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The Prospector Mar 1, 1913

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Array Provincial  LeatrtatW* Assembly
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a Pit
The   Leading .Newspaper
in  the
( ''Pi^saectbr'
*\A, S2.00 Per* Voir     Mi
MARCH 1st,  1913
'ML  kr
KILBY     FRAMES     PICTURES   I    A general meeting of the Cranbrook
DOGS WANTED—8 good dog pupa
wanted, must be ol a breed for good
bouse dogs, no particular breed necessary—Write G- S. H. Box 361,
Cranbrook, B.O.
A meeting of the shareholders of
the Kootenay Telephone lines was
held on Tuesday night at which N,
Hanson and J. A. Arnold were elected as directors.
Miss S. Albeitson, Mlrs Handley,
Mies Tate, Miss Wlldman, and Ml*}
Goodman of Marysville, were in the
Electric Oo., was held on Tuesday
evening. An annual melting of the
shareholders ol the company will ba
held next month lor the purpose of
electing directors.
The British Columbia Fruit Growing Association asks the federal government to consider the raising of
duty on American apples from ISc to
25 cents a box, the latter being tbe
United States tariS against Cunadiun
Singer   Sewing Machines the world
city on Friday, attending the dance nver are conceded   the best machine.
Why?   Because they havo made good.
It Is no experiment when you buy  a
ot the Cinderella Club.
Singer, and you have the Singer Co.
Mr.  J.  H. Woods of the Calgary guarantee.    This means a whole lot.
Herald,   Calgary   stopped   over on Sold   on small  monthly payments at
Thursday lor a short while to see a Singer Store
(ew ot his friends as he passed throu 15;
to Spokane.
Cranbrook   St.   Phone
Board of Trade Meeting
Large attendance present. Good send-off
for the Summers Work
Tho Annual  Meeting ol tho Board trict In Oranbrook, the secretary wns' for the ptirposo which must contain
oi Trade wns hold   lu   the   Council instructed to communicate with our
Chambers   on    Thursday    itlght,    at member Thos. Coven, aud also other
which the annual election of officers official officers of the government.
The Provincial Government haa In
trodaced   a   bill to amend the Fire aaomt of  hl," Q.lnki„.7
Arms Act; this raties (rom 14 to 16
the age at which children may carry
(in. arms.
It ls worth your while to place
your valuables in one ol Beale and
Elwell's Safety Deposit Boxes. Absolute privacy. Perlect security.
Nominal rental.
On Monday, the Cameron Rink play
cd a game for Individual points at
the rink. To.iham scored 37 points
and C. Pye 33 points. At tbe B.C.
Bonspiel held at Trail, Cameron
s'ored 37 points.
Jack Johnson Is considered an undesirable Canadian immigrant. This
is not because he is below the physical standard, but rather becava* he
evidently has not been behaving himself during the past year.
FOR SALB—I have three 6-roomed
plastered nous*, for sale -at raaaon-.
able prices and terras. Also Portable
Tie Mill. Most any offer taxca this
Phone 318, Ed. Shackleton.        *7-4t.
able to obtain or hold a position on
Do you
worry as to what his Iuture will be?
ls he worth saving? Then save him
now, by having him take the Neal
treatment, which will take away all
his craving (or liquor in three days,
without hypodermic injections, and re
store him to sobriety and usefulness.
Call for tree consultation or send lor
tree booklet- Phone 271 or write the
Neal Institute direct, Box 325, Craabrook.
Tba large specimen ol coal now on
view in C. S. Par. ers window is the
product ot. and now being mined
Irom the Boundary Mining & Exploration Company's Coal property at
Midway, B.C. The capitalization of
this company Is $1,000,000 part of
which is still available in 1.1.00 share
This la a sound investment and under honest control. Application lor
shares ean be made to G. S. Houg-
bam, Box 361, Cranbrook, B.O.
a sketch of your farm, giving the
number ol acres In   each   field,   the
Have Just Arrived
We are showing all the
Newest Shapes
We have them in
Stetson Hats are so Well Known
« that No Comment is Required as to Quality
Just a matter of
selecting your
shape and size
Clothes Cleaned and Pressed
neatly and quickly
look place, which rimilt.d as follows:
President—W. P. Curd
Vlcc-Prcs.—II.  Ilurllni!
Secretary—W.  Hii1bd.I1,  pro tem
Executive Committee—Messrs R
T. Bryin,nor, I. H. Manning, J. P.
Fink, J. R. McNabb, T. II. O'Connell
W. H. Wilson, W- II. MacFarlane nnd
W. Hulsnil.
Tho -'resident, W. P. Gurd reviewed
In his address the. work ol tho Board
during thc past year.
Mr. Gurd said thnt thc Hoard he.
pan the yenr with a lill* program ot
u;etul work 1.1 view but owing to the
mnny promises of material help not
forthcoming many ot thesi excellently
laid plans had to be abandoned.
The townsite poople were not favor
nbty impressed with bringing ln a
iiuantlty of settlers at this time.
Tho Province, in the person of Hon
Price Ellison came generously to the
assistance ot the Boards work tn pay
ing all the expenses incurred in sending Judip Ryan with alarje exhibit
to Chicago. Por this the Hon.
Price Pill's ai is deserving all the
credit possible. i
The Pamphlets which tho Board
had had prepared at tho beginning of
the yenr had been distributed very ;
satis'act:-.rily through tlio distribut-,
Ing agencies of the C. P. R. both in
Canada nnd the old country; especially wns this so In London, England,
where their Influence had been result,
ant of much good. Thero were only
nbout 25 books on hand out ot the
total of 10,000 which had been printed  ter   ita?'i   ICC.
The executive had hold during the
past year some 28 meetings.
During the year considerable correspondence had been answered by the
In thc short discussion which nrose
out of tho suggestion for the alteration ol the recently changed land
boundaries, Mr. Burling produced u
map of the district recently ite.red
Irom tho Provincial Land Department
office. The mutter was allowed to
ln the next subject brought to tbe
attention ol the Board in respect to
Loans to Farmers, tho se.rotary produced a lctt-r received from A. E.
Watts, of Wattslitifg, from which thc
following extract it taken: "One that
especially touches the welfare ol this
part of the country I, that wc should
imiprcs, upon the Provincial and Dom
lnion Governments the necessity ol
providing aBJistai.ee for these engaged in agricultural, stock raising
und dairyi.g pursuits. 1 wish you
would enter this ss one subject to be
discussed at your next meeting and
have resolutions passed to be forwarded to both Governments."
Considerable dismission followed, lt
eventually being left in tbe bum's ol
the executive to denl with.
In the discussion which arosu from
a desire to obtain it Dominion Exper-
lmeutal Farm it was stated that one
bad been promised them (or some
at the request of the Bonrd the executive were instructed to draft up a
letter and bave same forwarded to
our representative Hon. R. F. Green,
and nlso to the Minister of Agriculture Hon. Martin Burrell.
Mr. T. B. O'Connell suggested thut
the Bowl of Trade appoint a committee to won. with other committee
Irom the Farmer's Institute and otlll
er kindred associations to discuss tbe
question of the construct on of a suit
able building for the holding of meet
lugs and tbe exhibiting of the produce of the district.   He said: "that
One ol the first matters which was the Provincial government is quoted
us saylug that tbey would contribute
75 per cent of the cost if thc city and
local associations would provide the
balance." Messrs. T. B. O'Connell
and G. Leaak were appointed a coin
in ttee.
It wns decided by the Board to
have a deputation wait on the city
and ask the Council to grant them
|l,0o0 to assist in the work 0! the
Board during the coming year-
lit tho question of a Provincial Experimental (arm (t was decided to ad
leftist! for a piece of land suitable
submitted for thc Board's consldera-
Bion was in reference to having a
direct representation (or East Kootenay, and in the redislributlon o!
seats for the Domhion which wns expected to tnko place the matter
should have tho rightful consideration of tho powers to he. The meeting resolved first, before taking any
further stops, that tho executive had
he-it Inquire into the population and
territorial necessities.
In reference to the cB'.nbllshlng ol
a Land Registry Olllce for tbis dls-
40 acres, and must be farmed by the
own-r of the land. The particulars
of this will bo further set forth nt it
later dute.
In regard to thu mall service between Oranbrook and the Windermere
Wilmer country many complaints are
constantly being made ol the Inability ot a person getting au nnawer to
c-ire;s;iondenee received away by the
next mail as by the present aervlce
the carrier comes in one night and
goia out the next morning; making
It three weeks before an answer can
lie received, no mnttcr how important it may be. Thc secretary was
directed to call the attention of the
PoBtvunBter General, 11-id our member
Hon. R. F. Green for the necessity
0! a better service.
The Board resolved in (uturo to
hold regular monthly meetings with
the exception ot the three months of
June, July and August. The execu
tlve wll larrunge a topic for discussion for each meeting which will be
uunotuccd through these columns to
euuhle members to took up the subjects beforehand and come prepared
to have something to say.
Thc following is the Pinnnclal state
ment of tbe Board for the year ending January 3lst, 1913.—
March 1st—Balance in Bunk 308.10
Membership Foes 310.00
Note Subscription 1000.55
Sale of Booklets 300.55
Dry Farming Congress subscription 875.0u
Overdraft at Bank     9.54
A Yeggman ar Kimberley
BOLD    ATTEMl'Y    TO    UOI)    SAFE
the safe at
A bold attempt to robli
tbe   North    Star    Hotel,
took place on Tuesday,  which ended
in the nrrest of Albert Wynn.
Wynn arrived iu Cranbrook on Kun
day last, coming Irom the States,
ostensibly for the purpose ol seeking
employment, He .-,1.1.1 that he was a
minor from  Cornwall,   lie   was  told
wards   the   depot.      The train was
then pitlllug u.it for the mine ore bin
It wns signalled  to stop, and thor-
bl    - • irehed but the mnn had disappeared.   Tne  searching  purty  then
followed up the track,  but no signs
1 ■   i. in tv.is visible.   On coming
,  ...ill bridge Mr.  Drew noticed
aud on looking hown saw bis
that  It wus possible to obtain em-  man    tie   Iroppod   tiirougb  the hole
Kimberley Mines.      j und covered hi   man with a gun and
uii.ii r arrest;  n,e money,
March 1st.—Advertising
Postage, etc.
IntsreBt & Ex.
General  expense
Dry Punning Con.
Note due 3-5-13
Cash on hand
R. J. B. Note due 4tb Fob.
' 25.45
Overdraft at Hank
Balance to Cr. of B. ol T.
Noto Subs still unpaid
-iote due 3-5-13
kind ol soil nnd the kind ol crops
grown on it lor the post threo years.
Aleo s:>eci(y the line you air pnrtl-
culirly intcrrstiil tn. namely, dairying, beef production, sln-op or hogs,
or grain gi'ow ng. Pistnnco Irom the
market bus also to lie considered.
Send tills to tho Commission of Conservation, Ottawa, nntl they will
u-.'t :o-tlnns that will be material help in deciding the best crop rotation lor your (nrm.
The rei-iiiui monthly meitlng oi the
Women's "nBtltute, will be held In the
Cnriiien'a Hall on Titesluy 3th March
at 3 p.m. Competition ol lilt-cult
making will take place a gootlprl'.o
ia being offered lor tho winner. Every
Mr. Jennings o( the Edmonton
Journal was In tho .city Thursday.
W. F. Johnson lelt on Monday (or
Waldo where he ls putting in an up-
to.dutn Blower System (or tlio Ross
Saskatoon Co.
A general Roll Call meeting ol the
Knights of Pythlrs Is being called
fir March llth, to which will bo Invited the Pythlfin Hinton*. The
Knights nre also arranging a social
ln connection. K.P's please note-
Mr, S. Miicloniild gave tho Bonrd
nl Trade an lnvltUBlon to an Illustrated lecture on Fruit nnd vegetable
to he given tinbor the uiisplces ol tho
Fnrntrr's ItiBtltutat, tbo slides will ho
colored nnd will portray ench subject
In Its natural color.
Whilst pis Ini: along the sidewalk
In Iront of O. 8. Parker's livery W.
F. Johnson sustained a natty acci
dent by stepping through space cnus-1
cd by some o( the city employees
..aklng up some planks ot the sidewalk and   leaving   them   out.    Mr.
There were some thirty prizes given
to contestants iu Cannda.   The ilrst
of $14111 wus won by the Y.M.C.A. ot
Johnson had his injuries attended by  ciohnlt, Ont., the second ot 150 was
Dr. King Int. Saturday night within Won by tho Young Men's Club of St.
a tow minutes of the accident taking
The Boundary Mining & Exploration Co. is tbowlng a specimen of
their coal, as now being mined on
tholr property at Midway, B.C-, in C
S. Parket'B window. This Ib a good
concern, men ol rcput.illon have con.
trol; the purchase of shares now on
iiiiii-, will he to your ndvaotage. Publicity courted, |.ni|ttlries cheerfully nn.
swerod. Apply U. S. Houghum, Box
361, Craubrook. B.C. s>2t
Slop! lleud this! Drop Head, best
finish, Singer Sewing Machines arc
sold (or (110.00. Terms: (5.00 cash
aad (3.00 per month. No Interest.
(55.00 il pnld regularly at (5.00 per
month, or (50.011 cash. .So you see
Ihey cost very little mote than lho
cheap machine nnd you know you
have tlic best maohlno 011 the mnikct.
Phone 157 lot a (ree trial fot one
week,    This will convince you.
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O. Hoi lot Cranbrook, B.O
In the March number ol Everybody
MagUalne tba uiinounccineut Is mado
that the Ladles nl tho Christ Church
Guild of Crnnbrook hns heen awarded
a prize in a contest In which $11,51(1
Thomas, Ont-, and the third ot 125
by tho Ladies of Christ Church Guild
of Cranbrook. Tin- subject of the
trlnl wus "Tlic Case of Jennie Brlce"
Commissioners Meet
A m--.-tl.itr nf Un; Uucntto CooimtS*
Binucri.  of Oranbrook  dmtriPt   wan
lirlil In the Council chit tuber ->n Wol
m-N.luy for tho |iiir|)i>Hu uf cona.during
the application of it. a. ffrawr for a
whoicHiilo liquor license.
Thu Commissioners. prt.tH.nt were
Mayor Hownoan, Aldermen (Mapp and
James (htalake.
i\ Wilson, city solicitor waa In at-
(Ondance tn the Interests nf the city,
and A. ll. Macdonald lor ihe applicant.
Ituv. W. K. Thomson. ('. 0. Kendall, and W. 10. Dunham, represent
ed the moral reform Huciety, nnd en*
total protect against granting uf tho
After  Hume  considerable   dls-unslon
mi to thu law governing the matter,
on motion of Oomnilialonora Olnpp
and Canlakt> the commission adjourn*
ed to meet again on the 2nd Wednen-
duy  In  March.
ploytnent at the
On Tuoaday Wynn left un tho Kimherley train at 8.30 arriving in that
town about ll ,in ...in- ii- proceeded
to the North Star Hotel, and shortly
afterward the proprietor went to hia
safe and took out some money which
he paid to a chinaman,then returnel
the balance of the mo.iey to the s.ife
and stepped into the next room to
talk to a commercial man- Wynn. (
who had witnessed tho return of the,
money to the safe, got bi.sy, and o-
pening tho «afc aecnied the same.
The clerk saw him leaving the office
and auapectlng that some tli ing wns
wrong notified Mr. Drew, who went
to the safe and found that his money
was pone. Ho immediately rushed to
the door and saw  Wynn running to-
Forest FireJProtection
Cranhrook city is the headquarters
of the Chef Fire Hanger of this district; and the total area to he iiro-
tected te 4,780.(M)iJ. To protect thla
area the number of wardens appoint*
eded Ih 6, whose duty it te to covtr
7*0,06-6 acres per man,
In the Fernie dlstrltt, with head
quarters nt Kernie, there are 12 district wardens, the total area to he
protected air a,040,1100 acres, au ar
eragc of 170,000 acres per mun. In
connection with thle protection there
are 80 miles of telephone; from Spnr-
wooii of Kik river 20 miles, C'niiul
Flats to cross river 40miloa.
. |Ues on hit*
placed luni
about 1500 ii cash
Hi- wae taken in charge by a pro
vine nl ci a it able and taken to Marys
lUe, whore on Wednesday he hud a
I'rellmin n . :.-.i.,, * before Justices of
ih*.* Peace ... Burdett at Marysville,
and 13. A. Hill t.i Craubrook.
The man confessed to guilt and
wus sent u,i f(Jr trial hefore a court
of conipitcnt jurisdiction,
Wynn was taken to Crnnhrook during day and placed in the city jail.
Albert Wynn, who robbed a safe at
Kimberley. Tuesday, was up before
Judge Thompson Thursday, on a
charge ol theft nnd sentenced to oue
yeai   in  the Nelson jail.
Creel, terminal bylaw has the distinction, ol being tbo last item ou
tiie 1918 order paper. Mr. place's
Women's Suffrage bill and that mem-
hers eight hour day* measure both
will die by ofHuxion ol time at sec-
ond reading, the debate ln each In*
stance being today ad.ourned.
.\ proposal hy Deputy speaker Hay
ward, who teels himself aggrieved lu
connection wtth press reporting of
bis Bp-sechcs, that British Columbia
establish a pi rllamentary Ha.t-ur-i
was ruled out of ocUer by Speaker
Eborta since it violates the rules of
pari anient .nvuiviug expenditure of
public money,
Soo Line Extesionm
Word has been rccelvod in Crnnhrook from St. Paul, that thc "Soo'
line which is tho American lint' of
the C.P.R., would extend Ita tine
from Plaja, N.D., through Mountain,
a distance of 725 miles to a point in
Montana in the Flathead valley ne:u' (
the boundary Unci, the Crow's Nest
the Flathead valley connecting with
the C-P.K. branch, the Crow's Nest
line nt Blko.
In carrying the
the Taxation hill
Ellison announced
m n t proposes to
years    nil
second reading of
Financta   Minister
that   the   govern*
es to adopt within four
recommendation* of the
>n taxation.   The curreut
Wo fully hope that  the part* ordered to replace those damaged in our
recent fire will bo hero the onrly pari
of  the  weok  as  we  are desirous of
was   ollacd   as prizes lor the best  giving our renders the old standard.
Imperial Patrol
it now Hoeins clear that the forthcoming naval estimates for the Imperial navy will provide for five largo
armoured ships of combined battle-
sh p nnd battle cruiser type as their
main armament carrying eight gUCS
heavier than the new 13-5 inch pattern. The Canadian ships, when voted, will certainly deloug to th'.s
class which is intended to fulfill the
requirements of an Imperial patrol,
both tn speed nnd strategical uio
Opening of New P.O.
Postnuastcr Henderson bag! to
lOUnCe that on and atter Monday
March, Inst., (ill the bUStnaSI in Bi u
uoction  with  the post office depart
ment   will   be  conducted   In   the  new
building recently completed on Maker
street and bum   hy   tho   Dominion
All post ofllce bOX holders are particularly asked to bring their old
keys used in the old post oltlco to his
office In the new post office and have
them changed for new keys. In tbo
main all tho box holders numbers
will hi* lln- HiiiiH. In the now office.
cssjon's  movement In   this direction
ontres in abrogation of the poll tai
through Which the loss of revenue is
I of about $3501000,   lu 1918 It
ended  to exempt   improvements
tnxntton, a id in L917 to abolish tho personal property tax and n-
nrrango Uio scale of taxation ou la-
English railways agaiu
threatened with Strike
LONIiiiN, Feb, 2.1.-Unless tho un-
sxpectsd h-ippons, aCt-gland'a trade
will bo rnraly7til by „ i-ailroml strike
over oiii> mon, B Midland rallwaj
guard, limned Rlonardson, who win,
disvlihrgcd for dlsobsylag tba order ot
his superior to take on seven additional trucks, wiut'-er be w,,s justified In doing bo i* tiie .,iiest!ou which
i. agitating t.,o ..<nd« ol men. He
thought he was doing linlit,, |t Is Ben
•rally nilniitte-J. During the 23 year»
service, witli the company bin record
btvi bean practically perfect.
Session will end on
VtOTOIUA, B.O., Feb. 2;.- A rapid
advance-   with   'ae.liiliit.loli     all     along
tin- Him characterized todays parliamentary proceedings, all msnsurei ol
thu .i.Hdoii    belli,-,   now   belore   l.lie
bouse, antl it   being   sgpeotid   that aid   i
they will be disponed ol, il not to- Torus
Russian Appeals to
Canadians for Help
Struggling against the iniquitous
ln«s ol lln sin to 'ree ble thiec broil..rs irom the tortures nnd torments
or Slim in, Olrsn Tunis has come all
the wny Irom Riga, llimsla, to appeal
lo Canadians (or help. The men nre
eon in confinement nt. Siberia owned
Inr-m landa nsnr Ddmonton, And were
on a visa to their old home (or the
purpi ii" ol bringing tholr wives and
Slilldren to Canada when tbey were
eei'/ed und thrown into prison without nnv i.iiiii oi trial' Blnca then
lliey lini'.. list, nil lliey poHSesseil.nnd
tliolr whei nml children nre huinelew
Glma I.nnn. reached Winnipeg 0u the
21st Inst, mul cams bore on tbe advice ol  the British  nnd   1'iilleil  (Unlet
conauli nt  ttlgu, wbo told him that
tha   Wostarn   Canadians would Klvo
ihe    Struggling lor freedom.
ii|ii-i.li'd  to the city authorl-
norrow ovonlii'!, at a short sitting on ties for atslsl inco this morning, and
Saturday morning, Tho government the city oltolala me taking up Ua
bill   continuing    Vancouver's   Valet  cast.
A Modern Romance
Won't you speak to n.e?
Have I
forfeited your love'.' sho asked, ap-
pealing!?.     But perhaps I never pos-.
We have clients who have tha following to offer for exchange:
What have you for to offer?
Clear Title Winnipeg Lota and somo cash for improved farms. ?0
Morse Power auto in good condition and some cash for quarter section.
Five fully modern centrally located houses in Winnipeg giving good
revenue for good improved farm or block of wild land. Send rail description of any laud yon havo to offer in exchange on above.
Agents wanted at all points to represent us.
Canada  Life  Building
Winnipeg, Man.
Daddy's Bedtime
The Fisherman
sessei. it.      It wus Hilda Grant who j Hiram luul lold his story.    The hours
won vour heart.     A woman that you I passed, aud still r*ho did not arrive.
did  not  know,  for  you  thought  her! 'n.ev waited up till a late hour, and
honest, and lot a mean thief.    I.can-1 although they did not express it to one
not blame, you  David.     1 am a mis-   another their hearts were filled with
erable  sinner, but I have repented.   a great anxiety.
Can there lie no forgiveness for me?,     \ expect she has gone to tiie fiat,  _
Still ho made uo answer, and Bhe   Hiram  suggested,  and   l.ady   Barton | heaaed by
sank on her knees beside him. and  agreed that that might be possible.
endeavored to draw hte face to her. ;    <r*ae  morning came, there  wns i
I am at  vour mercy.    Without you,   Sign ol Vera.
life holds nothing but misery for me.      Hiram,  however,  ran  up  to  tow
He pushed h< r geutly away, and she: ami came bark with a depressing r
,0Be ,,, her fee' wi h an agonised cry ! ,K,*-t for she had not been to the flat
f*-, lhe t'isherman
t^torv -  Wh°Went ,0 ^
J .6      Live In the Sea
Glaucua Loved to Look
at ths Waves and Sky.
Masked   Men   Raid   Village   Postoffics
and Couple Murder With Robbery
Another  startling  crime  in  Paris,'
which in many respects recalls thc ex* j
ploits of lhe gang cf motor bandits :
Honnot   was   perpetrated;
at Besons, a few miles west of Paris.
