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The Prospector Mar 8, 1913

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 , ,   . selslatlve As=emlily
Provincial   LS.'S''*1
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lensss and
Guarantee You * Fit
The 'tj^-iaing'/TveWsniiirer
.n the   "'"
$2.(111 Per Year
Your Vote Needs Registering
There's No Time Like the Present
Items ofjnterest
It will Indeed seem something won-
dcrotis strange lor ninety per cent ol
tbe members ol ths Dominion Alliance to bu found still canting Liberal votes.
Upon the receipt ol oltlclul notice
Irom Victoria ol thc cancelling ol the
voters' list, thc editor ot tbe only
Grit organ ln the Kootenay, got
Walter Funning ol Chicago, father
ol Mrs. W. Huywnrd and Mrs. J.
Kennedy, arrived at Cranbrook Tues
day: He wtll make bis borne ln tbe
city.   .
The only "Grit" newspaper in the
Kootenays is awaiting lurtber Information Irom Liberal Hendauartcra
rs tbe cancellation ol tbe VotersJ
list with bated breath. Cloves or
Coffee grains.
Wagner Go-Carts are thc most Bty-
lish, most comfortable, most durable
and tbe cheapest ono-motion colapsa-
ble Go-Cart on the market—C. 0. 8.
There are rumours from Washington tbat tbe Democratic Senate is
not Invornble to the proposed Intercolonial celebration ot the 100 years
ol peace between Kngland and tbt U-
nlted States.
Canadian buyers ol California
Iruit which is able to enter Into coral
petition with British Columbia products, can attest to tbe skill and
thoroughness ol tbe Calilornlan marketing methods.
Tbe qualifications necessary lor the
registration ol a new voter, ls a residence ol six months in tbe province,
und one montb in the constituency.
The otber requirement is that tbe
applicant is a British subject ol the
lull age ol 21 years.
Cauliflower, Ripe Tomatoes, Cu.
cumbers, Ce'ery, Lettuce, Radishes,
and Green Onions at Campbell and
A committee meeting ol the City
Council was held on Wednesday alter
noon in the Council chambers lor the
purpose ol meeting Mr. John Haddln
and settling up the affairs ot tne
John Gait Co. in regard to the sew-
ar system.
There ls no sewing machine made
in thc same class as a Singer. The
public at large will tell you they are
tne best machine.—Singer Store,
phone 157.
A meeting ol the Executive ot tbe
crnn'irook District Conservative Association wlll he neld in Matbesons
Hall, on Armatrong Avenue, Monday
evening nt 8.30 p.m.
Any duly appointed commissioner
lor the tuklng ol affidavits under tbe
Election Act are qualified to, in the
ordinary wny, to take your affidavit
as a duly qualified elector and tor-
ward them to the Registrar belore
the first Monday In April.
Stop! Hoad this! Drop Head, best
finish, Singer Sewing Machines are
sold lor $60.00. Terms: $5.00 cash
and $3.00 per month. No Interest.
$55.00 II paid regularly at $5.00 per
month, or $50.00 cash. So you see
they cost very little more than the
cheap machine and you know you
have the best machine on tbe market.
Phone 157 (or a (ree trial lor one
weok.    This will convince you.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.n. Hoi Ml! Crnnhrook. ■.(*!
Ore Shipments
The ore productloi Irom mines In
the Crnnbroo'i District lor tbe past
week and year to date were as loliows—
sulliviin     "M   0,792
St.   Eu ene   120     ISi
Women's Institute
On Tuesday last the Womens' Institute held their regularly monthly
meeting ln tbe Cat-men'B Hall, wben
there were present almost the largest
attendance there has ever been. The
ludics committee were appointed  to
look Into a case ol distress which
had bcen reported to them said that
tbe caso was most destrving, it had
been reported to the Mayor A. C:
Bowness who among Irienda collected
121.00 (or which the Institute record-
a vote ol thanks.
Tbe re salt ol tbe Valentine Social
was given out, it being note I that
alter all expenses were paid it lelt. a
clear balance ol $48.40 wb'ch with
the money already in tbe bonk leaves
tbe Institute witb a balance of $1-8
to tbelr credit.
Invitations were extended to tbe
ladles ol the Institute to attend
meeting in tbe Baptist church next
Tuesday to hear a lecture on the
School ol Methods. Mrs. John Shnw
was the official representative appointed.
Pleasure was expressed by tbe Pres
gala) able to attend after her accident
ident upon seeing Mra. B. Palmer a-
Institute sent and also (or the terns.
In reply Mrs. Palmer expresses
her thanks of sympayhy for tiie letter
of sympathy tho Institute sent and
also for the ferns. She said the tern
seemed more practicable tban flowers
aa tbey do not fade, but thnt thc
fern ever lives to denote tbat friend
ship should be everlasting, which she
had every hope would exist between
the members ot the Institute.
Tbe special feature of tbe evening
was the buscult
was tbe buscult competition ln which
great interest was shown, some 13
ladies competing. The prize oflerr.d
was a china cup and saucer given tor
the purpose by Mrs. Jobn Shaw, was
won In the competition by Mrs. McNabb; Mrs. Doran, Mrs. Tlsdale and
Mr. H. H. McClure acted as Judges.
Members wlll please note and not
forget tbat tbe Fancy Work Class
will meet in tho Carmen's Hall, on
Friday tlu* 14th Inst., where woolen
slippsrs will be tbe study.
At the next meeting a demonstration wtll be giden ol Dark Layer
Cake by Mrs. Erown. A largo attendance will be looked lor.
The interest ln tbe Institute is con
stantly growing and there is no one
wbo will not wish tn see them at
some early date cnconce.l ln their
own building.
Installation of a New
K. of P. Lodge
Word has Just been received Irom
the Grand Chauu..||nr of tbe Knight i
nl Pythias for the Grand Domain of
British Columhla, that whilst on a
visit to several of the subordinate
lodges on Vancouver Island bo hud
the pleasure ol Instituting n new K.
ol P. lodge nt Port Alborni, on Weil.
February 36th. The material of tbe
lodge Is par excellence and beginning
with a membership of 34 tbo Grand
Chan-tailor bespeaks a great future
(or Port Albernl Lodge.
Tbe Item ol news above recorded
wlll be received by tbe local lodge
with deep interest, as tho work ol
the Order ls showing good progress
all through the Province.
Total    985
Overseas Club
Tuesday, March llth, tho Oversets
Club wtll eiittrt-iin Its members to a
Whist Drive In the Carmen's Hall.
An attractive programme bos been
arranged by tbo commlttco In charge
and some ol t'-e test singers will bo
heird durldg fie Intervals.
A feature ol tbe evening will be a
lect-ire on the grent Kn-l'sh Explorer
"Llvlnpaton" All members are re-
qtieited to Is prevent. Wblst Drive
begins at 3 p.m. sharp
Leases Property for
Buildings m London
Thu Government of British Columbia yea tor day telegraphed Instructions to the Hon, James Turner, A.
gent-General for the Province in Lon
don, to cIubc tho negotiations which
have been for Home time paBt in progress with n reputable London firm,
whereby thc Province of British Columbia becomes thc les-.ee from thc
Crown of a very desirable property
at the corner of Regent street and
Charles street, upon which It is proposed at onco to erect a suitable Bri
tlsh Columbia building in the heart
of the Empire. Ample s;m:e will ho
J.rovided for the Provincial oil.ee.*>,
which will be made ns characteristic
of British Columbia r.s pts.ibie, and
as well for the accommodation of a
number of office suites for lease. De
tails of the complete plans will be
forthcoming shortly.
Thi matter of securing for this pro
vince more central premises as Its
headquarters in the world's metropolis, has been receiving the atten.
tion of the local Government during
some time pnst. At first it was intended to nrrange with tho London
County County for some of their hold
ings on the Strand, but difficulties
having arisen, the negotiations in
tills connection were never carried t°
a conclusion.
Since then sjvernl si.o.. have been
considered nnd their comparative ad-
vant^t"s_iiisciiS9e 1. but pn dftilaftte de
ciBion was reached until yesterday
when Regent street site wnB decided
upon by the oxe:utive of the loca,
The Provincial Agent-General, Hon.
Mr. Turner, who for the most part
has conducted the ne<;otiaionB and
displayed a very keen personal interest in the matter of securing for Brl
tlsh Columbia a thoroughly Buit.ible
London Homo, is deserving of sincer
eet congratulations upon the excellent outcome of his Indefatigable
The building which will be erected
upon the chosen ste nnd which will
be ao imposing structure of stone,
(our or five stories in height, will
be erected upon the plans of Mr. Alfred Buir, a widely known and distinguished English architect. Construction being undertaken by the e-
qually well known London contracting lirm of Messrs, Cubbits.
It will tei remembered that a vote
of $250,000 wns Included In the appro
priation mnde by the Legislature dur
Ing the s s don just closed, and with
this amount available avtive. constructive operations will be initiated
in tho very near fnt ire. Preliminary
plans hy .Mr. Hurr are now under con
slderation by the Government.
Allen Players Coming
"College Widow" for Opening
Night, March 17
Medicine  Hit.  Mnrch r,th 13.
S. Baldwin,
Oranbroolt, B.C.
Hccn Allfn Plnyoffl Inst night, Thoy
are better thnn o\er, you canjt
boost tbem too much, every Boat in
liouse sold out bstore show started;
turning crowds nwny overy night.
i'lny lust night wnn Mndalne.
W. J. I!. (IKUItAHli
It will bo witli plc.idiire to tbo
music lovers nnd theatre goers to
hear ol thc proposed visit ol the Allen Players again to Ornnbrook. The
recollections are Btlll fresh In our
minds ol tho grip they lind on the
crowded audiences, fioy enjoyed in
I'nmhroo'* during tbelr leal viHlt.
Allen Playen will orcn In tho Auditorium on Monday, Mnrch 17th,
with "The College Widow." They
nre Coming to stny lor sovcrnl days
nnd will Indulge tbelr audiences with
a dill«r» ,t cast ench nlgbt
We want the
best article that
has ever been
of on Cranbrook.
We want to know everything there is to know
of its present day standing,
its resources, and prospect
as a city of position in
East Kootenay.
Get busy and think this
subject over carefully.
More about this
next week.
There is work in the
Accidental Shooting
Misa H. J. Scott, s.iiool teacher
at Elko, was aceldsntty shot on Wed-
nerdny. In company with Mr. and
Mrs. Howe, and while walking on the
railway track, several shots were
heard the bullets passing very close.
They started to run when a shot
ntruck Miss Scott in thc thigh bone,
passing through and lodging In thc
Irnck. The shots were tired by a man
who claimed that he wm. firing at a
tin can for u target.
Misn Hcott was brought tn cran.
brook and taken to tlm Ht. Kugene
Hospital accompanied by Nurse A.W.
MIkh Beott is very well knowu in
around Cranbrook who will wish her
a very speedy recovery! As It was
impossible to take the bullet out of
the wound inflected by the carelcste-
IKflS of ti man who should have known
better( Miss Hcott will in all probability carry the little piece around
with iier for a good army years lu re
me nil-ranee of n 0,oie BhttVe.
Fishing Season
Tbe I BbltiH season will tjoon open
nnd lor tbo Information ol thnso In-
tcrcfited will sny' "Tbnt tbo Duniin-
lon order In council ol Mnrcli i'i, 1910
Ib In (.fleet, nnd thut provides "No
trout In tbo waters ol the Interior
portion ol tho Province eiiHt ol tbo
120 meridian, shall he oaught from
the 1.1th ilny ol November in each
year to tho SOtib dny ol April follow
lnt;, both days inclusive. Tlio son-
son will not open until the 1st ol
Opening of New Post
Un Bn tar day last 1'optmaster Hen
derson commenced to move Uie rost
Ofllce Into the new building provided by the Dominion Government,
On Monday the corridors were
crowded with patrons waiting (or
their new keys and box numbers, by
Bveiling everybody was satisfied.
Postmaster Henderson is to be con
ejatulated for bis prompt and efficient eflorta. in the removal to the new
building, which did not in the tenet
disconnnodato the general public.
The public and the office staff are
delighted with their new building,
and the facilities provided for handling the malls is up-to-date in every
The staff at present consists of
Postmaster Henderson Misa Havill
assistant; Miss Leaman, register cler
Miss Flnley, delivery clerk, and MIsb
Dixon und Miss Bargett, despatch
cler. s.
In the second story of the new
building Customs Collector White has
his offices with a private office along
side, store room nnd _\ fire proof
vault. An elevator delivers mail
and paresis from the Post Office to
the Customs department.
On April 1st the Collector of Inland Revenue will have his office in
tiie new building.
Communication      American Buys His-
An Unusual Sight
Travellers enroute over the'Sot*
I-ine and the C.N.R. have witnessed
a very unit-mul sighs in the vicinity
oi Yahk for the past two weeks.
Large numbers of White-Tail Deer
estimated from three to five hundred
have heen seen on thc mountain side
On Bnturduy last over five hundred
was counted in one big bunch. A
representative of the Prospector was
at Curzon, Monday, and counted 17
just beiow the s.ution, some of them
standing within 50 yards and seemingly not afraid of moving trains or
Court of Revision
A Court of Revision was held in
the Council chambers on Wednesday,
the commission consisted of Mayor
Bowness, Aldermen Ward, Kennedy,
Lens't mid Carr. A number of ratepayers were in attendance and ssr
ions objections were made to tbe in
created school rates. A large reduct
ion in us .eased valuutfous being
To tbo Editor, Prospector
Cranbrook, B.O,
Denr Mil
Could you inform mo who was Livingstone, tUe CU'out ftxplorei ? alao
where ho wn. bom" Where did ho
explore 7 I have beard ol David
Livingstone, the,,Great Scottish Mis*
sionary and the Explorer who explor
ed dar.;. s Africa. I wish to know
lf tbey «re related.
Pu welled
The only explorer we know of by
the name of Livingstone, iH the
Great Scottish Explorer and Mis-ion
ary David Livingstone. David Livingstone was born iu the village of
Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, in
the year of 1813, and as a lud worked
in a spinning factory.
toric Mansion
London, March 6.—Mother wus tba
ancient sent ol tbo Bodenhant family
nn aalUabothan building with guet.11
Ann., additions situated near Here-
lord, lum been sola to nu .Uiierlctin
The mansion descended in nn unbroken line Irom Qeorgo Ifodcnhnm wbo
livod In the teit.n ol Henry 1. to
t'..mu I.ublenakl Bodenham, who
died hurt year. i. contains superb
Danolllng ,.[ the Ell-tabethivn, .Incob-
ean and Queen Ami, periods, and lt
in snld that the purchaser wlll dismantle ull the 13 panelled rooms nnd
tuk.. the pnncls to America.
Forestry Test
Mr. Troup is looking in the Pink
alter his ion); holliday he returned
to the King Damp Inst week.
Mrs. Webster of Olenlllly tins been
spending a lew dnys in Crnnbrook
visiting bis sou.
Yahk is surely growing, n daughter
Is the new nrrlvnl nt Mr. and Mra.
Mrs. Harrisou is still down Blast
visiting her brother who is sick.
Mrs. Tom Taylor Ib visltliu. lor n
lew days at the home ol Mrs. James
Taylor, ol Yahk Mill*
Agricultural Meeting
A meet ng    of   the    Agriculturists
was held iu  KingSKAt. on  Saturday
last, at which matters of importance
were disc us led.    A Kingsgate Agricultural Association was formed, and
the following officers elected
Hon. I'res. Geo. Longpri
Pres. Albert Bernhardt
Vlce-Pres. Kdward L'oval      tfl
Hoc Kicliard Oriflln
Tho Exooutlve committee win consist of the following1 Mes rs   Ham
hardt, Keoney, Tipper and Baldwin,
The   question    of   holding a local
Kair was dlsciiBiod, also the sending
of   nn    exhibit    to    thu big Fair at
Townsite for Sale
Instructions gAve heen received by
W, i-\ Teatgall,   government   agent,
from the dtvmrtment of lnnds to off-r
(.he townsite of Hirdar nnd Lot 10,
group one, at the Jtmct-on of the
Kootenny and Oolumbla rlvors west
Of Nelson, for 8'ilc by  public auction
There   nro 10   lots tn   tho   Sir lar
townsite which have never boon offer
ed for sale, the present being in fit1
position of snintteiH.    preparations
for tho sale of lots have I ecu coin-
men end.
There arc nbout MO acre, of land
in lot 10, which tins been under r--
stirvo, and tho sale will cake place us
•ood qs the mow gous from tlu- laud.
AnythingWill Do
Liberals Thinking Up Hare-Brained
Subjects to prolong Debate
in House
Ottawa, March b.—Tli* Blvenlug
Citizen snysj
"Tiie fact that the senate adjourns
tomorrow until March 7 and thnl
or js coming down to give royal us*
liefore it does so the deputy-govern*
Bent to a number of bills caused
much disciisslo.. in the corridor ns
to the point whether the commons
deadlock would be broken ns u result of the commons having to go up
to the senate:
"It is argued by some that tbe
speaker on thnt occasion will have
to take the chut-" and that the committee of the whole will need to rise
and report progress, thus breaking'
the hold-up.
"The speaker looked up the authorities this morning and there is noth.
ing tn the point. The rules provide
that wben tbe house oheys a summons of that character it shall Immediately resume where it Wffn.II.
"It wns asserted fn Liberal Circles
today time If the speaker takes the
chair tomorrow, the opposition will
proceed with a diversion from the
naval discussion hy making charge a
against, cabinet mimst-is. It WAS
later stated that thin cours-j will be
deterred until nc\t week, probably
"The allegations are said toarlu
out of the Hocnelego byo.electlon
when Louts Coderere wus returned
and It is intimated hy the Liberate
that rhurnes of telegraphing votes
wlil t* made
Settlers Arriving from
Great Britain and U. S.
Winnipeg,  March f,    Three hundred
itiimlgrunlH    Irom  the  BrnnreM     ol
Ireland Arrived today,    .no ul t-botn
were enhin pftM6li),tif8    nnd the Iml
mice    nteeriiKfl.     The iimjnrkty    nre
j ynniiK men ol 'it. yemii, Imbued wllli
. the    Iden ol   scttllnc In     the ninth
west    and    belli*   lu.iiiesteaders.    A
liiruf pnrty wnn enroute lor Vntieou-
; ver.     Later another specinl cnnie In
Irom the enat     with nwny more tor
tha weet
A series ..I tests to determine the
mechanical nnd physlcnl properties ot
Western |nteli (tuinnrnckj has been
recently mnde by forest product experts, mid It hns bcen shown that the
strength In 81.7 per cent, where Western hemlock la 88 per cent and Dou-
ijlns (ir 101) per cent. It ln shown
tlmt tiie maximum strength 0| green
bridge stringers nvcrnce ol nil grade
is C7.1 per rent ns grent as the
strength ol the sninll clear beams
rut Irom large timbers, The stringers Irom smnll trees nre ot better
iUa.lty thnn those taken Irom old
trees, n.id the material coming Irom
the upper portion ol tbe tree exhibits loss strength than thnt trom the
lower portion.
These results will na.iiet In making
j more common the use of many species nml grades nl timber which have
hitherto been thought useless. Jut*
1 us iii Dastern Canada red pine, tarn-
nrack, spruce, nud even balsam tir
are taking tin. place of wh te pine.
In Western Onnnda s.ich species ns
larch run replace Douglas iir in some
of the less Important industries.
Certain regions, notably the Nelson
•ind Crnnbrook Districts in the Bouth
cm pnrt ol the Province, nre cutting
largo ■tunntltles ol lnrcli. at the
pres nt time. This Umber in being
isftd lu nil forms of construction In
niuking fibers, nnd in many other
directions, In tiie Kast Kootenay,
tamarack will rnnk umong the lour
most import;,nt woods. As timet
goes on there wlll doubtless lie great
development of the tniuuraek trade,
mainly because the old-time preju.
dice against it is rapidly pussing
due of the problems wblcb awaits
the attention of the Forest Branch
iu the near future is tin- making ol
Investigations which show what
spe-ies cnn Pe isel to best advantage in various line, of construction
ind inanulueture. The lumber trade
,iiid woodworking industries have
benefited In otbet countries by Just
such | rocedure, and with the great
ree lurce oi Inferlo] si.es mid species
which British Columbln hns in addition to s,,in,' ol tl," Until timbers In
Die world thi increase tn the value
ol w,,od pr,.ducts would be very
Fortress Falls
Athena,     Mnrch    f.WThe    Turkish
lortresa ol Junlnn. the key tn    tbe
poOs-Mlton of tiie province ol Kpirue,
witli a gorrlton   o, 82,070 men, sur .
rendered    to the tircck army today
niter  n   defelie.'  which  forma one    of
the mosl brilliant episodes of th?
Balkan w-kr
Tho miiT'iuiet    was preceded by   ,.
tint re bombardment, lusting without
OOMfttion     lor    two   dnys mid    two
nights.    Bvery available gun, inclu-
dln,   n   iiiiinliei   ol      liriivy  howitzers
leal by the [Servian nrttUory, was
brought to hear on tbe lorcn defending the beleaguered city No lewer
thnn 80,000 shells were tired by the
creeks dining tlic engagement. (Ira-
dually tin- Turkish batteries at IIH
nnl, Nunolliirn, Hunkm and elsewhere
were silenced. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK,  B. C.
A Modem Romance
.„      By WILMOT KAYE      ,,*
Tt was tlio month or May, and thero
the guc
morning to take hei away.
In  the" meanwhile David Clay had
not been idle, und lho little party mot
; at the British Consulate., where tho
j Blmple ceremony took place. From
' there ihey went to tho English
1 Church, and the priest save them his
At tho luncheon   which   followed
j Hiram was In his ©lenient, nnd Mrs,
Horner was compelled to chide him
' for his boisterous conduct.
:    1 couldn't be miserable IC I tried, my
| dear.    I believe this is tho happiest
day of my life
In Be.jrr.idr, Serviu, the recent
statement of Servian alms and polios™, just given lo tho world by M.
Pasuttch, tho prime minister at Belgrade, must have struct, even the
most thoroughgoing of pro-Scrvluus
witli something like dismay. A more
inopportune, impolitic nnd ominous
lioL'Uinent huu rarely been made public ut a time of crisis by n responsible.
minister. Had M, Pashltcll deliberately sought to embitter nud eomptl-
cate a situation already full of coa-
i ■ . - , . , , ^ M «..| tcnUousi.es.*-., and to still further at*
, " is my happiest da>% Dav d Cloy tenuaU ^ |es8enlng pi.0SIiects of
said gravely, and his eyes rested Ip>-f nftnnA   he cm,ul  !umllv U.|VR fmmed
ouncoment In any other words
,, , ,.   . -. .ui u«»o jmb-lshed it   at   any   other
rhe sad smile that answered lus look'
guests ot David Clay! ' They | wife, that tare Us marks of suffering. | op lKlV0 .
cBrltlih Pro-Consul Rules Half Million
Square Miles That he Wrested
From France
Sir Frederick luugard, the ruler of
Nigeria, ls tho man of whom the
French publicists eulogized ns cnn ol
tho greatest BrltonB. Uo has fairly
nnd squarely beaten them In tho race
for ono of the greatest prizes remaining ln Africa.
]IIs career comprises matter enough
for a score ot novels. tie is a mix-
turo of Cllve and General Gordon—
with the former's breadth of vision,
and Guidon's fierce hatred of enmity
and wrong, hla scorn of danger, his
tenderness for tho weak and the oppressed. He is the only BritlBh bo1-
dler who has calmly mado war In his
own name, "Those operations
(against  the Emir of Sokoto)   havo
he did his utmost to hide hla depn
Ion. for be was loth to damp the hap-
pluesa thai surrounded him.
that trouble bad taught to know ono
Unco in the midst of merriment, h
Lady Barton appeared years young. | c.ut^n a nevilng look In hor eyes, that
er and it was with deep affection that t0|d *,im ,|mt |„,,. m-mj wru Btill \\i'ri
she looked al her husband, Vaugnni ,;. blUer pa8t |, required the touch
Seymour, too, hud lost a 1": of what (if ;l ^n-j'g )Kin,i ,,, toach hor that
lllram Horner bad termed hla prig- .*,,, greatest bIu may be expiated by
Tt'hatulj.i, Tar away from her normal
frontiers. From a military point ot
view, she Ilea Inevitably at the mercy
of her powerful neighbor to the north,
u neighbor already disquieted by rumors of Servian Intentions and da**
mauds, already arming agalnsl pos-
bis ovt ntualitlea      Vet this is tho
glshm bs, and he waa bi n ncJy happ> ■ . rep, ptance, Iu her child's eyea Bhe moment selected by the Servian
Thej were jusl sitting down to tun reft(j .*,,i( >..,.. Bju aa_ ■„,,,,, blotted prime mtulster to pul forward iu tin
jut uii.'ii Hilda gave a Hltle cry. iter   ... mosl authoritative fashion and ni an
eyea   tittered with   excitement   and     ,)it. -j watChed her ai xlously as shol irreducible minimum tho extreme pre-
ilu turned oagerlj   ■ > Da Id. crooned a lullaby, and *.    flash tl   it oi ■ ol   he moat advanced school
l forgot th vent.     Ot course,   , ,i;    ; ok that told him thnt his groal    | >.;- an Jtugoos.
