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The Prospector Nov 22, 1913

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Provincial   Legislative aa.8Bblv
We Test Eyes
Grind Our Own Leasts and
Guarantss You a.Pit
V BfV§pt!&0t
The   Leading Ne*>pap«r
in  the
K.oo(en. v*
$2.00 Per Yesr
NOVEMBER 22nd,  1913
N'o.  47
The government ot the Duchy of Brunswick, which has bcen without a
reigning Duke since 1884, was ss-tumed by Prince Ernst August of Cumberland,
wh» May 24 married Princess Victoria Lulsc, daughter of the German Emperor
Dlffet-cucet, between tbe Hohenzollern and Guelpb families have thus been
settled, for tbe new Duke lu a declaration Issued recently promised unswerving
loyalty to the Herman Empire and Emperor and to the federated rulers of
Re thus Impliedly, though not actually, renounced his pretensions to th*
U_.De of Hanover, annexed to Prussia lo 188&
Meeting  of  Conservatives
Annual Election of Officers-
Record Attendance
The Annual Meeting of the Cranbrook District Conservative Association was held ln the Conservative
committee room in tbe Manning
block on Friday night, November 14.
Tbe hall waa crowded to the doors,
and a large number were unable to
gain admission.
President T. T. McVittie of Fort
Steele, called tbe meeting to order
at 8-30, and J. P. Fink, secretary of
tbe Association, read the minutes of
the last annual meeting, the last
quarterly meeting, which were a-
dopted aa read.
After considerable business of importance had been disposed of tbe an
nual election of Officers took place.
Mr. A. _. Watts and Thos. Caven,
M.P.P., placed tne name of T. T. Mc
Vlttie In nomination for president
during the coming year; Mr. McVittie
was elected by acclamation.
J. D. McBrlde and S. Macdona d
nominated Dr. Rutledge aa Vice-president; and Dr. Rutledge and Mr.
Caven nominated J. P. Fink pa se
retary. Both men were elected hy
Messrs. Oaven, Watts, Manning, Mc
Bride, and several others, gave credit
to the newly elected officers for their
efficient work during the year Just
Some 50 new members were enrolled
under the Conservative banner.
After the business of the evening
had heen concluded, the members, all
were invited hy thc eicutlve ff the
Loral association to partake of a
banquet, whlcb hnd been prepared nt
the Royal lintel,
Mr. A. E. Wntts of Wnttahurg,
called the attention of the meeting
to a banquet to be given at some
time during the coming month at
Fernle, In honor of Hon. Robert F.
Green, M.P., and Hon. W. R. Ross,
minister of Lands for B.C. He said
that tbe date will shortly be announ
ced, and Invited all members of the
Association to attend. A working
committee, consisting of Messrs. Caven, Watts, Rutledge, H. W. Drew.A.
Shankland, Manning, Bullock, McVittie, Hunt, HIU, Fenwick, Doyle,
J. A. Arnold and S. Macdonald,
were appointed to help along tho
lines suggested by Mr. Watts.
Tbe above members were also a
committee to communicate with Hon
R. F. Oreen in relation to an experimental farm being established in tbls
P. DeVere Hunt addressed the meet
Ing, laying that It was ths most Important that had he:n held for several years, and h«.g. 1 leave to move
that a hearty vote of thanks be given to Thos. D. Caven, M.P.P., our
member; also to the Hon. Robert F.
Green, M.P., our member in tbe Dom
nion house—Carried unanimously,
with applause and great cheering.
The large crowd then adjourned to
tho Roynl Hotel tc partak,; of thc
banquet provided by the local association.
Mr. Irn Manning, president ol the
local association presided, nnd iu a
very appropriate a.dress cordially
welcomed the visiting delegates from
the outside points to Cranbrook and
partake of the good cheer provided.
After the wants of the inner man had
been satisfied, the President announced the flrst toast oi the evening.
"THE KING" which was drank
with rounds of applause.
Mr. Henry then sang a song entitled "I've got tho finest man in town'
and being encored sang "My Honey
Man." *•
President McVtttl* then spoke ol
what had heen done by the aasocla.
tion during the past year, aptd of tbe
harmonious manner in which all tbe
meetings had bcen conducted, and
congratulated the visitors from outside points on attending in such
large numbers.
Mr. Thos. D. Caven, M.P.P., our
present member was tho next speaker
called upon. He aaid thnt he was
pleased and highly honored by the
'urge number of delegates from the
neighboring towns. On referring to
improvements made during tbe yenr,
snld: "Thnt miles nnd miles of good
roads hnd heen constructed during
the yenr ln the province. Thnt Crnnbrook was the second largest dis
trict in the province in the matter
(Continued on Page   2.)
Curlers Meeting
An annual meeting of the Cranbrook Curling Association was held
in thc City Hall on Wednesday evening, at which the following officels
were elected for the ensuing year:
llon-Pres.-P. E. Wilson.
Vice-Pros.—Oeo,  Hoggnrth
President—W.   F.   Cameron
Vice-Prns.—J. F. Oampbell
Sec.-tronB.—Mr.  I'unwell
Executive Committee—W. V. Attrldgo
C. R. Ward nnd H. A. Hill.
Ice Committee—A, (!. Itowness, p.
IS. Wilson, nnd 11. Bnnfleld.
Membership Committee—W. F. Cam
eron, A, 0, Bowness, and H. Ilalaall
Olllcinl Umpire—John Oholdltch.
Chnplnln-Ilnv.  W.   K. Thomson
Tho noxt meeting for completing
the arrangements for the coming sea.
son will be ut the call of the Secretary and president.
Rifle Association
Last Saturday was the cloHing dny
of the season's snooting and considering it was tho commencement of
the life of this organization thc results have been highly satisfactory.
Iu compiling the averages it wns
fodnd that a total of 3.159 shots were
llred, with a total score ol 7313,
showing nn nvcrngc of 2.17, which la
not a good showing, but taking into
ronsiderntlon the fact, thnt eightyl
two members hnve used the range,
and thc majority of them never hnvlng Bred at a target before, nnd the
lateness of the season making thc
light had at the close of the day,
we can congratulate ourselves on the
result of our work. Tho total membership o! the ussociatinn is now one
hundred and ninety-eight nnd we hope
for a better attendance next year, ns
not half this number actually took
advantage ol this great opportunity
The following are the names of tbe
twenty beat shots with their averages:
Ed.   McMahon    3.7143
Jos.   Milne  3.7142
A,  McLaren   3.69
0. H. Sadler  '.3.16
Win. McKenzle  3.14
Arthdr Prottdfoot    3.06
H. B.  Hlcka  3.03
C. A.  Porter  3.
R. Barthalomew    3.
Jas.  Davidson   ....'i.
Guy  Curiven    2.9C
W.  F.  Attrldge  2.95
A.  Hawkins  2.90
G.  P. Tlsdale  2.88
W.  J.  Atchison  2.79
J. P. LaFleur  2.70
Ed.  F.   Johnson   2.61
II. O.  Mecredy  2.69
P.  Graham  2.49
H.  H.  Bourne  2.30
The annual meeting will be held on
December 1st. In the City Hnll nt 8
o'clock p.m., at which It ls liotte.l
there will be n strong nttendnnco
and tbat every member will make an
effort tn be there, as it is the most
Important meeting of the year. The
chief business being the election ol
officers, the making out ol n program for next year, and a coin
mittoe appointed to Improve tbe
range and the number of targets. An
other matter which wlll be brought
up for discussion at the meeting will
be an increase of the annual subscrlp
tion, as tho present (eo of J1.00 is
entirely inadequate to carry on this
Basketball at the
The opening game of the Basket
Hnll League of the Young Mens Club
took blncc in the gymnasium of the
Club lust Monday evening when the
Bankers and the Thistles clashed, tho
former captained by A, Ashworth,
the letter by jas. Brechin,
The Ilnnhers were in better shape
as a team and won n decisive pictory
thc final score being Bankers. 29
goals; the Thistles, 13 goals.
The BCore does not however give an
index of the game, for from start to
finish every point was hotly contested. At times tbe game was a Httle
rough, hut Referee Hopkins handed
out the penalties pretty freely, holding the hoys well ln check.
Thc next meeting of these teams
promises to ho interesting tor the
Thistles are out to rebaln thetr lost
prestige. ...
Thc V.M.C.A. team defaulted to
the Y.M.C. team, some members of
the former being train hands, were
on the road and it was impossible to
get up a team. A scratch team was
picked to play tne Y.M.C. team and
tbnt club won by a score of 27 goals
to 23.
The standing of the league to date
lo as follows:--
Won Lost
Y   M. C 1
Dig Five.  'No games played.
Y. M. C. A 0
Official Umpire—A. Mlrama.
Official referee—W.  HopklnB.
Examination to License
Log Scalers
YEAR for the Cranbrook nnd Fernie
Districts, for the purpose ol licensing Scalers, as provided for by tho
Forest Act, will be held nt thc mill
of the Jewell Lumber Co., Jaflray
Station, on Tuesday, December 2nd,
Application forms and all particulars may be obtained from the District Forester, Crnnbrook, B.C.
K. P.^Meet
The Knlghtf. of Pythiafl held a very
interentlng ..OH. Irm on Tue_day evening, there wnn a record uU.in.an_e
at member, present, Heveral of the
old time Charter members of Crescent dropped in to see the boys at
work, The ran* pi Knight waa exemplified, together with the rank of
Esquire. The session was unusually
long owing to so much work being
on the table, but the boya enjoyed
themselves so much the time passed
without noticing.
Refreshments were served at the
It is Just as well for intending
Knights to get In line as soon ns
possible as there Is something good
coming up for the welfare of the
members and lf you want to take a
pnrt get in line at once.
Local Items
Christ Chdrch Ladies Guild will I
hold a Sale of Work, home-made
cookery and candles, nt. the Carmen's •
Hsll on Saturday, November 29tb, nt
3 o'clock. Tea will be served, Tbis
ls a good opportunity to purchase |
Christmas (lifts,
The trans-Atlantic wireless telephone is now an accomplished fact,
according to a cable message to tho
London Dully Mall from Hydnoy,
Cape Freton, whirh says that Mar
eoni had n 30 minute trans-Atlantic
experiment between tllflilen, Ireland,
und Glace Hoy, N. S.