Threo bandits, two of whom  woro
masks and  the othor a falso beard, ;
all armed with revolvers, held up the.
local postoffice aud killed M,  H.  B, |
Cartler, tiie husband of the post mi
All hope had left her, and she walked I ' j jjave engaged a lot of detectives: tregB( ran9acJ£eu ■]„. office, and made
i the'door with dejected steps. She ' (0 lry to 'race her. They will soon
stood, with her hand resting on the|get0n ber track. 1 wish we had old
handle, and gave a last look at tbo   pinkerton's lo!
!'•'' Hlnkerton's lot over here, ho remarked
man abe fell was going oul of ner lire. ( h) \t.M\v Barton,
Just for a moment Bhe staj'ed there.      Tllej: B|allce(j a) one   another   but
hoping   ignlns   I   |     thai   he  would neither    ared   express   the   terrible
•'■'■L'"r- thoughi  thai   was    worrying    them.
With a  ioh she hurried away, and Then, too Hilda had to be told, and
still   he   1't.malned   motionless.    He ci mforted,   and   altogether   Hiram's
seemed to be unconscious of her de- lot was not u pleasant one.     To add
parture, for he gazed listlessly Into
the Are, His thoughts wer-1 chaotic
for a rough hand hud torn from him
the ideal of hla Ufo, He had to
build for himself a fresh Image, with
lis virgin whiteness Boiled by a sordid tit, but all tl!" time there was still
at Vs heart .* dull aching for thla wo-
n.;u: thai he had loved so madly.        ^^^^
He endeavored tu find excuses (or! an--] tt
her, and ihu; was the first    step    In   which
love's gr.lm fight for mastery; and lovo
had  a  powerful ally—desire for the
woman; but he thrust It aside.
He was recalled to himself by the
entrance   of  Hiram   Horner.
Where is Miss .Stafford? he asked
Miss Stafford—Vera—   To me she
was always Hilda, he said to himself
Where li
lo not know, sli ■ at
She haa
Vou havi
are a foo!.
lell you, am
Vou will n
Hiram demanded ang-
he said, with utter
their escape.with about $75
It was just heforo ;i o'clock  whoa
the    outrage    took    place.    Madame j
("artier, the postmistress, was making
up the accounts for the day and was
I nome bank notes In an en-;
velope.     Her danghti r Jaile, aged 18,
■■ .i - wrl Ing business letters In the oV j
flee, where another girl, Mile   Devi lie
was In i': irge ol tb ■ telephone,  Mad*
ime Cartl r's e hi, aged  18, was Bit-
ng near his m ithi i i ending a paper  ■
lm demanded eag-       '' ,;i     ' the DUbHc Dar!
he uemanueu eng . _t ^ _Q ^       s        .
■ ii i        ks and all brai d! *'.
ing revoh e -. rush d into
to the count) r   Th ■
fled  women  fled,  shrieking, and
the boy took refuge tu an adji
■-. om      M..::.-" e Cartl i had th ■ pre*
jenci :.■  I ■ ■■ ck her draw oi
ak ■ with her thi   euvel ipi     ■ I i
"   .;   J 800
i1   ■ mi ■     -      ■ -1  i ■
ml     railii he
ers  wh -thers kept gui rd
'■■     ■ meautino M. Cartler, who was
r In Pai s, heard
-   'leks i and rush, d
■■-..- was met at tb   hot*
bandits, who h tied
■  ■      I ver shots, m I al once
fled       M rcles which they
! had 1-f; near In charge of a fourth
to  his  discomfort;,  couple  of daya
: iter David Clay walked into the si1-   ["■
ting-rooni ai ttie hotel.
Where te Vera? ' ^^^^^^
erly, it was Lady Barton who re
He burst into passionate questions
to i ' lm   all   thi y   kn iw,
. nothli -   -       that sb     ad
Will yi 'i s onie to L
iie asked of Hiram.     I
at nil costs
Why do you wis
torn -  poor girl       Hiram asked
lind ctlvi ly
N■■. ■     ike her to i
9   ■ .    ..,: -     -     -'
la-:,    ii.:.-        _      |       '.'■■>
VI ■    ,     -■■ msi    i that I was 1!      '
... vays loved hor, but nr    ■   -
JACK hnd been so thirsty that evening that i-.vel.rn had joked about the
wii.v hu was drinking wator.
"IC you don't watch out you'll turn into a fish," she said.
Daddy smiled,   "Unless .Inck enn tind (he nuigtc plant that Qlnuous
nibbled thero Isn't much danger of that," said he.
"Who was GlaucusV   Tell us nbout lilm," .lack demanded.
"Glaucus was a llsbcrman. Ho lived long ago-so long ago that there Isn't
nny way for mo to prove lhat my story is really true, bo you can bollOYQ It or
not/ as you like.
"His home was ou tbe seashore, and ho was very pour. Hu caught tlsh
and sold them to buy food and clothing.
"Somo people thought Gtnucus but an idle fellow becauso he loved to sit
In his boat and look at the waves and sky Instead of casting tils net into the
ocean and tilling it wilh fish, llo would BOtuQUUlOS seem as pleased with a
pretty shell found on tho shore as wilh the Quest ti8.ll that hu caught Tor tbe
"QlttUCUS loved the BOS and nil the beautiful things Ihn I grew In It nud the
graceful forms that swam about through Its waters. When tut caught more
ILsh than lie needed tor his day's Ihlng he would throw them bulk Into tho
water and wnleh them wistlully as they swam away, Tor (Iliiucna wondered
about the great world UUdCl' tbQ water-, and longed to SCO tt for himself, with
its mennnid*. and nw*t mi'ii and slriuige water nymphs and water gods aliout
whom the country people talked on chilly evenings beside theli* (Ires.
'One day Qlnucus drew Ids net out of the water near an island, Tin. net
was so lull of flsb thu ho thought tie would hind and empty them out oil thu
Shore A BtrnUffQ plant which bo had never seen lieforu grew clOSO to tho
shore, nud when the young llslu-inian threw down his tlsh thosu who touched
this plnnt flopped their tins nud heforo he could prevent It Jumped hack into
tbe water nud woul swimming away.
"Glnucua looked nt thu little plant Ho nlbbted a bit of It. Then hu was
overcome by n great longlug to go into lhe water. Without ttio slightest fear
be .■•apod In and went swimming after ihe fish
Soo:, ht) reached lhe palace of tbo sea king Ocean tis, who sat high on a
tbroue of coral uud penrIs. The king received Glaucns very kindly. When the
king heard how pleased the .is1icrn.au was with the ocean world and bow
much hu wished to live there Instead of upon earth Ocoanus sent him to a
magic fountain, ami when tilaucus bathed In this ho was wonderfully changed.
11«* became n sen greeu sea god, with green hair and a fish's tail lo swim with
lustend of legs to walk ou."
Workmen Find 600 Silver Pennies Beneath Church Floor
On behalf of the Crown claim bas
been laid on somo 600 silver pennies
of tho -reign of Henry 311. found by
workmen employed 111 removing Step-
plngly church, on the Duke of Bedford's Woburn estate.
Tho coins, which aro dated between
1248 and .1272 wero concealed ft feet.
below lhe present chancel floor and
1 I fool helow the ancient floor.      II Is
j thoilghl   lhal  Ihey wero a votive of-
1 iVring fn recognition of a. safe return
from abrond aud    placed    heforo   a
; shrine of tho Virgin Mary by Peter
dl   Vitella,   who   was   rector   of   thi
I village from 1247 lo 127.'l and died in
: Italy.
]    Iilxcnvatlons carried out by Hie Cambrian Arohaeologica) association within the ancient, fortress on tho summit
ot Penmnonmawr, North Wales, have
resulted In the discovery of a number
I of relies, including a bronze brooch,
i whloh the Brltlsli, Museum authorities
; pronounce to he of Ihe La Tone typo
1 of the Ilrst r.r second   century   B.C.,
, lulu Collio pottery contemporary with
the brooch and Roman pottery of tho
| first, century, A.D.
j     Among ibo hones tdoutlflod by Pro-
; fessor Boyd Hawkins are those of tlm
; extinct Celtic ox,
One or Huston's young elite, nceoru
panied by an Instructor, was. running
Iils new automobile for the tlrst tlm'.
[ They  were circling the  Common  in
I rather a wobbly fashion.
I     I suppose, ho casually remarked to i
' tho chauffeur, as ho took a fresh grasp*!
j on the speed lever, that you have heen
' around wilh worse than 1?
Tho man gavw no answer.
I say, he repeated In a louder tone.
' l suppose you have been nround with
I worse than I?
i 1 het\rd very well, sir. what you said
In the first place roplled the mau;
I'm Jest a-thinking about it.
for Gall Stones, Kidney Trouble,    Kidney    and    Bladder
Stones,   Gravel,     Lumbago,
Uric Acid.
Price  $1.50,   Most   Lead.ug
Winnipeg, Man.
Fanning the Flame        "
Kor a number of years a bllter feirl
existed between lhe Browns and the
Porklnses, next door neighbors. The
trouble had originated llirougli the
depredations of Brown's cat, and.had
grown so fixed an affair tbat neither
party ever dreamed of making up'.
One day, however, Brown sent by his
servant a peace-making note for Mr.
Perkins, which read:
Mr. Brown sends lis coinplimen's
to Mr. Parkin and begs lo say hi.*,
cut died this morning.
Mr, Perkins' written reply was hitler:' *
Mr. Perkins Is sorry io hear of Mr.
Brown's trouble, but he had nol heard
that Mrs, Brown was III.
Safe and Sane.
Mr. P. Latitude—Young man, yon
should bitch your chariot to a star.
Mr, Kidsport—No, thanks. Motor
racing is exciting enough. Aviation
doesn't attract me.
Worms cause f rei fulness and roi
the infant of Bleep, the great nourish-
er. Mother Craves* Worm Exterminator will clear the ptomaeh and intestines nud restore healthfulness.
must have been stunn   I ■ ppeared  In  ths
arret thi
her lo utter ■
answerable fi
What   dn  j
The poor g
ous strain during ih
said Hiram, and he w
what   had bappe
(anj r
dav fc
win ba1
tnd 1
u? Da
You | to lea
>man.   I      I agri ■   ■'■ ith >   .
n'.- love,       Tl - n      i mi ni ed a f ■■ a '.  I sear   i
iho re it   M. ■ ■■' -■ mi nl a   ■ rted   i
p driven   the papers, and a small armj
ill not b.
I teethes were emph ■ d  bu   n • ft his cap
of  '
darkni   ^^__m^__^__^_m^_m_m^__^__^__^_mm
\  ■  stman wh i was returning 11
the office mer four men ou bicycles go*
lirection of Paris
th ■•: was bareheaded, having
the postoffice. where
I has borne
last few days,
U on to tell of
H«  spoke of
l.ady Barton, and
or    from   Brann's
Vera's kiudues
of her rescue <
Women   aren't   .ill   plaster   s
thank goodness.      She   acted   very
wrongly, bul 1 think she has learnt her
in be a man
could be fom j it was afterwards found.    A boy who
Th   ■■-■ eks passed, aud not thi fail -   ■; cycling from Paris also met four
est clue presented Itself,    There was men, and the one who was bareheaded
ono little distraction    tor   Hiram—a asked the lad to sell him   hia    cap
short conversation with Vaughan Sey* When the boy refused the man took
mour, with reference to his marriage the cap by forco and threw the lad \
with Hilda.     Th*' bonk had been b five-franc piece, saying to him, with
success from    the   outset.    Perhaps *:*mt you will be able to buy another.
Mr. Rankin wus correct In h
gestton that the cose would increase
Its sub . The papers seized with avidity upon the dramatic death of ('raw-
ley E-rami; :-n:l his confessed vai ,h
I must'sav iiinl. 1 judged you1 bad proved Vaughan Seymour's luno-
i ot different metal.      licence.     The publisher was more than
The police believe thnt the membt
of the gang are the men who last September got oul of a train at Les Aub-
rais, rear Paris, and sho* dead a railway employe who tried t° arrest tbem
because they hod ni ^ck-Ms.
• hoc
tn yo
id  is swim-
David said
thought you wen- broad-minded and
could mako allowances, Hiram wound
up gravel}.
I must have Hnie to think.
And she wll! bo suffering tbe tortures of boll whllo you nre doing It.
I.oi me go and fel
PonT vou love her?
I don't know. My ii
miug and I can'l. llilnli
I will come back to bpc you In Lhe
evening.     shall l tell her thnl
want to see her?
It may give bor a llttlo hope, and
tbo poor oh I Id win need It badly
enough.     Good night.
David stghod In litter weariness of j
spirit. Mm had so counted on this'
great happiness which seemed io bn
so neatly In his grasp; aud now it
had been snatched from him. Perhaps It was because lm had not sufficiently recovered rrom tils Illness,
but his mind seemed numbed and in
capable of . bought.
Hiram was very discontented with
the result or hte afternoon's work, and
hln face was crave when he once more
enli-red lho hotel,     l.ady Barton was
In   tbo  sin ing room, and   she  looked
up in BlirpiiBO whon she saw thut ho
was (here.
Whero is Y.-nt? he asked quickly.
Hasn't slio been back?
He looked nuxIotiBly m bor.
Are you quite sure','     Sho may bo in
her room.
Mo, tar I've jusl been Ihero.   Whal
is ihe matter?    Hasn't Mr, Clay forgiven her?
Sho  too  became  depressed  when
tlsfied with the way the book wus
selling ami already Vaughan was securing orders lor ids next book.
| I am going to give yon a little com-
monsense talk. You require it. young
i rellow, lllram said caustically In-
! dependence Is all very well In Its way.
, I should be the Insl to run it down.
t Hut beastly pride is n different kind or
: Ihlng—I bato il and that's what you
\ are Buffering from. .lust, because the
I poor girl has a few thousands, you ar
Cured   Through  the Use  of  Dr.
Williams'Pink Pills.
Neuralgia is no!
i only a symptom.
a    disease—It    Is
It   Is   the   surest
on I l»
I m
king. Why
nov divide yi
of the genen
vour girl is end
Khali w
should a question of
u. Jusl show a lit-
us nature with which
■wed. Now when
A  month  hence, and
make  a   double barrelled   affair
of ii.
As usual, lllram sureoeded in obtaining hiH own way, and the marriages duly look place, and were not
moro depressing 'han is usually the
case. Indeed, ibcy were four happy
peoplo that Davlil Clay saw off to the
Oonttncnl from Charing t'ross station.
llo watched the train have the platform,   and   returned   to  his  hoi el   a
lonely   uud   miserable  man.
(To be Continued)
Paraguay's "Spider Lace."
Missionaries In Paraguay more (ban
200 years ago taught the native lu
dlnna to make laco by hand. Since tbat
day lho art has greatly developed, anil
iu certain of the towus lncemaklug t"
Ign that your blood Is weak, watery
and impure, and that your nerves are
literally starving. Pad blood Is the
one cause—good, rich, red blood It.-s
only cure. There you have the real
reason why Dr. Williams' Pink Pll'i
cure neuralgia. They are the oni.'
medicine that contain.1** in ccrreet proportions, tho very elements needed
to make new, rich, red blood, Thi-j
alone reaches the root of the trouble,
soothes the jangled nerves and drives
away tho nagging, Btabblr.s pain, and
braces up your health in other ways.
Mi. M. Brennan, an ex-sergeant ol
the 2nd Cheshire Regiment, now a
resident of Winnipeg. I-'nn., says:
"While serving with m? regiment In
India, on a hill station, 1 contracted a
severe cold which brought on acute
neuralgia, at times lasting for three
weeks. 1 was constantly suffering
almost every month In the year for
over seven years, tho pain being sometimes so seveie thnt I wished I was
dead. On ms return to England 1
seemed to get uo better, though 1
pent large ".urns of money for modi*
the chief occupation.    Almost oil (he! eal  advice  nnd  medicine
women, many children and not a fow
men aro engaged In this Industry.   A
curious fact wllb reference to the Par !
ttgunynn   Inccs   Is   that   the   designs
wero borrowed from the strange webs :
woven by tbe somltroplcal spiders thnt I
! ohnund In Ihnt country,    Accordingly
! this lace Is by the natives called nun-
dull, wblcb means -'spider web."— Exchange.
"I mnde these biscuits myself, Ha*
Vld," snid Mrn, Copperlleld, wltb bonis) pride
■■■j'boy look Tory nice, Dora," replied
David, picking one of ihem up nnd
milking nn effort lo spill it. "And they
ire itl 11 bot. How long igo did you—
llll   en l tln-m?"
came to Canada, and about a year ago
saw the advertisement of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Jn a Winnipeg paper. Although 1 had begun fo think
my complaint was incurable 1 told m:
wife lhat I Intended giving the Pills
a fair trial. I was suffering from
terrible pains when I began taking
the Pills, but before Ihe second box
was ihiishcd the pain began to disappear, and under a further use of the
Pills It dlsap: cored entirely, and
have not hod a twinge of It during
the past year Only those who ha
been afflicted with tho terrible pains
of neuralgia can tell what a blessing
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills havo boon lo
m , and you may be suro I shall constantly recommend ihem to other suf*
These Pills are sold by nil medicine
■I...)- rs or by msll at BO cents a box
or sh boxes for $2,60 rrom The Dr.
William*' .Medicine Co., Brookvlllft,
n Sunday
.  Wander-
pond, be |
Cuticura Soap
and Ointment
Cuticura Ointment, in thomorn-
iiin shampoo with Cuticura S.«p.
No other emollient ido BODiuchfor
dry, thin and tailing hnlr,dandruff
and iti hlngscalps,ordoilso8peed-
Tly, agreeably nnd economically.
Full directions in every package,
Outlmf. Sokfl .n' Olfll-fltul .re ttttit tliroiifilumt
ti.. 1,0,1,1, A libon! Hmnlfl >,r run,, wiil, :i'.- ,■.:,,;.)
(lOOki.t 0,1 til, fU, ft,i'i Ir.ftim.iil ,il tlm nkln Hi„|
.-.Ip, .-nt po»t-'"-», ,,i,ii,a, (..■uoe.u.-uK'. CU.in,
Oofp,! Dflpt. 17P. b-riu-ai v.n. a.
W     N,    U,    »a»
Whal About it
a llttlo slum boy wns „
bi  irooi in ths ttountry
Ing nboni  ' lie bordi r of s
, i iiim- i   ii ii^.m      Nevor having
I seen nnytlilng like ihls small lizard  nt once gave III
bofore, be munnged villi some <l!rn-  what mlghl hnv
cully 'ii icctire iho prize,   I'arefully
; wrapping his captive In ;■ very dirty
pockoi handki ri til t he bore 11 Lo Hie
farm ho ise >■ hi re   lie pari    ■■•■1 >• hav.
Ing ti a, nii'l borro 11 il n Jam pol v. here-
lie v\;i" n must intelligent youth and
dille uniiiK- through the basement ..>
tlio work,, ho noticed thai Bomethlu.
-.a wrong with tin. maohtnory,   Ho
Blnrm nml prevented
)>, en a wtLmih ucol-
dent.   The olrQiunRtniico was report*
eil in iim mini nl iim linn, heforo
whom iti.' I'i'i wna sitinninnod.
Vou havo dono ine n greal service,
my Iml, mid Him gonial chief, mul in
In to carry It iionm. i futuro your wnges will bo Incrnaaod
■\ii .••■a: well mull Vlii'.ri.i Station  by llfty conts weekly,
h reached,   There, bumped   by   n     Thank ion air said lho bright lit-
'   tie follow,    I will iin my boil  I" lull Rood servnnl to you.
That's Hi'' right nplill, my Ind, iio
remarked, encouragingly, lu all dm
yciirH ilint I linif' lu.i'ii In business IIO
om. Iiiih ovor thanked mo In tlml wny,
I will mnko ilio Ineronso Bovi.nty.flvo
omits, Now, vvliiii iin you Buy to
', luggnge-luden trolley, the hoy dropped
;,.'  |i iu pol upon ' • platform. Over
the fragments of brokon t»''' and lh i
! I'liiiniiiiH nt the poor i-yiwt, he i Lood
i blubbering for nil ho   >iih    worth.
Ti  there, my Hltle lad, said Hie
nii'.r,!' in charge of tho irenl Don'l
[cry! Xi'xt. year wo nhnll go ngaln io
' tno country nnd the iroes will nil bo
| in luul uui Hi" stroatn will ho now
! ing brightly nnd ■•
l.nr lummy, guv'norl blubbered (ho
buy. l nln'l crying aboul lho blessed
troos, Winn about my bloomln' nlil-
II. Iniu A'l'X, s Herman n-r-
Mini S-.Ir) "f sixioon, employed in u
(ashlonnhle Borlin Hm, cotnmllled mil
iiii'. by drinking throe hnlf pint. Imt-
tii-n nf Ink.    Mlsplacotl affection wa.
In;.' loothe.
Well, sir, roplled Ihe iml itnlllnglj',
would yuu mliiil If I mild It again?
Raid on Hatpins
Out or about !10(I wuinon
whoso nitnjci jvsro takon by (iio Mot-
I bourne pollco In n raid on v.-enr-jm of
I unprotootoa hatpins, (ivo ntnumrd
I with excllomont, and took down tho
I nonstable'" numbers, h.'wii burst into
| t.'iirs nnd two were no Shocked Hint
| they fnliited.
Th.it th.1 Bank of Montreal Is one ol
our oldest ns well as one of our must
Important financial institutions, wai
emphasised by the fac: that the Annual Report held this weok was the
BBth In the Bank's history. Tho
Bank is yearly occupying a move important place in the financial, commercial and industrial expansion of tbe
Dominion. Tho Annual Report presented, which covered tho year.endod
the 31st October, 101L*. showed het
profits for tbo year of $2,518,000.
which with a balance brought forward
of fl.Sa.5,000 and the premiums on new
stock amounting to 83-4,000, muke a
total of over $5,207,000 available for
distribution. Quarterly dividends
and two bonuses absorbed $1,894,000.
The sum of $1,000,000 was transferred
to rest account, $1,000,000 to counting-
ent account, and $511,000 expended on
bank premises, which left a balance
to be carried forward $802,000. Th?
Rank has* now totul assets of nearly
$2..T,000,000, making it one of the
strongest financial institutions on the
continent. During tho yonr It increased its paid up capital to $16,000,-
000, Increased Its rest account to a
Similar sum. made largo gains in deposits and in current loans, opened a
number of afw branches, and otherwise kepi pace with the growing prosperity of the Dominion. The fact
that the Bank made current loans of
nearly $120,000, bIiowq that there Is
a big demand In the country for banking accommodation and that the Bank*
cf Montreal is doing Us full share In
catering lo the business needs of tbe
communities where its branches are
The year was the firs, tinder lhe genera] management of Mr. H. V. Meredith and the fact that the profits for
the year were somo $242,000 greater
than those of the previous.year, must
be regarded ns not only satisfactory
to the shareholders but as complimentary to the foresight and businei*.
sagacity of lhe General Manager. It
is doubtful if lho Bank of Montreal
was ever In ns good condition to take
care of tho growing needs of the Dominion than ll Is at the present time.
Ita Increase in paid up capital and rest
accounts, Ua gain in deposits, total assets nnd other matters, makes it peculiarly fitted to take a leading place
in the financial and Industrial expan-
slon of the country.
'lhe addresses of the President and
Oeneral Manager were both comprehensive reviews of the financial, commercial and industrial conditions prevailing throughout the Dominion.
That of the President which referred
to the Dominion ns n whole, was masterly summary of tho conditions prevailing nt the present time. Tho nd-
dress was optimistic In its tone, Mr.