Hints  where  she  Is.   I  muat  haw   ^  .fJ waa accomplished.     He genti'       _i | these pn ei - worth
1 kissed  hi r  E ireh. ad,  an 1   his  bes I ertng, ri lati   uol    d Urrl .*.*
th a deep thankfulness. j ies that Servla has conquered by hor]
been mad not tn think of It
The convent? David quirlcd.
. es, near Brussels,     it is the first
pU'Ct. she would think or. sho said excitedly.
David looked at his watch,    . have
Just lime to catch the train.   I am;
Bui'f you will excuse me.
Good luck to you. lllram called after
him. Wire your address and my
wife and I will come over at once.
The memory of that Journey will
never be effaced from David Hay's
mind, When he reached Brusse1 -
ho left his bas al an hotel, aud hired
a motor ear which rapidly took him
out to the convent. He asked 'o soe
the Mother Superior, and she came to
Is Miss Vera Stafford here? he asked her, and his voice trembled.
Ves. Are you Mr. Clay? she replied gently. His heart leapt violently, and he rose to his feet in his
Please let, me see her at once, he
said eagerly
She has told me everything, ami I
must ask you what, yon wlah m say
to her. The poor child ' - iff vd ,
terribly* and now that her mind Is a\
He Mado Sure of Bting Served With
Honesty aiid Economy.
Emperor Napoleon l. dressed In
pin in cloth-'.*-, often visited tbe markets
of Paris tu order to team the current
prices of food nud find out whether
lis household officers served blm with
honesty and economy, ln "Foreign
Remjolsceneea" Itlcbard Lord Holland soys that this was only «-ne Illustration  of  tbe  emperor's  thrift   und
■   a the Held, :- il to n glous where I
the . ery name of Bei b   - moi •■ hateful tn the native population than that'
of   Turk.       The)   are   pretension*,!
■ er   peculiarly and disastrous!)
,, cu i1' d to Inflame and irritate tho1
purtlcular power from   whom   Servla
;.,> g most I i Uope as well as moi I    >
fear.   Other nations and other go.
foi    Instance,     and    iho
Pr n<      mas   '■ el  onlj   n  Bet ouda. r
.. ici      .'■ Son ian designs upon the
\ li fttlc.      i! ti    o    AustN -Ilungar;
■     ,'       i li i [j   those deslgi a are i I
direct, Immediate and per mane ti I con-
; hav e repeated!)   bi en
red to    t» lm tmlssable  by  tho
statesmen of both Vienna aud Rome
- -■ ■   «bsl ,!    Pashltch's d<
Court Asked to Decide Whether shs
Is   Properly   Reared  or  Not-
Tracked ty Detectives
In Paris, a rather strange question
whether a little girl of l» had been
well brought up was argued solemnly
lu  tho Paris low courts on  the evidence of sheriff's   ofllcers   who   had
been   set  to  watch  her  manners  at
The  lillle girl,   Mile,   QlSOle,   Is  IhM
daughter of a Paris doctor.     He and \
hU Wife separated   rlshleon    months
ago, and the mother, who was given)
the  custody  of the child,   has  since
married again.   The father petitions
to havo the child given Into his care,
on the nround   thai    Bhe   is   being
badly brought up.   Tlio   officer   i.p-|
pointed   by  tho father  reported  tha'
ho sin at  tho next lablo at Dieppe.
The  llttlfl  girl  leaned  hor  elbows Oil
the   table,   laughed     ostentatiously,
spoko loudly and mado   herself   re* I
marked by her language ami altitude* I
Whon lier fn'hev reproached her hIio
only laughed or mado faces at lilm.
lint  tho officer tor the other side
found thai ut n Hols lo Boulogne res* I
tnurnnt  [.tlio. Qtsole's manners woro
Foot Had a Spoonful
of Egg.
Daddy's Bedtime
Edna and
Foxie Have Their
Breakfast Together
then a bite npleoe for .Inch and Kvelyu-tlitll ts
"tbls wlll  never dol
\B bite for Shoppl
the way the children were elinrlug their eundy.
"Dear, dear," said daddy an he canie III;
Candy in not good for dogs."
"Well, (here, (hat's the lust bite," agreed Jock its lie swallowed hard
"Well," began daddy. "I must say that if yon tiro fond or Shoppie llttlo
I'Mihi loves her little Koxle atmoMt It' not quite us well.
"Utile girls like Edna, who Is Just four years old. sometimes get strange
ideas. One of Edna's Ih that Foxie ought to sit al llie tuble aud got tils meals
Just as she does,
"When ICdlin gets Up In the morning the first thing she dues Is io run out
to see Fosie. Sometimes before this she pokes her little bend out ur the up*
hi airs window to say good morning to him,
"Edna got up i]ulte lute tho other morning, anil her mother gave the Hltle
girl her plate of toast, her Clip or mill: and egg lit the It I tell en lablo,
"•.Nnw. Fdiui, whllo you nre eating your breakfast I will go upstairs and
mal.o the beds,' her inaniiua said.
" lie a good girl,1 Filim promised faithfully. She nllililed quietly nwny ut
ber toast a minute; iheu she board a nerutelling at thu kitchen door    she
(loot- tie-
from the entire
the tradesman tbat it was done
his ministers, wbu was wua blm, bow
! m<i':b ibe Ivory ogs at the end of tn*
bell rope ought to cost
"I do net know," was the answer
"It shall  Ue ascertained,* said N'a*
Hitle more at rest   1 do not wain her! polcon.   Thereupon be cut off tbe Ivory
to he disturbed. handle, called  for a  valet, bade him
I want to ask her pardbn. he .--aid, dress himself in plain clothes. Inquire
simply. ' the price of stk-b articles at several
She is a  good  woman, Mr    Clay.   sUo|)s in Pipta .,nJ ordei, :l ^^ M H
Sne has slimed, but she hai suffered   for blmself.
, toy ii—more ihan you will i ver know. |
I will send her to you.
The minutes slowly   passed,   and I
they seemed hour.*? to him.      At lastI
tho door opened, and Vera stood before him. white-faced and Blender, In
her simple convent gown.
Vera, ho "rled  hoarsely.
She turned towards Mm, and held
■ forth ber band.
You have come to sny you** forgive'
me? she asked appeallngly,
Hit* passion mastered him, and he
took her io bis heart and kissed her
My love—my darling- 1 have you at
last) 1 will never let you go, be cried
Her eyea were shining, nnd Bhe
looked at lilm llirougli her tears,
I   am   not   worthy   ot  you.    Tin;"
months hav.- givon     me Mine   for
thought, and I know myself.
Vou are ilu* woman thai, I love, that
I have always loved; nothing wlll drlvo
you from me, save (hat you have
ceased lo love mo. Vera, look at
me, in- whispered tenderly.
Slowly she raised her eves to Ills,
The color   slowly   tinged   her   pale
'•leeks, imi  suddenly she hurst  Into]
passionate sobs and clung helplessly
to him.
VTben the Tullleiles was being repair claratlcn amounts to and what it ii
ed Napoleon suspected thai Ibe up- be lay*? claim to, Servla, he asserts
holsterer'a charges were higher tban '■• -' have li lepi flence trade and
they should be.    So be asked oue ot ! «*       ' . '"/L f^.ij.! 5i.?re.!?°*
a:: artlflciall) land-locked s:ate. \ery
larg<'.:. thoug to completely as
ts tbe    aae j   ■■ ■■   years  ayo,  de-1
■ ■   upon ihe   Austro*Huugarla.i
market.      To Becure htr commercial
■ nam pation an outlet lo the sea te
ndtspensable; such an outlet can only I
be found  by   giving ber free acces3
to the Adriatic       What, accordingly.'
she demands, and what alone will sat* j
[gfj    er  Is thfl posesslon of some fifty
\ lome res of the Albanian coast-line
, from Alessio to Duraszo, with a «pac-
Tlie valet bought lliem for two-third a   [0U8 hinterland
of the price that the emperor hail had      m. Pashltch fortifies h!.*? contention
to pay.    Napoleon, lufcrrlog that thfl   by referring to a rather dubious hip-
same overcharge  had  been  made iu! torlcal   past,  by  drawing an   almost
the other articles,  deducted a  third   rhapsodical  picture of the future of
account and informed   Albania  under Servian rule, and  by
' ignoring the passionate and Ineradlca
. ble antagonism with which the Alban*
own express command because ou iu-   ian (,f ..,,_, pregen, regards ailv forn|
vesHgatlon he liad found the charges i or vo^.^n overlordshlp, but most of
to be esorbttnut all the overlordshlp of Sel-vla.      All!
 ■- — this, however, one may dismiss as a 1
' mere essay In diplomatic embroidery, |
i The essential thing   is   that   Servla,;
through ihe mouth of her accredited!
been decided upon b) Sir Frederick
Lugard," Mr. Atiaten Chamberlain Informed Pari amei-t nine years ago, and
Parliament, though it grumbled, yet
acqulesed, simply because, although
It was dangerous precedent, here was
a man whose lightness and justloe
were matched only by his gallantry
aud clear-sightedness. llo had bis
way and his war, the result was that
slavery, the scourge and shame of ihe
land, was smashed, after four-hundred
Sir Frederick is a son of an Indian
military chaplain, an old Rossallon.
Me enteied the army at twenty and
within a year took part in
the Afghan war. Tlo served
in the Soudan (]88:>) and
Burma campaigns, aud, fighting with
splendid valor, was several limes mentioned in despatches before gaining
his D.S.o. A breakdown In health
sen* him, as it sent Rhodes and Pr.
Jameson, to Africa. It is a curious
fact that Africa's sick men have been
later-day giants of the Dark Continent.
Slavery no longer exists in Nigeria.
It has gone, gone with the cannibal-
Ism that Sir Frederick suppressed,
and now he governs all, and will govern nobly.
Irreproachable, except that she som
tlmei took up her bread and bit it opened It, and Koxlo ran In from the yard.
Instead or brenklug It   wllh  her lln !       "Edna sat down again at the tablo.   Foxie scaled himself on il
dors, thai she helped hersolf to the side bor and turned bis sharp llttlo eyea np at ber fnee.
salad with her t tigers, nnd occasion-       "When ICdun put n idee* of toast Into her mouth Foxlo whined,
ally forgoi  lo wipe her month after        ■■•pom- Koilo hungry?   Poor Foxie have no breakfastV ICdun anxiously
drinking      Bhe handled   her   knife I ^tktNl lior iiot
r-i fork properly, sal up woll a. tabu- ;  - ..,,os|(l .v|ti|)0il ,..,,.,.._ J|ml mM wn(| wrfi ^ mwni yM    Bh0 B„mllHl
! down, pulled another 'balr up beside hers and lifted the pleased Foxie up.
"Sho broke olT a bite or tonst and held It over Koxlo'fl nose.    J'tie dog
| opened IiIh iiioiitli, and lu went the tonst    An be emncbed this witb bis sharp
teeth Rdua bad n bllo herself.
"Then Foviu had another l-Me of tonst end a spoonfol of epg la tbls way
I Edna divided her breakfast With her denr doggie.
<       "Thoy wero having n .splendid time together when Bdna's soother walked
i Inlo the kitchen.
'".Mercy me!' sbo cried, 'What do I see—Foxie being fed at tbe tiil.lt.?
[ No. Indeed! Down be goes! Little girls and little doga can't est together In
1 this house.'
"And. what do you think, the uext morning Kdua wanted to tako her
; breakfast out on the buck steps so she could share ber meal with ber pet!"
raised her voice louder than a
lady ought (o do and alwaya answered iu r moiher with a smile. When
(In ger    howls   were    t.i'nught    Mile,
I Olselo showed her good  breeding hv
i moistening her lips and tlio Una of her
flugora and drying them with her table
The judges decided io take time to:
tier fins llundrtd Dollars n>wir<-!
for  nnv  rt!-i» n'.  C**.t*rrh  tlmt  cannot  bl
qu'.pcI b*. trail's Catarrh rure.
P, .1 CH13NTDY A CO.. Toledo, O.
Wo, thi» undaps'.|msdl hava known V.
j. Cnonoy fer 'ne. l»m ir ytsrn, anil bs<
Hsvs htm psrfootl honest tn nil builn*s«
titnsaotions an«l (lnonelally able to carry
out anv ohllsktlom mado hv his firm.
WholMSln DrugKlals, Toledo, o.
Hall's Catarrh rum la fakoa Internally,
ftotlng 'llreolly nu(.<i the blood and nun.**
Dt:a aurfaovt nr tno system. Testimonial!
sent fie... Price Tfi cents per bottle.
Sold   by   nil   Dnuifrists.
Tako llu'.;'s Family Ptlla for conillpa-
Continuous Performance
WIfey—Henry, I will have to have
some new clothes this spring.
Hubby—Good heavens, how long ll
thte  thing  to  go  on?     That's  just
wha   ynu said Inal: fall.
Easing the Burden
Her spending money doesn't, amount
to moro than $'1,0 a year.
How in the world docs she live?
Oh, lliey have a charge account.
No Danger
City Cousin—But Cousin Ebon, you j
can't go to the party in those clothes, '
Your grandfather wore those at least
forty years ago. j
Cousin Eon*—That's all right. You]
don't suppose there'll he anybody at j
the party that saw him In them, do1
you ? |	
-,       ,———"'. ."   ,.   , ,  I    Customs    Officer—Baby    born    at
There Is no poisonous Ingredient lu   hom   ....   ,.      .
Holloways Corn Cure, and It ean oe      Mother—Abroad
used without danger of injury. |    \Ve]1> yQ,}. have'tQ m (]u(y ()n )f
Taking It Easy
He is too lazy to walk upstairs.
I suppose the coining down doesn't
bother him.
Ile can fall down.
In Olden Days
Old man Aesop had .lust promised
llis wife lie wotil.', be home early.
You don't seem lo put much dependence in his promise? remarks']
iho friend. ^
No, laughed Aesop', wife: I thought,
perhaps ir, might tie another or his
To What Base Utes
The very ancient. Gothic Priory
of itochcfoii'Miild, France, dating from
the year 1000 has been acquired hy
a butcher, who will use It as a pig-
breeding establishment.
The   Story   of   u   Slumber-  Vision   Thai
Comes From Cicero.
Cicero furnishes us with a lule *•!
two Arcadians, who, traveling together, arrived ut Magara. a city wf Greece,
between  Alliens  und  Corinth,  where
one of theni lodged In a friend's boii*;e
nud the oilier ut nu inu.
j    ATter Slipper the person who lodged
i nl the private bouse went to bed aud,
' falling asleep, dreamed lliat his friend
, at llie inu appeared to bim ami beg-
' ged  tils assistance,   because  tbo inu*
keeper was going to kill blm,
Tlio iiinii Immediately got oul of bed,
j much frightened ut tbe dream; but. ro-
mlnUtor, has demanded ihi cession (f
fifty crucial kilometres of the Albanian coast
French  Anarchists  Issue  Bold  Manifesto Against rnternatlonal
In Paris. In order to put a slop to
war. [should  France become Involved
in an international conflict, the French
anarchists have Issued a manifesto recommending  sabotage in  tho  army.
As a consequence M. .Tules Lecomte,
secretary of the Communist Anarch-
Ist Federation, has been arrested ou
the charge of inciting to theft, pillage
_______       . -,.,- - -<_^_^_^_^_^_— - and murder.     The incriminating man-
I know, bul any that you rorglre mo   : Mcttttd Ume and desired  Unit, as he j Ifesto declares:
Ills answer was to clasp bor lrem> , W(Mlll] )1(jl „Mjgt inln |u rtmo$ ll); w.m|,i      The Communist Anarchist   Federa-
ling body In Ws arms, flt least euro not lo let his dealh go uu-   tion, which comprises nil tho anar-
So you are to be happy after all, the   nlmilghcd._Umt lue lt,„Ueeper   having ' ruteta in this country, is preparing in
Moth,,- superior said, when she came | WJ*W m   ^keeper, | q[ ^
,     ,, ,  ..  ,.,,.,   ,.„,.,.,,    army and of the mobilization   n caso
n cart and cme,.,       wtli pib-blth. \ 0r war<    We shall take advanUgo of
have a Bweel and good wife. llr therefore begged that bo would be	
I know it. and 1 can never thank ] at tbo clly goto In the morning before
you sufficiently for your kindness to [the cart was out.
ber In bor (rouble, be snld aaturally.     st..,u,k wm, ,.iis now dream, ho wenl
early tu the gate, saw tbo curt and
asked the driver what was in it    Tbe
Buddhist  Soiomon   Enforces  Wisdom
by   Personal  Chastisement—
A Strange Ceremony
In Toklo, Japtn, a quaint religious
ceremony is one In which priests seek-
ins promotion have to undergo a beat-1 about iSTtaby Y'waTt until' he ha. to
Ing with a thick stick-ffleldad by tbe\inv_   „,.„,.„   a,„,   ,,,„„   mmt[
hoad of their sect. _    |0Blekenii    That sets Jonee going, and
Don't loavo mo, David.   I have been,| covering Uluiaelt aud  faMin;; asleep
able.   1 have deserved lt,|»galn, his Irlend Gptinired to him a|
In some timo afterwards
you havo aclod worthily
Subsequently lii^ IhankB como in tha
form or a .il." fni chenue—but that
Is by Mi" bye.
Vou »ill stay In ri- llll 1 send Mrs.
Horn, r for you, he f-.ni'l affectlonali ly,
us be look his leave,
Hut li was both Hilda snd .Mrs.
Horner lhal called al the con ph   next
Body Covered With Running Soro.,
Gould Not Sleep from Itcliingand
Pain. Cross and Fretful, fried
Fifty Remedies Without Result,
Cured In Nine Days by Cuticura
Suap and Ointment.
the disarray caused by war to realize
tlio Bocial revolution and to install
They recommend tho sabotage of lo-
comotlve8, the unbolting of rail?, the
ruttinc of the telegraph wire.", the de-
 •■■ i- •"■•-"' »•;'■„ ^^'^ir^i^rr^,amoUani
l.odv wns in ken out ur llie eurt uud      it u pointed out that ln tho barracks
*-■-- luukeeper opprebeuded nnd exe- | manj. things can he Baboted. pnrttou«
**  ■'!. larly  the  guns,      Also  tht?  military
' aeroplanes und diripibler. can he ion-
No Oispption.
\   Toff-You  told  ne tlmt  liorfo  n*ni
free   from   fun in      Why,   ii's   I.Iimt.
Ui. er  Blind?    Well,   tiiiit's   imt   n
fault.   'J'ual'i. :i - ruel misfortune.—Sun
( l;m- tSCO Clil'otili'le.
The ceremony waa the climax of w
\ five days' festival near here, in celebration of the death of Keiznra Daia-
; hu, founder of the Soto sect, the prin*
} clpal BUbsect of the Zens, one of the
most important offshoots of Budd-
| tilsm lu Japan.
j Zenism, which iB said to he the most
abstruse and profound of all (.eels,
I aims entirely at salvation by the elimination of self and its disciples are
called upon to undergo the test of
heating to prove their ability to pass
through hardships In the cause of Buddha for the development of Ihelr endurance und Bplrll of self-control.
From the tact that the Lord Abbot
—as the head of the aect Is known-
broke twelve stick* lu the course >£|
tin1 ceremony, each etick a yard Ion,
I slip out and let thom enjoy themselves. I turn over all bores to hint,
on the throry lhat lfk-> cures like.
Mlnard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
Uses an Antidote (    Why angleworms were Invented is
1 shouldn't think you could slantl it' no mystery lo the small boy.
to associate with Jones so much,  |Ip j ^
te ■wrong In the head on the subject1
nf chickens, and you must know ir,
He talks about ihem   In   his   sleep,
thinks about them during the sermon,
and interrupts an Intelligent baseball
conversation to give us the scores his
hens made last week,     He would put
me to the bad In a week.
You don't know how to utilize blm.
I would be templed to u»fi him as ..
punching bag.
You are too Impetuous. Now. 1
find Jones a valuable ally. Wheu
Dinks comes along and starts talking
To be in It
She reaiU ihe Bportlng page carefully.
Daffy  on  athletics?
Not at all.
Then why the waste of lime?
Ho thai her husband.*, and sous cannot carry on n conversation al tho
table In a foreign language.
The standard
of excellence
in kid gloves.
There Is a rhyme, you will recall.
Which says lue farmer feedeth all.
1 know that lined to be the way,
Hul it. Is not fhe case today. t
The farmer turns lhe basis In.
And ihen th ■ monkey shines begin.
Tho fellows who adulterate
Work early, often, soon and late,
They take .he products to tbe mine*
j They   take   the   roots   and   creeping
.Tbey mind up rook*] and shovel sand
a   ?eR'd!i'fl°?!!!|Or anything lhat comes to hand—
dered useless and the horses poisoned.
those edgej soonest turn tlini bm
ii  - . ■ • .    a -'dn-r iiindertitimi iti nds
ire     No violent exlretilt'S endure—■
With the Tide
I    It had beo.i ralnl.iji for twenty-four
e gi   ind was mi
o   i ■ ■ I field; bul th"
■ ■ ■   ee ci   id not aee li    iray to poat
■ 11 ■ •  :i.  I
no ChatnpMna -i   Montreal, Q isbee.— 9 ■ '          ■  ' ''     • • ■ •' '" ■'■■■fc0 '"
IbaveaDve-yowolclboy who was suffer- P   ■                  -: ■■"■  ■*• Vlaitlng cap
m from vfii.n tin- doctor said «»■■ ' ia ■■ :
aratelle."  Biibodrwuall Ol •  ui       ou musl play, declared   ffero father's
covered with running loree ' -"   man    i: h   '..«    srblstle       Now.
Tho tpouiiic itu-led  "■> '- about        Toil'vi   won the
plmplai uid opened up into ' i        Which ond   re   i i taking?
•ores, Of coune icratchlni Oh, well      mi  thi reply with a sigh
mad., it worto.  The emp- '  ■■   ffnat]       I  reckon  wo'd  better
Hans appeared on bis face ■      the I, Ifl
- nd disfigured him awfully.  __.—
Proved His Case
Kvery one knew Jonathan Skinflint
as a millionaire with the exception
so lt appeared, of Skinflint himself.
ll.- Invariably wore the shabbiest if
clotl and Is rt porti d in have dined
. oe da) on a couple of peas aud .i
:,..j b skin.
One day an old fib Ud endeavored lo
i   :   :.. ;■   the miser to dron  hotter,
.- prln it, h"   suid    that   you
bi uld let yourself bocotne ho shabby ■
hut I am not shabby, expostulated
' >        i- you are, roplh-d the friend.
Remember yowt father.     He was ol*
■   yi.    dressed.   Ills   clothes
■i-n- ■, cry iiiuiil*"omo.
Skin HI it gavo titloraiice to a hearty
laugh. Why, he shouied triumphantly, these clothes I've got on now
and as    thick
thumb, it may be Imagined that the  oid'hrlcks,'umbrella rims and huts
lest  was eminently practical. Aml .,,„.„,. ;| Sl,r,lv_ .,,lrv p„la._        ,
The Lord abbots arrival, In a Rors*  Mlx wi,i, u,e .Uiff ihe farmer brought i
•-ons robe, was marked by tremendous  \( i,v |]M. govern men I it n caught
beating ol huge drums and the BhrlllUll duly Beasoned to the taste
piping of reed Instruments, and when on ibis n mire food label paste
be had taken his place in the pulpit, Aud put ii in (lie market place.
lho holiest placo ln tho temple—made hVhero folks mav buy to feed their
from a 111111111' of stones—tho canal face.
dates advanced   one   by   one,   with The farmer legeud dees not lit,
f bowed   heads  and   submitted   to-th')] [|(, |H helped out a Utile bit.
