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The Prospector Oct 26, 1912

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Array Our  $5.00 Watch
li  Exceptional  Good  VALUE
16 Size, Open Vice. 15 Jewel
Movement in N inkle nr Gun
Metal Cuu-
The   Leading fcew»K»per,„   „
^rrr   ,9 jf) j21
The   ^^;.^
$2.00 Per Year
OCTOBER 26th, 1912
Banquet to Sir Richard
Love-Feast Attended by Both Political Parties
Sir Hit.hard McBride, premier of
BritiBb Columbia, and tbe Hon. R.F
Green, M.P., were the central figures
nt a bunquet which wna given in
their honor by the Cranbrook Conservative association, on Saturday
night to wblcb nearly 100 snt down.
Tbe banquet wat*} held under
the auspices of the local Conservative Association Invitations,
however, hnd been extended to
a large number of Liberals.
Kvery chair wns Ailed. J. D. Mo
Bride occupied the chair and the toast
list was long, tbe Bpeecbea excellent,
the evening being declared tbe best
of its kind ever held in the Banner
City of the Kootenays.
The banquet was a very
pleasant affair, extremely friendliness, irrespective of party affiliations, was Indicated throughout the
The dining-room was beautifully
decorated and the music, supplied by
Guerard's Orchestra, excellent.
This social event, while under the
auspices of the Conservative association, was a non-political affair, in
which Sir Richard McBride, premier
of British Columbia; Hon. R. F.
Green, M.P. for Kootenay; Thos. D.
Caven. M.L.A., for Cranbrook;) Dr.
J. H. King. ex-M.L.A,, for Cranbrook; Senator Hewett Rostock, of
Ducks, B.C., nnd Mayor Bowness of
this city were the central figures, be--
sidea a score of visitors from Fernie,
Klmherley, Marysville, Wycliffe, Moyie, Wattsburg, Fort Steele and
Wardner were present.
The table, which in a great
square encircled the room, wns beautifully decorated with flowers and
was well supplied with substantial
things which men delight to partake
The large doors of the dining room
were opened at 10 p.m., and with
the orchestra playing lively airs, the
large crowd filed In and took their
respective seats. .1. D. McBride, as
chairman,    occupied   a centTal poBit-
ottewu—Subservient to the formal
acceptance of his resignation as minister ol public works, Hon. F. D.
Monk left lor Montreal this alter
noon. Only u lew personal Irlends
were at the Btation to see bim off.
Mr. Monk stnted that he would be
back in the capitol In the course ol
a day or two, anil that a little later he would io to Atlantic City lor
a well earned rest.
The work of administering the mul-
tifnrioUM affairs of the department
will at once be assumed by Hon.
Oeorge Perley, ministor without port
folio from Quebec. He will remain
at thc post until Mr. Monk's perman
ent successor is installed. Mr. Perley was acting premier all summer
during the absence in England ol the
Right Hon. R. L. Borden, and he is
now called upon to administer what
is probnbly the heaviest department.
As minister without portfolio he
does not receive nny pity for his services.
Ottawa—The nnmo ol Louis Coder-
re, Conservative momlier for Hochel-
ga, ts mentioned in connection with
the cabinet vacancy. He is a lawyer
ol considerable ability and popular
with thc rnnk and llle nl the party.
It Is believed he would lmvo no
difficulty in carry tlic constituency.
Ottawa—Hon. T. ft. Hproule, speak
or ol the house, arrived today lor
the purpose of giving Instructions to
tho house ol commons staff In re
gurd to the sessional arrangements,
owing to the uncertainty uh ta
whether there wuuld lie u November
or January seuuion, the usual early
start was not mado, but Irom now
on everything will bo rushed to n
ronclusioii. Owing tn thc interest
growing nut of the naval uuestlon
und the big program nl legislation a
particularly brilliant opening lu anticipated.
Serious Accident
Louie Manning, the seventeen year
old son of J. A. Manning, met with
a eerious accident nn Wednesday at
Bull River.
Young Manning wae employed at
the O.P.R. Mill ut Bull River as a
llreman. On Wednesday morning, it
was noticed that steam wae getting
low, and n man wns dispatched to
the boiler room tn ascertain the
cause, lle found the boy under tho
mill unconscious, with his law Irac-
turod In four places.
No e.plunatlan nl how the accident nceiired in known. A special
train convoyed the young mnn to
Ornnbrook, and he Is now at tho Ht.
Kill-one hospital 111 a most serious
condition. He Is still unconscious
almost ull the timo, regaining his
sonsen but Inr. n few socondB, thon
becoming unconscious again.
His lather, ,1. A. Manning who Is
superintendent of the mill is at
Oruntiinnk, mid the condition ol the
liny wan surb on Thursdny thut his
mother wiih wired lor.
There Is nn possible explanation nf
Ihe noclilont nml It will unly be
known when the Ind regains enneci-
ouaneen eo ne to tell the atory.
ion. On his right was Hir Richard,
supported by T. D. Oaven, and on
his left Hon. R. K. Oreeu and Senator Bostock. Among the old-timers
were Colonel George Dougherty, a
pioneer ol 1864, R. L. T. Qalbraith,
Indian Agent; A. B. Fenwick, A. R.
Watts, P. Lund, Wm. Carlin, Harry
Drew, George Watson and many
others who wore here in the early
days ol the district.
After the substantial viands had
been partaken of, the toast list was
reached and the oratory ol tbe evening commenced.
"The King" was drank standing
and received hearty cheers.
"Our Guests" was proposed by A.
K. Watts, ol Wattabur.-r, who, in a
very neat and appropriate speech
Paid tribute to tbe Premlor, and also
complimented our new number, Hon.
R. P. Green.
Sir Richard and Mr. Green replied
in briel, expressing tbeir gratitude ol
such evidences of good wishes ol
their hosts and the citizens of Cranbrook district.
R. L. T. Oalbralth, who has been
a resident of the Kootenny since 1874
proposed the toast "Our Dominion."
He reterred to the Dominion as a
whole, its relation to the Northern
Country, and told ol his personal experience in the Kootenays in early
Hon. It. F. Green and Senator Bostock responded, both speaking of Imperialism and Its relation to Cannda,
and patriotic devotion to British Columbia and Canada. Mr. Green reminding his hearers of Colonel Baker
who represented this district for several sessions in tbe Provincial assembly, paid a warm tribute to the mem
ory of the Colonel and to his Bes-
vices as n member In the provincial
house, also as a pioneer in the development ot the Kootenays.
SenatorBostock spoke of Imperiai-
(Contlnued on Page  2.)
More Improvements
During the pn*rt summer the iruit
inspection service of the Department
of Agriculture evidently extended and
completely re-organized by Hon. Mnr
tin Burrell. The result hns been seen
this fall in the most efficient fruit
inspection Canada has ever bad. At
the lust Dominion Fruit Growers'
conferences great streBs was laid on
the Importance of tho proper grading
and marketing of the fruit and thc
need for more extended inspection,
especially at points of shipment and
of fruit coming in from the United
States. As far.as possible tbe ideas
of the .fruit growers has been followed in the re-organization.
The country has been dlvi'ded into
live Inspectorial district., as follows
Marat-hue Provinces, C.uehec and Gas-
tern Ontnrio, Western Ontario, prairie Provinces and British Columbia.
In addition to the five chief inspectors fifteen temporary inspectors
have been added tn the staff.
In the past Canadian export fruit
has iteen closely inspected, with the
result that Dominion fruit stands
high ln thu markets ot Great Britian
nnd Europe. Despite continual re
quests for better domestic inspection,
Hon. Sydney Fisher neglected to Improve the arrangements for inspection of domestic consumption. The
local buyer both in east and west
has thus been at tbe mercy of unscrupulous dealers. The change
which Mr. Burrell Iiiih effected has
given nhe domestic market almost as
close Inspection as is given In the
rase of export fruit.
Abandons Trip
Golden, II.O., Oct.2I—Important
public business necessitated tho pre-
mler's return to Victoriu nn Thursday Irom Revelstoke. He cannot
therefore nccopt tho Invitation to attend tho hnnquot by tho Creston
bonrd ol trade and ban wired that
body to this effect.
Wilmer, B.C., Oct.lil-Slr Richard
McBrlde, arrived per automobile nt
Invormoro ou Sunday evening. He
was accompanlod liy Robert F. Groen
member fnr tbe Dominion house for
this constitiitency. Today they held
n caucus with the members of tbe
Conservative party and left per car
this afternoon lor Golden. R. F
flrocn is receiving strong support
throughout this part as the proper
person for the new portfolio hh mill'
iHtor of mines.
The registrntlon of License Holders
closes on October 'Unt., und the reg
Istrntion of Property Holdera on
November Mth. It Is woll lor all
persons Interested tn take notice ol
these .lutes, nnd if you are qualified
undor either of the above heads nnd
desirous ol voting ut the next Muni
clpal election to see that your names
nre duly registered on or before tbe
above dates
The Dry-Farming Congress
At Lethbridge
British Columbia and the  Kootenays in the Lead—
Cranbrook   Well  Advertised—Ryan
Scores with Minerals
Although the Lethbrldge Dry Panning Congress was opened on Monday,
Tuesday was really Che opening day
of the great exhibition and congress.
A busty run through the various
state and provincial special exhibits
gives but a superficial idea of what
it really is and what it ia going to
accomplish by way of education in a
subject which is called dry and treat
of dryness to British Columbians especially, the congress will mean
All the delegates und spectators
from B.C. showed their appreciation
of the attention shown thc provincial exhibits which is boused In a
building some distance from the main
hall and a little inconvenient of access. CrowdB streamed through the
hall all day und judging from the expressions of surprise and wonderment
it was perhaps the most interesting
provincial or state exhibit on the
The Nelson display of boxed fruit
wus the largest uf the many fruit
displays from British Columbia and
was awarded the special prize for the
best display of boxed fruit. Among
the multitude of Apples from everywhere J. Nicholson of Salmon Arm,
British Columbia, took the prize for
tho largest apples in a world wide
On entering tbe British Columbia
building, Creston apples and otber
fruits ore the first to meet the eyes
of the multitude; just beyond comes
ihe East Kootenay display with many
striking samples, John Levitt, J.
Hamilton, the St.Eugene Mission,St.
Mary's prairie and V. Lund, all have
..no displays • t iruit -and vegetables
which are eye openers tti tbo prairie
farmers wbo are thronging the building. Knslo comes next with one of
her fine displays, aud then comes the
big Nelson  collection of apples, over
October 23, 1912
Kditor, Prospector,
Dear sir:
Cranbrook, B. 0.
By request of Field Marshall. H.R.
H., the Duke of Connaught, K.C,
Governor-Geneeal of Canada, I am
forming a branch of the National Vet
erans Association tor the Oranbrook
A meeting will be held at the Royal Hntel. Cranbronk nn Saturday,
the second nf November, nt which I
have asked T. D. On von. Esq,,, M.P.P
to take the chair.
I havo the honor to lie, sir,
Your obedient servant,
Edgar Sainsbury,
Acting Secretary.
Poultry Association
Next Friday there will he a meeting of the Local Poultry and Pet
Stool. Association in the Government
Building at K p.m. The Association
in the interests of the members, are
anticipating bringing Into tbe city
one or more cars of feed and it Is
Imped that tbe members will avail
themselves of this opportunity of get
ting some cheap feed by giving the
secretary the quantity thoy may require for the coming sen son. A
good attendance at this meeting is
requested hh many matters of Importance will be brought up for dls*
Additional Locals
Hickory and Butter Nuts at KINK
rim.-: pood groohry.
There are flVO married men In tho
city who believe they cnn koep any
bunch of "bowlers" in the city busy
and they issue a challenge to any
bowlers In Cranhrook, games to bn
played on any of both alleys Send
answer to Y.M.C.A.
Chas. 0-ruslcy or Waldo, was laid
to rest in the Ornnbrook Cemetery
on Monday, llev. W. l-l. Dunham offl
elating. Mr, Qrnsley baa been sudor
Ing for some time now from the effect
of a sun 'stroke he had last summer
F. M. MnuPhorson bad chargo of the
funeral arrangements,
You llko a big Htock to choose
from   when   buy Ing  furniture—0.0.8.
Oranhrook's oxhll.lt   a* Lethbrldge
mnde good. The dlHplay of grain,
grasses, fruit and vegetable-- attracted the attention of mining men from
all over the country.   The lumber In-
100 boxes being most advantageously
placed. AcrosB the way from these
are tbe Kelowna, Armstrong and Pen
ticton displays. All told there are
more than 600 boxes of fruit which
with the vegetables, grains and grass
es of the collection, make thc lurges|
display to be seen on the grounds.
Cranbrook has played a winning
card with her individual building facing the main building in which many
individual collections are on display.
Joseph Ryan is in charge of a collec
tlon of Kootenay ore.s and is kept
constantly busy explaining and describing 8he processes of mining. H.
A. McKowan is in charge of a display of Kootenay woods and the finished product fro-m tbe forests. In
tbe British Columbia building is to
be found a moat interesting display
of the bee industry and Mr. Robinson is pushing the importance of this
industry in connection with the fruit
growing branch of industry in the
province. Prom New Westminster
and the island Ionic line displays,
that, from Nanaimo being a particularly good one.
LKTHBRIDOE, Wednesday—Today
has proven a red letter day for B.C.
exhibitors at the dry farming congress in the awarding of prizes, Cran
brook leading off with third for best
Winesnp apples to J. Hamilton; D.
Matherson of Armstrong also took
first for Mann Apples and Alexander
D. Graham of Armstrong second for
the same variety, J. Evans of Salmon Arm carried away first for King
variety and J.  I), Nicholson second.
D. Matherson, Armstrong, gets the
blue ribbon f-'r Wnter Banana and
Golden Russets. J. D. Braus got 1st
on McMahon White and came in (or
tirst again on Gravensteins. J. D.
Nicholson got flrst on Cox-Orange.
D. Graham, secured tlrst for Hydes,
King Nicholeon came flrst with Wolf
River   sample  and   for  crub   apples.
In the women's classes Mrs. Norman of Mirror Lake took second for
jelly and fruit by farm women ln one
jelly display. Miss Mildred Swiss of
Kuslo took ilrst prize for exhibit of
For the best state or provincial dis
play of boxed fruits, the trophy is a
handsome cup valued at $*M0, donated by tbe province of Manitoba. This
was won by British Columbia.
The next Dry Farming Congress is
to he held in Oklahoma, Reglna made
n strong bid for it but the invitation will in sli pcobability succeed
in obtaining the Congress for tbem
In  1914.
In conversation with Mr. T. J.
Doris and several others who have
visited the Fair we learn that the
general opinion Is thnt Cranbrook
and East Kootenay Exhibit held its
own with any of the rest on the
In respect to tbe mineral exhibit
sent in from this district, under the
charge of Joseph Ryan, the Hon.
Price Ellison has asked that this exhibit be packed up after the Fair is
over to i)e shipped to Chicago. Hon.
Price Ellison says it is the finest col
lection of minerals which he has ever
The whole of this district should
be indeed grateful to tbo labor Mr.
Ryan hns expended in his efforts towards gathering the exhibit together
nnd for the results obtained by his
interest in the same. UnmJstake-
ably the quality of tho '-xhlbit
shown will do more and be more far
reaching than can possibly be estimated for the city nnd district from
which it wns obtained.-—Hurrah for
the Kootenays.
dustry, under the charge of A. Mc
Kowan, also attracted the eyes to
East Kootenay-
The railroad commissioners of Canada have decided to make a western
trip in November, as soon as the
freight rate and telegraph tolls inquiries are over. It will probably be
the end of the month before they ean
get away from Ottawn. Thoy may
take evidence iu tho freight rat
cases at weetern points.
A mnn named E. Dwyer, a teamster In tbe employ of the C.P.R.
Lumber Co', at Bull Riber, was
killed on Tuesday by falling from his
wagon which struck into a deep rut
In the road, turned over and dumped
the entire load on him. HiB remains
waabrought to Cranbrook, Thursday,
in charge of Undertaker MacPherson.
French Truffles for Dressing at
W. B. Bargett received last week
pedigree stock from the prairie consisting of Ayrshire cows and one
shorthorn bull. Hince the time of
purchase one of tbe cows gave birth
to a calf which now, only a week
old, is worth about $50.00. 'This addition to his already tine stock will
bring Mr. Bargett'B dairy farm up to
a very high standard.
Mrs. Arch liettch entertained a
numfbor of friends at u Party on Wednesday evening in honor of Miss
Jessie Leitch, of Vancouvee, who ia
visiting her relatives in tbln city.
There were a large number of guests
present and the evenings program included an Informal supper, singing
and dancing. The evening was enjoyed by all.
Come and see our new stock nf fur
tli ture just received. —C.0.8,
Excavation lor the foundation of
the new men's clnb to he erected on
the opposite corner to the Methodist,
church commenced this week, The
building will be K0 x au, The "Gym*
proper will be f.d X80 and Ifi feet In
height, Tbe swimming pool will 1)0
20 x 40, eight feet, deep at one end
nnd three feet at tbe other. A
young man's club will be formed,
wblcb will have charge of the building. _  _
Owing to the retirement i>f Mrs.
OllOrard from taking part in the orchestra nt the Auditorium, Mr. W. J
B, Guerard, mnnngor, ban secured
the service.) of MIhr Helena Htilpinan
to Officiate at the piano. Mist Shlp-
man Is n talented player, having
come from Iliwton, Mass., and played In several of the larger cH/i0fl of
the United States. Hhe will be a
great favorite with the patrons of
the Auditorium.
Inspector Humphries and Sergeant
Venice, of tbe Northwest Mounted
Police came in on Thursday's local
having In charge a man named Bates
wbo is wanted iu Idaho on a charge
of "White Slavery." It ia said tbat
Bates was arrested in Idaho, charged
with being engaged in the White
Slave tratile, broke jail and escaped
to Alberta, where he waB arrested.
He waa ordered to be deported by
the immigration officers and taken to
Kingsgate for deportation.
Bates is said to be the owner of a
large ranch in Alberta where his
wlfo made her home. Mrs, Bates accompanied tbe party and will remain
with her husband until his trial ts
W.   W.   KILBY
P.O.  Box 802 Cranbrook, B.C,
(From our Special Correspondent)
Mr. James Taylor, of the Ynhk
Mill who has just returned from the
east with a young wife, was welcomed back on Monday evening when
a dance was given in the Yahk hotel.
Many friends from n distance were
also present,
Mr. Chas. Hilton Is still in Cranbrook visiting friends.
Mr. Hyles, of Glenlilly, with his
wife and family have goue to
Cranbrook, having closed his ranch
for the winter
The King's Lumber Camp is expect
ed to close down this week,
Wc are glad to see Mrs. Larson
buck, restored to her usual good
Premier R. L. Borden
A British View of Him and the Naval Question
Sir Mackenzie Bnwell Hut
While descending the stairs at the
Albany club, Wednesday, Hir Mm*.ken
/.ie Unwell, former prune minister of
Canada, tripped and fell VI steps tu
tho landing below. He siHTered an
abrasion of the ROM and superficial
Injuries ou tbe chest. Hir Mackenzie
bad stopped at Toronto enroute
from the west. His arcident. is not
of n SCrlOllfl nature,
I beg every young man today tu
draw out a sketch of what, by tbe
graco of (lod, be means to be,
Think no excellence so high thnt you
cannot reach It. lie wbo stmtH out
In life with a high Ideal of character
and with faith in Its attainment,
will tind himself encased from a
thousand temptations, Ood pro*
vldoti for you the Held, the armour
and tbe fortifications. --T, DoWitt
i Talmage, D.D.
(From the London Morning Post)
Mr. Borden has met a warm welcome on his return to Canada, not
only from his own point of view, aa
our correspondent informed us, from
the people of Quebec and Montreal.
Hia welcome, in fact, is in tbe nature of a national demonstration.
Hla visit to England to consult with
the Mother Country on the defence of
tbe Empire bus appealed to the Imperialists of Canada.
Canadians are proud of tbo fact
that tbeir Prime Minister should con
suit with the Imperial Government
upon equal terms. They feel that by
thla course Canada takes her place
In the world not as an adjunct of
England, hut as a helpmeet nnd ally of England.
Mr. Borden has been called to the,
councils   of   the   Empire,   aqd   with i
Hn**r*-s   B.npuuuQ   univ-'iinsuoo    hmh
und   dignity   ure   assured.   And the
Dominion is being brought to realize
by the irrlsistlble logic of events aa
well as by her own growth  and the'
growth of her interest**! and ambition i
that it is no longer either seemly or
possible to remain n  merely  colonial
State depending on the strong  arm
of England for protection.
The resources of England are inadequate to the growing taw!;. Canada must help. Otherwise there is
no assurance of Canadian freedom or
Canadian security. Sir Wilfrid Laurier recently stated that while the interests of England lay in armna-
metits, tbe interest of Cnnada lay In
railroads. That ts not true. Unless
the sea is open and secure, tbe railroads of Canada lead nowhere, By
developing the railway system of the!
Dominion upon east and west lines,'
successive Canadian Governments
committed the future of their coun-!
try to thc oceans, and therefore the
security of the ocean routes is a Can
adinn question. |
If Canada had developed upon
north or south lines, if she had lwen
Mining Notes
A report wnn recri\ed in Cranbrook thla week of a rich strike of
ore In the St. Eugene Mine atMoyle.
At present 32 men are employed at
the mine and the ore now coming
from the mine is of high grade quality.