Angus declaring that, conditions
throughout the Dominion were unusually sound nnd that satisfactory progress mlghl be expected ns long as
present conditions prevailed, Mr
Angus touched upon ihe agricultural
expansion, thi increase in Immlgrnllon, the growth at   manufacturing,
railroad development, tbe Shipping Industry nnd prnotlcnlly speaking every
phaBQ nf nur commercial and industrial
Mr. Meredith In his address, re
ferred moro particularly to the growth
Of the Bank and Uie banking business
Ur touched on the forthcoming ravii
Ion of the Bank Act, and Intimated
Hint th^re might bn a few minor
changes, although In tho main tho
present Act was giving satisfactory
service Ho also dealt In nu nble
and comprehensive way with lho In-
creased cost nf living and tho ohnrgo
Mutt the Banks throughout the Dominion wero not paying sufficient ntten-
Hnn to the farming communities. He
denied the charge that lho banks encouraged farmers to hci.omo depositors and not borrowers, and slated
Mini la Rn far as his bank was concerned many millions wore on loan to
farmers und smnll traders.
Altogether [lie nddresnos nf lho two
holWfl <>f thi- Bank like thn Annual
Report 11 self, worn eminently wills-
factory to ihn aharchcV-ders   present
and  BltOUld |i""Vn equally  so to bust-
ness men throughout tho country ;ih
Her Legs So    Badly    Crushed    That!
They Wilt Have to be Amputated
In Paris al about 2 o'clock Wednesday morning a woman was picked up
iu the tunnel outside St. Cloud Railway Station. She was lying on tho
Hue, and both her legs had been badly crushed by a passing Ihraln.
She told a tragic story. Her name
is Vlctolre Lebegue, and she is an attendant in one of the Parisian theaters. She had taken tho last train
to her home In the suburbs last, night
and was accompanied part of the way
by a young man named Boncour, to
whom she is engaged to be married.
Boncour left lier at Asnleres, and
another man, who had apparently been
asleep until Boncour wenl. made a
grab ln St. Cloud tunnel at Vlctolre
I.ebegue's bag, which had her money
In It.
She tried to pull the alarm cord, bu!
the man shot at her twice with a revolver, and panic-stricken, she turned
the handle of the door and jumped out
from the carriage into the darkness
of tbe tunnel. She remembers no
more till  she was found.
Her Iwo legs have been amputated,
and there Is little hope lhat she will
Pantomime Strike Averted
II Ih tbought that the threatened
StrlkO uf chorus girls lu tho midst of
the pantomime himiuoii has probably
boon averted by the coiioosslon o( a
minimum wage or $10 a week nt ,\
numbor uf London and provincial
Golden Gun*
At Berlin Is In recorded In the
Krupp bnlanco t-dtret, published today, lho net profits ' for last year
amounted lo $7,500,000 equal to a dividend uf 12 par cent, higher than ut
any llmo In tho las', ten years
A  glove   for             \
Ci    L ^tw v^ i     l   *****
any   occasion                 \
in every shade,                  \
length,                      y/\
m  V
style.                                 1
We cfter one Uundr<.tl twllura Reward ■
for any n_so o.* t'» tnrrh ihnt cannot be
emetl bv Hall'i. Catarrh Cure
P.  J.  CHENEY ft CO., Toledo. O. ;
TV*,  the undersigned, have known F. j
.). Cheney for 'he last 16 years, and be* i
litve him perfect!: honest tn all business i
transactions an-l financially able to carry |
out any obligation-; mnde by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon ihe blood and mucous surlaoan of tne system. Testimonials
sent free.     Price 76 cents   per   bottle.
Sold by  all  t)rugpli,ts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
T wish T wore a heroine, Fred.
Why, It Is ensy for you to become
a heroine, dear.
I'd like to know how?
The woman who is not afraid to remain alone while her husband goes to
a poker parly Is a heroine.
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Ae.
Classifying Htm
brother Hardesty, can't yau make
your contribution for the education
of tbe heathen a Httle larger than usual this year.
Dr. Goodman, I'm more thnn doubling It. 1 have just started that
youngest boy or mine to college.
Elderly Aunt—My denr, I have Just
put you down In my will for $10,000.
Her Neice—Oh, auntie, what ran 1
say to thank you? How are you feeling today?
Oh, Miss I.lghtfoot, said Jolly er,
after their third dance at the ball,
you are a most wonderful dancer.
Really, do you think so? she replied.
Yes, indeed, More wonderful than
tho damsel who danced before Herod
and demanded the lund of Johu thc
Really,   How so, pray?
Woll, you hoc, when sho danced
ono man was decapitated, but When
yuu dance fill men lose their heads.
The only sure nnd satisfactory wny tn which the Western Farmer
can secure the highest possible market value for his when.1, oats, barley and
flnx Ia by shipping It bv Uie carload to Fort William or Fort Arthur, or to
Duli.th If cars cannot be got for thc other terminals (loading it If posslb.s
direct Into the enr over lhe loading platform t*o as to savo .'levator charges
nml dockage) nnU employing a strictly commission firm to handle and dls-
pose of it.
We continue to act as the Farmers' Agents solely on a commission basis.
Wt* are not track buy ers nnd we never buy the Farmers' grain on our own
account, but look after nnd dispose of tho grain entrusted in us, as the
agents of those who employ us. and It in our desire and endeavor to give
everyone the very best service possible. We make liberal uiivances against
rar shipping bilks, and will nlso carry the grain for n time under advances nt
a moderate commercial rate of Interest, if considered advlsauiu. We Invlts
nil Fanners to wrlto to us for shipping Instructions and market Information,
Thompson Sons & Company
Mlntrd'i Lliilment Cures Dl.'emp.r
Rpnoliiilona from iim dtreoLori >.f
iho Ormiil Trunk Railway Byaton- anil
from those uf lt« subslilary Companlta
hava Just Iippii fnrwnriloil to Mr. Du.'-I
til Hays, brother of tho Into 01108, M. i
Iluy., ut. l'l'lnco import, depressing th*
high roRiiril  n which tho former head!
of tho big railway system was heltl. |
These    resolutions   Illuminated    on
pttrohmont lu purple ami gold form a
very highly  artlsilo album and  nro
acootnpnnted by a warm personal lot-
tor rrom Mr. K. ,T. Chamberlln pr>
sldont of tho Grand Trunk and Qrand
Trunk P:iclllo Hallways.
Working up to It
Sandy und Ills Iiibs had boon kIIUiib
together about halt-nn-hour lu slknoe.
Maggie, ho tald at loiijgth, wasn't
i hare »" Hie Bawbnth nloht?
Ay, Suiiily, l <liiiii- Kiiy ynu wore. •
An' wanna' l here on Monday nloht.
Ay, so yo wore.
An' I was hero ou Tiiostlny nloht,
an' Wednesday nloht nu' Thursday
nloht, nn" Friday nloht?
Ay, I'm thinking yuu woro.
Woll, what tor no? I'm miro ye'ro
vonu woloiino.
Maggie, Woman, suld Sandy lu iIob-
jiorailoii, D'ye uo begin tu smell i
Why the low price
of Wheat?
is the key to
200,000 farmirt are scrambling to gat their
grain Into the happer before tha eloee af
Becauae all their netea and store bills become
due October 19, or November 1, and they ara
honestly   endeavoring to meet them.
What Is The Result?
The cpout becomes filled snd ther'. is a gener*'
Spill. The manipulator knows how tu take advsnt-
noo of a condition of this kind and hn lays hli plans
to rake off a little fortune and he succeeds He
simply takes all the profit that under normal conditions, the farinsr would have got In the growing
of grain, and the firms.' must bs content with the
scanty living he Is able to withhold from his creditors, snd hope on for another twelve mon tin.
The only feasible solution of th* question Is in
orgsnlilng the farmers that they may bs able to
put the coet of nroduct'on on the article he produces. Every other producer le able to do It.
Even the laboring m.in of to-day It able to put a
mice on his own labor. Every farmer knows tint
fact from hla lats experience In getting off his
Then why not make - little sacrifice to create
conditions which will do vastly mere for your children than tho accumulated wealth which you hope
to leave them, but which very atldom materl.il*
lies. The Oraln Growers' Grain Company Is
VOUR organisation and U the next six years develop as rapid progress as during ths last six. there
■■/III bs s spout going direct from tn* producer to
ths coneumer. cutting out tht manipulator. \t
can be done If the farmers are loyal to their or*
Winnipeg, Man. ^idrnVfo^tf^ Calgary, Alta.
in the gateway
to freedom
Mnllior (Whose children havo had
an I'llueiillon superior to her own, o
hor lunull daughter, whom ahe la In
tho net .of smocking.-I'll lenrn you
not to coi.trni.lot mc,
Bmnll Daughter (between her solul
—teach, mothir, ttaob/
Tlilledv ,_
rfromv the best
of the.
LWesfs best wheat
Lmakes more loaves.]
More   Bit*.id
>an.l   Better Broad-
.•a-WaV /
How He Escaped
An Operation
And Wm Completely Cured of
Nleeoil*rears' Standing
by Bra Chase's Ointment.
Mr. Chaa. Desmvals.
Doctora any that iiiijut oite person
fn every four suffers moro or loan
from ptlaa, *nd who cun Imagine n
more annoying, torturing, dlsagrcc-
ahlo ailment?
After trying a few treatments without aucccss, nnd as the ailment grows
worse, the mcdleal doctor le consulted.
An operation, lie says, is necessary.
You think of tho Hiitrering, expense
and risk to life Itself, and hesitate
before tailing such a step.-
Xn many thousands of such cases
Dr. Chase's Ointment has made
thorough and lusting cures, r.cad
this letter for tho proof.
Mr. Charles Beauvals, a well-
known citizen of St. Joan, Que.,
writes:—"For 14 years I suffered
from chronic piles, and considered
my caso very serious. I was treated
by a celebrated doctor who could not
help mo and ordered a surgical operation as tho only means of relief.
"However, I decided to try Dr.
Chase's Ointment, and obtained great
relief from tho flrat box. By tho use
of three boxes I was entirely cured.
This Is why It gives me great pleasure
to recommend Dr. Chase's Ointment
to all who suffer from plies as
treatment of the greatest valuo."
Dr. Chase's Ointment,  60  cents
box, all dealers or   Edmonson, Bates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
Sought Dowry to Build up Fortune
Scattered by His Extravagance
Berlin, Germany.—Count Leopold
von Sildera-Ahllmb nnd his motlt-r
Countess Louiso von Saldern-Ahllmb,
belonging to it well-known German
family, were charged at Wiesbad-ii
with obtalnlnj* J37C0 by false pie-
The count haa been In custody since
May. Tho defense put forward on
hla behalf Is that he is mentally deficient and afflicted with a mania for
extravagance. It was alleged that be
and hlj mother lived ln brilliant style
ln Wiesbaden hotels and boarding
houses on money advanced by hall
porters and landladies. After amassing. It la alleged, debts amounting to
$150,000 or $200,009 for such luxuries
as motorcars, rnce norses and Italian
palms and distributing bills of exchange for $75,000, the count was Induced to consider a marriage with an
heiress as the easiest way out ot the
dlffculty. He wont to llvo nt Wiesbaden In 1911 for the purpose of cooperating with a matrimonial agent in
quest of a wealthy bride, but all Ms
efforts were In vain.
Pardons a Large Number of Dlgnitar-
Iea in Prison for Conspiracy
Vienna.—Most surprising Ne'.vs
conies fiom Montenegro. King Nicholas and'his dynasty arc in daaser of
losing tho throne-; A strong antiily-
niistic feeling prevails in lhe country
against the Njogiist family, and at tho
samo time it Is reported from Belgrade that tho Servian Karageorge-
vitch family are reconsidering tho contingency of united sway over the Servian nation (naturally under a Kara-
goorgevlteh dynasty).
Tlio Njegust and Knrageorgevltch
families liavo long boon rival* for ul-
llmato predominance In united Servla
and Montenegro, the lattor a small,
mountainous country, being ot purely
Servian nationality. King l'etor
Karageorgovltch Is son-in-law to King
Nicholas of Montenegro, whoso -lead
daughter was Peter's wife. But for
years hatreil hnd prevailed between
son and father-in-law,
High Treason Trlala
■ Only a few years ago lilsh treason
trials wero conducted at Cottinje with
n view to showing to the world that
attempts on tho Ilfo of King Nicholas
wero instigated by persons connected
wilh tlio Belgrade royal court. Shortly
before the outbreak of tlic present war
reconciliation had (alien plncc belweca
King Peter anil King Nicholas.
For some time the chances of conquering leadership over tho Servian
nation wero In favor ot thc Njegust
dynasty. Particularly aftor Klog
Nicholas, jiving way to tho radical
movomenl In the country against bis
ilespnllc nilo. was finally forced to
grant a constitution. But lack of any
essential success In this war caused a
sudden turn. Montenegro was the
only Balkan state that scored no big
success, although sho first opened tbe
To meet lhe growing unpopularity
and to tie thc fall of Scutari with his
naino, King Nicholas recently assumed supremo command over the besclg-
ing army; hut the result ot nearly two
months' siege is that thc condition of
tho bcleagured Turks is better than
that, of tho Montenegrins. The
king's army has heen more than decimated; it counts now only 23,000 men,
and tho war was opened with 32,000.
There Is famine, and tho economic.!
condition of lho country ls doscrlbed
as deplorable. King Nicholas has
become unpopular, and all sorts of
hostile rumors aro current against tho
hereditary Prince Danllo. In face ot
all this Crown Prlnco Alexander of
Sorvia heaped victories, and King
Peter triumphs.
Tries Conciliation
It may bo remembered that Kin?
Nicholas has of late pardoned a eon-
S'llerablo number of Montenegrin dignitaries Imprisoned for conspiracy
neainst bhi dynasty, evidently wl*. a
view to reconcile the nntidynast'e
movement; but the unlucky course of
tho war ;,nd the desolate state o' affairs In Mont,' negro appear to nave
ra.ther fostered It as never before.
London Symphony    Orchestra,    With
Hcecliam  Leading, Scores in
Berlin,— No othor foreign crches-
itra or conductor liar, ever received
more wliole-heurted praise from Berlin's usually grudging critics than that
accorded to Thomas Beecham's symphony orchestra, which gave Us flrat
concert here last night. With th.
exception ot passing flings at Mr,
Beeeliam's indiscreet gesticulations
with tho baton, it ls the unanimous
judgment tbat tbe English players and
their lender provided Berlin with genuine artistic pleasure.
The Local Anzeiger says; 1'rom the
purely technical standpoint the Londoners make an excellent Impression.
They aro apparently so good an orchestra as utterly th obviate the necessity of such personal mnnnerisms as
those to which Mr. Boecbam is addicted. Iio himself has no need to resort to such externalities as ho is without doubt not only a thorough musician, but a born conductor.
Tlic Deutsche Tageszeitung says:
Mr, Beeeliam's orchestra scored a pronounced success. The lender ls a
temperamental, resouroeful conductor,
who directs his woll-drllled players
with undeniable warmth and expression.
Englishmen, says the Borse-Cour-
ler, especially violinists, play with
sovereign assurance. It must bo a
pleasure to bo tholr conductor. Mr.
Boeclinm is primarily a master of effects. Ho is most nt homo among
the modorn composers and ln operatic music. In this latter domain we
should like to see the temperament ot
this militant artist, at work. The
Tagblatt saj-3: "Mr. Beecham's orchestra stands comparison with tho best.
The Mozart Symphony was rendered
with exquisite delicacy. Tho English orchestra revealed masterly training. Mr. Beecham la a temperamental conductor, and he hns dono much
(or German music. Where are our
own millionaires ot whom as much
eau be said?
Woman Calls for   Assistance   While
Being Burned to Death
Parts, Prance.—A woman's piteous
appeals for help, which she made by
telephone while being burned to death,
resulted In the discovery of a distressing tragedy at Auby, near Douai.
The woman—Louise Brulia, aged 36
—was washing a dog wltll a mixture
containing methylated spirits, when
■Mr apron, which had absorbed some
of the spirit, burst Into flame as she
passed an open (ire.
Suffering excruciating agonies from
her burns, Mme. Brulia ran to the
telephone nud Implored workmen to
come to her aid. They ran at one?
to the house, but the woman was so
dreadfully burned that death took
place shortly after.
Wants Other Women to Know
How She was Finally
Restored to Health.
Hammond, Ont — " I nm pasting
through the Change of Life and for two
fears had hot flushes very bad, head-
actwa, soreness In the back of heud, waa
constipated, and had weak, nervous feel-
Inge. Tht doctor who attended mc for
a number of yenrs did not help me, but
I han been entirely relieved of the
above symptoms by Lydia E. I .nltham'a
Vegetable Compound, Blood Purifier and
liver Fills, and glvo you permission, to
Bibliah my testimonial."-Mm. Louts
EAUCAQI, 8r., Hammonil,Ont.,Canada.
New Brunswick,
i Canada. — "1 can.
highly recommend
i Lydia K. Flnkham's
. ^ VcgctableCompound
^1 to nny sulTciing wo-
] man.   I have taken
| it for female weak-
'■ nesa and painful
j menstruation and it
cured me. " — Mrs,
I'kVkkk  P.aki-.oiiii,
_^^^__ Harvey Bank, New
Brunswick, Canada.
Lydia l-l. Pinkhum':". Vegetable Compound, madtfrom native roots und herbs,
contains no narcotic or harmful drugs,
and to-day holds the record of being the
moat aucccsaful remedy for female ills
*• know of, and thousands of voluntary
teatlmoaiab on (llo In tho I'lnkham laboratory at Lynn, Mass., seem to prove
Half fact Every suffering woman owes
it te herealf to give Lydia K. Plnkham'a
Vegetable Compound a trial
If *roi want special ad-lee write ta
trila K> Plitham Medicine Ce. (confl.
dcitUl) Lynn, Mass. Tour letter will
kt apeaad, read] and answered bjr S
 Md held ta alrlct confidence.
W. N. U. 934
Tiny Models Made In Prison to Form
Part of International Show
London. — A great deslro to
mako things is characteristic of all
prisoners, says an official statement
issued by tho board of trade, and a
very interesting collection of models
made by convicts will be Included in
tiie special display which, as has been
stated, is being arranged by tho home
office for the Ghent International exhibition to Illustrate the modern science of prison management.
How Intensely Interested the prisoners become In their work Is Illustrated
by thc case of one man who ls notorious for his assaults on warders. He
has been so Interested tbat his be-
havious ha3 bcen exemplary for three
months, nnd his ambition ls to bo discharged in time to ceo his model on
One of ths prison-made models will
illustrate the old-fashioned iron cells,
made from corrugated Iron, which
were very popular with the habitual
criminal, as lt was easy to carry on
conversation. The model Is com.
plete to the minutest details although
Us measurements must bo taken In
inches. Even the candle In the candlestick and the prisoner's piece ot
soap aro drawj. to scale.
Articles manufactured surreptitiously by convicts will nlso be shown.
Small models moldeo out ol bread and
then colorrd with blacking and whitewash nro often made. Skeleton key.
carved from bee( bones to open the
cell doors nro among the Ingenious
pieces o( work which have heen found,
and will bo included in tho display.
A series of life-size models of convicts engaged on prison tasks will
probably be one of tho most Interesting exhibits. Two convicts will bo
shown working at nn anvil and another making rope fenders for ships.
A convict ot work basket-weaving will
havo displayed around him speclmoia
of the vnrlous types of baskets which
are mado In prison. Tho aclual basket at which the figure Is working Is a
wnstepnpor basket for the war de.
pari ment.
Swedish Couple Become Man and
Wife After Long Walt
Stockholm, -- Aftor n long rn.
gngement lusting thirty years, Uaru.i
Axel do Turns was married to Mile,
Delia Gyllstroom.
lu 1882 the bride wns ono of (ho
stars of the Stockholm stage, and Iho
baron, then a young army officer, fell
ln lovo with her. llla family, how.
ever, refused to give their consent to
tho marriage, and Mllo. Qyllstioom
lott Swedeu.
Rix yearh later, his parents having
died, tho young baton determined to
go In search af his llancco. Uo visited all tho principal cities In Europe In
turn, and thon burned that she had
left tho continent and was living under an assumed name. After going
to America he at Inst found her ln
Melbourne, and brought her back to
Stockholm tor the marriage.
Emily—Why are you waving your
Angelina—Slnco papa has forbidden
Tom thn house, wo havo urrangod a
code o( signals,
Emily—What Is that?
Angollno—Whon ho wavoa hla handkerchief five times that moans: Do
you lovo me? And when I wave flvo
times In reply it means; Yos, darling,
Emily—And how do you ask othor
quest Ions?
Angelina—Wo don't. That's tho
whole code,
Cause of Asthma.—No one can say
with certainty exactly what causes tho
establishing of asthmatic conditions.
Dust (rom tlio street, from flowers,
from grain and various other irritancs
may set up a troublo Impossible to Ir
radicate except through a sure preparation such ns Dr. J, D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy. Uncertainty may
exist as to cause, but thero can be no
uncertainty regarding a remedy whloh
hns freed a generation of asthmatic
victims from this scourago of the
bronchial tubes. It Is sold everywhere.
That Elusive Object
For certain districts "object" drawing has become tho vogue ln schools,
and troops of chubby-faced children
may be seen tripping to school armed with such weapons ns hammers,
hatchets, chisels, buckets, and similar
domestic articles to bo used as "objects."
Recently one of those classes was
about to commence, when a small boy
sidled up tearfully to his teacher's
desk, and burst forth with a convulsive gulp;
Please, teacher, I've swallowed me
Oh, Billy, what ever was It? cried
teacher, and held her breath while she
waited for his answer.
A banana, miss! whispered the embryo artist, as the salt tears worked
havoc with his small faco.
The Wrong Man
Recently a laborer went up to a foreman who was superintending some
building operations at the docks.
What's your name? Inquired tho
foreman at last, having decided lo
take tho man on.
Albert Stetson, sir, replied the latter'
Very well, Slmson; first Job, bring
those iron plates and that crane over
I Excuse mo, sir, Interrupted tho nav-
pry, respectfully touching his cap. I
said my name was Slmson—not Samson!
Figuratively spenklng, nn old bachelor nearly always bugs hlmsolf when
ho sees a mock-looking mnn trying to
quiet a squnllng Infant,
If a man didn't havo a wlfo, he
probably wouldn't know that ha had
Left Weak, Miserable and Pery to
Disease in Many Forms
One of thc most treacherous diseases afflicting the people of Canada
during tbe winter months is la grippe,
or influenza, lt almost invariably
ends with a complication of troubles.
It tortuigs its victims with ullernatc
fevers and chills, headaches and backaches. It leaves blm an easy prey :o
pneumonia, bronchitis, and even consumption. Indeed tho deadly after-
i or la grippe may leave the victim a chronic Invalid. You can
avoid la grlppo entirely hy keeping
tho blood rich and red hy an occasional uso ot Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. It
you havo not done this and thn dis-
oase attacks you, you can banish It,
deadly after-effects through tho use of
this samo great blood-bitlidiug, nerve-
restoring medicine. Hero is proof
of tho wonderful power of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills over lhls troublo.
