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The Prospector Mar 29, 1913

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 **e* '   ' •-■:■-,.
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses aud
Guarantee .You a Fit
fr   :;;- U" 1013    jU;
m  tFe
$2.00 Per Year
MARCH 29th.
Hope of Ending Wars
Lies in the Hands of the Women—Influence Grows
Stronger  Every Decade—Real Sufferers
In Every Conflict
This Balkan conflict, babe of a
campaign as lt yet is, has nevertheless already poured out much wisdom
ln the ahupe of "lessons" tor those
wltb ears to bear. Some of tbem
are platitudes and some are not, but
both alike are valuable, and both
will be forgotten as soon as tbe occasion bas passed, writes "Linesman," in Tbe London Doily Mail.
For war is the very Cassandra ol
prophetesses. It Is ber fate to "enter raving," as Shakespeare brings
her ln, to shriek out warning to unbelieving ears, to fill "ten thousand
eyes witb prophetic tears," and "pay
betimes a moiety ot that mass of
moan to come;" to do all this and
then to be forgotten as a
summer storm. Nothing is s0 utterly unproductive, She does not e.en
engender experience, except trifling
details. Men learn how to improve
their rifles, tbelr marching boots and
water bottles, hut they learn eo lit
tie bow to do without their greatest
dread that tbey would seem not to
have learned to dread it at all, did
not a myriad of pale and startled
faces look up from every corner o
the earth at tbe sound of the distant trumpet.
For they have not even learned to
expect it, to recognize it—and thle is
one dt the platitudes—as inevitable
ae the return of its own "portent
blailng In the sky," the comet homing after Its enormous flight. The
last war is always tbe very last war,
•"Vvstal Pala-ee of hope and unction
rise like exhalations at the conclusion ot every campaign to mark a
tnlllrnium. WaB lt a piece of sly humor in Paitou to construct his edifice—tbe "Mausoleum ot War," it was
called—of glass?
At any rate, how soon was lt shivered by the frosts ot the Crimea, by
the biasing rays of Hindustan, hy
the terrible concussion, of Gettysburg, Koniggratz and Sedan, hy the
heavy snows of Shipka Pass, by the
sheer weight of dead upon Mancunian hills, by a thousand combats, by
uncountable corpses, falling like ball
stones on Its silly panes from tba-
day to this.
Once grasp the inevitability of thc
periodic return of wnr, anil you have
gone fur towards preventing it; win-h
Is no more a paradox than to say
that It was the vory regularity oi
the return of pestilenco which, after
long ages, taught dull man first to
look out for it and then to forestall
and forbid It. Whether war is in
reality as harmful as the visitation
of a plague, or, as some maintain, as
healthy ns the rotation of crops, is,
however, an old debate. It might bc
as dangerous to humanity to Intro
duce a perpetual dove and olive
lt hns bcen to take rabbits into Au*
tralla, or into Ceylon that beautiful
lantana which, first introduced by
lady as an ornament to her garden,
has ended hy choking tho island in
its grip of gold.
Peace may, and hns, ruined m-n* s
nationality with its surfeit of everything excent thone tonics,  nrivatiou
and sacrifice.    But the severest '
wreaVs practical injury.
Even to one generation tbo death
of many of the strongest ol Its Eons,
instead ol, as at the band of dlseis .
the elimination of her weakest, al
fects but Httle tho virility ol a state.
The French lost 400,000 men ln the
ten yeara from Austerlltz to Water
loo. America gave of her sma"
(Continued ou Png3 Five)
Churchill's Naval Policy
Notable   Exposition   of the   Government's  Naval
Plans in the British Commons
Londou, Bng.—Right Hon. Wlmton
Churchill, first lord of tho admiralty
introduced in thc common., this evening tho estimates for tho navy. At
the outBet ho explained tho cauuOB for
increase ln expenditure. Kind, he
said, it was owing to the decision to
increase the number ol ships main
talned in full commit-mion in consequence of the nsw German navy law,
nnd to the decisions to increase the
numbers and notably tho pay ot the
perBOifnel. Secondly, It was duo to
to the increase n size and speed, armament, equipment and co.t of warships off all kinds. It was necessary
*o keep puce with similar vessels
buildings all over the world.   Third-
Germany, America and Italy, of
larger guns tor primary armament,
and of larger and moro numerous
guns for secondary armament, bas
necessitated a further advance by us.
The lncroaaed power and size of new
and more expenetve torpedoes has led
to an increase in tho numbor of torpedo tubes, witb a further Increase
in the supply ot torpedoes. Larger
ships and guns involve larger docks
and an increase in the scale of all appliances nnd shipyard machinery.
'•There is, I. fear, no prospect of
avoiding large and continuing increases in the naval estimates of future years, unless thc period of acute
be built, for any navy would your
naval interests or national security
he prejudiced in any conceivaUo way?
Wby should we all nor take a n.ival
holiday for _i year as far as now construction, or new construction of capital ships ls concerned?' That question I asked last year, tlmt proposal
I repeat this year. It Implies no
abandonment of any scheme of naval
organization or naval increase. It
Imposes no check upon the develop
ment of true naval etlleiency. The
finances of every country would obtain relief; no navy would sustain the
slightest Injury. This is no appeal
of weakness panting behind, which we
make, but of strength Btrldlng on in
Imperial Squadron to Patrol Waters of the Empire.
Turning to the proposed Canadian ships, Mr. Churchill said:
"While tbey will be directly controlled by tho admiralty, we proposed to form them with the Malay anl New Zealand ships into a new squadron of five ships of high uniform speed, to be called the
Imperial squadron. It will bo based at Gibraltar, and thence ab i to reach Halifax in five days, Quebec in six days, Jamaica in nine days, the Houth American coast in 12 days, cape town in 13 days,
Alexandria in 8 days, Sydney in 28 days, New Zealand in 32 days, Hong Kong in 22 days and Vancouver in 23 days. Our intention is tnat thla squadron shall, as opportunity serves, cruise freely
about th; empire, visiting tbe dominions, ready to operate at uny threatened point at home or
abroad. The dominions will be considered in ull movements not dominated by military coajidera-
tions. Special facilities will he given for Cmmdians, South Africans and New Zeal under*, to serve as
men or officers in this squtvd on. In this way the true idea will bo given of a mobile imperial squadron of the greatest strength and speed patrolling the empire, showing the flag and bringing effective
aid wherever needed.
By Flood and Fire!
Entire  Cities   Inundated —Fires   Break   Out-Thousands Dead—Whole Districts Homeless-
Famine and Thirst
Wolseley Dead
London.—Field Marshal Viscount
Wolseley, one ot the most famous oV
modern British soldiers, died today
at Hentone, France, In his 80th year.
Oarnet Joseph Wolseley vas born in
ln Dublin county, Ireland, June 4,
1838. He entered the army ln 1852,
and In the Burmese war ol 1852-53 received a severe wound. He was twice
wounded in the Crimean war. For
hia bravery in the latter struggle he
waa given the cross of the Legion ol
Honor by Napoleon III. He served
aa captain in the Indian mutiny and
aa lieutenant colonel ln the Chinese
expedition ol 1860.
He then went to Canada, and ln
1870, aa commander ol the Red river
expedition, he suppressed the Riel Insurrection at Fort Garry, now Winnipeg. For this service he was made
knight ot the Order ol Saint Michael
•nd ol Saint Oeorge.
Aa major general he commanded tbe
British troops In the "Aahantl war,
1873-74. For his "courage, energy
•nd perseverance" in these campaigns
ha received the thanks ol parliament
•nd a grant ol  25,000 pounds.
In 1875 he was dispatched to Natal
to superintend the affairs ol the co'
ony; next yenr he was nominated i
member of the Indian co.nc 1, end in
1878 he was made high tjniiii ssion i
and commander n cblit ln Cypru ,
from which post he was recalled ln
1879 in order to proceed to the se I.
ct the Zulu war, witb supreme civil
and military command in Natal, thi
Transvaal and adjacent disturbed territories. He arrived just belore tb.
power ol the Zulu king was bro' en
at Ulundt, and arranged the terms o
Sail for Canada
London. England—At the Liverpool landing stage Good Friday wa.
one ol the busiest ever experienced
fully 3,000 of the finest specimens o
British manhood end womrnhoo
sailing for Canada on the Empress o
Ireland and the I.mutant:.. Tbe Bee
ond cabins were completely tilled
showing that the bulk ot the pasBen
gers had com ortahle means. Several parties were obliged to tra'cl
third class owing to the second cab
Ins being crowded. All second clast
accommodations in April are already
No Election this Year
Postmaster-General Pelletier Sets Rumors at Naught
And Re-assures Country
Quebec.—That thore will be no election thla year or until the time ll.e.l
by the constitution was tbo ompha' "
statement made today by Hon. P, L.
Pelletler, postmaster general, Wl.o
haa profited by the Easter voca'i l
to visit his aged father it Trols fla-
t. ies, whose health Is son.' what d a
couraglng. Mr. Pelletl.'r spent a
c.uplo of days ln Quebv 'he mln
later characterised tho attitude of
opposition u bolng Infantile,
Interrogated as to the situation at
the federal capital, Mr. Pelletler accused the opposition ol trying to paralyse everything In trying to Impose
It* views on the country and of trying to commit the Country to an expense ol 8150,000,000, an expense
whlcb the country could not stand at
thia Juncture,
"The attitude of the opposition ls
In'antlle," he said, "nnd one would
expect better from school children.
For two months the opposition had
been tell'ng us that Winston Ohurc-
hl'l'a memorandum did not sustain
our policy: thnt thi British admlral-
» nci-reed a Canadian navy. Then
thej have patted themsolvoa on tbe
became they co"ld quoto oxtracts
Irom aneech's ol Premier Aaiulth and
Mr. ChurcbUl. wh'eh so thoy thonrht,
lavored their contentions. TVso
w»re Intorsperaed with suggestion- that the Conservatives wero con-
splrln*! with th* English Unionists
agnlnst th* view* and wishes ol the
Asnnlth government.
"Wh»n tbey had repeated these assertions ths memorandum ol Mr.
Churchill struck them like a bolt and
knocked all support Irom under tbem,
Reasonable men who were not blinded by passion would havo sni.1: "We
have made mistakes and we admit it
freely.' Uut what did wc sec? These
sumo mon who had quoted Mr. Churchill ln order tn tell us tbat we were
wrong, Insulted Mr. Churchill In or
dor to tell ua thnt we art. wrong, in
suit thla same Churchill because he
gives the facts i.s thoy arc"
Mr. Pclletlor continuing snld tbat
be hnd mot many Liberals who di.l
not wish to exposo thomsolveR to the
insult* ot the Liberal organs, but
did not hesitate to say tbat tbey
wore surprised and disgusted wirh
their leaders.
Taking up tho Liberal contention
that tho $35,000,000 was to ho snen'
ln England, the minister said that ae
cording to the understanding with
the admiralty, while Canadian money
was to he expended ln England for
dreadnoughts, which it wnB Impose
iille-to build In Canada, tin British
government wuh prepnred to apoml
English money In Cnnada for the con
structlon ot Bmaller veHselB wblcb
could bo built bore. Asked II thore
wa* n probability ol nu olectlou, the
minister *ni.l:
"Sir WlWrld tells us tbnt when
tbcro is ,i dead'ock between the government and tbe imposition tho only
two possiblo Fotutkn- aro election*
or brut* force. Tn thnt cn~« there
ha* to be brute forco or olcct.'ons overy time two parties havo a serloun
difference. But thon tho onposlt'on'*
differences with the government would
nlwayn he serious and wo would have
havo election* every alx months or
y, Irom the introduction and development of new services, principally
o.i fuel, air service and wireless tele-
g.apby.    Fourthly, trom the general
narease in prices and wages purt.cul-
,rly in th« cost o. coal, oil, ateel and
all materials uBod in shipbuilding.
Fifthly, from arrears in thipbu.lding
during tho last two years, arising
.rom the 'failure of tbe contractors to
earo their proper instal.i.eius as
manifested by deliveries In excution
in current program.
The estimates, be said, would bave
been substantially higher, but the
congestion in the shipyarda arising
out ol the extraordinary demands up-
,n the shipbuilders and especially lip-
,n tbe skilled labor supply. II better progress is to be made ln executing programs it would bo necessary
.or me to ask parliament later in tbe
/ear for further supplementary estimates,
"Tho navy la passing through a
period not merely ot expansion, but
of swift and ceaseless development.
The latest German navy law has Increased tbo number of vessels we require to construct eacb year, and
that law, and tbo Mediterranean requirements, have atill more Increased
the number und proportions ol ship!
which must be maiuta'ned in th;
highest condition ot readiness.
To man and maintain these resulting war fleets a continual large
increase in the number of olllcers and
men ol ull ranka nnd ratings ls required. The increase In size, cost and
speed of capital ships, compelled by
tho general development of naval
science and the types building
abroad, Ib marked and unceaslug.
Tbe increase In speed affects not only capital ships, but destroycrB, light
cruisers and submarines. Incrcnsu in
.peed involves immense increase in
horsepower. Tbe increased cost ol
fuel, particularly oil fuel, la serious,
and  shows   no   likelihood of linmed-
rivalry of rapid scientific expansion
through which we are passing, come*
to an end. Ot all the nations of the
world, we ate perhaps beat able to
bear such a strain If It should continue. We have greater accumulations of capital than are found elsewhere. Wo are free from the need
of maintaining an army of th? continental scale. Our fiscal expansions
of taxation to be made without the
cost of living to tbe masses of the
people, being directly affected. But
although we '.re not likely to be in
crave dlfH-'ilt vMr supplies, men and
inouey, and altnougb the maintenance
if nayal security must always be regarded as a first charge on the resources of the British Empire, yet
the evil and the lnsenate folly of
what ls now taking place here and
all over tho world is bo patent to
the meanest intelligence that concerted effort to arrest it should surely
be tbe first olllcinl object.
"Thero is, happily, a way open and
j which wlll remain open, whereby the
I pooplco of tho world could obtain al-
I most instantaneous mitigation of tbe
| thralldom In which they are involv
ing themselves. Everything Is relative, Tho strength of one navy is its
strength compared with another. Tbe
value of a ship .Upends entirely upon
the contemporary ship it may have
to meet. Tbe usefulness of naval Invention ceases when it ls enjoyed by
othe powers. Yet we see the ship
types of every nnval power superseding those of the previous years.
With remorseless persistency Bcorca ol
millions nre being absolutely squandered, while every year all the navnl
powers nre making not only the
fleets ol their rivals, but their own
fleet, obsolete without adding to
tbeir relative strength or actual security. Could any process be more
' "Tho question that, should he asked
of the great powers is the:  'If for
iato   abatement.    Tho   adoption   by  the space of a year no new warship
front. It is an appeal which wo address to all nations and to no nation
with more prolound sincerity than to
our great neighbor over the North
sea. Lot me say at onco and without reserve how* lfliir-h wo welcome tho
calm, friendly tone and tapper of the
recent German naval discussion*.
Great Britain and Germany have the
conviction that the desire of botb is
to prcscrvs peace."
j Mr. Ohurublll Uuu turned to British construction. He was glad to say
that nothing had happened during the
year to alter the numerical program
submitted ln 1912, giving six years
period to Britain's 25 dreadnoughts,
against Germany's 14. He said that
j two ships would bo added to this total for evory extra vessel luid down
by Germany. Additional to this
| would be any ships Britain might
jhave to build ln consequence of n?w
naval developments In tho Mediterranean, but no sucb developments nro
observable at tbo present timo. lie
emphasized the (act that tho Malay
| dreadnought and the throe ships now
under discussion in Canada would ulso be additional, that being tho spec
ihe condition upon which they arc to
bo given nnd accepted.
"These," added Mr. Churchill, "nre
the basis of a naval policy, which
cooly und inflexibly pursue.) .luring
the next few years, will, wo believe,
placo this country and the empire beyond the reach of purely naval pressure, and which need not, at any
stage of Its execution, be fomented
Into a cause of quarrel with our German neighbors.
"I will now examine throe subsi
diary objections which may, witb
some show of plausibility, be urged
tfrom different parts of the house,"
continued Mr. Churchill. "First,
there is an obvious dlle.nna nbout
colonial ships. Either, it is said, our
standard of 60 per cent is sufficient
(Continuod on I'ngo Klve)
Andrianople Has Fallen!
Tchatalja Also Taken by Bulgarians—Losses Severe
—Whole Regiments Blown Up
Lunil'.n.—A.lrlnnoplo has fallen alter one of the moat stuhl:o~n defenses In tho history of walaro, el. 1
Tchatalja, according to a telegram
received by the Bulgarian legation at
,ondon tonight, haa suffered n liko
The Information regarding Tchat.nl
ja, may refer tu tbo town ol that
nnmo and not tho fortifications, although It <s ..osslblo the Bul nri ns
carried all before thom.
Shukrl Pasha, tho .1.fonder ol A.lrl-
niu.pl.., handed hla sword to Gen rnl
Hnvoff, the llnlrarlrn gon'raMsBlmo,
this afternoon, not, however, heforo
carrying out bis threat to destroy
tho town rather than lot it fall into
tho hands of tho Bulgarian...
From all accounts the arsenals,
Btore* nnd much of tho town aro Jn
flames. It was rei orted nl o that
Hhukrl Pasha had takon bis own llle,
but this Is believed untrue, n', nf'or
deciding lhat defence was no longer
possible, he sent word to General
Hn"on* llmt ho was burntn-; Iho city.
Oeneral   Ivnnofl,   who   commanded
tho forces around Adrlanople, wlll
enter tomorrow, whllo Kin. Ferdinand will follow soon thereafter.
Tho battle, which preceded the snr-
rtndnr, started ,,n Sunday night with
a three hour's I ouilardment. Later
tho besieging troops In lho eust advanced under tbe glare ot sentc'.-
II. bis to attack and advance works
nt .Masla'i. Aftor a fierce .ielei.se,
lasting throughout M"ndny, the
iTurkn retired Iron, lhe forward forts.
I Although great progress bad been
j made in the east, In other sections
eiiormo-m lessen hnd resulted to tbe
Bulgarians with small gains. Tho
1 i.ttaek wis resinned and Tuesday an.l
.Wc.lnes.liy the Important inner forts
were taken, nfter hard lighting.
I According to i, despatch received nt
I Belgrade from Mustupba I'tishn tho
sacrifice* were severe. The Servian
Thirteenth nud tho Bulgarian Eighteenth regiments woro blown up hy
' mines. Tin. renervo hospital! havo
' proiii.ro.) to rocclvo thousand* ol
I Tho poop's) ol tho town are said to
.bo   panic utrlckou. and even Europ...
from tho history ... previous wars,
fears that the occupation today may
he nccompsi."'1' by Indiscriminate
No .owa has born received from
Cosstnntlnnple, but It Is feared tbat
when the rupture of Adrlanople he
comes known another revolution mny
occur, If Tchutljn ban fallen there
iu likely to he a dangerous Influx of
dofentod troops.
A Sofia dispatch dated S.IO p. Itl..
March .fi, to a London news agoncy,
says that fighting is proceeding in
tho streets of Adrlanople,
A Constantinople dlBpntch  lo tho
same a"eney snys Ihn Turkish center
at Tchuttuln was driven In Tuesday,
with .. loss of win killed.
In courso of a dolence ol uewspa
por "personal," Clarence Lodge cm
eludes: "Names is News," Is «. Baying
around a newspaper office that runs
back to lho timo when the Eden l'n
qulrer reported Hint Mr. ond Mrs.
Adam hail left. Garden Palnco to
mnk* their home elsewhere.--Kansas
Olty Star.
Dayton, Onlo.—Dayton tonight
nothing less than a seething river, 8
to 20 feet deep, three mllCH wide, a
mile and a half on each side of Ma.n
Street, Its principal thoroughfare,
whllo it ls estimated that Ifrom 3000
to 5000 people havo perished.
Tho Algonquin hotel is submerged
In water up to Its third story and
above this level In the downtown district olllce buildings, hotels and business houses are places of refuge.
A sehool building thnt wus known
to havo housed not lesB than ,00
school children shortly belore the
waters rushed in that direction, Is
entirely submerged, and as far ns
can bo ascertained all ol those little
ones met a watery grave.
The flooded district comprises a circle, with a radius of a mllo and a
half, and nowhere is the water less
th.u six foot docp. In Main street,
in the down town section, the water
is   20 feet deep.
Tho horror is heightened   by   more
than a dozen lires which can be seen
in  tho flooded district,  but out
reach of tho urefflghters.
Most of tho business bouses nnd
nearly all of tho residences have occupant*. Down town tho offices arc
filled with men unable to got homo,
and on the upper floors and on some
of tho roofa of thc residences aro
helpless womon nnd children. Hundreds of houses, substantial buildings
ln the residence district, many of
them with helpless occupants, have
been washed away.
The St. Elizabeth's hospital, with
600 patients, wub reported to hav.
been washed. Thc building wn.
known to bo in many feet of watoi
and indications arc that the report
may prove truo.
The" electric   light plants wore pu
out ol business c'.nrly In tho day nn
total (lai-i'.nes... coupled fflth a tor
entlal downpour, added to the "Bor '
rors of tho night.
Famiue also became nn immedlat
All of tho supply and grocery nous
SI.oot.ng_ Affray
Stella Duflleld, a resident of the
Red Light diatrict, across the river
trom Fort Stoelo, was arrested on
Wodneoday tor shooting a man named
Wm. Browletto.
Full particulars of tho uhootla; aro
not obtainable at this time, hut it is
known that llrcwlctto left Crnnbrook
nbout midnight on Tuesday for Fort
Steele. He bears a most unsavory
reputation, and la said to be tbe lov-1
cr ol ono of the Inmates of the house,
which Is owned Bnd run by tlio accused woman.
Tho Duflleld woman waived a preliminary examination before .Insure
if tho Peace. A. B. Fenwick, and wna
sent up for trial before a court of
competent Jurisdiction.
The victim of tho shooting. Wlll-
iam Drewlette, who received the bullet in his groin, was examined nt
.'t.'elc, but the physician, not lind-
ing thc bullet, he was taken to the
St. Eugene Hospital nnd up to tbo
present time, tho bullet li is rot been
located. A further examination i.v
tbe X-Rzy proenss will bo hold on
es are in the submerged district, and
nt midnight it was said there waB
not enough bread to last the survivors another day,
John Ii Patterson, president ol tb*
National Cosh Register Company,
who headed tho relief work In the
onth end of tho city, sent out an
appeal for food supplied and for doctors nud medicines. Tonight 8,000
homeless were houses In the Cash Register olllce.
A lire which started trom an explosion In th- Meyers' Ice Cream company plant, near Wyoming Btreot
spread anil burned the block on South
Park, uhout a block Brora Wyoming.
Another big fire is reported to have
burned a down town Work.
Tbo breaking ol the Eurlton reeer-
voir lelt the city without drinking
water, and physicians declared there
wns great danger ol typhoid in tho
use of the flood water.
There uro no boats In Dayton which
can breast tho current, and thoso on
the outside early gave up any attempt to reacli the business section.
How many houseB havo    been swept
away and how many occupants were
carried to their   death   can not    be
learned until thc waters recede.
Tho Wyoming street, on the soutb
side, where tbe National Cash Register compnny centered Its effort* at
rescue, many snved tbelr lives by
creeping on a telephone cable a hundred feet above tbo flood.
At Ilrst linemen crept along, th*
cullies carrying tow ropes to which
.ho flat bottomed boats were attach*
id. When thc flood became so fierce
-hat tbe boats uo longer wero able
... make way ngainflt it, men end wo-
nen crept along the cables to safety.
ithers, less daring, saw darkness tall
■id gave up hope ol rescue.
Those willing to risk tbelr live* In
he"fitif<npt to rescue lound them-
i-lveB in laco oi tl*e water.
Seventy thousand ol Dayton'* pollution, it Is reported,  ar* homelee*.
(Continued on Pago Five)
Marvelous Growth
Last year the C.P.R. sot up a new
i ..socager traffic record, tbe number
of poople  buying   tickets being Juat
something ovor tho 13,000,000 mark.
a.I heads extra.
Tho railway hopes in 1913 to eclipse
this figure.
The big line curried 13,593,069 pus
sengers last year, or a trifle over 10,-
000,000 more than it did in 1899. Th*
comparisons with tbo Intervening
years are Interesting, and are as follow*'.
1899 8.483,843
1900 4,031,322
1901 4,245,417
1902 4,755,884
1903 5,489,306
1904 6,156,138
1905 6,800,487
1906 7,665,481
1907 8,671,438
1903 9,334,811
1909 9,675,075
1910 11,050,914
101} 11,928,942
1912 13,593,569
Young Men's Club
Form^Opening on   March   21st   Last-Exceptional
Program Greets Large Attendance
The formal opening of tho Young
Men's Club took place on Friday evening last.
A large number ol citizens attend
ed tho oponing. Fred K. Simpson ol
Victoria, former editor of the Crnn-
hrook Herald, an old time resident of
Knot Kootenay, gave the opening nd
Ircss. Hov. 0, D, Kendall und Hov
W. K, Thompson also spoke of the
advantages to be derived l-y the
members of the Club. Alter tho ad
IrcoBoa wefe concluded, the following
song progrnmme was rendered:
Solos hy Mrs. Neablt, Mrs. A II
Macdonald. und Mrs, Geo. F. Steven
son. Harold Darting gave several
readings in the French Canadian dialect, this was followed by selections
by   the  Odd   Follows  male quartette
nd during the evening the City Hand
len.lcrcd several nun bets.
Following nre Die officers ol the
I'rosldont—J, n  McBride.
vice Pros.—W, ll. Wilson
See.-Troi.o.-W. V.  Altrlilge
Director*—I!. A. McKowan. E. lllll,
IH, iiiitnfieid, (i. w Patmore ami ,1.
H. McNabb,
j   Rev. w. h. Dunham is the managing secretary, nnd Mr   .1   .1   Wilkin
sou Instructor.
'   The building Is a haudsomt edifice,
•30x85 leet lu   length,   and  is tbree
stor.es in height.
I 'lhe gymuuslum Is .16x60 feet, and
] is 16| feet In height. Tbe floor ba*
, been marked out for indoor bale ball,
I basket hull, volley hall, roquet. In-
door tennis and other games.
I The gymnasium equipment, costing
about 17(0.00, Is now enroute to
I Crnnhrook and will bo Installed at
once on its arrival.
Tho swimming tank ie 20x40 feet,
with a depth of from 3 to 7 foot.
There la a reception room, office,
'..ling room, and dressing room*,
lavatories, etc. The building and
miter In the tank Is heated by
by steam.
Tho building and equipment* coat
110,11110, nnd is ono of thn largest and
hest equipped gymnasiums In the Interior oi British Columbia,
Previous to tbe opening, several
inemhers gave exhibition* in the
swimming tank.
The new Club wlll bo nn asset to
Crnnhrook, an excellent place for re
oreal ion and amusement, as well a*
conducive to tbo hcBt form ol physical cull.ire.
Special davH will ho reserved (or
ladles In lho gymnasium, swimming
tank, and other pints of tbo building. TIIF, PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, B. C.
B\- E. R. Ptinshon
Wart, Lock A Co.. Limited
London, Melbourne & Toronto
Hue and Cry
The man ran as only those run
whom an awful fate pursues, His
face was pale and drawn; ho weat
with ureat leaps and Inmnds; obstacles in his way he seemed to crash
through as thou?., he were not aware
of thom. Once when he fell he jumped up and rushed ou without even the ' Ing jacket and a eap.
hair and acti ryes like a Rlrl's.     If
he  were in  trouble and  dangfr and
■ dtflgraco— if he wero  like  this  poor.
I panting fugitive—who could help him?
i Who?
i    Now you, said lie roughly, do you
want me to hide you?
i    Uncompr eh ending.y the other bllm.-
I od  vacantly,  and  Thorold   swore   ut
Jliim in a ra&c.