The "Steam Shovel" outfit, under;
tho management of Jim Macdonald, j
has a force of men employed In prospecting the immense gravel bar by J
means of o 'diamond drill'. Satis-j
factory results have already been ob-
talned, and, enrly in the coming sen-]
son. a large force of miners will be J
Over five tons of ore specimens
from the mines in Cranbrook diatrict
are being exhibited at she Lethbridge
Dry Farming Congress
On Wild Horse Creek, a Chinese
compnny ts busy cleaning up. Handsome profits are expected to be the
result of this season's work.
The mineral output from the mines
in the Cranbrook district for the
past week are: Ht. Eugene 63 tonB;
Sullivan Mine 476 tons; totaling for
the year to date 25,280.
Tbe St. Eugene Mine has a force of
about 40 men at work engaged In
taking oUt high grade lead ore.
The Society Girl has a small force
at work engaged in driving a tunnel
to reach the vein. A small quantity
of ore is being shipped.
The Aurora is in a fair wuy to
become a producing mine. Indications point towards tho striking of
the main lead in a very short distance, nnd ore is found ln smnll
bunches in the 'ice of the tunnel.
Denies Report
During the week a dispatch email ,
ating from Victoria stitlng thnt i
stumping powder would he furnished '
tree by the government to bona tide
settlers was given prominence in several newspapers ol the province.
Tbls statement was featured on the
front page of our last issue Wednesday, however, the following was
"The statement, appearing 111 "The
News Advertiser of Wednesday last,
regarding the supply of stumping
powder to settlers in this province,
is quite Incorrect" stated the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. W. G.
Scott,    Monday.    "Stumping powder
is not supplied tree to members of
Farmer's Institutes, but. at a reduced price ol live dollars per case at
the factory. No circular has been
ront out hy the Department of Agrt-
culture tn that ellect."
A    very   quite wedding was coneu
mated on Wednesday, when the Rev,
W. E. Dunham, at the Methodist
parsonage milted in marriage Mr.
OllWir Jensen, of Fort Hteele, to Mrs
OllVfl Ai'nes Brewer, of Calgary. A.
II. Kenwick was groomsman and Mrs.
W. B. Qrubb was bridesmaid. The'
newlv wedded couple will rettlde at
Fort Steele. I
content to become an adjunct of Chicago, then it might have been posei-
ble to look further than her railway
system. The oversea transport of
Canadian products would then hav*
been through American ports and
might hnve been the care of the United States navy, Canada would then
have beeu protected by the Monro*
Doctrine. But at what price? At the
price of Canadian independence.
What shall it profit a nation if it
gain the whole world and lose its
own soul? And what we might call
the soul of Canada Is the spirit in
which Canada was born, a spirit not
Of Republicanism, but of Monarchy,
a spirit of constitutional freedom.
The whole history of Canada shown
her desire to be independent of the
United Stntes, to develope along her
own lines, which are not federal nor
republican nor secular.
Friendliness with tbe United States
there may be; but dependence upon
or federation with the United States
| never. This is tbe sentiment not on-
| ly of the British Canadian hut of the
I FrenchCanadtan also, and whenever
; politicians, out of regard for the ma-
! terial interests of Canada, have at-
i tempted to depart from that uenti-
j ment they have met disaster.
1 The failure of the Imperial Government to understand the national sentiment of Cnnnua led recently to ou
of tbo greatest blunders England haa
ever made in her relations with the
Dominion. Tbat the mistake did not
end In disaster we have largely to
thank Mr. Borden.
Mr Borden will be encouraged by
tbe welcome he has received from tbo
Canadian people to proceed upon the
path which he conceives to he the
path of duty. "Everyone recognizee
he said at Ottawa recently, "that w«
have duties and obligations to meet,
and I can say that we will not be appalled by tbe magnitude of the tasts
(Continued on Page 5.)
When Germany Strikes
London--"Germany will make war"
was the title of an impreeslvelepeech
made by Lord Roberts last Tuesday
night. He said: "Now, just aa ln
18fifi and in 11.70, war will take place
the instant the German forces by
laud and sea are by their superiority
at every point as certain of victory
as anything in human calculations
can be made certain. Germany
strikes when Germany's hour has
struck that is the time-honored policy of her foreign ofllce. It ls her
policy at thc present time; tt is or
should tie the policy of every nation
prepared to play a great part in history. Under that policy Germany
hns, wlthlu the last ten years
sprung as at one bound from the
weakest naval power to that of the
greatest naval power, save one, upon
the globe Today every British war*
ship and British vessel thrills in all
her iron nerves to thnt mighty presence.
"The fact that we have lost command of every sea but one—the
North Sea—and our supremacy over
that sea is now a matter of doubt.
In other words, whereas your forefathers traded as their right on every
sea, you now only trade by the sufferance of other powers.
"We may stand still; Germany always advances, and the line along
which she is moving is now most
manifest. It ls toward complete supremacy by land and sea.
"Contrasted with our own apathy
or puerile spasmodic efforts, impressive is this magnificent unresting energy. It has tbe mark of true greatness; it exhorts admiration even from
those against whom It Is directed.
We have a fleet but tbat fleet is rapidly becoming unequal to the fleets
by which we may he opposed and by
the inadequacy of our land forces, It
is maimed and hampered In Its very
nature nn n fleet."
Exhibit from China
Six thousand miles Is a nice dls*
lance for any exhibit to travel even
to a world's fair. However, it was
not considered too far for the new
republic of China to send a fine dls
play of the dry farmed products of
that country, and at noon, Tuesday,
En Lung Hsieh had It In place, op*
posit* the C.VM. exhibit.
"This Is the Ilrst time we have aver exhibited nt the Dry Farming Oon
gross," said thfl gentleman from China, "Imt. it wtll not be the Inst).
Our exhibits may not be very good
yet, but tliey will be better. China
is awakening to Its agricultural po#*
HlhlhtiCH, and such organizations ae
the Dry Farming Congress are going
t<> do much for us."
Black Barley Is one of the features
ol the exhibit, which Is composed
mostly of grains, and different qualities of wool from their flocks.
Visitors who hiiw the exhibit were
greatly Interested, and Hon. Mr.
Hsieh thinks It will not be many
years before the people of America
will be attending a Dry Farming O-oft
Provincial Elections' Act
TAKE NOTICE that I have received objections In writing to tho re
tention ol the tollowinn unmet, on the Register ol Voters lor the Gran-
Beook Electoral Diitrict on the grounds as stated below.
AMU tnke notice that at a Court ol Revision tu be held on thc isth
day ol November, 1912 at the Court House in Cranbrook at ten o'clock
in the lorenoon. I shall hear and determine the said objections, aud un
1M0 auch named persons or son** other Provincial Voter on tbeir behalf
satisfies me that such objections are not well lounded I shall strike such
names ofi the said Register.
A   0   NELSON.
Registrar ol  Voters.
Dated this 21st day ol Octoher. 1912.
The following persons are reported absent from the district
C. Adney, Hugh Charles Owen       Wardner
8. Akerlind, Olal August        cranbrook
10. Allen, Walter Lon'o        1'7*"
13. Allies,  Harry      Cranbrook
32. Armatrong, Richard Ernest      Cranbrook
44. Atkins,  Levy Henry     Cranbrook
55. Babbitt,    Charles Samuel       Cranbrook
61. Baird,   Robert   Douglas         Cranbrook
77. Barclay,    William           Wardner
83. Barnes,   Adam         Marysville
107. Baylis.   Herbert         Marys. ilie
124. Bell, Albert Carmen         Cranbrook
143. Bertram,  John          Cranbrook
1S2. Bingham.  Benjamin        Oranbrook
170. Black,    Daniel            Cranbrook
174. Blayney, Charles          Cranbrook
176. Blondewu, Joseph         Cranbrook
806. Bray, Vivian Morcom    Oranbrook
226. Brooks,    Oeorge Muller       Cranbrook
241. Brown, Ronald Laurie   Cranbrook
260. Burdett. Norman William         Moyi;
318. Carlson, Charles Magnus         Wardner
323. Carr, William James         Marys-.lie
328. Carruthers.   Kenneth Burpee          Moyie
329, Carruthers, Peter     Cranbrook
335. Carter, Beverley Arthur   Cranbrook
365. Charbonneau,   Joseph  Frederick  Cranbrook
377. Clark, Andrew     Cranbrook
443. Crackles, William      Cranbrook
485. Cuah, John   Cranbrook
526. Dickson, James Edgar     Oranbrook
563. Drisdell, David   Cranbrook
564. Drummond, Thomas l^wis     Cranbrook
597. English, Armond James      Cranbrook
674. Prankish.  Albert   Cranbrook
687. Fullerton, Mathew       Wardner
6H9. Fulton, John (leaner   Cranbrook
697. Qanong, Augustus John      Crnnbrook
698. fiard, John   Cranbrook
699. Garden, Oeorge Dawson     Moyle
700. Garden,  John      Cranbrook
713. Gesnel, William      Crnnhrook
714. Gibbons, John rthuw      Crnnhrook
719, Gilchrist, Jumes Garrison     Cranhrook
742. Godart. Benjamin  Oranbrook
756, Grace,  Lawrence Tliornwaitit    Cranbrook
774. Grieg,  William   Cranbrook
775. Drevett, Frederic George     Cranhrook
778. Griflln, John William   Oranbrook
791. Hass.  John Alphonas   Cranhrook
8(12. Hall, Watson Hmytlie   Cranhrook
817. Hanson,  John I'  Cranhrook
818, Harrison. Alei. Orawlord   Cranbrook
830. Hart. Frank     Cranbrook
852.  Henley, Jnnies     Cranhrook
874. Harriett, Alfred Kdward   Cranbrook
878. Hickey. Frank     Marysvillo
879. Hicks.   Fred      Crnnbrook
884   Hillier. George   Cranbrook
891. Hogarth.  Alexander    Cranbrook
892. Hogboi'g,    John     Crnnhrook
898. Holmes, Richard   Cranbrook
918. Hoyle. Arnold      Cranbrook
920. Huihes.  Charles    Cranbrook
921. Hughes.  James   Kimherley
928. Hurley, Harry Wurman   Cranbrook
929. Hnrteau,  Thomas       Cranbrook
933. Hyndinnn,  llavid   William     Cranhrook
935. Ingram. George Daniel      Cranhrook
945. Jarnieson.  Charles Graham      Cranbrook
947. Jarvls, Victor Reginald          Oranbrook
955.  Jobling.   Isaac     Cranbrook
968.  John.  William  Robert     Cranbrook
959.  John,  Thomas  Arkleas   Cranbrook
963. Johnson, Oharlea OUnnar    Cranbrook
975   Johnston    David         Cranbrook
979.  Jolly,  Arthur John      Cranbrook
985. Jones. William W Cranhrook
993. Kay.  James Frederick     Cranbrook
994. Keaney. Patrick       . Kingsgate
1000. Kelly. Hamilton David          Moyle
1022 Ken. Joseph Herlen  Cranbrook
1023 Kerr, Roland cranhrook
1060. Lane, Charles Edward    Oranbrook
1061. Lane. Frederick J,,Iin         Cranbrook
1067. Ij.uk.   Harlan  Huiitli      Cranbrook
10*7. Lehast.nre,   Jean  Louis     Wattsburg
1088   LebenU,   JoHepli Cranbrook
1101. Irf.Vnci.mte, Perry  Crnnbrook
1131,  Long,   William   Francis Cranbrook
1260. Mills. Hoiieri       Moyle
1266, Moe. Archibald Muir Oranbrook
1274   Moore,   Hreaton  l.ell.b     Crnnbrook
1282. Moran, Martin                     cranbrook
I28r,, Morlltt,  Charlen Ernest Oranbrook
1296. Morro.   John    crnnbrook
1313. Muriroe. Charles         Cranbrook
1*71. Macdonald. Harry ('lenient.        Moylfl
1382. Macdonald,  Malcolm  Archibald Cranbrook
1487   MrKe". John Walter   Cranbrook
1450   McKlllop, Donald Alei     cranhrook
1456. MrKinsliv,  Edward Carey  Crnnbrook
1471. McLean.  James     Cranbrook
14M. McNabb,  lllehard  Cranbrook
1541   Nicholson, Waltlr     Cranbrook
1561. Ormston, ('buries  Mowbray
1568. O'Neil, Freemnn   	
1604. Patton. Frederick D	
1619. Perry, Francis John Fred   Cranbrook
1662. Pugta, Benjamin     cranbrook
1650. Potvin,  Chnrles  .Cranbrook
1681. Read, Charles Henry      Crnnbrook
1743.  Royal.  Napoleon     Cranbrook
1774. Sawyer, William Oeorge   Cranbrook
1814. Sinclair. Fraser     Cranbrook
1817. Sinclair.   Robert    Cranbrook
1821. Sjoberg, John      Fort Steele  Junction
1842. Smith, George Thomas     Crnnbrook
1850. Smith. William       Crnnbrook
1868, Spurting,   Levi    Crnnbrook
1896. Steward, Horace   Cranbrook
1900, Stewart, Ooldwiu       Movie
1905. Stone.  Edward    Cranbrook
1917   St. Clair.  Byron Campbell     Cranbrook
1932. Sutherland, Roscoo Graham     Oranbrook
1972. Thompson, Mossom Boyd   Cranbrook
1973, Thompson,  Robert  Edward    Oranbrook
1979. Thomson,   Johu  Oranbrook
2001. Tuohey,  William David  Cranbrook
2070. Weisbrod.  Paul Frederick   Cranbrook
2071. Welch,  Oeorge     Cranbrook
2084   Whitobread, Kenneth E    Oranbrook
2106, Williamson,  Oharlea     Oranbrook
2120.  Wilson,  Thomas     Cranbrook
'' 2137. Woods, Frank Craig   Oranbrook
The following persons are reported as deceased
474. Olllhnlli,  Will,an,   	
747   Goldie.  Oeorge     Fort   Steele
861    Henderson. Andrew Green   Cranbrook
862. Henderson, Claude Cranbrook
!   S97. Holm. Ole      Wardner
1374.  McDonald,  John     Moyle
1737   Roaendahl. Peter     Klmberley
Banquet at Cranbrook
Visit of Sir Richard McBride and
Hon   R. I'. Green
Continued (r,,m page 1
ism   and    said tbat imper.a! defence
was   part Ol his political laith       He
said    that   a   good substantial navy
guarantee ol close connections between the Ini enst and west and
when this railway had been completed,   the   stories   told   by   the path-
I would    prove   of    great value to the ] bnders were true in every particular
; Empire     especially manned by Cana-  That    the    so-called    "Sea of Moun
diaus      He   „lso   spoke of increased   tains"   has been transformed into i
representation in the House ol Com-1 vas' store house of Mineral. Lumber
mons.    also   of   the Senate, that he' Ing,
itore h
Agricultural and Manufacturing
was   sure   that our present member,' industries     That hefore the complet
Mr. Green, would assist In securing
more senators for British Columbia.
When in J H King, ex-member
for Cranbrook rose to propose One
toast. "The City ol Cranbrook"
ther,' was loud cheering, Dr, King
als,, s;ioke ol Imperialism whlcb bad
found a strong abiding place in every
corner of the Empire. He nlso spoke
of ihe Kootenay Central railway
connections with Crnnbrook and Fort
Steele so thnt the central city ol
the district. Crnnhrook, would be in
touch with, and establish commercial
relations with thc larger Kootenay
and Columbia Valleys.
Mayor Howness, in reanonsc, aaid
that he was pleased the gathering
was non-polltlCal, aB it increased the
spirit of good fellowship. That
Cranbrook, without any exception
was the best city in thc interior ot
British Columbia. Thnt it had
larger area ol choice agricultural
land in close proximity to the city,
land that was lit lor any kind ol
farming and fruit raising, That
Cranbrook was the centre ol Agriculture. Lumber, Mining aud Commercial progress, that in a few years It
would have a population of more
thnn 10.00(1 people. Thos. Caven, M.
P.P.. then proposed the tonst of thc
evening. "The Province ol British
Columbia " Mr. Oaven said thnt
the subject wus too large u one to
do justice to iu a single speech. Tbat
he was a railroad man and knew
more nbout railways than he did ol
the topography ol the province; hut
he als,, knew tbnt it took railways
and brunch lines, like the Kootenay
Central t" populate a district, tbat
ibe K.c R. should have a connection
direct Irom Furl Steele to I'ran-
Thnt in Ins .minion Oran-
should have a demonstration
lhal the land was capable of
(arming and fruit raising
■U0h ii farm would give the
practical ideas to the larmer.
. endorsod the remarks ol Dr.
lie "I
King thai, politically, OranbrookOffl
could And did put up a hard political tight, and thai us soon nsthe
wuh over, the hatchet was burled,
und the ritl/ens shook bunds and put
shoulder to shoulder and strove lor
I itic   upbuilding   "f   u greater Oran-
, brook
In Hu Richard's response to the
ioa.li. "Tbi' Province ol British Co
lumhla" thai going hack to the
time when tbi' enst knew little of the
possibilities which Iny  bidden within
0 <oii,11.iiim   and    vnlloys i.i tbln
province, he hi.Id that il wns indeed
ii    great    honor to be entl Hilled with
replying   to   this  toast    He traced
the unfolding ol these resources iiii
III now there are none who could dpi
putt thn greal ness of the potential
ItlOl ol this province, Thut on nu
terlllg   the  Cuifi.ilerntlon,    the   build"
log of the Canadian
ion of the CP.lt. but one mail was
received in a month, und only 12 dur
ing a yenr; at its completion mail
was received every dny. That British Columbia was to receive her own
was guaranteeh by the British North
American Act. Thc coal beds of the
province were the most extensive in
the world, the timber resources the
largCBt on the American continent,
and tbat the possibilities of agriculture and fruit growing had been dem
onstrated by exhibits in all parts ol
the world and have received the high
est awards. He spoke briefly ol the
progress in educational lacllitles, ul-
so of the enlargement of the future.
Referring to railroads he said that
within the next Ave years he expected that an expenditure of $150,000,
000 would be made which would
bring still more of the natural
wealth of the province In touch with
the outer world. In cloning the Premier snid "thut his references to
those thingB which could not be mea
sured by dollar marks, but that the
optimism, the undying faith ol the
old-time pioneer could be proved by
the progress now e**\n: on in the
province, and that as nn uBset to
the province, the scenery, the grandeur of which could be found In
every mounthin, valley or stream In
ench purl of the province, was un Indication of its greatness. He wns
not hoasMng of these things in u
spirit ol envy or unjust rivalry of
other provinces for he glories In
them as part ol a Dominion ol great
provinces embraced iu tlic strong
arms of a mighty empire ol which we
formed a purt.
Peter Lund, ol Wardner. then proposed the toast "The Press." He
paid personal tribute to the Premier,
speaking of his Ilrst meeting with
hliu after he had been called upon to
form his ilrst cabinet. Responses
were mnde by F. ,1. Deiine, ol the
Oranbrook Herald, II, V. Mott. ol
the Associated Press, and A. II
Glace, of the PrOBneotor.
P. K. Wilson, lu ii very appropriate speech, proposed "Tbe Ladies"
which was responded to by Mr.
Lei tell.
In response to the toast "Minn
Host" Mr, George lloggnlth doiuited
bis share lo the Hood ol oratory.
Messrs, ll, T, Dry-Tier, Geo. Stevenson   and Mr. Lauhaek sang several
songs which were much   Appreciated.
one tonst which wiih not down on
the   program   wan thai proposed hy
Mr A. II Muni,umlil "The Hflllitu"
which wns responded to by Senator
linstock, who spoke in lavor ol the
naval policy ol the goveiiiiimiit, und
who also paid penionnl tribute to the
Premier ami his govorntnont since
Inking ofllCO
Thn   iiluglng   ,,l    "Cod    Snve    Ihn
King"   closed lhe largest   and most
social   evnnl   tlml   has   ever   taken
Pacific wus the   place Ul the Clly of Craubrook.
Wants Race under]
American Rules
"If they will only let me race im-
der tlififr own iuleB, tlmt it. nil I
wnnt," said Hir Tbon.ua Upton, the
English yachtsman, when Interviewed
on liiK arrival in Toronto recently.
"I do not want to race under the in
Ing in Great Brttlan and throughout
ternatlonal rules which govern yaoht
Kurope. All 1 auk is n chance tn
rnoa under tlio Universal rules, which
govern yacht racing ol all kimla In
tho United Btatos with tho single
ceptlon nl the race tor tho -Vmerlcan
in p io veil under thoso condition.)
the Americans would Imve n slight
ndvantngo but hh holders ol tho oup,
porbaps entitled to tlml and I certainly ilu nut wish tor any inodltlca
tlons Dut tho American oup rulos
are another matter altogether u«
iiii'iuluM tlmt no viiolit iluli in tlm
Unltod Btatos would permit mo bo
race witli it tinni Knell us i would
bave in build i"i Huh Bpectal r
such penalties would be attached
thai ii race would he out uf the qttes
tlon Dul what La more to tho pur
pose in that with the growth of freak
IshnesH in tho type uf the yatch ile
signed [oi the A. mer ion n cup it
would bo Impossible to Und a tie*
signet In iho old country who
would iiiniil a challongor tu sail on
its own bottom to New York which
thoy would consider to have u fair
chance. Fife won't do it. and Watson before he died, refused to risk it.
"His too bud, because 1 want another try for that cup. Last year I
had one of the most successful yacht
ing seasons in my career. I won all
kinds of cupn, 1 beat everything they
had in Germany and wound up by
liefeatim.* the Germany emperor easi
"And I haven't given up hope yet.
