroiiBtadt. Nlcolaloff, and
Sebastopol, It had aa Ita chief Col-
'.roi Ascboubromier, with whom wero
ntsoclatod Lieu^pnaiits Baro.i Stroni-
berg nnd Siichnnofi'. The famous ni-
hillaf. Marie Vera Fignor, waa also n
member, Buobanoff. afrer being
tried for compltolly In n nlhltisl plot,
wnn shot, and Marie Figm r and Colonel Asolionhrennor were condemned
to death, but their sentences w. ro
commuted to twenty yeara' dotontlou
lu a fortress,
The military organisation to which
thoso rovoliitlonarlos bolongod wna
disbanded, hut It la hollered thai I
wi..-. rooontly re-formed, Helen Bo-
koloff, uilh whom Admlrnl Clmglu
was In lovo, ll reportod to ban- been
"I f lis ollllBSai'leS, Thillika t.i he.-
lulluonco with blm. iin- unsuspecting
olllccr waa made use of to faullltata
the access of revolutionaries to ibe
Imperial yacht, und tlio attempt ou
the ez-ir's son una rendered possible
TalfO warning from the Title nr ono
Who sloops hla Inst sleep hero.
And wben ynu go out bunting, son,
Do not look iih-- a der,
China's Advantage
Wiseman—Well, China has started
off fairly  woll In  tho Indopondouoc
Oynlcus—lllll ll bad lo borrow num-
oy right off Hn- bat.
Wlaomau—Truo.   lint   n    doesn't
have to iv> abroad for Arc craokors,
Such a Romantic Girl
Jack—Tlio college girl I am engaged
to sicked mo up on grammar heforo
a week had passed over our head-!.
Tom—You got oft easy.     Tiio ono
I know corrected my En-jllah whllo I
was proposing to her.
Tho farmer's mule had Just balked la
lho road when tlio country doctor
came. Tho farmer naked tlio physician lf he could give him something
to start tho mule. The doclor said
ho could and roaohlng down into his
medicine cose, gavo the animal some
powder. The mule switched ht3 tall
and tossed his head aud started on
a mad gallop down tho road. Tiie
farmer looked first nt Iho flying animal and then at the doctor.
Ilow much did that medicine cost,
Doc? ho asked.
Oh, about 13 cent?, sold the physician.
Well, give ni© a quarter's worth
quick. And he swallowed it. I've
get to caleb that mule.
If,You Value Your Eyesight
Jteyb Lamp
You will equip your
reading table with a
A reporter was once inter.ier.ing a
famous mngltah International football*
er, nnd asl'Od him .how he liked bolng
tt professional footballer.
Immensely, iio replied.
Ay, but woll enough In bring your
children up to it?   said the roporter
N'o ho replied, net Well enough tor
But why? asked lho roporter?
Qecauso fh-y nro lasatcfl, raid he
with a loud laugh.
Tho reporter collapsed.
Native silver has been discovered
In good quantities at Stewart Lake.
Ill miles north west of the Orand
Trunk raeille lino at Fort Oeorgo an 1
ls being dlllgontly followed up.
Authorities agree tliat a good kerosene oil lamp is the best for
reading. The Rayo is the best oil lamp made—the result of years
of scientific study. It gives a steady, white light, clear—mellow.
Mads of solid brass, nickel plated. Can be lighted without removing chimney or shade.   Easy to clean and rewick.
At Dtaleri Everywhtra.
''-,To m->,' I-*.* how poor a woman is th.'
can nlwi.v toast of having rich ron
A foolish gir. makes n Inn-ban I o'l*
of her lover; a wise ono   makes
lover out of hor husband,
How to Tag Trunk
A vacation crowd was sitting on Uie
porch of a summer hotel a few days
ago and the discussion turned to the
subject of baggage. Heveral hud told
of their annoyance at having trunks
como a day cr a week late and how
hard it was to get baggage through on
I don't have nny I rouble, said a
woman who had boon around the
world and then some. I work it this
way: Cn every pieco of baggage that
I check f tie a conspicuous red tag,
ouo that cant fall to be seen. I can
always pick out my trunk and vnllso
thia way and I then limit up tho hug-
gage man.
Bee that trunk with the red how
on it, I say to him. Here's GO cents
if you can get it on the same tndu
with me. And I never bate any
trouble with trunks coming late.
The Salaried Cat
The only salaried cat In the fruited
States 80 far as one can lind out, has
just, died in New Orleans, nnd was
given a proper burial, This was
old Tom. who for years bad been car-
ried on the board of trail.: as official
rat catcher, with a salary of 10 cents
a day, and wan never discharged,
though lu IiIh later years bo was as
reluctant as ether veteran ofllco*hold-
ers to get busy. But ho had no on-.-
,--:'» "•"not of Ilu- feline sen, :.....
Jus framed pitt...
rector., room at
11 the di*
tho board of trade.
Any Time o' Day
Any time o' day
Won't do for tin- tollers that have
got to mako the hny.
