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The Prospector Feb 8, 1913

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Array ■•■■-./
B.C. Government Agent--'!,'
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leases and
Ouanuttes Youi a Pit
The   Leading Newspaper
in  the
$2.00 Per Vear
JOHNSON BROS. Proprietors
A. A. JOHNSON, Manager
Where Everybody Goes"
A Specially Good Programme for
Saturday, February 8th—Matinee & Evening
Mystery of the Bridge of Notre Dame
A startling story of 40 great scenes.
C. R. Coulter feature productions in 3 reels.
"The Lesser Evil"
A strong Biograph drama
"The Katzenjammer Kids in Schools Days"
A very laughable comedy—very interesting to the children
Song—"Just a Dream of You"
By Cyril Newton
_W    Don't Fail to Come and Hear the New Orchestra    V
tf 4 11 llll llll III 11111 M -H--M--M--^
P*f"|»fri-|s>|>i|,|'a|"|ii|>>|i*|*|—|>-|~|<-|»|<-j>-j*, , •fH^^|,f*|^'|**|,-i*|''r-|,il"l,ii"|',l'T"'r,l*^
4   ::::
* •
e* ■
Brass Beds
Full Size--satin or
bright finish
Pillows 2 inches
Fillers 5-8
Don't overlook the fact that
this is a BRASS BED we are
offering  at
Good Value at $25.00
**** *t-t*******-******l* III I ***
*M . . I-1 I ****************
•|«|»|.»|.<|-f|.-|--|<-f >-|>'|<.-| i i|H|, r| »|i i*| •r>|M|»|sf|w|tr|«|ri|li|,i|N|N|ai|i 11 i| ,r |-a|..| >|*
Illl.H'l.lt H-W-M-M-H-+-I
+ 4
This week we have to an
nounce to our readers our re
gret for the lack of reading
matter of local interest.   Immediately after our  fire last
week we notified the Insurance
Company and   we  are   now
awaiting adjustment of same
We are hoping next week to
again be able to give our read
ers the news they are looking
for.   At present our type-set
ting machine is entirely out of
commission and it now stands
waiting for an expert to come
and put it to rights.
Vineland Cauned Tomatoes,
3 cuns for 50c.; Vrueland Sugm
Corn, 2 cans for 50c; Vineland
Wax or Htr-inu Beans, 2 cans for
25c; Vinuland Standard Peas,
3 cans for 40c. at—
75c. buys $-1.00 worth of goods in
our china department.—Campbell and
•J. F. L. Alexander, of F'erntc, government agent, spent several days irt
Cranbrook this week.
Oood second hind machines, (II
makes, for sale at Singer Store, from
$5.01) up.    Also to rent.    Phone 157.
Born—At Cranhrook on Monday,
February 3rd, to Mr. and Mrs. P.
DeVere Hunt, a daughter.
Dates for the Cranbrook Agricultural fair has been set for September
16th and 17th.
The Farmer's Institute will meet at
the residence ot Mr. T. S. Gill on
Wednesday,   February    12th, at 7..10
New bargains every day In china,
crockery and glassware.—Campbell
and Manning.
Born—At Craubrook on Wednesday,
• ■+ February 5th, to Mr. and Mrs. P.
I J] \ Moffat, a daughter.
Mrs. Slssons will receive for Mrs.
; J t Harrington the second Thursday ln
. i +  the month.
Stop! Read this! Drop Head, best
finish, Singer Sewing Machines are
sold for 160.00. Terms: $5.00 cash
and $3.00 per month. No interest.
$55.00 lf paid regularly at $5.00 per
month, or $50.00 cash. So you sec
they cost very little more than the
cheap machine and you know you
'.',',', have thc best machine on thc market.
 Phono 157 for a tree trial for     one
',',',',  week.    This will convince you.
Cauliflower, celery, lettuce, ripe,
tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and rhubarb.—Campbell and Manning.
Next week there will bo a number
of two nnd three reel features shown
at the Edison theatre Don't fail to
see these pictures.
We alwaye advise people who have
stomach or bowel trouble to see »
doctor. But to times who do not
wish to do tbls we will say: try the
mixture ol simple buckthorn bark
glycerine, etc., known ai Adler-1-kal
Thle simple new remedy ie so powerful that JUST ONB DOSH usually
relieves eoirr stomach, gas on the
stomach and constlp-tlon QUICKLY.
Peonle who try Adler-1-ka are eur-
•irleed nt IU QUICK action. TN
Beattie-Murphy Oo. «Mt
To whom it may concern: Take
notice tbat Sing Dut Gong on the
2*th of Januiry, 1913, l.oiuht over
from and pritd cash for pigs, horsis,
harness, wagons, tools and Implements, that have been us-d on
Chlng Sung-a Garden to whom all
the above belon ed.
(Signed! Sing Dat Oong,
•5-4t Purchaser.
At Hut'ed-rc, Man., on Monday,
January 20th, at the bo*no of the
bride, Mr.   II. Woodland, ot     Crnn-
hrooh, and Miss S. Beach, of Rutledge, Man., were united In marriage. The happy couple spent thi-lr
honeymoon at thc coast, and returned
to Craiilirnnk on Saturday last,
wliere they will reside.
There will he a regular moet'n? ol
the Overseas club on Tuesday, February llth, at ft p.m. sharp, nt
whlrh thi new elected officers and
executive committee will announce
their programme for the next few
A quarterly meeting of the Cranbrook District Conservative association will he held ln Matin-son's hall
on Friday, February Hth.
There Is no sewing machine made
in .the same class as a Singer. The
public at large will tell you they are
thc best machine.—Singer Store,
phone 157.
At thc Edison theatre tonight two
screaming comedies, Bedatio has the
Toothache, Pathe's Weekly and thc
three reel feat-ire tho Circus Catastrophe.
Singer Sewing Machines the world
over are concotlcd tho best machine.
Why? Because lliey liuvc mnde good,
It Is no experiment when you buy a
Singer, snd you have the Singer Co.
guarantee. This means a whole lot.
Sold on smnll monthly payments at
Singer Store, Cranbrook St. Phone
W.   W.   K1I.BY
P.O. Box so? Crsnhrortk, B.C
Mondnv and Tuesday.—"Tho Godi
of Torture" or "The Coil of Sun," a
great, feature full of thrillings from
tin-lnnlng to ohrl—8 reels.
Balkan Wnr Pictures—I reel.
"A Smuggler's Daughter," a western drama, featuring C. M. Anderson
—1 reel.
Wrdnesdav snd Thurs-lav—"The Ac-
rohnts OaiHit.er," a grent featme,
picturing rlmis life In three reels.
Lord Mayor's show.
Friday nnd Ratnnl-iv—"Fhim-hled"
In 8 reels, Interesting feature of a
sailor's cxperlrn-es.
A very laughable comedy—1 reel
MEN—Don't Buy Anything until
you have examined our stock and
compared prices.
Our stock is much too  large  and
will have to be reduced to make
room for the Spring Stock.
Money may not talk  but it will
have a great effect on our clerks.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Everything in
Trunks, Suitcases-
Grips, Handbags,
8th February
Your choice of
Any Article in
East   Window
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
CRANBROOK,      •      B. C.
The Greatest Care
has been exercised in se-
Iccting these sponges and loofahs.
They are consequently good, of the
liin-st texture through nnd through—no
rough or had spots. Low grade spoil!;.",
nnd loofahs soon tear—these are ituarantccd
to last many years under fair conditions.
Come     in     today    aril    inspect    them.
"The Rexall Store" THE  PROSPECTOR, CllANMtOOK,   B. C.
A Modern Romance
Yes, .-'Ir     I am afraid that  I waa
partis responsible, waa the reply.
Vou! Hilda   cried   angrily.   Whal
aasli toi
For'. Rouge, Winnipeg, ii clear tilled, lots ami
Improved ii-iarior op* halt section of western land.
30 Horse Power automobile and somo clear title lots  and
good Improved half section,
3 fully modern houses centrally situated In Winnipeg well r<
western hnd.
Write us for list or choice Winnipeg  investments,  also  for
on fortunes mado In Winnipeg real estate which will Interest y
22 Canada Life Building,       Winnipeg, Man
wild or
cash for
inted for
Bo mile,
barge, Uir
Vou Bee,
ashed for
is lhe
que thai I
Hiram snld
lory alright,
•in the point
yarn sounds
tliofjue was
; best ] i
« a s i
One of Mr. Crawley Brnuu's. It
was for twentj pounds, bul Mr. Brann
Bald thai ho only drew II for two
pounds, Tin figures had been clear-
Is alti n d. I can only say that I-
am very soi ry. I, myself, would
never have made a fuss aboul It, I
always liked tho young gentleman,
and evi n now i can't bring myself to
think Ma! ho did it.
Do you know anv reason why Mr,      •N"- >  don l       T never likei
Seymour Bhould bavi   had ri cheque  out i bavo only   seen   lilm   or
from  ilrann?    Hiram asked of Ull- twice, Vaughan answered.
,t;i- .; r m  was di ep in thought
tfone at nl'       rhoy hardly knew   a ddenlj  his face brightened
[iu.it the lii^s
I am going to
1 will wire
y solicitor to bring down the besl
counsel thai  money   can buy. and it
strikes me thai we   will   give   Mr.
Cn •■' :■ Brann a pretty tough time of
lt.     The puzzle (o me is that t can'l
[i I ■'- bat reason he bad for
ting you
into    trouble
ono anothor.     l can't understand !t
[ am too b wild, red to think,
Can  you  tell  me anything  more?
Mr. M nage:? Hiram asked
So.    That's all 1 know, bul i Bhould
li]« to tell yoi young ladiea thai my
sympathies -t
and if I can
f will.
Thank you
How did V
of the forge.
War. he ver
*•   with   Mr.
do an; thing tc
help blm
Hilda answered grate-
r, Brann take the news
;*.? Hiram asked quietly.
Ko, only mgry.     Bu; whal do you
mean', lhe Manager asked.
Nothing at present.. The Ure):
thing is to co and see if we can't hail
him out, Next I want to interview
Mr. Brann. Don'- worry, child. By
this time tomorrow you will be laughing ai it as a Joke. Mr. Manager
do you mind taking me round to the
police Atari-'?.?
"With pleasure, air, was the an ■ i
that caused a grim Biutle to twl ih al
Hie coiners of Hiram'.'*! mouth,
When they  spoKe to thi   ■■-.. ■
tehdonl at the   police   Btatioi    they
found thai bail waa oul ■f the n, ies-
Vou see the charge Is a '•■•:        '■ ■'
one; but of course, Die prisoner ( •
be able to apply to the niagla rates
I suppose yon will not objeel to raj
seeing the prisoner, as you call him.
r wish to   arrange   about    ihi    de I
In due course Hiram wus admitted
I •'   .'. ' '       gol it, he salt!
edly.      Lei   ta    lell  you  i Igbl  no*
thai I ■ ifnl.   ■ la a good job that you
i look otter you.     ir
[n'l yo I'd it-1 In. the deuce cf a
Good nighl.   And don't   be
to       parted       ■ '■   the bj e, any mos-
]f you'd   • 11 yiiss Granl thai.
l undi rstnnd.     I'll an)     mucl
■ ., -■,..-- .., ■   an -..■• me.   Loofc here,
young fellow, I tl \     A i you
■ rn  ' of good,
Ete  I ii
thing to ■-. ■ l    ibo .'       :'      aothei
*-':.   '   '
G lod •) .  '
Not the tame
Time was when he had been an officer iu a ;raclt regiment. Hut he
had fallen on evil days. -Now lie was
compelled by forco of circumstances
to resign his commisaion, and enlist In
another regiment as a humble private.
He found it, however, very hard to
forget his former position, and when
ho was requested by a sergeant to hold
!iis horse he remarked!
Er—jou—er—forget, sergeant, that
l once held his Majesty's commission.
Tho sergeant looked al him in the
cold and critical way that only n aer*
geanl can.
Did you, nr. son? he asked. Well,
you can Just hold one or his   Ua Ies-
A Pill for AM Seasons.    W | .1
summer in any latitude, whether In
torrid zone or ire c i- ape n wc
Parmel - a Vegetable Pilla ■ i
pended upon '.» do their work. The
.ly-p: ptic ".v find them a friend always and -:■'* ild cam "-!■ in with him
every when , Tin y are mad n h
stand anj 11 ■ o ai i are warranted
to keep their freshness and sin ngtli
Thi v ,i ■ uol gro* Btal . ■ ■, lallts no
possessed in man>  pills no
:i:     1(1 ■
Si rang      Could
fellow whosi
.Tom      ■ -   r an   tb
Strangei    v.   ■    .
