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The Prospector Jun 14, 1913

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Array We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Guarantee You a Fit
^^ ,__ Provincial   Legislative  -,
TKe^Leading Newspaper
JUN 80  fo 3     -T    in, the
Jj  Kootenays
•8||£I£lJ_J^       The
#^---'    "Prospector"
$2.00 Per Year
JUNE 14th,   1913.
NUMBER   23.
Labor   Commission   Visits
Royal Commission Holds Sitting in City Hall—The
Mayor and Other Make Statements
Itoyal Commission, appointed by
tlic provincial government to Invest!-1
gate, and he it- evidence rei a tin [ t.
labor condition-] in tb1) Cranbrook
district, met in the Goveinintnt build
ing on Tuesday, 'ibo commission
consists ot the following gentlemen1
Chalrrr.m, Harry Pnrrois, ex Mf P.P.
of GoULn; J. Jardine, ex M.P.P., A.
M. Harper; J. McKelvie, F. It. Mv
Namara, secretary, nnd R. G. Bton.y
Much important evidence was broiu
before the Commissioners, those testifying were:— Rlniore Sta.Irs ot the
Otis Stalls Lumber Co. .Wyclifle.;
and Mayor A. C. Bowness, of Cranbrook."
Mr. Staples said that certain kinds
of labor were plentiful, then gave a
description of thi accenmodat'oo
afforded to men at Wycllfle. He said
that hospital fees was $1 per month,
which was collected by th.- company
and paid to the doctor*-. That Chi
na ncn did not pay medical fees. Th
company emp'o/B about 450 men, the
doctors get the full amount of mon
ies collected; thnt there was no discount given to thc firm; that th
doctors had to travel about 15 miles
which toon the in a out an hour and
a half, cash way, to yet there. We
have a very few casual ties, camps
are kept as sa.it-.ry condition a
possible, we supply tbe men with
clothing from th • .-tore, the profits
amount to about 25 per cm:, The:
is no interference on the part of th
company as to men going to Cranbrook to trad.1. We pay our mn.. In
cheques cn the bank of commerce,
are at par, and ^oud with every thank
or business house in the district,
a man is discharged h- is paid by a
cheque. We pay monthly, th'Te hai
been no complaints among the men
The men receive alo.it (70 per
month.     Families pay,  at the corn-
excellent clnss of nm. most of
Ihem having been with the compan,
over three yea*_ and some of them
nine yearn. If a man hues his cheque
we stop payment on cheque, and immediately issue to him a duplicate
(heque. 'ihe capacity of tne mi.l 1.
10,000 per month, our market is Southern Alberta. Wc ship o:er the
Crow Line, and competition crimes
mostly from the United States, never fin ling Coast competition except
tn Northern Alberta, and in Manitoba.    Thc conditions,  at the presmt
time, are such thnt we have no <o.n-
plaint ngainst the Government.
Mayor A. 0. Bowness snid: "Thsre
is n scarcity of labor at times. The
city pays the chief engineer $125 per
month, assistant engineer $100 per
month, ordinary labor $2.75 per day
of ten hours, and never had any labor disputes. Have n city BoUsitor
who receives a salary of 580 per
month. There has bcen nbout 120
by-laws passed since the city was in-
corporat.d. We have a water s.s
tem, and sewerage. The population
is ubout 25,000. Comi 1 i.nts bave
been made against time cheque.*, issued and not payable .or sc.eral
months; time cheques payable on de
mand arc as good as n bank cheque,
long time cinques are discounted at
about 20 per cent. Think that th
men should be paid monthly. City
Council meets on second Monday o
each month to pass uccounts, an.
the men are paid immediately there
after. Half-day weekly h.lida. s
would be all right during the sum
mer months.
At this time the commissim ad
Jonrntd to mtet at S p.m.
As there was no one at the Go/-
ernment building to give evidence cn
labor conditions, at the evening ses-
The Frankjich Co.
The Prank Rich Company, which
open ad a week's engagement at the
Auditorium, on last Monday night,
proved to he a most delightful and
an unexpected surprise. We have become accustomed to listcn'ng to the
line of praise usually handed out by
tbe advance man, ubout his attraction, but in this case thc advance
mau did not exaggerate. This com*
pr.uy is by far the best theatrical organization that we have ever seen in
the City at popular prices. The plays
nre all exceptionally well produced,
the scenery cpUumes nnd electrical
effects, being especially attractive.
The company is headed by George A.
Burton, a conedian par excellence,
wbo is ably us-listed by Tommy
Burns, Mr. Bums is a comedian of
the touch and go variety, with plenty of ginger, and a splendid acrobatic
ns well as an eccentric dancer. Miss
Marjorie Maudeville, who essays the
soubrette roles, is a winsome, clever
girl, that never fails to please. She
surprised her many admirers, by
showing beyond the shadow of a
doubt, that in addition to being a
singer and a dancer, as well &. an
accomplished actress, that as a contortionist, she has few rivals. The
entire company is worthy of special
mention, but we regret that our lack
of space will not permit us to in-
ilMdualii-e. Those who have not seen
tbe Prank Rich Company, have missed one of the best theatrical treats
of tho season. The company terminated its engagement last Saturday
night, with the Prank Rich Mimtrel
Maids, a musical melange in two
acts, and eight big vaudeville num
hers. It is to be hoped that ths
organization may he persuaded to
give us a return date, later in thc
Owing to a serious breakdown
of our type-setting machine
we were unavoidably delayed
with the issue of this week's
paper; we have, however, sent
for some new parts which wc
hope will arrive in time for
our next issue.
The Prospector Publishing Co
Struck by Lightening
During thc heavy shower which pre
vailed on Sunday Inst at Slatervllle,
the residence of Mr. James Mackay
was struck by the Ugbtnin.. The
bolt entered the* house by telephone
wires, tearing down pictures, tn.ln,<
a corner off the piano, knocking the
partition down between the din n.
room and thc kit.hen, and dcing con
siik-ruble other damage; strange to
say that none of the inmates were in
jured. Mrs. Mackay and children
were in the dining room when the
bolt struck.
Mr. Harry Spence saw thi fla h
when the wires were struck, a blue
flame running along the wires to the
house. He went immediately to their
assistance end rendered all possible
The house of Mr. Leek, adjoining
that of Mr. Mackay was also Btruck,
connect.ons being made by the telephone wires. Mr. Leek was reclining
on a lounge at the time wh.chwas
overturned, th owing bim to th
floor and setting fire to the lounge,
which was speedily extinguished with
out much trouble,
It is re or ted that a number o
telephone box a were destro.ed dur
ing the electrical storm. No trouble
\ as given to the electric li*.ht wires.
Mr. Malay's r slices and fun
.lire weie insured, payment of insur-
nu e was p.id by Messrs. Beae and
pany store, from 112 tb $30 per sion, the commissioners announced
month, four room houses rent at an tint the next meeting would le held
average of   $8 per mont...    We have at Kimberley on Wednesday.
Kootenay King
W. Clayton Miller, chief consulting
mglneer ol the Federal Mining Company, and A. J. Devlin, ot Spokane,
were busy this week expertlng the
Kootenay King, which is located on
Victo.-ia gulch, a tributary of Wild
House Creek.
lh: Kootenay King was one of the
first mining claims located in Kast
Kootenay. It is owned hy Wm. Meyers, and is under bond to an eiatcrn
syndicate, A large air.ount o". capital has heen expend-d in developing
the property; the ore is a fine grained goUna, carrying a small percentage ln sine. The ore body ts large,
and baa bcen chub cut, nnd develop
ed by tunnels nnd drifts.
The experts, so we ure informed, uro
perfectly satisfied with iha mine both
in rcga d lo lhe qunntity of the ore
and Its quality. Thc mine is sittia
ted about seven mile.,north ol Fort
Steels, i,nd within easy reach of tbe
Kootenay Central rnilwny, Wiih n n
short time a dlumond drill will he
Installed nml the ore body mora fully
determined. Messrs. Miller and Devlin left on tho Slyer ihursduy alter
noon lor Bpokane.
Henolulu, June 16.—In a swimming
meet here yesterday under amateur
athletic union rules, Duke Kalianamo
kit, the world's champion, swam 100
yards in Oli 1-0 seconds, and 220 yards
n 2 minutes 34 2-5 secondB. According to the announcement of officials
ln charge, tne performance toustl-
tutcrt new world records, Misa Ruth
St.cbcT, aged 19, covered 00 ynids In
31 seconds, lhls wa. claimed R new
record lor a woman swimmer.
Death of Resident
The death too* place in Marys-llle
on Thursday, June 6th, after a Iin
■serin* illneBs of Oeo. Henry Tlbbett ]
The il.ceased has teen ailing for th
Past few years and d?ath was not un
Born In Windsor, Ontario, on June
26th, 1860, ho lived there the early
part of his life end when old enough
followed raiiioading, running out ol
St, lhomns for a good many yenrs.
He gave up railroading nnd came tc
Edmonton in 1892, and went Into
cattle ranching there, hiing successful. Ten years ago he moved witb
his family to Marysville wliere they
hnve lived ever since.
lie leaves n wife nnd ncven children to mourn his loss, lln funeral
too'' place on Saturday nfternnon at
3 o'clock from the family rculilence
lo the clldrch, tli | Hev. B, P, Flew-
clling and llev. Lam ol Church o
lOnglanl officiating, Interment being
made In the Marysville cemetwy.
Resides thc fmill/ deceased leaves
one brother ami sister, Mrs, Jn. I
I'd n It ol Marys,llle and Unlet o
New Mexico.
Band Concert
The Cranhrook city bin I will play
their usual wee ly concort at th
band atand near lho government
huili'lng next ri n lay evening at
8.40 o'clock. lhe followin- pro-
gramme will ho rendered:-
March—Prince    Imperial   Dubl'
Opertuie-Sln-erlty   Bnrnnd
Waltzes—Slgto a   ball** s
Gavotte—Thesis   Losey
Medlcy—Sclectlon   Arr by Beyer
March—The Crater    Lincoln
(iml Save tin* King.
Jnmes Austin, tmndmastcr
lacrosse Club
A meeting of the Cianbrco; Ln
crosse Club w_ held on Tuesday, at
which the following officers were e-
Hon. Pres.—T. Caven, M.P.P.
Fre?.—A. C. BowneBs
Vice-pres.—J. Doyle
W. Greaves.
R. K. Beat 1)
A. K. Leitch
Sec'y—R. 8. Garrett
Treas.—J. Brechen
Business Man.—A. L. McDermot
Team Man.—K. *rf, McPhee
Executive Committee.—R. P. Vo
lnt,  Ira R, Manning,  J.  W. Burton
and W. Erler.
Telegraphic Brief lets
Constantinople.—Tne Turkish Grand
Vlzer, Mahmoud sh-fket Pasha, was
nasasslnnted on Wednesday. Two men
armed with revolvers attacked him as
he was proceeding in his motor car
to the sublime parte. An nlcle il*-
cimip was alao killed.
Racine, Wis.-The steamer E. M.
I'tck, was destroyed by an explosion
in her bo I .rs on Wednesday, nt her
dock in this port. Seven people arc
dead, one dylnj, und lour seriously
injured ns a result ol the accident
Reglna—The big grandstand ol the
exhibition gromils was destioycd by
fire tonight, Wednesday, thc result
of an explosion ol a gasoline stove.
The loss Is estimated at over •,100,000
liberals ol Kootenay are making
arrangements with a view of bringing
Henri Boiirussa, the > a iouallst lead
cr, to points in Kootenay, to make
speeches on the naval ,ltuution.
Dig Ditch will be ready hy 1910 .
Hy January ol 1910, anything that
Hunts can Pass through tho rainnin
Oanal between tbo Atlantic ml the
Pacific Oceans, declared (!. W. (i.s.
thila, chief Engine *r ot Hi' ca lal
zone, who arrived In New York on
Mondny from Colon.
"I shn'l send n veniol through th
canal Just ns sojii as we get water
Into It" said tin En, in er. I promised that the Fum, used by Annul
sen in discovering the touth polo
should he the first; hut tlio Initial
passage will lie made by a smaller
Ambulance Team
Arrest Management
On Tuesday the management of the
Wasa Hotel, at Wasa, were arrested,
harged with a violation of the Provincial Liquor Act.
The particulars of the case are
somewhat mixed, the result showing
that theie was no foundation for the
(harge. It seems that provincial
constable Mlntie, sent constable Lo-
?on of Wardner to Wasa on Saturday
lust. Logan spent all day Sunday at
the hotel nnd during the day it was
found necessary to go Into the barroom to secure change which was
needed for the accommodation ol
gueBts at the hotel wbo were paying
bills, most of them being transients
who were there for only a Bhort time.
Constable Logon reported theae facta
to Chief Mintia. who ordered that a
complaint be laid aud the management arrested.
On Wednesday Messrs. Johnson,
Beck and Jensen were taken befor,
Justices of the Peace, Galbraith snd
Fenwick at Fort Steele, who on hearing the evidence, discharged the accused, saying that no violation had
heen made.
Wasa is one of tin prettiest outing
places in East Kootenay and a large
number of visitors from all over the
district go there for an o'.iting, and
the hotel is one of thc best conduct
i t-'d in the Province and the provincial
liquor statutes are respected; why the
management should be arrested and
charged with a violation of the act,
pimply because they were compelled
to enter tl»3 bar room to secure funds
to make change, thm hailed to a justice, of the peace, twelve miles away,
Reems that some one was certainly
mistaken and ill-informed as to the
requirements of the act.
1 Odgen Shops,  Calgary,   203 pts.
2 Cranbrook,    179.
3 Red Deer,   165.
3   Reh Deer,   165.
Ti   Strathcony,"_63.
G   Mcdicin- Hat,   159.
7   McLeod, 166.
Last year the Cranbiooc team tied
with Calgary Freight Sheds for 2nJ
place out of 5 competing teams. This
year they crept up a little high-r as
will be seen nlove, getting second
place out of seven competing teams.
The local official •> were satis'ied at
the showing made by Cranbr. o'., for
after considering the handful ot men
.o choose from and having to equalize
so as not to affect working depart-
mints any more thnn could be helpe,
and Odgen with its few hundred men
to choose trom, some of them having
the highest certificates that can he
had, having won them in the Hritlth
Isles, they thought the (.ranbrook
team did well, especially Mr. II.
Brown, General Locomotive Foreman
who realized the importance of tht
work handled in a skilful manner and
who does everything in his power to
promote the success of the work at
thi*. point, in which he undoubtedly
has tbe support of all.
I). McKIdd of Calgary In a few
wordi called the attention of the men
grouped together of the fine work
done by the Oalgary teams at tlu
time of the sad wreck at Co.dt.lc in
which quite a few were hurt and how,
through the h tiled assistance rendered by the men, were the means ol
saving limbs and i,l|eviat;n< sufferings of thc poor unfortunates, i.n 1
that in future the corps would be expected to co'Operate with the doctor*
where they could.
A class of treatment that wns not
uot expected by the different teams,
wuh in cases of'.'ractures snd hemorrhages in which no splints, hnndgns
etc., were allowed to ho carried ini
in which handkerchiefs, neckties, stis
pmlers or anything hmdy for th:
purpoee, played an important part.
nd having a time limit to get injuries looked nfter.
The Oranbrook team was as Io*.-
Regular   Meeting   of   the
City  Council
Accounts   Passed
and  Allowed—O ther  Business
The regular monthly meeting of the
City Council waa held in thc Council
chamber on Monday afternoon. There;
were present Mayor Bowness and Al-
derm an Clapp, Leaak, Kennedy, Oarr
and Ward.
Mr. Orr, being present, permission
was granted tbat lie address ths.
Council. K
Un motion of Aldermen Can- and
Leask, Mr, Orr* wai given a full page
advertisement in tho "Imperial Highway Magazine" at (250, to be paid
on delivery of the magazine.
Minutes of last regular meeting of
the Council were read aud oa motion
Mr. N. Hanson presented a petition
to the Council requesting that the
cement sidewalk to be constructed on
Norbury Avenue, front of the Hanson
building, be extended to 12 feet Instead of 10 feet, Mr. Hanson's request was granted.
The Finance Committee presented
thiir mdnthly report and recommendi
cd that accounts to tlic amount of
$4,973.55 be paid. Cn motion the re-
Port of the finance committee: v.as excepted and tho accoints jrdert-.l pnld.
Tlu following accounts were presented for payment:—
J. H. Bell $    10.00
Beattie-Murphy Co, Ltd.  . . .      10.70
City Livery          26,60
City Engineer's Payroll . f. . 1,150.50
Crnnhrook Klcctric Light Oo.
Ltd     190.12
house Co        14.us
Ben not, (captain.
Makes Discovery
Lethbridge is in a fin? way over
the discovery that instead of haying
borrowing powers to the tune oi
S467.612.38, they have only ?40,090.00.
This state of nftairs has only just
been discovered by the City Treasurer. Startling as the information, iB,
the public is asked to reserve further
judgment until a full investigation is
made into the boo'ts d; the city nnd
the placing of debenture bonds. To
nil accounts it is in cm taction with
the latter that the mistake has been
made, for no hoiks have apparently
ever bcen kept of tha debenture iu-
ihibtedn'-Bs nf the city. rlhis example
wha-th.r it is deilnately found to be
correct or not, stlo.l_ly emphases the
fact that independent audits should
he made of all cities und corporations
by the Provincial Governments who
nre at the time in power
Habeas Corpus
Calgary.—II is rather an mtuaual
matter for a parent to nml that It Ifl
neccKijary to seek a writ of halieaa
corptm in order lo hnve his daughter
released from a convent, nnd yet such
npil cation was made hefore his lordship, Mr. Justice W11M1, by J. Mc-
Kinley Cameron lolay. 1h3 writ is
returnable n wc.*'.. irom next Monday,
when an oppostunity will he furnished for a reply cn the other tide. In
the meantime only one side of the
story ls available.
From thc affidavit ol Samuel
Hodgktns, a I'rntistant, it appears,
that his daughter, Alvlna Hodgkins,
17 years of age, has heen at St. Jo
Be h s convent at lied Deer, for thc
past two years. Kor some rei s.m not
ilis.l i-e.l in the affidavit, h- went to
the convent about two weeks a'.'o and
took his daughter hunc with him.
This was apparently with the lull
consent o' the daughter. Bhe bail
bi'MI home but a few days when she
suddenly dl.nppoared, aid  lho next
that was heard ol her, she was bar',
at the convent, This clos.ly follow*
ed, It Is alleged, a vl.it o; one ..I the
olltcinls ol  llle convent  to the lie.gh
uorhood ol th: Hi dgklnn home.
When the father went to tin con-
Vent to see Ins child, lie was hfortn
ed that, he could not, and was .1 niod
to the Instltutli n. After two or ibree
attempts, nit of which were unsuccessful, he came to Calgary, and consulted with Mr. Cameron, with the
result that the writ ol habeas corpus
was asked. It. will i:e returnable June
'HI before his lordship, Mr. .lilsli-ic
Cranbrook Trading Co	
Crane & Ordway 	
Crnnbrook Foundry, *Mnc-
Kinn ni    	
Cranbroo: Cartage & Transler Co	
Crnnbrook Drug A Book Oo.
Cranhrook Transfer & Ware-
Cranbroo't cottago Hospital
Ity Officials Pay-roll	
Dezall,  Fran's	
Davis Bro.. lOlectric Oo. Ltd,
Fink Mercantile Co. l.t.l , . .
Fire Department Pay-ro!l
Herald PublUhlng 0	
Illslup, Mrs	
Kootenay    Telephi ne    Lilies,
M.-liilc, J. S	
Mann'ng, Ira K	
J. D. McBrlde   	
McLean,   .1.   Ii	
Martin, .1. A	
Parks, F. _  l'n	
Police Pay-roll	
Prospector  Publishing Co,  . .
Park, W. M. _ Co	
Quain Klcctric Co., Ltd. . . .
Steam  Laundry   	
School Bo;ud Orders      1,489.03
chool Board Order, (fnight)    104.50
School Hoard Oidjr, (draft, ,    104.50
Vancouver Rubber Co       95.82
Ward & Harris       16.65
Tot'll $4,973.55
At the request of the Cranbrook
Tennis Olub, the City agreed to furnish wnter to wet down tbe gr.i .ad.*
at a rental ol $IU for tho year 1913.
Mrs. Lyman waa allowed a grant
of $10 per month '.'or keep ol Mrs.
Cline, from June lBt, ■ 1913, until
further n itiee. Alderman Kennedy
gave notice that at tile next meeting
of tne Council be would introduce an
amendment to the pound by-law.
Aldermnn Clapp gave notice that nt
the next meeting of the Council he
would introduce u motion to amend
the sewer nud school debentures by-
Council adjourned.
Duty on Wood Pulp
The treasury department at Wash,
in^ton, may revoke its action in admitting free or duty wood pulp and
paper from Hriti»b Columbia, which
is the only Canadian province enjoying tlic free entry privilege for the
products made from the woods o:
frown Lands.
The state department received a report from the British Columbia provincial government on the situation,
and, although officials ut Washington
are reticent, the situation Indicate!
that the Province has removed ex
port restrictions from wood pulp paper, but not fr'.'c from wood pulp, the
free exportation of which is nicessnry
to secure free entey of nny products
in thc Unlced States,
Western paper manufacturers pro
tested against (he Hritisb Columbian
situation and a decision by tbt. treasury department is expected soon.
New Industries
MacLeod, Alta. -■'•There is no Letter country in Ibe world thnn the
West," Bald President William Taylor
of the Owen Hound, Ont,, board of
trade, after his recent visit to Mac-
leod und other leading Alberta centres. "Wbat you want in the West
now is manufaclurles and mixed
farming. The West Is iu advance of
(be Kast In the matter uf laying out
HtiCH and planning broader streets,
thereby insuring ample room fur
street cars and trams. Western roud-
wuys are i.'i the best," concluded the
Owen Hound capitalist, "and their
public buildingB are splendid." That
the Mftcleod board of trade is in full
accord with the views stated, especially in regard to the encouragement
of manufacturing enterprises, is indicated from the progress of present
negotiations now being handled by
Industrial Commissioner W. 0. A.
Mi ilfat t.
The Crnnbrook (iim Club met on
Saturday last, and two events were
shot for; the ilrst was a tie for the
| Staplestrophy, which was won by I>r,
Green. The trophy donated by the
Dominion  Arms    Company was   then
1 shot for and the following scores were
• mnde:
Mrs. Staples, 10; Mrs. Green, 16;
(J. Stevenson, 9; C. H. Pollen, 8; 0.
staples, 16; Or. Qreen, 20; J, W. Ni
col, 19 nnd Dr. King 10. Dr. Green
winn'111 the prize, which was a gun
London.—A bai; of flour was thrown
at Premier Asquith, In the ho isf of
commons OH  Wulnesday, liy a nymp-i*
thlxer of suffragettes, The bag Veil
near the speaker's cha'r, and burst,
covering the surrounding chairs with
Ottawa. -Rldeau Hall Is invaded by
an army of caterpillars, nnd the
crnwlors bnve mado the place almost
Melons at Elko
Klko, li. C.—The commercial production of watermelons, muskmelons
and squa-sbes in tbe Klko district in
I the near future i* in Heated by ex-
i pert men ts now being made by L* W.
Mowry, one of the older residents of
I this distrirt. This work is supplementary to that of the Government
int Its demonstration orchard south
ol this to^n. HeportB given out by
Mr. Mowry state th it he Is obtuin-
ling Splendid returns ln his lnvc_tl-
gatlons, and be boUeves the estab*
lisbment of th- fact thut these products will thrive in the Elko district
\ul| he cW great benefit to local
growers,    Although Blko ia ..'lutvit,
above sea level, it Is nituated In a
valley   winch    Ih    practically    storui-
shlelded by mountain wails, it Is
these condition! which are responsible    for    the    Unusually    diversified
character nf the local crops.
Cranbrook's Great Opportunity
m b h w riffi wm u & a THE  PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK,  B. C.
' party
wns Hi
Teni'linr was lelltnR lier class Hltle
l-.u.'-i1 history, and alio usU-
." could loll her what a
stories in im
is probably due to uric
acid in the system—the
blood must be purified—
the poisonous acid driven
out and general health
must be improved.
Thousands testify that
Scott's Emulsion rids the
8ystem of poisonous acid
by enriching the impoverished blood, and its concentrated nourishment is
converted into red blood
corpuscles which drive
out rheumatism.
It is especially valuable
to aged people.
Ask for and insist on
SeottScB iroe Toronto,Ontario IWO
till*    111!
to  llll.l
orchestra wub pli
waiter   prom'setl
claimed lilm for
lie roturnod tho
forgotten hev requ
towards her   and
something li hor e
honor.     Thou, r
slioel* ulie turned
How Dare You
>f four Just returning from
culled  In at n fnshlouable
ml.     Tho prtiri ohl ni.ilil who j
i din*. I   of tho   i v. aim:,   was i
1 with  everything -especially '
uio.      U'liil.'  lii,.  waiter wna
iiiiil.- Bho nslted hliu
ill!,* ..f lhe iilor,* llie*
laying,   Tlm   willing
other   duties
tillo, and when j    u «as stated recently in a London
had completely | County I'ourt llml *S,*.(iC luul boon paid
When he bout | f,„. tho goodwill of a sired ooltoe stall,
whisper, .1
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   In
l'|. v.,
Woll, Carl, you
i I'limiid-lio'- is.
Please ma'am, lt'i
uui, waring franc-
.nay   loll us  what
a sausage
ry up"
lolled ,'
: from
who wa
liow dare
How dare
And It lord; the terrified waiter quite
*i ih,!-. io explain why lie had merely
In,- tbed tho title of tlio piece so
Bottly—"What C'aa I IV lo Make You
I.e.*. i  Mc?"
Alfred was a Iiii d hearted little boy
I though poor ami rather ragged, and
his teacher was i   ich touched by bis
bringing he*.'    fery mi ruing a bunch
] of Dowers       Sometimes  ll ■ ■    .'ore
i beautiful boi house bli on i, so      mes
! 'I, ij* v.. - ily gnrdi n bloBseins! but
always thi i were i littl   fadi ,i.
s-[II, wl ..• .!..: I   il ii atter?     The
kind thought thnt i   imptsd ''i I gift
I was tbe i;. i..- :'',..: counted.
I havi
aro my
was un alarm of lira.
yourself said the busbnnd.
. responded the wife.  Here
switches,  my  pails and  my
I.lttli   Boston r,! oh   What's u cr.fr
Ic, ma?
Mfl      *.  C [tic,  ui.i'.i -uu aln     i      \v ii"
nebor approves of anything.
A Stubborn Cane of This Painful Disease    Cured    After the    Patient
Had Suffered for Years, by a
Few Bottles of SANOL
I! I ....
o   -        - " • ■   '■■'■ • v. .. ..        :     '
>.v.ilds. iw.d tlio- toncher   av
liuw clu>
A Scotch Courtship
A lady w.r- one day upi-r* j* ■■: :*.
her Scotch r..a!(1 with the lnforu uth n
that aho was about xo leave.
What U tbe cau3(.- ot thia sudden
dfptslon, Mary?
1 think I'll bo n-nmrryini;.
In'U't-d, and whom, muy I ;i.\"
The man thai Bits across hi the kirk
o' Sunday.
r.ut whn, ii his name?
I (Unna ktn.