I    If you can'! help yourself --be growl-
, ed.
t    Vor dear Anil's sake help me, burst
lout the fugitive wilh a great sob, oh,
I only help me and I'll  -
>    Don't whine, said Thorold roughly,
! don't whine, and don't.make promises;
| there's nothing I   hate   more   thaJi
[promises except whining.     Come.
He took him by *.!:;• arm ami led lum
a few r.-top.s dowu the Ml! to where a
motor car siof)d hy the road side.
1    See that, he said; now, just listen,
i Something haf goce wrong, and I stopped a minute ago to Hnd out what.
rHere. lie look out a leather motor-
Put these on.
lie said, and crawl under the machine
tlal on your back. not. on your face,
you Cool. That's right, Keep your
.eg.*, well out of sight, for I have no
Winnipeg, Feb. 4th, to Feb. 18th
during  Bonspiel     e extend  a  hearty welcome.    Make our ofllce your  head-
qu.irters.    Have your mall addreaaed here.
We have a great many listed with us at snap prices to sell or exr.h.mne.
POSSIBLY YOU  DESIRE TO  INVEST IN SOME CHOI ;E WINNIPEG PROPERTY, the coming Chicago ot Canada,    Millions of profit*, wlll bo made by
present Investors.
UP  TO $10,000.
SCOTT,  HILL & CO., 22 Canada Life Building
Wlnnlpeo,  Man.
Famous London Cathedral Said to be
Confroned by Grave Dangor
London.— A new danger now
threatens Bt. Paul's Cathedral, Iu the
opinion of those responsiblo for tbti
fabric, the proposed tramway tunnel
that forms au Important part of Lhe
St. Paul's bridge scheme heiu^ regarded wiih apprehension.
The par.iunu'niary bill seeking pO-V-
or for this uew venture has just been
lhat bolt, j deposited by the London county coun
loss of a second though bis hands
were tuin am, his mouth was bleeding where he had cut It against a
stone on the    groimd.    Behind    bin.
Hie who!.? trail of his pursuers was   IrouBOrs to offer you
.isiblr, foUowiu^ wiih shout and cheer' well unscrew the nut and tako It out j oil" und so wo feel tbat wo must mako
ami somo even wiih laughter as .and :hen put it back again, Make our protest ut once, said Canon ri. A.
though i' were all a jest, this des- as much ru)...-- a-- you can and now Alexander, treasurer ot th. Cathedra!
pernte, swift flight and  hot pursuit,   ami then hammer a bit—-that's right, i recently.
First of all those who followed ihero Ah, there they come, but keep cool. I The duugi-r arises out of tbo fear
was, as if to lend tho scene a touch ot | The fugitive obeyod these Instruct- entertained by our expert adwsers
vulgar comedy, a very fut policeman,  iuns *,•,,■]. both bpeed and Intelligence. ! that  Uie  proposed subway   tbrouj
puffing and blowing and yet wonderfully keeping his position, and Just b_-
hind lilm and overtaking him fa.**'
ran a lean, dark man, whose forehead
was marked with an open wound.
There werr* wide woods on the
right band of the fugitive iu which he
might easily have found a secure hiding-place. There was a river on bis
left which lie might have swim, and
found a refuge in a tangle ot lanes
nnd hcilR-'s and high garden walla.
Uut In his blind fear, his oue idea tbe
need for flignt, his one knowledge his
com-cio'isncss of the fact tbat his pur-
Kuerera pressed him hardly, he ran
straight on, straight, down tho white
straight road. Even the hare with
tbe dogs behind her will turn and
twist, but this unhappy hunted creat-
Tborold look off ids own coat and be
gar. to work very industriously at the
ipper part of his machine, while from
below came the busy tapping of the
hammer of this fugitive whom be wus
snatching from the law's long arm.
These arrangements  were    barely
i om pleted when thc ilrst wave of thc
pursuers burst over tho crest of the
hill.      Foremost was tbe lean, dark
man with the wounded forehead, for
the fut policeman wbo bad  stuck
long and so gallantly  to  the  ch .
bad  been  beaten by   the  hlif.      He
was now seated at the foot of it, groaning  loudly,  and  fully   persuaded  be
m :-■ bave losl a' least a stone during
the  last half hour.   But  tho
and others had fallen out. still moi
lad joined in.     Seeing thi
Chaplain Sacrifices Life Ministering
to Dying Man
Paris. —- The former Abbe Mario
Jujos du Coudray, military chaplain,
died recently in circumstances which
entitle him to tbo name hero. Ho
was r-amnioned recently to the
Versailles military hospital to the bedside of an artillery man who was dying of an Infectious fever. Although
aware of Ihn danger, for the doctors
warned hhn, he remained with ths dying artilleryman until the latter succumbed.
The BUtne even log Ibo chaplain, a
robust man of 35, was taken 111 with
similar symptom!, of Infectious fever,
nnd within forty hours he also explrot,
a martyr to duly. His funeral took
place at Fontaiiifhleau.
Kings, Ancient and Modern
London. -    Homo or thr*. residents of
Pewaoy, (Wilts), have deol 1 id to erect
a Btatuo of Ulna Alfred as a corona
tlon memorial to Kltut (leorge V.
which trams will run from a terminus
at Cheapside under the eat-i side of
the churchyard and Cannon street to.
a point near ihe new bridge, will drain
our foundations. The Cathedral Is i4n Angeles. — Utile Miss Myra
built on water-bearing soil above the j^, ;l comely Chinese girl, is tbo
clay, and the constant danger is thatl _r8| woman of thi- oricul to register
this soil may become dl) and decrease fts a vo[t,,. •„ llu, viilied States. Miss
iu bulk, thus leading tp settlements I kee u iin ardenl suffragist and will
of the foundations and cracking of tho| make teaching her life work. First
watts. Indeed, Mervyn Macartney, 8ne will teach in a Lob Angeles school
architect to the dean and chapter, ^^j \iiU.r ffpj B0 to china, probnbly
takes so serious a view of anj BUCn u, Canton, where she will inculcate
drainage that ho  is  unable  to^say  the principles if woman suffrage, as
well as isngi'sh aud literature, iuto
An American tourist was having his
hoots poilshod by an Irish shoeblack,
and as the latter WOS administering
the finishing touches bis palt-on rudely tossed two coppers on the pave
monl OS a reward.    This insult udded
(to, no doubt, by tbe fact thai Iho Toward was lhe mere icror.nl/ed two*
pence, onussd iho shoo blaok to exclaim:
! Thank yo Or. The only polish you
have Is on your boots, and 1 gave yoi
ure seemed to have no thought bur   Wi:.h the two men working at ::. 'ho ;
tbat of simple speed.
(■.ven whon he came fo tlio hill, from
thr tup of which, with sombre eye3.
Edward Thorold watched his flight he
neither pau:;od nm- hesitated, nor
thought of a way round, bur hurled
himself against It as against an
enemy his sole hope lay In instantly
conquering. His .speed hardly
slack.-nod as he rushed up II, and as
his figure emerged on the summit
against 'ii'' sky line a shouting from
below told thai he was seen.
II seemed that the sound of tha*
shoiil was like a spur to him, for the,
next (wo bounds he mad-": were swifter atiil longer than ever; and then
Thorold -Hepped from vbo wayside and
stood before him, and with a sob of'
despair the fugitive fell flat at bis
It bad been Thorold's full Intention
to hold bim and give blm over to his
pursuers,     For his dr.,ss was hideous
and the tinrk of   the   broad    arrow,
stamped    all    over    if     allowed    at |
..ue    who und wbat. he was and why
be fled.       Hut in thi.* sudden  pltUul
collapse  'hern was    Hoinetlun^   that
touched Thorold. though hT* held him-
.-.*iJU^^^ilJ«¥v^"wtVra sense- of com-
passion; and also timre came swiftly
Into his mind a memory of the errkml
nu which he himself was bent.    This,
poor rogue crouching at his feel was.
nothing, hul Ihe only person in all the
wide world for whom he cared might
in n day ot two ho forced to share
tin's poor shrinkor'fl peril und despair. '
..'.■i up, ho satd roughly to the fugitive, gel up; I'll nol slop you.
Iluf .ill th*' motion thai thn mau i
made wns to spread out bin arms '
feebly and lay ihem about Thorold's
feet. Thorold war, fond of thinking
himself a cold and stern man. hut
bn round lhis gesture Infinitely pitiful,
From over tbe bill sounded the tumult
lean, dark leader shouted es Ited ■ I
kn • -■•   which   waj   the   f igiti      had
■ kei
i;;..   What?  Who?  asked   rh - J
carelessly, and  then   went  down  on
his knees and popped bis bead un
the  mai blue as  li to  speak to his
■ ompanion.
Confound It sir. shouted the    tal!.
dark man furiously,      l am a
office,    inspector  Lock.      i  demand
your assistance,
I'm not good at running, said Thorold briefly.      What the mischief ar
you doing with that bolt, Jone_? he
aided  to bis companion.
Why didn't you stop him? demanded
Inspector Lock.
Why don't you catch blm? rc;or:c-l
1 believe, cried the Inspector, th-U
yuur sympathies are with him.
■ ": damagi mlghl end. When
we remember that Holy Trinity in
KIngsway which stands beside a similar subwaj bad to be rebuilt, we
:annol but do all in our power to
.... ,   si    Paul a trove the possibility
\  protest  bas  been  addressed  '.o
_ha rman oi the L.C C.  by the
dean and chapter, and as custodians
of a great national monument wo trust
,   due weight will be given to our
'. view.     About five years ago
:.    council    diverted    a    big    sewer   MESSAGES  BY WIRELESS  PHONE
was thought threat-]  _
be Cathedra] just as the proposed subway would do, and so we are
■   .'■ in this matter.      Tht' cost of
ng the L. C. C.'s bill would be
so heavy for us and it is so difficult
to find funds even for the present ne-j Benin.— A most notable step
cessary repairs that we feel sure the forward has just been made by the
public" will be with us in uraing th.' Germans in the efforts to transmit tele-
authorities to drop that part of the phone messages without tho _se of
scheme, which, in the opinion of all}w^fes. Experiments fc&ve been made
•.xperti,    would    seriously    th.eate
the mind*, of Chinese children
Miss I.e.1, after graduating with lion-
| ers from the grammar schools of Uis
Angeles, received a diploma from the
Polytechnic high school, speeializing
in literature. Hcr father, l.ee Kw.il
Sing, is a weaJthy resident of Los
Au^elcs and ._ on intimate terms with
many of tbe repubiieau lenders in
Can  be   Distinctly  Heard, Over  New
Invention, a Distance of 250
Now They Don't Speak
Maud—So .Tack compnred nu with
something sweet, did ho? The dear
fellow!   What wttfl ll?
Marie— I don't think I should tell
Maud—Oh. do.      I Insist!     .
Marie—Well, he referred to you as
the human marshmallow. You certainty had laid tho powder on thick,
Wren's great masterpiece.
1 confess, returned Thorold, lhat I ' Aitr7.-7(^Ci
mania     ^     "*      _
see little difference between a rogue |
in uniform ami a rogue out of uniftrrui''
Tbe inspector went pale >|^i unfter '
—he hud been red l>er.v;_ -_nii ni^_e
a step forwarjl^_ut Thorold. not pay-
■•f-.  thj! -t___st attention to lum. hand- . 0"( it_l-. „
ed down to his almost invisible com-' more than
panion another wrench with a brief or- j
'der to tighten up some nuts.
I shall remember your conduct, sir.
said the Inspector, nud he ostenta-
tiotiBly mo veil to look at tin1 number
of the car.
Well, if I wen- a    thief   catcher.
which, thank  heaven.  I  am  nor.  returned Thorold. I should iry to catch !
my thieves Instead of enjoying friend*.
ly chats by Uie wayside, but no douot
you know your own business best,
Inspector Lock bestowed on bim a |
look of lho inmost fury, bill without
saying anything more turned away to.
rest!mo tiie pursuit. While pausing!
lo speak wiih Thorold ho had been
signalling lo each new batch or pu> |
Biters  wlio came up, directing each '
daily-for'the last few weeks betwee.
the N'auem central wireless telegraphy
IsUition and Berlin, aad according to
. the Taeglicbo Rundschau,   they   are
! crowned wiih success,
Thc journal learns that not only can
a whole newspaper article be "telephoned without difliculty between the
1 above-mentioned stations, which ara
some fiftojn miles apart, but wireless
roues  the     Mediterranean
Sea In a Monoplane
Rome.  — M.  Garros,    who   is    a
Frpnch    airman      started      recently
in an attempt to fly from Tunis to
Rome hy way oi Naples and tbe coast  telephone messages can bo clearly ua
utstanea   at   considerably   derstood at a distance of 250 miles.
100 miles. i when tbe receiving apparatus harmon*
He left Cape    Bon, Tunis,    at    10 i izes with that at   the   station   from
o'clock, and arrived ct. Marsala, in the j which the messnt,o*^" dispatched.
island of Sicily, at  midday, after a      This surp:*js|ng success Is attrlbut-
flight of about ninety- miles over th*  etl l0 lho excellence of the machines
Mediierranea...      He afterward 1™  employed by tho Telefunken system.
on to rrapani, In   Sicily,   which   he  Most receilt Btat.stics show that there
reached at   -4.30    p.m.    In   landing,,iro   at  present  about  3500   wireless
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Hero is a story about the man who
unexpectedly had three scats sent to
him for The Pink Lady. Ills wife,
of course, was delighted, bnt she said:
What shall we do with the third
I don't know, my dear, he said.
Would you like to ask your sislor?
She paused for a moment and then
a brilliant idea struck her.
No, George dear, she said. I tell
you what we will do. You shall give
lt to the man whom you always go out
to see between the acts and then you
won't have to disturb yourself.
there ho damn
of th" pursuit, and Thorold frowned | group to takn a slightly different direction, so liat lliey were spread out j
fan wise all over 'he slope of the hid I
hotween   Un  rher  and   tho   woods.
Tho summit of tbe hill itself was bv j
now coinpatai.v.'y deserted savo lor \
an occasional Etraggler; and as what*
ever  trifling thing liad  been
In anger und contempt; it seemed bo I
poor a thing that such a rout should
pursue ihi:' one poor mlscrablo fright-,
euc.l   creature,    Bonding,   ho   caught
bold of lilm and dragged hliu roughly
tu bis fe.; and looked at bim.   There
was an odd conl last, between lire two
for Thorold wan an unuaua.il>' tall and
Blrongly-hllllt man. very Upright, ami
wiil. a irl.:lc of holding his bead high
that  gave most people the Idea tli.it
be was Intensely proud; while the fugitive was short and sllmly built, with
Rleuder limbs and  small  hands ami
feel.     Itui whai Thorold noticed more
waa linn he   was   young—not   much
more 'han twenlj    wiih fair hair and
toi* blue ey >n llko a girl's.   Edwa._
Thorold was Secretly proud of being
held a hard man. but something seem
telegraphy Btatlons in the world, that
one third of these are equipped with
Marconi apparatus, one-third with the
Telefunken and one-third with the apparatus of various systems.
It is said here that these statistics
are evidence of the triumphal progresB
of the German Telefuukpn system, nnd
prove that the latter has ousted tho
Marconi system from tho dominant position it once held In the world.
tossed iiim a rug to hide the eon.= pic-
UOUS livery of bis legs, the leather
oat and cap completely hiding thi
real of bis prison autre.
The machine was already In mition, \
and Thorold listened with a satisfied ■
oar to the  regular throbbing of the \
Belgium.—While It is noy set
tied beyond a doubt that Maurice
Maeterlinck, the famous Belgian au-
thor and philosopher, did not recently
[   IU    1.    lllll tl     III.' II,    Ull a     .■Kill'    . HI Mf,    ...   *•   ... ■■. I I. _        .....       . >   n'l llll        u.iuuiiih,       Vi       IUO •  • , . .
1 lo stir Iii his hcnrl ae Iio remoraber-1. nglnc—like iho Uealthy beat   of   ..' ™iio lo this country, tlic arrival ol
cl lino
or !a.l ol  aWonta* will,  fair
itrong man's Mood—but as bc started
■ip  the  hill, hi- companion  mado
Butlden  clutch at his arm.
(To be Continued I
A Clever Blind Man
One of the cleverest of Cleveland's
blind newspaper merchants takes his
stand dally at one of the. corners >f
the public square. He's got a sarcastic little sirjn that reads: n
Don't be ashamed to give mc a
penny—I'm blind.
Tho other day a friend of ours dropped a nickel In front of this chap/Just
to see if he was faking. The blind
man never sbitlcd his blank gaze, but
lie said:
Make It a quarter, boss, and I'm
likely to forgot, myself.
All Hcr Life Spent Industriously Upon
Berlin, flrrmany. — Fran Hedwi:;o
Slnnwa, the oldest woman In Germany,
his  talented   wife,   Mme.   Georgette
I.eblanc Maeterlinck, ls a very well
established fact.     .The wife ot the
great  playw.'.ght, poet, essayist and: tlioll t01i;iy at Doormund at tho agi
safe, herself a famous singer, Is one o[ j18
$100 Reward, $!uu.
The ruder; 6! il.u pan., wlil be pawed te lean.
_l lliere la at lea,, one dreaded fl«ue the. arienoe
bla been title u cure In Ul ita auiea. wid tb... a,
CUtrrli. H.ll'a .'lUrrll Cure la tbe only poalUvs
cure now known to .1.9 medical IratemHr. CaUnr
belli, . conaumUanal dtaeaae, require. . tonstl.ii-
Uon.1 treatment. Hall'. Carrb cure la Uken In-
tcrnill", art's* tltitcttj upon .he blood tnd muenu.
unlaces of tbe aystern, .hereby destroying tho
lonndltlon ot Uie dlse.ee, a,l filvln. the patient
nrenglb by balldlnt up the eon.lllutlon and u>al-t-
ioff nature In doing I.s work, 'ibo proprietors have i
v much folth hi Ua curative poner. that they offer
One uundred Duller, ror any cam that It- labs to
vure.   Scad fe; Hat cl testimonials
Acli:reas F. J. CHKNICY A. CO   Toledo. O.
tied by all .'russule. T5e.
'lake llall's Family Pill, lor _sllp.lh»i.
William S. Gummers, cblef Justice
of the New Jersey superior court, bas
a keen sense of humor, which sparkles
at time. He had Just taken a seat in
a Pennsylvania railroad train on his
way home from Trenton the other day.
when a rather gaudily dressed woman
walked ap to him and demanded to
know: Is this the smoker? No, responded the Justice, quietly, you'll find
thc smoker two cars ahead.
Wise mothers who know the virtue,*
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have lt at hand, because
It proves Us value.
Once, ln travelling, Dr. Bledso was
exceedingly annoyed by a pedantic
bore who forced himself upon him anl
made a great parade of his learning.
The doctor bore lt as long as he could,
and at length, looking at him gravely
My friend, you and I know all that
there ls to to known.
How Is that? said the man pleased
with what he thought a complementary association.
Well, eald the doctor, you know
everything except that you are a fool,
and 1 know that.
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
caso of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or
Protruding Piles In 0 to 14 days. 60c.
Began with itcliint1 Sensation. Kept
Awako at Night, Caused Great
Pain, Thought Operation Only
Cure. Cuticura Soap ant) Ointment Entirely Cured in 6 Weeks,
.',. icw 11 r ..... ' '. rlO —"1 .uf-
f' r..l for two moo ■ ■!'-" thfl pllfli. Thsry
tint began vlik . udder. Itching sensation
which  u..-'i  to l.ccp mo
aWal'. :.l 111^!:'.     1 Tll'l Uir-
t'Tfin. airi'is of ointment...
'.   «■.       stop tha Itching which did
J    "/      not pro™ valuable in tin.
/   ,.  1*.    lout and la my surpriv.
j    iif":i-. f-'w wori.s thoy l.e-
v ..'i i,, bleed.   1 .111 n'ot
know wbat to do as they
..tu.ie.l m,' great pain. 1 began to tbln!.
tbal ...' operation was tint only cum fur
tbem. I hoard of Cuticura soup ana Olnt-
iiieat and decided to try them. I .wnt for
,, njunole anri aflrr using tbem .-. few tlnn I
I round ..it to my great relief Ihey gave
w.e loe Pain ;»n'l lu..',- nn llle l,l.."Hnu began
iu cooflo, 1 got some mow and continued
•..ah lho Outlenra Ointment and Soap, I
licpan io gel boiler .loop al nlntn and after
.I. wccki' r.'u'i'/i iruatmoat ' And Hint I
inn entirely cured, (Signed) ... Uonnotl,
Mu :: I rn :.
1 r you wish .. Oris Dinar "f plmplM, blnrl,-
v.".<!. nnd other annoying nrupttnns, hands
>..,ri and ai„I,- i .ir llvo and glossy, nml
kju*p h*oo i-"iin dandruff nnd iiuiiinct. bagln
iu-il.,v Mi" regulai re illi lira Boan for
IV' i'i'i"! both nnd nlinraporj. " utl '"I Irf
t.n rjcca-Ionnl lighl application "f Outlcum
..liiiiii"!,i. Hold throughout the world, I.IIh
ir;.l samplo of each mailed r.c. with 09-p,
l««in nook, A.i.,...-.. |..... card Potter Drill
•fChotu.Corp.,Dei.t, ui., Hoetuu,u.a. A.
ke  RaKler, He Taken (0 Crime Un-
tier stres. of Exeltewtent
(*■ .; v ,   - ir. :'•• V  :' '■■ :• !..*     y,a •,
of ibo most Interesting personalities
tbat have visited our fhnres. She
is a high priestess of the cult that
preaches the perfect wifehood, and
sho l:as evolved a philosophy of her
own for reaching that happy destiny
ill matrimony.
:•.  .vu.i committed la a li
ii;i at Zurich, and was so clever.'/
i"i;   "    'i   I '   '■'■■•■  po'.: "■   eo lid  r.,,1
Millionaire  Found  Hang nrj  In  Train
At     Berlin,    a    millionaire     cat-
Mc raiser named   Merger   has   been
She had worke,: all her iifc as an
agricultural laborer, nnd was still
actively employed last week.
All ber relatives lire dead, and the
old women froQUOntly expressed tlio
desire to die, as sbo had lived too long.
Pat's Answer
When .lames T. Brady first opened
a lawyer's olhcc In New York he took
a basement room which had. bcen pn-
vlously occupied by a cobbler. He
was somewhat annoyed by the previous occupant's cullers and Irritated
by tho fact that ho had few of his
own.     One day an Irishman callod.
The eobV.ler gone, I see, ho snld.
I alionld think he has, tartly responded Brady.
And what do ynu sell? nsked ths
visitor, looking ul the solitary tablo
anil n few law books.
Blockheads, responded nrndy.
Begnrrn, said the Irishman, yo mult
Of the Earth Earthly
A. number   of  misguided   persona I __ __\ne ft mighty line busirioss—yo
at  Hanover. Germany, culling tbem-  ,lal't ,,ot ,)llt onP lr,ft
1 selves Terruphnges,   liavo   fornieil   n 	
Ibe author, who escaped wl.h.fo.nd dead   in   mysterious   olroum. 0!ub plodged to oat nothing bnt oartll       -     ,, „       .   „      -      ,
I, fo. els n;:.r money  valued ai   staiia. s iu a train near CaomnltB, Sax-  after the manner of certain dcgradel      wl*pn Holloway s Torn r ure is np-
■    ! ony. 'savage trlboo.     Pamphlets extolling \ P»«' l0,:l <crn,,"'„wml '■ '"',ls   ]!°
I   «  ;: known llrm ot solicitors nt I    wht,n •*" '"'n arrived nt a stnllon   Uio advantages of Torraphaglsm aro  r""1" <">» the ralloslly comes out with-
nri v  irm i all Uio stolen p-o-' "Mr L'lieniinv. i__   mllllonalro   was bolng issued la Fronob, German anl
,,'.'1 io tha Judge of ih.. Zurich trtb-1 ?'*!:*i°_i;-^_,i^n!^?Ar__.^?? coL1in__„ English
Practically every man who Is a slave to drink trie, again and agai.i
to break the chains thnt bind hint to this degrading habit. Tho intense craving vllch only repented drinks wlll temporarily relieve ia
proof tha: l10 system Is poisoned with alcohol.
!s n purely veRPtublo onnipound lakon Internally which loaves no bail
aftor (ffTeriH,
The Neal Treatment takes away ull desire for Jr'nk and remove,
all alcoholic poison from tho system.
It requires only threo dnys, not weeks, for the Neal Treatment,
Write for full nartloulars,
1244 SMITH 9T.
820 13th AVE.  W
The best for
all occasions
Always suitable. Always stylish
_ha only mrn tnd ifttliftotorT wiy in whtoti tha TTeiter* ram*
ten Becura the Meheit pmslble market value for hla wheat, onti. barley and
flax la ty ahlpplng It by the carload to Fort William or Port Arthur, or te
Duluth If cars cannot be cot for the othT terminals (loading tt If pofti'.b.a
direct Into the car over the loading platform ao aa to aava elevator charge*
and dockage; and employing a atrlctly commlnlon firm ta handle and uii*
pone of It.
Wa continue to aet aa the Farmera* Agenta aolcly on a rnmmlnslon bail.i.
We are not trackbuyera and we never buy the Farm<*rn' grain on our owb
account, but look after and dtepoa* of the grain entrusted to ua, as tht
agenta of those who employ ua, and It la our destro and endeavor to give
everyone the very best service possible. We make liberal advances against
ear shipping bills, and will also carry the grain for n tlm** undor advances at
a moderate commsrclal rate of Interest. If conaldered advlHHuie. We Invite
all Farmers to writs to us for shipping Instructions and market informat:em.
Thompson Sons & Company
There are do vegetables just like your
owe frowiag.    Provide far a good table,
eat vegetables, aad (brew away medicine.
fe not oaly supply yon with lhe Finest Tested
Seeds for tbis Couatry, but we also ahow yon
Told ia ear booklets, 1S3 pages (copyrighted).
Tbe first ef tbe kiad printed in Canada.    Tbey
coataia the  beat Western eaperiesce  ef eapert
Market Gardners.   Son ad, practical and aeasible-
just wbat yon waat te haaw in preparing the seed
bed, manuring, atartiag tbe seed, transplanting, forcing,
ripening, storing, destroying insects, etc.     The price
is 10 cents per booklet ($1.00 for the full set of 11,
including vegetsble and special field crops), but FREE to
purchasers of enr seeds.      See our catalogue, page 2.
"■-;,_, L I M I T I. i
Extra light Weight
Repeating Rifle
Sho»Ii .22 Short, ,22 Long
■nd .22 Lang RID* Car-ridge.
This is a well made, handy little rifle, known
as the Model 1906, costing little money to
buy and little money to shoot. It handles all
three of the cartridges mentioned above,
which makes it very useful, either for target
or game shooting. It is made up to the Winchester standard, to shoot strong and accurately and give satisfaction in every way.
Look into it.  Catalogue sent free on request.
unal, and itateil I. n letter Uiat un « se.ond^hiFa co.-Durtmeni.   At lint
der profeislomtl socr.o  u,-v com. t was BUBpeoted Uiy ho hod conim^
. ■■ •.•„.„.,...-„» in.ir .-ll.'n., win **-'*, *?*f.^ $,*••.« *>••' «atl0J re
w..« a wealth*- man, _d who beoama vf°}•* tkl", "lct l,at,r,IC ,'J kutidreds
i burglar like Itafriee-andor th., |"'hilars In cash, which he.y,d tako.i
Rtrpa3 ol excitement. The Cr-rman
firm of lawyers liop.nl th.'.t us all the
goods hava i,arri r. turned and thr-lr
client  le \rry  repenlent, no further
nicasures ?il! bo taken In Uie .:a:;.-.