■ ou   11 Ip  h   pool ]
■■■, was -
- -   - bad not had
ad s
Mir.ard'*   Licltrent   Cu**ee   OiEhttier'j
■ ' is
.     a q -    :~      -    ii -hv
•    .   ■   \.     ■ ■     ■ id Trunfc Pa
■ ad rquate
Method Has Pcen Devised For Plant
■ng Scalps
"' s In I) ['"civii..■ bits del Isod a
method for Implanting hair into the
scalps of bald headed p- n >a 11
] iw ! " ■ " H ihi pi .. - u .-ciip is
Oral in nil] i lennsi d nnd nnos lie
used witli u solution of vo* »ea ■
rhe opi rator ns,-., n number ol   m ill
■ ado ol cold wire uud n I n
eyelel of tii.-ii hook n doubly folded
'■'■> i ii li h ti il i io hook i- then
i' ; i ■ • the scalp with the aid or
b  Pravni i m   llo ot which from 300
to  400 , u   i a illness all  prepared
n    i     ■"[.  and  ftnlr  and of course,
i r nii v ati' :■ ,i before use
V\*l i n the ix -ii.' has bi en pushed
Into the scalp Ii Is nmed .. a i ghi
■ I then pulled out, h uvlug
the bair under Lho ktu rnstened by
■ id ns end ol ihe hook. Ab
al oue sltttug nol more ihan from
■<•" to 100 hair   cai   be implan i d, a
■ ; »f ha'i iv,i Llrcfi from h e ity
live to rorly sittings, assuming thai   ,
from 10.000 lo 20.000 hairs will cover I !l!??ff.a r,'
pad. I):. Szekelj is some times
able u. appij Ui,. treatment every alternate da). ir lucre is .-in inflammation around ;. hair lhis is pulled
"-• and the Inflammation prompt I v
...    ■-.
i   .'■   b haa Just
argi  . ■-'    oi ■
three dejected en to whom,!
■ • :
■ Id build-
I to the Gnu I Ti u k
■ :n Vaughan,
A New R.ice
I' o .--or   s3teXansson   reports   the
discover;  of a trlbi   of l3BquimoB iu
MaoKcnzie's Land who have red hair.
Theso people Iin-,.* no history iimt
■     -fr.   Brann did no       ■       •   •■■,-. rill, lv,,mnt.     Like Topsy, they
1   waa oni: Deafnes? Cannot be Cured jUS| growed. v"
■'"-■■ by local    poll sUons,    a»   ihey   (.-intiot '
at Ib Ju3l thi    devil   of Of  reach ihe atieaaed pot tion ot ihe e*r.
.  :,■■■■■';  Rflv  .hm   be cave    a   '•'!'•";''■, u onty en-.* way ;o euro avii.n^u,
.     Rri that  la b    conKltutlonal remedle*.
Di-'srr.'-i--  :* reused by an lnl.am-?d
are   abOUl
Thc\ bavi
iwo thousand of
i degree nf Intel
to the cell, and ho was  pleased lo hie has laid hi
see that Vaughan was by no meat
dejected.     In fact   he   waa   boiling
uith rage.
You Uon'i know me, young sir. I .
it ni Hiram IC Horner, of New York
Pity, 1 have just como from your
\jung lady, ..Tiis.. Hilda Granl I.*'1
me have a lock at you.
Hiram Blared at Vaughan for a mo
ment, and apparently ho was satisfied with his inspection. ;
You're all rlghl.     Now lell me your!
But I don- know you sir. Wby
should I?
Please don't wasLo my-time      H's
valuable.      I  may as well tell you \
1 am on the track of this Crawley
Brann, and vou'll be doing me a good ■
turn by hulp.'ng me to (rap htm.
Voung prigi he muttered to himself,
This little experience will do him a
world of good.
Now you cnn Juai tell me how yon !
ramo to have -his ehcpio from Crawley Ilrann.     Ulrnm continued aloud. ;
Vaughan related what had taken
place.     When lie had finished Hiram!
' ■ .   -   ' ■   Si ' mour  for  two   po  ;  :-.
and T mnsl own thai his tale is very
pin isible,     Mr. Brann is no fool, and
plans with grea  care,
1 defeat him.     By the
■ry much like to know
!;:-•   I    <:  1'^   Wi
diuen of ih< p itcoua lining of Uie Euo-
tuol'.'an Tube. When ihia tube ia fn-
(laiD<*tl vou -■&>•« a tumbling souinl or
Imperfect he iinff, nnl wii--n it i» '■nttre- i
ekied, Di ilneas la lha result, nnd un-
leu the Inflammation can be taken oul;
and thla tube restored to Its normal con-
telegrams I think I'll just have
In at Sunnicote.     I'll be back
Hiram orde 'ed his car, and he found
Hal all was poace at tho cottage.
tavid Clay was awake, and Hiram
aft  him for a few minutes.
I Know  wh mi you wont mc to lell
Hn r
the in.
Ilgence which the regular 12sn.utui.os
do not possess. They have red hair,
blue eyes and a tendency to argue
about religion. Some of them are
artistically freckled.
Many of their names begin with
Mac, and they have a way of*address-
-  -        ,:.:„*.,:.  .-. "nta^ilSLrln-n'iTnr/ii!!„*"""•"""*   "■■"
,..„;..... ...;.., --.,:. ■■■rsr-.. , aonrras in... llm. r .Mnn.
We will nt <- ":io Hundred Dollar, for      OutB grow rai'thci* nor-tlj Uinri \\iro.il
uty  . r i>r,r.H.sjo.u.pd|i.y <-ai»_rrh)i.inr] vrhpther Ureso Haritiiraoa nre foil
on uiils or not Profesnor Stofansrroir
il..- s uot brj .
llm Mi., world will resl easy on Pro-
fcsBor Stpfruisson's report until we
linil wlrothor lragglm and ontmeul imve
ployed their parts In Uro hirsute color
t-lnan   i»  at   thr   pir-   on;.:-, !--m:;vot ».::! '-.-  J.o-'O'j: n'i lot ^ver
Arter I've  Bent  ulT  ain. e««..out of ten are caiutM^j-cw
lhal cannot be rurfd bv Halls Catarrl
Cine.     Son.l ror circular., free.
P. . . OHENB. 4 i*0.. Toledo, O
s   i ir. Drueglats. TFie.
Take Ball'. RLrnrly nil. (or cun»tli,a
I tlon.
Millions  of   Matches ,	
Mendlr tin      You aro      r:llv  ^'"M'* "6°  -VC!"' BTB-nUtallior Bcbcme of thiB tribe of Esnulmos, who
tier tonlEllt I can soc  nought matches lied np In bunches,   not only linvc red hnlr. Iml are red-
sell just ns quickly as Tire** were   thick   wooden   matches | headed,
I bring har- out li
Thon In
I don'l
,-.- are of
leu III
and spoke very
I  .hml
lho Un
ronllnuo'l hla riuostlon
Did you
I'.ll  pot  ll?
.N..I purl I
ll nnd nm,'
for- me.
Where',  tin     mono*.-    no
you givon li  iu Misa (Irani
No, 1 forgol all aboutII,
en suddenly to London.
In II in your pockal nov,
i have Hue.- ilu- pound n
changed tho fourth.     Vou
nol e\i i to Btay tin nlgl
nnd 1 am short of inoni y.
liiinl.  I
one Of I
1-   tO   iMsll
III   1
1 did n
matter If I cluing'
for 1 bad money he
and woul'J
pounds be
eng. rly.
That ti
looks li;.i'.
!'  Iiielltv
in   Bald
Iii  fact,
***    /   '
ee   any   reason   why   we
a\o n douhla wedding, .lust
that I'vo said lliat, and if
lie manic opinion to-morrow
ii ti\ ii np, and run down Lo
rlo for our honeymoon, Why
mm, ymi look bettor nlreadj.
Tin rn was no sign of Crawley
nrnnn, >o lie rotnrncd t'- Hip hotel.
Willi ^.riiii earo he ordered his dinner und then went to the telephone.
Mny fair, 872, please, te there any
delay? Oood. In two or three minutes ho began lo speak.
i- thot  you, Mr,   Wilson?     I am
li  -nnl   K     llorm r.    I   want   yon  to
. i Dim 'to   Uognor.    You've   got    mj
vm ■,..'     That's rlghl.    Who's lhe boat
counsel?     Ves, criminal.     -f>n guln-
. ah man,     1 don't care if ii in a thou*
Kind,      BrliiR   h'ni down  with you.
The ' aso I • not a simple one.     I'll
get the lieu .lit, postponed till twelve.
■:■ od-night,
Th" dinner was served and Hiram
: - . ■ It waB eaten.
Xo    appetite,    Miss    ('ram?   You
!■ ,.      '. or v.hat  will   your   young
man say. If he sees yon
in irrow.
Ue loohi d at  thi ni  a
with strong-smelling sulphur heads, j Evidently Professor StefnnsBon has
Many of these matches your grand-! nevi r heard of Mac pliers on Macgrogor
father bought and used carefully and who wns lot-t off the New Bedford
sparingly, camo from a little shed whaling ship, Mary Ann, in Baffin's
rloso to Gloucester, j ^:i-v'
'there, with a few willing hands
ith  a  genial
it uoctor Kane. In his very IntereBtr
help hhn, a .Samuel John Morelandjing memories, tells how t.hls man
turned out matches which, although drifted ou an ice-floe aud Anally reach-
the host of their time, were very crude [ ed Uie mainland.
tilings compared with tlio neal boxes Doctor Kane found Mncgregor In j
of matches you imy today. Uppornavlli and offered to take him
But Moreland had realised that In book to civilization. The Scotohuiai
tnatohes was to be found a fortune. 1 declined the invitation, and explained
llo determined lhat Moreland's match- thai In was beaded for MacKcnzio's
cs Bhould be famous. -Land  where be  proposed  to stall   a
Today ln place oT that Utile shod I Vtopion colony and lead the Ideal
and aim out on iho same spot there jl.lfe.
Btands n huge factory lhal turns out | That was the las! reliable inforu.n
Moreland's "IHngland's Glory," match- tion that ibe world bad of Mncpber
es al tbe rate of twelve million an son Macgregoi, of Now Bedford, fo-m-
hour. t orly of Glasgow,
Tin inatcli making machine is real-     ir there la any connection between
ly tie1 Inst word iu machinery. After Professor Stefniisson's discovery tii!
the blocks or Umber have hem cut the Inst tidi.-.gs of Mncphevson M-i*.
up  Into  splints,  the machine takes gregor, let tho woiId assume It.
them, holds them in the proper post*      Stefans^on Is a great man, bul h
t'"ii and dips them in paraffin. seems to lack the poetic Imagination
After that it just puts their beads I us woll as being shorl on perspicuity
Into tho composition nf which the [and perspicacity,
head of a match is made, dries Ihem, And In anv event, Professor Po ".
and drops Uie finished matches, ready Sbaw, tho luted biologist, is oppV
counted, into hoses waiting lo receive i tune in his remark when be exclaims:
tbem. llSsqulmos in Mackenzie's Land with
Within a single hour of the arrival I red hair.   Well, what color hair would
f logs of timber from tbe wharf they   yon export  tbem  tn  have?   Klberl
Farm   Wom.-n   Will   Erect   .i     Fitting!
Memorial lo Her Who Blazed the
Way  :o the Golden Went
VI ihr* spcoii i annual poss-lon ol tho
Internationa] Congress of Farm Women, held al    Lothbridgo   tho   lasl
week of Oetober, the keynote wan the
hettprmonl of country life, tho lessening ol lh ■ burdens ol the farmer's wife
snd mot hor, tho adoption of methods1
aud devices   tbat   will  conserve  Uio
(ronian, and the improvement of Uie
home, tho conutrj church and tbe rural community.     Tho spoakoi'B mnu j
; hered many men nnd women or note
; including Dr, John A. Wldstoe, Hon,
Martin Burrell, Mirza All Kuli Kabn,
i MIsi   Alice It.tveiihUl, Dr. Liberty H. f
I Bailey, Alexander   Ativousohu,   Mrs, j
John llnrbort, "Airs. Alberta Kepper,
Rev.   Matthow  Drown    McXutt    antl
j Prof.  Geo.  w.  Putham,
The Congress  elected Mrs.    John
Harbor!   of  Manzauola, Colo.,  presl*j
i deiii.  and  re-elected  airs.   John  T.I
Durnb, secretary by acclamation, Ok-J
chosen ns the next
leeting pine.:.
'i'he closing BLssiou was marked h;J
tiie decision to raise a pioneer fuudj
wiih which to erect, a large momuii
'n hrouze to the first farm woman of|
the golden west. A model was
shown of n farm woman stauding on
a doorstep with one arm onoii*oltnii
the neck t»f Iter hopeful son and ber
eyes looking; toward the yetting Bull j
across the j^oat, pralrlo farm, depleting tiie evening hour whon the hup-
baud aud faLber, the pioneer and
home builder, wa? due Lo return from
bis day's toil in lhe field.
The suggestion of this paying tribute to tbo noble woman who lirst
blazed ibo way across the desert
prairies originated witli Charles Cbrls-
tadora of Point. Loina, Calif., and the
young sculptor wbo had submitted
lhe model desired that his name be
kept secret until the accomplishment
of bis great work.
A committee was appointed to farther (he raising of a fund of $150,-
000 within ono year, comprising Miss
Irma 13. Mathews of Oklahoma City,
Okln; Mrs. It. W, Charles of Manl-
tou, .Man., and Mrs. John T. Burns of
Oklahoma City, OUIa. Tbe Canadian
delegates started the popular subscription with $47.50.
The plan of subscription is to urge!
a popular contribution to the fund In
10 cent, payments. Tbe organization
to carry on ihe campaign in every I
state will be named by rhe committee
at an early date. In tlic- meantime;
those deslroiu of contributing their
mite may send It to .the secretary, i
Mrs. John T. Burns, Oklahoma Clly,
Ok la.
A feature or the Dry-Farming pro-]
ducts exposition held during flie week
was the women's exhibit, and the dis-|
plays made by the farm women and
the home economic societies were us
much enjoyed by ihe visitors as thc
grand displays of farm products.
During the week Hie Internationa!