When you see ihe race hoss standin'
ifcck  nud  slim
Any time o' day thon'll never do for
For lhe fellers that get nowhere all u;,-
tbo dusty way,
Are lho ones Ihot keep n waiting funny timo o' chi'.
Peoplo lave hysterics and think 1:
Is to'mpernmont, '■
Mrs. N'ukoln- Fldo lias been so happy all day.
Mrs. Leader—He has.
Airs. Nultoln—Vos, ho seems to realize thai, we had our name In tho ho.
oloty column. •
A small negro boy siood by lbo
side of the road near n river, standing
on one foot, holding his head on one
aide ami pounding the top of it with!
his hand.
What's the  matter? Inquired lhe
Watali In moll oar, grinned the boy.
Well, woll, t declare, said Iht- trav-
riling man.   To think I'd forgotten
| I've done lhe Bolfsame thing many si
I llmo  when  I've  been   in   swimming
1 and got wator In mj . nrs,
j    I ain't been er swlmmiij, ?uld thei
I boy.
How'd you gel water In your rar
i then?
|    Ah been ontln' watoi'mllUous, wai
j llm rejil;.
Mlko Hogun had Ik en n laborer, bul ;
! he received ii large logaoy after which !
jthe family put ou a  grout deal  o'\
stylo ami .-iid.itiiir.-ii to forgo! Mike's
I humble heglunlng,     Finally ho died'
', ami ui tb.- funeral many beautiful floral  tributes  wire  rocolvod  from  his
I sorrowing frtontlst    lu   loi,king   at
thom ih.- widow suddenly dried hor
tears and gland angrily nt an anchor
of flowers.
What's the mall, i-'.' nsked a friend
! who was with ucr.
What (il wanl to know, said lho
bereaved wife I.i tones trembling with
aimer, la Hit- name ar th' mon lhal
siut ihot pick.
A Canard
WUHo  -I'aw, what Is a canard?
Paw—A canard is when n newspaper prints a statement that n politic*
Ian whn is a friend of Hie pco-pul
has had ills pants pressed.
Do you think it pays lo advertise?
I know It doesn't.   I iidvertL. d for
a wife oiler-.
You got one, didn't you?
Yes; but lock at hor.
Don't so,.* why honeymoons In airships should bo popular, Bul probably peopla wain io rls. to see tvhore
hlfh prices are.
Waller Well, sir, how did you fin,,
the  beef  In   Hull   Stow,
Diner Ob, I happened In shirt t,
polato, and  -well, l|ioru tl was,
Mean Advantane
Count Dodo -Uhi he challoilgo you
to a duel?
Prince Wigwag—Bah, yer, iio
knew I imd pawupd my sword for a
laundry bill.
I understand your wife Is flnnnclnlly
Interested  In  yonr business?    ,
A silent pari ner, 1 suppose?
Well—01'—that's what the calls her-
Rome people fn1! to   win   because
others do not lose.
His Undoing
I wonder, snld the youthful student,
how ilio prodigal sou   came   to   go
I Btispcot, replied Farmor Corulosn-
el, lt whs becauso ho spent his Hue*
in lown hanging nround tnlkiug aboul \
how I uplift th - farmor,
I.iiilo Lola—Whoro are you going,
Aunt Joslo?
Aunt   Joslo  To    lln*    profoSBOr's,
denr, lo lake i- Fencing lesson,
Utile Lola—Please lake mo t.i'h1
you auntie-. I want In sec you climb I
a f. ncoi
1 know a fellow, rcmarltod file Man]
ou the Car, who Is nl'rii.lil Unit If lit-
Wife  could   vote  nhe   wuuld  tl.dt  llllll
to explain lhe taiilf.
liy Inducing n m.-ni to run for ollie.
a woman enn discover his faulls 'villi*
out marrying him.
Many a man has lunl n close siiMO
wlio never pu'ronliad a barber.
When a mail begins to abuse his
home town It's (line for him to move
Found He Had to Leave Off Tea and
Many persons do nal realize 1.1,at a
had stomaeh will causa Insomnia,
Tea and ooffoo drinking being suoh'
an anolsnt and rospootablo form of
habit, few reull.o Hint ihe drug -oaf-
ft.-Ine oontalUOd In l< a ami enffee. Is
oi!.* of the prlnolpal cutis,... of iijvi
pepsin ami nervous troubles.
Without their mual portion of tot,
".- coffee, ilu* iiifi'iiin- topers are nervous, Irritable and fretful, That's ibe
way wltb a whiskey drinker, He haa
got in have hl-i dram "to sotllo bis
uorvoB"   habit.
To leavo off lea or coff, o Is an ona::'.
mailer If you wan: to Iry II, because
POBtum give: c. gentle tun natural support to lhe nerves nnd dnon uui contain any drug   nothing bul food.
I'hvsieliins know Hliu lo he hue, asl
ono fiom Hm South wrltos:
"I have cull d myself or a long stnnd*
Ing co-... or Nervous Dyspepsia hv loav i
lug oh' ooffoo find using Postum," Bays
tho doctor.