I have to see the New York Yacht
club officials on my return to New
York and I think there are Higns that
something may be dune which will
make it possible for me to challenge
them. There te no truth in the state
inentthttt they have absolutely refused to consider a compromise.
They are splendid fellows, every one
of them, and if anything can be done
I (eel sure it will he arranged."
■ ;+4**i+*M«**H"H****^^ .
Professional   <£arbs
 a ii 6	
1tob$e    Hotices
McVirrll.   &   PAKKBK
Notes and Comment
The Balkan War or the Hed Box
V ctory depressed the Now York
stock exchange this week.
There are many conflicting explanations of the high price of coal in
Crnnbrook. A public enquiry, under
the "Combines Act" might unearth
the real one.
The Cranbrook District Exhibition
building at Lethbridge was completed by Wednesday of this week, nnd
che exhibits were expected to reach
that city by Thursday. Everything
is ready far the opening o( the Congress.
After a mun has run over in his
mind the list of Republican uud Dem
ocrutir candidates he knows, he wonders that either party wins an election, '
Generally speaking the world moves
but still there arc localities in the
HtutCR where a good ball game at
tracts more attention than a presidential election.
Judging hy the returns from thc
Macdonald election, reciprocity Is
reasonably dend in that part of Muni
P.L.B.   &   O.H.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
W.   B\   GURD
llurrlstur, Bolicltor, etc.
Barristers, Solicitors ond Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Dank Building
ORANBROOK,    -    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Miuiug Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Bok 23G          Phone 222
CUAN11BOOK,    ...    B.O.
Drs.   KING   ft   aiUBH
Physicians and Surgeons
Oltlce at llealdence,  Armstrong Ave.
Office Hours:—
Poronoous -
9.00 to
Afternoons -
2.00 to
Evenings - -
7.30 to
Sundays  - -
2.30 to
-     -
Dr.    P.    B.
Oltlce ln Hanson Block
CltANBBOOK,    ...    B.O.
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Avenue Next to City Hall
Open D.y .nd Night Phono U]
When you
buy a "Kootenay'
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
is guaranteed
r milkers and ilculeisulike"
to be a Strong, iluruWe
rnnge und a perfect
i) o k c r and
I) n k
Mtile lilspuulully lo Hum It C.
K.i.pnii'H wlmii iiiu'cshiii'.v iilwayh
in stiicli hi Vnncouver,
K tubal mer,
Funeral Director,
''HONK 841)
Court I'ranlirook No. 8943.
Meet ln Caiincn'u Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Pearson, Sec, P.O. Box 018.
VlHiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook  Branch)
Meets   ln   tbe   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays in every month, at
8 p.tn.   Membership open to Brltisb
N.  A.  Wallingcr,   Pies
W. C. Orebbln, Sec'y.
P.O. Bo* 425.
Visiting members cordially welcome
A. V. ft A. M.
Regular   meetings   on   the
third   Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
. J. McSweyn, W'.rahlptul Master
J.  S. Peck, Secretary
No. 125, R. A. M.
Regular meetings-.—2nd Tuesday In
ench month at eight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   are   cordially Invited.
Ex. Comp.—A. C.  Shnlikland, E.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Craubrook, B.C.
Crescent Lodge, No, 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Frutornity Hull.
N. S. Houston, C. C.
K. A. Stride, K. R. ft S.
H, A. HIH, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Uo. 42
Meets every Mondny night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. E. Stephens VV. M. Harris
N. Q. Sec'y
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A, Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone ..•.•*
I'  O. llo, 845
No. 1049
Meeta every Wednesday at B p.m.
in   Royal   Black   Knights   Hall.
R. 8. Garrett, Sec.
PRIDE    OF    0 It A N 1111 0 0 K
Circle Nu.   1.13
Companions ol the Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall. Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Mouth ut
3 00 p.m., sharp.
Mrs. L. Wlilttnkor, 0. c
Mrs. I. Heigh, Sec.
Visiting   Companions  cordially   welcome, sett
'■'• Free "'"
., nee „„,i,
Hills* wbo till o»l
until llili. niii|iou
AT ONCF.i Sample ol Olll' ox-
11    lii'i-t   lu'iiinunalilp  uiid  fusel.
Hitting  llliKIIII  III nllol'l llllllll.
;; Blair Business College ;:
Spokane, Wash.
I   nm   iuli'ivitcil   In   Ilini-
IIOnH  I'lltli'Utlon.     I'luikHl. HI'llll
mo   (iill   Information  about
your Collegu. mul onpuclully
about tha luhjeuta chocked
it| ::
Bunk Ice uptliK*
■ i    . Typowrlilns
,   , QlllVrl -flit-Ill lll|!
Pt-iimr.iir.lilp    _
, , I ('llll In'i.'iri ll aOUI'DQ lOu'llt
Mi'li'k   .I'M*
Muili*   Over  Any
SI* B Cl A 1.
1,miles'   lloilVltr   or   lell   Huts
•Ui-.iiiet.i or Dyed any Color—
lllm-tu-il over the NoWtfRl Stylrn
lit IteiisotniMe lln Irs
Wt* hnve nu AiifiM, m Sola.fnr.
J. H. Smith
Mil Klltll     Tl:l1l|lll1
Frank Dezall
AoClll   llll
Deering bf McConnlck
Mowers fif Kins
Bicycles for Sale,
II Repairs Done nt rlonson-
ul-le Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
©to &tmtkrt)i
THE  STANDARD  Ih  lho   National
Weekly    N(lWfl|ia|)Or   nf   the   UiilMlnlt.il
of ('iiiiiiiIii.    ii ih national in nil it*
n Iiiih.
ii um**. iiiii tnoHt exiH'imive ongrnv-
JliKH,   |.ni. iirlii.;   Hir   |)llUtn«l'U|lllH   il<>1li
llll   over   ih,.   w.illil.
Mm nrllOloH nle iMlvlnlly HOloOtOl) -iM-1
iih   oditorUii   im Hoy   in   HiorouKhiy
a Rubscrliulon to Tlio Btamlnnl
nmlH (2.00 por year tn nny OlldroH In
Canudu or Qroni llrltnln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  t-l.iml.inl Puliliclilnti Co,,
Limited, Pul.li.lien. THE  PROSPECTOR,  r n,\\i.i.OOK.   K.C.
*"*r1l""' •/ll"" •fit—1   -/^■"■■•/y...   |H     || ft        VI" '- V *ft     li */!<•■ irl/b *Af****"*flr"'i */»!'   ll VTf     ll A " " V-lrlfti W*n iWj" ii Al  < " W"*" Vbr"*"\lV' iirJtai, n.^a,,,.-^,, .,iyiM_jAyi_,___jU_,ta*____n.
*«*A**a»****A*******VI**' M-*A*****»***a**»'»-H'»S***»-»* I**-**«*«Hfci»> —**JW»*» «a-*^W»«»«/'^Wfc-.^ft.»* »W)fr»*—»Sjl»» <-*'^)W*»»Wyw»-.><jfra'>»Wjft**»»W^W**-»WyW n » <-jfr-n-eWjfr.ee -W*fr-i*^fc»-«'*fratwW''fr w »ee^fr*»«Wl»>eeWy»»-»»-<-»,^«^Wjfr»3wW,fra
are moat at ease when gowned In moderately clinging skirts. But In connection with skirts the latest sensa-
tlonal model ln tailor madea 1b the
*\}upe pantalon,** or pantaloon skirt
This recent Parisian caprice has little
In common with the erstwhile harem
close gatherings at the waist line, confined by small buckles similar to those
used on a man's trousers. At each side
of the skirt ls a pocket, and to complete the resemblance to masculine attire braces fastened by buttons back
and front hold up ths skirt,'
This costume, needless to say, will
be adopted only by girls who go tn for
extremes In dress. And the wearer of
the "Jupe pantalon," when sitting
around at her club, Bmoklng cigarettes,
will look at first sight like a man In
shirt sleeves.
THERE are two styles predicted
for fall, a revival of the direc-
tolro types and the pannier
modes — not, however, the
pannier of olden times, but the new
pannier of 1913, which Is a strange
rendering of the original Idea, In many
Instances It looks only like an over-
skirt that Is turned over and fastened
down around the hem—an Inverted
bag, as It has been called.
Women have bcen so devoted to the
long, slim line that, as a rule, they do
not welcome wltb any degree ot en
thusiasm the Idea of being made to
look like bolsters with strings around
the middle, which undoubtedly la the
silhouette presented by the ultra pan*
nier skirt of today.
''Give us long, straight lines for our
tailor mades and we'll submit to drapery and hip effects for our less formal
costumes," said a woman recently
when Interviewing her dressmaker
about the ordering of "a few fall
This opinion will be echoed by the
majority ot women, wbo look best and
skirt of fame except that the harem
had the bottom ot the skirt while the
"Jupe pantalon" gives us the top of
the same garment   Tbls latest devel
opment la a skirt wltb a series ot Httle .Its unadorned severity.
Wltb this garment ts worn a shirt ot
white percale, perfectly flat and plain,
with long sleeves, wristlets and a high,
stiff collar—In fact, a man's shirt In all
There Is, however, a mannish shirt
that Is going to figure this fall conspicuously In the wardrobe of every
well dressed woman. This shirt Is
mostly made of white satin and, as I
said. Is extremely mannish In cut after the masculine dlrectolre standard.
It shows the long shoulder line, long
sleeves and a deeply opening Robespierre collar finished with plaited
frills. In many cases quantities of
buttons are used to outline trimming
edges on this new model.
A delightful shirt ot this character Is
built of pale gray satin with scarlet
pipings  around  the cuffs,  down  the
front and abeut the slanting arm holes
Tiny scarlet satin buttons set close together follow the line of pipings.
White satin shirts have small crystal
buttons, and a fascinating trick played
by thla new shirt Is the opening tor
three or tour buttons below ths Robespierre collar, a shirred tucker of flesh
colored chiffon being worn In the opening This gives the waist an unusual
appearance until on» discovers that
ths effect Is "faked."
To come back to skirts once more,
there la every reason to believe that
plaits will be Introduced In the
straight, narrow tailor made models.
Gome of the plaits appear In a panel
arrangement at the side and others as
a back finish, hut In every Instance i
they are pressed or stitched very flat.
and the skirt does not measure more!
than two nnd a halt yards about thej
bottom. For dressier costumes the nc-1
cordlon plaited Jupe Is seen even now
on Imported frock.-* nml In lis new
guise Is scant and clinging. Then there
Is the plaited underskirt, almost a ruffle effect nt the bottom of a skirt, say
about two feet deep, wilh a pannier or
tunic drapery at the top, that Is a very
favorite style Just now nnd Is a particularly good model for silk and thin
One of the newest fashions for late
summer and early fall combines three
or moro materials In n gown and always two or more colors. The lingerie
frock seen In Lhe illustration, with Its
dark taffeta coat, is nn example of contrasts In fabrics, while the blue serge
Illustrated Is a study ln color effects.
Very simple In line Is this coat of
green and gold taffeta worn above a
frock of cream net The coat Is almost
a straight tunic, with Magyar sleeves
cut In one with the garment, but the
exaggerated collar and cuffs ln rich
cluny Ince tend It much distinction.
Rows of tiny greon glass buttons are
set on the lace as an extra trimming
touch. This Is a French creation and
accompanies a lovely lingerie frock of
net and lace, The skirt only appears
In the cut
Tho colonial colors, navy blue and
buff, are represented In the dainty little autumn traveling suit of navy blue
serge designed for a September bride.
Thn coat Is gracefully cut and the
walking skirt Is short enough to reveal
buttoned boots of dull calf.
Among the Illustrations Is to be
found a typo of the dlrectolre costumes
that are promised for fall. As you see,
lt ls the masculine rather than the
feminine dress of the dlrectolre period
that has Inspired autumn fashions.
This suit Is of white broadcloth, and
the dlrectolre coat Is worn with a belt
of empire green leather. Embroidered
white ellk gloves meet the slashed
| f ALL BONNET FOR     j
•JIIIS charming fall bonnet fur a lit.
tie girl has Just arrived from Paris
It  ts made of blue uncut  velvet,  unc
against  the  t^ue  material  *re   poised
Butterfly Effects
-THERE Is at present a craze for but-
terfly effects. The design flutters
on parasol tops, on smart veilings end
Is worked tn wonderful Iridescent effects on the new trimmings.
The winged favorite Is used also as
shoe buckles, brooches, coiffure ornaments, and beautiful designs are seen
In enamels and small diamonds. Dlnck
satin and velvet butterfly bows edged
with brilliants or colored stones are
lovely The material Is slipped Into a
frame, end thus any color can be added
to the diamond's rimmed bow.
rPHERE aro slrls who Always appear
**- to get mora Invitations than they
ran accept and who are ashed to tho
.am. houses over and over again, white
other fair ones, Just as charming and
delightful to all outward view, never
ty any chauco receive second Invitations,
The popular visitor Is a tactful Individual who has the Itnaclt ot so merging her Individuality In that of the
family of which ah. I. a temporary
member thnt she scarcely seems a visitor, yet she never makes tho terrible
mistake of usurping family privileges.
She Is not late for breakfast or any
other meaL She does not give orders
lo servants or In any way attempt to
change the household routine.
When she Is asked where sh. would
like to go or what sh. would like to do
■he answers frankly Ther. la nothing
■nor. Irritating than th. "Oh, I don'l
care In the Ita.tl" or "Whatever you
llko" reply The desirable visitor exercises her tact, however. In this as In
.11 other things and takes rare not to
.uggrst fatiguing excursions to a hostess less youthfully active than herself
or furcn a host perhaps nut too well
dowered wltll this world's goods Into
needless expense. If yon desire to be
a pleasing visitor don't be too energetically bent on "helping." If you keep
your eyen open It will soon become evident If there are small services you can
render any member of the household.
Uut the girl who Insists on conking
.nin. particular dish or "doing the
flowers"—In both cases requiring half
• n hour's altendanc. getting her properties together—Is an unmitigated nul-
Don't monopolize your host's special
ehulr or use his writing table without
his direct suggestion. Don'l Utter the
living rooms with your possessions or
Ioavo your own room untidy Don't,
Just because you ar. visiting, sit down
and expect lo b. entertained .11 duy
long. Arrange to go walking or "writ,
letters" In your bedroom for an hour
or two a dny
nemcinbelng these things, you also
will b. of the visitors whose visits, unlike (bos. of angel., ar. nol tew and
(ar between.
Worth Remembering
fro cultivate laughter. A good laugh
I. better than medicine, as a rule,
.'o always keep your troubles to yourself. Most peopl. are too busy lo bo
bothered with or Interested In your
If posslbts, lo l.arn how lo tell • good
gtory and In this way .muss .nd entertain others,
To always try tt look on th* bright
ahle of life. Hoe lhe good In peopl.
•nd thing, and overlook lh. bad. We
can alwny. find something that I.
food, even It tt Drat everything seems
utterly bad.
If you ar. .uttering, to try to hide
four tchea and pains tinder • bright
ind cheerful countenance, and, If possible, * sunny .mil. and • hearty laugh,
It will help you «i much u those
•round you.
That a good humor.* oran or woman
ta alwaya w.looma, but • doleful on. If
■••'»» WHIM,
-THE new scarf arrangements are
really so elaborate that they become part of the bodice trimming.
This idea Is carried out on the gown
seen In the Illustration. The long drapery of black silk netting ta studded
with gold beads, and ths length of tissue Is wrapped Arm about the bodice
In luuava fashion and then brought
from the bach and twisted over the
arms, whero the long ends hang gracefully. Huch a scurf is adapted to a
great many different treatments, all aa
effective as the one pictured.
New Christening Gift
GIFTS for babies are so often silver
cups and silver rattles that a nice
gift, and at the same time s usnful one,
Is a relief to find. However, It really
Is to be had In • box which holds sli
little pairs of baby shoes and two little
pairs nf silk socks, wllh one pair of
knitted bootees These are i.rrunged
In • box which opens with a drawer.
Tha little shoes sre pink, bine und
white, and two pairs sre Shoes, two
pairs are soft kid moccasins nnd two
palm are little slippers, so that the
lianj Ii provided for literally at "every
step of tht way." Three little salln
ssrhels are also In the box, and ths
entire set may be had for 111
TF vegetables not quite fresh are
brought Into the kitchen there is
no hope of ever restoring them to first
class condition. Even good vegetables
will not be at their very best it not
property cared for after they have been
Most housewives think that washing
vegetables with water Is the last word
ln carefulness. So It Is If the wator Is
above suspicion, but when water Is not
considered saro for drinking it should
be boiled aa well for washing vegetables as It should bs for family consumption.
As to tho best way of washing vegetables, a few cautions will not come
amlBS. Some people never eat asparagus at table unless It has bcen prepared by some one who Is careful, as
they do not enjoy biting on sand. Tbe
cleaning of this vegetuble requires
conscience as well as time.
The bunch should be placed, heads
down, In water for some hours and
should be shaken back and forth to
dislodge the particles of earth.
Spinach le another vegetable whloh
requires the very best attention In the
cleaning line to free It from grit After the roots have been cut off tt should
be washed In s number of waters and
lifted out af tho pan ench time In loose
Imudfuls before the watet hus been
drain.'il off
Celery and lettuce and other satad
plants, eaten raw, must be washed
with cspeclul care. They should be
searchod with particular cure, leaf by
leaf, for Insects, washed In several waters and then wiped dry with a clean
cloth and put In a cold place tn become
crisp. Otherwise these vot-t.tub.es ers
not worth eating. •
Sure Cure For Dandruff
"DOUR over one heaping tablespoun-
1 fui of sulphur ouo quart ..tilling
water. Keep In an air tight venue! for
twenty-four hours, then drain off the
clear portion, Hub Into the acalp every night until the dandruff disappear*.
While treating the scalp for dandruff
It ls advisable that ono be very careful
about the shampoo. The following
liquid Is excellent fnr thts purposo,
leaving the scalp beautifully clean nnd
ttio hair as fluffy as one could wish:
Unit the yolk of one egg Into one pint
bot rainwater and add ons ounce rose*
mnry spirits Heat the mixture well
■nd use It warm, rubbing It well Into
the sculp end over the hair Rinse In
severul wnlers and sit In ths sun until
the hair Is dry.
A Dainty Collar
'pO wear with colored linen dressee ■
A sailor collar of sheerest mull Is
most effective
It requires a half yard of material.
After cutting the collar out finish the
edge wllh an Inch wide trill of finely
plaited net.
Cuffs to match may be mnde with
rounded or square, corners and edged
with plaited net
tf a touch of color Is desired a row
of feathorstltchlng where the net Is
Jetaeg to the collar supplies It
little roses mnde ot white silk that lend
u festive uir to tlio confection.
The bows at the side and slreamei
passing beneath the ciiln ur« effective
and graceful
m      IN  THE  CULINARY  WORLD       m
Grapefruit Cocktail.
QUT a chilled grapefruit In halves.
With a sharp, thin knife remove
the seeds and cut out each section of
fruit Serve the pulp with the juice In
dainty glasses. Two tablespoonfuls of
sugar end one tablespoonful of sherry
may be added to each glass or either
or both may be omitted. Another
method ts to take grapefruit Jules or
lemon and orange In equal proportions.
It Is then sweetened to taste, flavored
with maraschino and diluted Just before serving with charged water and
put In tall glasses with some of the
grapefruit pulp and a maraschino
Refreshing Beversges.
Any fresh fruit makes s delicious
drink at this time of the year when the
Juice squeexed trom It Is st ruined,
sweetened and tilled with cold soda or
aerated water. Or a sirup cnn be made
to be kept on hand by boiling the Juice
with sugar. To make the drinks use
a few spoonfuls ot this sirup a-ad nil
the glass with water, plain or carbonated. The most delicious lemonade
or limeade can be had at a moment's
notice tf the Juice of the fruit bo kept
on hand and mixed with sugar to taste.
It Is simplicity Itself to pour water over
this, and the drink Is ready.
Spiced Red Cabbage.
Shave a medium sized bend of red
cabbage and soak for half an hour In
cold water, then drain as dry as possible. In a eaucepan melt one heaping
tablespoonful of butler and one tablespoonful of sugar, ons teaspoonful of
salt, one-quarter teaspoonful of pepper,
six whole cloves and one-half cupful of
good vinegar. Add the drained cabbage, cover and cook slowly, then simmer gently for fully an hour and a
Light Corn Bread.
In the evening put In a mixing bowl
one pint of floe cornme.il. a scant teaspoonful  ot salt,  a tablespoonful  of
sugar and a largo tablespoonful of
shortening, either lard or Isrd and but
ter mixed. Pour over Just enough bolt
Ing Waiter from tho kettle to motstcn
thoroughly and no more. Cover closely and leave for the night Next morning edd two or three well beaten eggs
{according to the season), a half cupful of milk, one pint of sifted flour end
as mucb more milk as ls necessary to
malts a thin drop batter. Pour Into a
well greased shallow pan and bake
twenty-flvs minutes in a hot oven.
Boston Baked Chicken,
A chicken ts cut up es for fricassee,
and to each pound of the meat allow
two tablespoonfuls of flour, ona scant
halt teaspoonful ot salt and a dust of
pepper. Mix thoroughly snd roll each
pleco of the chicken In the mixture.
