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The Prospector Jan 25, 1913

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Array Mbrary Leg. As
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a Fit
Tht-   l.eadihj-   Nglwntper
$2.00 Per Yrur
JANUARY 25th. 1913
"The Qctopii of Canada"
From an Editorial in the Toronto "Saturday Night"
of January 11th, 1» 13
Many a reader ol Holy Writ bas
thrilled ns be read the fltory ol David and the Philistines, and single
handed, liln overthrow or the wicked
Goliath. The tule ban grown more
precious the further lt rooodcs Into
the obscurity of the ages that are
((one, and there seems to he. a tooling
that auch great enterprise.* were all
conOnod to an earlier era. Once In a
long while an incident ocenrs to
■how that there are still heroes born
of the order of David, ready to attack tbe Go.iathB of a revised version. There iH a very uood example
in this province today of a fight
just as unequal hh the old scriptural
bout referred to. The modem David
Ktands forth in the person of Mr. A.
B, Watts, president of tha Wattsburg Lumber Company, Ltd., which
has mills at Wattsburg and Proctor,
B.C., while his entrenched and powerful enemy is alleged to be the
Canadian Pacific Railway. The fight
Is on to the linish. While David's
weapon was a sling, Mr. Watts la de
pending on publicity and tbe Dominion Railway Commission. Tn regard
to tho former, be believes he is relying on a broken reed, tie charges
that many of the newspapers in tbis
province are subsidized. I would
not be surprized it there were some
truth in the assertion. For the most
part the newspapers in British Columbia are young and struggling enterprises, and like to light on the
side ol the strongest battalions.
The C.P.R. bus had a hold on tbe
province for a quarter of a century,
or practically ever since it amounted
to anything. Tt insisted on much
belore it would run the line across
the Rockies, and in many of the B.C.
towns and cities through which the
line runs, including Vancouver, the
Company own about everything. To
fair, however, it te only right to admit that the province owes much of
Its development to the C.P.R. The
rapid development of the province
and the inability of the Company to
keep up with tbe growth, have produced much bitterness against the
line, and for some years the average
Britiah Columbian bus devoted a
portion of his evening prayer to a
petition for much needed railway
competleion. The prayer will soon
be answered, and it then remains to
be seen If the O.P.R. will continue
its present attitude west of the Ruck
iee. Up to the present it has no
competition in the matter of freight
rates, and the charge has been made
frequently that this province hus
been discriminated against both in
passenger and freight rates. The
complaints have been loudest from
the interior, Bven today, freight te
shipped from Montreal to Vancouver
and then back from here to points in
the interior a few hundred miles east
cheaper than if shipped directly to
the interior designation point. Mr.
Watts is one of the few men In a
business where the company could
put on the screws wbo has had the
courage to make his complaints public. He charges more thnn discrimination in freight rates, und he bas
carried his troubles to the Railway
Commission several times. Now he
alleges that the company is retalia-
ting by refusing to give him cars for
I the   transportation   of   his   lumber.
The feeling
toward him
the Nelson
week   aayi.:
In   his    own   district
is voiced editorially In
Daily    News which this
"Mr.   A.  IS.  Watts    has
several important matters belore the
meeting of the Railway Commission
held here. Mnny of these were matters of public interest which Mr.
Watts took up without any possibility of any direct return or benefit to
himself more than to the public generally.
The Railway Commission sat at
Nelson recently. Mr, Watts presented a petition ns' Ing that the Commission shall be given extended powers and jurisdiction, and that it
shall have tbe power to compel railways to recompense th:se who suffer
loss t>y the Injustice perpetrated by
railway corporations. Also, that the
Commission be given power to Investigate the financial methods
adopted by railways, and that no appeal be allowed against the decision
of tho Board except by permission ol
the Premier of Canada. He alleged
discrimination in the distribution of
cars to shippers, and that the compnny had not fulfilled promises made
to the applicant and to the lnt j
Judge Mabea iu toe matter of restoring certain roads. Orders desired by
Mr. Watts included that all ra lway
companies in Canada be compelled to
supply small box c-irs of from Bis to
ten tons capacity; that they be compelled to restore public roads destroyed by them; that the C.P.R. be
compelled to restore a steamer lauding and buildings alleged to have
been destroyed by the company; that
railway companies be compelled to
provide proper cattle guards and
crossings and fence their right-of-
way through settled districts; that
the C.P.R. be compelled to produce
certain witnesses who are alleged to
have been shipped to Italy, etc. He
nlso urged that the Railway Commission use its influence in Investigating and making known to the public the amount of "watered stool,
disposed .of Uy various railway corporations," and in preventing the C.
P.R. from securing a further extension of time for the completion of
the Crows' Nest Pubs Railway. He
also asked the Commissioners as to
the most effective way of preventing
the B.C. government from paying the
C.P.R. for the return of the land
grants which he claimed thc company never earned. In support of
his clnim of discrimination in the
matter of supplying cars, Mr. WattB
said he had experienced a shortage in
July, August and September last,
and asserted the company has made
a dead s't against him ever since he
had brought the railway before the
Railway Commission four years ago.
Tn July he received 17 cars, in August 20 cars and in September 19
cars. In October he was kept for 10
days without cars, but the Company
had rushed in 18 cars after he had
wired to ths Railway Commission,
Thc Commission issued an order that
M. J. McCaul, the inspector for the
Board in British Columbia and Alberta, Bhould make a thorough inquiry into the charge. Decisions on
the other pointB raised were reserved
There ts no doubt that Mr. Watts
desorves credit for his campaign, and
he has earned tho gratitude of many
business men iu his own Province.
Associated Boards of Trade Meeting   Meeting of   New   Council
Good Work Being Done—Strong Attempt Will be Made to  Bring
Cranbrook, Fernie and Elko into Line
Not a single eiti/.en present —Major Bowness'
Invitation disregarded
Historical for the K.P.'s
On Tuesday evening Crescent Lodge
No. 3.1, of thc Kni-bts of Pythias en
Joyed a visit from thetr Grand Chancellor, Rro. ti. H. H. Winn and P.O.
C„ Noble Blnna from Trail Lodgo.
The hova received onlv verv short
notice of the intended visit but right
royally tliey responded to the call
and a goodly number turned Up to
do honor to their lender.
The entertainment committee, ia
soon as tho word was pnssed around
ol the Intended visit got to work
and extended an invitation to the
Pythian Sisters to attend a public
installation of the Officers and enjoy
a llttlo repast at tho close.
The meeting opened in due form
nnd the usual business of the evening was transacted after which the
brothers assembled listened to a very
Instructive address from their Drre.
Winn and Blnna. Mr. Winn surveyed
tbe general progress of tho lodges
throughout the Provinces; he also
threw out snme very valuable suggestions to the local boys for the
better working of their local lodge.
Mr. Blnns who, Mr. Winn says is his
father ln lodge work, demonstrated
to the members present a higher education in the work in which they
were engaged. The members resulted
(n obtaining a higher respect (or the
worMngn of the order and for the
Order it aroused a greater interest
in the hearts of those present which
will not be forgotten for a long time
to come.
The hour being late the Inatalta-
tlon nf officers was posponed until
next Tuesday.
Adjournment wae made to the tables upon which laid a splendid bup-
por to which tbcro bnd been invited
the Pythian Sisters who were woll
represented. Tho supper hnvlng been
partaken of, the brothers and sisters
listened attentively to the various
speeches which were made to the various toasts proposed, Bros, Winn,
Hiuns. Fink, King, Kummer and the
lies ('. C, for the next term Hurtle,
and several others responded to the
rail and enlighten their hearers on
several points of tbe Order and
their country.
Tbo evening was a splendid success' several of the older members o'.
tbe Order attended and it is hoped
received fresh inspiration in the work
of Crescent Lodge No. 38.
Moose will bold Social
The local lodge of the Loyal Order
of Moose will give a Social Entertainment and Banquet on Wednesday
January 29th., In tbelr lodge room.
Tho Ordor of Moose is a fraternal
society nnd nt present has a membership of 878. Tho chief object of the
Moose Order is the betterment of thc
coctal and educational conditions of
men of nil ol usees, and in so doing,
they establish hospitals, club rooms
gymnasiums, etc., ao its members
can enjoy all those prlVllO] es ntten
dmt to such social functions. It Is
tho intention of the numbers of the
Cranbrook lod'o to brild a Urge nnd
commodious lodge building during
the coming season which win be an
ornament and credit to tbo city.
Thc committee on invitations ls com
posed «»f the following members!
Wm. M. Rurly, R. S. Moflatt, Win.
Johnson. W. 0. Adlurd and Wm.
The Convention of the Associated
Hoards of Trade of Eastern British
Columbia met In tbe oldest city in
the district, Kort Btoelo, this year.
Tbe President In his opening remarks
paid tribute to the reception which
had been afforded tbem and the pains
which had been made for the coin-
fort of ull the delegates during the
Convention. "It is with a strong
hopo that only tho Utmost good will
hi derived from these meetings and
from thc several resolutions which
will bo passed, it is to bo hoped
that thc inllueuce therefrom will be
of nssistunte to the whole of the
Kootenays for all time."
The meeting was called to order on
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock
sharp. With the business sagacity
which one ls expected only to display
in private business the delegates set
to work on the numerous resolutions
which had been previously handed to
the secretary. With methodical persistency the several resolutions were
proceeded with, the delegates1 in the
meantime not forgetting to thrash
out all the pros and cons ol the
principles involved in each.
It must be perfectly understood by
the lay reader that this convention
is composed of men of all grades ol
opinion, men who are staunch toriee
ns well aa men of staunch rahlcal
opinions lo their private life, rub
shoulder to shoulder, differences of
all kinds cease to exist; result, all
the different suggestions brought forward and discussed are gone over
With unbiased minds and taken from
an independent view point.
Thc Convention ol tbe Associated
Hoards of Trade can well he termed
the Government of the Kootenays.
Space alone hinders us from paying
full tribute to the addresses made by
the various delegates; G. O. Buchanan assisted the meetings with some
very strong and forceful arguments;
R. L. T. Galbraith also had the experience of on old parliamentarian
and save some very good advice to
the younger administrators; Mr. H.
t.elgeiich, the first Vice-president,
look a leading part iu many of the
arguments arising out of the resolutions. The Resolution committee
wna under the leadership of G. Low-
enberg and their effective work was
much appreciated by the Convention.
Tt greatly facilitated the work in
hand and was the moans of helping
lhe members to complete the work
of tbe Convention within a reasonable time. The Convention closed at
6 p.m. Wednesday, January 22nd, to
again gather together in congress at
Kaslo next year on the 4th Wednesday in September, where it was hoped Cranbrook, Fernie and Rlko would
join hands and be present. Golden,
It is understood, huB already given
bor consent to be affiliated. With
this combination of cities the affiliated Boards will have a prestage
with the powers that be which ie undeniable and will carry much weight,
it is only by gathering under one
head that truly effective work
can be done and with the leading
cities of the Kootenays becoming
amalgamated the good which will
accrue to everybody In the district
will lie impossible to estimate.
The following representatives were
present throughout tiie meetings:
Creston—Guy Lower-berg, R. S.
He van.
Kort 8teelo-R. L. T, Galbraith,
\   Doyle, Jos. Walsh.
Knslo-H. Oelgerlch, W. IS. Zwicby
G, 0. Buchanan.
Nelson—Pros. K. A. Starkey, it. W.
Drew, Chas.  Scott, O.  11.  McHardy,
Rossland—K,   s.   H.   Winn, 0, A,
Lafferty- Jesse Kemp.
Trail—Noble  Blnns, T.  W.  Blngay.
Windermere-H.    L.    Brady,   B, G.
Press Representatives—IP. J. Ueune
Oranbrook  Herald,   v. M. Christian
Oranbroolt Prospector.
it was at in p.m. when the representatives «s guests <>f tbe Port
Steele Board of Trade gathered
around tbe table of the Imperial
Hotel to onjoy a most sumptuouB
ban -not. The decorations Of the hall
were excellent und the table., were
weighed down with all the uood
things that make life worth living.
H, L. T. Galbrajth made a perfect host anil was really an entertain
er in himself. After having partaken of tho good things, Mr, Gal
bralth reviewed a little of the history of Fort Steele, its hardships,
its succeBt.es, its downfall, and nov
upon tbe absolute completion of tho
Kootenay Central Railway—and he
gave out thc Information that it
was on tho assured word of Sir
Thomas ShnuneBsey that the Kootenny Central would be completed
and running bcf< re the close of tho
year—Fort Steele was about to come
into its own and enjoy a prosperity
unprecedented in tho history of the
district. Mr. A, D. Fenwick, who is
now visiting in tbe old country, is
Constantly talking of the possibilities
of Steele, and has Interested some
Ilngllsh capitalists to tbo extent
that shortly, when lie returns to
this country, he will bring Bovernl
well positioned business men as company to Steele in which district thoy
come with the Intention gl euttllug.
"Our Guests" was tbe Ilrst toast
on the list und Mr. Oalbralth coupled with this the mimes of Messrs.
Lowenberg, xuic'.y, niuns. McHardy
Winn and Brady. Mr, Zwlcky was
enthusiastic over the future of Kaslo and gave to the guost assembled
a glowing description of the operations Of tbe mining industry in that
vicinity. Mr. McHardy refined to
the most magnificent hospitality
which bad bcen accorded to tbem,
and considered the visit to Fort
Steele the best ever made in the annals of the Associated Board.
"Our Dominion'; coupled with the
names of Q, o. Buchanan and A. K.
Watts. Mr. Uucham.il in his most
excellent address, spoke of the Dominion and gave an etqUlslto and general idea of the progress with which
the Dominion was at piis.nt making.
In his reference to the Fort Stoelo
district he said "Never before in my
life have I seen so wonderful a scene
as that which presented itself to me
this afternoon, one saw the lowlands
and tho gold-topped mountains, the
ntervehlhg hil h covered with brush
and forest lands bedecked with snow,
and the river Dozen with the cold of
winter as it lay stretched liefore my
eyes-it was wonderful."
Mr. A. K. Watts referred in his remarks to the great debt which the ■
Dominion owed to the Mother Coun-j
try and how the gift of a paltry $35,
000,000 was a mere flee-bite to what
should be paid. References wore
made to asking government assistance for those who take Up agricultural pursuits; also aB to whether
tiie Senate of Canada ahould be elective or not because of negative administration policies of the members
composing it.
"The Kootenay Central Railway"
was coupled with Mr. Hamiliton and
Mr. H. Drew. In introducing these
speakers, Mr. Galbraith said, that
the people of this valley owed a
deep debt of gratitude tu Sir William
Whystt mid Mr. Denniss for their assistance in bringing tho line to a
completing state.   "*' - -
Mr. Hnmillton said "The Kootenay Central is to become tbe chief
factor in developing the vnlley in
which we live."
Mr. H. Drew suid "A transporat-
tlon company cannot be successful
unless the people are successful,"
"The Province of British Columbia" was coupled wltb Pres. Fred
Starkey and Mr. J. P. Fink. Mr.
Starkey said "Tbe railway companies ore forgetting the interests of
tbe interior in tbe tremenduous policy of improving the Coast cities,
perhaps to the sacrifice of the interior interests." He also made reference to thc completion of the Panama ('anal and aaid: "The Crow's
Nest Pass and the Kootenny iu general will be the largest benefactors
owing to the passing through of the
grain from tbe prairie provinces."
"The Press' coupled with F. J.
Dcano, of the Cranbrook Herald; F.
M. Christian, of the Cranbrook prospector; and R. S. Garrett, wbo was
present in the interests of thc Nel-.
son News.
Mr. Den ne made reference to the
responsibilities of the newspapers of
today and bow difficult it was to
obtain just the right nmttcr to fill
tbe columns owing to bo many con-.
dict'tig opinions which must he
Mr, Christian endorsed the re
maris of the previous speaker und
suggested several methods how the
newspapers of today might become
valuable to the public lf they would
only take the opportunities offered
to them.
"Tbe Ladles" were coupled with
the names of Mossrs. Lafferty, Hal-
sail, tissie, Hint-well, Scott, Heaven,
and Lowenburg. The whole company
rose to their fuct nud sung that
good old song "For tbey are jolly
good fellows."
The successful evening came to a
close wltb the singing of Auld Lang
Syne and God Save the K,ng.
We give below a few excerpts from
tbe address of tho President at tho
opening of the convent on. Tbe suggestions thrown out will be helpful
to tho future administration of the
Hoard and will repay anyone of our
readers for the time expended in
tbeir reading.
It is with a deep sense of gratification I have the honor of opening
the l.Uh Annual Convention of thc
Associated Hoards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia, in tho city of
Fort Steele.
As you arc aware tbis is the first
time thc Hoards have had the opportunity of meeting hero, although tbe
Fort Steele Hoard Is ono of the oldest uiiiliatcd with the Association,
and slnco the inaugeiatlou of that
organisation bits regularly sent representatives to our Conventions, no
matter iu which part of the district they have been held. Further-
inoro their delegates, at nil times,
have displayed an intelligent nnd
comprehensive knowledge of matters
under discussion.
One renson, possibly, wby we have
not visited Fort Steele previously
(or   tbe   Annual   Convention    may
have been through thfl lack of direct railway connections. However ot
the Inst year's Convention, when
tbey submitted an imitation to
hold the 1313 meeting in Foit Steele
it was shown by the unanimous vote
that their ambitions were lully appreciated. The delegates will feel
tiiot tiie Associated Hoards of Trade
iu assisting by their voting for the
consumation of thn building oi tbo
Kootenay Central, have rendered n
valuable service to an Important
section of the country, which when
opened up will add greatly to the
wealth of tho district and tho province generally.
Knowing n good deal of the history of Fort Steele [rom 1897, and
very little regarding the years preceding that date, 1 thought it well
to verify facts and secure a correct
synopsis. With that object, iu view
1 requested my friend, Captain Armstrong, to furnish some data,
The following brief account will, l
am sure, make pleasant and Interesting rending:
Captain Armstrong says:—
"I   flaw   Fort Steele, or as it was
■then   named   Galbraith's   Ferry, on
I the   4th of February,  1883.   Another
1 kid, Jimmy Macauly, and myself bad
I como   from    Canal Flat.   It was ex-
I tremcly   colli,   and    though    we had
| horses,    we   were    forced to walk to
1 cep ourselves warm.   The trail was
unbroken    und    there    was about 18
inches of snow oa the ground*,
"Thc sole resideut of Fort Steele
was Tommy linker, a nephew of
Gulbvaith's, He was glad to sea us
aud he warmed us up und gave us
something to eat. After supper be
showed us a room with a Uro place,
where we might sleep for the nlgbt,
There were no beds or boughs or
blankets, though there was a roof,
and the tire place but no wood in
sight. We talked the proposition
over and dec.dvl-vhflt ..-.- would
sleep with Tommy, so wc wont back
into bis room and said tbat was
gQod enough for us; .ve dldu't want
an outside room i or a bath nor any
thing but this, so WC stayed.
"At this time Kootenay meant
Wild Horse. A letter addressed Kootonny found Its way after many days
Lo that mining camp four miles
from Fort Steele. It was to get
some of these letters that we had
come over 200 miles from Mobcrly
The mail was apparently delayed so
we waited there for nearly a month,
About the first of March, Ned Bray
came in from Bonner's Ferry and
brought us ihn first news we bad received of the rutsldc world since
October. Next day we went around
to seo our neighbors. First to the
Gold Commissioner, Wiliam Fernie,
who treated us most hosp tably,
and told us there was only one mun
with whom we should shake hands
hands of the country, and that wub
John Oalbralth. All the others he
snid were bad, especially the priest.
We found the information was correct  concerning  John Galbraith.
"Our horses having strayed near
the Mission, we thought we would
go and see If the priest lived np to
his reputation, U was not alto*
gether a surpriss to find that the
Reverend Father was a better man
than Fernie himself. He insisted on
out spending the night there and altogether treated us royally.
"Young as I was, the truth was
borne In on me that in these small
and isolated communities the bad
points are the one-, which arc noticed
and thc really ro.nl qualities and
sterling are left fur the stranger to
find nut.
"Fort Steele was uot at all new
at that time. The house that Tom!
my Hakei wanted to put us in was
built in 181.3, the ferry, being tbe only nne within many miles, and on
tbe direct route from Walla Walla,
hud mnde it u very important
"Wild Horse, which had produced
somewbore around fi.'i.oflo.ooo in
gold, was protty wall worked out,
but the old ideas obtained in many
and curious ways. For instance,
pepper was "till 54.00 a pound am
bacon, sugar, nutt, etc., three pounds
for $1,00, There was absolutely no
currency in the country. If one roniM
a purchuse he handed his poke, big
or small, and the storekeeper took
wbat be wnn tod out of It.
"How much tbo Associated Boards
of Trade bave improved on thoso
old time methods is not tor me to
Bay, bul I remember thai they wore
very happy days."
Having regard to tho tromendou
mineral roeourscs ol 10nstern Hritisb
Columbia I would draw pnrtlculai
attention to tbe surprising amount
ol gold referred to iu Captain Armstrong's ro minis) opccb. Llttlo won
dor that Fort Steele later became
tho most important town in Kast
Kootenny though (he residents did
not enjoy that llll I QUO position for
a great length of time. She thrl\oJ
successfully until tho building of tho
('row's Nasi Railway in MOO. when
she was lefl isolate 1, practically
without any acknowledgement ol tbo
Important work siio bad accomplish
(Continuod on Pegs *■
Tbe new city council met on Mop-
day afternoon in the Council Chamber. Mayor Bowness und Aldermen
Clnpp andErlcl s in were members of
the old council and thc new members
consisted of Aldermen Kennedy,
Ward, Carr and Leask,
The first order of business wns the
reading of the report of the returning officer of the results of the election,
Mayor Bownes--, rising said in a
fow words tbat he thanked the electorate of Oranbrook fur thele generous support and added " that tbe
Council in its election work had given no preelection promises, ho therefore it wns up to the council to glvo
their best and uso every effort towards giving ti, thc city a clean and
active government, He again made
reference to the invitation he hnd
previously issued to the citizens of
Cranbrook in asking if there be any
one who wished for any changes or
improvements in the city; or if there
were certain By-Laws which in their
opinion needed a change that they
should attend the meetings of thc
council and give to them their suggestions for consideration, assuring
the citizens of all the assistance tlmt
lay in their power io worl; only in
tho best Interests of the city.
The   fallowing   committees for the
year were appointed:
Finance Committee:—Li Clnpp, chair
man, O. R. Ward, .1. ll. Kennedy.
Board of Works:—O. W. Leask, chair
man, G.  tirlckson, L. Clapp.
Water     Committee:—C,    It.     Ward,
chairman, R, Carr, J, Kennedy.
Fire aad Police:—O. ISrlckson, chairman, G. It. Leask.
Health     and     Rellof:-C.    Kennedy,
chairman, ft. Oarr,
l/Og station:—G, W   Leask, chairman,
0, Erickson.
Sewerage Committee:—R, Can, chair
man, L. Clapp' 0, ll. Ward.
On motion of Alderman Kennedy
and Carr tbe regular monthly meetings of the council will be held on
the l'n! Monday nf e ich month at
'ti p.in
On   motion    of Alhermen   l-.rickson
and ciapp, thc Court of Hevisibn to
ileal    with    the Assessment Roll will
:on   it    -f tbe following:-*-
;    Mayoi    Bownets,   Aldermen   Leask.
| Oarr   w -rd nnd  Kennedy.
The Court ol Revision will be hold
in the Council Chambers on Wednesday M ireb 6th at l» a.m., and the
city clerk wus requested to have
same published in the British Colum-
'mil Gazette, the Prospector and the
Sever il    matters   dealing with the
nd Dog Tax ByLaw was din
after    wblcb the matter was
or    until the next meeting of
thfl council.
"in motion ol Aldermen Ware" *. 1
Clapp the council adjourned.
Invitation to the Boys
j Editor, Prospector,
Dear Sir
Through the medium of your paper
tho Pernio Hockey Team wish to
state that thoy are to enjoy a visit
from the Nelson Team on Monday &
Tuesday, January 27 and 28th. U
there are any of the Cranbrook boys
who wish to come down to Fernie
for these Interesting games we should
like them to write to F. L. Dunlop,
Fernle Hockey Team, Fernie, B. 0.,
and let bim know so that he can
make the necessary arrangements for
holding tho local to enable Cranbrook
aud other visitors from intervening
points to return home the same even
ing.   Thanking you, we are,
The Fernie Hockey Team
An Analysis of the Vote
Mr.   Santo   Asks   "Did   the   Citizens  of Cranbrook
Elect the Bowness   fr iciCeTr— —-___.
Mr. Bldltor:—
In as Ann space for tbe following
communication, believe me 1 am not
moved by any feeling of animosity
toward anyone. Now that a mayor
and council have been selected, 1
desire to record my public spirit as a
citizen by pledging myself to tiie
loyal support of all acts of tbe new
council that make foi progress in
the city and district. As it is my
purpose to reside in the city Indefin-
tely    I    desire,  for the sake oi  the
ratepayers aud  voters of tbe future,
j    lay    belore   tbem a few facts of
unmandlng Importance.