'■! ulso enjoy refreshing i.-le.-p, lo|
whioli I've heen uu ulti r Blrungor for
20 years.
"In Ireatlng dyspepsia In Its various
typos, I llml llttlo troublo win li I eau
in,luce patients to ijull coffee nud
ndont Postum,"
The dootor I-i I'luhl nnd "Hu r, -a a
reason." Hend lln. lilllo book, "Tb -
Itoad I.. Wellvlllo," lu ulcm).
PosLtiul now conies lu QOllcontrnlod
powder form culled Inslnu-i Postum,
li I-: prepared by siirring n li roi ten*
.;..--infill in a nip or in i trator, adding
sugar lo taste, nnd enough orcam in
hi lug Hie color to golden brown.
Instant Pouliim is convenient;
[lion's no waste; nml the flavor Is
always uniform. Bold by grocoi'J •
CO-CIIP tin ,'10 els,. 100 cup lln f,0 ete,
A r.cup trial Uu mnftod for gn-
e. r's tiniiio and 2-eent. stamp for post*
nge,     cnund.'an Postum Cereal To
Ltd., Whdsor, Ont.
Further Poslpo.-icment    of    Proceedings Bcfoee the Railway Board
Thn enquiry into  western   fn igh*'
freight rates at Ottawa ha-, be i  fur-l
ther postponed, upon the application
of the counsel for BUBkntcUewe    an!
Alhorta,  who retiutro  more tlu	
digest the mass ot figures pri eated
by tlm railway companies.
The exhibits laid before the Itail.vav
Hoard consist of several volumes of
ilglll'Gfl, so Hint the beat it now spa ,v .-
Is capable of Is to set forth aa Impartially us It can tho fuels whloh lhcy
appear to establish beyond reasonable
The Winnipeg Heard of Trade and
other boards wore evidently iu error
in saying that rates out ol Winnipeg,
liad net been reduced siueo 1886. when
sllr William Van Horllo pledged himself that thoy would diminish as the
volume of trnfllo increased.
A book of 7a pagOB Is det-eitd lo
showing tho numerous reductions that
liavo been made since Ihen. As regards whoat, for Instance, lhe f'n-i-
-idlun Paollio rate from Winnipeg to
Lake Superior has been redneeil from
28 cents per 100 pounds It. 10 cenls,
that is, from 17 ta 0 cenls per:
It Is not the case thai rates la the
Canadian West are so much higher
than In tho adjacent Htates as to constitute a serious handicap on the Canadian settler.
The exhibits go to prove that our
Western rates are on tin* whole lower
than ihose iu Mlnnosota, North Dakota, South Dalioln, Kobraska, Montana and Wyoming, although popnla-
Hon l-l greater and traffic more deine
over thero Hutu with tis.
It was a mistake to assert that rates
on lhe Soo Hue, u road In tile United
,-*tates controlled by the Canadian
Paolflc, wero considerably lotver than
tho Canadian Pacific rates In the Can
tidian Wcit.
Tiie experts sny lt might -r.-ll bo
(hat an American read owned by the]
Canadian Paclfla served a territory
ho much older mid more thickly popii-
i.-Lj titan ours as lo warrant the
company in granting lower rales than
those wn enjoy without Incurring nnv
moral blomo; precisely us the owners!
of a Winnipeg Journnl might, fo: much
iho same rouson, produce a better
newspaper ut Chicago or New York
without charging inoro for it to th-
lunn on tho atreet. ,\i any rate, so
far us the rates on thc Soo rond nro
concerned, Ih.-y nro not lower hut
higher than the rales in the Canadian
It was commonly asser'ed and h.-,
Moved that rales on tactor; goods rom*
Ing lo the Wai1 from Eastern Canada
were higher than tho me-, on similar goods from thn ISaslorn States in-
Iho    North. Western    SciIch    above
J named, which are our Immcdlato com 1
potltors,     Very often [ho Winnipeg
agents of Haste rn manufacturers do.
| dared this lo be sn when stumped lo
j account for the urealei cheapness o"
i factory goods on lbo American than
I on the Canadian side of Hie Hue,
Put. nocording to He- exhibits, l:
I i.i without fuundullon. Tho Cannd*
ian rales aro lower than lbo Amer!.
onn, notwithstanding that the Canadian goods ure, as n rule, hauled ll
! greater distance and have to be ear-
vied. If carried all-rail, across tin- hm.*,.
desert lying between North Bav audi
Winnipeg, whoro thoro ti no'localI
On lhe other band. H (? trie Ihnt
rates In Ihr W'_t are higher IliaO the
average run of ralos In the Proline-
of Ontario, The Canadian roads
plead iim' Ontario has a much greater
and moro compact population than
tho We.-t has, besldos which, rales
In Ontario hate to be reduced to thn
lowest point for halt the year te meet
waier ooinnotltion.