The *.!irich Judge, however, han olher vlewe, anl demands lhe arrest of
the burglar. The fed, ral government agrees, nud through II Berlin
d Inlet r has deman I. d the arrcjl an I
1 extradition or the burglar.
wiih i.im to purenaso breeding otocl.,
had bcen lakon from bis pookets,
The jinllee are Heiii'flilnj: for a farn.
band v.ho recenlly entered the murdered man's service alu-r being roloased
from a convict prison, It Id liellovod
lhat the ex convict Induced Bergcr to
make a Journey and elllicr accompanied him or gol ln tne same train by
W. N. U. US
Romance Up to elate
It was a secluded corner Itomma I
in wiih palms and falrj llghl . calm,
cool, and restful. In tho <i ' inue
could If heard III" strains 0] a han.l,
playing n slow, rnpliiToim wallx, Tlio
very air br. nlhed wllb romance.
Do you rcAllzo wltal ll would mean
,f | were iii glvo VOU .-"' h a bOOUtl.Ul
rins'.' he asked sotlly,
Hl.e thoughi she did; but Instead it
saying nf> tor .he wish, ii io h< ar blm
sny Ihose blessed .vords bcrsolf—shd
cooed a goiiile -
Whal? What would |i mean?
lt would moan, ho said, na lie rn-e
l,i hiH fc I, lhal I should lmvo to llv"!
on ion oi nt lutiohos and wear old
clolh's for a year!
Only Bent
Hli" wan uiilj' 'HM pniindi: In wolglll
no that when she iii.d on a banana-
pool sho subsldod very gonlly. A po-
llte shopkoepot1 came out t.. assist lmr
In rise from a hoi; of liln l.cBt new-
laid .'(ten.
(Hi, I do liopo I have nol broken
Ihellll   sh"  'lied
Nnl al all. mailain. raid the Indite
one; they are .inly In nt.
Heine.--in reply to n recent nia-
trinionlul advofllsomont Inserted in
an Italian pnpor hy Slgnoro Clnseppl-
n,\ Marchcil, of Plaoonza, n candlduto
Who kept nn nppnlniincnt wllh hcr in
a tearoom proved to he hor husband,
from whom She had nol henrd "Inn.
he doscrled hef ton fears ago ln Eng-
I land,
Sitting on a Bomb
I.lsbon. - A man wub Bitting upon n box at tho rnilwny station at
Hoclo recently, when a bomb ln thn
box exploded, seriously Injuring him.
A great part of a military powder factory near I.lsbon was dcBlroyod this
morning by an explosion of nitroglycerin.     One workman was killed.
Chipped Isods
if Instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains iiolye or
acids, hut glycerine anil neutral
oils which keep the okin smooth
und in splendid con.litlou.
Try SNAP for a wrck anil notice
the .llffcrencc. 47
0;... '..ia ] wf '..la to-atT- -»" t«P0M.
out Injury lo Iho (lesh.
Miss Helen Onuld'B forlunj Is r,n!l
to exceed $20,000,000.
Municipal Saleswoman
It ls slated the St. Pnncras borough council will discuss a proposal
to appoint a municipal saleswoman
ahle lo explain to Inoulrorfl tho advantages and merltB of electrical cook-
lug aud heat lm: apparatus.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
A Swan's Broken Heart
Tho lost two beautiful swans
bave disappeared from tho octagonal
basin In the Jardln dos Tullorles, Par-
Is. Thoy wero an oxcniplitry couple,
says tho Figaro; tho male died ot
rheumatism and hla widow of grief.
Brought up on Beer
At Btllnbtirgh Dootor Silica
of Edinburgh, confessed to the member!, of the Clinical Society at Newcastle llml lie was broushl up on beer,
lie hud never drunk a glass of mill,
utiill ho wenl In Scotland, ii
he realized why Ihero wuh moro tuberculosis lu Hcotlnnd than anywhere
London. — Th»-Wlllcsdon Edn.v
tlon Authority han decided to start
cookery classes for boys et lhe local
Took Him Back
A Newharki'T rclalen this; I have
a friend In llutfalo who is Biiiurthing
ot a guy ..port. llo told mo If 1
ever came Ills way to look him up.
I had occasion to go to Iluffi.le, and
gave my friend's address to a taxi
cabby. Whin I got to tho Iioubo I
lold tho •■nhr.y to wait, as I waa not
suro If Mill was home and it wub late
at night. I rang tlio bell and a woman answered,
la this where Mr. —/'lives7 I Inquired.
Yos. snl.1 tho woman; bring him
right In.
A Very Wise Man
Tho  Lttwyor—Aro you  iicuunlnlcd
wllh  any of tho men oil  lho jury?
The  Wllnoss—Yoi, sir,
hall of Ihom,
The   Lawyer-Aro  you   willing   to
swear Unit yen know more than hair
of 11.0111?
The Witness -Say, If It couion to
Uuil, I'm willing lo swnar thai I know
more Ihan all of Ihem pul together.
Be Sociable
An old farmer was In London vis':'-
Ing his son, who hud got on In thi
world, and who kept a large nous.,
servants, etc.
When tho two sat down to dlnn.r
the lirst nlgbt ii manservant waited
upon ilu-ni, i ,".d was most assiduous
lu his attentions to the old farmer.
After watching Ills antics for a bit
the guest exclaimed:
What the mischief are ye daneln'
about llko that for? Can ye not draw
In ycr chair and sit down? I'm bum
then.', enough for the llireo of us?
Madrid.—Jloeenlly fi restaurant proprietor al riilbuo, Spain, rewarded a
moro than'chauffeur who returned lilm a hag
containing ?l«r,(l. which he had left In
lho cab, with a ticket for a meal at
a charity soup kllehnn.
Ne Mere Children
Little Mary's falher had denied h.f
a pleasure which ulin had conllilonlly
expected to enjoy. That night, wh.m
sho Biild her prayers nt her molhor'*
knee, nln. concluded wllh thia petition!
And please don't glvo my papa nny
moro children. He don't know how
to treat thoso he's g(,l now.
Nine-Hundred Year-Old Church
The Saxon Church of tlreonsted, In
Ongar, Essex, reached Us IIOOlli y?ar
yesterday It Is probably Iho most
curious church lu England, being
bulll of rongh-hown oak trees split
Philosopher--Dear and forbear,
my motto.
Dyspopllc- Chow and eschew
Prevents tha Tremendous
Loss Irom Flies
Mt tlm rurinoM of c.'nvU mill I un of
IViv fm
a i.r »t.i.'l i.in.r kiii>w,i ll.li (tataiuaul
\; lu. tin-.
tomliHomiu jrrl.ni.'.'.
■in-,in--mi ri'.t I.hh iriifn 1>VRpin-tdlTiir
II1...-1..-. 1
\\.f> "wl
L -n'.I!:mi.ir ;i.nr*nltiiiilinml i*lvo llii-in
ulllttif law bqoli •.>*.'urwwiHuf ml...- i*.
By Using
Ills r...tii.lv |fiJ«T-.il-.l tot* tBMUnlR
fun B-iu *r AU. D8AWM.
So. ti
From Fifty to Seventy-Five Should bo
Best Period
This period of woman's life, rrom
HO lo 75 yours, In now moro shame-
fully vas ted than any other ot our
national resources.     It oue visits a
State Federation of Women's   Clubs
he will Hnd nearly every delegate of
..iis age.     They are women of nm-
{ture understanding and of ripe judgment, si ill possessing abundant health
land strength, and where relieved hy
economic conditions from ihn neces-
Blty of manual work,   the   relations
■ wlileli tliey maintain to llfn are suoh
| Irregular and  uncertain ones ua ln-
1 hero In the career oT mothers-in-law,
i grnudmothors,  club  secretaries,  and
I presidents of town Improvement   ro-
cletles,     Remove all restrictions on
woman's  activity,  mid   these  strong
j matrons  would  vitalize nur schools,
! give us decent municipal housekeep-
i Ing, supervise the   conditions   under
! which girls and women work In shops
and faotorles, am" do much to clean
; up our polities.     Debarred from real
* power as Ihey nre, they are si III mak-
: ing us decent in spite of ourselves.—
Karl Barnes, In Atlantic
Oh  Muffins
She fe,,! nround lu dainty track
And   proudly  held   her  head
She waa llie owner ot the flock,
Hut sho produced no broad.
The Day of the Suffragette
Are you an Instructed delegate?
i should say so,
How were you Instructed?
By my Wife before I left home.
Could Not
She- ('uu yon manage a typewriter?
He—No.   I   married  one.—Cinctn-
n ti Knquirer.
BELLEVILLE    :    i    -    ONTARIO
Ovor 300 student* enrolled annually -
oil .-half er whom are young ladlos.
Hlchea- faciiitl*-* In all department*.
Ml.I reopen Monday, 8*pt*mbor 9th,
1912. For illustrated Calendar addre**
M-l.Wlttll.OW'll SOOTHINO _Y*Ur bli fa
UOTIISKt.   fur   their   CHILDREN   WHIi
TSU'riiiNo. witn i'kkphct hucckss.   ,,
ll thc best remedy for D1ARKIKBA. It It • _•
wlutely Iiarmirii*. fie mre and ML for " Mta
W.uatew'i Bi-tlthiR Syrup," tod take M MB«
kind.   T wtnty-five cent■ a botOe.
Frenchman Advises Young Women to
Study Suitor
Mgr. Hoio, in lila leclju* address-
cd lo young mnn nnd women. Bald tliai
exceptional beauty is not to ho despised bnt requires i<> be linked with
mora', value, Cor the one only ai-
tracts while tho other retains. Mgr
Bolo wan also very decided as to
tlm worth of housekeeping qualifies-
tions, and lamented over the families
where the servants broke and stole
and Ihe husband paid, while the wife
was turning over the fashion plates ln
side oi t. My advice on the choice
ol' a husband Implied long engagements, which he evidently approves.
While he ls your fiance he Is the
most delicious liar, so do not. marry
him till you know him veil. Keep
your confidence for after marriage—
you will always have too much hefore.
Watch your fiance well, for in big
things men will always show themselves as tliey would fain appear, but
in little ones such as they really are-
And do not he ln a hurry to marry,
at all costs.—London Standard.
My father talked me Into taking this
course lu domestic science.
And how do you like domestic
Well, it looks like ordinary kitchen
work lo me. If my suspicions are
confirmed, I shall drop the course
and tualie father buy mo a $50 hat,
^ ou say   you've   transferred   the
mortgage on your house?
Yes, transferred it to my new car.
The forty-eight-inch vein ot trouble Ilea so near the Bill-face of the
ground that any man cuu drive his
pick into it.
pi-*" M
Frost & Wood Binders
Meet   the  hardest   conditions  of cutting and
binding,    Do the work well.
8urs Thing
Tlioro Is one man 1 want to see
paddle his own canoe.
Who Is that?
The man who tlilnlis It's tunny to
rock the boat.
Snial'. Brother—Mr. Sammy, ara
you a 1 asehall lilnyor?
Slater's Beau—No, Tommy.
Small Brother—Then why did sis
lell me you weren't so much of a
catch?—Washington Times.
How to Begin
What Is Ihe first bI»|> toward remedying the discontent of the masses?
The Ilrst step, replied Lhe energetic
campaigner, Is to get out and make
speeches to prove to them how discontented they are.—Washington
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and Cold water In every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms
The Bishop's Walk
In the memorial notices of Bishop
j Sheepshanks no mention was made of
I one of liis most remarkable achieve*
i ments,      lie walked from India into
i Russia, and curiously, had nothing to
; tell about his extraordinary journey
Some little Ume ago It was mention*
I ed in a conversation.     The   cones-
j poudent remarked to him that, it must
j have been a  very Interesting exper*
I if nee. and could he tell him anything
about It.     No, ho, he Bald in bis vigorous CLSUa) way, nothing interesting.
A great deal ot open country, quite
uncultivated.   1 was a young man at
that time, and thought it would be
ralher a good plan lo come back from
India that way.      I thought I would
walk it—not often   done.   Good   old
English exercise, you know—heel and
toe.—Manchester Guardian.
Young men placed lu positions as
Telegraphers, Freight and Ticket
Clerks just as fast as we can prepare
them. Hallway Officials,endorse our
System because our Instruction Is
specially prepared. Day and Mall
Courses. Write for Tree Book 19,
Domin'ou School Railroading, Toronto.
Tlio Company She Kept
A Boston couple, of middle age and
kind hearis spent their vacation
near Augusta. Georgia, and during
their visit took a great fancy to an
9ld colored woman. Wheu they left
Augusta, they Invited her to pay them
a visit, which she accepted with the
understanding that they were to pay
her expenses. -
Having arrived In Boston, she was
givon a room In Hie house of the
white folks, and was Invited to have
her meals al the same table with her
host pud hostess.
Mrs Jones, suid the hostess, you
wire a slave, weren't you?
Mrs. .Tones replied lhat such had
been her condition of servitude.
I suppose your master uever invited
you to cat al his table, hazarded the
Boston woman.
No, honey, dot ho didn't, replied
Mrs. Jones. Mr marster was a gentleman, He nln'l never let uo nig-
gar set at the table lougslde of him.
By Command of Colonel Clack
Fred Clack, of Pulaski, Tennessee,
is the cnly negro who ever commanded a regiment of Confederate soldiers
in action. In the early spring of
1864. when the Confederates near
Dalton. Georgia, had come to such a
pass that their uniforms looked like
that of Gunga Dhln, the officers concluded that the best way to revive
the spirits and warm the frosted bodies of the men was to have a big
snowball battle. Colonel Calvin
(Mack, commanding the Third Tennessee Infantry, had a faithful body
servan'. named Fred, and, not fancying the Idea of the snowball fight, he
told Fred to take command of the
Fred put on tho colonel's coat and
sword and sprang Into the colonel's
saddle. The boys saw him, and,
letting out a wild cheer for "Colonel
Fred" charged the Arkansas regiment In front. The Arkansas, however, thought the charge was too
rough, and began to throw sticks and
rocks Instead of snowballs. One o£
the rocks bit Colonel Fred on the
head, and It was then that he Issued
to his white soldiers the famous command:
"llll 'cm on the shanks, boys. You
can't make no Impression on their
Another Form of Senatorial Courtesy
In addition to studying railroad
rates, tho question of high living, and
tho tariff, Senator John M. Dixon, of
Montana, has been a student of the
general subject of ghosts. Just before ho camo to Washington to begin
his service iu the Senate, he was told
by a 'bad mnn" of Montana, who had
been condemned to death, that spirits could return to this earth from the
ot'ier .world.
(At midnight of tho day that I am
hanged, said tho murderer, I will
knock at your front door In order to
prove to you that ghosts can como
Ou the midnight In question, Dixon
was Bitting up in his Washington
homo courteously waiting to see whnt
would happen, for the man. manner
had Impressed him greatly, Tho
senator was about to go to bed when
he remembered that there is n differ-1
ence of three hours between Washing-'
ton and Montana I line. So hn wait.
od up Ihreo hours lunger, but again j
received no visit.
The only thing I wish I had established, satd Dtxon, afterward, was i
by whnt, llmo the affairs of Ihe other j
world pre conducted.
Dad Joins   In
The daughters of the household, ar-
dent suffragists were talking polities.
Taft. will sweep the couiftry, declared Mabel.
vVlllsou will sweep the country, as-
sorted Maud.
Roosevelt will sweep the country,
averred Margaret.
At this point dad took a hand.
Never mind nbout who's going to
sweep the country, said he. "Who's
going to sweep tbls here kitchen.
That's the question now.—Louisville
$100 Reward, $100.
The rcftdm of thli paper wlll ho pleswil to lam
ttuu there li nt least oim dreaded rtiwiwe that (cienw
hi- heen film* tu cure In nil Ua nt-wit, nnd Hint Is
Catarrh. Hnll'a Catarrh Cure la thc only punitive
earn nu-r known to tho mcdkal trnternity. catnnli
being a coiiMltnUontjl (llsrusc, requlr-i* a constllii-
tlonal treatment. Hull's (_ti.iT.. Cure la taken internally, act'ag directly upon ihe blood and mucoill
uirfacc-H ot the system, thereby .leatroylnst Ihe
■u-inilMloi. nf tbo 6\mBC, Bill Riving tho patient
trength by bulldhn,' up the tiirmlliiHloi. and awlst-
Inu nature In di-iriK Ha work. Thn proiirletnra have
H niurti faith In lt« nirnllve powers that they offer
On- Hundred Dollara for nny rase thut ll lulls to
**ure.  wend toi lint ot testimonials.
Addriw- V. ,1, CHfcNi'aY A CO   Toledo. 0.
Sold hy ail finiftRiMU. TRe,
i -»« Uuil a l'-willy I'llls lor eouBtlpaUon.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true tafety  base
head,   with   silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped   on.
EddT'i UttchM han utliOed C_-
tdlasi ilcct 1851—icc.pt no oth.ra.
The E. B." Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs.
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
It la a long time since London spent such a b:.ppy day as the wild rose
festival on June 26 brought, with It. It wan the happiest, of womanly Ideas
to celebrate the tiftietlt anniversary of the day when Queen Alexandra first
set foot on English soil by a gigantic fete of the wild rose, her majesty's
favorite flower, In aid of the hospitals, which it has been her constant care
and chief delight to beueflt. The result of the day's sales was about
A IV n_? Matter
Millie-Was thai your Intended
a lilt '-"horn 1 Haw you yester.lay?
Grace—Yes, n.y present "future'
bo to speak.- -Satire
Appreciated It
Father- How u it thul I llml you
kissing mv duugliler? Answer me,
sir! Ilow is It?
Voting man - Fine, sir, Hue.—Satire
Think and be   Safe
When yoi an1 mail, try tu tlllnh twice
Before you speak, my lad;
And Ut. ti iiHi Uke another think,
Ami you won't gel lu bad.
.     Naughty
Beware of ciphers, oh my son,
It Is a sage wlio sings,
For they are objects you .should slum.
They aro real   naughty   things,-*-
riuciunmi Enquirer.
One is Ml'slng
A writer In thc Sun traces Governor Wilson's descent from uu Irishman
named Mc William. He Is also believed lo ba descended from a Scot
mined MacWeelum, a Frenchman
named Voudmau, aud a German
colled WilhelmtHHiion. Unfortunate*
ly no Italian ancestor has yet heen
discovered fur him. -Now Vork Mali.
Dr* Morse's
Indian Root P11U
•n. lint thi rlfht mcdlrlie for the
children. When they ire coDitlptted
—when their kidneys ire out ol order
~wt.M over-li-du.|enci m umi
fafpriti food iwei them indkntlon
-Dr. Morn'i Indian Root PiUp will
juicily aad iiirely pur
l Purely veptible.they i
I weilnnor (ripe, lllu harsh B..r«ativfs.
I Guard your children'! health  by
|   |[rat.a a   la. .1  I"..     U«_
.ut them rltht.
neither lichen,
.1 atwayi keeping a boa of Dr. Mors- .
A Geographical Mistake
Mias Marie Van_Vor.it, an authority
on tho condition, of riillil labor In Ihe
United Stalua. has, like mont wrltera
who si'.. thlnKi. In n limited time, mado
mini., amtitiini- mint alms. One of
theso is described by a cotioii-mlli
man of Alabamu.
The peoplo In rliai-R.. of the mill,
hnvliiB heard (lint MIhs Van Vorat
w.»itl.l eome to oxanilno the property
bad n long argument amoiif- tbem-
selves as to who would be ber guide
through Ibe establishment. Finally
they decide! tbnt, na n special compliment, the guide sboiil.i bo tbelr new
bookkeeper wbo bad just conn, down
from Massachusetts, Ho was i, real
lliislohii.il. dreaaed up 111 flno clothes
nn.I flaunting on the breeze a Moatou-
Iau .'ie. ent.
Later, when that bookkeeper bought
the magazine containing Mias Van
Vorsl'a description of ber trip, he
pawed the all- .villi bloody feet nnl
bud seven spasms. The writer bad
explained tbnt site bad been shown
through the plant by a pleasant South*
em boy who spoke with tbe custom.
Hry drawl of tlio Southern negro.
A Promised Reform
Mrs. Hustler—When women rule
there'll bo no more of thla wine, women and song thing.
Mr. Hustler—No?
Mrs. Hustler—No, It'll be inlrlh,
-men i'nd music. -Judge.
Hubby Was Stingy
HuHy. wo muat glvo a reception.
lt wlll coat i'«. much.
Oil, no. 1 can rent somo plants
and some dishes and some patina.
Hut you enn't rent tho sandwiches
and lhe lco cream.- Kansas City
Thore are various ways In which
one ma., become a hero. Hut In the
average community bluing a colored
mnn probably Is tbo eiislesl way,
Mvlng nt a honrdlng lions.' affects
n  men   lu   tliu  same  way   leaching
.school affects a woman.    Al lho cnu
of threo yeara lie begins lo show i\.
""■ • s-rpn   .
Afler n mnn has allonden ft ball
game bn finds |t bard to realize that
(Here was u Minn wliofl tilers'Vole
_])■ t.vo Jackasses In the WprlctJ"*"
Hecrelly, every man lieUovo- bla
filnonil procession wlll be tbe longest
ever iie.'.n la _\% (qwrj.
Direct Testimony
Judg i Ailknm. presiding in (be police court of the city of Washington,
not long ago bud as witness before
him a man wlio Btammered. the affliction be'ng a sort of intermittent affair.
The witness would stulter frightfully
through two or threo sentences, and
then would sail through two or tbree
more without hesitation. This Interested tbe judge greatly, and finally
It , iip.kv.1 the wllt.tjan.
My good man, wben do you stutter
Well. Your Honor, replied the afflicted  mau, 1 do lt most when I'm
Mlnard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget  In
A I rain which left Bolivar in South
America, for a neighboring town
Ihree years ago has Just arrived. The
distance covered was 120 kilometres
and the reason for the delay was a
storm which derailed the train, killed
most of the passengers, and ripped
up such a goodly portion of tbe railway lir-> that the company owning lt
was forced Into bankruptcy. About
six months ago an American engineer undertook the reconstruction of
tbe road, and brought the long-delayed train to the point for whlcb It originally started.
Some Could Qualify
Mister Interlocutor, ean you tell me
why a prohibitionist could never succeed aa a lawyer.
No. 1 cannol, Mr. Tainbo. Toll us
whs ?
Hocauae 4.1.-4 success depends upon
bis standing at Ihe bar.
Ono of the commonest complaints
of Infants is worms, and tbe idost
effective application for them la
Mollier Graves' Worm Kxtermlnator.
The above photo shows the new factory of the Mooney Co. nt Vancouver,
tiie latest link of the across tho continent chain ot factories of the Mooney
lllscult & Candy <■>., Head Ofllce, Stratford, branch factories at Winnipeg
and Vancouver. The latest factory has been purchased from the II. Smith
Hiscult Co., of Vancouver, the pioneer biscuit und candy manufacturers of
the Paclfia Const. This company enjoys a very substantial business, and
only last year erecb,.l a new factory building ot sleel und cement construe*
tlon which is one of lhe most modern In the Dominion. While tbe Mooney
Co. have not divulged the exact amount of the purchase price, It is understood to be lu the neighborhood of |:ioii,onii.
Tbe story of lm. crganlzation nnd progress of tbo Mooney lllscult Co,
reads almost, like a tain f.-om tho Arabian Nights. Less Ihan eight years
ago the business was started lu n small way in Stratford, Oni. Air. W. J.
Mooney the fuunde.', who has beeu and is still the President of the Company, has beeu called "the wizard of the biscuit business." lie has had
for many years some very original ideas regarding the biscuit business, and
Immediately ou the oruamzntion of his own factory ho prooeeded to put
them Int.. operation, One of these was, that factory-made biscuits, If
fresb. could In a large measure supplant tbe home-made article. Cons -
quently, Btons wove taken to place tne biscuits on the grocers' shelves In u
condition of freshness heretofore unheard of In the biscuit business or Canada, (looilB W'-ie shipped tho same day Inoy left the oven, and arriingj-
lnenls were made for specially faat despatch. Thc company's own Hue of
private cars waa lie.tailed to Insure '.ennlincsa, and io avoid delays and
a strenuous advertising campaign was launched to promote a rapid move
niont of tiie goods after Ihey actually reached the retail merchant The
effect of tbls pelloy was little short of wonderful. The bllsinosa developed at a rale tindrenml of by Its founders and each succeeding year necessitated extensions lu factory, until finally n brand new building was
erected to take care of Iho rapidly increasing business,
ln the Canadian West ihe results wen. of n particularly gratifying character, notwllhst,.tiding the long .'..slnnce from lb.- seal of manufacture- In
fact, ao sntisfaciory were the results lhal the Mooney Compnny decided
that the proportions of the Western trade entitled It to be sorvetl by a Weal-
cm factory, so lhat the people of the West, as well as those of th Kast,
might receive Mm.ney'a goods In nu absolutely as "fresb from the oven"
coudlll.>n. Coiiaeiiuently a lilllo less Ihan two yearn age the big faotory
In Winnipeg wna secured, and lhe res,ills which have been achieved sin.0
thai lime hnve fully Justified lhe wisdom of the vonluro, and have set thc
'ifal of approval on tbo branch factory Idea. Tito business of Ibe Moon.iy
Biscuit *. Candy Co. Is now conceded to bo tho lurg.'si ot tho kind In Iho
Dominion of Canada, nnd lt ranks very prominently anions tb.> big Indus-
trial enterprises of tlm qbuntry- ■   ■ •*'   »*   ...'-'    **-*    <"   -
Although the llrltlsh Columbia territory hns heretofore been served by
the Mooney factory at Btru'lord, noyortlioloss tho business bus fully kepi,
fata witli the gfowtli of [ne tervHory, and has now reached proportions wliere
The company feel tbnt II can only be taken care of by a factory actually nn
ttio ground, In nilditloti to the prcKcul business of the Mooney Co, Hi"
new factory will also take over Ibe existing business of the Smith Co,
■milohlsof very considerable proportions, so that it is expected that lho
new fncloTy -ffliL**' ""co be taxed to Ita utmost proportions,
lilr. W. 0, UqW tbe vice «Ci__ "• ,h" Company, who has been
managel- of llwWnfWg faotory, iV2oT.U _«n«v.Z ""a w-" ^ -*'.u""i')
at th. _oiga__M MtfaJ*       "^ -" -*'•• •'■"•--
A Sailor Governs Railroads
Kranois K. Lane, who. as a member of the Interstate Commerce Com*
mls'slot., helps to govern the railroads
of the country, is In reality a sailor.
When..ver he gels the 'chance be
Jumps Into a sailboat and handles tho
sheets himself.
Did lhat young man kiss you last
Mothtr, do you suppose thai he
came a'l the way up here Juat to hear
me sing?—Cornell Widow.
I am going to put some while In
the yoke. Bald llie young lady, referring to her gown.
Won't that scramble ll? enquired the
young man.—Chicago Tribune.
After the Nightmare
One of lhe things that must trrl-
tate a delegate Is lhal. when ha gels
home tbe neighbors think he has
been enjoying u nice summer vacation.—Washington Star.
The Church and the Woolly Weat
Bishop Wlllinm (!. Donne, of the
Protestant Episcopal Dloco.o, of Albany, New York, follows the English
fashion of bis church and signs his
name William, ot Albnnv.
Doane, I wish you lived In Buffalo
Instead of Albany, he was told one
day by Bishop Potter, of New York.
Why do you wIbI. that? asked William nf Albany.
Because, replied Potter, then wo
could call you Buffalo Bill.
Arc the hes» ever made and are guaranteed to give you B&tftfaction. At
all dealers, or Bend ua 2f. cenla Fiat**
Ing style aud size required.
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltif.,
58 Frater Ave.. Toronto. Ont.
1 After You Leave Office
Breathe deeply
Vou mred clean air,
It will miike yuu ovor.