Mr. I'mtnaniii! Laurln, St. Jerome,
Quo., says: "I was solzcd with a severe attack of la grlppo, I was obliged to stop work and remain In mv
hod for several weeks, and whllo I
appeared to get over tho first stagea
of tlio trouble, I did not regain my
usual health. I suffered from hcnJ-
uchi's, loss of appetite and cxtromo
weakness. I did not Hleop well at
nights, and would arlno in tlio morning fooling tired and worn out. This
continued for about two months during which time I was taJting treatment
but apparently without avail. Then I
was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, nnd I ;;ot n half dozen boxes. By
tho timo 1 had laken threo boxes there
was a decided Improvement, and actually before I had completed thc sixth
box I was enjoying my uld-tlmo lioalth,
I was strong na ever, could sleep well
and eat well, and no longer suffered
from lassitude and headaches. I have
proved tho vnluu of llr. Williams'
rink Pills for tho pernicious aftereffects'of la grippe, and can tlierofore
recommend them to other sufferers,'1
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills euro by
going to (ho root of lho troublo In tho
blood, which they enrich, and niak»
red and pure. Theso pills euro all
troubles dun to bud blood, and lt you
ara tilling you should start ta euro
yourself to-duy by taking thin groat
medicine. Sold by all niedlclno dealers or by iniill nt 50 cont.4 a box or
six boxes Tor 111.GO from Tlio Dr,
Williams' Modlclno Co., Brockvlllo,
It you hnva too much money yon
can easily acquire moro,
Tho successful man la ono who la
on the Job when tht main chanco
comes along.
Drastic Police Rulea to Enforce Quiet
Go Into Operation on
April 13.
Berlin. — Fresh police regulations
intended to make the streets quieter
by day and night to go into forco April
13, Includo tho following:
Persons may not walk more than
three abreast, nor stop or congregate
for any period of time.
Persons with umbrellas 'or walking
slicks must not carry or swing them
in any manner designed to imperil tha
safety ot passersby.
No windows or doors of houses,
Outs, simps or resluurauts in which
music ls being played may be kept
No whistling, singing, shrieking,
shouting or loud talking of any kind
designed to endanger (ho quiet of tho
streets shall be permitted.
Teauisters in charge o( wagons, vans
or trucks loaded with resounding metal of any kind are forbidden to drive
in a manner calculated to cause nerva-
shalterlng noises
No paper, reniaius of (ruit, cigars or
cigarettes may bo thrown into Ibe
Tho dragging of clothes of any kind
(women's dresses, etc.), or anything
else capable of producing dust is prohibited.
Householders nre required iu season .
to keep llie footpaths In front of their j
premises clear from snow and lee between 7 a.m. and 8 p.tii,, in case sidewalks aro dangerously ley, sand or
arlies must ae sprinkled.
Already every sixth man and every
twenty-fifth woman In the German empire has been punished for violation
of some one or other of tho many
thousands of paragraphs of the German penal code. This is shown io
an interesting work, entitled: People
Who liavo Been Punished ln Germany; by Doctor Finkeinburg;, superintendent of the (anions Moabit prison
in Berlin. Doctor Finkeinburg, bas
published his book In connection with
a campaign for the revision of the penal code. Ho hopes that tho statistics of German 'criminals' which ha
bas collected will contribute to a reduction in the great number of punishments which hang over Germans'
hends for trivial transgressions of tho
Doctor Finkeinburg shows that tlu
number of criminals in Germany at
the present time is 3,869,000, ot whom
3,060,000 are males and 800,000 females. Every 43rd boy and every
213th girl aged between 12 and 18
bas been punished.
The Army of
la Crowing Smaller Every Day.
responsible—they a
only giro relief—
ihey pamanenlly _
ewe t'oattip*.
tie*.   Mil.    '
lion, use
ihem for,
B'tBau- I
am, hiiiutkm, SidtHealatkt, SaUauSli-.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Prica,
Genuine nutt bear Signature
Mother—Now, Franklyn, If I hear ot
your playing football again I shad
eliosUse you.
Franklyn ,~*Wcll, mother, a chap
who's afraid of a licking would be uo
earthly uso at football.
Violation of the   Rules   cf   Aviation
Leads to Very Serious
Paris, France.—M. Jacques Del-
cassc, the 23 year old son of the
French minister of marine, was seriously injured last week in one of
the most extraordinary accidents in
the history of aviation.
Two aoroplanes over Vlllacoublay
camo Into collision in the air, just as
two motor omnibuses might como Into
collision at a Btreet corner, because
ono of tbem took tho wrong turning.
An airman named Callardot asked
M. DclCasse, who has just finished his
military service to mako a flight in a
Breguet biplane. It was the young
man's flrst aerial Journey.
M. Collardot was circling contrary
to tlio rule of the air,—that Is turning
to tho left Instead ot to the right. \
Siamese oflicer named Nu Tha Tick,
who was flying a Nleuport monoplane,
was circling nenr Vlllacoublay, and
suddenly 11. Collardot saw thc mono-
piano swervo sharply and come right
nt him at a speed of sixty miles an
He thought that the Siamese pilot
would easily avoid him; bnt Na Tha
Tick could not get out of the way. The
monoplane dashed Into the side of the
biplane, and the two aeroplanes fell
in a tangled mass,
M, Collardot was very llttlo hurt.
Na Tha Tick was seriously injured j
about tho head, while M. Delcasso
sustained fractures ot tho right arm,
right leg and left collarbone. Hd
will probably recover.
But Dodd's Kidney Pills Cleaned Out
W.  F.  Black's Sciatica
He was In agony when a friend gave
him a box.    Now he   recommends
them to everybody.
Newcastle, N.13. (Speciul)—In those
cold full days when tho chill winds
cryslalize tht* uric acid In the blood
and cause the pangs of HhcumatiBm
and Sciatica to bring sleepless nights
to many a home, a man's best friend
Ib ho who can tell his neighbor of a
sure euro for his tortures. Such a
friend te Wm. F, Hluck of this place,
lie suffered from Sclalica and lame
back, He was so bad that he could
not lace his boots or turn ln bed.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured him and
he wants all his neighbors to know
of tho euro.
"Yes," Mr. Black says, In* an Interview, "I was so bad with Sciatica and
Lame Hack that I couldn't lace my
shoes or turn in bed, when a friend
gave me about a third of a box ot
Dodd's Kidney Pills. I started taking them without much faith In their
curative powers, and found tbem all
they were recommended.
"Now I am recommending Dodd's
Kidney Pills to all sufferers from Kidney Diseases.''
Dodd's Kidney Pills are no faith ;
cure, They're a simple but suro curt*'
for diseased kidneys.
G.T.P. Town Planning
In a recent thoughtful review oT lh°
events ot 191L' a western writer lias
this to say of Grand Trunk Pacific
Xhe railroad's methods of building
a real town are most interesting.
Take for instance, the lino from Edmonton to Calgary, which runs
through 2;j;i raile3 of the richest farming country in tbo west and which
eventually extends to the International
boundary, where it will connect with
railways giving direct communication
to tho important cities of the Uni'.ed
States. .Along this line are all ot
the conditions which go to make up
wealthy farming communities, and
thriving young cities. Had the
Grand Trunk Pacific been Intent on
making sales alone, it might have
planted, boomed and sold a dozen
cities between Calgary and Edmonton, and might perhaps have made an
immediate profit of several million
dollars. But the rond looked ahead
to Ihe reaction. So it pent out its
best engineers and investigated, and
In lhe end decided to build but one
city in that distance of 2,!.! miles, Instead of several. At the same timo
it placed on a dozon or more-smaller
townsltf-s, which were in no way to
Uo nilverUsed ns poss-ihle big (own;,;
but which were to he made thriving
[UUo r-la-'-'s serving tin1 need; of their
communities, put midway between
Calgary and Edmonton, 128 miles from
tho former and 111 from tho latio.*,
was found the ideal location and conditions for a lown Uiat would become
a city. It is not n "happon-chancc"
town, tt Is tho divisional point of tho
Grand Trunk Pacific between Calgary
ami Edmonton and Ihough It Is only
a little over a year old, ii already has
live miles of track with flueo mon* nn-
dor way, repair simps, round-house;-.,
stoek yards, elevators, hotel:', over ..<)
places doing a hustling busim-as and
approximately SOO people. Within
two years I predict that it will have
flvo or six thousand. Conditions ami
not wildcat booming, wiil compel a rapid increase in population. Theso
conditions are a ros.ii.li of what might
bo called "Intensive" town building
rather than extensive. Tho Grand
Trunk Pacific made sure of conditions
beforo it started—oonditions which
will in timo place it among the lm*
portant cities ln the west.
The One
Ideal Gift
for ail the family
for all the year
around is a
Columbia Grafonola
Ask your nearest Columbia
.dealer to play you the specia
Xmas Columbia Records. (Fit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, O.il.
Territory Opo-i to Doiler.
see the other fellow
An eastern man who was on a business trip through tho west stopped
at thc small hotel iu a country town
one day. He entered the dining
room and was shown to a table by a
Will you have some pork aud beans,
sir? asktd tho waiter as ho brought
the customary glass of water.
No, I don't care for them, answered tho man. I never eat pork
and beans.
Dluuer is over, then, sir, said tho
waiter, as he moved away.
An Irishman was going along tho
road when an angry bull rushed at him
:md tossed him over a fence.
The Irishman, recovering from his
fall, upon looking up, saw tho bull
pawing and tearing up the ground, as
is the custom of tho animal when -i**
ritated, whereupon he smiled at tho
animal and snld:
If lt was not for your bowing and
scraping and your humble apologi -s
you brute, falx, I should think you
bad thrown mc over the fence on pi..--,
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs.—I havo used your MINAnD'.S
LINIMENT for the past 25 years and
whilst I havo occasionally used other
liniments I can safely say that I have
never used any equal to yours.
If rubbed between the hands and Inhaled frequently, it will never fail to
cure cold in tho head in twenty-four
It Is also tho Hest for bruises,
sprains, etc.
Yours truly.
Kidney St-wei anil Gravel aro 'iuk'i-
ly ci;.'■;.-.-(1 from uio system by .in
Uui,    Uf
which 1ia» hpftn ii sifTiM »UOMM
tlireu&.umt Cnnm.* u ft fon*p.**-te
euro i»f ...iliiey Troiil*l« and all UrtO
Acid Dlnr-ast.3. W, will iond lett — i
telling of many (.uiti to id\ who will
wrlto ub.
Frlcn 11.50 Ver EoUlc at all L'.nl'.nj
THE  SANOL   M'FG.   CO.,   LTO.
Engineers and DoIlormaker3
Boilers of   all    klndu— Bnglnet;
Pumps and Heavy Plato Worlc
Write us for Pricc3
14 Stt*achan Ave., Toronto, Canada
ff you feel "out of -oris"—"run down '
or "pot lho olucs," tuffer Irom kidney.
bladder, nervous dlseaaofl, enronlo weaic
nesBeo, ulcers, fiktn cruptinne, nllc-i*, fto,,
wrlto for my FUl'll'J bool:. It Is 111-
most Instructive medical boot! ever written. It tells all about these .Jlreas^s
end the remarkable cures effected by
the new French Remedy .-THERAPION'-
  ■ rto. 1. No. 2, No. 'J, an.] you can decide
■ ■a...,i-BAi-..j  ..,,-ei,   «... .,  — ....a.-- ' tot yourself If It Is the remedy for yonr
UNIVERSITY  WITH  ONLY  THREE j ailment.      Don't send a  cent.   It's ab-
Law Makes Him One, Although Divorced From His First Wife
Paris. Franco.—By a decision of tlio
civil tribunal at Bordeaux Joan Lou-
quet, a postal employee there, finds
himself a blsamist ln law, though, actually divorced before he married a
second time.
Ills first wife v,-ns divorced In 190D,
but owing to un oversight tho Judgment was not ontercd on the registers
of tho court. Tho first wife, learning
of the Becond marriago a few muttths
ago. took advantage of the lewai informality to havo thc divorce decroo
annulled, and the court has bow decided that as tho divorce ls legally
non-e.xlBtent the flrst marriage is still
Lcquct Is, therefore, liable to be
brought up at tho assize court for
Tom Brown nnd Jack Smith hnd
been schoolmates together, but ns often happens, had drifted apart during
the years Hint followed. Then, quite
accidentally they met again ono day,
und somohow llie conversation turned
to Uio subjoct of athletics,
Let mo Bee! Bald Brmvn. Von
nover eamo across my brother, did
you? lle'ii a line runner, you know.
Why, only last week hn won a gold
medal in a Marathon race.
Ah! sold Smith, raising III., eyebrows In gcniiiiii' admiration. Then
a faint smile playing round his lips,
he added: And did I ever tell you
about my uncle?
Don't think so, replied llrown.
Well, In hla dny. not only did Iio
get a gold medal for llvo miles, and
one for tf-n miles, hut two sols ,)f
carvers for cycling, a sliver medal for
swimming, two cups for wrosUlng, to
suy nothing ol' badges for boxing and
Yuu see, Smllh continued, wlille his
friend sat Bpoochloss wllli iiiiin-u iniiit,
the uncle tn question kept u pawn-
Burglary at a Police Station
London. — Tlio canteen of
tho Blaekheuth road pollco stnllo.i,
Clreonwich, has been broken Into by
burglarB, who climbed n sale to get
at tlio canteen nt tlio renr ot llie premises. A considerable sum ot inoney
was taken from the till.
Minarn's Liniment Cures Colds, Ete.
A man can nover remember what a
girl snid when sho proposed to hliu.
It takes a good pugilist or n poor
minister to put his man to sleep.
Faint iieart   seldom   escapes   fair
Rat.i/nyera' Gamble
Berlin. "—In tho liopo of
bettering the town's flnarccs, tho mjj-
Iclpal nuthvill. s ot i'liiau, (lei-man-
havo purchamd ou. ot iho pulil -:
funds a ticket ln tbo south German
Biato lottery.
Otton   littleness   makes a   human
Tablets. Druggists refund money lf it
tails to cure. K. W. (.'.ROVE'S signature ls on each box.   25c,
Prize of $400   Won   by   Well-Known
Racing Cyclist
Paris, France.—A prize of H00 for
tiie flrst winged motorless bicycle to
cover a distance ot 16 feet C Inches at
a minimum height of 8 Inches was won
recently by M. Paul Dldler. the racing
cyclist, at tho Pare des Princes.
Tho prize wns only offered on November 25. Tho previous bo.t
achievement wns a flight ot » ton
10 inches at a height of 4 Inches
and made by tho cyclist Bcttich, on
October 10.
The machine used by M. Lldlcr ls
an ordinary bicycle with one plane fixed to the front fork and another flxed
at thc back of the machine.
Hamburg to Embark   on   Ambitious j
Project for Benefit of Local
Hamburg. —It Is now reported'
that tho senate of the .'ree city of i
Hamburg has finally resolved to carry
Into execution the project ot founding i
a university for its special needs, that!
has for so many years been the suu-,
let:! of public discussion. i
Tliu university, it is staled. Is :p
have only three faculties, namely: On*-
for Jui-lspudenee, one for phllosopn.'
and one for colonial science, and the |
characteristic feature is lo bo the co- [
ordination of these   sciences.     The [
senate proposes not to make tho unl- j
verslty dependent on annual grants,
but to place at its permanent disposal
tho Interest on a loan ef $6,260,000,
The building suitable for tho purpose of the university already oxis',-, j
through tlio generosity of a Hamburg j
citizen, and ihls phllahthrophlo gentleman lias also promised to defray
the cost of tho requisite enlargements.
Tho new university will be organized on the model of oilier German universities, wilh 'he execution thnt
Hamburg merchiiuta will be represent,
cd in the administration, and wiil be
iu close touch with the colonial department .
sulutety   FKEE.    No   "follow-up"   etrci.
lars.      l*r.   IxClcrc   Med.   Co.    Have
slock Rd.. Hampstead, London. _ns.
Wrlto us for Information cotic-ith-
InR our two Winnipeg H.ihtl.v.sio'.:,
"Deer Lodge Subdivision" — tlio
finest pro-.erty In Uio Wost end, ami
"Woodluwu" situated to tho sou'.Ii
east.     Wo gunrauteo profits.
Sterling Bank Bldg , Winnip.g.
B»oh free.     A s.ifli>l|
Rout    ll-i-l I nit* fit   irriovrd
iBBpfiontlhtiliiay'-iljr. rtt
Old sorPB, ■It.Ti nntl
{id-vilia curi-d.    Dcsciibf.
pnme trouble • <-»« -n!U ntni book an*, litiiiuunialt.
A Cure for Fever and Ague.— TVii
turbanco of tlio stomach and liver a
ways pro-H-do attacks ei fever and
ague, showing derangement or the tli-
gestlvo orK!...: and deterioration In
tlio quality of the blood. In those
ailments l*arnn.'lce's Vcuelalile Pills
havo bcen found moat effective, abating tho fever and Biihduing the ague
in a few days. There are many who
aro subject to theso distressing disturbances and to these there is no
hotter preparation procurable as a
means ot relief.
How would yon like U. bo our Selling1
Agents aud mako BIG MONEY in
your Sp.irc Hours?
We have lhe Goods !
Send Post Card to-d.iy
forpartiuiihtrsiand'-Ciet Into Business."
M. O. DopL I\ O. Hex i;:$6, Mont-
real, Cun.
Married Couple Fly From Registrar's
Office to Wedding Breakfast
Ilerlin. — Tho first stago of
a honeymoon Journey took phico by
air yesitorday at Munich.
llerr Gustav Otto, proprietor of i
military flying machine faetory, nUirt*
ed wllh bis brldo, Krauleln Ilaugg, by
air from tho rcgH.tr.ir'B olllce, and
after sailing over Munich landed at
tbe flurburban homo of friends for tho
wedding breakfast
Tim brldo is tho daiighler of a H;iv-
arian army surgeon.
Many a girl wbo loves a man for
his money ls too modest to mention lt.
Most of us would ralher accept anothor man's cigars than his advico.
proves value. Touted tlirougliout
thi-ee generations—known tho
world over lis thc most rei labia *nv -
von t ivo nnd corrective of stomach,
li vor, bowel troubles -an unequal,
cd reputation has been secured by
Sold •JTtrnAerti    •     •    ta bttw, 2Sc
A Cloveland niarniiaeturcr hired a
prhate secretary not many months
ngo. Ho had never had one bcToro,
hut ho thought ho could afford (he
luxury. And Ju.\ury It was. for the
young man found llttlo to do. Ono
day, however, a real Job eamo his
Smith, Haid bis employer, I want
you to tlguro our, for me how we ran
cut down the offieo OXpentOfl, I've
been ovor tho wboto thing carefully,
but I cnn'. find out whero wo aro
spending any money unne-cessarily.
Hut mill H's a bit ton much. If
you'll (ind nut where we can save $'»0
a month, I'll add tho amount to your
The secretary lli.ureil for :;n hour or
two, and then annoum-ed Uiat be Was
ready to report.
Have you fouud the look? a.iked tho
Yes, sir.
Good h-ny.    Let's bear It.
You pay JftO for a private pcoreUry
and then you do all the work >ourself.
You hu vo flb&o] utely no use- for a
private secretary. If you'd get rid
of me you'd savo that $60 a month.
That's so, but you're knocking your*
Belt out of u Job.
No, I'm not. Ynu protntlCd mo ft
mine of $50 for showing you.
ilu got the raise,
| In accordance with subsection V ot
j section 3 of the Manitoba Game Pro*
! lection Act every bolder of a big
I gamo hunting license mutt return t!u
j same to tbe Department of Agriculture & Immigration, duly .-.worn to before Justice of Peace or a Commissioner for taking affidavits showing tbo
i number, kind and sex of animal killed
]and taken, immediately after the close
i of the season, and not later tha-i
'.January 15th, Those who have not
yet roturued their license should lako
| warning that they aro not only liable
to a penalty provided fn section IM j.'
tho Act but cannot bo grantod a simitar license in any subsequent yea*.
Holders of Hunting Licenses for Ui"
last open season must fcoverti them-
ioIvoi accordingly.
London, Knglunil. The Hev. I'.d-
ii.und Alexander May. of Mudford VI •-
(11 ago, Yiovil Somerset, who died on
October in butt, loft directions in his
will thnt bis funeral should ne of tin
Hiiupub^ posjihta charictor, without
powers of r.r.y description, and tbat
his body uhOUld bn placed In a perlsV
ul le coffin and .orthwlt.i covered With
Money  talk*- and it always stops
Any mun tblnkn   he Itnows   a   lot
about wornon until lurmarriosonc.
A bigamist, Cordelia, Is a mau who
bus more wlvos than Judgment,
It's dlfllnilt to rattle n boro; In fact
you cun seldom shake blm.
Bachelor's Record
Mclbourno. — Over two thousand
throj hundred lovo letters, written by
six different girls, were found lu the
Tcom of a baohelor who died recently
in Melbourno, Australia at tbo ago of
82. Tho letters, which worn preserved tn an Ivory casket, woro tied with
jewolod sliver chains la bundles of
uiood win toll—usually thi things
wo do not want told.
A girl  marries to gain liberty;  fl
man romalns single to keep it.
Sold by dealers everywhere
l'ubli«&eo hivejy  BatUTdM    Mooning al Crboorool. B.O.
V.  M. Christian, Manager
posUgs to amerioau, Buropean tad  other foreign countries,   60 cents   a
year extra.
ADVBRTISBIMKNTS—Advertising rates furnished on application. No
Advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted for
■ ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS-Unless uotice to the contrary
u given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions will ht kept
running and charged up against their account.
Owing to schedule changes In the legal rate at Victoria and consequent changes in the various papers throughout the Province the "Piosl
pector''1 announces that beginning with January ist. the following rharges
will bo made for advertising all legal notices.
Application Tor li<,uor license, J6.00; liquor license transfer $8...0.
lund purchase *7.i.U; land lease $7.00; certificate ot Improvement
10 cents per tine first insertion and 6 ceuts eacb suhse-iuuiit Insertion- delinquent co-ownership notice 10 cents and 6 cents; duplicate certlfloate 10 cents and B cents; water uotice 10 cents and 6
cents;  coal and petroleum notise 16.00
1'Jtb   VKAK
No. 9
Bj legislation now before the Provincial legislature, and which will become statute law next month, important changes in connection with the
personal of Bchool boards is contemplated; this will require for such
boards a property qualification ol
(500. It is further intended that this
legislation Bhall be to a certain extent retroactive, since section lour
sets forth that "Any person who on
the date ol passing the Act Is a
School Trustee, that is not possessed
o! the requisite qualifications, as set
forth shall resign his se:.t and cease
to hold office ns such trustee and the
vacancy shall be tilled .n a maimer
as provided by section 39."
Another change in this statute in
regard to municipal commission provides that School Hoards may hereafter demand of their contemporary
councils to the extent of seven mills
the assesement values for educational
requirements instead of the live mills
as oow prevails. Councils may re-,
ject extravagant education! estimates- but if they do so must submit
tho vetoed proposals forthwith to the
• •     *     a
The poople of the West, and particularly British Columbia, all readily
concede that with regard to attenuate
representation in the Federal Government they are at present laboring
under a distinct disadvantage.
• •   *   •
As the matter stands the West has
35 members representing it at Ottawa
where, on the basis of equal representation with the East, it should
have f.7,
• *   •   •
In urging Its demand for proper rep
resentatfon the West is voicing a
legitimate grievance. No teMn important is ItH request for the control ol
its natural resources. It. remains for
the government to remedy the existing disadvantages,
* •   •   •
Tim abolition of the Toll Tax will
be more popular in British Columbia
than the imposition of certain husi-
IW.KB or corporation taxes to take its
place, Similarly the free gift of
homestead., is more commended than
the Increase in lumber dilcH.
The Auditorium Sold
The Auditorium Company bOS 10W
th<! big theatre to the Baldwin Hros,
The consideration is not Vw.uwu. The
new firm has uIbo purchased all the
theatrical effects owned by Mr. Geur-
ard, the late lessee.