If we rolort by asking! Since you
enn afford io oarry frolglil ihero si
al-nornielly low lutes lo mtct wat,-,*
oonipviiiloii, why online* ro-.i afford t -
ci.n-v li for ilk.- roles nil orcr n ur
ayslom?    They reply that It would
be I sslbln,
Ontario summer rater,   the
A few altera south ef C.P.R. Dtpe*
Rate* 11.10 to 12.00 per dor
Cvlilne unexceltH
Htt and ctld wattr In tvtry rte-rs
H.t.l  practically  Ffrtprtt*
All Outsldt Rooms
Ask your Clothier to show you
No others ;i?, i;ood
Everybody likes lhe
American and Kuropean Plans
Geo. Wright & Mack Carroll
i,l Pes! Card to*
i loe, bow to in.,'.,
an«i  "Easy Pocket
f-Srlel   Money"
^llll IO   Now_iliaT.ine. Address
 [P.O.BO-IZSO, Moutreal
All grocers 25c. lb.  Tin
ftngliicors ami DoUtmakSfl
Bell'rt   ef   all     klud.   I*n«*inti.
I'-atnpi. ami IImvv Pltll Work
Writ* ti. f'.r Prlce*i
14 9trtch.i,i Ave . Toronto, Cin.i-I i
yield sn little abnro Un- setuul
of ilie iiinii, thai if (hav were aooliwil
all oi. r tli.* road would have to ro Into hanlrriintar, V.t lbo trlde tbets
rates do turn Intn tbe treasury ei aid .
He- comnnny, t,. Ibal oiteul, to i-.■->
dowu rates olttswliere, Slniil*1
tbo wlis'al rate from U'lnnlnoa to Lnkoi
Smie'■;.;.-. narliaps Uie lon-e»t In Uir*
v..nlil. could nol bo ni-.ll- Uio conornlI
rule for all cnmniunlllrs will  ruinous consaQiioncos
Tin-...- nre lln. chief noluls lirnua.it
oul by in., i shlblls ithlcli llie ..::.,..i.f
have pul in
M«*,WllfltOW'l SOOTOW • Wl! I* ]'•' I"'*"
tiecffc*. wer plXTV VUARi-l. ItllUONHot
fconu.HS (..r ihelr ciiauwUH WlllUt
POOTIIR'. i" iilll.n. HUPTIXIIM '-■ -.t.",
II llie iMBt *■•   r' .   fat  HI -XHHH'I .».       II  i- i»V
•".lutflv l.irr.r.-. B- -irf icd ■•"■ tei "Mr».
Wlnvbm • Hooililai Byruji ' -*r.. uilc bo uibar
kibvi. XfrcatyliTCctattt bewd
,u <ll.Il
led   iu
in  Hi:
1 oul
't wnsl
llle   III
:,.    I  I
.f wale
your l
•? Nu,
on i mi
me In
cd ci
I  Mr,
i-l.i '■:,.
f'rnily 'Ann
Cu yi
1  help
i nori
-: nl,
I'assi rbj iiinii. Wlm: soi -'. ,i
rent do you mil yourself;
J:.-;-•-..-.i-   .Vm Indigent, Blr,
I'll Iiiiii Are Ilu- eliililicn all In fnr
tin- night;
Ma Kiel] Don'l l.iunv; i;i. olll In llie
nan  and oounl (llo ears,
Cold Storage
Oi.l est-,, I said, ili<* grocer lied
Pray em,', how old un* you;
I nm ne cblciioil, It replica,
My aso Is Iwoutylwo,
Suffragette Scored
Minn In--/. Mllbolland, ilie beautiful
rnil ni-hii,er.-itii: suffragette, dotes'.a
Uio male flirt.
Al n lunohoon In Nowporl a mala
fliri snoered m woman suffrage.
Woman doesn't wnnt a vote—-ihii
wauls P lm band, i." said.
Nonicnie, said Miss Mllhollnnd,
It's a fact, the flirt i mtlnued, ibo
way lho avi rago woman worships man
is nmaslUK., Why l inysolf havo luro*
ed about fifty womon's heads,
A wny  fii.in  j.ur:  mill   M    ,   *.l i I 'i< .1-
A oal may look (it n King but n rian
rlib hny fe.-or would snera at a.-y-
tlli.sfT -
\   l'l 'lu iiitni'i   \ iiii   n   millin ppelled
ii in Marls .-ml prooounood lomoUilug
tike Cnchoo li.-rl never learned lo read
or wrlto, imi be managed te dlsgulso
, lho f.i'-i pit-iiy woll until ho movod t-i
I ,i new community, whoro iim natnp
'was nn! ceinniiii.   Going In Ibe post
diiie -. in.- morning, in- onqulrodi
(in! any mall for Joo cu-chou.
HOW lie yell Spoil II 7
Cini'i you (pell Joo C.l-olioo;
No. laid I'i: cl, rl.. I never heard
<i b.fore.