,     Kapeclally   it   you  are   dune   to
You should use  ><Mir lunn-.  lo
I fresh yon.
! Take tbe alr-balli ns (roqueatly
I you would lhal or water nnd soap.
You will tind ii as refresh ing in
j drink ot milk or a dip in sail Wat
i —Kan as Olty Star.
Old But Alert
Alvep Augustus Adee, assistant
Secretary of statu for this country, .*-.
ln his seventieth year, but age has no
terrors for hliu. Ho eau he soen
almost any dav rushing around Washington on a bicycle with his white
whiskers waving In Ihe wind.
Pa, what's sarcasm?
Pasting a 'Hh.iki* well liefon* (sking
slip on a buttle of ague cure.— BaUrt
Jack Fred has a snap, but he'l
foolish to continue nhiiidiig hU prfr**
Tom -That's so! li tabes mighty
little to make a sinecure insecure.—
Boston Transcript.
Baiting Her
Wlm* are yuu cutting out of tho
About a California man securing a
divorce because his wife went tbrougb
his puckels.
What are you notng to do witb It?
Pul It lu my pocket .--Boston Trail*
A Hot Air Duel
Saw iwo famous bad men come to*
gi ther during my trip west.
Both  killed'.'
Nobody killed. You can'l lalk ,i
man lo dentb.—Kansas City Journal.
In novels and on Uie stage tbe bully
invariably Is whipped. Uut iu real
life the bully often wins.
If a man doesn't have to g*>t down
to work early be would jiibi as soon
do it.
A Great Record for Both
I've driven my car for over a year
now, said Bllktns, and I've never nu
down anybody.
That'i nothing, said .Mrs. Bllltkint..
I've attended tbe meMlngs of our
sewing circle for live years aud have
never run down anybody. —Harper's
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Dl' genes was se-trcl Ing for an io*i-
es' man.
Kind n suburbanite who will i"ii you
'is real opinion of country life .<■
winter, we advised.
Herewith ho departed to apply tho
gr-mlcsi lesi of all,- Harper's Bas-
Then  and  Now
The young wife bus given ber husband    a dance. You're    Improved
wonderfully, Jack, she said, as ihey
sai down. Don'l .vou rometnbor how
you used to tear my dress?
Yes, he replied.     ) wasn't buying
tbem then.  -Boston Transcript.
Tho   Better Part
Wlllto -Paw, wimi is the ago of
Pau- -The period when a man enui
have a good time without suffoi'lng
for M ihe next morning.—Cincinnati
Corns are caused by tbo pressure
of light hoots, hul no oun ItOfld he
troubled with thorn long when so simple a remedy ns Hollowsy's Corn
Cure is available,
Two   He.ida
WIhi's head man in this office?
Thai depends, - -#i*f*i» '
rV'-J'i VUUI .toJ_J! I1|.)|,«H?
inattetT. but tho offlcl TO (lOTlS ivii
baseball (JlBpulos.-riVftshlugTott Iter-
A highgradc chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
©he Ifroepector, ©vawbtooh,] $. Oi.
pubUutd «>... Saturday   Morning «. Cranbroolt, B.O.
F. M. Christian, Manager.
Pom**-, to Auienoan. European aad other foreign countries,   50 cent,   a
year eitra.
ADVHRTISBMBNT8—Advertising rates furnished on a|.pllcatiou. No
advertisement, but those of a royutable character will he accepted    (or
ADVERTISERS ANU 80B80R-BBR8—Unless notice to the contrary
la given to local manager advertisements and subscriptions wlll be kept
miming «nd charged up agalnBt their account.
l'.ttti  YKAH
Hon W. R. Ross. .Minister "I
Lands, hns very properly withdrawn
his proposal to suddenly increase the
royalties on timber by 1M> per cent
The lumber Industry ih not In :.
prosperous condition, nud the proposal, if carried out an originally put
forward, would hnve had a serious
effect on the development of lumbering under existing conditions Ac
cording to tbe tieures of Hon Price
Billion, Minister of Finance, the
lumber industry In 1912 showed
tailing ofl i" production ol close oi
$4,0ou,000 over previous year.-Mln
mg and Kngineenog Record
er  necessary   on  nny   work   which  is
being, or to be undertaken      In   so
(nr bb the Litter pnrt  ol  tbe ubove
extract   is concerned,
to ask the "Herald,"
Churchill's Naval Policy
Notable Exposition of Government's Naval Plans
(Ooiutlnued from Page One)
for tbe time being or it in not. If
it is not, give us yuur proof, and wo
are convinced we will Increase it. li
it is BiiiRcient, then colonial abips are
redundant mul Irom thut very fact a*
unjustifiable extravagance. Tbnt iH,
In my opinion, a false dilemna, The
i'he people ,yf theso islands cannot be
expected to u.o on IndtdllUt'dy l.o-ir-
ing the whole burden of imperial ua-
i*al defence. We bave done, and are
doing our duty, more than our duty,
to the omplre. We are confronted
No. 13 wm. groat preoccupation In European waters, iu consequence ol which
we are making naval preparations
hitherto unequalled In peace times.
Tbe maintenance ot the strongest}
navy at the decisive theatre iH in it
t- would Uko ]self the main uufeguard for the peace
r the person and security o  the whole British _iu
who suggested the matter
Hoard of Trade, t»■ quote i
crete instance where "Monies appro
printed (or this district were unwisely and un •economically spent " .-'"i
the general benefit ol tbe public, we
may   inform  our  readers  that   Ul   the
a Cranbrook district, we have by lav
the best roads and bridges that can
be found in any district iu British
Columbia, nne must not forget the
fact that even the lar«e corporations
and railroads make improvement h
(rom time to time, even tbe C. 1'. R.,
though they were under tin* Impress
ion in the tirst place that their trans
continent.il line waa as near perfect
as possible, are continually making
chuuges; and why Bhould not the Provincial Government on their roads in
this diatrict—it cannot be termed n
-.east.- when it is fur improvement
; Well may one ask. rb-*. -luestiou
'What is Man1*" as one reads the ...
palling disaster which has overtake..
the people of ths middle states oi
our bordering nation* It Is with
horror one realizes the full force
which the elements expended
against some of the wonderful worfca
of man's hands, and it Is ceil let:'
The names with which the- British
Admiralty recently christened eight
new cruisers are interesting as indie
ating the type of naval nomenclature
which appeals to the British public
fancy- They are not names chosen
at random, hut are rather names full
ot the charm ol the tradition which
links Gr?at Britain to a long and historic past-
Among these   names   are   such oo
tahlo   ones    as    "Avethuaa,"    "Penelope," and "Undaunted," all redolent
with the glory of great achievements.
The "Arethusa" of ancient fame flrst
rode thc  waves in    177S and one ol
her biggest boasts was that she made
the     French     frigate,     the      'Belle
Pnule,"   her   prisoner   of   war,   and
which event  is commemorated in the
"""deck. llv. hundred men did dance, I"1'   '1:     ''•':'
The    stoutest    they    could    find    In
WV with two hundred did advance
On hoard the Arethusa.
The  tight   was   ofl   the   Frenchman's
We    forced    them   back    upon    their
For we fought till not a stick could
Of the gallant Arethusa.
The "Penelope" was a laureled ship
one hundred years ago; and the "l'n
daunted"   is  alleged   to  have   transported Napoleon to Klba.
It is a pretty custom this of keep
tng alive the memory of the gallant
exploits of England's naval past and
must have an inspiring influence upon the men who man it, as well as a
reflected influence upon all British
In this way Britons keep alive not
only Llie traditions of ships which
won fame during the formative period of ber greatness, but tbey also
Immortalize tbo memory of tbelr re-
an win .i sea tight em |>y naming their
admiral line of battleships after
them.   Saturday  Sunset
the jplre. We have also now and in the
eon jim-mediato future tbe power, by muk
tng"special arrangements, to sent
powerful squadn na u> any part ol
the empire which muy be locally
threatened it la evident, however,
that were the pressure Lndecii
ive and the tboatro grow continually.
our power t<> detach local reinforce
meats would gradually be dlmlnlsbod
it  beho ves  the overseas doraluioni
to   make exertions   n'l   their o«-.i u-O
the common security, whether by *u
exertion tor their own and tho com
mon security, whether bj th«' provts
ion nf local navies or by nbut Is
more effectual, making i buttons to
the imperial navy winch wttt pr*
serve restore oi Increase the worldwide mobility ol Its squadrons
•'It could not be sup waod, -1- a\-
er, that the naval development t. the
dominions could be restrl".f-*.d \ sc
count of any European standard
They like us. must be absolutely
[ree It ta for them to choose the
method  ol   th-.'.r  naval   development.
Britons Aroused
Tactics of Suffragettes Creates
Storm of Protest.
London,—Tho hnnd "I tbe miflrn-
Kutte litis heavy on Bugluud. Uny by
day and night by night Bhe putn tho
feor of woman into the heart of law
abiding man. Her outrages have
reached sucb a climax as to drive the
most staid London newspapers Into
advocating lynch law or its equtvaW
Tbe lawlessness ol those southern
newspapers that have Instigated or
palliated lynching proceedings lu con
nection with negro crimes ban always
heen held up hero as the lust word ol
Iniquity. Yet now wc have the rail
.Mall Gazette- Astor'h organ or ultra
aristocracy—going one hotter. Astor 's newspaper declares that white
women must  he punished  hy tin* mob.
"These criminals," Bays tbe Pall
Mail Gazette, "have i -cted to trade
upon the chivalry .>. the u;per nud
middle classes u is n calculation
based upon H [airly Build foundation
Pho Btagllshroan ol that type will
stand a good deal before he allows
himself t.* treat an tinflCrUPUloUB wo
man as she d6B0fV6B      |ttit patience is
not inexhaustible, noi ts it uniformly
distributed When oute an example
ol retaliation is set, the ipell ol the
traditional   code  will  be  broken    and
hose whom the law fails to protect
ire certain to adopt retaliation In
the long run That phase ol the 'war
declared by the BUQragottes would \>e
brief, but it would be decidedly unpleasant
Without nu> doubt this voices tho
opinion of the average nu n The
lorce oi such a suggestion and the
widespread desire to get even with
the property and peace destroying
suffragettes are almost bound to load
to outrages upon these female aglta
tors that may be unprecedented!;
brutal The spirit of retaliation is
growing out o( hand throughout the
it ts also for them to choose wUetket j country. Even the newspapers sup-
tbelr naval forces shall be additional j porting the Government, and, hitherto the British standard or whether to, advocates o' the woman's cause,
they Bhall be a contribution tc aid: are urging stem meusures. They rc-
■ he heavy burdens of   ne Uritfsn t&x* ! cognize that the militant suffragettes
[of tbe women and children and th*
fathers and brothers and sous, wh
are robbed of their homes, ol then
loved ones, of all that makes
life worth living, and the desolate
future which opens up hefore thtiu.
Deeds oi heroism, ol Belt-sacrifice
deeds of lorgetfulness are recorded
which will never see the light ol day,
buy will only be recorded in the bo?k
of life. The appeal made on behall
of the sufferers by President Wilson,
speaks of it us a national ualamity.
Wall mav we humble ourselves when
the elements are against us
Tbe opening ol the Yaung Men's
Olub nt Cranbrook, marks another o.
ttio enterprises which have beeu pro
mulgated these last few months, in
the interests of the city and especial
ly tor the entertainment of the young
men and maidens, who find time drag
a little on their bands for tbe sake
of Borne thing to ii<>* i" this Bcbomt
for the uplift of the general cotumltn
ity. a very large number at the lead
ayers. Therefore, we eau answer regarding thia false dilemna of donun-
m ablpa that tbey are additional to
the requirements of tbe fcO per rent
standard They ale not additional
to the world-wide requirements of tbe
British   Empire.1
are endeavorihg to terrorize the public.
Heretofore, the outrages on property have been winked at, and the clemency of tbe officials in releasing
from jail "hunger-striking" women
bas been applauded. Now from all
sides, even from those ardent demo
Turning tu the proposed Canadian ;cratic quarters that demand the vote
ships, Mr. Churchill said, "while they j for all men and women over 21 years
will be directly controlled by tbe ad-1 o' «*ge. there comes an insistent cry
mirolty. we proposed to form then ] tbat those hysterical fanatics be pun
with the Malay and New Zealand j ished to the full extent of the law.
hips into a aew squadrcn of five Leading men and women, promin*
ships of hitrb uniform Bpeed, to be }ent newspapers ami humanitarian so-
called tbe Imperial squadron. It will jcietles. wbo up till now have taken
■e based at tiihraltar umi thance j the view that It is better to let a
:ible to reach Halifax iu five days, I woman om of jail than to feed her
Quebec In six days. Jamaica in nine j forcibly or let her commit suicide by
dnys, the South American coast in j self-starvation, now urge the Govern
12 days. Cape Town in 13 days, Al- j ment to permit the women to starve
isandria In 3 days, Hyd'iey is 28 1 to death, rather than continue to
days New Zealand In 32 daya, Hon*: I travesty justice. Very few women,
Kong in 22 days anh Vancouver ln 23   It  is pointed  out,    will  carry  selff
Tin1 following is an extract from
the Oranbrook Herald of last week's
It ban boon suggested to the Hoard
ol Trade that i. communication he
sent to the provincial government
asking that a competent engineer be
sent to tbis district  to survey  gov-
ing citizens have interested tbem- j home
selves to n considerable extent, both
financially and otherwise; even though
the Club tias only been open a week
nud tbe lull urrsngemeuts have not
by any means been completed, tbe at
days. Our intention is that this
squadron shall, as opportunity
Berves, cruise freely about the empire
visiting th? dominions, ready to op-
erate   at   any   threatened   point   at
that they approach the
lament roads before building and to Bchool Hoard with a proposition
see that the monies appropriated for whereby the whole school could bt
this district are W1HKLY and K(\ 'divided up into six classes, boys and
ONO MIC ALLY spent I glrla alike, and arrange for the chil*
It seems a pity that the "Herald"   dren appointed for a particular morn-
is  continually   trying  to "pick   faults j ing to meet at  the school, say hull
at the  it   c.  Administration  before
informing themselves n"  to the facts
starvation to the extreme limit. "It
is difficult," says the London Star,
"to see bow the law can bo enforced
against the criminals who conspired
to place the bomt-u in the house at
Walton Heath."
In the last sen t.i nee is containod the
real reason for tbis bitter change of
heart among those who so far have
made it possible for tbe suffragettes
tendance has been very gratifying and |corQ in this squadron. In thle way, Ito carry ou their campaign of petty
is a reflex of the interest to be dis- . the true Idea will be given of a mo j outrages. First of all every English-
played in the future. As a sugges* Uuo imperial squadron of the great j man has an ingrained terror and dis-
tion to the executive of the Club lor'est strength nnd speed patrolling the ; like of the bomb. It is a weapon
furthering  its   usefulness,   we  would  empire, showing the flag nud bring- I which he rarely uses.    He connects It
ing effective aid wherever needed.
(To He Continued Next Weok)
abroad. The dominions will
be considered In all movements not
dominated by military considerations.
Special facilities will be given for
Canadians, Houth Africaoa and New
Xeutumleis to serve as men or offl-
as tliey exist Kor the benefit of tbe
"Herald," we would like to inform
them that the Government retains a
competent surveyor here in the district to advise  wherever and  whenev
The Tariff revision engages the at
tentlon of the President Ot the Unit
*>d States; nnd the Naval Bill the at
tention ol   Premier  Borden of Cans
nn hour earlier thnn usual, under tht I,la .   •   •   «
care   dt   their   teachers,   and    march
down to the Club for a swim, in the
pool.     This  will  inculcate habits of |
cleanliness,   sobriety,   and   punctualt
ty in the
derful  nm.
tunt of
and can
Vice President Bury, ol the O.P.R.
pays that the Canadian Pacific Will
not stop work until it bas tbe heat
continental railway on tbe continent,
ami with the lowest grades.
The Baste) display
ery was postponed oi
some time In April.
of  new  mtllln
TF you want as much
■*• snap and style in
your Spring Overcoat,
as you do in your Spring
Suit—come here for
Tb.  total   production  of  oul  In
Oanada for  laat year was 14,689,969
j tons.    The mine, ol tha Grows Nest
(Pass   produced   «.f.r.7.24H   t..us,   Ju-t
CHi,r,2H tona leaa than hull to tbo Do
minion's t.iti.i production
Sir   Richard   Mcllrlde   made   the
pr.nc.plo addrcaa at th.- University ol
California un Saturday last.    At the
concluilon ol his addroM, the dci-rc
ol Dootor ..1 l.i.HH wuu conlurred un
|llu- llnivcrp.ltio'B dlltlngulibod Kuct
bj Prei   B   I   ffhoolor,
Baptist Church
fir fit.
. a fit-H   McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook, to* C.
Horning services at 11 u-ni.
"A Revival Growing Out of tlrenter
Rventng srvlees at 7*30 p.m.
"A contest for A Soul."
A  H'inK SeTVlCfl tor fifteen  minutes,
will bn held In tbe evening mnettiiK-
All are invited
Presbyterian Church
MorninK service at LO a.m.
"The Twmiti'-th Oenlury Christian."
The first   of a  SO r I OS of sermons on
Hutiday  Hchool and  Itihle 01 AM at
;i p.m.- YomiK people Invited.
Kvi'mny service at 7 .in p.in,
The Parables of Our l.or-1   The (treat
: rVltb the cowardly nssasfdn of Soutb-
; ern  Kurope,  who ls afraid  to show
■ himself nnd docs not know how to
Wight.     The frustration  of the only
bomb plot that ever figured in BUg-
■ Nsh history is still a mutter of na-
' lional celebration every fifth or No-
! vember, when the eftigy of Guy
\ -''awkes,   who  tried   to  blow  up  thc
House of Commons several hundred
! years ago, ia burned with much re
; [olelng and entire forgctfu'ne^s of ull
| Ibe clrcum.stances except thut he wns
| a bomb merchant.
I The second reason for tbis swift de
until I fi-rtiori on tbo part ni those wbo hitb-
Jerto have supported thc suflrngettcs
is tbat the Walton Heath bombs were
put iu Lloyd George's boune. The
Chancellor of the Exchequer Is thr
Idol of those who belloVfl In advanced
socialist legislation. To nttnek blm
is to insult h deity. Just as Moy.)
QeorgS is most bitterly bated by hie
political opponents, so be is most
firdently worshipped by Ins followers,
An attack upon As<|iiith's house
would have bMO gravely and sedate
ly reproved. Au attack by bomb Up
oa a bouse which BUppOBOdlj belong-
tvl to Lloyd GeorgO ban elicited from
those very quarters which heretofore
have advocated () policy of leniency,
a howl for vindicative punishment of
tbe militant suffragette The irony
of the situation lies in tbe fact tbat
Lloyd Oeorge is himself an ni'deui
suffragette-hut not. so ardent as to
resign n salary of 525,000 a yar be
cause the Prime Minister does not
share his views on tliia question,
The serioiisncsti ol the situation can
be gathered from tbo following sum
mnry of tbe principal outrages which
have now developed Into Hie bomb
January IH, L90H -Prime Minister's
house raided
Kobruary II, 1908 Kilty women nr
rested alter raid on House of Com
Juno 30, 1008—Twenty nine women
arrested outside Pai lliimeiit
November Cl, 1008 -Mr, Hlrrell. Ir
isb  Hecretnry,  bowled down at Olty
Juno 30, pur., one hundred and
twelve women arrested outside parllu-
By Fire and Flood
Entire Cities Inundated—Thousands Dead
(Comtlnued iron. Page one)
The Nnttonni OnBh Roglstor plant,
on a high bill,   oilers tbo only haven
In tho south end.    Three women became mothers m an offtcoB tonight.
Main Btrect, near Apple street, wan
one of tbe concentration points, lu
the woodworking department of the
National OnBh Roglster company
boats were being turned out at the
rale of It) an hour and those were
rushed ta wben* Lhe waters hud
cronsed Main street tn -- gully.
Hut ttio wntorB crept up and thu
strongtb ol the current was far too
strong for the crude punts, though
ihey were the best that could he
' mado in a hurry
, Trip after trip was mude itu.l bun
drods ot the rofugooB were taked from
tins Btrotch ot houses.
; Then caiue the path ol the fbiiui'S.
Stai ting at Vine and May streets
I b ■ lire Jumped Main street und ihu
|hoilSOS ou the other Hide were soon
j (illume
1 In the middle o| the street were a
tew frame houses tbat bad been
I ,\ ashed [nun their folia Igtious. These
j were swirled about for u time and
[were oast into tbo path of thc
Persons hurried from their roof
tops, where tbey had been driven by
the Hood to tbe roof tops of adjoining houses.
Thon the sua went down, leaving a
desolate, weird light Irom the tire
showing as   from   one   isolated spot
j Tho tirst to seeb safety by sliding
] his body along tho telegraph conduit
was a man. Then came four women
1 I'he first of the women was Mrs. Lu-
[olla Meyer. She is a widow with a
sou in knee L-rcecbCB. Her son got
out on the wire witb tbe ngility of a
ent and was soon across. But MrB.
Meyer when o.'er the bolting torrent
| swayed as though faint, slipped, and
j the crowd stood by with bated
i breath.
! By a lucky chance her senses came
buck to her; she retained her grasp
Ion one of tbe wires. Hnnd overhand
she was able slowly to pull herself
to tbe nearest pole, where she rested
before ngain making the trial. This
time she did not falter, but when she
was picked up by the rescuers at the
farthest polo toward safety she wa*-'
limp from nervous and physical exhaustion.
Then came two or more women and
on tbo advice of people on safe
ground, tbey kept looking up and
were uot subjected to falntness. Then
came a young man and his wife. The
wife he sent first and whon she reach-,
safety, she refused to get Into the
ambulance without hor baby.
Another five minutes and hor husband had been brought out to safety.
He bad tbe baby iu a pillow slip and
tho youngster celebrated bis first arrival to thu ground by a lusty yell.
Others followed to safety.
Tbe worst of the flooded districts
include nil ctf north and west Dayton,
all   of   the   downtown  sections,  the
south side as far as Oakwood and ail
of tbe residence suburb of Glendale.
he district has a normal population
j of more than 50,000.
:   Rescuers and those at thc hospitals
I said an estimate ot 5.000 dead might
I he *_& accurate as an estimate of 100.
!   At the edgea of the inundated dls-
: tricts the water ran from eight to 10
feet deep.   While those marooned In
1 the offices and hotels nro in no hnme-
< dlatc danger of drowning there ie no
; ood or drinking water for them.
Those  In  the  residences,  however,
jure in constant   danger   (rom both
Hoed and fire. First the frailer build-
in:s   were   swept   into   the   streets,
[many allowing faceB   of   women   and
November 14, 1909—WinBton Churchill assaulted by suffragette with dog
November 23, 1910— Mr. Birrell Is
mobbed iu London.
November 29, 1911—Prime   Minister
I howled down at (.ity Temple.
'    March 1, 1912—$20,000 damage dono
by window smashing  lu west end of
July 12, 1912-Attempt to set tire
to Niinebniu Park, residence o( Lewis
Harcourt, Secretary of Htato fur the
July Ll, PJ12— Bombs sent to Mr.
McKenna, Home Secretary.
July 18, LOIS—Hatchets thrown Into
WirrlagO m which Prime Minister and
John Redmond were driving through
Dublin; attempt to set fire to Theatre Royal, Dublin, packed with pco
ide; Mr. McKenna severely assaulted
in Wales.
July 20, 1912—Primo Minister assaulted at Chester.
November 29, 1912- Paraffins placed
In mall boxeH throughout the country; thousnndB of letters destroyed.
January 30, 1913—Hundreds ol windows broken In west end of London.
February 3, Ptt:i Itmd on Jewel
room in Tower of London.
February 09, lilt—Bomb exploded
in Lloyd (ieorge's new bouse.
February 80, 1018—Kow Gardens tea
house sot na fire.
In addition to those there bave
been countless attempts at arson,
Which are almost without doubt due
to tbe iiulliagottcs, such as an attempt to burn down tho grandstand
at KpHom race track, from which,
thousands nnuuntly watch tho famous
Derby and attempts to bum the
llOUBflfl of Mr Hobhouso, chancellor
of the duchy of Lancaster and M. J.
A. Pflnse, president nt the Board of
Hope of Ending Wars
Lies in Hands of Women-Influence Grows
(Comtlnued from page One)
quiverful in North uud South 320,000
in two years; all these in pitched battles alone, and, of course, not all
killed, though of tbe wounded muuy
died and many more were iiHcless ns
cittsons thereafter. At Borodino nlono
7.r.,(UH) men bit tho dust on both
sides; at Aspern 4r»,uoo, nud Wagram
44.0UO; nt I.eipsic tbe appalling total
of   92,000 men.
Itut the nations thus struck staggered no mure than u big MhlP whic
has lost a topsail, and n 'few, years
replaced the missing canvas. The
blow may brace both conqueror nnd
victim; indeed, it Ib almost a commonplace of modern history to find
that tbe rejuvenation of some state
(alien Into senility dateH from a
crushing defeat In the field. But
these, we admit, tiro consideration*,
loo "remote from common use." The
(lory furnace in no inviting "cure;"
these mny bc the luck of Ayeshu, and
not of Sbadrach, Mcshuch ond Abed*
nogo in tho Dunn's. Moreover, modern man, however stoutly he could
bear his losses, both human and financial, could In no wise endure that
"mu-ts of moan" which rises Uke au
actio as tho sound of a great combat
grows still.
That "mass of moan"! How lt haH
droned interminably over Europe
from generation to generation of
broken hearts. It is that which Is
the unendurable thought today. Tbe
voice of woman grows louder momentarily,  for  the most part tt futile
children peering from the windows.
These were followed by more substantial brick buildings until it bee ime
evident that no bouse in the flood
zone wns safe. The bouses as a rub
were washed, but a few blocks before
Tlic body of one gray-haired woman
floated down tho stream only a few
feet from the watchers at South Park
street. Tbe body caught on a guard
rope, but was swept clear and was
gono before it would he recovered.
The flood came soon after daylight
this morn-ng, after the residents hail
spent last night in terror.
At Dayton three rivers, the Miami,
Stillwater and Mad, and another
stream known &a Wolf creek join. For
the most part the city lies on a level
Hat, with thc four streams meeting
almost in the heart of tbe place, aud
Is protected by levees   25 feet high.
Tho main levee of tbo Big Miami
broke at Webster street about 8
o'clock. An hour Inter the water was
through in a dozen places and a wall
ot water 10 feet high swept through
the main street just above tbe
juncture of the BU Miami and the
Mad river, nnd where tho water ol
Stillwater river poured into the Miami the flood reached its height and
rolled into the business section a wall
20 feet high.
The Dayton News was soon under
20 feet of water, the flood rose to
the second floor of the Algonquin
hotel and all a'ong Main street oc
cupantB were driven to the third
floors. What happened to them since
no one on the outside can tell.
House looting began early ln the
night and while the loe il militia are
on duty they are wholly incapable of
handling the situation.
Incidents without number are nar
rated of persons in the flooded districts, waving handkerchiefs and otherwise signaling for aid, being awe^t
away heforo tbe eyes of the watchers
on the edge of tbe waters. Many o'
the rescue boats were swept by the
current against whit had been fire
pi ups. trees and houses. Thoy were
crushed. How mnny died in this way
no one knows tonight. Canoes and
row boats shared the same fate.
What life exists In the district that
tbe wnter covered is in constant danger and helpless until tbe flood subsides.
Solved Cos^of Living
Labor Commission Discovers a
Domestic Economist
Vancouver,—A i*rci,t .iml was mude
liy the Labor (.'onimlsmoii this mora-
lug, wlileli quite juBtifiea Ue existence. It produced a witness, a married man with « family, who Iibb so
tar solved tho problem of tho hluli
oost of llvine; that he biivcb from ?7.r.
to $80 a month out ol his wages of
$25 a week as n linen marker in a
James Aladdin Ib the namo af the
witness and he hud no complaints to
mako about his lot.