To answer the inquiry of the cap
tion of tills nrttclo negarlvely might
attended with difllculty, esaocluUy
if one were compelled to give substantial prool in a court of law; yet
every sane man knows there are
absolute facts of every day exper
lenco that do not readily lend themselves to absolute proof. May one
•say positively for whom, any person
Ol cI.ihb of persons, voted? No one
amy question tne secrecy oi the bul
jot used iu tbe civic elections ol
of this city. But, it is patent to
e.cryoi.e that has had anything to
lo with the organization and otlort
involved in a municipal contest, thut
certain persons and classes of persons may bo depended upon to support certain candidates and policies,
Thp above is self-evident and needs
no | roof.
i'he workers- associated with me
in ilie recent contest lay before me
the following facte, Vis: 27S ratepayers, 17 license holders and UO two
dollar taxpayers voted. Promises ol
itlpport, gratuitously tendered by a
large section of the ratepayers, tncii
Ltnquiillfied disapproval ol the citj
tdmlnlstratlon, connected with the
fact that thenc appealed at the pol I
.nd voted, gives us tint assurance ol
i clear major I tj o| this olass oi
70tors, Tboretore, Mr, Kdltor, li
hn- bad been a conns) confined to
tbe    legitimate   ratepayers   ol   ths
ty,    the    result   wAuld have been a
ip 1 ss    rovorsul    Of    present   eondi
tioi -i. Main, oi ' the -.7 llconse
noli ors out mi si sungutns hopes
'-iiiid not rely upon more tban eight
r the number tn support our tick-
<:. itut ratepayers plus Ucensehold
■rs wuuld not have placed us ai any
Us. rt vantage
Proof of tbls assertion will ho evi
ii-ni   when we consider  the vote o
tbfl     tWO doll il     taxpayer.    Thfl   ll il
margin netween the four lowest
the Bdwnoss ticket and the (oui
hlghosl on tho Hunt o ticket would
oiibtehly have hooil swept nwnj
It not been for the solid vote ol
tin- two dollar tnxpftyor, Tbls Lnt
tor class presents en opportunity ol
ml ml ted corruption lor the political   heeler,    It    if;    n   fact ol  SerlOUB
ort   that out committee on "the
ors   list," utter expanding then
li-> et    of   support   to   Ibe   most   i oner
proportions, found a possible ih
supporters in thin olass. Our com
ml t tee,   consisting   ol   vjontlemsn of
lone residence and wide acquaintance
in Cranbrook nnd vicinity were astounded when they witnessed scores
of voters, unknown to them either by
name or face, lined up at the poll,
accepting ibe challenge of the sent
tineers, eaBting their votes. Here
was a body of some scores or men,
sufficient In a small community tike
this, to turn the insue in favor of
the party controlling them.
Thc    theory    and    practice   of tbo
two-dollar vote are widely divergent,
in   theory every man of full age be
ing a Hritisb subject and resident In
i'ranbrook    at    the   first of January
.receding    tbe    election    Is    assessed
two   dollars   by   the   uranlo pallty.
This    assessment admit., tbe assessed
to    the   privilege ol the iranchiso In
ill matters oxcludtng money, but, in
practice this assessment is not made.
Then-   are   scores of respectable, in-
dustrlus   and   fully qualified men in
this city who have not been assessed,
therefore   do not vote.   If these men
desire thc vote they must voluntarily tax   themselves   $2. for the privi-
egft.   Furthermore,    many    of   these
mot.    nre paying property  and water
taxes    into   the    city    treasury who
auuot   exercise tbe franchise except
they   contribute   nn    additional   *2
.oil  tax.   There arc only two t;ener
il   reasons   why tie two-dollar vote
s exercised.   1st,   the  purely  patrlo
tic   and    public spirited cltlsens will
lo It, but unfortunately this class is
i    small one.   2nd. the purely tfclush
vill iio it for material  reward.   Un-
fortuontely this latter class ia large.
sow,  Mr. Bldltor, the point I desire
to make is this:   Here ia u conBlder-
iblc    cltiss    of    citizens,  respectable.
awabldtng,  and in  many  cases godly,   living   continuously in our city.
\   targe   percentage of these do not
think it worth tiie saorlflce to go to
tbe   city   hall   and pait with S2. for
tbo   privilege   of   voting.   Dpon the
ither   hand,    as   manifest in the re-
i-tit   election,   there were upward ol
■ni   men,   gathered   from somewhere
ui   workers   do n<-t know, who tor
utrelji    patriotic    reasons wero anx-
lous    tn pay travelling cxihmihcs, safer   loss   of tune and wages, cost of
lotel oiiis, besides $2. for the prlvl-
ego of  Voting, all  to sustain thc nd
nin 1st rati on    nn    Its   past   record.
Who    can    oiplnju    tbis    romarkable
ithonomenon,      this     Commendable,
Uiudlble,   Splendid   display   of pure
atrlotism    It   might   not be amis**
tu suggest that the lust lesuc of tho
•prospector"   with   Ub   burden   of
'thanks  to   the   electors" be circulated   rat   bevoiid   the boundaries ot
'mnCrook   where  |t   wll!  gladden  the
hearts of the henchmen who did, und
tared)   and  suffered   inm  to uphold
the   n dm in is tra tlon   on   Its pant record.
In   Concluding,    we inuy once more
inqulro "Hid the ntttkens nf Oranbrook elect tin- llOWDBSS t ckct?"
IhnnMrig Vou. Mr. Kditor, for the
spare accorded me in your valuable
paper, I remain,
Respectfully   yours,
A Modern Romance
l scon   Miss
Have von seen Miss Stafford? lie
•sked. Insistlngly, bin sUo atlll main.
talnell Bilenco.
I dn nol know why yon have lultcn
mi nils attitude towards mo. I liavo
treated   you   wllh
snld I';
! tell
I had no evi-
delicate matter, lm!
as soon as 1 dared,
impel- I signed, she
lid you not at onco
tnnli to Mr, Clay? You hav
it tor some time.
1 only suanei tod
deuce, and It ls a
I hinted i- .0 yon,
Lei ti"' see the
demanded .suddenly.
i hat ■!'■. it «it" nf'- il >a at tue
olllci .
Whnl «;<?• lu It?
Merely   tormal—Instructing  tno  to
ae   ''■ i  '■' ''■ ,.,
m        is tn b   your reward?
\V0 noti'l talk of that, lle said hast-
II,. -,, u ni i-crj ungrateful lo treat
mV in this ho-lllo way. Vou may
vet have in -d ol in) help.
■ ,, ; ... ■ mulled liiir.-lily. SUa was
pn i . i in ,i: In whal tills man had
In I,;. mliiil, All hor old distrust
lind i- urn, .1. so she dotcrmlned to
li? on her guard Willi him, and to
■peal! ii" word moro than wi • abs ■-
lwItaly necessary.
ny ih ■ bye, wlier* ll Mr, - . ■   mr
ho asln d.     1 called   upon   him   In
town, but ho did nol say whon he was
What did you call fm?
Mr. Clay know. I gliall havo great
pleasure In Informing him ot the earliest possible moment.
Vou cannot see him, Hilda said
qulokly. Tho doctor will not allow
him to bo disturbed,
But this ls of such groat [mport-
aiioo that I must run tho risk of annoying tho doctor. Suoh h criminal
ai Miss Stafford should not be allowed to remain at large. She Is a danger fo society. In tho public Interest, 1 must.
You will -Jn nothing, Hilda said firmly.     What 1;- it you want?
Don't you know, Vera broke in. The
man is nothing but a vulgar blackmailer, lie has been trying to force
money iut of mc, as the price of his
silence, Which is tho -j-reater danger to society? Vou or 1? slio ask-
ed, with buir..; contempt.
I begin to see, Hilda said reflectively, but slid wo don't want Mr. Clay-
to bo worried. Couldn't wo give lilm
something tc close his mouth. lt
might he safer.
:■ ar hat you will hnd his greed in-
you   want?   Hilda
Your Liver
is Clogged up
Th.r. Why Yeu'ra Tired-0.1 •(
Sorts—JaW. fl* Appetite.
wiil put you right
in h lew day-..
Tliey do
their duty.
Bilietmiit, tniigttlien, an* Sick Headache.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine muubcu Signature
."i 0.
alow  much   Jo
, for li" had
Mori I
1 dn
it i|t
ii lily.
li i..
not 11
,f bnslnc
you -,-ci
bl   CMP
1 qui!
oi at) •:.•:•!! i'i
. si i your point
vas in
v Ilrann
t at nil c
wa s
s man
getting   beyond
igomeut.      He
li.it he was go-
girl evident!*,
limn h
oil great
; liu.l Blr
llll refill'
■r fun
•ii her
o  11101
o of character
credit for, and
• careful hand-
When sli
■ beard of her lover's
clutched a; tho strc
his hopes vanishing,
\ large sum,     1 warn- -
tie hesitated, and Vera answi red for
Ue seemj cilffident ar mentioning It.
1 win u i y, 11.     Ho wants a mere
bagatelle.     Fifty Uiousaud pounds,
Dn tin was gating <>.u- rlj at
'  :;:■ ii •.',- Vent.
What Bhall \\o dp?   Can 1 draw any
money?    I ■! I     und<  Bt&ud that pa-
1-    -ni gat ■• mcl
'. -1 cap gel money <ms:i.v enough
j   t Bhan *   give him   a   penn}*]
Vera t&'A flrmly,
'!':."•. 1 will uo lo Mr. Clay, Brann
said despi rn'-.y.
Vera saw that  I ■■ meai u -^
out hla threat, and her hearl Bank;
b tt Bhe ■'■■■' not allow Hilda to give
: lm her m ■:- j, She th >ught of her
ov "i mo
! ■ ■■-.'! pounds,
sh ■ sal i at last.
Ilrann laughed derisively, He could
uol fathom Vera's motive In being s
I am no*, v all anxious to keop him away Trom Clay,
ii a penny of this ;j,; •-,, Baw that ;- ffaa a powerful one,
and he determined to press his ad van t-
ag He . as astonish) I that Bbe
■:. i ild "ff' r him this money, for he
...: gat lered th i had I audi d It
a   over to Hi] .  .
,,.■-:...■-       me. 1 must
' •■  '
;    Again hi    ■..■.- li       -.    I ai -'. this
time by the entrance of Lads Barti n
laud HJrom Horner,     Th   ;. Ui    star
ed In amazement at Crawli y Brani.
moved quickly towardse ci.-.1 door.
but Hiram Intercepted him.
Vou needn't so yet.     What Is he
doiug here Hiss Stafford?
i.ct iim pas,->, Brann shouted angrily.'
Has ho bee:, annoy lug ynu? Hiram
asked quickly,
Vera made up her mind   that
discuss jour affairs with
Has ho returned?
1, »ow, replied Hilda,
him thai yon had Instruct -1
iCt  ''"l   >'"-l.
had ii" business I i Bay
d angrily.
at 1 shall i
Labi),  and the Brigand
j   Brigandage ln Mexico was a common
profession nrd had its rules.     The
■ luie .Mr. Utbouchore   was   once   for
some weeks at a sugar plantation uear
a small provincial town in Mexico, lu
. tho town li ed a brigand,     Ho was
: highly esteemed by his neighbors, and,
said Mr.  La bo uc he re, ] passed many
. a pleasant - venlng w Ith him ai d hla
family,     ii i daughti r was a beaut)
and this estlmablo parent waa amassing .' imie . rtunc for her
Hla ha) 11 was to ride tt nig I I
road betw'i i n Mi ilea au I Vi ru Cms
with two or threo ass iclates u I ta
lev) ■ oo ri bullous on tho dll gem i
When 11- n hi town 1 wanted to Btrlki
till - road and I v.. nt with him and his
: friends, v - reai hi d It al aboul six
lo tl o moru ng, Having partaken of
chocolate, tho brlgunds posted theni'
selves behind some rocks, and I looked jn. Soon tho dtllgi nci «s - bi i
npproac lu Thi bi Ignnda emerged
and the coachman stopped; the pas-
seugi rs wi n requested I i d< sci nd,
and weri pol ti':■ -- bi d of tnoli
' moiio)
The ; assoogi rs   thi n    tool     in li
- ■ jaln In thc coai li aud II dn vc
off, while   the   brigands   courteously
bowe! ■    I u m      So   hones!    were
I the) in thi     pi ■    ai  waj  thai thej
, wished me Lo take ...:■  share In thi
but this,   f eourse, mj Btandard
[ i   rallty     ag lifferi ul rrom l b< trs
:       lined      Ms    ■ stlm ti Io   friends
i tin d Into a neigrborlng shurch
■ • givi thanks for the success of their
■■■.-• i   bi    <"•! 1 wished  them good-
Riding on to Puecla, I dined
.- a  ■ ible   l'l ito that evening with
■ :- lespolli i traveUers, and adds Mr,
chere, was greatly amused to
!.-..-.■ •';..,. ''•-'. '..:;■ :'.-"• valoru •.- mat:*
uer In which they had defended themselves, and how they at last had to
succumb to cumbers.
A Miraculous Escape
.'. mishap befell a steamboat tripper
on tlio West Coast last summer. In
common wltfl ethers he found much enjoyment lu watching tho ongtne-s at
work. There wero several doors
around and abeve tho engine-room aud
ho was Interestedly following tho
movements of tho engineer through
one of these when a crowd camo suddenly along the passage, the pressure
belli;; sn great that, the door gave way
an:! ho was hurled, ns it Boomed, Into
tiie midst of the moving machinery and
lost consciousness.
When lie came to on the Upper deck
ho was Informed that a moment before ho fell iho starboard engine had
beeu stoppafl, ns the boat was Just
rounding In, nnd It wus found that he
had simply received a fow brulsos,
It was a miraculous escape from what
might havo been a fearful death.
De.ntn.if Cannot ho Cured
by lo.al applications, un they cannot
reach tlio uii.cus.-il [.oillun of tlic car.
There la nniv ouo way tn euro doafnoss,
and tlmt is b, constitutional remedies.
Dqafneaa Ih -.-uusod by uu iniliinial condition ui' tho mucous llnltis of tlm BJuo-
iiu'H-m Tubf. Whon ihls ttibo ls In*
ll.u>.r-<l you ln.v« n rumbling nmtut ui
Imperfect hi--iiinn\ nu.i whon It ts entirely ckseu, Doit acqs is the result, nml unless Um hifiu.iiiuiituii can bo takon uut
nml tiii-. tut..- restored to Hh nu ii condition, hearing win bo destroyed for ever!
iiim- cases •mi uf ten are caused i". Catarrh, wlii.-li is nuthitiK hut uu Inilamsd
mdltlon >t tho mucous «ui*fiu
Wo (Ml! kI '0 One Humlrod Dol ara fo
anj      ■ ■'( uoarncss (caused by
thai -■■!■ nal  bo cured by HhH'h Catarrh
>'t.!-- .     Bond ror circulars, n-co,
v. ... <-mk\1:v ,t CO . Toledo, 0.
Bold bs  Drusfflsts.   Bu
Tako ii.iii'.i l\mifi' rin. for constlpa
; chance, and if
Did bo doomed.
IT, would lave given everything to
have" known Just what had happened
and what Vera had decided to do. At
present he was unite in the dark, and
hi-, plans woro hampered; bul at any
moment there might come tho news
nt the arrest of Vaughan Seymour, for
a warrant had been issued, and he
wished to bs prepared for any event-1 blackmailer   with   penal   scrvltudt,
| What Is the exact stale   of   affairs.
wm Irecoalnirembar-Hvhat docs ho threaten?
when Uio door opened      To go to Mr. '.'lay and toll lilm tha*
n.     The eight of thia; 1   ■
wonderful nerve tonic!    . understand, 11 Irani broke In quick-
old Vera Ilia!, met Iiim   ]y.     You must let me deal with blm.
Now listen to me, Crawley Brann, Un-
aBknd. j loss you havo lefl the neighborhood
, would be frank, for sho thought that
, the clever American might be able to!
And a way lo checkmate ilrann.
llo i.afj been demanding money.
More   blackmail,   Tho   despicable
hound.     Tell mo exactly   what   has
, happened,     I am uot at. all sure that
wo shan't have to confide this gentleman to the care of the police.    Let
Bec-^doeMi't tho law punish tho
HoUoway'd Corn Cure u.kcs the
:om out by the recti. Try It and
prove it.
raseins lo bin
and Vera camo
man acted as .
and it was lho
with a mocking Binllc.
Whal te he doing here
1 don't t|tiito know what ho wants, ; within an hour I will have you arrest-
Won't you tr) to find out for mo? ro-  ed.
idled lllliln. j    You daren't, Brann answered with n
Ilu looked from one to anoltior and sneer. Thnt is If you have any re-
Vora'fl perfect self-control deceived i gflrtj f01- your future wlfo's reputation,
him. so that lie camo to tho conclusion You don't know mo, sir; Lady liar-
Ihoi sho -lid ii"t know that Hilda had ton has suffered at your hands, but
discovered her fraud. [nbo would bo tbo first to bravo any
Anything lhat I can do for )oti, Mr.   possiblo scandal, for lho pleasuro of
•ri the Soup
Fairly reeking of the salt sea waves
the two mariners ..trolled into a cheap
restaurant an'I ordered n dinner.
They wero tapUin and mate, ashore
after a long trip.
In a few minutes the somewhat
grimy wait-ir appeared, und with an
airy flourish, deposited before the
sea-dogs twi plates of somo thin, an-
aemlc-looklog liquid.
Ahoy, titer*.: barked the skipper, as
hia eye fell upon tho concoction.
What In tb? name of Neptune Is this?
The waiter bowed gracefully, arranged his napkin In the proper position,
and replied, in lordly tones:
Soup, sir.
Then It was that the grizzled captain flew into such fits of laughter that
ho nearly brought tears to his eyes.
Bill, he cried, giving tho mate a
mighty nudge, here's news, my lad!
Here's you pud me these forty years
been sailing on soup.
v '".i ker I an American town, hav
tug ;i bald head, was lu tho habit o(
wi arli . his bal during business
hours, l.vT.. week a negro work
man oi in rallwaj pre mtod a cheque
for his wages and one day as he put
his money lu a groasy wallol ihr banker .-aid to him:
Look hei - Moses, why don'l you tel
fume of tha1 money stay In the bank
and oaru Interest for you?
Oh, ao, boss replied the darky, with
a glance al the banker's bat. I'so
Jes* [.feared, You loot: like you w(tt
alwaya read) to start oh' somowheres.
Mothcrti having one,! used Baby's
O-vil TubleN fur llicir little ones will
alwaya be fouii-l ualnB Lhcm na long
as then1 ls a baliy In t!ie home. Tho
Tablet-; mv acknowledged by thousands, of wo hors aa lu'itiK their b--st
friend in keening the little ones well.
Whether it be constipation, colic, Indigestion or worms; whether bnby is
suffering fr.m cold or has simple
fever, or whelher bis teething is illtlt-
cult. th'i Tablets are tlio ono safe
remedy whlob will speedily cure hint.
They are guaranteed by a government analyst to contain not ono particle of harmful drug and may be
given with benefit to thc new-born
babe or grow-ng child. Sold by medicine dealers or by mail at -ii cents a
bos from The Dr. Williams' MedlclSo
Co., Brookv'lle, Ont.
What Had She Been Doine?
A teacher in a local Sunday school
desired to reprove, a small boy, Johnnie, she said, quitn solemnly, I'm
afraid I Bhill never meet you in the
better land.
Johnnie put on a looi: of astonishment. Wliv, teacher, he asked, whatever have yo   bcen a-doing of nov,-?
Brnnn? Vi rn asked cooll
You ran glvo mo ti few minutes,
1 wish lo sp'-ak lo you.
I mo ai your service.
Alone, llo said Blgnincantl/,
II iml   isn't   eer-essary.
You wish .Miss Cl rant to hoar what
I havo lo say.
sin- was g-oally leinptotl lo lot lilm
imnishllig jou would he amide com-
Vou also forget Miss Stafford, You :
are wry cotnplacout, but you seem lo
forget tiiat hor imposture amounts to
a crime. It is to your Interests to:
hush It up, or clso she would Join mo
lu goal. No, Mr. Horner, my hand
is not quite as weak as you think, and
labor under lilr, misapprehensions, for m ilnVon't finished wllh you yet.     1
si Ickly uv. that he did not know1 |n,.ml ,„ H,,0 jir, (;ia... [ul\,,s..  Misb
Unit thoro had been an explanation bo-i Blnfford nceonla my proposal.
tween iiiiiiu .md herself, j    no wanls llflv thousand pounds.
l um sure tlml you would not say     ,t |. I10| m unambllioiis sum. You
things licit  ion might afterwards re I |,,IVp u,,.,r,i w|lnt ( say nn(1 [ s]lM cav.
81*at. ry  ()11(   my   tilreat.   Homer  said   to
Porhnps il will Inloi-csl yon to know | Bralm      ] BU08B | ,]„„•, tM tbrougb
Ibul Miss (Irani   Is uivaro   of   your  „,y |mtp n8 ynu'll find out lo your cost.
Irnuil. he said quietly. j T„ mnK- 5llro j, myself, sliall slay at
I know that, and she iias forgiven ; Siiniiieoto and  if you show yourself
Ine. Vera replied. , there you will goi a pretty warm re-
Tlml   allows a   very   friendly  Spirit,   ceptloll.       Now  clear.    If 1 only  gel
lie said with uu effort. Hut don't think! yo'i In a quiet place. I'll  wipe the
lliat you will go unpunished.     H no-  grouud with you.      My lingers   ore
pears I was wrong in thinking that I Itching to get nt you, as It Is.    I'lonr.
_—»___—___________ i    Brann required no   second   Invita-
i lion.
!    Nov.-, Murlol, Hiram said lo Lady
; nitrton.     You've just   got   to   stay
, lier. with V'ia till she gets over this
! bad lime,     I will go al   once   ond
j watch over I'lny. and I wasn't loso my
linn ,     ruto   iiii get there be-
to    an
:    lie tnoi; ;-i hi  ;..'i- and klMeu Lad)
1 Barton: then be tunv .1 to Vi ra.
!    che.-r up, my child, I think wo are
:,. jinnlt ■ • i   ■    daylight, und you
mustn't ;" ii" arable,    1 will irrange
thai |   • »r« ki pi   apprlsod   of   Mr.
i ia) s pr ign i     Ju - ■•   bo< u as li
|« „ IU| ,;.. i v, || fi ■, || ■ .ii round to
;. m      i'. Inyo
I . „a never t' mV you, Mr, Horner,
i    •:, t   .- .1'
(To ie  Continued)
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures  Diphtheria
i-'.oth Satisfied
A hunter set out one day to hunt,
aud a panther set out at the same llmo
to eat.
I must iia'o a fur coat,   said   tbo
I, said  tin   1 anther,  must havo a
Some hours later In a lonely wood
tlio panther nnd the hunter met.
Ab, said the hunter, gaily levelling
ids gun, hero Is my fur overcoat.
j    And lie shol, but the panther dodging behind a tree, escaped unhurt.
;    Then tho panther rushed forth be-
I tore the hunter could reload.
I    Aha! lier1'.'. my dinner,   said   tlio
j panther.     Mid he fell upon the hunter and devoured lilm.
i    Thus vac!, got what he wanted, lho
hunter gcitlr.r bis fur overcoat and
the panther hla dinner.
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   tn
Formed Watery Pimples, Itchy and
Had Horrible Burning Sensation.
Lost Some of Finger Nails, Could
Not Open H.irnJs, Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
5..*- w i.i.u'ur Bl , Toronto, OnUrfn —
"y.-Tt*- .•-.!:.--iT-i i ii..*,- Lmoatroubled wllh
Mittlitum, it nma om ■>» my bandi and
/> ,y; . rorm<dklni.ofwatorjrplmplM
■i '._   3i • all i.mi- ihem w'li.'ii .tccamo
\X"" .ftl,f,liy )""1 ii lia<1" ,",[-rt|»io
y\ -X /') 'll'niir,K aonittlon whlcb
"4 a-"/ cauacd mo a good dual «,r
I L _y? -iioin. Il camo our. on my
I Y—/ / ' banda in lhe fall and remained
I I/// thiTR till nfter Biii-ln*. I
might mention thai I loci lomo of my
fiiiK.ir-niiii-1 |>y tbo dlaaou, During tbln
lengtb "f (tmo I wm utterly ukIom. ae r
could not open my hands, i tried mvcral
other patent medlclnei without a ble of
relief, Somo of my frlonde advleed mo to
iry Cuticura Rcroedleetb I sent (brnmploa
and by ludog thom there wm a great lm«
Iiruvi-iiK-tii. Then I went to iho druggut
and bought one cuko <.r Utitlcura Boap and
two boxei »f < -titlcun I Mntmofil; nftor ualng
liinm I :t'n glad to nay l nm completely
lured, t bad given up uii hopo of Iwlng
ftinvi. 1 ran toy t<> nil iiiow who havo
aiiff.-red in 1 h.ne, not lo Iota courage but
lo give Cullcuni Ikmedltw t* r-ir trial.**
t.Slgiiiflj Mlml.lilliin Irwin, Oct l'l, I'll I.
for more Unm n genaratlon OuUouraHoap
And Cuticura Ointment, i..-,.., gffordod lho
nml oconomlcal treatment for gffeoi looi of
Ihn akin und Ntlp llmt tori urn, |i-*li, Imt-n,
fcrali1, ami deitroy ileep, (iold«v.*rj'wbert.
Haniplo of each DUllod floe, with D8*p. Hklti
Ilook, Addre'iii pott, rani I'oller tfrnr tt
Chcm, Corp., iiopi. iltiU, Ilotloii, I. ti. A.
Well, anld the BUperlov person, that
set -ins to be thn general Impression
thai prevails among tho masses.
Ill liavo .'on understand, sir, that
i am not on  of the masses,
l know thut, yawned tho Belf'satls*
fir-d nn'1, gJ ting up, I preflxod the
•in' merely tut of consideration for
your toolings.
W, N, U. 924,
Oou'-lc-Bi"Tolled Ekcape
, ni i   arj amongsl the mosl heroic
, |)Qopj ■ in tha world.    Danger Is al-
.'..,,! b isldi 'horn, and they nro ichool-
,.,l io bellevo that at uny timo ihey
i 'iii come face to face with d.-atb. Tho
resull of thlH in that they aro humor*
i oi •* in ihelr boldness.
in one of Mr mines In ilio North of
England ihero  was n cavc-ln  whlrh
Imprisoned a miner.     The nee Idem
happened on Frlda) afternoon, and the
1 fellow-laborers of ihr; entombed man
iet ■') work at once lo <iik him out. it
I Kan not un'll Sunday morning, how*
over thai thoy   reached   hla   prison
chamber, and hy ihls time they wore
wondering whether ho bad boon buITo-
catod or starved i" death.     Ono of
them itucK UIh innd through tho nper*
[urfl ni'i',1*! bv tbo picks of tno ropcu^rn
and called nut:
Jack, nro you »H right?
All right, '-11111" thfl ropl)', nnd 'Jim,
iifii r a paus ■: What duy Ih thi.?
Siiiiiluy. anaworod th** friend.