W. M. Parks .4 Oo. Imve jti. < re
ceivod a shipment ol drips antl
Trunks tbat hnve never seen tbelr
rninal in Cranbrook before. Quality
and worth for value. Is a strong
point with them. Drop In and enquire the price, yon will sure be satisfied its to their value.
At Rossland on Monday night, C.
Lucca proved himself too much lor
Billy Ray of Seattle, and the referee
stopped the fight in the sixth round.
Lucca scored two knockdowns ln th?
fifth, snd three In the sixth, when
Referee Dan Thomas, called the fight
off and gave tho decision to Lucca,
Vineland and Anchor brand of
Orecn Gages, 28 cts., 2 for 35 cts.,
6 tine SI .00. Kvery tin guttrantoed.
For two days only commencing Saturday, Nov. 33-Irn R. Manning.
The marriage ol Miss Jeanotte Ma
ther, daughter of Mrs. II, U. Mntber
nf Fort Stoele, and Mr. W. .1. Dun
can, will be solemnized on November
29th, st the home of tbe bride. The
Rev. W. K. Thomson of tlte. Presbyterian church, Crnnbrook, will officiate.
Offered as an exhibit f..r a special
prize in a Missouri county fair, is n
man who nover drank, chewed, amok.
0,1, used profane language, playid
cards, danced or attended nn entertainment of any kind. He is 82 yenr
old, but it musl have seemed lots
longer tn him.
Ileal,; and Klwell have lor stile n
half acre of land, all cleared nnd in
Inwn, fenced, very pretty cottage,
plastered,  water nntl electric lights.
Wit's. Ot A KAI M.-l J I'/; ul' „\ y, _■■. j UK__
Mrs. John Purroj Mltcbel aided ber husband greallt la the successful
jaupelgn for Mayor of the city of .Sew fork, Mr. aud Mrs. Mltchel will uow
f* oa their honeymoon, not that they were rout:., mttrrled hut tbat politics
iept Mr. Mltchel so busy he had no time for * honeyiuix.u trip, snd no doubt
It will be « doubly Jouous trip, for Mr. Mltchel im- gained his wtsh—to Bs
Mayor of the gTealest city ln the Catted stale.
City Reservoir Cleaned
Useful   Work   Completed   by   the
City Engineer
must sell quickly nt n sacrifice.    Apply to ns tor  price  nnd  terms and
Last week the City Engineer, linden the directions received from the
fitj -V-nii-ii commenced-Certain necessary repairs km* the reservoir,
which will give tt> the city, cleaner
water, antl ;i largely incrona.d pressure in ram- nf iir--.
In carrying oul the Instructions ■•(
the Board of Works, thc Olty Kngln
eer    Imd   certain obstacles to ovor-
como.   First was the keeping up ol u
continuous supply of  water for d*>\
Owner i.. leaving Kor Ehifilflnd nit. meflt,c P«H»oses( also a pressure supply fur fire requirements, Thin wuh
done hy  building n  temperary dam
British Cruisers Start
Bridgeport, BarhAdoes, Nov. 19.-
The British cruiser Bquadron in West
Indian waters hnve received peremptory orders to proceed to Vera Crux,
and  the \vhh_1_  sailed at midnight.
Thc squadron conHistB ot three armored cruisers, the Suflork, Lancaster, and the Berwick. Thft squadron
I- commanded by Rear Admiral Hir
Christopher Oraddock.
CMWH nut*.* w-rmmm *>»c*  ^J
don't delay as this property will be] Just above tne reservoir where tho
sold to thc lirst person who wantH a water from Ht. Joseph creek enters,
comfortable home and asks the price! und the laying  of nn  eighteen inch
pipe from thc intake of the present
mains to the temporary dnm. This
waa carefully and successfully done.
Work of repairing the dom wiih then
commenced; the face of th*' dam was
covered with two and a half Inch
sheathing   which     wns    thoroughly
"Bunty Pulls the
It's a very entertaining  little play
-"Bunty Pulls the Strings."    It's a
found thnt a very heavy sediment
lind collected lu the reservoir, eBlwci
ally nt tUe head whSM th. waU-r en
ters; ami as it Una been tbe custom
of the Hoard of Worka to remove
this sediment every two yeara, it
wuh thought best to have the reser
voir thoroughly cloonod before filling
Tho deposit waa from thrtv fe.'t to
three feet six inches in depth, and it
i<-- estimated thgt over two thousand
tons of wilt nn.l sediment wn. r.-
a camp was established for the ar
t'oramodntlon of the workmen, and
the weather conditions were moat fa
vorablo for the rapid accomplishment
"f the objects intended. The mains
havo been ihished out from end to
end uf the system to the other, and
consumers Will now get purer water,
with nn increased pleasure for lire
The   Mayor   and   council   ure   to   hfl
caulked, then covered with hh et jr n congratulated on their efforts to give
to   Cranhrook   the   puree*   water   f i
domestic   purposes, and   provido   an
ample supply for tire purpose;  it can
now be claimed that the wat r sy
torn in Oranbrook   s second t<- none
play that dramatic critica have been | which  was soldered  at every  -oint.
kind to and audiences have demanded   this being done to prevent nny pos.
again.   "Bunty PuIIb the string,, has Utility of water percolating through
appeared in Billings before nnd those jthe dam.
who saw it evidenced that its mem L After th.* dam and the spillway bad
ory remained, for    last    night    the been thoroughly repaired, it wan then I In the province
crowd that packed the Babcock -"shi „_„.,_,,    ,,,  _ .
perhaps  the  largest  of the   present j
T;_p,.y is „ot a p... th.t J Distribution of Seed Grain
lor   spontaneous hursts ol applattar |
snd laughter.    Rather, the humor of
It crows on the audience like Mark
and Potatoes
Twain's   humor   grips   the   reader.
S|i*aklng in broad Hrotch, thc mean
lorni cannot  be nrr*p.-d     If two or
more __nnldl „re asked fur  In  the
same letter only one will t. sent.
Ah   tlte  supply   ol  seed   ,s   Unlit...!,
Hy Instructions of the Hon. Minis
ter of Agriculture a distribution of
Ing of their words sometimes con- ' superior sorts of grain nnd potatoes
veyed more by gesture! and Intoim-   will be made during the coming w,n
tions, ths actors nn* of the new ' ter and sprint! tn Canadian larmers. |farmer*, ar- advised tn apply early.
school-the school which hns a!oil,h ibe samples lor genernl distribution but the applications will not noco,*
od the ranting, melodramatic style of will consist ol spring wheat (Mbs.,, ' sarlly bc Bllod In the exact order in
speech affected by the oldtlme actor, white nats (411,*.), barley (Mts.i, which Hey nn> react veil. Preference
The story concerns the loves ol sev 'mul Held pens (Bits.). These will 1* ! will nlways be given tn the ni.*,"i
eral villagers, old and young. It Is _,„t out trnnt Ottawa. A illstrthll | thoughtful and eipllclt re.|U,-t«. Ap
Bitnty's self appointed duty to make tion of potatoes (In 3I_. sample!) j plications received after the end ol
smooth the. path of love and her com , win be ran led on from several of , January will probably be too lute
petency is not wholly revealed until ,he experimental inrnw, the Central ah application! for _rni„ mm! >>p
tho dims, of the last act, wben Hit '.'arm at Ottawa supplying only tho I plication* from the provinces of On
sle Simpson, victim ,,( the i;r, yet!  provinces of Ontario and   .1 tehee, All  tnrlo and Quebec for potatoes) the.
god, rotines defeated anh  tbe pro   samples will be Rent fi
posed    victims of her machinations
nro united,
This Is a play whleh producors d •
tlared would never ttrove a Hueeim,
Whon played for the Unit time In
New Vork, llron.lwny "tlrst nl. Iters'
gasped at the simplicity nnd I11.cn
ulty nf the plot nnd the rrltlrs were
nol entirely sure nf tlt.lt ground
when they admitted It  wns 11 sure
by  mul!
Applicants inimi glvo particular* to j
pignrd   to   the  noil   on   their   farms !
umi Horn.* account "f ttieir oxperlottc*
with  such klinlH of  grain rnr potatoes) as they hnv,* grown, no tlml ft
promising  son   for  their  condition
may be selected.
Knelt application must 1..- scpnrnto
ii'nl  tntlHl   be Hlgne.l  by  tbe applicant.
Bunty fulls tho Strings" wlll le j""1-*' '""' """'I'1'' °- *'r"1" '""'
nl the Auditorium shortly, look out   .".aloei ran bo Hent  to eiieh furm.
for further annnuncemrnts of date.       Applications on any kind ol prints!
should >,e addressed to the Domini >n
Cerenlist, Oentral Biperlmental
Knrm, Ottawa,   Sucb applications re
quire   110   pontage.     If  otherwise  nd
dressed   ,iei,,y   nnd   disappointment
tuny occur.
Applications, foi potatoes, fr.-m
Innnrm In nny other province ihould
!«. addresses (postage prepaid) t.> the
. uperintentlent ol the neareti Branch
Hltporlmontal K.irut In thnt province
Director, Dominion Kxperlmrntnl
Karma. f
d    a    a   a
capital   win Boon
pcrationsl and the
are all the go
in the Winter
Suits   and,  as
usual, we are   showing   the   choicest
patterns and effects in Worsteds   and
Scotch and Irish Tweeds.   Let us show
you these smart Winter Suits. $15. to $35. 3"
stage.     Bpokane
commence active
sinking o! wells, will he watched with
interest,  nn transportation facilities
tare assured, and the populous towns
will Bpring up to accommodate thin
industry as well »k tho large (iront* of
;conl Known to exist.
Harbor improvement plans (or Van
couver call for an expenditure of over
I .60,000,000, This largo amount ih expended In anticipation ol commerce
bs the opening of the Panama canal.
There seems to bo no limit to the
possibilities of thi_ new artery <>f
commerce, The expenditure of this
vast sum is an evidence of confidence
in the possibilities of British Columbia nnd the prairie provinces.