"You suy you savo $75 or $80 a
month. You lmvo mnde a mistake
somewhere," remarked tho chairman
when he heard Iho witness.
"No, that's right; I savo that much
a mouth," Insisted Aladdin.
"Yob, but a month. You Bay you
get $25 a week and save $'5 to $80 a
month. Now, how can you do that?"
argued the chairman with tho air of
a man who had proved the unren'on-
ableness of the statement.
"Well, I live ln North Vancouver,
and 1 own my own houso, Aly wife
and I make a po nt of seeing that
our living expenses do not exceed $30
a month, and that leaves us from $70
to $80 a month to put in the bank,"
suid Aladdin. He added that he a'.o d-
cd a hill for electric light hy burning
coal oil. nnd that hy the exorcise ot
economy in household m: aigement,
they were enabled to live and save
without experiencing any hardship.
Although the Labor Commission
held its final session yesterday morning it held an "extra" today, In order to get down in evidence the results Ol ita investigation of the city
laundries yesterday afternoon. Tho
investigation removed from the minds
ol the commissioners nny fears that
conditions were bad, nnd lt was decided to he fair la viow ot other
statements on the record to call
some laundry witnesses.
sound full nl rage and fury signifying nothing, but ln one respect most
purposeful, and thut Is in her denunciation of war, She, at least, witb
keener eye, has marked Its orbit,
and, with sight perhaps less penetrating, sees nothing but folly in its
its periodic reappearance. II ever
the red Btar shall be "shot Irom its
sphere," it will be her doing, lor
good or ill, not necessarily to repeat, for good.
It is not hard to trace the subtle
infection of womanishness which is
bringing nearly the whole world's
manhood to womanish points of view
on manly matters, especially to that
essentially womanly cul bono attitude before which war has always
trembled like a guilty thing surpris
ed. When women have stopped war,
and we believe that they will do so,
they will he "emancipated" indeed, for
th;y will have annihilated the only
Lhing tbat bars them from equality,
or, perhaps, superiority to the fighting men.
This present war already bears
their imprest. The grout cry which
has gone up from all the Western nations, Is, Btripped o** Its cant, not a
cry of reprehension, but of sheer timidity, of sheer feminine dread of damage, of interruption to comfort, business and waxing fat.
Wbat a larce are these jeremiads
by people armed to tho teeth aud
rattling the sabre at every trifling
opposition to their will! It they
have not learned to avert it.. Meanwhile tbeir shrill expostulations with
tbe breakers of the peace, their nervous chatter among themselves, is
drowned ln a deeper, and, to him,
who "saith hai hai amongst the
trumpets," a nobler sound. Around
Adrlanople rises again the great diapason which has sung over so mnny
stricken fields. The Turk, aroused
trom his lethargy, has thrown down
his pipe, and rushes at last Into the
arena over the door ol which is writ-
ton—lor bow muny thousands?—"All
hope ubandon ye who enter beret"
..., S,TO"i*',' >:01""','"1,1 iBld-lMmed mm sr; annually iw.pt to a prnmnlnm grave
tlin-ii^ll _,l- lacaerulioita, p.:e-.at. aij UlooJ Plaow...   If you Iiiivi. any t.t Uio r ,1-
.t'.ui.,:»vM|i„nllli. „.„»..;. aibwora It ia tos !..-». Ar» you nurv„u. ami wui.l., .Il'.jkiii.
Sf-aaiF .'";',-"• 'V',1'4.,1, '"!.'. •■'," '"'"'.■ *.■"'fieri, cvli.. undor Hum, wwik bunk,
kxlu.-v*.I.-...,.....-, ml,,!,Ml,,...r lhoIh'nt, baa'.l.it.umuiu. i-iii l>i's,*, udliueuL In urk.o
i.i.iiI.Imo.1 iho f.>,<i>, i-.f. mi"';, ii, In l.oir oh., kj. ruraworu eKprmMi™, poor nwrnrv,
lU.-luiiH, iHsini.l, ,1. hoi; on. :  y r.i, I strrii-'lli, t.i-od uiornluB-, miller, bl 111.., rhinr-oiiMa
moOda,  Well. Ulallll'JOll,  l'1-O..ia.lirO dOva,',   l.OllO   pa.ll",    tlfllr  loOW,   ftO.0   lUfOUl, tltC
„    .,     ... Ya*?U     w,t**    BE    *    WRECK
Our New Mrl'md ir, ..imi-r.t C'.li CUM J'OUfind Innkoil lunn of you,   *t*in*-r Its hinll*
WM .1 ™ omiiii's iio.iio, iho blood putiilcU, io Hint nil nlmploi blnloiiommil uluora
ie strong ns stool, flo       .... . .
didtppoar, um iiurva. beoorae r. matt "■' steel, no Hint nerrpusnoas, bushfulnm.. und ilu-*
.mill-ill y ..,11.1,11, Ilu.oyo ho.„i,i,.,ibi-,:|il, tin. fni-u lull and iilo.n-, omrny lotllrlul lo tlio
l», .y hi... iiinmiI, | h.Moal i|,|,l (.p-iimI dysl-nm nm liivl-orntod: (ill ilntlna ciowo-no
.iinr-iii'il vii-lofi'uni liiiyntom.  Don't lot ..uoolul and fakir, rob you or your hard
ouni-,1 Uullnia.   Vi, will euro you o- na ivy,
RLAI.I id no matter whohnstntUod you, wrltn for an honoot opinion Fn. of Chun.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Grlswold St.,  Detroit, Mich.
/.It letters (rom Canadti must lie addreiscd
to our Canadian Correspondence IJepuri-
m     incut ill Windsor, Out.   II you .IcHii-e to
... Medlail Institute lu Detroit as wc «„ and treat
no iu.*i.n',s in our Windsor olilcca which nro (or Correspondence nn.1
laboratory lur Gitindlall bllBllloitn only.   Address all letters as loliows:
DI.3. KENNEDY & KEWNF.DY, Windsor, Ont
V/riia let teir pllvato sddroM
IM ui nefBonnlly col] nt < THE   PROSPECTOR.  CRANBROOK,   B. C.
I ,|„H„|,,t„|,|„|.,|„.„|„t.,|„t„H,t.a*
Professional   Carbs
•Cobtje   Hotices
P.L.8.    *   O.B.
L'KANBRUOK,     ...     B.O.
W.   F.   OURD
Uurristur, dolicltor, ste.
CIIANUHUUK,    ...    D.O.
aud NlttWii'a'
Barristers,  Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Hank Building
ORANBROOK, British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Alining Engineer and B.O.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi 236 Phone 221
CRANBROOK,     ...    B.O.
Drs.   KING   &   OREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
OHIce at  Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Olllce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Alternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - • 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Crnnbrook, B.O.
T.    AI.    R I X E N
Auditor and Accountant
P.O.   Roi  373
NELSON, B.O.      47-Sm'
F. .VI. .VlacPherson
Norbury A.euii. Neit to City Hall
Open Day anil Night Phos* Ul
Funeral Director,
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 2S9 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Peering & McCormick
Mowers fir Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All I.quits Done at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet io Carmen'a Hall, on    2m) an.l
4th Thursday of .-neh month.
J.  McLACHl.UN,   C.R.
Louts Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box iU
Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbroolt  Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
8  p.m.   Membership open  to  BrUit-th
E. Y. Brake. PreB.
L.   Pcarron,   Secretary
Boi 618
Visiting  members conilally  welcome
A. F. -ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   of   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
Notice is hereby given the* cm tho
17th day of February, 1913.
Oeorge H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of
the County Court ol East Kootenay,
that James A.Arnald,Ofticial Admlnls
trator for that portion of the County
uf Kooten.iy included in the Electoral Bistr ct of Oranbrook be Ad-
minlstrator of all and singular the
e-it-t ' of William Goodridge, deceased
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to mako payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
etlectB belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or Interest
in the distribution of tlic estate of
the said decetised is required to send
before the ill hi. day of March, 1913
next, by registered mail addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and the full particulars of
his claim or interest, and a statement of  liis account and the nature
address and the full particulars of
his claim or interest, and a statement of his account and tbe nature
of the security (if any) held by him,
After the .suid last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
tie ahull have had notice.
Dated at Oranbrook this 17th day
of February 1913.
Mt Official Administrator
Notice ia hereby given that on the
17th day of February, 1913.
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of
the County Court of East Kootenay,
that James A. A mold,Official Admlnls
trator for that portion of the County
of Kootenay included in the Electoral Distr ct of Cranbrook be Administrator of all and singular the
estate of John P. Larson, deceased
Every person indebted to the said
deceased Is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned,
ol the .eourlty (11 any; held by him. |  ?™r\ ''er8°," •**""*•* '•*/<-"■«»»'<>•>
Alter the aald met mentioned date ___J»l__»„ *  .he ?_*!,d.„
the Administrator will proceed with
to    notify    the
the distribution ol the cBtato having
regard t<> those -..alms only ol which
lie shall hnve hull notice.
nnteil at Cranbrook thle 17th day
of February 1913.
»-4t oniciul Administrator
No. 125, Jt. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday in
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially invited.
Ri. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, K.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meet* every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, O, O,
F. M. Christian, K of R. & S.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Catholic Church
Sundays-Low    mass   at «:I0 a.n*
high n.nsa, 10 30 a.m., Sunday school
Irom 't to I p.m.,   Rosary and Bene*
llctlon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays   and holy days ol obligation—Moss at 8 a.m.
Week ilayB-Moaa at   i a.m. at the.
P.PIamoadon, O.M.I.
Uo. .2
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephana W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   153
Companions of tbe Forest
Meets in Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
3:00 p.m., ebarp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. C.
Mre. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions   cordially   welcome. 36tf
CorU minUi,- rights ol the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, thc Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion ol
the Province ol British Columbia,
may bo loused lor a term ol twenty-
one years at nn annual rental ol $1
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will bo leased to ono applicant.
Application lor a lease must bs
mailo hy the applicant in parson to
tbe Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district in which the rights applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
lie described by sections, or legal subdivisions ot sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each  application  must   be   accompanied by a fee of ?.. which will be
refunded if the rights applied lor are
not available, but not otherwise.   A
royalty shall  be paid   on   the   merchantable output ol the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
J   The person operating the mine shall
, furnish the Agent with sworn returns
' accounting   for   the   full   quantity ol
1 merchantable coal mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon.   If tho conl mining
lights  nre not being operated,  sucb
; returas should be furnished at least
! once a yeur.
Thc lease will include the coal mining rights only, hut the lessee may
be permitted to   purchnse   whatever
available surlace rights may be con-
; sidered necessary lor the working ol
the mine ut the rate ol 110.110 an acre
For   full   information    application
should be made to tho Secretary ot
- tlio Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands.
W,    W.    CORY,
Deputy Minister ol the Interior
[   N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   ol
this advertisement wlil not be paid
(or Jan. 4tb-tf
F. W. Swain.
Cranbrook      Lodge
No.        10,'a
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p. m.,
in Royal Block
Knight's Hull on
Bnkor Street
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
Meets In Royal Black  Knights
Baker Street
Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday
ol eacb month at I* p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  L.  Hnyward,  Hoc.Hoc.
Oeo. Ladds, chief ranger
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Proaldeiit—0, It. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on the First F
evening ol each month.
Information   on    Poultry    mutton.
Addreaa the Secretary—A. II   Smith
P.O. Box 852, Crnnhrook, B.C.
| the intention of tho undersigned to
, apply to the Lieutenant Governor in
i Council for approval ol their pro-
I posed undertakings und works ia con
I nectioa with Water License No. 1533,
I dated the 21st day ol June, 1910, for
one cubic foot of water per second
i from Silver Spring Lake, and in con-
I paction with Water License No. 1584,
! dntod tho 21st day of Juno, 1910, for
1 two cubic foot of water   per   second
Irom Silver Spring Lake. The maps
t and plans t.i the proposed under-
| takings   am!    works are now on file
and open ror public inspection at the
i office of Mi'- Water Commissioners at
| Hn. Government Building lu the City
I of Cranbrook and at the ofllce ol the
1   '..mi.troller of  Water Rights at the
-Parliament Buildings In Vlctorln,
,nn<l objections to the approval ol the
.mid proposod itn.lortnkini*.! and work
may lie Died at tin- oitlco of the Pro-
i vinclal Secretary In Victoria within
| twenty  days utter  the snld  duto of
Dated iiim aMli day   ol   February,
The Klko Water, Light & Power
10-51 Company, Limited.
required    lorthwith
Every creditor or other person
having nny claim upon or Interest
in tbe distribution ol the estate ol
tho said deceased is required .to send
beforo the 31st. day of March, 1913
next, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and tbe lull particulars of
his claim or interest, and* a statement ol bis account and the nature
ot tho security (11 any) held by him.
Alter the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of thc estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 17th day
of February 1913.
»-4t Official Administrator
SEALED TENDERS will bo received
by tbe Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for tbe purchnse of Licence No,
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 railway ties, 16,000 cedar poles
on Lot No. 274, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   ol Chlel Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by tho Minister of Lands not later
than noon on tbe 3rd day of March
1913, for the purchnse of Licence No.
Xll to cut 2,520,000 feet B.M.,
45,000 railway-ties, 4,600 cedar poles
on Lots 3877, 3878, Group 1, Kootenay Dlatrlct, near Creaton.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-lSt
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy tbe Minister of Landa not later
than noon on the 3rd dny ol March
1913, for tho purchase of Licence No.
X12 to cut 6,440,000 feet B.M.,
10,600 railway-ties, 8,500 cedar poles
on Lot 491, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for the purchase of Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,160,000 feet B.M., and
C50 cedar poles on Lot 281, Group 1,
Kootenay District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS wlll le received by the Milliliter of Lamia not later
tlum-liuon cn the Uth day of May.
191.1, for tho piucliiiHo of Licence No.
X34 to cut 7,198,217 feot ol timber
186,897 rnllway-tleB, 448,191 mine-
props, 861! c-dar | oles, nnd 2,721
posts tn Innda wlth'n Lot .591,
Group 1, Kootenny, near Moyle lake.
Three yenrs wlll he allowed for the
remo al of thla timber. Particulars
of Cblol Forester,  Victoria, B.C.
Ih.n noon on the 13th day ol May,
1913, for the purchnse of the limber
in a flume 9,640 feet in length, sit
unte oa Irnls wlthlu Lot' 4591, Group
1, Kootemy, nnr Moyle Lake. Thfe-
years will be allowed lor removing
this tlmhor. Particulars .>f chief For
ester, Victoria, B. 0, 12-91
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the Minister ol Lands not later
application wlll be made to the licence Commissioners for the City of
Cranhrook, at Ihelr rext meeting,
held thirty days h.i-fiifl.-r, tor n
transfer of lho hotel Hence held by
A. D. Cameron for the Cosmopolitan
Hotel, situate on lot 26, nnl tb]
w.et fourteen feot of lot 27, In Block
90, Tin 669, Crnnb'oo'', H. 0., »'
.lo.eih F. Campbell and Jobn Armour of Cranbrook, B. 0,
Dated at Cranhrook, B.C, this
20th day of March,   1913.
11 Ml
Notice la hereby given thnt on the
I7i.li day of February, 1913.
Oeorge II. Thompson, l''ni., Judge of
tho County Court of Kent Kootenay,
that James A.Anvild,official Admlnls
trator for that portion of the County
of Kooteuny Included in the Electors! Dlatr it of Craubrook be Ad
iiilnisli-al.il- nf all nnd nlngular the
.stale nf Thomas Dennlson, deceased
Every person indelitod to the snld
doooaaoil In required to make payment, forthwith to the undersigned,
Evory person having In possession
effects belniicliig to tho deceased Is
required forthwith lo notify the
iinilri signed.
Every creditor or other person
baVlhg any claim upon nr Interest
In the distribution of the estate of
th.. snld ilcrenBod Is required to send
before the 31st. day of Murch, 1918
next, by registered mall addressed
to the undersigned,   hli name     and
(Section 48)
on thc 16th day ot April next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
transfer of the licence for the sale
ol liquor by retail in and upon the
premises known as the "Tourist Hotel." situate at Bull River, British
Columbia, from James Bates of Bull
River, British Columbia, to John
McTavlsh ol Cranbrook, British Columbia.
DATED this lath day ol March,
Holder of Licence,
Applicant for Transler,
Sir Charles Tupper
To Reside in Englang— Was in
MacDonald's Cabinet
Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., now lu
his 92nd year, wlio hus beeu living iu
Vancouver for the last year, has decided to return to England, having
completely retrieved bis health. He
will sail on May 2nd on the Empress
ol Ireland, nnd will reside with his
daughter at The Mount, Bcxley
Heath, England. Since going to
Vancouver, Sir Charles' health hae
been continually improving, although
it wae never expected when he came
here thnt he would be able to Btnnd
another ocean voyage. This will
make his second Ben voyage within a
year, having been in Euglaud when
Lady Tupper died laBt May. Sir
Charles Tupper is the only surviving
member of the flrst Maodonuld m.nis-
try and ono of the fathers of Caua
dian federation.
Sir Charles Tupper, Bart.. G.C.M.
G , O.B., I,.LI)., M.D., was born in
1821, nt Amherst, N. S. His father
was the Rev. Chnrles Tupper, D.H.,
of Aylesford, N.S. He obtained the
degrees of L.H.C.S. nnd M.D. in Edinburgh In 1843, nnd after following
medicine for fourteen years abandon*
ed it for politics, nnd became Prime
MiniBter of Nova Hcotlain 1864 He
organized the Conference at Obar-
lottctown In 1864, for the union ol
the Maritime Provinces under one
Government, which led to tbe final
Colonial Conference ln London in
1866-67, and the passing ol the Brit
ish North American Act in 1867, establishing the Dominion of Canada,
and    bringing   Nova    Scotia,     Now
Brunswick,  Quebec, and  (jntartn  un
der one administration.    For the services rendered in thfl matter Dr   Tapper was  made a companion  of  tbo j Qngns
Trout Fishing Season
1870 he joined
late Sir John
{79 received tin-
Order ol Bath.
the Ministry ol
Macdonald, and
order of Knighthood
He Introduced and earned thft Acta
doalinx with tbe construction ol the
Canadian Pacific Railway. In the
completion ot thla great work he saw
the future proHpcrity of hie country,
and worked with hla ht-art and sou) !
to flald in nttiiminj: thin, one of. the]
May  1st  and
March  15th
Not on
For some days anglers have bocn
; much disturbed by the announcement
that the trout fishing neaHon would
I open east of meridian 120 on the 1st
of May, and west of said meridian on
the L5th of March
j    In a recent letter from the inspect*
r,f fisheries tbo Impression waa giv-
... that the seanou opened on March
tlrst and greatest ol commercial on ,-.(-,.*..
terprlaea.    In   1SS4 Kir Charles Tup I ,-,
per succeeded Sir Alexander Gait
High Commissioner for Canada in
London, and though loavlng the vex
ntions nnd enervating influence o:
political life, hud to undertake dutiCB
quite as arduous, requiring all the
power ami tact ho possessed, The
first three per cent, colonial loan be
negotiated for Canada In 1SS8, and
the 54.000.O0O.uo was subacrihed several times over, anl an average price
of C95: ls; Od. per cent, obtained. He
waj joint Imperial Plenipotentiary
with Lord BaokvlUo nnd the Rtirht
Honorable Joseph Chamberlain, in
the negotiation of the Washington
Treaty of 18HH, dealing with the \i
lantic Fisheries and othor questions
in dl-putfl between Camilla and the
Dnited States, and in that year wns
created a baronet.
Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure !£7frt«dd.«
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugl. It COUnlertCtl llx:
ettecla ilniost Instantly-removr, .11 ci...:>.».
Alter tak ing the trert.nient Ihc.e Kill nave, be kai
need (uVurlnk Intoxicant, or uie unit*, again. Can
be liven secretly. We h.ve .el to heat ol ono
failure. Mailed under separate cover .0 .ny a 1
die... Piice#ft.(lilbox, o.aho.ea lor ,101.1 The
aoobell Druf Co., It, I .ib.rlii... Oul.
Apparently tho nriier-in-coua-
II to which the ihapector referred,
opened the aeaaon nt the const on
Mnrch lii, but provided April 5 aa
the- date lor the interior waters ly
ing oust ol the 120th meridian
The  order-in-eouncll   rettda   aa   toll-
ows —
"N*0 one shall flBtl tor, or catch,
01 kill trout of any kind lucludlaK
Bteolbead of 2 ilia. In welf*ht undreaa
ed or undor, ,'rom the ir»tb ot Nov-
ember in each year to the 25th ot
M.-.rch followinj*, both days inclusive,
except in the watera eaat ot the 120tb
uteri linn, ..-her" no one (.hall fiah for.
rntch or kill trout ot any kind trom
he loth oi November to the 4th ol
April following, both daya Inelmivo
provided tbat ringed aensona aball
not apply to the Seton nnd Anderson
Inkfii nnd waters tributary thereto,
nor to Dolly Varden trout nor at«l
anil line, or in Okanagan. Knmloopa.
bead caught in tidal watera by rod
Bhusvraf, Arrow anil Koot.nay I akcB,
nor land locked salmon welKbinic 5
II,a undressed or.over. Provided, fur-
ther, tbat during the preaent year
trout fishing went „i the 120th meri-
j dnm mny I oi*in on the tr-th ol March
the following described innd.i in thu
Diatrict of South Bast Kootenay:—
COMMENCING nt n post placed at.
or neat 3 miles cast of tho C.P.R.
survey line at the 32-mllo post,
Block 4593, Kco'.enay District thence
80 chaina weft; thence 80 chains
north; thenco 80 chai«s east, thenco
80. chains soutb to place ol comn.enco-
Located Feb.   28, 1913.
Dated this 15th day of March, 1913.
12-St J. Llvington, Ageut.
TAKE- NOTICE that thirty days
after date, I intend to apply to tho
Minister ol lands lor a licence to
pros'.e-t lor coal and petroleum on
the following described, lands in the
Dintri.t. cf South Enst Kootenay:—
COMMENCING at a post placed at
or near one mile eaat of. tho S. E.
corner of Lot 10084, Block 4593,
Kootenay District: thenco Ml c.r.lna
enst; tbence 80 chuins north-, tbence
80 chains west; thence 80 chains south
to place of commencement.
Located Fob. 22nl,   1913.
Dated this 15th day of March, 1913
J. Livingston. Agont.
TAKE NOTICE that thirty days
alter date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of lands lor n licence to
r,ros,:e*t lor coal and petroleum on
the following .I'sciiln.l lands in the
District of Soutb East Kootonny:—
COMMENCING at a post placed at
or near one mile east of. tbe S. fi.
corner of Lot 10084, Block 4593,
Kootenay District; thenco 80 •iniiia
south; thence 80 chains cast; thonce
chains north; tbence 80 cbalna west
to place of commencement.
Located Feb. 22ml, 1913.
Dated this   15th dny of March, 1913.
District of South-east Kootenay.
Take notice thut I, ThoB. Chris
tlan, contractor ol Crnnbrook, B. 0.,
Intend thirty days nft -r dat» to apply to the Minister of Ijimla lor per-
mission to purchase tbe lollowlng
descrlhed lunds: Commencing at a
post planted at the South-east corner of Lot 1(1106, thence Enat 40
rhnlns, tlionio South 40 chains,
thoncn West 40 chains, thonce
North 30 ohnlns to Moylo River, thoncn 10 chaliiB along snld rlvor
to point of commencement; contain
Ing   Hill ncres more or leaa.
Dated March nrd, 1913.
A. il, Grace, Agont.
11-91.  ^__
TAKE NOTICB tbat thirty days
aftco dnto» t Intend to apply to the
Mlnlstor of lands for a lloeuco to
prospoct lot coal and petroleum
SEALED TENDERS aidres.ed to
the underaigned and endorsed "Ten
der for Wharf at Willow Point, B.
O.," wlll be received at thla olllce
until 4.00 P.M., on Mondny, April
14, 1913, tor the construction ot
Wharf at Willow Point, District of
Kooten .y, B.C.
Plans, spfcltiriitlons and forma oi
contract can bo seen and forms of
tender obtained nl thia Department
nnd at ths olllcea of C. C. Worsfold,
Esq., District Enuin-er, New Westminster, B.0,1 J. P. Fordc, Ksu.
District Engineer, Revelstoke, B.O
and on application to the Postmast
er at Willow Point, B.O,
Persona tendering urn notified thnt
tenders will not be comldored unless
mndei on tbo printed inrnm supplied,
und eignrd with their actual signatures, stating tholr occupations mil
places of residence. In the case of
Arms, tho actual signature, tho nature of thc occuput on, nnd placo ot
residence ol ouch member ot the Ilini
n.unt he given.
Each timler muat he accompanied
by nn ncc-pt d che inn on n chncter
eil hunk, pnynhle to Ilu. order ol tin.
Honourable Ibe Minister of Publli
Works, oiiiinl to ton per cent (lOp.e
of tho nmount nt lho tinier,
which will ho forfeited ll tin:
person tendering declines to m
tor Int.. a contract when call
ed upon to do io, or (nil tu f"1"
plot.! the work contracted lor,
the tender be not accepted
choiuo wlll bo rotnrncd.
The Department does not bind tt-
sell to accept tlieOowost or nny lend*
Ity order,
il. (!. DBSnOOItBRS,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, March 11. 1518.
NowspnrerB will not bo paid lor
tbls advertisement II they Insert It
without authority Irom the Depart-
T,•+,-+*(r*l*-i'T-*l"r-|"l"*l-."l**t-r-i'*l*-l-| ,4"l'l"i"i-'l-i"i-*l**l"i"l"l'*l--l"*i III t1.".1
Gooderharu A Wort*, special
11. C. Distillery Go,,  special  r«isrr*
Corby's Special select
-SimrklniK BurgUfiily   Pouu.iei>   Sec
Murnm's Etxtra Dry     White Su„l
Tippo Ciiiante
Italian Grappa
Crest* Blanco
Dawson's Old Currio
Dawson's Hare Ufjueut
Dawson's Special
Dewar's Special
King George IV
Black & White
White Horse Liqueur
White Horse Cellar
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liquet.!'
Family Orders Promptly Killed
A   Full Line of other Choice Brands ot Wines, Spirits .- nd Liqueurs.   Cigars and Dur Glasses.
ll    Phone 95-Wholesale Wines nnd Spirits—Box 8
Cranhrook, H.C.
i iiiiii it ii 11 in ii 111 inn it i iii 111111 ii i it
If you want your mill connected with a
perfect Blower System by men who
have expert experience,
apply to the
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and
Heating Company
W. P, Johnson, & Co., P.O. Boi DO.
WORKS—Edward Street Cranbrook, B.C.
We guarantee to take off any back
pressure on any system already installed.        * - - a *
********    * .*_ a .*   *   *  ,|.,|.,a„|„|,,|, I, I. J_(, J.ji—I
ti iti iiTmiTrm n rrn it-n
•!• Automobile    will   be   inn' weekly   on
between Cranbrook anil Was* connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
r +. ****l****-: **■***■ **************
Makes Short Work of
Htemn   Holler,   PurilftO*,
mnl Sei'tlo Tank work
> ipeolnltjf
Coil and m<..'k  •aiinn.u.a
fuiiinliml on application
I '  II!!.