(Ireat Scottl 'X'Inline I Jaok,      l'rn
glad 'if thnt.     Thnt wnn one Hntur*
day night when uioho pubs didn't i,ot |
my wtigeB, j
Wlmt u lot "f Btyla the Browns aro
putting on) I
Yen, nnd whnt u lot of creditors [
they aro putting off. )
A Purely V
Inerodlent <
Pllla ni'«- ma1
live and |>'
ti armless ft
■ leause and
healthful efl
of tho dig"!
pol Uc nnd ,:
,n d kidney i
pilli the mn
concentrate i
offered tu tr
egetflbltj Pill.—Tho chief
f Farmelee's Vegelablo
drake und dandollon, se-
argatlvo,   bul   porfeotly
their action, Thoy
purify and havo a wont
•ri upon the Boorotlona
itivo organs, Tho dys*
ll who Biiffi r rom liver
ilmenta will lind in theso
■ i e-Tectlvo medicine In
form that has yet been
A doctor and hte friend woro out
walking together one day nnd passed by some houses which the dootor
had built and owned, and which ho
could seldom let. Tho doctor remarked to h'.s friend:
I Inst moM'y when I built those
Yes, said Ma friend, what you gained In lho pestlo you lost in the mortar
High Society
A new-rich downger, only "recently
removed from tho environs of a Western packing house, has afforded much
amusement while clambering up thc
slippery rounds of the social ladder.
One duy, after nhe had returned from
circumnavigating tho globe, she essayed to entertain a drawing-room
with a boast'ul account of her travels,
Sho had boon everywhere, and her
flow of English was augmented by frequent wavlngs of her bedlambnded
hands anil forceful noddlngs of her
tlaraed head.
Did you soe tho Dardanelles? asked
a sprightly r'ebulante.
And the Himalayas? Inquired another fair young br.fl.
I dined with them in Paris, replied
the dowager, triumphantly.
And sho wondered why ovorybody
Borne men were discussing tho buA*
den dsoth ot n neighbor who hud left
a rather bolplons family.
And tho Wurrt nf It Is, said one. that
ihen- Isn't '>■ o of thoso boys that has
the bead to All his father's shoos,
Domeetie Omens
Vou should alwayn mark a cross on
the top of "- cake or u pan of bread
before you si i H I" tine. This will
pn vont the devil from Jumping on It
and cruBhlng it down lint.
Never tun a bed en Friday, or Ibe
j.. r&on who nl." j.H on it will liavo bud
nights f'T a wook,
Droakagos alwnya go lu ihrooa, Ho
ir vui hnvo broken one tlilii«. you
ahould Immodlatoly smash two more
vorlhlosfl ones empty botllos, or
Bomothlng of that kind- bo that Ut
breaking may ho over and dono wll'A,
Nevor pul v pair "f shootj on a table
for this lends to a quarrel,
A black ral that comeB Into tho
house of i-n own freo will brings
gnod luck.
If ynu spill Fall you should croBB It
and throw sciue of It over yuur left
But Change     of   Food   Gave   Final
Most diseases atari In the ailment-
ary canal—stomach and bowels.
A great l>-al of nur stomach and
bowl troubl'.B come from oat Ing ton
much Btaroby and groasy food.
The etominh does not digest any of
ibe starchy food wo eat—white bread,
pastry, potatoes, nata, etc.—theso
ihlnus nro digest) .1 In (bo small In-
lestlnoB nn-' ii WO "at too much, ns
most of us do the organs thai Bhould
digest this kind of food are OVycoillC
by excess -j( work, sn that form' 11 tn*
tinn, In dl gOBl on, and a long train of
ui;. result.
Tno much fat als 1 te luinl to digest
nml this Is changed Inlo itelds, B0U1
stomach, baV-blng gas, nnd a bloalod,
boavy fooling.
In thesn conditions n ohnngo from
tnillgOfltlblO foods lo f.ni|)o-.Niitrt will
work winders In not only relieving the
distress but ... building up a stror."
digestion, olonr brain and steady
A woman write.-,:
"About live years ago I suffered
Mill hnd Htomach—-dyspepsia. Indigestion constitution—caused, I know
now, from overeating starchy and
greasy food,
"I doctorod for two years without
anv benefit The doctor told me
Ihero wafl io euro for me. I could
not eat anything Without suffering se-
vein pain In my back and sides, and
I became discouraged.
"A fi lend recommended Ornpo-Nntfi
mnl I began ti use It. In less than
two weeks I began to feel bettor nnd
inside of two months I wuh n well
woman and navo boon ovor Hince.
"I cnn eat anything I wish with
ploaBuro, Wo ont fJraf)o*Nuta and
cream for breakfast and nre very fond
Of It." N*-mo given by CiinuiIIan
I'nstum Co , Windsor, Ont,
Head tbe rlltlo boolf, "Tho Itond to
Wellvllle," tu pkgs. "There's a roa*
Ever read he nbovu 'etterr A new
one appears from tlm* **> ilme. Thoy
are genuine true, •** *?'*!! of human
Interest  '
"Exam." Papers
Please state exactly, lf you can, why;
all the girls you know,
Or mo6t of them, at least, are madly
gono on Soand-so;
Just Bay what arc tlio merits of hte
figure, f,ice und speech,
With  full   :emarl;s  on  overy  follow
having one girl each;
And, if It would relieve you, briefly
state what you would do
If you caught this chap In Texas or
the will, of Tlmbuotoo.
If sixteen men and fourtoen boys, all
working twenty dnys
Oi fourtoen hours each (great Scot!)
can block two public ways, t
And   Bond   a   thousand   motor-buses
down a yulct street,
Where   no  one   camo  afore time   but
tho bobby on bis bent,
State briefly what tho   author   says
who lives at Number Four,
And whal the mu.de (earlier (she's u
lady) thinks next door,
Now slate, as nearly ns .vou can, why
Mr. JotH B'B vale
For gas (ho has three daughters) has
gone up so much of late;
Say why   tho   common   siding room
where pn and nialer dwell
For courting COUplea (cooing doves!)
should nol Bervo very well;
IBvolvo a valid reason wby these wanl
a room, apiece,
Vet oeeupy  ouo chnlr of which thoy
take a six-hour lease.
If vonym te n foreign land, as some
grout poet says,
Enumerate  Ler   mountains,   vatloys,
rivers, oapos aud bays;
Bay tf iho imports   chocolates   and
trlnklfltB,  BCOntfl and gloves,
And whether she Is tempore to or frig*
id In her loves,
With whom nho seoks alliance, end
plenso ia)' if li Is true
Thai e.n.v ft reign laud you meet you
think she's after you.
Write some account of how you felt
when IloBlO Jilted you,
And stato rour color at tbe time-
green, crimson, white or blue;
Thi n tell us what you thought, of girls
In geu'ril after that,
And whetbei you o'er used opprobrious expletives,  llko  "Cat!"
And when you'd mourned a day or two
-you QUlck-forgottlng churl!—
How soon you patched your broken
heart on i got another girl.
.«. Willi
You Get     TcSef
Id easily—and dread, Instead of
enjoying, the kee^ winter weather—then you heed
|li_l Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
This Nii-Drii-C« Compound emboilien Uir well-known nuirlltvo and
curallvo element, ol Cod! Liver Oil—Hypophospliltea to bullet up tlio
nerves- Extract of V/lkl Cherry to act on the lungs ai.d bronchial lubes- •
ami Extract of Malt, which,'besides containing valuable nutriment llsell,
hrlp", lhe weakened digestive organs to assimilate other lood.
The d.Marc-abl- t.,l- of raw Cod Liver Oil ii entirely absent,
and the Compound is decidedly pleasant to take. In 00c. :»:d $1.00
bottle:;, at your Diugglsl'3. ^„a
No Sugar nnd Cream
A Sunday school superintendent, determined 111 the kindness of his heurt
to plve n bis I™'t0 n" ,lle ,>0>'s ,1,u'
girls In the Sunday-school, lllu garden was n very large one, nud this
year the strawberry crop was rich and
abundant; so he told the children that
lf they camo lo tho schoolroom on the
lollowlng evening (Monday) ench of
them would liavo given them a plate
of ripo strawberries, with abundance
of sugar and cream.
Of course, every boy and girl was
there. Wh'u they had finished tno
superintendent said:—
Have you sli had a good time?
Yes sir, th..nk you! came from a
hundred grateful, happy lads and lassies.
Couldn't vou eat any more-; asked
Mr. Grayson.
No thank you, sir, replied thc scholars.
Now, said lho gonial superintendent,
suppose you'd gono into my garden
and taken those strawberries without
my leave, would you havo enjoyed
them so much?
Oil, no si', shouted all tho bairns
at once.
Why not' nsked Mr. Grayson.
No reply. So he put the question
again, but still there waB no reply. At
last ono dfiiu- little chappie put up his
hand, thinking lie knew the right answer.
Well? sal.l Mr. Grayson, looking
hard nt Geo-aio Marsdell.
Then Georgia replied so winsome-
Please teacher, we shouldn't 'ave
'nd any sugar and cream wl' 'mc.
Bralle's Big Well
Perhaps the most Idiotic ot nil the
many idiotic schemes witli which Britons have been enamoured in dayB gone
hy, was the that which was known as
■Jrallc'tf lllg Well, Mr. Ilralle was
a Belgium engineer, residing temporarily 111 this country, who in 1848 approached tht then Prime Minister
(Lord .lohn llussell) with a scheme
for sinking a huge shaft, u mile In
diameter and twenty miles In depth,
Hint Bhould tap tho earth's Internal
heat, and thereby render England independent ot her coal supply when
this gave out.
Lord Ilussolli always rather attracted by visionary projects, attentively
considered the schouio and caused
plans and estimates to be drawn up.
The Ilrst dltlicully was lho Inrush of
water which would have heen certain
to occur sooner or later. Tills lt was
proposed to keep under by pumping,
caissons being used for tin- purpose ol'
further excavation, while llie finished
[airiloii of the shaft was to bo rendered watertight by n jacket of granite
Bel lu Portland cement.
Mad as Uio scheme wns, It found
plenty of advocates nnd u provlHlonal
irlll hud been, It was Bald, actually
draftod by the government whon tho
overthrow of the (lovernnient on" Unfranchise i|ii"siioii wuh announced and
llle whole   /USlnOBfl W'ttB    llieli'-efoi'tli
consigned lo 11 woll-morltod oblivion,
One of Two Things
A Kentucky mountain woman fell
III, nnd fur lho llrsi time in his life
her hiisbiinl bad to work. It tie.
volvoil upon him to mine the Invalid,
look afler 11 large family nf low-iieud-
nl children, milk lho cow, Food tho
pig, conk lllu meals, anil lend n straggly half-m-r ■ "f corn. Al lhe end of
ten days of thoto frightful labors ho
staggered down lo tho ROtloral llore
at the forks or tlio road and fell at tho
doorway In all exhausted heap. Tho
storekeeper came out and said:
Halloa, Aiibo, how's yore wife?
Mio ain't no bolter, nionncd lho husband. I paid out a whole four bits
fer a bottle or bittern for her, but It
seems like hit don'l do her no good.
I'm plumb wore out!
lie paused u moment nml sighed
Somotlnies, he said, I gol. t" wloliln
the old women would git well—or
Same Old Slory
Coodiiiorelng, inadain! I've cillod
about lho ii'iarler'H rates.
80 npolui Ilia rate-collector ll)grntla<
Tlio lady of lho houso eyed him
coolly.     She'll got tho money ready.
Good•ttloriiIng. she replied ainlnblj-,
hut I cnn'l say I'm exactly glnd to
boo yon.
Then that's where you dlfitr from
most of 'om, retorted lho visitor.
A loi of them like me so muoh (hat
Ihey nearly ulways ask in* to call
The standard
of excellence
in kid gloves.
Oraln Commlisltn Marehsnta Winnipeg, Manitoba
•£•*• JMM",I*dtof lead: P«it Arthur or Tc.t William.  Notify Peter Ji»veu
Liberal Adv*.t.cta
Prompt Rolurna
Beit Grades
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
In thi, writing wc deslro to put beforo oar Western Tanners tho
saving and advantage of loading grain direct on cars. Shipping grain
llirougli an elevator, it matters not whether a Government elevator clone run by an elevator company or Individual owner, does not add
the leart fraction of ,1 cent to the value of .he grain, nor does it give
the farmer any better chance of marketing It to advantage than when
loaded direct on cars. But loading direct 01 cars cuts oul in lho first
place the elevator charge, which Is usually l*1. c. per bushel, say
$17.M on a thousand bushel car. The elevator dockage is nl.ro
saved" this may be worlli more or less, depending partly on how dirty
the grain ls, but mostly on the farmer's ab'.iily In holding IiIh own
witli the elevator man taking it in. On tbo average the dockage
may be considered worth 3c per Lnshel.to tho (armor, or say SSO per
car of 1,0(10 bushels. When grain is loadid direct Into cor over t'.io
Loading Platform, the farmer known for sure that it. Is his very owa
grain that will be graded by tho Inspector, and that Iio will without
doubt receive the full and exact outturn ot his oar at whichever terminal (levator It Is unloaded; for all grain 's unloaded from the cms
undor government superintends nee and weialiod by properly qualified
government welghmen under the rules and ruporvlsion of the Dominion Government Bonrd of Grain Commissioners,
Of "ourso, It makes no difference ln our loading or the farmers'
grain whether It has been shipped through an elevator or over tlio
Loading Platform, but It can easily be Been from what we have stated
above where tho farmer's advantage lies, when lt saves him around
$1)0 01- more on every car he ships.
Wo continue to act as tlic farmers' agon', iu looking after and il'..--
poBinf of earlot shipments of wheat, oats, barley and tin-: strictly 03
a comnilBsloii of 1 cent per bushel. Wc .-.re not connected with,
noi interested ln any elevator companies nr elevatoia, eiilier local rr
terminal, neither nre wo track buyers, in fact, we never buy form-
ere' grain on our own account, bul only to l.f.ndlo and dispose of the
grain fStrUBted to ns as tlio agenl:; of those who employ us. Man;/
years' experience, wltll a wide connection and uniplo facilities for ci'.-
f'aglnj in this special branch of tli.; grain trade, have given us a reputation of the highest character in it. Wt make liberal advances
on car bills ot lading. Wrlto ns for shipping iustructiona and mark'
et information. Wo glvo ns references to our reliability, efficiency
and financial standing any city or country Hank Manager !u Western
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703 Y  Grain  Exchange.
Winnipeg, Canada.
The winter months nro nature's own llmo for re»t nnd recuperation.
Why not surround yourself wllh Idoal conditions for rebuilding your
nervous system. Mako a determined effort In ortldlcato lhat old
sland.tig Nervous Disease, Ithouinntlsin, 8tanuv.il, lilver and Kidney
trouble, Constipation, Skin disease, Obesity Origin's Disease, Diabetes
Vou are under the watchful care nf a physician who hau fas woll ns
lho usual methods of ircatmont) at bis command, powerful curative
ngciielea In the EloctrlO Treatment,,, Mineral Hpi'lugs liiiths, ISIeotrlO
Light Baths, Noodle and Spray Hatha, Con'lnuoin, Uath", Mussage,
The Mineral water exerclsi B o marked 'ndiience in Increasing oxidation ami elimination, tinm promoting a bettor nmrlilou.
Wrllo lo
Dr. A.  D. CAR8CALLCN, Superintendent.
Winnipeg ManMulvi
Your Niche
TlioTo'a 11 nloho for you in Mio world,
my hoy*       . *
A cower  01' yell In llll;
Ami it waits .inlay nlong life's way(
Kor tbo lioy wllh 11 frunic "1 will!"
Sn imi, iio iruo; tha world wants you,
In ilu* corner thut yon may nil.
There's :i niche for yon In tho world
my girl,
A corner tor you to (111;
For lho Blrl who's neat uud Kind anil
Hwoet, ,
a placo that te walling Bill),
Ho, Iiimh he hue; the world wants you,
In tlio corner that you muy till.
Thore's a nloho for both In thu world,
iny dears,
A corner for you lo llll;
And the wo.], to do lhat no ono hu!
In Ood's wool plan eau fill.
So ))0tll  1)0 'rue; the world WOJlls you
And y'nur plueo Ih waiting Bllll,
Not to he caught
Parmer («m ono sltl oof the hedgo to
hoy on Iho -t'h.-r nldo). Now then, my
Inu dldn'l I toll you not to lei mo
catch you Iito n.-'uln.
Hoy (pronnrtng to run)! All right,
don't, mako ii fussi Vou aiu'i caught
mo yd I
I Why Vour Noi* Is Small
!     Vour n0SQ may net ho mi Kiuull 08 to
I attract undue attention, hut ut least, it.
j te not mo largo und noblo nn It would
I have heen hnd you 1)00)1 living In Iho
i days of Caouav.
The insignificance of tho nrosont
day nose te due tn ihe Introduction and
BO ll era I nne of tho handkorelilcf.
lTat\i] kerchiefs-* -wlileli arc very
modern Indeed, na things go—won
never used '/> llle Komiinn, nnd they
were Iohh liable lo colds and the still
moro iroHblocoino complaint, million*
an, thnn wo nro now,     Ah ii rosult
{they were possessed of tho largest
and vory heal shaped iiobOh possiblo.
When civilisation, which stnrtod lit
Homo, spread to tlio northern countries of lihiropo Uio InliRbUnnls of
those chiui-'.t uhio climates round lliey
had continually to nil) their noses und
thir, Ihcy Ml below tho Itoinnli stand.
n rd.
About a million tourists vlsll thfl
Alp" each \--.r, of wlinin about Iweiilv
four uie lill.od in accidents.!
The noyu. Nnllomil Mfobo
(iiiiiiu wns (otindoil In 183*1,
IS8« had savrd BfltJMif Uvea,
it lastl*
timl hy
A initio who laugh d at a fuuoral
wan uphralded hy Iils tnusti r.
Yotl 1'ilBOn], you; I ha\r heen rnls*
Ing yoiir wacos fnr then-- iwY yonrn
fata on condition thai ynu shoal,'! up*
pear mun1 soitowfuli and lho hlghor
wn'-'oj yotl rcofllVO llle   happier    you
A V'/o  Safe Investment
Honey returned ot end of one year
or nt end ot any subst.qua..t year, on
ID ilnyh' iiottoo If desired.
Tho nitoi't- Roourlty ia the host In*
duBirlul ever offered in Canada, Uui*
IncsH QBtRblllhcd "T yenrs.
Write ut onco for particulars.
National Securities Corporation Ltd
Confoa-aratlon Life Building, Toronto
A few doora south of C.P.R. Depot
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day
!'-t  ;     Culslnn unexcelled
Hat nnd cold water In every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outalde Rooma
('TON  I'll.
RPROOl'   t
Arc tlic hei- ever made aud arc guar
tataad tn glvo you aatlafactlon. Al
all dealers, nr -end us BS cunti atat-1
lop atjr-.n and aha required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd- \
68 Fraaer Av«„ Toronto, Ont.        i
Ask  for
and get satisfaction
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers   ot   all     kinds—Engines,
i    Pumpu, and Heavy Plats Work
} Write un fer Prices
I 14 Strachan Ave.. Toronto, Canada
lf you want to purchase a carload
Good Ontario Apples
Communicate with
90 Colbourne Street, Toronto
Has.WlMSMtw't Soothing svri'p lias tie.-,,
HUd tororer HIXTV VlUl'Stry MILLIONS ol
MOTHatkll lor thetr Clltr.in-KN WKII.K
SOOTHES tlit CHILD. Su'-'riiNS the OUMS,
ii the best remedy lor UIAKKHUIA. It 1. all-
wlutely hafiiilesa. Be mire and auk for "Mr,.
Win.low', sootltlnK Symp." and take ao other
Una. Tweaty-fiveceiits a bottle.
After the buBy season is over, pack
up and route east and spend three
months in oue of our schools. Business education will help yotl to wiu
out. It costs but Httle to Bel. It.
Write us for our new Curruculum uud
plan to let us help you. Address
W. H. Shaw. President, "Shaw's
Schools," Toronto, Canada.
| Canadian Northern S. S., Ltd. |
Cauda to Ea*UaJ. il'.r-rtwt wule lo London and
continent on 12,000 Ton Moating Palace*.
Next Sailing   from Montreal
"ROYAL CEORCE" On. 10th. Nov. Ull.
"ROYAL EDWARD" Oct. 30ili
Xmat Sailing—From Halifax
"ROYAL EDWARD" Nov. 27th
"ROTAL CEORfiE" Dec, I Ith
Further Information from any rail
or steamship agent, or wrlto,
A. H. DAVIS, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Street Winnipeg
Money Lost and Won at Monte Carlo I
It seems scarcely possible to beliove
when standing- on the promenade nt
Monte Carlo overlooking ilu* harbor,
which is generally crowtlod with fashionable yachts, anil the doop blue
Mediterranean beyond, that Ics.-. than
fifty years ago ihls world-famous lown
wan completely unknown to tho public Vet finch is the caBe, In those
dnys tho Casino, where bo many fortunes are mado and lost, was yet
Unbuilt, there was no theatre whero
princes and millionaires assemble together and where lhe finest artistes
or the world appear from time to Mine
and lis terraces gardens, ami palm-
groves, which are today the finest of
the Riviera, were nil lost, In tho miles
of vineyards which covered llie spot.
Hut even today vineyards exist on the
high land at the back nl' ihe town,
and through tho btue haze of tho atmosphere thoy help to make the town
what li undoubtedly Is—tho chief
glory of the. Mediterranean,
Ar is well known, of course, Monte
Carlo Is tho capital of thc llttlo principality of Monaco, which though under Pronch protection te the property
of the Prince Of Monaco.
But the chief attraction of Monte
Carlo Is, of course, lis Casino, which
Is famous throughout all Ihe world
for Its roulette tables. This magnified.!  building Is as while and clean
as Indeed arc nearly all llie buildings In Monte Carlo—aa on tho day
on which It was creeled, lis guldens
arc perhaps the finest In lhe world,
with their many fountains and palm
and mimosa groves and gorgeous
(lower-bods. lis Inferior possesses
well-nigh every luxury that lho human mind ean Imagine; both Ihe concert aad the gaming rooms are magnificently gilded, and It possesses
some almost priceless works of art.
All day long one oT the finest orchestras in Europe is to be heard ia
the gaming-room, and tho roulette-
tables are over surrounded by groups
of anxious people alt Intent ou malting
a fortune in Lhe shortest possible time.
Tho Casino Is open to all no charge
whatever being made. The game of
roulette is one or chance. Ou the
green cloth table on which It is played thore is a depression in which a
disc revolves. Thla disc is surrounded by red and black colored cells
thirty-seven in number, including zero.
On the disc a while ball is thrown,
and this presently drops into one of
the cells, which Is, of COtirBO, regarded
as tho winning number. Upon the
table are arranged the numbers of tbe
cells aud al.su the words pair, passu.
noir, impair, manque, and rouge. The
players may stake a sum or not Iosb
than five francs on any one or more of
these numbers or words, the less reckless players, of course, preferring tQ
do tbo latter. Should the player place
his stake on oue number and win
however, he receives thirty-six timeB
his stake: if on two. he receives eighteen times; and if on twelve, three
times its value. In the event of hint
placing It on one ot the words and
winning, ho only receives the equal
of his stakes.
in order to give one some idea of
the size and popularity of the Casino,
ll may be mentioned that no fewer
than a thousand people aro employed
about the building and in the gardens
all the year round. The Casino is a*,
present ihe property of a joint-stock
company, which pays no less than
$250 000 for tbo concession. Tills sum
however, is being gradually lucreascd.
Dut tho Casino makes Immense profits, aud, In addition to paying a dividend to its shareholder**! U also defrays the municipal expenditure. It
may not bo generally known, however,
tbat the Casino authorities pay large
sums annually to tbe Press thereby
preventing accounts of suicides and
tho like from becoming known to tbe
public. In one year the sum paid
for this purpose Is said to have exceeded a million franca.
But in spite of tiie fact that many
gamblers lose tbelr all lu the beautiful Casino at Monte Carlo, fortunes
and very large ones, too, aro occasionally made. It Is probable lhat tho
case of Monto Carlo Wells, wbo mad-b
$300,000 nt the tablos will never be
forgotten tn the principality. But
tven greater sums have been won.
Somo years ago, for instance, a well-
known American won nearly $100,000.
ladder Stone, Gall Stones,
.•Lidnvy Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
lllundr-iil*   of   mi-oil   pnllents   cnn
imivo our nlalomont),
Bnltoreri will twelve pamphlet Ire.
on |-*<l'!~il ■
Sanol. PftlCii $1.50 par l>ottla In
liquid from Drug-flats, or dlroot from
Winnipeg, Man.
I   Wonder
Twinkle, twlnlile, Utile slnrl
Mow I wonder If you aro
Aviinn at home tho tendei- age
You ii|t|ip:n' upon tlio stagcl
Ilia L.mt Words
Yes, twill the garage lieoper, with
a wiiii; at hir* aBtiltltnnt, 1 call nil thoiio
care I keep for rent tho 1'l.veelslor
Ami why. pray? asked llilkinn.
Uocniise tliey ure for higher, roar*
led the garage keeper.
The grand jury later aotiulttod nil-
IcIhh on the plen ot Justifiable hotnl
A mnn wns caught In the act. ot em
teriug u Prluco Albert jewelry sloro.
Mnylie he wua nfter a marriage 11
w. N. u. t!7
All of ua Weather Prophet*
Very ofleu we find the newspaper
misleading us as to the weather in a
particular district, or It has given us
a report too general lo bo of Bervlce.
nut this does uot matter muoh, because wc cun bo our own weather prophets .
We can start with the breakfast,
lable. Keep nn eye on Hint cun of
coffeo. Should lho bubbles collect
In the middle und form u kiss, a picnic ean lie safely planned. But If
Ihey rush lo the side, bo cnreful.
There Is a strong ehnnce that It will
rain. The nfler-breakfast pipe will
confirm (be opinion you have formed
from your coffee-cup. If you use
wax matches you will And them specially dlfltoull to ntrlke. There uro
furlhcr wonthor prophets In the bull.
It your walking slick , lor example,
is hard and dry, tuke It. with you,
oven llioiiuh the sky bo cloudy. Hut
if tho IiiuiiIii' Is moist, drop II nud
arm yourself with uu umbrella. If a
quarter of an hour after rubbing the
bundle witli a dry clnih the moisture
reappears, rest assured t lm I there is
u soaker In store.
Mrs, Qlgthorit—- Do you menu lo say
ynu smoke the nasty utile thinga in
your own house?
Mrs. Lecdor—Only when wo nro
doing amiiteur theutrlciils. Von
oan't present, n society drama, you
know, without them.
Itching and Burning Was Terrible Unlit   Relief and Cure  Was  Effect-
Psoriasis is another name tor chronic eczema. lt te tlio worst furm of
thin dreadful itching skin disease.