The big theatre Is to be renovated
throughout and new scenic effects secured. The entrance will be enlarged
and improved by taking the old and
dangerous steps away, &i.i .. pol tie
slope with a b n Is step will extend
from the street to the Auditorium en
trance. A lar^*c dome will be placed
In the ceiling which will improve the
acoustics of the theatre; the walls
Win be improved by theatrical tab-
leaus in wull-paper, and the building
generally  completely  renovated.
The state will ateo receive cousld
emtio..; also the heating appar.itius
chaneed to a steam-heating system
Dressing rooms will be remodelled
aid toilet rooms will be Installed.
The floor will be re--.uraped and put
In excellent condition for the dancing
fraternity. When completed the Auditorium will be the most up-to-date
theatre, a.** well us the largest in the
Interior of British Columbia.
As a precaution from outside tire.
the building will tie covered with
sheet iron.
Travelling attractions will he glad
to perform at the Auditorium, the
large Moor area of the Auditorium
makes it excellent for dances on a
large scale nnd the accommodations
that are being provided witl be an
added Inducement for more to be arranged than heretofore.
The Baldwin Bros, are endeavoring
to arrange for to have special attriac
lions booked ahead and the public
arc requested to take note of the
excellent, accommodations which will
be prepared on tholr behalf.
The Baldwin Bros, are to be congratulated on securing this property,
which when considered from a business point of view, backed up hy an
efficient management, such as has
been given by the Baldwin Bros, in
their other play-house—the Kdison
Theatre-, success is assured.
"The Morning  After"
By E   P. AUAM.s, M   l>
The Sad Experience After a '-Spree"
Mr. Drinking Mnn, does not that
short sentence, "The Morning After,"
remind you of many a miserable day
when awaken ng at "■ or 6 o'clock in
the morning, after a merry night
of drinking and carousing of the
miserable feeling you have in your
bead, the awful craving (or something cold in your stomach, to
quench the burning tliirHt; the desire
for u cold, wet towel on your he id
und the remorsa you teal at the imperfect memory of the "good time"
of thc night hefore; the wish that
you could remember just where you'
were and who was there; and then
you thf.ik, perhaps, of the monej you
had in your pny envelope, now all
gone, and nothing to show for it; tbe j
grocery bill of lust (reek, still unpaid ,
the provisions you should have j
brought home still unpurchased, and
the wife nnd children do Dg RS h«"*t j
they can on the "left over" from last !
week'*" f'.-rhapa it is not so bad as j
that, for them; you may he ro well e I
nough off in tilts world's goods- that I
they do not really need; but the oubI- |
ness, which is still going on in a W<*Y
is growing less, your customers or j
yoor business associates are losing
faith in you, and alao in your busi-1
ness, which Ih "going to the dogs." '
Vour memory pictures to you the lose!
of respect of your associates in hunt' !
ness, or tiie lack of trust in you.'
You did have a "good time," didn't.
you, laet night? But whit now when
The co'd, gray dawn of the morning
Beemi to rob the    picture   of    much
that lit bright,
Then you certainly settle for aucfa a
n ght.
In thc cold, grny dawn of the morning.
You are no longer    In    tlm    swim,
you are either  in the gutter or get
ting there fast     The Mf" Insurance
Company wants your money had
1 enough, hut they "turn you down,"
j why,' because the Examiner has dis
! covered that vour drinking has
■ brought on that insidious Bright's
disease, or you have a "Nutmeg liver," which they know will sooner or
later result in deatii, and they cannot
. afford to tii.e the risk. There ie only
|one thing you can do, "cut out the
jboo-ie." You say you bave tried
and can't; no, n<-t one in a hundred
can cut it out without aid; others
like you have tried and failed.
There :s the Neal Institute, where
you can get rid of your awful habit
of drink, of all desire for alcohol it
any form, iu just three days' time.
There are over llfty of tbMfl life
saving stations in the different cities
Of our country, and in all parts ol
-.ii*' world, where thousands of men
and women imv- been saved to loved
ones und a lile of usefulness, with
iiifii ss stems cleared of alcohol,
brains and blood renewed, and that
horrible desire and craving for drink
permanently stopped in "just three
days." why not you** Why not go today, why not write for thi- little
book, tbe "Neal Way" and look it up
perhaps youi wife has it now Just
ask her, she may fear to teli you her
self that she has It, but if she Iihb
not, write for it or ring up phone 273
and the matron will Immediately
forward you a copy.
You know yni wnnt. to be permanently relieved of this clinging, dev I-
Ish drink, habit, do it today, and
and when you have taken the treat
muni for three dnys, and git boms
with nerves restored, appetite good,
ambition nnd energy like a boy, then
thc world will look bright again, and
you will havo no longer any craving
or desire for the poison that unmans.
you  now,  und you  will    then indeed
bi' ii  imi!  man "the morning after "
Calgary Worse Than
The following special despatch from
Calgnry, Alta., was published in the
Regtnal sank., Leader.
Iaabelle Earnest, the Pinkerton de
tective who came here to lind a girl
who had run away from Oklahoma
with a young Calgary man, and
whose mission was successful, gave
out an interview in which she said:
"Though that I have been In many
cities, I cnn safety sny that I have
found none the si/u of Oalgary tbat
can compare with it ln regard to
girls living partly vicious lives.
"Your blocks nre full of them, aad
in my search (or this girl I discovered the fact that girls havo sold themselves to obtain the bars necessities
of life" because of the paucity of their
If those girls \\ ■' uot sell themselves occasionally to mn,. . what
tliey need to live the life t.my ate
forced to live in the c ty,
they could uot any longer afford to
live  and   sleep   ln   comfort  nod   ArelS
themselves In accordance with the de
mand of the establishments  Iii  which
they ate employed.
Br lolly, it they were good they
could not afford to work (or tho
wage they are receiving, Ther employers would be compelled to engage
others or di as up their doors. Some
of these girls are living with men
who are enrolled upon the church
membership lists in your city*
"In vour blocks you Imve hundreds
ol these girls; some Ol them are real
ly bad. and started young, but there
are others just like tho one 1 am tak
ing away, who are of good families
of the t'nited States and Canada,
aud their mothers believe that they
are working hard and Uv ng on the
wages rlghtlj <■ irned, but what a
sad difference to that state of affair i»
really •" Bl a
. city    has    Chicago beat tu
this respect.
Ancient Order Of
In spite of the (act that eupersti-
tious people attributed many kjnd of
evils to the number 13, the number re
(erred to will long be remembered by
the local .\ncient Order of Foresters
withpl -asure as one of their greatest
social successes waa enjoyed by them
i the evening ot February 18th.
The Carmen's Hall, waa of course,
the rendez-voiis for the crowd of 150
leopte that contcTe-rated to welcome
bi.-=trict Chief Ramcer Uro. A. E. Du-
pen, who was the gue?t o( the evening.
Bro A. E. Dupen is a prominent
citizen of the city of Lethbridge, and
has for mnny years occupied the
proudposition of District Chief Ranger for Alberta and Eastern B.C.
It la almost unnecessary to say
that his address was listened to with
very close attention by the membera
of Court Cranbrook but when he stated tbat our city had been chosen os
CITY for the year 1913, the enthusiasm displayed by his hearers knew
no bounds, not altogether because of
tba public attention that will be thus
drawn of our beautiful burg; but
mainly because of the opportunity
tlmt will he thus oflcred to East Koo
tenay Foresters to extend the hand
of welcome right royally to thnt
small but powerful body of men, who
by their sound policy of conservation
of resources allied to a policy of liberalism in nl) things that pertain to
the welfare of Foresters and their dependants, wheu misfortune followH ln
their wake, have brought the A.O.F.
into the ilrst rank of popular frater
nsl societies doing business in western Canada.
Bro. A. E. Dupon's address was replied to tn a suitable manner by various member*, of tbe Order, after
wq ch. the furniture wns removed to
make way for rt Giddy Whirl. This
was thoroughly enjoyed hy tho old
married folks as well aa by the
vounger ones who are pnssiog throu
their happy sweetheart days.
During the evening Bro. J. Bimms
of ('sows Nest sang a number of song
which he rendered bo well that his
many old time friends regret Uiat be
should be hiding hi., brilliant talents
30 long and effectually beneath tho
thndes of t.ie Crows Nest mountains.
Tbe latter part of March ls tbe
time chosen (or the holding of the
district gathering and friends ol the
local Court may rc-t assured that
the celebration ou that occasion will
ie such that the year 11)13, mystsr-
" i r though its numeral quantities
amy be to many folks, will be a banner year for Forestry
Baptist Church
O.   K.   KRN'liAI.I.
Morning services at 11 a-in.
In tbe morning thu subject of the
sermon will be' "A Persian Revival.''
Kvenlng srvlwis at 7.30 p.m.
In the livening the pastor will continue the series "Conversions In tho
Acts," dealing With th'! "Conversion
of Haul, or thc Goads of (lod iu Conversion."
The evening meeting will be commenced with a service of nong.
An Inv batlon Is cordially extended
to YOU,
Box 325 Cranbrook, B. C.
Catholic Church
Hundays Low mass at 3:30 a.m.,
high mum, 10:30 a.m., (Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m., Kosary nnd Menu
fiction nt 7 30 p.m.
Mondays and holy dnys of obligation—Mass at 8 u.m.
Week days—Mas! at   6 a.m. at the
P.PUmondoo, o.M.l
HU H IIIHI 111 H IM I -H 111 M 1W-H--W-+-H 11I ■» frH 111 MM IMHIIHIIH IIIMH 1114-1 HH 11 iH»
nm special
Saturday, Monday and
Tuesday, Only
In All Lines Of
Boots and Shoes
Remember, this is only a Three
Day Sale, so make the best of
your time and money.
.    -t-T it.il .til
I'resbeytrian Church
EUv.  W.  Kelmau Thomson
Moraine, service at 10 a.m.
Subject—"I am tiie Bread of Life
Sunday School and Bible Clnsi at
3 p.m.—Young people invited.
Kvenlng service at 7-30 p.m.
Subject—A    Study In Old Testa
ment characters.
"Joseph, the Optimist."
Mid-week Service, Wednesday 8 p.m
8 ubioct—" Prayer."
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captain W.  J, Cim-uthera
Lieutenant VV. Cooper
Sunday Servlc.a—
11 a.m.—Holiness Servioe
3 p.m.—Bible Class
3 p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
ticrvicus at 8 p.m.
A special invitation la extended to
all to attend thesa services.
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Bison Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Bvening Worship 7:90 o'clock.
We Want Correspondents
Do you see anything in thi. issue ol
tbo "prospertor" Irom your district?
II not, and you Know ol social bap
peninga, or news Items In which our
readers   might   be interested, kindly
Different from any other
Absorbs the dust, kills the germs,
destroys moths, purifies the air, save.
work and carpets,
is uidesprmabletothc Household, Office
Store, Hospital, School, Theatre
In 5 Ib. Cartons and 100 Ib. Garbage Cans.
F. Parks 6? Co.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,      -      B. C.
send them to us.
We desire, and nur renders want,
tlio news from every Portion of Kast
Kootenny and we npiircclnUt the kind
nets o( our correspondents, We want
a rci-iiiiir contributor in every town
und dlBtrlct in East Kootsnay.
Come friends, see to It that your
rommunity Is represented In these col
nmiis-Tlui Home Paper of an Inland
liuw many young mea
Cuu lock Kick on their
early life and regret their
inis.le.--fIs. ''Sowing tliL-ir
viMo'iis" In various ways,
lixcestrfR, violation- of nature's Inwfl, ''wiitf, women
nml w-iig"—nil Imve their
Victims. Vou huve reformed bnt what al-wit the
Seed yuu have wiwn—what
iii*nit the hurvest? L>uu't
trust to luck. Jf you are
at prcHent within thc
ciutchi-H of any secret lluliit
which Is Mpplllg your life
by degrees) if you are suffering from the results of
ita.st indiscretions; if vour
blood has been tainted from
any private disease And you
dure not marry; f f you arc married and live hi dread of symptoms breaking
out and exposing your past; if you are suffering as thc result of a mit-sta-nt
lii.* -DRS. K. &, K. ARE YOUR REFUGE. Uy your cose before
them conUdeutially and they will tell you honestly if you arc curable.
es.,. and all Di.u.es Peculiar to Men.
CONSULTATION FREE.  BooluF.o.oa Db.su. of Mu. U suM. lo ull, write
braQusstlMBlonkfor  llor.ll:   ■l-UUAT.MH.NT.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
n*sfc NOTICE All letters from Canadn must Iio mlilrcsseil t.. our
«*■■■/ nmsSaUtasaa Citiiiiliuii Correspondum-u Depirtment in Windsor,
Out. 11 yon .l.'siie to SCO us personally cull at our Mc.lii'.il institute In
I'.'trnlt us wi- i.eo. ..ml treat nn patients In our Windsor offices which nre
nied lor correspondenCa nnd Labori-tory lor Cauiuliuu busiuets ouly.
Audrefis all letters us follows:
riio foi our private address.
Subscribe to "The Prospector"
$2.00 Per Year o3
II 'I **** 4 ****************** t ui I 111 lllll II ***
' *    ___________________________________________________________-mm^__m__^    I ■
Professional   Carbs
£obge   Hotices
***** l IHI 111II111 III- ** 11' I IH 111111II llllll.,
. P.L.8. a. 0.1.
Court Cranbrook No. 8941.
Meet In Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of eacb month.
J. McLACHaaUN,  G.R.
Louis Pearaon, 8k., P.O. Boi 018.
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
District    ol    South-East    Kootenay
TAKB NOTIOB that John Henry
Llsmer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described lauds:—
Commenring at a post plunted at
the South-west corner ol Lot 9687,
Oroup 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 cbalns to the point ot
commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated December 28th, 1912. 4-9t
District of Fernie
point   of   commencement,    and con-
tniniw- 040 acres more or less.
Located    this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
w. r. OURD
Barrister, Solicitor, ata.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and Notarial
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
CRANBROOK,    •    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 2.1
CRANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KING   a.   QRBBN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong At*.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons • - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings - ■ - 7.30 to  3.80
Sundays  - - - 1.80 to   4.S0
Cranbrook. B.O.
T.    M.   R I X B N
Auditor and Accountant
P.O.  Bos 373
NELSON, B.O.      47-3m«
F. Al. MacPherson
Norbury Annus N.«t to City Hsll
Opes Dsy snd Nljht Plana HI
Funeral Director,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone M9 P. O. Box 845
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   ln   ths   Carmen's   Hall Snd
and 4th Tuasdaya ln every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to British
R. V. Braks, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Box (18
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. F. * A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  tbs
third  Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, Worshipful Master
J. 8. Pack, Secretary
No. 128, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:-2nd Tuesday ln
each month at sight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona   ara   cordially invited.
Bx. Comp.—A. O. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Masts every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, C. C.
F. M. Cbrlstian, X ot R. ft S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Uo. 43
Meat* every Monday night
•t Esw   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. B. Stephens W. M. Harris
M. O. Sec'y
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering <V McCormick.
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
Corporation of thi City of
In order to facilitate tba preparation ol eat mates lor ths present year
Rstepayere and Property Owners are
re-iuested to Hie petitions stating any
work ln tha nature ol Improvements
thsy desire carried out on the city
property adjoining ths block in which
they are Interested. By "Improvements" Is meant: Construction ol
cement walks, roads, culverts, sewers and any work other than relative
to Water works.
NOTE.—Petitions lor cement walks)
will only be entertained when signed
by a majority ol the property owner*
in the block fronting the proposed
walk. Property owners pay a pro-
port on ol ths coat of the walk a*
decided on by the council.
Petitions lor improvements other
tban for cement walks must be sign
ed by a majority ol the ratepayers or
property owners ol ths block.
Petition forma can be,obtained at
the City Olsrk'a office and must bt
fll-d on or before the 38th February,
Appropriations will not bs mads
for work other than ehat rsquesttd
by petition unless said worki be deemed necessary.
OEO.   LEASK,     ...
Charman Property aad Works Com-
ndttts. - M*-
Circle No.  138
Companions of tha Forest
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each Montb at
3:00 p.m., sharp.
Mra. L. Whlttaker, O. C.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting  Oompanlona   cordially  welcome. 36ti
Cranbrook     Lodge
No. 1043
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m.,
in Royal Black
Knlght'a Hall on
Baksr Street
F. W. Swain, Dictator
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
THK STANDARD ts the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada, It Is national In all Its
It uses tho most expensive cm-ravings, procuring tho photographs from
all over tha world.
Ita articles aro curofully selected ami
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to Tbe Standard
coats $2.00 per yesr tu any address in
Canada or Crest Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Ultras! Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publishers.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Sidney S,
McCUntock, ot Spokane, Wash.,
Merchant, intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands, tor
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lands situate in Hlock 4f>M,
South Bast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on
the Western boundury of Lot 8089,
about 40 chains south of ths Southwest corner of Lot 8590, thence 80
chains south, 80 chains west 80
chaina north, 80 chains east to the
point ot commencement, and containing 040 acres more or less.
Located this 8th day of January,
James Fisher
4-St Agent
District of Fernle
TAKB NOTICB that 1' Juntos Fisher, Agent, ol Rossland, B. C,
Intend to       apply      to      the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lands situate in Block 4593,
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on
the Western boundary of Lot 8589,
about 40 chains south of the Southwest corner of Lot 8590, thencs 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west,
80 chains soutb, and 80 chains east
to the point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Located thla 8th day of January,
4-5t Locator
District of Fernle
TAKB NOTICB that I, Julian B.
Teetzel, of Nelson, B. C, Married
Woman intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over thc following described lands situate in Block 4593,
South Bast Kootenay:
Commencing at a poet planted at
the North East corner of Lot 7287,
thence 80 chains south, 80 chaina
east, 80 chains north, and 80 chains
west to the point of commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-6t Agent
District ot Fernle
TAKE NOTICE that I, Oeorge Ben-
well, Hotel Proprietor, ot Nelson,
B. O., intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to proapect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following deecrlbed lands situate in Block 4593,
South Bast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post, planted at
the North East corner of Lot 7387,
thence 80 chains north, 80 cbalna
eaat, 80 chains south, and 80 chaina
weat to the point of commencement,
and containing  640   acres   more or
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
Dlatrlct ol Fernie
TAKB NOTICB tbat I, Harry F.
Muerling, of Nelaon, B.C., Engineer,
Intend to apply to ths
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a licence to prospert for Coal and
Petroleum over ths following dee
crihed IhoiIh s'tuate In Block 4593,
South Bast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
nbout 40 chaina Houth ol the Southeast corner ol Lot 8585 thencs 80
chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains north, and 80 chains west to
point of commencement, and containing C40 acres more or less.
Located this 7th day ot January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District of Fernle
TAKE NOTICB tbnt I, L. K. Larson, of Nelson, B. C, Merchant,
Intend to apply to tbs
Chief Commissioner of Lunds, lor
a licence to prospert for Coal nnd
Petroleum over the following described lnnds n'tunte ln Block 4593,
South Bust Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains South ol the Southeast comer ol Lot 8585 tbence 80
chains north, 30 chaina cut, 80
chalm south, ant 30 cbatlrj wsst ts
District of Bast Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that I, George Her
hert Ashwortb, of Cranbrook, B. C.
occupation Accountant, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North-west corner of Lot 8917,
tbence South 40 chains, thence West
40 chains, thence North 40 chains,
tbence East 40 cbains to point of
commencement und containing 1C0 a
cres, more or less.
Dated December 4th, 1912 49-9t
District of East Kootenay.
TAKB NOTICB tbat Helen Mary
Biissio. of Fort Steele, occupation
married woman, Intends to apply (or
permission to purchase tbe following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted st
the Intersection ol the West boundary of tbe Kootenay Central right-
of-way with tbe East bank ot the
Kooteuny River i.-.ii feet south of
ths South West corner of Li**
thence Southerly r>a chains following
the. satd boundary of the right-of-
way to its re-intersection with the
Kootenay River, thence northerly
following the Bast bank of Kootenay
River upstream to place of commence
ment. containing 40 acres, more or
Wm. H. Bassle, Agent.
Dated Nov. snth tutst. is-ut
Kor a License to Tako and Use Water
that George W. Bade, ol Milton,
Oregon, will apply for a license to
take and use ono and three-fifths
cubic feet of water out of an un-
amod swamp creek rising in a timber reserve formerly covered by Timber License No. 21907, which flows
in a northerly direction through Lot
6164 and empties into Booth Creek
near the north line of Lot 6161. Thc
wator will be diverted at a point
500 yards south of thc south line of
Lot 6164 and will be used fot irrigation purposes on tho land described
as Lot 6165.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 38th da; of January,
1013. The application will be filed
in the office ol the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook, B. C.
Objections may be tiled with the
Vater Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
G. W. Bade, Applicant.
by M. B. Knight, Agent.   5-5t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on tbe 3rd day of March
1913, for the purchase of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 teet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, 16,000 cedar poles
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, nenr Crcston.
Particulars   of Chlel Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister ot Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day ot March
1913, for the purchuse of Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,520,000 feet B.M.,
45,000 railway-tics, 4,600 cedar poles
on Lots 3877, 3878, Group 1, Kootenay District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-Mt
the Agont or Sub-Agent of the district lo which tbe rlghtB applied for
nre situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In uneur-
veyod territory tbe trnct applied tor
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee ot |5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied tor are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output ot the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon. It the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee mny
he permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of I10.IK) an acre
For full information application
should be mnde to tbe Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub Agent of
Dominion Lauds,
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the luteilor
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4th-tl
Kor a License to Take nnd Use Water
that George W. Bade, of Milton,
Oregon, will apply for a license to
take and use one and three-fifths
miners feet of water out of Booth
Creek, which flows in a northerly
direction through Lot 6164 and empties into St. Mary's River near Wye-line. Thc water will be diverted at
a point 375 yards south of the south
lino at Lot 6164 in a timber reserve
lormerly covered by Timber License
N'o. 21907, and will be used lor irrigation purposes on the land described as Lot 6164.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 28th day of January,
1913. The application will he filed
in thc office ol the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook, n. C.
Objections may lie filed with the
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller ol Water Rights, I'arliatncnt
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
G. W. Bade, Applicant.
by M. B. Knight, Agent.   5-5t
Notice Is hereby given that on the
17th day of February, 1913.
George H. Thompson, Be:,., Judge of
the County Court of Boat Kootenay,
that Jantts A.Ariiold.OfBclal Admlnla
trator for that portion ol the County
of Kootenay included in the Electoral Dlstr ct of Cranbrook ba Administrator of all and singular tba
estate of William Goodrldga, deceased
Every person indebted to tbe said
deceased is reuuired to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to tbe deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the
Bvery creditor or other person
having any claim upon or Interest
in the distribution of the estate ot
the said deceased is required to send
before the 31st. day of March, 1913
next, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address nnd the full particulars ot
his claim or interest, and a statement of his account and the nature
of the security (it any; held by blm.
Alter the said laat mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook thia 17th day
ot February 1918.
•   J. A. ARNOLD,
»-4t Official Administrator
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on tbe 3rd day of March
1913, for tbs purchase ot Licence No.
X13 to cut 6,440,600 feet B.M..
10,600 railway-ties, 8,500 cedar poles
on Lot 491, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.O. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy the Minister af LnndB not later
than noon on tbe 3rd day of March
1918, for the purchase of Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,160,000 feet B.M., and
650 cedar poles on Lot 281, Group 1,
Kootenay District, nenr Creaton.
Particulars   ol Chlel Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
"    ACT
Notice ls hereby given that on the
17th day of February, 1918.
