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The Prospector Aug 16, 1913

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 Provincial  MfWatlti Aeoembl*
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Lenses and
Giiarsntie ,You a. Fit
The   Leading Newspaper
in the!.
Kootenayt ,
_   The
$2.00 Per Year
Will Not Exhibit
(ireat Britian Not to Take Part Officially at Panama Exhibition
The Russian Government decided
Augi-st iHt not ta participate ofllci-
ally at the Sun Francisco Kxhihit-
The Montreal Gazette gives cred*
en e to the report that Great Brit-
inn will rofliso to participate in the
Panama exposition nt San Francisco. In an editorial on August lnt,
the Gnzitte says in part:
"The British Government huu de-
ciileilthat it will not ollicijill" take
part in the rnnama export tion at
.-.nn Kianeiaco In 1916.
"Germany, it is reported, has come
to n like ilecinioii, nntl it is expected
other eoiintricH of Europe aa well as
.)a!'nn will ulso nbatnin tram giving
the ga-herin* their eount.nance. .Japan's feelings have lain hurt hv the
actions dl the California legislature
in its (liserimination against. Asiatics In the mutter of land holding. 1 ertna would
Great   Brit iim   is  moved   presumably [ tracti** c.mul
thc returns they give is hardly equal
to the cost of the participants Tliu
situation will cause a revival of the
discilBsioii iu the United Btatcs -i- tu
the w stltuii of the course vnktn hy
Congress ou the matter of ('anal
"While   the   tinted   States," cou-
cludes Lhe Gazette, "is in A position
Balance of Trade
An Illuminating Article on  Trade  Relations   and
Finances of Canada
For over a decade past Canadian
imports havi; IncreasinKly exceeded
Cnn.tdian exports, until for the
twelve months ended  April  80, 1913,
hy the fact that th
United    States refuses to uccent the
London  view  In  tlu-  matter oi  tolls
on shins that will  pass through th.
Panama Canal.
"Tho    other countries have no direct     grievances,    thoiieh    thev    may
hnve n rteu.ir.1 to see that there is no
di**criminnt'on,   actual   or   presumed,! Hoard    of   Trade,
hotwurn their own nnd United States I .mires have shown
to do as its congress and Rovern-|the returns stand as follows
nit'llL may will, it is poSHihle that in
interest of the good will there will
he a reference of the points in dispute to the Hague, whose tribunal
decisions would let everybody down
easily." |
Meanwhile the situation Is threut-
inlng ior the San Francisco Inhibition. The continent of America can
in ovule I otli an attractive display
Ol artistic and industrial work and an e
a great "Crowd to view it. The j;ath-
be fuller and more at-
ths   crowds' larger und
$3 86,7 61) ,988
vessrls. It is lu.ssible also that all
may have a feelln.-: thnt. worM exhibit!.
Congress of the' more varied, however, if all the con
tin ent 8 scut their best exhibits. The
loss will he Snu Francisco's.
"The reason why Great llritian is
holding aloof from the Panama Pacific exhibition, which is to be held
in Sun Francisco |a 1916, is, accord-
in^ to the odieifti.s of the Hrirish
hccnuse their in
it to be impost
nle   to    induce » siifilcient number of
manufacturers to incur the necessary
have had their day nnd that cost of preparing cxhih ts.
UBfltll Of AUtlrCW L83SK gage credit or on short term person-
  al   credit   at the  hunts, seldom Ies.*,
It Ib our aud duty tn chronicle tbe  than    eight   per cent., and often ap-
dtath of Mr. Andrew i.eask who died preciably  more.
Saturday lust, at ti p.m., at the res-,   "it waa the commission's object to
idtnee    ol  his son, hv,  John Leusi.. f\nd 0ut whether there is any chance
'Hid   deceased    was 80 >e.us of age of  agriculture   in   ths countr" com-
and   had   bean   H   resiaent of Cran-  ng to occupy the same relative posi-
brook    since    IBD., and had beta de-   tion with regard to borrowing as it
chning amce the death ol his wife ou j ccupies   in    lOurope.     Thia position
--1'1" ""'" '" the    merits   of    its security -•*.. the
nature of its business fully warrants.
death ol his wife ou j
April 19th 1912, since which tine he
had heen a resident at the home of
Captain Andrew Leaak was boitt ..Wfi -earnert that the results in
Laptian Andrew Leas; was born Europe have been achieved almost en-
n ar Lerwick, bbetlend Isles. Scot- tirely through co-operation among
li'iil. in thc ytar 1827, nnd mn.ed agricultural borrowers. Tn some
wuh'his father and family to South ■ countries, governments had granted
Shields, Durham, Kngland, ft lew!assistance; in others agriculture had
years later. he rocrived his com- obtained its position without govern,
mission as Captain n 1869 anil iol- )Iient -_i_ put whether direct assis-
lowed the sen until 187H, when he re- tance had been given or not in all
tU\d. He was married August 28- itte European coiintries we visited,
l_M and ■ with his wife und family we i0ltU(i ti,(lt agi*icultur« is careful-
Balled for Canada In .Ume, 18S2 and -._ foBtered by. the government and
settled on » Harm near Blind Uiver, tj.fll it i(t ^eemet| 0* paramount im-
Algoma, and from there he moved to tfln,e
Uovercourt, Ontario, thence to ti"1-*-"1   "Agriculture is still far and a«ny
important branch of pro
Europe even yet."—The
burg, thence to Core Hay, Manltou- the   mQBt
Iin   Island,   and   thinoe,   in 1898, to i -juct(0n    in
Cranbrook. ,.   . .Canadian."
The deceased was the eldest of MS 	
family.    A sister, Mrs. G. T.  Scott, i
Ts.okane, died in that city a few pa$t     Ball
weeks   a**o   at   the nge ot 72 yeara. 	
^rS' .tte% atTU: ,    Baseball funs in Cranhrook had a
and the r father was 83 years of aee most enjoyable visit (rom , team of
when   he  died    All the sisters lived hall players from Nelson.   Tbe party
♦     ™«?v arrived on Friday afternoon in time
P¥iv.i   sens   were   horn to their un- to play a ganie during the evening,
inn    ont   the- are   all   residents   of An   avalanche   of   hits in the laat
Craniiook.   Mr. John Leask and Mr. halt    of   the   sixth inning combined
Thomas   Lena'*;   are engaged   in the with   a   little   loose   playing on the
InnTerUig  business  at-  Mayook.   Mr. part   of   Nelson,    gave     Cranbrook
lames   Leask   is   in   the mercantile enough   runs   to   win the ftrat game
business and Andrew Leaak Is a resl- for the championship of the Kooten-
dent   of   Slater.llle, and Mr. George aya.     Thc score waB 4 to 3 in favor
H   1 eas't is fl contractor and ,i mem- of the home team.
i-.Pi*     nf    thc   Cranbrook   Municipal The   game   was   exciting -t times
CoU eil                        ' anrt  was  a  ROml exn-1,ition ot  haee-
In the early days of Cranhrook, Mr ball                             ,'...*«      . _-.
I cask    was   a famil uv figure in the The  game  was called at  the close
citv      A   t/plcnl   English   seaman, of the seventh inning on account of
witli   many  strange tales of  foreign darkness.
seas.    He  was respected  by  nil who    The   following   is   the score by inln iw h>in and his wIT.,  Mrs.  Leask, n.'ngs.
one of  the first  women  to reside in Innings               1 2 3 4 5 b i 8 9
Cranbrook. Oranbrook   01000.1xxx*-4
The   I'uneral  services  were  conduct- Nel-on  I 00u20nxx —3
cd from the Baptist church nt 3 p.m. Batteries:    Craubrook,    Calvin and
on Tuesday, KW. O. K, Kendall of- Wtaalen;  Nelson, Chapman nnd Haw*
flcia'lng, and the remains laid away, ley.
jn the cemetery followed l»y the sor- Umpire, P. Devan.
rowing -families of tho bereaved sous!    Struek-out: by Gflllvtn 12; by Chap-
aud    a   large   number   of   intimate man 3.
Imports, not including
Coin and bulllun
Exports, not including
coin and bullion
Leaving and adverse
balance of $287,139,910
At the same time during this period   of   expanding   imports   the bai-
of   exchange    in gold has not
railway systems, canals, harbours, I terpi Iscs has naturally been very
city improvements, etc. In many masked. liurinK the pn*<t decade a
cases ulso the product must repre-I very large number of native I'anud-
sent educational and social services, inis, us well us Immigrants, have
which however benctlcintl to the pub- been couccnerated in the rapidly
lie or ultimately contributory to the' growing towns and cities, employed
1672,880,978 general progress ot the country, will chiefly, either directly or indirectly,
I not Tor some time Ht least affect the in the simple construction of the
production of articles for export or j cities, or in supplying those engaged
materially diminish imports. ! in this construction.
Looking at some of our recent 'n j The rapid expansion of so many
vestments of borrowed capital a lit-i civic centres has naturally led to a
tlj more closely, we tind that.in
Consequence   of   the disproportionate
been against Canada, but on the investment of capital in permanent
whole in hcr favor. What then is but for the time being unproductive
the explanation of what appears to enterprises of great cost, such a»
he at tirst sight an anomalous con- new railway lines, thousands dl lm*
dltlon of international trade'.' migrants ami native Canadians, with
The explanation is simple, though.an the merchants, manufacturers and
the secondary consequences may be ili dale-men more or leas dependant
somewhat complex nr>:l remote. The upon them, .have been employed in
great   proportionate excess of ('ana- building    and   equipping    these   rall-
dian    imports   over   exports   has at
once    resulted from, aad is ollset by
the borrowings oi outside capital by
Canadian   governments,   corporations  for    the
and   individuals   and    by   the direct  equipment
wny   systems.     In   their various capacities these people require at once
for    their   means   of sustenance, anil
lateriald,  instruments  ami
for   their   work,   a  vast
great increase in the values of real
estate. Those legitimate increase
hnve greatly expanded by speculative dealcis iu prospective values.
The profits made In land speculation,
construction contracts, and in whole
sale aud retnil trade, have encouraged a spirit of extravagance which
has bc.n responsible for the importation of ii,any expensive articles of
uxury, nnd which has naturally aid
ed in developing an adverse balance
[ trade. All these conditions have
given a trend to the investment o!
domestic us well as foreign capital
11   thc disadvantage of agricultural
mount of domesth
investment   of   outside capitalists iu
Canadian seal estate, mines, lumber, I   av    0f    f00d, housing, clothing und
and    various   enterprises, o'lh,- chiel  general  supplies.    Similarly  they  re*
channels through  which these invest-   quire   great   quantities    nnd   a Wide
meats altect the imports and export* range  ol   imported goods.    Now  the
of   the   country may be summarised  amount    of    domestic  products  pur*
aa follows.    The largeBt  investments chased by theae people, who are sup-
of    borrowed    capital     representing ported   by   borrowed   capital,   dimin-
hundreda of millions, huve been made Ishes    the   amount   of   such articles
hy  the  various  public  authorities,— normally  mailable for export,  while
the Dominion and Provincial Govern-   the amount of foreign supplies furn-
men'aS and the Municipal Corporation  Ishsd    to   them greatly increases the
The  three  great  railway  systems  of  imports    from    abroad.      Thus    the
Can da   also   account   for scores of same   conditions  curtail the exports
miilons, while many other corpora*  on one hand   and   Increase   the   im-
tions    of   a   semi-public    or   purely  ports  on   the  other.    Such  a  sltua-
commercial   nature,   real estate and \ian is made possible only where sup-
other   investments   aggregate » vast   orted by borrowed capital.
total.      It ts not uecesRary  for  m-r     Again,   one   iii....   that   scores   of
present purpose to consiaer what ex-   "ew  towns and  villages bave sprung' been steadily widening and  wll content   lhe   investment.-   made   by   lb «■_•   up    throughout    western    Canada    in  tinue to do  so until  the consti i 'tion
various   bodies   have ben necessary, the past iitti-m years, and •.  number | of    railways and other  public works
or unnecessary, or  whether they arc of    comparatively    small towns have J an 1    the   bu.tdlng   of   cities fall off.