•   •   •   ■
The   roads   of   the Oranbrook dis
trict  arc nor   nl!  g I,  but  the mam
enforced by the British Columbia Department of Agriculture within the
Province, The ponsiirners have a
right to the protection thus afforded
to bcc such a gathering of Conserva-'.
tives in Oranbrook, There was no
fear of losintr the riding when men
like Mr. Oaven were In the Held, aud
and the Department is desirous of that things were much different In
having Hie co-operation of the muni- Oranbrook sine Mr. Oaven wus e-
cipalltles   iu  order  that efficient In-  lee ted.
spection  may  be  maintained,    It is'   .\   ■,*
_ L
cannot   do
*  .   .»    »
McCreery Bros.
C"anbrook, B. ('.
vincla] atttltorttli
It waa expo-tad that ttiutie.llnt.'ly
trunk roads throughout the district I „p00 tt„. passing ol this Act tho vat
nn* equal to the host In im> part ol [0U8 __ui_palltU_, and particularly
thc province. There is under con ,,„. larger cities, would avail them
itructlon and wlll bc comploted In j salves "I the opportunlt* allorded,
the neur future, n continuous road DUt we are Intorrae- thai verj lew
Irom the Vmir district to the Fernie nav. enacted hy laws hh provided lor
district, and another Irom Kingsgate |m ti,|H ..,,.,. .k vmll munlctpalltj has
to Golden »hlch will soon bc used' ,„,, already taken definite aotlon, wo
lor touring purposes nil tho year Lould request tbat tho matter bo
round.   Today, it Is o reasonable pro Liven Iromodlato consideration
loct t itor from Cranbrook to the     ■„   tlie   nrm   place,   non-reeldontl
coast, or to thc prairie provinces to should not imve tho privilege ..I Bell-
thc   east      Imagine   tho effect tbat  [ng m,lk that is n..t ptoducod undor
cry oloquont
,[.clnlly important, In view ol thoImahnor dealt with criticisms that
campaign being carried on to erndl- |i,Ud been pnld to the Superintendent
eatc tiiherculoHiH from our dairy herd |,,| roads and Mr. Caven. .ou ciin't
that eacli municipality Hhall permit Lionet) ovorybody, said Mr. Wntts,
the sale ol milk produced only fromJM, ,•„(.,,„ |,a„ .i,,,,,. ,„,,,„, awful
cattlo which have been properly test *tv0rk in bis stand lor tho lumbor In-
od lor tuberculosis and found to bo dustsy, nud bo had loughl tor tho In-
free from that disease, ln this num- toroot- ol bis constituents nl ovory
ner tin* municipalities are givon now session nl the loglslaturo, nn.l tlmt
or tu control the sale ol milk from Lo was sure Hint lie would continue
tbo United Htuten, although the Pro*   H„ ,,, ,,., whllo a member ol tho Pro.
©he Hfcoepectot, ©raubviui... §, c*
I'ut.lishe.i  Kvery  Saturday Morning si     rat   rn.'    fl.Cf
F. M. Christian, general .r.nnftEer
*,   et lean,  European  (British   1st, -  ■ * ••■ tc! the,
el-n .... tntries, 50 eet ts a eitra
these g i roads wlll imve In the lu   the same conditions na nre
t re   and think   il tbe tourist traftlc ,,,- , „r „„.., auirvmen    Secondly -the
thai  .ill be attracted to this district   consumer bus n right to tho protect*
at . span from tbis the economic ad
. tt .. -  that   follow   upon  ttie  con-
el     tion    '  .    il  ". it le
To Better our Milk
ion tuuH provided.
Thanking you (or your co-operatlon
We beg to remain,
Very  truly yours.
Live stock Commissioner
vinciui assembly
Music hy ihf Orohostra,
Son-, by Mr. Kred Worthlngton, entitled "The Old DrlgAds" In rc-
sponuo tt> nu henrty encore ho sang
"I'm ?2 yoara old today '
Recretary Fink suid that thin was
the largest nud mosl enthusiastic
moetlug hold in Cranbrook for nome
time, nud thnt be made no mistake
when he says thut tho Conservative
cause wan gaining rapidly. Mr, Fink
though, it would be a good thing If
such a mooting could take place tn
district  ai  various points quar-
pontage t<
ADVERTISEMEXTS.  -Advertising rates furnished or   ippticati
ilvertisetnents but those of a reputable  character   will   be   accept I   I
•   :-
AD VERT IHE R.S A.VD SUBSCRIBERS -Unless notice to the contrary
is given t>* local niannper advertisement, and subscriptions will he kept
running and charged up n gainst their account.
CRANBROOK,  B.C.    NOVEMBER   22nd,   1.13      So.M
H is estimated thut the united
debt of thp nations <if the world in
u! ward  of   .42,600,000,(	
The Panama mnal will bo ready
for navigation In Jnnunry nr February, 1914. A 'larire l'n nnmo rnllway
.toaniship will pass through flmt,
after that hns been iccumpllshed o
ther stripping will hr locked through.
'I bo poultry Industry la assuming
arge proportions in Kontenay. An
effort in being mnde by the poultry
men of NelBon i" Induce brooders ..(
tho Inliiml Empire to exhibit then
birds at the semi nnnunl show to he
h hi December ■'■ nnd t ul  Sola >n,
The Hrltiah foreign odlce hna au
.horl.ed the .tntcment thai there i
not a shadow il truth in the report
declaring tho Japanese government
haH licen in communication with the
British government with n view t»
the  abrogation  oi  tbe  Anglo Japan
esc alliance.
C. M. Summon., president of tht-
National bunk of Juneau, Alaska,
sentenced to 280 years imprisonment
foi mls-applicatlon ol funds. Thc Indictment charged r*c odencos, and the
court sentenced li m tn flvo years on
ench. He will be the oldest man In
fb. .Tutted States if lie lives to Borve
bir   sentence.
Although this has been a comparatively  quiet   BCASi n  I'erry   I'reek,
much honest work hns been done.
Many people, strong I n.oicin ly, have
been Interested, nnd a steady advance may be expected nest pennon.
There art' already some very tine
nines, both placer and .[unrtz, and
Others will certainly be added to LPc
list  before the end of   ii _1 year.
it will ho "iil\ ii nhort timo until
the oil deposits of the llathead valley   nre  developed to  the  marketing
rhi      Llowing  tetter has bwc sent
• ■■    De ■-".:• ■: • Agricul-
■  re •■   tbi   vol     s muulci alitles in
the pr ivince,   which our readers can
-■ ■  is       atti rapt .   In pi  ye the con
ne which .-  ■ i ■. th< ra Ik supply
r  :ltles.
We reprod ice   11   here  in  full that
i ur reader.-, mav ■ dge !, r themselves
what is being done aloug these lines
which seems to be principally ,or the
. rotection of om children.
November,   1913.
"Dunns the  last    session    of   the
Legislative   Assembly of British Col
torly, much good would result  there
Messrs. J, I). McBride, K. W.
Swain, A. B, Fenwick, E, A, lllll,
s Macdonald, T. Oaasldy of Bull
River, und W. B. MacFarlane all lind
a few remarks to pass. Mr. McFar
lane said: "Tbat our member was a
Deputy Minister of Agrlctriture |s.rong man and it required a strong
man to look out for and protect the
industries of the district. It was to
be hoped thnt the question of time
cheques would be taken up at the
next meeting of the provincial legislature. Mr. MacFarlane also wont cn
t) say that, the lumber-jacks of this
district earned their money, and that
they wanted the chance to say when
and where they could spend it.
The toast to  Sir  Richard McBride
A New Series
A new edition of a series of four
maps covering the Dominion Railway
Belt in the Province of British Columbia, is now being Issued from the
Railway Lands Branch of the Department, of the Interior at Ottawa, Thia
set o[ maps, the Kamloops and l.yt-
ton and the Slcamous sheets of
which are available for distribution,
shows in the most graphic way 're
land situation to a very recent date,
and the standing of each quarter-section, according to thn recorda of the
mm-       -■ "• ~---n
1            - ' J
Bit                           '■■'
m                 '   '"
m   '
m   .
i i s-s s s-s ss SSS 2* Bt
;t, ^-'-.i_]Mtini_M»_m
The latest and most
desirable Curtain lor
thc Home.
Durable and
Easily Washed.
We are now showing
a select new range of
these in
Scrims Etatnincs
Marquisettes, etc
Call at our store and
sec them.
In addition to the above, we
carry a large range of Tapestry
and Lace Curtains, Scrims, Nets
Tapestry and other Curtain
1 1 1
Our House Furnishing Department is well
equipped with all the newest goods for the Parlor.
Sitting Room, Dining Room, Den or Bed Room.
iii k mi io ns.
umbitt tin Act tl-alin-. with the mar-   Department at that date,
kutlng ol Milk was pasnetl, n copy of os' A LARGE HOALB
which wc are cnclosim* herewith. One 'l"1*0 »•■«-•' have been published on
,.' the main objects In |*aseing this " I"1'.-''' srll|p. namely three mllo., to
Act wns to civ,* tho various inuniri- ■•■•■■ ■••"••. a*-*1 *-*-lB. "omblned with the
palltlea power to enact l.v.laws which comparatively simple system of col-
would five them full control over ourim* which hns been adhered to ln
thc sale of milk shipped into British -•"* preparation of the map, ma'tos
Columbln Irom the United States. As ■• n »«•» Intorestln. publlcnt'on.
milk Irom tho Dnlted Htatcs ls ship SHOWS  OTHER  VALUABLE
ped Into llritteh Columbia under Dom IN'PORMATION
inloti regulations, Provincial depart- In addition to the information with
nients nn.l ofllctale have no power to respect to disposition of lands, etc.,
denl with tho matter direct. Tho net the location nnd boundaries ol all
nbovo referred to elves munlclpall- Dominion Korest Reserves, Timber
lien power to ennct. regulations which j Berths, Indian reserves and Grazing
would place the producers of British i Lenses nre rlenrly shown, together
Columbia nn.l the Htnte of Washing- ! with Post Ofllce snd Railway inform-
ton on the same hnsis; and thus re- ;ation.
qulro  the   dairymen   of   Wash ngton I      COPIKrt  KI.KE OK  OHAROE
who   ship   Into British Columbia to .   Copies ol tho Knmloopn awl I.yt-
conlorm to similar regulations as nre itor. or the Slcamous sheet may now
 *~ibe obtained free of charge upon application to K. C. C. Lynch, Hnper-
jtntenilont of Rnllway Lands, Department of the Interior, Ottawa.
miS (HE li 81 LOST?