Pack c'osely ln a large bean pot and
cover with boiling water. Dake for
three hours and a halt Cover after ten
or fifteen minutes, but not before It
holla Servo In Uie dish In which lt Is
rpiIfD very latest at the seashore Is the
**■ ocean tea party The very original
Idea of entertaining friends In this
unique fashion was conceived by Mln
Charlotte Van Courtland Nlcoll, a New
York society girl, niece of Uo Lanuey
Nlcolt, the famous lawyer.
Miss Nlcoll, who Is spending ths
summsr st Long Reach, N. Y., Is an
accomplished swimmer, rinding that
this fascinating sport tncresssd hsr
appetite to such an extent while in tho
veter that she was obliged to satisfy
the "Inner woman" before reluming to
the hotel, the Idea presented itself of
having afternoon tea eerved In the
Mint Nlcoll outlined her Ides to the
hotel carpenter, who built ■ seaworthy
craft with a high poop deck to hold the
teacups and eummodlous deck space
forward and midships for plates of
•nndwlches snd cakes.
Everything being shipshape, notes
were ssnt to several of Miss Nlcnlls
friends Inviting them to hei flrst ocean
tea party. After swimming about for
half an hour Miss Nlcoll snd her
friends Joined s young matron who was
pnurlng lea behind the ocean going
This party proved such a oucccss
that the fair hostsas Issued Invitations
fur en "ocean tea" every Friday during
August st 4 p. m.
The mailing of such sn orHti going
craft Is quits within the province if
the ainntour carpnntcr wllb a turn fur
nautical construction.
New Touches For the Waisl
QNE of the much talked about fea-
tures of the new waists is the
sleeves. The consensus of npinfon li
all in favor of the long shoulder Dim
which Is carried out In various ways
The effect Is very much llko that of s
kimono sleeve cut off Just below the
round of the arm. 'i'hls sleeve is an
Ideal affair to apply to an old fashioned waist, os It ts not difficult to eel
this effect with an old blouse- All you
have to do Is lo cm off lln* sleeve nl
this depth nnd either tuck or pipe tht
edgo, then ndd tho long sleove, which It
slightly full, but the fullness In carefully held In over the forearm hy »
deep cuff or line of buttons Cuffi
edged with a plaited frill both nt th#
top and over the hands are new and
add a modish touch to thn waist The
fact that sleeves may be of u contrasting material, such as lace or net, uidi
In remodeling old ones.
Another easy method of treshenlni* a
blouse ts by adding a wat or blbllks
portion ot net or chiffon. Soma of
these ere round, while others Art
pointed. The tatter, however, are mors
becoming to stout figures These vests
are tucked. Sometimes tiny fancy
crochet or glass buttons ere used
Again they srs quits severely ptaia
softened nt the edges with s plaited oi
ruffled frill Tha cuffs, wltb their
plaited frills st the top snd over ths
hands, match the vest
Another "dress up" addition to a
blouse Is a fichu of lace or sheet material brought down under the bolt
front and back and ilnlshed off either
square or In o V shape. The Ince cas-
SOCkS end Jumpers of taffeta or tht
fancy silks are very effective In making the old blouse take on an air ot
Chiffon or net overblnuses, ellhnugh
not ono of ths things one considers absolutely new, are so delightful for rejuvenating purposes that tliey should
not be forgotten.
Canning Suggestions
fpRUIT Jar rubbers can seldom be re-
lied upon to do duty the second
time. After thoroughly washing nnd
drying the rings drop them Into melted and partially cooled paraffin until
they are heavily coated. When can
nlng use the rings Just es you woulc
new onea The heat of the Jar partly
melts the paraflln, causing It to flow
Into any little cracks that need closing As the fruit cools the paraffin
hardens, securely seating ths can.
When canning use an old fashioned
gravy boat with ■ handle and a long
spout for filling the Jaro with fruit.
It Is quite difficult when canning
peaches to halve them neatly so that
the edges will not look ragged, but If a
circle Is cut around the peach before
It Is pared, then one-half twisted from
the other by a quick turn of the hands,
the edges wll) be firm end even after
the halves are pared.
No doubt every housewife has st
some time or another discovered to
her dismay that the felly with which
she has been laboring won't "Jell." Let
her thon add a pinch of powdered alum
and tho result will be most gratifying.
Unusual Machine Work
TT12MST1TCH1N0 can be very neatly
done on the machine tn this way:
Draw the number of threads desired
und baste the edge of the hem In the
center of the drawn threads. Lengthen
the stitch on ths machine and stitch on
the very edge of the hem. Pull the
bastings out and pull the edgo of the
bom to the bottom of the drawn threads.
Hemstitching done In this way'can
scarcely be dl.iti.igiiln.ied from that
done by hand.
The sewing machine can be employed In mending torn laco. Draw the
edges of the tear together and basts
on a piece of thin paper. Thou stlich
back nnd forth as many times as It I-i
nocessnry and when finished carefully
tear off the paper. Luce mended lit
this way will he much neater and more
durable than when dm nod by hand.
Simple Sachets of Linen
A I'ltl.TTY, dainty snehet Is inude
' * from a trlnngulnr shaped piece of
linen, edged on both aides by narrow
torchon lace. To make, cut a square
piece of fine white linen, I by I Inches,
and tine It with a similar square of
wadding, through which Is scattered a
liberal supply of orris root snd one's
favorite sachet powder mixed.
Draw on the linen some simple eon*
ventlonsl floral spray and work the design In natural color,
Put ths squares of linen snd scented
wadding together and fold Into a triangular piece Hew up the seams and
gather the Inr* In a soft rufl.e around
ths two oblique sldst THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B. C.
®he tyvQspwfav, GDranbrooh, $. (Lt.
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F. M. Christian, Maunder.
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Uth Year
! ada and the other self-governing do- \
! minions   creating    their own navies,
j though this would he Of little use if,
when established they did not act aa
! une.   Meanwhile, as it will tnke time
to   build up a Canadian nnvy, tt direct contribution to the British navy
may be, desirable, preferably of ships. !
not   money      But .my share the do-j
minions    take   in    Imperial    defence
should    involve    u share in the control    ol policy.    They nre not tributary   states but partners in the Empire."
Ls Sir Wilfrid Laurier still disposed to quote Lord Milner as his wit-
Hon. Martin Hurrell, Minister of
Agriculture, has under consideration
u plan hy which the important Industry   of   poultry    raising    will   he
strengthened nnd developed.
•   •   •   •
There will shortly he published it
book of immense value to agriculturists of Canada. lt will deal with
the forage plants, especially such
plants as the clover, etc. This work
Will be beautifully illustrated and
Hon. Martin Burrell has authorized
the publication of a very large edition. Copies will he placed in all
rural schools in Canada and will be
supplied   to farmers at the nominal
sum of fifty cents.
• *   •   t
The Hon, J. I). Htr/eii. Minister of
Marine and Fisheries, a few days ago
opened a new grain elevator In Montreal, then inspected government
works at Sorel. He followed this
up with the selection of a site tor a
Quebec dry dqck and then inaugurated the North Ship Channel Ln the
at. Laurence. It is wonderful how
much can really be done for the people when a minister is a live wire.
• •   •   «
The Government of Canada has
paid out of current revenue a loan of
16,142,000 which matured on October
1st. This is a somewhat rare experience for Canadians and one which
appeals to them. Under another regime a growing revenue was regarded as an excuse to indulge in greater
expenditure and a further extension
of Canadian credit with a view to
borrowing. The present government
is using growing revenues to pay ofl
debts and reduce the annual interest
chargeable on the country.    Increased
Huve   you   not some old clothes
that   are    in  need of n   Pressing,
a     n-shaping,     maybe     a    good
Cleaning''    If ho let us show you
how   easily   and   quickly    we can
transform thorn  into  new looking
garments.    And  the coat to you
will he very slight indeed in proportion to the service.    We ('lean
and   Press   all kinds <>f garments
for   men.   women   and    children.
Lace curtain cleaning too.
Ladles' work a specialty.
We also clean  and  repair  all   kinds
of   fur   garments, and guarantee outwork.
All   goods    called for ami delivered
without extra charge
Lute ol Uie city Dye Works
ol Spokane
Cranbrook Dyeing and
Cleaning Works
Phone 157 King in up
confidence   at   home and abroad will
be the result.
Arrangements are being made between the Dominion Department of
Agriculture and the Ontario government whereby greater assistance will
<*e given (or encouragelug the production and use of high grade seed
grain. Co-operatl ui with the Canadian Seed Growers' Association along
somewhat new lines will result, it La
hoped, in an increased quantity ol
registered seed grain being available
to the farmers. Seed inspection
work is being pushed more vigorously than ever before More Inspectors
have been employed and the various
districts have been covered more
Sir Wilfrid l.aur.er is quoted as
having told the Oeneral Reform As
sociation In Toronto that the people
of Canada. In turning his Government out of office, had beeu influenced by "prejudice, passion, Ignorance and self-interest In the
mouth 'if the Liberal leader the
words constituted a general term ol
abuse, reflect! ntr the hitter personal
feeling of a beaten man whose vanity
after long years .if careful nurture
has been deeply wounded. But what
about the "self-interest" accusation?
Does it mean that the rejection ol
reciprocity benefited the Canadian
people as an economic proposition?
Can it mean that the interests ol
the beaten ministry and the interests
ol the Canadian people were not
Among the numerous errors ol
judgement which marked the Laurier
tour through Ontario, the Peterborough incident shines as a peculiarly
bright example. The Liberal leader
J in his speech at Peterborough at
I tempted to call Lord Mllner, of alt
men, as ,. witness in behalf of the
Laurier navy. The ut tempt was ill-
considered, Lord Milner i.eing then
in Canada. It so happens that Lord
Milner stands in a group of British
statesmen who are pre-eminent as
empire builders, in whose scheme of
things the Laurier navy would and
could have no place. Yet Hir Wll
frid Laurier boldly proclaimed on
the platform at Peterborough that
Lord Milner approved of a Canadian
navy as the best way by which ('ana
du could help the mother country.
Lord Milner was made aware nf the
use to which his name had been put
at Peterborough. His reply was
that in his speech in Toronto four
years ago—to which, he thought, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier hud alluded—he had
advocated a Canadian navy, "hut
specially emphasized that it should
he for Imperial not merely Canadian
purposes," Everybody knows that
the Laurier navy had no place in
any such purpose us this outlined by
Lord Milner. As to what he had
since said on landing at Halifax,
Lord Milner added. "The British people will welcome anything Canada
may decide to do and approve the
spirit m which she has taken the
matter up,    Personally I favor Can-
C. P. R. Special Excursions
I ! in connection with
Trans-Atlantic Tickets
Montreal        . .,   »77 is
Ht.   John J8S.16
DatM of Sale—Nov. 7 to bee. Jl
Heturn  limit 5 months from .Int. ol
Ubeml FaXtenslon Privileges
Kor    lurtber   Information,  roll   aad
Round Trip lute from Oranbrook to
The following was clipped verbatim
from the Toronto News and is reprinted here without  comment
Bin thus lasts Cheered Lustily lor New
Royal     Personage- Duke
Much  Amuse.i
Hy  Canadian   Press.
Md,cod.   Alta.,  Oct.  10.—There
was    an    amusing   incident early    |
Tuesday afternoon nt Cranbrook,
where      the     train     carrying     the     !
Duke    of    Connaught     and    party
stopped for half an bout The
school children of the town, to
getber with a number oi Hoy
Scouts and veterans chef red |
with great heartiness in response
to the calls of a local enthusiast,
a Mr Sainsbury Aftei lusty
cheers for the Duke and Duchess
Mr Bainsburj called for cheers
for our new Royal Duke, tbe
Duke of Kent. Tbe Duke laugh
ly remarked that this was news
to him.
"Oh,    but     it's    In   the   paper,
sir," pn.tested Mr   Sainsbury.
■Very    likely."    said   his   Royal
Highness,   "but you must not he-    i
lieve everything that you read in    \
the  papers."
N A Burrltt has no authority to
take subscriptions for this company's
stock and it cannot be bound by any
contract made by tbe said N. A
Burrttt, and persons having paid
money to him are asked to notify
the company at its head otlice. Wattflj
burg, B.C., at once.
A.  E. WATTS, President..
A thought for Mother
Thanksgiving Day
October 2H,  1912
KAHK   AND   llNK-THlKl.
fur the round trip
l.ntween   all   stations   Port   Arthur   tu
Vancouver Including branches
Gol rib Dates,   October 28*211
Return Limit October 20, vnz
For Tickets umi further information of Hie above apply to
J. VV. Spence, ticket agent, Cranbrook; or
R. 0, McNeillie, district passenger axent, Calgary, Alta.
Yes, the summer is past and moth
er failed to get her vacation. And
now comes the fall sewing, the win-
ter garments to he chosen, perhaps
made; the housecleaning with all of
its attendant horrors, the picking of
autumn dainties, which will give /.est
to many a winter feast, and the general management, of the whole domestic machinery, so thnt no litrtle
pnrt will become clogged or its
squeaking disturb the harmony of the
home. As summer hus brought mother no vacation, nn change uf scenes,
what wonder then if her fuce is pale,
her step a little slower, her smile
no less sweet hut less frequent than
of old? Every one is sorry for moth
er's disappointments, but all take it
as a matter of course us she never
complains. So the domestic mill
goes grinding un until one day there
is all confusion in the household; thc
machinery is all awry, for the hand
that guided it has lost its cunning
and dropped nerveless by her side
Mother hus bourne the burden too
long, it becomes too heavy nnd she
is crushed beneath it. Isn't this
true picture we have sketched for
you'' Isn't mother too often left
out'1 (iirlH, you know it is so, and
the conscious blush rises to your
cheeks and you hang your heads and
are ashamed of your own selfishness.
We write this that you muy be more
thoughtful of mother. You will never regret any sacrifice you have inad«
to lighten her burdens und bring her
life all the sweetness possible
Many a man has grown eloquent ln
thought and word as he recalled his
mother. Thu word means something
different to every man, but it means
much to all men. A man who always
speaks well of his mother Is generally a man who can hu trusted. We
note the fact, that one of the present.
candidates ror vice president of the
United States, in making a speech i
few years ago, paid a beautiful trl
hut* to his mother. The campaign
committee arc now using that, part
of his speech with ttm assertion that
a man who remembered his mother
like that ought, to he a man who
could be trusted In the public service and thlH Is what, lie snld.
"I think back through the years,
lean and fat, good und had, to my
earliest recollection I Haw a woman
with an eye that flflshOfl swift as an
. .>vlnr_LL....
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I   >
I  >
uditorium Theatre!:
W. J. B. Guerard, Prop.
Verna Felton
The Allen Players
ll Note:
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lirwiiku with laughter and hardens at
night of wrong, Hinging lullabies; u
woman wlm, with tmml grasping tlm
unseen handi walks the brlor-border*
ml patliH nf life unashamed, unafraid
unharmed. Shu Is ulail In garnimits
nf Imaiity I.u mi1, und Itge dtnm not
soil    thom,   nur   years   make   -Miami
aheap ami tawdry,    Her tongue is
without gnlln, having never hflmi tlm
messenger ol it lie. It is seventeen
yours rtfnoo hei soul wont hnme to
Hod, und her tl rigors ..OCAtlie to mo
ths llm-i'ii. nf  mi  nngfil',  but   1   lmvo
us which   sung   at.   creation's dawn
and at tho hour of man's redemption
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longer drnmn mul tiles, Uut ho mill nn one to eaoloty; it m illHgusttni! to
hrlngH to nm the vision of my moth- the rellneil mul iilioiiilmihle to the
archsngol's win* unit  n mouth tlmtlor unii tlio music of thnt angelic ohor   good.
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READERi   NoiniittiM'wIiolinHtrnrilo.l j'Olt, wrltO tW ftO hotioat opinion Fro of Chut*.
Uwofcu Frr-c -"Tho GolJon MiKHw"  I llltmlmtfltl)  on Sccrot DImmmi of Mtu.
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Grlswold St.,  Detroit, Mich.
AH letton from Cntiodn inuetbftaddreeeed
_________               l" our Canadian Correspondence Depart-
IPT™^" HiKORnniBBnaM incut in Windsor, Out. If yon denim to
tee w personally mil ut our Medical I institute tu Detroit iih uu rod and tr.-.ti
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Wrlto for our prtvaj* aililroBB,
A British View of Hon. R. L.
Continued (rom page 1
There will he no shirking on nur pnrt
We   will  do  our   duty   to the other
parts ot the empire,
Ami while he did not Bpecify the
exact nature o! hit* conception of
that duty, Iir made it clear in what
direction he conceived it tn lie: "It
la not inspiring," he Bald, "to see
the nations devoting bo much of
their resource., to agencies of diB-
truction. hut so long us present condition.* prevail throughout the world,
1 believe the British race in Oreat
Brltian and the Dominions over the.
sea will he prepared to do their duty!
and we will do it." Tbe Canadian
Government, then, is determined to
help in the work of Imperial defence;
it is only the amount and nature of
the contribution that have yet to be
Now, in tbis apeecb Mr. Borden
strikes a note very different from
that of Hir Wilfrid Laurler's recent
declaration. 81r Wilfrid sneered at
British naval policy. He regarded it
as provocative, ns insane. And as
for conBdltation, the interests of the
two countries being different, there
wns really no need of common councils, "Do not call us to your councils," or the new creed of Sir Wilfrid
Lauriers; "rto not call us to your
councils, hecause consultation implies
responsibility. Let England proceed
in the mad provocative policy of protecting the trade routes. Canada
will build railways and reap the bene
tit, but Canada wiil not help."
That is the policy if we may judge
from this speech, that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier will oppose to Mr, Borden's
policy of Imperial duty. It seems to
us, and we venture to think it will
seem also to Canada, an unworthy
policy. For it leaves Canada in the
colonial status, neither consulted
nor assisting, but dependent upon
the mother country for such protection as the mother country can at-
ford. And while it is an unworthy
policy, it is also a disastrous policy
for it rests upon one or two assumptions,either that defence is unnecessary to Canada, or that England unaided will always be able to maintain that defence.
Moth these assumption-, are erroneous. Canada has need of defence, be
cause we have seen, she depends upon
the ocean highways fui- the great
bulk of her trade, because she has
shipping interests and fishing interests of many kinds. And that defence cannot much longer be guaranteed hy Kngland alone, in view of
the enormous powers now arrayed a-
galnst her. "Disunited we fall, united we stand," that must be more,
and more the motto of the British
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, will, then, oppose a policy of mere economy to the :
policy of safety, of dignity, of duty,
which Mr. Borden advocates. From
what we have seen of the temper and
spirit the patriotism and national
pride of the Canadian people, we
have no doubt of the result.
If air Wilfrid Laurler's policy has
any   influence,    it will be to prevent
the Dominion Govern ment from proceeding as freely nnd rapidly as it
would otherwise do- An opposition
using economy ns its cry and appealing to the Canadian elector to save
money rather than spend it on Imperial defence may force Mr. Borden and
his colleagues to go somewhat slower than they would otherwise be inclined to go. But they will not be
deflected from their aim, and wc are
confident that they wiil have the Bup
port of the great mass of tbe Canadian   people.
The pity of it is that we mlgbt
have had Sir Wilfrid Laurier with ue
in this Imperial policy. If he had
been treated wltb fairness and gener
osity In 1907, when he passionately
told the Imperial Conference that
Cnnada had turned tier back on the
I'niteit States and put all her hope
iu the British Empire, we should
not bave had this change of attitude.
But Sir Wilfrid was told that he
could not be treated differently from
the foreigner, and he turned in despair to the United States. President Taft was found willing to do
more for Canada than Mr. Asquith—
that is the lamentable history uf Sir
Wilfrid Laurier'B change of attitude.
It might have been avoided to the
great benefit nf the Empire. But we
have hopes, nevertheless, that all
things work together for good. Sir
Wilfrid's change of front awakened
Canada, and may help to awaken
England. Nor do we believe that
bis opposition will materially alter
the policy of co-operation in Imperial defence upon which tbe Borden
Government iB now about to launch.
At the Auditorium Theatre
Miss Verna Felton and The Allen Players
When tbe announcement wus made
from the Auditorium last Thursday
week of the coming of the Allen
Players to Cranhrook. for a week's
stay, it was received with great applause, thus indicating the support
they would receive when the curtain
rolled up nnd the players opened
their repertoire with "That Girl
from Texas" and the remaining time
of their stay in the city.
Mr, Allen, the proprietor, brought
with him all his old company with
one or two exceptions, nnd these only made for tbe strengthening of the
company as a whole." Miss Verna
Felton remains the leading star.
The Royal Hungarian Quartette,
which is under thc direction of Joe
Schranko, still remains a forceable
part of the musical section of the
company and holds the people with
their excellent rendering oftgood music.
The Allen Players began their
weeks entertainment wltb "That
Girl from Texas" In this Miss Felton took the part of May Percy
a girl who was brought up, educated
and living the free life of the west,
on a ranch in Texas belonging to
her Uncle Peter. A girl more at
home with the cow-boys and horses
than with the galty which surrounds
society. Afterwards she was found
to be an heiress to a large estate in
Ireland, going there she was unat-
trncted by the life she waB supposed
to lead, rtefliring to return to her
western home, hut owing to the e-
jection of some of her tenants for
non-payment of rent hy tho unscrupulous secretary in charge, trouble
ensued in which she takes a lending
part in ministering to the humanity
of   the   downtrodden    Irish peasant.