Iltrelv to prove profitable or unproflt- in this time grown into cities, while .Then will result the inevitable consj
some oi the older cities, such aa quence thnt a larger proportion of
Montr, al, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamll- I eople,— employers and employed,*—
ton, Winnipeg and Vancouver, have
enormously expanded during the same
This civic expansion has ab"
manv millions of borrowed
capital, most of it expended in la-
hour, building materials, and tbe expensive equipments required for thc
construction and furnishing of modern cities. Upon these operations
aga n depinl manv professional men,
products In the au,j productive industries, whose pro
| ducts except in tbe building trades,
I have not Kept pace With the construe
I ti n of public works, the growth of
cities and tbe expansion of'i.ori-mer
cities a»d financial investments. The
very natural but nevertheless abnormal advancement of the country has
not hitherto resulted in nnv Inconvenience, because its lack of balance
has been entirely met by the con-;
slant stream of foreign capital borrowed on Canadian account, a con..
para tl vel y smaJI proportion of this
capital, however, has come to the
country in the shape of moneys; almost the whole of it has been taken
lu the shape of goods. Thus the .!»p
between    exports    and    imports   lies
Riot at Ladysmith
Strikers   Use
Dynamite   Mayor Calls  on  Government—Troops Sent
Victoria, Aug. 18—Ladysmith ts in
lhe bands of a moh ami Majoi tin
her of that city, where the miners
Uavp been on strike all suinmei lias
asked for militia to restore order.
"Conditions uie most deplorable,'
said Major Hi liter tonlghl The
town is controlled by the moh and it
Is  Impossible  Foi   the six  men   who
constltut r    police force to cope
with the situation, l have requuBtod
military assistance, as othorwlse no
one can t 11 what  ma) occur."
The mon patrolled up un I down the
streets nil thr afternoon attacking
m n union miners and smashing win
dows m their 1 ies.    Implosions of
torla  Wednesda
uud Ladysmith
The troops a
a maxim gun,
,   to   plate   Niiiiftim.i
under  martial  law.
e   taking   with  them
their arrival the;
Ml lately take cbarjt
of tb.
.l>n.unite placed near the Temperance'
hotel broke all the glass und >hol.k
oil most ol the plaster in the build
ing, hut no other damage wns done.
Aside from the damage to the hotel
no property lies been injured except
that belonging to non-union miners.
The death of Alexander McKinnon
who died today of injuries received
las. night when his home was dynamited, is the only fatality so far;
but it is feared that blood will be
shed in the streets if the mob is permitted to have its wa much longer.
We must have tbe militia if peace
s to he restored and maintained
A message to the provincial pol ce
niii Nan llmo says one man was
killed and three wi n> injured during
a riot at. the l-.xtension mine when
ho strike hrenkprs wore driven into I
the woi ds hv ■■ mob of strikers and
their sympathizers,
A  detachment   of 300  troops  from caped.
the -ith and Hfith regiments left Vie    on his
Ae  ti i Inlghl  the   mob   ■ barded
the oflices of the Nanaimo Herald
nnd were incltod to wrjck the office
No police were available und mom-
l,«is ,,f thr editorial stall armed them
-.elves With (hunks of lead. K. H
Shepherd, M.P,, attempted to addres
the miners and Been re ;, m hours ar-
mistice.. Mis reward was n piece
o|  rock   wh y.zed  past   bis  lead
Piftoen people mi all, including sev
trnl policemen, were injured. British
i 'olnmbla coal Mine own. rs charge
tho Btrike was engineered hy  the ow
ners   of   Wahhlngton   State   mines,   who
have hitherto been operating only a
boMl ball time, uui which are now
working fill siults, selling large
working hill shifts, selling large
quantities of coal in Victoria nnd
n bis
Alexunder McKinnon, who wfta
ed at l.iidysiiiitii Tuesday, who
home wns blown up by dynauul
a brother of Archie McKInno
Cranhrook.    When the stick dl
mite   was   thrown    Into the n i of
Mr. McKinnon's house, he seized the
stick, telling his family to run, and
i'\0\ to throw it [rom the window, it
exploded, MrKlnnon dying from in
juries   receive!    hut    the   family  es-
Mi. Archie McKinnon is now
ay to Ladysmith.
able. It is an essential fact that
the majority of the investments,
which have absorbed so many hundreds of millions of borrowed capital, have heen of such a nature that period.
whil_ the capital wBs expended with- sorbed
in a few years, many of the returns
from tbem, however beneficial iu
their effects, wXl not tike an eco
nomic form or Ugure in future exports, as in the case of hundreds of
expensive public buildings, cl\ic  ex
penditures of various kinds, churches merchants and middle men generally,
clubs, etc. In other caBea the re- and transportation equipment. The
turns cannot possibly he immediate effect of all this upon the distribu*
but must extend over many decades tion of population and the direction
or   even centuries, aa in the case of of domestic capital and business on
anist return t.. the production of articles for more immediate consumption and export. When this return
movement begins the gap between i
ports a-id imports will gradually
cloae. Finally, wh n the principal
and interest of the hundreds of mil- and    there    ai
lions   recently   borrowed come to he,"1*'•■■■''>'   P*-0*
her   hand,    Piance    h
Sky Fleet Wanted
Britannia musl not only be mis
tress ol the .sua, but monarch ol tlu.
air as well it we are tu maintain our
national supremacy. Such Is the
view taken by military experts, ami
at the present time they have cause
for inuih misgiving;  for while other
powers   have   perfected   and   developed
their   aerial   fleets to an extraordin
ary decree, particularly  during 1912,1
Oreat   Britlon   seems   to have stood I
Last year, for Instance, t he grant j
for expi ndlturo on military aircraft
for Great Britlon was onlv £322i-0U
as compared with tl,280,000 granted
by the French Government, in addition to which the public subscribed
£130,000, Again, upwards of £640,-
uoo was granted by Germany in 1912
for the development of hei aerial
licet, the public subscribing no l*-'ss
than Uuo.iiuu. The coosequense has
been that both these countries, as
well as Itussiii—details of whose ex-
1 enditure aio 'not available- have
hem able to developo their aerial
lleets to an astonishing extent, while I
we are lugging  heh ml.
For  instance,   at  the  present  time
llrilitn   has   only   forty live airships,
not tiftv experienced
available.     On   the
iut :.oft
the Russian
paid    exports    will    exceed   imports.        ., .   ,        ,    , ,._■-.
1 aeroplanes   and   ten   airsb
with as little disturbance to the ex   Qeem. ny   hllH   2."».t aeroplan*
changes aa we have found in the past]ble and twelve airships
Both sides of the movement have
been amply Illustrated in the trade
returns of the United Htntcs at var
ious periods during that century.
Council Meeting
Kor   Nelson
j each    Hpcuroil
Farmer's Get Rates
Stuifcron    anil   Pitt,
i   tlitvn-IWRKer   while
Hteele Ruciired a single.    There gave
Nelson her lliree runs.
For    Cranbrook   Kelly   .cured   n
threo-hnKKcr,  Wlul.in drew n double,
Calvin,   lli'ilik-iin.  Burr,  Whelan and
McNabb eacb got Hingles.
i ranbrook  bulled  Huwley  hurd  In
ibis   gains   ami won from Nelson 11
to 8.    (Ills lor I'Vtl'U buses by tlurr,
Hediguii,   Servla,   Kelly  and  Couch-
carry   more  weight man   sent   m   tha   majority  ol   the
Mr.   A. V. Mantle,| borne team.
Tbe visitors   bad   an   uphill   unlit
Though  tbi'   commission   on credit
has not yet lllu.le its luruml report,
the   various   members,   on their return   to this country, have given nu
occsiouul  inkling „( the Investigations   conducted   in the   did l,nnds,
nnd   no   words
than    those   ot
Deputy   Minister   ol   Agriculture lor ____________
Sas'tatcbewan, u mun who tills his! Iiom the commencement ot the game,
post In u wav ciilculuted to bring j The heavy batting d'. the localB in
him little criticism and much praise, the   last   half   o!   the eight was the
In an interview he un limited thati theclimal nnd there was nothing to
larmers obtain mono; mueh more lollow but the shouting.
ch'aPly throughout Bnropo thnn; The strong features ol the game
the./ do In I'niiadii, owing largely to ! was the stroll;; hitting of the s;iher
eo-oneratioii among themselves, in- by ths locals. Bervla hit u hunc
stead ol having to pay higher inter- ■ run in the eigiit, Kelly nnd Hedlgan
ent rates thnn business men and man eaoh a three bugger and Oouohman ,.
I'lncturcrs, they pny less. In fact two-base bit. llurr pitched nn ei-
KuniluMii agriculturists can borrow rellent game nnd placed nthrce-bag*
money aL within one-half per cent of ger and a two base hits to his credit
what*, their rovornments have to pny.I   Crnnbrook lias •. strong team, two
"The commission has spent three' icellint ulnli artlsta (Calvin and
months in Circnt Hritlnn nnd contin- Burr), while behind the plate, Whei-
ental Europe," snid Mr. Mantle, "In '"> and t'oiicbman are there witli the
'.'uropc If found tlint, agriculture o'- nods. Hy defeating Nelson, Cran.
tains what cie:lit it needs nt within   I rook In undisputed rliiimplnn ol the |Crr.t) iroo't Sush 4 Door t'o
A regular monthly meet-'ng of the
Municipal Council was held In the
Council I numbers on Mondny afternoon. Tbere were present, Mayor
Bowness and Aldermen Clapp. Leask,
Erickson,  Ward,  Carr nnd  Kennedy.
On motion nf Aldcrmiin Clapp anil
Ward records of the last meeting
were udopted as rend.
A communication from Or. Creen
as iug for a grnnt of (100. for the
Truni'iiille Siinitnrliiin, at Kamloops was read and on motion of
Aldermen Carr and Konn-dy, the
giani was made.
IheEnunce Committer then presented their nioiitUy report nnd on
nm' on ot Aliieiiuen clapp aud Kennedy tiie report wns accepted unit
thc accounts as presented t,y th
committee   were   ordered to be paid
Arnold & lioberls 	
Burroughs Adding Mch. Co
Beattie-Murphy Co.  Ltd.
city Engineer's Pay Boll
City  omclals  Pay   Boll   .
Cranbrook Foundry Oo. ...
Oranbrook Trading Co.,
Cranbrook Drug .*. Bonk c
t Itv Olirk'a Si nli ies  	
Crnnbrook Bloc. Lt. Ci
•lining; I 2 ,, 4 It I, 7 K tl
Nelson  0 00210(188-8
Crnnbrook  8 ll 1 J u n n 4 t    a
] The, butteries were; Nelson, Hnw-
| ley nnd Ourran nnd Potter; Crnn-
lirook, Burr nml Wbalrn; Potter relieving OUrrnn behind the bat in the
Contrast   ths   with   conditions   tn|    Htrike-oiits: Burr 10; linwley 7.
vcitern   Canada.    Hire   Covcrnmont     llnsc ou built: Burr 3: llawley 6,
get the lowest, rates of Interest  sav I   Or*-nhrook secured four ancles, oiir
4}   to   5 per rent; business mm uuil  two-bagger,  two tbrce-tmne hlta and
inru'ifaeturers    got   the   nn»l. lowest   one home.run,
rates—say   nroiiiid   r,   percent; while I   Nelson   rathered   in   eight   singles
agriculture pays for all the money it  and one two bugger.
a hall to i ne per e-nt. ot as low
ratal ns those nt which the eovern-
men' obtains their rcnulromrnti. A-
grinlllt.uro obtalna credit, moreover,
nt I'ully one per cent, rhenper on nn
avcrui'O thnn mnniifnctiircrs nnd oilier industries,
l„ It.
Llddicont & Waller
Certificate No. 1.
Liddicoat & Waller
Certificate No. 2.
Manning Irn It	
McBride, J. D	
Neptune Meter Co, ..
Police Pay lloll 	
Parrett, T. N	
Prospector Pub. Co.
Pnrks, F. & Co	
Rutledge. .1. W	
School Board Orders
Salmon, Mrs. A	
School lionr.t
Smith, 1.   M
jtice of the snme be published in the
1079.67   British Columbia Cnzette, the Crnn
I brook  Hei nlil and The Prospeelor.
On motion of Aldermen Erickson
und (lnpp, tbe Court of Revision
will c. nsist nt the Mayor, and Al
dermen l.eask, Carr, Ward and Kui-
On motion of Aldermen Clapp und
Ward, leave was granted to Intro
duce    by-law   No.   laf>,   being  cited  ns
2.0U tin-    (Bartendor'i
Licence    By-1
Suid    by-lnw   .was    then rend n
4H.dll und  sec,ml  time.    Tllfl  Council
Orders  2420.or, resolved   Into   a   committee   '.I
     31,00 whole   to   consider   by-law No,
with the Mayor in the chnlr.
on rising the Committee roported
tbat »ylaw No. 120 had been considered clause by clause. All
recommended it (or its third read .
Leave was granted to Intro !
duce said by-law No. 120 for its j
third reading. Suid liy law was
ihen read a third time.
(ii   motion ot Aliiei-iii,n Waul and
Clapp, thf regulations for opcratlngl
Moving  picture machines he refe.rcd j
Hying   machine   lleet helm* .>f     sun
ilial- slreii'lb to thut of C.-ruinuy.