Annual Meeting
fComtln.ied from Page OnM
i r<( rnii<ln mnl mUoAK-B- tni-1 tlmt whllr-
jKfrnit- lunl nbout seven yearn th.
shirt of (.'rani.rook, tbo roadfl In thin
! iliKtrii-t woro second to nono in the
j province* That Btnco uia election to
! the local house Ue had scfurod in the
grant*, to roaddi t rails, bridges, an.l
hospitals, tbo narlcultiiriil industry,
over .800,000, Thnt It WAS an honor
|to represent such a distitot, nnd a
pleasure to secure every poeslbte np
|proprlAtion thnt wuh needed. Hi-
UlAnkod Mr Hunt nnd other frimda
who liiul done their utmost for thr
pnrty also for their ofTorts in Baour-
Inp hiicIi fnrge nnd representative
meotlngBi" Mr. Onyen closod bin nd
dress nmid loud cheering by those
: Mr. IJ. F. Riley of Ynhk, outlined
'-.lint, Imd been done In tlu; wny of
improvements to roads nnd bridges
lln ihe. Yah.  district.
Dr.   l.uilt'ili'r   in  inn  lew   remarks,
snld how much ho bad enjoyed thi
program, nnd
see what bud
ti VOX »> «"il
mi. .-..in-.', mi w (tn »"■"• ■»•-•#.
Two Mittuiiiuu gowns uf tbt* dnm; vnrloty nn* shown In the nbovo picture, both being or l-rcnoi. hnnoriutlon, Ons
IsndreBsy suit in fawn colored brondclothdoslghcd fornfternoou wear ut tons or u sinarl bridge. Tbe oilier gown is of
l___________liflJ____! while h\ce, a combination mncli lilted Ibis Bon*on.
wan drunk  nmiliht   great   i-nthmdai-iu
nnd clii'i'iri.
i President T, T. MeVittio tlmnkod
;ihi- Local association for tlnir hoflpi-
tality to the members qf the district
iflssoelation, and hoped these qunr
,t(-rly events would become a fixture
jat all future meetings,
, a vote of thanks wnn tendered Mr.
|A. K. Wntu of Wattsburg, us being
jthe one lumberman lu the disthl.t
wuh very pleased to! that han novor used time ohoriuos,
noon done towards tbe.'-m    nlwnys   pnld bin employees In
live body
llsolf, nhov
i ture   of
ouy and
'nt nf im.h u ropresonta-
d Conservatives, which In
ed groat confidence in the
the party;  nluo the hnr .
to operation of thow tdon- *
III   lh
, pro
-.1 pi
* 11
rt -
II! .In
",- ii)* |,..i!ti.,.' :,.;id«'i« In Mf.xb'0 im,- n ,-,,-,    imtruiuoi l    i foro   |eople lo do tUoli
n  list been eudod bj tlio c Innk uf lie prtMin gate I     Itot. mnnj gronl men lmvo
ii i nine lilgb in power wlshoi lomeibl  _     ii ran ■**• gained only bj putting somo on
!•' ihe prlmn,   Hn win ami** ih" mnn orrotded on i falsa
itolng "" ti. Me.lfrt, inn fortuno. rlsn ind rn   In Meilca
.'    is.v el 'in* uiiiiiim prison In \l.*. ■    * liy?
it ill.    tl.m
fled ot lhi
 i or the
ibarge, cnit Intn a coll nud left Ibere in rtln
Wbu wlll be Ibu uett mnu <if ImportSOf.
cash,   Cheers for Mr. Watts.
A   unanimous   vote  of, thanks  nnd
confidence wnn tendered to Mr. OAvcn
"-liieh wuh carried midst loud cheering and burrnb'ii for our "Tom"
tilled wltb them, nnd thnt. It wns a      A  vote of tllftnkn wna tendered to
plcnflure tn spend u nocinl evening in mine bont Wm. Htowart of the Itoynl
tbln wny. hotel,   for  tbe   boutltobun   sprond he
Mr. IC. Mallandaine of CrCStOn. was I lind provided. There were 170 who
Lhe next on tbe lint. In bla remark ii tint down to the find table, nnd a
he snid:  "that be, while living In tt- 'hundred  or  more  wbo  bad  to  wait
nother district, be took great interest In assisting tn honor hla friend
Mr. Caven, -md  tlmt  be wiih ii.eaH.it
tor the second, It wnn a most enjoyable OVoning, one thnt wlll be remembered for n long timo,
iJii-ll-Siar . ******. i itiiititiii .ittHii^'i^'HS'i-'i-i,.^!'. i*^*
Professional   Carbs
- ant*-
£ob^e   iHotices
LIQUOR   AOT.   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that, on
the nrst day of December, next, application will be made to the Super
Intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
ae the Imperial Hotel, sltunte at
Fort Steele, In the Province ol l'rlt-
sh Columbia.
Dated this li.tti day of October, 1913
42 4t Applicant
Court Cranbrook No. 8943.
Meet tn Carmen's Hall, on   2nd aad
4th Thursday of each month.
Louis Peareoo, Ste, P.O. Boi Mi.
▼letting Brother! Cordially Welcomed
.. .... a .... ... .,.,..,,.„.. ■ ■ ■■■■ ■ ■■■■...
T.      T.       McVITTIK
p.l.s. * c.a.
ORANBROOK,    ...    B.O.
(Oranbrook Branch)
Meets  in  Carmen's   Hnll   1st and
3rd Thursdays    in every month, at
I p.m.   Membership open to British
B. T. Brake, Pre*.
I,. Pearron, Secretary
Boi 618
Vlaltlng members cordially welcome
A. r. _ A. M.
Regular   meetinge   on   the
thirl  Thureday   ot   every
Vleltlng brethren welcome.
V. B. Miles, Worshipful Master.
J. Lee Cranston, Acting Bee.
No. 115, R. A. M.
Regular maetlnga:---d Tueeday In
each month at eight o'clock.
Bojourntng   Oompanlona   are   cordially Invited.
Bi. Oomp - A. 0. Shankland. _.
Cranbrook, B.O,
Oranbrook, B.O.
Oreecent Lodge, No. II
Meete every Tueeday at i p.m.
at Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, 0. 0.
F. M. Christian. K of R. tl 8.
B. A. HIU, M. F.
Vlaltlng brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
Vo. 41
Meeta every Monday night
at Bew   Fraternity   Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
J. Turnley, W. M. Harrle,
N. O. Sec'y
Circle No.  IM
Companions of tbe Foreet
MteU la Carmen's Hall, First and
Third Wednesday of each month at
1:00 pn., sharp.
Mrs. A. M. I-nurle, C. C
Mrs. A, B. Shaw, Bee.
Vleltlng  Oompanlona   cordially  welcome. MM
Oranbrook     Lodge
No.     104.
Meeta every 2nd am
Ith Widnwhny at 8
p.m., ln Itoyal lllnck
Knight's Hall on
lb. or Street.
W. M. Erler, Dictator.
R. B. Garrett, Sec'y
Meete In Royal Black Knlghta Hall
Baker Street
Meeta every 2nd and 4th Thuraday
ol eacb month at » p.m. sharp.
Mra. L. lUyward, Ree, Bee.
Oeo. Ladde, chief ranger
Vlaltlng brethren made welcome.
Freildent-O. R. Bheppard
Meeta regularly on the Flrat Friday
evening ol eacb month.
Information on Poultry matttre
Addreee the Hecretary-A. B. Smith
P.O. Boi UI, Oranbrook, B.O.
Loyal Orange
Lodge No. 1871
Meeta let and
3rd Tbureday In
Royal Blaek
Knlghta ol Ireland '.all at I pre. sharp. Visitors
>  Fred W. Swain, W.M.
S. L. Williams, Secy.
Barristers, Solicitor* and Notarial
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
ORANBROOK,    •    Brltleh Oolumbla
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICB Is hcroby given thnt, on
tbo first day of December, neit, application will lie made to tho Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for re-
(newal of thc hotel license to sell
; liquor by retnil in tbo hotel known
Jaa the Wasn Hotel, situate at Wasn,
[ near Cranbrook, In the Provinco of
: Hritisb Columbln.
Dated this 1. tb day of October, 1913
1   The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
Peter JenBon, act. mnnn. er for
!42 4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   .12.)
NOTIOE is hereby given that, on
the first dny of December, next, ftp
plication will be made to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retnil in the hotel known
as tbe International Hotel, situate
at Kingsgate, in tho Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this Uth day of October, 1913
42 't Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICH is hereby given thnt, on
I the flrst day of December, next, ap-
| plication will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retnil in the hotel known
aB the Palls View Motel, sltunte at
Marysville, in tbe Province of llrltlsh Columbia,
Dated this 16th day of October, 1913
42 4t Applicant
OlvU   nnd  Mining Elglnesre-Brttieb
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Boi 236
Phone 211
...    B.O.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rtlltbls FrMcfa rsiuU.0. j mv« tails. Th*.
fills «• tiCMdlOfIt powerful lo r ef uittlnc Ih.
gtMrttlft portion otllie Ittnale ■yitcm. FUluH
ill cb«_p bntutloni.  *■**■*■*. 4e ▼•»•• art -old al   mike you I new mm.   Price IS t fot. or Iwo fot
Drs,   KINO   at   ORBBN
Physicians and Surgeone
Office at Residence, Armstrong Are.
Office Hours:—
Forenoons - - 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenlnge - • - 7.10 to   I.M
Sundaye I.JO to   4.10
Oranbrook,     -----    B.O.
LIQUOR   ACT.    1910.
(Section   42.)
| NOTICE la hereby giveu that, on
the first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
ns tbe International Hotel, situato
nt Moyle, in the Provlnc* of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1913
42 -It Applicant
F. M. MacPherson
N.>iti_, Anux Neit l« Clly Hall
Op.i. I).- ud Nlf bl PbOH in
LIQUOR   ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
|    NOTICE is hereby given that, on
i thc first day of December, next, application will be mnde to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal   of   the   hotel   license   to   sell
liquor by retail In tbo hotel known
as   the   Wycllfle   Hotel,   .itnam   at
Wycllfle,  In  the Province of  British
Dated Uii*. I'lh day of October, 1913
42 4t Applicant
Funeral Director,
P.O. BOX 58o        PHONE 346
Cottage Hospital
Matron:    Mrs. A. Salmon
Terms on Application
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Frank Dezall
Agent for
Deering & McCormick
Mowers & Rigs
Bicycles for Sale.