Then the disgust '-. :'i l-'renchuian,
hoih :1 over, and lm snortodi
Well, If yotl '..ir.'t Spall, why don'!
yen sell yiur "id OOStoOlOO (o sotn'j-
The Laundry Bill
by using
Clean, Sanitary, fi? Economical
Put up in Rolls of ISO Towels
Holders 75c. and $2.00
Company, Limited
Local News
In the recent Btonii which wrough,
sucb groat damage it tia&n . tonic i.
iur knowledge bliat nny of our vie
tures folt thp elect of Ub severity-
Our work Btatu~.s tho to t- kith-
Frames  Pictures,
c;. D. Smith, of Moylo, waB a «ura
nt tli' Cosmopolitan Sunday Inst.
A. Wilkinson, of BHko, spent Sun-
d iy l:st in Cranbrook,
A co.npleto stock of fresh fruits an.
vegetables.—Ira R. Manning,
A.  I,.    Gam ir, of    Pasco,  was In
towi Sunday last.
R. H. Bohart, o) Wardnsr, was In
ibe City Monday on biiBlnoss,
A Pointer for You
+ ■.■■.... .hi i n i in i n 1111 Hiiimii iiiiiiu.;.
"BOB'S   PLAOH" lor OKI Alia
'!. 11. Co ib, ol Kouora, *>..-* In thi
Ity 'I'Hi-siluy.
M, 11   M.-lii-.iiii   ol WyollHt, wai In
town TiniHiluy.
K. Whitney, o] [dnho Palls, whs h
gue, 1   a thfl Crnnbroo'i Tiutilay.
Tops mill 1 '.i.i.'iit., lot 'lem .Ini!*, nl
iu,- i'i mi -I Exchange.
I    W   Dor, 11, ,,( Ki 1'1,-y. si- ni Kun
1 lay lnsi  -it Cran rooc,
Mr. nml Mi*,   r   K   i-n .'. ,,1 Bos
,t nn,   were    t i.uil roo .    *- laltors  "
! Weiln slay.
■       itocX  ,.l  imi v  i-l-.iii 1 nn '
rlasswai * to I*,- moi' -I In thirl > ilay.
[ra   H   Manning,
Mi    .uui  Mra.   .1    \.   Bilnwsoinl . o
II l.   Ill'l  '   u III'SI      ll     111     I'lllll. IToOrt
PS 'in
T      1 hi oli ..':' hil have bean ilon it«l
WB MAKE GREAT STRIDES   4 '   '   »'*   '   *_il*l <°    '"
T        ised a* a prite at the Vail b mr.
populai favor on accouut of *     Thi   Pei e-t    Sealers   aw  the  be
ie  ■xealUncfl  uf  our  haroeu   .. ,:i  the market
making.   Reliable work and the  \ [
•t tin- beal   leathers  only
...    . ,       ',  +   sisne-,1 hs position :is fire warden, In
I a.--j  os   -villi '._t-  .er\   Lie-:  ol   ■.
,,   toe Si oosunicbucK district
harness makers.   We i *arry sin    __
',.      R   W    ffn ■:-. and   \   !■   Tiius. of
■"■■:■:'.!',  wi pe   I'• anbrooi    * i dtofs on
ike tliein to order.
It may be that your ryes are becoming weak and you are afraid to
acknowledge it. That is tbe way
with a good many people, both old
aud young, - The young particularly, seem afraid to admit then fading sight, hut it 11 uo novelty nowadays and certainly no diigrace
We will remedy any defective eye-
light quickly, accurately and at
low  cost.
Jawaltrs & Opticians
W,   J,  I'.il'.tl.  ol  'to
Uteres! at ilu- i ranbro
T   I. ii r, ol Wn.nii„
Thurrd iy.
gie and donUa sets in .took,
f   W. M. PARK & CO.  ii
Phone 109     Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443   II
rhe i r..!i!'i. o -   Hatha ge.
Geo   Tlsdale, ol Marysville, his re
luoday last.
Yorkshire vi-i    weeks old    pics for
4»l9ftle,   $5.00 each; de lvery  in   2 days,
apt ly Cranbroo - Trading Co.
B.   Betts.   ■''   Oakland,   Ce) f..   wbs
re tittered at  the Craibiook  Sun lay
H-M******   last.
i    Kred   Btnmore   aod    Al.     Doyle  of
j Kurt   Steele,   were   transacting   btisi
in Cranbri o    Monday.
Wm dner,  wus
n Cranbrook on
Specially Prepared
Served livery Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa, B.C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
Mr. and Mrs. Q. H. Conr.oly, (,!
unlgary, wor. iy...„hi'*.o.*- .-.-■-•-•*■- <»n
The Ancient order of Foresters will
picnic at Rlko on Dominion Day,
Juiy Ih,.
Mr, Harry White returned fion a
holiday trip to the Coast. He reports having bad an excolleat time.
Lothbrldge will pay ta-.es nt the
rate of 2.1 mills, on an assesiinunt of
(16,990,000 nnd n required revenue o'
P. Lund, of Wardner, manager o*
the Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co ,
wns   in   town  Thnrs lay  • i* company
hiiHin s-t.
■ ■ Barga'ns, the like ol which yon
never saw l-e'ore, in our jrociry de
partment,—Ira. R. Maniing.