Throughout, the whole play Miss
Felton proves herself an adept in
the art of picturing the lite of a
free western girl and her adaptability in portraying tbe spirit of a loyal
American citizen; also tbe humanity
with which she protects the poor ignorant Irish peasant. Miss Felton
In this play was well supported by
tho other various members of the
Tuesday evening "The Third Degree" was presented to tbe patrons
of the Auditorium by the Allen Play-
ere. In this the methods of tlhe New
York police in dealing with criminal cases were exposed. Mr. Arthur
Kcnock as Captain Clinton represented Uhe police who forced a confession of guilt from, an entirely innocent
party, tbis was done by hypnotic influence, portraying a strange, but
powerful sceno, which took place in
tbe apartments of the murdered man.
The wife of the man accused of murder, Mrs. Howard Jefferies, Jr.,
'Miss Verna Felton), determined to
gain bis acquittal nud prove his innocence by appealing to Judge Brewster, who, though not a criminal
lawyer, was one known to be a lawyer who helped the poor and protected the weak, and who wns supposed
to be the only lawyer in New York
not influenced by the police or authorities. Mr. G. D. Zucco, as the
Judge, wus strong in tbis character
and ably fulfilled the responsibilities
attached to his part. Miss Felton
as the suppliant showed admirable
qualities in her pleading for the innocent, nnd also the unselfishness of a
■4*H4-+H^+-li |^II++++^vl++++^l H -l^^i4'4444-H'-M-fr*
;; 11
I When Youi
t Our  Hardware !!
New 6? Up-to-date
J. D. McBride
Cranbrook,  B. C.
Phone 5   +
Kootenay's Leading Taxidermist
Mounted   -   a Specialty
Animals, Birds, Fish  anil Fur Mats
Cranbrook, B.C. P, O. Box 296
girl who once received a helping
hand and now willing to stand aside
(or the welfare of the one she loved
The rest of the company well sup
ported the leading characters.
"A Contented Woman" was Ohe bill
presented on Wednesday nlgbt. The
play deals with the 'Woman's Suf-
frage movement and a large audience
wns in attendance. Miss Felton, as
the woman's candidate, was successful in showiiiK the versatility of her
acting and was ably supported by
(J. D. Zticco, as her husband, tbe
opposing candidate. The play a
bounds in many laut.li provoking sit
nations and te extremely pleasing-
Mrs. Allen, as "Uncle Jim," the suffragette leader, dressed in a cutta-
way coat and trousers provoked
much laughter. B. ICgan as Todie
the hen-pecked husband, who after
the election showed tbat he was boss
of tiie house wns especially good.
On   Thursday   to  a full house the
Allen   Players gave a splendid interpretation    of   that   well known play
"Nell ftwynne of Drury Lane."   The
scenery   and   costumes   used in this
play contained some of the best wer
i seen    in    Cranbrook,    Tbe acting uf
1 the players was highly to be coalmen
! ded as each was well conversant witli
! their   parts   and interpreted thc life
' of tbe time of King Charles II in a
I typical   manner.    The play was   one
I which brought out the merits of the
I Allen    Players   as a company better
than any otber of tbelr repertoire in
I that   every   player   was so well bal-
I anced    with the other and supported
| the  leaders   in splendid style.    Miss
i Verna   Felton   again came up to the
| standard   she   net   for hcrselt in the
opening plays of the week.
Canadians Lead in Patriotism
Toronto—The Duke of Connaught
spent an hour Monday ln Toronto an
the guest of the Canadian club at a
lucheon given at tbe King Kdward
hotel. Heforrlng to his tntir of Canada the Duke said be had covered |
about ten thousand miles and had
learned many things.
"I feel glnd that no more loyal
people than the Canadians mtltit lu
tbe llrltlsh timplre. Of course Canada is a democratic country, and
none the worse for that, hut It Is 111
her retaining tbe principle., of the
old esUihllshnd monarchy across the
Mas that one of the greatest problems of modern times are solved. I
felt nn I travelled through the country that tbe people 1 met were tin
bued with the Idea of thefuture pros-
purity of Canada."
One thing, he said, foremost in Its
Inllueuce on him out of all the tour,
It was the importance of education.
The  bogey of dissension between the
Kast and West was dismissed In one
terse sentence hy the speaker.
"Iliad heard before 1 went West
that I might bear talk showing a de-
sue for seperatlon. I never heard
any such word in all my trip," he
declared. "Whether in provinces
of Kast. or West, I discovered no Hp)r
it of individuality. I mn certain
that all those from the Old Country
who recently bave come to Onnndn
will bear me out tbat there Is a
strong feeling of loyalty. i
"It is u great thing to see nation
alitlcH>nnc and all being welded into
Canadian citizenship. It Is a great
credit to the authorities that these
things ate bo."',
Ot fin wii—-Theli' Itoyal Highnesses,
the Duke and Duchess of Connnught,
and the I'rlncess Patricia, arrived In
Ottawa. Monday night at 10:80 o'clock, via tin-[Hpecial Canadian Paci
Ilu Hallway train from Toronto, after
an epoch making tour of nearly ;tcn
thousand miles Tbey were met by
itt. Hon #It. L. Horden, tbe premier,
a number of his colleagues, the n|ay
or, city council und several thousand
ritizjns, who turned out to give tbe
Itoyal residents a welcome home.
WliiHlli-ii In various mills throughout
the city tolled their shrill welcomes
as the royal train steamed into the
station. ■
On the arrival of the Royal party,
there was no attempt at •ipeech uiak
ing or presentation ol nddroneeB, the
welcome being ol ll purely informal
character, imt none tho less sincere.
As a titling conclusion to one of the
most auspicious. irlpH made by any
| such party In Clnnudn, C, w. Ml.mcli>
er, aHSistunt to the president, who
had charge of the train since l| lefl
Toronto on August ill), gave a din
ner m the train previous to its ar
rival hero.
+          _
£    C. H. Schultz C. A. Johnson    J
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with the new sewerage system, we
can do  it and   guarantee  our work
I   Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing, and \
\ Heating Company
? W. l'\ Johnson, Prop., P.O. Box H04
J      WORKS- Edward Street       •    •      Crnnbrook, B.C.
H-M-l **********
Automobile   will  l»- run   weekly   on
between Cranbrook and Wasa con*
necting with incoming ami outgoing
trains, Good Passenger Accomodation.
N. Hanson
f*.\,}..|..|.*\**\,i \.*\.4*4**4***********11| |**
A Modern Romance
The grounds nre woll worth Boeing. The Italian Garden is quite fa-
*nous, Clay broke in,
The ladins won. to put on their out*
door lliin-'s.     Hiram  Homer talked
to Clay, bit found out quickly that
Ms hos* wns taking but little notice j dearest
ot what  he said, for Clay was busy ; nonsen
with the mad joy conjured up by the
caresses of the man she loved, and
her whole being sang with very gladness,
They were silent, nnd as tbo moments passed Vera began to realise
what she had done. This last act
of hers teemed to be a greater sin
than the supplanting or her friend,
and she knew not what to do.
David, I can't do It, she cried help*
What rto you meanl ho   asked   in
1 cannot marry you, she said dul
Out your lips have told me that you
love me.
They had no right  to do so,  she
cried fiercely.
Yonr eyes would have betrayed yotl
Don'l let us have any more
You and 1 are going to
Caves   Figured   Prominently   In   History of Ancients—Prehistoric Men
Used them as  Dwellings
Caves undoubtedly were or greater
Importance to prehistoric, mankind
I thun at. present, for there is sufficient
reason to believe that the tirst human
beings made Ihem their dwelling
Lookln? for an abode several thousand years ago must have been almost
as trying as it Is now, and no doubt
once a e: editable cave had been dis*
j coveted,   the  family  remained   there
as long us possible, until others stronger than  ihey coveted  tbeir placo of
residence and obtained possession by
tho simple method   of   slaying   the
males ami adding the more comely of
the females to their family circle.
To dislodge a cave  bear  from Us
j Inst ness .mist have been a lieiuend-
i ous test of sKill and courage, taking
I Into consideration the weapons of defence ou'l defence wielded by prlini*
I tivo man.
In tbe first place to penetrate Into
ja dark cavern, never before visited
I by man, was a tesl of moral courage \
of no me.hi order, for probably it waB
believed io be Inhabited by the mosl I
■ v.l spirits any or all of which might'
wreak vengeance en tliu    daring   tu-
■■.,;  sTopped BBd.'wBlTed tori    She looked, hop-iuiiy at him. and  'r'j'1ulvrim. s,lb(llu,,| h,   a    a „t ,,,.„,.,
them.      Hoi  face was Bushed, and  fur ■ while she waa alien., bu  at las   „„. .„„, ,,„,_ „,„    ,,|;l„„.v 0Wller „•
th.  appeared to be rathor excited.      she spoke, and her face waa alight tl)e „ave   prenl.t01.lc ,„.,„  ,e,  about
At lest C!a-' succeeded ln getting "'"• •i**'*"   r'B°1,'°-    , _. J Installing hli fomll)      Porhapa, think-
Vera alone, and bo did not wasn any : ,,, ' M" a. ?1Ta! "\or "' !<     ",,,'] Ing discretion lhe i ar pari ol valor.
ume by bating about lhe bush.        | «i».>-™ 'l'?.'},?}*!:!?"!*™ ,"!!.£ I'"' °™< *•"'» "« »nv Into lh
lappy, he said, with quiet cun
thtnkir.g of Vera's strange disturb* I be yei
nine at raiding tht letter, lie had fideuce.
thought that the handwriting was fa*i I cannot many you,
"fiillsr, but he I'oulu not plate it. He j and her voice was firm
Hi certain that Vera wus troubled,! He begun to see that he would yet
nnd he wondered If that were the rea- have to fight to win {hte woman, and
eon why nne had refused him. At this realisation nerved him to further
tt.e bottom of bis heart he knew that ; efforts.
she loved blm, and he was perplexed.;    You m .st give me some reason, he
Mr. Horii'v went ou in front with  said, and she Bhuddered at the stern-
Lady Barton, while Clay followed with ' ui ss of his voice.
• era and Mrs. de Lisle,     They walk-      I ean glvo you none.
ed  In  Lhls order for some time   till,;     I •**■»**-*      U is my right
You will find relief In Zt-V, Buk t
It sates ths burning, stinging
pain, Stops bleeding and brings
sast. Psncverancs, wllh Zam-
Buk, meant cure. Why not prove
this ?-" ->"«M*a-4 atmt.-
Wt oa*
am buk
...   His  morning  and   what   I  have
1 wai.t \ru lo remember that I am   {,{.m,
your irlend, even 11 1 am to bo no-( ' Ju', .,.. a r.,r;niubt let us remain
th'ng else he Bald earnestly.     If at  aa „,. „,,.,,_ lhe be8| „■ trlenda.
,.nj  lime you aro In need of advice     A,„, ,„„„- ne demanded eagerly,
you will -uie io mo? ]f ,,., , ..,,., ,,,,.,. .,, _s_ __a.lu, the
Why .lo you aik me? she said, and questl0I1 |„'at vou have asked me this
there .vas a tremor In hor voice. morning 1 will—
There is something that Is troubling I    v,.s,
/ou, li^ sale* keenly. j    j wrj| answer vou (rankly.
She shock her head, and quickly j ^'0 n*'.' understand you Why
hastened hi, pace. , Bhoul(1 „,. .,',',: ■
Don t tun away from me. I know Becau,e ] ___ T0U. sne CriaA eagerly.
every expression of your lace, and it r,,rhaps , is _ woman's whim. Won't
n;,ins mo to seo tlic unhapplness that trl|St me David'
hits lately heen there.    Will you con-     she _., aej a8 5he asKed him, to.
lido in mo 1 may be able to help.       she remembered   how   little   reason
There Is uothlng. this man had to trust her, It he bul
You cannot deceive me. out 1 won t j ^new tho truth.
press you now.     Always remember      You will give mi   an anBWei   In   .
that you o;,ti command me in any way   fn-tnlgl ■*•
>■ u lis..
You are very kind.
To add to lier nervousness their
•-.-alk was hiking thom very close to
Sillinieote, ain,l it would he fatal were,
Ihey to ono.,enter Hilda, for she would I
be 'aim ,st compelled to present her|a|. fai,." ,'. , (,,',Mj perplexity
lo hor friends,     in tho distance stiej 	
cotilfl ave the cottage nestling among CHAPTER XIV
•ho trees, aud they  were going to-     Af.f.,. I|w|| Vera eat heneU la tha
I feel dreadfully tired, shall wc ( hall, a p;.> -o h-s-mi-,, ,x, :, aghta.
turn back." Vera said wearily. ' "*"' greatly she longed   o tare had
Would vou iik, a rost. I seo there "•« »luc„k !0 '"' !he, trl,thr. to „Dav, d
Is a cottage Just ahead Probably H "' ha", " ,T, n„ v„',L
they would allow us to sit down for a1 merc-v-
und, all hnvlng gone woll, no doubl the
next procedure was to arrange rude
couches in which to sle< p, Then ll
must have been necessary in barrl*
cade the opening, after which, no
doubt, nothing moro was done to Increase the material comforts, though
possibly the owner sometimes amused
himself by cutting rude pictures In the
Much later on, eaves were often used
as refuges for fugitives, and man) of
'!w early Christians musl havi   u ed
I them bo*h as hiding places lu llmea
I dangei and as churches wherein lo
carry out  He simple   ritual    which
marked t-he beginning ol  tho Christ-
Ian era.
To the geologist, caves arc a Bource
5Wel        ft  of the go   ■        i   ■ ■ st, for many of
most imports!       ■ ■ ■ \ erk s of Cos*
'     '.'        remains hai e bi sn found in ihem.
Interesting Suggestions Made at Paris
Internallonal Art Congress
Tho International Art Congress recently held !n Paris passed many
resolutlor.s which it is hoped tho delegates of lho govornmonis roprosont-
ed may take up and Indorse by legislation,
The mosl Important of these dealt
wiih the claims at the state and pub
lie authorities to ileal with the reproduction . t any worka of art Ihey mny
it wn i unanimously vesolvod that,
us regards r. living artist, the right
should remain with him. and any au
thority iu copy musl bo Higned by
iiim, but thai the directors of picture
galleries may authorise single eoplos
for ilu' purpose of study, on condition
that sue': copy is iu no way a reproduction ii sUc of th-> original, thai
ii shall have clearly signed upon It
It Im after the author, and that It
benra the stamp of tho gallery with
these words: Copy, Rights ot reproduction reserved.
An Eye for Business
The ln'e John it. Arlmekle, the coffee merchaut, who left an estate of
IHO million dollars, often said that a
part of his Buccess was due to his
knowledge of human uature.
In selling coffee, Mr. Aihuekle once
said to n Now York coffee broker,
you should exercise the same keen
discretion which the druggist showed.
A woinhn, you knew, a woman well
ni in vetis, entered u druggist's and
ou any creams for restoring
. .. far  into  the i rust ol
i what to iio.
and   i   '■■-'
tame tn   er fa<       - shi   saw that hei   .  .      ..      ..■.,. .*■.  ,;-,. casei the)
'■■"■■■-*■■'  ■'•■ ' "■ ' I  him greatly.      _.,, ,; .    ■ . . eye or the min.|
There ean benodoiib- - out |i I  --    enUogist secrets that wighl otherwise
\Vesh.iil see, \era said simpl)   but     .,,.. !t ,  been discovered.
Some :avea are of wonderful beauty.
. Nothing  is  more  li terestfng   than a,
<ave  of  stalacit a  and   stalagmites,
the two sometimes  Joined  together
thus forming  stalaoUe    columns   on \
which th*-1 play of light is wonderful in
the extreme.
Moreover,  considering  the  ages   it.
she   did    nut   know   nag tafcpn *0 form tiler:e conical de*
, -,, I »■■<-.■. .•■ u-j.     Only one thing was cor- j posits of carbonate and Ume, one can
' 'l wit Id .ather return  she exclaim*; tnin' anii lhat waa that shl' llllls: tjir"^ rea'-:>" believe ,h:it caves are- as the>'!
i hn   iiv exciann . mji;i,(i ..^ ngonlsIng gaspense. have been described the oldest treas*;
She f ueied lhat sho could see Hil-      HIram H('rm'r "ils talk!ng l° U*I   ure hoU8es on earth"
du slauSInTin the doorway" and she   ^^'. ^ ll ™"$tJ2£i ^tlal    In "[nTV^ ? ^ *?" S"
almost droned Clav round brought him some telegram.-,.      In a   caverns which reveal such    beauties
.ilio..  iri.M    iii>  imin few mim-u.s h(. crossed over to \ era  that they tire almost unearthly in their
Pi     '' h^ „i   '""1 took a seat beside her. i splendor.       Great  gallerie,   lead   to;
Please tike m   arm, he said  and        h trf commission,  huge cathedral-like chambers,  rising
he looked    t he;  cu ously   for her hftVe ^       tWQ     ms MJ     f^ (o ^ their (.
nee uusiu.lf.umJ he almost iin.gmed : uls0 on ^ scintillations of
tual her eyes woro a hunted look.       j ^ hQ wW wUt) a sm-le , Ught ca,Jged by :h_ fppblo rays ()f    I
i    What does that mean.' 'single cimlle, which are beyond des-1
j    Only  that you  have  mado  a   few   crlption.
thousand dollars. Vou camo to me! These lighty caves formed by great
1 ut a very opportune mometii, Such air bubbles when the earth was fn the
, it chance doesn't come twice In a life-   throes of volcanic upheavals, are the
Llmo, I most solitary   places   in   the   world.
|     Vou think I shall make a good deal] They hn-o never since their creation
Restoring, miss? Vou mean preserving, said the druggist heartily.
And h ■ then sold the woman ?17
worth of complexion creams.
How She Voted
At a tuncheoii in New York Dr.
Lyman Abbott, sipping a glass of ice
cold milk, told a woman suffrage
1 had heard a lot, he said, about
the wonderful success of woman suffrage in Australia; so, meeting an
Australian woman one day, 1 asked:
J low did you vote, madam, at the
last eleciton?
The Australian woman answered
with a simper:
In my mauve pannier gown, sir,
with a large mauve hat trimmed with
mauve ospreys.
er evrs WOI
Sho pulled herself together with
on effort and suddenly began to talk
to him at '. furious rate. This only
lucrcnaed nis curiosity, for ho could
.see that her eyes wero (lashing with
suppressed oxoltomont, and that her
speech was unnatural. They at lasl
roach-ad the house, ami ihe remnlndor
o' thnir pnrty was out of sight.
Vera took off her things, and thru
vent to Uio library, whero alio sat
uown and began to wrlto a letter to
Crawley Brann. She started with
if* formal headline, and hml hardly
written the tlrst lino when clay on*
tared. Porn moment Vera wuh
frightened wheu nhe saw hiH look of
grim determination,
Hilda, 1" said, and Ills voice waa
tense will) passion.
Sho rose unsteadily aud faced him
llo seized eer almost roui
Vou cnn uol deceive mo, you love
r.ie as I love you, he said fiercely.
She Bwnvr.d slightly, and ho caught
her In his anus and kissed her eyes,
her chock*, and her lips, while Kite
lay back unresistingly.
Dm Id, sh< cried Imploringly.
My ioVO my sweet, how I have long-
cd for this time. Kiss me, dear
She c mid resist no longer, and she
gnvo way to lho love Hint was tearing al hoc heart.
Tell mo that you love me, ho said
I love you, David, she whispered
in that moment of perfect happiness
there was no room lu her mind for
thought of the crime which lay between  them.      Her pnlao  throbbed
of money?
I ant sure of it.
And quickly?
Ves.       I'm   busy   talking  to  Lady
Barton.      She's  a  most  Interesting
; woman.      Will you excuse me?
Under the circumstances, 1 will, she
said lightly.     Especially as 1 am just
i-i ing out, she said dryly.
Hln- did  not  go  through  the haM,
but escaped through a side door, and
! then hastened in the direction of Sun*
, .      . ..... i nicote.       Sho   thoughi   of   Crawley
■ i.u-    v     li ■'-■'■■■■n walling for her, and a bltUr
gin>  nj  tor  . mj||> lwltc*,et| ,u ,h(. corners of tier
She rapped nt the quaint bri*M
knocker, which she had bought Uv
Hilda, ntid without waiting I'.* an
answer entered tho cottage. H.ldi
rose to h*ii' feet wllh a glad cry, and
and threw her arms about her friend's
nee If.
How glad I am to see you. bu. yen
look very 111, she said nltectlonaHy,
lind she began to remove Vera's ..at
and coat.
Vou are the picture of health. Vora
romarked pleasantly, and what a lot
of work you have.
been illumined by a ray of sunshine.
Wind an I rain have not bad their way
with them, and they are, as they
have been for many thousand years
Mid will po doubt remain until the end.
Baked Potato
The most easily digested potato in
the world is one that is perfectly
hake-J. And nothing is much more
attractive than a clean skinned, perfectly baked potato. It is good for
children, and it is good fqr grown
Ups who like it so served with just
salt and milk or sweet, new cream,
When more fat. is needed wo must
uso butter, the best butter.
Some people handle their baked potatoes as ihey would handle eggs, taking them one hy one from an oven.
With the doer but slightly open, pinch
them to let out the bot steam, etc.
Ono who was particular about her
baked pott.lo once contributed the following r-nclpe:
Halted potato—There are baked potatoes uud baked potatoes. Of
course ti'.o quality of the potato is
most Important, for in no other way
of preparing potatoes does the quality
Ves,     I   am    mon-   than    making   count for so much.     First scrub with
enough to live on.     I shan't require a small brush, kept for tho Qurposv.
your money any   longer,   she   cried Until perftctly cleaji,    Blemishes .*i..y
A sha low  crossed Vera's  face.