I     a«r... •■*.<>   *.«  IM. ( ...'..aa.      I I
•„-nl,-,l .ml „|,|,;,r„„lly l„,t„l,..N rn,r. „l
i. I..i.nl,,„i„, l|<ni.   Nn.in.llli. and all alh.r
i inoumtt irn yi.w .i „t,c<. t„ ai,I.,u f.....
ill,- KorOHlr, l.lkr. «n anaT.il „» ltl,a,.v t,
ii ii„i»iii raiiar i.i .ii'.ii-fnr.ait.ii luirarm,
i. in rriiin l.. ,1. of airnrtr ami f.ir .. ram
lm, I i-n during mon, v.-,,m-ti anil ihllilr-n for
wli nil llinri, Merflfa) n„ l„.|bi   Ji„t a few Iwttlr,
havfleur-i  , ,,f r,,,„, mi .„ no y-ara-rlurall,,,,
ninl '.l..> II .Mn ]   nm, .ll.i .. a oul,.., wf. an.l
nli.i.liili-l, 1.1,.,1.1,. Iri-ntin.nl for .11 ur!,- aclrl itla-
n«.~.,wr_ inln.-i-i. no.   1..1,, ,i„ii.r l.,in„o!
1 Abbott Bros.'* Rhtumitlo JUmjdy
< end vm MlDi ni -.ii.--. Binrt your cum tow,
;"'«t IMpald bl Abholl Urol., 711 8. rt*_rbofnfil-.
...''(.«■■,   Ill, If fouf ilriitfirUt iIom ti..t lit v.* It,
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug li Booh Ct. THE   PROSPECTOR, CItANBROOK,  B.C.
.f the house fly
iv Almost every
American Slate Hoard of Health is
carrying un a crusade against him,
llis tii thy origin and habits, and
the fact that his body is generally
laden with disease-prudueing germs,
makes lilm nne of lhe greatest enemies of the human race.
If the housekeepers of Canada will
Inscription  rn  Barrel  Proves  it  Gen-
uirc Relic of Notorious Highwayman
London.- Dick Turpin —simultaneously butcher's apprentice, cattle lift-
t, smuggler, house-breaker, highway-
nan and horse thief—the hero of our
childhood, bas been proved undoubt
edly owner of the pistol Jusl dlscov- JB lU ,« vanted J" 1T,;,,'
ered by workmen in the ceiling of l,m,s',ml to"a» *»d ' ,1" '"
the Reindeer Inn at Banbury. have lt border to save bis bu
Reindeer Inn at Banbury
Tiie pistol Is undoubtedly of the
date 1735, said the manager of
Mea srs, Westley, Richards & Co.,
linn; ,!. guumakers of New Bond
Streel wh. re the pistol is nnw on
. lew.
. thai II :- .' double-barreled
i' ii •■- pistol b ll li Hint loi .<.**. smooth
■ ore ban els 16 gauge and of the - \
aci pattern usi d during the seven
■•■■ nth and ■ Ighteentb centuries
We ba. ■■ had tbe assurauce of an
expel t '"■ tiaver thai the Inscription
on 'lit: barrel 'Presented to Dt< k
Turpii at the w bite Bear Inn, Drui y
lane, 1 '■■''• - also ol thai peilod
The v rUmanshlp throughout Is very
tin ■ 'I hi handle Is of English wai-
nnl 'l hi Bash boles are inlaid w :.;!i
gold, i nd ■ -  b ind around the bn bi h
  [end   ■' each barrel It gold       It prob-
A   Feminine   Misunderstanding        | ftblj  eosl  aLoUt .J1.00 0
Upton Sinclair, who is an advocal ■      'j   .. *,■-■..
of divorce when married  people ace  in   sraal    gold 11      I pa     -    Baker,
unhapry. tells this story. l..hi.ion.   w\     ■   - the ]   edecess
A woman In one of the large cities   tbe well I i    ...   Izekie   Ba .
o   this country was one day persuad* : I Wai  -
wl lo go to a spiritualistic seance In      The mya   ry ol to be
order to lold converse with her dead   found in tbe Re ij '■  ex
Ii islinnd. ply:- ed  '■..* ry tells
My dear George, said the widow, in  us ccasi      ivhen Turpin stayed
tears, are you hopp)  where you are?   it the in     ind was s
Happier than I  was on earth with   hand  ibere
you, Oeorge answered  with alacrity,      Of course tbe question of ownership
This was something of .i poser, and   has
L.inpu.nge  and   Religion
The   uian    who   tells   thla   story
i'   in   thai i:.; hero was an Irishman
Al  .i;;..   rato   tin   languagi   makes n
lini* hull
A prencher had dellvi red lila p --■
sermon, exhorting his hearers to em-
biacs Hi- religious llfo anl scorn the
a tractions of wealth and late suppers.
He concluded with tbls centre Bhot.
My brethren U i not this world rob
yon ci a peace which h can neither
give mn tako away.
Rockefeller and Hla Rocks
Just because John D, Rockefeller
has mode more money than he can
count without the uld of nineteen
clerks and forty adding machines, not
to mention a well trained oorps of
coupon clippers, thero aro many people who come forward these days
with storleB to show Lhat John, now
famous for hla wealth, wigs and wit,
was onco about tho cutest person
Htar ever happened when it came to
financial strategy,
Accordlug to this latest narrative,
Rockefeller told a close friend and
that clt.se goes both ways -one morning tli . he wanted lo borrow live
have it lu order to save bis business,
ie* filend went downtown tn the
course of Ins work, and prott) soon
met u big banker.
I wish, satd tin   banker  If you see
Mr.   Rockefeller  Lhls afteru ■   you
would t.'ll lilm lhat 1 have found a
place io pul thai ten thousand dollars
which he asked me lo loan Foi
The friend gaspwl like a   goldfish, I
and proceeded nu ins way, em oun tei
ing anotbei  of the   town'*    le 11 tig
■:. itlkl
you Bee Rockefellci thin afti moon
oh use lell hln. thai I have found a
man who wants to boi ro« that ten
14 >u- and dollars
Tbe friend slagg< red on. and mel .
■l   third  banker,   who  repeated  what
il    t two captains of finance had
said,       Then   he    wenl    hack   and
found Rockefelh r
■ ihn he Baid, lu astonlshtm nl   when
I  ' '    vou thia moi ulus  * on told me i
! m bad to borr ih   tive thousaud dol
let b, and a I daj   bankers hai e been
ig un you   ask" d them
iut ten thousand for you
Well well, boi  ■ :■■ ler, that's
■ ■     i Buppos i I m ij  safelj   assumi
my cred    Is i stabltshed In
th s town.    I'll jus: step our and bor-
nisaud 1 need
The Revenge of a Tramjj
It was a cold nntj snowy flay, oold
an charity—whloh, It may ba mentioned, is going some la tho lino ot
real freezing weather, Weary Willie
presented himself nt the farm houso
duor ui.l humbly requested tho sharp-
faced woman to provido lilm with
enough food to sustain within him tbe
spark of life. llo explained that,
while this epark was not especially
useful at that llmo, ho had ambitions
and expected to fan It into a flamo
of Industry which would fully justify
tiny kliidnoBS on ber pnrt,
Tho farmer's wlfo was not nt nil
impressed wilh Willie's plea, and
omitted a long, shrill denunciation of
any man who was unwilling to hurl
himself out of bed at four o'clock In
tho morning nnd work feverishly until nine oVoeit at night, capping oft
the darn reoreatlou by finding the
cat am. giving her a saucer ot milk.
Finally, however, she Indignantly Hung
Willie an uninviting looking hunk ot
mince ole, Willie failed to catch it
and it struck the   snow   so   heavily
I that It stirred up a cloud of feathery
flakes      Willie flBhed u oul aud dls*
, nppeured.
The uexl day he returned aud snld
tn the sharp-faced woman, lu a touo
| ot great reaped
Would you be kind enough to glvo
, me the recipe for the mince pit) i gol
here yesterday.
The Idea! said lho woman, and
' mm ;i> A into r terrific howl u gains I
j Willie's Impudmieo
Wel!   explained  the  Iraiup   I   |u*1
wauled to sottle a bet       Mj  partner
nays you used Ibree cups ol Portlaud
emei    : ' ouo or   molasses,   but    1
* Dili] iwo and .i half
_7 ■
No need to apologize to family or guest wheu
always right — overy biscuit inspected before it is
packed—and they are as fresh as tho product of your
own oven,
wo tho great favorites for every day use,
Tliey aro mado ia tho big sanitary factory iu
Winnipeg and come to you iu air-tight packages or
In sealed tins as you prefer.
the widow paused rn i
should ask next.
Whut te ii like in
George? she finally nsl
Heaven! exclaimed
not in heaven.
An Oil of Merit.—hr. Thomas' Electric Oil Is nut it Jumble ot medicinal!
substances thrown together and pushed by advertising, but tbe result ot'
(he careful Investigation of tbe curative rjualltles ot certain oils as applied to rhe lul mun bodj. It Is a
rare combination and ii won and kept
public favor from the first. A trial
of It will carry conviction lo any who
d.nilit   iis power io repair and  heal.
ide what -.In-*  discovered    on the upper Bide    ' th
plasl er ceiling above    the    bis tor
dear  fllobe Room, ar the bai k
leer Inn at Branbury,   claims
I'm   been put in by Messrs. Leny God  vh i
hai -   purchased   the celling,   by thi
lesse of tbe property as occupier, and
also by the freeholder of the property.
mi  Lad;   O'l
* bod) of l.ady O'Looti
greal • ■ ■■ .j. Burke common!)
Jul lime She was bland,
pass ■ tnd 1 , :■. religious, also
she painted In water colors and senl
- ' •-■*' pi tures * i the exhibitions
She was firsi cousin it. Lady Jones;
and of such Is in-* Kingdom of
il  .tv, r.
This happei
.i ibbled  slur'
Tha Champion Magazine Reader
Philander (.!, Knox, tho secretary ot
stale, I*, an omnivorous reader. llo
subscribes to more than titty magazines. In udd 1 tlon to this, he buys
all the new hooks nud all Hu* rare
edition : of old works thai lie can get
his bauds on. Al his bedside In- has
an adiiviuhle Klectrlc light and a can-
ti'ivanci of hi own patent which,
I ihe ,i   tray,   holds   a   large   volume
Comment   on   Current   Fashions
;! when lhe tight and
(vhtch Is regarded by
some uk a revelation In anatomy, first
came Into fashion In the national capital. A bmanly dressed woman, who
was r'ght there with the hobble.
rang ihe hell of a fashionable home in
Connecticut Avenue, and inquired for
her friend the lady of tbe bouse,
Bridget, a new sevtant, took one
look ut her and demanded lml\_imot-
Sun  an' where Is your card"
The visitor explained that she had
forgotten her   enrdcase,    whereupon
Bridge! went to her mistress and announced that a person warned to see
Win. Is she, Bridget? asked the mis-
Wonderful     Change.     When
Was   Restored   by
The Height ot Diplomacy
II  was ai  ilio  BritlBh  otubiissy  nl
tt'llSll UgtOII \  illsttllBlllshOll   EUrS
in ...is dellveiinn a lecture, antl \
■ - audtouco wero many big ,i.|.i.. !
ii Us nml lilgti -,i, i iy people und two
newa>)A,.i r roponora       The  two re ,
i >g onlj ilurnb, driven cnl i
tie   who worked tor a living among
all Hun,., people whose business nasi
Inheriting gold Bpoons, Btood In Uu*'
rear ot ih'' room.
Jusl as [he lecturer spread on the
ambleiit   atmosphere   bis   mosl   gorg* -
inns verbal picture, a large German
tried in sii down quietly  iu a chair
in from of the reporters.     II.. .nu sit
down, t.chlevlug a transfer from Ihe
.hair in the Boor with a srwu  clat*
t. r. wiii.-l. peeved .!.,• lecturer   and
annoyed the guests, who were anxious j
lo gel  Hi., talk ovor and organize a
statnpele ror the punch bowl. Every !
body in thc room turned around and '
glared   In  the dlrectlou   from   which I
Hit* no'.e had come,      lini thai (ler- i
man wus too smarl  for them.    Ilav-t
ian burled himself ugalnsl  lhe Iloor.
he slaved there, breathing In a flno]
lu'xlme of wax and meal which bad
been   rubbed   iu   preparatory  to   the
danclu,   that wus to come later on. j
vnd everybody glowered al the poor,
downtrodden   reporters,  clearly   indicating that such unspeakable persons
shuuld never have been let  into the
Afier lhe lecture   was   over.   Mr.
ltr.ee. the British embassador, found i
and slu.ok hands with the astute Herman, remarking:
Vour fall and subsequent reciimhenl I
.•■•"itliin were the mosl exquisite
piece of diplomacy I ever saw it.;
A lumber dealer contracted in
'.. :. lot nf lumber to a slrntigei
sup | ,
On !Is
li can I be
Bridget, with
tuudliig n
nu friend of ...nil's, said
disdain. Sure an' sho
ill there iu the street in
Tho Call of Chanticleer
Barney Weller was aboul  the fuu-
i'sl fellow you ever saw.      He was
Headache Ls a symptom and not a I »'"'•*>'*' making people laugh by'play-
disease lu itself,   i'i acis as a danger I '"** ■luke9 "" somebody, and he put
signal lo warn ynu of serious trouble.
looking   ii   over ho  round   li   full of I *"*"* ■"•ll"
Imol  holes ami    i.ilil    his    customer I
about li fraukl'
Vou may mu ..anl this lumber, he
win not?
I  have  In In' Iliilli'Sl   ..ill)  ynu.       II
is full of km.I huleH.
The stranger only laughed.
'.'ll take ll, he declared. This
lumber Is to go around some baseball
-.rounds. Knot holes won't hurt
any.       1   was  a   kid   mys.lt
on e.
A 1 id;
t Importance
. genliemuu, .
nucli   Indlffen
Hive herself Rrenl
.ill being Inlroduc
ii<l. with a sho
uii-     I   llilnli   I
By reading Mr. Donneral's letler
you will be satisfied that there is no
treatmeal lo he compared to Dr.
t'hase's .Verve Food as a means of
Imil.lii.. np the system and removing
ihe cause of headaches, sleeplessness
and imli^i'stlon.
A  Gol.:   Mine  In  Ihe  Kitchen  Stove
T.   A.   Spider, or Cincinnati, who
piled up j. fortune h.v the use of his
name 01.  catsup bottles,  got   all  of'     Mr.   Charles   lkuinnral.   Klelnhurg,   selection  and   lei   nut  a long  shrill
his money because   lie   realized   lhat I (Int., writes: "I wish to communicate   ''"''*'
up .. game on a victim every day
ihe week. lie was In Chicago al a
big hotel on one occasion when the
bun of one of his Jokes sought revenge by securing a live rooster and
tying it under Harney's bed at night.
At ihree o'clock in the morning the
rooster turned up for Hie tirst vocal
vas a gram! aud gorgeous
made hiui some catsup
Ihey were married, and
Mrs. Snider
cook.     sin
shortly nftei
lie remarked.
We .1.1*41.1  in gel a fortune out of
lllis.       Lot's sell il.
They did sell ll, ami Inillt It up Into* u Itlg business thereby annexing
th" routine.
Mlnard's   Llrii-i'   I  Cures  Diphtheria.
When Nagcl  Had to Ride
wilh .
he gen
iiii      I   hai"
i   I ■
nt   of
for Year*, Restored To Health
by Lydia E.Pinkham'fl Vegetable Compound.
ivt;,ry of tbe de-
iintnerce ami lahor. Is
'iiilitiiii; in his hullil an
■• uii tho top ot uliiii.
'uuhington one night
c he ^.ii nasi tbe tax-
suriounUetl by a group
Canadian women tiro continually writ*
Intf u.-f such letters aa the ■ a ifo ■■■ \ng,
which are heartfelt expre u Ions of i',"iti-
turitj Cor roatored health
Glanford Station, Out. "I have taken Lydia El. Pink ham' i Vagi-tab iCom-
iun I an.l nover
iimd aii. ni" Hi In i
i compi ■••• vi .'ii it,
hadolceraand fall-
■i oE womb and
ictora did me no
dod, I BUtTi-fed
ead fully for years
it.: l began taking
iur medieint*. I al-
i recotnmen 1 it for
nervi US U anil in-
digestion. " ■   Mrs.
Hi-.nry CLARK, Glanford Station. Ont
Chaatervilta, Out. " 1 heard ynur
medidnea highly praliod, nnd a year ago
I began taking them ror falling of womb
_nil ovarian trouble.
" My left sldopal I mo all tha time
nnd juat before my per I oil., which wero
Irregular and painful it would be worse.
To alt dawn caused mo pain and suffering and I would be ■<*) nervous some-
tiin.;'. that 1 could nol boar to seo any
one or hear any one speak. Mttln xperl.s
would float before my eyes and I whs
alway-i constipated.
" I cannot i»y too much for I.yrliu K.
Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound nnd
liivt-r Pills, for thero are n-i medicines
l!ky thom. I havn taken Ihem ami I
racommond thotn to wll womon, You may
publish this testimonial," —Mra, Sth-
PHKN J, MARTIN, Chestervllle, OnUirlo,
CbaKes Nagel
, pan n
j n (all man.
! Inola! -il pin
Itetii in Ing i
from New
Icabs and a
•it hackmen, lo whom hr paid abao-
luiely . o atteiUlon as be intended to
wiill, tb-e fourtGPii block r.i his office.
Tbe hackmeti ureeti I lilm witb a
storm of stifb ci lea u.-
Take yon right nptow n! Tak" you
io Hip New WIIlard! Take vou to \Uo
Ita elgh!
Tii" stati am in walked straight
ahead wit hom even looking at hia
besl 'R ri
If you a ni .i cheap hotel, Jump
right h. here, Insisted another driver
Still Nagel a ilk eil on mill ling
1 'i ' i Jell addresse I mm thus:
Deal ■' l imh .!■>■■ um! . aKe you
up there In h in nute
,\t nil., ■ |   nisi --I an i uol
I |tO     'I *      .i    I
j you the great cure which I r
ed from Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. For
over two years I suffered from fearful
beadach.es, my appetite was always
poor, ml the stomach bad. I look
m edl clues from physicians. Imi the
headaches persisted,
ly free front Ihem.
"J tend Ing nbout fir. Chase's Nerve
rood. I began using It, with little idea
lhat i would be benefited. I bad become ihln and weak, bid tbe very
flrsi box helped me, and with continued treatment I have been cured
and feel like a new man.     The head
The aeeond performance oi
tills kind waa loo much for the humorist. He dressed himself hastily
nml rushed down tn the night clerk.
(Jive me my bill! he said fiercely.
I'm going to get  out of tbls place.
But please tell me what the trouble
and I was rare" M8- suggested the night  clerk.
| That don'l matter, said Welter angrily. I'm going to get ou. of here
and ge* out quick.
At least, begged the clerk, let us
know whal 13 the matter wiih the hotel before you go.
Well, exploded Weller, there's a
crazy fool next door to me who thinks
Herald Building. Montreal
Plca.e send me full particulars of
t'ie 19J - Farmers* i'ri/r Contest, and
a free copy of your book '* What the
Farmer C-i.i Do With Concrete."
Willjyou Le on_ of lhe 108
fetrmers who will receive
ourlfrize.Contest checl-s*3
THERE will be twelve cash prizes in
each of the nine provinces (1 OK in all)
in the 1912 Prize Contest for Canadian
Farmers. The 1911 Contest was so successful in awakening interest in the use of Concrete on the farm, that a
second contest, in which three times as many prize., are
offered, was decided upon for this year.
The Contest this year i* divided into three classes, "A,"
"B" and "(',*' and there will he four prices iu each class,  f First
prize, $50; Second |>rir.c, f 25;Third prise, SI 5; Fourth prize, It0.1
Thus there are three $50 Prizes, three $2$ Prize., three MS
prizes, and three $10 Prizes, for each province.
fn Each Class there will be First, Second, Third and Fourth Prizrs
(JSO. $Js, »15, and SlOt for Each Province.
CLASS "A"    PriuiM tnimrdedtattM lour [tenttsln each prutirve -an j.. ■n..i
"•.'i'iaria." ■'rii-i-iii on tbi*if lirmiin tin yeir 191 i
1'I.ASS "■" -frl/fi lot* awarded lo the four litmrti i., etch pwince *lij»en4jtiof».
i'ir!i. oi ihe tt.t concrete work d«ne wltb "Cantda" Cemai oh thrit
firmi in 1912.
CI.As.*-"('"—Tiiirt tnbf awarded totht foarhraen ii net* ftnt-iw wbo ifnJ In
.b.r ti'-! ,!•#., i ipti.tn. villi.i _.m in,- pine al eoncreu ""'•< *«■■ done vnh
"Canada'1 CearM. (Katrlei fot tbii pti/« muit be i.votnpanrj I,- ;..,:■*-
(iphi ol tht work.)
Don't think that you must use a large quantity of cement In order In
win a prize. The quantity of cement used does not count iu t .lasses "It"
and "C."   Many of last year's prize winners used very little cement.
When you enter the Contest, yuu have a chanee to win a cash
prize of J*ifl as w*ll at the certainty that you will add a fitrmanent
improvement to your farm. If you haven't a copy, he sure and ask for
our boob, "What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete." It will not
only suggest many improvement, that ymi can use in entering the Contest,
hut wilt tell you all about the use of concrete on the farm.
11.! write *..■■,* iun.ei'irja.ldte.101. tbe alUthed .-..upo-i. of ate a
;■*>.■;. .ird. and we wilt .rn-l [u!l (iar,i.-i jr. of tbe VtU* Cttnteit
•nliroproi "Wlm the Katner L'aii Ot Wub Concrete" (0 jun
ilnolutcl) lite.
Addreii Publicity Muugtr
Canada Cement Company
Herald Bldg.    •
aches have dlsap-leared, ray appellto
i.. good .Hul digestion excellent. 1
write tills letter in hope that other
sufferers from headache may ns;' Dr.
. '!.;.-*..'s Nerve l**ood and ht* cured."
Dr. Chase's Nerve fond. **,.>.*. a hox,
iliis place
speul Mi.'
Imltato 11
lasl   Ivv
lions...       ii..'.
in.iirs   Iryin-;   lo
I...   $2,50   nl   all doalcrs
111. Ha:..- & fo.. Limited
>r Kdmati*
Shi ■
vas li 111
.   .
some It
I the  appca
II 1 tfiit.lv It 11
of n prodigy
11 s.
il'     llll
e 1 1
lie cai
IM    .1
If  II
mea a *
1 suy lie
WHI     111.'
.' 1 tilted
Si a
• t'ill
C   111 1
!.-Hitl!'i(ly - Voit  hollove  111  m
plafilera, doctor?
\l.h.   Rather!   1    nlwaya
thom for patlenta who cull tne-
thp mltldln of tho night when :
nothitiK the nut I ter with thorn,
Vour wife lah'l  looking well.
.*.!,e Ifl imahle to sleep night a,
hm- doe*.n't look like a nei'vuti
li im.'! " al, I had a secret poekt
pill In my clothes, aud she luwi.'
I (Hind it ye'.    Itoiistim l-usl.
j Kale 'llmt Bragaoit girl nsHerts
onler 1 <hui she hus mado a thousand refus-
nn in f *lls of marriage,
hnep'nl I'lihel* -That's true. When tins
asked her lu .he Ute wife, she replied
"No, a thousand times, uo! —Boston
C.i l In
Hie Way
Uny a liiile longer.
Departing visitor • No.
cent left.
I'iitii.-r Knlckorbockei
good  byo.   Judge.
-runt    you
it red
Tn,it Wai Withe
i ii i ■■ Bishop William N Mc
v,, n of llhode i land harbored a
large ioiiI In a bod) lo inalch Ha
wa» i ..'H h< i"' ■■ i i ■■ iloi kepi
lion  ■ for him
On one ■" eai Ion he lelephoued t-p
hi .■ lor thai ho wished to ti ■■ •■ .«
pah ol trousei a pre led, and the tall
... seiii ii.- i hi residence to get
The Bishop's ulsler Rilml ted the
messenger and called upstairs; Willie
the bo)  has come foi youi  irousers
When hei    hrothei    appeared   tho
 th's astonished gaze traversed ihn
,. lata h Impre ■■ * orpoi i iltj,' then
in- mm intn ed
<;•"■•  l-  thai   Willie.
The Orioinal  Self-Male  M,in
Doctor Mitrj Walker arliu wonra
troitser   and n Ihoroitghl)  mnscullna
cosl e,  Including Ilia coot  nnd  the
dorhy hul, lind Jusl com ludod hefon
the Bonnte commlil m penaloni. a
few remarks regarding n lull In
which she was lutoreated
Ah she wenl oui of ihe commlt-i o
room, Hen.iii-r Boh Taylor, nl Tenni i-
sec, slid far down in UU chnli and remarked
Thon nne.-. the mil. i elf mode man
In   hlsliiiy.
The Rush to Rawhide
A minister camo lo Gold Held In thn
daya tif th'- hooni; anil pin up u rather
i preleiitloiis   church        lie   (till8lied
I building ins church Jnsi al the clinfa?,
i i Kin ■' horse with a supposedly  ofJ,!10 ",l",,,,, l,,ms""l'"-v'
Incurable rlnghoim  for $80,     Cured      Ihen came the rtiflll   to   Rnwhlde
Ij.iu   miIi  $1.00  worth  ol   mixahii-si :'"id <.ther iiiHlylng cumpw,      A greal
LIN'IMKNT and sold him for $85.00.
Washington to St.  Louis
Have ynu made any suorlflco to de*
itioiiBtrato .vour pntrlollstti?
I have, replied lhe SI,   l.uiils man
I imi cn ihe home tonni regularly.—
\V;ihIi.i gtou Star.
Mrs, Bacon- My hlisbnnd threw his
alarm clock at a eat lu the hack yard
insi night.
Mrs, Kgberl -Bill ho never nil the
"it, I'll hei.
Mrs Bacon -No, hul he says he
gal ild of one nuisance, anyway.—*
I'OtlIters  Staies_uau.
ll itel K
ui I.i
L'fit,  lfel.01
I   Phllllppo, Que.
She Had the.
The) v
Of courBJ,
I don'l oxpeel  .
So, tliirllng,
)..* im i iih  lono
Lait Word
illng   as   tisiiul
ild. sarcastically,
I e ,mi angel,
nned,  ynu   would
II I   Were,
| many people lefl Gold fields, among
I them wns the minister, Before he
| went iio put oil Hit' door of his church
h  boevd  wlileli bad on ll  the single
word: rinsed.
A man whn stayed In Gold Held came
along and saw the sign.     Thereupon
tiie Uoldfleld humorlsl fixed i< up sn
ibai It read:
Closed.      Religion  has  moved  In
Itnwhlde, -Snjurday Evening Moat,
The.   r.re.il   Amr-r
whal i
W    N.   U    W9
marked ihe man w|ih ih>
and the hard hetirl, \merl
Is it nice combination ol tli
of Ibe knife thrower, ll
qiilst, and the mud link.
grnj   bale
ni politlca
IlI'Mt    Slllll
A Salt: PHI for Suffering Women.-
Tbe   secluded   llfo     o|'   WOltlCtl     Which
portnits nf mile healthful oxorclao Is
t'lniiit.ii enuso m derangements of the
stomach nml liver nnd Is accountable
lor iin- pains and lassitude llml su
mnny of lliein experience Pitnfio-
i -o's Vegotnhlu I'llls will em red irregularities oi ihe (iigcsiivo organs
and rent nro health ami vigor, The
mosl delicate woman can <
with safely, because tbel
while effective, te mild and
A me
Safe  Anyhow
Professor   The averng
girl I* poorly educated
(ihi Orndiiftts   Vou tbiuu ho
Professor - Ves, hui the
e insolailon, the   average
boy will uovei hud u uui
One of the Knox Knocks
Philander (! Knox, ihe secretary
of Btnle, rocelved one day lu his ofllco a bunch of high-browed Washington newspaper cnrrcHpondents. In
the tiuiuhe. wan William Muster, whn
stepped to thn from with a copy of bis
paiier iu which was one uf bis dispatches under big, black headlines.