_.. _ ********
Hanson Garage jj
Sole District Agenl For
The Ford Automobile
Supplies «( all Kinds in Suck at all times; also
the  Best Tiles the market affords
There art- More than 22(1,000 I'ords on
the World's Highway
For  Pricea ami Information ragarding Cats
Wnte ur Appl)   to
In nn rther column of thle u-aue will
be found nn advi.rtiBcmc.nt cftlling for
enilei--: n. repair t ie B-hfi Itlon Bu 1
Inn on tin* Pair Clrounita,
I    Mr. W, U. .MiiL-t.-iiil.in,- In lm In   i
1 ii.nli-iii ii» number ol nltcrntlon
i imd" to lila reaidence. Mr. A. i*.
I Jones lum the oontraot,
■ •      KII.UY     FHAME8     PIOTURBS
I.ocnl fllbermen were nut in fo i
iinliy ium mnl with lew inception
returned with small catahoa, the i
cr being too high for Rood fishing,
w r Dunitan, late with th• l*'in
Mercantile i .,., ih starting wl li
Messrs, Ward ninl Umi h nn Wednta.
Mrs   .1. P, Kins inli-i'tiiliiril n mini
:  *-i  ,.i friends on   Wednesday nfter
•)•   i" in ii"i i Mrs, James Ryan
who him-iii tin. wee. in OranVoo't,
A.   I-'.   Mill.* City   Hi irsdny.
Kll.HY     B-RAMBB
K.   Mnr.hall   ol   Van
t -wn Thursday,
o, wuh reg
auver  was i.
J. J, Smith ul ISilmon'on, win a
gueat ni tbe Oranhroo   Friday.
O, u Vi-iinmii. n Vancouver, wa
a{-18tcred  ut tin- riti-il.i-uui  1-iid.iy.
BORN   ai   the    CoLtago    Hospital,
ranbroo'c, on Sunday, June   22,   to
Mi. i.n I Mrs. H. Stevens, .  son.
A num'. e ■ of the followers ol Isaa:
Walton, will li*av» toilay on n lisbln
trip to St. Mary's Lake,
Hon.   Longpre,  ol   Kinssgnte   wns
tran-acting   biisin^ss   at   Cranjroo
I'i e .la
('i. K. Taylor of Fcrnl*, wns Iran
suctiiii; bisiness at Cranbrook Thurs.
j3,r.on.nn stock ol (nn*y clilni ai
ilasswarc to be moved in thirty iluys
—Ira .1. Manning.
Mr. mil Mrs   '"■- ."■'"?*-"
mko   w-'-1*--   Crariurpoa    visitors   cn
llelnrc |nitlinh' up your aeaso i'-
(i-i.it, me tlic Perfect Sc.U-r.s, aold at
ilie I'l-nii in.uk Bxchange.
Ira. M. Hamilton Rohirta of Pin
Cher ir-cl:, wus visi.inK fiicnilu i-\
Cran'rook Thureday.
,1. R. Pabay, of Wiunijog, was   1
town Friday. Tb
Frc-nli [mils i mi vege'a' Ua nil kln.'a
—Oranbrook Tra.linj- i o.
J. Flis'imaii, (>f Vancouver, \ as t>
Kiicst at tin* Cranbrook Fiiday.
,il  Win I cu,   wa
A.  I-:,  i ,.f-*.in.lt.
in tuwn Friday,
S. s. Rodger-i, of Van in er, wit.
registered al t**° Oranbrook Friday,
Kntiri* change ol programme at I a
Bdison tonight,
"BOB'S   I'l.ACR" for OIOARS
I-. II. Roberts, nnl ,1. L'oyd, o'
Spokane, were in town Woducsday.
A complete stock ot trcsh frulta m
vegetables, - Ira II. Manning.
A.   -Slitlii-lsnntl   ul   N'el.-i. n     was   n
tho Oranhroo*< Wodnoaday.
S,   llii-ks.  ill  Wyi-lille.  wlls    II  I" vr.
Mr, unit Mrs. .Iiiims Urn n nro
leaving todnj i..r fort il .nue whor
iliev will rosldo In lhe future.
Otto   Wloanor,   ol     Wniiln.r,
-lun.Iny lasl visiting friend, nl
I .mill-
lllr   M. I.... -| .
C -f++-H-++++++++++-M»H-,
4* < hurcti mil imM n monthly meottnj
T it Lhe r«iidono« «>1 Mrs. It. Drown on
±   Wrdnendnj Afternoon o! noit wa k.
•*     10 per c< m  iHncounl  on :ill huiiI
J    ■ tuna   ninl   li.'i   pop   ci ii     on   it)]   fitnc.y
uooda, consldornhly Iihh thnn coit,—
ni li   Mnnn tut,
II Riverview Outing Place j
The Best Outing (.'jm|i in liunt Kootenay
(mud Accomodations
Gasoline laauncli ami Units
ij    |Will Open June 22nd 1913
II. LUND, Proprietor
, I_______A_____w_w_A_____-i l.lliliiln I
A meeting ol the oxcctiLivo of Hi
Ornn noo'. Liberal nHioclnLloii mot In
Clftppfl Inill on  Tlinimliiy  I,ml   foe   tin
MiuiHurtlon ot liHMiiiHii.