] Lord Aht.ot questions which had re-  , ,,..   ,'
suited from previous meditations.            Worms  teed  upon  the  vitality   'r1
The first candidate   asked:   What i ohlldren and endnngor Ihelr liver,    ai
would be the color of the maple loavos  simple and effective cure is  Mother
In tho   mountalui   in   the   present Graves' Worm ISstermlnnlor.
month? — .- —
I     Up wenl the right arm of lhe Lord I _ _ Tllcy Cost Monev
Abbot, down camo tbo 'hick stick on1    ..    ,   , ,        , ,   ,
i the shoulders or tbo candidate. I _,ii*,_>a  "       lt
1     My son, th Ir color would be red-i '  ,..,,,
dor than tho tin's of iho flowers  Iir      ' l'
, Mo) ■   I'p went the arm, down again
1 came the stick, and the candidate
i reiired. gratefully thanking hi*, hoil-
i iiqss for the wisdom or his reply
Tht only sun. nm! satisfactory xtny  in wtitch the Western Farmer
can Bpniie ihp IiIkIicki pom-Hik' market valun for bin wheat, eats, barley end
flax is Uy ihtpplng tt bv tba carload to Fort William or Port Arthur, or t»
Diiintii if enrs cannot be got for the other terminals (loading tt if possible
direct Into tho car over Hi,? loading platform so nn to save elevator cher«i
and dockage) and employing a strictly commission Arm io handlo and dii-
poao of It.
We continue tn net nn tbfl Farmere' AK^nta nolply on a commlaalon basts,
Wc are not trackbuyeri and wo never imy tlio Farmers Bratn on our own
account, but look after and dispose of the grain entrusted to na, aa the
■gents >if ihpie nho employ ua, and it in nm* desire nnd endeavor to give
everyone lho very best semco possible. We make liberal uuy^nces aRiiinat
rnr it hipping bills, nnd will also carry the train tor a time tirntar ndvancea at
a nvnuei'ftto commercial rate of Intereer. if considered aavlsuuio, We Invite
nu Farmers t.> write lo ue foi' shipping Instructions and market Information,
Thompson Sons & Company
ih«' only way
j    nut loo expansive,
lhnv Is It?
|    Bee how much It
1 them.
uie him to get |
v *-^ r~\> Tho boy i
^S3\W nlghl froi
add not sleep at
iha Itching and
pain, and I did not know what, to do wllh
him. It made lilm cross and fretful. If I
have tried ono, t h-i\o tried nny remedlei
without rosulb. At laet I not samiia-i of
Cuticura Hoap and Ointment, nnd after
iii«ini{ thom two days t noltcod a chongo.
I then bought a ftitl-etiod cako of Cuticura
Soap and on*, bos of Cuticura Ointment and
1 uud to glvo th*) boy a hot bath dally
nililk Cuticura Rosp froi iv, and then appllo I
Lho Cuticura Ointment,   llo had suffered
ihree i itlis with the horrible disease ho*
fore I hi trtod t,, uso ttie Cuticura Soop and
Ointment, and nlno days after tho boy was
cured and ban noi, hi*,*ri troubled ilace.'.
(Hlgnod) B, Cloutlor, Doe, I.:, '.'.'! t.
Ciitleiimgirtpuntl Outlcurs Ointment aro
sold by druggists and dealers ovorywhore.
\ slflgtd not la often sufflelent, I Ibcral
uimplo of each rasllod froo, with .';-' r> t-Htu
Doolc Address post card Potter Drug &.
Chora. Oorp, Dopt, -iOD, Union, U. 0, A.
Congratulate n     old    man.
ieh d< es youi oe-a baby weigh?
A ion.
<i..'  ;< -,;   ;.: Idli .-
.    n mestly      I am a coal dealer and
I well   ed tho bo   on my own n> nles.
Seme Paradox
The aeroplane is here to ntny
Woilld'st know the reason why?
Mecauso—well, written records nay
Tho aeroplane can liy.
( The truth Im, if it couldn't ro
How' Tnat   "   w*uW   have   to,   don't   yon
Too Rnf,y for Htm
Can I sell yoil a    vacuum   cleaner,
ma'am? fuild ibo agenl ni the door.
You i-fuino;, replied  lhe lady.      If
A Couple of Lays j 1 dldn'l  make my husband bent rugs
I .    every now nud ihen be might forge!
i... ruin and the hen have ihelr work,  ,iir,* 1,0 (14 married,
Ah everything earthly must.  !	
The hen gets imny and lays nn *■«*.!
Whllo tb- rain li Inyli _ tho du t,    1
W,   N.   U    W0
n. one 11 1 he some nnmo 111
Cbarli 1 Jarnt n Kox having hei n hang
ed ;,< 'i; burn, \'u\ iiBkod Solwyii jr h.
had boon there, .'■' ■ r< piled .-' Iwynj
1 ni vi r go to rehearsal
A really good grnfi te, afler all. a
hind iiiln,' to Dud, and when found
Is ,., 1,, rally working,
Wait*1 mnkea baste
ion of the poorhonse,
in ibe direct-
No Skill Required
Litigant—Your tea in outragooua,
Why. It"h more thnn throo-fourttis 0^
wbnt 1 ri covered.
Lawyor—1 furnished tho aUIll nml
thn legal learning for your rime.
I,ltlf,rili! -tlu I  I furiihhed Ibe 0O81).
Lawyer—Oh, anybody cnn fall down
a conl hole,
It In dlstreusliiR to think that A
number of Innocent babes of today
will develop Into fulled States senators.
Tho etcond   candidate   ihen   nd*
I Vanced and bowed before Lord Abbot:
What, be said, iu    1-    piping    voice,
.should  wo do ta oicapo the heat  In
summer and the cold in winter? Down ;
came the stUk wllb a swart crack.
Go where thoro Is neither hent nor I
cold, neither   summer   nor   winter, 1
Candidate number tbree offered only
an assertion;  The  moon  is lh tho
blue sky.
The Lord Abbot laid on with In-
creased vehemence an lie thundered:
And water Ih ill 11 jar. and lhe parting
stroke broke lhe stick In bis hand.     I
Oeorge nover i-dd a single lie.
u*i  know umi fan run well,
On oue point History seems shy -
What  didn't  William Toll?
Too Shallow
Whal alii blm?
a college education.
Trying to put u Quart of knowlodg
into 11 pint measure, 1 presume,
Won't you try 11 pleco of my wife*
augol cuke? ,     »
will it make an angol of me?
Tlml will depend on (he kind <
life you have led.
No Such Luck
Hook Agent- Don't   go Inti
I her*.
onset    tin ro te scarlet fovo
His Coworker   1 couldn't natch [I
billed io.      I carry health 111*
An Emphatic Answer
Kdltnr    Why do yuu uliout  no?
- Th,,ne are my Malic
The nun nu.y Bill 110 tomorrow, but
Ihnt won't serve as un umbrella today. 	
Suffrage!! ■* hadn'l thought of borrl*-
fyltlg lb- m.'ii by -ippenrltig In tbelr
i last year's linti,
His Idea of it
Cltlinan—You ought to know son
thing  aboul   (lorn and   that   sort
thing,     Toll me, what te a forget me-
Subbubfl—Why, M'i. a piece of Hiring
Hint your wife He* around your linger,
when you go In town on an errand.
F-xplaincd nt Last
O'Kocfe—'Tis sthraiiffo bow niow an
nrthlc explorer llirnvela whin ho's go-
In' towar-rds ih' polo an1 how fas'nt
be covers th' ground cumin' fni 111 ll
O'Slion- N'awihin' Bthrange aboul It,
bediitl! Sliure, don't th' Inw lv gnu-
1 till loll lacho iut ihn' li'n bitrdcr lo go
up tbln io come down?
No Uee Sending Him Awny
1 mot your liiinlumd yesterday. Ue
Isn't looking nl ull well.      Why don'l
you urge bim lo go tibroad and try
lho hatha somewhero?
pear mo, ii'/l nlmosl Itnposslbl
gol him to bulho at home.
With ibe development of tht ;'ge»
we cradle neither grain nor babies
any longer,
y Chimneys
1 often —the
builders' and
shacks — the
ings lor every
sort of purpose.
Almost invaria-
^^^^^^^bly  they are
kept warm and comfortable in
cold weather by the
Wherever furnaces Of ordinary
stovea cannot be used,
or wherever ordinary heat is not sufficient-there you
lind need for one of these handy Perfection Heaters,
If you've! a house without a chimney, or a cold
spare room, or a balky furnace, you will appreciate thc
Perfection Heater.
Mad. with nickel tilmmir)|» (plain uteri or enitneled turquoise-
blue drumi).    Ornemeiitil.     Inexpensive.    l.astH lor yenre.
E»illy moved tern plice to place.   Al dealer, everywhere.
When you want to
clear your house of flies,
see that you get
Imitations are always
A few doora aouth of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 por day
Culalne unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
Hotel  practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
ni un mun to Norm m tea.
-4(0,0.-, SIXTY VKARSb, Mil
Sj-HgKa lor ikar. CHitjSa-*-
...    th.lr   CHIlpBC
, with nttpCCT toi
Jaittst naudy fof UI*B»H(HA. Tl
jpMtrjMnataaa   a, -ar. ..i oak let
Mad.  Twenl--d-ao.au
Engineers' and Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds—Engines,
Pumps, and Heavy Pla..* Work
Write tie, (or PrlcoB
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
11 you -A'ant to purchase a carload
Good Ontario Apples
Communicato with
90 Colbourne Street, Toronto
Philosophy of Undertaking
Ours Is a solemn business, said an
undertaker, and yet there happens ln
;t somethin:; over which all concerned
can reus uably be chot-rful.
We onco had a customer who had
lost his tvife and who came to us to
liury t,er. which we did. After the
funeral ne came back to us. He had
selected the casket In which his wife
wbb burled and now he bought one
lust like it for himself. He was a
man ln health, with no prospect of
death so far as that was concerned,
but he was greatly grieved and cast
down over the death of his wife, and
when he should die he wanted to be
burled In a casket juat like that In
which we had burled her. So ho
bought the casket and we held it tor
Something more than a year after
he met another woman with whom he
fell ln love and whom he married;
end after that we got a. letter from
lilm saying:
Sell my casket, I've no use for lt
When Any Person Comet Into Apartment tke Fact la Indicated
Tho ancient profession of burgling
has receive, yet another shrewd blow.
So has lliriing, perhapB.
One of the latest discoveries of
electrical Bclenco is a djnico whereby
the presence of a stranger iu a strongroom or ifiiy other kind of room, how-
over many miles away, can ho detected by tho aid of au ordinary telephone r.eelvei.
I hava*) been experimenting with lho
high-frequency current which Mr
Thorite, tells- us will mako chickens
grow an! kill cheese miles In thirty
.seconds, S'lid tl.e young electrician who
has Invented tho new thlcf-scarlng
apparatus to a reporter yesterday.
Whllo Investigating the nature of
tho discharge-] used for electrifying
certain things I found thut when tlio
eage in which 1 placed them was occupied by some person or cheese, or
even a few choe.se mites, the measuring instrument Indicated the fact,
I tested tiie degree of variation by
passing ilie current first through the
cage and then through a sensitive
crystal to a delicate telephone receiver., Th.'i'e was a distinct change in
tno buzzing sound heard through tho
telephone when tho cage wbb respectively occupied and unoccupied.
It ls my belief that any room could
be so fitted with collectors connected
with a crystal ot l'orro-sillcon or car-
burundum just outside—they need
only be single loops of plain wire each
side of the room, though tho room
itself would ulso have to ho wound
round with a few turns of concealed
copper wire—that the presence of a
man or woman In that room would
be evident to a person miles away listening at a telephone receiver connected with the crystal.
A high-frequency current would, of
course, lu-.ve to bo constantly passing
through '.he room. lt would cost no
more than a burning lamp there.
A rich hanker, let us suy, listens at
his private telephone connected with
crystal and strongroom. . He hears
the normal buzzing caused by the
high- frequency current, and knows
that his strongroom, crammed with
bonds and bullion, Is at peace.
Suddenly the buzzing alters; lt becomes a little slower and lower. A
man has entered the strongroom and
Is attracting some of. the current to
himself. The buzzing becomes still
slower and lower. He Is not alone!
Another miscreant has entered the
room. Then the banker has only to
ring up the police.
He goes on listening, and hears
the variations in the buzzing which
indicate the departure ot first one and
Ihen the other villlnn. If he has
the neces-iEiry appliances fitted, he may
have meanwhile pressed a button and
caused a photograph of the thieves to
be taken automatically ln thc strongroom.
Such a device need not 4>c costly,
and there must be many peoplo who
would be glad to know sometimes
whether a particular room was entirely unoccupied, or occupied by ono
person only, or by two or more. The
apparatus can be constantly operating
without the persons In the room having any knowledge of Its existence.
I nm hoping to achieve the same
results by wireless methods, and in
that even, i* may be possible at last
for husbands and wives tb know when
their absent spouses are lonely and
when thev are not.
lienor flonzalen Garza, tinder-secretary of the Interior of Mexico Is
a mattor-if-fact man who has the habit of holding his mouth open.
The otl-er day Secretary of the Interior Gonzales walked Into Garza's
office and exe'aimed: Old chap, you
havo yo-jr in-nilli open!
I know It. replied Garza, not looking up from hla writing. I opened
It myself thi i morning.
When Him],kin:; read in the news
paper al) nil the cricket club, he confessed that ho didn't know that tho
cricket carried n club.
Wo egotistically Imagine that the
things wn do make tho world go
round. Hut isn't the world round
Everybody knows that Mothusolah
wns the oldest man, but even Ihe
lilble Is re,In ul about lllu oldest wn-
A very absent-minded professor wns
busily engaged In solving a si'leiitlllc
problem when the nurse hastily opened the library door nnd announced
a grunt family event.
The little stranger has anivod,
Ell! said lho professor.
It Is a 'lit',, boy said the nurse.
Utile Iiry. little boy, mimed lho professor. Well, ask hltn what he
Tutor to Young China
When the Chinese Boxers were be;
sieging the foreign legations ln Pekln twelve years ago, and an ominous
silence convinced the world that rebel bullets and swords had completed
their cruel work, the London Times
published an extensive obituary notice ot Its distinguished correspondent
Dr. George Ernest Morrison, who hnd
described the scenes of rioting and
bloodshed almost up to the hour communications ceased. He has now
been appointed adviser to tho new
No newspaper. It said, anxious to
serve the hest interests of the country has ever had a moro devoted, a
more fearless aud a more able servant, than Morrison. Willi extraordinary judgment amounting almost to
intuition, in a i atmosphere which he
used himself to describe ns saturated
with lies, he discriminated with unfailing accuracy between what was
true nnd what was false. Wllh never
a penny o' secret service money at
his command his own shrewdness
and resourcefulness, his untiring Industry, his Infinite rapacity for taking
pains, enable:] him time and again to
transmit Important Information of
which Ihe official confirmation
used only tn limp In with halting steps two nr three days later.
It wns In hla honor lhat Lord Cur-
zon. when tmder-seci-etary of state
for foreign affairs coined his now
historic phrase about the Intelligent
anticipation of events before they occur; and though not primarily Intended ns a compliment. It was perhaps,
the mosl genuine tribute ever wrung
from unwilling lips tn the highest
nunlltlns which ii« correspondent ean
bring to hear upuon his work. Nnno
has ever lteltet deserved such a tribute than Morrison.
The Rev. C. H. Grundy Gives Soma
Matrimonial Advice
Early marriages are better for morality, belter for tho State, belter for
society, tor domesticity, ror the
growth ot personal character, and hotter for tho children, who will thus,
when growing up, rejoice in parents
who can bo keen and interesting companions.
Thus said Rev. C. II. Grundy, M. A.,
well-known as a-locturer and tho popular vicar of St. Peter's nrockley.
England, to a representative a few
days ago
nut do not therefore think, lie went
on, thnt I am encouraging the youthful folly ot Improvident marriage,
which bo ofton lends to misery.
At the samo time, why should people want to stnrt married life on a
grand and showy scale instead ot be-
ng cont'nt to work their way up hy
degrees. Tlio real fault is the extravagance ot bachelorhood. The word
economy lis not In the dictionary of
many men until they think of marriage. All men should begin to prepare financially for marriage lho moment they begin to cam money. The
habit of thrift thus formed will be
quite as valuable and helpful as the
money saved.
You say that perhaps a girl haB
been brought up according to sland-
ards of comfort that necessltato a
certain salary ln lhe matt she Is to
marry, In order that she Bhall not
suffer by the contract; and I mado
lt a big poln1: at one of my recent lee-
tures lhat a register should be kept
containing the names of young ladies
wlio are willing to tako husbands who
possess particular incomes. Thus
the men would know which are the
$1500 or the (1700 a year girls, and
comprehend in which section to look.
That proposal was not received with
favor by some ot thoao present, but
I may say that my matrimonial bureau—which is really designed to do
nothing more than bring young
couple together by correspondence
—has proved successful beyond my
expectations. Already 1 havo had
*.40 lette?-—Borne from the ColonieB—
and one happy pair wlll be leavllng
shortly to mr.ke a home in Australia.
Do I advocate State encouragement
or regulation of early marriages? No
Blr. I most emphatically do sot; we
cannot have the policeman to control
our love affairs. But what I do wish
to insist upon Ib that parents might
do much more than thoy do to foster
early marriages. For the longer I
live the more I am shocked at the
selfishness of parents; they not only
keep the girls about them in the home
instead of letting them earn their livings, but too often they seem to take
a selfish delight la. opposing their natural matilmonlal yearnings.
The father likes to take hfs charjn-
Ing daughter about with him, or the
mother Is anxious to make her assist
in the household management—and,
in any case, they do practically nothing to help her to meet eligible
partners And yet lt Is often the
case that such home-staying girls
know next to nothing of practical domestic work or economy—how to market wisely, how to test the goodness
of articles before buying what quantities ot things are requisite for varying numbers ot peoplo, and so on—
and thus they go on and on, Immersed
ln petty pursuits, until they are really
not eligible as wives.
In my opinion, parents can Hyirdly
begin too early to train their children
for marriage. What? No, I don't
think I go quite so far as Lecky, who
advocated child-marriage, under certain conditions and strict supervisions; but I do think every man ought
to marry the moment he has sufficient
means, and a sense of responsibility
and has found Miss Wright.
Yes, I am aware that child-marriages
have been allowed In Turkey, and
that In Spain and Switzerland, for example, a girl of twelve Is considered
of marriageable age. Uut I do not
make a point of age so much as of
the fulfilment of the above conditions;
and when I hear people saying that
marriage Is too responsible an undertaking, nnd that it may handicap a
man ln his business career, I tell htm
that It ls only whon a man ls faced hy
the imperative necessity for effort that
he puts his best foot forward.
No, sir. I am not a relation of that
ancient kill-joy, tho world-renowned
Mrs. Grundy! Nor am I by any
means a kill-joy. You may sum my
motto up In a phrase; Prepare the
young with all possible care for the
matrimonial plunge!
For Straightaway Flowing, hour after hour,
without troubles or stops, COCKSHUTT
PLOWS are the most economical on the market
Extraordinary Strength of Hair
Frail Lunger calls herself a hair
athlete, she claims to have the strongest hair In the world. At a variety
theatre In Berlin she has been astonishing the spectators by the extraordinary feats she performs with her
hair. Among these ls ono ln which
her husband, a man of medium size
and welgi-.t, slings a hammock between
a tree and her hair, Hob down ln lt
and swings at his ease. Women
who know how it hurts to havo their
hair pullod will understand what a
tough scalp Bhe mr,--, V,ivo to bo able
to bear sueh a strain upon it. Another of her feats is to place her
little girl In a swing, tie this to her
hair and lot the child swing to aud
fro. Sho has acquired this unusual
strength ln h--r hair by many years
of constant prscttco. There ls nothing astonl'.aing uliout the strength
of Fran »ii.ger's hnlr; what Is extraordinary- if the strength of her
scalp. For human hair ls, for Ub
thickness, ono of tho strongest materials known. This female Samson haSailrl'.lod hor scalp to resist a
pull thatwould tear the ordinary woman's hair out by the roots.
Within the last ten days telegraphllc
communications have been os'-,'
for the first time between the town
of Fort (leorge situated on (he section
of the Grand Trunk Pacific's main
lllne west of the Rockies which ls
still under construction und tho outside world. It Is diniciilt for those
who have never known tho lack ot
those fac,lilies to realize Just how an
Important event this Is lu the life of
a now town.
Windsor Berkshire, England, has
Jeen the, homo of England's Sovereigns for more than eight centuries.
__   _     RUB
Traad softly -
Stop safely.
Mot, tke ptttitad feature*
of Catb Paw Heels.    ,u
So lie look you out nuto-rldlng the
olher evening.
Yes; wuat of It?
llo you lltliik he Is In love with you?
1 think so. I know lhat overy
time I spoke to hint the auto tried to
climb it tree or .lump a fonco.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—In June, 98, I had my
hand and wrist bitten and badly mangled by a vicious horse. I suffered
greatly for several days and tlio tooth
cuts refused to heal until your agent
gave me a bottlo of MINARD'S LINIMENT, which I began using. The
effect was magical; ln five hours the
pain had ceased and In two weeks the
wounds had completely healed and
my hand and arm wero ns well as
Yours truly,
A. E. ROY,
Carriage Maker.
AUoIno, P.Q.
Entirely Original
Do you consider Wobbleton's humor original, Blnks? asked Dubblelgh.
Sure It Is, said Dinks. Absolutely; I don't believe there la any humor ln existence that antedates Wobbleton's jokes.
Requisite on the Farm.—Every
farmer and stock-raiser should keep
a supply of Dr. Thomas' Electric OU
on hand, not only as a ready remedy
for ills In the family, but because lt
is a horse and cattle medicine of
great potency. As a substitute for
sweet oil for horses and cattle affected by colic it far surpasses anything
that can be administered.
The Fresh   Air Fund
Mrs. Noopop—Charlie, what do you
think?   Dad's just sent   us   a   $100
cheque for our new baby?     Wasn't
that good of lilm?
Mr. Noopop—I should say so! I'll
write at once and thank lilm for his
contribution to the fresli air fund.
The Worst Case
The worst case ot mixed metaphor
known, Bald a teacher of English at
the University of Pennsylvania, was
the output ot Sir Ellis Ashmcad Bartlett, who belonged to a Philadelphia
family. Sir Ellis once wrote to the
London Times:
Tho concert of the powers ln China
is a mere* delusive screen, agreeable
ln Bound, very tickling to the Ignorant car, calculated to draw tho cheers
of the groundlings, but which really
serves only as a blind to ourselves, as
a cover for ministerial Inaction as a
sounding board to tell our foes of our
plans, and as a lever wherewith they
are enabled to checkmate our policy.
Imagine, ended tho Instructor—Imagine a screen doing all that!
Raw, Infbmed, Itching Skin Is Soothed and Healed by
Barber's Itch ls a form ot Ringworm, which when pneo started, ls
most annoying and unsightly, and
most difficult to cure. Barbers often
refuse to shave anyone having this
disease, '.or fear ot passing lt on to
other customers.
But you can euro Barber's Itch and
keop the skin wonderfully soft and
healthy by applying Dr. Chase's Ointment. Just read what this teacher
has to say about the healing power
of Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Mr. Chas. C, Poirler, Upper Cara-
quet, N.B., writeB—"Two years ago
while teaching at Shlppegnn I caught
Barber's Itch. ,'• friend told mo Dr.
Chase's Ointment woulil euro me, as
it had him. When I went for a box
I thought It dear, but when I found
how good lt was I thought it cheap.
"Not only was I cured hy that
single box, but It also cured two of
my pupils, and this too quickly to be
believed. One of them, a girl, had
a running soro on the chin, which the
doctor had tried in vnln to cure. The
other had a sore on the ear. I can
certify to the cure of these cases."
Whorcver there is Itching skin or
a sore that refuses to heal you can
apply Dr. Chase's Ointment with positive assurance that the results will
be entirely satisfactory. The soothing, healing power of this great ointment Ib tmly wonderful. liOc. a box.
at all dealers or Edmunson, Bates &
Co., Limited. Toronto.
Not for Him
Jones—I dare you to go over and
speak to that lady over there.