Farm Women's Press Association held.
seierai meetings n! which officers I
were elected, ami It was decided In
establish a state or provincial auxiliary In every state and province In
Nortb America, nnd also to have representatives from foreign countries.
This auxiliary organization, -which
started at Colorado Springs In 1813
wilh 11 members, now numbers 54, L'O
of whom were In attendance*, Mrs.
Mnry h. BigeloW of the l'ariu, Hlock
and Homo Journal of Minneapolis was
elected } resident, and Miss Mary A.
Whedon of The Parmer's Wife, st,
Paul, secretary-treasurer,
Broke the Monotony Demonstrating.
Yesterday, complained tbo Sunday-    Mrs.  Pry—What is all that nol:
school  superintendent, you  boys sal   in yonr house, Willie'.'
Willie—M.i told pa I was Jusl 111
through n twelve inning gome and
you showed no «igns of uneasiness,
Yel hero you cannot listen lo mo for
thirty minutes without becoming rest-
losr*-'        •    ■"   —■»—■--- ■   - ■
  ,    ., ...-, ..he"
him-—always flglttfn-1--*-and pa said I
wasn't and now they're having It
      I can't understand why the
ball game receive! more serious at-     As B vermifuge there is nothing so
,, ' . .   •• potent ns Mother Graves' Worm Kx-
r„!,».:,.    T i    " Bifgfl w!£fr»w terminator, and tt can be given to the
om-ii......   of   boys,   they   change moBt -delicate child wltbout fear of
puuieiH occasionally, J injury lo tho constitution.
;n |i .
I  1,1:0'.   . Iml    Iiobi   beau I fui eyes
e    a   ng,   iltas Stafford.     1 have
and  lio'a  much  bottet    I
lhat i   would   bring   yo i
nd ti v    afteinoon.  Another
.'     u.npagi No, but 1 In-
I :.-■.     day, ''. tin re wai
no  ■ "  Ing him, and b< i -•■■    m o tl
Pd    i gaining a fl nlle as bis n ward
< ent to bed, and lllr-
I ..:■(. ise   Ui   Lad)
Bui ii ■     •   ■■  ■'"■-
ii iu   . i -.i |] ■]
■   , - .
.      he.   aid expi - tan
\nd   I lova
i To '"■ i' mUi it I
are cu; up ant converted Into matches
ready for the bm-y housewife or the
To wa!k» over iho factory, which
covers seven acres and 1s being (ftl-
larged, takes ovi r an hour,
"ISnglaud's Glory" matches am
known everywhere, as aro John Bull
matches another product of More-
land's amazing energy and foreslgbl
fifl]   years sipo.
Mlr.ard'i Llnlmtnt Cures Duteo p«-
Heporti from Uio weal plate
great excitement reigns at Kltselason
tbo lino or lho Grand Trunk Pacific
In British Columbia over rich finds of
free milling gold bearing ore lhat have
lately been discovered, Thai this Is
the real thing Bays the report, ia ra-
■ tnblisued beyond doubt; assays mad'
■ reeontly have run as high ne $700 to
< the ton and iiuumitics of the ore arc
! lo be foumi within a shorl dlstnncQ of
I Ibo railroad.    So far llo grooJ aiuoiint
of work Iiiih bee done ami It is ini-
probable that active  operation!  will
I common co before ibo spring, Number!
nf clalmi Imve bei * ^lakcii, however
I ami one com pan j thinks that with ihn
! railway fuolli'.lofl at hand iluy may bo
Livestock Means Success
On marly    every    farm   livestock
raising Is merely a side lino when Itl
should be the main thing.     There is
no placo where the farmer can market bis coin and roughage so profitable
■ as feeding it to good livestock, says j
Imt!tlio Kansas Farmer.   Tbo market is
•'       'With
Ko other keep thc akin And scalp
no i lean and i lear, so mvect and
healthy. Used with Cuticura Ointment, it Boollu 9 Irritation • which
often prevail ileep and If ni glci ted
become ch ron it disfigurements,
Million ■ of mothers uae ihese pure,
jiwccl (tnd gentle cmollioiUtj foe
of tho toilet, bath
fvcry purpOl
imd nursery,
( i<m- . l.-i-i. iiii\ iiu.,
il irii '.-m iliromUiit
nl riifii. nl't, :..' pm
V N U    920
Uncle of the OnVt 0f Sutherl
Ol His Alleged  Victim
ei ched   hen
... riii hard        •' •    n
,i il lh   Herald     i I   ■-•■'• i
.   ■-.-.■ -.■    .... - :•   fain m
■ ■ ,. .      tirrested bj the po*
- ■■   ■   V     . • .'■■ ■   Blast Afrli o lodn:
.; '.:.:.,       .i   ob
.!■■..   ■ ioni ■   I     fraud  m i
udfl mnd     rom  Noi i   lionnld
■.   •       il-Gower   imclti ol  Iho duke.
- .  .-   and ntli       n ■'■■■- li ti
'i he   ..;..;       ie .iu ■  ■ of Mr,
. ■ -.' i Issued s    11 i. ngo on
m Inslt  ■    hi ' I iho din i tor oi puh-!
■   proci . Ions,  aud   I  ■   poll	
ii i,-,i    ni   j,-. irenco  Ma .\u ■    i
cent!    ■ -  . ■ -i hy cable Inl i mi
II Ini   . anj   miles up
coutilf'    n   PoitURUi  a  lerrltoi
Mr,   Bl.nekleton  hud    onlj    Ifl • I
I   ok* "'    ID  -'     ''     '■■ ■'■■ '■  '     P   '    r-'iteai-'l
i ..t      \ lavli h  '.n II   lien boon 1
' ntnylnn in N'i >. Vorh nml In I'nrli and
, other i1 ■''■ oi ID iropo,
t    Hi v in .im   - ri by the Par iisnoso
ii iliei   i ii    io .i ithorlfy of Hcotlnnd ,
■: vard,   . i ■ I   inUclpatod Uuil he p III
j bo ;'''-' iffhl   ■■  i     - •  lu IA) in nco
i    ,■•••■■■ io    vall fln i "Porl lo l.on*
i doi   for trial, '
And whal li your occupation? aak-
ed the Insuronco agent.
rm a woodman,    During (he hunt-
in'; season season 1 act as guide,
Oli. I'm sorry*   bul   my   company
won't write a policy In your class,
Why not? Surely I'm u good rlsh   ftb|0 i0 mnlt0 n tl.jfti shipment In'the
m> dear *w. you ro not a rteu. ynu .o\tum„,mn future..
■ ci 'lalnty,	
Spratts—Minn K'dcr te much older
tha4i i thought,
I Inn Iter*- impossible-
B prat Is—Well,  I  linked  her if abo
lllld read Aesop's Pnuloa ami vUo aald
fbo rend ihen when Ihey nrat camo
right  at home  in  tlio  feed  lot. aiuh
no long hauls to lown are noooBsary.!
If a farmor cnn fo.'il ihe (to cent corn:
to cooil hogs v.liIcli will pay him
80 cent*) for It, dooB bo not make nu
advance on the price nf IiIk corn and I
a profll in lho fertility returned toj
tbo soli, A! well an a hai Inn of ex*
prime in ihe hauling? ftroedlng pure-.
bred liveiioek Ib u business which
should ho entored gi'ndually ami rollr-1
rd from rcliiclanUy. Improving dho
common stoek a ilnio each year will
lead up to tho puro-hrod JjiiBlno!!,
Thero onn e.viHt no pormanenl system
of ngrl cult uro without livestock and,
on high-priced land, pure-brsd Htoi-i;
Ih the onl.i kind lo have
A   Uieless  QiirGtJon
Ana:   ICIIsi   came  nn lhe  walk  and
d One I Raid (0 liei  miu.II nephew
Good i lorning, Willie.       te   your
mother n?
:-■ ii     he .- repllod Willie Iriiculont-
ly.     D'yon    oo e I'd be working In
i ■.•   :■..!'
-Tllfl    1'ITBI   '
■ ii
rnlirg l
in au iio
II.. o     Mi
ileal     v h
i :, -
.1     nfl l'l
Out of  Sorts?
Lois cl discomfort — the
blllCS— .nnl ni.iny serious
sii knesscs jrni will (ivoicl il
you keep your bowels, liver
;ni-l stomach in good working ordcf by timely us-.- of
Nn, Cot'ilolia, ;i rlniiclriK aoarlom- li
lint   ni'ri s; :il l!\  ii l)l)|l jnllll .
Every Man to HH Tr«<»       Ul
Mm, N*i ul.  Weld   In llrlri  nv-
ill! I'llllvl?
.Ainu .ui Uio Iptrrirliotio   V6**, lun'iun,
Mra,  N.    Weil   Von   olutt   liWa,
ilnll'l roll?
Man   Wo iiiro rl". Inii'arn,
Mr-.  ,\'.   World- -AVoll, hnw mnuli
Mimlil yon clmi'BO la couiq up lioro
mnl I'lufr my turhoy wo'ro Rninx (o
lun,. I'm' riiiillliiil'Mlm dinner    I ilnll'l
know liuw .
Ill   I'lll'
!>o. I ...i.hIi..,,
Not  llr:,|ii.MMl.li'
iir. How   I lmvo i'i horfonn .. vory
illnln.ii'fnl i.|u liiiiiin 1I1I.1 morning.
Iir.  I'lll    Wlml. In llml'.'
i    Dr. Ban   Ono nl' my ihh imlli'iilK
i waiila un- to 'uii" n li'"'- loiiiollrliiB
I nit liln mil,
Ih I....... ,3..
An ii nin riii»s olili'i nln. bocoinoi
nl'.r mnl null.- wonrlng w ;„atiy iiln-
| in uio ii'iiii'.. „r n»r (vafii line;
PaUtor, 'Iiii Mr. Blliheri a.k y
mv lmiifl liipt   yvi'l.'.-
llo lllll
Anil   I   liavo  mil   heard   rrom  liiinl
tlnoi'.   Dlil you liisnll lilni'.'
Mo. (Iri'iil Soon, nn. 1 nn-Kili
Ills liiiml. itnil tuld lilm I -vim liislilj '
pionnorl wlrli yonr olioloo, an 1 waBJ
ftolUng tired of woriilriR tor my nwn
llvllin, I
Wantorl -A norior nml man nf all
worl;. Ro ran tlio ndvorUBomonl tlml!
' iniiinili'il fioin Uio hook-Hollor, mul
lainong tin. npplloantfl yviu a aUtrdy
iii.-iimiin. (dfioii wllli   moro   intiiiolo
llnin book loni'liil)-..
iio att'dllod alowly Inlo ilm Rliopttud
gtiod round rntlier uiioortalnly, Thon
in.. on|il"d  n largo   noil.'.  Bu-rponitod
from tlio lopmoal  .slirlf.
uii lo'im' wot'lti, nil nils wooii for in
'riic nnnoiinonnionl al onoo arouioil
Uio i-ntlioi ilinrn lenipor nf iho son ot
01 omii,. iiom nflor HiN Jolr, Iio ro-
iniirlioil In llm liook-Mi'llor, 1ml tli'vi'
cltnngod mo mini), jrlolionn ran work
till III" WOOil for   Hlxtni'li   boll   IC   lie
lolltoi, imt I'm Itnngod if OI'm  going
to.   Vi'u bolter liiipn Dl.tilieng.
VWI fan nhvnj'H got n loi for yonr
nonoy tf yon pntrontfe a real ostn'o
It alwjiy.H cohIh more to acquire n>    Lots of poor mon are tire arclrlter
grouolr than Its wnrUi. of oilier men'a rlelrcs.
Between lire toothache and the dent i    Nothing-worrios a nnKglns wife
1st :, man Ib forced to choose between ; nineh ns   n husband   who   won't '
•rain C.mmlMl.n M.nh.nt.   . Wlnnl»«B, MKtKrte
wTWlnnl L*dl*" r"i: p*"' Arltiur « '«■• wiill.m. ftailtr P.tw Jtrun
Llbtril Ailv.ne,. Fr.inpt R.turn. lul arid*
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
tu Hit-; writing \tp desire to par before o.ir Western Farmers ts.
savin.? aud advanlage ot loading grain ilircc. on ears. Shipping si'»ln
throu^li nn elevator, lt matters no*, whelbev a. Government elevator or
one ran by an elevator company or Individual' owner, does not ntlil
the lea;.' fraction ot a cent to the value of .he grain, nor does It «lve
the farmer any better chance of marketing It to advantage than whon
loaded direct on enrs. But. loading direct en cars cuts out in the flrst
place the elevator charge, which Is usually l-^c. per bushel, say
J17.5) on a thousand bushel car. The elevator dockage le nlso
eaved: this muy be worth more or less, depending partly on how dirty
the grain is, but mostly on tho farmer's ability in holding Ills own
with the elevator man taking it ln. On tho average the (lockage
may he considered worth 3c per r.ushol to the farmer, or say t>30 per
car of 1,000 bushels. When grain Is load:d direct Into enr over the
Loading Platform, the farmer known for s'nre lhat II Is his very own
grain '.bat will be graded by the inspector, ar,d that he will without
doubt receive the full and e-ract outturn of his enr at. whichever terminal elevator lt ls unloaded; for all grain 's unloaded from the oars
under government supcrlntendaneo and weighed by proporly nualllkiJ
government weighmen under the rules and eupervlalon of the Domln.
ton Government Hoard of Grain ContmlsBloT-e.s.
Of course, it makes no difference In our loading of the farmer.'
grain whether It. has been shipped through au elevator or over ths
Loading Platform, hut. It can easily be eeen from what we have stated
above where the farmer's advantage lies, when lt saves hlni around
IBO or more on every ear he ships.