George H. Thompson, Es.-., Judge ol
the County Court of East Kootenay,
that James A.Arniold.Ofncial Ad-mints
trator tor thut portion of tbe County
of Kootenay included In the Electoral Distr ct of Cranbrook be Administrator of ull and singular the
estate of Thomas Dennlson, deceased
Every person Indehtod to tbe said
defeased is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having In possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify tbe
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
in the distribution of the estate of
the suld deceosed Is re iiilie.l to send
before the 31st. .lay ol March, 1913
next, by registered    mall    addressed
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe North
weat Territories and In a portion ol
ths Province ol British Oolumbla,
may be leased for a term ot twenty-
one years nt an annual rental ol 31
an acre. Not more than 2,6*0 acres
wtll be leased to one appllceat.
Application lot a lease must bs
made by tbs applicant In person tt
Tnaos Manas
.... Copvbioiits Ac.
An.on. .-inline a.kelrh and -.aoil-ilm. m.»
<|lll"lll» .... nrll.l.l ,ilir .,|i1lll,'.t 'm-wl-'i" '  ,'■
.,,.-,..,.t,..a la nri.lml.l, Muenl'ilil.,   S ..*".,.*..*-,' «■
'io.?. ,i.i'ii,!'.iiii.i,.''i'.i.M60aW« '•" '•»':""■
,.,.il I,.... ol.li.al ...nr, li.-."■■adM •...'.'""•
.Will 1.,.'" [tl-OURtt Mmiu alo. tso.lv.
SSMUH ..''lit', WlllloUt cli.mo, 111 ths
Scientific American.
A hftntlMtrnHr lllnMntMl WWf..   **"** '.''
(■■i.ni...ti cr «nr aM.i.n.i.' .'>.».■••. ,'•-■•_''*. v.
r.tin-in, n.% a yt-t, jhhj*'!-' pftp>-M<  bo™ *■•
*>H MWWItlOJIj __ .        .
to the undersigned, his name and
address umi the lull partioularB of
his claim or interest, and n state
ment of his account nnd the nuturc
of the security (|( any; held by him.
Atter tbe said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the tstato having
regard to those claims only of which
be shull have bad notice.
Dated at Crnnbrook thia 17th day
of February 1918.
8-4t Official Administrator
Notice is hereby given tlmt on the
17th day of February, 1913.
IT   WAS  ORDKRE1T liV   His Honor I
George H. Thompson, E84., .lunge ol:
the County Court of 1' ist Kootenay, |
thai James A.Arnold,O/Bclol Adminia
trator lor that Portion of the County
of Kootenny Include!   In    the    Electoral DlBtr ct of cranhrook he  Administrator ol all and slngulnr thoJ
estate  of   John I\ Larson, deceased
Every person indebted to tho satd
deceased ls rn.itilrotl to make pay
mont lorthwith tn the undersigned,
Bvery person having In possession
effects belonging to the doceaeed 1 •
required forthwith to notify thoj
Kvery crodltor or other person
having uny claim upon or interest'
In the distribution ol the .-state ol!
the snid deceased Is required .to seal'
before the Jlst. .lay ol March, 1918
next, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, bis mime nnd
address and thc lull particulars ol
bis claim or Interest, nnd a statement of hln account and the nature
ot tho security (if unyi held by him.
Atter the said lust mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tho distribution of tho estate having
regard to those rlniins only of Which
in saall have bad notice.
Dnted nt Crnnbrook thla 17th day
ol Febrm ry 1918.
J.  A.   ARNOLD,.
0 tt OBlctal Administrator
Russian Appeals to
Canadians for Help
BtruggH-o^ against the iniquitous
laws ot Ru38la to tree his three brothers from the tortures und tonuc-mta
of Siberia, Qiraa Tarua haa come all
the wny from Riga, Russia, to appeal
to 0..iwUnnn for help. Thr men are
nov; in cnn Tine ment nt Siberia owned
fnrm lamls near Edmonton, and were
on ri Welt to their old home for the
purpi'su of hrinsing their wive*, and
oh lid re 11 to Canada when they were
seized and thrown into prison without any kind ol trial' Since then
they have Inst nil tliey iioAseased.nnd
their wlvei nnd children are bomelesn
Glriii I-arua reached Winnipeg on the
:'i*t inet, and oaths here on the advice of the llrltlsh and United Statea
consuls it Riga, who told him that
tho Western Canadians would give
nil in the Struggling for freedom.
TnruB appealed to the city authorities for assistance this morning, and
the    citv    officials are taking Up Wl
Electric Restorer for JHen
PhOSphOLlol  utafM<mnnflno)tftthtbOsi,
'   "■ projwr Utulob; tutor*]
itu'« dttcay and ill uxuu
rhoiplionol H.il
■nm nud vital
(teokaeM averted
f     '
lea you » now man.   1'tico in . .■„«,* two ,.j
M.i ' ■ 1. i.'-v -■. :,.■■-     ii.«i«iMuri4|
■„ Bt. •.. ..itii.rii.ea, Onl.
T*T"|**f "f"r ITi "T "I* ■*J-"f"f*-|"j—§*"f**J* T' i" I* T** rv*!*! "I" I"!"!"!**!* *T*I *•"■,"'I' *1"1***V 1 *lp l".F
' '     Boodertinm A Worts, special
\    B. 0. Distillery Co., special reserve
■     Corby's Special selnct
< 1       Sparkling Burgtiaity   Poinniery 3ec
Mumm's Extra Dry    White Seal
Tippo CliiHiHi-
Italian Grappa
Cresta Blanca
Family Orilers Prom:
A  Full Use of other Choice Uracils
q,ueurf--    Ci|-nri. aud liar (.lasses.
Dawson's Old Currio
Dawson's Rare Liqueur
Dawson's Special
('(.■war's Special
King George IV
Dim:!: & White
White Horse Liqueur
White Horse Cellar
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
ptly ViileA
of Wines, Spirits and Ll-
I    Phone 95— Wholesale Whip.-, and Spirits—Box 8
J Cranbrook, 15.C.
********************* ****** ***
! PHONE 340 I
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee   our work
f   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and :
I Heating Company
| W. P. Johnson. Prop., P.O. Boi 904
f       WORKS—Edward Strnot Cranbrook, B.C.     j
M~*-4 t-.-4-m-1 HI I l-l Ml II- ************
', Automolnle   will  be run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook ;md Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation,
N. Hanson
*4** *******l****>r****** *********
Sts-am Uolhir,   Furiinc*.,
tnd 8-,'itic Tank work
a si'i'cimlu
Cost Mid slonk Mtnnalen
furinsliml ou -.ppl'ir-anon
Makes Short Work ol
l>«-l...™i.-,l ami >>,p.r-„ll- Imp-l-,. ,-..„., „t
gUMICS. I.iiijiIkikii. Coul, Nouralul. an.l .11 ulli-r
rorrns of Rhnunatlsm yi.M al one. to Abboii Bi i»
'lli.umiul- lunn. .ly. I.ik„ sn at.g.1 of mercy li
hs. aTlvfll ItutWI r.-li-f lu .laau.for.akan .offeror,,
lined lliom from 1.,-iln of asony anil fnr Zl ><-nr„
I li.. Ix-cn eurlnir men, woman and ehllili.m lor
I whom Uiers nana* no im-p, joat a few bottla.
Ii«vi.eiir«.leara of fnmi M to CO year,' duration
,  >nd today ll alnnda unrivalled a. a .lulek. ,v. and
! alimluM" reliable trasimenl for all nrie arid dn-
., wrak kidneys, ole.   Ul a dollar l«ml« of
I ,     Aa-siaMi r. O. Ies IU. Ci.ooi.ak
... '     y ,A>i a dollar Littlo of
I iBSiil Bros/ Bhiurrntlo R«mtd,
1 «tid your pain, ut once-atart your cure today.
Sen. nnmatd ty Abbot] ll,„.. 711 s. D-«ri»rnSu
-*.iteaso, III., if your druul.t do*, not I.... ll
,   Sot
i tin
Sold By thi
t**ft*****w******w**i Cranbrook Orug t Book Co. Tin:  PKOSPECTOll, C1.AN1...00K.  II. C.
"Sample free  11 you write National
Drug and Chemical Co., of Canada.
.(•LS.Wm.LOW'H BOOTUIHO Sviu'P lias beta
elei'.lor ,ver sixty VUARBby ".'M-iSS?,?!
MiiTlll'.HS lor Utelr i-itii.nmix WBU*
TSHTHIMO, "illi  >'l'«I',!V.,!„Sl.S£i*?inM?
t'H I MlBPafer I* SfARRHOJA.    uueb.
aolu'rlv I arm!.,!..   Ile Mite aud 8it for -Mr..
Wlnstow-sS" uu Bynip." «*d tike oovHlier
Urged by Ciiirun to Accept Title anj
Then Sell It to Kaiser
I'arla. Prance.—Viscount Alfred ile
B.-ouil, a young French explorer, lias
recently had nn experience in empire
building, which recoils the adventures
of M. Jacques I.t-ljivutly. Tlic French
explorer, wko had acquired sonic influence ovor mnny pvlmltlvo tribes in
Lite Story of the Saviour Now Being
Presented In London Hall
London,- -The Chttroli   and   atatco
have long ago joined hands, und wltb
'.In? production tills Christmas ut the
Royal Algert Hall oi "From Mauger
to Cross," liio church and tho cinema
uro linked,
Tliero haa boon im moro eloQtlont
rmoii delivered from any pulpit than
ium!.  rw«nty*t
•> a bolUc,
1010  by
Thn tterm.m proposed Uiat the viscount should return to Asia and Induce
tbe tribes by presents to declare tholr
union and independence and elect him
king. Subsequently the viscount
Should sell his title and right to the
Gorman emperor. Viscount de Broull
was skeptical* aB tn tbe funds necessary for the undertaking, but when al
Frankfort bank sent a cheek for J40>
000 to be paid for the title of king or
Arabia and or Syria when It should
have ben obtained, he agreed to embark on the adventure.
Bens gave bim an advance of $4600,
pictures which Is bi
Ohrlstmas-eve onwards at Uie Albert
Hall. Hero in a building vast as
a cathedral. The Passion 1'hiy has
bridged nearly two thousand years
and brought thc very atmosphere Of
the Holy Land Into the lived of many
outsldo the churches.
A party of forty-two actors and act*
ressesi with Henderson Bland :ts tho
Chrlstus, traveled In tho Holy Land,
re**enaotlng on the actual scenes
New Testament history the details
the life of Christ as told In the gos
pels, Twenty thousand pounds In
all was so(<nt In producing tho lilm,
and the a.vuiaey of cost ume and set-
Heavens, Henryl
Romantic Wlfo—I wonder it the old
oak tree under which you proposed
Is still standing?
Mean Hushaud —Naw! I went -back
the next weok and chopped it down.
teaaee, tn-'li'd'n
; KM*
OUblP,    1
ladder    Hikim
r '*■
aravsl i
ml Lumbago arc rap*
u      ,
Hi fed iv
1 pcrman' ntly
flANOL.    A
remedy that l
■is an
.   ■*>['ii..il..'r. Uirt-ii,::,f-ut
Wt  will
send    h uon
ot nc-ople,
nho havo beer
cr mors
uf iin jv uomj
tor full I
I.CO Per
Bottle at ell l
M'FG.   CO ,
with which he dt-p.u-t.-d for Arabia.   Un„ ,_M vouobed for by artists and
iiiocs   ..n.a|..
Some  time afterward  twelvo
assembled In a "djema" at KI Aloun
with ilia emira wlio governed them,
and  this assembly  presided  over  by
Aboil Hassan, proclaimed   tbe   independence of Arabia  and  Syria, and
[elected the viscount monarch with the
title of "King Alfred I."
Abou Hassan was made grand viz*
ind the twelve emirs were ap*>
Kvery effort wasjnade to Itisuro thi:
An interesting despatch baa been received from Vancouvor. B.C., which
reads us follows: "That tho Pacific
and Great Eastern Railway, having its
seaboard terminus at Vancouver, is ro-
garded by the government as destined to become tho future great development artery uorth and Bouth
through British Columbia and beyond
is Indicator] in tho news which has
just leaked out from authoritative
sources, Elxpert special agents nro
evon now investigating the volumo
aud character of tho resources Of lho
lerrn Incognita lying beyond Kort
Qoorge wilh a view (o Lho pushing on
of Vancouver's lino of direct contact
with the Grand Trunh Paclflo Hallway
of | aa soon, or even before, lho G.T.t'.
of and P.Q-.E). aro completed as now proposed. Arangomouts aro now snid
to he taking shape ihrough whloh
construction on tho Peace uivor district and into Alberta to an oastom
connection will be assisted by provincial legislation to bo iutroduoeaUn Uio
session ot 1914,   At the same time it
historical exactitude, and tho works -.r| te said to bo in view to contlnuo th
Would, yqo likb to_learn tct
ck hrokinc business? I want a lit*
ambilious representative in «v<;ry city
and town to handi* stocks, bonds tne
raortgagei; applicant must furnish rttnt-
ences nnd havo from 1100 to |S00 peraoe* ,
•1 capital. _Wrtte or tall M.  R.   Edcir; nient_ and dlsappoln'
the late Dootor Schick and Tlseot, U
Pri nob painter,   who   spent   twelvo
years tu the Holy Land, proved most
helpful,    The furniture   in   various
scenes was special!)  made to reeenv
ble that used in Palestine at the opening of tho Christian era. nnd an With-
, pointed to be minister.-;.    1-urthor, a ortty on ancient eastern dress accom«
: solemn contract was drawn up torm-  panted the producers
;ing a veritable charier.   In tho tlrst     Sucb cinemat0grapii   pictures   <..*-
article It was stipulated that the inde- piayod In the greal arena of the Al-
ipendout kingdom of Arabia and By- fort Hall to the appropriate r    [i  of
rla should be placed under tho "pro* the grand organ could not fall to ba
teotlon ot tbo Virgin M:iry and of St.   (missive, and thev   wero   received
Marina,     The Wscouut de Breuil had  witj, 8[]enca and revoronco at tho Drst
jlhoso documents authenticated by the production on the afternoon of Christ-
Egyptian authorities and did homage j nmB cvc       ,,. t!l,   v.w;,iIi;; ttiey were
apostolic delegate at Cairo
groat north and south western trunk
lino from Vancouver Into tbo Yukon
territory and Alaska either Irom Kort
Oeorge or trom tho vicinity of ritual-
ton. m connection with this pro-
grosslve scheme provincial aid would:
necessarily stop at the territorial border bul efforts are snld to bo inaugurated in the direction of securing
Canadian and American l'tderal eo op-j
oration, if this is carried out It
would bring much of tho passenger,
and Fast freight traffic now served by
ooastwtwso steamships directly overland to Vancouver and In less tban j
half tho time now required.
ft Co.. 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
to the apostolic delegate at Cairo. shown again twice.      Many went to]    it Makes New Friends Every Day
Proud of his success, the Tang er- 8M .-.,,,,, Christmas night for there Not .-. das goes by that nr. Thomas'
plorer* then returned   to   Paris   to wa  no more suitable Christmas public Electric Oil does not widen the olrc'e
I,- $40.i        To   bis   amaie- ntertainmenl  la  London,      On  the 0f its friends      Ordera tor it como
"1 next two Sunday evenings admission from the most unlikely places in the
that Nicholas Bens was in jail, having ; will be free, and seats ean be secured
| been sentenced to two years' Imprls-   from sixpence upwards
CENTRAL TELEGRAPH AND RAIL-ionrut'nV      -further, *-|*e *{*$otm!   ; *      Toxta from the gospels explain each
covered that Benz had withdrawn the   set of pictures in "From Manger to
$40,000 from the bank. I Cross," which is In live ac:s. occupy-
Tills achool te located In Toronto! ne lodged a charge of embezzle-; iug nearly two hours to show. Tbo
tnd does much each year to supply ment and ere- of swl.....i...: ■ ,*.*; ,*,K: .-* Josa". the flight into
the active demand for Telegraph op- against Bens, but as the funds hadJEgypt, tbe Gathering of tho disciples,
crators wanted by our Canadian ra:.* {been sent from Frankfort to Ucnz di- tl e miracles, tha last week at his mis-
way?. 'A succt-Hsfi.! record .t fifteen rectly and placed in a Pairisian bank sioa and tho betrayal and cruclflxloa
year.-, and hundreds of ofTleiais andtsoiely in his name, tbe Investigating are shown In vivid detail.
operator., in active railway service tc- i ma^i-s-ratc decided that there was qo      Tbo final Eeenes are.  perhaps, too
ground for an Indictment. painful,  but  the  power for  pood  3f
■ these pictures in visualizing the New,
restament scenes is considerable.
st and far north, for Its lame has
travelled afar, lt deserves tbis attention, for no oil lias done so inu?h
for humanity. h~ moderate cost
makes it easy to get.
day is the best guarantee of the re-
(lability of this well known school.
Tho book "Guided by tho Key" explain.-, the work fully. Write for It.
Address W. u. Shaw, President, Toronto.
Legal Viewpoint
First Lawyer—I was looking over
wy geometry lesson last night. I
was quite Interested in that proposition, that tbe three angles of a triangle aro equal to two right angles.
Second Lawyer—That isn't very
First Lawyer--No, but I was trying to think what ;i man could do If
he had the otber Kido of the caso.
Th: Latter Appear Restless -ind Sud-   MILLIONS   ASKED   FOR
! M
den Attack on Settlers li Appre- AERIAL FLEET
Cape Town.—A very strange unrest among the biacKS in British Bast
Africa Is glvlac riso to fears among
the white residents. Numerous letters are appearing on tbo subject in BeinIofflcial£ announced tl.:.
tie Nairobi "Leader of British List1
Africa."   One correspondent writes:
"For somo little timo I bave noticed
a strong disinclination on tbo part of
my Bhamba boys to work while I am
not present. Parties Of tbem may be
Baby's Own Tablets nro tho best
medicine a mother can use to relievo
ber little ones from constipation and
all otber stomach and bowel troubles.
They act as a geutlo laxative, aro
GERMAN I pleasant to Uilco and are absolutely
(safe.      Concerning tbem Mrs.  Philippe'St,  Pierre, St, Perpetue, Que.
tary Authorities Justify Demand [w: "My baby^-was badly constipated
«n *►,. r~..-A ,.. im,.   „,i aQd was cross all the time. Nothing
on the Ground of Nat.onal , gaVo hpr gecmod l0 do any gooJ tHI
D*fenso I began Baby's Own Tablets.     They
Berlin.—-A short time ago It was | aro tho best medicine in tbo worl J
for llttlo ones and quickly relieved mv
baby." The Tablets are sold by moi-
ieine dealers or by mail at 25 cents
a box from The Ur. Williams' Medi-
Tellf Tale of Attack by Bogus Brlj*
and to Hide His Crime
Homo, - - At lho extraordinary
trial of Monslgnore Appeddu, canon
of Sassarl Cathedral, Sardinia, pending since August 11)10, lips just terminated In Ibe local iiKsi/.e court, In
tho condemnation of that famous pulpit orator tu fifteen yeara' penal servitude.
Appeddu published a slory according to Whloh be and lila ralet had boon
waylaid by live brigands ou the road
between Pattada and Mamoiada, robbed of an enormous sura of monoy,
beaten and abandoned ball-dead. Tbo
keys of bis rosldonoo, ho narrate!,
woro also seized by tho bandits, aud
when tlio police proceeded to the can-
onry, tbey found the place Lacked from
top to bottom.
No sooner however, bad a searching
Inquiry begun than Appeddu lied to
Corsica. Besides being bankrupt for
$40,000, tt, wan found that tlio canon
had been fur several years defrauding
banks and misappropriating vast aunm
from hiH admirers, in order to bolster
up reckless speculations In tbo BUgar
industry, and that together with bis
vaiot bo had concocted Uie brigand
outrago as a but dosperato renounce.
in consequence ot the altered political situation the necessity had arisen for lay
ing before tbe relchstag supplementary
army estimates. Thc announcement
aroused considerable excitement,
which  tbo  authorities  attempted   to
due Co,, Brockvllle, Out
t in* i.u i(i>    1 ore most    Contralto      to
Sing .it Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, February 17th
Mmo. Clara Butt, tbo i'.ugliah contralto, and ono of tbo world's fow
very great contraltos, will bo heard
at lho Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, on
Monday evening, Feb. .I7lb, whon sho
will give a grand recital '" conjunction wltb ber husband, Mr. Konnerloy
Rumford, himself au art I a I of almost
as wonderful goulun and fame us his
Illustrious wife.
Thn biggest voloo In the world and
tbo biggem, or rather one of the biggest women on the stage, form u combination' (bat makes Clara Hutt a peculiarly Interesting nrtist. Sho is
over six feet tall aud of magnificent
proportions, making a most linposiug
and attraouvo figure On Lho concert
platform. She has boon likened to
Juno in hor Bin tell ness, yet sbo is ox
coedingly gracious In manner and very
Mmo. Butt arrived In New York on
Pec. 29th and made hor first appear
ance there on Jan. 7tli with tbo Volpo
Symphony Orchestra, at Carnegie
Hall, On Jan. Hth, sho aud her
husband gave a recital at the samu
world-famous music hnll.
Mme, Butt and bor husband are In
America under Loudon Charlton's management. Three or four concerts will
bo given In New Vork and about llfty
throughout Canada and tbo United
States. Tho famous English singers
are en route to Australia, where they
liavo made many successful tours, us
they bnve of South Africa and Continental Europe. Thoy havo with them
on tbis trip tliolr ihreo charming aud
interesting children, for Mme. Butt ls
such a devoted mother she would not
leave tho youngsters behind.
Manager Walker is to bo congratulated upon his enterprise In having secured theso splendid artists for .a
Canadian hearing, and the people of
Winnipeg and the Canadian West aro
fortunate in having thc chance to hear
         ,       ,   . ,.   ,,«  equipment of tho array
in the coffee pot, and *ico versa, that The Taeglictle Rundschau declares
can onlrindlcate somoisreat movo be- thal t!l0 8Uia []j0 war mlnis[er wlll
ing on tho board.
'Another uneasy feature Is thc bark-
l ask for in lho supplementary est ima t?
is about   18,000,000   marks    (nearly
j $4,500,000).     The journal hears furth-
ing or mv bouse dogs   in   tho   stilly
night when my houseboys (not too i cr that of thig sum u ,a propose(I to
steady on their leg.*;) return from dovote ?2(BOO,O0G to buying Zeppelin
tbeir conspirator fl meetings cruisers, and tbe remainder to airships
"I veuturo lo suggest a mobilization  of other approved types.
Her Only Comfort
of all the able-bodied men In Nairobi, with shotguns, rilles and ammunition, with a march, headed by tbo
town baud, from tbe railway statlou
to the Norfolk Hotel.
W. M. Weasels writes to the samo
journal: "Within the last week or twa
nine of iny bullocks have b'een raided
rom my farm, situated in the Nandl
country, and as yet tho police havo
not boon ablo to offer mo any restitution or redress.
"Ovor and above this, my resident
manager has been Informed that thero
Ih a strong chance of the Nandl, in and
about tho district, attacking settlers
in tho near future, and naturally, ho
wishes to remove himself aud his
wife from sucb a danger zone, thus
seriously affecting the occupation that
ho Is putting iu for mc on the farm.
"I venture to ask tbo government
to permit a mobilization of settlers and
frontiersmen In an/ district so affected, as a possible means of avertlnj
She was the \n?w charwoman, and further stock thefts and possible out-
,r...„..,.„     ,.f     II. „     r..r.,      Ita,at      t. . .,.     .,..,-      I, i ' ■ - .    .. .11      _
becauso d 'bo fact lhat her now m
tress  was young and Inexperienced,
she was expatiating on ber manifold
Yos, an' would you believe it, mum,
there's me 'ushand done no work for
six years, an' "ad an ailment for tho
last four. An* I've two children to
pervide for. 'Course, one's sixteen,
though the other's only a little 'un.