Furthermore the aerial lleets ,»t
France and Qermany are wonderfully
orgun.ied und equipped; and while.
on the one hand, British army aero
Planes are not yet sufficiently provided wltb field tt-niisportK ami mix
illiarl-s, ita'i aeiiul lleets of Franc*
and Germany are complete with motor-vehicles nnd repair wagons, and
iu both c,.until s special railway w-a-
gons  have   heen   built  for  the   trnns-
Iport of aeroplanea in case of need.
I    It    is    only   fair   to ndd.  however,
thnt tin' program for 1913 aimed ut
j by   the   l.oyal   Flying   Corps   is   a
[most ninbltious one, and it is highly
1 ro a le   that   n   vote  ot
for   aeronautics   will
yeur.     It
of   nrine.1    ..
.'bines, .",00 for Uie navy nnl :'l>n tor
ib" army; to build monster aeroplanes, esLb capable ..I carrying
thirty or forty men, nud of remaining ni the nil- nl lenel thirty-six
awl ■ consecutive hours; while the Construe
lirst I tlon ol large rigid and uon rigid air*
-hips is to In* pushed lor
nude   this
'ii per cent of this gold
[rom the sini'ltiiig uf
ores; uf the remaining 8676,000 was
produced by the Nlckle plate mine ut
Hnlley [rom [n-e tnilltng iiuartz,
which yielded on an average ul uui
ill per ton.
Silver, 1010, 51,1245,380; 1911,
(058,293, 1912, 11,810,046. Most oi
Ibis silvei is produced lunn lead-
bearing ores, the Slocun district bsv-
in: produced 01 por cent ntul the
l-'uri Steele uun'm.- division 12 pc
cent ul Ihe yield , f 1912, thc remain*
lier helng the Silver lend mines ol
Nelson uud Lurdenii mining division
und from the copper ores . f Ross
land,   Boundary   nnd  cons)   districts
Lend, 1910, •1.21.r..01l,; 1911, $1.
(109,621; I'll., $1,805,657. Fori
Steele led nlT Iii 1912 In the proiluc
tion ol ili« metal with 40.46 per
rent. Slocnn lollowlng with 37,7.'.,
Alnsw'orth wieh lo.s;' pes cut. tin
remainder being furnished bv other
localities, including Nelson
.1,nu mining divisions nnd i
nun's being opened up Itl th.'
Copper, 1910, $4,871,512; 191
571,644; 7912. $8,405,627, Tit
o( copper ia got nt by
vcrage price for the
Boundary produced 64.70 per ceni t
the yield ot 191.. thc const nnd Cat
siai- district 30.Ir imd Rossland 5.1
per cent.
Pictures on Liners
Transatlantic liners may soon add
another Item to the list of home
comforts, 'iht- addition proposed is
the introduction of moving picture
shows. There has been n movement
during ebe past yeur by sweral
lm k:*- cinematograph cenzerna to g'.'t
concessions irom the steamship lines
to imve 'movies': in the galOOUj,
hut it met with c<in*idcrali!t' opposition on account of thc Are underwriters declaring that film was inflammable mid would increase the in
surance rates. W
Within the next few days there
will be another meet|ag <■* the Nortli
Atlantic Conference la Liverpool,
when engineers will demonstrate new
mul l.»r
the ne«
taking the
vcai,     The
the movies b<> n^
acr. i,, America is*
City Engineer's ray Roll   U48.fi..
McBrlde,  J. r>       14.16
Qltw Transfer & Warehouse Co    23.96  in«
Parks, K. & Co     M.ftO
$11,401.09 j
8 intended tn form a fleet j "hns   declared   to   be firc*prool
and   unarmed flying ma-   large cinematograph concerns t» net
--  ■     permits   t*>   start
| befor-.-   the   rush li
over for the present season.
|   The   idea   ol   the promoters is to
: establish shows aboard twelve ol the
! biggest  boats, and run performances
| nightly    in   tbe   first   cabin    ttalonn.
,,     ipiMi-n i*. kj ...  ,..,.-,.,  ,,. They will have s.icr.nl nights for the
Idly at possible. (second  cabin.     They  believe there ir
itis ii.iw.-ui hoped that C1.000 sufficient monej In the venture Irom
uuu will be devoted hy the country subscriptions, for the steamship
|each ve.u ror the n-xt three yearsMJnc> naturally wlll not allow an)
for   the   establishment   ol a British   ■■-■■',,t charge ro the i-assenners.
          ■  I   one    uf   the   promoters
tun,     for
Pd a" r.*P
yeai B
I-    us   IO
the  all
[i,i   the n xt  tin
etahllshtncnt   ol a
aerial   fleet,   Which   will   enab
maintain our supremacy lu
And tin re seems io be every possibility that this plan wlll tn- folio*
ed  Ollt."  Tit Hits,
Minsr  Production
The   rciorl   of   the   Olty
daleil AurUsI  llth, was rend nnil accepted,
tin   nml i, ,n   ul   Alilernii'ii Kennedy
nnd   Cnn,    llie   San.tary   lnt| Ut
wns   iiiHlrucirit   t.,i   compell   tlio or-
cupnnla ol tin* Qonturv rentanrnnl toj
ciinneet Willi  Hie ."ewer aystem  (urtli
on   motion   nl Mdormon l*rlckson
The    lii,nl    iii'i.r.l
the Inu can .if nilnon
iluctlon "I lirltl.li ('.
vein   1912,  Willi » ''
rmlllllittci' 11 llll
.-as 111
Vi. A
('al'iiiy Draltin; (
|Clt* l.lverj (Mac llonnl'ill    ...
i ranbrook < artage  ft 'I'r.nm
IcianhrooV ateam Lftundry ... .7f.(
! De -iiii. Kn.n'i   .r..ir.
Dnvla liio.i. Bloc, Oo, Ltd, ... I.f.u
Ki hi Kootenay Mere. Cn  ll._
I Fire iicpt. l'ny lloll     -co.imj
Kin* Mire Oo., l.t.l  '.••'«i
(lair.tl, 11. S  il4.2fi
Herald Pub, Co. l.t.l  SO.Oil j city ol Cinnirnn. he held an tin :,ll,h   lo11
1 Hurt', .1. P. *Co.i Ltd  33.2,'i'day   ol   Hcptcinher   at   the hour ol daj
JKoiilenay Telephone Line. Ltd. 2400 10:30 a.m. 'local tltn«> anil that nn* I the
nlul Kennedy, the City Clerk
atructi'il tn en iiilre ol Meiur
Henilemiin ,.- Cn., an tn lln
Inr nuilil ng the olty books,
Aldermen   clapp   nn.l   I'mr in
that   the   Court nl iteviKinii Inr
tn   llie   Kire   iiiiiI Police
with i nwer to act,
Aldermen   Clapp  and Ward n
thai   ihe illy clerk he  Instruct
convey Hie sympathy ,.l tho Council
to Aldcrmnn  Leaak   in  tin' lona  ho
miHlnincil    » the (loath nl IiIh lather,
Mr. Andrew Leaak,
Cni n'ilAiljniirned.
.,1   th
that, ii
111., line
nn lh
nl  .
. l'n
e  li..ill- "I   "
that tin*   t
no roportad b)
in iiiini'iiil iim
liiiiiin lor ih-
compnrlaona ol
luct iiii lm pri'Vloua ronra, Ac
cording lu lbo doparlmenl ol minaa
lhe   mii,l   'all I the mineral out
put I al v    waa IS.,440,000, mi In
rri'imi' ovei the ireccodlng yeni nl
nearly "9,000,000 nnd tho grentoal In
tho h alory t/l tin province, The Iol
Inwini* aummnry ih taken Irom an ,-.
"Dota'la   im  lho pn.ii three yenra
are     Plaoor    gold,   UW.   »M0.J?,"i
|t||.   Mt.. 0;     191a. 1M5.000     rhe
plncer   gold   ih   produced nlmoal .**
ciiHivily   in  Ailin nml Onrlhoo, the
former   hnvlng   yielded   1890,000 and winatnn Church H'a atatemrnl m
the latter (281,000 laat yenr, lllamcnt, ll  ih niitliorltatlvely di
Lode unld 1010 $8,888,280; 1911, etl at Portsmouth llm th" aiin»i
|4,"H,518| 1912,15,882,442, 01 the. lire.idnaught Queen Bllrabotn, no
lo th,- citenl ol I7.900 "« ruo""| product Ol VH'i Knaalnn I ih credited hulldlnt here, will he the tlrst hnttl
nnl aenlenceil to three years in ..,,j, S2,729,*4I, the Boundary willi filn in Hie world
penitentiary. 112,167,229   and  NeUnn  with 1861,994.   driven by oil fuel.
rlj    repreacntatlve   ol
the   I'.aiiiiiuiit   Film Co., will attend
the i*. iili-nuie in Liverio it.
It i*. understood tho subject waa
fust brought t,. tha attention ,.1 tho
White si.,i Line, but was turned
down by .1. Bruce lamny, then chnli
mnn ,,r the bourn*, who declared
"II yon atari this thim; we will
soon lmvo to ongage Melba fnr nne
nf mu linni h. because n rival lm*'
will serine ilu  services nt ('arils,
Hm   it   is  ii.,v.   bolt
iiihi' lho underwriters ngri
will grnnl i'.'iiihih.
The Idon hna boon irlod
(Pic  hy  n nn iii*  a  iiiuiiIii
Hon I i'Iiiih ,,n th, boat,  showinn
.luHtiiiil    dovelojimeni    in     varic
ciintrii'H.   The iitniH were nl 0 alio
aboard   die   linperntor rocintly <1
Iiik the Kaiser's visit ,,, Hamburg
Oil for Battleships
UALOAHY—Fred   St.   Ann"
| young chief clork ol tho fuel
red niont ni the Canadian Paolflc
the wna found guilty nl padding I
ir,   the
ih pny
I'llll'I'S.MIll'TII    Fnllnwinc   lit
he rmnliletely TIIJ.  PROSPECTOR, CRANBttOOK, B. C.
©he Inspector. ©rmtln-ooU, §. (&.
rakllaksd l.sry Saturday   Morning at Oraabrtsk,
r. m.
Christian, Managvr.
fualap to American,
European aad  other foreign countries,   »0 a_ta   a
year aitra.
ADVBRTIBBMBNTB—Advertising rates fun-isbeti on applicatioa. No
•uv.rUMmeats but thos. of a reputable cbaracttr will be accepted    for
A-VERTISF.RS AMD SIHSCRIHKRS-I'nless notloe to the coatrary
le given to local manager advertisement, and subscriptions will be kept
mining aad charged up against their account.	
Betrayal of Canada
Comments on a
Recent Article in the
Monthly Magazine
A reiiini'kikhlc Btory is published Ini country in tb
the August isbuo nf tho Century Mn**,* Spnln, It was
a.iiic.   ,11  which    that,    atatoment  Ih ,,1   trust   nnd
,i ml,'
to hi
tti.it n Liberal
in conversaUt
uloy, in w.i
offered for tw
"Century," A
eiuilruversv with
i wonderlul evidence
iiiitiilence, Mr. Presl-
19th YHAR
eo.-s tbnt .the
. li happens
isscd severul
ipreBsion thut
i* t" mention
We   presume   then'   never
newspaper In anj  locality t
nil the locul happenings.    I'
thnt Bomeone cornea <.r
rei orter   doea   n it   see,
thnt   the   family   Is   ml
times.   Thoy get the Iml
the editor does not run
tliiin   This is ii   mlatak
country towns tbe locul
hardest work connected wltb a news
pnper.   A man may be a good edit-
i.iInl writer, but n dat failure In the
lo.'ol fielil, and vice versa.    Editorial material it obtained by study, i.
reading   newspapers,   sometimes   by
using   scissors.    Persona   and   locul
happenings enn't he clipped from other Pnpers, nol by a |ug-lul.    It takes
physical us  well  aa mental  exertion
to   get out f"1"  or si** columns In u
town ol this Blue.    Most people take ' UMk
a   local   paper   to get the lucal hup
pennitis.   Don't be afraid to tell tbi
editor   or    repoiter   that    you   lis'.
u  Ing, your town or country news, ninl
,.  the other thousand and one matters
u ol   interest    which your home paper
publishes   without   pn>"     Sot much.
Do   thoy   evei    .-u>   u word, gratis,
cnlciilitcil  to iii.i'i   to your town oi
district and   aid   In   bringing Imm ■
smuts nnl developing thc wealth ol
In most your community?    Not  n  line     \u<l
rk is the  yet there ure men wbo inke such con
uncle,I v ews ol tl"' mutter that un
less they net as many square inches
reading   matter   In   their   own  dis
trict papers as tliey do in a city pnper, tbey tlun'i the..- are not getting
the worth uf their money.
paid by the
secure the nun Mi
the Republic.