'lhe lollowiii.' III iiih wil ho Miown i I
,t» tho UMIflon t.in„'ii' mm :iit Tho
HiviiIh, j! 11 nun' a nmn; Now I In,
Mo Down to Hlwp; nidi My RnCi nml
t!i«'  Ainmiit.-d WoflVly,
A Rpoolnl attraotlon imilKhl i-f H>
Auditorium will bo the r"- it lilnto-l
nil  (liiiinn,    in    Min''  (ilu H.    n itl
■jlidrlil in n   Hide,   mnl   tllin.kinK   Mor
Mothor in Inw.
Slightly cOstor wonthor In now prc-
vnlling in tho Crnnbrook district And
lho waters nf t.lic Ko.Htnny river nnd
trtbuUrlflfl are ilowly receding from
tin- high wntor mnrk.
Mr. Charlet Emslie
begs to announce to the
C i t i z e n s of Cranbrook
that he hai opened a
Furnishing Store
On Armstrong Ave
in the store recently occupied by B. H. Short
He is carrying a full line
of Men's Goods in Linen
and Clothing, and solicits
your patronage,
i Mrs. .1. I-'. 1'iviiHon, ot Truro, v 8., woro guanU nl tho Ornn
hrook Tuesday.
Mi( -re pniIin ; up your win*-1 nVs
fnit, me tllfl Prefect Pojlrri, Hold nt
ilio Crnn iro »k EJxcbnn ;o.
Mr mii.I Mrs li. A, Mlltor, ol Mon
treu.1, woro regtsterod »t the Orr.n
brook Tuesday.
A. II. Keith- nnd wife, maid and
hiUl, if Lethbrldge, were Ornnbroo'J
vlsltora on Tuesiluy,
Wardner     I'oti .erviitlves      held     n
monthly meeting un Friday last   at
which  there wnn n large aUo.idon!
uiid matters of importance disjiiss.d
It. L. T. Qalbral h, Indinn Agent,
v\as at Creaton this week tn connection with the epidemic ol m.ns.e.
among the Jmli III in t'.mt viiii.ity.
20 per cent iliscoiint on  ull st:ipl
china  and  25 per cm    on  all  fan
goods; considerably Una than cost.—
Ira R. Manning.
.he La lies Aid of the Metbolist
L'hur.'h, will boi I tbtir regular
monthly meeting at the home of Mrs.
noon, July   2nd.
V. D. Doty, of Vancouver, re. r-sen
ting thd Remington Typewriter Co.
wai n to,\n Thuraday on compnn>
Preserving    s.nwieriie*    chea est
nd best next week.    rbon. or lea/i
your    orders    with    us.—Cr. n rook
Trading Co.
Ml,*.Hl!iMnV'm,%i _.A,&\M -J1,8-"
clife, were Cranbrooi visitors on
W.   W.   iTlLBT
P.O. Ma. m trubfMk, B.O.
THNDKUB will he received by tha
unilei'Kiened on or belora Wednesday
no!-n, July 2nd, 1913, ror repairing
Ih* oxliiliit bllllillni! on the Full
Qromulr, according to jilnni i nl »pec-
lllentlons thnt cnn he Bern at my of-
'iro on Armstrong Ave. iiunlractori*
lo liiinlih nil nuiteri-1 n- dod. Ths
lowest or any tender not necesHarlly
K. A. llm h 11,
Armstrong  Ave,       (inn,noo , B.O.
For Sale Rents & Wants
property ln tills vicinity 111' acres
of lund one mile Irom tbe city ol
Matlieson, Ontario. Apply A. O,
I'ii'.ill, I'. O. llm, Kill, I'ran-
lirook, II. 0, 22-r.t.
TOR HUNT—Rooms with Bonrd li
modern bouse, phone "74, corner Kd-
Ward street i nil l.illlild'll Avenue.
Wc recently asked our Mr,
Finley if he would write ui an
Adv. for tlii» weeks issue ol
our local papers; lie replied
this was out ol his line, but
between his rush deliveries of
Paint and Aluminum Kitchen
Utensils he has found time to
(■rind out the following:
"Wben Ibe whole lilamc world h»
gollu In put, and liiifi'i.'-s la ou the
bum, • iwo-cenl uriu ami « lilted
ub I ii h.'lpssoiiie, iny imy, hel|» s»mu,"
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,      -      B. C.
P, S. Steele Wool is the
best article we know of to
clean and polish Aluminum
Ware: We Sell it—ao cents
per package.
i ********* 1111111.1 .■.•■■ iiiH-.-.H»H"IH. *"."■■■"."..".
I! Auditorium!