Onco eczema has reaohed this stage
It te iiHimlly considered Incurable.
But hem Is a caso which proves
again lho wonderful healing power of
Dr, ('llano's Ointment. Not only
does relief come quickly- but lhe re*
BuUlug benefits, uro thorough and
last int;.
Mrs, Nettie Mnssey, Cousecou, Ont,
writes:—"I thought It my duty to
wrl'o you tolling you the great benefit I received from using Dp, ('base's
Ointmenl. For five years I suffered
.villi what three doctors called Psoriasis. [ dootored with three different doctors, with no good results, .uui
one of our noted doeiors told
me if any oue offered to
guarantee me a. cure for
?50.ijo to keep ray money In my pook-
et, as t could not he cured.
"Tho disease spread all over me,
even on my face and hoad. Tlio
itching nnd burning was hard to bear.
AL last my brother read In the paper
about Dr. Chase's Ointment: as a
heater. I used 8 boxes, and I am
glad to say 1 am entirely cured, not
a sign of a soro to be seen. I cnn
hardly praiso the olnl ment enough,
nnd you are at liberty to use my testimony, as I hope thereby to Induce
other sufferers to try tho same."
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60o, a box,
at all dealers or Kdmanson, Bales &
Co.. Limited, Toronto.
The following unrehearsed Incident
took place at a village cricket match
on Saturday last. One of the umpires was tho village butcher, who
was very absent-minded. A wicket
hod fallen, and tho incoming batsman
took up his position nnd made tho
request to the butcher umpire, who
was talking to the bowler at the other
Give me leg. please.
Turning round rather quickly, the
umpire remarked:—
Sorry sir, but wo liavo only a few
shoulders left.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Two young ladies recently wont to
seo a cricket match.
They had never seen tho game
played before, and with tbe Inevitable
curiosity ot their sex they wanted to
know the ins and out of everything
thoy saw.
Presently the eyes of one damsel
rested on the wickets.
What ure those sticks iu lhe ground
for? she asked her friend.
Why dear, replied tho other wisely,
I suppose those are lho cricket fixtures.
There may be other corn cures, but
Hollowuy's Corn Cure stands at tho
head of the list so far as results are
Bill Spraguc kept a grocer's shop
in a little village in Cumberland. One
day lie sot off for London to buy a
lot of goods. The Roods wero dispatched Immediately, nnd as BUI had
lingered in l.-ondou sight-seeing they
reached his village shop before him.
The goods, ln an enormous packing-
case, were driven to the shop by tho
local carrier. Mrs. Hpragiie came to
see what had arrived, and with a
shriek tottered and nearly fell.
Oh, what's the matter, ma'am? cried
a neighbor.
Mrs. Sprague, her eyes blinded with
tears, poiuted to   tho   packing-case,
whereon was stencilled in large black
Bill Inside.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
I understand that your wife and
Mrs. Kxc are uot on speaking terms.
It's so, confound it! And it Is going to cost me money.
Indeed!     In what way?
Oh, my wife now proposes to give
a bis dinner party, so thut she can
snub Mrs. Exo by not inviting her.
Glancing hastily down tho pages ot
Tommy Jones's examination papers,
the teacher's heart thrilled ovor Tommy's unexpectedly good showing, for
not one of the questions remained unanswered. But upon subjecting thfl
papers to a more careful perusal lier
pride In Tommy's proficiency hnd a
fall, After seven of tho ton questions Tommy had written politely:—
I ant sorry that this Is a subject on
which 1 huve no Infornuillou.
Revelations of ft New York "Crook"
Stories about the venality of ths
New Vork pollco, such as those that
have been appearing in the newspapers as a sequel to tho murder of the
gambler Rosenthal, aro hardly believed In this country, because lilng-
ilsh people cannot realise the difference between the American polloe
system and our own.
1 know from my own experience,
that the police of Now York systematically blackmail known criminals
by demanding money from them whenever thoy are seen to be Hush.
A typical adventure out of many
of thla sort that befell me happened
ono afternoon when 1 had bail a good,
timo In n pool-room, as the places
whero ouo used to back horsos ou
thc lupo wero called. I was standing in the street—rather foolishly 1
admit-taking stock of lho notes that
constituted the spoil, when a policeman camo up to me. and good-humored ly remarked that I seemed to be
having a good lime.
I assented, uud volunteered Ihe Information that I had been finding winners, at which he shrugged his shoulders nnd said that the talo was too
it's true, anyway, I urged. I haven't been grafting Tor a long time
Well be retorted, there's been a lot
doing in your Hue on tho street-care
lately, and any leather shlfler (pickpocket) that's brought up can reckon
on getting sent to the Island (tho
short-soutonco prison on Blaokwcll's
Island, lit tho Hudson lliver) fo.'
three months or so, on general prlMOl-
pies. Vou needn't go, unless you
I knew what that meant wo",
enough, uud was also aware that kicking was uo wood; so 1 asked hhn bl int-
ly how much he wanted.
How much have you got in that
wad? ho asked, pointing to the bundle
of notes I foolishly held In my hand
I replied to the effect that I had two
hundred dollars—nbout forty pounds
—though In reality there was much
more, as some of the bills were of
largo denomination.
Then fifty dollars won't hurt you,
he said. And I duly parted with tho
equivalent of ten Knglish pounds and
a few shilling to save myself from being arrested.
That was pure blackmail, which always leaves a bad taste behind It;
but In most cases one does get something real for oue's money, as in tho
caso following, t had neatly relieved
a man of a fat wallet, and was spoiled
lu the very act by a Central Otlice de
teet ive, though I had no suspicion at.
the time that I had been seen.
It would have been a sure enough
loug term tor me If tho detective
had pounced on me there and then but
that didn't suit hla book any more
than it would have suited mine.
Instead or arresting me, he followed me, and when we had gone some
distance away from llie scene of tho
crime, without, there being any signs
of ft hue-and-cry, he overtook me and
coolly demanded half of tho dough. 1
gave it to him willingly, aud thought
him very generous in not taking the
lot--a trick others had played up-
me when I had beeu caught with Ihe
proceeds of a robbery iu my possession.
It is so well recognized among the
criminal fraternity iu America that
every policeman has his price that tul
the flrst thing a crook does on his
release from prison is to get some
"fall money" put by, uud he never
feels comfortable in working until he
has got a tidy sum at his back lo be
used on occasion for squaring the
police should the urgency arise.
The police cannot be squared however, hi-cases thnt mnko a great noise
or where the victim Is an Influential
man; but fall mouey is necessary, all!
ihe same, for a good lawyer la » niucli
greater necessity for an American j
criminal than for his English prototype.
II was commonly believed In my:
circle, when I was in America that,
some of the police-captains bagged
as much as ten thousand pounds a j
year In bribes, bnt I haven't any firs'-'
hand knowledge on this point.
It Is an Indisputable fact, thoifjh
Hint common |ro!tccmeu aro known
to have had thousands of pounds invested, and that many of the ofllcers |
of rauk equivalent, to our superintendents have retired from lhe Force as
rich men.
Also It may safely be assumed that
any policeman In New Vork who got
nothing beyond his pay wuuld be reck-]
oned a very slow and unbusinesslike]
man indeed.
tht Mat
A grt . animal*, Professor
Drynsdu. ittoh given to having
his pet ftuc .ttlng beside him at
meal-tlmos, and eating tlt-blts from
his own plate.
Tho other evening ho was at a
dinner-party, and his partner was a
very great lady, who was proud of
hor titto.
But tlio professor paid absolutely no
attention to hor. Ills mind had
switched off on to somo abstruse point
and he wus lost to the world over
tho problem.
The (Inches.*, did not approve of this
and presently, to attract his attention
she pulled him gently by tho sleeve.
Then the professor woke up. Grabbing a half-picked chicken-bone from
his plato, be thrust lt under her startled nose.
Don't bother Just now, Pldol ho said
curtly. Hero take this and go ond
eat it on tho mat, like a good doggie,
Your Asthma Too. The efficacy of
Dr. J, D, Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
is not something that is merely to bo
hoped for; it is to bo expected. It
never fails to bring relief, and in your
own individual case It will do the
same. So universal has bcen llto
success of tbis far-famed cure that
every one afflicted with this disease
owes It to himself to try it.
Why dgesu't she Uk«
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Th-:/stops headache promptly, yet do nol contain ar.y of
the dangerous dings common In headache tablets. A-.k your
Druggist about them,   25c. a box.
National onus nnn cmcm-cal Co. or cartata, Limiteo   122
A  Slump
So wlu ii you were mariiod you ran
Well, what then?
O, well, then—we- er - walked back.
When You Buy Matches,
Asl^for     4
They have a true  safety base
head,   with   silent   tip.    Wiil
never explode if Stepped  on.
Kitdy'.  Matrkas tuva  aaU?-it«l  Canadians alnca H3I -accept n» a-hera.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs.
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
108 Cheques Will be
Distributed Among Canadian
Farmers. Will You Get One of Them ?
x..*»;..>: •
In addition to the twenty-seven first prizes of $50 each, there will
be eighty-one other cash prizes, ranging from $10 to $25 in our
This contest it alone the same lines as the
on*, which was so successful last year, except
that their are three times as many prizes, and
therefore three times us many chances for
each contestant to win. Kvery farmer in Canada who us<-a "Canada" Cement is eligible to
compete. Tbe conditions arc such that large
and small users of cement have equal opportunities to win a $50 prize.
The contest h divided into three classes, and then
are first, iccond, third and fourth pri/ei (>S0, $25,
|1S and $10) in each clan,
CLASS "A-'-PrliMUbetwarttecluihetMr farmer* In ncl. *■•«!«•
«ko we nott "rin.-t.." Cement on licit firm* In VUI.
CLASS '.'B-'—plIiei m be tttuiU !■ tbe brif U.-nm In rub
»••<"!.-   nha   trtti   pbWaimbl ■) tbe  tttt tQUCrtt*
W$rk atone whi   "Cauil"   Cedent  en ibeif   lira..
In 1911.
CLASS "c"—Frl«i U be «"S'il*4 to tbe four fetmeri
Ueirb trwlKft wbo ien4 ibe bnt desert}-
tieti, tellltii bow ear piece el concrete wotlt
•>M don- wllh "CintUi" Ceaeoi.      (lUitilee
for (biiyii/r ■tut be KCompmlro by ihoto-
|ri|bi a! tbe work.)
of your
Prize Contest
In addition to thus bcini* divided into
classes, so as to give small users of cement an
equal chance with those who use more, the
Contest is also divided into nine divisions, one
for each province. So you sec you need only
to compete with the other farmers of your own
province, and not with those all over Canada.
: Don't think that becauso you have never
used cement, you cannot win a prize. Many
of last year's [iri/r winner! had
never used cement before they
emcred tlic C(J.i.e*.t. We -wtll lend
you a I.e.* book, "Whut tlit
Farmer Cui Do With Concrete,"
tlmt will not onlv help you iu the
Cont<:tt, but will tell you everything vou could want to know about
the use of mnent aa the farm.
DTii'l rfcttr- boi Knil -II  f Mf
mik on* odlirii lo-i.r end let
tblt lire book lutl lull i-nvnUt•
«f-!is tOrr- ''o-aN-ii ilihl ewtf.
Vh i letter. poit»l or .*!■*«.
AtMreia Publicity Maaaf ar
Canada Cement Company
501   Her.W Bklj.
free book.
.   WhattheFunnet;
can do wtll Cbncicte
will be sent to all
who i-eauest details
vof the^Pha* Contest.
Mother'a Opinion
Thero were two snltora atter Miry
Aim Murphy's hand, a Ono waa n
grocer, Mr. O'Plahorty, wl-o-o Irr
father and mother strongly urged h?i-
to marry; anil tlm other waa Mr, I-iii-
negau, a publioan. Mary, tiercel!
favored ihn latter, anil married hln,
dfinnlln all her father nnd molhoi-
could Bay and do,
One day after ahe wnn settled in li'T
new inline wlm oan-Q down to aee hor
parents and exhibited a new gold
wntoli lier hnnband had given her.
Ah I Bald her mother disapprovingly, if ye tool; my dewlee and yonr
father's dowloo Mnry Ann. 'tlsn't n
gould watch ye'd ho havln' lu yer
pooliet hut a Rood eight-day eloclt.
A huntsman called on Hodge, aays
Judge, to settle for da-nag"* dono liy
a run to homulr, and found only Mra.
Hodge at home.
Has your hiiflliand, lie inquired,
made nn examination yet?
That lie have, sir.* replied Mrs.
Hodge, with u ourtsoy,
Rather a cursory examination, 1
suspect. ;
Oh, dreadful, sir.     Sueli !augwldgc|
I uever heard—never.
Mlnard's Llnlmant Curea Colda, Etc.
Marriage Bargain!
Mr. tlem-go A. Birmingham, the
well known writer, says lliere Is no
country In the world where marriage
at least. In the present elass, is more a
matter of bargaining, and yoi shows a
higher average of stability and content, ihan Ireland. Sometimes the'
man has never seen the woman liefore;
thoy am brought together, the precise
number of pounds, cows, or pigs to be i
hnmled over having been by thai timo
traied In personal recol-
Quoth the Pesslmiat
WlfSl age-; are preaching.
What oeenns of Ink
Are aiied without teaching
Tho poopio lo think!
This Is
Sweet and palatable, Motlior Graves' I luttoni Just Published by nu Irish
Worm Exterminator Is acceptable m!'inly. She was visiting with an aunt
Children, and it does its work surely j a cottage, lu tlio neighborhood, und inland promptly, . ! mlrod a line mahogany chest nf draw-
When father drove old Dobbin, he
sat upon his lond
And frowned on overy chauffeur who
wanted tho wliolo road.
When father got an auto Ills feelings
Hnemed to nwltcii,
Iin glared at. every horso lie met unless it took the ditch.
11. wns Chnrlos Lamb's opinion lhat
In somo respects at least, tho better
ii book Ilio less its demand from binding. Hut thoro, I repent omen In
tlm prime arbiter, persoiiitl tnHt.n or
If you llko whim. I like a simple
binding, oxprcHSlng Iho ehnrasier of
lho author wlthlu, by menus nt color rather Ihan decoration, At the
Hiiuin lime, I do not turn my bach on
it pleco of line tooling, on the contrary
I have a decided regnrd for t.i' fife.
arabesque tooled designs of Oroller.
Most modern, uncalled arflstu bindings, with their rather pretention, and
nearly always tentative workmanship
and design, give nm no satlsniellon.
at all. They lack iho Inevitability
of grent art. which always combines
use and scc-nillncss.
Traveller (al crowded llnlel I-llmv
much do 1 owe ynu',' Wlial's my
Landlord —Lei mo see! your room
Traveller--Hut 1 didn't have any
room.     1 slepi on lhe billiard table.
Landlord—Ah, well, two shillings
an hour.
The Doctor's Customer
Suintl Boy—Plettao, I wanl the doctor lo come and see mollier.
Servant—Doctor's out. Where do
you come from?
Small Hoy- Whut! Don't you
know me?     Why, we denl with you.
Wo had n baby rrom hen ly lasl
Mrs. Oasey (sluing up lu bod)
Molke, did yez put out llm car.'
Mr, Casey—Ol did,
Mrs. Casey—Ol don't belavo ll.
Mr. Casey -Well, If yez tlllllll Ol'lll
a liar, gel up nnd put 'er mil yersolf,
"I'was for Mint I was married, said
Uie mistress of the oottago, A young
farmer hnd also seen and admired.
A bargain was struck. There was
uo money, bul the bride was to have
u couple ot sheep, a yearling bullock
uud the ohest, 'I'he prudent young
man measured It, ami then turned and
An' which o' thlm lillle girls Is II?
She was the eldest unniiiri'leil - next,
the door, -is the phrase wns. an' so I
went, Bhe snld, and wns happy ever
Opportunity In the East
If lias heen so long lhe custom 111
Cannda to go West lo grow up wllh
thc country Hint youi'.'.; I'minil'ims an
apt to forget that opp i tiinlly fo;-
growing up with tho O'lwtiy Is not
confined to lho West. Mr, ,1 A.
Teller, n member of iim -i >tnblo Brnnt
counly family of Rheep iu-i cders, IMS
been coiiducllng an experiment, in
sheep farming near S'HSOX, New
Brunswick during flw past two or
three yenrs lhat should open the eyes
of tho young agriculturists of that
Province lo lis possibilities as a grazing country.
A lillle Vlillkee boy tuUlltOll Voting
Canada one time by Idling him llml
the beaver wns a rnt wllh n swelled
tnll. Voting Canada got back al him
liv saying tltai llm Aiuericnn engle
was n viilliire wjlh n  swelled liend.
     i r nn Oliver!      Ihn  lloro
again fn la Is fortunate, lljilf Hie
nations ol the world have eagles for
emblems, livo-lmudoil eagles In nome
ctises; but wo bnve a monopoly of
the beaver, which is a line model of
Industry, In the past tM-o lltoinjntid
yearn tho eagle lum changed maps, bill
llm heaver makes geoginnlij und Is
still mniting it. —Jvlun,. In Toronto
A Lottery
la llml picture one of tilt
lers you were Idling me a
cd Mr. Cninrox.
Ven, replied (lie nit deal)
n genuine treasure;  absolutely until
en tic.
I'll buy It. I already have throi
just like II. and somewhere In Hi
bunch I'm liable to hit thc orlr-iiml
old mas-
ni!? aslt-
II   Is
The Lawyer's Notion
Litigant—Your fee Is outrageous!
Why, ir's more than throe-fourths of
what. I recovered.
Lawyer—1 furnished thft skill and
tho legul learning tor your case.
Litigant -"ut I furnished the caso.
Lawyer—Oh, anybody can rail down
n conl hole!
Prwciibed Change of Food Instead of
It lakes considerable courage for
a dootor lo dellboratoly proscrlbo only
tood for a despairing pailent, Instead
of resorting to the usual list of medicines.
There nre some truly scienillic physicians among tho present generation
who rocogplzo and treat conditions
as thoy nro and shuuld he treated, regardless ot the value In tholr pockets,      Here's uu instance.
"four yenrs ngo I was token wlili
severe gastritis and nothing would
slay on my stomncli. so that I wus on
lhe verge of slurvatiou.
"I beard of a doctor who luul a summer   oottago   nftiii' me—a   ni inllsl
from N.Y.—and as a lust hope, sent
for lilm.
"After lie hail examined l 'arc-
fully he nilvlsed me to try a small
quantity of Hrapo-Nuta at tlrst, thon
ns my sloinuclt booamo stronger to
elll more,
"i kept, at it ami gradually got so
I could oni iiiiiI digest threo toaspoon
fills. Thon I began to havo color
In my face, memory became clear,
Whero before everything scorned a
blank. My limbs gol slrongor nnd I
could walk.     Ho I nleadllv recovered.
"Now after a yenr on drupe Nuts I
weigh I (Si) llm. My people were surprised nl tbo wny I grew lb-shy and
slrong on Ihls food." Nainn given
by Canadian Postum Co., Wlipl-or.
Oni. Head lhe lillle book, "Tlm
Itond to Woliv'llo," In pkgs, "There's
it reason."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They nre genuine, true and full of
human Interest.
In the Still Night
Mrs. Fldglt—What's that noise 1
hear down in tho library?
Mr. Pldgit—Must be history repeating itself,     (lo lo sleep.
Sportsman—I supposo you have
never had anything to do with racing
Mr, Coodbody.
Curate—fir—no, not exaelly. But
1 did a bit of house-hunting when I
Ilrst got mat-vied, you know.
It's ridiculous for a young u.an to
get. married an goon as ho comes o'
age!  suid tbo elderly bachelor.
Think so, do you? said Henpeck
Of course! Why. lie's scarcely old
enough to lu, bis own master,
Well, be isn't if be gets married,
tl enn oalt— all le-It—and nothiag but talt.
For table uie—for eookint •nd baking
—for Riftkini l»uly diafact-*-you eta alwaya
depend on tha purity and perfect quality
Physical fmposslbifity
Tha Mint reus—WUy, I uavo vou a:
i)ouii(i ot walnuts to craok.     There
un- hardly any hero,     Where are the
The Ctonoral Lor, mum, Mio uvvers
w»n no dig i couldn*i ah ens in me
niouf! '
New to the Businesa
The conductor muBt ue a n
luoxperlonced man.
Ho annouuaofl tho names uf the
streets ho distinctly that 1 can under-
stand hhn every Mine.
Wanted—A Bite
oh, yes; it wiih raining liad boon
all day. Uui thoy didn't mind that
so mucin ynu soo, thoy ivero fisherman, Ail iim snino, ihcy were Inula;*
hue homo, with v/oary slopB and rory
wi-jir. loolihiK fnooB,
Tholr bnikota woro omply, and, i<»
iio candid, thoy woro in ii rerj bad'
Ah thoy en to red Lho little village »
largo dog run at onn of tlio pafty,
TIik dog lunl a foroolOHfl look nml;
barking furiously. Uut tho llshor-
uiiin illil not tnko muoh alarm al lho
animal. Mo Jn«t kicked lt away
carolOBBly, |
Aron'l you afraid ho*U k-> foi you?
Inquired anothor or tho pnrty, Botno*-
uhi.t anxiously    ,
|    Tin* one Who hnd kicked nl tli- dog]
! looked nt hist companion in n sorrow*
lot manner.
1 only wish ho would! he replied,
i would give anything Just i">w to be
nldo to ko home and nay I'd had ft
bite I
A Child's Satire
I don't believe that women will
mako good mothers lf thoy aro allow-
oil to vote, was tho ever-old nnd ovor*
new argument advanced at a meeiiiiK
where Mm. Oudden was speaking.
That reminds mo of the story of
the uiiic girl and her ear. replied Mrn.
Gudden. One dny she was earnestly
scolding bar kitten bocauso she did
not keep hernoif clean. Whal kind
of a mother ■■'-"ill you ever muke? hho
remonstrated, and, giving the kitten
a Kood shake, she concluded, why yon
won't even make a good father!
Snowballing for Suffragettes
if the British suffragettes pin at
romo ovor to liven things up for us.
It Is to ho hoped they wtll coin • in
the snowball hob son. Snow Is Just
us K""d for luisullo purposes as stone,
and Its constetcnoy te Just variable
onougta to offer the prospect of more
fun Minn the lively ladles bargain for,
Friend—Is married life   one   long,
sweet song?
Well, SlnOO Mie kid's heen horn It'a
boon llko nn oporn, 'full of grand
ma rah oh, with loud calls for tho author ovory iiIkIi'.
15c a Tin.
-a,.',la,Ul..if">l ,mi".lb..i.'.r.UI'»i: '•
MAP I, Ikt OMOIMU, ■»" I«'."T IUND
Of.-.ANER.    Will It*'.'. ,r..w ana .'..la*
amaik THK   I'ltOSPKCrUK,  CRANBKOOK,  B. C.
•Shu tyvoppzctcw, t&vanbxook, §. €
PubUabed Kvery Saturday   Morning at Craobrooit   fa.c.
tr. m. Christifio. Manag*:
Pottage  io American   European tJko   other foreign countries.    10 ceota   _
year  «tr»
ADVHRTIBEtMBNTS—Advertising rates 'urbisbed on application No
advertisements but those of a reputable character will be accepted tor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBERS--Dnlesa notice to t-lte contrary
la given to local manager advertisements an-i suOt-eriptlons will be kept
tunning and charged up against their account.
Owing to schedule changes In the legal  rate   at   Victoria   and   consequent changes in the various papers throughout the Province the "Proal
pec tor" announce-; that beginning  with January 1st, thc following rhargca
will be made for advertising all legal notices:
Application for liquor license. $6.00; liquor license transfer $8.50;
land purchase S7.00; land lease .$7,00; certificate of improvement
10 cents per line flrat insertion and !. cents each subsequent insertion; delinquent co-ownership notice 10 cents aud 5 cents; duplicate certificate 1" cents and !. cents; water notice 10 cents and 5
cents;   coal and  petroleum notlse $6.00
No. i
The meeting of the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern BritlBh
Columbia at Kort Steele this week
can only result in the general good
to the whole ol Eastern British Columbia. It is much to he regretted
that the local board is not itself associated with this useful body, and
many were the expressions of regret
by the members in attendance that
this was not bo. As a matter o[
tact we believe the majority of the
citizens of Cranbrook are in favor of
thla move being taken; but just why
It Is not bo can only be answered by
one or two who are now holding
positions of trust in its connection.
Why this responsibility should be
left in their hands we fail to see, for
undoubtedly it can only result in *
loss to the city and the community
at large. The policy of isolation is
not a wise one and the principal of
"Unity is Strength" is one th-it hold
good in all stations of life- The
success of the whole of Eastern British Columbia hangs upon this thread
and the sooner the whole i.s united
the better it will be fnr th:' general
good. This Associated Board is really the locul government of the district where political differences are
sunk and all unite together in the Interests ol the district involved.
How much more weighty are the
resolutions passed when the representation is solid in their requests.
The weight with the Provincial and
Dominion governments is much more
valued if unity is the keynote ol the
proceedings; hut when it is known
in the house that the hub, the pivot
of the whole, is disunited the work
of the remaining part is materially
minimized and their wants are some
what disregarded. It is certainly to
be honed that before another session
In held, which will he at Kaslo, the
Cannbroota Board of Trade will he
found to he running in line witli thc
other Boards of the district. "Unity
te strength" let this be the keynote
of the work nf the district, qju) t|lt. j*e
jMtft will be impossible to estimate.
• • * •
During the recent municipal elect*
tion we were told that the meetings
of the City council were held in lonely session and the work of the Aldermen wus not Known. Mayor Bowness in his letter of thanks to the
citizen of Cranbrook for IiIh and his
colleagues election to the municipal
government invited everyone to at
tend the council meetings to Bee tno
work in progress and watch the care
taken on their behalf iti the administration of the city affairs. With
what results'' Not a Bingle citizen
attended oven the first meeting,
There were present only the reporters from the local papers in attendance, other than the Mayor and Aldermen. Mayor Bowness iu his short
Issued the Invitation to tho citizens,
and aa the meetings will nlwnys ire
held in the future on the 2nd Tuesday of the month It is hoped that in
the future the citizens Will Uke
It looks as if the Liberal opposition in the Dominion House have
changed their minds [n tbe matter of
forcing on a general election on the
navy question. During the purlin
mentary recess. Liberal members of
the House held meetings in their
constituencies and passed resolutions endorsing the Laurier navy
program. Now they are back in Ot
wa, and nothing has been or is being done. Wbat does it mean' 1! as
a result ot these resolutions there
was a strong feeling against the Bor
den navy scheme, tbe Liberals would
have made it known Id the house.