The dispatch doall with lhe affulrs of
the department of stale antl iau along
glibly as If the writer lind enjoyed
the confidence <»r Mr Knox regu riling
ihe whole in tilt or,
What tin you think of this mlicle?
asked Hosier, exhibiting no uiotlenly
as he handed lhe paper lo the secre-
lary ot afato, •■
After looTtldg tills over, said Mr.
Knox grnclously, I musl any, Mr.
lean 11 outer, you are Ihe IIOBtor of Wash*
Ingioii corresjiondanls,
Ai ihls. ITobIpi' took ou ihe aspect
Is one of a balloon ami looked exceedingly
American   plcmtcd until Knox added softly;
Sullre.        Mave's-ttestor,
ie  Ihem
I thoughi yuu had a trained nurse
to wnlt on your wife?
Ho I Imve.
And now you're looking for more
b In?
ies, I find I have lo have three or
rtmr maids to wait ou Ihe trained
nurse.—Pelroll Freo Press.
The Statesman and   the    Wise    Reporter
Charles Nagel, secretary   of   commerce and  H«bor, lias under his department   the  revenue cutler  service
a'td the lighthouse boats, which make)
up a tremendous   lleet.       The   last
lime    the    president    reviewed    the
United Stales navy    lu    New    Vork
Harbor. Mr. Nagel was oil nne of the
boats i.s a stghl-seer.     Tall ami silent, he hnd been watching the naval j
lighters without    making   any   com
meul        l-'lnally  he  was uppruncbed |
hy a Mew  Vork newspaper reporlc
whn  was clad   lu  III
Real Philosophy
We haven't any mil philosophy in
theso days.
Ves. we have.      I know a man whn
has six daughters, all grown up, ami
test fashions I unmarried.
Scribbler-H look ine nearly ten
years lu learn lhat 1 could not write
l-'rleml   (lave ll  up Ihen, did you?
Berlhblor—Oh, no.- By Dial time I
had a reputation.—Puck.
1)02 OS
'•Hi   ■:   OP
ami a consciousness of great wisdom.
Thai's a preily big Heel, don'l you
think? Hie news gatherer asked of iho
tall mail, ami pointed In the two hundred si ips which were under Inspection.
Oil, I (lon'l know, replied Nagel. I've
got a bigger one.
The enortor's Jaw drooped, and bo
rejoined his nompnnlons wiih ihe pitying remark: That old fellow is plumb
His purloslly gol ihe bell or of him,
however, and he Weill up tn Nagel
again with lhe (piosllou; What Is your
.My name Is Nagel, replied ' lhe
member of ibe cabinet.
Whei d are you front?
My home Is lu SI.  l.ouls.
is lhal so? com mon toil the reporter
vaguely. And you have a bigger
Heel than this?
On, ven. reaffirmed Nagel carelessly.
Tnat wns Inn much for the reporter,      lie went  back  tu his eompan- j
inns, made a gesture signifying wheels
lu the head, and saitl, with au uir of
real, conviction:
Follows, he's a raving maniac.
What's philosophical about  llmt"
lie says be is gtail none nf tbem
ave been  taken   frum  him
Whon Asthma Comei do nut ile,,*
pair Turn a' once lo lhe help effective Dr, .1 l». Kellogg's Aslbmu Item-
cdv. This wonderful remedy w III
give you ihe aid you need su sorely.
Clinking ceases, breathing beconn *
natural uud wllhuui effort Others,
thousands of them, have Buffered a*
ymi Buffer but havo wisely turned to
tills famous remedy und ceased to
suffer,     tie' a package Ibis very day.
Pop, when folks havo deadlock)
Yes,  hoii.
Why don't they use skeleton ki
-Baltimore American*
Tall Aolor -I suppose Rodney felt
awful when be played to the eiuply
I,Mile Thespian Thorn was some
consolation omply seals don't throw
anything nl ynu,
The Cheapest Rent Ever Paid
There Is a church at Manic im,
Pennsylvania, which every year mys
aa lis rout one red rose. This Is tie-
cause lu 1772 n man named Stleget
being wealthy as well as religion.*,
deeded lo the congregation of lhe
v.inn Evangelical Uitheran Church a
piece of land ou which In put tin*
church building, and a clause In Mm
deed read: "And yielding and paying
therefor unto the said Henry William
Hi lege!, heirs and assigns, ul Man*
helm, In the iiiunlh of .luiie, yearly
forever hereafter, the renl of one red
ruse, If Ihe same shall be lawfully du*
Wh.H gi
Hie Hugo,
llnw about th
ashed life Boob.
Unlike, a Brick
it tip musl come down satd
high cost of living?
i yon pronounce 'Meul ?' ask*
iib'ial who Is Btudy-
ed the Chinese o
I'm .im sure, i
'piled lhe COIirl In*
tor pro! or, bul from tho way some ot
the soldiers hcluvc 1 should sny lt<
was   pronounced    'looi.'—BnHlnioro
HUBII kit ¥_£■*
Tread softly -     Itfi.'.^*;
Step safely, 'r—j
F.Bibodi) the pa'Mta-J features
of Cati» Paw Wi* a 13.    „<, TIIE  PROSPECTOR,  CRAXBROOK,  B. C.
VAaTTrD, AcvThdill.
PDICr, *5o.o6o am)
A Ready Market for
Books That Will Fire
the Feminine Imagination, and Here Are
Some Examples.of
How It's Done
~¥T THERE, is the romancer who has a
yy H«w thrill for the women?
'  " There   is   a  fortune   in   it;
f50,ooo, and even more, is no surprising
total as the profit that can come of the siltttt-
lion which can command the heart of the
average woman reader to stand still, wh't'e
her eyes light with the fires of responsive
Serial rights, book tights, stage rights,
one after another) the profits swell Ihe income,
until a Robert II'. Chambers can regard
'$50,000 a year as a mere interest payment
on the fruits of his ingenious brain.
Do you think you have the thrill? H'.eU,
then, forget it. The chances are nearly all
that you are mistaken; thai it's no thnl! ct
nil; that it's a thrill which doesn't appeal to
women; that if it does, you may not get the
chance to make them gasp over it; or that,
obtaining the chance, it may bc the wrong
chance, and your book may fall flat as the
most cultured readei's pancakes.
This is precisely the advice '.chick should
be given every gambler who has a secret
hunch on a horserace—when sure, don't.
But horses do win; and every year biingt
its successes in fiction, with those stories which
most strongly seize the emotion of women
readers usually leading all the rest.
"'There is one thing no woman should trade upon'"
per cent of embracing; tl.ein all, If only he can make
them thrill—whloh, by tho way, hor. been the preludo
to embraces, and lho postlude, too, since women wero
tirst created.
Thla division marlts a curious phase tn female
psychology. One-third of them don't caro how their
emotions are er.clted, so long as they really aro excited; another Ihtrd llvo In perpetual contemplation of
the thrills of lovo; and the remaining third, their
primal instincts cither dormant, unaroused or under
"You'd better go,'' he said, In a low but yerrsctly
distinct voice.
Bprowl, still holding his cigar, sauntered forward
Into the drawing room, *
"I suppose you aro armed," ho .aid contemptuously. "If you threaten me, I'll take away your guna
and slap both your faces— ask the other pup how it
feels, Quarren."
..edtvllh struggled to rise, hut Quarren had hlin
"Get out of here. Bprowl," lie sold. "You'll have
a had timo of lt lf he gels away from me."
Sprolvl aimed, handa In his pockets, pulling his
"I've a notion to kick ynu bolh oul." he drawled,
"lt would bo a mistake," pouted Quarren.   "Can't
you go whllo there's timo, Bprowl?   I tell you he'll
kill you ln this room lf you don't."
"1 won't—kill hl.nl—Let go of me, Quarren,
gasped Ledwllh, "I—I won't do muidcr; Ivo
promised you lhat—for her lake—"
"I,et him loose, Quorlen," suld Spro.vl.
lie waited a full lulnule. watching lhe struggling
men In silent contempt.   Then,  wllh  a shrug, ho
went out Into tho'hall, leisurely put on hi" "al.
picked up his slick, opened thc door, and sauntered
out Into tho darkness.
Oppenhelm, although few women wlll IiiiiI his love
mollve Inadoauata, must ho tnken as Iho mailer or tho
emotions ot honor, fear nnd curiosity.   With  a roro
liower In plot and on unusual rapidity of action, so, In
such a slory as his "Lighted Way,' the dramatic situation ls moro likely to bo ono of thrilling action than ot
eialled love.   Here, near tho close of that complicated
novel, ls the real climax, for tho character of faba-
tlnl, plotter and grand gentleman, leaves both Arnold
and the girl merely secondary -Inures In the story:
FJabatlnJ looked up.
"Isaac Lalondo," ho called out, "you know whn
1 "■'I7'know who you are." they heard his growl—
"f-ount Suhatlnl, Mnrquls de l.osso, chevalier de St.
Jerome, Knight of lho Holy Soman Umpire, aristocrat, bloodsucker of iho people.        ...,.„
Sabotlnl shrugged his shoulders i fhtly.
"As to that." ho answered finally "ono may Iinto
opinions. My hand Is st least free from bloodshed.
Vol, are hero with nothing but death before you.
1 am hero to ask a question.'
'You'd better go,' he said, in a low but perfectly
distinct voice"
complete aubjocllon, have taken on a sort of virile.
fondness for deeds of courage, with lore purely a
minor  consideration.
Naturally, the thrillers that most eatenslvely win
the abaorbed attention of women today aro thoso
which stir all the depthe of their sensibilities, from
love and passion to fear and heroism; but there Is
scarcely a professional thriller whose range Is so extensive. In all, some one note Is dominant. Chambers
most artfully touches the chord of lovo, yet he excels
In scenes of anger; Oppenhelm ls strong for mystery
and adventure, but he seldom falls to furnish a thrilling love motive: Rex Beach Is able to combine both
so that they are Inseparable; Harold McOrath Is all
adventure and, at tho samo time, nearly all love; Miss
Porter Is one ot tho few who depend almost wholly on
tho fascination ot sentiment to enthrall their readers,
and so here are stories which almost exclusively are
read by women. .,
Here ls the love climax of her popular "Harvester
when the longing lover, self-made In field and woodland, finds his worshiped ideal condescending to tne
love which his humility deemed presumptuous:
Screened from her with bujhc3 and trees, the
Harvester scarcely breathed lest he elartle her.
Then Ills head swam, and his still heart leaped
wildly. She was coming toward him. On her left
lay the path to the hilltop. A few steps further sho
could turn to the right and follow the driveway to
the front of the cabin.   He leaned forward watching
"Ask It, then," the man at the window ii.tillcreil.
"Can't you soo that tlio timo la short?"
'is lt true, this messago you gent mo by that
young man? Is lt my daughter, tho child of Ceollo,
whoni vou have kept from me all theso years/'
Isaac leaned further forward out of the window.
Kvery ono In the crowd could see him now. Thero
were a few who began to shout. Every one save
Sahatlnl himself seemed conscious of his danger.
Kabatlnl, heedless or unconscious of It, stood wltl.
one foot ui'tin the curbstone, his face upturned to
the mnn wllh whom ho wus talking.
"Ay, lt Is true!" Isaac shouted. "She Is your
daughter, child of tho wife whom you hid oway.
aslnunod of lier becuuso ahe came from tin. people
and you wero an aristocrat. Sho ls your child, but
you will never see her!"      ,__>,,   ,      ...
Then thoso who watched had their fill of tragedy.
They saw tho puff of smoke, the sharp, discordant
report, the murderous face of the man who leaned
downwurd. They sow Suhatlnl throw up his hands
to heaven aud tall, a crumpled heap. Into tho gutter. Isaac, with the pistol to his own forehead,
overbalanced himself In tho act of pulling the Irlg-
Tl'.en tlwse who watched had the:.- fill of tragedy"
f*-*r*%HERE 1. ii'i absolutely eorlaln rc.ipe; yet. even
I      a. fashions change, so certain styles of notion,
Jt       al   certain  thn....,  iiihIio  Ibe  most  tmprc.slve
appeal.   That Is why, although every season
bring, lis now torch-bearer ot romance, the veteran.
so steadily hold their own, until their shrewd diagnosis
..f the hungers of Ihu feminine heart falls, them—aa
sometimes It does   ana they drop bad. Iron, the ranks
vf the 'best sellers."
Who thrill the hearte of moil women today? Their
nnnie Is not quits legion; but It would go hard with
any one woman who. In the scant leisure afforded by
modern worl. and society, undertook to consume all
the books.of all those popular romancers,
Itut which ot ihen, provide the thrills thst most
widely siir the pulses of women? The first answer,
nowadays, is Itobert \V. Chambers; then, perhaps, I'.
l'hllllps Oppenhelm; Hex lseach, (leorge lt. McCutcheon,
Mrs. Humphry Ward, dene Rtratton Porter, Itobert
lllchciis. Harold MacOrnth, Louis Tracey, Harold Dell
Wright, William J. Locke, Thomas J. Dixon, Agnes
and ICgoiiOn Castle. Meredith Nicholson, Clara Louise
Burnham. Margaret Pelaufl, Edith Wharton, George
Olhbs, Irving Hacheller, Mltnor Olyn, the Williamsons, Will Harhen, Kllsabsth De'esns, Frank 1—nby,
Harold Blndloss, uertrude Atherton. Will I. Comfort,
IJ, Temple Thurston and liettlnn von   luttun.
Women render" divide theme-lvos Into three •.asses,
.mo third of them nro eager to read romances of adventure and are uttorly rndllfsrent to the sheer love
story; another third care for love stories alone, and
detest the tale ol adventure! llie remaining third don t
care a cream puff how their thrills cmne. so long us
there are plenty ot Ihem. and these librarian! olass as
omnivorous, although tho term so used can apply to
fiction only, ,     ,,,.,,.
Now, there Is praclleallv no novel which falls to
full into iiiih or the other "if lh<ss .,l«sslH.i«llnl.». and
Ii l« fiilo i ii.ie that a pint may belong lo Will ao,
win,  woman  readers oonslUulInK th. majority, lh*.
fomaucar ,inn.la .ihanese nil the whv from s.i to loo
Kood,an<JI from^^ircxultVntVartbuv.t tho word-
*"*• ftJd'Sod Almlphty. help me to be *JWV
With outstretched arms ho arose to IBMt»«V
"My Dream Olrl I" he cried hoarsely. "My Dream
doming, Harvester!" eho answered In tones ot
Joy, as she dropped tho white flower and urted her
hands to draw his laco toward her.
"Is thnt the kiss you wanted'.'" aha questioned.
"Yes, Kuth." breathed tho Harvester.
"Then 1 am ready to ba your wife ihe loia.
"May I _liire all Wio remainder ol life's joys and
W^!fawlW!r gathered her ln his arms and car-
- rled her to the bend, on the lake shore. He w   P
ihe white robo nround her and clasped hot'-twdtriy
un behooved a lover, yet with anna that she know
could have crushed her had they willed.
It ls hard to say at which stages of a Chambers
Mot hli women readers feel their temples throb and
their faces Hush most with roaponslvo emotions.   Uut
take Ms "Streets of Ascalon," where Bprowl has again
Invaded the home of I.edwlth. which  he ha-*, ruined.
The undercurrent of lawless pauston, with Mrs. Led*
with known to ho upstairs, the hapless loot of the
lover If her husband fall to prove himself a man, hae
all the elements cf the seen* In "Ths Kpnrllng Duoh-
ess," which "led to hold audiences breathless, and of
the' "Tosca" lovo chase, which Mary Garden made too
much for proper Boston:
And at the same Instant somebody entered the
front door with a latch-key. _       ._.
fiprowl etood perfectly still, interested, wa I tin 81
nnd two men, bareheaded and In tVOhlng dress,
came swiftly but silently Into the .drawing room,
one was Quarren, the olher Chester Led wllh. Quarren took hold of Ledwlth's arm and tried to draw
llm out of tho room. Then Lertwlth caught sight of
Bprowl and started toward him. but Quarren again
sttsert his companion by ths shoulder and dragged
him back. fc       qulftt„ llf iaI(1 ,n a ,ow
voloe—"Keep out of thiol—go out of the housel"
"I can't, Quarren!   t—"
"You promised not to come in ufitll that man
18 -'I Vnow It I meant to—hut, good GodI Quar-
renl   I can't stand there—"
Ht was struggling toward Bprowl and Quarren
wan Irving to push him bnck into the hall.
J,tou aald that you had given np any Idea of
1-eraonal vengeance.1' ht panted. ."Let mo deal wtth
lilm quittly—" .    . .
"I didn't know what I wat anylr.g." retorted
I.edwlth, straining away from the man who held
him, hla oyea Aged on Bprowl. "I tell you I cant
remain quiet and see tlmt blackguard ln this
"Uui he's going, I tell youi He's going without
ft row—without any nol so, Can't you let mo manage
tin ootlld not -Irmr I.edwlth to the door, so ht
foreed him Inln a chair and etood guard, glauclng
buck uernso hla shoulder at Sprawl.
'Diane,' he said, 'pray lor us Loth'"
tiie added emotions are crowded Ir.iu a scone In order
lo holghton Its interest,   linyd und Cherry Mtlotle httVt
eoino to un explanation.
iter surprise left him unimpressed.
"Let's bo frank," ho said,   "It is bent to have
such IliliiftH out and bo done with  them,    1 traded
my friendship for money and I am ruined.   You art*
s'aking your honor against Milliard's banknotes."
Hcr look commanded him, pleaded with him, t»
stop;   but   hcr   silence   imly   mado   him   the   moro
florocly determined to furco an explanation.   "Oh,
I'm In no mood to speak gently," he added, with a
stlntf of contempt In hln lone*. "I didn't think you
would pay qutto that price fur your copper mine."
Cherry Malotto pitied to hcr lips, and when shi
spoke her voice woj| oddly harsh, "Kindly bo more
explicit; I don't know what you uro talking about."
"Then, for your own good, you'd belter understand. According to accepted standard, thero ls oue
thing no woman should trade upon."
"Go on!"
"You have set yourself lo trap HJIIIard. end,
from what T hoar, you aro succeeding. Iio Is u married man. llo is twice your ago. Uo Is nutorlous—
all of which you must know, and yet you have do-
llboratoty yielded yourself to him for a price."
Kuddt-nly he found the girl standing over lilm
with burning eyea and quivering body.
"What right have you to say auch things lo me?"
she cried. "A moment ago you acknowledged yourself a murderer—at least lu thought; you Raid you
would sacrifice anything or everything to gain your
ends. Do you think I am like that, too? • • •
Do you think thnt you and your lovo Tor that unfeeling woman, who sent you out to loll and suffer
and sweat your aouj dry In tlio solitude of that horrible country, are the only Issues In tho world':
• * • You nay I hava set a prloo on myself. Well.
she set a price on herself, hut you can't seo it. Her
price was your honor, thai hns crumbled; your conscience, that hns rotted. You have paid it, and you
■would pay double if she exacted it. But one thing
you shall not do: you shall not judge of my bargains, nor decide what l havo paid to any man."
. Never before had Boyd seen u woman so transformed by the passion of anger. Hor lids had
drooped, half hiding hcr eyes, Hor whole expression
had hardened; sho wns the picture of defiant fury.
Tlio mask had slipped, and lie caught a glimpse of
the naked, passionate soul, upheaved to Its depths.
Harold MacGrath'a "Grey Cloak" affords an Ideal example of a situation warranted to keep a. woman stur-
'"Lflrd God Almighty, help me to be a man"'
ger, and camo crashing down, n corpse, nn to tho
pavement.   The crowd broke loose, but Arnold \t«s
the first to raise ttnbatlnl.   A shadow of tha old
imlla parted his Whitening Mpb.   lie opened his eyes,
•Tt_ a rotton death, boy," he whispered hoarsely;
"a cur's bullet, that,   Look after her for me.   I'd
rather—I'd rather hear tha drums beating.
"Tho Biker Horde" of Ilex Beach contains a "■■-"■•
lion, wall toward the front of it'" bonk, wMolt iilus-
i rn tea how its Hiithnr Hives his rendors full measuro.
running over, of Inrllls, and how love, nngi-r and all
ing at the printed page, •■.: ..u h-.i ,.., ii .... stops
beating. The chevalier's beloved madams, defended by
).!■ strong arm, Is b..»et i»> tin.se m whom li«i honor
is prey;
The . hevaller *.iw four mi n adi ageing wllh
diawn swords. They formed a semicircle around
the hut, cutting off all avenues of sscapc. Quickly
he thrust madamo Into iho hut, whipped out his
blado, bared his arm, and watted Just outside the
doorway. Everything was plain to him. Eh! well,
some one would take tho Journey with l.lm, he
would not set out alont, And mndamel He wat unnerved  for a moment.
"Diane, fur give me as ■.t-.tiy ui i forgive you,"
in said quietly, "and pra) for ua both i i all bt
too busy."
Sho fell upon her knoca, folding Ik i handi . i ross
her heaving bosom. Iter ilps moved, but without
Mound. She anw, possibly, further Into u.t* dark
design than the chevalier. Women lovo brave mon,
even mh bravo men love woman's beauty; :tnu persistently Into her prayers stole tin; thoughi that this
man, who was about to defend her honor with his
life, was among ihe bravest,   A soli rhoked her.
'•-D'HerouviiTo, you blaok scoundrel, why do you
come so slowly?" challenged tho chevalier. "Tiie
.single window Ih mo small for a man tu crawl
through.   Think yon to pass iiii-i way?"
"j mn going io Iryl" cried D'llerouville, triumphantly, Ilow well everything liad turned <>ut.
"Now, men, stand back u little; there will be somu
sword play."
"I'll engage the four or you In lhe open, ff
madflinn is permitted t-i so free." The chevalier
urged thla simply lo gain time. lie knew what tho
answer would be.    •
D'Herouvllle appealed lo Corporal Premin. "la
t1iat not an excellent loke, my corporal?"
•'Kyi, of tho bull, yes!"
"JIol    D'Herouvllle,  wait  feir me!"
Madame sprang to her feet s-r.-arning: "Vlcoratt,
nave us!"   She flew to the dour.
"ii-irk, roadunie/' warned ihe. chevalier, "or >•■..
will have me killed." With his left arm M barred
the door.
"Have patience, aweet bird, whom I i^n;.II souu
:ake to un eery neat, To be suro l .thali save v<»u!"
From behind « clump of haze] fie vlcomte came
forth, u sword In his hand.
it wns the lone, not the words, which enveloped
madamo's heart In a film of Ice, One way or the other,
it did not matter, sho liad lott.
Hammers, .5aui.f and Nails
for the Human Body
rfppsrafvs TorScrov/'/jp 7b?~effier ffit- &*rfy of
Fr-eefvr&cf 13 one.
HOW would you like 1.o walk about, plated
with vanaduun steel, like sonic bnUlcahi..
so  expensive  that  the  world's  navies
daren't dream of it; or sawed up like a
plank; or nailed together like it box; or wired like
u skeleton; or cut off from a dog that hud been made
your Siamese twin?
There's no telling how soon you may be doing
it, aud mighty glad ot' the chance. There weren't
many autos to strew society'*, happy path with
human wrecks threescore years ago, uud not nearly
bo many railroads to contribute their maimed quota.
Hut plenty of accidents did happen, and desperately
//on/* /fnec JdwfAf y/ired
ure.   Within the last few yes>» both Prof. Q. Q, Datl*
of iho University of Pennsylvania, and Prof. .i. t.hai-
intra DaCosta, of Jefferson Medical College, havq cur ad
u fracture nf the neck of the thighbone—that connec-*
tlon between  the bono and   the hull at  tllfl it-i> uf It
which worka in iho hip socket—in a carpenter a way
that Is simplicity Itself. Ono woman wlio turned up
wltii lho break was doomed to permanent lameness
unless some such miracle could he wrought far i.er.
Sho has been under observation now fur five years,
■md she walk:. «a well us she did when a glri and never
has tho smallest twinge of pain whore si.o was nailed
together. , „ ,
Thfl operating surgeon had a good X-ray made of
the injured hip, i" determine lho precise angle ot Die
hone and tno depth of the injury.    Flitn lie had
'At. i, ..... a.*,* ■■, ..■. ■*. ...-,,   -    , -     broken uwitv •>••■        ■ •	
dlBtorted cripple; lingered on in liolplcssnos. and    J.'^,',',*;?.■,«-;,I*?.,,ltf!*Jl9/i;V.ru.i"p^?P!rt"SnnV.'.!.-''^.-^.!'...'}
"   ' ■  arovs Ihs nail In with a liammsr.  It droff Ills l.roksr.
parts logathsr tis.M us wax, ami wnsn slie r-as , lloved
to inovs aljout tho nail was part vt her anato::>..     it',
suffering to testify to'lhe futility of the surgery of
their lime. .
.N'ow, although there remain nu.ny forms of injury and eonsequences of <Ii-easn which modern
■elonco cannot remedy, the general state of affairs
has altogether changed. The surgeon of today may
fairly he regarded, so far ns the human hody is
concerned, as earpenler, cahlnct _akor, stonemason, builder and architect. There are preccdonta
enough established, and repairs made in sufficient
numbers and variety, to justify him in tackling any
job calling for skillful planning of alteration! and
expert wielding ot hammer and saw, chisel and
auger, sleel framowork. nails and wire, aud all the
other foreign uiaicrials required to lupploraeut the
items he finds you using In your business of keeping
alive.   He'll even grow a now bono for you, if JT0U
,en to have gone shy of .vour regular supply.
TIMS Is a tilsjily Irrsvsrsol *vay o( Sssorlbln*
whs, moilorn surgery can „,co,ii|ill>li; bul It
is a good .Ual botlsr t...... U'IIIhk slum, fsmurs
an.l patsllas and tno other mystsrlous iiiinss
nro Mniiio to ba sio.iiiiiK around In ....»'■ mldal
   Hi. chaiilte.ir lias dstnonslratsd mat  tii»i» !•
morn to bn oupscted of llfly miles an hour Ihan  lho
spssil-ln,.' tun*.
But lallS tho f.n.ir. ln onllnaiy, Mininn languafS
H's vour lllllhbo.is, rml It nn.i ho plain brpksn, splln-
.,!e& .um ...!,.■, ..-is,. iii.„rBs.,i«.-d .nun ii simpkwon'
units nasi:,. Tl.a surgeons pall lhat ir,^unun.tjd f actum. It Inc. li'i'ii ii" i'i"'o 111"" iwonly Mtai- fines
l.oi.in Hi.oi-p.leil in bringing tugothsr ono of moss
'"'tJS {[Vpfsmolsnl mschs.nlcaj Job. psrform.d
in such a break Is thai pin
l-'iffinan,   Who exposes
I'd i.v Bit row
,    frpgmonta, ents away uio
connecting' tissue chisels '.ff the lurfaces of thehreaK
te%Sh«VjtUR and removes all lhe iMnttnal bone
tiini may he ylng around i"<^ 'ihen lit bona aoma
holia™ the hone, and through ihem acrowa do
clamp which brlnga ihe broken porilona togatuar
ihey grow fenl to each other.
It's really a flno. handsome, lotantlfloJob,
fluralca oablnalmaKer oen ba proud of.  mil wnen \_
it. AUguatua Wilton  rati acroiit n   QftSt    Ike   thet, ha
attended to sli ti e. brtoautlont thnt go wllh tht ootrt.-
tton nti_ lu-x naiie.i the pieces logalhor. [It had hla
i,,,:!-,,i our of iteii and navigating nround on rrutches
fnatilo of a < ouple of weeks,
Carpentering la often better Man fancy areblteot«
ne sny
One of Ihe most difficult breaks Ih that of I1 i knee.
rno, whloh is vour private and personal name fo;* what
the surgeons call the patella. In England, aflet tht
lUrgepn lias itiiiberl tiie two fraginel.t-t of the .ont
until he can reel them grate nnd so prove that ihrir
surfaces are freed from blood or other muttrial, ht
runs under both of them a curved needle carrying a
silver  Wirt-   and   be  twists  the  ends  Sn  th.tt  til*  Wirt
compressffl tht bone pieces into one.   He doesn I even
bee the break,
American surgeons nre Inclined to l>. more thor.
ninth. Tbey open up ttio kneecap, wosh utt both soc*>
tions with a hot fait solution ond (hen drill iiolcs
il.rough Uiem, tiireaoiiiK tii" wire llirougli tho holea
iii.d twlhting it, the wound bflnie closed again and tho
whole Minwe.l lo heal. But it Is a proll> a"cl job uf
Airing either way. ....