James—Not on your life. That's
my wife, aud, besides, we ain't speak-
Did you know that Miss Belle gave
Jones some apparel? How odd. How
was It? Well, flrst she gave him
the mitten and then she gave hint the
By jovo! I came away rrom homo
llt'.t morning without a cent In my
What made you do a thing like
I don't know, but I guess my wife
had a hand in It.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds. Etc.
Tho prima donna who can reach
the high notes Is able to reach also
the high hank notes of thc manager.
After we acknowledge that there
aro severul sides to every' question we
cinch our mental narrowness by aggressively adhering to our own.
Visitor—Never say die!
• Boston Boy—I commonly refer to
the dissolution of the vital force.
In trotting up the total we And that
we've always got* our share ot the
close decisions!
After all there ls this to be said
for Jonah: He was not fishing on his
own hook.
Was Pink Once
H's easy to ho generous whon our
own deu,and Ib gratified, exclaimed -.'
Henry Miller. There onco was a
llttlo girl who Invaded the drawing
room whore her slater's fiance was
Here, said the child, here Is a candy
for you. And sho gave Hilary Mc-
Masters n hard white lozenge.
Oh, what a nice white lozongc! said
the young man putting lt ln his mouth
and beginning to suck vigorously.
Yes, Isn't It? lisped the little girl,
It was sit-iped wlv pink once.
Hot-Weather Housewifery
It ls every woman's ambition to look
spotlessly fresh and dainty in warm
weather To do this she must have
a constan- supply of clean blouses,
and If she be thrifty, these she will
wash herself.
For this soap-jelly will be found to
bo Invaluably economical and simple,
Tho soap should be shredded Into a
basin, aud allowed to melt until clear
of lumps, lt Bhould then be run off
Info a Jar, Whon using, In a quart
of wuter a quarter ot a pound of the
soap-Jelly will be sufficient.
Then, too, nothing looks more dowdy than a gown which has faded. A
little salt In the wator will set blue,
whllo alum helps green to retain its
color. Ox gall is Infallible for grey
nnd brown, and liny water will prevent tan or brown linen and hollaud
from changing Ihelr shades.
It may uot be known, also, lhat
white wasli.itg gloves should always
bo allowed (o dry with a little snip
in them. This prevents tindtio all'-
fenlng. Thoy shoull bo drawn over
the hands slightly damp to pull them
Into shape.
Whito veils, when washed, should
neither be mangled nor Ironed. Carefully Btrotched, they should be wound
tightly round a tube of cardboard
or paper, whllo still damp. When dry,
thoy will be observed to havo suffered neither from tcurB nor stiffness.
A Standard Medicine.—Parmeleo's
Vegetable Pills, compounded ot entirely vegetable substances known to
have a revivifying and salutary effect
upon the digestive organs, have
through years of use attained so eminent a posltioi. that they rank as a
standard medicine. The ailing
ahould remember this. Rlmplo in
their --.imposition, they can be assimilated hy the weakest stomach and
are certain to have a healthful and
agreeable effect on thc sluggish digestive organs.
To filter poUonoui icld» ind wut« mutter from tht
■yitern. What a.*pt->«iia If the kidneys _t. not in
perfect condition! They ci.nr.at properly filter ths
poisons from the blood. What then? Fir-t backachei,
p»ini in the iolnti and ntUHlM, frequent headacheo.
...  f,e'-— " -  --
then   ipotii before the- eyes,   rheumatic   pains,    tl.**ii
chronic   kidney   disease   in    which—at great    expeiiM
., —only temporary relief can   be-   had.   Finally,   con-
■tant   luffennf  ending   in   premature death.
The alternative, when.lhe kidnevB begin to  warn of their unhealthy condition." in to
■win ■..•Sinai ii it,   -rtiirn   inr mil I lift
take DR.CLARK'S SWEET NITRE RLLS,   They will help the   kidneys   and   keep
Bold everywhere at fifty cents a boi ur mailed direct by
Ihem healthy for the future.
A Stick for a Hump
Swing a stick to euro a hump, physical or mental. A well known pliy-
Bicfan recently stated that fewer
round sh.nilders would he observed in
our young men of today could tUrj"
but cultivate tho habit of carrying a
stick. As will easily bo seen, tho
use of a walking stick Inevitably
pulls back tho arm. And so, quite
naturally, too, the chest is pushed forward, thus allowing of lis expansion. [
Whereas Hie man who carries nothing
Is Invariably nervously conscious of
his hands, And lo hide them away1
somewhere puts them In his pockets.
What happen i? Hy the very action
of thrust.ng his hands In hte poeketB
ho brings his shoulders Into the line
ot a slouch, and so to a stoop. Hut
to bo at all efficacious the walking
stick carried must ho of ordinary size
—that Is to reach as fur as tho hip.
A shorter stick fails in its mission.
For either it Is swung in tho hand,
with thc other hand In the pocket, or
It te carried high under the arm, with
both hauls buried deep.
Clarice—Why, you proposed to May
last night, with those same words.
Vance—Oh, darling, that was only
a tryout, this Is the first professional
Ho coaxed her one morning to fly;
They fell from half way to the sky.
When asked to explain
She replied with much pain:
It almost Hilled he and I.
--Chicago Record-Herald,
Mlnard's Liniment Cure* Diphtheria.
Sheathing Felt
contain-; no oil or Ur. It Is clean,
odorless, waterproof, germ and
vermin prool tnd practically
Indestructible. Mikes houses
draft-proof, tiiy lo heat, and
comfortable In any weather.
Ask your dealer lo sho-v you
a sample, or wrllo,for sample
and Booklet to the „
3.1. Canadian Manufactur.r,
ol Cartata, Limited,
M.alrol. Hl.nl.,., Oll.tr, Vi.ia.vir.
Book IV.,.     A .,„„:,
Horn.   Ire.lm.nl remov.d
lamp Iron. Ihi.lady', brra.l
Old sore, nicer, ,ud
•rev,!., cured.    Deacril,.
year trouble ; we will seed booh »uA testimonial..
What* the Uae
Hub—I observe by Ilio newspapers,
thnt Qovornor Wilson lias gone to
Wife—To boo Oert who? 1 sup-
Pobo you mean some relative,
Oldtimer—Is your married life ono.
grand sweet song?
Ncwlywed —Well, slnee our baby's
been born It's boon llko an opera, lull
He Knew It
A small boy wus,reciting In a geography clnss. Tbo teacher w;is Hying to teach the points of tho compass.
Sho exclaimed:
On you- right l.j tho east, your left
the wost line: In front of you Is tlio
north.      Now what Is behind you.
The boy studied for a moment, then
puckered up his faco and bawled.
1 know It! I lold ma you'd eco
tho patch iu m. pants.
of grand marches, with loud calls
the authm every night.
Do you mean to say that you r.i:
with your wife all tho evening a:
masked  ball and didn't know  hoi
That's right.        But   sho
deuced agroi able
how was 1 lu
A Richmond woman has in her oni-1 Cheap Living
ploy a colored cook who lias managed j A Europe.-n correspondent ot i'i
to break nearly every variety ot art-; New York Evening t-ost writes thnl
tele that'ho household contains. The! paper as follows:--! am constantly
mistress' patience reached the limit, forced to observo cases whero great
recently whc.i Bhe discovers! tbat (he, harm is done by the continuance ol
dusky servitor had broken the liter- the old Idea that living Is cheaper In
mometcr thnl hung on the front porch, j Europe than In America.     It is s"ll
Well, well, sighed tho lady ol fie. iruo, though loss so than It was ovon
house in a most resigned way, you vol five years apo, that almost everybody
managed  to  break even  the th*
ometer, haven't you?
The maid replied iu a tone equally
Yessuin; and now woll have to
take tho weather as It comes, won't
In Europe does llvo cheaper than pei
pie of the same class in America
but that is not a matter of eoonomii
bill of human nature.
Where Quinine Cornea From
Thirly years ago the principal supply of qulnllno came from the western coast nf South Ainericu, although
a small amount was obtained from
Imiiii and Ceylon. Tho average quinine contents of the ol/ehnua bark Is
from 11 to It pel' cent. Hotter methods of handling the bark, however
have resulted In recent years of yields
of from 5.5 lo 17 per cent,
In Amsterdam monthly sales of
quinine an. hold. Java, which was
scarcely In the market at first, now
Bends from thirty-live to seventy tons
of quinine sulphate each month to thn
Dutch 'market, Thoso enormous Increase, lu production liavo lowered
the prlco considerably.
Might Mean That
Mrs. Ex.! (with newspaper)-Hero
ls an awfully funny typographical error. It says. Mrs. Rich uwoko about
four o'clock nud heard striinge noises
In tho house.
Bxe—How do you know It's n typographical error? Maybe lt. means
that Bho heard hor guests snoring.
W.N.U, 914
A man self-satisfied Is a man satls-
l tied with his companion,
I Pud Hint, my husband has been
hnvlng lho olllce hoy to cull mo up
overy day and mumble terms ot endearment. That's n nice way Id fool
his wlfo. lie's been away from tho
olllce himself.
How Is ll that you didn't notice the
Wull, I'm busy nt bridge overy day,
and I'vo been having the cook uiiswer
the telephone.
Is Jones a wlso man?    Sure.     Ho
Is Just running over with wisdom. Why
ho even carries Bound cents In his
( pockets.
Mr. E. Partington, chief clerk ln
the trainmaster's ofllco of tho Orand
Trunk Hallway at Ottawa has accepted the position of chief clerk and secretary to Mr. J. P. Klrkpatrlck,
Orand Trunk Pacific Superintendent
at Reglna. Mr. l'arrln'gton has left
for the west accompanied by Mc Roy
Dellsle, formerly a clerk iu the Board
of Railway Commissioners who is also cutei'lii" Mr. Klrkpatrlck's olllce
Have you made any sacrifice to
demonstrate vour patriotism?
I have, replied lhe St. I .mils man.
1 bet c.'i the homo teum regularly
Unlucky Number for Dakota Woman
The question whether lhe number
"18" ls ronlly more unlucky than any j
other number bus never been entirely
A So. Dak.  woman, aftor thirteen 1
years ot misery from drinking coffee,
found a way to break the "unlucky
spell," Tea Is Juat as   Injurious   n
coffee  because  lt  contains  caffeine,
the drug In coffee,     She wrlleB:
"For thirteen years I have bcen a
nervous wreck from drinking coffee.
My liver, stomach, heart—in fact, my
whole system being actually poisoned
by It.
"Last year I waB conllneil to my bed
for six months. Finally It dawned on
me thut colfcn caused the trouble.
Then I began using Postum Instead of
coffee, but Willi little faith, as my
mind waj In such u condition thut I
hardly knew what to do noxl.
"Extreme nervousness nnd falling
eyesight catlcad mu to lose all courage. In about two weeks afler I
quit coffee nml began to use Postum,
1 was utile to lend and my bond felt
clear. I um Improving nil the lime
and I wlll be a strong, woll woman yet.
"I havo fooled more Hum one pop-
Bon with a delirious cup of Postum.
MrB. S. wauled to know whore I
bought my line coffee.      I told hor
my groco" had ll and when she f id
uut It was Posl um nho has used 11
ever since, and lur nerves arc building up lino.
"My brain Is strong, my nerves
steady, my nppcllto good, anil best ol
all, I enjoy such sound, pleasant sleep."
Name given by Canadian Postum Co.,
Windsor, Ont. Hot the llttlo bnnk In
pkg., "The Road to Wollvlllo,"
There's a Reason,"
E »r read the above letter? A
new one appe.-.n. trim time-to time
They art pcniiin i true, and 'ell of
human In*"' i-l-
That Mocha Myth
Twenty coffee experts testified In
Judge Lundis's court In Chicago, that
the world It is 200 yeara old. The]
last shipment from Mocha of local1
grown effeo took place that inanyi
years ago
This Is no new.! to those who know
coffee. Wc havo oft been told that
Iho cute Braslllaiis raise a special
Moclmesquo bean, which they ship to
Aden, whence lt la re-Bblpped to the
world under the magic name of Mocha. Thn world has looked blandly
on nt this, hus bought coffee, drank lt
and tractably called It Mocha. Other
coffee countries may liavo similar
In a w.rd Mocha coffeo has ceased
to be a goagraphlcul name and has
become a mere trade name for a trade
Why did Mrs. Hugh Main loavo the
room right lu tho very middle of her
argument about the cruelty of killing
rong birds?
Oh, sho went Into tho kitchen to
show the servant how to drop a llvo
lobster Into boiling water.
Johnny—Ma, inuy I go down to lhe
What for, my son? I want to
drown a worm.
An American and a Scotsman were
discussing tho extent of t'ro^i o-*pcr<
ienccd tu the nortli of Scotland.
Why, It's nothing at ull   compared
to the cob!  we have in    the    Stales,
raid the American.      I recollect mn,
Winter when a sheep, Jumping I'ruin a
in a field, became suddenly
frozen on the way and stuck iu the air
like a lump of lee.
But mnn. explained the Scotsman
Ity wouldn't nllow ibat.
 -  ,   ,     ,. I,,,        i iuh'w umi, said the Anieri.'i'V, bul.
trilct covered by the projected rail-  th    , w    ,        .„    w , ,.„..„ „,„
Those already at   work   arc(    " .
Within the past, few days a fifth
survey pal ty haa been sent out of Vancouver by Chief Engineer Callaghan
uf thc Pacific Oreat Eastern Railway,
This latest expedition Is made up of, ..,.,-.,,
18 men In charge of Mr. F. O. Ashe
un experienced operator   on   locution
work In mountain country.     Us Hold u   uu   ,.v
of action will bo southwesl of Lllloet  ,,,„ ...... „. '    '
and ts said to be the roughest dl.- <*• j£^SdES
road.        '1 HOBO  ail'euuy   III     worn,    arc j
neur West Vancouver and northeast ol
Newport Jt the bend of Hove Sound.
QuoenBtown. Ireland, was forme
known as Tho Cove of Cork, but when
She—C. n you manage n typewriter? i the late Queen Victoria paid n visit
He—No. ' married one. ' there lu 1849, it changed its name,
A teacher in a suburban school hearing a s.noiherod laugh Inquired who
dared lo bo so rude.
Please, sir, It was me, nnswored a
loud voice, but 1 did not mean It.
Did not mean to do il? quelled the
now angry taaohcr,
No, sir, I laiigheil up my sleeve, but
1 did nol know there wus a hole lu
n.y elbow.
We need i. strong, decided change
Our vision could  have  wider range,
lf W, m   could this arrange—
J. M. Olbey
lleirnst, Ireland
A Puzzle
Ma alMlght pa klBshig the hired girl.
What's sho going to do nbout ll?
That's tho trouble. Sbo doesn't
know. She can't mnh" up her mind
whether lo got rid ot pa or Ihe hind
girl, Sometimes she Buys she thinks
alio enn ret a new husband easier
than sliu can get a now Borvitnt.
Neat Dorchester, England, there nrn
lhe remains of ii It.iuinn nmphllhealro
capable of holding in,0U0 people.
No fewer thnn nine newspapers aro
published In Wntorford, lrelund, which
Ib tho equivalent of one for every lluoo-
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
(the |irosyector, Craubvocth, §> (LL
t_8TA_].I9HED    1MB
Publlibed Bvery Saturday   Mornm§ a\ Oranbrook, B.O.
K. M   Christian, Manager,
Pottagt to American, European tuxd  other foreign countries,   50 centi   a
year  extra
ADVERTISEMENTS—Advertising rate*. lurniaJied ou application. N0
Advertisements but those of a reputable character will tie accepted for
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS—Unless uotice tu the contrary
u given to local manager advert..*, meats and subscriptions will he kept
ruuttlng an>l charged up Against their  account.
Owing to schedule chuugrs In the legal rate  at   Victoria   and couae-
Huent changes in thc various papert. throughout  the  Province tho
pector" announces that beginning with .January 1st, tin
will he made tor advertising all legal notices:
Application for litjuor license, $6.00;   liquor   license
land  purchase   57.00;   land  lease $7.00;   certillcate  of  improvement
10 cents per line first insertion and 5 cents each subsequent I user
tion    delinquent   co-ownership  notice It) cents and 5 cents;  dupli
nftU certificate 10 cents and 5 cents;   water   notice
cents;   conl and petroleum notise Jfi.00
Rowing rhargea
ftiU  and
19th 'i K \H
n -
MARCH fifh
Tbe HesBlon ol the Legislative A»* matters in advance ol tbe season,
Hcmply, which was brougnt to -. cloBe I which now serves to create a conges-
f.n Saturday last, was productive of! tlon of bUBlness in the closing week,
ti great deal ol uselul and Important \V" are sure that not oaly the Guv-
Legislation, Speaking in general term 1 eminent, but the private me-raVers
it may be said that the new laws would welcome .. change In this re
passed   indicate  an   intelligent  desire   spect,
upon the port ol the Government and A tew words may <■ added .-
the House t<) keep pace with the tne character ol the present Legiaia
growing and changing requirements tive •■--•. ;- It Is tbe
uf the province. Only those who keep all persons who are -. lallQed I Lg,
closely in tuiich with what the Leg that the average standard of the
[alative Assembly does can fully ap- membeis'Jip is high The (act that
predate the/seriousness and diversity   then- is hardly what might    i     ■.:'.•■■
ol tbe questions that ar.- constantly   an Opposition   fui - ews    ■  the
arising,   The  work  of  Provincial de-   two Socialist ers are not sira
. . , this st imp that has    caused
velopment, hy which    we    mean   not   ply oppositi ■    evi     I , ,   _
only  whnt   is commonly    understood   prived the ■*■ -        f much oi tbe In-
by that term, but aten the provialoo   terest  tbat   ko tberwise have at-
requlrea, and the enactment   ol   new   tacbed t and    rendered    needless
f.f such Institutions as ,.  new country   any mar ed   lerai nsti itii n of the de
statutory m'^ foi   the needs of the   bating   talent   ol    thc members   but      _        , #_   II   J   p
several r.immiinit.i'.>   hndlii.httn.-ir..    t:,en*   .v.--.,  plenty  of  evidence   that I SflQClS    1/3II6Q    f Ol
and we thlnV the most h<   ■ '-  critics   :< „  good,  practical  and  independece;
of the   administration    will   conctd,    House, even though it may be almost,
made up wholly  of tbe members   of
nne  party. -Colonist.
cites that Grnnbroofcja representative
could not think of anything to m.y
throughout the session—and yet, he
is able to get an extra $400 along
with the rest of the crowd.
Thos. Oavon, M.P.P. representing
Cranbrook Riding in a mnn among
men, he seldom speaks, but when Ut
dues it is direct to the question;
also, he accomplishes UHt what Ids
constituents sent him to Victoria for
That appropriation of $185,000.00 Is
n   sample   ol   whttt   "Tom"   doee   for
his conBtituents
•   •   •   •
It is no wonder thai scores and
hundreds of Conservatives and even
Liberals, readers ol the Herald, are
becoming disgusted and refune to
read tbe political opinions expressed
on tbe inside pages of that paper, or
the political rot reflected in its news
Columns; but, if one thwn more than
another will contribute to the dm
eomlUnre of this only "Qrlt organ"
II la the attitude of the Herald at
tbe close ol tha recent session of the
Provincial Assembly Its editorial
and news columns are hllcd with the
i in-.se i abuse of the government,
and with mis representations of tbe
most glorlug kind One ol Us outbreaks ia its offensive reference of the
raising of the salaries of  the  mem
•is ol the House; also the large a
mount of tbe appropriations, and
the cancellatb n of the Voters' List,
This at) le of attack on the govern*
■ lent hea aroused the .udigation ol a
■ If       ing,  and  we have uo hesita-
be\    I the Conservatives In
.haracteruing the recenl  ac*
lata   I the House proceedings pub-
.   tbe Herald, as arrant dri-
j vel    It is tiir publication of articles
become distasteful to all
led  leaders,   whether Conservatives or  Liberals who are tensou-
■    -   tbeii deductions
liviui Mine, Kimberley and Moyie.The
President of the Association, H. L.
.Sawyer, very ably tilled the chair at
i p.m. The programme was long
aud varied. The flrst item being n
planforte seleotloo by Mr. May of the
Sullivan Mine. Songs "Au Revolr"
Mrs. Hormun," "The Garden of my
Heart,"Mrs. Geo, James," wuh much
appreciated, Selection •Whistling
llufus" wus rendered in tine style by
J. Hornmn, "Piccolo" Wm. Bidder,
"I.ones" Geo. Huwkes, "HarinonlcH,
Triangle and Harp."
Ja,..es Hoi'man alsu gave n piccolo
and Harp selection Quartottes were
also yung by Mrs James, soprano,
Mra. Didder, contralto, J. Hormau,
tenor and H. EiUghea and Geo. James
Basses. Recitations by Mrs. George
Hawke-t, Misses Pearl, May, and Ben
trice Barclay and Florence Sawyer,
Duet by Beatrice ami Pearl Barclay,
Piccalo solo by J   llorumt.
Jack   also   treated ua to n clou
dance for which lie wns once fatuous
In the West part ol Englnud, Clog
dances are very rare in these parls so
the turn was very much appreciated,
Jack dances on a i- • ■■*•'■■ square,
showing a steps in the double shuffle.
The concert concluded with a ae
lection Polls  Prim by the Orchestra.
When   Luncheon   was   served   by   the
hostess Mrs. Barclay, dancing was
provided by Mrs. MeMabanyl Mr.
day,  Janus, and I Ionium.
Everybody bad ,. good time and the
Local Conservatives will benefit hy
being the proud owners ot a build*
Ing iu which to hold tbeir future
Boisjolie News
that   it   ia   wel
not    suggesting    that    some    things
might not have hen done differently,
because that   would be to assert  an
infallibility    t hat     no    Government
would claim.   Whut we mean is that
making due allowance foi  the inevitable diflerences oi opinion, which art
always to he expected, the affair**, of
the Province, regarded irom u legislative    -tn nil point,    nnd  that   is  all
with which  we are Healing just now,
bave been very well managed Indeed.
Some comment has been made upon
tbe    fact    that  it  \,*ry greal  deal  of
work ia crowded   into  the  last   week
uf the session.   This is ., feature not
confined hy any means to British Col
umbia,   Imt   tin- fault   really  lie-;  with
the public,, who   are   everywhere   in
the habll  of  procrastinating  in  res
pec. to subjoctR of legislation. Many
delagatlona interview the Government
after the session  is  well  under  way.
eacb of tbem hfivlug important  subjects  requiring  immediate attention
Many of these delegations have mat-
tors in hand which might Juat as well
have  heen  dealt   with   (Hiring  the  re
cess.    We support-  one  reason    why
they  put   oil until  the session    is    in
order is that tbey nun be conalhered
by    the   Government    when    tlic re
presentatlvea   ol   tin*   const!tuencea,
irom       which       the       delegationa
come, are   at   hand.      Nevertheless,
it  seems as if it   might  be possible
without prejudicing any public or pn
The cancellation of the Provincial
voting list hy the Legislative Assembly in all parliamentary elections
will meet with the approval of the
electoral      There la no doubt in tha
George Brown, who for some month
past, had been employed here as road
"overseer" left for Cr.uibrook Mou.
duy. His business relations in Real
-.state necessitating his attention.
Mr, Miller, manager in Fernie (or
^__ the P. Rurns Packing Co.. called on
The Canadian pacific Railway has | us Sunday on business and pleasure,
called for tenders for the driving of j Mr. C. H. Oronk has almost fully
a double-track tunnel through Roger ■ recovered from injuries received some
Pass, at the summit of the SelkirttB. ! time ago; when one of his prize horse
The tunnel, according to the surveys ; trimmed the outer portion of hia noa-
will have •■ total length of -S.000 ft. I trils to his surprise owing to the fact
or a trifle over live miles-     Rids will I that he was about to deal them their
close on  .April  15th,   and    following ■ ration.
awarding of the contract, construe- ■ Jimmie Portion, better known as
minis of nin voters that tt was time! tt„n ff0rk will be stated ns soon as the mnn from "Dawson" is on the
eo clean tbo Hat, as in many respects' possible, | Job when it comes to speaking on the
"grave yard register'  j «--.-.._— | possibilities of tho Icy regions.
'    Miss  B-callia Boisjolie-s smile was
considerably augmented on the arri-
The    Haynes  and   Waldo  Consnrva-! vol ft few days ago of a kind friend,
tive Association will hold a Social in j    George D.  Smith, formerly scaling
the old Waldo Hall on March 12th, a| for the Porto-Rico Lumber Co., and
-rood time iB assured to all. ', who met with the misfortune of hav-
it resembled
und there are names upon tiie present
list that should not he there. With
ih** cancellation of the old list is the
announcement of ernuinement for u
new enrollment of electors. Now
uvery person in the produce possessing tbe necessary qualifications, *no
desires to have bis name on the vo.
leis Hal will have to make application to Imve it. [daced thereon. The
.icw list now being prepared will con
tain only the names oi those actually
entitled to vote in the constituency
in which they  reside.