"What! You're surely not   .- iged I
a man whose- name yon do nol I i   v
Not engaged, my lady, but he      ■■■'<
loufc' looking at me, and I I
soon he speaking.
I than, evoi   to gu
boj  I i I  gol  ' M I
Alfred, sal I  ■ do vou ■.; •
all i: .a. floweri   from     >  u
steal them, i  hope.
Stenl 'em? Lor   no,   mum,
v . .,       vi    father's a dut
■    i
■ ■.
i . ■ r Mil tn
i' ■
■hi.;   ti.   |
SoaCni-irii; men i i
_trn prpa-tly '.-■<->.-.
about; 10 foet long,
up Its quart era in tin
. I ■ . • .,
,i .. whale
lilch has taken
iippi r reachei
the i l>' lias
:. imi'. rs of curcH ti ■• I I
in.*.!..•■■- :..,.,. itrmiH U'nt
'::..-.  '.■-...*,. | > ■ •
'     -   ll ,■     - |
i   gi        i    i   who  ret. In   Wl     ■,   ■■
ma who la      I   .
ill in
;..,.■    I had
I   '*    -.,...■:■ ...«l   * ;  '       '    | 11 li
i        ■ ■ tiding ron.    I i
■ :       . ■    ,
to started &B ■  i ■
■    ■     3AN01     ■  ivhtcli i had
taking   tWC
■ ■ - i iter nn.. my
... ■.:,' W
t I     .::.'■"
l  . :■■.,-■
lelt ni-       lr
■   . .. .   1 ■. . -h
:■ ■ '      .
I will,
ly a ski -1
V-*, : ■
Xow, thi
But 1    ■ .
Oh.  I '   '
■    .
When an approaching shlu Bounds its
airen, tho whale proceeds do       tli
■Firth, swims round it nnd final!   precedes It    unll)    its    di stlnation    Is
Mu you're- engaged to Min-: Oldcash,
V*^?? sa.fi Algernon, extending his
Yes, -that's me, snld Percy gloomily.
I Cm! Well, old man, continued Algernon, I really scarcoly know wlieLU-
t.r to congratulate you or noi. I know
she'H a very exacting old dume, although Blie'fl got plenty of coin. Vou'll
havo to give up thoatroB, you know,
und also sropklng and drinking, II you
marry ber.
That's all vory well, said Percy bit-
torly; but nho point Ih this- it 1 don't,
many hcr I Bball havo to give uj- eat-
aas m;
:.   . . • ;■■ fl       . ant a
[es . :  ! it       Vou
wear ,\o. S _i ■ a - >* i; you
largo i toso turns up at
the ■ nd;   ■■' es  ratbei
volt *■ ip.o •'
v.Y- cl, you i do tl il.'
she bci '•- med
I will.
Thoy glared at - ael oth r t ■: a
moment iu alienee. Then It was
plain :** see who was thn victor.
The Wires All Carry The
Same Message—"I Want
,.* •*-__$
A remarkable operation has boen
performed at the Oldham Infirmary, a
man named William Cropper having
hail a Bteel splinter, 7-8 ot an inch
long extracted from his eye by tbe
aid ol a powerful magm t. The sight
',t' tho eye is retained.
Ifr. tlir Hltle UiL
emit. It's Wltlilfor Solt,
daluly d.Blia*—nucl flavor
(ood a- It BllOUlll l.o
flavored, WJNDSOU
There is a young man In New York,
Irving Berlin by name, whn is known
an tbo 'IUiff-tt.no King.' Three yeara
ago he was n waiter in a restaurant
thoro, earning $16 n week; now ho
Iiiih an income or $20,000 a year, roy-
altlos i>ii his rag-tlmo molodlos,
Carpet-woiVVlng la one of the oldest
Industrloa In Servla. The product ia
manufactured principally at PIrot, in
South-Basteni Servla, and the carpets
are named after that place. The chief
characteristics of theso carpets aro
tliu' tliey nro made *.f puro wool.
dyed wllli uaturnl colors by local
dyers, who pride themselves that tho
process of dyeing and coior-mlxlug la
a socrot transmitted by father to son,
ami le known only to tho Inhabitants
of PIrot.
The area of Montenegro, who
opened the ■.resent campaign Is olll-
clally given ns 3,255 square miles,
considerably less than half the size of
1380, When Ihey first BUCGOBS-
ilntaiucd their independence
Turkoy, tlu, Montenegrins—
! ituplacablp foes—have wag-
i Incossant war against the
their herldltary enemies
To nur Bllenl heroos, little Willie
read rrom lho memorial bronze. J'.t
what aro Dllent  heroos?
.Married  raon,  wild  pa.
Tells How She Keeps Het
Health—Happiness For
Those Who Take
Her Advice.
8oottviil«, Midi.—'"I want to tell yon
fcow much good Lydia E. Pinkham'l Veg-
- tUbloCoinpoundand
I Sanative Wiwli havt
] <l>of ni- I live on a
1 very hard. I in
] forty-live years old,
and ata tho mother
of thirteen children.
Many people think
it ntrant;u that I am
not broken down
with hard work and
tho care of my family, hut I tell th*»m of my good friend,
Lydia li, Pinkham'l Vegetable Compound, and that, thero will be no backache and bearing'lown palm for them if
thry will take it. aa I have. I am lOWCely
•ver without it in the house.
"I will aay alna tbat I think there Is
no better medicine to be found for young
girls. My eldflgt daughter baa taken
Lydia E Pinkham'l Vegetable Compound for painful periods and ItTeguJat-
Ity, and it. has helped hcr.
''I am always ready and willing to
spoak a goad word for Lydia V.. Pink-
ham'i Vegetable Compound- 1 tellovety
nne I meet, that I owe my health nnd
happiness to your wonderful medicine*"
-Mrs.-..ti. Jo.iM.ioN, Bcottville, Mich.,
R P D. 3.
Lydia E. Plnkham'a Vegetable Corn-
bound, made from native roots, find herbs,
contslns no narcotics or harmful drugs,
and today holds tlio record of being the
moat successful rcmody for woman's llla
fully  nu
again al
fierce a
ed nlin<
Montenegro Is allied tu Italy hy
marriage, Princess Helena, the third
daughter <*f the reigning King, Nicholas I. (le iias three Bons and six
daughters), Having married tho pre-
near King of Italy In 1806.
The Sultan of Turkey's harem la
considered n permanent State institution. All children horn In the harem.
whethi r offspring (.[ free women or of
slaves, are legitimate and of equal Iin*
The popuhtlon of Turkey consists
nf ah ei£trao"diDary mixture of races.
iu European Turkey the Turks aro
about 2,000,000, tbe Creeks and Bulgarians 1,800,00, und the Albanians
1,600,000. Tu Asia tiie Turku are
Hii.nr 7,000.000; the Kurds 1,000,000
and tho Armenians over 2,000,000;
while 'u" reit in made up of Syrians,
J4-AH, Pranks, Gipsies, Tartars and
Circassians, * ■
in Turkey elementary education is
nominally obligatory for boys from
six to eleven yearn ut age,   and
■ -..
•-'-    ■ .IVtftl  1
■ -    • BAN- U.   i".'
_ ■ a !      wjea
.:■■:-  -'.'*    ■
.■I they U--
:.■■.<     Dl   tb       '-      Of   I     SI    :t.(-Jv.
BAINOIi    • uum- ■   ■'•'   by   th.*
I 11'     .-:" m ;.:.. Sire-1   Wlnatpeg-      H
maj    •■ i u    xeed li"- m
l!n  " :   ■•■: the makers at J]
Chinese Humour
To some persons Chinamen nnd
Amorlcan Indians stand as representatives of h'imo£OUB peoples. Aa a
matter of fnnt, each race amuses Itself In lis own way, but that way happens to ho etfleront from thc way to
whloh most of lho world is accustomed. Ono of lhe llrltlsh Consuls residing In China told a writer for A weekly
paper a story which shows the prim
oharactor of lho Chinese humor. The
Consul had arrostod nine -delinquents, Intending to turn llicm ovor lo
the mercies of tho native magistrate
the next mowing. Moau.-.'hile, ho
gave thorn I _to lhe custody of n Chinese polieomm aud tolil him to lock
thom up, nUnough thore was no Jail
at tho Consulate.
Tho pollco wna cnnal lo iho omor-
gouoy, IU solemnly saluted, saying.
I obey, nud marched his men off.
Soon hp returned and nnuotinced that
they were safely cngod.
Tho Consul was curious to soo how
and where. Ho followed his pollco-
man to tho yard. Thoro he saw thfl
nlue prisonerb dancing round Ihe Consulate tings' *tt, lugnbriotislj ehauliug
the Chinese equivalent of King a rlug
.i rost si \\ henovi r the dance Bho\t
od Blgus of flagging tho policeman
il Irred tlu m up n 1th a polo.
rhi .  soi med at flrat Bight to he
holding each other's huuds, but looking more closoly, the Conjul Baw that
■  wero I  i leuffed logother.
Well said tho Consul, If Ihoy are
hainod In .. ring round tho lings tnft'
hey ci  tali Ij i .i''1     _el away. Why
do you mak" them dnuoi
Ah,  ausw ■ red  the Chlnrso  police i
iu:\". with .* finite i una Ing,   so   that'
thej   cannol  climb up the pole audi
1 get awa) I
The Cons I broke luto n loud Drlt-
Ish laugh a id tried to explain that
tli * pi isoners could not all climb up
the po;.- nt i ace; but ihe Chinaman
had tils Idea and hold to It. So the
nt on,
L.krt a Motor Car
A lOaTge Oarman woman held up a
a of people at the money or-
del (vtndow u a post olllce the olher
day and all because hcr memory had
failed. Shy wanted to send some
money to her son, a sailor on a uter-
,en In
tlon at tho window the clerk noticed
the address was lacking.
Well, whero do you want to send
It? he asked. \Vo can't ;_,.■■'• you tho
money order unJoBS you know the
name of tho place*.
Yah, dot';, do trouble, she replied.
I didn't print' his letter, and I can't
remember d r name of der town, but
its soffie place out hy China dut
sounds llko ter nolso a motor-car
The two ciO-ks looked nl each other
A party of Welsh colliers visiting
London tho other day lost their bearings, and their spokosman, walking
up to a policeman, asked him;
What street la thlBB, alrr?
This Is tho Strand.
Aw, ylss I aee, Strand Sir-root.
No, no, not Strand Street—the
Strand, shouted iho burly hobby.
Oh-h-h. Lots of peoplo here today
Sarrjnnt?        . ,
Tlio Strand ia always crowded like
thla at thla timo nf day. Thero aro no
moro horo than usual.
Indcet thon Ihb thou argued Taffy,
for look you there's, twenty of us up
hero now from llhondda,
A resident of Fort Worth, Texas,
prides hlmm'.-f on being tho only man
living who pos&osooB a not  of   false
tooth mado of emit iron. Plato and
teeth aro cast ln ono piece and thoy
weigh imarlyllvo ounces.
chant steamer then In foroign water
hut when bUo'presenrod tho nppli-
Gave it Up
Mow, .Tone-., you call yourself great) dubiously.
on Biblical history, don't yuu? j    What kind of n noise docs a motor-
Pretty  fair,  Smith. car mako?   asked one. ,
Well, tho-i. what proof have wc In      Honk honk, suggested the other.
the Biblo that Pharaoh was a carpen*     Yah, dot's It, exclaimed the woman,
tor ! Honk, konk; dot's do place,
N'onseiise, Smith.      What yer get*!    Fill it ln Hong Kong, said the clerk
ting at? Pharaoh waa never a carpen- and sho paid over her money with n
Well, then how do you account for
bim making Joseph a ruler.
sigh of relief.
Kor years Mother Grave
Don't Sub-nit   to   Asthma.    Tf you
. suffei  without hopo of breaking the
Worm Ex-1 chains which hind you do not put off
.1,--.      ...f,ct        1      .....     It..       1 _     ..»    l-... T
terminator  has  ilinked  na the  most  another dav the purchase of IDr.
._._-....,  .(-._ -.,,..... *-.-tat...... I- 1- .. ._ >-. .a. . ,_*...
nud U al
preparation    manufactured
cays maintains   its   reputa-
Threepence Not Enough
My 4ioy, you have saved my life, a
young swell exclaimed, as he tried to
wring tiie water out of his clothes at.
a well-known seaside resort. Lot mo
reward you.
He thrust his hand Inlo hla trousers
pocket and brought out a threepenny
There, my hoy, tbls is for you, but
don'l. spend it foolishly.
NO sir, I can't lake It, sir the hoy
replied as ho pushed bin hand Into his
sldo.     I didn't earn it.
Why you saved my life, boy.
Yes, I know; but tt ain't worth
threepence 1
About 80,000 lobsters are eaten dally
in Croat Britain; most of thom come
from  Norway and Nova Scotia.
D. Kellogg'? rtomedy. A trial will
drive away all doubt as to its efficiency The sure relief that comes will
convince you more than anything that
can bn written. Whon help Is so
sure, why ....fior? This matchless
remedy is .*-oh' hy dealers everywhere.
Should Keep Their Blood Supply
Rich, Red and Pure.
On every nand you see women and
growing girls ill the deadly clutches
of anaemia. Slowly, but surely n
pallor a3 of death settlea on their
cheeks; their eyes grow -dull; their
appetite fickle; their steps languid,
Dally they p.ro being robbod of all
vitality and brightness, The trouble
If neglected, becomes more acute until tiie signs of early consumption bp-
oome apparent. What woman and
young girls .n this condition need lu
new, rich, red blood, and there Is uo
Other medicine can do tho work of
Dr. Wllllair.i' Pink Tills, in making
this new, good hlood. Thoso Pills
mako girls and women well, and bring
■■or | back the cha-m und brightness of per-
girls from s'x to ten years of un*?, i d* f80t, regular health. Hem is a bit of
being tree. All schools are : proof. M'ss Lillle O'Carroll, Nor-
'l wood, Out., sayst—"About two years
Into the Fire
A stingy man thought he would savo
money hy taking his wife to a picture
show the other nf ternoon.
To keep her mind Off bargain counters, I presume.
Exactly^ And what do you suppose
was tlio first, picture thrown on the
I can't Imagine.
Somo of tho latest styles In Paris
The spy mania bas put at least one
Gorman In tbo way of making a good
living. Me has taken to manufacturing spurious plans, which In tho guise
of a German officer, he finds little difficulty In disposing of to the French
nnd Russian Governments, Evon the
British government Is alleged to have
been victimized to the extent of $15,-
000 paid him for alleged plans of fortifications on the Islands of Wander-
oog and Dorkum.
under Government conn-el, but there
is no tntiT.'-■*■«-.ir.- with the religious
'.■;■ atti ti       the diffi rent • n t I
W    N.  U. 925
I    Macedonia, whli h  Is Iho eentrn of
I tho who;   trouble   ror Bulgaria, Servla   Montenegro, nnd Oreece believe
. tha   'i irki    Is so weakened by the
war with lMiy and by Internal dissensions that 'ii-; moment Is favorable
! to thr.-w off the Turkish yoke under
! which their kinsmen and fellow-Christians In Macedonia havi  been chafing
1 and suffering for many years   fell in*
| to tho handi of tht- Turks in tbo six*
', '■ enth cenl iry*
I    To the north of Macedonia lie Bulgaria, Servla, and  Montenegro, with
; Or on tba south.    The population
I of tho c msf   districts   aro   Greeks,
■■ lill , ... tin Inlorlor Christian Bulgar-
i lans greatly r-fopondernlo,    The agile Ion ln Mai * donla tor  reform *,   in
: government, and tho brutal oppression
1 of tho Christians in 1002   *J by Alhan-
j Inn?, Bocrell) supported hy tho Turk-
I Ish authorities, led to open revolution,
; in it.H BUpprossion torrlble atrocities
woro nerpotruted by Turkish soldlors,
j wholo vlllngca wi ro massacred, and
In flerco vendetta kept   up  on   both
BldoH.      And  In  BpltO of a BOllOmO of
pariini reform drawn up by the Powers tho state of Macedonia Is still very
Turkey's army would he outnumber-
ei tn'iho field agalnsl the Walkan
States. Ihr total land lighting force
Is 800,000, Bulgaria can place 886,-
000 men In tbo field, Hervla 110,000,
^Montenegro 30,j)00 nnd (ircece C0.000,
bul It Bhould bo mentioned that. Turkey has great reser.es of efficient
ago my health began to fall, I was
weak, run down and had no ambition
for anything I had froquont headaches, would bo completely tired out
after tho leant oxortlon, and had lktlo
or no appetite, A doctor wlio was
giving mo medicine finally told me ho
feared i was going luto consumption,
whlob, of courso made mo vory much
down*boartod, Ah the medieino I
was taking was not doing mo any
good I deolded to Try Dr. Williams'
I'lnli Pills, and 1 Hhall ever feel grateful that I did ao. .My story may be
sum mod Up If. thc worda "nlno boxes
Of tllO I'IIIh fully rOBlorod my health,
—•perhaps saved my life, and 1 am
now ns strong and healthy n» any
Kvery anaemic Hiifforor ean oblaln
(finally good rosnllfi llirougli n fair
usu or Dr. Williams' rink I'llls. Kohl
by all medicine doalors ur hy mall at
50 cents a box or six boxes for $2,00
from The Di. Williams' Modlclno Co.,
Brocjtvillo, Ont.
They called blm Puny I'epjier, brv
OftUBO ho was lietdde lielng ono of tlm
Bmallost, ono Of tho moat peppery of-
doors in tho regiment, To hoo him
throwii-g out Ills !-.! Inch cheat was to
bo reminded or lho frog In iho table.
Ono dny in a particularly tropical
temper ba accosted tho regimental
giant, nnd began to nbllBO lilm. for
;i whllo tllO Hugo prlvalo listened in
silence. Ma was milch 1180(1 to such
BCOnOS, nnd took them with philosophic culm, But Rt last ho grow
weary, and called to a brother private
Bill, go nnd fetch n ladder, wlll you?
I believe he wants to box my ears,
The Honeymoon Club
Tho Nevor Nag Society Is New
York's latest matrimonial club. Its
founders aro thirty-four couples who
have returned from honeymoons spent
In Bermuda, whom tho brides formulated the following confession of
Wo, tho brides of Bermuda, havo
no use for the new woman who cannot
cook or sew. Wo bellovo u wlfo
ahould have her htmhand's hroakfast
ready, no matter ut what timo ho Is
obliged to rise,
We bellovo we should he dressed
neatly by tho timo be la up, for It is
his breakfast timo luiprcfisUm of uh
that he carries all day.
Wo believe ttie wlfo should greet
her husband With a kiss when ho returns In tli* overling, and not force
him to take the lulatlvo.
We bellow iho wife should have
nbsoluto charge of tho household affairs,
Wo hoi lovo that nhe should keep
books accounting for every penny she
handles, but should have for her private use any nmountB sho Ih iiblo to
save from   h ■!•   weekly   allowance
Wn believe that hu-diunihi Bhould
bo onoouragod to bring their bachelor
friends to C'elr home—to mako thu
homo a club.
The president of lho Honeymoon
Club, Mra. Klwood Collas, Is tho
youngest anl prettiest of the llorimi-
du brides. She probldcs over tho
weekly mootlngs of tlu< cluh.
Not to ba Imposed Upon
The organist ot if* country church,
having fallen ill jn.it boforo a festival at. tho church, asked a friend of
IiIh—tin    accomplished    musician—to
play In his rlead.
Tho frlond consented, and on the
festival day, ullOSO tlio Hallelujah
ChoriiH, plftylfig full chords whero tho
regular organist only played single
notoB. Tlio former, of course required far moro wind.
Presently, in tho middle of tho piece
tho wind gave out. Tho organist,
waited n few moments; then finding It
did uot como on again Iin went round
to lho blown; and found him Just go-
Ing homo.
(lo on blowing, satd tho organiat,
Blowing? snbi tho blower. Why,
you'ro finished! Do you think I've
boen blowing all these yenrs and don't
know how many puffs the Hallelujah
Choius takes? You can't get over
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can -|iii.ldy bs ovticons by
Purely vegsttblt
■ail Hinty and
Knitly on Ine
vrr. QltS
neti, and Indigrttiu...    Tliey  do (licit duly*
Small Pill, Smnll Doit, Small Pilcf.
Genuine trout best Signature
Wo give you a Homo Study Course
which will enable you to prepare for
hotter things hy using your spare time.
Wo teacU all Commercial branches.
Higbei Accounting, Drawing, Illustra*-*
'iug, and fit young people for good
positions at good salaries, "Write us
for particulars and let us know what
position you would like to prepare
tor. Ho It now. Address W. H.
3haw, President, Shaw Correspondence School. Toronto, Canada.
A New Idea
I'vo got a ripping Idea for a moving
picture film. Something absolutely
new and novel.
What is lt? asked lhe excited manager.
Let us have a scene showing a
young woman Oolng tlio housework
whllo her mother Is playing Llie piano
or manicuring iier nails.
Whenever you feel a headache coming on take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
lliey stop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain
optuin- mprphine, phenacetln, acetanllld or ether dangerous
drugs.   25c. a box at your Druggist's. 12s
The Real Question
Tho recent dog-ahoWB hnve brought
to tho surface ono ot. two new dog
b tori os,
ono of lho best is of n Frenchman
who called on the owner of n rat hor
ferocious dog. When ho tried to get
nenr Iho house tho dog barred IiIh way
barking furiously, nud the Frenchman
paused Irresolutely.
HIS friend, the dog'fl owner came to
lho door. It's all right, he wild, don't
he alarmed! Vou bnow lho proverb:
Hn living doga don't bite.
Ah. yes! mild iho Frenchman, very
sonslbly, I know v,o proverb, yuu
know 7.0 proverb, but 20 dog-does ho
know zo proverb?
Quickly Answered
Pat and Mlko. who wero neighbors
In tho Ould Country, happened to re-
tiro from public gasc about tho samo
lime. Pal hod Htolen 11 wnlch from
a blind man. while Mlko mistook a
friend's cow for hts own nnd sold It.
Ah luck would lmvo It, they were draft*,
oil to the Bo_p8 prison, and at church
pnrsdo OD fiUtldny morning they had
a chance for u monieiit'H forbidden
Said Mike Tup av the mornln' to
you, Pat, uu' phWttt might tho timo
bor Sure an' 'tis you that knows all
about walchoi.
Hut Pat was not to be done. Mlko
my lad, ho replied, begorrab, an' 'Us
Just about mllkl!.' time.
The Old, Old Story
Said Adam t.i Evo, ns  lhe pair ..at
alono ,
And night over Edon her mantle had
Como let uh go out, love, and view lho
night sUloa
And watch tho horlaon until lho moon
Said Bvo, I'd ho glad, as lho night la
ho fair
But—I really can't go, for I've nothing
to wear.
Among tbo Musgum tribe of iha
Kiimerttn, near Lako Chad, a Gorman
explorer reports that he has discover-
od uu unexpected luxury. Ah Ills
nights are very cold In that part, th-i
liedH uro bllllt like BtottO eoiTiiiH, and
underneath a lire burnt, all night, keep-
lug tho sloeuer warm.
Here Ih ralher a neat slory of thi
way in which a very shy lor proud)
man made a proposal, _Ilo bought a
woddlng ring, sent ll ^Ps> ihe lady
whose tlngera ho knew by heart, and
with lt onolosod a sheet of notopaper
with the hrtof Question: Doos it lit?
Hy return of post ho received the
more laconic, though syllabicaily
longer reply;   Beautifully.
In France 21.24 per cent, of tii»
population are employed In agricultural pursuits; 111 tho United Kingdom
the percoutage is G.C8.
The aggregate strength of the military forces available in India Is approximately :.50.U00 men.
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true  safety  bate
head,   with   silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Kiif*  Matclios  have satletled Can-
_lul line. 1851—accept ne ethers.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards-  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
huTCHF_f\ I |
GrowioJ youo*.teri work hard.     Tbey need
(ood that  i.  nourLhlnf—food   that  s.tlsne.   Ihe   \
hunger end digest, eatily.   Nothing  i.  better  lor ?,
F them   than   Cowan'.    Perfection   Cocoa.     Groua.l
I from the fresh Cocoa Beans, it has all the food value |
1 ol pure Coeoe.   It builds up the muscles and makes j
1 children healthy and strong.   «J A cup ol Cowan's J
, made with half or one-third milk i. a properly,
_ balanced food—one that the most delicate stomach _
*_\____\        ^_°en digest. And It I. so delicious that it teinptsj
r__t_ hm lk(Sn SOttO^_thc appetite when ell other food. fail.
COWAN'S'' ^^*        YOUR GROCER
____m__ ,,„■.;." ;,i_^*'" ,;■:i:^v■>-i.■_^^_l■^,a^; ;r;-__
may be
paid $50
in Cash for
improving your
walk like this -^
108 Canadian farmers will
receive cash prizes   (twelve in
each Province) in our big
WE held a coniest last year In which 36 prizes wero
offered.    This year there will be three times as  many
prizes (108) and therefore three times us many chances for you
to win one of them.     Yon do not have to use a large quantity of
cement to win a prize.     Many of last year's prize-winners used
comparatively little cement.
one ol liiriK (Cllll "A") ....ri (hn •muniil of
rr-mrnl niH muil In irt\i\w% ftlit wlnnnii, Cliti
"1" It fnr dolnf tliA bent cniicifltt win It (tke il-t
Rilkei nt Jlff-ftn-f J. Cllll "C" ll Iel tniJIni In ik<
t'it ind 1 lf_rr.it dtncrlpUen uf knw mr .**■■*< al
onciM*- work wll done.
'I'lll Ml' will |,--..n ml-fi {|*i.it, |!U| -1-Tc.lt.t.
1 I2fi '11,11,1. |1I| F-outlb. Iin) In tub rl.M
In rich Provltire. Thm fau hire ortlf lo torn
i'i- with mhrr hrmen In )"»»• ■""■ ri^Uir-.
■ud nol wltb ilioif* In ill pirti ef Camii,   Thll
. vti fou the  h-it   t blr   ilimte   lo  win   ■ 119
IT COSTS NOTHINO TO ENTER-TIhti- Ifl itolutltr no "mlmi" in Ihi* •lf«f,    Thtt' ImofdlfrlMorrrJ 11[»• toU'iri
wltb.   You cinnoi tor, berime Ihe jmproTf menti put uuk-i ol mwiri- Ih cnmpeilm fnf iho prlwi will bo more thin
*-onbth«l(f»«.   Wekiietbook.     Ufhtitthv Farmer Omjhi With Can.ret.," thll wlll _\r. *rnU ill iho
lllofMltlMI tbMI lb* me of lonirrte ynu nil n«ld,   'It wlfl beiAl (a >0u free whtn yo.iiik in for eo«|fet( pvtku.
Iin ef ibe Pilto Centrit. Aik for HfUCuUri ludir. Jmtiir "ftrntl mr. free, rour boekinJ full ptrtlculiri el lho
1912 rrl,"» Cmiril." uu ■ foil «fd ind mill It to-day,    AiiiM*. P«_liolly M«fl-i*r,
Ctntdt Cement Company Limited, 50.3'   Herald BIdg., Montreal
if^P""<""»':""'"> ' "'■•■'•"- ;-'- -  ■ ---*--•; ■■'■vrr^-^m. THE P1.0RPF.CT0R. CRANRR001T, R. C1
I    "Why dp pooplu   any
I snow, tind then "
"Tlmt It Ik snowing linrd?
uh soft as'
|   Apropos ul the wur In Tripoli, Col.