In the absence of that positive note,
everything indicates clearly that the
people as a wbole are very well sat
isfl-id with the Borden program and
adverse to any election at thu- time
Liberals will vote fnr the Laurier
naval scheme, and after the amendment is defeated will oiler no opposition to the passing of the Government resolution for a thirty-five million dollar cash donation.
Cnder the caption "Another postmaster Sacrificed" the 'Herald' had
the following item in last week's issue:—
L. W. Donaboe, erstwhile post-
"master at Wardner, has been given
'the bounce to make room for an
'active tory partisan. No com-
'plaints alleged against Donahue
"were ever Investigated. He simply
"had to go, after yearn of faithful
"service because local Tories could
"not stomach a Liberal in office.
"Borden's pre-election talk of pur-
"ity in elections was ns cold a
"piece of bunkum as any politician
"in Canada over put up on the
This is on -, parity with all political maitters as viewed tbTOUgh the
spectacles of the Herald's Editor,
The facts fire well known to every
resident of Wardner and district.
,1m. Donohue has always been an ac.
tlve partisan In the Liberal cause,
he has presided ns chairman over
overy Liberal meeting held in Wardner, was return ng officer at a number of elections anil has always
worked, In season and out of season, for the Liberal party. No one
is kicking at the retirement eice,>t
Mr.  Donohue and the 'Herald.'
Mr. K. L. T. Galbraith, of Kort
Steele, at the Convention of the Associated Boards of Trade, assured
the delagatca that Premier Sir Richard McBrlde has the assurance of
Sir Thomas Hhaunnessy that the
new line of the Kootenay Central
Railway would be completed and oe
in operation before the close of the
year 1913. This positive assurance
eame as ft Piece of good news to the
delegates because of the fact that all
those present are directly interested
in the progress Of the valley and
wishful of its success. The influence
of the new line will be felt immediately to thft residents through whose
district it will pass, some of the residents  of the  valley  have  been  wait-
onni ro >■in (■■ '■ ro i - dm ' ■-. -iml p'Tire
(ba ipark of en   -v ind v, - a
up ,-i [| ■ ir I. june you I ---.*-: witti
. •   i ii   • irs, ii ■ i •■ ■ ■   ■■■■'■ t .•. i idea
til,..-111. UfU,; itOiU do       -■     .
Our Now Mftthod Trtntrntnl liai »r.it"h**d
hundred* fr :n ... ■ I.-.     u\      ■ ..   ■ ■• rt-
i r- 1 happi:    i to I     I -n"     M and
hns m.»-,i> i uocbmI  I ...... ,ltn were
"down and out.''  Wo on    :■ ull   '""
oo) - for each in.!,-, lun. ca *• necoroli gto u--
h' II.[it<>l- H     Ull)     0   If.  ...<'•:...*     Wll     Mm    II"
1 iteoti -' Ine* 'ibiuUonenf.helerrrUof
our womterful tueoHn at our tpuuniwi. «*•..>•
not fmi. f r w* prctcribo remntliM a-i-..- [*•*.) tu
mrU IpdlTtduHlcsm   only eorftbl*. omw rw
(-.■if-*,l. Wt hav- .'.,■- Uui.i.cm IhfSWgtWHll
<_»i.*iU lor wttt 2U Yaw*.
Oil  NO  PAY
iug for years to see this work cultnln
ate and their hearts now beat with
joy nt their hopes. Success to the
Vnlley. Success to tho line ls the
prayer of the people. Congratulations are largely due to the efforts
of Mr. It. I,. T. Galbraith and one or
two others for the tremendous interest they have evinced these last few
years on its behalf.
New Bridges
Plane for fl new bridge to cross
the St. Mary's river, at the old ford
near McPhee's ranch, are now being
prepared at Victoria and as soon aa
these are received, the work of construction will commence. This will
be a grent boon to the residents of
Mart's valley as it will shorten the
distance severul miles when coming
to Cranbrook.
Some fifteen men are at work eon-
strucion ,-, bridge ;it. Gateway, across
the Kootenay river. The abutementa
have been completed and the long
timbers, which are being sent fr
thc Ooafft, are expected to arrive
tais week.
("rushed to death
In No. 1 mine, south of tho Ooal
Creek mines, u miner named Wm. At
kfnson, ,,f Pernio, had his life crush
ed out by a cavs iu at ..'.ill ou Mon
When the rescurers reached him he
was still alive but a second fall ol
rock occurred before be was release
and life was found to be extinct
wheu his body wae recovered, H
was about 35 years of age and had
a wtfe ami boy lu England
The Corporation of the
City of Craubrook
of ('-uirf of Revision
Pl'BLlr     NOTICK      IS     Ht*".1"*. n
GIVEN that t-.e Court of Revision
will Bit on Wednesday. March :>th
1913, .a the hour of 1030 a.m
time) .it the Municipal Buildings, Cranbrook, B. C. for the pur
pose of correcting and revising the
assessment roll of the City of Cranbrook.
Any person complaining of an error or omission in the said Roll
shall give notice of his complaint in
writing to the assessor, and the
grounds of hU complaint, at least
ten (10) days before the sitting of
the said Court.
Cranbrook.B.C.,   January  20th,1913
1 :*t Assessor
Wedding Bells
At the residence of Mr. E. A. Hill
on Wednesday, January 22, Mr. Archie Waller and Misa Jessie Ellaa
bath OhltdS were unitfd in marriage
hy Rev, ff, |c. Tnomson. Only ft few
friends of the contract,ne parties
•Fere present.
At    the    Methodist    parsonage   on
Wednesday,   Mr.   John B. Pettigrew
and Miss Pauline Joinbush were united in marriage by the Bev. ff. E.
Dunham. The newly wedded pair will
renide in Cranhrook.
Joseph Patmore of Cranbrook wai
married at the residence of W. Mount
918 Kootenay street, on Monday eve
ning, to Miss Fannie Tillie Dick,'of
Nanaimo, by Rev. A. E. Smith.
The happy couple will spend tbelr
honeymoon at the coast.—Nelson
Mr, Patmore is well known around
Cranbrook being connected with the
!lrm of Patmore Brt_H. Plumbers, etc,
of this city while Miss Dick has always been popular witb the children
for everyone of them knows Miss
Dlckwho taught them in the Cranbrook School for such a long time.
The happy couple will certainly be
the recipient*: of many congratulations when they return to Cran
brook to take up their future home.
Th« "ProBpector" also joins in wishing them all tbe good wishes for the
At the Presbyterian parsonage, on
Wednesday, Rev. ff. K. Thomson
married John A. Jones to Miss Mar
garet Gladys Uenhow. The happy
couple will take up their residence
in Cranbrook.
nLflUtn . .   ..i.irfto....
liai yuur blooq twp.j almunll Havayou any
weakneuT Owe N«<* M«th«d Tractmtntwlil
oureyoa. What it ii,i« .j'.if for otlien It »-lil
do r.,r you. CohmiJuUoh free.    No matter
■nlio Imi ir-j.t,.. yon. nrltS f'-r hi, hOIHMt
i pinion I r-n at Chart*. Books Ptee—
'■\.>im\t*i*v\.>U\\.\mA.Vva.vT-(X¥\ - lllimtret-
< :   ■■ i DlMBSN*9f Hen,
of.**..   t.**tf thime tMifKla.i..«].   Ou..il.uu Lul -~d Uwl ef 7rt«lm«ui FRET, tOK HOME
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.,  Detroit, Mich.
AH letters from Canada muntl.fiifldrei.neil
to om- Canadian Cortespondanco Department in Windsor, Ont,   if you desire to
sec un personally call nt our Medical Institute in Detroit -in we iee and treat
■o pAtlonu in our Windsor offices which are fnr Correspondence -.ml
I*ul>orutory f-,r Canadian business onlv.   Address nil letters an follows)
Writ** for (,iir l-rlvi.*. ndiln-n-i, 	
Yahk Notes
a very pleasant evening wae spent
on Saturday laat at the home of
Mrs. A. Lytbgo, where the boys ol
the Ynhk Lumber ('amp KAVe a dance
in honor of the departure from their
midst of Mr. and Mrs. K. McDonald,
who are leaving shortly for the west.
Refreshments were served and a Kood
time enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. K. McDonald left
Yahk on Monday for the West where
tbey Intend in the future to tnke up
their residence.
Bnow fell heavily all day on Monday and with a Houthwest wind has
drifted considerably, somo of the
drifts are very deep.
MIhh Maystre, of Cranbrook, is
spending a few days in tlm valley aa
the guest of her Ulster, Mrs- (.bun,
There wuh a Church of Kngland
servlee in the school hOUBfl at fll«n
lilly on WodncHilay evening, conducted by th« Rev, BJ P, If Jewelling, of
('ranbrook. lie also performed
tbe christening ceremony on Mr. K.
Tipper's three children and the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P lley-
wood. Several Yahk people were
there. The Yahk contingent also
took their organ with them and Mias
Besale LTthgO officiated the music.
The s*?rvlcn wn« enjoyed and proved
an Inspiration to all-
Associated Boards of Trade
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ed in the development of the country
To my mind this was an injustice,
which made it impossible for Fort
Hteele to occupy the position Bhe
should have done—had she received
her Just dues in the matter of rail
way connections. However, to her
credit, she fought for and obtained
her just reward, and 1 havo no heal
tancy in saying we may confidently
expect to see this historical centre
shortly occupying an enviable position In the front ranks of prosperity. The immense quantities of timber, the abundance of mineral deposits, the trcmenduous.a, agricultural
and fruit growing possibilities, to
say nothing of the scenic attractions
for tourists, will give tbe men ol
Fort Steele, their full reward In the
immediate  Iuture. *   *  *
Last    year's    meeting at Hossland
was indeed a Signal suecesa. Aftor
the President mid Vice President's ad
dresses had been delivered, the Nee
rctary Treasurer's .statement adopted
aud the officers elected for the mum
ing year, :. telegram was forwarded
to A. M Mackenzie, who was ab
sent on account of BlckneM, notify
ing huu of his re-elction, and wish
ing him a speedy recovery. • * •
0RB8T0N VAl.l-KY
In ttivuklng of thli. resolution, it
is shown that approximately .tO.OOl)
acres ot load, contiguous to Creston,
is eubject to .. yearly overflow
Therefore the Provincial government
wns petitioned to graut a buuq oi
money for the purpose of having an
engineer or conunieelon duly appointed with u view of reporting on
the feasibility, and the best method
to be adopted, tor the reclamation
Ol the said lands, that when complete, the report to bo issued to the
public for tlu',1 information to acquaint them with the suggested plan
aud otherwise to Induce private enterprise to undestako tho reclamat*
tion. I am pleased to s.iy that the
Government acquiesced in this re
quest and granted a sum of money,
■\,s a result considerable work has
already been done by capable engineers, therefore we may expect, before long, to have aome definite report, as to the reclamation of this
valuable acreage of pnstural and agricultural lands.    *    I    •    *   •
The delegates will bave suveral
resolutions appertaining to roads,
and in nearly every instance they
are of distinct importance for wol
fare of our people, and development
of the district. I feel sate In saying that we are justly entitled to
prompt recognition upon this qutst-
ion of immediate construction and
compleQlon of the roads, that will
be brought up to discussion. • •
In this most important industry I
am glad to report considerable activity and generally speaking higher prices obtained, though the lum
bern.cn at the Coast have fared bet
ter than those of the interior chiefly owing, I understand, to tbe fact
that their export trade has shown
considerable increi.se. This, however,
may only be a temporary realization
brought about by tho improved trade
conditions in the South during the
past six months, whlrh pre.-ented
dealers on the other side of tbe Inter
national boundary, supplying Canadian railways with bridge timbers
and building lumber. The Coast
mills therefor need not have to de
pend principally on the prairie mar*
ets as heretofore, while such was the
case with thc mills lo the interior,
Lumbermen jn the interior have
maintained a fair average output
hut I am credibly informed that the
percentage of profit has been infinites
mat—a condition due to the tremendous amount of lumber dumped In
from the states. Here the need of
reasonable protection is apparent.
It is a source of regret that tie
Goveenment   has displayed a certain
i mount of indifference by ignoring
for many yeats petitions presented
by the lumbermen and endorsed by
the Boards of Trade. Witb practically all other industries of any moment enjoying protection, the Govern
ment should see to it thnt in sny
case the net, which stands today on
the Statue concerning rough lumber,
is rigidly enforced. If the Government does not see its way clear to
alter the tariff they could at least
take into consideration the dumping
clause und bring ln a bill which will
muke lt impossible for iffty Supreme
Court Judge to rule In any other
way than by a correct interpretitlon
of the act. Tho Hon. George K,
Foster, Minister of Trade nnd Commerce, hns clearly defined the act
yet a recent decision in the Supreme
Court was not given In accordance
therewith. A change in thin direct-
Ion woii.d not to my mind affect the
prices to the farmer in any way, but
It would materially assist the mill
men, wbo are not getting a reaso-ia-
ble return. As it is at present tbe
middleman buys under large c. n-
tracts In the States and dlctatss the
price, not only to the British Colum
hif.u Lumbermen but also the farmers.
The Kootenny and Boundary crop
tor 1912 showed a substantial increase nn it is e-atlmated thut no
nml fifl.iHHi Ruffes of plums, prunes,
and flfi,000 cases of plums, prunes,
beats und crab nipples were grown;
which means approximately lOTi cars
>I apples and not less thnn U> curs
of other fruits, bssides ths small
fruits, suih us strawberries, map-
berries, etc. The greatest portion of
the small pnrlshnhle fruita were
bought by the preserving tactorl-n,
and any of which were shlpiwd
brought good returns, It was a
most favorable year for vegetables,
nver ROO cars ol potatoes and otber
vegetables being the estimated crop
in the Kootenny and Boundary.
A   great   deal   of complaint arose
this year over difficulties experienced
in marketing the products. Oue unfortunate instance connected with
the marketing occurred. I refer to
the interview wl, eh uppeated in the
Oalgary Herald. Mr, Raymond T.
Hicks, manager 0 the Kootenay
Fruit Growora' Association of Nelson, was credited with having ox,
pressed himself as falling to see nny
money for the fruit rancher on account of it being impossible to market same and receive profitable prices
* * • To my mind the marketing of fruit means a very simple
matter. The producers shi mid place
themaidves in the same pos tion at
a manufacturer of goods, Long bo-
fore thOBO goods are ready for tho
market, salosihon nro sent out in nil
directions, from coasi to coast,
months in advance and invurtanly
wilh success. It Is no good manu
faoturlng and packing up largo stoek
without previously having mado
some   doflulte   arrangement whereby
tbey    i*nn  bo disposed  ol at   the best
It has been proven beyond a doubt
that Urltlsh Oolumbla can grow
fruit second to none in the world,
and if we got into tbo prattles bo-
fore our wideawake competitors to
tho south ol us, there is not the
Slightest doubt that Canadian merchants will give preference to home
productions, It would bo an easy
matter to forecast the approximate
crop at least six or eight weeks be
tore the picking time, that Is ot
course all things being equal and no
unfavorable or untorseen climatic
conditions arising ln the meanwhile,
.'.ach rancher could send to his local association the approximate
number of the boxes of the various
varieties of apples ho would have
ready packed for shipment at n given time. The central association
could then correctly estimate the total output. Salesmen going into the
prairies would be posted ln these details und be able to offer large consignments for future delivery, and
this combined with the Btornge system would enable B.C. growers to
easily hold their own in any mar-
let.   ♦   *   •   •
It will be very pleasing, not alone
to tbe ranchers, but people generally
of our Province to know that, with
the s.tleudld fruit British Columbia
produces tit the low price of a dollar per box for the average crop,
there is at least 66-2-3 per cent profit
on the cost of production, whereas
of course this percentage is greatly
Increased when we go to the better
grades of standard varieties which
it is on record have realized anywhere from $1.75 to 12.75 a box, to
say nothing of the fancy prices in
specific instances which have reached
as high as $10.00.
As a business proposition, where
can any man hope to obtain a batter return for his outlay? I um given to understand that moat of the
commercial business bouses in the
Province would be delighted with an
average of over 30 per cent on their
outlay. In view of these Indisputable facts it would be ridiculous to
seriously entertain thnt hastily given denunciation or the fruit growing
Industry in British Columbia.
Wbat ia necessary is the pressing
need for the supervision and inspection of fruit dumped in from the United States. If the Government will
see to this, Canadian ranchers will
be brought Into fair competition.
The success of fruit ranching does
not entirely depend upon the growing of fruit. There are so many factors necessary to help the grower
not only by becoming self-maintaining, but for the fertilization of his
land. When the long wait for the
larger fruit to come into bearing
must he met in some practical form,
It ts the concensus of opinion that
mixed farming helps In many ways.
So long as the man does not keep
stock larger than he la able to maintain, by growing his own fodder, he
meets n benefit in two ways nt
least, firstly by invaluable fertilizer
and secondly from the revenue he receives, no matter whether ft is from
pig, poultry or cattle. AU the successful rnnchora I huve met nre holding a few acres oner and above
their orchard land for the growing of
feed and support of tbeir stock. I
simply offer these suggestions as a
practical solution for helping the
smaller fruit growers along to future success.     *   x   *   •
Tho completion of tbe Panama
Canal; tbe Transcontinental Lines
wltb a network of '.tranches, utilizing of our navtgnble waters—and It
will probably surprise many that we
have ovor a thousand miles of nav
lgable waters lo the Kootenny—will
naturally be the medium of carrying
our prairie grains, etc., produce
from our mines, forests nnd soils.
When Innugerated lt will be the
means ot cheaper and quicker facilities for marketing of these products
to the Mother Country and other
markets, of the world.
Capital must be had for the purpose of utilizing the tremendous Water powers now running to waste,
which If harnessed for electrical power for the use of our railways,
smelters, mines, manufacturers,
flour mills, and for heating, lighting
and other household purposes,
would be of tremendous assistance
if develped economically and din-
ttibutcd on a fair profit basin.
This will all tend to rapid growth
and our Government could do no*
thing better than to uso some portion of our millions now lying idl*
which should bo properly loaned to
aBslst the farmers, mauufneturers or
reduction works iu the mutter of
custom smelters »r further providing
power, through practical and experienced men. Any ono of these advantages would undoubtedly be the
menus of   attracting outside capital
The Naval
Will have no effect upon our January Clearance Sale. Many lines
are too big. Many lines
are broken. Many lines
are required less than
Come and see how far
your cash will go just
now-you'U be surprised
H^^l.-l-l l-l l 11 I 1^-l-I^H.-H-1-H--H-H-.-l-fr-l
Gooderbara & Worts, Bpecial
B.  O.  Distillery Co.,  special  reaeiv,
Corby's Special select
Sparkling Burgundy   Pommery Sec.
Mumtn's Extra Dry    White Seal
Tippo Chta-ii'
Italian Grappa
Oresta Blanca
Family Orders Promptly Filled
A  Full Line ol other Choice Brands of Wines, Spirits and LI-
Dawson's Old Currio
Dawson's Rare Liqueur
Dawson's Special
Dewor's Special
King George IV
Black & Whito
White Horse Liqueur
White Horse Cellar
Glen Arthur
Spey Royal
Distillers Liqueur
queurs.   Cigars and Bar Glasses.
Phone 9;*.—Wholesale Wines and Spirits—Box 8
Cranbrook, H.C.
1111 llllll ** **** **** 4* i****** **** III * ****
************************ l'l lllll 111 **********
1 PHONE 340 !
If You want your house connected
with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and  guarantee  our work
•  ---■■—-
"■   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and ::
j: Heating Company
W. F Johnson, Prop., P.O. hox 00.
;      WORKS—Edward Straet Oranbrook, B.O.    •■
'****■* III 111 HI 11 It I I H I '.-M-I-M-HH-H-H. *******
• * 11111111 lr*************+******4*********:
1 Automohile   will   be  run   -rvat-kly   on
between Cranbrook -ind Wasa connecting with incoming and outgoing
trains. Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
'.4 ■■'. I HI 1-1 +i •(•: . I I l:MIH+HHH4fHHHmH: '
and   thereby   Imuran   the growth ol should   bu given towards the assist-
our latent treasures. ing   In   rnteiprlwa with which rail
Whem I mention the loan ol money way nlllclali- are connocted.     I relor
hy   the   Government, I do not Infer to   bona   llile   himlness    enterprises
lor   out   moment,    tbat   sal   lou nianaged by iiractllal men.
wamw~m a^-"'
LiJJ   I   I   I■■*■■*   *   *-kit.it,.t.1tllfi.l.,t..l.it.,t-itiitirl»l.ili[t-|tiil Jul, 1
fl VI'fl"!I T'l"!1"!"! ■•j"|"|'-*t- 'I tit TTTTTi 'I'I 'l'l'* ►
Professional   Carbs
■ Ollb —
Cobge   Hotices
P.L.8.   *   O.K.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
ff.   If.   Q U R D
Barrister, Solicitor, (to.
ORANBROOK.    ...    B.O.
aad NI8BET
Barristers. Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Oullding
ORANBROOK.    •    British Columbia
J,   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Box 236 Phone 2.2
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
Dra.   KING   *   ORESK
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Oltlce Hours: -
Forenoons • • 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons • • 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - • ■ 7.30 to   3.30
Sundays  • - • 2.30 to   4.30
Oranbrook, B.O.
Dr.    F.    B.    MILES
Ofllce tn Hanson Block
CRANBROOK.    ...    B.O.
T.   M.   RIXEN
Auditor and Accountant
P.O. Box 373
NELSON, B.O.      47-JnV
F. M. MacPherson
Nortmiy Annua Nut In City Hall
Op-ti Da, ud Nisbt PruawU)
Funeral Director,
Cottage Hospital
Mttron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone IM P. O. Box 84S
Frank Dezall
Agent (or
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasonable Cost.
Work*:     Opposite Depot
200 Cartoons Tell More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartoon. Iron, dilllo. and wcc-dle> niblMird to
thla country. London, Piililln, Pan,, twllii,
Munich, Vienna. Waistw, lliiilrrpcat, SI. Fillers-
!urlch, Toklo, Shanshai, Sydney, Canada, and
South America, and nil the Bleat riliim of tho
world. Only the 200 lii'it mit of 9,00*1 enrtoons
cach month, arc .elected.
Laninainn In   Cahtiu*"" end wau-h lite oiiuov
ir partlra caricature ench other.
nuu suesentPTiM it.sei simucopv is.
«M lm Mail,', car., '.Ill I. .11 iii   I I'V a,MiClll'i, lilt IKila
■I*. II. H.WINlwou. ]i« W, waahlnsli nsn.-. C'llCAW-
Court Craubrook No. 8943.
Meet in Carmen's Hall, on   2n<i and
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box .US.
Vlsltins Brothcifl Cordially Welcomed
Presbyterian Church
W. Keltnan Thomson
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets   In   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and Ith Tuesdays In every month, at
8 p.m.   Membership open to British
N. A.  Walllnger, Pres
W. 0. Crehbin, Sec'y
P.O. Roj 485.
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. P. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   ot   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
D. J. McSweyn, Wm*shlp[ul Master
J. 8. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—Snd Tuesday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Bi. Comp.—A. 0. Shankland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Morning Service nt 11 A. M.
Sunday School ami B,t)le Olass nt
8 p.m.
Evening Service at 7:30 p.m.
Oeil Mc Klnnon, Est,., of Ottawa,
will conduct the services.
The annual congregational meeting
of Knox Presbyterian Church was
held in the church on Wednesday
evening tho 22nd instant and was
well attended by tbe members and
adherents. A very gratifying feat-
ture of the report ot the Board ol
Managers waB the announcement
that the mortgage on the church has
heen completely paid oil and that
the church property Is now altogether free from debt. The managers
stated that it was due very largely
to the splendid assistance they
received from the ladles of the congregation thnt they were anle to secure the necessary funds. It is well
known however that the managers
themselves were untiring in their efforts throughout the year and the
meeting was not backward ln express
ing thetr appreciation of the results
The  reports   of the various organizations   of   the church showed substantial    progress    notwithstanding
the   unavoidable   interruption to the
church work caused by the change of
ministers   whlcb   took   plnce during
the   year.   It   ls felt   however   that
with the church throughout now fully   organized, much greater progress
will be made during the coming year.
The following are the officers elect:
Hoard   ot   Managers:—Messrs. K. Dezall, H. White, W. A. Ncablt, W. L.
Worden, 8. Taylor, P. M. Mcpherson, H. H. McClure.
Treasurer:—H. White.
Congregational'    Secretary:—W.     A.
Envelope    Secretary:—P. M. McPtter-
Ushers:—Messrs.    Laurie,    McCowan,
Bathie,   Pascol. H. Stephens, Dun-
Cranbrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Hurrle, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K of R. £ 8.
E. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephens W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   163
Companions of the Forest
Meets ln Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Month at
8:00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Whlttaker, O. O.
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting  Companions  cordially  welcome. 36tf
Crnnbrook      Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wednesday at I p. a.,
in Royal Black
Knight's Hall on
Baker Street
P. W. Swain, Dictator
R. B. Garrett. Sec'y
East Kootenay
A Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
©lie rStmtok
THB STANDARD Ih tho National
Woi-kly Nownpapor or thn Dominion
<>f Canada, n te national in ull iim
it uHi-it the mum oxponalvo ongrav*
1iu:h, procuring ihe photograph* from
all over tlio world.
iin artlclfls ara carefully ualoclotl ami
its tiditorini policy in thorouglilj
A huIhiiTip)iiiii lu 'Dm- ....mil ml
OOaU $2.00 par yt?nr to miy imM.-nh In
Canada or Drool Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publlnliincj  Co.,
Llmltid, Putlithirt.
Methodist Church
Rev. V. Bison Dunham
Morning worship, 11:00 o'clock.
Morning subject- "The Commun -
Evening Worship 7:30 o'clock.
Kvenlng subject: "The Community Church."
Selection by the choir and pipe
organ Voluntaries at every service.
Baptist Church
Services at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m
The pastor will conduct the services of the day speaking on the topics:—"Seasons of Refreshing from
the Presence of the Lord," in the
morning: ln the evening thc pastor
will preach thc second in the series—
"Conversions In the Acts" viz:—
"The Lame Man at the Gate Beautiful" A song service will be conducted for the flrst half hour of the
evening net-vim. An Invitation ls
extended to all.