Uijf. interposed the young mistress
timidly at last, doesn't™isn't the elder
onn_n great help? rushed from the front   row   of
You're rlgUt, mum, declared Jho 8taiIa mt} bogan to horsewhip
garrulous on*, as she wiped ler conductor .Herr Otto Klemperer.
streaming eyes with thn corner of The assailant proved to be a Ham-
her apron, She's a real comfort, ahe burg engineer and architect, Her/
crle8 Walther  Purlts,  whosa  wife is  tbo
,':cs ou white settlers,
Conductor Assailed by Man Whose
Wife is Prima Donna
Hamburg. — A very remarkable
Incident occurred at a recent performance of ".Lohengrin" at the Hamburg
Municipal Opera House. Tho audience waa   dispersing when    a    man
Tbe military authorities Justify
their demand In tho flrst place by the
desire to strengthen national defensive
forces, aud in lhe second place to pro-
vide German airship manufacturing
companies with tho means of whicn
tbey are in soro need to keep their
works going and up to date.
Doctor Solf, secretary of stato for
tho colonies, spent considerable time
recently at tbe flying station, Jolinn-
nlstbal. on the outskirts of Berlin, and
with Ids wife made a flight as passenger in a biplane. Ho has participated in the deliberations of the committee to which is intrusted the administration of tho natloual fund lately raised for tho furtherance of aeronautics, and Is particularly Interested in
tbe question of Insuring pilots. It
may be assumed that the secretary
also baa in contemplation tbo employment of flying machines In the colonies.
Whole Police Force of Island of Corsica Upon Their Track
Paris,—Nearly tho entiro pollco
forco on tho island of Corsica ia engaged in Uie pursuit ot Tomasco Pno-
li, a notorious brigand, who for many
years has itrrorlzed the inhabitants.
After the police had vainly searched
for him ho and a number of his followers wore recently tracked to a
grotto near tho village of Borgo. Tho
grotto was mrround-'d and Paoli call'
cally complete. Tho buildings and
Grounds Committee has let tho contract for tho grading of the entire
E.\pOBltion site, also tiiaf for the Improvement of Fulton, Basin which is
to be used as a yacht harbor.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dlstempsr.
A certain prosy preacher recently
gave an endless discourse on tho prophets. First he dwelt at length on
the minor prophets. At last he finished and the congregation gave a
sigh of relief. He took a long
breath and continued: Now I shall
proceed to tho major prophets.
After tho major prophet3 had received more tban ample attention the
congregation gave anothor sigh of r>
Now tlmt I bave finished with tho
minor prophets and tbe major prophets
what about Jeremiah? Whero ia Jeremiah's place?
At this -point a tall man arose in
tbe back of the church. Jerenilan
can have my place, he said. I'm go-
; homo.
Your druggist will refund money ,f
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure aiy
ca-*-o of Itching, Blind, Bleeding o?
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days. 60o.
the ed upon to surrender.
is.     She often sits down
wl«-h mo
Poisoned by Their Own Cooking
Munich..—About    thirty-three    girl
pupils of the Munich Municipal Training College for Cookery
prima donna nf the municipal opera.
The conductor sprang acrosa the railing and replied to his assailant's at-
tack wtth his Usi
In a letter to thc Prosa Herr Purita
became spM declare.,   ib it   Mi"  ' .N'le.-ir  had   re*
lously ill after partaking of a trial fused a challengo to a duel following
their own preparation.
, domestic incidont.
Berlin.—Dancers who now indulge in the "turkey trot,'- the "bunny
hue," *.nd simitar dances in tho pro-
■\lnco of Chemnitz, (jirniany, will L«
fined I?...
SL-.K-'DN£V'.y ,.-'
, ^I'Hr^AT'^'-y
V,     n',"tS'.0'5,  '
■   a^'/Mic-r-rJ I<    ^ ,.
1 -'fMnl aast
SO*, a box or six boxei rur $2.1,0,
at all sleelenj, or Tht Ooddi Medietas Company, Limit tf, Toronto,
No Pardon for Bishops
Lisbon.-— Replying to a recent
request of tiie president of the Portuguese republic for Lite liberation from
prison of the bishops and priests who
aro charged with violation of tbo
church separation law, tho premier
states lhat tho council of minister.)
considers that the moment ia not op-
per tune to pardon tbem.
Instead of complying, the bandits
flred from the grotto, which they had
previously fortified, and killed a gendarme.
Wben rothforceraonta arrived from
Bonifacio it was first decided to bombard tbe grotto, but owing to tbo do-
lay in tho arrival of artillery tho police built a fire at the entrance, in tho
hope of smoking out the desperadoes.
Gnat bundles of faggots wero set
alight, aud aftor waiting a consider'
iiblfl time Uio gendarmes dashed
through the aoavy smoke into the cave
confident that tbo bandits wero cither
dend or unconscious. They found tho
grotto empty, tho bandits having ed-
caped through another opening.
He was cashier in a wost end business house and his fortnight's holldiy
had just ended, As he entered lho
office on Monday morning Ills fellow
clerks rose to greet him, but he held
up his hand for silence and before anybody could say a word, ho distributed
among ihem a number of neatly printed little cards, reading thus:
Thank you!
Yos, I had a splendid Ume.
Oh, walking, fishing, golf and so
Yes, had quite a lot of rain.
Hard to lear myself away? You bot,
I ought to, I'm feeling lit as a fiddle.
And without a word he started in at
hia regular work.
Would Have Quoted It
Mrs. Exc—So your husband fell
asleep in church last night? I suppose you woke him up?
Mrs. Wye—Not until after the sermon. There was a lot In it about
woman's extravagance—nopsense, of
course, hut I'm mlghtly glad John
didn't hear it.
French Lessons From India
Paris, France.—In charge of a special mission sent by tho French colonial ministry to India to study the re-
latlon3 between Mohammedans and
thc British authorities, Captain Aym-
ard left Marseilles recently. French
acquisitions and conquests in Morocco
and north Africa have mado Franco
a considerable Mussulman power.
Just a Little Slip
Miss Sweet, tho young man began,
with a quaver in his voice, may I presume so far upon our short acquaintance to ask you—
Please say no more, Mr. Matthews:
faltered the maiden. I deeply regret
to give you pain; and If I have unconsciously encouraged you to entertain hopes that never can be realised.
I cannot forgive myself. Believe
me, I am—
Pardon me, Mies Sweet. Interrupted
the astonished youth, but I was only
going to n»k you for the loan of a
tram-faro home! I was stupid enough
to como away without any money in
my pocket tills evening. Ah thanks
very much! I will return It without
fall.     Good-night!
And n baby would ralher go to sloDp
than listen to a lullaby.
A Three Day Cure
The mixst obstinate c.-ibo of slavery lo lho Drink Habit can be safelj
and absolutely cured ln tbree days by tbe
No man wlio 1» an liabitual drinker or who suffers periodical era vims
for Intoxicants, can overcomo his passion unaided.
Tho Neal Trmtment will tako away ull dcslro for further stimulants,
and la porteotljr harmless,
Three days only are required.
There are ne hypodermic injections
There Is no Injury te health
There an no sfter effects and
There are ne failures,
If you arn a victim to the Drink or Dru« Habit, write to us without
further delay. All correspondence strlctljr confidential. You will oo
completely cured after a three days sojourn at our Institute
405 Broadway,
2M Smith St.
(20 Thirteenth Ave , W.
There are ne vegetables jest liks year
own ftrowisg.   Provide Eer a ftood table,
eat vegetables, and throw away medicine.
We o ot only supply yea wilh lhe Finest Tested
Seeds for Ibis Country, but ws also show yoo
Told lu our booklets, 1S3 pages (copyrighted).
The first of tha kind printed ia Canada.    They
contain tha  best Western experience of caperl
Market Gardeners.  Souad, practical and sensible—'
just wbat you waal Is kaow ia preparing the seed
bed, manuring, atarliag tha ased, transplanting, forcing,
ripening, atoriag, destroying insects, etc.     The price
Is 10 casta per booklet ($1.00 fer Iba full set of 11,
iscladiag vegetable aud apecial field crops), but FREE to
purchasers of oar aeada.      See our catalogue, page 2.
DON'T let your hor.ei
nm dowa during Hie
winter ami get go snft tlml
they will lone fleiti badly when
you Btart your tpHng plowing,
If Morses arc not worked
regularly during tho winter, tliey nttd the
■plcndid Ionic effect! of INTERNATIONAL
STOCK FOOD, to tone up the digestive
organs, enable Uiem to get all the rood out
of their   feed,   prevent  the   blood   from
beconnn£ overheated, and thus ward off disease.
"Ihave fed INTARNATIONJUf STOCK FOOUfo?manyEveS' Ulw»iliara
• 25pouMlpftUttaUdio|tin my barn. I houpht si mirof three vear t-M cults an.l ihey
were bo worked down that my neighbors said I had been beat. When I bougM lhe
colts, tucy weighed 1400 lbs. I ploughed ss acres and thev welched -.r.w-t.ien I
harvested 16.1 acres and threshed and hauled on- carload to town, t. y.\\\-* 1 weighed
them again and they weighed 3%o. and I said "They shall weigh •*U»J Ix-fjrc spring".
now, the neighbors want to buy them hut there's uo chance".      /.(J, kfmpi*-!..
For sale by dealers everywhere. Our Jj.ooo.oo Stock Book—sent free when we
receive your name and address.     IltTEUiTIONU STOCU FOOD CO, LIMITED, TORONTO,
Record Shipbuilding Year
London, England.—The shipbuilding
returns for the United Kingdom (or
last year show a record ln production.
The total output reached 2,125,83.!
tons, as compared with tons
tho previous year.     '
A deceitful chap ls one who protends that he likos to kiss a baby.
Noll—They say every man has his
Belle—Well, mighty few of thorn
are worth lt.
As evidence of ihe strong tend of Immigration from tho United State!" to
Western Cauada, Mr. F. W. Hoppor,
General Agent of tlio Grand Trunk
Passenger Department at San Francisco reports that ho is receiving from
three to Ova inquiries per day for
particulars of pre-emption lands In
llrltlsh Columhla as tho result of a recent advertising campaign In Southern California, llo also stales that
a Canadian financial company which
has ii branch office in the same city
and has considerable hohlint-n tributary to tho Grand Trunk Tactile Is figuring on organizing land-seekers' parties for the Naas Valley ln ourly spring.
No Official Existence
Paris, Franco.—"You cauuot I'S
married, mademoiselle, you do not e.
ist," Kioto tho registrar of Loriont,
France, to Mile. Kergucl, who applle.1
for a civil marriage license, nnd
whose birth entry was found to have
teen omitted from tha register.
Oldtlmer—And how do you like married life?
Newlywod (sighing)—Well—cr—It's
no political Job.
Tho wise man bottles his wrath and
then preceeds to loso the bottle.
Warts on tho hands Is a dlsfl^uro
ment that troubles many ladles, Uol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove the
blemishes without pain.
Hor dear little brother camo inlo the
somewhat darkened room where sat
his sister with Mr. .Tones.
Do you know what I think, tlsin',
dear, ho asked sweetly.
No, said tho sister.   Whnt is II?
Well, said the boy. I think If I weio
not In tho rouni .Mr. Jones wuuld
kiss you".
You Impudent boy, Bald aisle"-.
Leave lh" room Inslantly.
Mounts Her   Bicycle.    F0II0W3    Hl-n
Half a Mil.- and Captures Him
Berlin,—A young git-1 postal clerk
named Meier, i>( Llchlenutt, in Baden,
in the heroine or an   exciting   cbaso
fler a convict who osoapod while bo.
'A taken tu prlHon.
When tho mnn   eftcaped from   his
guards Kr;uil,-ln  Mrler, who Is aged
'i'i, K'-Iaeil a nt uu L stink belonging lo
0110 of Hie gum-ds, mounted Iht bicycle ami followed tli"   man.   After   a
Arrest ot  Minister's  Wif« cliaie ot half a mile Ilia mnn 11:111k 111
riolgrado.— While shopping recently ' the ground txliaustod and mirronderotl
at Semlin, in Hungary, on Hie oppo   to tho girl, who banded lilm over >o
Motor-ars for Scho.1 Ci-ildren
Lomlon,   England.—The  Wlllosdon
touncll has .l(:(::'i"il to buy fur $500*1  ;
three motorcar1! fnr   oaveylng    he-1
tween ::eh 1 il and.thetr liooioa children
who aro physically and mentally u-.i-
W. N. U. 93-1
slic stun of tbo Danube from Belgrade
tlio wife of tli.i Gorman minister tn
Balgrade, Baron Orolslnger, was arrested by tno Hungarian authorities
on suspicion ot being n Sorvlan spy.
After a protracted cross-examination
at tlio police station, ibo bttronoss wis
iim warders,
Tlio 111:1-1 who   frdqiiontly   r-peats
thnt ho will never do n cortuln thing
will Invorlubly do it li given Umi
Burglar Retciimi hy Polks
Paris.—A burglar whllo i.'.iompt-
Ing to enter the. rnilwny booking office at Asnlcri'i", Franco, through lho
Window, beriiino tlghily wodgod In tlio
np-rluro and shouted for help to thn
police, who uf. r pulling 1.1 in out by
lho ears, took hliu to tlio lockup.
Tonnage on the Clyde Twice That of
United 8t,ites
Glasgow.— Tho Clyilo shipbuilders ami englnoors havo closed a re.
cord year.
The tonnage of the 381 vcnsnl3
launched has totalled 04.,.14, an Increase of 11,000 tons 011 the figure of
the previous year, and allowing a
world's record ot 11 single river. The
output has included many vessels for
the British navy.
Marino engineering also hns easily
established a record lu Indicated liorso
power, the tolal being 877,1.5, an increase of 78,000.
The tonnage of vessels launched represent more Hum Germany's complete
output during liill and twlco that nf
tho United mates. Tho prospects for
the Clyde during Iho present yenr nro
exlremoly good 'i'he year closed with
virtually every berth occupied ami,
barring labor disputes, another record
should ho cKlubllshcil.
Another Pillar Box Outrage
London, Knglund. —- Ahout 20 loU
tors were damaged recently in
a plllnr hox at. lli'ownlilll road, Cat.
ford, by some black fluid from a rubber lubn in an envelope, on which
wnn written: Wo demand the veto "
l'olleeinen wore guarding pillar Iioxob
In Manchester to provcttbt anticipated
***""P'*rT*nr»irV" -Jr--—•7Tri
On'1  wlio lias nothing to  Ioro  U
generally Willing tu t-ftlfo chances.
CO., Li
T. A, Crcrar, B. J, Frcam, Jelin Kctmaly, William Moffat.
Msnltoua—T. A. r-iwsr   John Rcnnooy, win. Moltst, n.  McK.nsle.   Ssskatehewsn—Os».
{.angloy, j.  A.  Mnliuia. '•'.  \v.  ilic-n, J. Monliuin.   Alti.rts—1".  J, Fr-am.
f yell ccnsldi your ai nln lo us It Wlll bn locked nfler In Ihu bsst pnsslbls mnmi-r.
To bettar UM OOftdlUOD « th* Um.t ana M* oul -*• »Prfid b-*V* th» Productr ami lh*.
toniunitr.    , .. THE rilOSPECTOlt, CRANBROOK, B. C.
'   ■/
A Bride's Experience     _0^ AT     (    Y )|
With  the   Alask
ie  /AiasKan
Eskimos, Who Valued
a Mans Life at
Less Than
et the Eskimos, They had no God or nods; all tht
supernatural beings they believed in wore demons,
corresponding to ihe Bogey Mnn who's sure to catch
you If you don't watch out. And they were always
watching out.
It had heen their rule to kill lhe old people of thft
tribe ns soon tin nature gave signs of being tired of
life; but the anclont was iho one to give the word uf
murder. Ko it was moro suicide than anything else,
but It was barbarous just ihe same, On Little Dlomoda
now you can't llud a woman whose destiny lt Is to ho
murdered hy her own children; but on Big piomede,
whero no forbidding hand or civilisation haa been
raised  against  Uie slaughter, any woman you  sea
u mm
and CXP
y, pulls
icts thnt her dn
It te the Womo
tho heavy leitlhe
skin, of tha men':
they bo mado soft
mado also for sale t
e r |ilf,
cash.s. Only
(Ugl) for tr;,
traders and,
ukluk ;
e of tbe. Eskimos dies he is
nnd In a rude wooden coflln,
more liimgiily  through the
tlul schoolhouse
was given tip to
,vel. aMul.lul-.ii are
taken as a wholo,
tho muk 1 uk industry is a pretty constant one, especially for the grinders of the old women, and noi
infrequently the old men. After years of such ceaseless chewing their teeth wear down to tho gums; thoy
can't ent with any satisfaction; they ymi thomsslves
oppressed prematurely with the miseries ot old age,
To them It is the ordinary courso nt human events,
ana tliey regard their deprivation of tho commonest
pleasures of existence hh the Intimation that the
period hns arrived when they ought Lo quit existence
So nn old woman, or an old man, summons tho
family and states briefly but positively that the tlmo
liai. enmc nnd auks thut tho obsequlos be an nft.it as
possible, ll Ih the ofllce of tho son to kill the parent,
an ofllco which tho son Invariably performs with thoroughness and dispatch, usually with a knife if it Is
handy, otberwlse wllh u rope, so thai there havo i n
plenty of Utile Dlomedans who were born to bo hanged.
It happened sometimes that the aged one, reconsidering, urges that iho request for doalli was premature
naid OBkB  to  he  excused  for n
afterthoughts were unavailing, because the son know
that once flte demons hud announced their desire for
his fathor or mother the wish must be gratlllod, else
he himself would be seised, all nllvo nnd very reasonably .ticking, Instead.
The last murder of the kind occurred a year before,
lho Hawks look charge of lho Island. An old man
bad requested that ho bo put to death. He had given
tho usual fount to Ills friends from all the neighboring
li.itot.-iion. Now v. 1
burled In his bl si c]
and Iho dogs go o
year thnn they us< d to.
These ami countless other reforms nnd ai enltlcs
wars made feuslblo largely b> reason of the Influen *»
Mrs. Hawks gradually acquired over theli clu gea,
Sho Instituted a, domestic science course fo thi men
ns well aa ilie women of the island, and It was a hit
from the Round of the dinner gong- A good, s il stan-
liad been built end a portion ot it
ii kitchen that was a continual food
demonstration booth, After a while tho Eskimo men
joined with lhe women in lotting bsIOc fcalurdaj .<s
"cooking da> ' and the whole population, or as many
us could crowd Inlo lhe kitchen, reveled [i	
u Thanksgiving day an I    lirUtn.as
msband fl si ntli     ill ti
agent nnd im: ;, :    ■ mi
natives doing the cool ini     'I In ro
doughnuts,  frii d In    <-i
beans, n I oil. r ol   olToo
on .'t.-J ham ■ indvt .- In \,
. ouplo ■ •■:■ ulai   I
back ti.n oui  ■■!  ' • ■
Twice .i y.
a. grand teas)
tbe materials,
■wero from .".a  to  lu'j <
ol); a waBhtub MU of
and at least a bui li >| i
Taken all In ull, lho li
Christmas banquoi ?- i
modesi salaries,
Mrs. Hawks horself developed tiie expcrlnftS! ol n
-■in f In making ■ Ivlllsed dla out of iho liui han •■
viands, Her sausage, "ii which her husband breakfasted ovcrj day, was a mixture of whule ment, bacon
and pork. Sho govu him fried, seal liver, -.mothered
In onions, .tno ho said It Jusl reached the spot, Sho
K-r\ ed hhn walru longue, told nnd I Iced, and tt
pqualod os mngue stir baked tiie walrus heart, and
spiced a woll, .i ruse which, ns Mr Hawks explained,
took   tb
about i
potato) ■
uud Bee
Lo maki
Cflrf/fe J^ror-*u/e fster?C? r¥oiy fa Coc<\
/I. YOU will look at any fair-sized map of
the northern hemisphere and devote
• your attention especially to Alaska, you
can discern, far up in the northwest corner,
of this continent, a Utile group of islands
strung,   Uke   a   necklace,   through   Bering t
straits.  'Part of them belong to the United '
States, thc rest belong to Russia.
t       Now, if you happened to be on one of
those  belonging to the  United States—its
name is Little Diomede, as distinguished from
Great Diomede, its Russian sister, three miles
to thc westward—you might behold a wonder'
fui object lesson in the advance of the white
woman's civilization.
For there* at the hour of breakfast, although the sun is virtually out of commission
so far as his regular alarm-clock duties arc
concerned, the Eskimo housewife, like as not,
ts engaged in frying sausage and boiling spuds*
.{round Little Diomede, Where once the OVer*     cutter, which happened along every few months, _
pOWefittg Odor of WallUS Clustered unopposed,     occasion served, to bring supplies. It always impressed
£ .-[..„£   •).*   A,:-,.:il~i,J   UUnhan     the Little Dlomedans with a wholesome tenor of Its
fragrant perfumes of lite civilized kitchen   m[gM  Tliey were .„,...„.,, he,a ,,„ lh. BOvernm„n.
agent In a purely moral dread of authority, which
works fine while It works, but is highly Inefficient
when It happens to slip a cog.
Bvery savage community has its hero; ho Is the
daredevil and trouble maker Just for the pride of
showing off. Little Diomede had one who conceived
the notion of showing off aecording to thc vintage
supplied across tho Ice on Big Diomede. He had his
followers, and the agent suddenly found hla charges
confronted with the liquor habit and his authority
rot nearly so moral ns It had been. There was no
difllculty In locating the culprits or In  singling out
They found a mingling of barbarism, savagery nnd
demonlsm that would nppull thc stoutest heart, They
themselves were duly appalled, but they knew lhat If
either of them evinced tho smallest trace of fear their
lives would not be worth a day's purchase. Mr. Hawks
and his bride took charge of the native population ot
Little Diomede, numbering 100, with the friendliness
of foster parents, but with the inflexible authority
of governors Invested with the high, low and middle,
For example: Over on Big Diomede, united with
Us neighbor for nine months of the year by ice heavy
enough to bear mastodons, the Ksklmos ean have all
the whisky they can buy. On Little Diomede they
can't, or shouldn't, have any. The visible authority
of the United States government was a comparatively
young man named Hawks, of whom tht? husky Eskimos, In their superior numbers, were, of course, not
a bit afraid, The Invisible authority was the revenue
a curso off it. she traced down tu Iti lair
bo mo wild gras tho native potato nubbin,
iu also of n shell bark, and had delictual early
i. She tried out lho whalo ai d - ■ fats
lied frying oils. She taught the t-i I.U | tv
homemade broad, aud the Eskimo men ui reed
11- again would the) du wlthoui It,
'.mu mi,, th, rocky caves they used for abodes
w-u the women how lo keop ihem clean; nho
npla but effectl •* li sons In tho i un or nil-
id down ■ ime  Un   Infanllh   di ath  rate.    13 it
11 baby, born on tin   i.i i. died, and it was
ten the uwe-lnsplrtng revenue cutter made a
trip lo Llttlo Diomede, an,., ■.■.,.. u„v. , ..,.,,
I to tho United States re ontl , tin ■ -.. bah] a
uld bo taken from tho cu iod> ol tin Islan 1< rs,
■i Israel ibat, ii was born among d was
thu tribe*, but they gave waj   to tin
splay of force.
After two year.*; of service, during \\ hlch .Mr.