All Repairs Done at Reasoa-
able Cost.
Works:     Opposite Depot
District of Houth East Kootenay
TAKK NOTIOHflhat I, Harry
.lamea Reed of Crnnbrook, p.c, oc-
eiiiatioii Clerk, Intend tei apply for
permission to purchnse the following
described, lands:—
Commencing nt a post planted at
the north went corner ot Lot MOD,
thence north 40 chulns, lb:__, east
30 chnins, tb nee south 40 cbalns,
thence west 2(1 chains, to point of
roinmoncoment and i-ontulniog K0
acres more or less.
Dated September 21st., 1013.
Harry James Read,
Aleiander Lewis St.Elol
8<i-»t. Agent.
District nf Houth Heat Kootenay
TAKE. NOTICK that, I, Patrick C
Leahy of Crnnbrook, ll.C, occupa
tlon Locomotive Engineer, intend to
apply, for permission to purchase tbe
following ilaHcrll.,_ landB—
CommiOcIng nt a Post planted 40
chnins north from tbo north-west
corner of Lot 9210, tlunut north 40
chains, thenco, enst 20 chains, thence
south 40 chnins, thenra west SO
ihtint to point ol commencement,
containing 80 acres morel or leas.
Dated September 21at., 1918.
Patrick 0. Leahy,
Aleiander Lewis St.Elol
3991. Agent.
Electric Restorer for Mer
PhosDhonol i'*'<"" *"*ir "■"« la the bed.
rllV,f" III It.  |llupf I   t.lUll. | ,»ll»_
.lm .nil vitality. 1'i.iiiuliiii! decay and III uu.
,1m mil vitality.  1'i.iiiuliiii! ilerav anil III aei
tmkues. evened it once.    PhMpbeaa. will
mike you s now mm.   price ff"   '
Liguon act, 1910.
(Section   42.,
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on
the first day of December, ne*t, application wlll be mnde to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police, for renewal »( the hotel licenso to sell
liquor by retail In the hotol known
aa the North Htar Hotel, situate at
Klmberloy, in tho Provinco ol British Columbia.
Dated this llth day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
.NOTICE is horeby given that, on
the first day of December, neit, application will be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  „f   the   hotel   license  to  sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
as   the   Centtal   Hotel,   situate   at
Marysville, in the Province of Brit
Ish Columbia.
Hated this 18th day of October,1913
! 42 41. Applicant
LIQUOR    ACT,    19 IC.
(Hectlon   42.)
NOTICE Is horeby giveu that, on
tbe first day of December, next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re
newal of the hotel license, to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at
Moyie, ln the Province of British
Dated this Uth day of October, 1913
42 4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   191H.
(Hectlon   42.)
NOTICE la hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, ap
plication will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel licenso to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creelt, in the Province ol British Columbia.
Dated tbia 1.1th day of October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE is heroby given thnt, on
the first day of December, neit, application will be made to tbe Huper-
intendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licenso to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Yahk Hotel, situate at Yahk,
in the Province of Uritlsh Columbln.
Dated thla 13th tlay ot October, 1913
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOR    ACT,    1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICE ls hereby given that, on
the first day of December, next, application wlll ho made to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for re
newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
aa the Moyie Hotel, situate at Moyie
In the Province of British Columhla.
Dated thla 17th day of October, 1918
48 4t Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Hectlon   42.)
NOTICK Is hereby given lhat, on
the first day of December, neit, ap-
plication wlll bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotol known
ns tbe Kootenay Hotel, situate at
Moyle, in the Provinco of Britiah
Hated tbls 17th day nl October, 1913
43 4t Applicant
(Section 20)
Notice Ih hereby given that, on the
1st day of December next, application will be mnde to the Superintendent of Provlnrlal Police lor the re
newal of wholesale llcenae No. 92,
lor the sale of liquor by wholesale
In and upon the premises known a
tlte Crnnbrook Brewery, situate nea
Crnnbrook, upon the lands described
as Lot 29, Oroup 1, South East. Kootenay.
Dnted thla 21st day of October,1913
Cranbrook  Brewing Co., Ltd.
Hnrry Hesse, Manager
48-4t Applicant
(Suction 2t»
Notice Is horeby given tbnt, on the
1st day of Decemlier next application
wlll he nuido to the Superintendent
ol Provinclnl Police for the renownl
of wholesale liquor license, Nn. 107,
for the sale of liquor by wholesale In
and upon tbe premises known na
Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
situate on linker street, In the City
of Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated tbls llth day of October, 1913
A   0, 1.0W__HH,
.. 4t Applicant
Hectlon 48
Notice Is horeby givcu that on the
16th day of November next, application will be made to tbe Superintendent ot Provincial Police for tho
transler of the license for the mile of
liquor by retail in nnd upon the
premises known ns thc Internntlonnl
Hotol, situate at Kingsgate, British
Columbia, from Oeorge Longpre of
Kingsgate, B.C. to H. L. Sawyer of
Marysville, B.C.
Dated this 16th dny of October,
Holder of License
Applicant for transfer
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
I Hectlon   42.)
NOTICK Is heroby given that, on
tho first day ol December, next, ap-
pile .tlon will bo made to tbo Superintendent of Provincial. Police for renewal  of   thc   hotol   licenso  to  aell
liquor hy retail In thc hotol known
aa the Tourist Hotel, situate at Hull
River,  In the Province    ol    British
Dated tbls 30th day of October, 1913
** '**• Applicant
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section   42.)
NOTICK is hereby given thnt, ou
the tlrst day of December, next, ap
plication will be made to tbe Super
Intendent of Provincial Police lor renewal   of   tbe   hotel   license   to   sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
ns tbe Windsor   Hotel,    situate    ut
Port Hteele, In the Province of llrlt
ins Columbia.
Dated this 30th day of Octnl_r, 1913
****■ Applicant
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I Intend to apply to
the Minister of I am.In for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
over the following described lands,
situate in tho District ol Southeast
Kootenay, llrlilsli Columbia, In Lot
Commencing at „ post plnnted at
or nenr three miles duo Knst nl Ihe
:"' mile post on the C.P.R. survey
line, which In thn West boundary of
corner post ul Mrs. Katherlne Butts'
Lot 41,93, nml being the Southeast
claim] thenco North hu chulns; thonee
Went ho ehalna; thonco Smith ho
ohnlns; tlience Hunt 811 chnins to the
point ol cnmuii'iici.iiient, mnking t'.4ii
acres, more nr less.
Located UiIh until dny of Bcptcm
bor, 1913.
Eathen W  Butts, Agont
Witness:   0.   A.   dncdonald. 47 «t
TAKE NOTICE thnt, sixty daya
after dnte, I Intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Conl nud Petroleum on
the following Innd Bltuate tn South
East Kootenay,  Block 4593.
Commencing nt a post placed nt
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
west 80 chnins; thenco north SO chains
thence enst 80 chnins; thence nouth
80 chains to place ol commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. I.ocntor
TAKE NOTICE tbnt, sixty days
nfter date, I lutend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Conl nnd Petroleum on
the following land situnte in Houth
Hast Kootenay,  Block 4593.
Commencing nt a poet placed at
thc N. K. corner of Lot. 9499; thence
enst 80 chains; thence north 40
chains more or less to north boundary of O, L. 1710; thence weBt 80
chaina; thence south 40 chains more
or lees to place of commencement.
Dnted AugiiBt mb, 1913.
42 It. Locator
TAKB NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Conl nnd Petroleum on
thn following land situate ln South
East Kootenay,  Block 4593.
Commencing nt n post placed at
the N. W. corner of Lot 9499; thence
west 80 chains; theuce south 80 chains
thence east 80 chnins; thence north
80 cbalns to place of commencement.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
TAKK NOTICE that, sixty days
after date, I intend to apply to the
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal and Petroleum on
the following land situate ln South
East Kootenay, Block 4593.
Commencing at a poet placed at
the S. K. corner of Lot 9499; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80 cbalna
thence south 90 cbalns; thence west
80 cbalna; excepting tbat portion cov
ered by C. L. 1709.
Dated August 18th, 1913.
42 4t. Locator
SYNOPSIS    Oi"'    COAI.    Ml. IKO
Coal mining rights ol ibe Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, ttie North
west Terrltorlee and In a portion ol
tbe   Province   ol   British   Oolumbla,
j may be leased for a term of twenty-
j one years at an aunual rental ot tl
: an acre. Not more tban 1,660 acre*
will be lense.l to one appllcaut.
Application for a lease niuet hi
made by tbe applicant In pweon lathe Agent or Sub-Agent of the dls
trict in which tbe tights applied foi
are situated.
In surveyed ten-Hot; the land muat
ba described by eactlona. or legal sub
'divisions ol Motions, and lu unaur
rayed territory the tract applied foi
shall ba etaked out by tba applicant
Eacb application uwst i,a accompanied by a fee of 15   .bleb villi In
{refunded If the rlgbts applied for er,
.not available, but Dot other. I.e. 4
royalty ibnll  be paid   on   tha   met
jchantaMe output of the mine at tb*
;rate of five cents per ton,
Tba person operating the mine abel.
ifumlah the Agent with iworn return.
(accounting lor the full truant Ity 01
merchnntnlile cul mined snd pay tit,
; royalty thereon.   II the eosl mlntus
' rights are not being operate, aud.
returns ahoulii be furnished at laaai
. once a year.
Tbe lenee will include tbe conl mln
ing rlghta only, but tbe lessee i_aj
be permitted to purchase whaterei
available surface right-, may ba cm
Bl.lere,l necessnry .for the working ot
tbe mine at tbe rate of 11'*.*. nu err,
For full Information application
should be made tu the Secretin y ol
the Depnrtment ot tbe Interior, Ot.e
wa, or to any Agent or Hub-Agent o-
Domlnlon Lunds.