I Henry V. Hamilton suld tlio other Any
lln Monterey:
'A iilnn iiHltoil mo (Uis morning
whether you 'dispatch troops or 'de-
HimLoli' them,   ) uuawered;
"'It' thoy uro your own troops you
ilosputoh them, bul it they nre tho
enemy's .vou dl-spatoli them, with
tho accent on the ill."—Washington
Curious Mistake.
Sandy was ou older ln the church,
nml u truly pious man,. He had un
eye for lienuly umi u lovo for It, hut
lie married Tina liecaimo lie knew
Blio would mako him au excellent
"I uippose Tina is a handsome
lass?" said Bandy's cousin, who mot
lilm Iu Glasgow not long nfter llie
marriage, and had never seen the
In'lde. "I lieu yn'vo gudo taste. Sandy."
•'A.uioi," eiiiii iho bridegroom enu
Hously, "alic's the Lord's handiwork,
Tummuu. I'm no' prepared to say she
Is Ills inustei'iiioce."
Straight and Narrow
Hampton—Hartley   always follows
the Btiulght ami lhe narrow.
Wnyburn—Yes, he's always directly
bcnliid it lourtccn-lnc.li Btoglc,
A Redeeming Feature
'I'lie old man hml given Ills son n
fall' Odlicutl- id hnd laltoil him Into his shop. 'I ne young fellow was
over-nice about n great many things,
but the fin her made no commont, On.
day an orilor came in from u oustotner
'I wish lo goodness,' exclaimed the
Bon, "thnl (illisnn would learn lo
Fnoll," "What's the matter Wltll HV"
Inquired the father cheerfully. "Why.
he spel'a coffee with a IC." "No— does.
lie.' 1 never noticed It." "Of courso
jou ..ever illil," sal.I tlio """) pettishly.   "Ynu never iioth .ytlilng like
that.' "Perhaps not, my son," but
one thing I _ notice, which, ynu will
learn by and hy. and that Is that GHi*
son pays cash."
Mrs. Moneybags—Why do you apply for Ihe position, wheu I stated
speciiieally iu my advertisement that
1 desired a colored chauffeur?
While Applicant—Bocauso, madam,
1 am unite sure thut I eould llll the
position, I am green.—Judge.
"Whal did you nienn by snyiiiR
those hailstones were as big us hen's
"I   meant."  replied  the  ready
plainer, "thai a dozen ot 'om loomed
up iih big us ii    tll'ty-ceiil    piece."—
Washington Star.
Al inosl railway stations in Italy it
is possible to buy English blsoults,
ami usually, also, English preserves.
Don't Imagine Hint people ur
Inn lo call you u liar every time Ihey
think ii.
Public examinations by   hypnotism
are illegal In Prussia, a decree having been mnde to prohibit such taklug
There are more than   two hundred
peeles    of     stlk*prodilcing    insects,
of   any
Mrs, S.ivard Tells How They Cured
Her Kidney Disease  From  Which
She Had Been a Sufferer For Many
St. Simeon, Doric!, Charlevoix Co.,
Queboe. (Special).—Only those who]though vory few of these m
have suffered know the hlcsBings of [practical value to mankind
perfect health. The joy that it brings
Into thetr lives makes them want to
shout tho good news from tho house-
lops. They want other sufferers to
know the road to health. Such is the
ease with Mrs. Alfred Savard of this
"I *-.nvo been a sufferer for many
yours with Kidney Disease." Mrs. Savard says, "Reading an advertisement
tolIUiK what Dodd's Kidney Pills had
done for a similar sufferer I decided
to give them a trial. Six boxes cured mo completely."
Whut Dodd's Kidney Pills have
done for Mrs. Savnrd thoy have
done for thousands of other sufferers
in t'aiiada. The daily papers lell of
cures made by tbem every day. They
always cure Kidney Disease and Kidney Disease Is the cause of uine-
tentlia of the troubles from which women suffer.
Needed It.
"Go over und cover that big ball,"
the city editor told tbe new reporter.
"They say that some, society women
arc going to pull off some Oriental
dances and there ought to be a good
story ln ll."
The reportor went. When he came
back somebody asked lilm, "llowj
wero the Oriental dances?"
"Why—er—well—they—they   need*!
ed covering all right," murmured the! „_,,„,_.„,„,,.,.,, „„„„,„
new   reporter,   and,   blushing, bent | 5„}v,,fm**r*mi *0L"'k
over his typewriter.
The Australian eucalyptus tree linn
roots which penetrate nbout two
hundred feet into the coll.
Tike LAXATIVK CnOMO Quinine Tub.
Iel..   DrUM-lsts refund money If It falls
to cure.   K. w. OKOVB'S ilgnature is en
each  box.    _e.
Don't be loo modest, People never
ci-IHcize an old lien for cackling utter
she lays nu egg.
N'o matter what llie future has in
store lor a wolllltu, b'uo will look for
it ou the bargain counter.
quickly -lope coutfhs
Uii* Ibroal -on luoat
lire. cold.. I..J.1.
-ii cent...
Professor William (lowland, the
new president of the Hritisb Institute
of Metals, pointed out iu llis inaugural
address that "the camp lire was thc
'Ilrst metallurgical furnace, and from
it, by successive modification. Ihe larger furnaces of the present day have
been gradually evolved."
Canadian Government Annuities System Has Not Been Abolished.
Tlio Superintendent of Annuities
lias received tho following enquiry
from an anxloiiB correspondent whn,
probably, had road the annouueemont
that the ngency stab" of tho llruiich
luul heen discontinued.
"I wish to ask, is it a fact thnt the
Annuities System hns bcen abolished? If so, I nm terribly disappointed,
as I have intended for Bomo time to
Imy nn Annuity noxt summer paying-
Ihe full price. I never thought that
thu Act could boi abolished, and have
been using tho money ln other wuys
until I wns of nge to receive lho tlrst
payment, 1 and many others liavo
thought Hint tho Annuities' was n line
provision for poor peoplo. Can 1 still
buy a Government Annuity? and If
uot. Is there anything that will tako
Its place that can be bought? I do
hope thnt 11. ls not truo that. Ihe An*
lUlitlci has been abolished, ns 11 gave
me Iho Only Hope for my ohl age."
Wo urn glnd to sny that Iho An*
0!t'| unities System has not been uboltsh-
ed. In transferring tho llrnnch to the
Post Olllce Department tinder tho nd-
inlnlslrntlon Of the Postmaster Oeneral it Is believed that u wider publicity will bo given to tile System, and
tlml both old and young will more
readily lenrn of lhe opportunity Pur-
. Ilainent Iiiih afforded them of inuklng
J'"' | provision foi* old uge, the Postmasters
now becoming active, while formerly
they were only passive, agenls of the
Branch. The benefits will, of course,
bn moro apparent whore payments
are begun at an early nge, the accumulation period bolng longer,, nnd llie
marvellous earning power of com*
pound interest nt 4 per cent, being
more strikingly demonstrated; nnd
there is always the danger It payment
Is deferred to a lnte age that unfortunate investments or expenditures
muy bo made, and Iho necessary amount be not then available. Thero is
no liiiio llko the present.
Full information In regard to the
various plans on which Annuities tuny
bo purchased may be ohtnlned at the
Post Ofllce or, on application to the
Superintendent of Annuities, Ottawa
to  whom  letters on  Annuities '	
ness go free of postage.
Willi lhe completion of a n'w submarine cubic between England uud
France, successful transmission ot telephone messages has been established
hotwoon England uud Switzerland.
In a Fix.
The new butler looked sorul)
tressed about something.
"Mr. Weeds," he said lo the gardener, "would you advise me wlmt to
"If I can," replied lhe gardener, "fs
anything amiss?"
"Well, it's like Ibis," explained the
worried looking butler, "the young
squire left me strict, orders yesterday
to call him up at six this morning,
nnd—nnd be didn't go io bed till
liefore the Incorporated Society nf
Musicians, .nt London, Professor Syl-
vanils Thompson recently said that
young people could hear lower notes
than old people, and that tho animals
at tlio ■too, particularly cuts, heard all
sorts of sounds that v,*o could uot
henr. He spohn of gramophones as
au aid in the study of Hounds.
A Missouri man has been lodged in
iail for hitting his wlfo wllh a pound
of butter. -It would seem ns though
our millionaires would lind something
better to do.
Too Soon
He—"What are the names of   the
in   the   next
The world's gold output for the last
year has been estimated at $10(1,000.-
000, a gain of 14,000,000 over Ihe 11110
output aud of more than Si'00,000,000
over that ot ten years ago.
Sufficient Cause
"Whut stnrted the riot at the performance of 'Hniulet' last night?''
"Why, Hamlet held the skull and
said: 'Alas, poor Yorick you nre not
tho only deadhead in tho house."—
Now York Globe.
Warts will render .the prettiest
nandB unsightly. Clear the exeres-
conces away by using llolloway's
Corn Cure, which acts thoroughly and
Involuntary Lese Majeste
Tho chairman (suffering from ner-
TousnesB on his Drat appearance in thc
chnlr and rising after the loyal toasts
havo been drunk)—Gentlemen, now
that the king nnd queen aro drunk—
you may smoke.—Sketch.
She—"We haven't been able to find
nut yel. They still call each other
'Birdie' aud 'Pet.' "
"She accepted me on one condition."
"And that Is."
"Thnt she doesn't gel n better offer
between uow and spring."
Hy (lie nddlllon of pulverized mien
concrete is made to Imitate granite.
Bxp.rlmonts nro under wny in
Germany looking toward tho construe
Hon of n 10,000 horse power gns engine and-SwISB engineers lire experimenting wltll a gaa loe IV0,
in Good Standing
llusincss .Man—What references
cnn you give, young man?
Tall Chap—Here's a letter from a
tailor asking me to come nnd look at
his spring suitings.—Chicago News.
Medical Genius.
An old doctor, seeing a young one
who was going along the street with
half a dozen shabby-looking men and
women, called him aside and asked.
"Who nre nil those people, aud whero
9 you going with them?" ">
"1 will tell you lu confidence," was
Ihe reply, "that I'vo hired   them   to
come nnd sit iu my reception room.   I
expect a rich patient   this   morning.
nud I want lo make nn Impression  ou
hln)."—Judge's Library,
To.iinv "Thla paper suys If yo'
Ftniikn cigarettes 11 changes jour con
Willie-. "That's right: I am
(Mined when I get caught ;
It |i possible to i/nii.' gns by
■parks from a telephone, heuco In
all Hernial) gas works I h(! tolephono
bells are covorod with wire gauze.
A London magistrate has decided
Hint a shopkeeper who draws a crowd
by the attractiveness of his window
display is guilty of causing an obstruction.
Tho llrltlsh Exchequer, between
April 1 and December :il last, received ,(.'18,181,000 In estate or death tint
At lho end ot 1910 there were (lllll
registered trade unions in Ihe United
Kingdom, wltll a membership of
above 8.000,000, Those lotnln com-
puro wllh a membership "f 211,001 In
Yonr hands won't gel
chapped this winter
It you use  SNAP.
•.Hiking, scouring the separator nud
(■calling up the stables, get the dirt and
•;rimc ground right into thc skin,
• Coarse soap and hard rubbing only
,rlu.p the skin.    6NAP  cleans   and
purifies because antiseptic—gets out the
dirt   without  hard
rubbing,  and  Is
soothing and healing
to the ckiu.
ISO  '   15c, * can.
'Tis a Marvellous Thing.—When the
ernes effected by Dr. Tlioinas' Ecloc-
trie Oil aro considered, the speedy
and permanent relief it lias brought
to the Buffering wherever it bus been
used, 't must be regarded as a marvelous thing thnt. so potent a medicine should result from the six ingredients which enter into its coin-
position. A trial will convince the
most skeptical ot its healing virtues.
The haggis, according to iconoclastic etymologists, is Scotch only by
adoption, buying been a popular (lisli
in English cookery down to the beginning uf the eighteenth century.
The population nf Russia on Jnn
uury I, HMO. was 100,748,400, an increase In about thirteen years of S3,*
lliO.Oud. And this "iu spite of wnr,
cholera and famine."
and Colds
Farmer (to lior.se dealer): "No, I
don't bear yc no malice; 1 only hope
when you're chased by a pack of ravishing wolves you'll bc a-drlvlng that
horse you sold me.
Strongly Built
The guest—"How did these pieces
ot wood and iron get Into this mi lice
The waitress—"These pies are the
new style re-enCorced kind."
Are Dreaded By Mothers Who Fear
For the Safety of Their Children.
What a weight of responsibility
rests on [lie mother of the family during the winter season!
In every cough and cold Bhe recognizes tho voice of Croup, Bronchitis,
Consumption or other deadly throat
and lung complications.
Few people, even among those who
ure convenient to doctors, can afford
the luxury of tho physician for every
COUgh or cold, even though they re*
aline the seriousness of neglecting
audi ailments.
For all such Dr. Chase has provided a prompt means of cure known
as Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
One reason why mothers prize this
treatment above all others is because
of its .niitabilitiy for children. It is
sweet and pleasant to the taste, ond
children like to take it. By Its soothing, healing action it is wonderfully
prompt In curing Croup, Bronchitis
und Whooping Cough, and can he used liy children with perfect safety so
long as directions are followed.
Thousands of families in Canada
keep Dr, Chase's Syrup of Linseed
tind Turpentine in Ihe house %t all
limes for use in cases of emergency.
This is thc only way to he sure ot
protecting the bronchial tubes and
lungs against coughs and colds. 25c
a bottle, family size Cue, at all deal
ers or 1-Mmauson, Dates & Co., Limit
ed) Toronto.
Government   Has   Not   Yet   Included
Women Amongst Clasoes to Whom
Homesteads are Granted
Tho numbor of women fanners in
Canada is increasing, the prospects of
success is encouraging, and today one
can draw clear conclusions as to the
prospects of the average woman whose
mind is set on life ou the land.
The average woman bred and born
within the confines of the comfortable
'conditions of tho British islands is
not. usually born a pioneer. It is not
that slie Jacks either courage or the
spirit of adventure, but she does lark
thnt ballast of endurance which is
only to bo won through tho hand-to-
hand wrestle with the tiresome conditions of the dally round In countries
which do not rely on colored lahor for
tho fulfillment of tho meaner nnd severer phase:, of the day's work.
At the time of my first season's experiment, wiih farm pupil.*?, writes
Oeorglna Binnle-Clark, a successful
farmer, 1 was pressing the Just claim
of "Homesteads for Women" on the
attention of tho Minister of the Interior, and I know that the prospects
of the average woman ns u settler had
to be frankly confronted and discussed. One hundred und sixly ncres o
the land of opportunity handed over to
n woman—hind probably forty miles
from a station aud possibly Wlthoul
wood for fuel or trme of wnler ou the
surface from end Lo end. It is not to
he wondered at if the government
takes time to consider the pon.*-.I.lllty
of granting this opportunity to women.
To train farm pupils seemed lo me
tho only way of clearly demonstrating
the power of women to work tho land,
aud whether my pupils personally
needed the Government grant or not,
I expected Ihem to 111 themselves for
tho homestead test. lOinerson's Law
of Nature, "Do ihe thing and you shall
havo the power," together with Lord
Macaulay's summary of the wisdom
of tho world. "Those means are the
most correct which hest accomplish
the ends," was the broad method, and
if in detail |t was open to criticism,
and certainly entailed much argument,
tho result proved it good within a
single season.
For working conditions we had the
average setting of a Canadian farm of
threo hundred nnd twenty acres of
land. In place of the ordinary bachelor's "shack" there was a six-roomed
log-and-plnsier cottage which my predecessor had built, and around which
I had caused to be thrown a wide
verandah, which increased the accommodation for lahor or leisure, A
well fed by a Spring secured a permanent, supply of water, which liad
to be hauled about two hundred yards
by means of a barrel and stem-boat.
There was ample stable accommodation for about twenty head of stock,
besides pigs and poultry.
Great Interest was taken by the wo-
__t_____\   vho get little exercise, feel better sli round (or   ^gf^^
an occasional dose of
NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Tliey lone up the liver, move the bowels gently but freely, cleanse lhe
syrtem and clear the brain. A new, pleasant and reliable laxative, prepared
by a reliable firm, and worthy of the NA-DRU-CO Trade Marl:.
25c. a box. If your druggist has not yet stocked them, send 25c. and
we will mail them.
l>* Clark's
5V    PILLS   re   ,
a.    KIDNEY'.  A.
Backache Means Your Kidneys <•_*,
Want Help! q
Tha Icidnoyi nr« among tha moil Important organs,   	
inoyaro moataubjool to jwimiaof dcnroJvionJniporfert (  __*
ti-'iioiiiiwl t.iw-Ti'il vitality.    Iiivf.rii.lily, liiej niv.' wart" ^"^
mn. in thr  form  ..(  hnrka.li,-,   lici.li-.hr-*. -mm- in tl,..  ,—-v
Jnjiu. otc,   Wi-* ncoplo, careful ■>. Ihelr limit.., act Qs__v
quickly uIh-ii any of lovo lymptouu appear.   UareleM
or mur^obuinui ofton porralt .i alishj nffccllon at f~_\
thok.ilii.-v-it.rfrTiv,- Intoaetfta nr (Jir-mic Kidney trouble, *+**
U.ioru.K (lie plyiiily-sivfii warning nf unhmlihv ki'ln.-v. .—.
pn  iimr-l-v. Li.lni.y-i>iy  Dl'. I'l.AKK'.S SWFKT MTI'll-1. C Lii
'•-. Mr.i>, attmulittp an.l miora tho kldnrva to normal *.._ " ^^
rywhere nt iifty ct-nli a l-oi or mailed direct Lv     41 £—**•*.
 ■»■'■ nii'l restore the kldneyi i ■.<■■ ■■-., -,*.■•
In quick time,  .-...ul everywhere .>■ City oenU » i,u_ or mailed direct hy    41
oo ooooooooooo
Harness Oil
Keep*! your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
Sold by Dealers Everywhere,
'Inl: Eye. EpUoc
_hi')|,,'- ■■ raver
Catarrhal fe\
preventive, no mallei l ow horn
nr "exposed."   U-niH. ulv- n un t
•il nntl Utunda, expelH tliu iwiaoni
'urv*- Dldlemner In Dors nn-i si.-
hdl-RCHt   BOlHllS IIVO  Btoi k   l'l ill.'
- in..m; Imm'Mi in'iiiKH and la u Una Ki-ii
$u ami SU it down.   Cut i
■ druggist, who wm p-i i*
Fi,*,- HooUlet, "Mist. iii|i.-r, CfUlflPt. mnl Cuit-a."
rKl..t'T.>I.H--AlJ.   WUOLKKAU.   DHI'tii'USTfl
SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. C.u-nti.ils nnd L-tct-.-rlolo.jli.ts, GOSHEN,      INO., U.S.A.
i from
id y*
Silent  Devotfen
A lady was ono day appronclied by
lit r Scotch maid with Lliu Information
llmt sho was about lo leave.
"What itf tho rcaaon tor -"ir leaving me?"
"I think I'll bo a mnnwin'."
"Indeed!    And whom, may I ask.1"
"Tho man that Bits across in the
kirk o' Sundays."
"But what la his n.tiu. '.'"
"I (Unna hen,"
iio   !.
I. ;   but    hi's
.-. an' I thitil. 1
,.   . , .    . , What!    You're mirel
men pupils in   he cleaning and pIck-L, l0     man v.ll()Sf, ...l.n
lug of secil grain,  Tho sdou prepared;, ' w?„
by my first pupils yielded tlio clean-     „„ .
est crop In tlm   neighborhood.     It      *Not c^a'^ • ,-»>' bu
graded Xo. I Northern and scored Uio J-e?V Ia»8 lo,iUin  llt "»
high compliment of ilu gross weight "Oil soon be spei
undocked for screening. 	
Not. ono of my pupils had any ex- j Largest Picture In the Wcrld
perlonco of horses, yet within n According to news from Home, tho
month thoy wore ahle io control a pointer Sartorlo has just completed
team of four hornet, on several of the tho decoration of u largo panelling
Implements and to harness and hitch destined for Mho hall oE the Parlia-
on lo their implements without aid. me!)t building. The won. Is 13 feet
The work of women In plowing is he* high and 100 feet lone ll rcpreseulB
low male work in speed, and was so |the history of tlio deliverance of Italy
nd  contains 2S3  figures Of  persons
UAI/C Vflll •1-umpinlhtBtta-t.or
n/llL IUU aGiuwdionanypart o(
lhe body, or a Sole thai will nol heal ?
If you have, write, dfucrit*** tl,-* trouble, tnd
mention this piper and we will mail FREE -a
plain env-lope, particulara of the
rahilcH.N Home Treatment
Write to-day.
10 Church! I Av*., Toronto.
|    i■.. n.i -.uii uu in,.ii" hum Ulay, :*-i..n»
cr .-kiiil.    __ll Information upon i< *i .••.u
Tha  Barg  Machinery  Mfg.  Co.,  Llmlt«&
Toronto, Ont.
"Camo in last nlghl and fell ajg
lho piano."
"Hurt yourself?"
"Xo:    I (.truck the soft pcdel."
liusi :
What To Do
"Speaking of  eUouotte
did    you
for Homo time in type, hilt Wltll tit-ic
and harrows tliolr resull ie distinctively above that of thc average hired
The line of their work will not bo
straight, hut thoy take the trouble to
go ovor an ill-plowed patch many
times. Not. only on my own furm have
I observed tills, but In lhe Shnugh-
liessy Colony at Sedgwick, on a farm
whloh two women are working with
great Buccess. Thoro I noticed that a
finer degree of pulverization had heen t
obtained in tbo newly broken land
than any other farm I examined In i
t.ho neighborhood, and those women
have dono all the cultivation themselves on the hundred acres of new
breaking which tliey bad already add*
od to tho original fifty acres broken
for them by lho corporation.
Hut the chief factor that may bo
reckoned on to secure Bltccess for women as farmers, and especially In
countries where hired help is scarce,
is their innate love of animals. Work
never seems a hardship to tho women I have seen working in Canada
when horses came into the propositon.
aud if in   the   accomplishment   of
of an
average height of !' feet,   i
It  Is,  therefore, the  huge:,!
Iir the world, uud the anl-?:
:i  months on it.
Most Obliging.
Of the diplomatic cfrclen- i** a   de-l
lightful woman whose English (s siiil
French.   Sho was urging au officer of i
the navy to attend a ball, the Invito*)-
lion to which ho had u'lri ady deoliii*; r\ 15KASKS 08
Tbe Arlington Co. ot Canada, Iatd.
5 8 iMser Av. , Toronto, Ontario   '
I MRU. WftffLOW'l SOOTltlKO Syj-mf lm*. l^eM
Utttd lur over SIXTY VliAHSliy MILLIONS of
iJ.lorilI.KS   for   tlteir   CiJILimi.N    vuin.if
I ri.i.riiiNt;, witli I'lcufiicr s-.n.vi.s*-*.   it
\ lit Hi- bent rriue-ij fur DlAItKIKKA. It il *i»
' R-iliitrty liirinlf-t-i. Ae lUK mid -'•- tut ' Alt*.
1 Wfltilow'j Sdiiihiiic Syrup." nml take iu stti«r
fciud.   Tweulv-Aveccnuii l*Hle.
"I can't," be protested. "I havo
burned my bridges boh Ind me."
"Ob," she replied, "1 will lend you
some of Henri's."- Success.
College St., Toronto.
A Truthful Child
Visitor—-"Your mother wasn't expecting me, was she."
Llttlo Olrl—"No; she didn't even
have time to slide out tho had. door
and go Into tho next-door neighbor's,"
Some men try u>
tbey go because the
Mlmrd _ Liniment Relives Neuralgia.
Misunderstanding  Him *
"I'vo  Rbotlt decided  to  get   me  s
talking machine."
'■You believe that two can live af
cheaply as one. eh?"—Houston rost.
Millinery Item
'Thai bai, makes you look thi©/'
snld the clever salcHinnn to tlm stout
lady. Sold. "That lint makes you
appear stouter," he said to the thin
lady. Also sold, "it makes you
look .voting," he snld to ihu elderly
lady. Al in sold. "It makes you looi;
tall," he snld to the short, Indy. Also
sold, 'it makes you look short,"
ho said to lho tall lady. Also
Hold. "It matched your rich complexion.'' he said to ihe palo lady.
.Uso sold. Am] the purchase is were
also sold, for, of (rour.se, all the hats
were exactly alike.
Why He Eticaped
Agues-—"Why didn't ynu nnost il.e
burglni who wiiii found under your
Gladys—"Ho said lhat if I wouldn't,
have bim niTOSted he'd never tell how
dusty be got"—Harper's Daznar.
•This soup hns h
, It's a crack
seud'S"-crown ZTtui-- adv,,,™  ^^ irUih wa*, lo oonfoun-i the como back-BalUmo,
Doing Her Own Marketing
A vmiii!' wlfo recuitly wont inlo   a
.■(•.■r's Kluip ami Adrcsscii Uw gvo-
if ihus:
"I bought UlTOo Ol' tour liauiy I.orr.
n jiinnili or no a**,.., and i!io.\ woro lino;
hnve you any more ot them."
"Yea. ma'am," ronlled the Ki"'*. r,
"ihoi',* ore ton ol .lioto hums hanging
o*it. there uuw.''
uii! paying as "Well, IT you'ro svur* they'ro oif tho
lon'l expeel toi wbo pis I'll take lln.'o ol thciu," ru-
_n_l i piled thu young wlte mocltly.
mri.t"  nn.l    tholl*   alii
ovory itulnll i« tho i
a oxpoi'lonca lu tlii*ii i
Thoy nr.. ubKolutply in
ii,.ai Blmea for ilu* ni'lo
'   lei
urr- honestly
porfootlon li
.,( .mr BQ y.*.
Hlmo DullUlllg,
liio.st popnlilr i     .
tn Canada,   Stocked hy knjinu
the john Mcpherson co.,
Hamilton. Ont.
od instructions on 'What to do at
"And whal did you gel?"
"A slip with ono -word printed on
it:   'Eat!'"
t'sod according to directiona, T)r. J.
D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial wlll
afford relief in tlio moat acuto [onn
of summer complaint. Whenever tho
atlnck manifests llsclf no time should
be lost In soektng tho nid-ol the Cordial. It will not Immediately on the
stomach and Inleatlnos and allay the
Irritation and pain. A trial of It. will
convlnco anyone of the truth of theso
"That fellow i» too sltrk for me.
r-'nld ine :i lot that wim two feel tin
der waler. I went around to demand
mv money hack."
"Oct it?"
"flat nothing! Then ho anui me n
gasoline launch and n copy of "Veno-
ilan l.ll'e." h.v W. ll. Howell"."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
argument of the .Minister of Agricul-1
tore anil mako clear the claim of the     "Quills hns had a slory    accepted |   Nover worry.   Nothing ls worth
average woman lo 1H0 ncres of land at last." remarked a Journalist to   a|ond worry is a canker which cats
•lias Dlnny
Mrs, .Miilrahe:
"He lias thai," said Mrs
"They'vo slat him to Hi
eliery for twlnly years."
gol  a steady Job, ylt,
?" asked  Mrs. ilianni-
,   penitin.
finest tto waller)
hnlr In II.