The Government is entitled to full
credit for its notion In cancelling the
old list and m giving to tht Province
n good, clean, and live registration
lor future r?giBtration.
Baynes Lake News
The Dunn Bros, are making great j ing bis right arm broken some time
alterations in their store, besides j ago, was n caller on friends here lust
carrying the frontage twelve feet fur-   Wednesday nud Thursday
ther out, they are adding a Cold stor
age room which ia certainly a great
Improvement nnd will prove « great
attraction  to  Bnynea.
We are all glad to see Mr. D. W.
Hart up again and hope he Will continue tu improve.
Mr. Bernard of Prosser, Wash., has
finished bis logging contract with the
Adolph Lumber Co., and will shortly
What might have been a serious accident occurred at Gamp No. 2, when
one of the teams became disengaged
in some manner unknown to the driver, when suddenly thc thought overcame bim tbat one of hia horses was
"Windy" and all was well.
It is now a queation of superiority
s to which crews arc the most capable in loading and   delivering   the
qualifications    necessary   are | ieilVe for the prairie,  on a railroad J moat logs to the landing.   Now that
that tbe applicants are British Bub
ol the full age of 21 years, who      Mr. W
Baxter is on a visit to
are ull glad to aee him
'Herald"  wonders   what    the
uttte Interests,
of    many ! Provincial Government   pays for and
there are two factions ln the field,
although lt is generally conceded that
0. H. Crank aa a Skimmer is in the
lead, while David Gorman knows
when the logs are loaded. "Hoot
Mr. .Johnson, erstwhile    Chore-Ray
and Socialist Loader   here,   resigned
ng Co.'s business. 11,|„ position on   Tuesday   owing   to
»-w\   Tbe Debating   Society   held   their Rheumatic ailments, remaining until
; fortnightly meetings in the Hnll last   his successor wna fully Instructed in-
Wednesday evening, a fairly good at-1 to the mysteries attending the work,
i |ect
' have   resided    In   the   province   six I Baynes
1 months   mi I   in    the constituency in i again.
) which registration is desired at least '    Mrs.    Williamson   -took   n trip to
I three months. [Fernie last Tuesday.
j   Th. ■ ■...,.,.....*• *«,««h1«   _•_.*   ii..   A wel1 knuwn r>rnU? business house
has taken over the Haynes Lake Trad
llml   Cflll ■),'• ir-poti-v. nf Alt t1n-fl*
.    - I ■>  - • ■  !.;...,.( vr Skin L...* «#r tfl
•" r N«w MethodTrMtmrat ■ »i■■ ■- ■.■'■■■■'■
■ ire I . ■..■ n & mpUittti   1 here >•• no ■ _■
foi .in-  Ji'ts  n )..iVi„{* n ih-ilei.i.   :  f.nv
r   ■-.  ■   ipt i and  blotchM   Ko mat tor
whether w re Utory or acquired, oui iiJociflc
i -.i-iii mi i >■■:•' MUtra />■ nil pol*
■..iin in tlio blood aii'l expo) iln-ni fi-.in n-i*.
i urVMt B-PCTmDCO iii lbs lout*
u.euu.f iiuuiati'iH fit (ht, met h rloua and
complicated cssm ena.ii«9 nn to pertoot n
. in -imoi texper.m_.aU_i WodobuKnoa
" J'1 lit- P«y Onlr (or Ihe Benefit You
Urii-e.  it fern BaFSany blood di .-a-*-, coo
; *Fr*.H of Chart* an«l let  ul pi   * >■  to
i I'   . Ifl.,
'■ ■"'" V
New Methixl Treatment it 0 "1 ''. '■*-
Ii' al up. t-ular)f<"l glandt. nr* redueod, fnlti ii
■jut liairRrowi in ngaln. the eyea become
bright, ambition an-i encrvy Fslurn, and Uio
eftstlm reollxea a now lire Iju*. opened *m to
'ier. I for RoG.nl>-. on DlieUcI of NUn
If  unable lo call, write   for   a  (Juaation  I i«t
(or Homo Treatment
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St,   Detroit, Mich.
Rl^flBitolinTI-^P '" ,;' :'' Cittivlamuni      uhlreiswl
^l_____r    "*^ I IWfc     in mu Cfliiadlsn CorrBspondencc Demrt-
iit m Windsor  (hit
see ur (HivuMliy ail] at oui Metlloil Institute in Detroit oa we
QO pelienti   in   din    V.'iM't-^a    (tflicCN   which   ale   for   Corre*.|i
l(,ii"PMhiry fot Cniindfnii hn-iin. ■.-. nnl)    AdtlfeN all letltre
DRS  KKNNkUY .V KENNEDY, Windsor, Oni.
.Viiii-ifoi ovrDrli itenddren,
tendance came to listen to whether
The llrltiHli Smpiro ihould have com
puliory wrvlce ur not; Mr. Q. Alder-
mn took the ntllrnmtlve and Air. W.
Taylor the negative. Quite a few
good speeebee wen* made on both aide
hut on ■• ..bowing of hands oonserip.
tlon i^ out of the question here. The
next meeting to he held on the 18th,
mOject 'Sliiiuitl Capital 1'uniHhment
be abolished." Mr. Nutt win take
the affirmative nnd Mr. H. Boi the
Mi. J. Rnoford i« contemplating
btlllding on the hotel, aa he .1ml*. hut
utfiHH getting ho hrisk in Hnynei. Iils
accommodation in not lar^e enough
Bometlmea to cope with the large
number of travellers.
ft is rumoured that Mr. 0. Kdward
Manages of the Kootenln Land Oo,,
ih shortly resigning his position,many
win be sorry to bear it.
Mr   EC. I.efirandeui  \n through with
when he left for Spokane.
Freil Hor rlo, the mnn who knows
the capacity of a \ur;, returned on
Monday from a trip to hit. borne nt
Moyie; naturally, he wore a amlle.
Lee Henie Ih on tlm Job when it
comes to handling in the dope, iih he
plainly denionntrated utich iu art a
few days ago, "The Poor Bklnner,"
Thomas Bertfltrom, our genial
hlacksmltli, Ih ou the move when It
comes to mixing the iron and steel
into useful commodities.
Attraction-, are varied In mme instances nn one would "lean from the
attention shown in the Veterinary
Friday ni^ht will o-e the advent of
a dance, which we expect Ih for the
Benefit of the entire public at Moyle.
Inciilently we hnve numerous eligible*
for escorting «f the only lady-member
here to tbo jolllOoatlon. However,
grent may the fantastic he, Mr. Fred
gging contract tor the North Slut■■ Andi'ttit   Ih   most likely to carry off
Lumber Oo., and has broken up bin
eapip nt Hock Oreek.
Marysville News
The Concert and Dnnco which was
riven at the Kails View Hotel, 0n Krl
day last, under the nilBpiceH of the
Marysville Connrvatlvt An locintlon,
proved n ^reitt HIICCOBB, Outside
piiihtH boing represented by frlontli
Cranbrook, i'erry (.'reek, Wyeiin,., Bul] He Is on the Job
the honors, owing we believe, to the
piiiH'-s tlon of a fur-lined overcoat,
which be has secured through stratgy
Mr. J. H Mrlinuald Is nccredltrd
with having to bis great imhhI the
honor of llnding men to the entire
satisfaction of all. Hnwmer, let it
be remembered, that Mr. McDonald Is
minus tbe ordinary liecc^wtrys nf
uood living; let uouui one more familiar to the niiidltlous "Make good"
frfe flerris, the "Log Detoctlve" It
here not to be tlimflammed by nny
one the rapacity nf a log.  Mr. Her-
Fit B^_^ITL
"Hozv Is It Possible
For You To Fit
Practically Every Man t"
Fit-Reform System Of Sizes makes
this an assured tact.
Fit-Reform Spring Suits nnd Overcoats arc made for unusual figures, as
well .is the normal man. That is,
Pit-Reform garments are designed for
Short and Stout Men
Short and Thin Men
Tall, Stout Men
Tall, Slender Men
Over-erect Men
Men with Square Shoulders
Men with Sloping Shoulders
And coats arc designed and tailored
in all sizes to fit all these classes of men.
That's why we can lit you perfectly
in Fit-Reform Spring Suits and
Overcoats. ,_
.   nT- m   McCreery Bros.
WfmM Cranbrook, B.C.
Presbyterian Church
R«iv.   W.  Kelman   Thomson
Morning service at 10 a.m.
Subject—Fulfilment that it might
he fulfilled. Mint. 2-23
Sunday School and Bible Glass at
3 p.m.—Young people invited.
Evening service at 7-30 p.m.
Suh-ect—A study in   Old   Testament   characters,    "Moses, the
Mid-week Service, Wednesday 8 p.m
Methodist Church
Rev, W. Bison Dunham
Morning worship, 11.00 o'clock.
Evening Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Baptist Church
Rev. 0.  B.  KENDALL
Morning services at 11 a-m.
Bvening sarvlces at 7.30 p.m.
An inv tntlon is cordially extends-)
to YOU.
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captain W.  J.  Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper
Sunday Services—
11 a.m.—Holiness Service
3 p.m.—Bltjle Class
■I p.m.—Sunday School
S p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
services at 8 p.m.
A speciol invitation js extended to
all to attend thcs.i services.
At the Top
Because of Quality and Purity
Bottled with crowns or
corks only at the Home
Plant in St. Louis
The Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Covers an area of 140 acres of ground, equal to 70 city
blocks,  upon which are  located 110  individual  buildings.
Brewlna Capacity .   .   .  2,500,000 barrels per year
M.-ltirto Capacity  .   ,   .  2,000,000 bushels per year
Battling Works     .   .   .   1,000,'J0O bottles dally
Grain QloraotA Elevators 1,750,000 bushels
Stockhouct3 (for Soaring)    600,000 barrels
Sir-urn Power Plant .   .        12,000 horeo power
Electric PoWor Plant   . 4,000 horse powor
R-rfrloemtor Plant   .   . 4,000 tons per day
ho Plarit:)  1,200 tons per day
Ooul Ua yj  325 tons per day
Inbound und Outbound
50,000 cars per year
Refrigerator freight cars .   .   . 1,500
Horses at homi- plant   .... 143
Wagons at home plant   .... 78
Auto Trucks at home plant  .   . 74
Horses at Branches .   .   .   .   . 483
Wagons at Branches  430
Auto Trucks at Branches ... 47
At St. Louis Plant   .   6,000 people
At 36 Branches    .   .    1,500 peopl*
Total Sales, 1911—1,527,832 Barrels
Budweiser Bottled Beer Sales, 1911—173,184,600 Bottles
•H-M'l-M l'l IIM-! 11 ■H-'H'H-* IN I'I'I * 111111IIII lilt
Professional   Carbs
£obg,e   Hotices
P.L.B.   *   C.B.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   V.   0 0 R D
Ban-liter, Solicitor, at*.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristeri, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    Brltleh Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 222
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Dra.   KINO   ft   GRBBN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armatrong Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons • - 2,00 to   4.00
Bvenlngs - • - 7.30 to   8,80
Sundays  - • • 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
T.    M.   1.1 X E N
Auditor and Accountant
P.O. Boi 373
NELSON, B.C.      47-Jm"
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury A-enun Nut to Cltr Hill
Op-r.Dnjrn.d'Niiht Pboae Dl
Funeral Director,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9 P. O. Box 84S
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
Ail Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Catholic Church
Sunday*—Low mass at 8:80 a.m.,
high innee, 10:30 a.m., Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m., Rosary and Bene-
netion at 7:30 p.m.
Mondays and holy daya ot obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 8 a.m. at the
P.Plamondon, O.M.I.
Qfte Stouten*
THE STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Newspaper of tho Dominion
of Cunuda. It Is national In all Its
It uses tho most oxponslvo ongrav-
Iiibh, procuring tho photographs from
all over tho world.
Its articles are carefully solocted and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Stundard
costs 12.00 per year to any address In
Canada or Clreat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Ce.,
Limited, Piiblishere.
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box C-li.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets   ln   the   Carmen'a   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays In every month, at
8 p.m.   Membership open to British
E. Y. Broke, Prea.
I.. Pearron, Secretary
Box G18
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  the
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome,
D. J. McSweyn, Worshipful Master
J. S. Peek, Secretary
Public Schools
Stmmary of Aattendanca.
For February, 1913
CranHto.1,   J.  L..
Dei-tor, F. G	
Miss Darkis 	
Mies Bechtel 	
Mies Suttaby ...
Miss lllchurds ...
Mis., HlHCocku ...
Miss Cartwright
Miss Faulkner ...
Miss Mhcl-oiuiM
Miss  Kuthnle   ...
14 12.80
35 211.92
29 24.Uf,
,-,0 41.45
45 37.C0
43 36.30
50 38.52
40 31.75
38 33.11)
38 34.87
51 42.32
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Oranbrook, B.C.
Orescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrie, C. O.
F. M. Christian, K ol R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Do. 42
Meats avery Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
M. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  183
Companions of ths Forest
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second and j
Fourth Thursday of each Month at {
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. C. [
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   wel-
come. 36t(
Cranbrook      Lodge
No.     1049
Meets    every   Wed-1
nesday   at 8 p. m.,j
In      Roynl    Black
Knight's   Hnll   on
_______       Baker Street
W. Swain. Dictator
R. 8. Garrett, Sec'y |
Meets in Roynl lllnck KnU-lits Hall
Baker Street
Monti, every 2nd nnd 4th Thursday
of ench mouth at * p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Ia, Wayward, liec.Se.'.
Geo. I.mlils, chief ranger
Visiting brothrcu mnde welcome.
4:13 379.74   83.C0
Division 10 (Miss MacDonald, teach
er) wins the Nelson Shield (or the
highest percentage ol attendance.
Wilfred Dallas
Jessie Kennedy
Tom Ponnefather
Bert Murgatroyd
Melford Carson
Delia Greaves
Oracle Hlggins
Hazel Taylor
Wanda Fink
FranceB Drummond
Jessio Hunter
Philip Brlggs
Alice Brown
Minn Carson
Celia CnrBon
Charlotte Leask
Orma McNabb
Arthur Riches
Vigil Santo
Merle Taylor
Gordon Argue
Mary Barnhardt
Jeanette Attree
Armour Brault
Bradford Carson
Mary Dunning
Hugh Frazer
C. Hickenbotham
Mary Malcolm
Nellie Marcellals
Margaret Mullen
Agnes Rechle
May Smith
Gladys Spence
Margaret StElol
Fred Swain
Mah Bing
Gladys Brookes
Eddie Brown
Allan Lacey
Mary Mullen
Violet Himpton
David Watson
Florence Rutledge
Annie Mcllirnie
Nlnn Belanger
Jennie Hopkins
Jeaunctte Jones
Wilfred Kennedy
Margaret Morrison
Edith Murgatroyd
Joe Pattinson
Garfield Taylor
Merle Bennett
Mnlcolm Bclnngi'i'
Robert Beaton
Kathleen Brown
Mary Carson
Charles Clapp
Marion Drummond
Sadie Lacey
Mary Mann
Pearl Tratt
David   Reekie
Alma  Harvla
Ida Johnson
May Brake
Palmer Rutledge
Joseph Swain
Roy Robichaud
Hilda Smith
George Orr
Elizabeth Chapman
Ethel Clapp
Gabrella Hamilton
Nettie Johnson
James Kemhnll
Milton Sissons
Hope Taylor
Sam Watson
Gordon Woodman
Margaret McLaurin
Gordon Armstrong
Vera Baxter
C. Duekerlng
William Guerard
Francis Guerard
Thomas Hoggarth
Eneas Hoggarth
John Hyde
Annie Johnson
Vivian Kummer
James Logan
Michel Moore
Moon San
Kitty Rosindnle
Frank Roberts
Jack Stevens
Dorothy Duforth
Edna Freek
Walter Freek
Herbert George
Ray Hill
Walter Lee
Rovinu McGinnis
Charles McKenna
Helen Shackleton
Raymond StElol
Beroice Pratt
Robert Boyter
Bennic Blayney
Jimmie Taylor
Him Hlng
Stella Johnson
Jack Kirkland
Alfred Jolifle
Allan Livingstone
Gladys Shackleton
Donnld Morrison
Leonard Marchunt
George Colemau
Samuel Hayukawa
Jean Donaldson
Harold Hailing
Mack Kirkland
President—C. R,  Sheppard
Meets regularly on the First Friday
evening of each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Cranhrook, B.C.
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Mu1 intention of tho mulct-.tuned to
ftlM'ly to tin- Lieutenant Governor ln
Council for upiirovul of ihelr pro-
l-GMd undo, tak ings ana works Lu con
nectlon with Water License No, 1533,
dated thc 2Ut day at June, 1910, for
one cuhic foot of water per neeoni.
from Silver Spring Lake, and In connection with Water License No, 1534,
dated the 2Ut day of June, 1910, for
two cubic feet of water per second
trom Silver Spring Lake. Tho maps
and plans of tho proposed undertakings   and   works are now on file
ami open for public inspection at thc
otlice of the Water CotnmlHHionert. at
the Government Huilding in tho City
of Cranbrook mul nt the odlce ot thc
Comptroller of Water Kights at the
Parliament HuildingH in Victoria,
and objections to the approval of the
i:uid proposed undertakings and work
may be filed at tho oltlce of the Provincial Secretary in Victoria within
twenty dayB  after the said date ot
Dated this 28th day   of   February,
The Elko Water, Light ft Power
10 r.t Company, Limited.
the Agent or Sub-Agent ot the district in which the rights applied (or
are situated.
In surveyed territory the laud must:
be described by sections, or legal sub-
divisious ot sections, und in ..[.surveyed territory the tract applied for :
Bhall be staked out liy the applicant
Each application must be uccom- j
panied by a fee of $:■ which will be
refunded if the rights applied tor art1
not available, but uot otherwise. A i
royalty shall he paid ou the mer-'
ehantable output ot the mine at the j
rate of Ave cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the (ull quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon. If thc coal mining!
rights nre not being operated, such
returns should be rurtiinhi'd at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con-
Hideroil necessary for the working ot
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should ho made to the Secretary ot
the Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lauds.
W.   W.   GORY,
Deputy  Minister ol tho  Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not he puld
for. Jan. ith it
to the undersigned,   hla name     and
address and the   full particulars   ot
liis claim or    interest, and    a  Btati
ment of his accoum   nnd  the nature
of the security  (If any,  held Uy him,
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
ho shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook lhis 17th day
ot February 1913.
a-4t Official Adraiulstratoi
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
te : nt   I ranbrook  this  17th  day
.; February L913.
.1. A,   .RNOLD,
B-it Official Administrator
Foi .[ License to Take .md Use Water
For a License to Take and Uso Water
thai. Oeorge W. Hade, of Milton,
Oregon, will apply for a license to
take and use one and three-fifths
miners feet of water out of Booth
Creek, which tlows in a northerly
direction through Lot 616*1 and empties into St. Mary's River near Wy-
cUfle, The water will be diverted at
a point 37") yards south of the south
line af Lot 6164 in a timber reserve
formerly covered by Timber License
No. 21907, and will he used for Irrigation purposes on the laud described as Lot 1,101
This notice was posted on thc
ground on the 28th day of January,
1913. The application will he liled
in the office ot tho Watci Recorder
at Cranbrook, H, C.
Objections may be tiled with the
Water Recorder or with tbe Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, IJ. C.
G.  W. Hade, Applicant.
by M. B. Knight. Agent    5-51
Notice Is hereby given that on the
17th day of February, 1913.
George II. Thompson, Ksj.. Judgo of
the County Court of Baal Kootenay,
that James A.Aruold,Official Admin Is
trator for that portion of the County
of Kootenay Included in the Electoral Dlstr ct ol Crnnbrook ho Administrator of all and singular the
estate of John P Larson, deceased
Every person indebted to the b iid
deceased is required to mako payment forthwith to the undersigned
Kvery person having In posses, lou
ettoctH belonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to notify tin-
Every crodltoi oi othei person
having any claim upon or interest
In tho distribution ol the estate ol
the said deceased is required to ond
before the ..Int. day ol March, pjia
next, by registered mail addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and the full particulars ol
his claim nr interest, and a statement of his account and the nature
of the security (if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of tho estate having
*■■■»! |CK     is    UERE&Y    GIVEN
ibat     Oeorge    VV     Hade, of   Milton,
' ■'■ ■ ■       » tU apply tor a license    to
taki     and   uso one   and   three-fifths
cubic   feel ol   water out ot an      un-
amp i reek rising in a tim-
c formerly covered bj Tim*
;nse Ko   21907,  which tlows
lierly direction through Lot
empties into ilooth Creek
Incur the north line ol Lot 61G4.   The
water will    he diverted     at a    point
500 ...id- south of the south line   ot
I.ui 616*1 and will he used for Irrigation purposes on   lhe land described
as Loi 6168
This     notice    was posted on       the
, on Lho   28th day of January.
Thi- application will he filed
in the   "Hi"- "i    the Water Rccordei
.ii Cranbrook, H  C
0   11 tioi      : mj  be filed   with the
vatei    Rccordei oi    with the Comp-
trollei of Water    I:, hi     l-.tiliament
Buildings,  Victoria, B   C
ii    W    l\.oh ,  Applicant
bj  \i   I!   Knight, Agent    5-5U
Electric Restorer for Men
—~ - ■ ■> 'ts (irupcr tendon *, rattan^
mi .,ii.l rttallt)
t-romaturo d
■■iltrd at once,    Fhot|tbn_ol  v iu
make vm. n new man. 1**iiue |!(a br,i. nr twn lo(
(5 Mail-*-! to any uddreis Tli_m»W» Drug
Co., Bt. CMtwrltiei- Oni.
■fr**** *H*-M"M"H _»M"H".H**H' **H''H4^'M'** I HIUIIII
Oooderham A Worts, apeclal
JB,   O.   Distillery   Co.,   special   reuei'vo
Corby's Special select
Sparkling Burgundy   Pouunery due
Mumm's Kitrn Dry     White Seal
Notice la hereby given thefc on the ■
17th day of February, 1913.
Oeorge H. Thompson, Es.(., Judge ot j
the County Court of Eaat Kootenay,
that Jain**;, A.AiiKUM.Ofl.eial Ailj.ii.iin
trator for that portion of the County
of Kootenay included   in    the   Electoral  Dietr ct of Cranbrook be  Ad-
ministrator  of  all  ami   singular   tho
estate of William Qoodrldge, deceased
Every person indebted to the said
deceased la required to make payment forthwith to the undesigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
in the distribution of thc estate of
the said deceased is required to send
before the 31st. dny of March, 1913
uext, by registered until addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address nnd the full particulars of
his el it i i i i or interest, and a statement of his account and the nature
of the security  (if any) held by him.
Alter the said Inst mentioned date
tho Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shnll have had notice.
Dated at Crnnbrook this 17th day
of February 1913.
_-4t Official Administrator
Dawson's Old (Jurrl.i
Dawson's Hure- Llqueut
[i.-.v.i...n's Special
Dewar'a Special
King George IV
Diack *_ White
i Caledonian
White Horse  Liqueur
White Horse Cellar
(.len Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
Tlppo Oh ia nt..*
Italian Grnppn
Cref.t.1 Blanca
Vermouth ^M	
Family Orders Promptly Filled
1   Full Line of other Choice Brands ol Wines, Spirits and Ll
queurs.    Cigars and Har Glasses.
Phone 9S—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Hox 8
Cranbrook, H.C.
******** ************** ■ ir- .■>■.■ ***
District    ot    South-Kart   Kootenai-
TAKB NOTICB thnt John H.nry
..'•mer ol Cranhrook, D.O., occupation lehorer, Intonrln to apply lor
perniiMlon to purchaac tha (ollow-
ln(t (loacrlbed landa.—
Oommenrlni! at a pout planted at
the Houth-weBt corner of Lot 9687,
■roup 1, Kootenny Dlatrlct, tlience
went 20 chaina, thence north 40
chnlnn, thence ennt 20 chaina, thence
aouth 40 cnnlne to the point o[
commencement anil containing 80
acrea more or leaa.