We continue to act as the farmers' agent In looking after and alfr
posing of carlot shipments of wheat, oats, barley and (lot strictly on
a commission of 1 cent per bushel. We are not. connected with,
nor Interested In any elevator companies or elevators, either local or
terminal, neither are wo track havers. In fact, we never buy farmers' grain ou our own account, but only to hr.ndle and dispose of the
grain Entrusted to ub as the agents of those who employ us. Many
years' '••■pcrlence, with a wide connection and ample facilities for «n-
%agliig in this special branch of the grain trade, havo given ns a reputation of the highest character In It. Wc make liberal advances
on car hills of lading. Write us for shipping Instructions and market information., Wo give as references to oar reliability, effleleniy
«nJ financial standing any city or country !).rak Manager ln W»ste-«
Call ads
Thompson Sons & Company
•01-7*..'  Y  Grain  Exchange.
Winnipeg. Caned..
(iRAIN GROWERS of thc West, what fa your
duty to the Grain Growers' Grain Company?
WB-UAVn now ii rpaorvo fund at ISM.6SO.tiO. with n, paM up
■ ■nt'ti.'l  of  $(!ilO,H'iO.     hi   fiilililinii   lo  pn   -■-:■;    Q    HatlflfaotOrjl
dividend i-i our nlmrolioldow, wo linn- In tlio Hint hIx vearv
-  doilftled h lmM t-iO.OOO in ilio Wi'M.in Onili. a rowel*1 J.H*.oi:lat!oii*»
nntl i<» oilier iMiiH'ittiruiiii ivorh amonv ih" fai'mors.
Hml tlio eraln Dial tnndo tliti pi'oflt i^^o Bhipped io olliei
fli'iiiM or eoiimiJHMoii Iiousoh, the dlvlilohda piilil to Bharonomtira nml
mio iIoiiuiIohh in tlin (it'iiin Urowpiv AiBOoiauoiij would M'» I'i
Ilicr&eiaQ lh'- prontd of private coinmlflilon Iiouvon nnd ri-uIii <lnali;i-R,.
DcBldoH Clioie foolB, wo lnn <* uroalod coropoUUotl in itm fram
< nl.' tlini could not como by any oiiin* tnoana. Our export
neUvHIoH lmvo bpeu nuceeiiful In Iteeplntf WInnlpeR oaili <iuota-
tlmm fnr i;iiUn riaii! iij» io c.tnorl valueSf frotibiH for tno fui mer
boi ictliiiitf Dioner fo wimr huj-jiK- and ttomoud woula wori-ftnt.
von win notice iim. Uioro ih tnw year rui extra eftort inula <^?c
Mio imi' oi n large ininiliei' *»r oommlOBlon firms nnd oiliei'H In Um
buolneM i'» luiviiiB Um counti-y eovorofl by traok buyer», nirant
iiiiy.'Tn and BOllcltori for fn-Afu. Tlil> nil ■■■■intn money mi*i tin*
faitnep o:\yn ror it all In commlKBlon*) if von Hlitp to yom* own
i'omi-nni von pny viHir own nifenoy Uui pomjniaiiloif; Wnnt in nut
iiN.-ii Iii ■ "ii'i-i. ';'n; 11)*' n':iin'..' of Tlio '.mln titiiwmV fjntitt
' niiiintiiv Ki.i'M i<t inarpaio om- reiervo fund, to pny dlvMt.u'lH i<»
our Moihiiot.ini', mn it.» rimy on additional educaltonal wow In
the ini.MfaiM or u.i' pi'oiJii.i'iH of train,
Wo nro npcrn.lim tlio Muniioiia Qovornment line of elevalorff^
Om- DporatoiN win jalte youp urn In to utore, buy in our loads on
ti-uii or in wosffon Iqade "ii uti-ooti
j'linin.m liavo olwoyi maintained tiial Tho Orun Orc-werer1
'"rnln .'umpiiii.v n<■ <-**l»"«l n teitnllial elevator I" nifil.e Them an
.'ffcctivp forqe in ftocplm tip iin- i.iiiI. <,f grain nnd in bIvIiib um
rnrmera tno hen lervlae tn plm-.i Un ir proauoti in tliu oonflunvirw1
l.iindH on ultimate marheta. You havo your own terminal iiob-.
nml wn Uii.b nppenl in vou to help m.M.o thle undorfaKliui «,
buooom by ■"i"i)'*"!gjiiiiu your Kr.ilu to Tllfl Grain Oroworr 'train
Coinpnny'e tormina nt r.ni Minium.
Alao lubioi'ibo fm' hiooit, iin. additional ranlta) te tmioli needed
ir -wet nm to enter the oo-opera (Ivo Held.   Beeldoe, It is a Bound
i ■
GRAIN GROWERS, it in all in your hands,
what are you ffoing to do ?
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
it ia llielr wa"-' ut fftllini ynnr attention to the'fi*l
thnl')""- en* ii.it In perfect rumlllluu.   Many ynatln
wh') nerililently leaoret] repented iramuin liven
l.v dm I nho*. * ni*- 1m.v i-liii.iili- «nl(rifliiifii/m ln'ln«y
ninl lilifliler timiplainU Vlilrh tvIII nf»v nltli Hirm
until they die, end pnilupi limteu tht end.
How muoh better in lirip the Mdaen (So P-oinetit
llmv *liow nigliN fil.iifoihiii ii ll11In mn.l»t(tir-,l   'lnhn
hli. (.unK'fi HWKI-.T ^.11 KM I'll.fH in time.
Tliey contain Nnlure'i nwn rernidlie.   They lift llieablqui out ol their Mmporery
depreillon   mM nlint lliani  nxnin   In   iiiiiniiil  BOtlVll/i    fluid  <ver)"A'btre it Mi" '•"•■'
a lion ul lliHlfpil iliicol L.v 4I    |
Made   by  ■  Simian
.Tames Donslrly went to wort In . I
telegraph office earr-ylng messnger
wben ho wns ten years olA. Whec \
not engaged at what lis was hired to ,
io he was questioning tlio operators ]
.. to how they comniunlcatcrl wllli j
distant points, tho alphabet they used j
and other- matters pertaining to teles'- I
rapby. When ho was twelve, though j
ho would not hare been lilted to nil j
an operator's position, ho knew many |
things about tlio telegraphic system j
lhat iouio operators did not know, for i
Jlmn.lt wus of an inquiring turn ot'
mind anil was always looking into .
things and lire reasons for- Ihelr- being.
When ha was fourteen, being large
ami strong for bis age. ho was given
a job as assistant ln lho construction
department of a telephone company.
Here, too, Jiromlc wanted to know the
"why and wherefore" and at lho same
tlnro absorbed tlio practical features
of making telephone lines. By the
time he was eighteen years old, having the materials, he was perfectly
capable of setting up a telegraph or j
tele-phone lino and operating lt.
The first situation of any Importance
Ulmrnlo secured was that of station
agent on the T. C. arrd St. G. rallr-ond.
Rut he was only nineteen, aud to se-
euro such a place lie was obliged lo
take a slatiou ln a desolate placo, the
nearest house being a mile away. At
this houso ho took his meals, sleeping
In a room over- lhe station.
In (he family wllli which lie boarded
was a country lass two or threo years
younger than Jlninric, whose bluo eyes
and yellow hnlr naturally bad an effect on tho young station agent, A
•Iriglo girl off by herself ls (o a young
man as a Jackkcifo Is to a hoy. That
ume knife ln a store among a hundred other knives Is not nearly sa
beautiful as when he gets lt home.
It wasn't long before .limnrie and
Kilty concluded that it would not be
half so lonely forjlmmle if they could
build a Hltle nest nearer the nation,
-tr-hera they would dwell together. Jim-
vie had (ht framework of a small
iroute aud the other necessary parts
•hipped to blm. The people tliereabouts
got together for a house raising, and
: way between tht regular numbers,
and Jim was obliged to romnln at tbt
station. He was sitting at his operating lablo . "dispatching" whon he
thought ho heard the elation door-
creak, hut he was too busy to pay any
attention to it. Q"ho clicking of his Instrument went, on, drowning auy light
sound that might be made. Suddenly
ho heard a click, not of his Instrument, but oi an entirely different kind.
It camo from behind him. llo turned,
and thero stood a masked man covering hlnr wilh a revolver-.
| "Toting man," said the Intruder, "another- touch on that key and I pulls on
this trigger.  Is the westbound express
j on lime?"
[ Tor a few moments Jlro could not
dud roiee to reply.   Then another pe-
; rlod slipped by, during which he wns
' thinking what he could do to savo tbe
I express from robbery. In all perhaps
twenty seconds passed.   'J'ho mau ad-
| ranced a step aud placed the muzzle
of thc revolver- against (ho agent's
"It's twenty-Bra uilnulcs late," said
Jim repeated what he had said. Had
lire train beeu on time It would have
been duo fn ten minutes. A holdup
st or nenr tho station was undoubtedly Intended, aud this lapse ot llmt waa
not relished by the masked man. Ht
waa Joined by two moro mon, also
masked, snd, having ordered tho agont
away from the Instrument, they held
a conference.
-Matter Merely CHarijei, but Does Not
Cease to Ex.it.
tt'iieu • eandlo burns It Ib not destroyed. What wenia like destruction
Is merely change, Any one can pror*
this for himself hy a very simple experiment.
Take a clttss lute md fit a cork Into
each end. Bom some holes tn tbe lower
cork, one of them lu the middle large
enough to hold a candle. Head a smaller glass tube to IT shape, fill It wilb
small pieces of caustic soda and cork
one end, Now connect the two cylinders bj a small glass tube through tbe
corks, insert the candle through the
lower cork and suspend the whole apparatus from one beam of a chemical
balance. Weigh Ik carefully.
Connect the free end of the U tube
to an aspirator so as to establish a uniform current of air through tho tubes.
attemove the candle, light it and Instantly reinsert tt Let 16 burn down
until entirely consumed. Now rewelgh
the apparatus. Toil will find that lt
actually weighs more tlinu lt did before the caudle was burnt!
What had happened? The carbon and
hydrogen of which the candle was composed have bcen separated, Iihto drawn
oxygen from the air and combined with
at, forming water and carbon dioxide
or carbonic acid gns. Tbe caustic soda
has absorbed the carbon dioxide and
made sodium carbouate and has also
[Beint an a......:..!..-.. (Jlle.i.iua.J
"Now, who la this aTO-me maiden tweet
I ceo advancing up the street with swinging stride and MniHIng face, the -picture of
suoh easy grace?
'Tie Gladys fair.
Maid debonair,
Whom I
Made lore to all of taut July!
"And Who Is dial beside lier, nta*. with
locks all golden as tlio sun, wltll cherry
lips and loguliali giant:* and airy movement of thi dance'/
Tis Phyllis dear.
a child of cheer,
With trlioni
I •,[..■..].til away last August's gloom!
"And wltii them walks another dame. *
widow witli a Jieart of flame, lier dainty
weed* cs freshly gay *^ any wild rose on
the way I
■Tis dear Babel te.
Whose eye*i alilt wet,
I strove
rn jun* to dry with words of love!
Armiei   ef  Them   Blacken   New
land's Sky Every Spring.
Tenrly, at tho coming of spring, tbe
thousand cosstal Islands of Now Zealand, more especially those lying to-
; ward the south, becoma tho temporary
homes  of  myriads  of  .mil ton   birds,
which pny a Tlf.it for (he nesting sea-
j son.   Out of the silence of ibo great
j southern ocean come tho birds In vast
armies.    Low flying over lh» wafer,
for the most part close In shore, the
hngo docks  ilraw  dark parallels  of
, kliailow across the seascape.   The bin'N
j fly In separate bauds, disciplined and
j massed In a serried whole—a. coullnu*
; ous stream lhat passes between sea
I and sky.    Each army shows u front
of perhaps n  quarter of a  mile, ibe
huge length stretching away league
after league inlo Interminable distance,
"The three (o«tli«r|    Vision rar.. vet j     Btand on the brow of BOmc C0fl8ta!
vision fraught with woe ana care! Should | headland  and  watch the passage of
one of these bird armies    *l '
l)ie.v   compare   their   notes,   niar,   what !
dreadful tilings would come to pu<<i!
To save my neck
I'd better trek
And seek
Some easy way to mal.e a sneak!"
fa* vor.
And lhal is why lie turned and fled
And up a darkened alley aped,
The while the domes who saw hhn flee
Grinned at each oilier merrily.
—Carlyle Smith in Harper's Weekly.
A City Where Every Heuae Faces Toward the Sea.
Every house in Charleston faces seaward. It frequently happens that the
Streets do not adjust themselves to this
tila.pcsil.ion of the house plan, iu irbi-'b
case the street line is calmly disregarded ami tho house i.s built so lb at ill
shall square wiih (he four points ot
the compass. The result: of this Is
curious and most Interesting, at times
disconcerting, but frequently ss pleasing as one of Whistler's audacious and
unexpected color schemes,
As Iu thc mansions of old Virginia,
thc general form of tho Charleston
houses is vory simple, tnd they depend
for their beauly upon the line balance
aud spacing Of doors nud windows, tbe
Character of lhe cornice imd.above all,
upon the dignified beauty aud classic
porticoes and galleries which adorn oie
t*ide uf each structure.