Walter—That's un iml
In lho plate.
(Incut- It's a funny crack that can
for more tnan two hundred years,
every Danish King was uanied J-'rod-
erlclt or else Christian.
H la estimated lhat In Asia Ihero
ate about 170,0110 lolophonos, uiooUy
III Japan, lho tutluboi' in Singapore
exceeds one tliouajnil, nntl ihoio are
about us many in Warn and Cochin
Bend for  l'ne    Itin.lt    clvlau
lull particulars ol TRENCH'**
remedy, tho world-famous be
Curo (or  Epilepsy iiml    Kits. 1 _
Blmple    home    treatment, ' •
a_, ,n.r-*\ .It yeara' success.
I   I IUU II Tcilliii.ii.lal-.     'rom     til
\-,UriU.Ul,lll-H -0' *ho world.    Over
When a snowstorm Is bogtnnlug,
ohserve tho size of Ihn SHOW llll ken.    If
linn the storm, iu all probability, wiil
a long-lasting one; If large, It will
a come to an cud.
I.ntia in om. year.
107    Bt,    Jam.."     Chamber.,    Toronto,
mallon I
c.ood salaries earned by telegraphers nl.d Slti'.lon Agenls.    Wn ipiallfy
you quickly.   (Irand Trunk and Cuu-
itdlan Northern  wires    and
hooks used lu school.
Cours.s,   Free   Booli
Hallways olfer reduced  rnlea to at*
lend horo,    Dominion    School Tele
granby, Toronto.
Force of Habit.
'    Tlio tolephono girl was on h
cation and Ilshlng,   Soinoono on *'
other    houl    called.    "Ileilo!
Ihen she isol n bile.
"Line's    hlisy!"    she    answcrcil
Browning's Mnganlno,
tho temper of pupils and professor occasionally suffered Unusual strain, v.-e
were all of us one lu oar ready sorvlco
to ihe animal sijiff, which that season consisted of ten horses groat und
small, of ull ages and services, hut nl-
ways delightful and all Individual;
one hull, three milch cows, throe steers
and a pair of baby calves: hnlf a dozen pigs nnd about fifty bens. All
wero gentle and tractable, and certainly did tbelr share In the const ruction of the amateur fanners.
"All tbe "chores", which are generally voted dolcsliible—milking, sta-
ble-eleanlng and manure-shifting—■
were done wiih uood temper and excellent resuii: hut water-hauling,
wood-bucking, Hardening, and clearing ihe land of alone were distinctive..
lye unpopular insks.
' It will he seen In Mils analysis of
women's work on the land thai prejudice acalnsl some forms of outdoor employment Is founded on an Imperfect   knowledge    of  fnels.      The
most enthusiastic advocate of outdoor work will usually strain nt tho
glial of work on the implements and
swallow Ihe camel of gardon Work,
Yi i gardening In Iho sun-warraod laud
of lb.* moBuuiio is a strain on 's
physical eiiiliirr. I only lo he horne
or love fm* lis diilgliiful reinili. whllo
work on tho Implements nol only on-
| lulls no physical fallgue, but ls posl-
I live physical refreshment,
; A conscientious Intelligence Is neees-
I sary iu ploughing, but ou ihe disc ami
I harrow cart one sils al ease In the
j most cxllillavntlng and nourishing air
|in lhe world. Tho work is nillrely
ecliaulcal, and  it   is Ihe only
honey from tbo soul.
"Surely not," was the rejoinder.   . . ,
"Yos, he wont hohtc ''t (wo o'clock T|10 t|re d*eIlm,lria „f American mo-
tills morning with an nw.ul yarn, ai-.l I tor car8 flu-jn? nl0 present year will
his wife believed It." ftotnl ■,.'"">.m" tubes.
Rome experiments iu raising alfalfa
have been conducted by a fanner who
farms In Elizabeth township.
••What is tbls stufl"." enquired a olty
"That," exclaimed the farmer, is
"Well, well! I always thought anal-
fti was a slang word lor whiskers*"—
Pittsburg l'ost.
Language of Flowers
What mado such a-stci.'—The yell:
Why did the Biiow-drop?—Because
the liiyme had come.
When was locln mist?- When tulips
mil tu-llps.
Whal beoatno of lhe wild sage'.'—lie
was pul Into slocks.
Wliere was Iho fox lllove'.'—ln the
shepherd's purse.
why dldn'l I'iiihv marl-gold?— Be
cause swirl William aster.
Tlm iir.i twelvo dais after Christ*
mas ludieiiie whin the weather will be
for tho following year. Each of Iho
twelve days takon In order donotestho
pii'iloinliiaui weather inr a uumih.
Scads—Blinks is a lucky old de'*:
his wife fairly worships blm!
Stacks—Yes: but she carries ll too
far sometimes. I was out there to
dinner unexpectedly the other day,
and she served up a burnt offering.—
Church Trustee—Did   you   occ
your lasl pulpit with credit?
New   Itectoi—Knllrely.    There
lever any cash connected with It.
One Idea of Entertainment
"Isn't thai Mrs. Templetown-Hrown
ilu* most entertaining creature!"
"I noticed tlio crowd around her.
What was she talking about?"
-Why, aboul lhe awful ihiims lhat
happened to her when she   was   in
the hospital."
She Had Not Forgotten
Poetical Husband—"Ah, Mamie, tomorrow is our wooden wedding,"
Praotlcal Wlfo—"I know it, Hank,
l ordered n load of kindling:   uum*
home  early  uiul   carry  ll   Into    the
Do not .ap llie >pring> ol lile by neglect ol the lnini.n mrch.ni.ni, hy allowing
,    , Ibe ioenmuUtion ol poi.on« in Ihe .y.leni.   An imitetioo ol Nmure'r. nielliiid ol
place ill  Hie busy  world, olllsule llie    „.._•„,. „_,,_ „| ,-,„_ ,„J hnpoveri.hment of lhe hlood ood nervou. Urciiftth »
rest-euro section of a nursing homo,   (0 like m ,|,.r,,|v. jiyoeric Mtrnot (without slcohol) ol finlden Sol mid ()re||on
where one la free lo Indulge in   day-   .,,-, rol„ Hloodroot, Stone snd Mandrake root wilhtalierrybitk.    Over 10 yuur.
,W. N, U.
Norway has just appointed her Ural
female policeman, who has passed tno
necessary tniallfylllB tests, been lilted
wi... ou attractive uniform and given
a salary of lo'uO tt year.
Hla Preference
Wlnkloby gnsiod nt tho new triplets
Day and Mull I wllb fatherly pride, but not n    lillle
111    explains, apprehension in his eye, novoi'lholoss,
"Whal are vou thinking, ib-ar," ask-
led Mrs, Wlnkloby, softly,
"Nothing,   dear,  nolhlnir,"  be  iinlil
  _    faltorlngly, "only don't you Ihlnktli
— It would he wiser
Whin Your Eyes Need Can!"" ""
T-r Mi'ilnfiKyeIt.aieily. NoHuiiirllno—Feels |
Vl„0—Acta 6iilrl.lv. Try It lul' Heal. Weak, I
Waterv Byea sail uraaulstoil Byel'ds. liiua-
tratotl BooS In each paeksn
our Iilili
ilnlmeiit plan?"
for us horoaftor to
faiully on Hu    lu
.    A new theory to explain ilu*
 „        Murine   IS   nf Saturn Is iireell hv I'l'ol'   llllkc
ei.liiw.lil ■ ea lu our IMill.ln-nol n "Pnlent MnJ. 1 " . f,,     r , 1,1 it,
IS,"" biii"ium in «ii.-'-'«tni I'lir-MiiiH*i'n,o-1 nl Chrlsllnna, wlm boldn llml Ibe,
rSc»naa%Wi.|??i feafflS_M! pi'oduood by olectrlo radiation
Murlti,. K,e Siilve III ■«.*l.lle'i'lib*U,'JSu llllll Hte. till)   lllltlicl,   llllll   lire
Mi.rlno Eye Remedy Co., Ohloogo i sny, every lustanl."
"renewed, So 10
The inu* harrier lo the rapid sn
cess iii iho numbor of womon hirmerai
In Cnnada is lack of capital and lack i
of official oncouragoinont, The
spoooll from Ibe '1 lirniie to lhe now
(lovernnient Included a chni'go flirthor
lo oncourago the inien sis ol Uio ngri*
CUlturlst, and lliere Is now reason lo
hopo llml llm homestead law will ex
punt! lo the ndlnliisloli of women iiiiii
iried by capital ov capahlllly l
LCD acres of lund.
January '.s wn» ihn lOHth nnuivor-
1 inv of the use or gas for stroll
lighting In London lor tho dial lime
in any city.
lu Ireland tho mortality from lull
otculosls has stondlly declined sllici
jthe your lt»0S.
drape root, llloodruot,  _...._-. 	
oio Dr. Pierce (ave In Ihe public Ihi. remedy, which he called Dr. Pierce . l.olilri.
Medical Di.covery.   lie liniiid it would help Ihe hlood in taking up Ihe proper ele-
men's Irom lood, help Ibe liver inlo aotivily,thereby IhrowinJ oul the poi.on. Iron.
tbe blood anil vilali/.in| llie whole.-y.tem a. well a. allayin' and .oolliin, • couth.
No ont ever lake. Cold unlew con.lipaled, or oahainted, and havuil what wo
call mel-milriiioii,which i*> attended wilh impoverished blood
and e.liau.lion ol nervo lorce. The "Di.covery" i. an all-
round lonio whloh restore, lone lo Ibe hlood, nerve, and
heart by imitalin*1 Nature's method, of rcttorinj wa.te
of tiiltie. and Iredinl the nerve., heart tnd lun*. on rich
red hlood.
"I .inter.*.) from l».ln un'er n.y rlidit'alioulder bttdt alw> a vert
■eveie imnli." v..ilea Mas. W. Doan. of Now Hn-.lil.mi. H. I... to llr.
It V I'l.rre. BaJWO, N. Y. Had four (llffcm.t docton. an.l .ion. <i'J
die any a*OM. Some ui«l 1 had e.m.uinpt'on. olher. aaal I e-ouU hava
to have an operation, 1 wua In-ilrliHen. unable ly alt lip for als uiimtli.
.-iiml waa ii.ithinu- Imt a live ak.let.in. -Tou adv!.ad me lo WO) Dr.
Pierre'. C-.t.l-n ,M,-llc*al Wineovery anil Dr. Plrrc*'. I'l.aannt Pelleta.
Wben I hail laken one bottle, of tho 'niaeoverr J eoel.l an iu; for an
In, ir al a Ume. Had when I had H«»n three bottle. I eon bl _ mr
eiKiklna ami leml lo tile rhlklren.   I look fourteen Ulrtdet In all and *at
Um. Doom. thta la (ted E3_ Uf wtlsMttattrMttaHla. THE PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
©he proepeetor, ©ranbrook, §* C
Pt.UfliH *Tiry Saturday   Mornlm at Or_»bT__*, B.O.
F. U. CbriitUa, M_n_p_. I
P MUf-t to Amenc-an, European awl othar (oraipj countrio,   •« Mitt   a
7«ar »tra.
AbVBRTISEMENTS-A-Virtiilng ratal tunlihtd en application. No
advertlaamiata but thou ot a rtputiblt cbararter will ba accapttd    lor
ADVERTISERS AND SUBSCRIBBRS-Uoleia notica to tha contrary
la (ivaa to local manager advertisemanta and subscriptions will ba kept
r una int aid charged up against tbeir account.
19th YEAR
No. 24
In thc It n-:-.e.y    (or    tho    8prliw
Meetings In cennection with the Farmers'   imititiittB  throughout  British
Oolumbla,   Cunbr. ox   Is   mentioned
ti, its boat ad/antngo In   tbat   the
Government hna saen tit t" ..Hot »\\
meetings In tho Immediate vicinity—
two ol these nro to he held In th.-
city iucif,   n.    Rtvo, U.S.A., Dairy
Instructor nt the Department ot Agrt
culture,  Victoria; and H.  R.  I'ptoi,
Assistant poultry Instructor, Depart
ment ot Agriculture, Victoria   ure 2
eminent    speakero   wbu  arc  deVoUhX
n part ot their time to tbe Interests
In this district,    ihey were lecturing
in thc Gymnasium lust night before
a  talrly   &ood  audience;   they  are  to
lecture    at    Wasa    toni^h.,  and  at
Baynes  Lake  on  Morula., f    The subjects to which they are devoting their
whole    time    ate  "Dairy  Cattle and
Swine;  and "Poultry."    In recording
this we have a purpose in view.   The
information   may  be a  tittli.  late  or
rather too oft repented, as it was an
nounccd these laat two weeks in tbe
local  papers;   nevertballets,   to  repeat
it in but tu draw    the    attentiun o.
the   Farmers   nml Agriculturists to
th-.' fact that  the Provincial  Govern
nunc  have  apj o nted  a   Royal  Com-
mission of Agriculture to investigate
the   conditions   affecting thc various
branches  of  agriculture  in  thi.s   Pro- |
vlnce.    In their   announcement   they
are asking any   per.-o.i  Interest d  In
the abo\c  en .airy   to  meet  them   in
Cran,roo ,  July Lst; Wasa, July 2nd
Winderemere,  July 8rd; Wilmer, July
3rd; Golden July 5th.   At every meet
ing there will  he given every opportunity  for   anyone  to  lay   hefo.e  tht
Commission   such   evidence   uh   may
have  a hcarlm,   upon  the  HUb.ecL  of
this enquiry.    In  drawing the attention of the  Karmers  in  this district
tn this ii.'.'oni a ion  we wish  to s ;g
gest that the time would he an di
portune one if they vvoud get togctli
r and talk   over   the   Agricultural
nuestion and how it affect, this dis
trict. The mutter is important
and needs the urgent attention Bl. I
consideration at tbe hinds of th
Farmer's Institute, Agricultural As
BOClatlon and the Board uf Trade.We
have m the dlntrlct some ol tba _n»lt
1 nl in the Province, the possibilities ot this laid wants to he placed
befo:e th- t.o.-ernu.ent officials pro
perl/; therefore, the larli.t the data
is gathered and arranged tb- bettsi
it will be. not only to the advantftgi
of the Karmers b--t (0 the gfniril
citizens and workers benefit will nat
urally accrue.
• ■   •   •
Everythm*-; m iuture is being ad
mired tbrse last few week*, because ol
the beautiful wtather we are enjoyiu.
The crops are growing in *oo 1 Bhape
the trees are almost In full bloom,
the birds are timcim-., i.ni th.' Usher
men are in their hei,hi o\ delitht .it
their catches, the streams btirikj f dl
of fish. The gardens around th.' City
are no-v looking prosperous, the lawn
ure almost in perfect coadition. consequently garden parti s are btiu..
arranged and several even n w an
being enjoyed. Cranbrook can well
be termed "The city of Gaidens" f ,:
we venture to say that a person will
ook at a good many cities before
seeing the gardens in as good condition as the ga dens of Cr: n roo-
at lhe present time. The h at o
the day *.a beautifully (entered by
the slight breezes tbnt come through
the valley, and the slight showers
that fall now ; n I again give just the
light amount ot in lUture to keep th
air  invigorating.
• •   *   •
Hir George Robs proclaims that h
is  nn   imperialist    and   In   the  same
breath   moves    to   kilt   the   greatest
mia-aire for the good of thc Empire
ever proposed   n Cnn 'da.
Sir George Ross, tht: Liberal leader In the Smite, has succeeded in
cutting the throat oV thnt august
body, with the knife of partisanship.
The majority of tiie uuper house hail
a splendid opportunity of showing to
the people of Canada, that they worn
not party men, but sane nn I carotin
Judges of important questions. That
chance was refused by Sir Goorgo
Ross, and every in amy ot the British Empire will rejoice at the laCt.
of unanimity over the naval pro.jos
als. Boss had the elm nee of a Uio
time to show that ho was no mere
party heeler, anxious lo do the bid
ding of Laurier. Uut at thu cuo
of Laurier's finger, this so called lm
iperialitJt,    who   prattles   idly   of   the
beauties of peace, demonstrated that
he wns nothing more than a Grli
hireling, grovelling at tho feot of tl.
Dictator who put him in his prom.i
position, Kroin uow on, reform is »
LVfl   issue  and   the   Liberals   in    tba
Chamber will have brought down up
on their heads tho condemnation oi
the people. Thu.-n. who thought Ro ■
was big enough to disobey the commands of Laurier are dlsllluai mod.
Ross listened to his master's voloo.
PHONE 340 P. 0. BOX 904
Plumbing,    Tinsmithing
afnd Heating Co.
25 Years Practical Experience
5 Years Inspector of Nuisances
Plumbing and Sewerage Expert
for Swinton, 30,000 Population
Everything; in Tin and Iron Made-to Order
Blower Systems, Mines, Ventilation Experts
Works: Edward Street.,       -       Cranbrook
We still have ihe Rainbow and the
The Senate ol Canada ii tire.1 o,
life It wants to he abolished mtd
thinks that by killing ths naval bl.
abolition  will  follow,     Tbey   may   I*.
right :.t that
And Sir Oeorge Ross declare*, th t
he in not concerned to the extent ol
i brass farthing in the political sit-
_ ition In the House ol Commons,
and forthwith proceeds to do the
.vork assigned to lum hy Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and the re-it of the anil Br.
tisb  obstructionists*.
• •   •   •
The conflict bi*twcin the professions
nnd the performance of the Liberal
leader in the Senate might be coa*
fusim.; to someone who had not lived
In Canada and was n-t familiar with
the   political    career    of   Sir George
• •  •  •
Ottawa despatches say that when-
Sir George Ross was movin; the destruction of the naval bill, Sir Wilfrid Laurier was there, a careful listener. Evidently Sir Wilfrid wanted
to ma„e sure that nothing went
; wrong in the carrying out of the
l-lot  against    the   majority    o;   the
Canadian people.
• •   •   •
Liberals when out of power used to
be advocates of Senate reform. When
they wero i npower they did nottiin.
toward Senate reform. Now that
they are out of rower again they are
doing a whole lot toward Senate ra-
lorm. They are sending thc Senate
rushing to destruction, by in-dE.i
upon thc Upper House standing in
the way of the most popular measure
ever  brought   hefore   the   Canad a 1
Parliament. t, «   .
• •   •   • Citizen of Cunadn.    He assumed of-
The Conservative Government has flco with his powers ot statesman
gone another step in protecting the ship untried nnd unknown. But the
treasury in dealing with the railway people trusted Itobert Laird Boi dm
interests of Canada. The Canadian They knew he was a safe man. They
Northern Hallway subsidies are not I knew that under his direction, thc
to be paid until the company hns administration of public affairs
turned   over   comiro.i   s ock ; would be clean and hon?st—two flual
extent of seven million dollars to the I ities   which had  heen  sadly  lnckin
ciedit of the Receiver-General.    Did   during the Laurier regime,
the Laurier Government ever do any-      Mr. Bord n, during b'a so far brief
ling like thut?    Not much. | tenure of power, has exhibited QUal
_,       ,      ... '..    -       _    „ _.   J itles of    statesmanship    and leader
Here   is  what    ■*■■"»  tv.-*.-..-..-.-.  n-**..™ I lwo
A. C. BOWNESS, Distributor
sole determination is   that    Canada
shall    do   nothing   for  the   mother
•  *  •  •
Now the   session   is  drawing to a
close, a glance over itB record shows
it hns been the most dramatic since
confederation.     The  Borden  government   has   been   in   power  eighteen
months and during that time it has
carried   out  more  pledges than   the
Laurier   Government   did   in   fifteen
years of office.
When,  by tbe   will of the people,
, Robert Laird Borden assumed the re-
: sponsible  position  of Prime  Minister
* of Canada, he was known to be an
honest,    careful    conscientious   man.
Hia  years   of  training   ns leader   of
thc opposition—a thankless task   at
brrst—stood htm in good stead at the
very outset of his career ub the First
Cranbrook and Fernie Water
Before the Board of Investigation
NOTICK IS HEKEDY OIVBN Hint the claim! to wnt-r nulits in tht
Oranbrook and F.'nii.1 Water District*; an.l objection! to the suid claim!
will be heard an.l determined at the places hereinafter mentioned, viz
At tiie Conrt House, Ornnbrook  on  the   uth and   17th daya ol
.Ilin-K,    1''13, nt nine o'clock in tbe (orenoon  local tlmt,  lor all claim"
to water flowing from the WeHt into the Kootenay River and its wet.
tern trlbutarleb, Including tha Moyie River and it- tributaries
At the Court lloiiHe m Kernie on the lmh day ol June, 1913, nl
.tin** o'clock iii the forenoon local time, lor all Claims to water flow-
Ink' into the Kik River nnd itH tributaries ahove the Canadian Pacific
Railway Bridge over the said Kik River, At the Lock-up m Klko on
the 19th 'lay of June, 1919, nt nine o'clock in the forenoon local time
f»i all oialms t,, waters flowing from the i-'.to.t into the Kootenay
llivct ami ita tributaries between Canadian Pacific Rnilwny llriilg'' at
Wardner nnd the international Boundary,
At the I'oiitt House In Kort Htrole on the 20th day ol .'"ne, 1913,
nt ten o'clock in the forenoon for nil claims to water llowln,* f,,,,M the
Kast into thc Kootenny lliver nn d Its tributaries lietwren the Cnnudlnn
Pacific Hallway Bridge at Wardner nnd thn Boutbern boundary of tbe
Colder  Wnter  District.
By Order of the Bonrd,
Victoria,  It   (.'. Chairman.
10th Muy,   1913, 2t>r,t
the Toronto Daily
Star (Liberal) snys nbout the Senate which is killing the nnvnl bill nt
the bidding of the blockers:—"Tbe
Star has advocated thc abolition ot
the Senate for twenty years, and especially during the jieti.il thut tbe
Liberal* were in power. It still holds
ship which stamp him as one of the
greatest Canadians. He immedinte-
1* set about fulfil ing hi. pre- >c
promises. During his tour of t
prairie provinces in 1911 he hnd
roniscd wben re urned to i owe:- <
build the Hudson's Bny Hallway and
that it should be  abolished? aniTe :*•*•■•*• U w'U,°ut "''owln*- the spectre
therefore not  particularly   Interested
in thc thrent that it will be abolish- ,     . „ ,„ ..   .        .. ....
a ,.,,,. .    .a   .,     nnd the west wi   tind nnother outlet
ed or reformed, if it rejects the Ns- ,.  ,
lo thc markets ol Circnt Britain. H,
Ci grat    <■<    rei in.    His pledge in
this regard hns hern faithfully kept
promised Olvil Service Reform nnd
recently Sir Qoorgc Murray, nn eminent British cipcrt on matters pertaining to the public service, visited
Ottawa, nntl made an invaluable report on the projlem of roo •gnnlzn-
tion r.f thc Canadian service. He
promised  to consult the  British Ad-
val  Bill.     It ought to he abolished
or    reformed,    preferably    a'-olisbed,
whetbtor  it    rejects   the  Naval  bill,
amends it. or passes it in its present
When  Sir  Oeorge  Ross moved  the
killing of  the naval bill there were
present   in   and   about   the  fjonate ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
three members of the Liberal Board mlrnlty on ths question of nnvnl dc-
of Strategy, the sentless ci-Ministers fence.      Within  a few  months nite
including II. n.  MncKenzie  King, Sli ' thc election he went to England, and
Kre.lerick Borden   und   Hon.   W.  S. consulted thc Sea Lords, antl today
Fielding.    The indecent interest dis- lie  In known thro Ighout  tie British
played by these u  ln tho Inst chap- Empire as thc Drat Canadian stutc*,-
ter   of  the   nntl-llritish  game   played man  who   ever lif.id a linger to aid
hy them anil their fricndB In l'nrlln- thc niotheil ml    in    the burdens   of
was  thi subject  of  much com-
Umpire, along the lines suggested by
Ihe Admiralty,
Mr, Borden promised more nHslH-
tance to agriculture, and thoro hus
is the ran,,* ti. w. Ross who led I ■""'n '"","'''1 """ •«'l,*i"»~dc«pit' th
Liberal party to destruction 1n ' thinly veiled Hostility of tbe Liber-
nis—n bill providing for tbe expenditure of 110,01)0,000 on education (or
thc farmer lu mutters pertaining to
agriculture, 'lh1, 11 icrals, who have
long lioiistotl that thoy were the
friends of lhe farmer, tried h ird tt
throw cold wuter on this Icgt-lntion.
But above everything els,: Mr. Ilor-
And benr in mind that Sir lleorge
Rom, the executioner of the naval
the Liberal party to destruction 1n
Ontario, whbnO ministry, while he
wn. premier of Ontario wn i notorious, who brought thc long Liberal
reign tn Ontario to a shameful etui,
who outraged the best principles of
Liberalism and fot felted the support
of the best element in thc Liberal
party.   This Is thc man chosen to do
the work of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and  dou hns shown himself to bo n true
the hand of blockers at Ottawa who"*  Britisher,    He voiced the aspiration!
ot the Canadian people, whon ho declared that Canada should na longer
sponge on her mother. He earned
for himself the thanks of every man
who believes that the Union Jack
stands tor freedom and a Hair share
ia tbe burdens ot Empire. In a
word Mr. Borden, despite extraordinary difficulties ot the Laurier brand,
hns shown himself to be a British-
Canadian, whose conception ot Empire responsibilities is as far removed
from tbe puny vaccilation o! Laurier,
as day is Irom nlgbt.
Sir Oeorge W. Ross, the Liberal
leader in tbe Senate, at tho bidding
ol blB master, Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
has lined up his doughty "followers
and placing party before country or
Empire, has killed the Borden Naval
Aid Bill.
The people ot Canada now know
the real Laurier and the real Ron.
Both have by their recent actions
snd utterances repudiated their past
professions and principles in a, most
Bhameless manner.
Tbe Ethiopian cannot change his
skin, nor the leopard h s sp t,
George Ross and Sir Wilfrid Laurier
are partisans first and Imperialists
only whenever party expediency requires lt. Ib
When tbe Laurier Naval BUI was
under discustion in tbe Senate ln
1910, and an amtndment was moved
thnt the question bc submitted to
tbe poople first, Sir Oeorge Ross,
spca ing against tbis amen .me,
declared that a reference to tho people by means ot a referendum
otherwise was qu to unnecessary and
the policy of the government in no
wise unconstitutional. 1 He declared:
'"A government that d.es not .cm
thnt its policy is controlled by parliament ought to retire. It this government does not represent tno people, and does not voice the opinion
of the people, then it sho.ml retir..
The whole theory nf responsible gov
eminent Is based on tbis principle—
that tlic men In power have the co
fidence UI the people. In the face (
the result of the Inst general elec-
tlon, in tbe lace ot the vory substan
tlal majorities at the back ol the
governm'nt In the House, why should
you adopt that timid baiting policy
of referring n matter which is evidently tho wish of thc people ot the
country, represented by responsible
government, buck to the people at
nil. Show me an Instance In the history of Canada, or In the history of
Ktiglnnd, whero the Government bo
fur abdicated Ita own functions as to
shirk Its responsibility ami rotor a
question to thc peoplo?"—(Senate Do*
baton,  1910, p. 762).