Dated Decenuer 18th, 1912. 4-tt
Notice is hereby Riven that, on the
17th day ol February, MU.
Goorge H. Thompson, Bit,., Judge of
the County Court of Bust Kootonny, j
tlmt .InmcH A.Arnold,Ofllciul AdmlniH
trator for that portion ol tba county
of Kootenay Included   in   the   Blcc-,
tornl Dietr ct of Crnnbrook be Ad-
ministnitor of till mul lingular the
eitate ol Tbomae Dennlson, iteccnB«.i|
Bvery perflon Indebted to the aaid I
, ilecenHcd    In   rc'tulrcd   to make pny-
i ment forthwith t<> tin; undersigned,   ;
j Bvery person having iu pohhchhIou
lih'ctH belonging to tin, deceased in
required    forthwith    to    notify    the
! undersigned.
I Bvery crodltor or othor peison
having any claim    upon or   Intorest
I In the distribution of the estate of
tbe Hai.l doceosed in rSiiulrod to t-cml
j before the 31st, iluy oi   March, 1919
| next, by roglstorod   mall   addressed
oven as YtAno
Goal mining rlghta ol the Dominion
la Manitoba, Snakatchownii and Al-!
harta, the Yukon Territory, the North
weat Territories and in n portion of j
tha Province of llrltlsh Columbia,
may be leaaed for a torm of twenty-
one yenra at an annual lental ol 111
an acre. Not more thnn ?,.r,f,0 Here*
will be leaaed to one appliennt. j
Application   tor  a  leuse   must   tn
mate by tbe applicant u persoo to
**** ***************** r***********<* IIIIHI4I ***
! PHONE 340 I
If You want youi house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do   it  and   guarantee   our work
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and J
Heating Company
VV.  !•'  Johnson, Prop ,  PO   Box 004
WORKS—Bdward Street Craubrook, B.C.    j
*** ********* *■* H I I -I*** ************ **** r* I ***
^***t*****M**r*r****** ******************* '■ J
Automobile   will   be  run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook ami Wasa connecting with incoming and outpoint;
trains, Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
I**: ***i***H**i***~i******************iit***
Makes Short Work of
Mtoain  lloilur.   furttaci,
ami So|ilu: *I*» ii It worl,
a speolttlty
Cost and atock e»limates
furni.lied on |.|ipllcnti in
AMltu, f. O. Inn l«, C.,„b..,..
* [ini
I>•■,', i< itml nml n|i|-nrt*fitly lni|«*l>' * rum-* oi
Bolntlcn, LumbUgn. (lOllt. Nmifllllft. nntl nil Oth«
formiol Kh'iiiinil iim yield nl onco It* AoOOt. Mi«"
Itlii'iimiilli*  |(<-i!ii>ily.    tlkfl »n inftl nf iniTiy il
.      ... ' „).,!,, ,,,||„f \„h\IQptforMhMl alllll-trta,
Tn in Ih-iIn uf i-Kimy ninl i*.i ;'i )rwn
in om mm, women moi chlldrMi for
• ii.-cTii.--i no help. J nit » in !■■•,-
ce, en of fr.'iu tn tu 00 yaart'riunitlan
ntarull ..fr ii .-.lie I nn ■,,»,,]., mff tnd
. linl.h* traatfflUll /'"nil int.- wlil dli
,   _-..„, ...... Lirlniv-.. rli*      |^.( ri ilollnr l«.1i|--<.f
_ *bbott  Bro_/' Rhturtntlo Rjmidy
•i. I v-.-u  pllni iii iiMr*c--n.mt your cuif liHliiy.
kffll llr! I l-V Al.tv.ll Mi .is . 711 S, ne-Hll-.rn.SI .
UtkHMtOt  III, If your ilruitKli. (Jom nut hkvo Its
. # Sold By thi
^fiteTilr^fiKl!.'11 ; ^^♦♦♦•^^^♦•♦♦♦♦•« Cranbrook Drug t Book Co
TriAiic MArmt
______________       Com niuMTfc Ac.
Ai.t',nc»ti-Mi1l'.K n .kcirl 1,!c«i-il|i: 111 iii-it
q-ld-kly niinrimii .mr I'l'ltumi fruw «li«lln i nn
(MY -11111111 IN lH'-liiililf iml-- li'    J't'-I'H  - »
llminntrli-MT'' .iri.il.il. HAfi[]WW '■" •'«'' "'•
M'lll li-il. ii|,1.,-i „,■...,.»  I.,i »..,-,,Ml, : i.  t.
C-ili-i.in Ink. n  Mir.muli  Muii'i A < •'■ »•' "•"*
ij'Mlitlunfi.v, •tnti,,iin-li.,'i -', lull..)
Scientific American.
A   ImivHiinmclT  I11inlrnl.il lfWt__     ^MMl  •'* THE PltOSrECTOa, CRANBROOK, B. C.
Ruby Rose Cold Cream
A toilet delight, with tha exquisite
fragrance o( fresh roses. It preserves the most delicale complexion against sun, wind and
dust, and keeps hands and arms
soft and smooth. Splendid for
sore lips. Try it—you'll certainly
appreciate It,
In :■'.'.- om! class lars. at
your druggist's. 166
National Of.ua ano Chemical Co.
or Canada. Limit io.
How to Make Fringe Plumes
Tho woman  whoso purse ia slim
and whose desires are great will welcome tho fact that feathers made uf
fringe are fashionable,
A fringe feather Bounds funny, does
It not? Rut it Ls not a bit queer-
looking; unusual, perhaps, and very
graceful. Bay* The Philadelphia Xorth
A few years .iro women were satisfied to bedeck themselves in curly
ostrich feathers that measured twelve
or fourteen Inches, sometimes less.
anil were quite happy w/Ui them; hut
now ion: willow p'/mea measure
from eighteen it. thirty-six Inches, and
cost many times the amount of the1
small natural feather.
These long, costly plumos being out
rf reach ot many, a beautiful subBti-!
tiite has come from Paris and these
nre quite easy to make at home, if
you can •Weld a needle,
For an rdghteen-Inch plume you will
require cpe yard and a half of wide,
•fringe. si< a- eight Inches deep, a
pieces o? round silk-covered milliner's,
wire elg'.iloen inches long, heavy and
strong, and half a yard of inch-wide
Fat in ribbon, the color of the fringe.
First of all CCVev tbe wire with the
ribbon, ft*-.wing it very securely and
keeping the Feam straight; now to the
ribbon-covered wire three rows of
frintre aM sewed, covering the seam
In the ribbo . and ton vine a narrow
■~lrip ot -''bho ■■ to show that will cor-
respond io 'he rib on the natural
Croat e.a.'e must ho hiVon In sewing
-n thn fringe ns the whole apm-jr-
nneo of the feather dopends on It; It
innst bi. Inn'* neatly, cnn cr-alln^ the
■itllehoa a:  much as possible.
Having Ih fringe attached to tbe
wire, nne end—the ton of Hip feather
•-must h" Pfnl over in a curve to resemble iho naturnl eurve in th" real
fenthpci., then, with ■■ heated curllns
ron Hie end:- of Hie fringe ar*' curled
nwnrd fust p lit Ho way. and then,
*hakon o;it m.Hi thoy ar*1 fluffy and
:ip neflr like tho roal feather as It Is
possible to make (horn lopou.
Th" foi'her of fringe is ready to ho;
•owod on to your hat. where if will
• iroon over tho brim  in
-hiritlmr mannov.
Th» clurn. nf thlsJnrK-made feaUv
■v lies i-i fh-* fact that tho rest te
' ■ ry sm-ill and lhat vou enn indiilse
.') any color you wish, matching the
h.-.t HMf or the gown with which it
*.i to he worn.
Miry it the DMntv Socks
Mary drew p. pair or socks on her
Me foot;
dnry'H skirt was very scant and her
fr-ee wns sweet;
Mary waa :■ modest maid, hut the day
wns hot;
.Vlto wll! Unnv,  I'm  wearing socks?
modes'  '.lar    thrtMght.
Mnry donned n wido-hrlmmod hat that
became her well,
'♦"linn ho   o     for places whore peopl
buy  ''iid  sell;
fjsry thoiiAhl the poople stared cause
hor fac" wt     flWCOt,
Ml c flu- monger skirt and socks iiad
ib dined to meet.
What  Lite Aboard  Ship  Means to a
Many women are Inollned to think
lhat to becomi a stewardess on board
ihtp is the easiest thing in lhe world,
whereas, in reality, lhe work is by no
moans easy, nor are such positions
tightly obtained. For the right woman, tho life of a stewardess Is fascinating to a degree, giving opportunities of travel which otherwise
would bo debarred to the ordinary
woman; but it is most essential lhat
only the right kind of woman shall
attempt to take up such work
Mere love of travel is not sufficient qualification. The stewardess
must lifive some practical knowledge
of travelling, must be physically
strong, and a first-rate sailor, and,
above all. must at all times be unfailingly cheerful and tactfully Byinpv>.
The stewardess needs also to possess the gift of reticence, since rarely
a voyage passes without the stewardess being made the recipient of the
confidence's of some women travel'..1.'*..
Preference, too, is always given to
women who have had some hospital
training. One line, at least, makes
this an indispensable qualification fori
their stewardesses so lhat it is worth;
while any woman thinking of adopting]
i the work first to lake a short hospital |
I course.
1 Tbe stewardess gets splendid Oppor*
| tunity for travelling about the world
t'ut this is b" no means synonymous
with seeing th.- world. During a
voyage tiiere are few people on board
wlio have te work harder than does
the stewardess, and she gets very
small time for sight-seeing. As a
sort of compensation, she has fine op-
portunitie-r for studying character--
especially female character- -and obtains a very diversified knowledge of
human natur? by the time siie has
taken a few voyages.
As a general thing, it Is preferred
only to appoint experienced women as
stewardesses The Peninsular and
Oriental Steamship Line, for instance
only appoint women between twenty*
five and thirty-five in tbis capacity
: and this age-limit can be taken as a
very fair average.
The pav of a stewardess varies from
two pounds a month upwards. There
are, of course, no expenses to be in*!
curred while sailing, though between
voyages the stewardess has to keep
herself ontirely, since it is the general
rule to sign on afresh for each voyage. Beyond actual wanes, a stewardess makes a lott of money by rips.
since it is tbe recognise-j thinu for women pa-seu.-Ters to reward the stewardess. The amount varies, but a
s;ewardoss reckons to make from five
to twenty pounds on a single voyage..;
Mosr    steamship   companies   have
their stewardesses dress in a sort of
r     , hospital-nurse way while on duty.   In-:
most ias-j deed( t,lp ]ifo _f _ stewaniMa may be
i compared to that of a hospital nurse: i
' it is equally strenuous, mentally and)
physically, full of an infinitude or all
| sorts  of duties,  and  often calls  for
most seli'-saerillciug effort.
The stewardess must always think
of others before herself, and, whatever Ihn Irritation, must not suffer
herself to lose her temper. Lost
temper usually means lust work.
One-half nf the world does not know
how lhe other half lives nnd, morn's
Vie pity, dooan't enre.
Good for Evil
Tommy   returned     sobbing    from
iool with a verv bad bhnk eye. Hut
1  pay wily 1" oft for this In
■■ morning, ho aald,
No,  no.  replied  tho  mother,  you
lust return uood fur ovll,      I'll moke
. nt a nlco jntn tart, and  yuu mu
\.e it to |.iMv BlobbB and say, I told
*: *th';■ how vou'il punluhcd me, and
■io Kays l must return good for evil
■ here's a nice tart for you."
The following morning wllh tart In
ild hand ;-n,l his books In the other,
■or Tommy hastened Joyfully to
■bool, only to return In a sadder
irffght than the day before, saying,
'•tween his sobs: Mother I gave your
icsBBga and tart to Hilly Blobbs, and
blacked  the othor eye, and  says
■ wants you lo send him a pudding.
Shades In the Sea
Althou.'Ji it la common definition to
rail anything fl.'a green, most peoplo
hesitate between blue and sea green
when nsked to sny Ihe color of sea-
water. As a mailer of fact the
quantities of blue and green sea water
are pretty equally divided. By na-
lure sre.1,., sea-water grows blue according t > the BaltneBS of It.
Thus, the Arctic waters are as green
as the grass of Ireland, while the Atlantic Is decidedly blue—though not
ns blue as the Mediterranean Sea.
which receives practically no fresh
wafer al alt. Beyond blue and green
i1 la no unknown thing for sea-water
to be otherwise colored. Frequently
Htretchea of the sea will turn n radiant snow-white, and no scientist yet
bas been abl"- to give a reason for It.
Equally unsatisfactory are ihe rea-
Bons glveti 'or the sudden changing
of son-water to an inky-black shade,
tis happened a few years ago In tho
Bay of Santa t'ruz. Bed and yellow
sea-water Is comparatively well
| known through tho Chinese Yellow
Mea and Ibe Bed Sea.
Various Interesting reasons are
given for the waters being BUCh colors, bul scientifically tho shades are
declared to be duo entirely to peculiar vegetable growths beneath the respective  wa'ers.
Information Concerning The Part You
Forget With
Moraeory is a subject that still baffles tbo world of science. Nobody
can define the part of the brain by
which it is worked. But lota of
curious lilllo facts have been brought
to light Ly experts in tbls brunch of
Your iremoory. for Instance, works
best iu tho morning, whllo your mind
is fresh. It is at its worst iu the
It varies, toe, according to tbo stato
of your blood In peoplo troubled
with anaemia or dyspepsia tlio memory is usually below the average.
The memory improves under stimulants, such as coffee, though, of courso
only temporarily, Sedative drugs,
sucb as brom.de, have tho opposite
effect, Medical men have sometimes
after recommending tho regular use
of brom.de iu cases of nervous rest-
leBsnecs and Insomnia, to tell tho
patient to s'op at once, owing to Ihe
memory steadily growing feebler.
While anaemia and dyspepsia weaken tbe memory,as u whole, they have
not the grotesque results that fevers
sometimes have. in one case, famous lu medical history, a distinguished
scholar after recovering from a severe
fever was unable for the rest of his
life to pronounce, remember, or nude-stand the letter !•'; and there have
been other case.-; equally curious.
A soldier who had to have a tiny
piece of liis brain removed during tlic
Soutb AM can War recovered perfect
health men'ally aud physically, except tor Ihe fact that he was never
afterwards ablt to remember the
meaning ci tiie numbers live and
Some .iiLeases, on the other hand,
have been known to do tiie mentor)
h loi Ol good, The chief Of these is
smallpox There are hundreds of
case.*; on record tn Which quite poor
memort?j have been turned by tbls
dread disease Into long and amaaing-
ly accurate ones.
One thing that scleuco has made
clear is tha' we never really forget
anything. Everything we have done
or seen or said from our earliest childhood is btored away somewhere in our
beads, even though we may think we
have forgotten tbem for ever.
But it needs something very extraordinary to uulock this store-house.
The shock ot a narrow escape from
death sometimes does it. People
who have beeu within a hair's-breadth
of death Mid lived to tell the tale, have
often sta-ed that all the Incidents of
their lives, even the most trifling,
have flashed across their minds In a
second, indd -.his is based on scientific truth.
Chloroform, too. brings back things
that bave been forgotten for years.
.\ man under chloroform will often
siDg the pongi he used to sing when
a tiny boy.
There is a curious sort of memory
sometimes known as muscle memory.
Wiih practice, thc parts of the body-
seem to develop a sort of memory
of their own. An experienced bath-
attendant, for Instance, can often
guess the temperature of water to
within half a degree, after simply dipping his hand In it. while the ordinary
man is as likely as not to be ten, or
even twenty, degrees out. An experience! tobacconist, too, could give
you your ounce of tobacco pretty accurately without using the scales at
There aro all sorts of curious diseases of the memory. If you are
unfortunate enough tb have a bad
nervous breakdown, you mny be
startled to find that, though you can
still read and understand what Is said
to you. you bave forgotten how to
write, and what words to use when
you aro talking. Wben you want to
say, I'm feeling better to-day, you will
forget the right wonts and say, Walk,
come, preach, or something equally
absurd, md get very angry with yourself. And, when you are recovering
you will observe the curious fact that
you get, the right ufle of your verbs
flrst, then your adjectives.
Sometimes when you are in a part
of the country that is new to you,
you are suddenly startled by the Idea.
"Why I've seen this place before!"
You know you have not, yet tho scene
seems familiar. Some scientists account for th.a feeling by suggesting
that one of the two halves of tbe brain
baa been working a fraction of a second faster than the other. Another
suggested explanation Ih that lt is a
case of financial memory.
Of The Colts:
It'll ih-apor to rain fills than to
tuyDfiries. Dut it'ot-o.'/'vllyou/.../
tho11,It.. Keep ft lsutt! '.,!!_;.!:.:!'■
Spavin C::ro handy. I'.,r tUitv-f.vo
years has prove! It tho tafo, rulallo
ror-si.'.y (or apuvlu, ipHnt, curb, ring*
boat, bony gror-tua wi lamooeu
bom other caueoa.
Hats and Heat
.    That a hat Is cooler in hot weather
' than no "at at all, Is somewhat, para* j
doxical.       Yet  it  Is  perfectly true.
1     Recently an enterprising gentleman
I experimented with different headgear
I to prove the exact veracity of above
i statement       Al the same time each
; day and   when  the full heat of thte
sun   registerel   precisely  !'-  degrees,
i he sat foi a quarter of an hour wearing hats. Inside each of these a spec*!
tally sensitive thermometer had been,
In this manner It was ascertained'
thai the coolesl head-covering on ro- j
cord was a ha' made from the best,
kind of Panama. This registered
only 78 1 egress. Tbs straw Horn-
burg and ordinary Straw ran It fairly eloselv with so and Rj degrees
respectively After which came tbo
white felt Homburg at n*» degrees.
The ubiquitous topper reached fii*i
degrees as to tin* bowler and mortar*|
An Uncle Tom's Cabin company was
starting to parade In a small New
England town when a big gander from
a farmyard near at hand waddled to
the middle of the street and began
to hiss.
One of the double in brass actors
turned toward the fowl and angrily
Don't be too quick* to jump at con-
c-usioiis.     Wait till you seo the show.
Why  Billy, how you do grow.
Yes, auntie, I think tbey water nn
too much, Wby I'm bathed night
and morning.
foil Willi.,*-Cm..
tm. IiIh, ini
"I t_va Mini »r*
iH-rl.*    W.U     J' it
I'****!.. (.'**.. U-I tm
to** tryt'-f » on »■■■
.■an -■■■Ji waai .*«■
lulta. t nm hirvr
»IM(*4    -I'.n    JOKi
J: I. !.-,■.!v-«far#(.
; ctruBtitl far fir*
M   _•   n..w-   er
board's higher
Whilst outside the heat limit altogether wtfre th   tweed cap, policeman's
helmet, and yachting or motoring
caps rising to a very warm 04, til and
'JS degrees.
Dr. 0. J. KmuUII Company     73
CmiUm F-_>. V*ffWMt. U. 5. A'
Sound Sleep
is usually impos'-ilile \tt the bilious.
But blllourfnCBS yields—and bead-
aches, sour stomach, Indigestion go
—when tho boweUtuc regulated ami
the liver and kidney. BtlfTUilfltcd by
A guest at hot'-l took a kindly Interest in a bright-faced page boy who
bail Answered his summons very
What Is yeur name, my boy? ho in-
I     They call me Billiard Cue, replied
1 the youth.
Billiard Cue*     And why is lliat?
Because I work so much belter wllh
a good tl.i.
••Id e-Trmh.tn,
la loir-l, 2U,
W.N.U    914
The widower had Just taken his
fourth wlfo and waa tdiowfiig hei
around 1.1)0 village. Among tha
places visited was tho churchyard ana
tho bride pau.eil bofoto ji vi-vy Ojib-
orato tombstone thai bad boon en ■
ed by the bridegroom. Being a Utile near-sighted she asked blm to rorJ
the liiHcrli uoi.s, and in tew ent tones
bo read:
Hero boa Susan, beloved wife of
John Smith, ami ,1am-, beloved wife of
John Smith, and Mary, beloved wlfo
of John Smith,
llo paused abruptly and tbe bride
leaning forward to see tho bottom lino
read to Iter honor:
Bo ye also ready.—National .Monthly.
Passing of the Stovepipe Hat
Rugby after many years, has abolished the chimney-pot hat, and—it
one of Mr. 0, IC. Chesterton's theories be carret—Rugby may now soon
become a nest of singing birds. Kor
O.K <\ believes that the chimney
pol hai In Inimical to poetry. The
English lived poetry, he writes, more
perhaps thaj any othor people before
they camo under the shadow of the
chimney pot and the shadow of the
chlmney-,»it hat. And can you
think of t.uy tall-halted poet? Tennyson wrcto poetry beneath a wideawake, and. When lie was made a
peer. Mr Gladstone was afraid that
be might Insist on wearing it In tho
House of Lords. Wbat, great poet
have the top-hatted boys of Elton over
given to lho world? Byron was a
a poet. Bui. Byron was a Harrow
boy, and Harrow bus alwaya worn the
straw oil Ms hair.
Before Mlmi Mary went away for
ber summer holiday somebody asked
her when sbo was going, and how
long alio would be away. And Mils
Is What lho said:
When li In the day afier lo*morrow
1 shall start a week from yesterday
ami I'm not coming back until lln- day
before   live   weeks  afler  a  fori night
aud three days before Ihe day after
n couijle of Hays before I nhirl.
How lung will Mary bo away?
Bpoaking of tbo reforondum, Johnny is unalterably opposed lo hnvlng
mollier refer the account of his bo-
1-aVtOUr to father.
A,. English Greetlnu
How are you? rays thfl Englishman,
I hope you uro well; oh. what?
How are your children and your wife.
And all tbat bally rot.
Which kind of a culvert
does your waggon cross?
DOES the road you use pass over rickety,
dangerous wooden culverts, that are constantly in need of repairs and often washed
away entirely? Or is it carried safely across the low
places by modern, everlasting culverts?  Build your
which not  only cannot be  washed  away, but
actually grow stronger with age and use.
Every farmer ones it to himself to insist that the
money he pay*, for road-taxes be ipent to the best advantage. An a ratepayer, he is entitled to the best roads that
, can be made with that money. When culverts are washed
out, and the road rendered impassable, he not only suffers
inconvenience but may also be caused financial loss by
inability to get necessary supplies in time for spring planting. And at best, with wooden culverts, part of the money
that should be used to make better roads must be spent
ever}' year for repairs.
Insist upon Concrete Culverts
It will pay you and everybody else in your county.
Canada Cement Company Limited
505   H-rald BoiUUif, MmItmI
T ET ui «-»J ro J ■
i tpj* s. fur free
book, " What thn
Farmer Cm De
With Cencrtle."
TF th vim tt blow
owre atom CancrKe
Cnlrert*. vritt Mf
Infant a * 1 o n Deftft-
culverts are
neat, safe, need no
repairs, and are
Might Know One
A mai., apparently from the country, stepped up to tho ticket-seller
in the Piccadilly Tube station and
Been in town long?
Quite a while, replied the ticket-
Know a man named O'Connell?
Sure you don't know O'Connell?
Say, iiaid thc ticket-seller, Impa-
patienlly, there are seven million people in Lcndon. Do you expect me
to know every man ln the bunch-
No, replied thu other, but I thought
you might have sense enough to know-
A pleasant medicine for children ls
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
nnd thero I.i nothing better for driving worms from tbe system.
Pat was busy on a Hull road working with his coat off. Thero wero
two Kngbshmen worklra; on the same
road, so ihey decided to have a joke
with the 'rlrhman. Thoy painted a
donkey's head on the back of Pat's
coat, and watched to soe him put It
on. Pat. of course saw the donkey's-
head nn 1.1s coal, and turning to the
Knt-llshmen, said:
Which ct yez wlpod your face on
my coat?
A bush Is over all more than terreno.
The ray wind squadrons of the night
grow still
Aa .It stayed by tbe lifted hand of
ono strong will,
To listen all for foi.men yet unseen;
Whore ancient trees It. vocal groves
Nn voice nl old Is heard; tho muto-
llppe.l hill
Stares at the fading stare with pros-
sage chill;
Thc whole earth listens, waits, with
breathless mien,
A solemn hour Is this for all earth's
When lime gives birth to ono immortal day,
Within whose hounds all ovll deeds
bo dono
Forever scarlet with tbo stain of sin,
And noble deeds whoso worth shall
last nl way.
Till In tho skies burns out tho dimming sun!