Doherty Organ, two manual pedal
hars, suitable for Church or Mission,
$165 original cost $400.00. Can be
seen at Parker's Storage, Cranbrook. *3-lt
District    of    South-Eaat   Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that John Henry
Lismer of Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply tor
permu-8lon to purchase the following described lands:—
Commcnring at a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9C87,
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chaina, thonce north 40
chains, thence enst 20 chains, thence
"outh 40 chains to the point ot
commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
Hated Decomner 28th, 1912, 4-9t
District of Fernie
TAKB NOTICB that I, Sidney S.
McClintock, of Spokane. Wash.,
Merchant, Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a llccnre to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over thc following described lnnds sltunte In Block 4593,
Houth Enst Kootenny:
Commencing at a post plunted on
tlic Western boundary of Lot 8589,
about 40 rhnlns south of the Southwest corner ol Lm 8590, thence 80
chains south, 80 chains west 80
chains mirth, 80 chains east to tbe
point of commencement, and containing 1X0 acres more or less.
Located this 8th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District of Kernie
TAKE NOTICB that I' James Fisher, Agent, of Rossland, B. 0,,
Intend to        apply      tn      tht
Chief Coittmlsnloncr of Lands, for
a licenre to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over tho following described lnnds situato in Block 4593,
Houth East Knotenny:
Commencing nt a post planted on
the Western boundary of Lot 8589,
about 40 chnins south of the Mouth-
west corner of Lot 8590, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west,
80 ehalni   south, and 80 chains tatt
to the point of commencement, and
containing CIO acres more or less.
Located   this Sth day of January,
4-5t Locator
District of Fernle
TAKB NOTICE that I, Julian D.
Test-set, ot Nelson, B. C Married
Woman intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, tor
a licence to proBpect for Coal and
Petroleum over tho following described lands situato In Block 4593,
South East Kootenay:
Commencing nt a post planted at
thc North East corner ot Lot 7287,
thence 80 chains south, 80 chains
east, 80 chains north, and 80 chains
-.veBt to tho point of commencement,
i nd containing 640 acres more or
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-f>t Agent
District of Fernle
TAKE NOTICE that I, Oeorge Ben-
well, Hotel Proprietor, ot Nelson,
H. C, intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands, for
n licence to prospect for Cool and
Petroleum over the following described lands situate in Block 4593,
South Bast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North Bast corner of Lot 7287,
thence 80 chains north, 80 chains
east, 80 chains south, and 80 chains
west to the point of commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or
Located thia 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District of Fernle
TAKE NOTICE that I, Harry F.
Muerling, of Nelson, B.C., Engineer,
intend to       apply      to      the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, tor
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lands situate ln Block 4593,
South Bust Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains1 South ot the Southeast corner of Lot 8585 thence 80
chnins soutb, 80 chains east, 80
chains north, and 80 chains west to
point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more or less.
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District ol Fernie
TAKE NOTICE that I, L. K. Larson, of Nelson, B. 0., Merchant,
Intend to       apply      to     the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands, for
a licence to prospect for Coal and
Petroleum over the following described lnnds situate In Block 4599,
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a poat planted
about 40 chains South of the Southeast corner ol Lot 8585 thence 80
chains north, 80 chains east, 80
chains soutb, and 80 chains west to
point of commencement, and containing >I40 acres more or less.
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District ol But Kootenay
TAKB NOTICB that I, George Herbert Ashworth, of Clanbrook, B. C,
occupation Accountant, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the
lollowlng described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North-west corner ol Lot 8917,
thence Houth 40 chains, thence West
40 chains, thence North 40 chains,
thence Bast 40 chains to point ol
commencement and containing ICO a-
cres, more or lee*.
Dated December tth, 1912        49-9t
District ot East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, John
Laurie, of Cranbrook, B.C., Intend
to apply for tbe purchase of the following described lands. Commencing at a post planted nt the Southeast corner of Lot (66-0 tbence north
80 chains, thenoe west 80 chains,
thence south 174.89 ehalna, thence east
11.85 chains, tbence south 5.18 chains
thence east 68.75 chains to point ot
Dated October 28. IMt. 41-tt
District ot East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Mulbolland, of Calgary, Alberta, In'
tend to apply for the purchase ot
the following described lands commencing at a post planted at ths
southwest corner of lot 6623, thence
east 125.57 chains, tbence north
chains, thence west 58 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 16.82
chains, thence south 145 chains,
thenct west 50.75 chains thence
south 15 chains to the point of commencement.
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 88, 1912. 45-9t
District ot Bast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Reginald J
Lydratt, of Calgary, Alberta, Intend to apply fnr the purchase ot the
following described lands. Conunenc
ing at u poat planted at the north
west corner of lot 6622 thence run
nlng east 80 chains, thence south
78.80 chains, thence west 50.75
chains, thence north 26 chains,
thence west 31.25 chains, thence
north 54.80 to the point of com'
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Oetober 28, 1912. I5-St
District ot East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE that I, H. Powers,
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
for the purchase ot the following
described lands. Commencing at a
post planted at tiie southwest corner ot lot 6621, thence enst 80 chains
theuce north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence south SO chnins to
the point of commencement.
R. POWERS, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated Octoher 28, 1912. 45-9t
District of East Kontenay
TAKE NOTICE that I, H. G. nio.v
of Calgary, Alberta, intend to apply
tor the purchase of the following
deecrlbed lands commencing at a post
planted at the southeast corner of
Lot 6624, thence running north 40
chains, thence west 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, tbence east
1(9 chains to tbe point nf commencement.
H. O. BLOW, locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October 98, 1913. 41-tt
NOTICE is hereby given tbat (0
daya after date I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following lands situate ln the
District of Southeast Kootenay. Brit
ish Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at a post planted on
the West boundary line o! Lot 8488
at or near two miles north of the
International Boundary, and helng
the Northeast corner post of Charles
B. Webb's claim tbence South eighty
chains: tbence West eighty
chains; thence North eighty chaina
thence East eighty chains to the
point of commencement, making 640
acres more or less.
Located this 15th day ot October,
Bntben W. Butts
50-5t Agent
Dlttriet ol But Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I. I. R. Hoyd,
of Calgary, Alberta, Intend tn apply
lor the purchase ot the lollowlng
described land! commencing at a
poet planted at the east corner of
lot 4626, thence running west 68.75
chaina, thence south 54.80 chains,
tlience east 68.75 chains, thonre north
94.80 ehalna, to the point ot com
I. R. BOYD, Locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October II, 1911. 41-91
NOTICE is hereby given that 60
days after date I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lnnds for a licence to
prospect for conl and petroleum over
the following lands situnte iu the
District of Southeast Kootenay, Brit
: ish Columbia, in Lot 4.VJ3:
I Commencing nt a post planted on
I tho West line of Lot 7844 at or near
one mile North nl the International
I Boundary, and being the Northeast
| corner poat of Churl-" K. Webb's
thence South eighty ehalni;
West eighty chains; thence
eighty chnins; thence Bait
chains to tbe point of com-
making   640 acres, mors
or lew.
this 15th day ot October,
Kathen W. Butts
over- es vcars"
Dlttriet ot But Kootenay ;
Hohrog, of Oalgary, Alberta, Intend '
to apply for tht purchase ol the following deecrlbed lands. Comments-1
Ing at a post planted at the north-|
west corner ol lot 131, thence wast
80 chaint, thenct south 58 chains,
thence east M chnins, thence north |
58 chains to the point ot commence-
RBV, 8GHROG. locator
J. Laurie, Agent
Dated October M, UU. 4Mt
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister nl Lands not later
thnn noon on the *lrrl day of March
1913, for the purrh.'ise of Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,130,000 feet B.M.,
93,000 railway tier;, 16,000 cedtir poles
on Lot No. 274, Croup 1 Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Pnrticulnrs   of Chief Forester.  Victoria, B.C. 19-13t
SEALED TENDERS still tie received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for tho purchase n* Lirr.nce No.
Xll to cut S,350,f.0O feet B.M.,
45,000 railway-ties, 4,600 cedar poled
on Lots 3877, 3878, Group 1, Kootenay District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-lSt
TIMBER  HALF.  Nc.   X12
SEALED TENDERS will be received
hy thc Minister of Lands lint Inter
than noon on the 3rd <hi> nl March
1913, for the purchase of 1 ieence No.
X12 to cut 6,449,000 feet D.M..
10,600 rnllway-tles, 8,r,O0 cedar pole.,
"il Lot 491, Group I. Kootenny
District, near Oreaton,
Pnrtlculars   nf chief Poraster, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Minister ol Lauds not later
than noon on thc 3rd duy of March
1913, for tbe purohase o! Licence No.
X13 to cut 4,160,000 feet B.M., and
C50 cedar poles on Lot 28!, Group 1,
Kootenay District, nenr Creston.
Particulars   nf Chief Forester. Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
District oi East Kootenay
TAKB NOTICE tbat Helen Mar;
Bass's, of Fort Steele, occupation
married woman, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:—
Commencing nt n Post planted nt
the intersection ol the West boundary of the Kootenay Central right-
of-way with the Enst bank of the
Kootenay River iso feet south of
the South West corner ol Last
thence Southerly 08 chnins following
the said boundary ot the right-of-
way to it-* re-Intersection with the
Kootenny Itlver. thence northerly
following tho East bank ol Kootenay
River upstream to place ot commence
ment. containing 40 act-os. more or
Wm. H. Eassie, Agent.
Dated Nov   -.nth mi. sa-ut
For u licence to take nnd use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Mnry A. Hoper of Kimbt-r'ey, II. (!.,
will apply for a licence to take and
use six (6) Inches of water out of
Klmberley Creek, which flows ln a
Soutb Easterly direction through
Klmberley townsite and empties into
Sullivan Creek near and Bast ot
Ulock 1.
The water will he diverted at or
near Lot 5, Block 11, and will be
used for Domestic purposes on the
land described as Lots l and 2, Block
5, and Lnt f,, Block 12, Klmberley
This uotice was posted on the
ground on the tth day ot November
1912. The application will be filed
In the office of the Wuter Recorder.nt
Cranbrook, B.C.,
Objections may tie tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with tlio
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
46-9t 11, W. Drew, Agent
For a licence to tnke and use witer.
NOTICB is hereby given 'hat
H. W. Drew of Kimherley, B.O.,
will apply fnr a licence to take and
use one cubic foot per second of
water out ol Klmberley Creek, which
Hows in :i Houth enHterly direction
through Klmberley townsite snd 3m-
ptleH into Hulllvnn Creek near and
east of Block 1. Tbe water will lie
liveried nt n dntn On Sullivan Hill
and will in- used fnr Domestic purpose! on the land ile-crlbc! ns Lots
12 A 13, Block c, Klmberley tnwi site
This notice was pnstod on the
ground ou the tth day of November
l'M2. The application will lie llled
ln the ofllce of the Water Recorder.nt
Crnnbrook, B.C.,
objections may Ik, filed with the
laid Water Recorder or wllh the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
»59t Applicant
Tmdc Maimi
Cot-vniQHrd A-,.     ■
AflfOfl*, r,MH,lng R r-ln'tPli mi'. MMftyUqtl -„ .•     |
<)iil< Mf ii*.--.irl nu Miri.ru fi tttiv uliri'i.r ■<*•
fV.Jn"i"rii i'i"tly r-.nn"t*itti-*'l. HANDtt4tJK 0nl-f.1-.MI
MM it fi-tft, IIMi'tl hurt-i Mi "i'i'i k im'-i-is.
i'..i...m tuhnti tiiniiiuti Miii.fi \ bo.ttmu   I
■I"  ni. ti ■' J ', *iMi nit Uinrm., Iiiiiiu
Scientific American.
A tlttHUOItWly HtHr-tii.**... Wf»k1v. Uffil iT
■■■iluil.fl tf uny f'U'llU.lfl JiMirnW. In* >'••
r.'ncli !••:• '■ y"»i. |iwU-W Pflpwt.   *-■■'-• i-f
TION for the Issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to part (n.87
aereal of Loi 32.'i, Crimp 1, Knotenny
it tn niy Intention to issue nt the ei-
plrntlnti of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above men
Honed Lot In the name of The Brltleh Columbln Houthcrn Rnilwny
Company which Certificate Is dnted
the 6th dav of Mav 1999 nod numtiiiT-
nd 10422A.
Nelton, B.C.,   81st December, llll
(8BAL) H. It. ROB
l*\ Dlttriet fUglttru
Coal mttitny. rights of the Dominion
in Manit'iba, Saskatchewan and Al-
btrta, the Yukon Territory, the North
we.-t Territories .ind in h portion of
the Province ot British Coluroblt.
may be leased for n term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of |1
an acre. Not more tban 2,5*0 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application tor a lease mutt be
made by tbe applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied toi
are situated.
In surveyed territory tbe land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions ol Bections, and In unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a feo of 10 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty aball be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tbe
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine snail
furnish the. Agent with hwoiu returns
accounting for the full ijuantity of
merchantable coal mined aud pay tbt
royalty thereon, lf the coal mining
rights arc not being operated, such
returns should be fiirnltilied at least
once a year.
Tbe lease will Include tbe coal mln
ing rights only, but the lessee may
lie permitted to purchase wbuteve.
available surface rights may be considered necessary fur the working ot
the mine at the rate of 110.00 nn acre
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary ol
tbe Department uf the Interior, Ottawa, or to uuy Agent nr Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lnnds.
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ol tbe Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Jan. 4tb-tl
(Section 18|
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
the 11th duy oi February, 1913, application will be made to the Super
Intendent of Provincial Police tor a
licence to sell lltiuor at wholesale on
the premises situate on Lot 6, Block
93, Baker street in tho City ot Cranbrook, B.C.
Hated this llth day of January,
1913. l-5t
(Section 18)
NOTICE 1» hereby given tbat on
tbe Hth day of February, 1913, application will be made to the Licence
Commissioners of the City of Cranbrook for a licence for tbe sale ot liquor by wholesale on the premises
situate on Lot 6. Block 93, Baker
street In thc City of Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated this llth day of January,
1913. >-et
NOTICE la hereby given. In accordance with the Statutes, that all oh
aesseil taxes and Income tai and
school tat assessed and levied under
thc "Taxaction Act" are due and
payable on the 2nd day of January,
1913. All taxes collectable lor the
Fort Hteele Assessment District art
duo nnd payable at my ofllce, situated at tbe Government Olflces, Cranbrook. Tbln notice. In terms ot law.
Is equivalent to a personal demand
liy mo upon all persons liable tor
Dnted   nt   Ornnbrook,   B.C., the 7tb
day of Janunry,  1913.
Deputy   A.r-tfBsor and Collector, Fort
Steele i-4t
NOTICB Is hereby given that a
Court ol Revision and Appeal, under
the provisions of the "Taxation
Act" nnd the "Public School Act"
for the Fort Steele Assessment District, will be held us followt:
At Cranbrook in the Government
Otlice on Monday, 27th of January,
1913. at 11 o'clock In tho forenoon.
At Fernle In the Government Office
nn Wednesday 29th of January. 1918,
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated   at   Cranbrook, B.C., the 7th
dny of January. 1913,
Judge   of   the   Court af Revision e.
Appeal Ht
******************•**' ;
Sifitin  Moilir,   Furiiru-e,
ttifl Septic* Tank wnrU
t tpe-claltj
Cost and ■took •ttmialet
furiiieliMii on applii-alion
• Mnn i r. O. lu M, Cub"-*
,akos Short Work of
It-   i'ii, nl.-.l nml f'l.fuir.'iil.y Uptlfin r«« I
"ii" it, I.u i.l'P .... iji-'ii, Mfiriilitln hm. :ill f.tlit-r
' "■• '<( Itl -M.'a.ii yi - l'l at ..ii.- t.i ALU It Hi. I
- '< "»">.-  lUil I,'.    I,,,..- nn AMfl ,.r M..r'-.   II
-ivi n ii-.-u.-ii rmleti»•iMfMorMktn ■miTrr*r*.
< '<*! ll.-tii frirn bt'ili*. nf nirnny nml fnr l!K yeett)
I.u  lt.<«n  r-uiii-'  fit'-ii, wiimi.n  mid  rtillilirn   flic
irh mU.ur-.it>. tlno hup, Jnnt u iv-. i-oiiii*
hi umj r-i '« of rrom m Ut« yean' duration
BltutmUV    it   H'ltt'.lr.    HUM-.Nll.vl   II,.    ..ta-.'V.    ,„•,.    Mf,,)
.i. olutofr rallitble troalmtnl for ill ni-ja ■*■ >■■ •!••*
■ iiWMll kldntyt rrtft  Utkaolltrboiuaol
Abbott Brosf RhiumgMo Rtmidt
Plid your plllif   ul   OflM- tUrl ynur cim* t-Hii-
i.i'iil prapali] I v Abbott Hroa„7ll H. (■*■ -nlmi n St..
i   lei m, HI., If vour ilruxtlit (low not h«»« It
Sold By thi
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. THE  PKOSrECTOH, CllAX BROOK. 11. C.
Motor Cycles
cash in SfCimd
hand Machines, thoroughly overhauled.
Write tor particulars,
New Indian
or Excelsior
Motor Cyt lea at Agents prices.
ir there Is no agent hi your tlis-
trii ■ ivrlti for catalogue.
l.o.OO buys n 140.00 Empire Bicycle while' they last, with Coaster
brake, mudguards, etc.     Send deposit at once.
135 Notre Dame, East.     Winnipeg
lincj the Question Has Fallen Into Disuse
re many klnils o( proposals,
likely nn two men pup tho
n just the snino way. After
■1  does not,  pet-haps,  mind
it Is
iniielt what  form tt proposal
band nud heart takes, so long
actually  mnde.     Still,   some
I propose in Bitch n way thai  no Bolt
i e slice tints glt'l could ncoept.
J    Vor example, there is the man who
: .eenis in be conferring an honor.  Iio
, puts it in I Ills wny:
j    I'm  willing in    marry    you—quite
i laken a fancy to yuu I      Vou exactly
I sui: ini'.     Now surely you cannot re-
fttse Bitch an offer as this?
Under the circumstances, a girl is
, liable to iii-sue: Does bo think bo is
doing me a favor?     Ant not I fit to
; marry uny man. being in every way
respectable?     And she may not only
! take it very badly, but may quite cool
off, and the man   is   Intensely   surprised anil annoyed.       Often.   If   a
| man, when proposing, adopts a patron-
! Ising style, he is nulte likely to be refused.
Then tl.ore Is llie man whe writes
a bald epistle, telling of his love, his
admiration, and his tervent hopes that
the girl will condescend to confer
upon hltn her hand and heart. Ho
is a poor, oackboneless oreatu
Grand  Old  Men
!    The Mexican who lias just died at
| (lie alleged nne of IS.'i bus been pre-
j deceased    (according    to   American
1 news) during the past dozen years or
so by a citizen   nf   New   Brunswick
aged 1.12, and a comparative youngstor
| of Vnlley Mills Texas, whoso age wus
only tlu,
The man In lhe street will lie pardoned for thinking lliat llie 18,. has
been inadvertently transposed from a
cricket report. Among ex-Biblical
heroea probably Old Purr and Henry
Jenkins will stand as the best authenticated Instances of Bitperlongovity.
The monument at Holion  Yorkshire)
Gemt From Chauncey Depew, New
York't Favorite Orator
What a fortune lhat man might
liavo mado as a story-teller on the
stage I I would offer lilm $1000 a
nlgbt for a ten minutes' turn lf 1
thought lt would be any use. It wai
an enterprislug music-hull manager
who spoke, and tho man ho referred
to was Mr. Chauoey M, Depew, rightly termed tbo world's beit Btdry-teU'-f
who ls now on a visit to tho 01:1
Country. Seeing however, that l\.i\
liepew draws something llko $100 000
a year as President of Ilio Now York
ll    | luinnuittf      u   j ■.'»!    it •-)    I Iioiul nt   vn    i i iu    .*..-■*.      « 111 i.
records 'iiat Jeuklmt attained tho Central Railway nud Is a director of
amazing aye of 16D. thirty-four oihej:   railway  companies,
A man of eIghty*Btx, observed Mr. ■ ono might safely eomo lo the conolu*
Dooley recently, looks down on a man sloa that Ilio offer would not bo any
of etghty*flve, and receives his callow  use.
opinions with a Hiipereiiuoug smile; Araerloa Is proud of Depow, nnd has
and for that reason probably [If not e-very reason to ho so. Ho te not
because ho waa a fisherman) Jenkins j only ono of tho shrewdest business
was  abio  to  glvo  evidence  on  oath   men in tho states, but a clever lawyer
concerning matters Hu years or so
previous. As a halo young eeuten-
arlan ho was lu Ilio habit of swimming iho Swale with ease, and us a
hoy ho Is said to have taken a horse
n skilful politician, and an orator who
has few equals; Furthermore he Is
a born humorist
After-dinner  speaking,  ho  snld  recently, is uot an art, li is a Kit'.
loail of arrows to bo forwarded north, man once camo to me mul said:
j for the Uut Ho of Floddei
J seo how you make your speeches.     It
; Is quite easy.    I noticed yon to-night,
First you played with vour olgar but
did not light It: that caught the attention of tho listeners,     Thnn you
An Admirable Burglar
That's done It! muttered the burg*
lar, as his shin came in contact with
a chair and overturned It. And ho
spoke the truth. It did do it. A
sudden movement above, a hurried descent of sialrs, and Slkefl found himself s-iuii.ig into a revolver.
Now, then, hands    up!    cried    the
householder.   What have you stolen'.'
Only  your  wife's  pet  dog.  replied
tlio burglar.
If that's all, you may sneak out
quietly, said the householder. But
you've got Bomethlng besides that,
ym rasral.
Only your mother-ln*law*s parrot.
You don't say so! Here's some
ioose change   for   you,       Anything
Yes,     said    the     burglar.     Your
daughter's phonograph.
Good fellow! exclaimed the house*
holder. Here's a sovereign fu • you.
j.ml your son's punching bag.
My dear sir, exclaimed the house*.
Voider, delightedly, I only wish you
Sould manage the grand piano, then
Jf should have peace In my house at
last! Still, of course, thai can't be
hut will you share n bottle of cham*|
pagne with ine before you go?
Also Grit
Isn't that young fellow ever going
to propose?
I   guess  not.       He's like  an  hour'
iu what  way1?
The  more  time  lie  gets  Ihe  less,
sand he lias.
Relief for the Depressed   -Physical
and  montal  depression   usually  have
their origin In a disordered n'tnto of
girl could be bothered with such a I tho stomach and liver, aa when these- you threw the cigar down, whllo wall
man, if mau he can be called. j organs are deranged   in their   action} iug a gesture;  that lixed Ihelr atton
He is a coward. Is he afraid to ] the whole system Is affected. Try Hon Lastly you put youi thumb
face the alrH la sho such an ogre as Paremleo's Vegetable Pills. They re* in your waistcoat pocket, and ovory*
all that? Why the written proposal vlve the digestive processes, act beue- body loaued forward and thmmht you
is little better than an insult, and any1 floially on the nerves ami restore the were going to bring out notes, that
ptrited girl should know how to deal' spirits ns no other pills will.     They   \u^\  thetr  attention,      All  right    I
snid. You get your cigar and look
atter your thumb and you will bo n
great  speaker.
Depow has received many compliments on his skill In afier dinner
speaking, but the navlest compliment:
he says, came from an up-State fanner.     Senator, he said, you may hav
The Ring
Woman doesn't care to shy hrr har.
Into tho ring, remarked the Observer
of Events and Things; what she most
wants is to net, her finger Into one.
with the writer of such au epistle,    i are cheap, simple and stir
|     The fact Is, U a man will propose. he| effects are lasting
' ought to do It in a sensible, manly
i way.     V may he that a proposal i* a
rather delicate business, but If a mau
i loves a woman, nnd knows that she
1 love-; hliu. what's to prevent liiui putting a simple question to ber? Most
j men who propose are extremely well
■ acquainted with the   girls,    Where's
the difllculty, then, of calmly asking J some of
' them if they will marry? !    I take
For. after al!, why Bhould it hap* worse.
pen that, although Jack has known
Bessie for loug year-., and has tor
three of them walked her out an.l
j generally paid court to her, when Ii
comes to putting r!ie fateful question,
he is all of a tremor, and hardly
knows what he la saj log? v ■ th€
moment of proposal is a tin ■ when
calmness and coolness should prevail;
the girl must not i1-* Qusl ired aad half
■ i by foolish ravings and idiotic
pleadings and Impl i Ings If a t is
hut quietly and calmlj puts th ■ matter
before tho gir. he u »d bave n i fear
of her ,in wer
The truth is, that nowadays a proposal is hard!} ever necessary: the
true proposal is rapidly becoming a
thing of the pas:. .\. man walks out
with a young woman; he visits regularly at her house; he woos her
readily for. say a couple of years.
The man knows what he wants—
namely, the girl. She knows what
he wants quite well, too. Why, thon
humbug with a proposal? People!
nowaday.; drift Into the engaged con*
dition. Mover a word is said as to
i .arrlage;   both   parties   ■■■
and lo, and behold! one fine day( the, Tho scientific way to cure rheumatism
pair Und themselves talking about la lo takp 0r -Williams' Pink Pills,
such and such a thing taking place Whioh make now
The diner thrust the tip Of his
knife into tho yjUow disc which the
waiter had brought him. iio held
it up to (he light and examined it
while the waiter stood by anxiously.
Then the diner resolutely returned the I typhoid and recover; you may hnve
yellow disc to his plate and BCrapod  yellow fever and recover, but if you
it upon bis bread,
thee, he said, foi
Oue to Acid in the Blood—Can Only
be Cured Through the Blood.
N'0(   many years ago even doctors
; thought that rheumatism was only a
local pain caused by exposut - to cold
'or wet. Now they know that the
trouble is caused by the blood becoming tainted with uric acid. This condition oi the blood causes the muscles
to contract, stiffens the Joints and irritates the nerves. If not promptly
treated the stiffness spreads and the
pain prows worse until you aro a
helpless cripple,    tortured    day    and
; night.       If tho disease  louche.
I heart It means sudden death.
' cannot cure   rheumatism   with
mentB,  plasters or hot cloths, i
■ many try to do. Vou must go right
to the root ot the trouble in the blood.