Today this Btime Sir Oeorge Rose
absolutely repudiates tho above
in 1910, sir Oeorge Ron declared
Mint the advice of the British Admir
ulty should he the guide to follow In
the Inception dr development o*f any
Onnndinn   nnvnl   policy.    He  stated
on the floor ot th. Senate on Apt
29 ol that year that:
"While I am not much impressed
with what Is called the German scare
I think tho duty ol England iB plain,
nnd our duty is equally plain; lor
the conquest ol England moans the
onnuest ol Can.da. Let the i ri s
throne totter; let London bo in possession ot the enemy; let her ports
be filled with foreign seamen end foreign men-of-war, and Canada would
be blotted Irom the map as an English dependency and her autonomy
would be lorevor destroyed. And, although I do not think the emergency
ls great, still I think it is sufficiently
great tor us to be guided by the judgment of tho Admiralty ot England,
to prepare ourselves (or all pos
Today Sir George Ross res-din
his statement as above, made ln 1910
and refuses to be guided by the British Admiralty.
(n 1910, Sir George Ross declared
that on tho question of naval aid to
Britain both parties should unite and
the opposition accept the policy o
tbe government. He stated as follows:
"I rejoice, as I am sure overy member of this House rejoices, thit on
March 29, 1909,' when tbe question
first came boforo tbe parliament of
Canada, both parties recognized the
duty and necessity of naval defence.
It will bo regarded in tho future aa
a good omen that In all matters pertaining to the defence o' n oml
ion there Is no dlvitlm In Canada.
Wo may divide on matters of tariff
and administration, but it is a sign
of national strength and spirit that
when an enemy is at the gate, or
war Is apprehended, parliament, Irrespective of party, should unite as
one man in defence of their common
country." '
Today Sir Oeorge Roes repudiates
his statement of 1910 and persists In
iila-lng party before country or Km
huh i nn iiimh
- i i
j Hanson Garage!
Solo District Agent For
The Ford Automobile
pire.     In  the light ot   hia present
conduct, bow hollow and meaninglts,
tho above utterance ot his sounds?
Sir George Ross today is an avowed Separatist, a worthy pupil ot hi!
lord and master, Sir Wiltrid Laurier.
He is an advocate of the Laurier navy i o icy of neutrality In th.* tl
of war and of declining to participate with Britain in any war she
may be engaged In unlets portion* ■
so decided. He, today, declares tor
a policy of Separation and Independence.
What a contrast to his utterances
ot two years ago! In tho Senate o
November 16,  1910, Sir Oeorge Ross
tated as follows:
"The Empire and the Colonies are
one. When tho Empire defonda itsoli
lt defends tbe Colonies, and whon the
Colonies defend themselves thoy defend tbe Empire. But It ls aald that
Great Britain may embroil us In continental wars, tor which wo are not
responsible, and of which wo might
not approve. This la a myth. Thia
Is the objection of the man wh h ?
not studied history, who haa never
looked at England's wars in tho perspective in which wo see them and
which is not capable of being sustained by ficts. It you go ovor tho
wars of the last century, you will not
nd one that I can .recall at
thla moment In which Great Britain
was engaged which was not ln any
respect and some in all respects r
meritorious war."
Today Sir George Ross repudiate*
his former statement that the Empire
and tho Colonies are one. Al clay
,n the hands of tb» io..t.r ha is a
mere puppet In the h. nds of Laurier
n 1 his b nd of Separatists and hra-
ire-hutois. ' L.t En In.id loo.
after hirself' is their p.llcy, ths
policy of all auch ' 11 .th Canadians"
and fa e Imperialists.
Out of his ov n mouth Sir Oeorge
.oss   stands   c.ndennd i.el re   the
io. le of c,,n t'a and of the Empire
a. the Great Repudiator.
Mil 11 III I Ill-till llll. j
Supplies of all Kinds in Stock at all times; also    j
the Best Tires the market affords
There are More than 220,000 Fords on
the World's Highway
For Pricts and Information regarding Cars
Write or Apply to
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■till. Ml 11II11 lllll 111 I'M II111 IIIH 11 l-l 11 l-M.
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till 111111M1111111111 IMI IIIIMIIIIM MIIIII MIMIHH. I'M Mil I ||
Oourt Oranbrook No. MO.
Most ln Carmen's Hall, os   2nd aai
4th Thuraday ol each month.
J. McL.AOHI.UN,   O.R.
Louis Pearson, BM., P.O. Boi Ul,
Tloltlni Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(•ranbrook Branch)
Meets in Carmen's  Hall 1st and
3rd Thursdays   in every mon'h. at
I p.m.  Membership open to British
Bl, Y. Brakt, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Boi 611
Tlsitlni members cordially welcome
.    A. P. * A. M.
Regular   meetings   on  the
third  Thursday  ot  every
Visiting brethren welcome,
F. B. Miles, Worshipful Master,
J. Leo Cranston, Acting Sec.
P.L.B.   *   0.1.
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Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday ln
each month at tight o'clock.
Sojourning   Oompanlona   ara   cor
dlally Invited.
Bi. Oomp.—A. 0, Shankland, B,
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Crescent Lodge, No. II
Meet* avery Tuesday at I p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
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Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Ho. O
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Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
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Oompanlona ol tha Forest
Meata In Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thuraday ol each Month at
1:00 p.m., aharp.
Mra. L. Whlttaker, 0. 0.
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Visiting   Companions  sordlally  welcome, lit!
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neaday at f p. m.,
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Baker Street
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Meets avery Ind and ith Thuraday
ol each month at » p.m. aharp.
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Visiting brethren mado welcome.
President—0. R. Bheppard
Meets regularly on tha Flrat Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry matters
Address the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
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Royal   Black
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land Hall at  8 p.m. sharp.  Visitors
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Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
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Cottage Hospital
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Deering & McCormick
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Works:     Opposite Depot
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and Septic Tank work
a specialty
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\    mUntt, r. O. Bee M, Ctsakf sea    f
Paper Hanging, Painting and
Before consulting ether, call
Phone ii or 78
Beit Workr_a.hlp snd Workmen in Town
In tbe matter of an application for
the issus of a duplicate certificate of
Title to Lot 707 Oroup One, Koottn
ay District,
NOTICK Is hereby given that lt is
my Intention tu issue nt the cxplra-
tlon of one month after the first pub-
1 cation Hereof a duplicate ot the certificate of Title to the above mentioned lot In the nnmo of Charles Le
Roy Becbtel Bcchtel, wbl It certificate ls dated thc 18th April, 1907
nnd numbered 6885A.
Dated at Nolson, B. (!.,
April  lind,  1.13.
IJ'4t S. R. ROB,
District Reglatrar
Fall Fair
18th & 19th
7*1111IIII»1111111 !■"•**'"'"«■'■■""»"'"■"■"■' ■"■■!!!?'!    **********************
_,__,_-"_ _______      a..B..I._..l..t..laMa_f..-.a,J,.|at.l.Jafl..S.'J..e..*..t.._ ■_.. _-_.._.___a. -~ ■-■____--______ __     ___    ■ ■■■ _____
TTTnTi ii i i i i ii i i ii in' ■» t t ■ t t ■ ■ ■ •-•■• • ******** i iniitui ******
NOTICE is here ,y gi   n tba' me
n s ol the  Fro lnci 1   Ajric itu- 1
ommi al n w 11 be h Id at tbe toi
owing places —
Balfour—June I th, 10   .m.
Oi ston—June 2tth. 3 p.m.
Cianbroo— Jul   1st, 9.10 a..n.
' asa— ul   1st,   .30   ,m.
Windermere— uir 2nd, 7.3a p.n.
i m r—July 3rd, 10 a m.
Go d n  Jul   sth  10 u.m.
Tht lomaiisao' < ill hear e'id nc
on all m Hers affecting ag.lc lt iel
tuitions n .hi Pro ince.
ml  worsen    Interested are Invited
0 be rresint.
0. B. Christiansen,
Secretary. 214
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
_ H. McPhee, Secretary ol tba
Cranbrook School Beard, wlll be received up to «. p.m. Saturd ty, Jun'
Hat, 1918, lor the Cement Work,
Painting aad Plumbing at tbo Cranbrook School.
Specifications ot the vork may be
seen at tbe office of the Cranbrook
Electric Light Co, Limited.
Separate tenders will be roiuired
for each section of the wonk as dee*
cribtd in tbe specifications.
A marked cheque for   10 p.c. of thr
.mount 0* ca:h tondx drawn on r
chartered bank ot Canada, made pay
able to tbe order ot the Cranl.ro
School Board, must accompany e
All unsuccessful tender.rs will ha
their cheques returned. The Board
will bold tho eboques ot the successful tenderers until the final comple
tion of the work, and should the sue
cca-ful tenderers refuse to enter int*
a contract witb tin Co ird tor the
work aa tendered on, their cheques
will be forfeited.
The lowest or any tender not nee
cessarlly accepted.
K. H. Mcl'hee,
Sec'y. ct School loud
Oran'.rook, June  llth,   1918.     It-It
For a License to ta'ce and use water
NOTICE Is hereby gi en that Pet'r
W, Bull of Wasa, B.C., w 11 apply luf
a licence <o 'a'e nnd u*e one cubit-
toot per second ot -water out of To*
Creek, which flows in a south-easterly direction through Lot 6682 snd
empties Into Koot nay river. Th-
water will be diverted at 150 lee*
west ot west line of Lot 6683 and wll'
he used fo* Irrigation ru-pos-s 01
the Innd described as Lot 6682, Koo
ih's notice was posted on tin
ground on the 10th day ol June, 1918
lh, application will be Med In tin
office of the Water Recorder «t Cran-
Obieetlcn.   may   be filed with th-
said   Water   Recorder   or   with   th-
Compttol'er of Water Rights, Paris.
1111 nt Hulldln s, Victor! 1, n.C.
24-4t Applicant
Presbyterian Church
Rev. W. Kolman Thomson
Morning Service   at   11.00   A. M.
Subject—Jcsub is Coming—"Whit
He wlll do at His Coming."
Sunday Sehool and Bible Class at
8 p.m.—Young people invited.
Worshlpplngi with the I an in
Church. Rev. O. E. Kendall will
lead the services of the day.
Salvation Army Hall
Hanson Avenue
Captain W. J. Carruthers
Lieutenant W. Cooper .
Sunday Services—
11 a.m.—Holiness Servlee
1 p.m.—Bible Olaas
I p.m.—Sunday School
8 p.m.—Salvation Service
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,
services at I p.m.
Catholic Church
Sundays-Low mase at 1:10 a.m.,
high maae, 10:10 a.m., Sunday school
from 1 to I p.m., Rosary and Bene*
fiction at 7:10 p.m.
Mondays and holy daya ol obligation—Mass at I a.m.
Week days—Masa at I a.m. at ths
P.PlameWoa, O.M.I.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership between T. H. Christian
and A. E. Jones of Cranbrook, B.C.,
who traded under the firm name of
Messrs. Christian ft Jones, waa dissolved on tho 13rd day ot May, 1913,
by mutual consent.
T. H. Christian.
A. E. Jonee. 2Z-4t.
Department of Works
Notice to Contractor!
"Creston School."
SEALED TENDERS, superscribe.!
"Tmd*r for Crettrn Scho ll Bxtcn
slon," wlil be receivid by the Hon
limbic, the Minister ot I'uhlic Wnr e
up to noon ol Monti ly, the 30th i'a
of June, 1913, tor (hi erection and
completion ol n two room estensiot.
to the st ho il-house at Crcston, I*
the Ymlr Electoral District.
The work to be started linineliiiti'
ly on acceptance ol tender an.l finish
ed and hrnded over rind/ for occupa
tlon on nr before August   2'ith, 1913
I'tnns, 1! lecltirutlnns, rnntrart, 1 n
forms of tender may lie n hccii on an.l
after the 16th dny d June, 191:1, at
ofllco of Mr. W. F. Teotscl, Co'cm
ment Agin'., Neb0:1; Mr. ,1. Crump
Ion, Secretary to the School llo ird,
Crcston; and the Department of I'uhlic Work..   Victoria.
Intending  tenderer*    cnn,    for th-
Intend n*: tendorcis cnn, for the Hiim
often dollars ($10), obtain one copy of
the plans and specifications by ap.
trying to the undersl. n d. This sum
will bs refunded **t>en tbe plans are
returned ln good order.
Each propo al must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certillcate of deposit on a chartered bank
of Can idu, nvkde payable to tbe Honourable, the Minister ot Public forks,
for a sum equal to 10 per cent, o
tender, which .ball be forfeited if the
party tendering declim to enter into
contract when called it, on to do so,
or if he fail to complete the work
contracted for. 'lhe cheques or certificates of degoslt of unsuccessfu
tenderers will be return,-d to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be consilered in
leas made out on the forms supplied,
Ei*ned with the actual signature of
the tiuderer, and enclosed In tbe envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tnder not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works.
Victoria, B. C„ Juns 10th. 1913.
SITTINGS ol the Provincial Labour Commission will bs held as follows:—
Golden—Friday, June 6th, 10. a.
Athalmer—Monday, June 9th, 10
Crinbrook—Tuesday, June 10th, 10
Klmberley—Wednesday, June llth,
3. p. m
Pernio—Thursday, June llth, 8 p.
Michel—Ssturduy, Juno 14th, 11
Cr, slon—Monday, Juno Uth, 8 p.m.
Kaslo—Wednesday, June 18th, 2 p.
Nelson—Thursday, June 19th, 4 p.
The Commission is empowered to
inquire into all matters allecttng the
conditions of labour In British Fni
uinbln All persons Interested sre
invited tn attend and give evidence.
Secretary. 22-3t
Notice ls hereby given that nn tbe
29th day of May, 1913.
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge of
tbe County Court ot Rest Kootsnny,
that James A.Arti/dd,Official Adtnlnis
trator for that portion of thc County
nl Kootenay Included In the Electoral Dlstr ct nf Cranbrook be Administrator of all and singular the
estate of Frederick Aaron Ogger deceased intestate.
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased Is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Kvery person having In possession
effects belonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest
lu the dtetrlbution of tbe estats of
the aald deceased la required to send
belore the 4th day of July, 1913
next, by registered   mall   addroeeed
to the undersigned, his name and
address and the full particulars ot
his claim or Interest, and a statement ot his account and the nature
ot the security (11 any) held by him.
Alter the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of the estate bavlng
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Dated at Cranhrook this 29th .lay
ol May,   1913.
22-4t. Ottictal Administrator.
NOTICE Is hereby given that sixt.
(60) dayB from date I Intend to i.p-
ply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situate ln l.ot 4r,tt:. Southeast
Kootenny, British Oolumbla,
Commencing at u post planted ai
about 20 chains East of lthe North-
weBt corner of l.ot. 11140 and one
mllo North of thc International
Boundary tlience South 80 chains,
West 80 chains, North 80 chains and
Eaat 80 chains to point of cmnmenre
Located this 2<nd day of March,
nichard Helmc Locator.
Jamea Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE la hereby given that sii's
(60) days trom date I intend to a|.
ply to the Minister of Until:: lor a
licence to prospect tor Coul ami Petroleum over thc following described
lands situate In Lot 4693 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a poBt planted nl
about 20 chains EnBt ot the Northwest corner ot Lot 11140 and one
mile North of tho International Boundary, thence North 80 chnins, West
80 cbalns, South 80 chains and East
80 chains to point of commencement.
Located this 22nd day of Mnrch,
Edward B. McCllntock, Locator
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixt)
(60) days from date I intend to up*
ply to thc Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect tor Coul and Petroleum over thc following described
lands situate in Lot 4693 Southeast
Kootenay, British Columbia,
Commencing nt a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
thence North 40 chains, ICimt about
70 chuins, South 40 chains nnd West
about 70 chain's, to point ot commencement.
Located this 24th day ot March,
T. G. Procter, Locator,
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given tint six')
(60) days from date I intend to apply to tbe Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Conl and Petroleum over the following descri,>ed
lands situate in Lot 4593 Southeast
Kcotcnay, British Oolumbla,
Commencing nt a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7401,
thence about 70 chains South, East
about 70 chains, North about 70
chainB and West about 60 chains to
point of commencement*.
Located thiB 24th day of Muieh
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that siity
(60) days trom date I intend to apply to thc Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described
lands situato in' Lot 4f.93 Southeast
Kcotcnay, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
the Southeast corner of Lot 7*157.
thence South 80 chains, Eaat about
10 chains, North about 20 chains,
East about 60 cbalns, North about
60 chains, and West about 60 chains
to point of commencement.
Located thiB 24th day ot March.
T. G. Procter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that six.)
(60) days from date I intend to t p-
ply to the Minister of lasnds for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following descri ,e<!
lands Bltuate In Lot 4603 Southeast
Kootenay, llritmh Columbia,
Commencing nt a post planted nt
the Southwest corner of l.ot 728K
thence 120 chnins North, 400 feet
West, 1211 chains South and 400 feet
Eaat, claiming ull ground lying between lots 7286, 72«r., 71.17 and 7136.
Lornted thiB Haiti) day ot March,
James Fisher, Locator.
NOTICB Is hereby given tbat sixty
(60) dnys Irom date 1 intend to apply to the Minister of Liiinl:: for a
licence to prospect for Conl and Petroleum over th- following described
lands sltunte In Lot 4693 Southeast
Krntenuy, British Columbia,
Commencing nt a post planted nt
the Southeast cornir ol Lot 7397,
thencs North 80 chnins, East 80
chains, South nbout  20 chains, West
about 10 chains, South about 40
chains, West about 20 chums, South
about 20 chains and West about 60
chains to point of commencement.
Located  this   24th day ot March,
T. O. Procter, Locator.
Jutnes Kisher, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thr.-*. on the
2nd day ot May, 1918.
George H. Thompson, Esq., Judge ol
the County Court of Enst Kootenay,
that Jnmes A.Arnold,Olllclal Admlnls
trator for thnt portion of the County
of Kootenny included in the Electoral Dlstr ct ot Cranhrook be Administrator of all nnd singular tbs
estute of Charles Watson, deceased
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased Is required to make pay
ment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the
Every creditor or other person
having nny claim upon or Interest
la the distribution of the estate of
the Hiilil ilerenso.l Is rei(iitrcil to sen.I
before the 13th day of Juno, 1913
next, by registered mall nddressed
to tho unilcrHigneil, bin name snd
address and the full particulars ol
his claim or interest, nnd a statement of his account nml the nature
of the security (If nny) held by him.
Alter tho said Inst mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate bavlng
regard to those claims only of which
he shull have had notice.
Dated nt Oranbrook this aiul day ot
Mny,   1913.
20-6t Ofiiclttl Administrator.
Ooal mining rights ot the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the North
wnt Territories and In a portion ol
tha Province of British Columbia,
may be leased for a term ot tweaty-
t years at an annual rental ol |l
an acre. Not more than 2,660 acne
will be leaaed to one applicant.
Application for a leaae must be
made by the applicant In person te
ths Agent or Sub-Agent ot the dletrlct ln which the rlghte applied tor
are eituated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions ot sections, and in unsur-
veyad territory the tract applied tor
shall be staked out by the applicant
Bach application must be accompanied by a fee of 15 whlcb wtll be
refunded tl the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall bs paid on tbs merchantable output of tbe mine at the
rate of live cents psr ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for ths full quantity of
merchantable conl mined and pay tbe
royalty tbereon. II the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such
returns should bs lurnished at least
once a year.
Ths lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ot
the mine at the rate of 310.00 an acre
For full Information application
should bs made to tbe Secretary ot
the Department ol the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ot
Dominion Lands.
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not be paid
lor. Jan. 4tb-tl
District of South-East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Thomae
C'lirislli.n. contractor, intend, tnirty
days after date to apply to the Minister of Lands for permission to purchase the following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
the East bonk of the Moyle river,
near the southeast corner ol lot
10106, tbence east 10 chains; thence
south 40 chains: thence weat 11
chains; thence north 40 ehalna to
point of commencement.
A. B. GRACE, Witness.
Dated, March 29, 1913. 14-lt
District ot South-East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE tbat John Henry
Lismer nl Cranbrook, B.O,, occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchaas the lollowlng described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 1617,
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, thencs north 40
chains, thence eaat 20 chains, thenee
smith 40 chains to tbe point ol
commencement and containlag W
scree more nr less.
Dated March 28th. 1913. 14-lt
(Section   Bl),
on the 10th dny ol June next, application wll' bu made to the Superintendent of Police for the transfer of
the licence tor the sale of liquor by
wholesale in and upon the premises
known its the "Moyle Brewery" situnte nt Moyie, II. C, from the said
premises to the premises on lot 29,
Croup 1, adjoining thc City ol Crnnhrook, B. C.
Dated this  16th day of Mny,   1913.
Mueller _ Hesse,
20-St. Holdera of the licence. Till. PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, _. cJ
Gelling Moving  Picture!, ct Tleer.  fi
nn  Ecitin*. Btisinrss.
in in- its-
Mr. J. E. Arieiuult, a Justice of
the Peace, and station matter at
Wellington, on the Prince Edward
liland Railway, say«:
" Four yearB ago I slipped lu the
station and fell on a freight truck,
sustaining a bad cut on tbe front of j
ray leg. 11 thought this would heal, j spearman lying i it lho ground
hut lustesd of dolus so it developed ine. Photographs taken from
Into n bsd ulcer, and late:- Into u form , would not give lho Irue result,
of eczema which spread very rapidly | .   'I waited thoi    [or hall an I
tlvo jinu'lo mti.-t In. an exeiiing sport,
Judging from lho accounts of Cheery
Keurlon. win. has just lvluriieil lii
Lntnl.iii , Iter visiting India ami Borneo, Mr. KetuTon gives the follntvlng
aocoutit of how ho clncmntogrnplied a
ra llgor.
"U look uu* Ut-otily days before I
could fin 1 ihe tiger, though tiger spoor
wn- plentiful. Tho llgor 1 "pol had
seized a bullock by tho noso and hud
[ draggod litin qn ail lours into dense
j jungle, forming a tunnel lv doing so,
"I   went  mi  llty  hands  and  knees
I along part <-i this tunnel, and found
c,-,,. ol thc legs ol lho bullock newly
I oaten.
■■•"'j l relumed and arrougod a drive
wllh 4i*J men, cleared a space in Iho
jungle fifteen yards wide whoro tlio
tiger was lo be driven, pul up a thin
leal sero-m to hide mo Irom tho beast
und waited on the ground- not up a
tree—(or hint.
I had no firearms, Iml I had three
a Ire
and olso starte.d on the other leg. i knew that the tiger was sppi t tig
Bolh legs became ao swollen and soro ■ by the beaters, who wero up dees,
that I could ouly go about my «ork: tapping like woodpocker«> The olll-
by having them bandaged. My doctor j era wero on tho ground, making 1,i.l-
said I must atop work and lay up. -   inds  < .:■■■ cverj   uotsy  thing
"After six months ot tills trouble   l!l'\ 1    I.
I conaulted another doctor, but wltb Ine 1 ger como down the Hum. I
no belter result. I tried all the salves, »l lou into lhe upon, sutl I photo,
liniments and lotions 1 heard of, hut; -'■: "" d him. Directly he gpi hall
Instead of getting better I got wor3a.   ''■':•' -' '-  * ho gavi vent to a number
"This wns my condition when I got j "'„•",:'- >,rn!' "     ■'-■   ,
mv first box of Zara-Buk,   Greatly to '      When ne had tli   game rung,
mv delight that flrBt box gave mc re- i '.'r* .
lief.    I continued to apply It to the
sores, and day by day they got better,
I. si i ■
tiger  is
me,  gi i  :
v r  el
an,    i I
feel  lou
SOU'S,   HUU   Un,   UJ   lata-   .„,.-,    B„.   .     ....... - -.
I could see that at. last I had got holdP'ffi?.8* '«?.' * **> *.'; -;
it something which would cure me,I, >   '    ■'.  ; »«£ d to kill the I
I'll il
aud In ths end lt did.
" It ts now ovor a year
Bnk worked a curo In my case,
there  has   been   no   return   of
Such ts the nature of the great cures
which Zam-Buk is dally effecting.
Purely herbal In composition, thll
great balm Is a sure (tire for all skin
diseases, cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, blood poisoning, varicose Bores, piles, scalp sores, ringworm, Inflated patcr.ee, cutsf"buroaand
er, since it wa- abi ul  I
sines Zam-! "\H" {'"'":'- "'esling villas
bi. ome
always  thc   ligu   I lal   that   is  gi ins
Urldgoville, N.S.
"Tor twenty yours, I have been
troubled with Kidney nnd Bludder
Trouble, nnd have boon treated by
many dootora but found llttlo relict.
I hud givon it! all hopo of getting
cured when I tried tliu Pills. Now,
I can suy wltll it happy heart, that I
I tint cured nfter ustiiu four boxes ot
tux PILLS."
-.Insf   liiinl: of it!    Foui' boxes of
Clin Pills cured Mr. Fraser—nnd .ho
I luul suffered for twenty years uud in*
llunl heen treated by doctors, too,   tt
j ls just such cases as his, whloh prove
tho power of din Pills to .-un* Kidney
nnd Bluddct' Trouble, Bttrniug IMno,
Suppression   or   [noonlluance of Hie*
Urluo, Backache,  Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago.   Try (i'.n Pills on
our positive guarantee of a euro or
your mono*  back.   BOo, a box, 0 Cor
92.50.    Bumplo tr.-.   If you v. Ite  Villi,na' Drug S Chemical Co. of Can*
[idn, Limited, Dept. N.U, Toronto.
Psychical  Research  Its Sole Object -
Camping Ground  For  Medium..
I'p severul flights ot ■tulra In It"-
... in :.-,, ■ there 11 ou ■ ot ilu- walrd*
csl   ' lull.:   In   Louth ti   tho   iii i' ii:
lllounl Club Cor Psychical li  .       i   I
has no concern \. uii   raei 'ly narthlj
in.-..    Its moi ibei - ors pit d e I to
tho blghei  thought, tho thought ih.tt
its you off ll    oai tii and makos you
see visions, dream wondortul dreams,
talk  wllli  i  -• splrli    ot lho beyond
and walk absent idedly Into motor
Although   thc club haa only bi eo
d q fi v.- months, it has already
- members    Every    possible
"Is!   la i-i'i resented    Thi re ure theo-
All druggist." and stores sell. _(
at 60c. boi, or post free from Zam-Buk I
• k, i t<-har-i-i    I'ii-y.   . :■ tnd! soi    --      spiritists,    phrenologists
why I only wanted to turn a handi st   psychologists, spiritualists,    niesmer*
the animal. Ists, and so on    Nearly .-very coun*
"Fifti en   - ien    saving   thst - rop et       d, und thera are n
would be his i at vi tims 11 nutnbi    ot distill     ■     :    und  titled
a i ish  with  spears,  snd
tii*er wa     I          up  '    tl - '  ;   ■       ■'      v     '.     al   is  so  pressing a
ot  the  i:   n   rushed  out wi! In Regent street is looked  tp*
weaj as s fantlsttc shadow, nn Intang*
' J ho tig r  leaj   '  :   m tin -         thin   of no account  and the Iheo*
jungle, the wnn on the right i I the   sopl     -   spiritists, ,:-.,l all the others
A Cot Is ol Great Value to lhe World,
Say. Scientist.