Surely  lt has  not been  very  distasteful, she Bald Badly
then be 1'ghtly scraped away and r
moved,   but  it  the  blemish   be  such
as to require cutting, put aside the potto for use in other ways.   Neither
A Poser for Nursle
Uttle Freddie's voice broke the
twilight clillness or the nursery for
tho twentieth time, and uursio began
to get angry.
Well, what do you want now? she
I only wanted to ask you—
I'll answer no more questions this
night, said nursle (Irmly, as she went
on folding up Mer charge's clothes.
Don't you know that curiosity killed
a cat, Freddie?
The small boy lay in silence stunned
by the wonder of this statement. Then
he hurst out again:
Nursle, what did that cat want to
Captain, you told mc this boat would
reach the dock by 9 o'clock.
Did I, madam? Well, 1 must havo
lied to you. We'll bo there in about
twenty minutes.
But the land Isn't in sight yet!
So I aee. Madam, you have caught
me In another lie.
Girl Cured of
Disfiguring Pimples
I lt was to Vaughan. He didn't like ( ..,„ ]lirpi*, .,* potato nor loo small a one
it. Vou will have some tea and you -hould bJ used. Large ones dry out
will tell me about your grand friends.! too much ln the baking, When the
| Vera was quiet, as she listened to potatoes are ready put Ihem Into a
her friend's chatter. Her only com* hot oven and* keep it no until thoy
'torting Thought was that Hilda was [are fully baked, which should be lu
radiantly happy. [about three quartern of an hour.  Be
Th'- mellow gong of the grand- ;,H particular about your oven for
lather's clock sounded the hour—four baking potatoes as you would bo if
i o clock, md th.re wn*- a sharp rap at 1 you were baking cake. .lust as you
[ ot the door, Hilda hastened to ans* remove the pot ..toes from the oven
I wer if. end Crawley Brann entered strike thom, causing them to pop open,
1 quickly. I'm ln a hit of butter and send to the
,    So yoti arc here, he said to Vera table Immediately
with a . i-nomoiiH Ions
Do yon with to see
ed quickly,
•        (To be Continued)
\'> vn  iifk*
•uticura Ointment. Broke Out on
Face when Twelve or Thirteen.
Were Most Embarrassing.
Had Tried Everything,
A NOW -**eoti* tfirl, Minn Hsbft] .ifora.".., of
Dorsr Wnt, wrtteii  "Wbso t was ibout
twHvfl or llilrlr'-n y-ar* ul tga, my (a<<5
tirukii tint Willi plmplM, kti'l I tried (fvi-ry-
tliiiit; to K<"1 riil of tlitiin, but fulfil. Tlm
plmplM MM tli*. wont on my fontHSd Md
iiim. Thoy euneoutiniroupi tnd-dsretoMd
lain into nm, Dcinic on my ftc« they
tau-i"! Kr'-m dliflgureaunti au<i wen nw;t
"After trying nt man; remedies without
lucceea, I nw the Cuticura Ointment »dvi ■•
tlfttl, anil t m-iit for ,*. box. I tl en applied
It in the pliriitlns, ami in I «'■ « I haw a
rrrnt vhtkiuin in my (un;.    I kept iwlnit It,
itid in a few months it rendered n rump Mo
t.ire.   Now you (-uinot tell T over hml j Tien- threi     III all your world com-
Finest inked   potatoes.—Thore   in
perhaps no doubt bnt lliat. the finest
baked potato In thc world le baked
in hoi ashes right next to a bed of
.Ivi- ccall,
Baked I'li'ke Potnloos.—* Scrub and
bake largo duo mealy potatooa,   Ho*
tho end of each, scoop out the
The Workaday Trio
If   your   pos.    is   Close   10   th
Btone  rough,
Ami you hold  it  flown  thoro  long Inside, innsh, add butter until as light
Hio.'h, | as suowilakes.     Season  with salt,
In time timo you will Bay thero Is no  popper, ond butter and return to tho
Fiich thing potato skins, kepi hoi in tho oven.
As brooks thai  babble or birds that
What Could He Do?
Sparo me a penny, sir, please?
Tho clergyman stopped and looked
round. He gave a start of surprise.
Instead of au old or middle-aged
waster, ho saw a youth of nineteen
confronting him.
My tad, he exclaimed, I'm ashamed
of you! A strong, healthy chap like
yon ought to be ut work instead of
fe glng.     How came you to do it?
I/ell, uir, replied tho youth, It's like
'fi: Twelve months ago I was ill,
i .1 the doctor forbade me to do any
,-ork until ho told mc. Just after
Hint he died.     So what.ean I do?
Tro clergyman is still puzzling over
tha problem.
No nun can serve two masters,
said the urlost to onu of his parishioners .
I know that, yer Hlverence. Mo
brother uled It, und now ho's doing
time for bigamy.
Mistress—Woll, I'm sorry you want
to loavo me, Mary. But what's your
(Mary keeps sMenl).
Mistress—Something private?
Mary (nuddeuly)—No, mum; pleaso
mum- he's n corporal.
Al«y -Anything unusual happen
while I wan out, Jamos?
Valet—Yet, Hir, nono of your creditors called.
pimples, Until:* to the Cuticura Olntmcn
taigut-U) m-.j iij-. Morasbi Mar. 31, lull
Jusl vou end the stone and your poor
,       old nose!
Vet bud2 dc blossom and lanes are
And  wo.hIh do lure wilh    an   ardor
I       keen
; And leaves are rustling ond Bkies are
I No matter whether you nee or CaTO;
worn* until t wm qulto MgMsnedI that n; j An| h w ,n|1 ,hl„ (,I)UU   t](, yoll BHp.
would al***? he dWlgurcd,  Then I got two | JJJJJJ
To ymi   iml the Itono and your poor
old nose.
Baby's Face Like Raw Beef
"N.y bftt>7 Uny luul it IsrffC plmpla eome
on )>ii forehead, it bun' »n«l »pn<Aii nil
nvT hli face which eoon looked ntoi a piece
nf rn* hoof, all into 1111:10'' with bad pltnplflf,
tt won kwful t" look st, Tlio poor litilo
.him- need to sarttcli it and cry terribly,
I look, lui.i lo » doctor but ho only sot
.. .vi. Tlien I got
linn of Cutlmin. ointment, tosethor with
Catlcurs BMp, ""'I in Iwo mon tin hfl tpjlto
cut*, him. Now 11' oouru I use Cutleuri
Boin for all mr iiiiMr.a (fllgned) Mm.
1. Perry 00, WsterlOO IW.( AldOflhot, Ln«-
Und, May ::1, HMO.
f!iit|fiiriv  Hoap   and   Oliitrnriit   arn ROld
throughout tlio world, but to iIioh who
tm-rn lllffprod mUflh, lottt hope and Itfl Willi-
out funii m nnr instment, ■ liberal ismpls
of each wiih » IW-p, booklet on lbs skin
and Btmlp win bs mailed f."e, on spjpllcallon,
Artrtn-M Potter DftiK * (,,,"m- °°rp.i 6»
Coluinljii-i Ave, lionton, U, H. A*
W.  N,  U. 913
If to no and Seek them you still refuse
it. dooan 1 hurt ihem   It's   you   Lhat
Fur iho /ephjrf- whisper nnd lovers
Whal over you doubt, disclaim, deny'
And thfl world's a rhyme, while you're
but prose-
Yen, ynu and lhe Hlone nnd your poor
old  nose,
—Derton Dralty
Did Not Know the Species
A well-known professor of goology
in nn eisiirn college waa spending
pari, of liln vaoatlon in ono of tho
mountain countries of Went Virginia,
After wandering around for somo lit
ih- timo in search of spoolnrnns the
professor 1 amo to » mountaineer's cabin In an mil -of tho-way place, Booing
,1 woman standing In the door, ho approached, bowed politely, and 111*
Are thero any ROOloglstB In I IiIh
pari ot ihe country?
Imiuiio, replied Iho woman, Jim
hilled some 1.1ml Of 11 varmint J'OBlor-
day and !tfl poll IS hatlgln' nl Hie buch
of tho iih.icic.    Vou kin look tor you'-
An Jinriteiir horticulturist In Call*
r.iiiiia has succeeded In breeding a!
c ood loss Lomato of ln/ga size,
Little I.dln'H mollier wnn so hoarse
(.110 morning thai nho could hardly
Muminn said tiolft, I'm uorry you've
uot such ti sore VOlco,
Llttlo loo—Mamma, I was awfully
nlraid when you shut mc In tho dark
Mamma—Why, Joe, what were you
afraid or?
Llttlo Joe—I was afraid I couldn't
lind tho cuke.
The Mere Man
The JokcSinltllB have long harped on
tho oompf.rnllvo Inslgninoanco of tho
Juno bridegroom, Truth, however,
to use a sporting phrase, puts it nil
over (loth ti ut limes.
Recently the Toronto Dally Star published an etaborulo description of a
wedding in thai olty, giving full pnr-
lieiiliirs about  tllO bride, Iho  brides-
mn iii", the officiating mlu Is tor, ihe
organ I si who played tho wedding
■uiircli, tho unhi'i'H, Iho dresses, and
all lho real of II bul never a mention
wnn mnde or the bridegroom.
The nccolllll of Ihe wedding paRSOlT,
ihrougii the hands of the Bocloty edllor without notice, but when ono of
tho reporters found ll In print, tho
poor woman had lo endure a lot of
The surprising discovery wan after-
wards made lhal the notloo had been
written ly tho father of the poor
To Havo and to Hold
Once upon a time he had been an
officer in 1. crack regiment, but he had
fallen on evil days, and in the end
was compelled by force of circumstances to resign his commission and
to enlist in another regiment as a
humble private.
He found It impossible, however, to-
tally to forget his position, and on ono
occasion, being requested by a sergeant to hold his horse—« duty that
did not really devolve upon lilm—ho
lill*—you forget—er—sergeant, that
once I held his Majesty's commission.
The sergeant looked at him, not
without, respect by any means, nnd
then remarked:
Well. youngBtor, I'm sorry, but you
will now hnve to hold one of his
Majesty's horses!
Rellevcri Aithma .nt Little Expense.
Thousands of dollars lmvo been
vainly speut upon remedies for asthma and seldom, it' ever, wllh nny roller. Dr, J, l>. Kellogg's Asthma
Hemeilv, despite Its unsurniice of ben* j
ellt, costs so Utile that II te wlthlu,
the roach of ull. lt Is the national,
remedy for asthlnn, far removed from!
tho class of doubtful nnd oxporimont*-
al preparations, Your dealer can
supply   it.
Selslnfl tho Opportunity
Whilst oul for a walk with her little uiiYc, auntie hud tho misfortune
to rip the loco on her   skirt   as   she
crossed " hi ile.
Iflthol was quite willing and eager
the laco now, so would yon mind
Btooplng down and carefully tearing
off the piece that  is hanging loose?
loihei was quite wllllnlg and eager
to please, and duly 1 ommonood her
task, I'or several mluutos there was
11 sound of tearing, really much moro
tearing than was necessary to remove
a small length of broken laee.
Haven't you finished yet? asked
auntie eventually.
Yes, replied the little girl, rising
wearily. 1 was taking It all off. 1
wanted enough for my dolly's skirt
while 1 was about It, and tho little
bit you toro wasn't enough.
A  Nature   Cure
No   Hypodermic   Injections
No Bad After   Effects
Tlio craving (or Drink Is duo to A'cohnllc rolnon In lho body
cells.     Until lhat poison in removed no Drinking Man can   con-
quor hla appetite.    Tho Nonl Way will etadioato all traces ot Unit
Poison nml effect a sure cure ln THREE DAY8.
Wrllo for further information to
406 Broadway, Winnipeg
224-1 Smith St., Reglna 820 Thirteenth Ave., W., Calgary
Mlnard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   In
Darling Came
The summer day was nearly over,
and tho last of Iho crowd had gone.
The pier an.' Bands wero deserted
save for a young lady and man on
the latter, and a snujll group on tho
former. Along tho rond jiarallel
with the promenade camo a red-faced
man, corpulent withal.
lie save a hasty look over thc sands
and then bellowed:
The folk on thc pier gave a short
laugh, while tho lady looked up froi t
her book, but budged not an Inch.
Darling! roared the man in an even
louder voice. But there was no
movement on the Bands. The pier
people could scarcely contain their*
selves for amusement.
The stout man lost all patience, and
picking uo a stone threw it, to the
accompaniment of protest from the
pierites, in the direction of the lady.
The stone struck the man, who looked round to see what was the matter.
Tom Darling, yelled the man, for
the last time, are you coming?
Darling got to his feet, and the jokers on the pier then melted away to
think of othor things.
Why the Long Silence
The 10-year eld daughter of a well*
knos'n actress, who lives in Harlem,
went to atay all night with another
little girl a block away. The visitor left home at 6 p.m. and was to
return a^. noon next day. It was her
first night away from home. The
next morning, about 9 o'clock, sho
called her mother ou the telephone.
Are you all right, mamma? she
Yes, dear, replied the mother.
Sure you're not sick?
Yes, dear.
Well, why haven't you written me'
then? asked the child.
Post—Why did you dismiss your
glorious cook?
Parker—It was the only way to
get our guests to go home,—Llppln-
Lawyer (to witness)—Did you say
that an incompetent man could keep
a hotel just as well aa anybody?
Witness—Nc, I said an inn-experienced man could.—Tho Hotel Guide.
At Wife's Tea
Wife*—John, which will you have?
Iced tea, bouillon, cold coffee, grape*
iulco or lemonade?
Husband—Neither. Haven't you
got somo'htng to drink?—Judge.
People Whole   Blood Supply  it
Scanty are in Danger of
a Breakdown
Thin or Impure Mood Is an Invitation to alukneaa. Tho Wood Is at
worli day aud night to maintain tho
health nnd any lacli of strength or
purity In the hlood la ti weakness In
Ihn defence aitnlnst dlxcaHP. Anne
mln in the doctor's name for lack of
Mood. Itl surest symptom is paler. An-iemla docs not nonfliio It-
telf lo uite or sex, tliniirJi It Is particularly common to young Itlrls between the ntios of 11 nnd 17. when
nature nukes peculiar demand upon
tile hlood supply, The snme lack ol
hlood, however, prevents full recov-
e'y after la grippe, fevers, malaria,
nud nperillona. and Is present In old
site, and ln persons who have been
under unusual mental or physical
strain. In all cnHos of hloodlessness
Dr. Wllll-.ms' Pink Pills nro the best
medicine known to medical science.
Tliey actually make new pure blood,
which bring" with It a healthy appetite and new strength nnd vitality.
Mrs. (ieon-a Itoy, Clair, Husk., snys:
"I have teHtcd tho value ot Dr. Williams' Pink I'llls limn and nKnlu
when n poor condition nf tbo blood
might have led to more serious Iron-
hie. I am a woman of forly and as
occasion required 1 liavo used the
I'llls oh* nnd on since girlhood. I
hnve proved Ihelr value In the ailments that afflict my hox. and I have
never known tbem lo fall. 1 also
gave thom to iny son for nerve trouble which   wo thought would result
III St, VIIUH dance, hut tbe uso of Ilio
Pills prevailed Ibis and made blm
well nnd strong. I do not know
nny hotter Invcstinenl Hum to keep
halt a dozen boxes of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills In the house, iih Ihey will
nnvo more expeiiHlvo doctor-'* bills."
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills llirougli nny medicine dealer or
by mall at I'D renin n box or hIx
boxes for l-.TiO from Thn Dr. Wll-
llama' Medici"- ''"   Drocltvlllo, Oni
More About
The Loading Platform
The present sc^entlon ot Western farmers will never know Ihe
difficulties i.nd vxatlcns experienced hy their predecessors In the
earlier years when no ono could get a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except ty loidlng It through nn elevator. The system forced
tho majority of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owners
nt arbitrary rrlcis, and oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dlHs.itisfaclion. Now however
the distribution o* *ars as fixed by tbe Grain Act, and the use of the
loading pla'form, provido facilities which enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment In the disposal of ills grain, and thc highest
market prices at time ot sale. Everv farmer therefore, should more
and more eudonvor to use tho loading pli.tt'irm in shipping his grain
to tbe terminal elevators. It is the safeguard of tbo farmers' freedom In disposing of his grain to the best advantage for himself. If
farmers refrain Irom using the loading platform freely, It might result in its being dsno away with, becaure railway companies and
elevator owaers era strongly opposed to It, It is easy to understand why elevator people desiro the loa-llng platform abolished.
The railway People on their part say 1: delays tho loading of cars
and helps to cause car shortage. This wr- know to be nonsense,
because frequently after cars are loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, they arc sldetracke.', for days and even
weeks instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
is engine shortage and shortage of competent trail, men lliat mostly
causes gram 1 lockadcs on railways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmor thor-.forc, fo all he can to use t. o lending platform and become an independent shipper. In subsequent advertisements wo
will state in detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading into cars compared with loading thr.uigh elevators.
We handle tho farmers grain strictly on commission, mako liberal
advances on car bills of Inding, supervise tbe grading at timo cars
nre Inspected, secure the highest price- at time of sale and make
prompt returns when sold. Wrlto us for shipping instructions nnd
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
701-703 Y. fcRAIN EXCHANGE.
The Meanest
A well-lo-do Chicago real estate
owner wont Into a hardware store in
that city and asked the proprietor
for a pound of nails. The small
package was mado up and the price,
a nickel, handed to tho merchant,
when tho customer asked If the purchase could bo sent to his bouse,
which was In a distant part of the
city. The merchant assented, and
calling an errand boy, handed him the
parcel, with tho nickel he had Just
received for lt, and said:—
Here, Johnny, take tho car and take
this parcel out to Mr. Blank's house.
What! said the customer, aro you
going to give tho boy tho nickel to
take the parcel out?
Whv. certainly, said tho merchant.
I wouldn't think of asking hliu to
walk so far.
Well, said lhe meanest man In Chicago, lf you would JUBt as soon give
mo tbe live cents I will lako It out
Corns cannot exist when Hollo-
way's Corn Curo is npplied to thom,
because It goes to the root and kills
tho growth.
Talent Hai Need of Stepping Stones
Dorothy kept at her pluuo practice
under lier mother's keen eye, for throe
inonlhs beforo sho revolted. Then
ber Interest began to flag, until filially
she refused lo practice any more until she bad u ring. Hho was accordingly fitted out wllh a ruby ring, und
went on wllh hev Icbsoiis for another
Ihreo months. Then rebellion broke
out once more.
Mother hIio announced flatly, 1 Hbnii
not practice any more unless Miss «..
gives me a piece wliere I can cross
my bunds.
Why, what do you want wllh siicb
a pleco as thutV asked her exasperated mother,
To show off my ruby, explained Dorothy.
.    He Needed It
Chollle—I'm doing my best to get
nlieiid, yjil know.
Dolllo—Well, everybody knows you
need ouo.
He—(nervously)— Er—er—Margar
Bt—or—or Ihero'H something has been
trembling on my lips for tho last two
Bhe—YoS, sn 1 sec. Why don t
you sliavo it off?
Thn olhei- night wo heard a father
rponk Ibiisly: William, your mother
lells mo ihnt you must lmvo n doso
of cantor oil before retiring to-night,
It Is vour bedtime now. Tnko your
medicine nnd go lo bod at onco.
Dut pirn, 1 don't want to take no
You iniiBt take it. And Immediately.
Aw, pnpo, 1 dowiinler.
William, II you don't, lake thai
medicine I'll put you right to bed
this minute, wllhout giving you n
drop of It.
William wuh sn seared thnt he took
It. That's tho way to enforct dl*
In Memorlam
Two Jjws stopped on Ihe street to
talk to each other, one wearing a
large diamond pin.
Solomon, Bald one, that Is a fine
diamond jou have. Whero did you
get It?
Well, said Solomon, my brother Ike
died and left $251) for a stone. This
ts thc stone.
Up Against It
Mrs. .Tonings—It's raining, John,
and Mrs Smithklus wants to go
home. I bave no umbrella to lend
her except my now f 10 one. Can't
I let her have yours?
Jonlngo-I should sny not! Why
tho only umbrella I've got has her
husband's nam ■ on the handle.
Going West
Thc course of civilization ls westward, mused tho philosopher,
Yes, Ibere appears to ho little left
in New York, assented tlio cynic.
Mother Knew
Daughter— Mother, could 1 love two
men at the snme time?
Mother—Not If one of thom gels
Faithful to Hli Trust
The following historical Incident Is
related   by  Arabian  authors  us   lho
highest example ot faithfulness to a
Al-Siimuu'nl wna lho emir of u trlbo
In southern Arabia. A friend of IiIh,
hefore witting out on u Journey, left
with hliu some very fine mulled armour, Tbls friend was killed iu a
Utile nud lh i King of Syria demunded
Ibe armour. Al-Sainau'al refused to
give tlieui up except to lhe right fill
heir, and the king Ink) siege to hliu
in ono of Ills fortroBses. One dny
Mb nun 'ell inlo the hands of llie enemy, nii-i tbo king threatened lo kill
■,1m If the arms wero not given up.
Again ho refused, nml from Hie turrets ot thu ensile he saw his son put
tn death The siege wus raised soon
after and tbe nrnis wero delivered lo
(lie heirs of his friends.