Arthur Wallace Poach
Little irielo—What Ib tho Dead Letter Otlice  mamma''
Mother—Your fathor'fl pocket.
Hume folks tell all they know,
which Ih lad enough; but Ihey keep
light ou and lell a lot uf tilings they
don't know, and that Is worso,
Prison Missionary—Don't you ever
regret your past?
Hardened I'unvlct—No, II'h my present that worrlea mn most.
Why was Jonah thrown overboard':'
I'm not sure, but I've always thought
ho wns the Ilrst man lo rock a boat.
May I count nn gottlog your vole,
Miss Polka? Oil, I shan't he old
enough to vote for two yeara yet.
Pull again, Wombat! I thought yotl
turned over n new loaf?
Well, the darned thing blow back.
From the Jester's Wand
Yes, they were married last Friday
In East Liverpool.
He ls a champion golflst I understand.
Yes, he's a champion golflst.
And the girl?
Is a champion bridge-player.
Where do they propose to live?
With tho bride's father. He's a
champion bricklayer.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
First Deat Mute—He wasn't so
\ery angry, was he?
Second Deaf Mute—He was so wild
that tho words he used almost blistered his fingers.
Was your father ever a brave soldier?
Why. n*y father waa only In tho
army two weeks when ho saved the
whole regiment.     He shot the cook.
Lifo is real, llfo is earnest,
Sui.'. tho poet long ago;
Which when put in plainer language
Means you must get up and go.
I am going to put some white In
the yoke, said the young lady, referring to her gown.
Won't that scrumblo lt? Inquired
tho young man.
Oabe—Has Jonor. a good memory?
Sieve—Should sny he bus. Why he
can name you the last nix vlec-proHl-
nents of tbo United States.
Where It Began
The ancient king had cast tbe Israelites Into Iho tlery furnace.
Ih It hot enough for you? be yelled.
Whereupon hn became known as the
mildest despot In history.
'■'alumni li, England, Iiiih a harbour
ten square miles In area.
Swansea Docks can berth the largest vessels afloat.
The total area of the Channel la-
lands ts 73 square miles.
Dumloy asserts that ho has found a
euro for tyre trouble.
Eb! What's that? He's bought a motor boat.
Portsmouth  la tho  most strongly
fortified plaei In England.
To Remember You by
My lite was a garden of flowers that
When you gave me a rose and I still
hear you say
Very softly, and ln your own dear
girlish way,
To remember me by.
And that evening long past together
we spent,
When your voice to that song a new
glad meaning lent,
Which I carried with me, as homeward I went,
To remember you by.
And now tho' hard Fate has ruthlessly cast
Our lots far apart, yet wc both have
the Past;
And your memory sweet I shall have
till the last,
To remember you by.
When the man who has bcon hit by
the motor car at last opened his eyes
a sigh of relief went up from the
It's a wonder you weren't killed, snld
one of the bystanders. Your luckier
than most of tho fellows who get bit.
I certainly nm, replied the victim,
rubbing his bruises, I got his number
just before he struck mo.
Maude—Mrs. M. ls vory literary,
Isn't she?
Estelle—Yes, Indeed. Even when
she sent hor baby's picture she wrote
on thn back: With thc compliments
of tho author.—Satire.
Corns cause much suffering, but Hoi-
loway's Corn Cure offers a speedy,
euro, and satisfactory relief.
Something About Salt
The chief thought about salt In the
minds of all holiday-makers wlll be
In connection with tho sea; but It has
other uses and significance.
Most peoplo think that spilling salt
Is unlucky. This superstition has
been handed down from the ancient
Romans. Two or throe hundred
years ago all the servants ot the
wealthy Bat below the salt to show
Ihelr humble origin, and this custom
was obsorved not so very long ago In
Salting a coffin Is still prevalent
among somo nations, but thc most curious use to which salt Is put to-day
ls ln Abyssinia and- Tlbot, where
cukes ot salt are employed as money.
Missing the Change
Hotel Manager—Oh,   yos,   after   n
big night In the dining-room wo iiiIhb
quite a lot of silver,
Iteporl^r (slyly)—Itut very llttlo of
the paper money gets away, oh?
Doctor-Well, I hope you profited
by my advice.
Pallont—Yos. doctor, but not «o
much iih you tlic.
Things aro alwaya different from
when other peoplo wero young,
A sure way to break np a sitting
hen Is to run her through a thrashing machine. That wlll do It effectively,
Time to Do It
Heckler (to orator)—Hi! guvnor, <U
you support early closing?
Orator—Certainly I do. my friend.
Heckler—Then shut up.
The man who lives on the top or
the hill may be said to have a bright
prospect no matter how bis crop.
may turn out.
To us luxurie, are the things v.
cannot get, and generally they a*v*
things that v/ould not do us any
good lf we had them.
Pa, why do yo i always insist on mo
singing when Mr. Spoozleton comes
Well, I don't like that fellow and
yet I bate to come right out and tell
tlm to go.
The young wife had given hor husband a dance. You're Improved
wonderfully Jack she said as Ihey sat
down. Don't you remember how you
used to t.ar my dress?
Yes, ho replied. I wasn't buying
thom then.
Clara—You lost money on your
charity bazaar, dldn'l you?
Sarah—YeH, but did you ever seo
such lovely costumes?
Willie, didn't I tell you to shut lliat
shutter? pnld Mrs, Hoggs. The slilll.
tor'a shut, roplled Wllllo, and I can't
shut It uny shutter.
First Things
Tho mnn tn proposo tho establishment Qf a penny •(two-cent) post, a
•mstal money order systom and post
olllce savings banks was Sir Rowland
Hill, who died In London thlilylhron
years ago today. Tbo founder ot
thn modern postofllce was horn In
1795. Ills penny postage plan waa
suggested to the Ilrlllsli Parliament
In 1837, nnd went Into effect lit England In 1840. In the same year bis
money order scheme wub put Into
effect, replacing an antiquated system
that had boen little used on account
of expense. Stnmped postage covers
another Innovation suggested by lllll
and which also came Into use that
The first accent ever made In a balloon filled with hydrogen gns waa
mado at Paris hy M, M. Robert and
Charles, 121) years ago today.
ISo • Tin.
B"n'U«tl»ln,f"-ljB—tlhn oh-in ln.tt.IIM1
Salt I. th. oniUlNlL nnd HIST _IttT
out.Hia. wulnammMsaaiMi-
V- Myself
HAVE kept one secret In tho course at my Hte. I
am a bashful man. Nobody would suppose it, no-
body ever OoeB suppose It, nobody over did suppose
it, but I nm naturally a bashful man. Tbls ta tbo
gecret whloh 1 havo nover breathed until now.
It bnppenod fn'tlio momorublo year when 1 parted
forever from Angola Lealh, whom I wns shortly to
have married, on making the dlsoavory thnt sho preferred my bosom friend. From our school days 1 had
freely admitted Kdwin, In- my own mind, to bo far
superior to myself; nnd, thougb 1 was grievously
•wounded at heart, 1 felt iho preference to be natural,
and tried to forgive them both. It whs under these
blrouinstances that j resolved to bo to America—on
my way to lho devil.
Communicating my discovery neither to Angola
nor to Edwin, but resolving? to wrlto each of thom
•ii affecting loiter conveying my blessing and for-
glvenoss, which the steam tender for shore would
carry lo the pout when I myself should bo bound
for lho new world, far beyond recall-1 sny, looking
up my grief In my own breast, and consoling myself
aa I could witli tbe prospect of being generous, I
quietly left all I bad held denr, and started on tho
Besolato Journey I  have mentioned.
It wanted nine daya lo lho end of the month and
•nd of the yeur. The postofDco packet for the United
States wns to depart from Liverpool, weather permitting, on the flrst of the ensuing month, and I had
"'We are going to be married, Cobbs, at
Gretna Green'"
the intervening time on my hands. I had taken this
Into consideration, and bad resolved to make a visit
to a certain spot (which I need not name) on tho
farther borders of Yorkshire, It was endcured to
tne by my having flrst Been Angola at a farmhouse,
Sn that plate, and my-molancholy was gratified by tho
Idea, of taking a wintry leave of lt beforo my expatriation. I ought to explain lhat, to avoid being
•ought out before my resolution should lmvo been
rendered Irrevocable by being carried into full effect,
I had written to Angela overnight, in my usual manner, lamenting thut urgent business, of whirl, she
Bhould know ull particulars by-and-by—took me unexpectedly away from her for a week or ten days.
There was no northern railway at thut time, nnd
in Us placo thero wero (stage coaches; which 1 occasionally find myself, In common with some other
people, affecting to lament now, but which everybody dreaded as a very serious penance then. I liad
secured the box seat on the fantest of these, nnd
my business ln Fleet street wns to get into a cub
with my portmanteau, so as to make lho best of my
•way to the Peacock at Islington, where I was to join
thla coach.
When I got to the Peacock—where T found everybody drinking hot purl, in self-preservation-*-! asked
If there wore an Inside- seat to spare, l thon discovered that, Inside or out, 1 was the only passenger.
This gave mo a still livelier Idea of lho great Inclemency of tho weather, since that couch always-.
loaded  particularly well.    However,  I  took  a little
furl (which I found uncommonly good), nnd got.
nto the Coach, When I was seated, they built mv
lip wilh draw to the waist, and, conscious of making
a rather ridiculous appearance, 1 begun my Journey.
It was still dark when wo lert the Peacock, For
ft llttln while, pali*, uncertain gliosla of houses and
trees appeared und vanished, and then It wuh bard,
black, frozen duy. Peoplo wero lighting tbelr fires;
-smoke was mounting straight up high into the rare-
lied air; aud wo were rultllng for Hlgligato Archway
over the hardest ground 1 have ever lieurd the ring
vt Iron shoos on. As wo got into the country, every-
-t-hltr; seemed to lmvo grown old and gray. The
roads,   thn   trees,    I hutched,   roofa   of   cottngea   and
homesteads,  tho ricks in  farmers'  yards,   Outdoor
-wink was abandoned, horse troughs ut roadside
Inns were froKou hind, nit Btrogglors lounged about,
donrs    were    close    shut,    little    turnpike    hom-en    had
blazing lires inside, ami children (even turnpike noo-
11I0 Imve t-hlldrcn, and Mom to like tlicini rubbed
iho frost from thn little panes of glass wllh their
Chubby arms, that their bright eyes might oatch a
glimpse of I Iio soil ta IV roach goitlX by. 1 don't
know when tho snow began to set in; but I Ijnow
that We were changing horses somewhere When 1
heard (lie guard remark, "That, the old lady up In
■ttio sky wus picking her geese preily herd today."
Then, Indeed, I found tho whllo down falling fast
and thick. ,
Tlio lonely day woro on, und 1 dozed it out, 8s a
lonely traveler dees,
• I forget now whero wo wero at noon on thi ice*
ond day, snd whero wo ought to havo been; but I
know that wu wore scores of miles behindhand, und
Chat our caso was growing worse every hour.
We performed Auld Ijing Hyno tho Whole day;
seeing nothing, out of towns nnd vllluges, but the
«rack or stoats, hares and foxes, nnd sometimes of
birds. At 0 o'clock ut night, on a Yorkshire moor, n.
cheerful burst from our horn und a welcome sound
<jf talking, wllh a glimmering and moving about of
lanterns, roused mo from my drowsy state. 1 found
that we wero going lo change.
They helped mo out, and 1 aald to a waller, whoso
hs.To head became ns while as King Leur'a In u
single minute, "What inn is this?"
I     '"Tho Holly Tree, sir," snld he,
J "Upon my word, I believe," I said, apologetically,
to tlio guard uud conchmnn, "thnt I must stop here."
1 Tired though I was, tho night nppeured nbout. a
week long, fn oases of nightmare, 1 thought or
Angola, nnd felt moro depressed than ever by the
reflection, thnt I was on the shortest read to Gretna
Green, Whnt had I to do wiih Gretna Green? I was
not going that way to tho devil, but by the American route, I remarked, in mv bltternoss.
t     In the morning I found lhat It was snowing still,
'that It hud snowed nil night, nnd thai I was snowed
Up.   Nothing could get out of that spot on tho moor,
for could como at ll, until Hie road had been cut out
'by laborers from Dm market town. When tliey might
cut their way to tlm Holly Tree, nobody could lell
l It wns now Christmas eve. I should hnve hnd a
dismal Christmas  timo of ll nnywhorc,  and  conse
quently that did not bo much matter; Still, being
snowed up was llko dying of frost, a thing I had not
bargained for. I felt very lonely. Yot I could no
moro havo proposed to Iho landlord and landlady to
admit mo to their society (though I Bhould havo
liked It very much) than I could have asked them to
present me with a piece of plate. Hero my groat
secret, the real bashfulness of my character, Is to
be observed. Llko most bashful men, 1 judgo of othor
people ns If thoy wero bashful, too, Uesidcs being
far too shamefaced lo make the proposal myself, 1
really hajd a delicate misgiving that It would be in
the last degree disconcerting to them.
A desperate idea came into my head. Under nny
0titer circumstances 1 should have rejected lt; but,
ln tho strait at which I was, I hold It fast. Could I
so far overcome tho Inherent bashfulnoss which withheld mo from the landlord's (able and the company
I might find lliere, as to call up tho Boots, and ask
him to take a chair—and something In a liquid form
—and talk to mo?   I could.   I would.   1 did.
The Boots
WHERE liad he been in his time? he repeated,
when 1 asked him lho question. Lord, he had
been everywhere, What wna tlio euriousest thing he
liad seen? Supposing a young gentleman not 8 yenr
old was to run away with a fine young woman of 7,
might I think lhat a queer start?   Certainly.
Master Harry Walmer's father, you see, ho lived
at the -E.ln.scs, down away by Shooter's Hill here,
bIx or seven miles from Lunnon. He Was uncommon
proud of Master Harry, as was his o.ilj child; still he
kept command over the child, and the child was a
child, and it's to be wished more of them was.
How did Boots happen to know all this? Why,
through being undergardener. Of course, he couldn't
bo undergardener, -without getting acquainted with
the ways of tho family. Even supposing Master
Harry hadn't come to him one morning early, and
said, "Cobbs, how should you ."pell Norah, if you was
asked?" and then began cutting It in print all over
lhe fence.
Really, It waa pretty to see them two mites a
going about tho place together, deep in love. Ono
day he stops, along with her, where Boots was hoeing weeds in the gravel, and says, speaking up,
"Cobbs," he says, "I like you. You're going away,
Rln't you, Cobbs? Would you like another situation?" "Well, sir, I shouldn't object, if it was a good
'un." "Then, Cobbp,'' Buys he, "you shall he our head
gardener when We are married." And lie tucks her
in her little sky-blue mantle, under his arm. and
walks away.
If I was to ask Boots how it happened lhat lie was
e'going to leave that place Just, at the present time,
well, ho couldn't rightly answer me. But you see
ho was younger then, nnd he wanted change.
Well, sir! Boots left the Blmsea when bis time
was up, and Master Harry, he went down to the old
lady's at York, which old lady would have given that
>*hlld the teeth out of her head (if she had had any),
ahe was so wrapped up in him. What does that infant do—for Infant you may call him, and be within
lhe mark—but cut away from that old lady's with
his Norah, on a expedition to go to Gretua Green and be
.Sir, Boots was at ibis identical Holly-Tree Inn
(having loft It several limes since to better himself,
but always come back through one thing or another),
"when, one summer afternoon, the couch drives up,
and out of the coach gets them two children. The
guard says to our governor, "I don't quite make out
these little passengers, but the young gentleman's
words was, lhat they was to be brought here." Tho
young gentleman gets out; hands Ills lady out; gives
lhe guard something for himself; says lo our governor, "We're to stop here tonight, please, Sitting
room and two bedrooms will be required. Chops and
cherry pudding for two!" nnd tucks her, In ber llttlo
nky-bluo mantle, under his arm, and walks inlo tho
house mueh bolder than brass.
Boots leaves me to judge what tho amazement of
Hint establishment was, when these two tiny creatures all nlono by themselves was marched into the
Angel—much more so when he, who hnd seen them
without their seeing him, give the governor his views,
of the expedition they wus upon. "Cobbs," says Hie
governor, "if this is so, I must set o(t myself to
York and quiet their friends' minds. In which case
yon must keep your eye upon 'em, nnd humor 'em,
till 1 come back. But before I take those measures,
Cobbs, I should wish you to tind from themselves
-whether your opinion is correct." "rilr, to you," says
Cobbs, "that shall be done directly.'*
So Boots goes upstairs to the Angel, and there
he ltnds Master Harry, ou a e-normous sofa—immense at any time, but looking like the grent bed
of Ware compared with blm—a drying the eyes of
Miss Norah with his pocket handkercher. Their little
legs was entirely off thc ground, of course, and It
really ls not possible for Boots to express to me how
email them children looked.
"It's Cobbs! It's Cobbs!" cries Master Harry, and
comes running to him, nnd catching hold of Ills hand.
Miss Norah comes running to hliu on t'olhcr side, nud
catching hold of his t'other hand, and they both
Jump for Joy.
"I seo you a getting out. sir," says Cobb?, "I
thought it was you. I thought I couldn't ho mistaken
ln your height and figure. What's the object of your
journey, sir?—Matrimonial?"
"Wo are going to be married. Cobbs, at Gretna
Green," returned tho boy.    "Wo have run  away on
sheets of writing paper folded up surprisingly small,
a orange and a Chancy mug with his name upon it.
"What may be tho exact natur of your plans, sir?"
says Cobbs.
"To go on," replied lhe boy—which the courage
of that boy was something wonderful!-—"in the morning, and be married tomorrow.''
"Just so, sir," says Cobbs. "Would It meet your
views, Blr, if I was to accompany you?"
When Cobbs said this, Ihey both jumped for joy
again and cried out, "Oh yes. yes, Cobbs!   Yes'."
"Woll, Blr!" says Cobbs. "If yon will excuse my
having1 the freedom lo give an opinion, what 1 should
. recommend would be thla. I'm acquainted with a
' pony, sir, which, put In a pheayton that l could bor-
' row, would take you and Mrs. Harry Walmers, Junior,
1 myself driving, lf you approved), to the end of your
journey In a very short space of time. 1 am not
altogether sure, sir, that tills pony will be at liberty
tomorrow, but even if you liad to wait over tomorrow for him, it might he worth your while. As to
the small account here, sir, lu case you was to find
yourself running at all short, that don't signify; because I'm a part proprietor of this inn, and it could
stand over."
Boots assures me that when they clapped their
hands and jumped for Joy again, and called him
"Good Cobbs!" und "Dear Cobbs!" and bent across
him to kiss one another in the delight nf their confiding hearts, he felt himself the meanest rascal for
deceiving 'em that, ever was born,
"Is there anything yon want just nt present, sir?"
says Cobbs, mortally nshamed of himself.
"We should like some cakes after dinner,"
answered Master Harry, folding his arms, putting
uut one leg, and looking straight at lilm,. "and two
apples—and jam. With dinner wc should like to
liavo toast-and-water. But Norah has always been
accustomed to half a glass of currant wine at dessert.
And so hnve I."
"lt shall be ordered at tho bar, sic," says Cobbs;
and away he went.
Boots has the feeling as fresh upon him at this
minute of speaking as he had then, that he would
far rather havo liad It out in half a dozen rounds
with the governor than Imve combined with him;
and that Iio wished with ull his heart there was any
Impossible placo where those iwo babies could mako
an impossible marriage, und live impossibly happy
ever afterwards. However, as It couldn't be, he went
into the governor's plans, and the governor set off
for York iii  half an  hour.
The way In which the women of that houso—without exception—every one of 'em—married nnd single
— took to thut boy when ihey heard the story. Boots
considers surprising, it was as much as be could
do to keop Vm from dashing- Into the room and kissing him. Thoy climbed up ail sorts of places, at the
risk of their lives, to look nt lilm through a pane
of glass. They waa seven deep at the keyhole, Thoy
wa.s out of their minds about him and his hold
In thn evening, Boots went Into lhe room to
see how the runaway couple was getting on, Tlio
gentleman was on the window-scat, supporting tho
lady In his arms. She had tears upon hor fa.ee, and
wus lying, very tired and half asleep, with her head
upon his shoulder.
"Mrs. Harry Walmers, Junior, fatigued, sir?" says
"Yes, she Is tired, Cobbs; but she Is not used lo
he away from home, and she hns been in low spirits
again. Cobbs, do you think you could bring a biffin,
"I ask your pardon, sir," says Cobbs. "What was
It you—?"
"I thlnlt a Norfolk billln would rouse her, Cobbs.
She Is very fond of them."
Boots withdrew in search of tho required restorative, and, when  he   brought   It in,  tho   gentleman
"'Charley, forgive me!,'"
PUrpOSO. Norah has been In ralher low spirits, Cobbs;
but she'll be happy now wo hnve found you to be our
f rlo tul,"
"Thank you, sir, mul thank you, miss,'1 says Cobbs,
"for your good opinion. Did y>u bring any luggage
wiih ymi. sir?"
If 1  Wlll believe Boots when  he give.; ine his  Word
and   honor   upon   It,   tlm   lady   bad   gel   a   pflrusol,   a
smelling boitie, n round und a half of cold buttered
tonut,   ciuht     (lotmermllll    drops   und   u   hulr   brush
seemingly a doll's,   The gentlemen nod gol  aboul
half u  dozen   yards Of String,  U  Unite,  three Or foiir
handed il to Hi** lady, mnl fed her with a BpOOll, mid
look a little himself; the lady being heavy wiih
sleep, and ralher ernes. "Whal should you think,
sir," says Cobbs, "of a chamber candlestick?" Tho
gentleman approved; ihn chambermaid wanl lind, up
iio' groat staircase; the lady, iii her Hky-bltio mantle,
followed,  gallantly  escorted  by  the gentleman; the
uciiii.'Miiui embraced hor nt her dour, and retired t'-
lils own a purl men I, Where I toots I'oftly locked
blm up.
About   II   or   12  al   11 im li t  comes  hack   Ibe   govt
ornor in u chaise,  ntniig  with  Mr.   Wet mors  mul  n
"I took Emmcline in my arms"
elderly lady. Mr. Walmers looked amused and very
serious, both at once, and says to our missis: "Wc
are mtfch Indebted to you, ma'am, for your kind
care of our little children, which we cnn never suf-
flclently acknowledge, Pray, ma'am, where Is my
boy'."' Our missis says; "Cobbs has the dear child
111 charge, b1i\ Cobbs, show forty!" Then he says to
Cobbs: "Ab, Cobbs, T am glad to see youi I understood you was here:" And Cobbs says; "Ves, air.
Vour most obedient, sir,"
1 may be surprised lo hear Boots say It, perhaps;
but Boots assures me that his heart heal like a hammer, going upstairs, 'i beg your pardon, sir," says
lie, while unlocking the door: "1 hope you nre not
angry with Master Harry, Kor Master Harry iy. a
line hoy, sir, and will do you credit and honor," And
Boots signifies to me that, it' tho lino boy's father
had contradicted lilm in the daring stnte of mind in
which be then was. he thinks he should have "fetched
him  a crack."  ond  taken  lhe consequences.
But Mr, Walmers only says: "No, Cobbs. No,
my good fellow. Thank you'." And, the door being
opened, goes In.
Hoots goes in, too, holding the light, and lie rcoh
Mr. Walmers go up m the bedside, bend gently down,
mid kiss the little sleeping fm-e. Then he stands
looking at it for a minute, looking wonderfully like
it. (they do any he ran away witb Mrs, Walmers);
nnd then ho gently shakes tho little shoulder,
I had a melancholy Interest In seeing ihe happy
man who loved nnd waa beloved; and, therefore, Instead of driving off at once, J remained at 'he inn
door when lho fugitives drove up. A bright-eyed
fellow, muffled In a mantle, Jumped out eo briskly
that he almost overthrew me. He turned to apologize, and, by heaven, it was Edwin 1
"CharleyI" said he, lecolling. "Gracious powers,
wbat do you here?"
"Edwin," said I, recoiling, "gracious powers, what
do you here?" 1 struck my forehead as J suld ii, nnd
an insupportable blaze of light seemed to shoot before my eyes.
lit. hurried me Into the little parlor (always
kept with a slow flro tn it and no poker), where
posting company Mailed while their borj.es were
putting  to, and,  shutting  tho door, said:
"Charley,   forgive  me!"
"Bdwln," I returned, "was this well? When I
loved her so dearly! Wben I hnd garnered up my
heart so long'."   I  could say no more.