Mr. W. (!. Altehlsou Hubert.on,
.,f.|... ilolivorod a Icolut'O in EdilibUMll i '
rocontly tinder tho ausulco* ..( the
iJoologlcal Soclolj* 11 Scotland on
"Tlio-Cat l-'atuilv, with .Special liefer-
onco to thn DShiestlc Cat."  The loe.
turer j-'ftvo  a  brief sunn y ol  tliu
i-hii'f iinints of iiit.irust, from lho
anatomical point nf view, ol the
members »i the cat family, nnd then
narrated soma of the main facts in
the llfo history nf tho larger cuts,
lie showod tlml tho extermination ol
ligot'i in certain purls ol India had
not been entirely advantageous, but
thnt the destruction ot buoIi animals
had allowed loo free niulllpllcatli.il
of nnlolopos, deer, etc., which lived
on tint produce of tho Hold, uiid destroyed in this way much ol tlio
labor of tho poo.-mnl Allusion wns
mado in the largo imnibei i i illffcront
species ut' tho Binullei' nil-. Imt sno*
enil alleiili,.ii was devoted lo lho uu.
meslie cat, Iti. An. 'ii—ll Hobotl.QII
told how Iho present eat hud been
worshipped jovorul UioihuiiiI years
aiio by lho Egyptians, und In w it lm 1
been   earrlod  to  ICuropo  and  so  In
,'1-"1   Britain, and how lis r aim
woro found nt pi. oni In excavation*
ul H an villa- in thi   , i imtry,   I-, r
many centuries the vnii f tho cat
r aiiied high, 1 ul II ■ excot ilvo tor-
ttllt) binI -.. lowered ita valuo thai at
prosenl II rdiuary ,-ut Imd little or
no ci mm in Lal vnlue. Tin, was a (set
to he deplored, ss ll could in I 1 o inf.
Ileionlly lnipresr.o.1 upon tho publlo
thai the csl had lhe Klghcsl valuo
Irom an economical point ol view.
Ouo Imd merely to consldor what
would happen II (hero were no euisi
1 ■■ -" rets, snd i Hi t vermin would
multiply without Iel or hindrance
»nd 11 ■ damage th no by thom ivoulil
'■• " sli uliiiii.-. |i mlghl bo difficult
to .'-tiiiiiile lhe am ninl -avi'd, but iu
every place of business, private house,
custom house, or warehouse, whoro
li od was stun-1 oal-i woro tin* means
I preventing an immense. Waste Had
No need >to apologize* to. family or guest when
alwaya right —every biscuit inspected before it ia
packed—and tliey are as fresh as thc product of you?
own oven,
are tho great favorites for every day use.'
Tliey are made iu the big sanitary factory in
Winnipeg and come to you in air-tight packages or
in sealed tins as you prefer.
Co., upon receipt oLprlce.
tind i'-..' i    : world In two dark and
creepy cellars, where strange Bbapes
* and fi ;hafrs and tables
watte as i; alti     nnd sounds grow out
te {lark-ess.   There do the memos, and Us*
Two Different Species
"Say. Grandpa,    what   is
Grandpa—A bookworm, my son, ..-.
either a person who would rather
read si boo' than eat, or a worm that
would lather cat a book than read.
n the    tt bi  ted      " man i   I   1
mid tie lun ed t .- biu tl it ■ ■*.
; ic'.'.  ■ ;.  : :* In--'.
;    "Upon-him tl a tiger threw himself
witli his claws in his . ■• b
fiH.-h of lightning, and put his head wrs of tin ctu
down to the hack of tha man's neck. ' ten In >':
"I, six to eight feet up a tree, shout- j voice
I el thinking lie wa? going i- .■.'.<*>, \{ i. th« ouly -; n ■ slstence that
through the mau's spinal column. Tho sets apar its ceilara for so other*
bea&t looked up «- me, gave another] wordly a purpose. It is, indeed, the
ot his great coughs, growled savagely only club given up to psychical mat*
at me, and then jumped sideways ters. There are numbers of psyychi-
and disappeared into tli.- jun; j eal  societies,  bur  there is no other
— ___  place where a theoscphist ean drop
Sunday Amusements Law. 1 tn To-- a chat with a hypnotist, where
Sunday amusements in T.ondon ar«  a *VlMU*. can compare notes with a
Us the
wo ul
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Candruff.
Great Britain year by ye
much lent, live stock, but
more chilled beef.
ir Ini]
in on;
All   Fairy Talcs.
Willie: "Mn, do fairy talo^always
begin witli 'Onco upon a time"."
Ma (an she bears her hubby's stop
outside): "No, dear; sometimes Ihoy
begin with 'My dear, 1 was detained
at iho office!  '
Of Course They Are.
A girl is known by the company
(,ho keeps, and incidentally moat girls) * •;"
arc keeping company.
der tiie control of the London ■ ■ un- ■
ty Council, and hedged round witli i
many restrictions, For instance, a !
Sunday entertainment must bo in aid
of sonic charity.'and the whole of tiie ,
proceeds, Jess expenscsj must go to !
the charity.
Then the manager of th- thoalre or;
hall wliere tho entertainment is given    •'
is not allowed lo have anything to do      l-*uckUy fur those
with eiigBginii the artistes or anyone! «lfu   occasionally   t
-mployed in connection with^1. ^ ^e£rI.fVSs" ou   th*
psychologist, or where a phrenologist
can run the ns;. of lunching with a
mesmerist. Tli. amblbtlon of the
club is ly "bring together into one
nucleus the various units of progressive and evperfmental thought, which
io-dily constitute the psychical, spiritistic and spiritual interests oi' socle-
gamo keepers  nut
bI   its, weasels, nnif ■
in all probability lia\
outbreak of rat plflgue in Stiff
the* ■  animals  prej   un  and  <
rats and mice.
1 he comuij
highest Mfvii
tiie east the only practical way -
dealing with plague was by tho in
troductiou of cata these aniinais do
stroyed the vaU. which were tlio ninii
cause of the spread of tlii* flUeasc
Another popular prejudice Ui
Robertson wished to do away with wa
tiie belief that Uie
lied disease, lie .-
does uot suffer fro
as it affects the li
therefore could not
disease in this way. and tha idea that
infection remained on the fur of such
a t-Iea11 animal was absurd, and if
tbi*- mode of propagation were true
the medical attendant would bo a far
more fertile source of infection than
any animal.
.ii.iur.iti • eet < ,i:
iii.-.l Umi tho fill
11 true diphtheric
tiniim Iteins.', nml
communicate th*
members    who
return  to  the
very comfort*
Tin' law .-ity..
in linnl
Real Hard Luck.
"Sppnltlng ot hard Inch,"
ed Si'iialiir Kltllch, "I had si
luck unci' during my oourly duy
"Ellicldalo," mild Senator I'.ial
"I had Juki Invented my Inst
ilollnrs in n iin-iii tickot."
"Ves, yos."
"As I started down llie slreol a kusI
or wind lure lh" tlcknl frum my
lianil. A iiinii.erjiii-k wns imsslng
wearing lieavy,  hobnnllod  hoots."
"Yin,  go  "ll"
'And he stepped on my Licke
punched    out      }1.S3. -Kausna
Jim ninl.
Less Expei'-iivi! Thore
"Wo keep an uiitomohllo in Mi
aire." said Mrs. Jtlimili-rliy.
"Tliat's whoro ninsi ot u* k.-<
automobiles," relurnor thc callo
an Inwni'tl Bmilo.
iini,ni!i uii'iils must bo niade by the
officials of the charity concerned.
Lastly, tho London ('entity Council
iiaets lliat no pressure, ill-
t or .ndirocl, le |)Ul upon anyone
tn porlonn nr work "ii Siinday.-
Tlie-e provisions ore dosignod lo
proteel artistes and other.*, hut it is
a widespread grievance among mnui-
berfl of tho eiiteitainineiit world thnt
thev ar..* constantly evaded.
Weekly    Sailings   to   and    From
Prepaid Passages
All Rally..-/ Statlor.e
Manitoba.   Airier,a.- 8*isftat:lie//l^
British   Columbia.
At lowest riles.   For rcaorva'doaj,
tickets, ilatiailB, uo local aieuts or
J. S. Cider, r.en'l Agtnt. Winnies)
i>   prosen
d Ills fill
(.mr years
Karl oi 1
1 was i
ue ti
peers wll
> li
seen active
as a inn
■or.    lit the
lhe Mai
H,-' li,
ol l1
e naval
at lhe
nl II
During tlmt
mc "1 t
ia sa
*d S-tlH'll
ibed to
the t
in ol
nun ne
III tn
1. ad
and lire lii- 1
at any
ol th
B cn*
to   be   El
0 was i
1 by
future  1
1 Foljaml
1, it  the
a al
" 1!
■t dowi
tin* 11
y  re-
1, "Oh,
place t" s
iv hon,
r.    1
tin 1
wa.-  aftorw
-   louni
lliat  the
's cap
on  sin
t   oil
shot thr
> i
1 foil. |
hieli  1
ui'-' u
e sat
. yd
[dan of an ordinary club
There arc reception rooms, dining
and drawing-rooms, library, writing
and emokiug-rooms, Tiie rooms art.
all luxuriously furnished, and it is
clear that the disciples of lusher
thought have no objection to comfort.
Tiie cool*: i.s capable of bringing a
smile to the lace of the extremist
The organizer, George 0. Knowlos,
arranges locturcs nearly every day.
Usually the lecturers aro members of
tin- club and lho subjects uvo always
very psychic. Sunday eveuing nfeet-
Ings are held at the Hitz, but most
of tho serious work is done in lhe
cellars. Needless to sny, \V. T, Stead
Is one of the principal member?.
Ulh*r-u_?Bt ANYONE
... een use
..<,/ I dijtW ALL theso
~?   '■ *-       of Goods
I tt-   Kith fKe SAME Dge.
' I used
CLEAN and SIMPLE to Uie.
Nt><lii»>'-.-r mini tli* WltONr.llvi*f,ir tin-f;c<n*l
Ti^hl Collars and Griy Hair.
Wear a loose collar and live long in
the enjoyment of luxuriant and nu*
fadi . '* - ks. This la the prospect that
Dr. Walter 0. Watford holds out in
The British Medical Journal. Answering a correspondent, inquiry as to
the cause ol his halt eh&iiging color,
the ; •■. bj ' I ■■ r' .bable cause
i-i that the inquirer ha- not very long
dn ■   ■   arged ■     j e kw -v nnd thus
improved tn munloatbin between
hi   !. "i" an I brain and th- kinpha-
. He ■ .1 ulatii       11      i- whal  1 hap-
pei   1 ■■   i-  whei   l ha ; \\  I reached
        v.    ,:, in a Iditii 11 i" greatly
::,.. . ed i "'.iti: my hail not only he*
came darl er, but grew 0 pi sly
where I bad . revi .usly In en bai 1 al
to lite no-     1
Carried Oh Dickons' Debris.
Ever> ""I.-, knew i)i kens, He • - uld
not dine in publi. without attrn tli /
a".-*,il 11 VVhen he left the dining
ro m hi !»Irairei • would dei :ci 1 upon in-, table and can ■■ off eggshells,
oral .'- i ■■• ■- aad ■ ther tilings -hat
remained behind so thai tbey might
have memorial * I thi: greal and
u.    . Ia.-ed writer.
Found in a Crocodile's Head
On "one occasion frouie ni'cliaoolog-
ists, searching hi Egypt for ancient
records vera rewarded with n fine
collection of mummified crocodiles.
One crocodile's hend was Muffed wiih
valuable records, such a*, lho earlieai
I.nown marriage contract in Greek
of about 310 B.C., whloh threw a
lurid sidelight on certain social conditions in* that time.
Another discovery consisted of a
small fragment of the Ilrst chapter of
St. rani's Kpistle lo tho Roman.-.,
written in a rough and crude baud
and belonging i<> the third Century.
Portions of the New Te'itamont, written in small and convenient form,
were also found—tbo pocket Bibles of
those days. Fragments of the Now
Testament bad also been found writ*
ou nils of clay and pottery.
Prosperity In Ireland.
In nn article reviewing the condition of real estate business in the
United Kingdom, as shown by the
transactions <<f thr* year 1011, the T.<*u-
don Economist refers tu Ireland a.
having exhibited for more distinctly
than any other part of tho country au
improved state 'if thing,-, "In Ire-
land,. Fays Tii" Kconomist, 'the magic
of property ha workod wonder.**, and
the inere fact that, the tenants own
their lands ha*-- produced an enormous
increase in agricultural industry and
prosperity." This statement is in accord with tho observations and narratives of visitors tn Trehnd for somo
time past. The land purohase legislation matted by Parliament after so
many years of agitation has amply
vindicated the claim.**- of those wlio su
earnestly and persistently urged that
reform of tho system ol lund tenure
was the one most vital need of lhe
country. Foremost among tho names
of those whoso influence waa exerted
in behalf of this wise and salutary
policy should bo placed that of John
Stuart Mill; how much misery and
how much political diflieulty and danger might have been obviated had hi-*
counsels been heeded sevcntly in-dead
of twenty yeara ago, it is impossible
to compute.
Passing It Along.
Jonathan Biggs wns the owner of n
Valuable setter. His wife ran to him
one day and cried'
"Oh, Jonathan, the setter has gone
mad, He's Bnarling and moaning, and
whenever he's r es water ho stiffens
up aud foams at the mouth."
"Ojlick. thon," aald old Jonathan
Biggs hurriedly—"quick, then wife,
take hhn Into town before ho bites
anybody, ami—"
"Yes?" said Mrs. Biggs.   "Yos?"
"And sell him?" hisses Jonnthau.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Praise thia Asthma Remedy. A
grateful user of Dr. .7, D. Kellogg's
Astbma Remedy finds tt trie only remedy tbat will give relief, though for
thirteen yeara ho had sought other
help. Years ot needless suffering
may 1 e prevented by using tbls wonderful remedy at thn Ilrst warning
of trouble. Its use is simple, its cost
is slight and it can bc purchased almost anywhere.
Alwaya a Republic,
"4Yby do you consider a republic
tiie only permanent form of government.'' asked one Chinese citizen.
"Because," replied tbe other, "it's
lhe ouly form that permits you to
change all Its leaders and all tbe governmental institutions without changing Us name."—Washington Star.
Marion Bridge. C. B., May no, '02.
I have handled MIXAUD'S LINI
MENT during the past year. It ls
always the first Liniment naked for
here, and unquestionably the best seller of all the different kinds of Liniment I handle.
Our Low Price
is  llie  result  of  selling
direct 10 the farmer, itl
liirfje quantities, (ind for
cash.   Tli* Baton Engine
x    .\ costs ths farmer less, nut
ills guaranteed lo .lo his work as well as any engine
of equal **at(**l horse-power.   Wc invito fanners to
try our eltelntjiand jirovc this entirely at our risk.
'*.   •.**.
We Sell tjh-is Engine complete with -Ptinip Jack, and
16 feet or\-felting for
~l4*-r T\r\llrt-c< \\-fi-_rI-* of the Engine, l.-h p.
rllty  LlOllarS. fy S^OJ if or<iere.»lone.
Pi*mn*io pefwetion. nr.J will also handle %
t work IfcountPRlfl farm.    We have other Bn-
Ewfcry Etikire is guaranteed! lo develop
tmmycf wte Engine*, every one on a
ThU little Engine will run a
< reini Separator und do oilier Iiah
nines uf the same make np to 12 H. I1.
its full rated powr. We have »tq a great
Money Back '  _uarantee.     .We -jive ti nr»n thirty days tn w
.... , -,..   . .,,      "-\tUlKtV*
Engine right-on his own farm. **Vc tell lum tfitt i( th\-Engirc
every way. all he has to dn is return it, a«d wi will g(Jc him
fsat isfattory
hack his moncv, end all the freight he had -plhd.    n« olsc
guarantee to jeplate free of charge a-iy par*, whjclu
nrenks becawie of imperfect material fir construction *
regardless of how long the Engine he. been in \Ae.
Hundreds of men have taken ^is
s_e   nur   -_r_.rA   -*-n*l have nrdered   an  EATC"
at our woro HBglMt  ^y taVf fo.tm,
simple, reliable, and easy to start.    Many tf tin
have written us to say how pleased they are.    Neatly _._
of them mention how litj.c it costs for Gasoline to run
the Engine.
Write un for further information ahout' our Engines.
Wc ii.sa sell Pumps. Cream Separators, and many lines
of rant) Implement*. All of these arc shown in our
new Spring Catalogue,    lf you have not received a copy
of thi*. catalogue, write us and wc wtll ici-.d one by retun
.mail, free ol charge.
'Now.'- Balil ilk* BChool'teacUer ilur-
Ing rcndluir loseoim, glancing round
Uii' class, "can any of you tell iug
wli.ii is lho meaning of "divers disease?"
"I", us,., .sir." soiil Tommy, wit., su-
poili i-oiiiiil.-n.'". 'dlvcra illsoascs Is
-.van i  Hi.' brain."
A Mean Suggestion.
II -Jllss Hi 'Hi' has such a high
Site Woll, you Itnow, iis prlco has
gone up wiiii everything else,
Yeast—Your nose Is veil.   You h.olt
bh If you wore a hard drinker,
Crimsonboak—That's my  business,
"Wi!!. ii looks ns It you'd been vory
successful     In    business."—Youkers
Human Island.
On llie Island Ilouinn, south ol Japan, there Is a colony of several hundred peoplo wbo are said to be descendants of some Portuguese sailors
who were wrecked there over 400
years ago. Tbcy7ire larger than the
native Loochooans and show their foreign blood in their features.
The Voice ef Experience.
! Young Wife—Do you think it Is
! jilstiflahlo for a wife to tnko money
; from hor husband's pockets?
| Older Wife—It isn't n case of jus-
i tillratltm at all; il Is it quostlon of
1 finding any lo lake."
Your drugjtlst will refund monoy If PASSO
OIN'R—SNT falls lo .mr,. any case or
n.iiinu.   min,I. Dlcedhig  or  Protruding
Piles In It lu H day*..    GO,-.
j   A now and snorter alphabet,   con-
Inliiliig   only   seventeen   characters
has been inv.Milcil hy Prof-_or New-
„     , "«»l0iion Scott, of Mklii|„ui  (U.B-A.)  Un-
iisiuilly dangerous to ivciaily.
Mixtures    snlil    under   the
llie life of Ilio llttlo tines whom they
inn supposed to help. They contain R.|i(.- -or sufferlno Everywhere.
opiates and.narcotics and uny sleep ,•„ W],M0 ||f0 i« nimln mlsornblo by
prompted llirougli tholr use is false tu(l Buffering that oomoa from ludi-
sloop—lo bo plainer the llttlo one Ib gMt|on „mi i„,., not tried Parmolee's
'"*""*"1"'"'     ''•' '"   vegelabhi Pills does not know how
I Thoro wero
hi tli.- Animal
j.'i Lends' l,i-
tho last yuu
"patients"    n
j twelve horses
ton birds,
18,000 "eases" Irenlod
Ilospllal {iim- Dumb
'si,   I'linlie.i,   during
At. present sixty-nine
in ilie Institution —
wonty*threo caets^ ami
inslly ibis formidable foo ean be dealt
Willi.   These pills will relieve whoro
lung nml pall.'nt study and are c
fldontly put forward as a Buro cov*
rector or disorders of tbo illgesiivc
organs, from which hu many suffer.
drugged Into Insensibility. The only
absolutely guaranteed remedy for iii*
lie ones—the only remedy hacked by
the guarantee of a government analyst to contain no opiates, navcotlcs
nr oilier harmful drugs Is Baby's Own
Tablets, They cannot possibly oo
harm—they always iio good. Thousands or iiiolherB have learned ihelr
value    They help not only the new-j    j-ow (ll.t   the first robin haa been
horn babe Hit also the growing child. vouc ■ f,„. i,v several moro or less
Btpmach and bowel troubles; worms: • «i.ttl.ttil persons, it seems almost llni-j
i-oliln;. simple levers are a I bnillshod ful. Ul0 Mrst i„,inegrovvu Elrawberry.
by thom and thoy promote that  ro*	
freshing Sloop bo helpful to llttlo oiiiSb     ,,,,,   , ,„,, ,,•,„,„;.• b,,i,i (|,„ moral.
'llie     tablets   nre     s v    n '      Ah. 1. "d filonn,    saitl Uio 1110 lit
line dealers or by mall al 26 eonis a 1st.   It is 'u'1"3 l101-   wwiw,   mat
hox from Tlic Dr. Williams .Medicine; count "
Economy in little thine» i» j"»t a*
important u economy in big things
will answer one of your ''economy questions.' 60 year*
of constant betterment has brought them to such perfection that one Eddy Match does the work of several otliers
of inferior make.
Norway's Amazing Army
One ot the most fascinating military
sight i lu Ibe    world    Is   In   wnte'.t
mounted nn skis
others fall,    they nre tlm result of NorwoBlnil infantry, 	
tmlv ami nm eon. navel ing  and  manoeuvring.     Evoir
'■    ' '"    '  "   with rifle and full niarcnlnglilt on his
Fin-loin. Versatility.
A u'm'r ■: t ..-..': . I i thai she
will :■■;. ho o the si i ioly mliti i -Mite
it. .ii a, • ut i'"i lell snd ii, -ii ba surprised almost to death whon she sees
it in tho paper next mornit -;
That's Worse.
Mrn.    (liaineri \:    "It's
Iilili. a   lealoliH liniiliaml!''
Mi.i, Park: ' Rut It's wors
have one who Isn't Jealous.
On Hla Kncct.
BU rn Parent: "'liilte so,
te soi i
'I'll.,   le
Dawned  On  Her
-Iter lllld  Hie  letli
r eHi
Vim t.-n ne- thai you bave proposod
to mv daughter: but—or—you say nothing iiiinni your position."
Nervous Suitor: "My position, sir?
Oh—or—lho —usual one. I bellovo*-.
on my knoos you Know."   •
".inner, and his wlfo haven't a. lasto
in com nur."
"Ob, I don'l Inn".", they're bolh
fond nf the same hook."
"Then I'll lnt It's a pnckeibnok."
blackboard nnd was trying to
leach lime Pitttsy Peevish to pronounce tin- word, but Pansy couldn't
eonie It.   "Think," Haiti Icnchor, "what
Is ll thut Int.i soiiie whiskers ami
uuil. : up nn the iinieli Inlo nt night.
whon It is cold ami begs lo como Into
llie   In.use'.'"
■■oli, I know I" exclaimed little
Pnusy," a great llglil dawning: "It's
W. N. U. .39,
"     The OBllmntoil wrnllh t.i the
Jed Stales hi 1130.000,000,000
A Ilosifti prophet aniioiiiieeii that
tit.- eomtng Rummer wlll bc lho hot*
losl .ver. It oinilii in be; look nt
P e  lee It's got  lo  llie't."
Co., Brockvllle, Oni.
A  Mean Suggestion
lie—Miss Hello   has   such a
She—Well you know, its prlee
gone up wllh everything else.
"Oh,  I
j woman,
leg ram'.'"
don't  know,"  replied    tho
•'Dhl you ever   send a, tul-
han i1'1
London motor omnibus earns on
average 23 cents per mile.
A Mistake
Lunl Charles Rorosford, whoso
niiteli tulkeil ol book nn iinvii! critic-
Ism, "Tho Botraytll," bus at Insl
been published, is toiling a story In
connection with his recent visit to
Thn photographer ol the Nt. Peters
burg (la/.etie wanted to got n photograph of l.onl Charles. Armed with n
Iilili. ISngllsh ami a largo cninern lie
burst   llllO   1,111'ii   Clllllle:.'         ole
morning, glanced hurrlotlly   ut.   lho
oeeni'lilii,  "suappeil"  hliu  before    lie
imiiii raise any objection, nml ilnslicit
The phoiogrnpli appeared nest duy,
"Lord (hill-leu llevesforil, IHugloibV
leiuiwneii seafarer,"
11 win iiii eveelletil plinl Igrnpll i
his lordship's vul.'i:
Creiif Rl'ltain unit ll'Olantl there
are over ninety thousand public*
11. Is niiliniiilid that In Asia Micro
luo aboul. 170,000 tolophonos, mostly
In Japan, .'ho numbor In Blngnnoro
oxcocils ono tboiuiaml, mul Ihero are
aiiotit as many I" Slltlu luul Coolllll
Oil t'wo topics lliii great Irans-At-
laiitle slcntniililp comptllllOB nro not
agreed. Home creep llirougli a fug at
a snail's pace, Others dash llirougli
il at topmost speed—thn quicker mil
of It llm belter. Some Insure heavily
ngnlnal loss by lire. Otliers carry all
their lire risks tlieinselvrs.
buck, tt Norwegian soldier, whim
equipped wilh his snownlioea, can travel nl thirty miles nn hour on a
slight grade, and even on level ground
Iin can cover from luteal to twenty
miles an hour. Tho skis used by tlic
Norwegian soldier consist of ,mt pieces
ul wood !> fuel to )•! feet long, and t_
Inches lo C Inches wide. Tlio Norwog.
ian Infantryman is trained fromoniiu-
hood in tiie used ot skis, and his skill
Is such that hu can guide In and out
of trees wit mint a crackle to betray
id., whereabouts,
When inarching orders arc soundml
lue leader swings out and keeps up n
hot pace. Once in sight of n supposed
enemy a pile of miow Is quickly scooped uii, ami onsconcod behind this simple hut effective protection ttio ski
man can lake pot sholu at. tho foe.
During somo leeeul inaniieuviea, in
which lo.otin intanlrjrmon purilclpaiotl,
the value of skis as an adjunct In war-
faro was eleaily .toiunnslrulod. Over
roads piled so high witli snow that
cavalry would, have beeu imabln to
make any progress whatever, tho in-
[llllll')', moiinleil ou skis, covered from
twenty to thirty mllo* an hour without
mishap uf any kind. Of course, It
would be practically Impossible In
musl. instances for the arlllli'ry, with
tbelr heavy guns, to follow the infantry over the unowelad roads and poss
es. 1ml for skirmishing nnd scouting
ski .'tinning Boldlors arc extroinoly valuable.
ii   In Fran6o the cheapest duel   coins
I s.'.e. whllo it mav cost nn_ninj- up |„
, lllnii; aini ti a ti.imiH'
i  adversary and Bocontl
I penal servitude,
ml Is lulled .
are   liable
To Rilwtird I, belongs Ihe distinct-
Ion of Hie lcgest family nf any llrltlsh Sovereign, Ilu had eighteen
On One Condition,
A minister, Shortly inter his In.
traduction to u new congregation,
mado a round ot visits, so that Iio
might become familiar with the various members.
Among moso visited was un elderly
fenuilo, who wna busy whitewashing
her house. Tho minister met wllh a
somewhat brusque reception from lho
good lady, and, llndlng her tho re-
verso ot gossipy, he made his visit
as short as possible.
Hefore leaving, however, he thought
It bettor to ask If he should offer up
To his consternation ho received
tho reply:
"Vory well, sir, you can pray If you
like; but you must cut lt kind o'
short, as I have my wblteiiln' brush
ou hiro by tho hour."
• __———.——
Careful analysis ot Prussian lightning slatlstics shows that dnmugo
duo to lightning hns markedly decreased In lho cities In rccont years.
This docrenso is attributed to tlio
great extension of overhead tolephono
wires, and It Is imtlclpntcd that thu
recent general change to underground
conducts will lead to an lncrcaso lu
lightning damage.
Mrs. Flail—What did you soy to
the jnnltor, deal?