Tho   article   Is
DnvonPoit Whelplo;
tributor ol ii ite,
dlscuaaii n ,,i the
i anada'a   trade
agent Irom fun
n with Prealdont
hlngton, during
o million dollara
l'n led Btntcs, to
lou of Cnnadn to
iM'llttll    tl V   .lllllli
I on s. in
cally that
lion iik.m
tilted with
nl party,'
made   thli
it ,s un elaborate
ei-,ui,ium- aspoct of
routes nnl iiiiiii'mi
iront, and declares speclll
■in i-ii'.i u Cnnadlnn eloi
uh,, hml long boon Idon
111,. fortunes ul 111' l.ihi'i
visited Washington and
extraordinary   oiler   to
ilont, ninl I am proud to moot tlic
iiinii who wan doomed worthy of it
by    a   grent,  intelligent and modern
The president's face glowed with
pleasure as the coiiiiliineiit passed.
.mil lie uiade n mildest nnd titling
reply, 'lhe Cnnadlnn thon added:
"Hui I uum to sin. Mr. Prealdont,
ihu 1 loiisnlii it a most terrible
waste ol money. What do yo" get
lor il. Porto IllCO, th" Miillipliii'H
I and afew other odds ami ends, tn say
that at that time there were avowed
annexationists in Cnnuiln. aud
pnrt in power in favor of closer
commercial relations with the United
"Wlun the Canadian paitlament,
representing as it does, In the degree
in which such bodies du represent,
tbo Cnnadlon people, votes $86,000,-
onn as a contribution to England's
navy, the consideration of Onnada
nation is forced upon the world
as a
Billy'S'Clifford's Past
\\ (Uollovo Mi*. »
Hilly S, Oliflonl, tin- Ami-rinin at'
lor, whllo in I'.iw-liiinl, wan Invited t<
*,.i'ti«i a wcok-oiiil in lbo country hy
ii (llBtlUHUishod ninl I'lih'ily ducheuB
wlm ra'her pAtrouUoa Amoi'lcnhfl.
Aft.r OHITovil hint M'rlvod ami had
both Bhnww   lu   tho   gronl   hnll,   hiH
nothing ol the h***, to th" Amorlcan |,,
th, Mr. OllflorUi'
pre.iui.nt McKinley.
friends visiting
nl people who i
friends. Vou i>
thom to let
their doings. P
paper shows pi
if the papi-i do.
if you give it ft
vol.   'Ili-i
ie iQforePtPil  n,
r-     it    as    h  ilut;
-oui friends knov
ih.il'-. yon think
•ii.-tiity,  hut Just
jn't  treat
nt see
Vmi will lind honesty among
thieves, tt uth anions fools, but you
never find H spark of manhood, womanhood or iu iin.ii 1- in n meddler.
The thief may chronicle the truth by
mistake, the f-'Oi sny wise things by
urcident, but the man whn noses
around a»d mixes Up in other peoples
iit.air*. will ever remain  the hhiiip  •■[.-
of    hi
No outside or foreign paper ean
possibly have clalniB upon you until
your duty is discharged to the local
journal. (fi him who pays ho ean
get a city paper much larger than
hn. own local journal for the name
amount nf money ive would enquire;
Do the city papers say anything
about your country, Its rli matt-,
water, s.tniiirs, heal Mif illness, soil
product, stock-raising, mills, minerals, schools, churches, roads, bridges or other Improvements? Nothing
Do    they    mention  your pul,lie meet-]
v>h n a newspaper gives
■>;" free adv-.rtis.ni; m order to uoom
ome concert or church entertainmnui
which you are interested in, ttee
uie number ol lines th.-'
are- printed week bj week, tt„d multiply that number by tbe regular ad
.-ertising rat.*,- ol the paper. Com-
pai •■ the res tits -■ Ith the act lal i
ey value ol anv favor that you can
get from any other business concern
l_in take int.. cons derath
fact that advertising and circulation
are the only two thinge that a news
paper bas to sell, and in these lays
ofhigber prices, how mueh d., you
think they ought to be giving away
for nothing.
On Canadian Waters
Content, uf the August Issue ol
the Canad-
r life, pub-
r. Limited
the follow*
Hire   In   thi
Vorthern Wilderness, hy Henry An
ton Aner; Whcse slliill we co Duck
Shooting in 1913 14 l.v Bonkycastle
liulc- Beautiful Hav of Islands hy
I,ney Amy; In Southern British Co
Iniiihin. A Triii t„ Pish l.nke; IVr
' tain Mnnitoban Duck Grounds; Hus-
i'oiii Buys ,L 'Coon Hound' by George
J, Tkiesscn; liaising Gold Pish, l.u-
cratl Hport; A Talk About (inns; A
Fishing trip tn Kcdgemakooge, N.S.,
A Hunting Trip to I'ocolognn Rlvor,
N.lt. etc., etc. This publication]
continues to live up to its policy,
of supplying accounts of the nctua
experiences of sportsmen in Onnad- j
inn  Wi
lli Mew ,.! ihe Btandini ol this mail
Mine, nnd the reputation ol ffhclpl
"Thc Telegram' gives herewith thai
part "I the article bearini di octij
. pon Uu.- subject, Tho balance ol
this loiu.m. st' rj fwe! illustratod
with '"ii i.n. ui in,li.-.ii ml sconos from
coast '" coast, nnd i1' ats the di vol
01 n.iiu ol Canada In verv ontei
talniug m.iiini-i. but the tendencj ol
the whole is in a studied oltort to
show that .1 :- more li t'nnadn - nd
vantage to trade n tb th ■ L'nlte.l
states than with Ureal Britlon Foi
lowing s the in-1 "aee nl the Cn
i rj   article
lu the yeai 1S99, u Canadian olec
tion ageut, ,ih,, had long been Identified with the iortuuos ol the I.iltei-
Scene from   Billy   'Single'  Clifford's   Musical Show
"lielieve Me" at the Auditorium, l-ri. Aug.22nd.
. nshini
,,i   i'.irt>.   wa>   .,   visitol
t n.     He   expressed   a   ■ *:
thi    lat.    I resident Mc i n
pleasing   ih-is. nality   then
the  White  House.    'Nothing   Ki su*r.'
satd   his   American   friend, and the
appointtnint  was  in*.!.-  ... thwith.
.ul. d
uallon ol many lives, the distiit** she gushed, "1 am so glad, so ver,
ance ol business, ami a thousand glnd t0 have you ns mv guest! You
lis  ihnt foilow a   war. | tee I love Americans, and 1 know all
about you.    (ih, Indeed, yes 1 do—I
know all about vou."
"1   can   till vou of n niuch better!    Clifford   looked    around   apprehen
plan   ot   Increasing   the wealth, sine  sively.   "If that's so," he asked, how
population and strength of this coiui   did I get inv
"The president  greeted  Ihe Gonad- try.   Give mc two
lillion dollars to I    Mr.CUflord w
and  dun   in
Magazine   a
1   by    v..
,   Taj 1
[stock,   "lit.
Hy   Cnnne
ind  Po
mn visitor with that charming a-1
of particular interest and personal
pleasure for which b< was famed, and
the     enversat-on     quite   n t i.t.iy
tout leal chann U
soon put at eas<*
tiie    interview
i auadian
in   co.ir-ii
'•'lhis ih ,t   verj
me, Mr. I resident
war 1    tu it  as a rem
t .uie which would mark ft
r day in my ilfe.
spend in the next Canadian election, Me" at the A
and l will guarantee the peaceful an* August 22nd.
nexation of Canada to the United
Statet. And too', what you get!" I
Pre-i'ieiit McKinley was apparently mueh amused and accepted the
statement  in   the  spirit  in   which itl
11 lip seen In
ili tori u      on
To Tour Mainland
great occasion for was made; that is too say, the sug-
I had lookeil for-1 gestion was so far removed from the
te possibility, | domain of the real as to prevent it
:l let*
but one which would mark fl red let-' from being seriously disctlSded.    If it
is possible in these davs. however,
for inflitinces of various kinds emanating '(mm the United stat„ to turn
; 1 h.ni felt that f wanted above! thc scale in n Canadian election
n" things during my visit here to'against freer commercial relations he-
snake bonds with a man In whom tw-een Canada and the United States
the American people had so milch it is not imposible in thsi reBpcct
confidence    that    tliey    placed  forty,  it is not impossible that this practi
mils nnd streams.
million dollars in his hands, an
told him to go ah-nil and spend it
as    he thought would best serve the
cnl Canadian Politician spoke with
greater seriousness thnn he received
credit for.     It miiBt be remembered
•1 1-4+H I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I H h+l-H + i
I , I I I I I IH l-l I I HI I i 1M-+++-HI
The   East   Kootenay  Industrial   Exhibition
is to be held at
Sept. 18th & 19th
$600.00 IN PRIZES
Dairy Shorthorns
Grade Cattle
Dairy Clow on Field      $10.00 Goods
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Best Aiyshire Cow       "Nor'west Farmer"
For One Year
Besl Holstein Cow       "Nor'west Farmer"
For One Year
Best Jersey Cow "Calgary Herald"
For One Year
Best Dairy Shorthorn   "Vancouver World"
For One Year
Bull (any year or breed)    $5.00 Cash
By   Calgary   Herald   Co. and
"Farm  fc-*   Ranch   Review  for
One  Year
Cow and Calf $4.00 for
$2.00 for 2 ml-Given by Farmers' Institute
Calf, 1<M3
$10.00 Goods
McCreery Bros.
Albert H. Webb, Secretary,     P.O. Box 605
Hon. W. J. HOA-ser, Attorney-General, left Victoria Sundnv for the interior   mainland   un several mattirs
i of public importance. He will first
\ it-.it Kamloops. There he will loolt
into a number ui questions engaging
I the   attention ,,( tlic people at that
'a-oint. in which the Provincial Government has jurisdiction, -prominent
aiming these is Lhe question of roads
through the Court House grounds.
Tomorrow evening he will be the
guest at tho bnli<|iiet to be given him
by the people of Kamloops.
Uu Tuesday Hon. Mr. Bowser will
accompanied by .Superintendent Oi
Piovincial Police Colin Campbell,
proceeu tn Asheroft, nnd then tu
ilonapurte, where, at the Indian res.
ervation, he will present to six of
the Indian Chiefs the medals which
were promised to them for their as
sistnnce in securing the apprehension
of the nutlnws Paul and Spintlum,
wnose eases were dealt with at the
recent ass zee at New Westminster.
These medals taqve been struck, anil
arc to be presented so that they ma>
he handed down by the Indian chiefs
to their heirs as an earnest of the
good fuith of he government in all
its dealings with the natives in all
cases In which the two parties may
'Dick' Marshall, of Fernie
who will box 'Jim' McLean, of Bull River, at the
Auditorium Theatre
Tuesday, August 19th, 1.913
Statue'to Kitchener
A large statue in bronsc of field
Marshal Lord Kitchener hns Just
heen cast at Fr-rnln,rough, Kent, and
Is about to he sent to India lur ercc
tion on tlm Maidan, In Calcutta.
The tlgnre represents laord Kitchener
in the full uniform of n Kicld Mnr-
shnl, with his decorations on his
breast, and seated on his fnvoritc
horse, Democrat. The statue has
been cast from old cannon sent ovor
from India, and to the pedestal will
lie added three bronze panels Illustrating Lord Kitchener's life in Ind a
the subjects chosen being the expedition to Lhasa, tho review of the
troops by Kin** (leurgc (then Prince
of Wales), at Hawal Pindi, in I89C,
nnd types of native Indian soldiers.
A replica of tho stntuc is being constructed los erection in Khartum,
This is being mnde of old cartridge
eases found uu the hattlcllold of Om-
durmiin, and collocted by order of
Lleit-iinnt-nencrul Sir Rcglnal Win-
f.+++.*.-M-m-.|"m.+/'++.|. ^j^M-m-i-fn-H-H**
Leaves for London
VICTORIA, 11. C.-Premier Mc-
llrule left today for London. He
will be absent from the province '.'or
seven weeks, during which time Hon
W. j. Dowser will be notln< premier,
(in his wu.v to Knglnml the premier
will stop nil at Ottawa, Toronto,
Montreal and New York, in the lod,
oral capital ho wlll see lllght Hon.
It.  I., llorden
mutters nt issue between the province nnd Dominion and will arrnnge
for tbe commencement of tho sessions
of the better terms commission,   thn
completed personel of which will be
announced in a few days. He will
also take up thc nuestion of further
restrictive measures to exclude As-
■atics from British Columbia.