. rich blood that goes
A Charming Hostess
Jours, the town wit. was keeping the
dinner party In a stale of continual
merriment. His tongue, however,
was sharp, and his repealed verbal
(-allies : t. tho quality of tho food finally determined Ills hostess on revenge. Mor opportunity presented
Itself soon when Jones, holding up n
morsel of chicken on his fork, exclaimed; Is this pig?
At which cud of lhe fork, Mr.
Jones? naked  his hostess sweetly in
"after we're married." Xo bother,
you see; ro fuss. A mere matter of
course. Surely that is a bettor raeth
nd; surel/ n formal proposal is quite
unnecessary? It. indeed, seems very
silly, and, to say the least of it, very
N'o douhl there are girls who are
bticklers for conventionality; they
would never dream of drifting Into the
engaged slnto without the actual question bolng naked, and the formal rms-'on)y rflUered while I was taking their
r being glyen.     Tlienp ,glrla are In medicine, and soon returned.      For
Most girls  in  thoao  8[x months I continued to suffer In
more sensible, and havo more   this way.     Then I tried electric pads,
ever get lockjaw you'll bust
1    One of Depdw'a best stories Is the
j story of the spotted dog which aa a
j boy  he bought from n local denier.
: Tho nest day it was raining   ho says,
■ and ! took the dc;, out into Hip woods,
! but tho rain was too much for him.
It  washed  Ihe spots off.      I  (rotted
1 the dog back to the dealer.     Look at
this animal, I said.     the spots have
all  wtched off.      Oreat guns,  boy,
: he replied, there was    an    umbrella
[ went with that dog.     Didn't you get
iho umbrella?
f    Depew says his father was a frugal
- aud saving man. who never approved
of wasting anything including  time,
Ouo night he went to a prayer meet*
I ing.      The brethren were backward.
After a long wait my father rose and
1 said:-—
,     lt is a shame to waste all this valuable time.     Will not someone lead
' iu  prayer?
Thero was no    response    lo    this
appeal, und my father said:  In that
the casP ' wi" *mPr°ve tl10 t!mo Dy malt"
fou  Ing y few observations on tho tariff,
littl*     Jt wa8 Depew who, during a former
80  visit to England, spoke thus to young
' men;     If you are married you will
havo just as  much time as  if you
were single—If you know how to tind
lt. I have kuowu men pick up a liberal education while waiting for their
It Bhortons your life, spoils your temper aud rui-is your looks.
Try lho new way—lho MOONEY Way.
No spoiled baking.   No overheated kitchens. I.ols of leisure in the home.
MOONEY'S   BISCUITS are so fresh, so crisp, so appetizing that
they are largely taking the place of home baking with thousands of Western
people.   Ask for
in air tight, dust proof and damp proof package*
—or in sealed tins if you prefer them.
Mado in lhe Big Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg,
right to the root ot the trouble. They : wIv«» t0 B0- road'' to K° out;, , „ !
sweep out tho poisonous acid, loosen! Another popular story, which Dc-
the'aching joints aud muscles and I Pew tells ua la that concerning a man
bring ease and freedom whero before out West who ordered a potent chicken
had been pain aud misery
i    Mlaa Delilah Shoppy, Morpeth, Ont.
says: "Following an attack or nieas
" I les 1 took inflammatory rheumatism
coop. The rullroatl was a small one;
and on the day the coop was expected i
to arrive he act out with a dray
to fetch it from tbo freight ofllce. lie
Didn't Stay
iniiiiul wna speudlug the nlghl In |
the little village.
I iliui'i suppose trom ihe condition
nt things, ho Bald to Iils laudlord, tbat
Hie good-road movement baa over
reached you bore.
Yea, it conic, snld Hie old malt, Iml
It jettl ltep' ii movln.'
Might Have Bern a Hint
Aimileur Palmist—I  Hilnk yuu nre
going In bo married twice
Young Lady- Vou think!  Well, I'd
rnllicr you wen- sure I was going In
be married onco.
I the minority
j dnys ar
commou-sonso, Really, I believe few-
girls nre asked In our day—why ahould
ihcy he? Marriage follows courtship
ns n natural result, ir a couple
courl   for  years —well,   consider  Ibe
| utter roily of ii proposal being mado,
j The proposal Is getting old-fashion-
cil; ii will never regain lis former
place, ii is well, li Is n very stupid iifYnir altogether ns perhaps you'll
agree, .
My joints became swollen and the pain reached the railroad station, whlcb he
was almost unendurable. I doctored had never seen before; no one waa ln
with two dociora, but tbe pain was sight, hut there was tho chicken coop
and with a man's help bs soon bad
It. on tho lira;, and set off home again.
A hundred yards or ao down the road,
he met a man In blue uniform. Hoy,
Ihero! said the chap, excitedly, what
the dickens huve you got on that
dray? My new chicken coop, was
the reply, ' Chicken coop he linngeil!
Thill's Mudby .luuctlou.
Freed From That Weak, Languid. Always Tired Feeling, by Lydia E. Pink-
ham'* Compound.
ThMltlon, Out.    " I CtflDOC sp.yik too
highly ot your medldne.   Wlwn my »i>-
■npetite te poor aw. I
I guld, tlwsyfl ti red
Ing, I K-**t. a bot*
ItleofLydUB. Pink*
h htm'l V «*£" tub \e
j;Compoundi and ft
( build-*, in*-, up, (j.'"'-*,
1 tne itrength, ami re-
i stores tne t<» perfect
** health a^am. It. h
j truly a blessing to
umf*n. and I cannot
■*,|>«-ftk highly enough of It 1 uk>-. pleas*
um in recommending it to others." —
Mrs. Annie Cameron, Thornton, Ont
Women who ore suffering from those
({stressing ill* peculiar to their *.■•*:
.hot.id riot lose sight of these facte ot
doubt tlm ability of Lydia E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
There are probably hundreds of thou*
aands, perhaps millions of women iu tho
United Stotos who hav-- been benefited
by tin**, famous old remody, which was
produced from roots and herbs over 80
years ago by a woman tn rellove woman''! lutTcrfng. If you aro sick and need
such a medicine, why don't you iry ii'.'
If you wanl i|i"H..l adTlir nrilr lo
l,yf|Ju !;. finkl-iim Mrdt.-liir In. fconll*
drutiul) l,ynn, Mass.   Vour letter will
be ojirtiri), re nd  ntid nnsffcTfld  It*  a
woman nnd h'-ld iu ilrlol confldeuce.
Living on Egg-Shells
lions may soon bo worth their
weight In Bold, for science haa dis-
covored thnl lu tholr familiar dally
product lh- tho makings of ;i ported
human race.
Science in litis Instance Is represented by Professor Emmerich, of
Munich, tho famous specialist in diphtheria and cholera, and his colleague,
Professor Lo two.
They doc lum that the barnyard
fowl te one of tho greatest benefactora ol tiuiultiiiil. not inorely because
she lays tho popular breakfast ogg,
hm because that -■ ;. contain d in a
Tin b< scfentln ; tin n go on to sa)
that egg-shells taken In proper form,
lengthen human vitality, Increase Uie
powi r of resl itaii igainst tin* wither*
iiii: blight of Umi. add weight to tin*
body, iictli. to the brain, and
strength to the heart, don troy Injur*
Ions bacilli, crovonl Inflammation and
-i'i ■ and lend courage and energy
to ih" human being.
Thereto ■ Lhe) adi ..«■ all of us to
a i..;-: tliolls If * H-But to bo heal tl y
and bapp ond to live long:. Of
i ourse, in rei o ami ndtng this dl d "t
,, hell . ,;i git • ■ ia 'am ■ do not
mean to be taki n toi til Thoj
tic ro prepared ■> IIcj tl I ■ hli h thoy call
ti i lilorlde "f ' g|  lie
An.i, like mosl  modi rn si lontial t,
they have been sufl - i n ly olt rulstlc to
■ communlca n   lielr foi m ll i   o the on
; tire mod Ira I frau rnlty, together wltll
' tbo si rap!   Inatruction that n spoonful
c,( the chloride be taken three times j ,|Ui,
ii day !u water      '1 lie dose l- said to
; he a bitter one, bul If it eucoeedfl lu \
• Idlug u :■■ ■ rcai   '■! th ■ normal span '
of lift, mankind will be repaid.
but they failed to do ino any good.
Finally a friend persuaded me to try
Dr. Williams* Pink Pills, and I had
not been taking them long before 1
found relief. I continued lining thc
Pills for a time and soon found myself in perfect health and feeling llko
a now person. I never'Ioso an oppor
tunlty to recommend Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills as I cannot say enough in
favor of them.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 centa a box or six boxes
tor $2.GO from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Vo., Brockvllle, Ont.
for my children.
Manager of Intelligence Ofllce—Did
wn supply ymi with one lust week?
Well, madam according io her report you don't need a governess. You
need a lion-tumor.
St. Joseph, Levis. July ll. 1003.
i Mlnard's Mntmont Co., Limited.
Qenllemon.—I wns badly kicked by
my horne hint   May nud after using
sovoral preparations on my leg nothing would do.     My leg was black
i as Jel.      I was laid up In bed for a
fortnight and could not walk.    After
I using three buttles of your MINAUD'S
: UNIMEX'? I wus perfectly mired, no
| that I could start on the road.
Commercial Traveller.
The illustration shows one of the
many styles of body that we build for
our Light Delivery  Car.
22 1-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body  lettered as you  requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
Niagara'! Rivali
I    When an idea becomes firmly root-
*   cd in lho mliulfl of tha general nubile
lt l3 hard to disturb.     Ask the next
friend or   acquaintance    you    meet
which Is I he creates! waterfall In tbo
world, and bo is almost certain lo reply, without the slightest hesitation,
,    , . As n matter of fact   Niagara does
1 an. looking for a governess   „*»,£,»  .£„ ))0lm ,)}.  any  moan8,
The Victoria Palls, In Central Africa,
are quile a hundred feel higher than
Niagara. In the neighborhood of
Braninputra, loo, Is an enormous series of falls, by which a vast river
doscoilds over a mllo lu a very shorl
length ot Its course; but Mils tremendous waterfall Is In the almust Inaccessible heights of lhe Himalayas,
In llriilsli Qullia n fall has been discovered of recent years wllh a sheer
drop of :iu0 feel—nearly twice that ot
lhe higher of Niagara's Iwo falls. Iu
Britiah (liiiana loo, there Is another
fall more limn 000 feel doop.
The A rlcan Kail  at   Niagara   Is
1,000 fool wide, und tlio somewhal
shallow waler falls somu 1117 feel. The
Canadian Pall, more commonly known
as lho lliiise Shoo, forms a majesile
curve of il.010 feel lllld a sheet tit
wilier  '-'ll   feet   III   IlllOknOII   lakes   il
plunge uf 188 feet.
The ii un Is sure nT a  ivariii re-
oeptloii when lie goes lo work,
Yuu   rarely  llml  n  gill   Willi   le lh
like pesrls dumb ni an nysier.
Even If monej Is called hard oasb
lis ii uii" thing in (all bail; nn.
dot busy ami attend in business-
imi Im sure ii in your own business.
It would he ii poor business policy
for it frull dealer   in   keen   ull   his!
Plenty et Evidcncn
I wiiihI r. nairl Siiili'-rs, stopping
111 'it al tlifi roadside and sddresi Ing
an ohl man working In lho Holds, li
I nm gel any gawollno around here?
I reckon yo Ki!,, ropliod lbs old
man, straightening iii snd louulnff op
IiIh boo,       .'0 kin gol II In  Tor  IJ   i- hi.
an) h">, 'i In in - :n ahi ad nr ye
so -nn to have lefl n i->'. Ion nf it.
behind '■■in jedgln bj tbe condition
cf Uie atmosphere
Woll. have yo
tanker's daughl
Nn. sbo's too rloli
llm surely that's ui
■ It?
Nm   In   me,   Iml   In
proposed   in   tho
nlisliti'li  Iii yon.
her   |iar'ills.
t'lil ie   Hey,
ng "' |j"aniiiri fo
,ore comes n po
Maggie,   hubl   ills
tli    : tl   .' lillnuli' -
ti    Itl   n'   ulliie.
ii'..'. oflon l; your motor overhauled,
Blnks? asked  Dusenberry.
l-'our times in nne month? Ooerii'
sulcm? Wli.ii fm'.' ili'iuutiili'il liii'i'ii
S|ii"iiini', said Bfnks, Twice by
tho ii.' i' io cops, once by n di iiuiy
shalilt, and onco by a plain, common,
garden  vlllngo conslaule,
vV.   N    U.  01/
Waiting on Providence
Howard   said  Hie visitor, ari
going In I"'    .'    mini ill r.    Iil.i'
faltier, whon you grow up?
Nn, ma'am, nnswcri d I toward,
going in in- ii walti'i'.
Why'.' queried th" nurprlsod visiter.
Cause  pnps  says  thai   nil   tilings
como 11 him ivho walti  was thc re
I piy.
Unllod Hlijjos congress records 18,-
iion.'nin million sptkoiL words at ihe
nroaonl soasloni if tboy could now
in- only used as pavemoni mnloHnl
lur guild mads, "IT
Now Ihey claim lhal i
body I'liii'ains sulphur.
is what amount?
r)h. in varying iiunntlito
Well, lhal mny Accouiil
girls ni'iking belter inal
iniiian |
Broke the Monotony
Vealetday  compliilaed lhe   Sunday
school superintendent, you buys sat
i through a uiehi'liinlnr. gain" and you
1 showed no sinus ol uneasiness.   Vei
here ymi cannol listen lo mo for thirty
minutes Without becoming restless. I
can'l Understand why IhO bull game receives more serious attention.      Because, came in a stage whisper, from
a  seat of husky boys,  they  change
pitchers occasionally,
A neighboring fanner tells us bo
has radishes us large as ii h.nt. Wo
prcsumo he means men's hnis.
Pointed Paragraphs
j     llm  a  rolling Hinue  giilhirs  somo
I     Boiler a quick light Ihan a i|iianel
| Imii; drawn uut,
Marrlogo brings n few happy mo-
: mauls ami mnny unhappy hours.
I   'the truth is mighty bul It doosn'l
, always provnll In a political campaign.
\ a woman has lo bo a good guossor
] lu order to malic a auocessful «if'- and
Rcllecllomi of a Bachelor
A man mlghl a« well burn money
up recklessly as 10 lake II home cnn-
Hvery man has n J.ih lul of ri'lnllveii
he diiesn'l   like.
Kvi-ii If a mau were willing lo wrllo
his Wlfo he OOllllln'l llml a puslage
slaniii Inr Hie Idler.
Any man enn have genius enough
in muke his wire proud of ll by never
forgetting to bring her home somo
thing [or hor blrlliilu)
Omissions of History
Atlas was gelling tired.
Here! he until to tho rubber trust;
you hold up the enrlli for n whllo.
Tho transfer was mado so deftly
lhat It took the enrlli soma Hum to
lind oul, (hat a change had been mude.
Another Sectional Outrage
Tlm Indignant Georgian nlonched
his lints, and his eyes Hushed lire.
What's Hie mailer? queried tho bystanders,
That bluniiilng guy from Indiana,
he snorted. Is pulllug suit on his watermelon.
If lhe llnnmliln slay ou Bll'llto
may gel no canned apples.
Maypole Soap
titic* licit, ".vtn
fui.ui, ,tte Irom
itiraki indaliHilut'
ply l«t. Oon not
•lainhlfiriiui Lftllr-l
/A iototi, will live
nny ilmdp. Colon
I0C,  blink I5c, «l
Vnili     tlr»|rr'|     Ol
f".it • (iiid witli
lo-nklet "I low to
Dye " liom
F. I. BENEDICT i CO. Mtnlrlil
Changed His Drink
A restaurant keeper bung out lhis
sign: Coffee; Much us .Mollier Used
to Make.
Onn nioi'iilng a man entered the
cafe, nud as the waiter approached
blm ho Inquired, pointing In the sign:
ls your colfee really such as mother
used to make'.'
It is, surel replied Ike waiter convincingly.
Then, said lho man, with a reminiscent look, give me a cup of lea.
Ills wife is a business woman all
Whal  makes ynu say Hint?
Hhe's Installed a lime clock In the
hall, ami ho has lo punch It when he
guns uut nights -tntr i', le ti he gets
For Other lle.isons
iiefiiTiiig lu alterations In the Commons Chnmbor, a news Hem says:
Moroovor, thoro has been some urtls-
tic padding dnmi in lhe region ul' Lho
ceillim, iii Improve Un- ucuunilcs.
Wllhnui lhls padding lhe iillorances
uf members In limes past have been
known lo rebound. '-ulie true,
Many speeches have ii'lniliuded with
lhe force of a linouiet'iing. Dul
scareely from lack uf psihllnj'
Miiuey may be dear this fall, as
they say, but we ni ier get moro thon
llvo blis I'm' a qtiui'lor anyvvny,
The   Hurry Call
Tlio Lieutenant—Oot Into the wagon, quick, you fellows! This Is a
hurry up call, probably u daylight
And they were greeted five minutes
later with!
Mrs. Allncrvc—I'm so glad ynu
came, officer. I've just fifteen inln-
utoB to catch a train, and I had to
have somo one to book mo up iu ihn
Willy—Pa, what Is a hopeless cu
l'n--Twelve empties.
Tho overlusting problem nf life Is
how not to havo any problems.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
are made according to a formula in
use-nearly a century ago aiming lhe
Indians, and learned from tliem by
Dr. Morse, Thougli repealed attempts have been marie, by -iliyl-
clans und chemists, tt has brri; found
itnitotMblfl to improve the formula or
the pills. Dr. Morte's Indian Knot
I'llls area household remedy throughout the world for Constipation and
all Kidney and Liver (roubles. They
set promptly and effectively, and
Cleanse the System
a—, i— ..-..,—a.n»»ili«mi»Mja»ir.-ii- «m»»limaiaut-«™»ma
^5» /i-to/ePr/S *Ve—->0
Every One Is Happy and the Goose Always
Hangs High in the Little Island Since Alcohol
Hae Rpi**n FvifiKriPfl nexU 2 '"^xeou^ "*"■ &r,eve over some ^ear
tto DCC1* UCUlloll^U one gone lo ruin amid the city's perilous temptations, nor would they dread the homecoming of a husband wlto was once a jolly
good fellow, and has at last become the shell
of a gentleman covering a distillery.
For in Iceland all these troubles and
trials of existence, so familiar to the familiar
world, arc simply absent. Life flows along
with thc deep placidity of complete comradeship, complete satisfaction in love and the
home—in complete freedom from all the
horrors which, directly, and so greatly indirectly, have scourged woman's soul and body
through the curse of alcohol.
There is no liquor in Iceland. So there
is no unhappiness, except the petty cares of
life and the griefs that are inevitable to death.
And even they are marvelously mitigated, as
though, throughout a whole people, some
blessed benison had passed, acquitting them
of the penalties humanity commonly bears.
%"rr% '~: _^_v__t__>__Ti
';.:y.„ ;,                .-'';' jlPflflHv-ffiHCffiM
W*    :   *''JS
lis; /■■>\y^_mk
■__.    ^"W*--..^                                     iV.ll                 '        -arfW
ia#'V'    '       $*         ...
*•''■ '"'*■* |
//"' I'Ol/. were to go to Iceland, you. would
believe it very much of a man's land
during the first couple of weeks of your
Stay. For the rest of it, you would have no
doubts at all that it is the woman's land, collated by thc '.comen for ages in all other parts
ef thc world.
Yes, it is cold and bleak. Il is a place of
to few amusements that the women of a big
American city would agree it furnishes no
diversion at all. It is a place of steady, unfailing work; so that those same big-city
women '.could be inclined to revile it as an
island of almost penal servitude.
But they would never find there the heartaches and worries with which their flaunted
Splendors alternate. They would not live in
anguish of the nerves one xoeek, and in desecrate clinging to some doctor for relief the
\*fh /qpZtffdScfoe? l3_\y
They are not only imuoriam [adorn in the government,
but they are fur more Importtint Individually than the
■women of other countries. When they wed they do not
lose thetr family name. Tliey keep their original patronymic, but It la now prefaced with the word "P'rau."
Which corresponds to "Mra." tn Kngltsh. Ho a wife has
not even the shadow of man's domination over lier.
The most fruitful source of expense nml disturbance
te minimized for her, too, she is not afflicted wlth'thel
fashions. Tlio men, because of the convenience and economy of man's modern garb, dress in<e iho rost of the main
world of Europe, But th« women still cherish ihelr simple nnd beautiful national costume, tn admirably adapted
to the climate ond so excellently adapted tb the moderate
display of vanity's foibles. Tho black cloth dress, the
close bodice, Uio white, starched linen, all neat and all
pretty, servo for ordinary days; but on festival occasions
Willis nnd satins, with deep hems of gold embroidery, and
a splendid heart dr ei-jp, called the faldr, of white linen,
make them regal to the sight
The woman with little of the world's goods can look
attractive; the woman with much can look wealthy. But
both are relieved of that constant vnrlety in attire which
makes poor and handsome clothing alike cost four limes
as much as tliey ought lo.
their Inheritances from medieval times, possess ■ ■ a inciter of course what other nations scheme and coniriYO
i" possess as the rarest cf luxuries.
Tho prune rule of the substantiate applies to their
tablfeH. They may have among them some who are poor,
but they have none who aro beggars, No drunkards, no
paupers, comes pretty true with these total abstainers
of the north. Men and women who, :■ : ihelr il ei
strictly afier the main chance, alwaya providing a i
dance of food, always keeping in health, always u
rvork at, some iar.lt or another-tlio old men are not
ashamed to do knitting for tha family wardrobi
small chance or being lu want until the grave
The ellmato i3 severe, but not Villi Ihe bitter
ness some sections of th*. United states can provld
Inelemonoy lies rather in the length than in the c
its winters, for the. Gulf (.trcam tempers the Arcti ■ •
yet It la finch a lone winter ai other peoples n. <i r
to peace of mind and nervous health. Fa* thetr •
part, tho Icelanders lmvo planned a
occupations, which koep th*-m l
LIQUOR of All kinds lias been banished there for
years, until the people of Iceland know Its taste
to more than tho ancient Greeks knew the odor
of tobacco. Its savor, llko Its effects, Is not a
thing merely forgotten; lt ls something which, to tho
majority—virtually all—of tho Icelanders, has not been
known. It Is not missed because, by the generation who
now mako up tho mass of the population, tt has never
been tasted. They nro modern Arcadians, living tho simplest and least stimulated of existences, to whom tho
tsalm and equable content which makes their hours pnss
In eercnc.satlsfa'-tlon brings enjoyment of their own normal bodily functions up to the nest of continual pleasure,
■whllo the mind and the nerves know no perturbations,
Bo alarms.
It was like culling off some useless, hampering burden
e)t disease, llko tho removal of some excrescence which
liad choked the breathing of the race. A nation—for tha
(Icelanders, few as they are, have preserved a distinct
Identity—which not until then had known what natural
existence was, suddenly entered upon normality, and did
AO as a whole.
That ts a total abstinence, radically different from
total abstinence by spots and patches; for, however rigid
any Individual or group may be In preserving its natural
powers, lt cannot reap the whole advantage of Its self-
•control while Its numbers either fling lt back upon Itself
(or perpetuation within a range too limited, or force It
Into contact with neighbors for relations that contain!*
sate the breed.
Iceland, In making Us choice ot absolute prohibition
•f alcohot, was freed from cither danger. Thero was no
appreciable danger of Intermarrlugo with alcoholics-
chronic, moderate or spasmodic—because its own people
are singularly domestic and Its foreign visitors are few.
There wus no appreciable risk from local intermarriage
tocausQ tho actual number of tho population was large
anough to prevent harmful Inbreeding. In effect, Iceland wan as safe for the remarkable experiment as were
the North American Indiana before the advent of the
-whites. And what tho Indians became after our advent,
and our ium, we know.
Today, with 78,000 hale nnd hearty people within Its
fcoundarlcs, Iceland doesn't allow a drop of alcohollo
drink to bo made by ono cf them and doesn't allow a
drop to be brought ln by any outsider.
Today Iceland hasn't a single jail; hasn't a single
penitentiary; hasn't a single court; hasn't a single child
over 10 years who can't read; hasn't a single illiterate,
adult; hasn't a single wdiool facility lacking. It has but
a sinnlo policeman, who Is used as a horrlblo example of
-what might have been, lf lirjuor wero still prccurnble. In
this tho Icelander* have surpassed tho anclont Spartans;
(or a drunken helot* ls by no means ao Impressive as a
auber cop.   Son.o object lessons aro better givon vica-
To iqq nn entire population unremittingly, quietly.
fiaj.pl!y going Its dally round, with Its men quietly and
-windy directing tholr families, und lis women as quietly
mtd wisely ultondltig to their homo duties, does, on tha
eurface, look Ilk*: a malo puradleo, readily won by mere
abstinence from drink. Hut to tho observer who recognises tho fart that all this In tributary to tho contentment, health and happiness of Ihn woman In the home,
It speedily usnumes the uir of Uvu'g own f&lvn, tempered,
of course, hy Ihnt Inevitable brow sweat whloh follows
tlier-orluli'ul cume, even In chilly Iceland,
That woman who has never trembled for the welfare
.. flf u husband, n mm, a father or a brother within the
charmed clrclo nf her own vaunted civilisation is the
only one who (.un tn'ily afford to laugh at Iceland's peace,
Ita toll and Its wuultli In the cuscnllala of womun'a
Vtonlp, unnllnhiabl" elsewhere
SVl.y, they've hud oqtilil suffrage for years, Ohttroh
Ond state ur.* one for all purposes of government which
tit ally affect tho people, and lho women havo full frnn*""
chise In ttio churches, together with tha vote In nil inu-
4 lilclpul governmei. 1. Tho suffragist who should go to
Iceland io slurt a cumpalgn would bo met by Its women
"Why, you poor thing! Hurry np nnd become not-
tirallstcd and help run our Island."
A*i for divorce, tho womnn who really needs It ran
havo It; but the woman who doesn't can't get tt. The
Icelandic system works automatically.