Ho was shocked when he saw how moved l w«u.
and made lhe cruel Mis'-rvaUuu. that he bad not
thought l slioitld have taken it so imi<h to heart.
l looked at blm. l reproached him uo more, Hut
1 looked at him.
"My denr, dear Charley," said he, "don't think
ill of me, 'l beseech you: 1 know you have h light
10 my utmost confidence* and, believe me, you have
ever hnd It until now. I abhor secrecy, tin meanness is Intolerable to me, Uut 1 and my dear ^iri
have observed  It for your sake."
lie and bis dear girl!    It steeled me.
"you have observed It for my sake, sir?" said I,
wondering how hla frank face could fuce it oui so.
"Yes!—and Angela's," said he.
1   found   tho   room   reeling   round   In   an   uncertain
•'Harry, my denr Hurry!   Hurry,"
.\lautcr Hurry starts up and looks at hhn.   Look:.
u| Cobbs. too. "Such is the honor of that mile, lhat
be looks at Cobbs, to see whether iio haH brought
lilm Into trouble.
.   "I  am  not angry,  my  child.    I   only   wanl  you   to
dress yourself and come home."
"Ves,  pa."
Master Harry dresses himself nulckly. His breast
begins lo bwcII when ho bus nearly finished, and it
swells more and moro, as he stands, at lust, a looking at his father; his father a standing u looking
ai. him, the (inlet Imago <>f him.
"Please, mav I"- tho spirit of that little creatur,
nnd the way he kepi his rising tears down! —
"please, denr pa—may l —hiss Norah before l go?"
"Vou may, my child."
So he lakes Master Marry In his hand, nnd Boots
leads   tho   way   with   tho   candle,   and   they   com,,   to
Ihnt  other  bedroom,   where   the elderly  lady  is floated
by the bed, and poor little .Mrs. Harry Walmers,
Junior, is fast asleep. There tho rather lifts lho child
up to tho pillow, and ho lays bis llttlo face down
for an Instant by ibe little warm fuce of poor, unconscious Utile Mrs. Harry Walmers, Junior, nnd
gently draws it to him—-a sight so touching to the
ehambcrmulds who are peeping through the door,
ib.it one of thom calls out. "it's a shame to part
<m!'' nut this chambermaid wus always, as Boots
Informs mo, a. soft-hearted one. Not thnt there wns
any harm in that girl.    Vav from il.
Finally, Hon Is says, Hint's all about It. Mr
Walmers drove away in the chaise, halving hold ot
Master Harry's hand. The elderly lady and Sirs.
Marry WalmorB. Junior, that was never to be (ahe
married u captain long aftorwnrds, and died in India),
went off noxl day. In conclusion, Bouts put It lo
me whether 1 hold with him in two opinions: [firstly,
that there are not many couples on tholr way to be
married who ne half as innocent of guile as thoso
two children: secondly, that It would bo a Jolly good
thing for a groat many couples on Ihelr way io lm
married, ir they could only be stopped In time, and
brought back separately.
Tho  IMI
I HAM BEEN snowed o}> a whole week. Ths timo
1 sd hung so lightly on mj hands, tbat 1 should
have been iii great doubt of tho ract hut for a piece
.,f documentary evidence that lay upon in;   table,
The road had been dun tAii of lho snow on the
previous day. and the document m ciuesilon wai in)
Mill, it loilltled emphatically io my having eaten
and drunk, mid warmed myself, and Mlepl among ths
sheltered branches uf iho Hoi!) Tree seven days and
l  had yosterday  allowed    lho   rood    twonl .  ' mr
l rs to improve Itself, ilmilng 1I1..1  1 required th.u
additional margin or llmo for ih mpletlon >•( my
msk. I bud ordered mv Hill lo ba upon ths luble,
und a chnlso to he ai the door, "al s o'clock tomorrow evening." 11 wn** s o'clock tomorrow evening
whon  I  buckled  up my  writing desk  ia  lis leather
case, paid inv mil   and a n mj   warm coats and
wrappers, nf courso, no tlm-* now remained f«.i ms
traveling on to add 11 froj.cn lear to tho Icicle., which
were doubtless hanging idminrmi •■ about ihn farmhouse whero 1 hml ilrst sen Angela,   Whal  1 had 10
do was to gel  aen.'ii  to  i.h.rj I   hy  the  Hhorleai
open road, lucre to meei my heavy baggage and embark,     It   Mas  tlU I to  CI I'll   lo  do,  and   I   had   not   an
hour  Ion  uiiicl lo  h   In,
I had takon leave nf all nr. lloliv Troa friend*-—
almost, for Mm timo being, of in)  ba hfulnean, loo
mid   Was slmidl'iK fm- balr a   inlnillo Dl   the  Inn d ■
Hiiti-hltig* ilu* hostler i.u liu luul. another mm m tho
inrd which 11.-1 my poritmintei 1 1 1 hi Ine, whon
I saw lamps u Uu; down towards in.:  Moll>  Trco
The   load    was   i<o   padded    with    SHOW    Unit    110    wheel*.
were audible;  ion  ml  of us  who  were ■liuidliiK at
(hfl  Inn   door suW   lamp. inr.   on, and  ut   a   lively
inte, ton, between the walls of snow that had bean
heaped up on cither nldo ■ • r the truck, The chambermaid  lUSlanlly ijl.hn'.l  |iuw   lhe CUSO stood,  I  called
to   tho   hosllei"     "Tom,   Ihln   Is   n   (Jretlin   Job!"     'rlo.
hostler, knowing  Ihnt  her sex  Instinctively scented
II mni'i'lage, or anything in that direction, rushed up
Mn* yard ha wll tiff, "Nexi rnui 11" and in a moment
the whole '■;'aid,'1 n "... thrown Iniu commotion.
"I saw lamps coming toward the Holly Tree"
way, uke a laboring humming-top,   "Explain your*
self,' said I, h dding on hy one hnnd 10 mi sun chair.
"Mear obi darling Charleyl" returned Edwin in Ms
cordial manner, "consider! when you were going on
■0 happily v. lib Angela, why should l mm promise
yon with Mm old gentlemen by making you a party
in our ei-KaueiiiHu, ■,,,,■ (after b<> had declined my
proposals) to our secret inientionv Surely it waa
better thai you should be able honorably to sayi
■lie never took counsel with mc. never lohl me,
never breathed a word of It,' if Angela suspected
I', mnl showi d mo iih lho fa. or and support she
could Cod bless her for a procloua creature and a
priceless wife!- I couldn't in Ip thai Neither I imr
KmtnelliH ovtr I'dd her, unj tm.ee than we told you.
Vnd for lho same good reason, Pharley; trust mo.
lur tho p;me i,(.ud reason, .t.i pn 01 ior upon earthl
Emmellnc ivo Angela's cousin. Lived with her.
Had been brought up with har, Was ber father's
11 rl,   Hud pi 1 pi rl ■
"Kiutneiinc is in the Uuil 10, my dear Edwin 1" eald
1  embracing him with ihe greatest affection.
'Wy  > 1  follow!"  aotd  he,   "do  you   suppose I
should i"   going io tlretns Orecn without her?"
1 ran out wuh Edv/ln, 1 opened lhe chaise door,
1 took Rmmoltno in my arms, I folded her to my
heart, Him was wrapped in s*.*.[t. white fur, Ilka tho
snowy landscape; but waa warm, m.d young, mid
lovely, 1 i-wi ihelr leaders in with my own bands, I
gave Mn* boys a five-pound note npiece, 1 cheorcd
llicm as the) drove away, 1 drove the olher wa) m>-
self tin hard as .hi poll,
I uevor went to Liverpool. I never went 10 America,
1 wenl straight badi to London, and I married
Angela. I hav,. never mull this time, even to her,
dis. |.,-.e,i ihe .cent *.f my character, mnl ihe mistrust
nnd   mistaken l im) lum which H lid me,   Ube,,
she .md the.., mm our eight ililldron ami tbelr seven -
1   mean   Kdwln'i   mid   1. (line's,   whose  .hhn   girl
Is old enough now lo wem whit- i,„ hei'-,, if, and to
look  very like her 1 hei   hi II    1 Mine ta rend lh" -«
III. gCM,    I.I    of    enn,.-,.    thev     HlH,    |     M;;,!.    hllldlv     f.,11    11)
he round oni iti imi. Nevsi mln.i' I can bear It.
1 began ul Mm- Holly Tree, by Idle accident, lo osso-
date thfl I'lulhliniiH llltio of .vent  wiih human Itllorest,
and   Mime   Inquiry   Inn.,  mnl  sot are   for.   Ihe lun
of Mimo by whom I llml myself mnn ed    1 hope
Mint I mo nunc iho worts ror It, and that no one near
mn or afar otr ii the worsd for u Ami I any, muv
iho green Holly 'free flourish, striking tis ronfo deep
int.. om i.ui-ib'h h<.'imi mnl ii.i-.iiig hh germinating
liiinlltlui cairlofl h> the hhiin of heaven mi over tne
"Where Everybody Goes"
Saturday, March 8th-Matinee & Evening
The Moonshiner's Daughter
A Drama
The Katzenjammer Kids
A Very Funn, Comedy
The Laurel Wreath of Fame
A Tense Drama Depicting the Tragic Life ol One ol the World's Greatest Musicians
On Her Wedding Day
\ Drama
An Attractive Window
draws people Into the -.tore, they
say. but what te the line if they
are not plven Rood vnluea when
they ko in to pure fuse?   We are
pleased tn show mis article in
the store or take it from the
window it uecessftry. We "handle every kind t.i good Jttwelr)
— but onlv that kind
Jewelers & Opticians
Absolutely Guaranteed
Just at this time of the year
one has to be constantly on
guard against colds which lead
to Grippe and Pneumonia. Good
footwear, properly made, will
prevent many troubles. Let us
show you the proper kind.
We discovered, during   stocktaking, sev*
eral lint's of shoes
which were broken in
size. We have placed
these on the bargain
table   at   move-quick
Local  News
Pictures, Plowera, aud Music, are u
blessing to Waukind, sent to lighten
Uw load an I brighten the mln i
Pictures an what we are most in
I rest in ;.t the present time, if
you wai ' your pictures wall and Buit
,-,-. ■■ . , • REMBMBBB kll.HV
Framed I ictures.
■BOB'S    PLACE"  (or 0IOAR8
\    . buy a Wagner Go-Cart for
110    i  ii the 0  0. S.
For Sale and Rent
local poultry breeders with varletloa
Kepi will be supplied li'ea to all en-
uuirlers u> applying to tbe Secretary
ol tin- Oranbrook Poultry Association
Address   A   B   Smith,
lu-isi Box Wi, City
e'OH KALE—Eggs [or Hutching irom
selected lasers, S.O. B. I. Reds, Bun
Orpingtons, White Wyandottes, S.C.
White uu.! Brown UsKhorns. 11.50
Cor 13 eggs. J. Gartslde, Pleasant
View, Poultry Farm, Cranbrook,
Phone the Ranch. 10-8t.
Florida Grape Fruit—Campbell and |
i Tbe ladles o( Knox Church will
I hold n Sale ol Fancy Articles, Plain
I 3ewlng ..nd Cookery on Saturday,
! March 12nd Watch lor lurther
I notice l«:7t
FOR SALE—Estay Organ in flrst
cla-s condition. Write Box 124, or
Phone'44 lor particulars. It.
kii.h .
ant  comlort  lor  your   baby.
t. Wagner—C.
0. S.
Chassey   ol  Bull  River.
o t
ie c
ty Tuesday on
id Mrs. A. W.
Cardy of
son.  wore Cranbrook  visitors Friday
Special Bargains in Toilet Sets at
Campbell & Mannings.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Staples were
Cranbrook visitors Friday.
J, L. Williams ot Wyclifle, spent
Sunday last in Craubrook.
Mr. and MrB. James Bates ol Bull
Itlver were Cranbroolt visitors Friday
You want style lor your baby then
buy a W'agner—C.C.S.
A. C. Bowness wns at Fort Steele
on Tuesday on business.
A. Lund ol Wardner. was visiting
Oranbrook  Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Brttt and family
were Cranbroolt visitors Thursday.
Seville Oranges for your marmalade at Oampbell nnd Mannings.
I     T.  0.  Stevenson of Victoria, regis-
; tered at the Cranhrook hotel  Thurs.
Alex Taylor of Klmberley, was in
■ the city Wednesday on business.
Hull's    I'l.ACE"  lor C1UARH
and TllllACCOS
TO HENT—Room to rent, modern,
armatrong Avenue, west Presbyterian
Church,   Apply P.O.Box 457. lt
FOR SALE—A Complete Sawmill,
capacity 15,000 per day. For lurther
particulars apply at the St. Eugene
Mission. 7'3t.
FOR SALE—Estay Organ in first
class condition. Wrlto Box 121 or
phone 444 lor particulars. 9-2
TO RENT—A few threo room shacka
partially furnished, apply to W. R.
FOR SAL,E-4-roomed Cottage on
Cranbrook street In good condition,
$200.00 down and (25.00 per month
buya it. Can be seen nt any time by
enquiring to P.O. Box 4SS 8-3t.
F.. B. Clbbs of Spokane, was iu
tbe city on Friday.
.1. II Culley and child left on Friday on a visit to St. John, N.B., be
will he away nbout three weeks
You can buy - Wagner Oo-Oart for
sio.ou at the 0, 0, 8.
Mr and Mrs II. C Abrahams ol
Nelson  were registered, al  the Cran-
I,looi. Frulity
Mr. and Mrs. .11 Walsh ol Fort
Steele,  were Ornnbrook  visitors Tiles
Thai the Usi ol v...,-.» ..■  .us ......  -• -   -    .a,
DISTRICT has been cancelled and lhal applications to be placed 	
uiiilie Voters List will be received al my uiYicm ui the Govern A.k i„r California Triple weight
ment Bntldlngs at Cranbrook where printed roj-ma of affidavit to Vnvnl „.„„„., The „„„„, ,vw_ot
I... used in sunnori ot au application i.. vote wlll be mipi.iih.i 	
■Ph.- List of Voters claiming to vote will be suspended from and  *""l[ ■ ''"r" *>«aH**-
after the Seventh day ol April. 1918, umi a Courl ol Ret Ision will
be hold mi the Nineteenth day of May, and notice ol objections to
the insertion of any name ou the Register of Voters st bo given  ....
before the holding  of tbe   Conn  of town ,"°*"l>
It    I..  Tl Qalbraltb,  Indian  Agent
t Fort Steele, nntl  A.  Iloyle were In
■I I!
lo iiim thirty
Dated this 1th day ol March, 1(113
nr the Cranbrook Electoral District
Watch Cranbrook Grow
BORN Ai .be Cottage Hospital on
Friday. March *th, to Mr nnd Mrs
,i   Roberts of this city, n son
llllUN    Al   Ibe OottOgO  MospHltl oil
Mondny. March Brd, to Mi   nnd Mrs.
A   Brldgoi of thin olty, i. daughter
iioiiN At tho Cottage Hospital on
Monday, March 3r.i   ... Mi   and Mrs
il.   H.   Mntbelh ol  Port   Hteele was
transacting business   al   Oranbrook
on Tmi.iiiI.iv
II   i     Hall ol Yahk, o 'laughter 	
  Mrs w   II   Davis nud    Mr,..    Froi
IioiiN   At Oranbrook, BunJay, 2nd  Davis ol  Wycllfle, were shopping in
\liireh, to Mr   and Mrs   It   T   John-   Cranbrook Tuesday
' "* .    . Vou    want    „ Cu lull    that    wlll
iiuliN   At  Hlatorvllle,  Wednesday,   stand wear, then bn, n Wagnor from
M.iiTli .'.ih, to Mr  and Mrs   K  Bin-   tho 0, 0. K
ter, n son
...j. .1    lliiddiu  of   V, innii .■.•.  rrpr.e'nt
Mrs, M   J. Smoke Ml on Thur*  |n„ t,„, •„,,„ a.\t Co., w.o, m town
day alien.oon on a visit to point', In   u/ednesdnv
Ontario, she is expected to be away i ^——~
about three months.    . !    "   w"*1"1"1 "' *"•"' Hlw"   w"" ■»
the city transacting business Wednes
We guarantee everything we sell
antl defy competition lu the quality
of our goods—Campbell and Manning
James Buchanan of CroBs Keys
Hotel, was at Kitchouer, Monday on
ii'lSitl. ss,
Mr. anil Mrs. J. R. Tnrton ol Toronto, were registered nt the Cranbrook Wednesday.
You want a (lo-Cttrt that will not
cost too match—U   C. H.
Mr. and Mrs. V Nelson ol Hnperlo
N.H., were Crnnbrook visitors last
United stitit'M officials huve Just dls
covered that a money trust eilsle In
Ibe United States
You can buy a Wagner tlo-Cart tor
$10.00 at the C. C. 8.
(ioorge lieary, Geo, Reynolds, and
I. Tannhnus*r ol Fort Steele were ln
the city on business Thursday.
A. ll. ({race has been appointed col
lector ol Inland Revenues |or Cranbrook.
You want style for your baby then
buy a Wngner—0.0,8.
Chas. Farrell of Moyle, owner ol
tbe Society Olrl Mine, was doing .,
Utile business in the city Thursday.
floe. Hoggartb, who lias been spond
ing several weeks in Calfornin and
the coaBt Ls reported home tonight,
You want a Oo-Cart that will'
stand wear, then buy a Wagner from
the 0  0. s.
Harold Darling and O. W, Laubaota
left on Friday on a business trip to
tho coast.
Mi. and Mrs. Hamilton and family!
of Johannesburg,    B.A.,    nrrived    tn
cranbrook tbis week.
Mrs. Fred Stride ol Bpokano, was;
visiting her mother Mrs lllslop this
You want a Qo-0art that will not
cost   too inui'li   0   C    M
Geo, Longpre and daughtur of
Kingsgate, were Cranbrook visitors
Sunday last.
Mrs. J. o. LeOappellaln and Miss
l.eCtippeiiaiu of Vancouver were Oran
brook visitors Sunday Inst.
Ask lor California Triple weight
Naval Oranges, Tho Uncut ever—at
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
At tho Kdison Theatre tonight will
be shown several strong and special
features.    Dou-t miss seeing tbem,
BPEOIAL pike 0n Ogilvlllc'a Roynl Household Flour, 98 lbs sack $3.45
this price for CASH ONLY—Camp-
hell aud Manning's
MrB. J. Bennett nnd her daughter,
Mrs. P. U. Hope, were in town Friday, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R.
A regular meeting of tbe Solkirk
Preceptory was held in tile Masonic
Temple on Monday, there was a fair
You can buy a Wagner Oo-Cart for
$10.00 at tbe C. C. S.
Rocky Mountain Chapter, R.A.M.,
will hold a regular monthly convoca
tion in the Chapter Room of the Masonic Temple, on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Dick Moore entertained quite
n number ol friends on Friday, many
of them were from Marysvillo and
SPECIAL price on Ogilville's Royal Household Flour, 98 lbs Back $3.45
this price for CASH ONLY—Campbell and Manning's
We are having remarkable weather
and the larmers are making preparations for Spring plowing. Several
Robins have made their appearance.
Mrs. James Joyce and children
were the guests at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. James Finlay during
thc early part of this week.
Thc Liberals of Cranbrook are getting busy. They are holding meetings every night In their committee
You want comfort for your baby
thon buy a Wagner—C. C. 8.
Tho management of tho Bdlson
Theatre haa received some special
attractions for next week, some two
and three reol fcnturcB that will be
amusing and interesting
Liberals ol Cranbroolt riding held
a meeting ln Olapp's Hall on Tues
day evening. Tho principle business
discussed was the cancellation of the
Voters' list.
Good second hand maohlnos, all
makes, lot sale at Singer Store, from
S5 00 up     Also to tent      Phono 157.
Tho Loyal Order ol Moose held a
regular meeting on WedneBlay oven
ing. Nomination of Ofllcers lor the
ensuing yenr wero made, and the o-
ledums wlll be held next Wednesday.
Fret Simpson ol Victoria nnd Knm
loops, is expected nt Crnnbrook In
about two weeks, and will deliver
the addr.fl, ut. Hie formal opening of
the Young Men'B Club.
Wagner Uo-Oarts arc tlio most stylish, most comfortable, most durable
and iht- clicapiist one-motion colapsa-
ble Go-Cart on 11,., market—C. C. 8
Mr.  and  Mrs.   W.   Hnh<all  left on      A. C   Ken, an employee at Oninp
No. Ill, Grows Nest Lumber Co.,
near Wasa, wnn kicked by a hors.1 In
the Ince uud brought lo the Hospital
Wednesday lor treatment.
Hunilay Inst lor a short visit to the
Lots of snaps left iu cluiiu, Crook'
cry and Glassware Campbell and
been visiting nt Eaton, M., returned
In Crnnbrook oe Friday:
A mooting of tbe Executive of tbo
(•ranbrook  lllhlriel   Cuiwrvntlvo As-
Mrs.  M.  A.    Oampbell,    who    has  joolntlon will lie iield In  Mathc-oiif*
Hull, on Armstrong Avenue, Monday
(•veiling Bt 8.31, p ni.
Do you feel all run down-
as if every movement were a nui-
sanc? Are you constantly saying to
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makes you feel thus life is worth while indeed
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Company, Limited
'.'.      HEAD   OFFICE CALGARY, Alta
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
I P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. i!
B. c.
Different from any other
Absorbs the dust, kills the germs,
destroys moths, purities the air, saves
work and carpets.
isindespeusabletothe Household, Office
Store, Hospital, School, Theatre
In S Ib. Cartons and 100 ib. Garbage Cans.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,     •      B. C.
3 Days Treatment
Box 325      Cranbrook, B. C.
Cur   l-ffiiwick Ave, ..i il Knins St.
People Should Guard Against
Crnnhrook people who have stom-
ach und bowel trouble Hhould guard
ngninst appendicitis- hy taking simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.,
ns compounded lu Adler-i-kn, the
(jorinnii remedy which hocuuio lain.,iih
hy curing appendicitis, A MINGLE
1)081. relievos sour stomach, gas on
the stomach und cotiHtlpntion IN
STANTLY because this simple mixture untiscptlci/es the digestive organs und draws nil the Impurities.
Henttlo- Murphy Oo. 43-Jt
•%, m
fiZ'r.'A. Vatf-vS
OtK,7.'l A;
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister of Lnnds not later
than noon on thc 3rd dny of March
1913, for tbe purchase of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, 1(1,0.00 ccdur polee
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulnra   of Chief Forester. Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister of Lnnds not Inter
thnn noon on the 3rd duy of March
1913, for the purch se o' licence No.
XU to cut 2,520,000 feet B.M.,
45,000 railway-ties, 4,COO cedar poles
on Lots 3877, 3878, Group 1, Kootenay District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 4'J-Ut
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister ol Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd dny of March
1913, for the purchuse of Licence No.
X12 to cut 0,440,000 feet B.M.,
10,600 railway ties, 8,500 cedur poles
on Lot 491, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston,
Pnrticulars   ol Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
All the men in the employ of tho
c.l'IR. begin working full time on
Monday, March 10th. This will he
good news lor quite J( lot of our road
ers and disUnetly shows lhat times
are again picking up
SEALED TENDERS will he recolved
by the Minister of Lunds not Inter
tban noon on the 3rd duy of March
1913, for the purchuse of Licence No.
XI3 to cut 4,100,000 foot B.M., and
1.50 cedar poles on Lot 281, Group I,
Kootenny District, nenr Creston.
Pnrticulars of Chief Fnroster, Victoria, B.O. 49-Ut
We Want Correspondents
Do you see anything In this Issue ol
the "Pros.ctor" Irom your district?
If not, nnd ynu I now of social hap
penlngs, or neus items ln which our
readers might be interested, kindly
send.ihem to lie.
We desire, and our renders want,
tho news from every portion of East
! Kootenny nnd we appreciate tbe kind
j ness ol our correspondents. We want
a regulnr contributor in every town
und district in East Kootenay.
Come friends, see to It that your
romn,unity in ropresn .ted In these col
u inns -The Homo Paper ol an Inland
Sinner Scwlii,; Machines the world
over nro concrilid thn best machine.
Why? Ilecniisc lliey have made good.
It is no experiment when you buy a
.Singer, and you have the Singer Co.
guarantee. This means a whole lot,
Sold on small monthly payments at
Singer Store, (-ranbrook St. Phono


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