Domestic  Economy
Mr. Piffle--What's your Iden of th*
liilntlve and referendum V
Mr. Pewce—ll'n lho rule of o ir
household. Everything that's di no
must orl'ilnnle with my wife, tnd
everything that occurs to mo mur-t bo
referred to her for disapproval.—'ill-
cage News.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly meet die need which "0 often
arises iu every Inniily (ur a medic Ine
loo|)fli up antl trgul.ile llie lim-ck
Not only arc they eltrrlivn in oil
cases ol Constipation) but they help
?really In breaking up a Cold or I,;»
'rippe by cleaning out Ihe system
mill purifying the blood. In llie same
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Klicum*
ati-m and other common ailments.
In the fullest sens* ol Ihe words Ur.
Morse'* Indian Root Pills arc       ,7
A Houiehold  Routily THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,   B. C.
Our Columns are The Best for
"The Advertiser"
The "Prospector" is read all over the Kootenays
NOTICE Ih hereby given tlmt on
14th day of October l'J12, It wiib ordered hy His Honor Judge Oeorge
H. Thompson, Keg,., Judge of the
County Court of Bast Kootenay
tbat James A Arnold, olllclal Administrator for thut portion of tbe
County of Kootenay Included In the
Electoral District of Criinbrook be
Administrator of nil nnd singular
Ibe estate of John Unckstrom alias
K. Backstrom deceased intestate.
Kvery person indebted to the snld
deceased Is required to make payment forthwith to thc undersigned.
Every person hnvlng in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest in
the distribution of the estate of the
Bald deceased Is required to send he-'
lore tho 25th day of November next,
by registered retail addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address
and tbe full particulars of his claim
or interest, and u statement of his j
account and the nature of the security (if any) held by htm. ,
Alter the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of the estate hnvlng
regard to those claims only of
which he shall bave hnd notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
ol October, 1912.
42-2t official Administrator.
(Section 41)
' NOTICE 1b hereby given tbat, on
tbe first duy of December next, application will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police lor re-
newul of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
us the Central Hotel, Bltuate at
Marysville, In the Province of British
Dated  this   ICth   day   ol October,
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
thc first day ol December neit, application will he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail ln tho hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
i'erry Creek, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this Uth day ol Octoher,
•l--lt Applicant.
(Section 41;
NOTICK is hereby given that, on
the first day ol December next, application will be made to tiie Superintendent of Provinclnl Police lor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tlic hotel known
as the Kooteuny Hotel, situate at
the Town of Moyie, In the province
of British Columbia.
Dated this ICth day of Octoher,
i'i-At Applicant.
NOTICE iB hereby given that on
Mth day of October 1912, it was ordered by His Honor Judge Oeorge
H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of the
County Court of Enst Kootenay
that James A. Arnold, Official Administrator lor thut portion of the
County ol Kootenay included In the
Electoral District ol Cranbrook be
Administrator ot all and Blngular
the estate of Joseph McGlue deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to tbe undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest in
the distribution ol the estate of the
aaid deceased is required to send be-
fore the 25th day ol November next,
by registered mall addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address
and the full particulars of his claim
or interest, and a statement of hit,
account and the nature ol the security (if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned date!
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only ol
which he shall have bad notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of October, 1912.
42-2t Olllcinl Administrator.
LIQUOR ACT, 1911).
(Section 41)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the first day oi December next, application wilt be made to tbe Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor hy retail in the hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate
at Moyie, in the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated tbis 1Mb day ol October,
LIQUOR ACT,  1910*
(Section 41)
NOTICK Is hereby given that, on
the first duy of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ub the Moyie Hotel, situate at Moyie
In the Province ol Hritisb Columbia.
Dated this tilth dny of Octoher,
i'i it Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICK is hereby given that, on
the flrst day ol December next, application will be mude to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, iu the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 16th day ol October
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor hy retail in the hotel known
as the Windsor Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, in tb* Province ol British Columbia.
Dated tbls 1Mb day of October,
42-4t Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the flrst day of December next, ap- j
plication will be made to the Super-
intendent nl Provincial Police (or renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known;
as the International Hotel, situate'
nt Kingsgate, in the Province ol
British Columhiu.
Dated   tbls   ltth    day ol October, j
42-4t Applicants'
(Section 111
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the lirst dsy of December next, application will be mnde to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police lor renewal of tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as tbe Wycllfle Hotel, situate nt
Wycllfle, in the Province of llrltlsh
Dated this Htb dny o! October
42-4t Applicant.
Kor a licence to take and use water
Leask & Johnson of Elko, B.C., will
apply for a license to take and use
one Inch nl water out of Elko Spring
Tbe wnter will bo diverted at Klko
and will be used for industrial purposes on the land described as Lot
This   notice    wus   posted   on    the
ground   on the Uth dny ol Octoher,
1912.    The   application will bo tiled .
in   the   olllce of the Water Recorder
at Cranhrook, B.C,
Objections mny he llled with snld
Water ltecurder or the Comptroller
of Wuter Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Applicant. |
Thos. W. Leask;
42-5t Agent. |
For a licence to take and use water
Leask & Johnson of Elko, B.C., will
apply for a license to take and use
one inch of wuter out of Elko River
which flows in a southerly direction
through East Kootenny and empties,
into Kootenay River. The wuter;
will be diverteil at Elko, and will bej
used for Industrial purposes oa the
land described ns Lot o2l.
This   notice    was   posted   on    the!
ground   on tbe ltth day ol Octolier,
1912.     Thc    application will  be tiled
in    the    oltlce of the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be tiled with said
Water Recorder or the Comptroller
ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
Thus. W. Leask
in-fit Agent.
District of Southeast Kootenay
TAKK notice tbnt 1. .Mm Robertson, of Kingsgute, B.C., occupation
inrmer, intend to apply lor permis
slon to lease the following 'described
Commencing ;tt ,-, post plunted at
the southeast corner ,,f p.R. 1275;
thence east to L10W9; thence north
KI) chains; thence west 80 chuins;
tlience south to P.R. 1279; thence
J east to tbe northeast corner of i'.lt.
; 1279; tbenca south to tbe point of
Name ,»f Applicant
Date September 23rd, 1912. 411-91.
District „f Southeast Kootenay
TAKK   uotice  that JobsIc a Wnll-
inger, of Cranbrook, occupation map
, rled   woman,   intends   to apply lor
permission to purohoso the lollowlng
described lands'—
Commencing at a post planted 4<i
chains north of the southeast corner
Of Lot 99711. theneo east ill ebiiins.
thence south till chains, theuce west
40 chains, theace north sn chains to
point of commencement, containing
:!2U acres more or less.
Name ,,f Applicant
Date September uth,1912 4n-9t
District of Kast Kootenny
Farlane, of Cranbrook, B.O,, occu
potion married woman, intends to
apply to the commissioner of lands
and works for permission to purchase till* acres of land, bounded ns
Commencing nt. a post planted 2d
cbainR west ol the Northwest corner
of P.R. No. 1119 thence Enst 70
chains, tlience North 20 chains,
tlience West 70 chains, thence South
20 chnins to point of commencement.
Dnted thin lot 1, dny of August, 1912
Sadie June McFarlane
37-9t W. B. McFarlane, Agent
(Section 41)
NOTICE is hereby given thnt, on
the flrst dny of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail lu the hotel known
a* the Central Hotel, situate at
Moyie, in thc Province ol British
Dated this illth day of October
42 It Applicant.
NOTICE Is hereby given thnt on
14th dny ot October 1912, It wus ordered by HiH Honor Judge George
11. Thompson, Esq., Judge ot the
County Court of Bust Kootenny
that James A. Arnold, ofliclal Administrator lor tlmt portion of tho
County of Kootenay included in the
Electoral District ot Crnnbrook be
Administrator ol all mid slngulnr
the ostlate ol Allnn K. JohiiBon, alius
Albert E. Johnson, deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the Hiiid
deceased Is required to make payment forthwith to tho iinilorslguod.
Bvery person having In possession
effect* belonging to tlic decoased is
required lorthwith to notify the
Every creditor or otliur person
having any claim upon nr Interest in
tbe distribution of the estate nf tha
■aid deceased is required to send hefore tbe 25th day ol November next,
by registered mail addressed to tbo
undersigned, his nnmo aid address
and tbo lull partlcult-rs of his claim
or Interest, and a statement ol his
account and thc nnturc ol tho security (II any) held by blm.
After the said last mentioned date
tho Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of the ostate having
regard to those claims only of
which he shall have had notice.
Dated nt Cranbrook this 14th dny
ol October, 1912.
42-2t Olllclal Administrator.
Scobtirs Liquor, Tobacco
and Drujc Cure avrSbt.
Alcohol, Tobacco ind Drug., It counteract, th.
•(licit ilnn.it lliiunllr-rinio.et ill cmlim.
Alter tilling lh, tieitiiiint thon will ui.cr to inr
•Md loWtlnk Inloslcinti or UN drun mln. Co
bt given Meetly. Wi h.vi yit lo hm ol oni
IiIIiiii. Milled undrr HPlriti cover In inrid-
drill.  Prlio ,11.00 hoi. orJ boun lot 1100). *M
taekell Drug Co., n. OMharls*,, Oil.
(Section 41)
NOTICE Is hereby given thut, on
the Ilrst day nl December next, application will be made to Uie Superintendent ot Provinclnl Police lor renewal of the hotel llcenae to sell
liquor hy retail In the hotel known
as the Nortli Star lintel, situnte nt
Klmhorloy, Hi the Province ol Brit
ish Oolumbla.
Dated tilts lull day of Octoher
42 it Applicant.
(Section 41)
NOTICK is hereby given thnt, on
tbo flrst day of December next, application will be mndo to Uio Superintendent of Provincial Police lor re-
uewnl ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Wasa Hotel, situate at Wnsn,
In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this ICth day ol October,
42-It Applicant, j
For n licence to tnko and use water
Alex. Herbert Smith of Bonners Ferry Ranch, Gateway, B.C., will apply
for a license to take and use 300
inches (all) of water oataOf a spring
which flows in a southerly direction
through lot 328 and empties into
Linklater Creek on same lot. The
water will be diverted ut the said
spring and will be used for domestic
nnd irrigntion purposes on the land
described as sub-lots 11 and 12. part
of lot 328.
Tbls notice wus posted on the
ground on the 7th dny of October,
1912. The application will he filed
in the ofllce of the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook, B.O.
Objections may be filed with said
Water Recorder or the Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings. Victoria, B.C.
42-5t Applicant.
District of Enst Kootenay
TAKE NOTICK that 1, William
Pulethortie of Kingsgate, B.C., intend
to apply to the commissioner of land
and works for permission to purchase
100 acres of land, bounded us follows:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner of P.R. Record 1118 or Lot No, 10317, tbence
west 20 chains, thence north 80
chuins, thence east 20 chnins, tbence
south 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated tills 12th day of August. 1912
William Palethorpe
35-9t W. B.  McFarlane,  Agent.
Notice is hereby given that on days
after date I inteud to apply to the
Minister of Lands f,.i ,i licence to
prospect for coul and petroleum ovei
the following lands situate m tin
District of Southeast Kootenny, Brit
ish Columbia, in Lm 4593
Commencing  at   a   post  j,hinted  at
or   near   one   mils   due   S,iiilli   ,,l   the
Northeast   corner   ol   Lot   v',**>,   and
being   the   Northwest corner post oi
Oeorge   Wykes'   claim;   tlience   South
' mi  chains;   theace   East   all   chains;
1 tlience  North  8u chains;  tlience  West
KO chains to the point ,<: commencement, making r»tll acres, more or loss.
Located this 23rd day „( July, 1912
Kathen W.  Hutts, Agenl
:i7-'.it Win. li. Brown, Witness
Notice is hereby given that CO days
after dute I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for , licence in
prospeot lor conl and potroloum ovoi
the  following   lands   situate   in   the
District ol Southeast Kootenny, Illil
ish Columbia, in Lot 4503;
Commencing ,,t a i„,si planted al
or near the Nortboust oomor ,,i l.,,i
7287, and being the Noi'thwosi cornel
post ol Joseph 8. Ilanin-r's claims
thenco Bast 80 cliuins; thence Bout!)
8i) chain*; tiiencc West sn chains;
thenco North so chains to the point
ot commencement, making i,lo acres,
more or less.
Located tills 23rd day ,,f July, 1912
Eathen W. lluttH, Agent
37-91. Win. H. Brown, WitnoHs
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
niter date I intend to apply to t la-
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for coal and potroleum ovei
tbe following lands situate in tin-
District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia; In Lot 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or  near  one  mile  due  South  of  the
Northeast    corner  of   Lot  8585,   and
being  the   Southwest  corner post  of
George   Wykes*   claim;   tlience   North
811   chains;   tlience   East   80   cbufiiH;
thenco South 80 chains;  thence West
80 chnins to the point of commencement, making 640 acres, moro or less
Located this 23rd day of July, 1912
Kathen W. Butts. Agent
:)7-9t Wm. H. Brown, WitncHs
Coal niitiinr rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tiie North
west Territories and in a portion of
tiie Province of British Columbia,
may lie leased for a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental ol $1
an acre. Not, more than 2,o00 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for n lease miiBt be
made hy the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dis-
trict in whlcb the rights applied lor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall lie staked out hy tbe applicaut
Bach application must he accompanied by n f.-e of |6 which will be
refunded if the rights applied lor are
not available, hut pot otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on ths merchantable output of the mine ut tho
rate of live cents per ton,
Tiie person operating the mine shall
'annul, the Agont with sworn returns
iccountlng   lor   the   full   quantity of
merchantable i 1 mined and pay tbo
royalty   thereon.    It   the   roal  mining
rights   are  not   being   ,,perilled,   sucb
returns should he furnished at least
nice a year.
The lease will include tile coal min-
ng rights only, hut the lessee may
i.e permitted to purohase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should he made to tin- Secretary ol
ibe Department ,,l tin- Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent, or Sub-Agent of
Dominion  Lands.
W.    W.    CORY,
Deputy  Minister  ot the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
for. Mnrcll 25-f.m.
For n liconce to tnke  nnd use water.
NQTICE is hereby given that Harry Edwards ol Wycllfle, B.C., will
apply lor a licence to take and use
270 acre feet of water out of Perry
Creok. which flows in a north easterly direction through various lands
and empties into St. Mary's lliver.
The wnter will be diverted ut 800 j
ynrds from the mouth of creek and
Will be used lor irrigntion purposes!
on the land described as Lot 3019.
This notice wns postod on the
ground on the 7th dny ol Octoher,
1912. The application will be tiled I
In the olllce ol thn Wnter Recorder at
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Objections may bs tiled with snid
Wnter Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
<U-5t Applicant.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply lo the
-Minister of Lands lor a licence to
prospect for conl and petroleum over
the following lands bltuate in the
District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing ut n post planted at
or neur the Southeast comer of Lot
7284, und being the SouthwoBt coiner
post of Josspb S. Diinner'H claim,
thence North 80 claims; tbence Bast
so chains; tlience South 80 chains;
thence West 80 chains to the point of
commencement, making H4n ncres,
morn or less,
Located tills 23rd day of July, 1912
Kathen W.  Butts.  Agenl
37-9t Win. H. Brown, Witness
(Section 41)
NOTICK Is horoby given that, on
the first day ol December next, up-
jilioatloii will bo mude to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco lor renewal ol the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In tho hotel known
as thc Falls Vlow Hotel, situate at
MaryBvlllo, In thc Province ol llrlt-
tlsh Columbia,
Dated   this   ICth   dny ol October,!
42 -It Applicant
(Section 41)
NOTICK   Ih hereby given tlmt, on
the   flrst   dny ol December next, up- j
plication will be mado to tho Super
intcntioni. oi provincial Police lor renewal   ol   the   hotel   license to soil
liquor   by retail In the hotel known,
iih the Yahk Hotel, situate nt Ynhk,
In tho Province of British Columbln.
Dated   thin    ICth    duy ol October,
42-4t Applicant
(Section 18)
NOTICK Ih hereby given tlmt, oni
the llrsi dny ol December next, application will be made to the Super
intemleni of Provinclnl Police lor renewal ol the license to sell liquor by
wholesale In and upon tbo premises
known ns thn Moyie Brewery, situnte
at Moyle, upon the lunds described
ns Lots 4 nnd 5, Hlock 1 town ol
Moylo, In the Province of British Columbln,
Dnted    thlH    lUli    day ol October,
42 it Applicants
i Section 18|
NOTICE iH hereby given that, on
thu tlrst dny of Docomber next, up
plication will he maile to tho Super
Intendent nl Provincial Police for the
renewal of n HcohHc for the hiiIii of
liquor hy wholesale in and upon the
premises known iih my iitore, situate
ill Crnnbrook upon the Ituuls described iih Lot II, Block 93, City ol
Cranbrook, II. 0,
Dnted this 18th duy of October,
42 41 Applicant
For a licence to tnke nnd use water
Alex. Herbert Smith of Bonners Ferry Ranch, Gateway, B.C.. will apply
for it license to tnke and use
4 cubic feet of wnter out of Llnklater Creek, which Hows In a southerly
direction through Lot 328 and empties into Kootenny River near International Boundary. The wntor will j
be diverted nt the'north side of suh-j
lot 11 ol Lot 328 and will bo used
for irrigation purpnses on the land
described as sub-lot 11 of Lot 328.
This notice was posted on tbe;
ground on the 7th day of October,!
1912.     The    application will  he tiled
at Oranbrook, B.C.
Objections muy ho llled witli snld
Wnter Recordor or tbe Comptroller
of Wuter Itlgbts, Parliament Build-!
ingH, Victoria. B.C.
42-5t Applicant.
For a licence to take and  use  water
Alex. Herbert Smith nf Bonnors For
ry Ranch, Gateway, B.C., will apply
for   a   license    to    tuke    and     uso
ono cubic foot of water out. of Link
laser Creek, which Hows In u souther
ly   direction   through   Lot 328, nml
empties   Into   Kootonny   River near
International    Boundary,    The water
will   ho   diverted at about 1000 feet
woHt of the west boundary of Hub-lot
8 nnd will he used for Irrigation pur
poses   on    the   lund described hh 25
acres nf sub lot ,8.
This uotice wiih poHtnd on the
ground on the 7th day of October,
1912. The application will he lllod
Itl the ofllco of the Wnter Recorder
nt Crnnhrook, B.C.
Objections may bn Died wltb said
Wnter   Ilecordor or   tbo Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buiid-
ingH, Victoria, 11 c
42-51 Applicant.
NOTICE is hereby given thut on
October 21st., 1912, it was ordered by
His Honor George H. Thompson,
EBq., Judge of the county court ol
East Kootenny, tlmt JameB A. Arnold, Olllcinl Administrator for thut
portion of the County oi Kootenny
Included in the Electoral District of
Cranhrook he administrator of all
and slngulnr thc estate of Samuel
Bolton deceased  intestate.
Every person indebted to tlio snld
deceased is required to make payment   lorthwith to the undersigned,
Every person having in possesion
eflccts belonging to the deceased is
required IrotbWltll to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other jici-hou liming any claim upon or interest in
the distribution of the estate of the
Haiti deceased Is required to send before the >fith duy oi November noxt,
by   registered mall addressed to the
undersigned,     Ills    11,11110 and  address
and tho lull particulars of bis claim
or interest, and a statement, id his
account, and the nature of the security (if nnyi held by hltn.
Alter tho snid lasl mentioned date
tbo Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate huv
Ing regnrd lo those claims only ol
Which be shall huve hud notice.
Bated ut, Cruuhrook tills 21nt dny
of October,  1912.
.1.  A.  ARNOLD,
48-21, oilicial Administrator
Notice iH hereby given that im days
after date I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
proBjicct for coal and petroleum over
the following lands situate in the
District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Lot 4593:
Commencing at n post plnntod on
the West boundury of Lot 8589 nt .linear three miles Nortli of the International Boundary, and being the
Southeast corner post of Anna K.
Webb's claim, thence West 80 chnins;
thence North 80 chains; thence East
80 chains; thenco South 80 chains to
the point of commencement, making
C40 acres, more or toss.
Located this 23rd day of July, 1912
ANNA  K.  WEBB.  Locator
Eathen W. Butts, Agent
37-9t Win. H. Brown, Witness
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We Ileal in Everything From
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Joseph H. McLean
aii kinds of s.-oiinii lliiiiii t'oods
Furniture a SPECIALTY
Notice iH hereby given thut ml dnys
after dute I Intend to apply to the
Mlnistor of Lands for it licence to
prospoct for conl iiiid potroloum over
tho following lands situate in tbolS^ge'l Old Stand. Hanaou Are)
District of HoiitbeiiHt Kootenny. Brit- Pboae 161.
Ish Columbia, in Lot 4j'J3:  \	
Commencing nt a pout planted on
ihe Went boundary line of Lot H5KH
at  or  nenr  two  mllOS   North  of  the
International Boundary, mul being
lb.- Southeast cormr post of Anuii K
Webb'H cliillli, thence Went nil chnlllH.
tlience North Hli chimin; thence Ku.it
60 ohnlns; thence Houth tu chains to
the point ol eollinielieenient, milking
bin nercH, moro or lea.,.