W.    W.   CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interlot
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication   o
tbls advertisement wlll not be pah-
for. Jan. 4th V
Hit-trie,    of   South    East    Kooteuay
TAKE NOTICE that Harry North
(woo.l of Crunl.rook, B.C., oceupau. a
butcher, intends to applv for p'ermia-
i..jn to purchase tin- following de,
cribed land-,:—
Commencing at a post planted 120
chains north of the north-west *o:n*r
'of Lot 9209, Oroup One, Kootenay
District, tbence weft 20 chain*!,
I thon-*,' south iri chain-. tlimreeast
| it) i'hn;ns. tlunce north 40 chains, to
place of commencement, c. nuinlng
eighty ucres more or less.
Dnte September 3rd, 1913.
Hn*r-.- Ni rtbwood,
36-9t. Alevan.'er Lewie St. Eloi
District    nt   south    East    Kootena-,
TAKB NOTICB tbat Edward \.
iilili of Cranbrook, occupation merchant, Inttnds to apply for pcrmis
i .on to purchase the following des
Icribc.l lauds:-
I Commencinc nt n poat | Tinted Iin
chains north nt the north-west cor
!uer of l.ot K2..9, (i, 1, Koot.nay District. Ilicnec met 2u chains, theoiv
Bouth 10 hn ns, thi nee west 20
cb.ims. thence north 40 chain*, ta
point of commencement, containing
! 80 ncres more or leBS.
Dr.te   August  :Mb,   1913.
Edward A. Hill.
:b','.it. Alo'an.'er Lewla St. Eloi
TAKE NOTICE lhat, alxty days
after date, 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Minister of Lands for a licence to
prospect for Coal nod Petroleum on
the following land situate in Soutb
East  Kootenay,   Block   4598.
Commencing at n post placcl at
or near two miles east and one mile
eouth of the H. K. corner of Lot
10084; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thenco east 80
chains; thence south 80 chains to
place of romiuenceiuont.
Doted August 18th, 1913.
42-4t. Locator
HEALED TENDERS addressed tu:
tho undersigned nnd nttdoraed "Ten j
d»r for Drill Hnll, Victoria, B.C.,"
will bo received until 4.00 P.M., on
Thursday, December 11, 1913, for the
construction of n Drill Hall at Victoria, B.C.
Plans, specification nnd form of
contrnct can be seen and forms of
tender obtained on application to the
olllce of Wm. Henderson, resident nr-
chltect, Victoria, B.C.; on application to the Postmaster, at Vancouver, B.C., and at thin departmtnt.
Persons tendering arc notified thut
tenders wlll not be considered tinlcSH
made on the printed forms supplied.
and signed with tbelr actual signatures, stating their occupntlons nml
places of residence, tn the case of
linns, tbe actual signature the nature ot tbe occupation, und plnce ot
residence ol each member of the tlrui
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by on accepted clie/pic on a rhnr
tered bank, payable to tbe order ol
the Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent 110 p.c. i
of the amount of the tender,  which
Hlfl be forfeited  If tile  pelwon  tender
lug decline to enter Into n c.ntrnrt
when called upon to do so, or fall to
complete the work contracted for. II
the tender be not accepted tbe rnoqne
wlll be returned.
The Department docs not bind It
self to accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Department of Public Work,,,
Ottawa, November 11, 1913.
Newspapers wlll not    he   paid    for
tbls  advertisement   If  tbey   insert   It
without authority  Irom the  Depart*
ment.-49488. 47 2 f
Scaled Tender-) will be received by
the Minister of Lands not Inter than
noon on the 2Sth day of November,
1913, for thc purchase of timber Hence X 104, to cut 380.UUO feet ot tint
hei located near Loco, Blx miles
south of Oranbroolt in the Kooten
One yenr will lie allowed for the re
movul of the timber.
Particulars of  the  Chief   Forester,
Victoria, B.C.
District  of South 1 Ca.t  Krotensy
TAKE NOTIOE that  I, Itumey Mc
ilouliliie, of Crnnbrook, n.c., ociuj,
tion locomotive tnginguor, intends t,.
upply (or ..iTiiiissiiui io purchase tb
following described  lands—
Commencing al n posl planted a
the northwest comer ,'f Lot 9211,
thence north 40 chains, thonco east
20 chslns, thenc,. eouth 40 eh.iin,.
thonee west 20 chains to place o
commi nrom, nt, imd containing 8ii
acres more or less,,
Doted September 21st., 1913,
Barney Mclloul.lit.
Alexander  Lewis  St.Eloi
39-2t. Agent.
District    „f   South    Enst   Kootena
TAKE NOTIOB that 1 avid William
St. Biol of '.ranbrook, U.O., occupation farmer, intends to upply for per
mission to purchase tho following
described Sands:—
Commencing «t .. post planted loo
chuins north nnd t;o cimins v,est 0
the north-west corner of Lot 93".*
tl. I, Kootmay District, thm.e en-1
2u ehiius, thence south '0 chains
Ihince west 'in ohnlns, thenco north
m chuins to point of oommencement,
containing mi acres nore or lees.
Date  August  25th,  11113.
David William St. Bio .
36-9t. Appllcaut
District    ,,(    Ho'ith    East   Kootenai.
'   TAKE    NOTICK    thnt. David llop-
;Mn- o: Crnnbrook,  ll.C,    occupation
ra.tway Conductor,  intends to apply
(ot    permission   to purchase ti.e [01
lowing de.'tiled lands:—
j    Commencing nt „  post plunted lou
chnins   north   and   20 chain, east ot
th'    north-wcsl    romtt .,( Lot 92(W,
Oroup      'me,     Kootenny     District,
Ihince ,.j,sl 2'.' chains, th,nc<> south 40
chains, thenco west 20 chnins, thenc.
n, rth 40 rhnlns to place of i'oitinv:nca
ment,   containing   oighty ncres more
,r leas,
Date September 3rd, 1913.
David Hopkins,
ae Pt Alaiamlsr Lewie Ht. Biol
District    of   aouth    East   Kootena,
TAKIi NOTICE that Ernest Houi_
of Crnnbrook, B.C., occupation barber, intends to apply (or |ieru_BBtou
10 purchase llie following deiOrlbad
Commencing at a iost planted I.i
chains north und 60 chains west ot
the north-west corner of l.ot 9209,
Oroup On.*, Kootenay District, tbence
wost 2u chains, thn- Bouth 40
.■bains, tlience east 2" chnins ihence
north 4u chains, to place nl commencement, containing eighty ucr.e,
more or less.
Date Septcmbei   3rd, 1.13.
ffirniet soik,
:lfi_t. Ale.an.ler Lewie Si. Eloi
Dlt-trlc,    of   SO'itb    Enst   Kootena,
TAKK NOTICE that Harry llabl-
ibauJ 01 Crnlbrook, B.C., occup*tlon
rnllway conductor, Intrnlo to apply
or permission to purchnse the foi
lowing described lands:—
Commencing at a Post planted at
he north-east corner of Lot 9i_.ii,
Iroup tne, Kootena. District, thence
north 40 cha.no, thine west tu
thuiiis, thence south 40 chains,
thence cast 10 chnine t. plnce ol
i-ommencenjent, containing one bun
dp'd uud sixty acre;; more 01 lies.
Mate Sopt6tnber 3rd, 1'.I'd.
Hnrry   Kablchaud,
3C-9t. Alexander l-ei.is St. Kloi
NOTICK It, hereby I'lven thnt the
partnership heretofore niii.«iniin_ be
tween us, tbe undersigned, carrying
on  business us  Real   Ratal"  Arentn
at   Crnnbrook,  B.C.,  bun   I n    dls
solved   by   mutual   consent   us   from
the date hereof.
Dated this 7tb day of November.
HAROLD   haiu.im:
Witness: Tliomns Tlglte Mecro.)
4r. It Solicitor.   I'rntilirool,,   D 1'
District 0! Bait Kootenay
TAKE    NOTICE    thnt   William V,
Richmond, of Traverse Olty, Midi,
occupation   Lumberman,   i_i,*r, .■  to
apply for (lernussloa to purchnse the
following descrti. "1 lands  -
Commencing   at   a   post   planted
twenty ihan., well nnd eighty chains
south' at Mile post No. 3 on tbe 50th
parullell, said post ts-lug tbe south
wot corn r of Timber Licence No.
1CH43, th nee west 40 chains, then.''
soutb 80 chains, thence west 80
chilns, thence north r.o chains,
thinre east f.n chulns, thenc south
40 chains to the place of commenc*--
ment,   containing 280 acres,, more or
Dated   A'igilBl   25th,  1913.
Oeo   W   llrown,  Agent
38 91.
District    .,(   South    East   Kootenay
TAKB    NOTICE    thnt     Alexander
Lewis   St. Hoi,   of t.'runiito '8, B.C.,
Occupation     woods     foremen,   Intends
to apply for permission   to purchase
the following described lands —
Commencing nt u posr planted ItiO
.bains north and 40 chains west of
tbe n rth-west comer of lot 9209.
1, Ko..tenay District, thence cast
chnins, ,h.-nc* south 10 __ins,
Ihence west I'i chains, tin nee north
i.i cbalna t-i point of ooraraenctment,
ontolnlng 160 acres more or less
Dute Augusl 25th, 1918.
•**."-. t. Alexander Lena St. Kloi
ill \ SHIP i( Hi    LAND   DISTRICT
Dlslrlcl oi .-oiii. Bast Itooionnj
TAKE    NOTICE    ||„,t   1,   I'Mlnmon
Jnines Oougeon of Oranbrook ll.C,
occupation trainman, Intend t.i up
ply for permission to purchase' the
following described lnnds
1'oiiiiiien.'ing nil, a posl planted nt
the north enst corner it.' Lot 0203,
tbin'o north 40 chnins, thonce west
211 chains, thence south 40 chalaH,
llii'in-" nasi 'HI cbalns, to point of
cotumitici'iiii'ni and containing! *"
acres more or loss.
Dated si*i't>unii,_ 2iot., 1913.
1'hllemnn  .lamis Uotigi'on,
Aleiander Lewis Bt.Klol
39 9t. Agent.
Q*-^a.i     I    -!«»_■_;
* l iicvr, break mv wotd,ma'am'
'Well in about the twily thing
-mi haven 1 br-ltcn '
Scobell'- Liquor, Tobacco
■nd Druic Cure OT«5-t.