Mr. Flatl—f told tiim ho could
mako somo warm friends If lie would
onlj/ Inrn on u llttlo boat.—Doston
..    i
Ask for
and gel satisfaction
A few doora aouth ol C.P.R. Depot
Ratn I..SO te 12.00 per day
dr..in. unexcelled
Hat antl cold wcter In avery raorn
Hate)   practically   Flrapreot
All Outalda Rooms
SIR*. WlNBUilVS iA0T.II.fa  S.Itt;** 1i«'.  t.-*e*_
BseiHort.vcr HIXTY Vl.AkSliy MILLIONS ol
MUTIIHRH f..r their Cllll,I.Kl'.N W1III.K,
TKI.TmNO. with I'KKl'Kl.T StXCIiS.-.. It
HOOTIII.rt tiie (.'(111,11. HOITHNH tiie lil/MS,
in ilie bent remedy h'T i.iAKkii(i:.\.   it li ri»
tinliitely liirnilenH. lie sure ami a*.k, iut "Mr*,
witulow. Sooiliifig Syrup," ..ml.uke bo other
kind.   Twenty-live cents a bottle.
f All grocera 25c. Ib. Tin
ICiiei.ui.ir-i and Boilermaker-
Boilers   ct   all     Islnd.-Kadlaaa.
PumpD, and Heavy Pla.s Work
Write un for Price.
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
A Maori Horse Deal
A small lilt ot bUBlnest was recently
dono by otic of tho Mitotic of Now
/.ciliaml. The nwiu'i- of n racehorse
called Firefly luul the inlitortune to
Ioho the horso after u very short Ill-
noss. It luul not licou dead' very
long before n Maori camo 111011!* and
offered to purcUnso tlio onroaae for
$5, whloh ttio owner vory ivilllngly
aooontod. The Miiuil liicii not horses
ami -lut-Mi! unit removed tlio dead
liorao into hla own paddock.
The next move was lo rnulto some
tlolcots as rapidly nu possible, This
dono lie proceeded to canvass lila
males, and -mid na many litilicta aa
possible nt $u oaoh, tolling iliom
luul bought the woll-ltnown raoohorBO
Flroliy, nml was koIiim to rafflo It ho
ho wuh uot long lu disposing of thirty
ui liln liotno-mndo tickets,
That evening Ihu raffle ennui off, ami
'lie* lui'l'.v man was so excited that he
Insisted on seeing hln prlzo nt onco.
The Maori told him the liorao was lu
the adjoining paddock, ami ilio winner
ael oul. only io return Immediately,
Willi lhe hows lhat lite horse wua
Nu fe'ir. 1111I1I 1 lm Maori, I seo lilm
TO gallop, gnllop round the paddoolti
lie only slee|.. Yuu go liuclt and
The othor sliiu.lt his head but went
Hnon ho wiih back wllh Uie samo
tale.     Ho dead   nil   right,      lie
I Itlolt him" ho no net up,
.    Ills male opened his oyos very wldo
I and suld, mo no down with you.
. Su off they both Mint, and needless
to say, on)}- In llml the horso dead.
!    Ity Oorry!  he (lead nil rln.it, said
: tho .Maori, somtohlng his head.     I
\ tell you what, mate, I giro you your
! "■" back.
Tlio   olher   gladly   nreepted   and
I everybody else thought it waa a very
fair way of doing business, and went
I away contented, while lhe .Maori pock-
cteil his $110 with ,*i serono smile.
- This story was told recently at ono
of tin, Service clubs. Ono or two
young suhSfivere dining logethor nt a
restaurant ono night, ami the conversation becamo 11 dlsousslon on lies nud
lying generally, nud finally thero was
, u warm debute as to who was tho big-
I Kcst liar known to theni.
All oldpgontloinan Killing at a table.
near wan unnblo to avoid overhearing
Hi" discussion, ami nfter u few mln.
tilt's he rose anil lain,, our tn tholr
I I lmvo just beard you decide, jron-
tloineu, hu anld gravely, that Lleuton-
[ ant Arthur Blank is the biggest liar
1 you have ever wet.     1 am his father.
1 After a few see.,nils' embarrassed
silence, om. of tho young ofllcers bosun to stammer apologies, but the old
j mau waved thom aside.
1 No, 110. he said don't apologise. It's
quite unnecessary, 1 was onlv goim;
to any that if you regard my son Arthur as lhe biggoet lini- you have met,
you cannot possibly have met my other
sou, Richard!
A Question of Time
Hollo, exclaimed an anxious guardian to hla niece, us he entered the
parlor and saw hcr on tho Bofn ln the
arms of a swain who hud Juat popped
lho quoBtlon and sealed It with a
kiss. What Is tho time of tho day
I ahould ray It was aliout half-past
twelvo, wns lho cool reply.
I seo ion nro almost one.
For Burns and Scolds.—llr. Thorn-
ub' Elootrlo Oil will lake the tiro out
of a burn or scald more rapidly than
any other preparation. it should ho
nt hand In every kitchen so that it
may Iio available nt nny timo. Thoro
Is no prop-ration, required, Just apply tlio oil to lhe burn or scald nnd
the pain wlll abate aad ln a short time
ooaso altogether,
Enthusiast ut musical recital -Wo
shall hoar morn of this young man.
Sufforor—Not to-night, I hope!
Send yourRaw
Sixty . bouiiind trnpperi now send ot
tbeir R*.w Fur*. Wby nut you? Wt
pay highest prices tad expreM charge*.
ctuu_e no eoamtwlon and aend main-*- time
day _oodi m reed?rd. I*ii..cms u( Sk>Hwt
Mid trapper*ench mm.  DwUrtlb ■
EsbU bouwT We are the !u_ttt la ear
1 in Canada.
BEE l__J_.,_**_«W-5
a book of 08 pace., mailed FREE.
Writs to _y to John HalUm, Man
Dipt u .TORONTO.lllFrootSt.I*.
Those Awful Boys
Tho residents of n, certain suburb
wero for ft lime governed by 11 passion fur giving sweet, poetical names
to their Pittites. Thero was ono
auch man win. built 11 handsome villa
calling It "Tl.c Nutshell." To tho
surprise of all, therefore, Ihe nnmo
was one day suddenly changed to Sylvan Nook, aad a flood ol Inquiries began to pour in.
Why have you given your home a
now lianic? a friend asked. Whal.
was the lnat'er with Tiie Nutshell.
I slckt aed cflt, said the owner, with
n sigh. Th ore isn't a boy within two
miles liorenbouls who hasn't stopped
and rung lho bell to usk If lhe colonel was In
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
A Knowing One
Miss Hondo Annosley In her now
book-, ".My Parisian Year," folia an
excellent story to Illustrate tho way
French restaurant keepers try to do
the travelling Englishman,
She once went to a very woll known
restaurant with nn Englishman wlio
had lived nearly nil his lite in Prance.
Ho wished to give a dinner lor eight,
lie studied the menu, decided on
what ho wanted, and then asked the
priee per head.
Forty-live francs, Monsieur, said the
mai ire d'hotcl.
Mlaa Annosloy's friend looked steadily at him and remarked: I am French,
Tho niaitre d'hotel pretended to
muke another addition, then said:
Well, Monsieur, wc will do it for forty
The olbcr replied calmly: I am still
Thirty five francs then, safd tho
jmiltrc d'holol. .
1 liavo not changed my nationality,
was the retort, nud Miss Annosley
says tlmt the price filially puid was
only twenty-two francs por head.
A Shooting Story
Tlio recent book published by the
Crown Prince of Gerniany.11 which he
describes bow ho shot his first tiger,
recalls n Btory told In Ceylon of how
ho shot his ilrst elephant.
The olllclal version of tlio Incident
is, of course, simply that ho wont
elephant hunting und shot an elephant.
Thu unofllchi! version ls much inoro
Just liefore tho Crown Prlnco went
out n-huutlng au elephant died, and
the authorities, thinking it a pity to
waste 0 whole perfectly good elephant
propped ii up whoro the Crown Prince
was sure to come across it, and—well,
thoro you are!
Ills Imperial Highness shut an cle*
Was completely Cured by Less Than
Three Boxes of
Women nro very often deceived and
mistaken ln regard lo kidney disease.
The pains Ir, tho back arc attributed
lo othor derangements, nnd kidney ills-
ease Is allowed to run on nnd on until beyond tlio reach ot medical
Thero Is .icedlOBS suffering, and
life Itself Is risked, because backache
la not recognized as tho most marked
symptom of kidney disease
Thoro ls 1.0 treatment which so
quickly relievos and cures kidney
pulns In Iho hack as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver I'lils. As proof of this
read Mrs. Patterson's letter:—
Mrs. Ilk-hard Patterson, Ualdimand,
Gaapo Co., Que,, wrltos: "1 will gladly say that ! was cured ot kidney
trouble by using Dr. Chase's Kidney*
Liver Pills. When I began using
this medlclno I was crippled with sore
back and did not know what was thc
troublo. In looking over Dr. Chnse'a
Almanac I saw llr. ('base's Kidney-
Liver Pills advertised and deelded to
try thom.
"I hud not used two boxes before
my back was all right, aad liefore I
hud oomple'od tho third box was on*
tirely cured. Thero lias been no return of tlio old kidney troublo, nnd
I therefore bellovo tbo euro to be permanent.
Ono pill n dose, 25c, a. box, nt all
dealers or I'dinnnson, Bales & Co,,
Limited, Toronto.
Mother (whose daughter is engaged
to a. young farmer)—Don't you lind
Hoi, rather rough?
Daughter (blushing)—Yes, ma. And
yet he says he ehaves ovory day.
Zam-Buk Is A Sure Cure
Mr. .Tti. Pavcy, of 788 EUIO© AT-
■ nue, WlnnljH'ti, Rfty.*j:--"A fow months
nince I wnn curort of a iiolsoncil ilnfjor
through lho timely us© ot ZimiHuk,
'7 cut a deep gush ncros.3 tho
..iw.-klo on ilio Unit .inner of my right
hand In opening a lobster can. 1
Buffered at the time with the BoreoeBS
and pain, but had no Idea it would bo-
oomu a serious wound. Jluwovor, In
about two (kya I was greatly alarmed;
an my whold hand and arm to tbo elbow becamo suddenly Inflamed, and
the finger wax muoh discolored- Bhow«
[ng sluna of blood-polBoning, Tho
pain was dreadful and l was forced to
leave off my worlt and no bomo.
"Tho wou.:d on tho knuckle .had
boon polHoru-d by dual and dirt (.ot-
ting Into It, ! tken.doajded to start
tbo Zam-Jiul. treatment, and hnvlng
first bathed :im cut, I applied Lho healing balm. It soothed tlu* pain al-
U10B. inslan'.;-, and by noxt dny then?
wna a Kroat improvement,
"In a woo..'t. lime, through pptho-
veranno with Uiitt wonderful preparation, a complete euro was brought
Zam-Buk tf* jusl an good fur co/.ema,
ulcers, Boalp sores, abscoBses, plloB,
ringworm, h.iK varicose ulcers, run-
nlng soros. cold soros, chapped hands,
etc. Tt draws all poisonous foulness
from a wound or poro nnd thon beuhi,
Uso It, too, for cuts, hums, bruises
and nil !'..!.■ .ujurlos. /.-im-Huk Soap
should ho us id In conjunction with tho
balm for w:ib1iIus Wounds nnd poro
places. Excellent, too, for baby's
All dru„i;',s!ts and stores Poll Zam-
Buk at. 50o box and Zam-Buk Soap at
2Bo. tablot. rpat freo upon receipt
of price from Zam-lluk Co,, Toronto,
kin bluod Mt'' !
] ollor and flro box,
lilted with Btoam
wlilatlo, Mifety vui-
VO  IHld  r*ill«l'!   W.r-.C
spirtt burner, PoJ.I
Islied Ituhs dt< j
ll.iS.*..   Almost -onu
flK't   lilRll.
Bond   ns  vour
roime  and   Bildr-jfl."
ill.-.    WO    Will    HClld
yuu "0 BOtS of
Clirlatinoa and othor postcards to sel!
nt id cents a net
(Klx Pfimtlfiil
rim.H In ench not).
When hoIiI i-fiid v.*
the nionoy, and wo
Will   Htlirl   J*«U   Un-
oaglno, ull cliarsos1
prepaid. Write today. AddroiiS
Dept.   137. Toronto.
Tlic caso wllli wliicli corns nml
warts oun bo removed by Ilollowny's
Corn Cure Ih Uh strongest recommendation,     It seldom fulls.
Uuby'B Own Tablets ore good
for all bnbicB. They nro good
for tlio newborn bubo or tlio
growing child—tlio babe who
suffers from constipation or tho
one whoso teething is dllllciilt
or who has indigestion, colic,
worni3 or any of tlio other babyhood ailments. Tho Tablets
banish ull theso troubles—Ihoy
ure porfectly safe; being guar-
nntecd by a government nnal-
yst to contain no opiates or
harmful drugs. Sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
conts a box from Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Drockrlllc,
lie (on Iils knees)—Darling, I love
you witli ul. my Heart, with all iny
■oul, and will, all tlio strength of my
She—Aro yen In earnest, Clarence?
llo (reproachfully)—In eurncBt? Do
ron think I nm bugging my trousers
In tills -my ro.' fun.
"Ally docs your son wish to cnler
the dlplomnliO service? Does he think
lie has a siiei'jii aptitude fur it?
Ves, hn has been u member of a
rliurcli choir fur Iwo years without
becoming Involved In uny of lis QUar-
Englishwomen who complain of domestic senont illtnenlties may be
thankful tliey ore not Dnlgai-iuus.
Only extreiuo. poiorty will drive n
alulgurlau Into domestic service. As
a rule, widows nro the only servants
to ho got, uui! they will ouly become
rooks or iioii'ieinuids if they mny bring
nil their family witli them.
'■A    *W
'0'.|.|'t|   ',   '   ■
Ho. ■ box er six boxes tor 12.60,
It ill deslsri, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
VV. N. U. 025
Three Fives are Fifteen
Speaking at St. George's Hospital
tho other (lay, Mr. II. II. (irintsdalo
told au uniusliift story of an old son
captain who wus called on to proscribe for one of his crew. Tho sick
man went over his symptoms as well
as lm could, and tlic captain looked
up tlio hook In his medicine chost to
see what should be _*en to relievo
tho symptoms so described. After
somo trouble bo deolded tlmt the man
ulinljil be given n dose from tho hot*
lie numbered 1,'. but. when hn looked
round for the bottlo hu found it
Well, what did you do llien'.' asiad
n frlond to whom he was afterw.u ';i
telling tbo lule.
Weil, llrBt of all, he replied, I gava
lilm half u dose out of bottlo No. M,
and when lliat didn't do him nny goo.1
I gave Iiim three doses out of bottlo
No. 0.   Ami then he died.
Sou, why don't you play circus? it's
great fun. First you mako a sawdust ring.
Whero'll I get any sawdust, dad?
Hero's tlio snw. Just saw somo of
that cordwood into stove lengths. You
cnn have all the snwdust you mnko.
By an Act slgnod hy twenty-four
Powers, the Permanent Court of Arbitration at tho Hagno was established
In 1899.
Solomon, you know, was considered
tho wisest, mar. on earth.
Yes. His wlvos probably kept him
Informed concerning all tbat was going on.
Hang! went the rifles at tlio manoeuvres.
Oo-oo, screamod tho pretty girl--n
nice, decorous, surprised llttlo scream.
Sho drew backward Into tlio surprised
arms of a y-jung mnn.
Oli! she aaid blushing. I wns
frightened by the rifles. I beg your
Not at nil, snld tho young man. Let
us go over and watch tlic artillery.
He'd Olvs up Trying
Llttlo Tommy Trlggs waB playing
very well indeed, and lt was only the
sheerest hard luck that had prevented
him scoring a goal ere this. Now,
however, lt seemed that his opportunity had come. Ho had tho ball well
In hand, nnd was just about to mako
the final shot which would have meant
victory to his side, when a well-known
voice ront tho evening nlr:
You, Tommy, It cried, drop that
nonsense and como indoors at once
or I'll leather you till you're as raw-
as beef!     D'y 'ear?
The young centre-forward kuew that
It wus worso than futile, not to say
impolite, to Ignore tho command, and
regretfully ho left tho Held.
It's no good chaps, bo said disgustedly. I shall uovcr be n a professional, not whilo I've got to mind our
bnby I
Oeafneef Cannot bo Cured
by local applications, aa tliey cannot
reach lho dl._»eil portion - of »tlio ear.
There la only one way to curo deafn.sn,
and that ta u. constitutional remedtss,
Doai'iu-iia la CtlUSod Ly an liiflnmcd condition of the ir.uoous lining of tbe Rue-
tu.-lilaii Tub.*. When thin tuba la Inflamed you hnvo a mini,Una sound or
Impfrfeoj heaitnr, and when ft la entirely rk.cd, De-.lti.--a ta tbo l-eault, and tin-
lesa tlio lntlit'nmntlon can be tnken out
and Hits tiil.o reatored to Its normal condition, hearing wlll lie destroyed for ever;
nlno caaeu out of ten nre caused by Catarrh, which la nothing but nn Inlt-iined
condition of *i-« ntucoiiB surfacas.
We will Kl'.- Ono Hundred Hollars fnr
any caso of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
Hull cannot 1.0 cured by Hull's Catai'ib
Curo       Send tor circular., freo.
P. ,,, ClfftNlay & CO., Toledo, O.
Bold l.v l'l'unKlat". lie.
Tulto flail's Family Pills for constipation.
Regarded as ono ot tlio most potent
compounds over Introduced with
which to combat all summer complaints and 'nnammntlon of tho bowels, Dr. 3. I) Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial has won for iiself n reputation that no other cordial fjr llie purpose cnn aspire to. For young or
old suffering from those complaints lt
is the bost citdiclne thnt can bo procured.
Over 90(1,000 people In Oreat Britain
are now lu receipt of old-age pensions.
Fraud is practised In many forms in
Franco, but ,t Is news that snails aro
receiving the attention of I lie tricks-
tore. It sc.-ms tlmt snail frauds have
become so serious that a society lias
I t.i sit
li *.e ol
the Syndicate ol tlio Preparers nnd
Dealers of Snails In France. As a
comestible the snail has an enormous
clientele. Snails ure sold by millions, Dut 'lu consumers are not
qulto certain ef tlio origin of thc
snails they cat. The fraud consists
of putting tho Bnalls called tlio Little
Greys Into 'he empty shells of Burgundy snnili; which nro of superior
Rpiirlis--! see Unit young Noodle
ami Miss &iuirp liavo mado a match
of It. llc'.-i got. no heud ot nil, but
phe'B a clever girl.
Orlgglo—Well, you can't expect a
match to have two bonds to lt.
Tlic teacher was speaking to tbe Juvenile c]nss .in the subject of morals.
Now, Huti'Jlslio said, what Is our
duty toward **% neighbors?
To keep nn ii jo on 'cm was th* reply.
What he Thought
At an hot>i In Monto Carlo nn long.
llsliwninan once gave SI. Massenet n
tea In her rittlng-room overlooking
tllO blue Mediterranean. She brought
out Iter dauiiliter iu lho middle of the
ten. uud set her down nt ilio piano,
and lho girl sang, In a voice ns Blonder ns a citton-thrcad, lhe Mirror
music from "Thais." At the end ot
the song the hostess snld: —
Tell mn frankly, Ohor maltre, wlmt
do you llilnli "f my Kmlly's voice?
Madame, said Mnssenot, I think tlic
young lady has a brilliant future In
—sculpture cr painting.       ,
„   r
Mrs. A—Well, If ll Isn't. Mra. B.I
Wbnt a slrnnccr you ere! Why, It's
qulto llvo year*, slnco I saw you.
Mrs. J],—Yon, Why haven't you
bcen to "ho mo?
Mrs. A.—Oh, dear, you know how
bad thc weather's been,
Tho Danish Postmaster-General lias
devised an Ingonlous method ol providing money for tlio cducution of the
blind. A copper coin, u luck-penny,
is to bo malo iu ilio Itoyal Mint, ami
ls to be sold to the parents of every
new-born child who has the gift ot
Bight by tho nurse attending tiie mother. Parents are to pny whatever sum
tliey think lit fur tlio luck penny,
which is worih only a halfpenny and
bears tlio device, "Tbo child seeing
the light for tlio ilrst time preseuts u
trlbuto to tho child who will never
see "
Often Maker the Statinchett Converts
Tho mnn who scoffs at an Idea or
doctrine wb'ch he dues uot fully understand has r.t Icust tho courage to
show whore bo stands.
The gospel of Health has many converts who formerly laughed ut tho
Idea lhat te*. and coffee, for example,
ever hurt gnvono, I'poii looking Into
tin* matter sorlously, often at thu suggest ion of a friend such porsons havo
found that Postum and a friend's advice havo ...eu tliolr Balvatlon.
"My slsler wa-i employed In nu eastern .-ity whero she bad to do calculating," writes a Western girl "She suffered with eadnclie until sho was almost unflttol"for duly.
"Her landlady pcrsuadcil hor lo quit
colfeo and uso Postum and In a few
days sho was entirely freo from
headache." (Tea ls Just ns Injurious
as coffee because lt contains caffolno,
the same drug found ln coffee), "Sho
told ber ompioyor aliout It, and on try-
In? It. he lltl.l llle same experience.
"My tnlli i and I havo both suffer
ed much fro'ii nervous hendttoho since
I can romombni' imt we scoffed at the
Idea ndvancnl hy my sister, Hint cof*
foO wus tlic cause of our trouble.
"However, we Anally quit coffee and
hegnii using Postum. Father litis had
hut ouo headache now lu four years,
duo lo n severe cold, and I imve lost,
my heiulacli'ii and sour slomnch
Which 1 inu now convinced camo from
"A cup of good, hot Pnstiiin Is satisfying to mu when I do not enro to
cat ii meal. Circumstances caiisod
mo to locate In a new country and 1
fenrcil I would not bo able to gol my
favorlto drink, Postum, hilt I was relieved lo llml that n full supply Ib Itopl
hero wllh a heavy demand for ll."
Name givon by Canadian Postum Co.,
Windsor, Oni.
Hoad "Th.- Head to Wellvlllc," In
pkgs.    "Tli..rc's a renson."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
Nonsense- Verse by Well-known Hsnda
It was characteristic of somo cf the
most brilliant wits ot tho past that In !
idle moments -often as on after-din.
nor diversion they wroto nonsense,
rhymes, whloA nitlmniely found lliclr
way into nursery books.
Thackeray, Theodore IIi«ok, and
Shirley Brooks, ot 'Punch' fame wero
responsible for many Jingles and with
a view to tracing tlio correct authorship of some of tho rhymes so often
quoted for tlio nmusemont of tho Juvenile mind, tlio London -Observer' has
lately opened its columns to correspondence on Hie subject.
It appears that lt was Shirley
Brooks who was responsible for the
following tiu-oo nonsense verBos, being le;! to write thorn by an agitation
carried on years ago against flogging
garieters, and indeod against punishment for nil children:
Hilly Doleya iio Jumped out of bed,
llo rushed at his sister nnd cut off hor
This caused his dear mollier a great
deal of pnln—
Let us hope lilllo Billy won't do It
Baby sat in Ilio window scat,
Mary puBbed hor into tlio street,
Bnby  (ell and  was  smashed  In  the
And mother, she Ik Id up lier linger at
Tommy got a inciter match,
And with It. set tire to ilio farmer's
Tho farmhouse down  to Hie ground
was lirought,
And the farmer snld,   "Tommy,   you
didn't ought,
The following Hues, whloh appeared
In 1851 lu a ihort-llvod periodical called Tiie Until,' edl I etl by Albert, Smith
and Jobn l.eecli, were on tlio same
theme:— «
Whore's your brother, Margaret, tell,
Mil, I've shoved her into Hie well.
Why, I hoped, you loved her dearly—
Vory cross oi you, Margaret, really.
Another version runs: -
Into the family drinking well,
Willie imsli-l iils Bister Nell,
She's ll"ro yet, because It kilt her,     ]
.Vow wo liavo to use n llltcr.
Wicked Willie seems to have been
lho Inspiration of qulto u number of
jingles. Hero is Hie story of a sad
Llttlo Willy, from llie mirror
Ono day H.-.kcd the mercury off,
Thinking, In his childish error,
lt would        - liis whooping cough,
At the fun. ral Willy's mother
Smartly said to Mrs. Brown
It wns a chilly day for Willy
When tbo mercury went down I
Oi otliers. thc nntborsfilp or wlileli
scorns wrapt in mystery, the following
aro perhaps tbo most  amusing:
Susan poisoned mother's tea;
Mother died In agony.
father came in und looked qulto vexed
Heally, ray  lear, said lie, whal next?
Willy, Willi a fearful CUI'Se,
Flung tbo coffee-pot at nurse
As it Btruck hor on tho nose.
Father     satd,     "How    straight
throws."        «■
Willy, In one of Ills best new sashes,
Foil In tho li.'o and was burnt to ashes,
Mother said, though tho weather's so
I haven't the hearl to polo- poor Willy.
It seems to bo an open question
Whether Longfellow or Mucaulny!
wroto the popular lines:
There wus a little giii.
And she had u little curl,
Bight In Hm middle of her forehead,
When she was good she was very, very
But whon she was bad she wss horrid.
"Longfellow, however seems  to ho
the generally accepted author.
Many yeara ago tho following appeared In a Varsity magazine, it being
there described as from nu old play I
Coughing In a shady grove,
Sat ray Juliana;
Lozenges 1 gave my love,
From thc hox the Imprudent maid
Three score of them did pick,
Then sighing tenderly, she said,
My Damon, t nm sick.
Cause and Effect
A gentleman living In Wales who
was spending a' month at Brighton,
went to Loudon for n fow days' vis-
It. Ho had his wife and daughter,
nnd plenty of money with him.
Tito daughter, after buying whatever she wanted, decided that sho
timet have a bulldog. The entire
family wont to help her to select tbo
dog but they could not ngrco In tliolr
choice, so ilu. gontlomnu bought threo
—Ilio selection of each.
llo had the threo llogs sent to
Brighton, then cliungcd bis plans after
going back there, and took his family home. A few days later lie received tlio lollowlng letter from tiie
stableman at Brighton:
Dear Sir.—Your throe bulldogs arrived ull right lost night on the same
train.    I looked thom up together last
night In a loose box.—Yours truly,
P.8.--W.? have only one loose hox. ;
p.PH.—You will have to buy some I
more dogs. ,
Pedestrian--What do you feed your
horse on?
Pedestrian—Shavings? And does
ho eat tlietu?
Cabby—Yos. Look nl lilm for a
hippy horso. 1 bought blm a pair
of green spectacles Ho. other day. and
blow mo If iio doesn't think he's i tit-
Ing lettuce!
Tlio Honorable Mrs. Robert Hamilton, in hor biography of her fui.ier,
tho late Lord   Wolverhampton,   suys
that In bis home his oidois wt-re always stem and poremntory; l-n* na
ono was moi. surnrisi il than bo ivns
when lliey woro obeyed.
One day lie detected one of ids
daughters making n statement In
which slio rather exaggerated tlic
You are one of ibe most Inaccurate
worn, ii iho Almighty i ror made, be
lold her.
Well, wns Hie cheerful reply, 1 am
glad lo be u masterpiece ir. some department of creation.