Jan has remarked that, when he was younger, lis
feitiilnly did llko eyes with the genulno violet llnge to
them. Now, iiaJ.iii In. HO and" ymi are 28, you don't h.ivo
to remember very far hack to bring to mind the hateful
features op the fair Annie, the IuhsoI of whose cap, held
by Its engraved silver ferrule, used tn lay so ooquoltlshly
•ver the ihouhlor of lier short black j«ck»t; whoso sheep*
akin shot-H prep-.J , o daintily from theaodgn of her nktrt's
gold dtld silver emhroldorv, tin sho laughed In Jan's face
LtgulnHt Yayrnapjedwry'a harhor for her background. Ho
Jan Is thinking ot that hearlless llttlo minx, la lie, even
after he's been married for five years and you have borne
him those two dear children you thought ho loved so
much?   Well, let him go to his false Annie.
These harsh things thought, you speak them, with
your own bright bluo eyes flashing the Arcs inherited
from your old viking ancestors. Jan, who Is some viking
himself, asseverates his fondness for violet blue, for the
lliEt time forgetting that china blue has a sweetness all
Its own.   So, you bolh agree, that settles lt.
Forthwith you part. But mind, you're not divorced—
not by three long years. You must wait all that llmo
to find out whether Jan really doesn't care for china blue;
nnd he must wait those three years to find out whether
you are the demon of jealousy ho thought you when ho
sassed back, or merely a natural-born, human woman
who should have bcen kissed a whole lot and lectured
only a little bit
Annie can como sidling around Jan, trying to catch
him again; and one or two of your own old admirers may
venture to be extra polite to you, although their attentions, during tho interim, can scarcely conduce to your
reputation's enhancement. You aro still a wlfo, and all
Iceland seems ln leaguo to let you know lt Isn't forgetting it.
You two quarrelers stick tt out; tho three yeara pass;
your divorce Is due. But now comes the crisis; for, whllo
you bave the right to tako the younger child, that hateful, obstinate Jan can keep the older one—which tugs at
Jan's heartstrings as cruelly as lt does at yours. There
are not many husbands and wives whose rancor survives
those three years of trial divorce, and fewer still whom
t/Jfyp/at/ $M ** /&*>&#<?,  ^ie^e^^rf^
tt can carry past the Ices of child as well as spouse. The
divorce question, llko the vote question, Is by no means.
a Jive issue tn Iceland.
Thoso who iim accustomed to tlio high percentage of
divorces among American;, would Imagine that plenty ol
Icelandic households would he split up all the time by
auch separations. But tho reality presents a very different picture. Tho parting of a couple Is almost the last
resort, and when it docs hupp^n the dlvorco itself la a
probable, lf not assured, sequel.
Women aro treated too well to find cause for divorce.
The subMantlals are what count In Iceland. All traveling ta done by ponies, famous roadsters of the north,
of which a family cannot have specimens too fine In
quality or too many in numbers, because they constitute
a cash asset, like flno horses on an American farm. Nor
can they havo too many fine old carvings, or rare old
bits of metal work, or delicate laces and ombroiderlcs.
Theno aro signs of family dlstinctlon-the realities of
family dignity, which have their mere Imitations tn tha
vast trade in untlqties that holster up so many no'ive&u-c
riches in Europe aud Amerlcu.   Those Icelanders, with
IF THERE waB one grand reproach our British
cousins could bring against tho American
girl during the last twenty years it was that
she had the chewing-gum habit.
They never failed to hale forth thnt old, awful
indictment when all other charges failed. Lot
them observe that she hadn't any physique, and
somo admiring compatriot .pointed out tho thrilling circumstance thut she had Purisicnno graco
cluBPcd with the camel's.
Let them accuse her of the banality of slang,
and her admirers concerted action just to make
her show what dumnge sho could do to tho king's
Let them charge her with incurable frivolity,
and their pet brothers hastened to pursue her for.
tho sake of being amused.
But on™ they suid "Sho chews gum" there
was no defense.
ALL Ill.H gay laughter, all her reslstle.is charm,
became vulgarised under that shocking attainder.
No woman who is well bred cnn afford to Indulge-
In mastication after the fashion of a cow. It
might not lie exactly sinful; but English society has before this condoned sinfulness where It condemned sheer
vulgarity. The American girl, oven though sho might
havo abstained from gum from the hours of her Inuoeont
childhood and Its Innocuoun LIIshch, could not escape lho
reproach of her national environment- Hho wus a gmn-
ehewer by heredity lu the eyes of tho Jeulous British
innld and matron,
But never ugaln. England has all at once, this very
year, found Itself living ln a glass house on tho chewing-
gum question; today tho tables uro turned enough to lei
thu American girl enjoy her morsel of clilclo when she's
over thero without fear of elevated eyebrows or covert
Until now, such was ihe wide oxlcnslon of lhe British
prejudice ngulnst the delightful hublt, that tho girl or
boy who dared Indulge In chewing gum was regarded as
a creature forever lost to gentility) und, besides, thoy
couldn't got It. Trade needs somo encouragement, at
But the chewing-gum Industry, some months ago* de-
termlnod that Kngland had lingered too long In Us
morass of Ignorance, und opportunities for the purohase
of gum Wore thoughtfully provided ou n more generous
Its resistless fascination did the rent. In one of tho
open confessions to which British journalism Is occasionally nddiff'-d, the adnilfrlon has been mude thut the
hublt Is oecomtng universal.
You meet ono of their print and placid misses, who
tra:npM along the street with that solid, stolid heel-and-
toe gait Ihey have, guaranteed for four miles per hour.
with no slops for flirtation,   ner eiproaslon is one of
i«nii.fui -.rmlont, but hor face looks us though she hai
thu mumps. You ayinpalhlxo wllh her, und note that tf
It Isn't tho mumps, nho certainly is suffering for dentistry to her upper right molars.
Hut, an hour afterward, you encounter tlmt snmb girl
returning. It v.* strange, hut either her mumps hava
shifted or Dm tooth Hwelllng him ohatlgod over to the left
of her upper Jaw. You feel that you uro in tho presence
of K"ine rare and unnatural phenomenon,
After a few daye you grow a<ciiHtoined tf. sec! ig
these swellings- and yuu comprehend their camo. They
are the signs and portents of a fresh contingent of BrltJsh
society that Is hrcuklng Into.the chewing-gum habit; u*id
•they're doing It Just us the kids at homo do when first
let into ilie blissful pastures nf chicle, or, If their pnnas
moderation or dissimulation. Decide them a boy In lho
primary grade of an American public school would look
like a perfect little gentleman whllo he was giving his
well-known imltuUon of a gasoline engine feeding the
ensilage blower.
Pretty daughters, wilh the long, glim lower extensions
topped by abbreviated skirts; suoh us are shown in lho
home-joko picture page of punch, horrify the lace-cap
variety of matrons by Inserting pink fingers between
iherry lips and hauling forth a yard or so of gum from
elenched but pearly teeth, arid then c'.icwlng It all back
again. This, too, ls recognised by tho experienced American visitor ns part of the neophyte stage in tho anclont
and honorable practice of gum-chowlng, usually abandoned on this side of tbe Atlantic when u gltl Is past 7
years of age.
But ull the evidences of expert ness aro to be observed
when one penetrates Into a district which Is already eo
-enlightened on the subject as Lancashire. There everybody chows, and the Innumerable factory girls chew most
gum of alt, with teeth that ore ulrcady becoming famous
for their whiteness. The tule-oMlmmh regulations ln the
Lancashire factory district came down ut flrut like a
thousand of bricks on the Iniquitous gum habit—not because It was unladylike, but becaoso superintendents and
foremen surmised that a working girl couldn't work and
ruminate nt the sumo time.
The old Story had the old sequel.   As soon us ll was
ordered that uny factory girl caught with chewing gum
should bo flred, HO factory girl was to ho CftUgllt  Willi
chewing gum. But also, no factory girl was without her
chewing gum.  The whoio evasive i"t of them reduced
their chews to discreet slr.e, end theie wasn't an Argus-
eyed boss In a sltiglo shop who could n-.te so mucll us
tho tremor of a Jawbone, Lancashire lasses overnight
hud become gum experts.
Tho very sleight-of-hand which enables the dear, Innocent, wldn-eyed American angel to pOSB & negligent linger
across her rosy mouth imd, in tho Instant, abstract lier
wad or gunt while she listens lo her escort reading off
the menu card, has been acquired by the demurest of
English maidens. And the wad goes In Uio sumo old
placo It goes here—tinder the sent of her chair, awaiting
lhe  stole  grin  with  which  Archibald  gTOOlS   Ids   hill   of
six shillings thrippencc. Then than is anothor care-
loss touch or dainty fingers, uud she is helping dlgostlon
petite with the boon the new world bus -   '
i fool enough lo rejeet
aro rich, of spruce.   Thosn girls Simply don't know either
after uppe ^^^^^^^^
accepted uud (hn uld one has llCCl
until now,
P'or the present, Knulnnd lies condescended to chew
gum, but Is still a hit doubtful whether social status
must hfl sacrificed for its dear snkc. The majority of
ihn population lho in ardoni hope thnt Queen Mary win
give A chewlug-gim party  und nmltn If es much  or a.
social Institution ni too and muffins, than whloh the
ten commandment*, no rur ur KiiKlnnd Ih concrrnfd, ara
nut more fulthfolly complied with   piohshly lest.
. loOk
u bit
^^^^^^^ mill the hard rush of
farniwork   cornea   In   lho   quick   spring   and   li.o   swiftly
passing summer,    trio they nnd  Mmo nt no  time to eet
into the mischief which, rather than the
a people.
The ot:e radical difference between Iceland and th*
rest of the world in Its manner of living Is lho complete
absence of alcohol; and Uie one consequence upon thut
difference, especially felt by its women, is complete contentment and happiness,
Sponge Orchards in Florida
IT Ifl commonly supposed all sponpen »-rnw as ihey
cling to reefs and rocky cliffs In lho depths of the
sea, but such la not the case. In many sections
along tho Florida coast!, ihey uro being planted In a
very unique manner.
Properly speaking, sponge orchards are bring- set
out. A number of pegs are placed In cement blocks,
and young sponges, which have been removed from
coral or rock formations, uro attached ti, the p^gM.
Tho whole in then lowered to the bottom of the nea,
whero tho young sponges not only grow rapidly, but
produce others of their kind, in place!, tho rocks
and reefs which havo been barren ure helng j.et out
with sponges,
Thoso who are conducting tlio rather curious experiments declare they win in a short timo increase
tbe npongo production considerably,
Orchards of a similar character will he planted in
other parts of the sea where upon gen do not grow
naturally, and in time it Is thought they will be produced in many parts of the worM whom thoy have
never bean known to grow.
Pothangers Instead of Baskets
EVF.UY lover of flowers admires w pretty hanging
basket.  Several things prevent many from having' such an ornament to the voranda or window
The price for n good basket I" usually a little
high, the moss thnt should bo used for rilling Is often
scarce, and the soil dries ont loo rapidly, for the
pistils do not do ae well as they do In pots.
Pothangers are rapidly taking the place of the
baskets. They ean be had In slses i*> lit anj large-
flze.  pnt,   and   they   call  be  attached   or  itota« bed,  as
one may wish, and in thin way pois thai contain cer-
Uln plants ran be tried lo see If thej vill grow well
In a hanging position, A ploHsIng effect can bo produced In changing pot* quit-* often, and another way
to secure variety Is lo group pot» of \*H-ii.b plant-*,
If common flower pots aro not nice enough for
HomA tastes* fancy <>nr« rim lm secured, and many
who nre blighily artistic can paint or otherwise decorate the pots.   While the wire InnpriH ..re cheap, any
parson who is bandy witii tools oan manufacture
enough for u home in a \ try short time, nnd the lutter
will ho as icrvlceabls ai thorn- purchased,   All of tho
plants raised in iimming  baskets can  he giown lu
Cleanliness in Bohemia
To Lt-.TT.-nw from manufacturers of various
eort of goods uited to nuhdiin hOUSCfllos, 3, I.
UriMiiln, the t'nlted Btatos consul at Prague,
Bohemia, has replied lo ih« effect thai thore are no
nies in or on that country, lie Informs the manufacturers tlm reason ihem uio no niin lu l'rague Is be*
cause there sre no breeding places for tlio pests.
Ail houses are mnde of brick, stone or concrete,
end the river docks arc constructed of granite.
Htrtets and sidewalks me composed of granite blocks,
No wooden sidewalks, porches, stairways or anything
of the son ate found tu the plaao, nn-i the streets
are ciesuod continually, No garbage or decayed wk«i-
tubif. matter u allowed to accumulate, and lliere are
no open sewers or dmim*-.
Tn*. place is i itsiniy e model of neatness and
eleanllneis, and the people hare no neod of window
or door flyloreens, or f--r any <>f tho prepnratlona
used in t; Is and fltmene or other landa to rid the cltteg
and towns or ihe dliegie*iprsgdln| houiefly. THE  PHOSPECTOK,  CHAIN BROOK.,  B. C.
JOHNSON BROS,   Proprietors A. A. JOHNSON, Manager
" Where Everybody Goes"
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, January 25th—Matinee & Evening
1. Her Brother,—Vitagraph—A strong drama.
2. When the Heart  Calls—Selig—An    Indian   Ro
mance of the days of 69.
3. The Return   of Mr.   Marr—Essenay—An   extra
strong gripping diama.
4. Laughing Gas—G.C.P.C—A Comedy.
5  A Specially Illustrated Song "Sighing"  by Cyril
Don't Kail to Come and Hear the New Orchestra
ll may be that your eyes ate becoming weak aud you arc afraid
to acknowledge it. Tnat is the
way with a (food many people,
both old and young. I'he young;,
particularly, seem atiaid to admit
their failing sight, but it is no
novelty nowadays and ccitaiuly
no disgiace. Wc will remedy
any defective eyesight and guarantee satisfaction. Delay* are
dangerous   Come today.
Jewelers & Opticians
i he city .ui Thursday,
*** -l-i-1 1 -I-1 I -l-l -It -I -H-M--H* -l-H-l-l-l-l ••!-I-I -I l-l-t-•!■ I-! I+H-+-H-I-I- ^m+*+m-.|-+++ M--"1* **     ,*'"' f",'"',"' ^'I'"',"' r*«'lrte*v
++-H*-W*+*M-++-W^-M-^ »}.,|,|..|,|,.|.|.),,|„|..|.M.|.Fl■!■ I-l-W *"* '" "'"   r»nwtioit_»-rway.
Timothy,    Munch  Crass.  Creeii tint
Stock Bigger than Ever.   A
fu.U Car Load just Unloaded
Many Patterns
ti   and   Ufalfa- Oamphall & Manning's.
1 lar old   Darling   its at    Lethbrldge
this week ,>ii huBtnt-ss,
Mrs.   Peter  Jensen,  ol  Kort  Stele
tax,   a   Craahrook    visitor   Sunday
Many Prices
We paid 10 per cent more for our
stock this year but are selling at
the same price as last year.
Dainty Japanese Bread aud Butter
j Plates tor ten cents each--Camp-
I bell -j; Miinning'H
| Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Ryan, of Calgary, were registered at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W-ro. Fisher of Medicine Hat, were gueBts at the Cranbrook Tuesday.
Crushed Barley and Rolled and
Chopped Oats for feeding purposes—
Campbell ft .Manning's
.Mr-j. H. h. Sawyer, of Marysville,
was shopping in Crnnbrook Wednesday.
Win. Kerr, of Klko, spent several
days in Cranbrook this weok on business.
Modern Dwelling to let on Burwell Avenue. Apply to Beale ft Klwell.
Floor il Cloth    -    35c
in oleum 6 ft wide   55c
"     "    12 "     "       62 1-2
.q yd
+++-I-M-!-.- .-I-I- -l-l-l-M -I ! •!• ************************************
****.;...... |..,.(..)..|..|..j,.I^.| ****Ar******************^^t*****•********
(Sweeps the "**- Wor/d
QVER   12.(11111.01)0   houftew.v.
throughout the world have li;ili
eneu tno burden nl-dally sweeping wl
£} I S S E LL" S     DEARINO
Carpf-t   Sweeper
!)„.•. quicker .in.I better aweeplnll olswi. rot. a
earpof. without !■ in] tvnrki prevent! dcrm^iopiilrit
rln.i. .r child c pel it. Itl ir., bending, Inrlrtinil
alnlntlt nporete.   Itrnfl, nntl autmnaUcally.    W
F. Parks.
I 111 III W 111
Local  News
']'. (1. .Inneri, nf Athnliner wns In
trrwn Sunday nml Monday
H 11. Annla uf Kurt. Steele, was in
tho olty Monday on IiiikIiibhk
Blzperl     Piano  Tuning—Apply   to
!•:   TliomiiH, ("ire ol V.M.O.A.        lt.
li II Costor, ot Wyellile. 1,01 In
ihr. city  Monday,
Mr.  and  Mis. a. 0. Downess were
nt Hull  Rlral  Wednesday.
Toilet Bete and Dinner Hoi- nt
prices that irvonld nurprlfJe you at
Campbtll & Manning's.
« ii MeParlnno loll on Wednesday I
on h business trip to Victoria.
Kll.HY KHAMKH |>I(!1'1 HtKH
*r w Maedonnltl ol Winnipeg, wm
in town Thuraday onrouto to Nelson
<     Hen   0111    table, ot Oddl nml lOuihi
I ol China   ut   hnll-prlco—Campboll »
Uerr   Watson ol Kort Hteele, wui, in
Krorl I'oarsou of Kort Hteele waa
transacting business in Craubrook
Drank DeRosier, of Kort Steele,
waa in Crnnurook Tuesday, enroute
on a visit to relatives in Oblo.
Our Stock of Keed of all Kinds ia
Very Complete and Prices nre Right
—Campboll k Manning's
Bi-Mayor J. p. Fink was at tho
Hoard ot Trade meeting in Kort
Steele Wednesday.
... K. Bruce ol Nelson, Provincial
School Inspector, wus in town Inst
week inspecting the schools.
Alei Tnylor, nf Klmberley, manager of the Taylor Lumber Co., was
in the city Thursday on business.
Kun Klower Seer! und Wbole and
Crac'cd Corn for Chicken Feed—
Campbell & Manning'a
The Central Meat Market changed
hands this week, the 41 Meat Market
taking over the control.
W. Hnls'ill drove ov0r to Kort
Steele to attend thc meeting of the
Associated Boards of Trade on Wed-
Don't miss the bargain sale ln
China, Crockery and Glassware at
Campbell & Mnnuing'g
I). McFarlane, of Kimherley, bookkeeper for the Taylor Lumber Co,,
was in town Mondny on Compnny
The   Fancy Dress Carnival nt thc
skating   rink on Monday night neit
Is   attracting the   attention   of thc
local skutors.
A sleighing pnrty consisting of n
number of young men and Indies vis
Ited Kort Btccln Thursdny night.
They hud a plensint time.
Don't neglect your Kire Insurance,
hut take out n policy now with
Beale & Klwell
0, H, MoDougal, "I Kimherley,
manager of the Sullivan group of
Minos was transacting business in
Cranhrook Wednesday.
A. K. Watts, of WattBUurg, was In
the city Wednesday, enroute to Fort
Steele to attend tbe meeting of the
Associated Hoards ol Trade.
Purchase one ot Beale it Klwcll's
Safety Deposit Boxes tor the Btornge
of your valuables, Terms reasonable and absolute privacy guaranteed.
Leslie Lnucks received tiie sad news
of the death nf his father, on Monday!
from Knrt Bin-well, Ontario, where ho
resided. Mr. Lnneks lefl on the Flyer
the same night for his father's home.
Candidate  W.   S.  Santo thanks the
people    for    the    gonorous   Btipport
which    tbey  accorded  to him  lu  tho
recent  Municipal  Qlectlons,
Today is tbe ono hundred aud
tlfty fourth anniversary of the birth
of Robert Burns, an ovnnt which
will be celebrated by men und wo
men ol Scottish origin iu all parts
ol the world.
Qeorge Thrasher, of the Wentworth Motel stall, wus taken to the
hospital Wednesday, Buffering from
appendicitis. Ue was operated on
Thursday morning and is now m a
fair wny to recovery.
If you want tn purchase a homo
for yourself und your family set
Beale & Klwell, they cnn help you.
Why nre you paying rent from
month to month? They will bo
pleased to hnve a talk with you at
auy time.
C. H. Pollen went over to, Wasa on
Kriduy for business. Mr. Pollen is
the trustee for some English Capitalists and the results of ills vlBlt will
in all probability Ire resultant of
good to the district and especially to
Cranhrook Curlers returned from
the Kernie bonspiel on Friday, bring
ing wtth them the Ornnd Challenge
Trophy and Fernie Club cups. It is
plainly evident thnt thc Cranhrook
curlers are some with the "stanes
and besoms."
97 piece, Regular $17.00 and $18.00
Dinner Sets for $11.00. These sets
nre the latest designs' jrst received
this week from England. THE
For Tuesday nigbt. only the puces
at the Edison Theatre will he Mc «
10c. The reason for this is that the
management have gone to some
heavy expense to hove the privilege
of showing thc JohnBon-Flynn tight
The annual meeting of the Over
seas Club, for the election of ofllcers
and other important business will be
held neit Tuesday, January 28th at
8 p.m. prompt in the Carmen's Hall.
Every member is asked to keep this
date in mind and muke every effort
to Ue present.
will pay cash for ono hundred yards
of Gravel or Clean Earth, delivered
as directed—See W. R. Beatty.     2t
Small furn'Bhed shacks to lot ay
Heulo A Klwell.
Dave Griffith of Kort Btooio, „ Wild
Horse Pioneer of the early Blitlos Is
seriously ill, being routined to hln
residence in Steele.
Some of tbo Caleinlars (or this
year are genuine worl n ot Art i ml
woll worth framlng-RRMKMHER-
Kllby Ki nines Pictures.
Goats for Sale
i Nannie Goat $25,110
1 Young Millie > 10,00
Apply P. 0. Drawer "M"
Cranbrook, B.C.
D. J. Brady and B. G. Hamilton,
of Invermere, were in town Thursday
His friends bear sympathy with him
in his family's bereavement,
having made a special journey from
the up-country to ho proBQnt at the
Associated Hoards of Trade meeting
held at Fort Steole.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Rookor, of Edmon
ton, were Crnnhrook visitors Tuesday. Mr. Hooker was formerly a
resident of Crnnbrook, and la now a
proprietor of n hotol In Edmonton.
He wns enroute to California to
spend the winter. His mnny frlonds
In Cranbrook were pleased to see
LATEST DESIGNS-'J7 pioco dinner Bets, regulnr 117.00 and $18.00
lor $11.00 at tho KINK MERCANTILE CO., Ltd.
Tho .lohnson-Flynu light pictures
will he shown ut tbo Udlsoti Theatre
nn Tuesiluy. They uro remnrknblo
pictures of tholr kind. The ulu s
were shown in Calgary and Edmonton, und tbo press reports rinsed
the pictures au fur above tiiose of
nny tlmt hnve been tnken ol any big
pugilistic encounter for clearness and
detail. The press reports from tbe
north are true. The pictures ure do-
cldly above the average, nnd there
is not a point in the historic pugilistic battle lias been lost by the movie
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O, Bot 802 Cranhrook. B.C
Don't Forget  that there  is
to be a Carnival Monday
night.   When yon are getting
your Costume  come   in   and
pick out one of our Masks or
We have the Largest Stoek of these goods in
Company, Limited
"The Rexall Store"
•H-M-H-M-l H-1--I-l-l-.-.•!•. ****** -! :-!,rr+-MK-..--H-H-_•.-.•*
Heating  Stoves
Buy Now
Save Money
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook, B.C. Phone 5   i
****r4*****4**4**4*H* *****l****************
il Milk Milk Milki
Hillside Dairy
Experience has taught us every precaution necessary for the production of the
highest grade of milk.
We feel sure lhat one trial will prove this.
J. A. Pringle, Proprietor
Phone—"Hillside Dairy," Box 373
Milk can always be obtained from
■ >
*******r******t****r*** ********•*************.!
H Adrianople to Fall
Kruno* COUnoll of the Ottomfin empire
voted to'liiy in fnvor o; noceptlng
the jrrnjioHii'H put forvv.iril hy the
rhiropufin pnwern for tlm purpoM of
hrim-lni' Ahotlt tin GonoUtllotl ol
Thc joint note of th" prj-vorH ml-
vIhimI Turl-oy to i.'c;le Ailrlnnnplo to
lho iilllen nnd to leave thrr Into of
Am-min Irilnnrln to the poworrs fnr
future dotormlnntlon. tn return the
poworn promiHcd Turliey thn'r heno-
volcnt mrpport iih lon« as Turkey ile-
ferred to their counsel.
The collection ol dinner nln wo
nre ollerlne. for sale tbi. week is a
nhlpment we ordered bofore wo decided to dUoontlnuo the croOaOry
hurilnesri; tlr.it in the renson wo ure
oiterini, them at such n rldlouloutly
low fljure.—Tho KINK MlOnOAN-
Tll.K CO., Ltd.
The fire tilnrm sounded on Thursdny i-nllini' tne hrL.ade to .1. Keril-
ijiin's Brewery. The brlgndo under
Fire-chief Foster fonnd upon nrrivul
that there wns no need to turn on
the writer ns it was only thc chimney
which hnd caught Urn nnd w is tivinn
ol! n lot of sparks, much to tho a-
larni of the chinamen In that part of
tho city. The promptness with which
the call wns unsworn I aponlcs voluinn
for tho mon who nm so onreliilly
watching ovor the safety of tlio olty.
Undor lho new l.iw rolatlng in the
possession ol dnngoroua weapons It
Is to be mnilo nn otTontro for any
porson under IH yens of ii...a to liavo
bin possession a revolver, aliaK-
shot, brass knuckles or othor similar
weupnlis. II. Is fim thi' p.mil. an of
fonse for any one to aell such weapons to minors nml all miles of weapons are to ho OOmpulsorlly reported
to the police.
■ -.-.s
Liquor Habit Cured
iu Throe Days
N'o llyp'odoi-mlo liiji-i'llon.   Send
'or tree l-ofllflal
riox 325 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick Ave. & Rains St.
People Should Guard Against
Cranhrook peoplo who hnve stomach and bowel trouble should gunrd
nk-alnnt appendicitis hy taking simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, otc.,
nn compounded In Adlor l-ka, tho
Herman remedy which became f munis
hy curing apponillcltln. A MINGLM
DOSID relieves sour stomach, gas on
tho stomach and constipation IN
UTANTLY because this simple mll-
tnre antiseptlcl/cs tho digestive organs nnd draws oil tho impurities.
Ileuttio- Murphy Co. 43-lt


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