.«!■<■■(.. TcblCCp md Druga. ll ctHinUracii .ba
•tT.iit »:•!. it tnsi.iitlj fi.ft-fi kll cr-Miifi.
Altm .akin* tin Ir*. Hlif nt Hint v il! m,ti La nny
■aad I'Mrlhlf lutnalcaati or um 'IfOfl agalu. Cao
ba 1 'in mciiM.. Wa >.■»• |at 1" hen oi one
la "■('     Ma :•• I 'inler t. Dtfltl cii.er Iw mr id
_t>,   i'.   -r.*t.i  t.-i .'■««•■ ir n.< The
•Mfrall I>rag t'u., ll. t'a^tovUtaa, Ob., THE  PROSPECTOR,  CRANBROOK,  B. C
Your Home
Will be one thnt you cnn look
forward to with much ftdded
delight if, upon returning all
fflKr..'i. out from your day's
work, your wife can hftVe rcnil-
.   tor you n bottle ot
X Port Stout
Then you will most fally appreciate thia atronthening brew
it will reBtore your energy,
furnish needed stimulation to
tho tired body nnd put you in
n frame of mind to respond to
thp pleasant reception await-
in _r you.
Tho use ol Kerrigan's XPort
Stout iii the home spells
good nature, good indigestion
and good sleep,   Let ua supply
vou  with a rniw.
52.60 ;>er mar of a doz. pints
James Kerrigan
Cranbrook, B.C.
For Sale Rents & Wants
WANTED—Roomere. and Hoarders,
either ladies or gentlemen; private family, no children. Apply
by letter to X.Y.Z., Bo* 320 City
Woman wants private .Iny work or
offices to clean, Apply Mrn, Her-
niman, Gen Del, Oranbrook.
TO LET—Nicely furnished rooms in
modem bouse, centrally -"Hunted,
uext to Ur. Kings, Armstrong
Avenue, or Phone   .69. ■*_
-Phone 491, K.W.
Ostrich Feathers cleaned and curled
apply Mrs. T. Walker, LumBden Ave.
or Phone 458 or write Hox  187   —14
Local  News
C'-all and we our new mouldings—
Just arrived. Kllby Frames Pictures,
W. H. Davis of Wyclllle. whs in the
city Friday transacting bUBlneas,
Vineland and Anchor brand of l_rjm
hard Plums l.'cts., 8 tins $1.00, for
two days commencing Haturday, Nov
22, [■'..(■iy onn guaranteed—Mra IX.
The Tennis Olub will hold another
of their dances in the Mason ir Tem*
pie on Wednesday next, from .   to 12
WOOD    FOR     SALIC* PHONK    400
Tbe annual provincial poultry Bhow
at Orand Forks on December 9th will
have an exhibit from Oranbrook,
Corner lot IS tn block H&, for sale
by   Beale &  Klwell  (nr $350.00,  close j
to government ofllce.
F, II. Pearson, the well known llm-
berman of Kort Steele, was In the
city Monday on business.
Horn ou Thursday, November 20th,
James Bruce Cully,
to  Mr.  and  Mrs
a daughter.
ol   Kingsgate,   Immigrn-
spent Huuday last iu the
r.(  Nflit.ii.
_ n •,   i, o w   r
A R F. ft
connection w
< G I
R 8 10 K s
O I.
D   0 O C N 1
P. V
i.   7th tn Dee.
.  i_cl.
Cranbrook To Montreal and
Quebec: .81:10
To St. John: $89.10
Limit five months, sto*. over and
extension privileges
Pull Lnfarmatlon re Hail and riteam-
shlp Tickets, from
W. Spence. Agent:
or  write
K. Dawson.
[Hm    I'Miru.'.'i   Agent,
C. H. Coed;
city  Wednesday.
Mr. and .Mrs. T. 8hud ot Bull River, were Cranbrook visitors Friday.
WOOD    FOR    BALB—PHOKB    -4*»0
.   Mrs. H. R. Mather ot Fort Steele,
\ was shopping at Cranbrook Thursday
■ Harold Darling *•&_ at  Wardner on
! Thursday transacting business.
j    E, C. Taylor ol Wal.
j city  Thursday.
■ H   B.  Lowe of Fer:;i
[Oranbrook Thursday.
C, D, McNabb of Waldo was In
town  Thursday.
H.  B,  Qllxnore, ei M.P.P.   tf  wr-
lad, Icouver, was In Cranbrook Thursday.
Vineland and .Yacht r brand H«si»-
berries, 81b tins 30c, ti tins -SI.I?, for
two dayH only at Ira  R.  Manning's
T.  Bates
tion officer,
We are pleased to announce that
Misa Binkley who haa b-rvu seriously
ill with pneumonia, is able to be a
round attain.
teas in .be
J.  L.  Morgan of  Jaffray,  was    in
i the city Thursday.
C,  H. Davis of Vancouver,  was in
{town Monday.
J    C.   H.   Anderson of   Seattle,  spent
[Sunday last at the Craubrook.
f Oalgary, wns in
Vie i.l*i.\* advise people who hav.
.,.,u,m:li or Imwel trouble Eo Ma
doctor, itut to those who do not
wlah to do tlil-t we will m,y try tht
laiitiue of .Imi'!'- buckthorn uiirk
giyrerlne, etc., known „a Ailler !-kai
TkitH simple new remedy In no powerful thnt JTHT I >NK D OH K U«U»tl_
i.liev.H Hour stomach, gas on tb*
.<i_ni.ru nud constipation QUICKLY.
1 "eopls nho try Adlar I _n art tur-
ptlMd  „t   Ita   QUlflK   action.   Tb*
K.uttle Murphy  Oo. «Mt
Alcura Will Do It
Alcura, the widely known treat
ment for Alcoholism can now .*• obtained at our Htore. It Is guaranteed to cure or benefit, nr money re-
ftinded, Remedy that haa bean tried
by thousands and found to do just
an It claims.
Drunkoniies. [s a disease. Those ■
who are Afflict-'d with thc craving
foi liquor have to tn** helped to
throw it off, Alcorn [So, l ran he ■
given seer»'ti> Ui coffee <>r lood, ai- j
eura No, 2 ih the voluntary treat- j
Help your loved onw   to   restore
themselves   It.   Uvea   of   sobriety   and
usefulness and to regain the rt-Hpcct.
• f tbe community In whlrh .ney live, j
■•nly   11.00  per   boi      Ask  f->r   Free
Beattie-Murphy <'..., Limited, Dm*-
KiStS,   Cranbrook.   B.C 42 3
J. R. McMullen
t<-wn Monday.
A. W. Davis of Klmberley, was
UansactinK business at Cranbrook
Dells of all kinds at W M Park
land Company.
ll. Greenwood of Spokane, was registered at the Cranbrook Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Heath of Wycllfle,
were Crnnbrook   visitors Tuesday,
J. M. Dudley of Montreal, was a
guest At the (.'ranbrook  thia week.
Born on Thursday, November 20th,
to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Joy'e of Flagstone, a son.
J. H. Williamson and P. ll. Cor
aan of Toronto, were registered at
the Cranbrook Friday,
EOggB nre selling at 70 cents a dor
cn, and hens appear to be laying ofl
(vnd  on,  Chiefly off.
Mr. and Mrs. Klmpton and Mrs.
MacPherson of Windermere, were in
Crnnbrook  Thursday.
The Oranby Mining an.l Smelting
Co. has declared a quarterly dividend ol SI BO a share ou the capltal-
•sati m .-(  150,000 shares, or $885,000
Deale and Klwell have lor sab' 880
acres of land close to Kort Steele
j\inction at 47.00 per acre, this is a
One featur. in the settlement ol the
al   Btrike  on  Vancouver  Island,  is
that non-union men will be admitted
Into the union.
The movement for celebrating the
100 years peace betwe-t-r. the United
8tatw and the Empire, has taken a
ftrra  hold   of  the  weat em   provinces.
J* e Walkley, late with the Kast
Kootenay Butcher Co., will open
business on December 1st, in the old
Post Office.—PHONE 8,
At the Edison Theatre tonight flnd
every night neit week, will be shown
a special line of two and three reel
features: also a An-' line of comedy
'and dramatic fllme.
Arrangements have been completed
for the repair of the bridge across
the Kootenay river near Wasa, work
will be commenced  on  Monday  next,
Joe  Mukls,  a  section  foreman  at
Uagar, was lined $60 for carrying con
j pealed   weapons,    in   Judge    Ryan's
[court on Saturday lAst.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. F. Cameron ro
turned this week from an extended
eastern trip. They report lit. i.
spent a very pleasant time.
English  Church
Rev, K. P. Flewelllng Rector
Holy Communion R a.m.
Matins and Holy Communion 11 a.m
Children's service 3 p.m.
Evensong 7.10 p.m.
Services will be conducted by the
Rev. H. A. Bolby, the organizing
secretary of the DlOClse of Kootenay,
Baptist Church
O. E. Kendall
Have (oi tale some
very choice residential
_nd bu«ines« lots f.
iliftrreni parti nf tin
City: .il*" Mnall irau,-
varying from one to
five  . i if   in   (item,
Call and iee tn.i. now
belore tlit r,i_ 1> come.'
. H, W. Drew anil Mrn ., McMahon
lot ICimbtrley, were ia town Thurs-j
I ilny.
i   Oranbrook Men.* Market conunaneoa :
I business on l>,-c_ib*r int. In tbaold
I Pont Office.   PHONE a.
j W. Home of Heattle, and R. H
,Boma "f Montreal, wt-n- r .giatared
)ftt th,.. Oranbrook Thuraday.
',    lv Alberts, i. of Wyellll . was trims
acting  liimui.m, iit   Crant.r. on  Tliurn
j 'i'»y
,lr. and Mm. A Lawla, "l London,
England, •.**-. reglatared «' th*- Cran
truuk on Tl,*lrH-tK>.
Mm.  vi   .1     Armatrong   ol   Ltth
bridgai ih tbe Ku.Bt of Mr. anil Mre
P. M. MacPberiion tbia w.nk.
Mr. an.l Mra, <.. B, .enwlek ami
Mra,  Itirlwr.lH ol  Port  Bteele,  were
in towii Tui'H.lav.