In Toronto and Montreal, he proposes seeing thc heads of tbe t'ana
dian Pacific ami Cnn.dinn Norther
railways relative to railway mntter
n Britsh Columbia. During his absence he will visit Washington for
tha purpos** of seeing President Wilson, whose support he is anxious to
secure for the Alaska-British Columbia & Panama railway, which he regards as an essential project for future development,
In London he has a vnrietv of mat
tees to deal with und among others,
isto arrange for the construction of
the B:<« agent-genernls offices. Construction of these will commence
thsi year. Sir Richard also hopes
to Becure an interview with Sir Edward Grey relative to thc question
of Asiatic immigration, to learn if
further restrictive measures on Cuna
da's Part will be objected to by
British authorities.
The premier will Interview a number ot prominent financial men in
London in tbe hope of placing belor
them activities In tbis province in
such ~ light as will lead to a flow ol
capital to the west.
—. mpt. ism ai no •—>
A Fish Story
—New York sun.
A Good Pledge
The following should he posted
every home in town.
I I r.nnise to keep my sidewalk
I promise tn keep the gutter in
fiont of my premises free from weeds
I prom sc not ta throw fruit
skins or pnpers in tbe str?ets.
I promise to keen the weeds cut
down on my premises.
I promise to keep my hack yard
neat nnd clean.
I promise not to walk across other
people's lawn or parking.
I promise to do nil In mv power
to help othera keep this pledge.
I promise to keep my hens in my
own bock yard.
I promise to get rid ol my dog It
it annoys my nfightiors, or Is a
nuisance to othera.
I promise to keep my cat shut up
over night.
Henry Lawlor, rOsipi re, Inspector
of Tobbncco Factories for the Dominion, nud ,1. K. Barrett, Ksi'iiirc,
District lnapctnr oi Inland Revtnuo
for tho Province of Manitoba: to be
Joint Commissioners, under the provisions nf chap, UM, 11.B.C., 19011,
"An Act respecting Public and De-
respect to somo pnrtnuntal inquiries," to investigate
certain charges of mnlleasance In otlice which have been brought against
J. !•:. Miller, Inspector of Inlnnd
Revenue   for   the Province ol British
International Polo
Daily Guiies between Canadiui
and American Teams
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to the World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U.S.ti„v*»r,ui«,nt
72il Scniurtli Hiftliliimlera Band
$100 Cash frizes tor BetterHabits
"Custer's Last Fight" NiAltlly
A lluilliiia, re|iruil'.i. li-in til'dii-fsintni.
hiillle wiih 5KI Indian, und200Soldier*
Fireworks Display livery Night
Individual Farm li-_K.la.it Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
Seven Kseet Daily
Poultrymeii'iMeetm*, Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeting Thursday
Broadsword Battleson Horseback
C. For Uliuiiatttl Daily I'l-okmni snd
Hrwniuin Lint, addrnw .05 Chsinberuf
Bu.ldini li Spultaiit, Ws.li.
Columbia, „nd M. B. Parkinson, Collector of Inland Revenue at Vancouver, in the said Province of British
Columbia, and into all matters pertaining to Inland Revenue ln the
■l..|a.t..l..l-t1.i,.l..l.at,.l, I  iti.ti.t,  t .tl.lr.t.rli.tl t-A.t.rtn.    ti  I  rl.il iiItI i.I  it il_*l.li.l.r|-|-.l.rf nrl.i I   .1
VTTT1TI'xTT I"I'-fT'l"!"!' 'I'Tll'T^TTTrTTTTlTTTTTTT'n T I ■ '
Professional   Curbs
—— rtiib —
Cobge   Hotices
, ■■H'**H*'H*-H**^^ .
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet tn Carmen's Hall, on   2nd and
4th Thursday ol each month.
,T. Mel.AOIIUlN,   O.lt.
Louis Psarton, Btc, P.O. Boi -JM.
Tlsltlgg Brothers Cordially Welcomed
(Cranbrook Branch)
Meets   in   Camion's   Hall   1st   nnd
:!rd Thursdays    in overy  month,  ut
t p.m.   Marahefship open to British
Cl titans.
R. Y. Brake, Pres.
L. Pearron, Secretary
Boi 61*
Tlsltlnf membtrs cordially wslsoma
A. P. * A. H.
Regular   meetings   on  tht
tblrd  Thursday   ol   every
Visiting brethren welcome.
P. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Sec.
P.L.8.   A
Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
t'RANBIUIOK,    ■    British Columbia
J.   T.   LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi 236 Phone 222
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
No. 1.5, R. A. M.
Regular meetings:—2nd Tuesday In
each month at tight o'clock.
Sojourning   Companions   art   cordially Invited.
Bi. Comp.—A. C. Shankland, B.
Cranbrook, B.O.
Cranbroolt, B.O,
Orescent Lodge, No. St
Meeta tvtry Tuesday at t p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
G. Donahue, C. 0.
F. M. Christian, K of R. It 8.
B. A. Hill, M. F.
Visiting brttbrtn cordially invited
■ ..to attend.
Drs.   KING   4   GREEN
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Bvenlngs 7.30 to   2.30
Sundays 2.30 to   4.J0
Cranbrook, B.O,
District of South-East Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that John Hoary
Lismer of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described lands*,—
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9687, |
Group 1, Kootenay District, thence
west 20 chains, theneo north 40
chains, thence east 20 ebnins, thence
south 40 chains to thc point of
commencement and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dnted .lune  83rd,   l'.n:i. 2 -jt.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Notice of Tax Sale
t Jul
NOTIOB Iri HBRBBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of the Municl|i
thp Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City uf Cranbroolt, passed _n the 29tl
day of September, A.D., 1918, at il o'clock in the forenoon (10 o'clock local time) at the Mun c
public auctiotii the lands, Improvements, and real property, situate wli in tin- Municipality of th
lhe Cranbrook school District, hh defined bj orders in Council on the 2*th day of November, i.tnr
set forth, for delinquent taxes nnd subaOcluent taxct. in arrears, remaining unpaid ..ml payuble to
the persons or assessed owners hereiii--.ft.-r respectively net forth, and for Interest, costs, expenses,
unless lhe  total amount due for said delinquent  taxes and subsequent  taxes In arrears, interest,
live per cent,  be sooner paid,  viz.:-*--	
Amount of Delinquent Taxes subsequent  Uses  in arrears and  interest,   to  day   of  sale.
vCt and \m, nding A
v. A.O., 1913, I wil
al ofllce, Ci\ nbrook
I'm    of Cranhrook,
s, nnd of „ rest
on Wednesday
B.C., offer for
ithin   the
lution of
the :*.id.,
sale   by
limits   of
and the 23rd day oi May, 1900, and hereinafter
tho Corporation of tin- City of Cranbrook, by
and Collector's Commission if Five per cent,
costs, expt uses,  and   Collector's  commission  of
F. M. MacPherson
Norbury Anna. Nut lo City 11.11
Op.ii D.f »nl Nlfbt PhouUl
Uo. 41
Meete every Monday night
at Eew   Fraternity   Hall.
Bojonrniug Oddfellow* cordially invited.
. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
K. O. Sec'y
Circle NO.  Ul
Compantone pi tht- Foreet
Meete In Carmen'e Hall, Second and
Fourth Tbunday ot each Month at
3.00 p.m., aharp.
Mra. A. M. Lanrle, C. C
Mra. A. K. Bhaw, Ban.
Vleltlng  Oompanlona  cordially  welcome. Htt
Oranbrook      I-odje
No. 104.
Meets every ati.l am'
Uii Wcdneshny nt s
p.m., in Hoyiil Blue',
Knight's Hall im
tWor Htreel.
W. M. Brier, Dictator.
R. B. Qarratt, Bec'y
Meeta In Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd and tth Thureday
of each month at f* p.m. ihnrp.
Mra. li. Hayward, Hec. 8ec.
(loo. Ladda, chief ranger
Vleltlng hrethran made welcome.
Prealdant—O. R. Bheppard
Meete regularly on the Flrat Friday
evening ol each month.
Information on Poultry mature
Addreaa the Secretary—A'. B. Smith
P.O. Box 852, Cranbrook, B.O.
land Hall at  8 p.ir
Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
toyal Orangi
Lodge No. 1871
Meets let and
3rd Thuraday In
It o y a I Blaok
Knights of Ire-
shnrp.  Vlaltorn
Scot»ll _ Liquor, Tobacco
- ~ *"   m t*«*_a«t»ll» die*
rc tela Uie need foi
if..  It couotenct. tke
«_. Snw cure amu,
AInhM, Tettace aad Dngi
•ftoclo .ln.o.1 lulutl.-,.mo..i all cio.iafi,
AH.r tiileiIke li-.tm.nl ih.i. wlll .mil, eay
•oo-ltiMiljikloloilfuuitwodiiaoart'i. Cea
.*„"*-"_f,".,l»* .w« ''"• »•' ta heel ef Me
tail.-.. JtfUlaf_adet'i.>tt«e com uu_<
Funeral Dlreotor,
P.O. HOX *.8*i
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Dune at Reasonable Cost.
Works:      Opposite Depot
Certillcate ol Improvanionta
Dore" Mineral I'lalm. aittuite lu
the Fort Steele Mining IHvlaion ol
Kaat Kootenay Iiistrtct.
Where located:- On Wild Horae
creek ahout 950 leet below china
TAKK NOTICK that I. Thoa. T.
McVittie of Fort Steele, ngont fnr
Margaret L. Horo (Mra. Freter) Free
Miner's rerllilcate No. r,72ft0ll, In
tend, sixty days from dute hereof,
lo apply to the Mining Hecor.ler fnr
n Certificate of ImT.rovement, (or
the purpose nf iil.lninlni: n Crown
Grant nf the above claim.
And further tnke notice thnt action, under section 37, muat be com
menced before the issuance nf such
Certiorate of Imprnvementt.
Hated   thla 21st dny   of July, A.D.
npplicntlon will be made to the licence Commissioners for thc city df
Cranbrook at Ihelr neit meeting
held nt Is.iat thirty dnys herenfter,
being on the 10th day of Se itembor,
1013, for a transfer „f tlic hotel licence held by Luna Andeen for the
Quccn'B hotel, Hltuato f,n I ot 20 In
Hindi 88 Plan OM, Cranbroo1!, H.C.,
tn l-31i.at.elli JolinHon, wife of Philip
F, Johnson, of Oranbrob'c, formerly
of Moyle, II. Cl.
Notice Is hereby riven Hint nn application will he uiiidii to tho Llcenco
Comiiilssiiuiers for the Citv nf Csnn-
hrio.i thirty dnys after ilate hereof,
Inr a restaurant licence du- the prcin
Isca known an "Club Restaurant"
Bltuate on Lot 19, Block 88, Plnn
069, Crnnbrook, B.C.
Club  Restaurant  Compnnv
Dnted thla let day ol August, 1913
For a Licence to Take and Use water
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., of Cnnnila, Ltd.. of Trail,
B.C., will apply fur a licence to tnke
nnd use one-half cubic font per second of water out of nn unnamed
creek, which flows in a southerly
direction through tho "Hope" M,
Claim and sinks on the "Hidden
I-Innil" Mineral Claim, The wnter
wlll be diverted nenr the N. ..ornery of the "Hope" Mineral Claim
and will be used for mining purposes
on the Innd descrihed ns the "Hope''
"Hnmlct" anil "Hidden Hand" M
This notice wns poated on tlic
ground on the llth day ol .Inly. 1918
The application will bc filed in the
office of the Hater Recorder nt Oranbrook,
Objections   may   be   llled with the
snid   Water   Recorder   or   with tlic
Comptroller 0I Wnter Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
The'Consolidated Mining & Smelting
Cnmaany nf Canada, Limited
By C. H. Mcl'ouga!
29-tt. Agent
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saakatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
weat Territoriee and in a portion of
the Province of British Columbia,
may ba leaaed for a term of twenty-
one yeara at an annual rental ot 11
an acre. Not more than 2,560 acrea
will be leaaed to ona applicant.
Application for a leaae muet be
made by tbe applicant in peraon te
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the die- j
trict in which the righte applied for
are eituated.
In surveyed territory the land muat
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by tbe applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of *5 which will be
refunded il the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ehall be paid on tbe merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of Ive cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Ageut with sworn returna
accounting tor the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the conl mining
rlghta are not being operated, euali
returne should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of 110.00 an acr.
For full Information application
should be made to tlm Secretary ol
tbe Department ot the Interior, otta
wa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion Lnnds,
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister nf the Interloi
N.H.- Unauthorized   publication   ol
this advertisement will imt be paid
lor. Jan. 'tb-tt
lllnck   No.
& S, jl
.li  17
& 27
2 & 3
21'14 Hi
ft  47
Huciicroft,   J.  1
Mosley, H. it.