Uut Charleston bar. another and quit*
uulquo architectural feature in the
arched and ornate walls of moss grown
brick which close In all of lho Use
area it le ■
^^^^ caught the water. The extra weight Is
Then tho one who bad simply that of the oxygen taken out of
entered first turned to Jim and was the air.
about to say something when he saw, i   This ls a practical Illustration ef the
a lantern of red glass sitting beside great truth that nothing la ever de-
the operating table.                          * stroyed. Matter changes, but does uot
".Oh. thero 1C is," he said, nnd, taking cease to exist.   St Thomas Aquinas
up the lantern, he put e lighted match taught this In the thirteenth century—
to tbe wiclt   Pulling a silver watch thus as tn so many other ways antlcl-
from his pocket, he glanced at It and patlng modern scientists—and seme ef
remarked ro the others fhift they were the ancient Greek philosophers under-
obliged to wait half au hour.  Then he stood It. It has only been preyed ex-
said: perimentally   In   recent   jear.s,—New
"One of you will have to tuke care tort World,
of this young man." ■■■
"Cau'tweputiilmoutoniieway!;. AVERTED  A TRAGEDY.
suggested one of the others.   "Thero n ___
only tbree of us to do tbe job, and wo An Attack cf Mal j, MtP That Saved
cant spare a man for lhat.   Can't we ,             m ytssel In MIdocean.
lock him up somewhereV *tVben affa|re in France, tn 1848 made
He glanced about and,seeing the stair- posslb|e thft return 0_ the exiled Bonn-
way   leading  to  Jim's  room  above, partes nmoDff ihQS9 ffIw wenC f_om
lt Is a won
derful  sight.    Tar below one  looks
down on a heaving floor of close pack- '
ed, undulating black back.*., lit by a j   __..._........___
myriad scintillations of white tipped ; residences and the highly decorative
wings, So close Is the floor, bo serried ; wrought Iron gateways which give -ac*
(he ranks of the fliers, tbnt the water cess to the private grounds. In a city
beneath Is bidden as with a carpet.        which was at one time tho port of
Hour after hour tho passago of the   call of all the pirates of the Spanish ! j^l( (i
army continues, from dawn till dark   main—where one day It was found ad- j
and far Into the night,   in the sight   visable to bury forty of theso worthies
the noise of countless beating wings | under tho sea wall of the city, whero !
that surges up over tho cliff head tells   half civilized negroes formed always
tbat lhe array Is still on the move till   an overwhelming majority of the popu-
ihe whir of wings and cries ef the   lattun,  ii wtis  tho   part of common
rear guard beating up the stragglers ' prudence to erect a strong barrier be-
grow faint In lhe distance and one re-   tween lhe streets aud tho private de-
allzes that at last the mighty host has ; inesries of lhe better class residents,
passed on its way.-Wide World Maga-   Out of this necessity grew tho Infinite
number of gates and grillages of
fwtsfed Iron which are the chief pride
of Charleston today and whose only
rivals are the far famed gates of
Seville. Theso marvels of wrought
and beaten Iron were all the work of
Dr. Minchin ef Dublin De
Ireland, whlcb has 'ho h
(natlng ihe «utd ior • ■ -■ •  nip-
Hon and ull tubercular ...:■.. Hon.., now
■■lines forward with ■■ lirecl specific
for i be disease, a Iblng which physicians have despaired of fiodbig,
Dr. Mlncbln of Dublin has dfecuvcr-
ed llmt garlic Is of great vnl io In
treating tbe dreaded white plague.
He declares that garlic is uol only of
value after other treatments havo failed, but that it Is highly eflieacloua in
dii cases where tho feet, hand!) and
Joints have been affected and that am
putatJoa has ht a uuoiber of such
cases bee» avoided by ilio simple ';s»
of gar Ita it is also recommended that
the patlt-nt ent cnril,- ran mi least once
i day.
As is perhaps natural, tbe medical
profession has questioned Dr. Mln
chiifs discovery, but further Investigations seem to fully confirm his liud-
'J'ho scientific name for lh« active
principle or garlic Is nll.vl sulphide,
which is a powerful gerDiIelde. For
tills rcasou people who nro in the custom of eating garlic are far !■•-- BUb-
any form *.f tuberculosa, ihan
llioso who refrain from the udorous
j vegetable,
Tho "garlic treatment" K not deelgh**
crl to supplant tho outdoor treatment,
for tho two complement each otber.
Garlic is the specific for tho disease
: ami living nut u[ doora i.i the treatment—Now York American,
tog, which Jlmmle did nt suoh limes
•s Ir* could lenvo tlio st.tlorr.
When all was finished thoso who had
helped to build tho nest were Invited
lo tire wedding; md after- it was over
-eked tho lantern and ran up with It. At-Cl1ca wa. _ granduiec* of tho greal j
In a few minutes he returned and told Ntp0le0Ill Pl.In-es- c-roijn-. Mu-,.. i,
the others that there was a room ou ..-.. Memoiri.. t0. -,..,.--„ tens how
tte seco-m story to hold tho operator; lhey cn05, for (n. pll5sl,-*_■,, nrefer.
U they could mako tt safe.   Ihen he ence to ..„„. ot M.. Cii_u.'i paddle j
Hunted about till he found a hammer „„-(,,"..» ,-.„„-. «.,-,, •-, wklca t_,-
aud some nils and, returning, securel-* wer, tos-.d 0B tll, „,, tor tw„tT:
•railed Iho windows.   Jim was put .a seT(m daj.,,   During ttrese days It was '
he room and the door nailed so llrm- demonstrated that even co undesirable
It that he could not possibly opeu It. „ m_e ,- reastcUness may hare its
At this .Iim was delighted.   Not fear- TeiCome resulting to b« Interrupted, ho seized his tele-     -t remember one Incident of the fey-
phono Instrument.   But, hearing the ,g, worlay or ,,-..,   • --., dreadfully
men below, ire paused.   Bad he not m t_A, -.„[,. an ta, otn.. passeDge,.,
—,   .             „.          ....   . better wait till they had gone ont. -.-re able to b« ou deck Dlarine names
K t y'e pop, w th occasional help from -.-„    T..- _.,.,,, r„ .... nll7_ ,n .... we™ **"•t0 *" •" u,ec"-' Pi»T'»*S«™a
,,„!,. Ail,.,. „.„, „r„.n. ,.,« „„.„. .   •* *•" ~ou'° IP out oury to stop 0P -njoylng music, I was forced to lle
olmmle, did the rest, except the paint- ,nd m ,__ trlta) Ind ,hae wouId b, ^^ «y .„„'.„„., on a<(cfc:, bu,
loo late. Covering his head and th, ----- frequently below In a small la-
receiver wllli his bedclolhlng, he called d,cs. caWnt y,btl.t a mattress was put
*k"-3'- , Ion the loor.   lt seemed as It those
"What Is Hi'' I weary weeks would never cud os I lay
,.-. ..,. -„„-*„ „„„ni» ■„ ,r,.r- „„-. "Bobbers, who are going lo hold up there thinking and wishing lhe days
left the young couple In their new ,„, u-.t))0ull(, „pr.,s,   Take a 1(m.
-horne. Tho flrst Ihing Jlmnile did after ,„„ a)ld .ua „ fas. „ you can by „0m „...„,,   ,mt „..,_, (|cfl. tf,..
they were rnanled was to build a tele- „,„ ro„d_^on'. i|gU, th_ lantern-to lho hell had sunimoncd all to supper, I
fchone from the srrtioii to Ms home. tn. trestlework. Tho woods will screen was lying, trying to read.   Suddenly I
He located lire station end of It In the -on.   r.,.ht (ll, ,„„-.,.„ ,,ud .top „„ ,,,.„„. ,             treal£ of ., _t fl.om.
room above, which bo had used for a train... unde» ,„„ .... ,. .„„ .,„,„ Mo_tiBt
bedroom, In order that If any ouo come „-,,.„ -u a ^nlot ...,, on tho sla,rft ,. ,„. ,.,..,, ..... „.,.„., ,,,. „„...
In while ho wns lalklng with his wife .,ld ,om. 01l0 ..„„(,-,, at ,|10 ,-.-._ Fo. „ f(w „,-„.-,„. i watched,
he might not lie ovorhcard.  There was Th0se   below   hail   evidently   heart wondering what the light could be.   As
* steep, narrow stalrc.-r|i leading up s<n,-d- a-(1 imd COD,e up t0 8eo --na, . natcll.d It -ot uri£hter.
to this room from tho waiting room, ,ney „lc,.-r, But tu.y ulld naUed u- | .,Sprlng-ns. op (or(cttlt]g lhat I felt
ticket and telegraph olllce below. ; (ii0 dool. ,„d Cou!dn't get In.   After  bolh sick and giddy, I mado my way lo
Ho wrote lo his old employers, the   listening a fow minutes lho man went the saloon to give the alarm.  Soon all
telephone, company, to send him the   down ag-jni Hands were at work to extinguish the
apparatus ho needed, knowing thai Jim know lluit Iris wife had time lo flames. In a short time we were out of
ihey hnd plenly such material In old   r-.,,|, t|,0 ,,|,iCC |1C uad indicated, where danger.
•lock, aud Ihey mude lilm n present ot 6|18 Wllb i,ot ukcly to bo observed by j "Uad It nol so happened thatlwason
•n outfit. Including a desk transmlllcr (h0 rubbers, for- he could sllll heat tho floor and noticed the light no one
•nd receiver. Since lliere wero nlghla tUcm downstairs and coucludcd that would have kuowu that a forgotten
Itat he wae obliged to remain at the ->,--. wou|,| ,|plai the train from the candle bad set Are to some article ot
•latlon Ire put Ihe Instrument between station. Aa the timo passed and he elolhlng arrd we might have been bum-
Ms cot and the aide of the house, m m |,.arj them moving about liolorf | td to death In nrldocean,"
Since the latter was not plastered he gathered conlldenco. He stood look-
\here was a convenlcut place for It be-1 |ng nt his watch Ull It was nearly time
tween two Joltls and Hie clapboards, I fur (ho train to arrive, then hoard the
Often when he was about to snatch no   men ko out logethcr. \m
hour's sleep he would throw himself I 'ihero wrii an nuiloirl wait for Jim, '10, JEM. Tho present building, termed
an theaCot, pick up lhe Instrument, call I milled up as he was, for another twen- tbe palace of Westminster, was opened
Kitty foi- a few words, Ihen set It down ly iriluules, not knowing whether Kilty on Nov. 4,18S2. It stauda on a bed ot
•gain on the floor. _ Tlio wires passed or tho robbers had succeeded. Then , concrete twelve feet thick snd cover*
Directly out of lhe linirse, down behind | camo rt ring at hla telephone bell.
• water spout and tlrcnco underground |    "Is lt you. Klt'r' ho asked.
le Jlmmlo's home. |    "Ves," caiuo the rolco of ono g>.|i-
)Hiring llm day, when confined lo lire   Ing for breath
Boarder—Your steak Is Just like lb.
weather—rather raw.
Landlady—four board bill's llko the
weather- too - unsettled. — Pittsburgh
Her Curiosity.
"Am I the Ilrst girl you ever loved?''
naked the damsel. This question may
lead you to believe that she was •
fool, but the sequel might alter your
".No, darling," confessed our hero
bravely. "Ton are not. But what It
1 bave loved another'/ Can't you see
that lt has but prepared me to appreciate the greater and nobler love 1
have for you?"
"Ies, aweclheai't. But In that case
how do 1 know that the love you
have for mo may not be preparing you
to appreciate a greater nud nobler
oue for the next girl! What am l-a
halfway house, n Junction or a terminal?"—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Dopair Over til. St»t. •' ths Country
■•earning Chronic.
Dr. Forbes Ross, a well known London plrysiclau, says thai; England l!
"drifting reward tbe day when the
average l.nglisbnian's face will be
that ot the typical criminal." Be be-
lieves. says a correspondent ot the
N'ew York Sun, thnt "the better- classes
of Kngland cannot keep pace with the
fearful stress of taxation and other
burdens Imposed upon them and are
therefore being wiped out. In other
words, modern legislation ♦ • ♦ ll
replaeiug the better classes by a mix-
lure of sheep aud wild beasts and
lire nation Is being propagated by
Ihose retaining primordial qualities an*
the primitive Instinct and Ibe averag.
lOugllshman at this rale wiil soon bavi
* depraved gorilla countenance."
Despair over the stale ot the conn
try Is almost a national character-talk
of the English. They are never- si
happy as when they are being gloomy
about themselves. Any copy of any
Knglish paper will show tbat the English people are golug to tbe demuilloi
bowwows.   The Maglish addiction tt
Tli. Poet's Statue at Hall. Hidden In
a Reitaursnt Gani-o.
Helnrlcli  IIclno has heen dead  fnr
nearly sixty years, and at iasi; «ome
local smiths. I was told that no two idinirors of his brilliant genius harooti-
gates of the city were of similar de- l-iiucd from tho Prussian government
sign, and I certainly saw no single ex- permission to set up ir statue to lii.
ample which was not tn Itself bean- , memory.
tlful. — Blrge  Harrison   In  Art  and
Queer Figure. Dot the Creit ef tho
Superstitious Mountain*.
Among the natural wonders of lhe
southwestern pot-lion of this country
are the Superstitious mountains, which
loom up from tbe arid desert to the
east of the Salt river- valley.
These mountains are so curious that
the Indians will have nothing to do
with (hem. lu consequence they art
full ef deer, bear and other big game.