Morninc Worship, 11.00K. Toplo-
"Tbc Orlil of the Holy Hplrlt."
Bunday richool anil Felloweblp
Uible CMn«« .1.00 p.m.,
Evenlni! Worship, 7.30K. Toplc-
"Wben i\ iimn in C-iiatAway."
''Oorae thou wltb ue and we wlll
1" thee «ood."
Presbyterian Church
Keliniui Th..iiiH..li
Morning  riervie.; U u.ni.
Bubject   "The paralile n| Our Lord
I'lii' Illade, the ear, nnd the full
Kuniliiy Bebool and Bible Clam at
i p.ni.
Bvening acrvlee, 7-ao p.m.
Bubject   "Incomplete TbsIih."
Anthem -Selected,
Everybody Welcome- *Oomo.
A St. Andrew's dance will i.e held
at Porl Bteele on Prfda., '...ven,tier
i Mtb
j li .11. McPhall ol Moyie, wm, regie-
j i.-reil iii ilu- Ooamnpolllan Wednoa*
I dny
Cold weather le nt hnnd, get yout
horae blanketa nl W   M   Park A Co.
Mr.   and   Mm.   W.   Rankin   of   Hull
; lliver    were   irnnlirook    vl It. r.i  on
; W. McLean of victorin nnd L, 0,
i Mark well were doing bualntsa In tha
elty Wedneadny
Methodist Church
Paator -
ltev. w. i;ii...n Dunham
Sunday  eorvlcea:   The  pHtHor  will
preach at 11 a.m, mid 7.HO p.m.
(Iliwiir.l   Htlile CIiihh at R  p.m.
Morning nubject    "HolpfulneaH  a,i
A Capacity,"
Uvontng aubjoct   "Porced Burdona"
A   rordlnl   Invitation    Iti     exleudeil
to all lo ntteii'l thfl above aervlcofl,
Important Changes in
C. P. R. Timetable
Train RIB   Arr, nt lii B0j Len. 18,00
Train U   Arr. nt ia r.f.; un, u io
Train M4-Arr.  at U-6R; Un. 1K-06
Train 13—Arr. nt u-u; ua, as-ifi
Train   B18—tOA.   at    7 <W>;   Arr.   94-90
Klmbftrloy Brftnoh
Lun. at 7 _o, Arr. 19-80 m CranbTOok
of the most practically useful kind
are artistically designed silverware,
Wc are offeiing some beautiful examples of the silversmith's ait itt
our establishment at pie-sent,
plain and ornate designs and solid
or plated metal Everything you
need in silverware nnd cutlery is
heie in the best quaiiiieiat th« lowest market prices
Jewelers & Opticians
Next to the Post Office
Provide a Savings   Account
for your Children
Willi au   Endowment Policy
in thi*
International Insurance Co,Ltd.
Tlioso may be had for a small
monthly premium.
Fot ptu.__l.ri .'I' r.tes.nee, will, ot ell up
FRED. W. SWAIN, Inspector
P  cj   BOX372 PHONE.Hh
Agouti, Wauled
'Rexall Store'
The Store with a Reputation
Beattie - Murphy
Co., Ltd.
"Where It Pays to Deal"
Cranbrook B. C.
Mrs, H. H. Miller, who haa been
spending a few week, with her mother, Mtb. J. Tl. Binkley, hnB loft (or
Oalgary gonoral hospital, where she
will resume her duties.
[    Kll.HY      KHAMKH      PIOTURUia
For two days commencing Hntun-
i Ofty morning, Novombor 22 nntl 84th,
11 will Bell Vlnoland Brand ol Htmw-
borrlos 21b tins -0e,, t. tlitB $1.15—
1 in. u. Manning.
John  Kink of Hpokanei was vtsit-
tng iu.   brotlior  ,i.  i'. Kink  VVodnea-
dny, Mr. Kink Ih an old timer in tiie
Oranbrook district, and wbb ;n bufll-
' itcss at  Fort Hteele In the enrly nine
j t lOB,
i Oranbrook Meat Market eommonooa
I business on nwombor iHt. In th&old
Tost   i>((ir.«.   PHONB3  B.
I   0  H. Jones, bettor known as "Oa"
tny" will hnve ehnik'e nl tho OUrllUg
nnk thin year Mr. Jones in alread*
i>ii ptuini' tiie foundation for iee, and
es|)eetri tn have good tee hy tho middle or the coming month.
WOOD    Koi.    HALflJ   I'HONK     Uhi
Vineland and Anchor brand Ulsck-
borrUfl, 2lb tin 20 ctfl., i. tlm. $1.15,
Kvery tin guaranteed, for two dnys
commencing Haturday November 22-*
ira H. Manning,
The regular meeting t,[ the W.O.T.
I' will be held at the home of Mrs.
T. IS, Oarmon, Armstrong Apenuo,
on Thursday Novembor 87th, nt 3.30
nil ladies interested nre nsked to
Flurries nf n^i.t snow during tbe
early part of the week cave Crnnbrook n foreta_te of coming winter,
mul n steady falling temperature
with more snow on Friday wns an
indication of wbnt might be expected
Inter on.
Fred Wells, who recently sold a
portion of iiis harboring outfit, hns
opened n new barber shop in the
Cross Keys Hotel, nnd invites your
patronage which will receive the bent,
attention possible, bo give him a
trial. 44-u
The time to start C'hrlntmSsing -ti
right now, the store counter, arc
loaded with the best goods and the
Btoresi nre free from crowding. If you
have some of those glftB clear in
your mind already, there is no rea-
eort why you should not «et them
this week.
Phon*' 316
Pilot.- 101
Jones & Doris
See Us about Your Building
and Job Work
B. C.
Have You
1 left • |2o Mil on the table,
Fred Iiuppowyaud_ln-ttik.il
by mI»_l_r
"WlMt do you imiilne rd (_•_
take a t.0  biU  _.-■
In the old days, you'd think it silly extravagance to pay three thousand for a
horse. Then why buy a heavy, expensive car to-day - when the "nifty,"
sturdy Ford performs its intended service
so wonderfully well—and at so small a
Think what theK prices mean—lor the car
that haa stood the teat: Model T Kuiu
hnut $600; Model T Touring Car $650:
Model T Town Car SWO-f. o. b. Walker-
ville, Ont., with all equipment. _et cata*
logue and full particulars Irom
The Hanson Garage
Complete line of Accessories, Parts and
Supplies—Cars and Trucks for hire—Ail
manner of repairs and vulcanising done.
Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Mounted Game Heads sAity
Send For Price List
Animals, Birds, Fish and Fur Mats
P.O. Box 134
A Charter has been opened in
Cranbrook for membership in
of the Dominion of Canada
which will remain open until a
membership of   SO  has been
The fee is $20.00.
Pot further information and Membership Applications, enquire of     a
. at the Royal Hotel J
but not ia whom.   He 1st. (well
and I tboufhl fd break tt tt hla
In Our
F. Parks 6? Co.
Hardware and House
ifian-Ata, lay H_b i
lo jrew km j-ur usumt
Cms MaB-Yee, Mr, tat In
Urdty laapaaW-a Oi
Jn. Walkley, lat- with the Kaat
Kootenay Butcher Oo., will open
bualneaa on December lat, lo the old
l'oat l .flee.- I'HONK I,
It waa a ,merry crowd tbat attended tbe danee In Mathemm'a Hall on
Thursdny night, under tbe aiwplcea
nf the Crenliruok Dancing Club.
Home thirty ,:,,ti|ilea were |ireaiDt
and the bop whs a aucceaa In every
way. The muilo wna furniahml liy
tin: ,'n,iil,r,...k nr.lifHtrii and Ita et-
ri'lli'iit riuiilrriuK caiiaml a number to
May In thi' .-nil nl tin. prnKrHin whn
ntherwiH*. would have arrived bmne
iiim-li I'lull.-r
.Mrs. '/.appla, the alle<l.e<! wile of
lhe brother nf . file,. Kappla, who
wits murdered nt llampart by llrunu
Cutrl on Hi'i'tiinln'i Uth, la In tbe
provincial juil at Nelson, nervlut; a
two munthla sentence nn a vagrancy
charKe. While at Cranbrook ahe attempted, an It ia aald, to commit
suicide by atabhlni- heraell with a
1'inr of ectasurs.
Prealilent Lynch, of the tyi>» .raph
Irnl union ia hImhiI tn reaiKO that
ln.iHircil position, nfter Hervlnt 13
. i.i,rs ua .'resident and 2 yeara aa
Vlce-pri'sidmit nf thnt niiKUat body.
Mr. Lynch hns received a cnll to
tin, position nf Labor enmmlaalnuer
nl Now York,which carries with it a
salary of l°,0_l pur year and 11,000
as ui| .naea. The typo inomhera ■. n
ernlly cnnitratulate him on having i
oblulned this new station, rnrryln .
with It aa It doea, larner rciponilMI- '
Itlea and rnnaequently urenter ua.ful-
niM,, for a mnn with the initio..k and |
rapalilllties nl I'rsaldent Lynch
Saturday was pay day and a record breaker for the employee* ol the
pRAcmriAL   picTniu*   framrr
P. O. Boi 101 Cranbrook. B.O
Why Do Women Suffer
Whan They Cauld •* Weill
It Is so assy to ba well and strong and
able to enjoy life, tbat II la surprising
how uisiiy women dreg themselves
through the day sudsring tortures from
lama back due to kidney
trouble. Mra, Wilcox
found the way to cure
herself and gladty writes
about it so that others
may be induced to
tha asms remedy.
Bio I.imnAi. «.
'During the list winter, 1 was bothered
eery much with a Weak Hack. I wss
advised by a friend to try GIN FILLS
aad I did. The first l__ I found helped
mt eery much and 1 found when I had
taken tha second, I was completely
cured." M. s. P. WILCOX.
It OIN PILLS du nut do all that we
say they will—let us know, and we will
cheerfully refund yon yonr money. Send
for a fret sample and see for yourself
that they wlll do you good, Then buy
Iht regular boxes at your dealers—5oe„
'•—  - - -„,
Chemical Co. at
* for (i. jo.
National Drag and
ooal Draj ,


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