Hawks acquired an Immense store of Information ton-
cernlng the beliefs nnd customs of the people, he
nnd his wife- returned to Uio United States. When
lie, realized lho Invaluable Held he had for anthropological study he consulted Dr. George U. Gordon, director of the University Museum, who sent him all
essential books .and directed the studies he Instituted.
incus, all it
exposition <
lie Is now i
Mo brought buck with lilm note.', pictures and specl-
Liontltles sufficient to make an esc lb at
the life of the people aa be saw them.
tint; one volume for lhe museum on lho
oi'   ihu  Diomede   Islands,   and   ho  has
y two moro ou "Life Among the Eskimos"
ider based on Eskimo lift-, for  use In  the
it  schools.
the photographs lie made nro many Uut
it education has already done for the In-
nf  ihls  unknown stray among   oui   Island
show  wli
look rath
i If,
it lu
which .\
lift i
is. rlbed labor, this
trite tndertook and
tut limit' d ns wae
si forgotten peoplo
(carried throu
iiho Held, the:
^lessons of liio and
never be lost to tin
Aud although th
bigger salary t<> tl
his wife, soolologls
over the question ■
results—the government agent with hln authority and
knowledge or iils assistant with her homemade bread
and her lessons in practical dornistl.* science.
know led] -  w
cut may have
nd the smalb
11 como to Uo
, achieved it.'
d the
no to
In ads
make a brave struggle to declare their independence of the limited larder and the ancient
The woman who effected the transformation is back in "the States" now, for her husband is working at the University of Pennsylvania, preparing the books his experience
gave him, and taking a special course in
anthropology at the same time*n But if any,
bride ever became a power behind a throne*
and continued to pull the strings for two
years, until m whole people, few though
they %oeret became tamed and civilized, that
bride was Mrs. Ernest William Hawks, wife
of the United States' agent and teacher on
Little Diomede.
became a stanch upholder of law and order and the
agent's right-hand man ln keeping liquor out of Iho
That Ib a sample, but a mild one. There were larger
tasks to be carried through In the everyday existence
islands; he bad distributed his possessions among
them; he was awaiting the rope, chosen in his case.
But he suld he wanted one favor. Instead of bolng
thrown oul to the dogs, as had been the old and Utilitarian practice, he wauled to be burled In a whito
mini's box—native for a coffin.
Sufficient 1 timber having been obtained ond the
subject having been duly hanged, he was accurately
boxed up, when a terrific storm arose. Terror overwhelmed the Eskimos unlll they made the discovery
that the old man's .spirit was raising all the rumpus
because It was stifling tn the air-tight box. So they
loosened the lid, whereupon lho storm subsided, the
spirit Hud. things easy, nnd the box was allowed to
«o on freezing on the top of the hill that served as
its cemetery.
Agent Hawks put down a foot utterly forbidding
nil murders by request as well ua those liable to
he committed  otherwise; but ho approved  the coffin
Starting Begonia Seed
FLOWER lovers who desire to havo a variety oi
begonias during next season, and in fact for
several years lo come, should select several
varieties, and get tho seeds, which uro slot. In Marling, in a suitable condition for growing nice, thrifty
The best plan is to got a tight box three or four
inches in depth and large though to occupy a window
lodge Inside the sash. Kill to within half nu In-h of
tin. lop wilh cldhn saint. Make very slight depressions
wltii Uie edge of u rule or narrow lath, and In these
little furrows drop the seeds nbout half un Inch apart
nnd cover very slightly with sand. Keep moist with a
spray for several weeks until the tiny plants appear.
and then the sand cnn lm kept n little more moist, to
Induce tha plants tn make a thrtfty growth,
Another box should be tilled with a light, rich,
welt-pulverized soil, nnd as won as tt in possible the
plants should be transplanted Into the earth from the
sand hod. In a few weeks they can be placed in two-
Inch pots, nntl in a few months ln stilt .arger ones.
Some varieties should begin to bloom before they
are au- Inch In height* Others are a little slow iu developing nnd do not bloom until they are several
months old.
■Qaifipg ■jftrawberrie.r for rail
Mil. HAWKS In a New Knglaudcr wllh proclivities for exploration; his spirit responded a»
Jubtlnntly io the chance to live lost iu Anile
Ice among the fcJsklmos us the- old New England whaler-, rejoiced lo put tu sea from New Bedford,
The post of government agent and teacher on Little
Diomede promised a  modest but Sufficient Hillary  and
an unprecedented chancs to study a people previously
unknown ta science in the sonso In which such knowledge Is understood tn anthropology.
Ho wns still a bridegroom, wllh a bildn only 19
years old, when ho departed for his station on the
furthest lluiig vestige of r,ock owned by this country
lu the north raeille. Uut he liad the satisfaction of
knowing that his bride wus quite as interested iu tho
new, strange home aa ho was, besides being 0 good
deal of a government official on her own account.
Mrs, Hawks was officially ruled as nn assistant In
charge of tho work of domestic training among the
Little Dlomedans, und. what wus even hotter, Bhe was
paid a real salary, not nearly so much as her husband's, but enough to "help out" on the family
Tho ways of destiny are unaccountable, but the
ways of woman uro sometimes clear. When a civilized
human being recalls the Ingratiating perfume of
•ausage and tbe seductive odor of boiled potutocs In
their profoundly Intimate ndutlons to a below-zero
appetite, it becomes comprehensible thnt as lhe years
went by iho unobtrusive government assistant, in
the person of pretty Mrs. Hawks, could develop Into a
rather Influential  personage on  an Alaskan Island,
ftHh'HH'.li her husband WSS the real agent, the teachcr-
tha peace officer, the United Stutes commissioner, tho
revenue officer, the doctor and the building Inspector,
besides  being  everything  else   that  might  be  needed
lu bossltig loo natives, wnose experience of white
people was only ono drqree 'less limited ihun was
llie Hawks' experience of Eskimos,
* fir*m\ \&ff€Cr*
SO MUCH arc wo "i-ct in our ways" tlmt we
overlook a grout ninny lliiny* that lniglit
COntrlbute-Ho tho joy of living—fall straw*
berrio... for Instance
From timo immemorial tllO slrnwbnrry has
linen considered fl BUmmor luxury, purcnm! simple.
Of course, in recent yenrs, tho BOUtllom ami hot-
houso fruii* havo enabled lho Idlo rieli to bnve
Btrnwborries whenever tbey so desired. Now tbo
native nnd natural erop is Bcarcoly over until announcement*!, of llie millionaire's crop is nt Iiaiul.
That, tlinnpli, limy lie left out of eonsideration.
Tho fact of tbo mat lor is that any one who
bas a garden  may  bnve strawberries until cold
^fiAYtrrx/t ttlCree.
wonthcr comes.   If ho onros for hous<
bo mny bovo thom ull winter,
of *
^iii'.iti-. is no magic in the ratiV ., t.t [all straw-
*rrl<H.  They  nre  unususA,  fii.it   I.s nil.  Only
very recent years have their |i<>: :jiblllt ti*:i attracted any attention whatever,
As it matter of fact, September berries are just *•■■■
easy to cultivate an the earlier kind.   All that Ih I10C6S'
Miry Is tO stop off (he blossoms that  would olherwlsn
  "  crop.
i. Milt iii the esrly crop.   Nature i-* > * -
J'luuiH ute not a nil c ted wiih race suicide
• ha.Iced.
?^/7<r</ Ptent *rr?t7 Froafocg. cf
/W/f J>fr&rv&err/€$
the retarded stalk begins anew the struggle lo reproduce itself.   A late lot of fruit Ih the result,
Amopfl those who huve none into the culture of fall
strawberries is Bdward W. creep, of Mlddletown, Po.,
whose exhibits at the fairs «f the neighborhood have
attracted a great deal or attention. With nil the en-
thustosm of an amateur, he gives the following practical advice for retarding the bearing of the luscious
By Edward W. Creep
Being nn amateur ar.d only having a small farm of
throe ncres, 1 nnll'i mnko tho most of my ground and
cannot trine with anything tlmi has no merit.
My specialty Ih strawborrles, of which i have
twenty varieties, but I (ind my Ever Bearing, or I'aii
Hearing, in ihr» most Interesting; and i think it will
bo one of the most prolltublo varieties t.. cultivate,
I am not the originator of ihem, but i um trying
by proper seloctton of plants of good nuallly to breed
them to perfection; and I think I nm meeting with
success, an my lOlleolton of bearing plan'" exhibited
ai the Mlddletown Pair, and which wero admired by
all who saw ihem, will verify.
There te no secret connected with making straw,
berries hear fruit rrom Aiinuct until frosl.   All
niUHt iio |S to plant thnn In  the f["tln«
inches apart an l cultivate thoroughly. In a few we< ka
after planting ibcy will send out bloBSOins. These
you must pinch off. By no doing you will help mako
tho plant strong, so It can mature the fruit that will
como from the second lot of blossoms, which will appear In a few weeks, if you neglect to pinch ofl tho
first blossoms, the plant wlll not be strong eneuyh tu
bring tbo fruit to perfection.
.During Its natural growth the stock persists in reproducing Itself b> sending out runners,  These should
be cut olT. as they aro u drain on the plant. Uut If
you wish to Increaso your stock of plants, leave a few
of them to grow and luke root. .Later on they can be
removed and transferred io another part of your garden, or In pot?; end 1 think they will give you fruit
during tlic winter If properly protected In the houso
or conservatory.
Those plants left i/i ths garden will require no
more attention than th*- old varieties of strawberries;
ibat i.**, cover the bed after the ground Is fri-mi with
straw or leaves, In tits spring remove the covering
or rake it into the center of the rows to help keep
tho berries clean, Continue with ths above treatment,
and they will continue to beai fruit os thej did iho
previous year.
Ono photograph shi w« my testing plot, In which 1
have the Bvor Boarlng, or Kali Bearing, strawberries.
Throughout the patch I have the mosl desirable plants
marked,  from these i Intend to propagate.
In raising strawberries i alwaya tr> to hm ,,n much
off the ground ns possible, and always plani cabbago
or loltuca between ti"* berry plants, which dooi not
Interfere wllb tba berries, an thoy are always matured
and removed before the berries slart bearing.
in iu:- old bod at strawberries there are sixteen
varieties, an.l I picked quite a lot o( runt off this
pnft.h lasl lining,   li still looks very promising for
Another photograph shows a potted plnni with n
box <<r berries on each Hide This li the Kail Bearing
varlet)   nnd looks very templing.
in ono nf my patches I planted potatoes After tho
lasl cultivation of tin* potatoe* I planted sweet cum
in every othei v*w And niter i look om the potatoes
and cultivated ihe corn f"i tin* I'M time j ■owed rvo
and Mini'on clover, Which I- to be ph>vw-d under In tbt.
spring tor fertiliser    This li  beapest and best
way  to  hep  your  Mml   rich  nml   'mmo,in.   whl.h la
very necessary lo produce it i crops.   Next spring i
will plant Kail liMiilug strawberries in thin plat, and
able   I..   ir.h
bout eighteen     taste of my Full Bearing li
u who attend
" Where Everybody Goes
Saturday, February 22nd—Matinee & Evening
The Rebellion of Mandy
A Humorous Comedy "f life down on the farm.
The Uprising
Captain Barnacle's Waif
A Drama of the Sen
Pathe's  Weekly
»H-H-M-l-.- M"H*'."M"1"H*-H' ***** ****'. ******* l l-l-1~ M--H--I'W 11 l-M 11 l-l- l-l * *•* * +.
** I > IIIIII1111 > H-M- l"t-l ; *+* -i-l- l-+!-l-n-w -H-H-M- !-*-+> -
I The  Advent of Spring |
Brings You Face ro Face with
An Attractive Window Loyal Order of Moose
All holdera of rscolpts from Orgnn-
Izcrs ol th' Loyal Order ol Moose lor
Crnnhrook Lodge, No. 10.9, nn horo-
hy iioUllml Hint tho oharter (cr tho
Above Lodgo wns cIohciI on Docombe
8iBt, 1019, mul t'uit ynu urn roiiuoBt-
cd to eommutiloato with tho necrcttiry
H. H. flnrrult
Ami lurthor, thnt receipts lor Chur-
U-r Foo Mcinhi'i-slilii will not he accepted unlosa pics mod hetoro tlic expiration of uu days Irom that duto.
liy Ordor,
F*rod W. Bwnln, Dlotator
7 it n. B. Onrrott, Sooretary
draws people hi fo ihe store, they
sny, hut what is the use if tht-y
are not given koihI valuca when
they *\o in to purchuse?  We ure
|i1<*-,s,-il to show nny artiele iu
the store or tnke it (rom the
Wlndott  il ih'Ci-smity.      We Iiihi
die every kind ol pood Jewelry
-tmi only iiim kuiti
Jewelers ft Opticians
Furniture Wants!!
j, ii. Ohasws ot null River, wai in
the city  Monday uu bunlne«#
Buy a hmme from Beale mnl Elwell
they have aome bargains ou eu-*y imy
N. Burdett at Miiryttville, wan at
Cranbrook Tuesday on buainwB.
Mrs, J, i). McBrlde will receive the
nrst Friday of each month.
A. is. Davit, of Spokane was in the
city Thursday.
Our stock is complete now,
with   everything  required  in
The   Furniture   Line
Rugs. Floors Oils and Linoleum stock
is larger than ever.
Our stock is composed of the medium
priced lines, which enables the thrifty
housekeeper to replace the old furniture, and renew the floor coverings
at a
-M-Hfr-M-<-«~l + ,^-M-,-t-t-4* I I I M . *********** 11 -l-l II *************
*+** l-4^al-t-l-I-4-lal..,-*-Ul..l^S^I-«-|a4-t  I  '.    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    ...    I     ■    ***** T    1    II    1    I    I    II    I    |    I    I    I    I    I   t   H
Jug UnttH of Bull l.ivci. was in tbe
city Thursdny.
Beale nud tilwell bave n few nice
reside,ces to let.
Mr. nnd MrB. N. C. Richardson of
Bnderly, were Crnnbrook visitois on
Mrs. A. C. Bownesy entertained a
number of friends at a card Party on
Monday evening-
In British Columbia Inflt year lutn-
|,i r v.- s cut to the nmount ol 1.160,-
OOO.ono feet.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Carson ol Winnipeg were quests nt the Cranbrook
There ls no sewing machine made
in thc same class as a Sinner. The
public at large will tell you they arc
thc best machine—Sinner Store,
phone 157.
R. J. Harrington ol New Britain,
Conn., was transacting business nt
Cranbrook on Wednesday.
V. Hyde Baker and George Hog-
gnrth left Frls.o Thursdny on their
return to Cranbrook.
FOR SALE—Estay Organ in first
class condition. Write Box 124 or
phone 444 lor particulars. 9-2
Bonv—AT thc Cottage Hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Taylor ol St.
Mary's Praire. on Feb. 15th, a son,
BORN—AT thc Cottage Hospital to
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Y. Hall ol Jallrsy,
on Felv 21st, a daughter.
BORN-AT thc Cottage Hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. 3. W. Burgess ol Wardner, on Feb. 2S, a son.
■j.*".      KILBY     FRAMES      PICTURES
Hnrcinl two reel nnd n special 3
ro?l feature will be shown at the
Rdkon next week.
Mrs. A. 0. Harstmw has returned
from the East, and will receive on
Thurslay March 6th.
P. DeVere Hunt, who hns been at
Mwliclne Hat for t'.e past wee\ on
business, is expected home tonight.
Mr. C. M. Louhnch and Mr. H.
Tlnrllng arc leav ng (or the coast on
Friday the "th for a short trip.
FOR SALE—A Complete Sawmill,
capacity IS.OOO per day. For further
particulars apply at the St. Eugene
Mission. 7-3t.
Ask us for Triple-weight California
Naval  OraUfa-es,      Jllloy,  H\vo-t,  and
fully   matured,   The   Pink   Mercantile
|l*o„ Ltd
The Nelson  Daily  News luul hotter
I get a now pressman, or new Ink roi-
: lets, and pica*.* ita Cra il r> ok patron
j On Monday the Hockey team defeated u Coleman team by a score ol
11   to Bi   uud  lull'  Irom  Waldo by  a
sooro ol u to a,
11 K UetiediOt ol Victoria, Inspector o( Government laada was in tho
tsltj during tho curly part ol the
TOR BALE—4-roomed Cottage on
Cranhrook Btre-t tn good condition,
$100.00 down and 125.00 per month
buys it. Gan lie seen at any time by
enquiring to P.O. Boi 433 8-3t.
Vi. it. (lell ot Vancouver, spent
this week in Cranbrook attending- tho
meetings of the Telephone und Electric Light companies.
I). Elmer ol Vancouver, wns In tho
city this wee', slink ing lunula with n
few of hla old friends and doing a
little business on thu side.
JnmeB Ryan of Vancouver, wns In
town tlii, week attending a grneral
meeting of Mio Telephone and Electric Li?ht Companies.
We are having quite cold weather
this week, but the lumbermen are nil
making good uBe of the snow in getting in logs.
Ask us tor Triple-weight California
Naval Oranges. Juicy, swe-t, and
fully matured. The Fink Mercantile
Co.. Ltd.
At the Edison theatre tonight will
be shown the stirring drama entitled
"Rip Vun Winkle," "Pnthels Weekly'
:,nd two funny comedies.
Tha U. S. Semite pnFBed a pension
bill amounting to S18i*,000,000 in the
record time of 23 minutes. It ls the
largest pension bill passed in the his
tory ol the country-
Beattie-Murphy Co. (tettervet. praise
(rom Crunbrool. people [or Introducing here t.ie aimple buckthorn bark
and glycerine mixture, known aa
A.dler-1-ka. This simple German remedy first became famous by curing i
appendicitis and it. has now been din-
covered that A 8INGI.R DOflE relieves sour stomach, gat. on the
stomach and constipation IN" ST A NT-'
L.V. It's quick action .s a hig mir-
prlnfl to people. 43-1
Have Yuu a Friend
lell  Wm he can be curd in  3
Day*. With the
41 iIl* Ned I Inttitute    It quick! i  re-
Mom lum to sell mister)
Box }2$ Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick Av*.. & KUin» St.
Goats for Sale
i  Nannie Goal $.'5.00
1  Young Hillir »io no
Apply P. 0. Orawer "M"
Cranbrook. B.C.
President ■•<-. R. Sbepsard
Meets reirulnrly on tho Flrnt '"n.lay
evening of imrh month.
Information on Poultry mutters
Aililrrm the Secretary—A. 11. Smith
P.O. Rox 1(52, Oranlirook, B.O,
A broken ).,iirnnl derailed n freight
'•nr nenr Wardner on Thursday night,
whloh delayed irallic for nearly an
Local  News
Some of tiie Calendars lor this
yeur ,.r,i genuine works of Art i ud
well worth framing—RBMBMUBR—
Kllby  Frames  Pictures.
•lion's   PLACE" for CIOARB
ChnH. Mcllougall of Klmherley wns
,n lown Friday.
Mm. M. Wilson of Wycllfle, was in
tlio city shopping Wednesday.
W. H. Mnrl-'iu Inn., wnn at Creaton
ycHf'Tdny on  huslwsi.
Al. Doyle and H. T. Illclmrdson, of
!'*orl  Steele,  were In town Friday.
Safety De-poBlt IIuhh to rent by
Beale nnd Elwell.
Elmore Staples of Wyclllle, wna In
tho city on Wednesday for huslneis.
Harry Clayton le nt prceoit Buffering from an attack of pneumonia.
Wl Henderson of Vletorln, inspector of Public Buildings, was In town
on Monday
Mr. and Mrn. W. H. Mncdrinnld ol
Fernle, were Cranhrook visitors Monday-
Mayor Annable of Nelson, pet*, a
nnlary of $1,2(1" per ye-ir. Mayor
liowne.-H of Crnnhrook gets	
The city llnnd nrn maklnc arrnngc-
mentH for a benefit concert, which
will take plueo on March 28th.
flood second band rnui'liiiu-s, all
mnkcH, for Hnle at Singer Store, Irom
fr. Oil tip.    Also to icnt.    Phone 1S7.
TO HENT— A few three room ehnc's
nam,.Ily fiirnl.hed. apply to W. R.
Tlic broken plate gla-ri window In
the Ooomopolltan Hotel was replnceil
by a now ono on Mondny.
The pint, ptnsi window which, wan
broken In John Manning's store hns
been replnced hy a new one.
Mr. nnd Mrs. James Finlay returned on Wednisday trom a trip to Blair
Meets in Roynl Black Knights Hall
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th ThurBday
of euch month at 9 p.m. s'uirp.
Mrs. L. Hoyward. Ree.Sec.
Oeo. Ladds, c'lhf ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
The Greatest Care
has been exercised in selecting these sponges and loofahs.
They are consequently good, of the
finest texture through and through—no
rough or Iml spots. Low grade sponges
and loofnhs soon tear—these are guaranteed
to last many years under fair conditions.
Conic     in    today    and    inspect    them.
"The Rexall Store"
p'/lf ^Outshines ^''oi^mm^
HERE U an oil-burning lamp which products a Rood of
pure, white light—more brilliant than gas or electricity
—yet ivonilerfuliy mellow and easy en thc eyes. It ia simple
and safe, clean and noiseless, docs int fill the room v iih obnox*
ious.unhealthfulodon. Tohiveabettet lighted home, with an
Aladdin Mantle Lamp
will actuallr coil vm; nothlht.   It will p*r Im Il'ftf In the oil It iav«<   1 im
Ihe a "nil lot the Mantle LimpCompar.r of Amrtica and imtrllinc you what 1
kr.nw ui bn atsoiu.e laits.    l-iufMnoi Roen*-, cl Uv,\i luillluic, ChtCifiO, madr
>■ a cnr.ipai.ilive ir*t ol ail ihe Icidine oll-bntnini l»mpi on ths rairkei—in 1 the
"'Aladdin wai l.-"inl m give tlu* bnt \',.Ut ami the molt e-onuniiitl in UK, Bu( you
lon't need to neccpt them it ron J natrmcnti on my word only.   All 1 uk ii the opportunity to provt
at my own ii *■..   I v.-ill be glad to let you
TRY an Aladdin Lamp in Your Home Before You Buy
funtllll Table, Brttket, HmgiflK, Will anil Chandelier (ypei of (.imp!—in f
UTpOM.   Jiist dtopnea pi*-t c-iidanl fimplyiayyoiaafc tnicn-.ted.   I'll be (If
n fact Alai'Jin Lump* for every
Iiiiip'*:'*, J utt dtopnea pi*'t r'ni.ni fimpiyfay yocarc iiucn-sieo. i hoc pt-.d tnlirliii. an Aladdin Limp to
■.hois' \>s_ n.d leave in joui Ii-jcio lo use a nlghl of an, entirely viihjut obligation,   M*.U the card today.
..      HEAD   OFFICE       ....
CALGARY, Alta       ..
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All our Products are Government Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. ii
M-W-4-M-M--M M-M-l* *
B.   C.
Well, What Would You Get
If You Went There?
HAVEN'T you heard men rirjlit here in town say "How I
would like to po over to London or down to the States
fur my clothes" ?
Well, what would you get when you got there?
If you went to London, to the best tailors, you'd pet the same
clotlis am! the same patterns that you can get in Pit-Reform Suits
at $2£, }:8, fjo and $,15. If you went to the States, you
wouldn't (•■ t any better workmanship, even at the most expensive
shops, than you get in Fit-Reform Suits.
Compurc a Fit-Reform Suit at any price from $18. to $35.—
with one made in London or in the States at $10. more.
Compsrc styles, t-iUot-llig, cloth, Htitng, fi'iish—an.l you'll find tiiat for down-
ri;;ht latUfactlon, striitc an.l value, you get a bigger money's worth in Fit-Reform
garments than you can get in London or the States for flo more. Here sre the
new spring Suits an,I Overcoats to prove every word we have .aid. 731
1   McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, B. C.


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