'.I'he Superstitious mountains rise out
of the level surface of the desert like
Ihe pyramids of Kgypt.
On the crest ot this unique ra nge a ud
lu full view of Ihe rareiled atmosphere
for an Immense distance from the plain
• re hundreds bt queer figures, repre
patent medicines Is another evldenc. senllng men in all attitudes.   When
of this general tendency to low spirits, yon look tlrst you are sure Ihey are
Other nations see noUilrig In particu men, aud when yorr turn your- gaze
lar the matter with Ihe English.   Tbey again lo them you are »s absolutely
t-ecin lo outsiders to be doing fairly certain of It as you can be of anything.
well ns nations go. What they really
need is a course of menial science aed
practice in Ihe cheerful point of view.
At tiro Primaries.
It bad been o hard day nt the yoil-.
Tiro addition of nearly a thousand women's votes to thc poll made Ihe counting a prolonged proposition.
"Well, James," said Mrs. Wnlllcky,
as her husband returned from his arduous labors as a teller, "how did lli«
vole go?"
"Nino buudi'td and two votes for
Bildad, "C" for Slathers, eight recipes
for tomato ketchup, four wasli lists
aud « milliner's hill," said WallicUy.
"It was a mighty Interesting vote."—
They represent ball throwers, outlooks, mere viewers ot the country
roundabout, men recumbent and contemplative, others slarling a foot race
and In every conceivalilo posture and
position. They are not real flesh and
blood men, however—nothing but stone
syenllc—yet nothing can convince tlio
Indians that they  are  not genuine.
Tlio Dan., and Britain.
John Ackworih. an English dialed
novelist, who made a special study ol
the dialects of Lancashire, Yorkshire,
the east coasts and also of the Danes,
shows that the Danes by Ihelr early   a'Ley say they are" real mortals turned   back to the sIxlccMth century
bindings and sojourn nge Ir. England )0 ,,„„., „.,;.,„.„ _   .„,      ,,„„. .„„.
have Influenced   he laaguage of the „,.,-„ ot „,. air ,„ 1Ue -.„„.,,-„.-.
east coasts of Britain to an eilraordl- Tb„ „.„,, ,„,              „„. of
nary degree and Hurt the Danes and A|,.CL. ,      d h._M doTrn ,„. ,..„..
tbe British lu spite of apparent differ- „,..,,. ..            „.„.„ „„, ,. (|lat .a
I The work lias been duly carried out,
but visitors tu tho town of Halle nn the
Sonic, not far from Leipzig, will look
In vnln for tho poet's monnmont in Ujo
public r-lreets.
j Even now Heine Is remembered by
oOlclnl Prussia as the troublesome Had
leal, whose tal rt of satire it ii.le iiis presence orr German soil highly undesirable, ralher Limn as the .leuisli poet
whose lyrics rank next to iboso of
(ioetlie himself for i-.tieer nrtlslio
Accordingly, aulliorlr-Bliou for 'lie
erection of ttio statue was granted only
on condition flint it should nor bo i,i»-
en undue publicity, and tt h-. been
net up and Inaugurated with -olcnre
enthusiasm In • restaurant garden.
The nuthor- of the "Letters on the
Aristocracy Addressed In Couul M. ..in
Moltke" has not. been forgiven even
yet, In «plle of (he fa.-t Hint his polit!-
ral  writings  liavo  loug since  been
eclipsed by (he splendor of Itl. t iry.
—Westminster tlnreife.
Shaky Cathedral,.
Winchester cathedral Is not 'he on'r
structure of lis kind to have become
endangered In the .'ourr-o ».f centuries.
Italian experts hnve recently declared
Hint the cathedrals nf Como rnd Milan
are In danger of collapse, and that immediate restoration works are necessary if they nre to he «av».|. The malo
structure of the Milan cathedral dates
but 'he
frtcn.lo was lidded lr»y Napoleon, nnd
tiro hurtled tnunner In wht.-h he hse*
lho work accomplished has ouised II
lo he uesafe today, many of the mar-
hies lrelug soft nud badly set.  The up
ences arc one practicallyJn speech aud   ancient chief who hiid learned of the   per part'ls now to be'demolished 1st
The Houses ef Parliam.nt.
Tbe Ure which destroyed the old
houses of parliament broke out on Oct.
■ Innguago as well ns In thc relationship cllrlo.. a-,,-,--,- 0- „„ superstitions
of blood.   "So strong Is the English ol „,„„..,„, ,arBaa. ,0J 0- ul, p-0|)I< t,
  the east coasls of England lmpreg-       .„.,..   A |.a.e band, however, one
u    ...     mi.    m .     "Jl"'      "at"1 Ti** *?*•■-•*•    --ol,n Ackworih d„T 41sco„-,d . --1T w g.t ,„ by -
Heusefurmahini Net.. once said, "that 1 am sure that If a nr.ainltnn« r»m» «n,I emit, reached
"My husband." writes Mrs. Potolll   flshermau from the east coasts of Eng- Z too   It tesiltedlas the chef had
lo tho Chaperon, "was quite bald when   ,and -.-., „ u- wre-k.fl -„ tu su01*3 «J "J*  » *J«Hefl "/'* c» ' I ,.-
I urarricd him, although otherwise per-   oC Denmark al,d „, -0m enly speak SI r«niatilr!ha^MJ2rt
feclly good.   I first washed Iris head   )n his true native dialect Hint Usher- |!5'' [l0''"ql0D.•ot"-**w*"-
man would be able to make himself
station, he would ofleu go upstairs, especially after Ihe baby came, to call
np Kilty and ask her how she waa
(filing ou, If she wauled anything and
lo send a kiss for bolh mother and
child.   One day while thus engaged a
person came Inlo the slatiou, and since
the room below was neither sealed nor
plastered Jim wns overheard.    After
lliat when telephoning, upon hearing a
step below, ho wrapped Iils head nnd
the instrument 111 a bedqullt, which
deadened Iho sound.
These delalls may seem unimportant, but a timo came when they were
a turning point lu Jlinmle's life.   Bul
that was not for some lime afler his
marriage.   Mesirwhllo ho was thinking
about his wife and liaby'a future. I'he
appearance of a helpless child In a
man's llfo stimulates lilm lo action.
llmntO win hut getllug ou very fast
In accumulating surplus funds, and he
felt tho rer.puiisllillllles resting npim .
aim.   He didn't like Ihe Idea In esse , i'"1 ordered (0 report at Ihe goujrtl I
)l« ahould die of leaving his wlfo wllh , "m'-'(;!< '"* tho rund.   There ho was lu-
»o Income, nnd ns for tho baby, a hoy, j funned lhat ho rulnht huvo hla choice
lit wished hliu lo havo Iho advantage . uf several Important slallous. The ex.-
""'""■ Thnt meant tlio I"™ WmpHtll sent for lho woman
who had signaled the train nnd pro-
seined her wllh a cheek for 115,0(10. Tit
hor husband tliey nlno gavo 11,000, in
(ho express car of the train lhat was
lo havo been held up was J40,iJW In
James Doughty la now I'lvlsl.m mi-
perliitrndtnt of a telephone company,
Snd hit son It • student In college
'Did you Flop 'em '<'
"WollS'- ^^^^^^
"They went back two mile; lo fl. to
get some ilrearurs."
"What else?"
"That's all I know.-"
"Oood for you, lillle girl. Our fortune Is made,"
"This train carries treasure. Ton
have snved It.   I can ask for a heller
When Jim was let ont of his prison
he Ion rued Hint after getting ar. additional supply of arms' lho train hurl |
como nu, beeu signaled to slop, luul ■
obeyed tlic signal, and when the rob- '
hers advanced to kill lho express ,
messenger Ihey had been received by '
a volley. One robber wns klned out- I
right arid (he two others wero hiidly
wounded. I
Jim wall relieved  from his Mullon |
an area ot alue statute acres, It contains 1,100 apartments, 100 staircases
aud (wo miles of corridors and pas-
tsges. The great Victoria tower at the
southwest extremity is 1140 feet In
height-London Standard,
wllli n cleansing solilllou and a stiff
bruehi then I sandpapered It, starllns
with the rough pnper nnd using each
(iii.lo down to Hie finest. After thnl
1 rubbed It nt Intervals wllh my hart!
hand for several dnys', nnd now II I,
lovely.   It has nil lho dull rich finish
H.nco tho Lemons.
"floe, lii the name, of goodne.-s did
you .'ome lo buy so many lemons when
I   told you  plainly  to get only one
, Nothing Moro le Llvo For.
Without question the Scots curler ot
whom Lord l.yvcden (ells In h'ry's
Magazine placed the proper value en
his sport
Dor-lug a curling match Is Switzerland Ihe skip of ono of the teams, who
consequence. It Is also tho facade of
the Como cathedral which is in danger.
This has beeu bulging ootwsn! for
nearly a century, nnd a largo portion is
m.w out of ihe perpsndlcular.-I.oiidon
Air rVeisurt.
There bus been lustnlled In tl>«
Champs de Mars lu Paris au aorody-
nnijilo laboratory for the making of
experiments relating to (he laws of atmospheric resfstnuce. In tbe course
of ids studies ono eminent engineer
milled a curious statement communl-
leil some timo ago to the Academy
10 much admired, nnd lho natural grain I doz"cnV'-complained Mrs. WrallVlo her   ^p^eneV?o'heVsT*otsman,"wai'.o'de"-   of Sciences-iiarnely. tbat lira PlWIir*
shows Beautifully, -Kansas (.uy hint.   „... rj0andloaTlan_ maid, lighted wllh tho accurate shot of one | upon a square surface Inclined 17 de-
oj au education. _——_____
*.li':rowHhal to secure oue. Since lho
father had nut been .ii.le to get much
(ducallou himself, ho understood the
itlisdvantago of being thus deprived
Ihd was all the more eager thnl his
leu should ho favored.
Jim wns uuw a mau of meuly Ave
fears. One night there wore eitra
trains on the railroad iiiaklmr their
A Doubtful Compliment,
Tbe banquet bail was sderned with
many beautiful patatlngs, and tbe
president of the little college was called upon to respond to a toast. Wishing to pny a compliment to the Indies
present, he designated lhe palutlngs
with an eloquent gesture and said:
"What uecd Is there of these painted
beauties when we have so many wllh
Us at ths table?'— Dad'OS' Homo Jour
Ths Ono te lo Pleased.
"N'o," «»hl Pnokhnui, "wo never have
liollcd tinitt nt onr house any more."
"Why," snld A scum, "I lliotighl you
wero very fond of It."
"So I am, hut my wife's pet dog
won't eat ll si sll."-I)elrolt Free
His Punishment.
"Whnl punishment did dint dcfnnlt.
Ing bunker geli"
"I understand his lawyer charged
lilm $-IO,tino."~Washlii£lon Herald.
A Flvor.
"In what shnpa did he appeal to yon
for help!"
"Ills appeal wns T shaped."-Baltimore American.
The youth of s initio, sre (he (ruo-
"eej of posterity.-plnrnelL
Hit Choice,
Palher-Mlldrcd. If yoi- disobey msirr
1 will surely spank you.
On father's return home that even'
Ing Mildred onco more acknowledged
\ that she had again disobeyed.
i rather (Brml.vl-Toii uro going to he
I tpunked. Ton mny ehooto your own
i line.   When shall It be?
Mildred (Uvo veins old, thoughtfully)
( •-Yesterday.-Woniiin's Home Coiupin-
A Costly Choico.
"I don't think I'll let my daughter
funny you, young man."
"Why nol, sir?"
j   "Well, yon Imve somewhat expensive
"How do you know Hint?"
!   "Why,   you   wanl   lo   marry   iny
daughter,""tondon Telegraph.
Paw Know, Evorylliinn.
IVIIIir.-l.iw, whnl hi nn Irtilanl?
PflW-.Anything iliiil I; n nuisance,
' my BOP,
'    WIIIUi-Woll, Whal ll t iiilivlrrl.
'   l'rnv-A woman nl a hargnlu snle-
' Clnclnnntl l'ii.|iilrcr.
Like a Block.
j   Kdi'lbe-Mr, Densely llilnbl lie has
. u very level head.
j    filltya-llo lias,   lis level mi tlm (op
ami pci'poiiill.'ulti' on (he sides.—Fort
Wayno journal.
Tell, uuswered Hedvlg slowly, "yoy of hli team (bat he was beard to ad- I greet to tho wind is one and a halt
toll me to git uy dozen.   So I don'l .,.,, ju;n» l0 lhe following manner: | times stronger rliaa that aitrted o*
speak dass laglllh veil, so Ay toughl "-.le down snd doe, mon; lie down   " .......
you sayeil two dozen.   .So Ay tolt do and dee.   Ve'll never lay a finer slsne
grosery man, nil' Ay don't speak de »or (hut If ye live to be a hundred."
the mu e surface hi>»i si on de-
Insllsh very veil, so he tought Ay
snyed dee dozou. So ho tells It lo hiss
hoy, but hiss boy ban a Irisher. uuil he
alls four dozen. Out's vy Ah bane git-
ting live dozen lemons. Ain't (ley
keep?"—Cleveland lialu Denier.
In  For  It.
'Always enl lho skin ot tlm fruit,"
ordered lho dootor. 'The skin con-
inlns essenlluls (hat. too need,"
"That tuny be, doc, but I know I'ui
going lo get my tlironl nil sci-otobed up
lho Ilrst (line 1 Iry (o ent a pineapple
with It's plln on."—Washington Her- I
III Luck, For Suro.