The I'nitod Btatta les.it In these curious repairs.
r,r)f\ It has hold U* dlsilnctloii. with "r,;>- occasional
i.itHvaln. since 1M8. wi.en the late Thomas t>. M ater
ind Joseph I'auooast, in Philadelphia, lutihrd ar. ilia
ii-aiiii.g idastic surgeons of the worM. The advance a
contributed by great surgeons everywl sre. have i.e».n
Meiidy and brln* conatanl --liitiiK'-s In nrnctlrt.
Years ago,   wi.en   ti   plftte   was   needed   t..  connect
fractures, sliver or eteel was uitd.   Now it li .i-.ni..
•Hum slfiii that goes into the h.iimin hwdy to r.li:fiiT-.-a
broken bones, iiurely because it ls s» strong thst it i«
Icmr .:..!.-• ta break under Mialn thitb tlio ordinary
Buch olttta, like the illvtr nails, nr.- liable to "tuy
In a ptraon Indtflnlttly, end a nurKcon u..:ii.i rather
i.se bona, wi.en be can, f«T auoh rcpolir.   apnioMmea
lie wlll take a Shaving from  the  [ifttlonl   hl.-m-.it--Hit
abliiboiia can uaually snare a pltce to Iht rli I eel—or ht
mny use a Jot of ninnli t-Iiljis.    f,« d  In p.  bona Injury
where muoh of tno bona i.i mia^inK. ii.oio intia pleeeo
lu-tuallV   etieoiiragn   tl."   Iir.iksn   I; •   l«>   -ttot/.tlll   t.i
them, «n.i ilta reiull la new bone formation, wMcH t>-
palri the entire vacancy. Again, in lno«Miof Folli
blaqata of lho spine. Ire may nnl ; the snlm ^Jn"."
H iittin wedge of bone lu hetweon. Thai holds tho
crooked snino nrin and provents iim ..:*<■■..<• frnm nro.
gVcaslng.  Or ho may open up a  '■> ten and oUeoh
tha anlmal'a legbone lo the whlely *»Wa\t*} ondii of
a bona n a man, Tha nuni. In course of timo, growt
the dog bone into pari »f hu own; limn thu d •,; ii cut
iiwny umi tl.a mun la .vlmlo again.
iome suiaeons ■ oniend lhat whrnovtr i»o>m nre no
transplanted from nnlmoTt they- »i'iir.ii..iy '1;';*m;*i;:v-
ih« lumtn economy replacing the f.easl ituhalllutn
wiiii bone iiiiitmiui of '■* own; t,tii i outta laUon from
the psiient hlmaelf nr- imi ahiorhe-1 and mi on In ihelf
niw locallon uuchangad uniu the patlonl tlttt, oven lf
Ms ileal), is due to uid nge. THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK,  B. C.
I       i
:i -'Vn-Ifci
1   [7-j5-vi
Here   is   oik*   ol' our   a
Sack Suii Styles.
Very quite .uui dressy and
usual   with   any   model
Campbell's Clothing
in good style always.
Local News
Vfugnor go carts, 0. C. B.
Chas. Martin of Natal, was ln town
J.   Hayes,   nf   Kort   Steele,   was  in
town Thursday.
N. A. Walllnger was at Nelson this
week on business.
J. A.  Ward ot Spokane was at th?
Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
A. E. Wntts, uf Wattsburg, wna in
town Thursday.
Wagner go carts, c. 0. S.
Fred F'ye,  was nt Nelson this week
on business.
L.  MaiiMou of  Creston,  was  lu the
City Tuesday.
G.   K,   Crocker,   of   Bonners   Kerry,
wae in  town  Wednesday.
J.   Armour  left  on  Thursday  on  a
bustnesa trip to Spokane.
W.   Hanson,   and   P.   Matheson   mo
tured to Wasou on Thursday.
Mrs.   H.   W.   bavin of  Wyclifle,  was
Cranbrook visitor Thursday.
Wagner go carts, C. C. S.
OI   DRESSMAKING—tine   Cranbroo'*.  St.
* Apply to Mias B. S. Mclutyre.        _tl
;    Judge    P.    Wilson     was    iu    Kort
Steele  Wednesday  oil  legal business,
J, T. V.  Alexander, of Keinie, pen
eminent ag^nt, was iu town Tuesday.
Linoleums, C. C. S.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Taylur of Kim
berley, were Craubrook visitors Mo::
W. H. Wilson and Fred I-.usnull mo*
to the Moving Picture Show, the livelier will bo the interest
you take in tho world of Romauoe, History, Customs und
General Affairs.
is what may be snid ol the idea! Moving Picture Show, such
as ours. All parts ot the world, all ujies of lii.sl.ory. r ill be
fore  trie   regular  attendant   ut  onr   theatre,   Comedy mnl
Ul'attlU   uir.   ...oo   y.uira
Program for Monday and Tuesday
1. "Memories of Patio Days or the Road of Yesterday"
2. "The Honeymooncrs"
3. "A Detectives Stragety"   Thc Story of a Child   and   its
4. "The Hoodoo Hat"   A Comedy.
Examination to License Scalers
Take notice that examinations for
tho jmrpiiHi' ol licensing nei.1 rn wll.
he he'd at the Mill ot thc Orow's
Newt Past. Lumber Co., at Gal'owuy,
B.C., on Tuexuny, tbe 8th day of
April, 1913. Kor any lurther information, apply to District Forester,
ranbrook,   B.C. 13-Zt
Box 325      Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor F.iiwlrl. Ave. and Kain. St
Dr. W. H. Thompson
of Spokane, Wash.
Will be located in the offices
formerly occupied by Dr. Hall
over the Parks Co. hardware
store, April 5th to June 1st,
1913. Cranbrook, B. C.      Hit
Tbe Charter Members nf the Olub
are privileged to tbe same ra*.e for
the year   1914 as   1913.
The closiic; lor the admittance of
Charter Members Is the 17th April
1913, After tl is dute the genera
membership will apply.
Attention is drawn to tin meetln:
of thi ladies un Monday afternoon to
arrange for a ladies' membership, tht
meeting will be held at 3 o'clock. It
is suggested tbat Vonday aftcrnoo*1
f-oni 2 t0 4 and Thursday even'n
from 8 to 10 be for the exclusive us
of l*i.ilcs, who wi'l Imve the use o
gymnasium and water.
There is to be a special fee for com
mercial men or women who occasionally visit the city.
of the rovin.
town  Friday.
of  spr ne.    the   arrival
Several were sien   in
toreil to Kort Steele Tuesday ou business.
Wagner go carts, 0, C. B.
1,000 POTATO   SAC'KS-$50.00.  Call
oa or addrose W. L. Whitney, at Do-
zall's shop.
'BOB'S   l'l.AGE" for CIOABS
and TOBA00OB
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie, uf
Kort Stei'lo, were Cranhrook visitors
Linoleums, O. 0. S.
P. Woods of Cherry Creok, was
transacting business at Oranbroolt
BOUN— At Cranuoo! Thursday,
March 2. tli, to Mr, anil Mrs. W.
Tyler—a son.
W. A. ltiill.us, who was ut "..
Cast ou business, returned homo
Wagner go carts, c. 0. S.
John Murray, ot Boston, Mass.,
was registered at the Oranbroo.
Mr. and Mrs. A. li. iMoli'ihoiue, ol
Klmberley wee Oranbrook visitors
Linoleums, 0, 0. s.
II. W. Wenl.a, ol Kort rtte.'le, wub
in town Thursday, enroute to Nolsoti
on business.
V, Burdette ol Marysullo was in
town Tuesday.
KILBY      B-RAMOS     i    "ITUKS
H. A. Kraser. who has been at Nel
son for the past few dayB, returned
homo Thursday. .
Wagner >*.. carts, .'. .'   s
Mr. i.u I Mrs. V. 11 u Utter, of Por
rfte.'le, were lu towu Tuisda/, i'u
route to Spokane.
BORN—At CranbtOak, Tuursda ,
March ."tb. to Mr. ami Mrs B H
Small, a daughter.
Linoleums, 0. 0. s.
Tlio Loyal Order ni Mooss held a
regular meeting un Wednesday i.
lhelr hall on Baker Street.
Miss   Bdlth     Binning,   ol   l.istowell
un., was .li' guest ol her brother,
dr. R. J. Binning this week.
: ■.iol<   us. C. U. s.
We c :i  show  yo : o er sixty pat
t-ii.s ol ! uoteumB, c. 0. s.
Mr. nnd Mrs. McKouxle of As ulth
a.*., are visiting their sons, Will
am and 1'eter, ol tbis City.
We c. n show yoi o er sixty pat
ems of Linoleums. 0. C. S.
BORN'—At the Cottage Hospital, on
■iunday, March 23rd. to Mr. and Mrs.
i.i. W. Muir of Yahk, a daughter.
Linoleums.  C. 0, 3.
We cu show  yoi o.er 6ixty put
etns ol Linoleums. 0. 0. S.
HORN—At the Cottage Hospital, o.
Kriday, March 28th, to Mr. ond MrB.
leo. MacDonild of Kimberley, a son.
A few nice potted plants. Ira R.
Mr.  nnd  Mrs.   A.  B. Fenwics,  Mr.
F.  Binmore    t-.ut   Mrs.  F.  uenoai^.
were Cranbroo.  visitors on Wcdnes
a comjlsto stock of poultry su.
lies,    Ira R. Manning.
The charity ball nt the Auditorium
vas largely attmled, the music wa
■xcellent, and a good time was en
oyed by all.
A great mnny snapB left in cro-'
-ry and fancy China. Ira R. Mann
Geo. Powell has ordered a Met
lutomobile. It. was shipped t.n Marc
lSlh. and will arrive at Cranbroo
■n a f^w weeks.
Florida grape fruit (the kind th.t'i
full of juice) at Fink's Pure Food
D.  J. Elmer, of Vancouvor, reprc
n'lng   the   "Da-id   Harem"   ci a
company,    s-i n*.   se eral    days thi
vee': in Cranbrook.
ttvllrh. d ir ible, comfortable, am'
ensona' la is thc Wngner go cart, C
Thc henery of Frany Godderls, who
lives near tbe old brewery cn 81
Tosopg Cree1*:, was destroyed by fir
on Wer'n-'sday of last week.
StyliEh, durable, comfortable, and
easona' le la the Wagner go cart, C
C. S.
The Alberta legislature prorogu ii
on Tuesday, and waB immediate!,
dissolved. Writs were issued tor new
1 Cions for April 16th.
Stylish, durable, comfortable, and
easona'.le is the Wagner go cart, C.
C,  S.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I*. Bowness, wh.
b ive been visiting at the coast foi
the ra.t three weeks, are expected
J.   11.  Culley,   wto  has  been  visit
n*  in  the  Maritime Provinces, re-
urned to  Cranbrook Tuesday  much
!ensnd with his trip.
See the free .Union .trillion of I aar
entla   Milk    and    Cream on Tuesda*.
and Wednesday,   April 1st und 2nd.
tt Pin 's Pure Fool Grocery.
A lnrge electrical pin*, wa. taken
•  W.   E.  Nordn    on   'Ihursday t.
''n —mere.   It   was conilrnid to .1
•'todlard   and   will   be u-ed In the
ghtlng   up   of   thnt  thrlvlnj  lit le
Hay, grain, nnd feed at the right
irlce. Bpoclal prices will he given
on car load shipnnnts. Ira R. Mann-
Going Sparking?
If so, you will have batter success if you get your "sparklers"
from us. We havo at present nu
exceptiomally fine stock of .mini-
some Brillliauts. They are full of
fire and exLit-moly pirlly. We
have them lootO oi mounted in
Rings, Lockets, Bracelets, Brooches, Charms, etc. Oui collection of
Jewelry and Piecums Stones Cfl„«
uot be exctlled. And oui prices
roe leaiouablc.
Jewelers & Opticians
For Sate and Rent
FOB SALE—Eggs lor HatchinJ trora
selected layers. S.O.R.I. He.Is, Bun
Orpington.,   White Wyandottes, S.C
.lute and ll.o.ui Loghorns, ||1.5
lor IS eggs. J.' Oartside, Pleasant
View, Pou.try Kami. Oranbrook,
Phone the Ranch. io-st
Owner of six-roomed, modern and
comfortable residence on Harden Av
i nue wishes to sell same, suliject to
delivery ou or after June 1st. ?50i)
down and $50. per n on h until bai
ante is paid; or $1500. down and $2i
per month on ba'auce; or $2,0.0.
down and $15. per month upon tal
ance. Any reasonable proposition Kec
urea the property. Present owns
er will guaruiitee a y.ar's lea;e at
$40. i>er mr.n'h, payable quarterly
in advance to purchaser upon either
of tbe ai'.i*» ■•" o i ions. Here is
a chance to a good investment with
no risk attached. Address Prospector, Drawer 320. 12-tf
At 18.30 on Monday night tho Fire
Department was called to a small fire
at the rceidenco of Mr. R. Kelloch
Tho tire was caused by an over-turn
ed stove.     Very  littlo damage wat
A number of Conservatives mot ln
Mathoson's Hall on Monday night,
but owing to the fact thnt It was a
holiday, but little business was tran
sac ted.
You will bo needing Linoleums
soon, please keep In nrnd, wc have
the largest Btock in the Crows Neet
Pass, C. O. S.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Chapman returned
-arly In tho week from Calgary. Tiny
were detained on account of an operation for tbelr son, Thornton, who
s now on thc road to recovery.
See the free demonstration of Laur-
entla Milk and Cream on Tuesday
and Wednesday, April 1st nnd 2n.l,
at Pink's Pure Food Grocery.
F. J. Smyth, of Queen Charlotte,
was registered at the Cranbroo''. Mon
day. Mr. Smyth was forme ly ed
itor ot the Moyie Leader, nil his
many friends in Cranbrook were
pleased to sec him.
Social dances wlll bc given by th"
""tex Orchestra every Wednesday even-
'ng, commenclner April 2nd, in the
Masonic Hall. The dancing will commence at 9 p.m. sharp, nnl close at
13 p.m.
Road Superintendent John Reed I'
to have a SO horsepower automobile
which will enable blm to reach anv
•>olnt in the district with d"s*'iitc'\
and will save a considerable amoun'
in travelling expenses.
On Thursday, April 3rd, the Cran
broo*. Steam Laundry is h-ddlng en
At Home in their works during th"
"fternoon 'from 2 to fl p.m. All ln
dtca and gentlemen are cord'a'ly in
vlted to attend.
You will be needing Linoleums
soon, please keep iu m'n'l. we ba**.'
tho largest stock in thfl Crows Nest
Pass, 0. C. S.
The Veterans' Association Whist
Drive and D»neo, is Indefinitely pnct
nonet! from April 6th, This Is nio-e
on account ot the fact tint so mnny
ot the Veternns are at present away
from the City.
Pictures, Flowers, and Music, nre a
blessing to mnn'ilnd, sent to lighten
the l0'»d nnd brighten Mio mind.
Pictures are wbst we nre most in-
ter.sted in nt the present time: If
vou want vo'.r n'e.nrsw *.-etl nn*. s*'*t
nblv trnmei-RRMKlfBRR KILBY
Frames Pictures.
The Nolson News In Its Issue of
March 25th, produces an excellent,
portrait of Mavor A. C. Pownens.
"avor has tbe key of tho city in
hand, and n do? with his paw on a
man, end is nro'cd as saving "Yoi
bet It's on  tho map—Cranbrook."
C. W. Prince, ot the Forestry Department went to Uuker mountain on
Tuesday for the purpose ot establishing a lookout station, for the prtven-
tton ot forest tires, A man will be
kept there all summer, and due notice of fires will be telephoned at
The regular meeting of the Poultry
Association will be bold on Friday,
A lull -llli, at 8 P.m., lu the old gym
iiuslum. Wyandottes will he up tor
Judging nud dlii.'ussi.in. Rev. W, IH.
Dunham will tnko charge ot White
Wyandottes. Other varieties, wlll also bt. on baud.
lleiile ei HHwcll have Ju.i received
the agency for tho I'liiiudinu nun
Investment Cu., which ts ollorlng a
most attractive method of assisting
persons to build a homo, and when
yuu have a moment to ept.ro, It
wuuld pay you to call and see then.,
,u- .villi (ur further particulars.
The Sullivan Mm*, located at Kim*
berley, in tlio month ol December,
1918, shipped lo the Trail Smelter
G,0vU,a8Q pounds or oro, Its load cou
tracts ain.muling to l,rll7,*lH2 i oimds
I'tiis demonstrates that tbe (urge t
icad producing mln.. in llrltlsh Ool
iiinbln. ls located In Southern Root
Stuiiil dances will be givon by tha
ilex Orchestra every Wednesday oven-
Ing,  commencing  April   2nd,    il.   the
Masonic Hull. Ttio dancing win umv
uicneo at  '.. tun. sharp,  uud closo at
12 p in.
lu Mr. Davis' Invitation to thc
Indies nnd gentlemen of Cnin'..rouk,
in an At lluiiie, wo have another instance of ttio enterprise and interest
which the Cranbrook Steam Laundry
is trying to make, lu n whito man's
aiiudry. Mr. Dnvla is under the Impression that tliere are n largo nuru
i er nl people who do not realise the
capacity ot bis plant, and the poisl
billtles of tbo laundry to do tho best
work possible, hence the Invitation to
an At Homo. Tea nnd cuko will he
See the freo demonstration of Laur-
entla Milk and Cream on Tuesday
and Wednesday, April Ut and 2nd,
:it Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
A successful dance was held In the
Auditorium on Wednesday night, (or
the benefit of thc family of the late
J. S. Brake. It was given under
the auspices of the Women'a Auxll
lary of tho B. ot R. T. end the Overseas Club. There was an attend
ance of over 400. The music was
donated by the Edison Theatre Or-
-hestra, the big theatre by the Baldwin Bros., and among thc patron
was Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brymner, Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. McDcrmott, Archie
Raworth, .1. Campbell and the Davis
Bros. Tho dancing continued untl
a late hour, and was enjoyed by all.
At the Edison the special feature,
will bo The Race, Billy Jcn*s ol New
York; Hawkins Mones, a comedy
nnd A Game For Two. ThcBe film
are amueiug and instructive.
C. '•'. Ayre, of Elko, a prominent
lumberman, was in town Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester 0. Staples,
who have been spending the winter ln
California, feturned to Cranbroo
Thursday, and left again on Friday
morning for Wycliffe.
At thc Auditorium tonicht will bt
shown the two reel historical drama,
Paul and Virginia; Kelley on th*
Tight Rope; The Woman Behind th
Man, and Sharks and Chaps.
Members of the Overseas Club ar
particularly requested to ta*ie note ct
the change ot meetn; night for nex'
week to Thursday, April .I'd. Ther
will bo a whist drive, readings, am
on**s, coriimeno'ng a*. 8 p.m. e.i&r-
The Knox Youag Peoples So-iet
'iave ben succesLl'ul ln obtaining thi
.services of ths "Jubl'ee Singers,'
who are to give an entertainment in
•lie church on Thursday, April 3rd at
8 p.m.    All are welcome.
W. N. Parks and D. Burton will op
n up a Harness anl Saddlery stor
n tho Worden Building, nut to P.
Parks & Co., in a few days. Tho
tock ls now rniroute to Cranbrook.
*ho firm will bo known as the W. N.
t'nrk Co., Saddlery, otc.
For the month of April, to show
our work, we will French dry clea-.
ladles or mens suits for $1.90 am:
sponge and press ladles end men-*
suits lor 7.r.c, Goo.Ib called for an'
delivered. Cranbrook Cteai. ng WorkB.
Photic 167.
Tho Worn in' Institute will meet in
the Carmens Hall ou Tuesday alter
noon at threo o'clock sharp,
when an Interesting demonstration
will bo given by Mrs. Hobt. Brown on
"Dark Layer Cuke." AU members
and visitors are requested to be on
time, an tho demonitratlon will he
given previous to tho meeting to en
able the cukes to cook. Afterwards
the cakes wlll ho bun led around to
Don't know they havi
Many Cranbrook people who have
chronic appendicitis, which Is not
very pain'ul, have doctored for years
for gas on tbo stomach, sour stomach
or constipation. The Beattie-Murphy
Co. states if these people wlll try A
H1NOLR DOSE of simple buckthorn
bark, elvcorlne, etc., as compounded
In Adlcr-l-kn, the remedy which became famous by curing anpendlcltts,
thev wlll be surprised nt the QUICK
Just Arrived! ! !
A Shipment
"Lotus Lawn"
The New Linen Stationery—Papetries, Tablets
Envelopes—Al) the Latest Sizes.
See the Gentlemen's Size
Something New and Very Classy
Company, Limited
H ***********************. in ******* i 'i 11 'i !■■!
..'     HEAD   OFFICE      -      -      -       - CALGARY, Alt*      ! ,
On Meats and Lards Guarartee Their Quality-
All our Prtiducts are Govtrnment Inspected
"The Kind That Tastes Good."
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. ii
Thi? (-Kinfron rink, which him b-vri
attend'Dg ths hin provinc'iil ho'iBpIe'
n* Vttnenuv-r-r, nre, oxpt-Ct-Bd hottlfl to
tnnrr(*w.    Tlrv   will bring to Cran
••'o'' two third prize*. ■><* Iff. on tho map—Oranbrook,"     heuniit. 4»*5t
Avoid   md x'-Ht'on   hy   purchasing
pur* foods.    Remember chrap price..
mitHt  ncciiHWirlly   moan  cliOA*)  kooIh.
I Quality   counts.     Oiire   Ib   the   brut.
Ira H. Manning.
KIMIY      PR AM Hfl      PlOTURKfl
[   '.ub Thoin   wan down from Perry Iii Our Grocery 'Cash witli Order Price List,' you  will
Jen** Tu.Bri.iy.    .... report* sli tent reatj '-Applies Only for Orders of $i5 00 and Over."   So many
taW „.?."»r.boh»7t" P"P'<- '"ink this is too lane an amount that we have decided
I ,>f,t.                                           I to let the prices apply for a cash order of Any Amount.   We
vim   win   i.s   ncc'iini-   Llnoloums may say that this list Was and Is intended to compete chief-
snot.,  ..Ions., kenp In m'n'l, we liavo     ,        ... .      ,   .        :      TTT . .... ,
tho UrKoot Htock In tho Grow. Most I   ^  witb   0Ut   °f  t0Wn PrlCe llStS llntl thus *l«eP th*- m0M! ln
i**sa, u 0, a. town which hat hitherto bcen sent away,
Notice of Change
Cranbrook Trading Company's Price List
ths company for tasters,    A good attendance is hoped for.
Send your cleaning to tho Crati-
brook Cleaning Works. They aro
giving 25 per cent oft the regular
price for cash, for the month of April
only, and guarantee you the best
work in the City. Gooda called for
and delivered.   'Phono 157.
A large audience saw "Mutt and
Jell," the unusual comedy at the Auditorium on Thursday ni,*ht. Ei.
.Vest personated tho elongated Mutt
and Jerry Sullivan, tbo diminutive
lefl. The two comedians dispensed a
familiar brand of comedy that kept
the audience laughing. The other
principals, Oeo Betts as Jack Woyler,
assayed the tenor role with Miss Beatrice Doano, as Roena, was excellent.
The chorus was of average beauty
and put a pile ot energy into Its
work, and the singing ol tbe mediocre songs of the piece were good.
To tbe people of Cranbrook: I
have taken over tbe Cranbrook Glean
ing Works, and am prepared to put
out the highest grade of work in
steam and French dry cleaning. Have
had ten years expericn-e in the cleaning and dyeing business and 2 yours
with the Panatorlam Dye Works,
Seattle and to show the people ol
Cranbrook that I can put out the
highest grade of work for the month
of April I will give a 25 per cent,
discount off the regular price and
guarantee you the highest grade ol
work.   'Phone 157.   W. M. Therrault.
A meeting of the Directors of tbe
Agricultural Association on Tuesday
evening, was held, at which there
were several items of routine dlspos
id of. The report of tbo committee
was received to the elfcct that tbo
constitution and bylaws for tho association was ready tor consideration
l.y the directorate and ucccptnnco liy
the association. Tho representative.
ol the Womens Institute, Mrs. .'
.-thaw and Mrs. It. Brown, were pre
.ont and laid before tho executive re-
ommendatlons from thut liudy as to
the changes tbe Institute would like
to see take place In tho Prise List.
Mr. A. H. Wobb presented by request
a number of changes In tho list of
prises In the School Department, ml
city, represented the Poultry Inter*
Mr. A. II. Smith In the same caps-
oats in tho list. Tho suggestions and
representations of the above dole-
gates were favorably received and the
prise list committee Instructed to
embody them in tholr list now in pre
aratlon. The Secretary reported
receipt of a cheque from ths Government for settlement of expenses incurred by exhibition to Lethbrldge.
)rown Daisy
Mops, Floor Brushes
and Dusters
Are the best in the world and
deserve a place in every home
in -civilization. Tbey are the
cleanest, neatest, most durable
.ind most economical labor-saving and health building
ever invented for borne and office
use. They ar* made of soft BIIOWN
YARNS, chemically treated with a
colorless liquid which renders tbem
antiseptic and gives them th* properties of absorbing oust and lii.t from
all surfaces to which they ar* applied
They pick up the dust and carry lt
away. It won't drop off, or shale*
out or scatter.
They Do Not Discolor The Whitest
Surfaces.   They are Sanitary.
See Our Window
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,     -      B. C.
too.    Quit*   exciting
W.   W.   KILBY
'• n   Hns •«» Onnbrnnk.  R f*
Baynes Lake
A branch of the B. 0. Farmers Institute, Is hi'lntr; formed here. Anybody wishing to Join must, apply to
Mr. Barnard, tho secretary.
Congratulation to Onptnin nnd
Mrs. Messltor, *n tholr rccont wedding
whlcb took place In Kornle.
Anybody not nlready on tho now
voters lint, would do well to apply
to Mr. II. Griffith, at tho afore, who
will be only too glnd to obllgo thom
with a form.
The married vs. single, pool games
are going strong, the former winning
th* first ut, *■< they look Ilk* win
ning   ths next
Quite a few good Conservative*
went to Waldo on the lind to bear
Hon. W. R. Ross, who paid ua * hurried visit. A nice crowd turned out
to meet him, and were well rewarded for their pains, aa be fully explained, in a very good speech, quite
a few things we were in the dark
about. A very enjoyable evening wa*
spent, with songs, and Instrumental
music supplied by tbs beat of local
talent, from Baynes and Waldo.
The dance on Baater Monday night
was another great success, thank* to
tbs ladles of Baynes, who worked so
hard to make lt so. Considering the
bitter cold night, it was good to eee
so many turn out especially from Blko and Waldo, Dancing wa* kept up
till three o'clock, and, judging Irom
the happy faces to be seen, especially at supper, svsrybody seemed to
enjoy themselves. The music wa*
grand and we hops to see another
dance ln the near future, a* good.
Let it como soon.
Mr. and Mrs. White's little baby
girl, Edith, ls doing well, after having gone through a painful operation
for nbsyss, carried out by Dr. Sanders,
Mr. Wright, tha G. N. agsnt, lelt
for California last Wednesday for a
month'* vacation.
The Dunn Bros, have got tbe contract for the pool room at tbe hotel
aad are rushing it np la Uae styU.


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