McCowan, A.
McNeill, li. S.
McNeill, It. B.
McLean, 1.. L.
McQuostlon, M,
Smith, Frankle
Oliver, S, A P.
Mitsiida, T,
3550 _ I
Pnrt 29
Part 29
Part 29
Pnrt 29
Pnrt 29
Part 29
Part 30
Hoyle, A.
CoIpn.au, W.
McQUMiton, M,
Dip Sing
Hnnilley, 1'.
Fry, I.
Arena Hink Company
Hnotli, <:. S. and
Thc Fairchlld Co., Ltd.,
Booth, <!. S. and
The Karchild Co., Ltd.,
(.race, I,.
llrennnn, J.
Doris, T.  J.
I'attinson, J.
Stiven,  H.  B.
Jones, W. D.
Patton,  J.
Dalzicl, T. anil Manners K.
willnrd, G.
I'obinsnn-McKenzie Lumber Cn
Roblnson-McICenisie Lumber Cn
Rnbinsnn-McKenzie Lumber (\
Jones, W, D.
Laurie,  A. M.
Miller, W.
Rogers, J. S.
Stevenson, W. E.
Mnttinson, J.
Leask, A.
North Star Lumber Co.
P. Woods „ Compnny
Costs  of   expenses
B   the
cost   nf   advertising
tors commission ,,
5 per
|   12.20
:: 05
4 55
12 40
Given.under my linnd „t Crnnbrook, 11.C, this 1st. day ol August, A, P., 191.1
City Clerk
3 •-■*.'
Licence to take and use Water
SEALED    TENDERS,    superscribed
'Tender for Hosmer School Addition
will he received by the Honorable
the Minister of Public Works up to
noon of Wednesday, tho 0th dny O:
August, 1913, for Ihe erection nnd
completion of n two roomed addition
and heating chnmlier to existing
school-house nt Hoanier in the Fertile Electoral  District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms "I tender may lie s'i'ii on nnd.
after the 21st dny of .Inly, 1913, "t
the olllce of Mr. .1. Ayre, Secretary
School Board, Hosmer, B.O.* Mr. J.
S. T. Alexander, Government Agent,
Kernie; nr the Department of Public
Works, Victoria, B.C.
Intending tenderers can lor the sum
of ten dollars (*10) obtain ono copy
nl plans and specifications by apply
ing to thc undersigned. ThiB sun,
will be refunded on their return in
good order.
Ench proposul iiiimt lie accompanied by an accepted lnin.i chci|iie or
certificate ol deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, mode payable to the
Honorable the Minister of I'libl c
Works, fur a sum c,|iiiil to 10 per
cent, ul tender, wbiih sliull l.o for
teitoil if tiie party lender ng decline,
to enter into contract when called
upon to do so, or if he fail to coiu-
itcio the work contracted lor, The
ihi'iiies or oertlilnntOa of deposit of
unsiicc.issfiil tciidoicis will lie returned to t.heni upon the execution of lho
Venders will not ho consld red unless iiinile nut on the lolins supplied,
nigneil wllh the aetiinl signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed In the in
velopes furnished.
The lowest or nny tender not. no*
easnrilv accepted.
Public   Worka   Engineer
llennrtinent of Public Works,
Vlrlnrln, ll.C.   July 17th,  1913.
NOTICE is hereby given that Henry Drcier of Wnsa will apply for a
licence to take and use 75 miners
inches of water out of Wasa creek,
which tlows in a westerly direction
through pre-emption record No. 1292
end sinks in Lot No. 1292, The wnter will be diverted at a point 150
yards from Lot N'o. 1292 and will be
used for irrigation purposes on the
Innd described ns pre-emption record
N'o.  1292.
This notice was posted on tile
ground on the 2nd day of August,
1913. The application will be llled in
the ofllce of the Water Recorder ut
Objections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder or with tlic
Comptroller ol Wuter Rights, Parliament Buildinga, Victoria, B.C.
32-4t Applicant.
all persons hiving any claim againBt
tbe estate of the late Gust, Andeen,
who died on or about the 22nd day
oUuly, 1913, at Cranhrook, Hritisb
Columbia, are required on or belore
the 20th day of September, 1913, to
send by Post prepaid to the undersigned Solicitors for Lena Andeen,
the Executrix of the said Estate,
their names and addresses and full
particulars of their claims in writing ami a statement of tbe accounts
and the nature of the securities, ii
any, held by tbem, and such state
ment shall he Verified by statutory
AND TAKE NOTICE that after
the .20th day of September, 1913,
Lena Andeen will proceed to distribute    the   assets   of    said   deceased,
Scantily Dressed
The scant garb of an ittra fashion
able dressed woman led to her hein^
nsked to leave Lord's cricket ground
whore the Oxford-Cambridge cricket
match was being played lately. The
stnnds were tilled with Britinn's
smartest society people ami all the
women present. were beautifully
gownel, hut the person in qllestli n
was ea-ily noticeable because ol her
startling Hr,d during eustilme. She
wore o hi", dapping straw hat and a
lace dress which had evidently no lining, and whose skirt wns so llimsy
lhat black knlo'.erbockoi'B and jewelled gnrtcr buckles were as easily seen
aa if in a shop window. All eyea
were gradually magnetized hy the
woman until „ policeman walked o-
vcr and whlspeied something to her
ear. She arcsi and left the grounds.
However, she was perfectly complacent and evidently quite satisne.l with
llie sensation she had made.
Free Children's Playground
Special Features for the Entertainment  of  thc Children at the Spokane Fair
A Wise Precaution
Too great praise cannot be accorded the Provincial Government for
lhe wise policy it has inaugeruted tn
pievent the spread of tybercnlosis
tluo.lgh infection from cattle. The
manner in which the dairy herds of
the province are now inspected and
11 the animals that show njiv aign
of infection destroyed, will undoubtedly bc productive ,n' the very best
results. We believe that in the manner in which it is carrying out tills
having regind inly to the claims of.
which she shall then have had notice prevention campaign, nntish Colum-
und will not I e liable to any person j lua is far ahead nf any otlnr prov
of whose claim she shall not havej ;„*« in _,, Dominion, and that its
then   had notice,
Dated  this  llth  day iff  August,  A
D., 191,1.
There is one place above all others wliere children, big and sj_ill, can
have the best time ol thc year, and that plnco is the Spokane Fair the
week „| Sept. 15, One of the latest attractions tor Ihe little folk is the
big new Play Grounds installed by tha Spoknne I'nrk Hoard. Tins cov.
ers more than mi acre and is full of swings, slides, seesaws, trapeses,
horizontal bars ami other things lor having fun, und It's all free, Up lu
the Midway lliere are two big glittering merry-go-rounds, with prancing
steeds ami enticing bally-hoo music, nud iho Kerns Wheel, not So big ns
the original  Perns wheel  perhaps,  hut just as much fun.
Then theie is the Aniinnl  Circus, wltll   all   sores ,,l cite, trained
ies, monkey and dogs and „  hear that   can   skate   oa   roller skati-
blg   IiiuiiIii  Congress  and  village  nml other shows too numerous t,, men
In front of the Grand Stnnd there are the rnces, the polo games, the
cowboys, the llroworks, the Oil*  Indinn battle overy  ninht. the log chop-
., tho
'•';  '     ' 'H k.
""■*■- "*/';•
fc*.-r - ...'"-'W**'-'
I method., are ii'-ii.* watched  with in
Holtcitoi'H fnr mi id Executrix
tcreat   i-y   overy Government nn t-1* I
MacDOKAIsD! North A mer icon continent, Tbia is u'
"**"        of the
"'City of Cranbrook
.i Court of Revision for the purpose
of rcvii-in. ninl correcting thfl Assess
iieni. Il.tl ol lho'Olty of Cranbrook
nnd the Oranbrook School District
wi I   he  he'd   on   Tliesduy,   September
110th.,     1913     at     tli.'    li '    "I 19::«l
ii."'.     'lunl    lime)     In   lhe   Milllicil';,I
ntilldluga,   Noi-tiirv    Avenue,    Crnn
brook,    II.I.     O'ii Inns to llle si|i.|
' iH.-s-uiTiil lloll in""! hfl nun!" 'n
wrll.ln-. mul delivered to the Assers
i r, nt lens1 101 (1(11 Invs before tllfl
Sitting ol lhe Court nf Revision,
crnnliroiil,, ll.C, August 1211".
:i:ill. 'bii'bsiii
'••end' rs
l'1-l' 111.."
,.'    nil  «(
l»th  and
■ll .   eii'iie
II tc
renlli'sl.-il   t' 1
sii'ii'lvlinr  r*!l'i
,i  llm Pall Pn
l,nst dnv io
ist list.    Por
1...   -o'e
r. Hont.1
lilt's apply
AI.I1RHT 11.
See.  A
ir, Ass.
verj Interesting illustration at the
advanced methniiH ol legislation in
lorce. Ah well too the Depnrtment
nf Agriculture huu shown its practical Anxiut) to Increase the herds «-i
the province and to thin end, the
(itst shipment of cattle wtnrh are
transported hue nt the expense of
the government, win he offered for
sale to farmers In the very near future. Theme cattle have heen spec!
ally selectod, thc (den, uh we understand It, he'nir tn enahle dairy fur
mors to replenish the stock that has
heen destroyed beoause it wnn inlet
iii. ThU is n very i;reiii. advance on
the system that prevailed In puHt
years nnd there If little reason to
dollbt that the farmer will thorough
ly appreciate all that the Govern
m«nt Is doing for them In this par
tlculnr. In the Hong run It nam
mean the liiilldin-; up ol ulock ,,f Uio
Province alcng ante nml sane lines,
ho that, no h-nlH will he Infected
with tuberculosis and the conscqiionl
mitigation of the Kprend of the dread
d I sense through children i-s'ng the
milk ol infected cows, The ult mate
success ol the experiment, for It •■"•v
he culled mich, wit he watched with
a very great amount of Interest.
ping contest, the miners In then- ro
relay race, the Scotch Highlanders
horseback aad l"ts more attraction
any circus,
Then there ih h long li«t of cash prises f"i ch
covering nearly everything they raise in gardens
this children's work will be shown togethet th
mint  all  Its own.
Rven the hableti can win some li
there it) a prise of (100 in gold lor
as well an many other ean\\ nml ti<
in the  Itettei   llnlm-H Contest,
And last, hut n..t least, there is a
can   he  hit in charge <'i  npetent
k drilling   contest,   the   Motor cycle
band,    the    broadsword    battle    on
id   more Interesting than
.-.ini, nearly 1400 m ail
or   ina'-f   ni   School.     All
i yeai   In lt new depart
,it tin*. Spokane Pair,
Irom outside Bpokane
the   babies who enter
x c.,*-ii prises
t in- best baby
I'll*,   prizes   foi
Free   Surset
is while Hie
>.   whei
the   P
Lock on Gosoline Feed
A device is now bolnit plncod on
the ii.iukct which prevents ailtomo
i.i I., thievery dj iduclnii n l".-n on
tlm (.nsulilie feed. It (h.iih.hIh Of ii
Vnl,. pin I'linlilei cylinder lock local
i.i within n v
nil tirniia cast
downwind (nn
leclid by tel
steel mnl goi
iin- within tl»*
way valve loo
nl the Blinlt,
[or    securely
ry artist mil ml npliol'l
nu.  a  siia'.l   exli inliii,'
this hull bond, ino
icopc cmii.l i"l"'s "l
i-.-il to the lock cylin
hall hend. mnl a "'"'
ml  nt   the  lower  eii.l
Menus nn- provided
llv hulling the
.(.nssioli ,olnl   .,11  each  slile  of  the
ve      \   III,in.I, bl foil  is loe,,let on
Ince oi ilu- in.il head, nml li ro
ii.eiii.y i, 1'iinrtar nun ol thle
i„ close and lock the valve
key,   therefore., is nol  needed
, ral  and coneoi'iicntly
nly mi.' stciiiitl nl  nine
li'.i.'e     'llle   ins. I'll I
•■< «
i. r thla o,
it   le|lllles
Luck in
llnost Inland 1'lth.
j Imli bend In Ine 'lash, ninl Hi i
'structn,n is such as to make it I"'"1'
I tlcaily ImpoeBlblo to dotnch Hie do
 .——vice from Ihe dull  wben locked
the l'*nll Fair, Bept Uth    Tho valve Is installed In the i*n»'-
| line  teed  pipe by  means nl
the key mil H i|iinrt.'i imi' ol tho
thumb bullon hack to its orlulnal
position    unlock!   and opens thc do
Vice Vale lurks ale used, all I, of
Colli   e.   no   IW"  Kc*s  are  alike.