"Oh, papii, nee lliese lovely opnlsl I
don't believe opals are unlucky. Do
"It will he very unlucky for you If
you Inke a fancy te a high priced one,
I'lhollinla. S'oii won't get II."- St.
Louis fl lobe Democrat,
Weiid Story ef • Chair.
Is ihe museum at Cape 'Jowu lo
shown a u old fashioned, high becked
wooden chnlr, to which attaches a
Weird slory. It Is related that ibe
chair Is (he oue lu which (he Dutch
governor was found silling dead a few
moments after the exe-jutlou of a soldier Whom he had sentenced to bs
hanged mid who oe his duoin being
pronounced splemuly called upon his
ciTidoiriuer lo sccompsny blm to Ihe
throne of Ibe Supreme Judge.
Rreretl Shlno, whose palutlngs •(
bullet girls have mnde blm woll known,
snld al a dluntr In New York:
"Very few atilsls can draw a horse,
yel nny horse Can draw nu urilsf, and,
hy the sumo loken, few trtllLa can
mint a ballet (III, yet nny litllct girl
COO pnlnt herself."-New York Press.
Meter Slaughter.
Hoiif Iny speaLln,:, motor vehicles are
killing lu iho st.-eeii; uf London today.
aboul twice ns many persons is were
killed by tlio horse vehicles. . h.t Is •
bard fact Willi li Is not (o he (llrposd
ot he lhe nmloi Isi's claim that he ban
fnr more control over his CgtTlOgO thai,
a horse driver ever* hail. He hus mora
eonlrol. wo believe, but that only,
rallies It [onIn Hint the control Is nol
ggsrclsed.- We.sl tu luster ("nzctte.
Tho Cr.r'o Chef.
'tin. cznr's chief cook has « salary
nf IIS.iilu n year, for which his re-
aponslblllllci ara nol restricted to ih»
tnhlo nf lhe Impel Ini family only, for
ll Is his duty to provido for Ihu GOO
IfimntON of lhe pnla.-nj ss well. The
food has (n he scrupulously prepared,
and mnny of tho kllclren liniils uie
motuhiri of the tocral pollco.
sn l'l
Tin  Proptr   W«y,
"Wheu you leave on lhe tnilu,'
(lie young mini yearningly,  "I
throw you a kins,"
"Rul," rejoined Ihe girl, "don't run
know  (lint It Isn't polite lo throw
things nt people?   You should always
give thom,"-a,trliange.
Th. I ail of tha Kalian.
"All  Hie  world  will  ho republican
within llfty yearn.   (lormsny will be
Hia Inst of Ilio implWI.   It Is lr:c\lttt
bit,"   Theso words are llttlbllttd td
Motli.r •■ in Accelerator.
Registry Ulork-lt Is necessary for
mc to risk the brother of (he luldo If
nho has uolhlng lo say before I proceed   _.__________________________
wllli the ceremony. Voice of Uothe* I Emperor William ot Herman* 'n a than |inii;groimdi-AII 1 lmvo to sny ts cent conversation with Karl von Knoti.
Hint If I hinlri'l had a good denl to say ' (ho Witorlnn. The eoir«rcr prsdlctn
ilreiidy they tiurcr we. ild hava Inadr.r thnt h's fen wll! be the last of (hi
hfio.-lleg^cndoifc, Ulnller. | fjeririnii tmrei-oi* THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C.
H.H--H-1-H-+.■*+•.•.-.•+.-. ■•*** ***** *****_
Professional   Carbs
■ anb -
Cobc^e    Hotices
CRANBROOK      LAND      DISTRIOT \ point    ol   commencement,    and con-
Dlstrict    of    South-East    Koot.nay ' talnlng 040 acres more or less.
I   Located   this Tth day ot January,
'   if   ill I    -.lil.lt.ifaollllllla. "4
McvrrriK _ parkkr
P.L.8.    at    O.B
Barrister, Solicitor,
ORANBROOK.     ...
Court Cranhrook No. 8943.
| Meet ln Carmen'. Halt, on   -nd and
Ith Thursday ot each month,
! J.   McLACHLUN,   CR.
I    Louis Pearson, Sec., P.O. Bos i)18.
j Visiting Brothers Cordially Welcomed
TAKE NOTICE that John Henry
Lismer ot Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation laborer, Intends to apply lor
permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Uomtrienring at a poat planted at
the South-west corner of Lot 9687,
Group 1, Kootenny District, thence
west 20 chains, thenco north 40
chains, theuce east in chains, thence
south 40 cluiins to thc point ot
commencement imd containing 80
acres moro or leas.
D.itod December .8th, 1912, 4-9t
District ol Fernie
Barristers.   Solicitors  and  Notaries
Money to Louu
Imperial  Bnnk  Hullding
CRANBROOK, British Columbia
iCranbrook  Branch)
Meets   in   the   Carmen's   Hall 2nd
arrd Itb Tuesdays in every mouth, at
8   p.m.   Membership  opeu   tu  British
N. a.  Walllnger,  Ties
W. C. Crebblu. Sec'y
P.O   Boi   125.
Visltlnr   members cordially  welcome
J.    T.    LAIDLAW,
Mining Engineer and B.C.
Land Surveyor,
P.O. Boi 286 Phone 222
ORANBROOK,     ...     B.C.
Ur«.    KINO    it    OREEN
Physicians aud Surgeons
Office  at  Residence.   Armstrung   Ave
Oftrce Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10 00
Afternoous - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - 7.30 to   3,:i0
Sundays  - - - 2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook,     - ...     B.C.
T.    M.     R I X E N
Auditor and Accountant
P.O.   llox  373
NELSON, B.C.       '7-3in*
F. Al. AlacP..i..-sou
Norbury Avenuo Nest to City Hall
Open D.y .ild Nig-Ill I'tiou. Ill
W.   K.   BEATTY
Funeral Director,
PHONE 8411
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 H. O. Box H4S
Frank Dezall
A^ent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Dons at Reasonable Cost.
Works:       Opposite Depot
200 Cartoons Teli More
Than 200 Columns
The World's Best Each Month
Cartoons from dMltra and werklleii b!   ied la
this  count■*i'   b.ini"ii.   Dublin,   Pari*,   Berlins
Muitiih. Vltjtina, tVariuw, Uudapc*., St. Hi era-
turn.Ain-.ifii|.'tni..-'i " irt Turin-Rome Ll bn**
.until, "'.''.in. .ihanKlwii. Sytlnm Canada, and
©•nn i America, and .'ii tlio gi m .. lea oi tba
wr'il, fit iy '..,f. :.'fl i-t-it *,ut oi 'j.ijiij cartootia
each month, nn* •ejected,
A Pic'.u.-a History of World's Events (aeh filonltt
cninpa.itn m   ' abtooi > ' and watch tbo oppos*
inn partwi carii atura each othi r,
VUHLV iui'H.»ift'i>ii U-lOi oiteili (' oofv IS*
One U'* MtnpU.  i ■■ •" ' l-l  Hle-I ' f *H	
Electric Restorer for Mer
Phoiphonoi i-'i?.";,::'.'/',':„:;
- In Mi, I..".
.     .     Ion t re.lnr..
.._ .uii ,11.11',. Frsruslari ')«<•,, .nil ill a-iu.!
Mlkli.,1  ..riif.l at on'...     l'l,,..|.:>......I  will
e ynu .ii"" in.ii.   Hilc. IHa Iim. ». i.i (nl
tM.U.4 in .nr .'Ui.>■   Ta.a«aUiili.a(
No.   SI
A.  F.  4 A. M.
Regular    meetings   on
thlnl   Thursday   ot
Visiting brethren welcome.
D.  J.  McSweyn,  W"^9blprul  Master
J.  S. Peek,  Secretary
No. 125, R.  A.  M.
Regular  meetings:— -nd Tuesday   tn
eacb month at eight o'clock,
Sojourning    Companion,    are    cordially Invited.
Ki.   Comp.—A.  C.   3hankland.   E
Cranbrook. B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Sidney S.
McOllntock, ot Spokane, Wash.,
Merchant, Intend to apply to the
Chiet Commissioner ot Lands, lor
a licence to prospect tor Coal and
Petroleum over the toliowing described landa situate in Ulock 4593,
South  E ist  Kootenny:
Comtnenclng at n post planted on
the Western boundary ot Lot 8589,
about -10 chaina south ot the Southwest corner ol Lot 8590, thenco 80
chains south, 80 chains west 80
chaina   m.ith, mi chaina east to the
[ point of commencement, and eoutaln-
f iug tMO acres more or leas.
i    Located    thla Sth day  ol  Jnnunry,
James Planet
t 'it Agent
James Fisher
Diatrict ot East Kootenay
TAKE NOTICB that I, George Herbert Aahworth, ot Cranbrook, B. 0-,
occupation Accountant, Intend to ap-
ply tor permission to purchase the
lollowlng described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the North-west corner ot Lot 8917,
tlwnce South 40 chaina, tlience West
40 chains, thence North 40 chatna,
tlience Eaat 40 chains to point ol
commencement and containing n.u ft-
crea, mure or less.
Dated December 4th, 1912 49-9t
District ol Fernle
TAKE   NOTICE    that f   James Fisher,      Agent,     ot Rossland,      D. 0«,
I iuteud to        apply       to      the
i Chief Co*iaTail88.oner oi Lands, tor
ia licence to prospect I. r Coal and
Petroleum orer the following described lands Bltuate in Hlock 4593,
I South East Kootenay:
(*tomtnenclng at a post planted on
the We; tern noundary ot Lot 8589,
} about 40 .-hams south ot the South-
| west corner of Lot 8590, theuce 80
chains north tbence SO chains west,
*0 chains south, and 80 chains east
to the point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Located   this  Sth  day  ot  January,
4-5t Locator
Cranbrook, B.O.
Crescent Lodge, No. 33
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
A. Ilurrlc, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K oi R. Si S.
E. A, Hill, M. F.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
District ot Fernre
District oi Eaat Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICK thnt Helen Mary
Eassle. ol Fort Steele occupation
married: woman, intends to apply 'or
permission to purchuse the lollowlng
described lands -
Commencing at a post planted nt
the intersection ol the Weat boun
dary of the Kootenay Central rlght-
ol-way with the East bank ol the
Kootenay River 1A0 leet south ot
tire South Neat corner ol L'-irr
thence Southerly .'»:r chains following
the aald boundury ot the rlgbt-oi-
way to its ra-lnter&actioo with the
Kootenay lliver. thenco northerly
following the Enst batik ol Kooteuny
River upstrvam to place of commence
ment. containing rn acres, more or
Wm. H. Etaasie, Agent.
Date*! Nov.  sntb  turn sa-ut
(Section 18)
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the llth day of February, 1913. application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor a
licence to sell li uior at wholesale on
the premises situate on Lot 6, Block
93, Baker street in the City ot Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated this 11th day ot January.
191.1. 2-5t
NOTICE is hereby givon, in accordance with the Statutes, that all assessed    taies   and   income   tax and
; TAKE   NOTICE  that   I,   Julian B. i school tax assessed nnd levied under
lectrel,    ol   Nelson,   B. C, Married  tbe    "Taxaction    Act"   are due and
Woman    intend     to   apply   to   the   payable on the 2nd day ot January,
Chief   Commissioner   ot    Lands, tor  1913.      All   taxes collectable for the
a licence    to prospect   for Coal and [ Fort    Steele Assessment District are
Petroleum    over    the following des-
Uo. 42
Meets every Monday nlgbt
nt  Eew    Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
E. Stephens W.  M. Harris
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.   153
Companions of the Forest
Meets In Carmen's Hall, Second and
Fourth Thursday of each Mouth at
I'M p.m.. sharp.
Mra. L. Whlttaker, O. C
Mrs. 1. Heigh, Sec
Visiting   ConipantnnB   cordially   wel
come. 3€tf
Cranbrook       Lodge
No.      1049    -
Meets    every    Wednesday   at 8 p. nr.,
In       itoyal      Black
Knight's    Hall    on
Baker Street
R. S. Garrett, Sec'y
crilied    lands  s taut,'  In   Block 4593,
South EnBt Kootenay:
Commencing at a poBt planted at
the North East corner of Lot 7287,
thence 80 chains aouth, 80 chains
enst, 80 chains north, and 80 chains
west to the point ot commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or
Located this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-5t Agent
District ol Fernle
East Kootenay
A   Pull and Complete
Line of Harness
Saddles, lite
Everything Up-to-date
Repairing; a  Specialty
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, George Ben-
well,   Hotel    Proprietor,   of Nolson,
B. C,    Intend    to     apply    to   the
Chlel    CommlBBiouer   ot   Lands, lor
n licence   to prospect   tor Coal and
Petroleum    over    the following described    lands  stunte   iu  Block 4593,
South East Kootenny:
Commencing   at a poat planted at
| the    North   Enst corner of Lot 7287,
I thence   80   chnins north,    80  chnins
j east,  SO chnins south,  and 80 chnins
west to the point ot commencement,
aud   containing   640   acre.-   more or
I less.
Located    this 7th day of January,
James Fisher
4-'.t Agent
due and payable at my office, situated at the Government Offices, Cranbrook. This notice, in terms ot law,
Is equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Dated at Crnnbrook, B.C., the 7th
day ol January, 1913,
Deputy  Assessor and Collector, Fort
Steele 8-4t
NOTICE ia hereby given that a
Court of Revision and Appeal, under
tire provisions of the "Taxation
Act" nnd the "Public School Act"
tor tbe Fort Steele Assessment District, will he held aB follows:
At Cranbrook in the Oovernment
Office on Monday, 27th ol January,
1913, at 11 o'clock ln the forenoon.