- I    ___________.^_____■____«_______«n___i■.____■__■.______■m-_n
! i WEDNESDAY   EVENING, JULY 2nd, 1913 .',
'.'. The Eight English Roses
| J A Spectnxuliir Dancing Novelty
;; The Victoria Four
\ \ Vauilisvillis'sa Classiest Singing Quartet le
;; The Tyler St. Clair Trio
\ \ Musters of the Mariiiiliaphone
;; Dilla and Templeton
■' Presunling "In the Goblin's Den"
;; Added Feature   Chas. Lindholm 6? Co.
" In "The Man from Minnesota"
I! '1_^"A Special Film Picture wiil be shown^H
'lltlllliMIIIHM-fUl fllllMIIHIIIIIlHIf
A (-. Bowneas motoiel tu Wyclllle,
Mitini.'iy, where he will join Mr, an *
Mm. Harry Rdwnnls, who v.ill ao*
company him on u bUBineaa tti.> to
ho Windermere country.
Etai'icainB, tin* like of which you
never saw hum", in our iroc ry etc-
partment.—Ira, It. Mnn linj;.
Tht1 quickest wny to accomplish a
desired object is often tho Want A<1
A'ay. 'Ilu Prospector iy the besl
advertising medium in Kast Kcotcnay. 	
Don't forget th it Kimtiorloy wil
celebrate Dominion Day. Th-re i
no hcttjr place in tlu di-itii t for u
day s outing thnn in the town at tlu
foot of the mottninlnsi
Mlaa  M.   Palmer,   daughter  of  B.
Palmer, of this ('ity, return*d to
Oranbrook Thuraday, after spending a
cons.de.-able amount of hir lime a.
he const.
A finp. shower of rnin fell tn Wednesday night completely roaking the
earth four or five in*t:es deep. Crops
in th. Cranbroo*. district nevir loqt-
td better than thev do row.
fn order   to   take enrfl of   lh- 'n
will be necessary to close out th.
china and ghasware atock. E/iry-
thing must go regnrdless of price.—
I in li.  Manning.
Mr. J. F. Smith, who attended the
meeting of tbe Presbyterh.n conf^r-
oneo at Toronto, has t-e n operated
on for ear troubles, ini is now get
ting along fine, nnd is expected l ome
next weok,
J. M. F. Pin han cf Calgary waa
in town this week. Mr. Pin'.hum is
nn olil timer in Oranbrook nnd formerly was manager of the Im e ial
Bank, Mis many frionda in town v ere
pleased to see him.   '
in order to tnke care of ths ;n-
creasing grocery busiiuss I f nd it
will be neceBsnry to close out th*
ubina r.nl glassware stock. Everything must go regardle3B of price.—
Ira H.  Maun ng.
A bvrn*ng match or _ i hted cigarette thi own carelessly away by a
passerby into some shavings in the
Fabrlan A-enue of Montreal, resulted in a (ire nt which four lives were
li-st nnd damage done to the ext nt
uf J225.000.co. Thii is a very etiU-
ng example of the care which should
e exercised at all times in throwing
creasing grocery business   I f nd   i   away light el match-as.
Plumbing,   Tinsmithing
and Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works: Edward Street.,       -       Cranbrook
LOST—Hnckott nml Alc.-inl.r Ti'iin a
Racket UlongliiB l" Mr-, Dl,   l.
siH'il.H.   Wyolllto.     Kill lur  1*1 11*
notify iia-iiit nml rco i.e i-iwm-
LOST—Day Hon*, weight limit W
II h ,     White   i.lii|«-    .In-iii    l.tee,
• hlte ni lini. about' lour Inch »
long umi nn*1 Ineh wide ii-iiler th*.
e.iilille .in iiiiiii elile, iiiiiniii-ii hi.
. n li-ii hip, li'lnili-i- will lm re
wurded.   L.HIIton, Whii« hh *.
h'ult BAI.U—nogletered Hindi ("I
Iin Hup, AililroHH Qeo, A. Miiriln
Ill-Ill- lldnpltnl.
WANTBD—Oood R.iiieiiil ner.ant,  liy
Mic. .1. Ouniplidl, Nn-I.ury Ave.
WANTI.D—?lti<at nn liy youiii! Iml
nt. nogrnphor, upply Hroa >cct i-11
flci*. 28-
WANTIilU—Young Inly dialrCB h til
Umi hh Hli'iin-.i-ii|iliiir, upply Pn ii
pector oiiiin'.
WANTBD TO MUY -Mine nil or Bev
i-n    y.uir.s    nlil,    if ii-l    tl'a'O.e*,
i tin, i,r,r i. Blngle, either lil*ick,
Ui ii nut, * r dnrk Imy, vm.i ih
iiiiii. Aili'reiB (ion. A. Martin,
ll"x 2Rfl, Crnnliriin .
iiiiy WANTIOD—Bn ill ro ut Web 8un*>
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Wah Sung Tailoring Co.
Custom Tailors
Cents Suits Made-to-Order at $25.00 and
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits $28.00 and $29.00
Best of Material and Good
Perfect Fit Guaranteed
Cleaning and Pressing
Garments Called For and Returned when
Give Us A Trial
Tailoring Co.
Van Horne St.
P. O. Box 642


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