Tlio guard tubes mid shall me of
iiiljiistahlo dcilen and aro euppllod in
four illllerent lengths, so thnl the do
vice may bc installed on nnv make
ol automobile,  Tho botioflt" claimed
lor    till! device lire Unit  it  abiolute
ly prei imli s a leaky carbureter, li
mnlerlnll) IcMcni tlio chnncei and
tannin ol bnck firing, nnd It pre-
\enls theft ol tbe iiinrhlne. THK  PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK,  B. C.
■fr11 11II IH 11vi-i■Hl'H'iI Hi.".
is sn easy matter here. We hate
every style, for every use and at
about any price. The only whip
you cannot get here is a poor one.
We have none of that kind.
Our whips are only a sample of
our harness and all kinds of horse
goods. You'll find the latter just
as good as the whip* and equally
moderate in price.
A.   I-.
w. H. Bigolow of Brandon, Mnn
guest at the Cranbrook Tlmr
WllttS    uf
Wattsburg, wae
An Engagement
W. M. PARK 6? CO.
Phone 109    Cranbrook, B.C.     P.O. Hox 443
,.■„|,-,-,*.,|„|„|,,|„|.|„|„|,■.■.*-•-*-i ;  Hli****II *■**I***** 1*1 *-*••
:: Official Announcement ii
'.    A
an is,     ol
i. um
iv a
-■   tr
iok •
ctilln     li.l-
'S      ||
1.  IV
iiiieti,   E.
10   M
I^ei    „ nil
in town
1.   !•'
Idgos of
1   Sti
,'le   »•
uisn.'t in.
city  ,
The Hanson Garage has just received a
shipment of Six Ford Automobiles, which
will be sold at Factory Prices, with
freight added. The Ford is the cheapest
and most durable car on the market, it is
cheap only in price, it is the strongest
and most serviceable car
and just what is required
in tbis district.   There is
trnusdcttng    lm
•Mr nun Mrs.
spent several il
A Iiiiii car ..[ choice MlsstBBlppI
Water Melons on tap bow- price is
right   Ira ll   Manning
.,,11    Ol   Wy, lllle.
Cranbrook th.
The I'i'y
afternoon In
eil  met
..I city
Mrs. Jam.s Trunin and daughter,,
'I Spokane, wero Crnnbrook .'IsUois
m Wednesday
lugust ?th,
Ha.elwood, a
to Mr
iii the world.
for travelling
one price
Mis    11    li
S;iw v
is usually sealed with .i .uitahle
ring, and the bettet grade it is the
better the young luily likes it We
have an minute variety ot line ea
gftgcnicni rings, st .ill prices, ami
you i ould nol get heller value, elsewhere We have a full line of tine
jewelry oi all kinds, from Watches,
Chains, Bracelets, Bar-ring, etc.
to table cutlery
Jawelars & Opticians
for the Ford cars.
can't  hi
nur  Fords Cl
satisfy rhe il
l,e deceived
-.md .bsolii
ikl dollar, at
special price
■ never nude ,
nrd pn
The Hanson (
Ford cars on
parts for repairin
short order
a rage has a
hand,  also
urge stock of
all   necessary
which will be done iu
Cars for Touring, Outing, or Commercial   purposes  to  let   with  a  competent
Mr     „il    Mis     11    I.
children,    oi    MaryaviUe,
bro 'k i !>n,<rs Tuesday
Mi    and Mi-,  John Shaw   ,      ...
o>*   . ranbiooK    toda*    loi    . ti -
- •' eral ,>i thc cuast cities.
George   i'i. n.    left on Tuesday lor
-is.>ii    and    will proceed    Inter to
R. L. T. Galbraith, of Fort Steele.
In.iian Agent, ami A B. Fenwick,
weu in towu  ruefiday.
F   i    MeWilliams     I Greal    Falls,
Mont., was ., guest at the Crantro
New Timoth) ana New Alfalfa
alio New i'lairie liny at 'ne i'esl Of
i'ncLs. Get our prices , a Wheat
etc.—Cranbrook  Trading  Co,
The sidewalks on Armstrong Ave.,
ft ill he completed tonight and are a
credit to tbe city, adding much
the appe iranci    ■:   the  avenue.
Presbyterian Church
w.im.in Thomson
Morning services at 11 a in.
Morning .Subject   "Adam, the Child
Sunday  Schorl, and Bible Class 12
a in. —"Please note the hour.'
Evening s-rvlces at 7.30 p.m.
Bvening subject:   Eugenics and the
hrlstlan Evangel.'
Solo,  Selected.
Baptist Church
: I ur Further particulars Apply tu '.
\        Hanson Garage
I Norbury Ave. Cranbrook, B.C. ',
x\******** i-. ********************************
trip t.
Ma,,;,.:. J ;. ,1 thi
uccon.pan.ed     by
left yesterday or
, Nelson and  Other
Fink Merc.
her s ster
a  vacatlo
; ,..:iis.
Sunday morning service at 11 a.m.
Sunday school at 12:15 no0n.
Evening Gospel service at 7:30 p.m.
;    The    topic   oi the morning sermon
i will be    "The    Face ol .lesus cr the
| Face Set for Sacrifice,"   In the eve
ning    the    topic will lie "The Kingship nf Jesus or tlic Kingly Embassy
An emergency that allects tlrcat
Britinn's safety is an emergency that
nflects Canada's lioaur. There is nothing mythical) aliout an emergency
that cosls the people ol thc British
isles $250,1)110.000 every  vear.
The building committee of the Windermere District Hospital association is Calling Inr tenders for the
erection ol n modern hospital to be
erected at litveriuei'e heights; tenders
to he in hv August 15th,
Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. I,. McKay aud
family, and Miss (ierdentnii, motored
from Windermere tn Criinbri.nk Tues-
duy ami ure stopping nt. the Ornnbrook, They report hnvlng n pleasant  trip,
Father Walsh, Judgo Ryan nml Mr
ll'l'iinnell ni (he Royal linn'', wore
ill St Mary's Lake Helling lhls week
Tiie weather anil scenery wore excel.
lent Iml the hsh well, thev wouldn't
lute em! the party roturnod with but
Ihree Ilsh, ono each tn their rreillt
itltlNi:  VOUR OLD I'll'l' TO mills
liming the past month Oranbrook
hus been visited hy tourists from
many parts of the world. Hotel proprietors slate that „ targe numbor
of laud seeliei-R and otliers interested
in agriculture nro aowtintly arriving
Ladles' Skirts Pressed 2 c and up.
Wo French Dry clean all Garments
worn by Man, Woman or Child and
Guarantee nur Work. At Winnipeg
Prices—i iiiiuirook Cleaning Works,
Goods Cn'ieil For end Delivered,
Phono ir.7.
A strong feature will he shown at
lhe Auditorium tonight, including a
big two reci film entitled "The Leader ot His Flock" nn interest u„
story with a moral lesson; also the
Animated weekly, mul the slinin suffragette, Tho Arab Dervishes will
he at the Auditorium Tuesday.
The Young Peo ile ol the Baptist
h irch lulnl an Interesting social in
tne church on Wednesday evening,
ivhtn Mr. Stillmnii of Calgnry gnvt
a very Interesting address on "Wor.t
or youug people" touch i n ,i
honcilts, methods, and results. The
address was enjoyed by all present
Mr. Archie McKlnoon left on Thurs
lay   for   Ladysmith   in   response   to
following  telegram;     Ladysmith
********************** ************** 11111H■;:
I! Cranbrook j!
Co. Ltd.
Are now Ready to Furnish
Beer & Porter
Made only from the Choicest
of Hops and the Best Selected
Archie  Raworth    was    at    various
polnta ui thp Crow's Nest Pan. dur-
: in? the  week   nis >pctinsr  tlic   watches
: ol railway men.
T   H
E   A   T   R   E
FRIDAY   EVENING,   AU(,. 22nd,   1913
Billy "Single" Clifford :
Pr.se ill!*
Himself and Associates
in his Latest  Musical Sutirt'
"Believe Me"
■ i Mr. Clifford is ably  Supported  by   Vine  Collins,  Get,.
Gulo, Ida May, Joe Waldroil, and the three
sisters Weston the classiest musical
act from the Vaudeville
Stafje.    Believe
Brimful of Bright Sayings, Funny Complications
Made Especially for
Laughing Purposes
Brightest Comedy Seen in Year*
:: 14 Tuneful, Catchy Song-hits 14
*-*■* IIHIII l-l r**************************4, ,*.,*■ *
-Mis    j.
ihlldren, ler
nn  Thursi
ay   for
a   hoi
dav   trip to
Kort Willi.
in an»L
Winnipeg.   They ex
.•ci  to be
Tiie  Fin
away TT. out   t
wo  mouths.
!o.  are ver
-.   Merci
ntile   (
busy   ths
week   I
in   the  new
..XtUl.fi  h
i   their
dry  goods
Mr. and Mrs. K. Cotwnter, fj 0,
Johnson and H. C. SiSBons, of Spot.*
•t ne, were registered at the Oran
I rook on Monday.
Dr. mil Mm. Hugh Watt, who hnve
I een nt the const on a visit, passed
through Cranbrook 3 imd ay enroute
to their home in  Klko.
Their royal highnesses, the Duke
ami Duohess of CorfilaUght and party
left on Monday, on hoard the Alexander, for Sweden.
The ('ranbrook lacrosse team will
play a return match game with Fernie, at Fernie, about the 20th of
'bis month.
Ladies' .Skirt-. Pressed 2."c and up.
Fr-rn-h Dry Cleaning our specialty.
Cranbroo't   (1 aulng    Works,   Phone
Methodist Church
Rev. W. Elton Dunham
Sunday   Services:    The  pastor  will
preach at 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Morning service:—The pastor    will
preach,   Subject,   "The  Unjust  Stew
lard."    Thc Sacrament of the  Lord's
| Supper    will    he   administered    afte
! tlu* morning service.
Evening service: Mr. A. E. Still
man, of < aigary, will preach, subject, "The Greatest Sin." Mr.
Stillmnii will also sing during the
Home Industry
The Beer and Porter we make
is alive with health and vigor
Cleanliness is a strict Virtue
and we insist upon it in the
manufacture of all our Beers
Phone 171 P.O. Box 264 f
lllll II ll'l 11111111114111111111111111III ****',',
English Church
Rov. E, P. Flowelling Hector
Holy Communion at 8:00 a.m.
Matins anil Holy Communion 11:00
Bvening wllh specinl address 7:30
Mr. mnl Mrs. .1. Draper leave to
.lay |or l.tthi.iiii;;,. where they will
■mead a lew il ivs before proceeding
to Calgary nnil Hunt! for n holiday
and Mrs. E. I'ni'th, ol MUvnil.
Wis.,   li. C, Shocsmltll,    ■ ''Iiinii,I ('. I.. Horst, i,| Milwaiii'i.
guests at  tiie Cranbrook Mon
Mis.    a.   Ii.   Macdonald
M,,n,lm    for   Vancouver in
t . n telegram stating tlmt
A. Macdonald hnd dlod on
tin i
business   these
comi lalnlng
lor it" returned tho
Local   News
i     [lodge,
city ii onda
. I rwton,
.,li   blltflUCHH
wan m lhe
Wuh    upwarde    ol
moulding   to   cboouc
match  any  room  ol   i
Elmore   Staples   motored   in    It«h
Wyclifle Friday on business.
Simon Taylor was at  Rlko   Thun
day, on business.
Mrs. ohver Burgs, of Porr)   Creek
wns shopping  in gown  Tuesday
"    samples ol      w\    M.   King,   oi    Bpoknne, waaa
from, we can  giiesi „t thi  Cranl k Bunday l.< *
it  .tii\  'a te	
WaUon,   ,,i   i ,\ eston,    was
ii Monday,
C   Smith
,i wycinie, wns ii, town
,,(   Villi*      .ul.   -I,.,;.
..    on   IVednoidnj
i.-i „ choice lulcy wate
'i,'In-,   Ira I*.   Manning,
!>■    A   ll.  I an...    ,,l W
i the city Monday,
Preparation! Ior the rohulldlng ..I
the planer, which was destroyed Inst
week, ut Wardner ims commenced
nn,I ilie work is to he inislii'il lor
•mrd us rap dly ^s possible,
The compl'ntlon ol lho votors list
i.r Hi,, city ol Calgary, complotod nn
Tuesday, gives that olty 10,139 more
otere   than   »'■    tho   list lust
v. lar
'    'Ilu.
will   I
■ Ill'HiltV.
o'clock, i
We have the
Yuu have bcen looking for
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill
CRANBROOK,     •      B. C.