At Fernie in the Government Office
nn Wednesday 29th of January, 1913,
at 11 o'clock in ths forenoon.
Dnted   nt   Cranbrook, B.C., tbe 7th
day ot January, 1913.
Judge   ot   the   Court af Revision A
Appeal Ht
License to Tako and Use Water
E1u StuntoJi
THE   8TAN0ARD   1.   Hi
» N
kly  Newspaper <>t \i„
t,l  t
ana-la.     it is nations
nil   H>
urns rim most sxpenal
ve «■
procuring rli*- photograph
i  frr.r,
nil  .
vor ih„ world.
arilolea are oarofully s
i-l nn :
,'illlnrlnl     pulley    Is
randan r.
..ul.in ntiliuri    to    Thn
mum i
$2.00 per ye.r tn any
OSS   1
.I.', ur Oreat Britain,
TRY IT FOR 1912!,
Montreal Standard Publlahlntl Co.
Limited, i-i.iii'J *-. a
that George VV Bade, ol Milton,
Oregon, will apply for a license to
take and use one and tlni-r-liUlis
cubic feet of wirier out ot uir unnamed swamp crook rising in a tlm-
LAND j ber reserve loron-ily coverwl Iry Timber License No. 21907, which Hows
Iir a northerly direction through l.ot
TAKE    NOTlClTTlmt   I, Harry F. tUi aui    mnl)ti-'8 1"to "o0"' c'rc«1*
Muerllng,  of Nelson,  B.C., Kngiueer, m'nr the north line ol Lot 8104.   The
Intend to        apply       to      tho •»»««' "'I'1   lie diverted    at a   point
chief   Commissioner   nl   Lands, for ■>"« yards south ol the south line   ol
a licenrc    to pr< ape t   for Coal and Lot 0164 and will bo used lor lrrlga-
Potrolaum    over    the following dee- tion purposes on   the land described
Bribed    lands a tnat..  iu  Block 4fi93, as Lot 61115
South Bait Kootenay:                         |    This    notice
District of Fornle
SEALED TEND1SUS will be received
by the Minister of Lnnds not later
than rroon on the 3rd day of March
1913, for tile purchase ol Licence No.
X10 to cut 12,180,000 leet 11.M.,
9:1,000 railway ties, If.,mill cedar poles
on Lot. No. 274, (.roup 1, Kootenay
District, near Crcston.
Particulars    of Chief 1'Vrest.or. Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
SEALED TENDEIIH will be received
by the Minister ol Lauds not later
than noou ou the 3rd day of March
1913, for tho Dliratraa n' I bonce No.
Xll to cut 8,830,000 le t M.M.,
46,000 rnthwiy ties, 4,000 cedar poles
on Lola 3877, 3878, Oroup 1, Kootenay Diatrict, near Creaton,
Particulars   ol Clrlot Foreator, Victoria, B.O. 49-iat
TIMIIEIl   SALE  No.   X12
SEALED TENDINIS will be rerelved
by the Minister ot Lands not later
than niion on (lie 3rd day of March
1913, for tho purch-Bs dl I Irenco No.
X12 to cut 6,440,000 leet B.M.,
10,600 railway-ties, s.r.oo codnr polos
on Lot 4111, Group 1, Kootenay
District, near Creston.
Particulars   ol Chief Forsster, Victoria, H.C. 49-13t
Regular    Quarterly   Meeting
Friday, Feb. Mth, at 8.30 p.m.
Don't Fail to Come! J. P. Fink, Secy.
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by tho Mlrrister ol Lands not later
thnn noon on thc 3rd day of March
1913, for the purchis' ol Llcenco No.
X13 to cut 4,100,000 feet B.M., and
050 cedar poles on Lot 281, Croup 1,
Kootenny District, near Creston.
Particulars   of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 49-13t
Coal mining rlnhts ot the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the North
west Territories and in a portion ol
the Province of British Columbia,
may be leased lor a term of twenty-
one years at an annual rental of 61
an acre. Not more tban 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease muat be
made by the applicant ln person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent oi the dls
trict in which the rights applied for
aro altuated.
Id surveyed territory the lund must
be described by sections, or legal sub
divisions of sections, aud in unsur
veyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Eacb application must be acconi
panied .by a fee of (5 which will be
refunded if the rlghta applied for art
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe mer
chantable output ol the mine at the
rate of Ove cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine aball
furnish the Agent with sworn return,
accounting for tbe full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royalty thereon, lf the coal mintn-r
rights aro not being operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
The lease will include the coul mlu
Ing rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be con
stdered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate ol 110.00 an acre
For full information application
should be mnde to the Secretary ot
the Department ot tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent ol
Dominion Lands,
W.   W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister ot tbe Interior
N.H.—Unauthorized publication o.
this advertisement will not bo pnld
tor. Jan. Itb-ti
was posted on      the
■."..   11"".."'' a™"1*1 *"• tl10   *iH"1 lla>' 0l ',anu»ry.
1913,      Thc application will be tiled
ill the   ofllce nl    the Wuter Recorder
Oomraeitaing   al
aboot 40 chnlna South ol tho South
.not   corner   of   Lot sr,85 tl once 80
ehalni   aout'r,    80   chains   eat,    80 ,     ,      ,    „   ,,
ehalni   north, and 80 chains west to ,"*.| ninlrrook, II. 0.
point    of    commencement,    und containing C40 acres more or less.
Located    (his 7th dny ol January,
Jameir Flnher
4 -r,t. Agent
Objections   may be filed   with thc
Valcr   Recorder or   with the Comp- |
troller nl Writer    Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
O. W. Dade, Applicant.
by M. II  Knight, Agent.   rVOt
DlltflCt of Fornle
TAKK NOTICE that I, L. K. Lar
Son, Of No'H'in, It. C., Men-hunt,
Intend to        apply       to      tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for
a llrenee to proipoct for Goal nnd
Petroleum over tllfl lollowlng drs-
orlbirl I mils s'tunts In Block 4503,
Houth K at Kootenay:
Oornmenctng at a post pliirit.nl
rthout III rhnlns South of the South-
SSlI rorni't' of Lot 8585 fence 80
(•'mills nortli, 80 chnins east, 80
chains aouth, and 80 chains wist to
Tradc Manna
Copyniai, i >;»."..
/In. imi" an'ntlilS I. .Ii,.trli nml miiri-i'IIiI Inn li-n.
<|..l, lily ii.ciilnit. (i,ir .'I'lniii. free rliiiilin n:>
,n,..nil,ill I, iimlinlil, .nil,nliil.lir  (\niii i  i
■.-■nl Ni.it, llMi-il ii-Ji'iiry ftirnitriirn.iii-.il .,
nin (uk. ti MiiMiifli Miiiiii A lo. rtitulto
'    IV'I, llllllll
For a License to Take and Use Water
that Gcorrre W. Bade, ol Milton,
Oregon, will upply lor a license to
take and uso one und tlrrco-liltlis
miners feet ol water out ol Booth
Creek, which tlows In a northerly
direction through Lot 6104 and empties into,St, Mary's River near Wycllfle. The water will be diverted at
a point 875 yards south ol the south
lino al Lot 11104 iu a Umber reserve
formerly covered by Timber License
No. 21907, and will Ire used tor irrigation purposes on the land described as Lot 6104,
This notice wns posted on thc
ground on the 28th duy ol January,
1913. The application will be llled
In the otlice ot the Water Recorder
ut Crnnbrook, B. C.
Objections may be (Hnd with the
Wuter Recorder or with the Comptroller ot Wnter nights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. ('.
O. W. Bade, Applicant.
bv M. II. Knight, Agent.   Vfit
iillC, Wl» limit Cliit.i"i
ScMJflc flmericaci.
A hAMUomoly IHiiMmtwl w»-*hi,\ Ue<-*i elr
< ■■ -i-n ft i.nr ► 'i '■■ ."iir'.'*'. 'im i, t,-Ji
- i i.'lit-. in*. » j'-r, I'roiit'ifl i.iii'iiiii.   twill ii,
(Section 18)
NOTICE is liorebv i-lveri that on
the ltth day of Kehrunry, 1913, application will be ninilo to tin. Licence
Oomm'Wloniri of the City ol Crnn
brool' for n ll'Onrs lor the sale of liquor bv wh .'.ale ..a the tire-nlne"
splints on l.rt r,, I'loc'i 93, Baker
Btreel In the City of ce.in".rook. B.C.
it. A. hi a sun
Bated   tbis   Uth   day   ol   Janunry.
HU. Ht
It may be that jour eyes are becoming weak and you are afraid
to acknowledge it- That it the
way with a good many people,
both old and young. The young,
particularly, seem afraid ti* admit
their failing sight, but it is no
novelty nowadays and certainly
no disgrace. We will remedy
any defective eyesight and guarantee satisfaction. Delays are
dangerous-Come today.
Jewelers & Opticians
Goats for Sale
i  Nannie Gi at     -     $25 00
1  Young Billie     -     $10.00
Apply P. 0. Drawer "Iir
Cranbrook, B.C.
Liquor Habit Cured
iu Three Days
No Hypodermic Injection.   Send
for free booklet
Box 315 Cranbrook, B. C.
Cor Fenwick An. & Kaini St
Local News
Some of th* Calendars for thla
year are genuine worl* of Art rud
well worth Iramlng-BEMJSMBBR-
Kllby Frames Flcturea.
N. S. Houston lelt on Friday on a
business trip to Nelson.
Mrs. J. L. Walker wilt not receive
until (utther notice.
J. Stanley Feck wtll lea' e on Monday next for Edmonton.
J. D. McBride was in Calgary this
week on business.
Mr. and Mrs. John Reld left on
Friday lor the coast.
All kinds ot chicken leed at right
prices.—Campbell and Manning.
A. B. Appl'ton, ol Gateway, was
in town Tuesday.
.1. H. Olmssey, ol Bull River, was
in the city Wednesday.
J. S. Staples, of Wyclilte, waa In
town Wednesday.
A. Lund, ot Wardner, was in tha
city Tuesday.
Snips in dishes at Campbell and
W. B. McFarlane returned Saturday Iron, a business trip to th- coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Rutledge visited
Marysville on Monday.
The healthy drink Instant Postum.
—Campbell and Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Samblyn, ol
Orangeville, Idaho, were Cranbrook
visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mn. R. Appleton, of Creaton, were Cranbrook visitors on
Wondffful Ninroua Sytttm
The nrrren control ut! actions of th« body m that sny*
thing tliHt uobiiltRti.i. thom vi!l WCcttQD i.ll nrcr-ius uf
Lite Hywcm. Early Inditcrttlotu ninl Escems have
t-uiucii tliou..iun.n of proilllllQS y-J'inif mea. Unnatural
DralHSiiptlivlrvii'orniid vitality nulitlicynovortlovelop
1 «n iiio-ht .■imiJiilni.iif manhood, They remain weuk-
lm;,:*, lui-titiilly, ihysic.ll> nnd WXtully. How ten!••)?
Aro you uervoui and w- ale, drtspouilcut aud gloomy,
spwlti before tho eye* with tl:-.i ic clroloM under them,
steak back, kldoon Irrlbaulo, pAlsltntl )n o( the hear.,
in lif nl, ilobit.t.tlng dream*, Huuimoiu in urine, pln.|>|es
on tho laco, eyes sunken, hollow clici-kH, careworn ox
pn-sNloii, juKir memory, llfclcm, dlntrubtful, ht«kenergy
ittiilain.niTllt, tlr-H-l morali-*-., reftl.oM tdK-ifs, cbango-
ublo iiiixhIh, premalurodocay, bode yeirn, balr loose, «ic.
TUslslUawiditltmetir New Method Trestmeal b
We fame Ireali'il Dlnenirs of Men  for aimMfc a lifetime aud do not bavo to eiuerimeut.  Consult us
aud wo will UU you r, bother you are curahh or not
We tuarentae curable cue* et
Free Beeklel •* Dbesies of Men.   If unable te call
writ* for
Cor. Michigan Ave. and Grim-old St.,   Detroit, Mich.
n-tBaSjBjBB-BteN flTlfP      A" M*6" 'rom Canaila must Ik sdilKsaed
^B^IlWI IWfc     to our Canadian Corrchporrdcnci! Depart-
V~M~r       a-a-a-aSa-a-aTa-a-a-a-aBaa-a-a-l      ment ill Windsor, Ont.     II you lll'-iri! to
sec us personally call at our Medical Institute irr Detroit as wc see and treat
no patients in our Windsor offices which arc (or Correspondence and
Laboratory lor Canadian business only.   Address all letters aa follows:
Write for our prlvato nil,] 1 ,.„,.
Steam Boiler,   Furnace,
and Septic Tank work
a ni-iMMa.il"'
Coat and atock emulates
furnisliorl on application.
Adsrni 1 P. O, Iss MS, Cnabmk    1
Make* ShortWork ol
wtsuB t&w.WM
lmvo piirwl r, r% .,f f mm li,««,, .._-„. a bnt,,-*i
flUrES'rwE u' "•9*1®!*'
££_. Siili Rhfumatlo Ri>iti*d>
1    AUrsu 1 p. o, ess MS, Ciubntk    1 ,.u ,     .,	
I .        Sold By till
»»e»ee»ena>s>ssse firubrssk Drtf I Issk


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