Tourist (I.i quest ol Information) ■
I bellovo you liavo been hero a long
Oldest Inhabitant See that thoro
Tourist (Interested)—Yos.
oldest Inhabitant -Well, Kir, lhat
there '111 was thore when 1 first come,
.Mr. Moth -Gome fly will: me, dearest. But I trust your father won't
catch us.
Miss .Moth- It's porfectly safe.
Father flew Into a lighted candle last
night and singed both his wings.
A b I Btory Is lull    • : I of Mr.
Jobn Burnt,
lie was walking in tbi Btroi - recently when u hawker recognixed
lilm, Touching hi- li:,'. ili,. mnn anl c
Tlio Itlglit [{onorahla Johu Burns, I
N'o, no, you arc mistaken, i -.1;. I
tlio ProBldenl <.f tbo Local '.- .'. :■::•
ment Board striding un liurrlodlj llo
Is n muoh better-looking mnn!
No r. act* tl mt I:".I IS ::," lhal:'*'
insurance staiuos luul been sold up :u
September 28111.
in future only your weeks ni   to bo
allowed for tb.. annual rollt <e Uritlsh
warships; since IDOfi six v -. li n ivo
boon nllow,..I, and before thai tho
period wa* i.vo months.
'I'he Bultan i r Turkey, Mohammed
V., born In 184-1, Buceecdod to tho
throne on Hm deposition nf Abdul
llaiuld in I'.'.J'.i; bo Is the thlrty-fltth
Sovereign of the Ottoman dyn   ly,
lie -Madam, you promised to obey
me.     Iio you do i]'.'
She—Sir, you promised me your
worldly goods.    Do I git 'em?
Rich in all the
elements that go to
make Oood flour
A71b.^trial sack
will make you a!
constant user of
More Bread and Better Breei
Should Have Good Light for Studyin ■
A poor light strains the eyes, and the injurious effects inr.y
last for life. An oil lamp is best. The light from thc Rayo
Lamp is soft and mellow. You can read or work under it
for hours without hurting your eyes.
Tb« RAYO i» com .met ml icientifically.   It U th.
beat lamp made- yet inaxpentiv* and economical.
The   _^__ >•       l_a_flD      m"<*e   °'   ■oiM   brase—nickel  plated.
art    Lighted without removi-ifj cliimney or
ehade.   Easy to clean and rewick.   Made in various
itytea and (or all purpoiei.
DtaUr* Evtrywhtrm
■cn ■■nil* im
>^^   •-■
Au ogg iiiid two hundred 'mrs nno.
mid hurled ovor Kliu-n iu rout- foot of
loam, wub lu'ivi'd rooontly to ilu* riilii-
one Gi'iu'i'ul ra..ii 'i'l.'ii Wol. »t ii linn-
■■not given In'hit honor ut i.uh Aiu't!-
lon, California, •
'i'lm -iimcuity of hitting uu goroplano
in foil night la Illustrated liy the hcr-
lltivo i.'iiult of lho tOHlH Just r-irrlml
out hy ft ehoro batlory ut Toulon. Tin*
turgot wai ft glider, lowed along at a
height of eight or iilno'liuiulrod yard!
hy a doitroyer travelling twenty-five
to thirty knot! Ml hour, Uio ranno holm; ubout llvo niili'fi.    Bhrapnol wns I
uiiod, fifty Bhotn bolng Iiml lu n guar-
tor of nn hour, hut the tnrw-t was not i
louehod,     Airmen nro thus oncourng*|
od lu tho lu 11. t that In timo of war j
tholr mnln dangor will oomo, not from
llm earth, but from their rivals In tho!
air. I
TU ABoeM*?ai\.,
What the A. B. Seaman Says:
•■■A sailor's lit* is bold and free, and life
Is one grand sweet song—as long as
there's lots of Empire Navy Plug
Chewing Tobacco." THE  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
Book News
SI.50 each
"V" vs. Eyes.   By the Author ot'"Quoed"
"Smoke Bellew,"   By Jai'k London.
$1.25 each
"The Mind the Paint Girl."   By Louis Tracy.
"Stella Maris"   By William Locke.
"Murder Limited"   By Kauser Gull.
"Bobbie, General Manager"
"Blue Anchor Inn"
75 cts. each
"The Dop Doctor"
"I'he Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
"lhe Wild Olive"
"Tin* Prodigal Judge"
"His Hour"
"The Garden of Allah"
"The Shuttle"
Company, Limited        ■
nawwiffiii' 'v - -      -'
V. B, Goodman, oi Tacoma, wus
reglstorod ut tho ('ranbrook Sun.liy
1'*. H. I'cul.oi ol Fort Steolo, drovi
over to Cranbrook  Monday on husl
Mr. null Mrs. M. \. Ili'iile return d
i'liursdiiy Irom a holiday tliu to tin-
$3,500.00 stock ot fancy rhino   nml
glassware to lie tnovod in thirty days
I ni. it. Manning,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. Btnplos i.1 Wy
clllle, wero rinn.ir, oa wsilors Wed
Mr. nnd Mrs. harry Barr J  Traos
reek,    wero    Oranbrook vlsilo.s on
' 'londny.
Mil  mid   Mis.   T.   'I'i   MoVlttle,   o
Foi'l   Steele,   were   t'liililirooll   Visitors
on Mondny 6
KILBY     Fit •.•.ins     PIOTURBS
Mr and Mrs. a, w Cameron, ol
'algary, were Cranbrook vi.Ito.'s on
Sunday lust.
Mi. an.l Mis. ii. w (lortlon, o
oronto, woro guests at tin' Cran
jl'.'ok  M"ii'l,,\
Mr. and Mrs II 1! MacKonJlo uio:
Mrs. |.'.j;e. ol Klmberloy were in lln
'Ity  Mondny
Want a Wedding Ring?
Iiiiii 11///////
You ran gel lhe best in welkin ami
worktnanship here for little money
ami any othei kind of Rings at a
i-onsideral.le reduction. We have
a large assortment of ?eiy fine
Jewelry and jneiious sIol.cs ami
will he glad to have you tall and
inspect them at youi leisure. I'lteie
will be nu pleasure to buy unless
(lu- goods tempi you to do so.
Jewelers & Opticians
Bargains,  the   Ilka   «>[   which   yottI l|U--
nevei  saw before, In oui  grocer}  de
'iirtttunt     Ira  R    Manning
~T.V   , For Sale Rents & Wants
Mr.     ..-i.i     \!:-      U    1:    Godkln
hi'!.'    "-ut-Sls    nt    itit'    I'l.ti:
I   I lesday
I.   ^-r.:^--^^- -s-~-_-~ *- Mi       M|.s       ff        U.,,   .,   . I      J ... . L
■IH I _ l'l I HnmiHIMHilHMiMlhHlH M-j    ..,*■. regtatertd  at   Hi.  nran
T "'   ■'-■lay
v. \ntki> spring Bear liMea by the
Cranbrook Taxldormlsl P. 0.
Box   512, Oranbrook. L9*6t,
with mn* nt o.ir tly net-. It will T
make him better tempered and a
better driver. We" have ttiaTn
from the plainest to thepretttest.
While yon an* about it why noi
treat bin to - new net of harness
too*.*' You will findotu_ attractive
in appearance, sxceUeni i n
quality and decidedly moderate
in price.
y ,. Mi MuUlh and Mra l-.t* ies o
di Li .>'i ."pent the drat ol the vteee.
«.tli  Mrs   sha k.. t. n
-    Mrs.   i .   H.  Burdj^K
Uarysvihe,    were    ai: .<.'..    th/vr;
iitora on Tneiday
Pave. Griffith ol Wild Horse Cress
■va*- in town Monday taking In th
. anket' Robhuon circus.
|.'OR   B M.K
ulso _ H«
good  us
J. Hurt
brook   Phone Ranch,
property In this vicinity li'>4 tiered
of land one mile trom the city ol
Matheson, Ontario. Apply A. O.
PIgott, P. O. Hox, 515, Cranhrook, B.  (". 22-5t
l'n HUNT -Four-roomed cottage on
Burwell Avenue. All modern conveniences.     Apply at this ofllce.
BORN- At the Cut age Hospital,
■ii Tuesday, June 10th, to Mr. nnd
Mr.. F. M. Christian,^ son. FOIL BALE—Lots   s, u, 10, of Hlock
W. M. PARK & CO.
Phone 109     Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Box 443
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barr. of Tracy
'reele, were in town Monday and in-
-Idently took En ih? h.tc .'ircus.
n parkview Addition* Oamrose
Alberta, cheap for cash. Tertim
if desired. John W. Montgomery, Royal Hotel, City.
■ 1.   W.   Junes  .>t-\i*luii    \ a-  r.£-    "' '
latered  at   the   Cranbrook   Hotel  on  *'"-'•  l;KV1°   l:""ms    lVl11'    Bl,M'd m
Chop Suey
Specially Prepared
Served Kvery Saturday Evening at
Wasa Hotel
Wasa. B. C.
The Rendezvous for Tourist Parties
[■♦11 11 III 11111111111111111111 llll I'II HIH M4
Local  News
Mr. and Mrs. 0. 0. Staples motote.
in from Wyclifle Friday.
Nothing adds .<» ibe appearance of    w. O. 9cott, of Vancouver) was a
a room like pictures, well and suit- , :DPi Cranbrook Friday,
uhly framed   Kilhy Frames Picture.**.. —
A.   I).  Cameron  of   Vancouver,  wa
in thi- citv this week,
Geo.   Goldsmith,    a    mining    man
from  Hossland  spent  several days in
, Cranbr. o'l   this  wee.-..
II. J, Riley of Yahk, proprietor ol
hi Yah< Hotel, was transacting his
business at Cranbrooi Thursday,
Mr.  and   Mrs.   I.   Taylor,  and  Mrs.
■I.   Mnc.N'eil,  of Lethbridge,  were registered at the Oranbrcot  Monday.
;    KILBY     FRAMBS     P.rTURES
It. Biddle, A. B. Krazer, F. P.Hays
nd 0, Kin* of Victoria, were guests
tt the Cosmopolitan on  Wednesday.
| Mr. nnd Mrs. H. L. Sawyer, and
children, were in the City Moo lay,
| taking in the big Yankee Robinson
\ circus.
I    Mr. and Mrs.  Fred. Weils were at
!  li •  coast this    week on  n holiday
i trip,     They  will he away about an.
': month.
Bargains, the like of which you
never saw hd.'ore in nur crockery department.—Ira It. Manning.
I     The grounds of the public school ar
i>   being seeded i'omi to grh?s,  and Ir
1"   the near Iuture,  wtll present a inuc*
neater appearance.
Miss Edith  McBride -ulc.tiii.:d   p
number of friends at a garden pnrt
it   lie!   home  on  Garden  street   last
modern house, phone   374, coiner Kdward street , nd Ldimd.n Avenue.
FOR SALE -400 acres of goad land on
main line of C. P. R. at Mayooi,
half mile fronting on railway,
close to O; P. R. ready-made
farms, price $10.00 [ier acre. Payment spread over ten years See
Ileale & Klwell.
FOR SALE— Fourfroom house and lo
on Baker HiH, prettily located,
only $750.00. See Beale and El
WANTED—Fo: automobile   In urance
see Beale &   Kiwi!'.
TO RENT—Room to rent, trodern,
Armstrong Avenue, central, Phone
463. It.
FOR RENT—5-roomed Cottage by E.
U.   Shackleton. It.
J, k. Burns
.lens -I
W ce k
.1. w   Stewo
town Mond iy
was  in t iwn
N. Hanson left on Wednesday for I
business trip to Bpol-ane,
N. Hafhson returned Friday from   i
lUlflin-B.   trip   t..   Spokane.
nf Kimberley
Mr    and   Mrs
ored to BU o ■
A.   )i.   Bowness   nr
Second band Stun ;• Puller for *n*>-.
apply Box   905.
L. D Young, ol Nelson, was In the
City Friday.
Mrs, ■! Wolf, of Fort Steele, was
in town Monday.
Watch for th.- Rebekah Lawn Social
Tuesday, dun.' 24th Further an
r-ouncement later
A. McCarthy of Wilmer, was in th
city on Wednesday.
J, Balkwell pi Wycllflo, was in tie
city on Wednesday.
Mrs. a, li Powell will nol receive
again this leason.
A. W. Barnum, of London, Ont,,
was In town Thursday.
Mrs. a ll Webb wl l nol receive
again tin:  rods n
Joseph liy.m was at Klko this weok
on mining business.
Al.  Boyle, of Fori   Steele,   .vm. In
town   Mondny  on   buslni S
n eotnj'l -te stock of fresh trulls ant
fegetables.   Irn n   Munnlng
Mrs. C. Hood, i\rmstio,]g Wc, will
not renclve on Thui n'l iv. 10th, Inst.,
nor iiimh. this uetiuou
Mrs    Dtlse  of  Fort   Bteele,  *,**
Cranbrook visitor Monday
0, w.  I'onah"   nf War u-r. was i
town Tuesday on business.
.1    W.  Bennett  and J, Welch ol Pal
a i* were in town on Tuesday.
G. R. Leask left on Wednesday fo
;i business trip to Spol a*ie.
$9,500.00 stock  of fancy ih.nn   an
glassware to be moved in thirty day.
[rn it   Manning.
Cheapest »nii  best groceries.    Tins.    Crnnhrook Trading Co
G. Lister of J affray, was a guei
at tbe Cosmopolitan Tuesday.
Mrs, C.  W. McLean w.ll not rocelv
this month or again this seas. n.
Mrs. H. Dwyer, ol Bull River was
a Cranhrook Vlsltoi  on Friday.
KitiL'  0(0 go  loit  o.er  $100,000  in
the   recent    slump    of C.P.R.  s'.Olk,
Last    week   that   sto.-k   d clncd    14
i points,
A Changs ha.- been made in the dati
of the commission of agriculture
■Aliieh "ill now meet m Crtn*rook o.i
Tuly   1st.
Two vacant lots on Watt Avenue
*ith iiii!*1 odt buildings! Polce$450.
4ee Beale & Klwell.
0. D. McNabb. ol Waldo, was i»
town   Friday,      Mr,     McNabb   is   o |
'. the most prominent lumbermen ii
■"ant Ki otenay,
0, g.  Jnwell ol  Jaflray, prasldent
tl the Jewell Lumber Co., was in tb
'ity   Thursday   trsnsictn<   business
■it the Government oltlce.
Btitish Columbia Timber Holders
Fernle is mnklng the neoeBSnrj pr*
paratlcns tor cvlcl rutin; Uoinlnton
liny, with a programme ol sports
that will excel! nil previous celohra
tl. in.
The iliincc at th,* Auditorium on
WeilnoRilny night wns n complete bii:
cms, It being woll tittoniled i n;
tho;,* prosinl cnloyed n very go.nl
anil TOBA0008
(lira, Kiln Roolir, ol Rltavlllo,
Wnalllngton, wns llie gllOBt ol her sun
Mr. .1. ll. Thompson this week. Mrs.
Iloehr wtll spenil the summer in
N. Hanson, proprietor ill the Han-
son Qni'Ago, soli! two Kurd \utomo-
Itll.'s .mi Tut'titluy,  one to (1.   lOrlch
sun and the other to .1.   W.  Young
I Port Btooio,
In urtli'i- to tnke care ol the In
leaning grocery hnsinesii 1 tind It
wlll he necessary tu rluse out the
oiling mul glassware stuck. Kvery
thin* must go regardless ul price.—
Ira  ll.  Mainline,.
TllO Hanson Uriel yard conimeaciil
operation, mt Monilay. nml is mm
turning um about iti.uini in-iciis dull
this numbor win be Increased in a
very shol t time.
I*'. .1. Smith, turmer editor ol the
Moyle Leader, was In town Monday.
Mr. Smith is ilow engaged in mining,
bavlng taken n position with the Su-
Oloty lllll Mining Oo.
it Is possible tlmt Oranbroolt wll
have Lacrosse as well ns Blue Ball
teams this summer, arrangements
ai»- being made to Beeure grounds to
the enst t'.' the city,
Examinations at the public schoo*
will commence next Monday.    In ih
senior grade  there will he ft'rout   20
pupils that will try the entrance exams, lor the high school.
Mr. and Mrs. P. U. Wilson entertained a large number of guests at a
(awn social ou Tuesday evening. Tb
Cranbrook orchestra furnished the
music. It wan a pleasant evening
well spent.
P. Mathereon, J. McDonald, O.
Crawford, nnd H. WilBOn, motored
to Elko on WedniEday, they rero-t
the road In fine condition for motoring, and were much pleased with ihu
short outing.     	
Friends ol Dan. Munroe, who was
sent to the Westminster informarj
some time ago, will be pleased
learn that he has recovered and is
now working for friends in Vancouver,
In order to take care of thc increasing grocery business I find lt
will be necessary to close out the
china and glassware stock. Everything must go regardless of price.—
Ira R. Manning^	
British Columbia wlll receive from
the Dominion Government }27,OOO.0U
aa a grant for agricultural purposes.
Thc Provincial Government will receive one half the amount as scon
as thc necessary agreement la signed-
A regulnr monthly assembly of the
Rocky Mountain Thapter, R.A.M.,
was held in the Chapter room of the
Masonic Temple on Tuesday. There
wsb a fairly good attendance, a num
ber ot visiting companions being In
That the 1913 mill rate lor Calgary
will total the sum of 20 mills on tbe
dollar iB the disquieting reiort th it-
is freely circulated at present arouud
the city. What would they say ii
they had   33 m lis?
^MtlHIII I III l'l I ****** I llll I III 11 llll Ml 11 +
Are You Going
For a Trip?
ii   Buy your Trunks, Suitcases,   !:
A wealthy eastern corporation is in the market for several well located bodies of timber
in southeastern B. C. MUST
HE NEAR railway transportation, «,,ioil logging chance and
lire risk.
Send full information of your
offering giving quantities, da*
tailed estimates, stumpage prices
and maps to Hox 320. 214t
At Cost
: Cranbrook Trading Co ;;
i ■
The Pontages are   Iio uke, i   at the
\udltorlum tor Thursday, -lube 2C.
Look lor their advertisement in th-
next it him* ol tho Prospector,
Four  r uii  dwelling,    2H.X24,    one
.ml one-ball Btories bieli on lot o.i
Kherts Avenue, boautifu] location,
Price   I7f.ii.nii.   This is u bargain,
l-'i-iini' .ii proBont i> .lul nil un
ii . to tho high wntor, n lorgo mini-
her ..I flshermen woi- it thi, week,
returning win, vory smnll Ijhh',. i-..
Majoi  Kenya was tlio guosi ol Mr.
um]   Mis.   E,   Elwoll   Ill's  woo' .    The
'Major" is mi ins wny iiunii' tu lilng.
lund Irom Imiiii.
H,  K.  Mldd'eton, <-( Vernon,   wn
registered .al   the   Crnnbrook  Thuri
The Beottlll •iiibcrH ul Ihi British House i.r c.imiiii.mn mi' in earnest i.n ilng lor I lunn- Rule lur Scot-
Mr. nnd Mrs. II   IC. Hums, „! Cat  .Innd,  A  the  Hi  Utile I*. givon to
I'ary, were Ornnbrook   visitors Kit ' Ireland.
Mr. and Mrs, I'onrnd Johnion, o'
Waaa, were Oranbrook visitors Tburs*
The Knotenny river ul Uonnors l*'er-
ly has reached tho high si innr* it
hns nttii'neil ,ur nine yonre, In In; 31
feet itl o ■'• low wulei
Big Surprize to
Many in Cranbrook
I,...*al people nre surprized nt the
(JIIIOK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
mixed in Adler-l-k,i, the German remedy which became famous by curing
npiiendicitis. Benttle-Murpby Co.,
states thut this simple remedy nnti-
septicV.es the digestive system nnd
draws ofl the Impurities so thoroughly that A SINOIat. DOSE relieves
sour stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. IM*
Mrs. Oharles P, ri'ii'tionnld will
not receive next Friday, nor again
this season.
Itov. 13. Collllt, ol Modesto, Ottl.,
who has boon visitin: nt Jno Bennett's for the i-nst lew weeks, returned t" his h.iini* In I'lilifomln ,ust
The noxious weed law Is in lorce,
und It Is up to owners, leased morV
gngoe nr occupants to see thnt n'l
iMixi.ius wci-iis i u ihelr premises are
cut, in- lhis will lie dune hy the i.ov-
ernmeiil nt  their eipenSC
K. (I. Hu 'ey ut Pethbrlilge, »m In
the city Wi-illli-Hliiy. Kl-nn'i Is oli' of
the best known Onglh ers on thi
(lio,v, ind for ii'imy years resided nl
211 per cent illiicuiinl in nil s'.nple
> Imiiii nnd US pel cent On Ml fancy
goods; con I lernlily lesi tlmii cost,—
Ira It   Manning.
Mr. Alex Henderson and wife loft
on Tuesday for Port Wi.l'um, where
they will reside in the future, Mr.
Henderson having received a permanent situation in that city.
Wc bave 2 or 3 carloads ol timo
thy for sale at a good price. Cran
brook Trading Co.
A bush Are west ol town attracted
the attention of a large number of
pub citizens on Thursday afternoon.
The Fire Warden was soon at the
scene, and atter two hours of bard
work, bad the fire uoder control,
N. Hanson hus purchased another
enrlond ol Ford Automobiles, which
nre expected to arrive In Ornnbinik
in nbout three weeks. He has iiIbo
ordered a White 12 passrn cr car,
with ii trnnsferable body, which can
be used lor carrying freight.
On Wednesday ot this week the Stevens Arms trophy was pulled ofl with
the lollowlng result: Mra. lireen IS;
Dr. Green, 19; 0. Staples, 20; '.;.
Staples, 15; A. A. Ward, 14, nn I J.
W. Nlchol,   2...
J. J. Young, of Cnlgury, former ed-
itor nnd publisher of the Calgnry
Herald, was in the city Saturday
last. Mr, Young was accompanic,
by Mrs. Yo n;, nnd were returning
from nn extensive holiday trip to
The management nl the Audit irlum
hnve mnde arrangements for playing
two vaudeville lo-npunies in every
week for tho future. Tbe compHnies
will be specially selected by the I'nn-
ndiun Theatrical Oo,, Limited, and
none hut tho best will be booked,
Mr. Athlete! Ho* Is your speed
coming ou? Are yoil fit 'or the long
Jump or the 100 yard, dash? Have
you made Inqlllrlos re the sporls to
he put ou In Cr nbrook at the Fair,
I o he held on September 18th nud
Will,    11 Hot, do It now.
The wnr i'o;s In the fnr east hive
ngiiin ho. n turned loose, Hen In uud
Bulgaria havo had a 111 ht rear the
town ol Mukres with u large loss a'.
lives to the Sorvlnns, wh.i now then
ten to bombard Vo'olan I! tho Hul
gin I m,» do not ovaeuate the town.
Watch for tho Rebekuh Lawn Social
Tuesday, June 24th. Further nn
nouncement later	
A bold ottempt was made cn
Thursday night to brea: ino the
wholesale liquor store ol A. O. Bow-
nesB. Two windows were bro -en ir
the attempt, nnd a caae of liquor
proved too large to pass through th!
bars placed across tbe inside cf th
The visit of the Yankee Hoinso
Cli-cua to the City last Monday, wa'
tnloyed by a large number ol the cl
tizens. quite a large number o'
outsiders come in tbe City to pay it
a visit and incidently doing a con
slderable amount of shopping at the
local stores.
The Manual Training School will be
open on Thursday snd Friday even
ings, June 19th and 20th respective
ly, at 7.30 p.m. Pupils all be at
work and finished articles, etc.. wil
bc exhibited on the walls. Parcnte
and taxpayers ore specially invlt?d to
„ per cent discount on all stayl
China and 25 per cent on all li n-
goods; considerably less than (o.t.-
rra It. Manning.
The remains of Basil Thurroit, wh
disappeared nbout six weckB afo we
bis old circle of friends and li.i/en
Lumber company on Monday. Th
deceased was employed at the mil
and ln some un'nown manner h f
fallen In'o the pond. The tun r 1
took placo on Thursday under the di
•action of Undertaker F. M. MacPhc
It is reported that R. E. Bea'tl
hus disposed of his buslmas at Ca
gary and will engage In busiii ss i
Cranbrook again. Mr. Ileuttic w: s
ut ono time one of Cranbrook's nios
foremost business men, bring closol
Interested in the firm of Bru Uj-Mii
phy Co.'s Drug St ire. There is no
a shadow of doubt hut whnt Mr. lt
B. Bent'.ie will lie welcomed again ir
his old circle ol fii-nds nnd citizen-
Watch for the llehekal*. [.awn Social
TueBday, June 24th. Further nn
nouncement later.
The team helongln; to the Hillside
Dairy bad been stood outiide ol thc
1 o..t office waiting while its owner, J,
A. Pr'ngle went In for his mall, when
something startled Hum and they
ran in the direction ol thi Bank ot
Commerce corner, colliding with the
telegraph pole. The milk wagon wns
considerable damaged and the horses,
when stopred, wero shaking with
Word was received on Friday evening, saying that the Caanbrook dele
gntion to thc Rebeknh assembly nt
Nnninmo, hai a very narrow escape
on Sunday lust, when the hotol ut
which they wore stopping caught fire,
It wns about one o'clock at nigh ,
when thc gong sounded tho alarm,
The iltunes lind ga'nod c, nsidcrahle
headway, and there was n big rush
to escnpe from the burning building.
Some of tho delegates loft the build
ing th'ir night robes, some barefooted, but fortunately ull got out
without Injury. A port'oi of th
building wna gutted, nnd It toot tlio
fire department seviral hours to ex*
extinguish tho Humes.
An alarm wns sent tn   from   the
■  HUNDRED years
I ago and   more,   men
II wrung their hands and
|| walked the floor, and
worried over this or
that, and thought their
cares would squash them
flat. Where are those
worried beings now? The
bearded goat and festive
cow eat grass above their
mouldered bones, and jay
birds call, in strident tones.
And where the ills they
worried o'er? Forgotten
all, for ever more. Gone
all the sorrows and the
woe, that lived a hundred
years ago! The grief that
makes you scream to-day,
like other griefs will pais
away; and when you've
cashed your little string,
and jay birds o'er your
bosom sing, the stranger,
pausing there to view the
marble works that cover
you, will think upon the
uselessness of human worry and distress. So let the
worry business slide; live
while you live, and when
you've died the folks will
sav, around your bier: "He
made a hit while he was
.—Walt Mason
F. Parks 6? Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,     •     B. C
Power House on Tuesday aftcrnjon,
calling the Fire Brlga le to a tire lu
a shack just west of the town limits.
The shack waB occupied by a man
named Whitney. Tho origin uf tne
fire is unknown. Whitney says "he
rotmncd ho ne and laid down anl
went straight ofl to sleep, afterwords
ho was awakened by tho heat nnd
the smoke; tho bed was on Are but
he succeeded In escaping with hla
hnlr being singed and a few burns.
Tho aback was destroyed, Whlniy
losing some 130.00 wh ch was ln a
valise, Tho Fire Brigade made n ran
in qulc'i time, laying o'er 500 lot of
hoso. A neighboring ib ,ck was savi
od by thi brtged..
W,   W.   KILBY
P.O, Bot IH Orattbrotk, B.O.


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