Located tl.ih 28nl duy ol .Inly, UU
ANNA  K.   VVE1III,   Locator
Eiithon W. Butts,  Agent
57"Jt Wm. II. llrown. Witness
akits Short Work of
(Section 41)
NOTICE in hereby givon Unit, on
the iiihi duy of Docombor net, application will be mnde to tin. Super
Intendent of Provincial Pollco lor re
liowul of the hotel llceliHe lo sail
! liquor by rotnll In the hotel known
iih the Wardnor Hotel, Hltiinte nt
Wardfior, In tbo Province of British
Dnted   thle    llith    dny ol October,
4.4t Applicunt
Dlstrlot of Bust Kootonny
TAKE   NOTICE   Hint I, Annie M
Palethorpe of klngsgato, B.C., occu^
potion innrrleil woman,    Intends   to
npply to tbo commissioner of lands
nud works for permission to purchase
fill ncreii of Innd mine or loss, bound
od iih follows:
Commencing nl a post plunted nl
tbo MoiithweHi corner ol T Ondwal
loder's Ptirohaso, thenco Houth 2ii
chains more or Iomh to Mrs, H. .1.
-.IcI'iiiIiiiiii'm I'lirehime, thence KiihI to
the Little Moyle lliver 2» chains
more or lima, theiicn North 211 clmllm
moro or limn lollowlng the river up
Htrciim to south line of T. Cnilwnl
loder's Purohase, tlmnco Went 2,ri
chains more or less to point of commencement,
Dnted till" Uth iluy of August. 1912
Annio M. Pnletbropo j
37-ut W. B. McFarlano, Agent 1
t ipperentl) ho-Mha, bum „f
una,.,., Gout, Neur.li.lt, anil .11 olhrr
umailim yield itonoouiAbbouUrm,
totnedy, l.il.,. nn nopel ,,f men i il
tanl relief to ilMR.forM.sn lufferm,
'ronr IhiIh of aiinny an,! I„t lix year.
tun met;, women mil . bil.bc. f„r
' -I 11" 1,- Ll.     Ju.t a   tea   |.,ll|. ,
a -» „t Iranian to Hi y-im'rfn, „
..nl. iinrlvnlli'l a. a v.n-k Mf. an.l
iiabi.. [raiment <•■> .u ",„■ *-id d,..
,- s.., ,,,nl. i„l,.,.},. rle    I..-I a dollar battle of
Abbott Bros, Rhturnitlc Htrnidy
i" .I j. ur |mi.i* at OHM -Mar. your .'lira today.
Si.iii t imimI.I l,v Abbott Broi., 711 s nM-.--.riiH.,
j Clildifro,  "I, if your ilniNfiit ilom nut have Ik
Sold By the
Cranbrook Drug & Book CoJ
Trade Marks
AtiM-in •■■luting n *k*>lri, and rj.wrlp.1i-ti nt-.**
iilrl I* (-.-•'■■Mhiii nur <>|iliilini frtIM •llWIin an
i I„ii U I'l-il.M.IJ' (oilr-iilr-l.lt*,   ('••niailliil.'-i-
,, f ,.., hi.i,  i ,,,...-,-» r<-r*<"-ti-TiiKiiatt*iiit.
■■ --■ -■,•-) I'iLiii •firi-i.afii Muim » ■-■■ ■*»-■•
I-- r<ir
III   tliroilifll   M'-lltl   *Vu.
litrrl.i. ri'-llff, wll li<,nt rlmn.fi. |U Ihn
Scientific American.
A )>riM<.*tpiii"ir 11 In" ml-"I ■■■.•■hly. .a***i**t fir-
ciiiiiii,.ii i-i wy '-i.niiiii- it-imiai. Twin* tu
r.'iiji.l.  »i" it yiin, |MMtan*, |>r*-i!ft|-l.   Hold fi|
.,«""»*-». New York
a r ■uwiwusive.As. THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Thanksgiving Dance
At the Auditorium
Monday after the show 10 p.m. sharp
Calico Poudre—Powdered Hair and Calico Trimmings will be considered lull dress.   Ladies Free.   Gentlemen $100
i-^h-.-■i--H*-i-.--t-i-i-■■ i-i11111 I'-h-m-m"i'i-I-1*+ j    Local  News
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DON'T   polttiKT — Thanksgiving
Chicken   Dinner,   Monthly,   Oarmen's
' Hull from 5 to ii p.m.
Monday ia Thanksgiving day .
A Pointerjor You
Monday is a Publio Holiday.
The   Public  Schools   will   bo  cloned j
mi Monday, Thanksgiving Day,
p,Matherson baB purchased a block
of LSI bouses Id Cranbrook.
BBE     KINK'S     WIndOW     .<.    'Hood
BATS" for Thanksgiving,
Nurse   Harrison   wnn   m town this
week enroute to tbo count.
Mr    aud    Mrs    H    Palmer urn at
lethbrldge taking En the Pair
w   Murdoek, ,>t Flagstone,  wuh vis
. iting Cranbrook on Monday
The next thing
at the c, o, 8,
■ill he boy'B Bleigbs
t~H-|*--*H444HH-*-t' »j,.|-|..|.t.|..|..H + Hi'IHH++'H*+
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~A Phone 72 *X
^-f+-|..|-j.+.H*+*H•+++•!-W-M-+ -4**4*4*-M^**+*ll'H-l H-f IH
Kutiro change of programme at the
BJdison Theatre tonight
p   Lund, of Wardner, was In town
P   Turks left  ou   Mondny   for   Lett.
bridge and Calgary on business
Boiled Older   in qjuart   bottles for
Miuce Meat at Oampbell ji Mannings
\   B   Macdonald left  on Thursday
(or Ferine ou legal  business
Chas.    Tye   was at Lethbridge thin
reek baking in the Farming Congress
I. may
be iimt youi eyes en*
becoming weak .uui you nre
nlr,1 ul to acknowledge ll rtiui
Is ilu- wav wuii ,1 uood many
people both old and ) ouug
The 1 oung, pni ticularly seem
afraid to admit then falling nlghl
hm ii ts no no*, elty now aday b
.uui certainly no disgrace Wc
will remed) <in\ defective eye
sight quickly, accurate!) and .it
low cost
Jewelers & Opticians
M;       ind   Mrs.    C.    M.    James,
Claresholtn, irere in town Tuesday
Cape     Cod    Cranberries   now
stock.   Cranbrook Trading Oo.
Mrs    J     I..   Walker  will  receive
the 1st Friday of each month
J.  F   Mason,   of   L'redtuU,    wai
town Wednesday
Mr    and   Mrs.    j. C. Oampbell, of
Hood River,  were Crnnbrook visitors
Mr      and     Mrs.   J.    Walsh,   of  Fort
Steele,  were in town Thursday.
N.    Hanson and Mrs.  Donohue mo*
! tored in from Wasa on Thursday.
East Kootenay
A   Full and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, Etc
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing a Specialty
Thanksgiving Day
Gentle Header,  now   whn
Anything in thi- old Btor
until a moderate conslderat
know the wny. All roadB 1
paths, auto roads and conil
the flume old pluce.
It's the place whero the
house and want something
something different nnd mor
It's tho Housekeeper's
the Host CUTLERY, for tu
in RANQHS, und where she
I'linii cooking which mnkuH
It's most everybody's pi
which means it's a noon p
to all tho uld friends we iu
received"  ut   the  end  of ovo
t  will you huve?
6   ih  yours  next   wri-k   fur  the  uaking
ii).    Plonse-come in and ask.    You
end    tn  PARKS',   footpaths,    bridle-
ni*    trolley   lines   wlil    bring  yuu  to
folks come when they're building «
bettor tban -common HARDWARE,
i> economical.
Depot for Clood KITCHENERY, for
hie and kitchen; fur the latest thing
can gol nl! thoso little helps to
life more enjoyable.
to buy something ur other.
IR, Ami so with many tlmnkH
you to call     You'll tind "value
Heal    of    Alberta,    "The Faultier
| Flour"—$4.')u  per sack—J.   Manning.
40 tt
tM^HHi+H+H-H+H+H-HHfIKHH+++Hi+1 HI    Mr. and Mrs.  Elmer-Elton of l.un-
| j don,  England,  were resiatered nt the
. j Cranhrook  yesterday.
M. Lawrie of Winnipeg, is visiting
at the residence of his son F. M.
MacPherson this week.
Fancy Butter Pears at FINK'S
Next week the Edison Theatre will
I show the best and most interesting
j line of films ever seen in Cranbrook.
! DON'T FORGET - Thanksgiving
| Chicken Dinner, Monday, Carmen's
i Hall from .i in s p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Young, of Fort
j Steele, were guests nt the Cranbrook
i Thursdny.
You like a big stock to choose
j from   when   buying   furniture--C.C.S.
. O. Q, Jewell, prosideut of the
; Jewell Lumber Co., of Jaffray, was
. in town Tuesday.
; Al. Doyle, of Fort Steele, was
1 transacting business at Cranbrook
; Thursday.
Just   received   a   carload   of   Robin
i Hood Flour—East  Kootenay  Mercantile Company.
I. At
ry tr
F. Parks & Company
Cranbrook .... n.rj. ;;
i Liquor Habit Cured
in Three Days
No lly|ii,il,Tiuir Injection.   Semi
for free hooklel
Box 335 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Ftnwick Ave. & Kailis St.
^fa*a^^a^a^.i,,i,,i,n,i^a|a|..|i.|i |.^.^.^..|.^.^..]..|.^.'|..|..|..|. | |||||||f||| ,"f
J?'    For a very small premium you can
Insure your car from  Loss   by  Fire
or Theft    Call on us for rates
Mr.   and Mrs.  J.  F, Mritt, of Fort
-' Hteele.   were   registered at the Cranhrook Thursday.
It    is said that many industries iu
! Itritlsh Columhla are becoming a re-
fUge for Americans.
Malaga, Tokay and Cormshon
drapes at Campbell a Manning's
Unripe peaches and other fruits are
how ripened in a few minutes hy the
uut of electricity,
Mr and Mrs. M, A. flenle returned
from an extended trip to England ou
Fridav Inst.
I let our prices on your pnul try
BUpplICI for the winter. Cranbrook
Trading Co,
Grant Darling, formerly a hotel
keeper of Jaffray, is at Cranbrook
thin week  visiting friends.
HORN- At Cranhrook on Wednesday, Octoher 23rd. to Mr. and Mrs.
,.  (Irldley, n daughter,
Mr. Archie Raworth was at I .Hit
bridge this week attending tin- Farm
mg Congress
WANTED—Plain Needlework, Dressmaking, etc. Apply Miss N Burn,
Hox 343,  Cranbrook. §7-fit
corner of Lumsdeu Avenue and Edward Street.   Phone 374.
FOR    SALE—ftouse on Cranbroo
Street,    4   rooms,   and large pantry
apply Christian & Jones,    terms    to
suit  purchaser.
WANTED- Housework by day or
hour, by lady who resides at home
Adaress Mrs. Townsend or Phone
:.5S. M0-3t
PRIVATE. ROOMS for Patients at
Nurse lllnklev's residence. Phone
187.    Address Crnnhrook. •40-3t
The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal have announced
their programme for In 13, and sub-
BCHbera are to receive greater value
tban ever before, and this in saying
a whole lot. In this western country
such a paper is n great blessing. It
Interests everybody. Thc hints and
information it gives are worth hundreds of dollars a year. New settlers
cannot afford tu he without such a
paper, no other fills thc bill for the
West like the Family Herald and
Weekly Star, lu addition to the paper for a whole year, each subscriber
receives a must beautiful picture entitled "Mother's Treasures." ft ie
23 by Ti inches, all ready fur framing. Tbe picture alone would sell at
a two dollar hill In any art atoro in
the big cities Any home not now
getting Tbe Family Herald and Week
ly Htar should give It a trial for 1913
They will never regret It.
Lumber, Farming, Agriculture ami
Mining form some of the spokes to
tin' wheel of Cranbrook'.. Industries,
Mm T. Larson loft 011 Monday for
11 trip East taking ,n liotll Calgary
and Winnipeg.
HORN-At Crnnbrook, Thursday,
to Mr and Mrs I), Macdonnld, a
Ontario concord Grnpw at FINKH
llonttlii Murphy (In. iliiHiirviiH pi'iiiHi'
from Oranbrook iionplii im- introducing hero tlm simple buckthorn hurk
nml glycorlne mixture, known iih
Alitor l-kn. TliiH Hiiniili' Qerinnn rem.
oily llml lit'tiiiimi InmoUB hy cui'lni-
nppondlcltll* nml It. Inn. nnw hi'i'n din-
-nvnreil thnl. A HIN'II.I-' linHIC re-
llini'ii sour ntinnnrh, gim on Ihn
Htnniiirli nml oonr-tlpiitlon inhtant
l,Y. II'h (|lllok action in n bin nur
liriii,' in |iiiii|i1o. 43-1
Oliver iiriHtiitt, ol tlm Oranbrook
Agency, lott 1111 the Flyer Thuwliiy
night lur Lotbbrlilge.
DON'T KOI.111.T - '1'liiinkHislvliiK
I Ohlokon Dinner, Moiulny, Ourinen'H
' Until (roin 5 to 8 p.m.
MiHH i.i'tin O&rtwrlght loft on Frl
I dny lor n thanksgiving liuliilny wltb
' her relative-* at LQrlakson, B.O,
A, 11. Uul lock roturnod Monday
trniii I.iih Angelon, whore lie Inn, lition
spending  tin. miniiiiui'
The iii-xt llitnn will lu> luiy'n sleighs
nt   till-  0.   I'.   H.
Mi lliiniilliin HiH-nroil h third
prise (i»r "Wnn. mip Apples." al tho
Lolhbrldgc Fni**,
Mr mul MiH. c. llungorlord Pol
len roturnod Monday rrom a vtnlt to
lho Old Oountry,
Throo cnrlouda ol podigree Btock at
rlvod in Oranbrook thin week eon
Bignod to l'  Woods oi Oherry Oreok.
llriind. Bllorts, Oat-chopB, Whole
und Orackod Ooru nt tho idiHt Koo-
tenay Morcantllo Oo.
Mr. und Mra. VV. Hnlsnll hnve gone
u, Lethbrldge tu attend the big Dry
Punning OougroBB.
Mrs. K. SiiiiiHlmry Ih at l.ethbrldgt,
attending the International Oongrosfl
of  Fnrm Women.
Mesdames n J, Little nnd W. J
Atchison who bnve heen visiting re-
Latlves in Montana aro expected home
A new shipment of lioyiil Doulton
Chlnn just unpacked nt Oampbell *
Mrs. A. O. l'ye and MIbb Pye will
receive ou the brat Saturday ol eacb
montb   Instead   ol  Thursday as lor-
"The Rei" moving picture theatre
is rapidly nenring completion, lt Is
expected to be ready lor the opening
on December 1st.
Getting ready for winter—A lull
stock ot blankets, sleighs, cutters,
robes, etc.   Cranbrook Trading Co.
W. J. Duncan, H. 8. Mather and
Miss Ruby Mother, ol Fort Steele
were Cranbrook visitors on Thursdny.
K. C. Gilibs, ol Spokane, represent
ing the Kellogg Klectrlc Supply Oo.,
was transacting business with the
Qualn Electric Co. this week.
Pimentos lor Dainty Salads at
O. R. Ward, of thc Cranbrook
Agency Co., lelt on Wednesday to
attend the Dry Farming Congress at
Miss Vernu Felton, the successful
young actress with the Allen Players,
is drawing crowded houses at the
Auditorium this week.
Commercialism has the wings ol
Wireless Telegraphy in Its activity
nnd progress in and around Cran
DON'T FORGET - Thanksgiving
Chicken Dinner, Monday, Carmen's
Hull from 5 to 8 p.m.
Thanksgiving Day is on Monday;
undoubtedly the churches will be lull
to over-flowing with the tbanktulness
of u bounteoUB harvest.
Florida Grape Fruit at FINK'S
Miss G. Gnnderson
Miss Q. Gunderson, u waitress at
the Queen's hotel, has been removed
to the hospital Buffering with rliuc
A. E. Watts, ol Wattsburg, and W
ll. McFarlano, of this city, will rep
resent Crnnbrook District at the
Conservation Convention at Revels-
Come and see our new stock ol fur-
nltllle just received.—C.C.S.
Mrs. Mclntyre, of Calgary, and
Mrs. Renton, ol Toronto, who havo
been visiting Crnnbrook, tbo guests
ol Mrs. J. Woodman, lott on Thursdny to roturn to their several homes.
Mr. A. Hideo, nl Wycllfle, lelt lor
the uld country nn Wednesday on the
C.A.N. Steamship Royal George.
J. S. Pock & Co. are tho local agent
for the company.
A large shipment ol Helnz's Pick-
Ion In bottles nnd bulk—"Tho Ooodo
ol Quality."-ut Campbell .4 Manning's.
Geo. 1,adds was tnken to the St.
Eugene Hoskltnl last Saturday suffering from Typhoid Fever. Tbe attack ls only slight and u sjieedy recovery is hoped for.
Mr. J. B. Fllliol left on the Flyer
on Thursday night for New York
whero he will take tbe Steamship
"France" ol tho French line for Hnv
ve. Tho pussuigc was booked thru'
,1. H. Peck u Co. who are local
agents fnr thin lino.
Charlie Wing, ul tho Montana
Laundry, loft nn Thursday lor Hung
Kung, Ohlnu. Charlie bus gone fur
the purpose uf bringing liuck bis wlln
nnd children. In tbe meantime bin
coiiBln 0, Hlng will bave charge ol
the IiiihIuobb.
Puiiltry Supplies, Never Chenpor -
wheat, nuts, hurley, scratched fund,
hoel scrnp, oyster shell, grit, green
bone, nlfnlfn meal, charcoal, shorts
and   bran   also   oat huy und alfalfa
■>-'*-'l"t"l'-l"t"l"l "I ">">"l "*'->■■*'•*"*"*">"*'' '
Art* generally easily caught but hard to
get rid of
Such is not the case
when you use
Dr. Scott's Prescription
No. 99
Rexall Cold Tablets
These Preparations are Guaranteed
j  Beattie-Murphy Co.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
• ■
li Are You Fully Insured
Against Fire?
ii Beale & Elwell I
Go into the matter carefully
Rates are Not as High
As they were
On Meats and Lards Guarantee Their Quality-
All uui Products arc Government Inspected
"Tiie Kind Thai Tastes Good."
ii P. BURNS & CO. Ltd. li
».   C.
fur    sr.'-itrliini!       ('riinhrook  TrmlniK
,t. I). Mel tr. ill- met with un ucn
(lent, on WiHlmmility wben motorlnK
In frum Warn.. HiH ear attempted to
climb a true, which resulted in the
the ixTUpantK being badly Nhaken up
umi the rar boins dfttnogod to the
extent of About |200
Mrn. io Ti Onnnnwnrf, ot Gait,
Ontario, stayed oil tit t'ruubrook to
vii-.it for a few dnvn at tbe borne of
Mr. and Mrn. Teet, Mm. (litntiawurf
bun spent the HUinmer nt the 1'uc.l.c
Const cltieH and Ik now vlmting vur-
ioiiri citieH enroute to the east.
Next week two uood j-miH'r. of how
Iim: are booked up at tbe Y.M.C.A.
ThflY.M.C.A, team will try to win
from tbo Brunswick alley team. The
.iiiinc.' will he played ou thc IlruiiH
wick alleys and the return match at
the Y.M.C.A.
Salvation Army.
Kred.  A,  Htrltle-Captain
Sun. Morn.ll tun,—Hollnoss Meeting
Hun. Aft. :. p.m.—Freo and Busy
Hun.   Nli,'ht   k  p.m.—Halvation   Meet.
"Spiritual Growth."
Tuoh.   night   H  p.m.-Halvation   Meet.
Thurs. night H p.m.- Holiness Meet..
Hut. night k p.m.   I'imihc Meeting,
All are he it r til y wolcotno to the a-
hove services,
open iiirn services will preceed oncb
of the above Bervlcefl, to which all
ure Invited.
Kindly send oust off clothing tu tbo
Army Hull au we greatly need tbem.
Presbyterian  Church
Rev. W. k til uui fi Thomson
Morning Ber vice at ll A. M.
Morning     subject:      Comparative
HUtdy of Religion—"HlndulBm."
Hiimluy Bchool and B.blo ( l,is>. at
", p.m.
Rvonlng Service at 7 P.M.
EDvonltlg subject: The pa robins of
cur Lord—"The Good Ha mar I ton."
Guild meets Wednesday nlgbt at
ri p.m.
Methodist Church
Hev. W. KIhiui Dunham
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Bvening Service 7.3*1 p.m.
Pipe organ and vocal poloctlons at
every Hervlce.    All nro Welcome
Baptist Church
Rev,  11.   HI.   KKN'KM.I.
Morning worflhlp, 11:00 o'clock,
Hiiiiilny HpIihiiI nl. ",00 u.m.
Kvunlni; Wi.rBhln 7:30 o'clock,
rrnurliliii: mrvloftfl will he hnlil at
ll nn u.m. nml 7:80 |i.m. Thn therm,
nl thc iHn'-mim-H nl the iluy will he
"KHInwHlilp wllli (Iml" to he pre-
Hi-nti'il in the morning nnd "Follow
Klilp nl tho HnlntH" In Iin the mnt
tor nl meditation in the evening
Thin t.homo will lm t.rc'ited uiiilnr the
ontitlons—Tho (future ol fellowntilp]
IIk IIiikIh; Uh 1'rlralone Vnlue; The
Oiilnmlty ol IN I.i imi Villi nml your
pruyori nre Invited.


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