Au«ust 20th-Ale\'s house blown up
He is s.'iiously injured. K'umily cb-
caped. No lurther pnrticulars belli':
obtainable Mr. McKinnon decided to
■jo to Ladysmltii   mmediately
Mr. an:l Mrs, Hurry i'ettit and
family oi .Medicine Hat, are viBiting
fiienils at Onn rook this wce't. The
party motored from tlic Hat and had
a verv pleasant experimee comine,
throu h the Crows N'cst Pass and
report the roads as in fairlv good
eonditiou (or motoring.
Cliff Stccves, oi thc Cranbrook
Hotel, who has been enjoying . holi-
dny visit to his home nt Moncton,
N.B., returned to Crnnbrook on Saturday last. He wns accompanied ny
his sister, .Miss 11, Stceves, wbo wi".
stay in the city a few days then visit her sister at Kdmouton.
The papers tell of a cl; rk who asked „ customer seeing the latest style
to sit down and wait few minutes as the style was just changing.
Apropos to this, as a match lor it:
One ol our merchants relates that p
woman looked a friend's newest suit
mi exclaimed, "Why, that's one ot
last week's suits."
See our wiadow for Water Melons—
Ira H. Manning.
A quiet but very pretty wedding
look place at the Knglish Church,
Wednesday evenliit, when Rev. B. F.
Plewelllng united in mnrriage Mr.
William Whiting, of Cranbroo't, to
Mus Edith Adele Kirkpntrick, nisi,
ol this city. A lew friends ol the
contracting parties were present
They will reside in Crnnbrook.
Tlic   Suez Cnnal did more business
lust   year    than e\ei- before.    Its di
rectors ho not believe its traffic will
Ic interlerrcd witli by the openin.. in
two    ycuis   ol   tho   Panama  Cnnal.
'ibere   will  lie    work    enough,    they
think    (or both to do, and there are
new regions to be opened up s,, thnt' only   at  the   time   ol purchnse.    All
both tlide aitillcial straits will havo( tbe merchants are ready and wlll ng
to give customers all information
le-arding the new plan, as well as
lo assist thom in arranging lor business under thi cash system. Cm-
plan that has much to recommend it
is for thc customer to open n 'deposit account' with his dealer, providing for fair interest on the amount,
nnl goods tuny then be obtained
against this deposit without the lar-
mer having to go down Into his
jenus every time lie has tn send into
town lor n package of groceries,
mnthint' repair or some 'terbnc'
The advantage of cash on tlio in
should   be   obvious,     It will enable
A country editor says thut recently he received a card which contained the following: "Please send a
few copies ol the paper containing
the obituary of my aunt. Also pub-
llth the enclose clipping t)i the marriage ol my niece, who lives In Texas. And I wish you would mention
in your local columns, II it does not
cist anything that 1 have two bull
calves fo:- sale. As my subscription
is out | lease stop my paper. Times
is too bard to waste money on news
In Nauainio, the Chlel ol Police
seems to be having considerable
trouble with the United Mine Workers ol America, ln nil probability
the Attorney General's department
[will ta'e over toe irf'orcement ol
will ta.e over the enforcement of
Neeu, oi tho citv police lorce was
struck hy missiles end a number of
workmen were injured, in one case
seriously, ami a. ntsn bv the name ol
Hell received n deep gash in thc
head. After tiie riot, the Mnyor
wired Premier McDride that the sit.
ua bn wbb beyond thc coutrol ol the
local police ard rcuuested the govern
ment to take a hand in the nflalr.
.-'everal special police were despatched from Victoria with more tr. foi
low if Ihe situation requires it.
P. O. Box 802 Cranbrook, B.O
Ab foicasteil last week in the Prov
ince, lnnesfail merchants, realizing
the ruinous tendency of the prevailing credit system (ruinous to both
customer and merchant alike), have
decided to inaugerate a strictly,
cash system.
Practical,y all the retail business
People i*J. the town have agreed that
alter the Ist ol October next, they
will   init   with their goods for cash
For Sale Rents & Wants
sbytcrv   "I tho Kootonaya
ui ii'i-iiliii Pall Si'ssint) at
.by tor Inn Church nu Wed
ngust   27th,    1913  in I:m
WANTED Ilnr.ie to ride and drive;
also saildle. Must In* cheap for
mull.- I'l'iispi'i-tiir Olllce. 112
Alex,    ftnttrny,
town Wednesday,
<»f    Ynhk,    sa   in
I.i,.. i,
M in.
Carlson,   ,,f lnvermere,  was
,ii  ili.- i i, ti irook WedneHiln)
C,  I,   ayro, .,i  11.,,..
Wednesday on Imvinens,
H    II.  li,. mi. of  Wn
llll-  city   Vtfiln.'Mlnv
'..-III.   Ill    t.,\Ml
Men's ,si,it. Pressed :,it.   Crnnbrool
donning   ,,,,ik.,    Phono   r.-
nniNo vi'i'it hi.ii iii'i' to iiiiii
im.,\ri-: ron itKi'Mit.-i
i i   ii
ie ,lnw,
■ :*n io
in,    i
As   :,
i   llll,I'll.
lady i.iii.I .Him bl
nynsim ul subdivision,
.   idinlrnl Hob lOvnn*
10     I I      "t llllllll
 ii.-i  nl iml. about
I'll nil'  t-'li'C 'l'li'tis.
iu  iiiniii  oihlhltlnn building    lor
Heptomber  mth ami 19th.    Apply
Sec'y Arr.  Asst. 38**2|
V! the business they con do
On Tuesday evening the Rev. w. K.
Dunham united In marriage, Mr.
Sidney Iiamboiigh of this eil- to
MIhr Florence Draper, ol fernie.
Tho ceremony took place at lhe new
residence of the contracting parties,
mi Van Hosno Street. Mr. Ramhoiigh
is a baggage-master on the cp.it.,
nnd it won known in Cranhrook,
oi Montrenl,
officer, says
that ball a million people will enter | lbo merchant to do away with con-
Canadn this year, ami tlmt every sidernblo bookkeeping expense, to
man among them who wants work I or dii-hom si man's debts, nn share
enn lint it. He says too, that Ih a* ol thc high bookkeeping oxpoiibob, aad
newcomers are strong, healthy, and he wlll know that he has pnld Ills
of   good   character.   If thla in true, I way.
Caii-ida must tie prospering, whatever people may say about tbe senr-
city ol money.
Application for the formation ol  i
Itiile aseoolatlon hns be n forwarded
to    headquarters   by   the  Divisional
captain   nf   Victoria,   and riilcs and purchase
ammunition will be forwarded  with-  largely.
out delay to members „t Cranbrook.
The snnge for tnrget practice lias
Icon selected east ol town nnd .very*!
Ihlng will lie in shape bv the timo
the riilcs and ammunition arrives
exhibition spaces j for members lo get out fltt'i prao-
tico . Tin1 ineiiiiljorshlp ol the com-
puny II. Ilioroasltlg dally. f
In every way thc inaugeration ol
the straight ca.li system should re
suit in better conditions in nil
brunches ol trade. It Is o'nt d that
most of the storekeepers at outlying points in the country arc willing
to ion in tbe good work.
moro   cheaply   and   more
to   fed   more secure in hla
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook       -       B. C.
Advertisings Insurance
An advertisement ia an Insurance policy. It insures a-
gainst Iosb through the purchase ol goods ol inferior quality. Whin you buy goo'e tbat
are advertised you know you
getting the best. Makers ol
Pcor articles can't afford to ad-
vertla* tbem in this paper even
lf advertising would be profitable to thorn, which Is unlikely-
unlikely because truth and reliability are thc essin-e ol sue
cos, lul advertising.
You don't take chaiicis when
you   tmy   advertised goods, because   11   by   any chance there
should lie anything wrong with
the   goods   there Is the reputation of nior.-li-.iiil and manufacturer hack of them, and any article that Is not up to the advertised  specifications   will   be
Install officers
At tlio last mooring ol Maple Leal
lloliekiili Lodge, tho following o.licen
were in.tiillcd by Illstrict Deputy
Mln llondall, assisted by Urnnd Marshall Sis. 8, J. McFarlane.
Noble liranii, S.s. Maude Hlcken-
lotliiiii, Vii'f.firand Sis. Ida Baxter;
Rio. Sec, Sin. Ada Hickenbotham'
Fin. Sec., sii. Alma Llddlcoatt;
Tri'iis., Sis, I,ilia illainc; Chap., SiB.
(elostln Bennett; Pnot N.U., Sis.
I'I a Tii)lor; Conductor, Sis. May
( h ipmiiu; Warden, sis. Pearl Bird;
It.S.N.G,, Sla, A. B. Parker. L.H.N.
Cl., Sis. Johnson R.S.V.O.. His J.
Campbell; L.S.V.O., Mia. Alice CBm-
ooi.n; I.e., Sis. E. lirydi.ii O.O..
Uro. R, Webster,
Make New Record
Fifty-i no atnrted In the swimming
. Kilisou tbo Btrong twi
entitled   "All   El   Clillllllii
minor, wns
bus ih.
8, I*. Iliniil..
Miind/iv Insl   n
A. Ilollalln
i  'I'm s,lay,
A    r.iine'iiii, of Mi,vio.  was
I i-ity Tuesday on builnen,
Salt, n
teal ill,
llllIVs   -
old   mil it
About    twenty-five     Conservatives
nioliiiiiil   to   Fori   tttoolo  on  Thins
liny to attend a quiii'torl.' mooting ol
I lho District Conservative association
i eel Considerable 'business ol importano
Heel was transacted,  and  the   part
turned well pleased with the
This is water Melon Benson-
It'll II.
Mrs. ,M. .Minion.
Cranbrook visitor
nf    Moylo   was .
ii Bunday Inst,
A.  II, Tl'ltos nf  Fernie,   w
Ity Thursday on business.
,1 il
i ..iniu,■
lhls  I.
\erv  lunny-;
gets  nllltv.	
Quite n numbor of the motnliors of    wm   t**"-'   ll"-*   llc ""'M rated at
the Cranbrook Pishing flni, woro out crrnbrnok, is the question   that  i
an    Sunday   last    to    tholr   Invorlto btln*   nsliel.     Labor Dny, witli one
1 mares   and    flovoinl i„„ ,1 baskets "f excelt.l,,n,   bus   always   boon    Cnn-
I trout  were rniigbl.    Parties nl   Per- brook's lm   dav.    Let tbo Labor nii'ti
ry frock report catchos ol over ion. got together und celebrate no usual.
Do you know wo nro giving prizes
for llrciiil inliilo frum Pride ol Al
belt a and ll ft K Flour at the Fair?
He sure nml enter.—Crnnbrook Trading Co,
Tbe Cranhrook Baseball loam lelt
on Friil iy for Sunt point where
lliey will piny the local team. Tbo
'tin I Pointers uro the Boinl-i rnlci s.
ioiinl champions ol Eastern Wnnhlng-
lon nnd Idnlio and lmvo a Ion*
String of victories tn tholr credit,
ibo Cranbrook tonm is tho champion
of ili» Kootonaye nnd will glvo ih*
-'nud Pointers n run for tholr mon a
lloforo lhe two games nro finished,
there slioitd be some first class ball
playing. |
biisiiims   enterprise,   and   in   other
wave generally brighten him uii
The advnnt'igis to the consumer
are o ninlly main. He Ib not to bc
bother il witli accounts coming in at
nn awkward time, there wljl be no
wo rv over nniuiid nocornts, ho will
lm able to choose from n more varied stock bought on better terms by r"''' ncross Toronto Day, on August
lh'i merchant ml at better prices*9th, a dls'anee ol one nnd threc-
Ih in I irmorly. lln Will not hnvo to -ii'lits tulles. Four ladles wero en-
pay my  proportion nl the careless, ..,.„,, „„,, „„ -„.„,,.,* the „.. ,„„■„.
 oi fifty minutes,    rt. II. M. l.otndOB
Words of Wisdom   iTmnt iicam, „i me m.a.a.a.,
"     ' I, n'io    the Caniidinn 100 yard swlinl
Tis want ,,(courage not to bo con lnln.   rccal,,   t|,e ,„y ttt „a„
tent.   llev. Charlos Churchill. ,„,   ,. ,„. -^.^ 0„.mpl(,n,hlpB.
It was with precise accuracy that|"wl"""'"b' **>" dl.tanco n 1.02 4-r,
Shlstlor appllod the tirms ol music! noilny, the M.A.A.A., won the 220;
to his painting, for painting, when Mcillll won the UO; Lvons, M.A.A.A.
It alms at being the vision ol reality won tn„ |,|.*- ,,,„„. Dehrens, ol New
oreoro1'r,r^r»s.rn&rnriholVork, th. va.i.ty dive, aad O.oday
conditions nl music—Arthur Hymona^he lOO yards on hack.


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